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File: 1664112646856.jpeg (70.77 KB, 483x720, CEBE7D22-6BF8-49C0-89EF-F4F165…)

No. 892765



Previous Thread: >>890360
Image Credit: KF via >>890356

The Basics:

>Luna is a 26 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”

>Claims to have overdosed 5+ times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:

>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. The gruesome twosome was soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove Luna’s mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:

>Embarked on a “sex work” career, taking filthy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more like an actual corpse in every photo, also sells pre-made videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829

>One anon leaks a “commission” video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Her dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off, one of her lowest points to date >>758647
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her sex work twitter account >>761016
>Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775 , >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “Lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” videos that they bought but didn’t leak at the time >>811491 , >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:


>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets disconnected and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as her “landlord” despite admitting on Facebook that they’re not there legally >>813209 , >>813354
>The apartment door lock breaks, Luna and Lurch build sad little barricades (the most notable being the busted pink gaming chair, RIP, gone too soon) >>816475 , >>815981
>The cops pay them a visit and find drugs, drug paraphernalia and a knife >>813338
>Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 , >>822424 , >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the regular, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718 , >>822657 , >>823499 , >>823823 , >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober despite still taking fucking Xanax >>824858 , >>825465 , >>827008 , >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses and is allegedly “dying” >>825466 , >>825993 , >>826190
>Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimulus checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by their neighbour’s pitbulls (totally not while stealing or anything) >>831109

Assault Saga:

>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building, anons bicker over whether she’s telling the truth or not >>840784 , >>840941

>Reports the rape to the police who take the allegation seriously >>841832
>Police then pivot to not entirely believing her rape story, suspect her of submitting a falsified statement >>843957
>Luna gets admitted to the psych ward, calls it the “worst day of her life” but doesn’t explain why, still manages to post unsettling selfies featuring EKG stickers >>846413 , >>846458
>One theory is that she lost her shit when she took all of her Klonopin and the doctor wouldn’t give her more >>847120

Recent Milk:

>Following on from nona’s weaponised autism locating the exact Airbnb where Tuna is staying, it appears to be booked until mid-December rather than February like initially stated, we could have another homeless saga sooner than expected >>890371

>The entire universe and everyone in it is conspiring against Tuna, her predicament definitely isn’t a consequence of her own actions >>890375
>Luna just can’t resist one-upping other junkies on Reddit >>890461
>HASHTAG TW ED plans to embark on a water fast so she can lose 50 pounds >>890485
>More squandering shekels on useless junk instead of prioritising securing accommodation >>890486
>While his sad bbydoll is in the clinic, Lurch is on the prowl, demoting Tuna from “my fiancée” status to “my girl” >>890593
>Chief Areola levels threats of violence against Jersh, proving how much of a manly man he is >>890606
>He also offers his services as a super elite almost famous baseball player to teach others how it’s done for the bargain price of 200 bucks an hour >>890622
>More speculation that Lurch uses Luna’s Reddit account to post >>890672
>So handsome, much emancipated >>890744
>You’ve got yourself a real catch, Tuna >>890748
>Such a gentleman (calling someone else “busted”, look in the mirror you fat fuck) >>890834
>More racism from the semi-sentient statue >>891025
>”Finds” an Apple Watch and in true boomer fashion posts about it in reply to a twitter thread looking for sex freaks >>891046
>Claims he “dumped half a magazine” into the pit bulls that attacked him, killing one >>891080
>Reveals his foot fetish and his comprehensive knowledge of Chanel nail varnish >>891143
>While the Tuna is away the Moai will play (and by “play” I mean “try to get free feet pics from what is almost certainly a bot”) >>891154
>Ends up sending money to said bot >>891205
>Tuna should go to inpatient more often because Lurch’s unhinged twitter rampage has obliterated the collective sides of the entire thread, who’d have thought an inanimate object could be so entertaining >>891209
>Hasn’t slept in several days, basically confirming he’s on a (most likely meth) bender >>891212
>Finds the Instagram account of a farmer who doesn’t even follow him and comments on her story >>891266
>Claims he tried to an hero with a Ralph Lauren Polo necktie (weird flex but okay, Lurch) and his “best friend” Smokey (yes, the fucking cat) saved him, this is a man in his fucking FORTIES, nonettes >>891288
>Self-proclaimed “smart as a tack” but doesn’t know the difference between mummies and zombies >>891363
>Tunanator returns from inpatient, hasn’t eaten in four whole days and is repulsed by food >>891538
>What fucking bones, Tuna? >>891632
>Fakeboi tries giving Tuna advice, sounds shady as hell, probably annoyed her senpai won’t notice her >>891654
>She’s totally losing weight nonitas, just look at this frail queen >>891793
>Shows her concern over Lurch allegedly having a seizure by posting a tonne of selfies, such compassion >>891796
>Ebil dad takes some time off from being ebil >>892012
>Waxes lyrical about her dainty hands (nothing about you is dainty, Luna) >>892019
>Still thinks Lurch is going to marry her, this level of delusion would be sad if she wasn’t such a shitbag >>892040
>All hail Chieftan Crack Eagle >>892090
>Tuna expresses interest in ketamine treatment, which is clearly a great idea for a junkie >>892102
>Some Shayna Clifford-tier r/that happened compliments from strangers >>892135
>AI-chan blesses us with some more omegakek generated poetry >>892226
>So skinny her pants are positively falling off >>892317
>Shows off a haul of junk she actually admits to stealing rather than the usual “it was gifted to me” fuckery >>892326
>NO KETAMINE FOR YOU. But you can have some Lithium. And some Cariprazine. Oh, and you’re also clinically obese >>892354
>Dona Florinda, me gusta >>892447
>Gee, I dunno why you’re “cursed”, Luna… >>892509
>Her new goal is to become an aesthetician, quite the lofty ambition for someone who can’t even practise basic hygiene like showering and brushing their teeth >>892483
>The only way you’ve changed is by getting fatter, more entitled and more self-pitying, Tuna >>892492
>Let us marvel at the formidable self control exercised by the patron saint of anorexia >>892689
>Notorious Club Kid, drug addict/dealer and convicted murderer Michael Alig “adored” her art and asked her out for coffee once, birds of a fucking feather >>892714



https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/ [deleted]
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]
https://thewrldisurs82.tumblr.com/ [active]

https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]


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No. 892766

Oh God I love the title but the OP pic burns my eyes. Sorry!

No. 892768

It’s so bad it’s hilarious

No. 892770

OP picture is v disappointing

No. 892771

None of the artanons submitted anything, suck it up and contribute if you can do better

No. 892774

Kek my fucking sides, I love the threadpic. I think it's a true representation of Tuna's vibe

No. 892775

File: 1664116052156.jpeg (395.53 KB, 828x1070, E6078F3E-318B-45EF-81FF-59A1C5…)

lookin ~smol~ with her double chin here

No. 892776

Me too, Matthew especially, it made me chuckle
This is actually one of her better looks, this style of clothing is pretty well suited to her shape

No. 892777

Micheal Alig answered fans all the time. He was a narc and energy vampire, Luna isn't special

No. 892780

Just use a Tuna selfie then, I thought it's another schizo spamming lolcow with vendetta

No. 892784

Your guide dog is lying to you about what is in this picture. This is not a good look at all.

No. 892785

She looks better covered up but not by much. Better than those tube tops.

No. 892791

Is this the first pic of hers with non-stained clothes? It's probably the filter but a girl can dream.

No. 892794

That skirt is at least a size too small. Her ass is probably hanging out.

No. 892795

along with pulling her fat back

No. 892797

Maybe I’m just a softy/have perma beer googles or something because I actually think this outfit is RELATIVELY (operative word guise) flattering/decent compared to her usual getups. I mean it’s not covered with cat hair/somewhat flatters her torpedo tits/no visible muffin top or bingo wings/nothing ill fitting from what I can see? Granted she’s likely not wearing tights and under the picture demarcation line it’s likely a jabba the hut shaped puddle of cottage cheese that detracts from any redeeming qualities about the outfit, but meh. If (I know, big if) she were wearing solid black tights/leggings under the skirt I’d say it’s a pretty flattering outfit for her. Cant go wrong with black turtlenecks tbh. Call me a Tuna simp now, I’m really not, JMO on the outfit.

No. 892798

Nonny, it took her huge ass honker and erased it, just imagine stains.

No. 892802

What in the unsaged WKing is this shit

No. 892804

File: 1664134923031.jpg (284.66 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20220925_124109.jpg)

No. 892805

File: 1664134944392.jpg (955.68 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20220925_124137.jpg)

No. 892806

File: 1664134971820.jpg (637.49 KB, 1280x1874, tumblr_af28889ad12456a9580a855…)

No. 892807

It looks like she's wearing a woman fetish mask ugh

No. 892808

File: 1664135152192.jpg (956.59 KB, 1080x2225, Screenshot_20220925_124448.jpg)

No. 892809

black clothes, brown hair and tongue sticking out like an rtard is still a better look than bleached crazy uneven length hair, grimy pink and foundation lips

No. 892810

where is the rapper anon when we need her???

No. 892811

I still need her to recite the magnificent Luna AI poem from last thread! Anon, come through!

No. 892812

Her dollar store self stab-otage brought the "reaper on call". All those posts and pictures when she did it and she was at death's door. So brave.

No. 892813

Tuba, they were free. Broke unemployed loser trying to boast about cheap cheap prices.

No. 892820

She's somehow putting even less effort into her 'art' now. She used to at least add figures and background. Now it's just Sperg Bold font and some really basic shit like her cellphone.

No. 892821

Recently, her art all look the same that I often think anons are just reposting.

No. 892822

>i'm the victim nobody cares about me therefore kill yourself with me

No. 892829

File: 1664145995215.jpeg (58.47 KB, 275x266, 402489B0-B243-4623-BBCF-84FB4F…)


No. 892833

File: 1664149825121.jpg (1 MB, 1079x2264, Screenshot_20220925_164952.jpg)

No. 892834

File: 1664149856019.jpg (691.07 KB, 1232x1920, tumblr_2a69c710e50d54b9545838f…)

No. 892835

>morning coffee
>mostly cream
>muh ana

No. 892836

Would it kill her to write normally instead of abbreviating every single word?

No. 892837

ha. Philtergraph

No. 892838

she will never let it go that she was perscribed lithium huh? she was also perscribed something else but thats not *~aesthetic~* or whatever

No. 892839

Looks like she read your comment, nonnie. She added a figure.

No. 892840

File: 1664153541147.jpg (83.73 KB, 500x272, jillionquotes.com_borderline-g…)

Could she at least try and make it less obvious that inpatient meant nothing to her but doctor shopping and Girl Interrupted LARP inspiration?

No. 892841

File: 1664154934984.jpg (196.89 KB, 1079x651, Screenshot_20220924-233211_Tum…)

Quite literally. And it's embarassing

No. 892858

File: 1664167724606.jpg (275.87 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20220926-004813_Bra…)

No. 892866

Is 82 lurch’s birth year

No. 892867

Wonder if she realized how annoying she was in impatient thinking she's hot shit and raging movie quotes.

No. 892870

I thought he was 17 years older than Luna (boak) which would make him born in 1979?

No. 892871

This, idk what other anons talking about. His DOB is in older threads and it's 1979. My best guess is that she thinks 1982 is the year Scarface came out? Her username is a reference to it, but it came out 1983.

No. 892872

I’m pretty sure documents with his DOB have been posted before and it is 1979

No. 892873

Call me a contrarian but the OP picture is hilarious and Luna's outfit is heaps better than her usual cum encrusted nonsense or shaggy Grimace jacket. Still, I'd love to see how her legs look in that skirt. I'm guessing she has enough foresight not to post a full body for that reason alone:

I also suspect she is posting so much about her lithium because of the Nirvana song of the same name. She probably feels like she earned 90s points.

No. 892874

I happen to agree with you. I think it perfectly encapsulates her current uwu anachan sefie phase. The bio is wonderfully done with multiple links to alleviate any spoonfeeding.

Kanpai op!

No. 892875

Lurch's face with the filter overlay eyelashes and luscious lips, Tuba's sag-tits and stink cloud over her head.. don't listen to the critics Nonna, this is true art

No. 892877

Arigato gozaimasu, nonitasu
This is how I interpreted it as well. I’d never have her pegged as a Scarface fan, I wonder if that’s another part of Matthew’s personality she has absorbed like her LARPing as a baseball super fan

No. 892881

File: 1664203890355.jpg (235.04 KB, 720x1441, VideoCapture_20220926-075059.j…)

No. 892882

File: 1664203915676.jpg (213.1 KB, 720x1425, VideoCapture_20220926-075053.j…)

No. 892883

File: 1664204169635.jpg (135.32 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20220926_075559.jpg)

No. 892884

She’s never been underweight/a regular weight without extra skin so how does she know what she could look like if she wasn't fat as fuck from the start. What a cope.

No. 892886

I hate her pro ana shit man. Tagging this for her ED followers is just another way to larp her mental illness online. Post photos of your scale ana angel; bet you wont.

No. 892888

What in the Frankenstein’s Monster is this Handsome Squidward filter she’s found?

No. 892889

Those eyelashes are ridic

No. 892890

Small waist? Girl is high af or actually believes that because her filters are reality. everything looks smaller next to hips that gigantic. She’s like a marshmallow using a tight rubberband to create a waist.

Her waist and hips are like saying a 350 lb person is thin just because they are standing next to a 500 lb person.

No. 892891

“i mean personally i will always have a small waist even at 240 pounds but hey you other ppl with ed? your dreams are impossible”

No. 892892

hm, if you have wide, big hips it's very likely for you to have a thigh gap even at a normal weight, guess she never had a normal weight and therefore doesn't know that.

don't worry, I give it another three weeks maximum and her Tumblr will be deleted for that, they are very strict when it comes to eating disorders and self harm.

No. 892893

I miss when she'd use colored markers, these feel lazy

No. 892894

File: 1664209103066.jpg (784.69 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20220926_091814.jpg)

No. 892895

lil wrist……………….while being the exact same size as lurch's

No. 892896

crumbs all over the sheets, no attempt to brush them off no wonder she can't sleep

No. 892897

THE CRUMBS ON THE BED. I'm triggered kek. You just know its going to be brushed onto the floor for the mice and roaches

No. 892898

No, as >>892870 said, he is born in 1979. I don't know why that rumor that he is younger never dies. There were several official documents (screenshots from his arrest) posted where his birth year is cited.

No. 892899

omg the crumbs… filthy swines.

No. 892901

her ana larp is so unconvincing. no anorexic would say "my body's not meant to be thin." she's just saying this so she can stuff her face while pretending to have an eating disorder.

everyone who reaches a very low bmi will have a thigh gap. luna just has no idea because she's been fat her whole life.

No. 892902

Luna's wrist is the circumference of Lurche's bear claw and she thinks that's "little"? Dumb junkie bitch, nothing about you including your wrist and banana hands is "little"

No. 892903

her fucking jawline.. my sides have ascended to orbit

No. 892905

Fucking kek, yeah it’s posts like that where I’ve become convinced that Luna’s supposed “low self esteem” is a warped sense of delusionally high self esteem. She is always finding a way to back door a compliment about herself (intelligence, hair, skin, style) while really only calling herself out for things she’s decided are “out of her control” (upbringing, drugs, home situation, chonky genetics).

No. 892909

What a cope, it's actually more likely to have a thigh gap when you're tall and have wide hips. It's just impossible for her because she's literally fucking 234lbs, aka obese. Like Tuba you're huge. Just because your fat distribution might give you "curves" doesn't mean you're tiny or incapable of being skinny. It's because you're fat. It's just more of her self-diagnosed larp. Find me an anorexic that's 200lbs+, I'll wait.

No. 892912

File: 1664221963833.jpg (187.79 KB, 953x695, hemorrhoids.jpg)

Why do her lips resemble anal hemorrhoids? I've never seen anything like it before.

No. 892913


Massively Messy Tessy Holliday? She's anorexic.

No. 892914

luna is the narcissist’s prayer personified. that didn’t happen. if it did, it wasn’t her fault. if it’s her fault, she didn’t mean to. if she meant to, it’s because other people deserve it.

No. 892916

In reality is from not drinking water and the toll drugs take on the body. Everything goes fucky-wucky. Cosmically is just one of the many ways her interal ugly manifests itself physically.

No. 892918

Out of all the lies this retard tells, the ones she tells herself are always the best. Absolutely hilarious every time. Has the advantage of height but still claims it’s her body type that makes her a fat ass for life, and not her own laziness and gluttony.
How convenient that she has marks on the exact spots where veins should be. I’m sure there must be another explanation though, kek. Looks like she used an old, dull needle for each of them and caused immediate scarring. Can even clearly see two punctures in one of them, meaning those are the newest. After all this time, she still sucks at the one thing she’s consistently done for years, besides sitting on her ass while bitching and eating.

No. 892919

Didn't know Luna was left-handed and had all her other veins botched, so that she now has to use her right hand's veins to inject directly over the bones.

No. 892920

Oh no, I summoned the Nona that always shows up and is the only person here that has knowledge about where and how junkies shoot up. I’m not going to bother debating you, but incase you were unaware, people do use alternate hands, not to mention lurch’s helping hand. And the veins are right next to the bones and they slightly move and roll with hand movement. I’ve seen these exact spots on multiple people, over and over, but sure, you know it all lol. The one true junkie scholar.

No. 892921

literally what else would it be

No. 892922

The only benefit of the doubt I’ll give that sperg is that biggest one in the middle could be a cigarette burn. But other than that, other possibilities are highly unlikely.

No. 892923

I hope ants carry every single one of those crumbs and whatever is in the aluminum foil away, and squat in their room for their entire stay. You're a fat ass with fat ass hands and a fat ass arm, Tuna. Stop with the delusions and wash your fucking hands. Your thumb should not be black.

No. 892924

There are veins in those spots that overlap the bones. Particularly the one furthest to the left.

No. 892926

File: 1664229399429.jpg (103.65 KB, 773x1280, IMG_20220926_185631_151.jpg)

Baseball larp and "i'm totally going to school u guise"

No. 892927

why even go to school? skincare queen knows everything already! her skin is perfect!

No. 892929

She would try her best to be the hottest one there but would end up looking the worst. I want to see tuna arguing with skincare professionals saga.

No. 892930

Def gonna go to school just like she was DEF going to get a "shitty" job as soon as she was evicted from the squat kek ok

No. 892931

total tinfoil, but could the marks be from sticking her fingers in her throat to make herself vomit?

No. 892932

Yes! I am ready for this saga. Please don't be one of your 50k empty promises.

No. 892933

i think she literally just scraped her knuckles on something but she keeps showing off the marks to make ppl think this. she’d be making poems and art about making herself vomit if she was actually doing that.

No. 892934

File: 1664232578599.jpg (250.34 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20220926-154856.j…)

No. 892935

Look at that dainty skinny queen! Her face is so filtered she looks 2D.

No. 892936

ngl it would be nice if this helped her turn her life around for the better and she could get by doing something she likes. But I think we're all smart enough to know that she's 100% going for validation for being "hot" and having "perfect skin" and will refuse to listen to anything about proper hygiene. She's going to get discouraged from being around people with actual goals who shower every day. She will not be the hottest bbygirl in class by a long shot and take everything personally.

No. 892937

File: 1664233492309.gif (826.07 KB, 400x224, 4623945B-FA7C-48D2-947D-BC5664…)

No. 892939

File: 1664235118374.jpeg (291.95 KB, 828x1101, 38F2D50E-34EC-47B1-BE4E-122401…)

No. 892940

>no matter how much i starve

Tuba you have always been enormous

No. 892941

My bet is its another grift on her dad. "Look daddy tuna, I'm going back to school, now give me $$$$ for it and books also buy this skin care product I totally need for class lol"
ed Tumblr hits back

No. 892943

"how much i starve" posts constantly all the goopy carby sweets and treats and juice she consumes

bet you the esthetician pipe dream is just going to be an excuse for her to beg for skincare from her followers and parents and "friend's mom" because that's for her "career."

No. 892944

I thought this was fakeboi at first and i almost gasped kek

No. 892946

This fat bitch legit can't imagine actually starving herself KEK.

