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No. 895458



Previous Thread: >>892765
Image Credit: >>894114

The Basics:

>Luna is a 26 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”

>Claims to have overdosed 5+ times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:

>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. The gruesome twosome was soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove Luna’s mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:

>Embarked on a “sex work” career, taking filthy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more like an actual corpse in every photo, also sells pre-made videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829

>One anon leaks a “commission” video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Her dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off, one of her lowest points to date >>758647
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her sex work twitter account >>761016
>Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775 , >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “Lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” videos that they bought but didn’t leak at the time >>811491 , >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:


>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets disconnected and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as her “landlord” despite admitting on Facebook that they’re not there legally >>813209 , >>813354
>The apartment door lock breaks, Luna and Lurch build sad little barricades (the most notable being the busted pink gaming chair, RIP, gone too soon) >>816475 , >>815981
>The cops pay them a visit and find drugs, drug paraphernalia and a knife >>813338
>Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 , >>822424 , >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the regular, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718 , >>822657 , >>823499 , >>823823 , >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober despite still taking fucking Xanax >>824858 , >>825465 , >>827008 , >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses and is allegedly “dying” >>825466 , >>825993 , >>826190
>Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimulus checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by their neighbour’s pitbulls (totally not while stealing or anything) >>831109

Assault Saga:

>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building, anons bicker over whether she’s telling the truth or not >>840784 , >>840941

>Reports the rape to the police who take the allegation seriously >>841832
>Police then pivot to not entirely believing her rape story, suspect her of submitting a falsified statement >>843957
>Luna gets admitted to the psych ward, calls it the “worst day of her life” but doesn’t explain why, still manages to post unsettling selfies featuring EKG stickers >>846413 , >>846458
>One theory is that she lost her shit when she took all of her Klonopin and the doctor wouldn’t give her more >>847120

Recent Milk:

>Tuba blesses us with some of her worst poetry to date >>892804

>Compares herself to BPDette icon Susanna Kaysen, because of course >>892841
>Anyone can have a thigh gap if they’re skinny enough Tuna, keep coping >>892883
>Such dainty little hands and wrists >>892894
>Is definitely going to school to become an aesthetician, look out >>892926
>Gets called out for her ana LARP and fat girl cope by someone on ED tumblr, let’s hope there’s more comments like this on the horizon >>892939
>Crumbs and kitty litter all over the Airbnb’s Ugg bedspread, absolutely disgusting >>892954
>This woman is pushing 30 and thinks that rearranging her uwu traumacore aesthetic phone screen is something worth sharing, the cringe is approaching critical mass >>893109
>Tells on herself by showing us what apps she uses, body editing confirmed >>893111
>Claims to be sex repulses but uses an app designed to help degenerates with an addiction to porn >>893115
>Posts a “no filter” selfie, is clearly still edited, the visible grime is viscerally gross >>893160
>Shayna Clifford levels of r/thathappened claiming strangers stop her to tell her how beautiful she is >>893176
>Is apparently destitute and desperate, ebegs for pity gibs, proceeds to spend it on more skincare that she will no doubt waste by not bothering to apply it properly >>893191
>More parasocial shade from fakeboi >>893207
>Posts caps of an interaction with a coomer to a subreddit for ewhores once again demonstrating how retarded she is >>893281
>Busy doing what, Tuna? Taking myriad crusty selfies while mooching off your dad and not contributing anything of value to society? >>893307
>Wants to “get into yoga”, let’s see how long that lasts, if it ever eventuates at all >>893330
>For the love of god Tuna, BRUSH YOUR DAMN TEETH >>893351
>Our sober kween posts an aesthetic fistful of Xanax arranged on her Grimace pelt >>893464
>The genesis of a Ronald McDonald x Grimace saga we never knew we needed >>893471
>The Airbnb hosts must be thrilled to have bright red box dye all over their bathroom, good job Tuba >>893588
>Claims she loves her new hair, place your bets on how long it will take for her to be back on her “ugh I miss muh perfect blonde angel bbydoll hair” bullshit >>893622
>Praise the lord, after a couple of months of Sharpie exclusivity Tuna finally has Copics again >>893639
>Blessed be the art anons >>893663
>Still pining for Peter the degenerate e-boyfriend she never met in person >>893727
>Even the doctors are mesmerised by her beauty and grace >>893741
>Allegedly had a phone interview for a job that went well enough for her to be asked to attend a face to face, spare a thought for the interviewer who has to be in the presence of this stinky giant >>893857
>Screen caps of texts from Peter, I wonder how Lurch feels (my guess is he feels nothing, given that he’s a semi-sentient moai) >>893881
>Uses old pictures of herself from her crack phase as thinspo >>893929
>The jokes really do write themselves >>893966
>Behold, the Ronald x Grimace era is upon us >>894003
>Who’d have thought Tuba dying her hair red would be so triggering for some farmers >>894046
>The uncensored version of the thread pic, a thousand blessings upon the house of Sledgin-chan >>894112
>Reddit post fuelling speculation that our sober kween has relapsed >>894151
>Fatty cope from fakeboi >>894177
>Ebegging for money to get an Uber for a ten minute drive to her job interview that’s at 10am because heaven forbid she wake up at reasonable hour and take the bus, or even walk (this is why you’re fat, Tuba) >>894190
>Woe is Tuna >>894201
>Thinks her interview went well, given her level of retardation it’s safe to assume it didn’t >>894289
>Tuna, you’re no competition for applicants who have experience working in an office (or anywhere else for that matter) >>894331
>Tuba allegedly scores another job interview if the first job “doesn’t work out”, like she has any more of a change with this one >>894415
>More reminiscing over Peter, could it be because Matthew-kun is craving someone else’s McNuggies? >>894518
>Weekend at Lurchie’s >>894655
>How much of these diagnoses d’ya reckon are based solely on what Tuna has told the doctor? Interesting to note that the doctor has put “null” against anorexia, keep LARPing Tuna >>895086
>Relapse confirmed, just as we suspected >>895290
>Stop lying Tuba, we all know you consume more than 1200 calories a day and never exercise >>895329
>Just when we thought her hair styling couldn’t get any worse >>895339
>We know you’re lurking, Tuna >>895373
>Cheap cheap cheap Juicy Couture from Depop, Tuna just wash your fucking clothes instead of buying new ones, you’re “basically homeless”, remember? >>895400



https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/ [deleted]
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]
https://rottenheaven96.tumblr.com/ [active]

https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]


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No. 895461

Thanks a bunch threadanon, ily and you're a real one ♥

No. 895462

yesssss excellent thread pic. thanks anon

No. 895463

File: 1665876453612.jpg (649.76 KB, 1243x1920, tumblr_14f342b2e179ece21e66c92…)

No. 895464

File: 1665876479030.jpg (165.69 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20221015_162726.jpg)

No. 895465

Right…she's been deep frying her brain since 13 years old and since then has only been motivated to seek her next high. I can't possibly imagine why she has no identity beyond dopamine hits.

No. 895466

She isn’t even sober now given all the pill-seeking and double dosing. It’s no surprise she’s mentally still a middle schooler.

No. 895467

thread pis is chef's kiss

No. 895471

File: 1665883087625.jpg (60.13 KB, 1080x774, Screenshot_20221015-181647_Sam…)

Wtf is happening here

No. 895474

Always a pleasure, nonitas
Infection? Rejection? It’s a wonder she hasn’t had a MRSA saga yet to be honest

No. 895476

It looks fine in the pictures she posted yesterday. Maybe weird lighting? It’s hard to tell with the heavy filters

No. 895477

Bridge piercings tend to get irritated from time to time when it starts getting colder, they also don’t like being clogged up with product, that tends to aggregate the piercing hole

No. 895481

Her skin must be extremely clogged up in general, underneath all the filters it’s probably on par with Shayna’s level of fungus infestation

No. 895482

The caption on this post was “forgot how to draw” which I find quite convenient considering this piece of art, albeit still piss poor, is at least a slight improvement on the black and white pill bottle word jumble messes she’s been producing lately

No. 895483

>live off Jolly Rancher
really surprising she's fat… Try living off low GI index foods for a while fatty, the reason why she feels hungry all the time and "binges" on snacks is because she never eats anything actually nutritious. We have a pro-ana scumbags thread right here, maybe she should stop reading about herself for 10 minutes and actually learn what Anas do. A "single Jolly Rancher and diet coke" is under 40 calories, not even skeletons pretend to restrict that much. You can't survive on that, you'll go into some sort of hypoglycaemia after a couple of days. Off-topic but as single one of Ganer's rice cakes has more calories than a Jolly Rancher kek, Luna's such a fucking poser.

No. 895484

wtf she is gonna get sepsis.

you can take out a piercing for a job interview but you can’t hide a bleeding open wound scabbing up your forehead

No. 895494

File: 1665944194507.jpeg (638.13 KB, 1896x3464, 9834F12D-30EA-46A8-B704-D23800…)

Is she having a fucking laugh

No. 895497

I love it when she puts her BPD on full display like this

No. 895498

>program for mentally ill addicts to be aesthetician
Ding. Ding. Ding. Probably the only reason she's doing this shit, a combo of drugs and grifting free schooling from whatever program this is. Most likely needs some sort of proof she's "~*~Trying hard but struggling to change uwu~*~"

No. 895499

File: 1665948756625.jpg (133.42 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20221016-153049_Bra…)

Kek she's already planning on relapsing. Surprising.
This is the worst possible mindset to have. I know they say "relapse is a part of recovery" or whatever but it's not inevitable, Tuna. Way to set yourself up for failure.

No. 895504

Can't believe I'm defending tuna but is taking advantage of the opportunity for free school really grifting? I don't know anybody who wouldn't go for that.

No. 895505

If she actually sticks with it and does something with her life then great, but it’s tuna. What are the odds that she’ll just take meds as prescribed and WORK

I doubt she’ll last a week

No. 895506

It wouldn’t be if she’d really take a chance to change her situation or at least try to learn something. But watching tuna for years most of us know she’ll just do what the anon above said: achieving yet another level of „uwu I try so hard and the world is just so mean and won’t let me succeed no matter what". And thereby take away the opportunity of someone else who actually would benefit from it

No. 895507

Exactly this, her whole live tuna has had options and privilege. Yeah her parents being drug addicts set her up for failure but since then she’s had so many opportunities but being a functioning member of society isn’t aesthetic enough(learn2sage)

No. 895508

File: 1665959970725.jpeg (96.11 KB, 828x371, 7EF18DCB-536B-40D2-BF5F-9927BE…)

tuna things were "better" because you were high out of your mind on dope. also a bit younger and less fat.

No. 895509

I wonder what she’s dosed up on to be typing this incoherently kek, but obviously she thinks everything was perfect in the past because she was out of her mind on heroin with a roof over her head and, in her eyes, no worries at all. The whole “loved by a father figure” shit is beyond disrespectful to her biological father that very clearly loves her, all she wants is enablers and everything for free without having to put in any effort. Shame she can’t use this as some form of motivation to improve her life, although I suppose this is the most she’s tried with regards to any improvements in her entire life.

No. 895511

who would've thought that two junkies loved each other more when they were doing dope together

No. 895515

For fuck’s sake Tuba, you have an actual biological father who loves you, if it weren’t for him you’d be sleeping on the street. How is she so fucking ungrateful?

No. 895517

File: 1665974962915.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x1909, A66B865B-F4E4-494C-AD3A-EBE84B…)


No. 895518

If she was in an actual program she'd know that counting ahead for sober days is a big no. Plus they'd actually provide her one of those chips.

No. 895521

>all the cats were alive
Is this a Freudian slip and Pumpkin is dead? Last photo of the cat was on September 5.

No. 895522

Luna is such a horror cow I can barely stand looking at her threads, but damn do art anons always come through with the thread image.

No. 895523

I dont think she has pumpkin. I tinfoiled it earlier but have yet to see any proof.

No. 895524

I think she just means smokey

No. 895525

If Pumpkin died she would have posted about it by now like she did about the other cat. My tinfoil is Pumpkin is living with her father and his gf.

No. 895526

That would be the best life for Pumpkin. At least we know the poor cat might get some decent food and likely taken care of better.

No. 895527

I agree! I was actually happy to see it in comparison to everything else she's been making. The composition is better than usual and I like some of the colors she chose.

No. 895528

File: 1665984830896.jpg (470.04 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20221016-223239_Tum…)

No. 895529

She’s gonna have a breakdown when she’s not the most beautifulest most fragile baby girl there.

No. 895530

Interesting. This shows that she views herself at least semi-accurately despite her ridiculous use of filters and constant bleating about BDD. I’m surprised she didn’t depict herself as skinny and flawless.

No. 895532


While she COULD get a chip from a meeting, it’s not a glittery purple and gold plated chip like this one. It’s just another excuse to feed herself some dopamine by getting another dumb little thing she doesn’t need. Plus if she’s not working the program at all, it means very little. It’s not meant to be a collectors item (regardless of the individual beliefs about AA/NA from anyone here).

No. 895533

Nope. She intentionally drew herself as what she considers ugly and now is fishing for compliments. Or her agenda is to show everyone she actually has body dismorphia. What she claims to habe. so when she’s saying „kinda self portrait“ she would never draw herself intentionally fitting but what she considers as her falsely much uglier when life picture of her self. She again had an agenda which you could see through in a second because she is as deep as a puddle

No. 895534

And the fact that the end result of this try is a picture that shows herself pretty accurate tells you what her real problem is. She’s nothing but a narcissistic child. Stuck forever at the age of 13 at best

No. 895535

Oh, I hadn’t thought about that but you’re probably right. Kinda funny because not everyone with BDD is delusional about their appearance and her constant posting of selfies confirms that she doesn’t have it lmao.
>>895534 Definitely. She’s not ugly IMO (unkempt, poorly styled, and out of shape - absolutely) but it’s like she feels entitled to be a bombshell.

No. 895537

I don’t think she’s ugly either, if she was healthy, hygienic and knew how to style herself she could probably be quite pretty but shes too lazy and drug addled to do anything about it

No. 895540

Confirmation her hair broke off and is short in the back? She’s drawn a weird jagged section right where that would be. Of course, her uwu grey striped humanizing sweater is on display. I’m sure the layers of dope sick sweat are fermenting rapidly and spreading throughout wherever she stuffed it.
Any anons who think she relapsed once 37 or w/e days ago and had to detox, that’s not how it works. She’s been using, probably since she got kicked out of that last suboxone group thing for showing up with her flapjacks half out. We’re hearing the detox/sober chatter now that we should have been hearing all along. Throw away lines like sobriety hard doesn’t jive with Tuba’s attention seeking and over sharing. Doubt it’ll last, she’s doing it so ebil dad continues to pay for housing. Prolly a Hail Mary stand in for actually getting a job.

No. 895542

kek. looks like lambchop.

No. 895543

uhm, the chip
at the meeting
will be like,
and plastic
how could anyone
be sober
looking at ugly keychains
buy it for me
or I
will relapse

No. 895548

File: 1666010835793.jpg (205.26 KB, 1080x762, Screenshot_20221017_054654.jpg)

No. 895549

I've been tinfoiling over her hair forever, I swear she's been balding for years. She also mentioned that she "can't" go back to blonde last thread so I think she's balding everywhere and thinks it's because of bleach. >>895171
She used to have a widow's peak that looks like it's disappeared along with a large amount of the hairline on her temples. I don't like mocking her PCOS issues, but her gigantic moustache, male pattern baldness, irregular periods, etc. really shouldn't be ignored. Ironic that she wants to be a hyper feminine waif, but won't even get on birth control to control her testosterone levels. One day she's going to have to deal with the cysts she's been ignoring and it's going to be the worst pain she's ever felt.

>He's into hurtcore
So are you Luna, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

No. 895550

tuna poem AI has gained sentience!!!!

No. 895551

hate that i had to google "hurtcore" but i don't think tuna is into that. it involves cp and rape and snuff.

No. 895552

File: 1666012940531.jpg (40.86 KB, 855x935, e863c561-6ae8-4821-80be-74ec2e…)

Getting manda tee vibes from this

No. 895553

You're not sober, you dumb bitch. You still get inebriated. You have to have some drug in you at all times. So you traded out the heroin, yay for you. You're not sober.

No. 895555

>I insulted a scary, unhinged person and now I’m living in fear
>it’s the best thing I ever did
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: bitch is retarded

No. 895559

File: 1666017144109.jpeg (325.83 KB, 1284x929, 9D423266-457D-4D61-A7EC-61BC40…)

No. 895561

This. Why won't she report him, though? How did she find it out in the first place? WTF

No. 895563

Holy fuck I couldn't for the life of me remember her name but that was instantly where my mind went, too.

No. 895565

Fakeboi last sentence reads for me as "Go buy drugs, you deserve it, treat yourself".

No. 895568

the funny part is this is this a response to lunas post begging someone to buy the chip for her. fakeboi whos also on drugs misunderstood and is telling luna to just buy it and then luna is telling her she has no money. fakeboi is so stupid does she just see through the grift and is being rude on purpose or is she just high out of her mind and half reading stuff before responding talking about herself.

No. 895570


Because she's a junkie gutter whore. If she reported him then nobody would answer when she relapses and unblocks him because she's once again willing to debase herself for 20$ or a shein tarp. She'll be back, he knows it and so does she.

No. 895578

Thought the same. As soon as she needs his money she will be back at him.
This blocking of the guy is the same energy then flushing all your drugs down the toilet because you finally wanna become clean but just the next day you go out to buy new drugs. I have seen it often enough.

No. 895579

i think she just tries to compliment and kiss luna’s ass bc she knows luna doubles down on any genuine advice or criticisms. telling her “well you should actually know when any bills are going to come through so you can plan bc that’s what an adult does” would just make luna mad and fakeboi doesn’t want that.

No. 895585

File: 1666030077267.jpg (304.69 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_2022-10-17-20-05-59…)

Between the violent child porn John and real gore conneisseur fakeboi, Luna sure does attract uh, interesting people

No. 895586

AYRT, I thought it was the same as traumacore. I regret looking it up, but I'm an idiot, you're right Tuna's not that bad.

No. 895592

100+ word run-on sentence.

No. 895594

Rock bottom has a rock bottom for this b.

No. 895596

where the fuck is this from?

No. 895597

fakeboitherottengirl on tumblr. shes quite the cow herself and has her own dead thread. a really gross person.

No. 895601

doesn't the skin look yellowed around it?

No. 895602

nta but it could be poor makeup application

No. 895609

File: 1666050376560.jpeg (493.77 KB, 1531x2170, 2C20D027-F42B-464B-91D7-5F39D7…)

No. 895610

why would ANYONE in their right mind entertain or even engage with a pedophile?? these two bitches are sick in the fucking head

No. 895611

“Call the feds” and tell them what? Some anonymous guy on the internet might possibly have child porn? Also it’s insane that she’s just freely admitting to chatting up pedophiles, even if it was to “scam” them

No. 895613

File: 1666052469227.jpg (38.08 KB, 337x468, 20221017_171645.jpg)

realized why this part of tuna's ~art~ from last thread stuck out to me.

>How did you do in P.E. today?

No. 895615

File: 1666053790473.png (3.22 MB, 1080x9049, StitchIt_20221710084220_121.pn…)

Well now she's sperging kek

No. 895618

>Not even mad
>5 paragraphs into an adderall fueled spergout

Sure Jan.

No. 895619

File: 1666054597430.jpg (86.17 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20221017-205257_Bra…)

She must be sitting here clicking on refresh

No. 895620

Wow. And kek at the reading comprehension comment.

>Fakeboi last sentence reads for me as "Go buy drugs, you deserve it, treat yourself."
Fakeboi, anon knew what you meant; she was commenting on how bad your grammar and syntax are.
She was associating with pedophiles to get money and just because she didn't deliver means she's justified in 1) Interacting with pedophiles instead of contacting authorities; and, 2) Using pedo bucks to buy drugs. >>895597 Anon you triggered all this, but you're 100% right. Fucking gross.

(I posted like a retard so I'm reposting it)

No. 895621

i aint reading all that but she is so embarrassing. she knows she gets attention when she leaves those retarded essays in lunas comment section then acts all offended when she gets posted here kek

No. 895624

she is like the definition of trauma dropping. no one here gives a shit if your dad touched you.

No. 895625

File: 1666056591381.jpeg (692.15 KB, 1899x3464, 458AA5ED-0F62-4361-98D7-C59B57…)

Its nice to know we have another gigantic greasy cow to provide some milk whenever Luna is a little quiet kek, come now fakeboi your BPD ass is just happy to be the centre of attention for once, I’m sure that’s very rare for someone like you. Tell us more about your experience “grifting” moids for your drugs in “another life” you degen. Oh boo hoo some fat nobody pig is reading anonymous posts on a site about her own public posts, get a grip.

No. 895626

What a grim way to spend a Monday night. But go off sis kek.

No. 895627

wow fakeboi is stupid enough to double down on pedobaiting. delusional and perverted.

also kek at the addyposting, I’m sure it’s totally legit guise just like Luna’s bars.

No. 895628

File: 1666058788645.jpg (925.96 KB, 1079x3866, Screenshot_20221017_220330.jpg)

She's such a cow I had to Google her name and you guys, she DOESN'T TAKE DRUGS! Except for (names a bunch of drugs and mentions how she's high af and raging on Adderall with her pErfEct bf.

No. 895629

"I'm not drug addled, I'm just heavily on drugs and take more than I should but I'm not not drugs i swear it's my traaaummaaaa."

No. 895630

Kek you called it, she's "basically sober" and doesn't "manic post" (just addy posts) anymore.

No. 895634

File: 1666062022685.jpeg (343.94 KB, 1170x994, 2EF05981-8CB5-4E2F-8606-EBDDBA…)

ableism! my sides. sure fakeboi you’re doing great sweetie! don’t mind the tachycardia from mixing weed with amphetamines, that’s just your heart being ableist

No. 895635

Much sober, so recovering.
No you're not, though.

