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File: 1511786429188.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, 1510013563718.png)

No. 468770

Old thread is locked and I can't see a new one so here goes.

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblr: https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations
>overdosed on heroin, didn't encourage her to get clean

newest milk:
>Anons revealed e-begging PMs.
>Lurch has been convicted, no jail time, but revealed he had a license. >>468155
>Shilling her artwork hardcore and buying junk food.
>Animal crossing shitposting.

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611

No. 468818

Good god the OP, anon you are sick.

No. 468826

Agreed, the OP needs to be spoilered.

No. 468857

File: 1511799982682.png (823.62 KB, 640x1136, 631EC970-B8EF-4D98-AEA0-CF9193…)

It appears she has a new, or at least more active, Tumblr.


No. 468858


Already known in the last thread, but thanks for posting it here since it did get not get added to the OP.

No. 468899

File: 1511808852020.png (3.55 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-26-18-34-26…)

No. 468900

File: 1511808885708.png (2.51 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-27-12-52-48…)

No. 468901

File: 1511808914582.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-27-12-52-56…)

No. 468902

File: 1511808935231.png (2.26 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-27-12-53-10…)

No. 468904

File: 1511809511867.jpeg (195.55 KB, 640x677, AE997604-6FB8-4831-B71A-220B6B…)

No. 468915

Wow, she's really been shitting out a lot of these ugly drawings. Wonder what she's on this time.

No. 468916


But yet, she still has to stand sideways to make it appear she' thin kek
We all know you're a wide bitch, Tuna, stop pretending.

No. 468917

>I'm having a breakdown right now
>posts a million selfies

She's more retarded than her eyeliner and art.

No. 468922

File: 1511812382660.png (243.25 KB, 540x380, A175EB6A-F746-4DDD-8FDE-4FB8B5…)

sage but I love finding chief lookalikes

No. 468923

Thirding opinion of OP, that shit is nightmare fuel. I want to vomit every time I see it.

No. 468925

… lurking confirmed?

No. 468935

What is happening in this image? Kissing ?? ?

No. 468936

we should make a collage with all chief look alikes

No. 468939

Showing us what happens when two Dementors meet, methinks.

No. 468944

Thanks for the new thread, I had no idea how to make one.

Also just to recap from the last thread, she was supposed to drop acid on Thanksgiving but I didn't see any posts or anything about it, did she actually do it?

No. 468945

File: 1511817269918.jpeg (113.86 KB, 640x480, 04FFD5A1-75EA-4E9E-B80E-6466CE…)

No. 468946

File: 1511817279193.jpeg (71.81 KB, 640x380, F9D0E438-2E06-4C62-A061-A3B356…)

No. 468949

kek… "buy me things because I need to spend all my moneys on heroin!!!!"

she makes me sick the way she just openly asks for things.

No. 468984

What the fuck is up with that eyeliner seriously. It gives her dead fish eyes.

No. 468989

I think it was a story she made up. She never even had it, let alone dropped it. Otherwise she would have posted pics of it.
Or maybe she had some and immediately sold/traded it for dope.

No. 468991

What part of her brain thought the OP image was something that needed to be shared? Holy shit. That is disgusting.

No. 468994

Lucky you, you apparently missed the whole selfie sequence last thread indicating she and Matthew had sex. Or devoured each others' souls. Or something.

No. 469001

she's been posting about all that withdrawal stuff so it's likely that if she does have it she hasn't done it bc she's been going thru withdrawal, or sold it to buy heroin like you said

No. 469009

Just a bunch of pricey things, no biggie.

No. 469025

>lol i <i>just</i> want markers from one of the most expensive brands so I can leave them around without the cap on and use them to poorly color my shitty art!! not asking for much

No. 469036

File: 1511825326576.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171126-151805.png)

I went on her YouTube to find her Room Tour video again I saw from before she was with lurch but unfortunately she took it down.i did see these at home teeth pulling videos in her likes and I started gagging at the thought of her and lurch doing this to themselves.

No. 469037

I imagine all her felt pens have the nubs pushed in, it makes me cringe thinking about it.

No. 469049

File: 1511826792774.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171127-155234.png)

No. 469051

File: 1511826829516.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171127-155241.png)

No. 469059

File: 1511827798754.jpeg (264.73 KB, 374x852, 88D725CE-F00F-4EEC-9683-FDA550…)

No. 469060

File: 1511827837462.jpeg (436.21 KB, 640x1050, 711A64A1-BC79-40AF-A726-2E2C76…)

No. 469061

File: 1511827857843.jpeg (371 KB, 640x1007, DF537A87-BCBA-4389-A663-B69A72…)

No. 469063

You always look dumb, Tuna.

You barely even liked him, you whiny little bitch.

These motherfuckers are always in bed. Get your lazy asses up and do something with your lives.

A person can only attend so many pity parties a day.

No. 469070

>posts a picture of her body in a post about disordered eating and not liking her body

Spoken like a true junkie who doesn’t want to admit drugs are fucking bad.

No. 469078

Considering this country is experiencing a heroin epidemic seeing shit like this is important.
Not surprised to see luna missing the point

No. 469086

File: 1511833819684.jpg (175.75 KB, 841x1600, $_57.jpg)


It's a bummer, because I empathize with it in a similar way to Luna, but I don't do heroin or other opiates. Why are these people filming? Clearly these people are experiencing a rush, but shouldn't you try and coax them out of that nod and be more supportive? I'm not saying shoot them up with narcan or call the police, ask them questions and direct traffic away from them … if you have the time. Clearly these people did. Are these people absolved of criticism for being that high on the job? No. It's shameful. In that moment, we need to unite to help people. Even if they were to snarkily wave you away (in the way they slowly could) you could at least exercised some duty towards your fellow man in a time like this. Those women weren't as usually deterrent like other addicts I've seen and wouldn't confront or comfort. It seems like a safe bet to at least make sure they're okay without a camera rolling. They're clearly going to lose their jobs if they haven't already.

I get why people would laugh. I just lost someone important and have been the process of losing someone for 5+ years due to heroin abuse. Wagging your finger or laughing at them does nothing but selfishly vindicate yourself. Sage for off topic bullshit

No. 469089

I almost posted this one…that was such a chiefy monster factory

No. 469101

no1 care

No. 469133

I had to ad-block the OP image because it made me want to throw up every time I saw it.

No. 469135

File: 1511841334163.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-27-21-52-53…)

No. 469139

File: 1511841370131.png (2.58 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-27-21-53-08…)

No. 469140

File: 1511841401465.png (2.07 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-27-21-53-28…)

No. 469141

File: 1511841420534.png (2.21 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-27-21-54-10…)

No. 469142

File: 1511841443189.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-27-21-54-25…)

No. 469161

Youre kind anon, especially for thinking these people need help (which they do.) But unfortunately the people filming this arent the type of people who are looking to help addicts. However despite it being kinda nasty to post the video it has value. It shows heroin is here, its in our shopping centers - our gas station attendants are using it.
Im sorry for your loss, ive had a few myself

No. 469169

>i rarely eat :((
>except for when i spend grocery money on pizza and ice cream when i go out with my boyfriend lol

No. 469183

File: 1511845363972.png (826.41 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171127-210133.png)

Wasn't his music garbage Tuna?

No. 469198

File: 1511847825533.png (1.86 MB, 1630x1204, image.png)

wow guys, ~only~ $25 for this masterpiece !

No. 469199

I could probably draw this with Crayola markers…

No. 469200

Saging my shit but I actually wanted to buy one of her less expensive artwork for the sole purpose I enjoy having all kinds of art pieces and styles, and some of them could be considered ugly art for the sake of a better word. However she never responded when I contacted her. I don't get it. She begs people who never really even talked to her but ignored someone who was willing to pay her to get a canvas. Huh. At least I should be glad I used the money to purchase something better.

No. 469223

She was probs passed out too high to read your message

No. 469226

Idk why it's so infuriating that she's pretending to like him now her need to glorify deaths by overdosing is so vile

No. 469232


What souls?

No. 469242

It really bothers me that the only theme in her art is 'sad ugly girl on drugs' like does she ever draw anything else?

No. 469280


>fuck people recording this shit

But it's totally okay if I share it, spreading it even further!

No. 469303

wow, what the fuck. thank you so much anon for capping those messages! never thought she could actually sink so low as to aggressivley beg like that.

No. 469307

I wouldn’t record it, but I’d be really pissed if people serving me were nodding out on the job. It’s irresponsible and they deserve to have been recorded and called out on their shit. These aren’t teenagers. They are on the job, and it’s completely disrespectful to the customers who have their own issues to deal with.

No. 469326

Copic markers are a luxury Tuna, there's a lot of cheaper alternatives! It's not even like you use them properly. The cheap ones will serve you just as well.

No. 469342

>nodding out on the job. It’s irresponsible
>It’s irresponsible

no shit? drug addictions make people irresponsible, and do stupid shit? wow. and doing it at A Job of all places.

No. 469386

Something about the muppet looking fuck not crying tickles me.

No. 469424

File: 1511893566402.jpeg (345.68 KB, 640x1032, 79CE1D15-E888-4BE9-AFD8-CD9E05…)

No. 469425

File: 1511893577152.jpeg (507.08 KB, 640x1043, 60726A8C-793B-47C8-A0B6-E2B42A…)

No. 469428

OT but those women are lucky nobody robbed them or took whatever they wanted from the store.
It's fucking scary and should be taken seriously, but Tuna doesn't care about stopping addiction, she just doesn't want to see people laughing at folks like her who indulge their addictions. Tuna's probably pissed at the notion that no job will tolerate her getting high in peace.

No. 469431

Tinfoil tard incoming.
Could this mean she was taken off her Dad's insurance? Forgive me if it doesn't work like that, non-american here and I don't understand health insurance.

I know she automatically gets taken off at 26, but could her Dad have done it earlier out of spite? She is an adult living independently of both her parents, and she was on her Dad's as a dependant right? Quick googling says that its possible to do, but I don't know specifics.

I swear a couple anons said ~3 threads ago that mental health support isn't that inaccessible to poor people in the US. I'm assuming you have to apply for gov assistance with medical bills and its not automatically deducted? Or that's her bill before insurance deductions?

Seems crazy to me that this could be legit. She's only not been getting pills for maybe 2-3 months? How come they can afford Lurch's Xanax still? His script was mentioned in last thread iirc.

No. 469442

It's possible they sent her the bill, and she's expected to forward the bill to her insurance company to actually get the claim covered. If she owes anything in addition, the insurance company would send her the updated bill. Not able to tell from that picture alone tbh.

I'd believe it if Tuna was just posting the bill for attention and that's not what she actually owes.
>source: once had a routine gyno exam and STD test billed to me for ~$4k before I realized they didn't send it to my insurance and I had to do it myself
Either way, there's assistance and payment plans for situations like that, and $1k isn't actually hard to pay off and NOTHING compared to crippling medical debt most other people face.

No. 469466

>1k isn't hard to pay off
Completely ignoring how you dismissed many people who have families to take care of etc. have you forgotten that Luna is an unemployed heroin addict?

No. 469473

File: 1511902015689.png (3.04 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-14-45-53…)

No. 469475

File: 1511902245235.png (3.02 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-14-46-01…)

No. 469476

File: 1511902275178.png (3.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-14-46-09…)

No. 469481

I still don’t understand how she’s an addict and still looks so wide. I grew up in a state that has a massive heroin problem, and within a couple of months of using people become much more fragile looking and fragile in reality. In weight, in face, and skin quality. So, I’m genuinely confused.

No. 469500

God, it looks like she's jammed her nails beneath her skin, unless that's just dried up glue.

No. 469503

To be honest, I don't think she actually uses as much as she makes out, it's more an aesthetic for her. She thinks it's cool to look like a user.

No. 469507

Oh I’m sure. I looked into to her likes and she wants to be part of -tweaker nation- if she uses anything consistently, it’s pain pills. Your body will have a more healthy appearance.

No. 469510

Heroins not really something you can just dabble in. Once you've got a habit there's no restraining it. Especially if you're going down the IV route like Luna.

No. 469514

That’s why I think she’s using pills. I’ve seen it too many times. You don’t look like that after so long. I suspect anything IV isn’t actually heroin.

No. 469519

Are you fucking kidding about this cat right now? I know the cat is elderly but that fur texture is just a product of neglect… Brush your poor fucking cats lazy bitch.

No. 469520

>muh families
It's called a payment plan you asshole, and many hospitals and insurance companies are more than willing to help out people genuinely struggling if they ask for it. Not lazy shit Luna who chooses to not be employed and is relying on her well off family members to enable her ass.

No. 469522

it has been discussed a lot of times before: shit diet (most sugar or fast food) and sugar cravings. also losing weight due to dope isnt super common. some gain some use. gain is apparently more common in those who mix with other drugs.

>isnt actually heroin
what else would it be?

No. 469523

Also the fact that she doesn't do anything and sits in her bedroom all day taking pictures. The girl doesn't move, of course she looks like a doughball.

No. 469524

wow this fur looks like really fucked up. tbh that cat looks like a neglected 20 year old stuffed toy. thats awful

No. 469528

File: 1511909183260.png (1.85 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-16-45-28…)

No. 469530

File: 1511909202087.png (618.63 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-16-45-38…)

No. 469533

If she's off his insurance then she likely qualifies for Medicaid which covers most things I don't get it

No. 469535

File: 1511909625601.jpeg (480.48 KB, 640x802, 93711805-8FFF-4989-9CD9-284743…)

No. 469536

File: 1511909641842.jpeg (74.65 KB, 640x329, 9C64A05C-A243-4A68-AC8A-031819…)

No. 469537

File: 1511909664127.jpeg (238.69 KB, 640x736, 5CBA29FE-FDB1-4C99-B910-80C022…)

No. 469538

She could be shooting up pills. She prolly developed a needle fetish and will shoot up whatever possible.

No. 469540

i'm on medicaid and they cover therapy, psychiatrists, psych meds, and even transportation to non-emergency medical appointments. of course, you have to call at least 3 days ahead to schedule your own transportation, but it's fine.

No. 469543

Bitch, why not just get some pastel Crayola markers. Youre not good enough for copics.
She obv does know how to use/take care of them since she asks for/gets new ones so often.

No. 469546

Exactly my thought.

No. 469551

Doesn't she have her book that looks like it's never been opened?

No. 469560

That's nice but no one wants to buy you another pack, honey!

No. 469579

The skin around her fingernails looks infected!

No. 469580

kek lurking definitely confirmed
nobody needs to know you irl tuna, you're insufferable and morally bankrupt enough on the internet alone to let us know that you're a waste of space in real life as well

No. 469581

File: 1511917275618.png (142.14 KB, 750x404, IMG_6869.PNG)

No. 469582

File: 1511917291494.png (88.17 KB, 725x210, IMG_6870.PNG)


No. 469583

youre shaped like an 18 wheeler

No. 469584

what kind of eating disorder is she claiming to have? shes always saying she never eats but then when you see her with food its always junk…if she really never had food wouldnt she take advantage of that and be stick thin by now?

No. 469585

File: 1511917828771.jpeg (309.73 KB, 640x1000, 63FD40E6-2024-4D7E-A330-459B0C…)

No. 469587

File: 1511917853698.jpeg (347.42 KB, 640x826, B2B4EC25-7386-451C-987F-EBB4BF…)

No. 469588

File: 1511917896210.jpeg (413.14 KB, 640x802, 1364BF2D-D1E6-4FDF-8AC5-E23E9F…)

why does she keep calling herself a floof? you sound retarded, tuna. no one else calls you that.

No. 469596

get a fucking job you filthy beast and buy them yourself

No. 469597

Her begging is making me physically ill

No. 469605

How long are Copics supposed to last? I've seen her e-beg for them a few times now. Surely they don't konk out after one year at that price?!

No. 469606

I am on Medicaid in NY State and because of the expansion it is extremely easy to get on it if you are low income. You can even get it if you are 133% of the poverty line. And yes Medicaid pays for everything (no co-pays). Luna is just a lazy sack of shit so she would never do the legwork of learning about it and actually applying. Stupid bitch.

No. 469617

I have some from 4 years ago that still work perfectly fine. And yes, I do use them.
Also they are refillable and she uses the same 6 shades for everything so she could just buy the inks and that would literally last her forever.

No. 469621

I don't get this bitch or her brown-nosing enablers. They can clearly see that she's buying luxury items but buy her things the moment she screams "broke".

No. 469629

THIS, she wastes sososo much money just being a dumb ass.

No. 469630

i feel like luna would definitely be the type to leave her copics out with the caps off or just let them get lost in whatever ominous crevice they find themselves in in that gross apartment of hers.

No. 469635


And she already qualifies for food stamps.

Where I live, anyone who qualifies for food stamps is required to apply for Medicaid if they do not already have insurance.

No. 469636


Very few opioid pills can be IV or IM injected because of the fillers. Dilaudid (hydromorphone) can be injected and has a superior rush to heroin but lasts a very short time and is extremely expensive.

Sage for former drug addict fagging.

No. 469640


When you think about the folks who literally drowning in 50k+ medical bills, $1,000 is seriously nothing.

No. 469651

Oh Luna I thought we were over fucking up your cuticles until they're swollen, its been weeks since I've winced at her nails.

No. 469658

Samefagging but jfc she's doing it AGAIN. just copying out a textbook without personally relating it to her. She's just mindlessly writing down useless information for pity points, that's not how you DBT.

No. 469660

>Also they are refillable and she uses the same 6 shades for everything so she could just buy the inks and that would literally last her forever.
Lol can you imagine what the nibs of her copics look like? You can feel their pain in her artwork, she probably has to replace them every year because her dumb gorilla hands press down too hard and fuck up the tips.

No. 469666

Yeah a few years ago I was hospitalized and ended up with a $42k bill and it was completely written off when I turned in my previous years tax return as I was well under the poverty line. Getting $1000 covered wouldn’t be an issue.

No. 469667

File: 1511928165369.png (569.65 KB, 510x751, wild tuna.png)

my first time seeing Tuna in the wild

No. 469686

File: 1511930357647.jpg (25.12 KB, 750x500, CrIMgKWWgAQxYmQ.jpg)

Why the fuck does she think someone on facebook is going to magically gift her $200 markers? That's a lot of money! People want to spend that much on a loved one, not some strung-out weirdo from facebook. Maybe if you mended things with your dad, you could snake your way into getting him to buy them for you, Tuna.

No. 469697


Samefag. Has she applied for SSI? Where I live anyone who qualifies for food stamps and Medicaid is encouraged to apply for SSI. I know many clients who qualified for SSI with dual diagnoses of mental illness and addiction.

No. 469715

File: 1511934438070.png (2.2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-23-46-22…)

No. 469716

File: 1511934460665.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-23-46-32…)

No. 469717

File: 1511934486866.png (3.35 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-23-46-41…)

No. 469718

File: 1511934501011.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-28-23-46-50…)

No. 469720

>i do commissions too if thats ok to mention

lmfao i cant with her. i think i started getting into luna around thread 8 or 9 and i thought everyone was being too hard on her but then i went back and read all of her old threads from the beginning where she had the junkhun sideblog and i was like holy shit…. she really is as bad as everyone says.

No. 469731

For once I agree with her.

Because you spammed her inbox with begs and whining, most likely.

Seeing the messages that she sent to others did it for me.

No. 469732

i just went back and lurked the old threads from the whole tessa saga…. where lurch said his grandmother’s 89 and in bad health and is leaving him 250,000 to $500,000. was that ever debunked? has his grandmother died yet? do you think any of that was true?

No. 469738

>im gross
yup. Those dry lips and inflamed cuticles are still grossing me out, way to perfectly frame all your icky bits. All it needs is an areola

No. 469743

He also told random facebook hoes he owned a boat, would take them travelling on vacation, he's a involved in selling property, and would fuck them all night long. P sure that Lurch is a compulsive liar.

He's spent too much time around Tuna, he thinks the only thing ladies want is money. If it was true and he has a sick rich relative, wouldn't surprise me if his Grandma cut him out of the will because of his decade-long heroin addiction. Luna's grandma cut her mum out of the will for similar reasons.

No. 469756

Some states have cut funding for Medicaid and you pretty much only qualify for it if you're legit disabled or have dependents. I don't think NY did though

No. 469762

No, I think he's full of shit. He lies about everything.

No. 469763

No. 469805

File: 1511944465898.png (915.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171129-092753.png)

Another version, the caption is even better. It's hard? Well sucks to be you, Luna. Fuck you.
She should be glad her art is selling at all

No. 469807

okay she needs to FULLY not do that with her lips, it's borderline donatella and Not In A Good Way

No. 469811

do they really dry out that fast?!

No. 469812

for non-us-fags: whats SSI?

No. 469813

what about when he said his grandparents owned buildings and he collected rent for them?

No. 469815

>Well sucks to be you, Luna. Fuck you.
I snorted so hard. I love you anon

No. 469824

You know what else is hard, Luna? Working two jobs. Going to school in the morning and working at night every day is hard. Taking care of your sick family is hard. Working every day to make your life less shitty while useless drug addict fucks like you play animal crossing and whine about markers every goddamn day is fucking hard.

Every time I feel an ounce of sympathy for Luna she proves that she deserves none of it. Get fucked.

No. 469831

File: 1511950712419.jpg (23.91 KB, 277x280, IMG_9483.JPG)


A refill bottle of ink costs about the same as buying a marker (non usfag so the copic prices are higher than normal) but you can refill a Copic sketch 11ish times and a Copic ciao pen 20ish times. You can even buy replacement nibs for when your tips get too dirty from ink transfers, she just can't save money worth a damn.
Sage for art sperging but if she really was this dedicated to her "art" she would save and buy a refill of the colour(s) she uses the most. one marker could be used through a whole year with one refill specially with how small her works are and how patchy she colours.

