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File: 1498673175788.jpg (243.75 KB, 960x1280, shiny.jpg)

No. 403302

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/angelhair1996/
tumblr: https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations

newest milk:
>OD'd on heroin
>has been wearing the same grey dress for over a month
>joined a druggie facebook group
>considering selling her lewds on Extra Lunch Money
>Gave up on outpatient therapy after she couldn't leech anymore.
>selling crappy notebook pages of "art" for $25 a pop.
>possibly been disowned by her father??

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258

No. 403307

Some anons seem reluctant to accept that cows have any form of illness or mental illness for whatever reason. It's fucking weird; it's as if people think you need to be a good person to have a condition. It's particularly dumb given that some conditions are the reason why people exhibit cow behavior to begun with.
Yeah, PCOS isn't period-dependent. That said, there are some suspicious blood stains in Luna's apartment that look like leaks (though they could possibly be explained by shooting up). Though since she does have PCOS, painful periods are one of those things she actually has grounds to complain about. Apparently they're often excruciating beyond belief with the condition.

No. 403312

i definitely agree but her e-begging and pity posts after really put me off.
>just od'd on heroin
>gotta post a selfie!!

No. 403313

I have PCOS and I can confirm all of Luna's symptoms align with the condition. The heavy hair growth, random cystic acne, weight holding in the belly area, painful periods. There are plenty of other things to pick at about her, folks, even though she has poor hygiene I think it's not fair to go after an illness that's pretty uncomfortable.

No. 403381

PCOS itself can cause irregular/missed periods. It can even cause someone's period to seemingly "stop," i.e. miss several consecutive cycles. This is often followed by a long, painful monster period. Heroin use can cause amenorrhea too. I have no idea which one causes her to lose her period (or both) but I don't at all question that she has PCOS.

No. 403388

I'm just going to assume that the upper right drawing is of Lurch lol

No. 403389

>This might be a dumb question so sage but do you still suffer from all the symptoms of PCOS if you don't have a period?

Lol, yes this is an extremely dumb question. The symptoms of pcos are due to having extra mass in your ovaries. More mass = more hormones = problems. I'm pretty sure absence of periods is a very common symptom.

But yeah. Luna is seriously at risk for diabetes as well, we've seen her diet and it's awful.

No. 403390

File: 1498691225884.png (19.86 KB, 491x242, Untitled.png)

DOC = Drug of choice. To all the crazy cynics out there who didn't believe Tuna did crack.

No. 403396

I have PCOS as well, but usually can't even feel my periods (basically go numb down there). I also don't have the weight issue, although I get 2 random chin hairs I have to pluck and still get acne (although skincare keeps it at bay). Symptoms really depend on the person.

When I'm not on the birth control pill, I get periods up to 2 times per month or not at all for 4 or 5 months. It's definitely a sign of PCOS, although not necessarily for everyone. PCOS just means that you have cysts on your ovaries and can be diagnosed by a doctor using ultrasounds.

No. 403398

PCOS isn't really an illness, rather a common condition. Approximately 10% of women have PCOS, many just have lighter forms where it's not inherently noticeable, and thus never get diagnosed.

The only reason I was diagnosed is because one of my cysts grew large and I thought I had appendicitis so rushed to the E.R.

I get what you are saying though. It seems an abnormal amount of farmers think there is some correlation between PCOS and being a cow or that it is some dreadful disease. Probably 10% of cows have PCOS, as in the general population.

No. 403405

Okay, we get it, Luna had PCOS. Move on.

I'm fucking positive Luna only dislikes crack because it's not as ~aesthetic as heroin. She's basically said that she sees as a poor people drug, but the few tweaker posts we've got from her have been her saying how scared she is that she likes it so much.

No. 403406

File: 1498694904580.png (66.54 KB, 640x416, IMG_8810.PNG)

luna pls

No. 403408

I care about everything Luna posts because I'm weirdly obsessed with her personal life.

No. 403410

if only she knew how much we luuuv herrr

No. 403424

i know luna better than i know myself

No. 403426

That pic in the last thread with her collarbones made me laugh so much. Bitch has her arms bent at an awkward angle behind her back you can see where the neck squashes awkwardly on her shoulder because of the abnormal way shes twisting and sticking her neck out. Imagine being a fly on the wall at hers (one of the many) and seeing her take a selfie like that kek

No. 403433

File: 1498698904855.png (64.21 KB, 1125x355, IMG_5068.PNG)

on a post in her drug group talking about "craving drugs that aren't your drug of choice"

No. 403441

hahaha these posts speak for myself as well!

No. 403455

this was literally posted like 9 posts up
comeon guy

No. 403456

was posted like 3 hours ago anon >>403390

No. 403470

sorry!! my phone didn't load those posts before i posted that pic. just saw the previous posts. shit

No. 403533

File: 1498706782870.png (431.21 KB, 1125x1658, IMG_4019.PNG)

the areola returns

No. 403537

Jesus could she have taken a more unflattering position? No one's tits look good lying back like that… at least expose it from your collar, not your armpit

No. 403554

>when your titty is so long it falls out the side of tank top

No. 403563


Her tit looks like the skin on top of a cooling cup of cocoa. Jesus fucking christ, Luna. Nobody deserves to see that shit.

No. 403567

File: 1498709636905.jpg (58.63 KB, 661x500, whenyouseethebig.jpg)

No. 403572

File: 1498710519308.gif (2.04 MB, 480x366, soupskinareola.gif)

No. 403574

"reading threads making fun of my breasts for sagging"

Is this proof she reads here?

No. 403583

File: 1498713074099.png (Spoiler Image,170.1 KB, 616x904, IMG_8816.PNG)

definitely proof anon. i'm surprised she even admitted she reads through them. i thought she said she was too sensitive?

No. 403584

File: 1498713148456.png (155.28 KB, 640x887, IMG_8817.PNG)

No. 403585

File: 1498713311856.png (42.41 KB, 640x494, IMG_8818.PNG)

No. 403586

Wow, she's actually thanking somebody while using their name!

But "haven't eaten a meal in days" my ass. Can't believe she still uses that line interspersed with fast food pics.

No. 403591

how do stray hairs always end up in her pictures. every time she takes a picture of her bed or bedside table ect there's just…. hair everywhere

No. 403605

I know this is supposed to be a rhetorical question but:

Opiate drugs themselves cause hair loss. They also cause junkfood cravings; contrary to popular belief, they tend to make you gain weight rather than lose it. Tuna's chubby but most likely malnourished, since all she eats is crap. Plenty of nutritional deficiencies lead to accelerated hair loss.

She's also bleached the everloving shit out of her hair and it's probably breaking all over the place.

Lurch is unhealthy as possible and probably shedding hair all over the damn place too.

Cleaning never occurs to either of them.

No. 403611

i actually didn't think about how their lifestyle (drug and diet wise) could lead to hair loss so that makes sense. i notice they're usually dark hairs so i'm guessing lurch sheds a shit ton too. just seeing those hairs sitting so close to her food makes me cringe.

No. 403620

Lurch is also getting to the age where his hairline should begin receding or get a bald patch in the back. Maybe that's why we never see him outside of a hat. Maybe he's working on rocking a sweet skullet in the future.

No. 403639

constant hat wearing also encourages hair loss

No. 403640

I too have noticed the dark hairs everywhere.
I've decided Lurch is a trichotillomaniac and sports the bum hat to hide his bald spots.

No. 403651


To be quite precise (Gastroenterofag here): opioids do slow the metabolism and make you crave sugary crap. Weight gain versus loss depends on whether the dose is high enough to actually be too fucked up most of the day to eat (that's why virtually all thin heroin users who go on methadone or subutex end up ballooning: they're no longer taking astronomical doses of opioids that make them too zonked out to eat, as the cross tolerance allows us to give them about 40% less of the equianalgesic dose). Sage for medfagging.

No. 403659


She is so sloppy even in how she opens cup noodles!

No. 403663

Did anyone ever come across her extralunchmoney account? Or was she too lazy to actually follow thru with that?

No. 403668

I think she read here once upon a time but not anymore cuz it destroyed her or whatever

No. 403682

go on medfagging, i support it

No. 403685

Thanks, anon! Very interesting.

No. 403686

She deleted her cup-of-soup off insta now, Wtf? lol what a strange thing to delete.

No. 403687

and her giant awkward aereola is still up lol

No. 403688

might be so she can beg soon

No. 403690

File: 1498748208785.png (191.14 KB, 750x1065, IMG_3645.PNG)

lol she posted this the day before she posted that?
Why can't she ever act like she eats cuz she's hungry like most humans?

No. 403692

instagram does not recognize it as a breast

sorry for being petty but
>i hasn't had one in years

No. 403694

I wonder if she came up with an alter ego. I think Lady Areola is a good one.

No. 403704

Just realized that her fake nails don't even cover her real nails. Check out her middle and fourth finger, she's had to paint the fake nail and the gap of her real nail beside it.

No. 403711

Anons: Tuna totally doesn't read her threads guiz!!! she said 3 years ago on her tumblr that she doesn't read about herself so that must still be true! It's a coincidence that she reacts to our posts sometimes!
>Tuna: I didn't used to until reading threads making fun of my breasts for sagging.
I. Fucking. Knew. It.

No. 403714

While I agree that some of the hair has got to be from drug related hair loss, I'm fairly certain most of the short thick black hairs in her photos belong to her cat Smokey. I live with a black cat and her hairs get eeeeeeverywhere (but we clean them up because we aren't unhygienic, unlike some people.)

No. 403725

jfc Tuna relax it's just basic fucking ice cream with some candy. she acts likes it's haute cuisine.

No. 403735

Larger breasts are expected to sag, and it's completely normal. Luna's weight loss, lack of muscle, and possibly not wearing proper bras are the reasons why hers are saggier than they should be. And with how young she is, it's kinda sad.
One of the main reasons why I dislike Luna is the fact that there are very simple solutions within her reach to fix her life but she never follows through. The DBT groups were a good step but I wasn't surprised when she decided to stop going after she realized it wasn't a fun Girl, Interrupted LARP group.
Luna, if you're reading this, try doing pushups. You do nothing all day and if you're sad about your tits, then you should do something about it.
sage for rant and mentioning her boobs, it always seems to derail the thread

No. 403737

File: 1498760080382.png (274.45 KB, 718x1106, IMG_3648.PNG)


No. 403738

File: 1498760147196.png (258.38 KB, 749x1131, IMG_3649.PNG)

She's knocking more and more $ off her art I hope she realizes it's not work more than the materials that went into it.

No. 403744

I happy about this but it's something odd about her mouth or maybe the amount of foundation she applies in her lips that makes it look like an anus even with non nude shades.

No. 403757

Agreed, but I think it's just very intense overapplication. It looks like a good (thick) 3-4 coats on there. Luna, try a sheer coat, blot it in to set, another sheer coat. Reapply throughout the day as you smoke/eat. You don't need half the dang tube, lol.

No. 403767

File: 1498765700322.png (933.52 KB, 626x769, Untitled.png)


Take off her head and that is literally a selfie of a 60 year old grandmother

No. 403770

Her lips look like that because she bites them or something, they're probably dried and chapped and she bites off the dry bits, pulls them too far and fucks them up.

There's something fundamentally wrong with her lips, it's not makeup application. Her top lip looks worse, she probably bites/picks it more than the bottom. She also bites her nails too, so it's not inconceivable to think she bites her lips.

No. 403772

imo she's reducing her artwork because she's desperate as shit now her dad's cut her off. She's been shilling stuff hardcore since she fell out with her Dad, I guess she's gonna have to start paying for her own shit

No. 403775

couldn't take the tinfoil lid out of the noodles before taking this hideous picture, eh Luna?

No. 403779

Those are stretch marks and loose skin from gaining then losing weight. No need to freak out about it, it just means that she's done a lot of shrinking.

No. 403782

Lol okkkk but it's still really gross looking.

No. 403794

Finally! That lip color would already look great on her if she didn't overdraw her lips.

No. 403805

I was wondering when someone would notice this. I'm not really sure why she put the lid in there to begin with…?

Maybe she grew up under the impression that junk food and candy aren't "real" foods. It's still bizarre as fuck that she would lie about not eating for days, and then take photos of her food and put it online (especially stuff that most people don't find necessary to photograph), or talk about shit like "I'm going to Dunkin Donuts" etc.

>>Somebody should send this girl an affordable/healthy cookbook. I doubt she'd ever touch it, but learning healthy cooking would help Luna with her weight, hair/skin/nails, and maybe - just maybe - turn Luna into a new age health nut and get her away from thinking polluting her body with drugs is cool.

No. 403810

File: 1498771465228.jpg (400.63 KB, 2048x2048, 7DA5445B-EA4B-4BFB-82FD-C93BE4…)

Such a fucking brat. I'm familiar with those books and they can be a bit off putting but there's solid skills in there…
If her mom is actually doing that, she's so lucky she cares. But she just shit talks her probably cuz they talked and her mom didn't give her any money.

No. 403822

if you guys are talking about the silver thing in the middle of the cup, that looks like the handle of a metal spoon sticking out of the cup lol. just zoom in on it. no more nitpicking pls

No. 403830

I actually felt really sad for her on a tumblr post once and gave her a spare fiver. the old dude seems to be the light of her life but hes always oding and shes always alone shooting up in public parks. the lack of hygiene seems to be like an "i dont feel human enough to be clean" thing. She's just so saddening I can't bring myself to laugh at all.

No. 403835

Luna's lips look like that due to dehydration and poor circulation then chewing or picking at the dryness. If she exercised and ate well they would 100% go back to normal again.

Sadly it's not even the heroin that makes her like this it's her victim and laziness mindset. If she got clean she would probably gain 100 lbs and look even worse. She doesn't care to learn how to actually put in the effort to be healthy.

No. 403844

no one should send her anything, shes the scum of the earth.

50 bucks less than 175? still $100 too expensive for what it is. also what kind of entitlement is it for her to expect her friends to be able to blow over $100 on her crappy pastel puke paintings every month? she never even tries to promote her art to new people.

No. 403852

It made me a bit sad to read that part. Something that she can't control and was fine with before became ugly and made her insecure because of comments online.

Ofc she has tons of problems that are her own fault, but gravity isn't one of them. It makes me question a lot of the nitpicking that happens across all cows and snowflakes.

No. 403857

yeah, the constant nitpicking about things she can't help is annoying. people are desperate for milk so they'll try to make a topic out of everything. for example, that anon who was saying how gross her arm looks because it has stretch marks and loose skin. what's she supposed to do about that? shes a shitty person but i gaurentee none of the anons on this thread are perfect or even attractive enough to be such nitpickers

No. 403858

you sound triggered.

No. 403859

you sound triggered that i sound triggered ooooooo

No. 403860


Sage your shit

No. 403865

Damn being fat must fucking suck. I'd cry if my arm looked like that.

No. 403866

Agreed, sounds like a bunch of insecure teenagers trying to tear people down for things they can't help so they can feel better about their own misshapen bodies. Luna is shitty enough of her own accord; no need to get all up in arms over things that she has no control over when she doesn't even pretend to be a flawless aphrodite like many of the cows here. It's just self-serving tryhardery at that point.

No. 403870

There are many things worse than being fat. Like being a person who hates fat people. Lol
Sage for nonsense and inb4
>whatever, you morbidly obese cow

No. 403874

Not a part of the nitpickers squad, but we're on a gossips imageboard and the nitpicking is pretty much the "rule" here (ex: Onision don't have control on his "skin condition",should we stop mocking his ugly mug?)
I know, sometimes it's just dumb attacks and crazy theories but…it's kind a part of a "game" and that's not going to change any time soon.
Maybe lolcow isn't the right place for you? (not a reproach)

sage for OT (and bad english)

No. 403879

The difference there and with many other cows is that they're narcs who believe that they're extremely handsome/beautiful when they're not. Luna knows that she's a fatty watty with cellulite and stretch marks and seems to accept it. Her fucked up body isn't related to her cowish nature (aside from her current foray into sex work, but even then she chose extralunchmoney because of her 'unique' look).

There's also a good and bad way to go about nitpicking, imo. For every person laughing at Momo's dimpled ass, there are ten anons going 'ewwwwww look at _____'s potato nose i'd kms if i had it' or 'omg she needs surgery on her chin' and other ridiculous overreactions to normal photos/facial features that seem like they're made by young teens who want to make themselves feel more attractive.

No. 403883

Spot on anon

No. 403884

i understand that it's kind of the name of the game on this website but it just gets repetitive and boring after a while hearing people say the same things over and over again about her looks when 1) she really couldn't change it unless she had a ton of money (but we all know that'd just go to drugs) 2) like >>403879 and >>403866 said, she knows she's unattractive so there's no point in pointing out her bad physical qualities when everyone, including herself, gets it. and 3) most of the things that are being pointed out and mocked are normal and a lot of the people who post on this thread probably have the same things (like stretch marks. even if you aren't fat you can get those lol)

No. 403903

>she knows she's unattractive
Uh, no. This bitch thinks she's hot shit. Just because she posts things like "im so ugly", doesn't mean that's what she actually thinks.. If she thought she was that bad looking, she wouldn't post as many selfies as she does. Calling herself ugly is just more of the ~*~uwu poor me~*~ aesthetic that she's going for.

No. 403905

ok guys well done but people will still talk about her body even if it is pointless nitpicking. i think because shes an awful person it almost encourages it
also luna thinks shes a babe even with her cellulite etc

No. 403910

she's mentioned before that "healthy foods" are "rich people foods" which is just total bullshit to anyone who's gone grocery shopping. she used to post cvs hauls of frozen pizzas and candy she'd get for herself and lurch and it would be one nights worth of food. cvs is overpriced as fuck but even at a normal store, buying exclusively prepackaged junk food is expensive as fuuuccck. buy some rice and beans.

No. 403914

everything i've seen her not post about has been fake organic shit (annie's mac and cheese in the background or those 'organic' noodles), so she has some sort of semblance of a rich palette behind the scenes. she just posts the junk.
she's literally a spoiled rotten brat with expensive new york taste.

No. 403918

meh. I think she takes selfies (including the body posi ones) because it helps her cultivate her image rather than because she thinks she's gorgeous. She's not like many of the other cows in that she doesn't try to hide her cellulite or mismatching eye sockets or her flab. Her imperfections feed into her junkie chic look, which is why calling them out every time she posts a picture ad nauseum doesn't make sense. She knows she has these features and doesn't seem to care, she mentions them herself, and she might even like how they fit into her style. She's totally comfortable with them and places a much higher importance on aesthetic than having a beautiful body.

No. 403919

Unfortunately we have a lot of people who started out on PULL 1.0 and migrated here when it closed, they're here to be bitches, not to watch/observe lolcows in the spirit of say, pixyteri on /cgl/s old days.


>If she thought she was that bad looking, she wouldn't post as many selfies as she does.
This is such a dumb argument. People who are secure in themselves do not need to post any selfies online, let alone ten every day with compliment fishing captions. It's not a sign of being confident, it's a sign of being insecure and needing outside validation. There are a ton of studies that show the more engagement a person has with social media, the less secure and confident they tend to be in themselves.

No. 403943

>and shes always alone shooting up in public parks.

Where did you hear that, anon? Been following Luna's threads for a while and was under the impression that she mostly shoots up at home.

No. 403971

That original post (>>403830) seemed really weird to me. Reminded me of a poem that Tuna would write.
I highly doubt she shoots up in public parks.

No. 403995

>he's always ODing
>she shoots up in public parks

Do you have the wrong thread or something? No evidence of any of that and you know she would have made some bullshit poetry out of that.

There was a story once of when she first finished high school (already dating lurch) and she had a summer job and she wrote on her drug blog how she was so dopesick at "work" (it seemed to be some community office that she might have done filing for, not actual hard work) that Matthew had to send a friend to shoot her up.

But yes please show us where she talks about shooting up in a park alone while she reads The Bell Jar or something.

No. 403997

File: 1498796823208.png (47.01 KB, 640x341, IMG_8865.PNG)

No. 404002

Nope, it was definitely her, I can't forget it. On tumblr sometime earlier last year she kept posting these depressed frantic posts about that sad disgusting old crackhead guy she loves so much and is like her only family. hes always so sick and slowly dying, she felt responsible for not being able to provide for or truly help him like he "helped" her (i suspect he just gives her drugs). there was a pic of the ambulance, her crying in the ER, and the huge bill and everything. she deleted everything within hours of posting, I guessed it was the embarrassment, but those went around in reblogs for a long time. She's always covered in a layer of filth and on her tumblr there was a pic of her doing drugs outside in the winter wearing a holey mini skirt with freshly open track marks on a swingset with a caption like "I can't even get high anymore but I'm scared withdrawal would kill me". It just made me wanna cry and I gave her the $5 even though I knew she would just use it for more drugs. Is that enabling?

No. 404005

And her body may look a little bit gross and worn and aged from the drugs, but I don't see why that's something to laugh about. She's just a sad woman with absolutely nothing going for her, what's there to gain in making her more miserable?

No. 404009

Have you all forgotten that she has her own fucking name tattooed on herself? She's a vain bitch, she just says that she finds herself ugly to get compliments. Also, she doesn't really want your advice, she just wants your pity and money. I have no sympathy for her, and even though I don't actively participate in the nitpicking most times, I think it's fair game. If she really wanted to get better, she wouldn't have dropped that therapy group as soon as she realized that it isn't fun to go through therapy.

No. 404015

1. That's Matthew's dad Roger, who lives with them

2. Wtf does that have to do with her shooting up in the park?

No. 404016

She vain, but she's vain about her aesthetic, not her body. She mentions her imperfections all the time rather than hiding them; she knows she has cellulite, we know that she has cellulite, it isn't something she's trying to hide from the world. Her imperfections are part of her 'poor and free' aesthetic (see gutterpunks for an example of a subculture that glorifies this). The people who point out the problems with her body are adding nothing to the discussion. The comments about her body flaws do nothing but clutter the threads with self-serving, childish garbage, usually in horrible tumblr-speak. Like yeah, we get that Luna's breasts are saggy. We've seen them and heard it a billion times already. Just stop.

No. 404025

He isn't an enabler he has health issues and cannot move out since he needs someone to care for him. He is also not on drugs. Poor guy just watches two junkies throw their youth away while he is old and sickly.

No. 404027

How much is known about him as a person and his relationship with Luna and Chief? Is he neglected? Do they interact at all?

No. 404032

okay can someone post a photo of her name tattoo because i keep looking and i only see "me" no "luna"

No. 404033

r u fucking dense. its in the first thread many times. u didnt fucking look
ban urself lolcow.farm/snow/res/55077.html#q164743

No. 404040

I feel like you're confused, which is fair Luna can be all over the place and cryptic. Her father in law type guy had hella health issues last year which was her main excuse for most of her e-begging when it was at its height. From my understanding he has some drinking issues and he and Lurch get in a lot of fights, but he's not a crackhead and it's not nice (I know this isn't a place where people come to be nice) to call sick old men gross.

And maybe she shot up in the park but I'm not sure she even knew how to fix herself last year. There's a park around their neighborhood that she and Lurch used to sneak around and fuck at before they lived together. I believe she was there with track marks but the majority of her shooting up always has and will take place in her bed.

Sorry for this maybe pointless blog post about past where when and why's of the tuna chronicles.

No. 404041

I never would have thought that by making the first thread that she'd become such a popular cow.

No. 404042

Thanks for bringing Luna to public attention. She's a beautiful trainwreck and one of the best threads on this site. :')

What do you think of her developments since making the first thread?