No. 892947

The cognitive dissonance of it all. You cannot starve yourself and expect the weight to come off and stay off. Why hasn't she put this together yet? She always wants to do everything in the most self-punishing way possible instead of actually developing healthy habits and going for a walk once a day. Like no shit it's hard to be consistent when you've lived in such an unhealthy mindset but she could try. It's not like she has a job outside of posting filtered selfies throughout the day. Instead of scrolling through ed tumblr, she could spend that time reading self help and diet plans. Get her ebil dad to pay for a meal kit each week so could learn some actual skills for taking care of herself. She spent her adolescence doing drugs and drinking out of minute maid juice cartons but that doesn't mean she has to continue living that way forever. Her brain is too warped to realize that starving herself isn't the easy way out of obesity and is actually cool and glamorous and totally how you become a skin and bones kween uwu. She's getting too old for this tumblr subculture. Sage for rant.

No. 892949

her and tnd have the same lips kek looks like a camel toe

No. 892951

Doubt it would be much of a saga. Goes once, steals everything she can, "everyone gasped at how beautiful and talented I am", quits because teacher was most awful person EVER.

No. 892952

Gee Tuna, maybe instead of starving then you can, oh idk, change your eating habits and get some fucking exercise without rewarding yourself with a tub of ice cream or a carton of juice after?

No. 892953

The cherry on top is, if she sought help for BED they would actually help her reset her diet with a dietician and everything.

No. 892954

File: 1664245013192.jpg (288.16 KB, 855x1473, Screenshot_20220926-221442_Chr…)

Also I know her ED larp is interesting, but are we not going to talk about the fucking KITTY LITTER and CRUMBS all over the airbnb's blankets? Literally living and sleeping in shit

No. 892955

Samefag, I just scrolled up and saw where it was posted an discussed. Forgive me nonnitas.

No. 892956

is that "the world is yours" tattoo new? i don't remember it when she'd show off her rose.

No. 892957

Big kek
Retarded tinfoil about tinfoil but perhaps she and Footman are using it to smoke dope. Maybe in her twisted mind it doesn't count as a relapse since it's not shooting kek.

No. 892960

Russell's sign is located more right on the knuckles, her marks are higher up on the dorsal hand to be from purging.

No. 892963

I thought the foil was just their take-out/food delivery.
Also looking back at those pics- why doblurchs old man arms gross me out so badly!?

No. 892965

His hands are swollen up from injections.

No. 892970

I hope she starts arguing with more from the ed community, she's so insufferable.

No. 892971

funniest shit ive seen in my life.

No. 892973

Me too, as a LARPer she probably has no idea how viciously competitive girls with anorexia can be t. medfag specialising in eating disorders She probably expects the “community” to be an uwu hugbox when in reality she’ll get eviscerated for being “wannarexic”. She’ll end a laughing stock if she isn’t already, at best she’ll be shared as “fatspo” and at worst she’ll be bullied mercilessly. And we know how sensitive and defensive she is, she’ll lose her shit (if she isn’t already spiralling after that reply, kek)

No. 892974

this would be a great time for her to get back on twitter. edtwitter is fucking ruthless.

No. 892975

Anons, please google track marks. There is no needle that they give at the needle exchange that is irregular shape, doesn't leave bruising, or is that large. There is also zero tracking. Those are just randomly there and not in a line. Her fingers aren't sausage like either. Example, Jonny Craig's hands. Your fingers swell when you inject in your hands and stay that way for years if not forever.
Just because we don't know what it is doesn't make it a track mark when it isn't one. Seriously, please google it so you can view what track marks actually look like

No. 892980

Not sure if you're being sarcastic Nona…she got them both at the same time

No. 892982

Does Tumblr still hate anyone over 18? It would be hilarious if they called her out for being a wannarexic and an old hag who's "making the space unsafe for minors" or w/e

No. 892983

my sense of humor is broken but

No. 892986

Tuna really removed all of Lurch's followers, following, and posts on Instagram. Whew

No. 892987


screenshot? Which instagram are you talking about?

No. 892988

File: 1664294675940.jpeg (583.78 KB, 1170x1837, 6EF77444-B9F7-4850-8CFE-76B8E9…)

kek fakeboi responding to this post with an essay of fat girl cope. was only a matter of time

No. 892990

File: 1664297129746.jpg (52.44 KB, 470x624, sausage_fingies.jpg)

lurch's meaty mitts are almost on par with prince charles' sausage fingers

No. 892991

literally none of that made sense. a thigh gap is the result of a lot of factors but mainly wide hips and high inner thigh muscles. it has nothing to do with puberty and doesn’t interfere with giving birth. honestly, having a natural thigh gap would probably help with labor.

No. 892994

And deleted his profile pic on Twitter and changed the @ handle

No. 892995

off topic but what the fuck is that?? is this dude dying? is it diabetes?

No. 892998

>The thigh gap means ur hip bones didn't rotate out at puberty to better accommodate a baby

Incel-tier understanding of women's anatomy.

>Restriction only causes short term weight loss and when you get to a certain age/metabolic state it doesn't cause weight loss at all

Fakeboi's right, that's why there were so many fat people in Auschwitz. Oh, wait, there weren't…

No one is this deluded unless they're obese. Fakeboi's probably so massive she has to wipe with a sponge on a stick.

It's from fluid retention, but his royal majesty Chucky Three Sticks hasn't revealed what's causing it in his case. Considering how old he is, it's probably from blood pressure medication. It's not a sign of imminent death.

No. 892999

People suspect it's years of booze abuse since it tends to blow up your extremeties.

No. 893001

File: 1664299309520.jpg (199.5 KB, 668x1280, IMG_20220927_142143_974.jpg)

There's more of her rant. This is such an obese gorl cope + ass kissing, like, doesn't her tongue hurt from kissing tuna's ass all day long? Jesus.

No. 893003

Lmao no wonder Luna mostly ignores her, this is creepy and obsessed.

No. 893008

Oops I just realized I scrolled through her following a bit too far and what I talked about was his other account twitter.com/Matthew63219347
The one that was posted here is the same: twitter.com/mschumacher82

No. 893009

his twitter is coming up the same for me still with the same profile picture its @/mschumacher82 for anyone wondering. also probably where the 82 in lunas user is from, i guess they both go along with his fake age kek?

No. 893011

File: 1664304679372.jpg (162.16 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20220927-112651_Ins…)

this is an image board

No. 893013

She must've snapped about the meth-binge-foot-thirst tweet rampage he went on while she was inpatient.

No. 893016

File: 1664307585740.png (Spoiler Image,403.82 KB, 450x626, 1616327078748.png)

>No one is this deluded unless they're obese. Fakeboi's probably so massive she has to wipe with a sponge on a stick.
I mean, yeah…. Haven't you seen her?

No. 893017

File: 1664307767794.jpeg (676.03 KB, 828x1354, 3FF7968D-56F9-4B5C-8606-025819…)

No. 893018

File: 1664307788459.jpeg (877.07 KB, 828x1372, 5488240B-865C-4BE6-9AB9-D35272…)

No. 893019

This is the scariest shit I've seen in a long time. My God…

No. 893020

File: 1664307831584.png (622.96 KB, 435x810, 68ED8618-7B6F-4B10-A5B2-E6BC15…)

> i went to my appointment but all the psych stuff on the computers is down across the state so nothing was accomplished. housing told me i have to go through dss first. the college/job program cuts off at 24 and i’m 26. i feel like a failure lmao

No. 893021

Is she still wearing that same damn outfit? Christ, it's covered in dust and god knows what else. Ugh. Poor psych.

No. 893023

omg what the fuck is this

her body looks like a box here lol what happened to muh smol waist

No. 893025

What a day incredible moron. Humans evolved to endure periods of starvation. The anomaly is the last forty years in the west and the consistent over abundance of food and cheap empty calories.

The urban legend of “starvation mode” and the way fatties can’t fathom missing meals is always amusing.

No. 893026


No. 893027

Who would give her a loan with no job or job history, no assets, not great credit?

No. 893030

Student loans don't go off that.

No. 893032

>Fat Water Cuz Ur Fat
Silly little Tuba, It’s called soda. Drink actual water if you want to make your muh eating disorder larp at least microscopically believable.

No. 893033


She'd most likely qualify for subsidized student loans, but lbr she will just waste the money, never pay the debt owed and still complain a boy made fun of her thighs as a child.

No. 893037

fat water is a skincare product by fenty but she was calling it “fat milk” before lol

No. 893040

this one is most definitely replying to the farms, we should start calling lurch lurk instead… there was a post about her product being called "fat water" last thread.

No. 893041

This is his instagram, not twitter. I think it’s always been private, or at least it has recently

No. 893043

I'm soooo over the dainty ED larp

No. 893044

If she really wanted to prove how dainty she is she’d wrap her own hand around her wrist so the thumb and pinkie touch, she’s so delusional

No. 893045

Kek, having a grown ass man barely be able to wrap his fingers around your wrist isn't the flex she thinks it is.

No. 893046

File: 1664318810305.webm (2.28 MB, 720x1396, XRecorder_27092022_153430.webm)

"The mental health shit is closed down"

No. 893048

File: 1664318859591.jpg (175.41 KB, 720x1396, VideoCapture_20220927-153814.j…)

No. 893050

is it me or is she high?

No. 893053

Classic return of nail grime!!

No. 893054

Does she not even inhale when she smokes???

No. 893055

nope. poser in all facets of life

No. 893056

She looks like a yassified bigfoot.

No. 893058

This is Tuna we’re talking about nona, do you even have to ask?

No. 893059

As usual, she's being dumb and useless. She could easily get an associate's degree for free in NY.

No. 893060

Let’s be real, as if she has any intention of doing anything productive

No. 893061

Her teeth look like they've fused into one piece. Her lashes look stupid, too.

Oh I know, anon. We know that unless someone else does the paperwork and classes start late in the day, school isn't actually in her empty plans.

No. 893062

What. I'm seeing why anons think she's slightly retarded

No. 893065

They’re so fucking putrid even with a filter, imagine the stench wafting from her gob (along with everywhere else, kek)

No. 893067

I read her rant as "Oh no, Luna becomes thinner than me, I have to interject with some non-facts in hopes she gives up becoming thin(ner than me)".
It was pretty transparent.
Manipulative cunt. But we all know that, she admitted on here that she slides into Tuna's dms and giving her the impression as if she was her friend.

No. 893068

File: 1664328581073.jpg (15.2 KB, 274x350, calimero.jpg)

What is that spiral with an egg hat for?

No. 893070

I can't help but feel like luna is everlurking. Give us a sign if you're here looney! Maybe some cute cow spots or style yourself with some lil horns.

No. 893071

Someone PLEASE tell me what is wrong with her voice. It's like she's out of breath but it can't be just because she's fat
And also… what are her teeth? They look so thick and fuzzy, even with a filter on them. And the white slime all around the corners at the end. How is she so gross and oblivious

No. 893075

my best guess is that she's whispering because she doesn't want anyone to hear her retarded snapchat updates. probably recorded that several times too to get it uwu ~just right~. imagine being nearby & hearing "all the mental health shit is closed down" whispered several times by this actual clown kek

No. 893081


She is a fat chain smoker. That is why she huffs and gasps. She has no core muscles whatsoever. That she can still put one keg leg in front of the other with the weak ass muscles she has is a minor miracle.

Her next saga will be her bedbound one. You just watch.

No. 893083

She looks like a middle schooler who stole one of their dads cigarettes and doesn't know how to smoke but just wants to look cool
Why even waste money on smokes if that's how you've been smoking all these years?

No. 893087

Keg leg is the most apt description of her earthquake catalyst thighs (and massive canks) and I’m fucking chortling lmao love u nonna

No. 893088

I had the same question…

No. 893090

It’s the wing of an angel and a simple (downward?)spiral. You can even see the nimbus above it

No. 893091

>quick puff of her smoke because she never learned/doesn't even like doing it
>Quick movement of her phone camera that shows what a WIDE whale she is
>ORANGE TEETH even through grease filter
Kek, stay losing Tuna.

No. 893092

Some people do insta-inhale upon taking a drag. I didn't see her cheeks puff up, so that might be the case. Not that it matters if she is fake inhaling.
So now that she is getting older I wonder how this will effect her gov't gimmies in the future. Will she have to actively apply and keep up with re applying for programs?

No. 893095

i think she might be raising her voice purposely because a high voice is associated with dainty anorexic aesthetic

No. 893096

Scary video because of her unsettling smile/laugh

No. 893098

I know your description is accurate but it still makes me want to kms kek. Fucking nasty.

No. 893099

Lolwut? I would have guessed pacman ghost or cracked egg before I would have thought it was an angel wing above a downward spiral. There's no way I would have noticed the halo as anything other than clutter. V interesting analysis nonette, is there anything else we might be missing in her art that you've been able to cipher?

No. 893101

idk why we're arguing about whether she inhales or not when nicotine can be absorbed through the mucus membrane in your mouth. like you all sound like teenagers fighting about whether someones a "poser" for how they smoke their cigarettes. next she'll smoke a joint and anons will say "she didn't hold the hit enough to get high" when thc is absorbed immediately in your system and "holding in" your hit just gives you more a head rush from lack of oxygen god i miss lurchposting

No. 893103

File: 1664370267727.jpeg (73.44 KB, 828x382, 037C055D-E11A-45ED-B73F-34FE6E…)

no milk but she changed her insta name & deleted her bio

No. 893104

jesus christ her teeth match her hair. orange and furry what the fuck

No. 893107

Does she think periodically changing her name will make it harder to keep up with her fuckery? She really is retarded

No. 893109

File: 1664373780839.jpeg (449.41 KB, 828x780, 7007AAFC-E254-4509-BB99-BE5819…)

can't believe this lardass is ordering doordash… she can't even just walk and pick up delivery herself? i wonder if lurch really does have some settlement they're spending, when was the last time she has e-begged? i'm sure she still does in the dms, but she hasn't outwardly asked for people to send her things or money in a long while. i guess she's resorted to just stealing beauty products and trinkets so we know shes not spending on that. doordash charges up the wazoo though, delivery fee, most food is upcharged on that app, and if you don't leave a good tip there's no way its getting delivered. she's got to be spending about 40 dollars each time she gets delivery if not more. we never see her shoplift things she could actually use like healthy food or produce. can't you steal a banana or something? put it in your pants and if they asked what it was she could just put on her husky voice and ask if they assume her pronouns kek.

No. 893110

I guess the angel was that bad that she cut it out^^

No. 893111

>YouCam Perfect
Definitely edits her body

No. 893113

>can't you steal a banana or something? put it in your pants and if they asked what it was she could just put on her husky voice and ask if they assume her pronouns kek
Nonita I am sleep deprived and this just sent me into hysterics, one of our resident artists please come through bless us with a visual rendering of this

No. 893114

had to look it up, but loosid and iron will are like, sober apps. Really love how she made the icon for loosid an aesthetic syringe…

No. 893115

File: 1664375914937.jpg (177.16 KB, 1080x1792, 20220928_103817.jpg)

No. 893119

The fact that this is a 26 year old woman makes me viscerally uncomfortable

No. 893123

And I thought she tried a bit of surrealist art here, surrealist Calimero. But a pac man ghost is also not bad.

No. 893126

wtaf. i thought she was "sex repulsed"? or maybe she downloaded this for lurch kek

No. 893129

She has a discord??? I'd die to read her convos ngl

No. 893136

That kinda was my point. Her inhaling is moot.

No. 893137

my bad nonna, in my haste to respond to the other anons i included your post too without full comprehension. it was first thing this morning i apologize

No. 893138

Fucking kek.
>Luna, huskily asking Lurch “Babycat? Did you whack off today?”
>huff “ok I’m-“ huff “putting it in the app!”
>My beautiful tall perfect husband reminds me >often how loved I am uwu

No. 893144

Why the fuck does Facebook have three O's and why do the apps in the deck at the bottom have no names or am I just dumb

No. 893146

the ones on the bottom never have text but the typo on the fb icon is def her doing, you have to type the shortcut name yourself

No. 893155

So because she aged out of having a social worker do all the leg work gor her, she's going to give up. This is why no one should feel sorry for her. If it isn't done for her, she gives up.

No. 893157

kek nona I was just thinking the same thing

No. 893158

File: 1664402478483.jpeg (125.42 KB, 643x858, AF86B19E-A7AC-4405-A671-75A2EB…)

One of the images on the app stores promoting youcam perfect kek

No. 893160

File: 1664403093418.jpg (558.39 KB, 1058x1524, Screenshot_20220928_181229.jpg)

No. 893161

damn nice nose crust tuna. also is the area around her lips just permanently dirty?

No. 893162

honestly i’m surprised that her bridge piercing hasn’t completely rejected

No. 893164


This would be down to the piercer putting it in a proper placement but I’m also shocked that the layers of cheap face creams didn’t cause severe irritation during healing

No. 893167

What’s all the coffee splatter looking shit on her chest? Is she filthy or are they light freckles?

No. 893174

this is photographic proof that she has no upper lip and uses filters to make them look fuller.

they are freckles, she is a natural dark auburn ginger.

No. 893175

still can't manage to wash all her makeup off

No. 893176

File: 1664411885262.jpeg (1.66 MB, 2224x10061, rottenheaven96.JPEG)

Luna has updated since >>893109. Her Instagram and Tumblr >>893103 name now match. Some of my favourite bits are:
> multiple strangers stopped in their tracks to tell me how gorgeous I am (their words)
> a set of pictures of herself naked as punishment for eating a sandwich and chips
She blessed us with more poetry which includes the lines
> I hate talking about me but somehow a self centered sentence escapes my lips
> like Michael Jackson sang, just leave me alone
Appropriately tagged too
> #more like ramblings #this sucks
And begging, she needs (needed?) $30 to $60 but even $1 can help as she’s desperate.

No. 893178

There’s a difference between track marks and injection sites. Those aren’t tracks but they could very well be injection sites, at least all but the middle one. Your hands do not necessarily stay swollen, and if it’s done decently, they won’t swell at all. You can get large red spots like that from using a very dull needle, which we know she does since she’s admitted to reusing needles 10+ times, and those can take a long time to heal and will remain looking like that even after any surrounding bruising fades. I’ve seen this exact appearance time and time again, but I guess I just imagined it according to you lol. The confidence some of you speak with, claiming to know everything on a subject while knowing very little, is hilarious. Even if they’re not from shooting up, it is absolutely possible for injection sites to look exactly like this with the typical insulin needles being used and to be located in those exact spots.

Sorry for carrying this idiotic topic on, but the arrogance here is too much.

No. 893181

Sorry nonnie but that's a stretch. She changed her Instagram handle… she's so obsessed with us guise…

No. 893182


>30-60 bucks
presumably for an uber. take the bus, fatass

No. 893190

its funny how she tries to hide her flabby gut that rest upon her fupa, like it really looks like she was pregnant

No. 893191

File: 1664416245127.jpeg (406.17 KB, 828x1112, 61C20CAA-52FD-4B33-945B-7A12DF…)

>begs for 30-60 dollars
>im so desperate
>buys more skincare

No. 893197

I meant in general, retard. She’s a chronic e-beggar, scammer, thief and liar, that has nothing to do with us

No. 893200

For someone who is so obsessed with skincare, she does no research on the shit she buys. Glossier skincare is trash, her serums from The Ordinary will do the same thing that will do for her for much cheaper.

No. 893201

Jesus Christ. Oh my God, Luna.

No. 893206

File: 1664421886518.jpeg (95.08 KB, 828x433, 9752EB68-3711-435F-8F6B-098FEA…)


No. 893207

File: 1664421912011.jpeg (442.89 KB, 828x1216, 24638F9F-5E66-4A19-971E-595DBF…)

No. 893210

LMAO these responses must have Tuba seething, I can’t wait to see her get lambasted to hell by actual anachans

No. 893211


Fakeboi’s parasocial relationship with her is the most baffling part of Luna’s threads to me. The only explanation I can think of is that she’s found someone with a life worse than hers, and the fake positivity and advice is her way of gloating about it.

No. 893213

Is her labret piercing rejecting? It looks like it's migrating out of her lip…

No. 893215

I think the placement is just shit, it's always looked really weird and off center in every way possible

No. 893216

I truly think she should just go full retard

No. 893222

the editing in this is insane.

No. 893224

One thing that has always pissed me off about Luna since I got to her threads is how she stole all her sad stories from Kurt Cobain. "Oh I use heroin because I have chronic pain that I can't relieve with anything but hard drugs" "oh my mom used to drug me as a child so I'm a junkie now". And she even tries to disguise it by bringing everyone's attention to the fact that she is an "Alice in Chains fan" (I can't imagine her listening to any AiC album other than unplugged). D
She threw her life away to play Kurt and Courtney.