No. 469836

No. 469870

i think she just doesn't know, otherwise she'd ask people to buy her the refills instead. she obviously has no idea how to use copics, so assuming she doesn't really know they work / that refilling is an option isn't far-fetched.

No. 469882

File: 1511972807643.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, E25D0B04-E56C-4357-B8DE-38E970…)

she bought heroin today most likely

No. 469883

You really think Tuna would take the time to re-fill markers? C'mon, she is way too lazy for that.
And anyways its more ~*~aesthetic~*~ to have all the copic markers laying around as possible, even if they are dry and destroyed. I doubt she ever throws them away.

No. 469892

Why are her lips the texture of dry ballsack?
Does she think this picture is sexy?

No. 469893

I wanna doubt it since she went to art school and its absurd that shes been browsing art supplies and NEVER seen a listing for ink refills, its more like what anon downbelow said that shes lazy
I know its cause shes a lazy drug addled blob who would rather hoard than be efficient but I have been reading these threads for too long and I had yet to see anyone mention refills at anypoint, when its another testimony to how lazy this twat is.

No. 469914

File: 1511978057669.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-29-11-49-49…)

No. 469915

File: 1511978090466.png (2.65 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-29-11-50-04…)

No. 469916

File: 1511978149634.png (3.2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-29-11-50-17…)

No. 469945

Yea it's easy to look like a douche when you are one.

No. 469950

nah man, i bet she knows. and i don't even agree with that she's lazy. i think she'd happily ask for money for new markers, buy the refills then pocket the rest for drugs. it's pretty obvious if you ask me.

No. 469951

Imagine having nothing to do all day aside from playing dress up for your few instagram followers

No. 469957

Does she even drink beer or watch King of The Hill? Looks to me like she might have taken one of Lurch's shirts and turned into an arts and crafts project.

No. 469963

I like how she or Lurch used dark thread to sew the patch on, so the sloppy stitches are even more visible.

No. 469975

File: 1511984315616.png (2.2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-29-13-37-06…)

No. 469976

File: 1511984386089.png (2.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-29-13-37-12…)

more junk food. i'm curious to know when the last time she ate a veggie was

No. 469977

File: 1511984419168.png (2.26 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-29-13-37-18…)

No. 469979

neither of them works, how the fuck do they afford a place with that high of rent? my guy and i work two jobs each and can barely get by.

also??? tuna get over it–at least you have a roof over your head and food in your fucking stomach. i'm shocked your landlord hasn't kicked your skeevey asses out of there yet.

No. 469981

She would probably count pizza as a vegetable kek

No. 469992

Roger pays the rent with his retirement. Most of his money goes on rent at best, worst case scenario he's dipping into savings to look after these scumbags.

I still reckon Lurch might have bummed SSI with his leg, but there's no proof so the assumption is they have no income. I don't think Luna has SSI, she seems less workshy than Lurch. She was begging her old boss to hire her in the summer, I wonder how many texts she sent.

No. 469993

>hey bby any thoughts on hiring me?
>please let me know bby
>bby yes or no?

No. 469994

It's the family member that pays her rent.

That's why whenever there's an anon here that shows up to whiteknight whenever tuna bitches about not having money I scoff. It's a joke. If she were as poor as she makes herself out to be then she'd be homeless by now.
She maybe doesn't get the SPENDING money she wants, hence why she begs for shit, but her living situation is completely covered for her without having to work. In one of the highest priced rent areas in the country.

She could be living better than any of us here. Yet being a dirty, drug addict w/ money troubles is more ~aesthetic~ and why should she get her shit together if she can glide by so easily now and still pretend like she has it bad? Pft.

No. 470006


When I quickly scrolled past that I thought she had photographed herself holding a belt between her teeth.

Cannot unsee.

No. 470020

Dang i thought the front of her hair looked mostly okay… but god those ROOTS. Girl get Lurch to help with the bleaching process!!!

No. 470047

The huge crumbs on the bed, Im fucking screaming.

No. 470048


And she just toned her hair!

No. 470062

File: 1511999343749.jpeg (465.48 KB, 640x953, 5FB72EAD-8509-479D-BA0D-807A7C…)

>tfw you really want those markers

No. 470065

So what was that about her cutting off her relationship with her father and never going back? Getting desperate for some pills, Tuna?

No. 470070

yes, you literally just fill out a form on the NY State of Health website and the decision is usually made automatically. it's not hard to get approved. if she's had food stamps in the past, she can use her SNAP card until the medicaid card comes in the mail, even if it's expired. it literally takes 15 minutes to fill out the fucking form.

No. 470071

she's shooting dope, einstein.

No. 470072

anyone call the # to figure out if its the hospital roger was at that probably forgot to bill insurance?

No. 470074

>copic markers
Doesn't she get new ones from ""friends"" all the time? Or are they a different brand of high quality markers?


How can anyone even buy that for her? Even if they PayPal her and tell her it's for the tattoo she'll 100% spend it on drugs. Does she expect someone to take her to a tattoo shop and sit with her?

No. 470076

Oh no time to go see my EVIL dad

No. 470077

You'd need to have the patient number.

No. 470085

Disregard my first question. Finally read through the rest of the thread.

Sage for posting before reading entire thread.

No. 470160

File: 1512024827756.png (1.21 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171129-224152.png)

Is it really impossible to OD in xanax? Is she trying to say he was on some thing else like her precious heroin?

No. 470161

I feel like sending her a small package with Chapstick.

No. 470167

send her some exfoliating lip scrub and a 12-pack of bottled water instead.

No. 470168

no. read the story, he got sold xanax cut with fentanyl or something

No. 470172

according to drugabuse com, the combination of xanax and alcohol can cause suffocation. I've read several contradicting statements about this issue in an internet forum about drug use though. Might have been fentanyl or six xanax plus alcohol and maybe weed and some other stuff he forgot to film himself consuming.

No. 470182

Too poor's thread in /snow/ covers this but still, not Luna related so skip if you don't curr.

Toxicology results take about 2 weeks, so nobody knows what killed lil peep yet. We might never know, his mother might not share the information. People started screaming about laced Xanax pretty much the moment he died with very little evidence, because one of his groupies was bragging online about 'giving him pills that made him pass out'.

All of peeps friends are fucking trash who tried to start witch hunts to deflect from the fact they killed him. ODing takes hours, whatever the drug combination that caused, they still had a LOT of time to act, but instead chose to Snapchat it and act hardcore by 'watching him die in their arms.'

Lacing Xanax with fent sounds stupid to me. Its more likely he died either from Xanax and alcohol like anon said, or he was doing heroin that night too.

No. 470183

some places have said he had a baggy with brown powder in it so i'm honestly just waiting for the report

No. 470203

if blows my mind that some people don't realize how dangerous benzos have the potential to be when they're abused or not taken as prescribed. you can overdose on xanax just like you can overdose on any other drug, i don't know why luna thinks you can't? ive been prescribed benzos for years and i really don't know where i'd be without them, but it's a serious medication and it's dangerous for her to spread that kind of misinformation imo. especially bc she claims to be interested in "harm reduction"

No. 470215

it's not "literally impossible" to overdose on pretty much anything. however considering it's easier to OD on Xanax than it is to OD on ibruprofen, she's a fucking dumbass. nice drug knowledge Tuna

No. 470241

File: 1512059870728.png (695.35 KB, 935x569, 951955.png)

but glorifying heroin is ok?

No. 470260

If lurch ever OD's and has to rely on Tuna's ~drug harm reduction knowlege, he's totally dead

No. 470269

File: 1512064687724.png (1.48 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-11-53-44…)

the acid finally appears. i'm surprised she had enough self control to hold on to it this long and not take it

No. 470270

File: 1512064724070.png (3.2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-11-53-52…)

No. 470271

File: 1512064754015.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-11-53-58…)

No. 470276

Wow, I had no idea that Luna was a magician. A large iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts and a pack of cigarettes managed to appear out of thin air despite her not having any money. Amazing.

No. 470278

omg just do it already! she keeps saying shes doing it tmrw then never does, i wanna see this train wreck

No. 470280

Is it even real? Lol. Wonder what took her so long to post a pic.

Looks like she couldn't pawn it off for dope instead.

Hope its real and she posts some milky bullshit.

No. 470285

I don't know if she'll post anything whilst she's actually tripping, but she certainly will on the comedown.

No. 470286

File: 1512068905898.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-13-07-27…)

No. 470287

File: 1512068966365.png (2.63 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-13-07-33…)

girl. please, eat something green. besides that pickle.

No. 470306

im more fascinated by the cat sitting perfectly on that piece of paper

No. 470307

why is she holding it like that

No. 470309

so do you think she'll gain all that weight back super fast now that she's leeching off her dad again?

No. 470315

Because omg teh bby pink n ~greyish lavender~ r like her favorite eva n a fwend will get her copic markers in these colorz omg literally so blessed

No. 470320

a man devoid of any happiness

No. 470332

File: 1512072425813.png (2.38 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-14-06-08…)

No. 470333

File: 1512072450329.png (2.63 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-14-06-24…)

No. 470346

Why did she post this???
Why is she sitting on the ground in the city??????

No. 470347

Actually if you're taking it by itself, xanax is really hard to OD on. When you start combining it with alcohol and other drugs that's when it can turn deadly. It's still really dangerous to abuse it but it most likely won't kill you on it's own. You can take entire bottles and you'll just get fucked up.

No. 470348

File: 1512074915197.png (2.68 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-14-47-38…)

No. 470354

Translation: Look at this dress that my kind father paid for.

No. 470376

File: 1512078171142.png (2.11 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-15-39-33…)

bullshit? how ungrateful. her dad paid for junk food, a plush, and who knows how many clothes she ended up getting. she's insufferable

No. 470377

I feel so gushy and sentimental, but I feel a twinge of sadness over the fact that these stuffed animals could be going to children and adults who would actually take care of them and make people happy. Instead, they're headed to the junkie den where tuna is going to let them rot with dust and filth, and eventually forget about them when they're no longer aesthetic.

No. 470378

File: 1512078198687.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-15-39-41…)

No. 470379

File: 1512078222359.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-15-39-57…)

No. 470384

This is so infuriating, she's so unbelievably ungrateful. If my parents buy me anything I am thanking them for days…

No. 470393

File: 1512080195229.png (2.38 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-16-16-00…)

No. 470402

File: 1512081305407.jpeg (163.29 KB, 640x650, 96727904-CB9F-45F7-BAD2-4AE0D6…)

No. 470407

File: 1512081691944.jpg (59.99 KB, 640x620, 345678.jpg)

I wonder if this is just a coincidence or a continuation of her new found love for lil peep lol

No. 470410

Here we go again, with this "I was born to suffer" bullshit. We get it, Tuna.

No. 470430

File: 1512082852135.png (3.47 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-30-16-53-21…)

No. 470450

>new shirt and pants
>already stained

That was a waste of $8

No. 470515

File: 1512090621213.jpeg (258.31 KB, 640x787, 7BCFA0C9-592E-4E7A-B287-791B20…)

No. 470525

To be fair one of the biggest lessons I learned growing up poor is that it's not worth pawning off expensive items unless it means life or death. You don't get much money for them and they're almost impossible to get back/re-buy. She'll never be that desperate though as much as she makes it seems like she's on the edge. She'll always have daddy and his Manhattan apartment to fall back on.

Also her saying food stamps sucks is extremely ungrateful. The system isn't perfect but the government is giving you free money for food. She just thinks they suck because you can't buy heroin with them. If she knew what real poverty was like instead of her self imposed squalor she wouldn't be so quick to spit in the face of welfare.

No. 470528

Can't this bitch just fall down a flight of stairs already.

She's as ungrateful as Moomoo.

No. 470561

She already did, to the sound of Cotton eye joe. It didn't stop her

No. 470566

So when she's hopped up on shit she starts talking in Ebonics? It's like a totally different persona when she gets her drugs and she starts spouting stupid shit.

No. 470569

Yes, you can overdose on Xanax. The reversal agent or antidote for a benzodiazepine overdose is flumazenil.

It’s fine if Tuna’s idiocy is self-contained in a dirty little apartment, but it becomes so irresponsible and dangerous when she spreads misinformation. But I guess you have to pretty stupid to believe anything she says

No. 470577

You can OD on Xanax but it generally isn't going to kill you unless you mix it with something like alcohol, opioids, or barbituates. Even so the way that she (and lil peep's crew) is treating it is extremely irresponsible. People hear that xanax can't kill you and end up dying after taking too much while drinking at a party.

No. 470597

Isn't this Bryant Park? I wonder if she dragged her dad into Kinokunya to make him buy her copics lmao

No. 470622

Oh shit you're right! Wow. I can't even imagine how overpriced Copics must be at Kino…

No. 470630

Its weird shes taking pictures of random homeless/traveling people in nyc but lol at the fact theres less grime in this compilation than in an average luna selfie shot

No. 470632

HONESTLY i'm astounded that she would do something like that? god knows if she found a post like that on fb about like, a homeless junkie she'd be preaching about how fucked up it is they're sharing it. so like it's fucked up to show nodded off clerks but not homeless people??

No. 470640

pretty sure she was just taking a pic of the cute dog in the hoodie.

No. 470646

>>470640 i agree, but it still blows my mind she'll take a picture of a homeless person and post it for the sake of a dig with a hoodie but bitch about people posting a video of people nodding out at work

No. 470647

File: 1512102917920.jpeg (192.42 KB, 640x407, BC89F0C9-2E43-4FDD-A1AC-0635C7…)

she posted a video of the banging

No. 470648

File: 1512102933307.jpeg (95.17 KB, 640x386, D43DA5E1-DDFE-41C7-B28D-36E28F…)

No. 470649

File: 1512102950373.jpeg (305.34 KB, 640x680, 57CCFAEE-8E82-4FE8-A415-FF96BD…)

No. 470651

>food stamps suck
Uh. She can buy any food item with them, so at least she's not limited to just fresh fruits and vegetables. She can buy boxes of fruit roll ups, coffee, pizza, even doughnuts - stuff that she likes to show off after complaining about how poor and starving she is.

Also, they're set up on a debit card so all she has to do is swipe it and put in her pin. Maybe it sucks because she doesn't get $500 and she can't use it at Dunkin Donuts.

No. 470654

lmao she thought he was going to pull some shit to try to get her clean i bet

No. 470655

>A day of bullshit
>I had a nice day

She can't even keep her lies straight. Which is it, you idiot?

No. 470656

i thought the exact same day. this girl is seriously just a wild one

No. 470657

Fuck you. You're a fucking con artist. Nobody cares that you're ~poor. 99% of the population has less money than they want and they don't lie, cheat and steal for their drug money.
Fuck you again. The hardest thing in your life is having to pretend to be human for an hour? Oh no. Most people can be bought gifts without fucking complaining. You're instantly rewarded by your dad spending hundreds of dollars on you, but you still feel like you need asspats for ~overcoming anxiety? Fuck you.

I'm sorry I don't see 'being bought clothes and food' as the clear torture it is.

I s2g this bitch makes me fucking raaage. Christmas is the worst for real poor people, but Tunas just a toddler and its Christmas every day for her.

No. 470669

Or her birthday, or the 6 year anniversary of her dead grandma.

No. 470747

She does not have nearly enough tattoos to justify hand tattoos. Hands and face are last places to tattoo… you have to earn them. Hand tattoos when your arms aren't covered looks so stupid and goes against literally all traditions in tattoo culture… Anyways she needs to focus on finding a job before tattooing anything that can effect her being hired
But why would this brat ever respect something as old as tattoo culture? And why would she ever find a job when she has her dad to leech off of?
/tattoo sperging

No. 470750

>"tattoo culture"
>Being this bothered about people getting tattoos

No. 470755

anyone can get hand tattoos, chode, the issue here is that tuna's are poorly done as well as the rest of her tattoos.

tattoo/piercing elitists are some of the most annoying people.

No. 470758

File: 1512141589244.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1975.PNG)

No. 470767

…the fissures on that tongue, jesus

No. 470769

called it last thread lmao >>466912

lol pic related, first she had the Down Syndrome eyes, now she's got a Down Syndrome tongue too.

No. 470770

File: 1512144245904.png (16.58 KB, 608x153, lmao.png)

fuck dropped pic

No. 470772

Luna, please drink some fucking water. Her whole mouth area is absolutely haunting. I've never seen such deep lines in someone's lips and tongue like this.

No. 470776

maybe the lsd will help her come to some realizations about her li– just kidding.

No. 470777

Ya I feel like she's one of those constantly dehydrated people that drink like 1.5 cups of water a day and complain they're tired and feel shorty all the time

No. 470780

Ikr this bitch is paying me dust. Serving me straight up desert teas. Never seen a bitch this physically and emotionally thirsty in my life. Luna get some water and a job.

No. 470789

File: 1512148921755.png (2.6 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-01-11-20-48…)

No. 470794

holy fuck its making her eat fruit!

No. 470802

Why is she outside with a stuffed animal and eating a banana-
Oh. Right. Acid.

No. 470806

>lipstick on banana

No. 470807

Sage for blogpost but my hands were one of my first tattoos, whilst I was working as piercer in a tattoo studio. I’m now at least 50% covered. Stop being a sperg.

No. 470817


that's just what happens when you eat a banana while wearing lipstick, stop the nitpick

No. 470822

File: 1512154853965.png (1.05 MB, 715x921, Capture _2017-12-01-12-58-35.p…)

This is pathetic because she has an opportunity literally right there in front of her and you know she didnt even bother to apply for that job.

Also, she looks dumb as fuck carrying around a stuffed animal in public.

No. 470825

In some photos at first glance she looks like a drugged out Olsen twin especially with the trashy fur coat.

Honestly though who would hire her she’s been out of the workforce for years now. Probably won’t get a recommendation from past jobs because you know she stole from them. It doesn’t look good to not only look like an obvious druggie but also be out of work for years as as a young adult when every other 20 something in New York has more enthusiasm,experience, and capability.

No. 470826

really amazing junkie outfit here

ive never taken acid but i thought it was supposed to make you see things and stuff like that? shes just eating fruit and walking round downtown being normal

No. 470830


it depends, SSRIs inhibit the hallucinogenic effects of acid while leaving you with the sense of euphoria. when i tried it in college i was perfectly fine to walk around outside for that reason. who knows what drug cocktail she's made for herself though.

No. 470831

A lot of people take acid and go for walks and just explore and stuff. If you take the right dose and don't have a bad trip it doesn't really impair you.

No. 470833

This will be a good picture to come back to when she's strung out and babbleblogging about wanting to work.

No. 470837

restraining the urge to comment "oh, you applied?"

No. 470839

File: 1512156760461.png (37.73 KB, 128x128, 11.png)

why does she think it's cute to walk around with a stuffed animal like that? she just looks fucking crazy, especially with those glasses and outfit. she looks like a depressed 40 year old woman who just got out of a divorce who's on her way to pick up her xanax. jesus christ, luna

No. 470840

File: 1512156804512.jpg (252.88 KB, 676x601, Screenshot_20171201-143222.jpg)

Nice to see she's cosplaying as her idol!

No. 470843

File: 1512157069857.png (2.78 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-01-13-36-16…)

No. 470844

Tripping as depicted in the movies is ott to make it visually interesting for the viewer - most of what happens when you actually trip is emotional, not visual. Nine times out of ten when it is visual it's just superimposed on things that you can already see ie walls breathing, plants growing etc. and you know it's not real so it's not scary. Closed eyes give full visuals but they're mostly abstract shapes and colours. It's really rare to have a full blown hallucination of something that doesn't exist that you believe is really real. Perfectly possible to walk around and act convincingly normal.

I imagine the glasses are to hide her pupils. We're probably in for some close up shots of her dinner plate eyes though because aesthetic.

No. 470852

>guys I'm gonna do acid
>btw still gonna do acid
>hey guys I'm doing acid!
>just so you know still on acid!

Can't be that strong if you're coherent enough to take pictures, post it on instagram and caption it understandably.

No. 470856

Have you ever /done/ acid? It doesn't incapacitate you. >>470844 has it right. By the time you're a brain fried retardo who can't move/talk/is speaking incoherently, you've taken ridiculously too much acid.

No. 470857

Her tongue is as wrinkly as her upper lip which is as wrinkly as an old man's ballsack.

Who the hell brings a stuffed animal outside. This bitch needs to grow the hell up already ffs how old is she.

No. 470859

she did two tabs, if it was strong (like she claimed) it shouldn't be easy for her to be in public taking & posting pics.

No. 470860

still looks like a boring-ass trip, wandering around a dirty city posing with store signs for Instagram.

No. 470863

Depends on the strength but doing simple tasks can require more effort. The body can become relaxed, and a phone is straining on the eyes. Different forms of LSD have different effects.

No. 470873

There are people out there who vlog trips. It's not something that reduces you to a state where you can't function. And her taking two tabs means nothing, sometimes you have to take that much to even feel anything.

No. 470880

File: 1512159596862.jpeg (74.98 KB, 640x336, 341A9485-BD09-4D1A-8F9F-D70F4A…)


No. 470884

I know this is a joke or whatever but she's being super ignorant. Food stamps buy FOOD. AKA something you need to survive and something everyone should have access to. You're not supposed to exist solely on food stamps ffs they're meant to supplement your income. I don't think she understands that about welfare.

