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File: 1500586861540.jpg (1.22 MB, 1418x1403, cracked_and_caked.jpg)

No. 414017

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblr: https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations

newest milk:
not much has happened.
>still begs for money
>Lurch's next court date is Sept 13
>criticises other people's nails while hers look infected
>wants people to gift her things so she 'can feel loved'
>still thinks she looks like Courtney Love

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302

No. 414019

File: 1500586920256.jpg (53.02 KB, 836x322, justincase.JPG)

snagged this just in case she decides to go private

No. 414020

Someone mentioned that she got tipped in the last thread, seems like it's true.

No. 414026

sooo was it one of the people who kept complaining about that girl who didn't crop out her icon in screenshots? did they finally get mad enough to cow tip and tell luna about her?

No. 414028

>stop adding me just to me with me
Maybe she lurked here and saw the lil_fever stuff?
I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.

sage for tinfoil theory

No. 414029

She deleted her instagram and everything so I think it was that one person who provided screen caps.

No. 414031

Yeah, they seemed pretty bitter lol so I really doubt the timing was a coincidence

No. 414032

Wow…great. If it's true, some anons here were right: fat_fever is actually a cow by herself.

No. 414035

Her instagram is still here for me…maybe you were blocked?

No. 414036

Very weird cause I neverrrrrr interacted with her.

No. 414037

I swear to god if this kills the Luna thread because she was the only one with access to her Instagram I'm gonna tard out

No. 414038

wait luna deleted her IG? the only thing i don't get is if lil_fever was the one luna's status was about, why would lil_fever also be the one who cow tipped? wouldn't that mean she was outing herself to luna? i could be making 0 sense, i'm kind of confused.

No. 414039

Nah I meant lil_fever. Apparently she blocked me despite me never adding her or anything lol

No. 414040

Maybe she was blocking randomly / blocking people who don't give her attention

Her IG is still up
I don't think she'd be willing to give up social media tbh

No. 414041

Nah, I can see what Luna posts so I will post screen caps if needed from her insta.

No. 414042

No, don't worry, she's not the only one.
I don't provides screen caps usually (english isn't my 1st language and, stupid doodles aside, I'm always embarrassed to post), but I could if necessary.

No. 414043

Lil_fever is no longer following/being followed by luna so maybe she was blocked too

No. 414044

ohh i see. i still see her instagram on my account so i don't think she deleted.

No. 414045

File: 1500589143858.jpg (306.03 KB, 750x630, received_1764768810199889-1.jp…)

so i added lil_fever when it was obvious she was associated with tuna and this was posted on one of her posts

No. 414046

File: 1500589193711.jpeg (37.21 KB, 750x1334, received_1764770100199760.jpeg)

new lurch account

No. 414047

My guess is that lil_fever cow tipped to try to end the thread - luna lurked and saw it was lil_fever that was posting all her pics etc

No. 414048

File: 1500589367752.jpg (45.76 KB, 803x331, Capture.JPG)

No. 414049

I have access to her Instagram, but not her Facebook. It looks like there's at least one anon who still has her fb though.

I imagine that lil_fever tried to cow rip Luna and it backfired and not Luna has that cunt blocked. This is why you should never draw attention to yourselves, anons.

No. 414050

How is Lurch going to "beat on" ANYONE when he's constantly nodding and has abscesses? Not to mention his "leg injury that kept him from playing professional baseball". Since I guess you lurk here now Chief, shut up. You're not going to do anything to anyone. You and your gross little troll gf are disgusting and if people laugh and talk shit you have no one to blame but yourselves for being so vile. Luna is a scammer moron who only cares about dope and attention when she's feeling whiny and you are an addict with no real desire to get clean and be a productive member of society. You should feel lucky all anyone does is laugh and no one has tried to get you arrested.

No. 414051

Wasn't "grace" one of the girls lurch was speaking to or am I making things up? Kind of nice to see a compassionate, Luna-orientated side of him as hilarious as it is though.

No. 414052

The only one I can remember is 'tessa'
Also yeah if he's being genuine, I think this is the first time I've seen him express concern for her, weird

No. 414056

File: 1500591333206.png (1.84 MB, 1866x900, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 23.3…)

Yeah I was just being an idiot. I went back and searched the threads but there's nothing.

On the other hand though, considering all the drama with anons being blocked a few photos have been buried or not mentioned. As in this one where it looks like she's tried her hand at some meitu shoop?

No. 414058

from a distant it wasn't bad
then I zoom in and see that too tight underwear, messy ass background and how weird shaped her body is

No. 414060

not to be mean but how can anyone call this goals?? taht shit needs a fake tan

No. 414061

I have her on ig and fb. I can be the new ig anon if no one else has access.

No. 414063

Sage for possible paranoia, but I sometimes worry that this thread might drive her to commit suicide. Don't know if it's okay to post her shit anymore since she's made it private

No. 414065

Her facebook is public… I've been posting screen caps from her fb without adding her.

No. 414072

anon, maybe dont say that incase she sees and changes that

No. 414073

File: 1500592433435.png (1.4 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-07-20-18-13-12…)

No. 414074


Does this look like she intends on making her fb private? she has over 2 thousand followers on ig.

No. 414078

File: 1500592779818.png (821.19 KB, 720x1008, 5156165165165.png)

I was about to post this, you were super quick anon.
But you forgot the fantastic snails (do you think that it's related to the previous thread Lurchsnail doodle?)

No. 414081

I don't think its "Luna-orientiented compassion" as much as it is "don't put my drug money cow in a bad mood, I don't want to deal with it, and she needs to focus on hustling up money for me, not crying about anons online".

No. 414082

no it is due to her being the glorious savior of those 2 snails she adopted (for 12 hours).

No. 414084

do you sometimes listen to yourselves, anons?
there is no "making their facebook profile private". You change the privacy settings on every goddamn info and on any post.

her recent posts are public though. I remember 2 or 3 months ago, I wanted to milk directly from her facebook and I couldnt see jackshit, which is when I tried to befriend her with a fake account. so she must have changed it recently.

No. 414086

Yeah, you must be right. I'm over-reading here…
>put down my tinfoil hat

No. 414092

so… matthew is the one, where all the religious shit comes from?

No. 414093


No. 414096

thanks for posting this again.
It's really mindboggeling what is going on with her crotch area. Like… what is going on there?

No. 414097

i think cow tipping is kinda a myth. these people are normally arrogant enough to google themselves now and again and find the thread easily on googles first page

No. 414099

and what the fuck is that on her leg touching the bed??
Is that body hair? Because ewww, hairy ass.

No. 414101

god, anon. farming milk isnt going to make you famous. also she has 2.764 followers. Ive never seen a cow with only one farmer having access to the milk.

No. 414109

i know this is the solution to all cows main problem but


No. 414112

Chill, they were just offering; not like they outed themselves like that other chick

Anyway, when will Luna convince Lurch to get an ID so they can get married?

No. 414115

No. 414116

because you dumb bitches keep giving her the attention she craves

No. 414126


Go Away. You mad that your cow-tipping backfired? Haha.

No. 414136

File: 1500598038885.png (155 KB, 640x846, IMG_9775.PNG)

No. 414137

File: 1500598067134.png (104.31 KB, 640x818, IMG_9776.PNG)

No. 414142

File: 1500598626890.jpg (48.22 KB, 732x208, 20170720_195315.jpg)

i know its from a movie but i just cried with laughter imagining him doing this idk

"midnight snacks"
also luna herpes confirmed?

No. 414143

I don't think she's saying she has herpes, just saying that herpes are ok because she wants ~*~edge points~*~

No. 414146

She seems super careless with her stuff, multiple broken phones, broken ipad, broken camera, broken DS…

Lurch's health seems to be getting worse and worse lately. I wonder how soon it will be when we have a major health scare with him and she's online begging for cash.

No. 414147

Isn't that Lurch's burner phone from several threads ago? I wonder if he's finally going to make her start really copping instead of just begging online.

No. 414148

File: 1500599488386.jpg (17.4 KB, 416x441, 1467858005281.jpg)

>midnight snacks

I honestly want to know if anyone at this point believes her bullshit. Why does she even have to mention that part in the first place? I feel like she's trying to justify it all to herself more than anything else.

No. 414150

I thought she used her iphone for her social media? does she have a laptop? what took this picture and posted it if she's stuck using that phone.

No. 414155

im gonna tinfoil and guess that he took her phone to cop, really did have a benzo seizure and smashed the phone?

yeah she has a laptop and an ipad right? i havent seen them recently but she did have them in the past and still has at least one to take this pic

No. 414156

Chill out, they were offering to help us, not promoting themselves.
This is one of the cases where it's no harm no foul. Giving her attention doesn't hurt us or anybody around her, and it's a perfectly fine exchange for the entertainment she provides us.

No. 414160

But everyone in this thread knows Luna never lurked in this thread… And it was NEVER confirmed she was tipped… Unless you tipped her and you know you did

No. 414175

File: 1500601568283.jpg (360.51 KB, 1437x1115, sex work.jpg)

Luna hooking when

No. 414179

i thought he gave herpes to a hairdresser and then paid her to keep silent? why is she defending usher and talking about sex workers

No. 414180


Already probably. How else is she still alive and shooting dope?

No. 414184

she said she "read stuff online" or something about people making fun of her saggy tits so she's very likely lurked at some point

No. 414187

>pirate speak on fb

No. 414193

I love how she's trying to stand up for sex workers but also kind of shitting on them in the same sentence. It's so fucking random.

No. 414197

no you fucking idiot i have nothing to do with this i post on other threads and this is the pettiest thread on lolcow. she's a fucking junkie what do you expect her to be who the fuck cares she's gross as hell and has nothing going for her

No. 414211

>i post on other threads and this is the pettiest thread on lolcow.
You definitely don't browse much if you think this is the pettiest thread on the site.

No. 414238

Oh come on anon! She has a lot going on, and sometimes, it's more than that. She sets a grounding reality for many of us.

Did anyone else notice on Lurch's FB, he's listed as "Chief"

No. 414241

she might have broken one or two things (doubt it), but the rest of it has gone to dope, for sure. her dad will just get her another one.

No. 414268

I just wanted to know 'why' in reference to her 'needing' a tan

No. 414273

i have to agree that it might not have been a cowtip. she's completely self obsessed and i wouldnt be surprised if she googled her handles/name. she really is a fucking moron for associating her full legal name with her internet presence. when you google her name (like any perspective employer would) all that comes up is threads discussing her milk and if you look in the images some of the first few results are pictures with her shooting up where her very identifiable tattoos are showing. she really fucked herself.

No. 414283

tuna does have herpes, she mentioned it a few times on her junkhun blog back in the day as well as a stint with gonorrhoea. she said her herpes was why she always got uti's and she was too poor to get meds most of the time so had a bladder infection blah blah
didnt cap it cuz it was a long time ago before i even knew of these threads but ya

No. 414296

ok how come everyone is so quick to believe that random account is actually lurch? how do we know that it isn't another person who lurks here whos just pretending to be matthew lol

No. 414299

No one ever called her disobedient, but she conveniently missed out scammer/manipulator

No. 414320


The way that "Derek Reynolds" writes is consistent with Chief's previous fb posts, imo

No. 414324

jfc 2 in 3 adults have one kind of herpes stop sperging

No. 414328

I completely agree with >>414320
it's exactly the same monologizing rant crap

No. 414341

File: 1500642471396.png (674.15 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2476.PNG)

I'll sage this because it's already been posted but she changed the caption. It used to be "verbally abused by your dagger".

No. 414342

>abused by your father
Well when you spend all his money on shit to add to your hoard and only show up to his place to steal meds/weed/belongings I'd get mad at you too. She's lucky he even lets her back with how ready she is to kill him in his sleep to get that apartment.

No. 414360


Being pale isn't pretty. If you're Asian, maybe.
I've been porcelain skinned my whole life and also made fun of my whole life for being that pale. So I spend alot of money on st. Tropez. I honestly think I'm disgusting without it.

Sage for insecurity and not really any contribution.

No. 414363

Wow. This is that strange kind of pathetic-ness that just makes you angry instead of sympathetic.

You got picked on because you reacted, can't believe you're on a website dedicated to that kind of thing and don't understand that.

No. 414367

Chill, anon.
If it wasn't a common insecurity there wouldn't be such a huge market for it!

Back on topic, do any anons think about what Luna will beg for next? Trends? Patterns?

No. 414370

File: 1500647451888.jpg (866.06 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170721_162836.jpg)

Ugh but then she would kinda look like she is alive.

No. 414373

Agreed, it does do a few favours for her. Now if we could only teach her to take care of her skin.

No. 414381

Sage goes in the email field you moron.

No. 414396

>Did anyone else notice on Lurch's FB, he's listed as "Chief"


underrated comment

No. 414405

File: 1500654123036.png (104.79 KB, 1080x893, Screenshot_2017-07-21-09-15-16…)

its him. he posted this on the day of her OD, she replied "i love you"

No. 414407

Luna makes me want to stop doing dope

No. 414410

Move onto poppy seed tea like me anon, it's healthier

No. 414415

>sharing his own post from a minute ago

God lurch is such an old man lmao

No. 414453

ok, so whos gonna step up and seduce lurch? i vote not it


No. 414459

It's really remarkable how you're projecting your own insecurity this hard and then telling everyone to "get back on topic!"

There's nothin wrong with the skin color you have. It may not be what's "in" right now, but it's yours. I think pale skin can be lovely, just like dark skin is also lovely. All skin tones are beautiful and I hope you stop hating yourself some day.

What Luna needs is hydration, exercise, normal sleep, a good diet, some blush, and to get the hell off drugs. Her pallor is revolting now because she treats her body like shit. She looks like a corpse because she's busy digging herself into an early grave.

No. 414478

Just try kratom. It's apparently so easy to kick a dope habit with it for a lot of people that even Luna could do it.
Wouldn't that be considered cow-tipping?

No. 414483

I thought PST was dangerous b/c you can't measure how much morphine is in it?

saged for ot

No. 414485

Lurch is back weeee!!
Any interesting posts on his fb?

No. 414492

lmao is lurch using a fake name out of paranoia of the popo?

No. 414506

it's either that or luna told him to use a fake name so what happened with "tessa" wouldn't happen again. but i don't know if she'd really do that or not..

No. 414512

hm how would that be cow tipping? itd definitely be an abombination

No. 414521

interfering with the subject matter = cowtipping. seems like the luna thread is generally strongly against it, even when it comes to calling social services or trying to prevent her from adopting a kitten.

No. 414543


Basically what >>414521 said. But let's be honest, the brief moment Tessa was involved was so good. Tessa wasn't banned but with these cowtipping rumors about lil_fever it's better to maintain a low profile or Luna may close ig, fb and tumblr.

No. 414549

File: 1500669752384.png (77.69 KB, 639x511, IMG_9787.PNG)

No. 414550

File: 1500669787856.png (85.62 KB, 640x899, IMG_9788.PNG)

No. 414553

ugh luna

yeah guess you're right. i just wondered how easy it would be to um hook him again

No. 414555

Even if someone did, they don't have to tell anyone that they're doing it. It's the need to mention it that gets them into trouble.

With that said, Luna isn't worth the headache.

No. 414618

can anyone remind me when/how we found out about her apparently drinking his piss?

No. 414619

look at the old threads

No. 414623

She posted it on Facebook

No. 414624


>Im getting my expensive iPhone fixed/probably getting a new one because of my evil dad, but AT LEAST he has AC and a bathtub (not to mention the new clothes/makeup and drugs i'll get from him!).

Dumb cunt, as if getting her phone fixed isn't enough.

Sage for tuna rage

No. 414629

yeah it really irritates me when she does the whole im so poor, desperate for rent etc when she has her dad for backup like shes just like a lot of other people who would struggle w money if there parents didnt help them out

No. 414651

does she go to her dad's every weekend or something? it's almost like lurch and her dad share custody.

speaking of which, i've never read about lurch going with her to her dad's…

No. 414653

File: 1500695844976.jpg (40.03 KB, 458x440, 20228407_1766190626724374_7769…)

my friend was one of the girls who unfortunately was harassed by Lurch. here's what he sent her before he deleted his facebook and made another under the name "Derek Reynolds"

No. 414654

That's just "Tessa" from the old threads unless your friend was the one pretending to be her.

No. 414668

What is poppy seed tea and how do you make it?

No. 414669

You buy poppy seeds/stems and brew them in tea for a more "gentle" opiate high. Poppies contain opiates so if you get a load of them, stew them into a drink, and drink it, you get high. Sounds silly but it works.

It's also legal to buy poppy seeds/stems off the internet so that's a thing.

No. 414685

On sex workers: what happened to her extralunchmoney profile?

No. 414688

I use it every day (yes I am addicted) and high is by no means gentle. You can nod off on poppy seeds. At least you don't have the issues that come from injecting and sniffing other opiates. As for Kratom, it's ok for withdrawal but any addict is going to be left unsatisfied by it. I can hardly see tuna being able to put up with eating copious amounts of disgusting green powder or drinking the Kratom even in tea form, it's absolutely vile. She won't even eat the food from food banks.

No. 414690

if Lurch has Herpes (which I'm guessing he does) I guess it's not from being a desperate druggie but bc his dick is too big for condoms. poor guy

No. 414709

File: 1500728500754.jpg (15.08 KB, 400x300, 264065-tanning-400x300.jpg)

paleness is pretty in nearly every area of the world. being white or pale makes you instantly more attractive.

No. 414711

arguable. luna, for one, looks hideous almost mainly /because/ of her complexion which she exaggerates with all that foundation
she would look much better with some colour and like we all agree, with less makeup

No. 414712

anything that endangers a cow to go into hiding (or the cow's partner) doesnt make sense.
also officially lurch isn't the cow but family and friends and the rules state to keep out of their lifes and not to stalk them or anything else.
last time he deleted his fb profile. The juicy milk from tessa was delicious but i'd rather have him ejaculate his wisdom on facebook for us to read for months and years but a short climax.

No. 414713

there is even a banner from her facebook post.

No. 414714

his dick though is not as big as he praises it to be.


No. 414716

dont you remember that vid of luna getting dickslapped? looked like she was getting swatted at with a really skinny salami

No. 414721

Does anyone still have that video? The one in the past threads doesn't work anymore

No. 414722

i feel like somebody wouldve posted it by now if they had it, its been asked for a number of times before :/ died with her original blog

No. 414730

I'm sorry if this has been answered before

but why does she visit her father so much?
I know she wants him to buy her stuff and everything but she's an adult with her own place and fiance and she always talks about how much she hates her father

why the constant sleepovers?
is it literally just to get stuff?
I don't think her father treats her as badly as she says.

No. 414731

Because she gets nice things bought for her, a nice clean place to sleep and shower, she is able to wash her clothes (she doesn't have a washing machine) and most important of all her gives her free drugs.

No. 414737

did she ever start another drug blog? or did she realise how bad of an idea that is lol

No. 414745

i highly doubt her father has a washer/dryer set-up of his own, it's likely the apartment complex' that he lives in. tuna's apartment likely has one as well, and if not there is literally an abundance of laundromats all around the city. tuna just doesn't have an extra two dollars to spend on laundry when she can just spend it on dope.

No. 414762

I do believe Luna in the sense that, I think her father does have a history of abusing her and her mother. But the thing is - this is now, and he is providing her with not only life necessities, but also luxuries (makeup, etc.) and money in general. He is also providing a home with heating and AC, a shower, and food. That is more than a lot of abusive parents provide. I'm not saying that stuff erases his abusive past, but I think Luna should be grateful that he is there for her now. Especially because she's an active heroin addict and most parents would disown their addict child.

(Stupid personal info) My own abusive parents don't provide me with any of the things Luna's dad provides her with. It irks me that she is completely ungrateful when she's living in a shit-infested dump with Lurch, and would otherwise never be able to shower. She chose this life. But she is still ungrateful.

