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File: 1446848520584.jpg (1.57 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1446848393228.jpg)

No. 55077

>Heroin addict
>Begs people for money online to buy useless etsy shit
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>She started dating her 40 year old boyfriend before she was 18

(awful thread)

No. 55078

Also says she has an "Eating disorder" and that's the reason she's losing weight but doesn't realize it's the heroin

No. 55080

lol thats the average tumblr user tho

No. 55083

Not to this extreme.

No. 55085

Self post??

No. 55086

"I have no way to listen to music"
Yet has an iPhone 6

No. 55087

No just someone who got tricked into sending her shit because she's "mentally ill and can't function in society"

No. 55089


>Did you mean personal vendetta?

No. 55091

yeah but she's also good for a laugh.Scroll on her #personal tag and you'll see.

No. 55096

What's with these bitches and naming themselves Luna?

No. 55100

Luna just uses benzos like xanax and shit. she's mentioned that she can see herself using heroine one day, but doesn't right now.
She recently moved in with her 30-something year old boyfriend and his dad/parents (who was a past heroine addict now on methadone), both use and sell xanax.

No. 55114

she uses benzos and dope (heroin) if you can't read nor see the track marks on her arms.
And both of them use heroin.

No. 55115


No. 55116

Hi Luna

No. 55118

She seems like the average young heroin user tbh.

of course she uses social media and a much older guy to get money, she's a fucking idiot doing stupid shit like heroin. nothing pretty or interesting, you might as well make a post for almost all the young junkie females you see in the city.

No. 55119

Nah I'm not sure, I've just been following her for a very long time. She's always said how she didnt use heroine, but now that I look at her photos I can see the track marks too. Guess I was being optimistic lol

No. 55122

How is she going to need an iPod for music when she has a IPHONE 6 RIGHT THERE I DON'T EVEN HAVE ONE

No. 55123

about me
my name is luna and I’m a poet and a writer and a painter and an artist with borderline personality disorder who dresses like a fuckin freak 1980s post punk goth kid 90s grunge girl early 2000s loser pale lace dresses. collects vintage lingerie, sex fiend, drug addict, bleach blonde little girl. 19 years old with my 33 year old man. just another New York nobody. love me, hate me… I hate me! an ENFP Aries, if you’re into that shit. black ink traditional tattoos are beginning to devour my body. 90s alt is my fav and alice in chains is my favorite band. sometimes I pretend to like people but over time I’ve realized I enjoy being alone (aka just with my man). I like pastel pink and lavender and stuffed animals and lace and ruffles. romance to me is sleeping in a park during the summer and we don’t have sex but we lay naked and listen to nirvana unplugged and fall asleep and wake up in the rain. I was conceived on the stairs of a rehab. my biological dad hates me and my real dad was a homeless alcoholic and he died and they never found his body. I bite my nails very short and I don’t like to talk on the phone. I’m an awful test taker. I dropped out of college in less than one month of attending it. I got into Pratt’s extremely pretentious and elite creative writing program but couldn’t afford to go so I went to Brooklyn College in Flatbush in Brooklyn (aka hell) and then came home and went to a mental hospital because I became extremely suicidal. I like cute things and dirty things. I like blood and cum. I like lace and stripes. my drug of choice are opiates but benzos are ok too. I’m not a very nice girl but I try to be. I don’t like to eat much I’m obsessed with losing weight I think I’m very ugly even though I’m told I’m very beautiful. I got called fat a lot in middle school. once a boy told me my thighs were so fat that they caused the earthquake in Haiti. I’m mature but I’m a cry baby and I suck my thumb. I was told I would go far by every teacher I ever had but I haven’t left my bed in a few months. love is real.

No. 55125


No. 55126

That's what I meant but apparently my fingers were going faster than my brain lmao

No. 55128

File: 1446857370604.jpg (29.91 KB, 500x359, 1421555884754.jpg)

No. 55130

so like why do people think heroin is cool and makes you a ~damaged special snowflake angelbabyfuck~ or whatever

doing drugs doesn't make you cool. just sad. been addicted to heroin myself. it's not anything to be fucking proud of.

No. 55132

>once a boy told me my thighs were so fat that they caused the earthquake in Haiti

No. 55133

she blames , shocker, society for her addiction saying she self-medicates because she never got a diagnosis for joint pain

No. 55136

she thinks she has fibromyalgia. I have fibro and yes, it's really awful and shitty because doctors don't help much, but using that as your source for drug addiction is absolutely ridiculous.

No. 55138

This reeks of self post

No. 55140

"I’m honestly a really kind a good person and try my best so if anyone hates me or makes fun of me it’s not cos I’m a bad person I guess. I’ve made bad decisions but that doesn’t make me bad. sorry. :-/"

No. 55142

its an excuse for her to not even try to get a job or do anything with her life and to have people send her money for glitter.

No. 55144

Can tell she watches skins

No. 55146

File: 1446859530045.png (2.7 MB, 1310x2119, Screenshot_2015-11-06-17-22-49…)

>Beauty Progress

Your heroin addiction is what caused you to lose weight. Not an eating disorder

No. 55182

Following her for 2 years and IMO she is just an angry, self-victimizing loser who hates on anyone:thin, rich, modified, has a job, goes to school. Just a bitch who does nothing but cry and get high..

No. 55183

She is able to go to a doctor and get a diagnosis (says she has never gotten one) but cries about not having the best insurance.

No. 55186

My fiance is addicted to heroin and he certainly isn't using his addiction to get money online or to get 100+ notes on a post.

No. 55188

File: 1446879322147.jpg (58.62 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nwzfohP4O11u313u4o1_500…)

That's a track mark?

No. 55192

I don't understand how samefags don't realize that the board isn't so fast moving. Like a bunch of posts minutes apart saying the same shit with the same typing style?

I don't even know what these tards are hoping to achieve - you aren't going to ruin someones life or gain infamy posting on lolcow.

I really wish there was a way we could ban all these newfags who have been shitting up this site. Oh well, it was nice well it lasted.

No. 55196

You were a newfag at once weren't you? Everyone on here was

No. 55219

newfag detected by the large amounts of butthurt

It's honestly just obnoxious because most of us used chan boards for years so we are almost all old fags/been here a decent amount of time and then come a bunch of annoying people self posting/posting retarded vendettas/not even attempting to understand how a chan board works

No. 55220

Looks like one to me, yeah.

No. 55227

Not really, just pointing something out and I really don't care if I'm a newfag. It doesn't mean much.

No. 55228


If it didn't mean much then it wouldn't have been so easy to sniff you out

lurk more

No. 55236

It's not that hard to find someone who's new to a site.

No. 55276


I'm not like the other girls.


No. 55291

Yeah. I was a newfag approximately 10 years ago. Instead of posting retarded shit and ruining threads for everyone else, I watched and read til I understood how things worked. Literally "lurk moar".

No. 55365

What… I know a girl named Luna who goes on the same bandwagon, cherub tumblr "I'm an angel" shit, "poet" and a fatass that only takes pics on the same angle because it's the only angle that doesn't make her fat face too obvious. Why all these tumblr cows look always the same and yet feel so ~unique~

No. 55366

dude it's just a site, there is no seniority here.

No. 55389


Jesus please fucking stop posting

No. 55395

Honestly looks like a cigarette burn or some kind of bruise (purposely put there). That would be more like an abscess at that size. Tracks aren't really that noticeable unless you're using a barbed rig or missing a vein.

Heroin also doesn't usually cause weight loss. In fact opiates tend to cause weight gain and bloat.

No. 55398

Holy fuck. Fucking leave.

No. 55399

Go back to where you hugboxed from newfag

No. 55473

no more arguments about newfaggotry. all of you shut the fuck up and get back on topic or further derailing might draw the attention of the farmhands.

back on topic, this chick looks a lot like someone I used to follow named Megan. it's a shame so many tumblrtards become addicted to drugs and throw away their young lives for cool points on the Internet.

No. 55507

>this girl is obviously a self post/vendetta
>whole thread is samefagged
>we have agreed user policing is the only sure way to enforce/keep board culture and we should practice it

Hi, OP. Please read more and quit posting.

No. 55512

This is the driest cow ever:

- She does drugs. So lulzy.
- She's fat. Definitely not the first whale to grace this board.
- Her man is middle aged. Yawn.
- She's poor so she's a netbeggar. Totally haven't seen that before.
- Lazy fuck. Oh noes, another Charms!

What makes her milky? Anything at all?

No. 55577

it's a self post with many samefags

No. 55905

really, buddy? I'm not the fucking OP. Jesus Christ, lurk moar.

No. 55911

She had an ipad, macbook and always gets the newest phones so I don't think she's actually poor.

No. 55934

LMAO this fucking newfag heard the phrase lurk moar the first time on this thread


and is now using it incorrectly to seem not like a newfag. top fucking kek

No. 56215

you fucking moron, those aren't even my posts. kill yourself.

No. 56244

huh? I'm saying the person in the top post >>55905 <- this one

copied the other two posts. (not saying the bottom two posts are the newgfags)

No. 59675


has anyone noticed that since this thread has been made about a girl called luna, "luna eden" has now changed her name again?

try hard much, clearly trying to be the biggest snowflake

No. 59905


>>I’m very ugly even though I’m told I’m very beautiful.

she just had to mention others find her beautiful.

No. 59924

she would look nicer if she didn't have lips the same colour as her foundation

No. 60167

Agreed. It's not helping her at all

No. 127713

File: 1462408431093.png (52.06 KB, 594x776, lc.png)

'I don't eat anything so I lose weight, but give me money because so I can buy some food.'
It's also curious that she omits her addiction from a begging post despite speaking about it almost proudly at all other times.

No. 127723

Has anyone told her to go to Planned Parenthood for her BCP because they will literally charge you nothing if you can provide proof of no/minimal income.

No. 127724

Why can't the 2 adult men she lives with spend a little money on food?
Where I live it's the same deal with the Health Department. If you have no income you can get tested, get your exam and birth control all for free.

No. 127734

Lately Luna's been complaining about this blog that's trolling every post she makes

No. 133929

File: 1464128839995.png (413.03 KB, 368x598, ....png)


No. 134049

does anyone know her new URL?

No. 134050

Still begging for money and gifts from strangers lol

No. 134093

holy shit, and it's almost every single post now. Even when she's got a job, she's still asking for money.

No. 134160

i'd like to know what happened to her crippling uterus pain because now she's suddenly well enough to work. also she posted about a co-worker buying her clothes and expensive makeup because she told them she has no clean laundry… how can her followers be sure she's not lying and spending her sympathy money? also to tell her yet to be co-worker she's living in squalor off the bat is unbelieveably brazen, like she's begging irl for free shit???

No. 134193

Asking people for stuff has been a thing for her for a while. She's spoken about an older woman who has cancer that occasionally spoils her with huge shopping trips, she begs her e-friends for care packages, and one of her only IRL friends recently took her shopping too. She even got the nerve to angry a couple months ago when she got "barely any donations." Being poor doesn't make you entitled to receiving items benign as make-up and clothes.
She constantly posts about her addiction but mysteriously omits her habit from her donation posts.

No. 134196

File: 1464209158828.png (1.2 MB, 976x608, Untitled.png)

her fiance is a visual nightmare

No. 134197

i don't want to sound prejudiced against addicts but i don't want to donate money to an active drug user. i very nearly offered to buy the medical equipment her father in law needed directly from a supplier instead of paypal-ing her the money but i knew she would work it into a "Y U HATE ADDICTS" rant. she comes up with a new schtick every couple of weeks and it's transparent as all hell.

No. 134198

she loves to talk about how hot he is but he looks like some kind of deep sea creature from the abyss.

No. 134207

That peel-off looking Nirvana Tattoo though

No. 134209


>on a website dedicated solely to talking shit about people

>worried about being prejudiced against drug addicts


No. 134212

Holyshit, I thought that was scraps.

No. 134213

Unpopular opinion perhaps but there's absolutely no way anyone in their right minds would donate money to an addict. How bout not donating and watch the bitch disappear

No. 134214

Looks like a f-ing junkie. Puke

No. 134227

I dunno anon – I think Scraps looks better than this guy. Not by much, but still.

No. 134231

He does…which is so weird considering the fact he looks like a 40 year old lesbian.

No. 134240

She's kind of cute for a chubby junkie, but I suppose she's still kind of fresh faced at 19. Going to be a sad "beauty progress" post in a few more years.

No. 135229

She is also an vid supporter of Ginger fake ass Bronson. Also, she isn't very cute, she has a stache, far spaced eyes, and disgusting skin bc she barely showers

No. 135231

File: 1464474194245.jpg (96.54 KB, 500x667, tumblr_o7uc32kSZL1u313u4o1_500…)

"Beautiful Junkie"

No. 135330

Holy shit, I was the anon who said she was kinda cute. That unibrow, bad skin, and shit make-up. No no no.

No. 135336

Jesus Christ this girl does not love herself. Shave that fucking stache!!!!

No. 135433

File: 1464539646506.png (36.1 KB, 634x446, Untitled.png)

The train of begging posts grows longer. And she keeps emphasizing how the donations she's getting aren't enough


No. 135646

holy shit never expected to see someone who I knew on this site
Her name is luna since she was born on a lunar eclipse, I stopped hanging with her once she was involved with another heroin junkie who has an ED page!! https://encyclopediadramatica.se/index.php?title=Peter_Callan&diff=next&oldid=655949

No. 135653

File: 1464576585091.png (165.11 KB, 294x410, lsr.png)

No. 136047

God, she's so gross. It looks like she just lies in bed all day everyday watching rerun tv shows with her 33 year old low life boyfriend. Like, what does HE do?? Ughhh they are disgusting…

No. 136048

File: 1464725000233.jpg (70.13 KB, 540x640, tumblr_o824qreajX1u313u4o1_540…)

No. 136050

So she's been a junkie for how many years now and is still this chubby? I'm almost kind of impressed.

No. 136051

That's because she eats garbage. Chinese take out, donuts, Snapple, candy, cokes..

No. 136074

she casually popped pills for a while but only started shooting up when she was 18/19 because her boyfriend is a longtime user.

No. 136112

So annoyed that she asks for donations for food and such and then spends it on Chinese and pizza when she has to feed 3 people in the house. For a $15-20 pizza you can get more in product to cook with

No. 136371

File: 1464806870754.jpeg (130.63 KB, 768x898, image.jpeg)

Worse than Ginger Bronson

No. 136377

i'm waiting for her to suddenly be jobless because her bosses are prejudiced against addicts or something, when in actuality she gets the sack for being lazy and useless

No. 136379

File: 1464807857177.jpg (96.85 KB, 500x652, ew.jpg)

her skin, hair, lips, and teeth are all the same shade of washed out and it's hella disconcerting. it ages her so much and does no favours for her wide spaced fish eyes.

No. 136401

I bet she reeks of cigarettes. I don't think she even washes her clothes, let alone herself. She is always saying she doesn't have a working shower or stove.. like how do you even live??

No. 136418

Given that she's made 10 separate posts about being a shoe in for a new job so she needs donations to get to the interview and then doesn't ever mention them again…I give this one a week

No. 136459

i'm pretty sure she's worn the same bra for several months judging by her pictures

No. 136783

For a junkie she sure has clean healthy veins and arms.

No. 136801

File: 1464919254816.jpg (75.41 KB, 540x675, tumblr_o8689t0nTT1u313u4o1_540…)

what a cute pic

No. 136804

That carpet is so filthy wtf. Poor cat.

No. 136809

She lives in NY so don't they have landlords to fix basic necessities like a stove/shower? Unless she's at fault for it?
Her cat is adorable. Didn't she have two? I'm really concerned about them since if one gets sick and needs medical attention, her begging for donations (which she doesn't aways get, won't help in time. I hate when people get pets and think all they need to do is feed them. No you need a emergency medical fund

No. 136815

sage for ot, but this looks exactly like my cat he has the same white spot and fur color and everything else, except mine doesnt have a cigarette on his head. i wonder if theyre related

No. 136817

cool blog post

No. 136821

thanks :^)

No. 137064

she lives in mamaroneck which is an hour away from nyc but always speaks as if she lives there

No. 137066

File: 1465000169935.png (68.49 KB, 522x204, gfyt.png)


No. 137092

How the hell is this a highschooler? She looks like a 40+ year old woman trying to look like a young Debbie harry.

No. 137341

I meant NY state in general has pretty good tenant laws unless she has no contract at all. Otherwise the landlord takes care of apartment damages unless caused by the tenant

No. 137366

She graduated highschool already. And tried college but dropped out I think after her first year

No. 137405

What's her actual name?

No. 137420

Her face actually scares me.
Looks like some kind of halloween mask

No. 137445

Luna Slater is her actual name
She was born on a lunar eclipse hence her name

No. 137510

File: 1465154768859.jpg (53.74 KB, 400x528, fuckin_yikes.jpg)

is it just me or does she look high as fuck??

No. 137515

Also she's asking for $40 for groceries when you know she's going to spend it on either pizzas or Chinese take-out.. tbh I've followed this chick for a while and I used to feel bad for her but she is putting herself in a shitty situation. Her husband is over 30 living with his alcoholic father and they are both addicts, like it just seems so fucked up

No. 137520

File: 1465156290471.jpg (119.8 KB, 540x701, tumblr_o8bb92kEvu1u313u4o1_540…)

No. 137526

laundry, much??

No. 137528

File: 1465157434560.png (82.19 KB, 543x1026, jfoijfaw.png)

The caption for this picture:
>I need to tone my hair either grey or lavender blonde idk which yet but one day

So she has money for hair dye but not for the laundry list of causes on her e-begging posts. Sounds legit.

No. 137542

where is your reading comprehension. she said that she needed to dye her hair she didn't say she was going to.

No. 137556

if you were actually familiar with this chick you would know that she is not just fantasizing about dyeing her hair. she is constantly spending money on frivolous shit while simultaneously acting like she's on deaths door. Not saying poor people aren't allowed to do nice things for themselves but if you're truly struggling to pay medical bills and groceries, perhaps stop buying rinky dinks off Etsy

No. 137571

it's just you anon. normal people's eyes do that all the time

No. 137666

I would do things a shit ton differently if I was in her position. Groceries = chinese food and pizza for a night, or as she posted on her blog when she gets food stamps she buys a super sugary fruit juice that the love of her life drinks in two days. No wonder why she's whining.
I've seen stories about how single mothers feed their two kids on less than whats she's asking.
Also her town, mamaroneck, has a food pantry, she can't be that dense to not go to it if she is really in need

No. 137667

I give the girl credit that she spaces her buying/new clothes/makeup/things that would cause her follower suspicion posts few and far between her begging for money ones

No. 137687

Wow you are a fucking idiot. People that donate money over the Internet in general are stupid as fuck but to admitted drug addicts? Even if you are paying for medical supplies you are freeing up more money to spend on drugs.

No. 137689

Having known many addicts in the past (and being one myself a long time ago,) she is not asking for money for groceries. She's looking to score. The desperation, the excuses, the "just $40" schtick. It all rubs me the wrong way.

She's using people's donations to help buy her and her lowlife boyfriend's heroin.

Girl, if you're reading this: please leave that place. Please get off the dope. That guy isn't helping you, and you'd be much happier on your own and clean. I promise.

No. 137897

Good for you for not enabling her like her followers seem to do with the donations, whether they realize it or not.

No. 137899

WHAT THE FUCK?! What a disgusting bitch, leave the poor cat alone!

No. 137906

The cigarette is not lit anon

No. 137917

>>i used last nights donations for groceries today but they were only enough for today
Yeah…sure…since she probably bought a bag of chips and he got a different bag

No. 137930

Correction, she used it on a bag of heroin or meth for her and her boyfriend and probably his father. Junkies in paradise.

No. 139588

File: 1465849724329.jpg (120.57 KB, 540x675, tumblr_o8q81vw5Qc1u313u4o1_540…)

"Thank you tumblr for our icecream." Soooo… this is what she is using donations for? Fucking cow.

No. 139677

File: 1465872319977.jpg (226.82 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o8q8f3m9vQ1u313u4o1_540…)

She always takes pictures in front of this house and I can't help but wonder how weird it would be if I were the homeowner watch two scrubs take selfies next to my garden.

Jfc she doesn't even have the sense to cover her tracks when she buys shit like this and is instead open about throwing everyone's money away on fucking icecream.

No. 139697

That's at least $5 right there. I'm sure she got one for her starving father in law too /s
That's a loaf of bread or in her case an order of Chinese food. All her poverty claims make me so angry

No. 139698

I suppose we all know how she manages to stay so fat even though she's a "starving" junkie.

No. 139944

File: 1465945894595.jpg (515.14 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Apologies ahead of time for the size of the screenshot but she loves ginger Bronson ofc what a joke

No. 139984

Of course she does

>>stop telling poor people they can’t get a little treat ever

posted: 14 June 2016 @ 13:53
tags: I literally got one dollar ice cream?

That chocotaco sure as hell ain't one dollar. Its at least 2.50 and since you live in a fancy town probably 3. Those cones are 2 aren't me so you spent at least 5

Wonder if she knows about this now or if a follower complained?

No. 140162

What the fuuuck, her latest pic is self harm pretty sure

No. 140172

Nevermind, looks like she's just shooting up.

No. 140179

File: 1466026129407.jpg (138.72 KB, 540x674, tumblr_o8u0mzpjyM1u313u4o1_540…)

Wow, now it's actually really fucking obvious she was shooting… just look at her arm in this pic

No. 140208

File: 1466029441347.jpg (107.99 KB, 540x675, tumblr_o8u1rfLZat1u313u4o1_540…)

Can you buy pizza with foodstamps in NY?

No. 140214

honestly if she has an anonymous option to message her on tumblr, she would be less annoying. the fact that she doesn't let anyone confront her anonymously just confirms for me that she knows that what she is doing is shady as fuck, and she knows that people are aware she's a habitual scammer. also if she had an anon option i could vent my spleen to her there and not here.

No. 140215

she bought the pizza and most likely her heroin with tumblr money, keep up. literally everything luna has is shoplifted or bought with e-begging funds because people think they're helping her sickly father in law who isn't actually her father in law.

No. 140220

Im keeping up, trust me. I just dont want to jump to conclusions.

No. 140256

File: 1466036235432.jpg (191 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_o8u64cryCc1u313u4o1_128…)

No. 140260

She looks pale and filthy. So does her fiance, he looks like he smells like old people and feet.

No. 140264

You can not buy hot meals of any kind with SNAP, so I'm pretty sure pizza wouldn't be allowed?

No. 140265

That's what i thought. I'm actually a bit pissed.

No. 140270

Her lips though… why does she make them the same color as her skin. It looks disgusting.

No. 140275

Did she change her url?