No. 470885

She's such a fucking liar it's amazing

No. 470890

obviously everyone is affected differently but when i trip on 300ugs or more i definitely am not up for public instagramming

No. 470893

>Different forms of LSD have different effects.

There are no "different forms" of lsd you basket case. Lysergic acid diethylamide describes a molecule, any difference in this makes it not LSD anymore. Only one of the four stereoisomers of lds is even psychoactive, so if that's what you're talking about you're still wrong. And if you're talking about the form that you're taking it in, still makes no difference whether it's a tab or a cube.

No. 470899

I’m not trying to be off topic but I’ve tried several different “forms” (liquid, tab, pyramids). Each form had its own unique experience regardless of how much I took.
And that’s as much as I care to be off topic.

No. 470902

oh ok see i thought it was always like a crazy psychedelic trip lol

No. 470931

It can be a crazy psychedelic trip but that doesn't mean that she wouldn't be able to walk around or post on instagram. All it is is just weird patterns and colors and stuff ontop of stuff that already exists.

No. 470947

File: 1512170161166.png (2.51 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-01-17-13-53…)

video of luna and lurch babbling while feeding a squirrel chocolate. idk how to capture/download vids on my phone sorry guys

No. 470948

it's dosage dependent anyways, at the 1mg range you can definitely have a full blown hallucination, but the avg dose is 100ug, which is still very strong if you've gotten accurately dosed tabs but the visuals are limited to saturation of colors, breathing and slight morphing

the average tab is meant to be 100ug and 200ug is VERY strong. like theres no way she'd be able to walk around & post coherently. unfortunately the average street tab is dosed at around 50ug depending where you live. you can still feel 50ug tho. if you need 2 tabs to feel anythig you got bunk tabs

anyways you'd think on lsd you'd be a bit too distracted to care about instagram but noope. wtf

yeah bc every trip is different and unique not because the molecule is different lol

No. 470949

File: 1512170219513.png (3.01 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-01-17-13-03…)

No. 470954

I don't understand why she's wearing that virgin mary keychain around her finger

No. 470956

Acid at higher doses can definitely make you incapable of walking around and type. It's not all visuals, the psychedelic trip is barely about the visuals unless you take something like 2C-B. If her 2 tabs were tabs of 100ug (which is a "normal" tab) she wouldnt be able to walk around during the peak. The reason she was able to was because they were underdosed. 100ug is still a very strong trip

No. 470970

Fuck does lurch sound so weird

No. 470971

>funnest day of my life
And here comes her bragging about her being a top tier druggie by adding another thing on her list to spend her scam money on.

No. 470980

File: 1512173217084.jpg (68.52 KB, 413x410, 459b65cacc9b6c1b6967c1a81d35b2…)


Cuz tripping! That tiger is alive!


Not boring cuz tripping!

No. 470981

idk how the fuck she trips with all those issues. that's like, asking for a difficult experience. i swear only the least introspective people ever have a good time on psychedelics while they're fucked in the head

No. 470982

They were feeding the squirrel Lindor truffles which aren't exactly cheap. Good to know the bitch is "starving" but she can afford to feed expensive chocolate to an animal. ~*~Lulz~*~

And holy fuck, Tunas voice is fucking annoying!!! I would wanna punch that bitch in the face if I had to listen to her talk/whine all damn day.

No. 470990

Because all of her issues are self fabricated, anon.

No. 470995

kek that white hair in Lurch's stubble. People are probably thinking that Tuna out with her father instead of her boyfriend.

No. 470998

File: 1512176166521.jpeg (288.19 KB, 640x747, 68AAB15A-A99D-4DC6-AA2B-201BC7…)

she changed her profile picture to this? why would you be proud of that anyway lol. probably trying to ~stick it to tha hatersz~

No. 470999

Can someone try to upload it somewhere? I want to hear them lol

No. 471003

lol is it a joke because they both refuse to work or because she needs help?

No. 471033

File: 1512182064806.png (3.5 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-01-20-32-54…)

No. 471035

it's not good for pretty much any animal to eat chocolate. and they fed it 3 (or more) of those. hope it's okay. not that she cares, she keeps toxic plants around her cats anyway.

No. 471038

Hey guys I do acid!! Did I tell you I did acid today it was so strong! I’m totally tripping! I mean I haven’t done acid in so long and this is so strong haha. Did I tell you I do acid?

No. 471039

Fucks sakes. It should be a drinking game to just take a shot every time she mentions acid. You'd be in a fucking coma.

No. 471042

wake me from it when luna gets her shit together.

No. 471044

Probably a BPD or “I’m such a poor sad girl” joke

No. 471050

File: 1512186662036.png (823.73 KB, 750x1334, 4FADDEF9-48D3-4326-AE82-E5551A…)

Momma Tuna

No. 471060

yeah, insane trip, sure tuna

isnt it weird her mum meeting up with lurch??

No. 471068

Tuna deadass looks like a geriatric in this picture, oh my god.

Also, according to the anons here, if she was tripping "insanely hard", she wouldn't be functioning out in public, right?

No. 471069

File: 1512189034618.png (2.99 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-01-22-29-16…)

No. 471070

File: 1512189092837.png (2.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-01-22-29-21…)

No. 471071

File: 1512189131716.png (3.25 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-01-22-29-26…)

No. 471079

Everything about this scenario is weird. Was she like "hi mom im on acid. Here i am, on acid. Remember the sea creature? He's here, on acid. Lets take a pic, give me food stamps."

No. 471099

No dude even with a strong trip you can still walk around and shit. Being in public on acid is really just a mental hurdle you gotta get over. It's not hard

No. 471103

I know plenty of people who have walked around on way more than 2 hits of acid.
My bf did 10 hits and was still able to walk around.

No. 471105

Shes tripping, the total lapse of judgment and emotional social media onslaught proves it. Lsd is more of an emotional high than you realize.

No. 471108

Her mom looks positively thrilled.

No. 471111

I'm not the dumb anon who keeps suggesting you're literally incapacitated by acid, but like… Damn dude. Sage for ruralfaggotry, but the city doesn't seem like a nice place to trip. There are normal people out there who don't understand why you're being weird, cops and security who are gonna move you along, everything's dirty, and you can't wander through the woods and shit. Maybe I just 'don't get it' and its a NYC thing, but still, doesn't sound like 'the funnest day ever.'

It seems really fucking sad just wandering around the streets tripping? I thought shed be using this for extra ~art creativity like she said, but she didn't? She wasted her trip.

Also I dunno about everyone else, but I'm starting to get annoyed with all the drug blogs. Nobody cares how many drugs you or your bf did.

Agreed. I thought Luna's mother was a recovered addict who wouldn't visit Luna because she didn't want to relapse into a druggie lifestyle? Why is Luna meeting up with her (for the FIRST time since her outpatient therapy in the SUMMER) tripping balls? This makes NO sense.

Three theories:
1. Luna's lying about the acid a la 17 year old white girl - "this stuff is sooo strong we're tripping soo hard lol aren't I so cool!!!!'
2. Luna's a fucking douchebag turning up wasted to receive Christmas presents from her recovered addict mother, who instantly saw she was wasted. I can't see her stroking Tunas hair or some dumb bs if this was the case, seeing as they don't speak because of Luna's drug addiction.
3. Luna's mums relapsed and started doing drugs again. She didn't do the acid because it was 4 tabs, 2 each, but its a possibility shes back on the heroin/crack. This ones really sad and I hope its not true. If shes using again, she could have called lurch and Luna out randomly so she can cop off Lurch, her old dealer.

No. 471113

nice quads

Option #2 is the most likely scenario to me. I’m pretty sure Luna just showed up to see her mom in the first time in forever completely fucking trashed.

No. 471114

This is sheer tinfoiling but i hope lunas not playing her tragic lifestyle up to her recovering mom. Bringing lurch as a reminder, showing up ensconced in grime wasted as some sort of pity factor.

No. 471130

>the soulmate of all soulmates

Soulmate of what, the damned?

No. 471132

No, I think she means he sucked her soul out and she his.

See thread photo for evidence of this.

No. 471139

Stop trying to make my eyes commit a sin, anon.

No. 471140

You're welcome.
Lurch has the weirdest voice. I didn't thought both of them would sound so normal

No. 471142

I remember her voice from an older video, I think it matches her somehow. But wow, I could never imagine lurch's. It's like I just heard a mythical creature for the 1st time.
Also ot asf but what did you use to record your screen?

No. 471145

AZ screen recorder

No. 471146

Oh man, I was so caught off guard by his voice that I honestly thought "what the hell, I can't even hear what they're saying over the conversation those people are having in the background" until my dumbass realized it was them the entire time.

No. 471148

Does anyone else think Lurch sounds kind of like Yumi’s husband?

Idk why but I imagined Lurch would have a very slow, low voice.

No. 471150

I like the track marks on Lurches hand, and how he thinks its the middle of December.

No. 471152

God they both sound so annoying. Do all New Yorkers sound like this?? Sage for OT

No. 471153

No. 471154

Same, some kind of slurred mumbling deep voice. Just audibly from his voice he sounds like an okay-ish person. I also always imagined tuna too have a very high pitched Mickey-mouse-ish kind of voice.

No. 471155

Omfg you're right! He sounds exactly like yumi's autistic pedo husband

No. 471157

same here, because in every photo he looks like an actual corpse, I really quite imagined him only ever grunting tbqh

No. 471158

No they don't!

No. 471160

so that squirrel is probably dead now from eating so much chocolate

No. 471164

Jesus Christ, Luna's unhinged giggling is annoying as fuck.

No. 471165

File: 1512229571766.jpeg (209.27 KB, 640x656, 0EEEB5D5-3114-40C3-AF05-B9361D…)

No. 471167

Seriously what did her ~evil Dad do to get absolutely no thanks for anything, but her Mom gets love? Luna claims her mother stole thousands of dollars from her, and in shitty poetry "the only family member she ever loved was her Grandma", but still lovebombs her mom occasionally. Is it just because she gives her things without the lecture unlike her Dad?

I wonder what she mooched, it's sad that Tuna has a negative impact on ANYBODY's life she enters.

No. 471171

File: 1512237389770.png (2.81 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-02-11-55-26…)

No. 471172

right, it's not that she wouldn't be capable of being in public, it's that being in public like that (on the streets of nyc) is not a great setting for a trip.

also can you count? there were 5 hits.

No. 471177

Yep. She has another video up of her retarding out and laughing at a scene from That 70s Show. Extremely annoying.

No. 471179

Her mom most likely bought her things and that's why she's lovebombing her. Something expensive while her dad got her things from the thrift store? Maybe that's why she's not lovebombing him.

That and she's a cunt.

No. 471180

It's almost like things stay in good shape if you take care of it. Gee whiz, who knew!

No. 471184

wow not how i imagined lurch's voice at all. luna's voice sounds just like holly brown. i always imagine luna with a high, breathy voice, probs bc of that bbydoll aesthetic she has. lurch actually sounds like a normal person which is even more shocking. now i'm trying to imagine his facebook messages with that voice…

No. 471192

The difference in color between her bangs and the rest of her hair is so gross. It looks like she dyed her bangs with pee.

No. 471198

Wouldn’t you be if you hadn’t seen your daughter in months and your old drug deal ran off with her. She must think about if Luna’s ever OD-ed.

Wow he sounds younger. I almost expected him to have a raspy voice of something tbh from how he looks.

What a flip flopy bitch I though she hated her because she stole money from her.

No. 471214

File: 1512251614897.jpeg (188.1 KB, 640x440, AE481550-7CB8-4E1A-8F45-7A6FAB…)

No. 471219

I know I shouldn't expect for her to draw anything good but I'm still kind of hoping that she uses the new markers properly?

No. 471221

She actually doesn’t look awful in this photo, apart from the piss bangs and crusty top lip.

No. 471230

Not coming out how she likes it? Does she not see the streaks that are already there or something?? ?

No. 471254

Hearing Lurch and Tuna talking.. holy shit.
That's now I imagined either one of them sounding, especially Lurch.

No. 471267

they're walking around town in mamaroneck. kind of a reach to criticize her choice of location considering that's where she lives? she dropped acid, dressed like a retard, and made an ass out of herself in public just like anyone would suspect. why are ppl getting all alex jones about luna taking acid kek

No. 471318

File: 1512272051739.jpg (482.35 KB, 1080x1968, hypocrisy.jpg)

yeah but you're a hero in addict who glorifies the "heroin chic" lifestyle

No. 471325

But that was exactly her point. Just like habitual drinkers judge habitual drug users, she as a junkie judges alcoholics. But only to prove alcohol should be considered a drug.

There is literally nothing wrong with that post&explanation. I know it's Luna, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 471363

I understand what she's saying, but no drug abuse (not "use" as she put it) should be tolerated by anyone.
Tuna claims to not be able to afford food, rent, healthcare, and other goodies because of her drug abuse problem. Can't even hold a job or practice personal hygiene. Needless to say, that puts most high-functioning alcoholics who hold jobs and manage to pay bills in a slightly better off league.
It may be shitty to compare addictions, but a lot of people know a heroin addiction is more devastating and that's why they say that.

No. 471423

The post makes sense by itself, but Luna's a massive fucking hypocrite. She looks down on alcoholics and crack users for some reason, because they don't have as bad a reputation as heroin?

Tuna doesn't care about the effects of alcoholism on the body. She doesn't empathise with alcoholics, she clearly doesn't care about it except as a tool to try and get people to see heroin like she does - a totally safe drug that people just use for justified reasons like pain management!!! She only takes heroin for her pain, same with lurch! Why do these damn ALCOHOLICS get all the sympathy? Shes just self prescribing medication, while these drunkards are getting WASTED, and they don't even have to go to court for it, unlike Lurch lmao.

I'm unsure why shes so hellbent on alcohol 'being seen as a drug' because everyone knows that. Literally everyone knows that, at least withdrawal-wise, alcohols one of the worst. Alcohol being bad doesn't magically make heroin better tho. Poison is poison, heroin addiction is arguably just as bad as alcoholism. Shitting on alcoholics because its not your drug of choice and you're jealous over how theyre treated better than smackheads in society? Fucking douchey.

No. 471482

File: 1512316224769.jpeg (132.67 KB, 640x632, A0122D89-10DF-49FF-94D0-1CBA95…)

No. 471485

I'm sure Alig maybe said like one thing to Luna and now she's using it for druggie clout.

No. 471517

im pretty sure when he go out of prison she obsessively messaged him about how much she loves party monster and he responded with a heart or something

you know if they were just regularly chattin she'd throw it up all over social media lol

but also saying she loves the movie/book party monster is a little rude (?idk what they appropriate word would be) considering that book and movie came out while he was in jail? about him ending up in prison?
but im so sure thats all she talked about cuz she's an idiot

No. 471532

lol yeah cute how she doesn't even mention its EQUALLY as bad as all drug abuse "culture"
i mean she thinks heroin should be legal like marijuana shes just so proud

No. 471542

Yeah I agree that it’s backwards as fuck in America for it to be acceptable to be shitfaced and black out drunk for a period of your life (teens-20’s) regularly or even that’s it’s more acceptable to be drunk in front of your kids rather than on drugs. This hasn’t been said before though, and I know she’s just regurgitating a post on tumblr b/c I’ve seen it before. It would probably be easier for anon’s here to agree with her and give her points if she wasn’t a massive hypocrite. She talks down on people who abuse crack while have done it herself and currently being hooked on an equally life destroying substance. She’s that kid in high school that bragged about being straight edge while engaging in equally risky behavior every weekend, but still felt holier than though.

No. 471582

I feel like she would be really pretty in the face if she actually took care of herself and stopped doing her makeup to look like a corpse

No. 471592

Yeah she has potential but she just doesn't care about herself. It's amazing what a little water can do. She needs to bathe and drink it more.

No. 471649

he literally talks to anyone who gives him positive attention online.

No. 471661

he killed a guy, left his body in a bathtub to rot for days, cut his off his legs, decapitated him, stuffed his body parts in separate boxes, and threw it in a river (in exchange for heroin). he straight up pissed on people, and into people's drinks on the regular.

but, y'know, he thinks the busted dried up scrawls i shit out are good, so he's totally fine in my book ~uwu~

No. 471665

Hugh Hefner was literally a monster to Luna, and she used his death as an excuse to preach. But an ACTUAL MURDERER AND DISMEMBERER, HES COOL CUZ TUMBLR DIDNT TELL HER TO HATE ALIG. I guess heff didn't give her asspats lmao

No. 471673

and she still loovvvess rocking playboy

No. 471678

her entire justification, besides the popularity/aesthetic of party monster, is probably "its okay he killed someone because it was for HEROIN"

No. 471696

File: 1512370081868.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171203-234154.png)

For some reason Alig actually follows Tuna and recently tagged her in a post.

No. 471750

A new documentary was released last year which documents his history and his release from prison [video related]. Immediately after his release he quickly immersed himself in technology and social media.


If he is embracing sobriety, he may be tagging people whom he recognises need help.

But I have watched quite a few video clips of Michael on his webcast since his release, and he did not appear entirely sober (in my humble former party kid opinion).

No. 471762

>and he did not appear entirely sober (in my humble former party kid opinion)
No need to be humble, he was busted with crystal meth earlier this year.

No. 471787

I get so fucking sick of her little tantrums about people not accepting her heroin addiction.

that wasn't her point. she was saying there is a double standard in society where people who would judge a junkie harshly are fine with people getting blackout drunk (which is an incredibly broad generalization, and also wrong; her generation in particular has been turning away from alcohol, for a more accurate generalization) her point was that people should stop judging drug addicts because they accept alcohol abuse. and that's just fucking stupid, for obvious reasons.

No. 471788

so shocked she didn't repost this on her tumblr or something like "michael alig is going to buy my art and make me famous!!!"

No. 471861

It’s sad too because she could use some cheap products from like dollar tree and look great. She’s the ashy-ist bitch I’ve ever seen. Just dry all around. Never seen someone have no shame about being filthy.

No. 471882

I really wish she would try, it would make her look so much better. I can't even go one day without showering let alone however long she's gone ugh.

No. 472217

It’s strange also because she perpetuates her own filth? Like not showering because the shower broke hmm…maybe a pass but to cake on makeup daily just seems gross. Or to beg people for specially shampoo for your hair upkeep while negelecting to bath and clean your house is just sick to me. Maybe I’m looking to far into it but in most photos even though chief is disgusting by leaving his dirty undies out and pissing in bottles in general he looks less crusty and filthy than she does.

No. 472244

File: 1512504075382.jpeg (204.4 KB, 640x526, 9D26A491-1617-4DC8-B5C9-738A5B…)

No. 472285

I agree, it doesn't make sense. Pls give me expensive shampoo that I won't use bc if I shower I will melt ty.

To be honest I think that this is okay. I mean yeah it might not be the bpd but if she's happy with a piercing that's cool.

No. 472445

how she thought this was something worth sharing i will never understand. and if she thinks people care about her pointless fb statuses rambling nothings about herself then she is pretty damn arrogant. cant imagine making such a mundane status about nothing

No. 472474

speaking of crusty undies since they don't wash their clothes their undies must be rock hard by now.

No. 472527

I know things along the line of this have been said before, but why does she splurge on stupid things that change her appearance even though she can't take care of herself on a basic level? The other fucked up druggies on tumblr at least make an attempt to take care of their skin

No. 472528

my guess is that she probably doesn’t know shit about it so doesn’t bother trying. she clearly never learned to do anything else properly, why would she learn to take care of her biggest organ?

No. 472553


I threw up in my mouth

No. 472628

So hard to believe she wasn't taught to bathe growing up…

No. 472638

Holy shit that was the worst visual image I have ever seen.

No. 472650

Ew. Only Tuna would idolize a gross, power tripping drug addict/ promoter who dismembered his 'friend' in the bathtub for ten bags of heroin and then went out to party. And tell everyone about it. Repeatedly.

I'm a fucking granny but Michael Alig is, was, and always will be a histrionic cunt.

No. 472698

File: 1512601525305.png (1.9 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-06-17-03-25…)

No. 472701

File: 1512602544479.jpeg (337.58 KB, 640x882, 587BFF05-3DD3-4B2A-BDDB-66F752…)

No. 472702

File: 1512602560682.jpeg (293.87 KB, 640x903, 27254799-D7A1-4E5B-83FA-1A91F5…)

No. 472703

someone please cap her insta

No. 472704

File: 1512603487974.png (3.62 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-06-17-35-29…)

i always cap when there's something worth posting. she's just been posting a lot of animal crossing lately

No. 472717

File: 1512604866245.png (2.67 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-06-18-00-15…)

No. 472733


I really, really want tuna to do a house tour, Lainey style. i'm so fascinated by their filth… is that two TVs?? it's like a teaser episode of hoarders, my god

No. 472777

She just has to throw in the fact that she's eating 'plain' pasta. Poor pitiful Luna who can't even afford sauce.

No. 472784

Amen. The man was a narcissistic piece of shit

No. 472786

File: 1512615473693.png (2.76 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-06-20-56-02…)

No. 472805

>The joys of personal hygiene

Congratulations, Tuna.

No. 472874

what the fucks wrong with her right iris? I've never noticed that discoloration before.

No. 472876

Just heterochromia, mild versions of it are pretty common

No. 472902

her eye color is the prettiest thing about her/something she cant ruin with her makeup

No. 472903

I noticed that too kek. I don't know how her friends don't call her out - if I knew her I wouldn't hesitate to point out that maybe she should have bought some jars of pasta sauce, or meat and veg to make some, instead of domino's and dunkin donuts last week.

