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File: 1684193788202.png (1.14 MB, 787x1168, lurchkunwatottemokawaii.png)

No. 914378

Due to character limit issues, summaries, recaps and links will be posted in the thread itself.

Remember to visit https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting; anyone failing to do so will be exiled to The Hovel to think about what they've done. Each miserable, grimy plushie in Luna's pile contains the eternally tormented soul of an anon who forgot to sage.

Previous Thread: >>902161
Image Credit: >>909702

No. 914379

The Basics:

>Luna is a 27 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”

>Claims to have overdosed 9 times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

No. 914380

Historical Milk:

>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. The gruesome twosome was soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove Luna’s mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

No. 914381

Sex Worker Saga:

>Embarked on a “sex work” career, taking filthy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more like an actual corpse in every photo, also sells pre-made videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829

>One anon leaks a “commission” video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Her dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off, one of her lowest points to date >>758647
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her sex work twitter account >>761016
>Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775 , >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “Lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” videos that they bought but didn’t leak at the time >>811491 , >>811554

No. 914382

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:


>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets disconnected and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as her “landlord” despite admitting on Facebook that they’re not there legally >>813209 , >>813354
>The apartment door lock breaks, Luna and Lurch build sad little barricades (the most notable being the busted pink gaming chair, RIP, gone too soon) >>816475 , >>815981
>The cops pay them a visit and find drugs, drug paraphernalia and a knife >>813338
>Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 , >>822424 , >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the regular, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718 , >>822657 , >>823499 , >>823823 , >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober despite still taking fucking Xanax >>824858 , >>825465 , >>827008 , >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses and is allegedly “dying” >>825466 , >>825993 , >>826190
>Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimulus checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by their neighbour’s pitbulls (totally not while stealing or anything) >>831109

No. 914383

Assault Saga:

>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building, anons bicker over whether she’s telling the truth or not >>840784 , >>840941

>Reports the rape to the police who take the allegation seriously >>841832
>Police then pivot to not entirely believing her rape story, suspect her of submitting a falsified statement >>843957
>Luna gets admitted to the psych ward, calls it the “worst day of her life” but doesn’t explain why, still manages to post unsettling selfies featuring EKG stickers >>846413 , >>846458
>One theory is that she lost her shit when she took all of her Klonopin and the doctor wouldn’t give her more >>847120

No. 914384

Recent Dairy-Free Milk Alternative:

>Still struggling with both the English language and her addiction to shoplifting >>906466 , >>910492

>Still out of her mind 24/7 on a cocktail of psychiatric medication, weed and likely heroin/fentanyl >>909696 , >>913780
>Still spending money as wisely as ever >>906424 , >>913061
>Still (very occasionally) posting the same art we have been seeing for years >>902179 , >>913057
>Luna does not take kindly to the recovery program she is attending, nor the 'rude-ass bitch' of a counsellor running it, though bravely toughs it out in order to get free pills >>902182 , >>906479 , >>908830
>Psychiatric diagnoses are posted publicly (as well as physically posted up to the wall) to remind everyone, including herself, that Luna is still the sickest, most unfortunate waif in all the land >>906405 , >>911218
>Lurch keeps on Lurching >>906663 , >>906712
>Recovery program clearly having no positive effect, Luna goes for yet another stay in an inpatient facility (read: detox) which, in a shocking twist, also has no positive effect >>906536 , >>908148
>The restrictive eating disorder LARP continues in full force, despite Luna only seeming to gain more weight in each successive selfie posted >>908187 , >>911183
>A neighbour is far too 'mentally i'll' for Luna's aesthetic, is complained about thrice and then seemingly forgotten >>908651 , >>908693 , >>909280
>Luna gives the rest of the contestants for 'Tumblr's Most Entitled Microblogger' a run for their money with her 'desires' for 2023 (No need to make the more traditional resolutions when one is already perfect) >>908691
>Breaks up with Bitch Counsellor, perhaps after an attempt to hold her mildly accountable for her own actions for once, but still finds a way to stay doped up on pills all the time despite >>910248
>Luna's main priority as she turns 27 is getting her nails done (though lashes, admittedly, would've made it perfect) >>912723
>For those wondering what Luna looked like in middle/high school, Yearbook Anon sheds some light >>912794
>The (self-reported) fentanyl OD count jumps from 5 to 9, in the form of a Facebook humblebrag >>912916
>Luna dips her toes back into sex work, equating her naked body's worth to roughly that of a 15% discounted Juicy Couture necklace >>913722 , >>913792
>A particularly upsetting photgraph of Luna is posted to Tumblr, posing the age-old question, 'who likes big asses?' (the answer being lots of people, just not hers) >>913793

No. 914385

No. 914387

File: 1684195700315.jpg (256.98 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230512_113525_Gal…)

No. 914388

File: 1684195735635.jpg (213.05 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230512_113521_Gal…)

No. 914389

File: 1684195998306.jpg (66.88 KB, 540x759, Screenshot_20230515_171222_Sam…)

No. 914390

File: 1684196024429.jpg (374.51 KB, 1075x3941, Screenshot_20230515_171309_Sam…)

No. 914391

File: 1684196075133.jpg (211.45 KB, 1080x1269, Screenshot_20230515_171410_Sam…)

No. 914392

File: 1684196155669.jpg (80.73 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20230515_171709_Red…)

No. 914393

File: 1684197205247.jpeg (150.24 KB, 828x1250, 9BE27FF8-3645-4F4C-A8D9-8993A2…)

great recap OP!! here to deliver some (soy)milk from lurch… he dropped the info that in 2021 him and luna were buying carvel cakes… no wonder shes blown up so much. he's also responding to tons of women who tweet about the yankees, including some old ladies feet pics!! and luna has been liking his tweets by the handful, meaning shes aware of this all going on!

No. 914394

File: 1684197347651.jpeg (97.82 KB, 828x836, 64FD4D39-4E29-49E6-812A-02A778…)

this literally cracked me up so hard that i cried. gave me flashbacks to last september when she went to detox and he was sending (to likely a bot account) money to this foot fetish account. he is literally the shining star of lunas threads.

No. 914395

File: 1684197576773.jpeg (77.45 KB, 828x809, FFD6B4FD-072D-46FA-983F-E992FC…)

hes such a reply guy, this one cracked me up too. he seems to have so much more life and intelligence in him than luna. i wonder if its the adderall that its speculated he gets or what. his twitter is a goldmine if you can skim through all the baseball stuff. im glad the OP image includes him this thread.

No. 914401

goregous woman even without makup..
pretty freckles
u r cute my love(are you lost)

No. 914403

File: 1684240931528.jpeg (474.56 KB, 1290x2015, 9B87E98E-45CD-4864-85D1-79006C…)

No. 914404

File: 1684241025826.jpeg (332.48 KB, 1290x2021, 5B6BE442-8182-415A-B012-84491E…)

tuna the dumpster diver

No. 914407

File: 1684247141210.png (15.99 KB, 1080x430, tumblr1.png)

No. 914408

File: 1684247178468.png (41.65 KB, 1080x822, tumblr2.png)

No. 914413

Of course she only loves him now that he’s giving her free stuff, Luna the grifter

No. 914415

>i stopped wearing makeup
>full face of makeup
who does she think shes fooling?

No. 914416

if you feel like killing yourself over makeup, maybe you should

take take take take take

No. 914468

File: 1684372681213.jpg (206.69 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230517_181846_Gal…)

No. 914469

File: 1684372702887.jpg (206.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230517_181825_Gal…)

No. 914470

File: 1684374846836.jpg (Spoiler Image,459.67 KB, 1080x3666, Screenshot_20230517_185500_Sam…)

No. 914471

File: 1684374870573.jpg (128.13 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20230517_182046_Sam…)

No. 914473

The fucking state of those socks

No. 914474

She's so fucking disgusting and she shamelessly inflicts her horrendous body on the world for no reason.

No. 914476

I usually hate to nitpick on a woman's body, but jesus she looks so filthy and unwell.

No. 914478

she just stole these from the outside of a flowershop and put them in the trash so she could pretend she 'found them' but if she had any brains she would just pretend lurch 'found them' for her
she has to be purposefully making herself look this bad. theres no other way. she filters the shit out of her face but lets THIS slide

No. 914484

Roses thrown away in a bucket? I agree with >>914478

No. 914485

My boyfriend just said Luna's ass is sexy cuz it's bigger and curvier than mine lmao??

No. 914486

Why would you
A, show your bf Luna's ass
B, post that here expecting sympathy or something

No. 914488

Tuna self posting kek. Go wash your 2 pairs of underwear you own and steal some socks(hi cow)

No. 914489

He's got a point, I don't even have to full-size the picture and I can see like, 530 "curves"

Eyyyyyyyy, Lymphedema!

No. 914491

underrated comment

No. 914495

Dump him.

No. 914496

sorry about your ugly ass anon

No. 914500

It literally looks like a dingy grocery bag filled with chunky cat vomit please be joking

No. 914501

File: 1684451912881.jpeg (10.78 KB, 220x184, IMG_0382.jpeg)

here you go

No. 914511

Weird that this one would get redtext but not the other

No. 914536

File: 1684529761581.png (83.98 KB, 504x405, dead inside.png)

Those are some dead eyes

No. 914577

I fucking hate that thing she does with her crusty lips in an attempt to make them look bigger. It’s a typical lipless white girl move, Shayna does it too, it just makes them look retarded

No. 914579

File: 1684641104880.jpeg (144.1 KB, 828x1300, IMG_5979.jpeg)

not Pumpkin

No. 914580

That's ebil dad's cat, Mr Spankey

No. 914587

Please tuba dye your hair already. It’s seriously so ugly right now it’s so hard to look at her. Even harder than usual.

No. 914613

Is that a bandaid stuck on the corner of the TV? Kek. Just junkie things.

No. 914631

Kek buy also thats not her house. That's far too nice and it seems like she lived in a single gross dirty room

No. 914632

I wonder if Luna ever posted pictures of her bare feet, ideally tops and bottoms? Does anyone here archive her porn pics? And if they could post pics of her bare feet, especially the bottoms… I feel like her feet would be nice. the stuff with her boyfriend wasn’t particularly sexy but I wonder if they’d do better if Luna made her boyfriend her sub slut and she became a foot girl domme. Literally put a collar and tight leash on her bf and make him smell and worship her feet with the camera pointed at her soles…sexy stuff and he’s into feet so he’d enjoy it. Please can someone post pictures of Lima’s feet thanks.(worthless foot scrote)

No. 914654

can’t believe farmhands are domming this scrote for free kek

No. 914674

lurch? did you get lost on your way to granny twitter?

No. 914685

File: 1684855090945.jpg (171.8 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230523_081931_Gal…)

No. 914686

how the fuck does she have three hair colors and three different haircuts all at once

No. 914691

nonnie i actually chuckled

No. 914694

she stretched that ponytail out so it would feel big on her dainty lil wrist and not cut off circulation kek

No. 914698

Gives me morning sickness looking at that

No. 914699

I know this is Luna's go-to pose to try to hide her absolute girth for her ana larp but you'd think someone who does nothing but take pictures of themself every single day would at least have a rolodex of different poses. If it's not this it's heavily edited face shots or look at muh self harm and tattoos. It's just so bleak that the only progression that's ever in her pictures are when she finally decides to wash the clothes she's been wearing for weeks at a time.

No. 914715

That's why her hair's so fried, it's where she keeps her bpd

No. 914779

underrated comment

No. 914783

Didn't she claim to be a natural auburn redhead at one point? Nothing wrong with boring brown but that's a boring brown.

No. 914818

I am an addict (like her). I'm currently relapsing after being sober for almost 4 months. Shit sucks I used to takw 8mg Xanax every day and a shitload of meth. Honestly guys, don't get yourselved into meth or heroin, it's impossible to get off of…Addiction is truly for life and takes many years and relapses to truly beat.At the very least I am thinner than Luna and able to hold down a job,…(not your personal blog)

No. 914820

And if anyone is wondering - meth ruined my life. The problem with meth is that it's just fucking amazing(no1curr)

No. 914828

i wish she would post something. even lurch is tweeting most days, nothing interesting just baseball shit, but something at least. what does she even do nowadays!? just sit around sedentary in a coma? any snapchat updates ? not gonna lie i miss her dirty haul pics, fake nails, bad art, and dirty selfies. shes comatose.

No. 914833

I’m conflicted- on one hand I’m with the anon who said she probably realized just how bad her life is in the dorm room and is sober enough to be embarrassed and realize how bad it is that everything has been documented and picked apart for years, and doesn’t want to broadcast her current situation as a result. She doesn’t have a way to spin it because she can’t even spin it for herself. On the other hand, I think there’s a chance she did make another blog or something that she locked down decently because she’s incapable of not having a presence online

No. 914896

File: 1685151542591.jpeg (83.1 KB, 828x702, 38B2C015-7E92-4CF4-94D4-167420…)

>i used to go to the cape multiple times a year
i really want to know more about lurchs past, i cant tell if hes always bullshitting or actually grew up on the middle class side? when he doxxed his mother/childhood home last year i looked up the house and looked like normal middle class suburbia. i would really love to understand his fall from grace.

No. 914897

File: 1685151690971.jpeg (88.54 KB, 828x1040, CF114380-A6B7-4A0C-92EB-821C19…)

lurch, broadway aficionado

No. 914931

File: 1685212404826.jpeg (236.91 KB, 1290x2604, 1C482AD1-03B4-4865-B394-4931FD…)

No. 914934

The rise of Lurch as a more interesting cow has to be one of the most fun things to happen on /pt/ in a long time

No. 914935

Why is she so rude for no reason, someone asked a question what's wrong Tuna?
God I wish he would go on a twitter rampage again, it's like a side character from a show that suddenly gets a backstory kek.

No. 914936

dont worry, i'm the main lurchposter in this thread (and during his manic rampage last september) and i will always cap anything interesting that he posts. every 20 baseball tweets or so he drops some backstory in the replies to random women who post about the yankees.

No. 914937

Yeah I can see you're the most obsessed one. Nta.

No. 914939

Upper arms the size of a grown mans torso.(learn2sage)

No. 914947

We are all autists here. Don't thrown stones in glass houses.

No. 914948

We are all autists here. Don't thrown stones in glass houses.

No. 914949

kek Luna is such a consumer. Can't wait for her to start blackfacing in Fenty makeup because she keeps seeing ads for it online.

No. 914953

These are the wisest words that will ever be posted on this site

No. 914958

File: 1685294673942.jpg (186.66 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230528_102555_Gal…)

No. 914959

the filters make her look even more scary and uncanny. she looks bigger than ever too.

No. 914960

Sexy Luna. Such a hot girl summer look! Ready for the beach

No. 914961

That looks like the train stop for the New Haven train going into Grand Central from New Rochelle. She's on the way to Brighton beach here. Cute look.

No. 914962

File: 1685299280529.jpeg (277.87 KB, 1125x2207, DFC161D7-CA73-45DB-8E90-7AA7A0…)

Holy shit she looks like she's having a hairdye reaction

No. 914975

Everything on and in her face is crooked.

Get help.

No. 914976

no it does kinda look like the roof of one of those train shelters. they're not crazy.

No. 914978

this anon needs help because she's a schizo stalker and posting about it, you probably do too if you thought this was nitpicking about the exact type of structure above tuna

No. 914979


Low key I would love to read his autobiography. He's an odd specimen even for a moid.

No. 914986

Orrrr they're locals who recognized her surroundings. Kek. It's pretty useless information but not schizo-worthy.

No. 914987

File: 1685372852528.jpg (197.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230529_080854_Gal…)

No. 914988

what surroundings could they recognize from this picture kek? is there only one tree in new york?

No. 914991

All glammed up, I wonder where she's going? Is she inside a limo? Can anyone recognize this car?(sage your autism)

No. 914993

a limo lmao anon it will be an uber for an easily walkable distance

No. 914997

shes not going to reply to you fakeboi

No. 914999

Is she using a new filter or something because her head shape in the last few pics is scary

No. 915001

how am i fakeboi for pointing out that theres nothing recognizable about the surroundings in the picture she posted? she was probably on her way to rite aid to steal cheap cosmetics.

No. 915002

the pink circle in the bottom left corner is the filter shes using. its the same one she always uses

No. 915007

If you're not a local you can't say its not identifiable. Maybe that's the standard design roof for the area of town anon suggested. She's not weird doe recognising something Luna posts publicly.

No. 915010

youre right. im sure there's only 1 spot in all of new york with a metal roof like that. she's clearly taking the train to grand central and on her way to the beach as the local said here >>914961. no bullshit whatsoever

No. 915011

You're taking this awfully hard aren't ya. Go touch grass, triggered anon.
Her face looks so bloated and her eyes are … doing something. She must be absolutely pickled with all of the pills she takes.

No. 915012

she looks much better without the fake eyelashes. i wish she would fully wash off her makeup though, thats been a bad habit of hers since the early threads. i guess drugs make you have like the opposite effect of sensory issues, can she not feel all the goop? shes definitely pickled as >>915011 said. i'm sure she doesn't even realize how cringey her selfies are.

No. 915017

Pretty sure all the MTA stops look the same nonny except for buildings and whatever is in that surrounding area. I ride it pretty frequently and I always hope to run into her.
She looked thinner for what like a month? and for it might not have even been weightloss just weird angles or filters. If she got on welbutrin she could lose weight and stop smoking but it wont make her euphoric…

No. 915020

You can get euphoria abusing Wellbutrin, but that's irrelevant since Tuba ain't even on it

No. 915034

its just painful how gullible nonnies itt are.

No. 915044

File: 1685494863949.jpg (66.75 KB, 1002x614, Screenshot_20230530-185854_Bra…)

She looks like ADF aka Phil Vincent Haskins-Delici, a lolcow notorious for being so potato-derp-retard faced he can easily be identified even when wearing a balaclava. I'm dying.

No. 915060

post your face then you shitass ugly bitch. she doesnt look like that person at all, Luna is beautiful and cool, what's so cool abouy you, you lil bitch? Y'all just hating her cuz shes a drug addict… What have u done with your life tho dumbass bitch? At least Luna is talented and has a boyfriend, you're a fucking nothing, piece of shit, no man will ever want u hoe!!(shit bait)

No. 915062

File: 1685560555638.jpeg (585.35 KB, 1280x1707, 18CFEFD9-2543-4B0D-87BD-C3672F…)

luna does look like adf though with the swollen face and downturned eyes >>915044 was right

No. 915063

You're right about one thing- it takes some serious talent for Tuba to be so ugly and annoying and gross and still keep farmers' attention. I mean damn, we're still rofling for years

No. 915092

Luna please come back, the baiting is starting again.

