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File: 1715023063588.jpeg (678.52 KB, 1640x2360, tunastealtunavapetunaputgoopon…)

No. 932594

Remember to visit https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting; anyone failing to do so will be exiled to The Hovel to think about what they've done. Each miserable, grimy plushie in Luna's pile contains the eternally tormented soul of an anon who forgot to sage.

Previous Thread: >>920554

The Basics:
>Luna is a 28 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”
>Claims to have overdosed 9 times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 45 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. The gruesome twosome was soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove Luna’s mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

Current Saga:
>living in a boarding house with lurch and pumpkin
>has a new friend she goes to the methadone clinic with
>"sober" but still inhales benzos like oxygen
>publicly sharing her "lifting" hauls now
>she vapes now

>feeling herself with new patchy blonde hair >>927320, >>927686, >>927687, >>927700
>rare full body shot showing her gunt >>927993
>still doing "sex work" online >>928389
>showing off her stealing non essential items including makeup and weight loss pills >>928651
>rare mama tuna photo >>928704
>more lifting from charity shops >>928719
>tuna with some tunafish >>928762
>wants to go on ozempic >>928785
>she thinks she could be asexual >>928826
>another full body shot >>928847
>terrifying luna lurch pic drops >>929093
>more longing for ozempic >>929819
>new poem dropped >>929927
>annoying story about almost getting caught stealing >>930054
>new dirty gross rug >>930162, >>930172
>anon calculates that shes showed off 1800 dollars of stolen goods by march >>930188
>begins claim of "throwing out her back" >>931378
>gets admitted to the ER >>931607
>has to take all her piercings out for an MRI and looks loads better >>931610
>alleges she could be paralyzed from the waist down >>931708
>says she has some sort of infection in her spine >> 931712
>she could be in the hospital for a month >>931867
>got a biopsy and a CAT scan, awaiting more news of this saga >>932328, >>932412

https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ (inactive)
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

No. 932595

No. 932596

Thanks for the new thread anon, good job!

No. 932599

File: 1715028696015.jpg (216.29 KB, 723x1355, Screenshot_20240506_121548_Sam…)

Are those freckles or bruises or what?

No. 932603

I can’t believe we still have these awesome art anons hiding in the woodwork here. This thread pic is dope (haha pun intended) I feel like since all fun was banned in the Shay threads art anons have since packed it up. Pics like the thread pic were half the fun of it. There’s always going to be shitposters either way but I wish more art anons would come back. There are some real hilarious gems out there.

No. 932610

Great post, anon! Your art really captures Tuna's grossness.

No. 932621

File: 1715047246859.jpeg (717.73 KB, 1290x1589, IMG_5041.jpeg)

No. 932625

File: 1715057538345.jpg (210.17 KB, 720x1452, VideoCapture_20240506-215150.j…)

No. 932630

Those are cigarette burns. Old, from nodding out with a lit one in your mouth.

No. 932633

THAT is the face of someone who is in so much pain and miserable/lonely.

No. 932642

if you have to not only congratulate yourself for showering but also post it online, its because youre dirty all the time. dumb tub of lard lmao
also 0/10 thread pic wanted a collage of her retarded selfies with lurch and hospital stay

No. 932649

The stink must've been extreme if she desperately needed her monthly bath.

No. 932650

seriously, and who looks better while in the hospital only showering once a week?! dis bitch.

No. 932665

I too was disappointed inthe thread pic. There were some terrible selfies (like the half dead lurch birthing a tuna worm one) that should have topped the fan art.

No. 932666

What's with the threadpic? We usually get good ones for this cow, not this shit.

So as we expected, junkie problems.

No. 932674

You don't like it you should have made the new thread yourfuckingself.

No. 932676

So the P.T. says she's ok to walk without a cane (there goes her cotteneye joe knee). We go from "possibly paralyzed" to out in 2 weeks… It's all becoming clear now.

No. 932680

File: 1715113561698.jpg (438.56 KB, 1080x2089, 1000008669.jpg)

Learn to fucking imageboard.

No. 932681

>>932680 learn to not fucking repost.

No. 932684

I was just gonna quietly let them embarass themselves, but good job nonny.

No. 932686

File: 1715121062212.jpeg (936.22 KB, 1290x1823, IMG_5048.jpeg)

No. 932687

File: 1715121718457.jpg (187.84 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20240507-154028.j…)

No. 932688

File: 1715121759320.jpg (186.86 KB, 714x1472, VideoCapture_20240507-154038.j…)

No. 932740

Kinda weird to make the connection to rehab. You want to go home and do drugs, Luna?

No. 932758

Anon, that’s a stretch. I don’t want to defend this cow but she clearly means that when you go into rehab it’s for a set length of time that you know before you get there. She went to the ER thinking she “threw out” her back so clearly this admission with no definitive end date came as a shock to her.
Sounds like the PT evaluation was to make sure it’s safe to discharge her to her home so that combined with her biopsy finally getting down to pathology means she’ll likely be out pretty damn soon. The bacteria the biopsy cultures (and the antibiotics necessary for it) will determine how soon she’s discharged. I anticipate her bitching will increase exponentially the second they tell her she’s going home because hospitals take for fucking ever to get all the discharge shit in order. Like, it’s not unusual for someone to come in early in the morning and tell you that you get to go home that day and but you can’t actually leave until mid afternoon until all paperwork and whatever the fuck else is completed. She’s going to act like she’s being hate crimed and I’m ready for it.

No. 932762

was wondering how those sheets have managed to stay so white, then noticed the possible piss stain next to her here kek

No. 932776

Pretty sure that is her face make up entirely printed in her pillow. Seriously who fills themselves up so thickly just to sit in a hospital bed. (I know I know..Luna does)

No. 932824

File: 1715250187528.jpg (177.94 KB, 720x1412, VideoCapture_20240509-032222.j…)

No. 932832

File: 1715262062680.jpg (192.41 KB, 720x1464, VideoCapture_20240509-064034.j…)

No. 932835

>>Constantly jiggling her hamhock arms about for these "woe is me" selfies.
>>5000th iv guiz!!!
Dumb fat bitch.

No. 932839

How does she look at herself and think those eyebrows look good??

No. 932848

File: 1715276314290.jpg (185.96 KB, 720x1432, VideoCapture_20240509-103811.j…)

No. 932849

The goop on her lips and eyebrows uuughhh

No. 932867

HOW THE FUCK??? Hospitals are notoriously cold.

No. 932869

I wonder if it matches her wandering eye when shes high af

No. 932870


No. 932872

File: 1715294043333.jpg (228.21 KB, 720x1444, VideoCapture_20240509-153201.j…)

No. 932874

She's a straight up joke. Who posts this goofy shit? It's funny how lurch never visits her, he clearly doesn't care much at all. No excuses, he just has better things to do.

No. 932875

File: 1715294700941.webm (1.07 MB, 720x1410, XRecorder_09052024_153116_1_1_…)

No. 932876

I wonder if either the biopsy came back bad or if they're giving her the boot

No. 932878

This is so pathetic. The best reaction Tuna could elicit from anyone is pity.

No. 932879

Does she mostly only post on snapchat these days?

No. 932880

She has been in the hospital seventeen days. She mentions throwing out her back, extremely bad pain, and that she could possibly go paralyzed.
I have a friend who went paralyzed suddenly one time when she got sick with a flu and it ended up with an infection in her spine and now she cant walk. Its called "transverse myelitis". I wonder if thats what tuna got.
Either way, whatever is up with her i think its serious because they dont just make you stay in the hospital for 17 days for no reason.

No. 932881

The "sad" face she makes at the end. Barf. This bitch is pathetic

No. 932883

I wonder if she’s lost any weight

No. 932887

Kek, nona i doubt that. She complains about the food but she must be eating because she wouldnt last until lurch comes everytime considering he has visited her like… 3-4 times? Im not gonna go back and count but yeah. Bitch complains but she is eating.

No. 932888

Judging from the food she had piled up next to her bed in the last thread (even though she claims to be starving) >>932224 and the fact that she's been sitting on her ass for almost 3 weeks, unable to waddle around and shoplift… I can almost guarantee she hasn't lost any weight kek

No. 932892

>>932887 I had nothing better to do and went back to count how many times he's visited.

Twice that she has taken pictures of, once when she implied he brought her the hairbrush/stuffed animals/skincare. And she said he would visit her today.

Also worth noting she said he would visit her on the 3rd, but there was no proof and she whined about being lonely after that.

I'll take a ban for the autism, but we only know for sure that he visited her… Maybe 3 times. Such loving fiance.

(Had to repost because I realized I left out the part about her grimy ass stuffed animals and makeup)

No. 932894

tbh she’s probably not much more sedentary than usual but if she’s eating mostly hospital food, no matter how shitty it is, it has to be better than her diet of candy, fruit punch, entire tubs of ice cream, sugar “coffee” drinks, and processed convenience store garbage. she’s still unbelievably massive, but I could see her losing a few lbs there.

also I’m not buying that she still has no idea what’s going on. I think it’s something too embarrassing to post. hopefully AIDS(alog)

No. 932896

Did she… take her filthy top off? Is she making sad hospital hallway porn to sell to creeps online? Wtf is this?

No. 932899

would love to know what the nurse peeking through the door thought when she saw this

No. 932909

Kek I didn't notice the nurse. She heard there was going to be a cow on parade and had to catch a glimpse, maybe.
Could she have hep c? It's funny lurch is never there. He clearly doesn't care much about her, and that should be a wake-up call to her, but it won't be.

No. 932921

ily nonnie

No. 932923

So, tuna might be there under HRRP. Basically means "we think you will have poor follow through and will be readmitted, to save costs and fines, it is cheaper to keep you here till your septic ass is clear."
Not saying she isn't ill, obviously she is in a hospital. But she's on public aid, and the u.s. govt/NY does not offer full paybacks to the facility like private pay and insurance does. So the hopsital isn't too invested in her.
Also, her WELL recorded behaviors while there. She's fine to be putting on make up, take more selfies than we have seen in months, AND even walk unassisted. All cognizant while this is happening.
She's just the product of gobbling up pills, eating shit and walking 2000 steps a week. Bout damn time her body protests, we've all seen her one eye try to run away.

No. 932938

No in the beginning the gray shadow under her armpit and down the waisg is the tanktop, she just pulled it low in the front I guess.

No. 932944

It's extra sad he only visited her 3 times if you consider that he's unemployed. Going to the methadone clinic once a day is his only obligation as far as we know. Yet he's letting his fiance rot in a hospital bed.

No. 932948

File: 1715381835494.jpeg (897.86 KB, 1290x1737, IMG_5072.jpeg)

No. 932949

File: 1715381879857.jpeg (913.37 KB, 1290x1707, IMG_5071.jpeg)

God this behaviour is so pathetic, especially at her big age

No. 932952

no hes given the adequate time. druggies arent exactly known for normal relationships. if shes annoying virtually I cannot imagine how she is wasting away in that hospital bed irl.

No. 932953

I legit want to know why she embarrasses herself like this. She wants to post a selfie of herself flipping off a bed, declaring she's getting back into bed, at almost thirty years old?

No. 932956

no use in wondering. it’s always, always attention and pity points. luna can’t survive if everyone’s not feeling sorry for her and giving her money for it.

No. 932958

File: 1715394709727.jpg (215.3 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20240510-193108.j…)

No. 932959

File: 1715394732984.jpg (199.77 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20240510-193121.j…)

No. 932960

File: 1715394760943.jpg (254.03 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20240510-193124.j…)

No. 932963

File: 1715400984735.jpeg (113.06 KB, 776x576, IMG_7546.jpeg)

>my own personal hell

No. 932965

There's this theory that drug addicts stop developing when they first started using. Might be a myth but with Luna I can see it.

No. 932967

Then sleep on the floor. Ungrateful bitch.

I had a feeling she is making porn in the hospital, maybe for a request like when she phoned her dad while filming.

No. 932969

This is the most excitement she’s had in awhile. Something new to post about on social media instead of shoplifting hauls, her sad cat, and filthy ass hole in the wall room. But no matter where she is, she will post endless selfies of her scribbled on makeup while making the same vacant retarded expression as always.

No. 932978

She's been wearing that same outfit for 6 days. Let that sink in. In a hospital, wearing the same clothes from her box room (that we all know hasn't been washed and reeks) for 6 DAYS. I feel genuinely sorry for everone else there.

No. 932987

This ungrateful bitch is getting life-saving medical care FOR FREE and all she can do is complain. Also, that tank top is not cropped; she is hiking it up because she thinks she's the hottest thing anyone in the hospital has ever seen. Like no bitch you're a hambeast and you stink.

No. 933044

File: 1715506493851.jpeg (527.64 KB, 1179x1796, IMG_4126.jpeg)

No. 933045

File: 1715506561451.jpeg (449.47 KB, 1179x977, IMG_4117.jpeg)

No. 933047

File: 1715508185475.gif (403.57 KB, 275x247, 1532462481707.gif)

That nurse is my hero.

No. 933049


She isn’t the only patient the nurse has to deal with. Maybe her bedside manner isn’t the best because there is a healthcare crisis at the moment? Luna thinks she is the center of the universe and if she’s not being waited on hand and foot it’s traumatizing to her.

No. 933050

She asked “doesn’t your family visit you” because she has seen Lurch with his nips out, beanie on, sunglasses covering his eyes and cigarette hanging out of his mouth looking like some ghost of a deceased patient sitting in the corner of Luna’s room. So she’s asking “I think I’ve seen your family visit you? They haven’t brought you clothes?” because Luna smells to high heaven and we have seen the selfies and that’s the SAME shirt.

No. 933051

File: 1715513770334.jpg (383.14 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20240512_043511_Chr…)

She has a kidney infection from being dirty.

No. 933052

Put a clean gown on daily you nasty lard ass.

No. 933053

File: 1715514648591.jpeg (135.72 KB, 650x350, B78A77E4-2B7A-4C28-B6B3-616370…)

HA! I knew her stench and behavior was gonna bother a nurse or something. she brought her shitty druggie lifestyle into the hospital and she thinks no one would notice or say anything?
if this fat tub of lard is so thin skinned then take a fucking shower.

No. 933054

Also for people that take a lot of opiates. They get constipation and bacteria collects in their colon from the super shits that forms there. Since tuna lives on opiates, carbs, sugar, and no dietary fibers.. yeah shes got toxic sludge in her ass.

No. 933055

Of course a nurse is going to ask that eventually, the world has noticed she's been wearing only the same clothes over and over again and I doubt it's different tank tops thar just "look the same" that's the most grade school excuse. She showers there allegedly but you might as well not even if you put on dirty clothes after. Hee bed is soiled in every picture. I guarantee her room stinks something fierce. Of course a nurse will say something, that's our JOB especially when you're there for a bacterial infection from being a scumbag in the first palce. Like why even give her treatment if she's going to continue to be filthy and end up with the same problem from staying disgusting?

No. 933056

Tuna literally NEVER washes her clothes so she stinks 24/7 no matter if she bathes or not. I feel bad for that nurse who has to put up with her stench. Nurses are the real MVP.