No. 140289


No. 140294

File: 1466043673965.png (1.94 MB, 1135x901, ew.png)

Her dirty clothes make me nauseous.

No. 140296

File: 1466043826197.png (663.93 KB, 926x554, 09997.png)

She went outside, in 40 degree weather, in this.

No. 140322

she needs help!!

No. 140331

drugs man

No. 140332

Pizza with one topping is usually $3 so $6 and like $2 for a soda. $8 and the ice cream is like 15 so this girl could have gotten a damn good supermarket meal but instead she uses donations on fast food since she can't cook

No. 140333

Why doesn't she go to a thrift store, they won't have all the american apparel she wants but at least most of their clothes aren't full of holes.

No. 140604

File: 1466098434934.png (24.6 KB, 612x274, luna.png)

luna posted these 2 minutes apart, she must have been reeeeeeally torn up… i know it's not anything major but it just infuriates me how false she is, and she gets away with it because she's a ~sickly angel drug addict~ and the insincerity is killing me.

No. 140617

Gross. She probably didn't even wash the bedding.

No. 140971

File: 1466111338971.png (515.23 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-16-16-11-08…)

No. 141131

Ugh i hate people
but love how she wants money for a memorial fund but not for her ill cats

No. 147416

She is begging for money again because she can't afford to pay the rent. What the fuck were her fiance and his father doing before she moved in?? Fucking two grown men living in a decrepit apartment, no water, no stove, no shower. Basically squatting in a slum. And after all of the pics of her obvious bloody trackmarks, her pizza and icecream, her freshly dyed hair, she still begs and begs for money, at least every other day. This girl has no fucking boundaries, asking for funds for her grandma's memorial, who has already been dead for 5 years. I can just smell the bullshit from every fucking post, fucking junkie slob

No. 147527

File: 1466736946132.png (92.02 KB, 536x366, Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 7.52…)

can't drug use cause seizures?? i hope they get actual help soon…

No. 147545

Tonic clonic and grand mal are the same thing just two different terms.
And yes heroin withdrawal, aka no heroin in 12+ hours can cause this type of seizure

No. 147635

I don't know if he drinks, but chronic/binge drinking for a while then stopping can lead to seizures as well.

No. 147713

I'm pretty sure his seizures stem from opiate abuse. She's asking for $30-40 for groceries again, probably to score.

No. 147972

>>One of those weeks where i’ve completely lost the will and desire to eat
Oh please spare me $20 so I can get food.
And she has an infected scratch since she can't afford to use soap and water

No. 148013

She has a private blog where she takes basic pictures of her syringes, bundles of heroin, etc. Stumbled across it when browsing tags on tumblr. It's clear that she and Matthew can get money for dope and that's obviously going to take precedence over food. She can sprnd her money on what she likes but I have an issue with it when it's other people's money that she's using for drugs under the guise of t being for food.

No. 148014

What's the URL of her other blog?

No. 148015


No. 148019

looking at that stupid blog is making me feel sick. why the fuck does she think it's so cool to be a pathetic junkie?? I knew there was a sort of culture on tumblr for promoting this shit but it seems surreal when someone you know of is bragging about nodding on heroin like it's an achievement.

No. 148020

Holy fucking shit, it really is hers.

No. 148024


There's photos of her boyfriend injecting her with heroin which is just a million kinds of fucked up

No. 148091

"i don't advocate addiction. this is my blog for me to talk about my own addiction. I do not advise anyone to use heroin. I am an advocate for harm reduction and education."

sounds a lot like some bullshit pro ana "i don't support eds!!!" type thing

No. 148113

File: 1466901157919.png (531.65 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

"Dope over food." "Give me money for food."

No. 148167

File: 1466921134484.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_2016-06-26-08-00-25…)

They also have money for two Iphones (one in the background, one that photo has been taken with).
Like how much of a piece of shit do you have to be, my super expensive phone would be the first thing I would sell if I was "starving"

No. 148171

File: 1466921583917.jpg (391.79 KB, 1280x1707, 9ea9bf43-9296-4ae3-9be4-4aa7ad…)

They even own a fucking Ipad like are you kidding me

No. 148172

File: 1466922256259.png (361.28 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_2016-06-26-08-22-44…)

No. 148175

"sleeping medication" yeah, alright.

No. 148176

Blatant attempt to make heroin sound like something her followers might want to pay for

No. 148180

That post about how she cops in the bronx, now we know what that $40 cab ride goes towards.
I'm genuinely disgusted by this side blog, its so tumblr

No. 148182

File: 1466925516054.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.47 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_o8d4zdTO4Y1uqg8tpo1_128…)

Not to mention her "cat scratch" that is infected is probably her injection point.

No. 148293

File: 1466946904111.jpeg (482.41 KB, 640x1094, image.jpeg)

No. 148318

File: 1466953414794.jpg (28.46 KB, 560x330, ew.jpg)

Reading this and seeing how gross and filthy she and her house are make me think of that meth head couple from Breaking Bad.

No. 148319

i don't want to be "that person" but i hope she gets called out and gets her comeuppance.

No. 148323

what a shitty human being. not sure if i feel sorry for all the people who followed her main blog and fell for her shit though. her constant begging and fishy stories made it more and more obvious that she was mostly after drug money.

so here's the real story according to her junkie blog…
>her bf has been a heroin addict for 15+ years (not surprising, just look at him)
>after they started dating, she begged him to share his dope with her because of her "chronic pain" and denies that he can be blamed for her becoming an addict because it was "her decision"
>makes sense though because she also claims both her parents were addicts and that she's always been obsessed with junkie films and yt videos of people shooting up etc., so i guess she couldn't wait to finally live that ~romantic junkie life~
>she now needs 4 bags a day
>she's very proud of her "hustle" and "turning nothing into money" and even admits that she's lied to people/strangers in order to make them give her money (the people who have donated or sent her "care packages" will surely be happy to hear that…)

No. 148334

Did you see the text post where she was like "accidentally posted about heroin to my main blog, I hope no one saw no one can know"

No. 148347

Pretty sure she's going through withdrawals today. No cutesy selfies, and all of her posts this morning have either been her begging for $20 or complaining about her growling stomach. I'm predicting soon there's gonna be a post about her having another "fever", like she does every other week.

No. 148348

File: 1466959909952.png (686.28 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_2016-06-26-18-50-09…)

What a fucking bitch

No. 148358

File: 1466962691673.jpg (59 KB, 500x667, tumblr_o3j7t4aYaP1uqg8tpo1_500…)

"Been putting empty bags in here for three days wow I'm a fucking junkie lmao"

No. 148359

File: 1466962814528.png (871.61 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-26-12-45-22…)

No. 148361

File: 1466963262186.png (587.16 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-26-12-49-54…)

No. 148367

shes selling herion which is extremely illegal. why dont you dumbasses just call the cops

No. 148370

I thought the vape and 420 side of Tumblr was bad. When the fuck did heroin come back in style? Kurt Cobain's been dead for over twenty years, children. Find a new idol.
I'm usually more sympathetic towards addicts but 'no chance of recovery'? So you're just going to rot your arm out and beg for other people to fund your habit until someone finds you OD'd? Grow up, bitch.

No. 148371

Exactly. Sid and Nancy have been dead for almost 40. Heroin isn't cool and never will be

No. 148374

File: 1466964509885.png (64.66 KB, 798x315, Screenshot_2016-06-26-13-11-48…)

No. 148381

she posted her address to her main blog, a load of envelopes containing medical bills, so theoretically an american person could report her?

No. 148385

File: 1466966334051.png (96.32 KB, 798x391, Screenshot_2016-06-26-13-24-53…)

Last one guys, sorry for spamming.

No. 148481


I'm not about interfering with the real life circumstances of cows. But tbf, it's fucking ridiculous for her to post her address and post that she cops heroin for people. I wouldn't be surprised if someone reported her sooner or later.

No. 148487

usually i feel the same way but there's something about luna that makes me extra spiteful

No. 148493

This thread makes me dry heave. I know this is personal blogging and I'm sorry, but I used to be a junkie living with junkies. It's a horrible life with no light and no real love; there is nothing romantic about vomiting until you pass out and disappointing your loved ones. it's pathetic and sad and hopeless and no one should aspire to be a junkie.

I can't believe this girl is begging for dope and even seems proud of it. It's really sad and sickening and she needs some major fucking help for her obvious issues.

This is just disgusting.

No. 148518

true anon.
It's pretty depressing to have followed Luna for a while and watch her go from a teenager with artistic potential to a self pitying junkie regressing through ~bbygirl~ aesthetic. She simultaneously uses the excuse that addiction was her conscious choice, but also constantly asserts that addicts can't be blamed for their decisions. What a waste of time.

No. 148527

yeah, other cows at least make an effort to come up with believable lies when they're scamming people online. it would have been shitty enough if this bitch had just kept her addiction secret while e-begging for money, but no, she needs to brag about it on her edgy junkie blog…

this is what some random person on tumblr sent her: http://lunakitten1996.tumblr.com/post/146316578903/omg-spacetiddy-this-is-the-nicest-care-package-i
of course she's all like "omg, best thing ever" but i'm sure that in reality, she was probably pissed because it wasn't drug money…

No. 148555

File: 1466997283543.png (48.78 KB, 516x192, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.12…)

"I have my main blog with way more followers, and you all are way more supportive and kind than them."

No. 148559

wtf? how is this blog not deleted? glorifying drugs will get ur blog deleted on tumblr

No. 148582

exfriend here, our 'artsy' group wasn't into drugs, the influence came through tumblr and random guys she started dating. This new boyfriend was reason why I cut all ties since he's creepy with lame tattoos and just feeding her addiction

No. 148793

could you elaborate or share any other milky tales?

No. 149310

File: 1467230377558.png (27.52 KB, 691x425, Untitled.png)

"medication".. suuuuuure.

No. 149323

meanwhile on her other blog:
>in a bad depression. I’d die without my medicine right here ?✨ junkhead life ?
>junkhead life


what a bitch. she's no better than the cows pretending to have cancer and scamming their followers out of money for treatment. and it's not like she has munchhausen or believes her own delusions. she knows exactly what she's doing, and she's proud of it.

No. 149325

OT but no, it won't. There are plenty of drug blogs on Tumblr, just look at the "nodsquad" and the "tweaker nation" tags.

But yeah, she's a total cunt and treating everyone who donates to her like shit - see >>148555. Junkies will do anything including lying to innocent people for drugs, and in her case, will brag about it.

No. 149336

I'm about to call her out but i'm sure i'll be blocked. It went from her needing $20 for the weekend to $100. The whole thing is ugly.

No. 149356

Now she needs $100 for the weekend for 'food'. On her other blog she mentioned she needs 4 bags of heroin a day to ~survive. Also said it costs $80-100 for 10-12 bags. So 3 days is $100.
$100 for her weekend food she says. Such a dipshit.

No. 149358

Another thing that really bothers me, she is constantly getting some kind of money from donations and buying Chinese and pizza. Says she doesn't have a stove to cook. Why the fuck doesn't she buy an electric kettle?! She could buy bulk rice/pasta and be fed for days for her and her family. She had a fridge, buy frozen veg and rice and cook it with a kettle.
She obviously doesn't actually care about feeding the family and she's using the money for drugs.

No. 149376

File: 1467248314654.jpg (346.1 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_o9jlh1Q5Iy1u313u4o1_128…)

isn't it obvious to other people what she's doing? I wonder if she's losing a lot of followers for the games shes playing.
She looks nice here though, she looks 1000% without the crusty white lip look.

No. 149378

Fuck her. Seriously, she is a waste of fucking space.

No. 149424

I'm not worried about her. Like most junkies, she'll OD from injecting too much and die. Then her bf will have to find someone else to do his 'runs'.

No. 149446

She tried to be edgy by dating a girl for a while, their relationship was a mess. She really rocked the retro look for a while with vintage clothing etc. Some pics here https://www.flickr.com/photos/thepulpgirls/
Past writings:http://www.thepulpzine.com/author/luna/
She tried real hard to fit in with the cool older kids and it just didn't work. I'm unsure who still talks to her because of there heroin, its just not something you want associated with you. Once she hit the tumblr girl aesthetic when she was with creeper she changed and heroin kills your social life unless your friends are into it

No. 149582

File: 1467311878657.jpeg (57.64 KB, 500x333, image.jpeg)



No. 149592

File: 1467313460206.jpg (85.95 KB, 500x667, tumblr_o5wej9F1401uqg8tpo1_500…)

Forgot to sage my last post so I deleted.

I'm fairly new to this cow, I've skimmed this thread a few times but not paid proper attention/lurked her for myself and holy shit I'm disgusted after having a look through her tumblr.

I'm sure this has been said before but she's living in absolute filth, if her blankets look like pic related then I genuinely believe her kitchen is stacked with plates covered in rotten food & there's old takeaway boxes lying all over her house.

She's also really quite chunky for a typical heroin user, so I'm guessing she clearly doesn't starve as much as she makes out in her pity me send me money posts and hasn't been an addict for too long.

Why hasn't tumblr done anything about these drug communities? They're all young girls from the posts I've seen, glamourising it all. I get they can't delete every blog ever but jesus, make a start

No. 149594

File: 1467314147452.jpg (Spoiler Image,238.72 KB, 640x1136, my eyes.jpg)

Browsing through her blog and i found this. Help.
There's also a video of her getting dickslapped for some reason http://lunakitten1996.tumblr.com/post/109273149998/slap

No. 149598

File: 1467314570374.jpg (259.85 KB, 640x1136, 7404fdc1-ddfb-4d46-8bc7-21e3ef…)

Well, at least sea creatures dick looks decent

No. 149604

File: 1467315449278.png (135.96 KB, 422x384, Untitled.png)

No. 149605

File: 1467315857648.jpg (7.36 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

She's trying to be Courtney Love. Seen it before in the 90s. She's so outdated. Barrettes in her bleached hair, Daniel Johnson tat, heroin, contrived sexual promiscuity, "bio dad", rip off CL lyrics, list of things she feels she has in common with CL >>148293

They grow out of it.

No. 149616

File: 1467317645132.jpg (19.7 KB, 537x174, zhhbzhbbhh.JPG)

No. 149621

i'm starting to believe she is genuinely squatting somewhere

No. 149683

"I can't BELIEVE I have to CLEAN my apartment!!!"

No. 149761

surprised he can get it up with all the heroin he does

No. 149768

Fam, that dick is limp as fuck. They also havent fucked in like over 6 months according to one of her old blog posts.

No. 149769

Fam, that dick is limp as fuck. They also havent fucked in like over 6 months according to one of her old blog posts.

No. 149772

i dont get it… if she is starving all the time and taking so much heroin, how is she so fat?

No. 149773

File: 1467393589468.jpg (322.21 KB, 1280x960, 13aed91a-45e0-4e9d-a797-2fa243…)

6 months? Holy fuck
I would fuck him as often as I could, I mean look at this sexy beast!

No. 149775

…Is that a Nirvana tattoo on his shoulder? And look at that weird bump (vein?) on his forehead.

No. 149776

a couple of months ago luna said they were going to get married by a justice of the peace asap

No. 149777

File: 1467393946315.png (267.43 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_2016-07-01-19-23-57…)

Of course she calls her bf daddy, who would have thought

No. 149778


No. 149794

File: 1467399553775.jpeg (32.62 KB, 400x266, image.jpeg)

I just threw up in my mouth

This is the worst thread.

No. 149795

This room makes me angry. Also do they ever change theri sheets?

No. 149807

>11 inches

And jesus f christ that's some next level shit writing

No. 149816

r u gay

No. 149822

Somehow "Look at my skye blue eyes" is the worst part, it reeks so badly of Mary Sue

No. 149826

yeah he as another tattoo of some other band logo i think nirvana on his other arm
I see why she calls him daddy with those socks

No. 149827

her newest post about food stamps is BS, based on her address, that she posted on the bills she as 2 locations fairly close to her and one is a CVS

No. 149828

No. 149834

File: 1467413187352.png (307.51 KB, 783x925, Screenshot_2016-07-01-17-49-58…)

No. 149835

File: 1467413359282.png (783.54 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-26-13-20-08…)

Old pic from when she first moved in with her crusty-ass fiancee

No. 149839

Jesus fucking Christ this is disgusting

No. 149847

The fact that this bitch as a cat grosses me out. You know she is not cleaning the fucking litter box. Poor thing is probably pissing and shitting all over their apartment because it doesn't have a clean pace to use the bathroom. Fuck this cunt

No. 149849

I feel so sad for her cat. It did not ask to live in that fucking filth. They probably barely feed it since all their money goes to drugs and fucking junk food.

No. 149850

Even if they do she has a few pics of herself smoking in bed with them

No. 149855

i followed luna for years before she showed any interest in drugs, she was quite charming and very cute, but it sort of seemed like she obsessed over breaking bad and jesse to the point where it actually impacted her life, made her feel drugs were cool etc and now.. i see that she is a full blown heroin addict. it's just very bizarre to me.

No. 149879

File: 1467429801918.png (82.52 KB, 1340x406, Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.22…)

i am curious about this considering how self-righteous she is about her lifestyle. does she have any old blogs up still?

No. 149885

jesus fucking christ.
So what if it doesn't flood? Still gonna ask for donations?

This thread is so depressing. Like I feel terrible for her but I simultaneously am disgusted by her begging for money. Does anyone know if she has tried to get a job?

No. 149966


Don't feel bad for her anon. She genuinely enjoys living in her little tumblr aesthetic "dirty baby" dreamworld. And yes, she mentioned having a job she really enjoys, irc smtn to do with music or bands but of course she never gets paid on time or ever according to her which is why she reblogs her sad donation posts til they reach 1k notes. She's a trainwreck but I can't look away.

No. 149967


Puh-lease. This bitch enjoys the homeless heroin addict babygirl aesthetic. She brags about being ae to "make money out of nothing", saying only addicts have this "talent". Also, she's either only ever truly honest on her other blog (the one dedicated to personal blogging as an addict), or she loves playing up this role because it brings her likes and attention. Also $$ for drugs. She and her bf Lurch spend A LOT of money on heroin daily. I think she mentioned spending somewhere between $80-$100/day. She has some cojones begging for "food money for the weekend" online.

No. 150012

She uses anything she can as an excuse to get $$$. Remember when she was begging for donations so she could set up a memorial for her dead grandma?? Everything she says is a lie to get dope. She even brags about it on her drug blog.

No. 150014

File: 1467475852820.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1082x1500, image.jpeg)

>I need money for medication!
>heroin is my medication
(Posted within an hour of each other, I hope the poor assholes donating to her realize they're just paying for her drugs)

No. 150016

I call bullshit. A junkie with a sex drive? Lol right.

No. 150017

OMG that cotton what a nasty bitch

No. 150031

I-is that brown thing that looks like a clump of hair a piece of cotton?

I'll never understand people who inject, I do drugs but that's where I draw the line. Shit is not pure and who hell knows what the fuck it's cut with, what besides heroin will be running directly into your bloodstream. And if that's the cotton she used… well, seems like a one way ticket to general infection.

No. 150183

What is the cotton for? Looks disgusting…

No. 150186


That's for the syringe, the cotton soaks up the liquid, makes it easier idk

No. 150188

It looks like it's been used already. Unfortunately, I doubt she finds a new piece every time she wants to inject.

It's supposed to filter out what isn't water soluble.

No. 150193

Yeah, it's crazy, injecting who TF knows what into your veins. Besides whatever it's cut with, it's contaminated with all sorts of bacteria, fungi, etc. etc. Some of them end up with destroyed heart valves because that shit collects on the valve & vegetates.

Plus here in the US a lot of heroin is mixed with fentanyl bc the Mexican cartels have learned how to make it and it's super cheap & flooding the market. Fentanyl is a synthetic opiod that's like 100x more potent than heroin. Just a tiny amount will make you stop breathing and kill you. It's what killed Prince.

No. 150246

File: 1467540752074.png (73.31 KB, 537x308, image.png)

she's now using her bf's dad's medical condition to beg for money again. i'm not even sure i believe it's true in the first place, she seems to make up or exaggerate most of her (self-inflicted) problems to have new reasons for why she needs people to donate money again.

but i've always wondered what the dad's role in this whole thing is. i think he's an alcoholic? i've never seen her mention him being a heroin addict, but considering they share an apartment that looks like this >>149835 i wouldn't be surprised. either way, their living situation is weird and confusing.

but even if this guy actually does have heart problems, fuck them. she complains about her bf having to spend 25-30 on medication for his dad when they both easily spend several times that amount on drugs A DAY.

No. 150255

No. 150262

All she ever does is beg for donations, why do people even follow her

No. 150272

>>I'm about to go see Molly
>>ok "she" will save me from a panick attack
She's not even being subtle anymore when e-begging for drug money.

No. 150277

>>we eat a lot of chicken patties in this house
And cooking them (store-bought uncooked) with an oven that's been broken for months? Sure.

No. 150445

Nah Molly is one of her actual IRL friends, rich white girl who pretends to have problems

No. 150447

It filters any solids/things that didn't cook down.

No. 151077

Now her posting flashback photos of her weightloss on one blog and saying how it's been 2 years of being addicted to heroin on the other blog. Gee, I wonder how you managed that. Oh right, "I'm starving"

No. 151175

File: 1467766199545.png (20.37 KB, 736x620, wcp.png)

look like the luna "callout" blog witchycrankypoo is active again. I wonder what her reaction will be, if any.

No. 151176

File: 1467766226118.png (30.48 KB, 738x518, wcp2.png)

No. 151279

She tries this holli aesthetic but it comes out so dirty

No. 151498

Judging from her Instagram account, she's either whoring herself out or shoplifting on top of panhandling.

There's no way she can afford expensive cosmetic products, copic markers, marijuana, expensive cigarettes and alcohol, prescription drugs and an $80-a-day smack addiction with no employment.


No. 151548

please, type normally
you edgefuck

No. 151815

A lot of her followers gift her this shit.

No. 151818

File: 1467811610174.png (16.33 KB, 794x185, Screenshot_2016-07-06-08-30-59…)

Wow, congratulations.

No. 151819

File: 1467811725389.png (57.78 KB, 776x229, Screenshot_2016-07-06-08-33-07…)

No. 151820

File: 1467811963280.png (201.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-06-15-31-23…)

kek i love this person

No. 151907

File: 1467833350596.png (34.74 KB, 486x576, Untitled.png)

I'm sure shifting to maximum overdrive: capslock edition™ will definitely get people to donate.

No. 151908

File: 1467833464985.png (32.83 KB, 490x534, Untitled2.png)

>my brain flashes back
I think that's called "remembering"

No. 151920

She gets more pathetic and desperate every day.

No. 151922

its really hard to do when you're on drugs

No. 151956

It's like she's tweaking out and desperately trying to get her fix

No. 151966

what happened to dope heads being able to make money out of nothing????