No. 915099


looks kinda like if adf had a baby with kanadajin3 or syd the sloth

No. 915123

File: 1685709519110.jpg (147.19 KB, 1080x2175, Screenshot_20230602_053936_Gal…)

No. 915125

File: 1685709640421.jpg (156.8 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230602_054132_Gal…)

No. 915126

File: 1685709710122.jpg (196.49 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230602_054315_Gal…)

No. 915127

jumpscare. nice to see her pupils normal sized for maybe the first time ever though, im so used to her having pins.

No. 915129

Is this crusty bitch trying on rings at a jewellery store knowing she isn't going to buy any?

No. 915130

File: 1685748787913.jpg (128.11 KB, 1079x1985, Screenshot_20230602_163417_Goo…)

No. 915132

It looks like a ring from Claire's that someone gave to the thrift because it made their finger green.
Tuna has really turned boring.

No. 915133

Yeah, that purse is already stained to shit. Never change, Loonerz.

No. 915134

Tuna's always done nothing with her life since college but she's been a snorefest for a while. Nonitas are so bored they're getting more interested in whatever Lurch is thinking about. She just sits at the AirBnb hobble all day taking unflattering pictures with 10 filters slapped on- only stopping to stuff her face, smoke cigs or complain. She only leaves the cave when ebil dad or mom give her money and pills to do so unless she's shoplifting. It's all so bleak.

No. 915135

do they put $35 rings in glass display cabinets? She's got her hand over a jewellery display "do not lean on glass" sign

No. 915136

I know she's always high and all, but does she not look at the selfies she takes and notice how wall eyed she looks constantly? We used to only really see this when she was high out of her mind and posting selfies but it's gotten a lot more frequent. She has her moments of looking semi-normal but even then she has dead fish eyes.
The ring being squeezed onto her self proclaimed skinny fingers is really charming.

No. 915137

What would a fine jewelry retailer do when looking at her nasty.. well.. self?
I agree she isn't milky since she can't scam for cash anymore and is too leary to do actual sw.

No. 915139

it looks a bit more like a pawn shop. No reputable fine jewelry retailers put tacky signs like that up, because the clientelle actually already know better than to lean on shit.

No. 915140

yeah, pawn or thrift

No. 915141

the setting and the band appear to be discoloured… surprised a pawn/thrift store would even take that let alone sell it.

No. 915143

File: 1685825080935.png (175.01 KB, 306x340, 1490399911610.png)

NTA but like why does everyone assume that people complimenting Luna are baiting? I had a genuine girlcrush on her back when she looked like picrel and was more of an indie alternative chick living the lifestyle…Beauty is quite subjective.

No. 915147

probably because most people don't see a person covered in grime and think "wow, that is an attractive person."

No. 915149

I never thought she was "pretty" but I started following her originally bc of her art and appearance. But even then I was perplexed that she didn't brush her hair.

No. 915150

Because the point of this website isn't to give compliments to the cows, and it happens repetitively in this thread and pretty much always gets replies so at this point it feels like bait yeah

No. 915152

Though you have horrible taste, I will sorta defend you on that nonnie because Tuna used to be a staple grunge Tumblr girl. Not conventionally attractive but she kinda had that girl next door reliability going on for other edgy teens. She used to put actual effort into her appearance, art, poems, pictures and even shared about her other projects and that made her stand out. Not to mention social media standards weren't as high as today. It's hard to imagine the Luna of today as the once (still dirty) but aspiring Luna from those days. She hit the wall before her 30s. She's had more opportunity to turn things around than a lot of people but she'd rather waddle in filth and lovebomb her groom(er).

No. 915154

her face looks nothing like this anymore from drug abuse and weight gain. everyone tries to say shes not obese but shes definitely at a higher weight than shes ever been before, even when she was a fat teen. she doesn't even post a picture without a snapchat filter anymore, which makes her look uncanny valley and her eyes are permanently lazy now. she won't even wear the free glasses she got to correct that. shes way past her prime and any bit of attractiveness she once had is gone. she doesn't even bother with art anymore and what poems she write sound like eminem rap lyrics. she has no redeeming features. if you wanna relive the glory days when she was still a real person read the old threads.

No. 915156

This. She used to be fairly popular in the hipsville days, she had an aesthetic I saw sometimes on tumblr in 2011-2013 that was pretty popular. She actually fit in and even if she wore frumpy granny clothes it looked better than whatever she's wearing these days. When you look at old pictures of her and notice that she doesn't have any abscess from skin popping, cellulitis or track marks it makes you realise just how bad things are now. Her poetry nowadays is just whining with the word 'poem' slapped on it and it's always been that way. The discussion of "what if luna left lurch and quit drugs and got better" has been talked about for god knows how long but it's obvious that Tuna would much rather sit in her own self pity and filth than see life get better, even though she claims to really really want it to.

No. 915177

I feel like liking Luna is such a lesbian phenomenon. All queer/lesbian women find Luna hot for some reason.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 915198

File: 1685934341393.jpg (173.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230604_200657_Gal…)

No. 915199

She begs for food now? She has reached a new low

No. 915200

Going without for a few days certainly wouldn’t do any harm, kek

No. 915202

What a new pathetic low. Cant shoplift at a grocery store?

No. 915206

Never misses a meal.

No. 915208

it's the literal shit between her fingers for me

No. 915210

She used to beg for money for "food" way back in the early threads

No. 915221

File: 1685975770791.jpg (233.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230605_073741_Gal…)

No. 915233

That's not the same as asking for food in person like a street beggar.

No. 915235

Take your messed up piercings out of your face. Cut your dead hair off. Wash yourself. Get in there with a rag and scrub all your nooks and crannies. You'll feel and look so much better.

No. 915236

she's compliment fishing

No. 915237

i cant with her pondering eyebrows

No. 915239

Pondering eyebrow and wandering eye.

No. 915242

I knew she was grimy but what the FUCK the grime between her fingers

No. 915245

File: 1685996356714.jpeg (26.23 KB, 828x396, F5253E06-7E37-4ABD-A0FB-1F033F…)

do we assume shes talking about rlyblonde?

No. 915246

It's not her fault tho. Probably definetly her mom's fault or something (sarcasm)
I wonder if there's a funny story behind what happened kek

No. 915247

i wonder if she did something like embarrass them in public or bail on them or if she's just finally realizing that no one asks her to hang out anymore and sulking

No. 915250

wonder if it’s the friend whose mom treats her like a charity case at nearly 30 for some reason and is always buying her things she “needed” (nails, lashes, new clothes because she refuses to do laundry, the essentials)

remember like last year when this big stinky bitch said she would get a job as soon as she moved into her new place? lol, lmao

No. 915251

My first thought is she stole something from them and got caught

No. 915257

Did rlyblonde ever invite her to anything besides the store, though?
I'm thinking it was that plant sock rich bitch tard yard turd she fake worked for. She got "invited" to "work" at that event and that was the last time she went anywhere with regular people. She's probably bummed that they're not friends after Tuba's embarrassing work ethic and the tard yard turd telling her she needed to mAke a nEw cOntRacT.

No. 915260

lurch just liked a year old photo of my cat on instagram. kind of scared nonnas, ngl

No. 915264

whats he posting on there please leak

No. 915266

Also wondering if it's rlyblonde and if she finally got fed up of Tunie's shit, or if she really overstepped some boundaries, stealing maybe? Considering she said "It's not my fault tho!" I'm guessing she just got fed up of her begging and manipulating, avoiding accountability as usual.

No. 915278

tinfoil but maybe she gave her some of her fun pills (benzos) on outtings and now holds her in the same esteem as herself?

No. 915284

Good theory. I was inclining more to “you’re my friend and therefore should tolerate everything about me at all times, if you don’t then you’re being a shitty friend” so it’s not just her fault she’s not invited.

No. 915288

File: 1686119587864.png (1 MB, 2096x1338, Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 6.34.…)

recently hes only posted his fitbit. hes boring on there. this was funny though

No. 915293

I know rlyblonde from high school, she's a mean stuck up bitch with rich parents, I'm not even surprised she stopped talking to Luna - Luna probably isn't rich, successful and popular enough for her to be interested anymore so she dropped her. I'm willing to believe it's not Luna's fault.

No. 915294

His enlarged pores filled with blackheads combined with the pock marks is nauseating.

No. 915299

File: 1686152620850.jpg (157.92 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230607_084511_Gal…)

No. 915300

It's funny, with Luna's affinity for skincare, you think she would groom her groomer

No. 915302

Are his eyes going in two different directions under those sunglasses? It looks like the right eye is looking straight and his left is looking left. Maybe it's just a shadow and I'm wrong.
Is this why he always wears sunglasses?

No. 915306

She reminds me of Fiona Apple in this…

No. 915315

you can always tell when she is using heavy filters on her lips, because it always distorts her piercing in some way.

No. 915324

I think it's funny that she keeps her walleye out of frame, like we don't know it's there.

No. 915336

Probably are. Tuna's a lot like him in many ways.

No. 915337

File: 1686208584319.jpg (183.9 KB, 1080x2351, Screenshot_20230608_171520.jpg)

No. 915346

“tried on”, give it up Luna, he’s never going to marry you. Lurch is too busy conversing with fitness models on Twitter and liking year old photos of random peoples cats kek.

No. 915364

Holy shit his hair is so grey now

No. 915366

File: 1686244315170.jpeg (13.27 KB, 828x237, 9C5C0AA7-B601-4884-A388-439FC3…)

No. 915367

File: 1686244338877.jpeg (175.14 KB, 828x1076, 44659187-C253-4E3C-8307-1FE48B…)

how does she have the money for another tattoo!?

No. 915370

shes going to get it for free by lying to that one tattoo artist about her sobriety like she usually does. no shame in her game

No. 915371

Is this Luna? She looks really thin in this picture?

No. 915372

not her. just an example of a tattoo she wants.

No. 915377


my only response is that any med you went on would be weight-gaining, loony. the only thing to help that is changing all your habits

No. 915380

she wishcasts a lot of things that don’t happen

No. 915394

If he's so fucking stupid he's still buying Luna's bullshit then he deserves to be taken advantage of. Bad things should happen to dumb progressive do-gooders ♥

No. 915401

She said she was getting the cherub and rose tattoos for years before scamming enough money for them kek.

I think Luna lies about how much she gets for free so people don't piece together how much money she wastes. She might have gained this habit from her Tumblr days where call-out blogs kept running totals of how much she was spending.

No. 915403

Didn't she get her mom to pay for her last ones, along with her piercings?

No. 915413

I think we determined that was the case >>>/pt/872327

No. 915421

I'd find it so funny if Luna and Matthew started a GoFundMe to fund a trip to Europe to celebrate them both getting sober. They'd go to Czechia, the only Euro country with meth and start shooting meth.Then they'd stuck in Europe as a pair of junkies on the streets lmao.

No. 915434

Nope, I found out that artist doesn't even do that anymore because of scammers like Tuba.

Any basic bitch tattoos will all be thanks to evil Mom or Dad, I'm sure. Plus that's something her mommy could even afford.

It'll go really nicely with all the other random flowers she keeps slapping on her fat body. Sorry Tubby, you can keep trying to decorate a steaming pile of shit and it's still going to be a steaming pile of shit

No. 915462

Whenever I'm binging on benzo/oxy/ other drugs I just spend the whole day nodding out and doordash McDonald's several times a day. I bet she does the same, that's why she's so fat. Opioids give you bad sugar cravings, I always get the McD's sugar donut on top of like nuggets, milkshake and several Big Macs. I don't even leave the house, just doordash all my shit and groceries for weeks on end. God, I'm jut as pathetic as her but at least have some self-awareness and I'm generally prettier. You can tell I've relapsed recently lmao.(not your personal blog)

No. 915463

if this isn't bait you really need to stop coming to this thread anon. we get it you live in london, and you're just like luna except skinnier and prettier. you do this every month or so, personalityfagging isn't allowed on this site. get sober god damn it. forgive me if this is truly just bait and you have fun posting this weak shit every time.

No. 915494

File: 1686495258491.jpeg (70.52 KB, 828x611, 9EFB7E44-0E52-4B9A-9365-5B2B7D…)

he should really go into politics

No. 915495

File: 1686495284846.jpeg (30.3 KB, 828x276, 30C2292D-DB2C-4323-988D-708AFB…)

ahhh yes because him and tuna can afford a trip to bermuda

No. 915497

The only difference is that immigrants didn't get to live for free at daddy's and use suburban girlfriend's resources. They actually starve instead of buying meth on government funds, leech government housing and still seeing your girlfriend slather on expensive skincare on top of grime. Imagine being jealous of poor immigrants while bitching about baseball all day on your smart phone. Matt and Luna probably wonder if the money to support those illegals could be used for a nice apartment for them and a trip to Bermuda since they're REAL Americans.

No. 915522

I will never forget seeing this man in passing this thread and so many years and just automatically registering them as an English couple. I genuinely just thought he would talk like some sort of elderich being. When I saw a video of him speaking I was in disbelief. He looks like he should only be speaking in riddles.

No. 915527

I hope you die soon you useless junkie cunt
Him and his girlfriend are acab-love-everyone-gimmie-free-shit leftist and it comes back to bite them in the ass, love to see it. Did he really think his Democrat masters weren't gong to treat his replacements better than him? No, illegals shouldn't be here and getting a single thing, but neither should you or your fat girlfriend, Lurch(a-logging)

No. 915553


Lurch is really getting on in the years now. He'll be fully grey soon. That must feel strange for Luna, but she does have a thing for older guys so I'm sure she will tolerate it unless a miracle happens and she decides she doesn't HAVE to live like this

No. 915571

File: 1686670528226.jpeg (83.18 KB, 828x1010, CE5BE01B-EEEF-46E3-AD11-7F4C09…)

why is he tweeting random girls in colombia lurch is truly an enigma… his racism/xenophobia knows no bounds. to the people itt calling him a leftist, hes always been right wing, and luna gave up her feminism and left wing values soon after getting with him. theyre both racist conservatards.

No. 915603

Don't want to defend Lurch of all people… But yes third world countries are dangerous. Coming from somebody who lives in one.

No. 915604

which is it, lurch? did evil immigrants take all the housing and jobs, or should all people move to super safe america?

No. 915605

kek. Didn't lurch get into multiple bum fights with other crackheads in super safe america too?

No. 915609

not to mention his gf's ~horrific assault~ in her own apartment complex

No. 915616

of all the things of note about the luna and lurch duo, the conservative leaning is probably the least milky, how he blames her for being robbed + feels comfortable calling any place a dump is really funny though

No. 915627

Columbia is not a third world county.(derailing)

No. 915676

Most would say it’s not a country at all.(derailing/infighting)

No. 915687

File: 1686947107978.jpeg (29.17 KB, 550x321, 8B61E7B8-E283-49D1-9A55-BF4549…)

ok retard(unsaged derailing)

No. 915734

Second world countries>first world>thirdie(derailing)

No. 915739

File: 1687035839625.png (17.06 KB, 1357x617, unmAr0o.png)

this map represents the original meaning/definitions of 1st/2nd/3rd (all except for Cuba…who should technically be yellow since Germany and the rest of central Europe are yellow). Basically, "second world" are commies or satalite states. "First world" are those opposing the commies, and third world are those who do not fit into either of those other two.

If you want to talk about this in an economic and industrialization sense, the map would be different. Picrel, this is the correct map I think you were wanting to use. It is based off of the HDI score for each country. (Blue 1st, Yellow 2nd, Red 3rd.)(derailing)

No. 915811

We have really gotten to the point that we are arguing what is a 3rd world country in her thread? Good grief her milk is dry now she has no reach to scam internet people. Now that she is presumably getting state aid for literally every aspect of her life she doesn't grift as hard. I don't see any happenings until one of her parents dies.

No. 915817

File: 1687189789675.jpg (225.74 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230619_085111_Gal…)

No. 915818

File: 1687189819280.jpg (213.88 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230619_085115_Gal…)

No. 915819

File: 1687189843547.jpg (184.19 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230619_085119_Gal…)

No. 915820

File: 1687193339512.jpeg (391.03 KB, 1290x3464, 3F8F03EC-C881-4756-B44E-9AD536…)

she must be feeling herself today

No. 915822

she needs to get a pixie cut or a bob. this hair damage is so disgusting.

No. 915824

Looks super pretty and skinny in this one! Thicc but like in a good way! Maybe this means she's slowly getting her shit together, idk, we'll see I guess but good luck!
Super cute makeup look but fix your eyebrows girl! Looks like a supermodel here, loving the lashes tbh, I wanna get something similar! Good to see she's happy and healthy now!(bait)

No. 915829

Kek @ her boobs being under the boob cups. Like that purple people eater dress she had.

No. 915836

Either buzzcut - bleach blonde - or dye black
Choose one Tuna my treat

No. 915840

Windsock titties free to horrify and disgust the world!

No. 915879

File: 1687303809500.jpg (238.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230620_163123_Gal…)

No. 915880

File: 1687303856640.jpg (234.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230620_163107_Gal…)

No. 915881

then why do you take and post them?

No. 915883

So everyone tells her she actually looks amazing and that they’d kill to have her body.

No. 915885

I wish kiwifarms wasnt down on Clearnet (I'm too lazy to use tor) so I could check if someone there found out where she lives already based on this shot

No. 915888

But you're not too lazy to make this useless post kek

No. 915891

Stop talking. Do it.

No. 915894

What the fuck is this pose, does this waddling lumpy tub of lard think it makes her look slimmer?

No. 915895

Disappointed to see that hideous mangy thing is still around

No. 915896

Thought maybe she went MIA because she was working on a "glow-up" for some kind of social media comeback, but oh, no… apparently quite the opposite

No. 915898

Holy shit… wash your fucking hair Tuna.

No. 915899

What is going on with her body jesus, I know she’s a heifer but she looks so goddamn lumpy kek

No. 915902

My tinfoil for her absence is that it took 2 weeks to figure out how to hide her double chin in photos. She looks terrible, but she looked worse before disappearing, like here >>915299

No. 915903

lurch is always gonna be around, anon

No. 915905

Everyday she wakes up jobless laying next to a jumpscare in a rented room, surrounded by weeks of dirty laundry and trash. Her self sufficiency goes to the extent of having just enough stamina to make the walk to the bus for drugs, the gas station for cigs or getting junk food to maintain her lumpy figure. And still her only priorities are putting on eyelashes and doing the same 'hide the lymphedema hips' poses in pictures. Tuna's not even 30 and she's already living a less fulfilling life than someone in a retirement and nursing home. Grim.

No. 915911

She's not in a rented room. She's in government subsidized housing for addicts.

No. 915914

Don't forget her mom has lived pretty much the exact same life. Two generations of absolutely useless wastes of human trash, thanks LBJ!

No. 915939

Which is just tinfoil.

It's most likely just low income housing at most, though. Housing for people addicted to drugs have a greater emphasis on sober living through semi structured activities and socialization.

No. 915953

What the fuck do you think low income housing is? She's already on food stamps and medicaid. Grifting for for more govt. gimmies is HARDLY a tinfoil.