No. 933057

this is probably the first time in her life (or recent years at least) where someone has commented about how smelly/gross she is. her followers constantly fuel her ego with pity and compliments, plus she doesn't seem to have any friends or people that she hangs out with regularly so hearing "damn bitch you live like this?" must've shattered her sadbbydoll delusions. also, haven't we seen her wear a hospital gown? can she not just ask for one of those or do they not have them in 6XL?
she really tells on herself, not just by admitting how filthy she is but also how self centred she is. the day she arrived at the hospital she said someone in the room/bed next to her was "literally dying" and had to be spoonfed by nurses as if it's meant to make people feel bad for her and not the person that's in her words, literally dying. the hospital saga has really brought out how much of a cluster b bitch she is when everything she complains about can be summed up with her being unable to understand that she's not the only person in that hospital that needs help and being mad she's not being treated like she's seconds from death.
i know i'm ranting but i've been lurking silently since she got there and like another anon mentioned this is the most exciting thing to happen in her recent life. like how she did an arts and crafts paper cut out of her diagnoses and hospital bracelets, constantly posting whenever she was in group therapy and outpatient, it seems like it's been a lifelong dream of hers to lay in a hospital bed with an IV and hospital bracelet while posting ~aesthetic~ selfies all day. it doesn't seem uncommon for her to skip a day of posting on insta and/or her snap story but since she got there it's been nonstop. like when she was getting her cat scan she felt the need to post about it 3-4 times in a row because she thinks no one heard her the first time. i know some are saying that there seriously might be something wrong with her but if there was i really doubt they'd keep her there for 3 weeks, especially if it's something as severe as a kidney or spinal infection but i may be wrong. at this point i can't tell whether i can't wait for this to be over or if i want it to keep going because this is the most entertaining she's been in ages.

No. 933060

My exact reaction kek. I like how she posts that and then tries turning it around like she's dealing with a big mean nurse. It's gross and unsanitary to not change your clothes, and even worse when you're in a sanitary hospital environment. I know all those nurses are tired of smelling her musty, stale clothes and crotch rot. Imagine wearing the same underwear for weeks and not being bothered? I'm so happy the nurse gave her a reality check

No. 933062

stinking up the hospital confirmed.

No. 933065

File: 1715523824698.jpeg (535.68 KB, 828x1351, IMG_0442.jpeg)

not a single tweet about luna or her being in the hospital, but he's tweeting constantly the last few days about basketball and baseball. seems like someones having fun without tuna around. also kek at him being against trump all of a sudden i thought he loved him. yknow being a real estate mogul family just like him and rodger.

No. 933066

A lot of words to say "I'm a victim"

No. 933070

All those clothes she steals and she has to cycle through the same 2 pairs of clothes?

No. 933076

she likely won’t leave. the nurse is giving her a hard time hoping she gets the hint and calls her “family” to come get her so that they can put someone else in her bed/room. i get why anons were thinking something bad has happened to her as american hospitals are notorious for discharging you even when you’ve just given birth or had major surgery. if you can walk, you can leave is their reasoning. i just don’t get why they are being so lenient with her. anybody else would get wheeled down to the lobby and given a care packet to read at home. even when people have tumors bursting out their face, they never keep you for more than 2 weeks. and if she did have that bad of an infection, she wouldn’t be able to walk or be on the phone or even remember the nurse bitching at her. she’s not actively dying or fighting for her life so she herself is refusing to get the fuck on.

No. 933084

AYRT and thanks for explaining since i'm not american. no one she knows seems to have a car plus she seems to only want to take ubers so why can't she just… get one and go home? if she's been on constant antibiotic IVs for nearly three weeks the infection has to have cleared up or been reduced to the point she can get some prescription antibiotics and go home. i wouldn't be surprised if she's such a low priority to them that the nurses forget she's there and are only reminded when they walk by her room and get a whiff of her stench. she's been there so long she's leaving brown stains in the mattress and turning it yellow, and what only mentioned showering once or twice? she talks a lot about how it's her "personal hell" and how badly she wants to leave but nothing is stopping her from leaving. she mentioned in the last thread that her medicaid got deactivated and how she had to talk to her social worker to resolve it but never mentioned it again… all i can imagine post-hospital saga is her racking up hospital bills and making a gofundme/returning to ebegging with some story about how she got "kicked out while still being sick", honestly just want it to be over at this point because i can only handle so many samey vacant expression hospital bed selfies.

No. 933091

File: 1715557287199.jpeg (586.84 KB, 750x1113, 0DFD187D-2F00-444F-9D2C-F9CB9A…)

No. 933092

play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 933097

you are getting rent free housing, free meals, and someone forcing you to practice some form of personal hygiene with NO BILL. holy shit the dissonance.

No. 933098

I'm morbidly curious of just how bad of a state her underwear is in.

No. 933099

What’s worse is you can tell she’s in a shared room. I feel bad for the second occupant.

No. 933100

I really think this man is living his best life everytime tuna goes away. He gets to reap the benefits without actually having to deal with her. He never goes to visit her. He simply doesn't give a shit. I'll bet she blows up his phone with messages and barely gets replies. He's happy to have her gone

No. 933101

File: 1715570576827.jpg (149.89 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20240512_222141_Sam…)


No. 933102

You must have missed her post where she explained that the antibiotics she was on for the last few weeks weren't working. That's why she's still there after all this time, according to her.

No. 933103

Wait isn't he in his 40s?

No. 933112

Please tell me we are going to have another nona cat fishing lurch arc. That was some of the funniest shit on this site. If there was ever a nona hall of fame, ‘Tessa’ anon would be in it.

No. 933113

nona how did you find this account!!!??
he just turned 45 lol

No. 933114

File: 1715606837601.jpg (204.94 KB, 720x1452, VideoCapture_20240513-015507.j…)

Why did she get a mother's day flower?

No. 933118

(not milk/sage your shit)

No. 933119

Waiting for the continuation: "I'm starving!!" "But I've seen you eat"

No. 933120

This was sad as hell, get this clown ass self promo outta here, you're a cow too and uglier than luna by miles

No. 933121

she could never be rapper anon. cringe content.

No. 933125

Not defending Trump, BUT: Lurch is offended about “people getting killed”, but HE was dealing fentanyl? And he’s calling someone else fat?

No wonder Tuna has zero self awareness, kek!

No. 933128

Pot, meet kettle
You are uglier and fat than Tuna, why did you think we would like seeing your face?

No. 933155

File: 1715701346377.jpeg (281.45 KB, 1179x668, IMG_4143.jpeg)

No. 933157

Our restricted eating QUEEN!

No. 933158

he goes to the bronx every day for the clinic, why can't he come see her kek? too busy watching baseball and hanging out with other girls?

No. 933163


oh no, she might be skin and bones after she leaves the hospital! emancipated queen

No. 933168

She should listen to her fucking doctors instead of begging for opiates. She needed a sample from her spine for a culture of the bacteria. You take these cultures and expose it to different antibiotics. Whatever antibiotic reacts to infection is the one they switch you on. While they're doing all this work, they put you on all-purpose antibiotic or one they think might be effective. Her fatass is laying on her bed not washing despite being physically able to, pretending to be a delicate flower with nurses too tired for her bullshit while physicians are making sure she doesn't die from her disgusting habits. All she can say is "wrong bacteria!" Medical science isn't magic. I wanna alog.

Allllmost, anon. >>933155

No. 933172

To be honest, a few weeks of starving could only help her. She's got PLENTY of fat to live off of for those weeks.

No. 933176

File: 1715718587523.jpg (281.14 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20240514_152744_Sam…)

Yeah true. I forgot he gets his methadone in the Bronx. Yet she's in a hospital "too far away" for him to get to kek.

No. 933177

unless he's switched clinics but i remember an anon who said she went with him and that he always talked to the "loud blacks" afterwards (kek)

No. 933180

If she were really that hungry she would eat the hospital food. What an ungrateful brat(learn to sage)

No. 933181

File: 1715721448718.jpg (227.23 KB, 717x1418, VideoCapture_20240514-141635.j…)

Grandpa tuna what?! I've never heard about a Grandpa.

No. 933185

Is this the slipper grandpa? I imagine she went thru her whole list of contacts and sent out a mass text about how she was in the hospital near death and see who she could get sympathy from. Obligatory flowers to try and get her out of their hair.

No. 933190

Lurch is gonna enjoy this vacation from her lmao

No. 933192

Thank you for shedding a tiny bit of light on what might be happening! I really am wondering if Luna is too dumb to fully understand what's going on

No. 933195

File: 1715726536225.jpg (227.01 KB, 705x1454, VideoCapture_20240514-154133.j…)

No. 933197

“Personal hell” aka the cleanest bed she’s slept in in years, doing the exact same shit she does at home (minus the shoplifting)

No. 933233

Serious question - can’t she just check herself out against medical advice if it’s that bad?

No. 933238

This bitch eats. She's not fooling anyone. And lurch never even visits her so why is she lying kek. I KNOW she's sowing down all at juice cups, puddings and Popsicles that she get from the nurses. On top of whatever she's eating from hospital meals.

No. 933241

What's crazy to me about her attitude towards healthy hospital meals is she's bitching as though she ever eats any delicious HOME COOKED meals. I guarantee it's all fast food and ready to eat garbage. Like I could understand being put off hospital food a little hit if you're used to home cooked but a bitch doesn't even have that, why is she acting like a free meal is beneath her? How has she remained so entitled, proud, and stuck up meanwhile she's been filthy and stinky, jobless, squatting, junkie, living off the government and scam bucks with Lurch's "dog bite" bullshit? It truly blows my mind every time she does this shit.

No. 933243

Isn't it weird how Luna wants to be the tragic junkie queen surrounded by used needles and pill bottles in a trap house but at the same time she thinks everything in her life is beneath her? Like this US hospital is not up to her standards but she writes poems about tortured souls at the methadone clinic. I don't get it.

No. 933355

Did she die? Kek
I vote blood clot moved to her heart, if true.

No. 933428

File: 1715885686308.jpeg (403.9 KB, 750x1067, 1EA87FD3-F512-42A9-8650-0EBFEB…)

Not dead lol

No. 933438

that would’ve been her biggest (read: only) contribution to society yet

ewwww both of their hands look like pig’s feet

No. 933472

do you ever think about how if she dies the only way we're going to know is like one week after when Lurch tries to gets nudes out of some poor girl on twitter/threads by saying "i'm sad my gf just died babe send pussy pics"

No. 933481

Did she ask him to grab her hand for a pic, or did she whine and bitch until he grabbed her hand and then she quick took a pic kek

No. 933500

File: 1715900569546.jpg (182.4 KB, 720x1398, VideoCapture_20240516-155438.j…)

No. 933501

File: 1715901091621.jpeg (409.6 KB, 1170x1954, IMG_4215.jpeg)

Sad she can’t take benzodiazepines in peace I guess

No. 933502

>every day is exactly the same
luna i need you to be so fucking for real right now lmao. you have literally lived the same day for six years now.

No. 933503

File: 1715905658694.jpg (237.96 KB, 720x1409, VideoCapture_20240516-172657.j…)

No. 933515


KEK - I thought the same thing!

No. 933527

that stretched out arm just to show off her “lucky 13 iv”, pity flowers, hospital tags and tattoos we have obviously never seen before kek, never change Luna

No. 933554

is that a lighter near the water bottle kekkk

No. 933556

I think its a lip balm. I'm surprised she isn't bitching about cigarettes though. Even if they give her a nic patch, she probably misses lighting up.

No. 933569

File: 1716023790343.jpeg (835.03 KB, 1179x2070, IMG_4214.jpeg)

No. 933570

kek Charlie making Tuna's question all about herself, just like our ana queen. Probably also a bpd mess, and maybe a farmer (seriously Charlie, if you are a farmer why are you touching the poop)

No. 933573

Yeah and she even has blue dangerhair. She's probably a junkie too like Luna.

No. 933574

File: 1716031373559.jpg (170.59 KB, 720x1425, VideoCapture_20240518-042159.j…)

No. 933600

why would that be shocking at all? sheltered

No. 933623

I'm surprised it took this long to go the midline/central line route, but I knew it was coming. And if she wasn't a degenerate junkie all these years this wouldn't be their last resort to get her the abx thar she needs but of course our emancipated queen has to bitch about something.

No. 933629

Last resort to get her off her phone by nurses Lmao. Can’t use her scrolling thumb.

No. 933655

Never seen an IV in the thumb kek

No. 933661

That one is crucial for posting! Hope the milk won't dry up

No. 933701

I didn't say it was schocking, I just thought it was funny because it could be a sign she's smoking indoors in her shared room which is a dick move

She probably busted all her other veins that the thumb is all thatd' left kek

No. 933725

Cheap vape pen with cat piss, cancerous aroma and lead is my bet. I think she wobbles all the way to the window or toilet when she wants to smoke regular cigarettes and that's why she loses the IVs. I also bet that she blows the vapor inside the sheets - creating the nastiest Turin Shroud of tuna

No. 933729

Now you've got me imagining tuna with a stylus in her mouth, pecking at her phone kek.

Absolutely she is smoking or vaping and blowing it under the sheet. Probably blaming it on all the stress of her roommate loudly dying and interrupting her beauty sleep.

No. 933740

File: 1716212544008.jpg (205.22 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240520-064200.j…)

No. 933764

can they put an iv in both thumbs next time ♥

No. 933784

File: 1716262033415.jpg (589.76 KB, 1080x2696, 1000044698.jpg)

So she has to stay there because she's a junkie. As already thought

No. 933785

File: 1716262136789.jpg (244.13 KB, 1080x1457, 1000044699.jpg)

No. 933786

No. 933787

File: 1716262270837.jpg (589.11 KB, 1079x2022, 1000044703.jpg)

No. 933791

To be honest this is the most life I’ve seen in her eyes. And also the least crooked

No. 933793

The doctors wanted her out of there then met Lurch and said fuck it, we aren't sending homecare to these people.
Zero surprise about the cause or how bad it got.

No. 933799

she should be thankful that they realized outpatient would be a horrible idea and decided to keep her in the hospital where she can be medically supervised. imagine how quickly she would go downhill if the only person she could depend on to help her was matthew. look at how he poorly he took care of his own father while he was dying and he still treated roger with more kindness than he's ever shown towards luna except for when he was grooming her.

No. 933809

File: 1716309618342.jpg (249.48 KB, 720x1398, VideoCapture_20240521-093908.j…)

No. 933810

File: 1716309659395.jpg (180.23 KB, 719x1412, VideoCapture_20240521-093920.j…)

No. 933811

File: 1716309686167.jpg (200.94 KB, 720x1468, VideoCapture_20240521-093925.j…)

No. 933812

File: 1716309788564.jpg (180.8 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240521-094237.j…)

No. 933813

File: 1716309809528.jpg (211.68 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240521-094239.j…)

No. 933814

File: 1716309848016.jpg (220.08 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240521-094242.j…)

No. 933815

File: 1716309876198.jpg (241.52 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240521-094244.j…)

No. 933816

File: 1716309928405.jpg (192.5 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240521-094246.j…)

No. 933817

she's just saying anything for pity, it actually looks less gross and cleaner than her fingers normally do

No. 933822

She’s literally confined to a hospital bed and completely unoccupied yet hasn’t even brushed her hair or done her skincare for days? She’s literally just lying there like a slug and occasionally vaping or smoking or taking pictures of herself

No. 933824

So bored so she has to call her already overworked nurses? Jfc

No. 933828

She has been wearing that tank top for over 2 weeks.

No. 933831

File: 1716321402759.jpg (176.59 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20240521-125600.j…)

No. 933832

File: 1716321465318.jpg (232.95 KB, 720x1456, VideoCapture_20240521-125607.j…)

No. 933833

these really are the brightest her eyes have been in months

No. 933838

Her shirt looks so rancid

No. 933841

Well this is probably the first time she's been sober and been on the other side of withdrawals in well, god knows how long.

No. 933844

same thought, I usually think the people who think Luna has a chance at a normal life are retarded but seeing her presumably sorta soberhas retarded me into thinking she could recover…she won’t though, because she’s going home to Lurch

No. 933847

Didn't she have a massive benzo addiction/tolerance? When did that end? Did I miss something?

No. 933849

she’s been in the hospital for like ten or twelve days, which is probably the longest she hasn’t popped benzos in years
unintended detox

No. 933851

Doesn’t she have a prescription for Xanax? They are probably only allowing her to take her prescribed amount and she can’t leave to buy more off of the street to supplement her dosage. But I thought the same thing when I saw that picture, like damn her eyes look normal, like there might be a human in there somewhere still.