No. 404052

Oh. It was a post that I saw when I clicked her blog once.
>that reply #
Thanks for the clarification, I dont know anything about her or any of the side characters besides a few posts i've skimmed here and those tumblr posts from earlier 2016. I wouldn't be mean to any of them. I think they could really use some kindness. I just find a lack of hygiene to be repulsive due to my own personal germaphobia, i can't even expand and pics in the thread because my skin crawls and shudders and it makes me really nauseous just to see a stained shirt, its my problem. I'm sure she's just a sweet woman whose addiction has her spiraling downward with no way to get into a good rehab place. If they could get enough money for a facility program and keep a sober companion a few years, I think they could have a chance to get better and take care of Roger before he dies.

No. 404067

File: 1498812498508.jpg (16.15 KB, 560x315, Clipboard01eeeeeee.jpg)

Im really late for this, so sorry in advance but jesus cocksucking christ.
Whoever picked the OP image, chapeau my friend, chapeau.
In that pic she looks like one of those sex dolls…

wait, no… I have to take it back. She looks like a cheap, dirty, overused sex doll.
Unused sex dolls actually look better….

No. 404078

top fucking jesus cocksucking christ kek

thanks for the laugh anon
laugh you

No. 404081

that's actually super fascinating.

Go on medfagging (as long as it is connected to Tuna/Lurch)

No. 404092

I dont agree with you at all and Im confused so many else anons do.

Tuna seems to have some moments of clarities where she knows how she looks and has insecurities but then again she posts these ugly and unflattering pictures all over her social media accounts. Who does that? Who would do that rotting that deep in insecurities?

She might know her flaws kind of but at the same time She is prancing around like she is the Venus of Milo while being the most dirty and filthy junkie that Ive ever come across.

So I think this nitpicking could easily stop, if Tuna wouldnt rub her nasty looks into everyones face.

No. 404093


No. 404098

Jesus christ, I'm taking the bait. There's not much worse than slowly killing yourself because you have no restraint or self discipline. Fat isn't cute or squishy, it's ugly, severely unhealthy and overall unnecessary.

Didn't she list her looks as one of her top strengths in that DBT exercise? Why are so many people finding it hard to accept that she absolutely adores herself. Every single aspect of her life is highly coveted to Luna, from the way she looks down to the drugs she does all the way to the relationships she keeps/doesn't keep.

She thinks she's beautiful - she got a fucking polaroid and wasted all the free film she got with it on selfies. All her art work are weird alter-ego self portraits. She has a bloody shrine dedicated to herself with said polaroids & portraits. She's got her own name & me tattooed on herself.

No. 404101

to anyone still thinking she doesnt think she is the shit:
>but I actually think I look beautiful in this dress so fuck you
she has no insecurities.

No. 404103

wait wut, I don't go on /pt/ for a day an suddenly everyone's convinced that Luna isn't a narcissist with an inflated ego because she found ONE Flaw in her saggy tits? and we should be "nice" to her because "she can't change it"???
The fuck happened to this thread man…

This is 100% spot on tbh, I don't need to add any more.

No. 404108

no one said we should be nice to her lmfao

No. 404137

Late to the party, but she probably deleted it because that triangle thing on the right side of the cup is the top of a MAD device. It's the nasal spray thing for Narcan. Probably left behind by the medics.

No. 404153

File: 1498834074891.jpeg (140.89 KB, 702x1024, WYQC9176.jpeg)

>I'm sure she's just a sweet woman whose addiction has her spiraling downward with no way to get into a good rehab place.
>If they could get enough money for a facility program and keep a sober companion a few years, I think they could have a chance to get better and take care of Roger before he dies.
Nigga u wot?? Seriously, read through at least one of her threads before virtue signaling. She is NOT a "sweet woman." She talks shit about everyone once they stop giving her money or ass pats. She claims her dad is the absolute worst and yet brags when he buys her a new grandma bra or when they smoke weed together. She HAS been to rehab, but dropped it once she realized it wasn't a cool place to hang out with druggies.

Sage for rant and non-thread related pic.

No. 404154

all that post does is prove she read abt herself in the past, presumably when someone sent a link to the threads to howl

she doesnt read here anymore, dumbass

No. 404157

>by the medics
she had a narc set herself though

No. 404159

>she doesnt read here anymore
as little we can confirm she does read here, as little you can confirm she does not, cockhead
But mentioning it so recently I think she does.

No. 404161

>That reply #
Newfag it's called a GET. Jesus.

No. 404164

Why don't you guys understand that people who are narcissistic actually hate themselves? I thought everyone on here would understand this considering we have a thread on king narccuck onion.

People who overshare on social media are not secure. It is not a sign of confidence, it's a sign of needing attention. Deep down, luna knows she's shit, and that's why she posts so much. She doesn't have any internal self worth and relies entirely on people giving her compliments to feel good.

I don't understand the argument
>She wouldn't post so much if she didn't like herself!
No one who likes themselves posts on social media as much as luna does. It's been shown over and over again that the most confident and happy people don't even have social media.

No. 404181

>no way to get into a good rehab place. If they could get enough money for a facility program
what am I even reading?
You clearly have missed out her recent mental healthcare vacation where she was driven to the facility with a car all for herself.

she blew it up as soon as she realized it's work and not 24/7 ass-patting.

No. 404182

what about >>404101
>Im so beautiful uwu

No. 404187

It's trendy to be ~body posi~ and have massive self confidence even if you're conventionally ugly right now. Especially if you're not conventionally attractive, actually. It's the in thing with the group she wants to be part of. I don't see how you guys don't get that she's working that angle hard. She wants to be seen a martyr and a hero for defying unconventional beauty standards and seeing worth in herself when society doesn't.

She doesn't actually believe any of that shit. Like, no one in the body positive movement does thinking about it actually. It's full of people who know they're ugly, and use the movement as a vehicle to get praise and attention.

No. 404192

>wait wut, I don't go on /pt/ for a day an suddenly everyone's convinced that Luna isn't a narcissist with an inflated ego because she found ONE Flaw in her saggy tits? and we should be "nice" to her because "she can't change it"???
The fuck happened to this thread man…

Way to completely misinterpret what everyone said and drag it to its most ridiculous conclusion.
This, every fatty/uggo on tumblr takes selfies pointing out their flaws and talking about how they look beautiful and fierce in their clothes or whatever. It's all a lie, of course. It's just trendy to pretend that you like your flaws and nasty body.

No. 404197

This thread has gotten so weird. Hopefully Tuna posts something mildly interesting soon so we can all move on and get back to business.

I think sometimes people can get nitpicky about Tuna's body like especially with her saggy boobs (we get it!) but also she's trash and every time I feel the slightest bit of sympathy for her she does something spoiled and awful like her whole "I'm starving" posts pics of all her 'cheap' clothing items she just bought
Maybe I'd feel more inclined to defend her body if she wasn't an all around awful human but she's a spoiled, entitled, lazy, selfish person.

No. 404199

>This, every fatty/uggo on tumblr takes selfies pointing out their flaws and talking about how they look beautiful and fierce in their clothes or whatever. It's all a lie, of course. It's just trendy to pretend that you like your flaws and nasty body.

Thank you! This is Luna to a T. She desperately wants to be inspirational, she wants to leave a mark. Pretending she loves her gross body as it is, is a really easy and lazy way for her to fish for compliments. People will tell her she's making some massive statement against mass media standards and beauty conventions by being ~proud of her flaws~

No. 404237

she has a "me" tattoo as well as a tarot card inspired "luna" tattoo.

they do seem vain but to be fair, she did get them years ago, before she turned into the grimy junkie she is today. at the time she got them (i've been following her since like 2011-2012), they seemed really clever to me. i can't really recall her scamming people for money and whatnot at that point. she was just a young girl who mentioned her abusive mother and stuff and i think most people just thought of the tattoos like "oh she's got such amazing self confidence! i'm inspired!"

but years later here we are, and they just come off as blatant vanity.

No. 404238

can you imagine how infected those tattoos would be had she gotten them nowadays??!

No. 404254

I wonder how her "hell" stick n poke is holding up

No. 404259

File: 1498848957043.png (115.47 KB, 750x837, IMG_3662.PNG)

No. 404267

>I'm so hungry
Bitch you just got sent food and bought yourself a McFlurry. Stop stuffing your face with cheap desserts and actually buy a dollar box of rice or something and make a few meals.

No. 404268

Medfag speculation: there's a phenomenon in temporal lobe epileptics called Gastaut-Geschwind syndrome. It's defined as

- hyperreligiosity (check: she's not 'religious' per se but obsessed with religious symbolism and language),
- hypergraphia (possible),
- reduced sex life (ya), and
- circumstantial speech (yeah, she rambles).

Now, you can have temporal lobe epilepsy with only absence seizures, which are hard to distinguish from nodding off, besides, sea creature is out of it half the time so wouldn't notice anyway. Plus, the shitload of benzos she's taking might actually inhibit seizures. She might have had seizures she only registered as emotional changes, and started to self medicate with benzos,

Sage for speculation.

No. 404270

File: 1498851107944.png (1.06 MB, 1231x774, luna2.png)

poor girl, it already starts to show

No. 404274

the lack of food, that is

No. 404275

or its the heroin?

No. 404280

Huh. She's desperately sucking in her stomach in that picture.

No. 404285


They're not mutually exclusive. :)

No. 404289

> poor girl
She does it to herself. Get out of here with your misplaced sympathy and go volunteer for actual poor people.

No. 404293

exactly what i was getting ready to post.
fast food is very much a luxury if you're someone whose struggling financially. the money she keeps spending on trash could pull in a treasure trove of groceries at aldi's or dollar general or something.

No. 404296

youre right she just screams Gastaut-Geschwind syndrome

No. 404299

I was joking.

No. 404318

That's a pretty skirt, did she get it off Amazon as usual?

No. 404320

yeah she's got that new "buying groceries is too expensive" mentality, when a $5 big mac could easily be cans of beans, a bag of frozen broccoli, and some brown rice that would last her at least a week. even a bag of potatoes is cheap, you just have to put in effort to cook them.

my dad never cooked and thought he was saving money by eating exclusively fast food, but between family members that's $30 every meal, every day. versus $100 on groceries every couple weeks.

and it's not like she doesn't have the free time to learn how to cook.

she's just lazy and used to being treated to taco bell and red barron pizzas.

you can tell she isn't used to being ~poor~ because she thinks $25 for a skater skirt when you can easily find one for $3.90 at forever 21.

No. 404321

^^^ *$25 is cheap

sorry i can't type.

No. 404323

H&M she got it years ago

No. 404324

offer to boy the skirt for $$$

No. 404343

File: 1498859939059.png (167.65 KB, 750x1079, IMG_3670.PNG)

>someone buy me this I NEED it
>buy my $1000 paintings I'm STARVING

which is it girl?
She's so insufferable.

No. 404359

File: 1498861357072.png (148.39 KB, 750x750, 1493908884059.png)

confidence and happiness =/= self-worth, she thinks she's hot shit even if she does the shallow "lmao I hate myself" crap. She thinks she's a perfect ~broken princess, and all her problems are because of other people. (OTHER THAN HER BOOBS, seriously she's only ever "hated" one part of herself)

She's poorfag because her "mother stole thousands off her" she's hungry because "the food banks give stale cereal" she's not talented because "nobody appreciates her art"

She thinks she's pretty much perfect, and having one thing about herself she doesn't like won't convince me that Tuna is a ~dark twisted individual full of self-hate. She clearly doesn't fit that image, and she's trying to make herself appear like that but it's 100% fake. Pic related, it's a call-out post from one of her old friends, seeing as people in here seem too newfag to know Luna's ways.

There are people here who've known Luna for 3+ years, but clearly the newfag armchair psychologists know her better.

No. 404363

Slightly off-topic, but why are people like Luna beginning to nostalgize the early 2000's now? It's one of the worst time periods in contemporary history, and the fashion/pop culture was godawful.

No. 404364

samefag to point out Chey's sage wisdom

>It's just given them an excuse to never self-crit beyond "lmao I hate myself I want to die I'm the worst"

How come it's nitpicking if we call Tuna's tits sad, but it's deep self-hatred if Tuna does it? She has 1 million more serious things on her plate, why focus on something so shallow if she's able to self-criticize?

No. 404368

So… she uses her mom for her fucking foodstamp card. What a grimy cunt.

No. 404371

She uses her Mom's foodstamp card, their own foodstamp card, AND takes food from her local church.

She gets 3x the amount of food people in her situation get, and she still whines and e-begs for more. Now I see why she's fat.

No. 404372

She probably wrote that ten minutes after eating something.

No. 404376

File: 1498863293315.jpg (334.31 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_osdqzpfWXX1w3kwovo2_128…)

>bury me in this slip #me (from her tumblr)

She about looks ready for burial, tbh.

Darker lipstick is better, but I can't place what's wrong… It's like her face is melting? Her face is starting to age as fast as her body? I dunno, this does not look like a picture of a 21 y-o to me.

No. 404390

i can't really place what is wrong either, but her face looks so much older than she is. she doesn't have wrinkles or anything like that, in fact she'd probably have nice skin if she washed her face, but something about it looks so old. maybe it's the weird smirk she's making lol. and obviously the drugs are probably aging her faster

No. 404407


i'm with luna on this (even tough she doesnt mean it). Tumblr is a cesspool of coddling and muh mental illness

No. 404409

Luna didn't write this, her friend wrote it ABOUT her. I didn't make that clear in the post, but it was posted like 4 threads back.

No. 404410

File: 1498865615201.jpg (1.91 MB, 397x169, OOSI1D3.jpg)

this place is just as bad as tumblr

No. 404422

Yeah but at least it's not as sad as r9k, amirite?

No. 404425

last I checked we banned people for ~muh mental illness blogposts and namefagging, it's kinda hard to get coddled on an imageboard when everyone's anon and you don't have an identity. Some of the posts in /g/ are a bit cringey, but it's nothing compared to Tumblr. Plus we don't encourage that behaviour by dumbly donating money to drug addicts.

50% of the people here regularly use tumblr anyway, it's not like websites are mutually exclusive. They're very different beasts, and there's no point comparing

I'm too stupid to work out how to scroll thru Tuna's previous likes on Tumblr, but that Draco Malfoy crap reeks of bullshit to me. She liked some autismo essay about "what it'd be like dating draco as a non-slytherin" yesterday, it sounds like she made this up after reading it. I've never heard her make a reference to ~Draco or Harry Potter before now, I guess she's trying to fit in with the nerd side of Tumblr.

No. 404428

i wish she'd buy some fucking cheap store brand baby powder to absorb some of the grease in her bangs.

No. 404440

File: 1498867005645.png (237.39 KB, 750x1204, IMG_3672.PNG)

Poor Pat fucking gets her everytime. I wonder what @rlyblonde really thinks about all that. I wonder if either of them have been to her home. Her friend is on social media she must see what goes on. And her mom just gives and gives to Luna.

No. 404441

Seriously though that's what I did when I was poor and didn't have good hygiene it's the easiest way to keep from washing your hair (for like a week.. not months, and even then, I admitted I had bad hygiene)

No. 404446

File: 1498867367635.png (153.35 KB, 720x480, Screenshot_2017-05-19-00-14-15…)

is pat actually rlyblondes mom? i thought pat was the cancer survior that luna met at her old job. pic related

No. 404447

Same Surname as far as I can tell, so potentially related?

I can't find any reference of Pat on Rlyblondes social media but who talks about their mum on Instagram lol

No. 404450

okay I just stalked Pat's facebook like a creep, she's got her photos public and has a blonde daughter who looks a lot like @rlyblonde. Not posting here because it's not hard to find Pat's social media, if you don't believe me go look.

No. 404459

Lol this is the first time I've looked at Pat's Daughter's social media, does Luna keep namedropping her because she's jealous of her ~talent and friends?

She's a photographer and writer who's had some success and has friends who enjoy her company. It seems like she's everything Tuna wishes she was.

Have we ever seen rlyblonde respond, other than that obligatory "like" on that post? She might be fully aware of how fucked up Luna's life is, and just pities her from afar.

off-topic as shit, but I just read something about how rlyblonde had to sell like 1000 girl scout cookies before her parents got her first camera. Pat bought Luna $1000 worth of college supplies just because? I'd be fucking raging haard if my mom was spoiling some random addict while I had to work for my gifts.

No. 404460

>How come it's nitpicking if we call Tuna's tits sad, but it's deep self-hatred if Tuna does it?

Well, I see it as nitpicking because it's not funny, boring and over talked about. We all know she has saggy tits, it doesn't need to be pointed out every time a new pic is posted. and I've always thought and said she hated herself before the tit thing, it's not that people are suddenly jumping to this conclusion now, it just started a discussion about it.

You can be vain without actually liking yourself, as well. I agree that she's hella vain.

>She has 1 million more serious things on her plate, why focus on something so shallow if she's able to self-criticize?

She is mentally ill and on tons of drugs all day long? Focusing on something shallow is doable in that kind of state. Plus she gets asspats for being cyberbullied by a mean forum lol. If she genuinely confronted the fact that she completely and utterly fucked up her life, that everything is her fault and she really just sucks as a person inside and out, she'd probably have a massive breakdown. She just numbs all of these feelings with drugs.

Actually, maybe you're right then. She does think she's hot shit most of the time but it's because any internal self criticism is quieted by the amount of drugs she takes.

No. 404470

File: 1498869305999.jpg (49.34 KB, 604x403, IMG_5074.JPG)

yes, Carina Allen aka rlyblonde is Patricia Allen's daughter. Carina/rlyblonde has been friends with Luna since high school, and if you go on her facebook she has a shit ton of photos with and of Luna from 2011 - current day.
pic is of Luna from 2011 off of Carina's facebook

No. 404473

Oh no, she was pretty :c

No. 404475

She still is, she just hides it under unimaginably thick layers of makeup and grime.

No. 404477

File: 1498869837090.jpg (79.92 KB, 960x640, 72408_10200832940527879_201864…)

Huh… What happened? They were friends in 2011, but now nothing? The last pic of Tuna on her fb looks to be around 2013.

Rlyblonde seems really outgoing, I couldn't see her hanging out with present-day heroin-goblin Luna.

imo the drugs are starting to have long-term effects now. She could have bounced back before, but I think the 4 years of nearly daily heroin use is starting to cause her permanent problems.

No. 404479

This is Luna? are you kidding? She looks like Emily Browning here. What a waste.

No. 404480

File: 1498869925566.jpg (225.58 KB, 1174x1768, IMG_5075.JPG)

she used to have what seems like an interesting life with a lot of friends. i know we all hate luna, but i feel a kind of sad nostalgia for her looking at Carina's pics of her. if i were her, i would miss that

No. 404482

so is the cancer survivor a different person?

No. 404483

no, the cancer survivor is rlyblondes mother…

No. 404485

Yeah, it sounds like Pat isn't the Cancer lady. Imo, that 50-year-old friend story sounds made up. Who is gonna drop all that money on some kid they barely know? Tuna said it was a co-worker from an old job, and wed all know tuna hasn't stayed at any job for very long, so its not like they had time to become good friends…

No. 404487

File: 1498870333553.png (110.47 KB, 750x913, IMG_3676.PNG)

She posted that they hung out a few times I think they spent New Years together? This is a photo of them together

No. 404489

It doesn't surprise me that her social life suddenly died after she got with Lurch.

Luna turned 18 in 2014, got with Lurch, and suddenly lost all of her social life and friends. I don't think that's a coincidence, party girls don't really want to hang out with a thieving heroin addict and their 35 year old boyfriend.

No. 404490

i think it might not be? if it was idk why she'd call her "my old coworker" and not "my friends mom" and i also see nothing on Patricia Allen's facebook about her having cancer.

No. 404492

File: 1498870370199.png (238.86 KB, 749x1102, IMG_3674.PNG)

And here she is supporting her overpriced trash.,

No. 404493

File: 1498870532787.png (170.13 KB, 750x1069, IMG_3678.PNG)

No. 404495

File: 1498870709172.png (542.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3679.PNG)

On pat's FB l

No. 404497

File: 1498871350160.png (123.28 KB, 750x910, IMG_3684.PNG)

Photo dump of Vintage Tuna

No. 404498

File: 1498871363007.jpg (60.94 KB, 604x403, IMG_3683.JPG)

No. 404499

File: 1498871376305.png (753.7 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3682.PNG)

No. 404500

File: 1498871392014.png (190.11 KB, 750x1028, IMG_3681.PNG)

No. 404501

File: 1498871406182.png (126.93 KB, 750x988, IMG_3680.PNG)

No. 404508

She went from that to this >>404376 in under 4 years…

Her eyes look so hollow now. That's the first thing I notice with Vintage Tuna, the life in her eyes that was gradually extinguished by Lurch and the drug den.

No. 404509

wow look at how insecure she is about her looks

No. 404514

i dont want to bring back "nitpick tit" chat again but like what… Luna is UNDER 18 in this picture and still has a tit flap?

I mean it IS nitpicking in this picture, she looks nice otherwise, it's just weird to see that they've always been like that? Even before all the tats, heroin, and dramatic weight loss.

I guess she was just born with really bad genes, I feel sorry for the Luna in this picture knowing what she'll become - this teenager deserved better.

No. 404519

aww, I really like these

No. 404520

she has naturally sagging boobs. i don't think it's uncommon but yeah it seems like something she was just born with

No. 404521

Little Tuna looked so much better, holy fuck. Her drugs really made her gross looking..

And this >>404501 deadass looks like something from NYLON magazine.

R.I.P. Little Tuna.

No. 404522

>>That overdrawn upper lip


No. 404524

This is actually good. Go back to doing arty shit like this Tuna.

No. 404525

Looking through her older pics it's seems her weight has been yo-yoing for years, even before the heroin. I'm really not surprised she has sagging skin and stretch marks etc tbh. Ofc good nutrition and exercise can help loads with the skin but I doubt Tuna gives a shit about all that, doesn't go with her ~aesthetic ~

No. 404526

We've all seen how dirty her mirror is lol

No. 404527

Did Luna write this? I thought she's never had a job?

No. 404528

She had a job painting a mural or someshit at a school and got the boot when she was caught rummaging through bags.

No. 404529

i'm rustled
her complexion really isn't bad. her freckles are nice. at most, all she needs is maybe a simple winged liner and a lip color that actually compliments her skintone.

No. 404530

She had a summer office job in high school and the summer after.

No. 404533

But is rlyblonde's mother Pat or the cancer lady (or is Pat the cancer lady)?

No. 404536

I know right?? She was so cute!

No. 404538

i'm guessing Luna knows two different Pats. one Pat is Patricia Allen, the one who is rlyblonde' mom who has also been buying her groceries and shit. and the other Pat is the woman with cancer. but i don't know. i just don't think rlyblonde's mom is the same pat as the cancer pat, i haven't seen anything that would insinuate Patricia Allen once had cancer or worked with Luna

No. 404542

this was written on her old drug blog I think, makes sense that she didn't want to bring her real life friend into it and vague up her connection with pat

No. 404543

I agree

No. 404550

Does she think her roots look good?? I don't believe she's 'too poor' to buy bleach cuz she buys whatever she wants it seems and bleach is cheap
They look so fucking nasty.

No. 404560

Okay this is getting ridiculous.

There is only one female Pat on Luna's friends list.

Do you people think there are two different Pats BOTH giving her shit? Rlyblonde's mother and another Pat (the cancer patient)?