No. 915956

File: 1687462531858.jpeg (210.36 KB, 1290x1778, 24370C75-E203-471A-A1EA-64F39C…)

No. 915957

suspicious wound on her right arm below the heart tattoo

No. 915959

i think the fact that she hasn’t been active for a while is suspicious in itself (every junkie i know has always gone off the grid whenever they relapse) but good find. that definitely looks fresh.

No. 915962


If I had to live in one room with a Easter Island statue and share a bathroom/kitchen with other addicts I think I'd want to be high too.

No. 915963

She's had that mark for at least 2 months now >>913003
but it looks fresh here >>915956 along with 1 or 2 other marks near it that also look irritated

No. 915972

I’m surprised she doesn’t edit herself thinner, her arms are the size of my legs. She knows she’s huge and she edits the fuck out of her face, why not her body? Laziness, I’m assuming

No. 915976

File: 1687511508853.jpg (205.63 KB, 1080x1369, Grimace.jpg)

Reminded me of Tuna.

No. 915979

do you think his friend's mom bought him all that skincare in the background?

No. 915983


No. 915984

No. 915987

Don’t do Grimace like that, nona

No. 915992

The face editions is done by filters, are there body filters for this amount of bulk?

No. 916024

File: 1687705382481.jpg (255.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230625_080428_Gal…)

No. 916025

File: 1687705416779.jpg (200.81 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230625_080433_Gal…)

No. 916026

File: 1687708306509.jpg (320.54 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_5b739acfda4ef72944dbeae…)

No. 916027

File: 1687708334879.jpg (344.2 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_bb8b16d573bab9c17b4fb8a…)

No. 916028

File: 1687708360451.jpg (28.2 KB, 1080x584, Screenshot_20230625_085318_Sam…)

No. 916029

and only blocking 7/8 of that ass.

No. 916030

bet she’s one of those fatties who thinks she’s cUrVy like Marilyn Monroe, who was pLuS-SiZeD (she wasn’t). she really looks like Grimace’s grandma

No. 916031

bet she’s one of those fatties who thinks she’s cUrVy like Marilyn Monroe, who was pLuS-SiZeD (she wasn’t). she really looks like Grimace’s grandma

No. 916033

Can we start betting money on when that bridge piercing will finally disappear?
Glad she's using her time wisely. We need more edgy hello kitty edits.

No. 916034

Looking like a whole ass bag lady, if I saw her collecting cans on the subway I wouldn’t blink twice.

No. 916038

already has stains on it

No. 916039

what's that shit all over her neck?

No. 916041

unfiltered liver spots?

No. 916042

Exactly what Tuna needed- a constant reminder of a better looking woman while she lugs around in her dainty 3XL mumu for her ana LARPing. She couldn't even snap a picture before staining the bag.

No. 916044

to be fair, it ma have come prestained and the knew luna was the girl for it.

No. 916052

I swear we've seen this bag before. I think she got it some months back and then it disappeared until now. Or maybe she was begging for it for her birthday. I think it's been sitting in her corner clothes hoard with the rest of the dirty, stained crap she's collected and she refound it.

No. 916075

Late as fuck and irrelevant but I will never understand fatties that hate themselves like tuna. She has no responsibility other than herself, no job or kids…It's so fucking easy to be even just skinny and not toned at the very least, like just put the fork down fatty, like go for a walk??.

No. 916076

I've never known anyone get as many things gifted to them as Tuna and Hamber, wtf am I doing wrong? Kek

No. 916079

she could go with lurch on some of his 5 mile crackhead walks around the block kek.

No. 916080

File: 1687804248277.jpeg (277.85 KB, 828x1594, 0B94A3AC-9EA8-491A-AC13-15B64D…)

our emancipated queen

No. 916085

first fruit she’s had all year I’m sure. fucking behemoth

No. 916086

I wonder if this means she's going down the clean living route now? Nice to see her eating salads and living a healthy lifestyle at last!

No. 916087

It might be more of that gross chunky body glitter she has. It makes her look filthy.

No. 916097

File: 1687831578292.jpeg (76.67 KB, 1161x1260, IMG_2724.jpeg)

I fucking gagged. It seriously looks like she got cat shit on the sleeve

No. 916112

File: 1687875180424.jpg (156.43 KB, 767x1000, media_Fy_j7X-WIAUsfpA.jpg)

Sage for ot but this reminds me of Luna (a few years ago at least)

No. 916113

Oh my goddd can someone’s friends mom buy her a lint roller PLEASE

No. 916132


i'm almost positive she's reposted this before, she's talked several times before about looking like an old tubby white lady in classical paintings in order to romanticize her obesity

No. 916153

I wish they'd buy her some laundry soap and take her on a trip to the laundromat, honestly.

No. 916164

I remember too, I think it was 'The Birth of Venus' and that Lurch said she looked like that kek.

No. 916166

File: 1687962483681.jpeg (769.38 KB, 1290x5888, C3EB31F7-4EBA-41C0-9B11-2F90BA…)

I wonder if “new friend” is code word for random john she sold nudes to online or something.

No. 916167

i'm late i know but i haven't stopped thinking about this, why would you specify your sObEr friend? for me it's reading 'i'm a junkie and this is my normal person friend' but i guess it could be 'this is the only sober friend i have', either way, not promising for supposedly being sober herself

No. 916168

I think she means the older lady that was at rehab with her, and she gave Luna that hair clip >>914246

No. 916170

I really love her look in the top picture.

No. 916172

Yeah the eyebrows melting off the only thing that ruins it tho, she was sooo close to looking kinda cute

No. 916196

File: 1687999907754.jpg (76.35 KB, 1010x1350, Screenshot_20230628_205322.jpg)

No. 916197

Gonna get accused of wk'ing but Her hair is starting to look better, I wish she'd cut off those dead ends though. For the first time in a year or 2 the color looks okay but the ends are so fried.

No. 916213

most of us would rather cut our gross ends than live with them, but luna has the type of BPD that makes her overly attached to the length of her hair, of all things

No. 916225

hair hoarding is so common

No. 916228

How dare you suggest she cut off her ends? She worked long and hard to grow her hair that long. It's not easy or automatic, you know!!!!

No. 916230

File: 1688077973178.jpeg (174.28 KB, 1290x1649, DAB29905-60E9-4DE1-971E-E495F0…)

No. 916232

File: 1688088272906.jpg (197.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230629_182617_Gal…)

No. 916233

File: 1688088387641.jpg (237.26 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230629_182621_Gal…)

No. 916236

As an exhibit named 'the filtered lady'?

No. 916238

File: 1688092113898.jpeg (249.7 KB, 1290x2231, D072086F-58B7-423A-B042-584C62…)

At least she got out of the house today

No. 916243

Put your disgusting gunt away Luna, no one wants to see it and your so gross you even fail as an online sex worker.

No. 916258

This is the best her hair has ever looked

No. 916262

Color is nice actually but those ends look like candyfloss.

No. 916265

It looks like shit.

No. 916268

I see she's using the hair to hide the huge arm. Maybe this is why she won't cut it.

No. 916274

The fact that you are correct, and that it still looks like 100% Grade A+ Shit has me rolling nonni.
Delicious irony.

No. 916278

Underrated post

No. 916280

I know it's filtered to shit, but photos like this really make me feel like she could have a moderately attractive, unique face and bone structure if she weren't a fat junkie with a wander eye. Then I remember pre-junkie Tuna was still a fat lard with a pudding face and laugh at myself.
Fuck me, I hate the tongue between the teeth smile. Very old-school Shayna Clifford.

No. 916286

File: 1688276260158.jpg (152.73 KB, 1080x1144, KEK.jpg)

Self aware

No. 916292

shes bobby hill and lurch is connie

No. 916299

File: 1688317672641.jpg (22.19 KB, 1242x251, 356218103_650013547189252_5582…)

on a post asking for porn ideas

No. 916301

oh god, is tuna taking nudes in public now? i can't imagine being a poor bystander to that. shes gonna end up on a sex offender list for public indecency.

No. 916304

Kek this truth tho

No. 916312

Pretty sure someone found her exhibitionist content and posted it here. It was awhile ago.

No. 916313

Yeah there's a photo of her with her tits out outside. In an older thread.

No. 916318

topless in public is legal in New York state

No. 916324

File: 1688406297036.jpg (56.43 KB, 1080x305, Screenshot_20230703_104518_Sam…)

No. 916325

File: 1688406380403.jpg (972.23 KB, 1079x2300, Screenshot_20230703_104810_Sam…)

No. 916326

this is actually really nice. i hope its a sober friend. i'd like to see a redemption arc for tuna. next she needs to apply at the nearest gas station or dunkin donuts. maybe this friend is employed and can help her.

No. 916327

File: 1688408444555.jpg (378.62 KB, 1079x976, Screenshot_20230703_112245_Gal…)

No. 916328

She's going to either steal from this friend or burn this bridge through unhinged bpd junkie 3am texts that are totes an emergency bc she needs a couple bucks for a sandwich and/or a black person made eye-contact w her

Her friends are either naive pity contacts or other junkies, and either way, she finds a way to destroy the relationship

No. 916330

I hope it's a junkie friend

No. 916331

No mention of the friends gender, no mention of lurch and her 'new friend' seemingly gifted her jewelry. Gives me hope that Luna's thread might have a fun new twist soon, I hope she doesn't stay in the same boring cycle forever.

No. 916347

As long as she gets to live like a toddler while everyone around her pays for every cent of her existence including her drugs, I don't see her breaking the cycle of nothingness. Especially anytime soon. But I'm with you on that. This reminds me of the days she was posting about longing for that guy she met online while she's still dating Lurch. Maybe going out and actually experiencing life is making her see there's more to it than being housebound with a nearly 50 year old man that groomed you as a teen. I say kick Lurch to the curb!

No. 916348

She definetly wants people to know. Not like she forgot it was there and she could have easily hidden it.
Also I think she's lying about having a new friend.

No. 916349

File: 1688473992178.jpg (229.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230704_053511_Gal…)

No. 916350

Luna isn't capable of having friends, she only has clients she sells Lurch's drugs too and enablers. She chases both both eventually because she's an insufferable bpd cunt with sticky fingers. Anyone remember her "job" from like a year and a half ago? She couldn't even keep a fellow drugged out spoiled art-larping bpd bitch as a drug client she's so bad. Luna will never improve and you're retarded if you think she will.

No. 916353

So that's why she doesn't post for a long time sometimes. She doesn't have electricity. Sad

No. 916354

That whole wrist looks bruised

No. 916368

Bruised or filth from the fake metal?

No. 916371

That’s no bruise, it’s just a dirt from cheap jewellery.

No. 916374

Serious question: on a scale of potato to chris-chan, how retarded are you? Luna has threads going back for like a decade proving beyond all doubt she's incapable of growth or change. And she has also been completely consistent in showing she is a nasty-ass person all the way through. How she still gets stans is beyond me.

I really enjoyed the putting socks on pot plants because 'art' saga. And when she tried to bully her 'employer' into giving her travel expenses for going to an event at a bar and drawing all night.
She used to be so milky.

No. 916376

My aunt was a heroin addict between the ages of 18 and 26. Now she's 32 and a happy mum, hasn't touched any drugs since finally getting sober, has a husband and they're planning to buy a house in the countryside.(no1currs not your personal blog)

No. 916379

she will leave lurch when he ODs and dies and not a second earlier nonny. even if she cheats on him it will not change anything between them

No. 916381

File: 1688606354572.jpeg (875.66 KB, 828x1211, 6D597D48-4FB5-43D9-9FDD-2FA1FD…)

is that a trackmark where her tattoo is?

No. 916382

File: 1688606862322.jpeg (184.69 KB, 828x417, E30918BA-F489-4A6C-BAEA-F39757…)

>the female population is growing in every city
what the fuck does this mean?

No. 916383

File: 1688607168209.jpeg (570.43 KB, 828x869, FEA3F65A-FF57-42A0-ADC4-EEBC95…)

from what!?

No. 916384

File: 1688609542365.jpeg (225.19 KB, 828x1001, F69ED7A9-4431-4D54-9D9D-4021A1…)

she confirms shes on methadone here. fuck you to whoever in this thread tried to fight me tooth and nail that shes not.

No. 916385

File: 1688609575311.jpeg (702.69 KB, 828x1208, F71FFD27-49E3-44C3-9F49-35FA49…)

No. 916388

Dang she doesn't even have a wrist anymore. She really puffed up

No. 916391

I feel he means the female fan population, since he mentions Luna became a fan in 2017.
Holding her hand like that.

No. 916400

Lol as a lesbian I'm so attracted to her, fuck(seek help)

No. 916401

File: 1688662107445.jpg (873.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230706_094940_Gal…)

No. 916402

File: 1688662142592.jpg (784.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230706_094929_Gal…)

No. 916403

File: 1688662202608.jpg (776.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230706_094917_Gal…)

No. 916405

god that mirror is disgusting

No. 916407

File: 1688664595595.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.05 KB, 602x695, picrel hair.JPG)

her hair looks SO much better when it is styled in a way that hides her atrocious ends. She really needs to just cut it off and get a chin-length cut. Picrel.

No. 916414

Please love yourself, there are women out there who wash :((:()

No. 916417

File: 1688684667137.jpg (721.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230706_160619_Gal…)

No. 916418

File: 1688684697458.jpg (732.32 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230706_160606_Gal…)

No. 916419

File: 1688684722825.jpg (845.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230706_160555_Gal…)

No. 916420

File: 1688684749797.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230706_160543_Gal…)

No. 916421

File: 1688684858818.jpg (257.93 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20230706_160933_Sam…)

No. 916422

Get a job, lardass.

No. 916423

Luna could go 2 months without food and survive.

No. 916426

the wrist cankle moomoo pics are what made you admit this??

No. 916430

no one cares to read a book about two junkies. oh my gosh, you know a girl who steals from cvs and lives in a motel room?? sooooo crazy.

No. 916431

it would be titled 'Breaking Sad'

No. 916438

What exactly is making her feel so cute? The giant zit and collection of satellite zits on her chin?

No. 916441

Right? Like it would be weird if she didn’t know some chick who is an absolute mess and steals a bunch of shit from cvs all the time. That’s just basic junkie life right there.

No. 916444

Duh…filters of course !

No. 916445

she looks like an onion

No. 916448

Im a single mom struggling with inflation in Biden's Amerikkka sometimes I have to shoplift shit for my children just sso we can eat cuz nobody else's helping us
the babydaddys don't give a f would you call me a lowlife junkie?People are really struggling out there bitch not everyone who shoplifts (esp diapers for their babys) is a lowlife junkie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 916449

literally no one cares about you and your multiple baby daddies. maybe you're not a junkie but you're definitely still a lowlife. no one has to steal.(don't take the bait)

No. 916457

Thanks for the stupid kek

No. 916461

I think she’s talking about herself

No. 916469

Looking like a 35yo mum of Jayden, Brayden and Kayden

No. 916474

File: 1688782585033.jpg (786.44 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230707_191827_Gal…)

No. 916477

Omfg she does. Thank you for pointing it out anon

No. 916478

She looks like she smells

No. 916481

Ayrt and I'm not a Luna stan. You can unclench now. I clearly said I don't realistically see change from her but I'm still hoping something would have come out of her interacting with the world now since nothing else is happening. Hence the weird infighting.
> complaining about free food while being obese, jobless and able to work
I'm sure the people who genuinely rely on food banks would love to be able to indulge in carnival junk food and press on nails enough to turn their nose up at free food.

No. 916485

Jesus every six months I catch up on this thread and nothing ever changes except her clothing gets slobbier, and more cat hair and lint, her hair looks worse, and Lurch gets more outright racist on Twitter.
Like she has a pretty face when posed and filtered in a selfie, but I’ve never understood the people actually attracted to her. She has all the sex appeal of a bloated rotten fish in a bin.
Have any of you people seen her sex tape? It’s the least sexy thing to ever be recorded in all human history.

No. 916488

The one with the toilet paper that fell out? Kek

No. 916535

File: 1688866734515.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230708_184050_Gal…)

No. 916546

She's never seen a fire truck before? I guess this is probably exciting as fuck in her dull, pathetic life.

No. 916560

File: 1688912130580.jpg (312.56 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_2c19f2cdce8dcccd1cadb1d…)

No. 916561

File: 1688912160596.jpg (318.9 KB, 1239x1855, tumblr_70d343174ecb1e92a217bab…)

No. 916562

File: 1688912197131.jpg (188.45 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20230709_071723_Sam…)

No. 916563

which takes longer……applying makeup or the filters? lol

No. 916564

File: 1688914822479.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1290x1277, F516C78F-21AB-4875-BADD-A032E8…)

No. 916565

I legit thought this was Lurch kek.

No. 916575

that bridge piercing holding on foe dear life…

No. 916577

Yes!! I know it annoys fellow farmers to talk about her bridge piercing but at this point, the rejection of it/wondering if she'll take it out before it fully rejects is more entertaining than she is

No. 916582

File: 1688931793509.png (10.71 MB, 1290x2796, A785CE56-0EE0-4DA1-BB18-6CBAF2…)

No. 916584

Sure, stan.
Luna pretending to be a beauty influencer would be a great arc. YT channel when.

No. 916585

I would bet actual money that the Sharpie has been in her asshole

No. 916587

that makeup sponge has never been cleaned, I've never seen one that dirty

No. 916589

Luna is 27 years old and still getting huge chin zits like she's 17 but instead of focusing on her hygiene just slathers layers of gross sticky shit over it. Barf

No. 916593

Kek last week she found a new friend who will steal makeup for her for free, and now she's flexing all of her makeup. Hilarious, Tunas even too lazy to shoplift, such a leech she requires everything to be done for her. Did she ever get her own food stamp card or is she still stealing her mom's? She's the only person i know of who is too lazy to apply for free assistance.

No. 916600

she probably is at the lifting limit at all the local stores. if she tried again, she'd be arrested. i know they do it at target.

No. 916609

who tf carries around literally a dozen lip glosses every where they go

No. 916615

File: 1689000761417.jpeg (398.61 KB, 828x965, 2608521C-6EC0-4D93-8EC8-BA4090…)

lurch is the most interesting man in the world

No. 916635

definitely not normal, functioning adults. my guess is that she thinks a lip gloss hoard is adjacent to bimbo-y2k fashion. her lips are consistently so fucking dry that it's really absurd she has this much lip gloss on her person at any given time

No. 916636

Lip gloss won't cover up her shitty nutrition and lifestyle kek.

No. 916637

I've started working a new law firm that does evictions and you wouldn't believe how many luna/lurch situations I run into. It's so satisfying seeing the Judge dismiss their bullshit excuses and make them be adults for the first minute of life as not only evict them, but award attorney fees.(no1curr)

No. 916652

That's really cool, they could be characters in a Sims game kek

No. 916684

she's much prettier without her cakeface but for the love of god can she take out her bridge piercing. shit's migrated so far it's trying for a greencard.