No. 933861

I commented this a while ago, but deleted it because Lurch probably gives here some when he visits.
Shes been there for a whole month now.

No. 933865

She’s got similar tops with similar stains anon…

No. 933866

No fresh tuna though

No. 933867

File: 1716380413110.jpg (224.27 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240522-051934.j…)

No. 933868

File: 1716380445583.jpg (225.2 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240522-051942.j…)

No. 933869

File: 1716380473960.jpg (235.33 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240522-051950.j…)

No. 933872

she's not prescribed. her parents are and lurch was too which is honestly crazy because he's also precribed adderall. what doctor gives these out to drug addicts? it's hard enough to get a legit prescription if you have anxiety or ADHD. she's talked about getting prescribed again but i'm sure if she actually did she would have shown off the bottles and medical records like she does with every other drug. she's on clonidine, gabapentin, and prazosin. there's another psych drug in there but i can't remember which one.

No. 933874

>there's another psych drug in there but i can't remember which one.

I think it's Cymbalta. And does she still take Seroquel for sleep?

No. 933881

Not sure what point you're trying to make by pointing that out. No shit her other shirts are gross but at least she wears them in her equally filthy hovel. The contrast between her one shirt and the clean hospital is getting grosser the filthier the shirt gets.

No. 933901

That flew right over your head

No. 933912

Looking at that stained, musty tank top, I feel sick for the nurses who have to deal with her. She hasn't changed anything and you KNOW she doesn't have fresh underwear there. Absolutely fucking sickening.

No. 933913

honest to god, this is the most light ive seen in her eyes in years. its a shame this dumb fat bitch has rotted her mind and body that she wont appreciate it.

No. 933914

The nurses having to deal with her reeking unshowered ass trying to give hints for her to please practice basic hygiene by gifting her the first change of socks since she got admitted to that room.

No. 933916

Wait is she saying she hasn't walked for a month? She's going to screw herself and make recovery really hard, I remember the nurse commented on how she could walk but she wouldn't.

Also this is like free fat camp for her, she'll be thinner than she's been in ages after two months in hospital.

No. 933918

File: 1716409019968.jpg (236.71 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20240522-130143.j…)

No. 933920

idk why but i have the feeling she just uses the phone to do selfies, cause its ~~retro~~ and hospitalcore

No. 933923

I agree that she probably just uses it as a prop, but she also has to use it to order food from the cafeteria 3x a day that she "definitely doesn't eat" because it's too icky yucky for this bitch who is only used to a diet of creamsavers, pizza, and juice from concentrate drinks.

No. 933930

Why is it so hard for some anons to be honest about tuna and who she is.
She won't get sober because she can't - she literally made this her whole life. She's not clean now, just cleaner. Lurch is an enabler for her but if he disappeared, she'd replace him and keep on doing this.

No. 933932

….you know shes using the phone as a prop for the pic right?

No. 933936

how has this not been a wake up call for her to realise lurch doesn't give a shit about her? he's only visited her 3 or 4 times and as of today she's been there for a month. we know he doesn't really care about or even like her that much but she has to be in some serious denial or delusional to think he still does. she's a shitty person and that's the only thing i'll ever pity her for, she'll never leave him but i really wonder what would happen if he left her and what she'd do in that situation.

No. 933940

This. She can make all the excuses she wants for him not visiting. Deep down she's gotta know he's not there because he really doesn't care. The "love of your life" is in the hospital and miserable and you have better things to do? No. He doesn't have a real job or responsibilities. If he cared, he'd find a way and make time for her. He'll never change or care, tuna. Kek

No. 933942

Real job? He doesn't have a fake job. Dude shuffles to and from a methadone clinic, trading his scripts along the way. Maybe be a petty thief?

No. 933948

the best part is that his methadone clinic is in the bronx, same bronx as luna. he couldn’t care less but i can’t really blame him tbh.

No. 933963

she’s absolutely terrible, but he’s even worse
if she’s 100% unhappy, I want him to be 105% unhappy

No. 933987

Wheres her switch
This is the ultimate opportunity to max ut AC:ANL. Get on it toona

No. 933989

seriously, the fact that she didnt bring it, didnt have matthew bring it, and hasnt mentioned it once leads me to believe she has pawned it. any anons know the last time she posted about it? if she did pawn it, it was probably for drug money, right?

No. 933991

File: 1716470526046.jpg (216.08 KB, 720x1443, VideoCapture_20240523-062107.j…)

No. 934002

File: 1716479967715.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1290x2132, IMG_5375.jpeg)

No. 934004

two showers in a single month? AND getting out of bed for once? She's living that active gym and spa life, we stan a self care queen

No. 934005

I’m sure they pawned it.

No. 934006

alas we know she can’t maintain positive momentum in life and will end up back in the hovel, bigger than ever whining about how she can’t walk.

No. 934007

File: 1716482176616.jpg (214.86 KB, 720x1417, VideoCapture_20240523-093555.j…)

No. 934010

Have lurch even visited her this week? lol. What a doting fiance.

late comment, but I love how the nurse called her out. I see it's a universal thing. My mom is a nurse, although we are in Europe; but if you're dirty, a nurse will bluntly say so and tell you to wash up/change, because how a patient looks reflects on how the nurse's care is judged. No one wants others to say that patients are dirty on their ward. Knowing how brutally honest nurses are about this, I cannot wait when she's scolded to hell and back and comes crying on Instagram.

No. 934012

She's BPD right? Honestly surprised his lack of interest hasn't triggered some kind of tantrum yet.

No. 934016

There was a fast food bag on her table, so she has had company.

No. 934035

File: 1716503910610.webm (1.13 MB, 720x1458, XRecorder_23052024_113946_1.we…)

No. 934038

I'm guessing we're going to get fewer IV updates now that it's embedded in her giant hammy upper arm. Not very sick pastel hospitalcore uwu dainty of her

No. 934040

Not so sure about that. She would document any visitor lol. She's a loser with no friends. Everyime lurch shows up, she desperately snaps a lame pic to post.

No. 934041

Anyone else wonder what kind of food she requests from Lurch? I could see her going to town on some greasy Chinese takeout, or shoving a baconeggncheese in her face. Like girl obviously eats! But what…

No. 934043

File: 1716509739668.jpg (213.32 KB, 720x1438, VideoCapture_20240523-171448.j…)

No. 934044

File: 1716509911498.jpeg (192.8 KB, 1290x237, IMG_5381.jpeg)

same selfie on Instagram but with a caption

No. 934046

damn shes wide, shes left her mark on this lmao, whhhyyy tale a pic of this and post it online?!

No. 934048

That's memory foam that wants to forget.

No. 934049

No. 934051

I really don’t understand the prominence of the phone in every picture

No. 934055

i'm a burger and have spent my fair share of time sick in the hospital and some cheap hospitals will bring your food to you in a paper lunch bag. I highly doubt any one is paying money to get take out as that's something you cant steal.

No. 934062

She’s just gonna keep awkwardly shoving her upper hamhock in every image and selfie to keep showing it off like >>934043

No. 934068

I'm not convinced she's sober. If she is then she must be retarded because most of her selfies look like she's in a different dimension.

No. 934070

Decor. At home it's the grimy plushies and dirty linen, here it's a phone.

No. 934072

File: 1716548608655.jpeg (706.32 KB, 1179x1598, IMG_4256.jpeg)

A glimmer of sobriety?

No. 934073

She looks nice, for her anyway. She actually looks alive.

No. 934078

Lol no. Once she gets out, she'll run (hobble) back to lurch and guzzle down drugs in her sick little hovel. She doesn't care to actually better herself.

No. 934081

Ooooh, she could go back home and overdo it to catch up and land us into an o.d. story arc?

No. 934095

File: 1716584719621.jpg (212.23 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240524-140323.j…)

No. 934096

File: 1716584778351.jpg (214.62 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240524-140322.j…)

No. 934097

File: 1716584809581.jpg (226.94 KB, 720x1388, VideoCapture_20240524-140319.j…)

No. 934100

kek she facetuned a giant bump on her nose

No. 934106

She's GOTTA make sure her midline is showing in EVERY selfie, ya know, in case anyone forgot she's got one uwu

No. 934107

I'm wondering the same. It would fit her form.
cripplepunk for life

No. 934110

File: 1716593905178.jpg (239.66 KB, 720x1452, VideoCapture_20240524-163719.j…)

No. 934111

File: 1716593951559.jpg (194.28 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240524-163714.j…)

No. 934114

kek the way she pulled her sleeve out of the way to make sure the iv is showing. this is her new tattoo.

she can’t stop posting for asspats and sympathy but i only feel sorry for her hospital roommate and nurses tbh.

No. 934115

File: 1716601351906.jpg (1.16 MB, 1440x2393, 1000018932.jpg)

Literally upset because the nurse who called her out kindly on being a filthy stinky lazy lard ass is her nurse again tonight. Literally stinking up the hospital room in her clothing that's never been washed and has the audacity to be "crying" because she doesn't like her big meanie nurse tonight. So fucking pathetic.

No. 934116

beggars can’t be choosers, you fat stinky useless sack of shit. fucking leech. god i want to a-log. i can’t believe i’m paying for this shit.

No. 934117

File: 1716602196237.jpg (422.97 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20240524_185621_Sam…)

No. 934119

she looks the same every day because she's sweating up this filthy grey top for a whole month straight now

No. 934121

Crying for an hour but her face looks exactly the fucking same as the past twenty pictures she’s posted.

No. 934128

Not really. She's off heroin for periods all the time and when she goes back on she doesn't o.d.
also what does an "o.d arc" look like in your opinion? She dies and then….? Or she doesn't die and says "I o.d'd but Matthew narcanned me" which she has done in the past. That's not a milk generator.

No. 934129

Dark dingy discolored tank top strap. Large obvious drip stain from some kind of food or drink on her shirt. A bunch of tiny ugly brown spotty stains on her sleeves. Luna for goodness sake put on a hospital gown and ask lurch to go wash your outfit at the laundromat. I would say get a new pair from home but everyone knows that nasty hovel has no clean clothes in it.

No. 934130

Is this the same top she's been wearing ever since she was admitted? Showering and then getting dressed in dirty clothes must feel horrible

No. 934132

Shes already had an O.D arc, it’s the same period where she was obsessed with Narcan and harm reduction. The only thing it did was give her a reason to feel special like this hospital arc, did nothing for her personal growth kekw.

No. 934137

File: 1716636935353.jpg (259.71 KB, 719x1421, VideoCapture_20240524-202008.j…)

No. 934138

File: 1716636986823.jpg (238.61 KB, 720x1406, VideoCapture_20240524-202017.j…)

No. 934141

So he can bring you coloring supplies and junk food but not clean clothes? Kek. Gross. He doesn't give a shit.

No. 934150

devil angel or devil angel

No. 934152

Aileen is the RN (Registered Nurse) for Luna.
Aileen girl. We know nurses go through tons of shit including dealing dirty junkies and never get appreciated for their work. God bless you.

No. 934156

ever since she was a teenage girl moidthew has used luna for everything from keeping a roof over his degenerate junkie head to the small amount of money she made by sexually exploiting herself online (with his assistance) while screaming at her that she's fat and attempting to cheat on her with catfishes, but when she actually needs him to do something simple for her while she is hospitalized he proves himself incapable of carrying out even the most basic of tasks. it's a good thing his only job is going to the methadone clinic since even something like grabbing a variety of colored markers out of luna's hoard extends well beyond his skill set. it's funny that luna will get mad at the nurses when they're the ones actually taking care of her but refuses to see how completely useless, retarded, and self-centered her "husband" is.

No. 934170

lol imagine telling your man to grab some markers for you so you can have something to do when the hospital for two months and he grabs a few shades of the same fucking colors. How thoughtful. With a man like that, you need to tell him exactly what you want and even then hope that he actually heard you and remembered what you said.

No. 934177

File: 1716678962633.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1290x2108, IMG_5435.jpeg)

God she is so pathetic kek

No. 934178

File: 1716679081215.jpeg (640.8 KB, 1290x1282, IMG_5436.jpeg)

Comments from her post, apparently lurch is visiting and bringing her fast food

No. 934179

kek she really thinks she's hot shit

No. 934183

i hate this disgusting slug but the difference between her pics a month ago when she was first admitted compared to now is like night and day, other than that she’s wearing the same outfit. her lazy eye is 100% caused by whatever drug(s) she abuses, so if her eye starts wandering again, we’ll know she’s not sObEr.

No. 934184

File: 1716684019059.jpg (248.19 KB, 720x1417, VideoCapture_20240525-173928.j…)

No. 934185

its the benzos. we're seeing her clean off of them for the first time in like 10 years. her lazy eye magically cured. i honestly wish she wouldn't go back to them because she looks so much more clean and normal off of them but thats unlikely. once she goes home she'll post about "visiting" her mom and a huge shoplifting haul and then a photo of her off her gourd with eyes in two different directions. hospital life looks well on her which is wild because for a normal person this could be rock bottom. but she looks way cleaner and normal while in the hospital than she ever does at home. she definitely hadnt showered in weeks before she was admitted and has had the most showers consistently that she's had in years. anyone who knew her in high school still around? was her hygiene always so terrible or was she relatively clean back then?

No. 934190


The filter bleeding her eyebrow into her hair is a nice touch

No. 934196

>Rare photo of me smiling
Please, only a 13 year old would caption her selfie like this.

No. 934197

even worse anon, it's a rare photo of her STANDING

No. 934202

She's gonna post a million selfies when out of the hospital, bragging about her "muh weightloss", how her clothes are so loose and she needs shopping for a new wardrobe.

No. 934203

File: 1716728691134.jpg (696.87 KB, 1079x1565, Screenshot_20240525_192112_Sam…)

She posted this yesterday and looks like she deleted it already. Wonder why. Any "pain" she has is probably because she just sits in bed like a beached whale.

No. 934205

File: 1716730209020.jpg (228.08 KB, 720x1466, VideoCapture_20240526-062918.j…)

No. 934209

File: 1716735557441.jpg (226.06 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20240526-075847.j…)

No. 934211

proof god exists: that awful bridge is gone.

No. 934212

She cares more about her piercings than a potentially life-threatening disease

No. 934213

As a medical professional, I do highly doubt anyone said that unless they're super unprofessional. MRI techs do not read images on the spot, they have to be read by a doctor to determine "how bad" the image looks and wouldn't be allowed to just say "it looks really bad". That is for an MD to determine. Unless the tech was expressing she herself looks bad, or do we know if she has a festering wound or something?

No. 934214

As a human being, I'm sure that mri-tec was making a reference to her age vs physical appearance. Kek

No. 934216

>>has a festering wound or something?

Kek, she's got a bed sore

No. 934222

Wouldn't be surprised honestly, cause ya know, she doesn't stand up anymore kek

No. 934232

Maybe they meant that Luna’s reaction to pain looked genuine, like it actually hurt really bad. They should be getting her up and moving around more, her muscles are going to be super weak and if it’s her back muscles spasming, just lounging around can’t be helping. However I’m not a medical professional, but Luna milks the attention and the pain meds with her midline on show in every picture. She looks ridiculous, one shoulder covered, the other hanging out down to her forearm.

No. 934237

Soo… she had a clean gown on but decided to put her old putrid shit back on?? She's more fucking disgusting than I could have ever imagined.

No. 934238

>most likely stuck with chronic pain after this
I see she's already trying to set up for more painkiller abuse in the future.

Crazy how much better she looks while still stinky and rotting in a hospital bed.