I believe she does eat plain pasta and cereal a lot, but more likely because she's lazy and has no cooking skills than she's poor. As if every time she's bought pens and paints and makeup and clothes, those people don't buy her food and other essentials as well. As if her father or mother wouldn't give send her a couple dollars to go to a superstore a get something proper for dinner.

No. 472905


>pretty common

It’s still rare enough to be considered rather unique. You don’t meet a whole lot of people with eyes like that on a daily basis. It’s the only actually beautiful or interesting physical feature that Tuna has, but she’s determined to only play up her worst aspects.

Wash your bangs, Tuna!

No. 472918

She could have bought a can of pasta sauce for 99cents from almost any grocery store. "Plain Pasta" just plays up her ~*~uwu poor me im so broke~*~ aesthetic. She's horribly pathetic.

No. 472921

File: 1512671844137.jpg (391.37 KB, 2362x1114, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.3…)

Bitch could have made her 'plain noodles' a bit more interesting with 1 fucking garlic clove and some god damn imagination.. For an "artist" she is so terribly uncreative. lol

No. 472922

File: 1512671990863.jpg (571.66 KB, 2532x1260, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.3…)

Damn when you google her name on img search her heroin needle arm pics pop up on the second row…

No. 472926

File: 1512672706275.png (Spoiler Image,297.61 KB, 1080x1639, IMG_20171207_135049.png)

This is glorious

No. 472929

Lol sage for off topic, but the runner in the first row makes me wonder if there are other Luna Slaters who have the WORST namesake

No. 472933

File: 1512674299236.png (817.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-201543.png)

I'll post her latest pics

No. 472934

File: 1512674354146.png (814.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-201555.png)

No. 472935

File: 1512674406129.png (953.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-201605.png)

No. 472936

File: 1512674447932.png (989.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-201615.png)

She looks so fucking dumb in these

No. 472937

File: 1512674449617.gif (402.59 KB, 275x214, 1495760907412.gif)

She looks like Asherbee in that 5th photo. almost all of them are ugly and have her eyes going in different directions.

No. 472938

File: 1512674480347.png (801.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-201629.png)

No. 472939

File: 1512674528243.png (841.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-201633.png)

No. 472940

File: 1512674652034.png (1.35 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-202303.png)

No. 472942

>I don't want to hide anymore
Yeah your 10000000000000000000000000 selfies prior to this photo were clearly of you hiding.

She looks like a retarded fish with her lesbian lover. Seriously, Lurch looks terribly hideous. Let's hope these two never have kids.

It's like his moai face flattened hers. And yum, nothing like kidding greasy hair.

More like you being the physical embodiment of vomit, Tuna.

No. 472943

Shit she really does look like Asherbee there, doesn't she?

No. 472946

ya I srsly just nearly puked in my mouth when I read that

> he chopped up a body for h

> but he's pretty cool bc he likes my art :)

lainey's house is so filthy and she has children and is supposed to be a productive member of society. i can't even imagine luna's

No. 472955

Why does she keep bringing this statue outside???

No. 472962

No. 472964

Right. I know that being mentally ill makes it difficult to do simple things to take care of yourself, especially cooking. But if she enjoys being creative and doing something rewarding, cooking is a great outlet. She can learn to make virtually anything thanks to the internet. Eating your own food feels great and feeding people you love feels great too. Hell, has Luna ever even made a hot meal for Roger? All I can recall is him sharing his Chinese with her because she was ~starving~.
As silly as it sounds, improving your cooking skill can be helpful way to practice self-care. You learn new things about yourself and what you like or don't like, and you get to eat, which isn't bad.
Anywho, Luna skip takeout and buy some groceries instead, those iced coffees add up, cook for yourself and maybe you'll feel better, maybe stop smoking crack and doing heroin, etc.

No. 472966

Damn, Lurch is fucking spooky looking. I can't believe Tuna thinks that she's into that.

If she ever gets clean, she'll look back and think, "Ew omg I can't believe I thought he was hot".

No. 472968

File: 1512680512230.png (618.23 KB, 628x608, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.0…)

how can a human person be this ugly

No. 472969

He's Onision-tier ugly.

No. 472970


He looks like a melted mannequin

No. 472971

It kills me when he has his hat pulled all the way down over the top of his sunglasses like that.

No. 472976

His face honestly reminds me of someone that's been mauled by an animal and got reconstructive surgery or something.

No. 472993


I totally see it too

No. 472994

holy shit anon i was trying to figure out why he had this kinda familiar look that unsettled me and that's totally it, he genuinely reminds me of that lady who got a face transplant after she was mauled by a chimp, like he looks so waxy and all the proportions of his face are so off and he's always covering parts of it up

new fave tinfoil is that lurch got an unsuccessful face transplant and that's why he's rarely in tuna's photos (at least consciously) kek

No. 472999

The pencil-marked paper lol. And you can even see where lines were drawn, erased, and then re-drawn.. For whatever reason.
She also said she only had 4 tabs, but theres 5 here?

Sage for old post and tinfoiling.

No. 473035

File: 1512691479114.png (2.58 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-07-18-02-34…)

whew i missed a lot today. here's the rest of the pics that haven't been posted yet

No. 473036

File: 1512691504933.png (2.55 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-07-18-02-41…)

No. 473037

File: 1512691540136.png (2.44 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-07-18-02-49…)

No. 473038

File: 1512691576356.png (3.09 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-07-18-02-56…)

No. 473039

File: 1512691643289.png (3.23 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-07-18-03-03…)

No. 473043


i don't understand
these look just as streaky and shitty as her old ones??? like i genuinely can't see any discernible difference between these new copics and her old ones, they all look like a 6 year old with a heavy hand smashed them into the paper

No. 473044

ugh and i hate to art sperg but if she doesnt blend with them whats the fucking point of owning expensive copic markers

No. 473057

Maybe you're sad because you're a piece of shit, Tuna.

I can't believe that a "productive" day for her is posting 10+ pictures on instagram of shitty art and going outside of her crack den for 15 minutes to get dope.

No. 473061

So what do these new markers do that the old ones couldn’t? because this is as streaky as ever for brand new markers..

No. 473072

I read it as “me being the physical embodiment of fail” kek

I honestly think she uses copics because it makes her feel like she’s the real shit as an artist and not another sad self absorbed druggie drawing the same sloppy shit over and over and posting it on the internet.

I wonder if the day when she starts to do actual shit to get her life straight and actually improve herself will ever come.

No. 473073

I thought someone's granny was holding up the markers until I zoomed in and noticed that the finger belonged to Tuna….ugh. Bitch needs some lotion.

Literally looks the same as her old stuff. And kek for the saggy tits!

I'd be sad too if my art looked like yours, Luna. Also, what the hell is wrong with her face? There are spots all around her mouth and chin.

No. 473080

File: 1512701759225.png (3.34 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-07-20-54-42…)

No. 473081

File: 1512702032532.jpg (50.27 KB, 320x320, 53210dd0f1c2d1a157002ba4_564d3…)

Holy shit. Google 'copics art' and you'll see how youre supposed to use the markers and how well they blend..
Looking at tunas drawings after that is sad as fuck… Looks like the bitch uses washable crayolas to color.

No. 473087

can someone please ask her why shes using these like a 5 year old uses felt tips

No. 473107

He looks like handsome squidward to me lol

No. 473111

the ugly, druggie version of handsome squidward sure

No. 473115

Because thats part of the styyylee.

Im sorry, i dont know how or who would buy her drawings. Especially for the prices shes asking which is funny considering she used to ask for more

No. 473152

Does she jam her nails UNDER her skin? I dunno if it's just me, but her nail bed (or is it called cuticle?) looks kinda swollen.

No. 473153

OH MY GOD it really looks like they are!

No. 473195

is she showing off the markers on lurch's back???

No. 473196

£60 on new markers and her art looks exactly the same… She didn't even thank her 'friend' (read:father) for them.

No. 473207

Is that hand on backwards? I'm trying to figure out how that pose is even possible.

No. 473215

Lol, I assumed it was her leg but I think you're right

No. 473227

I don't usually insult people's art but it really irks me that she's not only a poor artist in a technical sense but she has absolutely no creativity. Her drawings might have value if they weren't so shallow and superficial - they're just pastel vomit self-portraits, the same mindnumbingly boring girls with unnatural hair colours and pastel skin to complement it. Her pictures have no substance whatsoever and are entirely self-referrential; she could get away with being such a shitty artist if she wasn't so obsessed with herself and could draw or paint something that actually has meaning.

No. 473229

Damn, one of the first couple pics that pop up is her doing heroin….

No. 473248

File: 1512745934270.png (1.02 MB, 1058x1087, Screenshot_20171208-110916.png)

Just a throwback so you can remember how much better she looks when she does something as simple as brushing her hair.

No. 473280

Her same face is so bad. They literally all have the same face, the colors and hair are different. There's no variation either, it's all just "practice self-love uwu but be very enabling about it uwu". I think it's important to express yourself via art obviously but she knows that mentally ill girls in cutesy pastel colors are popular and will make her money. This way she can pump out half-assed self portraits to fund her junkie lifestyle. It's really sad. Personally I think her art is extremely shitty and thoughtless but if she tried building her skills she could be good. I know she won't, though.

No. 473282

File: 1512759136854.png (2.72 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-08-12-50-54…)

No. 473331

omfg girl lay off the drugs and buy yourself a proper bra!!!

No. 473343

Also all she draws is animal crossing faces… how lazy is she to not even TRY to find her own style, she's literally copying designs from a video game lol. It's so pathetic

No. 473388

is luna slater her real name? has she ever posted smthn like an official document w that name? can't find anything about this in old threads. like what if she sobers up and gets her shit together in 10 yrs and tries to get a job and her employer googles her name and finds THAT. can she really be that dumb. please tell me that's not her full name

No. 473389

File: 1512789040658.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-08-21-09-15…)

No. 473390

File: 1512789147000.png (2.87 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-08-21-09-23…)

i mean, i guess she's right? they're worse

No. 473401

I'm interested to know this too, I know she's stupid but she can't be that stupid.. can she?

No. 473427

girl that is legit a weave

No. 473429

yes it is it's been featured on prescription bottles, her tumblrs, her art, her mail. etc.
she will never be able to get a job outside fast food.

No. 473430

File: 1512793679576.png (2.2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-08-22-25-47…)

No. 473431

File: 1512793736210.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-08-22-25-53…)

No. 473432

File: 1512793784919.png (4.16 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-08-22-25-59…)

No. 473437

Lurch has those eyes going in two different directions just like Tuna.

Kek! Those retarded how to draw manga books will fuck up her anatomy even more. But ti would explain why her art is so bad.

No. 473459


Disclosing her drug use in association with her legal name is not accidental nor naïve. It gives her an excuse to continue her lifestyle. She has ensured that she has no other options.

No. 473462

Honestly if she ever turns her life around she might have to disclose that at the interview to look better for being honest. Idk she ducked herself over bad

No. 473466

Did she draw toopoor lol

No. 473477

Gag, her shirt is disgusting…

No. 473480

I hate how every single one of her drawings has to incorporate some sort of substance, even if it's just cigarettes.

No. 473481

All these scribbles and "how to draw: step by step" lines and that's the outcome

Luna reminds me of a child in kindergarten that has been told to draw some pictures to keep them occupied.
>Look auntie, I drew… ✌? four pictures!!!

The more "art", the more she can sell of it. Smart girl

No. 473484

even with the step by step books and pencil lines, the hand is fucking backwards

No. 473488

tbh, surprised she hasn't heard about peep's report coming back with fent and used that as ~*~inspo~*~ yet

No. 473494

File: 1512812980760.jpeg (33.42 KB, 580x358, talktothehandpic-580x358.jpeg)

I let it slide the first time, and forgive me if I'm retarded, but how are the hands backwards? I didn't get it on the other artwork either, if the palm is facing outwards, the thumbs are on the inside? And she draws hands so basically you can't tell the different between back of the hand and palm? That piece is doing pic related, and its wobbly but its not backwards?

No. 473499

I'm retarded too so I imitated the posture of that character and it's true, the hand is backwards unless you twist your wrist in a totally unnatural way that no one would

No. 473504

ohhh, I'm tard anon and I get it now, thanks. It's like if that guy had his hand over his other fucking shoulder lol, I didnt realise her arm was crossing her body like that - trying to recreate that pose is fucking awkward and really hurts my wrists.

No. 473515

File: 1512821219724.png (1011.84 KB, 785x1140, uhhhh.png)

Those books are fucking useless. I had them as a kid and beyond maybe first two or free, there is no 'step by step' of anything. They just show you a drawing of a girl with a useless commentary like 'wavy blonde hair fits a princess bishoujo'.
Those books are basically merch for weabs that want to have something to show for their 'i will be a great MANAGAKA in Nihongo someday!!!".
Also, in another book about bishoujo in the series the author calls black women Negroids. Feel that wouldn't fare with Luna well lol.

No. 473525


Negroid is the scientific term for African features, anon.

No. 473526

I kmow, seen SJW get railed up about the "outdated" term and classification.

No. 473561

File: 1512842502212.png (2.44 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-11-59-24…)

No. 473563

Wow it's like her art got worse with new markers

No. 473571

File: 1512847867972.png (129.12 KB, 409x300, 1508176103200 (1).png)

It looks like she referenced her own nudes for this.

No. 473573

Havent seen that ugly plastic baby necklace for a bit. Bet they all fell off the chain and are dangling from one of her many "spiritual" lamps.

No. 473604

Holy fucking shit. What a moron. My respect for her has dropped from -5 to -50

I think it is just her being a naive moron. People change a lot in 10-20 years. If I recall correctly she's in DBT therapy (or doing the worksheets), and while cleaaaarly it hasn't clicked in her brain yet to actually want to get better, it might in the future. I've seen a lot of people like her grow up sober, stable, and successful. Even though she's an idiot now, there still might be hope.

And she fucked herself over by being stupid enough to use her full name and posting pics of her drug use.

No. 473612

File: 1512858056296.png (2.19 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-16-19-47…)

No. 473616

She basically did. If you ignore the colors the hair style, accessories, and breasts are all spot-on to her.

No. 473619

File: 1512860332207.png (2.18 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-16-57-50…)

No. 473621

File: 1512860396843.png (2.88 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-16-57-58…)

No. 473623

File: 1512860476364.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-16-59-19…)

No. 473630

I thought this was Lurch's arm, she's so fucking hairy

No. 473633


someone never took anthropology. Those are all the correct terms.

No. 473638


…..weren't those paintings listed as "sold" on her depop? Or something like that?

No. 473646

I have never seen anyone legitimately complain about that. It's literally just a derivative of the latin/greek terms for "black", and this book in particular is like 15 years old. But like you said, they're useless anyway so it's not like her art would get any better.

No. 473649

pretty sure you're right, wonder if her excuse of not having any money for shipping is very convenient for her to sell the same painting multiple times. anything to have drug money and not be sick.

No. 473677

The playing card one definitely.

No. 473683

File: 1512865981766.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-18-31-05…)

No. 473687

File: 1512866358665.png (4.34 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-18-38-09…)

No. 473688

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought that.

>who am i
Someone with a broken arm. The makeup is literally on top of the back of your hand, girl.

No. 473695

File: 1512870390144.jpeg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024, 901CBFCE-4995-49D8-AF50-940279…)

No. 473698

>where r all the HOT babez?
Kek. Glad that one sold at least.

No. 473699


Those being scientific terms doesn't stop the rabid SJWs. The gendertrender SJWs are trying to abolish sex, remember.

Oh, and "niggardly" is a racist word, too.

Sage for rant.

No. 473700


Her older work is less streaky and much more detailed. Now it looks like she's trying to churn it out as fast as possible to get her next fix.

No. 473707

lol I bet it's a lot harder to care about detail when you're nodding off all the time


so the cherub and 'madonna' or whatever smoking is sold yet has been chilling in her room for months now..

No. 473711

File: 1512873994993.png (3.24 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-20-40-06…)

No. 473716

Top right looks like she's jumping out of a pile of poo

No. 473721

Her old work is acrylic paint on canvas iirc, her marker drawings have always kinda sucked.

I love how fucking self centred she is holy shit!!
>Time? Well, that makes me think of myself holding a clock.
>Darkness? I'll draw a shitty picture of me standing in a room then just scribble over it in black! GENIUS

She's literally incapable of thinking about anything other than herself.

No. 473726

I saw a shit pile quite similar on my morning jog today, top kek

she keeps redrawing the same figure/position/face… why doesn't she ever improve

No. 473747

File: 1512881452570.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-09-22-50-10…)

No. 473754

its like she cant stop drawing herself, but in the outfits/hairstyle/tats she wishes she could afford

No. 473755

I wonder how often she cleans her vibrator.. or if she's ever attempted to clean it in the multiple years she's been owning and using it. she's a fucking horror story.

No. 473762

The star blanket of grime now shown as a wall tapestry is testament to this.

No. 473767

File: 1512885538065.jpeg (98.93 KB, 640x295, 9E7EE007-E873-454E-95AB-144A3B…)

No. 473770

I wonder if it was the piss juicebox.

No. 473774

File: 1512888481582.gif (1.5 MB, 500x280, 1512363824170.gif)

That was life telling you to change your goddamn sheets, Tuna.

I hope not cause she didn't change the sheets.

No. 473784

File: 1512890578774.jpeg (2.01 MB, 4032x3024, 87BE8E37-0B45-4B47-BBAB-1912C6…)


Caption: bby I said my piss was plush, lined with gold.


No. 473807

dylan klebold if you squint

No. 473827

Lol anon I've been staring at this grinning for like 5 minutes. I audibly chuckled when i realised the background is the bedding/wall hanging purple horror thing.

No. 473847

Is this a tuna original? Or an anon? Her art is already such a joke I've just never seen her draw lurchs hideous face

No. 473850

Found this fan art on tumblr, I don't think she shared it cuz it actually looks like her gross body

No. 473852

File: 1512925655970.jpg (1.08 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0169.JPG)

Oops dropped pic

No. 473876

File: 1512935136847.jpg (81.83 KB, 551x650, luna1.jpg)

A few fb screenies incoming.

Imagine trading with her. Imagine receiving something that Luna and Lurch had been sitting on and shooting up on and fucking on. Why does she think anyone would want any of her filthy trash?


No. 473877

File: 1512935165037.jpg (13.8 KB, 553x155, luna2.jpg)



No. 473878

File: 1512935245778.jpg (47.09 KB, 553x444, luna3.jpg)

Does she actually know Nicole or is she just trying to be noticed by her? Maybe they'd be good friends, they have a similar aesthetic except Nicole's isn't caked in shite.


No. 473886

Her underwear is probably all too crusty to wear
This is fucking hilarious

She must have been on some crack recently with the 5000 drawings of the same thing and this sort of confidence

No. 473887

File: 1512940284507.png (2.69 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-10-15-10-13…)

No. 473892

Man she could at least make it a little bit more interesting or honest by adding a crack pipe instead of a ciggie

No. 473895

>nipple piercings on top of the shirt

No. 473905

File: 1512946564806.png (2.15 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-10-16-52-40…)

she's spamming insta with "~sad pics~". she posted 5 pics in the span of 1-2 minutes

No. 473907

File: 1512946886751.jpg (1.65 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0170.JPG)

Ready for black out tuna?

No. 473911

this has already been posted in the thread..

No. 473921

Fuck oops I got lost in all those awful drawings

No. 473925

File: 1512948288592.png (3.05 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-10-17-19-55…)

No. 473935

Yea tuna, in no way are your "dissassociative episodes" in anyway related to you love for Ambien.

No. 473938

> If I recall correctly she's in DBT therapy (or doing the worksheets)
she was in a outpatient DBT therapy program and ditched it after 1-2 weeks although free lunch and transport were included.
she's only copying the worksheets to show them off for extra mental illness pity party points

No. 473941

i remember it showed up in one image with thick yellow/brownish crust. it was posted anywhere in the last threads (+5 threads ago). for the sake of sanity, will not link it. look it up.

No. 473943

a screenshot doesnt mean you literally take a photograph of your screen..

No. 473954

Taking a picture of my half naked body and posting it on the internet is literally the last thing I want to do when I have a disassociative episode. I don’t even know if it’s possible to do that.
I don’t understand why she’s pretending all these “uwu mental illnesses~” when she is just a shitty lazy drug addict.

No. 473955

File: 1512952995889.png (3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-10-18-42-01…)

No. 473958

File: 1512953543909.jpg (781.88 KB, 810x2550, no one cares.jpg)

No. 473959

File: 1512953561375.jpg (363.79 KB, 1080x1501, shut up luna.jpg)

No. 473963

File: 1512953697878.jpg (236.88 KB, 1077x1460, felons.jpg)

No. 473964

File: 1512953716871.jpg (1005.66 KB, 1080x1978, fucking gross.jpg)

No. 473965


>look how skinny you got! you’re HOT

No one has ever said this about you, Luna. Ever.

~soooo disordered uwu~

No. 473968

press the power button and the volume down button at same time to take a screenshot on android. It's got to be easier than what you're doing.
I think Luna signs her art, plus this is way too hilarious to be done by her. We dont normally see the signatures nowadays because presumably they're cut off by the instagram preview when anon screenshots with the description.

>her death from something preventable
Fuck off Tuna, if you Grandma wanted to die with dignity at home instead of a hospital that's her choice, cancer is not a preventable death in most cases. Why do you even care? You got the best ride of your life when she died.