No. 916694

It's just filters. Her skin is a travesty

No. 916711

I'm literally so jealous of ppl who are so sheltered and privileged that they never needed to shoplift anything out of desperation and call it "junkie behavior" wtf. Ppl really can't afford the fucking basics anymore.(no1currs)

No. 916723

Nobody actually shits on Luna for shoplifting basics, I'm sure there are anons ITT that have been in that position before. We shit on her for shoplifting (and wasting her money on) useless shit just because it's ~uwu kawaii and she wants to hoard it. For example, >>916166 she did not need more press-on nails to shove into her rotting nail beds.

No. 916727


she mentioned the other day she nearly ripped it out of her face while changing clothes or sleeping or something. it's clearly given up on her, she should take the hint and repay it the favor.

No. 916733

We wish she would steal basics (Toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry Detergent, dial gold soap) but instead she wants her 15th Mascara or a cute looking body spray and fenty hilighter. lol

No. 916736

She shoplifted a Dior lip oil not too long ago. Guess that's a basic necessity.

No. 916741

god like, you’re so literally right. dior lipstick is literally a necessity. ppl don’t realize that, like, press-on nails are detrimental to tuna’s health and well-being. like, why don’t those privileged ppl see that stealing off of gravesites and shoplifting beauty products is something that The Poors must do to survive?

No. 916744

File: 1689341640858.jpg (185.62 KB, 1080x1893, Threads.jpg)

She made a threads account. If heard if she posts nudes there she could get her insta banned/deleted.

No. 916745

File: 1689344162694.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1290x2065, C61BEC11-D22D-4138-ACB9-7EBF7D…)

how long do you think it’s been since lurch has washed his hair with shampoo?

No. 916753

This is the funniest thing that has happened in the thread in ages. Good on you, you glorious retard.

No. 916754

the cat has the same eye problem as luna

No. 916763

Poor kitty is dehydrated. I wonder if they think to leave a fresh bowl of water for the poor thing. New York has been hot as hell.

No. 916764

File: 1689368963863.jpg (47.3 KB, 575x441, Screenshot 2023-07-14 140945.j…)

pumpkin does not look well. she looked healthier in picrel when lurch "found her abandoned on the street"

No. 916770

Is every creature living in that HUD shithole droopy-faced and wall-eyed

No. 916785


Not her having a Dior lip balm omg(sage your shit)

No. 916786

She doesn't even shoplift treats or toys for her precious cat. She shoplifts makeup and skincare products for herself.(sage non-milk posts)

No. 916791

File: 1689453877864.jpg (797.19 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230715_134558_Gal…)

No. 916792

That bridge is more out than in. Is she hoping for full rejection and a scar?

No. 916794

File: 1689457724133.jpg (62.48 KB, 946x946, 246398423_204669935111686_5987…)

She has fat girl tits (like ALR)

No. 916797

She's probably too high to notice or care. Or maybe she looks at it through wonky eye and it looks normal. Who knows.

No. 916803

I recoiled at her tit fluff before realizing it was glitter. She makes herself look dirtier and idgi, it looks like she's not bathed in weeks and dead skin is peeling away from her.

No. 916805

she looks like a dog's dinner(learn to sage)

No. 916810

I realize this will prob set off another catsperg derail but this post is actually depressing. I forgot there was a point when this cat was not greasy and walleyed; she even looks a healthier weight here. that sucks. at least she matches tuna now I guess

No. 916811

tit fluff? glitter? wot? im only seeing her freckles which shes always had and they look pretty normal nonny

No. 916829

Looks like she formed a milk mustache out of crusty old foundation

No. 916867

File: 1689683386898.jpg (752.68 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230718_053143_Gal…)

No. 916868

The lost Slaton sister

No. 916870

New UFO declassification photo dropped huh.

No. 916871

>"Try being my size, Lurchy!!! You don't. Know. How it is!"

No. 916877

She looks like a medieval painting.

No. 916916

File: 1689720806367.jpg (432.65 KB, 1080x1709, JY.jpg)

I thought this was Jess Yaniv…

No. 916919

Everything is dirty ew

No. 916921

File: 1689721710454.jpeg (895.53 KB, 1290x1832, 7FB28769-49DE-4D0B-A88D-D3DCE7…)

The filters make her look even slimier than she is

No. 916922

Surprised she even posted this with how fat and greasy (and possibly unfilted?) her face looks

No. 916925

shes really hit morbidly obese status

No. 916926

File: 1689732476094.jpg (803.99 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230718_191008_Gal…)

No. 916927

File: 1689732837431.jpg (834.09 KB, 2048x2048, 1689732947453.jpg)

No. 916929

These two pictures make her look like an animorph between herself and Lurch.

No. 916933

This brings me back to the pictures Luna used to post, all high and crusty, every item in the background literally coated in filth. And you’d be left shocked that this woman could look at that picture and be satisfied about posting it on the internet.

No. 916937

Is there an end date to how long she and lurch can stay in that room? I’m so perplexed by her taking selfies all day, admitting she’s made no changes, and still having a roof over her head and medical/scripts paid for

No. 916946

We don't know what program she got in on excatly, but it doesn't really matter because no, she has no time limit. Even if she's in a program for sobriety those programs are nothing but money schemes and all the participants are constantly failing to follow the supposed requirements. Remember that Luna's mom was in a sobriety program that gsve her housing and once she let Luna and Lurch on she immediately started using too but her program let the three of them stay in her place for 2 years. Luna and Lurch may get moved elsewhere sometime in the future but they're basically scot-free for housing, food, their medical care. There's literally millions of Luna's and Lurch's out there, they're not even that special, remember this as the Federal Reserve prints more money to give to programs like these and Blackrock as the inflation it causes rips your money and your ability to live away from you.

No. 916948

File: 1689795285400.jpeg (881.13 KB, 828x1400, IMG_7796.jpeg)

>when summer ends im going back to blonde
does she understand how hair works? if she bleaches it over all that damage and red hair pigment its going to turn pink and look horribly damaged. she better plan on getting a really short bob at the same time if she's really serious about going blonde again. can't wait for the trainwreck though.

No. 916949

wtf is going on with her mouth in this picture? It looks like she has extra metal balls in her mouth

No. 916950

Holy shit why does she look like lurch now I’m fucking dead

No. 916951

I was thinking the same thing, like what is this piercing? Are they her teeth and filter melt?

No. 916953

What in the billie eyelash, glazed over fuck is this retarded expression? Girl open your fucking eyes jfc
Kek nona I am wheezing, she looks like a retarded, obese and melting Kate Winslet

No. 916955

File: 1689802775376.jpeg (446.57 KB, 828x882, IMG_7798.jpeg)

at least shes started filtering things to give the illusion of clean plushies

No. 916956

File: 1689804763512.jpeg (195.89 KB, 828x711, IMG_7800.jpeg)

No. 916987

That’s not how psychiatry works but ok tuna.
Pretty rich coming from another worthless freeloader who uses said parent for her Xanax bars.

No. 916988

Luna is too retarded to know that no psychiatrist is going to release that kind of information. If they felt Mama Tuna was in danger, they would have called a welfare check and / or social worker, not her equally high daughter.

This "responsible adulting" cosplay is proof positive that Luna has never had any level of adult responsibility a day in her life. Get a job if you want to be distacted from your enmeshments, ya fat grotty freeloader.

No. 916998

File: 1689864183496.jpeg (281.47 KB, 828x1285, IMG_7802.jpeg)

still a shitty poem but at least this one isn't full of her pill addled misspellings

No. 916999

File: 1689864228401.jpeg (681.12 KB, 828x1006, IMG_7803.jpeg)

she better not bleach this shit its gonna be orange and fall off….

No. 917003

No, the correct answer is she should. She has been dry as fuck.

No. 917007

File: 1689889796705.jpeg (1 MB, 1290x1839, 5CD06256-DBAF-4BA1-B98F-10CD32…)

No. 917008

File: 1689890915850.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1290x1884, ADDE1BDE-024C-4052-90D5-818AF1…)

No. 917009

File: 1689892834482.jpg (858.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230720_154215_Gal…)

No. 917010

File: 1689892869688.jpg (908.08 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230720_154219_Gal…)

No. 917011

File: 1689892919445.jpg (820.06 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230720_154223_Gal…)

No. 917012

File: 1689892970221.jpg (755.24 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230720_154227_Gal…)

No. 917013

File: 1689894553331.jpeg (177.08 KB, 828x557, IMG_7812.jpeg)

how could someone be more toxic of a friend than tuna? i'm sure making a friend at the methadone clinic will work out great for her. also not gonna reply to every pic but she really needs to wear a bra.

No. 917014

>40 something year old man with grey beard

No. 917015

it's like i'm looking at the off (very off) brand leads of that shitty idol show

No. 917016

File: 1689901177060.jpeg (210.63 KB, 1290x515, 010E1057-8EBF-4147-B1FC-D390EB…)

No. 917017

>takes over her moms place
>makes mom sleep on the couch
>causes her relapse
>blows up at her all the time for being upset about the situation
"now I get to worry" fiction.
She's such a piece of shit. Like just effortlessly awful.
Think about what she said vs what was actually happening. Her new friend was probably holding out on her with xannies or something. Now they're folding to her peer pressure and uwu besties.

No. 917018

File: 1689919627470.jpg (534.3 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20230721_010809_Tum…)

Her new friend is a winner. I hope they hangout more and it gets milky again. I wonder when we'll find out who she is/her socials

No. 917020

File: 1689925631416.jpg (1004.84 KB, 1080x8679, Screenshot_20230721-034646_Bra…)

You should've posted the entire poem anon! Awful as always but there's some gold to be found in there. I'm a fan of the tits hang low bit

No. 917021

She looks like a fat angry chav

No. 917022

This is why she will never recover. She grips on to that junkie identity with her manky claws for dear life. Nothing proud about being a junkie where I come from. Even junkies try to deny being junkies.

No. 917023

File: 1689946944221.jpeg (270.05 KB, 1078x1920, IMG_7816.jpeg)

more poetry from her. this is gross ew why does she like lurch so much.

No. 917024

She has to reconcile with the fact that he successfully preyed on her as a teenager, and that she's wasted not only her teenage years, but also her entire 20s by following an old unemployed junkie into an early grave.

Not saying she doesn't deserve the shitty life she leads tho. She still romanticizes being a piece of shit loser and paints herself as the victim of her life. Poor Tuna. She's tried nothing and she's all out of ideas.

No. 917025

File: 1689949804422.jpeg (450.79 KB, 1078x1920, IMG_7817.jpeg)

please steal a lint roller luna

No. 917026

File: 1689949953183.jpeg (462.45 KB, 1078x1920, IMG_7818.jpeg)

No. 917027

File: 1689950144898.jpeg (205.84 KB, 828x503, IMG_7819.jpeg)

new tumblr bio. glad she finally got rid of the ironic "cleanliness is next to godliness".

No. 917028

Looking at this picture, my first thought was what if I wake up from my life and it was all a dream. And I’m in a tiny room with my sick cat and this gross man. Everything filthy. Dependent on benzos or else my skin feels like it’s crawling. Electricity that shorts out with the ACs running, a possible fire hazard. My new friend is an alcoholic and we shoplift from CVS daily. My days spent in this room, high on Xanax, completely disconnected from reality, sometimes getting glimpses of how shit my life has become as I rapidly approach 30.

She will legit do this forever.

No. 917029

god westchester must be a boring hellhole if luna just goes to her junkie clinic to larp all day and shoplift. there’s a lot of things to do either including job prospects like flipping burgers in the city, or even exploring upstate new york. and who drives her around?? lurch doesn’t have a car..does evil dad now have a car?

No. 917030

she gets government/free rides to the clinic every day.

No. 917031

lurch is really packing on the chonk

No. 917032

samefag but i don’t think she’s in a program. i think her dad found some cheap shithole somewhere in yonkers or something. it gets cheaper when you leave the city.(sage your shit)

No. 917033

This is more poetic than her version.

No. 917034

The fact she always puts on face masks while still wearing makeup makes my skin crawl

No. 917035

File: 1689956930545.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1290x2142, 203536B0-43CF-4F8F-91DC-CFB5B4…)

she’s got so much going on in her life she can’t even keep track anymore! in all seriousness what would she need a planner for? Recording how many pills she took that day? Marking down which days she goes to the methadone clinic?

No. 917039

She could use the notes app, or a calendar app. This is just an excuse to e-beg/spend money lol

No. 917040

File: 1689967717314.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1290x3870, 35731C00-5B42-4943-ACB5-969285…)

her hands are so fucking filthy

No. 917041

the dirt in the creases of her hands… cringeworthy. how hard is it to steal some wet wipes or something.

No. 917042

File: 1689979072626.jpg (814.28 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230721_154000_Gal…)

No. 917043

File: 1689979113045.jpg (983.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230721_153954_Gal…)

No. 917044

File: 1689979151886.jpg (953.15 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230721_153949_Gal…)

No. 917045

File: 1689979194142.jpg (1001.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230721_153943_Gal…)

No. 917053

This looks like her hands have not touched soap and water in a week.
What a grim life. Yet she's perfectly okay with it. That's amazing.
Nearly THIRTY years old (holy shit). Living in a little shithole with her dead-end "boyfriend". On MAT with no real intention of actually improving her life or being sober. Making friends with toxic people who she can swap drugs with. Well at least she can "feel pretty" despite being stickier than a snotty toddler, I guess.

No. 917062

Westchester is likely a boring hellhole, but tuna would go to the junkie clinic and shoplift all day even in a nice town with lots of cool things to do

No. 917064

>please steal a lint roller
We asked for milk and kek and it has arrived. Thank you, anon.

No. 917065

Goddam, does methadone fuck you up and make you look this high?

No. 917066

The fuck is the point of this photo? Showcasing her fupa?

No. 917071

Word, as a benzo/meth/coke user I'm so glad I found this thread, it really motivates me to fucking try and clean up my act or at least not let myself get this low…

No. 917072

Also, what really works in my favour is that I've actually graduated from uni and have proper education. Although it is quite uncanny how much her life reminds me of mine at certain points, even an older bf who's 35 (I'm 27 like Luna)(no1currs)

No. 917074

it’s all the benzos

god, why does she even bother with the nails when she can’t be bothered to shower or even wash her hands? how has she not died of a fucking staph infection?

this thread always brings out the BPD junkie blogposters. they really can’t resist, huh? NO. ONE. CARES.

No. 917076

Heavy benzo use will get her into a dream like state. I mean this literally. When she wakes up sober her high memories will be like remembering snippets of a dream. Imho she might as well just take the fentanyl because heavy benzo addiction like this is just as bad. Her life is not much different when she's taking either substance.

No. 917085

idk why but i feel like luna would be fun to be friends with they probably talk about makeup smoke weed and watch king of the Hill and eat lots of pizza and donuts she always gave me a fun stoner plus-size girl vibe that eats lots of pizza and watches rick and morty and shoplifts lipstick like young and free

No. 917086

File: 1690099141225.jpeg (23.39 KB, 600x600, IMG_1353.jpeg)

No. 917087

theres no life behind her eyes. promise you all she does is talk about lurch until shes high enough to be nonverbal

No. 917104

Maybe, just maybe, she'd have been ok back in her hipsville days because she would've had at least some interest in things that weren't only drugs and muh sobriety, grifting for donations and whining about her life. Her art wasn't just the same three rehashed motifs yet, she seemed interested in music, she did stuff around the city. It's nothing special but she had friends online and offline who seemed to enjoy her company. Now nobody can stand her.

No. 917112

Stockholm Syndrome, kek

In all seriousness he did groom her, wasn’t he her mother’s drug dealer and took a shine to her when she was like… 17?!

She has barely any self esteem and I doubt she thinks she can do any better.

No. 917114

File: 1690205515381.jpg (131.12 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20230724_063244_Sam…)

No. 917115

File: 1690205562896.jpg (385.59 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_ef71e8f042bf469770b8964…)

No. 917116

File: 1690205612619.jpg (932.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230724_063353_Gal…)

No. 917118

at least this piece looks relatively clean. is this new though? i remember her having that disgusting looking tentacle one for years.

No. 917121

why does she use that filter for literally every picture now

No. 917123

I think she's found an anti-grime filter, the same one that made her plushies look clean last week

No. 917124

Took sober out of her bio because she doesn't want it to her personality, is fine with "in recovery" being her entire identity. Maybe she's hoping people will think she's a recovering ana?

No. 917131

She doesn't want her entire personality to revolve around "being sober" but is okay with the "junkie aesthetic" she's been trying to achieve since she was 17. Lmao. I see this as she wants to loosely "give herself permission" to go back to doing hard drugs or abusing scripts even more. Like "oops I hotrailed meth but it's okay because I can't let sobriety define my personality"

No. 917141

whenever I hear something like this as a counselor, this is a red flag that someone is definitely not sober, currently using substances (abusing gabapentin, benzos or smoking weed) and a relapse on their drug of choice is near.

No. 917143

Can someone edit like that Donnie Darko scene: "I made a new friend." "Sober or a junkie?" "A junkie."

No. 917151

File: 1690298803375.jpeg (900.3 KB, 797x1065, IMG_7842.jpeg)

i did my best artists interpretation

No. 917152

KEK love it, thanks anon!

No. 917154

I mean, she has been using weed and benzos all through her “sobriety”

No. 917158


>looking for a new friend

>ask the clinic receptionist if that girl is sober or junkie
>she doesnt understand
>pull out illustrated diagram explaining what is sober and what is junkie
>she laughs and says "it's a good friend ma'am"
>get to know her better
>it's junkie

No. 917162

underrated comment. genuinely made me laugh loudly.

No. 917178

Does anyone know if Luna's seen the new Barbie movie? I think it'd be so cute if she took her new friend to the cinema idk I feel like she'd really enjoy it.

No. 917180

do you really think luna would spend 20 dollars to go see a movie?

No. 917206

She said she's not interested because it doesn't really include any of her interests such as drugs or

No. 917207

File: 1690420954448.jpg (750.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230726_182458_Gal…)

No. 917213

Omg her benzo eye is wilin' out

No. 917214

Theres no way she can even see her phone. Thats the only way I can comprehend her posting this

No. 917222

Two smelly junkies babbling through it and looking for purses to steal, awwww so cute.

In the not-too-distant future, nuclear conflict has devastated the world. Across this bleak landscape stumbles a lone anon, her last wisps of hair as grey as the dusty world around here. She should have passed away already but one thought sustains her … Surely, THIS will be the thing that makes Luna realise she's wasting her life. This will be the day when she starts embracing her talents and changes everything. Stan-on wheezes to herself mirthfully. This one thought sustained her in the before times and it keeps her going now.

