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No. 887951


Previous Thread: >>885671
Image Credit: >>886057

The Basics:

>Luna is a 26 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”

>Claims to have overdosed 5+ times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:

>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove her mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:

>Embarked on a “sex work” career, taking filthy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more like an actual corpse in every photo

>Sells premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>One anon leaks a “commission” video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Her dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off, one of her lowest points to date >>758647
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her sex work twitter account >>761016
>Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775 , >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “Lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” videos that they bought but didn’t leak at the time >>811491 , >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:


>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets disconnected and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as her “landlord” despite admitting on Facebook that they’re not there legally >>813209 , >>813354
>The apartment door lock breaks, Luna and Lurch build sad little barricades (the most notable being the busted pink gaming chair, RIP, gone too soon) >>816475 , >>815981
>The cops pay them a visit and find drugs, drug paraphernalia and a knife >>813338
>Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 , >>822424 , >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the regular, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718 , >>822657 , >>823499 , >>823823 , >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober despite still taking fucking Xanax >>824858 , >>825465 , >>827008 , >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses and is allegedly “dying” >>825466 , >>825993 , >>826190
>Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimulus checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by their neighbour’s pitbulls (totally not while stealing or anything) >>831109

Assault Saga:

>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building, anons bicker over whether she’s telling the truth or not >>840784 , >>840941

>Reports the rape to the police who take the allegation seriously >>841832
>Police then pivot to not entirely believing her rape story, suspect her of submitting a falsified statement >>843957
>Luna gets admitted to the psych ward, calls it the “worst day of her life” but doesn’t explain why, still manages to post unsettling selfies featuring EKG stickers >>846413 , >>846458
>One theory is that she lost her shit when she took all of her Klonopin and the doctor wouldn’t give her more >>847120

Recent Milk:

>While waiting for the eviction/Airbnb milk to start flowing, one anon surfaces a photo of Tuna from her tumblr zine heyday, farmers marvel at her unfortunate butternut pumpkin fat distribution >>885686

>AIRBNB IS CANCELLED, WE ARE LITERALLY GOING TO BE HOMELESS (possibly because the owner did his research, possibly because it was booked by ebil dad ergo breaching Airbnb TOS) >>885700
>Some retard keeps insisting on cowtipping, DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE LIVESTOCK >>885736
>HAPPY EVICTION DAY! Tuna is conspicuously silent, probably because she thinks the court will grant a stay on the eviction and buy them more time. Meanwhile, Lurch makes himself useful as always by sperging about baseball on Reddit >>885963
>Court record is updated, farmers are confused as to what the outcome is, blessed NYClawfag anon explains it for the rest of us speds >>885980 , >>885990
>Tuna finally breaks her silence to let everyone know that she performed the momentous task of going to Dollar Tree, because priorities >>885993
>Anon shares a poetic mental image with us >>886038
>Another anon is inspired by the aforementioned mental image, the result is a masterpiece the earns the top prize of being selected for the thread pic >>886057
>Instead of helping secure accommodation for himself and his brave struggling BPD bbydoll kween Lurch is thirsting over a Ukrainian white supremacist on Instagram, lending further credence to previous pondering about his political leanings >>886079 , >>886080 , >>886088
>Some high quality art from Luna “I only have a sharpie I put my other art stuff in storage” Slater >>886134 , >>886135
>Tuna confirms they’re still at the squat but finally packing >>886197
>In a dazzling display of multitasking fortitude, Tuna still finds time to post nasty nudes on Reddit while preparing for imminent homelessness >>886269 , >>886271
>Luna posts from Hell’s Kitchen, leading to speculation that she is en route to ebil dad’s apartment >>886324
>Who needs purpose in life when you’re about to be homeless but have a 45 dollar highlighter in hand? >>886356
>Cue the unsolicited advice on how Luna can turn her life around >>886395
>Rejoice! The gruesome twosome have finally found their “new home” >>886493
>Having to waddle more than 2 meters on her anti-Haitian lower extremities to get to a store apparently constitutes “a bad area” to Tuna (little does she know this is about to become the least of her worries in light of recent developments regarding her host) >>886554
>The autists over at the other farms manage to track down said “new home” >>886707
>The listing stipulates “no pets” and “no smoking”, this is definitely going to end well for two sentient chimneys and their stolen cat >>886711
>The ad for the room they’re staying in >>886837
>More autistic sleuthing from the other farms unearths the real estate listing for the property >>886849
>Lurch spergs about his ebil Democrat-voting mother, once again pointing towards his political leanings >>887029
>Tuna’s calf fakeboi indulges in some ass-licking/advice that Tuna will no doubt disregard >>887224
>More complaining about the very very scary and dangerous neighbourhood that will require her moving her disaster trunks for more than 30 seconds to get to her beloved Dollar Tree >>887292
>Lurch claims the cat has PTSD (pretty sure that’s not possible but if it is, it definitely wouldn’t be because it was snatched up from its loving home by two rancid junkies who neglect it) >>887349
>More fucking cowtipping and entitled cow whining about things not being to her liking >>887405
>circusmusicintensifies.gif >>887428
>Baby’s first steps outside the new hovel, probably the Airbnb communal area >>887476
>MERRY MILKMAS! Absolutely based nona discovers that her family member stayed at the very same Airbnb, blesses us with screenshots of her Q&A with said family member >>887617 , >>887620 , >>887629 , >>887646 , >>887634 , >>887637 , >>887644 , >>887645
>Sledgehammer-wielding Airbnb owner (who allegedly likes to talk a lot and encourages the guests to socialise with him over drinks) claims to have been a politician/diplomat in his home country (Honduras) and runs a real estate agent apprenticeship program >>887654 , >>887655 , >>887658
>The revelation that Airbnb-kun is from South America and purportedly threw up a few red flags while oversharing may be an indication of what’s to come if Tuna and her retarded smoke shop statue try to fuck around and find out (inb4 Gustavo Fring saga) >>887683



https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/ [deleted]
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]
https://thewrldisurs82.tumblr.com/ [active]

https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]


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No. 887954

File: 1660510414103.gif (384.15 KB, 320x180, 9iR17b.gif)

Luna reminds me of the MORE TOASTIES guy

No. 887955

So are her airbnb neighbors complaining?

No. 887957

Op ily. Thank you for inclunding Lurch's name in this kek he is a cow of his own

No. 887958

Thanks for the thread nonna

No. 887959

Eagerly awaiting the milk on this

I’m betting it involves them taking over the porch as their personal smoking area (including weed). I doubt it relates to the cat.

They were probably asked to not smoke weed or cigarettes on the porch - which to both of them would be UNACCEPTABLE.

How long have they been there now… a week?

No. 887962

>>887957 other farms just added him to their thread title as well. This is great.

No. 887963

The nicest place shes “lived” in YEARS and she’s complaining. her standards are insanely high for someone who supposedly grew up in squalor (she didn’t)

No. 887978

>>887963 I feel so bad for whoever gets her mom's old place. I know they'll fix the door and probably repaint but NY public housing can genuinely be fucked, and once a unit is as wrecked as Luna and Lurch left it, there's not an enormous budget to fix it. To leave your free ass apartment in that shape for someone else to deal with and then fucking complain about your comparatively bougie-ass AirBnB paid for by Daddy Dearest is so foul. It's amazing how her outside has slowly progressed to fully depict the state of her inside over the years.

No. 887997

Unfortunately I feel like the "fuck this place" snap isn't as milky as we hope. She's probably just feeling super cool because she's smoking super cool weed and maybe she's mad there's not a donut place nearby or a shady bodega that will buy her foodstamps from her. I hope I'm wrong though.

No. 888005

I bet they throw the cigarette butts on the ground in front of the house

No. 888009

i always forget she gets food stamps. how does this work now that she's pretty much homeless and living in an airbnb?

No. 888012

You are retarded. Luna has not killed every single vein, and if any are actually totally dead, it would be her past favourite spots only. There are still plenty of veins for her to use, especially if she did cut back, which I suspect is her version of “sober”, the ones she used less frequently would’ve had time to heal up which they most definitely do. She never even learned how to shoot up properly, likely never rotated veins or even tried many others because she’s too fat to even see/reach them, hence why she went to muscling into her thighs so quickly. She’s lazy, stupid and impatient. Once the few easy spots became to overused, she figured muscling was the easiest way.

Anyway, I’m thinking the air bnb owner is not down with the weed on the porch and showed up, saw it happening, and had a word.

No. 888015

matt likely never taught her how to do it properly and once she got an abscess in her arm, she just started muscling to avoid another one. he’s gone most of the day it looks like and she’s too stupid to do it right. it’s better for her to muscle it.

No. 888016

Yeah I feel like this is similar to Taylor Dean and the putrid ginger hobbit, Tuna has never learned to shoot herself up properly for whatever reason (lazy, impatient, etc) and relies on Lurch so when he’s not around she butchers herself with the needle

No. 888019

They're on an EBT card, looks like a credit card.

No. 888035

I'm awful-poetic-image anon, and I really feel that with cursed-art-anon and funny-thread-recap anon, we came together anonymously for a beautiful cow collaboration on Luna Thread 41. It's nice to know among the cat spergs, recovery fan fics, newfags and fakebois, there are actual dairy farmers. Appreciate you ladies!

Not a NY anon but in general, once you qualify (SNAP, medical, etc), it's an annual verification to see if you are still eligible for benefits. If you get a job or something that disqualifies you, it is up to the person to report that, or some people just stop using the benefits. If you use benefits you weren't entitled to, you must pay them back. For obese, worthless stains on society like Luna, they'll make sure they never use the social safety net to climb into functioning society so that's not an issue. Eviction, Temporary living arrangements, homelessness etc are not disqualifiers, in fact it'll make her look even more unstable and therefore more of a victim of the evil system so gibs delicate and fragile waif Luna housing, food and the good drugs so she doesn't get the Big Sad.
Like >>887997 said, in low income areas there will be a bodega or market, usually run by minorities, who will buy your food stamps (EBT Card) for cash. They ring it up as if you were purchasing food, and give you part of the money in cash. It is illegal and often used for substances, but there are people who use that system to buy personal hygiene items, feminine products, pet food or pay bills. But a fridge-sized, stinky, white junkie in clown makeup just looks like she'll bring the heat so I could see local places & dealers rejecting her. She's definitely not worth the trouble, where she lived before, housing with other mentally ill addicts, she probably didn't stand out as much in the neighborhood.

No. 888037

File: 1660578885836.jpg (176.1 KB, 720x1359, VideoCapture_20220815-085509.j…)

No. 888050

go apply for jobs. its Monday

No. 888053

She is such an absolute failure. She accomplished nothing in her life. Not because the world is cruel or she has had no chances. Just because she is too lazy.

I mean even her idols like Courtney have achieved something, built something that lasts like their music.

No. 888054

Welll, she built lolcow threads across two forums that will likely last beyond her existence lol so, there’s that.

No. 888055

The job search looks like it’s going really well

No. 888056

Can lurch work? I’m truly shocked they’ve made it this far with both of them being unemployed. Junkie luck I guess

No. 888057

He looks somewhat alive so I'm sure he can convince people to hire a statue.

No. 888059

You know you can apply for jobs while having a face mask on, right? Nobody does it in person anymore, for all we know that story could be posted while on a break from filling out application and all that bullshit, you boomers.

No. 888060

Xanax and video games are known to be a winning combo for job hunting.

No. 888061

You seem to be really simpleminded and mentally slow because didn't understand anything at all.

No. 888062

Why are you reading here if you think we’re boomers? Lmao but ok defend Luna the heroin addict who hasn’t been productive a single day in her life unless you count shoplifting face masks to sit around in doing Xanax productive you retard

No. 888064

Not to mention that she seriously thinks she deserves to have her father finance an expensive visit to the hairdresser. As a parent, i would be so ashamed of her. Must be so hard to realize over and over again that your child is an absolute failure

No. 888067

Fakeboi tier delusional wking

No. 888072

This bridge will change your life anon, I swear it's worth the expensive price.

No. 888073

Even if she were applying for jobs (big if) so what? Getting a job requires multiple steps, you need your social security card which does indeed require u 2 ask 4 help…applying for something is truly step 0.5 of actually obtaining a job, and actually doing the job is a whole other process.

As for Lurch, he was hit by a taxi that cut his baseball career short and now he has a metal femur and can run a 20 minute mile…y'all really don't read, huh?

No. 888074

Don't forget his yacht!

No. 888075

you just need the number, not the card itself. I bet you her dad probably knows it if she asked for it if she was truly trying to get a job. Most people have them memorized too but who knows with luna.

No. 888076

I always think it’s funny she wanted to be like Courtney Love, but even Courtney still made music and worked while doing drugs. She’s a cow in her own right but she at least did things to make herself somewhat interesting, Tuna is just degrading and no one even feels bad for her because she’s done it to herself

No. 888077

learn to sage or go back to facebook, grandma

No. 888078

so many people (Luna included) think that if they say they’re “looking” for a job or “I filled out 30 applications so far!” that’s as good as working.

No. 888080

eh, doubt her dad knows it. he seems a bit less burnt out than her mom but i doubt he has it written down or anything.

No. 888081

I am a recovering drug addict who used to abuse Adderall and meth. Now I do xannies and smoke weed all the time and only really do Adderall and coke on weekends nowadays.But even though I smoke weed all the time and I love benzos I still manage to hold down a job. So I wouldn't be surprised if Luna is doing the same. Everyone follows a lolcow because they relate to them in some way. I am similar to Luna in the sense that I'm an addict and abuse benzodiazepines and weed. So I have more knowledge than the average farmer and understand her addiction and thought processes a little bit better. And all I'm saying is that she might still be looking for a job! She hasn't been posting much so we don't know for sure and she might, in fact, be looking for a job right now while doing her skincare routine.

I need to do my hair, makeup, drink coffee and take a bunch of xannies before I am able to do anything witj my day!(blog)

No. 888085

It’s cool you can hold down a job but if you’ve read all her threads it’s pretty obvious Luna doesn’t intend on getting a one herself. She got caught stealing from her last one, so if she does get a job again I doubt it will even last

No. 888087

Anon youre playing with fire with abusing benzos. One day you'll wake up, go to your job and find yourself in interdose withdrawal. Stick with weed

Unless you think you're bulletproof like luna and can provide truckloads of benzos for the rest of your life.

No. 888088

You're not a recovering drug addict. You're a functional drug addict. And a fucking idiot.

No. 888089

That’s really sad nonnie

No. 888090

>>888037 >>888050 She's so pathetic. She'll never know how good it feels to do fulfilling work and buy yourself shit with money you earned while using your brain instead of flashing your tits.
>>888059 There is no way in hell she's applying for shit, nonnie.
>>888078 This. It's so annoying.
>>888081 Can we please stop with the weird blogposting and fanfic? This is the milkiest era in years. BPDfags pls stfu.

No. 888091

I don’t follow cows bc I relate to them I follow them to laugh at them. You should get help because it sounds like you definitely still have a drug problem, that shit isn’t normal

No. 888093

I legit don't give a single shit about your life, anon.

No. 888094

You have no knowledge at all you’re just a normal addict. How do you even know how many of us were once addicted or not. Just because we don’t write it down here to feel better about ourselves like you do. Pathetic

No. 888097

She has been supposedly “looking” for a job since Alltard fired her ass. Which has resulted in nothing. The least she could do would be to apply for a valid ID or an SSN now that she has some form of legitimate residence. She’s not you, nonny. She does not get up in the morning and motivate herself to pay her living expenses or even her drug habit. She has said herself recently that working is beneath her if it’s not creative and to her tastes and on her own schedule. If she wanted one, she would have had it about 600 sheet masks ago.

No. 888098

File: 1660598155908.jpeg (93.99 KB, 750x982, 99AC1A00-937C-4C6D-831E-6CBAEF…)

Milk from the other farms.

No. 888101

Let's fuckinnnn gooooo

No. 888102

He’s throwing everyone out or just them? Hmmm

No. 888103

> Plumbing issues in an airbnb
> slumlord

tell me you're disconnected from reality without telling me you're disconnected from reality

do you think this airbnb man signed up for social services getting involved when he put his apartment up for tourists to rent

No. 888104

If it’s a maintenance issue wouldn’t they be able to come back once it’s fixed? Why involve the cops? It sounds like she’s making shit up to cover for the fact that they’re getting kicked out

No. 888106

I want to say I apologise for doing some contractfagging. According to airbnb ( https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/2022/can-a-host-cancel-a-reservation-without-adverse-consequences ), the host should be fine cancelling if there's something acute that causes them to have to do internal maintenance. Shouldn't be anything the police needs to get involved in, as Tuna should get a refund.

> If a Host has to cancel for unavoidable reasons, we’ll work with them and help their guests find another place to stay, without the Host incurring cancellation fees. These situations include:

> Valid reasons beyond the Host’s control, such as emergency repairs (like a gas leak or a burst pipe) or serious personal illness that prevents hosting

All Airbnb demands is that the host may have to post proof of needing to get the work done. As all this is, presumably, in the contract you sign when agreeing to an Airbnb terms and conditions, there shouldn't really be jack shit the police needs to get involves with. Sidenote, the page also mentions these fun things that allows hosts to cancel with no fees:

> Proof that a guest intends to break house rules, have an unauthorized party, or otherwise violate our Party and Events Policy

> The guest makes it clear they’ll likely break one of the Host’s house rules, like bringing a pet or smoking
> The listing doesn’t fit the needs of the guests—for example, if it’s not suitable for families or pets

If the listing states this is a non-pet, non-smoking place, I see Luna's broken all three. Although idk what the fuck Instant Booking is, so it may be all irrelevant in this case. Fun times.

No. 888108

>My lawyer and social worker will come with the cops
What kind of fantasy is that?

No. 888109

Girl, they aren't going to do anything. All they'll do is ask him to refund you. Raise your hand if you're not surprised that she and Lurch are refusing to leave! Finally getting milk.

No. 888110

I really think all the smoking and weed stench probably pissed other people in the building off so they’re getting kicked out. Ofc she won’t admit it though, she’s always a victim

No. 888111

Yep, it's going to be invalid as soon as he sees or hears the cat. He's going to go in there and smell the cat piss. I wouldn't be surprised if they were flushing kitty litter down the toilet. Extra keks if they realize it's the person airbnb banned twice.

No. 888112

“Gotta fix the plumbing sorry move out bye” is probably code for “god you people disgust me and I’m finding the easiest legal way out by claiming needed repairs”

No. 888113

look, Tuna doesn’t even have the basic forms of identification needed to get a job. and because she documents every moment of her waking life we know that shes made zero attempts to acquire them

so much for “as soon as we move im getting a job!!!!1111!1!1!one”

No. 888116

so, flushing kitty litter down the toilet fucking up the plumbing in an old ass house. who woulda thunk it?

this is what they get for being disgusting

No. 888117

Instant Book just means a guest can book the room and get the room code etc. without the landlord having to approve them. I don’t think Rudis’s listings are Instant Book, but I can’t tell.

if this were all above board, having to change Airbnbs would be a minor inconvenience, but should be completely free for her. she wouldn’t be calling dude a slumlord. she’s lying, as usual.

No. 888120

they're both supes paralyzed, i believe luna has a "bad" knee she can "barely" walk on and i cant remember lurch's old excuses, but now he's crippled from the dog attack

No. 888121

Weird that she mentions a “bank check receipt”, I wonder if she paid him outside of airBNB? Sounds like she paid w a cashiers check or something.

And yes - he isn’t going to give you any refund until he can assess the damages. God knows what that room looks like after a week. I don’t think the plumbing excuse is legit. I think he is just booting them out as fast as he can.

No. 888124

TUNA!!! Once again you story doesn't make sense lmfao!!! He wants you grimey pieces of shit out and from what I gather from his backstory is that he's better at this than you. If he wants you out you're screwed. It lasted less time than I thought. Cops, lawyers, and social workers? Nah you're not that important kek

No. 888125

File: 1660609866004.jpg (241.03 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20220815-191641_Sam…)

She's spent the last 48 hours trying to find a new place? kek. And ohhh noezzzz she's gonna wuin his weputation. What joke.

No. 888126

>She's spent the last 48 hours
(not even)

No. 888127

What a vindictive bitch she is. Luckily I don’t think she’s gonna get very far bc you can tell they’re deadbeats on sight and they got banned from airbnb twice. And this guy seems savvy enough to cover his ass legally. But I hate how determined she is to make normal working people suffer because they didn’t accommodate her useless dirty junkie ass

No. 888128

They got banned from Airbnb twice? I know her account got locked or some shit what happened the second time?

No. 888129

Was autolocked after a short period of time for using the same id/information. AirBnB doesn't allow you to have multiple accounts and you can't remake yours if your past one has been suspended.

No. 888130

Nonnas, we were right, she didn’t even last a week.

No. 888131

I can’t wait for this guy to soon realize that Luna literally rearranged his place already, and will probably nick some cheap cheap decor for herself, too.

No. 888132

Rudis is a superhost with great reviews. Anything you post about him/the airbnb will make you sound obnoxious and unhinged, as you are. It'll be great entertainment for everyone, not even just farmers, and probably Rudis himself. So go for it. We're waiting.

No. 888133

didn't the guy just tell them to go? how did she already spend 48 hours (not even) trying to find another place? either he's giving them way more than 48 hours to find another place or she's full of shit and hoping to squat.

No. 888134

File: 1660616216692.jpeg (135.34 KB, 750x844, 4CFFCC36-26B4-4F91-AABF-20D16A…)

she deleted her “uWu im getting kicked out mean old slumlord” bullshit / story / comments.

No. 888135

Sucks to be you rn, nonna. You're going to start having seizures pretty soon if you don't get some help. Benzo abuse fucks your brain, it happened to a former friend of mine. Good luck with your shitty addiction that you know you need to kick, but won't. Luna is only different in the fact that, like other wise nonitas have stated, she feels that working a legitimate job is beneath her and depends on her dad who still enables her…lucky for Luna. Oh, btw, I know that if you fuck with the government benefits system and they catch you earning legit income without reporting it when you have been receiving benefits during that time, like food stamps/TANF they will absolutely dock your pay or come after your income in some way. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they have already fucked themselves and can't qualify for government benefits anymore.

No. 888136

Kek at opening her pockets for Tuna, her followers are really gullible af and never learn

No. 888137

Uh oh Crackhead Karen is gonna leave a negative review on his AirBnB page and ruin his reputation. Be sure to write it under your legal name so anyone checking for the credibility of a junkie can read up and question how you managed to drink piss on more than 1 occasion.

No. 888140

I can still see it on her IG nonna

No. 888143

when getting hired you’re to require two forms of identification for legal purposes (proofing you’re authorized to work in the US). Often an ID and SS card/passport.

No. 888144

she might get away with just needing to write it down but her ID is expired and any job at a reputable place would probably ask her to get a new one. honestly, how is she surviving right now without a valid ID, SS card, and birth certificate? how did she even do her taxes?

No. 888145

Maybe it has been 48 hours (not even) since he told her to leave but she's just mentioning it now. Or true, it's some shoddy crock of shit story.

No. 888146

I swear Luna hasn't mentioned the cotton eye Joe knee ~chronic dislocating~ thing for absolute yonks, either because she never walks anywhere or because it was made up lol

No. 888150

How is a plumbing issue with multiple tenants using the plumbing a slum lord issue?