No. 934239

cakepopclara is a personal cow of mine never knew she followed luna lol

No. 934249

File: 1716815458789.webm (1.11 MB, 708x1462, XRecorder_27052024_060134_1.we…)

No. 934251

How exciting for her. Did she set it off by trying to smoke inside lmao

No. 934253

File: 1716823380279.jpeg (685.25 KB, 1179x1990, IMG_4278.jpeg)

No. 934254

File: 1716823442513.jpeg (191.75 KB, 1179x530, IMG_4280.jpeg)

No. 934255

This isn't a five star hotel you entitled bint

Good for him he's finally detaching himself from Looney Tunes and her shit

No. 934267

File: 1716829016500.gif (1.32 MB, 498x298, its-what-she-deserves-kim-kard…)

No. 934278

It's because you were only expecting attention and handouts. Grow up bitch. You've been exploiting your dad your whole adult life. Leave him alone. If he "scares" you when you talk to him, THEN DONT TALK TO HIM!? Your shit stories don't even make sense kek
Why does she always have some story about a "screaming scary crazy person". Sounds fake at this point.

No. 934282

Hospitals will test their fire alarm systems monthly. This isn't uncommon.

No. 934284

he wants nothing to do with his druggies daughter because shes a parasite. not hard to understand tuna, he only wishes for you to get better but itll never happen.

No. 934291

Kek the funniest thing about all of this is she's losing weight pretty rapidly, because she's forced to eat normal people food. Being bedbound for 90% of the day isn't ideal but she was doing that at home anyway, the only difference is Lurch isnt bringing her thousands of calories of food EVERY day. Lurch being barely present is doing her favors kek. Lurch hasn't been her BPD obsession in years, she's probably loving all the attention from medical staff.

Of course when they actually force her to rehab her back & not sit around 24/7, she'll be angry and uncooperative

No. 934293

i dont think she's losing weight rapidly, im sure she is also eating the hospital food on top of the shit lurch brings her, no matter how much she complains about it being gross

No. 934301

File: 1716848984850.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1179x1761, IMG_4284.jpeg)

No. 934302

File: 1716849022858.jpeg (946.73 KB, 1179x1634, IMG_4285.jpeg)

No. 934303

File: 1716849089545.jpeg (403.48 KB, 1179x549, IMG_4283.jpeg)

No. 934304

fucking kek at lurch using boomer sized jumbo text on his phone. texting his twitter whores no doubt

No. 934305

File: 1716849146287.jpeg (985.02 KB, 1179x1933, IMG_4286.jpeg)

No. 934308

"I'm stuck in the hospital" oh nice one first time he's visited in ages and already complaining to others

No. 934309

I know they already share a hovel or whatever but jesus man, your dirty shoe soles on the hospital bed your partner is staying in for the next month due to an infection? What a keeper.

No. 934311

kek it really sounds like he’s trying to convince whoever he’s texting that he is the one who’s hospitalized. no doubt setting up a grift. also >>934301 the shoe on the bed REEEEEEE

is this the same dad you called high out of your mind lying that you want to get clean while you were masturbating, luna? the same dad who pays your phone bill so you can continue talking shit about him on the internet when he won’t hand over his credit card for another amazon shopping spree? die

No. 934312

kek he's "stuck" with luna. she needs to throw the whole man out but she never will…

No. 934316

File: 1716854422538.jpg (202.99 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240527-165709.j…)

No. 934317

File: 1716854446551.jpg (247.78 KB, 720x1439, VideoCapture_20240527-165719.j…)

No. 934318

File: 1716854470479.jpg (222.2 KB, 720x1433, VideoCapture_20240527-165734.j…)

No. 934319

File: 1716854518693.jpg (219.68 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20240527-165738.j…)

No. 934320

File: 1716854614168.jpg (208.94 KB, 720x1427, VideoCapture_20240527-165741.j…)

No. 934321

File: 1716854714374.webm (964.38 KB, 720x1428, XRecorder_27052024_165558_1.we…)

No. 934322

Its honestly crazy that she keeps complaining about a "lack of privacy" like this hospital is a resort. How is she this entitled kek

No. 934327

Is this the junkie/alcoholic shoplifting "bff"? LMAOOO Let me find out she's been hanging with lurch while tunas been in the hospital. Getting fucked up together and hooking up kek. And tuna would never know. Not like she has friends to look out for her and let her know.

No. 934329

I'm surprised she hasn't bitched about missing her cat at all. Shouldn't be surprised that she only cares about it when she needs to use it as a prop for her selfies.

No. 934332

It's always "respect mentally ill people and/or junkies" until they're loud neighbors or hospital roommates

No. 934333

well yeah but being in the hospital is being in public. having to be mentally prepared to talk to strangers who will just walk in while you are sleeping is absolutely draining. and for two whole months, where the only place another person isn't guaranteed to walk in on you at some point is in the bathroom (and even then, it's more like a random stall attached to your room, not even a real door)? absolutely exhausting, especially with some demented old hag constantly at your side. not trying to wk tuna, i have been in a very similar situation when it comes to hospitalization and it is a fucking nightmare i don't wish on anybody, not even her

No. 934342

Why doesn't she ask for some weight loss shots kek

No. 934345

They’ve gotta be fucking with her, her skin is so greasy and oily already and they send her more slime to slather on

No. 934354

imagine being so self-centered that you go into someone's hospital room and prop your filthy fucking shoe onto their bed while they're ill with an infection just so you can be more comfortable while texting someone else to complain about how you're "stuck" visiting. if this whole ordeal doesn't make luna realize that lurch doesn't give a fuck about anyone but himself then nothing ever will.

No. 934355

>not trying to wk
nta but fr, ~poor tuba must be so mentawwy exhawasted uwu~? she's a vaguely humanoid shaped sack of sentient lard who has stolen items from the graves of children, and will never change. she has no humanity. and we're supposed to give a shit about her comfort because…? she has zero compassion for this poor elderly woman, who i get is likely annoying asf, but damn. she's done nothing but bitch on sm about her. if she had even 2 braincells she'd at least be performatively compassionate so she didn't look like a total ass. and maybe the old woman does have dementia, which would be beyond her control, unlike the spinal infection tuba garnered from the miserable lifestyle she chooses. your "demented hag" comment indicates to me you have about the same level of empathy as big ole tubs, which is sadly on par with a moid's. i don't wanna cry fakeboi but…seriously tho what kind of shithole hospital were you in where the bathroom didn't have a real door kek? what? i'm so curious. was it a hospital for humans or a veterinary clinic? i've been in the hospital with a difficult roomie as well, and i imagine being kind to the nurses helped a lot in getting a room transfer (which took a few days) when i politely reported disruptive things done by my mentally ill roomie. were you also an ungrateful dick to your nurses?…after transfer i still had a roommate bc uh, yup, being in the hospital is often public unless you're wealthy kek, welcome to society. doctors and nurses come in, you're brought food, people visit. my protip is pretend to be asleep if someone comes and you don't want to talk, if they need to they'll wake you (tho with all due respect my experience might be different; i wasn't there as a consequence of being a literal filthy junkie). calling that mentally draining is so fucking retarded, i hope you never have to really suffer kek.
TL;DR your opinion is incorrect and too forgiving of the wrong person

healthy weird position for someone with a spinal infection to lay in i'm sure. she's really too dumb to exist, maybe the "babysitter" is there for her kek. take a lap around the room instead of angling your pillsbury pelvis to pretend to have a waist! we need more rare photos of her standing.(infighting)

No. 934357

Fuck, the shape of her body is just entirely disgusting. I can’t believe she posted this

No. 934366

where are all the anons who were saying she's losing weight now

No. 934367

File: 1716909175921.jpg (419.9 KB, 1727x1304, lu.jpg)

She's still obese, but she's clearly less obese than she was a month ago.

No. 934370

Hm, more angled, baggy shirt. Not proof.

No. 934372

the only thing that looks smaller is her double chin and thats because she's leaning forward in the second picture. never mind the fact that she's using a face slimming filter in both of them kek

No. 934376

Living off of hospital food means she's been forced to have a normal caloric intake for the past month, except the handful of times Lurch has shown up with fast food. There's no possible way she could NOT lose weight. I know we all hate her, but pretending she's still as fat as she was a month ago is retarded. The bitch is still built like Grimace either way.

No. 934378

it's not like she was eating multiple big macs a day beforehand despite looking like it, i doubt her caloric intake is much lower now than it was before she came in. plus she always has food or food bags/wrappers on her side table in all her selfies, i doubt she's only eating the 3 meals a day they give her.

No. 934379

Anything she lost will be gained back, plus more, once she gets out.

No. 934380

this. she’s 1000% getting right back on benzos too, which will give her munchies, she’ll stuff her face and immediately forget about it, eat more, rinse repeat. this is also my tinfoil as to why she thinks she’s suCh aNa. she literally doesn’t remember eating entire pizzas and cartons of ice cream because she’s xanned out. but she’s so sober guise~

No. 934386

All while Luna is standing right there behind him too. Most people would probably get very upset if their partner only paid attention to their phone during a hospital visit.Surely she must have seen him type out the message?

No. 934388

this is fucking gold. the way tuna just loves this guy is retardedly pathetic. like its sooo painfully obvious hes tired of the beached whale to everyone but her
you never respect junkies. they don't even respect eachother kek
>she's a vaguely humanoid shaped sack of sentient lard who has stolen items from the graves of children
this took me out anon. you have a way with words.

No. 934393

Can anyone make out what the contact name is?

No. 934407

I think the biggest (kek) thing that might contribute to weight loss is the fact that she isn't eating entire bags of candy every day. You're right she wasn't slamming back burgers, but she eats calorically dense garbage. Ice cream and cakes and those nasty fucking creme savers. Outside of whatever infection she has, her body probably feels the best it has in a decade because she's not living off sugar, even if it is just being replaced by shitty hospital food.

No. 934410

Laughing out loud this is theatrical

No. 934411

>A friend of mine gave him a set of nails
Lurch hanging around all her female friends without her again… Weird how he does that every time she's not able to check on him. And she's too self centered to work it out as long as she gets free shit.

Still here and she's losing weight kek.

Shes lost like 20lbs in hospital. That doesn't magically make her skinny but it is rapid weight loss. She's gone from like 370lbs to 350lbs. Not a skinny queen but it doesn't chap my ass admitting that a fat junkie is slightly less fat than she was 2 months ago.

The fact she's even taking body pics says she's lost weight. She's been avoiding her thirst trap poses for a while. She's feeling herself because she lost weight.

No. 934413

Samefagging, but this anon is right.

Calories in, calories out. Luna is nearly 6ft tall and would have to have the calorific intake of a fucking NFL linebacker to get as big as she did. Just because she's physically eating more food at hospital doesnt mean she's eating more calories.

Luna eats fucking whipped cream from the can and locks herself in the bathroom with a gallon of ice cream. She didn't magically become obese by eating nothing but being lazy.

No. 934416

Thought this was shooped until I zoomed in on the original fucking kek.

No. 934419

File: 1716991467622.jpg (52.65 KB, 960x720, large adult.jpg)

She literally has the largest arm circumference option for that brand of blood pressure cuffs. The only thing that is larger, is the one for taking readings on thighs.
They will not use these unless the normal adult cuffs get incorrect readings… that should tell you everything about her size.

No. 934443

The initial is an A I think

No. 934446

File: 1717030745382.jpeg (Spoiler Image,210.86 KB, 828x1305, IMG_6346.jpeg)

Decided to check on lurch’s Twitter likes and I wonder what Luna would think of him liking ethot pictures while she’s in the hospital

No. 934447

IF tunas shoplifting friend actually gave lurch shit to bring her, I'm sure she's getting something from him in return (drugs). I can also see her hanging out in their hovel, helping herself to whatever she wants and rummaging thru her shit. Wouldn't be surprised if she even spends nights there with lurch (disgusting thought I know, but a junkie/alcoholic wouldn't care who theyre with if theyre benefitting).

No. 934448

Kek, if tuna gets out and he's living with another woman.

No. 934453

don't get too overzealous, she said
>someone on here sent me this
meaning someone on the internet sent it to her, like in the mail. she's obviously been ebegging in the dms.

No. 934463

i feel like half of luna’s mental issues would resolve themselves if she left this piece of shit. i cannot imagine being with the same guy since i was like 16 and all he does is ply me with drugs so he can jerk off to women online.

No. 934464

He never was some physically attractive big money dealer. So, what drew her to him? Sounds like she was mentally ill to begin with.

No. 934470

BPD in a nutshell: if they got one thing that’s wrongly considered as positive it’s fantasy. It gives them the ability to built pipe dreams. She doesn't have the luxury of seeing her life the way healthy people do.

No. 934473

I wonder what kind of dreams she had or has about her life with Lurch kek

No. 934481

and you just believe her like that? she said someone gifted her shit, a "bestie" or friend's mother, and then bragged about lifting it on reddit many times. who tf knows where she got these cosmetics from but her words means nothing.

No. 934482

and you guys really believe her "friend" she hasn't even mentioned in months is shacking up with lurch while shes in the hospital? get a grip, i was just disproving those tinfoilers.

No. 934485

File: 1717094045066.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1290x1939, IMG_5587.jpeg)

No. 934489

File: 1717096385062.jpg (231.42 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20240530-121117.j…)

No. 934490

File: 1717096658671.webm (1.79 MB, 720x1434, XRecorder_30052024_120932_1.we…)

No. 934491

Seems like she exercises more in the hospital than she ever does at home, unless stealing from CVS counts as exercise.

No. 934493

got a new set of clothes three days ago, hasn’t changed since. also she just HAD to get the iv in the shot huh. she’s so transparent.

No. 934495

I know discussion hoping luna gets better is tired as hell in these threads but honestly I feel like if it ever would actually happen it might be now. Being in the hospital was such an upgrade from the hovel and they have kept her there long enough that she looks the best she has in years. i think the one thing this bitch cares about is her looks and this is the most we have seen of her in years. she will never leave lurch but maybe she becomes a junkie who actually showers and is that too much to wish for, we are in the tuna renaissance babyy i’ll take the blogposting ban

No. 934501

the bar is literally so low for our dear tuna that nonnies start losing their minds because her eyes aren't wonky anymore kek. i love you girls, please never change

No. 934509

File: 1717108903599.jpg (243.75 KB, 720x1463, VideoCapture_20240530-154106.j…)

No. 934510

File: 1717108933887.jpg (203.79 KB, 720x1459, VideoCapture_20240530-154103.j…)

No. 934514

10/10 lurch stole her some slime so she would stfu

No. 934519

So where did she lose weight? I don’t see it…

No. 934520

File: 1717122073716.jpg (198.3 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240530-192045.j…)

No. 934525

Is she being unplugged a la Million Dollar Baby or what?

No. 934526

I think anons are referencing the fact she’s less puffed up. I don’t think she lost much weight, probably was just super swollen when she was admitted

No. 934527

Everything is so much cleaner than when she's at home, yet all the pictures she posts still feel so dreadful and hopeless. Capturing this kind of mood in pictures is a talent of hers. Not many others can make a clean hospital look this tragic.

No. 934529

is she going to be able to get disability now that she'll apparently be in chronic pain?

No. 934531

File: 1717146887126.jpg (Spoiler Image,264.61 KB, 1080x1586, 1000015369.jpg)


Kek he's so gross(spoiler this)

No. 934534

Lol nope. Disability is hard to get. She wasnt employed before this happened. She's never attempted to work. And she says she feels better. Maybe you're trolling but she will never get disability, don't get her hopes up.

No. 934536

its so adorable how anons here have no idea how junkies are.
why is that youre first thought?

No. 934547

This beast mustn't realize that you only have to remove non-ferrous piercing jewelry. I have left all of mine in for all of my many, many MRIs. You just tell the techs and they will allow you to keep them in. Then again, she buys everything cheap-chEAP-CHEAP!, so I'm sure all of her jewelry is ferrous.(sage your shit)

No. 934548

File: 1717173742700.jpeg (558.64 KB, 750x1082, 60AA41B0-A1F1-4E36-BBC3-4ECE17…)

looking w i d e

No. 934550

Dear lord that giant ass ugly tattoo on her doughy arm is just hideous. Luna get clean, find a job, and save money to cover up that shitty, ugly tattoo with some nice art by a good artist.