High as fuck + retarded + narcissism = whatever that mess is. She really thinks it's a mood

No. 917228

File: 1690475871042.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1290x1888, A34C3157-1E84-41B0-AADC-149974…)

No. 917229

File: 1690475935320.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1290x2037, 28341406-0561-4247-A63A-68A913…)

I can’t tell is she still using that grody body glitter on her chest or is it just regular filth now?

No. 917230

File: 1690477730454.jpg (243.91 KB, 1080x1773, Taluna.jpg)


No. 917259

File: 1690502878375.jpg (750.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230727_171017_Gal…)

No. 917260

File: 1690502941123.jpg (906.87 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230727_171013_Gal…)

No. 917261

File: 1690502979123.jpg (733.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230727_171009_Gal…)

No. 917277

Nona we can tell the difference between freckles and stuff stuck to her. Freckles aren't some magical rare thing only Luna has, other people have them and dont look sticky. Freckles/sun damage on your decolletage is one of the most common places for women to have them and we know what they look like.

No. 917280

File: 1690545254082.jpeg (561.59 KB, 828x1208, IMG_7852.jpeg)

No. 917281

File: 1690545314792.jpeg (421.13 KB, 500x1221, IMG_7854.jpeg)

No. 917286

File: 1690556872623.png (10.82 MB, 1290x2796, 87E1EDE2-80C4-4E78-9752-345172…)

all she does these days is sit around high as fuck and post these same embarrassing selfies every day on every social media she has. sigh

No. 917287

File: 1690556988409.png (10.61 MB, 1290x2796, 80EA2EFD-F7EE-4997-8A7B-4DEE04…)

filter doesn’t even cover her whole face in this one kek

No. 917288

Her face honestly looks like a death mask now. I don't understand why she pretends to be in recovery when her life is still so based around taking and procuring drugs. Xanax abuse causes lesions on the brain.

No. 917291

File: 1690558584757.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20230728-113810.png)


No. 917295

File: 1690562835603.jpeg (657.31 KB, 828x1064, IMG_7855.jpeg)

the way the filter doesn't cover her whole face

No. 917296

File: 1690562866446.jpeg (322.56 KB, 828x674, IMG_7856.jpeg)

do we think someone bought her this or is she actively begging?

No. 917298

I'm embarassed that I care this much but I'm so confused about wtf is going on with her upper lip I googled it. I swear it wasn't never THAT misshapen? the only explanation I could find for weird indents like that is cheap/unskilled injections. kek is tuna getting back alley fillers?

No. 917303

File: 1690569324760.jpeg (602.73 KB, 828x910, IMG_7858.jpeg)

how does she even afford switch games? >>917298
she's had this lip problem since she was a teen. ive seen other anons speculate it could be a cleft palate/cleft lip issue and that seems most likely to me? i wonder if her moms drug use/methadone use could have caused it? either way its got to be some sort of weird birth defect because she's always had it, the filters actually smooth it out too its much worse in older pictures before she filter abused so much.

No. 917304

File: 1690571992497.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1290x4307, 803A36BF-43F3-45C7-BEBC-649C90…)

is she selling nudes again? Im assuming that’s how she’s paying for switch games

No. 917308

Yeah they've always looked like that but the chunk missing from the side of her top lip seems new

No. 917309

This picture looks like someone is checking Grandma for bed sores. Not the "teaser" she thinks it is kek

No. 917310

'dewy' look? Dog dewy?

No. 917311

Yes, it's probable, likely even but speculative. Drug abuse does increase the risk of fetal orofacial clefts, however it usually needs a genetic factor besides the environmental factor to happen. What I mean is that they can happen for other reasons as well.

Clefts are usually divided into subcategories wether a cleft palate or a cleft lip or in some cases both are present. She's probably had at least a cleft lip fixed. Usually there isn't much tissue to stretch and sew together evenly so the outcome can be lumpy after the pt grows up into adulthood.(medfagging)

No. 917312

She looks greasy and sweaty. I think that her old make-up from years ago (when she looked like a zombie, but at least not greasy) was better than this.

No. 917314

I could’ve sworn she burnt her lip smoking crack and it looked fucked after that.

No. 917317

that was always just a stupid rumor anons made up, she had the same lip in her teen hipsville days. more likely a birth defect from her moms drug use and obvious bad genetics.

No. 917318

File: 1690587237604.png (1.1 MB, 1079x1605, Screenshot_20230728-193239.png)

ayrt, this is a pretty typical pic from #45 and while her lips are still odd, I don't think her top lip is as fucky and lumpy as it is in recent pictures. it looks like it has big chunks out of it. (not infighting just milkstarved)

No. 917319

you're right, i'm comparing the two now and it does look more fucked up recently? maybe the filters skew them even more? or maybe its just getting worse?

No. 917320

Yeah you can definitely see the filter messing with her already messed up lips since the labret is also weirdly stretched out. I'm thinking the filter is dragging her upper lip down and making it look even more distorted. I would almost say she could be using one of those Amazon lip plumping devices where you just suck on a piece of plastic because they look swollen with the way the filter is distorting it.

No. 917322

ty for clearing it up, I thought she admitted to burning her lips when she tried it with her old neighbor but I must’ve misremembered. Whatever it is, it looks worse.

No. 917323

I still cannot understand the tongue thing. I know she's doing it on purpose to like hide her dead tooth but it legit makes her look like she's mentally retarded.

No. 917324

File: 1690595082425.jpg (160 KB, 1079x601, Screenshot_20230728_184647_Sam…)

Someone find her onlyfans!!!!

No. 917325

i doubt she has one shes just trying to target tags to find potential coomers. i think she just sells through tumblr dms.

No. 917326

She can’t dress for shit, she reminds me of those middle school Dangan Ronpa cosplayers. She harps about loving alt fashion and being different but can’t put together a decent outfit?

No. 917328

Maybe she chews on it and it’s scarred? I’ve seen that on bottom lips before but not the top. Looks kinda similar.

No. 917340

this anon might be on to something. blog incoming: I lived in a harsh winter climate for a bit, got horribly chapped lips and ended up with a weird "divot" from one spot I couldn't stop biting at at before I let it heal. considering Luna is on god knows what kind of drug cocktail, I could see her getting dry lips and picking/not taking care of them to the point of no return

No. 917383

File: 1690706834242.jpeg (246.53 KB, 1284x2159, IMG_4338.jpeg)

y’all are fucking stupid. her lips are weird but the filter is distorting the fuck out of them. you can especially tell by how the top ball on her labret is stretched. pic is from 3 days ago

No. 917397

Her upper lip has notches in it. She wasn’t using filters ~5 years ago and they looked like this >>>/pt/451368

No. 917439

moid(sage your shit)

No. 917446

File: 1690813938970.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1290x2041, 42CAAC71-24BF-4C43-9F1E-B05609…)

No. 917450

Sorry for replying to an old ass post but kek at that roman number. What's it even supposed to be?

No. 917463

it really looks like the labret thingy is just too heavy for her flabby lip, i refuse to believe otherwise

No. 917480

It literally has a tag of "what are these tags idk" She's obviously just trying to fish for coomers.

No. 917481

File: 1690845763859.jpg (67.07 KB, 1080x1042, 20230731_135042.jpg)

She breaks her "poems" into sections with roman numbers

Also I saw this meme today and it made me think of her

No. 917482

Before I enlarge the image I thought Lurch's knee was his gut growing into a pregnancy-looking gunt and I was suprised he had gained weight so quickly.

It's not at that stage yet but he is still fat

No. 917483

File: 1690849636679.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1290x2149, A419BA39-4149-4B33-B4D8-862360…)

no words

No. 917486

File: 1690857248752.jpg (846.35 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230731_193633_Gal…)

No. 917487

File: 1690857344553.jpg (95.41 KB, 403x568, Screenshot_20230731_193758_Sam…)

No. 917489

File: 1690858907041.png (332.66 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20230731-230055.png)

comment on picrel – this nonce has been simping for Luna for at least a few weeks now. I wonder if it is a farmer or a true and honest fan. either way it is cringe tho

No. 917491

Of course she would think that, she has the same lumpy space princess body shape as tuna

No. 917492

those ain’t old… yikes. you’d think by now they’d have faded to white.

No. 917496

Do you know what nonce means anon

No. 917501

I know, I mean which number is it? I think she tried to write 95 bit failed miserably.

No. 917504

was irritated by it myself at first as I read it ixv, so, that wouldn't make sense, as that isn't a roman number. It's a L instead of an I, so lxv, and therefore it's 65.

No. 917524

IXV is 95.
But I think Tuna attempted to write 14 and just doesn't understand Roman numerals

No. 917535

it isn't, it would have to be XCV to be 95, IX is only a 9, you can't just put a V for a 5 behind it to be 95 as XC is the roman numeral for 90.

No. 917547

Can we stop with the roman numeral autism? Tuna fried all her brain cells, of course it's not going to make any sense. It's not interesting or milky.

No. 917584

sage for blogposting but did anyone else follow lurch on insta for the drama or whatever and have him actually follow u back and comment weird shit on almost all your posts? I did this a while ago and he ended up accepting my request, followed me back, and would occasionally go through my post history and comment stuff like "that's so funny" "cute" on my super old posts. It's weird cus he'd do it like weeks apart. I dunno but I unfollowed him a while ago and he still does it lmao.(cowtipping)

No. 917593

4 days. Girlie e-begged HARD.

Where does she even get the money if she buys those things herself? And the cheapest/wisest option to get that would be aliexpress and shipping takes much longer than that. Sorry, I am just being autistic, ig.

No. 917594

Do you have screenshots? Sorry that happened to you nona, Lurch is disgusting.

No. 917598

File: 1691169890159.jpeg (344.39 KB, 1125x1655, 07E162B7-1865-43AC-8571-5358F6…)

new ig post, same old shit.

also, for anons who use it, has luna posted anything on threads yet? I don't really want to download another fucking app just to check.

No. 917603

File: 1691176868466.jpg (876.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230804_122334_Gal…)

No. 917604

File: 1691176896954.jpg (667.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230804_122338_Gal…)

No. 917605

File: 1691180952630.png (535.14 KB, 475x531, jesus.png)

That bridge piercing though

No. 917606

Her dad's credit card. She buys shit off amazon all the time.

No. 917607

File: 1691181232513.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1290x2060, 29979CBC-27DB-446E-9AD0-EE12D0…)

Nonnie u cropped out the shit specks on her neck and the chin acne

No. 917608

File: 1691181256977.jpeg (48.47 KB, 828x236, IMG_7915.jpeg)

Here you go!

Can’t wait for this, honestly.

No. 917610

Hooray!! Can't wait for the hot roots and crispy orange mid-length. I hope she follows thru.

No. 917613

File: 1691186125849.jpeg (130.37 KB, 828x769, IMG_7918.jpeg)

Besides reposting some stuffed cows, there’s also these. Nothing else.
I was hoping she would see threads as a “safe” space and slip up on what she’s been up to.

No. 917614

bless you for coming through anon. can't wait to see her fry her hair off kek.

is she still seeing a psych/therapist/in inpatient? I dropped off a while ago and I'm still trying to catch up on her threads, I'm still like 10 or so behind.

No. 917618

File: 1691200731670.jpg (766.64 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230804_190126_Gal…)

No. 917630

File: 1691242946425.jpg (944.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230805_064455_Gal…)

No. 917632

File: 1691243256385.jpg (589.34 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20230805_065001_Sam…)

No. 917634

So….idk… if you're so annoyed by the neighbors in your free housing unit.. Maybe you and the thing you live with can get jobs so you can get an actual apartment or something.
And what do you want the cops to do with this mentally ill person? Take them to jail so you can do your makeup and drugs in peace? Doesn't sound very ACAB of you kek
She's just so funny.

No. 917637

her eyebrows are sisters not twins, but her eyes are too somehow. god, what a mess.

No. 917641

File: 1691254772960.jpg (490.16 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_868414341cde362c9f964e7…)

No. 917642

free housing unit NIMBY behavior kek

No. 917656

ACAB when I’m shoplifting or using, but if I want them to come down on my neighbors it’s Karen Time

No. 917667

Funny thing is she chose this life for herself… oh well!

No. 917671


Her bridge piercing is hanging on by the thinnest flap of skin. One good tug and it’s ripping out.

No. 917673

File: 1691282053887.jpg (58.26 KB, 1080x464, luna.jpg)

No. 917683

Not even taking the piss out of her, but she genuinely looks like she's packed on a lot of weight. What was she crying about that one time weighing, 240ish? Something about her lack of face shape, those shoulders, and no bones visible anywhere not even her wrists gives 300lbs+ lately

No. 917684

Awwww did he take "the last adderall" and not wanna share any with you? Or was it crack

No. 917686

my god. over 300lbs, do you really think so? fucking grim

No. 917688

>>917287 try living in 110+ degrees everyday you fat fuck

No. 917689

or actually working in the 92 degrees.

No. 917692

the only people who queue up for pharmacies opening are withdrawing. pharmfag, one of our MATs would actually run to the counter at 9… others just came in like regular customers through the day. luna is only awake at 9am because she is withdrawing, probably using something on top of MAT so just bumping her tolerance up, methadone is long acting and unlikely to be experiencing withdrawal from just that within 24 hours if she's supposedly been sober for a while. long-term MAT clients experience little withdrawal and can live fairly normal lives whilst slowly tapering the dose down. sage for old and boring

No. 917693

I mean I'd give my left tit to see a recent non fat girl angle photo of her body, it's hard to guess from her posed pics. Remember she's a tall bitch too, close to 6' so 300lbs would look less death fat than on someone like Hamber.

No. 917694

File: 1691345291510.jpg (553.65 KB, 3016x832, lunaweight2.jpg)

i have arranged an autistic chart of tall women of various weights around the 300lb mark for us to compare

No. 917696

i would say shes around 270 mark maybe a bit more

No. 917697

Remember the pics of her posing by someone else's car that rlyblonde took? She was huge there, and she's even bigger now, so that's how I'd gauge it.

No. 917703

she's 5'10 right? 270 seems right then. she's just very pear shaped.

No. 917704


It's definitely rejecting

No. 917708

You don't get methadone in the US from a pharmacy- it's from a methadone clinic.
She's probably at the pharmacy to pickup her mom's benzo script because she's soooo nice like that.

No. 917710

This isn’t true for tuna because her ass working would be the fucking day, but MMT clinics aren’t known for their employed friendly hours. Most people at the clinic when it first opens are working, trying to get in and out fast because they’re on their way to work or on their break.

Methadone has a long half life, but that’s depending on how big the dose is. Tapering isn’t easy and everyone metabolizes methadone differently, especially women, which is why clinics offer daily split dosing.

Also methadone tapering isn’t easy, and “most patients” don’t taper with no problem. That’s just not true. Most have to stop tapering and hold a dose for months before continuing to taper. And some never will ever be able to taper. Hate tuna for being a shitty human but let’s not make her seem like the worst addict ever by exaggerating what MMT is like.

No. 917711

a doctor can send a methadone prescription to pharmacy. you don't know what youre talking about.

No. 917714

File: 1691418767880.jpg (676.49 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230807_073510_Gal…)

No. 917715

File: 1691419508594.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2587, Screenshot_20230807_074721_Red…)

No. 917717

File: 1691419964448.jpg (476.53 KB, 1280x1268, tumblr_091936eb6c28d4c45977b5f…)

No. 917718

File: 1691419991385.jpg (48.14 KB, 1080x380, Screenshot_20230807_075513_Sam…)

No. 917720

So did she bleach it or is this some app edit?

No. 917721

That's an old picture from when she was squatting in her mom's old apartment that they ran her out of.

No. 917727

Ah the ginger root threw me

No. 917730

You can't take topless pics when you're on the rag? Yes I know her post is implying she's prostituting.

No. 917731

Does this confirm she’s a prostitute ?

No. 917734

She really does look better with this color hair. Even if she has to end up trimming it some after bleaching. I'm interested to see if she can achieve it and what she uses.

No. 917738

File: 1691444205377.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1290x2380, 89689094-C086-4406-958E-D1A0A8…)

No. 917742

Isn't this the friend she said she goes out and steals with kek

No. 917747

>just brought me
Girl she knows

No. 917749

So what drug is this "friend" trading all this boosted stuff for? One of their scripts or is lurch still dealing fentanyl?

No. 917750

Yeah her.. "friend" has 4 other sisters and a mom named Rosy Palm.

No. 917753

“Help” meaning money and free housing.

No. 917754

Never posted a pic or selfie with this friend like she did with everyone in the past, probably because they're not aesthetic enough for her.

No. 917755

Disagree, it looks like she washed it in dirty dish water

No. 917756

Before it was "too crazy for me" and a bunch of other talking shit. Then they started stealing together and it became muh friend. Now she gets a haul of lifted stuff and it's "lovely person"
How long until the circle completes and it's 'ex-friend' and 'abusive'.

No. 917762

Why don't you leave it alone and let tuna fry her hair with bleach???

No. 917788

KEK I think the friend is probably skinnier than Tuna, if she was fatter we would've gotten pictures of them together so Tuna would look as the "thin" friend.

No. 917791

File: 1691582351507.jpg (38.71 KB, 1080x351, Screenshot_20230809_050126_Sam…)

No. 917792

File: 1691582381899.jpg (33 KB, 1080x408, Screenshot_20230809_050142_Sam…)

No. 917796

File: 1691591593996.gif (1.86 MB, 498x280, rhoa-who-said-that-who-said-th…)

No. 917803

File: 1691601490013.jpg (4 MB, 714x17381, heavenlybunnies.jpg)

Made a long screenshot for those who don't follow her on insta and wonder what it looks like.

No. 917804

Much appreciated, nonnie

No. 917807

Kek she either knows it's a tongue in cheek way to say "fat" or she detests the concept of health. Both seem equally true.

No. 917808

File: 1691606948984.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1290x2093, 0E33A1DF-6C47-4C32-AEEB-EFDEA3…)

Wonder whose place she’s at

No. 917811

some john's if i had to take a guess. of course she would brag about being in a high rise apartment but not comfortable enough to lie and say it's friend's

No. 917812

It seems that she likes to act mysterious and interesting when in reality she isn't anymore, she was more interesting when she was more open to blogging about her life.
This just makes me think maybe her dad got a new place and that's where she is, because she doesn't seem to have friends or a life. It's her mom and dad, their money and drugs and that's it. Oh, and her new "friend" who trades shit with her, but she's just good for talking about whenever tuna wants to brag that she got new things from her.

No. 917813

File: 1691610621762.jpg (641.91 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20230809_214812_Ins…)

Mr Krabs vibes

No. 917814


No. 917815

looks like her dads place

No. 917816

Kinda wondering who the tan person with fishnets and green sweater(?) is in the background

No. 917817

the way she sits like a man because she cant cross her legs all the way kek

No. 917819

Likely the skanky shoplifting friend. That's probs why she's showing off those drug store bracelets.