No. 888153

This also was the most fantastical bit for me. “My lawyer” “my social worker” kek Luna

You’re probably right but in my canon, Sister Sledge the landlord sabotaged his own pipes as a plausible cover to get these two scumbags out of his property ASAP even if that means displacing the other tenants and losing rent on that particular property for the month

No. 888154

>>888144 I've said it before and I'll say it again: she has a fucking ID. Pretending she doesn't (and adding the birth certificate into the mix) is her go-to excuse anytime her engagement to Lurch comes up. It's her BPD way of handling the cognitive dissonance of wasting the better part of a decade with a cheating groomer who won't marry her. Between the taxes, the move, all her medicaid appointments, food stamps, etc. She has an ID, at the very least. Maybe not a birth certificate, but you don't need those for jobs or medicaid applications, at least not in my state.

No. 888155

Bless you, poetic-image anon, I’m OP and posts like yours are one of the reasons why Tuna is my favourite cow to follow, the farmers itt really have a way with words. Not even the blogging and catsperging can ruin it for me.
I’m fucking BUSTING to know exactly what happened. I mean we can deduce that it was them breaching TOS by sheer virtue of the fact that they exist but I really want to know exactly what transpired between them and the (possibly roaring, furious psychopath) Honduran. Part of me is expecting Tuna to go full sperg because we all know how much she is a retarded blabbermouth but part of me thinks she’ll sit on this “muh plumbing” spiel for as long as possible in order to milk sympathy and shekels from whoever is enough of a sped to still believe that she’s a struggling, hustling mento illness kween and not just a lazy, lying, thieving, entitled sack of shit

No. 888156

Pardon my ignorance as a non-burger, but she’s got to have a social security card at the very least, no? Like for the reasons you mentioned, her state-provided healthcare and associated scripts, foodstamps or the cashless card another nona mentioned, etc. I don’t believe for a second that she hasn’t got SOME form of ID

No. 888157

File: 1660635146692.jpeg (146.83 KB, 1000x727, 1F1EAEF9-34BD-4580-ADE7-B1A2D9…)

No. 888158


No. 888159

My sides have ascended

No. 888160

this is absolutely inspired nonny

No. 888161

This needs to be in the next thread pic.

No. 888162

You have more talent in your little finger than Luna and Lurch combined

No. 888163

So much about this.
>My lawyer, My social worker.
Are you poor or rich? Decide.
>my social worker and my lawyer will show up with cops if he won't refund me.
So many lies. private residence, not a living complex, cops won't touch señor. If señor wants them off, cops will back up homeowner.
Guess what, fat bitch, you cannot claim squatters rights, either. Guaranteed he can prove you violated the contract.
TL/DR bye,bitch.

No. 888165

I hope you live a long and beautiful life for the funny bitch that you are Anon

No. 888166

Thank you nonnies, I had way too much drawing this lil but Tuna n Lurch lore

No. 888167


Oh my god this is awesome

No. 888169

Here let me correct my drunken autism *thank you nonnies I had too much fun drawing this lil bit of Luna n Lurch lore

No. 888170

I zoomed into tunas face and lost it. The wandering eyeballs, lips and balding eyebrows lmao. Bless you nonny

No. 888171

I spent a good ten minutes cackling out loud, it’s the little details. The cat taking a wazz on the floor while cowering from Sledgehammer-kun when Tuna and Lurch are oblivious to his presence is just chef’s kiss

No. 888173

This. Either she applied for all that shit before she lost her ID, is lying, or knows her social. Fatass is just too lazy and stupid to prioritize having a job because daddy's her safety net. I hope she deleted those comments because of the hondouran man.

No. 888175

File: 1660658020312.jpeg (329.28 KB, 750x704, CD9AD812-B047-4025-8778-3B2873…)

Luna and Lurch

No. 888176

File: 1660658958339.jpg (99.19 KB, 1080x1214, IMG_20220816_110954_365.jpg)

My sides, nonnie. You are extremely talented ily

No. 888177

No-one's even mentioned the best part, which is the trademark Luna thumbs

No. 888178

>>888173 Nah you're correct. Unless NY has some weird "you don't need ID for medicaid or picking up prescriptions or going to court" law, she's full of shit. Most things don't require your actual social security card, a lot of times you can just give the number, so I could easily see her not having lost that, or not having a copy of her birth certificate. But you need a valid/current copy of an ID (and need to know your social security number) to apply for any government benefits in my state and the other 2 states I've lived in. Not an NYfag but I'm standing by what I said–homegirl has an ID, but her BPD marriage fantasy doesn't mesh with that and it's a convenient excuse for never having a job or getting off her ass except when she uses it to doctor shop.

No. 888180

holy shit nonna, i didn't even notice. my sides are decimated.

No. 888181

this is absolute genius. next thread pic for sure.

No. 888184

Poor guy is going to have to buy new pillows, for sure. He'll probably think they're floor mats because of how filthy and flat they'll be.

No. 888185

Absolute banger, bravo nonny

No. 888188

Beautiful job, nonna.

No. 888195

I love your art style anon

No. 888196

Tuna fucking wishes

No. 888197

Lol I average 200mg codeine, 8mg Xanax and a g of weed a day literally every singke day and I'm way less messy than this bitch hahaa?! Anyone know how much Luna takes a day? But I wouldn't do smack lmao but def make cocktails with coke & ket sometimes hahahhaaa(drug-induced blog post)

No. 888198

Fuck off no one cares about your sad life

No. 888199

I know you think you are better than her but you are two birds of a feather. If you need to comment here how much better than Tuna you are, it just means you aren't. Also no1curr

No. 888200

Plenty of drug addicts can keep a space clean, you’re nothing special. Get help

No. 888201

>a day literally every singke day
Girl, your brain is fried already

No. 888204

No one cares. When you inevitably have a massive seizure it will be entirely your own fault.

No. 888205

You sound completely unhinged. Seek help.

No. 888208

Whenever junkies make huge claims about all the insane amounts of drugs they do, they're lying. If they say they're functional and clean, they're lying. If their lips are moving or their fingers are typing, they're lying.

I genuinely hope this is some idiot larping for negative attention or it's the "recovering addict" from yesterday back for more. The amount of addicts that come to this thread thinking they're in any way better than Tuna and easter island head is so fucking pathetic.

No. 888209

No. 888210


You’re just a sad addicted loser. Also the more often you try to convince other people - especially on a forum like this - that your life is great the less believable it appears. Maybe even to yourself? Get some help or shut up nonnie. Maybe open your own thread

No. 888213

It's not a forum, it's an imageboard. And please don't suggest this human pharmacy make her own thread, they might be retarded enough to actually do it. You sound like a newfag, lurk a little more. I'm genuinely not trying to be shitty but other anons will be.(dumbest derail ITT)

No. 888227

File: 1660692976976.png (65.5 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_20220816-162231-952…)

Ntayrt, but you sound like the newfag. An imageboard is a type of forum.(derailing)

No. 888228

No one who actually uses imageboards calls them forums. Wikipedia is edited by retarded trannies.

No. 888229

Just accept that you were wrong, anon

No. 888231

The anon you replied to didn't post that, I did, and you're a fucking retard. Argue semantics all you want, I wasn't even a dick about it.

No. 888232

File: 1660694321411.jpeg (74.77 KB, 750x888, F71A3440-116B-46DE-B2AB-F2C899…)

Luna lying again. There's no way she took 4 showers kek Nothing will ever be good enough for her

No. 888233

If there's a fire she can just plop herself out of a window. All that lard would protect her, she'd probably just bounce upon impact.

No. 888235

ma'am mixing that much codeine and xanax on a daily basis is not good for you

No. 888236

Junkies fuck off. You are not wanted here.

Using wiki to try and prove a point is hilarious.

No. 888237

> codeine
Dihydrocodeine is the patricians choice

No. 888239

Lol four showers in what, 2 weeks?? Smelly bitch, feel terrible for her housemates

No. 888241

Just imagine the person who goes into the bathroom after her or Lurch.

No. 888245

This worthless cunt & her never gonna marry her ass "fiance" really deserve the worst. Have fun fucking around with that owner.

No. 888247

imo/tinfoil she’s trying to scam her money back by saying the place is uninhabitable therefore he owes her/she can’t pay

that shit will not fly

No. 888248

I reckon you might be right. If that is indeed the case I’d put money on lurch putting her up to it too, I genuinely think she’s too retarded to even come up with the scams herself, taking grimy selfies and satiating her materialism monopolise her entire existence

No. 888253

It must have been 48 hours by now and she's still there? I hope he's actually gonna kick them out though and it wasn't some stupid story she made up for pity money

No. 888254

Why is it that every place Tuna inhabits has suddenly some sort of weird thing about the shower not working? I’m under the impression something she and Lurch do in there breaks the showers. Or they just want an excuse not to take them and instead stew in filthy, tepid bathwater.

No. 888255

There was actually a review on that air bnb saying that there was a hot water issue but they didn't act like it was a huge issue like tuna is. She's just trying to take every little thing and blow it up to act like the "slumlord" is renting out a shithole. But she has nothing. She's a bad liar and isn't even good at scamming anymore kek

No. 888256

File: 1660742079598.jpg (175.35 KB, 1013x563, Screenshot_20220817-081440_Sam…)

No. 888257

I wonder if they read that review and it inspired them to try their luck with the Honduran. I can’t believe people still offer to lend Tuna money. I mean I can, because people are fucking idiots, but y’know

No. 888258

He doesn't have a plumbing issue, that's either an excuse he's using to kick them out or a lie she's using to obscure the real reason she's getting kicked out. Slumlords don't fix shit, let alone for short-term rentals lol

No. 888259

File: 1660746022126.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x1857, 37E7F50D-1FBB-4C24-A38D-815EEF…)

Major trouble in paradise

No. 888260

If none of that alprazolam is actually prescribed to you for a /real/, diagnosed problem and is taken by buying shit off the street I 100% think you are a delusional lying addict and should stop immediately. I HIGHLY doubt a psychiatrist would prescribe a dose as high as 8mg… Most xanax on the street is fake anyway, so you’re probably addicted to fentanyl as well and don’t even realize it. Definitely messy.

No. 888261

Lol I was just about to post that, cry more tuna.

No. 888264

KEK I know it’s been said but Tuna really is always doing exactly what we expect her to be doing. Literally every single event in her life is an excuse to complain and beg because uwu perpetual victim. If she thinks Sledgehammer-kun, who works in real estate and has probably broken his fair share of kneecaps, is going to take kindly to her slandering him and interfering with one of his revenue streams, hooooo gurl. Buckle up ladies, dis gon b gud

No. 888265

Why do retarded addicts always do this, I’ve even seen this IRL, thinking they are the victim and always right, that they can somehow afford a lawyer and “take down” any establishment that kicks them out for doing drugs in said space… or thinks that CPS is evil and they can get their children back because they’re perfect parents in every way despite living homeless on the streets. Shit like this doesn’t happen to normal people Luna, you’ve brought this upon yourself for smoking and probably trashing this AirBNB.

No. 888266

is she implying the plumbing issue is fake but also complained about cold showers? it’s like she just spills words randomly out of her mouth

also kek to anyone who pulled the plug too soon and said we wouldn’t get any tea during the homeless saga

No. 888267

Quick tuna and Matthew schumacher! Take the AC unit out of the window and barricade the door so you can't be kicked out of that terrible horrible awful dangerous room!!
She is reaching so painfully hard to try and make herself a victim. She sounds retarded and pathetic. Never forget you're renting from him because you had to be evicted from your mom's apartment (after getting her removed in the first place) because you were squatting because both you and Matthew schumacher are both losers

No. 888269

I wouldn’t be surprised if the cat has done some damage too (clawing shit up in addition to using the floor as a litter box), being stuck in a single room with these two losers must be pretty unpleasant, not to mention the new surroundings. Being uprooted again in such a short period of time can’t be good for it, they’re such selfish motherfuckers

No. 888272

I bet the “plumbing”/no hot water issue is all the guests trying to shower in the morning or something and running out of hot water. 5 people using one shower will do that. Also does tuna think that every single family house has a fire escape on the 2nd and 3rd floor? You escape out the window if there’s a fire downstairs.

No. 888273

i am waiting for her to out his name because if he doesn’t know, then he’s gonna know

No. 888274

I'd be careful trying to slander his name because he can probably afford an actual lawyer and not just use a free public defender lmfao. He's gonna have alot more people on his side

No. 888275

a disgusting squatter junkie attempting to trash a normal working mans name because he has to do unexpected maintenance on his rental. im sure thatll go over exactly how you think it will tuna.

No. 888276

File: 1660752805247.jpg (220.79 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20220817-121353_Ins…)

No. 888277

What the fuck is that triple chin

No. 888278

Oh no. Now she's gonna say the hot Honduran ~wuined her anivesewy~ just like her mom ruined it last year (or was that her birthday idc)

No. 888279

Do you think she ever has rare some lucid awakening in the middle of her druggie stupor and realizes her life is kinda shit cause she attached herself to a man with no life goals or ambition?

No. 888280

File: 1660755213788.jpeg (825.54 KB, 1170x1700, 7B3E0831-FFE2-4669-ABD2-8EF343…)

Goes to the restroom just to take crusty selfies

No. 888281

File: 1660755274785.jpeg (882.67 KB, 1170x1725, 701C5A38-6AA1-49D2-BCB3-6801BC…)

The comment was someone calling her gorgeous

No. 888282

What's ridiculous is that face and your bad angles tuna.

No. 888283

She looks pretty like a doll in these. I know it's filters but the filters also kinda prove that if she lost lots of weight she'd literally look like a Russian model.

No. 888284

the filters make her 'pretty' anyway. lol

No. 888287


Russian models don't get bingo wings until AFTER they're married and bred out

No. 888288

File: 1660757282101.png (461.36 KB, 530x582, 0A2BD8DE-F0F0-4573-9D0F-B9AB70…)

Are you sure, Nonny? Are you sure you’re sure? Are you certain?

No. 888289

Introducing the jaundice filter.

No. 888290

Constantly, why else would she double down so much on how perfect he is. It's probably that glimmer of lucidity that keeps her shooting up to remain in denial

No. 888291

File: 1660758263021.jpg (215.18 KB, 1107x513, loony.jpg)

Her commentary in the comments.

No. 888292

Ew I'm having flashbacks to the dick sucking picture

No. 888293

>airbnb is legit disgusting. taking advantage of people having trouble renting

>refuses to work

>is with a man who doesn't have a legal source of income
>spent the past several years squatting in place she wasn't legally living in in the first place
>wrecked the place
>got kicked out of her residence before that because she didn't bother paying rent
>wrecked that place too

Anyone willing to rent out to Luna is a slumlord, saint, or moron.

She made her bed and now she's crying that she's a victim because she has to sleep in it, while simultaneously refusing to take any action that would fix her situation (i.e. getting a job). It's wild.

No. 888294

I'm trying to figure out why no one is asking how AirBnB MADE her deal with them.

No. 888297

File: 1660760838289.jpeg (461.92 KB, 1170x1435, 5EDC95F7-A5C1-4C83-9377-1587E9…)

Forgot to include the other comment nona

No. 888299

100% betting she fucked up and got a 1650 for the month, and realized last minute she can't afford it but instead of GETTING A JOB, she decides to whine on SM about how shitty and awful the place is, thinking she can finesse this man into letting her squat but, doesn't realize how much of a nightmare tenant she is and despite her larp, no one fucking wants to deal with a nasty ass junkie. I hope this ends in her having the cops remove her silent hill looking ass and the crypt keeper from this guy's place. She's playing with fire, and the law deffo won't be on her side to abuse this time.

No. 888300

Sometimes I wish cowtipping wasn’t against the rules because I know Mr. Airbnb would not take kindly to these comments about him.

May Pumpkin escape and those two shitlords get kicked out.

No. 888301

31 days at $70 a day is $2,170

i’d say its $1,650 because its a long term stay which would mean shes actually getting a discount. wtf its she talking about being over charged??

No. 888302

File: 1660761933323.png (6.24 MB, 1284x2778, 40F75EED-E2F4-4E7A-972C-0DA91D…)

don’t cowtip

i’ve been lurking to see if hes posted anything about them but so far, nothing

No. 888303

If he has any buisness sense at all then you wont see any drama.

Kek. Imagine hipsters holding two jobs on vacation only to see two gross retards, one with a giant crackhead face and his lazy eyed girlfriend hanging out 24/7 on the porch smoking pot, high as a kite on several drugs fucking around with exercise equipment while they hear pitiful meowing somewhere inside the house

No. 888305

I assume she thinks it should be cheaper because it’s “shitty” and “in a bad neighborhood”. But she agreed to the price when she rented the place, so even if that we’re true it would still be her fault.

No. 888306

I thought she allegedly paid into next year.

No. 888307

It's only "bad" because tuna can't walk for more than five minutes to go steal from the dollar tree, otherwise her cotton eye joe knee will go out.

No. 888309

Nonnas be real. This isn’t an issue from flushing kitty litter. That would require Tuna or Lurch to actually have a thought to clean their litter box, which we all know has never happened. They got outscammed (shocker!) but she seems a little too calm. When is ebil dad stepping in?

No. 888310

he has the right to refuse guests. that isnt scamming.

No. 888312

sometimes I wonder if her end game is to screw everything up so much that ebil dad has no choice but to take her and lurch in. (Or at least that's how it plays out in her mind)

No. 888313

Pathetic, kys

No. 888314

Don't think it's a scam on senor sledge's part. I mean there were rules that they've obviously broken(no pets, no smoking, etc.)

She violated terms, she's out, he's not trying to be confrontational with them. But tuna and her garbage golem have a huge victim complex without ever actually being victimized, fucking junkies.

No. 888315

File: 1660765427482.png (727.57 KB, 495x842, Screenshot 2022-08-17 154414.p…)

From kf. A screenshot of tuna's recent snap.

No. 888316

Tuna you can literally get mail sent in your name anywhere, it doesn’t fucking mean anything.

No. 888317

is Luna Slater in Yonkers, NY going to try and pass this off as proof of residence like it’s a utility bill?! kek

No. 888318

> being threatened to leave
So is the Landlord telling them to get out, or is she pulling a hissyfit and threatening to walk out? She's referenced a plumbing issue, but it looks like >>888297 there's more guests staying there. I wonder if she complained about something (water pressure, heat) and demanded refunds, pissing off the Landlord to the point where he would rather her just leave ASAP.

No. 888319

File: 1660765927132.png (409.61 KB, 1440x850, Screenshot_20220817-125158.png)

this literally made me lick my lips with anticipation lmao

No. 888320

Yeah that definitely doesn’t count as proof of anything you fucking troglodyte.
This is AirBNB not a real residence you don’t have your name on anything ugh so fucking stupid!

No. 888321

File: 1660766076864.gif (8.52 MB, 720x546, popcorngif.gif)

No. 888322

Is it weird for me to say that this solidified the squatting theory for me?

No. 888323

phase one of trying to squat: order cheap cheap nails from amazon to the airbnb address

No. 888324

i totally called this squatting technique but i’m too lazy to go and find where i said it (having things delivered to the airbnb)

No. 888325

That's actually a thing?

No. 888326

Excuse you anon, I had q-tips sent to Jeff Bezos' house and now the house is mine.

No. 888327

in short, yes.
you can use mail to establish residency but it has to be a specific type of correspondence. squatters know this rule and they use it lol
thats why you should never let anyone send shit to your house under their name

No. 888328


residency not ownership

No. 888329

Nope. I absolutely think they were going to try it.Luna and Lurch think they are not just:Kurt&Courtney,Sid&Nancy, Clarence&Alabama BUT also very hip,ear to the underground, l33t,DEEEEEP,intelligent and superior to others.

Luna knows more about drugs than a Merck index.Forget ACTUAL landlords with experience and lawyers on retainer specifically for squatting rights…15-20mins skimming old Reddit threads,videos made by the same muppets who try send bills back to the utility companies, monetize birth certificate for billions and teach 'Sovereign Citizen' classes… Boom! A packages sent to them, a payment of a month's rent and refusal to move =18mths free rent!

No. 888330

exfuckingactly you nailed it.
god i hate these people

No. 888331

It has to be some form of bill, and printed, not written.

No. 888333

correct. i just didnt want to say what type of correspondence and help these grifters in any way lol

anyway, theyre fucked

No. 888334

It's gotta be a utility bill or something like that which actually establishes that you live there. Cheap cheap cheap Amazon packages don't count in that regard.

No. 888335

I could imagine the ploy being:

> landlord saw red flags, told them to GTFO

> Tuna and Lurch demand full refund before they leave (among other ridiculous requests)
> Tuna and Lurch drag feet at any opportunity to cooperate
> oopsie woopsie, the Magical 30 Days of Residency have passed!
> squat nest secure, landlord must formally evict now

No. 888336

File: 1660767921339.jpeg (46.19 KB, 828x183, 1B553561-1979-48A5-A906-6EAEDA…)

this is from a few days ago but lmao at “an adjustment”. what do you mean, is the air too pure for your smokey lungs, Tuna?

No. 888337

I detest her so much, doesn't she know she can leave? What a nightmare having these two leeches in got to be.

No. 888338

File: 1660771119035.jpg (192.94 KB, 720x1395, VideoCapture_20220817-141827.j…)

No. 888339

File: 1660771142012.jpg (188.57 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220817-141832.j…)

No. 888340

File: 1660771163660.jpg (209.98 KB, 715x1420, VideoCapture_20220817-141824.j…)

No. 888341

What the hell is she doing with her tongue there?

No. 888342

File: 1660771331615.jpg (194.15 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20220817-141820.j…)

No. 888343

File: 1660771372480.jpg (233.7 KB, 720x1449, VideoCapture_20220817-141817.j…)

No. 888344

We all know they don't pay bills.

No. 888345

Anon these have all been posted.

No. 888346

not looking for a job

No. 888348

did she think the cat hair wouldn't give her away?

No. 888350

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I swear that pic and this one were posted on the same day

No. 888352

File: 1660772810866.jpg (164.21 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20220817-144657_Ins…)

No. 888353

File: 1660773077602.gif (2.48 MB, 267x200, 200.gif)

Milk incoming!!

100% sure that girl is a farmer egging her for milk kek

No. 888356

>”I worked my ass off”
It’s so hard to search somewhere on Airbnb.

No. 888359

>he's not trying to be confrontational with them
For now, the guy's a professional, probably made the mistake of giving these two asshats the benefit of doubt. She's an idiot if she thinks this'll be just like her mom's, the guy most likely knows how to deal with problem tenants and if she keeps escalating shit with him "REE NOT ENOUGH TIME!! SCAMMER!! MATTHEW GO CALL HIM RACIAL SLURS!! RECORD THIS ON YOUR PHONE!! REEE!!", that's where the milk begins. Either way I hope that social worker who she got pissy with is living her best life, 'cause tuna clearly isn't kek.

No. 888360

I feel like this leans more towards the theory that something happened at the weekly mixer. I really do hope they record everything

No. 888362

That’s what working her ass off is to her, looking for an Airbnb? Lmao well then get back to work Tuna bc he doesn’t want your grimy self squatting there. I wouldn’t doubt if he pulled up and saw them smoking their shitty joints on the porch

No. 888363

File: 1660776397943.jpeg (430.78 KB, 994x924, 6AF6BA4E-BD3B-4C80-A089-0597C2…)

It took them 12 days to ruin it kek. Whatever you think Tuna is doing she’s doing, even the video recording detail is correct. Nonnies making predictions in this thread don’t miss.

