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File: 1503671165376.png (811.32 KB, 837x837, 1503186199203.png)

No. 428358

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblr: https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations

newest milk:
not much has happened.
>still begs for money
>Lurch's next court date is Sept 13
>criticises other people's nails while hers look infected
>wants people to gift her things so she 'can feel loved'
>still attention whoring w her self-harm and fb pity posts

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017

No. 428360

roger is also still awol

No. 428414

File: 1503680668309.png (2.83 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-12-03-19…)

No. 428415

File: 1503680691495.png (2.57 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-12-03-25…)

No. 428416

File: 1503680711245.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-12-03-35…)

No. 428420

of course she talks about how 'pretty' the cards are, not what they might actually mean.

also, did she just grab a handful of her most 'spiritual' of shit and drop it on her lap? come on, tuna.

No. 428432

who brings rocks, notebooks, tarot cards etc for coffee??

No. 428433

Of course Luna had to get the absolute biggest size she could. Don't you guys think it's rude that she got a size bigger than her friend, when her friend is the one paying?

No. 428434

I just want to know how rlyblonde could be around someone that probably smells like shit and not vomit. That's not including how weird Tuna must be

No. 428435

can you imagine walking into dunkin on your break and seeing these two weird girls with that mess of crystals and notebooks and lavender essential oil? and a thing of setting powder? honestly, what the fuck were they doing lmfaooo
yes she did thats sooo funny..just laying down with a candle and a cupid on her lap. also i doubt this idiot could ever use tarot cards correctly, she just likes ~the aesthetic~

No. 428440

i'm not even spiritual, i just think the photo would look a lot more ~aesthetically pleasing~ if her grimy clothes and bedsheets weren't in it.


No. 428441

Lmao, exactly what I was thinking. Reminds me of my retarded relative who used to carry dumb, pointless things around everywhere in a backpack..

But, its good to see rlyblonde doing so much charity work.

No. 428450

File: 1503685979072.png (1.48 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-13-31-07…)

she posted a video of her room and…she's rly got a stained bed sheet hanging on the wall? what even is that, piss?

No. 428452

File: 1503686182834.png (1003.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1223.PNG)

ohhh my god there's so many dirty stuffed animals

No. 428465

File: 1503688304290.png (164.65 KB, 640x1083, IMG_0978.PNG)

No. 428466

File: 1503688319261.png (182.79 KB, 640x1058, IMG_0977.PNG)

No. 428467

File: 1503688388452.png (156.79 KB, 640x1082, IMG_0976.PNG)

I love stuffed animals but this is so gross and tacky. They are all so fucking dirty.

No. 428468

File: 1503688420479.png (149.88 KB, 640x1072, IMG_0975.PNG)

No. 428469

luna's room honestly has some nice aesthetic potential if she just wasn't so dirty. that sheet makes me want to vomit

No. 428471

File: 1503688818952.png (328.24 KB, 371x491, 1503688319261-1.png)

filthy stuffies take up half THEIR room and they shove all the laundry in a china cabinet. get another dresser!

No. 428472

theres a straight up crime scene on that rilakkuma

No. 428482

that dresser is horrifying

No. 428493

eeew this is such a fire hazard. although most of her stuff probably should just be burned lel

No. 428494

It's not that weird if they just bought it. At least I do that sometimes when I go shopping and meet friends, take the shit I bought out of the bag to show them while we eat

No. 428518

File: 1503694042433.png (3.64 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-15-46-17…)


No. 428519

File: 1503694069884.png (3.66 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-15-46-22…)

No. 428521

File: 1503694123574.png (2.92 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-15-46-28…)

she looks like a corpse

No. 428522

so an improvement?

No. 428525

>three hours hardcore cleaning
>sheet hanging up with giant piss stain

No. 428526

oh look 2 definitely
love how her eyes are pointing in different directions

No. 428527

what does she even do when she cleans? i think she just piles up clothes and toys. i mean do they own bleach? detergent?

No. 428533

File: 1503695340053.jpg (21.3 KB, 492x287, shut up tuna.jpg)

Tuna pls.

No. 428547

File: 1503696586236.png (70.74 KB, 640x439, IMG_1188.PNG)

No. 428549

File: 1503696663352.png (49.16 KB, 640x638, IMG_1187.PNG)

No. 428552

File: 1503696743570.png (158.6 KB, 637x999, IMG_1186.PNG)

No. 428553

File: 1503696756605.png (134 KB, 640x782, IMG_1185.PNG)

No. 428554

File: 1503696783354.png (156.51 KB, 640x911, IMG_1184.PNG)

how wonderful… how simpy wonderful uwu

No. 428555

File: 1503696848712.png (72.94 KB, 640x390, IMG_1183.PNG)

No. 428569

um does she have no self awareness (i know i know she doesnt)
everyone one of these images just posted makes me wanna put my head thru a wall

No. 428579

File: 1503699453262.jpg (1.2 MB, 1429x1920, Screenshot_20170825-171631.jpg)

She's not wrong.

No. 428581

File: 1503699925427.png (2.76 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-17-24-54…)

No. 428583

This sounds like he'd actually just rather hear from the person who is gonna know first.

No. 428587

>"you are my savior of my deathly high"
way to try to make him saving you from a OD as low key as possible for your facebook friends… she's ridiculous

No. 428593

Well. She started out pretty well- I actually really like the first two lines- but then it went stupid.

I wonder why she idealizes her relationship with an objectively unattractive, unemployed, druggie loser who basically groomed underage her and got her addicted to smack. I guess it is like the ultimate teenage rebellion from hell, a huge FU to both her parents all so she can be "aesthetic." But I seriously don't get the Lurch thing; he doesn't have a single redeeming quality as far as I can tell.

No. 428599

her chest looks … muddy

No. 428603

File: 1503702659362.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1518, Screenshot_20170826-010913~2.p…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 428605

dat booger tho. she must be pretty high on something to post these pictures

No. 428627

File: 1503705825077.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-19-01-56…)

No. 428628

File: 1503705849218.png (2.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-19-02-03…)

No. 428630

File: 1503705869967.png (2.48 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-25-19-02-08…)

No. 428635

She's one to talk. I'd love to be scrolling through facebook and see someone say they wish they were aborted 100% unironically. Ffs.
Is that a large areola making a comeback!?

No. 428636

tbh i can understand why people ask whats on her chest cus it does just look like dirt or like when that anon said about how when they were on heroin and theyd get black spots full of pus or something

No. 428637

It's definite not only freckles, as some other anon suggested

No. 428647

>I've lost so much weight from not eating
Bitch you just got Dominos and Chinese food!!

No. 428648

File: 1503708050086.jpg (152.36 KB, 801x687, Screenshot_20170825-193944.jpg)

ew i zoomed in to look at her "freckles"

No. 428649

Yeah, some of those definitely aren't freckles. They're dark black and a few look huge.

No. 428664

right? i feel like she's posted A LOT of takeout within the past few weeks…dunkin, dominoes, mcdonalds, chinese…. also if she claims to not have enough money to eat why would she spend $4 on a large iced coffee today? for someone who claims she's poor she doesn't act very poor….i lived off of $8 a week for a while only eating ramen and rice and beans from the dollar store. she has no excuse for being "hungry" tbh.

No. 428668


FFS. She got her aesthetic overdose and now she's going to milk it forever for all those aesthetic points.

It should have been a wake up call, I'm not surprised it wasn't for her. But now it's just going to be all poems and art over it. And she'll always find a way to work it in.

No. 428674

I think they might be specks from her eyeliner or mascara, maybe from crying or whatever (or not washing properly from splashing around in the tub, who knows.) If you look to the left of her collar, it looks like there's dried up drip from makeup.

No. 428679

File: 1503713557057.png (419.42 KB, 1242x1576, IMG_6915.PNG)

No. 428686

She has those black spots on her legs too, anon.

No. 428696

This isn't even milk, it's just sad. She's sick and sure she isn't doing much about it but….. mental illness isn't a fun joke. She's coping the best she can.

No. 428697

Tuna is so fucking stupid.
>he thinks of my death
Derp, he obviously does because he knows your a junkie and you called him immediately after your overdose for some sympathy, to say "see what I just did!", and probably beg some more dope money.

No. 428706

does this girl ever take a picture without flash?

No. 428712

im in the bojack horseman meme group and i always see her pop up in my timeline, it's so wild seeing a cow outside here
sage for no contribution

No. 428714

is this sarcasm or?

No. 428722

it says they both BROUGHT, not bought. one of them (Luna?) also brought a tarot deck you can see rubber banded in the background. they probably just brought them to be quirky or something, it's weird.

No. 428727

they do things you'd normally do at home out in public because:

- rlyblonde doesn't want to be in luna's shitshack

-rlyblonde also doesn't want luna in her own home where she'd likely steal shit

No. 428733

File: 1503719135194.png (772.06 KB, 1067x643, what.png)

lmfao thats so sad but probably true

also…I guess Luna just kept her wisdom teeth for some reason

No. 428781

not that strange to keep your wisdom teeth if they are saved in time by the dentist, I know people who have asked for theirs after their surgery. taking aesthetic pictures of the teeth though, yeah that's weird

No. 428800

can't tell if that's grime on the back camera of her phone or grime on the actual teeth

No. 428801

File: 1503727557548.png (212.4 KB, 750x1063, IMG_1228.PNG)

she's posting about this again? also i LOVE how her autocorrect changed whatever she types into "abscesses" instead of absences like lmfaoo of course she types the word abscess often enough that her phone suggests it

No. 428825

No. 428831

what are you, 12? do you really believe that meth makes fat and black tar ooze out of your pores?

No. 428855

Tbh me and every other user who get those big black heads just doesn't shower often enough.
I took opioids from the pharmacy, so it can't be the waste in heroin or whatever.
You just don't care if you are a bit stinky when you are nodding away.

No. 428865

You're nothing because you dropped our of college to be a junkie with your gross, greasy caveman-looking boyfriend.

No. 428873

>All four
Of course she has to include the number kek
Those are rookie numbers, tuna

No. 428874

Another Anon: TBH it would make a little sense why tuna is always THAT dirty. Like even if I would only bath once in a week I wouldn't get that filthy and dirty.
Although that meth report has to be taken with a grain of salt. As she had delusions and such it probably affected how she perceived and experienced things because the following is physically impossible:
>…I couldn't use soap anymore, it got under my skin and burned and bubbled in my eyes nose and throat for hours afterward.

No. 428875

File: 1503750517780.png (698.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170826-082743.png)

Man, is that her areola ?

No. 428876

Isn't at least one of them just some guy who grabbed her ass, hardly something that's going to scar you for life

No. 428879

To add, it's not that I believe black stuff builds up under the skin but that the sweat and lymphatic fluids can be discolored from all the drugs.
Wasn't there this thing where you could lay small cut garlic in a plastic bag your feet on it, close it down air-right and you could taste it in your mouth after an hour or so? The body is a weird thing.

No. 428883

>"Anyone order me Domino's"

No. 428884

Also why Domino's? They're the fucking worst pizza in the world. If you're gonna mooch off total strangers, why not at least mooch good pizza. She lives in NYC, you can't tell me there's no mom and pop place a block down or domething. Luna has the worst taste in literally everything.

No. 428907

Dominos is okay, not the worst if it has good service in your area.

No. 428915

Pizza huts better

No. 428921

You guys are insufferable, you'll find something new to sperg about every other day. No one cares what any of you think about Domino's or pizza in general, now stfu about it

No. 428938

>argues about PIZZA
>doesn't even fucking sage it

No. 428947

This makes me angry. Luna wasn't assulted. Her butt was grabbed at a show. Yes, it's bad and gross and an experience almost every girl and women has had. But it's not something she should dwell over years and years into the future.

Did she get molested or raped as a child? Did an older male "friend" molest her or take advantage of her? Was she passed out and raped? Was she ever actually sexually assulted, or did she just get her butt touched once as a teenager at a show?

I'm not trying to discount anyone else's experiences here with sexual trauma. But I feel like Luna's victimization complex is making this out to be such a big deal that it's really invalidating to people who really did experience terrible sexual assault or rape and were never able to get justice for it.

sage obviously

No. 428959

i agree with this. it's sad, but almost every woman has had this experience or one very similar, and we definitely should not just accept it, but the way that luna dwells on it for years & acting like she had been seriously assaulted/raped is not normal and not healthy and i'm sure she only dwells on it like this because it gives her sympathy points. she's always trying to make herself the victim and gain sympathy even in situations she's not involved in, with her dead nazi-fighting black panther grandma and her addict parents who conceived her on the stairs of a methadone clinic! all of this shit is to make her seem more unique and special and to get sympathy and play into the whole "uwu i was meant to suffer…it's in my blood" shit she does. she's so embarrassing honestly

No. 428960

i'm pretty sure her first boyfriend did something to her
i know they lost their virginities to each other but i'm fairly sure it was sus

No. 428961

Why are you crying about it yourself? You're literally sperging as well so stfu as well(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 428971

i remember the butt-grabbing thingy was discussed. what other 3 guys is she talking about?

No. 429004

IIRC there were multiple guys that grabbed her ass at the show.
Honestly though, if a man so much as brushed against your arm it's labeled sexual assault by these dime a dozen tumblr gals so who fucking knows

No. 429048

File: 1503791078730.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20170827-014146~2.p…)

Shiiiit, Girl…

She is not wrong… How can someone look this dead.. how can someone brag about looking like an actual corpse or zombie

No. 429049

her setting powder is making her face makeup really spoltchy with the camera flash. looks weird

No. 429051

File: 1503792596804.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20170827-020838~2.p…)

No. 429060

youre "dissociating" cus you probably just took a fistful of benzos

No. 429062

Looking like a waterlogged corpse, Tuna.
Why does her hair look like she washed it in muddy rainwater?

No. 429067

File: 1503795098073.png (2.73 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-26-19-50-57…)

her carpet is making my skin crawl

No. 429069

File: 1503795175876.png (2.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-26-19-51-58…)

you forgot the best pic

No. 429071

File: 1503795217531.png (3.05 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-26-19-53-14…)

No. 429079

the amount of boogies on that cats face makes me SO sad…

No. 429082

it's not a competition you disgusting fuck

No. 429091

my mom used to do this to me all the time. she'd say "what do you want your obituary to say?" or "do you want to be buried or cremated?" as a last resort, in hopes of scaring me so that I'd get clean and not die. maybe not the BEST tactic but parents are humans too and I'm sure he's trying everything he can do to try to get her to get clean….except cutting her off.

one of the counselors at one of the rehabs I went to, used to ream all the parents for enabling. if Luna's dad went to one of those parent meetings, he'd learn a lot. she won't stop until she's cut off from his financial support. he needs to say "I will be here for you when you are ready to get clean. I will help you get clean in any way I can. but until then, I won't be giving you money, I won't be paying your rent, I won't give you weed, you can't use my credit card for online shopping, you can't come do your laundry at my house in order to save every dollar you have for dope."

she tries to make him seem like a messed up piece of shit, every chance she gets. even though it's clear he's a functional human being now. all she can say is "he has hep c." so what, Luna? you probably do too. she brings it up every time she mentions him, in hopes of making him sound like a piece of shit junkie and a horrible dad.

even her mom, who was using drugs up until a year or year and a half ago, is trying to stay clean and do her thing. get with it Luna, your parents were addicts but managed to provide a good life for you. you're an adult now, you can't blame your problems on your parents forever.

No. 429109

imagine taking a shower and then immediately walking out of the bathroom, with wet feet, onto that nasty ass carpet. my skin is crawling just thinking about it

No. 429146

I'm getting my wisdoms removed soon and I'm going to ask if I can keep them. I collected all my baby teeth too and have them stored somewhere. They're just interesting to me. I'm also in the medical field so maybe that's why I like them.

Sage for literal blog post.

No. 429151


sage for blogpost too but my dentist didnt let my keep my one wisdom i had removed :(

im kinda jealous Luna kept hers.

No. 429173

What the fuck? Is that an attempt at contouring? Did she just sharpie a line on her face and call it a day?

No. 429197

>my dad said to matthew if luna dies, "you have to be the one to tell me, not her bitch mother".

Anybody else read that as a guilt-trip thing rather than a vitriol thing? To make a point, like he's telling Lurch "YOU'RE going to be the one who tells me my daughters dead, because I feel you're to blame by getting her addicted, and thus you'll be to blame for her death"?

No. 429216

I think it would be true if not the "bitch mother" mention.

I feel like too many anons want to paint her dad in a good light… When even her old friends agreed that her family was highly disfunctional and her parents were pure shit. Both of them. The fact that her dad gives her some financial support doesn't immediately mean he's a good caring parent. It's never black and white like this.
Though I know she loves to paint herself a victim and I guess it's hard to distinguish the true struggle from her fake cries. She's The Girl Who Cried Wolf indeed.

No. 429232

agreed. even if he's not the monster luna paints him out to be, i don't doubt that he isn't a great person or a great father. it wouldn't be the first time someone had a shitty parent, so it's not far fetched to think that he really just might be an asshole. just because he buys her things doesn't necessarily mean he's a good dad, it's probably more of a manipulation tactic to keep her in his life. not like she's innocent or anything, but i really don't think she's lying about her dad not being a good guy. sage for long winded shit lol

No. 429237

I think she's still fucking around with that hideous black Jeffrey Starr "highlighter".

No. 429272

File: 1503853334877.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170827-190049.png)

No. 429279

It's so strange how much trouble she goes through to keep her hair blonde. If she really can't afford the upkeep and it looks like shit, why doesn't she just go back to her natural color? It would suit her features better anyways

No. 429280

i think her eyeshadow looks pretty nice here tbh but also it looks like she used some skin smoothing app on her face but it still couldn't fix her lips lol

No. 429285

File: 1503855993507.jpg (192.17 KB, 1080x1691, 2017-08-27 19.45.27.jpg)

comeback of big areola

No. 429287

File: 1503856158781.jpg (58.63 KB, 661x500, 1498709636905.jpg)

never getting old

No. 429290

because she would need to cut off all the blonde parts. or stay with an big ugly ass black airline for a long time.

No. 429307

>thrift shop lingerie

but why

No. 429319

she looks nice here but i wish she would stop with the concealer lip. i get that people are allowed to do their makeup how they like, but it just brings out the creases and wrinkles in her lips even more than it would if she wore a more natural color.

No. 429338

saw this and thought of luna
sage for irrelevant

No. 429339

sage cause i'm a retard and forgot to add pic

No. 429340

File: 1503860535163.jpg (119.01 KB, 404x720, IMG_4871.JPG)

double retarded

No. 429354

File: 1503864070860.png (162.28 KB, 1002x1096, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.58…)


No. 429356

File: 1503864103097.png (162.55 KB, 1002x1094, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.58…)


No. 429357

File: 1503864139576.png (168.86 KB, 1004x950, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.59…)


No. 429358

these read like a melanie martinez song and that's not a good thing.

No. 429359

File: 1503864279370.png (1.27 MB, 1000x882, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.03…)

No. 429360

File: 1503864314878.png (54.51 KB, 998x386, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.02…)

No. 429362

File: 1503864334861.png (873.75 KB, 1004x1080, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.03…)

No. 429364

She looks like she's in her late 30s when she does that dumb mouth thing. It brings out the wrinkles around her mouth.

T-That carpet…..

No. 429365

File: 1503864433484.png (1.69 MB, 1004x1096, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.06…)

posted the same picture on tumblr with this caption

No. 429367

i'm not getting updates on her tumblr?? is she posting on a side blog?

No. 429369

File: 1503865032367.png (4.01 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-27-15-15-38…)

she made a new tumblr. funeral1996 i think

No. 429370

thank u anon

No. 429372

its a shame. luna could have potential as an artist. and her bitching about being in a location that doesnt understand her is stupid. the obvious lack of effort put into her art is the problem. and if she just got over the instant gratification hang up and invested time and thought other than ~tumblr ig likes aesthetic~ she could potentially go somewhere.

No. 429395

Her art looks like a little kid did it.

No. 429404

File: 1503870262642.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20170827-234251~2.p…)

No. 429405

Ew, those pants look like a diaper on her

No. 429419

soo i'm taking from this that her dad's name is Rob? is this something we already knew or is this new info

No. 429422

someones been listening to white angst rap, Eminem probably lmao

No. 429430

i find this color quite flattering for her. but damn that bleeding though! red is a bitch to clean up with concealer though, so kinda understandable. wish she'd wear this shade more often than the concealer lips + gloss combo like >>429272 and >>429404 and that one purple grey nude.

No. 429453

"hoardes his cash"? bitch he gives you PLENTY of money, and that's only the things WE know about. acting like she deserves every last cent of her father's money to put in her arm. ugh.

I'm getting so sick of this girl. she is becoming even more of a despicable human being, it's really sad.

No. 429454

I bet she's going to start talking more about her "sex repulsion" and blame it on being molested "by 4 people." she's been bringing it up a lot more lately.

sweetheart, it's the heroin. get clean, and your libido will shoot straight to the sky starting less than 12 hours after your last dose.

No. 429462

>my mother gave me klonopin when I was mad
>i let infections grow but treat my skin like ima princess
>bitch [her mom] stole thousands that the only angel in my life left for me
>so she could stick a needle in her arm
>dad hoards his cash, has at least a 1500 knot in his pocket at all times

ive collected the only lines that give information, the rest is trash.

No. 429463

i think it's funny how she always drags everything into a pity party
>the only angel in my life
once her grandma is her only angel, than it's only lurch and sometimes in a better mood she includes roger too. but then again when she needs pity it's only one again.

same goes for sex repulsion.

That hickey probably really was just a bruise from shooting up. Hickeys also usually need longer to fade.