No. 934552

her arm is bigger than her tit

No. 934559

There is nothing “lil” in this picture holy shit

No. 934562

This looks like a mean edit. Tried to go to Instagram to verify but her account is private. Why would any woman post something like this?

No. 934564

File: 1717176389906.jpg (210.94 KB, 720x1419, VideoCapture_20240531-102542.j…)

No. 934566

File: 1717176467916.jpg (206.45 KB, 720x1475, VideoCapture_20240531-102545.j…)

No. 934576

why does she give herself a lipstick mustache lately? it looks so ridiculous and she never did it back in the glory days of her threads…

No. 934579

It's from a Daniel Johnston album and meant to look like that lol

No. 934587

that doesn’t make it good

she would need to have worked about four years in order to qualify at this age and this fat lazy leech has never even worked four days

No. 934588

Geez she’s still massive. Her head looks so tiny on such a big body.

No. 934592

File: 1717202454921.jpg (764.95 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_20240531_062336_Sam…)

I know tuna will act like shit like this is "no big deal lolz". But how gross. This is how your man acts publicly? Imagine how he acts otherwise and behind her back. And it's pathetic she keeps lying to herself about how "great" he is, pretending he gives a shit.

No. 934602

File: 1717223417640.webp (23.61 KB, 300x450, Mrs._Zinnia_Wormwood.webp)

KEK that woman looks like Zinnia Wormwood.

No. 934607

but did you shower tuna? its literally free for you.

No. 934610

They don’t check her face I’m sure they give a damn

No. 934611

No. 934626

File: 1717263276830.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1179x1994, IMG_4323.jpeg)

No. 934627

File: 1717263313603.jpeg (736.72 KB, 1179x1648, IMG_4327.jpeg)

No. 934628

No. 934632

bitch is in an air-conditioned hospital.
her hungry hungry vag is gobbling up the fabric of those shorts.

No. 934633

Maybe shes high again… no sober person would post this

No. 934636

if she thinks this looks skinny (which is why she posted it), imagine how fat she is irl kek

No. 934643

This is disgusting. How is she comfortable in public like this? Those shorts look filthy and dandruffy. I bet the nurses are counting down the days. How gross.

No. 934644

This is so comical. We know she'll have these gone by tonight lmao

No. 934645

She is such an unfortunate shape. Fat but also very flat. Sort of like she's been deflated.

No. 934646

File: 1717280310234.png (1.75 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_4330.png)

No. 934648

File: 1717280350410.png (1.8 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_4329.png)


No. 934650

File: 1717281945974.jpg (167.27 KB, 720x1444, VideoCapture_20240601-154502.j…)


No. 934651

File: 1717281991741.jpg (200.76 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240601-154459.j…)

No. 934652

>>her hungry hungry vag is gobbling up the fabric of those shorts.

You know she's got BV so bad.

I have a very delicate pH and if I wore the same panties more than half a day I'd feel so much irritation(blogposting)

No. 934662

File: 1717294979403.jpg (409.16 KB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_20240601_222240_Ins…)

No. 934664

Imagine being with your man for ten years and being too afraid to tell him to get his nasty shoe off your bed. Acting like he did you a huge massive favor by visiting you. You realize how pathetic the relationship is, right tooney?

No. 934679

shes so pathetic when it cones to lurch lmao

No. 934683

funny how she'll shit on anyone the instant they don't go along with whatever she wants, even if they are acting in her best interests, but will make endless excuses for this worthless life-ruining moid who seems to resent her whenever he has to do the absolute bare minimum for her and interacts with whores online while she's in the hospital.

No. 934685

so tell him to get a job so he can uber there instead? Like girl…

No. 934688

File: 1717346713916.jpg (199.9 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20240602-094444.j…)

No. 934689

kek shes such a fat ass you're supposed to eat like one maybe two of these in a day not TWO PACKS!!! disgusting. and you know she doesn't brush her teeth afterwards.

No. 934693

20 cal pp. 13 pieces per roll, x 4.. 1030 cals… on a fucking SNACK. Now tell me she's losing weight.

No. 934702

Well, that explains why her upper arms already look flabbier and flappier than my grandma’s.

No. 934703

File: 1717360173486.jpeg (394.86 KB, 1218x847, IMG_5693.jpeg)

Kek what the fuck is going on with her neck and ears? The way she’s stretching her neck as hard as she can to hide the double chin makes her look like the hunchback of notre dame

No. 934706

Why is she bragging about this lmaooooo

No. 934714

she’s not bragging, she’s hinting that someone needs to buy her more

No. 934716

How does she not feel bad from that much sugar? Even half a pack of those candies would make me ill. And she ate two packs…

No. 934718

Again 4PACKS not two.

No. 934720

She said she had 4 packs and now only has 2 left, because she ate 2.

No. 934721

American education system strikes again

No. 934729

3 miles isn't a lot, Tuna. I get that he has a metal rod in his leg but he's had that for a while now, he should be able to walk for about an hour with a few breaks thrown in.
Can't wait for her impending meltdown when she returns to her shack after her anachan hospital emancipation saga to find that she's the same size as she was before.

No. 934733

File: 1717412151494.jpg (93.46 KB, 1080x407, Screenshot_20240602_203243_Sam…)

Oh, all 4 packs are long gone. She sows that shit down in one day and somehow thinks it's funny? That's why she's 300lbs.

No. 934737

File: 1717430698339.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1290x1887, IMG_5709.jpeg)

God she looks so fucking rough. Has she taken any selfies without that exact same filter on in the last 6 months?

No. 934742

Why can't she just play switch like a normal person. K k I get it, hospitals suck ass but just play games, watch some YouTube and draw some and it's just a regular day for her.

No. 934743

File: 1717437300110.jpg (209.21 KB, 720x1477, VideoCapture_20240603-105406.j…)

No. 934744

Late but I have to comment on this train wreck because she's so much fatter than I thought. She had me somewhat fooled until now, mostly because her face simply doesn't look like that of an obese person. But this picture shows a massive fupa and the second set of tits coming in that morbidly obese people have. I'm now more convinced than ever before that binge eating is a huge problem for her.

No. 934745

These past 6 weeks being a nightmare to her but not the last 7-8 years that has been her life

No. 934748

Filthy clothes, messy hair, vacant expression, protruding tongue, slouchy posture, lumpy body - you cannot convince me this is not the image of a cretin.

No. 934749

It's impossible to tell if she's high out of her mind in these pics or if her brain is just permafried from them that the lobotomy face is just never getting away anymore

No. 934750

She really has the body of someone who lost a tremendous amount of weight but didn't maintain the upkeep after a point. Truly unfortunate living as a saggy skinned wide load.

No. 934757

remember that video of her in like, high school? she’s legitimately retarded even without the drugs

No. 934794

The end of her sleeves are absolutely disgusting.

No. 934798

Begging her mom and Lurch to clean out the bodega of those candies. I don't think I've ever seen someone go through those the way she does; they're nauseatingly sweet and super artificial tasting and she's just blasting through them like it's nothing. Imagine you're her nurse and you go in to check an IV or something and you see this linebacker of a woman gorging herself on old person candy and surrounded by empty wrappers.

No. 934812

she's been there for 43 days now and lurch has visited her 3 times. on april 25th, then the 29th, and may 27th. i'm assuming he was there when she got admitted but like, girl pick yourself up… maybe i'm just counting wrong but luna is a chronic oversharer and posts every time he visits so that's where i'm getting the number from. i don't know how he can be the love of her life but incapable of doing the bare minimum, like bringing markers for her which he somehow managed to fuck up. she has to be dumber than she is delusional for her to not realise that he doesn't like or care about her. the man is putting his dirty shoes on her bed but she "doesn't mind" because he has a rod in his leg and walked gasp 3 miles!!! he's not a disabled old man with a cane luna, he's a 40something year old junkie.
lurch is tweeting 24/7 about baseball but hasn't mentioned luna once, not even in passing or by name. the tinfoil about him cheating doesn't even seem that outlandish anymore considering he's a drug dealer and it's not uncommon for women to fuck their dealers. i wouldn't be surprised if they broke up or had a massie argument when she gets back but i would be even less surprised if things went back to normal and nothing happened. i just want it to be over because even for luna standards she is so boring now.

No. 934847

He reaps too many benefits from her (housing/food/ebil dads money/whatever else) to break up with her, and she's too pathetic to ever leave him. She'll go back home and it'll go back to how it was. Rotting away in her drug hovel or going out shoplifting more crap for her hoarde)

No. 934849

To be fair, we don't have any proof that her father still financialy supports her. I think it's just government bucks, shoplifting, prostituition and nudes selling in a side account we haven't found yet.

No. 934850

yeah i can't see her ever leaving him. even if he was cheating and she found out she would turn a blind eye and pretend everything is great and its no big deal at all. she'll be with him til he kicks the bucket

No. 934857

agreed, in one of the previous threads sometime last year she said she had a call with her dad where they argued and i think thats the last time she mentioned him before she went to the hospital. she used to go to his apartment to smoke weed or some shit but we haven't seen that or any of ebil dad's house in a while, probably told her he wasn't giving her free shit and doesn't see a point in talking to him anymore.
not like it hasn't happened before,lurch was willing to become a slave for tessa kek. not surprising she never talked about it or acknowledged it.

No. 934860

File: 1717528529030.jpeg (836.79 KB, 1179x1774, IMG_4394.jpeg)

No. 934861

File: 1717528553695.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1179x1773, IMG_4395.jpeg)

No. 934862

File: 1717528906915.jpeg (454.76 KB, 1290x628, IMG_5741.jpeg)

Caption. Fuck she’s humongous

No. 934867

It’s harder to hide when she sits

No. 934868

How is she almost as wide as a 1/3rd of a hospital bed, I love when our emancipated queen exposes herself like this

No. 934875

you can tell she’s really feeling herself here, even though she is the size of a barn

No. 934876

her shelf hip looks so weird

No. 934878

jesus christ, WHY the fuck would anyone whos been in hospital for over a month and claimed they “could die” at one point give even a single iota of a fuck whether they feel attractive while admitted????

No. 934887

File: 1717535908414.jpeg (812.05 KB, 1179x1863, IMG_4396.jpeg)

No. 934888

kek she's really feeling herself today, apron gut on display through the cheap shein shorts. having them make her bed because she got it covered in crumbs and can't/won't shake it off herself but she can stomp around the unit while someone else does it for her. the nurses are probably more excited for her to gtfo than she is

No. 934892

Damn, looks like Luna’s mom dropped her some Xanax off

No. 934896

File: 1717541355803.jpg (213.44 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154752.j…)

No. 934897

File: 1717541396082.jpg (Spoiler Image,196.54 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154755.j…)

No. 934898

File: 1717541420705.jpg (277.11 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154800.j…)

No. 934899

File: 1717541444469.jpg (210.85 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154807.j…)

No. 934900

File: 1717541490060.jpg (207.39 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154803.j…)

No. 934901

File: 1717541526159.jpg (197.4 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154810.j…)

No. 934902

File: 1717541555107.jpg (204.84 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154814.j…)

No. 934903

File: 1717541578893.jpg (194.89 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154817.j…)

No. 934904

File: 1717541602378.jpg (341.56 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240604-154821.j…)

No. 934906

File: 1717541727725.jpg (309.45 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_46203bd11260953a2fa03d9…)

No. 934910

Absolutely disgusting

No. 934911

File: 1717542988835.jpeg (67.56 KB, 566x566, IMG_0273.jpeg)

omg the phantom eyelash + eyebrow kek

No. 934914

wtf is up with that hip???

No. 934915

Not the dead tooth again! It seriously looks like she only brushes her one front tooth kek

No. 934917

So much for “losing weight on hospital food”; this sow clearly hasn’t dropped an ounce.

No. 934919

Or maybe she really has, and that's why we're getting body shots. What did she look like before?!

No. 934920

Remember how she recently tried to whiten it, and it made her teeth hurt, and she had to get orajel.

No. 934926

Did lurch even bring her a toothbrush? Do we think she has even brushed her teeth while she has been there?

No. 934927

She hasn’t, unless — and I guess this could be a possibility — she gained weight since the last time she posted full body photos that gobsmacked me at how huge she is (last winter, maybe?), then lost THAT weight in the hospital and now is back to just regular humongous.

Good lord she’s massive.

No. 934928

>>regular humongous


No. 934929

She wants to larp blonde so bad, filtering and upping the contrast.

Beast, your hair is ORANGE.

No. 934937

File: 1717552111136.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1290x1226, IMG_5751.jpeg)

Does she think slapping slime on her greasy unwashed face multiple times a day makes up for not showering or something? She’s already wrecked but she’s fuck her skin up even more

No. 934939

File: 1717553128334.jpeg (Spoiler Image,474.74 KB, 785x588, IMG_7252.jpeg)

Excuse my Autism, but heres my contribution for next thread pic

No. 934940

Lol I’m dying to know who Matthew was texting. “I’m stuck in the hospital” what a piece of shit

No. 934947

made the last couple threads, would definitely use this pic if not for the fact that luna threads usually last a few months and it will probably be a new saga by next thread

No. 934948

kek did not mean to make this bold, did the site make some changes it should be spoilered

No. 934949

I wonder if the nurses took away her dead ass flowers

No. 934950

Fair enough nonna; i will save the piece and rework it closer to the post limit.

No. 934953

Tell me she's not making "content" in the hospital. How absolutely disgusting. And all these pictures she just posed are fucking awful. A true beast. She's high asf to be posting this shit.

No. 934954

wtf is that lump on her boob? Is that her nipple?

No. 934964

her propping up her cheap plastic fake prada bag in pics is so funny

No. 934970

Unclear, but her nipple is definitely on the floor. It looks like make up caked on her chest/neck from the straps of her shirt so maybe concealer? Or it’s just fat.

No. 934973

I thought it was her giant areola. The way she just let's her tits flop around like that in the hospital is pretty gross. I'll bet anyone who walks up on her gets a jumpscare.

No. 934977

i think her tank top is just WAY too tight for her fat boobs so it’s spilling out

No. 934989

Her head is tiny! I wish I could see how she envisions herself because it can't be based in reality

No. 934998


I’ve been looking for the chief meme far too long, any chance someone has it saved?

No. 935001

anon, this is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 20 minutes…someone has to have that golden Chief Areola meme

No. 935010

File: 1717612018516.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.81 KB, 720x1429, VideoCapture_20240605-112601.j…)

No. 935011

File: 1717612055492.jpg (205.78 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240605-112614.j…)

No. 935012

who told this bitch she looks good? she has so much crack confidence these last couple days. someone needs to fat shame her to bring her back down to reality

No. 935013

File: 1717613599985.jpg (286.7 KB, 1015x782, Disapprove.jpg)

Omfg… is she trying to fish for sw money from the hospital??

No. 935018

God her tits are so fucking long

No. 935022

Those aren't titties, they're udders.

No. 935023

Is she incapable of drawing anything other than a sad ugly girl in bed smoking a cigarette with meds?

No. 935024

Literally all she knows. She's never been anything and will never go anywhere.

No. 935029

File: 1717636425158.jpeg (41.54 KB, 513x499, IMG_3256.jpeg)

Her shirt makes me want to die it’s so fucking filthy! How can someone wear that and just be ok with it? Her stank is probably so goddamn ungodly and pungent. All while trying to sell nudes topped off with some loaf of bologna tits

No. 935035

Bologna loaves kek!! Too accurate anon

No. 935036

File: 1717640374419.jpg (717.03 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20240605_190713_Sam…)

No. 935043

All the anons who said this is the moment when she might get her shit together are really silent right now.