I don't doubt that she actually has some kind of pain or whatever and that her mother drugged her as a child, but she chose to hold on to it and spend the rest of her life playing the victim just because of Kurt Cobain crap. What a life.

No. 893225

it always loo like the piercing is too heavy and weighing her lip down

No. 893227

File: 1664458178218.jpeg (79.13 KB, 830x299, D3E5A3A7-3221-4F2D-9146-DADDCF…)

Maybe a tinfoil but do you think Lurch blames lolcow for “trying to find info about us” when Luna catches him chatting up other women (bots, feet)?

No. 893229

Why does it make me laugh when she mentions Michael Jackson, second time she does this kek

No. 893230

also eminem. never pegged her as a stan but then she liked and reblogged a ton of eminem stuff recently on tumblr, and a lot of her "poetry" these days is sounding like his songs. like he always says his mom fed him xanax and valium and a lot of his songs have references to drug use as a young child and aboosive mommies. i feel like she's picked up some of her LARP from his music and has been ramping it up lately. like especially with hating her mom lately, and not focusing on ebil dad as much. dad just "wasn't there" (we can't say much on her childhood and teen years but i think her dad has been there enough for her as an adult. he's actually gone above and beyond what most fathers do for their adult children. we have lots of documentation of this in these threads). i do think there is some truth to these stories she tells, but like eminem she definitely exaggerates though.

No. 893232

I can’t help but wonder what fakeboi is hoping to get out of this weird pseudo friendship. She shows Luna more attention than virtually anyone else and yet she almost never replies to her or acknowledges her at all. It’s been years and she’s only become more obsessive

No. 893236

She's probably obsessed with him because Brittany Murphy was in his 8 Mile movie.

No. 893266

I feel this too, nona. Lots of people make up sob stories to seem more interesting, make excuses for shitty behaviour, attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility, et al but Luna is so lazy she can’t even fabricate her own lore, it’s all lifted from other people’s lives. Obviously we’re not privy to all the intimate particulars of her childhood but I find it hard to believe that her parents are as ebil as she makes them out to be. Her family in general seem to have been pretty supportive of her aspirations to pursue a creative career, I mean obviously having their own issues with addiction and being absent isn’t ideal but her dad bankrolls her entire existence (whether it’s out of guilt or not is immaterial) and her mum permitted both her and the foot fetishist moai to compromise (and ultimately cost her) the government housing she had secured, not to mention jeopardise her sobriety by using drugs around her knowing full well what the implications of that would be, I can’t help but feel that her definition of parental aboose is them gently urging her to get a job or enrol in a course or just be less of a lazy, spoilt brat who wallows in self pity

No. 893273

no screencaps cause this was like, 10 years ago but she was actually really into eminem for a while lol. Would post lots of songs off of Eminem Show album on her tumblr, always stood out to me because this was mainly when she listened to Daniel Johnston and the Growlers (wow I miss when she had a music taste that wasn't just what Lurch likes, huh).

No. 893274

I’ve mentioned it before, Luna is how I found lolcow on account of her being adjacent to the music scene I was playing in and bands I’m friends with (i.e. the Goner/Burger roster like Hunx, Nobunny, Black Lips, Jay Reatard et al), it’s depressing that she ditched all the shit she was doing back then like art and writing for fun zines to model her entire personality on that of a scummy junkie dealer who groomed her

No. 893279

I also found her and lolcow because of her music, particularly AIC.

No. 893281

File: 1664473354445.jpg (209.3 KB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20220929-103056_Red…)

No. 893283

File: 1664473443560.jpg (219.35 KB, 1080x1979, Screenshot_20220929-103941_Red…)

No. 893284

well that's a different marketing strategy

No. 893289

she didn't even try to censor the dick. what a fucking idiot.

No. 893290

how come she gets all dolled up for insta pics but this pic is what she sends to "clients" lmfao

No. 893291

You can tell she's done zero research into sex work and has zero know-how. If a guy doesn't pay up right away or abide by your rules, block him. And then she has the nerve to complain these men just degrade her. Yeah, cause you keep replying to them when they say they wanna use your fat goopy ass as a cumdumpster for free.

No. 893294

Didn't she say she stopped doing sw, because the customers were so respectless to her?

No. 893296

Her dad was around he just wasn't her primary care giver all of the time. There was a post she made a few years back that I always remember because it perfectly encapsulates why she's such an entitled brat, but it was her pining over her childhood and how she missed being in elementary school because if she whined and threw a big enough tantrum her dad would let her stay home and watch TV all day.

No. 893299

dumb is continuing replying because you crave the validation it gives you to be called perfect and feeds into your "i get catcalled and told by strangers im so beautiful" lie

No. 893307

File: 1664486943288.jpg (195.98 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20220929-142613_Ins…)

No. 893308

Bitch you do fuck all all day long, every single day of the week. How the fuck are you "busy"? Do you even know what that word means, Tuna? Probably not.

No. 893309

busy doing nothing

No. 893310

>how can anyone be this perfect
Further proof that moids really will fuck anything

No. 893311

Busy taking 4754278 gratuitously edited selfies

No. 893312

Busy reading here. She's been so reactive lately, she may as well just post here directly.

No. 893314

>I don't meet up before selling videos/pics
So she's admitting she meets up with clients lmao. Doing big stuff tuna

No. 893320

File: 1664488952470.jpeg (88.13 KB, 828x482, 414C402F-FD05-464A-AE5F-C94B59…)

some tumblr posts

No. 893322

Her therapist probably told her to try yoga and meditation instead of gorging benzos. She will never actually do it, she will maybe try once or twice at most.

No. 893324

Just like that embroidery phase that never happened despite begging for shit and getting it.

No. 893330

File: 1664493743924.jpeg (84.58 KB, 828x403, EF47D19B-B612-4D20-B03A-42814A…)

she added this tag

No. 893337

Remember the anon spit debate? Snapchat video incoming. Stand by for Dat fresh milk.

No. 893339

File: 1664495603995.jpg (211.98 KB, 706x1422, VideoCapture_20220929-165241.j…)

No. 893340

File: 1664495636086.jpg (206.54 KB, 706x1422, VideoCapture_20220929-165245.j…)

No. 893341

File: 1664495666350.jpg (216.77 KB, 706x1422, VideoCapture_20220929-165252.j…)

No. 893342

And everybody clapped

No. 893343

File: 1664495956417.webm (4.71 MB, 706x1426, XRecorder_29092022_164946.webm)

No. 893344

File: 1664496237718.jpg (923.77 KB, 1074x2827, Screenshot_20220929_170330.jpg)

No. 893345


No. 893346

No shit Tuna, it's literally an album about heroin addiction. You're not special.

No. 893347

Oooo does she have a toothache?

No. 893349

wait a minute I cannot fucking handle these three exact things in rapid succession
"I rose my first" big spit that made me whisper "wtf yes" out loud "this is literally my album"

she is playing the greatest hits…still an absolute failure, but man, at least she is consistent

No. 893351

File: 1664497888941.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x2102, B4D706B9-6227-4E7C-B813-17AD55…)


Those fucking teeth

No. 893355

File: 1664498655538.jpeg (Spoiler Image,6.34 KB, 259x194, DO-NOT-OPEN-IF-U-LOVE-URSELF.j…)

Yeah, that's definitely what's called Dental Calculus, when plaque builds up so much it makes it look like the teeth are fused together


No. 893356

this video in combination with the college video is proof enough that she's special needs. in such a short video, we see her try to look edgy while looking away smoking, hock a big runny ball of saliva on the ground to… look cool?? and then after a few moments of staring at herself in the camera, awkwardly does a weird smile, immediately goes stone-faced and then does a weird hand-on-face pose while heavy breathing.

No. 893358

she'll spend money on expensive skincare, and even get others including her "abusive mom" to get it for her, but won't brush her teeth.

No. 893361

And here we have our confirmation. Cheers, Nona. For someone so into beauty she’s sure is vile and repulsive. Will the sHe DiDn’T sPiT!!1! nona make an appearance?

No. 893362

She didn't "steal" her story; she objectively grew up as a child of addicts and it's very, very common for children of addicts to become addicts themselves. She's an irredeemable cluster-B mess but I don't understand why we'd need to rewrite her history to make it out like she didn't have the cards stacked against her. Shitty people tend to have shitty upbringings.

No. 893363

I think that nona meant (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) that it wasn’t as bad as Luna has been saying lately. She has ramped up the “parents were evil” narrative.

No. 893371

Her mom doesn't sound like a winner, and probably has done some supremely shitty things to her. Daddy Tuna on the other hand has been supporting her her whole adult life and seems to geniunely love her. But he doesn't like Lurch so ofc Luna sees him as the devil

No. 893374

This is very different from the first video anons were debating over. Just curious about how the two compare and I went back to watch the first one and she doesn't do the weird lunge forward that she uses to get mileage on her spit à la Leo in Titanic teaching Kate Winslet to spit. You also don't see a giant stringy ball fall from her mouth. I gotta agree with the anons about the old video that she wasn't spitting. So what was she doing? Who knows, it's fucking Tuba.

No. 893375

I used to talk to this fatty and she admitted she scams buyers by agreeing that she'll do whatever in person shit they ask for BUT FIRST they have to buy some cOnTenT. After they buy content and demand to meet, she keeps trying to sell them on more lazy pics. When they refuse and she knows she can't pass off more of her low quality pics for money, she blocks them. I told her this is why she can't keep any clients and she said, "I know, but like, how else do you get them to buy content?! No one would buy from me if I told them I won't ever meet up and I only sell content online. This is the only way to do it, trust me!"

No. 893380

She was spitting. Shut the fuck up

No. 893382

She really thinks she could be an esthetician when her brows look like that in 2022

No. 893383

What the fuck? She posted this on purpose? Lmfaoooo girl whyyy!? Is it a response to the nonnies talking shit about the way she smokes? And that's why she's blowing smoke out of her nose, holding it in, etc? I'm laughin

No. 893392

She's in a program? Like PHP or some shit? She probably happy as a pig in shit because she thinks she's the hottest girl there.

JFC what a vile, nasty bitch.

No. 893393


wow >>893361 called it

No. 893394

I do think it’s a response to any farmers watching, then she goes back to dope dead eye fucking herself

No. 893395

I went back specifically to see what 2 different anons were talking about. If multiple anons mentioned something you didn't put any thought into, you'd probably look too. Asking wtf they're talking about would summon a Lurk Moar anon. You can't please all anons all of the time.

No. 893396

It's okay anon, not everyone has to agree with you. Maybe some anons don't think a clip where nothing comes out of her mouth is spitting. The co Go touch some grass if you're this offended over a different opinion about spit.

No. 893397

She can barely even spit due to her massive overbite.

No. 893399

It's her grease filter fusing her teeth together, if anything her teeth are straight up orange from a lack of brushing. I wouldn't be surprised if she's gonna end up losing them all one day with how disgusting she is.

No. 893406

The table is already collecting a layer of grime.

A protest of what? Who cares as long as she gets attention and asspats.

>Grease filter

No. 893417

Is it just me or has she not mentioned her "chronic pain" for years lol

No. 893421

He seemed to be getting along with Lurch pretty great in the past. IDK where the "tuna papa hates lurch" myth comes from

No. 893422

Luna's dad told Lurch that Luna was going to die and it was all Lurch's fault. They've had arguments that were documented in earlier threads. Of course a father hates the man who turned his daughter into a smelly sex worker drug addict. He reluctantly deals with lurch now, after 8 years of them being together, but he doesn't like lurch and won't let lurch stay over at his apt.

No. 893423

Congrats no spit anon, you’re somehow even more retarded than trackmark sperg anon. Truly incredible to straight up deny what is right in front of your eyes. Sage because meta bitching.

No. 893425

File: 1664538529361.jpg (183.54 KB, 696x1292, Screenshot.jpg)

That recovery weight gain reblog is surely addressed to farmers…

No. 893427

Luna LARPed anorexia for 1 month so she could say "I'm a recovering anorexic, you can't call me fat"? Pathetic kek. She can't lose more than 5lbs at a time so she's going to give up and pretend she already did it in the past

No. 893430

How is she getting “free” tattoos is my question…

Is she giving up her benzos so Nathan Needle can nod off while he inks her?

No. 893431

lurch is 220 my fucking ass

No. 893432

she used to claim that her "ink artist" would give her a free tat every month she was sober… i guess the guy has a past addiction/addicts in the family and does legitimately give out tattoos to people he feels bad for and he thinks are sober.

No. 893433

I thought nonnies were also tinfoiling about the fact that she saw her mom the same day she got tatted last and Mama Tuna may have paid for some of it. Wouldn’t surprise me, honestly. Why does Tuna love to larp that people are always giving her free shit? I genuinely don’t understand this consistent lie of hers.

No. 893434

No, she's means recovery from using heroin.

No. 893436

File: 1664546621918.png (305.66 KB, 371x659, ghoul.png)

It's like looking into a funhouse mirror

No. 893437

cp bump

No. 893438

I think he said recently in one of his tough guy twitter rants that he was like 240? I remember looking up his BMI cause I'm a freak and it being 27.something

No. 893447

Why are do-gooders always so fucking retarded? Spent your whole life around drug addicts but have the wool pulled over your eyes by the likes of Tuna. Pathetic.

No. 893448

Yes, 240lbs, when he’s 6’6 >>>/pt/890837 and 6’5” >>>/pt/891044

No. 893449

how many free tattoos has she grifted out of this guy now? none of them are really small either, they're all fairly big and detailed for being "free small tattoos"

No. 893450

File: 1664553943674.webm (6.5 MB, 1080x1920, riot-girl.webm)

Idk it's gross how she spits but putting background music makes it so much cooler? Like a music video. Idk, does anyone else rly miss when Luna used to be a punk rock riot girl? I think it's those Kurt Cobain sunglasses that reminded me lol… Idk I just also love riot grrrl and Nirvana lol…

Let me know if you enjoy my edits, I'm happy to make more!!!

No. 893451

You better be joking kek

No. 893452

Well if you followed Luna from the start you'd know that she got tumblr famous when she was an indie hipster riot grrrl who contributed to fanzines etc. (along with rlyblonde) and for a long time she still dressed like that an listened to lots of grunge like Nirvana, Hole etc, I'm just saying I thought she was cool back then, now not so much. But still, sometimes she reminds me of that kinda music. Sorry, I know not many people here sympathize with Luna lol.. I still liked how the music synchronizes with "rebel girl" and makes the edit quite punk lol…

No. 893453

deeply, deeply embarrassing if not satire

No. 893454

No. Also, are you lost? Post this dumb shit on your tumblr

No. 893456

File: 1664557631982.jpeg (27.75 KB, 625x626, 3D6914DC-208E-465F-8228-1DA0BB…)

No. 893459

Because she loves the idea of being this poor tortured soul no one understands!1! who occassionally is shown kindness by strangers despite the "tragedies" that befall her. Instead of the reality that she's a useless floundering fattie of a junkie who has to constantly fuck people over to survive because she's a failure at life.

No. 893461

File: 1664563370191.jpg (90.36 KB, 1080x969, Screenshot_20220930-114047_Red…)

She left this comment on a reddit post about a client hinting at asking another sex worker for beastiality content… little unnerving how the "only 40 bucks" seems to be the bigger issue to Tuna

No. 893462

File: 1664563434190.jpg (Spoiler Image,239.31 KB, 1080x1986, Screenshot_20220930-114324_Red…)

The post

No. 893463

File: 1664563614906.jpg (303.41 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20220930-113853_Ins…)

No. 893464

File: 1664563913797.jpg (251.26 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20220930-114940_Tum…)

our sober queen

No. 893465

the top ball on her vertical labret is going to be disgusting if she doesn't clean food and shit off it. It's pretty noticable when you're using bigger balls.

No. 893468

Oh god the spitting at the end fucking sent me. We know you lurk, you're addicted to the attention. Have fun being on the streets for christmas. It wouldn't happen if you ditched Lurch. Just remember all the girls he was perving on.

No. 893469

Maybe I'm sheltered, but what? Do people really want women to fuck cats? How does that even work? She doesn't have a dog? Is this how Lurch got bitten by pitbulls lol

No. 893470

samefag, I just realised how much of a retard I am. There's a dog at her airbnb that was shown last thread. >>890865 Never mind.

No. 893471

File: 1664570244703.jpg (370.6 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20220930-133617_Ins…)

No. 893473

Ronald McDonald x Grimace saga here we come!!!!

No. 893474

This will be so genuinely bad

No. 893475

following luna since 2017-8, she was punk for a short period of time but turned into a grunge junkie

No. 893476

following her from 2011 and when she was a teenager she was into punk/riot grrrl and the whole burger records scene, was into grunge and shit but when lurch came into her life she went 100% muh layne.

No. 893477

Does anyone else remember a short room tour video she did when she was still living at her mom's and she showed a wastebin she used exclusively to spit into? This was way before she met Lurch and I think it was probably deleted in one of her blog purges. I know she's generally revolting anyway, but it's grim to know she still does that shit and doesn't see anything wrong with it

No. 893478

Unnatural red hair is the trashiest color

No. 893479

I’ve used this dye before and it’s utter trash. Extremely hard to use consistency, pure liquid, not really meant for white woman hair, comes out patchy as shit if you aren’t careful with it. She is making a huge mistake and should have just ordered some Arctic Fox or Manic Panic or something more manageable.

No. 893480

Luna, you begged someone for their last $2 when they were grieving. Luna deserves the worst and only the worst.

No. 893482

Yes!!! The content I've been waiting for!!!

No. 893483

File: 1664577026316.jpg (340.9 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20220930-152924_Ins…)

Yoga is going to cure her 65 year old smoker vocal fry, guys

No. 893484

Xans? New body jewelry, "free" tattoos and hair dye… Was it a mama-tuna mooch day again? How sweet

No. 893485

>I'll suck you off for a yoga mat
Or a successful day of scamming coomers.

No. 893488

File: 1664578318375.jpeg (68.65 KB, 828x358, A211410B-78CF-44B4-B5D7-534921…)

stranger or neighbor hmmmm

No. 893489

It works best mixed into a plain white conditioner and used as a color deposit in between actual hair dye sessions. Also, I bet she is too stupid to realize this, and will pour just the pure contents of the little bottles onto her head.

No. 893490

File: 1664578368862.jpeg (372.35 KB, 828x1955, 0E80A2F9-D132-4B2C-B1E0-7452F1…)

seems like it!

No. 893492

Is she using her Barney-skin coat as a backdrop? LMFAO, I can't wait for her to actually go through with dying her hair red and walking around looking like she came out of a Sims randomizer.

No. 893493

File: 1664580839680.jpg (296.8 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163228.j…)

No. 893494

File: 1664580862850.jpg (337.74 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163234.j…)

No. 893495

File: 1664580884645.jpg (274.03 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163238.j…)

No. 893496

File: 1664580907924.jpg (281.08 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163257.j…)

No. 893497

File: 1664580931546.jpg (251.63 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163307.j…)

No. 893498

File: 1664580970487.jpg (201.45 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163314.j…)

No. 893499

File: 1664580991182.jpg (240.84 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163317.j…)

No. 893500

File: 1664581022180.jpg (200.7 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163337.j…)

No. 893501

File: 1664581052795.jpg (170.17 KB, 720x1436, VideoCapture_20220930-163343.j…)

No. 893502

She looks like someone’s fat mom in this kek

No. 893503

File: 1664581507061.webm (1.79 MB, 720x1436, XRecorder_30092022_162947_1.we…)

No. 893504

wtf is all that scuzz/hair on her nails? yuck

No. 893505

File: 1664581973707.webm (4.85 MB, 720x1436, XRecorder_30092022_162947.webm)

No. 893506

File: 1664582565838.jpg (523.23 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20220930_170229.jpg)

No. 893508

File: 1664582811850.jpg (346.08 KB, 1080x2026, Screenshot_20220930-170631_Sam…)

No. 893509

What are we on………….day 5 in this skirt?

No. 893510

her new url is rottenheaven96

No. 893511

What an ugly yoga mat. She couldn't have gotten a cuter, more aesthetic one? That green one won't look too cute in selfies she'll use it for.
Motivation and cleaning in the morning and get my voice sexier? Lmfao wut

No. 893512

Can't be a successful sex worker when you sound actually retarded I assume.

No. 893513

Her run on sentences always crack me up. I’d pay to see whatever trainwreck of a resume she’s been sending out to jobs

No. 893523

Her handwritting is ugly as shit

Why she needs CBD gummies if she's already a full blown stoner lol edgy try hard….