No. 888364

File: 1660776437841.jpg (401.84 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20220817-154803_Red…)

No. 888365

File: 1660776484846.jpg (157.86 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20220817-154853_Red…)

No. 888366

I doubt something came up that they said, he probably just realized that they're junkie degens who have nothing going on and stay all day holed up in the room he's letting them rent.

All while shooting up, smoking skunk weed from the saddest looking joints I've ever seen rolled, and having a living/breathing animal who they probably never told him about pisses, shits, and yowls all day from having to be stuck in a room with junkies.

No. 888367

>worked my ass off
kek, sure thing, she, well, put make-up on her face, did face masks and complained, if she calls that working her ass off, she will never find a new flat anywhere near where she lives now. Honestly, I don't know much about the housing market in the USA, but what I can say out of my experience in my country, you won't even get a new flat if you are only temporary unemployed without pets and without being a drug addict, except for towns no one wants to live in. Hope that airbnb guy stays out of the drama and just removes them, I've never seen someone so picky and full of herself while really having no opportunists besides people helping or being homeless.

No. 888369

maybe he isn't okay with them smoking weed all day, it smells like shit and it might ruin his business because some people won't rent or later complain because of it. Best thing for him to do would be throwing them out after 25 days, giving them their money back for the past 5 days, so they can't take any legal actions and he gets rid of them and they can't complain that they didn't have time to look for something else. Who knows, maybe he googled their names and knows what possibly might be around the corner.

No. 888373

Weird flex that no one cares about but ok.

No. 888374

>”my partner”

No. 888376

kek she really should bring in “her" lawyer, “her” social worker, and the police. I’m sure they’re gonna LOVE to see this.

No. 888377

File: 1660779121968.jpg (80.49 KB, 1080x1145, Screenshot_20220817-163049_Sam…)

he changed his profile pic to >>888276
must be special to them seeing as it's probably the last time he was attracted to her

No. 888378

File: 1660779160405.gif (1.53 MB, 300x225, F38D2861-5B09-4F65-A8DB-22907B…)

No. 888379

Knowing luna she probably made him

No. 888380

Not this bitch paying 36$ for some press on nails… at least she'll look cute while nodding off under a bridge

No. 888381

File: 1660779717997.jpeg (184.95 KB, 559x717, 7DAD9B95-E9C1-43C2-BB62-3A83A3…)


Her spacers make me feel extremely ill with the caked on ear cheese

No. 888382

I think that's foundation

No. 888384

He doesn’t want to talk to her because he doesn’t know which eye to look at

No. 888388

File: 1660782903254.jpeg (734.26 KB, 1170x2100, 037D729C-FD5A-4757-A76B-722E56…)

Here she’s saying he knew about the issue prior to them moving in

No. 888391

she can't remember her lies from one minute to the next. He's kicking everyone out but he just took in 5 new people.She's using the water review from a preious guest to make this claim now.

No. 888394

Literally no contribution but this comment sent my sides into orbit, thanks nonnie

No. 888396

He legit looks like a corpse here. Also stfu about your stupid blonde hair Luna, the brown looks way better than the frizzy fried with bleach lewk

No. 888397

> i worked my ass off to find this place
For those that still think Luna can turn her life around. This is what she considers hard work.

No. 888398

i don’t wish homelessness on anyone but Tuna is really pushing their junkie luck with this one. if hes such a slumlord why not just leave?

No. 888399

I agree, I don't feel like anything specific happened, just that they didn't pass the vibe check (who knew chain-smoking weed on the porch might be a bad idea). There's nothing about these two that indicates they ever plan to leave, nor that they'll care for the room. He probably figured out pretty fast that they have no prospects and no ambition to do anything but sit in the room all day making it dirty and smelly.

Seriously, if she's so committed to being grimy and sketchy she needs to settle for a motel. Why won't she do that? Normal people don't want her around and won't tolerate her lifestyle. She's wasting everyone's time even trying AirBNBs.

No. 888402

not even! she boasts about him “having a crush on her ever since they met” which was when she was what, like 12 or some shit? he stopped getting his rocks off when she became a legal adult

No. 888403

File: 1660789951265.jpg (65.58 KB, 524x400, Hoevel template.jpg)

I was inspired envisioning the coming milk and the coming housing saga, needs more cheap skincare in the hoard but my autism is required elsewhere to make this a true masterpiece

No. 888404

god I wish "working my ass off" meant sitting in face masks all day smoking weed and playing video games

No. 888405

all of Rudis’s listings are gone from Airbnb now

No. 888406

Nitpick af, but why even buy such fancy press ons when she can't even apply them correctly or keep her hands clean? Like she doesn't even wash her hands before applying them, probably has layers of peeling glue constantly all over her nails, what is the actual point?? You can make the cheapest press ons look cute with the right application & maintenance, but why splurge on some custom shit when you can't even use cutical oil..? She does this with everything she consooms, skincare, makeup, clothing, plushies.

No. 888407

I fucking hate that thing she does with her tongue, it makes her look even worse. Also, her skin just looks greasy. Clearly using too many products and probably not the right ones for her skin.

Lol, but I love how Luna thinks having a shitty skincare routine makes her clean. Ya know, slathering on lots of product isn't a substitute for bathing and actually being clean.

No. 888408

What do we think this means?

No. 888409

Other farms have a potato video from her snapchat saying something like she was leaving the neighborhood and never wanted to come back. Anyone else have a better source/quality? Sledge may have decided Friday wasn't soon enough.

No. 888412

Maybe he actually did have a plumbing issue and took everything down until it could get fixed. It’s so hard to try and piece together some semblance of truth from Lunas side of things

No. 888413

Could tuna or Matthew schumacher have reported it and so now it's under investigation (and hidden) until its sorted out? Obviously the safety team from airbnb will know the crackheads are full of shit and all will be well with the Honduran. I hope he really screws them over.

No. 888414

File: 1660796015892.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1924, 5C556BF2-B32B-45D7-8359-252B73…)

poor luna! uwu honestly she doesn’t seem too bothered by whatever’s going on

No. 888415

I still want to know how they booked it in the first place given that Tuna copped a DING DONG BANNU from Airbnb and it’s against the rules to book for someone else (obviously it still could have been booked by ebil dad and maybe that’s why they’re getting kicked out but Tuna thinks this sob story will get more sympathy)

No. 888416


Luna’s shopping addiction is not discussed as much here.

imo she’s gotten really into skincare because it’s something you can buy (steal). working out and eating healthy requires effort and discipline, she wants to find elusive “beauty” on a dollar tree shelf and not by putting in any genuine effort towards self improvement.

by purchasing these face masks, creams, tumblr aesthetic shein dresses, fake nails, she gets a nice hit of cheap!cheap! dopamine to her underdeveloped junkie brain rather than having to expend any energy or better herself.


No. 888417


>he only talks to Matthew

>he called me moments ago

Which is it tuna? Keep your stories straight. The shit you're posting isn't making sense kek. Maybe the videos will clear it up. Maybe dude really is a slumlord lolz
Also the situation you created for yourselves has nothing to do with him. You really fucked yourself over.

No. 888418

Hdu anon she also posted at least two times on Reddit about how uwu scared she was.

No. 888419

File: 1660796958227.jpg (398.2 KB, 914x1726, Screenshot_20220817-232842_Sam…)

Originally noticed this on her insta but she's got another gnarly bruise on the inside of her wrist

No. 888422

Trying so hard not to a-log this fat stupid stinky retard

No. 888427

It has only now just occurred to me that she does the exact same thing with shopping as she does with drugs

No. 888437

Tinfoil but maybe it was booked through Craigslist or VRBO and also listed on airbnb.

No. 888439

File: 1660825408195.webm (1.24 MB, 720x1400, XRecorder_17082022_230824.webm)

No. 888440

That fake sad face makes me want to a-log something something I'll give you something to cry about all that jazz

No. 888441

File: 1660825729716.jpg (546.98 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_f795f8a05d41017a26e51f0…)

No. 888444

I don't even want to know what all those white stains on her top are

No. 888445

well at least we have video proof that she doesn’t take this shit seriously ig

No. 888446

Pouting, or struggling to cover her huffing and puffing from being overexerted just from walking

No. 888448

The dirty sleeve and cuff ew

No. 888452

True, sounds like she's paying through checks but, I still think she might've fucked up her math or the "He said we could stay till april!!" comment meant moreso he was cool with them staying that long under the implication they'd pay month-to-month. I feel sledgehammer-kun is a mix of knowing they're of shit tenants but also Tuna not being able to math and not having enough to pay for her whole long-term stay.

No. 888453

Samefag, messed up and meant day-to-day. They've been there for what a week? If it's really 75$ per night, that's already 525 out of the 1650 she has. Just seems to me, Tuna's need for high standards despite her grimey ass is fucking herself over.

No. 888454

i know theyre definitely not toothpaste stains

No. 888475

If she put in the work and lowered her standards she'd have found one of those run down motels for people in her exact situation that will make arrangements for long term stays at $500-600 a month. It involves calling around and physically going in to talk face to face instead of 10 minutes browsing Airbnb listings so of course she would never but lol she had 2 years to work on it

No. 888477

I live in her general area… there are not a ton around and they cost that a week (they usually have the weekly/monthly rate on their sign). She’d have to go to some grimy areas in the Bronx to find a cheaper one, but it would still be at least $1500/mo (probably more).

They are not going to find shit in Westchester/nyc, ESPECIALLY without jobs.

No. 888478

Yeah by "lowering standards" I was including getting out of the NYC area but do appreciate the extra info nonnie. Guessing the cheap motels exist in New Jersey which is much easier to get to from New York than most interstate travel in the US because of the public transit system. Will stop with the derail about shit Tuna will never do though.

No. 888479

omg that thumb, why she shove the nail into her nail beds like that

No. 888483

I wonder if Pumpkin is neutered, she should be in heat rn. Tuna is such a selfish sack of flab, would rather buy etsy nails than take the cat to a vet.

No. 888485

You mean spayed

No. 888486

If she was stolen from previous owners there's a good chance she was adopted which means she would already have been spayed. When she looks out the window she's just longing to go back home.

No. 888487

forgot to sage

No. 888489

I bet luna is on her SM 24/7 being super sweet to EVERY single person in and around NY, pouring on the homeless sad girl routine and mean landlord etc trying to get some chump to let her filthy ass, Lurch and Pumpkin & their disgusting hoard stay with them.

There's no way she would stay in a shelter alone so maybe the tent saga is coming.(learn2sage)

No. 888490

not disagreeing with you but jesus y’all learn to sage

No. 888491

She looks like she's sneaking around the property. She definitely didn't want anyone to see what she was going to pull.(sage your shit)

No. 888492

GOD dammed put the word „sage“ in the email field

No. 888494

I'm expecting a sketchy hotel arc to come soon. If they were paying in the $50/day range for the current spot they'll be able to afford a scummy hotel. Tuna isn't going to be tent status but I'm guessing wherever they end up next will be a downgrade.

No. 888495

She's just walking south down the street, I checked bc autism

No. 888510

Yeah I wanna say something, press on nails are reusable. Have we EVER seen her reuse a set ever?? They can be reused 3 times, more if you buy a little circle file and file off the glue which is super easy even if you’re as blind as Luna.
Just a total waste of money when she can reuse expensive Etsy sets more than once (I’ve seen the exact ones she has on Etsy before and they aren’t at all as cheap as the kiss sets. Yet they disappear into the void.)

No. 888511

File: 1660867502629.png (497.35 KB, 421x833, fromkf.png)

No. 888513

Ohhh milky lord, let it be one of lurches ex "girlfriends" or his secret side chick that he gives fetty to lmfaooooo

No. 888514

Kek at her trying to look sad to gain sympathy. I hope this lady says no so they can finally be homeless and truly have something to complain about. This is all your fault, you are not a fucking victim.

No. 888518

Kek, the cheesy “stressed out” pose to show off the new nails.

No. 888519

she probably either snaps/chews them off so she can't reuse them or just so consumer-driven she doesn't want to

No. 888523

Her skin looks like it's turning into oil and melting off, how is that not uncomfortably slimy to her? That's not a healthy glow that's pure slippery sensory hell.

No. 888527

Holy shit, this! Lurch running off and ditching Luna since she can't maintain stable housing would definitely be a wild card that wasn't on the eviction bingo

No. 888529

Lurch has just gone to get some milk and smokes, he’s totally coming back!

No. 888532

File: 1660876739642.jpg (214.4 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20220818-193711_Sam…)

Yeah he seems real concerned. He's been posting about baseball for the last two hours

No. 888537

Wait, he left to meet with a woman about a place to stay and he's just sitting over there posting about baseball??? While Luna is literally pacing the streets???

No. 888539

Last update was Sr. Sledge wanted them out by tomorrow. I'm going to laugh my ass off if Matt never comes back and leaves her to deal with it herself. I guess that would pretty much guarantee a move to evil dad's tho and that doesn't seem too milky

No. 888540

File: 1660886442092.jpg (118.35 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20220818-222016_Chr…)

If >>888511 was posted right after the screenshot was taken then he was also replying to this girl right afterwards

No. 888541

Oh, I think a living-with-ebil-dad-after-getting-dumped arc sounds super milky. She’s terminally online, so she’s sure to document whatever happens. It would be interesting to see what happens to her when she’s separated from Lurch.

I’m sure it’s too funny to be true but shit that would be hilarious.

No. 888542

And looks like he was tweeting away after that too. This @mschumacher82 guy sure seems more concerned about baseball than he does the living situation of him and his junkie girlfriend.

I guess it depends on how strict ebil dad is but it could get interesting. I can only imagine the kinds of shady characters she would be bringing around daddy dearest while she tries to fill the lurch void

No. 888544


i crave that milk too. but when it comes down to it i think she would actually an hero over it tbh

No. 888545

random and stupid but haha @ this anon referring to him as "matt" kek real casual like

No. 888552

No. 888555

i honestly can't see luna with a guy her age at this point? she had only slept with what like 1 maybe 2 guys before lurch? and the only guy she had been talking to was that criminal junkie peter with the ED page. i can only see her going for other gross 40 year old men who are also junkies. maybe even older. maybe she'll date one of her dads friends this time instead of her moms kek. like as much as i would hope for tuna to find some hipster 20 something boyfriend who just drinks a lot of beer and smokes pot i don't think she'll find that. living this junkie lifestyle with only lurch around probably has her at a point where she cannot have a conversation. she probably talks about herself and drugs. they're very much the kind of junkies with no subtlety who tell everyone their whole life story and hint around their drug use (as seen on lurches twitter).

No. 888561

>>888542 I always got the impression Lurch doesn't give a shit if Luna is with him or not. He's happy to be along for the ride when she's finding roofs for them to sleep under but as soon as she can't provide that, he'll just hoof it to one of the alleys and bridges already filed away in his junkie memory core, mumbling "easy come easy go" as he lurches away from Luna as she sits wailing on the sidewalk with all her shit waiting for Daddy Tuna to come pick her up

No. 888562

> living this junkie lifestyle with only lurch around probably has her at a point where she cannot have a conversation. she probably talks about herself and drugs. they're very much the kind of junkies with no subtlety who tell everyone their whole life story and hint around their drug use
Luna is like spiritually 45 years old. Boring, self-absorbed and out of touch. I don’t think she could make a friend her age anymore, let alone nab a new man. When did that happen? She wasn’t always like that.

No. 888564

Lol, wut? Most 45 year olds have way richer social and spiritual lives than her. I’ve worked in senior living facilities where the residents are living it up, compared to her. Hell, they’re often widowed and dating, even.

Luna is a junkie. She’s in a different league. She isn’t spiritually 18 or 118. She has no social or spiritual life, the drugs have replaced all that.

No. 888566

Not the anon that replied to you first but damn you must know some really sad 45 year olds. Luna and Lurch aren’t like 45 year olds unless all 45 year olds are junkies. 45 is still relatively young. You’re giving them WAY too much credit. Them acting like a (sober I assume) 45 year old would have them doing WAY more than they do now. Even if Luna were an MLM Karen, it would be an upgrade. At least maybe she’d have some work ethic.

No. 888567

No chance. Can't milk the attention if you're dead. I could see her pulling a Raven and posting a fake obit though. If Lurch dies, she'll replace him with the same thing in short order. It's the only life she knows or wants.

No. 888568

Luna has BPD so she more than likely can't settle in relationships that aren't a rollercoaster of intense anxiety and emotional abuse. A lot of people with BPD literally can not feel like they're loved in a stable relationship because stability and normality in peaceful well adjusted relationships just feels flat and passionless. The only way you're going to get Luna with a 20 year old is if they're exceptionally horrible because only a predatory middle emotional abusing enabler who (whether he intended to or not) cultivated a relationship where this bitch is as dependent on him as she is on drugs. Best case scenario she does BPD epic style and latches onto a new favourite person who by some miracle is redeemable

No. 888569

What's up with the dumb fan fiction all over again. They're a pair of co-dependent junkies who have been together for a decade now. They're never gonna leave each other.

No. 888570

Why the fuck would you want to burden some poor hipster with this swamp monster? I wish the fantasists would leave ffs

No. 888571

i chock it up to these people having not read all 40 threads. she’s a lost cause. let’s just watch the milk flow (slowly) and stop talking about ways she might get “better” (she won’t) - you don’t have to see the good in everyone. some people don’t have any good in them.

No. 888573

You’re so right. People should look up the term „toxic positivity“ though it might destroy their view of life

No. 888575

why would you want to see her get with someone younger? that’s weird as hell. these two scumbags deserve each other. they’ve chosen homelessness over leaving one another. they’ve neglected an elderly man together. they’ve stolen from graves together. they’ve both sought out “slipped on peepee at the costco money” many times on purpose. they’re going to die together. they chose that life.

No. 888576

If Lurch truly eventually leaves her, she will probably just OD because she's only alive right now cause Lurch keeps narcaning her. She is useless on her own.

No. 888577

It's always the same with those posters, too. They confuse 'partner' and therapist', pretend Luna's only problem is Lurch and give zero thought to who might deserve a grave-robbing perpetual victim junkie in their lives.

No. 888578

thanks for the dose of reality nona i dk what these people are smoking

No. 888579

Wouldn't happen. She'd have no idea how to score without him, and it's near impossible to OD just on benzos.

No. 888582

Well said

No. 888583

Yeah I don't think Lurch will leave Tuna because she has provided so much for him. It would be still a really interesting saga if he did ditch her to deal with Sledgehammer-kun lol.

No. 888584

>>888575 re: neglecting Roger, I forget–was Luna's name on the lease when they got evicted? Like, does she now have TWO evictions on her record, a sickly cat, and no regular income? Some LLs will overlook an eviction (esp after COVID led to a lot of lost homes and evictions once the moratorium was lifted), but that's only if you paid up and settled things instead of just getting kicked out. If she's got the eviction from Roger's house under her name, she's fucked now that she has a second one.

No. 888585

Almost positive she’s never had her name on a lease

No. 888586

That is not true, most benzo overdoses were combined with alcohol or opiates but you can overdose with only benzos (not because this kind of death is rare that it is impossible). We all also know that street benzos contain fentanyl and other drugs that will make ODing easier and Luna eats them like candy.

No. 888590

Ayrt but I mean she’s launched into middle-aged junkie territory. Obviously not a normal middle-aged person who would probably have a home/career/hobbies/friends/family and be capable of holding up her end of a conversation about not herself. But that gravelly-voiced, chain smoker loser middle aged person you met with their ass permanently glued to a smelly old chair blaming everything in life on either their family or the government. I have a couple of these in my extended family and they don’t get better, they get worse. It’s just crazy to see someone so young already be this way.

No. 888591

It’s so fucking wild to me that this is the life Tuna has chosen for herself. She’s the first cow I followed on here because she was kind of on the periphery of the music scene I’m in, why she chose to attach herself to this ugly old loser of all people is truly perplexing. The fact that she could still have some semblance of a life if she ditched Lurch and went to live with ebil dad makes it all the more confounding. It’s entirely her own fault that she’s in this predicament, fucking retard. Who’d have thought that actions have consequences.

No. 888592

Yeah there’s no way she’s ever been on a lease, or any sort of residential contract (ie utilities). I doubt Lurch has either.

No. 888594

junkie trauma bonding

No. 888595

>Luna's name on the lease when they got evicted?
Neither Lurch or Luna were on the lease when they got evicted. There are letters from her old landlord informing the household of a rent increase, addressed solely to Roger. She tried to garner pity from the landlord by negotiating cheaper rent because of her circumstances, the landlord kicked her out asap. I don't think they even paid 1 month rent without Roger.

They had a nurse write a letter explaining that Roger had died, thinking that would allow them to live there rent free for a while. >>485614
All of it is in thread 16 and 17 I think, but I'm too lazy to dig further.

No. 888596

def not. they stored juice boxes on the window sill to keep them “refrigerated” during the winter kek
(as seen in the video where their fellow crackhead broke the glass window in the old squat)

No. 888598

lmao what trauma? not approving of the free lunch at the inpatient facility ebil dad’s insurance paid for?

No. 888599

Tuna could get a weird look from a stranger in public and she would consider it traumatic. She's 26 and still holding on to the "trauma" of being called fat well over a decade ago.

No. 888609

It truly is wild. I wonder if she had some kind of forced sobriety situation - hospital or jail - would she suddenly come out of the benzo and heroin haze, gain clarity and be able to just take one step out of her life and toward objectivity? Say “oh my god… what the fuck am I doing with this old, walking Easter Island head statue, drinking piss out of juice cartons in squats when I can stay in my dad’s cosy flat with the coffee machine and the fridge with ice dispenser?”? Kek sorry now I sound like one of the “Luna turns her life around” fantasy anons. It’s just - as you said -so crazy that she has made the choices she has and continues to stick by them.

No. 888610

File: 1660933628850.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20220819-192640~2.p…)

new place to stay maybe.
what is happening to her lips

No. 888611

File: 1660933649927.jpeg (375.67 KB, 1284x1624, 55460BC1-246F-4F97-A646-63BB6A…)


No. 888613

oh my godddd shut the fuck up tuna please you are the definition of a privileged white girl who traded a good hand for heroin and an ugly groomer who insults you and openly cheats on you

No. 888614

why not just move there now dummy

No. 888616

she looks like a fucking slug

No. 888617

Why do you care how much it costs? It’s not your money anyway, it’s your dad’s.
This possibly gives a little more insight into the jobs she’s applying for, especially if they’re all degree-required creative jobs. She should be ringing up Dollar Tree or the local corner store, not trying to be an intern at a design firm or freelance writer lol. What kinds of places do you think she’s trying to be hired at, nonnies?