No. 935053

>>935010 hoooly shit shes so gross kek. the disgusting stained shirt and the way shes shoving her tits together with her gigantic arms so they dont flop all over the place, ew(sage your shit)

No. 935055

we just not gonna talk about that gross looking water?? i want to say luna knows better than to pee in a water bottle while in the hospital but…

No. 935057

pretty sure you're just seeing the table through the water, nonny. she's probably using flash.

No. 935058

i don't see how anyone can think she's going to ever get her shit together considering her past. people who rob graves and film themselves masturbating while talking on the phone to their dad don't usually lead meaningful productive lives.

No. 935063

I'm not sure but wasn't the call to her dad when she was using? Not trying to make excuses for her but there is a chance for junkies that have done horrible shit for drugs to turn their life around. Never say never when it comes to horrible people finding god and getting on the right track.

No. 935074

Yeah but those are pieces of shit because of drugs usually. Luna is a piece of shit with or without. Spoiled lazy and entitled. But hey anything is possible.

No. 935079

theyre so fucking naive its painful.
like. Luna is proof how strong social media addiction is, and its really not funny. couple that with her junkie ass ways and shes never getting better. EVER.
Like. she brought her lifestyle into the hospital, complains n all. She will never appreciate people, yet weirdly thinks Lunch actually loves her. Like at this point, we can safely say Lurch plays the role a bf to Luna. Like he stopped loving her years ago.(integrate)

No. 935088

File: 1717718105444.jpeg (598.97 KB, 750x1084, 81669DD6-DFA7-4D06-B22B-C7CF2E…)

No. 935090

clearly the stairs have a weight limit

No. 935093

File: 1717721927775.jpg (232.42 KB, 720x1421, VideoCapture_20240606-175807.j…)

No. 935094

File: 1717721965492.jpg (222.6 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20240606-175805.j…)

No. 935095

File: 1717721997843.jpg (213.79 KB, 720x1467, VideoCapture_20240606-175800.j…)

No. 935100

you can these she nists slathers herself in that "skincare" shit. didn't even take a fucking bath.

No. 935105

She's trying really hard to fit that arm into frame

No. 935108

i’ve been sitting here through this hospital saga wondering why tf exactly she wants to leave the hospital so badly and why she thinks sitting at home all day is any better than being in a hospital bed all day, on taxpayer dime. then i remembered she’s a junkie and can’t pop 15 xans if she’s surrounded by doctors lmao.

No. 935109

>wondering why tf she wants to leave the hospital so badly
are you retarded? nobody likes staying at the hospital, even if they would be stagnating in a bed in the exact same way at their house. you would have to live in like a literal cave to prefer the fucking hospital to your home

No. 935114

are you retarded? Luna's living conditions were abhorrent. as much as she likes to larp as a ~junkie princess trauma angel~ she has also complained consistently about things being small, dirty, ghetto, etc. She is most likely loving having people change her bedding and serve her food and dote over her (however begrudgingly; bless those nurses)

No. 935122

Even if someone lives in a small, run down home, I would imagine that most of those people would prefer being out of the hospital. The hospital sucks, she’s confined to her room pretty much all day, has none of her stuff, and is alone. Staying in a hospital for two months would have the majority of ppl ready to leave unless they are literally homeless or dealing with domestic violence at home. And she desperately wants her drugs.

No. 935123

How is she confined to her room when she’s doing laps around the unit? And she has her disgusting smelly plushies, skin goop, plastic nails and crayons. Her bed is clean and she has nurses waiting on her hand and foot. She’s even “making content” which is her version of working. A normal person would want to go home because the hospital sucks compared to home, but in tunas case it’s like a vacation from her disgusting grim reality. She only wants to get out because she can’t get high as fuck and piss her cat off

No. 935127

i don’t even think she necessarily wants to get out. this is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to her and you can tell she’s eating it up (along with everything else kek). she loves the hospital aesthetic, she loves having iv’s to show off, she loves free shit, she loves the excuse to remain sedentary, she loves people coddling her and paying attention to her and bringing her food and waiting on her hand and foot. this is what she’s always dreamed of, what she’s aspired to. but she knows she has to pretend to hate it, and it gives her something else to complain and fish for pity about. plus she does miss lurch’s useless ass for some reason, and being able to get high and shoplift. has she mentioned her neglected beloved cat even once? hope it escaped.

No. 935133

File: 1717772664145.jpg (158.68 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20240607-080356.j…)

No. 935134

kek i know those types of shirts and leggings are like all she owns but it's so funny that she gets dressed up like she's going to workout when in reality she'll maybe get 1k steps in and call it a day

No. 935135

That's quite generous, it looked like she couldn't even get to the shower during most of her stay in the hospital so her stepcount could be closer to 0

No. 935136

Haiti should brace itself for another earthquake

No. 935137

I bet her smell lingers like trail behind her, kek

No. 935138

Imagine being in the hospital and you're trying to do your walkies in the hall like a good patient because you just had surgery or something and this fat, smelly junkie waddles past you and you just gag from the stench

No. 935152

It'd be interesting if the hospital experience put her on a munchausen saga. She larped herself into a druggie lifestyle, now for something new…

No. 935155

File: 1717782666729.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1290x2110, IMG_5811.jpeg)

Holyyyy cankles! Her skin is purple! That’s gotta be uncomfortable as fuck.

No. 935156

I've yet to see pantylines in any of these full body shots. I'm pretty convinced she is not wearing any. Gross. I bet the stench coming from her is even worse.

No. 935161

I'm beginning to wonder if she's being a menace to the nurses on purpose at this point. Keeps going on the stairs, where she's not allowed and she knows it, soiled her bed with crumbs and made someone change it instead of doing it herself, getting a wheelchair ride back to her room. etc. What a fucking hulking slob of a human.

No. 935162

>8 days left
Is it common for hospital stays to be like this? I've never been in hospital for something serious, but do they really tell you 'you've got 8 days and then we're cutting you loose regardless'?

I'd assume that she was in there until she was better? What happened with the surgery she totally needed? Is this some set-length rehab that she's lying about?

Is she bed blocking? Idk if it's common in the US, but in the UK you get assholes like Luna who refuse to leave their beds and have to be removed by staff.

No. 935163

I think she's so attention starved and borderline, she has an unhealthy attachment to the nurses at this point. Every time they show her sympathy she loves them, any time she pisses them off they're being unreasonable. She probably is doing potentially harmful shit in front of the nurses hoping they'd come and stop her like the giant toddler she is.

No. 935165

they may have told her she has eight days of antibiotics left, and then she can go home. i think the only reason she’s even still in there right now is that they don’t trust her to finish a full course of antibiotics without supervision, and they definitely don’t trust her not to fuck with her IV. friendly reminder that us burgerfags are footing the bill for every penny of this.

No. 935179

yeah, insurance (Medicaid, the public insurance for poors for her almost certainly) limits how long you can stay in a hospital—she likely has to get out the day after the course of antibiotics finishes
then she’ll go back to the squalor box and get reinfected

No. 935186

File: 1717807518301.jpg (191.85 KB, 720x1478, VideoCapture_20240607-164636.j…)

No. 935187

File: 1717807540584.jpg (275.17 KB, 720x1464, VideoCapture_20240607-164638.j…)

No. 935188

File: 1717807595880.jpg (297.71 KB, 720x1450, VideoCapture_20240607-164643.j…)

No. 935189

File: 1717807655135.jpg (228.03 KB, 714x1440, VideoCapture_20240607-164647.j…)

No. 935190

Lurch on notice I guess.

No. 935191

File: 1717809974867.webm (1.89 MB, 720x1428, XRecorder_07062024_174902_1.we…)

No. 935192

This is so fucking bad lol. Children have a better concept of anatomy. One arm coming out of the collarbone, other arm dislocated from the socket.

No. 935211

Imagine seeing this hambeast prance around the hospital as if they're hot shit with their contorted facial posing while they film themselves. Gross.

No. 935212

if only. i suspect once the excitement of being home wears off and she realizes lurch isn't going to care about cleaning the crumbs out of their bed or tending to her like the nurses did she'll probably end up feeling depressed, but since she refuses to accept that he's completely worthless she'll likely assign the blame for those feelings onto something else. considering he saw no problem propping his disgusting shoe onto her hospital bed i suspect he isn't terribly concerned over her suffering another infection.

No. 935213

Omg wait what about poor pumpkin… theres been zero updates this whole time.

No. 935218

I'd thought the same thing about a month ago, and yikes still no mention of Pumpkin. Not even that the cat exists or that Tuna misses them. That's… I'm not sure what to call it but I wouldn't be shocked if the cat is gone when Tuna returns home.

Also, unrelated, but I cannot WAIT for shit to hit the fan with "A" and whoever else Lurch has been texting. As nightmare fuel as it is, I wouldn't put it past him to mess around even with her mum.

No. 935219

she's expressed more sadness about the hospital food than she has about missing pumpkin. she took terrible care of pumpkin before she was hospitalized and she'll likely do even less when she gets home because now she has the excuse of being too weak to do anything. she's always treated pumpkin more like an accessory than a pet.

No. 935220

Shit won't hit the fan. Don't forget that her response to the Tessa saga was "Teehee he was just joking." Unless she gets a new beau lined up, Luna is too much or a codependent BPD retard to not forgive Lurch for anything he puts her through.

>!My personal tinfoil is that her foray into sex work is partially a way for her to convince herself that A) Lurch thirsting over women online or even cheating on her is nbd because it's not "real" and B) she's definitely super sexy even though her fiance is constantly trying to fuck anyone other than her.!<

No. 935222

Yeah you're right. Her mental gymnastics is as close to exercise as this cow will ever get.

No. 935229

File: 1717879443684.jpg (183.63 KB, 720x1401, VideoCapture_20240608-134324.j…)

No. 935230

File: 1717879499612.jpg (213.64 KB, 719x1426, VideoCapture_20240608-134327.j…)

No. 935233

Why is each half of her face so mismatched

No. 935234

Sometimes I wonder if she thinks she will die if she wears clean clothes. That top looks like Lurch used it as a cumrack.

No. 935240

jesus fucking christ she looks so bad kek. she looks like a corpse on display for a funeral but if the mortican that did her makeup was retarded, blind and on drugs.

No. 935241

When she suddenly develops a full upper lip, you know the filters are working overtime.

No. 935242

No one should EVER eat Fruit Roll Ups - they are just sugar and preservatives, but I bet she powers through the entire box before the day is over. Gross.

No. 935253

File: 1717890382611.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.75 KB, 220x285, Preserved_body_of_Maria_Elena_…)

fucking uncanny (it’s elena milagro de hoyos, a literal preserved corpse)(wtf is wrong with you)

No. 935255

File: 1717894777416.jpg (1.15 MB, 1076x2624, Screenshot_20240608_205855.jpg)

No. 935256

File: 1717895157375.jpg (774.12 KB, 1079x1664, Screenshot_20240608_193755_Sam…)

>asks for weight loss meds
>eats 35 fruit roll ups in one night
(assuming she actually split the box with lurch. I don't think he was actually there bc she always documents him. But I KNOW that box will be gone in 24 hours.) She's so funny. If she were to ever actually lose a decent amount of weight, she'd have tons of loose skin, which will make her feel even more ugly than her fatness does.

No. 935257

um……….all you had to do was close the curtains

No. 935258

File: 1717896257656.jpg (200 KB, 720x1449, VideoCapture_20240608-182324.j…)

No. 935259

File: 1717896301091.jpg (229 KB, 720x1432, VideoCapture_20240608-182329.j…)

No. 935260

>begs for weight loss meds from doctor
>consumes 1,800 calories of sugar

No. 935261

this is literally just a post full of excuses for while she’s fat. it’s not that hard. calories in < calories out. you technically don’t have to exercise at all to lose fat, just eat less than your TDEE. and it’s the same for everyone. at this point, i really think she’s clinically retarded. and goddamn she’s so lazy.

No. 935262

I know Tuna is dreaming of getting Ozempic, but unless she is diabetic (or at least insulin-resistant) even if she gets a doctor to prescribe it she will never be able to afford it. That stuff runs $1,000 for a month’s supply if you’re using it strictly for weight loss.

No. 935263

Medicaid doesn't cover Ozempic for off label use, but she might be able to get Wegovy.

No. 935264

doesn't ozempic merely curb your hunger cues? meaning you could binge regardless and still be fat. it's such a stupid drug

No. 935266

This. She wants sympathy and a magic pill.

Food poverty is a real thing. I feel a lot of sympathy for those who grew up poor and don't realise fries and nuggies aren't real food. HOWEVER Luna's not one of those people. Even the stupidest backwater retard knows you shouldn't be eating boxes of candy for meals. Her problem has always been her sweet tooth and lack of self discipline, there's no pill to fix that.

Even if she got ozempic, she'd stop taking it after it made her feel bad. High sugar diets + ozempic = agony. Not to mention that you can "eat through" ozempic and continue to gain weight if you're dedicated enough.

No. 935273

no. wegovy is in the same category. insurance companoes are cracking down on fatties using this shit for weight loss when its for diabetics.

No. 935274

> Her problem has always been her sweet tooth and lack of self discipline, there's no pill to fix that.

THIS. Tuna lives in one of the most walkable areas in the country, all she needs to do is move her ass a few hours a day (not even all at once!), not pound down so much processed sugar and drink some water and she’d be a normal size. But that would require a bit a discipline.

As I understand it, semaglutides (Ozempic, etc.) are very effective for diabetes and diabetic-related conditions, but the medical field is still not sure of all the effects it has on the human system. It is unhinged to inject this stuff into an otherwise healthy body just to lose weight - but let’s face it, Tuna is an apex moron who embraced heroin addiction for the aesthetic so there is zero chance she won’t take a magic shot if she thinks it will make her skinny.

No. 935275

With the way she eats I’m surprised she doesn’t have diabetes lol. I mean re: eating an entire box of fruit roll ups. Or “half” as she claims. That’s still insane. I looked up the nutritional facts and each roll is 7 grams of sugar. Half that box is 252 grams and daily recommended intake is at max 25 grams.

No. 935278

>Food poverty is a real thing. I feel a lot of sympathy for those who grew up poor and don't realise fries and nuggies aren't real food. HOWEVER Luna's not one of those people. Even the stupidest backwater retard knows you shouldn't be eating boxes of candy for meals. Her problem has always been her sweet tooth and lack of self discipline, there's no pill to fix that.
how do you "feel a lot of sympathy" and then call them stupid in the same paragraph? kill yourself(infighting)

No. 935281

ozempic makes people puke and gives them diarhhea. it also makes you nauseous all the time and fill up really easily. you could technically binge on it but you'd probably feel awful and maybe puke and/or shit your pants.

No. 935283

all tuna needs to do to walk for 30 mins a day. with no extra sweets. its never gonna happen because her diet is completely fucked. and her friend is her phone.
like fucking seriously who gets happy over a box of fruit roll ups??? if she gonna be too insecure to be at an actual sit in restaurant, why not grab some real food from the deli section???

No. 935286

>Tuna lives in one of the most walkable areas in the country
she doesn't live in NYC, she lives in a slummy suburb just outside the city. walking is great but she really doesn't need to lift a finger to lose weight. she just needs to stop lifting cakes into her open maw

No. 935287

true on all accounts but she’d be much better off if she would WALK her fat ass to public transport instead of begging for money to take taxis a few blocks. at her size, every little bit helps.

No. 935290

i don't think we know the location of this hovel now, but all the other places she lived we knew the address of and people would look up stuff around her, and she was always in areas where she could walk to cvs, dollar tree, and grocery stores/bodegas. she just chooses not to walk to those places and has denied being near them although google maps proved her wrong. just like how she can't be honest about how she lost weight before.
>unintentionally lost weight because we couldn't afford food
well she could certainly afford to shoot herself up with heroin at all times and even dabble in crack. at her lowest weight she lost weight because she was abusing drugs, not because she was some starving ana waif. she just prioritized her high at the time. i don't know how she thinks she can rewrite her history and victimize herself so much when lolcow dot farm remembers.