No, it's rlyblondes mother. There's only 1 Pat. She has Relay for Life in her facebook likes. She had cancer. Can we please stop being retarded?

No. 404564

i just don't get why she'd call her her coworker instead of her friends mom when she's known her as her friends mom longer than her coworker lol.

No. 404570

like I said here >>404542 , >>404446 was written on her drug blog back when she though she was being sneaky so it's likely that she was trying to distance herself from their personal relationship

No. 404573

ok that makes more sense then. guess that settles that!

No. 404619

Thanks for the clarification anon.

No. 404626


Luna, you used to look soOOo pretty.

Dark hair looked so nice on her…

No. 404627

same fag but lol Luna literally looked way more "nancy spungen/courtney love heroin chic" back before she was actually doing heroin.
Now she just looks grey and gross.

No. 404630

She was lovely. What a waste.

No. 404645

File: 1498881720116.png (910.35 KB, 1105x748, gross.png)

we will never stop being retarded. just like luna.

check out those dirty socks in the corner, and the weird drool stain on her skirt. her pictures are like i-spy but for disgusting shit hidden in the background. there's always something gross.

No. 404646

Because they weren't born in the 90s or were too young to remember it.

And bitches when she doesn't get gourmet free food. The personal pizza was too small, the cereal was going stale, etc.

>being friends with a scummy beggar druggie
>letting your mom spend her money on said druggie
>letting your mom waste her time driving said druggie around

My rage levels are rising. This is why Luna is such a little shit, she's spoiled and being enabled. All she has to do is whine on insta/FB and people come running with food and money for her.

No. 404680


I feel like Luna is one of those girls to drop everything and everyone once she gets a boyfriend, so that's probably why her social life came to a screeching halt

No. 404757

Honestly? I think Luna has been looking less awful lately, maybe even sorta pretty

No. 404766

This thread fucks me up. I feel so much pity and sadness for this poor girl. Sort of hits close to home, when I turned 18 I moved in with a boy and got really sick and hooked on drugs for 2 years. I left him and got better, never did I ever get as bad as Luna but it could have happened had I been complacent like she is. I hope she finds the courage to leave. I think there's still beauty and potential underneath all the grime and illness, I even like her art sometimes and wish she'd spend more time on her paintings instead of on drugs. Lurch should be in prison for destroying this poor girl before she even had a chance. Sage for blog post.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404776

You cryhard newfags are here in fucking droves today aren't you?

She was no prize prelurch and has had plenty of opportunities away from him

He didn't introduce her to drugs or get her started on them and he sure as shit didn't wreck her

This ugly cow soiled herself and continues to do so

You guys are acting like such enabling retards I'm convinced you're a troll

You've obviously not learned any form of accountability if you went through that and can still think Luna is some poor angel

Why tf is lolcow suddenly such a dirty hug box

No. 404791

>Why tf is lolcow suddenly such a dirty hug box
Preach it anon, this thread got 50x worse for whiteknight shit when it was moved to /pt/

No. 404792


there's always that odd one out who drops into the thread to wk, but the last week or so there has been a few shitting up the thread, and now this? tell me this is a troll.

No. 404796

That fucking dark hair on teddy's nose! Gross.

No. 404845

I thought that too at first (i've been following her since she was like 16, unfollowed for a while, then when i refollowed came back to grimy heroin luna). It's because her hair is longer and she's gotten thinner. That's really it. Everything else from her youth looks so much better. The light in her eyes, the freckles, the friendships, the cute babydoll dresses… She just looked happier…. I mean sure she was chunky and her hair was always mangled, but she was happy and that's much more important IMO.

I followed her at first because she was quirky and outgoing, i envied her life to an extent because she had masses of friends, and she'd go to shows and have group outings to mcdonald's and stuff. She was really kind when posting and answering messages as well.

Drugs and manipulative men really fuck you up.

No. 404888

File: 1498920079169.png (1.44 MB, 994x894, Unstitled.png)

wow little tuna was so cute and pretty… what happened?

oh right… heroin chic aesthetic happened.

No. 404893

So that's why she cack on make up? To hide those really cute natural freckles? Man, I really don't understand Tuna.

No. 404895

this makes me sad

No. 404898

This could honestly be used as an anti drug poster it doesn't even seem like a meme it's 100% scary real.
I wonder what she would do if she found this floating around Tumblr or FB

No. 404900

probably say something about how people hate drug addicts

No. 404902

no you idiot, she mentioned it recently because it was relevant and in context to her saggy tits. jesus

No. 404903

her fingers are surprisingly really thin for how fat she is

No. 404922

I feel like people should be able to have differing opinions about a situation without getting banned, js

No. 404928

I feel like people should learn how to sage.

No. 404931

So, given she had a temper tantrum over her dad last weekend, I wonder if she is going there this weekend or today to mooch, since she's apparently starving or something.

No. 404948

File: 1498931619594.png (963.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-01-12-52-09…)

they both look so grimy. i just want to hose them down ugh

No. 404953

A lot of people only know things about post-junkie Luna and think that it was the drugs that turned her into a bad person. Can't really blame them; the vast majority of pre-Luna discussion/posts consist of pictures of her and her friends, her upbringing, and her short-lived college career. How are they going to know that she was a cunt prior to getting hooked?
There hasn't been much whiteknighting, just people who are annoyed by young teens making the same tumblr-style 'ewwwwwww!???' type comments over and over again about shit we've already covered a billion times.
>I wonder what she would do if she found this floating around Tumblr or FB
She'd use it to martyr herself ofc. It's a pretty powerful visual tool, though.
Doubt she's desperate enough yet (let alone actually starving)

No. 404956

Chicken and egg: was Luna an asshole who started drugs and became even more of an asshole, or did she start drugs that turned into an asshole? A lot of what's wrong with her has little to do with her addiction - e.g. her desperate attempts at focusing everything into a mad scramble for sympathy (some bum died, so she wrote a story that made it look as if he had been her closest friend so people tell her they're sorry etc.) derive from her being an asshole, not from her addiction. Anyone who consciously wants to become a junkie for an aesthetic is already way deeply fucked imho.

No. 404957

I think she got a lot of positive attention before and gets far far less now and it's made her desperately crave more.

No. 404958


No. 404959

It seems like she was fucked up before the drugs, and that the drugs just removed any shred of humanity she had (as opiate addiction is wont to do).

Something that really strikes me about Luna is that she's completely vacuous. There's nothing going on behind the eyes that isn't related to aesthetic. She barely even seems like a real human being. This was true even before she got hooked on drugs and probably a big factor in why she chose to use. It doesn't seem like she was a bad person prior to heroin (though iirc in http://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com/ someone mentioned that she was super manipulative and self-focused even before the drugs), but she's certainly always been very, very, very, very shallow.

No. 404961

File: 1498934172374.jpg (49.29 KB, 400x400, 1144053.jpg)

We call glasses like Lurch's "pirikiikarit" in Finland, which translates roughly to speed goggles. They are usually worn by drunks and narcs that steal beer from small groceries. I feel like pic attached is Lurch in cartoon form.

Sage for OT

No. 404965


No. 404980

File: 1498938457209.png (804.51 KB, 720x1062, Screenshot_2017-07-01-14-45-33…)

you were right, she's back at her dad's, smoking weed as usual

No. 404989

File: 1498939322946.jpg (17.09 KB, 285x352, jazpn2n.jpg)


I just realized who he reminds me of, no joke– H.P. Lovecraft. So I guess Lurch really is some sort of eldritch abomination or something.

No. 404996

What was the name of her one fat friend from tumblr that posted a lot of selifes and was really into john waters??

No. 405041

Oh wow, she really doesn't have any principles, does she. Dirty rat only cares about stuff, drugs, and image.

No. 405043

File: 1498944187821.png (137.27 KB, 750x1084, IMG_3699.PNG)

Fuck her for romanticizing a dead person she never met and their mental illness that killed him wtf
I mean I know she does this with layne and Kurt cobain but it's even grosser that it's a dead family member she never met for some reason.

No. 405051

he looked cute
how does she know he had bpd tho

No. 405062


BPD didn't exist until the DSM-III in 1980. Worse, it was seen as a subset of schizophrenia for a long time and there is no way someone with BPD could have become a practicing psychiatrist.

Calling bullshit on this.

No. 405067

File: 1498945457099.png (615.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-01-16-43-08…)

i mean…i'm glad she's bathing but she should have at least showered first so she's not stewing in her own filth. yuck

No. 405074

He has lived in the house with Lurch before luna moved in to mooch. He just has health problems from old age and has declined after his last hospital trip. Lurch probably won't let him move to a nursing home as then his medicaid money would be reduced.
He is 100% an innocent bystander and is not the one going to get them drugs

No. 405076

Seeing the contrast between her dirty legs to the clean water is almost artistic. Good for her for taking a bath - now no one can complain that she used dirty water to fill the tub at least.

No. 405078

Damn, I didn't know I was just responding. I don't care enough to read months and months of gossiping

No. 405079

rlyblonde is the one seen in the old pictures, they used to be friends in HS together but she has definitely moved on to better people

No. 405081

Wow. Its making me even sadder to see how gorgeous she was. hope she could still get some beauty back after getting clean

No. 405083


Maybe she means bipolar disorder. That would make some sense if he committed suicide.

No. 405104

Poor guy. Maybe someone should call Social Services (who look after adults as well as children)… they might be able to get him into a home with adequate care so he doesn't have to sleep on a couch surrounded by used needles.

No. 405118


Do not tip the cow.
Plus, with the number of homeless people already out there, do you really think the social services would remove an elderly man from his own home?

No. 405124

>Do not tip the cow.
Calling in a tip about a potentially neglected dependent in a needle-littered heroin den is as much 'cow tipping' as notifying the IRS and CPS about Onision.

>Plus, with the number of homeless people already out there, do you really think the social services would remove an elderly man from his own home?

If the conditions are bad enough, yes, they can easily arrange for the elderly person to be placed in a home with adequate care. It happens all the time. There is a department in SS dedicated specifically to elder abuse and neglect with their own resources. They don't have anything to do with the homeless.

No. 405127

I dunno much about it, but isn't lacking a sense of self/identity a major part of BPD? I legit think she may be one of the few who says they have it that actually does.

No. 405130


if you aren't going to find out what everyone is talking about, don't respond.

anyway, I'm glad she and her dad made up so she could go leech some more shit off him. /s


calling bullshit on both the job and the condition. this is Tuna trying to color in the lines for herself - he was like me + this savior figure (psych)

No. 405137

That's a huge aspect of BPD.

From her posting Luna never came off as BPD to me, but the heroin could have pacified her, and an account from a friend of her's seemed to fit the bill. tbqh I wouldn't be surprised if almost every cow featured on this website has a cluster B personality disorder of some sort. Normal people don't do the crazy, attention-seeking shit that cows do.

No. 405139

It's like, the main aspect of BPD. Hence the "Borderline personality" it means you're on the borderline of having a real personality.

I think it's a big reason why she comes off as so shallow, why she appropriates aspects of other people's lives and stories so easily - she doesn't know how to be her own person without just cobbling bits together from other people.

No. 405174

That's not true. It was originally called borderline because the symptoms "border between psychosis and neurosis".
Sage for contributing to derailment

No. 405175

No. "Borderline" of psychosis.

No. 405184


God fucking dammit Luna, what happened to the "i'm terrified of him, I want this to all be over"

She's a waste of fucking space, all the sympathy and advice she gets is wasted on her. Someone took the time out to tell her how to get a restraining order on him and she ignored it knowing she was full of shit, and going to go back to his next week >>>/pt/402202

No. 405187

lol are we back to the "people who know nothing about BPD talk about BPD" part of the thread? I swear we did this a few threads ago

No. 405204

Oh really? my bad, I read this in a book ages ago.

No. 405206

For real this is annoying as hell I'd rather y'all talk about areolas and camel toe lips.

No. 405213

File: 1498958341391.png (240.85 KB, 750x1103, IMG_3710.PNG)

Double ew, the caption.

No. 405214

Do you think we'll ever get to see how bald Lurch is underneath those ugly hats?

No. 405231

I like that she acknowledges how bad the two of them look. I appreciate this self-awareness.

No. 405233

I'd pay a little money to see that happen

No. 405235

Holy shit, godcomplex-chan, if he isn't being abused and the house isn't falling apart, they aren't going to do shit. Quit trying to find an excuse to cowtip.

No. 405237


ooh my bad, thanks for clarifying

No. 405241


omg luna was so cute, i can't believe this is the same person

No. 405247

Ok can we shut up about little tuna now. There are like 10 posts all saying ~aw she used to be so cute~.
Yep, your post was pointless. We all realize that Tuna looked way better before she fucked herself up with drugs.

No. 405264

I would have guessed this is a caricature if you hadn't said anything…

No. 405269

hmmm I can see the similarity. Thanks for sharing anon!

No. 405271

>>She has a color photo of her grandfather when he looks to be in his early 20's?

Even if Luna's parents had her at 20, and her grandparents had her parents at 20 as well, this photo would have been from around 50+ years ago considering Luna is 21 now……..correct me if my math is off (I'm shit at math), but this doesn't add up to me…

No. 405275

50+ years ago would've been the 60's and color photography was more common than black and white then. it'd make sense.

No. 405297

Maybe my family are just poorfag as shit, but all of my family photos from before the 70s are in black and white. I didn't think it was mainstream until the 80s, it was still expensive in the 60s.

No. 405308

Is this the grandfather that would have been married to the Jewish Nazi-runaway Grandmother? Because something's not adding up to me. Is she ~Jewish on her Mother's side or Father's side?

>if Luna's parents had her at 20, and her grandparents had her parents at 20 as well,

Assuming this were the case, her Dad would have been born in the mid 1970s, and her Grandfather in the mid-1950s. That would place this photo in the 70s-80s which is reasonable given how it looks.

However, If her grandfather was born in the 50s, and her grandmother was alive long enough to have memories of the war that's a hell of an age gap. maybe I'm getting them mixed up and her maternal grandparents are older or something.

No. 405312

nah color photography was common in the 60's & 70's, i don't doubt that luna having a colored photo of her grandpa when he was young is possible. i have colored pictures of my grandfather from the 60's too and he wasn't necessarily made of money.
>>405308 i think luna's beloved war escaper, black panther grandma was on her mom's side.

No. 405318

no. anymore of this "boohoo im so sad for that purincessu" and Im gonna puke all over lolcow.

you can think that you can feel that, but it has nothing to do in this thread. if youre so sad, go to her IG, go to her FB, go to her depop, buy a painting and hope she doesnt OD. idk. I dont even care. as long as you dont write about your mimimi in this thread.

No. 405320

and her dad's appartment that ~hopefully~ will soon be hers.

No. 405321

Am I the only one who is grossed out by how her toes look like a little hand?

Ive actually never noticed it. I know it's nitpicking, it's nothing actuallay but it weirds me out so much right now.

No. 405335

lol she's got long monkey toes, tbh so do I (it's not massively uncommon), but they do look weird. That's why I don't take pictures of my feet and put them all over IG…

I was more grossed out by the specs of grime all down her right leg, there's no way they're scratches, they look like dark splodges of mud.

No. 405341

well no one should take pictures of their feet and even less put them all over social media. didnt know monkey toes were that common. hers really look abnormally long. but then again Ive got stump toes.

No. 405354

i didn't notice til you brought it up and oh godddd. her toes look like little fingers.

No. 405374

You know. I'm genuinely surprised by how (seemingly) clean her bathtub is.

No. 405375

It's her dads.

No. 405389

Tinfoil, but what if she was part of the Monarch project?

No. 405400

MKULTRA was halted in 1973, anon.

No. 405436

oh good lord

No. 405443

h<aaaaaaaaahahaha shiiiiiiiiiiiiit

No. 405478

File: 1499002473173.png (170.74 KB, 712x1078, IMG_3714.PNG)

lol why tho

No. 405480

man, she'll really cling onto any celeb involved w drugs

No. 405482

File: 1499002736445.png (224.38 KB, 750x1105, IMG_3715.PNG)

lol why the receipt photo? To nest in s photo of a couple xanax (blue footballs tho which she never seems to have)?

No. 405488

If anon would have posted this whole pic, you would have seen that she posted a phone number (either hers or her dads) and her dads address. Way to go tuna.

No. 405494

why does literally everyone supposedly buy her everything? there's always some stranger who buys her something because she's counting change, or someone (not even just pat) buying her groceries, or someone buying her some shit she doesn't need. i need to move into her or her father's neighborhood if the community is full of people who just buy strangers things. the only way i'd believe that random people irl are always buying her things is if it was because they thought she was homeless. (sorry for my english)

No. 405502

I wrote an autismo essay about this like a month ago >>>/snow/328018 but tl;dr

>IMO, she doesn't want people thinking that she's able to buy herself things. She specifies where she got everything to make 100% sure nobody thinks she got it with her own money, because ~she doesn't have any money to spend on food, and needs your donations, also buy a painting.

>lies about where she got some things. I refuse to believe someone keeps buying her shit at Dunkin' Donuts. She's going there to waste her own money and she made up grand stories about Samaritans so that her dumbass userbase don't know she's spending her own money on dumb shit.

No. 405508

File: 1499007277236.png (129.54 KB, 750x465, IMG_1145.PNG)


This comment under the receipt picture… I laughed for a good 10 minutes. Anorexia?? Oh Tuna is definitely eating plenty.

No. 405537

Yeah right – "a stranger bought it." Come on Luna, we all know you have sticky fingers.

No. 405539

File: 1499011321259.png (593.34 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20170702-120009~2.p…)

I feel nauseated.

No. 405544

File: 1499012105339.png (867.01 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3717.PNG)

Ew god these are gonna be sooo filthy imagine her wiping her ass with those during a withdrawal and never ever washing her hands.. I'm gonna puke

No. 405548

File: 1499012318018.png (173.35 KB, 750x1059, IMG_3718.PNG)

>for when I'm having a panic attack

And you need to take 20 mg of xanax?? That's literally what drug abuse is why does she try to hide it. She loves being an addict.

No. 405557

god, she really has no concept of the english language.

No. 405558


Holy fuck her nail bed triggers me

No. 405559

These are 100% going to become magnets for Lurch hairs, cat hairs, blood, boogers, poop, and other fun stuff.

No. 405561

its like she's hacking off her cuticles because she knows nail technicians remove them, but she has NO idea how to take them off properly.

Her hands are making me clutch at my nails every time I see them, they look so fucking painful

No. 405564

Imagine her scraping spilled, off the floor heroin into one of them after wearong them for four weeks straight then taking a fat sniff

No. 405565

File: 1499013614650.png (106.58 KB, 750x983, IMG_3719.PNG)

I know it's the 3rd pic but they're sooo fuckin cringy!!

No. 405671

File: 1499025364317.png (273.43 KB, 750x1077, IMG_3729.PNG)

Tuna wears a bra! Hell must have frozen over too.

No. 405672

File: 1499025443429.png (244.92 KB, 750x1104, IMG_3728.PNG)

Ok I'm not one of the anons who normally says this but omg he is NOT real/alive. So scary!! People hit on him? Is it possible he's just really really unphotogenic? I don't think so.

No. 405673

it's actually… weird seeing her wear a bra that fits and actually lifts her boobs up. it doesn't look right on her body after looking at pic after pic of her with no boob support

No. 405678


Bitch you wear short night gowns outside, shut up with this "uwu muh confidence so loooow" bullshit.

Why are her nails so wonky (?) I wish I could swipe a swab under her nails to check what germs and bugs does she hide there

No. 405681

Sage for no contribution whatsoever but holy fuck is Lurch hideous to look at

No. 405686

Why the heck is the area around her mouth that gnarly off greyish color. It's just one nasty thing after another with this one.

No. 405693

wtf is wrong with her skin? Did she forgot to blend her foundation? What even.
I think Tuna should abstain from makeup all together, that would be such an improvement from smearing it like an insane drugged up clown.

No. 405694

Ugh her mouth looks like a dry anus

No. 405702

File: 1499032668555.jpg (40.63 KB, 463x454, IMG_3730.JPG)

>>405686(sage this)

No. 405705

check out her bent arm where he abscess was.. still looks so discoloured like it wasnt fully treated

No. 405715

File: 1499035450445.gif (2.11 MB, 480x358, giphy.gif)

LMAO 10/10

Because she thinks she is so beautiful that people are pining over her and buying her shit. She thinks despite her filthy appearance her pretty face is a shining light.

No. 405753

Huh… Luna mentioned Lurch didn't like showing his teeth, so I assumed he'd lost his front teeth or something, but there's teeth there. Sage for nothing important it's just tripped me out.

Also Luna's lip shape looks really weird in this pic, it's not helping with her whole "looking like a MtF trasgender" thing. For srs, those sunglasses + the overdrawn lip, she looks transgender to me here. (I'm glad she's changed her nose ring to something smaller but HOW HARD IS IT TO KEEP IT STRAIGHT?)

No. 405777

Nobody said anything about people hitting on him?

No. 405799

Holy shit. She even look taller.

There are some caps in previous threads about Luna complaining because too many girls were too flirty with chief. Also, she always mentions that he was soooooo handsome when he was younger (aka before heroin)

No. 405804

She says people hit on him all the time and it makes her uncomfortable cuz "she's right there"

No. 405805

File: 1499047864119.jpg (41.75 KB, 268x418, Ft5wNQC.jpg)

I know it's been said, but DAMN.

No. 405809

But anon, people did hit on him, so much that he had to quit Facebook!

No. 405830

sage because this is nit picky af, but that is not a joint in the picture its a fucking cig dammit luna

No. 405850

File: 1499054321912.png (55 KB, 750x513, IMG_3731.PNG)

Bet you she begs for money for CCCs in the morning

No. 405852

oooo she's not done this in months!

>lists withdrawal symptoms as illness

Maybe one day we'll believe it

No. 405869

File: 1499057651157.png (3.59 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2347.PNG)

im fucking barfing.
her thumbnail looks infected more so than the last set of nails crammed under her cuticle

No. 405875

I feel like luna is doing this nail thing on purpose. It's okay if you disagree, but I think so.

sage for thought

No. 405878

what would be the purpose?

No. 405886

why is she wearing her false nails so far up her nails anyway? It must be painful, right?

No. 405888

File: 1499060273734.jpg (218.67 KB, 799x1066, areola.jpg)

This is super rushed but I had to

No. 405893

File: 1499060928545.jpg (241.13 KB, 1162x930, luna noodle.jpg)

another addition to her collection of tacky shit that attracts dust, cat hairs, lint, etc.
In her cup noodle pic there´s even a piece of chocolate wrapper between the ornaments, lol

Loving this!!

No. 405906

I agree with you. Maybe she doesn't have a long-term plan, but if her nail beds get infected then it fits her ~aesthetic.


Sage for tinfoil.

No. 405911

god i remember being obsessed with her at this point. i drew a lot of characters in this same outfit. wtf luna get your shit together…

No. 405928

I'd guess that's just her mind talking. Seeing other people interacting with your partner as a threat to your relationship is a Borderline thing, she probably takes regular politeness as people flirting with him.

No. 405936

File: 1499067954856.jpg (2.52 MB, 2988x5312, pv3DWqJ.jpg)


I can't help thinking of this every time i see lurch.

No. 405941


On rare instances, if I'm in a dire hurry (of the 'ward rounds start in five minutes, I haven't had a single bite to eat since yesterday 1600 and my blood sugar is tanking like Luna's mu opioid receptors' kind), and the person in front of me is taking utter eternities to count out $3.50 for a shitty sandwich or whatever the fuck they bought, I sometimes just pay for my shit and theirs so that I can go to work and listen to the Munchie crop of the day. So I've known a few people who try to game people in a hurry by doing this counting out cash trick on them. At the same time I have been pretty dubious of Luna's stories and I think that almost all the time, it's a cover for stealing.

