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No. 902161

Due to character limit issues, summaries, recaps and links will be posted in the thread itself




Previous Thread: >>897638
Image Credit: >>901999

No. 902162

The Basics:

>Luna is a 26 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”

>Claims to have overdosed 5+ times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

No. 902163

Historical Milk:

>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. The gruesome twosome was soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove Luna’s mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

No. 902164

Sex Worker Saga:

>Embarked on a “sex work” career, taking filthy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more like an actual corpse in every photo, also sells pre-made videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829

>One anon leaks a “commission” video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Her dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off, one of her lowest points to date >>758647
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her sex work twitter account >>761016
>Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775 , >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “Lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” videos that they bought but didn’t leak at the time >>811491 , >>811554

No. 902165

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:


>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets disconnected and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as her “landlord” despite admitting on Facebook that they’re not there legally >>813209 , >>813354
>The apartment door lock breaks, Luna and Lurch build sad little barricades (the most notable being the busted pink gaming chair, RIP, gone too soon) >>816475 , >>815981
>The cops pay them a visit and find drugs, drug paraphernalia and a knife >>813338
>Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 , >>822424 , >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the regular, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718 , >>822657 , >>823499 , >>823823 , >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober despite still taking fucking Xanax >>824858 , >>825465 , >>827008 , >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses and is allegedly “dying” >>825466 , >>825993 , >>826190
>Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimulus checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by their neighbour’s pitbulls (totally not while stealing or anything) >>831109

No. 902166

Assault Saga:

>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building, anons bicker over whether she’s telling the truth or not >>840784 , >>840941

>Reports the rape to the police who take the allegation seriously >>841832
>Police then pivot to not entirely believing her rape story, suspect her of submitting a falsified statement >>843957
>Luna gets admitted to the psych ward, calls it the “worst day of her life” but doesn’t explain why, still manages to post unsettling selfies featuring EKG stickers >>846413 , >>846458
>One theory is that she lost her shit when she took all of her Klonopin and the doctor wouldn’t give her more >>847120

No. 902167

Recent Milk:

>Tuna is apparently still pining for the ex she never actually met in real life, gives us an artistic rendition of what could have been >>897708

>Goes back on Cymbalta, cites it an an erstwhile reason for her lack of energy because it’s easier to blame meds than to admit to being a lazy slob >>897726
>Still staring down the barrel of homelessness yet somehow finding money to spend on useless tacky shit from Aliexpress sold at a massive markup on Etsy >>897748
>Trading heroin for prescription pills doesn’t make you sober, Tuba >>897776
>Lurch somehow ends up commenting on one nonita’s Instagram post about her dead hamster even though they don’t follow each other, god he must be bored >>897808
>For the love of god Tuna, please use ebil dad’s money/insurance to see a dentist >>897932
>Fishing for sympathy on tumblr, probably because Lurch called her a fatty boombalatty again >>897965
>Announces she’s going to try not to post, place your bets on how long that will last >>898007
>When an animal that licks its own ass and digs in its own shit runs away after catching a whiff of your breath, you definitely need to see a dentist >>898110
>Gearing up for another relapse >>898203
>Speculation that Tuba bought her own “engagement” ring for herself from Shein for $2.50 >>898489
>Luna is so high and/or vision impaired that she doesn’t realise her make up looks like a composite of two different people >>898650
>Tuna’s disgusting unwashed nest of overprocessed hair seems well on its way to becoming a beaver tail >>898865
>Even without the makeup filter Lurch somehow manages to look more feminine than Tuba >>898889
>The gruesome twosome both looking fatter than ever >>898923
>Evictionmas is upon us! >>899002
>Too exhausted to “do lashes”, life is just so hard >>899060
>First pic at the new place, how the fuck did this 300lb waddling giantess get diagnosed with anorexia >>899238
>Seems to have stolen the Ugg blanket from the previous Airbnb, is almost certainly not the only she nicked >>899582
>More plastic Aliexpress bracelets, ebil dad’s credit card is getting quite the workout >>899780
>Pokémon is her new hobby >>899801
>In a world first event, Lurch gives Tuba flowers, probably stolen from a grave or someone’s front yard >>900029
>Heroin romanticisation on Reddit >>900358
>Our anorexic queen gives us some insight into how she maintains her uwu tiny and frail physique >>900959
>I hate to break it to you Tuba, but if this conversation did actually happen, he is straight up lying to you >>901156
>Yeah, he’s definitely lying to you >>901162
>A place to call one’s own (that is shared with 20+ other degenerates and paid for by ebil dad) >>901427
>Tough talk from the sentient Halloween decoration >>901431
>Eating on the bed AND letting a dirty animal puts its mouth near the food, absolutely disgusting (ergo very on-brand for Tuna) >>901541
>Already complaining about the size of the new place, beggars can’t be choosers Tuba jfc >>901561
>Funny how there’s never any hot water regardless of where you’re staying, gotta keep up the ebegging grift somehow I guess >>901738
>A wild Tuba spotting, and her rape story keeps evolving >>901786
>Plushies (and probably the drugs too) courtesy of toxic mum >>902025

No. 902168

No. 902170

shit thread. your mini modding sucks and you should be ashamed.

No. 902171

Make the thread yourself next time asshole.

You mad no one likes your blog posts or something?

No. 902172

Ignore the retard, nona.

No. 902179

File: 1673247718390.jpeg (2.46 MB, 1284x2191, 745C5AA6-262C-4A4C-8F65-C2E527…)

Nice decaying corpse coloured skin on this one Tuna

No. 902182

File: 1673263006040.jpeg (184.77 KB, 828x804, C54F09E4-117F-4A08-83B8-A595E1…)

great thread for working with what we can on lolcow right now! threadpic is perfect! i wonder what tunie does at this program of hers? is the "friend" one of the guys she met at detox?

No. 902186

Thread isn't shit, the site is acting like shit. You retards will bitch about anything. OP said it wasn't letting them post normally. Grow up

No. 902187

Thanks for new thread, anon. And good on your for putting in the extra work despite the character limit bs.