Why is she decorating a place that's not even hers…

Nice crumbs on the airbnb's sherpa blanket, bitch

Embarassing as fuck to keep xannies on a fucking coffin. More embarassing to film and post it online…

Well you see, the green ugly mat was given by free from someone at the airbnb. Beggars cant' be choosers even when she is.

No. 893529

File: 1664591687908.jpg (286.6 KB, 1080x1804, Screenshot_20220930-193350_Ins…)

No. 893530

This has been quite a shopping spree! Normally I’d assume she racked it all but you can’t rack CBD gummies, piercing jellewry replacements and a tattoo booking. Another grandma died?

No. 893531

Dandruff flakes: check!
Stained shirt: check!
Black eye crusties: check!
Lookin' great as always Tuna fish.

No. 893532

You're giving men way too much credit nonna

Ewww the grime and hair stuck to her fingernails! My new tinfoil is that her blindness helps her stay delusional about the way she looks and lives. She benefits from it in that way and doesn't want to get it fixed

No. 893533

Almost positive she spent the day with evil mum, based on the xans kek

No. 893537

Meanwhile she was just begging for 30 bUcKs for a uber on Tumblr and then here she is on a shopping spree. Fucking loser.

No. 893540

the older I become, the more I realize how developmentally stunted tuna is. anons, it’s not the BPD - she literally is a tard. I cared about the same exact shit as her at 15 (being edgy, muh mento illness, fixation on makeup/skin/nails, weed) and grew out of it by 18.
how she wakes up in the morning comfortable with her life, I have no fucking idea. Tuna pls get a job

No. 893544

So she's not even pretending to look for a job anymore, is she?

No. 893546

Yes, drug addicts are retarded. Most 15 year olds know that.

No. 893550

i thought she wanted to dye her hair back to blonde as soon as she moved? this is gonna turn out sooo bad i can't wait for her meltdown.
when i first saw this on her ig, i kinda thought the sexy voice thing was aimed at us for making fun of her ugly smoker aunty voice lol. do those throat sit ups tuna that'll get you sounding hot

No. 893551

Do drugs specifically mentally stunt people or is there usually something else mentally stunting them and drugs happen to be a part of the stunt?

No. 893552

File: 1664607934491.jpg (54.61 KB, 500x541, rare pic of my face with no ma…)

No. 893554


>Do drugs specifically mentally stunt people or is there usually something else mentally stunting them and drugs happen to be a part of the stunt?<

If you start doing drugs and they become a quick fix for every little problem in your life your development stops at the age you started. So if you take drugs heavily from 13 years on your mental age is still 12.

No. 893555

The former. It's a combination of the physiological effects and the lifestyle it leads to. In this case, it genuinely seems like Luna was a tard who went undiagnosed or unrecognised and then the drugs just made it more obvious.

No. 893556

Ah yes, she can only convince herself she has glowing skin under filters so heavy it erases her bumpy nose muchless any imperfections. I don't know what's more hilarious, this or her belief that stolen dollar tree shit is the cause.

No. 893557

If she meant eye boogers when she said “big stuff” then she’s killing it. You go, Tuna Coco!

No. 893558

grimy nails, dirty hands, ketchup stain on her skirt… forever gross

No. 893559

$30 gummies?? seems like shes suddenly come into a lot of money to afford all this shit she's showing off

No. 893560

She looks like Luna the hydrocephalus baby from the other farms

No. 893563

Did she just wander in and ask for a free tattoo? No appointment?

No. 893564

Why would you let that take away from sending her money you heartless bitch!

No. 893565

She’s too gorgeous to pay.

No. 893566

File: 1664625833846.jpeg (866.84 KB, 828x1030, D2D8B589-A96F-45C6-B57E-6D71F6…)

The skin bragging is so funny because last time she truly posted an unfiltered skin picture it looked like this

No. 893567

Her lazy eyed blank stare is truly the cherry on top of this literal cow

No. 893569

Is that a new tattoo? I can’t quite make it out.

No. 893570

why does she have three eyelashes on each eye….what kind of sludge mascara does she put on her eyes and why does she not take it off

No. 893572

The man that tattoos her also owns that shop and he followes her from both his personal and shop accounts on Instagram. So they're most likely friends.

I think it's the fake eyelashes glue sticking her own eyelashs together kek

No. 893573

Even if her “glowing skin” wasn’t just Lucille Bluth-tier filters to oblivion I cannot believe she isn’t embarrassed about her filthy-ass mouth. Luna, buy another cream: TOOTHPASTE. I pity her poor piercer who has to get up in her grill to change her vertical labret. The smell of her breath on her orange teeth must be intolerable.

No. 893574

File: 1664629251079.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, thinking luna doesn't steal ev…)

You're cute, anon.

No. 893575

Imagine offhandedly telling some distant friend you'd be down to tattoo/pierce them for free and they show up one day soon after before your shop even fucking opens. Grubby greedy bitch

No. 893576

File: 1664632480028.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2065, 502F6A02-9A9A-4043-A969-08ECA0…)

Oh this is gonna be good kek she’s gonna be so disappointed, love the lack of gloves, Tuna the skincare queen.

No. 893577

Hahahahah she looks so fat

No. 893578

Omg she's actually doing it I'm cackling. Though I bet it doesn't show up as vibrant as it's supposed to be.

No. 893579

puts on a full face of makeup before she adds dye to her hair and gets it all over her skin #justtunathings

No. 893580

File: 1664634032900.jpg (634.25 KB, 1077x1496, Screenshot_20221001-091908_Sam…)

The red dye all over the counter and I'm sure it's everywhere else in the bathroom too

No. 893583

i forgot she was doing all of this in the place she's renting, hopefully it's an inciting incident for a new eviction saga

No. 893584

I think on the last day they're there, they're gonna plan to hustle out before the owner gets a chance to see that their room reeks of BO and smoke, there's red dye all over the bathroom, and crumbs coating the entire bed.
I hope the owner charges them extra for all the clean up, bet Luna is going to take to social media to say "i'm going to ruin their reputation, they're unfairly charging me for no reason!!11" they're charging you for being a pig

No. 893585

please tuna for the homeowners sake steal a fucking magic eraser… they have em at dollar tree and rite aid and where ever else she uses the 5 finger rule…. they work great getting off dye stains.

No. 893588

File: 1664636600712.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1284x1748, 95B7578E-6620-4C54-918C-6FBBAD…)

So how long do nonas reckon until she starts hating it? I give her a week absolute tops. This bitch is gonna stain everything in that poor airbnb kek

No. 893589

She looks dead

No. 893590

File: 1664639498483.jpg (249.26 KB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20221001-085019_Ins…)

No. 893591

File: 1664639573166.jpg (315.32 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20221001-081139_Ins…)

She deleted this one

No. 893595

This is going to look like shit with her regular aesthetic. Can't wait for her next meltdown over not having an identity outside of being blonde again.

No. 893596

File: 1664641660647.jpeg (695.02 KB, 750x1160, D1B11A40-1527-4592-BA1D-8B3E79…)

No. 893597

hope we get a return of the clown makeup.

No. 893599

Guys, she's at her 30 day squatting threshold. If the owners try to evict her she'll just run straight to those scum social justice lawyers and drag out the eviction process for another year+. She got her free housing again.

No. 893600

Oh god, that phase was like a wild fever dream.

No. 893601

Luna and TND are the same person, Luna just has less resources and better dedication

No. 893604

This may be a nitpick, but you ever notice how she’s using “free yoga mat” here, when she usually does in fact get stuff for free, she doesn’t specify it so much. She just say “__\ got me this, ___ gave me this”
So I wonder if we can tell when she steals shit VS actually gets free shit seeing how her brain places importance on that word in this situation.

No. 893606

Sc milk is same as her ig. Not worth posting again

No. 893607

So much for being sooper dooper depresh about not having her aesthetic angelic long blonde hair, congrats Tuba, you’re Ronald McDonald’s head on Grimace’s body

No. 893608

She’s probably trashed that fucking bathroom tile with this dye. We all know she doesn’t clean. And how hard is it to put on fucking gloves when dying your hair?!?!

No. 893611

Who the FUCK rents an airb&b and does this shit to it?!? Tuna it's not your home, ffs you really are a fucking scumbag.

No. 893621

I hope the owners have a strop and chuck her out on the basis of breaching TOS. That said they’re probably stoner wooks who have a high threshold for fuckery

No. 893622

File: 1664647103741.jpeg (37.63 KB, 828x266, 8CC80CF5-AA79-43D3-BECE-59F697…)

this tag went along with one of the selfies thats already been posted but on tumblr, i guess lurch doesn't like it kek

No. 893624

Hopefully he hates it enough to resume openly flirting with foot fetish bots on twitter

No. 893626

The only reason they made it two plus years at the last place was due to the COVID eviction pause. Then once the pause ended, the courts were too backed up to process anything for months. Things are semi back to normal again, she could probably eek out 3-6 months after they filed for eviction. NYC she’d be able to last longer but she’s still in westchester.

There are also different eviction rules for owner occupied room rentals, but I’m not sure if the owner is living there or not…

No. 893628

Luna isn't Matthew's type at all, he liked her at first cause she was a teenager and gullible and easy pussy. now she's more obese than ever and trying to LARP as an edgy alt girl and she's pushing 30.

No. 893630

I hate guys that have an opinion about their girlfriend's hair. Have you taken a look in the mirror you clown? The audacity of Easter Island heads these days.

No. 893631

She’s been talking about her hair being wet all day, Jesus Christ

No. 893632

He might be pissed because she got red hairdye all over the bathroom which could cause problems with the airbnb hosts. I wouldn’t be surprised though if he was insulting her hair because he seems like a really shitty boyfriend

No. 893634

I read it this way too. Classic Luna, “boohoo someone is mad at me” but omits the reason why.

No. 893635

Also thought this, either way he’s a piece of shit but I see him usually having little to no opinion on these sorts of changes Tuna makes compared to actively disliking it, by the state of her dye stained hands and lazy eye she’s deffo make a murder scene of that bathroom

No. 893639

File: 1664655614321.png (1 MB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20221001-141923~2.p…)

Some shitty 'art' from tumblr

No. 893640

not the cherub!!!!! baby where are the cherubs!? god her art is so fugly.

No. 893641

File: 1664655728066.jpg (48.54 KB, 569x614, Screenshot_20221001-162121_Bra…)

No. 893643

I know she's a retard and can't develop her own art style, but she's gotten so much worse as time goes on.

No. 893653

I bet her fried hair clings to any moisture it can get and stays wet all day. That's damaged hair for you.

No. 893657

File: 1664658838329.png (130.31 KB, 294x286, lol.png)

she's been using copics for 10 years and still doesn't know how to stop them bleeding / feathering into each other, her lazy ass just stopped coloring the edges of everything.

No. 893663

File: 1664659598345.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1339x2022, 89F10B2D-6E38-4667-893F-1250B2…)

No. 893664

File: 1664659714839.jpg (675.29 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20221001_172803.jpg)

She couldn't even get the nipples… why does someone like this get copic markers

No. 893665

What the actual fuck is going on with her filters, she looks lobotomized. I just can't imagine someone warping the shit out of themselves in photos to this degree as often as she does. Is she using a new filter or multiple ones on top of each other? Even to a person who doesn't use the internet often this looks uncannily botched.

No. 893667

File: 1664661059942.jpg (46.51 KB, 680x766, 1661173246847.jpg)

Kek nonnas, my sides. I love you.

No. 893669

File: 1664661696395.jpg (232.6 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20221001-143313_Ins…)

No. 893671

File: 1664661837352.jpg (267.3 KB, 1074x1618, Screenshot_20221001-150334_Ins…)

No. 893672

File: 1664661896678.jpg (220.49 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20221001-150432_Ins…)

No. 893674

File: 1664662040270.jpg (228.63 KB, 720x1452, VideoCapture_20221001-150629.j…)

But still using a filter

No. 893675

File: 1664662061592.jpg (246.6 KB, 720x1441, VideoCapture_20221001-150627.j…)

No. 893676

File: 1664662103465.jpg (239.07 KB, 720x1421, VideoCapture_20221001-150624.j…)

No. 893677

I love it, and you, nonita. A perfect idea for a thread pic.
Is everyone being "supportive"?

No. 893678

File: 1664662153135.jpg (143.64 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20221001-150824_Tum…)

No. 893680

File: 1664662281764.jpg (178.15 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20221001-151026_Ins…)

Of course

No. 893683

File: 1664663404843.jpg (104.65 KB, 720x1079, VideoCapture_20221001-152937.j…)

No. 893692

File: 1664665022031.png (136.13 KB, 275x266, B7CAC3D0-30D8-49AA-B51E-21507A…)

Amazing stuff nonnie truly topkek!
This whole sudden red under-eye shadow to match her hair is really not doing her any favours it looks just horrible.
Ordering more useless shit she doesn’t really need (aside from the bra actually, that’s something she’s needed for a while) because she’s changed her hair and suddenly needs to change her entire personality and “aesthetic” how sad

No. 893696

It's so patchy with a massive filter correcting it. Imagine it in person, where each spot is a different tint and tone.

No. 893697

I'm 100% sure she won't get the right size.

No. 893701

Truly in her Ronald McDonald era

No. 893702

I hope someone tells her to take a pic in the daylight with no filter to see the color accurately.

No. 893708

File: 1664670683886.jpeg (838.79 KB, 1284x1638, 99E0979C-E4AB-465F-B7B7-496A10…)

Oh without a doubt, it’s likely she’s never had the right size, good to see her priorities are in order though!

It does baffle me how she can sperg so much about skincare but doesn’t even so much as tidy up her brows.

No. 893709

This. Would it kill her to swipe some tweazers and razors for that fucking moustache she always has globbed with concealer or greased up with a filter?

No. 893710

It looks burgundy or like a more natural red now, what happened? Is this old or did the color fall out, kek

No. 893711


That’s probably the most accurate representation of what it looks like. The colour isn’t going to be a bright vibrant one if you’re not dying over bleached hair. I’ve used that brand before, it doesn’t stick well to damaged hair, she’ll be rubbing it all over her pillowcase.

It took an entire day for her hair to dry?? It must be so fried!

No. 893713

File: 1664671727576.jpg (377.28 KB, 1080x1996, Screenshot_20221001-174546_Ins…)

Nope, posted less than an hour ago.
Also, >>893576, >>893588 and >>893669 have all been deleted

No. 893715


This is exactly how I’d expect a preteen to act getting her dyed a bright colour for the first time. She’s so incredibly vapid it’s absurd.

No. 893716

File: 1664673174882.jpg (308.42 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20221001-181036_Ins…)

Tinfoil but I just realized that her friend kt, the one her and Lurch are both creepy and overbearing with, had bright red hair up until a few days ago. There are more recent posts than this one. Could she be starting to skin walk her?

No. 893719

It looks like a wig lol

No. 893720

Friendship with anorexia ended! Clown hair is my best friend now.

No. 893722

I wonder if she's going to show up at McDonalds to ask for free food now.

No. 893726

Omg just wait until the BPD identity crisis starts and she is pining for the blonde hair again, because she's going to really fucking struggle to get it back blonde. Red is notoriously hard to get out. I dyed my hair red and it faded slightly after the first washed and then stayed the same shade of red for literally months until I actually got bored and stripped it out. She will COMPLETELY fuck her hair up in the process of getting it blonde.

It's like she doesn't have any sense of the longterm. She knows she wants to go blonde at some point, but is just making it harder for some momentary "buzz" of a new colour.

No. 893727

File: 1664679297294.jpeg (151.32 KB, 1242x786, CD1804DA-7435-4731-9A35-13F93C…)


No. 893728

Seems to me like retaliation for lurch hitting up other girls, their relationship is fucked. They are so bored of eachother

No. 893729

I'm cackling. I love you guys

No. 893730

File: 1664680818292.png (1.28 MB, 2048x632, Screenshot_20221001-201814.png)

Maybe I'm dumb but in what world does fire engine red go with pastels?

No. 893731

it doesn't but Tuna has no aesthetic sensibility. the fact that she would ever think of herself as anything close to a bad bitch. you're doing bad, bitch.

No. 893732

I wonder what Peter looks like now… probably rough, all things considered.

No. 893733

File: 1664683150748.jpg (509.07 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20221001-205610_Ins…)

No. 893734

File: 1664683308866.jpg (335.88 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20221001-205720_Ins…)

Her art just keeps getting worse

No. 893735

File: 1664683391254.jpg (377.65 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20221001-205448_Ins…)

No. 893736

File: 1664683421231.jpg (287.44 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20221001-210000_Tum…)

Posted two hours ago

No. 893737

And lastly, we already have another hair identity crisis poem from 2 hours ago. Idk how to do a long screenshot so copy and pasting

blood red hair has left me unknown, wondering constantly, who am I?

waiting to be accepted to the millionth outpatient treatment

signing out, taking leave for bereavement

longing for days that exist without phases of grief

a retreat

sitting on a cloud begging for relief, the sweet release

i’m 26 but i feel like i’m again so fast, like detox watching the methadone daily decrease

my fingers shatter like glass

me and you sit amongst the chipped religious statues we’ve amassed

black silk draped over freckles shoulders,

every year, every second, here i am a lil older

stop the clock!

but the police just won’t leave, knock knock

more than one doctor has said to me l, “you’re too young and too pretty” for this lifestyle i’ve lived for too long

if only my demons saw my age and appearance and agreed

but every light in this vision is just another type of greed, never to be freed

the body may be clean but the mind stays consumed, stays sick

how’s that for a happy ending, i’m still looking for the… click.

No. 893738

I've lurked these threads for a little more than a year now but I swear to God her consumerism boggles my fucking mind constantly. Who needs this much shit? She'll post haul after haul and then within the hour beg someone to buy her something else. How does she live like this without living in a hoarder home?

No. 893740

Hi nonita, I use an app called "Stitch It!" for long screenshots, it's cheapcheapcheap (free)

No. 893741

File: 1664686239375.png (286.26 KB, 1262x1712, even her doctors are infatuate…)

These have to be self portraits with the crooked piercings and atrocious hair.
The entitlement is out of this world. Isn’t -sobriety- the gift? Why does she thinks anyone owes her anything?
Here it is, nonita.

No. 893742

File: 1664686459739.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1080x1756, EDCB9D4E-6C2C-4CB2-9DBD-C2A794…)

Sperging here but based off her old reddit post seen in a previous thread she claimed her initial sober date to be Thursday 11th February 2021, correct me if I’m wrong but I dont recall her mentioning any (heroin) relapses, I wonder if she’s ramping up on the e-begging again. Either way the numbers do not add up

No. 893744

>Either way the numbers do not add up
They never do with Tuna and Lurch.

No. 893748

Looks like it started immediately lmao >>893741

>more than one doctor has said you're too young and too pretty

Yes, Tuba, everyone thinks you're super pretty.

No. 893750

I know the running theory is she's a retard, but how is she gonna post begging for uber money, begging someone to buy her a dress, but then immediately post that she's making a Shein order for other shit? I think she tries to keep her IG and tumblr grifts separate from each other

No. 893752

That's because she's full of shit. She might have had to go sober for a couple of weeks while herman munster had court but that's about it.
Might be because her mom is buying that shein shit for her. uwu cheapcheapcheap and my mom has to buy me this essential item, please pity me and send money?

No. 893753

Why does this fat disheveled junkie alcoholic trash not have a thread on here?

No. 893754

wait so does this mean she relapsed and has been not clean from heroin this whole time?

No. 893755

Nonnie she was never clean, there's been so much evidence and stuff that this fat piece of shit and her cigar store Indian were never clean at all except for like whenever lurch had his court ordered drug tests and shit.

No. 893756

She is clean in the sense that she actually doesn't do dope anymore (unless she smokes it which I highly doubt). Imo it's actually a huge achievement but she does still smoke weed and take benzo but I'd hardly consider the latter two drugs tbh, both are legal and she legit had a benzo prescription.
There's literally no evidence beyond anon fanfiction that Luna still does dope.

No. 893760


Benzos are absolutely a drug. She’s an addict and she has abused benzos. As our Queen TND likes to say, she is simply sober from heroin (opiates). She’s not doing anything to better herself or to recover.