No. 935292

With all the blood work Tuna’s had done during her hospital stay, they’d know if she had high blood sugar and would be giving her insulin to control it. And you KNOW she would have mentioned that for sympathy points so I’m guessing it’s not the case.

If she does get a referral, the doctor will probably prescribe her phentermine or something like that and we’ll get speedy Tuna for a while, but at least maybe that will get her moving a little.

No. 935293

Holy shit, did she draw the thumbs the right way round or am I seeing things?
>i spoke to the doctor here about how to get on weight loss medication
>also will be getting exercise doing outpatient physical therapy
She's going to get even fatter, isn't she.

No. 935296

Food is another addiction of hers and she will never reach a normal weight as long as she doesn't address the reasons why she's an addict. The second she gets on a weight loss drug and it does it's job in keeping her from eating garbage her other addictions will take over again. Asking for a weight loss drug instead of a nutritionist/dietitian is typical junkie behavior and I expect nothing less from her. It's never healthy habits and behaviors that she uses to improve her life, always something to consume.

No. 935299

File: 1717957091249.jpeg (824.8 KB, 1179x1784, IMG_0684.jpeg)

It is slightly warmer than room temperature…

No. 935309

File: 1717967578851.jpg (228.04 KB, 720x1410, VideoCapture_20240609-141211.j…)

No. 935321

File: 1717974832672.jpg (165.84 KB, 720x1421, VideoCapture_20240609-161244.j…)

No. 935332

Jesus christ Tuba they're just doing routine testing on your heart because you are morbidly obese and on heavy abx that can have side effects, but grateful for your free medical care you sow. She's really getting out of pocket with the complaints coming to the end of her hospital stay. Can't wait for her to go back to her pig pen already and stop taking up a bed.

No. 935333

this retard literally has no clie how this works. and instead of asking she complains online

No. 935335

I would be so embarrassed to take a selfie of myself holding a bunch of stuffed animals while a hospital worker is making my bed and definitely noticing what I’m doing.

No. 935337

all she has to do is stop eating processed sugary shit and the pounds would melt off. if she really was starving, she wouldn't be so fat. even when she was "skinny" she was overweight but was shooting up more than she was eating. maybe running away from staff or security guards during one of her shoplifting sprees would do her some good so she'd get some cardio.
her standards are so low she's actually praising him for bringing her fruit roll ups. i know this is a zoomer phrase but "the bar is in hell" has never applied more to a person than it does for her. also kek at how she's been mentioning him more ever since anons pointed out how he's barely visited her throughout the whole hospital stay.

No. 935351

File: 1718029840937.jpeg (1.66 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3801.jpeg)

I’ve never been so excited in my life holy shit. it’s for sure him he looks the exact same everytime. He’s a Mamaroneck fixture.

No. 935352

holy shit anon this is so funny… not a care in the world just him and the sidewalk… can walk around town but can't visit tuna

No. 935355

omg! can you tell what he was doing? is the methadone clinic nearby? i just google mapped around this area and it’s pretty walkable, with so much public transit, including into NYC proper. luna has NO excuse to beg for taxi money or to be as fat as she is.

No. 935356

I think he was going to the library to bum WiFi it’s right around the corner

No. 935357

Huh, I wonder if that’s the boutique she stole all the jewelry from.

No. 935359

kekkk nona this is like a bigfoot sighting

No. 935364

Awwwww shit.. that rod in his leg sure doesn't stop him from going everywhere else.

No. 935375

I was cacklin to begin with about how he's just hobbling along, and then cackling harder when I noticed the Siren boutique in the background, where tuna was stealing all that shit from around Christmas time (jewelry, those stupid fur gloves)

No. 935399

does he look 6'3ft tall like tuna claims? also omg seeing a cow on the wild must be something else kekk

No. 935400

Why would he need to bum wifi? They have it at the hovel. Unless luna was taking all of those selfies at home and the going to the library to upload them every couple of hours

No. 935408

lots of people with smartphones still use the library for the computer

No. 935409

File: 1718077183018.jpg (165.11 KB, 720x1420, VideoCapture_20240610-203916.j…)

No. 935411

I've gasped at this thread every time I come to it. It's best experienced only once every two months. Incredible.

No. 935415

Nah, I was in the hospital and they did some blood work, I only looked up the results at home and found out I have pre diabetes. They never said anything there about it.(blogposting)

No. 935425

she says this now but once she goes home and the constant attention is gone and she has to rely on useless lurch for assistance i predict she'll become depressed. at least in the hospital she doesn't have to share a bathroom with as many people and has clean bedding. if i were her i'd never want to leave. can't wait for her to start complaining about how much she hates any free outpatient treatment she's going to receive.

No. 935431

Yeah and they don't have computers/laptop at the hole. Tuna used to have a laptop but she probably traded it for drugs together with the switch

No. 935461

she was depressed before being admitted, and she will still be depressed upon discharge. shes too retarded to understand that though.

No. 935474

Luna's probably the only one with a data plan. Lurch doesn't have mommy or daddy around to pay for his phone plan and I don't see him paying for it himself

No. 935475

>she has to rely on useless lurch for assistance
Looking forward to this. Karma for their treatment of roger. If Lurch didn't care about his own father, I seriously doubt he's going to care about Luna. I hope she gets bedsores just like Roger did.

No. 935481

Ppl who receive food stamps or Medicaid also qualify for free phones which include a lot of data, or maybe even unlimited (unsure–I know during Covid, it became unlimited data.) I'm sure he has one of those phones.

No. 935483

Okay codebinky@gmail.com who also lives in nyc

No. 935491

Uh,oops. I do live in NYC. So do a lot of people. Never posted here before, but have been following this story for years. I do, in fact, have inside knowledge of this story, but am not Lurch or Luna. Wouldn't you like to know…. evil laugh. But, truly, I reckon he's got one of them free phones.(sage your shit)

No. 935492

Read the rules and lurk a little while before posting.

No. 935496

File: 1718189638954.jpeg (968.88 KB, 1179x1633, IMG_4540.jpeg)

No. 935497

File: 1718189699744.jpeg (737.17 KB, 1179x1463, IMG_4539.jpeg)

No. 935502

File: 1718195728667.jpg (206.47 KB, 720x1445, VideoCapture_20240612-053509.j…)

No. 935528

My personal tinfoil about this hospital stay is that she contracted some nasty infection from taking baths instead of showers in the shared bathtub at her accommodation.

No. 935531

I'm stanning kidney infection with poor history of self care until I see proof otherwise.

No. 935533

She doesn't need assistance. She's walking normal. And shes going to go home and spend 90% of her time in bed anyways, like usual. I'll bet lurch is praying another complication comes up and she needs to stay longer. He can't stand her.

No. 935537

I can't wait to see what she'll do with her newfound freedom once she's home. All the things she's been wanting to do but couldn't.

No. 935539

No. 935544

she has so much shoplifting to catch up on

No. 935545

Days as long as that cleavage, poor Tuna. Life's so hard when you're not high off your ass 24/7.
I'm sticking with 'drug use complications' until we know otherwise, although her crack den is so disgusting that she could have gotten an infection just from lying in bed.

No. 935556

I'm dead! Lurch has his own paparazzi. This was too wholesome, anon. Best thing I've seen in days. KEK.

No. 935562

yeah i’m torn between drug complication or kidney infection from being fucking filthy. xylazine causes bone infections…

No. 935563

It genuinely is sad that she has been given a free hospital stay in lieu of rehab, and she doesn't even ackowledge how helpful it has been to be away from her crack den or her shit bf. She has been removed from her habitual existance, and it has cost her nothing but time she was already wasting.
Instead of leaning into this oppurtunity to change course, she is just going to fall right back in to the rut that made her ill to begin with. Once a cow always a cow.
I wonder if the doctors acknowledged her drug abuse and offered rehab.
** for the record, not wk'n her at all.

No. 935566

Honestly I couldn’t tell I mean he’s not ridiculously tall or anything and it was surreal like seeing Bigfoot like another anon said. Long swanging arms like an ape. I forgot to mention though when he passed me I saw his eyes from the side and they were wideeeeeee open like he was tweaking. It creeped me tf out.

No. 935567

he's always tweaking these days hes got an adderall script. wouldn't be surprised if he was using street speed too…

No. 935568

must’ve seen a big areola >>935036

No. 935588

>mentally thick, physically sick

No. 935593

she never once show appriciation for the hospital staff for saving her life. nope, its just been complains and retarded selfies. shes such a selfish person

No. 935596

File: 1718276075312.jpg (206.92 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20240613-035345.j…)

No. 935597

File: 1718276306767.jpg (220.54 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20240613-035349.j…)

I can't believe she posted his face and badge… I put the stickers to cover his identity.

No. 935598

File: 1718276358170.jpg (259.31 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20240613-035353.j…)

No. 935599

File: 1718276406144.jpg (213.85 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20240613-035359.j…)

No. 935600

>tag says environmental service
hes the fucking janitor you ungrateful cunt. this beached whale is complaining in a hospital of staff having the audacity to sit in a chair that happens to be near her. theyre tired tuna, leave them alone.
>some weird dude sits next to me
youre ugly and fat and a druggie tuna. he doesnt give a shit who you are, and its not his fault you have shitty communication skills.

No. 935601

She must think that literally every man who is ever in her presence wants to fuck her. She is such a narcissist.

No. 935603

This. She’s ugly through and through. Nasty mean cunt. Can’t believe some people can feel sorry for her. Everybody would find her disgusting even if she wouldn’t be the ugliest bitch everywhere she goes.

She’s so delusional thinking anybody would find her attractive. It’s her luck some people aren’t as rotten as her inside, otherwise no one would sit next to her ever

No. 935604

Hey Luna:
If any man acts „nice“ around you there’s only one reason for it and it’s not sexual attraction. They feel sorry for you and repulsed at the same time. Like some people would feel when they meet an extremely disabled or really slow person. They experience second hand embarrassment and act against their physical repugnance because they don’t want to be seen/ feel as mean

No. 935606

Oh god I thought she meant some sketchy patient but it's someone who actually works there. I'm sure he's just doing his job.

No. 935607

This is like one of those HP Lovecraft stories where there's impossible angles and proportions. What an unfortunate figure.

No. 935608

i'm sure he wasn't pleased with your stinky fat presence either tuna. she has a lot of nerve to call some random hospital worker a weirdo for taking his break next to her meanwhile she's an obese crackhead wandering around the hospital with her sandbag tits out making "content"

No. 935610

They should send her the bill… ungrateful fucking beast.

No. 935613

THIS is the "weird dude"!? God she's retarded. And I was thinking it was some legit deranged random who took the seat DIRECTLY next to her. Nope. She's so sheltered and self absorbed lmao. She's so nasty all around. God forbid an employee sits and rests their legs after WORKING all day. She wouldn't understand.

No. 935614

I kno nobody cares but
Tuna will not lose weight or gain muscle
She doesn’t have the means to cook what healthy is to her (aka she’s too lazy/dumb to find healthy alternatives that are accessible to her)
All she eats is shit or nothing, her body is either high insulin from the candy (that’s why she’s so food addicted cus it’s her cope) or low mood low insulin from not eating anything. I bet her gut doesn’t even remember fiber or vitamins
Even if she will work out she won’t have the energy to, a workout partner for a while may be helpful in her case
this dumbass needs to learn that Pilates you just do on the floor and you should eat like small healthy meals that’s all self love is ffs
She like wouldt even fucking need weights she’s so long she will have a hard time stemming those upper hamstrings from the floor
If she would clean the fucking carpet She may be able to work out on it
I love Tuna she’s retarded but it’s really not as hard as she thinks(learn2integrate)

No. 935622

File: 1718301156461.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1290x1680, IMG_5964.jpeg)

No. 935624

Oh my god. She looks like Grimace from McDonald's here. I've never seen her look so hulking and giant here. She looks like a deluded character straight from a Aronofsky movie (no, not the pretty, thin characters she's thinking of, more like the characters played by Brandon Fraiser, Ellen Burstyn , etc.)

No. 935628

>Pilates you just do on the floor
Have you forgotten the state of her floor Nonny?

No. 935630

kek at her tit literally falling out the side

No. 935631

>I'm pain quite a bit
Definitely fishing for a good pain med script when she leaves. If she doesn't get one I wonder if we'll hear about the "ebil doc who didn't even care!"

No. 935634

i get the feeling she'll use the pain and the stairs as an excuse to not leave her house for a while and just sit in bed high on xans and whatever else for the next few weeks/months. not that she needs an excuse for that considering thats all she's done for the past 10 years of her life anyway but she'll definitely be mentioning it

No. 935635

Tuna is definitely happy as a pig in shit deep down because now because of how much pain she's in recovering (according to her), she can't do anything except lay in bed all day and eat candy. she does that anyhow but that will be the new excuse.

No. 935636

"I keep attracting weird creepy men to me because i'm just so alluring and ethereal, what an inconvenience for me!"

meanwhile it's a staff member just sitting on the seat furthest away from her just chilling on his phone lmao and she thinks it's so fascinating and funny that she has to take a picture of him to post

No. 935639

Nursing staff is probably going to be thrilled she is gone

No. 935644

Kek she really thinks she's hot shit as if she isn't skinwalking Grimace. Luna that man smelled you before he knew you were seated there. He just took his chances and chose the safest option of getting the farthest away seat to get a few minutes of respite from his JOB. He's showing all the classic signs of "please don't interact with me" as she sits there looking like a melted ice cream cone wearing the same pair of underwear she was admitted in.

No. 935645

File: 1718318518930.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.54 KB, 1456x710, VideoCapture_20240613-154053.j…)

No. 935646

File: 1718318551425.jpg (253.02 KB, 1451x720, VideoCapture_20240613-154056.j…)

No. 935649

Imagine that the nursing staff found this page and seen she's trying to record "sw" while being admitted. She's so gross.
She's going to spiral once she's out. She's felt like an important person since being in the hospital. Making herself a victim of her terrible terrible infection. Broadcsting how shes vewy scared, lonely, and how she keeps getting bothered by other patients, MRIs, and ekgs. And then she goes back to her regular old life, rotting away in her hovel, no real social interaction, and absolutely no one who gives a shit (well earned, her own doings), and nothing to talk about.

No. 935650

lol. holy fuck what a pig

No. 935651

File: 1718322336567.jpg (31.89 KB, 377x314, VideoCapture_20240613-154056.j…)


No. 935652

That's even worse than some 80 year olds look after hospital

No. 935654

The state of that bra and jugs. Gross. She probably made a lot of "spicy content" for selling. Gross gross. I lowkey though wish she was 50% less lazy and opened an only fans. I can only imagine what it would have. kek.

No. 935658

Luna thinking she's vulnerable coquette teenager who's going to be assaulted by the hospital janitor, when she's over 300lbs and nearly 30 is the funniest shit lmao

jfc she could probably tie her tits in a bow

No. 935670

it’s ironic that she calls him creepy because this is SO FUCKING CREEPY. holy shit i hate this stupid fucking entitled slob. reminder that any burgerfags paying federal taxes (so all of us with a job) are funding this retarded cow’s hospital stay and whole life. goddammit i want to a-log!

No. 935697

I can’t wait for the thrilling minute to minute coverage of her being discharged from the hospital later. If she doesn’t change that shirt the second she gets home, after laying around a hospital for over a month, I will absolutely consider Luna the most disgusting person on the planet. She thinks her tits look so good in it so I’m doubtful.