>can't draw anymore
Uh …

No. 902189

shit thread lol this sucks

No. 902192

Nonnas need to stop attacking each other and the OP long enough to shittalk Tuna

I’m convinced she relapsed already so I wonder what the point of continuing the charade of therapy and taking her meds is. This happens every single time she starts u- any program anywhere in NY. Like, I’m pretty sure her last sobriety/therapy LARP she was whining that nobody else supposedly showed up to those sessions either

No. 902193

what the fuck is happening in this thread. who cares how it's formatted, all the info is there, post milk or gtfo

No. 902196

File: 1673282682240.jpeg (69.31 KB, 400x366, 1B48620E-DAF3-4420-82B2-7F1190…)

maybe it’s time you all took a break from this website. all of you are getting too unhinged

No. 902197

Her big meltdowns re: group therapy have always been about the fact that no one cool and hip and young is there, just miserable older folks she won’t dare associate with. Or that no one is a hardxcore drug user like her and is probably in there for weed

No. 902198

File: 1673283582384.jpeg (21.56 KB, 275x226, 4B6A7B0B-BAEC-4958-9D67-9F60F6…)

No. 902200

i probably might make a new luna thread, this is shit sorry

No. 902201

this is wizardchan literally

No. 902202

junkie blog posting should be out in a separate thread but we shouldn’t have to be scolded like stray dogs about what to do you’re making us feel regarded. this place isn’t about gossip or making friends. it’s about personal vendettas(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 902203

File: 1673284694593.jpeg (112.05 KB, 1200x675, 02E0C96B-68CA-45A2-98BE-DFE0DF…)

Jesus fucking christ what a mess. Boo fucking hoo to the sperging newfag. Rip Luna thread unless mods ban the copious amounts of retards flocking here oh my god.

No. 902204

Are you fucking retarded? You can't make a better thread, the site is fucked up and there's a character limit per post, it had to be made this way.

No. 902206

how can I be a wizard if I sell my coochie for dope? virgins don't do heroin, I live in a big city and do only fans. people who live in the city and do drugs are sexy and cool(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 902212

I have a husband and several boyfriends who pay me in generous amounts of benzos and heroin. Go take a Benadryl about it

No. 902213

wow you’re not special for having a husband. i have a husband too. i bet you emotionally abuse them and hit him. all of you sound mentally ill(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 902214

What's a pedohile

No. 902215

Oh wtf happened here?!

No. 902217

she's pissed no one shows up to group because she wants to be the prettiest girl in the program and primp herself in front of everyone

No. 906393

bro wtf is even going on

No. 906394

my husband spoils me with gifts and bought me a switch. try harder TENSHIT

No. 906397

Are lurch and tuna posting here? Kek

No. 906402

>Virgins don't do Heroin
>Coochie for Dope
>Did You Know There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard?
anything else, faggot?

No. 906403

File: 1673312192438.jpeg (516.32 KB, 2017x1219, 7FEC46AA-2143-4876-A197-5DD511…)

new tuna poem dropped
>a medication thats supposed to prevent nightmares associated with PTSD
you talking about klonopin?

No. 906404

i think the nonny who was bragging about being a slut left.

No. 906405

File: 1673312390715.jpg (835.36 KB, 2048x1465, Tumblr_l_7898059388132.jpg)

No. 906407

File: 1673312448434.jpeg (231.99 KB, 669x737, 60EC86B7-68A7-4489-811C-8CB2DC…)

No. 906420

Did she literally stick her dx to the wall as some sorta trophy? Jfc, talk about having 0 achievements…

No. 906422

File: 1673332883636.jpg (554.4 KB, 1078x1284, Screenshot_20230110_064053.jpg)

No. 906424

File: 1673333126997.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1284x1687, 94BEA75A-30C6-4AE2-AD6E-794D7A…)

Jesus Christ what is the actual point Tuna…
These clips in her rats nest looks like she’s just rolled around on the floor for a while and the knots in her hair have collected all her trinkets kek

No. 906425


No. 906429

The only drug I can think of that helps with PTSD nightmares is Mirtazapine. No recreational benefit whatsoever though, apart from being quite sedating.

No. 906430

Prazosin too. It’s mildly sedating and only works for a few hours and has zero recreational benefits.

No. 906431

File: 1673345167594.jpeg (191 KB, 828x584, 2D067D06-4B7C-40B9-8123-D7D62A…)

she just posted her med list and she's not on that. i think shes more likely doing the "lie to myself and its true" thing and acting like benzos are something she truly "needs" to get by. if you look up night terrors in adults they list klonopin as a treatment. i believe thats what she is referencing.

No. 906435

"Upon my bosom" is straight up HILARIOUS

No. 906437

This is still so fucking funny. I will never take a ED diagnosis seriously ever again. Shes obese and pilled out, looking at her papers on the wall feeling validated kekekekekek

No. 906440

Do we have amended links for Tuna’s socials? Half are either inactive, don’t work or simply aren’t listed such as her reddit. No hate at all to threadnonita, really appreciate you getting the thread out under the site’s current circumstances.

No. 906441

not thread chan but her current actives are
tumblr: heavenlykittens.tumblr.com
twitter: offthebone1996
reddit: funeral1996
instagram: heavenlybunnies and thefool1996 (public side)
i think thats it

No. 906446

she keeps thinking of ways to eat less.. bitch how about not eating total garbage? cut out all soda and juice and eat some vegetables and drink water

No. 906454


No. 906455

File: 1673382798892.png (2.17 MB, 1438x1534, Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 21.30…)

No sage as this wasn't posted here before. I'm genuinely so sad Tuba ended up getting pumpkin back, you can see how unhappy she is. The kitty completely stopped grooming itself and it's been like this for months. She probably suffers from a kidney infection and this selfish bitch will never take her to the vet.

No. 906457

>she keeps thinking of ways to eat less..
she only says that, she doesn't actually think and if she does, she forgets everything the next day or within a couple of hours. with the amount of benzos she takes everyday there's no way she's able to form a coherent thought, let alone plan a diet. not that she'd be strong-willed enough to follow through on it even if she could. bitch literally just relives her groundhog day over and over while getting fatter and fatter.

while it'd be great to see her improve i wonder what will end up killing her first - cardiovascular problems, diabetes or benzo seizures?

No. 906463

This was posted in the last thread and who fucking cares about that thing, take it to the catfag thread

No. 906464

File: 1673389951419.jpg (231.42 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20230110-112043_Chr…)

Lurch is back to stalking women on Twitter I guess

Pumpkin leaving/escaping/being taken to a shelter was a tinfoil.