No. 414775

https://www.tumblr.com/blog_auth/fuckjunk (junkfuck.tumblr.com - it redirected to that in my browser).
That's apparently her drug blog but it's pass protected. I don't know if she uses it, she barely uses her main tumblr.

Luna doesn't live in an apt complex… She has a shared entrance with her neighbors but there's no shared utilities. Looks like a converted home to me tbh. And Luna's Dad lives in Manhattan in a pretty posh place, I don't know how it works in the US but it looks like his property should have a washing machine. Dude has a high-rise balcony but no washing machine? That seems weird to me.

Your points valid, Tuna could easily just go to a launderette, but I don't know where you got all the stuff about Luna and her Dad. But she's too much of a junkie to spend any money on ANYTHING, so she'll never go to a launderette.

No. 414777


from manhattan– can confirm that most of the nicer places (not projects or tiny shitty brownstones) have a washer/dryer either inside the apartment itself or a room in the basement with laundry machines

No. 414779

I bet her dad even does it for her, I can imagine if I brought washing home to my mom's place she would do my washing for me

No. 414782

Yeah, and considering the cost of his rent I feel it's unlikely that he would even have to share a washer/dryer with the other people in the building

No. 414792

most of my experiences with apartments are in philadelphia, where almost all of them are basement laundromats if included. my bad!!

i thought lurch and tuna lived in an apartment complex and that was why they had such an issue with their landlord. knowing that she shares a lot with someone else makes makes me cringe even more–are her neighbors just as bad?

No. 414793

Her neighbors are crackheads/crack dealers apparently. She's complained about them before because she feels superior to crack addicts for some reason.

No. 414794

I thought she was doing crack for a while herself?

Jesus, there's been so many threads that I'm losing track of it all.

No. 414795

Yeah she was, she posted pictures a while ago, not sure if she's still using though

No. 414796

She posted very recently to that drug group on facebook that she does it still, just before she had the OD

No. 414834

She does do crack but for some reason (that only Luna knows) she thinks it's really scummy.

No. 414861

File: 1500762116377.png (35.89 KB, 631x314, IMG_9830.PNG)

No. 414862

File: 1500762134626.png (98.14 KB, 627x720, IMG_9829.PNG)

No. 414863

File: 1500762153185.png (47.82 KB, 640x336, IMG_9828.PNG)

No. 414866

Luna, honey, walk down to the store and buy some for yourself. It would cost more to ship gatorade than it's worth. What the fuck.

No. 414874


And by 'mentally ill people', I mean myself. And by 'support', I mean 'buy them stuff'.

No. 414887

Tuna, we don't hate you, youre just stupid as fuck and piss us off, but your entertaining (for the most part) kek

No. 414899

File: 1500765736841.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170723-011808.png)

Ew ew ew ew ew ew EEEEWWWWW

SURE JUST TAKE A DEAD BODY PART OF AN ANIMAL WITH YOU WHERE IS THE ISSUE?! Jfc how can one individual have so many disgusting habits and filth have combined?!

No. 414904

What a great addition to her Hoarding Piles.
It'll get lost somewhere in there, cool!

No. 414907


Oh god. Why would you pick up a piece of fur from the street? Just why?!

No. 414923

Enjoy your lice and mites. Not to mention decaying flesh

No. 414948

As if a few more mites and lice would even be noticed, lol.

No. 414969

I honestly think her hatred of crack is just because it's not as aesthetic is heroin. Like you said, only she knows the real reason, but that seems to be the driving force behind literally everything she does.

No. 414970

She's back from her dads house already…?
And no posts of all the new things she got from him?

No. 414974

Right, no famous dead rockers were known for their crack smoking, so it isn't cool to her.
Though she does like smoking it, as she's said several times.

No. 414980

Something tells me daddy isn't happy with her (and I don't mean Lurch).

No. 415050

Rip whitney houston

No. 415080

No, Whitney Houston isn't aesthetic enough for tuna.

No. 415153

anyone tried to figure out her fuckjunk password?

No. 415167

File: 1500840709463.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_2017-07-22-05-15-58…)

She can joke and like stuff like this now, since she's OD'd and came back to life. What a waste of a human being.

No. 415168

she was probably pleased that it would give her extra cred as a junkie after she had time to process it. whenever someone martyrs her itt they should be directed to this.

No. 415184

Wow, Luna never ceases to surprise me with how dumb she can get, I wonder if past (sober) luna would do this, does heroine make you stupid too?

No. 415187

>does heroin make you stupid

No. 415192


Since when has that been Luna's instagram?

No. 415195

a few months. it also was a name she had used a few years ago

No. 415201

It's the heroine that's stupid ftfy

Epic typo anon XD

No. 415240


It was actually just over a week ago that she changed it.

Sage because it doeant really matter

No. 415440

she changed it exactly 9 days ago >>410834

No. 415516

so lil_fever really was the only one posting her instagram?

No. 415533

File: 1500911818237.png (123.52 KB, 639x989, IMG_2093.PNG)


lil_fever aint shit, her fatass isn't the only one following luna's insta

she hasn't been posting much, phone still supposedly broken. this is her most recent picture

No. 415539

Nope, I also follow her on insta but she hasn't been too milky recently

No. 415549

No. 415550

File: 1500916890449.png (177.89 KB, 750x1109, IMG_0454.PNG)

does she even try with these commissions? this looks like it was done in 5 minutes, i and believe people are paying for these sketches lmao. does anyone remember how much she was asking for for these?

No. 415552

*i can't believe

sry can't type on mobile lol

No. 415560

Fuck that looks terrible. I thought her markers were $8 a pop? The scribbled purple hair looks AWFUL, like a toddler did it with cheap felt tips.

I get the whole messy thing of not staying completely in the lines for aesthetic points, but there are parts that have been left uncoloured because she's missed it (left clip of the dungarees), and parts that she's totally pasted over with multiple markers (the right cheek blush & the purple are defo over each other)

No. 415562

lmao also the bleeding black ink on the shirt/neck, gj Tuna you can't even colour without fucking it up

No. 415565

damn, this is cwc-tier what the fuck. she obviously doesn't give a single fuck about the people who are stupid/empathetic enough to give her money for this garbage.

No. 415571

It triggers me so much that she has fucking Copics and treats them like Crayolas. I can just imagine her jamming the tip in and dragging it forcefully across some gritty ass Hello Kitty sketchbook she ebegged.

Didn't she study art and illustration for a while? She has to recognize she's treating her supplies like trash.

No. 415591

Ppl are really paying for that shit?
Ok, I've an idea my fellow anons: let's sell our old 1st grade doodles…there's obviously money to be made.
If Luna is an "artist" then everybody can be.

sage for rage

No. 415595

File: 1500924315913.png (172.82 KB, 750x1103, IMG_0460.PNG)

No. 415597

File: 1500924365052.png (127.36 KB, 750x934, IMG_0461.PNG)

No. 415624

So she's got her iphone back already? lol this entitled bitch

The eye makeup / entire eye area is just the snapchat filter right? I mean these look way better than her normal selfies, but that's because snapchat filters can make anything kawaii

No. 415626

I believe she charges £25 for that shit. Literally a page ripped out of a cheap notebook scribbled on by a heroin addict. People never cease to amaze me, what they'll throw money at.

No. 415627

derp $25* typo

No. 415635

The phone might not be a 7 plus, it could be just a 7 or a 6s plus or a 6

No. 415637

she claims to be living in poverty

No. 415639

But she didn't buy it her "evil and abusive" dad bought it

No. 415643

Doesn't he also give her $200 allowance each month lol

I'm curious to know what her level of 'poverty' was when she was also receiving regular donations

No. 415660

Yep, the eye makeup is sadly just a snapchat filter

No. 415675

no surprise that the only time she looks somewhat good is when she's using a snapchat filter that alters your skin, eyes, and face lmao

No. 415676

pretty sure theyre $40 a pop

No. 415677

shes definitely filling in those eyebrows though, unfiltered selfies are going to be hilarious

No. 415681

File: 1500933800939.png (317.43 KB, 968x1385, IMG_5208.PNG)

No. 415697

File: 1500936463449.png (133.19 KB, 640x905, IMG_9894.PNG)

h-he's healthy guys

No. 415698

File: 1500936508553.png (70.86 KB, 640x548, IMG_9895.PNG)

No. 415708

I have a hard time believing she actually brought him to the vet. I would like to believe though.

No. 415712

ppl have definitely been mentioning her cats health, if she hasnt read the thread. thats such an unnessecary passive aggressive way to assert her cats health

No. 415735

Yeah it doesn't sound like he actually went to the vet. They would never pay for that, and she would have talked about it for days leading up to the appointment. And randomly sticking in that he's healthy is weird too.

Nice try though, Tuna. I hope your junkie-ass never nods out on top of him and crushes him.

No. 415759

>Nice try though, Tuna. I hope your junkie-ass never nods out on top of him and crushes him.

No. 415761

Tuna's not on birth control is she? I feel like she could be doing more to control her period pains, instead of jumping straight to heroin for it.

No. 415786

Welp, you never know

No. 415806

If she is on birth control, I've not seen her mention it. It's expensive though (in the US) unless you have health insurance. She could at least try a hot water bottle and an ibuprofen before jumping to heroin though, jfc.

No. 415809

File: 1500946825486.jpg (60.09 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3935.JPG)

It wouldn't be the first time it happened

No. 415821

She's on evil daddies insurance plan, im sure. And why would she go on birth control? The dumb bitch does literally nothing to help herself.

No. 415859

the separation of her eyeliner and eyelashes is seriously triggering. HOW is there that much space.

No. 415866

no shes not on bc she mentioned it once that she couldnt afford her 'pcos medicine' (bc pills) asked for donations (probably got none) and then never talked about it again

No. 415887


Sage for fuck off outta heah blog. I don't even have pcos and nothing OTC touches my cramps. If I don't stay on top of my exercise, I need min two tylenol 3 at once. Honestly don't blame her for the heroin, if I were weaker I could see myself doing the same.

No. 415889

i don't have pcos but i have a feeling taking some ibuprofen or having a hot water bottle isn't going to do anything to relieve the pain LOL. i mean her using heroin because of the pain was stupid but i'm pretty sure pcos periods are a lot more painful than you think

No. 415892

She's a poor/junkie, that money's going into her arm. Unless it's a frequent source of pain (which it isn't in her case from what she's mentioned), so spending money for a doctor + a monthly prescription just isn't worth it to her.

No. 415929

File: 1500980066785.jpg (74.91 KB, 810x594, 23.jpg)

she's already posing again
>such bad period cramps, you guise!

No. 415930

File: 1500980117281.jpg (76.93 KB, 804x589, 3.jpg)

if you want to see every picture of tuna, get her to accept you.
if you want to see every pic dumped here, fucking do it yourself.

No. 415941

uh yeah she never accepted my request so i cant do that

No. 415969

sorry but this actually fucking funny

No. 415980

she wont accept me either, atleast lil_fever posted stuff without bitching like this even if she left her icon in screenshots

No. 415982

File: 1500998850820.jpg (284.44 KB, 792x1064, lunainsta.jpg)

you´re really not missing anything anon, she´s being boring atm

No. 415983

Damn I didn't think anyone still had the clunky old TVs, much less the ones with the VHS slots given how cheap flatscreens are. That TV is probably older than Luna is.

No. 415984

lmao she took the chinese leftovers from her Dad's home. I assumed she was watching That 70s Show at her Dad's but that CANNOT be his TV lmao. That fucking storage box as a TV stand…

No. 415990

umm the thought of her taking her poor cats onto the bus or subway gives me some very bad anxiety. i'm no pessimist, but if her or lurch were to head out with a cat high on something, they could easily leave smokey on said train or bus. :/

No. 415999

File: 1501004442589.jpg (109.71 KB, 662x869, Luna.JPG)

What happened to ~I'm so poor and starving~ Also, why does she make Lurch get everything for her? didn't he just have surgery? I doubt her period is worse than surgery.

No. 416007

File: 1501007302279.png (149.35 KB, 640x995, IMG_9636.PNG)

Here's some stuff from her Instagram from the past week I haven't seen posted on here yet (but sorry if I do repeat anything.)

A lot of the stuff she posts just isn't worth mentioning.

No. 416008

File: 1501007335906.png (174.37 KB, 640x1002, IMG_9635.PNG)

so poor guys

No. 416009

File: 1501007383308.png (169.44 KB, 640x975, IMG_9634.PNG)

I can't believe the filth she lives in

No. 416010

I have 2 theories:

1.Lurch is way better at stealing things so he goes to the store alone and shoplifts it all.
2. She's lying, and it's so that her userbase thinks she has ~absolutely no money or income~. Maybe it's an extension of the "a random stranger totally bought me this!" lie, and she keeps doing it because she thinks more people will donate if they think everything is bought for her.

No. 416011

File: 1501007414469.png (172.04 KB, 633x992, IMG_9633.PNG)

No. 416012

File: 1501007447942.png (160.97 KB, 637x1003, IMG_9632.PNG)

No. 416019

pretty sure thats a new bear. nice baby wipes. I hate how she just likes to show her stuff off
I was wondering when I would see that flea ridden gorrilla stuffed in her hoarder home. I thought they found it in the garbage.

No. 416033

File: 1501013600540.png (212.83 KB, 750x1080, IMG_0505.PNG)

the page luna bought her heart earrings off of posted this on instagram. she's surprisingly not the most horrifying looking one in this picture

No. 416034

is this what happens when you dont love your kids right

No. 416035


holding the fucking medicine bottle omg

No. 416036

Imagine Luna getting evicted and since few people in her life have cars and she can't drive she'd have to leave so much shit behind… is she materialistic, or just a straight up slobby hoarder? Also, I don't think Matthew is stupid enough to get five finger discounts and risk arrest while his name's so newly on the book, do you?

No. 416038

if shes unemployed why does she spend others peoples donations on shit like this??? they were clearly bought online so she didnt shoplift them and obviously spent cash. so irresponsible, this is why shes in this sitaution

No. 416039

Holy shit. Yikes.

No. 416044

>I don't think Matthew is stupid enough
I'd take that bet, tbh.

No. 416045

File: 1501015752267.png (64.03 KB, 640x410, IMG_9925.PNG)

No. 416046

File: 1501016002250.png (63 KB, 640x402, IMG_9926.PNG)

No. 416047

hm, probably just your generic portal of hell

No. 416052

well, ladies. As Ive heard it Obamacare is called off. So expect some enraging tuna in the next days. kek

No. 416053

Clean your house.

No. 416060

File: 1501018533060.jpg (1.53 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

I'm addicted to drawing luna a cow

No. 416102

File: 1501021975920.jpeg (511.69 KB, 2048x2048, 1472922576560.jpeg)

my god, its the dress from the 2nd thread pic

absolutely looks like its been sitting in a heap for 10 months lmao

No. 416104

The, "LIFE OR DEATH SHIT" always gets me, like yeah, Tuna, you bragging about how cute you are whilst being a disgusting addict is so life or death.

No. 416106

This is just as cringe as Luna's shit. I legit thought it was a new piece of her art, please don't

No. 416111

File: 1501024822456.png (198.46 KB, 750x1036, IMG_0521.PNG)

this friend took her out shopping at goodwill and bought her more clothes like THATS what she needs. also i hate to say it but luna looks pretty decent in this picture even though she's wearing that stupid daddy's girl shirt

No. 416113

nice roots tho

No. 416115

Is that a fucking mullet outside of the 90s? Christ.

No. 416117

complains about the heat and wears a pullover sweater

No. 416118

File: 1501026546533.png (849.69 KB, 715x1070, Capture _2017-07-25-18-45-32.p…)

Holy shit… Look at Tuna.

No. 416120

How does she look so different in these photos compared to her selfies? Does she deliberately make herself look worse in her own pictures?

No. 416122

I wonder how Tuna goes about getting these people to buy stuff for her. Does she whine and moan about not having money, or does she just straight up ask them to buy the stuff for her.

Or maybe they all just shoplift together. Tuna thinks that since its Goodwill, its less likely she'll be caught?

No. 416123

her constant use of flash and grimy filters does her no favours

No. 416126

its like her hair looks soft and you cant see all the pounds of foundation?

No. 416127

tbh Luna looks pretty good here

No. 416129

fucking hell. how badly must she mangle her own photos to look so bad usually jfc

No. 416151

File: 1501032902936.png (72.96 KB, 750x995, IMG_0523.PNG)

uh, i still wouldn't go as far to say she looks good. she's got some weird mouth wrinkles happening here. also are we not going to address her yellow ass roots? lmao

No. 416155

Yes, her face looks weird and droopy, but her hair looks clean (omg!), and her face doesn't look caked with badly done makeup.

No. 416159

Dude I was thinking juust this lmao

No. 416161

Her hair is freshly cleaned here, that's the only difference. Plus she got rid of her abysmal roots like last week, clean nice hair really helps. Looks like she's just come from her dad's and hasn't had time to get grimy from her den tbh.

No. 416162

The yellow roots are better than the terrible brown ones she's had for like a year lol

No. 416173

She looks like mira in this pic…..

No. 416176

Definitely proves when she's alone & high she does her makeup in a very dirty horrible aesthetic way. In public out with friends she doesn't slap on the same amount of gunk. Also proves that she's capable of washing, just doesn't.

No. 416178

Someone is jealous.

No. 416198

Im not even the same person who posted that original comment about your drawing, but it was cringey and all those tuna "quotes" you wrote around it were pretty annoying..
Its gotten old.

No. 416203

the drawings were funny the first like 2 times but now it's just the same stuff over and over again and it's done.
even zoomed in i think she looks pretty good here. she looks normal

No. 416212


I suspect she cleans up before going to hang out with her friends or her friends' families. There have been some other pictures, too, of Luna hanging out with her friends and looking less homeless than usual. She's too comfortable around her father or Chief Areola to care, though, I bet.

Source: dated a girl with Asherbee-tier personal (non-) hygiene. I apparently didn't rate showering for, but when we'd go hang out with our friends, she'd bathe and at least make a half-assed pass at brushing her teeth.

No. 416227

I don't know if they're using some sort of filter or what but Luna's hair looks great! Why can't she keep it looking this nice all the time

No. 416247

File: 1501062791052.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170726-115119.png)

No. 416251

she doesn't even need to put that as the caption because we all know once she gets a "new" article of clothing she's going to literally live in it for the next 6 months

No. 416252

File: 1501067626751.png (442.33 KB, 900x628, IMG_5872.PNG)

jfc, she has the weirdest toes I've ever seen, looks like some monkey feet

those pants are going to be covered in grime in next two days lol

No. 416261

that's confusing me so much as 'schlechter' is the german word for 'worse'

No. 416262

File: 1501072900245.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-07-26 11.51.37.png)

No. 416301

that ill fitting ass bra omg instead of buying clothes and makeup invest in a bra that fits pls luna jfc

No. 416375

Thrift clothes always have this gross stench and texture before you wash them, not the mention the possibility of bed bugs. Knowing Luna she probably just rips the tag off and throws them on

No. 416390

it's been mentioned before but it skeeves me the FUCK out how she buys second hand clothes and stuffed animals and doesn't wash any of it before sleeping with or wearing. how she doesn't have scabies, bed bugs, or fleas is astounding, but hey maybe she does and she's just too high to notice. it's absolutely fucking disgusting and makes me want to bathe under scalding water lmao

No. 416404

Seriously. There's nothing wrong with second hand clothing or things but you need to wash them when you buy them.

I retch when I picture Luna squeezing into an old woman's used nightie that sat unwashed in a box for years until her family shipped it off to sit in a Goodwill for Luna to get her grubby little hands on it.