No. 895636

Kek. But fucking over your ana friend to give pedos erections is still scummy af.

No. 895637

File: 1666062179182.jpeg (718.56 KB, 1154x3464, D32894F1-59E0-42E8-A68C-D4A75B…)

Just like Luna only fatter, uglier and quite possibly more delusional. That’s all absolutely saying something. The embarrassing bio really contrasts with everything she’s been saying, miss “gorewhore pillhead” kek. Nobody gives a fuck, get a job and you might have more chance of surviving the year.

No. 895638

>I'm as sober as anybody who drinks coffee or smokes cigarettes
>my biggest drug problem is weed
Fucking kek

No. 895640

fakeboitherottengirl is cherry-picking from her thread >>>/snow/1189390 ;she made it sound as if all participants collectively agreed it was all a big misunderstanding and she isn’t a cow but as she’s happily showing us, she is.

No. 895643

Having her own lolcow thread is probably one of the best things that ever happened to her, in her mind. Truly one of the most pathetic people I've ever seen.

No. 895644

Binch, trauma is a reason and not an excuse for being shitty.
Personal accountability, ever heard of that?

No. 895645

Nobody reads your boring ass blog, people were a reaction to your recent lc addressing comments where you used your trauma as an excuse for interacting with pedophiles or whatever.

Get off this site if it hurts you in the feels what people say. You won't change anyone here, you can only change yourself. So, take your own advice and get.off.this.page.

No. 895646

That's the most druggie shit I have ever heard.
She sounds like those occasional posters that come in here to say how much of better druggies they are than Luna and that they are totally functional, as if no one around them could sense they are in fact druggies.

No. 895647

File: 1666069307883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,4.27 MB, 2224x16047, Just like Luna only fatter, ug…)

> Just like Luna only fatter, uglier and quite possibly more delusional.
Reading it all together is something else. Image is safe, only using a spoiler as it’s quite a long screenshot.

No. 895648

And all of this is stemming from her obsessive need to keep tabs on her internet "friend" that barely acknowledges her existence… if I was Tuna I'd be more worried about a cracked out fakeboi showing up at my door than any John.

No. 895649

Interesting that taking “less adderall than prescribed” causes her to sperg out and write longer retarded essays than Taylor Dean does when she’s manically meth-posting

Anybody I’ve ever known who actually needed an adderall script never acted like a complete meth head while taking it. The fact that she’s sperging out like this and blaming it on her adderall is pretty telling of the actual effects it has on her (getting her high vs. helping her function like a normal human being)

Hilarious that she claims her cocktail of controlled substances help make her “act normal” when in reality she’s currently acting like a fucking junkie lunatic. Yeah. Meds make you sooOoOoOO nOrMAl, fakeboi

No. 895650

File: 1666072386511.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.51 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20221017-224752_Tum…)

>my biggest problem is pot
>k hole selfie posted a little over 2 weeks ago
(Spoiler because her face is always a jumpscare)

No. 895651

Lmfaoo, wow. She needs to get a fucking grip and an actual irl friend or something. She seems be the one who needs to "lay in the grass" or whatever cool, edgy thing she said

No. 895652

>Muh reading comprehension
I think it's your problem, fakeboi. The point was that you like gore, not that you want to buy it on VHS tapes or whatever

No. 895653

>Choosing to die on pedobait hill
>insisting its totally her cluster b not the drugs making her post walls of text replying in circles to randos
>Redundant oversharing of personal details to explain away behaviors
>”Sorry I thought taking part in the purchase and distribution of Mixtape gore was normal because the degenerates i knew, including myself, did it!”
>Generally unhinged, morally reprehensible, drug addicted but “im mentally ill you guys!” Is enough to excuse it all away.

Password protect your trauma blog instead of publicly oversharing when your instinctual “cluster b” reaction is to sperg out and make sure evil nonnies get your junkielore right.
(Also kek there is no way your partner isnt trash when you have a whole trauma blog but they think its fine to do shit like k with you)

No. 895655

I think she’d wished to be like tuna. She’s copying tuna in pretty much every way. Remember that tuna wanted to do the ketamine treatment? K hole? That’s a new level of pathetic self hate. Imagine you were a 1:1 skinwalker and you chose tuna. But tuna doesn’t even like you at all. Cringe existence

No. 895656

i’m sorry but how are you claiming that 22 is “a kid” as if you wouldn’t possibly recognise the implications of interacting with pedos. it’s actually disgusting to distribute even fake cp, and even more disgusting that you used your “anorexic friend” to do so. also retards who defend watching gore are so pathetic. “wah i have trauma so i deal with that by watching horrific real life gore” go talk to someone about ur shit because you are straight up not a good person. good people don’t get kicks off watching others get seriously hurt.
i hate when the bpd girlies can’t even take a bit of accountability for the horrible things they do; having a disorder doesn’t mean you can be a horrible person with no consequences. no one is saying you have to be perfect but don’t defend your awful life decisions like they’re normal kek.

No. 895657

Hey Fakeboi you kinda look like Elvis, are you related?

No. 895658

For those interested, fakeboitherottengirl has a thread >>>/snow/1189390

No. 895659

jfc this bitch is exhausting

No. 895660

>And like I'm not even mad I'm just on adderall

If adderall makes you act like this, you shouldn't be taking adderall, because it's not meant for you. Adderall doesn't make you behave this way if you have the disorder it's intended to treat.

No. 895663

Right. It should calm you and bring you down if you really have adhd. People with this diagnosis can’t even sit still for a minute without it. If it works for you as an upper it’s called drug abuse

No. 895664

Lmao "I was only PRETENDIN to be into pedophilic gore because I was HONGRAY" fuck this 'no ethics under capitalism' bullshit. Broke and need to feed yourself? So are millions of other people yet they somehow find a way to survive that doesn't involve ingratiating yourself with the lowest scum of the earth under the guise of subterfuge. Literal street walking whores have higher morals and more grit.

She's fat, right? She sounds fat.

No. 895665

File: 1666095000553.jpeg (566.3 KB, 1284x1338, E9ACE6A6-30B5-4982-9BC1-AF24C6…)

This is the last I’ll mention of her here because this is Luna’s thread after all, but whats with these house sized bitches larping an ed they very clearly don’t have? The only type of ed both of these fatties have is not being able to stop fucking eating

No. 895666

That’s one hell of a run on sentence

No. 895669

File: 1666104809135.png (Spoiler Image,403.82 KB, 450x626, 1616327078748.png)

That's fakeboi, she has a thread here and she is super massive. Pic related is her.

No. 895671

she gives me the chills like she’s the crazy short hair fat homeless you found downtown

No. 895672

File: 1666109943139.jpeg (1.32 MB, 828x1442, 1C14AE2E-AD6E-48D6-A3DC-915F59…)

back to tuna and her shopping addiction, this is from her tumblr today
> i bought a new tarot deck. love it. case included. mine is missing cards. i’m supposed to believe in a higher power so i’m trying to turn to tarot or maybe try some wicca or buddhism. idk. i’m trying so hard

No. 895673

Is this whole believing in a higher power something she has been told to do for sobriety through whatever program she’s on?
>trying so hard
Trying everything but taking accountability and actually being sober.

No. 895674

It’s a part of the 12 steps and not optional. You have to believe in a higher power

No. 895675

I see. Personally unsure as to how buying tarot cards will help her with beliefs in a higher power, especially if she hasn’t even figured out what particular higher power she intends to believe in. Although, I will say it is an improvement as I’m sure when she’s previously attempted programs like this she gave up pretty quickly complaining about the god/higher power aspects.

No. 895676

Doesn’t she know it’s considered bad luck to buy yourself a tarot deck? Our girl failed her witchy larp at step 0.

No. 895677

in tunas defense she either stole it or a john/her parents paid for it

No. 895678

Lmaaao buddhist tuna would BE SO FUNNY specially considering their stance on susbtance abuse and consumism

No. 895679

The mainstream religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism aren't aesthetic enough for her.

No. 895681

Well, she already has the yoga mat as part of western buddism aesthetics

No. 895682

Christianity is peak Tuna aesthetic tho kek

No. 895685


> you want to talk about me so badly

> gimme that call out post daddy
> @ me
> I’m right fucking here, hit me up, pull through
> hope you got ur killers with with u
Rap anon! Where you at girl? Fakeboi wrote some bars for you to spit (I totally understand if you don’t want to, I just-)

No. 895686

She has to believe in a higher power because it gives her an excuse for followers to buy her stuff. "can someone pls buy me these crystals so i can be sober? it's totally not because i want some more useless shit, it's because i need it to be SoBErrrR"

having said that, WHat. Is. The. Point. Of. Buying. Shit. Every. Day. If. You. Don't. Have. A. Permanent. Home. To. store. It.
oh that's right, because one of her evil parents will store it for her even though she totally doesn't speak to them

No. 895687

0% chance she mentions her shopping addiction to her counselors

No. 895699

Fucking KEK. It's the dbt workbooks all over again. Look how hard I'm trying!

No. 895700

the glittery na chip and pink tarot cards for her "higher power" is the most bpd bullshit she's done in a bit, she's so lame

No. 895701

File: 1666137670130.jpg (449.92 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20221018-165951_Tum…)

She posted the exact same pics of her tarot cards again with a different caption

No. 895702

File: 1666137706776.jpg (Spoiler Image,196.93 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20221018-165919_Tum…)

Caption is "trying not to hate my body"
girl we know you're sucking it in so hard u can't breathe

No. 895703

lmfaoooo her mouth area wtf she looks like a drooling sped

No. 895704

What the hell? Why does she look like a raw, unseasoned rotisserie chicken here?

No. 895707

Guyz, shes starved cant you see her ribs and thigh gap? Shes so maLnourished

No. 895708

File: 1666142632169.jpg (75.44 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20221018-212351_Ins…)

Comment on the tarot card post, like she hasn't been continously spending money on comfort items

No. 895709

File: 1666145521516.jpeg (439.11 KB, 1284x956, CD91E756-937D-46ED-BC74-C17101…)

Why is she buying this “shein shit” if she’s gonna call it shit kek, she also made another post about the tarot cards with the same caption as the instagram one despite already previously posting about them.

No. 895711

we saw video of her when she was 16 at that stupid mentor program with her stupid Amalie dyed black bob and she was a chunkster then too

No. 895713

Shit = cheep cheep cheep

No. 895714

That wasn’t Luna, that was Sarah, fakeboitherottengirl, who is Luna’s calf.

No. 895715

Why does everything she owns have to be pink? I know it's Tuna but c'mon, you got to know different colors mean something in tarot. Sage 4 nitpick but these would be so hard to read, especially if you're inexperienced (I doubt she ever used her old ones).

No. 895716

Yet can't order some pink weights to motivate her to start exercising.

No. 895717

That was Luna, IDK what you are talking about

No. 895718

Wym >>895665 is Sarah/fakeboi/luna's calf ergo the "i'm 29" mention when tuna is 26

No. 895719

Did you tag the wrong post? The video of the mentor program shows a young Tuna with a black dyed bob with short bangs and her underbite on full display, awkwardly towering next to her mentor.

No. 895720

Ntayrt, but I guess someone had to overexplain this to you. >>895711 responded to Fakeboi's pathetic post attributing it to Tuba. >>895714 was correcting anon to say that post was Fakeboi.
Yes, we all know Sped Tuba with stark black hair towering like Andre the Giant in the video wasn't Fakeboi. Come on, this isn't that hard to follow.

No. 895740

y’all retards always find something to fight about. shut the fuck up no one cares

No. 895745

how does she pretend she has an ED and buys her dress on the PLUS SIZE section KEK what i think she means with the material it’s that this kind of material isn’t stretch so it may be too tight for her hanging gut but ofc she’s not gonna tell us that

No. 895746

File: 1666203384676.jpeg (46.78 KB, 828x120, 03EBD086-F3B0-4A21-A31A-4E0EC5…)

sage for no milk but it makes me laugh every time I see her tumblr title. so ironic coming from one of the dirtiest bitches alive

No. 895747

She looks so emancipated, like she's just wasting away. So tragic. Keep taking 100x selfies a day Tuna, not hating your body can't be too far away.

No. 895754

girl u mean emaciated

No. 895755

File: 1666210286152.jpg (46.54 KB, 564x875, f23b7f2de1b119b8e8b5adb041a867…)

she just posted this talking about her goal ear size (priorities straight considering she has no permanent home or job)

Look how filthy the inside of her ear is, some sort of yellow crust or ear wax and how hairy her jaw/chin is. she's such a nasty sow

No. 895761

Came running to talk about her filthy ear lmao do you think she doesn't realize or just never been bothered to learn basic hygiene. Been said 1000 times nonas but this bitch is filthy

No. 895763

Oh god the blackheads too. You need to be on point with cleaning stretched ears and your plugs everyday otherwise they smell absolutely foul, I can’t imagine how gross hers are

No. 895765

is that pcos hair growth on her jaw? or just a cluster of blackheads

No. 895766

File: 1666212856788.jpeg (349.55 KB, 828x1061, E92EC95D-E692-444A-8930-424D72…)

No. 895767

She's so emancipated that she can hardly type, poor bbygirl…

No. 895768

File: 1666213403242.jpeg (583.93 KB, 828x1009, 2721F72E-CE07-41CC-A04F-6CC627…)

No. 895770

So you're going to four/five meetings a week because you're bored trying to make friends (or a new drug connect). Yep really in it for the right reasons. Trying hard.
That shirt is way too small and tight on her and not in a good way, yikes lol

No. 895773

I don’t know anything about Anorexia, how does someone like her get a diagnosis for that? She’s clearly overweight and in her 20s, I always assumed Anorexia develops in your teenage years. Do you think she believes she has Anorexia?

No. 895776

From what I understand the DSM-5 diagnosis of ‘mild anorexia’ is someone with a bmi over 17. But some doctors might not factor in bmi at all and diagnose only from the patients claims of food restricting.

No. 895777

she's so fucking dumb she doesn't know you can read the descriptions of clothing and they will tell her what the materials are

No. 895779

lurk more

No. 895780

Kek glad you said it, I decided to just leave that one alone

No. 895781

Didn’t she complain about this exact thing once before when she attended a substance abuse group? That everyone there was there for weed addiction? I find that pretty hard to believe that both times everyone at her meetings has been there for just weed. The sudden need to socialise is interesting.

No. 895782

I think what you’re thinking of might be when she went to that rehab group thing in high school that she was sent to for weed. Could be wrong tho

No. 895784

I think this has happened before too, somewhat recently. I know years ago she left an outpatient treatment group because the lunch wasn't good enough for her kek they only gave her one personal pizza

No. 895787

in what universe is New York making people go to court mandated recovery groups for weed charges? I’d be shocked if they required that even before it was decriminalized

No. 895788

I knew someone in NYC who was mandated to 30 days in inpatient rehab for a weed charge. It's retarded but it happens

No. 895789

Yes, you're correct. Recently (within the past 2 years probably) she said no one else was there for heroin/it was all for something "not as bad" or whatever. And she couldn't relate basically. I'm not bored enough right now to go back thru the threads and find it though

No. 895792

i think this was the group in the hospital with all the religious imagery and she was kicked out for her low cut crop top

No. 895793

I will never forget the single personal pizza kek that shit was so fucking funny thank you for giving me a memory chuckle, nonika

No. 895796

File: 1666221003396.jpg (66.71 KB, 1080x656, Screenshot_20221019-190923_Bra…)

*all for the gibs

No. 895797

I really do not think they are together anymore.

No. 895798

File: 1666222169203.jpg (186.47 KB, 714x1422, VideoCapture_20221019-162906.j…)

No. 895799

File: 1666222289204.jpg (373.73 KB, 707x1391, VideoCapture_20221019-163036.j…)

What part of her anatomy is this???

No. 895800

pancake tit, nonita

No. 895801

She needs to go to NA meetings. AA can still help her, but if she's desperate to find someone with common ground, such as a sponsor, she needs NA.

No. 895802

I'm sure there are even OA (opiates anonymous) or HA (heroin anonymous) meetings by her. It's not hard to find these groups at all but she refuses to put in anything more than the bare minimum (if even that).

No. 895804

Is she going to a lot of meetings trying to socialize now to potentially meet a new guy? She's not been posting Chief much lately, and been reminiscing about Peter not too long ago.

No. 895805

Not to mention her detox "bestie" (Terrance?)

No. 895807

tinfoil but I think Luna’s not being honest with her social workers/whoever about her drug use/DOC, so she’s telling them she only smokes weed and they send her to a group for stoners. and she goes in order to obtain whatever gibs are requiring it. meanwhile Lurch is actually the one who wanted the pill form of suboxone or whatever a few weeks ago.

No. 895809

too faced lip injection hasn’t come in this packaging for at least the last 5 years… crusty

No. 895811

File: 1666227763955.jpeg (1.23 MB, 828x1447, 2252B2EC-FD88-4AFF-9A19-844686…)

did you miss the whole part where she admits she went to detox? also shes posted about taking the zubsolv. anyways new tuna art dropped.

No. 895813

the less drugs she does, the more she starts to wake up to the fact her "fiancé" is an old man almost in his 50s who has nothing to provide and never will.

No. 895815

I say this with kindness nonas, I don't think the tinfoil of her and Chief being split is a good one. I think he got caught and now is anti-internet, in a way. Either he made a new Twitter or just decided he doesn't want to be posted here anymore so told her to stop posting him/their business as much, and stopped/hid his own posting.

No. 895816

it is shocking to me that any nona would think that Tuna is capable of reacting to a break up with dignity and grace. if lurch finally scammed his way into another junkie hovel Tuna will let us know

No. 895820

Right this is what I'm saying. She would have an absolute BPD meltdown, write 100 poems about it, threaten suicide everywhere. It would be endless. That's why I think it makes more sense that Lurch just got embarrassed off the internet/his regular haunts and now has either stopped posting completely or made new accounts so we don't keep catching him, meaning Tuba also catches him.

No. 895823

>nothing gets accomplished for me
Kek nice freudian slip there.

No. 895824

“I’m trying so hard” is like the new “I’m so scared.” Poor widdle princess angel baby girl d’aww.

No. 895825

File: 1666239888977.jpg (343.57 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20221020-002214_Bra…)

She changed her tumblr URL to heavenly kittens

No. 895826

File: 1666239957936.jpg (97.35 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_20221020-002355_Bra…)

Also she's finally getting married
Must have seen the posts here tinfoiling about her and Lurch being on the rocks

No. 895835

This. She larps as a poor uwu damaged soul online for asspats buy we know IRL it probably triggers her to admit she's junkie trash. Going to a heroin group where everyone else is some emaciated husk with their teeth falling out and just as nasty as her, would wreck her ego. She probably shittalks these normie stoners because they know just from one look at her, that she's a junkie/gives bad vibes and refuse to talk to her or only give her the bare minimum of social interaction.

No. 895836

Ebil dad just did the whole process for her because she never bothered to figure it out despite years of nona’s explaining it.
“months of sober” kek
Would there be any reason for court ordered weed meetings now that it’s legal in NY. If someone got caught stealing and said they were addicted to weed would they get meetings? I’m trying to think of why anyone would end up there or if Tuba’s bullshitting a reason nobody wants to talk to her in her filthy fluffy sweatpants, stained crop top with tit hanging out the bottom, fried choppy ronald hair and grimace coat. NY is filled with fent and benzo addicts. Everywhere is. I thinks she’s laying groundwork to justify not going.
Why does she keep posing her hauls on her fupa and flapjack? Did the humiliation p*rn completely destroy her understanding of sexy?

No. 895837

you guys are just wrong. she went to detox, not just normal suicide watch inpatient. you can't go to detox for weed (at least not in NY and not anymore). she's getting treatment for dope. i assume there really just aren't other heroin users in her group, like people like that aren't really known for getting sober i mean, people like that are known for OD-ing and dying. makes sense to me theres not other dopeheads in the AA group.

No. 895842

>>895837 This. She's getting Suboxone treatment, she just wanted Subutex because it doesn't contain the naltrexone that keeps you from being able to abuse other opiates at the same time.

Not trying to blogpost, but based on my work, I want to provide some info about Suboxone:

1. It's very easy to abuse. Combined with Xanax, it gets you fucked up just like any other opiate, especially once the dope has been out of your system for a bit. We once had a patient nodding TF out in the waiting room and I knew for sure he was gonna test positive for H. Nope, just turned out his GP had Rx'd alprazolam and gabapentin for him. The guy later admitted to opening the gabapentin capsule and emptying it into a cup of water that he then dissolved his Suboxone strip and Alprazolam tablet into as well, then "boofing" the mixture (Google it) to create a far stronger high. Plenty of Suboxone patients are responsible folks who actually get their shit together, but the potential for abuse really is there, and Tuna will take advantage of it.

2. It's not an official, on-the-books side effect yet afaik, but it's pretty well known that Suboxone appears to cause serious acne in some patients. In my experience, it's usually overweight women with PCOS or other hormonal imbalances who get the worst of it. I don't see this in patients using Subutex, implying the acne may be a result of the naltrexone in Suboxone, not the partial-agonist opiate, buprenorphine.

TL;DR: Tuna's oh-so-amazing, #nofilter perfect skin could very well be the same texture as the surface of the moon 6 months from now if she sticks to Suboxone, especially a higher dose. She's also likely to lose her Suboxone script if she tests positive for other controlled substances (besides weed) or unprescribed medication too many times. Y'know, like all that unprescribed Xanax she gets from Evil Dad and Lurch.

Sorry for the massive medfag post, I just saw the Suboxone thing and remembered how many women I've seen suffer serious cystic acne issues from it. This gon be gud.

No. 895843

She freaking lying. Even NA meetings in shitty small upstate towns are filled with dope addicts. I find it hard to believe that her just north of the city NA meetings aren’t too. It’s her fantasyland that she is the only dope addict amongst the peasants that just smoke weed and she’s not getting the attention she craves from it. Because the reality is it’s not all about her.