No. 906466

File: 1673390788727.jpeg (98.32 KB, 828x443, 955F3802-8792-45F8-A9EF-3F95F4…)


No. 906467

She’s such a retard. People who steal really piss me off but people who steal and advertise it piss me off even more. Some of us work really hard and save up so we can buy nice things and this fat piece of shit just waddles her lumpy Haitian disaster trunks into wherever and takes whatever she wants

No. 906468

File: 1673394459289.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1696, 87CA28C4-94DD-4358-97C8-91B422…)


No. 906470

Tuba you’ve already told us that you’re a thief, there’s no reason to lie

No. 906473

File: 1673398497442.jpeg (163.37 KB, 828x879, 9DB38D1A-992A-46F3-B63E-AA8141…)

shes on some wannarexic rants tonight

No. 906475

why? who cares if people steal as long as it's not from some family run small business. i don't do it because i'm scared of the consequences kek but why does it bother you so bad. you can do it too

No. 906476

I hope she gets caught and somehow gets fucked over bc of it kek

No. 906477

Just say you’re a broke loser who doesn’t care if retail staff get punished when entitled cunts steal on their watch

No. 906478

what stores carry dior lip gloss besides ulta/sephora? is this just one of her weekly cvs grabs or is she going out of her way for it? i would imagine the employees at sephora/ulta would be all over her the second she walked in the door looking the way she does

No. 906479

File: 1673405588669.jpeg (305.7 KB, 750x718, 080990DA-6352-499E-A854-8F82A9…)

No. 906480

as a shrink who specialises in addiction this really fucking pisses me off, you’re not in therapy to “click” with the practitioner, it’s not supposed to be a fun experience, it’s supposed to be confronting and put you outside of your comfort zone so you can get to the root of your issues. She truly has no intention of getting serious help, she just wants the “uwu” points for being mentally ill on the internet.

No. 906481

why would the employee get punished for someone stealing? it's not like they can do anything about it. an employee can't touch you, all they can do is ask you to put it back. there's no victim if you're lifting from a huge store.

No. 906482

What the hell is wrong with her face/chin/jaw in the pic on the left?

No. 906485

wouldn’t you want more one on one time with your counselor? like why does she whine about group so much? why does it matter who shows up?

No. 906487

Yes, if you actually wanted help. Tuna just wants an audience to parade her multiple diagnoses in front of so she can feel like most broken tortured traumatised fragile victimiest victim ever uwu. Imagine being in that group and sitting there as this behemoth of a woman with a great big booming voice and room temperature IQ starts talking over everyone else about how she’s so anorexic and misses her blonde hair

No. 906491

The fact that Tuna hasn't had her ass beat for stealing really depresses me. Like just slip one of the abundant homeless in the area a 50 and point her out. The cops aren't gonna give a fuck.

No. 906496

Tuna stealing pisses me off because I have been stolen from once, and there's no way to justify this behavior. I hope she gets caught one day and rots in prison.

No. 906497

at least it's a poster of Belka and Strelka and not poor Laika.

No. 906498

I can understand being angry because she gets to lie around all day being high and playing video games while people send her cheap shit for breathing. That, coupled with her bi-weekly stealing trips can make it seem like she is comfy. For us working stiffs that have worked for what we have, it seems like a lush life. Is it, though? If I want something, I either go buy it or save up for it. She has to scheme, beg, and hope someone is a sucker or risk getting blackbilled from her beloved dollar tree for stealing. No recent 5 finger hauls from there so I'm guessing her cracker box isn't near one. On that note, since she is in a new area you will see more shopping trips until her face is more known by attendants. I'm sure she tells herself she can grift/steal whatever she wants and is content, but she isn't. She complains all the time about how her situation isn't good enough. She always wants more.

No. 906501

File: 1673432970407.png (62.87 KB, 1218x1055, MaslowHierarchy.png)

True, she has the bare minimum and some trinkets but her life doesn't seem fulfilling at all. She's at the bottom according to picrel.

No. 906502

It's not that deep. We know her life isn't "cushy". It's desperate and pathetic. She's always either high and miserable or dopesick and miserable. The objects she aquires hold no value to her because it all just ends up in her smelly hoarde never to be seen again.

No. 906504

Yeah tbh I’d rather work for everything and have an entire house to decorate, not just a corner. Her life is absolutely pathetic and bleak. The shoplifting pisses me off because the rest of us pay for it with inflated prices and she is far from the only thief. And there are a lot of hardworking and deserving people living on the streets that would love to be in a small room tonight with a space heater and mattress and tuna thinks she is entitled to much more. But other than that i don’t really care what she does because she is living in that small room that she built for herself by being a lazy, selfish, dumb junkie. Nothing about her situation is envious or comfortable to me. It’s literally one small step up from a cold alley and shopping cart and she doesn’t appreciate that at all. >>She works so hard

No. 906506

They teach you how to post on internet junkie's gossip board threads in addiction shrink school? The first thing we learned in addiction shrink school was that the more you hate the councilor the better you will do. We also learned how to make tiny pizzas to torture fat bitches. Yes we called the clients fat bitches. Lol

No. 906508

So you're familiar enough with this website to know that you should sage, but still newfag/retarded enough to miss that your bleeding-heart novella is 1. Annoying 2. Going to do nothing but attract the ire on anons. Brilliant. Fuck of and never come back.

No. 906509

There is still time to delete this

No. 906510

Shes research for my addiction shrink school, you dip

No. 906511

what did she say

No. 906512

File: 1673453994800.png (186 KB, 914x726, 230540.png)

No. 906513

Keep in mind, a lot of stores will observe you steal on camera until you take enough merchandise to qualify for a felony and then bust you. When Tuna finally gets popped, she’s probably going to be looking at several months in the slammer.

No. 906517

Kek thank you. Hopefully whiteknight anon doubles down and becomes the new Alison, if you think Luna is solely a victim of circumstance, and she hasn't had older white women trying to ~uwu save her~ her entire life, then you should save Luna yourself.
>who was supposed to teach Luna emotional regulation
She's literally been in therapy since she was 6, she had the same therapist for 10+ years. She's just an asshole, not a neglected child. She was taught all of the coping mechanisms, given all of the worksheets, had all of the therapy. It's not anybody's fault except Luna's she can't apply the things she was taught.

No. 906519

is this real? why does it say DSMIV? the latest edition of the DSM is the 5th edition. call me retarded if i'm wrong, but isn't it common practice among psychiatrists to use the most up-to-date version? also kek at the 300lb anorexic

No. 906522

kek. If fakeboi wasn't still banned I would think this was her desperately trying to justify Tuna's actions as an uwu innocent victim again

No. 906525


No. 906526

this thread is shit, it’s going to shit and nobody cares about it. needs to be deleted. the op is retarded and should kys for making this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 906527

Luna must have a tight little ass and lucy’s dick must be so big, what if they fucked

No. 906533

tbf there's no enjoyment in watching anyone destroy themselves like that (unless it's a moid).

Luna is just a fascinating case study in addiction and severe mental illness. Her deep denial and ability to relive the exact same day over and over for over 8 years with absolutely no change is simply just fascinating.