No. 416466


I worked at goodwill and we dryclean absolutely everything before putting it out. It's still a good idea to was have to but she won't get bedbugs

No. 416512

Why do their clothes sometimes still smell like sweat and literal shit sometimes?
Also, my aunt got scabies from trying something on at a goodwill.

Sage, tuna hasn't been milky today

No. 416514

Not the person you responded to, but I had a brother who worked at goodwill and he Also said they are very picky about cleaning things. The problem is the customers who come in and sit/try on the merchandise.
Sage for OT.

No. 416531

i'm sure some goodwills care less than others, or the nasty people like luna who come in unbathed and try on clothes stink them up, but goodwill is usually really good about cleaning/washing clothes or items before they're sold. luna probably has a ton of different bugs/germs/parasites living on or around her but i doubt goodwill gave them to her. if anything i'd bet she gave them to goodwill lol

No. 416697

File: 1501181175608.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0554.PNG)

No. 416698

File: 1501181501558.gif (384.15 KB, 307x230, IMG_3677.GIF)

No. 416699

i don't like saying women look like drag queens in principle. but damn luna looks like a drag queen

No. 416701

also why does her armpit look like a cavern? is osama hidin in there?

No. 416702

They do get washed like anons said but I reckon it's the moth balls and camphor often hanging about at opshops to deter moths and silverfish. I know those sometimes make the clothes smell realllllly fucking bad.

No. 416705

the fuck?

No. 416726

i'm vomiting at how COVERED that black top is. like with foundation and hair and what looks to be dandruff? fucking disgusting. and yeah, her armpit also looks terrifying lmfao. her fried tips get to me too, it looks like her hair is a bad party city wig

No. 416731

File: 1501187767384.png (138.83 KB, 640x905, IMG_0049.PNG)

is luna finally trying to get a job?

No. 416733

More like try to use her old boss like she uses everyone else. Expecting to get cash for showing up whenever she likes and "work" for an hour if they're lucky while complaining the entire time.

No. 416735

she looks so much like lurch with that facial expression and her eyebrows, she just needs those ugly sunglasses and a hat

No. 416742

honestly she looks relatively fine here compared to her other pictures but alas lol

No. 416754


Heroin is an opioid, it has absolutely no effect on the pain other than creating a distracting sedative euphoria. Meanwhile, if she has cramps, a muscarinic antagonist like butylscopolamine (cheap as fucking chips as it's one of the oldest muscarinics) would do wonders.

No. 416767

Completely false. Heroin as an opioid also relieves pain. When it binds to the receptor, it exerts both an analgesic and euphoric effect.
Sage for pharmphag

No. 416771

But honestly who the fuck thinks she does heroin because of her period cramps? She could have got a weaker opiate legal, couldn't she?
Also isn't heroin a opiate like morphine? And valoron and codein are opioids because they're synthetic?

No. 416797

File: 1501194678083.png (260.51 KB, 750x1207, IMG_3981.PNG)


No. 416805

look at stains on this pillow, everything she owns is covered in filth, grime and yellow/brown/bloody stains

No. 416807

recently they changed the definitions of opiate and opioid to be confusing assholes. It used to work like that but it doesn't anymore.

Opiate = came from a plant, opioid = all opiate based drugs, synthetic or otherwise.

>But honestly who the fuck thinks she does heroin because of her period cramps?

lol not me. But it's her excuse, so it's worth discussing I guess.

Speak to your doctor about the pain if it's affecting your day-to-day life (unable to walk, eat etc.). I knew someone prescribed Tramadol by their doctor for PCOS cramps. They used to knock her sideways so she'd have to take the time off work, but she didn't get periods very often.

Didn't she get fired from the TWO WHOLE SUMMER JOBS she's had?

No. 416809

As sound as your advice is, Buscopan isn't available in the US. Not even with a prescription. The closest alternative (afaik, not that I'm a professional) would be something like Baclofen or Flexeril, both of which require a Rx. OTC NSAIDs do a pretty good job of relieving even severe cramps though, so heroin isn't her best or only option. For the price of some skag she could even go to a clinic and get a Rx for flexeril or diclofenac, both of which help menstrual cramps quite a bit, and are affordable even without insurance.

Having been a junkie myself, I know what she's doing. Any and every pain is used as an excuse/justification for pounding high potency painkillers (getting high lol). Making suggestions for how to manage PCOS pain might help other people browsing this board, but won't do shit to help Luna as long as she's not seeking treatment for addiction. Yes, heroin alleviates most pains. But it's kinda like using a jackhammer when the tool you need is a chisel, if you know what I'm saying.

>She could have got a weaker opiate legal, couldn't she?
Unlikely that a doctor would prescribe even a weaker opiate for PCOS without first trying all other non-opioid painkillers. Prescription opiates have caused quite the addiction crisis in the US in the past few decades, so doctors use them as an absolute last resort in most cases (except short term, post surgically, for instance.)

No. 416815

Sage for more thrift OT, but I worked at a thrift store in a kind of shitty area a while back. Homeless and mentally ill people would often come in, go in the change rooms, and swap their clothes for some new ones off the rack. It's super easy to steal from these places, they'd just tear off the tags. I remember once there was a rancid smelling pair of shoes that someone had obviously swapped for better ones. Always wash first.

No. 416827

I like when she talks about stuff (being pale) that's just been discussed here >>414060 even though she doesn't lurk here.

No. 416836

Thanks for the mental image of luna doing exactly just this whenever "cool new shit (ratty clothes)" appear in her life. Here i thought she was wearing chief girltoy hand me downs.

No. 416863

everynow and then i forget about this foundation loaded bitch and her face always manages to show up and ruin my day

No. 416884

Do opiates not block your pain receptors? I use tylenol III for period cramps and it's one of the only things that stops the pain. Not just a nice distraction, that's more like alcohol for me. Very interested in butylscopolamine though. I've never heard of it until now. Never had it recommended by a doc.
Hate to defend Tuna's heroin use but if she lives in the US and her cramps are bas bad or worse than mine, than it's not easy to get a sufficient but weaker opioid. It's hard to find a doctor who will prescribe T3 let alone hydrocodone.

sage for OT

No. 416890

For PCOS or endometriosis, doctors will prescribe 800mg ibuprofen, followed by 50mg Tramadol if that doesn't work, and then percocet 5/325 if all else fails. There's no other opioids that work well diminishing reproductive/severe menstrual pain.

No. 416896

Bets on how long that juice bottle next to the bed stays free of Lurch's piss?

No. 416897

So sick, when I seen that empty bottle on their nightstand I immediately assumed theyre saving it for when lurch is too high/lazy to her the fuck out of bed. And Luna doesn't even mind? Nasty bitch.
I once had a guy over who pissed in a bottle instead of using the toilet and I WAS DISGUSTED.

No. 416919

Sorry for the way off topic, but why are your doctors prescribing habit forming meds for a chronic condition when there are better options? See this study:


>It's hard to find a doctor who will prescribe T3 let alone hydrocodone.

With good reason. For your own benefit, ask them for something safer. There ARE other options for pain like that without resorting to opioids.

No. 416944

do you happen to know any off the top of your head? the only thing i've found that seems promising are marijuana suppositories.

No. 416946

This. Just had a spinal fusion, and the neurosurgeon was very judicious in even prescribing me a small script for oxycodone 5s, no refill ofc. Might add also have a cerebral spinal leak on top of it, but nopes, oxycodone 5. In the US it is right hard to get prescribed pain meds unless doc is unscrupulous.

Sage blogpost

No. 416964


Depending on the character of the pain and the level of nervous system involvement, the GABAergics (gaba5, Lyrica) can do wonders.

No. 416975

Please, stop bumping the thread with OT.

No. 416977

None of those are GABAergics. Lyrica structurally related to GABA but uses certian calcium channels to function.

No. 416986


It's a GABA analogue, albeit, as you correctly.note, it has a different mechanism compared to the classical GABAergics like benzos. Nonetheless it messes with the GABA concentration and that makes it a GABAergic, more or less. :)

No. 417030

File: 1501260697159.png (384.16 KB, 959x446, Skärmavbild 2017-07-28 kl. 18…)

nothing interesting at her insta right now

No. 417032

File: 1501260731754.png (599.6 KB, 843x613, Skärmavbild 2017-07-28 kl. 18…)

No. 417033

File: 1501260756452.png (518.13 KB, 859x625, Skärmavbild 2017-07-28 kl. 18…)

No. 417081

Some users have been given temp bans.

No. 417083

She likes sports now?? I'm surprised she didn't jump onto the Cubs bandwagon when they won last season.

Sage for sports chatter.

No. 417093

she's said Lurch watches baseball so I doubt it's really one of her interests and rather just something she knows about because he likes it

No. 417094

File: 1501273844322.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0570.PNG)

No. 417096

New sunglasses from amazon when she says she's staving? Will someone send her that fucking screenshot of her new sunglasses that she "needed" the next time she's begging for food money? Ugh this stupid cunt.

Sage for tuna rage

No. 417098

B-but they were only $8.99

No. 417099

this shit is infuriating bc i'm of some means and i found 4 dollar sunglasses at a chain store that looked better, and i didn't have to pay for shipping like a fool

No. 417100


She couldn't at least wash the blood off of her hand….smh

No. 417103

Yeah but also they were 5 star rated on amazon!

No. 417107

Why she feel the need to indicate the price of each thing she get? Ugh…

(thanks to screenshot anons)

No. 417124

File: 1501280851347.png (193.61 KB, 640x1005, IMG_0104.PNG)

apparently she got them when she wasn't "as broke."

No. 417125

File: 1501280879589.png (121.14 KB, 640x773, IMG_0103.PNG)

No. 417127

File: 1501280964839.png (148.61 KB, 640x989, IMG_0105.PNG)

>when i'm not poor

No. 417142

I dunno about clear…
But I'm sure if she had a good skincare regiment she would look a lot prettier and healthier.

No. 417173

I hate Tuna's spending habits jfc. Just because you have money doesn't mean you should spend it. Do you think she even knows what a budget is?
Then again evil daddy can cover her ass when she's ~wah so broke~

No. 417183

Of course she's a Yankees fan.

No. 417198

aka when another relative dies and leaves her money because god knows she's never gonna have gainful employment in this lifetime

No. 417203

I wish she'd just put that skirt out of its misery.

>ordered them a month ago
So she bought overpriced eBay China shit for $8.99 and still had to wait for it to arrive from Beijing.

No. 417208

Ha! She blames the stadium for falling down their bleachers?!? What a joke.


No. 417227

File: 1501296854234.png (213.48 KB, 750x1057, IMG_0572.PNG)

this cats fur looks so bad :(

No. 417234

It's an old cat stfu about it. I thought this was already mulled over 4 threads ago…

No. 417237

No it doesn't mess with GABA. Does it get reversed with a GABA antagonist (bicuculline or flumazenil) ? It binds to voltage gated calcium channels which modulates not only GABA but muscarine, adenosine what not too.

No. 417240

lol it looks like Smokey's moved into the spare room tbh, to get away from their filth. I swear thats a single mattress and not their usual bedding. Plus do they ever have that much light in their den-room?

No. 417245

i bet she lists the prices of things so people will think she's not spending so much money on useless things, but even $9 is a waste of money if she's ~sooo broke~ like she always says she is.
>i ordered them a month ago when i wasn't so painfully broke
>was probably still e-begging a month ago from this exact day
>that caused my joints to dislocate over and over again
how did her dislocating ONE of her joints (her knee) lead to some of her other joints dislocating?? is that how bodies work now

No. 417258

ugh you don't need money to have a good skincare routine, she is just lazy and gross

No. 417261

>talks about how she's just cleaned her face
>can still see the eye makeup she didn't clean off

Sure tuna you've got great skin… I can see the PCOS spots on her chin.

No. 417264

$8.99 + shipping is seriously like, 3 days of food for the 3 of them, and she's wearing that on her eyes…indoors, presumably, because she doesn't fucking go anywhere…and if someone were to tell her she should've used that money differently/saved it, she'll just say that poor people deserve to treat themselves once in a while

No. 417266

Her chin isn´t even in the photo.
The only thing I see is some flaky skin or sth on her cheek. Freckles=/= spots.
The gross thing in this picture is her brassy greasy hair.
Don´t mean to wk but that level of nitpicking is actually ridicilous

No. 417267

i agree. her hair is the grossest part of the picture tbh and as much as i hate giving loonie a compliment, she's got pretty good skin. she stays in a grime infested apartment all day, doing heroin and crack and breathing in cigarette air, consuming highly processed foods and presumably touching her face with her dirty fingers. i'm also assuming she doesn't wash her face twice a day like normal people. it's INCREDIBLE honestly how her skin doesn't break out or look worse than it does. I'm actually mad she gets to be this lazy and unhygienic and have clear skin. yeah there's something on her chin but it's clearly not a pimple lol this bitch doesn't even get hormonal acne!

No. 417269

it's already been established that the amazon account she uses is linked to daddy's credit card. the whole "ordered when i wasnt broke" is bullshit to make it seem like she actually bought them instead of the reality that she just goes on amazon shopping sprees whenever she wants bc its coming out of her dad's account. god forbid she use some common sense and order some food though. that's something an actual poor/starving person would do lmao

No. 417277

nice nasty q-tip tuna. how the fuck does she not notice her own filth… how do people think shes fucking aesthetic goals..

No. 417282

File: 1501316415876.png (480.61 KB, 635x685, Untitled.png)

super quick on mspaint because I don't want to spend forever looking at her skin, but pic related.

She hasn't got outright acne, but her skin is nothing to brag about. Definitely not 'baby smooth'. And this is JUST after she's used a scrub and moisturiser, she absolutely shouldn't have "some flaky skin or sth". Some of it is just freckles, but no way are the bits I circled. That many imperfections in the skin, even if they're not spots? I wouldn't call it 'good'. It's nitpicking but she's bragging about something like 90% of the population has: a face without acne.

Maybe my definition of "good skin" is higher than you guys, but if my face looked like that I'd cry. Then again I shower daily and don't roll around in my own filth.

It's surprising her skin is as good as it is given her lifestyle, but you can still see gross shit on her face. The cluster of (healing) spots NEAR* her chin are probably hormonal and not her fault (esp seeing as she's just had a period), but they just don't look like freckles. You can see a spot on her chin and around her mouth >>416007 and every other photo recently has conveniently covered that side of her face.

Sage4no1curr but she's still gross to me. It's nice to see her taking an interest in skincare but she's got a long way to go.

No. 417283

File: 1501316824431.png (1.74 MB, 1200x1920, 1492722725070.png)

Beating a dead horse to say Luna gets acne semi regularly, we're just too grossed out by everything else to notice it half of the time. Pic is a couple months old but still

No. 417284


I dunno man, I figured she'd go for the Red Sox because she lives in NY and wants to be ~so DiFfErEnT & uNiQuE~ .

Sage for sports talk.

No. 417295

No wk here, but c'mon ladies, I would reckon nearly all of us get some hormonal acne once a month. That in itself does not make Luna gross, it's just…..well, everything else about her.


No. 417298

nah… a cats fur doesnt look like that simply because it's old. And that cat doesnt even look that old. I hope the cats are able to go outside and escape the filth from now and then. maybe someone thinks theyre strays and takes them in instead. one can only hope.

No. 417320

The nitpick to end all nitpicks, Christ. Talk about autism.

No. 417322

please god… no more talk about the cat's hair

No. 417333


the red sox are Not Aesthetic
and i get the feeling she only gives a shit about sports because matthew "used to be a pro" or what the fuck ever, shes never talked about sports before other than that absurd cotton eye joe story lmfao

No. 417337

she only knows who won because lurch watches and cares, she doesnt give a shit. its just another opportunity for her to try to connect with people on the internet through interests, just not her interests.

No. 417340


I missed out on a lot of this thread apparently… what's with the cotton eye joe references?

No. 417342

I'd tell you to read the old threads because it's basic information but tl;dr she was dancing to it and dislocated her knee which forever ruined her life.

No. 417343

she has a story about dislocating her knee by falling off of some bleechers (probably the ones that were mentioned like a day ago) while cotton eyed joe was playing or something along those lines lol. so it's called her "cotton eyed joe knee"

No. 417346

think of all the nice things and food Luna could buy if she quit heroin. I wonder how much it costs her and Lurch a week just to buy heorin

No. 417347

File: 1501343917869.jpg (478.95 KB, 1378x896, latest tuna.jpg)

latest tuna pics

No. 417348

maybe matthew is bringing her to the station or something?
someone take the hit and ask her if thats her dad kek

No. 417349

also I love how you put the caption in the photo

No. 417350


She said her daily spend was between $50 and $80… since she is a lying fucktard, I would say that means $80, and at some point she could only afford $50. So weekly spend is $560. Add Lurch's much more profound habit to it, and you are looking at around $1200 a week. My wife, who is an impeccable dresser, spends less than that a week on clothes, although she does take care of them, too…

No. 417351

Why would you put your EARBUDS on those filthy steps, what the helllll.

No. 417353

Nobody cares what your "impeccably-dressed" wife spends on clothes every week.

No. 417354

And her purse, ugh. She's the complete opposite of a germaphobe, it's like she openly invites all kinds of grime and filth onto herself.
Also lmao at "let me pose for this pic, have a look at my big flat titties"

No. 417355

File: 1501345468915.jpg (32.68 KB, 400x315, 277133f2fe2849db3664efa711c88c…)

>"i wish i had fame"

No. 417361

Don't forget the subtle humble bragging, too.

No one cares how much better you are than Luna, guys.

No. 417365

looks like she got a new iphone connected to those earbuds lol

No. 417367

Jesus Lurch's hand is huge compared to hers. It's like a bloated corpse's hand.

No. 417369

Using heroin/injecting can cause swollen hands

Since he's been using for a long time his circulation is probably fucked

No. 417371

His hands always look fat, puffy, and nasty. Its like someone blew air into a rubber glove.

No. 417373

sage for bitching, but i'm like vindictively angry that luna's hands manage to stay so skinny and dainty looking considering the heroin and her being fat
like i know skelly girls with chubbier hands than luna

No. 417383

Ugh the slippers are back, she might as well walk barefoot it would be the same thing

No. 417389

The flag is so fucking nasty, I remember seeing it when the stripes were actually white…

No. 417398

Oh my god her skin looks completely normal. She has acne scars and dry skin but so do lots of people. Stop nitpicking

No. 417399

jfc stop sperging about nitpicking hell
every damn time 5+ posts on 1 fucking nitpicking posts that was hours ago. like you only multiply the shit, not actually stop it.

No. 417408


Most gyno's try the 800 midol pills but they usually want you to go on BC for endo. Mirena is a godsend for my endo

Luna is an idiot and will get nothing for her period.

No. 417428

jfc let's not start this again

No. 417568

File: 1501402785988.jpg (479.93 KB, 1223x1296, latest tuna.jpg)

The usual pictures of her evil dad´s cat and apartment.
She also found some cucumber scrub.
Your opinions, porcellain-skin anons? Is this stuff legit?

No. 417585

That's a mask, not a scrub. Never used the product, but reviews look good.

Sage no contribution

No. 417590

Her pictures from her dad's every week are always the same, just gotta swap out whatever new makeup/facewash/shit he just bought her. God, she's so predictable and boring.

No. 417591

it's a peel off mask, i own it and it's fine. it doesn't really do much, it's just fun to use. she should have gotten a clay mask or a mask scrub, if she used one of those semi regularly she wouldn't have so much dead skin and her makeup wouldn't look as bad lol

No. 417620

File: 1501429824616.png (152.39 KB, 640x902, IMG_2231.PNG)

lmao someone get the poor cat away from this musty crackhead bitch

No. 417626

what the HELL kind of hairstyle is that and what is the nonsense caption she put

No. 417630

wow her legs look massive

No. 417631


The more I look at her dad's place, the less I buy the 'he met my mom at a methadone clinic' line. Look at the way he decorates his home. It radiates a sort of not too rich but educated and somewhat old money sensibility. Even if he's been in recovery for donkey's years, it's not what I would expect to see from an ex heroin addict.