No. 895846

Honestly I’m assuming she’s just not listening to anyone when they speak and it’s just waiting for her turn to talk. I’m sure there are other people she could learn something from or connect with it she was “trying so hard” but she’s that self absorbed.
Nice work, Tunes! Only took 10 years, now time to use that ID to get a J-O-B!

No. 895850

why the fuck is it so easy for junkies to get benzo scripts while i can't even get 0.5mg xanax for occasional anxiety

No. 895858

File: 1666284314173.png (11.44 MB, 1170x2532, 0813000C-C2C9-434F-8A8C-74903D…)


No. 895859

are those sores?

No. 895860

Looks like a really poorly put on liner. Like it doesn't match her lipstick

Probably all sedated from the gabapentin and buprenorphine She's kidding herself if she's claiming sobriety. It's Taylor dean sobriety

No. 895861

Tbf it was a small pizza, and she wasn't anorexic back then, kek.

No. 895862

Are they supposed to come for her?

No. 895866

File: 1666289645194.jpg (197.68 KB, 720x1449, VideoCapture_20221020-111321.j…)

No. 895867

Kek I saw it coming before she did. Good luck getting that red out, Tuna.

No. 895868

I would put on just much more enormous lashes that surely will help looking better.

When she hates it so much she should colour it brown. Dear lord, all the shit she orders from Shein but never thought about buying a cheap cheap wig in red instead of colouring it.

No. 895870

that’s because you ARE ugly, tuna<3(<3)

No. 895871

File: 1666290891841.jpg (188.78 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20221020-113300_Ins…)

man. I wish my biggest mental health struggle was that I didn't like my hair color, kek

No. 895875

File: 1666291927319.jpg (427.27 KB, 1079x1629, Screenshot_20221020_145321.jpg)

Please, please do a bleach bath

No. 895879

Just buy a hair color remover girl

No. 895880

She looks like a british chav girl

No. 895882

File: 1666294912742.jpeg (401.54 KB, 654x789, 3639B156-E047-4261-9204-C09897…)

already has a filthy mark on new top. i assume it’s foundation because otherwise ig she’s an absolutely sloppy eater on top of everything else. time to watch the filth accumulate as she proceeds to wear it everyday until the next cheap cheap cheap shein haul arrives.

No. 895884

Is it her that hates it or Matthew lol and why was he so against her dying it red in the first place?

No. 895885

I don’t get why she didn’t bleach it. She wanted the blonde the most and just got the auburn to grow it longer? So i don’t understand why she thought the bright red must be it now. Dumbass bih never thinks a minute ahead.

No. 895886

File: 1666296211028.jpg (543.3 KB, 1440x2149, Screenshot_20221020-160209_Ins…)

No. 895887

File: 1666296254640.jpg (508.56 KB, 1440x2093, Screenshot_20221020-160247_Ins…)

And she wants us to believe shes sober? Because WHAT is this?

No. 895888

Her fucking face what is she doingggggg

No. 895889

skin looking perfect and flawless as ever

No. 895890

I RAN here as soon as she posted this picture. This female is out of her MIND for posting this deep-fried nightmare fuel picture WILLINGLY. i'm dumbfounded that she looks at this picture and doesn't immediately delete it, she looks horrifying and hideous.

No. 895891

Jesus, shut the fuck up. It's so embarrassing when anons write novels in the Luna Slater threads on lolcow dot com

>Wahh I want to socialize but only 4 people!!
She always finds a way to make excuses.

No. 895893

That top is two sizes too small on her, she truly is delusional. Calling it now: she's going to wear it everyday til the fabric stretches out and then she's going to claim pRoGrEsS from her uwu anorexia

No. 895894

She needs a big tub of Wella lift powder (that's a purplentub if you're lurking here Luna) and 40 volume developer.
It will totally fix everything.

No. 895896

You are the devil, lol.
She looks like in her best junkie day.
It's the caked up mouth area for me.

No. 895898

>>895887 our sober kween

No. 895899

The lack of foundation and/or filter. The crazy lipliner in shade “herpes brown” applied nowhere near her lips and no attempt at lipstick to right the colour choice. The two different eyebrows pasted on with nary a straight line nor a curve. The huge eyelashes and one eye half closed. The crusty bridge piercing and what seems to be a rash or food on her cheek and chin. Damn she is blitzed to be looking like this let alone posting it to social media

No. 895900

Contrary to the anon who struggles to read more than a few sentences, I thought your contribution was interesting!

No. 895901


Likewise! That nonna has the reading comprehension of a scrote. Sad.

No. 895903

I literally said "Oh my God" out loud when I saw this

No. 895904

From Grimace to just plain grim in one easy step. She always looks varying degrees of shit but this is deep fried. How many days until excuses for quitting group start? (giving it three or four, personally)
At least this one was on topic and relatively interesting. Beats the shit out of the usual 500 words on why I'm a better junkie than tuna shit.

No. 895905

Did she just finish eating a shit sandwich?

No. 895908

File: 1666303632020.jpeg (686.14 KB, 828x1279, 3F0E76C7-CAB9-4D9C-B49E-8BCD13…)

Emancipated Sober Skincare KWEEN

No. 895909

An anon already posted the picture and another anon zoomed in to the picture. We don't need another zoomed in a little further picture, anon. We get it, Tuba looks like she's taken a lot of benzos and didn't filter out her freckles and blur her skin. Can we quit with the zoomed in nightmare pic?

No. 895910

File: 1666305700164.jpg (Spoiler Image,267.2 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20221020-153825.j…)

Spoiler for same fag, just posted the same pic on sc

No. 895911

File: 1666305729229.jpg (241.83 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20221020-153821.j…)

No. 895912

Big Broad

No. 895913


I appreciate the info too

Blows.my.mind. that she posts the same gross image on multiple platforms. She really thinks she's hot shit that we are honored to be graced by her beauty

No. 895914

I thought heroin makes people skinny??

No. 895915

POV: You show up for your first day of esthetican school and are greeted by this

No. 895916

File: 1666307343374.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.52 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20221020-160633_Tum…)

Same pic posted on tumblr too. She has to be high out of her mind if she thinks this is a good pic in the first place, let alone for all of her social medias.

No. 895917

she posts like 5 selfies a day and then reposts them across multiple platforms to ensure it gets seen by as many people as possible but uwu she really feels so ugly and is genuinely struggling mentally from hating the way she looks so much

No. 895923

The hair color isn't to blame for that Tuna, your existence and appearance did.

Damn, sobriety ended again. She always makes herself look like an uncooked chicken.

No. 895924

This is terrifying and when I scrolled up from the bottom and glanced at this I thought for sure it was a nonny shoop. Looking worse than ever, holy shit tuna

No. 895929

Maybe they're not broken up yet, but there's definitely something going on, she's making a lot of new moves and seeking out other people etc

No. 895931

shaved head arc please please please please

No. 895932

But in all seriousness have we ever discussed what that is around her mouth?? There’s always this chapped, discolored ring and all I can imagine is this girl licking around her mouth like an absolute tard

No. 895933

It's probably just the usual bpd shit. Lurch got busted doing it so now she's paying him back for it.

No. 895936

She had long term untreated perioral dermatitis. She thinks moisture will help it bc it looks dry and crusty but that only makes it worse.

No. 895938

Was she not raving about how she absolutely loved the red hair for a week straight after she dyed it?

No. 895939

The "she's not ugly" "I think she's actually pretty" anons are quiet rn. Until next thread, I guess.

No. 895942

File: 1666332257494.jpg (47.05 KB, 960x740, cholp115mcb91.jpg)

She does talk about King of the Hill

No. 895943

Her entire self-perception is made up of opinions and assessments from the outside. If she thinks she's getting fewer ass pats than usual, she's hating the things she changed. She has no taste - not just because it’s tuna but because she’s just unable to built it on her own

No. 895944

So in the beginning she might have thought red hair was hot because some people say it. After people didn’t say it (often enough) to her she doesn’t like the hair anymore. She only likes attention. Not the actual color.

No. 895946

>This female
why do people write like this? is it a reddit thing where people are scared of saying "man" or "woman" because of troons and non-binary folks? I sure hope you don't talk like this irl.

No. 895947

nayrt but yes i do tend to say female because of troon shit. i am a female and only other females are women to me.

No. 895948

Thought they were police or military, kek.

No. 895949

Incels and ghetto trash say females. Just say women like a normal person.

No. 895955

File: 1666354461385.jpeg (598.01 KB, 1144x3226, 9F217551-FF63-45E5-8DB2-1874EE…)

She just brought an absolutely excessive amount of useless crap. She complains about missing her things that are “in storage” yet purchases more as opposed to getting her things out of storage? Leads me to believe the whole storage thing is a complete lie and all her cheep cheep cheep shit got thrown out when they got kicked out of her mom’s old place.

No. 895960


For someone who is broke and homeless she sure buys a lot of useless shit as if she has a disposable income. I have a good job and make good money and I don’t buy as much shit as this fat lazy cow. Constantly seeing her post the trash she buys makes my head spin and then she writes a paragraph trying to justify how she neeeeeeeds it. Then has the audacity to e-beg for other shit like Uber money to chauffeur her lumpy ass to job interviews.

No. 895961

>I saw someone list these cheap tacky rings for way more than they’re worth
>I’m saving money!!

No. 895963

File: 1666357334110.jpeg (677.37 KB, 828x1424, D10A33FE-B252-4DE3-8601-785373…)

what on earth does she need those gloves for

No. 895964

let me speak to the manager

No. 895965

A lot of gal for someone who was trying to sell someone else's used socks last year…

No. 895968

File: 1666360232098.jpeg (18.88 KB, 206x180, A377FA4D-17B2-46E4-BDCE-888778…)

Fun new game: count how many times in Luna’s haul posts she says she “needed” any of this stuff. I’m having a baby in less than two weeks and I don’t “need” to shop for essentials even 1/6th as much as our Tuba apparently does.

No. 895971

File: 1666366960005.jpg (72.42 KB, 960x720, da9ba5108af4c7207e152c5383a7b2…)

same vibe

No. 895973

Tuna wishes she was that skinny

No. 895976

Amazing the tags were still on and exactly the style and size her fat ass loves!

No. 895977

i just love when she posts hauls. i love the way she tries to justify every purchase (notice she totally skimmed over why she would 'need' the cat paw gloves lol). she absolutely does not have to post any of this & every single time she does she makes herself look more stupid. but she keeps posting, just for us.

No. 895978

guess shes not applying to jobs anymore. no more interviews lined up after having 2 in a week? gotta wonder what scam she was attempting to make her actually get off her ass twice in 1 week

No. 895983

wow she is fucking dense. Shein has a free shipping promotion every Sunday.

No. 895987

Anon, if you're getting that neurotic about troons, it's time to find someone to talk to. Otherwise you just come off sounding like a robot.
At least she has upgraded the magic dumpster to "thrift shop".

No. 895988

File: 1666390381170.jpg (357.15 KB, 718x1434, VideoCapture_20221021-151155.j…)

No. 895989

File: 1666390420065.jpg (222.54 KB, 716x1390, VideoCapture_20221021-151154.j…)

No. 895990

File: 1666390895408.jpeg (544.56 KB, 828x797, 5EEBD5F9-3E3C-4C3B-B8D0-64AF22…)

and updated her long ass bio

No. 895992

Potential tinfoil but I'm starting to think that her new "sobriety" date is when she started doing whatever combination she's doing to make her look like Droopy (pic related). I don't think she would be that stupid but this is also Tuna we're talking about

No. 895993

File: 1666394531110.jpeg (19.81 KB, 464x360, 24045054-023E-441F-BDB2-6B1735…)

My bad, forgot the pic lol.

No. 895996

>"tw self harm, eating disorder, suicidal ideation, anything you'd expect from a bitch with bpd"
>"my bad habits aren't my title. my strengths and my talent are my title."
luna is unintentionally hilarious

No. 895997

File: 1666403749294.jpeg (397.35 KB, 828x2546, 24B481FB-B10A-40A7-A99C-BD84CF…)

No. 895998

File: 1666404366654.jpg (3.64 KB, 147x90, 20221021_220533.jpg)

Her bottom lip looks like a tongue.

No. 895999

File: 1666404508232.jpeg (403.43 KB, 1100x2048, F901BB73-B20E-4DB5-B229-98B9AF…)

higher quality from tumblr. i think shes got glitter all over her face and neck?

No. 896001

I seen that too and was wondering if it was a filter? She looks so droopy and melting though… she's high off her ass and could have thought glitter everywhere was the way to go

No. 896002



No. 896003

it's honestly one of the lowest fucking things to bald-faced lie about your sobriety and tout it like a gold medal only to immediately post a selfie proving otherwise. sick.

No. 896004

File: 1666408815983.jpg (241.61 KB, 992x369, loonylips .jpg)

I'm really starting to think that her piercing is rejecting… Left to right: piercing just done -> after it settled for a while -> now

No. 896007


Dear lord nonna, I think you’re right. That lip bar is desperately trying to escape her face

No. 896008

File: 1666410665090.jpeg (344.21 KB, 750x1023, ABE722F6-0960-4796-97DF-D9460A…)

Sober queen!

No. 896010

Our sober queen!
Isn't it shitty of her father to give her known addicted and scammer and liar daughter drugs? Unless she's lying and "gave me" means "stolen from him".

No. 896011

Greased up like a thanksgiving turkey and high as hell

No. 896014

I thought the exact same thing, anon! Her lips are so confusing, I've never seen lips like them. It proper does look like a little tongue though.

No. 896015

Is it rejecting or photoshop pulling?

No. 896017

I thought it was because it's heavier. Didn't she change it recently to a bigger one, which you can see…

No. 896018

File: 1666431708270.jpg (Spoiler Image,177.89 KB, 1284x2778, 0k3c3nw0llq91.jpg)

this was posted 3 wks ago by our slimy queen on Reddit. I don't recall seeing it here ever but my b if it was

No. 896019

File: 1666431755693.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.69 KB, 1284x2212, wb7vp449ynq91.jpg)

samefag, this one as well kek

No. 896020

lol she'll never make money doing this if she can't even lie to these scrotes and pretend that she's into it. admitting that you're digusted by it turns them off instantly.

No. 896021

Yeah, those were already posted and the same points were raised…
Though I'm sure there are some disgusting scrotes that are more into it if the woman hates it. Maybe that's how Luna ended up with the pedophile and other clients into degradation.

No. 896022

The larger balls aren't that much heavier, especially not enough to be pulling on her lip down to that extent

No. 896026

lol stellar job at hiding that guys name tuna

No. 896028

Of all the people to quote while pretending she is sober … she is absolutely useless. One hundred percent braindead.

No. 896030

Why wouldn't she just make a pinned post and space it out? No one wants to read that luna. Maybe she should shoplift a book on writing, kek

No. 896036

That’s not even a real Layne quote which is the best part.

No. 896037

she deleted these pictures from all her socials lmao. But left up >>895886 where she looks like a methed up bowling pin

No. 896040

i have boomer dementia nonnie, pls be patient

in that case damn that thing is trying to leap off her bottom lip

No. 896047

She wants us to lower our expectations so she never has to recover for real. As long as we keep in mind that she “is more than the sum of her addictions” then nobody gets disappointed when she inevitably drops out of her program. Just one I would really like to see her stick with something.

No. 896048

File: 1666464133420.jpg (88.28 KB, 363x334, 24512452164.jpg)

I was wondering that too, but I don't think so. This is the most recent "no makeup/no filter" selfies I could find and it looks the same despite the much less oppressive filter.

No. 896049

her face looks like it's covered in drool.

No. 896050

File: 1666464286775.jpeg (547.36 KB, 828x1452, FE0333F5-CF18-41CB-A7ED-7339BB…)

No. 896053

Anyone who gives her anything deserves to be grifted.

I agree, I don't think there is or ever was any "storage". All her stuff probably did end up on the curb in black garbage bags, but she didn't want to give farmers that satisfaction during the eviction saga so she lied about it.

No. 896055

Could be that what ever substance/med she is using does relax certain muscles. I know this hanging lip thing from horses, when they are ultra relaxed, it looks goofy, no matter if horse or human.
I don't think it's due to the piercing, expect some nerve is damaged but I see no reason why it only happened now and not sooner after it was done.

No. 896056

File: 1666470590081.jpeg (615.33 KB, 828x1259, BBB25E84-2BEB-4AA6-A267-D59518…)

figured out the source of the greasy glittery skin. kek at "cooler bone".

No. 896057

Gabapentin could certainly be doing this, if you're really high off it sometimes its hard to close your mouth

No. 896059

File: 1666471101651.jpeg (179.35 KB, 562x434, 3742D6BE-B6FE-49E2-B37E-B0DB7F…)

Wtf is that behind her nail

No. 896060

File: 1666472900259.jpg (Spoiler Image,360.7 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20221022-170733_Bra…)


No. 896061

File: 1666472970224.jpg (13.41 KB, 245x172, Screenshot_20221022-170733_Bra…)

No. 896062


This is a new level of crusty, even for Tuna

No. 896063

Looks like the eyes on potatoes growing under her fingernails. Disgusting whatever it is.

So much is wrong here. She has a rash going up her cleavage to her throat, yellow…stuff around her mouth, liver spots on her boob?, and has the nerve to raise her chin to let us all be in awe of her long chin dirt and hairs. Shame is not a word that tuna knows.

No. 896065

She’s also working overtime to try and get her collarbones to show

No. 896066

her tits don't even look like breasts anymore, they're just big sagging sacks of fat drooping off her chest

No. 896068

thats feral

No. 896069

Serving some OG crusty Luna from the time before she discovered heavy beauty filters.

No. 896070

Kinda looks like impetigo. Gross.

No. 896071

not by the hair on her chinny chin chin…

No. 896075

Why does her "cleavage" go all the way to to her necklace? And who tf rubs chunky glitter all over their chest like that? Her new scripts must be nicee kek

No. 896077

I didn’t even know chunky body glitter still existed. That shit always felt so gross and crusty. She already uses absurd amounts of highlighter on her face, why not use that on her “cooler bones” and décolletage? This looks like something made by Bonne Bell in the 90’s.

No. 896078

The glitter is actually pretty if you look at reviews from normal people but tuna is just too uncoordinated, braindead and high to know how to do anything with it other than just schmear it all over herself apparently

No. 896080

File: 1666498721668.png (Spoiler Image,4.72 MB, 828x1792, 2372EA83-EBC6-46DC-A7AA-AF0ED1…)

just a higher quality close up of her fungal infection mouth, she’s got skin flakes and some brown gunk in the corner of her lips

No. 896081

File: 1666501158834.jpeg (318.82 KB, 1284x2556, 3FDF88E0-BB09-4878-A803-AD801C…)

Looks like she really has been non-stop buying lately.

No. 896082

Too bad she won’t get her vision checked and buy some fucking glasses. At this point I’m convinced she literally can’t see how crusty her selfies are.

No. 896083

She’s got the clear welfare glasses

No. 896084

She has glasses that she got recently, but she doesn't wear them much. I agree though, I think that (other than the drug abuse) this is one of the main reasons why she posts heinous shit like this. I think she literally can't see the fine details.

No. 896087

>>896056 Okay, makeup sperg incoming, sorry. So this glitter is actually pretty decent when applied by a professional. In fact, it has been applied by professionals, it was designed by and for them originally and gained notoriety after being used on the set of Euphoria, It's gotten pretty big on Instagram as a result.

These things retail for $22-26 per 0.6oz jar. The shade Luna's got there is Hollyweird, from their Glowjam line, which is activated under UV light. Euphoria uses it in their rave/party scenes. That's why it looks so gross on Tuna–the transparent binder that makes these types of glitters stick has pink UV activated pigment in it, so instead of creating the sprinkle of fairy dust look, she gets the YouTube Slime Tutorial Gone Wrong look. It looks amazing when applied well and worn to a rave, but we all know how often those natural disaster-inducing pair of thighs waddles out of the house.

This stupid bitch was nod-shopping with Evil Dad's money after watching an episode of Euphoria, saw "pink glitter" and "Hollyweird" and immediately smashed "buy" without reading the "UV-activated, you dumbass bitch" fineprint.

The majority of their products are non-UV glitters that are absolutely stunning when applied by professionals, which is what the brand was originally made for (picrel, also swear I'm not shilling lol, just a makeup fag who's been silently seething at Tuna's crimes against cosmetics for like 6 years and I can hold my silence no longer, nonnas.

No. 896088

File: 1666511397713.png (1.99 MB, 1166x1232, Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 3.36…)

>>896060 Oh, I must be mistaken then, she got the whole Euphoria set (they made a collection of all the shit they used on Euphoria, she's just been abusing the pink shit the most lately). The full set is $96 also dropped pic from previous message, sorry for samefag.

Bitch got a set with some of the non-neon ones and still can't apply the shit jfc you don't just smear it on randomly. Pictured here is proper application and even then it's not an "everyday" look but you know she'll wear it to her next interview or therapy appointment.

No. 896089

Holy shit I didn’t think it would look much worse in higher definition but boy was I wrong

No. 896092

holy fucking shit begging for people to buy her a sobriety chip and shes spending 96 dollars on glitter

No. 896094

She's using one of the space ones, with star sequins and it's $26. Influencer era

No. 896096

Guess none of the interviews panned out and there’s no more on the horizon.

No. 896097

I kinda doubt she’s using the branded stuff when there are so many dupes on aliexpress and shein that are only $3

No. 896098

No doubt the interviews and recovery larp are to appease evil dad so he will go back to spoiling her. I can even hear her bpd manipulation. Any criticism or concern he has will be met with her screaming about meds and meetings and two halfheartedly filled out spoliations. Probably why lurch is mia as well

No. 896099

On one hand, she'd be flexing the brand title on insta if it were real. On the other, she'd be posting on tumblr about how it's a dupe (but she totally NEEDS it) if it were from shein. Wouldn't surprise me if anything she buys off of aliexpress never gets a mention because she in her fried entitled brain she thinks Aliexpress is too poorfag even for her but, Shein, Romwe, Dollar tree, and shoplifting evidently are not.

