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File: 1412096361588.jpg (10.98 KB, 236x236, doe.jpg)

No. 15719

Doe Deere thread.


A brief history:

>Repackaged TKB wholesale micas as her own 'makeup'

>Said 'makeup' is shitty quality, unhygienic, some not even completely finished, and horribly overpriced

>Held raffle to raise money for an animal shelter despite not giving the name of the shelter the money allegedly went to

>Claimed her makeup is 100% vegan despite non-vegan materials being used

>Photoshopped her lipstick on in product photos

>Threatened legal action for posting an unbiased review of her makeup

There's a shit-ton more drama surrounding her that can be found on:




No. 15729

She and Traci Hines are a great match as crazy bitches! Lol!

No. 15754

File: 1412105424423.png (750.01 KB, 1024x555, screenshot.png)


Actually they do know each other which is a scary thought.

Crazies flock together

No. 15755

Had a feeling you'd make this thread after I made the Traci Hines one, lol.

I dropped the pic of she and Traci in the other to make that point; They're both fucking nuts and way too up in their own shit.

As for Doe's makeup, everyone knows that it's shit. It's really gross to see how much she photoshops the lipstick and velveteen swatches on the website, yet reviews from those who purchased the lip products show how horrible the color and staying power is. The velveteens are prone to running or drying your lips out to all hell.

I've posted this in /cgl/ a few times within the makeup threads, but I'll post it again on here for those who hadn't heard:

Last Black Friday, Lime Crime released their Pink Velvet Velveteen product.

Around midday, the site mysteriously started undergoing "technical difficulties" and it was down for a good 24 hours. I watched Doe on Instagram, while she was getting blown up with comments from girls who had purchased their Velveteens, yet never got a confirmation email, despite their payment going through. The next day, the site was back up and she was being happy as a pig in shit again about her new product and completely ignoring all of the comments her customers had left her. Now, while I can understand a website shutting down due to a heavy traffic volume.. It's Lime Crime and I honestly don't trust Doe, knowing her history.

tl;dr Girls paid for shit and never got it or a refund.

No. 15759

I remember when temptalia did a review of her lipsticks a while back and gave some criticisms (though I recall her being generally somewhat positive?) and Doe Deere going crazy in the comment section trying to prove her wrong.

It was amusing.

No. 15771

All dem sockpuppets.

No. 15772

Sad thing is 14 year old idiots and aging unicorn/mermaids flock to her products. Enough for her to make a mansion instead of improving her products and providing decent customer service.

She's absolutely vain as fuck. In fact, I don't think I can name a person that's more obsessed with themselves. She fb updates about her "dollhouse" with her related shit themes she's stolen off of tumblr fads. Ugliest shit ever. Flamingos, granny patterns, pastels with gold trims and socks with sandals.

No. 15773

That was great. I can't imagine any of the comments supporting Lime Crime in those reviews were actually genuine. She should come up with a new limited edition line called Sock Puppets.

No. 15775

I remember commenting about how her products aren't vegan at all and some widdle teeny bopper got all pissy with me. It was adorable. I got the typical 'ur jealouz XDDD' retort.

I don't get how anyone can think her products are good. They're really pasty in consistency, the color is poor, and it's overpriced garbage. One reviewer actually said the unicorn sticker on the lipstick peeled off despite the fact that it sat in a drawer doing nothing for over a year. Not to mention, where the fuck are you even supposed to wear some of these ugly ass shades? That awful yellow, the stupid blue, orange, grey.. just ew. It's like melted crayons made into dollar store-tier cosmetics for five year olds.

No. 15781

Yeah, it's very stupid. The only reason they buy her horrible garbage is because of the packaging. I love mermaids and unicorns but would never buy her overpriced crap. All the reviews I've seen mention how it stain your lips, the quality is horrible, and anyone with a set of eyes can see how ugly the colors are. They're garish and scream Halloween.

No. 15782

File: 1412119037288.jpg (110.15 KB, 400x600, shrinkle.jpg)

While I do support Sugarpill over Lime Crime, I can't really pretend like Sugarpill's owner ever looks any better with how she leaves her house looking. Both she and Doe look like they're stuck in high school with how they dress and do their makeup/hair.

Maybe it's just me, but I've always seen crazy color dyed hair as the female fedora.

No. 15783

People were requesting a Doe thread and I didn't want the Traci Hines thread to get derailed

No. 15785

my problem with dressing like that is that eventually you're going to reach an age where you can't get away with dressing like that anymore and you're stuck with all these tacky clothes you can't do anything with, and don't know how to dress yourself like a normal adult.

No. 15787

Thank god someone finally made a thread! I've been following this bitch for years. I admit I fell for her shitty products years ago back when all she sold was eyeshadow. Since I was young at the time I didn't realize it was all prepackaged until that info came to light. Sure enough I was able to match some TKB micas to the colors I'd bought. That's when I realized she was nothing but batshit.

The styles on her packaging are just lifted from other people (like the whole gaudy flamingos thing anon brought up, I've always associated that with Betsey Johnson). Not to mention how much she's ripped off her customers over the years and threatened them with legal action if they dare to say anything that isn't a glowing review. I can't believe she's still in business.

No. 15793

File: 1412126577261.png (596.26 KB, 583x584, Doedeere.png)

She looks like she's wearing a Halloween wig.

No. 15794

I know all about her controversy but I saw Urban Outfitters was selling her stuff (?)
It made me think that surely the quality has improved somewhat over time.
I wouldn't buy lipstick in her shades but it could be fun for some kind of artistic, colorful-themed photoset.
I am actually excited about the Venus palette. I really like the look of it so far and I want to buy it. But after reading
>tl;dr Girls paid for shit and never got it or a refund.
I'm worried :(

No. 15805

QWell, there is tons of shoop going at the color of her hair.

No. 15816

I know, mate. And, we DID need one. ;)
So, good call.

No. 15818

Or, you end up looking like Betsey Johnson and thinking it works well into your later years when it really doesn't.

No. 15823

Haha oh god. Betsey looks like a looney old woman stuck in the 80s. Somehow.

No. 15824

File: 1412135681884.jpg (51.44 KB, 300x450, betsey-johnson.jpg)

not a pretty sight

No. 15825

"There are NO rules in this house! I'm not a regular Mom, I'm a COOL Mom!" ;)

No. 15842

Regina sure doesn't think so.

No. 15845

what's the point with the garterbelt over the skirt? wtf?

No. 15856

Of course she'd get that shit leaked to UO.
People who are so radical and crazy XDDDD are going to eat whatever shit she feeds them. I'd go for Urban Decay if I were you, anon.

I've seen her lipsticks without the shoop and they're really, really bad.

No. 15871

traci looks fucking hideous

No. 15872

i can a name a person more obsessed with thmeselves, wylona "hayashi"

No. 15873

has she ever been young?

No. 15895

File: 1412177914512.png (755.84 KB, 960x720, wylona.png)

You mean Felice Fawn 2.0?

No. 15953

lmaaoo this girl started popping up all over my dash. why do people fall for such obvious shoop

No. 15974

I still remember how she tried to sell some mirrors from Taobao as her own creation, the shitstorm was glorious.

No. 15977

Sauce plz, I've never seen that before

No. 15978

File: 1412203752292.png (49.08 KB, 664x342, 3535.png)

It all started with this.

No. 15992

holy shit those lips

does she seriously think that shoop looks good?

No. 16043

seriously tho wylona should definitely have a thread here.

No. 16249

has she done anything noteworthy besides lots of shoop?

No. 16250

okay so I luuuv me some indie make-up (shiro cosmetics anyone? Or Meow cosmetics? Awesome!) So, a few months ago, I tried lime crime. Shameful, I know. I tried a lipstick and an eyeshadow sample. (btw lime crime is the only indie cosmetics brand that I've used who hasn't given out free samples)

The lipstick stank, I mean reeked. It smelled kind of like, sweet, rotten ham. I never even tried it on because I didn't want that ham smell near my face. I emailed Doe Deere and was like, "so you sold me expired make-up. Can I have my money back?" She didn't respond for weeks and when she did she called me a stupid whore. Awesome customer service, huh? I should report her to the BBB, since she's technically a US small business.

I feel dumb that I didn't do my homeworl before hand. Shame on me.

No. 16252

Oh god, I remember those mirrors. I saw her selling them and thought they were pretty and wanted one but then I said to myself, "Why the fuck would anyone pay that much for a hand mirror? Wouldn't I get more use out of a compact?" and never bought it. Kinda want one of the originals from Taobao now just for something pretty to decorate my vanity with because lol cheaper than Doe's.

No. 16253


you know, I've found even prettier ones at antique stores for even less. Just saying! :)

Also you ladies should check out the lime crime tag on tumblr. Between Doe herself spamming her own selfies and outraged customers, it's quite a ride.

No. 16263

She actually called you a stupid whore?
I don't keep up with her much but I know she's a bitch. Calling customers "stupid whore" seems like one of those things you shouldn't do.

No. 16303

That story sounds a bit suspicious to me.

Her MO seems like it would be more along the lines of "my makeup is the best, everyone loves it, you are a mistaken lying h8er"

No. 16308


Well uh, the conversation went something like this.

Me : "This product is expired. Can I have my money back or an exchange? It smells like stinky ham."

Doe: "It does not smell like ham, and I would never sell an expired product."

Me: "Uh…yes it does? Look, either it's expired or your make-up is naturally ham smelling, in which case I would like my money back."

Doe: "Bitch, how DARE you insult my make-up!?! Little whore. I would never sell a product like that."

Me: "you kind of did, and the color looks nothing like the picture."

Doe: blocks me

I never got my money back. Like I said, shame on me.

No. 16310

File: 1412353539059.png (112.25 KB, 500x298, 43534.png)

Not the first time she insults her own customers anyways.

No. 16311


She couldn't be worse at customer service if she tried.

No. 16312

Still doesn't sound like Doe. Too direct. Xenia is incredibly passive aggressive and has a certain way of being "edgy." I don't buy it.

No. 16328


I think anon was paraphrasing.

No. 16330

File: 1412357007361.jpg (175.47 KB, 706x465, ego.jpg)

Whoa whoa whoa. Hold the fucking phone.

Is she seriously her OWN covergirl?

how does one even ego like that?

No. 16333

No. 16339

She could be bff with Kiki.

No. 16343

She reminds me so much of Lily Cole.

No. 16344

Don't compare the 2, Lily Cole is so much better

No. 16345

Lily is lovely, I mean look wise they are similar.

No. 16384

No need to defend Lily Cole. Xenia photoshops herself into oblivion. Xenia actually looks like a tiny teethed gremlin with shitty pasty bumpy skin and fried out hair.

I love how she markets the upcoming lime crime hair dye by using obviously filtered photos and crammed in extensions and saying "MY HAIR HAS BARELY FAILED AFTER WEEKS!" Then you see a fan photo with her in it and its fried, thin and barely holding onto to pigment.

No. 16391

File: 1412368976237.jpg (71.04 KB, 527x534, doe.jpg)

Has this been posted yet?

No. 16392


No. 16394

https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154607583995389&set=vb.21301355388&type=2&theater Like this for example, she looks like she is balding in her parting as it's faded so much.

No. 16395

Damn, those eyebags.

No. 16398

that event looks like a waking nightmare
tumblr snowflakes and vocal fry everywhere

No. 16411

what the hell is this? why does she have a hitler stache? those bootssss???

No. 16415

It was her Halloween costume a few years back - no lie.

No. 16419

When people called her out on it, she said it was totally ok because her grandma is jewish apparently. Totally not in bad taste then!

No. 16421

Hahahaha fab, she is such a spaz.

No. 16426

it's not even a good hutler costume. i mean wtf looks like most of the lazy ass cosplayers you see at cons.

No. 16459

Anyone have the link to the mirrors she resold from Taobao or whatever? My google-fu seems to have failed me.

No. 16462

The link in the screenshot doesn't work anymore, btw

No. 16890

Ah Xenia, has the blubbery and shitty consistency of your "Velveteens" finally stopped cash flow into your hideous doll house? Now she's trying to milk the very last bit of the tumblr grunge fad. And isn't that fad dying out anyways? It's been around since 2007.

No. 16898

No. 16911

Thanks! Guess I may be better off buying from an antique shop or eBay for a heart shaped mirror then… or just give them away as Christmas and brithday presents for years. Lol

No. 16927

File: 1412657894410.jpg (169.92 KB, 612x612, tinyashell.jpg)

They're a lot smaller than they look too. Imagine how pissed off someone would be if they spent $40 on this shit. I would be livid since I doubt you can even see your full face in this. It's a child sized joke.

Pic related. It's the mirror next to an 8oz. bottle.

No. 16940

what is 'bad mango'? was is serioulsy 40 bucks for the mirror and that one product??

No. 16944

File: 1412684820291.jpg (6.39 KB, 223x225, balimango.jpg)

I think it's just a bottle they used as a size comparison.

No. 17020

That would be pretty damn infuriating.
It's a cute design but it looks cheap.

I know she freaked out on temptalia once, has there been evidence of her freaking out on other bloggers? I know she threatened to sue one over something stupid but her reputation seems bigger than that.

No. 17321

unicorn reminds me too of Attack on Titan

No. 17322

too much*

No. 17374

I thought the box said slime crime at first.

would be more fitting.

No. 17381


No. 17390

I can't get over how ugly the Salem velvetine is. It legit looks like turd. How could anyone think its a pretty colour for lips

No. 17391

File: 1412954614964.png (146.34 KB, 500x197, tumblr_inline_n0hph4Mkru1spb0y…)

No. 17394

Pahaha, looks like nutella in real life what bullshit she sells to people.

No. 17444

The salem swatch looks matte but in the right picture it looks satiny???
Wow thanks a lot Slime Crime, totes true to its stock picture

No. 17451

yeah yuck. that shit's not even matte, which was basically the entire selling point of that lipgloss line. pass.

No. 17457

File: 1412969770718.jpg (46.56 KB, 640x480, Lime Crime velvetine Salem.JPG)

It looks more matte here, but even more like shit.

No. 17458

Eww, actually looks like turd.

No. 17460

It might actually look interesting on a black person

No. 17466

The shade brings out all the worst impurities in skin tones. Nice job, Doh. She's such an idiot. She always photo shops pastel doll looking skin and then wonders why she can only post the same photo shoped to death fan photo every week since every other fan wearing her lipstick is some girl with greasy yellowish skin with pastel shit on their face emphasizing every ugly trait.

No. 17467

I can honestly say that this is the first time I've seen lipstick that looks like smeared shit. I can't imagine this looking good on any skintone.

No. 17544

File: 1413034466344.jpg (175.8 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

It actually looks quite nice on tan to dark skin tones from what I could find. But holy shit it looks horrendous on whites

No. 17545

The quality still looks not worth the price tho.

No. 17547

File: 1413035911828.jpg (103.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Oh yeah absolutely not, this is another photo I found which really shows how miserable the consistency is. You can see the same going on in the other girl's picture, it looks more like they put cheap concealer on their lips

No. 17565

File: 1413047532004.jpg (222.04 KB, 1600x1015, DSC_0004.JPG)

I agree, it looks pretty bad on white skin, maybe if it's a REALLY freckly girl (you know, when there's tonnes of brown frackles all over the face) the colour might look ok, otherwise it just looks like you've been eating nuttella.

No. 17566



No. 17567

damn, that girl is stunning. she's the only person i've seen so far who makes that god awful lipgloss look good.

No. 17571

That legit looks like an asshole

No. 17603

Lol, as William says make sure your lipstick matches your asshole.

No. 17611

When you turn your head to the side it really does, christ.

No. 18007

it looks like she's photoshopped her bottom lip badly, they look all stretched out, either that or she has the ugliest lips I've ever seen

No. 18066

no those lips are just chapped as hell

No. 19496

File: 1414269717278.jpg (259.76 KB, 1000x602, sea of piss.jpg)

Are we ever going to know why doedeerelies was shut down?

No. 19497

Also, neither her lip color or her eye makeup look like anything that she sells. In fact, the lipstick looks like a M.A.C. shade..

No. 19498

Legal threats by Doe's lawyers.

No. 19499

those lips are photoshopped like fuck

No. 19506

..Please tell me we have something concrete for that.

No. 19508

No. 22514

Lime Crime is now being sold in Sephora, holy shit.

I'm just going to give all of her products one star reviews, lol.

Also WTF Sephora? You're putting Lime Crime in league with Urban Decay, Too Faced, Nars, Buxom, etc?! Bitch please.

No. 22515

"So, from Lime Crime, they're $12 for 0.07oz, from BFtE $6.60 for 0.03oz, and from TKB who made them in the first place? Just $4 for 1oz.


Less money for roughly 14x more product, and in Lime Crime's case, the ingredient lists are identical between TKB Trading mica and their own 'unique' magic dusts.

In BFtE's defence, they have an awful lot of shades and I know that many of them they did bother to mix themselves, instead of simply repackaging and reselling identical copies. As I only have 3 of Lime Crime's eyeshadows, I can't say whether the same is true for them or not, and I certainly won't ever be buying from them again to find out.

This isn't to say that the eyeshadows from either company are bad - they aren't, they're just a complete rip-off. I say again - $4 per ounce versus over $168 per ounce at Lime Crime or $217 an ounce at Beauty From The Earth (approx.)."

Who is even retarded enough to buy her shit lol, just buy your shit from china, will be exactly the same thing but at a far lower price.

No. 22516

"To help combat the rising number of accusations that they simply repackage wholesale mica and lie about it, rather than make their own products, Doe recorded this video of her "making" an eyeshadow. She doesn't wear a mask, or gloves, swatches with the same brush, adds black to darken a colour (anyone who did Art in school should know you add a colour's opposite) and most bizarrely of all, despite this apparently being her own original colour, she doesn't know the formula. Instead she guesses, approximating bits of blue and black wholesale mica until she gets something that looks roughly like her finished product.

No manufacturer could create permanent products this way, you'd have massive variations in shade mixing without a formula, weights or measures, not to mention the unsanitary conditions. And to top it off, she then claims she sends off the small samples to a lab to have professionals mix bits of mica together based on the small plastic bag because she still hasn't written it down, or measured anything."

The video mentioned has been deleted by lime scam from her very own website. Hmm I wonder why…

No. 22520

Did we ever find out what happened in Dough's copyright lawsuit back in May?


No. 22522

Mother of shit… This gives me a project for the day as well. Time to give all her products the bad reviews they deserve to prevent people from getting scammed.

No. 22526


Man, I can't believe Sephora didn't do their research. I know Sephora isn't high-end makeup (more like mid range, way better than most drugstore products), but LimeCrime? Really? LimeCrime belongs in the dollar store.

Do they even know how many people hate the founder and the brand? Do they have any idea how many people that are going to be pissed when they find out that she lies about animal testing and her makeup being vegan?
I'm not a vegan, but I tend to only buy cruelty free brands because I love animals (I fucking love you Tarte and Too Faced).

I can't wait until the product goes live :3

No. 22529

Holy shit, it's already on Sephora, online only though.


Her lipsticks sell as much as the Kat Von D ones. Ugh.

No. 22572

Just left negative reviews, too. Is there even anyone we can email about this?

No. 22575

What you wanna bet all the raving reviews from today are from Doe Shit.

No. 22578

File: 1415746684508.png (28.62 KB, 690x542, Limecrime.png)

I see Deere has been very busy giving herself awesome five star reviews.

I wonder if she's going to try to sue Sephora when they pull her crap out because of her shenanigans, lies (I think she's marketing her makeup as vegan, good luck getting that cruelty free little bunny stamped on your cosmetics dumbass), creating sock puppets to manipulate reviews, etc etc

It's going to be fun watching you fall from a mighty place Dee.

Feel free to review guys! I know I have! And remember to remind those shoppers that avoid products with animal ingredients and animal testing that LimeCrime IS NOT CRUELTY FREE.

No. 22579

Funny that most of them that are raving reviews are from CA.

No. 22580


Customer service on sephora's site, you can email them, link them to all the articles about the founder, and tell them that they are advertising a Cruelty Free products when her products are not even vegan.

You can call or email them: http://www.sephora.com/customerService/customerServiceTemplate.jsp?mediaId=9300044

No. 22581

Oh, you fucking piece of shit.. Just, fuck you, Xenia. Why can't you just go back to Russia.

No. 22582

Trying to find links for the not vegan shit, but I can't. It's mostly forum posts with nothing solid.

No. 22584

What the fuck.

People should really contact sephora about all her bullshit.

No. 22585

Already working on the email, anon.

No. 22586


Well I know for sure there were animal ingredients in her lipsticks (carmine and beeswax).
But you're right, it's mostly just screencaps of her asking why beeswax wasn't vegan and that video of her in her "lab" making lipsticks without gloves. If someone has the video, please post so I can pass it on to Sephora (I'm pretty sure they'll be appalled).

I want to bring this bitch down so bad. Why couldn't SugarPill be the one to end up on Sephora? Either way, I think this is a trial run of her makeup. If people make a big enough fuss, Sephora will simply drop her. I'm pretty sure they make a killing of Kat Von D alone.

Also, VIB's and VIBRouge's REVIEW.

And wtf, I KNOW that's her giving herself 5 star reviews, shouldn't she be flagged?

No. 22587

>There is no doubt that whenever you go out in a LC lipstick you will receive numerous compliements along with sweet smiles from little girls ;)

Did you even try, Doe.

No. 22591

File: 1415749040260.png (8.83 KB, 694x175, Hi Dee!.png)

LOL Deeeeeeeee, you're to easy to spot, you're making my sides hurt.

Also, I'm pretty sure she can get in trouble for making so many accounts to give herself good ratings. How can I give Sephora a heads up? She's probably hiding behind proxies.

BTW how petty. If your product is solid, it will sell, no need for this foolishness.

No. 22594


Well, I contacted them and left some reviews. Hopefully they'll listen.

I wonder if sending in those screencaps will help?

No. 22595

That's a new profile with only two reviews, she didn't even bother trying.

No. 22596

I sent an email, too. I hope they listen. I hope more people bitch. I have no idea how to spread awareness.

No. 22600

Maybe weird, but I wonder if contacting Temptalia would do anything? Doe was a real bitch to her and I have to think she (Christine) may have some influence on Sephora considering what a popular blogger she is. She is quite professional though so she may not say anything but…maybe she will?

No. 22603

Temptalia has stayed objective and kept it classy the whole time as far as I'm aware. I doubt she'd hit below the belt and try to get Sephora to pull LC, regardless of Doe being a bitch.

No. 22605

File: 1415751076068.jpg (2.17 MB, 1024x1024, re-sellers.jpg)


She's notorious even in r/Makeupaddiction, but the girls on there tend to come off as SJW types.

As for the sock puppet accounts, maybe we can just tell customer service to look in on it? Maybe they have a way of seeing if reviews are being manipulated.

Sephora doesn't give a fuck. During the 20% off sale they had this week, they locked down all Chinese accounts and even locked down Chinese American accounts because there were servers from China buying in mass bulk with bots that ended up DDosing the site.

In public there were Chinese people in the exclusive VIB Rouge events buying in bulk, pushing people around, grabbing every limited edition item they could get their little grubby hands on. This was in places with big Asian communities. Everyone screamed racism!!!!!! But Sephora just shrugged it off. And no it's not racist.

Picture semi-related, these women rushed into the VIB Rouge event last week and grabbed all the LE items they could carry, they were also first in line, so while the cashier was scanning, the other lady grabbed more and more LE items. Most of the LE items were gone by the time they left the store. I can't believe the managers of this particular store (in Portland OR) let these women get away with this trashiness.

So yes, Sephora will be fucking pissed if she's making sock-puppets and manipulating the system. They'll tell her to quit her shit and knock her down a few pegs. Dee isn't dealing with a blogger, she's dealing with a mega chain that happens to be owned by the famous LVMH (Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton).

Have fun threatening their entire team of PR and mega expensive on salary lawyers Dee! :D

No. 22611

I really hope you're right..

No. 22625

File: 1415756238163.jpg (75.66 KB, 527x534, Hitler.jpg)

Someone please!! Post this picture of Dee, I already did my reviews and can't modify them for another 72 hours (I think)

Just give the rating, write something about the product, and put this picture up and say this is the founder of Lime Crime

Please please please please!!

No. 22627

It appears jackass made more accounts.