No. 429469

File: 1503883011126.png (436.35 KB, 1242x1877, IMG_7040.PNG)

she's all over the place

No. 429472

you just know she thinks she looks cool as hell here too

No. 429476

In regards to that hickey… I wonder if she shot up in her neck, it left a bruise and she decided Lurch better give her a hickey to cover up the trackmark.

Sage for tinfoil hat and bringing up an old subject.

No. 429494

possible but I doubt it. she would be showing off a neck trackmark 24/7 if she had one. you know Luna, she's the biggest junkie in the world with the hardest life and no one else in this world can relate!

No. 429536

she's so delusionally high out of her gord she thinks she cares about sports.. what a tragedy.

No. 429610

File: 1503902362941.png (76.04 KB, 640x720, IMG_1286.PNG)

No. 429611

File: 1503902379819.png (120.16 KB, 640x797, IMG_1287.PNG)

No. 429612

File: 1503902395180.png (120.72 KB, 640x910, IMG_1288.PNG)

No. 429613

File: 1503902550018.png (46.21 KB, 640x339, IMG_1301.PNG)

No. 429614

File: 1503902571507.png (116.23 KB, 640x703, IMG_1302.PNG)

No. 429628

oh fuck off you emotionally manipulative worm

No. 429630


No. 429654

$85 mini canvas. This bitch.

No. 429658

lol it's so on point with >>429611
even the capslock.
and you know someone will buy it. While many great artists earn so little from their art they couldn't possibly pay half of rent with it.
maybe they have to stick a needle in their arm to get people to buy their work. gosh

No. 429679

Always trying to make up the "last bit of rent" eh Tuna? Not like $85 is about a day's worth of heroin for you and Lurch or anything.

No. 429706

File: 1503933195190.png (21.25 KB, 497x272, tuna.png)

No. 429716

haha what even was that post. she didnt even mention why people dont agree with harm reduction it was just an excuse to insult her dad again

No. 429728

File: 1503935905999.png (Spoiler Image,597.86 KB, 427x634, 1478843293154.png)

"Sex disgusts me"

Yeah, yeah…

No. 429732

if i'm not horny and i see sex out of nowhere it looks alien and gross and undesirable too. there's a reason people generally build up to it calm down luna.

No. 429737

god damnit anon youre supposed to warn people now im sex repulsed

No. 429744

File: 1503938140152.jpg (47.79 KB, 1200x1199, IMG_6072.JPG)

what is she even saying?

No. 429748

His dick looks like a dildo. It's so waxy and fake looking. :( Ew.

No. 429757

File: 1503940570679.png (31.64 KB, 750x716, IMG_8354.PNG)

No. 429767

File: 1503942307601.png (57.24 KB, 640x680, IMG_1308.PNG)

No. 429768

File: 1503942327861.png (42.33 KB, 640x366, IMG_1306.PNG)

No. 429769

File: 1503942344676.png (74.58 KB, 640x715, IMG_1305.PNG)

No. 429786

people always say this but did skylar not pretty much get written as the nagging wife getting in the way of the plot? yeah yeah she cares etc but i don't think the audience is just sexist for finding her a little grating. women can be responsible without being overbearing you know. why not blame the writers for not making her more likeable and complex?

No. 429787

Yeah, but considering tumblr and the type of shit Luna posts

No. 429794

I used to have some sympathy for Luna until she started supporting the Yankees. That's just unforgivable.

No. 429831

File: 1503948399867.png (3.73 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-28-14-25-34…)

No. 429939

The Tuna's logic: being a fan of Walter White= bad and sexist
But being a fan of Bojack Horseman= so cool and speshul uwu
There's a lot of shows with well-written/badass female characters (OITNB for example) so if "Breaking Bad" characters triggering you so much then just stop watching. And leave people free to enjoy. It's that simple…ugh

Sage for tv-show autism

No. 429964

>wearing granny panties underneath
>the molding on the pillows
>that cat shit in the background

Ah yes, the mood is set for love.

No. 429965

ok i don't want to make this into a topic about breaking bad but i didn't actually find skylar annoying and found most of her actions understandable when you consider the fact that her husband is making and selling meth. sure she was written to be annoying, but if people take walters dick outta their mouths for 2 seconds they could see that she isn't acting too unreasonably

…sage for continuing this discussion. i'm sorry. but i kind of understand what tuna is saying. although the irony of her saying this and then her orgasming over bojack horseman 24/7 like >>429939 said, is pretty funny

No. 429972

although that pic is quite old by now.
but I too go rather with the theory that lurch's junkie dick cant get up anymore.
Maybe he shot up in his dick and now has an infection there too?

No. 429975

how no one spergs about the undefined and dried fluid coming down below the TV is beyond me..

No. 430001

It's like an iSpy: Luna's Filth edition. There's so much horror your eyes pick n choose

No. 430003

she's so dumb. unless her mom shared needles with her dad and stepdad or came in contact with their blood in some way, chances are she wouldn't get it. it's very very rarely sexually transmitted. luna once again has no clue what she's talking about.

No. 430006

hey i am sorry to be that person but have been busy lately and can't scroll through her endless terrible selfies and weird nick nacks for ~broken baby doll~ aesthetic

when we will hear about what's gonna happen to her gross ass old man bf? when is his sentencing or any news?

also any insanely milky highlights if you're feeling extra generous

please and thank you girls sorry to be THAT poster

No. 430007

Luna hasn't said anything. Most anons figure that Lurch is just going to keep postponing

No. 430009

she hasnt said anything only whining about the ~worst day ever~ when his last court day was iirc.

his next court date is on Lurch's next court date is on sept 13 as some smart anon figured out.

No. 430010

File: 1503966621243.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1680, 2017-08-29 02.23.26.png)

No. 430011

Her tv is on a storage box tho

No. 430017

>>430006 probably nothing too serious will happen. people have been saying this the whole time, since he got arrested. he will either be eventually sentenced to drug court or probation which is basically the same thing.

after that, the only way he'll do actual jail time is if he pees dirty for one of his drug tests for drug court or probation.

and even then, sometimes when people pop dirty they don't get sentenced to jail time, they get sentenced to a 28 day inpatient program.

a lot of people can get away with using while on drug court or probation, even though it's a risk. drug court in NY is more difficult to evade, because you're definitely going to have to go at LEAST once a week for counseling and drug tests. but it's possible to get high and get away with it.

probation in NY is usually more lenient, as long as you're not there for a violent crime. you start off going 2x a month usually, and then after the first few months they drop you down to once a month.

as for when he will be sentenced, cases for petty crimes like drug possession and even intent to sell, can be dragged on for months or even over a year.

it won't be the defendant (Lurch in this case) who is postponing it. a junkie trying to run the courtroom? no judge would EVER put up with that shit.

the lawyers are the ones who constantly ask for continuances to drag it out and it is adjourned for months and months. usually because they have more important/serious cases going on and because they're lazy af and don't want to do any real work on a case they deem as small time.

it's kinda like a student procrastinating on homework, but on a larger scale. the lawyers know they're going to have to eventually do it but "ehhh, I'll do it next month."

No. 430026


Where is Luna coming across anyone who thinks Walter is badass? Did she finish the show? Because he was a selfish, greedy piece of garbage and while the show did have badass thrill in it, Walter fucked everyone over to gain more money than he needed and it was damn pathetic.

No. 430050


the juice container in the background

No. 430069

File: 1503974147324.jpg (176.52 KB, 1080x1684, 2017-08-29 04.33.57s.jpg)

No. 430070

ewww at the jizzed on fabric… or at least it looks like that…

No. 430072

File: 1503974474531.jpg (22.36 KB, 288x407, Untitled.jpg)

anon is talking about that part.
it's undefinable. Like someone puked on it or peed on it or both and it ran down and made a nice yummy puddle on the carpet.

No. 430074

I hate how she always insists on wearing this ~*uwu vintage lingerie*~ but it never fits. Her boobs are sagging, which is fine, but they sag so that the seam that's supposed to go BELOW the breasts just kind of rests on top of them, like over her nipples. It looks so, so bad and merely emphasizes how ill-fitting her clothes are…

Sage for autism.

No. 430097


I don't get why she doesn't just scoop her boobs up into the cups on the dress where they're supposed to be…?

No. 430101

i don't get why she doesn't just pull her boobs up into the little built in cups, either. it's kind of like a built in bra. i could understand if the top rode up over her boobs after a while but she won't fix them for a pic? she's got like 4 boobs in that picture lol

No. 430107

File: 1503982832300.png (121.95 KB, 638x1005, IMG_1352.PNG)

No. 430108

File: 1503982844228.png (39.86 KB, 637x389, IMG_1351.PNG)

No. 430109

File: 1503982871561.png (187.87 KB, 640x865, IMG_1350.PNG)

No. 430110

File: 1503982886469.png (26.63 KB, 640x299, IMG_1349.PNG)

No. 430111

File: 1503982906772.png (108.38 KB, 640x777, IMG_1348.PNG)

No. 430112

File: 1503982924843.png (189.46 KB, 639x1001, IMG_1346.PNG)


No. 430113

File: 1503982941597.png (151.01 KB, 640x934, IMG_1347.PNG)


No. 430116

File: 1503983095131.jpg (155.92 KB, 627x725, IMG_1353.JPG)


No. 430122

>60+ times
>62 episodes, ~45 minutes each
>62 eps x 60 = ~2,790 hours

(I know 60+ was an exaggeration but maaaaan she could use that time so well….)

No. 430132

Sure. I put a clove of garlic up my vag for a yeast infection and could taste it all day.

No. 430135

I'm surprised this seems to be the first time she's encountered behaviour like that on the internet. It's sad, but it's pretty damn rife

No. 430137

jesus fucking christ that really could be luna's tagline for life
whew yes you sure have. it seems to be the only thing you actually do

sidenote but her amping up this ~sexual assault~ she's gone through is verging on insulting. she's just building it up so she can add it to her laundry list of uwu broken bpd courtney love aesthetic qualities and its embarrassing as shit when you consider the experiences she's had are so relatively minor.

No. 430140

>being "re-violated" by some guy behind a keyboard

No. 430158

maybe if she stopped spending money on takeaway and did a grocery shop she could eat more than once a day.

People who are friends with her on facebook:
How do you stick all her posts of non stop whining? I would have unfriended her ages ago

No. 430159

wonder if thats Lurchs favorite juice box
also is that a knife on that moldy pillow?

No. 430177

LOL WOW, funny this is coming from someone who constantly berates her father for having hep c. wowwww

No. 430216

Sage because this has been said like 500 times already, but I was genuinely shocked when she made that post detailing her sexual assault/s. Yes it sucks to be groped, but it's shocking that she would claim to have the same experience as someone who has been raped. I would make an analogy to illustrate the point, but it's like someone who had their ass grabbed putting their experience on the same level as someone who has been raped.

No. 430220

yes! im appalled everytime she mentions it too. i think it gets brought up so much because no one can believe how ridiculous and desperate to be a vicitim she is

No. 430253

Where did all these sudden sexual assaults come from anyway? I've not been following Tuna too long, but I've only heard about 2 dudes slapping/grabbing her ass at a concert. How did she get to 4?


Agreed with other anons tho, equating her experience with rape victims is a fucking joke. Wasn't her ~rape experience above-clothing anyway?

No. 430284

File: 1504033048961.png (486.86 KB, 1242x1851, IMG_3728.PNG)

No. 430285

File: 1504033155831.png (577.62 KB, 1242x1860, IMG_3727.PNG)

No. 430286

File: 1504033204958.png (298.02 KB, 1241x1315, IMG_3726.PNG)

this chick has way, way, WAY too much time on her hands

No. 430287

Her fupa is really testing the fabric on them wtf.
Also has yet to throw away her foam ramen cup from days ago… baby noooooooo

No. 430288

File: 1504033218909.png (569.25 KB, 1242x1832, IMG_3725.PNG)

No. 430289

File: 1504033231476.png (235.03 KB, 1242x1381, IMG_3724.PNG)

No. 430300

Did putting garlic in your vag work

No. 430305

different anon and i've tried it and it's not effective. ur better off taking a candida support supplement that has raw garlic/oregano/pau d'arco in it

No. 430317

Can't wait till she nods off while being spiritual and accidentally burn the building down

No. 430331

>a lot more spiritual

Meaning: a lot more ~filthy junkie aesthetic~

Another anon's input, it actually works for me every time and only takes 1-2 days to clear up completely. I stopped using the OTC creams a long time ago because they hurt so bad and am glad to have found something that works besides them.

No. 430333

yup. my go to is oregano oil or garlic oil orally and then i put coconut oil on my vag mostly for relief but also because it's supposed to help. this combo fixed my last one in a few days

No. 430338

If you can't feed yourself then how the hell are you able to feed your cats and provide them with cat litter?

No. 430355

they don't have litter
they have junk wraps and carpet

No. 430387

why bring up her sexual assault on a goddamn shitposting group? like really

No. 430404

>'self-love spread'
>King of Coins at the apex
at least her subconscious is honest

No. 430405


How the hell else will she spread herself to new people to pity her and maybe send her money?

It seems people are starting to figure her out and she's not getting as much attention from her current group of followers. She needs new ones to buy her Dominos and lingerie that doesn't fit.

No. 430409

File: 1504051756146.png (225.36 KB, 1242x1732, IMG_7080.PNG)

No. 430410

File: 1504051805839.png (317.82 KB, 1242x1844, IMG_7081.PNG)

No. 430424

File: 1504057759464.jpg (239.87 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_periods.jpg)

No. 430426

File: 1504058016693.jpg (185.58 KB, 1080x676, girl.jpg)

No. 430427

File: 1504058034739.jpg (685.17 KB, 1072x1623, those fucking nails.jpg)

No. 430428

She says she hasn't had her period in two years besides the time she had it last month?!?
Nah, she's mentioned having it more recently than 2 years ago. She was begging for period pad money.
She's a hooooorrible liar. She needs to make a spreadsheet and take notes on her stories.

No. 430429

File: 1504058051521.jpg (202.99 KB, 1080x688, stop.jpg)

No. 430437

I know this has been said before but it always amazes me how personal she is on Facebook. Most people are polite on Facebook because they have family on there. She updates her statuses with such personal shit like it's Tumblr

No. 430443

yeah i remember her complaining about her period a few months ago

she cant help herself everyone must know about her menstrual cycle

No. 430534

do y'all sometimes think about stuff, like, if Tuna and Lurch got a brand new mattress, like sparkly white, and new bed sheets, and new beddings… how long it would take to look disgusting?

No. 430536

there's probably a random post on tumblr about how ~problematic~ steve buscemi is and its petty but i'd love to show her how (not actually) problematic steve buscemi is to ruin her fun because she needs to keep up that "im an activist!" act she's got going on

No. 430538

File: 1504090698836.jpg (75.36 KB, 939x459, Clipboard013.jpg)

didnt know one of them was a female cat

can you go somewhere in OT and tell whats problematic about him? I always loved him, but dont want to derail here.

No. 430560

Funny enough it did. Cleared up within 3 days. Nothing against antifungal creams and pills, I'm just a headcase who sometimes is too messed up to want to leave the house or talk to anyone.

No. 430577

Does anyone know if people who buy her paintings actually receive them?

No. 430578

That's just what happens when you're on drugs anon. you become an over-sharing idiot with no inhibitions.

No. 430592

i don't think he actually is a bad dude, i haven't heard anything about him being bad or problematic. i was just saying there's probably some ridiculous tumblr post about how he said "fuck" when he stubbed his toe or some shit that luna would have to cry over online for her activism points lol

No. 430600

File: 1504104815362.jpg (24.67 KB, 1050x235, buscemi problems.JPG)

No. 430604

Couple days at best, they obviously smoke in the bed as well as shoot up in bed and with such a filthy carpet their feet and socks would be dirty too which would only transfer to the mattress as well..

No. 430676

File: 1504113354395.jpg (538.01 KB, 720x1113, Screenshot_20170830-100946.jpg)

usually i just stick to lurking on here but i had to post this, the level of grime covering everything is unreal.

No. 430703

File: 1504118517345.jpg (112.13 KB, 784x708, concern.jpg)

What the fuck am I looking at? What is the white powder caked on literally every surface? Was that beauty blender originally black? Has she literally ever washed a brush before? I have so many questions.

No. 430720

how the FUCK does she live like this but never gets eye infections or acne?

also how does she live in that filthy hovel with dirty, unwashed bedsheets and towels, unwashed and previously used clothes, really tight pants etc. and never gets any sort of yeast infection or bug bites??

No. 430721

the foundation caked on every single makeup product she owns jfc does she rub it in with her hands and just wipe it on everything?
She has a blending sponge, why is her foundation on everything else too?

No. 430730

File: 1504120539813.png (3.79 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7095.PNG)

I was wondering this too. She always complains about being broke but I frequently ship things and shipping something pretty small can sometimes cost around $3-$5. I can only imagine how much shipping a canvas is due to its size and weight. I follow her on depop and she has apparently sold a few pieces but there are no reviews. Depop is unlike Amazon where you don't really have to review things, it's much more personal and sold items are more likely to get a review, so it's strange that she has NO reviews

No. 430777

Anon, there are some knock off beauty blenders that are black and not as soft. They're from brands carried by drugstores. The rest, I have no answers.

No. 430819

I swear, it's like once you live in filth for long enough your immune system adjusts and all the lurch piss and cat dander in the world won't do you harm. But God help her if she ever stays anywhere clean for a week or longer, she'll return home and her newly 21st century immune system will be mercilessly attacked.

No. 430826

File: 1504130189791.png (303.44 KB, 408x357, Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.50…)

This one of course still has much room for improvement, but imo it's so much better than all the other stuff surrounding it. The facial proportions are almost right (She still never gives anyone a fucking chin but look at this character's face compared to all the others). The shading style looks intentional instead of clueless and botched. It's annoying to see because it shows that so much of the pieces sh e "spends so much time on" are truly lazy botched rush jobs and she can already do way better, even without any further training or practice.

saged for long-winded art sperging

No. 430856

yeah if she went to school and actually practiced she could get a lot better but she wont

No. 430888

The fact that she has multiple sold ones and no reviews is hella suspicious because I know on depop the seller can mark things as sold even if they haven't been. Maybe she just does that to seem like she's sold things to encourage business??

No. 430889

I swear I've seen her art in another cow's photo before, I just can't remember which one. I'm pretty sure it was the cupid one too but besides that I can't remember. Maybe Nicole Dollanganger?
Besides that, in one of the earlier threads there was someone posting the commission they got from her so I'm assuming she does ship them. They probably buy them out of pity and actually think they're shit so that might be why they don't leave reviews though

No. 430895

oh, whoopsie, my bad. I cant sarcasm. It's clear what you meant now.

No. 430898

as i recall, that person only posted the depop image or tuna's instagram image and said they bought it because they collect art by mentally ill people. I remember that one. Though, never actually said, they got it through mail.
But tbh, if she didnt ship the stuff, she would try selling the stuff again and secondly I think at least one of those ditched buyers wouldve find their way to us here to complain and bitch about her.

But tbh with tuna and how ridiculous unresponsible she is, I somehow just cant imagine her, wrapping a package with a canvas together and walk to a postal office, so ???

No. 430904

Yeah…. If her weird ass-kissing followers are actually buying her shit, I feel like they would definatley leave reviews and post it on their instas and then tag her..
And there hasn't been one ~*~uwu im going to them post office with this painting I just sold!!~*~ selfies from Tuna, and she posts a selfies every time she leaves the house because its a big adventure for her since she has no life.

No. 430911

Unfortunately depop's latest update made it so you can't see who bought what on someone's page. You used to be able to see the name of whoever bought an item and if it just said "sold" that meant the seller marked it as sold but didn't technically sell it through depop. So now there's no way to tell if her pieces actually sold or if she marked them as sold. She has mentioned selling art through PayPal so I will give her that; she could have sold a piece via PayPal and marked it as sold on depop because it was no longer available. But yeah I feel like if she went to ship something she'd have to document it by posting a million pictures

No. 430917

I can also imagine Pat buying 1 or 2 of her paintings.

No. 430935

I agree that she wouldn't be able to not document/brag about walking to the post office or drop box.
The only other ways I can think of other than scamming are

1) Pat, her dad, or some other person like that actually wraps them up and ships them, desperate to help her make a little of her own money. They store her art and do it at their own home so she can't take proof pics and obviously she won't brag about someone doing it for her.

2) She's managed to figure out that you can hand packages to ship to USPS mail people when they arrive to drop off mail, and she's too shy to take a pic of her handing mail to them. And maybe she doesn't take pics of the packaging she does because it's filthy so sloppy even she can tell. Unlikely though

No. 431116

apparently there was a guy at her high school who grabbed her boobs twice in front of a teacher and never got in trouble. i remember because she made a huge deal about it on tumblr and said she almost skipped her graduation because of it.

No. 431122

I almost got raped by a classmate and this bitch is complaining about getting groped. What's next, She'll bitch about getting skipped in a line?

No. 431132

It's not a competition. Getting groped sucks, no one caring sucks. Sage your blog posts.

No. 431133

idk i dont think its a competition but some things are worse than others

No. 431134

RE: This whole depop stuff:

we know people buy the artwork, we've seen her friends with commissions. Last thread there was a pic of someone with their commission. We've also seen her Father's friends buy artwork. One of them was famous and she boasted about it. We've seen people take pictures of her artwork on social media. Why the fuck would Tuna lie about having more money? That's the exact opposite of her MO.

Tuna's art is a bit crap, but there's no reason to lie about people buying it. She doesn't sell all of it, as evidenced by the stacks of canvases thrown in a corner of their room, but she's definitely sold at least 3 notebook commissions and at least 4 canvases this year. One of them went to that gender-special green haired thing that constantly sucks her dick on facebook and tumblr, another was some alt looking girl. Another went to the woman anons mentioned earlier, who prided herself on collecting artwork of crazy people. As well as 2 being sold to Tuna's Dad's friends.