No. 151967

File: 1467853875376.png (95.32 KB, 1058x390, Captura de pantalla 2016-07-06…)

They were obviously looking for dope
she trying to gain simphaty points makes me sick

No. 152089

No. 152109

she also claimed that right before that, he fainted because of "dehydration" and his "seizure disorder" or some shit and refused to go to hospital when people called him an ambulance. so considering that he goes to the bronx for their drugs (she's stated this several times on her drug blog), i guess this is what really happened: bf goes out to buy drugs, faints because his body is fucked from being a junkie for over a decade, continues on his quest, gets stopped by the police because he's literally a junkie buying heroin ("long hair and tattoos" my ass), but they eventually have to let him go. i believe this is the only part that's actually true because if they had arrested him or something, she would have definitely mentioned this and begged for even more money to visit her ~innocent daddy~ in jail or ~lawyers~

No. 152116

Pretty sure you hit the nail on the head.
I don't think they even ever leave the house unless they're trying to score or are already high off their asses.

No. 152152

Her boyfriend travels to the Bronx every day to sell dope, as she's mentioned on the other blog. So he has money to travel daily yet they don't have money to get to the grocery store? Fuck off

No. 152186

she should be going to rehab, smh.

No. 152348

File: 1467955786638.png (847.99 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_2016-07-08-07-26-29…)

How can someone who has been shooting heroin for two years now be so chubby?
I really don't get it

No. 152349

File: 1467955870150.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1384, Screenshot_2016-07-08-07-27-29…)

Also her face is slowly catching up with her heroin use

Soon she's going to ask for donations for that

No. 152351


ya exactly. is she eating lard or something. she's probably using some real shitty heroin imho so she's only half nodding most the time, which doesnt kill appetite as much. like let's be real guys, her and Lurch are probably getting their shit from the worst possible smackhead bums, shits probably cut with 80% crap.

No. 152358

No. Heroin literally gives you the worst sugar cravings on earth. You eat shitty when you're a junkie or you don't eat at all. Half th junkies I know gained weight as an addict.

No. 152365

"Starving" heroin addict… still fat.

No. 152378

File: 1467962382687.jpeg (68.4 KB, 742x596, image.jpeg)

Her skin is so loose it looks like she's tucking an ill fitted shirt into her pants.

No. 152379


That roll in the pic from the right, ew
she reminds me of peppa pig smh

No. 152380

File: 1467963335545.jpeg (546.91 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Who wore it best?

No. 152481

File: 1468002321266.png (49.85 KB, 798x251, Screenshot_2016-07-08-13-26-33…)

Lie after lie after fucking lie.

No. 152488

No. 152489

stop fucking lying, holy shit.

No. 152490

Maybe she sold them to get more dope.

No. 152496

Yeah, I'm soooo sure her fiancee spent money on a cab ride to the bronx to "protest."

No. 152702

She posted a photo of that cat at the vet and it died a week later

No. 152709

File: 1468009076298.png (271.38 KB, 792x992, Screenshot_2016-07-08-15-21-50…)

No. 152720

Hmmm, I wonder why he had problems with the cops two days in a row?
But yeah, of course he got arrested for "protesting"

No. 152735

this shouldn't be so entertaining but it is. She's been making up so much shit to beg for donations that i can't even keep track of it anymore. Not only does she have no money for food or rent or her oh-so-important sleeping medication , she also has ovarian cysts, a dislocated knee, and joint problems, her boyfriend has a "seizure disorder" , her mom has a cancerous lump on her knee and her boyfriend's dad has heart problems. Lie after lie after lie.

No. 152744

got arrested for marching a BLM protest in the Bronx?? someone as attention hungry as she is would've gone there, taken 3000 pics to prove what a good white person she is. if i cared a little more about exposing her i would look up if anyone had a protest in the Bronx and flame her ass up.

No. 152746

I've searched the internet and so far I haven't found a single thing talking about a blm protest in the bronx. This bitch is LYING.

No. 152751

her 'medicine'
She hasn't complained about PCOS until she wasn't getting money for food

No. 152753

There's nothing worse than a retarded junkie thinking they sly. Hope they both crash and burn, her pedo bf is fucking disgusting. He's not gettig nearly enough hate here.

No. 152756

She latches onto anything she can to get those donations. She knows how to get people who have never seen her junkie blog and who are too nice for their own good to feel sorry for her. It's all so ridiculously obvious now that I've her shooting up and bragging about her hustle.
A marriage license costs money and they want heroin more than that lol.
Silly anon doing laundry costs money too and they need those quarters for heroin. Besides when she's high I guess she doesn't notice that she lives in filth.

No. 152759

File: 1468016684975.png (1.68 MB, 1280x1707, 6c68787c-19a1-414d-8cc9-d5449d…)

Bf looks almost alright in this pic

No. 152760

That's my hometown, haven't heard shit about a protest.

she should have went with Manhattan because there actually was one there yesterday.

No. 152761

File: 1468016814752.jpg (Spoiler Image,409.09 KB, 1280x960, 388c47c4-2a7c-41be-91a9-9e3925…)

Some NSFW incoming

No. 152762

File: 1468016867779.png (Spoiler Image,595.19 KB, 719x669, d72c4cdd-f2b3-4d5d-b880-da10c5…)

No. 152763

File: 1468016889439.jpg (Spoiler Image,225.16 KB, 1080x720, 5c3446b7-0cd8-41f4-a42f-3bc930…)

No. 152766

He's a huge creep but doesn't seem to have social media so we can't comment on much other than he is taking advantage of her, got her addicted to heroin, and is a pedo.

No. 152767


i live in NYC and haven't heard a peep about a protest in the Bronx either. Its obvious that dope makes her stupid as shit because had she mention the one in Union Square she would've have seemed more credible. this disgusting junkie bitch using dead people as a way to score. awful

No. 152768

File: 1468017145193.png (18.41 KB, 786x162, Screenshot_2016-07-08-17-34-25…)

Old post from her junk blog 1/2

No. 152770

File: 1468017156308.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.95 KB, 1280x960, 1fa52703-6ba1-4f75-864c-002d8a…)

No. 152771

File: 1468017171605.png (47.01 KB, 798x306, Screenshot_2016-07-08-17-34-34…)


No. 152773

she could at least her filthy fucking sheets a wash and put some clean underwear on if she was trying to look sexy. that looks like a crime scene photos

No. 152774

File: 1468017292972.png (1.04 MB, 1079x1387, Screenshot_2016-07-09-00-29-24…)

No. 152777

File: 1468017387384.png (108 KB, 796x365, Screenshot_2016-07-08-17-34-05…)

Shooting up at her old job

No. 152779

dat awkward wedgie

No. 152780

I really don't understand her being so goddamn proud on being a filthy, scamming junkie. Like wuu~ your pedophile boyfriend saved you from heroin withdrawal by shooting you up in your jobs bathroom, so cool!!11!
Very Courtney!!!1

No. 152783

File: 1468017991392.png (886.43 KB, 797x1081, Screenshot_2016-07-08-17-46-03…)

No. 152785

I swear almost every picture I've seen of him he is leaning back with his eyes half open. It makes the protest lie funnier, don't you have to be alert to protest?

No. 152787

LOL this girl wants to be some super fucked up drug addict with daddy issues so bad

>pussy lips interjected between lines

>"i love ur big areola"
>daddy, daddy, daddy
>ur age feels so good
babby's first dd/lg roleplay

>concealer lips and copper eyeshadow
how to look sicker than you actually are 101

really hit the nail on the head here. just another Courtney Love wannabe. someone should introduce her to Soren and Ginger Bronson so they can all fawn about damaged girls together

No. 152790

She actually is a fan of Ginger. Which is ironic because she complains about how her life isn't an aesthetic or whatever the fuck these people like to claim

No. 152809

I love how she's acting like it's a feat to feed her family of three for 20 bucks a day. The norm around here is like $3.50 per person per day, including extras. Does she have any inkling of real money's worth or is it completely gone because of the drug addiction? I would love to see her on something like the price is right.

No. 152813

This post brings up the fact that heroin is know to cause seizure disorders. her bf doesnt need donations for his "mysterious," "unidentified" seizure disorder, he needs to stop doing heroin.

No. 152817

File: 1468025066446.jpeg (59.06 KB, 380x286, image.jpeg)

This thread is NSFL.

No. 152818

Is that a booger smear…?

No. 152820

Does she still have another cat?

No. 152821

She has two cats.

No. 152830

why does it look like she has a panty liner on too?

No. 152832

What the fuck is cripple punk
>>>(reminds me to get back into the cripple punk movement).



No. 152855

this thread has gone too far lmao
i'm actually gagging a bit.

No. 152941

This is my favourite thread rn

No. 153096

Fuck man, she sure does look haggard for a 19-year-old; She and the boyfriend appear to be the same age, tbh. I know she thinks she's rocking this "hot junkie little" aesthetic, but to me she just looks dirty (and not in the sexy way, just nauseating), old and used up. Which is really sad because she could be adorable.

No. 153252

just the typical lying, freeloading, scheming junkie bernie supporters that have no concept of reality due to being in a constant haze of drugs and withdrawals.
i wonder if her boyfriend is just with her because she was young and easy to corrupt? he seems like the type to pimp her out for money. i'm sure begging for money on her tumblr wasn't solely her idea. i'm sure if she doesn't contribute to the junkie traphouse in some way (sucking his dick and fucking him doesnt pay for heroin) then she'd be out of there, replaced with a younger girl who can beg and scam better.
i'd like to see these two meet a wall where they can't get any more heroin- it would be like animals going stir crazy wild. i can only imagine the reasons/excuses she would come up with then for tumblr to send her money or drugs.
i wonder how they met? has anyone found any trace of her parents on the internet? she looks like she's going downhill quick in terms of physical appearance- which is quite a shame, because she does have a pretty face.

No. 153256

File: 1468130500315.jpg (343.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-09-22-53-05…)

Meanwhile, on her main blog, she's whinging about getting teary because it hurts so bad in her uterus.

No. 153257

File: 1468131111594.png (170.06 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Found it for you anon. Their love story <3

Also her parents are apparently both drug addicts or something. She has a picture with her mom somewhere on her blog and she talked about her dad giving her make up, weed, and an iPad in a few posts or something.

No. 153270

Oh god, he really is a pedophile.
I was kinda hoping that they met in a situation where he didn't possibly have know her age

No. 153276

How long have they been together for? How old even is he? Gross.

No. 153279

They've been together for about two years now, I think, and he's in his late thirties

No. 153280

File: 1468135850841.png (278.6 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-24-57…)

No. 153281

File: 1468135940459.png (87.89 KB, 1080x441, Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-31-30…)

How ironic

No. 153282

File: 1468136110776.png (461.16 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-34-03…)

No. 153283

Also If anyone cares, one of her old tumblr urls is funeral1996.
Do what you want with that

No. 153284

He's 34

No. 153285

So she was 17 and he was 32…

This is pretty fucked considering he's nothing but a gross, aging junkie with no future. She has to beg for money online on a nearly daily basis, sure seems like he really "did everything for you" Luna.

No. 153288

thank you, anon. if he was coming over to see her mom he was probably selling her mother drugs. classy! apparently she's still in contact with her parents, so i assume they approve of this older man with their young daughter. they had to have known about his prior drug use and addiction also… which makes this all so much worse. white trash america.
somebody on tumblr needs to link her drug blog under one of her posts with a caption that says, like, "wanna see where your donations REALLY go?" but then she'd flip and change all her URLs. Or appeal to the tumblr community for acceptance for her fucked up life and behaviors and scamming (the junkie/pedo community on there will make tons of excuses for her i'm sure)
wonder what she'll do if her junkie old man boyfriend dies from overdose or something? what is she gonna do? shack up with another older junkie and continue the cycle until she's dead or crawling on the street half dead begging strangers for change so she can get her fix?
what a sad life, i do feel sorry for her. being groomed and manipulated by an older man using drugs and sex.

No. 153294

File: 1468140956516.jpg (363 KB, 1280x1707, 0f7ba326-8354-4ccb-8052-7496e5…)

No. 153295

File: 1468141044433.png (88.29 KB, 419x579, Capture _2016-07-10-03-57-08.p…)

No. 153335

I hope she really means this. I would love to see her get off the dope, get her shit together and actually enjoy being a "normal" 20 year old. Bonus points if she dumps the boyfriend.

No. 153336

Fun fact: she posted this over a year ago

No. 153337

Yeah, should've figured. I know a guy who works as drug counsellor and he told me once that junkies "frequently talk about stopping" but 97% of the time they're just talking out their asses. What a waste.

No. 153354

I think his real name is Matthew Schumacher.
Other old URLs: funeralhome420, lookmomnohead, skwisgaarskwigelf, offthebone

No. 153401

Now she's whining that she doesn't have any money for poke balls for pokemon go.

No. 153413

You only need money for that game if you're too fat and lazy to walk for 5 minutes

No. 153415


No. 153534

Anddddd she's deleted her current journal.

No. 153547


No. 153548

Never mind :(

No. 153549

Thanks anon.

No. 153926

I guess it's convenient for Matthew that she's on heroin now because it keeps her dependent on him. She's said he's the one that cops it for them and he rigs up/injects her most of the time too. So fucked up even before you consider their ages.

No. 153985

It's so fucking embarrassing that she's using this damn Pokemon game and her knee pain to milk sympathy. No ones forcing her to play this game wtf is wrong with her

No. 153987

whats her tumblr url?

lunakitten1996 is gone..?

No. 153988

Yeah, her tumblr is gone. I was not even five minutes on it and poof! Gone!

Her other one is still there tho.

No. 153990

No. 153991

She didn't take down her junkie blog though, you'd think that would the one she'd need to to delete.

No. 153994

You can run but you can't hide bitch, we're onto ya!!

No. 154007

File: 1468271081396.png (39.8 KB, 559x468, jesuschrist.png)

No. 154012

Saging because I'm just speculating but I think she's changing URLs/deleting because she found this thread, but unlike other cows she isn't bitching about it for attention because if her followers find this thread she'll lose her main source of income (getting donations for this week's new sob story's)

No. 154054

I told her about the thread and to change her url. I didn't link it to her. She would be devastated.(Do not interfere with the livestock)

No. 154059

Why the fuck would you do that? Don't tip cows.

No. 154060

If she didn't know about it wouldn't it affect her AT ALL :/

No. 154062

File: 1468283065187.png (400.32 KB, 552x562, Untitled.png)

cherb1996 is her current URL

No. 154063

She already knew about lolcow from her last thread on here. You didn't need to link her.

No. 154065

This anon was probably that ex-friend of Luna's. Btw.. she already knew about this thread. She made a post a while back that someone told her a forum was talking about her.

No. 154078

Looks like she deleted again.

No. 154086

What the hell is going on in her boobs

No. 154089


No. 154099


Exfriend here and no I didn't link her. Other anon stop being a little butch and let us have fun with our cows. If you don't like the site get off of it.
Luna is like Ash in a way, begging for donations but unlike Ash buying food she buys drugs

No. 154113

File: 1468297322308.jpg (44.87 KB, 518x205, addicted.jpg)

When I was a dumb teen I still had enough sense to run from an addict twice my age. She's acting like being a heroin addict is some kind of romantic destiny. That's pretty sad and pathetic but she got what she wanted…

No. 154137

There's also another thread about her somewhere, I forgot where.

No. 154152

File: 1468303128293.jpg (3.2 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1468302992554.jpg)

She used to be pretty cute. I numbered them so you can see how much she changes and what she turned into after she met him.

No. 154157

Wow so she literally chose to be a piece of shit junkie on purpose just because some blog made it look cool.

When she does of an OD or gets Hepatitis it will be a blessing. There's literally no reason for her to not just drop dead. She's good for nothing.

No. 154177

File: 1468308090038.png (220.7 KB, 432x501, 1442277727319.png)

You're a piece of shit. Kill yourself.

No. 154231

oh my god, is she trolling? this is all so gross. it also makes her relationship even more creepy. so basically… her bf was her mum's drug buddy and used to come over to their house to shoot heroin and share needles with her mum. and then he hit it off with her underage daughter who couldn't wait to become a junkie herself and live the tragic tumblr dream. wow.

i have absolutely zero sympathy for her. she clearly had other options but she chose this life and she's proud of it, and yet she strategically keeps up this fake persona on her main blog to scam her followers. why would someone literally waste their life for THIS? i just don't get it.

No. 154254

She looks really pretty in 4. What a shame.

No. 154274

she revels in the fact that drugs made her lose weight and weighing less = being hotter. but honestly she was way better looking before. not to be that ~beauty is on the inside uwu~ person but.. yeah. doing drugs doesnt help your appearance though anyways.

No. 154279

She deleted, again.

No. 154281

She has an Emily Browning thing going on. Shame.

No. 154287


No. 155028

Holy Christ how obvious is the self subbing on this thread? she's a boring as fuck white girl/manatee trying to earn edge points on the Internet by doctoring problems, hardly a rare find on dumblr.

No. 155050

While I agree to a degree, she is kind of a cow in the sense she's glorifying her heroin abuse and scamming her followers into donating to her so she can buy more dope. Then there's her old junkie boyfriend who was a friend of her mom and who started fucking around with her while she was underage. The girl is a mess.

No. 155177

idk i enjoy her the most these days. margos milk has gotten stale and theres not much else going on atm. to each her own anon.

No. 155212

Idk, I actually really enjoy reading/contributing to this thread. Her bullshit lies, filthy life style, and grody fiancee makes for some tasty milk.

No. 155359

File: 1468462007664.jpg (80.91 KB, 526x355, dope.jpg)

He's controlling her usage and since she's addicted that means he has control over her.

No. 155363

File: 1468464333666.jpg (106.58 KB, 1080x1248, 12357472_1709406785958122_1944…)

i'm gonna dump some lulzy pictures from her instagram

No. 155365

File: 1468464434091.jpg (202.81 KB, 1080x1350, 12568356_153030825077529_33993…)

No. 155366

I feel so dirty just looking at her pics

No. 155370

If she had any ounce of intelligence or self respect, she would take this chance to get the fuck out of there, detox, and get better/actually do something in her life. I don't understand the glorification of living in filth, being sick all the time, being broke all the time, and generally having a shit life. The drugs haven't even help her obtain the "heroin-chic" she has hoped for, instead she's a sad, fat, dirty junkie with a mustache.

No. 155373

from what she's said about her home life, being conceived in a meth clinic, living with addict parents and having been preyed on by a fucking drug addicted pervert when she was 17, you shouldn't be surprised that's she fucked. all she's ever known has been needles and filth and fucking men for housing or more dope. TV likes to show you these kids who beat the odds being born into shit lives but those kids are rare. most end up like this poor bitch.

No. 155387

File: 1468466138107.jpg (139.6 KB, 1080x1252, weqrw.jpg)



>posts image to imageboard
>waaaah spaaaaaam

No. 155394

She had friends and a support group outside of this lifestyle. She threw that away to live in filth with a creep junkie 15 years her senior. She chose this lifestyle and glorifies it. It does make me wonder how true half that shit is though.

No. 155398

That's from her junkfuck blog, it was posted about a year ago :/

No. 155400

File: 1468467705315.jpg (107.35 KB, 750x937, 13266824_1600577300255622_1664…)



why are you on lolcow if not to be catty?

No. 155404

File: 1468468466692.jpg (113.47 KB, 1080x1263, 12568113_501401673372855_93393…)

No. 155406

Does she have heterochromia?

threw up in my mouth

No. 155407

File: 1468469158247.jpg (94.38 KB, 1080x1189, 12750046_546414572199384_17582…)

No. 155416

File: 1468470812569.jpg (110.88 KB, 1080x1293, 12728615_1662203170727615_1818…)

No. 155518

What the fuck is wrong with her face and what the fuck is on her top lip?

No. 155536

File: 1468478628039.jpeg (286.13 KB, 1242x1614, image.jpeg)

The amount of disgusting in this photo…..It's almost like a warped "find the hidden images" game.

No. 155554

is that a bloody straw wrapper? bloody tissue? the fuck?

luna pls clean. do it for the kitty.

No. 155614

This poor kitty… :( I wish she'd let it live somewhere else, I'm sure drugs come before cat food and the litter box is filthy. This woman and her fiancee can barely take care of themselves! There's no reason they should drag another life into their shitty ones.

No. 156470

File: 1468790234276.png (12.01 KB, 539x165, 84354.png)

Hasn't something like this happened before?

I wonder what she's going to do when he actually does die from some drug-related condition.

No. 156550


its pretty sad that the only reason she needs him is for dope and the thought of not getting that shit on the regular is devastating her.

No. 156611

It's almost as if being addicted to heroin for your entire adult life is bad for your health. Shocking!

No. 156615

how does someone take the time to put on a full face of makeup like this

and then be all 'pluck my eyebrows?? naaahhh they look fine'

No. 156625

Correct me if I'm wrong epilepsy anons, but aren't seizures one of those "you have one or you don't" types of things? Plus a petite mal seizure, also called an absence seizure, doesn't involve convulsions at all and only lasts about 10-20 seconds.

No. 156647

Judging by the dots of blood I'm going to assume that is some bloody tissue that she was using to stop bleeding from injecting

No. 156660

I'm sure his are just drug-induced or from withdrawal. Googling "heroin seizures" brings up a lot of interesting shit.

There are a lot of things that can cause non-epileptic seizures though, such as stress, alcohol, brain injuries, etc.

No. 156678

His are most likely from heroin usage/withdrawals. You are correct with the fact that they don't have convulsions and can be mistaken for just a lapse in attention. Petite mal seizures are also very high in kids and unlikely but not impossible in a 37 year old male. What she describes sounds like a clonic seizure which is a very rare occurrence in epileptic patients. He is probably continually having drug induced seizures and trying to convince her it isn't anything to worry about

No. 156683

My teacher has epilepsy and had petite mals and it was just basically like a robot shutting down for a few seconds. No convulsions, it was even necessary for us to alert anyone.

No. 156703

I'm pretty sure they're both just suffering from withdrawals. She wasn't getting any donations for a while and only yesterday I think she started posting again. Also she probably changed her username a bunch of times because people probably call her out for lying.

No. 156713

File: 1468829069453.jpg (627.25 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oaf9wusnnW1u313u4o5_128…)

oh the irony.

on her main blog:
> klonopin is the one medicine i ever took that actually helped
> I AM MENTALLY ILL AND I NEED TO BE MEDICATED. that is not something I should be ashamed of.
> today, I feel happy. today, I feel confident. and today, I feel like my future is going to start improving.

on her heroin blog:
> syringe pic
> the only medicine that works.

no girl, a heroin addiction does not count as medicating your mental illness. i hate her self-righteous tone whenever she talks about that shit. nobody has a problem with you taking legit medication for legit conditions. yeah, i get it, the medical system sucks when you're poor but the only reason you have problems getting your ACTUAL meds is because you spend all your money on heroin or sell them to your fucking parents for heroin money. so shut the fuck up.

i also find her shrine-like arrangements of kitschy decorations super disturbing considering they always include that white round box that she keeps her drugs in (as shown several times on her other blog).