No. 906536

File: 1673474155784.jpeg (100.16 KB, 1284x376, 1EDC4BA1-EA24-49EF-8F91-A1CCDD…)


No. 906541

Is it because lurch is off the rails again? High on uppers and losing it online? >>906525 >>906526 >>906527
Or do you just want some kind of meds?

No. 906544

She would've posted these on her wall of medical diagnoses if she took them. She's referring to gabapentin.
And to anyone planning on blogpostinb, we all know by now you can abuse them and get high on them in addition to it treating conditions similar to anxiety.

No. 906546

Oh you believe this fake scare tactic or think she's one of the career criminals being watched? Nobody cares about someone stealing makeup for themselves from a chain store. The employees don't get paid enough to care. And nobody watches those cameras unless something like a robbery happens and they turn over the footage to the cops. Can we stop playing the moral fag game and just enjoy her unfortunate life?

No. 906547

Nobody likes a sneaky beaky.

No. 906552

You seem to be missing my point. Is it a reading comprehension thing? I know she’s not on Mirtaz because she hasn’t mentioned it, but it’s the only drug that specifically is for PTSD nightmares (off-label). Another anon pointed out that some benzos are indicated for night terrors, so Luna is either confused cos she’s dumb or lying and trying to pretend her use of pins and xannies is for “ptsd nightmares”.

No. 906553

Oh my god last time she went inpatient it was a GIFT. Here's hoping Lurch goes on another meth binge and starts hitting up twitter bots for feet pics again

No. 906554

Worked in LP for two years. I can confirm that they do indeed start watching cameras when stock takes show a lot of product going missing. They also start watching when they get a "feeling" about someone who frequently visits. I busted a lot of people I had a "feeling" about. I would always let them go if it was small stuff i.e. teens stealing soda and candy, but would save footage if it involved theft of other goods. Alcohol and non-food items always attracted our attention. That shit adds up quick and it is doubtful they are going home to feed their family with said items.

Bottom line is if you do it long enough, eventually they start watching you, once or twice won't get noticed, but patterns always do.

No. 906555

she deleted this, probably cuz no one cares. i doubt she'll go today.

No. 906556

Kek you’re not at all wrong and I agree she probably won’t bother with it. She wants people to pipe up on those posts just begging her not to go inpatient because they’d miss her riveting art and posts.

No. 906557

File: 1673534035210.jpeg (340.35 KB, 828x803, 1CD11D2D-D1B7-438C-9992-8BE5E1…)

lurch has been up to some antics on twitter these days though, nothing as funny as before, but here i think hes trying to recruit this baseball guy? to what team? the chiefs?

No. 906558

Kek I don't know what this is but it cracks me up, like does Lurch get methed out enough to believe he owns a baseball team?

No. 906559

File: 1673542043858.jpg (41.87 KB, 640x481, NapDynamite_109Pyxurz.jpg)

Lurch is like a bizarro world version of the pathetic middle aged moids who sit on the couch pounding beers watching football and talking about how they "could have gone pro" except it's baseball and he's smoking crack instead

No. 906562

last time she went inpatient she posted a pic on ig and immediately deleted it when no one kissed her ass about it. i hope she goes, lurch's methposting is way more entertaining than luna will ever be

No. 906566

Should we make a lurch meth poster bingo board? My bets are
>his memoir
>replying to models thirst posts
>casual racism

No. 906568

It's too easy for people to literally just walk away from underpaid snitch LP losers. They have zero power to stop someone or make them come in the back so she can freely walk away. Tuba isn't taking the entire shelf of the same product. She takes one of multiple items maybe a couple of times a month from various stores. Even if it's the same store, taking 2 of an item per month isn't noticeable or career criminal behavior that stores care about. Tuba will never be getting in trouble for the most benign misdemeanor. It's not worth it to the store. Sorry rat anons, stealing cheap cheap cheap makeup from big corporations is the only thing she does that makes any sense and will never get her in real trouble.

No. 906569

Please be joking. Where is he saying he owns a team? It's clearly a hypothetical "sports journalism" type of question asking if the player would step down from MLB teams in favor of a smaller team given the right incentive package.

No. 906586

When farmers get so desperate for milk they go full retard.

No. 906590

like you. that’s why you’re on lolcow wasting your life here, idiot

No. 906591

Why are you even here? Seems like you’re “wasting your life” talking shit. Just go away because people are going to post here regardless of you. Don’t be a hypocrite.

No. 906592

At least learn to sage if you’re going to come back and keep sperging jesus christ, you’re wasting your life here too retard

No. 906594

While I do love solo Lurch time, it makes me wonder. Is Tuna such a drug addict from selfishness, or does she need it to tolerate his bullshit? Kek

No. 906595

The impression I got from their relationship is that Luna likes Lurch more than Lurch likes her. So I think it's Lurch who tolerates Luna's bs lol.

No. 906598

its just some uggo cow that is asking for the attention their parents didn’t gave them. so let’s just ignore them just like their parents did.

No. 906601

>femcel (celibate females)
>bad and damaged goods (whores)
Pick one you fucking faggot. At least be consistent if you're gonna be retarded

No. 906605

Mods have clearly given up on this hellhole of a thread, rip to the Luna thread unless we get an OD update or something kek

No. 906616

let me guess, the reddit scrotes all just comment on this pick-me’s boobs. or is one of them calling her out?

No. 906620

It'll pass soon. The new hostile retard who has been shitting up the thread tried to organise a raid here on another chan. No1curr so they're out here on their own doing their best lmao. They shit up a couple of threads with their copypasta about femcels and then gave up. Weak.

No. 906631

ok retard you’re the one spamming lol

No. 906633

The seethe is palpable larcenoid, you and tuna are two trashy peas in a pod.

No. 906634

No. 906640

File: 1673695217417.jpeg (557.87 KB, 1170x1727, 9A3540DE-AB73-4A3D-955F-723C78…)

No. 906642

>you're entertaining
>lil Luna
Could she be one of us? lol

No. 906645

>You should blog post more!
Something tells me she is reading this kek.

No. 906646

>havent eaten in a day but luckily my appetite came back
kek i guess hes coming down off the meth now… i wonder if this is true, why would she say she was going inpatient if its ovarian cysts? you would think she would be sympathy posting and ebegging if she was able. methinks the relapse led to her seeking detox again, and this is the lie her and lurch thought up. we'll see if she's gone 7 days again.