The notebook commissions would literally fit in a post-box because they're only a piece of a5 paper. The canvases? Maybe Lurch posts them during his drug runs. Maybe Pat picks them up in the morning and posts them for her. Who the fuck knows? It's jumping to conclusions to assume "because Luna doesn't take pictures of herself at the post office, she must be scamming people, despite nobody accusing her of not sending items." Wouldn't her depop have negative reviews if she was scamming people? If Tuna was scamming people out of hundreds of dollars, we'd hear about it (like we do with Pat the cancer patient). I find it weird how easily people here are willing to believe Tuna lies about EVERYTHING. I'd be very surprised to hear she was lying about this because it makes no goddamn sense.

They're marked as "sold" on depop, when people aren't paying thru the app, because Tuna offers a "discount" if you just PM her about the artwork instead. Depop takes a percentage of the sale, and she'd prefer to do it direct through pay-pal. Pay-pal has buyer protection too so it's not a scammer thing, it's a cheapskate thing - as she doesn't want to pay the Depop sale fee.

I see literally no reason to lie about which paintings have sold and which haven't. I see no reason for her to avoid spending $5 on postage when she's just been given $25-$170 per piece. I think it's more likely that Tuna puts up ALL her artwork on Depop (just in case), and then just marks it as "sold" when some idiot from tumblr messages her (on facebook or whatever) and asks to buy it. That idiot from tumblr has no idea Tuna has a depop, and wouldn't leave a review because they didn't buy it on there anyway.

No. 431136

textwall anon from above, but her fanbase do tag her on Instagram when they receive their commissions. They're just not using Depop to buy it.

No. 431141

It's not a competition, but -blogspot for a sec- I've experienced something (slightly) "worse" than being groped a couple times above clothing. I still wouldn't call myself a rape victim, "almost raped", or a sexual abuse victim. What I experienced is incomparable, and I wouldn't even attempt to equate what I experienced with a rape victim. I also wouldn't write a big blogpost on a Facebook group, about how people need to respect my feelings and not discuss the topic of the group because ~I'm triggered~. I can handle people discussing rape without l i t e r a l l y s h a k i n g. I don't even equate discussion of sexual assault with my assault, I forget about it a lot of the time.

I'd love to hear how the fuck Tuna equates "I was touched by a few douchebag hornball teenagers" to Skylar's rape scene in Breaking Bad. Attempted marital rape is the same thing as a boy touching your boobs in front of a teacher guiz. If she was really so triggered by all this, you'd think she'd have continued with therapy. Oh wait, if she was a normal girl who didn't ~cry over everything, nobody would give her attention.

No. 431162

File: 1504983037718.jpg (19.08 KB, 100x150, IMG_0628.JPG)

To recap on events, the hag has posted this picture of lurch in their preteen/teen aesthetic bed making everyone's skin crawl (pic might be blurry sorry)

No. 431163

File: 1504983117146.jpg (13.97 KB, 75x150, IMG_0629.JPG)

He drops her off at the train station to her father because he's her true love in shining armor meanwhile he looks like a weird labor working crackhead as always, just for after her visit she cuts off her father as some "evil person"

No. 431164

File: 1504983231789.png (2.98 MB, 1440x2880, IMG_0630.PNG)

Posting pictures as such and other oblong pills that she's been speculated stealing from her father, we feel he is getting tired of giving her drugs and her stealing and she backlashes bc of junky tendencies. We will see as today she would normally visit evil dad

No. 431165

File: 1504983310597.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2880, IMG_0631.PNG)

Luna got a lip piercing 6 days ago, as long as a better fitting septum clicker. Only for her piercing to obviously now be caked in filth

No. 431166

File: 1504983447936.jpg (771.13 KB, 1076x1564, IMG_0632.JPG)

Gets face mask to have it smothered in her makeup or another recent face mask she's bought. Note dirty ass piercing. Luna is delirious and feels like she was ugly in her youth(4 years or so ago) compared to now. We want to know why. Is it benzo blindess? That's all the events that majorly took place during the downtime of the site

No. 431245


Thank you so much for the caps anon, but these two are super tiny and you can't see anything. Could you maybe recap/ reupload if possible?

No. 431262

File: 1504990489777.jpg (353.46 KB, 1242x1845, IMG_0639.JPG)

my apologies, here's a bigger version of the pics

No. 431263

File: 1504990509763.png (2.96 MB, 1440x2880, IMG_0640.PNG)

No. 431265

File: 1504990598492.jpg (376.67 KB, 1242x1793, IMG_0641.JPG)

for anybody wanting to skim the whole thread while on hiatus - https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/35#p13282

No. 431280

I wonder how long that cup of noodles has been there for.

No. 431282

So, any pics from Evil Dad's deluxe apartment in the sky, or the trip over there? Or did she really kick him to the curb?

No. 431293

>face mask
>turning yellow from her makeup
>caked and gross piercing
>those lips

Christ almighty every time I think Luna's hit ultimate grossness.

No. 431317

i dont want to derail but ill sage this..
does anyone follow tunas friend chey on fb/ insta? she just posted an insta story with a huge gaping wound in her arm and seemed like she was back on drugs and asking for handouts just before that

No. 431393

I follow her on tumblr, I guess it's not a coincidence that I got a notification today saying that she's back, if that's true that is unfortunate.

No. 431395


whats her tumblr?

No. 431410

File: 1505030306238.png (152.36 KB, 640x1028, IMG_1422.PNG)

This was her last post (12 hours ago.) no signs of her dad's apartment.

No. 431423

Feeling down because she's just realised she'll be missing more than the cat this weekend.

No. 431430

Shes not really "kicking him to the curb". Shes just throwing a little hissy fit. She'll realize she cant do without his pills/money/support and go crawling back.
Pretty sure this happened once before.. She "cut him off" and stopped going over there while she was doing that outpatient thing.
I wonder what she'll do this time to worm back in his good graces.

No. 431450

>gaping wound in her arm
Is it the one that was infected before or a different one?

No. 431492

File: 1505060438162.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170910-182009.png)

No. 431495

The crusty build up on her ring ?

No. 431499

The black grime under her chin and on her neck?

No. 431553

That lip piercing is so incredibly unattractive.

No. 431630

File: 1505081867346.png (2.31 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-10-17-17-01…)

No. 431642

okay for once, I need to "defend" Tuna. A piercing leaves a wound and it takes up to 2-4 weeks until it stops to sip clear wound ooze. Youre also not suppossed to take it out, especially in the first 2 weeks, because you can have trouble putting it back it. I had several piercings before and cleaning the crust of the piercing was always a pain in the ass literally.

But as it looks like it seems to have mixed up with the foundation she is not yet TO PUT OVER THE FRESHLY PIERCED WOUND

sage for rant

No. 431651

cleaning facial piercings literally gave you asspain? wut

No. 431655

yeah new piercings ooze and get crusty but if you clean them often enough you shouldnt be able to tell.

also shes obviously putting foundation in it which you shouldnt do. just layer and layer of crusty foundation getting into that new piercing wound.

No. 431656

samefag, *on it, not in it

No. 431723

What's that black stuff in the puffed up pores on the right side? I've never seen anything like that. And she's got weird black grime around her piercing that's already caked in gunk and black squiggle grime on her neck?

No. 431749

Those are most likely pimples ore big infected pores possibly from face injecting heroin, the black squiggle however can just be a discoloration of the skin (personal ref I have a spot like that)

No. 431750

The CHUNK OF CRUST on the post of that lip bar. Are you serious tuna?! I have lip piercings so I know about the healing crusties but it should never pile up and get that nasty, what the hell?!? Its disgusting and she never even thought to pick/wash off that pile of shit?

Sage for tuna is fucking disgusting, what new? Nasty.

No. 431844

lmao it's a pimple she's picked at and put makeup over. i can't speak for the discoloration on her neck tho, it's probably just dirt and sweat mixed together tbh. her lip ring looks terrifyingly gross though, as other anons have said, new piercings ooze and crust up but you're supposed to clean a new piercing everyday with saline solution so it doesn't build up like that….i wonder if it's going to get infected because i have really never seen a piercing look so grimey

No. 431863

That background gives me anxiety. What the hell is she doing with that dresser??!

No. 431873

does anyone else think her lip piercing makes her look 100 times trashier? no offense to farmers who might have them but lower lip piercings look kinda trashy/white trash in the first place, but on her it looks even worse.

No. 431914


I think it would have looked a lot less white trash in the bottom centre. At least it's not an upper lip piercing, they're the worse imo

No. 431936

fuck this is giving me shivers, who'd want to live like that, what a nightmare

No. 431963

Tuna would take this as a compliment. Her goal aesthetic is trashy/courtneylove/cutesy/grunge.

Im just glad she didnt get a nipple piercing. shutters Shes said in the past that she really wanted one.

No. 432066

File: 1505147769434.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-11-11-35-45…)

No. 432071

just a casual plate on the floor surrounded by cans

No. 432117

what the hell is she doing with her eye makeup, geez. I actually preferred her "junkie" eyeshadow like >>429272, now it looks like she has drooping eyelids

No. 432146

being 21, looking like 45 and homeless

No. 432150

agreed this droopy eye mira shit has to go. also those eyebrows mang…

No. 432152

what's going on with her upper lip?? Why are there holes everywhere!?

No. 432214


the striped t shirt really brings out the droop in her left boob.

No. 432224

Pretty much confirmed now that they don't have litter boxes for the cats. That pile of newspaper in the kitchen has been there in every photo, the bowl and plate on the floor has to be for the cats as well. Too busy spending money on drugs instead of cheap cat litter and it's where they prepare food. Dats nasty.

No. 432259


the pills she posted here are alprazolam 1mg which is a benzo
she also posted quetiapine fumarate 300 mg which is an antipsychotic

if she's stealing them from her dad he prob needs them

No. 432277

I really was hoping they had a litter box. I had a relative that turned into a hoarder/had to be hospitalised and when we went to feed her cats we discovered shed lay newspaper between clutter for them to piss and shit on. Lunas apartment must stink to high hell if theyre going the newspaper route because theres no odor quite like layered cat piss.

No. 432280


Isn't there a litter box right above the newspapers? The green thing? I hope so, because those cats deserve at least that much…

Is Roger still AWOL btw?

No. 432285

File: 1505169341954.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1920, 1503505142849.png)

I just noticed that but that wasn't there in the last picture she took from that angle and it looks like the cat is using the bathroom in the background on top of the newspapers.

No. 432329

Looks like a litterbox. Its probably dirty as fuck and the cats wont use it, so thats why all the newspaper is around it, because they piss and shit AROUND the box instead of in it.

Also, yeah…. What the fuck happened to Roger!?! He went to the hospital and she hasnt mentioned him since…. Fucking weird.

No. 432353

It's sad that it took her nasty ass this long to get a damn litter box, but she happily buys face masks, makeup, fake nails, new clothes, the works.

She begs for money for herself but won't ask someone on one of the shopping sprees to buy a litter box? Really? There's no excuse at all.

No. 432354

She takes seroquel so that's ones probably hers

No. 432355

i agree. i think the only ok lip piercings are the ones that go in the center of the upper lip, or the center of the bottom lip. the rest kind of remind me of trailer park trash or scene kids.
you know how people gradually get better at makeup as time passes? i swear she's been doing her makeup exactly the same since she was like 16. when is she going to fix that eye makeup, foundation, and those eyebrows

No. 432412

cant believe she missed the cat takin a shit in the background of her pic lmao

hes probably still alive or she'd be asking for funds or gifts for her depresh but yeah i wish she would actually mention where he is i can only guess hes still in hospital which means he must be doing pretty bad

No. 432424

what the fuck is so time consuming for this bitch and her cadaver boyfriend that they can't be bothered to clean up after their pets? people have had animal services called on them for less. i can only imagine what the hell else is going on in that fucking apartment.

No. 432438

Do you think the paintings she sells smell too? Canvas would soak up smell and wouldn't be surprised if there was cat/lurch piss on them

No. 432445

It's called feasting time

No. 432467

We're not on the tempboard anymore, please learn to sage.

No. 432508

My biggest issue is that the cat's bathroom is in their kitchen, literally right next to where they're storing/preparing their food. That's a health hazard if I ever saw one on top of years of animal filth embedded in their carpets they never clean. It's a wonder Roger lived this long and the fact and she's not mentioned him since he was taking to the hospital suggests he's probably still there or she's too ashamed to admit that adult services FINALLY removed him from the house to put him in a better environment.

No. 432510

Xanax and Seroquel

sage for easier recognizable names

No. 432529

I'm reading it differently - that she hasn't mentioned him at all makes me think he had a short stay and came home.otherwise she'd be using him to get stuff "boohoo roger is in hospital and I'm so depressed, please give me money"
and isn't 'their' place actually Roger's? as in, his rental? I can't imagine Tuna and Lurch managing the rent on a sewer pipe, let alone an apartment or whatever it is.

No. 432540


No. 432557

File: 1505225545221.jpg (130.06 KB, 528x612, tunabangs.jpg)

No. 432559

Girl your bangs are the least of your worries

No. 432563

Those bangs aren't too short, they still completely cover her eyebrows so I have no idea wtf she's talking about

No. 432565

omfg this is the first time I've posted since we've been back, shit sorry wrong field

No. 432640

Sage for no contribution but every time I come to this thread I'm so confused by the DP….how was she that she thought that
pose was cute?

No. 432678

How high was she*

No. 432956


she somehow manages to make her eyes look so fish-like and dead in every single selfie she posts

No. 433055

Ayy… Lurch has court tomorrow (the 13th).

Luna hasnt mentioned anything about being worried or ~*~uwu unfair treatment of addicts~*~ today?

No. 433100

despite the thousand yard stare and the makeup sleeve, tuna doesn't look half bad in this one

No. 433179


Sometime after he went to the hospital, she said they had no money to get him home in hopes someone would send her money. Some people here said he could probably ride in one of those vans that take people who can't afford to get to and from doctor visits or home from the hospital and it's been silence on it since.

Since that, he hasn't been mentioned since. So, unless they found some way to literally abandon him, he's probably home and she's waiting for some other issue to try to squeeze money out of people.

Because I figure if they were reported for elder abuse or something like that after the ambulance came around or the hospital saw something, she'd be crying and whining about it all the time and how they're all he has and they work so hard for him and the law is just out to get poor people trying to survive. And blah blah blah donate for a lawyer blah blah blah.

No. 433245

yeah i agree
>look ugly for three weeks
its the best shes looked in months

No. 433261

Its the drugs

No. 433327

until now she was suspiciously quiet for the past 19 hours. tinfoil hat on

No. 433329

only because she hides half of her face and the other half is overexposed.

No. 433381


No. 433404

File: 1505330389754.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20170913-211842~2.p…)

There she is. And lurch suspiciously trying not to look like he came right out of an drug den but fails so terribly.

No. 433408

File: 1505330673476.jpg (93.6 KB, 1024x576, mrWF9fU.jpg)

reminds me of those

No. 433423

is he giving her the finger?

No. 433428

lurch, just having a tie and a dress-shirt doesn't make you any less dopehead looking.

No. 433438

I love that the beanie is still part of his look. Definitely going bald lmao.

No. 433454

File: 1505333682960.png (6.43 KB, 227x238, IMG_0157.PNG)

Her lips touching that face…

No. 433472

Why would he wear a dress shirt and tie? Did he have a court date today?

Also that nasty old bedspread she never washed is now a backdrop and eve nastier.

No. 433502

No. 433646

Thanks mate. Not sure how I missed that.

No. 433667

look at the iphone 6 he's holding lmfao..do you think it's luna's? and if it is what did she take this picture with?

No. 433725

Maybe Luna never lost or broke whatever she said happened to her old one so daddy could by her a new one a lurch can have a drug phone and and Iphone
Sage for tinfoil hat wearing.

No. 433760

I thought Luna had an iPad.

No. 433782


lol, wearing roger's clothes.

No. 433787

Dat gut though

No. 433791

Literally full of compacted shit.

No. 433874

is that a barrack obama pin lmao

No. 434010


i just wondered if anyone else had noticed.
the return of the nasty bedding pt 56. now with added tears!

No. 434140

File: 1505422483321.png (151.07 KB, 640x893, IMG_1963.PNG)

No. 434141

File: 1505422504470.png (46.02 KB, 640x344, IMG_1964.PNG)

No. 434142

File: 1505422524262.png (118.52 KB, 640x819, IMG_1965.PNG)

No. 434143

File: 1505422551511.png (102.83 KB, 640x747, IMG_1966.PNG)

No. 434148

File: 1505423046571.png (134.46 KB, 640x854, IMG_1967.PNG)

No. 434150

File: 1505423114666.png (112.87 KB, 640x886, IMG_1969.PNG)

No. 434151

File: 1505423218119.png (109.71 KB, 640x699, IMG_1970.PNG)

No. 434153

File: 1505423335749.png (155.79 KB, 637x905, IMG_1971.PNG)

No. 434154

File: 1505423366035.png (124.3 KB, 640x909, IMG_1973.PNG)

No. 434155

File: 1505423453773.png (145.59 KB, 636x905, IMG_2069.PNG)

No. 434159

File: 1505423958176.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, IMG_9528.GIF)


No. 434160

>watching prison documentaries to get Lurch ready for the big house
>falls in love with animal that could get them arrested for drug possession
>want to buy a dog to name it after a drug dog

The fucking logic.

>my mom is poor, how dare you!!
Bitch your daddy has an upperclass apartment and you inherited a fuckton of money from your grandma.

No. 434183

She also gets (or did get) an allowance of $200 dollars a month at the age of 21 for doing fuck all

No. 434235

Luna is seriously so obnoxious. Everytime I feel pity for her, or want to help, she proves that's she's actually a shitty person and doesn't deserve it.

Luna, stop attacking people for going to college and bettering themselves and society just because you dropped out of art school. Your father owns a loft in New York freakin city. You take drugs all day and eat fast food constantly. you have no reason to belittle others for the way they live their lives. I go to school and work but I rarely buy new clothes, and I rarely go thrifting because instead I just take care of the clothes I already have. It's called a washing machine Luna, look into it. You wouldn't need to go thrifting every week with your allowance from daddy if you just washed the clothes you already had.

She makes me so angry. You and Lurch barley take care of the animals you already have! You wouldn't have the ability to raise a German Shepard.

Luna pretends to be such a good person and a savior of minorities for being a liter keyboard warrior on the internet while she shovels junk down her gullet and into her veins. She's such a bland, shitty person I almost hope she doesn't get any better.

No. 434265

>future kitten
PLS no
Did she not go to an expensive private school, have a huge inheritance, and now live off of daddy's money and a dying man's social security checks? She can go fuck herself.
and there she goes, using others' experiences to draw attention to herself again. My SO's dad died at point of impact, and he had a great time listening to Trump's gaffes.

No. 434268

>as someone who knew someone who knew someone who lost someone
wasnt she like 5 in 2011 she probably doesnt remember anything about it

No. 434269

ugh i meant 2001

No. 434285

>Did she not go to an expensive private school, have a huge inheritance, and now live off of daddy's money and a dying man's social security checks? She can go fuck herself.

fucking THIS
bitch your father furnishes you weekly with free drugs, money, skincare, clothes, a place to stay for free that isn't crawling with used needles and cat shit, somewhere to wash your stinking ammonia-riddled clothing, a clean place to sleep for the night, somewhere to bathe. useless junkie.

No. 434289

I swear she hates "rich college kids" so much because she's regretting her life choices. She literally used to be the stereotypical rich college kid, fucking around with her friends, going to concerts and on road trips.

She could have been one of the "broke college kids" but she gave it up for Lurch and heroin. So now she makes up excuses about how ~broke~ her family has always been, cuz that means she doesn't have to admit she threw away an easy life.

No. 434315

Did she go to a private school? I thought she went to a public one in a well off wealthy/upper middle class neighborhood. Not that it truly matters, the underlying sentiment is the same.

No. 434346

Is there any evidence that she is still currently using dope?

No. 434349


I wish I could make her read this but her twisted delusional self would find a way to romanticize it.

No. 434360

i hardly ever check this thread anymore but fuck that op image is just something else, i always stop scrolling to look at it. some next level crack confidence

quitting dope is a big fucking deal. if she weren't using anymore i'm sure she'd be posting about getting clean. luna loves to whine and there is hardly an experience more miserable. i think it's more realistic to assume that she never quit

No. 434361

I hate how she thinks thrifting is just for "poor people". I think it's great that it's becoming more popular, thrifting is good for the environment plus you can find some really unique and wonderful pieces.

I don't think "rich kids" are trying to seem "poor" or "punk".

No. 434364

how is this even a question …

No. 434399

why does someone ask this every few months? no shes clean, shes going to church and shes dating the pastors son

No. 434405

I know this gets asked all the time, but I kinda get where anons coming from this time. Hear me out

I wouldn't place bets on Luna being off H, but I do have a tinfoil hat theory that's been bubbling away since she OD'd. All speculation so if you hate that shit skip.

I get the feeling maybe Lurch has been off heroin for the trial (the last month or 2) so he can look better in court - "recovering" addicts get less strict sentences, because it shows that they're making an effort to sort their life out independently. Lurch legitimately uses his methadone script nowadays, Luna confirmed when they went to the hospital he needs like 200mg of methadone a day or something ridiculous. I think that Luna may have kept using H after Lurch stopped, that's why her injection sites started looking so gnarly (she was injecting herself instead of Lurch doing it), and she OD'd because -she- fucked up the dosage like a noob. It's also the only way I can see Lurch being sober enough to administer narcan.