No. 156731

File: 1468835395878.jpg (228.65 KB, 996x748, dirtybear.jpg)

Here's a recent comparison between her main blog and junkie blog. All her stuffed animals and bedding look so grimy it makes me want to wash my hands after looking at her pics.

No. 156735

OH MY GOD WHY!!!! That is so fucking gross, imagine the smell.

No. 156738

File: 1468838741611.png (58.4 KB, 300x300, profile_picture_by_rick_and_mo…)

So what you guys gonna do about it? She's around and you prolly won't make her change no matter what you do.

Reveal the way she's conning people, sure. <3

But you're basically acting like you've never seen a junkie before.

No. 156755

the problem i have with her is that she lies to her followers to get them to send her money and gifts (which they still do) by complaining about her hard life and purposely concealing the fact that her and her bf are heroin addicts. and - this is the part that really makes a difference for me - at the same time she runs a blog where she brags about her addiction. she doesn't just keep it secret on her main blog because she feels bad and doesn't want to talk about it, no. she LOVES it, and how edgy it makes her, but she knows that most people wouldn't understand this (for obvious reasons) and wouldn't keep giving her money. and it's almost as if she enjoys posting that innocent cutesy teddy bear pic to her main blog, knowing she also took a pic of that same bear showing off her super edgy heroin for her ~secret blog~.

sure, in a way, this is still pretty standard junkie behavior: scamming, stealing, lying, bullshit, denial… but that doesn't make it less shitty, just like kadee's bullshit is not magically ok because it's a result of her extreme munchhausen's and makes total sense in that context. to be fair though, kadee is actually funny. this girl here is just disgusting.

No. 156759

I'm a bit triggered by all the dirt in this photo. I wanna go clean my desk now, but I also want to get to work on time. How soon before she contracts some terrible infection from needle drug use + all the filth in her home.

Poor bear! Stuffed animals are machine washable. They have to be because they're meant for children, who get into all sorts of dirty. Please wash your animals. (source: has stuffed animals. and cats. and asthma.)

No. 156779

if you look up squalor in the dictionary, there are pictures of luna and her apartment.

No. 156808

using this logic you could invalidate literally any thread.

No. 156812

I've seen condemned buildings with cleaner surfaces than that table. Fuck, the only thing that doesn't look like it's covered in a layer of crud is that white box. Wonder if that's intentional.

No. 156835

Cringing at the Layne Staley badge(?) I think it is

No. 156846

Why would anyone want to do anything about it? She's not going to change, no one is trying to save the world here, we're here to watch how crazy she is. Like her complaining about needing Klonopin which is probably bullshit and she either shares it with her boyfriend to get high or sell it for heroin money.

No. 156860


Honestly, this guy is gross af too. But, I think a lot of it is her. He's been a hardcore addict for 15+ years. I highly doubt he knew what tumblr was or that you could get money just begging on tumblr.

She's been on tumblr for a long time and begging for money because you're too much of a failure to take care of yourself is a long standing tumblr tradition. When she decided to become an addict because it's so ~*~dreamy~*~ she realized her chance right away and began begging like everyone else.

They're both skeezy af. But it wasn't like she was ten when they got together. He probably liked her (as she said) and was just a lonely druggie. And she saw her chance of being able to live the Kurt and Courtney lifestyle that she latched onto him. She's old enough to know what she is doing. She's what? Nineteen? Twenty? They've been together for two years, so she was seventeen or eighteen when they got together. She's old enough to know the consequences and know what she is doing is wrong.

I honestly don't think the blame is all on him. He's drugged out of his mind (has there even been a picture of him where he isn't all sorts of fucked up?) She even mentioned he can't get it up most of the time (being a drug addiction that long and all). I think she's just as manipulative as any other addict.

She's using him to live her drug fantasies out. She was clean when they got together. She's gross af. And it seems stupid af to act like she's some innocent kid who got roped into this.

No. 156870

File: 1468870374578.jpg (40.61 KB, 544x100, YHgdzOL.jpg)

No. 156871

File: 1468870519455.jpg (33.56 KB, 552x127, CR3WOBf.jpg)

No. 156873

File: 1468870879672.jpg (253.96 KB, 499x579, CmYUDGE.jpg)

No. 156877

File: 1468871337624.jpg (120.89 KB, 619x251, VGoi2pI.jpg)

No. 156879

File: 1468871510899.jpg (209.1 KB, 529x437, KevFb1f.jpg)

No. 156880

So now she's smoking crack on top of shooting up?

No. 156881

File: 1468871642778.jpg (145.71 KB, 547x284, l7LzHKg.jpg)

Mini-Screenshot-Spam from the first two pages of her most recent posts.

No. 156882


She will be soon. It sounds like she's blaming a crackhead living next door and dealing for the fact that she's moving onto other drugs to feed her habit because no one donates enough for her to feed the 80 - 100 a day heroin habit.

No. 156952

File: 1468885858835.png (170.29 KB, 700x350, image.png)

-this thread-

No. 156973

sounds like someone needs a relaxing smoke of crack

No. 157004

File: 1468891494010.jpeg (47.19 KB, 628x419, image.jpeg)

No. 157598

the thing that sickens is she takes pleasure in documenting all of this. she has got to like do every drug and know all about it. you know what i mean? plenty of people struggle with drug abuse and feel bad about it, but she's got to document everything. its gross. she wants to so badly be bout that lifestyle. i hope that she actually snaps out of this shit. its painful to see someone ruin their life. i followed her a while back before all of this. i still felt bad for her, but it was nice to see that she was trying to further herself and go to college and improve upon her art. i mean, as a person who has a drug addicted/mentally ill parents- i use that as an excuse to TRY HARDER i mean what the fuck? if you see it unfold before you , wouldn't you want to at least TRY to be healthy in some sense of the word? smoke weed and heal yourself, bitch. hope this dumbass gets caught buy the cops and thrown in jail. maybe she will see that this lifestyle isn't as kawaii as she thinks. i can't believe people are actually donating to her. being skinny isn't going to make her life better. i think the biggest problem is she just thinks that someone should always be taking care of her. she needs a swift kick on the ass and life has a funny way of doing that to you when you least expect it. i don't buy the "poor me" thing one bit. get your shit together!

No. 157627

is that super hans

No. 157733

File: 1469086439045.jpg (51.22 KB, 500x446, passedoutlol.jpg)

She's done nothing to actually treat her mental health and chronic pain issues, she's just thrown a heroin addiction on top of all that. Layne Stanley DIED from that "medicine". All the people she idolizes have suffered greatly from their addictions. Her own boyfriend has seizures as a result of using heroin for over a decade. She has all this knowledge laid out in front of her of what her future will look like if she keeps this up.
She definitely gets a thrill from using and bragging about it, she still thinks addiction is glamorous. Getting arrested could be the best thing that could happen to her right now. It's sad to see someone throw their life away.

No. 157827

File: 1469119336428.jpg (99.88 KB, 540x495, donations3.jpg)

I don't think she takes pleasure in cataloging her life. I think her life is just very boring and her keeping her Tumblrs is a way for her to fill up her days. This is about it: it's just waking up, shooting up dope, stressing about money for more drugs, getting more drugs, doing them and that's pretty much it. Her social interactions are very limited.

Plus she is dependent on her main one for donations so it's in her financial interest to be active.

No. 157833

Does she expect to live off of donations her whole life? I guess she does, but each week it's the same 'nobody has donated please donate' as if she expects people to do this for her forever. She doesn't even seem to be looking into sex work, which would be the expected route for her to generate her own income.

No. 157851


10 pads a day? Either she'd be dead or she uses 1 ply toilet paper to soak up the blood

No. 157854

How does she run out of her food stamps so fast…

Oh wait, she's trading them for cash so she can get high. How she can beg like this and not feel like a total turd I don't know.

No. 157858

I have a feeling she sells her prescription meds too. She complains about hardly getting any donations and prescription meds can cost as little as just a few dollars under insurance. She'd make more from selling those and using the profits for heroin… You know. Her one true medicine. She also mentioned wanting her prescription for Klonopin back and it's a pretty big amount. 60 2mg pills. It's highly addictive too so she wouldn't have a problem finding people to slang to.

No. 157859

File: 1469123810412.jpg (126.47 KB, 611x560, money4.jpg)


On her main blog at one point she did ask for help to set up some kind of nude selling service. She sells part of her prescribed medication (Xanax and klonopin) and part of her donations (possibly from camming/sending nudes). Keep in mind the nudes is pure speculation but could be very probable. I also suspect she boosts things she shoplifts.

She mentions hustling but also has a 'check day', which I imagine is some kind of check she recieves from the state. She often mentions looking jobs, even goes as far as to have one but quits/gets fired for her 'anxiety attacks'. I strongly suspect these are her being super paranoid because of the drugs and having possible withdrawal.

No. 157860


Nah she can't keep a job because she can't go a day without shooting up and crying to her pedo bf to shoot her up at work. That's what the anxiety attacks are.

No. 157892

Am I the only one who gets irritated as FUCK about girls on tumblr begging for donations and posting the links to their wishlist?

I follow a girl who posted a pic of her with over $200 dollars and then not even an hour later asked people to buy her shit from her wishlist? like what

buy it yourself. jesus christ. Why do people on tumblr expect everything to be handed to them? Luna please get a job. It would probably help you in the long run, not just with money.

No. 157987

File: 1469142969367.jpg (19.41 KB, 350x242, 7f38dd111d9cad3e1b30b75864b787…)

"Smoking hard" is her new thing I guess lmao

No. 157994

What a miserable existence

No. 158010

File: 1469146651211.png (71.37 KB, 798x282, Screenshot_2016-07-21-19-19-48…)

Damn dude, she is losing her mind.

No. 158011

File: 1469146799195.png (22.15 KB, 798x157, Screenshot_2016-07-21-19-20-17…)

No. 158012

I feel like her and GInger are just quoting each other and replacing a word or two to make it their own "sad bby trap queen" 'poetry' and becoming more incoherent with time.

No. 158015

What kind of Soren-cum-Kayla shit

No. 158056

so she's smoking crack now? Hooooo boy. we're really gonna see her appearance go down the drain now. I'm so glad we have this thread to document it.

No. 158090

As appalling as Luna's life is right now, it's about to get a whole lot worse. I suspect she's been flirting with prostitution already (just a hunch) but I'm betting soon she starts hooking for real.

This girl is a delusional fool and a brat, but no one deserves such a dismal existence. I'm legitimately sad for her.

No. 158152

Surprised she hasn't been selling nudes or camming, she posts enough lingerie pictures on tumblr

No. 158169

File: 1469206368085.png (636.09 KB, 798x697, Screenshot_2016-07-22-11-57-10…)

No. 158171

Is she doing the crack and horse simultaneously? If so, isn't that technically speedballing?

No. 158172


no technically about it, that's what it is

No. 158180

She gonna die.

No. 158195

No. A speedball is mixing an upper (cocaine/meth/speed) ans heroin and shooting it up together.

You don't shoot up crack.

In fact a ton of junkies shoot dope and then smoke crack because it counteracts the excess nodding so you can actually enjoy the high.

No. 158199

That's how my uncle died. Took speedball at a party, accidentally overdosed and then died because no one wanted to call the cops.

A speedball is super dangerous.

No. 158233

Idk man I lost alot of weight when I was doing dope… I think it was from not eating and puking every morning…

I never hoenstly got bloated until i got clean.

No. 158235


No. 158236

Lookit those Orangutan tits

No. 158239

Yeah leaving uncapped needles around is good

No. 158245

File: 1469245954308.jpeg (300.04 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

I find her complaining about how addicts are people!!!! to be funny. I'm pretty sure someone else's ignorance wouldn't kill you unless you were in their care. And I'm pretty sure it's your own ignorance killing you. And she has insurance and has the money from selling her meds to get help. But she gets dope instead. What a reach.

She also loves being poor so she can use it as an excuse to do drugs. She simultaneously acts like its her predetermined fate to be an addict blaming being poor, blaming mental illness, blaming her parents and yet she says her boyfriend isn't to blame for her heroin use. She did it to herself! She wanted to try it and begged for it and fell in love!

Dude pick one. Is it your fault or nah?

(Hint: it's your fault)

No. 158501

i'm pretty sure layne staley died from speedballing? if he didn't cross luna's mind at all when she tried crack i'll be astonished

No. 158512

That poor cat look at the filth it has to live in! She took a photo with the cat food in which I think is weird as fuck.. Is it a special occasion feeding the cat?

No. 158514

Honestly for them it probably is, since they spend all their money on heroin and now crack. Feeding her cat is probably the last thing on her mind.

No. 158551

So, now that she's buying crack on top of heroin, I wonder what she'll do once she realizes that begging for donations isn't gonna cover these drugs daily? As another anon said, prostituion seems to be looming in her immediate future. A lot of prostitutes that work on the street are addicted to crack. Helps them stay awake, alert, makes them enjoy themselves. It's a nasty hole to get into. Wonder if the boyfriend is smoking crack too or if he's just sticking to H?

No. 158608


"She also loves being poor so she can use it as an excuse to do drugs."

That's just retarded. No one loves being poor because being poor fucking sucks. It sucks especially hard when you have an expensive addiction, like she has. Yes, she flaunts her poorness so she can panhandle more money from stupid tumblrinas -but if she wasn't poor, she wouldn't need to. She'd just be high and artificially happy all the time with no need to find excuses.

Besides, who really cares about the people she scams money from? I'm not saying she isn't manipulative asshole because she is. All addicts are. But you have to be fucking idiot to actually believe someone who has one expensive emergency after another, especially if you know she'd doing drugs. A fool and his money are easily parted.

No. 158612

I guess I see your point. It was a bad choice of words but she does love to flaunt it. I mostly meant she does have the means to get out of being poor or at least as poor as she tried to make it seem but she doesn't. I understand that addiction is terrible and hard to overcome but I can't feel sorry for someone who chose to give up her future.

You are right though. I don't actually care about them giving her money. Just confused about why anyone would be so enabling of her while she's admitting that she's an addict and glamorizes her "lifestyle." There are so many basic things she could do to make being "poor" not so bad and even save money here and there.

Something as simple as oh… Idk. Learning to cook? She has the Internet to turn to for resources but she doesn't. I can't see how she doesn't at least prefer to stay the way she is if she doesn't love it. She doesn't have to work for anything.

No. 158627


As a general rule, I agree with you here. There's just this complication. So yeah, there's plenty of stuff she could do to improve her situation, like cooking as you mentioned. It's just that opiates tend to make you really lethargic and apathetic. I mean, we're talking about someone who doesn't bother to put clean underwear on for a lingerie shot.

So, she's either nodding or going through withdrawal and neither of those are very productive states of being. This trainwreck is only going to get worse, unless she actually gets sick of the lifestyle.

I don't feel sorry for her either. No need to feel sorry for manipulative assholes. Opiate addiction is hard to overcome -at least when it has gotten that bad but it's entirely possible. However, you have to really want to quit and she doesn't. Too much in love with grunge-esque drug romantic and heroin itself.

As far as enablers go, I don't know what's going on in their heads. Maybe a mixture of naivete, wanting to feel like a good person and finding her lifestyle appealing in some way?

No. 158805

File: 1469376077202.png (673.01 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She changed her URL again. She also changed the URL to her junkie heroin blog too.. I can't find it. Pic attatched is a recent tumblr upload… Can anybody give a good guess as to what the fuck this is, really? I don't believe a word that she says/types. This is unlike any kind of "scratch" I've seen before.

No. 158807

He probably got somewhere where he injected heroin infected by accident. I'm not surprised, didn't his girlfriend post a picture where the cotton she used was super grubby? (Besides the fact they basically live in filth.)

No. 158808

her heroin blog is still junkfuck.

No. 158809

Looks like cellulitis due to laceration of the leg to me. Cellulitis is common I'm IDVA users like him. I can see the car story having some semblance of truth.

No. 158817

She's always trying to make him seem like a good person when he gets in predicaments.
"Oh he was arrested for going to a black lives matter protest!!"
"He was trying to rescue a homeless cat!!"

No. 158838

guuuuuh look at how FILTHY those purple bedsheets are…holy shit.

No. 158847

These two live in a den of filth. Literally everything… Including them.. Is covered in a blanket of grime and dirt. The sheets look like they have shit/body fluid stains. And these people are in there with needles and drugs, nodding out, fucking, puking, bleeding, probably pissing and shitting themselves. Not to mention the boyfriend's open leaking festering wounds and continuous seizures. This is truly some sick, sick shit.

No. 158856

I'm no expert but is there a chance this is a big ol' abscess from an infected injection site? Too disgusted to google. There are some decent veins in the thigh when the other more conventional ones have started to collapse/are in too obvious a place.

No. 158871

What are the odds that an infected cat scratch could turn into that? I'm no expert either but I've heard of people giving themselves thigh injections.

No. 158874

I want to burn all that bedding now, it's too far gone for any washing machine to save.

No. 158887

File: 1469388637992.jpg (226.67 KB, 600x600, (1).jpg)

this is how they're supposed to look… RIP.

No. 158889

mmm i can't tell whether that's necrosis or just dried blood he hsan't cleaned up properly on the right, sexy.

my word these two are so revolting.

No. 158896

fucking nasty, they're both just revolting, how can she think this is glamorous?

No. 158909

I don't think a cat scratch would end up with a circular access like that. The shape would be more oblong wouldn't it?

I've used the word glamorize in this thread too but I think she romanticize would be more accurate. Her drug use she glamorizes but her situation and ~struggle~ she's romanticizing. If he dies she'd be one step closer to being Courtney Love.

No. 158915

No cat would be better with them than on the streets

No. 158922

reading her ~heroin blog~ is so surreal, she's 20? and she says that she doesnt give advice but half of it is showing her drug tools and saying how she gets money for it. disgusting.

No. 158991

Lol that's a fucking abcess if I've ever seen one.

It could be from a cat scratch considering they prob haven't ever changed their cat box so its claws are covered in bacteria but he was prob trying to hit his fem. artery

No. 159102

I've seen something similar to this before…my friend was 20 when she started dating this older scumbag who had a history of drugs and arrests. She had a bunch of "HE DINDU NUFFIN!" stories too.

No. 159191

Those abscesses are directly above hs femoral arteries, you're right. She must have some obsessive compulsive cats for them to scratch him in the exact same spots on both of his legs. Sure Luna, totally believable.

No. 159300

the first picture of the wound literally looks like an old porn star´s anus holy fuck

No. 159331

anyone else humming the requiem for a dream theme? even her bf is unoriginal.

No. 159341

Saging because irrelevant but noooo that film destroyed me, fucking Sara Goldfarb. On topic though I'm surprised she hasn't tried to incorporate Marion's character into her identity (at least not to the point of it being obvious) & quoting Selby jr. She also hasn't really said much about Burroughs who to me seems like babby's first junky novelist.

No. 159472

File: 1469535162722.jpeg (74.72 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

And how exactly is her man taking care of her…

No. 159556

"I don't want to be independent" aka I'm happy to leech off the poor fools who do not know better & donate to me while I sit around all day "numbing my mouth with hard" etc & have some half-arse DDLG relationship with my increasingly gross, infection-riddled boyfriend.
She often complains on her blog that other girls try to flirt with him (hard to believe) - I do wonder what would happen if he just upped & left but I suppose then he'd have no one to cop for him.

No. 159560

>She often complains on her blog that other girls try to flirt with him (hard to believe)
Some girl might get flirty for a drug connection but that's it. He has nothing else to offer!

No. 159577

Yeah, I second this. Another girl just like her who wants to sucker up to an older man because she wants his drugs. We don't know anything about this guy, but she does seem to be quite the little manipulator. I'm sure she'll drop him soon enough, or she will, once money and drugs stop rolling in.

No. 159982

File: 1469589632080.png (3.83 KB, 551x72, suchdepressedartist.png)


>“suffering/stung out” artist stereotype was reserved for men but it matches me, a woman, just the same

my god it's like andrea dworkin's (already questionable) prose on crack. also pic related made me wince because it's all so cringey.

No. 160971

Lol she deleted her drug blog AGAIN she must be reading

No. 160995

File: 1469666691535.png (519.9 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160727-174016.png)

Wasn't the infection from a "cat scratch "?

No. 161013

So I've been pretty deep into my own drug habbits over the years. I'm currently kicking my dependance to Suboxone (Sub WD's are super whack btw) I've got a few other things lying around that I could totally post on Tumblr for free notes I guess but I just can't imagine risking that. How do these people sleep at night? lolTBH i'm slightly jealous though. I want to be part of a community! lol

No. 161014


That's how River Pheonix died too. Speed balling.

No. 161016

Obvious newfag. Nobody cares about your life and you're pathetic for saying that you wanting to be part of a community of scamming junkies.

No. 161017

Hahaha she can't keep her lies straight, oh the inconsistency. Saging cause this post contributes fuck all.

No. 161025


Not that this is even worth clarifying, but I simply meant an online community in general, not necessarily the Tumblr junkie one.

No. 161161

File: 1469707024035.png (14.6 KB, 518x219, ughhh.png)


No. 161186

Her drug blog is now junkfuck00. You need a password for it though. I hope no one donates to her.

No. 161193

How is her boyfriend's dad being in the hospital relevant to her money woes? Are they leaching off of him?

Also gauze is SO FUCKING CHEAP. I could scrounge through my couch and probably find enough change to afford gauze.

>implying she'd spend the donated money on gauze instead of drugs

No. 161220

They live with the dad.

Also, if she passes off heroin as medecine, you are fully right in assuming any kind of medical equipment would qualify as well for drug money.

Her drug tumblr is gone and I have't figured out her new one yet. Does anyone have it?

No. 161238

I guess that gaping hole in Matt's leg makes it too difficult for him to score. She sounds hysterically desperate

No. 161254

File: 1469726358237.jpg (155.7 KB, 517x651, more.jpg)

She took a short break from the begging but it's back now. She claims they're getting cut off from food stamps. Add in the father in laws health issues. I know it's a pain to travel a bit to the SSI office but wouldn't that be better than whining about not getting a single dollar off your tumblr friends? That "medicine" she's so fond of does nothing to help her knee issues either.

No. 161312

It's junkfuck00. It's password protected. Probably because she's afraid of being exposed while begging for money.