No. 896100

File: 1666542887132.jpeg (636.01 KB, 750x1094, 4F2AE187-D0D5-46FA-8095-E168F3…)

More crap

No. 896101

now that she has tarot cards, her life will definitely turn around. this was all she needed.

No. 896102

File: 1666543118060.png (544.12 KB, 870x1106, kugyftdrsdfuiiuytio.png)

No. 896104

File: 1666544163698.jpeg (434.7 KB, 828x3136, A8C90117-8F95-4D45-B2E1-5F647D…)

No. 896105

File: 1666544165738.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.49 KB, 1085x1527, tumblr_501258ea5a6e0cb0b9b0527…)

>trying not to hate my body and fight against my ed thoughts #me #tw ed #personal

No. 896106

File: 1666544196726.jpg (Spoiler Image,250.83 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_b9ac8b8e8da2cd8fb98a870…)

No. 896107

Is that a hairy armpit?

No. 896109

File: 1666544500546.webm (1.33 MB, 656x1232, tumblr_rk7n6ghaid1zdwdn5.webm)

She can't bother to clean the crumbs on the bed.

No. 896111

major nitpick. women have body hair anon.

No. 896112

Bitch this is an offense to people who worked their ass off to stay sober for two months. So you dropped a drug from your cocktail. That's not sober living and you look like an idiot.

No. 896114

Her face looks monstrous in here

No. 896115

So? Women are hairy. Grow up.

No. 896116

Looks like every strung out chick at the bar trying to go home at 2 am…. Turrible nonnies.

No. 896117

all that nasty shit is still around her mouth from yesterday. Skincare queen doesn’t wash her face at night? Vomit

No. 896118

nitpick considering how gross the rest of her is, but my favourite feature of her nudes is the weird line above her belly-button she gets from her gunt rubbing against other rolls of skin. A goblin always hunched over her phone. She only stands up to take nudes. Also she covered herself in glitter instead of bathing, and I can see all the skin sores more than the glitter.

No. 896120

File: 1666552748930.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x2128, E8B7C21F-549E-43E3-B02A-FADE1A…)

Personally I have no idea bout these particular products but it looks branded I doubt she got a cheaper version off aliexpress/shein/wherever. Looking on the site she purchased from quickly the glitter she brought would be at very least $16, but was most likely more expensive. Absolutely pointless purchase.

No. 896121

She has the cleavage of my 63 year old mother

No. 896122

>>896120 Yeah it's the real shit, she just doesn't know how to use it. I posted the products I've seen her using and the prices upthread. She's got at least 2 shades so she either got the $96 Euphoria set or she spent upwards of $40 on 2 shades, on of which is UV only and the other she cannot apply correctly, you don't just smear chunky glitter on your throat like a weirdo Tuna. It's a pretty niche brand and I doubt there are branded fakes on the market yet, no one is running around asking for Lemonhead LA by name unless they know what they're looking for.

No. 896123

She 100% stole it

No. 896124

File: 1666556986752.jpg (207.8 KB, 720x1409, VideoCapture_20221023-132929.j…)

No. 896125

What the fuck is going on with her nose is this some weird editing or something? It looks literally deformed kek

No. 896126

That’s just her face straight on, she usually poses from an angle that doesn’t show her nose lump as much

No. 896127

Luna might be broke, but she knows at least to save money on make-up by stealing it!

No. 896128

Are her eyes too beady and wall-eyed to see how filthy her fucking hands are? She needs to stop with the Zoolander face.

No. 896129

What the fuck is this posture? She looks like she’s being supported by some weird harness under her armpits due to the weird rolls of arm fat.

No. 896131

samefagging to add that I think the weird harness look is due to a very poorly fitting bra with straps that are way too short.

No. 896132

i can see that acne from the suboxone coming in like that one nona mentioned

No. 896133

File: 1666559394796.jpg (184.84 KB, 565x1155, Screenshot_20221023_140944.jpg)

No. 896134

File: 1666559535992.jpg (181.25 KB, 720x1191, VideoCapture_20221023-141138.j…)

No. 896135

She's been looking high af for a while now. Hopefully she won’t od without chief being near her fat ass to use narcan on her

No. 896136

Aren't these things supposed to be a personal milestone? Like you have it to remind yourself of where you have come from and whatever. The "can't wait to show it off!" (and not even having earned it yet lmao) just makes it sound LARP as fuck.

No. 896137

File: 1666561128600.jpeg (Spoiler Image,785.74 KB, 828x1506, 4E81258E-BE56-4C05-A310-8FF26A…)

No. 896139

Suckin in so hard

No. 896140

Straight out of The Hills Have Eyes

No. 896142

i thought it was the line where her underwear rests tbh

No. 896143

It's amazing the way she keeps looking worse and worse. It's like an art.

No. 896144

File: 1666563959432.jpg (55.29 KB, 550x416, 550x416.jpg)

No. 896145

It’s definitely from a waistband of some sort. I know they type of like the other anon is referring to but that would just be in the front and not all the way around her waist.

No. 896147

her bridge looks like its rejecting to me that or mad irritation bumps

No. 896148

lmao just accept that u think you’re hot shit, you’re not even smoking in the pic Loona

No. 896149

Keeeek Tuba thinking she's a sex worker and that this is any kind of a fetish picture is hilarious. Since her big mean Daddy pays her bills though, all she needs is this few bucks from weirdos on Reddit to buy herself more fatty foods. I have a feeling none of them are repeat clients with this low effort shit.
I highly doubt she's on opiates otherwise she wouldn't have bought herself her AA/NA chip. Every picture is clearly her in bright af light so her pupils check out. Tuba really equates sobriety with just not using opiates, but everything else is still sObEr to her.

No. 896150

She's on buprenorphine which is an opioid. Her pupils are pinned because she's on shit, just not dope (maybe).

No. 896152

Jesus Christ looking more like lurch everyday

No. 896153

File: 1666571925855.jpg (289.19 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_13f65afefe7c4a22c425c34…)

No. 896154

Same pic on tumblr with a caption:
>i thought this shirt was gonna be white for some reason but it’s cute with this thrifted skirt

No. 896156

when did she say shes on that? shes on zubsolv (forgive me if shes on both or something)

No. 896157

Wow, those age spots… Yikes Tuna!! No1curr, but as someone a few months older than her, it amazes me how rough & old her skin looks even with filter abuse! Beauty obviously isn't everything, but she really makes a nona appreciate proper skincare & basic hygiene

No. 896158

tinfoil but I sure hope she isnt trying to get away with smoking in the bathroom of their nice airbnb

No. 896162

Zubsolv = subutex = buprenorphine, they're all the same thing actually. Not to be mistaken with Suboxone, which is bupe + naloxone (a blocker to prevent addicts from getting high, which Luna can do freely on her zubsolv)

No. 896163

the way she thinks it’s sekksy cleavage, but in reality it’s just filth-caked fat sacks. but she worked SO HARD…..

No. 896164

The funniest part is almost all of these Layne quotes were written by his shitty biography author, who just made up quotes whole cloth because Layne never spoke to him.

No. 896167

When's the last time we saw pumpkin? Wondering if she quietly dropped off her ~family member~ at a shelter and isn't saying shit

No. 896168

September 5th, the pic with the dog. Pumpkin might've escaped, in which case, good for her.

No. 896169

It was right before she left for inpatient, which is worth mentioning

No. 896171

She just left the cat outside didnt she. Fuck Tuna. Steals someone's cat, neglects it and keeps it inside without even playing with it and feeding the poor animal only garbage that makes its fur look diseased and then abandons it outside just when cold season begins.

No. 896172

i think it's just been a while since we've seen her full face (nose in particular) without the usual filters on

No. 896173

Called it, lol. Also thanks to the nonnitas who appreciated my sperg. I just knew the cystic acne would strike quickly given her PCOS, instantly resulting in a new "omg is it herpes?" "no retard, it's contact dermatitis from [armchair diagnosis]" "Uhm, actshually it's a sign of AIDs, you autists" argument that would derail the thread.

It primarily affects the lower 1/3 of the face, around the chin, mouth, and mid-lower cheek area. If you already have fucked up hormones plus PCOS/horror-tier hygiene/filthy bedding, etc., you're in for a bad time.

It takes four seconds to google "Zubsolv" and see that it is the exact same thing as Suboxone, naloxone included. There's also Sublocade, a naloxone-free injectable that patients get every few months.

Suboxone = buprenorphine + naloxone (oral dissolving film strip)
Zubsolv = buprenorphine + naloxone (oral dissolving tablet)
Subutex = buprenorphine only (oral dissolving tablet)
Sublocade = buprenorphine only (injectable)

Hope that clears it up. Doctors are VERY resistant to prescribe buprenorphine without naloxone (the likely acne source). If Tuna's getting medication-assisted treatment, it's definitely not naloxone-free.

No. 896176

I bet Matthew lost her/let her out and Tuna isn't mentioning it, so as mot to spoil her "perfect man soldier caretaker daddy bf" larp. when really he was gacked out on meth jerking it to randoms on twitter.

No. 896178

File: 1666611705697.jpeg (152.39 KB, 1284x891, 2DA22777-FD39-4B01-A6D6-8B824C…)

Looks like our Tuna is becoming a bit more self aware kek

No. 896181

I don't think she has ever had a personality to begin with.

No. 896183

i don’t wanna cowtip but has anyone sent her any messages asking about the cats whereabouts?(don't touch the poop)

No. 896185

Stop the cat sperging. Look, tuna lurks here. This is well known. The anons obsessing over it has made her stop posting about it.

No. 896187

Usually your home group pays for them (unless you want a special one like this), and your sponsor presents them to you. She doesn't have a sponsor, shit she can't even admit to being powerless and being unable to manage her life, and that's step one. LARP for sure

No. 896188

okay well in that case let’s all stop liftsperging, lurchsperging, sobrietysperging. let’s be totally silent observers for the oversharing to behind once again… oh… look a penny!

No. 896189

At least sage your sperging. If theres any sign of the cat in any posts from Tuna then you’ll see it here do not worry.

No. 896190

Nta but nonnie it's better to not catsperg because the dog murder nonnie comes out and starts being disturbing again. May I suggest that concerned nonnies keep tabs on shelters in her vicinity to see if a familiar cat turns up?

No. 896195

File: 1666630196905.jpeg (431.81 KB, 1203x3228, E5B16AA8-8CA5-4AA5-A933-22AB6C…)

No. 896197

File: 1666633464570.jpg (102.91 KB, 1200x742, cow-tip-hero.jpg)

No. 896199

File: 1666634241941.jpg (168.9 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20221024_105648.jpg)

No. 896200

Fat bitch who weights 230 is literally starving. Ok. I wish we could get a fat activism saga Tuna, too bad she hate herself too much for that kek

No. 896202

Tuna should doctor shop until someone prescribes her Topamax. It’s next to impossible NOT to lose weight on it and the cognitive side effects won’t bother her since she’s already retarded.

No. 896203

Lurch never comments on her stuff anymore, he used to always try and comment encouraging shit. Like I’m sure they’re still together bc she would probably make it very obvious and be dramatic if they actually broke up, but I feel like they’re just roommates at this point or she resents him for jerking off to Twitter girls feet. But I feel like it’s gonna end badly soon bc she’s bored

No. 896206

File: 1666640389054.jpg (618.75 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20221024_123902.jpg)

She is posting stuff that goes along with this tinfoil.

No. 896208

File: 1666641598865.jpeg (654.61 KB, 828x1230, 383B36D6-4C7B-412B-A327-BAD342…)

No. 896209

File: 1666641674652.jpeg (487.17 KB, 828x1121, 0D27461A-B31C-4A35-A0EE-36C7C1…)

No. 896210

File: 1666641699789.jpeg (678.95 KB, 828x1307, B586B428-0781-4CB1-B35B-F1C060…)

No. 896214

What's more telling is that we know full well Luna does not have any personal relationships. Just Lurch. She abandoned any friend she had for him, after all.

No. 896215

File: 1666647689558.jpeg (912.41 KB, 1284x1658, E71DEC2A-08B1-4918-91C5-4925D6…)

The elusive Lurch has been spotted, looking dashing as ever kek.

No. 896216

That hair line slips further and further backwards in each new picture.

No. 896217

she’d probably have to pretend she has migraines but i agree. I’m on it for my epilepsy and migraines and it completely kills my appetite.

No. 896220

File: 1666648800915.png (796.8 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20221024-225843~2.p…)

pumpkin update right on cue.
totally went to the vets today

No. 896221


The cigarette ash on her chest really pulls this picture all together

No. 896222

Don't judge him he's emancipated gosh

No. 896223

Tuna you're 18 years too late for the playbunny trend.

No. 896224

>she is in very good health for a 3 y/o cat

Why she types like the cat was eldery and you would expected it to be in bad health??? Like, a young cat IS supposed to be in good health Tuna, not "good health despite her age"

No. 896225

literally my first thought, she's talking like this cat is defying odds living to the ripe old age of 3 when cats commonly live to their teens. suppose it is a miracle for her tho

No. 896226

Imagine going to the esthetician and they have unbrushed hair, a dye stain on their forehead, Mr. Snuffleupagus eyelashes, bracket eyebrows, and hot pink glitter smeared all over their dirty titties

No. 896228

Forgive my junky sperg but I want to correct the misconception that is spread throughout this thread. The naloxone isn’t what prevents you from getting high, it’s the higher binding affinity of buprenorphine. The naloxone is there to dissuade people from IVing the suboxone/zubsolv.

No. 896229

is he smoking a lady cigarette or are his prince charles mitts just that big

No. 896230

File: 1666652425591.jpeg (413.05 KB, 828x1156, BB89681D-80B5-4D04-A0EF-8C8C36…)

No. 896231

slaay. stan lurch.

No. 896232

u dumb. naloxone literally blocks the opioid receptors so that nothing can bind to it. that is its purpose. now stfu and let's talk about the cat.

No. 896233

Nice double-chin-hiding-pose there, lurchy

No. 896234

File: 1666652583595.jpeg (Spoiler Image,180.79 KB, 828x1215, B00A6554-D6FF-4FCE-B3CA-ED5F13…)

No. 896235

The naloxone isn’t bioavailable orally, so no, I’m correct. It was added to prevent IVing, where the naloxone actually is absorbed (and to get a new patent, but that’s another issue)

No. 896236

Double post but think about what you wrote there for a second; if it were true, the bupe wouldn’t bind either.

No. 896237

Is that a wart on her arm?

No. 896238

What a coincidence that Pumpkin magically saw a vet after an idiot cowtipped after not mentioning her in ages.

No. 896239

I hope pumpkin finds a better life than being stuffed in a dirty mans sweatshirt.

No. 896240

File: 1666655818435.jpg (249.78 KB, 1044x929, Screenshot_20221024_165635.jpg)

>>896234 holy ouch

No. 896241

Adding, their eyes are clearly unfocused and they can barely fill in their 2-inch thick liner that only looks the way it does in photos due to the wombo combo of filter abuse and shitty phone camera.

No. 896242

The way her upper arm fat…goes…I just don’t get it??? It looks so oddly concentrated to just the bicep she really is cursed in how her weight distributes.

No. 896243

> mfw I saw this on the home page previews and clicked only because I thought Luna had somehow fixed her ass

No. 896244

lurch starting to grey

No. 896245

>pumpkin went to the vet such helth
ok so show us a picture of the damn cat instead of your rapidly greying sex pest

No. 896246

Dumb bitch, OBVIOUSLY cow tipping.

No. 896247

File: 1666657762244.jpeg (184.23 KB, 472x1094, 4E8D5882-2113-4158-B45C-0848C4…)

luna responded to fakeboi’s post about us

No. 896248

By "refusing to engage" she must mean she doesn't directly post replies here, just reads and then vaguely hints at/replies to us through her social media posts kek. Hi tuna.

No. 896249

Why are you they/themming Tuna in your esthetician fanfic?

No. 896250

she's just a nonny who made a choice. kek i think it made grammatical sense in the first comment but when she continued it, it started to get goofy.

No. 896251

She’s had that forever, it’s a mole or something

No. 896252

Coping as a survivor is not the same as selling your underage looking anorexic friends pictures to a pedo, zero brain function from those two

No. 896253

Hottest diss track of 2022

No. 896254

since I’m (unfortunately) up to date on fakeboi’s thread I can clarify that she is actually defending her AO3 rape fanfic featuring Carl from the Walking Dead

No. 896257

If you use opiates on naloxone, you can (not everyone though) go into precipitated withdrawals
Can you and the other science fag anon go back to playing with your fisher price "Baby's First Science Test" toys? It doesn't even matter what it does since Tuna is in it for the high and she can still take benzos.

No. 896258

Oh that's what anon was doing? I thought she was referring to both Tubba Wubba and Chubba and that's why it was pluralized, but was confused since Chubba doesn't wear eyeliner besides in the feminization filters

No. 896261

she was a fativist during her teen years on tumblr

No. 896262

Looks like he's throwing up signs kek what a gangster toughie he is!

No. 896263

The same blackhead & ear wax still in her ear, the intense unblended highlight over her eyebrow hair, lash clinging on for dear life, the weird reddish/grey line on her jaw, hairband oranged with foundation & grime.. damn Tuna, look with your damn lazy eyes already

No. 896264

how does someone wear makeup for so long and never get even decent at it? how is that even possible?

No. 896266

Ah, thank you anon. I didn't even think about the sponsor bit. She's probably just decided Lurch is close enough to fill that role.

"I refuse to directly engage because I know they're right and can't face that head on." Rekt. Congrats to pedo Sarah for finally getting her heroine's attention.

No. 896272

Tuna that’s not pumpkin.

No. 896273

Looks like panties on a vage

No. 896275

havent checked this thread in a month.
come back, she looks the same if not bigger kekw
so much for that eating disorder LOL

No. 896278

Pumpkin is not in his hoodie, Pumpkin is gone. Lying is Tuba's favorite sport.

No. 896279

Back when she was less of a behemoth it sorta worked to her advantage that her hands and forearms were comparatively less fat but now it's gotten grotesque.

No. 896282

I'm just absolutely stunned that these two go out in public in filthy stained clothes and don't think they're being side eyed. The second they walk into any store all employees know they're there to steal. She steals shit from the Dollar Tree because Sephora/Ulta staff would follow her and make it obvious.

No. 896283


Saw this painful-looking horror hunk being choked in the photo of her wearing the black outfit and forced my brain to tell itself that it was a chair she was sitting in. This woman must be uncomfortable squeezing herself into clothing constantly.
You're not the size you think you are, Tuba, and even that's sad.

No. 896286

>learning not to hate my body so much
>trying harder than I ever have at anything
>I got this cheap shit at shein bc I needed it
She’s so boring, she says like 3 phrases over and over again. So much for being a writer, she never has anything new or interesting to say about her life or her photos.

No. 896287

File: 1666707342911.jpeg (70.29 KB, 828x272, EBA19F83-3E9F-4CC3-8A1B-290190…)

what is her weird fixation with office jobs when she doesn't even shower? she needs to knock herself down a peg and work at dunkin or burger king. even the one office job she had iirc only lasted maybe a few weeks and she had to have matthew come shoot her up in the bathroom cuz she got dopesick.

No. 896288

What would be her job duties at an office job? Or what does she think they'd be? Sitting on her ass stuffing envelopes with her dirty hands or….?

No. 896289

She probably has a romanticised/idealised view of the office bimbo stereotype fuelled by her/lurches fetish and wants to be the prettiest girl in the office

No. 896290

she thinks it means she wont have to do any physical labor or move around at all and could just sit on her fat ass on a computer all day. she has years of experience of that because she sits on her fat ass on her nintendo all day anyway, and had a super cheap desk & chair set up from amazon once.

No. 896291

You're a filthy druggie that can't type for shit. What office would want that?

No. 896293

I bet she imagines herself as Pam from the office kek

No. 896294

File: 1666713662364.jpeg (64.72 KB, 620x620, 3074960B-284E-4896-9C26-E7F549…)

As an office drone myself I can assure her that you absolutely cannot roll up looking the way she does. The red hair might get a pass as red is technically a natural color compared to pink or green (though Crayola red is pushing it), but all her facial piercings would need to go, septum in a flipped up hidden horseshoe style and her wardrobe might as well go straight in the trash for being too revealing/casual. Honestly the only change in US office culture as far as appearance goes is that tattoos are more readily accepted, the rest of her “look” needs to do a complete 180 or she’ll never be hired. If she wants to stay “alt” looking, she’d seriously have much better luck in food service/coffee shops/retail where they’ve stopped giving a shit about enforcing dress codes. Alas, as long as insists she needs an uwu “office job” while looking like this she will never have to lower her standards to a realistic level or compromise her stupid obsession with being the most unique looking girl in the room.

No. 896298

File: 1666715362168.jpeg (77.83 KB, 828x396, 38972758-9557-49C3-A142-C68B1F…)


No. 896300


Tuna…. buy the XL >>896240

No. 896301

Part of her superiority complex. She's better than (other junkies / other poors / other girls) so to her fried brain 'an office job' is what she deserves. She's far too good for anything less.

No. 896307

with the hair and substance abuse she’d be more of a Meredith kek

No. 896308

Tuna, maybe you hate yourself so much because you'd rather sacrifice your comfort for a tag that no one else will see. Why is she so concerned with size labels when anyone would notice her smell, disheveled (in the bad way) hair, and size first thing? No one is going to peek into her collar and see the XL and determine she's fat. They just have to see her. Strangers really don't care and to think that they would is nuts and peak main character syndrome behavior.

No. 896309

So, where the heck is Pumkin?