After the OD, I dunno, she seemed to change a little. I just get the vibe she's not off her face on heroin all the time. Luna's selfies used to freak me out because of the COMPLETE vacancy in her eyes, you could see her tiny pinned pupils and nothing going on in her head. I don't get that from her anymore, and she's been posting a lot of pill porn recently. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Luna's been on methadone for a few weeks, abusing prescriptions for an added high.

It sucks that Luna doesn't have a drug blog anymore. She's extremely coy about her drug usage nowadays, which makes no sense when you see the stuff she posts on Facebook for ALL her friends to see.

No. 434421

idk i think the od was almost exciting for her cus it made her seem like a "real" junkie. i dont think lurch has stopped for real just for his court stuff, like i feel as though they have no reason to quit but idk

No. 434424

>dad helped clean for months
Everyone in her family is such a good person huh?
Didn't she say her grandma also did something along those lines? Sage for not remembering correctly

No. 434426

File: 1505492802343.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-15-11-26-02…)

No. 434428

File: 1505492840369.png (3.44 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-15-11-26-08…)

No. 434429

File: 1505492864828.png (3.02 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-15-11-26-13…)

No. 434431

Admittedly, she does look better without the corpse lips. Almost pretty, actually.

No. 434433

jfc she looks like her paintings

what is happening with her lips and eyebrows and eyes and everything

No. 434462

why are her eyebrows always so bad lmao

No. 434465

has she under-drawn her cupid's bow? I'm a makeup noob but ive never seen that before, it looks so fucking weird lol. Why would you want your lips to look less full than they actually are? Tuna's makeup choices confuse me, according to her "beauty" is droopy downs syndrome eyes and tiny thin lips

No. 434475

File: 1505499328087.png (2.53 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-15-13-14-41…)


No. 434481

her body is so awful if it wasnt luna id feel bad for her
sometimes her outfits are cute like i'd wear this lol but you just know its covered in blood n those socks aint clean

No. 434499

Are those dirt smears on her leg, or scars from her cat scratches? I can't see her cutting that wide/deep tbh.

No. 434503

it looks like dirt. or maybe she's shooting up in her thighs and those are blood smears. highly doubt its self harm cuts though.

No. 434506

Its been said before but shes young, her face is pretty and she has a cute body type. If she worked out and ate better consistently she could "salvage" her unfortunate saggy body lumps. But shell never do that because it requires patience, consistency and effort. Its easier to drop 5 lbs on the dope diet in 2 days than it is to lose 10 lbs fat in a month with a workout regime. Healthy lifestyle does not equal instant gratification and shes all about that

No. 434521

Get glasses anon

No. 434522

File: 1505508491332.png (157.15 KB, 640x998, IMG_1611.PNG)

No. 434524

>in months

bitch ew why

No. 434526

Those sheets are so dirty I thought it was a hardwood floor at first. Disgusting.

No. 434553

Underrated comment, made me do a fucking double take.
Everything in that picture looks like it was taken out of someone's trashcan.

No. 434560

no mention of a bath or shower anywhere in that statement, so i'm assuming that she just slathered that shit on top of her many, many layers of grime. not that it's a surprise or anything.

No. 434570

She's wiped an entire hand print of makeup onto her thigh. You can see like 4 fingers that's fucking bizarre

No. 434592

It's Friday. Does she normally go to her fathers on this day or Saturday?

I'm curious to see if she actually sticks to kicking him out for a while before she's desperate for money or completely.

No. 434600

Looks like she didn't apply her lipstick very precisely and just went in a full circle shape rather than filling in the details. Might just be laziness or strung out application.

Fun fact though, before the instahoe trend of giant lips, it used to be cute to put foundation on the sides and whatever to make your lips appear smaller because of the living doll trend. Some people forget that styles are vast and change over time. I remember when thin brows were cute and now if they aren't extra thick and overdrawn you get ridiculed, heh.

Sorry for weird side note

No. 434603

Never thought I'd see the day where I felt repulsed just by seeing Luna own something I have in my fridge but damn even her coffees are nasty with all that gunk on top and a dead insect?

No. 434604

No her grandma helped the Black Panthers and was also Jewish and survived the Holocaust or some shit like that.

No. 434605


what room is that? she's moved her selfie position from her bedroom into what, the lounge room? roger's room? hard to tell, everything is so grotty

No. 434609

She started the use the room since Roger is in the hospital. I really don't think he's back.

Anyway, it seems like either his room or the living room (which could be his room) because it's connected to the kitchen. I don't think she takes pictures there when he's around.

No. 434614

She goes on Saturday, but didn't seem to go last weekend.

No. 434619

I was on the Metro North to Grand Central today and I swear to god I saw Lurch waiting at one of the stops. At first I wasn't sure because I was on the New Haven line and I know they live in Westchester but now that I saw she mentioned the New Rochelle Humane Society I'm sure it was him because that was the stop. This was early, like around 8am probably. He didn't get on my train though, he was waiting at a table or something off the platform. So he and Luna might be going into the city for the weekend after all.

No. 434648

Undoubtedly a dope run.

No. 434655

Damn going into the city instead of the Bronx he is no doubt got some enemies there. Also I believe he has steady work drug running for people. Luna can't even chip in on that she is so useless.

No. 434661

This is on Luna's most recent pic where her thigh is showing. Thoughts on the last comment??

No. 434662

File: 1505538814121.png (142.32 KB, 1242x1832, IMG_7891.PNG)

Forgot to post the pic, I suck

No. 434663

File: 1505539112307.png (286.9 KB, 1242x1826, IMG_7892.PNG)

Old picture of Luna that her friend posted if no one has seen it. Also interesting is that if you look at her tagged pictures (which is how I found this one), brands have tagged her as recently as April this year with their products. And she claims to be broke. Sorry if this is old news I've just never looked at her tagged photos before

No. 434664

Omg its sheets… not wood. GAG

No. 434666

What brands??

No. 434669

I just realized doesnt he have a court date today/yesterday etc? Still think he was dope getting or running but still does anyone have details?

No. 434671

Blood on her sleeve and sock, her hands look fucked up from shooting up too

No. 434673

For someone hungry all the time, it sure looks like she gained some weight. Damn her thighs are massive. And why is she doing that retarded face. She could have put on some clean clothes if she wanted to show off.

No. 434674

Samefag but she makes every day tasks seem like luxury.

No. 434675

it's probably because it feeds into her ~i'm so broke i can't afford anything ever~ aesthetic. it's why she posts pictures of her cup of noodles saying shit like "watching tv and eating this cup of noodles. this is my first meal in 20 years. life is ok now uwu" she wants people to think that she cherishes and thinks these little, normal things are always 100x better than they are because it makes her seem more pitiful

No. 434676

the brand that tagged her was the one she bought her heart shaped earrings from and i don't think she was sponsored by them, especially because she has a private account. i think any shop would be insane to sponsor her lmao

No. 434679

Not the fucking point, she used to be a lot more blatant about her heroine use since it's part of her aesthetic or some shit.
And well, she still is but she's entirely stopped posting anything about dope.

No. 434680

I hit enter too early, the thing is she doesn't give a fuck about posting her pills and even crack, so she is still the same old Luna.
But she used to post needle pictures all the time yet suddenly stopped? Why?

No. 434681

Honestly I think even if she is off heroin, the benzos are even worse for her.

No. 434682

she hasn't done that in ages? she moved on to mostly talking about it, then cut that back. she doesn't even post her shit about pills much anymore. Probably doing it all on a sideblog or something.
anyhow, this is Luna we're talking about. I won't believe she's clean until I see some goddamned hard proof. And then I'll have a fucking heart attack, because this kid lives for the dope, with a dope-runner, in a filthy dope hovel.

No. 434684

Well maybe, I certainly don't believe she is "clean" just maybe not on H anymore. That other anon had a point about her OD and lurch's court date.

No. 434685

i don't have an opinion on whether or not she might be off heroin but she really hasn't blatantly publicly posted about heroin in quite a long time, but we still knew she was using because of things in the background of her pics, track marks, ect. her likes are still full of heroin related things, we just haven't had a lot of proof she's actually doing it because of how secretive she has been lately. so who knows, she might not be doing it, she might still be doing it. i think the only reason she posts pics of her pills is because it's more accepted and more of an aesthetic. her followers might think it's normal and cute, but she knows they won't feel that way about heroin and crack so she doesn't post about it.

No. 434692

File: 1505554242090.jpg (66.74 KB, 500x689, scumlord.jpg)

I feel like I shouldn't be shocked any more, when she straight up asks for shit from strangers. How can someone be so rude, entitled and lacking in self-awareness? I hate her. Her entire life is infuriating.

No. 434693

don't be upset anon. just look at the bit where she says 'job interview' and try not to laugh :)

No. 434701


Begging for someone to finance $20 in hair dye confirms continued drug use.

No. 434703

>job interview
>White Plains Hospital

A social media known drug user trying to get a job at a hospital. Yeah good luck with that one.

No. 434706

Lurch had court on the 13th. Nothing happened. Hes got another court date for November 14th.
He just keeps putting everything off instead of just dealing with it, as predicted.

No. 434707

He can't extend it indefinitely. Don't you only get a certain number of times you can ask to push it back?

No. 434708

yeah, I've not followed too many trials but they seem to get 3-6 continuances before finally being solved. Which side is requesting the continuances btw? Because I know that Lurch's lawyer can fight a continuance under the whole 'right to a fair and speedy trial' thing if they really wanted, or the judge can say "this is getting ridiculous you've had enough time" and deny it. However sometimes it's the defense requesting the continuance, to give their client more time to prove themselves redeemable.

No. 434710


I'm shocked she lasted this long. The last batch of pills she stole/was given (who knows) must be lasting a good while.

No. 434721

she's high as fuck anon. when you're on heroin you can barely keep your eyes open.

No. 434724

she never posted about heroin/crack on her mainblog, only about weed because weed is socially accepted.
she posted about heroin and other drugs only on her drug blog, where she didn't reveal her identity, even saying "omg i accidentally posted abt drugs on my main blog, no one must know".
Other farmers then discovered that she had a drug blog.
Lurk more before you question her drug use every week, she was on heroin for over 3 years and still is.

No. 434727

File: 1505571008353.jpg (163.99 KB, 1080x1623, 2017-09-16 09.34.13.jpg)

No. 434732

File: 1505571104094.jpg (137.14 KB, 1074x1532, 2017-09-16 16.08.40.jpg)

and i dont even know what im looking at on here

No. 434733

god can we stop the "she hasnt posted herself shooting up so she is definitely so clean you guise uwu ~ " bullshit?
does anyone even know how hard it is to come clean from heroine regarding the physical withdrawal alone? cant hear this bs anymore

No. 434738

lol every pic she takes with him is like shes just randomly snapped a pic this ones almost frightening me for some reason

No. 434742

…. cuz she found these threads about her and she almost died from humiliation lol

No. 434757


If she had quit at any time it would have been evident in her appearance, even if she had transitioned to methadone. Has she ever taken a week or two off from posting?

And the black smears on her face and hands are most likely from a crack pipe.

No. 434758

File: 1505578210629.png (2.96 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-16-11-09-04…)

not that anon, but

No. 434759

can she not take a photo where he hair isn't all over everything she owns?

No. 434764

File: 1505581109695.jpg (55.65 KB, 640x422, tumblr_owa1nxl35W1wb2ar1o3_128…)

Sage for OT, but I just came across this picture of Kurt and Courtney's apartment in 1992. I guess this is the home decor look she's going for?

No. 434772

File: 1505584521020.png (177.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1492.PNG)

comments on the pic w the smears on her thigh

No. 434773

File: 1505584591363.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1498.PNG)

sorry if this was already posted

No. 434774

File: 1505584620266.png (167.52 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1493.PNG)

the comments on this picture

No. 434777

Make it 30 :( :(

No. 434781

"lipstick swatches i couldn't get off"
ummmm you mean makeup that was on your hands that you smeared onto your leg?

No. 434788

I can't even ask people to donate to charity walks that I host. How do I acquire such confidence??

Sage for no contribution.

No. 434796

what's she going to do when that hospital asks her to take a drug test? lol. if it'd even get that far

No. 434803

luna made her blog "dashboard-only" view or whatever it's called. i think she did it today because i'm pretty sure i looked at her blog last night, i wonder what triggered this? also she posted on it "i’m ok just annoying i need to stop posting depressing shit i’m annoying myself" which is like…true… but i wonder if she had posted some stuff and deleted it

No. 434812

if you google her email with " there come up a lot of the old tumblr begging posts that are still up on other people's blogs. it's just embarrassing to read those.

No. 434814

gosh, dashboard only is so annoying.

No. 434827

File: 1505596857171.png (51.25 KB, 640x361, IMG_2136.PNG)

No. 434828

File: 1505596877359.png (126.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2137.PNG)

No. 434829

File: 1505596946655.png (144.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2141.PNG)

No. 434830

File: 1505596990097.png (140.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2144.PNG)


No. 434831

File: 1505597015729.png (119.93 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2145.PNG)


No. 434835

File: 1505597254005.png (110.7 KB, 637x860, IMG_2142.PNG)

Comments on this post.

No. 434836

>don't shame leeches
>i need a job so i don't have to rely on my dad
>my parents don't help me at all

No. 434837

its like she has these brief moments of clarity but then they get interrupted by her self-martyring pity. she actually started admitting that her life right now is her own fault and doing, but then lapsed into the "MUH EVIL PARENTS STOLE MAH MONEY"

No. 434840


Haha she can barely hold down a job, and she's the most self centered bitch in the world. What does she think CNA training will be like? Training is easy enough, judging by the level of CNAs we have here, some of whom have problems adding up four digit integers on paper. But Luna has never done anything in her entire life that required effort. She'll beg for money for school then drop it after a month, blaming it on her knees or her legendary mental health.

No. 434841

I'm new to this cow, so is Luna Slater her real name? If so, it's really stupid to be posting stuff like this on an account attached to her real name and pictures when she's actively trying to get employment.

Also, she's gotta stop with this woe is me stuff. Being addicted to hard drugs is awful, I'm sure, but if she wants to be a big self-sufficient adult, she needs to realize that you can't go around complaining about all of your personal issues to strangers on Facebook all day. You know what she needs? A diary to write all this shit in and get it out. This post could be like 90% shorter if she cut out all the bullshit. I guess there's a reason she's a lolcow, though, so it probably won't happen.

No. 434842

How many times is she going to bring up how her mom stole her money from what, 3 years ago? It sucks but jesus christ Luna you know you're never getting it back, you admit that here. WHO FUCKING CARES ANYMORE GET A JOB IF YOU NEED MONEY
no cow annoys me more than this self-centered brat

No. 434846

wasn't the money in question a small fraction of a large inheritance that she pissed away in no time at all anyway?
I feel the same way re her self-centred bullshit. the whole 'poor people like me' thing drives me wild, so I take regular breaks from this thread.

No. 434851

or how about you're a physically revolting junkie w/ the emotional maturity of a 12 yr old. "off my meds" kek. psych meds won't help you, tuna.

No. 434868


lots and lots of drugs

No. 434870

Kek, even her followers are weirded out by this oversharing.

No. 434873

Where the hell is this coming from?? Bitch, why are you suddenly acting like you being a bum and not having a job is fresh news? The condition your life is in not some kind of devastating revelation. You've lived like this for how long now? A few years give or take, right? Don't know who the hell she's putting on this front for (I guess she's hoping to squeeze out her weekly dose of pity from whoever still has the patience to deal with her shit), it's not like she's ever shown any sort of incentive to do anything with herself before. Girl doesn't even have the discipline to bathe regularly let alone be a functioning member of society.

No. 434897

Second weekend away from evil dad, no free pills, weed, money, etc. I'm wondering if her stupid fucking lip piercing is what started the shit with her father.

No. 434898

This pisses me off so much, this stupid bitch had all the stability in the world and she willingly pissed it all away to chase a dope dream.

No. 434923

sorry Luna but people usually don't want to rehire employees who clearly have a heroin addiction and were caught rifling through people's purses and bags at work. stop harrassing the poor man and go apply somewhere new.

No. 434929

most of the time it's not even the client themselves requesting it. I had similar cases to Lurch, 2 years ago in metropolitan new york as well. my lawyer just postponed it every single time. they didn't ask me if I was clean or needed to get clean, nothing. after the first 4 months, I didn't even need extra time to get clean, I was on methadone and not using ANY illicit drugs, even weed and alcohol. I brought paperwork showing I was doing well and they STILL adjourned it for another 7 months after that. it took 11 months in total for them to combine both cases, allow me to plead guilty and sentence me to probation.

it's 99.9% usually just laziness on the lawyer's part. if they wanted to move forward with it and get it over with, they wouldn't give a shit what Lurch wanted. especially if it's not a paid lawyer, just a public defender - and I believe that's the case here.

No. 434938

does anyone else think she always mentions wanting to be in nursing cus she thinks if she was a nurse she could easily access all meds she desires

No. 434946

wait, fill me in on this–she was caught going through someone's purse?

No. 434950

I think it was when she had some gig painting a wall or something, and they caught her going through the lockers and looking in people's bags, so they canned her.

No. 434961

im thinking it was stealing half his xanax script and finally being caught + confronted.

No. 435000

>shoulder issues
Is this from practicing baseball, her all-time favorite sport? Never heard her complaint about that before.

>You know what she needs? A diary
Oh, anon, but she does. Just wait a few days and she'll post some excerpts.

No. 435006

Genuinely, how can anyone live in actual filth.
Clutter I can understand, clothing on the floor etc. But used containers and tissues?
Is this specifically a druggy thing? I just dont get how she can live in filth. She probably does get inspo from these types of pictures.

No. 435010

i'm on board with this theory too. what other motivation could she possibly have to go into a field as grueling and thankless as nursing, especially for someone who is supposedly so very, very mentally unwell? i don't believe for a second she actually has interest in the field, i think she sees it as an easy prescription pass

No. 435024

Not specifically a druggy thing (hoarders are horrifying) but being a user, you create much more daily waste (syringe wrapping papers, swabs, cotton etc) and generally are too high to care about the mess left behind. YMMV but it's clear her and Lurch are that sort.

No. 435028

>I only want to work to show up my daddy because he sucks and he won't let me steal from him anymore. so mean uwu

Fixed that for you, Tuna.

God just imagining her going through the nursing program. That's TWO YEARS of hard work and intense classes, Tuna. There's no way she'll even make it three months before she gives up and realizes it's not worth it just so she can steal meds from the hospital.

No. 435030

3 months? she couldn't handle a relaxed outpatient rehab that she was getting driven to and from for more than a few weeks. she wouldn't last a day in study

No. 435031

File: 1505647481128.png (180.77 KB, 750x1150, IMG_5624.PNG)

did i ever tell this thread about the time that luna and matthew freaked out at me over bunk acid
pretty decent example of how entitled she is (idc if she reads this and finds out its me i cut ties w her a long time ago plus i don't even live in nyc let alone USA anymore) but once she was mad desperate for acid and i vaguely knew this dude who sold it. i had got from him one time and it worked fine so i hit her with his number . but i guess whatever she bought from him didn't work and then she got crazy pissed at /me/ and i felt super bad bc i had had a fine experience with it. then fucking matthew texted me theu her phone and i was so grossed out i wanted to die tbh lol. didn't rly stay close with her after that….. felt rly weird how much she lost her shit over some fucking cid

No. 435032

File: 1505647517982.png (169.2 KB, 746x1166, IMG_5625.PNG)

No. 435034

also my main thing i was wondering was why she was spending sixty bucks on acid just for her and lurch considering that it's 10/tab…… Hmm

No. 435035

I imagine heroin users barely think about the mess, they're too busy being super high to even realise it's there.

I've never done heroin, but it sounds like doing anything on it is hard, and people just kinda sit around doped up. If you're constantly high, you're not going to have the energy to clean. I hate cleaning but I still force myself to do it.

Tuna's something else tho. Most addicts don't leave makeup on their legs, put pictures up, and explain "they couldn't wash it off", that shit's abnormal. I'd attribute it to depression, but she manages to slap a full face of makeup on every couple hours so she clearly has the motivation, she just doesn't give a shit.

No. 435036

omg anon this is amazing. You just KNOW everyone on her friends list in NYC constantly gets shit like this off her, she's so fucking outrageous lol. You did her a favour hooking her up, it's not your fault he's not reliable. I'm assuming you told her you'd only got off him once, at that point it's entirely her fault for going to him.

This makes me hate her even more tbh, I know people like this and they're the worst - constantly begging for hookups then getting entitled when it doesn't work out.

>also my main thing i was wondering was why she was spending sixty bucks on acid just for her and lurch considering that it's 10/tab…… Hmm

Methinks Lurch sells drugs to kids with no contacts (like 17yos) at a markup, they probably buy $60 of acid knowing they can have a night tripping, and then sell the rest to break even/make a little money.

No. 435037


luna. i get you.

in the sense that you, out of all people, shouldn't be working in nursing.

can you imagine her doing an internship while complaining about her mental illnesses or her knee, while pus drips down from her infected abscesses and eyes pointing in opposite directions..? yeah, me neither.

No. 435043

She loved it like she was going to summer camp until someone told her she was an addict and needed to get clean. Well, either that or she needed to dump Lurch. Did she ever say specifically what caused her to quit aside from being upset that she got told the hard truth?

No. 435055

I remember a story about Luna's therapist suggesting she break up with lurch, so she stopped going to that therapist lmao

No. 435088


OT, but this sounds exactly like the anon rants on vent thread.