No. 893762

what a retarded take, lmao they are drugs by definition so idk wtf you mean by not “considering” them drugs. medications = drugs, even ones that aren’t controlled or narcotic. pretty sure you’re actually trying to say they aren’t bad/illegal/illicit but that’s a separate thing

also just because benzos are legal with a prescription from a doctor (which Luna does not currently have), she would still be abusing them because she takes doses that are 8 fucking times a normal prescribed dose. taking prescription meds you don’t have a current prescription for = recreational drug abuse, and taking your prescribed medications incorrectly (like downing the entire bottle of Xanax in one sitting, kek) is also recreational drug abuse. the fact that tuna had a Xanax script in the past is irrelevant because I’m pretty sure her most recent benzo script was for Klonopin anyway, having had a script for benzos at one point in time doesn’t give someone a free-for-all pass to use any benzo at any dose for the rest of time, lmao it’s all just straight up drug abuse nonnie, sorry to inform

No. 893763

>> more than one doctor has said to me l, “you’re too young and too pretty” for this lifestyle i’ve lived for too long

Good for her this won’t happen anymore because she looks old and consumed af

No. 893764

>>893737 oh we are FULLY in her eminem rhymezone era

No. 893765

File: 1664704541711.png (351.81 KB, 1000x706, 1.png)

Look up cross addiction and learn how bad your take is. Luna has a substance abuse disorder, along with other addict tendencies like her shopping/shoplifting hauls. She's not clean and she is still an addict.

No. 893771

this never happened ever and will never happen. just like nobody stops dead in their tracks on the street in order to tell her how beautiful she is and give her a hug to compliment her swag.

No. 893773

if nothing at all, luna thread always reminds me to apply my own (non-excessive and actually well-researched) skincare

No. 893774

just because you aren't willing to believe the evidence doesn't mean it's 'anon fanfiction.' begone holier-than-thou junkie anon

No. 893780

File: 1664713609406.jpg (Spoiler Image,154.8 KB, 720x1417, VideoCapture_20221002-052616.j…)

No. 893781

File: 1664713640050.jpg (206.98 KB, 720x1443, VideoCapture_20221002-052612.j…)

No. 893783

It looks so shitty. Also she will never be able to get the red dye particles out of her hair. She’ll never have blond hair again even if she’d visit a professional hair stylist. Some red dye stays till it grove’s out. Can’t bleach it out

No. 893791

i really really wanted to find a current profile or anything of his, but the only lead i can find is theres a man in temple city california named peter j(ames) callan whos 30, couldn't find any arrest records or anything. if any other nona could use this info and find a profile or a picture or anything my mind would be blown. like you said all things considered, he probably looks like shit. wouldn't matter to tuna, seeing as shes been in a relationship with a pawn shop indian the last 8 years.

No. 893803

File: 1664720804365.jpeg (890.83 KB, 1284x1716, BA11037D-3A4C-48B2-A8BE-4B8F5C…)

She looks fucking horrendous tw jumpscare kek

No. 893805

File: 1664720860817.jpeg (983.83 KB, 1284x1720, A48D0912-6BC9-40F8-81F0-3C4F6B…)

Samefag to post the other pic from the set, her middle fingernail looks like it’s literally migrating from her finger

No. 893807


she looks like a man wearing a cheap wig lmao fucking clown

No. 893809

Well… that's bpd for you

No. 893810

File: 1664721898430.jpg (277.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221002-164353_Fac…)

These pics are from last year

No. 893811

she got a type. that type is a walking venereal disease.

No. 893814

Luna is so narcissistic she could tell herself a walking asshole is beautiful. She needs to tell herself that she is desired by attractive people therefore she is attractive.

No. 893815

This color red looks so dated to me, why are all the BPD bitches going for it?

No. 893816

Luna, you need volume on your head, tease that shit. Stop it with the mad cow lashes. That dress is hideous. How do you use a filter but your lips look still crusty?
She looks especially out of it atm (again).

No. 893817

Thought the same.

No. 893818

He looks bad. So exactly her type.
When she gets back together with him, the Heroin saga will just repeat. She is missing it. Lurch, for some reason, seems to be still off H (or at least not every day like before) and she is bored.

No. 893819

File: 1664724440700.jpg (243.46 KB, 658x370, Eternal-Sunshine-of-the-Spotle…)

Samefag. She should go for this look, and making the best out of it.

No. 893823

Why do her subjects always have nose frostbite?

No. 893824

Imagine being ~30 and the teenager you dated a decade ago, who has been dating another man for almost as long, keeps begging you to text her bc she’s still in love with you

No. 893825

Clown red is one of the few "extreme" colors that doesn't need extreme bleaching, a color professional or multiple processes to get. Lazy and instant gratification.

No. 893826

Didn't he reach out to Luna fitst some time ago? Seems like he also isn't over her

No. 893829

I fucking can't with those Trixie Mattel lashes kek

No. 893830

Not this dress again. She’s really feeling herself lmao. Her boob tubes are nowhere near where the hearts are.

No. 893845

I thought all of her clothes are in storage, unless she had a second ugly ass heart tiddies dress…

Forever a scamming bitch

No. 893856

She probably saved her most important clothes to take with her. And I bet there is no "storage" she probably dumped her smelly shit somewhere because she has so much stuff she doesn't care about or hold value in any of it.

No. 893857

File: 1664731970319.jpeg (287.23 KB, 1284x1065, A4FF00E2-E92E-4A67-9608-48071E…)

Her “ex” hmmm? Interesting kek. Wonder how this job arc will pan out, obviously not successfully

No. 893859

thanks so much anon! he looks strung out as FUCK. honestly not much farther off than lurch, they both have that melting face look. yes tuna please get in touch with this other wreck all the way across the country, it won't start drama with your live in middleman or anything will it?

No. 893861

Salon anon here. Yikes. She's just applied it and you can still see the bleach meets outgrowth line. Atleast 50% of that hair is dead, as in fried to a crisp. She air dried naturally curly wavy hair and the bottom half is straight and jagged. I would cut it to a picie and start over.
I bet a ban her hair is all pulled forward and the back of her head is flat.

No. 893863

She will never be able to bleach that out all the way to go back to platinum right? I hope she fries off her hair soon

No. 893864

Wasn't lurch just off a meth bender while tuba was away??

No. 893870

>smokes crack
>omgz I love it too much
>"meth sounds terrible"
Ok tooney

Also I hope her "job interview" was through a special needs job program so a potential employer knows what to expect. That's assuming she's not lying/exaggerating the whole thing

No. 893871

I think it was purely speculated however it would not at all be surprising, she’s definitely smoked crack and enjoyed it at least once in the past so I would not put it past either of them

No. 893872

I never understood why she didn't just bleach her roots instead of the whole head down to the ends. They were already bleach blonde.

No. 893875

The best part is she was told not to and then argued that she knew better and her hair literally fell off.

No. 893877

I'm so fucking triggered by how awful her roller method is. She's too much of a lazy retard to look up how to do it correctly, I guess.

No. 893878

Sure, and whole chunks will melt away from her head, but it can be done.

Tuna bleaches her whole head because she thinks yellow brassiness is to be bleached out.
I'm just waiting for this semi permanent to wash out to a tomato pink. It will take longer than you think since Tuna has horrendous hygiene.

No. 893881

File: 1664738966361.png (347.5 KB, 573x604, 1624086221987.png)

lol pic rel is last time she started pining over Peter. She did this about 16 months ago, the same week she was "raped." >>841043
I think Luna's been messaging other guys this whole time, trying to move on from Lurch, but she's too vapid and insane to manage it.

No. 893883


I just realized that tuna would be an amazing victim for love scam. The scammer would write sweet nothings and tuna would send so much money from ebil dad

No. 893884

Lurch yells at her for her hair and she gets immediately starts thinking about other men. That's telling. He would be a homeless junkie bum without her, and same for via her dad.

No. 893885

Does anyone have any idea of what look she is actually going for? With other cows as awfully dressed as tuna its at least possible to see what look they are trying, and failing to go for. Tuna keeps posting those stupid collages a behaviour i can only rationalize with being in some kind of specific subculture. She seems so certain in her choices but there is just nothing there. Its absurd.

No. 893890

And every time she washes it for weeks, red dye is going to come out and leave a film in the shower and get on the towels. Fun for the Airbnb owner when it inevitably stains. We know she’s not the type to put on a load of laundry or bleach the tub right away.

No. 893894

File: 1664748697741.jpg (225.72 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20221002-151115.j…)

No. 893895


Our sober, thriving princess

No. 893896

File: 1664749180683.png (1.82 MB, 1402x860, lolol.png)

She copies the easiest elements from girls she finds attractive, she's a chronic skinwalker. At 18-21, she was skinwalking Nicole Dollanganger really hard but her current style is a mix of outdated Tumblr pastel fashion, bimbo y2k aesthetics, and ghetto ride or die biker bitch. They are completely opposing styles, that's why she looks stupid. As for that Shein dress, I think she's just struggling to find Asian clothing that fits someone over 230lbs. I think it's hard for her to skinwalk at her current weight, so she just throws on whatever fits. That Lazy Oaf dress is 2 sizes too small, and it's the only thing she's been wearing recently. It's in her depop likes and its a Medium, pic related from her tumblr and depop showing the pictures match.

No. 893911

File: 1664757813120.jpg (123.74 KB, 518x555, 20221003_020025.jpg)

Sage for non milk but I just noticed that part of the KF Halloween themed pfp rotation are these spooky edits of chief areola

No. 893913

Christ nonnie ya should've spoilered that kek

No. 893917

sage but does anyone know why I can't view videos from my computer? it's just a black box with a line through the play button

No. 893918

All pictures of that ugly sack of shit should be spoilered regardless, he is one of the most terrifyingly hideous motherfuckers I’ve ever set eyes on

No. 893919

But you didn’t sage, when you do you don’t need to announce it, read the rules and lurk more, retard

No. 893921

File: 1664761467504.jpeg (122.64 KB, 1284x510, 1A9D6218-EBC8-4F4F-A7F9-B6CAC1…)

Wonder what’s prompted it this time, love how she has to mention the “pretty pink” razor

No. 893922

Lurch has probably taken to calling her "Fat Ronald" on account of her new hair color + her fatness

No. 893923

That is so fucking spooky I can only glance at it while scrolling because I'm genuinely scared

No. 893928

File: 1664763821585.jpg (244.25 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20221002-143347_Ins…)

Grabbed this screenshot a few hours ago and didn't get the chance to post. It's already deleted. Looks like she's really regretting dyeing her hair already

No. 893929

File: 1664764180749.jpg (326.47 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20221002-192742_Tum…)

Iirc, this was during her crack phase. Wonder if she'll actually get back in to it

No. 893932

File: 1664765166150.jpg (143.73 KB, 1078x1212, Screenshot_20221002-192724_Tum…)

The hypocrisy

No. 893935

It's attainable? How? Girl you're almost 30, your metabolism is fucked, and you're not on crack

No. 893937

It's just a joke

No. 893940

It’s technically attainable if she actually had the wherewithal to exercise/build muscle and eat at a normal calorie range.

No. 893942

anon, if she reblogs a gif of clementine saying "I'm just a fucked up girl trying to figure my shit out" or whatever the line is, I will literally buy you a drink…Luna, you can make it happen!

No. 893943

Oh noez she's gonna chicken scratch herself again gaiz! Well see how her fresh sh wounds compare to the knife stab from a few months ago. The anons who thought she legitimately did it on purpose about to be btfo.

No. 893944

Yeah could be attainable but still isn't thin and tagging it as thinspo it's cringeworthy. This is just an average weight body (who has flabby tummy she hids with her pants kek)

No. 893945

If she's cutting herself with a ladies bic over being fat and Lurch whining about red hair just wait till she's homeless. She might really try something then.

No. 893946

I think we are half-way there.

No. 893947

They should've put her areolas in his eyeballs. I would do it, but I don't have her areolas saved (for obvious reasons, but they would come in handy right now).

No. 893949

I've abandoned any hopes for of getting a homeless saga, this bitch is like a cockroach - indestructible.

No. 893951

All things in time, anon. She'll get there.

No. 893952


In my country we call this color „welfare red“ because it’s worn most likely by women with a lot of kids with horrible modern names and no/ low income.

No. 893953

social repose looking rough these days

No. 893955

Can any artanons draw her like Brandine Spuckler with the same overbites and red hair?

No. 893957

You wouldn't happen to be Irish or from the UK, are you? We say the exact same think about this hair colour in Ireland kek

No. 893958



No. 893966

File: 1664809948463.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x1754, 892DDDE1-8404-45D7-AE32-B52C80…)

The jokes really write themselves

No. 893968

Clumpy eyelashes make it so terribly funny. Stop stealing shitty lashes

No. 893969

kek, in my part of town in Germany it's pink or bright purple hair, people must have gotten the memo and stay away from that red colour.

No. 893970

Hey we think the same in Canada as well. Wish so many trashy women didn’t hijack the hair colour. It’s really beautiful on goths.

No. 893976

Sis looks like a drag queen…
Maybe it would look better if she toned down the makeup a bit

No. 893978

Honestly same in the US. It’s associated with “cookie monster pjs” girls in my area

No. 893980

anons itt are making me selfconcious about my hair now

No. 893981

Then change it lmao. We dont care.

No. 893983

>I am triggered nonna

No. 893984

File: 1664814981219.jpeg (561.29 KB, 828x920, 569C7DE5-48BE-4F15-B618-8489DB…)

She’s overlined her lips and filled in the gap with lipstick just like a drag queen but with none of the finesse. All of her hair sticking to her lips is making me shudder

No. 893986

lol @ trying to convince those in the know that she's not using filters.

No. 893988

Is lurch mad about her hair I can’t find where it was posted sorry I’m retarded

No. 893989

christ alive. close ups of her face make me itchy, even this one that still looks like she has a blurring filter on it.

No. 893990

File: 1664817820518.jpeg (208.87 KB, 828x1397, 51D8BCA8-C39A-4C6D-9DE1-F386D5…)

She’s deleted that one and replaced it with this filtered version

No. 893991

File: 1664817849895.jpeg (517.54 KB, 828x1194, B9DEAA06-BBD8-49F6-A4B5-96E3EF…)

And this one with an even more face-altering filter

No. 893992

What I don't understand is - why can't Luna at least keep it to like, just 1 fucking selfie a day? Why the compulsive need to post so many goddamn selfies per day? Like oh my GOD, we haven't forgotten what you look like since the last selfie 20 minutes ago.

No. 893993

it's noticeable in these pictures that one side of her bridge is migrating. Wonder if she's going to let it continue or take it out.jk she ain't taking that shit out kek

No. 893994

Tbf I always forget what she actually looks like until she drops an unfiltered selfie like once every 2 weeks.

No. 893995

She has to market test each one. If she doesn't get enough asspats she has to delete.

No. 893997

Kek I knew she wouldn’t keep it up for long, I think the previous post that was deleted was definitely also filtered just not to this degree. Somewhat surprising her hair looks greasy considering she dyed it yesterday and would have had to wash it, she can’t be washing her hair properly.

Apparently she has an appointment to “figure out” where she’ll be going outpatient today, I wonder how that will pan out for her the doctor shopping cannot go on forever surely?

No. 893998

usually when you dye your hair you don’t use shampoo and just thoroughly rinse with conditioner, but she’s filthy anyways. this inpatient program will go like the last few, she’ll find something she hates about it and stop going and if she can’t find something, she’ll make something up like “i wasn’t the hottest one there”

No. 893999

she is so bulky

No. 894000

No. 894003

File: 1664821780433.jpg (253.39 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20221003-112217_Ins…)

Oh my god anons

No. 894012

So bad. So so ugly

No. 894013

More like the villain Critical Mass from Spiderman.

No. 894014

File: 1664822548243.jpg (1.86 MB, 3024x4032, f0017286.jpg)

No. 894021

Ouch those roots. That red did not stick at all.

No. 894022

File: 1664824065129.png (732.42 KB, 1881x1521, luna.png)

No. 894024

File: 1664824451717.gif (569.57 KB, 220x165, laughing-hilarious.gif)

Goddamnit nonny

No. 894026

Wow this is insultingly hideous with the clashing colors and pilled out smug face. Might be one of her worst looks yet and I've been following this cow since the hipsville days. All she's missing is the clown makeup.

No. 894028


that's because she has literally no upper lip, see this post:


No. 894036

next thread pic i ugly laughed

No. 894046

Can everyone just stop going on about the red hair? It's not the red hair, it's the way Luna wears it. Like, obvoiusly she's gonna look like trailer trash but that's not because of the hair color but because of she wears it with pink (clashing) and is fat in general. There's nothing wrong with having red hair, I have the same hair color but I actually properly dyed my hair and I'm not a fat bitch who doesn't brush her teeth. No, I'm not a teen mom and I went to college, fyi. I don't have BPD, my hair is red because that's the way I like it and everyone can fuck off.

No. 894049

File: 1664826580107.gif (395.38 KB, 220x196, ok-okay.gif)

What in the projection is this shit? Girl get a grip who are you even talking to kek

No. 894050

>I don't have BPD
well good job taking everything personally just like a BPD-chan. seriously, only a BDP would read a thread about someone else and get offended over it anyway. grow a fucking spine before everything on the internet eats you alive

No. 894053


But if you really like it and you know who you are and what you've achieved, Nonnie, why bother complaining here? Build some self-esteem

No. 894054

Kek, who cares nona….plenty of people think unnatural red hair is ugly no matter what, just like it if you like it. I have red hair too and I think it's funny as fuck as it looks on her. Plenty of people think tattoos, piercings, certain clothing styles, whatever, are trash regardless of other circumstances. Just live.

No. 894055

this just in, red M&M feels personally victimized by local farm

No. 894056

>not a teen mom
So just a regular single mom?

No. 894058

sorry about your welfare hair anon

No. 894060

Nah, it's the red hair. She looked like shit before and now she looks worse.

No. 894066

Same anons confirmed. Go be insecure when no one is talking about you somewhere else.

No. 894068


There were pics on the fruit farms that were semi recent in the old squat that showed like needle caps and stuff. Unless that was grime that had just never been cleaned from move in. Not ruling that out.

No. 894069

BPD missile was a direct hit kek go back to 2011 or go to your local grocery store and buy some granola bars while What’s My Name plays down the aisles

No. 894070

This is worse than I thought it would be! Where is sledgin'-time-art anon because we need a ronald mcdonald in a Grimace pelt picture kekkk

No. 894074

File: 1664836390553.jpg (632.21 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20221003-152844_Ins…)

No. 894079

File: 1664838037855.jpg (183.14 KB, 1076x1219, Screenshot_20221003-155726_Tum…)

No. 894081

lmao why was this post so visceral

No. 894082

i think she does it because she genuinely thinks she's gorgeous and can't stop taking photos of herself and thinks everyone wants to see the same selfie over and over again because they think she's equally gorgeous too. She's just so generous!

No. 894083

If by relatable she means pink covered in disgusting grime, then I could not agree more.

No. 894084

Can't be too convinced that every pic has to be filtered to shit (for good reason)

No. 894092


Sledge-chan anon here, I have to go to work, but I have the image in my minds eye. Tonight nonnas x

No. 894095

Needs more nose highlight

No. 894097

god thank you

No. 894100

She used semi-permanent. You have to clean your hair before using it. It contains no developer.
So, you got triggered because people making fun of the colour you wear? It's not about you, Nonnie.

No. 894102

i mean the bright red looks better than the anemic baby poop brown she had before but why did she dye her hair the hardest color to get out, if she still plans on going blonde when she has the money? red like that doesn’t come out.

No. 894104

it comes out, it just comes out on your clothes and on your skin and all the belongings you lean on when your hair is wet.

wherever she's squatting will have a lot to clean up.

No. 894109

File: 1664868466635.jpeg (30.23 KB, 417x500, 59631A5D-4B12-4905-9693-AC2B71…)

No. 894111

File: 1664872031865.jpeg (301.26 KB, 1936x1936, 26AB6901-3210-4C61-B6A4-E0897B…)

I know babe

No. 894112

File: 1664875826467.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.23 KB, 700x1013, tuna.jpg)

Some art for you nonnies - spoilered for drawing of half a nipple

No. 894114

File: 1664875990506.jpg (208.67 KB, 700x1013, tunacensored.jpg)

And a censored version ^_^

No. 894115

ily so much nonna, thank you for this!

No. 894116


Wow nonna. Amazing work

No. 894117

Also have you drawn the legs intentionally wrong? Because she always does it?

No. 894118

Thread pic nomination. And winner.

No. 894120


Yeah I think it's funny :o)

No. 894122

This is amazing. Great job nonnie

No. 894124

Can't stop keking! Great job nona

No. 894125

RIP my motherfucking sides, I love you nonita. Pretty sure my neighbours can hear me raucously snort-cackling, next thread pic for sure

No. 894127

how could I ever explain what I'm laughing so hard at? topkek from the lunaverse today. thank you.