No. 22632

Ugh anyone who reads reviews on Sephora before buying knows that is Doe. Let's be honest, the vast majority of reviews on products are usually along the lines of, "It's a cool product, I guess."

No. 22635


Ugh, my review was posted, but I can't edit it! ffs I really really wanted people to see this picture.

And this bitch managed to make enough puppets to give herself 4 stars on Sephora. She has nothing better to do. I guess I can email Sephora, but I really wanted buyers to see that Lime Crime is a Nazi sympathizer.

Dressing up as Hitler is so Kawaii.

No. 22636

What exactly is fucking wrong with her fans? I mean the actual ones, not her sockpuppets.

No. 22638


They don't care. If you read the thread on reddit ( http://www.reddit.com/r/MakeupAddiction/comments/2lyy8r/psa_lime_crime_is_now_available_at_sephora/ ), half the people hate her and the other half don't care.

I guess all you need to do is dangle a shiny object with unicorns in front of these girls to keep them happy.

No. 22641

Considering what these girls look like, I'm not even terribly surprised. It sounds really cunty, but I've felt this way for a while. It seems like her demographic is composed of 3edgy5me teenaged girls and obese bitches who don't know shit about quality to begin with..

No. 22655

Fan look Fridays are hilarious because they have to reuse the same tumblr tards with heavy photoshop since their real fans don't know how to put on make up and end up displaying how clownish the make up really looks.

No. 22658

I made an LC order a long time ago, and I have mixed opinions on what I got. But now that I know more about the company, I'll never buy again.

The lipstick doesn't smell like ham or anything, vaguely vanilla if anything, but man does it look fucking awful. It looked light pink in the stock photo but irl it's like the color of sand and it makes me look not only washed out, but fucking dirty. Quality isn't the worst I'll admit, but not for as much as she's charging for it. I also have a velvetines and I hate to say it: But I love it. Doesn't feather, doesn't feel too dry, etc. But I can't make myself wear it. =/ At least I take solace in knowing I didn't buy it from her site directly I guess? Sigh.

No. 22659

I know a lot of people feel that the velveteens are great, but there are other liquid lipsticks.

No. 22662

Velveteens are admittedly an okay product. The problem is that they're more on drugstore level and should be priced as such. As stated, you can buy a Kat Von D lipstick for a dollar less and with twice the product. Xenia is selling the velveteens, per ounce, at high designer prices such YSL, Dior, Chanel, Armani, Burberry etc. Now tell me if you'd like the absolute silky texture of Armani lipstick or a big fat unicorn plastic cone with chalky cum on your lips?

No. 22665

Darling, I am Lancome's whore.

No. 22668

File: 1415764046642.png (260.08 KB, 988x532, Sephora Nazi Question.png)


Keep it up guys!

I didn't even know you could ask questions :D

No. 22670


No. 22671

So I'll take note that you prefer the company that produces award winning beloved products such as Juicy Tubes instead of patchy cum lips. Duly noted.

No. 22672


I'm a total slut for Too Faced. If my husband told me he'd buy me all the Too Faced pretties if I let him fuck me in the ass, I would pull down my panties and bend over.

No. 22673

How dare you! Don't you know that Doe's grandmother is Jewish! Which apparently means she can remind grandma that, once, she could have been raped, murdered and treated worse than livestock. All is forgiven because…grandma? I remember her saying her grandmother is Jewish so it's okay if she spoofs as Hitler. To me, that's 100x more disrespectful.

No. 22674

Too Faced is great, too.

Also, why not both? Makeup and anal.

No. 22679


No. 22705

I find it ironic how one girl accused us all of being one reviewer.

No. 22721

I didnt see it under the reviews.

No. 22727

File: 1415772118196.png (229.76 KB, 1023x576, Screenshot 2014-11-11 at 7.01.…)

what the fuck doe durr
who does that

No. 22818

hahaahah turdy salem isn't selling so suddenly it's every reviewers favourite shade

No. 22821

she's trying way too hard to be ~s0 quirky~

No. 22831


No. 22874

She probably never did that, she's just being like Kiki with her digging in the forest for crystals and vegan restaurants, ie childhood stories that never happened but make them sound totally quirky!

No. 22941

Agreed, i was a weirdo as a kid but i still played like a normal child. This just sounds way to forced. The weirdest thing i ever did was eat a caterpillar, because i was gullible and someone told me it was a gummy worm..

No. 22970

Dammit, I already submitted my review, I should have put this picture up.

No. 22971

Meant to add, along with other screencaps of her bullshit.

No. 22972

Sorry to derail, but was it alive? Just wonderin'

No. 22973

I used to have some pretty severe delusions as a child, would sneak out in the middle of the night in summer to sleep in mud puddles and played with all those fantasy notions that every kid did. Now I'm pretty mentally stable other than anxiety problems, but I would never brag about these things. All kids, especially little girls are weird as fuck in an incredibly non-productive way.

I love how Xenia had a blog for fucking years and never mentioned this petal crap until she found out New Look was producing liquid matte lipsticks when she received her wholesale catalog.

Her narrative changes every trend. It's hilarious.

No. 22978

I actually own Stiletto (or however she spells it). Don't judge me I bought it years and years ago when she just started her CANDY TO THE FUTURE campaign. I forgot the original campaign but I get a kick outta how Lime Crime was originally based off of glamor because Xenia was attempting to mooch off of the Lady Gaga craze. Which explains why you have "nu-grunge" pastel mismatch "nudes" with browns, pinks and oranges (wtf?) and floral, granny rose wallpaper liquid lipstick with hot pink tubes with holographic unicorns on them.

No. 22979

I forgot the point of linking your post…I wish I would have put on Stiletto and taken a picture of it in natural light along side my review. That would have deterred buyers immediately.

No. 23316

I am not sure, it didnt wiggle anymore so i guess not. My mom was so angry at that child who tricks me into eating it.

No. 23569

File: 1415917962283.jpg (347.65 KB, 1200x897, SephoraDee.jpg)

LOOOOL! She didn't even last a week in Spehora

No. 23571

The only thing that didn't last was her kawaii hitler Q&A thing

No. 23573

Dammit I just went to the site and they're.

However, the shade of lipstick that did sell is permanently out of stock.

Also Sephora deleted a lot of negative reviews because it didn't talk about the actual product itself or reviewers telling people to get Kat Von D's liquid lipstick instead. (Sephora does this will all their products not just LM)

So there might be a chance your review got removed, please please try again and review the actual product and don't say to get "x" instead, that way Sephora doesn't delete them.

No. 23574

Anon why u no printscreen

No. 23576


I actually just saw grabbed it from another site, I don't know why they didn't SC, but I was too excited to go to the site first and find the shade that is permanently out of stock and SC it myself.

No. 23580

File: 1415919640921.png (25.04 KB, 177x331, LClipstick.png)

Not a victory yet. I don't know why on some people it says permanently out of stock and others, like me, says it will email me when it's in stock.

Dunno what's going on

No. 23589

These fucking chinks man. They do this shit with limited edition Nikes too man.

No. 23688

I don't know how Dee does her business now, whether she still packages her own cosmetics or if she's paying people to do it, but I doubt she can keep up with a massive site like sephora and it's demanding clientele. It's obvious that sephora is testing the waters with her.

On another note, I want to buy her lipstick and velvetine, just so I can swatch, take pictures, and return it to the store and tell the manager its the worst product I've ever tried. I get my money back and Dee loses money. Win win.

No. 23689

Knowing her she'll send it to some child labor factory in China.

No. 23690

Here's the thang:

as long as people keep sending negative reviews, whether it's about her business practices or her product, Sephora will eventually say no. Sephora is a big company and I'm sure they don't want to be associated with a person/brand drowning in duramu. Especially if it could cost them customers.

No. 23731

I can't find Lime Crime on Sephora anymore. Is it still there or a glitch like previously?

No. 23735

I don't see it on mobile or full site.

No. 23737

File: 1415978491520.jpg (122.91 KB, 624x1093, image.jpg)

I just looked it up.
The URL sent me to this page.

No. 23782

Official: Sephora (or Doe) pulled LC off the site. Totally refreshing to know.

No. 23789


Dee would never pull her products out, this was her chance to make it big, and karma is a motherfucking bitch. All those people, customers, bloggers, just fucking everyone she threatened, pissed on, bullied, we all just shit all over this one chance she had.



No. 23800

File: 1415993496692.gif (423.77 KB, 500x278, summertime.gif)

Do you guys think Doe is going to try to sue Sephora?

No. 23802

Sephora wouldn't have ditched her in a way that left them open to her crazy lawlsuits would they?

No. 23809

I doubt it. This seemed like a trial page so I'm sure there were no contracts signed.

No. 23810

*stage wtf

No. 23812

File: 1415994295622.gif (489.12 KB, 420x315, Michael.gif)


Sephora made her sign a contract, I'm pretty sure she was on a trial basis, so if her product didn't sell, or something came up, LIKE SHE'S A NAZI SYMPATHIZER, they could drop her like a hot turd and there's nothing she can do about it, because she signed that contract without reading it through. (I'm assuming everyone selling anything on their site is made to sign a contract)

With her arrogance I don't doubt she will try, but like someone said, Sephora has expensive lawyers on salary, and they're going to intimidate the shit out of her and threaten to counter sue for their legal and court fees (They cost about as much as the house you live in Doe).

Have fun Dee, this is too good. :D

No. 23813

If she does then it would get thrown out of court with it's first Motion to Dismiss. I don't think Doe's Bovine University Internet Lolawyer would be able to keep up with a team of the corporate lawyers sephora could afford.

At least SpaceNK (Amurrican. Don't remember its name), had Doe's shitty products for a year or two. I remember when they ditched her products, Doe went on a spree about how those type of stores were absolute crap.

No. 23819

She could go ahead and try, but Sephora is not the bloggers and people she's threatened before.

She's had it easy because those people didn't have a big ass corporate group of lawyers having their back. In the end the only one who would end up losing is her, simply because she doesn't have the money nor the lawyers to compete with Sephora. She's simply not even.

Sephora probably made her sign a contract that stipulated they could terminate any kind of association with her at any given time, without any explanation. Big companies are like that, and she went ahead and signed it thinking she made it.

Little did she know all the people who got fucked over by her little antics would go ahead and bury her so deep into her very own shit that the one chance she probably had to take her brand even further is now gone.

No. 23820

Did anyone see her bragging about putting her product line in Sephora? I never saw any announcement about it. Maybe Sephora gave her very specific conditions and knew she would probably fail.

Xenia will never be mainstream. She steals, copies and is cheap as fuck. Say what you will about how horrible Amy of Sugarpill looks, but she really puts out quality products. I have a fairly rich boss with no kids and she spends 2k on make up per month usually (or at least seems that way) and out of all these super fucking expensive make up brands she loves Sugarpill the most.

No. 23821

Nope, and probably if she did, those posts are gone by now.

No. 23826

Amy does look awful and a lot of the people who wear her makeup also do, but that doesn't mean what she makes isn't quality. I don't know what people would associate her looks with the quality of her brand. Her eyeshadows are fucking fantastic and I recommend them to anyone I can who asks. Amy gives a shit about her customers. Xenia has only ever cared about herself.

No. 23828

File: 1415997766774.png (42.58 KB, 981x747, srsly sephora.png)

No. 23878

File: 1416007261541.jpg (51.54 KB, 500x600, 500px-Gaffertapedress.jpg)

So apparently she used to do this

"would scam people by selling crap loli dresses on eBay that she would hem with duct tape because she was too lazy to ask her mom to sew shit for her. It was around this time that her obsession with fellow fashion designer Shrinkle began, as Doe's designs were basically just shitty rip-offs of hers. "

No. 23882

>The crap vintage dress that was hemmed with duct tape which Doe did not mention when she sold it for $100 (and then changed her story several times about why she did it when people found out).

No. 23897

File: 1416009195815.png (658.23 KB, 1290x772, delicious unicorn tears.png)

No. 23977

File: 1416020817729.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-11-14-19-03-39…)

Amy still looks better than queen of blending imo

No. 23978

Err at least she has a better attitude I guess.

No. 23980

I think its the overly shooped skin, but does Doe Deere remind anyone else of Other Mother from Coraline?
Which is funny, seeing as she's just as manipulative.

No. 23995

Oh boy oh boy i can almost feel Derp throwing a hissy fit about those orders. I wonder if she'll just stiff everyone who bought through Sephora and put the last nail in her reputation's coffin.

No. 24026

It isn't just Sephora. If you look on other photos, you'll see comments from customers asking where their order is even though their payment already went through. Some can't even get through to LC's customer service. This has been a well known thing with Lime Crime; Some people get their packages late as hell with zero notice and others don't get their stuff, at all. Same shit happened last Black Friday when she released Pink Velvet and her site mysteriously derped for 24 hours. People had payments that had gone through, yet got no emails about their order or when it was even going to show up. Some never got their velveteen, at all. They flooded the shit out of her IG account last November for that and she was blocking people left and right, getting comments removed. Anything remotely negative about LC pisses Xenia off and she blocks you.

No. 24033

I feel like this fuck up will be worse for Doe than usual… getting dropped by Sephora so quickly and having multiple customers pissy about their orders, on top of years worth of shit about how awful her and LC are? She's on very thin ice and it's just getting thinner.

No. 24110

There's an interesting discussion on reddit's makeupaddiction about the Sephora debacle:

No. 24199

someone really needs to update her ED page with all of this lulzy shit

No. 24204

Does she STILL rip off customers? If yes I kinda feel bad for this girl because if she ever decides to act like a professional, there will always be people who want to rip her head off for stuff she did in the past

No. 24210

She does. Look at the comments here http://instagram.com/p/vXV7KLN0A_/?modal=true and on other pictures of hers. This isn't even anything new. She's been getting order complaints since before her IG, yet people on Reddit and elsewhere are oh so surprised that this isn't a Sephora issue. It's a Xenia issue and always has been.

No. 24212


Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight

Yeah she is. I think those people were the most vocal with Sephora. Sephora will be honoring the shades that were ordered, everyone else has to go back to Urban Outfitters or her website again.

She's so stupid and greedy, what made her think she could keep up with the supply and demand of her own website, Urban Outfitters, and Sephora? Just Sephora alone would be a nightmare to keep up with; she obviously didn't have enough shades because the most popular ones (Salem and Wicked) were sold out the first day, and no, it wasn't because hundreds of thousands of people ordered it.

People said it's a combination of massive amounts of people complaining about: her products being vegan (they're not), crappy packaging and subpar formula (I legit believe it belongs at the dollar store), and the founders bullying, shadiness, and the nazi picture (they spammed that picture to Sephora).
What nailed the coffin was her not being able to meet with the supply and demand. I mean, she could have paid 3-6 Mexican women to help her out, but she's so greedy (and racist) I doubt she would stoop so low (according to her standards).

Someone estimated that her products were on Sephora's site for 4.5 days. That's it.

This was her time to shine, but she couldn't, because you can't polish a turd.

No. 24247

Doe can serve as an example to young women. If she, a talentless hack can somewhat make it with pure perseverance despite having zero charm, zero work ethic and zero creativity than think of what women with talent could do if they persevered as much as much as this crook.

Xenia pretty failed, failed, failed at everything she did, while she stole and desperately copied and she was able to move to California and ugly up a pretty expensive house.

No. 24251


This is going to cost her. I wouldn't be surprised that in her stupidity, she got an expensive new car to celebrate her ~making it despite the haters~ or some other ridiculously expensive material thing.

She probably thought she was the next Kat Von D (with unicorns).

What part of California does she live in?

No. 24258

File: 1416102335151.png (1.12 MB, 1277x766, ew.png)

No. 24259


Take a good read through the comments. People complaining about velveteen quality. How are you people this fucking surprised.

No. 24261

I'm shocked the comments are up still.

No. 24266


Sons of Anarchy is fucking stupid.

I am, however, surprised that they use her makeup. Do they just use one product or her entire collection? Is there anyway way to check online the makeup that is being used in any given show, or is too obscure?

No. 24268

I think it's too obscure. I tried Googling and I got nothing.

>Of course, going forward, the brand has plans to only get bigger. Doe tells us that there will be a lot of new products coming soon (including a Velvetines expansion), and that will feature something eyeshadow lovers of the brand are going to be excited about.

As for what Doe's currently thinking about? "I’m obsessed with Sons of Anarchy! It’s a show about an outlaw biker gang, and it’s so addictive. Don’t be surprised if there are some SOA-inspired shades this fall…"


No. 24269


I tried too, oh well.
I doubt they're exclusively only using Lime Crime. I've seen the show and a lot of the female characters wear ordinary neutral shades.
Maybe that one girl that did porn in season 4 or 5 or whatever was using her crap (and it was probably just one lipstick).

No. 24275

Totally random, but I can't help but notice that she kind of looks like Venus in this picture.

No. 24316

She's testament to the importance of image. No matter how stupid, incompetent, rude and uncreative you are, you can get by at least somewhat well if you post images (no matter how obviously photoshopped) and cutesy shit all over the place to attract idiot followers.

It's almost common to see idiots who know her full story, know there is a good chance they'll never get their order or a good product, and still buy her shit because they think it's cute. There's one born every minute I guess.

No. 24402

File: 1416163397011.jpg (163.45 KB, 640x640, SO FUCKING GAY.jpg)

No. 24404


LMAO, dat upload name, so fitting.
I hope she makes these awful, cheap, pleather jackets and tries to sell them on her site. I want to see her rage when her customers complain to her about them falling apart and wanting a refund.

Oh please please do it Doe :D

No. 24411

I feel like the most infuriating people are the impartial/neutral fuckers (I've seen a few on that Reddit link) who try to play moralist and be all..


No, bitch. I assure you that you aren't alone. There are many retards like you who seem incapable of understanding that LC doesn't produce quality product. Their eye shadows are stolen. Their products are falsely advertised. Their velveteens, which everyone lusts over, have shit staying power, dry your lips out, and flake if you attempt to apply a second coat. Also, the size of it isn't even worth the price. People act like LC is the only brand that makes "outrageous" colors or liquid to matte lipstick. It's called do a little fucking research, you'll find PLENTY of liquid to matte lipsticks which are far better than these. You just are drawn in by the pretty packaging and for that, you're retarded. Swear to fucking god, this shit chaps my ass like no other because it reminds me of my weeb ass friends who only buy Korean beauty shit because durrhurr preeety packages n kitty compacts XDDDDDD anon does u n ur cousins use dis?? No, fucker, we don't. Know why? Because I didn't just hop off of the fucking boat and I prefer Lancome, Chanel, and Guerlain. Piss. Off.

Just.. fuck. I hate when people take that apathy stance. In reality, yes, no company is perfect. However, LC has gone above and beyond in being a piece of shit and all of the anger people have is completely warranted.

But, I guess basic bitches will be fucking basic..

No. 24413

File: 1416165739780.png (37.19 KB, 1494x376, i got mad.png)

Also, just dropping this here because I got really cunty with the Sephora bitch because of the reply that she gave me. >>23828

No. 24416

Omg I can't… you're so fab.

No. 24420

Dude, I was fucking infuriated. I never use customer service hotlines or emails. I never make customer complaints, because I have worked in retail and I know that shit just happens. I've only ever had to return like one product to Sephora because it burned my eyes and they made no issues about letting me have my money back. So, we're cool on that front.

But, this bitch? No. Don't send me some fucking link and try to tell me that you "cannot guarantee". You are selling faulty and falsely advertised products to your customers under the pretense that they're something they are not. Not to mention encouraging this ratchet motherfucker in her dollhouse to continue her escapades. I get that -you- may not be personally responsible, but the least you could do as a rep is pass this information along to the people in charge of putting brands in your store. Bitch, you should be licking all of our asses right now because our bitching saved your asses from a bunch of hassles.

I could handle seeing Kat Von Kunt's products, as much as I can't stand the attention whore, but a line was crossed with LC. Nobody asked you for anything more than to do your research and pull the brand for the sake of your customers.

The girls at M.A.C. are always rude as shit, but even they aren't this dumb. Smfh.

No. 24424


What's with the Kat Von D hate? I don't know much about her, but I do love the makeup line.

And to make you feel better, Kat Von D doesn't own the makeup line, it's actually Sephora, she's just the face they chose.

It's funny watching her doing tutorials though because she wears foundation and has face tattoos that look green afterwards. Like how can you be a "makeup guru" when your foundation makes your facial tattoos look like shit. Do you dab off the foundation in those spots to make the tattoos look black again or do you just cover them completely with her concealer?

What's the point of face tattoos anyway if you're a girl and wear makeup that's going to make them look like shit?

No. 24425

It does make me feel better that Sephora owns it and not her. She's one of those annoying types like La Roux who acts like a miserable, old codger despite having her own pile of attention. You know the girls who feel the need to be shitting on other girls for trivial things in a piss poor attempt to feel superior? That's what they both do and it's always irritated me.


Tattooed girls, for some reason, have that complex. There's also her shit show that got cancelled, her being anti-Semitic and trying to deny it, etc. It's like every girl in the alternative scene has all of these fucking complexes and issues. Why can't you just grow old with your shitty tattoos and be chill.

No. 24428

>>24247 If she, a talentless hack can somewhat make it with pure perseverance despite having zero charm, zero work ethic and zero creativity than think of what women with talent could do if they persevered as much as much as this crook.

See, this is why I LIKE her. She's my ironic role model.

I also like her photos, I wish she was just a model and not… that thing she is.

No. 24451

I can't even see her being a good model. She doesn't have a nice body. In fact, she's gotten pudgy and that's why she dresses to hide her figure. In certain shots, the amount of makeup she wears actually highlights how old she's getting rather than flatters her.

No. 24464

>she's gotten pudgy and that's why she dresses to hide her figure.
And it's working. I've never really gotten a clear image of her body.
She looks pudgy but the way she dresses makes her look like one of those girls who just have pudgy features but are not even fat.

No. 24466

She's pudge in recent years and it's funny because she only makes herself age worse by using shit makeup and dressing like a five year old. Her outfits look like a mix between some 90s No Doubt bullshit and someone attempting aristocrat lolita.

No. 24706

Does anybody have that video of her making eyeshadows? I can't find it anywhere.

No. 24719

File: 1416272830057.jpg (165.77 KB, 640x640, ew what the fuck.jpg)

No. 24814

her face is so unfortunate. there's so much surface area to her face, but her actual facial features take up such a small portion of it. the side of her face and her jaw goes on for miles. she looks like someone transplanted an old woman's tiny little face onto a shovel.

No. 24839

That's my face shape anon. :(

(Heart shape btw, I wish I had an oval face :/)

This picture is photoshopped to high heaven though.

No. 24841

I'm more bothered by her shit makeup and that awful sweater. I've only seen nine year olds with fur covered bucket hats wearing those in the 90s.

No. 25762

File: 1416620736580.jpg (124.71 KB, 640x640, FO SUCKING GAY.jpg)

No. 25764

File: 1416620936649.jpg (116.68 KB, 640x640, renegade hueeee.jpg)

No. 25788

oh come on are u fucking serious. i think she's pretty. i don't see anything wrong with her face…..

her hair kinda looks like a wig though.

No. 25789

don't worry i'm sure you look fine. :)

No. 25802

Agreed, she has a pretty face, photoshopped or not. It's her personality that fuckin' sucks.

Speaking of her fried and damaged hair, does anyone remember that post where she claimed that her natural hair color is blond with a hue of green, just like a ~*mermaid*~? Delusional much?

No. 25804

>her natural hair color is blond with a hue of green
That just sounds gross. It also sounds like someone who's been dyeing her hair so long that she no longer knows what her natural colour is and thinks that the faded green/blue is totes natural~

No. 25826

blond with a hue of green? maybe the bitch shouldn't be swimming in chlorinated pools so much, but then again, she's ~*like a mermaid*~

No. 27999

can we please talk about how she made the cover of he venus eye shadow box look just like her. like jfc, what an ego trip.

No. 28000

File: 1417638672630.png (294.12 KB, 475x400, 32523.png)

No. 28038


I know this shouldn't be a surprise to me at this point, but it bugs me how her whole gimmick was "bright, colourful makeup is difficult to find" and now she's selling the same kind of generic-ass neutral eyeshadow palettes you can get at any drugstore at half the price and probably still better quality.