No. 435090

the therapist who told her to drop Lurch was before the outpatient program. She said how it made her nervous of therapists… even though the therapist was 100% correct. She never explicitly said why she quit, but she did mention how all her friends in it were leaving and how it wasn't fun anymore right before she quit. I'm pretty sure her excuse was some bullshit about how she couldn't pay for it, but it's because she realized she'd have to get sober if she wanted to better herself and it wasn't just a fun place to hang out with other cool mentally ill uwu girls

No. 435093

I think it's cuz she watches nurse Jackie and thinks it's real life

No. 435101

This is both infuriating and so pathetic it's funny. Love the detail about Luna crying cos she didn't trip.

No. 435102

>matthew has such bad cellulitis you guise
what the fuck even

No. 435106

it may have been an attempt to guilty trip you and the guy into double the dose. like
>bullshit man! What you sold me was absolute fucking shit and didnt work at all! I want my money back or something else
someone who might get intimidated enough might send them the money back or give them money for making up for the "lost money"
also what is it, did they wait 60 hours in the rain for nothing or was the stuff fake… ?like decide girl

No. 435107

they wouldnt even let her in with her history of drug abuse.

No. 435112

>are you sober
i dont believe her for a second

No. 435120

>but it sounds like doing anything on it is hard, and people just kinda sit around doped up.
gosh anon, shooting up dope isnt like it depictured in all your petty teenage trash movies like trainspotting. There is hell of a lot people who use heroine to be high-functioning and be steady in stressful jobs that require 110% of performance.
Hell there are fulltime housewives with children that start with heroine to be able to deal with all the shit and no they dont lie in filth 24/7, they have an organized household.

No. 435143


cellulitis =/= cellulite, its a bad skin infection which isn't surprising at all that he'd have lol

No. 435151

File: 1505675716792.png (19 KB, 634x256, 2017-09-17 20_14_27-IV Drug Ab…)

yep and it's overwhelmingly common in IV drug users

No. 435154

>she's crying because she really wanted to trip

Everything makes that bitch "cry". That alone should be a wake-up call, but of course Lurch doesn't notice or care about how odd it is for a person to cry over not getting high enough. Giving an unstable person drugs doesn't scream love at all.

You were waaaaay nicer and patient than I would have been, anon. You should have gone off on her the moment she went nuts.

No. 435163

>you obviously haven't tripped on anything proper
>tips fedora

No. 435188

That's totally untrue. Maintaining a job whilst being an addict is nearly impossible.

It's fine if you already have $$$ and a super reliable dealer. If not then you're fucked. First time your dealer doesn't show you'll have to skip work and search out dope. Either that or go in with clear signs of withdrawl

No. 435193

Imagine being this stupid. Why are you defending dope? Spotted the junkie.

No. 435208

File: 1505686704107.png (127.67 KB, 640x588, IMG_2206.PNG)

No. 435212

She makes it sound like she has the books but just can't find them. Is she really that lazy that she'll just ask for someone else's copies instead of moving a piece of furniture?? Yes, yes she is

No. 435214


I want to know more about this huge fight.

No. 435270

Um, how about go to a library? Download it online???

No. 435286

>haven't spoken in almost a month

Tuna its only been about two weeks since your "fallout" with evil dad lol! Im sure it feels longer though without his scripts, weed, and money.

No. 435287

this is 3 days old but I'm laughing so hard at how she literally didn't help anyone at all whatsoever in that story hahaha

No. 435299

Sooo there's part of her apartment that things fall into and disappear forever? Also being such a pseudo intellectual, she'd know about libraries…

No. 435316

Its fucking Harry potter. If anything would be easy to find online it would be ANY HP book, Is she just bored ? weak bait?

No. 435319

>want a book
>don't have book
>don't want to spend money


No. 435338

this is what i was thinking too oh my god. i read it like 5 times thinking i missed something about how she helped them but all she did was call a shelter to see if the dog was there and it was. did she tell her neighbors that the shelter had their dog? if that's how she helped them, she should have included that lol

No. 435348

that sounds like an alyism

No. 435384

yeah or you just go to work and have your dealer meet you at your job…or take suboxone if you know you can't get anything…or tough it out cold turkey at work til you can get something. it absolutely is possible to hold down a job (or multiple jobs) as a heroin addict. thousands upon thousands of people do it everyday. not every dopehead is a lazy bum who is allergic to hard work like Tuna is.

No. 435393

kek okay stop trying to justify yr drug addiction anon we get it you fucked yr life up

No. 435398

If you can hold down a job, you just aren't as far down the rabbit hole as most full blown addicts.

No. 435404

this milk is so fortified and delicious anon, if you have any more from the past pls post

No. 435410

chief literally does heroin he found in public bathrooms

No. 435439

File: 1505719053637.png (152.16 KB, 250x606, IMG_0003.PNG)

No. 435475

this is what the term 'junkie' is actually for.
functional addicts are people who can work, have a social life, etc despite their addiction.
junkies are the ones that are fully controlled by their addiction, typically live in filth, always chasin', etc.


No. 435480

I'd argue all junkies were functioning addicts at some point.
And at some point most functional addicts will become junkies - the only difference between the two is the length of time using. For some people it's a couple months, others a couple years, and maybe some people get a decade or two.

No. 435481

>my books keep falling behind this piece of furniture I can't move
what she means is that she's actually too lazy to get up and move it.

I would never loan my books to her, she doesn't take care of anything. it'd come back (if she ever gave it back) caked in dirt and makeup

No. 435482

hasnt it only been 2 wks since their fight? sept 16/sept 17 would be the 2nd weekend she didn't go

No. 435532

Lol with where this thread is atm this is hilarious.

>junkies aren't lazy people sitting around too high to move! How dare you assume that about junkies

>literally too high to retrieve things from her own bedroom.

No. 435629

Luna disproves the first - she was never functional. some people just go straight to the crash. the second part is probably true.

No. 435672

File: 1505763800982.png (3.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-18-14-42-30…)

No. 435673

File: 1505763829170.png (3.46 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-18-14-42-45…)

No. 435674


thank GOD this looks so much less corpse-y

No. 435683

This one looks really nice. Probably because both of her spaced out fish eyes aren't in view.

No. 435832

She doesn't look spaced out at all in this tbh, it's weird seeing her without the fog of opiates. Her eyes are bloodshot af but she's not got pinned pupils

No. 435887

I was thinking when I saw these she looked really good. For her.
But yeah its probably because you can only see a fraction of her face lol

No. 435925

Her skin and hair are still shit but that lip color is really flattering on her. I hope she continues to choose colors that don't make her look like a pasty corpse.

No. 436002

File: 1505850085977.png (60.28 KB, 640x402, IMG_2274.PNG)

No. 436003

File: 1505850109750.png (62.38 KB, 640x350, IMG_2273.PNG)

No. 436004

File: 1505850136601.png (105.8 KB, 640x565, IMG_2272.PNG)

No. 436005

File: 1505850176539.png (30.76 KB, 640x261, IMG_2316.PNG)

No. 436006

File: 1505850200631.png (108.57 KB, 637x524, IMG_2317.PNG)

No. 436008

File: 1505850219661.png (78.57 KB, 640x738, IMG_2315.PNG)

No. 436030

There's a thing called google, Tuna.
Oh boy here comes the begging for ~taxi fare~

No. 436048

an issue with his tooth? oh i guess i missed him coming home

um and you know everyone in the whole world?

No. 436055

shit that never happened. and you are pretty much the definition of a junkie, Tuna.

meanwhile: poor Roger, damn :(

No. 436058

poor roger? he probably is having the time of his life, with 3 proper meals a day and clean sheets every day.

No. 436064

This black and white thinking enrages me. You can call someone an asshole for stealing from you but still be sad at the situation they're in and still be sad if they die. Is she saying she won't mourn when her evil dad dies? Calling someone names for being an addict and being angry at them for that situation DOESNT MEAN THEY ARENT LOVED TUNA. sage4rage

No. 436074

I think this confirms that she only overshares when she wants pity, because if she is telling the truth about roger that means he came home after going to the hospital previously, but she didn't feel the need to tell anyone. She only talks about roger when he is going to the hospital, it seems

No. 436076

File: 1505860134858.jpg (66.27 KB, 500x750, IMG_2314.JPG)

old luna pics

No. 436077

File: 1505860149227.jpg (61.33 KB, 500x750, IMG_2313.JPG)

No. 436078

File: 1505860227379.jpg (67.88 KB, 640x478, IMG_2320.JPG)

not sure if posted before

No. 436082

i mean she is heavily overweight in here but she still looks so much healthier than now and much more pretty.

No. 436105

File: 1505861988911.jpg (6.45 KB, 225x225, really.jpg)

>heavily overweight

No. 436108

File: 1505862140083.png (3.29 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-19-18-01-13…)

No. 436109

File: 1505862182464.png (4.05 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-19-18-01-26…)

No. 436110

File: 1505862211585.png (2.72 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-19-18-01-31…)

No. 436112

File: 1505862241279.png (3.09 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-19-18-01-36…)

No. 436114

File: 1505862269324.png (3.28 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-19-18-01-40…)

No. 436116

Her lip looks cracked by her lip stud that pericing grosses me out so much can't wait for crusty lip ring she'll inevitably have ewww like a trap for her mouth rot

No. 436117

Those socks have never been washed

No. 436146

I know im probably beating a dead horse but how tf is she not aware looking at this photo before sharing it with the world that she is a filthy fucking human

No. 436156

My thoughts exactly. She is not heavily overweight in those old photos

No. 436202

kek yo fat ass offended? dat red jacket thingy she is wearing is hiding a good portion of her mass. I have to agree with the other anon, she looks like at least ~ BMI 33-35

No. 436225

Way back when Lurch was talking to 'Tessa' he was saying how he has a rich grandma who's gonna die and leave him a bunch of money. Do we know anything about that? Is it Roger's mother? How old is Roger? He definitely looks at least in his 60s (and Lurch is 37 iirc).

I know that there's like a 99% change Lurch is lying about the rich grandma but I can't help but wonder… I wonder if he lifted the story from Luna. Lmao his brain is so fried he can't even think of an original story…

No. 436285

File: 1505878144383.png (105.32 KB, 640x921, IMG_2331.PNG)

No. 436286

File: 1505878188164.png (965.56 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2332.PNG)

No. 436292

what people did she hate luna?

No. 436303

File: 1505879930631.jpg (9.11 KB, 189x292, 1499301741501.jpg)

love u anon

No. 436314


that's not how sepsis works. you're stuck in a hospital immediately wtf luna

No. 436323

That can of raid, though.

No. 436325

DEAD. good eye anon. must suck to be so dirty that you need a can of "raid" on hand right next to your bed

No. 436329

She probably has roaches and bugs that crawl all over her when she's sleeping and it's the only way to get rid of them at night. Sad that she's so filthy that she has to spray insecticides next to her own sleeping quarters, who knows what kind of damage she's doing to herself combined with her drugs.
>source knew someone in high school whose apartment with so infested with roaches that you couldn't stand in one place for too long without bugs trying to hide under your feet, she kept a raid can near her bed too

No. 436331

lol no denying the other chick's pic is tryhard as fuck but i'm more on her side than tuna's.
who do you think Frida really would have disliked more?
-white girl who attempts to be self aware and acknowledge that she's white and seems to really enjoy frida's art in some way


-white girl who latches onto said pic to virtue signal about race as if she's not white herself and has the gall to say what Frida would most definitely hate or not

No. 436335

oh jesus christ, that filth

No. 436339

File: 1505885332767.png (108.77 KB, 640x995, IMG_2322.PNG)

No. 436340

File: 1505885350731.jpg (112.43 KB, 640x357, IMG_2323.JPG)

No. 436341

File: 1505885365449.jpg (84.03 KB, 640x429, IMG_2321.JPG)

No. 436355

The fuck are you talking about anon? There's a pic of her in a swimsuit a couple images up, and you can see her legs are significantly smaller and her stomach is too.

Also only ana-chans quantify weight in BMI

No. 436359


You're fat, OK.

No. 436362

Learn to sage ana-chan

No. 436363

Woah, these make her look so attractive compared to what she is now. And rail against her figure all you'd like anachan, but she looks healthier with a fuller figure in these than she does in her flabbier albeit 'slimmer' opioid version that she is now.

Lord there was a time when she was hydrated, fed, and had a complexion not cracking and sallow. She even had nicer clothes..

No. 436398

yeah okay, for US people this is the norm, let's agree on that. still in europe thats called fat. anyway, let's also agree she looked so much more pretty back then, fatty or not.

No. 436399

no top kek, that's not what luna want.
ya know. She doesnt want to r e a d it. She just wants to h a v e it. She wants to put it in her shelf and take pics of it and post it on IG and never look inside of it.

No. 436400

>there is a pic
if you want it to show to me you should really quote it, because else I wont bother scrolling up

No. 436434

yikes, lazy-chan

No. 436437

9/10 times I see someone saying "in the us this is normal but in europe it's considered fat," they aren't even from europe.

she's not skinny, she could stand to lose 30 lbs at that point. but she obviously looks a lot healthier in those old pics than how she looks now. probably because she actually went outside and walked around more than once a week and wasn't addicted to heroin.

from one ana-chan to another, please stop fucking up the thread with your distorted ideas about bodies.

luna you have no place to judge others about their treatment of animals.

No. 436440

Dude nayrt but she's fat. I'm from the UK, the most obese nation in europe and she would be considered heavily overweight here, especially because she's young.

She does look a thousand times healthier though, no argument there. Just the difference in her lips is astounding to me, makes so much difference when they're not all scabbed over and flaky. They're the nastiest feature on her face that's actually attached to it, the rest of the grossness is just filth and makeup.

>from one ana-chan to another, please stop fucking up the thread with your distorted ideas about bodies.

The thread doesn't get shitted up until people start arguing about it. How about we all just agree to assume people are posting their ~opinions~ and not start circular arguments about pointless shit.

also how would you even know
>they aren't even from europe.
Unless you're a mod/admin?

No. 436446

Can't we all agree that well dressed chubby and fat chicks tend to look better than filthy habitual heroin and pill addicts?

No. 436596

wait y'all hold up. how does she NOT know how to cook? she supposedly comes from an abusive household… her mum cooking for her every night doesn't make any sense, if her claims aren't over exaggerated. i personally came from an abusive household (not drug addicts, just abusive dicks) and i had to start learning how to cook by 10 years old out of necessity because my mother wasn't cooking for me or my sister.

i find it really strange she doesn't know how to cook when she has this "i've fended for myself for years!" mentality.

and she doesn't know how to grocery shop, as we've all seen before.

No. 436636

In her high school years she always had money for McDonald's and went all the time and also liked fruit and sweet coffee drinks. I'm sure her grandma and mother fed her as a child I highly doubt she was completely neglected especially by her precious grandma.

No. 436692

what's with all the ana-chans in here? I'm used to the druggies sperging out, but this is new. also, opinion doesn't cover people being plain wrong, like the one before who talked about BMI 33-35. that's way off.


this is one of those times when I feel kind of bad for her. we all fucking hate it when she cries about no food and then turns up with takeout or something, but she doesn't know any different. she's never had to learn, and I wonder if she ever will.

No. 436695

File: 1505955146113.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1553.PNG)

No. 436696

File: 1505955174494.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1552.PNG)

No. 436698

File: 1505955331420.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1551.PNG)

this is the first she's ever posted about a panic disorder iirc. and "remember benzos are always used to get high" like LUNA it is people like you who fake anxiety and panic disorders and abuse their benzos to the point where it's hard for people with ACTUAL panic disorders to get these medications. she enfuriates me

No. 436699

Are there ANY pictures of him smiling?

No. 436700

File: 1505955386874.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1554.PNG)

No. 436701

File: 1505955406385.png (920.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1555.PNG)

No. 436703

File: 1505955475051.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1556.PNG)

No. 436705

File: 1505955514341.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1557.PNG)

No. 436715

I was going to comment on her track marks, but tbh I'm more concerned about the grime on her chest.

No. 436722

everythings a fall look with this bitch. why is she so obsessed with fall and leggings

No. 436740

I was going to ask about this to. He never seems happy with her.

Yeah and it's actual grime, not fucking freckles this time.

No. 436746

god i just want to punch that man in the face. i think he doesn't smile cus he thinks hes too fucking cool

No. 436747

If anything i thought fall would depress her, as that's when people generally stop going on vacations and students head back to school/college, while she's just stagnating…

No. 436761

oh but she can layer a couple of dresses with jumpers and leggings anon

No. 436763

Im so confused about the layout/rooms of her house. This isn't her usual bedroom,right? The bed isn't loaded with disgusting stuffed animals.. Does she just have several nasty beds among the hoarding piles all through out the apartment? Where does Roger sleep?

No. 436795

>this is one of those times when I feel kind of bad for her. we all fucking hate it when she cries about no food and then turns up with takeout or something, but she doesn't know any different. she's never had to learn, and I wonder if she ever will.

idk i feel like i'm missing something. neither of my parents taught me how to cook at all but all it took was a little bit of being hungry and broke to get me to figure out how to saute some bs. might not be cooking well but it's cooking.
Even though it's her own fault, i'm pretty sure she's been hungry and broke, so isn't that something that would make her have to learn?

No. 436801

yeah i don't feel sorry for her not teaching herself how to cook. I didn't know how to cook anything other than pasta and eggs when i moved out but because, like luna, i have access to the internet, so i was able to learn how to cook. she has no excuse imo for not knowing, she has google and she has a stove. if she's as poor and hungry and desperate as she claims she would've learned how to cook rice or beans or something filling/cheap/basic by now. seeing that she's gone this long living with lurch without learning how to cook or prepare any sort of food that's not pasta really shows how privileged she actually is. kinda off topic but i don't think she's eaten a vegetable in months lmfao

No. 436818

> if she's as poor and hungry and desperate as she claims she would've learned how to cook rice or beans or something filling/cheap/basic by now.

this especially! the fact that she won't even do this says so much. she could even collaborate with lurch and split up the few steps it takes if she actually had a real relationship with him. ffs.

No. 436927

She says this EVERY TIME she takes a benzo, and she gets loads of them from her dad. Stop fucking lying for no reason, Luna.

No. 436947

Three and a half years and he still won't marry you.

No. 436996

File: 1506014209551.jpg (419.12 KB, 1080x1674, 2017-09-21 19.11.24.jpg)

fucking eww

No. 437000

Lol, the old hide-the-arm-you-don't-want-to-draw-behind-the-back trick. classic.

No. 437003

what is anatomy

ew n you know this is a self portrait too

No. 437004

What is perspective? What is depth? What is shadow?

No. 437010

sex repulsed, pornography makes her l i t e r a l l y s i c k but she's fine drawing shit like this

No. 437013

the fucking dent in the bend of her ellbow

No. 437020

File: 1506017486029.jpg (65.49 KB, 839x599, ssssssss.jpg)

No. 437079

What are those webbed reptilian feet?

No. 437080

Ew, this outfit. Desperate to turn on Lurch with her delicate, emotionally-damaged sex kitten aesthetic that he gives no shits about. He's just going to give her an absent, lustless look and then pee in a juice carton.
Happily engaged though, right? What a joke.

No. 437092

File: 1506025128220.jpeg (247.88 KB, 640x1014, 471E2DEE-AD33-4475-8D11-A41942…)

No. 437103

File: 1506025749497.jpeg (65.72 KB, 640x347, E0F676A6-7AD7-4E40-B9B5-D00867…)

No. 437115

They make plus size over the knee boots they're just ugly and look bad

No. 437148

Why does she only draw animal crossing faces

No. 437313

Lmao I've never played that but she likes that game it's funny she rips it off

No. 437393

that's not what bpd is though, tuna fish

No. 437394

oh. and i thought those faces were original. wow. okay. not even that.

No. 437450

again accidentally doxxing herself by leaving her address in. Not that she cares but jesus this is at least the second time this year, the pill bottle comes to mind.

No. 437453

also her linework is TERRIBLE,imo it looked better BEFORE she started putting thick black lines everywhere >>436705

No. 437458

File: 1506049395524.png (311.39 KB, 380x374, lmao this is fucked.png)

samefag, don't want to shit up post replies - but she painted a mouth with lips, then decided she was too lazy for that, just pasted over a thick black ink line and left the pencil work underneath. The face is FUCKED, the wonky eyes that look drawn in 2 different styles, the massive blob of white on the left cheek, the circle around the mouth where she couldn't be arsed to do it properly…

I used to like her work, was she always this fucking lazy and talentless?

No. 437469

File: 1506050275435.png (586.93 KB, 1440x257, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 8.16…)

>I used to like her work, was she always this fucking lazy and talentless?

No way. Excuse the screenshot clusterfuck but these are in order of her uploading them. She's getting more and more lazy or fucked up. She used to actually draw the shape of the skull!

No. 437474

File: 1506050670824.jpg (452.13 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oe12x7kTZG1vgit5fo1_128…)

some of her old art. it used to be a lot better and more interesting imo. i'm gonna upload a few more of her old work

No. 437475

File: 1506050709954.jpg (68.05 KB, 564x601, tumblr_oe16s08YCN1vgit5fo1_128…)

No. 437476

File: 1506050771105.jpg (74.07 KB, 564x755, tumblr_oe160ie9Xm1vgit5fo1_128…)

i actually really like this one. it's sad/pathetic that she's given up on even painting tbh

No. 437477

File: 1506050808309.jpg (569.44 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oe15cbuNNf1vgit5fo1_128…)

No. 437480

File: 1506050844156.jpg (79.42 KB, 564x755, tumblr_oe16e0q1G11vgit5fo1_128…)

No. 437485

Did anyone see she's trying to sell this painting for $80 plus $10 for shipping? Someone commented asking how much and that was her response. I make art too and I understand that art is usually expensive because of the materials and time and effort put in by the artist, but asking for $80 for THIS is absolutely nuts. If I painted this I would charge $35 MAX. I don't see any realm where this painting is worth anything more than that tbh it's so lazily and hastily done, like most of her work. I don't feel bad for the idiots who would buy this shit.