No. 417632


Crytyping meets spellcheck.

No. 417647

File: 1501437465368.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2530.PNG)

Cards from Lurch

No. 417650

That is so her handwriting

No. 417652

Christ, yeah it's freaking me out how deflated she looks from about the waist up.

No. 417657

jesus christ anon. not every junkie sits under a bridge or a dirty junkie den.
There are a lot of addicts that are high functioning in well paying jobs. your ignorance is kinda astonishing.

No. 417658

That brassy yellow hair, discoloured legs and huge thigh! The difference between a picture someone else takes (not even a candid) and her selfies is crazy.

No. 417660

File: 1501439270967.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-07-30 20.24.16.png)

so did he finally shoplift her a cheap engagement ring?

No. 417661

File: 1501439294792.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-07-30 20.11.03.png)

retarded selfie the 2314th

No. 417662

File: 1501439312415.png (283.35 KB, 744x1106, IMG_2531.PNG)

Went back to find some of her diary entries. Looks similar handwriting wise. Writinh cards to yourself tuna……sad…

No. 417665

I dont know, to me it looks different.
for example:
the 'n' and 'm' starts at the bottom on the letter going upwards, while luna starts it at the top of the letter going downwards first.
Luna's 'y' has a swing at the bottom, the one on the card just goes straight down.
The 'f' from luna takes a bow, the one on the card is pretty straight with only a little hook on the top.
The 'I' has lines when luna's I is just a line.
Overall her handwriting is quite buldgy when on the card it's rather narrow.

I'd say she didnt write it herself.

No. 417675

File: 1501442598662.png (228.89 KB, 750x1094, IMG_0696.PNG)


No. 417680

A care package for a girl who spends half her week in a luxury apartment, takes hourly selfies on her iphone which demonstrate new clothes, trinkets, and makeup almost daily, and $1000 worth of heroin going into her veins fortnightly. Luna must be laughing.

No. 417702

File: 1501449060387.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170730-230750.png)

Her lip and the lipstick on her nose and on the side of her mouth are triggering me so badly

No. 417704

File: 1501449613149.png (215.82 KB, 500x411, 14551129524027.png)

All you need is soap and water, and it doesn't hurt to spend extra money on some cheap acne cream.

No. 417707

Oh hey I just realized her sunglasses are supposed to be a cheapo version of some Prada (I think?) frames.

No. 417708

Either her butt is weirdly-shaped or her panties are really cheap.

No. 417731

Ha, I know right? Especially considering he probably hasn't lived that life for at least 5-10 years, what would you expect his house to look like?

No. 417735

One of her nails look like they're about to fall off. Isn't the lipstick all over the place,with the glasses supposed to match her ~aesthetic~ of being SO exhausted?

No. 417752


My bet is, she's trying to replicate his handwriting based on limited sources. He does not exactly strike me as the handwriting type.

But oh Jesus the awkward wording. Hell of a love letter. 'You love my dad and help my dad!' And that trite crap of 'words can't express'… hey, dude, you decided to write a fucking love note, better try to find some words to express shit!

No. 417756

is it just me or did her pictures' quality improve? like did she get a new phone from her evil dad? (Im not familiar with the quality of iphone cameras but the latest pictures look lighter and less grainy)

No. 417762

File: 1501459497888.png (154.73 KB, 640x894, IMG_0191.PNG)

No. 417776

'wondering where they leave their bags' -ftfy tuna

No. 417779

No. 417781

Looks like her dad is making her volunteer at a Girl Scout center? Kek. Though from the picture, it doesnt look like shes "working", looks like her lazy ass is plopped down on a couch, of course.

No. 417782

Tuna working? I refuse to believe it, especially when she's sitting on the furniture.

No. 417789

Am I seeing things or does she have extremely hairy thighs? Ive never seen such long leg hair on a woman??
Also she deleted that pic off insta, must have come down and lost that crack confidence, realized how massive and gross she looks.

No. 417820

too fucked up to notice u got lipstick on ur nose eh? this is is godamn triggering… HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT?

No. 417821

oh please… fucking lurk moar.

No. 417826

Chanel, some years ago.

No. 417827


lmfao "you like my dad and my cats" is "his" reasoning

No. 417852

Ive followed tuna since before she was a cow. Never seen her man-hair thighs like that before now.

No. 417855

She's had that ring for a while. Just surprised she managed to get all the blood out of it.

No. 417863

youre not following closely then.

No. 417866

well following her social media isn´t the same as lurking her threads.
She doesn´t remove her body hair and she´s got lots of it, claims to have a condition called pcos (google it) which would explain why she´s so hairy.
There have been countless discussions about that on here.

No. 417878

they mean read the threads lol. her hairiness is a topic a million times in each thread. considering everyone talks about it, you're not seeing things

No. 417883

i just looked through her facebook and it seems like she deleted this post?

No. 417889

can we talk about her fucking tooth blending into her lip entirely

No. 417936

File: 1501531106919.png (3.7 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-07-31-14-57-17…)

her eyeliner never fails to make me cringe

No. 417943

She's so pathetic. Who looks forward to their life of slapping on shitty makeup to take ugly selfies in their smelly house? I know she suffers with her mental illnesses and that's a bitch but it's not an excuse. She has the means to fix her life or at least try to get back on her feet so to speak, but that would mean quitting her one true love, heroin. It's sad and pathetic that she's so young and has her dad to assist her but she won't accept it. She's a moron.
Sage for whining.

No. 417950

Ughhh, pretty sure those pictures on her wall are ripped from her father's art books..

No. 418010

You're so right. Imagine her dad going through his books and discovering that Tuna's grimy little hands ripped the pages. I admire her father for the patience he has with her.

No. 418058

File: 1501551647221.jpg (65.09 KB, 792x600, lunain5years.jpg)


No. 418089

i actually kinda of like her eye makeup here but im sure its just the angle and irl its a fucking god awful mess lol

No. 418124

I really like her hair..it's just a shame that it's attached to her head.
I wish her father would buy her a book on how to apply makeup properly

No. 418176

>I wish her father would buy her a book on how to apply makeup properly
Girl gets wifi on her phone, she can just watch some tutorials on YouTube. She has the tools to improve herself, she just chooses not to because of her ~*aEsThEtIc*~

No. 418248

not to nitpick, but can she not feel her septum ring being completely uneven?

No. 418255

eh it's probably not too heavy so I doubt she notices. And considering all the disgusting shit that gets crusted on it, it's obvious she doesn't care enough to even check it

No. 418268


I have my septum pierced and unless your piercing is stretched to hell the jewelry is so light there's no way you'd just feel the weight difference on your nose.

No. 418292

i have mine pierced as well and i can usually feel when one ball is up my nose and the other is touching my lip.

No. 418297

File: 1501626124050.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-01-17-18-41…)

why does she want her followers to know this? also how greedy lmao. her own food stamps aren't enough so she has to use her mom's too. to buy fruit snacks. nutritious.

No. 418310

it's twice the poor junkie aesthetic to have two lots of food stamps dontcha know!! poor people can have treats too uwu

No. 418323

I dunno where she got these, but on the Walmart website it's like $2-3 for a pack. How is that good value for someone who struggles to pay rent/buy food? It's not a meal, it's not even really a snack for god sake!

I'm curious, how much money does someone typically get from food stamps?

No. 418325

How much you get for foodstamps depends on your situation, but when my ex was unemployed he got like $180 a month.
We were dumb junkies so we wasted it on junk food in like 3 days, which sounds like what Tuna does too.
Or sell it at shady gas stations for cash for a days worth of dope.

No. 418494

Why do some of you think we give a fuck about your past lives as forma Luna's?

It depends on how many people are in your household. The more people in it, the more money you get.

No. 418554

Maybe you should stop bitching. There is no milk and people who have experience with food stamps are posting anecdotal evidence that correlates with her junkie behavior. No one is forcing you to read it. Hide all saged posts if it rustles your jimmies so bad.

No. 418562

Lil_fever has changed her name to fat_fever on ig, which is why no one could find her further up in the thread.

Sage for backdating and OT

No. 418610

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! No one cares about that ugly wannabe. Go make your own fucking thread and self-post there.

No. 418630

File: 1501724136856.png (144.19 KB, 640x1012, IMG_9955.PNG)

She's been pretty quiet today. Just posting semi-spoilers from the newest R&M episode and sitting around editing pictures, as per usual.

No. 418632

File: 1501724189495.png (162.89 KB, 640x986, IMG_9954.PNG)

I can't get over how absolutely filthy her doorframe is.

No. 418636

>deeply idolizing the 90's
>fanning 'contemporary pop culture: the show'

No. 418673

she probably doesn't even watch it.

No. 418711

Is that a mountain of clothes as tall as her door frame?

No. 418724

File: 1501757188883.jpg (838.26 KB, 1676x2340, Untitled.jpg)

pic dump, because i dont want to bump the thread with every single one and no milk.
although i laughed hard at the
>sorry I couldnt decide so I posted the exact same image again
and the
>all the things I own
>cheap plastic cats from three angles

No. 418763

This, she's just jumping on a trend as usual.
Her remark shows that she knows nothing about since Summer was already pretty important and "awesome" in some episodes (S01E09, S01E07, S2E02, S02E06…)

sage for autism+OT

No. 418817

how much money does lolcow want to bet that in, oh say a week or two, she posts something about how she "relates to morty because of her own family problems and alcoholic father"

No. 418842

Summer was already pretty bad ass you ignorant bitch she just dealing with her parents divorce in a specific angrier way

I'm so fucking triggered lol

No. 418888

File: 1501792717751.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170803-221242.png)

So I guess it's safe to assume she is on crack again?

No. 418900

can't tell if that's her flat butt or her stomach

No. 418903

Looks like she's wearing Lurch's dirty underwear.

No. 418905

hahah what the fuck i thought this was just underwear laying on the bed

its like one of those images where it could be a duck or a rabbit

No. 418906

I guess she's trying to look skinny, unfortunately her fupa gives her away.

No. 418935

Looks like a diaper.

No. 418943

I…seriously can't even tell whether this is supposed to be her front, her back, or her side.

No. 418984

its her front

No. 418992

File: 1501817904416.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-03-22-33-46…)

you did luna. you just deleted it and reposted it with your thighs cropped. lurkin?

No. 419046

Not to WK but these were written by two different people. Look at the "y" on each example. Luna's y's have curved tails, and Matthew's do not. Also, Luna's handwriting exibits psuedo cursive interspersed with print throughout the diary entry. Matthew's card does not, and instead is purely print throughout the example. These handwriting traits are subconscious, and as unique to the individual writer as a fingerprint. In addition, if Luna were forging Matthew's handwriting on the card there would be obvious hesitation marks where she would stop to look back at whatever document she was copying the handwriting from, and there are none. Instead, the handwriting on the card from Matthew is fluid and intuitive. These were written by two different people.

No. 419052

File: 1501849886591.jpg (118.45 KB, 464x348, MV5BNWFlMzM0YjYtZWMwZS00NjIxLT…)

Lol I can't help but draw parallels with "Welcome to my Study". "Let's see what I have in my study drawers today. It's a cow."

Sage for stupid.

No. 419070

agreed tbh, but that doesn't mean he sincerely wrote a love note to her tho.

>I love you and appreciate your many contributions

Seriously who uses the fucking word "contributions" when talking about love?!

>I love that you have a rich dad and get us heroin money when I can't.

>I also love the fact you look after my dad and cats so I don't have to, ty for letting me have all the freedom.

kek he sounds like he's writing to his mother…

Or maybe he's just being apologetic, like he's done something wrong and needs to make up for it with a ~uwu sweet boyfriend-of-a-BDP-sufferer spiel.

No. 419079

likely she deleted while high as a kite and reposted while also high as a kite

No. 419113

lol @ how her "many contributions" = Luna taking care of/loving Roger and the cats.

if she paid the rent (or even just HELPED pay the rent) like she claims she does, wouldn't he mention that when talking about her many contributions? lollll

No. 419213

quit nitpicking. it'd be weird if u thanked someone for paying their share of the rent in a sentimental card………….that's just too candid

No. 419260


I think there -is- actually a dresser under there, but she's pulled most or all of the drawers open and just kind of stuffed clothes in there willy-nilly (most likely during one of her drug-induced *~cleaning my house so domestic uwu~* posts).

So yes, it is essentially a pile of clothes as high as her doorframe…except with a skeleton made of drawers. You can see them a little better here: >>409893

Sage for autism.

No. 419266

The card seems too candid already imo, if it was any more I'd think Lurch wrote it under duress lol

No. 419375

not literally "thank you for paying rent" but "thanks for holding the household together, babe"…"thank you for working hard to keep things going smoothly"…"thanks for being dependable" etc etc

she doesn't pay shiiit for that apartment

No. 419402

someone posted earlier that her (or someones) insurance? paid for it in full and neither of them actually pay any rent.

No. 419657

File: 1502036682343.png (2.92 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-06-11-22-41…)

okay, i'm not one to nitpick about the cat's fur..but this is baaad. at least fuckin brush the poor thing

No. 419689

Does this girl even realize how dirty she is? Does she like it? Does it fit into her drug aesthetic or is she just used to everything being dirty?

No. 419718

oh no, luna dear, noo
this auburn shadow on black cat's coat is a sign of lack of vitamins and a bad health overall… nothing cute to boast about.
And poor creature looks like his fur is hella tangled, it's not just a problem of appearance, but it's hurting when a cat moves.
ehhh, at least he has a warm place to sleep, huh…

No. 419724

sage for ot but are you serious? i have an all black cat and he's perfectly healthy (i feed him well, he gets exercise, and he isn't living in a dope-den but he still has spots of auburn/brown when he's in the sun. not trying to be rude (idk if it comes off that way) i'm just genuinely curious as to if my cat needs to be taken to the vet.

No. 419738

i also have 2 black cats that get reddish brown tones in the summer sun, but its not the whole hair like this its kind of by the roots

No. 419742


What? No! My black cat has shades of auburn when the light hits his fur at certain angles.

That being said Luna definitely doesn't take care of her cat but still, don't be ridiculous

No. 419747

The cat is old as shit. The only thing it needs is a brush, she should actually be brushing it anyway since it's a long hair.

No. 419764

I love how that comment sent three other anons into a spin about whether their cat is ok

This is why unless you're fully qualified in medicine you don't go around giving medical advice to anyone, not even a cat lmao

No. 419825

File: 1502066113770.jpg (86.3 KB, 540x960, IMG_4276.JPG)

does anyone understand this because i sure as shit don't……

No. 419830

I'm pretty sure she just typed 'murdered' wrong and it autocorrected to 'nurseries'

No. 419846


Your icon is showing, anon.

No. 419864

by the time you see this it'll probably be too late to delete your post, but you should change your profile picture or something. it took me like a minute to find your facebook lol
but anyways, what kind of conspiracy theory is "jfk was murdered"? he was assassinated… of course he was murdered.

No. 419906

>heavily believed conspiracy theories
>JFK was murdered

I never truly thought Luna was an idiot until right now. He was shot in the head, of course he was fucking murdered. If she believes that's a conspiracy theory then god only knows what she thinks the "truth" is.

No. 419929

to be fair, I think she means the conspiracy that JFK was actually assassinated by the CIA or another government agency with a sniper from a different window. I don't know THAT much about it, and I don't know all the reasonings behind it other than the government wanting him dead so that they could totally fuck all the shit up in the 60's, but yeah. That's still probably more than Luna knows about it, she probably just heard Chief mumble something about it once and figured it must be pretty wild, might as well believe it.

No. 419933

she's right! everyone should be able to invest in nice things once in a while. just because you're poor doesn't mean you should only eat junk food and wear ratty, dirty old clothes-

No. 419959

I've never heard of insurance paying the rent?? I saw someone say that ROGER was paying the rent with his retirement, but insurance?

No. 419963


It's the info I've got from my vet, that's why I shared it quite confidently… Now I researched the thing a bit and it indeed may be a sign of liver and kidney problems and poor diet. BUT it also appears from sun exposure and with age. So Smokey can have it just because he's old, but I'm sure he has some underlaying health issues too.
So, dear cat owners anons, sorry for worrying you. If your cat is otherwise healthy you're all good. But if you feel something's different than usual AND he suddenly gets the auburn shadow on his coat, better check it with the vet.

Sorry for derailing but it's for cats sake

No. 420023

you're good anon! i was one of the catanons from earlier. i appreciate you clearing that up!! it's easy to tell that tuna doesn't take great care of her pets (affection ≠ proper care). she can hug him and love him all she wants but bottom line is i highly doubt she's feeding him properly and that someone cleans the litter box at all. i wonder how long the cat has been living like this?

No. 420049

Am I reading this right? So every week, your wife spends almost as much money on new clothes alone as TWO new York heroin addicts spend on heroin? Do you think your wife might have a fucking shopping addiction you crazy Fuck?

L&L actually look like the more frugal ones in your comparison. I never thought I'd see the day.

No. 420802

Damn this thread as been so slow recently? Has she really been that boring??

No. 420808


To the cat thing, when you have a Black cat with amber colored eyes, it may have Melanism, which is the opposite of albinism. The black fur gets a brown shade when the cat is exposed to the sun. I cant explain why, but it has to do with the melanism.
But she could take propper care of the cats anyways. Like clean them, when they are to old to clean themselves.

Anyways. I wonder, didnt she take any requests on IG at all? She didnt accept my request I sent a few days ago.

No. 420810

File: 1502220233616.png (180.06 KB, 639x997, IMG_0155.PNG)

She's just not it but even very interesting lately. You can only go on about how disgusting and dirty she is for so long.

No. 420811

File: 1502220275323.png (194.35 KB, 640x978, IMG_0156.PNG)

Sorry, I had a stroke. She just hasn't been very interesting lately.

No. 420812

File: 1502220295091.png (179.98 KB, 640x993, IMG_0157.PNG)

No. 420813

File: 1502220313331.png (191.58 KB, 640x996, IMG_0158.PNG)

No. 420814

File: 1502220334550.png (167.71 KB, 640x1091, IMG_0159.PNG)

No. 420815

File: 1502220350739.png (94.08 KB, 640x1075, IMG_0160.PNG)

No. 420817

File: 1502220470971.png (967.96 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0161.PNG)

No. 420823

she always says this like shes just looking forward to the fall to wear clothes..inside her house

No. 420824

>" you always look like an absolute angel !!"
Wow.. I mean..what kind of grubby fucking angels have they seen that makes them think Tuna and her dirty drug addled aesthetic resembles anything angelic?!

No. 420853

dear lord she's so fucking wide

No. 420856

lmao the cat does not look amused

No. 420911

Her outfit shots always crack me the fuck up, because you just know she thinks she's fucking killing the game.
>that sassy, cocked hip

No. 420914

she looks good here though–there's no close up of her nasty lips and skin, it looks like she actually has cheeks too. oh wow, and her eyeliner? you can barely see it so it looks 10x better by that alone. the room though? ugh.

No. 420938

Letme find out all those comments are just from farmers who are trying to befriend her for some exclusive milk. Kek.

No. 421165

Is this a new pic? That calendar says April…

No. 421292

Sage goes in the email field. Read the rules before posting.

No. 421304

lmao I'm amazed they even have a calendar, nvm keep it on the correct date

No. 421330

Im sure its for shit like, remembering when their food stamps come in, remembering when lunas moms food stamps come in, getting lurchs disability and knowing when to take Rodgers ss check out of the mail.

No. 421337

File: 1502288156932.jpg (16.11 KB, 204x320, sipping tea.jpg)

kek like anyone would voluntarily befriend this walking bag of dope and regret?