No. 894128

Nonny I'm in the suburbs and I think my neighbors could hear me over that masterpiece.

No. 894129

Video game rant incoming but man if she was stuck on one hollow knight level for like 2 weeks I would LOVE to see how far she gets in dark souls

No. 894130

Absolutely gorgeous nonna, bravo kek

No. 894132

i just dont get why she always complains on instagram and reddit about it instead of just looking up "[insert game] level/chapter [blank] walkthrough" like its so retardedly easy even as a child i knew to just do that. like why bother people on reddit who probably want to discuss the actual game not give tips and tricks to benzo addicts like tuna who will just forget it immediately anyways.

No. 894133

File: 1664887338064.jpg (150.31 KB, 700x700, tunaupclose.jpg)


Aw thank you nonnas! Tuna is my cow muse <3

No. 894134


samefag, just realised I forgot to colour her teeth in the right colour :((:()

No. 894135

I was going to mention that but I didn’t want to put a dampener on the jubilation because it’s still a damn masterpiece regardless, the details have me bawling, you’ve perfectly captured her wall-eyed sped stare, bollocked up brows and crusty lips that she pushes out to make look fuller, it’s too fucking good and nona don’t use emotes because if the mods ever return from being AWOL they will slap you with a ding dong bannu

No. 894136

Wow brava nonna!!!

No. 894137

Oh nonny, it is my birthday and my sincerest lolcow birthday wish was for something good to happen in the Lunaverse today. Bless you and your frightening talent.

No. 894138

YOU, madame, are an artiste this is top tier

No. 894141

Happy birthday nonita! May it be filled an abundance of assorted excellence and the freshest full cream milk
The crusty lips as censor still has me fucking crying after several hours, truly A+ chef’s kiss toppest of keks

No. 894142

Happy bday anon!!! Hope you enjoy it ♥

No. 894151

File: 1664898242244.jpeg (366.39 KB, 1284x842, EBE56841-41F0-4995-B62D-17A24C…)

No. 894157

KEK. Imagine needing to ask plebbitors how to finesse your doctor.

No. 894158

Heroin relapse confirmed then?

No. 894159

Because people on the internet need to know what a troubled soul she is

No. 894161

Why do I think she wants the pill form for other reasons?

No. 894170


I’m an absolutely noob when it comes to drugs. Can someone explain to me why she must have relapsed on heroin if she wants pills? I mean I know that she can crush them and snort them..

No. 894171

File: 1664906745423.png (541.98 KB, 957x281, Screenshot_20221004-190312.png)

noni why did you delete this post it made me laugh

No. 894172

Suboxone is used to ease opiate/opioid withdrawals and a lot of people choose to stay on it to maintain, sometimes for years.
Suboxone pills are easier to abuse for the record, sublingual can't be crushed and snorted. She's either back on dope or going to sell them for some Shein haul cash

No. 894173

Samefag or she just wants something she can get high on like this deleted post said kek

No. 894174

I’m 9 hrs late nona but I nearly cried laughing. This is perfect. You deserve so much irl praise for your skill , efforts and contributions. Thank you for this.

No. 894175

File: 1664908490725.jpeg (659.68 KB, 828x1258, 347E780C-AC0F-4E4B-A3B9-EBB15F…)

here’s her latest shein haul btw

No. 894176

Her tits are gonna droop past the waist part of that gray dress guaranteed.

No. 894177

File: 1664910909369.jpeg (292 KB, 828x1426, 5CE9ACEB-A525-401B-8D17-C82FA5…)

No. 894178

I have a feeling it's not her being back on dope as much as just desperately trying to score literally anything to get high (outpatient, psych shopping, now Suboxone).

What I don't understand is why is she doing this? Will the drugs be cheaper if she gets them prescribed or something? I'm not from the US so I don't understand the healthcare. Surely she must be getting high on some street benzos, otherwise she'd be withdrawing?

No. 894179

blaming sobriety for being unable to exercise kek

No. 894180

The fat logic makes me want to end it all

No. 894181

>padding for our bones

Fat does not support bones, muscles do.
A body prepares for pregnancy during pregnancy.
Having a fat liver does not insulate your body
Tuna in that pic was how old? 19/20 or even more, we saw teen pics of her, she was already on the weighty side
How can someone be more out of breath when not on drugs besides being a hypochondriac - she totally must be hyperventilating the whole time - Tuna, don't forget to breathe out

No. 894183

Ayrt, I think you could be right about her just wanting anything she can get her hands on.
Also she's on Medicaid so her subs will be either insanely cheap or free.

No. 894184

>>894171 hehe sorry it was my first time posting and i forgot to sage and got embarrassed. but its the truth.

No. 894185

suboxone does get you high and acts as both an opiate and stimulant, crushing it doesn’t do anything because it goes under the tongue and is absorbed that way. if it makes her sick it’s not going to help her to get it in pill form, strips just dissolve quicker. so unless she relapsed she’s just looking to score something. suboxone only works as intended if you’re withdrawing or actively using, otherwise it’s just another potential substance for luna to abuse

No. 894186

anon this needs to be in the MoMa. abso perfection

No. 894187

How can she use the same Reddit account to post about having been sober for a year and then ask for tips and tricks to try and con her doc into prescribing her suboxone to get high?
Does she think that prescription drugs don't count?

No. 894188

Post more often once you get the formatting down, nice wit.

No. 894190

File: 1664922811688.jpeg (98.36 KB, 828x321, 31285E16-1177-4D4B-8FAB-566CB8…)

Subs are not pleasant or fun to abuse, if anything she wants a script to trade for heroin which is has clearly been using. Her arm tracks have been super noticeable for a while now (no, not the hand shit) and - she’s publicly e-begging again

No. 894192

How are you gonna post your shopping hauls and then beg for bus money? She makes it so hard not to get mad.

No. 894194

A ten minute drive? Well then just walk bitch lmfaoooo. How does this lardass expect to "have a job" when she can't even get herself to the interview without begging for Uber money kekk

No. 894197

10 minute drive means it cant be more than a 35 minute walk, taking the bus clearly just makes it all take longer because the buses dont match up. so she should just walk if she needs to save money uhggggggg
also if she gets the job she needs to get used to bussing or walking to it anyway?? Shes not gonna uber everyday she needs that money for nails, skincare etc!!11
but its easier to beg ig

No. 894198

love starting my morning with a fresh pile of cope

No. 894201

File: 1664925945846.png (89.46 KB, 1070x772, Screenshot_20221004-172439~2.p…)

No. 894203

File: 1664926133890.png (66.39 KB, 1080x522, Screenshot_20221004-172623~2.p…)

>>894201 fakeboi in the comments

No. 894204

and this is why i will never bet on luna getting any better in life. she has no concept of the lows of addiction. she thinks it's a fucking game or muse for art.

No. 894205

I can only fucking imagine what she will roll up to this interview looking like. Ronald hair, grimace coat, giant ass drag queen spider lashes, long crooked dirty fake nails, rotting piercings all over her face… why the hell did she dye her hair like that when she knew she had an interview ??? It looked semi normal before.

No. 894206

No one truly sober will have such a rosy nostalgia for heroin addiction.

No. 894207

To everyone who’s asking, yes it’s 100% affirmative she’s relapsed, you can’t even get on suboxone without surrendering opiate positive piss. Source: I worked in a metha/Subox clinic

No. 894209

Also in addition to surrendering opiate positive piss, they use a scale called the COWS (kek): clinical opiate withdrawal scale, to physically confirm you’re in moderate withdrawal before they’ll initiate it.

No. 894210

This isnt true, js

No. 894211

>Ronald hair

nonna pls im sobbing

No. 894212

Sage, for the love of god

No. 894213

Luna, here's an idea. Get your parents to buy you an Uber instead of the useless bullshit you're buying. You don't need a new pair of flimsy ass nails every week.
And what if she gets the job? Are you just gonna beg your followers for Uber money to and from everyday? and then continue posting the ugly shit you're "splurging" on ?

No. 894214

Can confirm, I'm in the medical field. She'd have to prove she's taking opioids by providing a positive piss test, to be prescribed an opioid maintenance prescription, (Suboxone, methadone etc).

People will often switch to Suboxone if they're wanting to taper off methadone. For example, if someone started off on 60ml of methadone per day, and then eventually reduced to 5ml over time, they may be switched to Suboxone and then slowly be tapered off that.

The thing is with methadone, you can use heroin or any other opioid with it, but if you were taking Suboxone (as maintenance) and you tried to get high on heroin, you couldn't, because it blocks it binding to the receptor. It can also precipitate withdrawal if you take it with another opioid. So, if she is actually taking subbies, she won't be able to use heroin on top.

Saged for drug-sperg.

No. 894215

I agree with you to an extent, but imo it is pretty common and expected to have some almost nostalgic memories of times in active addiction, but when you’re sober (and are actually making an effort to be) usually the negative memories are stronger than and outweigh the “positive” nostalgic ones. I do agree though it’s clear from that post Tuna doesn’t at all want to be sober (from heroin) and while she’s dosed up with benzos all the time she won’t even be able to see her experiences how they truly were, I doubt she can remember much aside from feelings she had at the time and whenever something “big” happened like an overdose or getting evicted etc (even then she probably just blocks out the unsavoury memories kek)

No. 894216

NTA but there's a chasm of difference between nostalgia for the "good times" and doing what Luna is doing. Luna doesn't even have many good times to look back on, she had no other addict friends and she just sat inside for years. She only experienced the bad side of addiction, ODing, being raided by the police, getting ripped off by dealers, etc. Notice how she never actually reminisces about anything in her life, except people dying and "heroin makes me feel good." Wonder if she's having positive memories over the time Lurch got arrested for possession and she carved "hell" into her ankle. Or the time she OD'd and her mom revived her. Or maybe the time one of her friends bought her Starbucks out of pity, then stopped talking to her for months because she was sick of being used for money. She's not remembering any specific events, she's just fiending for heroin.

The main reason her sober life hasn't gotten any better is because she isn't sober. She's still incapable of doing basic tasks, her addiction is still impacting her life to a severe degree. The "worst day in sobriety is better than the best day of addiction" thing is supposed to refer to your objective situation. A lot of addicts become better people after they stop using, Luna didn't do that. Even Lurch saw some improvement, he looks less deceased now, he got fat and hasn't been to hospital for seizures or abscesses in a long time. Ex-addicts are supposed have more money, more energy, more friends, and be "more alive" because they no longer solely exist to find/take drugs. Luna is still an addict, she has no aspirations outside of "get more drugs and be EuPhOrIc". She cannot improve until she stops with the addict attitude. If that job interview tomorrow even exists (she could be lying for drug money), she will turn up to it extremely high on benzos, then wonder why life won't reward her for being "sober".

>my worst days sober… basically homeless
"Sobriety" didn't make her homeless, and I'm triggered that she's suggesting it did. Luna, you were homeless 4 years ago, back when you were still actively taking heroin. Take responsibility for your own actions, and stop being a faggot.

No. 894217

Who's gonna hire someone covered in tats and face piercings? Or does that not matter in NY? I bet she just turns up in one of her ~sexy~ outfits instead of a smart blouse and skirt or something

No. 894218

It won't be the tattoos or face piercings, it's gonna be her stench, inability to have a conversation or answer interview questions normally, the drag queen makeup and dirty clothes that will raise a red flag to the interviewer. I'm really curious as to where it is, assuming she's not making the whole thing up. Watch her not be able to get money donated for an Uber and that will be her excuse as to why she didn't get the job. Not her fault, ofc

No. 894219

i just don't understand why she's even having this interview. she can't take an uber everyday and she's not gonna take the bus apparently. so why even bother?

No. 894220

IF there's even an interview I wonder if it's required that she attempts to aquire employment in order to get whatever housing/whatever/idk state-funded help/benefits that she might be after. We already know she's only doing outpatient just because she is hoping to be placed in housing like her mother was.

No. 894222

I know people who have 1hr+ commutes each way, taking multiple trains and/or buses. Just suck it up, Tuna, you fat retard. This is what people have to do in order to support themselves. And you know she has nothing appropriate to wear. Hoping the fallout from this is milky.

No. 894223

NY area drunk ranting incoming

Much like Luna, I live in a NYC suburb, and like tons of other people I know, for the majority of my adult life, I’ve woken up early af, driven 10/15 min to the train station, taken a train and transferred once, then taken a subway once I hit nyc and walked 5-10 min to the office. Total timing of 1.5 hours on a good day. Tons of people do this shit TO MAKE MONEY TO LIVE but she expects it handed to her. It’s infuriating tbh. This is a totally normal commute for everyone in this area.

If she wasn’t so damned lazy, and got a minimum wage job years ago while squatting, she’d be set. They have a ton of housing specifically in new Rochelle/Yonkers etc where it’s luxury buildings but they have to set aside a certain # of units for income based housing. It’s a lottery and you have to keep applying over and over, but I know several people working low wage jobs (retail, medical assisting etc) in really nice complexes paying like $500/mo based on income. These are apartments that rent for like $2800 normally. You need hustle for that tho. And you have to have a full time job to get approved.

No. 894224

File: 1664941500056.gif (45.39 KB, 220x220, crying-laughing.gif)

>It's like an hour of multiple busses
>I need to be there at 10 am
Jesus christ fatso, it's like getting ready for school. Wake up at 6 am, slather on your clown makeup, shove yourself into some stretched out shein clothes, all by 8:45 or 9am. It's not that hard Tuna, I'm dying. This is the same bitch who will reee day in and day out that normies have it easy, when fatty fatty two by four can't fit through the kitchen door can't even be assed to wake up early without e-begging.

No. 894225

she will also blame this site/the internet/bullies for this fake job not hiring her

I’m so fucking secondhand embarrassed for her right now, jfc. r e t a r d

No. 894227

Nonna, it's not the 1950s anymore.

No. 894228

And it's not only begging for the one direction uber drive, no but for to it and back from it.
I mean, one can try.

No. 894232

This is one of the reasons it sounds like bullshit. That and it's this dumbass who lies all the time about everything kek.
tl;dr. Can we have a bit less blogging in this thread please? It's getting a bit much lately.

No. 894235

I can’t speak for the US but I live in a major city and no one cares about tattoos, piercings and coloured hair here but grubby clothes and non-existent hygiene practices are an immediate nope. I really want to know what this supposed job is that she’s interviewing for. Again, I don’t know about the US but with no quals or experience the only positions she’d ever be considered for here are the ones that are almost exclusively filled by migrants who aren’t eligible for anything else (eg. cleaning and supermarket check-out). Even most fast food places wouldn’t employ her purely on the basis of her age (they’d rather exploit teenagers because they can pay them a lot less)

No. 894243

Honestly, I have my own struggles with addiction but whenever my BPD is acting up (like right now, I've been crying and feeling like the worst unloveable trash for the past 3 days) and I feel worthless and like a piece of shit, I just look at this thread. It could have been so much worse lmfaoooo what a clown. We're the same age, even have birthdays around the same time.
At least I actually go and see a proper therapist, have a degree, career and genuinely work on myself.

No. 894244

saged, but what's with the influx of anons blogposting and spamming up the thread?? we get it, you are SO MUCH BETTER than tuna and despite your addictions THRIVING!!! but ffs, we are here for milk and not your mundane life. go back to twitter or reddit for validation.

No. 894245

I even put it in bold capitalised text as the second sentence of the OP hoping that it would help curtail the junkie bpdfag pissing contest, alas

No. 894248

blogposting should get banned. all the snowflakes here are sperging about the same shit anyways. it's worse than the drug or trackmark sperging.

No. 894249

BPD begats BPD

No. 894253

This is one of those weird posts that indicates exactly why she doesn’t take sobriety seriously. She’s always tempting addicts on Reddit to relapse like an absolute psycho if you check her post history.
I kind of get what she means as I’ve always lived/worked in the city and public transportation really does tack on a lot of time between transfers but taking an Uber to work every day is not sustainable if she actually wants this job and it’s not another “they didn’t hire me and I sent out 109577483 applications!!! UwU” sob story.

No. 894258

File: 1664977172519.jpeg (484.19 KB, 828x1012, 696B262C-C609-4F57-A78D-2FCE3B…)

Right, that’s why your hands are shaking. Try brushing your hair.

No. 894259

It’s raining and chilly today in NY I guarantee she’s gonna wear grimace pelt

No. 894260

File: 1664977923334.jpg (222.24 KB, 720x1431, VideoCapture_20221005-065135.j…)

No. 894261

File: 1664977949541.jpg (182.9 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20221005-065141.j…)

No. 894263

wash yourself and wear clean clothes, no fake nails, no piercings or jewelry, put you hair in a bun, no makeup
Fucking basic hygiene is possible, you have running water!!!

No. 894264

This COULD be decent for an interview if she’s actually wearing regular black pants or something. At least it’s not sad tiddy heart dress. But she is covered in lint/hair/god knows what. Does she not own a $1 sticky roller to take care of that?

No. 894266

Bless your heart.

No. 894268

i wonder what type of job she applied to? i highly doubt she applied to any fast food places or like a coffee shop or anything. i could see her applying to like beauty stores/salons or some type of office job but she has absolutely no recent real job experience so who would even go so far as to interview her besides a fast food place?

No. 894269

Holy cow, is it really happening?? Where do we think she's interviewing???

No. 894270

Idk about you Nona but I look like absolute shit with no makeup. Nothing wrong with a bit of slap for an interview as long as it's not caked on and over the top

No. 894271

Not to mention she would steal absolutely everything.

No. 894272

"I look like shit without makeup" is just a copium fueled way of admitting you're ugly

No. 894274

You’re an idiot. And learn to sage

No. 894277

No makeup for a job interview? You must be the homely office troll goblin.

No. 894280

That’s so fucking grim. That’s exactly why she’ll never climb out of addiction: she can’t connect her drug use with her circumstances. To her, she’s only homeless when she’s sober. Drug use will always be an acceptable coping mechanism to her. It’s her “medicine”.

Agreed. I work in a medical capacity with the elderly, in a very conservative area. Even in that role, a natural makeup look is completely appropriate. The only place I’ve heard of where no makeup would be expected is in sterile environments - certain laboratories and medical supply manufacturers, for example. Now, theatrical drag queen makeup like Tuna favors is only going to be appropriate in limited settings. Tuna has no social awareness to know what those settings are.

No. 894281

Idek why are we spectulating where she applied. It's not like she'll be hired, give it a few hours we'll see incoming of "i'm useless, i'm suicidal" posts plus shitty art anf then she'll be like "omfg matthew said we'll get trough this together and that we can sue the place for not hiring me, I love him so much"

No. 894282

She actually looks almost normal and broadly hireable but still should have washed her hair and needs (to shoplift) a lint roller badly. Really, really basic stuff would go a long way, it's so annoying.

No. 894283

Top kek

No. 894284

Tf is wrong with you guys, it's perfectly acceptable to not wear makeup to work, regardless of what your face looks like.

No. 894285

Projecion. Only uglies need to hide behind makeup, anon.

No. 894286

Has Tuba even had any semblance of steady employment her entire life?

No. 894288

No. 894289

File: 1664985480942.jpg (647.67 KB, 1080x1667, IMG_20221005_165707.jpg)


No. 894290

Scrote logic.

No. 894291

And are these so called “skills” in the room with us right now?

No. 894292

They were at a loss for words and tried to turn her down the most politely.

No. 894293

Sage your shit for the love of God and stop being so retarded

No. 894294

[tinfoil hat] Tuna dyed her hair bright red to make herself look even less professional than usual, in the hopes that it would keep her from being hired. Getting an interview is all for show. She doesn't want a job. She's doing this either for asspats or because someone (her dad? social services?) is forcing her to. [/tinfoil hat]

No. 894295

I would think just the filthy clothes would do that.

No. 894297

File: 1664986856058.jpg (221.8 KB, 720x1416, VideoCapture_20221005-092010.j…)

No. 894298

I guess you don't have any good features worth spending the money on makeup to decorate and accentuate. There's no point because there's nothing attractive with you to begin with. It would be impossible for you to realise your most ideal self when you're working with so little. Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. You sound jealous of women who wear makeup because you have no confidence in your ability to apply it beautifully. Besides, only good looking faces wear makeup well. It's the same with clothes; You can have the most beautiful dress but you're still going to look like shit if your body is ugly and out of shape. A dress doesn't make someone beautiful. It's the body that makes the dress. Same with makeup. And yes, you do sound like a scrote. You sound like an uggo too. Maybe if you tried a little makeup you might enjoy yourself and feel good, and not be so bitter. Cope harder sow's ear.