I don't even think going to the SSI office would do them any good. They'd have to have worked and paid taxes to collect money right? My understanding of SSI from the letters they send out is that the taxes they collect from you working will help pay for when you are retired, or unable to work. It doesn't seem like her or her boyfriend have worked enough at all. I hope this doesn't count as blogging but even my mom in law with three kids has gotten her food stamps/ebt cut. I'm not sure why exactly but I'm pretty sure they don't just give you the same amount through out your entire life.

Glad the government isn't enabling her.

No. 161315

I wonder if anyone can guess the password? I remember some anons managed to guess Soren's when he password protected his blog…

No. 161551


you can try:

No. 162101

Tried them all and a few others. Haven't gotten in yet.

No. 162121

Hmm…something involving needles or the name Kurt Cobain? I wish we knew her grandmas name she seemed close to her.

No. 162220

Yeah I tried that too. Still nothing. :/

No. 162222

No. 162224

Bernie Sanders… why am I not surprised ?

No. 162264

Hella fat for a herion addict, nice try champ ;)

No. 162691

File: 1470186156057.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160802-175951.png)

If she was actually starving she would buy more than just a fucking pan dulce and bagels. Why not rice, beans, canned foods? Bitch needs to get a fucking job.

No. 162693

>so u can see where ur donations help me
bitch they're donating to help you pay your rent and "get antibiotics for your lamprey looking boyfriend's infected black lives matter cat scratch needlemark", not to eat massive slabs of cake

No. 162698

The irritating thing is that she'll probably OD & cark it before she gets off of her fat arse and gets an occupation as opposed to wasting the money of people who are too foolish to realise where it goes / are too fucking stupid to stop enabling her. Shame, really. I can't imagine having such little self respect.

No. 163172

File: 1470354331278.png (946.25 KB, 755x1069, Screenshot_2016-08-04-18-50-29…)

She looks like shit.

No. 163173

File: 1470354756382.png (40.25 KB, 798x322, Screenshot_2016-08-04-18-53-08…)

must be nice eating cake, laying in bed all day everyday in your filthy covers, watching shows on your iPad, shooting heroin and smoking crack, receiving gifts like everyday if your birthday. Stupid ugly cunt, i wouldn't even mind if she OD'd to be fucking honest

No. 163174


Fucking hell

Even Courtney Love had more class!

No. 163175


She wants to be the girl with the most cake tho

No. 163179

Holy shit & in the tags for the top post of that screenshot she's all "donate if you can", not even a nicety such as "please" in sight. My god, she really is a shameless scumbag.

Also her constant butt-licking of Layne Stayley is ridiculous, as if she thinks she's on par with him. I don't even like Alice In Chains but at least he actually did something productive for a bit instead of lying in his pit ~smoking hard~

No. 163182

File: 1470356799452.png (682.44 KB, 797x946, Screenshot_2016-08-02-14-55-58…)

No. 163185

And so it begins. She literally looks like she's dieing now and she will die if she doesn't quite smoking crack and shooting up

No. 163187

File: 1470358523523.jpeg (487.67 KB, 1280x1707, image.jpeg)

>I just wanted to add to my post before, my apartment is disgusting. the landlord visited two days ago and hasn’t committed to fixing ANYTHING. my apartment is clean and has no food out (cos there is no food but anyways) there are roaches every night. when I turn on the light at night I see them scatter everywhere. yesterday I found a smaller one floating dead in the sink. today I found a bigger one floating dead in the sink. I am literally too afraid to go to the bathroom after 8-9pm because of the roaches.

>besides that, I don’t have a working shower. I don’t like to admit to this because it’s humiliating. I haven’t taken an actual shower in months, I wash myself in the sink. my landlord hasn’t committed to fixing this.

The original post is longer but she's been complaining about her landlord not fixing anything and telling her to clean her apartment. I don't blame them for not wanting to step foot in there.

She can try to blame the land lord all she wants but her boyfriends been living there like 10 years and it looks like they trashed the place. Delusional. How long until she gets evicted?

No. 163188

What pisses me of the most is her oblivious followers who reblog her sob stories.

No. 163190

File: 1470359386228.png (611.67 KB, 798x1017, Screenshot_2016-08-04-20-14-20…)

No. 163192

that's a precious kit kat :(
poor little dude has to live in that filth

No. 163193

that's some ember grade neck sucking

No. 163195

It's the crack cocaine

No. 163196

She's going to do herself a mischief if she keeps that up - suppose it'll give her another medical issue to beg donations for.

No. 163197

i think she's absolutely squatting in a filthy old building (because trainspotting aesthetic) and her landlord is fictional. the fact that her boyfriend has lived in such awful conditions for 10 years is hard to believe, even though he does look as if he only had two working brain cells and is oblivious to almost everything.

if it is true i feel bad for her father in law, suffering with heart issues and healing from surgery (if any of that even happened of course). nobody convalescing deserves to live like that.

No. 163200

Pfft, yeah right. That's from being a filthy junky using dirty needle. He probably collapsed his arm veins by now.

No. 163205

This looks awful holy shit. That filthy playboy shirt, the waaaayy too small leggings, and that tacky purse. What a mess

No. 163221

It was interesting of her to mention in one of her posts how she injected herself when in prior ones her bf did it for her. She might be using at a higher rate now

No. 163226


I want to steal her cat away and give it a better life. I don't usually get emotionally invested in internet stuff, but dammit, that poor poor cat.

No. 163245

>"wonder what she's dreaming about"
About a better life far away from you probably. Honestly though, that cat looks like an angel. I feel so bad for it.

No. 163254

even her cats look dirty. poor creatures

No. 163259

it'd be more impressive if she posted a picture of all of the other groceries. which she didn't buy. lol.

No. 163271

This. If she spent $3 on a slab of cake as a consolation prize for her shitty life after buying $37 worth of beans, rice and noodles… sure, that's understandable. But we all know it didn't happen.

No. 163403

I'm surprised loved ones of hers haven't called in an intervention. When is enough, enough? Someone needs to give her a big wake up call…BEFORE SHE DIES. Anyway it's disgusting and only a matter of time before everything falls apart.

No. 163409

Begging for donations now because her "father in law" had to go to the hospital for stomach pains. Says she needs to go there to find out what's going on. She has a fucking iPhone. Call them? No one should have to pay for your fucking cab ride while her bf has money to cab to the Bronx every day to sell dope.

No. 163432

File: 1470443779977.png (2.17 MB, 1439x2432, 20160805_173430.png)

My boyfriends dad is going to the hospital but let me take a fucking selfie like the garbage I am.

No. 163435

can someone inform this bitch that her father in law isn't her father in law and also the world does not fucking revolve around her?

according to luna the only people who love her are her boyfriend, mother and "father in law" and two of them are also junkies. the likelihood of an intervention is slim to none unfortunately.

No. 163630

File: 1470503612393.jpg (220.34 KB, 548x987, lunadonationsfraud.jpg)

If I am correct, I think she needs USD 40 per day at the very least for heroin. With her boyfriend being an addict, it adds up to 80. She has talked about 120 being the perfect number on her now password protected junk blog. In it it she also mentioned her father giving her 200 a month as spending money. I didn't get to screenshot that post, sorry.

I took these screenshots of her two Tumblrs. Note the date and the time of the posts. Everyone had guessed it, but when she has no drug money her begging starts. And as everyone also guessed, her mystery sickness is of the withdrawal variety.

No. 163634

File: 1470504559808.jpg (24.55 KB, 362x314, tumblr_obgb5wKhbA1u313u4o1_400…)

I don't understand people who say shit like "I HATE THIS PICTURE UGH" and then still upload it to the internet for everyone to see

No. 163635

File: 1470504811309.jpg (90.62 KB, 500x625, tumblr_obet1e9F1j1u313u4o1_500…)

No. 163641

I agree with your point, however, in this instance, she's referring to her father in law hating this picture…which is a shitty thing to do considering he's sick (and she has also uploaded a pic of him being carried off by stretcher to an ambulance so she can beg for more money to get a "taxi" - nice). Sorry, but when loved ones are sick, the last thing I think of is to take photos like this of them without them knowing to upload online for pity points and donations. No shame.

No. 163642

Sorry wasn't wearing my glasses kek

No. 163648

…Does she have a flying spaghetti monster tattoo or am I seeing things?

No. 163649

She hates it because it's not a full picture of her and it has a sicker person than her as the focus.

No. 163654

File: 1470514485036.jpg (143.91 KB, 580x873, daniel_johnston_012.jpg)

Haha, no, it's the cover art of a Daniel Johnston album. It was popularized by Kurt Cobain after he wore a shirt of it.

No. 163662


So she's had 2 months to get that shower fixed which according to her "isn't very expensive". I get that junkies are selfish but you'd think improving the living standards for all 3 of them would be more important than drugs, especially when she's "caring" for an elderly person in her "home".

No. 163664

File: 1470518185538.png (216.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-06-16-14-02…)

c'mon guys, she almost has enough to buy her and her bf a fix. donate if you can pls

No. 163675

>>I need money for food, to visit him, for medication like heroin and for other things around the house like heroin kits for the kitchen and the bathroom.

>>Roger is an important member of my family and I value his health, but he needs our help right now so if you could send on $80 for us to get high enough to forget he's in the hospital that'd be great.

Fixed it!

On a serious note, she's so fucking entitled I can't believe it. The "despite the severity of this situation that I've attempted to emphasize, I haven't even gotten 60 bucks total". Where's the humility? Where's the gratitude? Just "I need money again and if you don't help me out, I'm going to post about how awful you all are despite knowing my situation". People aren't money trees and she pulls this "Gimme gimme gimme" schtick each week.

No. 163677

"I've only gotten about four small donations…:

YOU UNGRATEFUL FUCKING CUNT. I fucking hate this bitch more and more every day. I want to save her cats and flatten her hovel. I wish she would just get fucking arrested already and have to through horrendous withdrawals.

No. 163683

What gets me is that she seems so exasperated that she's only gotten 60 bucks from strangers on the internet. It's like she thinks other peoples wallets should be flowing for her constant tragedies. There's been no talk of her getting a job recently, I'm sure Roger would be appreciative if she did that.

No. 163685


Jeeze-oh-Pete, her lips are so chapped and gross! And her lipstick just accentuates the nastiness.

But I guess that's no big deal for someone who lives in filth.

No. 163694

The sad fact is that she probably won't ever get arrested. I'm under the impression that she stays inside the apartment all day while her bf deals and brings back the drugs he buys for her. So the only way she'll possibly get arrested is if the "love of her life" gets arrested first and she has to slither out of her apartment and do something for herself for once.

The fact that she manipulates everyone, even her bf so she can stay safe, and (most importantly) high is even more revolting. Like most addicts I have known in my life at least have a job or get the drugs themselves, they don't put their significant other at risk to buy their shit. Even if he is a drug addict as well.

No. 163715

File: 1470533041947.jpg (96.53 KB, 525x350, addicts.jpg)

Yes she's so open about her addiction that she has a separate password protected junkie blog so she won't get called out by the followers she want donations from.

No. 163717

So if she's not a scammer how does she afford her addiction? Does she have receipts proving she's using the money legitimately? If she has nothing to hide than she should be able to prove she's using the money for medical bills.

No. 163739

File: 1470545772834.jpeg (33.37 KB, 400x300, image.jpeg)

insulting someone for being an addict is blatant ableism

This bitch, I swear to god…

No. 163765

From her instagram
>>> update on roger. I thought this was just gonna be a one nighter but they're saying he's gonna be here for days. he may be eternally bleeding. please donate to my PayPal, lunaslater@gmail.com if you can. I want to be able to see him daily but it's expensive. I want to bring him food. we need food. the cats need food. please help if you can, I love this man so much. he's a wonderful person

hehehe eternally bleeding

No. 163886

She chose this life and how dare she talk about addiction as if it's the same as a disease like MS. She has admitted she chose this life. I don't feel sorry for her. Who the fuck are these people donating to her even?????

No. 163896

I can understand that addiction is definitely a disease and that a lot of people who want to get better like, biologically are not able to at all? Because of how much drugs have fucked up their system. And they're still people and a lot of them are victims of abuse or are struggling with mental illness. It's a really complicated package deal that is hard as fuck to fix. Personally I've never seen the point in being hard on them or degrading them for what's happening in their lives. Just on a general level, ya know. Ultimately I just feel bad.

But this bitch lmao…. she literally said she's always wanted to be a heroin addict because she thought it was cool. Also she doesn't want to get better and she's a manipulative liar who's SCAMMING STRANGERS a lot of whom are underaged. When addicts are quietly dealing with their own shit and are struggling to get better then fine, wow, that sucks I wish people would give you a break and stop dehumanizing you. But this girl doesn't clean her apartment she doesn't take care of her pets she's lazy she's selfish she doesn't want to get better and she's blatantly screwing people over to pay for her drugs. She brags about being an addict she brags about documenting it she brags about her smegma encrusted pedophile daddy getting her into heroin like. If people think you're a piece of shit addict it's because you're a piece of shit. Realistically she was selfish manipulative garbage even before drugs lmao. Her crying about ableism like people don't hate her for shit that goes beyond her addiction is yet more proof of how much of an awful person she is.

No. 163938


I wonder if she has ever stopped to think about the total amount of money she has received since people started donating to her. Does she not realise how much money that actually is? They could have made life better for all 3 of them but instead this is the life they choose to live.

I just wish she'd gain a little perspective and then maybe she wouldn't bitch about complete strangers not giving her enough of their hard earned money.

No. 163942

She keeps on posting how she wants to bring food to Roger or whatever. Do hospitals in the US not feed their patients? I know hospital food sucks, but isn't it worse for his heart if she brings him shit food that contains lots of fat/sugar/salt?

It makes me sick to my stomach that instead of trying to get a job or sell art or anything like that she just sits on her butt and tries to get strangers to give her money on the internet. She doesn't even want to put in the effort to pan-handle in the street?

And like if he's in such dire condition you think she would at least do that, right? But no. She doesn't want to do anything.

No. 163943


you get fed. the food isn't 5 star amazing but its there.

No. 163944

Also she wants to try and break the stigma around junkies being bad people, but she's not really making her case. The reason why drug addicts get a bad rap is because they drain their family and other people around them emotionally/financially/etc. If she really wanted to break the stigma and stereotype she would at least try to be a functional drug addict or at least be nice, maybe take care of themselves a bit, show some responsibility? And not be a manipulative, ungrateful person who is most likely lying about needing money from her followers every week? Also, how about not glamorizing your addiction by posting photos of your needles and set-up?

I'm all for people not being censored and having a journal/diary blog where they can talk about their mental illness(es) publically, but there's a difference between people talking about their eating disorder, anxiety, drug addiction and posting photos of self harm, anorexic girls, and needles full of smack.

sage for double-posting.

No. 163953

Not only do you get fed but it's a dietary necessary that no one brings in any outside food to patients because something could exasperate their condition. If you're hungry you just page your nurse.

No. 163991

If Roger is in the hospital for GI issues, he'd be on a specific diet. ESPECIALLY if he has, say, a GI bleed. She shouldn't be bringing him food anyways.

No. 163994

He's going to get fed way better in the hospital than he does in his own home. Bonus: no roaches!

No. 164243

Her friends dog died and she's making it about herself. "I'm really sad honestly this dog meant a lot to me"

No. 164258

File: 1470704939576.png (70.41 KB, 524x414, Untitled-1.png)

why ya lyin'?

No. 164262

I can't wait for her to go into withdrawal and see her posts get more and more desperate.

Maybe then she'll finally realize drug addiction isn't something she wants to have. And than of course she'll have to go to the hospital and be a burden on the medical system.

No. 164267


why is she acting like they send you a bill every day when someone is still in the hospital? she's acting like collectors are banging down her door while roger is still hooked up to an IV (if he's actually in the hospital)

No. 164283

"i haven't gotten a single donation today!!!11!!"

what an absolute piece of shit.

No. 164295

File: 1470725011442.jpg (58.05 KB, 402x500, 1311948270220.jpg)

She uses her addiction as a shield from criticism. She pretends all of her shittiness stems from her addiction, and of course the addiction isn't really her fault (obviously her mean ol' boyfriend made her be a junkie). In reality, she's a scumbag who just happens to think being a dope fiend is glamorous and thus went out of her way to become an addict. Even if she was totally sober and always had been, she'd still be ungrateful, lazy, self-centered trash.

>smegma encrusted pedophile daddy


No. 164383

File: 1470767511066.png (11.99 KB, 505x127, dfgfg.PNG)

upping the ante i see. seems to have "lost" her food stamp card. what unfortunate timing.

No. 164397

Case Managers and Social work make sure people without transportation have it available for the patient to get home, you don't just give someone papers and kick them out. Even ERs give out cab vouchers. Try again, bitch.

No. 164403

She's now saying the doctor told her to bring outside food because of his low weight. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN. They would feed him higher calorie meals or higher protein/liquid nourishment. She's so fucked up

No. 164439

File: 1470779125355.jpeg (91.63 KB, 744x573, image.jpeg)

Maybe clean your goddamn sty? (Actually that's p insulting to pigs.) I've heard of people having any infestations but this, if true, is ridiculous & also revolting. Where's the self respect?? I'd be embarrassed to admit this if it was me.

No. 164440


her followers must either be total idiots or non americans to actually believe that shit. tbh they probably don't since she's only gotten 20$ worth of donations.

No. 164441


if its that fucking filthy her cat probably has fleas, tics or worms.

No. 164442


>literally no food, starving

>drinking a sugary drink

pick one

Also there are food banks literally in almost every town that has a decent population. If she's really that starved she can get off her ass and walk to one.

But we all know that she has food and has her food stamps, but has no dope money.

No. 164443

I actually feel so sorry for her cats being stuck with a pair of selfish, disgusting scumbags. They probably aren't being fed - she prioritises smack over most things, why not the cats? I just wish there was something that could be done.

No. 164451

File: 1470783379758.png (265.97 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160809-154640.png)

No. 164455

so glad for this thread yo. i thought i was the only one sick of her shit. ive known her for a while and it's crazy how much she begs

No. 164465


if the cat comes up missing i'm 100% sure she prob sold it for some dope money or traded it for dope in general.

No. 164466

File: 1470788562301.jpg (74.37 KB, 490x535, ugh.jpg)


>I haven't gotten a single donation today. not even a dollar.

Does this bitch literally just expect her tumblr followers to fund her junkie lifestyle for the rest of her life? How fucking self-entitled.

No. 164467

Under her tag "howl1996" on tumblr she's being called out by at least two blogs daily that post screenshots and commentary, calling out her scamming and her lies. They haven't gained much momentum, I wonder if she has seen them yet? They mention her junkfuck blog too. Looks like people aren't as dumb as you think Luna. We all know you're taking the piss out of every situation in your life. Get help.

No. 164471

i know at least one of the blogs mentioned that Luna blocked them. they claim to be receiving tons of messages from people who are talking shit about her

No. 164476

why hasn't anyone reported her paypal?

No. 164506

I just want to save her poor cats

Hate her most recent Rodger post. Of course the paramedics took him out not walking. You don't call an ambulance if you're walking also it's liability that they put you on a stretcher/chair but probably couldn't fit one in her gross house
She can take a damn bus. In her area she has 2 mayor hospitals near her both are accessible by. $2.5 bus ride but of course she needs a taxi for her fur coat wearing self.
They're not giving him xanax if it isn't prescribed who cares if he's been taking it for so long. And yes they're right that they wouldn't give anxiety meds and pain meds to a guy with a heart condition

No. 164643

theyre probably also on medicade or medicare and if you can't pay - you can't pay and the tax payers pay it or the hospital takes the loss.

theres so many things available to help people and if shes as ~poor as she says then they legit have nothing to worry about in terms of doctor bills. Bye bitch

No. 164661

Wondering if it's even legal to do what she's doing on PayPal? Technically donations but idk…

No. 164685

i just read this entire thread….. i feel like i need to take a long shower…

No. 164694

Hospitals get reimbursed for medicare patients. Taxpayers however, do not.

No. 164743

File: 1470879787646.jpg (17.9 KB, 206x366, 9X2jbXq.jpg)

This just on her instagram gotta cover up those track marks

No. 164750

her hair looks like she didn't wash it for weeks

No. 164807

Can't her blog be reported since she's a scammer? I mean she's basically lying to people, some.even under 18, so she can support her drug habit of heroin and crack.

No. 164816


It might very much be the case. According to her howl1996 Tumblr, they don't have a working shower so she has to catwash by the kitchen sink. She complains about the managment not doing their job, but I suspect they also have something to do with it: not being home when the supervisier is coming over or them not letting them in since they keep their drugs well out and about.

As in the space next to the bed was littered in needles and other paraphenilia. You know, the kind of place where their pets walk around.

No. 164845

not from the us, so i'm not sure what it's like there, but don't the tenants have some kind of responsibility to maintain their place to at least some standard? it's one thing if there's no running water or huge cracks in the wall, but can you just let your place go to shit and then expect the landlord to fix everything for free? where i'm from for example, you are liable for the shit you clearly cause yourself, like if your place ends up being moldy and infested because you trash it and never open the windows etc.

i wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot more to this story than just the landlord "refusing to fix things". considering her junkie bf has been living there for 10 years, all of which he's been a junkie (she's bragged about him having "15 years of experience" or some shit), it's fair to say that he's likely been letting this flat rot away for all this time. plus, the place is covered in needles, blood and probably cat shit. if my place looked like that, i probably wouldn't let anyone in either.

a lot of junkies live in filth because the drugs are more important to them, that's just part of addiction. and eventually, their life and surroundings become worse and worse and they just keep doing more drugs to forget about it. i'm sure luna has clear moments here and there where she realizes how shit her life is and then posts about it on tumblr. but i think most of the time, they're just high and don't care and only bring up the state of their flat, which they've clearly caused themselves, for pity points and to get dumb teenagers to donate more drug money via paypal.

No. 164875

People usually get kicked out for squalor. Depends on the landlord. Some are super picky and will warn you about the lunch dishes still being in the sink or a newspaper not neatly folded up. On the other end there's landlords that don't give a fuck unless the health department, social services and/or animal conrol gets involved

No. 164880

She deleted the updates to this post entirely because too many people were debunking her bullshit. She replaced it with a new one.

I really want her to suffer from dope sickness. I bet her junkfuck blog is littered with whining about how she can't score right now.

No. 164900


Anyone here knows her junkblog ? I would love to take a look

No. 164910

I think it's junkfuck00, but it's password protected. If you find out the password let us know, I want to see what she's up to as well.

No. 164934

im trying to see if i can get the password will update later

No. 164948

maybe they pay rent but since her bf and "father in law" have lived there for so long its still really cheap. i'm guessing they just don't want to pay to have stuff fixed that they've wrecked. also her father in law being older and sick could make a landlord feel guilty for kicking them out.

No. 164957

Ha. On her main blog she's posted a whole load of selfies, including one where she says she's went for a walk.