No. 906648

Very curious indeed, perhaps my tinfoil was correct kek >>906605

No. 906650

lmao a bunch of ugly fat lonely bitches jealous because even a "low-life" like Luna can be in a long-term committed relationship for over 8 years with a bf who treats her like a queen and they can't. while matthew supports luna through her PCOS you bitches get nothing because you're mean and bitter and FOREVER LONELY on this dumbass webstie!!!(bait)

No. 906652

yea luna is such a queen <333
i would never leave matthew because hes all i got

No. 906654

i know it's bait but it's still funny. "committed". kek.

No. 906656

I'm no doctor but I don't think ovarian cysts cause you to shit blood. Did he get rid of tuna again? He seems to have a blast when she's gone kek

No. 906658

I had an ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit and I never shit blood.

No. 906662


All things are possible when you don’t have any standards. They’re borderline homeless and he tries to fuck girls on Twitter. He hasn’t been gainfully employed since the Reagan administration (possibly ever) and he’s ugly as sin.You’re a fucking weirdo.

No. 906663

File: 1673743788611.jpg (168.02 KB, 912x999, Screenshot_20230114_164816_Ins…)

He's liking all my posts….. the one on top has nothing to do with the military….. idk what he's on about. We do not follow each other.

No. 906664

>dumbass webstie
>can't stay away

No. 906670

Kek Luna come get your balding, permafried, Easter Island-headed man. He can't help but stalk other chicks' socials.
Luna's life fucking sucks lol

No. 906672

Of course, because none of us are married or own homes or are happy and we're just sooo miserable we read the equivalent of a trashy tabloid while we're in the bathroom. We're jealous we're not obese, filthy, and in a codependent relationship with a chubby rapidly aging mooch that can't even keep a roof over both him and Tuba's round head at any point in their 8 years of addiction-riddled living.

No. 906674

i mean you guys are clearly miserable in some way. this website is supposed to be an inclusive gossip site with people you’d think have the same likeminded thoughts about someone when it’s just a femcel image board with catty, bitter, jealous salty bitches who get easily offended over anything and everything. apparently have personal vendettas against the people they gossip, and hates men

No. 906675

> supports tuna through her life endangering anorexia
>while dad pays your rent
Homie go apply for a job or OD already.
Also, tinfoil, but her ana larp is pathetic, so what if shes saying “muh PCOS” as an excuse for obesity? Its just another excuse she has No ConTroL over, what a victim uwu.
Dumb ass luna, should of asked dad for gym membership and use it.

No. 906676

Boring. Go back to tumblr or twitter.

No. 906677

>this website is supposed to be an inclusive gossip site
newfag detected

No. 906678

>get easily offended

No. 906680

File: 1673801464051.jpg (116.65 KB, 1200x630, unnamed (5).jpg)

No. 906681

File: 1673801965718.jpg (73.84 KB, 768x1024, 1669086741924.jpg)

Are you retards not capable of ignoring the bait? The same moid is spamming half the site, having to read a dozen sincere replies to them for every post he makes is draining me of the will to live. It's also just going to make him post more since you replying like this is the entire point of him posting.

No. 906682

I'm curious whether luna is lying to him, he is lying to the internet, or if they're both too stupid to use WebMD to learn that ovarian cysts don't cause this. Either way it's funny that he's telling the internet (or anybody really) about Luna having bloody stool like an oversharing grandmother

No. 906684

Oh, to be her when she goes to prompt care or the E.R. for some pitty and gets told "no, you ripped your asshole from constipated opioid shits". Kek very uWu

No. 906685

>most people would say I’m slim
No one would say you’re slim, you fat fuck

No. 906692

you’re an idiot

No. 906710

Slim compared to Tuna kek. Same weight but 8 inches taller than her

No. 906712

File: 1673864073705.jpg (92.13 KB, 793x1280, IMG_20230116_071427_138.jpg)

Lurch calls himself a creep for dating Luna

No. 906716

>she's good in bed
I just remembered the old tp porn video Luna posted

No. 906718

This is just vile dude must be on one hell of a meth binge freely posting this shit kek, keep these ss coming please nonita

No. 906720

She really decided to be engaged to marry him? No wonder shes always fantasizing ODs… i wouldnt want to wake up to this

No. 906722

It is hilarious only 44 people follow his private account, and he still rants there. We know they lurk here, but I dont think he cares about farmers following; it just reinforces his narc performance on meth. That and twitter, he loves to provide milk

No. 906727

What comment is he responding to

No. 906731

Eight years of being a creep because she's good in bed even though she says she's sex repulsed and I have heroin dick

No. 906742

what else did he comment underneath, what a fucking sicko. he actually has me feeling bad for tuna for once.

No. 906746

post more caps from his instagram please

No. 906752

Honestly, Luna doesn't deserve this, esp if she's in some kind of mental health facility right now.

No. 906754

There isn't a single woman on this planet that deserves a lurch, tuna is more worthy of life based simply on the virtue of womanhood. Even the dumpiest, nastiest bitch has more right to existence than any male.

No. 906775

so is she in inpatient or did she go to the hospital for bloody shit?

No. 908016

Also I may be ignorant but does pcos normally cause bloody stool? I’ve never heard of that.

No. 908017

Is he trolling? Because we've seen their sex video and it's some awkward zombie-looking shit lmao

No. 908018

It can. PCOS is associated with systemic inflammatory issues that could affect the digestive tract, especially the colon. Lurch is a drooling idiot; ovarian cysts wouldn’t cause you to shit blood, but PCOS could cause both things.
Of course, opiates can clog you up to the point of damaging the colon, especially when you eat absolute shit constantly and lead a sedentary life. So it could just be that.

No. 908023

I feel like if she just went to the hospital she'd be posting selfies and her hospital band all over place (like she's done in the past) but I'm assuming for inpatient you have to hand your phone in. And she's been MIA so I'm gonna assume inpatient because she's after some more meds.

No. 908024

He's such a scumbag. Why does he only post this kind of shit when she's in the hospital? Is his brain so disintegrated from drug use that he thinks she magically won't see anything he posts when she gets home? No sage to bump spam.

No. 908043

do any instagram nonnies have more milk? i'm not following him…

No. 908060

please any insta nonnies i need milk what else did he say here

No. 908061

Jfc, when there's no milk… Matthew is obviously referring to DDLG and even acknowledges that yes, it's creepy when the girl is actually that much younger. But if Luna is into kink and they're both consenting adults then what's wrong with that? I do DDLG with my bf although he's not that much older than me, idk what the problem is? Enjoy your boring-ass sex lives I guess lmfao.

No. 908063

You need to lurk more.

No. 908065

check your bf's hard drive for a surprise!