No. 437486

What are you guys talking about? Luna's old art is just as bad as her new art, just a little less sloppy.

No. 437487

You can tell she actually used to put effort into her art and enjoy what she was doing….but it's just sloppy and seems like she's trying too hard.

No. 437490

R u new here?

No. 437494

It was never good, but it had some potential and creativity and she's been putting in less and less time, effort, and thought as time goes on. That's what we're talking about.

No. 437495

no lol I know she does this I was just stating that she was trying to sell it for $80 and $10 shipping….which is ridiculous…..am I not allowed to comment on something just bc she's done it before lmao

No. 437503

File: 1506053191987.png (1.16 MB, 1076x528, you can tuna piano but you can…)

i know anon upthread already made a comparison between her art but this is just astounding

No. 437515

it’s not her full address, it’s just her city & zip code. luna is dumb and has basically doxxed herself before with the pill bottle but people knowing the city that she lives in isn’t a big deal

No. 437557

Looks like female Lurch.

No. 437562

her art has always been terrible, she didnt have any potential and never has. literally ANYONE can draw as she does…

No. 437648


oh, i have no fucking doubt that most of the posters are as disfunctional as the cows themselves, if not more. just look at any thread about relationships, everyone either has no friends or no one but a significant other, who is abusive 7 out of 10 cases. everyone hates weebs but wants to look like a kawaii uguu BJD. they berate the cows but what they think they should act like instead is equally broken. there was a thread that derailed into discussing this in /ot/ or /g/ and it went on for the longest time.

then again, we're spending time on an anon board devoted to screencapping shitty people's social media to speculate and talk shit about them, so it's kind of a given that none of us are much better than the subject matter. sorry for the OT rant.

No. 437679

I agree with this but I think it would be impressive if we were all even half as filthy as Tuna is.

No. 437684

File: 1506093830347.png (2.12 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-22-10-19-11…)

dead eyes are back

No. 437685

File: 1506093870149.png (2.14 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-22-10-19-17…)

No. 437701

how fucked up is she rn! her eyes are pointing in different directions lmao

No. 437705

A friend of mine took 12 Xanax and her eyes did the same thing. But Luna only takes benzos for real panic attacks guys! She would never abuse them!

No. 437706


Increasing the contrast only emphasises the track marks and filthy towels.

No. 437720

One eye on the tittie, one eye on the door

No. 437726

left eye is steering the other is gripping your thigh

No. 437727

File: 1506099788404.jpeg (69.04 KB, 640x427, 8DDBFD3C-94A3-426B-BDDA-8A9DDA…)

No. 437728

File: 1506099808301.jpeg (300.39 KB, 640x924, 6826E1A3-EE9F-495B-9292-4EB3B3…)

No. 437732

i dont get it

No. 437741

does Luna just do this terrible art to sell to people?

Part of me thought it was kind of an escape from her horrible ass life but this just looks so fukkin lazy.

No. 437743

even her art is regressing as bad as she is.
so sad.

No. 437749

….I thought that was a cement wall until reading your comment and scrolling back up.

No. 437755

the difference between >>435673 and this >>437684 is honestly kind of heartbreaking.

No. 437764

I actually prefer the newer one in this comparison, the colors and thick lines.

No. 437794

No. 437802

Luna is relating to the experience of the one crying for attention…I think.

No. 437808

was just about to make this comment. She looks like a chameleon.

No. 437880

File: 1506113315648.png (2.66 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-22-15-44-55…)

someone in the comments was asking about her hair care routine lmao

No. 437881

File: 1506113352288.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-22-15-45-01…)

No. 437883

File: 1506113380673.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-22-15-45-05…)

No. 437890

does luna gain and lose 20 lbs everyday?

No. 437896

why are her eyebrows so awful like does she colour them in w a marker

No. 437914

>that nasty shirt
How can she stand to have that on her skin?

No. 437919

More stuff on her legs, or do you think it's the same gunk that's been there?? Blood, makeup, paint?? Eek

No. 437931

i just want to know why there's a can of cat food on the bed

No. 437940

I didn't pay much attention to the background until you said that. It looks like two chairs are stacked on top of something else in the corner of the room and there on canvases on top of one of them. I also didn't even notice the cat on the bed who looks pretty comfortable which is good considering its surroundings.

No. 438003

wow these are actually pretty nice. >>436996
I kinda like this one too, honestly. I like the colors and the thicc paint. I do agree with the other anon though, it was better before the ink
Looks like cut marks to me.

No. 438005

This isn't their room, is it? Nothing looks familiar and the bed is just a mattress on the floor. I hope that's not where Roger slept.

No. 438039

File: 1506127097075.jpg (150.3 KB, 720x1074, PicsArt_09-22-05.36.53.jpg)

hey luna, acknowledging that your socks are dirty doesn't make wearing dirty socks any less disgusting

No. 438049

what are they dirty from? like walking on their carpet?

No. 438052

you can tell she uncovered a pile of dirty clothes left over from last fall or winter. the "i want to believe" hoodie in the above pic is filthy.

No. 438080

how are they dirty on the top of them? it looks like she was using the top of her foot to put out cigarettes lol

No. 438102

File: 1506130992956.png (148.8 KB, 745x1035, IMG_5063.PNG)

i would say this manicure is better than previous ones, but HER CUTICLES UGHHHH. sickening

No. 438106

Agreed, she still doesn’t know how to take care of her nails but they look so much better

No. 438108

why does it look like she is sliding the plastic nails deep down beneath her cuticles? is one supposed to do that? it looks painful…

No. 438116

ok i really dont want to throw a fit and start a discussion. it lacks a lot of stuff. but you have to view it as something abstract, not the anime pretty itty witty tumblr style aestetique you usually see on instagram.

her stuff from last year was good, because it had something original and special about it. It's creative.

Now she just splashes something on a canvas to get drug money though. it's actually sad.

No. 438128

lol that was the first thing i thought when she said she found her skirt and hoodie. she probably ran out of clean clothes (bc she hasn't seen her dad in 2 weeks) and went through one of those big piles of clothes seen in the corner of some pics. like, is she considered a full on hoarder at this point?

No. 438129

I can't even fucking believe this is the same person. Such a shame.

No. 438132

the only problem i have with her nails is her cuticles. i’m not trying to be nit-picky, but her cuticles are very red and must hurt a lot. idk if she’s pushing her cuticles too far back, or if she’s pushing the stick on nails she sometimes buys too far back, but either way it looks painful. i wonder why she does that. it has to hurt?

No. 438208

i could be wrong but it looks like mold to me. not hard to imagine especially if they were buried in a pile of her other filthy clothes for god knows how long.

No. 438210

oh please anon. there is nothing interesting or original about her work. it's trite shit teenage girls who want to go to art school draw: pictures of chicks with bangs and exaggerated facial features. basically self-portraits where the subject looks cuter. i think fawn gehweiler inspired this trend like 15 yrs ago.

assuming people who think luna's art is as shitty as her life aren't able to view art abstractly, kek.

No. 438226

Not anon that originally made this point, but consider that Tuna was 17/18 when a lot of this stuff was drawn. Its shallow, edgy teen crap because she was literally a shallow edgy teen.

Saying she had NO potential and her art has ALWAYS been shitty just kinda seems like exaggeration to me. She did well enough to get into art school, thats not especially hard but it shows she at least used to try.

Her complete lack of effort now is noticeable. She's managed to get WORSE over the last few years which imo means she must have had something resembling talent to begin with, that she's now lost to heroin.

If she was just some hack, she wouldn't get better or worse, like Chris Chan's artwork which has looked exactly the same for the last 10 years.

I feel like some anons in here are artists who shit on Tuna, just because she charges more for her art than they do. Nobody's suggesting her arts good enough to be sold, but I still dig some of her sketches. This shit aint worth $20 nvm $85.

Tl;Dr - Tuna's art is average when she puts effort in, terribad when she doesn't.

No. 438242

Pretty much. Her socks would be cleaner if she'd just run outside in the dirt compared to walking across the room. It's likely she hasn't washed them either from last time she wore them.

No. 438267

i could see potential with her 16/17 stuff. if she wouldve gone through art school and learned to overcome those comic selfies and getting somne depth into her art.

No. 438332

File: 1506186588109.png (3.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-23-12-09-04…)

No. 438337

File: 1506188505922.jpeg (79.4 KB, 640x377, EE47A716-B182-4C6E-90FB-6B6162…)

No. 438343

what the fuck does this even mean? women are misogynistic if they use the word 'female'? how? i genuinely want to ask her to elaborate and see if she even has a clue what this copy paste tumblr post means

No. 438354

Tuna wearing moldy socks….please no.

You must see some fucked up art to think that Tuna's art is "average". Maybe once upon atime she had potential but her lazy lifestyle definitely shows in her art now. Her art looks like a kindergartner did it.

She looks like a clown with ratty hair, damn.

No. 438371

She barely even uses tumblr, fuck off with this ~problematic~ shit.

Out of everything Tuna does, her half added virtue signalling to show she's woke pisses me off the most. She uses all the buzzwords

No. 438372

Half assed**

No. 438397

It's funny; it just shows how little she knows about the actual issue and is just looking for shit to complain about. The "females" thing is about men who refer to other men as guys or men or whatever but solely refer to women as "females." It's just a creepy thing that makes women sound like less than people in that context. It is NOT just simply about the word female in general like Tuna thinks.

No. 438408

quit picking up trash

No. 438430

File: 1506202456470.png (1.95 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170923-143332.png)

No. 438431

File: 1506202477637.png (2.27 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170923-143338.png)

No. 438437

Golly gee, wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the fact he spends 99% of his time in bed. Poor Roger.

No. 438445

That poor man on that dirty as fuck bed with no sheets. Tuna's self-centered ass could have gotten him some with her dad's money if she cared at all about him. Or I don't know, maybe even getting a job to help him out.

No. 438450

Jesus fucking Christ. That poor man is sleeping on a nasty bare mattress on an even nastier floor while Tuna and Lurch at least have a full bed set. I really hope someone on her FB friends list reports this to adult protective services.

No. 438455

i dont know shit about medicine, but could this be an early stage of necrosis due to Roger constantly laying?

No. 438459

meant pressure ulcers

No. 438460

maybe instead of asking facebook maybe use google or you know, go to a fucking doctor? poor roger. I bet at this point he's just wishing for death living in that shithole.

No. 438463


No. 438466

Nope, looks like a bad hematoma. A pressure ulcer would have petalling around the skin. Also pressure ulcers happen when you're laying and applying pressure on something. It wouldn't happen with your arms because you're not laying on them.

Why is there a brochure for the real estate board of New York on the floor? Is Roger a member?

No. 438468

Also he could've fallen out of bed on his arm. And if he's on meds for CHF, his blood is already going to be thinner, and if it's hot to the touch and painful, it could be a clot. Take him the fuck in, Luna. Or at least do some research on what meds he takes so you can see if it's related. You're sitting at home on your ass all day, anyways.

No. 438471

For those of you that like documentaries, this was just uploaded, though it's about 10 years old. It follows the life of a UK heroine addict and the affect her addiction had on her family. I'm not well versed in the druggy/homeless lifestyle, so it was interesting to watch.

This girl was also 20 and, surprise, had an older, druggy boyfriend. I think she's doing much better now, though.

No. 438476

this is really upsetting and it’s really sad to see that poor old man living in pain in such squalor because of fucking Tuna and Lurch. you don’t post something like that on facebook asking what’s wrong. you take him to the fucking hospital. can anyone post what the comments on her post say?

i could be wrong but i think i remember Tuna talking about how Roger used to work in real estate? that could be the reason for that brochure

No. 438494

Luna and Lurch let Roger pay the entire rent, then they spend all their money on fucking plush toys, makeup and junk food when there's a MAN WITH HEART FAILURE SLEEPING ON A BARE MOLDY MATTRESS ON THE FLOOR.

I guess its Tuna's money, selfish bitch won't help out the man she's supposedly looking after. She needs that money to spend on literally useless crap she looks at once then throws into the hoard

No. 438499

It IS possible to report this to Adult Protective Services or call for a welfare check but chances are nothing will happen because of it. Roger will end up back there or in a care home that might treat him even worse. Elder abuse is far too common.

No. 438534

Didn’t Lurch tell “Tessa” (I think that was her name) that he had his real estate license?

No. 438786

Nobody deserves to sleep on a filthy mattress on the floor, but do we really know anything about Roger except he's Lurch's dad?

I wonder if he has/had drug abuse issues, seeing as Lurch is ~40 and Roger has enabled him to shoot up heroin, deal drugs, and date a high school girl (supposedly Lurch met Luna when she was 14 or so) all while living under his roof.

The whole situation seems odd, and if Roger were a normal guy, you'd think that Lurch wouldn't have turned out so creepy and f'd up so terribly. Where is Lurch's mom in all this? I'm personally guessing that Lurch grew up in a filthy household and was used to sleeping on a mattress without sheets, which is why Roger doesn't have sheets and sleeps in filth too. People who are raised in normal households don't usually date underaged girls at 30+, shoot up heroin, dress like Lurch including the hat/glasses indoors, and live in literal filth.

I'm not excusing the shit living conditions since Roger is sick, but I personally don't believe Roger is all that innocent.

>>Btw, anyone know anything about Lurch's mom/Roger's ex-wife or ex-partner?

No. 438788

I can already guarantee that nothing will come from a report. I had a bed sore case where it was so bad the skin had died and necropsied and you could see the dudes literal hip bone from it and. Nothing done. No re-placement. No further assistance provided.

No. 438850

Jesus Fucking Christ. That poor old man. That looks like a huge painful hematoma. As fucked up as this is I couldn't help but laugh a little when I say the mattress he was laying on. It likes like a slab of sheet rock it's so encrusted in cat piss, drug sweats, and filth. Honestly I hope one of Luna's Facebook friends has enough sense to report them for elder abuse cause Riger might actual die in that house.

No. 438953

I've followed this girl since like 2012 and I still cannot for the life of me figure out why she never has a job…? I know the subject has been touched upon very lightly but I think it's something we should dive into a little deeper. There's no reason for this girl to be unemployed…

No. 438954


Man I don't know how social workers can handle their jobs, if they see all this shit but are completely powerless against it.

She's had 2 summer jobs, but when you NEED to take heroin or you'll start throwing up everywhere, that makes it difficult to work a normal work shift.

Also she's lazy and would prefer to wait until another relative dies.

No. 438955

honest to god anon, she's just lazy and thinks she's too good to work a low paying job. She talks all the time about wanting to get an office job or work in a hospital but has no desire to go to school or put in any effort to make herself employable.

No. 438977

Don't want to be snarky but I think it's not spoken of much because it's pretty self-evident. Not only is she a heroin addict and probably depressed but besides those things she seems to have no inner will or drive to speak of. Just one of those factors make many people chronically unemployed despite needing the money, so it's totally unsurprising with Tuna. Some people are strong-willed and self-sufficient enough to grind through depression and addiction, but definitely not her.
She is Nietzsche's letzte mentsch lol.

No. 439006

Not to sound dumb (too late, whoops), but aren't there programs available to help addicts get jobs? Even just odd jobs here and there.
But then again, I truly do not know very much about this subject.

No. 439012

You can't help people who don't want to be helped. While I imagine resources for addicts in NYC are already stretched thin, Tuna's made no effort to find out about these programs that are available in most cities.

If she'd stuck with her free therapy, I imagine they would have supported her in finding a job and getting off heroin, but she's lazy and doesn't actually want to change.

No. 439017

Maybe but again, signing up for that and actually following through and doing any work takes more than what tuna is willing to give. This is the woman who won't even teach herself to boil rice or make a burrito, puts the least thought possible into her supposed passion and job, art, won't do a single load of laundry, won't walk a block, etc etc etc. Who would possibly ever want to employ her, even for something under the table or illegal? What job would she put up with for more than an hour? You're acting like this is someone other than Tuna. There are lots of easy jobs out there but what Tuna requires is beyond ease.

No. 439022

samefag but think of it this way. LURCH is in some ways a more productive person than Tuna. He supposedly travels via public transit to buy and sell drugs, which is more than she is willing to do. Lurch the corpse. Lurch the serious addict.

No. 439032

It's because he _is_ a serious addict, he knows damn well she won't be out there scoring for them.

No. 439048

True. I mean, this is the same girl who sneaks drugs into inpatient/outpatient programs and "can't wait until they're over" instead of actually using those resources for recovery.
I agree that addiction is a serious mental disorder but she exploits it to the point where it seems she's almost proud of it? She doesn't seem to want to even try to get clean. She has just accepted it as apart of her identity and her aesthetic… A 9-5 job is definitely not apart of her aesthetic, which controls her entire life…

No. 439049

I wonder when he'll get tired of carrying her through life and her addiction. He's probably already fed up with her. Maybe that's why she has to take creepy candids of him because she's probably annoying as fuck asking him to pose for insta selfies.

No. 439074

iirc she's mentioned before awhile ago on her tumblr (drug blog? i feel like theres a cap many threads back) about how she ~always felt~ like she was going to do heroin, she would watch people shooting up and drug documentaries all the time apparently before she actually did heroin, she was definitely intrigued by the junkie lifestyle, probably bc of courtney love and that guy from alice in chains. she knew what she was doing when she asked lurch to shoot her up the first time and she does not want to get clean, it is part of her identity and aesthetic, i agree, and i think she knows this too.

she also doesn't have a job and hasn't gotten a job because she hasn't needed to. she lives presumably rent free bc of roger in this apartment, her dad supplies her with money and pills, and people like pat and strangers on the internet buy her the things she wants. the girl doesn't know how to cook anything other than pasta and toast, and people learn to cook through NECESSITY, especially those with low incomes, and that is a clear sign that this girl has never REALLY been in a financial bind. she would have gotten a minimum wage job by now if she wasn't so spoiled, entitled, privileged, and lazy. she looks like a fool when she rants about poor people like she is one, both of her parents were clearly affluent! her grandmother left her $500,000+ and her dad lives in a high rise in manhattan, this bitch has created all of her problems and just wants to constantly be a victim.

No. 439086

I feel like you’re looking for something that isn’t there, we just don’t know enough about roger to think he’s really guilty of anything. He is old and sick all the time basically so I doubt he has the willpower to kick tuna and lurch out. Lurch might also do little tasks for him that roger can’t do himself so he needs to keep them around..? Just speculating, same as you, but I don’t think he’s a bad person. Living with, and being associated with junkies, doesn’t necessarily make that person a junkie, or even a bad person, especially when they’re older. It would be different if roger was younger and healthier

No. 439129

File: 1506310738212.jpg (44.87 KB, 518x205, 1468297322308.jpg)

from the first thread

No. 439131

File: 1506310810937.png (882.78 KB, 1232x614, Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.3…)

also from the first thread. she literally wanted to get addicted to heroin.

No. 439135

Honestly at this point Rogers being held captive in his own home by Captin Grease Bucket and Tuna. It's beyond obvious at this point they're mooching off what money he has while simultaneously draining the life around him.

If anything Roger and Lurch probably had the same relationship dynamic that Luna and her dad have since there so similar in their life priorities. Lurch probably like Luna spent most of his teen and adult life draining his fathers resources meanwhile manipulating him into feeling bad for him to continue the cash flow.

No. 439162

there are but like other anons have said, she doesn’t WANT to get a job. people could help her as much as possible and even if she gets a job, she won’t be able to keep it because she doesn’t care. (see: all of the jobs she’s lost in like a span of 3 months) everything is already given to her without much effort on her part. she’s got her dad, people on the internet, her “fiancé’s” dad. she’s too spoilt to REALLY consider actually working for a living.

No. 439203

if you google "luna slater" the first result is her PULL thread and image results have pictures of a needle in her arm so that might also be why she's unemployed. plus any employer would see her unwashed matted hair, crusty skin, layer of grime, and pinned dead eyes.

No. 439225

This is why I have zero pity for Luna. She wasn't some innocent girl sucked into drug life by her creepy older boyfriend, she wanted to be a druggie before she even touched the stuff even though she saw what heroin did to people. She glamorized it and thought she'd be an ~amazing tortured soul artist~ if she got into heroin.

No. 439231

>Addiction gives people's art a certain quality
>Addiction does something to artists and make their work diffrent from a non-addict

Ok fellow farmers, I get it now. If we can't understand the great magnificence of Tuna's art, it's cause we're not heroin addict, duh.

No. 439253

google searches are tailored to the user. so, for example, if you spend time on lolcow, you're more likely to get lolcow or PULL or kf as a top result on the search page, so it's not entirely correct that the first result would be PULL for most people, you know? however! i found out about lolcow last year by googling "luna slater" and lolcow was the second result and i had never been on this website or PULL or kiwifarms at that point. so while it might be inaccurate that her threads anywhere would be the FIRST thing to pop up when you google her name, it's 100% that these threads are first page google search results. she is going to have a tough time getting a job because of these threads even if she does one day get clean and presents herself as a normal member of society (doubtful). I don't necessarily feel bad about contributing to these threads though because she's done this all to herself, she posts her full name on the internet while scamming people out of money, something like this thread was bound to happen tbh

No. 439263

File: 1506353417140.png (143.87 KB, 850x1154, Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.2…)

anyone care to send tuna these on facebook or instagram?
she has me blocked on both but i find it ironic that she says this shit but also goes against other people who romanticize addiction.


No. 439264

saged but i would have sent it to her on tumblr but she doesn't allow asks

No. 439265

Do you guys know if changing her name would be a way of getting around this? If she was never arrested for a crime, would she need to share her previous name while job hunting, or would it be revealed through a background check?

No. 439266

most jobs require you to put your name before the name change as well.

No. 439283

Because she's definitely going to be filling out a job application sometime soon.