No. 28043

I always thought that was just marketing, nothing more. Since the beginning you could find colors like hers anywhere, they were nothing special. It's just marketing and packaging.

No. 28082

I love how she released purple velveteens and videos of them being applied (which never happened before) only after Jeffree Star released his liquid to matte lipsticks. Glad I ordered one. They're probably far superior to hers.

No. 29395

Lol at this bitch. She just told vendors in Australia and New Zealand that she wasn't going to supply their vendors anymore and to purchase directly from limeshitcrime.com. Lime Crime said to be patient, while posting a picture of Australia while forgetting a state and the whole country of New Zealand.

She also had an US retailer stop selling discounted velveteens during Black Wednesday because they weren't on sale on the official site.

This cow. shakes head

No. 29397

shit grammar, but still. lol

No. 29405

>She just told vendors in Australia and New Zealand that she wasn't going to supply their vendors anymore and to purchase directly from limeshitcrime.com. Lime Crime said to be patient, while posting a picture of Australia while forgetting a state and the whole country of New Zealand.
When was this? I'm from NZ, I just checked the website of a store I know sells Lime Crime and they're still up on their website.

No. 29418

Just today. It's on LC's official instagram and FB

No. 29744

The poor smaller shops that are affected by this, this woman looks like she is about to cry.

No. 29746


Dee is going to go broke eventually, it'll take a few years, but she'll get there. She is living way beyond her means and she's going to pay for it when she loses her little cult.

Why does she do stuff like this? Even from a business standpoint, couldn't she have given them a heads up, like be a fucking professional about it and wait until the holiday craze is over.

She probably can't keep up with supply and demand.
I wonder if it's because she refuses to hire anyone to help her and has her mom and skinhead husband do it with her (packaging, shipping, customer service, website maintenance).

No. 29751

File: 1418515015303.jpg (161.98 KB, 640x640, what the ever loving shit.jpg)

No. 29774

It made me cringe so hard when I overheard some of my fellow cosmetology classmates talking about buying this eyeshadow palette among some of her other products. WHY!!!! I need to direct them to some of the shit she has done and why her products are not worth the money. And why they're unsanitary.

No. 29777

File: 1418520692377.png (23.91 KB, 529x298, 12321.png)

Thanks to Doe, more and more people find out how shitty she and her products are because everyone suddenly seems to start researching and finds out the truth.

No. 29783

File: 1418522153603.png (19.97 KB, 621x220, 3525.png)

A classic.

No. 29785

lel is she legit retarded or what

No. 29788

WHY didn't she just google that? How embarrassing.

No. 29789

No. 29795

File: 1418529499994.jpg (330.69 KB, 600x924, icequeen1_furdress_sm.jpg)

I am suprised that vegans support her crap anyways. All the shady labeling and repacking aside, Doe is known to love wearing real fur as well as feathers, with buying products from her company you basicly support her in doing that.

Pic very related, poor foxes.

No. 29808


More like poor cats and dogs; gotta love China.

No. 30752

Something I've been wondering, why does she go by the name Doe? I'm not sure what it's like in Russia, but Xenia sounds a lot more mystical and "edgy" then Doe (which just sounds plain stupid to me, but then again most of what she does is).

No. 30758

Probably because she scammed people a lot under that name too which is why she changed it in the first place.

No. 30861

As far as I know Xenia is a really boring and generic name for a Russian.

No. 30894

File: 1419047000937.png (7.21 KB, 518x118, 234.png)

So much this.

No. 35883

Some of us may remember Jeffree Star from his MySpace days of causing drama and shit, but in recent years he's a makeup artist and recently released his own liquid lipsticks. They rival Lime Crime's Velveteens as far as size, colors, and quality in general go. I own the pink one and it's great, but can be a bitch to get off. Still, it's so much better than Doe's shit.

It was interesting as hell to see that a week before Jeffree's were to be sent out, Doe suddenly began spamming video tests of hers and that awful new Pansy color all over her Instagram. Once Jeffree's were released, fans asked him to make dupes of LC colors and even Shrinkle herself purchased one and gave it so much praise.

Watch out, bitch.


No. 35889


I remember when he punched some chick at one of his concert things haha. I can't stand the dude.

No. 36190

This! I'm in a facebook group for vegetarians and vegans and so many people are "OmGz limecrime is amazing, velvetines are awesome and vegan so everyone should buy them!!!!"
I tried bring up her sorrid past but they're so dense and still want to buy it

No. 36324

How often does it happen that Lime Crime starts a sale and then quickly removes every trace that it ever existed? Happend with their Black Friday sale.

No. 36352

Yeah, I remember when he used to be a little bitch, but if he's going to chap Doe's ass (and looks like Shrinkle joined in, too) then I'm all for supporting. Especially since he'll be making dupes of LC's Velveteens and more colors in the next few months. A lighter pink and black are currently in the works for release soon, as well as a blue and a dupe of LC Cashmere.

No. 36382

Dunno much about his past as a scene kid, but it looks like his lipsticks are reviewed well, sold at a non-scam artist price and is doing decent with demand.

A few days ago Doh posted how she gets her hair pastel and keeps it sooo healthy. While the real answer was photoshop and extensions, she posted she uses 40v and an illegal product. Some predict, they'll be an increase in bald unicorns in 2015.

No. 36383

someone should shoop her bald

No. 36416

Yes, I saw that post and her hair is anything but healthy. Her stupid ass even admitted to having thinning hair on the top of her head and around the sides of her face. Even before admitting it, you could tell that her roots were shitty and thinning.

No. 36584

Yup, just look how bald she is going… http://instagram.com/p/xYq1bmx2vz/

No. 36602

File: 1420299042445.jpg (53.18 KB, 207x314, intwoyearstime.jpg)

Done and done.

No. 36604

As far as bald people go, she looks pretty good IMO

No. 36623

She'd probably look better bald, it'd emphasize her ~edginess~ a la Sinead O'connor. Anything is better than thinning pastel bullshit, it looks like a bad wig.

No. 36625

she should just wear pastel wigs at this point

No. 36654

Something about that photo makes her look like a German grandma in an ad though.
But yeah, better to just shave all of it off before she wakes up one day and half her pink hair falls off or whatever color she has it.

No. 36659

>posts hair secrets on how to keep hair long and healthy despite multiple stripping and bleaching
>gets told by hairdressers how her tips are dangerous and should talk to a professional
>unicorns spout outrage at professional trying to say their profession should be done by professionals
>next selfie is broken orange, clown hair with visible damage despite filters
>posts about going to get a hair cut


No. 36660

>uses 40 volume lightener

Holy crap. She really doesn't know what the fuck she's doing. Her hair doesn't need to lighten that fast and she no doubt over processes it as a result. She'd be better off going to a professional but nope, what do we know?

No. 36661

poor foxes? you know they NEED to be culled right? Might as well use their fur instead of letting it rot.

No. 36668


The fur industry uses cats and dogs now from countries like China where they are no animal cruelty laws and they are pretty much skinned alive.

but you know ~vegansister4lyfe~

No. 36680

File: 1420317934409.jpg (125.42 KB, 640x640, gross bitch.jpg)

No. 36681

File: 1420317980525.jpg (141.54 KB, 640x640, mom and sister.jpg)

No. 36682

File: 1420318038809.jpg (116.01 KB, 640x640, stupid morons.jpg)

No. 36683

File: 1420318092415.jpg (131.84 KB, 640x640, fried ass hair.jpg)


Since it's not in the OP.

No. 36684

considering that she's russian, it's possible she actually got real fox fur, from actual foxes

then again, considering how cheap and unethical she is, you're probably right, it's cheap chinese shit dyed to look like fox fur

No. 36689

I wonder if she wanted bright orange in the first place. Orange is usually the color your hair turns when you fuck up. And with all this pastel nonsense I bet she was going for something different.

No. 36708

And here we see Doe (see- "scammer") with her one and only friend.

No. 36867

Her house looks like Lisa Frank decorated it… http://instagram.com/dollhaas/

No. 36868

Lisa Frank is actually cute. This shit is repainted garage sale furniture.

No. 36873

If everything is a statement piece, nothing is.

I love her Himalayan, though. He must not throw up all over the furniture every other day like mine does, though. I imagine that'd get him kicked out.

No. 36877

She killed her last one by feeding it grapes.

No. 36925

File: 1420360893857.jpg (163.3 KB, 640x640, so um.jpg)

No. 36943

That looks like a hairball.

No. 36946

"omg wut u talkin bout doh luvs all animals and currs about them so much vegan4lyfe"

Doesn't even bother to quickly go on Google and check what goddamned foods are harmful or have the potential to be harmful to her cat. Jesus christ.

No. 36953

Agreed, its like those people who feed chocolate to dogs. Like fuck, i understand the urge to share food with your animal, but do your research.

No. 37029

Ick. That color is awful no matter how many times I see it. This is like looking at a Muffet's fur.

No. 37062

File: 1420394418824.jpg (445.11 KB, 1128x672, china.jpg)

Ugh. This actually makes me angry. Pretty much everything is tacky as hell with clashing colours and themes. I sort of see the look she was trying to go for, but she clearly has virtually no knowledge of aesthetics and it honestly sickens me. Just because things look good on their own doesn't mean they'll look good together.

>I love the way aqua stripes make my china collection pop!
>my china collection

As someone who actually collects bone china, I'm a little insulted by the fact that she refers to what is most likely a random set of plates she found at Winners as 'her china collection.' (To be fair, I can't really tell what the plates in the middle and the cups and saucers are from the size of the pic.) Not to mention the fact that the only thing 'popping' here is the hideous jumble of mismatched colours.

Sorry, I just really needed to get that off my chest.

No. 37067

Everything in that house looks god awful. Too much going on to the point where it looks like a cheap store display in every room. I mean, you can make a house look like an actual doll house and do it right (like Paris Hilton's minus the creepy pillows with her face on them). Doe just has zero taste and can't coordinate worth shit.

No. 37596

File: 1420502287359.jpg (30.79 KB, 500x281, 22541480e8082c6e8a43b86705a6d4…)

Over 4700 people have shit taste

No. 37990

File: 1420592299325.jpg (161.96 KB, 640x640, fuckedup.jpg)

This is maddening, and it's the dining room. I feel like I would be dizzy and overloaded.

No. 38004

I feel as though if the floor was all white, it wouldn't be so sickening and eye-fucking.

No. 38078

well it just goes to show that you cant buy good taste

No. 38088

I agree, it does look maddening. That shit would probably trigger someone into a seizure IRL. I know I'd have an episode gazing upon that gaudy garbage.

No. 38092

So, people were flipping shit for the last several hours on the comments of this:

And, then she goes and posts this to do damage control:

No. 38237


I don't follow her or her threads, but I follow a lot of beauty bloggers who use her products and rave about them. Are they any good? Is she a scammer? What's the TL;DR? I'm interested in some of her products but since she has threads here and on /cgl/ in the past, idk.

No. 38255

don't do it. there's a high chance you wont get your order, and if you do, it will be shit in a cute package

No. 38257

The packaging isn't even cute. It's like a mismatch of tumblr trends. Only reason LC is famous is because idiots don't realize she rips off tumblr trends and pop culture trends and makes incredibly limited stock so she can sell a shit ton on one day because of hype. She also probably does it so she gets immediate return on inventory.

You pay more on a Lime Crime lipstick (based on price per ounce) than you would Armani, Chanel. But if you can resist the hype than go ahead and try it out.

No. 38264

I don't know anything about this woman. Does she say she's vegan? Just asking because I'd think it pretty unethical if she collected bone china and she was.

No. 38265

^ I mean the Lime Crime woman, not anon who posted.

No. 38269

I don't know if she herself is vegan, but she claims her make-up is. Which its not.

No. 38271

Thanks. Yeah, I saw the post she made asking why vegans won't use beeswax. Honestly thought it was a joke.

No. 38284

File: 1420658905316.jpg (28.32 KB, 450x300, doe-deere-hotdog.jpg)

Only if hotdogs and steaks are vegan.

No. 38285

No. 38307

File: 1420663197955.jpg (62.09 KB, 499x750, eeeyarrrghh.jpg)

>dress over jeans

No. 38324

Xenia only decided to go vegan when she realized Amy of Sugarpill was going to corner a market with that shit. The decision was typical single white female and stalking.

Dress over jeans was ugly, but man Xenia used to be cute. Now she's a balding, bumpy skin cow wearing the same plaid skirt in every "photoshoot"

No. 38612

File: 1420754187535.jpg (153.37 KB, 640x640, lolsure.jpg)

says she looks like misty from pokemon

No. 38630

Courtesy of one basic bitch lol:

I wish I capped the comment a girl left on one of Xenia's photos yesterday where she explained how nobody else gets this asshurt and defensive over any other brand, but when it's the un1co0rrrn queeen omFgZ!1!1! people jump to her defense even when she's shitty and in the wrong. Also..


>implying I couldn't buy Hourglass, Stila, Jeffree Star, or any other brand and pay for actual quality

Stay ratchet.

No. 38631

File: 1420759979347.png (1.05 MB, 1340x781, Screenshot (355).png)

No. 38638

Those spilt ends MY GOD

No. 38641

Basic bitch is right. If you don't give a shit about Xenia's shenanigans than go ahead and wait 2 months for a restock, then 16 hours getting their website to work only to pay high end prices for lipstick that makes your lips look like a tensed up asshole. Tumblr dumblrs waiting to suck unicorn cock to furnish the ugliest house in LA.

No. 38643

That thread is holy fuck so cringe worthy. Note to self: Never go to /cgl/ for beauty advice.

>That girl that bought a too faced palette but doesn't know how to apply eyeshadow and doesn't use eye primer

>Someone actually recommended LimeCrime
>People agreed with them and said it was "tyme 2 move on frum 2010 h8 lel it ok LC u can resell mica for 200x da price it ok bc ur speshul unicorn colur xdd"

Just wow.

No. 38644

Personally, I think it depends on whether you're collecting antiques from thrift shops, etc. or buying things that are still currently in production.

But yes, I do agree that it would be generally unethical. (Although I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she did, either because she didn't know any better or she just didn't care)

No. 38656

It's easy to tell who is fucking new as shit because they're also replying to sieg every chance they get.

No. 38659

File: 1420768009437.jpg (155.56 KB, 640x640, l-look guiz were workin.jpg)

"Dear Lime Crime Customers,

Our website crashed yesterday when we brought back the Velvetines. We sincerely apologize for that. We have received more orders in the past 48 hours than we have on Black Wednesday… We simply didn't expect it!

A full-time warehouse crew of 22 people is currently working double shifts to get your orders packaged and on their way to you as soon as humanly possible. Please expect delays, but know that we're on it! We expect to ship 1,500 orders per day and will continue working double shifts including Saturdays, until every single one of your boxes goes out! 📦 We have also received over 1,200 emails. 📥 Our Customer Care Representatives are working overtime to answer each and every one of your concerns in the order received. We ask that you kindly do NOT send your requests twice, as the system will automatically put it at the bottom of the cue, resulting in longer response time.

It's frustrating, we know. 😓 We feel that way too! Our customers have exercised a colossal amount of patience over the past few years as our little company meteorically grew and grew and grew. We couldn't have done it without you! Please know that we love you and care, we just have a hard time keeping up with you sometimes!

2015 is the year of change for Lime Crime. When you give us feedback, we listen. We are doing a lot to remedy the specific problems you've pointed out. Myself and the Lime Crime crew will work our fingers to the bone until we can offer you the kind of customer experience you all deserve!!! THANK YOU for believing in us!

Doe Deere & the Lime Crime Team"

No. 38691

Holy fuck, that factory looks low quality.

No. 38706

Well, Xenia does have a reputation to live up to. :)

No. 38723

Did she not just get a fucking haircut/trim? Jeeesus.

No. 39008

File: 1420861130846.jpg (160.92 KB, 640x640, ew doe deere.jpg)

No. 39019

Seriously though, those fucking split ends. How? She trimmed her hair a week ago!

No. 39021

File: 1420862901091.jpg (135.8 KB, 640x640, ugh what.jpg)

Apparently, he cut her hair.

No. 39032

I don't mean to sound like a white knight but those probably aren't split ends. The stylist probably cut her hair with a hair razor and tapered out the ends and it looks like… That.

No. 39034

My bad, I zoomed in a shitton. I can see visible splits.

No. 39189

File: 1420926106567.jpg (108.01 KB, 640x640, ew doe.jpg)

No. 39195

God, her hair looks so bad like just…do yourself a favor by gritting your teeth and chopping most of it off. I know you'll be sad over the loss of your precious rainbow unicorn locks, but quite honestly that muppet mess on your head is irredeemable.

No. 39198

i'm not too familiar with this girl, but i seriously don't get the appeal of clown red hair and bright orange hair. also, this girl is supposed to make makeup products or something, right? why is she wearing so much dark/dramatic makeup? that's the number one rule for red/orange hair since it makes you look like a clown.
sorry if i'm shitting up the thread, those are just two of my biggest pet peeves

No. 39199

File: 1420929370342.png (1.71 MB, 1199x635, ayyit'spennywise.png)

ayy lmao

No. 39201

File: 1420929474871.jpg (104.97 KB, 609x424, 4633913.jpg)

No. 39209

She's been on this ~*90s*~ kick lately (and doing it wrong), so maybe she thinks she's Vitamin C or some shit?

No. 39876

It could also be that she ignored their advice to cut more off. I'm a hairstylist and I get a lot of girls, usually with hair down to their waist, who insist on getting only a trim. When realistically they need at least 4 inches cut off due to massive split ends.

No. 40134

File: 1421289917094.jpg (156.08 KB, 640x640, good god.jpg)

Those threads used to be fun and full of awesome people, but sadly halfchan went down the shitter and we didn't feel like running a thread for people who were just going to try and derail it and be assholes. That's why I went and made a beauty/fashion board on 8chan.

Anyway, pic is Doe's latest (yes, she just posted this) and she's saying how she's been oh so busy with orders and can't take selfies.

No. 40141

good grief when i saw that i was like oh shit what did you do to your hair this time but it's just a wig nvm

No. 40153

that was her hair before she cut it after xmas

No. 40284

Some redditors on /r/makeupaddiction have posted that they noticed unauthorized purchases for $150 worth of video games at origins.com after making a LC purchase. sounds like LC might have a security issue.

No. 40285

No. 41425


doe is trying to hop on the marsala 'color of the year' bandwagon with a shitty, new velveteen.

No. 41438

She probably intended to have marsala as her hair color too, but she fucked it up and had to get it corrected at a salon.

No. 43494

File: 1422174298617.jpg (101.7 KB, 640x640, umew.jpg)

No. 43495

File: 1422174375664.jpg (129.02 KB, 640x640, queen of clouds.jpg)

shes dubbed herself queen of the clouds now

No. 43507

wtf, this doesn't even look like her. I have to admit, I really like that eyeshadow she keeps using, but I know it's her own brand (from the Venus palette I think?) but I ain't buying dat shit. Sorry, it's OT but does anyone know a dupe for it?

No. 43508

Its color of the year, you'll find heaps of similar colours everywhere.

No. 43510

What >>43508 said.
Marsala is the color of the year and it'll be everywhere from jewelry stores to makeup counters.

No. 43693

man she never looks like herself if she can help it. remember when she went through that phase with the exaggerated wing liner where she was like "guys im so asian! eurasian pride!!" ?

No. 43698

>queen of the clouds
Fucking hell. I've read this about six times before I understood that it said clouds and not clowns.
>she's definitely rocking that clown hair

No. 43731

Not sure if it's been said yet, but Jeffree Star (who just released his own long lasting liquid matte lipsticks) is about to release a Cashmere dupe in the near future. He posted it on instagram a few days ago, if anyone likes that shade but refuses to give Xenia their money.

No. 43732

We already know. It's in here and the makeup thread on /b/.

No. 43744

Xenia Dooeeeeee, your signature colors are going to be redone with a better formula that will probably be cheaper for a larger amount of product.

Can't wait until you file bankruptcy for being such a cunt. :D

No. 44310

File: 1422477691941.png (1.23 MB, 1297x783, Screenshot (373).png)

She.. She was only orange for a week and she dyed it again.. and she's going to dye it again soon..

No. 44315

dat comment from limecrimemakeup
>only I can resell makeup, er I mean make my own makeup.

No. 44325


She looks so terrible, Jesus. And that poor hair, she might as well get a pixy cut because anything that's left of her hair is dead and fried.

I read somewhere that people that make dramatic changes to their hair or the way they dress very often (like every other month) have low self-esteem.

No. 44333

Dear lord. Look how brittle and thin that fried straw on her head is. And that nice bald spot in the front. Her hair is almost as bad as blndsundoll4mj's (and hers is absolutely wretched). Those buns look like they're about to break off under their own weight.

No. 45745

I don't think it's a self esteem issue with 'dramatic hair color.'

In Doe's case at least, she just seems like someone who constantly has to be on the spot light at all times. People going "Oooh, what is she going to do next??"

I dye my hair at least once ever 3-4 months to a new color only because I grow bored very easily. I think Doe is just unhappy when other people are outshining her and is struggling to stay relevant. Just cringing at the teens who still support her and even though there is so much evidence say that her scams and lies are made up. What??

No. 45746

Never mind the hair frying, holy shit- that passive aggressive response to that user. And oh so hypocritical!

No. 47309

Christ. I'm surprised her hair hasn't turned into a giant rubber band and melted off yet. I don't get it. She seems to change her hair every week so why doesn't she just get some human hair wigs and dye them fun colors? She can fucking afford it and it'll save her hair.

No. 47442

File: 1423417702917.png (779.9 KB, 1300x784, Screenshot (400).png)

No. 47448


I could definitely believe that. Like she wants to be a different person every week. Same with all this "unicorn queen/cloud queen/magical kawaii sparkly princess desu" bullshit. She just desperately wants people to think she's unique and special. I'd have sympathy for her if it weren't for the fact she's also a huge cunt.

No. 47453

File: 1423419468265.jpg (34.06 KB, 500x501, doe balding.jpg)

>"A lot of you ask how I manage to return my hair back to white over and over without losing it"
>return my hair back to white
>without losing it


No. 47456

File: 1423419629442.jpg (106.01 KB, 720x720, salem dupe.jpg)

Pft. Look who made yet another dupe of one of her shitty velveteens.

No. 47458

File: 1423419681487.jpg (121.3 KB, 640x640, ew god why.jpg)

Fan friday bullshit.

No. 47459

File: 1423419757835.jpg (183.53 KB, 640x640, hearst castle.jpg)

No. 47467

Fuck yes, that's not just a dupe, it's a step-up. That colour is gorgeous. You wouldn't believe it Xenia, but even the slightest shade change of brown can define the difference between looking sultry and looking like you have literal shit on your lips.

No. 47468

Is that lollipop made from vomit and diarrhea?

No. 47477

Apple caramel suckers.

No. 47480

Jeffree is my queen. I have to find out if his dupes ship world wide. I would love some velveteens.

No. 47492

He does international shipping.

No. 47500

File: 1423424245713.jpg (55.48 KB, 455x303, limecrimesalemlip.jpg)

Jeffree's has a burgundy undertone, which looks 10000000000x better than Salem's poo shade

No. 47507

Most of the time Xenia's velveteens don't even look matte either, the consistency looks gloopy and gross, like it's really difficult to apply cleanly.

No. 47510

Yep, like that one. Looks utterly vile.

No. 47551

Still looks like poop.

No. 47561

ugh I wish people wouldn't overline their lips though. I love matte lipsticks and this color is amazing, but it looks like crap on lips like this

No. 47563

That's the LC one, I was comparing.

No. 47579

Ewww Lime Crime's looks like shit crowning out of an asshole.

No. 47593

HAHAAAA it does.

No. 47662

It looks more like Wicked than Salem. Salem is plain ass shit brown. It's one of the worst colors I've ever seen and doesn't even work on black women, which is really sad since brown shades usually look lovely on darker skin. Of course, you rarely see Salem on black women since pasty, pastel fried hair "unicorns" are the ones that buy LC. On light skin, Salem looks a fresh puckered asshole.

It's also called "Unicorn Blood." Perfect. Sure enough, I'm going to buy it from ole Jeff.

Gotta agree with Anon regarding applying over the lip line. Yuck. What a waste of a beautiful color.