No. 908066

Don't engage. The same person comes and shits up the Shayna and Luna thread at the same time, it's bait

No. 908069

Nah I think this one is just a regular Tuna poster, there are many like her/who compare themselves to her

No. 908073

Even if so is it worth it?

No. 908075

Sometimes I wonder if Lurch is saying this kind of shit out loud to Luna all day when she's home. Imagine having to listen to this oaf rambling incoherently 24/7 and still being attracted to him

No. 908076

thats all bait too nonna. report and ignore. infighting and derailing is against the rules either way.

No. 908077

its bait. they post something similar every single thread and you can always tell because theres always something along the lines of "unlike you losers lmfao" at the end

No. 908117

File: 1674179373973.jpg (743.65 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230119_174924_Gal…)

No. 908118

File: 1674179424152.jpg (735.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230119_174951_Gal…)

No. 908119

this bitch…i guess she's out now?

No. 908123

Did she lose a tooth lmao

No. 908141

… you really can't tell that's her tongue?

No. 908146

you guys are so retarded sometimes thanks for making this website dead lol(unsaged dumbassery)

No. 908148

File: 1674208384346.jpeg (45.89 KB, 828x224, DF1546BD-1941-4EBF-A0FF-111245…)

ok so she did go to detox again not inpatient…. its been 7 days again so i figured she would make an appearance.

No. 908166

so bitch relapsed… again

No. 908167

i mean i guess i would try and say good on her for actually trying to detox and get help with her opiate addiction but i feel like shes just grifting for more medications to make her feel out of it instead of working towards a full sobriety with coping skills and no crutches. mental health meds are ok but she wants to get a benzo prescription. if she really wanted to be sober she would be more interested in getting out of the house and maybe getting a job or at least volunteering. its 2023 and weed is legal in new york state, she could smoke that and its not like most shitty jobs would care if she smoked a bowl outside on her break or hit a pen. i hate being one of those anons who writes out a fanfic about luna but it really could be so simple for her. i don't even know how she gets this help from the government without them forcing her to at least apply to something like dunkin.

No. 908168

(unsaged dumbassery) good to know that the mods here are doing a good job running this website, banning people for pure honesty about this site. i hope this site gets taken down ✨(emoji)

No. 908169

hey faggot mods can you clean up child porn on thread 1

No. 908175

She's obviously not doing it to get better because look who it is. That's the same reason why no, it wouldn't be "so simple" for her. She'd need a LOT of therapy and personal effort just to establish a foundation for a different life. Instead her full-time job is fighting to stay the way she is. In short, she's broken and she likes it that way.

No. 908178

Luna is a more functional woman that you will ever be, ywnbaw

No. 908187

File: 1674248406197.jpg (132.18 KB, 1080x955, ed.jpg)

No. 908189

kek, yeah right tuna, no detox center in their right mind would let a patient not eat any meals. where does she get this idea, shes definitely in some manic shift right now, wonder if they changed any of her meds? last time she went to detox she came out with the same story
>i am queen of the world nothing can stop me i am not mortal i havent eaten in days i will never eat again

No. 908190

she probably doesnt consider the regular sized portions they gave her as meals, just snacks

No. 908213

Sorry for the dumb question but I’m not a burger - how is Tuba constantly in and out of inpatient, doesn’t healthcare cost lots of money in the US?

No. 908214

THIS BITCH I CAN’T KEK Luna you’ve been homeless and poor all these years and only when you were a junkie you actually lose some weight but you were still a hambeast. Give up already.

No. 908217

New York is one of the states where it's easy to get Medicaid. She's getting a free ride on the backs of tax payers

No. 908218

Not a burger but I've watched a lot of documentaries and ot seems America has a lot of religious organisations that are willing to help people like Luna for free

No. 908219

If you're really really poor the government will pay for some stuff (Medicare/Medicaid programs)

No. 908228

The human body is capable of losing only so much weight in a week not enough to make your face thinner kek

No. 908229

File: 1674269905939.jpg (51.95 KB, 380x193, Ls.jpg)

No. 908233

Because the internet knows you better than your new "social situation" acquaintances lol. Give it time and they'd distance themselves, just like all your old friends. Yikes.

No. 908238

No way would any medical facility allow you to get away with not eating for a week. Not to sperg, but I've been hospitalized for several days and they were doing everything to force me to eat when I wasn't doing well. Absolute bullshit.

No. 908239

Ah yes, well-known social butterfly Luna Slater. I love it when she stops with the uwu so sad and lets her ego out like this.

No. 908246

She could be telling the truth here but misunderstanding the reasons. They're all junkies too so there's a shared feeling of "we've all done terrible things but we have to forgive ourselves to move on". Even if she told them she stole from graves, the Roger incident, or that she has threads dedicated to her,etc. there's a solid chance another junkie there murdered their roommate in an argument over drugs, so, y'know

No. 908248

Hey faggot Luna was 18 when she first dated Lurch so there aren't any underaged nudes in thread #1, stop being a retard.

Kek she's so retarded and self centered she thinks nobody else can have individual thoughts. What a smug cunt, one person compliments her and she always says EVERYONE believes the same thing.
>So what is it
She'll find out in a week, when her new "friends" from detox stop talking to her. She must be legitimately a shitty friend if junkies don't even want to spend time with her.

No. 908251

File: 1674316132590.jpg (187.05 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20230121_154820.jpg)

No. 908253

If you weren't so desperate for attention, you could simply block these people and they couldn't "forcibly message" you lmao

No. 908254

How about when she messages strangers over and over begging them to buy her shitty art?

No. 908255

She's very clearly talking about Blisters Wournos

No. 908264

LOL what about when she used to message people over and over trying to get them to send her money?? What goes around comes around

No. 908269

>forcibly messaging
Apparently the block button has ceased to exist and poor Tuna has to rely on people getting hints to fulfill her daily quota of complaints.

No. 908270

File: 1674354726653.jpeg (81.54 KB, 828x479, 46955AB3-D63C-4866-AAA2-D8D66F…)

kek shes definitely talking about fakeboi. mustve sent her one too many manic methed up rants about her "party days"

No. 908272

Luna is in the "find out" phase of "fuck around and find out" (and has been for a long time). Remember when she thought it was cool to be a drug addict?

No. 908273

She never stopped thinking that. She'll be back to her dumpster version of heroin chic in a few days.