No. 405950

Originally I thought the only excuse Luna could think of for stealing was she "found" it, but I agree with you now. She's not said she's "found" anything in forever.

It's like someone told her "finding" brand new items wasn't believable so she switched to an even MORE unbelievable excuse lol

No. 405951


On heroin, it makes sense.

No. 405954

I thought that you were probably exaggerating because it's Luna, but then I opened the picture up and holy shit that finger is fucking infected

No. 405963


yeah someone mentioned about it earlier but it seems like she's just hacking off the sides of her fingernails and not actually removing the cuticle…


i don't think it'll ever return to "normal" because abscesses trap bacteria and other debris in them and usually require opening and draining…

No. 406009

Jesus Christ how do you not notice your thumb is infected like that? Looks like her middle finger has a spot of redness too.

No. 406021

top kek anon, i love this.

No. 406027

god i know this is totally ot but can she not make her shirt cover her fucking bra?

No. 406044

She probably thinks it's a cute look

No. 406049

No. It's an Amazon shirt and it's way too small for her.

No. 406052

File: 1499101003376.png (196.05 KB, 750x1100, IMG_3734.PNG)

Oh no she's "cleaning" again.

I think it's so funny the way she talks about weed as if it fucks her up sooo much when she smokes weekly at her dads and before lurch got her on heroin she loved smoking weed everyday. Heroin, not even once

No. 406058

I'm not surprised or anything, but god damn that piece looks so fucking nasty, like you could get a lung fungus from using it.
Hope this bitch discovers rubbing alcohol and kosher salt soon.

No. 406059

This article just popped up on my feed

Luna is like, the prime candidate for testing this shit. half of me thinks she'd continue using for aesthetic though.

No. 406060

Right? Like I know it's old she's had it since high school but like.. it's glass, you can clean it? I bet every hit out of that thing takes a year off your life. you know it's got mold n cat hair in it.

No. 406068

There's no way she'd volunteer for that. At least not until she hits rock bottom, and she has a loooonnnngggg way to go.

No. 406070

File: 1499104496657.png (619.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-03-12-54-14…)

wistfully thinking about getting a job again. but yeah she's right, it won't happen

No. 406077

File: 1499106860218.png (87.62 KB, 750x534, IMG_3744.PNG)

It sounds exactly like she's talking about herself lmao

No. 406078

I feel like this would really kick up a hornet's nest if it were reposted in some group of impoverished black people who legitimately can't live with their parents for shelter, buy drugs, or afford to stay home all day.

No. 406088

>rich suburban white kids
Talk about projecting. Every week daddy buys her tons of shit and probably offers his home to her should she be evicted.

No. 406090

>once I finally get an office job
This bitch is so fucking entitled! What the fuck makes her think she's automatically getting an office job? Did she even do that well in school? She couldn't last a MONTH in college, she'd give up on a job instantly. Muh stress and anxiety and cotton-eyed joe knee…

I just can't get over Tuna's life sometimes. She just sits in her drug den telling herself she's gonna have a high-paying job and a posh apartment in the future, but she does NOTHING towards it. She just sits there assuming she'll get it with no effort eventually, like she eventually gets given everything.

No. 406094

this is so fucking funny, all the play struggle kids complain the loudest, it's the same concept of virtue signaling. like even if you previously thought she was a legit broke person she fucked herself over by posting this, now it's such obvious projection hahaha. honestly why does she do this.

she's only playing dress up as a heroin addict because she knows she always has a safety net. those are the kids that go the hardest, the ones that are so privileged they think nothing really bad is ever going to happen to them. but she's already ruined her appearance and job opportunities, so i don't know where this weird superiority complex for being "poor" comes from? even if her daddy does save her she can't just get a top notch face lift like courtney love. no one cares. she's already so fucked and doesn't know it.

Yeah but rest assured anon literally none of those things will ever happen. She has no education, resume, has a terrible appearance and attitude, has a record, and will always look like an addict.

she's not getting any younger, i wonder when she'll feel the need to finally drop out of the ridiculous pageant she has turned her life into, stop being a cartoon, and become a functioning human. or at the very least just admit to herself what a fraud she is.

No. 406117

It's almost as if she's fully aware that she's talking about herself but can't fully admit, so she's gotta fucking project with posts like this.

No. 406122

Didn't she post a rant almost exactly like this before? I'm having deja-vu looking at this.

No. 406124

She posts like one a week. She's so eager to prove how poor and deprived she is but can't resist posting all of the useless junk she spends her money on. If she were that poor, she wouldn't be wasting her money on useless shit all the time. She is fully aware she has a safety net to fall into and doesn't have to conduct herself responsibly.

No. 406131

lol I didn't even notice this. 1/4 of her bra is hanging out on one side. :|

No. 406133

>>makes you locked in on cleaning to absolute perfection

Is she talking about meth here guys? I thought pot and weed made people lazy?

No. 406135

If she's posting about cleaning, she's probably just done crack and is tweaking out of her mind.

No. 406136

>>Injecting innocent monkeys with heroin to try to help junkies who will just search for a different kind of high if force injected with this "vaccine"
>>Maybe 1% of junkies will opt for this, and will probably just overdose trying to "outdo" the vaccine

The Philippines are doing things right.

No. 406139

They wouldn't be able to overdose if the active compound in opiates is blocked. It'd have literally no effect anymore.

No. 406142

>so i can buy things i want

No. 406143

>>Office job

Try going to college, Luna. Even then:
>>track marks on hands and arms
>>tattoos on hands/fingers
>>terrible online reputation
>>can't even form a coherent sentence in her native language (English)
>>zero skillsets

Her entitlement makes me REEEEE

I mean, it's possible for her to get an office job eventually but she's going to have to make some serious changes.

No. 406148


Ah, yes, white privilege. Hmmmmm

>>Dad lives in Manhattan

>>Supposedly had $500,000+ inheritance and wasted it on drugs
>>I'm assuming family paid for college, even though she dropped out (has never mentioned anything about student loans or scholarships)
>>Uses dads credit card to buy useless Amazon shit
>>Could easily use the money spent on $20 "vintage" Etsy nightgowns or shitty furry slides on new sheets and blankets for the bed
>>Could ask dad for money to do laundry instead and wash filthy clothes and stuffed animals
>>Could easily use the heroin money on upgrading basically everything
>>Not shooting up heroin would save clothes and bedding from blood splotches
>>Annies mac & cheese and organic shit in background of "I'm starving" photos


No. 406150

Nah, I used to get stoned and it made cleaning more tolerable. I think it's somewhat normal. I don't think Luna's doing meth or will in the near future. Maybe once the crack stops doing it's thing for her

No. 406154

No. 406157

hahaha OMG! I love r/trashy, and always wondered how many members of the subreddit were also members of lolcow and vice versa.

No. 406162

Me! I'm surprised that nobody's posted her before.
I got a few PMs from fellow farmers, so probably a decent amount.

Also, if you guys look at the comments, a girl who knew Luna is answering questions; I directed her here, but I guess she hasn't posted.

Permalink to her thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/trashy/comments/6l0nhi/warning_junkie_grime_and_a_bit_of_blood_from/djqexuv/

No. 406173

File: 1499123081436.png (164.02 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3746.PNG)

…does she know what comes up when you google her name??

No. 406181


thank you reddit-chan for providing permalink, I am still a newfag to lolcow

No. 406182

No. 406192

No problem, welcome to lolcow!
Luna supposedly doesn't come here, but I wonder if it'll get back to her that a bunch of people are gawking at her on reddit. Almost 15k people have viewed the album.

No. 406197

wouldnt she like to be seen as some beautiful girl who tragically ruined herself with drugs because of her traumatic childhood etc

No. 406198

if she does find out, i'm worried she's gonna stop being milky for awhile again

No. 406207

Honestly this might be best for her. If there is no-one to admire her "aesthetic" then heroin and an older fucked up boyfriend probably won't be as appealing.

No. 406217

The vaccine makes it so your bodies immune system destroys the drug as soon as you inject it, which means you can't OD.

It's supposed to be for people who've already gotten past the withdrawal stage of giving up and want to recover, it helps remove the temptation of a relapse or stop relapses being such a huge deal.

I'd inject Luna with it on the sly though, just out of spite.

No. 406236

File: 1499131003053.png (213.07 KB, 750x1116, IMG_3748.PNG)

Omg where her nail meets her fingers is all black I feel sick

No. 406239

I think the filters making that look worse than it is, but it looks fucking BAD

No. 406241

yikes…you're right.
she's already aware that she has a bunch of 'fans' following her every move here; if lolcows hasn't deterred her then I doubt a couple one-off posts would. hopefully not.

No. 406242

nah, i doubt it. i usually smoke weed before i clean because it does make it more entertaining and easier to focus on. y'know, maybe if luna just got back into smoking weed all the time instead of being a junkie she'd be a little more productive (and less grimy).

No. 406245

>>Did you see my message?

Wonder if it's about the reddit threads?

No. 406250

What the fucking hell is wrong with her nails…? Is it old, dried blood from her fucked up cuticles..?

No. 406260

This is supposedly from earlier what could have she collected there since then? She's a filth magnet truly.

I've lived in pretty grimy situations in other times in my life where I couldn't control the common space or kitchen at all but I at least didn't let my bedroom or the bathroom get so gross that it looks like it could be on an episode of a haunted hoarder homes tv show. I'd like to find an old pic where they had a clean home/even just their bed and compare it to now but I don't think it's EVER been clean and I've been following her for more than 5 years. Sage- Blog.

No. 406276

File: 1499140090336.png (Spoiler Image,20.9 KB, 184x274, IMG_3748.PNG)

So I tried to "undo" her filter on this and I zoomed in that's why it's spoilered. Open at own risk.

No. 406277

Why does she act like everyone is either rich or dirt poor… She complains about being hungry than regularly spends $50+ on Amazon shit instead of food… Some people can live in big houses but still have to budget. Being clean and somewhat functional of a human being doesn't make someone rich & privileged. Using opportunities instead of squandering them doesn't mean being privileged. It's called not being a sack of lazy shit like you, Tuna.

No. 406278


No. 406283

Moving Luna to /pt/ was a mistake.

No. 406284

sage your shit please.

No. 406291

That fucking highlighter whyyyyyyyyyyy

She needed to use LESS, not smear it over her fucking lips!

No. 406380

I didn't have a hard time finding all this information on her. All I had to do was Google "Luna Slater" and the first result took me to an old /snow/ thread. First thing potential employers would do is probably click on that link and find out more about her current life than perhaps her own mother knows.

>tfw nothing about you comes up when Googling your name but then feel a little weirded out that people out there have the same first and last name as you

Sage for no contributions.

No. 406459

The first time she posted pics of her crazy bad hilighter al over her face she claimed that people at the hospital said she looked like "an angel" so she probably thinks it looks good. It's so awful.

No. 406469

I've noticed a repeating pattern with cows where someone makes an off hand comment about their appearance, which was probably more of a: "wow that looks fucking bizarre but I don't want to be flat out rude but am so baffled I still have to comment" comment. Which I assume is what happened with the angel shit. If anyone actually said that. She just misinterpreted it as a compliment.

No. 406473

i'm not sure how someone saying "you look like an angel" could be interpreted in any way BUT a compliment. i'm sure someone just said it to be nice.

No. 406487

I'm sure nobody said that. She makes that shit up and posts it so people can agree online and validate her.
Because in the way that Tuna behaves, I doubt random strangers would be calling her an angel/calling her pretty/ buying shit for her because she's oohhh soo pooooor.

No. 406491

I think half the time she actually does have the money to spend on bullshit (like magazines, dunkin donuts) but she has to keep up the ~uwu im a poor gurl~ shit so she says that strangers bought it because she was "counting change". She got that one magazine right after visiting her dad.. And im pretty sure she gets/takes money from him. Its not enough to buy dope, so she just goes and spends it on dumb shit.

Sage for speculation.

No. 406501

File: 1499187081128.png (185.07 KB, 750x1032, IMG_3757.PNG)

Too much rage to comment on this rn.

No. 406502

the shit. under. her. nails.

I audibly gagged

No. 406503


Please, Luna. Please stop with those fucking disgusting nails. They just seem to get worse and worse every time, from the smashed up cuticles to what looks like literal shit under those misshapen press-in monstrosities…they're nauseating.

No. 406506

ok yeah i doubt anyone ACTUALLY said it, but i think if someone did in fact say it to her, they were just saying it to be nice. not because they meant it as an oddly kind insult. but i think luna makes up a lot of the social interactions she has. not the social interactions themselves, but the things people supposedly do or say during those interactions..

No. 406510

If someone DID say it, its probably because they were shocked and startled by how hideous her makeup was and when caught staring, the stranger had to blurt out something "polite". Kek

No. 406538

I'm legit gonna ask the mods to put this in site info because this must be the three hundredth time I've had to explain this.

Google searches are catered specifically to you and your past search history. If you visit lolcow on the regular and you do a google search, google will bump lolcow and related sites to the top for you. Even if people in the same house as you visits a site it effects your results. It proves nothing unless you do it from a completely random computer.

No. 406544

it says 7 years, not 14. 14 would be XIV

No. 406548

Are roman numerals not often used in english/America? This is the thousandth time I've seen someone fuck this up, and it's always with the easy numbers under 40/XL

No. 406553

File: 1499197848953.png (840.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-04-14-48-37…)

looks like someone gave her more "free" stuff. sure luna, totally believable.

>>covering her top lip

No. 406557

They aren't used often, but let's remember that Luna can hardly form a coherent sentence. She's definitely the exception, rather than the standard.

No. 406565


i actually found out about lolcow by googling luna's name 8 months ago. i've been following her since her hipsville days and watched this trainwreck happen. when she deleted her blog and i hadn't seen anything from her in a while i googled her full name and the first thing that popped up was her thread on /snow.

sage for no real contribution but i had never visited this site until i googled her name, it's seriously the first link that appears on google.

No. 406570

Welp, that settles that then. Luna's going to have a hard time getting an office job (lol).

No. 406577

lol sure some random dude just gave her weed. not like she can admit to buying weed while also begging people to buy her super special 4th of july $150 paintings because she needs money for food.

No. 406578

luna people don't give out drugs for free ESPECIALLY weed. either you spent the money or you sucked some d for it.

No. 406596

Maybe the random dude is her father tbr

No. 406643

File: 1499214183408.png (411.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3773.PNG)

Why is she sooo annoying about this? Does she want heroin to be acceptable like booze? I could understand a lil if she was pushing for medical marijuana but nope

No. 406647

yeah but why would she refer to him as "some guy"?

No. 406657

So she didn't have to say her evil daddy bought it for her

No. 406664

>alcohol kills more than a lot of "hard" drugs
Bitch didn't you OD last week? Shut the fuck up.

No. 406677

It's times like this I'm glad I'm not on her friends list. How do people resist the urge to scream at her YOU'RE ON FUCKING HEROIN GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE?

I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure HEROIN has worse effects than alcohol. You only ever hear stoner retards echoing this sentiment, at least they have a point. Heroin isn't better than booze Luna, and the people you knew who died "mixing" alcohol WERE ON OTHER DRUGS.

No. 406686

alcohol is actually worse than most drugs. i think just because of how easy it is to buy and also get addicted to and then it leads to a lot of health problems but yeah its not like heroin doesnt harm you either

No. 406694

I can understand alcohol being worse than prescription meds and weed, but HEROIN anon come on.

Heroins like one of the few drugs where withdrawal is worse than DTs, it's way easier to accidentally kill yourself, and comes with just as many long term health risks as alcohol.

She has a point, but it's hypocritical as fuck that she's making it. She wants people to look down on alcoholics more than they look down on junkies (i.e. her), so she's just being judgy about alcoholism like she is with crack addiction.

No. 406696

>and comes with just as many long term health risks as alcohol.

isn't this purely a result of unregulated production, distribution and unsafe using practices, though? I'm pretty sure heroin is actually quite safe, where as regardless of how well regulated alcohol is it will pretty much always rot your liver.

Totally agree though, Luna needs to get off her high horse, she just wants someone to look down on. she has no one to naturally look down on though because she's the lowest rung of the ladder as a disgusting loser junkie.

And that's not a crack at everyone with addiction problems, before anyone gets offended.

No. 406697

the last time luna deleted her blog, before she remade the one she has now, i googled her name because i couldn't find her blog and i wanted to see if she had another one, her lolcow page was like the 3rd result and i read every single thread within a few days. so, lolcow may only be the first google results to people who use lolcow BECAUSE they use lolcow, but for me, someone who had never even heard of the site before, it was still one of the first results. people who google her name never visiting lolcow before will still see these threads.

No. 406704

>isn't this purely a result of unregulated production, distribution and unsafe using practices, though?
sage for off topic but yeah, if all heroin addicts were doing hospital-grade morphine, administered by a real medical professional, it would be a relatively safe drug habit.

But that just doesn't happen, there are just so many factors to street heroin that make it a dangerous habit. It's not the heroin that's dangerous per se, it's whatever it's cut with + addicts incorrectly injecting themselves. Even if it was regulated like alcohol and addicts got medical grade heroin, retards like Luna would still give themselves abscesses and diseases by uncleanly injecting it.

No. 406720

Alcohol will only rot your liver when taken to excess. Most people can drink without becoming addicted, while it's highly unusual for people to try heroin 1 or 2 times and not get addicted. The average person isn't going to lie, scam, steal, destroy their family and relationships, and prostitute themselves for alcohol, but heroin often turns people into thieving criminals. Not to say that alcohol isn't terrible as well, but the effect it has on an individual seems lesser than that of heroin.

No. 406730

Yeah heroin/morphine isn't particularly dangerous used properly, but those people are addicts. It's important to remember than anyone can become an addict to that shit too.

The point is, you will always chase a greater high. Even with an entirely regulated industry you would get ODs because they will always want more, just like an alcoholic wants one more drink.

No. 406776

Idk, you guys, alcohol is extremely toxic to your brain, not just liver. It leeches minerals from you just like heroin will leech calcium. Alcohol-induced dementia is no joke.

No. 406778

Also 20years of heroin abuse might make you sick and gross (hepatitis, teeth, etc) but not as gross and dumb as 20years of alcoholism.

No. 406782

We get it, alcohol is just as bad as heroin when abused.

No. 406796

yeah no. that's not how alcohol works. You have to overdo it for a lot of years to be as bad as heroin.
thatswhy alcohol addicts die in their 50s and 60s from livers disease while heroin addicts die from OD in their 20s.

No. 406820

>When abused

This converasation isn't even about Luna anymore. It sounds like a bunch of defensive heroin addicts and alcoholics trying to say who is worse. Luna isn't an alcoholic, so move on.

No. 406827

god, shut up about the addiction vs. addiction bullshit. you can literally get hooked on anything, from cocaine to coffee, weed to heroin, and even sugar. alcoholics suffer and so do heroin addicts–the only difference is most alcoholics don't think they have a problem because drinking is socially accepted.

sage for unnecessary blogpost.

No. 406828

shit fuck god dammit i forgot to sage.

No. 406846

You have 30 minutes to delete your post and sage a new one properly, anon.

No. 406857

But the thread is still bumped by the first post, making the repost unnecessary. Sage is supposed to be functional.

No. 406876

my bad, lolcow on iphones is very temperamental when you have stubby fingers like mine.

Going off of my point from earlier though, Luna naturally seems to have an addictive personality. While Lurch definitely helped her heroin addiction grow, I feel like even without him she would have ended up this way; dirty, addicted, and a social mess.

No. 406929

I still don't believe she'd be able to cop everyday on her own and she may have shyed away from that and probably develop a benzo problem like any other kid her age

No. 406932

benzo addictions quickly move on to heroin addictions, and i'm sure she'd be able to find ways to cop.

No. 406941

Luna is her own person without Lurch, as surprising as it seems. She wants the heroin chic look, she'll find a way to get it even without him. Plus, she lives in NYC, it's really not hard to find drugs.

No. 406946

before Lurch, she was e-dating a heroin addict she was willing to move across the country to be with. Then he went to jail and she chose a closer junkie to cling onto.

If she didn't have Lurch, she'd find another dude to get her heroin. Are dopehags a thing? If so, Luna's defo one lol.

No. 406951

I definitely agree with that but she would not last ALONE. I'd be interested to see how she finds her next ~daddy~

No. 406952

According to the girl on that one reddit thread who knew Luna, she and her friends were abusing a ton of drugs even before she got hooked on heroin. It's no surprise given that both of her parents abused drugs. Addictive behavior has a genetic component, and it was probably a normal part of her life growing up.

No. 406953

Nah, her type need enablers. It's pretty clear she wouldn't be that into it without Lurch. Sure, she would be stealing her dad's benzo, trying to con doctors or on the hunt for another old daddy druggie but I don't see her going alone into drug dens.

No. 406954

File: 1499282466308.png (286.09 KB, 750x1084, IMG_3777.PNG)

>same shirt

So she can admit to wearing the same shirt two days in a row but not the same raggedy dress for a month?

No. 406955

dude her Courtney Love obsession predates Lurch, she's always wanted to be on heroin. Lurch enables her, but she'd find a way without him.

No. 406956

other than the obviously fucked up lips, not a terrible photo of her tbh

No. 406958

If Chief goes to jail or gets probation, then she may have to. Or otherwise will eventually have to at some point. When addicts' junkie luck runs out and they begin to lose their basic comforts/necessities, they start to do things that they told themselves they'd never do. Nobody started out on heroin telling themselves that they'd do anything for the drug.

No. 406959

I wish this bitch would steal lip masks and not shitty fake nails.

No. 406962

She's perfectly able to stop shooting when she's at her dad's because he provides money. I've seen her kind in and out of rehab before. What they need is being totally cut from the other addicts and they are suddenly doing better.
I really think in a situation where Lurch would go to prison and she would be stuck with her dad, there would be a narrow chance to get her sober holding the fear of ending up in the streets over her head. Her problem is her shitty personality disorder, not drugs. And that's so much harder to fix.

No. 406963

File: 1499283415621.jpg (419.34 KB, 2048x2048, 3850BF1C-DCA4-4B78-8F8F-5700B0…)

Sorry my immidiate thought was that she looks like some fucked up donkey when she eats.

Honestly just rubbing sugar and (coconut, preferably) oil massaged on your lips does wonders and those are like two of her favorite food groups so

No. 406965

Her dad is/was, though. Which is why she probably has so much misplaced vitriol towards them.

No. 406996

File: 1499286509165.jpg (123.78 KB, 800x800, QHmyEpDYpN7pyDAVgg04ODprjVaBi6…)

Luna, you're a bigger oogle than any crustie I've met.

Actually she'd get along with crusties really well. They could all beg their parents for heroin money, neglect their animals, never bathe, panhandle, lift, and squat in a filthy ramshackle.

No. 407026

this natural light looks so much better than the awful low light flash selfies in her drug den

No. 407039

This would be fucking hilarious, I hope lurch goes to jail and she picks up a washboard to get in with a folkpunk band who'll feed her addiction. I know it'll never happen cause she's too stuck on the grunge scene, but imagine traveling kid Luna

No. 407093

imagine to run into this in broad daylight……..