Lurch stops H, suddenly becoming grey, having to endure Luna's shit sober.

No. 896310

Lurch, please go back to man bun and facial hair.
I know we were all waiting for an update on him but this is too much Easter Island Cigarette Store Wooden Indian Chief.
The glasses are fugly. You look like an emancipated (sic) praying mantis.

No. 896311

I know nothing about normal graying age for males I'm 28 and have had a few gray hairs since 19 but is 43 a normal age for moids to be as gray as lurch is?

No. 896312

I rather think she is perma banned and ran out of devices/free vpn's to be able to post here.

And stupid fakeboi, let me ask you a question, you hypocrite: When I had a frewnd who I like and I know she has threads on an online gossip forum, I would do shit all, reading said threads, because it would upset me, to read such "hurtful" things about her. To make it clear, you didn't come here commenting to whiteknight for Tuna, no, you came here to sperg for yourself, it was all about yourself, no word for poor Tuna.
You hang on those threads because it gives you the only interaction with Luna, since she hardly interacts with you herself. And this makes you even worse than we are, we don't write Luna messages and do as if we like her. Hypocrite!

No. 896313

I am actually surprised that he isn't full on grey.
Those two cretins have the unhealthiest and most dirty lifestyle but are still thriving.
Back, when Tuna was full on junkie, never washed her face, bedding etc, slapped on make up over make up and on top of that a sheet mask, her skin was still good (compared to what it had to endure). Her hair was full of volume.
Lurch's hairline is receding, ok, but for his age he still has a lot of hair.
Other people would be dead or on the streets but they are like cockroaches.

No. 896314

File: 1666724734354.png (58.14 KB, 1080x529, Screenshot_20221025-130509~2.p…)

No. 896315

convenient excuse for her to stop going to group altogether

No. 896316

did she tell her group she does sw

No. 896317

I have dreads, welfare red hair, obvious facial/body piercings, tattoos, and I wear crop tops/yoga pants to work and no one cares but only because I'm in a management position. So it is possible for a person with an ugly sense of style to work an office job. It's just not likely for her since she's allergic to work. I only got there by learning all I could about my industry, getting qualifications, educating myself specifically about my industry, etc. which I doubt tuna would put the time into. If you look like that you have to prove your worth and that you're an asset to your company, despite looking like a clown. I doubt with her intellectual disabilities that she would hang in anywhere.

No. 896318

I agree with >>896317, many places are not this conservative these days. The issue for Luna is that tattoos, piercings, and weird hair are still seen as red flags IF you're otherwise sketchy and don't have any skills or a strong resume to convince employers of your value and that you're not actually a delinquent.

That's why I don't think she could land an office job unless it's a call center with low standards and the highest turnover ever, but she probably thinks she's too good even for that. She has no concept of what an office job is outside of how it's portrayed on tv and probably doesn't realize it's no longer good enough just being able to stuff envelopes, know how to type, and use a printer.

No. 896319

File: 1666728986078.jpeg (566.01 KB, 750x924, 33E4BEE0-6265-48C7-9988-638F45…)

Better not fucking steal this one Luna

We all know Pumpkin is history and you continue to lie about it. Sick

No. 896320

Same anon but the fact that she already named the cat is a red flag. I really don’t give a fuck if she abuses herself, her family, anyone who is dumb/unfortunate enough to be in her orbit, but I get real mati when she gets her filthy hands on animals.

If you can’t take care of yourself Luna then you can’t take care of a pet. Shame on you

No. 896321

Now this may be the time to cowtip to neighbor(cowtipping request )

No. 896322

That's honestly so sad if something really happened to Pumpkin. I don't think she died, though, I'm thinking it's more likely Lurch left the door open and she escaped while Luna was at detox or they dumped her voluntarily. In which case, I hope she ends up somewhere better, I guess.

No. 896323

at least now that she's acknowledged it's the neighbors outdoor cat she can't claim it was a starving stray lurch rescued when they try to steal it

No. 896324

File: 1666730827384.jpeg (32.63 KB, 480x360, 8DF5581D-96D2-4BED-A632-36FF7E…)

Fucking lmao cannot unsee it. Although Meredith has better style/color coordination and at least looks like she showers and brushes her teeth daily. Tuba could never.

No. 896325

The “fatana” tag, fucking LMAO!!!
Luna, you have been overweight (if not OBESE) your entire life, you are not anorexic.

It will never not be funny when a 200+ pounder pretends they are an uwu ana queen. Gives real Tess Holliday vibes. I’d love to be a fly on the wall during her therapy sessions. Girl, you are lucky you don’t actually have anorexia. At least pretend to have bulimia since it is a more believable lie….

No. 896326

Also congrats on fitting into a SIZE LARGE kekekek. Medium isn’t anything to brag about either girl, especially at stores like Target where the vanity sizing is out of control.

No. 896330

If she ever actually loses weight she’s going to be shocked that she’s still big. Being overweight your whole life literally makes your frame larger and bones denser due to bearing extra weight.

No. 896332

File: 1666732792683.jpg (90.86 KB, 751x1024, I'm cryinf.jpg)

Anon my sides

No. 896333

I'm positive Tuna's perception of what an office job is comes 100% from watching Aggretsuko kek

No. 896334

File: 1666737808751.jpg (378.13 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20221025-154204_Red…)

Doesn't lithium not do anything for personality disorders? I wonder what mental illness she really has. I've always heard you had to be actually sober to get an accurate diagnosis.

No. 896335

She feels elite? What?

No. 896336

It doesn't work for her because she's an addict freeloader. Only way for her to approve of something is if it magically fixes her life or gets her high

No. 896337

Definitely an autocorrect thing, maybe her fat fingers were trying to type "weird"

No. 896338

I thought it was meant to say "I feel like"

No. 896339

Eh mood stabilizers can be helpful in treating BPD symptoms for people like me who have an otherwise well-rounded treatment plan, but like >>896336 said Luna just wants a magic pill. You can’t escape BPD brain without doing a ton of actual work. As long as Shein hauls and benzo abuse are easier that’s what we’re gonna get.

As I understand it Lithium is not commonly prescribed to treat BPD because of its potential for abuse by overdose.

No. 896340


I think she means she's manic. She feels elite. The medicine isn't working, so she feels manic.

No. 896341

File: 1666741983460.jpeg (Spoiler Image,242.53 KB, 828x1496, 8494EBFD-F807-45AD-ADB9-EF68C6…)

her wannarexia is so repetitive

No. 896342

Ugh the filthy boob glitter

No. 896343

File: 1666742476309.jpg (171.79 KB, 1080x1984, Screenshot_20221025-200004_Bra…)

No words

No. 896344

File: 1666744322559.jpeg (643 KB, 828x1378, 030200CC-2754-4BD8-A05F-86153A…)

who is she ? the footbot?

No. 896345

File: 1666744406316.jpeg (Spoiler Image,753.32 KB, 828x1656, E78D3ED1-8FD0-4B27-947F-CCF9B5…)

i hope the other ED accounts start piling in on her those girls can be vicious

No. 896346


Tuna would never post to "humiliate herself" on purpose, what she's really begging for is people to tell her "omg no you're so pretty your waist is so small omfg!"
she looks dirty and smelly and her waist is likely 38" around and her thighs are 50"

No. 896347

it's the inside out bra for me.

No. 896348

Nah I thini "her" is the idealized version of herself, the uwuw 5'2" 90lbs babygirl

No. 896349

Kek yet she's still doing that awkward, unnatural pose. This cow can't be honest with herself about anything, can she? Lets (not) see an unposed, bingo wings to the side, no makeup, full-body pic if you want to motivate yourself to lose weight, Tuna.

Hell if she can't find the motivation from looking at her body, I sure can. This thread and the Shay thread are inspiration to keep eating healthy and working out.

No. 896350


Legitimately one of the few times a pic here has made me feel physically ill. Her chest looks like an unwashed, acne-ridden ass. I get she's trying to "uwumiliate herself," but to me this is a couple steps beyond hairy/stained shirts. Bitch needs to shower and clean her and Lurch's room. There is absolutely no way she didn't stink to high hell in her interviews either. Yuck.

No. 896351

I'm not gonna say she deserves it because nobody deserves to be randomly propositioned by nasty moids but going to group literally dressed like a working prostitute can't possibly help the situation.

No. 896352

Since she lives in NYC she has a better chance than most at a office job. It wouldn't be a customer facing office job but she could get some 12-15hr data entry clerk job at some hole in the wall in the Bronx. She'd still need to clean up hee wardrobe overall. It wouldn't be a cool shiny desk job in Manhattan like she thinks she deserves so she'd probably pass those types of offers up though.

No. 896353

A round of applause for you being better than Luna. Please do go on.
Instantly what I thought, too. No longer friends with Pumpkin. Tango is new best friend.
She'll just lie that the neighbours gave it / she rescued it because they're evil / some shit like that.
It's obviously a typo for "like", come on now.

No. 896354

Which planet does this story take place on, anon?

No. 896356

She does not live in NYC. She's pretty close and could easily take public transit there for a job, but that would never happen

No. 896359

Oh, for some reason I thought she lived in the Bronx or something. But this is what I mean. Plenty of random ass little offices that need someone to just type shit or other grunt work a day. Thing is tuna thinks she's above both moving her lazy ass and doing boring shit 9-5 with a half hour lunch break. She's too low functioning to be able to do drugs while working and not get caught, so that's out too.
It's not a story. Plenty of call center/data entry places will take any temp worker that can hide their drug addiction for a half hour long interview.

No. 896360

File: 1666748591164.jpeg (607.71 KB, 750x1053, 4138D9B7-493F-4BF1-9224-60CBBA…)

She needs attention big time

She already deleted this lol

No. 896361

Lurch cops in the Bronx, that's probably where your misconception comes from

No. 896362

its out of my comprehension how she can wear this and im so tired of her wannarexic bullshit i wanna a-log so bad like Luna get over the fact that you’re like 3 average sized women in one, that’s how you’ve been all your life and you’re so fucked up in the head that you think losing weight is gonna make a difference in your shitty life.

No. 896364

God she's so embarassing

No. 896365

wow this actually makes me sad, Luna is a true horrorcow and would be way better off without internet access

No. 896366

How can you put a bra on inside out??? How'd she hook it? Did she hook it in the front and struggled so hard to spin it around her squashed fatness that she said fuck it no one will notice?!

No. 896367

File: 1666751827458.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x2175, Screenshot_20221025_193609.jpg)

Michelle Phifer on coke looks like

No. 896368

she probably just never unhooks it and pulls it over her head

No. 896369

Girl if you just washed said body for once it’d do wonders. but no keep scribbling ‘starve’ in your notebook that’ll do it

No. 896370

Omg, maybe she sewed it that's why it's so fucking tight.

No. 896371

File: 1666752946042.jpg (179.83 KB, 720x1385, VideoCapture_20221025-195527.j…)

No. 896372

luna is a moai now too

No. 896375

Looking like some gabapentin pupils- large pupils even in bright light

No. 896376

That seems pretty random from her, do you figure maybe someone told her she looked like michelle at some point? If you zoom out and squint you can kind of see it

No. 896379

Please tell me you’re trolling

No. 896380

I think the hooks are twisted, she's super untidy. BAffles my mind she wants an office job. She'll mess up instantly with how zoinked out she is.

No. 896385

Just as a heads up since I haven't seen anyone mention it, Lurch is back on Twitter bitching about the Yankees. I'm still sifting through to see if there's anything milky.

No. 896386

Her roots are looking atrocious, I don't understand why she didn't start working her way lighter. I can only imagine what her mouth looks like without a filter. That crust around her mouth looks diseased af and wtf is that brown shit on her chin?

I get that she has terrible hygiene but those sores look legit like herpes/syphilis/something. Has there ever been confirmation if she meets clients for SW? I wouldn't put it passed her to not count "mouth stuff" as cheating though idk how dudes could maintain an erection after seeing and smelling her fouth teeth and lips.

No. 896388

File: 1666773643068.jpg (180.18 KB, 720x1062, Screenshot_20221026-022801_Chr…)

Him responding to a SW that's possibly as disgusting as Luna is the most interesting thing I saw

No. 896389

File: 1666774521325.jpg (184.53 KB, 720x1009, Screenshot_20221026-024926_Chr…)

Samefag, but holy shit is this girl he's chatted up most recently a bit of a cow herself. I'd advise against checking her SW page unless you want to see her grimy hairy feet, but her main makes for some interesting reading http://web.archive.org/web/20221026082340/https://mobile.twitter.com/methadontcare

No. 896390

That bra is wayyy too small

No. 896391

File: 1666788925310.jpeg (313.18 KB, 750x827, 09EA6D94-1FB8-4058-91A9-B24CDB…)

Inside out bra is amazing, wouldn’t all the lil buckles and shit be digging like hell? Also look at all this cat hair - Pumpkin is mostly likely still with her or it’s just weeks old cat hair…

No. 896394

File: 1666792600949.jpg (580.86 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20221026-065435_Chr…)

KEK, this is who he was talking to? Lurch really is something else

No. 896395

i dont think he was really coming onto this girl though. she seems to know luna somehow (probably online maybe from one of those fb groups she was in) and she has a boyfriend. he was interacting with her and the boyfriend, they just seem to be another junkie couple he/luna must relate to.

No. 896397

>why can't i be fat but smaller

No. 896398

how does she not notice her bra is on inside out? it has to be irritating and itchy having the lacey part up right against your skin?

No. 896399

looks like poop chan

No. 896400

File: 1666800272969.jpeg (108.34 KB, 828x457, 9BFF429D-EBAD-45FF-9FCF-88AB34…)

to be pushing 30 and still have this mindset. sad

No. 896401

Ahhh! That's a different level of horror.
I don't think anyone said anything about coming onto her. But he does follow her main and SW profile while Luna doesn't from what I can see, so I would be more likely to lean towards Lurch creepin. Also, that chick is poly and has pictures with other partners so the whole bf thing doesn't really matter

No. 896402

File: 1666803901296.jpeg (645.01 KB, 828x1255, 140BE61B-3E27-4E8B-871A-3F4696…)

No. 896403


Tuna the Emancipated has delivered unto us a new word

No. 896404

File: 1666805224778.jpeg (459.15 KB, 828x1134, 5C4F9CDB-137F-4AFD-BA8E-6785D0…)

No. 896405

That woman can blame her mother as much as she wants for being fucked up, but that barb wire tattoo was her damn own choice.
As far as I'm concerned it could be years old cat hair. She takes and posts pictures of herself the whole day and even then she doesn't see that the bra is inside out. I believe the nonnas speculating that she is basically blind.

No. 896406

Tacky, ugly money wasting retard. She'll never get a job and everyone fat loser in this thread is better than her. Pathetic.

I name the neighbor's pets too. But Luna is a thief and worried about this healthy cat while their own has been MIA

No. 896407

File: 1666806921267.jpeg (152.39 KB, 1170x617, F0D1032F-48C5-426D-9519-60C834…)

Wonder what this Reddit post—swiftly removed, of course—was all about. What would compel Tuna to post about Chanel in a fashion subreddit?

No. 896408

FashionReps is for people wanting to buy fake designer shit, she was probably wanting to know how to get a Chanel-looking bag for "cheap"

No. 896409

Lines up pretty well with her turning around and buying “vintage” VS. I don’t understand what her obsession with brands is about given she does not bathe, wash her ass or brush her damn teeth.

No. 896410

I can kind of see some dirtbag junkie dude from group who has only ever watched The Godfather and Scarface telling Tuna she looks like Michelle Pfeiffer (blonde, bangs) in order to get pussy for free

No. 896411

She genuinely believes that she deserves the best of the best, it's mind-blowing. Just goes to show that she's never really struggled for money in her life if she thinks that even knock off Chanel is her level

No. 896412

>gonna be my daily bag
its lasted nearly 30 years in decent condition until now. i give it a week before all the rhinestones fall off and it ends up in the trash. rip

No. 896413

She won't get happy in that sub. They are very dogmatic in how perfect the replica has to look like. The time I took a look around there, one person had a meltdown because the inner label of her fake bag was a bit crooked.
She had fake Chanels, why doesn't she go to NYC and find a car trunk vendor again?
She can't afford the elaborate replicas anyway. They don't come for cheap cheap like she believes.

No. 896414

I'm genuinely so happy that she's used filters so long that she's screwed up her BPD perception of herself so bad

No. 896415

File: 1666814967366.jpeg (29.75 KB, 550x412, C34A1C92-3BC8-47A0-AE9F-D68A7B…)

Every time anon say she needs a show I can’t help but cringe. Can you imagine how filthy and nasty the bathwater will be after she sat in it? She needs s shower and be hosed down first in the backyard

No. 896417

Oh no, a nonna just posted a screenshot of an article about fat anorexic people in Celebricows.

No. 896418

a tinfoil about pumpkin (seeing as i got banned for 24hrs for just ASKING if her friends had commented about the cat on ig)

1. pumpkin is living with ebil dad but tuna can’t admit how much he is actually supporting her right now as it weakens her grifting stories
2. pumpkin escaped during a binge (although i think luna would say she’s gone to use it to con money out of everyone)
3. (and most likely) pumpkin is still around but sadly locked in the bathroom and surrounded by filth. i tinfoil that luna can’t post photos of the room/cat because it breaks airbnb rules (imagine if they sold property for junk) or it’s so filthy they could be removed and after senor sledge, they’re being careful not to give a reason to be kicked out

Sorry I’m new to the boards so think I’m meant to sage this sperg or something?

No. 896421

you were probably banned because you still don't know how to sage you dumb bitch

No. 896422

nonnie, if you dont have any new information to contribute you have to type sage in the email field so it wont bump the thread.

No. 896423

I'm pretty sure she still has the cat, but she let it out of her room and let's it roam around the house/outside and doesn't care because at least now she doesn't have the burden of "taking care of it" because it pisses/shits elsewhere and eats the house dogs food

No. 896424

File: 1666818276680.png (6.22 MB, 828x1792, 7B834CD2-71C6-40E4-BAEA-CB7975…)

> i’m tired i wanna write poetry or draw today

No. 896425

Imagine being able to sit on your ass and draw, write, play grifted games on your switch, or apply thick layers of paint on your face whenever you wanted, but still have the audacity to complain like you don't have the spare time to do any of it. Luna, you're leaving the house for maybe two hours.

No. 896426

Dont spoonfeed newfags

No. 896427

Teaching newfags how to sage so they stop bumping the thread is a good thing. Calm your tits.

No. 896429

File: 1666821506682.jpeg (358.33 KB, 828x2119, D34B49F2-5B6B-40EE-93F1-C0ED15…)

New tuna poem dropped

No. 896430

Great so she stopped taking her lithium

No. 896431

File: 1666822591894.jpeg (56.04 KB, 828x310, C43AF854-BBC9-4EE0-ABD5-196D76…)

No. 896432

File: 1666822856635.png (3.06 MB, 1031x1920, !!!.png)

> rare pic of me smiling
> yes i know my teeth r yellow

No. 896433

File: 1666822891851.png (2.23 MB, 1100x2048, “how life feels rn”.png)

> how life feels rn

No. 896434

Dead tooth must stink so bad.

No. 896438

File: 1666823459590.jpeg (98.6 KB, 1200x630, 7AB52A7D-57FF-493D-B045-41F89C…)

this just looks like someone put a clown wig and some makeup on harold

No. 896446

can someone photoshop him to look like tuna pls

No. 896450

No. 896451

I cannot believe she is getting worse about posting shit like this as time goes on

No. 896452

File: 1666828484753.jpeg (882.46 KB, 828x1419, 8A83F709-3915-49EE-9B69-CC7FAF…)

No. 896453

File: 1666828511410.jpeg (916.33 KB, 828x1410, F55C6A67-A5B1-4F56-9935-47B35A…)

she needs to steal a razor for her face

No. 896454

I regret zooming in on her scalp

No. 896455

File: 1666828637941.png (296.11 KB, 717x436, 3E0418C9-29F8-4FC7-8037-BE5F48…)

Kek this is fucking hilarious

No. 896456

File: 1666828773872.jpg (80.78 KB, 1080x869, Screenshot_20221026-195856_Bra…)

Oh Tuna…

No. 896457

how tf does someone manage to look both greasy AND crusty

No. 896459

I'm gagging is that HAIR in her eye or a fucked blood vessel. The audacity of this bitch to think she's god's gift to the world but can't even be assed to pluck her eyebrows so they don't look like L's sharpied onto her face.

No. 896461

Oh Tuna, be more typical! That’s the name of Anthony Keides’ autobiography. You’re not original

No. 896462

i regret zooming in on her earcheese

No. 896464

Why does she keep showing off her dirty, waxy ears? Tuna you could at least steal some q-tips and USE THEM. They make pink ones to match your aesthetic or whatever

No. 896465

File: 1666832973378.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.06 KB, 557x1067, Screenshot_20221026-200811_Sam…)

The way she doesn't even get the makeup out of the crease of her nose and what the hell is with her saggy bottom lip?

No. 896466

I wonder if this includes the breakfast soda

No. 896467

That piercing is now more than ripe and merely days away from finally giving in to gravity and falling off

No. 896468

She only ever posts the one side, what a horror the other side of her face must be. Or straight on.

Slime will not cure dermatitis tuna. And yes blonde will solve everything!

Go ahead with the 40 volume and be sure to get it root to tip to be sure it all matches and slap a grocery bag on your dome to help it be even!!!!!! You'll be a gorgeous, waif, envy of the town!!!!

No. 896469

File: 1666834890003.jpg (150.02 KB, 1450x720, VideoCapture_20221026-184100.j…)

No. 896470

File: 1666834913844.jpg (214.39 KB, 720x1417, VideoCapture_20221026-184104.j…)

No. 896471

File: 1666835000831.jpg (206.71 KB, 1073x1746, Screenshot_20221026-184250_Red…)

No. 896472

File: 1666835165261.jpg (184.99 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20221026_184557.jpg)

No. 896473

Girl steal some teeth whiter and a scrub damn

No. 896474

File: 1666835309387.jpg (276.88 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_20221026_184755.jpg)

Look at that fucking catcher's mitt

No. 896475

Beefy. She is just incredibly beefy.