No. 439287


I think every so often she posts about "calling" her old boss to beg for a job she had years ago is just a lie and part of her ploy to gain sympathy and money. I think she just does that so people think she's actually trying "so hard to find a job" and give her money in the mean time out of pity.

No. 439291

File: 1506360667768.png (52.77 KB, 1088x312, Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 1.29…)

do you think this is in reference to her thread here? because it's not like she's getting a lot of attention on tumblr or instagram

No. 439324

she definitely gets some kind of weird perverse enjoyment from seeing her threads here, honestly, it's impossible for her not to know about them by now. tbh, it's kinda odd how she used to get thousands of notes two or so years ago, and now she's lucky to go over 20.

also, i googled luna's name out of curiosity wanting to see what are the first things that come up (lmao, it's gonna be pretty much fucking impossible for her to get a job anywhere, ever), and this shit came up: https://www.herhonor.org/m-m-high-level/participants/user/1503#. the whole thing gives off really weird, fake vibes, tbh.

No. 439369

This. I think luna was already using heroin before dating chief. Wasn't her ex-bf (Peter Callan) an addict too?

No. 439370

I used think Luna was so cool around the time she was with T. She used to be opposed to heroin until she started watching breaking bad and got a obsession with Jesse and changed her appearance to look like Jane. I hadn't thought about her for a while and googled her. Kiwifarms and lolcow were my first hits.

No. 439377

Luna sucks for being the immature egghead that thinks only nihilism and despair make """good""" art. I know this is old but she's gotta grow the fuck up. Artistic expression is helpful for those with mental illnesses and Alice in Chains is alright, but definitely not ~high art~ because it's deprrssing like she seems to think. What an asshat.

No. 439468

He sure was. The transition from him t Lurch was unsurprising, at best.

No. 439509

File: 1506377567909.png (Spoiler Image,829.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3762.PNG)

Off topic I know and mentioned earlier in the thread but here's Cheys gaping arm wound

No. 439514

woah what the fuck is that and how did that happen
????? don't click on that if u can't handle gore bc that is one of the grossest wounds ive seen tbh

No. 439522


She never met Peter in person lol

No. 439528

This is post surgery to have a baseball sized infection removed. She answered an ask about it on her tumblr recently. Sry can't post the screenshot now but her handle is sadurday

No. 439543



No. 439559

Agreed, Luna is so immature and misguided. Alice In Chains is one of my favorite bands but I have never been tempted to do heroin. Layne Staley (lead singer) had a terrible addiction that ended his life too soon and he absolutely hated heroin but was in too deep. She is disrespectful and doesn’t understand anything but thinks she’s a fucking genius.

Also, a few people have mentioned this and I will too: I googled “Luna slater” and that’s how I found this thread at all. I had never been on lolcow before. So this thread will definitely show up if a potential employer googles her, and I don’t feel bad about it.

No. 439578

>it's kinda odd how she used to get thousands of notes two or so years ago, and now she's lucky to go over 20.

She's deleted her blog once or twice. Probably just a small fraction of her old followers are now following her latest blog.

No. 439635

and a good fraction of the people who are still around aren't condoning her behavior. i have several friends (including myself, obv) who have followed her since her burger punk days and none of us can believe where she's ended up. but we don't want to unfollow her. we don't support her posts like we used to.

No. 439810

Sage for off topic as hell but did you manually type in 'anonymous' in the name field but not put sage in the email field?

(You can leave the name field blank, and you should normally sage unless adding content to the thread)

No. 439817

File: 1506398995740.jpeg (376.96 KB, 640x957, EC6BF2B1-F68B-4380-8C7F-92956C…)

No. 439818

File: 1506399034769.jpeg (86.27 KB, 640x310, C5D43AD3-F77D-48A6-923C-41808B…)

No. 439819

File: 1506399085459.jpeg (98.49 KB, 640x342, B8BA1F9C-C08B-4DE6-B5C0-5C4E16…)

No. 439820

File: 1506399111034.jpeg (202.88 KB, 640x748, 3331596A-19F5-43E7-9C60-400235…)

No. 439853

i think it had been mentioned previously that roger was an alcoholic at some point, but other than that that's really all we know about him. the way luna is so quick to demonize people (i.e. her ~evil dad~ with hep c and a tec-9 under his bed) i'd be surprised if roger was some shitty dude and she didn't use that to add to her victim complex.

ive said this before too but i think its an important point. ive been following luna since she was still in high school, and i saw as she started to get into drugs, smoking weed, tripping, etc, but i never saw any signs that she was doing really any low dose opiates, let alone progressively getting into higher doses. even if you do glamorize addiction, most people still start off with norcos, then move to oxy, then higher and higher until their tolerance is fucked. theres a step ladder aspect of addiction but luna literally went straight to heroin because she WANTED to and it was more "aesthetic" to her. shes proud of it, she likes it, she thinks its cool. she loved the fact that she OD'd because now she has something else to put in her shitty poems. its the same reason she's filthy and doesn't have a job. she wants to be courtney and lurch to be her kurt. its pathetic.

No. 439859

File: 1506411506178.jpeg (76.17 KB, 640x342, F298F9F5-7271-49CE-935F-935686…)

No. 439861

File: 1506411536440.jpeg (114.93 KB, 640x381, E944DF49-B3AF-4222-B026-83F7D6…)

No. 439862

File: 1506411554726.jpeg (295.08 KB, 640x973, A99AA062-3444-4FA9-AE16-AA6AD9…)

No. 439875

Good luck trying to get it when you've not paid your own rent on time for years and you've messed up your current place so bad it would cost less for the owner to burn it down than it would be to fix it up.

No. 439882


this is actually true for people with depression but not for you, luna. you're not a grimy mess because you're depressed, you're just constantly high on heroin and other shit.

No. 439930

she also always does her makeup and dresses up for instagram but she doesnt brush her hair? like thats literally the courtney love style but oh much depress

No. 439939

wtf is up w stupid anons who dont know good art fr bad art praising luna's crap

No. 439940

Going into rehab would be a good start

No. 439941

she never got into art school lmfao. she was accepted to pratt for creative writing.

No. 439960

Spoiler that spoiler. Fuck that is disgusting!! The infection was from shooting up heroin?

No. 439997

File: 1506449515561.jpeg (522.96 KB, 1242x2063, 5B051575-EB5A-4E5D-9564-5B599D…)

No. 439998

File: 1506449534921.jpeg (502.7 KB, 1242x2057, 6972E889-3B81-4E14-83EF-ADFEF0…)

No. 440002

File: 1506450176206.jpeg (610.93 KB, 1242x1876, 31232B13-1299-435F-A151-DCB4B4…)

No. 440006

>my only companion
Has two cats and a "father-in-law".

>the only one I can trust.

Has rlyblonde's mom buy her things whenever she flails.

>the smartest person I know. the most talented

Then you're going to fail hard cause he has no braincells or talent. What is he even talented with?

>i didn't know i could ever feel like this.

Mentions feeling alone and depressed on a daily basis.

Girl is a walking contradiction.

No. 440009

Well, well, do I see Frida Kahlo? So that other white girl having a temp Frida face tattoo and acknowledging the possible connotations was so sacrilege, but a white girl ripping out Frida's art from a book she probably stole from her dad and taping it to her nasty wall for instagram pics is somehow much different and better? oblivious fuck

No. 440011

File: 1506451585024.png (129.96 KB, 986x476, Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 16.3…)

She also posted that draw in a bojack horseman facebook group.

No. 440012

lmao she probably offered it up for $45 and the girl stopped replying

No. 440014

$45! yeah ill give you $3 maybe

No. 440035

File: 1506454385041.png (1.33 MB, 792x1250, Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 17.1…)

I think now she is going to start spamming her shitty art for money.

No. 440040

>uses her to get drug money
>sexted girls on FB behind her back
>lied to her about wanting to cheat
>refuses to marry her

Sure, Tuna.

No. 440060

>the most talented

what fucking talents does lurch have besides scoring, nodding off, and dumpster diving?

No. 440118

File: 1506458258701.png (3.07 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-09-26-15-36-59…)

No. 440141

I find it interesting that lurches pupils are bigger than tunas.

Or should I take my tinfoil hat off?

No. 440163

Imagining the condition they'd leave their current place in is giving me the heebie jeebies big time. And there's a good chance their new landlord wouldn't accept their applications in the first place, let alone let them stay more than a few months after inevitably finding out about their heroin use and hoarding.

No. 440169

Could be pinned pupils are a lot more noticeable when youve got lighter irises. I think lurchs eyes are brown but i havent really given his face a good look beyond 'holy shit easter island'

No. 440176

Kinda weird Lurch now accept taking photos with luna and without glasses.

No. 440185

Now you got me tinfoiling too anon. They're both very clean and sober looking for a change, I wonder what the big occasion is. There's barely even any crust on Tuna's lip ring!

No. 440227

She says she’d do anything for this new place which makes me think she might mean get clean? If so, it’s not like her living situation has anything to do with her addiction. She chose to do heroin. Even if she lives in a generally shitty apartment, the way her and lurch live makes it a thousand times more disgusting. She doesn’t need to move to change her life for the better

No. 440256

What are you talking about there is mega crust on tunas piercing

No. 440272

The ball looks gross af but its not TOTALLY gunked down to the bar. That things been really grossing me out recently and imo it looks like shes at least given it a wipe down.

Given that she thinks cleaning makeup off her legs is too hard, all her cleaning efforts must be so fucking half assed and grotty

No. 440312

I'm not even sure if they're shower works? She's complained about it being broken tons of times and that the landlord won't fix anything. I don't think she ever followed up whether they repaired it or not.

She never posts about being freshly showered up would post about bathing at her Dad's house every week.

No. 440338

Shes bleached her hair at home and talked about taking cath baths in the sink in previous threads so she has enough accessability to clean herself to an extent atleast, but why do that when you can just fester and complain.

No. 440383

She has definitely mentioned the shower being fixed at some point, someone posted it in an earlier thread but that doesn't mean she uses it though she usually looks pretty greasy

No. 440408

out of seroquel? more like out of heroin. that's the exact feeling you get in withdrawal - exhausted but your body just won't let you sleep. she was def in wds when she wrote that

No. 440464

It’s honestly… not that good. At all. And it’s not just “her style.” She has no understanding of anatomy, even for anthropomorphic horses.

I think it’s funny she identifies with BoJack, the anti-hero of the show. You empathize with him but you also have to understand that he’s not a good person.

I don’t know, I just want her to stop posting in my fucking horseposting groups.

No. 440478

Who would buy this? It's so shitty. It's like a middle schooler's doodle.

No. 440504

Crack makes your pupils bigger, I'm sure they are still dabbling in it like we saw in past threads

No. 440525

so our luna is a little communist. i'm sure she knows all about politics.

No. 440552

Didn't notice that detail til you mentioned it … Gosh how embarrAssing

No. 440586

i could be wrong, but i'm pretty certain that's a page from her basquiat book she's just ripped out and taped onto the wall. still embarrassing though because she likes to jump onto whatever political movement is popular on tumblr without knowing anything about it. also yuck @ the tape turning black from cigarette smoke

No. 440726

>That debauched Frida Kahlo poster

Kys Luna.

No. 440745

those are pages from kahlo's diary

No. 440880

That's a picture of a genuine Frida painting though.

No. 441002

File: 1506571575797.jpeg (337.56 KB, 640x810, 532FFB4F-FB1A-4AA6-BD16-D4EAFF…)

No. 441003

File: 1506571597670.jpeg (312.31 KB, 630x981, 91649C8A-9DEF-4F1C-8221-0E573A…)

No. 441004

No. 441013

Fucking lmao

She tries SO hard to fit in with the tumblr crowd and is just the worst.

No. 441014

i was just as fucking baffled as that person but maybe she's talking about transmen, not transwomen? At least then there could kinda be an argument, however stupid

Actually I don't even think she got that far

No. 441020

I think shes implying that basing manliness on penis size is transphobic, as the size of ones penis has Nothing to do with how valid their masculinity is. I do have to agree with her that small penis jokes are getting old. Penis size is a bad representation of ones masculinity, in case of trans people it implies if you have a big dick youll never be a propee mtf and as no real penis surgery exists for ftm.

She is probably too high to make sense again.

No. 441024

it makes sense either way. basing masculinity on penises singles out both trans men and trans women. i kind of doubt that she really cares tho.
i’m surprised that she also didn’t add something about that picture being racist because they’re saying an asian man has a small dick or something. oh or fat shaming for drawing donald trumps body that way lolol

No. 441030

But the political cartoon had nothing to do with masculinity.

You could argue that the whole 'penis measuring contest' thing is inherently manly if you really wanted to go tumblr on it, but its a fucking metaphor for NK and the US having a dick measuring contest over who has the better war resources. It has nothing to do with manliness, just a war of egos Trump vs Kim

No. 441077

I doubt the majority of transmen are overcompensatory megalomaniacs toying with the lives of millions over their competitive need to feel superior and worthy.
Has this bitch never heard of what "dick measuring contest" means?

This is why uneducated addicts shouldn't try to analyze political cartoons. They don't fucking get it, and wind up inserting their own irrelevant political opinions into them.

No. 441080

File: 1506588947999.png (486.46 KB, 1006x504, 2017-09-28 09_54_39-Luna Slate…)

this is her current cover pic on facebook

No. 441096

omg stop it, Luna.

No. 441128

i'll stop mocking little dicks when men stop raping and killing women

fuck you luna

No. 441144

eh, so druggie is now a lil commie?
Yeesh, luna at least try and read a history book once in a while, instead of the first post that comes up on your dashboard

No. 441250

while i'd love to see the discontinued use of any gendered/sexed insults, no. this is fucking stupid. this is the same logic that crazy sjws use about how 'vaginas' used in feminism are transphobic. ffs!

No. 441289

yes luna use your EXTENSIVE HISTORY AND EXPERIENCE with being cisgender to educate us all on TRANSPHOBIA. this is why i dont take "feminists" seriously anymore.

No. 441297

Honestly, she and her tumblrina counterparts are the reason I feel pressured to justify myself when I'm talking about a feminist issue. She (and aaaaall the other ones) are making a joke of a positive movement. That's infuriating

No. 441363

You can't take "feminists" anymore because they think a man with a dress should be included in the movement. Feminism is now owned by men, lol

No. 441370

Fuck off with that TERF shit.

No. 441395

go back to worshipping ""girl dicks"" on tumblr, spaz.

No. 441418

real women don't have dicks

No. 441425

Can we stop with the feminist and transfagottry? It's boring as fuck, and not relevant to the thread. Go argue on tumblr..

No. 441481

There is two separate threads to talk about trans on /g/ and /ot/, stop shitting up the thread arguing.

No. 441610

File: 1506693342467.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170929-145129.png)

From earlier in the month, Tuna getting her gullible facebook friends to share her art and try to guilt people into buying it on the grounds that she can't eat otherwise.

No. 441630

I wish I had some self-destructive sob story to attach to my shitty art so it could sell for $30.

No. 441692

>She deserves to be able to eat

Bitch eats plenty.

No. 441732

does this girl even actually follow Luna? the bitch posts pictures of her shitty food all the time, she's definitely not starving.
Also that picture on the top right might be the worst drawing I've seen Luna shit out yet

No. 441734

remember when luna had a bowl of whipped cream for dinner also if she wasnt eating she wouldnt be the colossal beast that she is

No. 441751

This tumblr vocabulary makes me so irrationally angry. Like why does she "deserve" to eat? Everyone needs to eat and should have enough to eat, but some bitch that purposefully does nothing than being high all the time "deserves" it more than anyone else because she is a talented angel. Fucking lmao.

No. 441758

It's not that she eats a large amount, it's that every meal she's ever had came from the microwave or from a drive thru window. Her life would truly improve so much if she just leaned to boil some pasta or rice, steam vegetables, etc. It's literally not difficult.

No. 441783

She mentioned here that she can cook pasta >>436003 so I assume that if she can boil pasta she can probably boil some veggies and beans. Honestly she's just most likely too lazy and probably too high to make food.

No. 441800

File: 1506723742728.jpeg (501.61 KB, 640x1053, 82BA6B31-8840-41E9-B9CC-306BFA…)

speaking of

No. 441802

File: 1506723830798.jpeg (165.38 KB, 640x522, 04145420-EFB7-424B-91B8-4F485D…)

No. 441805

File: 1506723943237.jpg (1.1 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1506723858968.jpg)

She annoys me so much. Also sorry for bad phone collage.

No. 441849

whipped cream is not a snack. it's hardly a food at all.

No. 441853

File: 1506729222024.jpeg (285.28 KB, 640x739, A3965BC3-6B5C-41B7-B76A-6D25D3…)

No. 441874

File: 1506730418346.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170929-190843.png)

lmao was that the girl who said she was interested and then stopped replying cus she was like yeah its $45! i actually saw this bojack drawing on tumblr today and i think their prints are like $20 (honestly not me tryna sell stuff lol)

No. 441906

>my fav snack
>straight whipped cream
She's like a parody of a fat person.

No. 441917

She exclusively eats junk food, instant noodles, and fast food. Bitch has never seen a real meal before.

She asked for recipes the other day and made it sound like it was impossible to cook real food without an oven. She uses her stove ONLY for heating up noodles and maybe boiling some sad pasta.

No. 441956

just make one up. its what luna does

No. 442011

she deleted this post so i’m assuming the person she was bitching about got back to her

No. 442029

>really fucked up to do

No it’s not, Luna. It’s how life works. Get used to it you spoiled fucking brat.

No. 442044


The nerve of this girl, saying someone's pettiness is "really fucked up."

Oh! Luna, could you possibly mean "really fucked up" as in, glamourising drug use to your probably mostly underage followers? HMMM?

No. 442046

Its apparently fucked up to change your mind on a purchase, but not taking advantage of your father, a literal cancer patient, an acquaintance who did you a favour by sorting acid, and a literal dying man you leave to bleed out on the floor.

Man Luna's fucking precious for someone so trashy. Sorry we can't all be the epitome of humanity like you Tuna.

No. 442066

Do you guys think she'll ever recover? Like do you think she'll have some moment that she doesn't want to live in filth as a bum? She already ODed so like what else would it take?

Maybe roger dying or being taken into care and them not being able to pay rent.

No. 442079

Pardon the edge, but honestly no. I think she likes being sick.

No. 442084

Yeah I agree. This is what Luna uses for inspiration, she fancies herself some sort of troubled artist and probably thinks she needs to be sick in order to live up to her idols

No. 442100

Who knows. She's extremely immature and stubborn. Obviously she's had people try to help her or push for her to get clean, but she immediately rejects that each time. Heroin is part of her lifestyle. Getting clean would mean that she can't be a lazy piece of shit anymore, and I'm sure that terrifies her. It also means she'll have to give up Lurch, who we all know she doesn't really love, she's just in it for the drugs. He's mostly just a convenience so she doesn't have to go out and score for herself.
If she gets clean, it's something she has to want for herself. I think she enjoys her lazy life of filth and no obligations to anyone or anything besides needles and pills too much.

No. 442115

Maybe when shes hitting 30 and not dead like she thought. Otherwise i doubt luna is getting clean anytime soon.

Ugh at the fact rodger is living in filth on the fucking floor of that shithole. I dont care if he is/was an alcoholic - the man is elderly and clearly sick.

No. 442124

people we're really quick to demonize roger–it shouldn't matter if he was/is an addict,he clearly isn't in good health and should not be in an area like that. i highly doubt they take care of him with physical therapy and everything.

is it really cowtipping if we make a call out of general concern for a human life?

No. 442134

The whole thing is just straight up sad to watch someone throw their life away to score troubled artist points.

No. 442135

I do feel bad about Roger but I still am hung up on the fact that this hairy sewer pudding of a woman thinks whipped cream is a snack.

No. 442160

Let me find out she only wants it so she can try n get high off the gas that they put inside the can. That was my first thought too when she had it at evil dads awhile back.

No. 442174

You won't get in trouble for it as long as you don't go mentioning it here.

No. 442187

Or if Lurch dies/ goes to jail. I can't see her finding a way to get drugs on her own.

No. 442193

I mean it is elder abuse at this point. They claim to never have good food, don't have working shower, their living space is hoarders level nasty, and the man is sleeping on a bare mattress on the floor with a heart condition.
It makes me angry cause I've never seen her e-beg for clean sheets and blankets for Roger because as dirty and putrid her bed is the bitch still had sheets and pillows.

No. 442195

Wasn't there some photos of a text conversation of Lurch chewing some kid out because Tuna was crying that they got fake acid lol. You're probably right she's to lazy and fragile to cop drugs herself.

No. 442249


Every druggie knows that nitrous cartridges are the way to go.

No. 442262

holy shit blogpost but I once knew a girl who'd bring whipped cream to parties and inhale the gas. She was fucking weird and a LOT like Tuna now I think about it. Didn't have ready access to heroin so she went down the munchie fibromyalgia root for morphine. I wonder if Tuna would have done the same if Lurch wasn't around.

>muh cotton eye joe knee is so bad I need morphine

but you can easily get the canisters and tool thing off Amazon, so if she really wanted to get high like that she'd be better off ordering it online.

No. 442264

There are people out here
doing and getting addicted to whippets?

No. 442293

Absolutely. Heard of people getting high from computer duster (cans of compressed air)? Boredom will drive people to try out some reeeeaaaal dumb shit.

No. 442298

File: 1506819143618.jpeg (166.24 KB, 640x565, 9AEB9046-3D5F-4D6E-A56F-ECBCBA…)

No. 442299

No. 442324

You're right. I never even thought about the fact Roger probably doesn't get to shower or eat decent food. Seeing the photo of his room with a dirty old mattress was pretty sad though.