I guess her knee/leg is feeling a lot better!

No. 164962

Cane post incoming!

No. 164975


"you giouys i really hate to do this but i was walking outside to get away from the swarm of wasps that invadded my apartment my landlord threw a pot of soup on me and pushed me down the stairs and the hospital matt's father is in burned to the ground. its been 3 seconds and i've only gotten 40$ please donate. i'm so scared!!" #please reblog #i need more money than that!

No. 164987


I'm willing to bet the landlord is either a good friend of Alienface or Roger, or a junkie himself. Either way he's shady as fuck and doesn't care to do any repairs. I don't get how Luna feels comfortable or safe in such an environment. She's surrounded by shady characters but too high to leave. Hope she does leave tho, sobers up and never looks back.

No. 165021

she cut herself.. relapsed on self harm.. she said she was gonna do it and then she did it yikes lol

No. 165023

can't really say I have any sympathy for her tbh

No. 165068

I don't know what you're expecting from someone who has absolutely no self control.

No. 165072

i don't think she even did it because she hasn't posted a picture of proof yet to make her followers feel sorry for her.

also she's going to the emergency room tomorrow so gird your loins for a new e-begging spiel

No. 165073

File: 1471004428717.png (425.92 KB, 479x661, do ur tits hang low.png)

the lady doth protest too much, seriously.

No. 165074

h-how old is this girl?

No. 165079

twenty, apparently. i know this because when lurking her blog every now & then for lols she JUST HAD TO MAKE SURE everyone knew, alongside begging for presents through the medium of wishlist. (i thought gifts were often supposed to be a surprise.)

No. 165082

WHY are her boobs completely flat and sagging so badly? wtf

No. 165090

Those tits are disgusting lol I'd do drugs if I had those puppies too. Looks like she had three kids

No. 165099

Variation. Every body is different, anon

No. 165100

Holy pancake tittles

No. 165104

>wearing a rosary
Also that dress is super stained and makes me feel dirty

No. 165105

Everything she owns is stained.

I usually don't like making fun of poor people, but she literally could get a job and be able to change her situation(even if it's illegal). Also I'm sure that where she lives there's a laundromat. It seems like a low-income area. So she just needs a few dollars to be able to wash her clothes.

Also, she's now complaining of shoulder pain and she says she's going to the hospital. Obviously trying to get a painkiller prescription to help her with the withdrawals she's been having because people having been donating to her bullshit cause. She may even sell it on the side to get more money to buy heroin.

No. 165109

true but at 20 you shouldn't have the tits of a 60 year old

No. 165136

She says she's lost 50 pounds on the heroin diet, the way her boobs look after weight loss isn't something she can control. What she does have control over is putting on a damn bra.

No. 165137

Can't be a Doherty-tier glam junkie without a rosary

No. 165242

This cunt literally says all the time she can't get a job or do anything because her body hurns and she can't walk but she can go out for a stroll anytime she wants. She even posted pictures before that she was put playing Pokemon .

No. 165244

File: 1471050734057.png (321.98 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160812-181103.png)

No. 165249

See? This bitch even gets a social worker for FREE if she would just take her head out of her own ass and think about her future for a second.

Fuck Luna, seriously. I hope your withdrawal is the worst thing on the planet for you and that your drugged up pedophile "love of your life" OD's or gets thrown in jail for the rest of his life.

No. 165404

I don't know how much good that social worker would do with his creepily begging for a "cleaning party"

No. 165408

This person obviously has a wet dream about being a social worker. One of the first things you learn are you are not a clients friend.

No. 165439

I do agree with filing an APS but Luna isn't going to take help. She said she's tried doing methadone and didn't work.

No. 165443

I think he's either got some kind of hero complex or just wants to get into those hello kitty granny panties.
Oh why, Luna, why won't you let this complete stranger who says he's a social worker vacuum your carpet?

No. 165471

thats a gross image. i assume her panties are as dirty as everything else. but compared to copping in the bronx, i don't think cleaning with a stranger is a big risk for her, comparatively.

No. 165506

File: 1471160378281.png (11.6 KB, 525x215, lousy200dollars.png)

I know this is an old post of hers, but here's a mention of that money I mentioned in an earlier post.

I think her dad has always sent her money and probably still does, so she's used to handouts. She probably is so used to getting money for nothing it is self evident she should get donations from strangers.

No. 165510

Wasn't she 19 here? She's legally an adult and he doesn't owe her any kind of an allowance., let alone $200 a month for doing nothing. What an entitled brat. It's no wonder she thinks she's entitled to all the money she scams.

No. 165549

>she said

unless there's actual proof she did this, i don't believe a word of it. why should luna try methadone and get help to recover when it's the legit manic pixie junkie life she craves?

No. 165588

File: 1471189547406.jpeg (153.42 KB, 741x962, image.jpeg)

Reposting because I fucked up the comment

I just find it so strange that she seems to think she's the only person who has any of these issues, or if she doesn't then she certainly seems to think she's got it the worst. Professional victim.

It's not like people are going to be walking to work or doing outdoor labour in hotter weather is it? /s

No. 165592

if i remember correctly, she said she didn't do it to recover but because they couldn't get heroin. and they got it from an old man who's on it as part of a recovery program and saves his dose by soaking it up with a piece of cotton in his mouth and then sells it or something. god, i feel gross even typing this.

tbh, i wouldn't be surprised if she jumps on the recovery bandwagon at some point (if she doesn't od and die). addiction recovery is not as hip as ed recovery, but it does give you asspats on tumblr and instagram, and she could set up a gofundme for ~therapy~ and stuff. god, i probably shouldn't give her ideas.

if i had to predict the future, i'd say that at some point her bf will die of an overdose or an infected abscess or whatever, and without him, she'll have no other choice but to get clean. it already shows how desperate she gets when he's in the hospital because no matter how tough she acts, there's no way she's going out to the bronx by herself.

No. 165596

"that's not just me hating heat, that's literally dangerous"
I see her complain all the time about these "dangerous" situations she's a victim of, how she's afraid for her life. Has she ever stopped to consider that doing IV drugs is a danger to her life? Idk why so many addicts enjoy the drama of toying with their life

No. 165599

~ But being a smackhead is romantic and getting all sweaty and gross (despite me resembling God knows what due to my lifestyle) is not ~

Nah but seriously I completely agree, the cognitive dissonance is strong with this one. It'll be DANGEROUS when she starts shooting into her femoral artery, gets necrosis and ends up with crotch rot.

No. 165652

I want to fart in her mouth

No. 165666

omg the 'social worker' is such a creep, like cmon man just gawk from afar like the rest of us. and really why does luna hate her dad so much like all the abuse she can remember is being slapped once when she was being hella annoying? just a dad like him, right. i bet he lectures her cos she's on a horrible life path and it's uncomfortable for her to hear criticism so therefore fatherly advice = abuse.

No. 165674

File: 1471211432346.png (575.17 KB, 612x570, 259434.png)

she's not taking issue with hanging out at her evil father's apartment

No. 165677


"lol" she's gonna get it when he dies…..ooookay

No. 165680

She'll inherit it as reparations for her ~tragic~ abuse

No. 165681

Lol there are prescription bottles in her new clean apartment pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if "evil dad" is helping his daughter detox from dope

No. 165687

that part is so fucking gross. she is ridiculous and impossible to have sympathy for despite whatever sob story is being presented that day.

No. 165691

So the poor little lost soul stands to inherit a midtown Manhattan apartment. But guys, she REALLY needs that $20 to bring Roger some cake because the hospital isn't feeding him.

No. 165693

So daddy's apartment is right on 43rd street. She "needed" to take a cab from Grand Central. For those of you not from NYC, Grand Central is on 42nd street.

No. 165695

I thought her parents where apparently junkies?? That really doesn't look like a junkie apartment lol

No. 165696

Apartment? More like Dastardly Dad's den of evil. I feel so terrible for her.

No. 165706

I think her mom is as she was friends with her now junkie boyfriend. Her father isn't, I think that's why she hates him tbh, he seems normal and probably was pushing for her to do something with her life aka "being mean" to her.

Honestly I really hope she doesn't get that apartment and her father lives a long healthy life. She'd just trash it and beg people for money to pay taxes and bills on it. She's so awful to her father, she doesn't deserve to leech off his hard work.

No. 165711

Mere speculation but I think her dad might be recovered. She was ~ conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic ~ after all.

No. 165713

File: 1471221237434.jpeg (106.81 KB, 750x740, image.jpeg)

Sage for double-post.
Thought so.

No. 165714

It sounds like her mom was a heavy user but I think her dad was a pill popper and probably "threatened" once to switch from oxycontin to shooting up

No. 165718

She has a "true crime" blog. It's reb96

No. 165746

File: 1471228243543.png (926.85 KB, 720x1152, Screenshot_2016-08-14-21-29-44…)

No. 165750

File: 1471228865178.png (193.74 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Here's a list of the shit her dad has supposedly done.

I'll admit he sounds verbally abusive but I don't get why she won't just stop talking to him if it's really that bad. He's gotten her things like make up, an iPad, weed, and money. And she's under his insurance. I'm really curious about what he's really like.

I mean, I could list all the shit my parents have done wrong and it could sound abusive as heck too but it's not that bad in reality. Although that hep c story is pretty bad.

No. 165752

I'm not buying the hep c story. Considering she was an infant when this happened, she probably got the story secondhand from her mother, who sounds like as much of a hot mess as she is.
The fact that she keeps bringing up the story about getting smacked for pretending to be a cat when she was 7 over and over again makes me think she probably doesn't have that much sob story material when it comes to abuse.

No. 165756

Maybe her father is a jerk, but who really knows because she's obviously an compulsive liar as we've seen in many of her posts. She makes posts like this with outrageous claims, but the guy's actions now seem pretty supportive in comparison to everyone else in her life. My dad was an asshole when I was a kid sometimes too, stop crying about the past and grow the fuck up. She just has an extreme victim complex. No one "made" you take drugs Luna.

No. 165759

these just sound like shit that you do when you're, i don't know, a drug addict going through a bad time lmao. is she surprised. "only a dad like you" you fucking cunt there's people who are worse than this who are completely sober. he hit you when you were little and you scam people out of money to support your drug addiction. plot twist: you're both trash because you're both drug addicts. you're no better than him. let's see what you're like around a child when you're going through withdrawal before you try and spread some sob story like you're not a terrible fucking person yourself.

No. 165763

Honestly, if a 7 year old was pretending to be a cat and drooling on me like a damn toddler, I'd be pretty pissed off too, even sober

No. 165765

Her dad really is a completely abusive shithead. I talked to Luna some about it a few years ago when she was clean and sane. He screams at her and guilt trips her nonstop for manipulation. It looks like he does give her a monthly stipend of some sort that she uses on dope, but it really seems like knowing how he is that he's using it as leverage to manipulate her.

I'm pretty confident he's a narcissist of some sort. My dad was extremely physically and emotionally abusive. It was hard for people to take me seriously when I reached out for help because from the outside he seemed like a (somewhat) normal guy. And it's incredibly hard to cut someone out of your life and go no contact with them forever, even if they treat you very badly. It's really not that easy.

Now I'm not defending Luna's actions because she is still a POS manipulative junkie, but that doesn't mean her dad isn't abusive as shit. Hell, she probably learned to manipulate people so effectively from watching him her whole life.

No. 165768

If he really is, she should cut him off. It seems like her desire to get things from him (especially the apartment) is the only thing that keeps her in contact with him. I wonder if he's so shitty if he's lying about owning the apartment? What if he dies and it turns out he owes money on it or it's just a rental…

No. 165771


That could play a part, but I remember it took me years to cut my own father off. It's a mix of being under their control (and not even fully consciously realizing the extent of it) and not wanting to lose a parent, which is a very strong primal instinct that is very hard to overcome. My therapist told me that in going no contact with a parent you are forced to mourn the parent you never had, the loss of the parent you SHOULD have had growing up.

Facing that fear directly is something not everybody can do, and it often takes a very long time to work towards. I am proud of myself for doing so, but even though he was an abusive piece of shit with no soul I still miss him.

Abusers aren't abusive 100% of the time, they even have endearing qualities sometimes. That's the part that makes it hard. You cling so strongly to the few good memories you have, trying your best to make them fit the concept of a parent you've always heard about. It makes you look at them and say "See?!? Maybe they're not so bad…they did thing which was actually really nice. They must have goodness in them somewhere, I just need to stick around/help them and more of that goodness will come out." But it's a trap. It's called the abuse cycle. It's a lie and a sham and takes a whole hell of a lot to break it.

Again, not trying to defend her actions. I'd just hate to see this kind of understanding applied elsewhere, as it only fuels the fire that makes it so hard for the abused to find help. But yeah Luna sucks.

No. 165774

She already doesn't understand how the hep is contracted so I'm doubting this completely.

No. 165776


I think you wrote down why cutting someone off is difficult very well.

And as you said in >>165765 having an abusive parent does not excuse her present actions as an adult.

I find it frustrating how Luna herself creates all of her problems. She was enrolled in college and whereas I know her poetry and art isn't everyone's cup of tea, I would have been interested in seeing how it would have changed during time at uni. She dropped out in less than a month, she never really gave it a fair shot. She literally left school to do heroin with her boyfriend.

Luna self sabotages and blames the world for it.

No. 165787

Luna has had an on and off relationship with her dad. He tries to support her but decided to cut off most ties but its kinda hard when she is your kid once she decided to shack up with this boyfriend. She's had a boyfriend before then a girlfriend and her dad was getting tired of her woe is me shit.
Yeah he yelled at her a lot but my parents would too if I decided to fall in love with a drug addict

No. 165793

No. 165794

File: 1471250668686.png (17.55 KB, 520x92, Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.43…)

looolll!! wooww This is just embarrassing to read.. you WISH people would compare your relationship to kurt and courtney!! it's not other people drawing those comparisons, it's you Luna.

No. 165797

File: 1471251556981.png (69.18 KB, 526x293, Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.58…)

for someone who hates people who romanticise addictions/celebrities with addiction, she SURE LOVES ROMANTICISING ADDICTION!!

No. 165809

>>implying no one but heroin addicts are capable of feeling loneliness, misery, love, devotion and mood swings and can't express that in music in a similar way.
>>implying these feelings that only true heroin addicts possess are genetic and only true heroin addicts can relate to music made by other heroin addicts

I'd love to see how'd she react to the music of some unknown after telling her they have a heroin addiction (when they don't in reality). No doubt she'd wax lyrical about the tragic beauty of heroin addiction and how it clearly makes one's art more profound than that of non-addicts.

No. 165819

oh so it has outdoor space too, on 43rd? i hope he rents and she doesn't inherit shit. though most buildings where tenants own, not rent, have a board of directors. i could see them kicking her out within a month, at the most. and if he does own, an apt on 43rd WITH a balcony is worth 7 figures, unless he leaves her a mountain of $$ too (and she didn't shoot it in her and lurch's arm) she'd lose the apt so fast bc the property tax+maintenance would be a lot.
id watch for it to go into foreclosure, id get the best cash deal for it when she starts going into withdrawal.

No. 165829

That was even worse than reading through junkfuck

No. 165837

File: 1471267144541.png (33.46 KB, 539x127, shitfriendships.png)

Not sure I'd say it's worse but it definitely adds to the picture of how messed up she is. It's like she has a complete aversion to admiring anyone who hasn't fucked their life with drugs or killed innocent people.

I'm a little offended on behalf of the friends she used to have before she became an addict. Not down for going on killing sprees? Shit friendship then!

No. 165853

That's all assuming her addiction doesn't kill her first.

>>I'm a little offended on behalf of the friends she used to have before she became an addict.

What about the girl whose dog just died and Luna posted multiple pictures of on her social media claiming she was so sad about the dog dying? She clearly has friends, but wants to paint the picture that her addiction makes her ~* so misunderstood*~ and friendless that she'll throw anyone under the bus for pity pats online.

No. 165856

That she says she'll get it when he dies makes me think he owns it.
I hope he conceives a hundred more children on a hundred different staircases and she has to fight all of them for that apartment.

No. 165872


LMAO let the junkie games commence

No. 165876

She could be assuming he does or if he is abusive/manipulative like people says he could be lying about it, it would be good leverage to keep her hanging around.

How does a junkie/recent ex junkie afford such a nice apartment in an area like that? I feel like she might be lying too?

No. 165878

In NY rent controlled apartments, when the tenant dies, isn't it allowed that a next of kin can inherit the apartment at the rent controlled price? I know in San Francisco it's a big deal because it doesn't transfer so families lose their housing overnight.

No. 165919

File: 1471284155301.png (165.75 KB, 720x1155, Screenshot_2016-08-15-12-59-38…)

oh, 100% the last time she'll ask for money for this matter. okay. sure.

No. 165937

I love how she literally expects her expenses and those of her boyfriend and his father to be paid for by other people's money that they worked for. At least some of the other cows (Chris Chan) make things to sell or give, as shitty as they may be. She does nothing but beg and act entitled. I mean she literally begs for money for every single situation. Ice cream, food, "medication", drugs, rent, hospital bills, basic necessities. Sickening.

No. 165943

Yes, that's true re Nyc rent controlled apts, but I doubt that's the case here unless the apt was originally Luna's grandpas. And considering dad was an active addict while she was a kid, unless he did an amazing 180 and became very successful, he wouldn't be able to afford such an apt. Average to rent a 1 bedroom in midtown is $1800-3900.. To buy a nice apt on 43rd? It's in the millions.
Unless he's extremely lucky and got an apt in a nice building via the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. Actually, if he completed some drug program and a case worker filled out the application for him, that scenario is very possible.

No. 165973

File: 1471297061101.png (272.73 KB, 720x1156, Screenshot_2016-08-15-16-35-40…)

but wait, there's more

No. 165980

File: 1471298228336.png (162.27 KB, 793x501, Screenshot_2016-08-15-16-22-23…)

She is so fucking weird lmao

No. 165981

File: 1471298260762.png (117.03 KB, 798x568, Screenshot_2016-08-15-17-00-28…)

No. 165982

She blatantly steals from her dad and acts like that's totally okay

No. 166024

It's totes okay if he's abusive right?

No. 166039

honestly , i don't think she's trying to make herself appear friendless. I think she just genuinely has no friends. She doesn't seem to ever leave the house.

No. 166045

>okay guys i swear this is the last time i'm going to beg on behalf of roger…

>guys they forgot to charge up my foodstamp card

No. 166047

Oh wow, while we all already know she is a piece of shit, this is pretty bad. How are you going to talk about how "abusive" this guy is, while acting the way she does. She brags about the things he provides for her, but wishes he'll die so she can have his apartment, openly brags about stealing from the man even though he gave her gifts for visiting. Maybe he's a bad person, but she's making it really difficult not to sympathize with him over her.

No. 166048

Is it just me or is weird how specific this is?

>black people

>not other minorities
>bisexual people
>nobody else in the LGBT community

I'd understand if they were the ones that were mostly ignored by "rich white feminism" but I'd say anti-black racism was called out a lot more than racism against other minorites and transgender people are usually the ones left out of certain branches of feminism.

No. 166056


And she's just stealing for the sake of stealing. Why would a 20 year old need anti wrinkle cream? And coffee beans when she doesn't have a coffee maker?

No. 166057

I barfed at her post about "all the celebs I luv died from heroin okay" ….you dumb bitch. Okay if it's so bad then how would she feel if her bf died? Goodbyeeee. Wow about to do some witchcraft on this dumbass cunt.

No. 166061

I'm sure she steals when she's out too. Make-up, food, etc. But given her appearance, it's probably not easy because she looks like a junkie/homeless.

No. 166082


she stole from people's bags at her last job, she steals shit from people she hangs out with all the time. she's totally a thief and it's awful

No. 166085

File: 1471323674313.png (1.81 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160815-215942.png)

It's not even a for sure thing she'd get the apartment.

No. 166086

"beautiful apartment" but she chooses to take a photo of…. the ashtray? uhhhhhhhhhh

No. 166088

>>166085 woops thought it said, "im going to try to inherit this place".

No. 166089

At the rate she's going, her dad might outlive her. Even if she did somehow inherit this place, there's no way she'll be able to hold onto it.

No. 166091

~ so Kate Moss heroin chic ~
I thought people got past the whole "look, look, I smoke!" thing when they were about 14.

No. 166094

post more from her fb i need more exclusive luna drama

No. 166100

File: 1471329676473.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-24-11-33-58…)

old pic of when she fell asleep w a lit cig in her hand and woke up w her and her bed on fire.. watch it'll start happening again this winter. double post sorry im going thru my phone

No. 166101

She can't afford a new mattress, how much you want to bet she still sleeps on this one?

No. 166102

File: 1471329840824.jpg (464.89 KB, 960x1280, http://40.media.tumblr.com/bdb…)

lol what a flattering picture let me post this on the internet

No. 166104

File: 1471330053199.png (262.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-19-21-30-13…)

old poetry

No. 166105

File: 1471330201954.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-04-01-36-31…)

i luv ur big scareolas bb

No. 166106

Never forget. This ought to be a fucking banner.
>11 inches feels so good, ur age feels so good
Lana del Rey who?

No. 166136

The next sylvia plath everyone!

No. 166164

Who the fuck has EVER said "i love ur big areolas" holy shit

No. 166202

File: 1471363889184.png (361.51 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160816-090955.png)

She also begs on Facebook. Also, she didn't even say anything after she supposedly went to the ER. I thought for sure she'd try to ask people for more money because of it.

No. 166240

Probably overcompensating because compared to Matthew she's a 10.

No. 166253

Luna wishes she was even 1/64th as talented as Sylvia

Luna's a washed up 20 year old her ion addict who sits on her ass and reblogs stuff on tumblr all day in her filthy insect-infested room

No. 166254

It's weird because she's literally a privledged white girl
I agree with you that she's stealing merely for the sake of stealing and she's being really grimy about it (stealing from your dad? Really?) but there's no reason not to use wrinkle cream in your early 20s.

No. 166281

File: 1471383962735.png (510.77 KB, 798x690, Screenshot_2016-08-16-11-31-51…)

my favorite

No. 166282

File: 1471384003744.png (Spoiler Image,898.46 KB, 798x1125, Screenshot_2016-08-16-11-36-02…)

No. 166285

Jesus, what the fuck?

No. 166286

She has the body of a woman easily twice her age and with three kids. Good god.

No. 166288

File: 1471385022995.png (729.61 KB, 798x1009, Screenshot_2016-08-16-17-05-31…)

No. 166337

jesus fuck leave it out

No. 166341

i'm pretty overweight but every time i see a picture of luna i thank my lucky stars that i don't look like her, my GOD it's bad

No. 166343

File: 1471398596517.gif (1.98 MB, 400x225, 1462482840971.gif)


No. 166347

Can tie dem tiddies in knots they're that low.