No. 888619

>just like highschool
grow up. act like the 40 year old woman you resemble

No. 888620

She quite literally has had everything she's had up until now handed to her lol
She has not gotten a place to live through her own hard work, they were places handed to her by relatives, all of her clothes and ugly kawaii belongings were handed to her by her followers and "friend's mom."
I think she sees people just with places of their own and jobs and happy relationships and her way of coping is "waaah that was all handed to them and not me and i deserve it more because i was bullied waaah"

No. 888621

File: 1660935712556.jpg (304.74 KB, 1080x1673, Screenshot_20220819-115958_Ins…)

The junkie with a $45 highlighter and a shopping addiction has been more broke than anyone else ever

No. 888622

Who also inherited an entire house and squandered it, who recently got free hospital care for her self-harm, who gets free drugs and helps herself to anything she can fit into her pockets in the Dollar Tree and who had an expensive hair dye job promised to her by her dad last week.

No. 888624

File: 1660936344796.jpg (201.46 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20220819-120930_Ins…)

This you? If so, are you inbred?

No. 888626

No, I’m usually one of the anons telling cow tippers to stop spoiling the milk, and the sentiment applies here too. Tashman84 you’re a retard and only going to make Luna reconsider her over sharing ways for a time.

No. 888627

the milk has been flowing steadily and yet these feral anons must tip the cow.

No. 888628

File: 1660936688503.jpg (251.38 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20220819-121710_Ins…)

No. 888629

Whoevers commenting on her shit really needs to fuck off

No. 888631

no way in hell she didn't spend a huge chunk of that 50k on drugs for herself. she was already with Lurch during her brief stint in college and he fucking suicide baited her into dropping out. i'm sure she used some of that to fund their addiction.

No. 888632

woman that never had to work a single day in her life, always found someone taking care of her bullshit, never been homeless, gets psychological and medical help for free, can live in an airbnb while "looking" for another flat, will be taken out to eat by her dad. Yes, her life is so fucking bad. She will never understand that no one will ever hire her because she has nothing to show for, no working history, an internet history that tells someone everything about her and I still don't believe she applied for a single job that might be suited for her level of competence.

well, she is more privileged than I am then, I never had 10,000 $ in the bank, guess she spent that all on drugs and dollar tree stuff.

No. 888633

10k in bills. What bills Luna? You never paid a single bill in your life. Even a cellphone bill wouldn't blow through 10k that fast. Unless by bills she means drugs.

No. 888634

>acting like 50k is pennies

god i hate this cunt. how many people would be in a way better spot if they’d inherited 50k in their teenage years? and why did she choose to spend the last 10k on “bills” (drugs) instead of putting a deposit down on a reasonable house? or condo? and get a fucking job? god now i’m writing fanfiction too. wish she’d just fuck off and shut the fuck up

No. 888635

Gee, I wonder if there's some other big difference between her and these so-called "rich" friends? Maybe the fact that they completed college instead of fucking off to be in a junkie relationship with an older guy? Nah, that's can't be the reason why they can get jobs, it's gotta be their connections. Everyone knows you can only work at Starbucks if you're well-connected.

No. 888636

i said 20 something. luna is also a 20 something. its like you forget shes only 26.

No. 888637

lol she did not spendn 15k on college

No. 888638

Maybe her 15k she supposedly spent would have gotten her somewhere if she hadn’t been groomed by a Haunted Mansion reject

No. 888640

Luna’s definition of rich is weird as fuck. She considers 50k to be a small amount. $30 for a poor quality crop top to be “super cheap.” she can’t have any markers besides copic. she has to have acrylics on and her hair done. rather than learn to cook rice and beans she’ll spend $10 a meal on cvs pizza. — and yet she considers anyone with a steady income to be rich. she’s referred to her working class friends who make MAYBE 45k a year as rich. shit if she got a barista job for $16/hour she’d probably have an identity crisis because she’d consider herself rich too. she’s so fucking weird and deluded. she has no concept of the outside world beyond what lurch shows her.

No. 888641

Back in like 2018 my friend started getting DMs from Luna asking for money from more privileged people in more ~fortunate situations~

My friend worked at a grocery store for (at the time) $8.25 an hour

No screen shots because that friend and I no longer talk but I’ll never forget it. And how many anons had her slip into their DMs? So many in the first few threads

No. 888642

Neither do you, Tuna. Truly broke people don't buy new fake nails every week and call skincare and random bullshit like hair dye a "need". And stop talking down tot he same people who you beg for money from, you privileged, dumb, wall-eyed, fat baby.

No. 888643

She deleted >>888611 and caption and comment on >>888610

Congratulations cowtipper, you're drying up the milk.

No. 888644

I remember the FB post calling her out for scamming and so many people had screenshots of her spamming them with begs for money every single day. Even people who she had never spoken to had to deal with her in their DMs. She took a girl's last two dollars cause she "needed" it more than that person did after the person's cat died. Tuna was like, "Damn that's sad… got any money?" The milk was so good during that time.

I really hate fucking cowtippers, man. They have to be doing this shit to dry up the milk on purpose. There is no way they don't know that she'll disappear afterwards.

No. 888645

Seriously, what is wrong with you? She'll clam up if you do this. Don't be an asshole, she's already spilling information without anyone interfering.

No. 888646

I wonder where the new house is kek

No. 888647

it will be in another bad neighbourhood, without any stores around to buy fruits and vegetables and the landlord will also be a horrible person and in 2 weeks she has to search for another flat to live in because that person betrayed them and she will destroy said persons reputation. Kek, we will know the new housing location in very short time, she can't stop broadcasting every single thing about her life.

No. 888649

andddd this is why i left out a lot of the shit my family member said and ended up finding out about what’s currently going on

i probably would have ended up doxxing myself and the milk would be even drier by now. well done

No. 888651

wow i used to follow her on tumblr, this shit is nuts. a long time ago i told her i liked one of her art pieces and she dm'd me twice asking when i was gonna buy it so i stopped replying and unfollowed lol she can't even fake her way through a conversation before asking strangers for shit like she's entitled to it

No. 888652

You know in her lingo "bills" is probably drugs kek

No. 888655

Kind of retarded each farms just blame each other

No. 888658

Why? What are you basing that on?
If anything it's some lurker who likes stirring shit.
Majority of both places, in my experience, prefer natural organic milk.

No. 888660

Caption and comments have been deleted

Post has been deleted

No. 888661

No. 888662

Especially when multiple cowtippers have come to Lunas threads over time openly bragging about messaging her or commenting on her posts.

No. 888663


I never comment, just lurk and read but honestly fuck her so hard for pretending 50k is nothing. Who doesn't want 50k to just appear in their banking account? She acts like it's fucking nothing. Disgusting.

No. 888665

well we definitely know it isn't anything from lurch…

iirc there's been a study recently that shows people are a lot more reckless with money they feel they 'came upon by chance' or didn't in some way earn (so… charity/panhandling money), which i think partly explains (of course, most of it is just drugs) how junkies manage to raise impressive amounts they just blow on drugs then struggle to get the bare minimum if/when they manage to get jobs. this is in no way to white knight her, her condition is entirely her own fault, but her uncertain junkie living conditions definitely contribute a lot to make her feel like she's "poor" despite how much everything she has and buys costs. friends with jobs might earn a lot less than she spends, but they have a relatively steady income she doesn't get. she's a horrible human being for getting herself in this situation, but a lot of her current horribleness is probably a result of the shit she got herself into

No. 888666

Unless he's using her clothes as cum rags heheh. My understanding is junkies have a lowered sex drive and long term use causes testosterone issues in men. Gross to think about but I doubt they ever actually fuck unless it's for some disgusting ass banjo slapping, tp falling out of the coochie content.

No. 888668

She’s for sure the most privileged one of all her former schoolmates. It’s all projection because she can’t face her failure. Bet her old schoolmates worked really hard to built something. At least didn’t around in a drug dan playing animal crossing on their DS

No. 888671

File: 1660947582510.jpg (137.54 KB, 1080x1148, Screenshot_20220819-151543_Sam…)

Lurch was been going back and forth with this girl for at least an hour. Weren't they getting kicked out of the airb&b today?

No. 888673

Fuck off tuna omfg. She could apply at 50 different fast food or retail places and more than likely hear back from one of them. She’s such a retard

No. 888679

Not Tuna acting like she didn’t piss all her money away bc muh college tuition, kek. Wonder why she didn’t mention the part where she chose to drop out after one week? I sure wish I had $15k to just throw away. Fuck that cowtipper but also fuck Luna for acting like it was life circumstances and not her piss poor decision making that led to losing her inheritance. I see it’s now down to 50k in total, we know that ain’t true girl. You think junkies would be better at lying since they do it constantly. Tfw you threw away your fully funded head start in life for >>888671 lmfao.

No. 888680

It’s almost 8 PM on the East Coast. Seems like they missed Senor Sledge’s deadline to move out today - and it’s probably time for the next weekly mixer so he will know immediately. My bet is the cops come tomorrow to escort them out.

No. 888682

Idk why she picked 50k as the lie today anyways. She reads the farms as evidenced the direct references by her recent artwork. She has admitted she knows the only people on her social media are there for the trainwreck. So why bother pretending she's never inherited a house when it's constantly mentioned in every thread and the person she's talking to is definitely a farmer? Does she think she's going to convince some third party viewing her insta that she's some poor put-upon junkie whose cheap cheap inheritance got stolen from her? Definitely playing 4D chess, this one. You'd think having eyes that point in multiple directions would provide an advantage and yet this is all she can pull out her ass

No. 888683

I love how she's using her dead grandma as "look how woke i am" points. Your late grandma having a tragic life due to the holocaust and "working closely" with the black panthers doesn't make you some kind of activist. Especially now that she's been shacked up with some old white racist pedo for nearly a decade.

No. 888684

File: 1660950533183.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1920, 1491690225841.png)

Reposting because I fucked up the link: >>>/snow/203016

This is the first mention I could find about her inheritance. No proof, just a couple anons reporting their memory of such. No mention of a house yet. Like with the "$1 million inheritance", it could be a combination of Luna lying and anons misremembering shit that the house became a part of her lore.

I did also find when she was being very brazen about wanting her dad to die so she could inherit his apartment…that was like, thread 8 or something

There's good stuff in the archives, picrel

No. 888685

File: 1660950687786.png (825.46 KB, 640x1136, 1491243927238.png)

Also from the Luna milk vault…someone should make an updated "birthday selfie!" timeline, it would be……….well, astonishing, probably

No. 888686

She looks genuinely happy there at 17. Tragic.

No. 888688

I really don’t understand her because she did seem like a genuinely interesting, at least passingly convincing intelligent woman when she was 17/18 and then turned into this absolute ‘bimbo’ disgusting slug… I’m not writing fanfic here, but I must have totally misunderstood her younger vibe? Or Lurch and heroine just truly destroyed her brain so quickly? Wtf happened basically

No. 888690

File: 1660953412016.jpg (187.76 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220819-165725.j…)

No. 888691

funny how it seems we're hearing nothing from lurch abt all this slumlord stuff. shows he knows he's no match kek

No. 888692

How so? I really don’t get this vendetta and jump to always blame KF based on nothing besides the assumption that the posters are are all “scrotes”, which they aren’t. It’s 99% women in that thread and that subforum. They literally ridicule, dox and ban anyone that even mentions wanting to cowtip. It’s the primary rule. 80% of the traffic are guests without accounts. The biggest likelihood is that the cowtippers are newfag lurkers.

No. 888693

drugs and grooming will destroy a persons brain, luna had no real sense of self as a teenager which is normal and since your brain doesn’t stop developing til you’re 25, she absolutely fucking fried it with any drug she could get her grimy hands on. lurch further isolated her by using the classic ~it’s us against the world babe~ abuse tactic, introduced her to heroin and now she’s a junkie who’s existence is only consuming and being a miserable, perpetual victim. lots and lots of women, myself included were given drugs and groomed and eventually it got so bad i did anything to get out of that situation. luna enjoys being coddled and filthy and high, she’s also delusional and has bpd. to say she was doomed from the start is not only inaccurate, it enables her and like the other anons have mentioned, she squandered thousands of dollars and property. for lurch, for drugs. drug addicts are fucking stupid and wastes of life until they get clean, and even then there’s always relapse and switching drugs to fill the void. she’s hopeless and deserves every bad thing that’s happened to her because she gladly welcomed it. she likes being a victim, she likes thinking lurch “chose” her when he could have had his pick of the litter so to speak, and she enjoys the fantasy world she’s built around her that she’s this hardened tragic soul who can’t catch a break, she’ll never admit she had and still has the privilege to climb out of the hole she dug herself.

No. 888694

even the paltry 10k she claimed to have pocketed is beyond anything most young adults inherit.

No. 888695

so wait, hold on. she paid her mom’s rent for months but she was living somewhere else. where was she living though? that could’ve have been with roger, could it? has any anon figured that out? also, i feel like they’re about even now that she basically ruined her mom’s living situation and got her kicked out.

No. 888697

She says that she lived with her mom "even thought she had someplace else to stay because she felt bad leaving her". So they (tuna & mom) were living together.

No. 888698

It was before Roger. It was a college dorm for about a week until she dropped out because she couldn't get high in the dorm room and her room mate complained about her smoking indoors.

No. 888701

she chose lurch to get her hands on heroin and she admitted that much. he refused her at first until he caved in. which yes is still unbelievably shitty but still shows that luna actively sought out heroin and knew that lurch would give it to her. it's baffling to me and honestly so fucking insulting. there's heroin addicts who got addicted simply by pure accident because of pain pills and luna is out here pretending to be some brave soldier on reddit talking about how hard it is to be sober from her drug of choice but she chose it every step of the way and for what? to be like some low life lead singer of some fucking band? the guy died when she was 6 for god's sake.

No. 888703

yeah i didn’t mean lurch actually had any real choices when it came to women, he went after the chubby girl w low self esteem who had addicted parents and was her moms dealer to boot. it was lurch’s responsibility to say no to luna regarding the heroin, but he’s a useless piece of shit junkie and saw she had money to leech off and easy pussy, an underdeveloped mind to poison etc blah blah but luna had many chances and still has an opportunity to get out. luna’s dad does love her or else he wouldn’t “help her out” to put it lightly. anons and luna are so quick to be like “BOTH HER PARENTS ARE IRREDEEMABLE ADDICTS REEEE NO WONDER SHE’S LIKE THIS” but look at the dudes apartment, listen to how eager he was to help her during that disgusting phone call she made to him. she’s fucking spoiled, most addicted parents die and/or leave their kids to rot.

No. 888704

meh I knew her a little bit (one of my closest friends was one of her closest friends) we only talked a few times but she wasn’t really that interesting. she was still materialistic but not in a begging-for-money type of way. she still had a holier than thou attitude, like young NY hipsters do. at one point she had a massive amount of friends. she said one of her teachers said the school should do a “dress like luna” day during spirit week. she was likeable, but not a saint. you could tell her outlook on life was tainted by consumerism and being spoiled. it was her, her, her.

No. 888705

i thought she inherited her grandma house that she lost when she was younger because she didnt pay (or her mom) taxes or something like that

and she wanted Lurch to stay with her and it wasnt allowed, so she left because she couldn’t live without her Moai.

No. 888706

Didn't she also leave because lurch threatened to off himself if she didn't? Nasty old bastard

No. 888708

While I'm sure Lurch is a piece of shit who would do this .. with how much she warps events it could be something as simple as "babe I can't live without you" and her BPD ass took that as "I need to be with him 24/7" and poof no more college. She doesn't have any drive and it will show more and more as she ages.

No. 888709

yeah he eric clapton’d the shit outta her

No. 888713

File: 1660962586183.png (4.01 MB, 2942x2160, A.PNG)

She’s still there. Courtesy of the other farms. Documenting Luna seems to be a collaborative effort between the two farms, kek

No. 888714

dog we get it you have two new fucking tattoos this lobster claw pose makes me want to kurt cobain myself

No. 888715

she’s like the most textbook example of BDP and materialism i stg. she gets a new outfit, it’s her entire personality for months. she gets a new plushie, every fucking poem she writes for the next 6 months references it. we’re not gonna see her stop this nonsense until she gets a new exciting thing.

No. 888716

Can someone explain this inherited house theory if her grandma died when she was 14 and her mother wasn’t living there? A house wouldn’t be sitting vacant until Luna got her inheritance at 18. She moved in with her mom through high school. Her junkie mother wouldn’t be clever enough or approved to get the house put in her name and then rented out until Luna was 18. None of it adds up. Looks like some A-logger pulled it out of their ass and everyone ran with it.

No. 888718

i cant believe this girl was one of the first tumblr feminist fashion inspo girls i got close to online in 2013…. this is honestly so sad to watch but i keep up w threads to see if any progress is made and it just gets worse, this is like watching an episode of intervention but its like a 7 season saga about one addict… literally reality tv….. the lack of self awareness and like complete and u(dd)er self induced brain damage from drugs is honestly… like entertainment at this point. she's literally become retarded. she used to be so good at her art and i remember when she got into pratt and dropped out like weeks after fucking lurch and then it all went down hill this is just so absurd to witness firsthand and i dont know how she cant see it considering shes always looking at old photos of herself

No. 888722

someone that’s supposed to know Luna explain it all in the first threads, you can go back and found it by yourself and i’m pretty sure she was living with her mom in all those years, she used to complain about her on tumblr.
I cant recall if Luna said that her mom lost the house or if the anon did.

No. 888723

she does have two grandmas. we might be mixing them up. she could’ve been living with one until she was 14 and then the other left her the inheritance. who knows though.

No. 888724

what is the milk on her stealing from her office job

No. 888726

Fuck off and read it on the old threads

No. 888728

I wonder if lurch came back yet or if he's still nodding with his side-chick kek

No. 888730

I wonder what happened to that heirloom ring? Pawned for Heroin or just forgotten and left behind in the crusty hoarder mess, just like Roger's ashes?

No. 888733

Inheritance Grandma died when Luna was 16

No. 888735

So this grandma probably helped with the free breakfast food for kids program by the BPP if she was a teacher.

No. 888737

Not to spoonfeed, but Tuna said she lost the house to not paying taxes. She didn't specify what kind (inheritance, property, income).

No. 888743

>>888737 kek nonnie, I think we can at least eliminate income taxes from the possibilities.

No. 888745

But was that ever confirmed? Sometime ago I went trough all the threads here and the kiwis and all that I found was just claims on the opening that she had a house she lost, since this happened before 2017 (when documentation on both websites started). I don't think there was ever proof other than a statement, that could have come from someone who knew during her tumblr "fame" times. It's kinda hard to find stuff from the tumblr era other than the screencpas everyone has seen already and random posts on Talia' s as dead as her tumblr.

No. 888748

yea im a newerfag who has gone back thru the first few threads (i think ive gotten to 7 or 8 im still going thru them when milk is dry or im really bored) and the house thing is NEVER mentioned but its something ive never fought against because "lurk moar read all 40 threads newfag!!". luna HERSELF only ever mentions the inheritance. i also remember anons in those early threads saying that luna told them she got as much as a million in inheritance, but i don't believe that. i do know a kid with bipolar/schizo who got 200k settlement and spent in within a year, so i could see luna having got more money than she would admit to. but yea i also have always questioned this house thing and anons itt have never had any proof. i think the house thing may have come from the idea that luna was paying for their (her and her moms) housing at the time. if anyone has any proof i would love to see it, but don't hit me with the "lurk moar" when i have gone thru the early threads you always claim have this "proof".

No. 888753

This busted up bitch really thinks slapping on some cheap glycerine from the dollar tree and 10 filters means she has good skin, kek. Yea sure the years of crack, smack and cigs have had no effect. I doubt she even uses spf because it doesn't smell of cheap parfums and come in a cute bottle, she's fucking clueless.

No. 888756

I have better things to do than to look for receipts (as I don't have the vaguest idea in which thread they could have been posted - maybe it was mentioned in the recovered Luna Facebook group posts, but it would be at least the second time…), but I'm sure that Lurch has actually suicidebaited Luna with overdose. Of course she believed him and thought that it's a proof of his great love for her. If anyone can locate the receipts, please post them.

No. 888759

Yeah, I’ve been going through them again and still can’t find any proof of any sort. Definitely just some a-log broken telephone. That cowtipper made an even bigger ass of themselves. All they did was give Tuna ammo that we’re just meanies that make up mean lies about her.

No. 888761

That's why I'm not a fan of treating anything that is not 100% factual as confirmed lore. I know that it's very likely that Luna steals trinkets from graves, but I'm not gonna treat it as a fact until i see undeniable proof (the strongest piece of evidence was that photo of Lurch digging around the grave - not only because he did it, but also cause Luna saw it as normal enough to take a photo and post it…). I'm not gonna argue about that, it's just my personal stance.

No. 888762

at least we got confirmation that she definitely squandered at least 50k. it's no house but still hilarious she thought that would help her case, make her look less privileged than all the other privileged people.
it's not the advantages, tuna, it's how you use them. you had every chance, every opportunity to make your life better, and you threw it away for your boomer groomer '''fiance''' of nearly a decade

No. 888764

Lurk the threads and Sage your posts you fucking hemmoroid.

No. 888768

when Luna said she was paying for her and her moms housing she meant that her mom took her inheritance money to do it.

No. 888771

File: 1661014934279.jpg (414.03 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20220820-100034_Ins…)

but did you see her tattoo

No. 888773

somehow I've gone completely blind I sure hope she posts her tattoo a thousand more times so I can see it maybe

No. 888777

When you die, there's no white light. Just Luna's tattoo. It's the ultimate religious experience

No. 888778

File: 1661018064484.jpg (173.95 KB, 1080x845, Screenshot_20220820-135441_Chr…)

Didn't catch it in time but she posted this on reddit about an hour ago.

No. 888779

File: 1661019823097.png (156.35 KB, 2838x410, Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 19.24…)

No. 888780

Did she maybe… I dunno…. try again? I can see her confusion, the error message is so vague. /s

No. 888783

JFC, this bitch can't even figure out how to book a room online properly. Guess lurches mystery woman didn't come through for them

No. 888787

Ohhh my fucking god kek. What an absolute sped.

No. 888788

You would think something as urgent as homelessness would be enough to rub all her remaining brain cells together to get this right, kek. Her level of cognition is so bad that she should just find an alley to plop down in, devour a handful of pills, and pretend she’s at an airbnb, problem solved.

No. 888795

File: 1661035235846.jpeg (140.48 KB, 750x409, 9A78B5E8-717E-4C93-AA20-63C703…)

you're not cursed you have just made thoughtless decisions that have brought you to this point and you need to do some serious self reflection kek

No. 888798

File: 1661036921888.jpeg (179.29 KB, 1372x963, 9F8F9066-824F-48C7-B4BA-281BD6…)

No. 888800

Found the perfect place? Kek I'm SURE you did tuna. Since she was banned (twice?) from airbnb wouldn't it use her IP address and identify that it's the same person trying to book? She's probably raising so many red flags to the airbnb safety team

No. 888805

File: 1661037904210.jpeg (280.54 KB, 750x1023, E686D127-B703-49D7-A775-5F3A5B…)


No. 888814

I guess neither eye is looking at the screen right now.

No. 888826

File: 1661042743448.jpg (283.29 KB, 947x1972, Screenshot_20220821-024511_Chr…)

It's on thread #2

No. 888833

How is it possible to make it to adulthood and still be this dysfunctional? I’m assuming that Lurch made an account in his name seeing as Tuna is banned but she’s the one trying to book. He’s even more useless than she is. Typical moid.

No. 888838

Can someone more au fait with reddit than I am explain why that sub would remove her post?