No. 407118

it's the monthly discussion
>alcohol is worse than heroin
>no it's not
>yeah is
>what about when heroin is used properly
>repeat until dead

No. 407182

Lurch's court date is coming up in two weeks… wonder what he's planning to do?
What would he even wear to court.
>flash forward to Tuna taking a picture of lurch in a crusty old button up caption: Look at how handsome my fiancé looks for "work" today!!!

Sage speculation

No. 407183


honestly i think she's probably jealous of crusties in some twisted insecure way. it seems like it takes crusties less effort to seem "authentic" in their "identity" than it does for tuna, they typically have a lot more friends and mobility than she does, are sometimes good looking underneath all the filth, and don't tend to be fat sourpusses.

i'm not trying to say that crust punks are cool or legit, but i get the sense that luna harbors some kind of stupid bitterness towards them since she's territorial about her junkie loser aesthetic and the only person she has that appreciates it is herself and her cockroach looking ass pedo boyfriend.

No. 407211

I wonder if he'll wear one of his dumb hats to court kek.
But, I doubt anything will happen when he goes. He'll just ask the judge to keep postponing his sentence until he cant anymore, and then he'll just get a fine/probation.
It'll be interesting to see if Tuna goes with him. Imagine her selfies in the courthouse. It'll be like ~*~junkies big day out~*~

No. 407227

You can get a lighter sentence if you keep postponing it?

No. 407233

No, it just drags out the process so he wont have to deal with it until later on. Which is what alot of people do. And like many anons said, hes in New York, its just a possession charge, its doubtful he'll get jail time.
Though, if he gets busted again before he's sentenced he'll get charged with bail jumping which will make everything worse.

No. 407265

>he'll get charged with bail jumping
Nah he was released ROR, on his own recognizance, there's no bail. He'll be real fucked if he gets arrested/charged again before his court date though. I wish it was in queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan. I'd go watch that shit and try to contain my laughter. And yea, you're not allowed to wear hats or dope goggles in court.

No. 407286

She's bitter because the 'beat up 90's courtney love riot grrrl heroin chic sad bbygirl' tumblr aesthetic died like 5 years ago.

Finding an aesthetic that's up to date and compatible with a junkie e-beggar lifestyle, but at the same time won't risk her losing tons of loyal suckers, is gonna be hard and confusing as fuck.

No. 407289

Will he be getting piss tests throughout the process? Though I'm sure he'll be using someone else's pee pee if he can.

No. 407298

File: 1499313142162.png (190.93 KB, 750x1054, IMG_3786.PNG)

She went through hart seroquel script so fast, she was already getting 100mg which is a pretty heavy dose to start and was taking 400mg every night and now she's out she's so dumb she literally doesn't know how to use prescription drugs properly and this problem is completely self caused.
I take 400mg at night to sleep but that's because I've been taking it every night for 3 years and have tolerance. To other people that's incapacitating.

No. 407322

this is shit info. DT's will kill you because you seize. heroin makes you have a shitty flu where you vomit and shit your brains out and it's over in five days.

No. 407337

Does seroquel abuse have any long-term effects on the body and/or brain?

No. 407339

I've been taking mine for several years. I believe it's made me a bit stupid. And it is a BITCH when you don't have it, so I don't know what the fuck she is doing to herself. You feel absolutely horrible. You're used to that sedation, and not only that, but it feels terrible to walk around without taking it. The weird thing is I never imagined ever abusing it until I saw someone that did. What a fucked up thing to abuse.

No. 407340

Her eyes are so small. It's almost amazing

No. 407353

> And it is a BITCH when you don't have it

Great, so another thing for her to get hooked on.

No. 407378

Is her seroquel even prescribed? I remember some anons saying it's a very common street drug to junkies, to help withdrawal? If she's buying them off the street it explains why she's taking so many.

She's on dosages that are usually reserved for SCHIZOPHRENICS AND BIPOLAR, no doctor would let her overtake seroquel like that right?

No. 407391

>no doctor would let her overtake seroquel like that right?

Who even knows? Luna's doctor is clearly a fuckwit because she's either successfully hiding her heroin addiction whilst shooting up into her hands, or he's just outright ignoring it.

No. 407406

Or maybe she got a low dose from her doc and took just too much. Thats why she is empty now and can't go to the doc to get more seroquel.

No. 407409

There's always the risk of tardive dyskinesia when you take seroquel. The longer and larger dose you take the riskier.
It's weird that she's been taking this large a dosage and have not starting ballooning up, tho. Maybe she's lucky, maybe she's lying about it.
There's no high to seroquel. High doses like that to someone not used to it will just make you feel like you're passing out and need to lay down asap. It's not enjoyable at all like ambien sleepiness.

No. 407415

>High doses like that to someone not used to it will just make you feel like you're passing out and need to lay down asap
TBH I think she takes so much because she's not used to being sober. The high might not be great, but it curbs her energy and makes her feel like nodding out even when she's not got H. She abuses all the drugs she's given, no matter how much sense it makes.

I'm treading over old water, but Seroquel is used by heroin addicts to lessen the effects of withdrawal, it's prescribed for opiate addiction sometimes. It's probably better to sleep through withdrawal, and the "downer" effect of it probably reduces the symptoms even when awake.

>It's weird that she's been taking this large a dosage and have not starting ballooning up, tho. Maybe she's lucky, maybe she's lying about it.

Luna's weight yo-yos a lot, even now. She's been yo-yo-ing like 60lbs the entire time I've been watching her (beginning of /snow/ threads). Her weird dietary habits probably keep her weight in check.

I don't believe that Luna goes ~3 days without eating uwu~ often like she claims, but she probably doesn't eat much at all on days where she's e-begging. The junk food she shares on Instagram? Pretty sure she only eats that stuff occasionally. She probably doesn't have enough money for food a lot of the time, and binges on sugary things when they get paid. Junkies will choose drugs over food, and unless Pat's dropping off groceries EVERY WEEK I think she probably skips a lot of meals/doesn't eat that many calories a day.

No. 407416

I had no idea it was abuseable either until my junkie friend told me people use it to come down off hard drugs because it knocks you out and blunts the witrhdrawal. It's fucked your that even with an rx Luna is stil borderline bragging about misusing it (with her Tumblr posts about taking too much on purpose and etc)

No. 407442

seroquel doesnt make you high. it can make you feel relaxed and it makes you fucking tired. but it doesnt make you high.
On very low doses (25-50mg) it's used for sleeping disorders. In BPD cases it's often used to calm the crazy down with 25-100 mg. For schizophrenics it's used with up to 600 mg or something, because schizophrenics dont calm down on that stuff, because their brain is functioning different.

Seroquel just makes you tired and if you manage to stay awake it makes you feel a little weird. I would say it feels similar to weed, only the effect of happiness and bursting laughter that some might have doesnt kick in.

I think there are 2 reasons she is taking so much.
1) her system is full of god-knows-what and therefore there is no real prediction anymore as to how real medication is affecting her, how much it concurs together with all the other stuff, not to ignore her pretty much fucked up brain chemistry and
2) she is partly taking it against withdrawal symptoms.

sorry to say that anon, but youre addicted. You should get help. 400 mg is nothing a non-schizophrenic person should take long-term…

No. 407444

learn to use google my friend.


the higher the dosage and the longer you take it the more severe and more probable are side effects.

No. 407454

Same, anon. I'm pretty sedated always I don't remember what it feels like not be on it but it took me literal years to get here I can't imagine taking 400 off the bat and not be able to sleep. One of the 500 drugs in her system must make it less effective but it's a very heavy sedative. It's not fun tho either. Idk why someone would abuse it. She probably thinks it's the same thing ambien but it is definitely not. She's so dumb it's amazing.

No. 407455

That's what happened.

No. 407461

It's what's prescribed to me by a health care specialist aka my psychiatrist so I think I'm doing ok? It would be awful to get off of but I still exist like a regular person and sleep 8 hours a night thanks to seoquel. It did make me gain weight but I have that in control now. I can still do math problems and read books.. I just forget what I'm talking about sometimes
My body is definitely addicted to it I get that but it helps my mental illness and it also has antidepressant properties that help me.
Sage for this boring blog, I'm sorry.,

No. 407464

Not being sober =/= being high. Being under the influence of seroquel clearly has a noticeable effect on your perception of reality, my point was that Luna can't handle being sober, not that she's using it to get high.

> it can make you feel relaxed and it makes you fucking tired. but it doesnt make you high.

Also you could argue that being relaxed = high, so it's a weird point to make tbh.

No. 407472

psychiatry isn't an exact science, a lot of it is throwing drugs at a brain and symptoms and just seeing what happens to work, then trying to figure out how/why they worked

No. 407478

It's your choice, your body and your life, anon. But it's still possible for you to get off of it. You would have to lower the dose over months or 1-2 years under medical supervision. Dont just stop taking them. If you want to deepen the topic, let's move it to the vent thread in OT.

sage for OT

No. 407482

Moved to OT vent thread
thanks anon

No. 407507

was on a high dose of seroquel for schizoaffective (ended up going off and trying other antipsychotics) but basically i acted like a narcoleptic. i'd fall asleep in the middle of class without warning or i'd fall asleep during a ten min car ride. i was just constantly asleep and it wasnt a peaceful sleep either it was like dead sleep and i woke up feeling shitty. also like all antipsychotics make you gain weight but sometimes it's not more than 10 lbs or so so maybe between that and heroin thats why tuna's not gaining much weight?

sage for blog.

No. 407519

No. Seroquel doesn't have a 'noticeable effect on your perception of reality'. I don't know where you get that shit but seriously, it just knock you out cold. There's no high like in benzos, there's no euphoria like in ambien. You take it and either you are sedated if the dosage is mild or you pass out if it's too much. It's supposed to calm you down and turn you in a zombie. But again, it's not the sedation you get on benzos. It's not enjoyable, you feel shitty and slow. Nobody would take that to be high, you don't feel relaxed, ffs.
Source : I've been several years on that shit. Ranging dosage from 25mg to 700mg.

Some people don't gain weight. It's not the antipsychotic that make you gain weight per se anyway (it does kinda fuck up metabolism thp) but the munchies you get from it. I don't see Luna being able to handle them enough to stay at normal weight if she had it, she's always snacking on shit, it would only be worse with the quietapine generated ravenous hunger.

No. 407526

This is an important distinction; given her longtime love for drugs, tendency to abuse everything she gets, and unwillingness to go sober even when she's not on H, there's a good chance that Luna has 'polysubstance dependence' and is chasing the feeling of being 'not sober' by abusing her meds. The drugs she abuses don't have to get her high if that is the case, just do enough to make her feel a change in her consciousness (e.g. sedation, calm). It's common in people with untreated mental illness. Luna probably hates herself so much that she just can't handle being left alone with her sober self.

No. 407534

You're right, I wasn't thinking about it but it's probably easier to get forced sleep than to have to through shitty withdrawals.

No. 407554

>Luna probably hates herself so much that she just can't handle being left alone with her sober self.
Thank you anon, this is the exact point I was trying to make.

>No. Seroquel doesn't have a 'noticeable effect on your perception of reality'… It's supposed to calm you down and turn you in a zombie… You feel shitty and slow.
How is that ANY different to the point I was making? It's just different words to say "it changes you, you're not your sober self." Perception of reality = emotions, observations, how you perceive the world. "feeling slow" is a textbook example of your perception on reality being shifted.

Back on topic it fucking sucks that Luna's not done anything fun since her OD. I swear she's been updating less recently, I miss the 10s of selfies a day and the tweaking. Maybe she's trying to lay low because of Lurch's upcoming court date. The thread's fucking languishing in boring shit, DO SOMETHING INTERESTING.

No. 407632

She's going about messaging people (or am I the only one?) about making commissions to get her "father in law" his heart meds!

No. 407635

File: 1499381204011.png (276.86 KB, 750x1086, IMG_3797.PNG)

She posted about it too? Why private message me??
Pic related

No. 407639

You clearly didn't understand what that anon was saying. Not being sober is not the same as being high. People who've gone through a terrible emotional turmoil are said to not be sober, like hearing someone has died. It doesn't just mean not on drugs.

No. 407646

Do any of her followers believe her stupid lies at this point? I mean, even if Rodger has heart problems- the money is not going to that. it's going straight into their arms.

No. 407659

why doesnt she post these to tumblr or something and then link her shop like shes just asking her facebook friends over and over to buy stuff

50 dollars for some basic colour marker drawing are you kidding me

No. 407669

i have to wonder what she gets in terms of donations these days. i'm aware that sometimes people buy her godawful art but surely no one is actually stupid enough to directly fund her heroin habit

No. 407682

File: 1499392155230.png (39.11 KB, 750x283, IMG_3803.PNG)

This just in, Tuna is still a spoiled brat who hates her dad when she is the most insufferable person and it's impressive he hasn't ghosted your nasty sticky fingered trash embodiment of human being. Ungrateful entitled snot nosed brat.

No. 407690

does she even understand what dissociation is

No. 407693

Doubt it.

I hope her dad completely cuts her off at some point.

No. 407696

File: 1499394839029.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2373.PNG)

Bitch put some shoes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 407699

I wonder if she knows that her pricing is utter bullshit and that's why she always adds these long, drawn-out explanations for what the money will be funding.

"$125 is reasonable and think of how much you'll be helping Roger!!!"

No. 407713

Dude – if I can recreate it, it ain't art. I draw better than Luna, and I'm no artist. I wouldn't give you a quote for any of these.

No. 407714

Quarter, not quote. Goddamn autocorrect.

No. 407715

And I bet your Dad loves it when you eat his food, smoke his dope, take his benzos and let him buy you stuff, then turn around and trash him all over the Internet. Luna, you are one entitled cunt.

No. 407731

She is on government assistance? Is this old news and I'm retarded or is that new? I'm surprised she qualifies for SNAP benefits.

No. 407753

She talks about her stamps from time to time, but I think she sells them as soon as she can. That's why it's always so hungry omg haven't eaten in months, when in reality it would take a couple of weeks to feed the three of them.

No. 407754

tbh I'm pretty sure Lurch is on junkie-disability for his bum leg. Anons have disagreed with me but there's no evidence either way.

They get a lot of money for terminally unemployed addicts, and it sure as shit ain't donations anymore. She mentions Lurch's paydays, which means he's got an income from somewhere. He ain't got a job so it has to be disability.

Either Lurch is on gov assistance, OR Luna's on gov assistance, OR they're even scummier than I thought and have been taking Roger's money.

No. 407764

I would be genuinely surprised if they weren't taking Robert's money. He must get disability or social security, right?

No. 407767

he's got heart problems and doesn't appear to go outside very often, I'd assume he's definitely on disability.

No. 407768

I was under the impression Lurch makes money off drugs mainly. Tuna says he's "out of work" because his "boss is in the hospital" (read: jail) no one would work less because their boss is gone, they would work more…

No. 407769

But I thought he worked at a jewelry store!

No. 407771

Oh ya he's definitely a drug runner, but Luna's referred to Lurch getting "paid tomorrow" and shit like that, which make it sound like a decent sum was being put into a bank account. I was under the assumption that drug runners get a little bit of cash daily to cover their drug habit?

Also he's "out of work" because nobody wants a drug runner that the police have got eyes on. If I had to guess, his dealer cut him off until the trial is over. Junkies are crazy paranoid and don't want people with heat near them, either out of paranoia they're informants, or paranoia that Lurch's phones been tapped for evidence. Neither of those things happen often, but junkies be crazy. His "boss going to hospital" event was eerily close to his arrest.

No. 407805

Funniest Luna lie ever.

"my junkie boyfriend works at a jewelry store and his boss likes him so much that he gave him a free ring to give me."

No. 407846

File: 1499441897676.png (54.44 KB, 750x418, IMG_3806.PNG)

Am I going crazy or did she post this exact text sometime this week?

No. 407858

I seriously doubt it's that serious anon. If lurch does run drugs he's more than likely at the bottom of the food change and dealers are not going to give a fuck about another junkie going to jail. Obviously he's gets off of his own supply so what he probably does is sell pills to buy more heroin.

No. 407903

Maybe if u took 10mg of ambien and tried to go to sleep instead of 40mg and fought it to get high this wouldn't happen….

No. 407909

Ah yes, it's insomnia, not the drugs!

No. 407920

Wonder who he shanked in order to get that ring.

No. 407961

The ring looks like it came from a 25 cent machine or Claire's maybe

No. 407983

File: 1499463600963.png (102.14 KB, 749x854, IMG_3810.PNG)

Self centered garbage person

No. 407990

That's the tag she wears on her dog collar that she got as a birthday present. Sharing petco tags with your pet is the weirdest thing I've seen today.

No. 408003

It's suuuuuuuuuppper easy to get SNAP benefits. She doesn't work, so she's in.
She can probably even claim homelessness since she's technically living as a guest in someone else's home. When my SO moved in with me their job considered that "homeless" and they got SNAP.

No. 408055

File: 1499473680884.png (891.22 KB, 713x891, Capture _2017-07-07-19-26-06.p…)

I like how she thinks its "yuck" that her hair needs to be toned, but doesn't think twice about that nasty shit stained blanket shes laying on.

No. 408076

Her hair reminds me of a beat up old Barbie that you'd fish out from behind the couch.

No. 408082

Definitely, it looks like a mistreated wig.

No. 408089

File: 1499479083664.png (84.51 KB, 750x625, IMG_3818.PNG)

Her name is Chey but they should call her Shade.

Sage for drag Dad joke.

No. 408108

it somehow looks healthiest her hair has ever been? im on board with the wig theory

No. 408129

File: 1499484214538.png (53.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0336.PNG)

This person commented this exact thing on a few of Tuna's other pictures. You guys think it's a farmer?

No. 408138

File: 1499485136028.png (41.36 KB, 750x470, IMG_3819.PNG)

lol what is this sperg on her last 4 photos? What does it mean?

No. 408139

Could be. A farmer who wants to be a cow herself. I looked at her account she's all ~*~uwu if it wasnt for my amazing boyfriend blah blah blah, mah BPD, uwu~*~ And she also posted a pic of a detox center (I think). She's kindof like a physically cleaner, less retarded version of Tuna.

No. 408141

Wow her bf is the definition of basic
And she's so filtered and that's def not her real hair
Too boring to be a cow though

Also I don't get the idea of someone "wanting to be a cow" like really? For the attention? So sad.

No. 408149

its not her natural colour, she made a post about dying it

No. 408281

I don't want to be a cow thank you. No, I'm not naturally ginger. My friend was on my account last night taking the piss. I've deleted the comments because I'm not a cunt who comments horrible things on people's profiles. We was talking about Luna because I found this thread. I don't even know what the comments meant myself, I was confused. So yeah, say what youse like I'm not really arsed.

No. 408285

Wasn't talking about your color honey, I was talking about your weave.

What did those comments mean though? They didn't make sense? Your story is suspicious.

No. 408287

damn the welsh talk like shit

No. 408288

I'm not Welsh, sorry doll. How is my story suspicious? Yeah I wear extensions. My instagram got stalked so you would of seen that I had short hair. I don't know what the comments meant. As I said, I deleted them.

No. 408289


Learn 2 sage, stop derailing with this self-post tanget. Nobody cares.

Anyway, what's up with Lurch and his last arrest as of late? Luna hasn't posted much about it. Think he's dodging court?

No. 408292

Court date is the 17th! I'm sure if she remembers that she'll be "very stressed"

No. 408293

Oh god, no one fucking cares. If you don't want any drama then stop replying.

I can't wait for Luna's 9,000 posts "uwu im so scared! Please give me and my poor, persecuted boyfriend money!"

No. 408295

You're the ones who came after me? Lmfao. Also why bring my boyfriend into it? This has nothing to do with him. Freaks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408299

Covering with the age-old "my friend posted it!" and still posting on here? Hun, you're trying to get attention.

On a completely different note, is there any idea of what would happen if Lurch did get locked up for a bit? I'd imagine the apartment isn't in Luna's name and she doesn't really have much else going for her. Think she'd stay and wait for Lurch or try to find someone else?

(I was going to sage for the first part but the second part is relatively related so…)

No. 408302

I feel she'd have to move in with her dad. She wouldn't be able to afford rent on her own and is she fuck going to be able to take care of Roger by herself so he'd probably go to a home or something.

Anyone know whats up with her mom? I presume they aren't on too bad terms but there was the whole pissing in a cup incident that they fell out over. Maybe she'd move back in with her if she had to

No. 408307

It doesn't seem like Tuna's parents are actually as bad as she says they are besides their own respective addiction problems. Her dad seems to want to help her despite her obviously not appreciating it. I haven't followed Tuna long enough to know much about her mother though.

I feel for Roger–being disabled, stuck living in a pig-stye with your heroin addict son and his deadbeat girlfriend.

No. 408351

From my understanding her mother is in some sort of recovery - maybe a halfway house. I dont think luna is going to be able to turn to her for much unless shes at least entertaining the idea of sobriety (which we all know she is not)

No. 408353

File: 1499537981625.jpg (134.3 KB, 692x692, Courtney-Love.jpg)

Pretty OT, but I just realised what Luna's art reminded me of

No. 408359

She was in a half way house like 3 years ago when she moved in w lurch and hasn't been in much contact (And when she does talk to her she complains about her)
My theory is her mom is clean now and probably can't handle being around Tuna who makes her out to be a monster cuz she doesn't drugs… remember when Tuna found out her mom did crack?? She flipped her shit and shamed her s bunch for it. Meanwhile.. shes smoking crack.

No. 408363

File: 1499538900622.png (54.24 KB, 750x413, IMG_3820.PNG)

Lol this one

No. 408377

File: 1499540073615.png (675.72 KB, 1080x1920, 1zE6e4s.png)

Oh my god no
Local shelter posted about finding a darling baby Siamese abandoned and then my friend sent me this comment

No. 408385

Omg she openly admits to having no money to feed herself and she's going to get another cat hell no!!!!

No. 408386

i'll take "delusional junkies" for 500, trebek

No. 408387

usually against tipping, but someone should probs warn that shelter about her living conditions

No. 408388

i feel like it isn't tipping if you're genuinely worried about an animal's wellbeing, my dude.

mods, got any opinion on this?

No. 408389

I'm always against tipping but this could save that poor cats life.
However there's also a lady on there who is probably sober and has money (like any money) who said she would be driving over there. Luna can't get her shit together enough to go to a shelter and adopt a cat. Also her and lurch are such obvious broke pieces of shit they probably wouldn't let them adopt idk maybe they'll try to steal one

But the chances of any of that happening seem slim?

No. 408391

my only fear with it is that if she wants another pet, she'll find one somehow.

No. 408393


Top tip: don't spend most of your money you don't have on heroin you don't need.

No. 408397

Oh FUCK no. Someone please let the woman know; it's a matter of saving an animal from a lifetime of misery and despair. Siamese cats are much harder to properly keep than the average housecat and needs a household where they'll be stimulated and properly trained so they don't get aggressive. There's no way two lazy dirty junkies could take care of one.

No. 408406

theyd probably do some kinda house check first right? well they do that in the uk most places

No. 408413

im curious if anyone else has followed chey. she is also a heroin addict and posts the same dumb ass ~aesthetic~ shit on instagram. im surprised she hasnt been brought up yet? pretty sure her and tuna ave been tumblr friends for a long time.

No. 408422

Some of the high-end pet rescue places do home checks, but sadly most shelters don't. There's just too high a volume of homeless pets to care where they go I guess

No. 408424

This place does not do house checks. But they do charge a kitten fee.
I'm wondering if one of Luna's cats has declined so she's planning on getting a new ones just so she has 2, we haven't seen the grey one in a while

No. 408427

chey's comments or relationship with tuna has been mentioned plenty of times in past threads. shes not really a cow, apparently shes sober now seems to live a pretty normal life, doesnt seem to air her shit on the internet much and seems to be distancing herself from tuna.