No. 917820

File: 1691616547121.jpeg (1001.74 KB, 828x1616, IMG_7933.jpeg)

seems like her and her stealing friend hit sephora in the city today

No. 917822

File: 1691618147821.jpeg (169.14 KB, 828x792, IMG_7934.jpeg)


No. 917827

Is that a fucking bedbug in the top right-hand corner or just some of their miscellaneous filth?

No. 917828

File: 1691621733898.jpg (846.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230809_155736_Gal…)

No. 917829

File: 1691621771748.jpg (923.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230809_155753_Gal…)

No. 917830

File: 1691621816953.jpg (830.99 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230809_155926_Gal…)

No. 917831

I miss your laugh?

No. 917834

Undigested popcorn seed from her latest "sw" video…. who knows

No. 917838

Evil dad. Smoking his weed and stealing his shit again.
Anons being bored enough to tinfoil fatso turning tricks is not a good sign for the thread. Aside from the obvious question of who the fuck would pay for that, the one time she tried irl sex work it ended up with the rape that wasn't saga.

No. 917840

File: 1691638611512.jpg (Spoiler Image,190.73 KB, 1079x833, Screenshot_20230809_223810_Sam…)

Damn, a pork hock actually looks more dainty in comparison to tunas.

No. 917844

Those Dior lip oils are $40 a piece and Glossier stuff is pretty spendy. She's being very bold about this shit, I hope she doesn't get this woman caught

No. 917845

File: 1691658776389.png (1.93 MB, 1888x1190, Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 9.15.…)


No. 917846

File: 1691658934216.png (2.01 MB, 1888x1190, Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 9.16.…)

he makes me laugh so hard. this guy just goes around posting niche baseball memes and pictures of random train stations and flowers and he still has better content than tuna

No. 917847


No. 917848

File: 1691663310524.jpg (708.56 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230810_033105_Gal…)

No. 917850

"Daddy dearest" took her shopping in the city.

No. 917855

File: 1691678180713.jpeg (469.57 KB, 924x2557, IMG_7942.jpeg)

a few tweets of interest from lurch

No. 917859

This is such a morbidly obese angel kek. Promising that shes 300+ lbs at this point and lurch retweeting>>917855
Is going to make her lose her mind. Her self care rituals are always a precursor to her ana rp. Tuna is becoming the Whale. The cycle continues and she always ends up bigger.

No. 917868

File: 1691706849327.jpg (849.58 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230810_153644_Gal…)

No. 917869

Damn, that woman really looks great for 40.

I wish he would post more, he can be so much more entertaining than Tuna

No. 917870

That's not a person, that's a chair with some rag over it. Get your eyes checked.

No. 917871

Kek. I thought you were cracking a joke for a second nonna, but went and looked and that is most definitely just a chair with some ratty green blanket or towel on it.

No. 917872

File: 1691714718410.jpeg (799.15 KB, 828x1315, IMG_7945.jpeg)

ironic because shes forever the same

No. 917873

> morbidly obese angel
Kek, I don’t know if she’d feel as complimented about the morbidly obese part. I understand it was an autocorrect error. Don’t come for me, Nonas.

No. 917876

luna WILL lose the weight

two more weeks, trust the plan

No. 917888

compared to a lot of junkies, she kind of does?which makes it so stupid when she sits around acting like she’s this cursed, perpetually persecuted fallen angel that is so close to dying. she is so much better off than probably 90% of the people in her groups and at the clinics.

No. 917890

Op anon here and that was indeed a typo kek
I really hope she tries a weight loss clinic next. I say try because im not sure shed ever commit

No. 917901

File: 1691790763979.jpeg (692.9 KB, 828x1046, IMG_7958.jpeg)

wow. i know they overprescribe this medication but i've never heard of someone getting 1600 mg of gabapentin a day. she's loaded.

No. 917903

File: 1691794201856.jpg (805.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230811_155229_Gal…)

No. 917905

Luna at this point please either just lose the weight already or shut the fuck up about it.
You have the power to not shove junk food into your face hole all day long believe it or not.
You’ve been fat your entire life. No one has ever looked at you and thought you were skinny (unless they were even fatter than you)… come on … it’s fucking pathetic

No. 917906

This is a common trigger for people recovering from restrictive eating disorders, because they interpret “you look healthy” as “you’ve gained weight”. Luna likes to pretend she has anorexia for some reason even though she is and has always been obese. She is delusional

No. 917908

It makes you looks rashy and diseased.

No. 917914

Woah, she's going to end up even fatter. Pregabalin makes you gain weight like crazy, especially for people like Luna who don't exercise and eat junk.

No. 917918

Funny how she lives in a shithole state provided room, has no income, no future etc. And this is what she cares about… "feel rich" lmao

No. 917919

with all her doctor shopping, you’d think she would know how to get the meds that make you lose weight.

No. 917928

Waiting for her Ozempic era

No. 917988

File: 1691957214598.jpeg (537.56 KB, 828x849, IMG_7994.jpeg)

No. 917989

File: 1691957240234.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1570, IMG_7995.jpeg)

this one jumpscared me

No. 917996

File: 1691961724293.jpg (913.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230813_142418_Gal…)

No. 917997

File: 1691961761469.jpg (887.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230813_142423_Gal…)

No. 917998

File: 1691961793570.jpg (810.83 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230813_142426_Gal…)

No. 917999

File: 1691961824498.jpg (854.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230813_142429_Gal…)

No. 918006

The absolute filth on the top of that mario badescu spray is honestly astounding how does she get something like that so filthy

No. 918007

blame the filters you're abusing

No. 918008

I didn't notice but when I did I also noticed the state of her bedsheets. BRB, vomiting.

No. 918009

File: 1691973732152.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.8 KB, 720x1456, VideoCapture_20230813-174430.j…)

No. 918010

The borderline cystic acne developing on her gunt though….. hey tuna , steal razors next time instead of useless skincare products.

I swear the cycle of abuse to her skin is enough to make me puke.

No. 918018

Holy shit. I know people who take gaba for nerve pain (so big doses), but they're slimmer than Tunafish and it still takes just 300mg to fuck them up for an entire day. No pain, but I have heard them saying they feel extremely drunk on it.
Also taking any substances and mixing them with gaba is a good way to black-out "drunk" choking on your vomit types of benders. Even regular painkillers or muscle relaxants.

Don't know about clonidine much, but 4x a day seems outrageous as well.

Girl is zooted out of her mind 24/7

No. 918020

File: 1692022143452.jpg (748.89 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230814_071139_Gal…)

No. 918021

File: 1692022209935.jpg (845.53 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230814_071143_Gal…)

No. 918025

>>918010 looks to be an old pic, the ends of her hair aren't pure brass. I can't imagine how much worse the entire situation is currently

No. 918026

did she post these all to her story? three identical selfies, 2 with the exact same caption. her life is so boring these days

No. 918040

Her caption is so embarassing. Imagine being nearly 30 and thinking that's cool.

No. 918044

please for the love of god get a pair of tweezers next time you go shop lifting & learn to do your brows jfc they are horrendous(sage your shit)

No. 918051

File: 1692060348903.jpeg (472.88 KB, 828x774, IMG_8026.jpeg)

No. 918060

omg she always does the "r u okay?" "no" text exchange in her doodles among other things but that one especially annoys me i don't know why

No. 918063

File: 1692073224214.png (139.52 KB, 1080x1122, outpatient.png)

No. 918079

File: 1692131390328.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1290x2122, DBE0ED6F-8143-4FA3-A809-55CCE9…)

No. 918080

wow lurch is really fat… his hands look super swollen, diabetes arc for both of them soon??!

No. 918081

File: 1692131865956.jpg (714.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230815_133920_Gal…)

No. 918082

File: 1692131891642.jpg (700.39 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230815_133935_Gal…)

No. 918083

File: 1692131930904.jpg (944.74 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230815_133926_Gal…)

No. 918084

File: 1692131966856.jpg (957.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230815_133931_Gal…)

No. 918085

"am I cursed?" no you just put 0 effort into anything resembling normal life.

The fuckin poppy seed pod doodles too. She's so predictable. Another round of Out Patient where she will expect someone to wave a magic wand and take away her problems. How many times do you do the same shit without realising it's not actually working. Her "art" style is so dated too.

No. 918086

Constantly wondering why she’s even bothering with this shit anymore, it always looks like some corny flash sheet of shitty cliché tattoos mashed together, absolutely no substance to any of it whatsoever. The fat sow should waste her time at the gym or cleaning her hovel instead of wasting her markers on these scribbles kek.

No. 918089

File: 1692139544021.jpg (187.22 KB, 1080x846, Screenshot_20230815_154824_Sam…)

No. 918090

This isn't giving the aesthetic she thinks it does. I can only imagine a greasy, dirty cow covered in grime, greasy waxy scalp build-up, crusty socks, sitting there admiring her lame doodles and calling them "drawings".

No. 918093

Pushing 30

No. 918096

My Immortal ass self-aggrandizing ass paragraph

No. 918097

File: 1692181316885.png (1.96 MB, 978x1394, Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 10.23…)


No. 918098

im not super acquainted with drug users, are they all this brain dead? like it really seems like she's just stumbling through life with the bare minimum of thoughts, surprised her brain knows how to breath.

No. 918099

>outpatient for the fourth time
God I hate the medical and homeless industrial complexes and the Democrat-voting women with toxic empathy who propagate them. Our tax money and the money the federal reserve prints (which drives up inflation) go to scam ptograms so that fat ass losers like Tuna can sit comfortably with food and housing while pretending to bring doing something. Tuna doesn't need therapy, she needs all of her drugs taken away and her ass beat.(a-logging)

No. 918103

You say that but red states have more welfare cases for general and the special druggie free loaders like her and Old Chief CrackEagle. Sooooooo hm.
The issue is a democratic one though. They did allow drug abuse to be a "debilitating illness". If you want to feel a bit better about all of this, well, this is her peak. Some of us get jobs, collect friends, adventures, experiences. Maybe squirrel some cash away or get some equity and be able to retire. She will move from shitty government box apt (her lack of dependents denies her any real gimmies) to shitty apartment box. Until she dies at 55 because her lifestyle demands it. Oh by this point she will be in a state run nursing facility. You know, with thin stiff sheets and the ever present after waft of stale urine.
Not at all sanrio cute.

No. 918107

Christ that blouse is holding on thread by thread over that hamhock of an arm for dear life

No. 918108

I love how he's confident enough to wear women's sunglasses

No. 918111

sage for autism but she looks like fat madonna in this

No. 918112

kek i see it. especially the way they both abuse filters i'm always gonna see it now.

No. 918116

File: 1692225239461.jpg (801.39 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230816_153555_Gal…)

No. 918117

File: 1692225287654.jpg (735.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230816_153536_Gal…)

No. 918137

I've spent this week crying hysterically and wallowing in filth that's my bed currently after a mutual breakup with my boyfriend who was the most fucking wonderful gorgeous man in the world and I fucking wish i was Luna right now, at least she's in a relationship, I've just lost mine and I'm also mentally ill and we broke up because I kept on hurting him over and over, I'm pretty sure I'll lose my job soon too, I can't fucking take it anymore, heartbreak is the worst fucking pain in the world I'd do heroin too if I knew how to get it but whatever maybe I'll just kill myself, hopefully I'll die soon FUCK right now I wish I had Luna's life(not your personal blog... also go touch grass nona)

No. 918138

I'm also a mental psycho bitch, that's why we had to break up except I stil habve to go to work and make a living to keep a roof over my head. My boyfriend owned an apartment, we were supposed to be together, it was supposed to be MY life - safe and secure and now all is lost. Luna's life is ltieally better than mine, I should have just started doing heroin(waaaaaah my life is so hard, grow up nona everyone has a hard time, this is not the thread to cry about it)

No. 918139

Stop blogging about your life on the Luna thread. You're worth more than a dumb moid and Luna's life is horrendous, don't be dumb.(responding to obvious bait)

No. 918141

File: 1692300522075.jpg (20.87 KB, 410x410, 13dd65aabc9b47860af6f0815e3683…)

>>918137(responding to obvious bait)

No. 918146

File: 1692313007503.jpg (45.04 KB, 1080x380, Screenshot_20230817_155906_Sam…)

No. 918147

File: 1692313048198.jpg (739.33 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20230817_155916_Sam…)

No. 918148

Awwww did mommy not give you her WHOLE xanax script?
I'd like to think she posted that about lurch but I know her posts are never that deep. She doesn't care enough about her relationship.

No. 918151

File: 1692315516665.jpeg (988.39 KB, 828x1565, IMG_8048.jpeg)

how does someone like lurch get an adderall prescription… it should be a requirement to have a job to get a script for that.

No. 918152

Omg her xanax has "ana" in the middle, so cool much aesthetic
Pretty sure Tuna or fakeboi wrote this because this is what they want other people to see Tuna as. Except no one does, 2012 was a decade ago and even the heroincore uwu mental illness teen/early 20s girls of today don't look at Tuna and think "how cool" they look at Tuna and see an 27 year old embarrassing fatass ana larping hag with shitty art. She's washed up even in her own circle of losers.(responding to bait)

No. 918153

there’s a shortage and he gets it? This thread is just rage bait at this point from both of them

No. 918154

This explains so much and why he's so wild and zany scampering around the interwebz (and tessa)

Sorry for those who need it and are facing repercussions of the shortage

No. 918155

Shut up moid

No. 918161

Anon, please don't pretend that when you were 20 you don't remember the people pushing 30 who were still hanging around spaces meant for people your age because they were obviously arrested and immature and how annoying, creepy, and off-putting it was. That's Tuna. 27 may not be old in the grand scheme of things, but it is way too old to be doing what she does and the kids looking at her are just going to see a gross old woman who needs to go away.

No. 918169

these guys are on downers which amp up the zombie appearance, but people can accomplish a lot with uppers and appear normal (in a manic kind of way) before the eventual crash. popular with celebrities

No. 918182

Trouble in Squalor, Tuna?
It's so depressing how she's nearing 30 and posting shit like this. This is the type of stuff people were posting on facebook when they were in middle school after getting into petty fights. I think she is genuinely unaware that all her bad habits are only speeding up her ageing process and that aside from herself, no one sees her life as tragically beautiful or aesthetic. She's on her way to becoming one of the junkies that hang around in public areas asking for cigarettes and money.
Smoky, Pepper and Roger popped into my head today randomly and for someone who made an old man's death all about herself and then had a huge pity party about the elderly cats living in absolute filth dying, she never seems to reminisce about them. She posts pictures of herself when she was blonde and actually seems to miss that more than all three of them combined. Not to moralfag here but when it comes to LOLcows I feel that most of them aren't genuinely bad people and rather just stupid, but Tuna is an awful person and also retarded as all hell. I wonder if she'd be an entertaining episode of Intervention but I don't think anyone in her life cares about her enough for them to try and help her.

No. 918200

File: 1692398427431.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20230818_154309_Sam…)

No. 918205

loool the universe is telling her to get a job

No. 918208

Knowing Tuna she will take it as a sign to steal more notebooks for her "art".

No. 918224

File: 1692475647071.png (958.36 KB, 720x1066, Screenshot_20230819-160843~2.p…)

I love how she thinks she's some skincare/makeup pro…

No. 918226

This screams "look at what I stole". It's so sad that every retail worker can spot a thief from far away, but there's jack shit they can do about it.

No. 918228

File: 1692487553490.jpg (761.35 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230819_162704_Gal…)

No. 918229

File: 1692487575954.jpg (955.43 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230819_162707_Gal…)

No. 918230

File: 1692487601040.jpg (752.19 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230819_162710_Gal…)

No. 918231

File: 1692487639036.jpg (762.02 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230819_162713_Gal…)

No. 918232

File: 1692487674073.jpg (947.66 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230819_162716_Gal…)

No. 918233

File: 1692487703765.jpg (543.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230819_162720_Gal…)

No. 918234

File: 1692487759552.jpg (637.22 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230819_162723_Gal…)

No. 918235

File: 1692487808308.jpg (825.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230819_162726_Gal…)

No. 918237

File: 1692489737672.jpg (1.14 MB, 1079x2175, Screenshot_20230819_170412_Sam…)

No. 918238

File: 1692489791400.jpg (669.59 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20230819_170429_Sam…)

No. 918239

File: 1692489820001.jpg (359.58 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20230819_170458_Sam…)

No. 918246

Tbh why is she so ugly now? It can't be just aging. Did the drugs ruin her so much?

No. 918247

Her face is bloated from the weight gain and benzo's make you look really hollow. She styles her hair in a way that accentuates the bloat, she looks better with hair draping down the sides of her face.

No. 918248

She’s always been ugly.
She might look uglier now because she’s taking higher res pics than at her “peak”. I think her facial hair and unkempt eyebrows make her look especially bad, I think it contributes a lot to her makeup having a nasty-looking texture. Also she is just plain bad at drawing flattering shapes or using flattering colours in her makeup, which contributes to looking unhealthy and unattractive. Makeup can make people look more beautiful, but if you’re not good at it it can make you look so, so much worse. I think that’s basically what’s happening with Luna.
Her best photos are where she is smiling, with healthy hair and little makeup.
I read somewhere that the essence of classic beauty is looking neat and clean; I think if you don’t have good hygiene and grooming habits as a base, you’re going to look bad whatever you do.

No. 918249

That looks like a C-section scar… what if she had an unplanned pregnancy and delivered?

No. 918250

I think that's just her fupa..

No. 918251

Yeah thats just a crease from her saggy fat on her stomach lol

No. 918253

All brand names only to look like she slept behind a dumpster.

No. 918258

Thats a trip, you would never guess in a million years this slob was covered in YSL and Dior grease. Meanwhile women with real jobs are out here using elf products looking 100x more presentable.

No. 918259

Have you ever considered rehab, anon?

No. 918320

He looks like the lovechild of Elon Musk and an Easter Island statue.

No. 918321

Drugs can fry your brain to the point of you losing your motor skills and not seeing what's really there when you look into the mirror/see a pic of yourself

No. 918361

why does she have 6+ rose tattoos on her body that all look basically the same?

No. 918384

No. 918394

Isn't the rose a nod (kek) to heroin needles?

No. 918401

Is it. I'm a addict but maybe that just isn't in my country and is more of other places thing(sage your shit)

No. 918405

iirc rose is her middle name? i might be pulling that one out of my ass.

No. 918424

Does Luna have a middle name?

No. 918427

Luna Tapdancing Slater

No. 918434


She has roses because that's obviously her go-to when she had the chance at a tattoo because she has no creativity, style, or brains.