No. 888839

Likely because the content of the Subreddit is mostly people talking about their actual booking or problems with their stay and this appears to be some kind of IT issue the gruesome twosome should take up with AirBnB technical support. To hazard a guess.

No. 888843

it's very tumblr and toxic but i like her old poem in this pic, certainly better than her later literary work (diary entries, haiti thighs, conceived on the steps of a clinic, etc)

No. 888846

Your taste in poetry is pretty bad then

No. 888847

To be a fly on the wall right now, I hope that cowtipping faggot hasn’t scared Tuna into silence. Ebil dad has to the footing the bill because I’m almost positive that Lurch would have hightailed it out of there in search of someone else to leech off by now

No. 888856

I think Luna's panicking because if she doesn't find a place, Lurch will leave her for another 18 year old with an inheritance. He's not doing anything to help bc he's not worried. He'll always land on his junkie feet, with or without her

No. 888858

I agree with your sentiment but I don’t think he’s feeling secure because he’s confident he’ll get another teenaged girl with some money to groom - he’s an ugly, fat, greasy, wheezing idiot without any social skills to speak of. He’d have to be more delusional that Tuna to think that. Even the grimmest of girls looking for a plug to fuck can find someone marginally more attractive or with a modicum more to offer than Lurch. He’s secure because he knows he can bin off Luna if push comes to shove and stay at a customers house in exchange for a bag here and there or mates rates.

No. 888860

Papa Tuna’s credit card is the only thing keeping him around. If she doesn’t find something before MC Sledgehammer has them forcibly removed you can bet he’ll ditch her ass. Which may well be a blessing in disguise, if she’s forced to live with ebil dad sans junkie deadweight boyfriend she might have an epiphany re: all the years she’s wasted, but I won’t hold my breath because it’s Tuna we’re talking about and she’s a fucking retard

No. 888862

Luna has BPD so no amount of cowtipping will scare her off of oversharing permanently. She needs the attention.

No. 888864

I see what your saying because this girl posts her literal vagina to Reddit for free, but people with BPD are always seeking validation. Everything they do is driven by needing attention and validation. If Luna isn’t getting those things there’s less incentive to share. If posting to IG only hurts her feelings instead of making her feel pretty or hard done by or whatever, she will eventually stop even if it is just for a short while.

No. 888866

That’s what I’m thinking too, comments like what that cowtipping retard posted are likely to send her spiralling, I feel like she’s more likely to go dark on instagram (at least temporarily) and stick to posting her disgusting udders and minge on reddit

No. 888868

File: 1661089436522.jpeg (624.89 KB, 828x1167, 8F2E04BB-7307-4B77-BE8B-1665E7…)

>skin good
>zero likes
shes literally a mfin caveman

No. 888869

She looks really nice in these. I love the waxy skin look, ngl. Her lips are really nice shape! She really needs to stop doing drugs, dump Matthew and go on a self-improvement journey. She'd be so pretty if got cleaned up! I can totally imagine her working out her bubble butt at the gym wearing leggings and that headband! Cute look. I can totally imagine Luna getting into the whole That Girl trend and becoming obsessed with exercise, smoothies and being cute. And she'd still have an aesthetic.

No. 888871

that's a very cute and impossible hypothetical you just pitched for someone who's proven time and time again that's she's lazy and doesn't care

No. 888873

Anon we've been over this too many times.

No. 888874

File: 1661090807629.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1252, 13958105-E8CD-4264-A5FB-C7E51B…)

This brand of bait makes me want to scream. Here’s your “that girl” influencer

No. 888875

I mean, you might as well imagine Luna joining the Air Force, becoming a fighter pilot, then being recruited for astronaut training and being the first person on Mars. Dream big when you’re writing implausible fanfic!

No. 888876

I don’t even understand why she cancelled it in the first place. You can edit a booking to change the dates.

No. 888877

Serving council housed and violent realness
This obsession with skincare is unreasonably hilarious to me, her posing is the icing on the cake, and the way she pushes her lips out to make them seem less like a white woman papercut is topkek

No. 888878

Because she’s a fucking idiot, nonita. A literal retard.

No. 888886

File: 1661102866494.png (1.68 MB, 1439x2177, Screenshot_20220821-102617.png)

No. 888887

Why does everyone that she causes trouble to never actually put their foot down (except based social worker lady and probably alltard) and do as they say they would do? I can't believe she's still hanging out there. How does she manage to weasel her way out of any situation and keeps finding enablers? Fucking junkies. I want Luna removed by cops milk so bad and it never ends up happening.

No. 888888

yummy pores, facial hair and pimples

yes Tuna you're a gorgeous hot sexy beautiful itty bitty tiny princess

No. 888889

He probably won't even be on site and will be barely thinking about you at all since he has other shit to do, that's how.

No. 888890

It was dumbassery then too, but at least in the past cow-tippers used to suck up to her to get info, and it usually worked. She started getting wise to it after the Tess fiasco, but it wasn't too bad cause she still can't resist responding to people who are gassing her up even if she suspects them of being a mole.

Nowadays she does still overshare, but it's paltry compared to before the constant tipping. If people are gonna be creepy and abrasive, she'll get even quieter.

No. 888891

Is that.. vomit on her shirt?

No. 888892

you’re so retarded please shut the fuck up fakeboi/troll, neither lolcow or tuna care about your gay fanfics. either you love her unconditionally (i.e enable, donate, ass kiss) or you don’t exist to her. fuck off.

No. 888893

and you’ll probably get thrown out of that one too, you junkie moron. bawwwww it’s not MY fault i broke the rules, it’s HIS!

No. 888894

It’s probably not worth it to him to cause a scene and scare off customers, no one wants to call the cops and have a blow out unless absolutely necessary

No. 888895

get out, scrote

No. 888897

jfc i think it is

No. 888898

God I wish you fanfic anons would just fuck off already. "an epiphany" indeed. Have you read any of the threads up to this point?

At least this bait is funny (and, well, bait)

I feel like fakeboi is doing the tipping. She couldn't win with snitching or ass kissing so now she's trying to stop the milk.

No. 888899

File: 1661107371854.jpg (162.5 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20220821-114144_Tum…)

I dont think she really acknowledges fakeboi's existence tbh. Picrel, fakeboi is a socially retarded creep who desperately throws herself at Tuna and I've never once seen a response.

No. 888900

File: 1661109256408.png (112.65 KB, 567x573, Screenshot 2022-08-21 20.13.36…)

gonna get bingo soon thank u

No. 888902

He'll leave her under the guise of "well you go stay at xyz and I'll fend for myself until we can be together again" and love bomb her so he can still use her for money whenever the opportunity arises but still continue on with his life all the while staying with someone else and getting high

No. 888906

Luna could totes become a runway model, she has the height, just needs a face transplant, gastric bypass, bbl for her saggy ass, breast implants, liposuction, and sagging skin surgery and then she could totes become the next bella hadid, omg! She just needs to get started by getting a job at McDonald's, it's so totes omg easy! She would get endless compliments as a burger flipper, it would boost her confidence and I can totally see her getting scouted if she just saved money for all these surgeries! yas queen!

No. 888907

File: 1661114204446.png (364.71 KB, 1440x2168, Screenshot_20220821-133528.png)

It makes sense because he doesn't want you there and this is how he gets you out…play stupid games, win stupid prizes

No. 888908

File: 1661114363039.png (554.33 KB, 1439x1468, Screenshot_20220821-133919.png)

get fucked, tuna

No. 888909

yeah because social retards like fakeboi will do anything to get the attention of the person they’re fixated on, even if it’s under the guise of another person. why this person is so obsessed with tuna is beyond me but they’re fucking annoying and need to find another hobby besides admiring tuna from afar and shitting up the thread

No. 888910

I doubt he lied, Maybe since you probably bitched to him about not having hot enough showers (and probably demanding $ back bc of that) he wanted you out because he couldn't host you "to the best of his abilities" (a legit airbnb reason). So I'm sure it was just you, not the other guests lol
This will blow up in her face too.
I can't believe how she fucks stuff up forself over and over (Nvm yes I can, it's tuna). Sounds like a lovely place. Too bad it's not permanent or stable. Can't live there forever or squat

No. 888911

>>888860 MC Sledgehammer, lmao nonnita, this is the best one.
>>888869 ngl I just thought this was satire in the same vein as >>888906 lol
>>888900 I love you anon, truly the energy this cursed AF thread needs right now tbh. Free space should just say "UNSAGED AUTISM"

No. 888913

since luna been banned from air bnb is she going to be able to leave a review? if so i am very curious what this mans review of her and lurch would be

No. 888924


I thought I saw a brief flash of self awareness and read "Why can't I do anything right?" kek it's really telling when you consider yourself an inactive agent in your life, and a perpetual victim. It's this kind of repetitive schtick at her age that convinces me she's stuck in arrested development, probably permanently. imo she has a slim chance of turning it around before her brain just locks into this mode and she turns from a NEET young adult into a drain on society, by choice. Whether voluntary or not, it takes some pure stubbornness to shut your eyes and ears to the reality around you to this extent.

No. 888925

boggles the mind that these retards think “sober” just means “not actively doing heroin all the time”

No. 888927

Not that anon but saying that lurch ditching tuna could be a blessing in disguise for her is hardly fanfic, calm down
I am disappointed that they get their own bathroom this time ergo less likely to immediately have other guests complain about how putrid they are. I wonder how long it will take us to find the exact place this time

No. 888930

File: 1661137836622.jpg (176.7 KB, 714x1416, VideoCapture_20220821-201048.j…)

No. 888931

File: 1661137862402.jpg (221.61 KB, 720x1403, VideoCapture_20220821-201040.j…)

No. 888932

Interesting choice of words. Love to know if Señor Sledge actually gave them more time to get out or if she thinks because she has another place "booked", she's entitled to stay until the place is available.
Same and they'll muck the next bathroom so badly at the next place within hours of arriving.

No. 888937

File: 1661140483816.jpg (155.19 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20220821-205435_Ins…)

No. 888938

You know I bet she could make a killing if she started doing those videos with like smal cars and cities and people where she crushes them or eats them

No. 888941

Kek the giant fetish
Why do anons do this shit, where they message the cow with questions we discuss on here, then come back with just her answers as if we don't know you're choosing to touch the shit?!

No. 888943

he was attacked by dogs? i thought it was another reason for those savings, maybe im tripping.

No. 888944


I would try to get you up to speed, but it has been such a discussed bit of Luna history that I cannot reply to this spoonfeeding beggery couched as forgetfulness.

No. 888946

Lol, okay Tuna. I think it's funny when she tries to flex the fat moai statue like a brawler/scary guy. You're both cockroaches who flee when you see light. Thanks for the laugh.

No. 888948

what would the refund even be for at this point? If they are staying for over half of the month, and there will undoubtedly be extra fees for the state they are leaving the place in, then what is there to refund? Just go in peace, consider it a win that you got to not be homeless for a minute and move on to the next sucker

No. 888949

Ok. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed she looked like a behemoth in this picture. Why does everything around her look so tiny lmfaoooo

No. 888950

>gorgeous, it’s like the total opposite of this place
Um what? For the filthiest junkie I’ve ever seen, her standards are fucking ridiculous. Señor Sledge’s property is miles better than what she deserves and idk why she cares so much when she already has it looking like a hovel >>888930 She has zero respect for her own space or for others, yet she can only tolerate being housed in a luxury Airbnb? lmfao oh my god. No job, no income, turned every previous residence into a biohazard, literally has vomit on her shirt as we speak, and expects celebrity treatment. It’s insane to me that she has more than a cardboard box to call home at this point. Fucking junkie luck. At least she’s on track to burn through that settlement immediately.

No. 888951

Hmm here's my tinfoil hat on
>tuna ends up cashing the settlement money at a paydayloan place, hence her outings pre eviction, the shoplifting spree was probably to pat herself on the back for not blowing through whatever chump change they got
>fastforward the week during the eviction
>neither her nor matthew have bank accounts
>begs dad or mom to use their cards to book a place on the vrbo/airbnb account
>payment "processes"
>place secured…
>or so it seems, muh ebil parents let her know she can't keep charging their cards every month to stay there, or there's not enough in their accounts to afford it
>payment declines
>Sledgehammer-kun already hates them staying there, and realizes they don't plan on paying rent after Tuna tries to give him money orders to pay for their stay
>Coldwatergate ensues with Sledgehammer-kun gives no fucks about their complaints, being a known finesser that fled his home country, he knows the game they're playing and throws it right back at them
>what sledgehammer-kun doesn't realize tho is that these idiots will do everything in their power to ruin whatever goodwill he might've had towards them with the combined might of their fried braincells
It's another get rich quick scheme in her mind but, it hilarious she thinks Lurch won't dip if things go south at sledgehammer-kun's and neither will get arrested if they keep escalating shit like this for no reason.

No. 888952

Yeah and it wasn't even that long ago in her timeline iirc. They had already taken over Mama Tuna's place.

No. 888953

Lmao thank you anon, this sent me. Some actual solid advice kek, couldn't be any less humiliating than the "sex work" she already does

No. 888956

This made me audibly cackle, Mecha-Tuna
I’m surprised MC Sledgehammer hasn’t called Hammer Time on their asses already. If Luna wasn’t such a tard I’d think that perhaps they fabricated the whole story for pitybux and as an excuse to find a place more up to Luna’s unreasonably lofty standards

No. 888959

This is extortion and she'll have her airbnb account terminated.

No. 888960

She’s already had hers banned, lurch must have created one in his name

No. 888961

>Matthew said he’ll just sit here until we’re refunded

Sounds like a great way to get arrested! Which sounds like a great idea for someone with a criminal record already!

No. 888965

Why would you be refunded if you're still staying there? Duh. I know your junkie brains are fried, but c'mon

No. 888970

OK but can we talk about how this is the only normal looking outfit shes worn in years?

No. 888975

I see they already had to change rooms though. Now is McSledge wise enough to move them around to keep them from potentially establishing tenants rights? So far up in junkie dream land though, they think they can just stay again this time? How far removed from reality.. Or sobriety.

No. 888976

She claims they paid to stay til April 2023.

No. 888978

Which is truly bs bc AirBNB only lets you pay a month at a time upfront

No. 888979



I think they booked it through here not AirBnB (states you can have a cat). Any nonnies out here familiar with this website?

No. 888983

She didn't pay until April since she only paid around $1600. So they're expecting to be refunded for the days they stayed just because they don't get to continue staying.
I love how she's finally stuck schlepping her shit everywhere. I don't believe for a second that they sued anyone either. She would've posted about it. Plus lawsuits take awhile to pay out and that's IF her former neighbor even had thousands in his bank account. This is all Daddy Tuba money that she's lying about the source of to fit her Evil Dad narrative.

No. 888985


>>888983 refer to above post. I'm sure she was lying, but with the recent revelation with Tuna not having inherited a house, I will provide proof of her saying things.

No. 888993

File: 1661175793022.jpg (70.47 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20220822-062848_Tum…)

comment on >>888868
her obsession with Tuna's skin is getting so unnerving

No. 888994

why is it so hard for some farmers to leave the livestock alone

No. 888995

fakeboi wants to buffalo bill Tuna

No. 888996

Praying for the gods of milk he stays behind and get arrested. Can you imagine her meltdown?

No. 888997

She posted about the neighbor's dog attacking Lurch and that they are gonna sue the owner a while ago.

No. 888998

she can't keep her lies straight. First it was him getting hit by a car. Now they are playing this card. He would never have been to court for it yet with how backed up they are since this happened during lockdowns. It all comes down to her father paying or lurch dealing.

No. 888999

It’s possible that homeowners insurance offered him a quick 10k-ish settlement to not go to court. It happens all the time with accidents that insurance will pay out on

No. 889000

File: 1661180140138.jpg (146 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20220822-075529_Chr…)

No. 889001

File: 1661180266346.png (166.28 KB, 748x858, Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-22 um 1…)

No. 889003

I'm crying, this man is fucking retarded

No. 889011

Yeah, the bum leg settlement is ancient, whereas the dog bite settlement is new.

No. 889013

Your reading comprehension sucks but sure thing, NTA.

Legit special needs, this one lmao

No. 889024

Ummmm, sounds like Lurch is trying to ditch Tuna imo

No. 889027

This or they found some ambulance chasing lawyer to settle things (who ended up scamming them), and now Tuna has it in her head "Omg the best lawyer ever, this fuckin' slum lord better watch out!"

No. 889031

Kek that’s what I thought. “You go on ahead without me babe, I’ll er.. catch you up later.”

No. 889053

File: 1661202761181.jpg (166.89 KB, 720x1410, VideoCapture_20220822-141320.j…)

No. 889054

Alien superstar

No. 889055

Correction: I only love the skin on my face, the rest of me can stay filthy.

No. 889056

The fatty hair.. Sheesh

No. 889058


I'm so sick of her hyping her skin whens she's using a filter to make it look like that. Small comforts I guess.

No. 889061

Reminds me of this picture >>888288 when you see the makeup missing around her eyes. But it's definitely just her bare skin and lip gloss

No. 889065

Fatty hair? Can someone please clarify kek I want to understand what this means

No. 889066

She loves her skin, but she looks late 30s? Her skin looks greasy, sure its clear, but it looks aged. She has nice skin… for someone in their late 30s, which we know she's not and that's sad.

No. 889067


Also if you miss his "relaxing touches" so much you shouldn't have let your extremely sick father rot away on a bare matress, Matthew Schumacher.

No. 889069

Doesn't snapchat show the name of the filter under someone's name if that's the case?

No. 889070

you love that filter**

No. 889071

its right at the bottom of the screenshot beside "send a chat". the smiley face shows the filter

No. 889073

It means greasy. Guess they weren't lying about the plumbing issues. Or already squatting

No. 889074

she has a really weird face.

No. 889075

I’m not gonna go into details to save my identity but they are out of the airbnb so milk is def coming

No. 889076

No. 889080

can you give us any more details (without compromising your identity ofc)? do you mean they’re out right now? if so, do you know where they are?

No. 889084

File: 1661210840356.jpg (3.24 MB, 972x7718, Screenshot_20220822-192739_Chr…)

Already somewhere else.

No. 889085

File: 1661210980576.gif (146.36 KB, 90x90, 1661141018638432.gif)

No. 889086

Looks like a hotel (a decent one too)

No. 889087

Motel room

No. 889088

File: 1661211678106.jpg (377.95 KB, 916x689, Screenshot_20220822-164210_Sam…)

No. 889089

File: 1661211757592.jpg (443.14 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20220822-164102_Sam…)

Is her tongue too big for her mouth or what?

No. 889090

she literally looks like a corpse with a bloated tongue when she does this. fucking vom

No. 889092

no she's just getting the london look

No. 889093

Wouldn’t that be the best time to go inpatient ?

No. 889094

No Lurch in sight. I hope he did stay behind to claim the refund kek

No. 889095

File: 1661212504748.jpeg (682.99 KB, 828x1190, E8623C65-F82F-4B4C-8FEF-CC2950…)

she double posted these pics, is she high as fuck? meeting a john here or something?

No. 889096

mte. but Luna loooooves having this new excuse to never do anything, ever.

how’s the job search going, girlie?

No. 889097

This looks like an extended stay motel/hotel based on the cabinetry and microwave in the background. Evil Dad forever saves the day.

No. 889098

I don’t know if it’s necessarily extended-stay just based on the cabinets. I recently stayed in a hotel for a wedding and the room had a kitchenette with stocked cabinets that looked similar to this one. I think it was one step up from the cheapest room option.

It’s probably just a hotel room for them to stay at until the 27th, which is when she claimed they can move into their “new place.” Which also means MC Sledge finally kicked their asses to the curb, kek

No. 889100

It's definitely an Extended Stay. That's the exact bedding that they use, and the same unsettling greenish-yellow wall paint. I lived in one for a few months while I was looking for an apartment and it was dreadful. Lots of drug addicts and drifters who can't find stable housing. It's maybe half a step up from a Motel 6.

No. 889101

Soooo… no lurch then? Lmao. She would have definitely included that ugly fuck in a pic if he was there. He's got his side chick at the airbnb kek

No. 889103

File: 1661216255196.jpg (158.43 KB, 720x1411, VideoCapture_20220822-175814.j…)

No. 889104

File: 1661216335608.jpg (2.91 MB, 962x4485, Screenshot_20220822-175945_Sam…)

No. 889105

it doesn’t occur to Young Einstein here that one way to get people not to see you as a junkie would be to get sober?

No. 889106

very hard for anons who actually don’t have parents not to a-log this stinky, ungrateful retard rn. she’s almost 30 and her dad still pays for the phone she’s depicting here. she’s almost 30 and he’s still bailing her out over and over and over again. and the only reason her mom can’t is because Luna fucking ruined her sobriety and living situation. FUCK you, Luna.

No. 889108

These are so ridiculous
"no family 4 u :smiley face:"
"hahahahah! :house crossed out"

However she is right with "all the world will ever se me as is as junkie" and "it's all ur fault"

Also who's the black haired freckled nose piercing saying "i'd die 4 u"

No. 889109

*A piece of shit junkie, Luna. Also, this could be remedied if you truly wanted.
She’s deplorable.

No. 889111

> Also who's the black haired freckled nose piercing saying "i'd die 4 u"
At first I thought it was her but now you’ve made me question that. I doubt it’s Matthew though.

No. 889112

File: 1661217171491.jpeg (22.85 KB, 205x246, CCB4AB85-4FD2-40CC-8BBF-9D3A2F…)

is it the girlfriend who died? idk, nobody Luna draws looks recognizable, they all look like a dirty junkie version of those lame “Love Is…” cartoons anyway

No. 889113

not to be that anon but i like this art a lot better than a lot of the stuff she does. better perspectives. i like her handwriting too she's pretty good at making it look nice for a junkie. still not anything worth posting online.

No. 889114

>no home for you!
yeah that’s why most people GET A JOB

>so tired of being tired

from doing WHAT all day? drinking your own piss and taking selfies? is your selfie arm tired, Luna? is that what you meant?

this motel looks like shit and it’s still too good for these parasites.

No. 889117


Wtf is that sloth mouth

No. 889118

I know she's a junkie and all but honestly how does she think she can turn her situation around?? Crying on tumblr won't make an apartment lease appear on her name. She needs to start with the fucking basics like getting a bank account. But she won't do that, and honestly her lack of will makes me want to a-log sometimes, but it's been amusing keeping up with her junkie luck running out.

No. 889121

File: 1661218113412.jpg (80.99 KB, 1080x727, IMG_20220822_222909_434.jpg)

Why did I read the "no home for you" in the soup nazi accent kek

No. 889122

File: 1661218592410.jpg (212.34 KB, 720x1419, VideoCapture_20220822-183717.j…)

No. 889124

Then don't be one of the most annoying types of ass kissers shitting up this thread.

No. 889126

Omg I did too! No shit when I saw this over at KF that’s exactly the first thought I had.

No. 889133

File: 1661219887581.jpg (219.11 KB, 590x678, Screenshot_20220822-185540_Chr…)

yeah anon it's so deep and thought out, this is my favorite part

No. 889135

…literally just call your father and ask him to move in, retard. get a job.