No. 47670

>Unicorn Blood

That is just too perfect. I love unicorns but fucking hate Lime Crime. I may buy it just because of that, plus I really dig that Red Rum color.

No. 47681

I wonder why Jeffery hates this bitch. I mean, WE have our reasons, but what about him? This is obviously a jab at her. Maybe he bought one of her shitty overpriced lipsticks and she flipped her shit at him when he complained without realizing he was THE Jeffree Star.

No. 47685

Whoa I actually have a good answer for a question on lolcow.

Starts with Jeffrey being a guest for Lime Crime at IMATS LA. If you don't know what IMATS is, it's a huge make up show/event. Gossip and actual tweets from Jeffrey revealed that Xenia got a vendetta against Jeffrey once he revealed he was going to release a make up line. I believe Jeffrey mentioned something about Xenia seeing him as "competition." This must have been during his time as an LC guest because there was a big to do about Jeffrey taking off LCs make up after his LC "shift" was over and put on OCC's lipstick. He got it done during the IMATS show in front of a lot of fans and it raised eyebrows.

BTW, Xenia tends to burn bridges amongst the indie make up industry. She once ordered every single lipstick of OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics), emptied out the tubes and then returned them. This happened before she released her first lipsticks. Oh and she blamed her poor intern for the return when OCC's creator confronted her about it.

No. 47686

She also stole his photos advertising the makeup as Lime Crime while it was not.

No. 47695

File: 1423457748031.png (426.28 KB, 462x462, ohshit.png)


Hollyyyyy shiiittt. How is this bitch still in business?
I think she's legit psychotic.
Thanks anon, that was very informative. How did you know all this? Are you a big makeup fan and just happened to see the gossip as it was going down in twitter?

No. 47982

She's been bleaching her hair for years but hasn't heard of protecting it with coconut oil before frying it? Okay, Doe. She's such an expert in her own eyes.

No. 47983

Agreed, Jeffree's looks so much better. Just waiting patiently for him to do a liquid to matte black lipstick.

Yet IG teens and tumblrinas still support her and buy her shit even though there is so much evidence that she is a liar, cheater and scam artist. I don't get it.

No. 47999

I used to follow the examiner thread comments on a lime crime article. The gossip there was god level.

Here's another juicy bit of gossip from ole LC. Of course unconfirmed but I believe it 100%.

Xenia had requested a booth right next to Sugarpill (Amy from Sugarpill used to be good friends with Xenia. In fact, it's said that Xenia started repackaged mica LC because she found out Amy was going to release her own make up line. That is just a theory). This was a booth during the IMATS show. And yes, a lot of drama usually happens with Xenia during IMATS LA. Now, Xenia had burned bridges with Amy but desperately tries to get back into the indie crowd. She often steals Amy's ideas or backhandedly makes a comment to insult Amy's style. Well back to the original story…I'd take this gossip with a grain of salt, but a commenter came in saying how the person who worked for IMATS could get fired for releasing information about customer requests. It was pretty because it was obviously Xenia sockpuppeting and angry she had been found out.

Oh and Xenia's obsession with Amy is as strong as ever. Just a few months ago she posted the importance of eyebrows and blah blah blah. It was a direct stab at Amy's no eyebrow look she had been sporting. Now you may think Amy of Sugarpill looks absolutely ridiculous, but bitch doesn't care. She goes along with what she likes and doesn't desperately chase tumblr trends to get people to idolize her. She's still sporting the looks she did in the 2000s.

I used to be a big fan of LC. Embarrassing right? I loved her photoshoots and thought she was the prettiest thing ever. I followed her blog every day and even bid on a dress she was selling on ebay. I noticed she was shill bidding and I decided to google her company. Holy shit was I in for a big surprise. No, I was never like those "unicorn" brain washed morons, but I thought Xenia was fun and had great styling tips. This was when she was stealing another popular blogger's complete style. Joanna something.

Anyways, like PT, Xenia is pretty fascinating because she's a cow that never learns. I'm just more impressed that people worship her because Xenia comes off as a rotten cunt. She seems to go in cycles over the years I've watched her. She tries to be professional, sweet and cute and suddenly she lets go of her LC staff, takes over social media for LC and acts like a complete jackass.

Anyways, I have plenty of Xenia stories. Of course I don't know her chronology as much as I do my Queen PIxy, but Xenia is basic bitch compared to Sarah desu.

No. 48000

pretty convincing

No. 48010

please do go on, I only know stuff from this thread and the ED article

No. 48057

I'm not surprised that Xenia has beef with Amy. Sugarpill sells pretty well and is really bright and sparkly. Sugarpill is what Xenia wishes that LC was.

No. 48059

i think applying over the lip line is fine as long as you don;t go too far like in that picture….

No. 48091

Jeffree releasing the shade Unicorn blood for February is such a nice kick to the shins for Xenia.

No. 48093

Hahaha, I thought Jeffree and Xenia used to be friends?

No. 48094

I love that he named Celebrity Skin after Hole, I thought he would have hated Courtney tbh because he obsesses over Nirvana.

No. 48121

Amy and Xenia reunite…in the most awkward of ways!

A few IMATS ago, Xenia convinced a blogger, Candy Johnson (I think?), to "introduce" her to Amy. Hilarious because Amy gave Xenia a Dear John letter years ago after Xenia's shill bidding schemes during the ebay days. Well, we all know how it turned out. Amy was horrified and could barely talk. Xenia was trying to be light hearted and was telling her how funny it was that people thought they didn't get along. As far as the exact details of the entire exchange, no one knows. I got what I could from the examiner article comments. Just shows how scary stalkerish Xenia can be. She made a friend introduce her to a woman she had been former friends with under the guise of meeting for the first time. One of the creepier Xenia stories.

The infamous Sugarpill LC ban:

Amy put out an email to all Sugarpill employees to not associate with LC and not let Xenia take any pictures with staff or take pictures around their booth. Amy mentioned how hard they worked on their work and Xenia was absolutely not allowed to poach their efforts. I wish I remembered the sockpuppets because I think Xenia came in ranting and raving about that email.

The Adopted Cat Drama:

Xenia had fostered two cats. The vet had advised her they were brothers and should be adopted out together. Xenia almost bragged on her blog how these expensive long haired cats were one of the most surrendered cat breed (yeah…designer persian cats rather than the black domestic short haired). She landed up adopting the social cat and giving up the one who hid under the bed terrified. A lot of people were angry she went against vet orders to keep the pair together but insisted that they hardly hung out together anymore. You know because one of them was absolutely terrified. Xenia being Xenia, did whatever the fuck she wanted and kept the social cat. He died a month or two later from what Xenia said was a chronic heart condition. Some what it was a broken heart. ←Probably a distasteful joke, but Xenia can't even do charity without becoming insanely irresponsible and selfish.

No. 48122

Some say it was a broken heart*

No. 48123

The cat story is so sad, she's so selfish.

No. 48155

Wow that is really sad. And i believe animals do die of broken heart (well at least the stress that comes with it) I've heard it before from people owning lovebirds or brotherly rats and when one passes away the other spons follows most of the time.

No. 48156

*soon not spons

No. 48246

What a cunt. Maybe that cat would've never been super outgoing, but he probably would've come around once he got used to being in a new place. Most cats just hide terrified when they first come home. She's so soulless.

No. 48262

I've experienced it with pet rats. :( it's so so sad.

No. 48264


Why am I not surprised Xenia is a Kiki-tier "animal lover". I hate when people attention whore about how much they care about animals when in reality they only give a shit when it's convenient for them. People shouldn't even get a pet if they don't realise that animals need time and patience.

No. 48291

Kind of - sort of. Xenia was basically all over him when he was at the peak of his MYSPACE popularity. She likes to attach herself like a tumor to the trendiest kids of the time and he was it. He basically called her out on her shit when he found out she was backstabbing him and talking shit behind his back.

Xenia got pissed at Jeffree with his announcement of his make up line, not to mention she stole a lot of his photos without permission. It's mentioned here somewhere on this thread as well. She's just a thief and Jeffree didn't want to deal with her bs.

No. 48292

Good for him.

No. 48331

Basically this. I've had rats and as soon as one died, the only followed maybe a month or two later. Rodents especially are social and certain breeds or cats and dogs, especially if they grew up together, need to be kept together to live a healthy life. I hate Xenia for being the most hypocritical bitch with her 'i love animals!' stance, yet she wears fur, leather and basically killed her cat out of selfishness. And the cunts that still support LC really are the worst.

No. 48359

File: 1423604637209.png (1 MB, 1319x790, JEFFREE PLS.png)

No. 48385

Friend of mine had two birds. When one managed to escape (he was pro at opening the door of his cage) and flew away through an open window his friend didnt last long. He ceised singing and tjirping and when he was allowed to roam free he just sat there. They tried giving him a new friend, but he just attacked her. About a month after the great escape he suddenly died. Its really sad how animals can experience such extreme grief that they die from it

No. 48391

Yass slay queen.

No. 48394

I am so hyped for this shit. I don't want to wait 2 days.

No. 48399

I have owned Prom Night since December. Can't wait to order Unicorn Blood.

No. 48404

Shoots fired! I'm laughing so hard.

No. 48419

All his colors sell out so fast. I'm jelly you have prom night. I'm Royalty won't be out again until April. That's just too long to wait. Though he mentioned he's doing a matte black. I will set money away for that shit like nothing else.

No. 48429

That black is actually why I've been stalking him. I was able to get a hold of two of Mac's Hautecore, but it's not the same. Almost every black lipstick runs or has shit application.

No. 48455

and so can people :(
where one of the arteries to the heart break
meaning it's literally a broken heart

No. 48460

Yeah, every black I've ever seen looks like cheap, glossy halloween garbage. I don't like MAC products at all. I was considering Kat von D's studded kiss line to be the closest in color, but her stuff sells out pretty fast too. I really do think Jeffree will be able to make many black lipstick wearers happy if he does the matte lip.

No. 48508

I'm loving this man more and more! Im laughing so god damn hard.

No. 48544

File: 1423620873964.jpg (222.4 KB, 1019x621, thisbitch.jpg)

I just checked out her IG to see what else she was up to and found this message to her followers pretty hilarious and hypocritical.

No. 48545

File: 1423621022477.jpg (121.35 KB, 879x422, haha-stronghair.jpg)

Funnier is the 'omg, your hair is so strong, Doe!' comment. These fans really are blind and delusional.

>Doe never hurt anyone!

No. 48547

As a student in hair school right now, this bitch makes me rage with her advise. She doesn't know anything about hair care and no, it's not good to go from white blonde to orange to white blonde again in less than a month. You will destroy your hair. Her followers hang on her every wrong. Her post before this one she told a bunch of users off and told them to know their place. She's crazy. I can't wait until she really does go bald.

No. 48578

Despite Jeff being a scene bitch back in the day, he gets awarded all the cool kid points for outwardly saying what a fuck Xenia is. I need your matte red and matte black! Make it happen, Jeff!!!

No. 48585

He always does that, back in the Scene days he was also the first one to callout Dahvie Vanity for fondling little girls at a concert they had.

No. 48593

I feel your pain, anon. I'm in cosmetology school and am cringing and shrieking at the horrible advice she is giving her idiotic followers. There will soon be a legion of unicorns with gummy hair.

No. 48597

Agreed. I had my doubts about him, but when I saw earlier last year how much he had matured my view changed.

No. 48621

Yeah, Jeff always pretty much said and did what he wanted. Sometimes that isn't a good thing, but at least he isn't going to put up with fake bitches like Xenia.

No. 48662

File: 1423656080585.png (567.09 KB, 855x562, lc.png)

This is what Willam Belli thinks Xenia looks like. A fat baby mask with drag make-up haha.

No. 48678

-10 points for comparably healthy hair that hasn't been bleached to shit with some ugly pastel color plastered over it.

No. 48819

It's that Chuckie?

No. 48877

I wonder if Doe will make some underhanded remarks about Jeffree Star's new colors once they are released on Valentine's day?

No. 48878

They are being released today (well the 12th as idk what time zone you're in) I wonder how fast they'll sell out. The last lot did very well.

No. 48918

Oh fuck I'm glad you reminded me. I really want redrum and unicorn blood. I hope the site doesn't crash or some shit.

No. 49177

File: 1423784613146.png (1.08 MB, 1305x782, Screenshot (406).png)

They both sold out within the hour I got an email about them at like 2AM.

No. 49197

Yeah, got my unicorn blood. Pretty excited to receive it in the mail when he ships the products out.

>I'm making necessary changes

All she is doing is posting selfies. And I wanna throw up at the people who are like "you're so inspiration!"

No. 49720

No. 49745

This is old.

No. 49747

Same, I stayed up all night just to snag unicorn blood and red rum. Now I'm wishing I'd gotten the skin one too.

No. 49754

It was just posted today?
More and more people are reporting theft after buying from Limecrime. Most of the purchases happened around the time Cashmere got restocked. And just now people are reporting that they've had their money stolen and cards used.
Yes it's happened before, now it's happening again and it seems to be even worse.
One girl said she had $4,000 worth of charges.

No. 49775

I hope jeffree runs this chick out of business. He is way more professional than her by a long shot already and his velours aren't inconsistent smeary garbage. I wonder if she's pissed about his success so far.

No. 49778


Holy shit… can't someone sue? I'm pretty sure she can be taken to a small claims court if it's not more than $5000 (I think).

What is she thinking? DOES SHE EVEN THINK?

No. 49799

File: 1423946353247.png (1.04 MB, 1300x784, Screenshot (410).png)

No. 49800

Oh shit, I'm sorry. Reddit had a thread exactly like that over a month ago for LC and it looked like the same one.

No. 49803

Anons who managed to get a hold of Jeffree's lipsticks, I will love you forever if you post swatches once they arrive. I plan on posting my prom night.

No. 49821

I can do Redrum and Unicorn Blood when they arrive. Didn't get Celebrity Skin sadly.

No. 49825

yessss makeup thread needs more love on here and /beauty/

No. 49847

It was the 90's, we all did that. If you didn't you were probably living under a rock.

No. 49853

I hope so too. He only started his brand in NOVEMBER 2014 and he's already swamped with customers. People are really, really happy with the price and quality of his products. He's bringing out 3 more shades in March. He's seriously on a roll and I hope Doe is seething on her unicorn throne.

No. 49864

These idiots bought from LC even after knowing about her scandals. They deserved their robbery.

No. 49883

Agreed. I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for the people of Reddit's skin care/makeup sections. Not because of the petty chan vs Reddit shit, but because so many of them claim to be educated on these topics when they know absolutely fuck all. I've glossed over past Reddit threads about LC and so many of them are quick to defend her with the "no company is perfec XDDD" bullshit and how we all need to "get over old drama" because anytime someone mentions LC the torches and pitchforks come out.

Well, you stupid cunts, I wonder WHY people get so pissed when the topic comes up.. It couldn't POSSIBLY be because Xenia is a horrible person and her company is a scam.

No. 49886

There's just so much evidence proving all her scams. Screen shots and emails of how she replies to her customers who are asking for their refunds or found hair in their lip gloss. She's disgusting. She's a liar and she doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself, yet these people will defend her? Yeah, good for them for getting their info stolen. I doubt Xenia cares it happened either. She still got paid.

No. 49889

The "let's ignore old drama" shit aside, I've remember even seeing some happy shitty LC stuff was being sold at Sephora because it was theoretically less likely that they'd get robbed or have broken tubes or hair or whatever. These people are that fucking stupid and desperate that despite knowing and acknowledging that LC pulls shit like that they STILL want to buy that crap. I will never understand it.

No. 49896

There is and people have pointed it out time and again, but for some reason these people still don't care. I'm not even sorry, because you must be ratchet as fuck to be defending this brand with your life as if no other company puts out concentrated, bright ass impractical colors. Most of LC's lipsticks aren't even suitable for wearing anywhere but raves or fucking Halloween with the garish colors she makes. And, she takes absolutely no time to make complex formulas like other cosmetic brands do and help her shades to possess undertones to flatter certain skin types. No, instead she pretends that every single color fits everyone so every speshul snowflaek reading doesn't feel excluded when they go to buy her shit. Her fan fridays on Instagram are fucking atrocious, bitches trying to pull of teal and purple lips with fried ass hair and gradient brows. Ugh..

No. 49900

I feel like I've seen MULTIPLE indie, vegan brands that have all kinds of cool colored lipsticks–they all look like they're pretty good quality, too. There's no excuse to buy from LC anymore. I'm glad Jeffree Star's brand has taken off and I hope he totally eclipses her/steals all her customers.

No. 49905

More pop up on etsy often. All these bitches need to do is look, but they refuse to because for whatever reason there's some sort of ~*status*~ about having a unicorn tampon for your lipstick tube.

No. 49920

File: 1423972500615.jpg (53.57 KB, 500x664, Heynature-lipstick-3.jpg)

Asian cosmetic brand which has existed since 2002. Look familiar to anyone?

No. 49921

To be fair, they don't come off looking that color. It's just a tint that helps balance out your natural color.

No. 49930

Talking about the package design, not the lipstick colors themselves.

No. 49931

This! You must be ratchet and ghetto to buy from LC in spite of all the truth blogs out there proving her grimy self. The quality is garbage and you're paying twice as much.

Sugarpill dominates the indie scene with her eyeshadows and brushes. I'm glad Jeffree Star is doing lipsticks. Honestly, I buy from them both. They both have amazing quality for reasonable prices and great customer service. LC should of been out of business years ago, but these idiots keep buying from her and somehow excusing her lying and stealing rainbow clown ass.

No. 49932

Yeah, that package design is pretty much what LC ripped off. Damn. More evidence to put another nail in her casket.

No. 50193


I can't say I feel sorry for any of these dumb bitches. Every fucking time someone makes a LimeCrime thread, people warn them about how crazy Doe is, her bad management, terrible customer service, I mean the list goes on.

Well there you go dumbass. I don't even feel an ounce of sympathy for these idiots.

BTW someone took screencaps of Doe deleting comments. http://imgur.com/a/C52kk

Turns out she doesn't even have a secure website.

No. 50195


Opps I just saw someone had already linked it. Sorry guys.

No. 50199

File: 1424043502005.png (33.3 KB, 397x267, prHXrti.png)

Doe also took the site down today I think.
Their response on insta was like a huge "fuck you" to their customers. Doe also tried to place the blame on other companies.

No. 50211

Not trying to whiteknight LC but just wanting clarification. (I dislike their practices, scamming, etc) but it is true that huge companies got security breaches too. They actually seem professional in this post for once.

How did she place blame on other companies? Are the customers going to get refunded or what?

No. 50213

Makes sense that she stopped selling to vendors. Then her customers have to go directly through her.

No. 50214

Did you look at the link to the deleted comments where she tries to claim this is normal because Target was hacked last year? Or, in the screenshot above where she's saying information was stolen as a result of shopping with -those companies-?

No. 50215

>>50214 Oh sorry xD I somehow missed that. Reading now.

No. 50217

Read the comments. Still wonder: how did she place blame on other companies? Was it the "other companies have this problem too" part?

I wonder if the leaks are intentional. I wonder if she is buying all this stuff with the credit card info of other people.

No. 50220

Keep scapegoating, Doe. It's never -your- fault.

No. 50225


Other big companies Doe is placing the blame on have secure sites, and yes sometimes there is a breach (rarely).

The problem is that Doe's website was not secure (ever), she didn't want to pay for web security (the icon was false). So guess whose fault this is? It's not those other companies, it's her own damn fault for being a stingy greedy bitch. She compromised who knows how many accounts and gives zero shits.

Keep digging that hole Xenia, I can barely see you anymore.

No. 50237

This. Does no one remember when pink velvet was released and the site mysteriously went down for like 48 hours? Some people still never got their orders yet their payments went through and they also received no email.

No. 50252

>>50225 Well then she should just use Etsy or eBay or something if she really wanted to cut website costs.

Maybe she steals money just to keep her business afloat. Wonder why she isn't in jail yet.

No. 50260

Hell, even Storenvy would be better since it's basically free to use.

No. 50261

>>50260 Yes. Nothing wrong with using a third party website. Shrinkle did it with eBay for a while. Other legit businesses use Etsy and eBay. Just be professional.

No. 50414

Doe won't ever be professional though. Unicorn queens can do as they please. I want to know how she legit affords her house and traveling expenses. Is she just secretly rich?

No. 50416

Storenvy isn't free anymore since this year.

No. 50418

Yeah basically it's just damage control and vague phrases to pretend to take care of the hacking but I doubt they have ANY idea of what to do and where to start.

Who did the website ? A serious company or an underpaid freelance right out of school ? That's what you get when you try to get a website for cheap.

What kind of security scans are they even going to do ? When that happens to companies like Sony you know they got the teams behind it to fix it as soon as possible, LC probably doesn't have a proper webmaster.

No. 50535

Is that why everyone is moving to Etsy?

No. 50546

Always wondered that too. Maybe she bought it with scammed money from fraudulent credit card charges and possibly other crimes on the side.

No. 50568

She's living way beyond her means, I doubt she has savings. She thinks her business is going to become a household name, well guess what honey? You had your chance when your brand was picked up by Sephora and you fucking blew it.

She did say her mom gave her fur coats and I'm not sure what her husband does aside from helping her with LC. I mean, is she really a mail order bride? Was she in America when she met him? It's possible he had money at some point and invested it all in her business and L.A house.

She does bizarre things like order every single color of OCC lip tars, empties them all out into containers, then returns the empty tubes to OCC and tells them she didn't like them. Like, wtf, lol WHY?

No. 50583

To steal the formula, anon.

No. 50645

File: 1424138268688.png (137.01 KB, 544x779, Screenshot (412).png)


No. 50646

File: 1424138375256.png (148.18 KB, 545x788, Screenshot (413).png)

No. 50648

File: 1424138582917.png (108.11 KB, 571x510, Screenshot (414).png)

No. 50650

File: 1424138645357.png (1.32 MB, 1313x793, Screenshot (415).png)

No. 50652

File: 1424138797622.png (200.49 KB, 554x780, 416.png)

No. 50667

I hope this is the final nail in her casket.
Bitch needed to be shot down before she even started.

No. 50668

holy fucking shit, if you click ANY of her instagram pictures and read the comments, people are losing their fucking minds.

i cant even feel sorry though. these ratchet bitches were told so many times and warned on instagram, as well. they ignored us. they called us jealous and said we were dragging out old drama.

the fucks old now, bitch?

No. 50674

How do any of the people who buy LC not know about the drama behind the company? Even typing in "lime crime" into Google has an autofill option of "lime crime scandal". The fact that that even appears should send alarm bells ringing in a reasonable person.

No. 50679

Because they don't care. These are people who have been told for YEARS about the drama. Even the Reddit commenters are bringing up how many times they've had to warn others on that goddamned site and their comments get downvoted into oblivion by the ratchet skanks looking for velveteens. Because "wah I don't care about company ethics jus wan muh lippie".

People don't seem to understand. Lime Crime customers, especially Doe's very passionate defenders, could be likened to fucking autists when it comes to this brand. Anyone who brings up the facts against Doe is shouted down about how jealous they are of her and how Lime Crime is ~*quality*~. And, as much as I don't like bringing appearances into it– seriously, take a look at who buys this shit and how they dress, what they look like, etc. It's a mix between 14 year old girls and Tumblrinas, the latter typically fat and a mess with zero fashion sense to begin with let alone knowledge of quality cosmetics.

Again, I hate bring that shit up because it seems catty, but there ARE times when it's just like.. well, if the shoe fits.

No. 50695

And, it wasn't even just Reddit. It's been makeup communities, Sephora's forum, blogs, Instagram itself, Facebook, and /cgl/. You try to tell these girls about the sordid history and you'd get told that you were dragging out drama for the sake of and she's learned her lesson, blah blah and yet shady shit keeps happening.
Whoever is fucked right now after having dismissed those warnings deserves no sympathy.

No. 50740

Some know about it but try to shrug it off by saying it's super old and therefore it doesn't count anymore.

LC has this fucking cult mentality going on where people just try to justify all of her actions for some reason, despite her never changing. She's always been like this but who the fuck cares, right?

No. 50901

Laughing so hard, she hasn't been updating shit.

No. 51003

Somebody should update it with her 2014+15 bullshit.