No. 894299

You can get a job with brightly colored hair but it's probably best not to try unless you can afford to be a little choosy. Idk why she would dye her hair Ronald McDonald red literally right before an upcoming job interview but it probably didn't help.

No. 894300

stop feeding the troll

No. 894301

Just realized she'd be a perfect fit for a job at Spirit Halloween. Everybody would assume she's just in costume.

No. 894302

Haha anon, I ugly cackled and ran to tell my bf (who is now also invested in the Lunaverse).

No. 894303

Ok can we stop the infighting please? I think it's established both beautiful and ugly people both wear makeup.

I'm sure you're both very pretty, now can we get back to Grimace x Ronald.

No. 894305

>>894289 god i want this awesome job that requires a decade of experience in the ruthless field of sitting on my ass and buying useless garbage and doing dope all day…

No. 894306

I’d wear this tinfoil too, but it does look to me like she tried for an interview-appropriate look. Her makeup is more subtile, the outfit is not revealing and is age appropriate. It seems like she did make some (poor) effort to look presentable. I think she did want the job.

No. 894308

Min wage service and retail jobs literally do not care about that stuff anymore. Do you not notice your basic surroundings when you go shop or eat somewhere, nona? Every service or retail worker has multiple tats/dyed hair/piercings.
Low-wage jobs just need someone who can show up most of the time and remain conscious for their entire shift (which, to be fair, Tuna cannot, so she's never going to hold a job).

No. 894310

gold star, nonnie!

No. 894312

You know, make up doesn't change your features/facial structure, but it can even out skin tone.
It's not like we hide behind a full beard + neck-beard.
And even then, usually you get hired for your qualification and general behaviour and not if you are a beauty queen or not.
That being said, I see dark for Luna, she has no practical qualifications. Imagine she has an interview at a beauty salon and tells them, she knows how to bleach and colour hair - and then they look at her hair.
Her outfit was nice enough (at least what we could see), she should've put the hair in a low bun to hide the damage.

No. 894313

The only thing she did constant for a decade is taking drugs.
What the heck is that job? (I think it is surely an office related job since she goes on about her holiday job she had once)

No. 894315

Kek, nonnies.

Make him read the threads from thread 1. It's well worth it.

No. 894316

"the exact skills needed" she applied for something related to baseball or dressing like a filthy clown, didn't she?

No. 894317

OK, Tuna, post 500 selfies about it.

No. 894318

You know, if you think about her SW "career", she was never good at selling herself.
And it's the right time of the year, oh Tuna, please consider.

No. 894319

Are you the same anon that's posted like 3 times already about how you also have bright red hair and use the same drugs as Luna but you're definitely much better than her? Honestly no one cares. Go to therapy instead of lolcow to make you feel better about yourself.

No. 894322

Okay but she's said in the past that she is qualified to be a receptionist. If she's talking about a job interview that she has qualifications for, she's talking about a receptionist gig. Not service industry or retail. Offices exist that would hire somebody who looks like her but they're not as common, and even offices that are cool with piercings and tattoos usually draw the line at distractingly unnatural hair colors.

No. 894324

Tbf Luna could hide behind a beard and neckbeard if she wanted to

No. 894329

Nah. More likely she's trying to work at a sallys beauty or something like that and wants to say that her experience is frying her hair to a piss-blonde or jamming fake nails under her cuticles

No. 894330

Doesn't she have PCOS anyway? She should embrace it and grow the beard out. She might even get clout for being a fat bearded bitch. Special non binary uwu androgyne qween.

No. 894331

File: 1664998127333.jpg (150.79 KB, 1078x918, IMG_20221005_202621.jpg)

Office assistant. I mean, at least she gets to sit down for that.

No. 894332

Posting shein hauls and shitty poetry on tumblr & instagramming 9,000 pictures are not office related skills tuna.

No. 894333

She can get by looking like that in a retail/food service job, but not with basically zero work history at 26 for an office job. They will hire the normal looking person over her. It’s not like she brings experience or skills to the table.

I wonder what she says when they ask what she has been doing the last 5 years. Do you think she sperges out about being a former addict etc

No. 894334

brainwashed by patriarchy

No. 894335

Office assistant? Really? And she's trying to say she's qualified because she worked a short time sorting papers TEN years ago? No way, she's trolling. There was no interview

No. 894336

Meh I’ve had dark red hair dye before when I was like 16 and it washed out in like a month.

No. 894338

Dear diary, I dyed my hair red two years ago, color removed it four times, bleached, dyed it and there's still a red tone that never goes away.

No. 894340

yeah and if that’s the case, why not apply to food service like she originally stated she would, “pushing aside her ego” and all? she picked a job she wouldn’t get hired at, dressed like a slob, and she won’t get a call back so i guess she’s just SOL now! no one will hire her, she’s applied to over a 100 places guys! she can’t work if they won’t hire her!!!

No. 894341

She could so easily get a job at a god damn fast food place or diner but she chooses to go for jobs like an office assistant where she is in no way presentable or qualified. She’s too good for poor people jobs even though she’s poor and homeless kek

No. 894342

she could get a fast food job or gas station/convenience store job and work it for 6 months and then try gun for office assistant jobs, she'd probably have a lot more luck.
who would she even give as employer references if they asked? alltard? lmao

No. 894343

you forget her expertise at making plant cozies and earplugs with that Allie girl

No. 894345


I'm genuinely mindblown she thinks she thinks she's qualified for an office assistant job because she had an incredibly low-effort office job for an incredibly short amount of time a decade ago. further more, she's visibly dirty with frizzy ratty hair, talks quietly and slowly like she's special needs, and has zero social skills, the only socializing she does is asking people to buy her things.

No. 894346

I wonder if the guy interviewing her could see outside the windows she's sat in front of. Must have been funny to see her taking all these uwu selfies.

No. 894348

I'm wondering if he wanted to puke after getting one whiff of her.

No. 894349

im just spitballing but funny she didnt mention her worst days high. outside looking in, id put in the running that was the day she got naked, pissed in a cup, drank it, called her dad, then sent the footage to a stranger who leaked it to the internet, for dope money

but she was swell then, had a blast, 10/10 relaxing and misses it

No. 894350

i thought these were taken outside where she lives now, i can’t believe she went to her interview wearing that filthy ass beanie

No. 894351

File: 1665008032267.jpeg (541.79 KB, 828x1372, E92E1D64-E560-4DB4-A211-3ABC78…)

holy hands, so dainty and small uwu

No. 894352

File: 1665008157832.jpeg (188.94 KB, 719x867, 712DA482-93B6-4230-BBDD-A7811C…)

she says she took her piercings out for the interview so if this is actually in front of the place she interviewed at then she either lied or took them out on the street before walking in

No. 894353

she has ten years experience because like 8 years ago she did it for a couple weeks. her two brain cells are working overtime to find reasons she's actually already employable af and doesn't need to do anything different - if only the world wasnt so unfair to her!!!

No. 894354

She’s too brain fried to realize her best days high were actually awful but she was high so they seemed great. Now she’s “sober” and has to come to terms with the life she created while high

No. 894359

She absolutely did not take them out. We know this because of her 9999999 selfies.

No. 894360

She’s too immature to see it’s not a ‘good day’ just because you laid around feeling comfy all day, in squalor, making no progress towards a better life

No. 894362

Tuna keeps applying for jobs that are going to have tons of applicants with actual experience. She needs to start off at a place that hires anyone, like a warehouse or coffee shop.

No. 894370

a convenience store would be a good option too. they're always looking for work and they're never picky.

No. 894372

There’s probably a food service job within walking distance that she could apply at and most likely get hired. But tuna is above those kind of jobs obviously

No. 894373

Tbf I don't think the suburbs of NY deserve to be exposed to Tuna's foul miasma just to get some fast food, but convenience store/gas station positions would be feasible if only she'd be less lazy.

No. 894375

Jesus Christ, she could have at least put her hair in a braid if she’s not gonna brush her shit. Her combover bang looks so retarded.

No. 894377

>"but I understand if that's not something you'd be willing to"
Her calves are as bad as her, trying to excuse every little shit she does/doesn't

No. 894379

too bad she’s too fat and stupid to bike

No. 894393

no attractive person gets this triggered when someone calls them ugly kek, never seen so much bitter cope and envy in one paragraph. let pretty girls like how they look and move on you self loathing fugster.

No. 894394

The Grimace pelt with Ronald McDonald hair is such a perfect combo. I wonder if Tuba's gunk smells like a hint of fries as well.

No. 894395

Exactly, I mean goddess forbid us women have some confidence/decent self esteem and like how we look regardless of whether makeup is involved. And for the nonettes itt feeling a bit down on themselves, it could always be worse. Just be thankful you’re not the product of a crossbreeding experiment between Grimace and Ronald
This is sending me I’m the same height as her and my hands are quite literally half the size of these monstrous mitts Tunanator’s uwu so dainty LARP is one of the most enduringly hilarious things about her
She looks absolutely off her gourd here, good grief

No. 894396

She had to go to the piercing shop to get them to change the jewellery for her. There’s no way she took initiative and removed them for the interview herself, can’t imagine it would be easy with her filthy talons anyway.

No. 894397

Even if by some miracle she gets the job: her one black turtleneck can only hold up for so long

No. 894398

Ew, Lurch's grimey beanie is stretched out to the max because of his gigantic easter island head. I shudder to think of what that thing smells like. So gross that she put it on. Also her "love" of baseball is extremely cringe and for some reason makes me a tiny bit a-loggy and I don't give a single fuck about baseball.

No. 894399

Can she even braid her hair? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in any kind of style at all.

No. 894400

Can't wait for her next poem addressed to the farms "I'm trying so hard, Michael Jackson voice leave me alone".

No. 894406

File: 1665066007324.jpeg (145.58 KB, 828x1058, 4C1C52CE-41B1-4F21-9C3F-53F061…)

No. 894407

File: 1665066038733.jpeg (154.95 KB, 828x1075, 2D80C322-297F-4963-9E28-89F999…)

No. 894409

File: 1665067999215.jpg (191.65 KB, 1253x605, oh, you.jpg)

This is so rich coming from Luna who is judgemental and unkind about others in similar predicaments as her.

No. 894411

She used to occasionally do a ponytail or side braid with a bow or scrunchie back in the blonde era

No. 894415

File: 1665072182496.jpeg (80.2 KB, 828x324, ED2F5FC8-2F60-48FA-B227-BA8743…)

Our gorl is hard at work nonitas

No. 894416

She is sucking in SO HARD to get that waistline that she forgot to fix her face kek

No. 894417

Is the skull with flowers tattoo new? I haven’t noticed it before but feel certain we would have gotten a flood of MUH NEW INK posts if it were. It’s super poorly placed with the sparse tattoos she has scattered on her forearms

No. 894418

File: 1665072822887.jpg (215.82 KB, 720x1416, VideoCapture_20221006-091334.j…)

No. 894419

>skirt not fully zipped bc its too small for her ana chan waist

No. 894420

No. She just hides it most of the time cause track marks.

No. 894430

This bitch really has FOUR roses tattooed on her

No. 894441

Guess who keeps inventing job interviews because she's getting triggered by us talking about how useless she is RONALD SLATER DOES

No. 894443

>in case the other one doesn't pan out
implying this one might, kek

No. 894445

File: 1665087146199.jpeg (220.45 KB, 828x643, CE6B9F64-E7D5-4769-BE75-106F14…)

just noticed she privated her likes on tumblr cuz we called out things like her liking draco malfoy fanfic kek

No. 894446

Reads like dating app posting

No. 894452

Lmfao oh anon. How badly do I want a Tuna biking saga! She'd pick out some gaudy fancy looking but completely impractical bike for the cheap cheap price of $1000, beg for money, be offered better & more practical bikes for little/free, but then magically be gifted it & start ordering stickers & dumb glittery accessories for it asap. It arrives, she makes a couple videos of her barely able to balance/ride it, bonus points for just pushing herself along with her giant feet as she awkwardly sits/"poses". She briefly goes on & on about the woes of biking & how she's such a badass athletic fit environmentalist. Then suddenly it just stops being mentioned at all, until one eagle eyed anon spots it in the background of some selfies, covered in crap (probably broken) & being used as a clothing rack. A nona can dream

No. 894454

File: 1665090926120.jpeg (357.65 KB, 1205x1118, 1FC1EDFD-186E-4C69-B7DB-FAE6DD…)

No. 894458

Literally looking like a cheap cheap cheap haunted mannequin. She really should just stand outside as a Halloween decoration, croaking to kids about the dangerous of being conceived on the stairs of a methadone clinic or having thighs that cause Haiti. I'm sure Lurch could easily join in on the festivities as well. Best chance the gruesome twosome have of both being employed. Better take advantage Tuna, only a couple weeks left for your peek marketing season!

She'd go nuts buying bike shorts, even in -20 below dead of winter. She's just got that advanced type of financial savvy that us full time employed idiots could never comprehend. I mean, would any of us even be smart enough to post full frontal vagina pics with our faces included for free on reddit?? That's some advanced level of genius that I know personally, I could just never obtain. We just wish we had her hustle & work ethic!

& They're all around the same size, all in black & white & all by the same artist. You can tell she always puts in lots of thought & planning into these things.

No. 894459

Kek, do you think she's already trying to buy smaller sizes? Or trying to fit back into things she outgrew?

No. 894468

File: 1665096178464.jpeg (1.21 MB, 828x1480, 535A9F97-4CF7-4BA2-BEDC-BC216C…)

the post below this says she has another interview on monday

No. 894469

That hair colour doesn't match her pastel clothes whatsoever.

No. 894473

It's genuinely annoying to look at. You'd think an ~artist~ would familiarize herself with the color wheel.

No. 894474

I'd be stealing some clarifying shampoo right now if I were her. I'm not sure what she was going for aestheticaly but that color is rough on her

No. 894475

"sober juice" holy fucking shit

No. 894476

Funny how she suddenly has all these interviews lined up right now when she went years "applying at 100 places a day" and never got one interview. Pretty fishy tuna lol

No. 894480

i'm now believing that anon who said earlier that she's only doing for some sort of benefits program that requires you to apply for jobs to stay on.

No. 894481

>>894454 underrated comment, kek

No. 894482

In my country you have to apply for a certain number jobs each fortnight and show proof that you’ve applied for them in order to receive benefits, is it the same in the US?

No. 894483

Kek why’s she drawing herself all skelly she’s fucking gigantic

No. 894484

Sorry for a non-answer but I think every state has different rules. In some you don't have to do anything to keep benefits while some you have to get a job within x amount of time to keep benefits. I might be wrong, hopefully a more knowledgeable anon can give you a better answer

No. 894485

Is the hole in her palm a reference to being crucified? Kekkkkkk praise our lord and savior Tuna, she died for our sins. We must repent by sending gibs for Shein hauls

No. 894486

And the crown of thorns roses. Junkie Jesus has risen from the psych ward, hallelujah. She really is off the charts with the narcissism.

No. 894488

yeah it varies by state, maybe a NY anon knows Luna’s situation better. in my state, my boss stopped calling applicants because so many people apply just to maintain benefits. so we only bother with people who are actively trying to get a job.

No. 894489

i know she's talked about food stamps before (and she always ran out before the month was even up) so she's been on some sort of benefits program for a while. she probably aged out of her father's? and now has to abide by the policies of the new program she's on.

No. 894497

So between the most recent poem and most recent image it would appear Luna has confirmed she joined lurch on the methadone. No wonder she never complained about withdrawals.

No. 894498

She's not on methadone, she'd have to leave her AirBNB every day for that which would never happen kek

No. 894499

I thought that was where she stabbed herself a couple months ago

No. 894500

She never told the hospital staff she self harmed with the knife when she went for the stitches. She said so in the comments back then. Because otherwise she would've been involuntarily went to the psych ward. But know she still milks it…

No. 894501

While her drawings aren’t anatomically accurate, this puncture is on the hand, as the crucifixion is usually portrayed, and she stabbed herself on the wrist.

No. 894507

no, pretty sure lurch just used to save/sell his doses most people on methadone were getting takehomes during covid/pandemic up until about mid 2021, around the time where luna posted on reddit saying she used methadone to detox. would've been fairly easy for him to do. lunas just trying to get subs to sell them most likely. i don't think lurch goes to the clinic anymore, it was for a court thing, but we can't be exactly sure what he does everyday, i remember him posting a bathroom picture sometime in the last year or so that looked like it could've been in a clinic bathroom though.

No. 894513

Food stamps and unemployment benefits are usually seperate things. Tuna could definitely have one without the other. Typically, SNAP programs just require one interview, a report of how low your income is, and will be reviewed once/twice a year. I'm not from NY, but in my experience SNAP is much easier to maintain than unemployment

No. 894517

File: 1665154336851.webm (3.49 MB, 720x1402, XRecorder_07102022_074423.webm)

No. 894518

File: 1665154752579.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.16 MB, 1078x9510, Screenshot_20221007_075735.jpg)

Lamenting over her online childhood "bf" jUsT oNe fUcK gUyZ!!!!!!!

No. 894520

Must have found out about lurch's roaming.

No. 894522

Just drop Lurch and get with Peter lol

No. 894523

So poor but that's clearly an Uber? Is she incapable of taking public transport?? I guess daddy paid for it

Also the hat looks stupid af

No. 894525

Baby girl he wouldn't be able to sit in the same room as your obese, greasy, grimey, rotting corpse let alone fuck it.

No. 894526

well, sex repulses her so there's that.

No. 894534

Luna should just dump Lurch and attempt this honestly. What else has she got to lose at this point? Lurch obviously cheats on her, their housing isn’t secure, she still has no job or education. I sometimes I wonder if the only reason she stuck with Lurch is for that cat they “share.”

No. 894537

In NY you have to have worked on the books to get unemployment. Your employer also has to pay in to the fund. I’m sure they were scamming unemployment during Covid but now that is all over. She didn’t have enough time with the dirty socks to be on it either. You need 20 weeks to claim.

No. 894539

im thinking it's bc he's 6'5 or something so tuna feels 'small' next to him

No. 894542

Ew, the dirt and hair on her laptop

No. 894546

I doubt that either of them have actually been interested in each other in years. It doesn't seem like they actually interact much either. They're probably more like passive roommates.

No. 894547

All forms of cardio repulse her.

No. 894550

one of them was gettin unemployment, because she was posting about it in r/unemployment. lots of people scammed the system during covid - curious to know her scam in particular.

No. 894556

File: 1665172440059.jpg (270.47 KB, 720x1405, VideoCapture_20221007-125307.j…)

No. 894557

File: 1665172496893.jpg (417.16 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20221007-125314.j…)

Where are the bag or tags ever?

No. 894559

what is it with her incessant need to buy/shoplift the most impractical items? not that she needs a regular belt because all her clothes are 2x too small anyway, but why does she need a fashion belt when she has nowhere to wear it to? shes just going to post selfies in it once or twice and then take it off and never see it again

No. 894560

The all free sale, right Tuna? That's why the ziptie is still there? I hate this bitch. I hope her followers use their last two brain cells to see that this bitch clearly doesn't need any money and stop handing over their hard earned cash to her.

No. 894562

how high is she that misspelled Madden when its right in front of her kek

No. 894564


What a majestic ham-hock for a background. She can afford an Uber/Lyft but continues to steal. Junkie logic.

No. 894565

There are no complimentary bags in NY, you have to bring your own or carry everything out on its own. Some places will sell paper bags for a fee cents.

No. 894574

I'm in CA & no free bags here either but I have my own shopping bags. She just carries things in her hands on public transport???

No. 894581

you have to understand anon, it's the cheapest option and she loves her cheap shit

No. 894586

Her dad most likely got it for her since she was going to see him today

No. 894587

These items are ugly as shit. It's the type of stuff I'd attempt to wear as a lame high schooler with no sense of style. I hope she stole it and her dad didn't actually waste his money on it. She has NO style at all anymore.

No. 894589

in my state your food stamps are given on the condition that if you're abled bodied and between 16-60 you have to at least apply for work consistently and take part in employment training programs. looking it up, new york has incredibly less restrictions. all you need to do to apply is have a bank account currently under 2k.

No. 894590

She's trying to get placed in government housing or something similar which is why she's jumping through hoops right now because it's the easiest way out of "homelessness". She doesn't gaf about getting sober OR getting a job. Love how she's putting (minimal) effort in though while Lurch can't even be "man of the house" and take care of things for them kek

No. 894601

I really wish Lurch would see this kek does it count as cowtipping?