No. 421346

Thread is so dead. Missing the good ole milky times. Saged it for no contribution

No. 421356

Lurch has another court day coming up, it'll get better by then.

No. 421386

any anons have her Facebook? has she posted anything interesting there?

No. 421387

File: 1502297688715.png (137.11 KB, 640x836, IMG_0189.PNG)

dropped file, sorry

No. 421410

File: 1502301036105.jpg (87.19 KB, 959x960, tuna.jpg)

New(ish) Facebook profile pic. Will she ever stop pulling that drug-addled pose in every photo? I bet she does it even when she's not high just for the aesthetic.

No. 421594

File: 1502319665419.png (39.12 KB, 640x321, IMG_0573.PNG)

sorry for not wanting to drink my boyfriend's piss

No. 421596

File: 1502319751700.png (126.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0571.PNG)

No. 421597

File: 1502319798952.png (133.17 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0572.PNG)

No. 421642

I knew she was posting and farmers just weren't capping, I miss lil_fever

No. 421652

Me too. Luna was my favourite cow, this thread has been so stale.

No. 421680

File: 1502326302243.png (2.08 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-09-19-49-19…)

nothing too interesting going on

No. 421698

you just have no idea whats interesting. lil_fever used to post all this crap and the threads were decent, you only dump when people think shes gone into hiding and are asking where she is claiming "nothing interesting"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 421753

lol. stop self posting lil fever

No. 421763

well, her body looks nice here. that room though… the day it's clean is the day the world ends

No. 421780

Oh, shut up. I post everything on her Instagram. I don't have her Facebook but obviously some anon does and has posted from it. Our lives don't revolve around checking on Luna every single day. If you're so upset and miss that fat lard so much, why can't you try to contribute instead?

No. 421813

I think those of us that care would contribute, it just seems very few anons have access to her social media. I have tried several times to friend her on insta and facebook.

No. 421834

Sage for no contribution, but does anybody know any other similar users? Don't have to be full-fledged cows. By similar I mean with the cutesy aesthetics and emphasizing mental illnesses/personality disorders etc.

No. 421837

she's wearing a skater dress that looks good on everyone pretty much

but honestly, if she actually took care of herself she could have a nice body

No. 421849


I was trying to forget THAT. oh god

No. 421878

>until I find a new doctor I can afford
Yeah right, bitch, like you pay for anything. Everyone knows evil dad pays for it all. You don't have a job, how could you possibly pay for anything yourself? You just sponge money off everyone possible.

No. 421910

Is she talking about how she gets high and then is comfortable farting next to lurch while they both nod out? ~*~tru luv~*~

No. 421934

File: 1502386907732.png (103.19 KB, 640x580, IMG_0597.PNG)

No. 421937

File: 1502386936094.png (153.33 KB, 640x914, IMG_0598.PNG)

No. 421948

>give me validation for menial tasks that one would expect me to do on a regular basis

No. 421951

>freshly washed
>them greasy ass bangs

No. 421952

freshly washed for tuna lasts a week anon

No. 421989

I swear she needs a "new" doctor every few months. At least make it a bit less obvious you're doctor shopping for someone who won't push you to make healthy changes and just forks over pills.

No. 421990

It's been a while but I'm fairly certain that this is the job she had out of high school/her brief stint in college. and the one she got shot up at.

No. 421993

Her hair looks like steel wool.

No. 422009

shes perma banned you dumbass.

i have requested her and she won't accept. if you dont wanna post milk fine, but dont claim shes not posting anything interesting.

No. 422037

Stop taking your frustration at the lack of milk out on other farmers. She isn't posting anything interesting. Everything she posts is posted here with maybe a few hours delay. Im not sure how farmers are supposed to conjur milk out of thin air for you.

No. 422038

File: 1502401422434.jpg (150.88 KB, 640x1084, IMG_0236.JPG)

One of her followers tried to warn her about mixing drugs, but apparently Tuna doesn't take any other medications… obviously her heroin and crack addictions don't count, right?

No. 422044

lol yeah sorry luna, he took a month to call you back and is beating around the bush. they don't want you to work there

No. 422058

ugh shes an idiot
im honestly not trying to be edgy here i just think she'll end up killing herself by mixing the wrong combination together, isnt that what happens to a lot of people

No. 422078

It's really easily to accidentally kill yourself mixing medications. Especially when you mix two or more different central nervous system depressants, you can easily slip into a coma and deathly never wake up.
I'm not a professional, but it's obviously quite dangerous what she's doing. Luna is mixing some serious prescription drugs that she swipes from her dad with hard drugs like heroin and then adding in some sleeping medication to the mix. If that's not a recipe for brain damage/seizures/death, I don't know what is.

No. 422080

yeah i mean whats she taking like heroin, sleeping pills and benzos? girl, watch your health my god

No. 422117

>working at the department of public works
That's considered a city/government job. No fucking way she'd pass the background test much less the drug one. All it takes is one google of her name to see she's a druggie.

No. 422164

Right? Isn't this the same Luna that was taking four ambien at a time to get high in addition to her high doses of xanax?

No. 422167

File: 1502431351023.png (107.51 KB, 750x781, IMG_1879.PNG)

was lurking some girl's ig and found tuna's comment about how she doesnt get her period because of her addiction. i know this is over a year ago n probs doesnt mean anything but was she still ebegging for stuff to help period over year ago? is she still not getting her period? does she just say she gets her period as an excuse to ebeg for money toward food and "medicine"?

No. 422178

There is a way to bypass permaban. Or how do you think sperg-Chan was able to keep posting although farmhands banned her ass thousand of times? Bans are only through IPs. Let's say they ban you at your home network, you could still post through school/University/work/mobile data/netcafe/VPN services. For example I'm on vacation in a different country right now. It doesn't matter if farmhands banned me since tomorrow I'm driving home. BTW lolcow sucks, farmhands suck and the admin sucks worst of all. This board has never been worse. Eat shit.

No. 422216

Then GTFO, dumbass.


No. 422218

yes … good … let the butthurt flow through you.

No. 422347

"i'm not prescribed other meds" nice wording. you're not prescribed other meds but do you still abuse them? yup. how can she say that when she posts about stealing drugs from her dad and when she posts pictures of all of her pills in her little pill box like 15 times a month

No. 422422

"I washed my hair! please be nice to me! I was able to do a very basic thing! please praise me!"

she needs to stop cutting her bangs too

No. 422427

File: 1502488921128.jpeg (20.98 KB, 275x275, AF19ED28-BE0C-482F-8EF6-D3E444…)


Not true at all. They can ban you off your MAC address, it's just more of a bitch to do.

No. 422445

I don't think that would matter. Ban the MAC address and then the fuck could just use another device.

No. 422459

Plus you can just spoof your MAC. but can we get back to tuna

No. 422536

There's no milk on tuna. What are we getting back to

Sage for honesty

No. 422594

sorry for ot but what app did you use to cover the names?

No. 422634

yeah I've been thinking this.

Luna sits at home getting high and doing very little 9 days out of 10. She's got nothing to tell us on social media. All she does is take selfies, and if it's nitpicking to point out her negligible physical flaws then there's nothing to comment on.

No. 422657

I'm sure things will get more interesting after Lurch's court date. Is she still posting in drug groups on FB?

No. 422684

Lurch probably wont be sentenced at his next court appearance. He'll just get another date scheduled like he did last time. Drag it out as long as he can.
Tuna is so fucking boring. She doesn't do anything. I barely even bother checking her accounts anymore. There's never anything new.

No. 422696

File: 1502560644664.png (516.62 KB, 1242x1581, IMG_3375.PNG)

No. 422697

File: 1502560664432.png (527.59 KB, 1242x1691, IMG_3374.PNG)

No. 422702

thank you. since his arrest, everyone has been like "I'm sure he'll get sentenced at his next court date!" / "is Luna going to have to testify?!" / "he'll definitely get jail time!"

it's funny yet annoying to see how little people really know about the court system and they never listen to posts like ours when we tell them what's ACTUALLY likely to happen.

and I agree, she's really a bore nowadays. I put on her post notifications and have been posting her ig posts, boring or just so people here won't be like "waaah! I miss lil_fever!" but otherwise, her posts aren't worth it at all lately.

No. 422703

File: 1502561059135.png (98.26 KB, 750x1281, IMG_4449.PNG)

AH! But I have some milk!!!

Lurch's FB, Derek Reynolds, he is not even friends with Tuna, and there's no sign of tuna anywhere! He could be going back to his old self..

Plus his "friends," the majority of girls are not even the US and it's so random. Maybe lurch added them to tell them some creepy shit, or to cover up something

No. 422704

she's probably lying. I'm sure she's irregular/skips periods, the same happened to me when I was on dope but she's probably fronting about not getting it at all, just to seem like ~the most hardcore junkie of all~

bc why would she ask for period supplies if she didn't get her period? unless she was asking for CASH for period supplies, and in that case she was probably lying about GETTING her period

No. 422711

File: 1502562297290.png (295.84 KB, 1242x1519, IMG_3376.PNG)

her dad was actually sort of a cutie

No. 422712

File: 1502562322736.png (309.97 KB, 1242x1496, IMG_3377.PNG)

No. 422736

Please don't tell me that she got a new cat

No. 422757

pretty sure it's her dad's, she's probably at his place rn.

i really do feel like tuna is getting more and more boring, probably ever since she stopped interacting with people. and stopped having actual friends. she need's to get a fucking grip and stop just getting high for days on end, locked up in her apartment.

No. 422761

Lurch is such a scummy asshole. He's like that weird horny uncle that has his Facebook connected to porn sites, and you get notifs every time he tries to like something.

No. 422796

File: 1502577492690.png (2.5 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-12-17-35-36…)

luna posting the drugs and junk she got from her dad's. nothing new

No. 422797

>heres about 25~ pills
>ill be good for a week
>i rarely take benzos

luna. come on. no one believes you

No. 422815

I know somebody already said this, but damn, drugs really do age you. I thought this was a woman in her mid-30's to early-40's until I saw her age.

No. 422816

Yeah Luna, just take some benzos, sleeping pills and shoot some heroin. That's not going to do any damage to you at all. Jfc

No. 422866

File: 1502587382761.png (432.4 KB, 1242x1878, IMG_3379.PNG)

No. 422875

File: 1502588951246.png (3.45 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-12-20-47-49…)

recent posts

No. 422885

no money for food but she'll buy sheet masks.

No. 422887

>tfw a majority of my dad's "friends" are women not located in the US
>he's told me about how they tell him he's great, want his email, gifts, etc
>his excuse is he's old and gullible
>Lurch's excuse is he's drugged out and gullible?

>those sheet masks
I tried one of those and it really irritated my face. Maybe it'll irritate hers too and we'll get some posts out of it?

Sage for no1curr blog post.

No. 422890


>>grandma nightgowns

>>evil dads house

Tuna should go back to snow.
So boring

No. 422892

retarded nitpicking also who cares

No. 422899

She's extremely predictable and horribly boring.. High/withdrawing all week, posting ugly selfies that all look the same. And then on the weekend where she goes to evil dads, smokes weed, takes his scripts, and then shows off the new clothes and makeup which always look the same every week. I swear she just buys the same color lipsticks every weekend.

She deadass has nothing going on and nothing in the future to look forward to. Kinda pathetic.

No. 422900

Lurch has no friends, anon

No. 422902

apparently you do considering you responded to my post from 10 days ago. learn how to sage your shit, dumbass.

No. 422953

File: 1502606086355.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170812-233242.png)

Here you whiny bitches, look at her nails

No. 422954

ok it's always bothered me. a few anons have speculated that her nails look like that because she fucking shoves them under her cuticles but i find it so hard to process that. is there any other possible explanation? i know she shoots up so it's not as if she's averse to self injury but at least that's for drugs. the idea that she would endure infected bloody nailbeds costantly just to have horrible looking nails is so baffling to me

No. 422977

If you ever have gotten real acrylic nails the tech will actually file a bit of that cuticle skin to make the acrylic look more naturally connected. It seems she's been trying to do that but is cutting it to much and opening it up to infection. That's why it's so swollen like that at the start of her nail. That shit honestly stings like he'll when nail techs do it accidentally so I have no idea why she keeps doing it maybe because shed out of her mind while doing them honestly.

No. 423024

it looks like she's growing cottage cheese under her thumb nail wtf

No. 423052


yeah, his poor dad must be trying to help. i mean, what can you do when your daughter turns into such an absolute fuck up? you can't fix it with "love you sweetheart, here take more money so you can die before 35".

i honestly didn't mind her drawing >>414341 i thought it was cute even, but the dad thing pissed me off. you were raised in some average middle class family, calm down. its your own fault if you've lost contact with your family. daddy didn't tell you to mess with drugs for edgy kid points. don't blame him for being disappointed.

sage for super old. just, don't antagonize people when you're the bad guy.

No. 423055

it irritates me to no end that she blames her parents partially for her drug problems.

my dad is an addict too, do i go out and drink until i can't stand and do pills? no. luna takes it as a go-ahead to do whatever the fuck she can get in her body though.

if anything, lurch is the only one to blame here BESIDES tuna–not her father, not her mother, and not lurch's father.

No. 423058

Most drug addicts blame other people for their problems, Luna is no exception.

No. 423064

you're the real mvp, anon.

No. 423065

i know that anon, but it still annoys me. how can she not see that her father is actually tolerating her enough to have her over every weekend? at this point i wonder if she just shows up and he doesn't actually invite her.

No. 423084

not necessarily. there are a lot of drug addicts who are pretty realistic about their situation and know they're "to blame" for any hardships that happen due to their addiction. not everyone is a spoilt brat like Luna is.

No. 423087

Which is why I said "most" and not "all"

No. 423122

File: 1502649189582.png (83.4 KB, 640x823, IMG_0719.PNG)

damn the girls get cranky when they don't get their milk

No. 423123

File: 1502649211796.png (82.93 KB, 639x847, IMG_0718.PNG)

No. 423124

File: 1502649224472.png (41.15 KB, 640x310, IMG_0720.PNG)

No. 423134

To her, "happy" is nice skin and stuffed animals.. Not success or talent or friends and family kek. Also the only reason she doesn't have nice skin and hair is her disgusting lifestyle.

No. 423137

luna if you didn't do dope and exfoliated once in a while, your skin would be 10x better. oh, and washing your make-up off every night helps.

No. 423147

If she's gonna be ramming all those benzos this week will be super milky, benzos make you lose all your inhibitions and sperg everywhere

No. 423159

I just want to squeeze her fingertips and watch all the shit come out of them. You know they're infected to hell and back

No. 423172

Thank you for explaining. I've never gotten any kind of acrylics or fake nails so I had no idea. It's still so baffling. If I get a hangnail it's in the back of my mind constantly. Her hands look like they feel like having infected hang nails surrounding every nail.

No. 423192

Seems like she put too much glue. I'm not saying that her fingers are healthy but take a look under her index, it looks like dried cheap glue for me
(looked the same when I've begun to wear false nails and was too dumb/young to put them properly)

No. 423264

File: 1502668352931.png (2.25 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-13-18-50-43…)

pretty sure luna is high rn. she's spamming instagram like she usually does. just her nails, stuffed animals and useless junk though

No. 423276

maybe this is nitpicking but i genuinely want to know what that little thing on her pointer finger is. it looks like a vein but it's not where any veins like that are afaik and it doesn't really look like a cut.

No. 423294

Kind of looks like a scabbed over cat scratch.

No. 423296

To me it looks like a scar, I have one like that on my finger from when I accidentally fell on a saw as a kid

No. 423319

I was just about to post this, when you zoom in it looks like a good chunk of crusty foundation on her index finger

No. 423329

Isn't that the hand her ring is usually on? it's kinda weird to me that she's not showing it off. in most of her pics it always looks like she goes out of her way to find the right angle that flaunts it

No. 423404

File: 1502685604083.png (59.15 KB, 640x1043, IMG_0391.PNG)


No. 423446

Pretty sure it's nail glue that she's just rubbed at instead of washing her hands.

No. 423500

She's not wearing her cheap "engagement" ring…?

No. 423501

RIP Lunas threads, it has turned into a nitpicky boring mess

No. 423503

lol you're at least a thread late

No. 423567

File: 1502729984654.png (151.86 KB, 640x907, IMG_0749.PNG)

No. 423568

File: 1502730020848.png (74.34 KB, 630x504, IMG_0750.PNG)

No. 423569

File: 1502730040543.png (49.23 KB, 640x394, IMG_0751.PNG)

No. 423585


No. 423589

I don't know why she's so concerned about being talented. Skill will always have more strength than talent. If she feels so shitty about her art, she has to put the time in. She's all about instant gratification.

No. 423599

who insulted her art?

No. 423608

Us, kek.

No. 423649

File: 1502740412716.png (322.21 KB, 1242x1417, IMG_3414.PNG)

No. 423650

File: 1502740433201.png (314.13 KB, 1242x1805, IMG_3413.PNG)

No. 423651

File: 1502740583230.png (357.84 KB, 1239x1813, IMG_3412.PNG)

I wonder if she shot up on her neck or something bc she has those gross dirty remnants of adhesive after you take a bandaid off.

I doubt she did it herself, Lurch prob did it at home for her and she covered the mark with a bandaid so daddy dearest wouldn't see it, get upset and "verbally abuse" her.

No. 423653

File: 1502740689115.png (369.95 KB, 1242x1858, IMG_3411.PNG)

No. 423654

Bless the farmers posting all this. I don't care if it's "nothing new" I like seeing into her daily life and how she perceives everything through drugs.

No. 423655

I was going to be surprised at how two of the bigger Hello Kittys looked clean still but then I scrolled down and saw her bedsheets. How do you not see this stuff or are just too high to even care that you're sleeping in food crumbs, dirt, and what looks like rat poop?

No. 423657

>>423122 I love how she labels everyone as either rich trust fund babies or poor people. It's like no one taught her the concept of working or budgeting. She comes across as being horribly spoiled as a child bc she just expects everything handed to her. I also wish she would learn that working a shitty job can actually help motivate you to make art, go to school etc. so you can find more meaning in life.

No. 423676

That's because she went from being rich to having to beg for drug money. She keeps saying "if I were rich.." when she has been and could be if she just kicked her habit and was sober enough to live with her dad without him worrying about her robbing him blind for stuff to pawn for drugs.

No. 423691

This. Getting a part time job got me to do more art and other hobbies in my free time. Probably because I've already been awake for hours and have been doing stuff all day, so it's not a big deal to do more tasks, especially if they're fun personal projects. When you're a NEET waking up late, by the time you feel half-ready to do anything productive you have just a few hours left and a ton of tasks competing for your limited attention, and for Luna that task is usually drugs and selfies.

No. 423717

This is like the second time today that she's said me instead of my.

Sage for irrelevance

No. 423754

It could be autocorrect. Sometimes the algorithm gets fucked up and changes correct words to other ones, like sometimes mine changes "is" to "us". Sage for further irrelevance.

No. 423762

Same. The milk is nice but seeing her daily life and what she finds worthy of sharing with the world is just as entertaining to me.

No. 423944

File: 1502825651973.png (139.97 KB, 640x905, IMG_0776.PNG)

No. 423945

File: 1502825675541.png (140.33 KB, 640x825, IMG_0779.PNG)

No. 423948

hmmm i wonder what could help you with your bpd

No. 424004

File: 1502835905553.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170816-002147.png)

Why is she such a Trainwreck and always reminding me on some old filthy std-ridden prostitute

No. 424007

File: 1502836017163.png (395.26 KB, 1242x1768, IMG_3426.PNG)

No. 424008

File: 1502836036264.png (Spoiler Image,401.09 KB, 1242x1705, IMG_3428.PNG)

No. 424009

File: 1502836058735.png (482.12 KB, 1242x1770, IMG_3430.PNG)

No. 424012

File: 1502836323425.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170816-003000.png)

>dat lip
>Dat left out nostril without foundation
>Nightmare material right there
Rip Luna's lip

No. 424014

File: 1502836401607.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170816-002632.png)

No. 424018

File: 1502837171113.png (2.91 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-15-17-44-04…)


No. 424020

luna you know that instagram doesnt register your sad boobs as boobs

No. 424021

File: 1502838125627.png (2.96 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-15-18-01-07…)


No. 424023

File: 1502838203629.png (2.76 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-15-18-02-47…)

No. 424024

i've noticed insta keeps photos of boobs as long as they're in a shirt, even super see-through stuff

did she feel threatened enough by him flirting with fb strangers she decided to take matters into her own hands?