The self harm stuff kinda hits the feels tho, but she brings it back with all her ~totes EDNOS bullshit. Throwing up because of drug withdrawal, having terrible diarrhoea because of withdrawal, that's -not- fucking purging. Not eating because you'd rather spend money on drugs is -not- restricting.

No. 473972

samefagging but lol that fucking microwave pizza. Such a serious eating disorder. Inb4 "I just purged up my pizza uwu"

No. 473992

File: 1512956444101.jpg (218.19 KB, 1030x713, Screenshot_20171211-013855.jpg)

I haven't checked in on luna in a couple weeks and I wasn't here from her beginning, so forgive me if this stadium story is already known. She just commented on a post in a group I'm in and my first thought was lolcow

No. 473993

I drew and coloured that in 20 min 00:24. Awful.

No. 473994

this is the infamous cotton eyed joe incident

No. 473998

Also in another post she said she was wrongly diagnosed as bipolar 2 before she was 18 and then corrected to bpd. Has pcos and probably endo. Comments a lot about game boys, her cats vomiting on shoes, being poor and how her fiance wouldn't be alive with out methadone. This is probably all very predictable for you all.

No. 473999

Post a cap

No. 474000

Of which one? They are all on separate posts and subthreads. I didn't want to spam the thread with caps if this info is already well known and documented. Also her fiance has a seizure disorder and broke her iPhone during a seizure, she played viola for about 6 years until she joined a band playing bass.

No. 474003

Please post everything you can find!

No. 474009

Give me 5 mins and I'll get on the laptop to try and piece them all together to not clog up the thread

No. 474018

Kek I told ya’ll her panties must be rock hard by now. Instead of washing them she’s gonna stop wearing them all together the dirty bitch.

No. 474019

She played viola for years and never brags about it? Weird

No. 474026

File: 1512962935565.png (774.82 KB, 989x3283, luna.png)

there is some boring stuff but i included every thing i could find. might see if she is part of any other groups

No. 474028

>holy shit i feel bad asking a single friend for help when i am short on my rent and could lose my apartment and asking for help with groceries if i haven't eaten for more than two days and you want people to help you with something thats not even close to something you need

This bitch.

Thank you anon, these screenshots are a goldmine.

No. 474031

File: 1512963777185.png (268.54 KB, 490x500, luna2.png)

no problemo, lolwcow has kept me entertained many sleepless nights. It's only fair I can give back some how. She seems to post a shit tonne in a public group about Bojack Horseman but it's mostly just about fav characters and shit. a little in a breaking bad and bobs burgers group, tries to advertise commissioned artwork of the shows.

No. 474038

File: 1512965571638.png (2.92 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-10-22-03-02…)

No. 474054

The fuck are all the nasty yellow patches on her skin…?
Am I the only one noticing that?

No. 474055

>Imma let you finish, but I have the absolutely most painful and worst life of all time ~uwu

No. 474057

i was just about to say how fucking annoying it is that she pulls thru on peoples personal rant posts and only manages to talk about herself

No. 474059

Lol that lurch nodded out, dropped her iphone and broke it.
Also, she gets suboxone? Why has she never posted pics of it? She could be shooting that.. I guarantee all those track marks are not from dope.

No. 474092

suboxone is a fucking tab of paper you put on your tongue. sage for random rant but i hate all the people talking about drugs here that don't know shit about anything

No. 474097

Seems like you're the one who doesn't know shit about anything, anon. Junkies will try to shoot up anything they can, if they think it will get them high. Most people shooting up suboxone (and yes, you can convert the strip into an injectable liquid, it's called dissolving it in water) do it to try to "stretch" their doses. Some of them believe it will get them high. On both accounts, it doesn't really work and most of the time they just give themselves severe opiate withdrawal syndrome because of the naloxone present in the suboxone. There's also the danger of getting a really fucked up skin infection.

It's really rich of you to try to call out other anons when you're ignorant yourself.

No. 474100

Luna says she's 5ft 9 which is just 100% false. Unless lurch is 7ft tall

No. 474101

Samefagging but I believe her ex gf was 5ft9 and she towered over Luna. Why the fuck does she lie about EVERYTHING

No. 474102

Thanks for that anon!

Also, lurch is definitely not 35, try 5/6 years older. It was cool when she was a teen to have an older bf but now I guess it's too much obvious that he's just a creep lol

No. 474107

Lol I didn't even notice her lying about Lurch's age, yeah he was born in 1979 so he's 38, he's closer to 40 than he is 35. Lmao totally not self conscious about her shitty relationship.

I wonder if the realisation they're two totally different generations was what set Luna off reminiscing about all her age-appropriate exes not that long ago (before the suicide). I mean he could feasibly be as old as her dad, the age gaps 17 years and 17-yos have children sometimes. Lurch has got to be closer age-wise to Luna's mother and father.

No. 474108

>track marks

I've not been noticing them as much rn. last two selfies with clear arms >>472933 >>473038 her arms didn't fucking terrify me. There's definite scarring from her insane pin-athon from like last month, and I think she might have been injecting sub back then. Last thread her hands looked fucking horrible, if she was injecting something not intended to be injectable, it'd explain why it looked so fucked.

No. 474115

>bought a shirt
>has to lose 90lbs to wear it
>KIDS large

No wonder she has endless piles of clothing in her room. She doesn't shop for her size, she just buys whatever catches her eye whether it's plus sized or made for a damn toddler.

I like how panties were the definite thing to go but bras were an afterthought. Do your fucking laundry, ya nasty fuck!

No. 474116

She keeps saying how poor she was as a kid and how she's poorer now in the same breath she talks about having an iphone 7s.

It's telling how she DOESN'T mention her dad's living area, or her countless Apple products, or how her and her friends back in the day wore vintage clothes and had enough money to buy drugs.

No. 474117

File: 1512993502445.png (9.42 KB, 481x111, Untitled.png)

lol is this one about her artwork? I'm assuming she's talking about selling stuff on facebook marketplace, and her apple products are surely worth more than $120?

No. 474165

Yeah, not to mention her supposed $1mil inheritance from her grandma that her mom blew on drugs. You would think that alone would motivate Luna to be sober buuut I guess it's easier just to go with the flow.

No. 474179

She must be getting suboxone on the street. If she isn't getting it on the streets, and is going to a suboxone doctor, she would be getting free counseling. It's easy to sign up for Medicaid, which provides free behavioral health counseling, which is required for acquisition of suboxone from a doctor.

At the very minimum she could be getting counseling every month. Even if they are just addiction counselors, they can work on dbt with her, ATLEAST utilize worksheets on dbt skills, if not just straight up help her practice dbt.

She is not using her resources like she should. She wants to stay sick like 'uwu poor me waaaaaah I have no access to anything waAAAAH'

Open enrollment ends on December 15th I think. With her (nonexistent) income she could have free Medicaid managed care plan and free counseling AND free suboxone AND free psychiatric services and medications.

I know because I am counselorfag for suboxone clients on Medicaid.

No. 474192

She must be really fucking fat. I'm chubby and I can wear a child's large.

I can't believe she thinks her crayola non-toxic washable marker drawings are worth money.

No. 474193

> It's easy to sign up for Medicaid, which provides free behavioral health counseling, which is required for acquisition of suboxone from a doctor.
Could she have gone to therapy for a few weeks to appease a doctor and get a script for a while? Does it work like that, or do they expect you to be in ongoing therapy? sage for kinda off-topic

No. 474224

File: 1513026814922.jpeg (113.37 KB, 640x335, 5B1D9633-CCBE-445B-B3A0-D26B82…)

notice how she doesn't use a cane though, lol

No. 474267

Actually it was tuna who blew it on drugs, her mom used it to help pay their rent.

No. 474273

i lol at her thinking losing weight is an achievement when it was more than likely her just losing muscle from sitting around for the past few years not being active like she use to.

No. 474391

I want to say it was when she first posted >>474031 (or a similar Bojack piece) in that group and someone commented saying they'd pay $20 for it.

She would never sell her Apple products but if she did, she'd probably list them at full price with grease and grime all over them.

No. 474397

Saying you want a goth gf is just a meme, Luna plz…

No. 474475

File: 1513094099340.png (3.76 MB, 750x1334, 3EC0B41B-74D1-4DF2-A778-B55B7D…)

is her chin even fucking real

No. 474478

I threw up in my mouth a little, anon. I feel like every picture of them needs a spoiler.

No. 474488

She's got a witchy chin, kind of like Kooters, but the real horror is Lurch. Christ he's so unattractive and looks like he's a bad claymation.

No. 474492

Tuna needs to give Lurch some of her chin, damn.

No. 474504

Looks like she’s kissing a damn butthole

No. 474541

He has the face texture of an old man, it looks like Donald Trump’s lip/cheek

No. 474569

Okay these pictures seriously need a spoiler omg they're so gross.

But wtf even is his skin? It looks like he's started melting.

No. 474570

nigga looks like an unbaked bread roll

No. 474595

File: 1513115101268.png (2.66 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-12-15-43-13…)

No. 474598

With a fake ass person wearing it.

No. 474604


No. 474606

File: 1513116685434.jpg (100.55 KB, 1000x1000, casper-james-charles-ghost-whi…)

She is fucking HAUNTING! Why does her face look so stiff?! She's like a James Charles style corpse!

No. 474617

did she died?

am i alone in thinking its super weird how she has done the same exact makeup makeup look every day for forever? years maybe? its not the drugs, ive known lots of junkies and they switch it up, even the low functioning ones use different lipsticks etc, when they bother to put it on. she's an artist, shes vain, she loves the pampering and the girly stuff. she could mooch some up or shoplift a little somethingif its a money issue, like she does with everything else.

the mind baffles

No. 474676

Can you see where her foundation just abruptly stops around her eyes, jfc. Her face looks like a kneecap covered in Bisquick.

No. 474746

Because they’re both doing the same trick of wearing way too much foundation and it turning into a mask. Scary shit.

No. 474772

I'm starting to wonder if Lurch is not pupettering her corpse to avoid reporting her death to the authorities at this point.

That would be an explanation so much more credible than just Luna looking herself in the mirror and deciding her caked on make up is worth a selfie.

No. 474804

okay sorry I know these are older posts but I just wanted to clear stuff up. Tuna is 100% on heroin. you can be fat on any drug. I know tons of fat crackheads even. the way a person looks isn't indicative of anything. plus Tuna isn't even as fat as everyone acts like she is. she did lose a ton of weight if you look at her pre-heroin photos. so calm down honestly. I don't like her at all but come on. another reason I know it's heroin is that she's always begging for money. I used to pull the same shit when I was an addict because the sickness drove me to seek money any way I could. plus heroin is much cheaper than pills and TOTALLY fits her ~aesthetic~.

"no co-pays"… that's not true at all. I have been on Medicaid in NY for YEARS and there's many medications that require co-pays. there's not many and they are very cheap (i.e. $3 co-pay for $2000+ worth of Suboxone).

overdosing does not take hours,I honestly have no fucking clue where you heard this. Opioids, especially in people who are not dependent, can be lethal in less than 10 minutes. they cause the person to be unable to breathe which quickly starts killing brain cells, which can lead to irreversible damage or more likely death within 15 minutes. benzos are nearly impossible to overdose on alone. it's only when they are mixed that they become dangerous.

No. 474825

File: 1513206170565.png (3.2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-13-17-01-27…)

No. 474827

File: 1513206201663.png (2.39 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-13-17-01-32…)

No. 474829

File: 1513206316051.png (2.68 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-13-17-01-38…)

lol okay luna. growing hair is pretty effortless

No. 474834

She had the worst fish eyes. Crazy how she'll post anything. I remember how I found her on reddit on r/trashy someone who went to High school with her posted it with backstory.

Ya’ll are going to kill me. I’m laughing so hard.

No. 474851

ok, but like, she can't really accomplish much else lol

No. 474870

File: 1513215577634.png (2.48 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-13-19-38-01…)

No. 474871

File: 1513215603972.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-13-19-38-11…)

No. 474872

File: 1513215630751.png (2.21 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-13-19-38-16…)

No. 474903

Oh my god that's disgusting, how could she live in that filth??

No. 474906

File: 1513222126149.png (739.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-13-22-24-13…)

she's reblogging her late ex's selfies again

No. 474909

posting how tai committed suicide, classy

No. 474919

File: 1513224874539.jpeg (3.02 MB, 4032x3024, 50FE4DF7-32D0-43BF-9954-5F1519…)

Where were these pictures earlier when I finished this?

I call this fan art: Dissociative Love

No. 474926

holy shit anon this is a masterpiece..

No. 474934

I shouldn't be too impressed tho, im sure she uses it in place of showering and thinks its okay. And no deodorant is gonna cover up that dope-sick-sweat..

No. 474950

this looks like a fucking virgin vs chad meme

No. 474960

i wonder how lurch feels as a 38 yr old man living in what appears to be a 14 yr old girl's bedroom

No. 474980

Looking for the deodorant stick was like one of those I spy books

No. 474991

This is really disrespectful…

No. 475009

>the way you made me feel sexually

is it the heroin that makes her pants-on-head retarded or is she just socially inept by nature? who mentions fucking and dead celebrities while publicly morning an ex?

No. 475016

This is all about Luna. How SHE felt, how great it was for HER. Shes literally incapable of empathy and she's cunty enough to make someone's fucking suicide about herself.

Jesus Luna why don't you just kys if you're soooo sad? Oh right, because its all a fucking lie to get sympathy and donations.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 475071

YES oh my god i was trying to figure out what was making me so mad about this. she doesn't mention tai's accomplishments or even what she liked about tai, it's all about luna posting about how ~totes grunge~ her life is for her followers. it just makes her friend's tragic death seem like an accessory to her. i'm sure luna's genuinely upset by all this but she's handling so poorly.

No. 475078

File: 1513279790358.png (2.8 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-14-13-26-04…)

No. 475108


omfg that poor poor extension cord will never ever be white again. This is the very first time a screen shot has made me wipe down my own tablet, then bleach my hands. I can practically taste the smell emitted from that space. Score some speed and start cleaning, if you're gonna be a druggie at least drug it up productively on occasions.

No. 475118

File: 1513290332305.jpeg (217.8 KB, 640x780, 4B45E40E-B189-4BD0-87F3-0B5CC5…)

No. 475120

File: 1513290347989.jpeg (272.49 KB, 640x899, 984D19BD-CD50-4CE9-BE16-1D9DA5…)

No. 475122

File: 1513290551958.jpeg (73.86 KB, 640x658, 37750C64-4531-4C9A-809B-DD4406…)

No. 475123

fucking gag. i guess it's better than drinking lurch's piss though

No. 475139

i tried to post before lolcow went down but i remember in an older thread she was complaining about being too weak to move something before which is why she never changed up her room. or am i crazy?

No. 475142


Iirc she was begging people to buy her the Harry Potter books because she had them but they fell behind her dresser and she was too weak to move it to retrieve them.

No. 475147

I hope she gets a nasty infection.

Get a job and move if you don't like it Tuna, kek

No. 475188

She didn't even make an excuse she literally was like "I know where they are but I don't want to"

No. 475198

Is that.. a vibrator on her wall???

No. 475213

If you're talking about what looks like a hitatchi wand in some obscure wall mount dont worry, its just a wall mounted lamp without a lampshade. There is an uncanny resemblance though.

No. 475249

Or you could you know…CLEAN YOUR FUCKING HOUSE. God damn. It’s like she never developed object permanence. “If I rearrange things out of view they aren’t there hurrr~” I mean remember those photos of the blood and actual dirt handprints cakes on the walls and doorways. God it makes me skin crawl knowing the amount of vermin up in there.

No. 475254

Lol this is her first dose of reality?

No. 475260

Holy shit everything in this picture looks filthy, there is literally a layer of grime on everything. I would gag if I had to be in that house I can't even imagine what it smells like.

No. 475315


blood on both new pillows (the ones roger never saw) already, nice

No. 475318

speaking of roger, does anyone have any information on him? tuna hasn't spoken about him for weeks now–anyone think he passed? or possibly the government got involved?

No. 475333

> It’s like she never developed object permanence. “If I rearrange things out of view they aren’t there hurrr~”
Lol, you're so right, look at all the things just stuffed under that drawer >>475078

No. 475510

How does she not have a rag or something in her filthy clothes pile to wipe the blood off after she shoots up? Why use the pillows???

No. 475606

It’s disgusting because every time she posts about “cleaning” to get pats on the back for not being filthy all she’s done is just rearranged her garbage rather than toss it out like the fucking hoarder she is.

No. 475609

It's obvious she never actually wipes anything she owns down with a clorox wipe or a paper towel with cleaning solution on it…. its a little sad her definition of cleaning is that warped

No. 475630

File: 1513395900741.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-15-21-43-57…)

No. 475697

this is honestly incredible and it didn't get the attention it deserved for real, anon lmao this shit cracked me the fuck up

No. 475700

I like how the dirty piss filled juice carton is so central to her image of him she included that shot in the painting. That means that’s a regular occurrence for her to have a pissed filled carton on her night stand.

No. 475705

this is a picture an anon drew of tuna

No. 475716

it really is. such a roast, yet an almost sympathetic attention to detail and accuracy. if someone made something like this about my life in my style my ego would implode

No. 475725

Kek I thought the same - if someone drew something like that about me I wouldn't know whether to be flattered or offended. But it does prove Luna puts very little effort into her art, I think anon said their wonderful piece only took them 20 minutes and it's significantly more detailed than a Tuna Original.

No. 475744

does that mean she spends around 15 min per commission? lol sounds about right

No. 475772

That drawing by anon is genius. You capture her rancid space perfectly

No. 475790

Lol do you guys wanna sell fake versions of her art? Let’s up sell them an see if we can charge more.

No. 475807

Nah that's doing the most. Cringy.

No. 475808

File: 1513445603226.jpeg (379.68 KB, 640x883, 2DFBFA00-8F15-46C6-A43D-6129B1…)

No. 475809

File: 1513445693870.jpeg (752.99 KB, 640x989, 42DD002B-2521-404A-8194-9E7575…)

No. 475813

I feel like she wants Tai's followers to flock to her and pester with questions about their death. Then she would feel important and popular again, at least for a short while. Bitch can't wait to spill about Tai's suicide. Disgusts me so much…

No. 475819

She previously said that tai and Chris Cornell died the same way and now she says this? Milk has been spilled.

No. 475820

That horse looks like her

No. 475824


Ugh, tuna should wait for it to dry, the colouring looks so bad because it’s not dry!

No. 475835

i think it is dry, all of her drawings look like this. it looks like she was just using markers that 3rd graders use and the "wet spots" are just spots where she just did more layers. since the entire drawing looks like that, some areas would have dried. i hate her "art" so much. zero depth zero creativity. it's one thing if she's just doodling but clearly she wants to show this shit off. honestly i drew better in elementary school

No. 475903

Luna wishes her art was this good

No. 475970

File: 1513476944312.jpg (1.09 MB, 1722x2571, IMG_0173.JPG)

Does she seriously not realize how vile that blanket has become? And they still use the pillow cases…..I just made myself gag

No. 476024

Has it even been confirmed that Tai died? No obit or anything and everyone on the twitter comm heard about her death from a friend…

No. 476066

holy shit would it fucking kill her to talk about someone’s death without focusing on how SHE feels the entire time? trust tuna to make anything and everything a pity party for herself.

never ever a single comment about wishing her ex’s actual irl friends and family well. nothing at all. just poor poor me.

No. 476071

File: 1513524789940.png (199.34 KB, 1538x231, Untitled.png)

>No obit or anything
I just spent about 20 minutes looking for this obit, just in case we missed anything obvious, you're right. No obit for her, but you can find like her grandparent's obituaries and stuff? So the family take obits out, there just doesn't appear to be one for Tai. Maybe it's just getting lost because of her multiple names, but I couldn't find anything for Talia/Tai/Tyler Trewhella. "Tyler Trewhella" was mentioned in another family members obit in 2013, but that's hardly useful information.

Maybe Tai asked them not to do an obituary? Maybe they thought it was too sad to announce in the paper? Luna made it sound like the family really didn't want this information getting out. I'm not American, but I'm assuming it's not a legal requirement to write an obit, and you only have to inform the state of the death?

BTW the more I look into Tai, the sadder I get. Googling her name brings up some really interesting stuff, compared to Luna… It's crazy to think they were the same age, Tai seemed so much more independent and motivated, she was living life so much more. Tai had issues and was actually trying to overcome them to become a better person, but ultimately didn't make it.

It's a slap in the face to see this shit contrasted with Tuna, where nothing would be lost if she died. She's not trying at all, and all she cares about is money for that next hit.

Sage for bummed out

No. 476108

Tai really passed away, I can confirm it, but I don't have social media to prove it.

No. 476113

i wish those two never broke up, luna would have been a totally different person. i used to look up to her a lot, and seeing what she's become makes me genuinely upset. does anyone know under what circumstances they ended their relationship?

No. 476116

Its all speculation but i disagree. If anything luna wouldve looped tai into her opiate dream life and theyd of grimed along together tragically.

No. 476117

Why did you look up to her? She's never cared about anything beyond cultivating an aesthetic; she's a little less than as shallow as a person can get.