No. 51013

I dont know if I want former LC users even ordering from Jeffree. dumb people.

Hopefully enough people report her to take her down a huge notch.

No. 51014

EXACTLY. They have been warned over and over. Why wouldn't you research an indie brand you want to support? Especially a make up brand claiming to be vegan and cruelty free. Fuck that. These idiots got what they deserved and I don't want them going over to Jeffree star acting like they did nothing wrong. They supported Doe even when all they had to do was simply google LC and words like scandal pop up immediately.
They all deserve their stolen money and dry pastel lips.

No. 51254

I love it. I mean, they're lazy idiots with low IQs. Some who pretend to have "ethics" say they didn't want to order from Lime Crime, but fall for some gimmick product. It takes you a few minutes to google a dupe. It's like they have zero self control for some hyped up product. Consumerism at it's most idiotic. I loved the idea of a black matte, but I knew LC was shit quality and over priced. Even if it was great, I'm not buying from a cunt. I can live without a lipstick, but many of Doe's buyers act like Doh created some new medical treatment they'd die without. Now that they find themselves dealing with the idea of their bank account emptying out, I'm smiling with glee.

Doh is a perfect example of how bad people can become successful, But she's an idiot she can't help but destroy herself. Even the stupidity of her fans can barely help her save face from the over whelming self destruction.

It's also hilarious how Xenia obviously lives beyond her means. I bet she makes quite a bit with her company, but I doubt she can properly budget for that mansion she has in one of the most expensive places in country. Xenia can't afford what's coming down on her now.

No. 51305

Do you have any idea where she actually gets her money? Are her parents rich?

No. 51317


I've been wondering this too. I thought her husband had money, but who knows anymore. Xenia lies a lot and doesn't have any real friends, so no one knows wtf is up with her

No. 51319

Also, looks like Doe is going to get in trouble. Dem fucking fines. Every picture on her IG is of people freaking out about thousands of dollars charged to their accounts, people encouraging them to contact BBB.
Even reddit is losing their shit, haha.

No. 51320

File: 1424315084466.png (34.67 KB, 861x343, unsecure site.png)


Goddamit, dropped muh pic

No. 51327

File: 1424315593885.jpg (221.64 KB, 640x1136, apology part1.jpg)

Also, look at how different she's acting in the apology letter on her IG. So unlike her huh?

No. 51328

File: 1424315647621.jpg (219.05 KB, 640x1136, apology part2.jpg)

Her site has been down almost three days.

No. 51345

Holy shit. Will justice be delivered upon our Doe?

No. 51349

I hope so.

No. 51351

If she gets fined, it's going to be glorious. She will go bankrupt most likely.

No. 51373

Nope. Doe nor Mark have any money and had a small shitty apartment in NYC.

I'm guessing Doh took out huge investment loans to fund LC. She probably had some decent savings from her early hype (before the bad reviews hit) during her Candy Future campaigns. After the Velveteens she bought her "doll house" and seemed to be making some decent cash. If you compare the price of her velveteens per ounce you know she's charging as much as Armani and YSL high end make up. Not only does she have barely any product for $20.00, she's probably using a pretty cheap whole sale provider.

Here's a theory I've had on why Doh takes so long to restock despite demand. I help manage my parent's business and focus on inventory, whole sale mark-up and production costs.

You usually have high investment costs that include materials, supplies, equipment, etc. After this you sorta work for a few years to stabilize your investment you can start seeing return. Money in your pocket. It's a simple concept and I'm not revealing any business secrets. However, you'll go through a period of good business. You get all this supposed profit and you feel really good. You have thousands in your bank account, make great sales and feel financially stable…until you replenish your inventory. I'm guessing Doh probably gets greedy with her profits and doesn't want to let go of cash to replenish her supply. I'm thinking with the lavish costs of her "doll house" she definitely does it with money in the bank and probably uses up too much funds to restock from her manufacturer. This is my best guess why Doe takes so long to restock. There is no way her cosmetics take long to produce.

No. 51388

i opened this picture whilst mildly hungover and it made me really nauseous. can't imagine walking into this in the morning after a heavy night out lol

No. 51403

File: 1424324952463.gif (225.96 KB, 500x276, tumblr_inline_mgedzxkt8Z1qih9g…)

>mfw this thread
Jesus, this is fucking glorious. I'm giddy to see the backlash.

No. 51405

Karma, man. Can it be real?! Stay tuned.

Seriously, I hope Xenia finally gets it legally. She's been such a shitty person and deserves a nice fine for this shit.

No. 51651

No. 51677

File: 1424385245052.gif (379.23 KB, 400x250, tea.gif)

From the comments:

>>I am a retailer who stocks Lime Crime (Or I did until they decided 2 weeks before Xmas to stop wholesaling and be the only channel to sell their product themselves).

>>A few months ago we were hit with a really strange phenomenon. We were constantly getting hit by a script running a bunch of credit card numbers on our website trying to purchase Lime Crime lipsticks in lots of 5, 10 or 15 of the same lipstick/velvetine. Each transaction was only $190-$280, but if it failed due to our bank picking up it was fraudulent, it would generate a different shipping name and address and cc number and run again.

>>Every now and then the order would go through. We could not stop this happening. We ended up taking the entire range off our website due to the fact we got $5000 worth of obviously fake orders in 2 weeks. We contacted the bank and they couldn't really help stop it. Every time we put the lipsticks back up we again got hit with this credit card fraud targeting ONLY Lime Crime lipsticks. It did appear as if they had a database of thousands of card numbers. I always wondered if there was an issue with Lime Crime. We eventually stopped getting this issue after 3 weeks of solid attacks. - Everyone who was stung got their money refunded into their card and were notified of the stolen card issue.

No. 51683

File: 1424385493131.png (87.54 KB, 310x464, goodtogo.png)

Comment section again:

>>Nothing sells like seeing "sold out" on an item you're lemming after. A commonly known marketing strategy for businesses is to create an artificial shortage of a product (most famously diamonds, but I'm sure sub-par eyeshadow and crumbly lipstick can fall into this category), and with the advent of internet shops, all you have to do is modify the description for that item and done.

>>Well, that works great, but what happens when you sell at multiple retailers and you still want to create the illusion of scarcity. Sure, you could just send less product to that retailer, but then THEY would know that your product wasn't selling that well.

>>I would NOT be surprised if customer cards were used to make mass purchases of the product from retailers to quickly sell it out. Can't make it from an account that could be tied directly to the company itself, that'd be too suspicious. Eventually the bank reverses the charges and the product gets sent. The customer gets its' money back, and LC hasn't really spent anything. Just imaginary internet money that eventually gets flagged as fraud. Whoops

LMAO Oh Xenia, now it all makes sense.

No. 51687

One more guys! This is from a former friend of hers:

>>I'm a longtime Jezebel reader and first-time (hopefully not the last time!) commenter. I did it specifically to respond to this posting about my former friend Doe Deere. I won't give away too many details, because I don't want to "out" myself.

>>I've always been of the belief that people can, and should, be able to grow. Throughout all of her controversies, I have defended Doe, unfailingly (even though she never reciprocated at the level I provided). Even when she made it difficult to defend her (such as the animal charity controversy that got her PayPal account suspended), I defended her, because I took her word at face value of truth. However, after this latest "controversy" of credit card information purportedly being "stolen," I can no longer defend her, or sit idly by and watch various proclamations of "haters" be bandied about.

>>I've been the victim of identity theft, and I can honestly say it was the worst experience of my life. To this day, I am in litigation with a vast number of agencies in order to get my credit restored and repaired. People have been telling her for months about the situation, and she refused to address it until it got to a point that it reached this level of critical mass. The people who have been advising her, from lawyers to PR people, are nothing but yes-men and scam artists. (Her lawyer, especially, is infuriatingly pedantic and smarmy, yet acts like he's the smartest man in Christendom.) I have tried to advise her, as a friend, to get a whole new set of objective professionals to consult with her on business affairs. She refuses to listen to anyone who doesn't "yes" her to death.

>>This incident will, quite likely, be the death knell for her company. If she knows what's good for her, she will sell her vested interest in the company to someone else, serving only in an advisory role. The company needs to undergo a complete rebranding and makeover if it wishes to survive. But I sincerely doubt that Doe will do that.

>>Another former friend of hers put it best: Doe will only befriend you if you are an Internet celebrity and can bring "fame" to her brand.

I hope more of her friends come out and speak. I'm not surprised she surrounds herself with yes-men. That bit about her lawyer was interesting.

No. 51688

Hoooooly shit. Never occurred to me that LC would pull that. I knew they were scummy but damn. I sincerely hope karma comes and bites her in the ass.

No. 51703

LOL, I had no idea she was actually made a music video, it's so awful I can't stop laughing:


No. 51709

Hahahahahaha, wtf is this shit.

No. 51710

File: 1424387272473.png (24.78 KB, 659x362, doe jezebel.png)

Looks like Jezebel is very interested in digging into Doe's life/company.

I'd love to see Doe's lawyer try to sue Jezebel :^)

Dis gun be gooood

No. 51717

Previously I thought that LC just didn't update Magento since it says copyright 2013 and Magento was hit by a few exploits last year. She wouldn't really be in much trouble if that was the case as long as she was processing less then $1m a year.

But if >>51677 is right then that's probably prison time.

No. 51720

File: 1424387955333.gif (954.74 KB, 500x308, rabbit hole.gif)


Man it's Xenia we're talking about here, she's batshit crazy, who knows how deep dat rabbit hole is.

No. 51745

At least no one seems to be defending her here; even in the comment section.

No. 51754

jfc. Is this a joke? There's someone running by with a broom at the two minute mark.

No. 52976

sometimes, i think to myselg "why are we spending so much time and effort on following every move of and bashing obviously deluded losers? what harm in letting them be?"

then someone like xenia comes along and shows me what happens when you don't drive them away from the face of the internets.

been following her crap since 2010 and i'd really love to see her lose face in an indisputable, indebatable way like getting sued for credit card fraud and going to jail. let's see her try to weasel out of this one.

No. 52978


ahaha oh god! the song itself is not too offensively bad, but the video is straight out of 80s! doe having the acting ability/body control and charisma of a dishrag doesn't help it in the least either.

No. 53067

I liked the prat before she started singing. The synth and bad 80's vibe combined really well. However Xenia's voice didnt dit that mood at all nor did the lyrics and that is when it became bad to me.

No. 53102

This video… Is so campy 80s and not in a good way…

No. 53261

No. 53263

Buzzfeed articles are just as obnoxious as Doe is.

Once that black lipstick from Jeffree star comes out, it's over.

No. 53267

That may be true, but a lot of people read this shit and this is good for nipping her in the ass.

No. 53268

>Buzzfeed articles are just as obnoxious as Doe is.

That's what makes it even better.

No. 53269

I hate Jezebel and Buzzfeed yet I'm happy that they're bringing shit to light. What matters now is that she's in the spotlight in a negative way. It really doesn't matter who covers this shit as long as it gets covered.

No. 53336

>evidence against Doe and her lying and scams have been out for years
But now that Buzzfeed has said it, maybe people will start listening? Who the fuck knows. I dont even feel bad for the people who got scammed recently.

No. 53470

of course theres still a retarded knight in the comments fighting for doe


what the fuck

No. 53638

there is that annoying girl saying not to by from jeffree because he blocked her on his page. Calm down girl it was probably in 2002

No. 53799


Thank god for this person. I missed the Examiner article because you got pulled in so deep the rabbit hole, you never found your way out. The tumblrs always talk about not having unconfirmed rumors on their blog, but those are the best fucking ones.

Xenia emptying the OCC liptars came from the Examiner
Xenia trying to get a booth next to sugarpill
Xenia making Candy "introduce" her to Amy
and plenty more all came from the Examiner thread!!!

New Rumors in case limecrimeliar gets shut down:

Xenia first produced Velvetines in CA, but moved production to China, which explains the drop in quality of the velvetines and the inconsistency. - Likely

Xenia is bisexual and cheats on Mark. - meh…maybe? who cares

Xenia spends all her time on social media and focuses on rival companies. - definitely true. ripping off Marsala like it was a coincidence? Yeah, right.

Barely pays her employees and gives zero lunch breaks and also breaks other CA employment laws? - Definitely true cough interns cough

Xenia's checkout process is designed by only one person. -I'd buy it.

This is as glorious as the Examiner days. I can't wait to see what Xenia tries out once LC tanks.

No. 54000

Yep, that's the one I was referring to.

I'll admit, when I was checking Jeffree back in September I was apprehensive at buying from him, but I signed myself up for the email list and got prom night from a pre-order. And, well, guy knows his shit and it makes sense. He's come a long way from his obnoxious Myspace days and his ED page is outdated as fuck.

Sure, he was a shit back then, but he grew the fuck up and has been a frequently sought after MUA in the business which is more than what Xenia can say for herself. The dumb bitch on comments probably doesn't know that Jeffree used to work for Doe, that Doe stole his photos, and how she has it out for him.

No. 54004

Michelle Phan uses the Venus palette in her latest tutorial. Like attracts like, I guess.

No. 54172

LMAO. So many affordable gaudy pastel neon colors by other brands. I've always wanted to try a gaudy look for editorial and $6 for Nyx is pretty decent.

No. 54430

Nothing like pastel lip colors to make it like you spread cum all over your lips.

No. 54434


Now the vegans have moved in against LC. But some in my facebook group are idiots and still doubt this and think Doe is the magical unicorn fairy of vegan makeup

No. 54436

Jeffree back in his MySpace days is totally different than now. Yes he has the same general look but seems to have matured a lot since then. People on the internet only see what they want to see.

No. 54486

No. 54488

Lol the damage is done. No one is going to trust her shit brand ever again after this. Excluding the loyal idiot fan base.

No. 54498

That website is so extremely gaudy like the weird vegetable wallpaper she has in her insane house.

No. 54512


What group are you in nigga? I'm in the Reddit Makeup Addiction FB and my god they're stupid. It's also being run my u/smy3rs and u/meaganmichillemakeup. Both are known for having epic meltdowns on reddit and smy3ers was branded a shit stirrer by mods before banning her for doxing someone or some shit (Then she deleted everything) Meagan has all the velvetines and swears she will continue to keep buying from them… through paypal.

No. 54652


Lush got hacked worse than LC back in 2011 and people still buy from them, so I wouldn't expect this to be the final nail that everyone is hoping for.

No. 54683

After the announcement on their instagram, people are already saying shit like "I want the Venus palette sooo badly" and someone else said "I hate what you did but since I ran out of it, will buy Cashmere and then nothing else!!".

People are fucking stupid.

No. 54685

I don't know, they don't have the same history she does. Plus it seems like people have had this issue for a while (and brought it up with her) before it got out of control and she was forced to address it. Yeah, other companies have been hacked but it also seems like they investigated and addressed it right away, she didn't.

No. 54690

Exactly. It probably depends on criminal action that could be taken due to LCs negligence. She's probably sending out letters because she knows that customers need to be contacted directly.

Whether she gets shut down or not, she probably took some financial hits by having to send out notifications, close down the store and reformat the entire website to be compliant. Let's hope for some lolsuits and some fines for her security being so shoddy.

No. 54743

File: 1424906306125.jpg (180 KB, 1023x610, deletedcomment.jpg)

So they have been deleting comments left and right. This one was posted on the page this morning.

No. 54756

the site's still down for me, is it just me or is doe lying?

No. 54760


Yeah, except Lush has top notch security on their website. If they got hacked, it's not their fault because they had all their bases covered.

LC didn't. In fact the certificate for website protection was expired, meaning her website was not secure, but customers kept seeing the green little lock that says it was.
People have been telling her for months about this and she just ignored/deleted (She actually blocked users that told her about it).
Secondly, Doe tried to bury this colossal mess instead of doing damage control and sending out mass emails to all of her customers warning them about their their CC's being compromised. Instead she tells them through her IG, wtf?

She's also being very secretive and is offering free credit monitoring service to those that were affected. If there really was malicious code on their servers, they wouldn't know for sure who was affected. They're either directly involved, have a beyond talented computer security expert working them (lol), or they're not actually offering the service.

I don't think Doe will go to jail, but I do believe she will be fined heavily. Financial information being stolen is pretty srs business irl (customers and banks lost money because of her, you bet your pretty lippies banks are going to be hounding her unicorn glitter ass).

No. 54794

Does anyone have a screenshot of the expired certificate? I've seen it mentioned in multiple places but I find it hard to believe because this is what an actual expired certificate looks like https://www.pcwebshop.co.uk which is not easily ignored and would have lost LC a lot of money.

I'm pretty sure that they just didn't patch Magento and got hit by this exploit: https://blog.nexcess.net/2014/07/25/recent-exploit-using-fake-magento-extensions/

The hack was real but it seems like there's also people spreading lies to make LC look even worse.

No. 54825

Yeah, whatever Jeffree's myspace shit days were, those were years ago. As a businessman, I truly respect him. He has a good site and really cares for customer service and satisfaction. he even banned and black listed a bunch of assholes were bought his products to resell them for 3x the price on ebay days later. I really love his stuff too. I wore Unicorn blood for 7 hours and it barely faded and didn't make my lips feel dry. I will keep buying from him, esp when he releases that gorgeous black color.

No. 54827

Wow. I really do want this woman to beat the crap out of Doe.

No. 55175

File: 1425002215338.png (184.86 KB, 500x427, jeff speak troof.png)

You get your email? Black is being released on Saturday at noon PST. Redrum will also be back in stock.

And, yeah, pic related. Jeffree honestly is pretty based.

No. 55176


Here is the source for anyone interested. Its that whole Dahvie Vanity shit, some may remember him being the alleged rapist of Jessi Slaughter.

No. 55294

This is fucking gross and I feel gross.

No. 55295

You should feel gross after watching that, shits insane.

No. 55319

its a vegan/vegetarian group for an AUS clothing brand

No. 55329

To be fair, Jessi even claimed she had sex with Andy Sixx.

No. 55338

his response
>I've always treated women with respect

No. 55357

I seriously can't believe he's not over the scene thing, sure, this was so rad!! XDD in 2008 but it's fucking 2015 now…I mean, shit.

No. 55376

This is getting kind of OT, so if anyone wants to make a thread about this creep that would be fine.

He's an ugly Mexican pedo with a (supposedly) tiny dick, if he's not covered in shitty guyliner and manic panic, oe else will he attract tween girls?

No. 55386


learn to speak, plz

No. 55396

That Dahvie dude is fucking gross. So excited for black this Saturday, holyshit

No. 55397

Same.. guess it'll be just in time for me to mourn Spock..

No. 56302

Yet she is the only one where the "stolen" accounts suddenly bought her own products.

No. 56568

File: 1425360711143.jpg (124.96 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Just saw this on Tumblr. It's from the attorney general of CA and they're contacting LC for resolution.

No. 56570

Class action lawsuit coming right up!

No. 56640

I want to see Lime crime crash and burn so badly.

No. 56874

By the look of the letter they can't actually do much?

No. 56888

I don't think they can, but at least hearing that a complaint (or more than one?) is on file and is (allegedly) being looked into is a small consolation. Not that I've ever bought anything from LC–I just can't stand this woman's business practices and would love to see her get shut down lol.

No. 57191

No. 57193

Rose Shock bitchslapped Lime Crime for good today. I have a feeling LC will crash and burn soon enough..

No. 57204


>Rose Shock bitchslapped Lime Crime for good today

Whaaaat links links I haven't seen this!
Rose Shock is a goddess.

No. 57206

No. 57207

She also got another MUA with almost 100k followers to step up against LC!

No. 57212

Wtf is going on with that 17yo with personal vendetta against Jeffree Star in the comments.

No. 57229

More people are getting on the boycott wagon, fun times ahead!!

No. 57353

No. 57376

If people were attacking and bullying me for wearing a make up product, I would damn well do some research. All the evidence is there. She just refused to believe it. Good thing she is giving up Lime crime, but I cant help but laugh at her dumb ass for wearing and supporting them for so long.

Who cares? They're 17. Maybe a Xenia sock puppet? haha

No. 57443

File: 1425536573477.png (1.04 MB, 1310x774, pls educate urself.png)

No. 57459


LOL Why can't she stop being a cunt? She tries to do damage control, but her impulsive nasty personality always wins and makes her look like an ass.

She completely misses the point, the women just pointed out that Xenia should have warned customers through email about the credit breach and it flies over Xenia's head and starts talking about hackers.

No. 57480

what about the people who had their accounts hacked, and then the hackers spent their money on limecrime shit?

Is she going to refund those people?

Is she going to cover her ass and explain WHY some random cyber criminal nerds would buy her shitty lipsticks? A shortage of matte lippy in silicon valley?

No. 57491

She's been missing the point in several posts on Instagram. They have not been posting many pictures but they do make sure to delete every single negative comment everyday.

No. 57505

How is she even allowed to BE at IMATS when she is surrounded by scandal and now the hacking incident?? I don't get why this bitch keeps getting a free pass! It's so frustrating.

No. 57640

Maybe they're hoping people beat the shit out of her? Shit I'd get some snacks and come watch, I'm only two hours away.

No. 57644

She is banned from IMATS L.A. but somehow found a way to be in NYC. People are trying to contact IMATS to let them know about the brand.

You should check limecrimeliar on Instagram for more info before it gets shut down.

She's already shut down another instagram, limecrimelies, so we all should hurry before she does the same to this one.

No. 57648

I live in NYC. I wanna help stop this bitch from entering this show. Is there a way?

No. 57651

Why is she banned from the L.A one?

But anon, you could do us all a solid, buy a ticket, and follow her around with a camera, I really want to see how she acts in the wild.

No. 57657

They have all the information here, you could also contact IMATS on instagram since they have one, and apparently they're gathering signatures to stop LC from going to NYC.

Because of her shady practices. It makes sense considering Sugarpill and Jeffree are based in L.A. as well.

No. 57661

Thanks for this link!

No. 57676

I wish I could so badly. I bet her manservant Mark will be with her too.

No. 57683

I signed it even though I live in the UK, the thought of people who hate Limecrime having to see Xenia at IMATS fustrates me.

No. 57809

Lol they're just making up shit. They lost all credibility when they said Jeffree Star is friends with Doe Deere. LOOOOOOOL

No. 57940

File: 1425657235684.png (334.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-06-10-48-05…)

ssssamanthaa of r/MUA fame just posted this

No. 57954

honestly glad that samantha posted that, wish more artists on instagram would do they same because they really help Xenia rake in the money by promoting her shit to thousands of people

No. 57998


From @limecrimelies

I recently received information from someone who worked for Sephora. His/her name and any way to identify him/her will not be included. If anyone else has information they would like to pass on, all while remaining anonymous, feel free to DM me. "Doe launched with Sephora and the reason that they stopped selling lime crime so quickly is because a bunch of people were enraged right? Not entirely….Doe completely flipped out on our marketing dept, enough for them to pull the plug on LC pretty rapidly. Apparently she was also making up fake reviews on the Sephora website to attempt to counter balance the negative backlash. She apparently wanted to have a TON of involvement with the launch process. I know social media was absolute insanity. Usually brands don't get as involved as she was….especially when they're THAT new to Sephora. The attitude and the heaps of negativity just weren't worth it for the company.

During the PHAMExpo last year Lime Crime agreed to have a table at the Naimies booth with s ton of other brands that Naimies also sells. The day before PHAM Doe started going on about a selfie wall via social media….she didn't even bother to tell Naimies that she wouldn't be at their booth…even the day of. What's really messed up about the whole thing is the fact that Naimies has always supported the brand and was expecting them to come through. It's literally the equivalent of RSVPing to a wedding and just not showing up at all. Brands are continuing to drop her left and right due to her neurotic attitude. It doesn't look like it'll get much better."

No. 58001

I wish Urban Outfitters would drop LimeCrime and I'm surprised they haven't.

No. 58002

Rumor is that Urban Outfitters will not be restocking the brand. Xenia was aggressively pulling out of stores before this shit storm started. I wonder if it's related. With Xenia, it usually is. She'll kill a man to save a buck.

No. 58024

So I contacted IMATS via email.

There's a box at the bottom of the page for you to write them one.
Let's get this bitch out of NYC while we can.

No. 58364

Urban outfitters stocks a lot of shitty unethical stuff to begin with. I'm not even surprised they stocked Lime crime in the past.