No. 894602

If it’s just a wish, no. If you contact him in any way, yes.

No. 894605

Lord, her dad must feel some serious guilt over her turning out the way she has with all the money and gifts he throws at her, it’s like she’s a literal child (which she is mentally, so there’s that). I’m no parent nor do I ever plan on becoming one but if I was this is where I’d go full on “tough love” and cut her off completely. She’s almost 30, she needs to start acting like it

No. 894606

She hasn't posted pumpkin in awhile. I wonder how ill he looks or if she got rid of him.

No. 894607

Her dad is just another junkie trash, of course he feels bad about how she's turned out - he had no small part in it lmao

No. 894608

Bet she reads that and posts within 24 hours

No. 894612

Lurch goes to the clinic everyday. I go to the same one and see him lurking out front waiting trying to talk to all the blacks. The clinic is closed on Sundays so he gets a Sunday take home automatically.

No. 894613

File: 1665237123553.webm (859.02 KB, 720x1422, XRecorder_08102022_064354.webm)

There was no sound. Look at those teeth.

No. 894614

File: 1665237146837.jpg (147.8 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20221008-065046_Red…)

No. 894615

if this isn't a larp i find this so interesting, how does he act? do you see him often? does he have any women with him/talk to any women? are you one of the anons who always compares yourself to luna or a more chill one?

No. 894616

File: 1665237864980.jpeg (185.28 KB, 828x602, 6B993FC3-DAF4-4EFC-A24C-0F0F0C…)

Poor Luna, it is hard not to look like a drug seeker when you are in fact a drug seeker.

No. 894617

File: 1665237995294.jpeg (442.15 KB, 828x1036, 47A8B1F4-C5FD-444C-9CB8-230F2F…)

No. 894618

you want energy to do things? have you tried….a good diet & exercise???

No. 894619

Hello doctor? Yes, I want to quit heroin but the replacement you give me makes me feel bad and not good like I do when I take heroin. Please give me prescription heroin so I can feel good.

No. 894620

I need to know Nona is he really 6'6 or is Luna exaggerating

No. 894625

we know he’s not literally 6’6” because his height changes whenever he or Luna needs it to

No. 894627

it’s almost sad how blatant of a drug seeker she is

No. 894629

Now this is welfare red. Badly faded roots, stringy and greasy. Imagine going to a job interview with hair like this.

No. 894633


she's gonna find out real fast that bright midtones show oilslick grease and grime a lot more quickly obviously than blonde lol, and you can't hide it as well with a dry shampoo regimen

No. 894651


I do love how this person suggests a shot (which would guarantee to the doctor that you are really just wanting relief, not wanting to fuck with the meds you're given) but she glazes right on by that…at least pretend to be interested, you drug seeker

Bear in mind that there is a nonzero chance this is lurch not Luna, but point still stands. And if it is Luna, 100% lurch told her about Subutex and to ask reddit about it

No. 894655

File: 1665260479569.jpeg (514.06 KB, 828x1347, 8E50953F-0099-49B5-AC45-98B3EC…)

Weekend at Lurchies

No. 894656

he at least manages to have clean clothes and look showered these days

No. 894657

At least his clothes aren't full of cat hair and bodily fluids, which is a surprise

No. 894658

At first glance I thought he had saddlebags kek

No. 894659

File: 1665260794812.jpg (106.66 KB, 1023x883, IMG_20221008_172620_428.jpg)

No. 894660

She has disgusting cottonmouth and needs to brush her teeth, wash her greasy ass hair, BATHE, and drink some water. She's not going to do any of that.

No. 894664

>i need to get on some sort of MAT
>posts this the day after seeing her dad
So she has to get legitimately sober and get a job and given her urgency, she's got someone on her ass trying to hold her accountable. I know nonnies think this is a section 8 housing or welfare scam, but my current tinfoil is Evil Dad is behind this. How long before this airbnb booking expires? If she shows no signs of improvement before then, he might cut the money and not buy her another long-term Airbnb stay. Might also explain why she's seeing him multiple times a month.

No. 894665

I agree with this theory. There's no way she would be showing any initiative otherwise.

No. 894667


Why would it matter if they dissolve in water or not if she doesn't plan to inject them?

No. 894672

Quick Tuna AI poem:

God is not a woman
blood red hair is an allusion to an old man I once dated (in a suburban beach town), an aging rocker in need of amputating his feet
i cut my own fingernails every day, weep, hate the pain
blood red hair represents the transition from from the light to the dark
my impulse for a quiet life with a moderate income after a few years of good paying jobs was cut short and red hair started
i want to be very specific about my intention to write these words
I want to make you uncomfortable
annexation, tribal warfare, pill mills, relapse
sadness, secret envy, drug-induced euphoria
timid angelical church shopping, rituals and drinking
police on a speedboat, school-to-prison pipeline
calling family when i fall down
also, i want a topless man, a molester, to touch me under the shoulder
still the same broken clock is telling me i have not enough time
a wedding ring, a baby on the way, god to put an end to all of this
i want to get fucked on the side of a mountain
a bubble bath in the middle of nowhere
i wanna see a quick lotto win before the alarms start to ring
the stakes are higher, the dreams are more precious
but, i’m back, my methadone is higher
i'm 26 and my teeth are still perfect
my fiancé is a liar and he deserves to be sent to prison
there are no quick fixes here
all the time i spend ruminating, guessing, or living is a waste
but fuck, i can write like a demon
and not feel a thing

No. 894679

cp on front page bump

No. 894683

File: 1665272590259.jpeg (396.72 KB, 1284x1928, CDA043DE-E09A-49B6-8D52-D8737B…)

Can’t wait to hear the outcome of this one

No. 894688


No. 894689

wtf can't mods delete that kind of thing right away? why is it still up

No. 894690

also someone figure out who that junkie mom is and fucking report her

No. 894692

File: 1665274670677.jpeg (365.31 KB, 1125x1220, DE1BFC37-4B7D-4BAC-9480-5C9A58…)

I know exactly why I never never ever open the lolcow frontpage and only specific threads. Bump

No. 894693

No. 894696

ditto. that made me sick to my stomach and it's not the first time it's happened either . like how about monitoring what's going on on the site more thoroughly? esp with potential for illegal and disturbing activity. having an anonymous laugh about shitty people who air their own business out on socials is one thing, posting creepy shit is a whole other ball game and needs to be reported Asap

No. 894704

Are you new here? The fucking moids/trannies have been raiding us with cp, gore and bestiality for aeons, some of the other boards cop it worse than /pt/, the staff are on constant alert and it’s not easy to clean up. Spare a thought for the mods who have to go through all the reports and delete it, it’s absolutely horrific

No. 894708

"the staff are on constant alert"
lmao good one.

No. 894709

And that would explain the recent shit she's been getting, aside from stealing her shit. Ebil dad could be giving her money for interview clothes but, in true Tuna fashion, she wastes it on useless shit she doesn't need. Could be really pushing her luck with ebil dad these days and this really is the final straw for her, once again proving what a spoiled white girl she is when faced with the real possibility of homelessness.

No. 894711

The staff that actually exist, I have no doubt. You know people have lives outside of the farms and it's not a paid position right anon? Blame the lack of new hires not the skeleton crew trying to hold this shitshow together from terminally online males.

No. 894713

I don’t know about current admin but the last admin routinely worked with the authorities re: the cp raids, this shit is taken extremely seriously. There’s a lot that goes on that farmers aren’t aware of, maintaining this site for free isn’t exactly a walk in the park, no one is perfect or without fault but I feel like the staff really need to be cut some slack sometimes, especially in the wake of the kf calamity and influx of scrotes and other kiwifags. Anyway, back to Tuba
This made me audibly chuckle, if you told us Tuna wrote it herself I’d believe it
They’re booked until December, I reckon ebil dad is putting his foot down, or at least tightening the purse strings

No. 894723

Those plushies are soooooo cute nonna I want one

No. 894742

File: 1665344152424.jpg (223.65 KB, 717x1425, VideoCapture_20221009-123334.j…)

No. 894743

File: 1665344453560.jpg (Spoiler Image,10.28 KB, 300x225, ectrodactyly1-300x225.jpg)

Luna is a crab people confirmed

No. 894744

toona crab

No. 894745

File: 1665346255084.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.18 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20221009-160943_Chr…)

It her

No. 894748

File: 1665347855131.jpg (44.45 KB, 612x612, 1664205393719.jpeg.jpg)

>gold chain and silver chain at the same time

No. 894749

her wrists and hands are doughy as fuck

No. 894751

Jfc the way her ginormous gunt is being suffocated by those pants/leggings
Mixed metals can work but definitely not like this

No. 894752

no they’re dainty she said so

No. 894753

she looks so fat in this like whats going on with her gunt?

No. 894757

I only go once a week now since I have take homes now, but when I was going everyday, I saw him everyday. Now I just see him once a week when I go. He doesn't have women around him besides the loud fat black chicks with their black bfs that he loudly talks to with his best tuff new yowker accent. He loiters out front and the security guards always tell him to move on so he just stands across the street or further down. He's not the only one- the clinic is the place where addicts current and former like to "chop it up on the block" aka talk shit to each other like a social club. I've never seen him middle manning or selling drugs (he'd get his ass beat for stepping on toes), plus he's always trying to stay tight with the blacks.
I'm short af but he doesn't look 6'6“. Over 6' for sure, maybe 6'3“ at the most.
And I've never compared myself to Tuna. I'm the opposite from her in every way. I just read this thread since it's entertaining plus I see lurch and always laugh because I know what goes on in his life and he doesn't know I know.

No. 894759


>I've never compared myself to Tuna.

>I'm the opposite from her in every way

No. 894760

Take a pic. Much like the other anons that keep coming here recently to claim to see either of them in the wild and disappear before ever giving proof, I don't believe you.

No. 894761

JFC that bulge of fat
She looks like she eats a lot of salty food and is retaining a ton of water

No. 894762

>blacks, the blacks, loud blacks
you sound a lil racist lmao

No. 894763


Pics or it didn’t happen racistchan

No. 894766

How else would you like them to describe them? Go back to Reddit.

No. 894769

well lets start by putting 'people' after 'black', and then not hyperfixating on their race on an autistic level. i'll go back to reddit now.

No. 894772

Sage your shit retard

No. 894775

Careful describing yourself there nonna. They lurk this thread and you're going to go to clinic day to see him beefing with every short person there

No. 894777

They can't just help themselves.

No. 894778

god DAMN that’s some level fupa action right there! So dainty uwu

No. 894785

>my fiancé is a liar and he deserves to be sent to prison
KEK. also this is actually more well-written than her shit imo

No. 894786

Kek her hands, everyday they look more and more like uncooked chicken feet

No. 894787

This screams special needs

No. 894793

Luna’s present day “sense of style” just continues to baffle me

No. 894795

File: 1665403518602.png (99.29 KB, 558x451, Untitled.png)

Sage for non-milk reblogs but kek @ Luna gaining an interest in foot fetishes & reblogging coquettish foot porn gifs. It took 8 years and an inpatient stay for her to find out about her "husbands" base-level fetish, because he was asking her friends for feet pics instead of her. True love. Too bad she has ugly hobbit feet, literally every inch of her is cursed and unattractive, not that Lurch deserves any better.

No. 894796

File: 1665403622426.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 1482748463603.png)

samefag but her feet are monstrous. From thread #4

No. 894799

bump for cp

No. 894805

Damn compared to what she's now, her ankles look skinny af

No. 894813

Skinny is a stretch lol, they looked like swollen grandma cankles

No. 894825

File: 1665418798542.jpeg (1012.34 KB, 828x1341, 65C15378-A508-446E-A2A2-F5DE50…)

monstrous is the right word kek

No. 894827

File: 1665419699702.jpeg (330.89 KB, 828x902, A8370927-BFA4-4E83-BA9C-FE0460…)

Amazing she was able to photograph this without having the heat shimmer visible

No. 894828

What's a heat shimmer?

No. 894829

File: 1665420357065.jpeg (32.95 KB, 852x480, D05301C4-7554-4CBF-B073-585365…)

It's when heat distorts the visual field. She's been wearing those badboys for 6 years, I'm just shocked that the hot stink didn't cause a similar distortion.

No. 894831

Oh God anon lmao

No. 894833

i'm not going back to find it but she has most definitely gotten new sneakers in the last three years

No. 894834

>fila distributors

No. 894845

It's hard to type/spell properly when you're emancipated

No. 894847

File: 1665429294621.jpeg (729.9 KB, 1241x1781, 1637956126954.jpeg)

Her "only sneakers" yet from thread 34 she had these

No. 894848

I don’t think that the ig pic of the shoes with the “only pair“ caption is new..

No. 894852

Let's not forget the Jordans she "found" in a "dumpster," a while back.

No. 894857

Ofcourse she wants those big ass ugly clunky filas all the xanned out yt bitches were wearing in 2017 to Rolling Loud. Seriously wtf is her personal style rn

No. 894859

yea that looks old from the squat

No. 894865

That actually breaks confidentiality agreements with the clinic. You can't even have your phone out to look at it while you're there and I'm not trying to lose 2 years of sobriety at the clinic for lolcow, sorry. You don't have to believe me.
Btw, PC chans, nobody says "the Mexican people make the best empanadas." They say "the Mexicans make the best empanadas". The Persian people speak farsi. The Persians speak farsi. Lurch wants to befriend the black people at the clinic? No. He tries to get in with the blacks. Move to a city with blacks and you'll see pretty quick that they don't call other blacks "black people" all day. I'm glad I'm not risking shit for the PC fags here. Or PC fag people.

No. 894870

imagine being this retarded. grim

No. 894874

that's nice nonnie, go get your methadone and remind yourself that ur the "opposite of tuna"

No. 894875

does methodone make you lose braincells? kek what is this?

No. 894877

File: 1665446982123.jpeg (6.42 KB, 183x275, images (38).jpeg)

kek imagine admitting you're such a junkie poorfag you need to get freebies from a clinic and somehow thinking just because you're not as nasty as tuna, you're any better than her. Blogposters gtfo

No. 894880

then just sneak a picture of him when he's escorted off the property to across the street fraternizing with the blacks..?

No. 894881

Learn to read anon. No one said anything about freebies.

No. 894882

And this is why we can't have anything nice.

No. 894883

That fat scrote pic fits with the vibe of your lack of reading comprehension. Thousands go to the same clinic. 1 anon happens to go to the same one and mentions it, anons ask questions and ask if she's the one saying she's better than Tuba, anon answers no, anons decide that's hate worthy and demand pictures then start making shit up about freebies and saying you're no better than Tuba when anon was literally just answering a basic question.
I used to go to a clinic and you can't have your phone out at some or you get written up. Anon, don't risk shit for these illiterate and rude anons. Tinfoil, the scrote reaction anon is Lurch trying to discredit op so he can continue hanging with THE BLACKS.

No. 894884

Nice like what? Another junkie blogger offering fanfic and preening about how they're better than Tuna? What a loss.
>get btfo
>pretend to be someone else

No. 894885

Anon Tuba doesn't even go to a clinic
You ever think some people on methadone have been clean for years to get all of their take homes? You really bought into the stigma of a clinic

No. 894886

Nta but they didn't even blog post but you're going to just rant about it anyway
Op, thanks for the funny info and ignore the anons trying to save Lurch's tough guy image

No. 894887

Your stupidity really brings a bad name to lolcow
How about you bring something worthwhile to the thread if you wanna judge anons that didn't even talk about themselves. Gtfo idiot

No. 894888

I actually get the vibe that anon is trying to protect Lurch's clinic image kek

No. 894889

It isn't hard to be better than Tuba

No. 894890

Did everyone somehow miss >>894757 in which anon says she both doesn't compare herself to Tuna but also is the opposite of her in every way

Also, why is everyone so quick to believe every anon that randomly chimes with 0 proof lately? Are we forgetting that people can and will make shit up about these two? Can i start a saga that Lurch is running away with Mama Tuna and you'll just have to believe me about it I swear?(literally who cares)

No. 894891

they didn't give us anything. "lurch is an obnoxious new yorker who talks to 'blacks'" wow super milky…

No. 894892

An anon literally asked if she's the one who always compares herself to Tuba and anon said no they're opposites. How can you not see an anon responding to a question isn't the same as the anons that say 'I take so many benzos and can hold a job I'm better than tuba'?! Your stupidity is embarrassing

No. 894893

I hope you've just manifested that saga into existence, pls pls pls….

No. 894894

I will never stop believing that Mama and Lurch fucked before Luna came into the picture, though it’s entirely tinfoil

No. 894895

Same fag but it's not like anon had a crazy story. They literally just said Lurch loiters and hangs with blacks outside of a clinic of thousands. Why you so pressed, you jealous of anon getting attention?!

No. 894896

I fully second this tinfoil

No. 894900

Take meds

No. 894902

Question for clinic anon, you said he wasn’t THAT tall, but my question is: is his head truly as monstrous as an Easter Island head?

No. 894903

We haven't heard about her job interview today. Must have not gone too well.

No. 894906

sorry nonnies im >>894825 I forgot to include the time stamp but it’s an old post from like 2020

No. 894907

She probably just forgot she lied online about having a job interview today

No. 894908

No. 894918

How did this gem go unnoticed

No. 894921

Fucking your dealer when your short on cash is standard junkie behaviour

No. 894934

>shows up to an interview dressed like a clown/pimp

only Tuna has such little self awareness kek

No. 894935

File: 1665505130450.jpg (138.77 KB, 1200x675, worstjointeverheader.jpg)

that's originally a joint from Justin Bieber

No. 894996

File: 1665528417841.jpg (165.34 KB, 720x1411, VideoCapture_20221011-154621.j…)

No. 894997

I eagerly await the plate in her lip.

No. 895016

All I can think about is how she'll let the cheesy gunk pile up on those tunnels. It's gonna reek so bad, gross

No. 895022

File: 1665535677332.jpeg (828.38 KB, 828x1392, B59FC4C4-D197-48B4-932F-567903…)

No. 895023

her skin always looks so nasty like zoom in, what the fuck is all that shit on her skin? looks so rashy and itchy and textured.

No. 895026


All the red from the unbleached parts of her hair are long gone kek

No. 895028

Fabulous look for someone trying to land an office job.

No. 895029

Gotta love how those blackheads make her look like she has mites in her ear.

No. 895033

I somehow wish the red patch inside her ear is a wound from scratching and not leftover color from the time she dyed her hair anons…. I’d tell you everything you don’t want to know about her hygiene

No. 895034


No. 895035

Like she even actually applied. She hasn't done anything but lie, beg, and scam since she was atleast 18. Come December her dad is going to be footing the bill for another 3 months. She's gonna be fucked when he croaks. Be on the internet in 15 years all boohoo I'm an orphan in my 40s.

No. 895038

File: 1665579021250.jpg (94.28 KB, 1073x852, Screenshot_20221012-054818_Sam…)

No. 895039

What year is it again? Playboy is so old news

No. 895041

Not the same earrings

No. 895044

Oh yeah, after reading y’all’s weirdly obsessive cataloging of a pretty typical lower-class obese woman, I’m DEFINITELY sure everyone who posts here belongs to the top 30% of the population whom isn’t overweight. ROFL. You’re just going to dogpile and call me a white knight and an autist and whatever other internet tough guy names of the day for pointing out the obvious, but for some crazy reason (that isn’t related to me being an “omgwhite knight!!!!11” , reach more), Idk guise… I just seem to get the distinct impression y’all aren’t exactly a bunch of Bella Hadids behind the screen. If I was proven wrong by a few people showing their cowardly faces (Bc just one = outlier), I’d rescind everything I said and take a pic wearing a dunce cap with “white knight” written on it.
But that won’t happen will it ;)
Yall are gonna dogpile on me now with the “white knight” cope to detract from the fact that half of y’all most likely look worse than tuna, “kek”.(autistic wk-ing blog )

No. 895045

File: 1665589282967.jpeg (438.84 KB, 632x821, B1ADEF19-8E54-4FAD-908D-B4ED78…)

The average female on here with “superior” red dyed hair to Lunas, per that pathetic convo above:(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 895046

File: 1665589641071.jpeg (407.85 KB, 750x631, 6E3A4027-CDAF-45F3-B9C5-FD46BA…)

What the non virgins on here and their bf prob look like while having the audacity to hate on anyone (yes even Luna and Lurch- I never said either were the beacon of beauty and success, but y’all are showing your asses pretty blatantly here LOL