No. 918446

Rose is her middle name, after her grandmother. Or at least that's what she says. She posted some document in an early thread that had her Grandmother's name on it (Rose)

No. 918451

I've definitely seen her use the name Luna Slater Rose on some account (can't remember what it was) back in her hipsville days so I've always assumed it was her dad's surname

No. 918456

It's her middle name, I went in old threads and found the masterpost of social media links >>848984 , her FB URL was luna.s.rose
Searching for Luna Rose Slater also brought up this old account of hers https://lookbook.nu/offthebone with photos of hers.

No. 918508

I spent a stupid amount of time trying to find the picture she posted of her stupid expired ID but I gave up. I'm sure someone else can find it. Her middle name is not Rose, you can just Google her name and NY and it starts with an M.(Rule 3.1 No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media)

No. 918519

My bad usually sage is auto filled but new phone sorry guys didn't mean to clog

No. 918521

probably marie. it was the most popular middle name for the late 90s.

No. 918526

'Luna Rose' was her old pseudonym when she was a cripplepunk tumblr kid. It's why her lookbook account in that list is 'Luna R'. She currently uses 'Luna Heavenly' instead but I dont think either Rose or Heavenly are her middle name. My tinfoil is she stopped using the Luna Rose name because of e-begging (her paypal was connected to her real name). She's doxed herself with pill bottles before and it just says Luna Slater so I'd guess no middle name. She's so self-obsessed and boring, if she had a middle name she'd talk about it. she spergs about about her first name all the time (romantic moonlit methadone clinic) but I don't remember a middle name.

She's covered in the same rose tattoo 6 times because she's boring and repetitive. Or maybe her "free sobriety tattoos" were really practice sessions; an artist refining their skills on Luna knowing that if they fucked up it wouldn't really matter. I've always been more confused by the teeth tattoos. She's got one on her right arm and her left hand? Why teeth?

No. 918527

i think the tooth thing was just a trend because i know another trashy girl around lunas age who has almost the exact same tooth tattoo. she also has the same vonnegut gravestone too. girls like luna have always been a dime a dozen she just took it to a much more extreme.

No. 918539

Uh so when was the last time Luna had a job..? Was it when she was working for that Allison girl? If so, wow. She’s lucky she lives in NY where they give anyone food stamps regardless of employment status. How long can she get away with being a leech? It’s insane to me

No. 918542

She's never worked. Her last job wasn't a job and you're an idiot if you think it was. It was her selling Lurches drugs to that trashy trustfund art bitch and the trashy art bitch was funneling her parent's money to Luna in payment for the drugs in a "clean" way. And yes she will spend the rest of her life in her fat ass being taken care of. Her mother is in her 50s, maybe even 60s now and still lives off the goverment, the proto-Luna. Money is taken from you to pay for this. This is what toxic empathy and bleeding heart polices get you.

No. 918551

calm down weirdo

No. 918566

Do you know that for a fact? It wouldn't really surprise me but I don't remember if that was ever exposed about her last "job".
The government doesn't have toxic empathy for drug addicts, lol. What's your big fix? Killing them all? Lmao.

No. 918571


Tbh that whole time period is kinda blurry to me about her. It just seems like that girl was using Luna as much as Luna was using her. More so in the vibe of Luna seemed to be her “fixer upper” project. Someone she could brag about giving a “job” too and “helping” out.

I don’t remember personally Luna being paid in any formal way by that girl at least from what she posted. It just seemed like another trust fund girl using another trust fund girl for social media clicks and engagement.

Idk I do remember anons on here making it seem like that entire arrangement of Luna making sensory toys or whatever or showing up to man that girls tent was “good for her” or something. Idk last I checked Luna still has no real ID like bf and all her prior real work experience I’m pretty sure it scattered with her being fired for stealing.

No. 918578

fucking WOW if she still hasn’t bothered to get a new id after all these years lol

i wonder if her lack of employment gets brought up by her therapists/caseworker/etc… i mean, isn’t getting a job part of recovery?

No. 918583

It absolutely would get brought up by therapists, moments before she decides they're terrible people and she hates them.

No. 918584

File: 1693208916736.png (2.38 MB, 2200x1434, Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 7.50.…)

thought this was a troon when i first saw it

No. 918586

File: 1693217493088.png (1.87 MB, 2200x1434, Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 10.13…)

ok hes posting his feet now and im cringing at this woman in the comments

No. 918588

>size 49 uk
nitpick but that's European sizing and EU 49 is US 15. Retard doesn't even know his shoe size.

This is actually a nice photo despite Lurch's attempts to sabotage it. He's 6ft6, why is he taking a pic of her from that low angle? To make her look chubbier, more manly and taller? But the camera is far away enough that you can't see all the particles of dirt on her skin, so it's better than her selfies.

No. 918589

>I don’t remember personally Luna being paid in any formal way
samefagging but from what I remember, Allison was paying her in gifts and once Luna started demanding money it fizzled out. I seem to remember a pink desk and desk organizer, as well as some clothing.

Pretty sure the Killstar dress she's wearing in >>918229 was purchased during the Allison work era, either she was given a Killstar giftcard as payment or Allison was making the purchases for her.

No. 918590

That place is not that bad, I was imagining worse.

No. 918596

Pretty sure she did get paid a few times. Remember the 'art night' or whatever it was? She was pondering if she should be paid for travel time "as well". Asking for that seemed like it was what pushed Allison over the edge.

No. 918597

huh this place doesn't even look too bad… wonder why she always takes photos from the dirty bed instead of from this angle.

No. 918600

Why is she asking about his dick size??

No. 918601

She's really stylish when she tries. Also, she doesn't look that obese in this, more like a typical American woman and the apartment is tidy. I'm glad things are looking up for them.

No. 918603

Is it too much to ask for another Tessa but this time she's real? Lurch cheating saga would be hilarious.
You always try way too hard, stan.

No. 918606

This is old. You can tell her time line by the state of her hair. This was in the winter.

No. 918607

Yeah. the ID is the nail she was hanging getting married on.

No. 918610

Perhaps they forgot they were in a couple of Airbnbs before moving to their current hovel?

No. 918614

Speaking of, when was the last time she mentioned that? She used to bring it up a lot. I don't recall her mentioning it in a long time?

No. 918615

The open box of Cheerios on the floor…

No. 918618

Lmao, I wish we could see the bpd breakdown this caused irl.

No. 918619

Counselor in NY here. A job is necessary when living in sober living, some places require volunteering. Luna is literally the stereotype rehab female - buying cheap (Temu), stealing, press-on nails, loser boyfriend, considers themselves sober even though they aren’t, considers themselves in recovery when they aren’t actually trying to recover, diagnosis of BPD, makeup/skincare obsession, can’t survive without gabapentin, selling nudes, the list goes on. A good 90% of women her age are the same in every single way.

No. 918620

How fucking bleak.

No. 918624

So , how is she there? Neither are employed.

No. 918630

She's not in sober living. It's a cheap boarding room.

No. 918636

Genuine question; does chronic opioid use cause connective tissue to break down? Lurch and Luna both have that melted-candle lumpy skin texture I usually associate with the immensely elderly. His thigh in this picture looks like it belongs to a sedentary 80 year old woman

No. 918637

File: 1693334576549.jpeg (868.2 KB, 1290x1301, 587470D3-6EA3-434A-BE4F-DB7AA9…)

old post I know but she’s such a hoarder, holding on to and showing off an empty bottle of Mario badescu spray for what?! it’s not even like it’s a high end luxury brand, literally $10 at the drug store

No. 918638

She's doing his skincare for him? Even though he's an aged addict in his 40s? The damage has been done. What she could do is ask him to get in the shower, but she wouldn't even do that for herself. They're both scumbags but doing a stinky 40 year old man's skincare routine before bed is so sad. He's going to wake up and take adderral and flirt with random women on twitter with Fenty fat water residue still on his upper lip. At least save that shit for yourself, girl. It must be hard having terminal pick-me brain.

No. 918646

Why is every item covered in a layer of what looks like foundation? Like does she apply her foundation with her hands then pick everything up? It looks so grimy

No. 918649

That's actually not an empty bottle. The contents are lavender so it looks empty in this pic.

No. 918651

it’s empty, the lavender colour of the spray is a lot darker and would be noticeable

No. 918658

This is it. I also imagine she mostly steals testers from the store which are always disgusting.
The dough body look is because their lives are beyond sedentary and they only consume refined sugars and carbs.

No. 918683

retards like her cant understand the best skincare is taking a fucking shower and laying off drugs

No. 918737

Mario Badescu was also sued for lying about ingredients that damaged a bunch of people’s skin, such a knowledgeable skin care kween. A compromised skin barrier that’s fertile breeding ground for staph and fungus is very in brand for her, kek

No. 918741

She only steals names her fried brain can remember from internet ads. You'll never see her with an esthetician/medical only line or even Dermalogica. Just "look at me I have fenty beauty".

No. 918781

>giant size

No. 918842

As a fellow benzo addict no wonder Luna shoplifts everything, shit should be listed as a side effect of hardcore use (I take 8mg xanax lol), she probably blacks out and brazenly takes shit out of stores.Conversely, even if she wanted to lose weight she prob doesn't even remember most of the day I'm willing to bet she's blacked out most of the time and that's why she only eats the most processed food which makes her fat. Like yeah, when you abuse benzos your brain is literally mush, until you get sober that is. If she's constantly on benzos and methadone then it's obvious why she won't doanything wiht her life - she's literally sleepwalking through it.

And the saddest thing is I've ust basically described my own life here, as an 8mg+ xanax addict.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918897

That is an old photo from the last airbnb(sage your shit)

No. 918899

File: 1694050199685.jpeg (246.54 KB, 2045x1231, IMG_8240.jpeg)

old milk but i can't wait for her to ruin her hair this fall… i predict the bottom half which is still bleached and damaged from years ago will just fall off

No. 918934

She will never do it. She's been saying this for ages. Just another junkie dream

No. 918950

Maybe this is why she's been radio silent

No. 918982

The only consistent goal Luna has had the past year or so is to bleach her hair blonde again. I haven’t heard anything about her wanting to be a “sports journalist” or a “cosmetologist” in awhile… the latter I think could actually potentially work out for her. I know plenty of trashy (ex?)junkies who do hair…
IYKYK. If she got her shit together she could probably get a job at Supercuts or something… it’s better than nothing. No one expects their hair to be cut well at Supercuts so I don’t think her wonky eyes will get in the way too much.
Either way… Luna do something, anything with your life. She is so boring now

No. 918983

she’s the kind of chick that thinks she deserves mad credit for “just surviving”.

“I may not have accomplished anything with my life since I graduated high school, but at least I’m not on heroin anymore!”

like congrats on not using smack anymore but god that is so fucking sad…

the only chance of upward mobility for her is to get with a successful man… unfortunately she is too old and obese now to be a sugar baby. she can’t even run tricks successfully. no “pay to play” for her kek. too bad oh well(reddit spacing)

No. 918984

this comment is so disgusting, you sound like a moid

No. 919008

NTAYRT but shut the fuck up, that’s TAME compared to what some nonnas have posted and it’s true, Tuna is ALWAYS acting like she’s “the better addict” than others.

No. 919088

no successful guy will ever be around someone like her. shes only gonna attract druggies and pornsick scrotes, which she deserves.

No. 919091

being on lolcow is disgusting, you’re not better than me
also, was I wrong? her options are limited because she refuses to get a job or go back to school. she is a manipulative mooch so I am surprised she didn’t go the sugar daddy route

No. 919105

Too ugly, lazy, self absorbed and socially inept to sugar baby kek. Scrotes want to feel like they're the most important thing in the world and that their hobbies are interesting, Luna couldn't possibly do this in her current state (she thinks she's the center of the universe and she has no interest in anything).

She got into baseball to get closer to lurch, but she just thirsts over the baseball players and calls that one fat pitcher hot. Men aren't into that, most would resent her turning it into simply "omg guy is cute" and ignoring the actual hobby. It makes her seem emotionally stunted. Same with her interest in heroin music. She doesn't have an interest in Layne Staley or Alice in Chains. She has their action figures and fantasises over their physical attributes.

Maybe if she wasn't filthy, overweight and wall-eyed she could find a sugar daddy who didn't want too much from her, but she ain't doing that kek. The only men interested in a 280lb heroin addict are scrotes who won't treat her like a princess. The scrotes who make her drink her own piss, or call her father in the middle of masturbation. Those are the only "sugar daddies" she can get. She did try for over a year to make money being a sex worker but it didn't work out because she expected all the men to fawn over her and give her money for nothing. She isn't willing to put in any effort

No. 919117

I just hope she posts photos when she tries to bleach the rat nest on her head

No. 919125


Yeah I’ve been following her on and off since like 2017 and she and I assume lurch has yet to get an ID as far as I know. I just don’t see how she’s gotten any legit job without a ID or drivers license. In the US you need at least two forms of ID like a SS number, birth certificate or Passport to even get a new one.

The DMV is tedious and we know how she is doing basically everyday tasks that are easy.

She bitched and moaned constantly that the lack of identification is why they couldn’t get married and if that didn’t spur either of them to get one I just don’t see her having done it any time soon.

No. 919151

you obviously haven't been following her very well because she hasn't had a real job so she doesn't have to worry about ID

No. 919156

OT but it's mind boggling that any of the many programs she's seeking assistance from hasn't offered to help her get an ID. Maybe they have and it's too much work for her anyway, maybe she doesn't want an ID because that's one step closer to being held accountable for a job, maybe she's retarded.

I do remember that horrible social worker video where she called her mother a waste of resources and the worker clapped back that she could've gotten into housing if she called at some ungodly hour (before 10 am.)

No. 919169

File: 1694481562661.jpeg (88.51 KB, 828x402, IMG_8299.jpeg)

fakeboi makes an appearance for the first time in awhile

No. 919189

I can't imagine her doing any of that lmao. I know the answer is no but I wonder if she's ever made herself a proper meal and actually cooked before. It's pretty sad.

No. 919210

covid is no fun at all. She's probably a terrible patient and will be whining non-stop. Lurch will call her fatty boombalatty amnd tell her to shut up and then she'll write a shitty covid poem.

No. 919216

File: 1694558122903.jpg (434.98 KB, 720x1442, VideoCapture_20230912-153804.j…)

No. 919217

File: 1694558266948.jpeg (124.4 KB, 750x543, 3B0B4077-85BD-4C81-B530-05C18B…)

I guess she doesn’t have a kitchen at her new place?

No. 919218

What a bitch, just say thank you for the tips at least.

No. 919223

Was a global pandemic not enough to learn to STAY HOME when you're sick….

No access to boiling water? No microwave? No hot plate? No lighter on a spoon?

Stupid fat bitch

No. 919224

omg steal a hot plate you fat retard. this also means they’re likely spending way too much money to have takeout for every meal, or just gas station snacks. what a fat retard!

No. 919236

Sometimes I wish my biggest worry was bleaching my hair at the end of the season. Also, in current era, petty ass thieves like her aren't even sent to security for a talking to. She just 5 fingers whatever instant gratification she wants. Has evil dad/internet for other things she can't get her grubby hooks into. Taxpayers are feeding her, housing her, even footing the bill for her continued substance abuse. Shit seems real bleak for us responsible ones. I want her pill card revoked so she actually has to remember for 5 minutes just what her existance is.

No. 919239

aw this is so cute. They look out for each other

No. 919243

The return of the edgy pedo ugh. At least she's advising her to steal healthier.

No. 919276

amazing advice, take your covid in to your local convenience store. you can steal fenty cosmetics but not a kettle?? evil dad would buy her a kettle if she asked.

No. 919286

Covid? Oh shit. Do we need to send her monies for plushies and new markers?

No. 919296

File: 1694650297902.jpeg (556.72 KB, 828x944, IMG_8309.jpeg)

No. 919299

No hot water, but makeup and trinkets!

No. 919303

Did the Airbnb cut off utilities to try get them out kek

No. 919321

Aren't they staying in a room in some government junkie house? I think it's fishy though, wouldn't there be some kind of communal kitchen? I think she's lying for pity points or because she's lazy.

No. 919333

pity points big time, and also she doesn't want to drink tea and soup, she wants Sanrio shit and McDonalds and cake. if someone piped in offering to buy her pizza, she'd jump at it, but if someone else said they'd buy her a hot plate or a plug in kettle/send one directly to her, she'd make some excuse as to why that won't work

No. 919338

Getting a hot plate would actually offer more oppourtunity to lose weight too; what a dumb dumb

No. 919339

File: 1694710287261.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1290x2098, E0384BFD-2F56-4DB9-BD98-BEB0A3…)

More of the same boring drawings

No. 919346

I think these would be cute as tattoo designs tho???? I'm surprised she's never tried to become a tattoo artist, seems perfect for her!!!(bait)

No. 919353

She couldnt pass the basic hygiene requirements, kek. Stop trying to whitenight an unemployed loser.

No. 919367

You must be trolling. The thought of tuna fish taco being even 1% competent enough to be a tattoo artist is laughable

No. 919368

they’re staying in junkie subsidized housing except it’s one room and no they don’t have access to a kitchen, some places give you a microwave at best but i think the fire risk is too high because everyone living there is fucking zonked 24/7 or bound to eventually relapse, not that it matters because she doesn’t shower but she probably also has to share a bathroom with like 50 other people, too. vom.

No. 919414

File: 1694817716964.jpg (255.01 KB, 720x1441, VideoCapture_20230915-154453.j…)

No. 919418

I agree nonny! She should order a tattoo gun off Amazon with evil dad's card and start practicing on herself and Lurch! She'll be more famous than Kat Von D in no time

No. 919419

doesn't she have covid and should be at home and not spreading that shit around? But wait, no, she can't stay at home, she has to steal the next cosmetic thing to look always the same and food, healthy food, very important.

No. 919427

File: 1694832268346.jpg (310.31 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_f955cd0f5869fb830af6f6c…)

No. 919428

looks like she may have bleached her hair but it probably looks like shit so she hasn't been posting 9000 selfies showing it off

No. 919435

Probably she had cotton fever.

No. 919437

Not yet. We’ll know when she bleaches her hair… there will be a bunch of social media posts about how she’s “So nervous!! But excited!!” and “aesthetic” pics of the bleach itself. You’ll have to wait for the next manic episode.

Luna is very predictable

No. 919438

File: 1694866773206.jpg (33.95 KB, 1080x317, Screenshot_20230916_052238_Sam…)

No. 919439

Most likely

No. 919453

She says she has it but she says lots of shit. Like the no hot water thing. She's been in that situation in the past and milked it for pity points so it joined the rotation of regular problems in her life. Guessing she heard something about the expected surge and decided to try and ride it.

No. 919455

File: 1694885047132.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1290x1920, B2691E25-4FC2-46B8-980B-17888A…)

the hair on his mask

No. 919459

No. 919463

File: 1694892493265.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1293, Catfurgoatee.png)

No. 919468

Honestly it’s a good thing I don’t. Her life hasn’t changed much since Roger died if at all. Too depressing and boring to watch closely I guess after that mess

No. 919473

Why does he always look like he's in the middle of a medical episode?