No. 58366

Why the fuck are people calling this girl brave?

No. 58392

You don't seem to know how standing up against Doe or LC usually ends, huh?

No. 58428

Oh, I do. It's just irritating to have people praise a girl for not wearing Lime crime when she should of done her damn research in the first place. She said she was being bullying or harassed for wearing it. She never wondered why?

No. 58432

File: 1425781269721.jpg (123.6 KB, 1062x623, Priorities.jpg)

She's still trying to sell her products, ignoring all the credit card fraud. Wow.

No. 58458

JFC. She's awful. I really hope her supporters see the light ASAP. They're dumb for supporting her all these years, but when it comes to jumping ship, it's better late than never.

No. 58828

I am loving Instagram right now.
The more I scroll and read people, the more I'm amazed.
I'm loving the whole MUA ditching LC.

No. 58839

A lot of people's train of thought is that it happened a long time ago and thus it doesn't really matter because they assume people have grown up and moved past their mistakes.

I mean being realistic this shit started in what, 2008-2009? Most people aren't going to follow everything a company has done and they'll give in to the hype of certain brands. Some people have put this bitch's shady shit aside because of the rave Velvetines caused, so it's not that surprising.

It also has to do with the fact it's a person who's somewhat recognized in the MUA online community so putting herself under the spotlight knowing how Xenia is makes people feel like she's courageous for doing so.

No. 59003


so there are people who can't afford to pay their bills now after this whole ordeal

No. 59010

>those comments
At least people see to be wising up a bit. She's definitely going to be losing customers.

No. 59011


I hope people are directing them towards the class action lawsuit

No. 59039

File: 1425878692713.jpg (179.73 KB, 800x1164, tmp_18162-_20150308_2219071904…)

Too little, too late Doe. She waited until people lost all their money to even acknowledge the credit card fraud, now she's trying to pretend like she gives a fuck and feels bad about it, but it's just jer trying to save face. Truth is, she pretty much killed her business by ignoring a very real and serious problem. Now nobody with a shred of common sense is going to trust LC ever again, her shit has already began to sink and there's no saving it now.

No. 59049

File: 1425880840245.jpg (215.96 KB, 800x1166, tmp_26464-_20150308_2257331904…)


Dis bitch tho

No. 59050

Well yeah, there is always going to be at least one of her stupid knights going around trying to save face. Just look at the teenager in the comments of the Buzzfeed article who tried to get on Jeffree's ass or the people trying to say Jeffree is bad for getting on the asses of resellers. He has a fucking reason to be a dick if people are purchasing his product only to resell it on eBay.

These people are amazing. If any other brand had pulled this kind of shit it would have had no defenders, but because its the un1C0rn qu33n omzg!1!1111 everyone shits themselves.

No. 59051

I'm rolling my eyes so hard at these idiots on IG. Most of the people have sense but I keep seeing morons asking when something is gonna restock or if they can just use a visa gift card on this shit. Like, SERIOUSLY? Did y'all eat brain tumors for breakfast? How the hell can they see all this shit going down and still wanna support this shoddy POS company? I think they're legitimately brain damaged. I really do.

No. 59052

wow, what a cunt.

No. 59053

>Harassment and bullying

Wow, that is some serious nerve there. What a piece of shit you are Doe.

No. 59054

File: 1425883006384.jpg (315.76 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpg)

And cue the sock puppets…

No. 59096

This fucking bitch, really? "I'm New to lime crime. I don't get why people are turning their backs on them"
Oh, you don't?

No. 59097

Never change, Doe.

No. 59101

>others are doing it for the attention ( #basicbitchproblems)

Why do people use 'ur an attention seeker!!!' as the go-to insult nowadays? Also using a hashtag like that is about as basic as it gets.

No. 59281

File: 1425929402983.jpg (164.59 KB, 640x1089, image.jpg)

No. 59284

File: 1425929528807.jpg (235.68 KB, 640x1093, image.jpg)

No. 59288


Oh boom that was the last nail in the coffin for Xenia.
She doesn't realise just how many fans that guy has… almost 500k on Twitter, nearly 1 million on Instagram. Jeffree Star is even pretty well known in the UK from the scene era.

No. 59293

Jeffree is so based. I'm glad he's doing well with his own make up line.

No. 59294

Dying laughing. Jefree is fucking great.
>Don't wanna break a nail on low grade filth

No. 59295

The only thing that pisses me off about this whole drama is that everyone who tried to warn people about her for the past few years were always shut down by everyone and called haters, and now look what happened. Everyone got fucked over and they're crying about it because they didn't take the warnings seriously enough.

No. 59296

I'm still so disgusted she's even allowed to be attend NYC IMATS. Ugh!!

No. 59300

Jeffree is such a bitch. A lot of people ask "what's the difference in supporting Xenia when Jeffree is just as bad." Uh…Jeffree is transparent. That's his fucking attitude and it throws you off then you can move on. I think he's annoying, but I don't give a shit. I know I'm buying from a guy who has a bitchy personality, but gives a shit about make up and it's quality. Xenia is a fake, vomit worthy human being. She lies and pretends to be other people when her current persona isn't making her money. Her bitchiness bleeds in every area of business with bragging and ego trips.

No. 59302

And btw, Weirdo is beautiful!! I don't really use drugstore make up and I buy high quality shit like YSL and Armani. I'm a bit snobby and I have to say drugstore brands are better considering the mark up with varying quality on high end brands. Jeffree Starr's formula is high quality and absolutely worth the price. I think the formula's quality matches some of the best high end stuff I own.

No. 59303

I don't know about his personality, but at least his business ethics are actually good. He cares about both his products and doing well with his customers. I'm sure if anyone had a problem with his lipsticks he would help them. I think $18 for his products is reasonable enough especially considering how good they are (quality wise) and how fast he ships them. It only takes them 2-3 days to get to me and I live on the East coast. He's annoyed with Xenia. Who the fuck isn't? Amy (shrinkle) just doesn't bother with her, but people are always bringing up Xenia when it comes to Jeffree and i'm sure he's sick of her too.

No. 59307

Or the ones that want to buy up all of the velvetines before she goes out of business

No. 59308

I loved one girl saying "MORE VELVETINES FOR ME" facepalm

Yes, bitch. All the fraud and cheap, disgusting-product for you. Except LC isn't going to make a profit on you alone, unless they use your cc info like those mean-ole hackers. So Velvetines won't last long. Too bad, you're going to have pay the same price on other brands with better quality and more product because people are trying to demand ethical standards. Dumb bitch.

No. 59309

I don't know how true the "confession" is from an ex-worker of lime crime, but the "hack" wasn't even a hack according to them. It was someone who had full access to the information selling it on the side whenever an order would come up since they refused to go through a third party payment system.
Starting here and going left

No. 59323


There is no left click on my screen, how do I see the rest?

No. 59328

Go to the main profile page, scroll down to the right image and click - then it'll open in a window over the profile that has left and right arrows.

No. 59554

It's definitely not a hack.
Everyone who payed through paypal - smart folks - did not get any money taken from them. Because paypal is secure.
They could have had keyloggers on their site or something, but I personally believe that she was selling the information.
I honestly wouldn't put it past Xenia to sell peoples personal information for money.

No. 59556

Wonder if when Doe moved her production to elsewhere some lead got in it and thats how she got all these crazy fans

No. 59557

Some people on paypal did get hacked. It might have been because they used the same password on her site and paypal?

No. 59560

I see, thank you for correcting me.
You mean that they made an account on her site to view the status of their order, right? I could see that happening, that does seem to lean more towards a hack then.

No. 59639

Kind of excited to see that more and more people are backing up the #boycottlimecrime, trend. I say trend because a lot of those instagram mua's literally state that "they knew there were bad rumors and stuff, but kept buying from them till everyone else started to boycott limecrime."
I'm still happy about it though, but I don't know how much Xenia makes, but hopefully it puts a big dent in her wages.

No. 59654

The cost of removing the malware and security should have been a pretty penny. It's my guess that she's trying to regain those funds and that's why she did a quick restock of Venus (god damn embarrassing self promotion, envisioning yourself as the goddess of beauty) and releasing riot (basic bitch rust red). However, because of the quick "give me your money" reaction and quick dismissal of the huge breach, LC nailed in their own coffin. I truly believe, if Xenia had tried to address the issue more via social media instead of hocking products she could have saved her company. The silence and complete denial of wrong doing made sure the coffin was closed nice and tight.

I'm guessing LC is experiencing big loss as we speak and will continue to go down hill as her releases don't garner the attention they used to. I'm sure she'll sell out as usual, but they'll be a mysterious restock sooner rather than later.

Btw, Xenia has a new shade on her site called "Rave." It's pretty similar to Jeffree's Queen Supreme. Is Xenia trying to beat Star at his own dupe game? Funny because he sells his lipsticks for 2 bucks cheaper with more product and superior quality. And it'll be released a lot sooner. Hmm - bigger, better lipstick or a lipstick that'll land up putting me in financial ruin. DECISIONS.

No. 59894

File: 1426018798318.png (95.45 KB, 1053x740, lcprivate.PNG)

So has anyone noticed this? The heat was too much I'm guessing, either that or IG hasa new "you're blocked" system

No. 59896

She made everything private, lol.

No. 59897

File: 1426019316153.jpg (33.73 KB, 1081x663, run-runawaybitch.jpg)

It's not just you, anon. She made her accounts private. LMAO!!

No. 59898

They're talking about it in makeup groups, it's private. Does anyone follow our Unicorn Queen?

No. 59906


Oh lawdy I'm laughing so hard right now. This is delicious

No. 59907

Ugh, I used to, but I couldn't take her bullshit selfies on my IG dash. Hopefully another anon will!

No. 59936

Haha wow. Now I wish I followed her BS on Instagram before this.

No. 59973

"As of February 16, the incident has been contained. Our website is now secure & fully operational. For official updates & information, visit:

Translation (Unicorn to English):
Go buy my shit or gtfo. I don't want your comments, only your money.

Anyone want to buy the Venus palette?! Shitty imitation of Pantone color of the year, but with Xenia posing as the goddess of beauty (LAWL).

No. 60004

Do you own her Wenus palette, anon?

No. 60033

Slighty OT: but does anyone know a good place to sell pre-owned makeup? I have one of her old discontinued glosses I bought like 3 years ago and wore only once (when i first got it to try it on), and I've seen them go on ebay for like 100+ bucks new. But ebay doesn't allow preowned cosmetics, (which, any of them from that range would be, they're so old) but I figured someone who is a crazy die hard lime crime fan might want it to 'collect' since the people who have been hanging on after all this are really…intense…

No. 60058

Nowhere would allow that. For health reasons. What are you doing, anon?

No. 60068

that is so fucking disgusting. you essentially want to sell bacteria from your mouth that has been cultivating for 3 years. fucking health hazard

No. 60074

I would do it under the pretense of it being a discontinued collectors item with a very obvious warning. People get fucking intense about that shit. Like I said, I saw someone sell the purple one on ebay for over a 100 bucks! the listing even had a picture of them wearing it! They had marked it as new though and just put something in the description. Like I know it's not sanitary, but I would give a warning. The money it generated was just really tempting but I would feel super shady and dishonest selling it as new, even if I did put it in the description. But if it's that gross and morally bankrupt I'll just let it sit there/throw it out. I was just wondering since back in the day I've seen LJ makeup trading communities.

No. 60097

I know it sucks, but you cannot sell used make up. It's just not going to happen. Trading and selling of make up is always in brand new packaging.

No. 60099

Holy shit, my friend bought products from lime crime recently and had no idea about the drama until I told her and she checked her IG. Should she open a dispute?

No. 60103

>>60099 Yes. Back out now before it's too late.

No. 60199

Nope. God, I'd be so embarrassed to have an iconic painting with cheap photoshopped clown hair on my dresser. "Oh that's the grunge palette. You know, how the 90s are back." "What's 90s about it?" "uh…the blue hair?" "…" "…"

Anyways, many unbiased reviews say its an okay product. Some shadows are fairly nice and some are fucking horrible. I think it's the light cream one that goes on like shit? I'll never understand why people desired it so much. I love red eyeshadow, but the color scheme on that seemed like a hot mess.

No. 60201

I was only curious if anyone wanted to buy Venus now that it's been restocked. I can't understand why anyone could stomach the fact that Xenia sees herself as Venus. That's some fucking ego, man.

No. 60254

File: 1426055728083.jpg (145.49 KB, 799x1159, tmp_18730-_20150310_2330391904…)


Ahaha I fucking knew clicking that follow button was the right move!

Nothing new as you can see, but I will keep you guys posted.

No. 60323

The red shadow isn't even a big deal. Marsala is the color of the year and you could find it just about anywhere. Hell, even before that it wasn't like rust red was difficult to come by. Just depends on which brands you looked into. I don't get the hype around this shitty palette.

No. 60326

Companies like makeupforever and Nars always produced red eyeshadows. Smashbox has amazing rust reds too. You can tell Xenia's fanbase is young because they have no idea of the other options out there.

No. 60328

I found red in high school at Hot Topic and as of yesterday I own their black lipstick which is actually A LOT nicer due to a recent formula change. I'm surprised I got a hold of it since they keep selling out of it. It's a little creamier than the Mac Hautecore I have, but I still like it as a backup.

Her velvetines really don't deserve the hype they get either. She wasn't the first to create liquid lipsticks and hers certainly were not the greatest out there. Anastasia makes very nice ones and so does Hourglass. Aromi has a massive matte liquid lipstick collection with good reviews, too.

No. 60331

yay thanks anon

No. 60336

I'm still obsessed with Melt Cosmetics black but it's a little drying. I'm sad I missed out on MAC's though.

No. 60343

It comes back every Black Friday or at least around then. They released it a little later in 2014, but it'll be back!

No. 60361


I'm not sure what the fuss about her velvetines are either.
I do have "Black Cat" personally from Pretty zombie cosmetics, but apparently now their shipping is awful. I was fine the time I bought 3 Witches and Black Cat though. They mixed up my order and accidentally sent out an extra 3 Witches. No complaints from me obviously.

No. 60378

Thanks for being able to keep us updated, anon.I have a feeling she will be updating less now.

No. 60380

I wanted stuff from Pretty zombie but kept hearing their shipping and customer service is awful.

No. 60395


I heard about the customer service and shipping being dreadful a couple months after my initial purchase so I'm trying not to deal with them anymore. I heard LASplash (though some compain about cracking) are good, and same for ColorPop (I admittedly have to look at them since hearing about them).

No. 60401

There's also Portland Black Lipstick Company.

No. 60410

Will definitely tell her this, thanks, Im kinda new to paypal. But can she open a dispute even if she recently make an order yesterday right?

No. 60421


You can open a dispute now, you just have to state your case. The other side will be forced to respond, it's basically a judge deciding between the two of you. If Madam Deere or her associates do not respond, you automatically get your monies back after about 72 hours I think? I forget, but after the time limit then you're good to go.

No. 60512

Good luck. I had to open a paypal dispute with a Chinese shop that sent me an envelope (yes, an empty envelope) instead of the $80 shoes I ordered after pestering them for almost 4 months.
Paypal was okay with that because technically they sent me something, right?
The case was dismissed because the next step was to file a police report– how the fuck I gonna file a police report from some shady ass shop in China?

Seriously good luck. Get your ducks in a row, Paypal doesn't care about fairness, just what you can prove.

No. 60514

Yep, the idea that Paypal has an actual 'judge' is ridiculous. As a seller, I've been screwed over several times in reverse circumstances. It's really not that safe, but at least give it a go.

No. 60520

She was stupid enough to buy from them without looking into the company (even typing Lime Crime into google suggests Lime Crime scandal as a search term), she doesn't deserve her money back.

No. 60543

Tragicbeautiful.com is still carrying Lime Crime products.

No. 60544

Someone walked into my job proudly wearing lime crime lipstick. So much secondhand embarrassment. I told her to Google doe's scams and she was like "I thought She was a unicorn princess. She seemed so nice. "

No. 60545

All that glitters is not gold
It's most likely her "Unicorn" shit

No. 60550

It was so sad. She was like "I own l her velveteens and cashmere."

No. 60565


Oh man, there may still be time to save them if they find the sources showing Deere's true colours. I hope that individual comes to their senses one way or another (or at least hasn't had their credit card info/PayPal info stolen, or possibly even sold off as one woman's bank told her after an inquiry.)

No. 60573

Yeah. Hope she Googles lime crime scandals and controversy.

No. 60658

PayPal is seriously so shit. I wish it wasn't connected to ebay and that more people used Dwolla.

No. 60712


What brand in Hot Topic? Is it Black Heart cosmetics? If so I think I bought one in November but I have yet to try it.

No. 60732

No. 60751

File: 1426123869956.jpg (94.89 KB, 960x960, image.jpg)

Someone posted this to Lime Crime's fb.
It's kind of edgy and that looks like it would be a bitch to get off, but I kind of don't hate the sentiment.

No. 60754

I think its sort of funny. The only way this could be better is if people in the area gathered outside to actually throw her products back at her face.

Bitch deserves it at this point.

No. 60763

Haha, I think it's great. I'm glad people are waking the fuck up it seems.

No. 60767

>that looks like it would be a bitch to get off
>implying Lime Crime lipstick has any kind of staying power

No. 60771

File: 1426125939336.jpg (10.25 KB, 451x62, image.jpg)

"Petition" is now a big no-no for Xenia now.

No. 60787

Beserk Clothing is, too. Everything is on sale because they're trying to get rid of it. I was a little tempted to buy it just to see what the rave was about over these god damn Velvetines, but the thought of the possibility of part of my money going from the retail to a percentage towards Doe makes me feel disgusted.

No. 60803


This comments defending the bitch are awful.

No. 60814

This is like the fucking gamergate of makeup. I'm both impressed and highly fucking amused.

No. 60835

that one seems nice but the blackheart one SUCKS so fucking much! its like a weird crayon…

No. 60838

Get the Lovesick one or go to Portland Black Lipstick Company. Wet n Wild also makes purples so dark that they almost look black and Makeupforever has a black, albeit its not matte and because of that I have yet to finish the tube.

Worst case scenario, wait until either Jeffree restocks or wait until this holiday season for Mac's yearly release.

No. 60877

>>GamerGate of make-up

Inb4 she calls Jeffree a misognyist

No. 60922

File: 1426157091613.jpg (268.44 KB, 1536x938, image.jpg)

Oh yes, nothing screams "riot" quite like a brick wall.
I feel like she missed the point of that Pink Floyd song.

No. 60972

There's no point watching this until aboutthe 3 minute mark. She's basically raving about Lime Crime, but she's saying the reason for the hack is because of zodiac astrology and that goats and roosters don't get along? Is this seriously her fanbase?

No. 60985

Lord,I hope she's kidding.
Mainly because I wish idiots like this would fall into a ravine

No. 61073

Considering how dumb the woman i spoke to wearing lime crime last night at my job was- yes. I do believe her fanbase is all this bloody stupid.

No. 61096

Could be an elaborate troll.

No. 61149

File: 1426197327986.png (534.17 KB, 881x643, lol.PNG)


I literally hope this is a troll, but her Facebook page seems to state a "Chinese Medical Astrology 101" link on soundcloud.
I think she's just a bit loco with this stuff.

No. 61180

This account sounds like a doe sockpuppet


what do u guys think

No. 61185

Looks like a sockpuppet to me. Just trying to ruse through their supposed broken English.

No. 61255

Christ, I couldn't watch the whole thing. The way she kept sucking her teeth drove me mad.

No. 61487

File: 1426241933810.jpg (106.5 KB, 1536x854, image.jpg)

I can't wait for the day where product placement like this is not an option for Lime Crime. It's not even subtle in Melanie Martinez's Dollhouse video.

No. 61488

I had a dream I opened someone's eyes to how shit Lime Crime is and I woke up happy

No. 62532

File: 1426423897812.jpg (68.23 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)


No. 62657

> don't really use drugstore make up
> drugstore brands are better
Gurl… make up your mind.

No. 62661

Try makeupexchange on reddit.

No. 63079

That's hilarious.

No. 63117

After so much shit I read up on them, fucking hate lime crime and doe Deere so much. How is she still a thing?

No. 63513

Because stupid teens and 20 something year olds who have never make up'd before still give her money.

No. 63536

I tried warning someone two years ago about how shit her products were and the dumbass still buys them to show off and one-up the "haters", I hope she got her identity stolen for being such a fuck about it.

No. 63543

I can't believe people still buy her shit

No. 63899

Bitch just released a new lipstick. You know, promoting it on her private IG account. I wonder how many people are in the mood for another rotting tube of smelly liquid lipstick that refuses to dry. deep thought

No. 63902

Oh no. Please post screen caps. I don't follow her IG (nor want to.)

No. 63905

No. 63922

Screenies of the angry comments, please.

No. 63923

Looks similar to Queen supreme. lol! And not even a photo of the product on you know a model's lips! Oh man, does this bitch really think people will STILL give her money after sweeping the credit card fraud until the rug?

No. 63924


No. 63932

Anyone have her instagram? copy pasting of comments should be golden.

No. 63938

File: 1426554923229.png (712.49 KB, 1155x740, lel rave.png)

No. 63941

File: 1426555416305.png (76.56 KB, 691x496, LOL.png)

Forgot to log out, ain't having my Twatter flooded by LC cunts.

No. 63943

File: 1426555813494.png (113.04 KB, 1022x885, teeheehee omg we're so kool XD…)

No. 63946

haha 5-star management team?

And yay, Xenia is doing what she should have done PREVIOUSLY to ensure that customers aren't fucked over. Damage done, cunt. No one will be buying your tacky shit sticks.

Xenia is so desperate for money it's hilarious. She'd rather spam new products than address customer concerns. She never talks about the previous breach, but FUTURE safety. Meaning she doesn't give one shit about what happened to customers. Some of them are probably still going through resolution centers with their ccs.

No. 64189

File: 1426594828281.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_PSYCHO-PASS_-_0…)

those comments

No. 64191

At least someone has common sense.

No. 64192

Her 5 star team of her and her gross husband? And yeah, she could care less about those who were ripped off.

No. 65522

File: 1426803226048.jpg (105.57 KB, 419x607, kbuc78.jpg)

No. 65525

that shit sounds terrifying. I would not trust her products anywhere on my face.

No. 65527

Well, it does have 'cyanide' in the name.

No. 65531

No. 65612

you know they use it in table salt, right? And road salt… for anti-caking. And ferric ferrocyanide has been approved for use in the cosmetics industry since the 70s.

No. 65622

Yes, but it is not approved for lip areas. Many eyeshadows are not approved for the lip area either depending on the ingredients. It comes down to FDA specifications and testing. Some ingredients are deemed safe by other country regulatory commissions, but not in the US. Now, the actual ingredient may or may not be harmful, but it's because the FDA has yet to approve it, where you have the find problem. Xenia is breaking the law and not abiding by American regulations. While it's your choice to use a non-FDA approved ingredient, it certainly is NOT OKAY to remove the product from it's ingredients. Gross misinformation.

No. 65962

Anon, it's not permitted in lip products and this is why it's a problem.

No. 66160

Why is she still a thing?

No. 66289

She really isn't. Almost every MUA with a following has disavowed Lime Crime and most of Xenia's best customers landed up buying a product and subsequently getting $$$ take from their accounts during the four month breach.

Before the breach, Xenia had been losing sales to Jeffree Starr after the quality of the Velvetines dropped. I believe it's the reason why Xenia tried to get back into eyeshadows (Venus). Now the market is flooded with the liquid to matte formula and for better quality and price.

Xenia lost the market, but she also lost her customer base with the breach and her social media lockdown. Recently a MUA pulled her class from PhamExpo because they wrote a xenia-esque response to customer complaints about LC being a part of the convention.

You'll a hand full of moronic followers who stay loyal to Xenia, but they aren't going to provide enough income for production cost and Xenia's ugly doll house.

To put things into perspective, Lime Crime's decisions, industry trends and the breach all happened at the worst time possible for Xenia.

Xenia pulled distribution from third sellers forcing customers to buy directly through LC during a data breach, Jeffree Star created a more popular range of dupes, while many other companies did the same and tried to focus on marketing rather than damage control. Lime Crime is dead.

No. 66396

dollskill, tragicbeautiful, and urban outfitters are all still selling her

No. 66461

All those sites/places are overpriced shit anyway.