No. 424025

She must be cracked out rn. She switched into 3 diff granny nighties in like 30 minutes.

No. 424027

good lord that background. i'm always disgusted by the squalor she surrounds herself with.

No. 424028

File: 1502838417614.gif (1.08 MB, 480x360, 0F2Kvyu.gif)

No. 424030

shameful but i was actually kind of happy for her if she's telling the truth until i saw the ott hickey

No. 424046

wtf is the left ball on her piercing covered in jesus christ do I even want to know

No. 424047

her makeup obviously

No. 424053

That's a hickey? It looks like she burnt herself or dabbed a shit ton of eyeshadow on her neck. Gross.

No. 424056

that's the kind of hickey where you just sit there getting your neck sucked for forever because you specifically want a big ol hickey, not a spontaneous, sensual hickey

No. 424060

File: 1502844227285.png (474.5 KB, 1241x1798, IMG_3433.PNG)

No. 424061

File: 1502844239619.png (397.18 KB, 1242x1846, IMG_3434.PNG)

No. 424062

File: 1502844249134.png (261.11 KB, 1242x1204, IMG_3435.PNG)

No. 424063

File: 1502844270627.png (468.44 KB, 1234x1855, IMG_3436.PNG)

No. 424064

v-very good uh…folding Luna. Now let's see you clean the rest of the house.

No. 424065

I wonder if her necklace is real gold. doubt it because that angel pendant is pretty chunky. if it were solid gold, even like 10kt, she'd get at least $200 for it at even the shittiest pawn shop.

No. 424068

>sensual hickey

she always does this to show off her things but its always the same things all thats missing here is that marilyn manson autobiography

No. 424069

I doubt it's even gold-plated. It looks like some fake cheap stuff that was made to only look like it's "gold". also the hanger is already wearing off.
probably some cheap silvery metal underneath. thats worth nothing at all.
>pawn shop
which must be the reason why she still has it.
I would bet her ring also is some iron/titan plus zirkonia, if at all. could as well be some brass with glass or something.

No. 424095

File: 1502847699018.png (388.89 KB, 1233x1715, IMG_3437.PNG)

No. 424097

What are those cuts?

No. 424103

File: 1502848618008.png (394.27 KB, 1241x1849, IMG_3438.PNG)

No. 424105

tryna show off again? with a hickey from an old junkie on your neck, nice

No. 424109

Did she cover the bad grades with a sticker?

No. 424112

> a time when i got good grades

She's saying this like she's still in school. Who cares?! No 21 year old with anything going on in their life. This one is especially sad to me because it shatters the facade that she just wants to be a junkie NEET and doesn't give a fuck. She very much does and subconsciously yearns to go to school or have an "office job." Painful.

No. 424114

not being in school or work so like not achieving anything on a daily basis is v depressing, no wonder she feels unhappy and has to look back on like hs grades

No. 424116

Never been in these threads but what is a school course going to teach about classic science fiction? They read dune and john carter?

No. 424118

actually in my high school we did have an elective called science fiction where we read dune. it was a lit elective for seniors if you passed the regular lit requirements on time

No. 424120

"a bus stop in the ghetto reminds me of roxxy andrews and she's so much like me omg :)"

No. 424130

File: 1502853226573.png (321 KB, 1242x1649, IMG_3443.PNG)

No. 424131

File: 1502853237543.png (291.27 KB, 1242x1664, IMG_3444.PNG)

No. 424132

File: 1502853249569.png (391.33 KB, 1242x1798, IMG_3442.PNG)

No. 424152

self ham

No. 424165

File: 1502857505718.gif (762.5 KB, 500x375, giphy.gif)

No. 424173

the fact that she has saved a lock of her own hair in her notebook is so fucking funny to me. she's like, creepily obsessed with her own self.

No. 424200

Looks a bit like a baby book. I have one similar with the hair and photos/stuff. But yeah its a bit weird to keep your old highschool grades laying around, its obvious that Luna wants to be functioning in university/work but she just keeps dosing herself and posting her titties on Instagram.

No. 424219

She's obviously very deep into that supply of benzos right now, the pics posted tonight are GOLD


Is it just me or is there blood up her nose?

No. 424225

File: 1502872075421.png (123.73 KB, 638x929, IMG_0801.PNG)

No. 424226

File: 1502872096636.png (59.36 KB, 640x693, IMG_0802.PNG)

No. 424227

File: 1502872120912.png (64.88 KB, 640x467, IMG_0803.PNG)

No. 424228

File: 1502872142706.png (107.34 KB, 640x802, IMG_0804.PNG)

No. 424229

File: 1502872169507.png (93.64 KB, 640x608, IMG_0805.PNG)

No. 424230

File: 1502872209054.png (39.57 KB, 620x436, IMG_0806.PNG)

No. 424231

File: 1502872243307.png (58.41 KB, 640x372, IMG_0807.PNG)

No. 424232

File: 1502872263157.png (107.43 KB, 640x647, IMG_0808.PNG)

No. 424233

is she trying to decide which shirt to wear for the winter?

No. 424234

what the fuck, how intentional would that have to be to get some huge ass hickey on the side of your neck.

No. 424236

Oh god she's on the comedown

No. 424245

>my father in law is acting weird screaming he needs an ambulance
>i'm feeling so overwhelmed
what the fuck, luna. maybe she should get him some help, call the fucking ambulance, and not just try to make it all about herself, as always.

what is she on today? i'm guessing meth/stims, those definitely make you sexual.

No. 424246

Maybe she's dabbling in crack again.

No. 424247

Did tuna just recently post this again? Its from awhile back… That yellow flower thats on there is from a gas-station crack pipe.

She's complaining that she's overwhelmed because Rodger is yelling that he needs an ambulance? Omg. She's probably crack-paranoid and never called one for him because ~oh no, they might know she's high~
Poor old guy.. Can he just move to assisted living now please.

No. 424248

I like how she says her "sex drive" is back, even though she's been saying "sex repulsed" forever..
Im no special snowflake phrase expert but im pretty sure theyre different things?

No. 424249

If he was so magical, your sex drive wouldn't have left for so long.

No. 424251

Roger probably was probably sick of being around cracked-out swamp creatures having gross sex and screamed about needing an ambulance because he wanted to get the fuck out of there.

OR tuna started coming down and started to set up a story about needing some hospital money so she can go out and get more crack.

No. 424255

Looks like cat scratches. It's a wonder she's not gotten cat scratch fever at some point.

Why does she always show off the same books she stole from her dad?

>father in law screaming for an ambulance
Well I guess I'll just ignore him and post it to FB to talk about how panicked and overwhelmed I am!
Fucks sakes, Tuna.

No. 424261

File: 1502883744648.jpg (Spoiler Image,406.11 KB, 1242x1705, IMG_3138.JPG)

what the fuck

No. 424294

first time seeing saggy tits, anon? snore. there's not much luna can about those - her shitty life, on the other hand… that's something that should be shamed.

anyone know if luna accepts new followers on insta these days?

No. 424296

it does if you're telling people (like a cancer patient) you need money for food and you're selling it on dope you fucking junkie.

also, >>424232 what is the appeal to posting this online for strangers to see?

No. 424301

File: 1502892233964.png (456.01 KB, 1242x1832, IMG_3448.PNG)

I give it 12 hours at most before she starts begging for money and lying about how she has to pay his hospital and ambulance bills.

I feel bad for Roger, I obviously don't know his whole story but he seems like an unoffensive sweet old man. I'm sure if he was a dick, Luna would be blasting him across social media like she does to her father. it just sucks that he has to live in that apartment amongst filth, dirty needles, etc. at the end of the day, it's HIS place and it's messed up that his adult son and his girlfriend pretty much sabotaged the place and do nothing to make it clean and comfortable for him.

No. 424303

she does but she usually takes a while to accept. I don't think it's for any real reason, I think she just lets the requests sit there and goes through them every once in a while. request her and don't get discouraged, she'll get to you eventually.

No. 424316

yes my father in law that i care about so much is going to the hospital, let me take some photos of it.

No. 424317

9 seconds? Damn, that's a quick screenshot.

No. 424326

File: 1502895635296.png (347.27 KB, 1232x1813, IMG_3450.PNG)

I was going to make a joke about Luna being happy Roger was gone and having the house to herself but then I realized it really doesn't matter. Luna and Lurch do whatever the hell they want anyway, regardless if Roger is there or not. shooting up, smoking crack, leaving their needles and drugs on the floor of the room Roger sleeps in. it's beyond rude, it's fucking cruel.

if Roger and his money/benefits weren't there anymore, neither would Lurch or Luna be. Lurch might be able to hustle up money to support their heroin habit, but he wouldn't be able to support their habit AND pay the rent too. and we all know Luna can't/won't hustle for shit, legally or otherwise. so they should realize that and have a little more respect for Roger.

No. 424330

File: 1502897963730.png (446.72 KB, 1241x1746, IMG_3451.PNG)

No. 424340

her body makes no sense

No. 424341

She looks absolutely ~devastated~ about Roger here

No. 424343

>do you ever realize how toxic you are
A brief moment of self-awareness?

No. 424354

nah, she does this all the time. just part of the pity party ~so tragic~

No. 424358

how are you getting screenshots so fast?

No. 424367

I have post notifications on and I'm off today so I haven't been doing shit for the past few hours but lay around and play on my phone. when I see the notification pop up I press it and it takes me directly to the post. even if I can't/don't want to post it exactly that minute, I snap the screenshot and then crop it and post it later on

No. 424379

it seems pretty clear now that her best milk is delivered after visiting her dad and stealing a fistful of xanax.

No. 424381

File: 1502903086069.jpg (27.6 KB, 512x490, joanne-the-scammer.jpg)

No. 424392

I'm surprised she was able to miss so many days. Usually if you miss x amount of days there's a court intervention.

No. 424399

File: 1502908074319.png (94.94 KB, 640x753, IMG_0824.PNG)

No. 424400

File: 1502908091910.png (45.55 KB, 640x321, IMG_0825.PNG)

No. 424405

File: 1502909359927.png (3.7 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-16-13-48-40…)

No. 424422

Goddamn, she is so proud of those gross nails!! She's always holding them just so in photos because she wants people to notice them but they are so nasty. Luna has such bad taste.

No. 424427

She dresses like a dirty grandma.

No. 424434

I think you nailed it. I'm 100% sure that her "hickey" is just a needle bruise. I had shit tons of those on my arms when i was using. Never saw one on a neck tho, thats scary.
Id say the whole "my sex life is back" is just to avoid questions on her 10 selfies a day.

No. 424435

File: 1502914328224.png (825.28 KB, 1558x740, Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 4.11…)

how long ago did she make her new tumblr? she's already following other junkies and it's quick to find too.

No. 424437

lmao @ those blog names
uh if you guys are cops you have to mention it right

No. 424478

File: 1502918218262.png (435.58 KB, 1242x1543, IMG_3452.PNG)

how about someone get ROGER some nice new things bc of Roger being in the hospital?

this girl is repulsive.

No. 424479

File: 1502918244446.png (2.7 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1003.PNG)

No. 424481

File: 1502918299503.png (387.37 KB, 1242x1593, IMG_3453.PNG)

mcdonald's: delicious food to eat when you're a spoiled, lazy woman-baby who uses other peoples' tragedies and hardships to gain sympathy and gifts for herself :) :) :)

No. 424487

fries…right on the fucking bed? she's disgusting

No. 424493


sage for autistic rant

No. 424494

a-are those… are those .. im not sure if I want to know.. but are those stains? Or does that sheet have a p-pattern? please say it's a pattern

No. 424497

ugh omg you put them in the lid not on your sheets, who does that!

No. 424502

File: 1502920533418.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-08-16 23.54.31.png)

wtf is wrong with her goddamn legs

No. 424504

File: 1502920566649.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-08-16 23.54.44.png)

"Im missing Roger so much you guise! My day is so bad! Im feeling so empty!

No. 424505

File: 1502920606653.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-08-16 23.54.37.png)

"Look at the third angle of my ~sensual angle~!
Also look at my boobies more!"

No. 424506

kek … sensuel hickey I meant

No. 424508

a lot of fat and cellulite

No. 424509

the good news is i'm pretty sure the sheets do have a floral pattern. look at the top left if you can stand it and compare it to lower in the picture. looks like a motel tier floral sheet.

bad news is they're still filthy as fuck

No. 424511

File: 1502920960708.png (370.39 KB, 1242x1735, IMG_3454.PNG)

No. 424512

this girl is waaay too old to be as enthusiastically proud of that hickey as she is. it's really embarrassing. I would expect that from a 14 year old, not an adult. cringy.

No. 424515

Who gets someone other than the person that's in the hospital a "get well soon" gift???!!

This bitch

No. 424517

File: 1502921459175.png (567.54 KB, 1242x1837, IMG_3459.PNG)

this girl is a spoiled brat

No. 424520


I know she's completely fried, but she still manages to surprise me with what a raging cunt she can be

No. 424522

the people who get her gifts and give her money probably think they're helping but they're not. this may seem materialistic but one of the big reasons I finally got clean from heroin was I was sick of being constantly broke and never being able to have nice things. or even normal things. I didn't have a cell phone for 2 years before I got clean in 2014.

spoiling Luna and giving her cash and bailing her out of every problem, is just showing her that "hey, I CAN have nice things and still be a heroin addict. people will always spoil me and help me out whenever I need or want something!" it gives her no real motivation to change herself. she doesn't even appreciate it or consider herself lucky - she's used to it by now, and if her rude begging posts ("wow, people only donated $5! that's not enough!!!") are any indictation, she EXPECTS it

No. 424532

Reading this thread made me throw up.

No. 424550

Fuck me, I'm triggered. This bitch is so needlessly fucking dirty it's making me so mad.

No. 424563


i mean fuck luna for being such a spoiled rotten brat but where these from? lmfao

No. 424564

File: 1502927967481.png (103.24 KB, 636x576, IMG_0835.PNG)

No. 424565

i fucking cant with this bitch

No. 424567

this lady always buying her shit is just stupid asf at this point. how many times can you fall for lunas lying junkie bs…

No. 424568

File: 1502928429031.png (579.31 KB, 1223x1854, IMG_3465.PNG)

No. 424569

>my void has been filled

you'd think this void would be filled with roger getting better, not mcdonalds and facemasks smh

No. 424570

I bet Patricia gave her some cash too smh

did we decide whether or not Patricia is rlyblonde's mom? she is, right? I wonder what rlyblonde thinks of her mom constantly buying Luna things and giving her money

No. 424571

I'm lowkey worried for her because those hickeys look like burn marks more than hickeys. O.o

No. 424579

It's a hickey, anon. You can put away the tin foil hat. Tbh if it were a burn i wouldnt even care, this stupid bitch can douse herself with gasoline and set herself on fire for all i care.

No. 424599

i was like speechless at this. this needs to be in a banner uts a perfect reprensentation of her. i hope they put roger in a home or something he cant have long left with heart failure can he? think i was actually glad w no luna milk cus i forgot how much i hate this bitch

yes, my god, you have so many clothes to wear in the fall how exciting

No. 424611

File: 1502930826678.jpg (659.12 KB, 1063x1559, Screenshot_20170817-104517.jpg)

Don't forget to tuck your fupa in

No. 424621

>eating food right off the bedsheets
Fucks sakes, Tuna! This is a new low for her with Roger and now this?

No. 424624

i don't generally care abt luna's weight as a topic of interest but i think she's really fucked up her body composition because her weight fluctuates so often. i don't think weight loss or exercise will make her less lumpy.

No. 424625

File: 1502932238987.jpeg (24.18 KB, 540x304, A22B4473-342F-430D-AD8A-05E783…)

she's gonna go to sleep tonight in french fry grease.. luna blease

No. 424633

I know that Pat's a real person and has been in these threads multiple times, but I can't help but think Tuna goes shoplifting and lies saying that "Pat" treated her.

No. 424645

File: 1502936018090.png (37.02 KB, 640x321, IMG_0836.PNG)

revolutionary ideas brought to you by luna slater

No. 424648

File: 1502936216857.png (69.37 KB, 640x406, IMG_0818.PNG)

No. 424656

she is high as all hell lmfao

No. 424681

Target. They're all pajamas and actually really cheap.
I bet she shoplifts some of this stuff. She always seems to have those tiny face mask packages and stuff that would be easy to stick down a grandma night gown.

No. 424705

To me, "sex repulsed" would be she's grossed out by the idea of sex and has no desire to partake or watch it (porn). Her "sex drive" would be she's still attracted to Lurch but her libido is really low and she's just not interested in sex.

Either way, I'm sure she was just trying to sound like a ~uwu mature adult~ and neither are true. Sage for speculations.

No. 424722

how can she say that her void has been filled just because she got some things from target? her "father in law" JUST went to the hospital and she's already better? that's heartless lmao.
yes, pat is indeed rlyblonde's mom. i wonder how she feels about her mom buying luna things too… rlyblonde seems pretty well off, and probably got a lot of things handed to her as a kid/teen but still, if i were her and i saw my mom giving handouts to my "friend" that i knew was just a scamming asshole, i'd be upset. they both might think that luna needs the help, but i find it hard to believe that rlyblonde doesn't know the shitty things luna has done.
i'm sure she shoplifts half the shit she says people buy for her. but i do believe pat buys her 100% of the stuff luna says she does. everything else luna ~magically aquires~ from some ~kind stranger~ is probably just shoplifted though.

No. 424723

they'd look okay if they were better cared for… or cared for at all
why are drug users always like this. drugs are their only hobby, they get so fuckin obsessed, even non addicts get annoying. if I was an alcoholic i wouldn't constantly shitpost about it and follow a bunch of vodka blogs

No. 424725

why do her boobs look normal in this when its confirmed that they are mouldy pears

No. 424733


Lack of exercise + dehydration and malnutrition, probably. (And I don't mean that she doesn't get enough to eat- you can eat 50 tonnes of crap a day and still be malnourished since you're not getting the vitamins you need.) Yeah, some people are just unlucky and wind up with cellulite, but a healthy lifestyle can go a long way to mitigate it.

No. 424738

does she not own a fucking plate?
there's blood, cat hairs and god knows what else on those sheets. this is making me feel more nauseated than any of the other shit she does

No. 424749

i love how she seems not to give a fuck that it's lurches father. she's making it all about herself again. Lurch is a piece of shit, but this is HIS FATHER who might actually die.

who gives a shit about your loved one's highly lethal diagnosis when you got material things, right.

i'm not sure why i'm shocked that luna is this fucking heartless.

No. 424750

This is a horrible thought, but I wonder if they're both actually content with these events - maybe they're holding out for some inheritance money or property. Luna certainly doesn't seem devastated.

No. 424754

Tuna doesnt care for anything but being spoiled with words or materials.

If any of you actually though Tuna would give a flying fuck about about anyone but herself or the ones that give her spoiling you havent paid attention.

No. 424758

definitely. when roger dies, she'll milk it for all it's worth. really not looking forward to that.

Some statistics: "Median survival after the onset of heart failure was 1.7 years in men (…). Overall, 1-year and 5-year survival rates were 57% and 25% in men (…)."