No. 889140

Goddamn… that oily, gross WHATEVER she likes to put on her face and take selfies makes it look like she's got the meat sweats from some hot hoagie meat that lurch dumpster dived for her

No. 889142


Looks like the Marriot in her town

Guess the landlord figures a corporation will have more resources to deal with her come check out time

No. 889143

Tuba, you WANTED the world to see you as a jUnkIe. You tried your hardest and posted it all over social media and yet you still look like a try hard reaching to have a "jUnkIe aesthetic" whatever that means.
Anons need to stop telling this grown ass fatty to move in with her old dad. She leeches off him enough. She needs to pick her own dimpled ass up and take care of business, not beg from her dad as she takes handouts from him while trashing him. Anons like to use that fake excuse "ohhh her brain stopped developing when she started dabbling with drugs in her teens" but there's so many former addicts who actually did hard drugs in their early teens who are successful now. There is no excuse for Tuna to not take care of herself.

No. 889146

File: 1661222781501.jpg (413.97 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20220822-224634_Chr…)

The smallest room goes for around 199$ per night.

No. 889151

hot damn nonnie with your weaponized autism

No. 889155


No. 889156

I wonder if evil dad came through with some travel points or something, definitely not the most budget option

No. 889157

Agree that these are a big improvement to the mix-n-match pastel sadbby motifs she usually relies on, not sure why other anons got on your ass about it
>Guess the landlord figures a corporation will have more resources to deal with her come check out time
The landlord passed her off to the Marriot? She really does have junkie luck if that's the case- this might be the last time she ever stays in decent living quarters that aren't at her dad's or an institution.

No. 889158

yeah i don’t think tuna’s dad should actually support her financially let alone house and feed her for free, it was more so scoffing at her stupid self pitying “art” which message is just blatantly untrue. she has family, she has a home to go to. many people don’t have that so when the obvious answer to her sooper serious problems are right in her fucking face, it’s irksome to say the least. wishing homelessness on others is terrible and i wouldn’t do it but she needs a taste to realize what she’s actually got, altho that will probably never happen because junkies always have enablers around them. once the enabler goes, they die or get sober, and we’ve seen tuna’s idea of sober. her dad is incapable of saying no to her during her bpd tantrums and probably does feel somewhat responsible for her addiction, despite that not being true. she made her choices and continues to keep making those choices, she says she wants to live but lol hotel hopping, eating xanax and eye fucking yourself isn’t living

No. 889159

Why would we have any reason to think sledge put her up? I know it's been mentioned in this thread before this too but did I miss something indicating he moved them out into the hotel?

No. 889160

Could've saved money by sleeping in a tent while the weather is still nice. Evil dad gotta pull through in winter so she won't sleep on the frozen streets. Reminds me of her "poor people deserve expensive things".

No. 889163

I can't get over how much she looks like a cheap hooker here. Is lurch out scoring while she waits on a trick? He is mysteriously absent.

No. 889164

So I was right earlier when I said it looked like a hotel. She said they can move into a new place on the 27th and Sledge was “gonna have to deal with them for 5 or 6 days.” Sounds like he absolutely did not have to deal with them and finally kicked them out and they’re staying in a hotel until the 27th. There’s no way they will be able to afford $200/night for longer than a few nights so this is def not their long term solution.

No. 889166

Plus a $100 pet fee (unless she snuck the cat in)

No. 889168

File: 1661227947451.jpg (261.03 KB, 1080x1279, 1659361668271.jpg)

Motel saga: check

No. 889170

i’m just relishing in the fact that she actually has to stay in a hotel when it seems to be her worst nightmare. you know, cause it’s gonna blow through all of her supposed savings?

No. 889180

File: 1661238073784.jpg (77.18 KB, 720x455, Kf fakeboi.jpg)

Some wise advice from fakeboi, just go inpatient Luna! All the Haldol you want!

No. 889187

My understanding is that if there genuinely was a plumbing issue MC Sledgehammer would put them up in a hotel until it’s fixed but that’s clearly not the situation. He kicked them out and ebil dad is probably paying for the hotel while they’re waiting to move into the new place.

No. 889190

Fakeboi is so stupid. Luna senpai is not going to notice you, girl. Get a life and a grip of reality, she'll never get better dumbass. Everything you said is already too much effort for her

No. 889197

Does this retard have her own thread? I remember she’s been replying to Luna for a long time. I also remember a couple threads back that she posted here.

No. 889203

yup, over in snow. kept self posting though, plus with no milk it died out


No. 889207

Its too long for me to screenshot but she's been posting some Soren Hayes level shit lately

No. 889208

Fakeboitherottengirl never be as pretty and talented as Luna.

No. 889219


She probably thinks they're living it up…

Hey Tuna, during the pandemic shelters utilized hotels/motels for the homeless (including those filthy crackheads) so enjoy!

No. 889224

File: 1661269534972.jpg (792.13 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20220823-114526_Chr…)

No. 889225

File: 1661269635245.gif (951.62 KB, 498x241, close-your-mouth-sweetie-you-l…)

No. 889229

Her dad is poor and does not support her financially.Stop talking out of your ass there's no wealth behind Luna.

No. 889231

so hes using his social security to finance her life. thats worse

No. 889232

I can't stand this "I love my skin" phase. It's literally just a "fuck you" to all the well-meaning non-farmers who tried to tell her she was getting dermatitis from all the products she uses. Instead of "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," suddenly her skin is somehow "so pErFeCt" after months of having to hide the one crusty side of her face with her hair? The swollen eye saga?? Sure Jan.

No. 889234

But she needs gobs and gobs of shit along with filters to hide the disaster that is her skin in real life. We know she has the chafing skin on her upper lip, scabs that show up on her lips etc.

No. 889236

dont forget about her swollen crusty lip piercing she was rubbing foundation and lipgloss all over. she doesn't have good skin filters are just good these days and she takes photos in low light.

No. 889238

File: 1661277585962.jpg (676.29 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_20220823-105942_Red…)

Such doom, much sad…oh KoTH!

No. 889239

File: 1661277651603.jpg (198.22 KB, 718x1425, VideoCapture_20220823-105742.j…)

She must really like this one bc she keeps reposting it.

No. 889240

She looks so smug and punchable. This fat bitch really thinks her selfies are gods gift to the internet.
Who are all of these selfies even for? She’s so terribly boring looking now

No. 889241

C'mon Tuna, give us a big wide smile with them pearly whites! Oh, my sides if even the filter couldn't hide her nasty ass mouth.

No. 889242

This was posted on her ig as well and is already deleted along with a random picture she posted of the sky

No. 889243

I think my favorite thing about Tuna is that despite the fact that she claims to have low self esteem and hates the way she looks, you can always see in her selfies that she has insanely high self esteem.

No. 889244

one of Rudis’s listings is back on Airbnb so I really doubt the plumbing went out and he put them up in a hotel, as had been suggested by some other anon.


it’s available starting Thursday. he really just wanted them gone kek.

No. 889245

Damn how long 'till she slanders senor sledge online like she said she would?

Also this thread is only 9 days old and already halfway into being locked. What a milky era

No. 889246

Her hair is such an awful looking fried mess. I'd be embarrassed to post a picture online with my hair styled that way and looking dry as hell.

No. 889247

I'm curious about this too, I wonder if he went through whatever process airbnb/hotpads has to remove people, she's been awful quiet about him after lurch was supposed to hold it down for the refund

It looks significantly lighter, hard to tell if it's because she's actually been washing it slightly more or if she started picking up the bleach again. Looks like shit either way

No. 889248

>Hey Luna, your hair looks healthy enough to bleach it by yourself. This color looks so cheap and basic on you. Takes you from an 8 to a 2. Please try it, it’ll be worth it.

No. 889266

They're for her. Remember when she thought she looked 'old Hollywood glam' or whatever it was. For all the sadbby shit, she really does think she's something special. Pity for her the only one who agrees is flakeboi.

No. 889268

Tinfoil, Lurch was going to stay until they reach 30 days to obtain squatters' rights if they didn't have a backup plan. Refund or not.

No. 889269


Oh that lovely mouth of plaque covered yellow chompers, perfectly complimented by that dead grey front tooth.

Her teeth look like the really bad side of the colour chart on tooth whitening kits.

Besides stale smoke I bet she has that heady, rancid rotting tooth pulp smell.
Filter's cant hide that Luna!

Might as well settle in for a flood of 'my skin' selfies, the lobster claw special showing off that crap tattoo, 'I ♥ this place' pics with Lurch AND….
then one day the inevitable 'I hate this place, they are evil and throwing us out for NOTHING'

No. 889271

Where is lurch? No sighting since the recent move

No. 889273

probably left her kek

No. 889274

I feel like if he left her, she would be BPD posting all over Tumblr and ig.

No. 889275

He’s squatting at the airbnb to try and get their money back.

No. 889276

Judging by his activity on Twitter I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to rope in women to visit him at the airbnb squat while Tuba's gone. Tinfoil of course but wouldn't surprise me at all.

No. 889278

They were booted from the property. I acknowledge that you’ll likely not believe me because I cannot show you proof, but it is a fact. Mention was made of a previous eviction and that changed everything, he was no longer Mr. Nice Guy, wanted them out same day , yesterday. He remained on site they were gone.

No. 889281

So he learned they were long term squatters that had to be evicted, and decided to not even give them a chance? I hope this keeps happening if so lmao

No. 889283

I'm curious where this intel is coming from. I get preserving anonymity but the info about sledge being nice guy until he found out about the last eviction is news to me.

The info you've provided indicates it either came directly from Luna or someone in contact with sledge, or details like that wouldn't be available.

I'm sure Rudis wants to wash his hands of these filthy junkies and remain professional, but I would really love to hear his version of things if the information isn't coming from luna.

No. 889284

Maybe anon is currently staying/or knows someone at the air bnb and found this page when googling her name.

No. 889287

if they keep trying to stay in Airbnbs/private rentals, this WILL keep happening. they’ll be fine in a motel, but there’s no chance they’ll be able to scam or squat there. no matter how they’re paying, the hotel has a credit card on file (who it belongs to is anyone’s guess), and they’ll just keep charging it until these two leeches leave.

I’m dying to know Señor Sledgehammer’s side of the story.

No. 889288

I understand the concept of anonymity but surely you can be less vague than t. trust me
Me too nona, I really want to know exactly what went down when he initially told them to leave and then when lurch tried to stay behind and then (assuming what was posted above is true) how MC Sledgehammer called Hammer Time on them when he found out they’d been evicted previously

No. 889289

Taking this with a grain of salt but if your story is true, how did he find out about their previous eviction?

No. 889293

File: 1661295797596.jpg (159.81 KB, 1080x1350, 299125402_456920032967371_4370…)

Sage for autism or whatever you kids say but I saw this and immediately thought of our queen of squalor

No. 889295

This adds up. Luna was complaining about all his kids? I bet he doesn't bring them to rentals but had to if he was staying there making sure they didnt fuck up the place. Anymore milk, anon? I don't care about proof since anons here have been treating anything as true like owning a house and other false luna lore based on assumptions like this bs >>889231

No. 889297

At least clarify that you don’t know this because you cowtipped…right?

No. 889298

It's probably fakeboi if it isn't coming from another tenant or associate of sledge. C'mon and just give us the full milk

No. 889299

Her joker smirk when she tries to pucker her lips to pretend she has lips is hilarious. If she does clown eye makeup, she could easily get a job as a circus clown!

No. 889300

File: 1661298667105.jpg (144.12 KB, 720x1445, VideoCapture_20220823-165135.j…)

No. 889301

Anon, it's extremely obvious she has incredibly low self esteem. She's not taking pics for vanity reasons but because she's seeking validation from anybody that's willing to lie and tell her she looks soooo gOoD like a Hollywood sTarLet. That's mostly why she's posting those sad nudes on Reddit. For the meager amount of pictures she sells, she's mostly just trying to hear that her and her dinner plate areolas look hawt.
People with high self esteem don't literally beg for validation.

No. 889302

Luna trying to prove to us that she showers, even though her hair is dry

No. 889304

That's considerate of her to wash herself between johns given her normal level of filth

No. 889305

Not to mention the multiple posts she's made flat out begging people to compliment or validate her. Definitely the actions of someone with high self esteem.

No. 889306

It's clear that this anon is the one that keeps touching the livestock:

Remember when we got those few messages anon said was from Tubba Wubba about her new place being much better than the Honest Abe house with no messages from anon showing? That's the same anon trying to overmilk the cow but unable to provide proof since they're afraid they'll lose access.

No. 889307

Fucking kek does she know how a hair dryer works ????

No. 889309

Off topic and I dont know if it has been said before but I just realized that ebil dad definitely lives in the manhattan plaza building

No. 889311

Huh, dad gets a federally subsidized apt? Guess the govt paying a generous portion of his rent allows him to buy extra tat for Luna.

No. 889312

Then she definitely isn’t getting the apartment when he dies is she? They all appear to be rent controlled artist apts.

No. 889313

This is so fucking hilarious. Not only is it her stupidest pose yet but what the fuck is her face and hands and just everything! Uncanny valley at its best. And I shouldn't be surprised but she already has that mirror dirty asf. It's been one day.

No. 889314

Unless she doesn't know it yet. He'd do it on the low. There's already been shady shit. He went to "talk to a lady" (without tuna) about housing. And wants to stay at the air bnb until "they're refunded"… but sent tuna away? You wouldn't be refunded the airbnb until you vacated the property. Derp.
Or maybe sledge-daddy doesn't have a problem with lurch and didn't care if he stayed. So lurch low-key ditched tuna to valiantly stay at the airbnb kek.

No. 889315

Lol, fuck no. After he dies a new applicant will get the place. You don’t inherit or pass on a federally subsidized apt. (Rent controlled, private apt are another matter) Funny it was always called a co-op by Luna. The apartments in that building are highly coveted because it’s cheap and a great location.

No. 889318

File: 1661304254627.jpeg (444.52 KB, 828x1403, 39B53E02-F8CB-4D9D-8071-B7ED9E…)

Fucking kek, Sledgehammer-sama has re-listed the room, I suspect that this is not going to be the last time they encounter a similar situation


No. 889319

My guess is either Rudis told them it was because of plumbing issues that they need to leave to keep the peace, but really just wanted them out for whatever reason (the eviction, the cat, the general junkie smelly shadiness of them), or Luna is lying and saying he kicked them out for plumbing issues unjustly because if she says that he kicked them out because of the eviction, cat, general junkie smelly shadiness, it'll be like… well yeah, why wouldn't he kick you out for that. she just can't stand to not be the victim.

No. 889320

the 'plumbing' excuse is absolutely a lie when he kept taking in roomers.

No. 889322

File: 1661305969983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 683 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220823-185251_Red…)

She just posted this, but isn't this old?

No. 889323

File: 1661306140287.jpg (721.06 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20220823-185602_Sam…)

No. 889324

Luna shows it’s possible to have low self-esteem yet also be madly in love with your own reflection. Her self-hatred is just another form of self-obsession.

No. 889327

You can see her blonde hair so it's definitely old

No. 889330

do they have landmines in Haiti? that’s what her thighs look like

No. 889331

File: 1661312058720.jpg (141.43 KB, 1080x727, stop...hammertime.jpg)

No. 889332

lmao u dont even own one thats why u never do it

No. 889333

looool anon
the drawing she made is so funny “you don’t make 80x the rent so you can’t live here!” like you don’t have a job or a steady source of income, you aren’t considered and reliable renter. she’s retarded

No. 889334


She deleted all the air bnb trash talk off her insta now… interesting.

No. 889335

The funniest part about that is, in nyc it’s 80x the rent needed when someone else is signing for your lease because you can’t afford it. When you’re signing on your own, it’s 40x the rent. So say the rent is $1,000, you’d need to make 40k a year to rent, or the person signing for you would need to make 80k

She’s literally crying about the requirements for someone else to pay for her shit bc she won’t get a fucking job

No. 889336

Lmao confirming that it is in fact ebil dad covering her housing expenses, good job telling on yourself Tuna

No. 889337

File: 1661315226950.jpg (464.87 KB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_20220823-212454_Tum…)

lol her likes are still public on tumblr. the rest are posts about shoplifting and benzos

No. 889338

Tuna is the most unreliable narrator. I wouldn't doubt she was zonked out of her mind and tried to win some pity points with the guy by "trauma dumping" on him during their first meeting only for him to quickly realize: "Oh hell no are you gonna try that shit with me." cue him within days telling them they need to leave.

As for Lurch, Tuna's a dumbass if she really thinks he's going to valiantly risk squatting for her sake. Didn't he a few months back (or maybe even a year ago) get caught flirting with some other cow on /snow/ who's a stripper? Now there's some "super duper nice lady" he's "in talks with" kek. Either way, Tuna getting cucked arc incoming.

No. 889340

>shoplifting and benzos

This enormous slug is the definition of "waste of oxygen."

No. 889351

He’s been cheating on her since the beginning. No cuck saga coming. Luna doesn’t give a fuck because “he’s doing it as a joke” even though he’s sent multiple women pics of his pencil dick

No. 889352

File: 1661337614248.jpeg (333.57 KB, 2048x2048, D19C3A2C-892C-46D8-839A-0935C6…)

Choose Your Fighter

No. 889353

You didn't sage your post. You have to type "sage" in the email field in order to do so, newfriend.

No. 889354

>>889053 this pic seems like she's trying to look like lurch. Just noticed that as I scrolled past.

No. 889355

Kek That's why I keep coming in that thread even when the milk is dry af. The meme/art/chair-nonnas here are the funniest (still giggling like a tard at the big areolas one)
Love you fellow autists.

No. 889357

I may have missed the discussion in an early thread and I'm not a medfag but does she have FAS? I mean it wouldn't be surprising given her mom's history with drugs.

No. 889362

She was born addicted to heroin supposedly but she doesn’t have many characteristics of FAS, maybe a little but if she does they don’t present in a textbook way

What she does have is 1.) an overbite that affects her breathing, speaking, and drooling

2.) Her less talked about cleft upper lip. I went full autism one night and did a ton of research on this specifically and the only answers I came upon were a. she ripped it open she some point in her childhood or b. she has a microform cleft upper lip that her parents didn’t care to take care of

So TLDR her parents never took her to the dentist and she’s ugly

No. 889365

I suspect this poster isn’t a cowtipper but a fellow tenant. Luna would never share the real story with anyone, but if Rudis likes to sit on the porch and smoke hookah and regale people with stories, I’m sure he told someone who stays there about the “crazy, smelly junkie couple who just left! Look them up online!” If this dude has a lawyer or private investigator—he definitely does—they would have found the threads in about 30 seconds flat.

No. 889366

Luna and Lurch for sure got booted out, was a sad sad day. MC Hammertime knows about their past kek

No. 889367

Maoi statue still been lurking around as usual

No. 889370

Nona how do you know?

No. 889375

I was a “neighbour” for a couple of days. We mostly stayed in our rooms because it was a bit weird. But the owner 100% knows about these people

No. 889376

FEED US! Spill, anon. Being a neighbor with 0 interaction isn't cowtipping.

No. 889378


yes, please tell us!

No. 889379

If you're really real can you confirm if Rudis has actually lurked here/had his lawyer lurk or not?
If he has I wonder how weird it is for him to have an autist fangirl club. I really do love some of the art people have done, skills beyond anything Luna will have lol

No. 889381

How bad were the filth and stench emanating from them/their room?

No. 889382

A neighbour, as in, you stayed in the same house as her? did you know about Luna beforehand?

No. 889383

File: 1661358787149.gif (2.67 MB, 356x200, 200.gif)

spill the tea

No. 889385

File: 1661359149536.gif (1.07 MB, 220x175, cool-foldable-chair.gif)

Anon, don't let us sit here without any details. We are listening, spill the beans!

No. 889388

do you have any proof of your stay i.e email confirmation of the booking or anything? how did you find this thread? or coincidentally did you already know about them?

No. 889390

I’m not that stupid to post my own shit on here, maybe check the reviews in a couple days or something. It was quite peaceful to be honest, they admitted to being wrong and just left. Smelt like fucken shit though Christ. Rudis was being nice to them and that’s about it. They had no choice but to leave haha. There’s no refund being given either because they violated the rules

No. 889391

What rules? Any rules specifically? Anything particularly funny? Ignore the "we need proof!" anons. They're usually the ones that treat their own fanfic as truth. You gotta know we've been thirsting for this since the eviction went down.

No. 889392

Block out your information? the fuck lol

No. 889393

I don’t know how to reply to the messages on here sorry. Yes Rudis has seen and read everything about these people. He knew 2 weeks ago that he had a problem

No. 889395

Can’t really say. But they smoked the shit out of the porch it was gross. They were nice enough but weird to look at. Rudis 100% knows about them though cos I had to google this shit thinking he’s messing with me ha.

No. 889396

Proof or gtfo. No-one is asking for your driver's license or something. Like >>889392 said, easy to prove it without posting any of your details. Otherwise it's just too convenient.

No. 889397

Yeah, I’m not buying it either. Are we suppose to believe you’re just a normie who happened to be there and just found out about Luna? And let alone how you even know how to post on an IB…

No. 889399

I’m not that anon but any idiot can post on an IB unless you’re a retard. And they already said they don’t know how to reply to specific posts, which would align with a newfag.

No. 889400

Like this?

No. 889401

You got it, nonny

No. 889402

Yes I’m dumb at this shit. Thanks for showing me how to do it but.

No. 889403

Kekkkk I had a feeling all the porch smoking didn’t reflect well on them. I’m just curious, and I’m not sure if you know, but was having the cat there a rule they violated? Or was Rudis okay with that?

No. 889404

What was the position of them having the cat there? Did he care? How did he find out about them

No. 889405

Dumbass. Ask for proof later instead of gtfo. Normies are always scared of getting doxxed. We'll see if anon is willing to provide anything they're comfortable with. If not just ignore it. Not like we have any other milk incoming

No. 889406

The cat was fine but we never saw it. Rudis was pissed off because he got sent things about Matthew. And then he got sent things about Luna. We all googled and found this and kiwi farms. The place does have hot water problems but it gets fixed asap. Still won’t get a refund Matthew baseballl pro kek

No. 889408

WOAH WOAH WOAH……. how is this normie newfag hip to board lingo and pet names we give people but doesn't know how to sage?

No. 889409

I can’t really say too much. Probably have already. Sorry Rudie

No. 889411

Why do you use “kek” if you’re not privy to this shit?

No. 889412

I don’t know what sage means. Sorry if I did something wrong here. Like I said we all sat there and googled these people. I know what kek is but not sage, sorry. I’m just saying what I saw and talked about with the housemates and Bosso. Sorry

No. 889413

What was it like when they moved out? Did he ask them constantly to leave? He was mostly pissed that they were going to try to squat or of Luna's posting about him? Did Rudis get angry about our fan art? Personally I thought St Sledge was endearing.

No. 889415

I'll give it a pass, I have seen kek out there. And even with the pet name, cause everyone binge reads Tuna when they are introed, and our names are catchy as fuck.

Sorry you had to feal with them, check your belongings, btw.

No. 889416

I thought Lurch was squatting til they got their money back?

No. 889417

If they've ever been on 4chan, they likely know what kek means. I don't think it's too strange to know that. Not everyone posts on image boards, but lots of people look at and read the posts. Could explain not knowing what sage means.

No. 889418

Can you at least post an email confirmation or anything that confirms you were there while censoring out any identifiable information save for the airbnb's location, because that's already been posted here.