No. 66907

any updates on this shit?

No. 66929

I suppose the biggest updates since the entire breach is the lock down of Lime Crime on social media.

IMATS received a petition signed by 11k to ban LC from their convention but so far, no response.

I already said PhamExpo sent shit tier responses to customer concerns and one MUA pulled her support.

Lime Crime opened a snapchat to swatch their new lipsticks, which is fucking weird considering how they're ignoring their most popular media outlets (instagram and facebook).

Xenia is still hiding and we're all wondering what will go down at IMATS. So far, looks like LC will be there. There's been a recent push for former customers to leave their old LC products at the booth and walk away. I'd find that hilarious, but maybe Xenia would take them and repackage them as a means to avoid whole sale costs?

No. 66941

11,000? I'm so glad people are trying to get this bitch banned. She has no right to be at IMATS.

No. 66954

No. 66972

I dunno, I kind of want her to go to IMATS just out of morbid curiosity for what shit might go down with her being there.

I used to really like her makeup tutorials, like ten years ago, but then she moved them, took them down, and just focused on selling her shitty product. She used to seem like this kind of cool, creative girl who was helping the rest of us be cute via cute makeup, and now she just… I dunno… she's really shown her true whore colours I guess.

No. 66993

She only seemed creative because she was single white femaling. Scary as fuck. She'd latch onto a popular blogger and steal their style, blog posts and pretty much everything else she could think of.

Instagram allowed her to not target only one person but trends. It made her seem more original, but more tacky and all over the fucking place. For instance, if you describe her current style it would be flamingo, "clueless" preppy, grunge with Betsy Johnson.

I'm sorta sad she hasn't posted any selfies. After she fucking destroyed her hair, it's been fun seeing her try to hide it with filters. Lately, Karma really has caught up with her. She told people she could tell her fans whatever the fuck she wants about hair dying after stylists were calling her out for using professional only products, then PROCEEDS to royally fucking up her hair and post about getting it professionally fixed. Then she pulls stock from third party sellers to force people to shop at her online site only to expose them to the breach and widening the girth of non-repeat customers.

I don't think Xenia will be at IMATS. She'll have her poor naive staff there to take all the brunt of the attacks. I really wonder if people would confront LC or if people would be too shy to actually say anything. What I'm most curious about is the short lines of LC. That would be glorious!

No. 67636

Seriously, that Rave lipstick? Ugly as shit. I know it won't look like the photo, because "big fucking shock", but I honestly don't see how "electric lavender" would be a coveted colour to the point it would be listed as limited edition.
(Hey, do you think she's using the word "electric" to copy SugarPill's Electrocute eyeshadow name?)

I hear those liquid to mattes are basically e.l.f grade gloss now. The only part of business that sounded of genuine promise and it's splattered all over her face like the dick of her ratty ass boyfriend.

I love how she markets her shit as kiss proof, yet there are a few videos where the colour transitions REALLY easy.
Doe is a rat. I hate rats.

No. 67922

Not sure if anyone is aware, but LC changed their carrier to FedEx and no longer offers tracking for international customers. It also says shipping can take 4-6 weeks just within the US. Now it is even easier for them to scam people because you can't make a claim at Paypal after that time range.

No. 68170

I love how people on etsy are duping her shit in their own kitchens. It's probably healthier on your body, too.


No. 68187

to be fair 'electric' is a common name for fluorescent colours across many industries

I've seen electric pink hair dyes, electric blue t shirts, electric green bicycles etc. so she's just doing what everyone else does

No. 68188

why isn't xenia whining about this already

No. 68190

>no longer offers tracking for international customers
top kek she is shooting herself in the foot SO HARD with this one

No. 68191

4-6 weeks? that's how long it takes me to get a packet from china to europe via economy, and that's at the latest.

No. 68200

No? She's fucking herself over. Paypal offers no seller protection if tracking isn't provided.

No. 68203

It was Brazil who made her business popular in the first place. Traitorous bitch.

No. 68204

Why Brazil? I thought she just got off the ground by pretending she was the only one carrying shit like blue lipstick.
Because that's something people "really" need. For who knows why.

No. 68215

Given her history, I'm surprised she hasn't threatened legal action.

No. 68762

No. 70193

Wow. She charges $20 for 2.6ml for the liquid to mattes. (Fast forward to about 5:10)


No. 70306

but that's an account for a public company. she's acting like a 15 year old girl who go into a fight with her bff but doe is an adult with a real company. she's can't just private her way through these problems.

No. 76616

Anything new and worth mentioning happen?

No. 76779

Besides another fake fundraiser for the surgery of some "friend's" cat with $7000, nothing new.

No. 76780

Just wanted to share this post incase anyone hasn’t already read it. It has some pretty fanning information about how LC uses non FDA apporved ingredients and also is breaking other rules established by the FDA (you have to scroll to the bottom of the post for the FDA info)


No. 76793

Read the whole thing. I was of been pissed if I wrote them a huge paragraph of info and their only response was "Thanks for your email" with nothing else attached.

No. 76816

At least the FDA did some proper reply and I am pretty sure LC may get shutdown soon considering she doesn't even legally sell the products, that means she is evading tax on them too.

No. 80564

Seems like the retards at IMATSNYC are making LC one of the top booths in the show.


No. 81653

Noooo! IMATSNYC just finished. Did anyone go?

No. 85306

I read on fullchan that Doe hid in her booth like a pussy the whole time.

No. 85351

She was probably expecting someone to punch her in the fact or throw paint on her. I wish they did.

No. 85386

She always does that tho, she doesn't like paesants to be near her.

No. 86704

File: 1429668727223.jpg (124.47 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nmykqvt7iG1s9chvlo1_500…)

>Here’s the latest scandal. If you’re American, when adding on taxes the website is miscalculating the total in Lime Crime’s favour. This was first noticed two days ago, so who knows how long it’s been going on. They promised to look into it and make a post 2 days ago. So far nothing. As far as we’re aware it’s still happening.

>Go back. Look at your orders. You might have been over charged.

No. 86708

Any more sauce on IMATS?

All I know is IMATS customers are pretty pissed they found their freshly purchased shitty-tines 1/4 filled and separating.

Since you can't post this commentary on anywhere other than a chan: Fuck, doe looks awful that weight. Her face is already puffy as fuck and she looks like a granny. She needs to drop some pounds. No wonder she photoshops the fuck outta her face. That shit is a pastry.

No. 89651

Now with the restock of her shop people seem to have forgotten all about what happened and want to buy her shit again

No. 89681

Why am I not even surprised?

No. 89701

Doesn't seem so because otherwise all the stuff would be sold out already like how it always was the case for restocks before all the credit card drama.

No. 95060

It's weird how no one has anything negative to say about Shrinkle, not that I want it. I see her blog posts in the past and she jokes about sexual harassment and accepts a pink rabbit fur coat as a gift but it wasn't like the rabbits were farmed for fur. they were just a byproduct of farming for meat

No. 107756

No. 107767

Why would anyone buy a screenshot from instagram for 90k? Wtf

No. 107785

Especially of her ugly mug.

No. 108533

lol her Instagram caption is coming off trying to be all cool about it. you know that bitch is hunting the internet to get a cut of the 90k.

on a separate note, i'm still in mourning off that the limecrimelies and ect pages were taken down. it's so frusting how she can still carry on with "business" and posting busted photoshop selfies with her face blending into her hair. where is the justiceeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 108539

Because there was no limecrimelies, it was named doedeerelies and it still gets continues as http://ohdeardoedeere.tumblr.com/

No. 108542

i thought on instagram there was a page called that during the credit card scam

No. 120300

File: 1434117451076.png (38.17 KB, 482x329, 343.png)

Who said people forgot about the drama? This poped up on my dash when Dolls Kill announced they got the new LC stuff and that's ALL comments.

No. 120331

At this point I have to wonder if ANY of these companies and stores that associate with and decide to sell LC know how to google.

No. 120336

The only places I've ever heard people buy LC is online and at expos like IMATS.

No. 120714

I could forgive this scene queen hair if she didn't wear badly handmade knit tubes/halters with limp fluorescent tutus and claires accessories. Woman can maintain a Qwerky colorful style without dressing like… well… a 2008 Kiki Kannibal

No. 120736

Yeah, Shrinkle is 2005 Scene shit, but to be fair that's what she honestly likes. It's a little less Scene these days and more kawaii kittens or whatever the hell is going on with her. I've followed her company, Sugarpill for years and she's a cool person or at least is able to present herself respectfully. Xenia tries to dress like any autistic that's "on trend" on social media.

And lol at her five fans and sock puppet army trying to get the former popularity back. If you read Doh's social media, she still manages to embarrass the fuck out of herself by coming off as a cunt. Recently, Kat von D had rainbow eyeshadow so Xenia posted her own unicorn photoshoot and said she did it first (there's photo evidence she stole that look from someone she was SWFing at the time). Bitch is bitter as fuck. She rarely posts selfies anymore because she only gets two positive comments.

No. 120738


No. 120740

Single White Female

Saying "body snatching" would have made better sense. Xenia stalks people then copies their persona to a T. Shrinkle was one of her victims. I think now, she has instagram to "inspire" her. She only does pastel, instragam hipster these days, which a slightly uglier and chunkier twist.

No. 120741

File: 1434163190366.jpg (143.79 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nppzghcCZl1sljr2xo4_128…)

Wow, look at chanel88xo defend her love of Lime Crime!

No. 120743

File: 1434163257636.jpg (202.8 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nppzghcCZl1sljr2xo1_128…)

No. 133249

her IG accounts are public again, tho i'm not sure she's relevant anymore.

No. 133421

File: 1436232386799.png (35.56 KB, 603x447, 213.png)

She will never stop being relevant as her whole living is based on lulzy fails while trying to scam people.

No. 133446

What a fucking retard. I mean, someone doesn't want to be featured on your brand's website, just take the shit down so you won't have people talking shit about you.

They act like the woman got an award by being featured. Meanwhile, their face is representing one of the shittiest and most notorious examples of bad business in the indie scene. That poor girl's reputation. I apply make up like messy shit, etc., but if I were good at it and "featured" I would be horrified that someone would associate me with that drugstore halloween make up.

No. 156530

File: 1439308975819.png (157.38 KB, 953x567, Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 9.02…)

I'm active in the beauty community on instagram, and a well-known blogger posted something about Lime Crime being not actually safe by PDA standards? Someone who got an allergic reaction to one of the red Velveteens sent it into a lab to be tested I guess.
The Lime Crime whiteknights swept in and she deleted the post because of the amount of hate she was getting.

No. 156533

File: 1439309109062.png (47.61 KB, 293x290, Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 9.04…)

Of course they've posted nothing and are only responding to comments on an unrelated picture.

No. 156807

No. 156819

Isn't this the 2nd or 3rd time she's been in trouble with the FDA?

No. 156832

If she's lying and the FDA analyzes her products, she's going to be in deep shit.

No. 156876

Someone needs to get more of her product and send it in for testing. I'm pretty sure if a lot of her shit ends up violating regulations she'll get fined/forced to close.

No. 156903

Boggles my mind how much illegal shit Doe gets away with. How???

No. 156925

Popularity… Blind followers.. Good product reviews*… Contacts… Occasional dick sucking, maybe.

* the reviews on Velvetine are obsessive, they have made all the way to non-licensed stores in Brazil. I'm personally too much of a pussy with any "long lasting" products tbh. Trust no hoe.

No. 156932

It boggles my mind that people still defend her and buy her products!

No. 157604


She got an official FDA warning letter. If this doesn't scare people off of her products, I don't know what will.

No. 157659

Has this story not been posted yet? Doe actually responded to this accusation… by calling the customer an idiot for buying her dress. I recall "So you bought a shoddily made dress. Who's the asshole here?"

No. 160798

File: 1439736324889.png (121.85 KB, 392x296, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.44…)

This was on my facebook feed today. :)

No. 160799

Wait, stfu. "Doe Deere" is her legal name? Why are they calling her that in this letter?

No. 160806

It's not her real name but she got it registered as artist name, thus she can file contracts under it just like how Feelice did it for all her dept.

No. 160837

So many companies as of 2010/2011 (?) were making better pastel and bright colored lipsticks than Limecrime and people still give this bitch money. They deserve to be hacked.

No. 160874

I love Magnolia makeup for relatively inexpensive, quality versions of a lot of Limecrime-esque lipsticks.

No. 160880

>people deserve to be hacked because they buy lipstick I don't approve of
You should smoke some weed or something

No. 163167

People don't deserve negative shit for buying things legally, but…

You see all of DDs little tweens arguing about the haters and how much of a victim Doe is when someone posts a complaint about getting ripped. You kinda smirk a little when they come back a few months later crying about their own bank accounts getting hacked.

I don't understand how this company survives. FDA complaints, owner calling people names publicly, website getting thousands of cc numbers compromised, shitty quality, half empty tubes, long shipping waits, no response from customer service…

The list fucking goes on and on. This company's popularity boggles my mind.

No. 163932

I'll try them.

Please. Countless sites exploiting her bullshit, lies and scams. Makeup artists turning on her and calling out her unethical line. If people still want to give her their money willingly, then yes, they do deserve to have their bank accounts drained. All you had to do was type in lime crime and scandal/reputation comes up in Google.

No. 163977

i love her hair in the OP picture honestly

No. 163988

I remember this awful restaurant on the side of the highway. It was literally like a whiny mom cooking you breakfast and it was the most awkward restaurant meal I ever had. We all wondered why it stayed in business, but realized why everyone went to it to begin with was because of traffic and it was one of the only places around. We also go suckered in by a somewhat interesting looking outside and they talked about a "rich history" with the restaurant and showed a huge staff we never saw in the place. In other words, they fed off entirely new blood that liked it outwardly. I imagine Doe Deere is exactly the same in this situation.

When I started getting into kind of alternative makeup products, she was one of the first stores I stumbled upon somehow. I nearly bought Sugarpill for my eyeshadows and her for my lipsticks. I think Doe actually does that on purpose, since she can't compete with Amy's quality and was called out on it years ago, so went to mysterious lipsticks instead. If I hadn't of thought to look up a review, I'd have seriously bought from her and probably even liked it initially.

No. 164450

I don't think it's comparable because (assuming you don't buy it from some other website like…Urban Outfitters or whatever) everyone knows about her bullshit. It's all over the internet and one of the first things that pops up on google. You'd have to be straight up stupid to ignore it.

No. 164465

Considering that her customers are also the kind of people that always overbleach their hair, whine about it and then repeat the same stupidy again, it is not surprising.

No. 165319

File: 1440070973671.jpg (985.41 KB, 1608x1536, doe.jpg)

No. 165819


wow, her age started catching up with her. then again, light colored frosted lipstick always ages people.

No. 187715

File: 1443752995374.jpg (53.18 KB, 604x655, limecrime_jsc.jpg)

Jeffree star just released a new line of satin lipsticks and they look a whole lot like Limecrime's lipsticks. Is this a slap to Xenia's face? I'm sure the quality will actually be good.

No. 187719

The colour variety is probably similar but I adore the bullet design!
And the feminine coloured tubes? Literally what other colour would jeffree make his products, amiright.

No. 187721

I honestly love the bullet designs as well. I wish it was more silver with the pink at the bottom, but damn, I'll probably get some of his satin lipsticks if they're as good as his mattes.

No. 192908

File: 1444940948363.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9718.png)

Since tumblr and instagram usually don't allow personal appearance remarks can we take a quick second to talk about how fat Dough is?

This outfit makes me want to punch her in the face.

No. 192909

Love that little gap between the top and skirt to show off her flabby gut. She's dressed like a 5 year old girl whose mommy allowed her to pick her own outfit for the first time

No. 193092

How tall is she? She looks 4'10"

No. 193577

The full body shot reminds me of non-shooped Xiaxue.

No. 193584


She looks a little like Margo here. Christ that outfit is awful. What's up with all the ~alt fashion~ girls on the internet who think that only normalfag fashion requires some kind of actual coordination?

No. 198200

Noticed a familiar tube of lipstick in this buzzfeed video.
Really gworl?

No. 199124

File: 1446502740249.png (996.25 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_2015-11-02-14-16-26…)

She's getting pretty big lately

No. 199167

She's pretty busted.

No. 199370

the thumbnail makes it look like the girl on the left is animorphing into the black girl on the right lmao

No. 199375

Her face is wonky WTF

No. 199528

File: 1446591651895.jpg (257.44 KB, 731x1016, 2vu0bop.jpg)

This bitch has delusions. LC posted this.

No. 199530

Is she a dwarf?

No. 200717

Late but she can't make tacky look good like Shrinkle who has some design sense.

No. 200744

She does look similar to them mainly because of make up. She has a nice face but that personality…

No. 200931

File: 1446831608654.jpg (377.58 KB, 1200x676, venus_sale_slide_1200x676.jpg)

wow, we can finally buy the palette for what it actually costs

No. 200955

Shrinkle wears way too much makeup and sometimes looks like a drag queen, though.

No. 201006

Now the question is who wants to give her money and put that shit on their eyes…

No. 201013

Well, I do have to buy gifts for a couple of fucking moles I don't like….

No. 201044

Love you anon lmfaoooo

No. 201842

>Shrinkle wears way too much makeup and sometimes looks like a drag queen, though.
That's sort of the point anon.

No. 201848

Anon's right. Shrinkle probably wouldn't mind being called a cheap hooker, drag queen or tacky. She aims for it. Hell, she's obsessed with drag queens and even dated one.

Meanwhile on the Planet Xenu - You'll find a chubby woman in her mid-30s trying to emulate the 90s through a teenager's perspective of the 90s in 2015.

No. 204028

has she had a nose job?

No. 204043


Is she not with porcelain anymore??

No. 204062

Oh shit, I just realized she hasn't mentioned him on her IG lately.

No. 206211

I need to know now

No. 206220

This is totally Jillian in five years.

No. 209711

Doe Deere and Venusangelic look alike and both love unicorns.

No. 210939

Does anyone know of any dupes for her shade pigeon?

No. 210941

File: 1449304806942.jpg (57.74 KB, 448x586, NO.JPG)

What the fuck is this outfit?

No. 210942

kek, prob left her because shes a huge asshole scammer

No. 210967

>mac blue brown pigment
>colourpop bae

No. 211006

How is Amy a scammer?

I actually like the top half, but think it would have looked better with flare jeans and boots or something.

No. 211072


that would look SO much better if her hair wasn't purple and she wasn't wearing aqua socks

No. 211805

They're checking out her vagina, I guess.

No. 211871

It's an outfit a tryhard would wear in her 30s if she never got over her teen phase.

No. 222122

i have seen doe deer not to long ago at this store called goodwill

the first thing i noticed when parking a car i saw a white mini cooper with a limecrime sticker on the back of the car and it looked very tacky once i went inside goodwill i immediately noticed doe deer she had very bright violet hair tbh she looked really cute but she does dress out of the ordinary well anyway i noticed that before she left the store with her husband they purchased a second hand toaster and a microwave as well lmao

No. 222135

I'm wondering if they're falling on hard times now that her gaudy bright pastel empire has crumbled. One can dream.

No. 222235

That is the car she drives actually. Sounds like her alright.

No. 222238

File: 1452842403249.jpg (499.84 KB, 1280x4567, life_is_pain.jpg)

>secondhand toaster and microwave

Disgusting. People could have been putting diapers in there.

No. 222241

>TFW you have fresh LC milk that you can't share without outing yourself

No. 222245

this is horrifying

No. 222266

Are you sure it's impossible, anon?

No. 222311


the car is nice but the limecrime sticker on the back of the care made it tacky and trashy
i didn't really pay attention to her car plaques but It might be before she got her custom car plaques
she's really small in height i didn't want to approach her knowing how disgusting of a person she is.

most likely they are going through hard times since they are shopping for second hand appliances

No. 222317

File: 1452898910800.jpg (64.89 KB, 640x641, haus of dough.jpg)

It's possible, but they might also have been looking for tacky retro stuff to blend in with Doe's fucking nightmarish dollhouse.

No. 222332

Omg, this entire thread makes me feel violently ill that people like this exist.

No. 222333

That house makes me uncomfortable. it's so unwelcoming.

No. 222368

Unwelcoming like Doe

No. 222376

It's okay, anon. Think of a way to tailor it to distance yourself from the story. You can also wait a while before posting.

No. 222381

Didn't this guy end up getting cancer from the crappy diapers?

No. 222382

LOL If he did, he did it to himself, if that's possible.

This house could literally kill someone with how garish it is. Someone with gran mal seizures could die if they walked in there with those hideous jarring patterns and shit.

No. 222386

File: 1452918722746.jpg (102.04 KB, 933x592, hypocriticalbitch.jpg)

Why is she such a liar?

No. 222387

File: 1452918898436.jpg (110.81 KB, 929x596, copyingjeffreestar.jpg)

How is she even allowed at IMATS? I love how both Jeffree and Amy (sugarpill) released sparkly red and pink lipsticks and she's riding that trend. Her makeup is shit. why do people give her money? I seriously do not understand.

No. 222400

Idk man people are dumb, everytime I go on /r/makeupaddiction I see a venus II palette look or her dumb velveteen lipsticks being used.

No. 222554

I get why you'd want to smooth out skin, pores etc. for a makeup picture but that picture is so shopped it doesn't even look like human lips. Why would anyone buy a product based on that?

No. 222572

I don't get it either. I don't care for Jeffree star's fanbase of tryhards, but at least his products look as good in person on people as they do in promo photos.

No. 222576

I've been following LC for fucking years and you're killing me, anon. I haven't heart 100% grade A milk since the examiner thread.

I want you to know you've broken my heart.

No. 222578


Anyways, goodwill anon, that's fucking great shit right there. Doh must be a bit retarded. She's paying for some fucking LA home that must cost a few million and she's getting second hand fucking appliances. Did you see the type of microwave and toaster oven. Were they retro or regular looking?

No. 222605

God damnit, I wanna know. IS SHE BROKE AS A JOKE???

Sorry but I love Lime Crime drama.

No. 222687

please find a way to spill that milk!

No. 222778

What could we do to convince you to talk? Or is this just bait?

No. 222924


I should go by the name goodwill anon for now

It was just a regular plain old toaster oven i was honestly disgusted as to who in the right mind would buy a second hand appliance but the thing looked very dirty and rusty

She also seemed to be a bit of a drama queen when using a public restroom at goodwill eather the bathroom was really gross or she just wanted someone to clean it up before she used it because she walked in and then walked out and asked for someone to clean the restroom

No. 222980

I can believe that, not surprised she's a diva

No. 223035

Shit, anon. I'm surprised she didn't ask to clean up the toaster before she left. Even if you're broke, you should be able to buy a toaster for the price of one of her lipsticks.

I'm wondering if she just bought a toaster because she's been said to be insanely cheap.

No. 223063


i was shocked seeing her at the store i though she would buy vintage items but boy was i wrong she went to go buy a rust old toaster oven

by the time they where ready to check out her husband literally smashed the thing on the counter which made lots of heads turn to see where it came from

no one really came up to her or complimented her or anything no one knew who she was haha she was hiding and moving fast place to place as if she was someone famous

if i ever encounter her again ill def be taking pictures this time she must probably live around the are considering the fact that there are many goodwills and she chose to come to this location

the location of the goodwill i saw her in was this following one

19207 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

No. 223072

Delusional cow probably thinks she's famous

No. 223078

Well, I thought she'd be looking for some cute 90s clothes since that's her current trend she's stalking.

Maybe she was hiding because she'll eventually run into a person who screamed at her for the breach. I can't wait till the class action lawsuit is filed against LC.

No. 223113

20$ will get you a toaster at Walmart or Target, but I wouldn't be shocked if she's such a beautiful and unique snowflake that she cannot shop at either of those stores since something something corporate America and somebullshit. Not that Goodwill's business practises are much better lol. But beautiful unique snowflake hipsters don't seem to care about that (something I've noticed having dealt with a few).

No. 223116

I don't get why she'd go to a Goodwill of all places either for a toaster oven. I mean, not only is it gross but from what I've seen, a lot of Goodwill prices are the same as a normal department store's like Macy's. How fucking dumb and cheap is she…

No. 223128


snowflakes gonna snowflake…

No. 223132

I don't get it either. Most decent appliances are even less on Amazon. I got a really good blender for $17+ shipping.