No. 424762

Truthfully it's a wonder he's lived this long with their horrible living conditions, them likely selling his drugs, and him having been taken away by EMS 3-4 times now. I wish adult protective services would get him out of there.

No. 424765

Is that an actual fleck of dirt below her right collarbone? So on the left of the photo.

No. 424796

Praying that this time the hospital looks into supported living for him this time rather than sending him back to his junkie-infested home. UKfag though, is that even a possibility in Murica?

No. 424797

It is, but when it comes to the elderly most medical places tend to not really give a shit.

I mean they'd probably place him in a nursing home, it isn't the best but it'd be better than living with junkies and filth.

No. 424799

File: 1502983022816.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170817-171616.png)

No. 424800

File: 1502983043195.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170817-171603.png)

No. 424801

File: 1502983138608.png (171 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170817-171758.png)

No. 424802

BTW, is highbunny a cow?

No. 424803

File: 1502983191949.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170817-171836.png)

Forgot to attach image

No. 424804

File: 1502983250206.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170817-171814.png)

Looks unfortunately like a self-post lmao. It's from her IG story

No. 424812

is he getting ready to shoot up in this pic

No. 424820

Does Luna even know what heart palpitations and congestive heart failure mean? Those are the only words she's used to describe Roger's condition, which leads me to believe she overheard the paramedics say them and she's just trying to act smart. I mean, I wouldn't put it past Luna to be as descriptive as possible to get the most sympathy, but "heart problems" and "heart palpitations due to congestive heart failure" sound equally concerning.

No. 424822

Ew. He looks like he smells like old cheese and sebum.

No. 424823

this reeks of self-post. no one cares about your stoner lifestyle, highbunny, go somewhere else.

No. 424827

almost 100% of her followers think hes disgusting right. shes so brainwashed by heroin that she thinks hes…cute ugh its always so insane to me to think of her being attracted to him

No. 424829

chill from clasping your pearls anon. wasnt.

No. 424831

You still made 3 posts about her in an unrelated thread. If you want milk on her, make her a thread of her own.

No. 424839

I wonder what would happen if Roger dies. Maybe he has some kind of insurance but still Luna says they "struggle" a lot to pay the rent. Obviously she uses that money for dope but since Roger neither Luna works, chief is the only one with a "real" income.
US anons, how fast is all the heritage procedure? I ask because if it's slow, they would be evicted lol

sage for tinfoiling

No. 424840

she's so corny. just having to mention she was ~*so stoned*~ while meeting Judge Judy. I know a lot of people like her, who were good students and grew up in a middle class lifestyle with parents who supported them, etc but they always have to make their childhood sound more dysfunctional than it really was, just to fit their edgy persona they've created for themselves.

Luna does it ALL the time ("my parents conceived me on the steps of a rehab! my dad was on methadone maintenance for years! my grandpa was bi-polar!") and this is just another small example of that. she was a part of an extracurricular activity where she met Judge Judy and she just HAS to start it off with "I was so stoned!!!!"

Luna, most of the farmers who have followed you for longer than a couple months know that you barely touched drugs until you met Lurch's bum ass. besides weed (which you went to rehab for) and the occasional xanax. you were not the fucked up child you say you were. you pretty much plotted to become an edgy junkie and started leeching off of the first guy who would help you reach that goal (Lurch). so pathetic.

No. 424843

File: 1502992391561.gif (561.69 KB, 499x250, 19-51-21-n7jmxnl.gif)

You know what they say…

No. 424851

File: 1502993957662.png (101.51 KB, 640x491, IMG_0848.PNG)

No. 424853

huh dont companies have insurance for stuff like that
ugh roger you are so selfish, cant you see how stressed luna is only chipotle can make her feel better

No. 424855

Sage for OT but still.. Going to rehab for weed sounds so.. why?? Lmao.

No. 424858

Spend some of your heroin money on a fucking cab and go pick him up then

No. 424870

Forgot to take a cap unfortunately but under the pic Tuna posted of the new St. Ives product someone comments their opinion on it then said, "I'm curious as to what your source of income is."

Of course she deleted it lmao probably blocked her too

No. 424871

no. the ambulance for the actual patient to get there is sometimes covered by insurance but otherwise you take public transit/walk/find uber

No. 424883

god forbid Roger uses some of his ssi money on transportation for himself, leaving less for Lurch and Tuna to mooch off him…

she speaks of him and his medical issues as if he's such a burden. if Roger weren't around, y'all wouldn't have a home. I really hope he gets moved to a retirement home, for his own safety and wellbeing and for well deserved karma for Luna and Lurch. they wouldn't make it past the first month if they had to pay that rent themselves and they know it.

I bet they wouldn't even visit him if he did move to a home.

No. 424885

There's a chance that a social worker will get involved if they see any signs of neglect. Hopefully, at least. His money shouldn't be going into his son's arm.

Luna and Chief are definitely on borrowed time in terms of living in that house, though. Even if Roger comes back to live with them, he's not going to be around much longer, and there goes the social security cheques keeping them afloat. And then Luna will truly know the horrors of addiction. She's been living a very comfortable life for a junkie.

No. 424904

so she's back to admitting that they got together when she was underage. also she couldn't even wipe the cat fur off of the picture?

No. 424929

Because she was a spoilt rich girl looking for more edgy points.

No. 424934

If you mean those three long black lines across it, pretty sure those are cracks on the screen of her device

No. 424935

no.. it's the kick-off for the e-begging pity-party..

No. 424936

File: 1503008099509.png (200.7 KB, 639x1088, IMG_0851.PNG)

No. 424938

File: 1503008141353.png (217.39 KB, 640x1084, IMG_0852.PNG)

No. 424940

File: 1503008253090.png (26.34 KB, 640x340, IMG_0856.PNG)

No. 424941

I would bet my ass on the fact that they hastily cleaned up and waited to call an ambulance so it would scream a little less of drug den. or at least no needles to lie around and step on.

I dont understand it tbh.. every needles comes with one of those plastic caps you can put back on, doesnt it? Why dont they at least just put it back and store all of the drug trash in one corner of the room or something…

No. 424952

>my joints work like the joints of someone in their 70s
T-tuna? This might have mildly to do with the amount of drugs you push into your system.

Getting clean, a somewhat regular day rhythm and some moving your ass would solve half of your issues und make you feel a lot better already.

also bless you anon for the context posting lmao
coincidence or not, thats freaking ironic and funny

No. 424954

I'd probably feel just a little sorry for her if she at least once acknowledged the fact her issues stem not from her mental illnesses, but her addiction. "I can't get a job because of my mental illness" lol. While that can make working difficult, let's be real. It's more like she couldn't pass a drug test and that she looks like a poster child for drug abuse. It always blows my mind how it never seems like a factor to her whenever she goes off like this. How she even says "i've already met that person" as if Lurch gives her a reason to live and isn't a big part of her drug problem and horrible life situation.

No. 424957


This dumb bitch has an excuse for literally everything.. Leave lurch, cut him out of your life, get clean, and see how far you get.
Tuna the reason you don't have a job is because youre a lazy junkie and getting high and being dopesick all the time is gonna make it impossible to hold down a job.
Youre not in college because you dropped out to go shoot dope with lurch because he was "so heartbroken when you left that he tried to kill himself".

No. 424963

because despite the tale Luna spins of living in poverty and neglectful parents, she has a mother and father that, despite their flaws, are responsible, decent parents who care about their daughter and want to see her succeed.

it's so sick. I'm not saying her parents are perfect, god knows that no adult is, but Luna tries to make them sound so much worse than they really are. but then again, she does that with everything in her life. she needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 424964

wah wah wah im the only mentally ill person in the whole world

No. 424966

because they're lazy and filthy. I am only a couple years older than Luna and I was a heroin addict myself until I got clean 2 years ago. and have been to some gross places. never in my life have I seen a living area as disgusting as Luna's. it's like they put in serious EFFORT to make it gross.

get a fucking garbage can from the god damn dollar store, steal it if you have to. use that as your designated bin for all dirty needles and used drug paraphernalia. if it were just the 2 of them, I'd be less judgmental but they are living with a man (who is the REASON they even have that apartment to live in!) who is older and in poor health, and they can't even manage to toss their fucking dirty rigs in the trash.

No. 424967

File: 1503010003665.jpg (17.3 KB, 238x320, IMG_1986.JPG)

Holy shit that Korilakkuma plush. I can feel the filth

No. 424968

i wanna reblog her post and add something like this but i wont, shes so goddamn annoying tho

No. 424977

It's super rude & tacky to ask that of anyone.

No. 424981

wow pretty sure this is my first time seeing him without that ugly hat and those sunglasses

No. 424988

stop doing heroin, perhaps??

No. 425001

is she really in this much denial? virtually all of these problems have been created, or worsened, by using. it feels like she overshares and tries to come off as genuine, down to earth, the cold hard truth–but nothing about this is true vulnerability. there's excuses peppered in every sentence, and absolutely no ownership of her actions. she is fully capable of saving herself but chooses not to wake up.

No. 425004

File: 1503015722502.png (124.55 KB, 640x863, IMG_0867.PNG)

No. 425010

File: 1503017082607.png (370.14 KB, 1240x1821, IMG_3482.PNG)

No. 425011

File: 1503017115594.png (521.78 KB, 1242x1718, IMG_3483.PNG)

No. 425012

File: 1503017126774.png (362.66 KB, 1242x1640, IMG_3481.PNG)

No. 425013

it's also super rude and tacky to beg for money online and complain when people do don't send you enough for a bundle of dope

No. 425014


Luna, stop buying takeout! Dominos is like upwards of $20! But some damn rice or pasta or a can of soup. She has no life skills at all.

No. 425024

She clearly doesn't have to worry about her money situation. She's surrounded by enablers who buy her whatever she wants and give her cash to buy her dope. She's so spoiled, not struggling or poor at all.

No. 425027

>>424799 she has squandered literally every opportunity an upper middle class bitch can get (therapy, rehab, living in nyc apartment for free, internships, liberal arts degree, cool friends, etc. etc. etc.). To think she beat out others who wanted that internship just to show up high. I've never thought I would say this but she's a waste of space and honestly deserves to be homeless. She shits on everyone who helps her.

No. 425029

Oh no is she gonna post boobs again

No. 425033

File: 1503021309253.png (365.37 KB, 1242x1795, IMG_3484.PNG)

No. 425037


It's fucking called UBER and costs no extra for her to click "Needs Assistance" in the app. All together maybe $25 for the transportation.

Fucking disgusting cunt, get out of his house, out of his bank account and then you wont have to worry about him.

No. 425041

I just realized that she had Pat take her out and buy her all this useless shit when she could have used that money for a taxi or someshit to get Rodger home. Bitch clearly doesn't care about him, she just fucking used him as a sob story to get herself some new shit.
Fucking bitch.

And I hate to see that white hello kitty bodysuit after she wears it a few times.. it's gonna be nasty as fuck, full of blood, dopesick-sweat, crack sweat, crotch rot, dirt from her bedsheets, and food stains.
What a waste of money.

No. 425048

who wants to bet this bitch put this on with makeup still coating her greasy face

No. 425052

pat couldve given him a ride. pat gives tuna rides all the time

No. 425054

Of course. And im sure she doesn't wash her face the morning after, before she cakes on more makeup.

No. 425123

File: 1503044805557.jpg (314.81 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_20170816_185427_513.jpg)

I got it.

No. 425124

is it just me or she seems like a kurt cobain/courtney love depressed drug addict wannabee?

No. 425134

lurk more, she's been a courtney love wannabe since day 1

No. 425149

yup. I bet Luna wouldn't have even had to sacrifice any of her great new useless items in order to get $ from Pat for him to get home. Pat's such a sweetheart (and an enabler) she would have given her both. or at least given Roger a ride. I doubt Luna even asked.

No. 425160

File: 1503059210527.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170818-142559.png)

No. 425161

File: 1503059287473.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170818-142744.png)

No. 425163

Do you think she slept on top of the greasy/salty residue when she was done eating?

No. 425186

File: 1503066245193.png (461.63 KB, 1242x1633, IMG_3491.PNG)

No. 425189

most people wear shoes as shoes

No. 425200

pretty sure even luna takes off her makeup at night, ive seen her no makeup selfies when she's bragging about skincare.

No. 425204

File: 1503069508568.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-18-10-17-33…)

No. 425207

File: 1503070924576.png (285.38 KB, 1242x1552, IMG_3493.PNG)

No. 425208

File: 1503070938868.png (213.14 KB, 1242x1535, IMG_3494.PNG)

No. 425210

File: 1503071537140.png (176.72 KB, 640x802, IMG_0900.PNG)

No. 425212

she's such a brat. I've been on medicaid since birth and have found some great therapists. Luna, if you want to get something out of it, you have to actually GO. you have to disclose the fact that you are an addict and currently in active addiction. just because a therapist isn't bowing down to you and blowing smoke up your crusty ass like everyone else in your life, doesn't mean they're "uncaring."

this girl has had way too many people treat her like a pampered little princess, it's really done a disservice to her personality, mindset and life in general.

No. 425213

sage cause suddenly got super triggered by all her bullshit

No. 425222

File: 1503074752194.gif (895.35 KB, 250x214, tenor.gif)

The mental image of her scraping these around outside and tracking them into their drug den caked in filth is making my skin crawl

No. 425223

File: 1503074801374.png (49.82 KB, 640x353, IMG_0901.PNG)

No. 425231

oh right cus youre "jewish"

No. 425242

it's interesting that Luna seems to want to be friends with rlyblonde, but the feeling doesn't seem mutual. pat might not be onto Luna yet, but maybe her daughter is and that's why they don't hang out ?

No. 425292

File: 1503086585798.png (279.35 KB, 1242x1202, IMG_3495.PNG)

No. 425295

someone correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure they were decently close in high school. I think they probably drifted apart when Luna became even more of a soul sucking selfish bum after linking up with Lurch and getting on heroin. sometimes Luna posts old pics of them, or tags rlyblonde in memes and rlyblonde usually always politely responds, but I think Luna and Pat hang out more than Luna and rlyblonde do.

No. 425297

Forgotten how he looked vaguely human back then but now he's a sunken eyed zombie that's going bald.

I like how she never once mentions she's a druggie as well and that prevents her from getting a job or doing anything worthwhile. You're not trying, Tuna. You sit on your ass and while until you get drugs or gifts. Why would you do anything when you're so spoiled?

>a few years ago
So when's that wedding, Tuna? Any day now?

The outside is cleaner than her drug den. I'd be more offended if she dragged the filth inside out into the natural environment.

No. 425298

you know how luna said they couldnt get married cus lurch didnt have an id wouldnt he need id when he got arrested/went to court? i mean i know shes just saying that anyway tho

No. 425315

File: 1503090515868.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2650.PNG)

Looks like she's pissing herself

No. 425331

she's trying to make her legs look thinner… you'd think her cotton eyed joe knee wouldn't like that being done to it wouldn't you with it being so owo painful and hard to live with~

No. 425333

the pigeon toe pose already looks stupid af when a thin girl does it, and now this fatty is trying it too? no.

No. 425346

File: 1503098387075.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170819-011723.png)

I can't remember when lurch actually purposefully posed for a picture for the last time.

No. 425348

She writes captions like a small kid

No. 425350

File: 1503099291633.png (315.4 KB, 1241x1776, IMG_3499.PNG)

No. 425386

is she actually taking a photo in that 2007 scene pose everyone used to do? does she think it's still cute? it never was girl

No. 425402

This is the first time in forever that Lurch doesn't look like a propped up corpse.

No. 425415

Didn't screenshot unfortunately but this picture has now been deleted after someone commented "did Roger ever end up being ok" or so

No. 425541

File: 1503161792957.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1124.PNG)

No. 425542

File: 1503161823926.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1125.PNG)

No. 425547

shes out in slippers again

No. 425570

File: 1503165877081.png (316.98 KB, 1242x1620, IMG_3505.PNG)

No. 425571

File: 1503165897391.png (349.28 KB, 1242x1670, IMG_3504.PNG)

No. 425572

File: 1503165956119.png (311.01 KB, 1242x1582, IMG_3508.PNG)

No. 425574

even her non-farmer followers are starting to get fed up with her bullshit enough to want to call her out.

No. 425586

File: 1503171221721.png (482.04 KB, 1242x1853, IMG_3510.PNG)

No. 425587

Not another piercing and will get infected and crusty…

No. 425588

File: 1503171727396.png (81.61 KB, 640x652, IMG_0943.PNG)

No. 425589

File: 1503171761070.png (93.11 KB, 640x754, IMG_0942.PNG)

No. 425590

File: 1503171786175.png (57.92 KB, 640x384, IMG_0941.PNG)

No. 425592

File: 1503171816134.png (65.65 KB, 640x423, IMG_0940.PNG)

No. 425593

File: 1503171882883.png (93.52 KB, 640x520, IMG_0939.PNG)

No. 425595

File: 1503171948069.png (55.54 KB, 640x378, IMG_0938.PNG)

No. 425596

File: 1503171989818.png (52.01 KB, 640x384, IMG_0937.PNG)

No. 425597

File: 1503172007235.png (69.84 KB, 639x382, IMG_0936.PNG)

No. 425598

countdown to a horrible infection in 3… 2…

I feel like if your hands are shaking that constantly and severely it seems more like a health thing than a mental health thing, IMO.

No. 425599

But she's still broke and starving, guys!

It honestly baffles me completely that her followers don't have enough brainpower to question her priorities.

No. 425604

File: 1503173816670.png (325.3 KB, 1242x1638, IMG_3511.PNG)

No. 425605

He probably doesn't want to work on someone he feels is under the influence or thinks will have problems with later

No. 425607

Wow, what an excruciatingly miserable existence you scrape out, Luna. How horrible that you have to take a train to your dad's nice, clean, air conditioned apartment in New York City to sit around and do nothing but stuff your fat gob with food you don't even have to pay for. How piteous.

No. 425610

So this tattoo shop is about a ~25 min walk from GCT… and we know that Luna has bitched walking the 3 or so blocks to get to her dad's place from GCT.

So, did she walk the 25 mins on her bad knee? Or did she spend $5.5 in metrocard rides?

No. 425613

all she DOES is treat herself

No. 425614

i think a lot of people know what shes like but they also know theyll get blocked if they question her

ugh shut up tuna

No. 425616

File: 1503176742215.png (2.19 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-19-16-05-11…)

No. 425617

File: 1503176787685.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-19-16-05-59…)

No. 425618

File: 1503176820277.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-19-16-06-04…)

No. 425621

i want to see luna's "grocery haul"
not her "my ~good friend gifted me this Domino's or McDonald's~. her actual "i am shopping for me and my fiance"

what does she buy?, cold cuts and shitty bread? or hot pockets? i know shes been seen with shitty bakery cakes and what not, but what does SHE buy. what constitutes as sustenance when it's not free?

No. 425625

nitpicky but i always hate the filter she uses it makes it look like a pic of a kidnap victim

No. 425626

her good friend is her. they never eat real~ food is my guess

No. 425629

ofc she's got to get the cat scratches in the picture

No. 425646

File: 1503185729699.png (2.66 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-19-18-33-47…)

lmao why is she so gross

No. 425647

thought that was Courtney love at first glance

No. 425648


what, does she only have one fucking pair of underwear or something?

No. 425649

heroin is one hell of a drug, she never looked worse i'm impressed. Is she this high in front of her dad?!

No. 425650

File: 1503186199203.png (811.32 KB, 837x837, 1503185729699-1.png)

looking more like lurch every day

No. 425651

File: 1503186274662.png (263.31 KB, 1242x1571, IMG_3517.PNG)

No. 425658

File: 1503187239953.png (255.09 KB, 1242x1278, IMG_3518.PNG)

No. 425659

File: 1503187254269.png (296.65 KB, 1242x1430, IMG_3519.PNG)

No. 425660

>getting my lip pierced so here's a picture of my bra I'm flashing in my dad's apartment

>It'll be cool when I have a steady job
So, never?