No. 896476

that piercing’s gotta go. gnarly

No. 896477

her index finger is turning red there

No. 896478

The rings are cutting off her circulation kekk look at the fat from her finger spilling over them just like her armpit fat spills over hew bra.

No. 896481

she claims this is AFTER cleansing her skin an applying skin care? The amount of rogue mascara all over her face and the foundation still stuck to the sides of her nose is unsettling. Does she even OWN a proper cleanser and cleansing device? All I've ever seen her post are serums and shit. The audacity of this bitch to want to get into esthetics, but she can't even properly take care of her own skin.

No. 896482

Bleach with 40 volume would work verybwell for her of she mixes even a little olaplex with it. Cover and apply high heat while processing and rinse with HOT water to get those red molecules out. I've done it this way, it works. Might have to do it a few times but it's OK because of the olaplex.

No. 896483

She is the most disgusting creature I've ever seen.

No. 896484

She’s in the wrong subreddit. r/fashionreps is mostly streetwear moids. r/repladies is where all the fake handbag stuff pops off, but they seem to have gone private for “safety reasons” (ie: worried about the reddit admins\feds) which is presumably why she’s posting on fashionreps instead.

Although actually convincing fake Chanel bags still cost like $500 and that’s a lot of scratch for a shein junkie.

And just posting “Chanel bags” like an ESL Indian tech support guy that wants you to do the needful would just get your post removed for spam, obviously.

No. 896485

Tuna needs to get her dad to buy her veneers because those teeth are fucked

No. 896486

hilarious that whenever she gets lazy drawing pills they start to look like a tribute to her wonked eyes

No. 896487

File: 1666843922100.jpeg (506.96 KB, 871x991, 14265AAA-A41B-4E5C-B6A9-BAF269…)

Wonder what she’s been snorting

No. 896488

File: 1666844580324.gif (3.46 MB, 420x286, brigitte-nielsen-confused.gif)

Jesus, Luna. Kek

No. 896489

lmfao a yassified version

and jesus her teeth are so fucking yellow plsssss just shoop them white omfg they even look fuzzy

No. 896492

I feel sick

she thinks of an edgy ~aesthetic~ title before she even thinks of what to write about, and it says so much about her

also there is literally nothing she can do about those teeth besides veneers at this point. she slathers this cheap shit all over her face, and can’t even brush her teeth. I don’t understand. like even if she had a decent body and good skin, she still has these teeth! jfc

No. 896493

> This is the first time in ur adult life that I've been alone with ur feelings.
Oh, Sarah! Most likely not intentional but you cannot convince me it’s partially true.

No. 896495


No. 896496

File: 1666859487516.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2048x1366, C1ECF994-25F6-42B1-9804-1D5C12…)

Here you go

No. 896497

I’m glad Harold’s hairline was high enough

No. 896498

Kek nailed it with the dead tooth

No. 896499

The facial hair really ties it all together.

No. 896500

It's already missing a bunch of stones so it won't be long now before it loses the rest

No. 896501

how does she always have a brand new iphone. i don't even have one of the ones with three cameras like that i don't even know anyone with that new of a phone.

No. 896502

Mean ol daddy

No. 896503

She needs it to apply for jobs

No. 896505

Oh yeah, has to be HOT water to rinse and she doesn't even need the olaplex! Just oil, even cooking oil would be okay. I'd say at least 3 rounds of 40 volume (root to tip) to get the color just right.

No. 896506

File: 1666877589242.jpeg (95.92 KB, 760x787, F67087F3-EBA2-4FA0-AE4C-52E546…)

She’d ruin them anyway considered her and Lurch only have a single toothbrush between them and it appears neither of them use it. I cannot understand how a person invests this much money and time into “beauty” and won’t just scrub the chocolate ring around their mouth, brush their teeth, and take a q-tip with some alcohol to their yellow, crusted ears. When Tuna puts on her glasses someday and actually sees the grime it’s gonna be like They Live.

No. 896507

"skincare" luna you know you're supposed to remove your makeup first right. right

No. 896511

her bridge piercing looks so stupid. it looks like snail eyes kek

No. 896514

All the piercings look tacky as hell

No. 896516

>>896452 She has never heard of exfoliant, clearly. This is so disgusting. Is that a hunk of her precious glitter still sitting on her cheek? Is it dead skin? The world will never fucking know because she's so dirty. It's not even like she's super ugly, she just neglects herself in the worst way. Perfect angelbby skinny sober queen uwu.
PS: If you are reading this Tuba, steal some eye drops.

No. 896520

Not exfoliating her face with a scrub is like the one good thing she does. She needs to double cleanse or use a makeup remover of some sort to get all that nasty makeup and grime off. Some people still use Pond’s cold cream to remove makeup, that should be cheap cheap cheap enough for her.

No. 896521

File: 1666896359933.jpeg (547.53 KB, 828x1166, F595CCF7-3DD3-4783-A6B3-F8D165…)

No. 896522

She should just get some micellar cleansing water to remove makeup. It's cheap and shouldn't irritate whatever is going on around her mouth

No. 896523

Yeah there is no way she took the lithium as directed. If she did she would be complaining about the side effects, esp if she’s not eating or drinking water regularly. There’s no way she took it and felt nothing. Or she’s so benzoed out she feels nothing, but even at the elephant tranquilizer doses of benzos she takes the lithium would still break through and make you dehydrated as hell and shaky. TUNA: take the meds as directed.

No. 896524

Late, but I wonder if she inspired Tuna's recent hair dye escapades.

No. 896528

File: 1666905881481.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x1696, 1500310495852.jpg)

Luna uses physical exfoliants on her face all the time. It's been a while since any nonnies listed exactly what was in her shoplifting hauls, but they often contain face scrubs. Sage for ancient milk, but pic-rel is a St Ives Apricot Face Scrub she used that triggered the shit out of anons 5 years ago >>411617

She has no idea what she's slathering on her face, whatever she's stolen from the store.

No. 896529

For the record, the glitter from upthread does not have a storefront. It's not stolen. This stupid bitch really spent $44-$96, minimum, on fucking body glitter. It's a small, niche brand, I couldn't find any fakes on the market. This dumb bitch saw "used on the set of Euphoria" and smashed "add to cart" as fast as her fat little fingers could.

>>896521 What is with her obsession with wearing jackets made out of old carpet?

No. 896531

File: 1666909792907.jpeg (5.54 KB, 112x97, 1666896359933.jpeg)

Wtf is going on with her nostril?

No. 896532

Idk I'm looking for an ant so it can tell you but I don't see any around, sorry

No. 896533

It was like 65 degrees in the nyc metro area today why is she dressed like it's cold
Her scalp is probably sweating under that hat

No. 896534

booger sticking out

No. 896536

How new are you? Kek

No. 896537

lmao don't worry nonna, I hired an ant to investigate and it has reported back that the object lodged in Tuna's nostril is also an ant.

No. 896540

Is that a sunburn?

No. 896541

Nah. Filter and/or badly applied blush

No. 896542

LMFAOOOOO thank you

No. 896543

File: 1666924230991.jpg (789 KB, 969x1604, Screenshot_20221027-212837_Sam…)

Is it actually a booger? What the fuck?

No. 896544

It looks like it? I think she just adds a filter without even checking the photo itself.

I know she's retarded but come on Tuna, seriously

No. 896545

The truth is out there

No. 896549

k I know everyone hates these "better than tuna" powerlevels but I have literally had my vertical labret pierced for 11 GD years and it has never even began to collect as much GUNK as hers does, nor made my lip visibly sag? seriously what the fuck??

No. 896550

Yeah I don't understand it either, ime it's an extremely easy piercing to take care of even with minimal care.

No. 896555

at this point I think she’ll just kill herself the moment she takes the first actually-sober look at her life. and this is why she has to always be high. but idk, she’s probably also too narcissistic to go through with it. she doesn’t really hate herself, she just hates people’s shitty perceptions of her, which she crafted herself.

it’s so telling that she thinks simply starving herself will help anything. you’re fucking gargantuan, Luna, but I promise that’s not the problem. you fat lazy fuck

No. 896560

Omg it really is a big flaky boog. She probably didn’t notice because she’s a mouth breather

No. 896561

File: 1666959325012.jpg (322.09 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_ce02b3a85dfd09b30cb5aa1…)

No. 896562

File: 1666959513620.jpg (1019.33 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20221028_051617.jpg)

2 different views of the booger in its natural habitat.

>wHy dO bOyS tHInK i dO c0kE?!

No. 896563

File: 1666959639963.jpg (47.3 KB, 1080x355, Screenshot_20221028_051940.jpg)

I wonder if the cat is hurt or something and that's why she won't post a picture. And maybe why she "took it to the vet"

No. 896564

how the fuck doesnt she see this before she posts it

No. 896565

Sage for catsperg don't read If you don't care.
My tinfoil is the stress of moving and sharing space with a dog is causing pumpkin to cat-self-harm and Luna's too lazy to do anything about it. Cats are weird when they're stressed out, they can overgroom and pull out their own fur, or undergroom and get mangy. Pumpkin was looking rough when they moved, but if it died Luna would have ebegged more. I think the cats alive, but living with Luna and lurch for 3 years made it unphotogenic so Luna doesn't care anymore.

No. 896567

wow does she have a tattoo of a rose? i would never know…. two? wow.

No. 896568

it was a typo nonnie she was trying to say "there are creepy dudes trying to come on to me"

No. 896573

File: 1666974638342.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.59 KB, 177x330, 1666959325012.jpg)

Is it just me or does it not look like she has a bat in the cave in her right nostril in this pic as well? Also, why doesn't she shop more frequently at thrift shops? You can get one fine quality piece of clothing for cheaper than a whole bunch of shitty sweatshop Shien clothing. I just don't understand, but then again perhaps I don't want to.

No. 896575

Thrifting takes effort. Why would she look through racks of clothes at numerous thrift stores only to find a quality garment or two when she could order disposable junk on SheIn from the comfort of her bed?

No. 896576

I think she probably isn’t posting pictures because every time she does farmers hound her in the comments about how the cat’s fur looks greasy so it’s going to die soon or whatever

No. 896580

I bet if she takes it out there's a super long & keloided scar on her lip. Obviously massaging can help break up the scar tissue, but she won't do that & instead she'll just turn into a BPD mess over her "ruined" appearance

No. 896582

thrifting requires her to e-beg for uber money so she can get to the closest thrift store. just leaving the house is too much for her, remember that last airbnb that was in a pretty decent neighborhood, but to her was "the rapey-ist most dangerous" part of town?

No. 896583

Why would you want gritty glitter smeared all over your neck and chest under a fleece coat? So you can pick it out of your bra later when the glitter sweat sludge combo slides down there….? Wretched.

No. 896584

she wont pick it out, it'll stay there for a few months and slowly rub off on the airbnb bedsheets. im convinced her skin is permanently irritated and sore from being dirty all the time so she doesnt notice stuff like that

No. 896585

shes a shopping addict. why buy 1 second hand item of decent quality when she can buy 5 new cheap cheap items from shein for the same price? and then when those cheap cheap items are garbage she can replace them with new cheap items and continue to feed her addiction. and i'm sure if anyone told her that she would pull the poor shaming card and justify her spending by saying something along the lines of "poor people deserve new things too"

No. 896587

Poor people do deserve nice things
Luna doesn't

No. 896591

People deserve nice things but what does nice mean? 45 dollar glitter? Let's line them up outside the overnight shelter to hand it out then.

No. 896592

nice things can be found in a thrift shop, tuna thinks she deserves new things.

No. 896593

You made me laugh for the first time in a whole day, thanks nonna

No. 896594

Im still baffled by what nice things are and why it is a human need. Sage for absolute sperg.

No. 896595

She definitely does have the thing in her nose in this one too. She was outside smoking and then in the bathroom in front of a mirror to take 100 selfies and it just stayed put and she never noticed it or felt it? Its massive. Lmfao what??

No. 896598

You're welcome nona, you deserve all the laughter ♥

No. 896605

it depends on the thrift store unfortunately. not defending that filthy bitch but shein prices are on par with what thrift stores are marking up their shit to rn. at least savers/VV sometimes goodwill too. HOWEVER if she was truly in need she could shop at salvation army who still have relatively cheap prices. that, and the goodwill bulk bins. lots of vintage y2k stuff in there.

but like the previous anon said, that requires effort. and a good amount of it. and tuna thinks she’s far superior to poor people. aesthetic over everything.

No. 896607

People were also not as obese until the last decade or so, so thrift store garments will probably not fit her ah, particular proportions, whereas I assume they make Shein tarps up to sizes for gigafats.

No. 896608

Thrift stores have plenty of larger sizes you weirdo. and the last decade? people started getting bigger in the late 80’s. you know a decade ago was 2012? no excuse for her. plus Shein notoriously runs small so she’s probably outsizing them now.

No. 896609

It's essentially stage makeup. Have friend who works at a strip club and uses it sometimes, she washes that shit off with the rest of her heavy makeup the moment she gets home because it's kind of gross when it isn't under the club lights and clumps onto your clothes and whatever else. Of course tuna slathers it on like body butter for maximum crust

No. 896610


No you’re right - goodwill prices have gone way up, at least in my area. And plus if she buys online, she doesn’t have to go anywhere. She can feed her addiction with a click of a button and then she gets the second thrill when it comes in the mail.

No. 896613

File: 1667043414612.jpeg (156.04 KB, 1212x1322, 16F5502A-8BFF-4EFC-9210-06480D…)

shes talking to peter callan this morning

No. 896615

File: 1667044710758.jpeg (287.83 KB, 828x768, F8A46444-32C5-47DE-9F28-FE468E…)

No, you literally don’t.

No. 896616

File: 1667044801742.jpeg (293.95 KB, 828x1142, 5BDF3C54-A952-49FD-8582-B49F08…)

“Long open black mouth” lmao, and “two” toned is generous.

No. 896618

Didn't the pen pal ex end up being a fag?

No. 896620

does anyone know how long until this AirBnb is up? I feel like she’s been there for a couple of months now but my perception of time may be off

No. 896621

Tuna changes her story about when they're supposed to be out and no one had been able to accurately tell from the booking page, but it doesn't actually matter because the stupid idiots who let her in aren't even having her and Lurch change rooms so she now has squatters rights and they'll have to go through eviction to get her out.

No. 896624

What? Been here since thread 1 and never read that. I mean I wouldn't be surprised that he's bi or something because he did give off tumblr eboy vibes (no doubt what Luna loved about him, besides their shared addiction). I believe he went to jail at some point, but don't remember hearing anything about his sexuality. If he's talking to Tuna again, so I assume he's into women, because no self-respecting gay dude would be caught dead in Tuna's orbit, IRL on online.

No. 896626

Encyclopedia Dramatica claimed he was gay4pay or prison gay or something. I'm sure he is bi at the very least, definitely not homosexual.

No. 896627

File: 1667060463497.jpeg (442.04 KB, 828x2409, C2456C67-C485-4F45-BE92-B46A54…)

No. 896628

I'd love an open relationship saga so much, too bad her ego won't allow her to "share" lurch

No. 896629

she only got that glossier serum a month ago and has almost used the whole bottle? more product doesn't equal better tuna. i had a glossier serum years ago and it lasted me months with almost daily use. it was run of the mill too and any cheap serum is the same quality.

No. 896630

All those bottles look so fuckimg grimey and gross, like she stole 5 year old, half-used products from the weird goodwill section that sells that shit

No. 896632

You know that's what she did

No. 896633

>phone at 5am
So lurch isnt there? Cause that would wake him up

No. 896634

Oh fuck she's getting comfortable. She will never leave now.

No. 896636

Sorry for spoon-feed, but what is this from? I'm assuming the text autogenerated from some app?

No. 896637

File: 1667069688568.jpg (423.12 KB, 1600x1338, SNB11094a.jpg)

CP on first page, bump.

No. 896641

Was gonna say, I could've sworn reading at some point that he fucked around with guys, too. I haven't looked up anything about him in probably a couple years, so my memory is a lil fuzzy, but iirc, ED described him as someone who would whore himself easily for attention & pocket change. Kinda like our dear Tuna, I hope one day they somehow do meet so they can realize how much they alike they are & how unlikable the other one is irl.

No. 896647

I was re-reading a couple of her old threads a few weeks ago and remember a tumblr post by her where she says he left her for a man. Def bi and not gay though

No. 896648

shein takes heavy advantage of shopping addicts. the millions of pieces, the way they have it laid out is almost like a social platform with all the reviews and photos. i don’t have a shopping issue and even i’m tempted to go back when i don’t need anything. if it’s poison to the average person, imagine what it’s doing to her stupid little pea brain. someone needs to take that credit card away.

No. 896650

File: 1667074640107.jpeg (696.97 KB, 1170x1982, D6D990B3-8DEB-4559-A9DB-C3A7B6…)

She’s also talking to his friends apparently. I wonder if she’s lowkey trying to get him to fly her out there and let her stay with him.

No. 896651

File: 1667074783865.png (886.37 KB, 640x902, CBB27570-4B8B-4943-AD80-FCB4F2…)

No. 896652

Luna wouldn't know true love if it drilled a hole in her head. Her "soulmates" are a dirty old junkie who convinced her to drop out of college to pursue a full-time career of being a homeless heroin addict and scammer, and another mentally ill junkie who is one foot in the grave perpetually whom she's never met and will never meet and are both only in love with the idea of someone who could save them. Which is the most juvenile wattpad fanfiction way to think in the world.

No. 896653

its kind of sad to realize lunas never really experienced a real relationship (except maybe tai which was still a high school thing but seemed more genuine at least), just this pseudo relationship online with junkie jailbird peter and the dope dating with lurch. like not like she deserves much better but most girls in their 20s have had real relationships with stability and dates and dinners together and responsibilities. she doesn't have this and never has so far. even shayna manages to go out on dates with the creepy men that pay her for sex. i know drugs take over your life but how can luna only connect relationships with muh super cool good heroin and bad feelings and being lost without someone?

No. 896654

The best thing Luna can do is honestly just run away and live with the junkie. I'm bored of Lurch, plus she's going to cheat on him if she hasn't already. BPD who talks about how excited she is about getting married like 3 days before posting screenshots making it clear she doesn't give a fuck about Lurch and will happily jump ship kek

No. 896659

File: 1667080064987.jpeg (815.64 KB, 828x1184, 3ADC6468-4FFF-426E-AF1D-251129…)

Did… did Pumpkin die…?

No. 896660

I think these were lurch’s old cats - Pepper and Smokey

No. 896661

I've been thinking about this too and if she wasn't such a horrible person I'd -almost- feel bad for her. When is the last time she went to a concert? Restaurant with someone other than her dad/mom? House party? Barbeque? Or even a park or a library? She doesn't do fucking anything. Doesn't go anywhere if it means she has to walk or take the bus. Everyday just wake up, online shop, shoplift, take 100 selfies, BPD fishing for compliments, fistfuls of pills, cartoons, sleep and repeat. Such a shitty existence for an able bodied 20-something.

No. 896663

Oh shit is she about to transfer that bpd 'fp' energy onto this Peter guy instead of Lurch? It really looks like a full-on cluster B obsession is about to blossom.
I'm here for it. Wonder how Lurch is coping.

No. 896664

File: 1667083065976.jpg (302.73 KB, 720x1397, VideoCapture_20221029-153715.j…)

No. 896665

File: 1667083094897.jpg (336.35 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221029-153700.j…)

No. 896666

File: 1667083127980.jpg (124.05 KB, 720x1427, VideoCapture_20221029-153704.j…)

No. 896668

He's busy creeping on other gross junkie sw chicks, I doubt he cares

No. 896670

I'm a filthy disgusting spendaholic junkie but I AM NOT A FURRY YOU GUYS I JUST LIKED THEM.

No. 896675

Ah, makes sense I guess. Didn't know he had an ED page kek. He and Tuna are a match made in lolcow heaven.

The weird crotch is killing me lmao

No. 896678

Tuna wishes she possessed even a fraction of the average furry fandom members' creative ability.

No. 896679

I'm schocked she picked vaporeon over Sylveon

No. 896683

File: 1667096485712.png (14.09 KB, 862x125, 2342.png)

>I've been thinking about this too and if she wasn't such a horrible person I'd -almost- feel bad for her. When is the last time she went to a concert? Restaurant with someone other than her dad/mom? House party? Barbeque? Or even a park or a library?
imo she's less sad than Lillee Jean, but it's still pretty depressing. When I first found out about Luna I did some digging and it's sad how much of a "normal" teenager she was. She had a large social circle of friends and went on a lot of adventures, it all stopped the moment she turned 18 and hooked up with Lurch. If you look through Rlyblonde's old photos, Luna features prominently in them and it's weird seeing her with other people.

However, I don't feel sympathy for her, because she took advantage of all her friends until they stopped talking to her kek. She always mooches off other people, and eventually they all stop supporting her. Rlyblonde was on the side-lines for years but I think she's given up now. She can't mooch off "rich white girl guilt" forever, especially when the "rich people" realise that Luna's spending more money on luxuries than they do. Allison from 6 months ago was literally a repeat of every time Luna gets a friend; Luna guilt-trips them into funding her lifestyle, then gets aggressive and angry when they say they're no longer comfortable with it. She pushes everyone away with her excessive greed.

Even at 14 she was ebegging for her friends to buy her mcdonalds and thrift clothing, pic-rel. My tinfoil is that Luna doesn't actually enjoy thrifting, her friends were gifting her thrifted things because "she never has any clothes".

No. 896687

Hard cope. Luna furry arch slay

No. 896691

sorry nona i know i'm late but this particular comment made me HOWL.