No. 223206

What color is her hair currently? Is it really super nasty and friend? Did her makeup look bad? What was she wearing? Sorry I'm just really curious as to what she looks like on a day to day basis

No. 223398


well the day that i saw her was that she had this violet colored hair she was wearing a dress skirt type of thing that had daisy flowers on them and she rather wearing white heels or white jelly heel shoes

No. 223413

Please tell me her hair was nasty

No. 223606

I could probably find the outfit you're talking about since she's too cheap to buy clothes and constantly reuses the same frumpy trash.

No. 223616

Why is it so hard to find info about Velvetines being made in China when they obviously were at least until the penny lane trio? You can still buy all the shades up to then wholesale in identical packaging (unlike most fakes who have obvious mistakes)

No. 223621

Why are you namefagging? Do you have any milk?

In case you're new, it's etiquette, especially on this particular image board to avoid namefagging unless you bring specific content and anon can address you when asking questions without getting confused.

And to answer your question, it's been established by Amy, from Sugarpill Cosmetics that Xenia, at one point used the same lab as Amy.

Xenia was initially outed for using New Look Cosmetics then admitted to it. She eventually started using the same lab as Sugarpill for some of her cosmetics. It was most likely the Velvetines since they initially had good reviews.

Amy posted a remark about Xenia asking for unethical things from her private label so they refused to work with her. This was probably around the time the Velvetines quality and reviews dropped significantly. It's probably likely she now gets her lipsticks made in China based on inconsistent colors and having non-FDA approved ingredients.

Not sure about the fakes. I've seen some pretty obvious fakes, but the originals are shit too.

No. 223627

u can get them on dhgate for less than $2 yet she's never addressed that issue

No. 223631

LC made a statement about fakes floating around.

No. 223639

i have the velveteen in wicked i purchased to see what the hype was about and since the packaging i thought was cute at the time… it honestly feels like having tar on your lips such a waste of 20 bucks and i didnt think to check on aliexpress

No. 223686

>implying Aliexpress is going to have quality makeup for sale

No. 223689


No. 223706

Don't EVER EVER EVER buy make-up from China!!

No. 224295

….why not? I had a liquid liner from aliexpress that worked well and I didn't have any problems with it besides it wearing out quickly.

No. 224329

I had to tell a friend this and she didn't listen at first thinking that the shit on Aliexpress is the same thing as the Naked palettes on Urban Decay but she finally listened. Friends don't let friends put lead on their faces.

Lime Crime's shit being made in China isn't too hard for me to believe. I've seen how nasty and clumpy that shit gets on "beauty guru" channels on YouTube. Their velveteens sound horrible. They're probably made in the same factory as LA Girl cosmetics. I got one of their matte liquid lipsticks since like HELL I am giving my money to Doe Deere (and I thought it'd be okay quality). The formula was drying, sticky, streaky and gross–just like Lime Crime's quality from what I hear.

No. 224418

Makeup from China had been known to have traces of lead. Lead used to be a common ingredient in make up, it helps it blend better and last longer, but obviously it also killed people slowly.

No. 224440

All lipsticks have traces of lead in them. Some more than others even if they're sold in UK or US stores. Online is obviously no different and I would never get Chinese eyeliner I'm afraid, that sounds a bit too sketchy. I have bought 99p lipstick from China though nonetheless because it was the same shade of LC and I didn't want to give it to her for over 10X the price for the same items from China really.

No. 224441

While that's disgusting and shameful, reporting companies to the BBB doesn't really work. Lime Crime was reported before multiple times until they got an "F" rating but then overnight became a "B-" rating. How that works is: BBB allows you to pay for your company's rating to go back up.
BBB are scum as are the FDA.

No. 224524

>liquid liner
Anon, love yourself. go to sephora and buy real makeup safe for your eyes.

No. 224529

>All lipsticks have traces of lead in them.
Pretty sure that's not true, anon. lol

Fuck, that's awful.

No. 224563

Just because something is made in China doesn't mean it has lead in it HOWEVER you should not be buying makeup from AE or similar places because there's no quality control in place and sellers don't care if they're selling toxic products.
Also any makeup you buy from AE would be shitty quality, if you want cheap shitty makeup go to dollar tree or something

No. 224583

Different anon. You can believe that if you want to lol. Shampoos, lotions, and makeup are a mix of chemicals, some of which have been grandfathered in even if they are deemed dangerous to human health. I haven't done the research on lead but I'm sure there's a lower/trace limit of it that the FDA accepts

No. 224624

I have a fake cashmere and a real one and they are identical lol
only real difference I can tell is that the fake one doesn't smell as strongly of vanilla

No. 224641


The FDA doesn't have any set limit for lead in lipsticks or cosmetics in general.
Lead in colour additives are regulated though.
The FDA approved levels of lead in colour additives are to be no greater than 20 parts per million.
Though, you can still find lipsticks to this day that go over that. Those caught in the act are held responsible obviously.
They allow lead in lipsticks in the first place as it's applied topically and not meant for ingestion and any of it that is ingested is deemed to hold no impact on health.

No. 224998

If they/re made in China, they're 100% not vegan or cruelty-free, because china requires animal testing for cosmetics.

No. 226342

File: 1453833444032.jpg (382.33 KB, 1440x2353, _20160126_133609.JPG)

REEEEEEEEE if any of you are on CoF please tell this bitch what's up

No. 226424

>because china requires animal testing for cosmetics.
Not anymore since last year.

No. 226568


No. 226577

No. 226638

Ewwww I bet her nails are stained to hell and back after using that nail lacquer. I can't imagine it not.

No. 226643


You could buy that exact same colour at any drug store for a fraction of the price from a brand that won't stain your fucking fingernails.
So why bother? Just because the bottle has unicorns on it?

No. 227856

>tell this bitch what's up

Someone just did on BtB's secrets this week, check out #27.

No. 227868

oh stop. I bought a Sephora house brand liquid liner that was like $19 and it dried out in a week. overrated and overpriced shit, sticking to my $2.49 Essence liner pen.

No. 227875

no ones telling you to buy brand named liner,
you just shouldnt be buying makeup from china. just stick to drugstore stuff if you're that frugal.

No. 228254

I know and I'm never buying Chinese makeup online again after reading some horror stories and shit. (also Essence is a drugstore brand sorry if that wasn't clear in my previous post)

No. 244502

She's taken to hawking her shit on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Lime%20Crime&page=1&rh=n%3A3760911
Sold by her but guaranteed by Amazon. All the reviews are pretty positive but they seem fairly the same so it feels sketch. The one 3 star review had a disclaimer that she received a discount in order to post an honest review

No. 244565

This. I'm the cheapest fuck ever so I get it but don't buy makeup from China. This is a country that cooks with sewage oil.

No. 244615

She's also getting rid of the unicorn lipsticks. You know, the shit that started her company. Freaking fickle Doh, can't even improve her brand's most recognizable product.

I can't wait to hear all the horror stories of dumb pastel tumblr trend teenagers complaining about how Lime Crime's upcoming hair dye ruined their hair.

No. 244623

This is so embarrassing, but for a New York minute there I thought "Doe Deere" was a sarcastic nickname for Felice Fawn.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 244691

She had glitter pots on amazon too, the original controversial product. Wonder if they're 'old stock'

No. 248581

i really love how she's getting rid of the product that made her company and trying to hawk neutral peach lipstick after bashing cosmetics industry for nothaving enough brightly colored products. ride the tumblr train, moo deere.

No. 248663

File: 1457934226571.jpg (99.66 KB, 810x575, enjoy-your-baldpatch.jpg)

How is she even legally able to make hairdye? And why would anyone buy her shit? There's already brands like Manic Panic, Special FX and other well known names that dominate the market. Manic has been vegan for years and actually won't damage your hair. I would never trust anything Doe puts out.

No. 248666

>my golden standard
sure thing, Dough.

No. 248683

It seems like she just does shit illegally until the FDA writes her letters about using unsafe ingredients and she claims it's a "packaging error"

No. 248807

She's such a damn liar. SHe knows nothing about her or hairdye. I would never trust any hair product she puts out.

No. 248809

Sephora brand ANYTHING is garbage. Stila, Urban Decay, and Kat Von D have great liquid liner pens if you're gonna go the highend route.

No. 248816

As a junkie of high end brands, Stila has one of the best liquid eyeliners. It lasts forever and creates a steady line.

What's her name from Paramour…Haley something is doing her own line of dye. I'd think that people looking for quirky labels and novelty would go with a pop/rock artist with proper label backing than a kitchen mica scammer. However, LC fans have no sense of self control or standards to even care.

No. 248867

Urban Decay, KVD and Too faced are the only brands I buy and have never done me wrong. I don't see the point in buying Sephora brand when there's so much good shit out there with better pigment and lasting products worth the money.

No. 248874

mah nigga anon, those are the only 3 brands I use too and honestly you can get ALL you need just from those 3!

No. 248878

The Sephora brand made a few winners though. Their Disney Princess, Hello Kitty and Jem and the Holograms collections were great. Their other Sephora brand eyeshadow and blush? Garbage.

No. 248881

File: 1457982986082.jpg (29.1 KB, 540x359, 11863467_10153296719557529_475…)

Great taste, anon. I completely agree.

No. 248899

Part of me wants to use some of her hair dye on a mannequin head to see just how bad it is, but that other part of me refuses to give her money.

No. 249091


Their liquid matte lipsticks are really good actually, they're one of the only ones that aren't incredibly drying

No. 249413

going to dye laughing when some girl's hair falls out. Hopefully she will make obnoxious obvious colors so we can recognize LC lovers in real life and avoid them

No. 249415

Someone from NY please apply to do this

No. 249419

Why is she still allowed into IMATS? It's mind boggling. I tend to work all shows at the Javits center, so I might actually see her fat ass there.

>Bubbly attitude: "Hey mama! How can I help you?"

what the fuck.

No. 249423

File: 1458106528584.jpg (24.37 KB, 736x614, 55b0affc368a3cfe2a265cf0761f8b…)

>dye laughing

No. 249758

File: 1458197307559.jpg (101.05 KB, 924x594, nicetry-dough.jpg)


No. 251423

I wish I was able to attend the IMATS here in LA. Does Deer was there and I would have loved to give her a piece of my mind.

No. 251496

Damn. Gotta love him for something…

No. 251532

Because retards buy her products. Either retards who haven't realized how tacky the pastel tumblr trend is or people who just don't know any better. Wasn't the petition to keep Xenia from IMATS signed by 10k after the breach? IMATS defended LC and LC did pretty well at the show.

No. 290510

Did Limecrime get rid of Doe? Are their products any better? Genuinely curious…

No. 290523

LC is Dough's baby, so no she's not gone and no it's not better.

No. 290592

>andy sixx
You mean the singer of the black veil brides?
I know someone who said she was sisters with a girl that dated andy sixx for a while. (never looked it up to confirm if its true but I'm sure its possible) What a small world.

No. 290812

People saw her buying cheap microwave or toaster and she was looking trashy.
Things don't go well for her, as it seems.

No. 290993

Well indie brands such as Jeffree Star and LC make a lot of money, but their owners seem to think they're billionaire celebrities instead of well off business owners. Recently came out that JS leases his expensive car and Xenia's expensive home is probably barely being paid for by Xenia doing things like buying used toasters. Funny thing is that LC looks like it's tanking big time. The PR company they hired probably advised Xenia to get herself off of the company's image because of the drama creates so she doesn't post selfies on LC a portion as much as she used to. LC's PR company also seems to push reviews out and google loads your feed LC directed links and stock when you try to google for swatches. Must have been expensive, but it seems that LC is dead. I tried googling swatches of those horrid "Superfoils" but they were mostly LC links to their website and social media. I figure the product is garbage and no one is buying them and so will a lot of potential new customers.

No. 291151

…….. I can't stand xenia or jeffrey, this is such typical drama from them. That's an extremely common shade of pink. That's like, probably one of the all-time most popular shades of pink for lipstick to be, throughout history. What fucking gives?

No. 291153

So god damn petty. I'm pretty sure Kat Von D was hinting at him being jealous of Doe's success with her line in that recent video, which is no surprise. He started his brand out of spite.

No. 291268

Lime crime seem to be doing pretty well considering how shitty the company is run.
Embarrassingly im wearing a couple of the superfoils today and they're surprisingly good products.
Doe Deere seems to have distanced herself from the pr of the company enirely though, she's never at their convention stands anymore and doesn't post selfies in her products which could be a red flag for her part in the running of her brand.

No. 291358

My superfoils are fucking awesome. Really surprised how good they are.

No. 291649

I've sometimes seen Dough coming into my work and whenever she comes out of the bathroom it smells like a milky diarrhea for like three hours.

No. 291663

You better check that shit, doe could put plutonium in there.

No. 291758

He's a smug faggot tbh. His products aren't anything special. Rather spend my money on Urban decay, KVD and toofaced.

No. 291909

I was just watching one of Kelly Eden's YouTube videos and she says she's been best friends with Doe for years. I respect her fake ass even less now.

No. 300832


oh man, i hate Joffrey so much. he's messier than Doe tbh, can we make a thread about him? i wanted to but i'm not sure if he's enough of a cow.

No. 300833


There's one in /snow/

No. 300834


thanks m8

No. 300883

File: 1474131320710.gif (162.97 KB, 220x167, raw.gif)

>can we make a thread about joffrey
>i wanted to
lurk more.

No. 301330

holy fuck that face is fucking huge
she's like the moon emoji

No. 301450

Looks like Katya Zamo after meth tbh

No. 301488

technically katya's always gonna be 'after meth'. also that's quite the insult to katya

No. 301656

nice blog post

No. 301661

>1 year ago
>doesn't even sage

No. 303166

File: 1475538771876.jpg (82.58 KB, 612x960, 14572358_10155390019978636_470…)

Doe is back! And this time she's sending out products with mold/ rust in it, while customer service is saying its 100% fine and even deleting any comments about it on FB.


No. 303168

File: 1475538894488.png (634.69 KB, 599x592, sf4.png)

Claiming that its just water in the pigments, despite the marks being very green/ brown.

No. 303185


why the fuck are people still buying her shit? Is it because of stephanie nicole giving her lipsticks good reviews or something?

No. 303395


Jeezus fuck, how/where does she store her product if this is the condition they arrive in?

No. 303432

Looks like rust from the metal in the compact. Totally safe to put on your eyes.

No. 303494

I can't people who brown nose this bitch.
She praises Lime Crime despite the assorted history, denying all facts presented to her. All the while bagging JS.
Sure JS is major douche but so is Doe, they are both as bad each other, both with shitty products.

No. 303567

I wonder, because about the 6th result on Google when you search "lime crime" (after the official website links and such) is an article titled "Why Lime Crime Is the Most Hated Beauty Company on the Internet" Like, it doesn't take much research to find shit on this company. I expect better from Stephanie. She usually knows her stuff.

No. 303588

Ohhhh, but that's just a huge hater campaign!

No. 303752

Basically the glycerin in the product draws in moisture and causes the pan to rust and/or mould.
Because I love rubbing mould into my eyeballs.

No. 304108

Well unforeseen circumstances happen, but as always, LC makes a bad situation into something illegal. Her morons at Customer Service are telling customers it's fine, just guessing at the problem even though their only qualifications are how to apply make up poorly. They are making shit up to justify mold and rust that's being applied to one of the areas most sensitive in the body.

No. 304174

eew. the sickly pink packaging and general ickiness of the product makes it remind me of an old my little pony from your childhood that you found in the garden that one day you came back home to help your parents do landscaping projects.
Are there any good alternatives to this product? it seems like a cool idea, but i'm very allergic to mold and don't want to put that stuff on my eyes.
sage cos this is more a general dupe question.

No. 304185


Apply holo pigments with a foiling medium:

>simply mix glycerin with water in a 1 to 3 ratio. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything easily available and eye-safe that you can add to prevent bacterial growth, so it’s best to mix it fresh (I just mix one drop of glycerin with three drops of water on a piece of foil using the brush I’m using for the eyeshadow, but if you want to store it, it should last at least a week).

Hey, it's a DIY and one of no doubt many warnings Doe would've stumbled upon if she gave a fuck.

No. 304186

What the fuck, gross! This just looks like baked eyeshadow. There's a ton of alternatives for this shit like BH Cosmetics.

No. 304355

Cheers. I'm not scared to do a DIY. The worst that can happen is a mess.

I dunno the swatches on her site on a person looked pretty shiny and different. Ofc she's been known to photoshop everything so there's that.

No. 304366

A woman got her superfoil tested in a lab and the material found was rust, not mold. Not saying it's any less dangerous. Rust is toxic and could potentially damage your eyes.

No. 304372

Now that the lab test results are out, hope Doe gets her pasty ass fined/sued

No. 304548


Was that stephanie nicole? Based on the comments section of her salty meme instagram post, I'm assuming her and doe had some issues regarding the super foil issue.

No. 304555

Dunno. Read it on instagram. So wasn't Stephanie Nicole the one who LOVED Lime Crime? What was the meme?

No. 304566


Yup. Bas ed on the comment section, it seemed like they had some type of disagreement with each other over the foil issue.

No. 304571

Bitch you are fucking dumb to compare high end western products to korean products. Korean products have good quality AND are cheap, if you wanna keep using high end, sure, but korean products are legit, the cute packaging is just a bonus.

No. 304573

I hope she makes a video about it, I always liked Stephanie but hated that she stabbed for LC. hopefully this means she's realized how shitty the company is.

>>304571 that commend is 1 year old, calm down.

No. 304580


I went back and re-read through the comment section and I think I was mistaken… she may have been referring to the beauty investigater instagram? It's difficult to tell atm.

No. 304824

I'm a little confused. So Doe makes a product that…yknow, contains water, which inevitably is going to cause the pan to rust if it's not treated with something or waterproofed in some way. Then the rust is going to get into the shadows which people are going to notice and question, and her CS is just going to straight up lie and say it's fine when they have no idea what it is. When it's literally rust, like people are rubbing rust onto their lids, which could cause abrasions, infections, shit, even fucking tetanus if those pans or shadows are especially dirty. Meanwhile Doe is just gonna block and delete comments on IG and try to weather yet another shitstorm when people's health is on the line, giving absolutely no fucks when it's been proven to be rust, and just pray nothing comes of it? Lmao. I seriously can't understand her logic here. It's going to blow up like it always does, she's so fucking stupid, and her bitch ass will be lucky if she doesn't get sued. Her dumbass fans will still love LC for whatever reason, she just needs to be professional for once and issue a warning about the superfoils. Just stop being shady and cutting corners and you won't lose money and business you dumb cunt.

No. 304886

She earns enough money to not be concerned with this shit. i Worked on woman who also developed shitty products and sold it for unreasonable price. She didn't care as long as money were coming. Deleting comments, blocking people was the only measurement her feeble mind could came up with. It's just mentality of dumb slavic girl who grew up around people with soviet mentality.

No. 305122

>she's a dick because she's just a dumb Slav!
Are you hearing yourself? No, she's a dick because she's a shitty person. Her ethnicity has fuck all to do with it.

No. 305182

You can't comprehend the text. Her kind of dumb is typical among dumb slav cunts.

No. 307481

File: 1476956144346.png (2.23 MB, 1360x1916, Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 11.3…)

Well, this just happened.

No. 307482

Beautybay? Never heard of it. Meh. As long as she never gets into Sephora.

No. 307485

Lime Crime lasted less than a month at Sephora back in 2014. After the shit they got for it the first time around, and with the unconventional color/liquid matte markets so full of better and more popular products these days, Sephora would never let Doe slither back in.

No. 307494

Beautybay is a European online retailer, stocks a lot of the same things you can find in Sephora since many EU countries don't have Sephoras.

No. 307507

Oh i see. Well you guys better get to spammin their emails with all of Doe's controversies… That's what people did with Sephora and it actually worked. Are they really selling their foils through beautybay?

No. 307543

Beauty Bay just sounds like some Taiwanese beauty outlet

No. 307568

I honestly read that as "Notoriously bad" instead of "notoriously bold." Which would be far more accurate given her made in China quality and current molding problem.

No. 315792

So some ig/yt famous girl with huge baboon lips who modeled for Lime Crime made this video about her experiences working with the company and why she doesn't support them anymore. What do you guys think of this? I'm all for anything that bashes doe and lime crime but it seems like she only made this because she was butthurt Doe didn't hire her as their graphic designer kek

No. 316122


Her lips.

No. 316548

Yes I agreed until one of their workers tried to pay her with weed.
That's when I agreed with this girl completely. You can't try to pay people with weed, what is this shit?
They are clearly unprofessional, have their shit messed up and I doubt the weed girl got fired.

No. 403888

File: 1498782749258.png (359.52 KB, 824x200, 1p6696f.png)

The pics for the new hair dye are photoshopped. Check the bit of fringe, it's one wig for all the different color variants.

Dumping comparison gifs too.

No. 403893

File: 1498783017359.gif (1.77 MB, 560x560, gSSeavQ.gif)

No. 403894

File: 1498783066152.gif (1.89 MB, 560x560, Hq09oqs.gif)

No. 403895

File: 1498783119540.gif (1.9 MB, 560x560, CN8HDTc.gif)

No. 403899

any recent reviews of hair being ruined?

No. 403904

Photoshop doesn't surprise me at all, she's been doing that since she first started, and she still hasn't learned.

No. 403915

Most hair dye companies photoshop their result pics to get people to buy them lol

No. 403936

i mean,… yeah, not to defend limecrime or whatver but literally every pharmacy hair dye has the same model with her hair photoshopped the colour in the box….

No. 403941

I've been waiting for this, honestly. I can't wait for there to be heavy metals or something horrible in it.

No. 404031

You know she may have just tapped into a good market. Girls stupid enough to dye their hair at home on their own with shitty box dye = big money

And yeah I know a lot of farmers do this but it really isn't smart. You'll end up with straw hair either way but at least having a professional do it minimizes the damage

No. 404034

I fucking hate the articles they had written or paid to have written about it. "SO easy, even I could do it!!"
Well, no shit.its not hard to direct deposit dye.

This shit fades so fast. I've seen many girls have it and three days later their hair is faded completely. It's trash.

No. 404035

its a semi-permanent temporary dye, it doesn't have bleach or anything in it. most colored dye like this (arctic fox, manic panic, directions) is semi-permanent, which don't cause damage and often also condition your hair.

but this stuff is still shit as >>404034 said. those that i have seen that used it, it's pretty much washed out the next time they wash their hair. another shitty product in her already shitty product line to sell to idiots.

No. 404068

Weird that I came here and she's being brought up after several months. I've been seeing her name being dragged again recently. Who are you that you're still buying her shit? And isn't that Dasha in that ad?

No. 404085

File: 1498815494530.png (2.21 MB, 1868x1048, asdfgh.png)

well this makes me sad

No. 404094


Why does this make you sad?
I'm so happy to see creepy chan again.

No. 404095

because limecrime, i imagine.

No. 404507

I like Creepy Chan too, but to have sunk to these depths. .

No. 404547

>mermaid campaign
>sunk to these depths
oh anon

No. 405162

My friend's sister bought a handmade dress from her (pre- Lime Crime), and it was really unprofessional and falling apart etc. When she tried to talk to Xenia/Doe about it, X/D attacked her instead and was really abusive even though she was the one that sold someone a really shitty quality dress? Seems typical behaviour from her TBH. I rarely boycott cosmetic brands but I'm staying away from LC for ~reasons~.

No. 405163


Oh wow! I remember her from the GetOffMySpace days (LJ community).

No. 405455


"My friend's sister" get real. You read this online like everyone else. Not WK but that was well over ten years ago.

No. 409029


Nope, sorry, it was my friend's sister. Not going to name names on this board, but if you dig some dirt on Doe Deer you'll find the story easily enough.

No. 409036

File: 1499674619486.png (15.56 KB, 443x332, 5B335A32-9A25-4F4B-B410-E37786…)

Thanks for bumping the thread, asshole.

No. 414667

I can't believe limecrime is still going… Why..??

No. 478895

File: 1514763244538.jpg (1.48 MB, 1944x2592, 15147631970081799644223.jpg)

So uh I found this at my local Ulta. 34 bucks for a palette that looks like a cheap Chinese dollar store kids toy.