No. 889419

I think he was happy with the nickname and the drawings. They were being dicks to leave but once the cops were called they left straight away. Matt’s been walking around here the last couple of days though

No. 889420

He is not

No. 889421

Oh oh oh. Then if they got kicked out together…. where is he?

Again thank you anon! We appreciate the truth.

No. 889423

Kek is from WOW for me…. Geez what the hell have I gotten myself into to posting on here. I knew I shouldn’t have but I neighbour this chick and it was funny reading about her. She does not look the same face to face

No. 889424

He was usually sitting on the front step smoking up but he sure as shit ain’t here so who knows

No. 889425

I’m glad you did. Personally, I don’t care if you post “proof” because this all sounds extremely plausible and most likely. Pretty much aligns with all her bullshit lies and her sudden silence and deletion of the posts regarding that place.

So they smelled bad you say? How fat does she look? If Matthew is walking by still eyeing the place, Rudis and everybody should be careful. He’s a bitch coward scum bag.

No. 889426

Did you jump scare the first time you saw Lurch?

No. 889428

Do they look really dirty in real life? Did the cops have to ask them to leave? How were they being dicks? Just demanding a refund? Just share what you're comfortable sharing. I appreciate you coming here.

And whoa! This creepy drug user was just sitting on the steps after he was kicked? Lurch would terrify me.

I also find it plausible. I find it most telling that Sledge got multiple cow tips per day. The idea of more than one cow tipper with the combined autism of both farms was inevitable. I mean we have the number of days the gaming chair was broken in the apartment.

No. 889429

I also want to know how fat tuna fish looks irl.

No. 889430

Nona, are you >>>/pt/879930 ? After my comment >>>/pt/864273 I found >>>/pt/451657 ! I think it’s safe to say there are a few of us. I’m in charge of the hats >>>/pt/879933

No. 889431

Hey I did and I felt so bad until 2 minutes of trying to speak to them

No. 889432

>Matt’s been walking around here the last couple of days though
Like he's trying to intimidate the tenants and Rudis? Or does he look like he's casing the place?

No. 889433

I’m sorry I don’t know how to tag this shit properly

No. 889434

No one here is scared of him. Pretty sure he’s gone to where ever the missus is now. Matt literally looks like a dead tree and Luna is just, like mashed up potatoes and I hate being mean but she literally is just a blob of potatoes

No. 889435

So not for nothing but an older boomer on my Facebook page recently used kek. For a split second I thought she was a farmer possibly but she’s just too darn old and religious. So some non image board users know what it means I guess.

No. 889436

Don’t be sorry to be mean it’s very freeing just say exactly what you mean, by the mashed potatoes comment I can tell you are an entertaining poster. Ignore the people demanding you post proof. Post dunks and burns instead.

No. 889437

I don’t even know what an image board is and I’m 35. Guess I’ll stop saying kek then

No. 889438

Thanks for posting on here. We appreciate the insight. It's not like you'll likely ever see them again, they obviously don't leave once they latch in on a place.

No. 889439

Those sound like extremely accurate descriptions lol so did they scurry off like roaches in the light before the cops even arrived? Or did they actually wait for the cops to tell them to get lost?

No. 889440

Well I hope not but I’m going to hang around here after I’ve met these people and want know what’s going on and if they try rip off more air bnb

No. 889441

Luna left first and Matt went back came back and sat on the steps

No. 889442

Welcome to the party, new nonnie lol.

No. 889443

does Luna walk around with a filter in front of her face? :)( :))

No. 889444

It’s super creepy that he’s traveling over to the Airbnb in the last few days. It’s kind of a hike from New Rochelle if you don’t have a vehicle I’d think. I wonder what he thinks he’s going to accomplish by doing that. What a creeper.

No. 889445

But did Matt actually wait on the steps to talk to the cops or what?

No. 889446

A cigarette filter yeah

No. 889447

Nope. Rudis said cops would be called and gone

No. 889448

When you all got through the threads did Rudis list what scared him off the most about keeping them around as tenants? Was it the ripped off cabinet doors? The wall grime? The needles in the carpet? The stealing? Cat shit in the kitchen? Or just the general shady squatting? These two have a long and sordid history of turning anyplace they live into a wretched trap house so he was right to dig!

No. 889449

Was their drug use noticeable? Also, it's fine that you're not using sage since you're providing info, but I suggest typing sage into the email field before you post. Moderators here go on ban sprees

No. 889450

He already knew about the forums. It was the squatting that pissed him off the most I think but their room fucking smelt like ass

No. 889452

Luna had braces, but they probably didn't do miracles without jaw surgery.

No. 889454

LOL. Thank you for showing up, neighbor nonny. Don't blame you for not wanting to post anything that could be traced back to you just yet. Would be cool to see a review or something in a couple of days though.

Did they ever leave their rooms?

No. 889455

Thanks for the info, they can ban me if they want. Only drug use was smoking weed on the porch and stinking out the house with it

No. 889456

You pick up on things fine, anon. Now you're truly one of us. Kek about the smell, but seriously That must have been hell. I don't give a shit about pot use but it stinks. Did tenants complain about them? Were they hogging the porch the entire time? Did they smell every time they were around? Did they go to the mixers?

No. 889457

Yeah they did go out a few times. Went for 10 step walk and all that. Cat never went out

No. 889459

Fwiw you’re so correct anon. WoW my ass. Everyone who is believing this shit, go back and read the original post. This is some bored opportunist >>889366 they are literally just repeating various things we already know or parroting back speculations other anons have made

No. 889460

I bet the smell came from their luggage as well as their own bodies. They’ve never done laundry before. Accumulation of almost a decades worth of no proper showering, cat piss, nicotine, weed, assortment of stains, roach shit, god knows what else would def stink like hell.

No. 889462

>what have I gotten myself into?

Welcome to lolcow, hon. Just be glad you're not a scrote.

No. 889463

If it’s fake, these lies are so mundane so what would the liar even get out of it? Just come back in a couple days if you’re so pressed

No. 889464

FAS is fetal alcohol syndrome retard. you get neonatal withdrawal syndrome (NAS) from being addicted to heroin when you're born it presents totally different

No. 889465

We don't know if it's actually a woman, could be a scrote for all we know

No. 889466

Isn't that what nonnie is saying?

No. 889467

The lexicon of Chans KF, even here has gone more mainstream in 10 years that isn’t unbelievable to use it. The only weird one to this site is the sage (hadn’t run into that before here really). And I can believe cowtippers went to sledge with this whether he was aware or not before I can believe that. Anyway thanks for the milk anon. Don’t mind the dissent. We’ve got a few white knights here lurking too who cast doubt on anyone cause they’re thirsty af.

No. 889468

actually if they ever played wow theyd know what kek is… no need to even post on an imageboard to know that one lol

No. 889469

kek originated from wow tho

No. 889470

Stop trying to scare the milk off. Mods would be able to tell if it was a regular farmer or not. Just report it if it chaps your ass so much.

Exactly. We know for a fact that a cowtipper has been contacting people so senor sledge most likely heard about it from them.

No. 889472

I wonder what they did to make a room smell like shit after not being there for long

No. 889474

Exist, those two don't believe in hygiene or anything.

No. 889476

Did they interact with other guests often? What did they talk about and was she actually able to hold a convo? Kek

No. 889478

Anon you replied to. Learn to read you fucking shitbag

No. 889479

Literally exactly what it says lol

No. 889480

Why would lurch be creeping around? He leaves and then goes back to hang around outside the airbnb? He ain't going by tuna when he leaves otherwise she'd document it for her socials. Lmao. He's sick of her.

No. 889481

Idk they sound like a scrote to me. I want to believe but I also know anons have been thirsting for milk and making this up is their way of providing it. Even if it turns out to be unsweetened almond kek

No. 889483

lmao yeah, cool. Let a bunch of fake milk flow and clog the thread then ask for proof later. Sorry, genius-chan.

No. 889484

Betting this is one of the cowtippers playing dumb and trying to keep it going.

No. 889486


If it's the same anon, a lil sketch for reliable milk

No. 889489

Speaking of unreliable or fabricated milk- Someone should probably edit out the bit in the thread info about Tuna having been given her grandmother’s house and losing it.

No. 889490


cosmetology anon. she put a dark color over hair that's been blown to shit with bleach AND without filling in the pigment that had been lost to bleaching. it's gonna end up some even uglier orange color unless she slaps more bleach or color on it

No. 889491

Sorry about your room level IQ nona

No. 889493

All their unwashed clothes and stuff that moldered in a cockroach filled, stinky litter box shithole for a year. Everything they moved out of that old place would reek. Unwashed clothing can smell worse than dirty humans. I’d bet Tuna washes her skin far more often than her clothes, which is scary. She also buys such cheap clothes they don’t even hold up to washing. I’d bet half her wardrobe has never been laundered, ever.

No. 889494

why yall so pressed about the fucking house? she inherited cash or a house, it doesn’t matter: she blow it up!! end of the story.

No. 889495

Nona, did you see my autistic post >>889430 dedicated to you? Please, no bully.

No. 889497

Anon from earlier, no those weren’t my comments but good to see others have noticed

No. 889498

nyart but what are you even saying

No. 889499

won’t let me delete the fucking comment but i meant not the anon you replied to * fuck i’m elderly

No. 889500

Because it gives the cow ammo to say everything here is lies and it makes the thread look stupid and sloppy. There’s proof that Luna herself admitted to getting the cash inheritance but absolutely nothing about a house. There’s actually more evidence to the contrary than anything. If you’re cool with standing by completely unsubstantiated and inaccurate claims, then you’re dumb because it basically defeats the primary purpose of these threads.

Luna squandering her grandmother’s money is true and bad enough, we don’t need to throw in bullshit in a seemingly desperate attempt to make her look worse, which it doesn’t even accomplish anyway. It actually makes us look bad instead. She’s good at making herself look terrible on her own, it’s literally the only thing she succeeds at. My question to you would be, why are you so against it being removed if she’s a piece of shit regardless?

Meanwhile, we have anons here jumping down the throat of a possible source for not immediately providing proof, even though we have a piece of lore, that is questionable at best, highlighted at the top of the thread with nothing to back it up. Makes no sense.

No. 889503

File: 1661392854124.jpg (222.46 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20220824-185820_Tum…)

Tuna finally acknowledged fakeboi! With the same disinterested and almost passive aggressive tone that she uses with everyone who isn't showering her with gifts and money, unless she paid Tuna for this.

No. 889504

i noticed she follows fakeboi on tumblr now too. i dont think she did before and its the latest blog she followed.

No. 889505

The date she followed her keeps changing though. I think she's unfollowed and followed her back a few times

No. 889509

Wow just found this thread from searching Luna Slater and i've been reading the threads for hours. I can't believe, I can't believe I shared my living space with these filthy junkie scum they even blocked the toilet. They're filthy and smell so bad, I almost gagged when I walked past them that one time. The lanky guy has dirt all over his clothes even white stains on his pants and the fat girl is a total mess. I'm so glad our host kicked them out! Really weird dirty people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 889510

Ok anon, if you were just an innocent bystander at the airbnb, how did you know her name? Did she tell you?

No. 889511

Ignore the troll, nona

No. 889512

Oh how I dream of sledgehammer-kun sitting around the hookah with his tenants telling tales of the gruesome twosome. Alas, I fear it's just a dream and these may be trolls. Not a shred of proof to be shown. Yet part of me likes to dream.

No. 889513

People have been talking about the situation in the house it would be hard not to know because of the outrage. I am friendly with the host and I heard about her thread now i'm here. I'm just trying to process it all it's so crazy.

No. 889519

File: 1661400905673.gif (4.42 MB, 520x390, Gooble-Gooble .gif)

I was linking her to previous comments to see if she had already mentioned the cleft palate. Issuing her a membership to our growing cleft palate tinfoil club, if you will.
Luna has acknowledged her a few times and if fakeboi is to be believed Luna was helping her get a job
> I talk to Luna sometimes through DMs and shes nice we have a casual conversation every now and again and she might even be helping me get some temporary work since the company she works for is about helping autistic people […]
> […] am possibly going into "business" with Luna while I look for more stable work
All from one of her posts in /snow/ >>>/snow/1398583

No. 889520

Why are you putting so much effort into identifying the cleft palate anons, who gives a fuck.

No. 889521

The state of this thread right now is basura caliente, between the trolls claiming to be guests of Sledgehammer-sama and the derailing, what I want to know is where Lurch is amidst all this fuckery

No. 889523

Trying desperately to scam a place to stay without Luna, no doubt

No. 889525

As the OP who will probably make the next thread I’ll be sure to remove it from the summary. I’m a prehistoricfag who has followed Tuna’s shenanigans since forever and I could have sworn there was proof of her saying that she inherited the house but I’ve combed through all the old threads to no avail, so I agree that we should stick to lore that has been irrefutably documented; to your point, it’s not like there’s a shortage of proven Tuna-flavoured milk

No. 889526

She’s conspicuously quiet regardless, if she’s at the hotel alone she must be going out of her mind

No. 889527


Aw I really hope Senor Sledge enjoyed my ‘is sledging time!’ drawing, that would cheer me up for not being able to hang with the scrots in the other farms (RIP). :,)(:,))

No. 889529

File: 1661402731502.jpeg (544.43 KB, 1810x1378, CAA54B8E-338B-4407-9558-5CDFA4…)

Pumpkin just wants to be free. Sorry I know some of you hate cat being talked about all the time but must be awful for it to have to keep moving from place to place and never anywhere suitable.

No. 889530

These pics have already been posted, don’t start about the damn cat again, there’s enough stupid shit clogging up the thread as it is. There might not be much milk flowing right now, just be patient

No. 889531

Just pointing out the cat trying to leave calm your tits

No. 889533

Moving it around so much must be pretty stressful for it (it’s probably pissing and shitting everywhere as a result), as if being stolen from its home wasn’t bad enough. I’m not a burger so maybe it’s different for you ladies but I’m surprised a hotel even permits it. Luna’s dad is a catfag, she should have left it with him, it would probably be much healthier and happier.

No. 889534

NTA but I didn't remember it either until I read >>888952, for a minute I thought it was the leg injury he's had since she met him and was really confused kek

No. 889536

also with absolutely 0 toys, no proper food as shown by how bad his health is and I honestly don't think any of the junkies even bother to play with him or give him any attention, it's literally animal abuse

No. 889537

sage for autism but im begging to see the lurch big areolas meme. ive been looking for a while with no luck

No. 889538

File: 1661419836655.jpeg (70.06 KB, 661x500, 18E05094-084C-490F-95EA-5FCAB3…)

No. 889539

Nona, I read a whole article about a kekistan flag at Jan 6 or whatever and “what that means for America”. Kek is practically mainstream in lots of forums/games. It’s almost the exact same as lel and that was facebook mainstream. It’s not an inside joke, self referential lolcow farmers only thing. If you turn down milk because you don’t know the exact percentage, scroll on. I’m sure Luna will buy new press ons for you to talk about soon. Meanwhile the rest of us are getting deets.

No. 889540

This needs to be spoilered, no matter how many times I see it I still get a jump scare

No. 889541

>meanwhile the rest of us are getting deets

No. 889543

god fakeboi is more delusional than luna if she thinks luna of all people could help her get a job and "go into business with her". what fucking world does she live in? she should get back on drugs or testosterone or something maybe it would give her more distractions from her tuna obsession.

No. 889544

I love how she claims that it’s her number one priority but all she does is manhandle it for selfies. Animals aren’t props, Tuna. I hope it bolts the fuck out of there next time the door opens and manages to find its way back to its rightful owners

No. 889545

I don't know why anons think they can decide what's milky and whats not kek. The cunt doesn't know how to care for animals and it's fucked up. Animal abuse no matter how minor is fucked up even if it's from ignorance. Does she even buy toys for her cat?

No. 889546

I mean she let a human being rotten on a bed until the day he died, I doubt she has any sense or concern for the cat's well-being beyond keeping it alive.

No. 889550

The fact that neighbour anon said she didn't even let the cat out of the bedroom is just beyond depressing. Literal animal abuse.

No. 889553

Well, I highly doubt any Airbnb would allow someone to let their pet run free throughout a shared house. That doesn’t make any sense. As an anon mentioned above, the cat should be with her dad or given to some type of foster/adoption agency if possible in the first place. Having it run around strange places every week isn’t going to do it any good.

No. 889557

Yeah, using a blow dryer is definitely the worst thing she could do and has done to her hair…

No. 889558

Does anyone else think that Luna would be extremely beautiful if she didn't do drugs and lost weight?

No. 889559

No. Stop trolling.

No. 889560

File: 1661434700977.jpeg (182 KB, 1080x1248, 6CE1DFDF-33EE-41C2-834F-0B3808…)

Definitely model material. Ot, but she looks even weirder and filthier now than she did back then. By an order of magnitude.

No. 889561

She’d look fine if she wasn’t a crusty lump of adipose. A pile of shit would be beautiful if it were only a pile of flowers instead.

No. 889564

Fucking kek

No. 889565

I want to believe. Thank you for braving our autism to share milk if you are real.

Your art is crescent fresh! Outside of being hilarious it really highlights how bad Luna is at it when silly doodles for fun are miles above her standard garbage.

No. 889566

Getting sober and becoming skinny does not make anyone beautiful automatically. especially when you're a gigantic piece of shit. Wish nons would stop romanticizing her extremely basic white girl features. Haven't you seen her teeth? Lmfao.

No. 889567

every single fucking thread there's a retard baiting with fictional 'if only luna got sober' shit and every single thread there's autists like you two who just have to reply and prove them wrong. just fucking stop. we know she's filthy you really don't have to bend over backwards to prove a baiter wrong smh. saged for my own raging autism

No. 889576

File: 1661448789655.jpg (146.73 KB, 1080x630, Screenshot_20220825-103023_Red…)

No. 889577

File: 1661448811673.jpg (436.96 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20220825-103234_Red…)

No. 889579


> > "It didn’t work. It didn't get me high as fuck, took away all my anxiety, made me slim and took my aesthetic to a new level. I just can't understand why a responsible and experienced psychologist wouldn't just prescribe a totally transparent junkie bitch like me some Xannie bars that magically solve all my problems or at least make me brain dead enough to use the sad excuse that I call my life uwu“

No. 889580

No wonder, in the past she mentioned wishing she could be Si
Soren's friend or talk to her (Either of those) cause they both were into the same fucked up abuse gore and child abuse twauma as uwu aesthetic coping mechanism.
Anyway, FYI there are websites that take screenshots of entire webpages.

No. 889581

Which thread is this originally from? I know it's Luna's but what #?

No. 889582

she quite literally is one of the ugliest most unfortunate looking people i've ever seen. not a single feature or attribute of hers is enviable or attractive. 100% flawed and defected

No. 889583

No. 889584

She's REALLY blown out the last year or so. Not even pear shaped now, she's a butternut squash. The limp, dangling, sad sock tits are shocking for her age. Imagine how disappointed a john would be if all he seen were her perfectly posed pics with 200 filters and then that big, smelly bag of goo flops out…

No. 889586

File: 1661456966600.jpeg (335.13 KB, 1170x564, 38F27CBF-AA74-4417-945C-CCF88A…)

Very off topic but I was just randomly on the airbnb subreddit and saw this post. It obviously isn’t the guy Luna was renting from, but if this is really the airbnb policy on removing guests it might explain why all of his listings were temporarily taken down.

No. 889588

no its from an earlier thread. luna and lurch pet some dogs on the street lmfao.

No. 889589

fuck i don't know how to crosspost correctly and i'm getting an error and can't delete so if a kind nonna could link these posts from thread 2 for me i would be thankful sorry

No. 889596

No. 889598

Can you teach me how to go that thing where it blacks out your text oh great nonita?

No. 889600

File: 1661467998980.jpg (223.23 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20220825-155241.j…)

No. 889601

File: 1661468021962.jpg (196.4 KB, 720x1407, VideoCapture_20220825-155238.j…)

No. 889602

File: 1661468097851.jpg (425.91 KB, 1080x1829, Screenshot_20220825-155537_Red…)

No. 889603

File: 1661468239049.jpg (290.83 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_b3c9df49d6e8bafc9b7ccbe…)

No. 889604

File: 1661468325985.jpg (289.93 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_916bf888e625f6113670a48…)

Slightly different tumbler than snapchat post

No. 889605

File: 1661468347754.jpg (27.31 KB, 540x960, 1492378359343.jpg)

This milk is 5 years old but I feel like it wasn't discussed enough. Btw this is after braces! I get that dental work is expensive in burgerland or whatever but homegirl looks like a pirate

No. 889606

Goddamn the bitch has got 2 rows of teeth

No. 889608

I would pay cash money to toonafish if she would take a clear, unfiltered, daylight photograph of her teeth.

No. 889609

Oh yeah…. really weird looking.. and not in a cute way. BTW where's lurchey? Still no sign of him lmaoo.

No. 889610

File: 1661470922576.jpeg (112.15 KB, 700x464, 1476849476041.jpeg)

Holy shit, god bless the anon who made this kek what a beautiful throwback

No. 889613

You put two hashtags in the front of your sentence and then two more at the end. Or where ever you want the black box to end.

so it’ll look like this

Repost cause I messed it up kek

No. 889614

Wouldn't it be sad/funny if Lurch lied to her?

No. 889615

I'd say something shady is definitely up. He 10000% has not been at the hotel with her for whatever reason. She would have forced him into a picture if he was. He's got other plans. He hasn't straight up and left her though otherwise she'd be scratching herself, posting the "self harm" pics and posting shitty poems about her heart being shattered like a broken meth pipe.

No. 889616

File: 1661472828898.jpg (139.57 KB, 500x667, 1480023019934.jpg)

For me its this one kekkk

No. 889617

Right? How many days has it been now?

No. 889619

It honestly seems pretty weird that they're not together and she's not melting down about it

No. 889620

File: 1661474003063.png (Spoiler Image, 647.15 KB, 670x622, 1499703064681(2).png)

No. 889621

Nona, I see >>889613 has already helped you but in case you wanted to learn about post styling, you can do so here: >>>/meta/2

No. 889622

I think she genuinely believes lurch is gonna come back after doing whatever they agreed he would do (assuming neighbor is real he's hanging around the place). In any case, they agreed to something and I see Luna flipping out eventually once she realizes he's bounced.

No. 889624


Kek at her emphasis on "such little makeup" to show how much of a natural beauty she is

No. 889625

File: 1661474700373.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 7EE14FE8-56EC-47C3-AD40-1B9919…)

This is my favourite throwback from that thread I just had to find it. This is a real thing she posted and also used those photos.

No. 889626

Is he wearing a wedding band? I never noticed that. Maybe not and it's just a normal ring.

No. 889627


sage for sperg rant and i-am-not-a-expert but I was put on meds last year and the medical system outlines so so so many times that it only works properly if you use the energy it gives you to put in the work yourself. chemicals are just chemicals. they highly recommend therapy alongside (I can't fucking afford it either tuna none of us can), but at the very least you should be practicing mindfulness and find your own improvement with the bit of help. motivation comes from you, the meds just make it visible and more accessible. GPs warn you over and over that it's a supplement/boost to your self, not something that magically transforms you into energetic-happiness-Superman over night. a depressed piece of shit off meds can very easily become a hedonistic piece of shit on meds.