No. 476119


i used to think she was cool with her "style" and "art" and all that shit, bleh. i am ashamed of it now, ngl. at the moment, i just feel sorry for her because she would have been a pretty cool person if only she wasn't so self-centered and willing to ruin her life for aesthetics.

sage fro blogpost~

No. 476120

No. 476123

File: 1513543121578.png (882.78 KB, 1232x614, IMG_4530.PNG)

you enjoyed her heroin chic style? this is from one of the old threads she literally confesses to romanticizing heroin and how addiction "makes art better". it's so fucking evident how she only started using opiates (h, bc it's cheap) for that aesthetic. fuck her so much. she's all like "im a heroin addict!!" but she's actually addicted to that lifestyle, and has become physically dependent on dope.

or do you just like her art style on its own?

if the former, ew. glad you see clearly now. if the latter, cant relate lol

No. 476127

>> 476123

i meant, i thought she was cool way, way back in her hipsville and funeralhome420 days, before her whole life crashed and burned to the point of no return.
dw, i do clearly see who she has become now and in no way i look up to her, eww.

No. 476249

File: 1513571931463.png (3.37 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-37-03…)

No. 476255

lol I like the honesty in this one. guess she got good smack this week

No. 476269

>I do my makeup but get high and stay in bed all day
Haha, her and literally every other irresponsible adult baby getting a free ride from their relatives.

I mean yeah it's 'honest' but she still wants asspats and recognition for it all the same.
She might as well draw a picture of herself on the toilet while browsing fb on her phone. Same edgy bullshit we're all supposed to be shocked by bc it's ~so honest~, but it's actually common and not that deep.

No. 476270

Just watch, this will be her next masterpiece.

No. 476279

Also the only drug paraphernalia in the picture is a bong and pill bottle, implying that's what she's getting high on. A syringe and crack pipe would be more appropriate. She's dishonest, even in her art.

No. 476318

Ikr she wants to be soooo special. Reminds me of the first thread where she posted something on tumblr about how most of ppl on the internet must be falsely diagnosed but she was totally correctly diagnosed at 17 with bpd because bpd is suuuuch a rare illness!!! there cant be this many people on the internet with bpd! it's not like it affects millions of people!

personality disorders rarely get diagnosed under 18 ffs when i was 17 i was still moody and hormonal. does anyone know if she was legit diagnosed by a psychiatrist? i wonder what would happen if she went and got re-assessed. shes wasting her time obsessed over this label when in fact, many bpd symptoms can actually be caused by drug abuse and im pretty sure she hasnt been sober in a while. this was probably mentioned like a billion times sry. but her ridiculous attachment to her "mental illnesses" is so annoying. feeling like you lack an identity is normal w many mental illnesses but holy shit she really has nothing in her life. even how she practicaly admitted her art is only "good" bc of heroin addiction

No. 476319

>when was Tuna diagnosed
In the Facebook screenshot dump anon posted in this thread, she says she was initially misdiagnosed as bipolar when she was a teenager, and it took a couple years to get the right diagnosis.

No. 476332

For any newfags that are wondering why we care about this cow at all, here is the old milk that sealed her fate on all of the judgements we cast on her.


It's absolute Gold. And as it seems she is still using, her life probably looks exactly like this currently.

No. 476337

i thought the same damn thing.

No. 476359

Took a couple years to get the "right" diagnosis? Wtf? Was she like jumping from psychiatrist to psychiatrist until one of them finally gave her a BPD diagnosis? I bet all my money that she self-diagnosed BPD in her teens and then was really upset when psychiatrists gave her "wrong" diagnoses

No. 476370

Anon, it's super common for someone to be misdiagnosed as bipolar instead of BPD. Bipolar symptoms are very similar to BPD and you have to show those symptoms consistently over a period of time to be labeled as BPD over bipolar. It's also common to have both. Tuna is bad enough without people ignorantly speculating about shit they have no knowledge of.

The crazy thing about it is the Tuna we see online is the best version of Tuna meaning in real life I can guarantee you that she is a basket case like all the other BPD sufferers I know. Massive and frequently violent meltdowns, compulsive lying, ridiculous accusations towards anyone and everyone, and her constant love postings of Lurch means that she's probably a complete bitch to him too. The only time she's likely to be stable is when she's high as a kite which fuels her addiction.

No. 476371


Psychfag here. I will RARELY give my client a personality disorder diagnosis. With medical records digital and able to pull up, unless I am absolutely 100% certain that unless I put a personality disorder on a diagnosis (and am certain that the diagnosis is the most likely explanation), I will not put it down.

Reason being: insurance providers are iffy about covering treatment for a personality disorder as it is more permanent than say, a depressive episode. Secondly, as previously mentioned, medical (including psych) records are digitized and easily accessible by other medical providers. I don't want a doctor to look at someone like a nut case because an individual is more than their diagnosis. Personality disorders carry a lot of stigma. You don't want a client to be wearing the label of a personality disorder; that isn't cool.

Also yeah..personality disorders don't get diagnosed until after 18.

No. 476385

bipolar symptoms are in no way similar to bpd. two completely different illnesses. the only similarity may be the mood swings however bpd mood swings can last a couple mins or hours, not the case with bipolar. bpds don't experience mania or hypomania. also no well-respected psychiatrist will even diagnose a young teen with bpd. don't tell ppl they have no knowledge of mental illnesses when you're literally gonna go ahead and say that bipolar symptoms are "very similar" to bpd symptoms. ffs this happens so much on here, anons are like "uh actually dont talk about drugs like you know shit, you cant iv suboxone!!" (you can).

also, luna says she does has both bipolar and bpd, see her only junkie bitch tumblr. so she wasn't wrongly diagnosed

No. 476395

File: 1513633229336.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-15-39-00…)

wow, she went out with ppl

No. 476397

File: 1513633315253.png (2.91 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-15-39-10…)

No. 476399

File: 1513633372849.png (3.49 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-15-39-05…)

and it looks like they bought her shoes

No. 476401

File: 1513633511951.jpeg (354.68 KB, 640x912, 1C427252-DDF3-494C-A5CB-239D9D…)

No. 476402

File: 1513633551164.jpeg (404.17 KB, 640x906, 351AC550-2B67-418F-9E29-0D838D…)

No. 476403

File: 1513633604287.jpeg (441.44 KB, 640x913, 182C2F57-4560-4488-BFCE-9D36B1…)

No. 476404

File: 1513633651335.jpeg (336.46 KB, 640x816, 1A12F001-2E1E-4C0A-927A-C3484A…)

No. 476405

Her feet are so large

No. 476406

It's also super common to get misdiagnosed with bpd. Due to the variety of her drug addiction issues I would even diagnose her with anything besides that unless it's super obvious it would stay without that or started beforehand (which also is difficult to say because she started kinda early). All of her ~mood swings~ and random ~im dissociating so hard u guise~ and ~look at me tripping~ is not a sign of mental illness but if constant substance abuse.

No. 476407

Ok but she's never worked for the capitalist system

No. 476408

File: 1513633987470.jpg (158.44 KB, 572x546, QQ3PDO5.jpg)

lmao oh wow Tuna

No. 476411

i dont think any of us can sit here and say if she does or doesnt have an illness but this is correct in a general sense, many psychs want their patients to sober up before diagnosing with bpd as many bpd symptoms can be symptoms of drug abuse. idk why she got diagnosed at the young age of 17

oh my goddddd. her excuse for never having a job

No. 476413

>I would even diagnose
Obviously I meant to say I wouldn't even
damn you autocorrect

No. 476414

Omfg I laughed so loud I woke my bf up top fucking kek

No. 476416

File: 1513635692128.png (16.27 KB, 376x140, IMG_4546.PNG)


go ahead and post pics of you shooting up with your real name and face but THIS? How stupid can you be??! bruh!! it's like the dumb ass guys who self promo on twitter on their real accounts. I just… can't. How can you be this stupid. How.

No. 476418

jesus fucking christ, she is a living anti-drug psa. every aspect of her life so gross.

No. 476428

> idk why she got diagnosed at the young age of 17
I don't know where you're getting this info, but pic related. She says she got diagnosed at 18, excerpt from >>474026 ty again facebook anon.

No. 476429

File: 1513637562085.png (36.44 KB, 477x508, a.png)

fuck dropped pic

No. 476430

lol Luna was hilariously dumb when she was 18-20. This past year hasn't been very milky at all in comparison. She told people absolutely fucking EVERYTHING, gross details and all. She blatantly started selling too because she started making money around that time, but then I guess all her friends got off heroin and she lost all her customers…

No. 476440

in first or second thread she wrote 17 on tumblr. im driving so i cant look for it now i 100% remember seeing this, but it may have been a typo or a lie idek. it's the only age i've seen her say she was diagnosed at, never saw that fb post.

whether it's 17 or 18 it's still on the young side especially if she was using at that time.

No. 476445

File: 1513639057274.png (457.15 KB, 371x879, Capture _2017-12-18-17-16-51.p…)

Tuna "loves her" yet has never even mentioned her before. Okay then.
Or maybe this is the "my cool friend gave me this cool ~*~overdose prevention~*~ pin uwu" chick.
Wonder how they met.. Check this chicks hoodie.

No. 476448

File: 1513639200766.png (3.6 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-17-18-41…)

No. 476450

Get off your fucking phone while you're driving, anon.

No. 476471

hahaha wrote that right before i left so i technically was about to start driving but thnx anon

No. 476513

File: 1513648782343.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-19-58-49…)

No. 476516

Then why are your lips so crusty? You're the definition of dehydrated.

No. 476564

Omfg I can't believe she posted that it's disgusting

No. 476591

File: 1513665731241.jpg (41.57 KB, 500x647, b976f8322e72526f6fe3cd16e2b2d5…)

i really hate how she explains the drawing on the drawing like just in case you didnt knows shes a poor (edgy) damaged girl this pic is about medication!

No. 476743

File: 1513715471768.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-14-30-10…)

No. 476744

File: 1513715520949.png (3.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-14-30-16…)

No. 476745

File: 1513715616948.png (4.09 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-14-30-21…)

No. 476746

File: 1513715669566.png (3.11 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-14-30-26…)

No. 476747

File: 1513715703220.png (2.99 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-14-30-41…)

No. 476753

Way too big? You mean it actually fits?

No. 476767

shes desperate to be some poor frail anorexic but cant help eating junk constantly

No. 476785

lol the pigeon-toed stance and the kawaii hand-over-face shit gets me every time. She looks ridiculous, you can't be kawaii and a dirty heroin addict at the same time

No. 476797

shes cool and troubled anon oh and trying to hide her fat thighs

No. 476803


>skirt and sweater covered in unidentified grey stains

>greasy everything
>probably hasn't had a decent wash since she visited her father last

I can't imagine how stomach-churning they both smell, imagine the stench

No. 476849

Im pretty sure she contradicted herself in the facebook screenshot dump and said she had both borderline and bipolar plus some thing else in another post

No. 476850

Samefag. I can't find it.

No. 476863

File: 1513743349861.jpg (470.25 KB, 1239x2224, IMG_0178.JPG)

She's being edgy on tumblr lol I wish she would just go back to ridiculous drug blogging

No. 476864

god that sheet is so disgustingly soiled

No. 476878

File: 1513746978302.jpeg (421.4 KB, 640x879, 5F919FBC-F6C0-446E-8FD4-CC7B9C…)

No. 476879

File: 1513746992593.jpeg (390.18 KB, 640x843, 18CF4358-02FF-4F0A-89C4-D0DC6F…)

No. 476881


oh wooow it took me way too long to realize this wasn't her stomach. it even has hairs on it. ew ew ew

No. 476882

I thought the same thing lmao. But damn that’s a grotesque blanket wtf

No. 476908

this is funny because luna definitely fits the description.

you dont need to be defined by your disorder, but people like luna are dumb enough to force themselves into the box and then cry about it

No. 476951

yeah i saw this and was talking about it a few days ago. she claims she was wrongly diagnosed but now she has bipolar?

she probably does realize it, thats why she's feeling sooo bad kek. i'm sure she hates herself and knows how terrible she really is. that's not to say that she can't work on herself and change, lots of people with cluster b pds can. she just doesn't want to

like theres bound to be someone who hates a group of ppl, especially since bpds are all stigmatized to be very low functioning and abusive. the stigma around npd and aspd is a lot fucking worse lol. people have bad experiences with another person in a group and they stereotype everyone as that person. it sucks but it's human nature to unconciously cast judgments like that. just move on. stop reading that stuff. go on bpd support forums not fucking facebook ffs

No. 476952


But she hated his music?? She doesn’t have a reason to miss him, shut the fuck up tuna, you’re interested in him only because he overdosed. JFC, I hate her.

No. 476960

I can’t believe she’s contemplating selling drugs now. This might be a step towards the actual end. Idk I don’t think she’s smart enough to sell drugs in a efficient way plos i feel like shed use up her own stash. If anything this just proves she’s lazy or lying about her cotton eyed joe knee because selling drugs still involves some form of moving especially since she doesn’t have a car. God in her mind she probably thinks she’s Walter White.

No. 476961

I'm just wondering when her addiction gets bad enough that she'll start hooking.

No. 476969

wasnt that post old?

No. 476971

That post is from several years ago read the thread

No. 476972

That would involve actual work though and she would NEVER

No. 476985

She's stupid enough to advertise her intent to sell on the internet!! Who the fuck does that? Blew my mind completely. She thinks her life now is soo bad, but good luck in prison. How care you be so dumb to write that??!

not that anon but this says 5 months ago >>476416 is the date wrong?

No. 476988

It says 5 months old because it was grabbed off an archived version of her old drug blog, the archive is years old and that post was made 5 months before someone archived it. Its from like 2015 probably

No. 477008

Archive is from September 2016

No. 477042

>September 2016
oh wow it feels like she's been keeping her drug related grossness to herself for a LOT longer, I'm really surprised she was still drug blogging that late in 2016. Sage for terrible concept of time, I miss when she used to tell us everything. The first 3 threads are fucking magical.

No. 477045

Yeah, now she's pretty (very) boring. We don't even get real milk anymore.
Same thing, all the time.

No. 477082

kinda depressing to think she'll just be a junkie um i guess forever now, dootin around new york in her slippers, thinking lurch is hot…the next biggest "thing" to happen will prolly be when lurchs dad dies (ive completely forgotten his name) and they lose all the money he brings in

No. 477113

Dootin around, lol anon

No. 477135

With fentanyl being a thing maybe not.

No. 477191

How has she not od'd on fentanyl yet?

She obvi gets her shit from sketchy dealers on the street (ie. dope and hand-pressed pills, not pharmaceutically pressed opiates and medical grade morphine injections) probably has no idea fentanyl test kits even exist, and is extremely unsafe with dosing (taking a shot impulsively whenever she feels bad)

How is she alive?

No. 477195

Luck of the junkie, they can live forever or be dead at a moments notice.

No. 477198

File: 1513871975156.jpeg (80.73 KB, 749x1193, ED48319F-44ED-467E-9529-91CD6E…)

is my
phone just being weird or is anyone else also seeing this

No. 477199

oh shit, i think she deleted her insta? can anyone else confirm? i checked on my laptop and my phone and it doesnt show up at all

No. 477200

looks like you've been blocked

No. 477201

oh my god, lmao. ive never been blocked on instagram and i had no idea it looked like that :O oh well, no more info from me :(

No. 477202

She DID OD, Lurch had to revive her.

No. 477204

pretty sure she od'd on dope, she did too much. not fent.

at least she carries naloxone tho

No. 477222

being in the Northeast it probably was a heroin and fentanyl mix. you pretty much can't get straight heroin the past few years unless you have a good dealer who's honest with you, which is rare lol. it's really not THAT hard to not overdose, especially if you have a huge tolerance. I really don't think Tuna's is too high. I would be shocked if she did more than 5 bags a day. I don't see how her and Lurch could afford more than a bundle (10 bags) a day.

No. 477223

I don't think she does tbh

No. 477224


But the posts are at least 8, 9 months before the archive was created. When were the screencaps taken?

In some of the others she talks about Valentine's Day and other holidays. I read quite a few, but I would have to go back and find those posts again to calculate.

No. 477230

I'm in canada and they can do a tox screen when you od (not die) to see what substances you had in you, did they not do that with luna?

If they found fent, she wouldve said something about it. yeah ik it's not thaaat hard not to od if you dose safe, but luna is impulsive and she'll probably get into a fight with lurch and do a big shot out of anger. if she's been getting fent + h this whole time i'm just shocked she's only od'd once, there's no fent hotspots.

Really? What the fuck… why. Why is she so stupid. Does lurch carry it? bc that's what assumed other anon meany by he revived her

I don't understand why she wouldn't carry it herself, that's so stupid! If it's bc it's expensive (it's free where I live), she could just like… taper down on the dope for a few days to afford it

No. 477237

>I'm in canada and they can do a tox screen when you od (not die) to see what substances you had in you, did they not do that with luna?
I don't think she went to the hospital. It sounded like Lurch revived her and then started freaking out, so they both just laid in their den freaking out together and crying about how tragic life is. She made no mention of an ambulance or EMTs or anything, even though someone suggested that she go to hospital (in the drug group she posted in). She made it sound like it was solely Lurch who ~SAVED HER LIFE~ but I could be wrong, this was a few months ago now.

No. 477238


Or heroin with too many benzos. That is a very common recipe for an OD.

No. 477254

I'm currently trying to find the thread when this occurred

In Canada we have this law where if you call an ambulance for an OD, no one on the scene including the victim can get charged for drug possession. do they not have that law in the states?

so, Lurch narcan'd her, and then… didn't take her to the hospital/insist that she goes? what kind of boyfriend is this LOL. sorry for talking about old milk, I just discovered tuna a few months ago

No. 477268

it's not in every state but it's been a law in NY for years (I'm from NY). if you call 911 for an overdose they are not allowed to search you or prosecute for drug use or anything else.

No. 477272

File: 1513888806365.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-14-33-02…)

No. 477273

File: 1513888841423.png (2.63 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-14-33-09…)

No. 477274

File: 1513888881285.png (3.57 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-14-33-15…)

No. 477280

File: 1513889096055.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-14-33-22…)

No. 477281

File: 1513889163828.png (2.99 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-14-33-33…)

No. 477282

File: 1513889198783.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-14-33-40…)

No. 477289


After it fell in the dirt, yeah.

No. 477302


Those roots tho.

No. 477319

she reaallllyy needs a haircut, I swear her hair is puffing out like that because of split ends? Her hair always looks greasy or like fucking hay, it's crazy.

Also I spy injection-spot-blood on her shirt, gross.

No. 477326

She has the worst fat distribution. It's like all the weight just droops downwards into her lower body.

No. 477338

it will take some time for her to actually starve with that fat stash

No. 477347

yea yr hair always fluffs when it has split ends

No. 477368

yeah which would honestly look good if she started working out and weight lifting, she'd become one of those hot pear shaped fit girls but no

it might just be dry and damaged, my hair does the same thing after i dye it and then try to brush it, no moisture. i see the split ends at the bottom but everything else just looks dry

No. 477371

File: 1513906872404.png (3.03 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-19-39-09…)

No. 477375

Combination of cheap products, home haircuts, heat damage, and boxed dye she stole from CVS.

Nah I can’t find the post but she was raving on Facebook about getting free/cheap test kits from a pharmacy. Something along the lines of “you guys can tests for fent blah blah be safe my drug using friends uwu”

No. 477396

This looks like Lurch in a wig.

No. 477397

File: 1513913367622.png (274.86 KB, 1080x1583, 20171222_032954.png)


No. 477398

File: 1513913391944.png (103.22 KB, 1080x598, 20171222_032900.png)


No. 477399

File: 1513913425434.png (99.93 KB, 1080x575, 20171222_032841.png)


No. 477400

File: 1513913481146.png (136.51 KB, 1080x804, 20171222_032754.png)


No. 477401

Personally, I found her to have a good head of hair. Even though it's dyed, it gives off a low maintenance, grunge vibe yet appears soft, silken and fluffy. Her hair is like a lion's mane. It has volume yet she doesn't even have to put in effort to achieve it.
I find her hair admirable. It's the type of hair you can just wake up and simply brush once, perhaps not even once, and it still looks free flowing, soft and feminine. It's not particularly frizzy either.
Big hair like this is better than thin, limp and lifeless hair.
Her best hair was the silvery grey, ashy tones she dyed. It was different and suited her.
Wish I had hair like that.

No. 477402

File: 1513913734660.jpg (467.7 KB, 1036x1034, Screenshot_20171222-033529.jpg)

5/5 full version on the post she commented about a guy being lazy and his gf should leave him.thats rich

No. 477404

File: 1513915296256.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, B948F98D-8E58-4E27-BEA4-8CAA12…)

This bitch is 21? And looks like she’s hitting 50?

No. 477405

You might what to rethink your life goals and what you aspire to have. Yikes.

No. 477406

The dirty mirror makes her look even worse

No. 477413

File: 1513916849458.jpeg (535.3 KB, 634x912, C0077FBE-61D1-41F5-BC1B-986214…)

No. 477414

File: 1513916862875.jpeg (354.1 KB, 640x902, 613E21BD-5070-41C7-9BB6-821747…)

No. 477415

File: 1513916897740.jpeg (391.96 KB, 640x907, BD943F09-4A00-4855-B286-0CEEB7…)

No. 477417

There's a mouse running around her apartment and she doesn't give a shit.. Damn, how has this bitch not got some horrible medieval disease? You know that she doesn't give a shit about the other vermin and pests in there too, I wonder how bad all the creepy crawlies in her place are.

No. 477429

Nope. I stand by what I said. She does have a good head of hair; thick and plentiful.
Thanks for the attempt at coaching my life and trying to encourage me to rethink my perspective, but it wasn't necessary.
To each their own.

No. 477440

sage your shit next time anon.