No. 166348

Luna, plz, a bra.

No. 166354

File: 1471404945588.png (783.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-16-22-35-06…)

even better

No. 166357

Why does she do her makeup like chavvy girls did in 2009..

No. 166361

Legit looks like a chavvy Brit

No. 166373

File: 1471410971839.jpg (29.52 KB, 623x563, 13925232_10153986026459958_556…)

candid pic of luna

No. 166374

a stunning work of ort

No. 166386

Her skin is so bad oh my god what the fuck. She must have some degradation kink going on, or she's just really mentally ill. I've seen hardcore junkies who looked a thousand times better than she does.

No. 166393

Now I don't feel bad about myself

No. 166406

File: 1471429197540.png (302.03 KB, 533x411, Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.19…)

No. 166407

wonder if creepy ol' man mathew knows shes puttin his dick pics on the internet. doubt he'd care though, really.

No. 166415

File: 1471432284482.gif (27.72 KB, 357x200, 200_s.gif)

>I get glitter on u sometimes and it stays there for days
Considering they can't bathe properly this made me feel really ill.
The baby girl aesthetic she was aiming for here pic related
That foundation is pooling in her pores. She just slopped it on and didn't bother to blend.

No. 166416

Sometimes I wonder what Kurt Cobain or Layne Staley would say if they could see this shit

No. 166417

Please get your eyebrows threaded, wax your upper lip and use a sponge for your foundation :( I'm seriously triggered by this omg. Also wash yourself before applying makeup PLEASE

No. 166418

File: 1471434618953.png (204.96 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Not really relevant to Luna per say, but this callout blog for her is a nutcase. I'm pretty positive they're the reason she locked her drug blog

No. 166419

File: 1471434820138.png (205.81 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Sorry for samefagging but here's the rest.

No. 166423

It's hard to believe she's so young

No. 166431

Why the fuck would they have an opinion on her?

No. 166461

I think he'd hoof it to the Bronx nude as long as his supply of smack stays steady. Junkie knows what's important!

No. 166463

Didn't Luna say that both Roger and Matthew are junkies? I thought his heroin habit was likely the cause of Roger's health issues?

No. 166464

i really don't think roger's a junkie. been following her for like 6 years and ive never seen mention of it. but you know what they say–no such thing as an old junkie. if he is an addict it's probably scripts

No. 166470

Who, Ginger? If I remember correctly, I think she and Luna are kinda friends? Or at least Luna is a big fan of Ginger.

No. 166474

Luna uses ginger as #inspo and even has a #ginger tag, I think. She'll occasionally make a comment on how much she'd like to be friends/ginger inspires her, but ol ginjy never reciprocates.

No. 166477

File: 1471455170944.png (626.67 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-17-12-38-35…)

Her boyfriend has another gross infection

No. 166479

it's always this rod that's in his leg that's fucking him up and never shooting up mystery junk into his leg veins once he's blown out all his arms

No. 166480

Not a blood clot. Cellulitis; something that IVDU's will get from injecting. Try again, Luna.

No. 166481

File: 1471457486041.png (274.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-17-13-09-43…)

they treat her like shit in hospital cos she's in there every other week w IV drug related issues! nurses are not stupid!! they know whatsup no matter how much u lie thru ur teeth. and obv he's a creep.

No. 166491


I doubt they're the reason, there were two other luna callout blogs before this person started posting about/taking an interest. One blog has gone as far as to message tumblr users boosting Lunas e-panhandling.

No. 166492

New drinking game: Take a shot every time this wannabe social worker mentions Oreck

No. 166493

I'm not convinced that the two main callout blogs are two different people. They both have the same types of grammatical errors from not being a native English speaker (one confirmed that he's French)

No. 166494

do you have screenshots of those asks? her tumblr tag isn't turning up much except for the few people who've been calling her out for a while

No. 166496

She already deleted the photo of her boyfriend's leg, lol. Glad I got a screen shot.

No. 166497

they're both french, but the witchycrankypoo one is more than one person. i think witchy is a little better at english than sobrietymybestenemy because i talked to him and his english is def not as good at witchy's (who i also talked to) also i'm like 90% sure the main couple people who post on witchy are women

No. 166498

File: 1471466006620.png (1.01 MB, 824x1200, Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 4.32…)

#tbt to this gem ……… jesus christ

No. 166499

I wish someone saved a screenshot of my favorite junkfuck post.
A standard sized plastic bag filled with dope baggies and accessories captioned something like "oops lol no drug problem herezz"

No. 166540

Why? Why post this? God.

No. 166547

Rub it right into her big areola!

No. 166550

"like the most expensive lotion" reminds me of some shit Ginger would write.

No. 166552

File: 1471492125862.jpeg (39.31 KB, 750x233, image.jpeg)

No. 166566

This is such a blasé way to address heroin addiction. If she didn't plaster her rig all over social media I would think she was just roleplaying.

No. 166567

I'm so pissed. I actually lacked enough brain cells at one point (I was in an extremely bad place) that I sent that scammer a care package, containing something that meant A LOT to me. Fuck.

No. 166571

Why would you send some nobody on the internet something that meant a lot to you? Bad place or not.

No. 166635

If it makes you feel better, I came pretty close to giving her stuff out of pity. And then I saw her amazon wishlist and it was all tacky clothes and makeup and random cutesy trinkets. You'd think someone with her claims would have stuff like shelf-stable foods or cat food or even soap and detergent on their list, but nope

No. 166638

File: 1471533042757.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, absolutely disgusting.jpg)

No. 166736

File: 1471567648411.png (107.35 KB, 798x516, Screenshot_2016-08-18-19-49-57…)

No. 166748


At least she didn't lose her figurative hairbrush!

No. 166766


I lol'd

No. 166767


>nit enough

Oh no no no dear, you have MORE than enough nits.

Dat louse-infested junkie aesthetic~~~ Ugh.

No. 166790

seems like this thread is getting to her

No. 166843

This thread is absolute garbage full of self posts. It's not even subtle.

No. 166845

>i'm so tired of my body not working

hm, maybe it's got something to do with you injecting it with shitty drugs daily? just a suggestion. this might also be the reason you "look ugly" and never have any money. but hey, at least you're able to ~produce art~ now that sober people couldn't. good for you i guess.

No. 166846

Holy shit, even her poetry is self-centered.

She describes her own hair, eyes, tits, thighs, and areolas.

She describes his dick size and nothing else.

No. 166881

?? I'm pretty sure Luna has never even seen her thread, let alone post in it.

No. 166886

i'm sure one of her followers has messaged her about this. i mean she changed her url many times and made her junk blog password protected. and has mentioned she doesn't feel safe on her blog anymore. i wouldn't doubt she lurks

No. 166889

File: 1471629538385.png (440.32 KB, 798x1220, Screenshot_2016-08-19-13-02-58…)

No. 166891

sounds like someone needs a job

No. 166919

I don't understand why she takes it upon herself to pay for her bfs medicine and stuff with her bfs dad. Normal people pay their own way. But I know she's actually just getting as many pity points as she can.

I don't know how someone can just beg every day for money, every day with new issues. She doesn't even consider working a job or even working part-time if she still wants to be lazy.

No. 166920

File: 1471640100293.png (345.41 KB, 746x1110, Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.54…)

you know she begged again on facebook despite saying that she wouldn't do it again?

No. 166921

and re: the sexual assault.
i remember when it happened she posted about it all over tumblr. it was really not that bad, a couple of scummy dudes touched her ass (and even that's debatable knowing how she looks). i highly doubt that warrants insomnia years later….

No. 166925

lol wow, she's so pathetic. i love how her fb posts are getting posted here haha, you can't escape, luna!

her personality has always been kind of repulsve/attention whorey. i knew of her back in like 2011 when she was a fatty and went by the url skwigaarskwigelf

No. 166985

I wonder Matthew and her relationship is really like.. They're dope dating and ive never seen that go well. Im sure he manipulates the hell out of her and she does everything she can to keep him happy but he never is. Karma is a bitch! Haha. I hope she's dopesick AS FUCK tonight! ?

No. 166986

If she was that desperate she would do camming or even look for a job? I like how none of her posts are about not hearing back from job interviews or handing cvs out. im waiting for her to set up a go fund me…

No. 167127

File: 1471708815199.jpg (82.67 KB, 500x559, tumblr_oc6lhol2zG1u313u4o1_500…)

I know I've said it before but I just can't get over how nasty her bedding is. I don't understand how you can keep uploading pics of that without realizing how filthy it is.

No. 167129

Maybe a dumb question, but has anyone tried reaching out to her with ways to help besides money? Yeah, some cash would help her in the short term (not that anyone wants to give this scumbag a cent) but if she could learn some skill or something she could maybe learn to depend on herself for things. I think she's a shithead but she's still very young and she's really fucking up her life.

No. 167165

Just some creepy wannabe social worker who keeps trying to get her address so he can "give her an Oreck"

No. 167168

I imagine she's so used to living in filth she thinks people won't notice

No. 167169

it's a ~Dirty Grunge~ aesthetic

No. 167173

it probably hasn't been changed since her cat was projectile vomiting/shitting for some reason or another

No. 167175

File: 1471730021881.jpeg (108.2 KB, 750x894, image.jpeg)

Instead of money, some people send positive vibes.

No. 167187

Ew. My 91years old grandma has a nicer body

No. 167201

File: 1471736653998.jpg (127.36 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_oc7yxupMUa1u313u4o1_128…)

This nasty bitch should clean the boogers n shit off her mirror before taking selfies. She's so disgusting I almost cant believe it. Maybe she has really bad eyesight and doesn't see all the little bits of grossness?

No. 167207

She doesn't wash herself, why would she wash a mirror? She lives in absolute filth and sleeps in covers soaked in vomit/blood/feces.

No. 167247

Did she ever mention why she had to go stay at her dads house? She was only complaining that she had to. Strange.. She posts almost every other little detail but never why she had to stay at her "horrible, scary" dads house…

No. 167262

one also sent dental hygiene advice that I'm SURE she'll take

No. 167267

She should accept this gifted "oreck" and pawn it off for drugs.

No. 167269

don't give her any ideas

No. 167341

I guess I owe Luna and Raven a big "thank you". I've been so triggered by pics of their filthy living spaces that I've cleaned and scrubbed my own home until it is positively gleaming!

No. 167346

Same. I've OCD and every time I see a picture of her nasty ass room, it makes my skin crawl.

I guess I can understand overlooking/not caring about all the filth when you're fucked up out of your mind all the time, but doesn't she ever have moments of clarity when she's not high and she takes a good hard look at the stains, the pet hair, the god knows what everywhere?

No. 167433

And in a shocking and unexpected turn of events… no food stamps for another 7-10 days!
I hope it's true and they cut them off. There are plenty of people who need food stamps and aren't terrible people

No. 167436

no food stamps = begging for more donations = heroin $ = actually no food

No. 167442

File: 1471810470952.png (347.62 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-08-21-16-12-27…)

This is a blatant lie. Food stamps don't work like this, they're not like visa gift cards. If you lost your card they would issue a new one connected to your EBT account just like the bank would.

No. 167479

this bitch

No. 167484

she always has "0" dollars. shut the fuck up, luna, and spend your money on food first before your fix. and stop begging and expecting things to be handed to you

No. 167503

File: 1471834260729.png (358.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-21-21-46-55…)

sleeping medicine doesn't work like it used to… lmfao im dying. wait ur trying to tell me that it's possible to build up a TOLERANCE to DRUGS??? wait that great feeling is fast fleeting?? fuck im fucked better stay on it for the next ten years just in case it starts getting good again i don't want to miss out.

No. 167511

I'm inclined to believe someone must still be donating to her despite a recent smear campaign on her tumblr tag. Is she hoping to loop in more stragglers? Who is dumb enough to send her "$20"

No. 167515

Food and cleaning supplies. Hey, vinegar and baking soda are covered by food stamps even.

No. 167523

people are def still donating to her. unfortunately, the vast majority have no idea about how she spends her money, i'm sure. she'll never stop bc she always suckers one or two kind souls in who take pity on her lazy ass. she posts for them.

No. 167531

This is such a stupid comment. Yes Luna is a broke drug addict with absolute shit taste, but just because she's dirt poor doesn't mean she can't have an Amazon wishlist full of crap she could realistically afford one day? Get your head out of your ass anon.

No. 167553

File: 1471848799190.jpeg (85.24 KB, 750x745, image.jpeg)

No. 167639

I don't get how they don't realize how obvious it is when they keep repeating a specific dollar amount. Reminds me of a junkie on my commute to work who always "needs just $2.50 for a train ride home". Did I mention he does this ON the train?

No. 167641

I don't think feeding an addiction under a false guise is what people consider help

No. 167645


I want to go buy new sheets thanks to Luna. I can't though because I paid bills and bought food so I have to go on using sheets I washed so many times that they're faded and dingy…

No. 167646


>curve people like you like a rainbow

What the fuck does curve like a rainbow even mean?

No. 167649

to curve someone means to reject them, so curving someone like a rainbow is just this person trying to be a smartass because rainbows are curved

No. 167652

Lol, fucking weirdo, at least she posted and tagged that ask so now everyone can see it, including Luna.

No. 167663

File: 1471894775526.png (560.03 KB, 798x945, Screenshot_2016-08-22-14-27-34…)

She just received a hairbrush, deoderant, and a stupid hello kitty sushi kit, and now she's screaming. Must be a real joy to live with this brat.

No. 167686

What a lovely gift… for a 5 year old

No. 167695

people are too nice to send stuff to such a shitty person

No. 167704


They're fucking suckers.

No. 167708

why is there a huge black hair on the lotion already jfc shes so groudy

No. 167710

I see nail polish, a scented perfume bar, lip gloss, lip balm, and what looks like three different creams all in that picture. And that's just what I can pick out.

This girl doesn't need presents. She doesn't need any more shit. She needs to get a job, get off heroin, break up with her gross junkie old man boyfriend, move in with her father and CLEAN UP HER LIFE. I'm sorry for a-logging, but it makes me genuinely angry how her life is flushing away like dehydrated piss down a shower drain.

Her "mental illness" isn't an excuse. With proper help and motivation, anyone with a mental illness can live a meaningful and productive life. She chooses not to, and that is entirely her own damn fault.

No. 167720

I think she already had some of those things you mentioned but they were probably presents too. She gets a lot of presents from her followers and your right that it's not what she really needs. If anything it just encourages her to do nothing and expect everything to be handed to her.

No. 167723

Must be her sea creature boyfriends hair. Egh.

No. 167731

If she was as starving and as desperate as she makes out then she wouldn't have them things because she would of tried to sell them already. She's just an entitled brat

No. 167732

She doesn't need all that crap she is receiving, but it makes me happy to see that instead of money, her followers are sending her shit, like literally shit, that she can't buy heroin with.

No. 167738

It looks like she took down her most recent tumblr plea for money. I wonder what this means.

No. 167743

Curve somebody is the 2010s version of kicking somebody to the curb? Thansk naon.

No. 167752

How long do you farmers think that bento will stay clean before it's as sad and grimy as everything else on that dusty board? That depressive dead-eyed gray cat and that lipgloss that looks like it was sitting in grandma's dresser drawer for sixty years are triggering me.

Fffuck I need to dust now

No. 167800

That's exactly what I meant, anon; she already has so much shit, she doesn't need any more. Especially any more gifts from random people. She needs a fucking job.

No. 167820

I don't think she recieves present from followers. I suspect she passes off things she shoplifts as presents so she can show them off without recieving backlash from people. The only real presents she has recieved are a handful from her wishlists, like some clothes.

No. 167858

damn, backing that

No. 167894

actually on tumblr a bunch of people have come forward saying that they sent her stuff and regretted it. I also know a couple of her internet friends have sent her things like beauty products

No. 167903

File: 1471975343393.png (118.32 KB, 567x582, Screenshot_2016-08-23-13-03-55…)

People are catching on to you Luna, you dumb little cow.

No. 167906

i hate this dumb bitch bc she's always posting about how "im an addict!! im mentally ill!!! its NOT an aesthetic, it's NOT glamorous, it's NOT cool!" yet it's so damn obvious that she DOES use it as her aesthetic. she thinks she's so unique and artsy. bitch you ain't courtney love. at least courtney has an ounce of talent.

No. 167908

If Daddy is sooo abusive and screams at you for years, why the fuck do you even still talk to him?? Oh right, cause he supports you and your swamp monster boyfriend with $200 monthly, probably more than that. Hes probably fucking pissed that youre squatting your life away with a couple of old junkie losers living in a decrepit slum house.

No. 167910

File: 1471979940187.png (34.08 KB, 798x179, Screenshot_2016-08-23-14-17-21…)

>>167908 forgot pic

No. 167916

I'd scream at her too if she was my kid.

No. 167984

why has she not gone no-contact with her father??

No. 167988

Cause that would make her lose some dope money.Honestly I call bs. Her dad either loves her too much and just does this so she's not totally broke, or that's a John's house.

No. 167996


I'd do more than scream at her she needs her arse tanning

No. 167998

>I can stand up for myself
>I can barely hold the phone

>she needs her arse tanning
God, it's been ages since I've heard this.

No. 168043

File: 1472049735958.jpg (103.57 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_oce0qdPwBA1u313u4o1_128…)

Missing patches of hair on your legs when you shave and then posting the pic of it to Tumblr= ~aethetic~


No. 168089

File: 1472064583350.png (61.4 KB, 539x582, sigh.PNG)

when will it end

No. 168090

File: 1472064623263.png (451.52 KB, 533x486, gag.PNG)

the amount of grime on everything is nauseating

No. 168092

File: 1472064654849.png (506.42 KB, 525x510, w.PNG)

No. 168097

I'm convinced she either shoplifts or wasted some donations on that Too Faced blush, the Naked palette and the mac lip stick

No. 168098

Some naive fools also send her stuff via her amazon wishlist

Also, can someone please teach her how hashtags work?

No. 168105

Beggars can't be choosers. She has plenty of food in her home… She complains about them crawling around everywhere… She should just cook and eat her cockroaches. Plenty of cultures eat bugs.

No. 168112

All I could think of when she posted proud pics of her freshly organized apartment was our collective disgust and all that griiiime.

No. 168129

Dis bitch. She constantly begs for money for food and meds by using THE INTERNET, which is not a necessity (and costs upwards of $60/month). She could sell her MacBook, iPhone 6, tablet, etc. if she were really that desperate. Also, what kind of native New Yorker doesn't use the train or bus? She has to hail a cab to go everywhere? I can't. I hate her too much

No. 168136

As a native new yorker, I nearly spit my tea out when she revealed that her father lived on 43rd street. I mean, she can't walk from GRAND CENTRAL to 43rd street??

No. 168144

1550 rent? Where does she live again? Somewhere around the Bronx? I feel like that is grossly overpriced (or exaggerated) for the squalor she lives in. Maybe someone can give some insight on prices over there, I'm from a different country in a small city, so no reference.

Everything is SO FILTHY. Layers of dust/dirt on everything. Look at the Johnson's bottle, ew. It looks like she's never cleaned anything a day in her life. How can she be okay with living in filth and taking pictures of it…

No. 168145

Mamaroneck. There's no way an apartment like that is 1550 a month. I'm almost sure they're squatting

No. 168146

I'm from a different US city, but the top cities, New York especially, are known for being pricey compared to what you get in the suburbs or even a smaller city.

No. 168149

I pay around $1700 for an apartment in Queens. Rent in NYC is outrageous but I can't imagine her rent is that much.

No. 168155

It could be that she owes back-rent. She's always saying they're short on rent, so it's possible that she just owes for multiple months

No. 168158

I'm beginning to wonder if she purposely smears dirt on everything because she thinks it's aesthetic. How is everything so dirty?! You can get cleaning supplies at the dollar store. And if she doesn't want to pay to use/get a washing machine, she can just wash things in the sink (stuffed animals, curtains, clothes, bedding, everything)?

I don't use drugs, so maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't make sense they would make purple bedding brown…?

If she can't afford food…
>>how's her cat getting fed? I'm guessing it lives off cockroaches, because I can't imagine having an outdoor cat while living in NYC. Poor cat…

No. 168163

omfg, i cannot stand this stupid bitch. "I didn't get a single donation." BITCH you are not supposed to RELY on donations and handouts to survive. you have enough money to fund your $80/day heroin habit. stop prioritizing drugs over your food.

what i think is that she spends "her" money (which she prob gets by selling meds/reselling stolen shit/camwhoring) on drugs and then expects her followers to supplement everything else.

she makes me so angry she is such a disgusting, revolting person

No. 168164

nah she and lurch constantly shit themselves when theyre strung out of their minds

No. 168165

File: 1472074373245.png (1010.69 KB, 786x1189, Screenshot_2016-08-24-16-37-17…)

Looks like she got some food and donations, fucking a

No. 168166

if you're ""starving"" why are you still so gd fat

No. 168172

File: 1472075154215.jpg (254.67 KB, 540x771, Screenshot_2016-08-24-12-53-47…)

This is what her bedding looked like barely over a year ago.

No. 168184

Probably blood or vomit, might just be dirt too.

No. 168186

Are those the $100 markers that some poor fool sent her that she never even thanked them for?

No. 168188

I bet she was the type of little girl to pick her nose, scratch her ass and fanny then lick her fingers afterwards.

No. 168189


Deo as a gift tho

cracking up here

No. 168191

She bought fucking turkey and cheese so they could have sandwiches for what, a few days? Buy a fucking kettle and make beans/rice/pasta. So ~poor and ~starving but she won't buy actual substantial food.

No. 168235

And she's begging for money yet again saying that she only got two small donations last time.
Bitch, be grateful that anyone is stupid enough to donate to you at all

No. 168247

She's a jobless heroin addict that relies on the donations of misguided 15 year olds who like hole and bleeding heart types on tumblr. I can't wait for the day she doesn't get that measley $120 (whatever her golden number is), and evil dad doesn't help her, high-school friends don't help her, sea creature can't help her… I hope during this withdrawal from hell she's forced to reflect on all the retarded lies she's told - and hopefully takes steps to get help.

No. 168248

Mamaroneck is a cheaper town than its neighboring towns and in one of them a one bedroom is 1500. For her area and in a split home she should be paying 850-1000 a month.

I feel bad for her cats. They can be outdoor as most places around her even if they are short apartments they have a small backyard. Like the one she poses in front of with the roses. They can survive outdoor but she's probably afraid they won't return

No. 168255

Its fucking ridiculous that she is asking for rent money pretty much every week. Bitch people know how time works that rent should definitely only be a per month thing

No. 168257

nah, it'll never happen and she'll never learn. people are too damn nice and duped too easily. it's obvious from how she acts that she's experienced handouts and free shit her entire life and they'll never stop because there's always someone who falls for it.