Does Tuna not know that shaky hands isn't because she has anxiety but because she's a fucking druggie?

>sad about the lip piercing and again here's my bare breasts for no reason

I hate Luna so bad. Spoiled bitch whining about how miserable she is.

No. 425661

File: 1503187311543.png (286.05 KB, 1242x1629, IMG_3520.PNG)

No. 425669

Lol at the juxtaposition, "evil dad" vs chill weed smoking dad, complete with Buddha windchime

No. 425684

What the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 425690

>perfume from a street vendor

might have just sprayed herself with chief's piss that one time instead of drinking it 2bqh.

No. 425695

Anon, don't encourage her

No. 425696

oh my GOD that bathtub mold

No. 425723

Honestly, she is so fucking entitled it pisses me off to no end. If they told her to come back in 3 hours, it's safe to assume a walk in tattoo was being done which is giving the shop more money. Sorry that your walk in lip ring is not a priority, Tuna. Some people WORK for their money and if someone is paying for several hours of tattoo work of course they're gonna take that business over a fucking piercing. It'd be stupid to turn down the other client in favor of her piercing. But of course she's the victim cuz she didn't get her way. What a child.

No. 425740

Holy fuck she looks like Lurch's equally inbred little sister with that expression.

No. 425774

lmao, though the same thing
the typos + the shitty pic of her↑ = she was off her tits on benzos

why does she go to her dad's every weekend? she's been so predictable for the past few months, shake it up a bit, luna.

No. 425777

Built like a 50 year old mom after four children

No. 425800

she looks like a gypsy hooker

No. 425808

File: 1503248663648.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1126.PNG)

No. 425809

File: 1503248856778.png (46.95 KB, 640x424, IMG_0969.PNG)

No. 425810

her fucking double chin and shriveled up arms

No. 425811

File: 1503248978765.png (86.66 KB, 640x609, IMG_0971.PNG)

No. 425813

File: 1503249019877.png (121.41 KB, 640x797, IMG_0970.PNG)

No. 425817

aren't the glasses sold at cvs just reading glasses? is she going to start wearing these and pretending they're like actual glasses? wearing the wrong prescription is just gonna make ur eyesight worse in the long run she's suuuuuuuch a fucking idiot

she honest to god cannot keep claiming she's poor if she's living in that drug den for free and gets handed everything. you're not REALLY poor luna, you ordered a fucking domino's pizza less than a week ago, you have your dad's to always go to. she's never going to change her situation and get a job if people keep enabling her and giving her things she does not deserve for free.

also hey, how worried WAS she about roger? we haven't heard anything about him since pat spent $200 at target to make tuna feel better

No. 425831

Figured her "super rich dad" would having a cleaning service for that but I'm starting to wonder if he lives in a drug den just like Tuna. Just more expensive and with a better view.

She's having too much fun at daddy's luxury apartment to care about Lurch, Roger, or anyone else.

No. 425834

agreed. I agree with her argument that poor people can treat themselves sometimes - I'm poor, I grew up poor, and it's true. sometimes we spend money on "silly" things. but it's not every fucking day, all day. not even close. and we pay our own bills, we don't have someone bankrolling our lives for us.

so it pisses me off when she uses that valid stance to defend her whining and complaining despite the fact she gets EVERYTHING handed to her. the only daily catastrophe in this chick's life is waiting on the dopeman… oh wait, she doesn't even have to do that either. Lurch goes out and cops for them.

every other issue in life, she gets bailed out of. either by her evil abusive father, Pat, or one of her other benefactors. she's not only supported, she's spoiled. so it's sickening how she cries and moans about how rough it is to be poor.

No. 425839

File: 1503253964355.png (693.26 KB, 1242x1815, IMG_3536.PNG)

so weird how we were just talking about whether Luna and rlyblonde are actually friends and if they ever hang out and now they are! I'm definitely not suggesting that Luna reads here and hung out with her just bc we mentioned it, like other cows might. I don't think she'd do something like that. it's just an odd coincidence!

No. 425841

This looks like an ugly tranny.

No. 425843

The filth underneath is so unbearable I wanna kill myself

No. 425844

BTW bless you for all the input cropped-image-anon, my precious baby

No. 425845

Can you imagine the workers reactions at two hideous,disheveled and possibly tweaking creatures toddling around and staring at the plants without buying anything? Would not be surprised if Luna "found" a really cute perfectly potted plant right after leaving the nursery!

Also note that still 0 mention about Rodger. Much concern

No. 425856

i think y'all are really wrong about rlyblonde she actually seems clean and like she's doing something with herself. movingly on

No. 425857

>we haven't heard anything about him since pat spent $200 at target to make tuna feel better
Tbh I found that white Hello Kitty body suit on clearance for ~$8.00 at my local Target this weekend. For her being in NY it might be marked at $10.00. It was a really cheap polyester material though and I can't imagine anyone actually sleeping in it.

Sage for autism about prices.

No. 425859

That is clearly a leather jacket, not a hoodie

No. 425862

too bad that arm and leg are already being used up for your addiction..

No. 425893

File: 1503262289486.png (311.85 KB, 1242x1663, IMG_3537.PNG)

I wonder whose money paid for these for Luna. rlyblonde's or Luna's evil dad's?!

No. 425894

File: 1503262304682.png (205.04 KB, 1240x1480, IMG_3538.PNG)

No. 425895

File: 1503262323570.png (307.46 KB, 1242x1687, IMG_3539.PNG)

No. 425902

File: 1503263574669.png (407.69 KB, 1241x1753, IMG_3540.PNG)

judging by her typing, I'm guessing she's sitting there nodding out every 3 seconds and unable to finish a sentence without multiple intelligible typos…

but I'm assuming she's attempting to say that her dad yelled at her for an hour for taking one of his razors bc she forgot hers.

didn't she say her dad has hep c? I have hep c and I still live with my parents and siblings. all the girls in my house share one bathroom and before I got hep c, we used to share razors if we couldn't find ours or didn't have one. now my razor is separated from theirs, in a container and has my name written on it so no one accidentally takes it. same with my toothbrush. it's possible to catch hep c when using utensils like that - it's VERY likely someone would start bleeding when shaving, or brushing their teeth (gums). I could be wrong but I'd bet money on that being the reason why her dad doesn't want her using his razor…

No. 425903

File: 1503263651960.png (383.44 KB, 1237x1480, IMG_3550.PNG)

No. 425904

File: 1503263692073.png (347.17 KB, 1226x1719, IMG_3549.PNG)

No. 425909

that's a bit of a reach. Just because dad has some mold in his bathroom doesn't mean it's a drug den, it just means he probably doesn't give much of a shit about cleaning the bath

No. 425911

yeah we had much less mold than this in the same spot and we had to scrape out the moldy caulking and recaulk it. Huge pain in the ass which is why a lot of people's houses will be pretty clean otherwise but still have a nasty tub like this. it's definitely fucking disgusting but unless the house is otherwise spotless it's not very surprising.

No. 425913

kek at my work, packs of smol bb beans will shuffle by and take pics of the flowers and giggle nervously without buying anything or even responding to me saying hi. every single time.(Stop blogging.)

No. 425920

Is that blood covering their leg and leaking out from under their skirt?

No. 425922

File: 1503266436427.jpg (1.1 MB, 1429x1990, Screenshot_20170820-165756.jpg)

Tuna is so fucking spoiled. Gifts from evil daddy no doubt.

No. 425926

why doesn't pat or her father ever take her to the grocery store to buy food instead of material things she doesn't NEED? canvases are pretty expensive, too. she's completely fucking spoiled and it's infuriating. i wonder when her followers are going to catch onto the fact that she does nothing but sit around and spend other people's money…..

No. 425929

jfc. gotta fucking be from her dad. if she got them in any way that she could spin into a story where she's the hero, she would have. or else does anyone know any ways to magically get ahold of this much paint/canvases? i'm an artist and surely much less broke than tuna claims to be and i can't find this shit on craigslist or anything

No. 425931

whoa. at first i thought it had to be part of her purse but zooming in that's definitely blood. i guess she got a cut and didn't notice/didn't have a bandaid

No. 425958

your comment made me realize that they probably do, but she never posts about it.

No. 425974

pretty sure rlyblonde or her mom (pat) bought her the canvases otherwise she probably wouldve posted the picture before she left her dads.

No. 425996

File: 1503274761087.png (17.14 KB, 500x271, luna.png)

dat manipulation

No. 425999

i wish the ghost of johnny thunders would visit tuna in her dopesleep and if he can't convince her to quit, cold at least show her how to have a little sense of humor and self-awareness about herself instead of taking herself so fucking seriously and acting like everyone else is the problem for not serving her on their knees

No. 426001

She's such an asshole. Your friends are not in charge of being your source of validation. Grow up.
Facebook is such an inappropriate place for this, isn't it? If you want unhealthy emotion coddling from strangers, go to tumblr.

No. 426007

she can't be bothered to work 2 hours a week or clean the house for 10 minutes, but everyone else should be bothered to respond to her emotionally exhausting requests within the hour that they're posted

No. 426014

Wtf does she need razors for, she clearly doesn't shave any part of her body.

No. 426019

Probably shoplifted seeing how wrinkled the material is…

No. 426024

Ha, she gave them 30 minutes before bitching about lack of response. Cause, you know, no one has any sort of daily obligations that they might be out taking care of instead of watching facebook.

No. 426030

ikr people just update facebook w boring day to day stuff, write this pathetic shit on your tumblr

No. 426031

it is right where drawstrings could be, but it looks so much like blood in every way, the color and color variation, how it's clinging to the leg, the texture. i'm usually quick to roll my eyes at the wild speculations about any little papercut or piece of lint on tuna, but i think her friend here really is leaking blood all over the smol lil valid and important plants

No. 426036

plus, her status is fucking intelligible. Luna - pick your head off the keyboard, wipe the drool from your mouth and make sure your status makes at least an iota of fucking sense before you start complaining about no one commenting. ugh.

No. 426039

what's unclear? she's obviously been bad of being yelled at. tw.

No. 426061

sage for being a real faggot/blogging but man, i've "known" luna since 2012-2013 from following her tumblr, and seeing how she's turned out is nuts. when i followed her and interacted with her she was just a normal edgy teenage girl who liked burger records and had a qt gf she blogged about all the time. we talked a few times and she seemed totally normal and sweet and now she's just a fucking mess. i get that drugs do some wild shit to you but w o w. towards the beginning of these threads i thought it was funny but still hoped she could pull her life together, but at this point she's so toxic and narcissistic that i can't even comprehend. it's such an extreme change from who i knew her to be before.

tl;dr drugs are bad y'all

No. 426110

Maybe she wanted to shave her coochie because of her ~sexual rebirth~

No. 426150


Luna does not deserve to see the ghost of Johnny Thunders. She deserves to have the ghost of GG Allin come poop on her.

Not that she'd notice.

No. 426165

Don't fuck with daddy GG

No. 426179

I would think that her dad fucks her girl-interrupted-style if it wasn't for tuna and knowing she would throw it into her pity-partying if he actually did

No. 426191


No. 426197

is that her dad's bathroom/tub? I assumed it was her's/lurch's place. it looks really out of place with the rest of the apartment…

No. 426198

We don't know much about her Dad, do we? I thought that he might have some health issues and it's hard for him to clean. Could also explain why Luna talks about inheriting his apartment all the time. The rest of his apartment looks nice and relatively tidy, it's weird.

No. 426201

Another anon already said something like this but it honestly looks like what happens when the caulking/sealant around the tub itself goes mouldy. Once this has happened you can't clean it without taking away the sealant, which needs to be replaced or you'll have a leaky bathtub. It's a much bigger job than just scrubbing. It's not that nice to look at but it's not as dirty as you all seem to think, considering how clean the grout in between the tiles is I reckon the man cleans his tub.

No. 426220

File: 1503332831430.png (285.05 KB, 1242x1798, IMG_3581.PNG)

No. 426221

File: 1503332843751.png (276.6 KB, 1242x1312, IMG_3580.PNG)

No. 426256

File: 1503339084069.png (38.75 KB, 640x323, IMG_1052.PNG)

No. 426258

File: 1503339107949.png (67.92 KB, 640x689, IMG_1051.PNG)

No. 426259

File: 1503339125104.png (35.48 KB, 640x422, IMG_1050.PNG)

No. 426260

File: 1503339146621.png (71.64 KB, 640x427, IMG_1049.PNG)

No. 426277

weird sad stuff…shes about as imaginative as sterility on tumblr

No. 426289

File: 1503341683803.png (2.72 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-21-13-54-14…)

No. 426301

just when I was starting to rage about how entitled this bitch is, she comes out with this and all I can do is laugh. Like yeah, Luna, if there is one thing you're known for, it's integrity and being true to yourself.

No. 426302

Man, Kermit really went off the deep end after losing Mrs. Piggy.

All of her art always looks like some edgy little kid did it.

No. 426303

>sad :(

No. 426316

first time ive agreed with luna

No. 426318

ugh luna the one thing i would not be lazy with is art….but i was wrong

No. 426323


That's an interesting way of saying "I doubt my borderline outsider art would sell in a town where people have a degree of style that means they probably don't want a talentless junkie's therapeutic paintings on their walls'.

No. 426329

yup except she means something more like… "I'm so unique. my artwork is offbeat and edgy. people in this town wouldn't get it."

No. 426331

File: 1503346849394.png (448.89 KB, 1242x1547, IMG_3593.PNG)

No. 426332

File: 1503346898553.png (321.14 KB, 1237x1308, IMG_3594.PNG)

I'm so sick of her fake ass nonexistent cutting habit

No. 426343

honestly if people in her town are snobs thats probably exactly the art they'd buy. she should work on her style and make it more marketable, but i'm certain theres a niche for this

No. 426345

anyone else see the tiny self harm scars under the tattoo? tut tut

No. 426380

those are definitely cutting scars. from how obvious they are on the tattoo, she must've cut since getting it done. good way to treat your expensive, permanent investment.

No. 426387

she gives herself too much credit. there are so many people who make art that looks just like hers. i see "edgy tumblr art" like hers everywhere. even the faces she paints/draws aren't that unique and are pretty over done, especially in the art you see on tumblr lol. her style isn't that unique, rare, or different. that's not why her town wouldn't like her art. it's just because it's not that good.

No. 426425

They're white, which is an indication of them being healed and aged. That's what mine look like /under/ my tattoo as well. Tuna is retarded but I think she's materialistic enough to not ruin it like that.

No. 426460

As if she could paint anything else even if she wanted to?
I doubt she knows how to do anything other than the ~*~edgy Tumblr girl~*~ shit she's been doing.

No. 426462

yeah seriously like shes not good at anatomy or basic perspectives. all she can draw is a body w some edgy writing added to it, shoulda stayed in school tuna

No. 426472

File: 1503358620727.jpg (373.64 KB, 1365x1000, Screenshot_20170821-183353.jpg)

What it would be like if someone tried to clean Tuna's floors

No. 426494

Omfg that's exactly the kind of image I always have in mind when hearing news of tuna

No. 426497

File: 1503361638878.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170822-022519.png)

Even being a follower of tuna on IG it is really hard to keep up. I even have notification on and sometimes see images on lolcow I didn't realize were on her IG account….

No. 426499

File: 1503361754237.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170822-022534.png)

>so miserable
>Let me post an image of my breasts
>See, this has a nice dress you guise
I will never understand this woman

No. 426502

I think it is astonishing that she never "caught" her dad stalker-tier on a "selfie" like she did with lurch. But then again, her Dad probably isn't zoned out as much as not realizing someone is taking your picture

No. 426515

Fucks sakes Tuna, isn't this what you went to therapy for? Oh right, she thought it was a fun day camp with all you can eat buffet.

No. 426552

File: 1503365928776.png (40.68 KB, 640x592, IMG_1060.PNG)

No. 426555

File: 1503366116528.png (151.78 KB, 640x841, IMG_1066.PNG)

No. 426556

File: 1503366132094.png (51.15 KB, 637x434, IMG_1067.PNG)

No. 426557

File: 1503366220804.png (37.63 KB, 640x313, IMG_1068.PNG)

No. 426558

so her dad expressed some actual concern for roger and tuna flipped her shit about it?

No. 426561

File: 1503366575013.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170822-034840.png)

No. 426566

File: 1503366927464.jpg (63.2 KB, 500x495, ea6338ebd38e2bf45e6ca2879aaa7b…)

as if she would ever stop talking to him
what did he say? hows roger?
oh and Major Relapse for some cigarette burns, theyll be like a slight red marking there tomorrow

No. 426570

File: 1503367414485.png (746.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1070.PNG)

No. 426571

File: 1503367445374.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1069.PNG)

No. 426573

it was hardly a week and a half ago wasnt it that she got almost a months worth a said yet again she hardly takes them?

No. 426646

i doubt she'd want to post a selfie with the guy she supposedly hates. i mean, she's stupid/weird/creepy as hell but even then i can't see her taking & posting a picture with her dad while he wasn't noticing. what would she caption it? "hanging out with my piece of shit of a dad!! look at him. he has hep c" ..well i could see her doing that, but at the same time, i don't think she would.

No. 426681

File: 1503401513784.png (95.81 KB, 1242x619, IMG_3607.PNG)

the comment on that pic. ughhhhh

No. 426684

She goes from "omg my life is horrible I wanna die" to "I'm so amazing and fascinating, praise me" in ten seconds flat

No. 426688

she's really working overtime so we think she has collarbones huh

No. 426689

I thought they were fucking mints

No. 426697

of course she fucking counts how many cuts and burns she made. lmao, you just know luna wouldn't self harm if she couldn't brag about it afterwards. "boohoo, feel sorry for me, i'm such a victim"
wish she would give us some info about roger, i actually care about that old man more than about her

they might as well be, the way tuna pops them.

No. 426739

I'd be ok with this style of rushing things for a raw feeling but at least get your basics down Luna … wtf with that left arm and that Sad :( bottle. Put 3min of thoughts into it at least then fix those basic ass mistakes or check if the text will fit somewhere.

No. 426747

"the little financial support"? please. she's 22 years old, she's an adult. she's very lucky that her father is bankrolling her life. if he weren't, she'd either be unable to do drugs everyday or she'd be living on the street. OR she'd be forced to get a job! god forbid!

No. 426789

nvm the 'financial support' every time she comes home its pics of benzos and weed and shit he bought her. he's such a monster.

No. 426976

File: 1503444021476.png (3.95 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-22-18-17-32…)

at least she's being honest

No. 426979

File: 1503444112495.png (2.72 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-22-18-20-57…)

No. 426981

haha is that lurch

No. 426982

I would dig her art, if it wouldnt always look like she just smears the colors on there with any effort and calls it a day and expects to get money for that

No. 426993

For once I agree with Luna, it does look like a piece of trash.

No. 427017

File: 1503447013044.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-08-22-19-04-06…)

she sure is getting takeout a lot for someone so poor. wonder how roger is doing.

No. 427018

File: 1503447013445.png (810.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170823-020845.png)

Did she melt her nails or

No. 427021

Are those shoes furry Fenty Puma slides or a knockoff? Those can be pricey too…

No. 427022

They're knock-offs. She bought them on Amazon or eBay, can't remember which. She also has them in grey because of course she needs them twice.

No. 427029

hes been in hospital for awhile now
have they even visited him? i was gonna say i feel bad for him but he's probably getting better treatment away from them

No. 427030

I have a sneaking suspicion her dad is gonna leave her holy fuck all when he dies. She's living like, she got so much money from her grandma, it will just keep happening and this is all just temporary poorness. She will be in for a rude awakening when daddy kicks it.