No. 935699

I'm sure the hospital staff is "so tired" of monitoring the parameters on an unwashed and ungrateful patient with huge misshapen overarms as well, but if she'd rather die of undiscovered sepsis I guess it's her prerogative

No. 935720

We'll see a single snapchat of her saying "YAY I'M GOING HOME!!" then a picture of pumpkin in bed with the caption "I misses my daughter" then she'll go radio silent for a week because she'll be too busy getting high and eating sweet and rotting in bed

No. 935728

File: 1718391488264.jpg (296.11 KB, 720x1444, VideoCapture_20240614-115524.j…)

No. 935744

So many scrotey posts in here. Yes Luna is being dramatic but men will rape animals, children, disabled people, the elderly, and yes fat junkies. Feeling uncomfortable about a strange man in her space is probably one of the few rational responses to her environment Tuna has left. Being assaulted is not a compliment.(derailing/scrotefoiling)

No. 935746

File: 1718402956300.jpeg (504.91 KB, 1179x846, IMG_4595.jpeg)

No. 935747

File: 1718403010279.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1179x1795, IMG_4596.jpeg)

No. 935748

really curious how all this talk and discussion really panned out. because any doctor worth their salt would take one look at her and want to have stay for more observation.
like bitch you smell and barely took showers

No. 935753

>a strange man in her space
a hospital employee sitting a few seats away in a public seating area
go back

No. 935756

She's so fucking dense, anyone who gives even the slightest damn about their health would follow their doctor's advice and stay ONE more day just to make sure everything is in check. All Tuna ever did for a entire month was bitch, moan and complain about everything, it's not like she paid out of pocket for any medical treatment. Literally the only reason why she'd wanna go back to her disgusting hovel is to do drugs and go shoplifting.

No. 935757

File: 1718411417163.jpeg (601.6 KB, 828x1423, IMG_7391.jpeg)

>”my last fuck you”
She’ll end up back there in no time by fucking up the aftercare or her general diseased state catching up to her

No. 935760

>worst hospital
they saved your life, you stupid bitch. i’ve never seen a more ungrateful cow HOLY SHIT. try not to a-log try not to a-log

No. 935761

Genuinely ungrateful and miserable. I bet the farm she will be back in a few weeks. Especially considering her lack of hygiene

No. 935763

File: 1718415223125.jpg (206.2 KB, 720x1442, VideoCapture_20240614-183256.j…)

No. 935764

File: 1718415280061.jpg (167.72 KB, 720x1447, VideoCapture_20240614-183300.j…)

No. 935765

>ran tests to make sure she was getting the best treatment for her condition, set her up with a PT, kept her long enough to be certain she was getting better and wanted to keep her longer to be sure
>assuming no cost to her because medicaid
>likely saved her life
>the food was bad, nurses caught on to her being lazy and rude, had to be roomed with another person like most other patients, they made her ugly retarded boyfriend go to the pharmacy two times
>worst hospital ever
I will be shocked if she doesn’t get worse, it doesn’t seem like the infection is gone and I’ll bet between benzos making her black out and forget her not fun meds and the hovel she will be back to square one

No. 935766

This is EMBARASSINGLY immature. She acts like this was a nightmare traumatizing experience. When in reality it was far from it. Someone called her out for not changing clothes for weeks? The food was icky yucky? She was bothered by nurses doing their jobs, taking vitals, and making sure the heifer wasn't gonna die under their care? She's fucking stupid. Hope she has fun being a loser slob with no life back in her hovel.
>getting up the stairs was terrifying
Is it because you're 300 lbs, live off candy, fruit rollups, and fast food and barely move?

No. 935773

File: 1718418782168.jpg (791.85 KB, 1079x1813, Screenshot_20240614_213033_Sam…)

Dude is a jumpscare. It's funny how she can never get a normal pic of him it's always some creepy looking candid shot. Also peep her aftercare supplies just thrown all over the bed. This will end well.

No. 935775

He looks pleased

No. 935777

The crumbs on her skin. The foul blue stained lips. Wretched.
That better not be a Gatorade pee jug in the corner

No. 935779

She always manages to surprise me again and again how immature she can be about this situation. >>935765 put it well.

No. 935784

Ew, his fucking fly is down.
Also, seeing how she’s “finally home!! uwu” I wonder how long it’ll take for the an hero splurge to start up again.

No. 935786

KEKK hes so ugly(sage your shit)

No. 935788

That… looks like a hospital blanket. Did they fucking steal a nasty ass hospital blanket? That's so gross

No. 935793

imagine being in the hospital for 2 months living off hospital food and sometimes fast food and the first thing you eat when you get back home is a fucking ring pop

No. 935797

She should up her attention seeking game and get into reality TV.
>my 600lb can of tuna
>over 9000 days fiancee

No. 935798

Ugh… That whole scene looks like the beginning of a horror movie… And that poor cat. People who can’t even take care of themselves shouldn’t be allowed to have pets (or even children! Thank god they’re both always so doped up they won’t have sex and get her pregnant anytime soon… Hopefully)

No. 935800

She was trying to get people interested in lewds again while she was in hospital, anon. "hmu for content" or some shit while she was flapping her deflated balloons about. This is her trying to be alluring.

No. 935805

Right, I just wanted to say this. What a selfish and ungrateful moron Looney is.

No. 935808

File: 1718447715733.jpg (197.05 KB, 720x1438, VideoCapture_20240615-033407.j…)

No. 935809

Lets take bets on how quickly she returns to the hospital of hell!
I bet 2 months.

No. 935816

I'm the anon that guesses she was either at Montefiore or Lincoln….. really wish she was at the latter.

She would've been amongst peers and really had a reason to bitch and moan.(sage your shit)

No. 935818

my guess is that she frequently pulls out her phone all the time for a pic like a surprise so that’s probably why he looks a little annoyed

No. 935819

while she was lying in her hospital bed getting pumped full of antibiotics, showing off her tits, consulting her doctor about weight loss medication, and having nurses change her sheets because she left crumbs all over the place after eating junk food there were people in this country who suffered and died because they couldn't afford the same kind of treatment she didn't pay a cent for. it's clear that being hospitalized for two months didn't inspire so much as an ounce of humility or self-reflection within her because she is incapable of experiencing anything beyond her constant desire to hoard and consume. the next time this happens (and there will be a next time since she sees nothing wrong with her behavior, hygiene, and environment) she will complain endlessly all over again. her massive sense of entitlement and complete lack of shame won't allow her to see how fortunate she's been for someone in her self-inflicted circumstances but eventually that dumb luck will run out.

No. 935822

9000 Day Fiance got me no good rn, thanks for the hearty kek nona

No. 935824

I hear you, I (naively) was waiting for her to express just a crumb of gratitude during this whole ordeal but no, she literally treated the nurses as her personal waitstaff and complained day in and day out about the most inconsequential shit… this woman has a rotten, unevolved soul and is destined to be a mouth-breathing, life-sucking parasite for the rest of her short time on this Earth. And when she dies after living this pathetic life of stealing and mistreating others no one will be at her funeral because there won’t be one… she’ll probably perish in a state run institution all by herself without family or friends, still complaining about the staff and the food and drawing the same sad doodles… no one will miss her, or have any heartwarming stories to share, she’ll be just another (obese) body in the incinerator.

She is NOT lucky at the end of the day. She is just biding time until the inevitable…

May she be reincarnated as a house fly for a million lifestyles, forever circling literal shit and being squashed by others. It is what she deserves

No. 935827

File: 1718475061883.jpeg (839.99 KB, 1290x931, IMG_5999.jpeg)

No. 935830

Oh fuck off Luna.

Also “I would not commend that hospital” KEK she’s so stupid and she doesn’t even know it(sage your shit)

No. 935831

she was a heroin user for years yet acts scandalized that doctors are hesitant to prescribe pain killers because of people exactly like her. nowadays it's not uncommon for patients to have surgery and get sent home with no pain relief whatsoever.

No. 935832

if the infection is gone (which it must be if she’s done with antibiotics, otherwise they’d have kept her on them), then why would she be in so much pain? from her poor skeleton and nonexistent muscles having to support her enormous mass, maybe? why the fuck would a hospital send a junkie home with pain meds just because she’s so fat it hurts?

No. 935835

this is what's so confusing to me. even before she's was sent to the hospital she was still 99% sedentary and barely ever moved. i don't know why she'd suddenly have chronic pain when she was living the exact same lifestyle for years before she went to the hospital, why would she have chronic pain from living the same lifestyle in a different area?
thank god the new doctor she had didn't send her home with painkillers. she was being really inconsistent with her claims of chronic pain. on some days she would be doing her walkies and saying she could walk very well, other days she'd say the pain was unbearable, that kind of inconsistency won't make a doctor believe you. also i may just be mistaken but doesn't she have heroin abuse written on her medical record? i could have sworn she's posted her list of shit she's diagnosed with and it was on there. also AFAIK chronic pain is a pretty common drug addict lie to get drugs.
but really the reason she has chronic pain is because she's fat and barely made any efforts to move or exercise before and during her hospital stay. having someone to assist her every need for her just made it better because then she'd never be inconvenienced with a simple task, or have to get up to begin with. she's pure fat with no muscle, has no endurance/stamina and has to carry all 250+ some pounds constantly, hence her "holding on for dear life" walking up the stairs. i am incredibly doubtful she'll actually put any effort into the physical therapy she's been mentioning, she'll be too fucked up on drugs to walk in a straight line, or even walk to begin with.

No. 935836

I think shes mad they didn't give her opioids lmao

No. 935838

You mean a doctor side eyes giving a documented addict opioid? Shocker…
She had an infection, not a surgical procedure. Goddamned seeking addict.

No. 935842

This will replace her stupid 'falling over bleachers and ruining her knee' story, all opiate addicts have excuses like this. Just like Lurch's leg rod kek. She's even blaming the doctors for putting her on opiates longer than 2 weeks and not tapering her off, like it's somehow all their fault she's lost the last 10 years of her life to opiate addiction. It's not like she's a poor innocent victim of big pharma.

I suspected she was scamming opiates out of her doctors ever since she mentioned a nurse said 'shes not exaggerating, she's really in pain' a few weeks ago >>934209. She's been playing the chronic pain scam the whole time and they've been giving her meds to make her easier to handle during inpatient. Probably was easier to let her float off in bed, instead of having to constantly babysit her and deal with her dramatic 'pained' performances.

Can't believe this retard thought she'd be able to scam opiates indefinitely from this. She's upset they didn't send her home with any. The infection has healed! Being fat and out of shape isn't a valid reason to request opiates.

No. 935843

Are there wound dressings on the bed? If it was a spinal infection why does she have a wound that requires redressing, she didn't have surgery?

I'm still clinging to my 'embarrassing ass boil' tinfoil kek

No. 935844

He was probably hoping luna would get some take home goodies. She came home with no drugs so he can't give a shit

No. 935845

She deleted this post btw… any guesses why?

No. 935846

a documented addict whose boyfriend goes to the methadone clinic everyday. how fucking stupid is she? she thinks they'd just send her home with some oxy? and she thought the pharmacy would let them pay them in cash for the pills. they're not your plug, moron.

No. 935848

>the pain is really bad, worse than I expected
>in pain quite a bit

>walking totally normal

Lmao which is it. Totally normal until discharge time when it's time to fish for opiates? What a silly goose.

No. 935850

I've never actually heard of a pharmacy not taking cash, so I'm sure there's more to this story. They probably told her no, she's not getting more drugs, and she desperately blurted out that she could pay cash for it. That or the hospital pharmacy just does not have the ability to process cash RXs.

No. 935857

In most states, Medicaid patients aren’t allowed to “pay cash” (i.e. pay the out of pocket price) for prescriptions that aren’t covered. The doctor either has to write a new prescription for something that is covered or submit paperwork for a prior authorization and wait for an approval.

Otherwise, the pharmacy can lose their Medicaid contract and the patient can lose their coverage. When one signs up for Medicaid, they attest that they can’t afford to pay for prescriptions and medical care. In other words, if you can afford to pay out of pocket for oxy, then it stands to reason you should be able to afford your metformin too.

No. 935858

There is just so much wrong with all these posts. Like I could find 20 things wrong with how she handled the situation. I'm not going to, because nobody cares. But wow, what an eye opening experience. In the past there was a lot of details left unclear when poor Luna experienced a misfortune. This hospital stay was something plenty of people have had to endure before, so it makes it especially obvious how Luna is the biggest problem in all of this. She really is completely unfit to be a part of society, it's fascinating. My other takeaway from this saga is that she consumes sugar all fucking day long. She's got an eating disorder alright, just not the one she wants.

No. 935861

File: 1718531027843.jpeg (Spoiler Image,164.14 KB, 828x617, IMG_8017.jpeg)

did anyone else clock lurch's ankle with dried blood on it (probably from shooting up) or was it just me lol

No. 935864

Maybe that’s what all the dressing on the bed is for instead of Tuna’s back

No. 935867

i sincerely hope she's healed to the point where she doesn't have to regularly dress or clean the wound because it's not going to happen. when she had to get stitches a couple of years ago the bandage got absolutely filthy before she finally took it off.

No. 935868

sometimes, a person gets what they deserve.

No. 935874

File: 1718569803523.jpg (189.77 KB, 720x1530, VideoCapture_20240616-132929.j…)

No. 935877

Not the employee literally covering her own face

No. 935878

that's the reflection of tuna's phone in the glass actually lol, convenient for that lady

No. 935879

Taking selfies at the methadone clinic LMAO girl. Embarassing. Not that you're on methadone but that you think its so cool to be there that you feel the need to smile and take pictures/video to post

No. 935880

No, the lady is holding up a clipboard ..

No. 935883

dated a loser junkie a few years back who went to the clinic every morning, phones were NOT allowed at the window…

No. 935884

It's tunas phone reflection. You can see her crusty claw.

No. 935890

imagine taking selfies at the methadone clinic. though I guess youd have to imagine being a junkie first.

No. 935892

It's probably because Luna lives through social media. If there's not a picture of her there then did it even happen? Just like whores on Twitter will write a tweet about it Luna takes a selfie or a picture of her hand.

No. 935894

I was one of the retards that saw light behind her eyes in a few selfies and felt as though she could come out of this changed…like she would have some realization or someone there would reach her in some way…but I was wrong, she sucks, and if this had no effect on her, she truly cannot be helped. I see that now.

No. 935912

Yeah, I still had some hope but after this whole ordeal, I've finally realised that she's just a shitty person after all. There's no hope for her.

No. 935917

Hold up - this worthless sack is on methadone, scarfs down xanax like Skittles AND is begging for pain killers? No wonder she’s the size of a small planet; she can probably barely move.

No. 935934

Dumb question, but she was on low dose painkillers at the hospital, right? Does that cause her methadone dose to be adjusted with her release?

No. 935935

No, her methadone dose wouldn't adjusted bc of that on her release. When you return to the clinic after taking methadone in a hospital, they re-confirm your dose w/ the hospital just for continuity.(sage your shit)

No. 935947

Yeah there's a reason the hospital wouldn't send her off with painkillers. She's obviously a drug seeking junkie and they have that in her file. I'm sure they were sideyeing lurch the whole time too. She's never going to get clean because her only concern is looking for her next fix. She's going to be fucked once lurch finally kicks the bucket from either an infection or OD.

No. 935952

Tbh the only reason I ever felt any hope for her in her hospital saga is that she hadn't broken into the hospital pharmacy to eat random pills like the Cookie Monster being unleashed upon a bakery. I didn't think she'd really change that much, but I hoped she'd use her sudden sobriety to get a hobby that didn't involve eating or fishing for attention. Now she's back at the crack den with her living corpse and stolen cat, doing the same drugs, posting the same shit, she hasn't even come up with an entertaining new grift that showcases her IV. I honestly expected her to try to hook up with a doctor in the hopes that he'd pay for her shiny new Ozempic addiction, or steal her roommate's pills, but I'm just grateful that we didn't get to see the 'content' she created for her coomers.

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