No. 896692

File: 1667117750238.jpeg (289.38 KB, 750x1081, 7E6D9C1A-AF85-4664-975F-E62719…)

actually glad shes starting to organize her hoard of drugstore beauty products

No. 896696

Aww she deleted all her tumblr posts about her catfish, never met irl,sOuLmAte!

No. 896697

File: 1667129716650.jpeg (359.63 KB, 828x1588, 911AC1EC-1091-43B8-B913-3431CC…)

i wouldn't really call her a "normal" teenager when by her own self admission she was taking 10 mg of xanax and smoking weed every day just to get through class.
no she didn't idiot she just posted more stuff on tumblr. anyways she bought more juicy stuff. also yes luna the red is fading please do blonde ASAP.

No. 896700

>fucking commissioned a piece of jewellery
So poor

No. 896701

File: 1667131523041.jpeg (119.75 KB, 828x450, C9D41EF6-5259-4383-BBB8-61F97E…)

Uh okay Tuna.

No. 896702

she did delete one of the peter posts, the one with the texts from him and his friend. wonder if she did get a bit scared about lurch seeing it?

No. 896703

Juicy not going past medium or large? But tuna I thought you were wearing size medium now due to your successful anorexia kek

No. 896704

Anon, you don't get squatters rights at airbnbs or even hotels

No. 896706

File: 1667134585604.jpeg (548.27 KB, 828x1256, 03962E7D-7886-4CB7-850C-AEB0B6…)

she realizes she’s almost 30 and the people around her have actual careers and aren’t funded by their parents which….checks notes….she is, right?!

No. 896707

Is this because she suspects Lurch is cheating on her, or is this her guilty conscience because she’d very much like to cheat on him if someone else would have her?

No. 896709

I thought Lurch was footing the Airbnb bill with his pitbull attack lawsuit money, why would she risk getting kicked out by him?

No. 896710

File: 1667137348644.jpeg (511.91 KB, 828x1146, E92B5395-FC47-4539-9E5C-DAE46B…)

No. 896711

Useless fat hands…

No. 896712

"half of ppl i know" bold of her to pretend she still knows people

No. 896713

When has forethought been a strength of Luna’s? She’s shares a room with her Easter Island head and still drew this >>896651

No. 896714

Not true. I know another junkie who successfully squatted at a NY airbnb for almost a year. Granted this was during the height of Covid but still. The cops refused to do anything about it even though the squatter was a violent racist POS. New York tenant laws are fucking dumb

No. 896715

Rich of her to post this when she lives in fucking WESTCHESTER and almost certainly has her ebil dad banknoting her entire life… I love btw how she refuses to leave Westchester, one of the most expensive areas in NY (if not the country) because wahhh “I grew up here and it’s all I’ve ever known”. You are privileged as fuck Luna

No. 896716

File: 1667144020630.jpeg (332.5 KB, 1031x1920, 674A19AB-6D54-4749-83D6-5C10C9…)

how long has she been wearing this black shirt for

No. 896719

Holy fuck those eyebrows are awful!

No. 896720

Her mitts are way too meaty to get away with midi rings. They just look like regular rings that she couldn't quite fit over her sausage fingers

No. 896722

Nice joker scars there, Luna. Why so serious?

No. 896723

is this where she was living when that homeless guy smashed their window that one time?

No. 896724

Lol. She lives in a nice place with NO FUCKING JOB and buys this shit on the regular >>896697 I see people work 2 jobs and still get evicted without "omg cheap skincare" and no drugs. I read Luna's old threads where her privilege was even worse with ebegging and she made me sick. Even the cowtippers made me laugh and I usually hate their antics. I loved the anon who kept saying she barely had money, but offered Luna 10 bucks and Luna still said she'd take it even though anon claimed to be in a tough situation. Eventually anon said she was going to use that money to get high after Luna desperately hitting her constantly. Old threads were rage inducing but also hilarious.

No. 896725

Yes. There are designated “low income” neighborhoods in Westchester (ie New Rochelle, Mt Vernon, some parts of Port Chester) but they are no where near as bad off as other places outside of NY. Poverty in Westchester is different than poverty in some red state down south.

No. 896726

I am so here for it

No. 896727

File: 1667150492207.jpeg (766.75 KB, 828x872, 132B6E65-1D11-4530-BA21-154E59…)

she also lived in mamoraneck before with rodger. she never lives in a shitty area.

No. 896729

Ot as fuck but that house is gorgeous, I miss new england/north eastern style architecture so much.
Tuna doesn't deserve all the beauty up there. There's so much to do/see

No. 896731


No. 896732

Is Lurch mildly retarded? Luna is literally making art pieces about being in contact with another guy and being open about being in love with him then posting about it where he can see it. I'm dying to know if he's even aware. I've only been on lolcow for 3 years, has Lurch EVER shown any concern over this guy?

No. 896733

Lurch doesn’t care about Tuna, they’re just parasites living off of each other

No. 896734

What dainty anorexic sausage fingers

No. 896736

what in the name of all that is holy and good has our dear tuna done to her eyebrows? i feel like i need a shower looking at all the layers of crust and glitter gathered above her smacked-out peepers.

No. 896738

But you would think in thr very least he would make effort to keep his cash cow, right? If luna actually did fuck off with her "soul mate" it would take him forever to find someone with low enough standards to adopt a 9ft tall sentient Halloween decoration

No. 896741

He knows Tuna is too lazy to leave him

No. 896742


No. 896745

It might not technically fall under squatters rights but yes unless you move rooms every 29 days the courts consider the hotel/airbnb to be acting in a landlord capacity and you get legal protections.

No. 896746

"Last thing I'm buying for a while" press X to doubt

No. 896747

File: 1667171797189.jpeg (1.18 MB, 828x1500, 891747C8-00F3-4DAB-A2E5-6ECEAE…)

so sober

No. 896752

She stretches her neck as if it makes her look less obese. I wish we all had the confidence to think we look hot wearing a paper towel nightgown

No. 896754

either she's picking at her thighs (totally possible) or she's popping again.

No. 896755

circulation: cut

No. 896756


this bitch can't be "sober" posting this for all to see on the internet, let alone doing that look in the first place. she's lost it

No. 896759

those look like scars.

No. 896760

Wow she's like 80 pounds here basically. What a skinny ana queen.

No. 896761

Please, tell me the white stuff on her plug isn’t ear cheese.

No. 896763

That’s definitely that white film that coats gauges that aren’t cleaned properly

No. 896764

Concealer, she smeared it above it and on her eyebrow.

No. 896769

imagine looking like this and having the audacity to imply you are anorexic

No. 896770

On the right side of her face, is that hair or a pillow line?

I can’t imagine that slip has a rando thick part under the boobs. She definitely couldn’t squeeze about a foot of it past her hip explosion so she just bunched it up. Did she even notice?
>goodnight I these
Prolly not.

No. 896771

One anon tinfoiled that. But I checked and there's zero lawsuits on file with Lurch where he sued for a pit bull attack.
Pretty sure Daddy paid

No. 896773

nooo, that was what Luna said but it’s obvious a lie.

No. 896774

I also doubt that money from a lawsuit would be paid so early on, also, how much can one make getting nibbed by a dog? If I remember correctly, it was a Pit Bull? So, it would hardly be any insurance paying, since they are excluded most times.
That airbnb must be more than 1k a month and they live there for months now.

No. 896775

File: 1667234457539.jpg (34.54 KB, 1080x198, Screenshot_20221031_094047.jpg)

Doubt it. He doesn't even like you.

No. 896776

File: 1667234586597.jpg (192.9 KB, 720x1433, VideoCapture_20221031-094229.j…)

Toonafish cut bangs…. filter can't even save the fish.

No. 896778

>i might have them give me
shes so entitled and greedy. guaranteed she didnt pay them shit for cutting her hair or even at least buy them a coffee or something. does she ever like trade her drawings for any of the free shit she takes?

No. 896779

Haha that friend must have been as high as she was those bang's are janky as shit
Of course not she's an entitled spoiled self-centered bitch through and through

No. 896781

Thought tuba said she wanted curtain bangs, those are straight bangs. Which will be greasy and dirty 99% of the time guaranteed, can't wait to see the breakouts shell have from the oil

No. 896782

did tuna ever post pics of lurch's bite? i don't remember if she did. she loves to post gross wounds (besides the ones she doesn't notice in her pics, the "dollar store knife" cut from a few months ago) and if it was a pit it wouldn't be a little nip as opposed to a normal dog. idk i think the pit money story is fake

No. 896783


at least you can't see her horrible eyebrows anymore

No. 896785

She did actually, but cant remember what thread it is

No. 896787

File: 1667242040191.jpeg (100.33 KB, 750x495, A174281D-754B-488C-9BFF-308162…)

Posts about the “pit bull attack” are here >>831109
Picrel kek. Not so much a bite as ripped trousers from getting stuck climbing someone’s fence.

No. 896789

File: 1667242156989.jpeg (110.45 KB, 509x1114, CD782AF5-6C45-46E4-BECC-DD6D5B…)

samefagging to post the outcome of Lurch’s vicious mauling and why it’s doubtful this is what’s funding the Airbnb stay

No. 896790

>luckily he's an athlete

No. 896792

if being a junkie is a sport lurch is babe ruth

No. 896793

File: 1667243185904.jpg (205.1 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20221031-120605.j…)

No. 896794

Is this supposed to be a pitbull bite? lmao

No. 896798

I'd feel depressed too because I wouldn't be able to see a damn thing with those lashes on.

No. 896799

i assume she just cut her bangs without washing her hair??? super fuckin oily

No. 896802

Bathe, eat better and get a job Luna, you'll feel better. Also cut those gahtdamn broom bristle lashes off. She looks like a dirty chola my God.

No. 896803

I had a worse injury when my mother's stupid Shi-zu bit me.

No. 896804

Imagine how stupid it looks in real life. Miss Piggy lashes are never a good sight. The other day was lady on the bus with "bold" lashes and she really looked dumb with them.
It's the same with duck lips, they look stupid irl.

No. 896808

File: 1667249298782.jpg (795.44 KB, 1072x2484, Screenshot_20221031_134818.jpg)

No. 896809

>Your post was removed
LMAO this again. She's going to get herself banned if she keeps doing this shit.

No. 896811

That inside out bra makes her certified retarded.

No. 896812

She looks fresh outta the sewers

No. 896814

File: 1667254572889.jpg (118.5 KB, 720x1406, VideoCapture_20221031-145902.j…)

No. 896815

Gee… WEIRD that the fat slob that has crumbs galore and cat food in her bedroom has a rat problem lmao. Lurch seems the type to catch it and torture it.

No. 896816

The stupid idiots who let her in getting what they deserve lmaoooo

No. 896817

Every single thing she does to her hair makes it worse, she needs to just dye it close to her natural color and leave it alone for a year or two. What's the point of bangs if they're so shitty you have to sweep them off your forehead like they aren't there?

No. 896821

If you're going to wear ugly drag queen lashes that draw attention to your eyes like that why wouldn't you want to do something with your eyebrows too? Why keep them bushy and unkempt? I know plucking and trimming is WAY too much work for tuna, but cmon.

No. 896823

k but like - why is her bra inside out?

No. 896825

nothing about her is “thick” besides her head. but she’s not thin either. she’s a deflated Halloween lawn decoration. btw happy spooky day, nonas!

No. 896827

Where is pumpkin to catch and kill these rats?

No. 896829

She probably doesn't have the energy for it. She doesn't even groom herself anymore

No. 896837

It won't be long until she's whining about how awful this Airbnb is. Her filth is catching up with her.

Hopefully she can 'find' some rodent killer.

No. 896840

Read certified retarded. I mean not really, she's doped out of her mind again and posting gore.. I mean body checks.

No. 896841

Her hoof is showing

No. 896842

Late but anyway … where does this shit come from. You think Lurch wears her Shein shit? Or plays the DS a lot? He's a street dealer, thief and scammer. She brings nothing but takes plenty. And because he's a dealer, even just as a small fry, he'd find a replacement in five seconds flat. She's the one who'd struggle.

No. 896843

hes not a dealer hes a middleman. dealer presumes he actually has drugs of his own to sell. he just cops for other people so he can skim off the bag or get a lil extra dope money. i think if he was so fine without luna he would have just left for cigarettes months ago. he definitely would rather stay in whatever easy place luna finds for him than have to ask someone who cops off him or his side piece if he can stay on their couch a few nights. even a dopehead would want to date someone who can get her dope consistently and for free, not someone like lurch who would let her get sick.

No. 896844

Huh… I wonder what happened to their engagement ring?

No. 896845

Just noticed the absolutely revolting Lurch hoof in the left corner. So they're just sitting there watching this rodent and taking pictures for social media or…???

No. 896846

File: 1667304507146.jpeg (76.06 KB, 828x508, 59BA5348-59E6-4535-B36B-6D48E5…)

i wonder if after the red they told her no more hair dye?

No. 896847

Kek how is this hashtag waifspo I’m dying

No. 896848

Everything about her is thick, just not in the way that she thinks. She's thick but in all the wrong places. Thick waist, thick arms, thick wrists, thick fingers.

No. 896850

>waif: a young person who is thin and looks unhealthy or uncared for.
she is such a tard, the only waif thing about her is that she looks like she bathes in a septic tank

No. 896851

consider finding a real home, tuna

No. 896852

I mean, she could do it, if she was careful.
I wonder why the cat was not after it? When a cat is focussed on prey, you really have to step in to get them half way distracted for a milli-sec to safe the rodent and get it out again.

No. 896853

Generally depressed pets (namely cats and dogs) won't do these things if they're depressed. It's right up there with things like not grooming themselves anymore, something that cat savvy nonnies have pointed out in past pumpkin talk

No. 896857


why is there glitter on the crack of her boob but nowhere else? Are showers that foreign to her? She has no excuse, she's in a beautiful Airbnb and stinking the place up once more. Sadbbyuwu is not a get out of showering free card.

No. 896858

I’m surprised she hasn’t more photos of her “curtain” bangs, she must really hate them kek

No. 896864

File: 1667348178923.jpg (764.9 KB, 1080x4045, Screenshot_20221101-201528_Bra…)

No. 896865

More cheap cheap cheap garbage. That bracelet looks like $4 AliExpress trash and the "free with coupon" used skincare products, I can't anymore. With all the money she spends on Shein clothes and crap like this she could have paid first last and security on a place.

No. 896869

Yass black box die saga!

No. 896870

No matter what this is a fat W. She looks like shit with box dye black hair and then we get double the milk when she fries everything off trying to go platinum. Use 40 vol loreal quick blue, Tuba. Use plastic wrap to keep it warm and damp for the full 45- no… 60 minutes. It will remove the black hair from your head. Guaranteed.

No. 896871

this imbecile is going to box dye her hair black and will go bald if she tries to go blonde from there. she's been bitching and moaning about going blonde again for about a year and just keeps tossing chemicals into her hair.
idk how one person spends all their money on skincare and still manages to have the grossest dirtiest looking skin ever. that's her true talent

No. 896873

I'm actually living for the black box dye saga. She looks washed out with black hair and she'll never be blonde again if she goes through with it

No. 896874

File: 1667357277394.jpg (157.86 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20221101-224714_Bra…)

She's getting more crap

No. 896877

>this is the last thing I'm buying for a while
>poshmark purchase

No. 896884

Uh no, you absolutely shouldn’t destroy the air BnB’s bathroom with dark hair dye. Honestly she has no respect for other peoples property. She knows it’s wrong but is still looking for someone to encourage her to do it. Maybe if she stopped wasting money on tacky items she finds online, she could save up and get her hair done professionally.

No. 896887

Shr absolutely should. I want another eviction saga.

No. 896888


This organizer is also cheap plastic Luna. The plastic that is completely overwhelming the earth. She needs so much therapy at this point to even begin to function normally. She’s not gonna get ahead financially when she’s wasting money on bullshit, clothes, and skin care literally every day.

No. 896889

She doesn't need therapy, she needs a swift kick in the ass and cut off from her dads purse. Therapy isn't a fix it. It's a tool to teach you healthy coping mechanisms. She doesn't want that. She wants to be high from opioids and to be bankrolled for it. When her paperwork catches up with her, the new therapist angel bby cuts her off and they are immediately demoted to evil and uncaring. She then moves on. Active addicts should never be trusted, especially when they are lying about being sober from their "favorite drug".

No. 896890

Lol what friend luna

No. 896891

>cant do it at the airbnb
>already did it at the airbnb
????? i just quickly scrolled back through the last thread but didnt see anything about it, she didnt move in between, did she? did she get in trouble for getting dye everywhere last time?

No. 896892

>did she get in trouble for getting dye everywhere last time?

I think this is exactly what happened. She's still in the same airbnb where she left red dye stains all over the bathroom.

No. 896907

Damn straight, nonny. Tuna doesn’t deserve therapy because it still puts her in the driver’s seat. She could choose to fire the therapist that doesn’t indulge her. Being cut off takes away her power, if there was no one left to manipulate or cajole or whine to.

No. 896911

Exactly. This is why she will dye her hair. She thinks she deserves everything because wahhhhhh mom and dad were addicts.

No. 896913

File: 1667414894587.jpeg (600.63 KB, 828x3706, 7D45E0BD-C989-43F5-9F3E-911CA4…)

No. 896914

I think it was last year that she was talking about how hard it was to grow out her bangs like she was working a full time job. Jfc tuna just leave your party city hair alone for 5 minutes

No. 896916

Is she ever not thinking about herself and how she looks 24/7. Get a job Tuna

No. 896917

crying sobbing about her hair while posting 3 bedroom eyed selfies with it. She's so funny. The bangs don't even look bad, like imo she looks better without, but they're not disastrous or anything. It was her signature hairstyle for a long time.

No. 896920

She actually does look better with those bangs, they cover her ugly unkempt eyebrows. Not sure why she’s crying about it

No. 896921

I can't believe I'm bothering with this but: THE BANGS LOOK FUCKING FINE, TUNA

FOR FUCKS SAKE YOU ARE THE MOST STUPIDEST GIRL ON THIS WHOLE WEBSITE I just fucking cannot with her day in and day out.

No. 896922

i was thinking the same anon, they cover her weird receding hairline too and make her look slightly less retarded

No. 896923

they actually cover a multitude of sins and dare i say makes her look younger than any of those five finger discounts have. now her hair is covering her face at least her filthy ears are now covered.

No. 896924

The problem with Tuna and bangs is that the bangs need to be clean or they look wonky. She'll never get them to sit straight on her forehead because of all the grease. But if she showered, I think they would actually look fine.

No. 896925

Oh my. Now it looks even more like a greasy, cheap clown wig

No. 896926

I'd hope this means she'll put more effort into washing her hair so her bangs don't look nasty but really I doubt it

No. 896928

File: 1667426724086.jpg (224.95 KB, 714x1425, VideoCapture_20221102-150500.j…)

No. 896929

File: 1667426818456.jpg (1.06 MB, 1025x2952, Screenshot_20221102_150646.jpg)

No. 896931

Can’t really tell if she ended up getting the free bangs cut by someone else like she mentioned, or if she wanted the instant gratification per usual and just did it herself. They’re not cut properly regardless, if curtain bangs were the goal here.

And of course, she wanted the bang style that requires the most styling/effort for them to look how they should lol. Least amount of effort would require pinning them in place to air dry, but she’s too retarded to do even that, plus it would also require regular bathing.

She should seriously apply for gov’t retard bucks at this point, I think she’d easily qualify.

No. 896932

File: 1667427440198.jpeg (785.01 KB, 1284x1373, B857187F-9BD6-4938-8FC5-18C2D8…)

fuck what the hell is going on around her mouth

No. 896933

Her setting up the self timer on her phone camera to take pictures of herself while at a clinic is so embarrassing, but hilarious. She claims to have low self esteem but has enough confidence to do shit like this in public lmao total lunacy. Her bitching about the bangs is just the usual compliment baiting, entirely performative and insincere as always.

No. 896934

i feel like she has some hand foot and mouth disease or impetigo on her face. you can get it around your mouth, and it looks like flaky dry skin or weird acne.

No. 896936

File: 1667431122523.jpg (47.59 KB, 564x752, 52624895e1458b96300f39bc9fa3b7…)

she has such a talent for taking and posting the most unflattering photos ever. the hair looks insane but it's nothing compared to her big moon face that looks almost exactly like Lurch's now, the beady little eyes looking off (one looking at Lurch and the other looking at old texts from Peter, perhaps?)the big blob body surrounding her face

No. 896937

Good lord her eye is melting off her face

No. 896939

the way she sleeps with makeup on makes my skin crawl.

No. 896940

Medfag but she certainly has long time untreated perioral dermatitis. It is exacerbated by her over use of products on the area in the I'm sure her false thought that the skin is dry and needs moisture.

No. 896941

File: 1667433675420.jpg (17.56 KB, 500x375, DtGrucOWwAEd57w.jpg)

It's all I see now

No. 896942

This idiot documented the fact that she brought vermin into the AirBnB? This is grounds for eviction.

No. 896943

File: 1667433923166.jpg (166.89 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20221102-170422.j…)

No. 896944

File: 1667434129222.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.32 KB, 716x1410, VideoCapture_20221102-170811.j…)

Unmirrored selfie are a new horror.

No. 896945

Rip 2 month sobriety chip. Not gonna sperg but she's clearly high on opiates and this is the exact expression she has in early threads.

No. 896950

That woman is higher than an SR-71.

No. 896951

one eye posing for an uwu selfie, the other watching king of the hill

No. 896952

i fucking cackled

No. 896953

Oh thank god, a messy desk was one of her biggest problems. And a cheap cheap cheap desk organiser is just hell on earth.

No. 896954

whys her whole tit out kek tuney is high as fuck tonight

No. 896955

File: 1667440008864.jpeg (161.28 KB, 788x628, 5BFB87D7-AD5A-4E14-9898-6D5EF6…)

No. 896956

I was gonna say, is she tweaking her nipple in that picture? >>896943 wtf is she doing?