No. 168259

of course her cats wouldn't return. they'd probably find some normal people to take them in

No. 168264

The thing with dope tolerance is there's no limit and luna doesn't strike me as someone with much self control. Hypothetically - if she got a massive amount of donations tonight I bet she'd spend it on more dope than she needs (maybe some cool new drugs like crack too) and do it just as quick. If she were to do this her tolerance would rise and she'd need $X amount more to get well daily… repeat cycle no matter how long it'd take she'd eventually find herself in a position where the sum of her donations/scams will not equal the amount of money needed to get well. The higher this number, the longer she's been enabled the worse the withdrawal. It'll happen at some point.

No. 168269

Welp. Didn't take long for that Hello Kitty bento to become as grimy as everything else.

No. 168272

File: 1472102345995.jpg (6.33 KB, 235x215, 4qVctVd.jpg)

hmm, makeup case? I totally thought it'd be her new junk kit. Seems like the perfect size for some needles and spoons

No. 168354

File: 1472145051795.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Sweet track marks, bro

No. 168356

File: 1472145805904.png (162.58 KB, 711x906, Capture _2016-08-25-12-17-15.p…)

Sounds like a setup to ask for more money! Just waiting for the ~uwu we just need security deposit and first months rent gimme lots of money and also need to pay extra cos we bounced the check for the ambulance gimme money cos im a piece of shit???~ posts.

No. 168363

File: 1472146946481.jpg (63.63 KB, 1080x832, tumblr_ocgxvsf1wn1u313u4o1_128…)

Sea creature shooting up in the background is ~*~So aesthetic~*~

No. 168365

Luna's tolerance is very low. I'm sure her boyfriend controls her dose. Her shots are never really above 30units and are always really watered down.

No. 168371

omg look at that disgusting laptop UGURHGSGSN triggered

No. 168373

and she's still reblogging her fucking begging post. bitch, your friend came over and gave you "2 bags" of food. you managed to swindle a few donations from people who don't know any better. stop being so gd greedy

No. 168375

File: 1472149167072.png (224.65 KB, 456x810, tumblr_objp02zbib1vy2umbo3_540…)

>This is the message howl1996 sent to me + my answer. It was 07/24/06. So I guess I will don’t have an answer. This day she mades post on her tumblr saying “omg I’m such an horrible person, please forgive me etc.”
She’s acting as I’m mad only because she no thanks me after my donations (I really don’t care, I even not contact her to say “hey, I gave you money”… So… It’s ok) but don’t answer to others points. So I really don’t understand why she sent me this.


No. 168389

i think she's upset about the people who have been suggesting she's squatting…

No. 168399

File: 1472157287408.jpeg (202.95 KB, 750x1246, image.jpeg)

>Yes this is so kind give me all your money!!! Whatever you have give it to me because I don't wanna work!!!

Is she saying she spends $20 a day on food? If she is then her $190 in food stamps is going to waste because it only covers like 9-10 days worth of food on her budget.

She's so self absorbed and messed up. Also, if she were really that in need, why not make an Amazon list for some fucking groceries. She can have both stupid shit and real food on her wish lists.

No. 168407


so 3 people need to eat in this house? she lives in NYC. she can take her happy ass (since she has NO JOB) to one of the korean markets and buy about 2 lbs of broccoli for about 3$ (not kidding, i did that the other day) she can spend 10$ on a family pack of chicken breasts. spend the other 7 on off brand rice and beans at a discount shop and have food for at least 2 weeks. what a fucking whiner.

No. 168408

Is it just me or is 20$ per person an insanely high amount of money for just one day?
Also didn't she just get grocerys gifted by a friend? >>168165

No. 168411

and roger's probably skinny from all of the DRUGS.

No. 168413

>lost 35lbs because she "has no money for food"
>is still chubby

No. 168414

If she bought the right food she could make $20 last a fucking week for 3 people. Buy CANNED food & frozen food you stupid fucking cunt

No. 168424


If she put food on her amazon list, people would actually send her food. That's how you know that the money she's asking for is going to go to drugs, not groceries.

No. 168431

>that's the only donation I got today, it needs to start adding up
holy shit this girl is absolutely disgusting.

it should NOT cost $20/day to eat, that's absolutely ridiculous. she keeps bringing up specific amounts, guess her drug fundz r dwindling.

No. 168432

>i've lost 35lbs from not being able to eat
no, you lost that weight because of your drug use. and you're still a fatty

No. 168433

Have you ever seen a pic of fruit or veggies?? She eats GARBAGE. Chinese food, mexican food, pizza, sugary drinks, cake, donuts,icecream, granola bars, meat and cheese sandwiches, etc.

No. 168434

She once took a picture of a banana.

No. 168437

hmmm she deleted that tag about losing 35lbs through starving. guess she realized how unrealistic it sounded lolol

news tags:
>#I got five more dollars but anything helps if you can #I dot have enough for groceries this weekend at all


No. 168438

Lol, oh yea, that unripe banana on those brown soiled sheets, how could i forget..

No. 168439

she's the picture of american trash and obesity

No. 168441

All of the followers reblogging her begging posts are trans teens or literal retards.

No. 168442

File: 1472164723816.jpeg (178.74 KB, 749x1087, image.jpeg)

The people who enable her are so fucking stupid.


>Do you think heroin addicts don’t need to eat food, they can just live off heroin? They don’t need to pay rent or bills or buy diapers for their kids?

No. 168448

k but luna is not "starving" tho. literally all the food she buys is LUXURY FOOD because she's a spoiled little girl who doesn't understand poverty. notice how she always asks for MONEY??? if she was that "hungry" she would ask if there's anyone local who could offer anything of substance. she has tons of friends (no matter how much she'd like to pretend otherwise), she can raid her wealthy daddy's fridge, she can go to the nearest community centre or soup kitchen or shelter and be given something to eat.

luna you are a horrible person.

No. 168452

she has such a bad attitude. notice how she always phrases things like "i didn't even get one dollar" "not a single donation" "despite reblogging x times no one gave me anything lol" "i just need five dollars" …like quantifying how unjust the world is to her because they don't want to spend $ on some useless junkie. she tries to make ppl feel bad for not giving to her unworthy cause when she like, ~needs it soooo much more than u~

this bitch is so fucking self-entitled that she EXPECTS things to be handed to her, and when it doesn't happen, she gets frustrated. she's not grateful when she gets donations. she just thinks "ok, but gimme more." asking for money should not be such a common occurrence. she gives excuse after excuse with all the expectation yet does NOTHING herself

No. 168453

$20 per person per day is $1800 a month
Plus 1600 for her rent and that's already $3400
$80-100 a day on heroin = $2400-3000
Random cab rides and "hospital bills" and whatever other junk, cat food, litter, bills, hair dye = ????
Like this chicks expenses for the month is almost ten thousand dollars.

No. 168458

What is her piece of shit boyfriend doing this whole time?? Whoring his gf out on tumblr so he can feed his family addiction?? Hes 35 years old, unemployed, addicted to heroin and now crack, living with his decrepit father in a slum house, like how in any way does she think she is being taken care of?? Or helping anyone??

No. 168459

i think he sells/resells drugs. i mean, at least he's hustling for himself instead of coming up with pity story after pity story to tug at people's heartstrings (and wallets)

No. 168461

Not that it matters but he's 37 lol. On one of her long tumblr hashtags she claims he is "sad and busy on the phone (sorting out a drug situation)asking for groceries."

No. 168467

Don't tell me there are 2 cats living in this shithole…

And HOLY FUCK at that computer. This is so disgusting!

No. 168472

Da fuck are they eating that it costs $20 per meal for 3 people?? Even non-junkie, upperclass families don't spend $60 per day on 3 meals!

I can't imagine she gets this much through donations? Does she pay with all this shit using the "little spending money" her abusive dad gives her kek?

$1550 for a pair of jobless junkies. Where do they get this money? just rent a damned room for half the price and they'll have plenty dime for "food"

No. 168475

She is asking for $20 a day, not per person. $20 a day is stll ridiculous though. My husband and i live off of $10 a day on food, and that includes fruits, veggies and protein. This girl is asking for money for drugs and thats a goddamn fact.

No. 168504

I was able to make $20 last two weeks to feed my boyfriend and I last year. How the fuck is she spending that PER DAY?

No. 168506

File: 1472172240424.png (122.98 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-08-25-20-40-30…)

She can feel every pound that has died

No. 168511

Matthew is upset cause he cant get ahold of his drug dealer

No. 168522

What a moron. Is "that's not how EBT cards work" not enough of a receipt?

No. 168527

"Food" at this point is truly synonymous with "smack". She really seems to gradually becoming more & more careless to the point where soon she'll just flat out ask for dope money, probably along with some disclaimer attempting to inspire pity in the saps who already donate & guilt in those who question her - "how dare you, don't you know that's my MEDS for my KNEE #cane #cripplepunk."

Also "every pound that has died", damn girl write us another poem why don't you

No. 168536

How dare you?! Don't you know that she buys her groceries in increments of exactly $20??

No. 168539

>Sophie came over and brought me a few bags of food
So just yesterday she got a FEW bags of food and today she needs $60 for food to last the weekend? Btw it looks like she deleted this post, guess it's harder to beg for money to buy groceries when you just got some the day before.

She's shockingly entitled isn't she? I'd love to know exactly how much money she's gotten from peddling sob stories on tumblr. I'm sure she doesn't even think about all the money that's just been handed to her now that it's been spent.

No. 168543

She said $20 per day for 1 meal kek
Meaning 3 meals per day would cost $60 everyday for the 3 of them.

No. 168583

This DUMB cunt. She's not even being clever trying to get her dope money anymore (was she ever..?) Matthew calling everyone trying to get money for dope is the sameshit me and my bf did to try and find dope money. Eventually no one wants to help you anymore. I can't wait till Matthew drops Luna for some other dumb bitch who has a job so that the new girl can fund his addictions. Haha I fucking Hate Luna. She's the dumbest bitch ive ran across in a minute. Hope she's horribly dopesick.

No. 168584

what happened to that social worker who was going to file a report? I was getting my popcorn ready but they seem to have abandoned the cause (plz don't)

No. 168585

Pretty sure the "social worker" was just a creeper trying to threaten Luna with an APS report as a way of getting her address so he could give her an "Oreck"

No. 168586

she's been begging and manipulating all of her more tumblr famous friends to reblog her donation posts and donate money to her, everyone's really sick of it.

i wish there was a way all of her irl friends could come together and talk about it but nobody who was/is friends with her has openly denounced her (including myself) everyone's been sending info to witchycrankypoo/sobrietymybestenemy and posting in this thread

it's gonna be anonymous for a minute but one day soon we're all going to come out of the woodwork

No. 168593

What she should do is say she needs money for new dressy clothes and shoes for an interview or say the window of her apartment got broke and she needs to fix it ASAP. Hahaha. Damn bitch put some creativeness n effort into your dope money begging. Lazyass braindead cow.

No. 168630

File: 1472212391047.jpg (60.33 KB, 500x664, tumblr_o491kyOMgP1ulnqdqo1_500…)

do you guys think she's got good genetics, and that basically if she sorted her life out she could be a pretty, attractive girl?

jfc she's the only junky I know that ought to loose weight in order to look nicer

No. 168633

File: 1472216019431.gif (1.53 MB, 408x408, the-question.gif)

>>do you guys think she's got good genetics, and that basically if she sorted her life out she could be a pretty, attractive girl?
>>do you guys think she's got good genetics
>>good genetics

Seriously, she's clearly had weight issues before she became a heroin addict so she doesn't have good genetics in the sense that she would have to work incredibly hard to lose that weight considering heroin is struggling to get rid of the rest. Anyone could look attractive at the right weight, with the right diet/workout routine, make-up, hair, clothes etc. unless they've cosmetic abnormalities/disorders working against them tbf.

No. 168635

seriously, her metabolism must be working at a snails pace if she's still a chubster on heroin.

No. 168639

>muh metabolism

Heroin doesn't even make you skinny in the way meth usually does (even then, I've seen fat meth addicts). If someone's obese and takes heroin they tend to lose weight, but if they're already emaciated they tend to gain it. I've actually noticed a lot of opiate addicts have a sort of feverish…too-healthy look to them, at least before they fall too deep into it.

No. 168647

lol no

she's not attractive, with or without heroin and with or without excess fat. she's average, and by being a fatty she's below average. she can look decent in some (very few) pics but that's all makeup/lighting/posing. no "good genetics" there.

i always thought she wasn't attractive. on tumblr ppl used to praise her fat ego like "OMG LUNA YOURE SO PRETTY" "i want to be u" i was like nah son. this was before the drugs/heroin. she ain't shit

No. 168659


She's wearing a lot of makeup in that picture and it's clearly got filters on it too. I just really think that she's an average-looking girl. Nothing special. If she were clean (in both senses), I still wouldn't look twice in the street.

I think the endless amount of crap she eats isn't helping her weight, in addition to the heroin. My main problem with her is that she looks sticky and like she'd fucking reek if you stood next to her.

No. 168665

File: 1472226888011.png (3.49 MB, 1440x2002, Screenshot_2016-08-26-10-52-35…)

I feel like she was more "cute" looking during this phase of hers. Without those godawful bangs that do her face no favors.

No. 168666

Meaning when she wore them super short

No. 168676

She has a pretty face. Yall are weird.

No. 168677

I think she has a cute face over all, from a distance, with the right styling and makeup. But we've seen so many pictures of her with crusty lips, a mustache and unibrow, sores, and just looking filthy, that it's extremely difficult to see her potential at times. Her body is a complete wreck now too, not just from being over-weight, but from her not taking care of herself and what appears to be constant weight gain and weight loss.

No. 168680

Oh fuck. Imagine the plaque on her teethand her ass breath. I imagine she doesn't brush her teeth. ?

No. 168682

I'm honestly shocked we haven't seen begging posts for dental care. With the shape the rest of her body is in (and her diet of nothing but sweets_, I can't imagine her teeth are in very good shape. Maybe it's because she's still fairly young, but I expect they'll start rotting out of her head soon enough. I can't even imagine sea creature's teeth.

No. 168686

fat is never cute.

No. 168687

Well, she did make a post about her gums being white and bleeding or something equally disgusting, so her teeth can't be in much better shape.

No. 168688


She'd be cute there if she wasn't fat. If I could fatsoshop, I'd test my hypothesis.

No. 168694


>about 60 dollars (20 per day) would be enough for my family to have a meal or so per day

>I really hope I can hit my goal of 60 for three days of groceries

No. 168706

I find Luna cute, even pretty, but I am biased as she looks like the younger, taller version of a very sweet friend of mine.

From my (limited) knowledge about drugs, don't junkies drop weight because they prioritize drugs over food rather than drugs always being an appetite suppresant? If Luna and her boyfriend manage to sustain a 120 per day drug habit, they could easily set money aside for food. But they won't, because food, rent and other utilities aren't important enough in their minds.

As for her boyfriend dumping her, I doubt that will ever happen. Her boyfriend looks like a balding sasquach and is 14 years her senior and looks every year. Whereas Luna's attractiveness is debatable, I do think she could do better than him. Plus Luna has her father that sustains her, therefore him and her e-begging and possible camming also rakes in more drug money from sources he couldn't get a cent from. She cleans very rarely and she shops for groceries, but it seems more than what he does other than getting drugs. Their flat looks like shit for sure, but I'd wager Luna actually is the only one that tidies up there. If you look at old pictures of their room, you'd see it looked even worse (yes, it is possible, as hard it is to believe).

Now, do I believe that he loves her? I wouldn't know, but I doubt that man has any kind of solid moral compass and doubt greatly he waited for her to turn 18 to have sex. I don't think he exactly seeked her out for her age and insecurities, but he didn't reject her either.

No. 168710

File: 1472242484826.jpeg (131.62 KB, 750x1119, image.jpeg)

Excuse you! He looks like Layne Staley.

No. 168713

File: 1472243453277.jpg (29.73 KB, 250x333, tumblr_ob5bftipJ41u313u4o2_250…)

Don't do drugs kids

No. 168714

I'm silently cheering her downfall on because it's clear from her blogs she wants this life. She wants the squalor, she wants the addiction and she wants her romantic grunge dad boyfriend.
This is a girl who bitched about the possibility of walking to 43rd street from 42nd - how is she going to handle the very real problems her lifestyle will continue to create.

No. 168728

File: 1472248334478.png (344.82 KB, 994x1204, Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 5.51…)


No. 168739

doesn't she live in a grimy part of the city tho? heroin addicts aren't known to live in the nicest places it's not farfetched to believe there'd be a lot of gross guys catcalling. although she's definitely exaggerating. but it's not like she's making it all up.

No. 168748

File: 1472251686089.jpg (119.39 KB, 501x729, luna.jpg)

I think she could clean up nicely and be pretty if she wanted to. She still thinks the heroin aesthetic is cool so puts on that washed out lipstick and likes taking pics of herself looking high and fucked up.
Wow, is that her? Much better than the present day dirty junkie Luna.

No. 168749

Some junkies will just eat nothing but crap because that's all they can keep down or all they want to eat. It's usually sweet crap. Throw in junkies not moving around much and here you have Luna being bloated and flabby

No. 168750

Gross. Her looks are fading fast. If i were to guess, she looks 25-28 years old.

No. 168756

Even the windowsill looks filthy… Yikes.

No. 168762


She lives in the suburbs of Westchester, not NYC

No. 168765


Heroin causes the worst sugar cravings ever. Ask any junkie. They live off crap food like ice cream and candy bars etc Which is why junkies aren't usually extremely thin. Plus they suffer from edema and bloating.

No. 168769

File: 1472254711285.jpg (3.19 MB, 2499x2499, pixlr.jpg)


The bleached hair and concealer lipstick don't do her any favors. Here's her in 2014.

No. 168778

File: 1472256135907.png (937.24 KB, 798x1091, Screenshot_2016-08-26-19-06-02…)

what a whore.

No. 168791

she looked so much better wow

No. 168794

File: 1472260301531.png (83.1 KB, 711x578, Capture _2016-08-26-20-01-17.p…)

Hahaha is this pathetic bitch serious? It almost sounds like she's mocking herself.

No. 168818

I think she looks better with bleached hair personally (also the green hair here >>168665)
Granted the huge black eyebrows are way distracting.

No. 168819

Maybe she can wear this dress in mourning of "every pound that has died"

No. 168828

She doesn't live in the ghetto but she's also probably a few blocks away from the main road whet there are restaurants everywhere so it isn't sketchy but it isn't where middle class people live. She's in a working class neighborhood that doesn't have a drug problem

No. 168829

I work at a lower end nursing home in her county and if Rodger had a serious issue he would have been referred to us by the hospital and didn't see a file with Rodger on it in the past 2 weeks

No. 168867

still not sure what her new drug blog's url is yet but i did find her "true crime" side blog, http://reb96.tumblr.com just dumping here. lmao at "true crime bitch"

No. 168883

File: 1472301134618.png (6.19 KB, 536x88, d.png)

what a cunt.

No. 168884

File: 1472301176680.jpg (417.79 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_o7snryNKBo1vvivzfo1_128…)

Also, the disgusting layer of trash in her room.

No. 168907

her new drug blog is junkfuck00 but it's password protected

No. 168916

Classy username. Suits her perfectly

No. 168921

the book is also trash and for luna to say it's a favourite is embarrassing

No. 168925

File: 1472316885519.jpg (1.01 MB, 1439x2236, 20160827_115232.jpg)

First off how are they getting approved for an apartment if no one has a job with income in this family of hers? And now she's going to be hardcore begging if they get it because the rent is more than her current (that she always begs others to pay)

No. 168927

Just wait im sure this one will fall through too. She just needs to make up something to look forward to even tho in the back of her mind she knows it wont work out.

No. 168930

yeah i really don't believe this is even real. i think she fabricated this story as a fresh, new way to beg for donations because her other stories weren't as believable and she wasn't making enough for her daily fix.

No. 168937

She only got one 5 dollar donation in over 24 hours! It's almost as though using other people's donations as your main source of income isn't normal behavior!!

No. 168940

>>but I haven’t done laundry in many months

Wow, I had no idea!

No. 168941

File: 1472323351787.png (19.59 KB, 517x48, Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 2.40…)

Also, she's getting married. How much do you wanna bet she's going to beg for money to ~finally wed her tru luv~???

No. 168942

She'll probably die from the fent laced shit going around now

No. 168944

File: 1472323644390.jpg (73.8 KB, 500x588, 3sDsg17.jpg)

mustachio strikes again

No. 168947

Her moustache is feminism aesthetic. Didn't you know?!?

No. 168953

someone PLEASE donate some tweezers

No. 168967

Well, at least she's showering?

No. 168968

If you count sponge bathing yourself from a filthy kitchen sink without hot water

No. 168980

I bet it's more than what her boyfriend does.

No. 168982

I'm surprised none of the people who sent her those beauty care packages never thought of that. Or even those small wax strips made for the face.

No. 168993

her lashes look great here. sucks about the rest of the makeup.

No. 169008

oh my god i feel sorry for the people living below her that is if she's not lying about living in a 2 story house on the top floor

No. 169026

Her hair probably isn't wet from a shower. Its probably super greasy and oily from going forever without washing it. And with the amount of bleaching her hair has gone through I doubt its thick as she says.. What a dumb thing to lie about.

No. 169032

they prolly don't wanna offend her by showing they notice, even though she obviously doesn't

No. 169059

tag on her begging post:

"hey anything helps at all! I got one five dollar donation yesterday and I'd like to try to get three or four today"

you a lil bitch luna

No. 169061

Probably because you can barely see her actual face in any of them. Blurry pics + filters + lighting + makeup are helping her loads.

No. 169179

File: 1472401912687.png (379.66 KB, 438x1101, Screenshot_2016-08-28-11-26-50…)

i imagine heroin isn't doing you any favors, luna.

guess she's dopesick?

No. 169185

Holy fuck if she was throwing up alot without the bleeding i woulda put money on a heroin baby

No. 169186

Seeing as she's apparently not on the pill, let's hope she's using condoms or something. Would be terrible to bring kids into this situation…

No. 169191

Based on past posts of her spesifically saying she isn't on birth control, it seems we can all be thankful her body is all kinds of fucked up to get a baby. PCOS can heavily impact fertility, so let's all be grateful for that.

No. 169192

does she really have pcos? i remember reading something about her lying about it

No. 169195


Despite her cringe-worthy poetry suggesting otherwise, I would be surprised if she's having a lot of sex anyway. Given his severe heroin addiction, I would bet money on her sea creature fiance's junk not working.

No. 169196

if she actually has it, she exaggerates it. she claims the cysts are time bombs that could kill her or some shit

No. 169198

File: 1472404487685.jpeg (382.38 KB, 1242x1991, image.jpeg)