Tuna'a not looking for meds to improve herself, she's looking o numb her devastatingly meaningless existence. She's looking for a heroin baby life. Meaning is never handed to you willy nilly, it takes critical thinking and boldly staring at your own ethic of work=reward, cause=effect. I would say the best move for her would be inpatient if I didn't already know she'd take home diddlyfuckinsquat from it and waste resources that could be used for someone who actually wants a better life for themselves.

With no will to change, she should just get a sugar/paypig so she can keep rotting in the shit existence she built for herself. She makes it obvious over and over that she wants the fancy clean life but isn't willing to lift a finger and blames it all on the mental illness and uwu twauma. if only someone could just do everything for you, huh? she has no idea what the word accountability means, let ALONE responsibility.

sorry for raging, no cow gets my goat like luna. it's been so many years I'm losing hope in this cow that she can even keep up on insulting messages for a paypig tbh. How she still has a place to live in the middle of mf New York is absolutely beyond me.

No. 889628

Of course it won't work if you're taking every drug under the sun and making no effort to improve your shitty life

No. 889629

More like it is working but she wants to be high, not feel mildly normal.

No. 889633

File: 1661477956253.jpg (104.37 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20220825-183859_Chr…)

He's also been much quieter on Twitter

No. 889636

and anyone that pays attention knows Montgomery wouldn't be pitching this way in NY because HE NEVER HAS!

No. 889637

she full on admitted she did drugs to be like her favorite rock idols so idk why she's acting like she wants to now be on ssris like come on luna don't act like we're dumb

No. 889638

Didn’t Luna say something about him meeting up with a chick to help with getting their refund back? This was probably last weekend.

No. 889643

No. He went alone. Without her. To meet with a chick about housing. And said that she was "their last hope". Now tuna is in a hotel and lurch is MIA kek

No. 889646

Some random turns up, drops full cream milk like "they were really smelly" and offers no proof … and some of you go full autist for it. The state of this thread.

Not that anon but every time the cat comes up it just leads to cat sperging / concern trolling / derailment.

Assuming evil dad is picking up the tab, I wonder how long this stasis could last. By which I mean I wonder how much heroin he left her before he "went out for a pack of cigarettes".

No. 889647

From the selfies she posted, does it look like Lurches' stuff is still there in the hotel or only hers? If his stuff is there, he'll be back sooner or later

No. 889650

Ahhhh, I see the problem here. An SNRI like Cymbalta can take a month or more to really take effect, so no instant gratification.

Plus also, you know, you can’t get fucking bombed out of reality by taking copious amounts of it.

No. 889652

Kek, anon this is such a real but fucking hilarious question

No. 889656


I read Luna threads to read about Luna, the HUMAN. I'm so sick of the catsperging itt. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, but did you know that Luna is a shitty animal caretaker and is more concerned about herself than Pumpkin?! Can you believe that lard-carving Luna doesn't even buy her TOYS?! I work at a shelter and I will tell you that at least Pumpkin has food and water and a roof over it's head. That's more than can be said for most cats I see. Go start a Gofundme to pay some PETA crazies to covertly rescue the damned cat in a sooper cereal secret ninja operation. Just please, stop discussing the fucking cat.

Sage for frustration sperging and shifting up the thread even worse.

No. 889658

Dying. Love you ladies.

No. 889660

I’m going to be that guy. You don’t know that the cat has water or food. The water is likely empty more often than not.

No. 889661

Preach, nona

No. 889662

This is the most unfortunate looking selfie I have ever seen in my life

No. 889663

I thought I saw every Luna and Lurch meme but this is SENDING me

No. 889664

I’m >>889530 and that’s exactly why I fucking said what I said, as we can see once again the thread has devolved into muh poor pumpkin retardation. I’m as itchy for milk as the next farmer but come on. However, I am enjoying the side-annihilating trip down memory lane with >>889625 and >>889620

No. 889665

That’s what I tried to say passive aggressively anon

No. 889666

I bring you the saddest milk of all time.

Pause at 02:00 and 04:40


No. 889667

Well this ruined my day

No. 889668

Thanks for replying to Kekistan anon, i don’t even have the energy

This is really sad, but also demonstrative of the help that’s been offered to Luna which she threw away and made absolutely no use of

No. 889669

Same anon here. Yes I know we all are here to be pieces of shits and schadenfreude is a thing but the poor girl was doomed from the start. Her parents were neglectful drug addicts that lived in squalor. That alone is enough to fuck you up for life. She has not had a decent role model or responsible adult in her life. It sucks and it's not fair. Add mental illness, heroin addiction and a grooming pedophile piece of shit to the mix. I genuinely believe she has bpd because I'm very familiar with it and I recognize all those patterns of self sabotage and self destruction. She is still young and could still turn her life around even though we know she is probably not gonna do it. But I feel like sometimes we are so hard on her. Yeah I know I'm projecting but I have a soft spot for her and many of the super ebil things she does is because she is an addict and a very broken person. End of the rant lol

No. 889670

I was just listening to Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana and it instantly made me think of Luna and Lurch. Like, Matthew could literally sing those lyrics to Luna and it'd be so accurate.
I wonder if they ever think of their life like it's a grunge song? I do that sometimes.

No. 889671

Go post your diary entry on Tumblr, this isn't the place for it, window licker

No. 889672

That's the thing that many anons don't understand or care and it's pretty frustrating because many feel better about themselves watching someone else ruin their life I get it. Sage for mild blog but I worked for a program that provided assistance to recovering drug addicts and they can be some of the most horrible people, worse than Luna. Being addicted makes you extremely selfish because your brain is rewired to seek the next high, no matter who you hurt along the way. Everyone knows Luna wasn't always this way. She's mentally ill and was predisposed to drug addiction from an early age, compound that with her upbringing and its a recipe for disaster. I guess because of my experiences I'm a little more sympathetic for her but I'm not dumb enough to give her what she wants, she needs to drop lurch and go to a rehab program that provides structure to her life. Anyways yeah blah blah rant over I guess.

No. 889673

No decent role models…? You're the one who posted that video- you okay?

No. 889676

Shut the fuck up please.

Damn she was twitchy and weird before the drugs.

No. 889678

I can’t speak for anyone else but Luna’s privilege in spite of her being the product of unfortunate circumstances is what makes her so infuriating to me. I work with abused and disadvantaged women, many of whom are addicts and former addicts so I understand what you’re saying, nona but it’s hard to have sympathy for her when she continues to put herself in unfortunate situations while she has options many addicts or for her addicts would (sometimes literally) kill for. The position she’s in is entirely of her own making. Even if she were truly sober (ie not using benzos as a substitute for heroin) she’s too fixated on this uwu sad tortured artsy bbydoll persona to cut her losses and take her father up on his offer to house her and whatnot. I mean she even managed to fuck up the opportunity Alltard gave her, she’s never going to change. If/when Matthew hightails it she’s not going to magically snap out of her obsession, she’ll spiral even further into victimhood and no doubt milk it for all it’s worth. I mean she’s still got followers daft enough to offer to help her out, or at very least give her the validation she craves, there’s no incentive for her to change anything.

No. 889680

"shes not looking at her nails" physically pained me to hear. you know now that wouldn't be the case. i know she smoked pot and shit back then but god damn she looks so normal compared to now. fashion, hair, and makeup choices aside (that style WAS honestly popular back then i dressed and styled myself similar, it just hasnt been "in" since at least before 2018 anymore). how did you find this nona? i don't think i've seen this is any thread before. gives me strong vibes of that video of her and tai singing.

No. 889681

"idk i never really had like big like i wanna do big things but i couldn't really do big things, like i'm sure i can. i can do big stuff"

really inspiring words coming from tuna here. she was never able to form a coherent sentence in her life. she was never mean to do big things

No. 889682

Luna's dress and hair still seem sloppy and unwashed, but I don't think that woman would lie about her. She does seem like a dumbass but I think it's rather because she's massively insecure, rightfully to say thanks to her parents. Sad to see what can become of people when they make the wrong choices, especially when they're BPD fuelled

No. 889683

AYRT This is something I mentioned in the previous thread but I genuinely believe the only thing that will get her to change is if she quite literally loses everything (lurch, pumpkin, and especially ebil dad's support). We've seen her panic about her housing situation but immediately drops the act as soon as dad swoops in to save the day. Without that help I could see her being forced to snap out of it, probably not before e-begging gullible people of course. I can also see her exhausting all her options (i.e. followers) before this happens so it would be a while for this to take effect. Either way, Luna's become too comfortable begging for help and putting almost 0 work into pulling herself out of her situation because it's easier to nod off in squalor. These are just things addicts become accustomed to and expect. But beyond the drugs Luna is extremely insecure and likely lacked validation from her parents where it matters (hence why it was so easy for Lurch to groom her). I guess my point is for every terrible, stupid, awful thing she does, you can find a direct correlation somewhere in her past.

No. 889684

File: 1661515602662.jpg (2.12 MB, 1560x2880, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Pqrz…)

If you told me this was fakeboitherottengirl I would've believed you. Jfc, she looks nothing like her filtered selfies.

No. 889686

File: 1661516039533.png (634.32 KB, 650x1156, idk-i-never-really-had-like-bi…)

I felt inspired

No. 889688

chef's kiss

No. 889689

That's kinda sad, every girl spoke about what they're doing, why it's good and so forth, tuna managed to spit out one tiny, repetitive sentence that was nothing about why she was there, what she was doing and what she'd learnt.

She had so many opportunities given to her and she pissed them all away.

No. 889690

She legit seems special needs. The way she moves (her laying on the ground in that one shot), the way she talks, it just seems like something is not okay with her. She was 18 here (?) I remember her mentioning doing benzo's and coke before 18, maybe it's that. Sage 4 ramble

Topkek nonna

No. 889692

I think losing ebil dad’s guiltbux is the only thing that might make her reconsider her life choices. He is her primary enabler. The cat is replaceable. So is Matthew. By sheer virtue of the fact that she’s a woman she could find some other scrote to fill that void. Men are stupid and simple. Matthew is old, fat, hideous, broke and retarded as evidenced by the shit he posts on twitter, he’ll have a much harder time finding someone to mooch off

No. 889694

File: 1661518407885.png (12.08 MB, 2778x1284, C6511491-EA81-4518-8E57-1B5BA8…)

At 4:35 she already had fried ramen hair

No. 889695

Right? She seems legitimately developmentally challenged compared to the other girls who were all quite articulate

No. 889696

kek at her being the token white girl

No. 889697

Looks more like general anxiety disorder. She tries to look normal and therefore acts really funny and twitchy

No. 889705

love u nonny

No. 889707

File: 1661522656759.webm (17.61 MB, 640x360, Her Honor Mentoring - Class of…)

Local archive.
This is why I laugh when nonas come in and try to tell us if she fixed XY&Z she could be a model. It’s tragic to know someone looked their “best” (which wasn’t good by normal standards) when they were at their height of their addiction.

No. 889708

> Her parents were neglectful drug addicts that lived in squalor.
The revisionist history of this thread is something else.

No. 889709

Awe, stained clothes even then.

No. 889711

File: 1661524284920.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3172x3397, D860C62A-F176-480D-A9D7-196885…)

These were too funny for me not to attempt to shoddily compile them, she really thinks she’s hot shit kek

No. 889712

After watching that above video I can see why.

No. 889713

File: 1661524519176.jpeg (85.83 KB, 300x441, A6B1A722-5BB6-4E21-A228-84CF31…)

Saged bec nothing new or fascinating but this girl is clearly mentally handicapped. You can call it arrested development, or drugs melting her brain, but she’s clearly retarded so idk why we’re always on about how she could stand a chance in any stupid scenario. She wouldn’t be able to use a reguster let alone anything that took real comprehensive skills.

Also kek has she been living in that garbage bag silk robe ensemble the entire hotel stay? Watching her smile at nothing and pose with highlighters and hairdryers is so fucking weird. Defer back to her mental retardation.

Check out the open punch bucket again, kills me everytime.

No. 889715

Nice, definitely thread pic material

No. 889718

And she’s definitely bigger now

No. 889719

Fresh tracks, lurch still be lurkin’

No. 889724

She looks special ed for real. Nothing about this has convinced me she ever had potential.

No. 889726

she really looks like shes in a care home for disabled adults here. hospital gown, retard facial expressions and all

No. 889727

This is the same person that wants to be a writer but has a kindergartner's vocabulary. Also, she sounds like a dude.

No. 889728

she's a Russian dancing bear

No. 889729

Just when I thought this thread couldn’t get any more grim. How is this a person that was (allegedly) told by multiple people over the course of her life that she was gifted? I mean I can see how some people like her art as an example of naive/outsider art but wew ladies, the actual retardation is really shining through

No. 889730

File: 1661532019904.jpeg (469.26 KB, 750x869, F1557324-94DE-45BE-9F24-0FEC37…)

looking huge

No. 889731

If I remember school correctly, granted I went to a catholic school, but we called special ed the “gifted” class because the thought was to make the speds not feel so singled out. That’s always what I thought about when seeing tunas poems about being “gifted”. She definitely special needs though and always has been.

No. 889733

Sun's out, tongue's out.

No. 889735

are those stretch marks on her leg holy shit. she tried to over expose them out of existence with that filter. nice try tuna

No. 889736

That’s pretty atypical, usually gifted programs include AP (advanced placement) classes that give you college credit after exams. I may be misremembering but Tuna was in a couple of these classes for a time, at least in art and English. Got decent enough grades to get into college with scholarships. I personally never found her art or writing any good, but she wasn’t an awful student until she got tangled up with drugs and Lurch.

No. 889739

>She has not had a decent role model or responsible adult in her life. It sucks and it's not fair
Did you watch the video you posted anon? It's blindingly apparent that the woman mentoring these teenagers is mentoring Luna because of her past. She seems to go out of her way to give Luna special treatment in terms of 1on1 time, and the mentor spends a long time kissing Luna's ass in a promotional video that is nothing to do with her. This program looks like it's for underprivileged girls who need help, everyone else there appreciates having a strong female role model who is teaching them LIFE MANAGEMENT SKILLS, whereas Luna says that it will help her get into a good college. She doesn't give a shit, she's there for the easy extra credit. I can't blame all the adults who tried to help Luna and failed, they fell for the same thing her Whiteknights fall for. Luna has learned helplessness and no matter how much special attention you give her, she isn't going to flower into a decent human being. The Allison hippie girl stuff was under a year ago, she had a "responsible adult" come in and fix her life recently! Luna used her as an easy paycheck, a way to buy more clothing and useless trinkets.

It's not like nobody has ever noticed Luna is a hot mess. She was in therapy from a young age, and Grandma tried to keep her away from drugs as much as possible. It's never been explained why Luna spent her formulative years in Florida before moving across the country to be with grandma, but everything I've seen suggests that she stepped in and did as much as she could to stop Luna becoming a drug addict. And Luna resents her for "killing herself with cancer" for fucks sake.

Her life has been full of people trying to help her and she mooches off every single one.

No. 889741

at this point I’m convinced she’s using her tongue to cover her dead tooth. your tongue can’t hide the smell, Luna

No. 889743

That's the bedsheet retard

No. 889745

couldn’t see, chill out

No. 889746

her tongue hides the extra tooth on her bottom row kek

No. 889747

File: 1661535590538.jpeg (35.69 KB, 640x672, 01A5FC9C-9062-4F27-B129-E4F99E…)

Seriously, the mentor gives a positive comment and comes up with ‘not just looking at her nails,’ I really believe at this point that she is mildly tarded, on top of everything else wrong with her. Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t, but keeping that in mind makes her delusions of great talent and potential that much funnier to me

No. 889750

the "looking at her nails" comment seemed the same as 'shiny metal object'

No. 889752

Good to know she’s always been dirty and retarded. I always suspected she was a sped of some sort, and that video confirmed it. I never want to read anyone say she “wasted potential” ever again. Also, lol at her Slaton forehead.

No. 889753

Oh man, the woman looks so embarrassed and as though she’s thinking, “fuck, letting her speak was a mistake”, while Luna is giving her very articulate and inspirational quote. She pretty much disproved all the endearing shit that woman said about her with that one, idiotic run on sentence.

No. 889754

I really feel like in a deleted IG post she mentioned a learning disability

No. 889758

Remember, she could model for the old Victoria's Secret brand of the early 2000s if she just got clean and lost weight, anons! Remember everyone, she was so pretty and cute as a teen!!!!!!!!!

No. 889760

is she in front of the hairdryer? much model material !!

No. 889763

Yes she was a socially awkward teen with a questionable taste in fashion but damn is that a sin? Some of you are acting like she did 9/11 lol(learn2sage)

No. 889764

I'm glad everyone saw what I saw, I am now 100% convinced Luna is on the spectrum and is not just an incredibly dumb loser. She is actually retarded and should be in a home somewhere. She should cash in on this and apply for disability for her low functioning autism.

No. 889765

holy fuck kek i also missed this one somehow

No. 889767

Ok but literally, there are adult foster homes that provide people with disabilities a place to live, and with a case worker they determine what the person needs and how much they can do…they help people get simple jobs and learn skills, and they could even facilitate her making art if she wants to. like you know retard art but still maybe someone would even buy it The goal is not really to get them to a level of normal, just functioning. Residents often have pets and get help from staff to care for them properly.

Unfortunately, she would need to get actually clean to get this help. She was likely retarded before drugs, but if she's on drugs, there is just no way for them to tell what she needs.

No. 889770

this is hands down the goofiest shit i’ve read in this thread

No. 889777

>Acting like she did 9/11

No, anon. But her thighs caused Haiti.

No. 889778

Yeah, i don't get why anons think she is literally retarded…? She seemed nervous because of the camera in her face, probably also self-conscious because of how she looks like. Just compare her to all the other girls (hope they are doing great btw). It's not that she's an artsy weirdo, it's that she is unkempt and heavy.

No. 889780

at 3:36 theres a shot of luna in the wild walking through the campus

No. 889781

oh fuck nonnnnyyyy

No. 889783

Luna is a mid functioning autistic whose special interest is heroin and lurch (not armchairing, just joking kek)

No. 889784

That fruit punch carton is the only inking we've had so far that lurch might be there. We know he needs his piss jugs. But. Still no actual photo evidence from the cow so I still have to go with he ditched her for now.

No. 889786

If this isn't fakeboi then congrats, you're as bad as she is.

No. 889787

Would you dumb cunts just fuck off already. Having soft spot for her after watching the abuse of Roger among other stuff says a lot about you, anon. And other anon, going on about rehab, remember the last time she tried that. Retards simping for a horrorcow with projection and excuses. Unreal.

No. 889788

Kek nonna this is a granny

No. 889789

nayrt but i thought that was her too kek

No. 889791

She acts this way in her own recent IG videos, so the, “nervous/social anxiety”, theory goes out the window. She’s clearly a retard and has all the signs, including being a mouth breather. No one is saying she’s a special needs tard that needs a handler at all times (although maybe she does lol), but she’s definitely, without question, a total sped.

No. 889794

that explains it, its comically easy to qualify for gifted english classes especially if its your native/only language and get the "gifted" label. same with sat/act scores

No. 889795

she looks like mama cass

No. 889796

wait this has me wondering? why was luna born in florida if both her parents and seemingly her grandparents live in new york? is that just an excuse with the birth certificate shit? i honestly think she has her ID. when i renewed my ID (not a license) this year i didn't even need my birth certificate.

No. 889797

she knows lurch ain't gettin' hitched.

No. 889798

File: 1661552019152.jpg (33.61 KB, 300x432, Peter_Callan_gf_luna.jpg)

Not necessarily, and it's not like we ever see her drinking water, either. Someone should tell her she can put Hello Kitty stickers on a hydroflask, it could probably help her lose some weight.

No. 889799

The ever present Minute Maid carton is my favorite Luna side character

No. 889800

For a newfag, what thread has the Roger neglect milk?

No. 889802

no its definitely her with bleached hair. theres another shot that shows her blonde hair kek.

No. 889803

Around thread 14-17 I think

No. 889805

File: 1661553857715.png (512.54 KB, 797x440, Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 6.44…)

No. 889808

File: 1661556779325.jpg (266.33 KB, 1080x1318, Screenshot_20220826-162822_Ins…)

This pic always comes to mind when someone starts with the "if she lost weight she could be a model!!!" shit. I still can't believe she posted this, kek.

No. 889809

File: 1661558794323.jpg (188.66 KB, 717x1405, VideoCapture_20220826-170535.j…)

No. 889810

File: 1661558818614.jpg (225.29 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20220826-170532.j…)

No. 889811

File: 1661558848857.jpg (200.82 KB, 720x1416, VideoCapture_20220826-170524.j…)

No. 889812

How many days now has she been wearing that nasty robe?

No. 889813

I wonder how long she spends taking selfies everyday? I just can't imagine being this obsessed with yourself, it's like she does absolutely nothing else. Not even actual influencers are like this cause they have other shit to do.

No. 889814

Simply can't get that out of my head either. It seems like the literally only thing she ever does. All day. Every day. Just looking at and editing pictures of herself…

No. 889817


Loving her new "I'm pulling out a crotch wedgie" pose to show off her rose tattoo. Very innovative, much fresh. Doing big stuff!

No. 889821

>>889736 Yeah, depending on your age, a lot of public schools had "gifted & talented" programs where the kids who were bored as fuck because they were super far ahead of the curve (say in reading or math, subjects that matter not uwu muh art). That said, Luna looks genuinely retarded in the vid and is 100% the kind of person who would twist "got sent to remedial math lol" into "I WAS SO TALENTED BEST WRITER I SQUANDERED IT ALL, MUH LIFE'S TRAGEDY. Here's my amazon wishlist btw."

No. 889824

This makes it even more gross and predatory that this is what lurch went after. She clearly has some sort of mental disability

No. 889825

Fat underage junkie speds are the only thing the moai could catch a decade ago.

I have to wonder who is willingly shacking up with him right now, because it sure ain't Luna that he's staying with

No. 889827


Junkies don’t really care about their dick in the scheme of things.

No. 889828

I feel like he must have been at the hotel at some point because she’d be BPD sperging all over the internet by now

No. 889829

you’d think at some point even bitches with bpd would get sick of scrotes like lurch

No. 889830

I’d love to know what kind of lies he is feeding her as to his whereabouts all day. Though it’s not like he’d have to get too inventive in order to convince her given that she’s a literal retard

No. 889833

Weird then that Lurch took so many sex pics with Luna back in the day too! He clearly did care about his pencil dick back then, even though he was so gentlemanly to patiently wait until exactly Luna's 18th birthday to fuck her

No. 889834

Do any anons think she was high on something in the video? Also why is her hair all stuck together like that in the first pic?

No. 889836


lol I guess I couldn't help but drop the "passive" and get on an angry train of thought based on just reading your synopsis. thanks for the rage inspo nonny

No. 889842

Xans, lean and weed. Don't think she had a day were she was sober since she became a teenager.

No. 889844

She was, actually. She posted a picture of when she met Judge Judy during the program, and the caption was something like "Throwback when I was high as fuck and met judge Judy lol"

No. 889846

File: 1661608843472.jpg (71.1 KB, 1117x623, luna.JPG)

No. 889847

we need a twitch streamer tuna arc

No. 889848

a literal fucking giant

No. 889857

File: 1661620065500.jpg (49.98 KB, 564x564, 789c15fa937185fb34baf8ce360853…)