No. 896958

Do they just cancel the whole thing if there's not enough people or something?
And maybe try manifesting a job and fill out a dunkin app instead of making a mood board full of blonde hair.

No. 896959

File: 1667441188689.jpeg (61.51 KB, 828x445, D4078865-1DDC-44D7-A3A9-57F291…)

>nodding out holding hands like otters

No. 896961

She's in love with lurch again? Definitely high, she always thinks she's "soOoO full of luv" when she's high off her ass

No. 896964

Definitely. Tomorrow she will go on about how she still loves the other guy and how she regrets not going through with it. Snore.

No. 896966

Holy kek nonas, thats her ARM!

No. 896969

File: 1667447114616.jpeg (759.5 KB, 1170x1359, 9863F5D0-C79D-4715-9E0C-426F18…)


I’m sober, I promise

No. 896974

manifesting tubbo staying a lard ass and losing all her teeth.

No. 896978

File: 1667453456916.jpg (240.79 KB, 720x1226, Fool.jpg)

She spent $32 + $10 shipping on this tarot deck set when we could've told her this for free…

No. 896983

File: 1667459237114.jpg (277.23 KB, 1080x2400, 1664721898430.jpg)

Friendly reminder that this is what she is thirsting for kek

No. 896985

tbf he's way more attractive than lurch ever was or could ever be. honestly this guy is a 10/10 compared to him

No. 896988

KEK gotta love even how the unknown forces fuck with her

No. 896989

Way better looking than Lurch anyway, and more close in age to her, iirc he's a 92 baby

No. 896990

but but but anon!! If it isn't her drug of her choice and just another different opiate it means ~she's sober uwuw

Good lord she's so haggard… Off topic but I have an ex friend a bitch who talked behind my back and hangout with me because I paid shit for her who know is getting more and more obese, lost a few teeth due to her poor diet and now is getting bald spots due to pulling all her hair and eyelashes, I can see this being a path for tuna, the fact that she never lost a visible tooth for me is quite surprising. And she already plucks her eyebrows anyway(no1curr)

No. 896993

File: 1667476590106.jpg (166.15 KB, 1080x1157, fatphobia.jpg)

From her tumblr

No. 896997

But Luna, I thought being mentally ill excuses you from everything and absolves you of all responsibility…?

No. 896999

the fuck, somebody just dyed a Rider-Waite deck pink and is selling it to suckers? kek

No. 897003

translation: I quit group after the first or second time. Now I need to create a story that makes it look like I Tried So Hard(tm) before I quit.

No. 897006

Tuna, the skellies chase you away from the bone throne because they know you're full of shit. Occasionally skipping a day of eating sugary garbage because you're a poorfag does not make you anorexic. If you can still squeeze yourself into an extra large or large, you fucking heifer, you're a fatass. Walking to places could help you lose weight.

No. 897014

It’s disgusting of the wannarexic fatties to invade ED spaces and tell the people with actual eating disorders that their fear of weight gain or aversion to fatness is “fatphobic.” Can’t wait for Tuna to hit 300 pounds!

No. 897018

If her bangs are her natural color, then wow. It’s a flattering color on her. It’s hilarious that she has worked so hard covering it up to the point of melting it off her skull for all these years. Her face is devoid of any spark of intelligence or interest and the flat box dye jobs just add to the effect.

No. 897020

File: 1667499569986.jpg (276.89 KB, 718x1006, Screenshot_20221103-181639_Chr…)

A real skeleton has come across lunas tumblr

No. 897021

That's brutal kek

No. 897022

kekkkk not tunas dainty lil hands!

No. 897023

File: 1667500073221.jpeg (Spoiler Image,635.64 KB, 828x1442, E833181A-1A50-4D50-8234-DCBE11…)

No. 897025

File: 1667500129263.jpeg (173.04 KB, 828x981, CC05D769-C732-4D8A-B322-A9D7E4…)

No. 897026

brutal but this tumblr is so extreme that i think it’s just a troll. the remark would have a lot more weight (excuse the pun) to it if luna was reblogged to some uwu waif thinspo angelic bbygirl page because then she’d be insulted by what she actually wants to be

No. 897027

Is that her TIT flopping out of the shirt ?!

No. 897028

Nah that's her massive arm (armpit area)

No. 897030

"I feel so ugly." "I feel less ugly." Bitch, pick one. I s2g what is it with BPD bitches and hair meltdowns. Who posts this kind of compliment-baiting BS once their prefrontal cortex is done maturing?

I noticed that, too. You can find some genuinely nice tarot cards on Amazon, but honestly, saving up for a handmade set is worth it. I can't get over her life rn. You've got $40 garbage-tier tarot cards, $40-$90 worth of high-end glitter she keeps rubbing on her tits even though it's only meant for facial application, she's fucking up the AirBnB bathroom with dye, she's fucking it up with vermin, just…jfc. I'd kill to know more about exactly what kind of agreement she has with the homeowner. Also wonder what homeowner wouldn't kick her out after meeting her…

>>896966 >>897027 >>897028
Came here to say this. Homegirl is posed like she's the star of Picasso's Guernica and once once you see it, it's hilarious.

No. 897031

If this is a cowtipper, you need to fuck right off. She's already been scared off IG, don't scare her off of tumblr too.

No. 897032

not the cowtipper or nta, but how is she going to be scared off anyway? Doesn't she lurk here + lurch? Like they'd see this here anyway, jw

No. 897034

its been a day and i still dont understand. is she turning her head to the side? its like an optical illusion since her arm is so big it looks like her chest

No. 897035

their tumblr is pretty new & there are lots of posts reblogging tuna rudely (and one mentioning the other farms), i'm gonna guess you're right. wonder if fakeboi will seize her chance to defend her idol's honor

No. 897036

"Scared off" as in, stop posting on Tumblr or posting way less, like how she barely posts anything on Instagram anymore after cowtippers kept trolling too much. Eventually she realized most of her followers were farmers commenting to get info/insult her. The same thing happened on Reddit. As for lurking, it's not proven, but it seems pretty likely she's been lurking these days. She never used to lurk anywhere, but I think the increasing trolling made it difficult for her to just ignore these threads.

No. 897037

i mean to be fair the "ed spaces" on tumblr are full of teen girls and larpers. its not like its some safe space for people with eds, its something fatasses, larpers, and actual sick girls alike use to trigger themselves and hurt themselves and those other people. its honestly really fucked up, so it's nice to see that those tags are actually full of fatasses "invading" instead of actual sick girls. its not like its something used for harm reduction or recovery, these spaces are used to get sicker. also you sound like you need to eat something hun.

No. 897038

yep they’re radfem too & are using the term “stinkditch” as well as reblogging abunch of twansphobic posts. def a farmer, some of you get too obsessed with tuna, let her ruin her own life ffs like you do not need to try and trigger her she does that by herself every single day

No. 897039

right that's what I mean though, if she's lurking here like at all, she'd see all this and be scared off regardless of cowtipping or not right?

No. 897041

honestly doesn't seem like a troll, more like a retarded air starved skelly who found the farms and got into the mtf threads to me. she probably doesn't know the rules, cowtipping, etc. i think her comments are unironic and not a troll, just something an anachan whos delusional and sees everyone else as npcs would say. actual anorexic people dont function like normal people so i could see one doing that and not caring about lunas reaction.

No. 897042

i genuinely dont think she does look here. she knows she has a thread obviously but i dont think she reads what is actually said about her because she's way too sensitive and knows it would easily trigger her.
or at least this is what i want to believe. i know tunas not in her right mind but i think even she would be embarrassed about things like the booger selfies and delete them if she saw anons pointing it out

No. 897045

Holy shit kek this has to be a farmer trolling. There's no way a random tumblrtard is this autistic

No. 897047

I’m on the fence with this, we know she knows the threads exist, she even acknowledged it in response to fakeboi further up itt, and some of her snap/tumblr posts seem to be in reply to us (though that might just be tinfoil) but you’re right about her being too sensitive for what gets posted to not be triggered into oblivion by it. I dunno.

No. 897048

I don't think it's a farmer, this poster rebloged other fatties pics with snarky comments. Maybe she found Tuna on the fatana tag and followed her and is using her as fatspo? Just because she hates trannies, doesnt mean she's a farmer kek

No. 897050

Ok but going by the literal definition of fatphobia isn't the definition of an eating disorder fatphobia >>896993

No. 897054

Ayrt i didn't check her account or realise she's a troop hater, I just thought it was too good to be true having a rando show up calling her fatty

No. 897055

it’s obvious she “relapsed” (for the millionth time) from her selfies last night. can only assume she’s sleeping all day, following another BPD breakdown, thanks to the troll/cowtipper

No. 897056

they posted something about twitter being worse than kiwifarms, so they're at least farm-aware

No. 897058

Kek, late but I was one of the confused nonas. Thank you for the help! I'm laughing so hard that it got so many of us confused. Gotta keep contorting that body in unnatural ways Toonie, otherwise we might forget about those tattoos!

No. 897059

File: 1667512446007.jpeg (174.38 KB, 1170x1040, 83F1FE7F-12E9-4C1A-AC06-2C8BFC…)

I stalked the anachans tumblr and it looks like there are a lot of insults to other randoms as well, not just our dainty queen. but this one makes me think they’re a farmer

No. 897061

She's right

No. 897062

File: 1667516482289.png (572.18 KB, 654x822, ronaldmcdonaldinajuicysweatsui…)

No. 897063

Kek. She looks pregnant.

No. 897064

She definitely looks like she’s gained even more, and for once she’s being honest because she definitely WILL wear that all winter, and without washing it.

Is it just me or did she try to “fix” her already broken bangs and made them look even more haggard? They seem way thicker and even more uneven than before.

No. 897066

NTA but is it just me or are those pajamas? It could absolutely be a sweatsuit but it looks more like pajamas, the kind that they carried/maybe still do carry at Kohl's when they bought the Juicy label and made everything more affordable with shoddier materials.

No. 897067

File: 1667517842493.jpeg (565.19 KB, 1170x2118, 4E979381-A63B-4068-AD46-91AD6F…)

Samefag, sorry— but Nonna that guessed Tuna’s guard dog would come to her defense was right kek

No. 897068

Tuna with bangs reminds me of Tuna from a few threads/years ago… She didn't change at all. Sad.

No. 897069

kek im glad fakebois getting some treatment. hope the therapist and psych pick up on her pedophile tendencies and put her on some heavier medications and stop giving her addys to write her creepy fanfic on.

No. 897070

samefagging but that part about leaning forward and throwing up is directly from lucindas thread. unless this is something like extremely common with bulimics correct me if im wrong but if she liked soren i definitely see her following lucindas threads too. fakeboi is such a creep.

No. 897071

tbh I would love nothing more than if this troll made luna double down on “proving” her larp. this “my totally real sobriety is making me trade one vice for another starve starve starve all i ate today was turkey and swiss on a bread roll and some snacks!!!!” arc is making me wonder how she’s never lurked the pro ana scumbags thread? or if she has? I can imagine her making friends with all the deathfats that insist on their need for an ng tube. given the opportunity I just know tuna would 200% secure an ng with super kawaii sanrio tape, name the tube something like “Aphrodite”, & take no less than a thousand selfies with it in.

No. 897072

This has been said over and over but where the fuck does she get this money? I make 70k a year and buy less shit for myself

No. 897073

She looks like she's actively trying to recreate her old look with the bangs and eyeliner.

No. 897074

File: 1667519071547.jpeg (117.05 KB, 828x443, 49D04542-3023-491A-9D66-223BC1…)

shes grifting another tattoo
she has no bills and her dad and strangers bankroll everything she doesn't steal

No. 897075

Pray that you get a job instead. And having to wait three days to get into a tattoo shop doesn't mean they're good. Try bragging about something else. The best places are booked months in advance lmao

No. 897078

File: 1667523306527.jpg (54.79 KB, 1080x530, Screenshot_20221103-173949_Tum…)

The only thing that makes me think this is a farmer is that the post is from the 25th. Weird that someone would be checking the notes on it now. But like others have said, ana communities especially are fucking brutal and what she's saying isn't that abnormal for en. Similarly though, this confirms that fakeboi actively stalks Tuna's thread, which is just creepy. Imagine that in any other context.

No. 897080

File: 1667524429879.jpeg (368.66 KB, 828x1305, 47474E9D-E7AF-42B8-AD0F-AF3BFF…)

Fake it till u make it tuna

No. 897081

>this is the last thing I'm going to buy
3 days and 30 purchases later…

No. 897082

The model is already shaped like this without it lol. The advertising on this shit is garbage. Tuna's fat is going to be spilling out like crazy and will make her feel worse if she notices.

No. 897083

How does she afford fashion nova

No. 897084

her dad buys it- i mean her friend's mom- i mean an internet friend- i mean

No. 897085

File: 1667526388438.jpg (296.04 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20221103-195238_Sam…)

Her ham hock is looking pretty meaty these days. And we know she will QUITE LITERALLY live in that outit all winter because she's a slob who changes clothes 4x a year.

No. 897086

>having to check yourself into treatment
Imagine being priviledged enough to do this, love it when tuna and her pet retard tell on themselves.
Any bets on how long it'll take her to ruin it?

No. 897087

File: 1667527363453.jpg (61.59 KB, 1080x429, Screenshot_20221103_190225.jpg)

No. 897091

Is he also a junkie?

No. 897093

I think you might be right? They definitely look thicker, & like there's more bright red in them now? She should've just focused on trimming those dead ends instead

No. 897094

She more than likely didn't even wash it before wearing it. She is wearing unwashed used clothing bought online.

No. 897095

Another on her hand no less?? Tuna, having all your tattoos located on your extremities aka Job Stoppers aka The Warped Tour Tan™, makes you look like an even bigger dumbass than you already do. Should definitely get another black & white rose.

No. 897096

I don't want to spoonfeed you but yeah he's so junkie he went to prision and was homeless. He's the ex who had an encyclopedia dramatica articule

No. 897097

Maybe, fakeboi, your health is damage because you abused drugs. Not because you decided to skip breakfast or not finish your cake. Just a though tho!

No. 897099

Oh honey…. that red will never fade enough to make yourself blonde again. Just go get the black box dye for heavens sake smh

No. 897100

not the anon, but she discussed in now deleted posts Peter struggles with meth addiction, which is something in her words “an addiction nor drug/withdrawals she can never fathom” uwu
I don’t recall her talking about heroin involving Peter.

excuse me I’m tipsy, but that’s what I remember from her posts since deleted—
sage for obvious reasons

No. 897101

Sage for ot but the anons giving hair advice in this thread are worse than the meth-chans. Go to a salon nonnies. Luna is a grown ass woman, not a poorfag teenager. If she can afford all the bullshit she buys including tattoos, she can afford a salon trip. It'll be infinitely better than doing it herself, if I read the word olaplex again on lolcow I think I'll scream kek. Maybe some anons ITT don't look dumb with DIY-cut, DIY-dyed hair, but Luna is literally retarded and even after 10 years of experimentation can't do it.
She can't even apply makeup, idk why so many anons think she's capable of applying box dye to her rats nest. She doesn't even have a friend to help her.

No. 897103

This is fucking hilarious. Fakeboi definitely needs to be sectioned but for her non-existent eating disorder, it’s because she’s a fucking psychopath

No. 897104

Tuna should use toilet bleach to become a hot uwu blonde again, salon hair bleach is a (((scam)))

No. 897105

I hate to ruin the joke but all the "advice" in this thread would fry her scalp. 40 vol developer melts even healthy hair.

No. 897108

kek nonita I was just about to say “pretty sure the hair “advice” is a joke given that it’s everyone telling her to do something that would result in her going bald”

No. 897110

Idk I'm just saying it's a hassle to try and get an appointment at a salon and then to actually get an Uber to go!? Nah, not worth it. She'll be fine with Color Oops, bleach, hot water to rinse the red pigment out and then a green-tint wella toner left on for as long as possible.

No. 897116

Exactly. See, nonna? >>897101 We only have her best interests at heart.

No. 897117

Luna has since deleted this and it seems 2-th3-b0ne deleted/got termed. Sad

No. 897119

>Not everybody's body responds to restriction by dropping weight

Very true. That's why there were a lot of overweight people in Auschwitz, and why so many starving African children are obese.

No. 897121

File: 1667564080645.jpeg (86.21 KB, 828x436, BD420F3F-6EF1-446E-B3E3-7ACBB4…)

No. 897122

Tunas spent most of her teenage and adult years on tumblr, it’s shocking that she doesn’t get ‘meanspo’ more considering she posts her bloated whale body on ana tags

No. 897123

The funniest aspect of fats being "part" of the ana community is that they are everyone's fatspo and even if other anachans are nice, it's just because they recognize it's always good to have live fatspo around as motivation. No one actually believes the fats are ana, but they'll go along with the facade because of how useful the fat "anachans" are.

No. 897124

Mostly recovered ana here and this is SO true. This is exactly why any of them would be ‘nice’ to heifers like Tuna or fakeboi. It’s basically the same thing as keeping irl friends who are much bigger than you. The ego boost + the fatspo. I would feel bad but…it’s Luna so no LMao

No. 897127

>believing fakeboi's very convenient story
Oh, anon …
Why do you hate fun?

No. 897133

This is why I wish more people would just ignore fakeboi, anybody who's ever interacted with a compulsive liar can tell that she's an obvious compulsive liar from a mile away. Waste of time engaging with her attention seeking because 90% of it isn't real.

No. 897134

Could be a farmer, but I also think that it could be someone who was just looking through the notes of this post >>896993 and trolling people.

No. 897137

what does she expect? why does she TAG her body in ANA and expect everyone to give her asspats and tell her how uwu frail & beautiful she is? for a girl that’s been on the internet her whole life, she doesn’t learn, but that’s not surprising.

No. 897141

this is my favorite response kek

No. 897144

My favorite part of this, is that it's just both her and tuna not wanting to admit they're fat with extra steps.
>I didn't trade one ED (overeating) for another!!
>I-I'm fat because rebound weight, stupid!1
>Binging on food like a pig? N-no I purge after because I'm totes a bulimic!1!
>the entire "you can be fat and still be an anorexic" cope despite neither fakeboi or tuna autistically cal counting or revealing what they eat in a day other than "tee hee no diet soda in the morning for mee"

No. 897145

File: 1667586936256.jpeg (724.8 KB, 2575x1392, 43540F48-8CE4-4B95-BA59-8A33C3…)

new tuna poem dropped. more ginger bronson tier cringe.

No. 897146

maybe u can be fat and be anorexic but these two are fucking hambeast

No. 897147

Late but it’s pretty common with bulimics. Purging or frequent vomiting fucks with your upper esophageal sphincter which leads to thinks like reflux and rumination.
Rotten Bitch is so disingenuous. She acknowledged in her own thread that her antipsychotic causes weight gain and metabolic issues. IIRC she’s on one of the absolute worst antipsychotics in terms of weight gain and metabolic side effects. Even if she really did have a severe ED (and I doubt she did) that caused metabolism issues that shit fixes itself some time into recovery.

No. 897149

File: 1667589262633.jpeg (50.47 KB, 828x306, C9B7D7ED-5EE7-4C9D-BE30-DAED49…)

hmm maybe I (>>897042 ) stand corrected. she posted this this morning

No. 897156

File: 1667592109027.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, f78.png)

>there’s a big cereal bowl like the bowl ice cube uses in friday

No. 897157

This bitch is trying to manifest an apartment…. my fucking sides have left the atmosphere

No. 897158

Giant bowl of fruit loops and tea with spoonfuls of sugar, a diet fit for our ana queen

No. 897161

She's a compulsive liar and will say anything not to take responsibility for her own actions. Take everything she says with a grain of salt, is obvious she looks at other people's traumas and medication any lies about it to add to her fake trauma narrative.

No. 897162

I really doubt she lurks. I'm more inclined to think that Matthew does (he made some weird rambly insta comments about it last year) and gives her the gist or tells her some of the particularly egregious/stupid tinfoil that gets posted here

No. 897163

she thinks manifesting an apartment just equals making pinterest boards and buying shit for an apartment she doesn't have (or a stable and long term living facility, period). what she SHOULD be manifesting is a level state of mind, a JOB, and A HEALTHY DIET. she ratted on herself talking about big bowls of froot loops and ""Spoonfuls"" of sugar in tea. the anorexia bullshit is so funny because her body clearly reflects the reality of her diet

No. 897164

ur probably right. it was just very coincidental timing

No. 897165

She does lurk here, she feeds on any attention, good or bad.

No. 897166

This is exactly what I've always thought. She likes feeling like an "infamous celeb". There have been WAY too many "coincidences" of something mentioned here, and then her posting an "answer" on one of her social media's. It happens often.

No. 897170

what happened to her only bouts of sexual assault being an older couple and that crackhead? now she supposedly lost her virginity to a 14 yr old rapist?

No. 897171

Untreated PD would surely look way worse than that? Especially with the amount of random skincare and makeup she uses, I would expect if she had PD it would look awful by now. IME you have to be extremely careful to even have a chance of slowing the progression, like using literally no products, even a basic moisturizer.

No. 897201

File: 1667657863816.jpeg (341.12 KB, 828x1030, AC97BADD-9639-4A1B-A6F4-13FF00…)


No. 897202

Nah, she probably forgot to change it when cretaing her profile. Let's not tinfoil about this. We KNOW she'll never leave Lurch.

No. 897203

This is old news, look the old threads, she has talked about her terrible virginity loss experience before, but this is the first time she brands it as rape. Other times she had just said it was terrible

No. 897204

Agreed, however I think this will settle if she lurks because she’ll change it as soon as she realizes it’s not showcasing the fiancé emancipated moai

No. 897208

Unless saying "single" is better for her "sw" business and that's what reddit told her to do

No. 897210

File: 1667667724737.jpeg