No. 919475

File: 1694903763023.jpg (345.98 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20230916-153833.j…)

No. 919476

File: 1694903795402.jpg (140.87 KB, 720x1439, VideoCapture_20230916-153842.j…)

No. 919477

File: 1694903899854.jpg (51.35 KB, 1080x386, Screenshot_20230916_154101_Sam…)

No. 919478

File: 1694903927261.jpg (40.35 KB, 1080x329, Screenshot_20230916_154119_Sam…)

No. 919479

File: 1694903965490.jpg (399.9 KB, 1280x1591, tumblr_cd337073094afcc0fa18364…)

No. 919480

File: 1694903987251.jpg (218.63 KB, 1280x659, tumblr_2d925bd9c2c4cdf79700bed…)

No. 919481

File: 1694904288769.webm (1.76 MB, 720x1280, tumblr_s13kroTPIY1zdwdn5.webm)

No. 919482

File: 1694904543640.jpg (448.89 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_a1f697ec81216c2256f414d…)

He doesn't even like you, you fat retard. He won't even look at you. Are you too retarded to be embarrassed?

No. 919483

What this fat bitch really in rehab?

No. 919484

lmao no

No. 919485

Is she trying to write まごまご ? Cheating/tricks?

No. 919487

Wow. Even with the filter her face is ROUND. The bangs and messy rat's nest hair she used to have hide her fat fuck face. Can she not see that poor bridge piercing looks like tiger king's eyebrow?

No. 919488

File: 1694907234342.jpg (124.42 KB, 720x1292, VideoCapture_20230916-163649.j…)

No. 919491

>cigarette coming out of hand instead of being held by the fingers
never change luna

No. 919492

she's so cockeyed

No. 919493

which is loaded with sugar you dumb bitch

No. 919501

Jfc look at the maybe literal shit crusted under and on TOP of her nails. Shoplift some hand sanitizer next time Tuna

No. 919506

her hands have no business being that dirty, she doesn’t do shit ever. I know she doesn’t have good hygiene but does she seriously not wash her hands at all ever? Like the only time her hands touch water is the odd time she washes her hair or goes to her dads for a bath? No wonder she got Covid

No. 919509

Maybe if you count the time she was for like what a week or two but left because of the pizza but even then not really

No. 919512

i'm surprised she didn't post explicitly about going to NA but given the photo then the related art with 'can the angels save us', and there was a 2-3 weeks posting gap everywhere recently… i think girlie got the god squad to host/fund residential rehab, unusual to see programmes under 30 days but maybe she was released early for getting covid - maybe asking her to complete the remaining days once she's negative?

No. 919513

She's really bragging about being the biggest hambeast of them all now kek

No. 919514

File: 1694952436758.jpg (326.67 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_f6bc0ff15ccaf478adc8e5b…)

No. 919519

She takes breaks from posting on the regular now, that's not unusual. And I still don't believe the covid arc. No blogging about it, no art, no poetry, no e-begging … not even a "it might kill me but maybe I want that uwu"
I think it's a lot more likely she has just attended a few groups to try and latch on to new suckers.

No. 919520

she has posted that she's trying inpatient again. the same one she left because the personal pizza was too small kek. i assume that's where she's getting the NA stuff from.

No. 919522

What the hell is wrong with the inner corner of the cats eye? It looks nasty and might be an optical illusion but it looks like it's caved in or something.

No. 919523

Detox at best
Manbeast posted the negative test but not the "positive" one

No. 919524

File: 1694974808657.png (72.09 KB, 270x212, Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 2.22.…)

omg one of those has her lipstick kiss and you can even see the gross missing chunks discussed here >>917298
absolutely everything about this behemoth is misshapen. I’d probably try to OD all the time too tbh

No. 919530

I hate how that looks like a fissured bootyhole.

No. 919533

File: 1694991078386.jpg (168.14 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20230917-155225.j…)

No. 919534

File: 1694991138718.jpg (218.41 KB, 720x1425, VideoCapture_20230917-155235.j…)

No. 919535

File: 1694991177705.jpg (245.43 KB, 720x1427, VideoCapture_20230917-155239.j…)

No. 919536

File: 1694991217375.jpg (229.95 KB, 720x1444, VideoCapture_20230917-155242.j…)

No. 919537

File: 1694991274215.jpg (232.45 KB, 720x1447, VideoCapture_20230917-155246.j…)

No. 919538

File: 1694991363335.jpg (196.3 KB, 720x1447, VideoCapture_20230917-155250.j…)

No. 919539

the old man has to be embarrassed

No. 919541

Not white knighting anyone but I can't imagine what it's like to be Luna's dad. He clearly cares about her and might regret so much of the culmination that has transpired to shape the selfish dysfunctional person Luna has become. But what do you do in his situation? Again unfathomable, and yet he is "evil dad."

But here he is treating his daughter and middle-aged scote to brunch. Press on nails, cheap cheap shit online orders etc. Also lol, so she has covid or not.

No. 919543

smoking the cigarette down to the butt, classy. also he has a pair of sunglasses on and another pair on his shirt kek.

No. 919546

Lurch dressed like a junkie jungle explorer

No. 919548

Yay, Luna is in her maniac phase again. We'll have tons of snapchat selfies for the next days kek. Hopefully she will do something fun, she's been extremely boring lately

No. 919549

File: 1695000086412.jpg (194.49 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20230917_182335_Sam…)

No. 919550

File: 1695000145522.jpg (38.84 KB, 1080x563, Screenshot_20230917_182442_Sam…)

No. 919552

the glasses in his shirt look more like reading glasses than sunglasses, but no matter what, he and Luna look like trash

No. 919553

The way she types gives me a fucking headache

No. 919554

This looks like someone's granny I can't believe she posted it.
Also how does she not feel pathetic, being almost 30 years old, with her nasty boyfriend, out to brunch with her father I'm sure just to get a free meal, money, weed, drugs, and whatever else she's using him for. I hope she gets some strong hair bleach when she goes on her charity Target trip.

No. 919558

her best poem yet

No. 919559

Jenny Holzer who

No. 919565

If you slapped a shitty line drawing of a flower on this, you could pass it off as a Rupi Kaur. Has the same amount of depth.

No. 919568

File: 1695043657363.jpg (238.62 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20230918-063027.j…)

No. 919569

Bleach ya hair so we can kek, fatty.

No. 919586

Poor lil poor gal

No. 919595

File: 1695088579262.jpg (268.19 KB, 1080x1345, Screenshot_20230918_185919_Red…)

No. 919598

I hate to say it, but with cases like Luna the self harm is for attention…

Doesn’t make the situation less severe but yeah her type is the kind to make self harm a spectacle… of course she has to post about it on social media.

No. 919601

>a year
>or two

Kek. She doesn't even care enough to actually keep track. Cmon tuny

No. 919605

Didnt she post weed like a few days ago? Shes so brain dead; lobotomy by pills

No. 919607

the beavis and butthead mouth is taking me out lmao

No. 919609

File: 1695102130799.jpg (164.52 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20230918-224511.j…)

No. 919612

She looks like current day Madonna with that bulbous, featureless alien face. It seems like her forehead is expanding.

No. 919614

I was looking for when she had her "stab wound", but found this >>893921 so her last mention of self harm was 11 months ago, nothing with a year or even two.

No. 919615

Her tell-tale lazy eye. She high as fuck.

No. 919616

anon.. shes talking about relapsing on cutting herself, not drugs

No. 919618

WHY doesn't she retire the bridge piercing!? Does she not notice that it's rejecting? I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 919619

Anon… she claims sobriety when she looks like this >>919609, While flaunting this >>919568 The point is, shes full of shit when it comes to any of her claims.

No. 919641

File: 1695160193252.jpg (182.6 KB, 720x1437, VideoCapture_20230919-145122.j…)

No. 919642

File: 1695160272874.jpg (184.9 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20230919-145051.j…)

No. 919643

File: 1695160303516.jpg (211.7 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20230919-145056.j…)

No. 919644

File: 1695160335378.jpg (187.33 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20230919-145100.j…)

No. 919646

I didn't notice that at first. She's as fried as her hair is, damn.

No. 919653

File: 1695165778206.jpeg (293.46 KB, 828x505, IMG_5998.jpeg)

Absolute trainwreck. So gross. She needs her vision checked.

No. 919657

That shirt hasn’t been washed in ages. That’s not all makeup on her shirt … it’s mold. I guarantee y’all she didn’t wash any of the clothes from her storage unit, prior to storing them, and they’re all also covered in it. Cue the staff/ringworm infection. Tuna seems to think that if she airs out her filthy clothes in her grime stagnant boarding room they’ll become clean again. She probably has zero sense of smell from all the drugs eating away at the lining.

Her bridge piercing is exiting stage right and leaving the building.

Can’t wait to see the necro spot on her nose when it finally rips out. Looks like tuna is about to level up and join the rest of the hard core junkies. Between her shit piercings and infected injection wounds, she’ll be one giant sore a year from now.

No. 919661

Anyone else wonder if Luna is on the autism spectrum? Her lack of hygiene and social ineptness in particular make me wonder …

No shade to anyone with autism but something is just so fundamentally off with her… maybe it is just her poor upbringing and addiction issues? Idk(armchairing newfag)

No. 919662

her shirt is fucking disgusting
you can tell when someone is sheltered, spends too much time watching "autism" content on social media, and cant read because Luna is a fucking heroin addict and dabbles in fentanyl. Her brain is completely fried.

No. 919667

don't think she has autism, it's more that her brain is constantly out of order because of all the drugs (I include weed and prescribed medicine here) she takes. The state of her brain is her own doing by now and I'm not even sure that full sobriety would be able to cure anything after all these years.

No. 919669

>her brain is constantly out of order because of all the drugs (I include weed and prescribed medicine here)
According to Google, methadone can cause eye problems (inability to focus one eye, sometimes called "pirate eye") Wonder if her wonky eye was caused by her SoBrIEtY.

Methadone + benzos + gabapentin + weed = sober in her world. It's no surprise she still looks and behaves like a junkie with no social skills.

No. 919688

I mean she did do a "gifted kid burnout" plus she's constantly dopamine-chasing im sure the drug use didn't help her brain but I would not be shocked at all if she was ND in some way

No. 919690

Nta, and I imo she doesn't have autism, but when one of the major well known signs of undiagnosed autism in adult women is substance abuse you can't sperg out when people start speculating on why she's, well, kinda 'tistic.
>special interests
>substance abuse
>poor hygiene
>lack of awareness about her physical appearance
it's not 'tism but it sure looks/smells like it

No. 919693

File: 1695249999926.jpg (262.69 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20230920-154847.j…)

No. 919694

File: 1695250040176.jpg (164.84 KB, 720x1413, VideoCapture_20230920-154851.j…)

No. 919695

File: 1695250096523.jpg (152.98 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20230920-154859.j…)

No. 919696

File: 1695250137357.jpg (199.18 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20230920-154902.j…)

No. 919697

She looks so. gross.(unsaged nitpick)

No. 919698

>obama phone
wtf does this mean

No. 919699

File: 1695258023075.jpg (78.54 KB, 720x1282, tumblr_6bffb66e576d9c666b23bc3…)

No. 919700

File: 1695258050260.jpg (80.47 KB, 720x1282, tumblr_f0e999e2098854c42100bb2…)

No. 919701

File: 1695258145360.jpg (344.06 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20230920_180504_Sam…)

No. 919703

ahhh i forgot her and matthew are dem hating conservatards who also manage to be everything the right wing hates and mooch off the government…. i thought it was a typo.

No. 919712

I’m so fucking SICK of paying for this smelly engorged leech with my taxes. she and Matthew are turning me into a republican. her dad needs to cancel her iphone plan since she’s got her FREE government gibs. I’m trying so hard not to a-log right now. get a job, you stinky fucking behemoth.

No. 919715

Nothing much to drive her to work. Once her social worker got her and lurch hooked up with the cracker box and free prescriptions to benzos, all pretenses of looking for work or even attending school went away. It is frustrating. I just wonder how she and Lurch qualify for all of this. All without having to prove anything. She doesn't even have an ID. What is her disability? Drug addiction? And how does an unmarried couple get to share an apartment on the gov'ts dime? Is shit really that easy to scam in New York?

No. 919723

her lashes being glued onto her eyelid a full cm above her lash line is killing me. i saw it at work today and knew god had abandoned us.

other than that, she looks clean. probably the best ive ever seen her

No. 919732


I will never understand her deep lost cause fallacy for this man. Zoomed in on his face and it's giving "you have no idea just how bad it really is" vibes.

No. 919735

File: 1695312931130.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1290x2117, IMG_5295.jpeg)

she has a new bff to mooch off of!

No. 919736

File: 1695313039077.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1290x2128, IMG_5296.jpeg)

showing off her dead tooth

No. 919738

>one of the major well known signs of undiagnosed autism in adult women is substance abuse
This is some tumblr-level retardation and trying to make it happen. What the fuck, anon. Bad hygiene is also one of the major well-known signs of untreated schizophrenia. Want to add that to her diagnostic chart?

No. 919739

She legit looks like a tranny here. Or did Matthew steal a matching wig?

No. 919742

I couldnt imagine willingly being around tuna. The crusty makeup alone would make me lose my appetite, not to mention the smell. Some people really hate themselves kek

No. 919743

File: 1695320510630.jpeg (809.3 KB, 1290x4014, IMG_5301.jpeg)

No. 919745

>shedding/cracking skin on finger
>obvious dirt from not washing hands
>cookies for the ana esthetic
Tuna, how are you so self obsessed and so blind? Pimple patches only work if you reduce your fat ass sugar intake and WASH YOUR HANDS, face, and makeup brushes consistently.
Shes truly the cow that makes me gag.

No. 919749

Hella telling on herself. In the "obama phone" photo, she probably took the picture with said obama phone. The lack of filter making her look like a bloated, wall-eyed fish. While the other photo taken with her iphone has enough filters to make a downsyndrome person look normal.

No. 919752

Hate to break it to you, but that IS with a filter. You can see the little pink circle that shows which filter she's using.

No. 919753

File: 1695335877779.jpg (233.6 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20230921-153701.j…)

No. 919754

File: 1695335914990.jpg (257.26 KB, 720x1434, VideoCapture_20230921-153705.j…)

No. 919755

File: 1695335946226.jpg (187.17 KB, 720x1429, VideoCapture_20230921-153709.j…)

No. 919756

File: 1695336225763.jpg (906.3 KB, 1067x2279, Screenshot_20230921_154127_Sam…)

No. 919757

File: 1695336347109.jpg (1.28 MB, 1079x3094, Screenshot_20230921_154232_Sam…)

No. 919759


so her new best friend is a fat older woman, looks to be early to mid 40's and presumably a junkie due to her general appearance, the fact that's barefoot out in public, and obviously, because she's hanging out with Tuna. no one expected Tuna to be friends with a thin, pretty, well-adjusted girl because like attracts like

No. 919760

I mean Tuna met her at rehab what did you expect her to look kek

No. 919761

does anyone else think from these pictures that her new "best friend" is a tranny or is it just me??

No. 919764


No. 919766

File: 1695344986306.jpg (306.87 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20230921_180932_Red…)

No. 919767

I think this is spot on kek. I can't believe tuna posted her. I hope there's more to come though tbh. How long til tuna can't use her anymore? Will lurch creep on her? What else will she get tuna into?

No. 919774

Wow is this the first time she has publicly admitted that Lurch groomed her?

No. 919778

I don’t know but it looks to me like her new friend is on her phone whilst making up baggies of drugs….I could be wrong but what are the little piles of what looks to be bundles she is doing up as she takes a phone order….

No. 919781

It's hard to tell, but to me it looks like baggies full of roach clips and she's rolling some up into a joint.

No. 919791

is it a benzo thing to type with weird line breaks like this? jordan peterson also does it these days

No. 919793


She’s putting on fake nails.

No. 919795

Thanks anon I'll get my eyes checked

No. 919798

bump don't scroll for cp

No. 919801

Ahh. Never have had fake nails so wouldn’t have guessed that. It’s a pretty grainy photo as well but I would have been wondering forever.

No. 919807

It’s so fucking rude to take pictures of people without their permission… she has zero social skills. Doubt her new “friend” would appreciate that, especially if they knew about her online reputation.

No. 919811

Aw she looks so happy and it's so cute seeing her put on nails in an beautiful park with a new bestie. Literally makes me feel jealous. I think that having friends other than her boyfriend will be good for her - having friends and a solid support network is integral in improving one's mental health. I wonder if this is the same friend she was talking about a while back?

No. 919812

>get a job, you stinky fucking behemoth.
She can't really get a job while she's on methadone and not taking it independently. She has to go to the clinic every day at times that are usually wildly inconvenient for any kind of meaningful employmentn. I'm glad ppl like Luna are being housed and taken care of, surely that's better than her being another meth-addled street homeless junkie somewhere like Kensington Ave. Although she could probably sustain a work from home kind of a setup, she should look for wfh jobs imo!

No. 919813

They're sitting on a tennis court lmao

No. 919818

>She can't really get a job
I’m sure that’s exactly what she tells herself, but there are plenty of people on methadone who have jobs. some people deserve to be homeless, sorry!

No. 919821

I have ZERO sympathy for drug addicts and do not believe they should be given free housing/food/health care/drugs.
Vagrancy should still be illegal imo. These people need to be jailed/institutionalized. Retarded, fat, trash.

No. 919822

File: 1695422763037.jpg (196.44 KB, 720x1433, VideoCapture_20230922-154519.j…)

No. 919823

File: 1695422800812.jpg (156.38 KB, 720x1433, VideoCapture_20230922-154523.j…)

No. 919825

I think so. I've never seen her post anything but how much she loves him. Unless she's not talking about Lurch.

No. 919830

The CRUMBS omg. I don't understand the fixation with skincare with her. She doesn't even understand what each of the products she uses actually does or how they interact. She just slathers her round face in all of these products and feels like she DID something.

No. 919831

“Gifted kid” but when anons found a video of her as a teenager and a mentor, she literally sounded so developmentally delayed. I’m almost surprised she didn’t have to do any special ed classes.

No. 919834

Who started the gifted shit? She's a spitting, buck toothed, wall eyed, tell me about the rabbits retard.

No. 919836

Legit why I thought she may be an undiagnosed autistic

lol piss fire nasty cunt anon who spits shit at people on here

No. 919837

File: 1695437732468.jpg (251.69 KB, 720x1445, VideoCapture_20230922-195505.j…)

No. 919838

File: 1695437891567.jpg (569.72 KB, 1079x1803, Screenshot_20230922_195656_Sam…)

No. 919839

>I'm glad ppl like Luna are being housed and taken care of, surely that's better than her being another meth-addled street homeless junkie somewhere like Kensington Ave. Although she could proba