She has thick-ish hair, but it's not well kept. The only way I can see someone envying Luna's hair is if they're really unfortunate and have KiKi-tier thinning. A lot of people have thick hair, it's not that uncommon. I mean if she looked after it, it'd be nice. But it's somehow simultaneously dry as fuck from her home bleach jobs, and greasy from her lack of regular bathing. Combined the fact it's not been cut in over 3 years, it's not something I'd envy. Even people with long hair normally get the tips dealt with, the lions mane look is because her hair is tangling so easily and she's not brushing it. She's mentioned how it's taken days to untangle knots from her hair, it's not as soft and cloud-like as it looks, its matted and unkempt. I dunno about you, but to me this looks disgusting in most pics in this thread
>>469060 - this one you can literally see her fringe stuck together in strands with grease ew
Her hair looks slightly better in the current photos because it's been cleaned within the last 24 hours, but it's still not great.

For how proud she is about her hair (she regularly brags about how it's "grown" like wtf) it's not even that nice, and it was clearly healthier when she was younger. Plus her current pink dye job is fucking terrible and patchy, you can see blonde bits in her fringe. /nitpick

No. 477444

It's easy:
Stop washing your hair, bleach the shit out of it, never get your split ends cut and don't brush it and you too can have her "lion mane"
Seriously though, her hair is horribly damaged and dry. Get a grip girl

No. 477451


Bloodstains on her sleeve, guess she's really still shooting up

No. 477489

Lmao. Its hilarious to see this cow giving advice.

No. 477496

File: 1513943327577.png (49.2 KB, 715x219, derp.png)

She says dying her hair was a "total impulse", nah she ordered the dye which means she'd planned on it for a while. I guess ~*~total impulse~*~ just sounds more edgy and aesthetic.

And its disgusting that she named a vermin that's running around her house and thinks its cute.

No. 477518

Why is she like this?? Who knows what some random filthy mouse could be carrying?

No. 477525

I had the same thought anon. How fucking ironic is it to see Luna telling a girl to leave her abusive boyfriend? People have been telling her to L E A V E L U R C H for ages now lmao

No. 477529

>obviously with hella white conditioner.
Lmao that's why her dye looks so bad. There's this thing on the internet about turning neon hair dye into pastel colours if you mix it with conditioner. It doesn't really work and just leaves it looking faded and patchy.

Just fucking buy pastel hair dye, instead of shit that's not suitable. Or just fucking wait, neon colours fade out to pastel anyway.

Fucking cheapskate clearly didn't want to buy enough to cover all her ~fantastic and long hair~ so she bought 1 pot and diluted it - it doesn't look like any was applied to her roots at all. I know lightened hair takes colours better, but her roots are light enough that SOME colour should have stuck. Also means that her hair was sat coated in conditioner for at least 15 minutes while she was dying it, and it STILL looks that dry.

No. 477559

Manic Panic makes hair “pastelizer” or whatever to mix dye to get hat same look. Idk it kinda looks like the parts of her hair that are so fried soaked up more of the bleach than the others parts. It’s so patchy and dirty.

No. 477560

I don’t even look at her hair and see volume or thickness. It looks matted at the roots and has that appearances of back combing or teasing from the 2000s.

It would be nice if she took care of it, but you’re right in person she’s probably a bigger mess. I mean she said when she ran into her mother she had to let her brush the tabgled dreaded bits out of her hair for her.

No. 477601

I shudder to know what your hair looks like if you think Luna has good hair. yikes girl

No. 477615

But you cant get fent test kits from a pharmacy, you have to get them online. or if you're lucky, a smoke shop. You sure she said a pharmacy? If she's using test kits she's smarter than I thought tbh

compared to very flat, volumeless, thin hair, her hair does have volume. i'm talking about that super thin lifeless grandma hair that anorexics get, which is probably what that other anon who loves her hair has

No. 477630

she would never spend the money on a test kit. and even if she got one for free and the test was positive, she would still fucking do it because she's broke as fuck and not gonna waste it. to think Tuna would through away fentanyl contaminated bags is fucking dumb. she probably enjoys it anyway, it's risky and gets you super high.

No. 477632

Despite Lurch being a complete creepy loser who attempts to cheat on her, I do get the impression that he's at least not a complete shit bag to Tuna. He's definitely not a good boyfriend who cares about her health and probably doesn't even care to buy her a Christmas gift but he's probably not cruel to her. Given how unstable Tuna is and all the suicidal meltdowns she has, she's more likely to be the abusive one.

She used to write poems about being a "good girl" and not ruining everything and I get the strong impression she wrote them after being a complete overly dramatic nut job. I've known some people like her and their over the top social media posting about loving their SO always came as a way to smooth things over after treating them like crap. It's all for show.

No. 477650

File: 1513990176199.jpeg (349.15 KB, 640x917, 6AC0880E-4857-463B-891E-F9F73E…)

No. 477651

File: 1513990364293.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-22-18-50-03…)

No. 477652

File: 1513990470285.png (2.94 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-22-18-50-08…)

No. 477654

Damn she looks so haggard in this. Look at all the acne around her jaw and her wrecked lips. No amount of hairdye can cover up that junkie look, Luna.

No. 477655

Omfg hahahaha. That shit is SO patchy! Why would you take this photo holy shit lol! It's not even "pastel" in this pic, the top looks neon pink and her "bun" is like 10 shades lighter than the rest of it, bordering on still blonde.

No. 477656

samefagging but I've just noticed all the brown dots on the wall… Is that mould?! I really hope it's just glue residue from all the bullshit they put on the walls… I feel bad enough about Roger without thinking about his already frail body having to deal with respiratory shit because these dipshits never clean anything and there are mould spores in the air.

No. 477676

Thumbtack holes maybe?

No. 477684

i honestly am astonished she posted this like what???? this is a horrible meme about bpd people that makes them look horrible and isn't true? like what? i can't believe that page posted it either? this bitch is so crazy i wonder if she even knows what a 'healthy mix of internalized misogyny' is while i'm at it like what? she loves to throw buzz words around like i guarantee you if she saw that a group called christians for trump posted this, she'd be like THIS IS SO ABLEIST AND HATEFUL!!1!

No. 477685

hell yeah that shit will be blonde in one wash? the fuck? then she'll bitch about how she needs MORE

No. 477692

Damn I don’t feel like going through all of the old threads to look rn, but I if I’m remembering correctly it was around the time she first ODed and got that stupid medical first responder pin she put if her beanie and the naloxone from some friend she claimed was an EMT. I’m probably wrong and someone an correct me, but moral of the story like someone else sai it doesn’t matter because she wouldn’t test anyway.

I’ll try to look for it. It was around the time she made a bunch of cringey psa’s for her “drug using friends” on Facebook.

No. 477709

>typing like a tumblr
>moaning about bpd snowflake memes

come on? like what???

the bra lines look weird, is she piling on two bras at once or something?

No. 477716

i mean cool if you don't like how i type but it's true? too busy moaning to understand the point of her further picking and choosing what to be upset about when it comes to shit that is truly rude in regards to mental health, especially her specific disorder, and esp since she's the authority on calling people out, and all lmao. also you must not have ever had a serious relationship of any kind with anyone with bpd.

No. 477717

It's good advice though.

No. 477718

Yeah, I think that's what happened. Olaplex would really help her.

No. 477720

I'm guessing thumbtack holes like the other anon said, or dust bunnies.

No. 477759

sage your shit and stop derailing

No. 477799

I must be an exception because my hair isn't as you describe. Why does everyone here think people must have insanely bad hair who simply find some redeemable quality in Luna's hair? It has potential to be really nice, and there's much worse than this. Considering she doesn't put effort into it other than dying it (doesn't brush it) it's pretty good for the lack of care.
She shouldn't have done this recent dye though, her hair is better blonde or silver grey. This pink, it's not great.

btw, i've seen fats with hair equally as bad as You describe, even worse. It's not exclusive to anorexics kek

No. 477800

ffs luna you talk like safe sex and drug harm reduction are even in the same ballpark. one is totally normal and even needed to continue the human race. the other is ILLEGAL, DEATHLY, AND TURNS YOU INTO A CRAPBAG

No. 477801

So rich coming from luna.
>man doesn't wanna pick up shopping
>probably works fulltime
>stable married relationship


No. 477802


I honestly don't hate lunas hair, and it fits the vibe shes going for, but its full of split ends and its super dry and poorly coloured/patchy. Its not healthy, but it suits her, because neither is she.

No. 477803

Lol like she can afford olapex. Next thing you know she’s going to be begging people for deep conditioner on Facebook because she won’t get a job.

No. 477805

Lmao. It’s not healthy and neither is she. Oh man thanks for that line that’s hilarious.

I think that’s why people think it’s crazy envy it just because it has the “potential to be nice”. Everyone has the potential to have nice hair so that makes no sense to me. To me personally her hair is fried, dry, frizzy, tangles and looks very dirty from the fact that she doesn’t shower. There are thousands of girls on Instagram and YouTube who have the grunge pastel hair that looks way better.
Even if you google for pastel hair no ones hair looks like hers because her’s is wack half ass attempt at achieving that.

No. 477819

Calm down anachan, severe anorexics usually have very thin hair, nothing was said about whether fat people do or dont.

god I hate her heroin chic style, so gross

No. 477833

How long have you read these threads? I agree she's probably abusive in ways herself and an unreliable narrator, but Matthew does seem to be a dick to her in general. She wrote a lot about it in her secret blogs back in the day. It's not a real relationship, just two codepdent junkies - I'm sure they're both as nasty to each other.

No. 477838

I'm not anon you're replying to, but imo its somewhere in the middle. The unreliable narrator thing could mean she exaggerates Lurch's 'abusive' actions. The only blog post i remember off the top of my head about Lurch was: her crying because he'd shouted at her for knocking over a drink and leaving it, he screamed THIS IS HOW YOU GET MOULD. That could have been a 2 second exchange she turned into a big thing in her head. He could just be snippy with her sometimes because dopesick, that's hardly abuse.

Lurch is a scumbag who'd definitely cheat on Luna, but seeing as he's giving her free accommodation, not pimping her out, not hurting her, he's doing better than a lot of heroin addicted junkie boyfriends lol. They are codependent as fuck and shouldn't be together, but I don't think lurch is intentionally abusive. I think he's just some strung out horn dog who found himself with a Tuna attached to his side.

No. 477839

Junkies are always abusive, anon. I think that Luna's abusive too but there's no way that a heroin addicted man in his 40s dating a girl half his age isn't abusive to her.

No. 477843

>Junkies are always abusive
I suppose you're right, they probably both treat each other like shit when they're sober and irritable. I still think Luna exaggerates for pity points (/her BPD at play) but I can see them both being abusive.

>man in his 40s dating a girl half his age

I wonder what they even talk about? Is their ONLY bond drugs? I don't see Lurch being into art or makeup. Its depressing to think without the dope, they have nothing in common. I guess they both have a passing interest in baseball…

No. 477846

She just latched on a decided to like all the things he does aka Alice in Chans and baseball. She changed completely when she met him obv

No. 477887

Anyone else think its odd that she isn't spamming her accounts with posts about ~*~its Christmas im so sad I always get (dope)sick on holidays poor me uwuuwu~*~ and her Christmas list?
Maybe she's too high and forgot Christmas is in a few days…

No. 477896

She must have forgotten I'm sure

Maybe she'll go see evil dad tomorrow…

No. 477899

>Junkies are always abusive

that's not true

No. 477900

Sorry I burst your bubble, but they are. A person who is addicted to hard drugs will always be abusive because drugs, to them, matter more than any other person. They will lie, cheat and steal to get high. A person who is addicted to heroin cannot be in a functional and healthy relationship. They will be emotionally and often physically abusive.

If you think I’m talking out of my ass, I’m not. I was with a junkie for two years— it was in the second year that he became addicted to heroin. He stole from me and my family. He hit me. He cheated on me with a person who was willing to do drugs with him. When I left him, he crashed my car high as a kite.

I’ve talked to my therapist about this. This is what she told me. Addicts are not capable of healthy relationships. You shouldn’t be defending them.

Sorry for getting OT. It bugs me when people defend junkies.

No. 477903

Honestly I’ve wondered that for a long time. Idk because on one hand if lurch was abusive she’d tell it to get pitty and money, but on the other hand that’s all she has and she might need keep up the lie that he’s amazing and saved her life so she doesn’t have to face he fact that she’s stagnating in life.
Then it’s also like he’s was way older than her when they met so by the age dynamic he was already abusive. I’ve always wondered what did she see in him before she started doing drugs I mean.. Wtf does a 20 something have in common with a man nearing his forties unless he’s childish himself.

I never really considered the idea that all junkies are purposesly abusive to others, but I mean the position their addiction puts them in makes it inevitable to happen at some point. I mean I guess if you’re a person with addiction with no real attachments to people and a steady supply of money or means to get your drug then I guess you could be a junkie that’s non abusive. I don’t think there are any absolutes with people though in situations like addiction so I can’t put them all in one box. Not defending the horrible actions of many people with addictions but everyone isn’t the same.

No. 477913

One of my exs was dealing with heroin addiction when we dated and I had no idea. He hid it well. He never stole because he had a very lucrative freelance gig as a developer and he was never abusive to me. I agree that lying and stealing constitutes as abuse but addiction isn't so clear cut that every addict is abusive just because they use. Functional addicts exist and if you have to steal because you can't hold down a job, you're way past functional.

I also don't think that Lurch is anything more than occasionally emotionally abusive at worst. We'd never hear the end of it if he was hitting or pimping Luna. Luna has blogged before if he so much as raised his voice at her for things she deserved.

No. 477931

they're co-dependent at this point tho.

No. 477938

love it when people have experience with one person with a certain illness or addiction and then they go "All narcissists/sociopaths/bpds/men/junkies are abusive!" to rationalize their own abuse.

people forget that functional addiction is a thing, many addicts hold good jobs and hide their addictions from everyone and don't go running around all fucked up and low functioning like luna. many addicts will never reach such a low point like her, many addicts hide it very well from others. people are different situations are different, no not all junkies are abusive that makes no sense at all. you shouldve said more prone to abuse, more prone to lying and cheating and blah blah

No. 477942

keep defending the scum of the earth friendo

No. 477945

Let's all pretend that Lurch and Luna are functional addicts.

No. 477946

Of course, every functional addict pees into a juice cartoon

No. 477955

nayrt, but can't you read? they specifically said "don't go running around all fucked up and low functioning like luna". i know functional crack addicts and heroin addicts, not saying i allow their lifestyle but they work jobs and have actual lives instead of just asking for money on the internet like tuna.

No. 477956

Sage for being OT and for who the fuck cares but
Your ex sounds exactly like mine. He also crashed my car while he was high af.
And then he kicked me out of his house because I had nothing left too offer him because he helped me lose my job/income just a few weeks earlier.

No. 477958

Has anyone else noticed that she always goes unusually quiet around Christmas?

No. 477961

I feel like we have the “functional junkies exist too!” Argument every few weeks on this thread. Can’t we just agree that some junkies are trash and will sell their kids for a bag and other junkies some how manage to hold down a job and fool their loved ones while slowly killing themselves.

No. 477962

This thread is about Luna, not high functioning addicts. Who cares that some random people can manage being drug addicts? Its got nothing to do with the topic. We're talking about Lurch and Luna's shitty abusive, codependent relationship.

Im sorry that you felt attacked by anons statement, but its true in the case of Luna/Lurch.

>Honestly I’ve wondered that for a long time. Idk because on one hand if lurch was abusive she’d tell it to get pitty and money, but on the other hand that’s all she has and she might need keep up the lie that he’s amazing and saved her life
Luna's a lot more coy with her personal life nowadays, but she used to flip-flop between the two on her old blog. When she was sober, shed complain about how Lurch shouts too much and treats her badly, when she was doped up she'd write love letters.

I don't think he hits her or pimps her out or anything, but they're both drug addicts who NEED heroin above all else to not die. Lurch would probably choose heroin over Luna if push came to shove.

No. 477963

I found this thread late-ish so most of her drug blogs were shut down and all that was left was old screen caps. I agree that yeah if it came down to it he’d fuck her over for drugs. My other thing though is for a hot minute she wasn’t really offering anything towards the relationship. I mean she’s vapid, immature, she claimed for a long time to be “sex repulse”, wasn’t stealing enough money, or selling art. Meanwhile lurch basically took advantage of his father to get free housing, made drug runs for cash, bought most of the drugs for them to use…so like why stay with her at during that point? No sex, no money, no drugs, she doesn’t clean or cook. I wonder what kept them together during that little period before her art started selling again.

No. 477964

To be fair there are some nasty guys what aren’t on drugs but will gladly bee in bottles and employ soda containers.

No. 477978

>so like why stay with her at during that point? No sex, no money, no drugs, she doesn’t clean or cook. I wonder what kept them together during that little period before her art started selling again.
Coincidentally that was around the time that Lurch made his facebook account and started messaging other women kek.

No. 477980

you all completely misunderstood me, i was saying that lurch and luna ARE NOT functional, but non abusive functional addicts exist. luna and lurch are obviously fucked and i clearly was talking about how unfunctional they are. i was just correcting the anon who said "all junkies are abusive" pls read it again instead of just the first paragraph lol

i honestly just discovered luna a few months ago that's why i brought this up lol it's just annoying when people start generalizing and categorizing others like this

i know this thread is about luna but i'm really not derailing that much, and we can end it at this

No. 477982

drug addicts are bad people and you should stop defending them. sounds like you’re just a druggie yourself who got triggered

No. 477985

Lol quit it, stop being so narrow-minded and naive, I'm sure plenty of farmers have struggled with mental illness and addiction. No one's defending Luna or Lurch, which this thread is about, NOT drug addicts in general. Move on and stop picking fights.

No. 477998

you sound fussy, did you forget to take your suboxone today?(chill)

No. 478002

you sound like you need to chill, maybe a nice blunt could calm you down?

No. 478003

File: 1514150110586.jpeg (121.72 KB, 640x379, 68C5DEC7-1166-4BCE-B623-C5C96F…)

No. 478004

File: 1514150170776.png (495.92 KB, 640x1136, 40992299-7585-4221-9487-E1EAF6…)

No. 478006

damn. so a drug deal gone bad? who tf deals on a christmas eve

No. 478007

Can't say I feel particularly bad.

No. 478011

yeah, that's probably it. also lurch looks like a literal corpse/the second image straight up looks like it's from the morgue, lol

No. 478014

Key I’m trash for laughing at that if things true. How is she facebooking and posting such close up photos of his wounds if it got stolen? Probably a drug deal gone bad and if they were mugged birthing of value was lost because they’re both broke bastards anyways

No. 478017

You spoke to soon because she got “robbed” and lost everything again. Wait for the ebegging to happen. Because I bet dollars to donuts she’s gonna also say her rent was also due and now she can’t pay it because she was robbed.

No. 478025

tf are you 12? telling people they sound triggered but you literally sound like you forgot to take your xanax

what the fuck!?? why is she posting this

what is she crying about she probably had $3 in her wallet, another debit card can be get so easily. just taper off the opiates for a few days and get a new phone

No. 478026

>who the fuck robs people on christmas eve
People who target those trying to buy heroin.

None of this will make them learn.
I suspect Luna will just be fishing for sympathy in a matter of hours and setting up a GoFundMe to replace the phone, wallet, and whatever other arbitrary value we're supposed to believe she was robbed of.

No. 478027

OF COURSE tuna gets "robbed on Christmas eve". This is her first mention of Christmas in a while.
I think its fishy as fuck. I wouldnt be surprised if she made it up, and the cuts on lurches face are from nodding out into something (or done on purpose, I know an addict who broke his hand so he could go along with a lie involving drugs/money)

Or if it really happened.. Eh, tough luck. Its the risk you take when you go out to score drugs/try to rip off a dealer.
Whatever happened, thanks for the Christmas milk (eggnog?) Tuna. We'll be looking out for the pathetic begging posts. ;)

No. 478028

I feel like of she was robbed she'd be alot more shook up, and her post would reflect it. She'd be posting pics of herself bawling, like that time she cried because a cop went up to Lurch and questioned him at the train station and she lost her mind kek.

No. 478030

>i wanna cry
yea most likely

No. 478032

isn't her dope dealer something she's been seeing for a while? those dealers (up there w coke dealers) make a lot of money and i srsly doubt they'd steal a user's phone and wallet like that loool, luna doesn't exactly seem very wealthy. beating up lurch, sure, but not stealing a phone

i actually doubt it was a drug deal gone bad, at least not any of the drug dealers she sees frequently. maybe if she just stopped a random guy on the street to ask for drugs but i doubt she'd do that unless her dealers were out

this is probably all a lie or she did actually get robbed

No. 478033

Oh please.
I doubt they deal with the actual dealer, just his drug runners. If I was drug related, im thinking they owe the dealer money or fucked him over somehow and they were robbed to make a point (although tuna did have a brand new iPhone, right? That could be sold for $$)
Or someone watched them just buy their dope and decided to rob them for that and then just took whatever else because hey.. why not.

No. 478034

File: 1514157884133.png (6.05 KB, 507x52, Untitled.png)

Is it me or do these pics look more like Lurch after his "seizures"? My phone's kinda shitty, but it doesn't look like Lurch got punched, his eyes/mouth/nose don't look swollen. Just looks that his head is fucked up from falling over.

She mentioned that her iPhone 7 was broken in anons facebook megadump (pic related), what phone was she even using?

Am I an asshole for thinking Luna made this up to get a replacement iPhone 7? That her phones been broken for a few weeks, and she's trying to scam someone charitable out of an iPhone?
>Who steals on Christmas Eve! Someone send me their old iPhone 7 to make up for how evil the world is!! you must have upgraded by now so it's not even a big deal and it's CHRISTMAS.