No. 408429

File: 1499547782889.png (134.72 KB, 750x985, IMG_3826.PNG)

So hungry

No. 408457

Never money for food but always money for garbage if it fits her aesthetic.

No. 408460

Aren't all her other cats "strays" that she stole off the street and brought back to the apt?

No. 408461

why bring my boyfriend into it you freaks? Dicks.

No. 408465

You're still here?

No. 408467


No. 408468

File: 1499555563138.jpg (129.12 KB, 664x1280, tumblr_osizr9uNtw1qbyjq0o2_128…)

Sage your posts Aimee. Your boyfriend looks like he smells like hot dog water

No. 408469

Weren't they owned by Chief before Luna moved in?
You gotta wonder how many girls who use this website are deranged in their own right. Glass houses and all.

No. 408470

>>408468 that tattoo tho… looks like his forearm was dipped in blobs of ink lmao

No. 408472


Lol the hot dog water comment reminds me of foreverkailyn.

Saged for way ot.

No. 408473


No. 408474


No. 408476

Yeah the cats have been Matthews for like 15 years or whatever I'm sure they're more close to Roger though, because he's likely the only one who actually feeds them

No. 408478

make your own thread if you want to talk about this random ass girl holy fuck. if you guys really think she wants attention then just ignore her

No. 408482

One of the cats is "a stray from Harlem" and the way she wrote it made it sound like Lurch just took that cat off the street.

No. 408486

I wish there were a "like" button for posts like this.

No. 408489

tfw lunas being so boring anons are going after random nobodies in her thread.

She might as well have died from that OD for how entertaining she's been afterwards.

No. 408627

It's completely mind boggling how she thinks its acceptable to cry about being hungry with no food then proceeding to post junk food/candy. How can people not realise they're a fucking joke

No. 408650

they probably wouldn't even need to do a house check, all they have to do is look at her public pictures on her profile to see that she lives in her own filth with her nasty boyfriend and has track marks all over her body
i think she was talking about wanting to get a new kitten with matthew months ago. her gray cat's health could be declining, but i'm sure she's just been wanting another cat for the sake of having a kitten.

No. 408661

I just want to respond to this "oh cool your food stamps came through!!" Just to see what sob story she'd try to crank out of me.

Does Luna ever try to scam money out of you? She's done this to me several times and usually I'm like nah but this time I was like "omg hi I'm broke too, please look at my Etsy !!!!" And she didn't respond.

No. 408662

did she actually go out of her way to message you and tell you she's broke? cause if so, that's fucking crazy. i mean we all know she's weird but.. she's so fucking weird LOL

No. 408670

can y'all chill?
First off that kitten will be nurtured and fostered for a few weeks or months and then they wont give it to a zoned out stinking junkie girl with abandoned barbie hair that isnt even able to bring a cage with her.

No. 408674

Yes she's done it multiple times and we are not friends irl or on the internet really like we know the other one exists but we don't have friendly conversation… cuz she is awful and not friendly and not as fun to talk to as Lurch lmao his stories are even more elaborate and delusional..

No. 408680

You've spoke to Lurch before? Details pls

No. 408714

Really? All you gotta do to get her to stop talking to you, is ask to buy her drugs. Then she'll go out of her way to avoid you. Worked for me!

No. 408724

File: 1499624290030.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3841.PNG)

Ummm read the past threads. Lurch preyed on all the women on his friendless and a catfish incident cause Tuna to force him to delete his FB

How does one rupture a nerve in their leg? Like without strenuous activity? Needles is all I can think of.

No. 408725

It doesn't bother me that she talks to me it's p milky and she's just soooo dumb it's entertaining. Also if you mirror all her "struggles" she gets so upset cuz she needs to be the most struggling ugly ho.

No. 408731

I like how she is going to the grocery store to spend $5 before going to the hospital lol

No. 408747

>ruptured a nerve

Is that even possible? Either way, probably translates to "score a prescription". Hopefully they only give him tramadol or NSAIDs.

No. 408749


There's no such thing as a ruptured nerve. Nerves aren't under pressure so they can't rupture. On the other hand, compartment syndrome, which can be caused by IV drug abuse, can crush nerves.

No. 408750

Sounds like a blood clot the way she explains it which could travel and cause a heart attack or aneurysm like any time

No. 408752

You can do it by lying down for an unusually long period of time

No. 408753

Sometimes ruptured nerve is used to mean pinched nerve.

No. 408758

"boyfriends in the hospital but let me take a selfie first :)))))"

No. 408779

fuck, all that foundation on the collar of her shirt…

No. 408784

Maybe shell buy fruit or godamn rice cuz 5 bucks doesnt go anywhere hardly now lol inb4 picture of chips and soda

No. 408786

Just another day in the life, huh.

No. 408921

Lol come on you know that's never gonna happen she won't even eat a green vegetable

No. 408939

Wishful thinking :/ i dont understand how people live life surviving off garbage. Like ur body must be so miserable.. ~_~(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408940

File: 1499656136494.jpg (193.52 KB, 750x903, proxy.jpg)

as this anon said, lurch used to hit on random chicks on fb all the time and would message random people and talk to them and tell them weird shit.

No. 408941

File: 1499656201311.png (17.36 KB, 479x207, proxy.png)

No. 408943

ew every time I see these I feel like I need to take a shower

No. 408944

damn no wonder luna is insecure about her not so succulent breats

No. 408945

But you know he loves her Big Areolas

No. 408946

No. 408948

File: 1499656930775.jpg (562.54 KB, 1504x1356, downloadfile.jpg)

No. 408949

Hahahah rip Tessa that was good stuff

No. 408950

Lol even in the picture he sent he's wearing those stupid glasses and hat.

No. 408951

pls anon i can never cleanse myself after this

No. 408965

Not gonna lie this made me very aroused..Damn Lurch..

No. 408967

Love yourself, anon.

No. 408973

Anon rather be loved with Chief's sex rod instead

No. 408974

ugh i love the picture he sent
he thinks thats the look

No. 408977

You got that right haha!

No. 408978

>You did more for me from across the ocean then past gfs did for me in bed.
I wonder if Luna is actually sex repulsed or if lurch just destroyed her drive himself. Yeesh

No. 408980

So just like all of you I have to be disgusted at lurch's appearance? I'm not trying to be put out to pasture but in my opinion he's kinda cute. Sage for being desperate

No. 408981

You must be ovulating. Rub one out and it'll go away.

No. 408982

File: 1499661562401.jpg (46.23 KB, 240x200, thumb.jpg)

No. 408983

anon, for the same price of a heroin addiction and a shitty life with lurch, you could buy yourself a rabbit vibrator and have a much better time.

No. 408984


I know you two want to join the bandwagon as well.

No. 408985

File: 1499662332850.gif (391.25 KB, 255x188, dee.gif)

No. 408986

File: 1499662571884.jpg (38.76 KB, 639x424, C7S0ouqVAAANACj.jpg)


No. 408987

I'm sorry! I can't help it, I find Lurch very attractive but I guess I'm going to be hated for it. But it's my opinion and I'll keep liking him.

No. 408989

How unfortunate looking are you that Lurch would even be an option to fuck?

No. 408990

Cool bruv, but this thread ain't about your weird ass monster fetish.

No. 408991

File: 1499663776352.png (139.03 KB, 301x189, wat.png)

No. 408996


I guess you two are also into him too.

No. 408998

File: 1499665103640.png (118.33 KB, 750x1163, IMG_4040.PNG)

It's not my fault I want his mammoth cock inside me since you guys are getting all worked up with your estrogen.

No. 409002

big areola luver huh

No. 409003

He can't get hard tho

No. 409006

You could at least sage your shitposting.

No. 409009

File: 1499667185333.jpg (70.14 KB, 587x545, 1464686709379.jpg)

i don't like the way this thread is going

No. 409011


No. 409014

File: 1499668235897.png (10.54 KB, 211x246, whatthefug.png)

No. 409017

He doesn't do it for me but in some of his old photos like on Luna's fb I can KINDA see why someone would find him cute. The glasses and overall dead appearance really kill it

No. 409023

File: 1499669918880.png (Spoiler Image,673.01 KB, 640x1136, E32F8474-06B2-4422-9F1C-05513F…)

Could this be the same leg that suffered from a "cat scratch" almost a year ago?

Pic is from the first Luna thread and it doesn't seem like it ever really healed.

No. 409027

File: 1499671209699.jpg (61.46 KB, 540x531, image.jpg)

On the topic of Chief, I've been wondering why she's so into him and was attracted to him in the first place. He's just a dirty, ugly, boring, almost middle-aged man, whereas there are tons of younger male junkies who look and act the part of ~tortured artiste~ and would match her aesthetic and desired lifestyle much better. What's the deal? Why Chief? Is he just the first guy who came along who'd shoot her up, and now she just can't be bothered to find someone better?

No. 409028

ew what the fuck I should have left the spoiler closed. I hadn't seen this before and wasn't expecting that shit jfc

No. 409032

Lurch was a rebound from Peter.

Luna was in a long-distance relationship with a ~tortured artiste heroin addict, got dumped, and couldn't stand being alone (and not dating a heroin addict…) so got with Lurch. She was attracted to the fact he was a ~bad boy drug dealer. She was trying for weeks when she was underage jailbait but Lurch LIKE A GENTLEMAN waited until she was 18.

She was attracted to him because he was an older man who could give/get her drugs, nothing more. And now she's "stuck" there because she barely has any friends or life outside of Lurch. I don't think she's really stuck there, but mentally she probably feels it.

I don't think Luna could find better tbh. Lurch gives her a roof over her head, and a needle to abuse. That's all she wants and I doubt many junkies want to date someone as self-absorbed and useless as Luna.

Also kinda off-topic but those screenshots are textbook BPD. I doubt it went down like she says it did, she was probably feeling soft and vulnerable, and Lurch wasn't enabling her ass so he was ATTACKING her like her Dad does.

No. 409037

John are you sure that this isn't a cow just wearing human clothes?
>>Yes, she has 4 legs like us, doesn't she?

No. 409038

if Lurch is your type then have I got news for you:
you would LOVE Easter Island.

No. 409039

>>cat scratch

You can see the single injection point in the center

No. 409042

why does she feel the need to mention that it's her last 5 dollars.
The post was meant to be about Matthew in hospital but she still had to throw in the "boo hoo I'm so poor! I need money to buy candy and makeup!!"

No. 409092

>hey guiz just so you know I'm poor
>also I have to go to the ~hospital~ because my boyfriends sick
>thats like double pitypoints!
>pleeeeaase send me money my paypal is _____

lol she's gotten slightly better at ebegging over the years. Now she doesn't LITERALLY post her paypal email at the end, or get angry when nobody falls for it.

No. 409093

took me a good few minutes to remember Matthew's name off the top of my head because Lurch seems so natural at this point

No. 409094

good to see people in this thread are now developing stockholm syndrome.

No. 409105

This thread is slowly dying.

No. 409106

File: 1499703064681.png (647.15 KB, 670x622, 845641648351316835.png)

I agree. Now the thread is full of armchair psychologist, so-called addiction experts, and even a troll who wanna fuck Lurch (ew)
I miss the ol' Chief Areola memes time (pic related) It was hilarious.
And we're here for the lulz after all.

No. 409108

It's not just this one thread.

No. 409114

File: 1499705046696.jpg (187.59 KB, 625x978, Screenshot_2017-07-08-03-36-38…)

Saw this while reading a manga last night and thought it looked a lot like lurch lol

No. 409122

File: 1499707462797.png (140.95 KB, 750x1004, IMG_3849.PNG)

lol Luna why so excited?

No. 409125

File: 1499708093167.png (96.46 KB, 750x526, IMG_3851.PNG)

Lmao whose messaging you about what? Like it's not about giving you money so you don't respond? Why you gotta lie Luna, everyone sees right through you.

No. 409126


OT but I think this is way overboard. Let's say Tuna gets into a car accident and is taken to the hospital. How the fuck are they going to treat her pain? Aspirin?

Stupid idea IMO.

No. 409129

There are non-opioid painkillers and sedatives. What do you think they do with people with a sensitivity to opiates? If junkies psychically can't stop themselves from ruining their lives, the decision should be made for them, despite how inconvenient it makes certain niche situations.

No. 409130


Please stop. I've been on benzos for over twenty years because oldfag and that was what they prescribed for PD/agoraphobia back then. Never once even thought about trying heroin. I know some people here are fucking twelve, but think before you type, there are times when you sound like jackasses.

sage for who cares

No. 409133


This is so fucked up. Heroin is huge in Oregon. My husband used to use all the time and we were going to move there last year, went out for an extended stay. By the end of the second week he told me we had to get out because there was heroin everywhere. It was literally all over the place. You couldn't avoid it.

I expect Luna'll be packing up and moving there shortly.


No. 409134

>moderately popular
you get like 4 notes at most on your tumblr posts and have like 2k followers on instagram. sit down.

No. 409139


How does a sedative treat pain? Please explain the mechanism. I'll shut up after this but those painkillers don't work all that fucking well either and many of them cause liver and heart complications right off the bat. My grandmother nearly died because of these awesome new painkillers.

"Decisions should be made for them" lol whatever bro this thread is hilarious when it comes to drug opinion bullshit, myself included, I'm out.

No. 409140

Not necessarily. I've been on Benzos off and on since I was 13 (12 years) for panic attacks, social anxiety, etc. and I'm fine. There are also Benzos that give less of that 'floaty feeling' like Ativan. Not to start a discussion about what addiction is or isn't but I think how a drug makes you think and feel and want is completely personal and genetic.

My brother was a Heroin addict who started taking Benzos between his shooting up, like Luna, versus the other way around. He was an addict, he took benzos to keep up whatever feeling he was chasing. Thats inherently different than an anxiety or depression patient taking them for relief of symptoms. Im sure it does happen, there's always that risk but I wouldn't go out there and say that Benzo use is always a gateway.

Plenty of people can also use opiates and not feel a need to abuse.

Sage cause blog/nobody cares probably. I just don't think that things like this should be treated as 'fact'. Addiction is not just one thing that happens to everyone the same.

No. 409145


Oldfag from up top. Just saying yes, thank you and agreed. On all my medical paperwork it says that I have benzodiazepine dependency. I am physically dependent but I also function–I can work, I can manage my life. The thing that upsets me is that these days, I would never have been given benzos as the first med for my illness, I would have been given something that's less physically addictive and potentially dangerous. In the long term I believe benzos aren't good for you at all, and I'm certainly long term.

If anyone wants to talk about this kind of stuff on the OT board I'd be down.

also fucking saged, sorry for derail and diary entry.

No. 409150

holy shit guys no1curr about your goddamn lives stop blog posting or go to /ot/

No. 409158

Do not post anymore blogposts, take it to /ot/
Bans will be issued if anymore happen.

No. 409159


Is this a normal thing to happen to people on food stamps?

No. 409170

That makes a lot of sense. It's kind of a shame, though; although he does keep a roof over her head, which is much more than she could hope for (though she'll probably end up homeless at some point anyway), imo she would have kept her tumblr following and suckers who'd donate much longer had she dated somebody who matched her aesthetic and who she could take ~cool~ photo ops with rather than a dirty older man who serves to illustrate how miserable and unglamorous the lifestyle really is. Her relationship with Lurch has caused her to become almost a PSA about what junkie life is like beneath all the staging so many of them do on social media.

>That's all she wants and I doubt many junkies want to date someone as self-absorbed and useless as Luna.

Most junkies are useless and self-absorbed. Addiction really does wonders for removing what humanity people had (even if they didn't start out with much).

>I expect Luna'll be packing up and moving there shortly.
Oh god please no, there are more than enough people like her in Oregon. Luckily she's way too lazy to move.

No. 409196

Luna MUST know about this shit right!? (I've been around since the first threads but just cant recall if she ever spoke about his messages to other girls or not.)

At this point Lurch must not give a fuck. Surprised he hasn't just kicked Luna to the curb already and found himself a fresh new junkie girlfriend.

No. 409207

Yes, Luna knows. Lurch sent Tessa a dickpic, someone sent it to Luna, and she freaked. Lurch sent a message to Tessa along the lines of "I hope you're happy bitch" and deleted his facebook profile, but not messenger app…

Always makes me wonder what he's doing when he's "at work" kek

No. 409208

mostly when reading Luna's posts, i just READ Lurch…
oh my god, it looks exactly like him

What they do if ex-junkies are in a car accident and have blocked opiate-receptors? Die from shock because of the pain.
Easy as that and no loss. What's the issue.

No. 409209

IIRC she claimed that she knew about the messages and brushed it off as a jokey type thing? dat delusion goes far.
I'm guessing he's still with her out of convenience.

No. 409210

Didn't she also try to pull the, "I was sitting beside him every time he spoke to her, it's all a joke."

No. 409211

Good fucking god, can you just go back to her old threads for fuck sake?
Im pretty sure it's all there.

I think Tuna's reactions wasnt screen shoted or she gave none, but he deleted his facebook profile after that.
And now stfu and read the old threads.

No. 409224

No. 409239


Like >>409129 said, there are non-opioid painkillers. But the chemical component of opioids that relieves pain is not the same component that causes a high anyway. We already have partial opiate agonists (like Suboxone) that people have been on for years. From what I've read about a vaccine like this, opioids could still be administered with the intended effect of substantial pain relief. With no unwanted side effects (high). Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, this prospect really excites me. Something like this could lead to a whole new class of painkilling drugs for people with chronic pain, allowing them to function without being high at all times.

No. 409266

Her "I was sitting there the whole time! He was joking!" excuse was when Lurch was randomly commenting on porn scam account pictures (like the succulent titty one mentioned in this thread), not when she found out about Tessa. We don't know how she reacted but I can fucking imagine.

Suffice to say, she must have freaked out if Lurch deleted his profile shortly afterwards. I mean most women would freak the fuck out if a random stranger sent them a picture of their boyfriend's cock.

She originally set up his facebook account up for him so she could brag & tag Lurch in cutesy couple posts, then he totally ruined that and she made him delete it lmao. I just love how Luna's in this lovey-dovey dream world where they're perfect soulmates, while Lurch is just out on the prowl for more areolae and running out of excuses not to marry the ho he keeps as a space heater.

No. 409271


I lol'd.

I wonder if they actually barely talk and most of the shit luna posts about him is completely made up. All the pics are she posts of him he looks passed out, what if she's not actually allowed to take and post pics of him haha.

No. 409275

idk what planet you live on but lol u can def get addicted to suboxone

No. 409276

File: 1499729151390.png (108.87 KB, 640x670, IMG_9448.PNG)

No. 409278


>But the chemical component of opioids that relieves pain is not the same component that causes a high

sage for your actual retardation

No. 409287

lurch looks like a guy who in high school would offer you hits of computer duster while waiting for weed hookups.

No. 409288

She could take the bus and then put most of that kind of stuff in a backpack. Holy fuck I hate how lazy she is

No. 409317

She's just full of excuses lmao. Of course she can't take the train or bus, she needs a car. I know it's beating a dead horse but it's so fucking annoying how she's constantly whining about being ~hungry~ while eating exclusively non-nutritious junk food and refusing to get anything of substance.

No. 409321

File: 1499733642465.png (70.65 KB, 750x458, IMG_3866.PNG)

No. 409322


Neeeeeds money for medical bills in 3… 2…

No. 409331

I'm sure they'll make back the money by selling the oxys he'll inevitably be getting from the visit. Though yeah, she'll be begging either way.

No. 409341

>idk what planet you live on but lol u can def get addicted to suboxone

Yes. Subs are a partial opiate agonist, not a complete opiate agonist. This vaccine claims to be a complete agonist, at least immediately following administration.


I worded that badly. What I mean is that opiates themselves don't relieve pain, but alter the perception of pain. It's possible to alter that perception of pain in other ways, which is why substances like SSRIs cause significant pain relief for some people with some conditions. Ditto with anticonvulsants. Opioids aren't the only drugs that affect norepinephrine and mU receptors, they just happen to be the best at it. If the pleasurable effects of opioids were blocked, there's still therapeutic potential in the "inert" components, like THC vs. CBD.

No. 409344

And complain about being there even though it's clearly her choice cuz she's his "ride or die" cute Tuna Fish Casserole

No. 409347

cue 4983274193 photos of hospital walls for aesthetic

No. 409350

Didnt she say she was going to the hospital with him yesterday? And ~*~uwu guiz she's so scawed*~
Has she said anything else about his leg besides saying that he has a "ruptured nerve"?
Lol she wants to stay there overnight with him.. Imagine her twacked ass twitching and taking crazy selfies all damn night kek.

I imagine staying overnight in a hospital would be like a vacation for them– clean bedsheets, air conditioning, room service, cable TV, no dirty needles or cat turds on the floor… Heaven.

No. 409397

Can we do a little more chemical fagging?

Because Im confused. I admit I only stumbled through chemics although I had it for my A-level exams, but
if it is possible to isolate the stuff from marijuana that has the positive effect, while taking away the psychoactive effects… I know there are several chemical compounds in the plant itself and they isolated the ones that do good from the ones that just make you feel high…
why wouldnt the same thing be possible for opioid-based painkiller?

Sage sage for retarded chemical fagging in a foreign language (which makes me sound extra retarded)

No. 409401

File: 1499752648301.png (177.57 KB, 741x1109, IMG_3872.PNG)

No. 409402

highly doubt they did a surgery, however small it was.

what likely happened is they ruptured the gross-ass abscess so it will start to heal itself. that's not a surgery, tuna.

No. 409403

even without seeing his face the simiarity is striking

No. 409404


Ok, opioid fagging/dispensing what little I remember on the matter.

What you're talking about actually exists - it's called loperamide or Imodium, a widespread drug that exerts an effect only on the mu opioid receptors in the myenteric plexus. It cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. On the other hand, if you want an analgesic, you will have to cross the blood-brain barrier. With cannabinoles, you have different affinities and activities acting on different systems, while for an opioid analgesic the same process that gives the addictive rush. From a purely neurochemical perspective, the difference is that for cannabinoids, the addictive-euphoric and the pain-relieving effects take place on different receptors and it's possible to isolate cannabinoids that have no or little psychoactive effects while for opioids, the effect that gives pain relief is exactly the same as that responsible for addiction. Some opioids have a relatively slow absorption or they can be packaged as an extended release pill that keeps it from hitting the opioid receptors hard and fast. This will prevent it from having the addictive rush that causes compulsive redosing and addiction. But any systemically administered opioid that kills pain will also be at least a little addictive and euphoric. Hope that helps.

No. 409405

is that a hospital or some black market dudes bathroom? that looks nothing like a hospital, am I the only one?

No. 409406

it honestly looks like and orthodontist's office.

No. 409407

kinda, wouldn't a doctors office have a lot more room between the chair and curtain though?

No. 409410


American here, I've gotten minor surgery in a hospital just like that, They section off small areas with curtains on some floors. Then if you're staying or not they get you a room or your ride picks you up. Didn't know that wasn't normal lol.

No. 409413

Looks like they drained an abscess at an Urgent Care.

No. 409416

Yeah, It seriously looks a little sketchy lmao I've never seen anything like that here and I live pretty close to her. I agree that it could be an urgent care?

I'm surprised she didn't snap any selfies while it was happening.