No. 908277

File: 1674384486491.jpeg (23.98 KB, 828x193, 36791C12-A6BF-408E-A971-585BF0…)

shes really been outing herself as such a mean and negative person lately… i've been going thru some of the older threads (cuz no milk) and she really used to pretend to be such a "nice, caring, loving" person for her artsy wounded junkie persona but now that shes her "sober unstoppable queen" persona shes really showing to everyone how little she cares about anything but herself, her trinkets, and getting high. also kek at the "kool" thing because one of her drug fueled facebook rants years ago included the fact that she wanted to be "kool".

No. 908279


It's easier to fake being "nice, caring, loving" when you have an audience of sycophants telling you you're talented, attractive and desired.

No. 908290

I think Luna should really sort herself out. She's gonna be 27 this spring - she's pushing 30 and still doesn't seem to have done much with her life.
It would be a really good thing for her to get a job, any job. She lives within a very commutable distance to NYC, she could probably even swing an admin job there.
But first she'd need to stop doing drugs, all drugs and that includes benzodiazepines. Yes, they're difficult to quit due to dangerous physical withdrawals but you can taper off them overtime. She's got so many resources available - she really needs to get a good therapist and take it seriously this time. I'm sure her dad would support her in that. Just quitting the drugs won't work, unfortunately, she's got way deeper issues to work on.
Since she's so insecure about her weight, she should get a gym subscription and start dieting.
IMO the most important thing is to leave Lurch and move in with her dad who's clearly willing to support her.
I could see Luna do really well with things like yoga, DBT perhaps… She's throwing her life away and I don't understand it. She could live in NYC, she would be so pretty if she lost weight, she could have such a nice life! Why is she doing this to herself? It's so sad… She's going to end up homeless or dead from an overdose. 10mg benzo on a daily basis is just straight up dangerous.
She's an intelligent, beautiful young woman, I truly don't understand.

No. 908291

Luna is an extraordinarily talented beautiful young woman, why is she killing herself like this?

No. 908293

The absolute retardation this thread brings.

No. 908294

(Shhh, they're just trolling and baiting)

No. 908296

To be fair, it's still heavily retarded to put that much effort into shit-tier bait.

No. 908298

I stg gym people are cultists. No, she doesn’t need a gym membership. No socially anxious/maladapted woman who is uncomfortable with their body wants to go to the gym. The few who do are already there and don’t need encouragement.

She just needs to eat better and walk around. Light toning at home. She doesn’t need to spend any money or subscribe to shit to get fit.

No. 908307

Just stop.

No. 908308

Why are you against spending money for the gym lmao

No. 908309

File: 1674467170867.jpg (119.07 KB, 1080x786, luna.jpg)

No. 908310

embrace the obese squidward legs

No. 908314

Nonnie you're responding to bait btw but the weird thing is that considering how she's into pink bimbo aesthetic (or at least she used to be) she never latched on to the pink pilates princess aesthetic craze floating around on Tumblr/Pinterest. All the wannarexics are clinging to that these days, and the funny thing is that it's the only weightloss success any of these people ever had kek

No. 908353

Ahahahaha this bitch. "uWu ana bby me no eat for a week" (4 days is a week now) sure does sound better than "I riped my asshole from my massive opioid shits. At least the former matches her pastel esthetic better, and we ALL know her esthetic is her life

No. 908354

File: 1674568144603.jpeg (85.46 KB, 828x431, ABC4D241-E994-4D1A-98DE-4B8B28…)

when will fakeboi learn to leave her alone. if i was luna i would've blocked her years ago. she responds to almost all her posts talking about herself like a narc, and always does it hours or days later like shes going thru lunas account all at once and replying. its so creepy and weird. no one else does this. shes followed luna to how many blogs?! i bet tuna doesnt even follow her back.

No. 908356


Junkies don't block ppl who pay attention to them because they're all potential cash sources to beg at, however unlikely

No. 908360

But Luna only ever talks about herself on other peoples posts too. It is all attention for her, she doesn't give a shit about the quality of the interaction. This is why they are friends, they don't care.

No. 908375

Never. She wants to wear her skin. And she's schizo as fuck besides that.

No. 908408

Did she start this a while ago, or did she not realize it's no longer 2022?
Has she ever tried intermediate fasting? Not the wannarexic shit, but actual 16 hour intervals of not eating. There's plenty of apps or free programs she could download. That + drinking only water & she could probably be down at least 50lbs by mid-summer. Ofc this means she'd have to follow through with something other than drugs, so it's unlikely af.
Her hair is getting long again & looks healthier than it has in a while, I'm sure that means she'll fry it again before too long.

No. 908409

File: 1674701973971.png (812.47 KB, 1386x742, Screenshot 2023-01-25 185437.p…)

Came across this standup and knew where this needed to be shared…the resemblance is STARTLING

No. 908417

She probably has diabetes from being obese since a teen. Why she never visits a nutritionist beats me…

No. 908420


A NUTRITIONIST?! LMAO. Wtf would that do? They'd tell her to drink water and eat something other than pastries and she'd refuse

No. 908421

File: 1674735192726.jpg (110.89 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20230125-193523_Tum…)

No. 908424

I bet she never takes her wallet out of her bag

No. 908425

I thought she didn't have an ID, and that was the only thing keeping her from getting married?

Also, you're not supposed to keep your social security card in your wallet.

No. 908431

I think it was her birth certificate she needed

No. 908432

so report them as lost and order new ones. not like theres a bank card or money in there to worry about.

No. 908434


So we can expect her to start her pitiful e-begging anytime now. Just too good an opportunity for her to not look for some gibs

No. 908435

underrated reply
ahhh finally, the beginning of a new grift!

No. 908436

Convenient she apparently has all of this important stuff that she’s claimed to have needed to ebeg for countless times in the past, and yet again i’m sure this is her ramping up for another big ebegging session - the important documents she apparently never had but always needed have miraculously disappeared how peculiar

No. 908438

which handbag? she has like 6 grimey designer knock offs she 'found.'

she needed her birth certificate from florida to get a non-expired ID in NY I bet whatever case manager she's had finally got it sorted for her the past 3 months and now she's lost them again

No. 908461


No. 908464


sweet summer child… nonny it's taken her the better part of a decade just to get 1 ID in order to get married to prince charming. and that doesn't seem to have happened. darling Luna can't be expected to stand in a line amongst non-influencer commoners… she has tumblr followers for Christ's sake. It's simply not done. Someone ought to walk to her front door and just deliver her a new ID and SS card along with a gift basket of essentials, the poor darling. She's already suffered so much.

No. 908489

File: 1674788820738.jpg (1002.88 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230126_190611_Gal…)

No. 908501

She's really looking special these days

No. 908503

File: 1674797804138.jpg (46.84 KB, 1075x1246, Luna selfie.jpg)

No. 908505

shit thread. we haven’t even surpassed 500+ posts(unsaged shitpost)

No. 908508

Luna is so fucking boring nowadays.