No. 478035

File: 1514158495289.png (289.78 KB, 684x558, hu5bfMQ.png)

samefagging but this is the only example I can find of Lurch's seizure injuries - they look kinda similar to me. The bloods been cleaned up in this image so it doesnt look quite as bad, but the cuts are about the same.

No. 478036

Nah. Not buying it.
How do you get cuts there on the forehead when you have a winter hat pulled down over your eyebrows and sunglasses on.
We all know that hat/sunglasses is part of lurches kewl "going out in public" uniform.

No. 478040

File: 1514159323830.jpeg (91.45 KB, 640x726, 56E3F65C-E875-4321-9087-82C552…)

No. 478041

File: 1514159335722.jpeg (102.05 KB, 640x760, E1093705-A479-4493-891C-415B55…)

No. 478042

On Tuesday shr can just go to the bank and ask for a temp card. She'll survive.

No. 478043

buuulllshit she said her iphone 7 was broken ages ago, she's scamming like I said

No. 478046

Lol if anybody on her facebook fancies calling her out on her shit it'd make my christmas.
>my only valuable possession
what about her iPad? her MacBook? Cheeky bitch is lying about getting robbed over Christmas, then trying to guilt trip and explain how she lost her ~one nice thing~, how low can you sink?

No. 478047

>"My phone was the one nice thing I own!!!"
>has an Ipad and a Mac

No. 478049

Im fucking screaming. She's changing her story already? First it was her and Lurch, now it was just Lurch.
>cant access money in the bank
What money? I thought she was completely broke all the time.

Also, why would Lurch have tunas wallet like she said?

Sloppy scam story, Tunafish.

No. 478050

>three dudes kicked the shit out of Matthew… They kicked him in the face and ribs.
lol no. That is not the face of a man who's had 6 feet kicking him in the face.
>blah blah blah paragraphs overexplaining the exact circumstances
She's definitely lying. People who lie have a habit to over-detail what happened because they think more details = more likely it happened, because their story is "well thought out" and they correct any slip-ups before they're called out on them.

Too nitpicky to be true, she's focusing on details too much because it's fabricated. The question asked by her friend "What happened?" didn't need an explanation of why Lurch doesn't look like he got mugged, or why her story changed, or ANYTHING. She over-answered because she's a terrible liar.

>I originally wasn't going to get specific which is why i said I got robbed

^Someone telling the truth wouldn't need to justify this, if someone's making an effort to "sell" you a story, it's probably false.

>His face is a lot more swollen now

She's fully aware that the images of from Lurch having a seizure and is trying to justify why they don't look "bad enough" for being beaten by 3 men. If it was legit, she wouldn't feel the need to say "it's worse than it looks." and she'd have probably taken another picture of his face in worse shape. We know how she LOVES to take terrible pictures of Lurch when he's not looking.

>We can't access the money in the bank until the new debit card comes

If they'd called up their bank's fraud prevention, they wouldn't have been given this answer. Tuna is assuming this is what people have to deal with when they don't have their debit card, but she hasn't lost anything. Like other anon said, the fraud prevention team would have told them to go into a bank on Tuesday or Wednesday to get a temporary card/take money out directly from the account.

Inb4 Lurch doesn't have ID so he can't withdraw money hahahaha

No. 478051

>My phone was like the one nice thing i owned

>Has an ipad, a mac, copic markers, fancy makeup, a ds, and expensive canvasses

No. 478054

File: 1514161512052.gif (1.9 MB, 350x264, tumblr_o1wdtsRPQD1ql5yr7o1_400…)


Man, Luna is attempting to scam for drug money on Christmas Eve. This has got to be an all-time low for her, she could have just continued on her upper middle-class art school major way if she wasn't so busy trying to live up to a stupid aesthetic for Tumblr.

I can just imagine lurch coaching her on the story behind her screen. If her phone is actually missing it was probably because she lost it or fucked it up somehow .

No. 478056

>If her phone is actually missing it was probably because she lost it or fucked it up somehow.
Unless Luna had TWO iPhone 7 Pluses in the last 6 months, it was broken weeks/months ago when Lurch fell over holding it. She literally posted what happened in a BPD facebook group, it was posted in this thread 2 weeks ago lmao >>474026
>>478034 here's the cropped important bit. It's not dated but most of the stuff in that screenshot is from October.

No. 478060


I should have probably said
>If her phone is actually missing it's because she lost it or fucked it up beyond use.

But I figured people would know what I meant.

No. 478063

sob story for extra pity points on christmas? im sure those "donations" are flowing.

No. 478070

I sincerely hope nobody is dumb enough to donate. I have no idea how big of a pity circle shes got with facebook but her tumblr base has been dead for some time.

No. 478075

I bet her Facebook friends are so tired of seeing her broke crusty ass and lurches long headed face begging up and down their time lines. I wish someone would call her out and drag the fuck outta her but I k ow other people who have friended her just keep her for the lols because I know most people can see through this fucking scam.

I swear I see these same suspect stories on tumblr everyday and it’s the same story of getting robbed and losing their phone and card and the only way to help is with donations and PayPal payments.

No. 478079

The last straw for me was when she posted some shit like "drug addicts aren't bad people" or some shit like that and I unfriended her


I might refriend her idk

No. 478082

If i was gonna unfriend Luna, id have at least gone out with a bang and called her out on her shit lol

No. 478085

All she would do though is delete the comment right away and then victimize herself.

No. 478092

I've seen her post about her "disordered eating patterns" on a certain Facebook group. Are people in the same group to keep up with her or?

Not surprised to see she's such a mess on there and Tumblr, though.

No. 478093

File: 1514185218486.jpg (778.28 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20171225-172804.jpg)

Apparently I'm in a group with her, also she had her phone stolen. Seems more likely that she owed someone money tbh.

No. 478094

the plot thickens??

No. 478096

Had her stolen phone listed for sale I mean, sorry. A bunch of people have responded to her post but she hasn't said a thing.

No. 478102

File: 1514193223255.jpeg (399.54 KB, 640x880, 56E52802-5DD1-41ED-A6ED-632A23…)

merry christmas farmers!

No. 478103

File: 1514193250869.jpeg (299.42 KB, 640x870, AB604B91-D92D-4EBA-A175-119A14…)

No. 478107

File: 1514195826711.jpeg (283.72 KB, 640x790, F0CB6DFB-4F6A-4A28-BCD4-80A81E…)

No. 478108

File: 1514195845069.jpeg (294.78 KB, 640x870, 63C7E6D0-4EB5-4365-824D-E88786…)

No. 478114

That phone is way too clean and nice looking to be Luna's. Everything she owns is permanently filth stained.

>if it's not mine it's really coincidental
Yeah and if it's not yours you've posted this person's name and private info on FB.

No. 478115

If it was locked, nobody would try to sell it on Facebook tuna. If you have a stolen iPhone you want to sell, you do it on eBay where someone can buy it for spares and repairs.

No. 478119

Why would she use her own account to ask to buy it? If whoever stole the phone is with that woman who's selling it, they know what she looks like and they're just not gonna answer. Why not just create a new account with a fake pic to ask questions about it

No. 478122

So is her story changing AGAIN?

"Pleez guiz donate money so I can buy my phone back uwu my phone keeps me from killing my poor bpd self its Christmas uwu gimme me money"

No. 478126

god someone call her out please, for jesus (i would but i dont have added)

No. 478129

Why would two guys jump Lurch if they didn't intend on robbing him?
Her admitting they were two separate incudents is suspicious af, definitely sounds like the fight was something drug related and he probs just lost the phone and wallet during/some other scumbags picked it up. Also she wasn't there but lurch had her phone and card, lol ok

No. 478131

Has no one considered that he may have sold the phone for dope money? His injuries are very similar to his seizure injuries so I doubt he was beaten up. I feel like Lurch is enough of a scumbag to do something like that and lie to Luna.

No. 478132

Your right. That would make sense.
He traded it for dope, did it all without Tuna, nodded out a few times, smashed his head on whatever. Made up the story to tuna so she wouldn't start crying about him trading her phone and not sharing the dope.
The dealer gave the phone to whoever to sell on FB for him.

Sage for tinfoil.

No. 478135

So here she says it was three dude >>478041 but here she says it was two??? >>478103

This seems really fishy to me and for someone who was supposedly repeatedly kicked in the face by multiple dudes his face looks fairly undamaged. Lie or not I don't get why she's making a big deal when daddy will probably get her a new phone anyway.

No. 478136

I don't think she's doing it for a new phone. I think she's doing it for pity donations which will go towards dope.

Her lies and stories are always sloppy. This shows she hasn't improved in her scamming attempts.

No. 478139

JFC Luna, just report it to the police & locate your damn phone through Find My iPhone eyeroll

No. 478194

Yes but we all know that she has not an ounce of common sense, and she probably still has her phone.

No. 478196

Did we all agree last time his seizures were either from drugs or completely made up to get money?

No. 478199

lmao holy shit I saw this on my feed today but I totally didn't notice this was Luna

No. 478200

Sage cause I don't read this thread, but can yall choose a less disgusting thread image next time? Everytime I scroll by I wanna puke ;-;

No. 478201

The comments in the thread are people saying that you shouldn't go to the police because they're "useless" and "ACAB"

No. 478205


can't even put the cigs down. you can afford them in nyc- you're fine, Luna.

No. 478210

Why don't you guys just look at the exif data in the screen shots she took to see if she took them on her photo or iPad? It's clearly app fb ABC it should tell what model it's from to see if she's posting from her iPhone and just lying?

No. 478227

More importantly your phone company can tell you your model and your IMEI number in most cases so you can verify. There’s also the lost my iPhone that immediately makes the phone unusable and trackable. She could activate that from her iPad or Mac

No. 478228

More importantly your phone company can tell you your model and your IMEI number in most cases so you can verify. There’s also the lost my iPhone that immediately makes the phone unusable and trackable. She could activate that from her iPad or Mac

No. 478230

File: 1514265294615.jpeg (190.97 KB, 640x752, E432DF50-3C33-4C76-9005-074FA1…)

No. 478232

Why doesn’t she just sit by the door and wait for the package? Not like she’s working or doing anything better with her life. Bring the ipad and watch some movies or something while you wait it’s not that hard. It’s like she sets herself up for failure.

No. 478237

Fuck, that Lurch is fucking useless. Can't even fend off a bunch of doucebags. Time to ditch him, find someone who can hold their own and put up a fight.
Why doesn't he even carry a damn gun? It's legal to carry guns in the US, don't know why you wouldn't take advantage of this fact and carry one so when it comes to situations like this, you don't have to take this shit and can defend yourself.
And all those seizures he has? He's on his back more times than a hooker.

He's a bit of a pussy. What a hopeless man.

No. 478241

>dudes who mugged me
Jesus tuna. I thought your latest story was that it was just Lurch who got mugged.
I thought you said you have no access to money cuz your debit card was stolen, howd you use "every last cent" to buy a new phone?

And yeah,
She's making lurch sound like a pussy. Remember when Lurch was threatening to hunt down the people/farmers who were messing with him on FB (or something like that) n saying what a huge, strong guy he is? Extra kek now

No. 478250

Uh it's definitely not legal to carry guns in the whole of the u.s. Every state is different and idk about NY. But I can't imagine lurch could properly handle a gun in a dicey situation, anyway. In my mind he's like a lumbering monster and would probably just drop it kek

No. 478251

Samefag to add that there's no way in FUCK lurch could legally obtain a gun and a concealed carry permit. Our gun laws are shit, but not THAT shit

No. 478257




top kek

No. 478260

fb wipes exif data to stop idiots giving out their exact longitude/latitude location. If someone was sent the pictures directly they could check,but not fb pics

No. 478315

So she always complains about having no money to buy food yet she has enough to pay for a new (expensive?) phone

No. 478342

File: 1514319676176.png (1.64 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-26-14-19-46…)

No. 478344

File: 1514319770801.png (1.86 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-26-14-19-52…)

No. 478375

This legit looks like some 40-year-old 'cool' mom's facebook profile pic. Its even angled like itd be a tryhard cleavage shot but she cropped it. She looks terrible and the dark lighting reminds me of the shit old women do to stop their wrinkles showing up in pics lmao.

No. 478379

Her nails might be the most vile things I’ve ever seen. Shit caked under them, cuticles flooded with polishes, and stick on acrylic shoved in every nail bed.

No. 478394

right? you can see where on her top knuckles, right under the cuticles, they're red af, like i wonder if her fingers hurt or are sore because of that? usually reddened skin is a sign of infection. also nails done badly is like the easiest way to get a fungus even if they're just shitty glued on ones bleghhhh

No. 478418


You know how when you were a kid, you often stuck your fingers in Bugle chips and pretended they were nails?

Yeah…Luna's nails right now remind me of that.

No. 478427

File: 1514398997159.jpg (7.82 KB, 225x225, mmmfuckingbugles.jpg)


Spot on anon

No. 478497

Has tuna gone silent all of a sudden?
No narrating/complaining about how she's waiting for her new iphone or about getting a new debit card or how she wants to cry at Lurches "swollen face" or anything…?
Hm. Odd. Did she get sick of her own lie?

No. 478502

It'd be amusing if someone on Tuna's FB decided to confront that seller who was totally innocent and now Tuna's laying low because the seller contacted her.

No. 478507

sage for not really relevant or important but i noticed today that luna blocked me on insta. ive been following her on ig for months now and never commented or liked her shit, just screencapped for this thread. weird. maybe she's cleaning out her followers list.

No. 478509


She's blocked me on both Facebook and Instagram for like, no reason whatsoever.

No. 478528

Sage for OT but it's possible that she has an app that cleans out inactive followers every so often.

No. 478532


I really don't think that Luna would be that tech-oriented, besides, her social media is probably a massive clusterfuck. I don't think she'd care that much, tbh.

No. 478534

File: 1514498452204.png (1.81 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-15-58-18…)

No. 478535

File: 1514498535571.png (2.97 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-16-01-23…)

No. 478536

File: 1514498691359.png (2.04 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-16-01-37…)

No. 478537


that mirror is so fucking grimy

No. 478540

gotta go out and score instead of lurch?

No. 478550

Okay it's fucking freezing here, what the honest fuck is Luna wearing.

No. 478551

File: 1514507983934.jpeg (92.91 KB, 640x735, 123F0392-1C3E-4441-9B8E-02C04D…)

No. 478552

File: 1514508341774.jpeg (470.79 KB, 640x997, C32AEC06-0786-4A07-AFAF-FD5AB2…)

No. 478553

File: 1514508356682.jpeg (158.47 KB, 640x599, 1A9D6395-2861-4C7F-BC13-D1F0D5…)

No. 478554

File: 1514508549511.jpeg (108.88 KB, 640x252, 80AE1601-2C4F-4E96-A9F4-C9A0CA…)

No. 478555

That fell flat real fucking quick.

No. 478556

>my daddy gave the wrong address after I spent every cent I had getting my phone replaced after we sold it for drug money and claimed it was stolen. please send donations for a cab so I can be driven to go pick it up uwu

No. 478558

lol someone reply with some tessa screenshots

No. 478563

File: 1514524514304.png (584.52 KB, 702x771, tunapose.png)

I ran across this on Tumblr and immediately thought of Tunas selfie when she was in therapy in thread 9 kek

Also noticed that Lurch was "robbed" in that thread too. How original.

No. 478564

File: 1514524669397.png (290.75 KB, 580x738, thread9.png)

No. 478569

Tbh anyone climbing into a public bathroom sink probably DOES have something deeply wrong with them…

No. 478572

Crazy how much better this girl looks doing the pose though. Luna's just looks like a deli display.

No. 478574

>I spent every cent on it
>my dad sent it to the wrong address

Ooooh you mean your dad spent every cent on it. Not you, Luna.

No. 478596

I was itching to point this out, but it seemed too obvious. Of course Luna throws all these histrionics on Facebook to capitalise on the whole "poor girl" aesthetic, when she knew full well all along that daddy would immediately buy her a new phone on next-day delivery.

And then she has the audacity to complain when it goes to the wrong address.

No. 478600

File: 1514558169113.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2084, 20170508_234501.jpg)

This was the last time Lurch "got robbed"… Just 7 months ago.

No. 478601

Never forget that she wore this nasty stained mess for days to therapy before she quit because they hurt her feefees telling her the truth and not feeding her a box of mini pizzas.

No. 478602

I'd forgotten how truly disgusting her skin looked in this. Didn't she say he fell asleep on the train or something? I don't know, Luna. If Lurch keeps getting "robbed" then maybe you ought to not trust him with your money/phone. It's almost like he's a druggie with no common sense that'll cheat on you with strangers online…

No. 478608

Yeah I swear her story was that Lurch fell asleep and someone picked through his pocket while unconscious. SOUNDS LEGIT. I at least feel better knowing nobody fell for this iPhone scam, and her father must have made her pay towards it somewhat for her to be bitching so much

No. 478644


…Did Lurch just roll around in the dirt like a dog or something? Because there's no swelling, redness, and that shit around his eye is too perfect to be a newly formed contusion. Plus there is no redness around his eyelid much less the sclera (white of the eye).

They dumb af to think this is anything more than Luna using make up on Lurch.

No. 478672


That's Luna.

No. 478675

LOL the image of chief (?) rolling around in dirt.

plz no ban for the emoji

No. 478761

she's had a phone since she was 10 years old??? wtf

No. 478827

Luna was 10 years old in 2006… Phones weren't expensive by then, and what parent wouldn't want to be able to contact their kid in an emergency? Pretty much everyone Luna's age had a mobile phone as a child, myself included. Hell, the first iPhone came out when Luna was 11, and I see a shittonne of kids with iPhones and iPads nowadays. Although it's doubtful she had a good phone as a child, if her story about being "so poor they had to rent musical instruments from the school" is true.

No. 478831

lol who doesn't rent musical instruments from the school tho?

No. 478841

just like to point out she used to be Hella Obese, so her weight loss is no short of pretty… okay, considering she does shit all


No. 478848

File: 1514721467942.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 1505955386874.png)

>no short of pretty… okay, considering she does shit all
Is this Luna herself or something? I'm tinfoiling hard over the clearly high newfag anon who doesn't know how to sage.

Anyway, Luna was 16 when those pics were taken, a lot of people still have weird teenager puppy fat before they hit adulthood. Altho it seems like puberty was nice to her. her fat distribution is slightly better now. She holds a lot of her weight in her thighs now instead of her torso, so it's less obvious unless she's got her legs showing like >>478564

But it's not hard to lose weight when you're throwing up and shitting yourself constantly in withdrawal lmao. She's skinnier currently, but she yoyos like a motherfucker. Normally fatter when she has money. This is her a couple months ago, she's just as hammy as in that lookbook imo

No. 478849

nah just a long time lurker, been reading this thread too long and inherited too many bad mannerisms.

tbh probably correct, angles and all that. the look book angle is unflattering af when yr a ham planet

No. 478855

File: 1514725902056.jpg (46.03 KB, 353x545, hipsville.JPG)

This looks better than everything else I've ever seen her wear

No. 478874

im the same age as her and i dont know anyone who had a phone in 2006. people started getting them in like 2008.

No. 478880

yeah it first came out, but because it was new a lot of parents weren't yet comfortable with the idea of a child having one, so most of the kids in my grade didn't have one until 13 or even later. Nowadays isn't 2006.

No. 478883

dat abscess scar in the crook of her elbow
looks like she took a melon baller to her arm

No. 478906


i had one in 2006, just because some people didn't doesn't mean no one did????

No. 478908

I'm a bit older than Luna and got my first phone in 2005 and my family was lower middle class.

No. 478916

File: 1514791940736.gif (8.09 KB, 139x184, sia51.gif)

I lived in a pretty rich area so maybe I'm just out of touch, but I'm a few months older than Luna and got my first phone at 10. It was an old hand me down and it didn't do much, but that wasn't the point. Nobody had a phone with a camera or ability to use the internet or anything, it was literally just some old text/call machine. My mom gave it to me so she could call if I was late home from school. Sage for off topic tipsy nostalgia

No. 479069

Came do see if tuna was acting a fool online for money over that fake phone mugging. Glad to see she still is and refuses to get a job.

No. 479214

No. 479260

File: 1514925249001.jpeg (483.71 KB, 629x913, FA7546B9-BB41-4B7E-BF9C-32AC59…)

No. 479267

lol boy got beat

No. 479268

Ugh he's so revolting. Petition for any pictures of him to have a spoiler.

No. 479270

hard to glamorize heroin chic when the reality looks like this. at least its not a foam cone this time luna

No. 479275

File: 1514932392177.gif (Spoiler Image,425.94 KB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

Why does he look like Detox?

No. 479279

File: 1514934658232.jpeg (74.96 KB, 630x806, 9F437DC8-7AFE-42FC-AB42-C46048…)

No. 479280

File: 1514934672820.jpeg (124.26 KB, 640x852, 50043B36-962F-4CBE-82A1-47E43A…)

No. 479281

File: 1514934756880.jpeg (135.37 KB, 720x1280, C69BD746-FC73-485E-BC68-E8C032…)

this model looks a lot like luna.

No. 479285

How Tuna could have maybe turned out had she not intentionally started heroin and ate well/exercised regularly

No. 479286

File: 1514937269927.jpeg (87.17 KB, 300x250, C7D566DA-6DD5-4040-A1F5-C04F55…)

I can see it on occasion but you might be smoking as much crack as Luna is to compare her to bella hadid on a good day

No. 479288

All the older heroin addicts I know get this weird waxy appearance, Chief included.

No. 479293