No. 409418


Yeah this is what the er looks like when you're poor.

No. 409419

definitely urgent care

No. 409424


holy fuck, there was a Farmhand's warning for a reason. Good job at not saging your autism >>409404

No. 409426

This absolutely looks like they drained a cyst or abscess…..

No. 409428

File: 1499761629266.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0357.PNG)

looks like a hospital to me guys

No. 409429

wow, thank you so much, I actually was able to understand it.

the farmhand warning was about blogposting, not chemical fagging though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 409430

Im european and even for me it looks like a hospital. it's the same as in every medical daily soap ever, only a little less aesthetic since for TV or cinema they pump the style up.

No. 409432

It's called triage. Have you never been in the emergency room?

No. 409436

>>staying overnight in the hospital with my bf im his ride or did bitch
>>bloobloo this sucks so much

No. 409438

Well she has to victimize herself and just make it seem like she's miserable. She can't just come out and admit that she's excited and having fun finally getting out out the house, being seen by real-life strangers, and not to mention the ~*~uwu hospital aesthetic~*~!

No. 409451

File: 1499779154848.jpg (590.8 KB, 1075x1674, Screenshot_20170711-231820.jpg)

No. 409457

it's almost like the hospital might know more about medicine than dr. luna.

No. 409459

>All the pics are she posts of him he looks passed out, what if she's not actually allowed to take and post pics of him haha.
lmao anon I thought of you when I saw >>409451

The medical staff must be laughing their asses off at the sight of these two.

No. 409463

>do they want him to have a seizure
top kek
tuna and lurch must scream junkie.
not that we didnt know that already

No. 409467

File: 1499783585766.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2253, lurch.png)

I think you might be onto something

No. 409468

I am sure that medic must be thrilled by Luna's filthy foot on the hosp bed.

No. 409474

File: 1499784330452.png (26.11 KB, 491x331, lol.png)

lmao spot on anon

No. 409476

they took care of him fine shutup luna

No. 409479

she is angry that they don't get drugs for free? Kek
Do you think they told them the cat attack story?

No. 409482

File: 1499788451985.jpg (131.55 KB, 1600x780, duragesic EQD.jpg)


They wouldn't give him 130mg of methadone because that's comparable to over 480mg of oxycodone, in terms of respiratory depression. A dose that high could kill a fucking horse, and they can't look at him and just say "oh, he's tolerant, he'll be fine." Also, he was probably lying. But sure, it's prejudice.

No. 409485

i hope some of the people in her facebook group know this, most of them dont seem high on the pity

No. 409486

"in recovery"
aka they haven't been able to cop since lurch got arrested
I bet his leg has stayed nasty for a while but they were too strung out to care

No. 409488

wew fucking lad, how do you even get to a point where you're taking that much methadone? is he trying to chase a high or lying to get more doses to stretch out longer?

No. 409489

If he was using heroin very heavily, that may well be his starting methadone dose (or close to it.) Methadone has a long half life while heroin has a short one, so avoiding withdrawals can take a lot of methadone, initially. Methadone clinics aren't going to leave someone on a high dose though. They'll titrate up until withdrawal subsides, then taper down over time. I'm guessing he started at the clinic around when he got busted, so it's sus af to me that he'd still be taking 130mg. Or that he ever was. Maybe 100. Possibly.

Methadone is said to not get people "high," but I beg to differ. It doesn't give any of the euphoria that heroin does, nor the rush, but it definitely has a body high to it. I've never taken a dose of methadone over 30mg (which is a typical maintenance dose, btw) and got so high off that I couldn't walk straight. Mentally I was nearly clear though. Maybe Lurch likes feeling physically retarded and it takes him 130mg to get there? Who knows.

No. 409490

File: 1499793696382.png (106.93 KB, 640x727, IMG_9491.PNG)

No. 409493

"give me my free drugs or i'll shit on your floor"

does tuna not realize that methadone isn't supposed to get you high? it's literally supposed to be enough to make you functional.

No. 409496

File: 1499795968893.png (188.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3877.PNG)

Oooo gross tuna strikes again

No. 409498

She's talking about withdrawal symptoms, the nausea/puking and massive diarrhea, lmao. That's just part of withdrawal though, and I'm sure she had access to a toilet? Like, what's wrong with actually going through withdrawal? Maybe I'm old school, but I withdrew cold turkey 9 times in the process of getting clean, and that's the easiest part of recovery. Take loperamide for the diarrhea and deal w/ it. Granted, I did genuinely want to get sober, and I doubt Luna does, but still. Choices, consequences. Don't shoot heroin if you can't handle the diarrhea when you're without it. Pfffft, junkies these days.

>Having to poop and puke at the same time because I'm in heroin withdrawal and the staff on the psych ward who are trying to detox me don't care enough to give me more opiates WAAAAHHHH

No. 409501

haha they gave you two buckets didnt they tuna stop complainin

No. 409504

If I were the nurse I wouldn't fucking care either. When an insane person or an addict is shitting and pissing all over the floor, all they can do is give them a bucket, qurantine them and clean it up after they're done. Nurses are human, plenty of them gag at the smell and sight of shit and vomit, just like everyone else. Just because they clean it up doesn't mean they enjoy doing it.

One time when I was in a&e this junkie was having withdrawals and literally shitting and puking everywhere. The stench was unreal to the point they had to move other patients out of the area, as it was making people sick. The nurses were fucking pissed off and disgusted, of course they couldn't say anything in front of him, but they were bitching about it when they came into my room. The world is not there to entertain and 'ooh' and 'aww' over your projectile shit, Tuna. Stop being a disgusting adult baby.

No. 409505

File: 1499797444525.png (124.51 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3878.PNG)

Oh yeah that's definitely what it is

No. 409507

File: 1499798028532.jpg (846.2 KB, 2048x2048, BD3A0DDA-C0AF-45F5-8A50-C56DBC…)


No. 409509

>Maybe Lurch likes feeling physically retarded and it takes him 130mg to get there?
would explain why he is only lying around though. Not that I doubt that he is shooting up heroine extra.
I didnt know it was actually possible nor admirable to abuse methadone.

No. 409510

File: 1499798433543.gif (726.74 KB, 245x245, IMG_8507.GIF)

No. 409511

>i got on the express by accident
You mean, you were fare dodging and had to escape before a supervisor caught you, Tuna?
>it's his titanium rod you guise!
sure jan

No. 409512

File: 1499798830933.png (232.32 KB, 749x1030, IMG_3883.PNG)

Spending money to go hang out with your likely grumpy ass bf who doesn't care about your ass at a hospital you hate?
Does she think eventually they'll just hand out drugs to everyone in the room?

Also damn he spent the night? His leg must be really fucked up.

No. 409515

and he is leaving against medical advice too.

No. 409517

So he went to the hospital for his leg and she's upset he's not getting "seizure medicine" (there's no reason a doctor wouldn't give you topamax or whatever) ? Her stories are filled with more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

No. 409518

>If he stays overnight I'll sleep in a chair like a ride or die bitch
>getting the train back to see matthew!!

No. 409520

I think she means he's not getting benzos and will have a seizure from the withdrawal since that's a symptom.

My addict mom used to say the exact same thing every time doctors refused to give her more xanax than she needed "so do you WANT me to have a seizure??"

That's just how I read it tho

No. 409521

I don't think Matthew does much xanax, they sell it. She's talking about methadone but calling it "seizure medication".

No. 409525

Since theyre not married and the hospital isnt far from theyre home, the hospital staff probably kicked her ass. But I do see the irony.

No. 409526

She just wah-wah'd that she had to go home to help "his father" who apparently "can't walk" now??? He should really be in a home, not their second story hell pit.

Sage cuz I don't have the screenshots

No. 409528

>seizure from the withdrawal
No, thats not what she means.
That's the actualy meaning behind it. But she wants to make it sound like he is not a junkie and has an actual seizure disorder, that needs to be treated with "medication" and can be milked for pity bucks.

Go back in the threads, I remember posts where she specifically says his poor ass has a "seizure disorder" and therefore needs to be medicated. that, and the "chronic pain disorder" from his "titanium rod in the leg".

It was tinfoiled discussed before, that he might have actually been in a car accident, that they actually used a titanium rod for his broken leg and that he probably got opioid-based pain medication for it to cover the pain in the few weeks after, but never gotten off the stuff any more since then.

No. 409543

My bf and I get suspicious looks and questioning every time we've gone to this type of ER just for being young and looking like metalheads (BUT CLEAN) I'm surprised Luna&Lurch didn't get kicked out immediately, legitimate ailments or not.


No. 409556


130mg of methadone?!!!! That's 520mg morphine. That's an insane dosage even for someone with tolerance - I have been on high dose opioids for pain for a decade and I'm scraping 250mg morphine equivalent dose. For context: the equivalent fentanyl patch would be 250mcg per hour strong. Even people with severe pain from tumours get by on no more than 100-150mcg per hour.

No. 409579

Ha! He even wears his hat and sunglsess to the hospital?!
These two must really be a sight to see in the hospital. I feel bad for the nurses having to deal with them.
They probably smell like crotch rot, nutter butter, stale cigarette smoke and b.o., bitching and moaning that "uwu he needs his seizure meds, GIVE US MORE METHADONE!"

No. 409581

When I first read Tunas post, I thought maybe she left because Lurch sent her away to pick up some dope to bring back to the hospital for him.

Sage for speculation

No. 409592

Lurches court date is in a week, do you think his little hospital visit has anything to do with it? (Maybe hes worried hes gonna be put in jail?..) A friend of mine went and got a minor surgery before going to jail in hopes of being prescribed a good painkiller that they would give him in jail.

No. 409593


It is extremely rare for internal fixators to get infected or otherwise cause problems outside the perioperative period. Least of all is it likely for it to cause the kind of abscess that Great Chief Areola seems to have.

No. 409602

File: 1499812877228.jpg (Spoiler Image,247.74 KB, 640x507, IMG_0500.JPG)

are they on the same leg?

No. 409606

Same leg, same place that's bandaged. The bloody gauze left all around reads abscess drain to me.

No. 409615

jfc why did i unspoil

No. 409620

Wait, didnt his nasty abcess happen like a year+ ago? It never went away…? Sick, guess we can add abcess puss to the list of nasty shit on tunas blankets and quilt.

No. 409623

ew it makes me shudder to think about it maybe thats why he always looks miserable lol
some poor nurse had to pop that thing and lunas still talking shit about them

No. 409624

He probably picked at it while high? Instead of his face he went for that gnarly shit on his leg.

No. 409625

Lurch can fuck me annnytime, he's trash but sexy trash. I got big areolas and I wouldn't mind him sticking his mammoth penis in me…

No. 409626

Ohhhj..my clit is tingling for matty

No. 409628

please stop

No. 409631

Just report it. Also learn to sage.

No. 409649

An abscess like that needs aftercare after being drained or it's going to come back. Do you think Lurch took the time to clean the thing after it was drained last time? Think he took his antibiotics as prescribed? Nahhhhh. It'll be back again, mark my words.

No. 409655

How did Lurch not get septicaemia from that infected leg? No wonder he looks barely alive, he's in such a poor condition.

No. 409672

ugh dont make me think about this

No. 409726


Besides the gauze there's a scalpel and possibly a suture set, a bottle of anesthetic (i think), some skin disinfectant, and a NaCl bottle what I assume was used to flush out the gunk.

Yes, it was the abscess being drained.

I wonder if they keep telling the staff too that the rod caused the abscess… because oh man I could totally see them doing that. Luna already thinks they'll just hand out free drugs.

No. 409878

(medfag here)
They definitely drained the abscess and kept him overnight for iv antibiotics.
I would suspect he shot up in the same place he had the abscess before and a new one formed, over a year is too long for an abscess, his leg would have rotten off.

I doubt Lurch is on Methadone. He probably wanted to go out to score, they didn't want him to leave, he left against medical advice, Luna went with him and waited for him to cop (why tf should she wait outstide of the clinic, it makes no sense. Also Luna could have gotten the Methadone for him with an authorization).

Now we also know Luna quit the DM treatment because they made her withdraw and she didn't want to (of course, when Matthew's next to her at home shooting up).

also kek at
>It's amazing how much they don't care
why should they? the people from the psych ward are not responsible for your addiction, you are. Also the way junkies behave in hospitals (stealing opiates, rude behaviour, freaking out other patients etc) doesn't exactly make them beloved patients.

No. 409882

File: 1499884980113.png (947.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3906.PNG)

Does she like making her whole life into a lie?

No. 409883

File: 1499885044777.png (164.77 KB, 750x1071, IMG_3905.PNG)

I want to kick in her hollow skull sometimes, anyone else feel that way??

No. 409884


oh my god all the fucking germs on those shoes

No. 409893

File: 1499885531653.png (255.41 KB, 750x1063, IMG_3907.PNG)

How do you fail without actually trying?

No. 409898

you can tell she and lurch haven't been copping–she looks a lot less fucked up than usual.

No. 409901

First pic of Luna that doesn't make me gag. She looks kinda nice

No. 409904

Did she do her bangs with a lighter or something?

No. 409905

>mental illness isn't responsible for all the goddamn evil in the world!!!!!

It's responsible for a lot of it, though. Luna's so fixated on painting addicts and the mentally ill to be nothing but fragile victims crushed by the cruel world while failing to realize that those things are responsible for a good deal of her awful behavior (and the awful behavior of others).

Huh, her eyes actually look like they have life in them. If she's clean, hopefully she'll take this opportunity to work to improve her situation…but probably not.

No. 409918

nah she gonna ebeg

No. 409923

I just wanted to thank all the nice milk maids (???) who bring us others milk when our cow has produced something of (relative) worth. You're doing a great job!

No. 409935


Especially as we are not entirely at the mercy of our minds. Not always, anyway. Consider Luna. She has a personality disorder, sure - but she has the choice to seek help (many a bpdfag on this board has commented on this) or stay a lying, exploitative asshole. She's not a victim of her mind, she has merely made the easy choice,

No. 409936


He did not have a 'surgery', he had a bedside I&D. But I guess surgery sounds more pathetic and inspires more willingness to send Tuna some drug money.

No. 409938

Her damn lips are so thirsty. D:

No. 409940

Also the whole 'his titanium internal fixator caused the abscess' theory is ridiculous. One, it does not happen after the immediate postop period. Two, it would look very different. Three, he'd be dead of septicaemia before the abscess could breach the skin.

No. 409941


Watch them have some cockroach genes that give them superhuman durability.

No. 409944


That's a dangerous time for Luna. Depressed and withdrawing but having more energy and lucidity, she might just end up killing herself as she takes stock of her situation and realizes she's been living in a pigsty with an asshole who does not care for her but is only dope-dating her. :/

No. 409945

File: 1499891057095.png (25.5 KB, 640x288, IMG_9521.PNG)

luna i posted about SELLING my 3ds not giving it away lol

No. 409949

She'll probably try to trade you art for it, lol.

No. 409954



No. 409956

She seems to want everything for free. "I'm poor! We deserve free things cause we're poor! We can't afford to live! WE'RE DYING! By the way, look at my new things wait, hold on, gotta upload a selfie to the internet with my expensive phone."

No. 409981

i thought she already had one. did it "break" i cant remember. im interested in what she wants to pay you for it

seriously. like how many people do you imagine struggle to pay rent every month whilst owning a iphone macbook tablet etc

No. 409987

yes, she broke hers a couple threads back after whining about wanting one sooo bad.

No. 409990

i love (actually loathe) the way she equates dissociation to just zoning out or feeling bored and staring into space….. or being fucking strung out on a cocktail of drugs. so dumb.

No. 410008

I think it was a DSlite though, not a 3DS.

No. 410011

File: 1499899777608.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3914.PNG)

More undeserved gifts for tuna "oh this is perfect to keep drugs in!"

No. 410039

I gotta be honest. I'm surprised at how clean her nails look here. Usually they are a horror show.

No. 410042

You can see her thumb is still infected though with how dark it is and inflamed at the cuticle.

No. 410071

did you reply tho anon??

No. 410171

For once the shirt she's wearing looks clean.Maybe she's lucid enough to get some washing done although thats a far fetched theory. Also, I've tried following Luna on instagram to keep up with milk using two different accounts and she has declined both requests. With one being my art account I assumed that wouldn't look too sus. Is she very picky when it comes to who she lets follow her?

sage for non-contribution

No. 410209

I followed her awhile back and it took months for her to accept. Though other anons have said that she accepted right away.

No. 410243

File: 1499964255281.png (49.39 KB, 750x428, IMG_3924.PNG)

God this is clearly just for her to complain about rent that she doesn't even pay.

No. 410246

File: 1499964424462.png (128.74 KB, 750x921, IMG_3925.PNG)

Due to the 100% contrast filter used I can't figure out what body part this is? Like is that her tit? Sage for being blind?

No. 410247

thats her tit under her bra. that's a bralette from AA, i own the same one.

No. 410250


she complains so much about how high her rent is and how inconvenient her town is….. she could be paying less than half of that for a place in , say, baltimore, and have all the heroin she wants. how has nobody suggested she move?

No. 410251

to her face, i mean

No. 410255

what would be the point of suggesting it?
she isn't paying jackshit.
she couldn't leech off her dad.
NY is part of 'the aesthetic'
moving would require effort and motivation and money.
she complains about fucking everything anyway.

No. 410258

fair enough, but she's not even in the city she's in fucking westchester which is the most yuppie not-hardcore part of the state.
her town is overwhelmingly rich and white, so idk how far that 'aesthetic' takes her

No. 410262

Looked like her fupa to me

No. 410265

lol I wish someone would call her out for living in the suburbs essentially even though she tries to make it seem hood.

No. 410266

im sure someone must have mentioned it to her but idk. her and lurch are just stagnant people like it would take effort to move, theyd need a deposit, theyd have to pack etc

i still find it hard to comprehend their finances like the almost 2k a month must come from benefits

No. 410268

If she said she couldn't afford to move.. her "rent" could cover that

No. 410269

when i lived outside baltimore my security deposit and my first months rent came up as 1500…. so she could definitely afford it. she just chooses to live in these expensive shitholes.

No. 410280

I find it hard to believe they actually pay that much for rent.. Could they be getting government rent assistance.. Where they only have to pay a percentage of the rent? Which im sure would come from Rogers social security or whatever checks.
Neither of them was a job, but they have a $1700 a month apartment, utility bills, and a $100 a day drug habit… But she says she's poor…

No. 410293

I don't think she could grasp the concept of saving/setting aside money to pay rent. She's so spoilt.
Like how an alcoholic can't keep a liquor cabinet.

No. 410314

File: 1499973949733.png (117.95 KB, 1343x830, IMG_0080.PNG)

No. 410321

LOL cover photo for next thread?

No. 410350

File: 1499982116100.jpg (847.88 KB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

Or this

No. 410357

File: 1499982443080.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3604.PNG)

No. 410358

File: 1499982460572.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3605.PNG)

accidental spoiler my bad

No. 410359

how did i do that shit twice in a row….

No. 410361


Anon this is amating!!!

No. 410363


Yet another picture where Chief Areola doesn't seem aware of having his photo taken

No. 410365

>wouldn't have been able to make it thru mentally without all you

Hahaha what?!? Bitch he only had a dirty abscess drained! She is really too much. And what did anyone even do for her while he was ~*~in the hospital~*~…?

No. 410366

>walk without a cane

You mean copped some heroin

No. 410374

File: 1499984205441.png (552.83 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3936.PNG)

Lol at that mess of a post up top

No. 410377

File: 1499984649966.png (179.63 KB, 749x1094, IMG_3937.PNG)

The color of her leg and the color of her gray shorts is so similar I thought they were pants

No. 410381

>just vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle
does it normally taste like garbage to her? her ~uwu~ super poor ~~ ass needs some creme brule after her dinner of take out?

No. 410387

found a seroquel lol bitch just buy some benadryl
haha seriously, as if thats some basic element of food

No. 410389

that's what i was thinking too lol. vanilla ice cream and choco sauce always sounds good. id understand if she said something about how ~even a plain, stale rice cake is amazing~ but "just vanilla ice cream with chocolate" isn't bad or boring in the slightest. does she actually think ice cream is a #struggle food? hahaha

No. 410392


Those shorts were baby-pink once. Gosh, Luna, you can wash your clothes in bathtub, go buy some laundry power at dollar store ffs!

No. 410393

just found this thread and lmao

btw a year or so ago luna and i used to talk (both being druggie cons) and she mentioned how she and her bf dont even pay rent, her 'father in law's' social security or w/e covers their apartment and bills, but she loves to use that as ebegging since it seems to work for her

No. 410411

File: 1499988801298.jpg (7.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 410418

No. 410419

Do you have caps?

No. 410420

someone should fix this in photoshop.

No. 410421

would love some screen caps to verify this…

No. 410438

I'm the original tinfoil theory anon upthread and I'm just getting more and more into the conspiracy.

No. 410439

okay, ew, what are those weird stains on his left leg? is that the leg with the abscess?is it ….leaking? sage for speculation but ew im so grossed out by this whole ordeal

No. 410441

I'd disassociate too if I was that fucking retarded all the time. how does she spout this shit with like 0 self awareness kek

No. 410482

File: 1499994829307.png (172.08 KB, 750x1094, IMG_3939.PNG)

I keep thinking she's using the soap to brush her teeth however next to nothing that's an improvement. Her whole life needs some Dial antibacterial soap.

No. 410491

>Hello Kitty cleanliness
>everything in pic is nasty as fuck

I don't think she understand what clean means.

No. 410498

a childs toothbrush that will never ever be replaced

No. 410523

Willing to bet this is the same soap bottle from last year.

No. 410551

Hey, atleast there's some out of it…

No. 410552

she always posts hygiene products in a desperate attempt to prove to everyone that she isn't covered in a centimeter thick layer of filth/grime at all times lmao

No. 410604

Every time I see Luna's photos, I get this urge to clean my computer screen…and then I scroll down and what I thought was dirt on my monitor turns out to be some stains on Luna's wall or clothes.


No. 410627

can anyone from America tell me how she affords this?
does she get help from the government?
her rent is equal to 1533 euros which is extremely high for rent over here.

how can two heroin addicts afford that much?

No. 410634


Oh look, lurch must have found some brand new shoes.

No. 410646


doesn't she post this exact same stuff every six months or so?

No. 410650

>Eating chips and trying to go to bed

Eats chips, doesnt brush her teeth, goes straight to sleep. Wakes up with fuzzy plaque, chips caked around her teeth, rancid potato breath.

No. 410657

anon, i need an update on this

No. 410666

>>tfw my boyfriend and I work decent paying full time jobs and work in a 2bed/2bath spacious top floor apt and tuna claims to pay the same amount of rent as us, 1500 euro

i know the obvious answer is she's lying right???? or are we gonna get a post "some nice lady was KIND enough to RANDOMLY pay my rent so cute" just like all the other shit shifty shit she gets "handed" to her

No. 410677

Maybe anons theory of them using Roger's potential ssi funds for rent isn't to far off? My grandpa used to get like 1200 a month from ssi but it's probably gone up since then and if they get some sort of housing assistance usually they would only have to pay 1/3 of their income. Which would leave plenty to live off of comfortably for the month unless you are using your funds for drugs or useless amazon crap like tuna buys

No. 410684


If Roger is getting ssi checks he might also be in section 8 where the government pays for most of the rent and you just pay a small fraction of it.

Depends on who's name the apartment is in and stuff.