No. 442340

Also I don't know if you peeped it but, in that photo of him on the mattress look how frail and fragile his arms look. I know when you're elderly you tend to get boney, but Rogers arms look so thin. Having to stoop low to the ground to get in and out of bed at his age looks tiring and painful. Lurch should feel ashamed of himself but he's to passed out to notice or care.

No. 442348

Might wanna delete and repost without your avatar, lunas not gonna see it, but people in this thread are crazy bitches

No. 442350

on a more material subject, isn't Roger's SSI what pays most of the rent? shouldn't Luna care about that? since she's made it obvious she doesn't care about him as a person, what're they gonna do when the checks stop?

No. 442361

That's why I assumed she might be forced to get clean if something happened to Roger because he's basically paying for housing. If something happens to him they're fucked but I can honestly see them doing SSI fraud by not reporting anything if something happens to him. Tons of junkies do that all the time to keep collecting checks.

No. 442422

There's an episode of Intervention about air duster and it's wild. Look up the highlights on YouTube for a good laugh.

No. 442473

No. 442514

The fuck they're gonna do, leave his body there on his mattress to rot? People can't possibly be this disgusting… can they?

People in this thread aren't crazy, we don't really care. The only time someone was "outed" by their avatar it was the instathot herself selfposting to try and get attention.

No. 442522


Nitrous cartridges and whipped cream dispensers can be purchased at every headshop and at cooking supply stores. Headshops sell hand crackers and balloons. And there are still a few autoshops which sell tanks of medical-grade nitrous as opposed to auto-grade which contains sulfur dioxide to deter abuse (but which can be extracted by determined nozheads).

Nitrous oxide is not harmful in itself unless it is abused to excess which can cause a B12 deficiency or used in complete absence of air/oxygen which can result in hypoxia or death.

Compressed air, on the other hand, uses tetrafluoroethane as a propellant which is harmful to multiple bodily systems.

Saged for drugfaggery.

No. 442542

No. 442545

In all honesty though I thought whipped cream canisters were like a shitty college thing some people do and get over it and grow up I didn't know it was actually a common thing to get addicted too. Same with huffing computer cleaner. That's just doing to much.

No. 442548

You'd be surprised. Here's a junkie couple that lived with a dead body for weeks just to collect her benefits and by pay to live somewhere. It happens more that you think.


No. 442633

wasn't this bitch fired for rifling through people's bags

No. 442635

File: 1506888885154.jpg (311.79 KB, 758x672, 14856839523_58bfe99e70_o.jpg)


Soon after its discovery in the 19th century, upper class Victorians held raging laughing gas parties that rivalled the scene of any Deadhead or Phishhead parking lot.

No. 442735

In a lot of shows about drug abuse and abuse in relationships, the person is asked what it would take for them to either leave the abusive person or quit the drug they’re on and most of the time it’s nothing; they have no limit as to what they will put up with and I think Luna is the same way. Something drastic would have to happen for her to actually want to get clean. What’s upsetting is that a lot of users do want to get clean and hate what they do but it’s a matter of addiction and lifestyle that they can’t help. Luna doesn’t seem to want to change though which I think we all know at this point. Also, I don’t doubt that they would let roger rot in the apartment. I’m sure it already smells like death and on that note, it might actually stink so bad and they might be so high that he could die in bed and it would take a while for them to even notice. Sad for him. Alcoholic or not, no one deserves that

No. 442760

File: 1506910857825.jpg (300.12 KB, 958x1694, Untitled1.jpg)

first I thought anyone with access to her IG is like offline from the board but she has been considerably non-milky. and quite inactive.
those are the only posts after she also posted that horse on her IG account. >>441853

group dump because no milk

No. 442858

Probably just knockoff shit or something she found at the thrift store anyway.

No. 442874

take a closer look, total chinese knockoff

No. 443010

No money from evil dad=less/no dope=too dopesick to do her shitty makeup and make embarrassing posts?

No. 443016

> I think Luna is the same way. Something drastic would have to happen for her to actually want to get clean.

Bitch fucking OD'd and didn't even CONSIDER for a SECOND to stop taking heroin. She's beyond help.

No. 443021

File: 1506946972746.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.51 KB, 306x480, 44D8B8C000000578-0-image-m-23_…)

Literally Tuna cannot get more trashy. She has to know it's fake, which makes her look even more fucking stupid and trashy. The shirt is ancient, she wears it all the time and it's even got a fucking huge hole in it now. For someone who apparently hates Hugh Hefner, we've seen her wear that shirt A LOT. When you compare this to Mic Jagger's daughter's tribute to Hef (pic related), she literally looks like a fucking hobo.

She took this photo to show off her fucking old-ass, torn up, counterfeit shirt. The fuck?

And the ONLY reason she dislikes Hugh Hefner is because Tumblr told her to. Doesn't Tuna share pictures of Ted Bundy's cigarettes and pictures of the Columbine killers with the words "daddy" emblazoned over it?

Fuck off with that shit, at least Hef never killed anybody. You can't glorify criminals and killers, then get all whiny about some dude who was on the right side of the law. He was borderline criminal, but fuck Tuna with her holier than thou bullshit mental gymnastics.

No. 443022

File: 1506947080405.jpg (Spoiler Image,147.87 KB, 1080x1349, 1480733075024.jpg)

samefagging just cuz I wanted to show people what that shirt normally looks like. Turns out she doesn't wear it ALL the time, she owns multiple counterfeit playboy shirts.

Another one here: https://lolcow.farm/snow/src/1480197183374.png

No. 443051

The bottom right of that shirt looks like it's caked in baby spitup and cat hair. Absolute garbage. She never washed her clothes so I wonder if there's a pile of clothing that has been worn to shreds.

No. 443152

File: 1506964223724.png (235.43 KB, 750x1131, IMG_1708.PNG)

No. 443154

File: 1506964258860.png (172.75 KB, 750x1023, IMG_1709.PNG)

No. 443157

ugh her mouth

No. 443160

How about her entire, visibly filthy face and teeth? I don't understand why she'd post a picture like this, graphically depicting her grossness.

No. 443164

poor little Luna, she just has so much to worry about. When will she get her next fix? When will her 40 year old predator boyfriend (sorry, fiancé) return from the gas station with her snack of a can of whipped cream? This poor girl may not even get any Redi-Whip today. Maybe we should set up a fundraiser for her.

No. 443167

File: 1506965327197.jpeg (63.61 KB, 640x358, DA48C64E-2AB3-44FB-8866-175D7A…)

No. 443189

I wonder how she'll spin this tragedy to make it all about herself and her tortured existence.

No. 443190

>music festivals are supposed to be fun i remember the last one i went to and someone grabbed one of my boobs. did i mention my grandma once flew over las vegas in a plane shes dead now

No. 443197

omg…Please anon hahaha

No. 443213

What is that shit around her nose?
Why take a fucking selfie that doesn't look sad, but posts a caption that implies sadness? Only Luna knows.

No. 443244

I wonder what sob story she told them this time.

No. 443249

Looks like either horribly obvious blackheads she should have squeezed before taking a picture, or just random gunk on her face. Maybe mascara she cried off or something.

No. 443415

She's always posting pictures of herself in that overused "manic pixie dream girl" pose. The mouth slightly open while staring off in the distance, but it just makes her look rank because she's always covered in filth and looks dead behind the eyes. I wished she'd wash her clothes. She lives in a big city there's probably hundred of cheap coin-operating laundry mats around her.

No. 443436

Maybe she did but she obviously has a huge ego, and wouldn't have the guts to admit it to any of the people in her life that could help her that she has a problem.

Like remembet when she was posting photos of her old grades from high school talking about how good they were? Like that's so sad and pathetic. There's probably some side of her deep down that looks at all the people she knew in high school continuing/completing college while she's just stagnating.
If anything Mathew is partially to blame for all that since he shot her up in the first place. Granted, she wanted it but I feel like if it wasn't form him she might have grown out of that and might not have had the means to get the drugs in the first place.

No. 443441

Her mouth is like if a bleached anus had teeth.

No. 443458

Not so bleached tho

No. 443470

File: 1506987445524.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1864, 7142E2EA-77C9-4291-9AE8-95EF7A…)

No. 443471

I thought she did heroin before lurch though. He’s a trash bag but you can’t pretend Luna is a helpless victim and didn’t actively try finding someone to shoot her up because she liked the junkie aesthetic

No. 443473

what color are her teeth because I can't name that shade????

No. 443488

no she's said before that he was the one who shot her up the first time. her "cramps" were "soooooo bad!!!!" and she asked him to shoot her up even though she hadn't tried heroin before. she smoked weed and did some benzos/pills before him though. i agree though, she 100% knew what she was doing and getting herself into and i think she was bound to be on heroin (or a serious addict of some kind) even if lurch hadn't come into her life, imo.

No. 443492

>can't keep foundation of her lip stud
>whelp better just avoid that whole area then!

No. 443505

How are her front teeth coated in lipstick? Has poverty driven our poor Luna to start eating her makeup?

No. 443539

Yeah I mean totally she at the end of the day let a grown as man shoot her up I'm not saying she's innocent I just feel like her decline would have happened a lot slower without someone facilitating it actively. Like we already know from drug blog posts she's to lazy/sick/bum knee or whatever to get drugs herself beyond the pills she steals for from her dad.
I just can't see this lazy crusty bitch getting up to seek out drugs in the slums actively. I mean she's fat as fuck and openly admitted to just eating whipped cream in bed without shame.

No. 443612


She going to eat fruit? Like…something that grew from the earth without being processed?

I'm actually shedding a tear rn

No. 443622

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure she asked Lurch time and time again to shoot her up or let her try heroin. He refused repeatedly until he eventually gave in, apparently. I don't think he so much hastened her decline, I think if he hadn't injected her she would've moved on quickly to find some other junkie to fuel her addiction.

No. 443660

Yeah that's totally true and I agree. Just pointing out that if you want to be addicted fine but why actively drag someone else into it even if they beg? I mean I just don't get it I guess from his point of view because wasn't he hooked for YEARS at that point when he met her? If anything doesn't including her mean he has to share?

No. 443741

I honestly don’t think he cared about shooting her up as much as she maybe made it seem. she talked about how she had to beg him to shoot her up and he refused, but I find it hard to believe that a heroin addicted grown man who was going after a teenage girl, AND supplying her mother with drugs, realllllly cared that much for her well being. if he did, he would have refused to even date her, or do anything with her in general in the first place. i would even go as far to say that if he loved her he wouldn’t of been supplying her mother with drugs either, but i’m sure he was getting paid for that so he probably didn’t care.

No. 443762

don't worry she probably slathered it in redi whip before hand

No. 443802

Ding ding ding Agree with everything you said anon!

No. 443823

File: 1507037139936.jpg (95.63 KB, 762x550, 5dd226759ae7fb636c354c3f677515…)


Just another junkie romance.

No. 443880

Thought that was them but realized that Luna isn't that cute at all

No. 443882

I agree the weird "I had to beg him to do it!!" thing is definitely embellished and you're right she probably would have just found someone else to do it for her if he refused. I guess really I'm just confused as to what Lurch gains from having her around now? She claims to be "sex repulsed", she doesn't make money really, and she doesn't even go out with him to get the drugs. Is is really worth it for him to even keep her around for a few stray dollars she makes from scamming people every now and then?

No. 443893

I feel like Tuna does all the things Lurch has too much dignity to do - shit like going to the church for food, getting food off Pat, proper beggar shit.

She was bringing a lot to the table via her dad until very recently. She could steal his pills and sell them, bring back random crap etc. I'm pretty sure he was paying some of the bills, unsure if that's still the case.

Tbh he's probably just stuck with her at this point. She was some kinky chubster who wanted to prove she was hardcore to begin with (the fact we've seen her sucking his dick says she used to at least want to have sex), now she's just some sad broken heroin zombie.

I have wondered what Lurch thinks about Tuna not earning her keep. She's been pretty desperate to shill her artwork recently, plus the harassment of her old boss… Could just be because her dad cut her off tho.

No. 443944


I didn't have my glasses on and I was like is that really the two of them outside together how weird they look semi normal lol no

No. 444005

ot but what movie is this from?

I think we can all agree that Luna romanticized drug abuse and pushed herself into the world of drugs, instead of kind of “falling” into it. She didn’t turn to it because of lifelong trauma/abuse, she didn’t turn to it to survive, she didn’t turn to it because it was the only world she knew. She turned to it because she thought it was cool and romantic. I think this is the reason why she won’t get clean. She views drugs as something “artistic” that makes her better than other people. She doesn’t think she’s actually doing anything wrong and she doesn’t want to stop to make a better life for herself.

However, Lurch is obviously a predator. He took advantage of a teenage girl. As an adult, he should know better than to be in a relationship with a minor. He’s a scumbag.

No. 444019

I don't even really believe she had a falling out with her dad. She just likes to demonize him on Facebook for pity points. She just wants people to believe he's terrible and the only family she has so she can get more poor Tuna points. He just low key enables her because at this point he probably doesn't know what to do. Even if he did confront her I bet it was a softball confrontation. I mean someone's paying for her phone and internet. She claims he yells at her all the time and it gives her anxiety but yet went their every weekend.

No. 444043

File: 1507063481494.jpg (52.74 KB, 376x550, IMG_2733.JPG)

the movies called candy

No. 444057

File: 1507064693927.png (200.55 KB, 500x272, tumblr_lvn19tGYVz1qala7to1_500…)


Candy starring Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish as a junkie couple whose lives quickly degrade from idealised romance to squalor. At the beginning of the film she begs him to inject her after having only sniffed before and she overdoses. As addiction takes over she abandons her art and becomes a prostitute and they both thieve. They become homeless. They lose their baby while trying to kick. Their chemistry professor dealer (Geoffrey Rush) fatally overdoses. She suffers a psychotic break.

Just another junkie romance.

And an excellent film.

No. 444069

Thanks anons. Heath Ledger’s a real cutie.

No. 444199

Also if you guys are into depressing junkie films watch requiem for a dream too

No. 444268

File: 1507088339725.jpeg (404.37 KB, 640x1012, FCB2841E-3F00-4D92-82FF-0B3544…)

No. 444271

also…. didnt amanda bynes just have a personality disorder?? not … drug addiction ??? pretty sure shes on meds and thats what making her gain the weight.
god luna stop whining and making everything about ur and ur drug abuse

No. 444279


Anybody who is so desensitized to the bitter as fuck taste of Xanax that they can keep the fucking thing on their tongue is probably putting a shitload of that stuff down their gullet.

No. 444280


I wonder if the simplification of her artwork - thicker lines, less detail, significantly reduced affective range, simpler tools etc. - are a sign of subclinical brain damage from the drugs she's been using.

No. 444284

kinda kekworthy but do you actually think this makes any sense?

No. 444286


No it's not. It's a squeeze hematoma, happens a lot to people on thinners who spend a lot of time in bed: they scrunch up their arms under themselves bent at the elbow, and the pressure differential bursts some blood vessels that then fill in a pattern resembling lividity but leaving out parts where the skin cuts into the superficial blood flow of the hematoma. It's not super scary, but an old dude with CHF and on enough thinners to cause this should not have to live with two neglectful junkies who don't even know what a hematoma looks like and if they are concerned, they ask Facebook instead of taking you to the fucking doctor. God forbid these people have a child someday.

No. 444288


Err… unless Xanax bars are enterically coated or flavored in the US, I have no idea what your point is. They're neither of those over here, and alprazolam is one for the benzos with the worst bitter taste.

No. 444339

Yeah I know xanax is bitter and it's no different in the US but people with all kinds of diets or lack thereof can endure a moment of bitter taste for a high lmao. If anything fatties would only be attracted to drugs with no/a pleasant taste because if they were willing to eat bad tasting things for a later benefit, they'd eat more health food.

No. 444341


There are pics of her posing with pills on her tongue long enough that they've started to dissolve into foam. That shit isn't done by non-addicts.

I kek'd, thought it made sense.

No. 444345

That's just makes me think of Heath and Mary Kate Olsen and his overdose and what not. Damn shame he died he was great actor.

No. 444357

Doctors will tell you that if you are having a severe panic attack, you can hold Xanax under your tongue to dissolve. It tastes like fuck, but it helps with acute panic. Definitely not a druggie thing, but in her case it probably is.

Sage for medfagging.

No. 444369

off-topic as hell, but that sounds the worst. Makes sense why it'd be faster acting tho.

No. 444414

also off topic…my doctor told me to do this. klonopin's actually pretty sweet tasting, they also make .25mg klonopin sublinguals. xanax is disgusting tho for sure

No. 444520


It's not only faster acting, it is also more potent as it avoids first pass hepatic metabolism.

No. 444845

amanda is/was on drugs and also has a psychotic illness. the weight gain is probably more to do w/ medication, yeah.

tuna implying she finds it hard to eat, kek.

No. 444923

pretty sure she was on drugs too. either way that girl has gone through enough and doesn’t need to be shit on any further

No. 444973

I love how she has to have fake moral outrage over everything. Speaking of which do any of you find it crazy how she flips simultaneously through "Addicts are people too and there's nothing wrong with people on drugs!" to "Stop glorifying addiction it's horrible and hurts so many lives!"

No. 445259

I actually don’t think these statements contradict one another even though Luna is the queen of contradictions. She’s just saying drug addicts are people too yet their drug use shouldn’t be glamorized. Of course she glamorizes it though, but no one else can

No. 445311

File: 1507247825097.jpeg (247.31 KB, 640x627, B3BF5509-F2F1-4412-AAA4-1157C2…)

No. 445312

File: 1507247851055.jpeg (441.53 KB, 640x1053, 98BE4949-18B3-404F-9B8F-EE0385…)

No. 445313

File: 1507247875152.jpeg (510.86 KB, 640x843, 30FF966C-0062-4A7A-B21C-342C04…)

No. 445314

File: 1507247921523.jpeg (85.88 KB, 640x322, 68EBC58F-DF3A-4ABE-A041-6FED72…)

No. 445317

No. 445318


Whenever I feel shit about life I just need to look at this picture again

No. 445322

um luna that aint no boy thats some kinda cryptid

No. 445355

I wonder if tuna is gonna go visit her mom now so she can swipe her Percs or whatever they prescribe her for pain meds after the surgery.

No. 445368

I wonder what a “long day” means to Luna.

No. 445399

How did she manage to pose his corpse standing upright?

No. 445482

They both look dead and empty inside.

No. 445508

Long day = her mum had surgery on that day, so Tuna sat there crying for hours for no reason, while lurch is either absent or ignoring her. That's what I think her long days are.

No. 445511

hey guys my mom just had knee replacement surgery, so let me tell you about how ~I~ feel about it and how this affects ~me~
bitch hasn't even bothered to visit her mother in the last, what, year? and all I've seen her say about her is about how she stole all of her inheritance money years ago. god she makes my blood boil

No. 445557

He's attempting to pull himself as far away from her as possible, he's even tilting his head back. Jfc. Why do his arms look so long and creepy?

No. 445577

I hate how long his face is.

No. 445583


Love how one of his hands is in motion and she has to hold the other one it's like he doesn't even want to touch her. Even someone like lurch doesn't want to be near here.

No. 445646

Honestly though, I think your mother stealing your inheritance is a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Out of all the things she's said and done, I don't think being angry at her mother for doing that (if she did) is all that strange. I mean, there are lots of things she could be angry at her mother for, including having a predator around her underage child, who subsequently hooked her on heroin. Basically, I think Luna actually has pretty good grounds for cutting her mother out of her life, if she has done that. I only wish I knew what the blowup with her dad was about.

No. 445649

If that inheritance even exists or in what amount, it should have been in Luna's name since she was over 18 and she would of been the only one with access to it. Anyway Luna said she was paying the rent all by herself back then and that's what she accounts as "stealing"

No. 445657


I think what anon meant was that all Luna does is bitch and rage at her mom through passive-aggressive posts over the last few years, and now she's showing mock concern over her mother's surgery and turning into a Luna pity party

No. 445738

>(runs in the family my grandma basically committed suicide on purpose by not going to the doctors

kek can she go one day without mentioning her dead grandma

No. 445800

File: 1507328899763.jpeg (258.14 KB, 640x936, 35ACC579-1D8F-484D-932C-835D5A…)

No. 445801

File: 1507328918121.jpeg (415.72 KB, 640x1000, 6080AFC4-38E3-4277-BA30-8FD0C9…)

No. 445901

Lmao this is either bs, she grew up WAY privileged, or I greatly underestimated the US government.

I thought tuna was sooo poor growing up, how does her family afford decade-long therapy? Is that shit even funded by the gov?

Lol also is this the same therapist she stopped seeing because she didn't approve of Lurch?

No. 445955

File: 1507341939420.png (3.15 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-06-21-04-49…)

No. 445970

poor anon here: yeah if you're poor in the US you can be on government insurance (Medicaid) and they pay for everything including therapy. it's usually 100% free this way, including medication for free or very reduced price. I HATE when people here say they are too poor to go to therapy or the doctor. that's total bullshit to manipulate people online into feeling bad for them. anyway so I don't know if she was privileged, poor, or if someone in her family had insurance through a job but, it's not impossible for her to have gone. but I smell bullshit coming from that post. she didn't go to therapy starting that young, no fucking way. just trying to seem like a damaged snowflake

No. 446005

some small children have to go to therapy for some things but I’ve noticed a lot of times it’s for anger issues and considering luna has bpd, who knows. she’s probably exaggerating but i guess it could be possible.

No. 446006

File: 1507347812250.jpeg (191.56 KB, 640x914, 2E7ED25F-EEF6-4BB6-944C-A31764…)

No. 446007

Ugh, so depressing cause like she could look nice if she just washed her clothes and styled them nicely. Judging by all her outfits on her instagram she could pair some okay outfits together that would actually look nice but she chooses this thrift store grandma with shitty Tumblr drug grunge aesthetic.