No. 410689

I've never believed that she could get together $1700 on rent ALONE. I don't know much about U.S benefits but in the UK for an under 25 year old unemployment check is just about £60 a week. Even disability allowance wouldnt support the cost of a house like that and their drug habit. Seems impossible that they'd be paying for the house without help from Roger or family members

No. 410693

Anon in the UK we have housing benefit. You're not expected to pay your rent with your dole money lmao, they pay your landlord directly. There's a limit to the amount, depending on age, but it doesn't come out of your dole.

No. 410699


I recall Luna claiming somewhere she has been in section 8 housing all her life. I would presume that includes her current abode?

No. 410701

File: 1500046255720.png (289.18 KB, 750x1026, IMG_3950.PNG)

Ummm put it back outside?? WTF

No. 410705

Place your bets folks, how long will that poor little snail last in Tuna's clutches?

No. 410706

It could die any minute she'll probably try to feed it chips

No. 410709

>Guys my snail is sick and I need money to take it to the vet and get medicine for it!! pls buy my art uwu

No. 410721

If she looks away for 5 seconds to shoot up or whatever that snail is gonna slither out of that container and into their filth den.

No. 410728

so can we add snail slime to the list of gross stains on her carpet/bedding?

No. 410729


Is she high as fuck again? Who wants to keep snail as a pet?

No. 410730

I love how she acts like she saved it instead of plucking it out of its perfectly adequate habitat.

No. 410731

File: 1500055494084.png (181.63 KB, 750x976, IMG_3951.PNG)

Now she has 2 and she named them. She's off her fuckin rocker, right?

No. 410732

Tuna digging out dirt from some random garden and throwing it in a cleaned takeaway tub…

Yeah, people must think she's batshit crazy everywhere she goes, if I saw that shit I'd be really tripped out.

No. 410733


Officially put more effort into looking after these snails than she ever has the cats.

No. 410734

This could be a sure fire sign that Lurch is back to copping since being out of the hospital

No. 410741

i used to do this when i was like 8 lol they get out the tub if you dont put a lid on (well obviously) and then theres just snails living in your house

No. 410743

If the snail slithers over a used needle or heroin crumbs, will it get high?

~quirky~ people

No. 410770


Yes. They have the same mu and kappa opioid receptors that we do. Oddly, snails can get high from magnetic fields, too. That is cool.

No. 410792

File: 1500063494145.png (118.89 KB, 750x865, IMG_3953.PNG)

No they are tryin to leave cuz yr shit stinks Tunafish

No. 410795

She'll wake up tomorrow to an empty tub and never mention them again.

No. 410800

some many exciting things are happening for her, first she gets to go to an ER and now 2 snails!

No. 410808

I wonder which will happen first:
-She loses interest
-The snails die

Remember that stuffed animal pig that she was obsessed with for a few days and was 'omg I love him he saved my life uwu' or whatever, and now its never mentioned or even seen in pics. Lol.

No. 410818

File: 1500068584020.png (134.76 KB, 750x1088, IMG_3954.PNG)

No. 410828

jesus tapdancing christ, tuna is insufferable.
Was this actually 2 days ago she's written that? Because it only says "today" and the screenshot couldve been made at any time.

No. 410829

i told her to put the snails back she ignored me and shes just spammed insta with a bunch of pictures of these snails in the goddamn dirt filled tupperware she has !! put them back!! you can hang out with them outside and take pictures of them outside . these snails dont deserve this

No. 410831

Yep… I followed her with my private account and got accepted right away. I dont know how she chooses who to follow..

No. 410832


No. 410833

Tuna: the starving fatty.
Look at those pools of chocolate sauce too. Pretty nasty. Total heroin food.

And why does her profile pic say "you are secretariat"?

No. 410834

no one noticed how she changed her Instagram profile name?
Not important or anything though…

No. 410837

I noticed that but didn't she use that before? I didn't really notice. Is that her tumblr name? Maybe she's tired of only being followed by us.

No. 410839

Ice cream cuz you Hate yourself? Wtf you spoiled bitch

No. 410840

Yeah I noticed that too. She also changed her name from "Luna Kitten" to just Luna and she also deleted/changed her description.

No. 410847

Lol what is "total heroin food"?

>And why does her profile pic say "you are secretariat"?

It's a Bojack Horseman reference.

No. 410848

I mean, giant african land snails are pretty cool, but buy them from a pet shop. She just found these on the floor outside, and thinks she's saving them by bringing them indoors? No Luna snails live outside.

also, they need a cuttlebone or they'll die. Put them back.

No. 410856

Heroin food= donughts, candy, ice cream, Chinese take-out, Cheetos, junk food/sweets in general.

Its all I ate when I was an addict and its all Tuna eats, too.
Though, I got skinny as fuck and Tuna is still a heiffer.

No. 410861

Just agreeing with these anons:

Heroin gives you major sugar cravings. I lived on Dr. Pepper when I was an addict. Depending on my financial situation, I'd gain or lose weight, but overall I stayed pretty average size. Luna's food pictures are 100% stereotypical junkie meals.

No. 410865

here's hoping, i really don't want to read endless speculations about luna via the medium of obsessive facebook updates

No. 410867

2 days before this >>409882
>I cannot afford food
But you can buy a tub of icecream for dinner??

No. 410910


she 'found' it when she was walking down the street.

No. 410969

~*~ uwu poor people deserve treats too ~*~

Im sure that would be her defense if someone actually called her out on that bullshit. Shes fucking retarded.

No. 411001

now luna can finally have some junkie friends other than lurch.

two goddamn snails.

No. 411048


I lol'd. :)(no contribution)

No. 411081

can we have all of her text post next time please?

No. 411087

probably got money from poor idiots on facebook donating because of the hospital shit.

No. 411091

File: 1500124779761.jpg (353.65 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20170715_145915_293.jpg)

herman and delilah 2017

No. 411097

So basically she got bored and didn't want to deal with having to feed and keep an eye on them, just like with the cats who she only acknowledges when they're "sensing my distress and cuddle with me when I'm sad"

No. 411104

File: 1500127830033.png (106.73 KB, 750x767, IMG_3956.PNG)

>go to the thrift store for things we NEED
>do laundry

No one asked for this "timeline" which she always shows via pics anyway but I guess that gives her more space to make up lies which seems like her favorite thing to do lately.

No. 411106

She uses her dad so much.

No. 411109

>do laundry
So she's basically confirming they have no way to wash their clothes there and she's probably too good to use a coin wash.

>get a few things we need from the thrift store

All you buy are granny lingerie for yourself that you wear once and add to the hoard!

No. 411112

when her dad passes, reality is going to hit her harder than that OD (which obviously didn't hit her that hard if she's still doing the same shit).

No. 411127

yeah but he's only in his, what 40s 50s? he'll prolly out live luna

No. 411130

or they escaped / lurch stepped on them / cat killed them and now thats her story of how she doesnt have them anymore

No. 411131

as if being under 60 means you can't die.

it's obvious that tuna's father has had drug and/or alcohol abuse in his lifetime, that shit takes years off.

No. 411142

a lot of people in their 50s die. especially former addicts.

No. 411167

File: 1500141807321.png (972.98 KB, 902x720, 658498485186.png)

(sorry for the bad quality)

No. 411169

aaaaahaahah thanks anon you win

No. 411170

why would you go to the thrift store for things you need? you're just depending on the thrift store having it, it's not guaranteed that they'll have what you're looking for, and even if they do, it's probably not even the best price for it…

No. 411172

>>411167 Tuna if she got sent this: "someone drew me and my mans. my heart is truly filled with love. Currently eating ice cream the snails sadly got into, just eating around the slime lol. Matthew's leg is healing and just fell asleep cuddling the snails, he cried when I let them go and said he truly loved my big heart. heading to my evil dads lol wish me luck. at least I can try out my new lipstick for the trainride. Eating the non-slime ice cream until I fall into a peaceful sleep. just trying my best <3"

No. 411186

File: 1500147815298.png (228.63 KB, 750x1103, IMG_3960.PNG)

I do not believe that she's doing laundry. And if she is, I think she'd have to run stuff through a few times cuz it's just been sitting in their apartments rotting for however long.

No. 411207

i just meant i didnt imagine it happening soon

No. 411215

File: 1500154834060.jpg (117.74 KB, 1080x1920, 2017-07-15 21.37.55.jpg)

Im getting the feeling that the laundry and bathing is not something that tuna does by herself. She could also do that if she was at home, right?
Either their bathtub is fucked up for whatever reason or … and thats where I put my money on… her father makes her take a bath as soon as she arrives because she stinks

No. 411216

File: 1500154876270.jpg (266.08 KB, 1080x1920, 2017-07-15 21.37.40.jpg)

and why the fuck is she always binge-watching special victims unit when she is there?

No. 411217


jfc why does she have such long toes?

No. 411219

their bathtub is probably too disgusting to bathe in, but luna is also disgusting herself so she probably wouldn't actually mind sitting in a filthy bathtub. maybe she always bathes at her dad's house so she can waste his nice shower products lol.

No. 411225

omg lol I love the Lurch snail. Well done anon!

No. 411226

Her dad sounds like such a monster! Just look at her doing his laundry and ordering him Chinese food.

No. 411227

File: 1500157676061.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170716-002557.png)

Translated from Luna to human: her dad bought her nice stuff and she can't say that on social media because that would mean she can't whine about her evil dad.
Or she shoplifted/stole money from her dad.

No. 411232

>the dirt on her legs
>the filth floating in the water

Damn bitch, the tub isn't even an inch deep yet and it's already filthy.

No. 411247

So… Does "bathing" to Tuna mean just stewing in plain water? …No soap? How fucking nasty. She probably comes out smelling worse, like regular rancid tuna plus wet-dog smell.
And lol no, I highly doubt she does laundry at her dads house. Shes way too lazy to gather up her dirty shit from her drug den and take it over. And why would she? She doesn't mind wearing fucking disgusting dirty clothes.

No. 411252

Uh… you don't need to put soap in the water before bathing. Fill the tub up, then wash with soap on a loofah. It's nice to put soap/bath bombs/etc. in the water first, but it's not necessary.

However, at this point, Luna is so grimy that even the best bath wouldn't help.

Saged, obviously.

No. 411254

Her dad probably makes her bathe while he throws the clothing she wore to his place in the wash.

No. 411255

The last thing this bitch needs is more matte liquid lipstick. Get your "friends" to send you some lip balm and scrub, Tuna.

No. 411264

tbh i bet they escaped or she sat on them or some shit and now this is her tragic uwu story

No. 411267

For someone as dirty as her, a shower would benefit rather than sitting in her own filth.

No amount of bath bombs can clean that pig.

No. 411270

Haha, thanks fellow farmers.
Maybe should I sell that "wonderful art piece" for 125$?
Cause, you know, I'm such a great artist and I'm suffering for my art so much uwu. (blink)

No. 411272

I just took a closer look at it and its actually better and more creative than anything tunas done kek. My favorite parts were Tunas facial hair and the needle in Lurch-Snail's shell. xD(xD)

No. 411290

Easily more effort put into this than all of Tuna's art put together. Beautiful, anon.

No. 411295

Thanks anons, it warms my cold little heart

(sage for my dumb sentimentalism and go back to our beloved cow now)

No. 411391

Are those freckles or actual blackheads on her legs…?

No. 411393

When I was a gross junkie myself, I used to have those black points on my legs. I could pop them and en masse puss came out.

No. 411397

God, that sounds like that one Erowid story.

No. 411407

ugh thats awful
why does that happen?

No. 411408

File: 1500220318148.jpg (675.06 KB, 2048x1653, 3B50F4C7-7D48-43C5-89BD-564413…)

>going to the thrift store for things we need

No. 411411

i dont think ill ever stop being irritated by her:
>desperately need the last of our rent
>posts pics of all the needless things she just bought

No. 411412

File: 1500222158004.png (193.97 KB, 750x1069, IMG_3972.PNG)

Knew she'd put drugs in that box, bet you she takes all those today cuz she has no idea how to use medication. Looks like her dad must hook her up with benzos which is probably the most evil thing he has done cuz mixing them with heroin will probably be what kills her.

No. 411413

I think it's more likely that she steals them, particularly because they're in a box with some half smoked spliffs - looks like she just hoards whatever she can get when she visits her dad

No. 411414

that "worst self harm ever" is looking pretty invisible these days

No. 411416

You think she steals entire scripts like that every weekend and her dad hasn't caught on?

No. 411419

She's taken other things from him on numerous occasions so yeah he's probably noticed
Unless he doesn't take those meds regularly

No. 411421

this is fucking hilarious. i love lurchsnail

No. 411422

look at how grimy those pills are…….

No. 411424

Hey Tuna, maybe if you got your life together you wouldn't be so anxious that you """need""" to jam thirty pills into your maw. Just saying!

No. 411425

She already messed up the box or didn't clean it to begin with?

No. 411426

It looks like they fell in the mud.

No. 411429

She's messsed it up by putting those half smoked joints in there like an animals.
How nice of you to do that to this gift some poor person you've swindled into sending you "all the way from Spain"

No. 411435

lmao they literally look like pills someone picked out from the trash can.

No. 411439

He should throw them into a fire. This bitch is always so nasty about him yet he's always giving her things and she's always stealing from him. That guy must have the patience/tolerance of Mother Teresa.

No. 411443

Those pills look so damn nasty. How can you even put those in your mouth?

No. 411445

Gross, Anon, same. I didn't question what they were when I was using; guess I had other stuff on my mind. Ingrown hairs? If it's a common thing I really want to know wtf they are. I haven't gotten them since I stopped using, so it seems connected.

This is A LOT of benzodiazepines. I remember the last batch she got too, and it wasn't that long ago. She's using more than I am, and I'm using them legally for a partial spinal cord injury. The FUCK, Luna. Being dependant on heroin isn't enough for you or something? This bothers me more than the heroin, honestly. The withdrawal from benzos can actually kill you, unlike heroin. Not to mention that using multiple CNS depressants together is dangerous af. Narcan won't bring you back from that shit.

No. 411447

Lol no one posted Tunas pic of her new tub of SAINT IVES APRICOT SCRUB?!?
The nasty crusty bitch finally took our advice! Well, she got some.. probably wont use it…
But her fucking followers are discouraging her to use it because its "too harsh", I guess they haven't paid much attention to her crusty, bumpy face.

No. 411449

So, her evil dad bought her another new purse from Tj Maxx? Pretty evil of him.
She just got a new purse like a month ago from Tj Maxx.
I hope nexttime she says shes poor and starving that someone decks her in the fucking mouth. Shes so pathetic.. Pretending that shes poor. What an insult to actual poor people who don't have evil dads to give them money and new shit every weekend and have their rent and bills paid by someone else.

No. 411464

i wonder if luna's dad knows about how much she complains about him. all he would have to do is google her name to see how much she hates him. if i were her dad and i saw the shit she says about me, i'd kick her to the curb. poor dude is letting her have what she wants, when she wants it, and she STILL talks about him like he's a monster. maybe he's a piece of shit but damn, at least he's trying. what an ungrateful brat

No. 411495

>>410358 you haven't covered up your profile pic on your Instagram in that photo. You're cultural_amensia, you appear to be an indie bitch just like Luna and she also follows you back, so you guys have a connection.

No. 411501

Isn't this the same bitch that selfposts every single time there's an instagram cap posted? Or does Luna just attract multiple people like this?

No. 411506

Be happy someone provides screencaps? She's not part of the thread. At least sage your shit.

No. 411507

nah thats lil_fever

No. 411508

Not that anon, but you should be more cautious next time, and less salty when someone point your mistake.

No. 411523

I mean, the St. Ives apricot scrub definitely is harsh but for Luna I'm just glad she got something. Maybe the apricots will scrape all that makeup and actually reach her skin.

Wasn't it a ~~fancy~~ Jessica Simpson bag? It seems to be in the same price range as Betsey Johnson so he paid maybe $40 for it, which may seem like a fortune to her.

Definitely a big slap in the face to actual poor people who would probably be ecstatic with a nice $5 purse from Goodwill.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 411537


Link please?

No. 411557

The drug in this one is actually meth, but you get it.


No. 411562

actual poor people dont buy multiple purses, actual poor people are happy just to buy groceries, which tuna never does - she buys junk food, magazines, and makeup. i really wish she would stop pretending to be poor to kustify her grimeyness

No. 411566

holy shit wtf

No. 411570

Doesn't Lurch have court coming up this week? We haven't heard anything from Tuna about his case since that one post after his arrest right?

No. 411575

File: 1500261208690.jpg (50.75 KB, 614x400, IMG_9717.JPG)

No. 411578

A bit of a blogpost but I seen a comment a while ago asking why Luna's cat doesn't groom itself as it always looks so matted.

I rescued a domesticated cat that was dumped in my area after no one had claimed it and had gained its trust after a couple of weeks. When it first showed up it was covered head to toe in mats and I had to clip them all myself.
A year later, this beautiful long haired cat that rocked up looking for food trusts the environment she lives in to be able to groom her self and hasn't had another mat since.

I feel Luna's cat is living on edge, so doesn't feel safe enough to groom.

Sage obviously..sorry I just love animals of the pet kind..

No. 411586

Ew, at least put those roaches in a dimebag or something tuna..

No. 411598

Her cats are also pretty old I thought, they could have trouble grooming themselves due to their age.

No. 411604

>Her cats are also pretty old I thought, they could have trouble grooming themselves due to their age.

Age of the cat shouldn't matter, unless it's been severely mistreated.
My cats around 13yrs old and still can groom itself fine

No. 411612


Just fyi, when a cat stops grooming itself, it's a sign that it's about to die. Or at least something is seriously wrong, physically or psychologically. Elderly cats typically stop grooming themselves when they're about to die. I'm a vet tech, and have seen cats in their early 20's that still groom themselves. They may need a bit of help with their back ends due to arthritis, but a well cared for cat of any age will at least try.

No. 411617

File: 1500272088696.jpg (176.56 KB, 950x938, Clipboarsd04.jpg)

So back from her evil dad, those are her 9 last posts
>such evil

No. 411619

St Ives Apricot scrub… while I appreciate her attempt to finally exfoliate this is absolutely terrible for your skin. It's made of crushed walnut and can cause tears in your epidermis, which can lead to infection.

In other words, this shit is going to end up doing more harm than good. With how filthy she typically is, she's going to make her skin worse for sure.

No. 411626

wew she really doesn't need any more chances of infection, her immune system must be shit.

No. 411627

GOD why did I read that

No. 411629


Don't worry, Anon. I'm pretty sure she has no intentions of using it…she's just going to put stickers on it and photograph it periodically. You'll see it in six months, still unopened and covered in those same stickers plus a layer of grime.


He probably does, and is trying to "make it up" to her by buying her all these purses, makeup, etc. and giving her money. I dated a girl for a while who would always shit-talk her dad as being "abusive" and "a narcissist." She'd scream at him and throw literal tantrums whenever he'd try to ask her- politely, I might add- about possibly finding a job or coming to visit him, and he'd throw money and gifts at her to try to make her love him. (The twist here is that she turned out to be the abusive narcissist. Ha. Ha ha.)

Sage for blog- just trying to shed some light on the grimy mystery that is our cow.

No. 411632

the sick pores/black dots on her skin is most likely caused by the liver not filtering all the toxins in the meth, so it just oozes out from the skin. It's fucking disgusting. don't google image it lol.


No. 411656

sage goes in email…

what are the green pills

No. 411657

File: 1500297801863.jpg (1.31 MB, 1420x1902, Screenshot_20170717-082128.jpg)

Waiting for her to delete this and beg for money because she hasn't eaten in DAYS

No. 411658

File: 1500297868841.jpg (1.42 MB, 1430x1978, Screenshot_20170717-082331.jpg)

More gifts from evil dad

No. 411660

Klonopin. Another benzo.

No. 411663

…that is bleach I see.
Incoming pictures of Luna burning all her hair off. This'll be good.
Wonder if she'll use that as her next begging excuse.

No. 411669

It looks like she found this boombox in a pile of volcanic ash. wtf is that thick layer of dust and dandruff on everything?

No. 411673

just saying, sometimes on payday i head to the drugstore and buy one or two nyx lip products along with other stuff and they're just under 10 euro a pop here. Like on payday I feel pretty dodgy for paying 30 euro for like three lip products. I imagine even her dad would feel weird about spending that much money on something so stupid when he could get her groceries or actual useful bathing products instead.

so surely she lifted these? sage for nothing new and obvious statement that she shoplifts and thinks people dont notice????

No. 411681

I think it's more than likely she tries to avoid her dad thinking she's in a bad situation, financially or otherwise - because then he'd do something evil like try get her help or buy her food instead of lipsticks. I think she pretends everything's fine to him, but that all her money goes on rent, so he treats her to shopping trips and pampering every time she visits, believing the rest of the time she's actually using her time productively and making rent payments, meanwhile she's playing the "I'm so poor please help" card with everyone else. She's playing everyone of each other.

No. 411685

There's no way she can hide it when she's at his house 2 days out of 7. Her Dad also pays for her phone and utilities, she definitely doesn't try to appear okay to her father. She rang him when she OD'd, he's fully aware all her money goes on heroin. He takes her to thrift stores so she'll have something clean to wear in between her weekly laundry runs.

The cosmetics are either used (some anon in the last thread said that thrift stores in America have used cosmetics sometimes) or stolen. I don't see her Dad buying her expensive makeup. The box-bleach? Sure, he probably bought that because her roots look terrible right now, but the $30 of makeup? Nah, she swiped that while he was buying the dye.

No. 411694

some of the lipsticks she posted from other "hauls," not maybe 1 is new. shes just doing that thing where she places all her stuff on the bed and poses it and takes pictures of it. what is the caption for the lipstick photo?

No. 411700

File: 1500310495852.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x1696, Screenshot_20170717-115250.jpg)

Other photo of just lip products has no caption.

No. 411702

She's so fuckin weird and tweaked I can hardly stand it. It's like a car crash though, you gotta look.

No. 411711

Does anyone smoke cigarettes in their house? That could explain how things get so grimey so fast and why their cats stopped grooming themselves. Cats don't want to groom themselves when their fur is coated with ash and nicotine.
Sage for speculation

No. 411712

Isn't Chief Junji Ito-Areola's trial today? Does anyone still have the link to the court website?

No. 411714

Is it just me, or does her dreaming of an office job remind anyone of CWC doing so, viz. the Father Call?

Sage for christorian shit.

No. 411716


All of her makeup looks used? Like, at least a month old.
look at the L'Oreal foundation, the tube is like half way gone.
Where would she lift used makeup from? Maybe testers at an ulta or something?

No. 411720

I'm living in Europe and we smoke cigarettes in the kitchen, it doesn't make the place grimey, however, my flatmates are clean freaks.

No. 411722

you also probably aim for ash trays when you're smoking and own a vacuum cleaner, unlike Tuna.

Their place is grimy because they're high all the time and don't clean up random spills and mess.

No. 411723

its used because shes been using it for months. shes posted those foundations like 5 times over tbe past 8 months.

No. 411726

her makeup looks like that old bag of makeup you have, you know like stuff you dont use but havent throw out and like a blush has exploded in the bag

No. 411732

She JUST got some of these things and they're already caked in filth. She absolutely gives no fucks, all of those tubes are probably rife with bacteria. I'm so astonished that she's not a complete pizza face. Ugh.
Sage for whining because this bitch is gross

No. 411734

How long does a tube or bottle of foundation last for Tuna? She smears it on like cement, I don't see her getting many uses out of it.

No. 411750

depends on the amount of content, but probably only a week