No. 908515

I suspect she’s ran out of benzos, she’d love doing her makeup doped up on xans/etc everyday. Definitely time to reread the old threads this bitch is boring as fuck, not even getting her life together either just got spooked too many times by retarded cowtippers probably.

No. 908527

File: 1674834952341.png (7.54 KB, 540x155, Screenshot 2023-01-27.png)

No. 908535

Write a resume, kek. What would that even look like? One of the psanons should make a version.

No. 908569

This. She's losing her hater fan club and she can pretend she's happy about it, but we know she loves an audience. Maybe she can start doing tumblr live or something

No. 908583

I can't tell if her face looks swollen on the left side from filter wonkiness or if she has some kind of dental infection.

No. 908585

Ayrt and you’re true about the audience part, typical bpd cow shit, I’m sure she’ll gradually let things slip until she’s openly drug posting/etc again, I mean she happily posted her collection of xans on her plush to instagram so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, but Tuna’s threads have seemed to always attract retarded newfags that cowtip and spoil it kek. Would kill to see her do a doped up livestream though that would be a real insight into her sad little life. Tuna if you’re reading why not start up on Chaturbate, make some extra income for your dope kek.

No. 908594

Extra chromossome, extra love

No. 908595

File: 1674883299268.jpg (29.47 KB, 1080x380, tumblr.jpg)

No. 908596

She's extra heavy on the self-deprecating since she got out of inpatient this time, huh?

No. 908602

Untrue, we all hate it too

No. 908623

What's all the yellow above her mouth? Nicotine stains?

No. 908639

Girl just wash your damn hair WASH IT

No. 908651

File: 1674959430974.jpeg (688.42 KB, 2931x3340, 934223CC-E094-43A4-8635-34C071…)

Compilation of her recent posts, kek at this mentally ill dude as if she isn’t describing herself, she really loves to pick and choose when things suit her

No. 908658

Zero sympathy that she feels uncomfy in her current living situation. It's almost as if her and lurch got jobs years ago, they could be in an actual apartment. Where are her posts about being grateful that she's not living on the literal streets where she belongs after being scum her whole adult life?
Same old shit.

No. 908659

>so creepy
>bothers everyone
>unfair to others
Sounds like they should be best friends. Guess this is her set up for the next grift. Please gibs so I that can move.

No. 908661

>unaliving myself
does tuna use tiktok? or she pick up this from whatever discord servers shes in or something. fucking fat tard you can still say you want to kill yourself on tumblr.

No. 908664

That lingo is also used in fb and she is known to use fb a lot

No. 908691

File: 1675033904148.jpg (307.31 KB, 1079x2286, Screenshot_20230129_231129.jpg)

Luna's desires for 2023.

No. 908692

This… >>908651 couldn't be happening to a more deserving person.

No. 908693

File: 1675034531484.jpg (71.44 KB, 1080x503, Screenshot_20230129_232021.jpg)

Assuming this is IRT previously mentioned mentally ill neighbour?

No. 908694

>I'm not asking for too much
Except you squander every inpatient stint and therapy services provided for you to get you to accomplish this on your own.

Oh wait. She's expecting it to fall into her lap.

No. 908695

>im not asking for much
Lmao bitch what? People don't achieve goals that way. Acting like it's a mf christmas list kek
>feel like a princess
I'm cacklin'

So funny when she acts tough… all I can picture is the video of lurch hiding behind the cops telling the guy on the ground (in handcuffs even?) to "Die die die" or whatever pussy shit he said

No. 908698

File: 1675039941585.png (129.3 KB, 1080x771, StitchIt_20232901074959_459.pn…)

>i want i want i want
That's basically Luna Slater in a nutshell

No. 908699

Frank Gehry didn't design Bilbao, or any of those buildings from the early 90's to about 2010. It was all done by a child whom he later refused to hire

No. 908700

File: 1675042615767.jpeg (238.58 KB, 828x1178, 0D82DB57-E053-4330-ACAC-896F7F…)

No. 908701

Sounds like you fit right in with your "annoying, scary" neighbors. Maybe you should go try and get some fun meds for that, right? Still doctor shopping or have you found one?

No. 908704

File: 1675046625765.jpg (149.06 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20230129-193223_Ins…)

Trouble in paradise again?

No. 908709

i love how luna has no principles that she sticks by at all. it’s ‘be kind to drug users’ until they’re a crackhead, ‘you shouldn’t judge people for their mental illnesses’ until an unwell person bothers her, and ‘all cops are bad’ until she wants them to forcibly take a person from their home because they make her anxious.

No. 908711

File: 1675056676326.jpg (76.06 KB, 1080x671, Screenshot_20230129-223001_Tum…)

No. 908712

The part that has been documented in 45 threads? Ok

No. 908713

Hopefully it isn’t drinking piss or bestiality - wait…. Oops

No. 908715

oh luna, sounds like you're a little incompatible.

No. 908716

This screams adult baby tbh

No. 908718


This really is some emo shit. Nobody knows the real me, I have a dark side, I’m so mysterious and angsty. Not like every human on earth has a very private and possibly darker side to them.

No. 908719

wait wait wait when the fuck did tuna engage in beastiality wtf!?

No. 908721

File: 1675073396841.jpg (548.15 KB, 2170x2192, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-z26p…)

Princess Lumpy ran out of Adderall.

No. 908722

i'm guessing since this wasn't on her "aesthetic" list of pills that she hung on the wall, this is chiefs script. explains so fucking much. kek. the manic no sleep binger he went on when she was detoxing the first time, her rants about "not eating for days", and just their general tweaked out behavior these days.

No. 908724

desires for 2023
>blonde hair
Top of the list too kek exceptional priorities Tuna. The ‘new job’ part makes me curious too, is she just referencing her sex work as her current job?
>>908721 Always fun seeing her experimenting with uppers again kek it always gives us some interesting sperg out from one of them. Guaranteed whether they’re hers or Lurch’s they’re both abusing them as opposed to taking as prescribed.

No. 908726

She hasn't. Despite his skull shape Lurch is human

No. 908756

i assumed she meant that other shitkicker job with her friend-boss where they made weird trinkets to sell.

No. 908770

File: 1675127675485.jpg (163.81 KB, 1080x1817, Screenshot_20230130-181234_Ins…)

No. 908771

File: 1675127703910.jpg (168.02 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20230130-181241_Ins…)

No. 908776

She's just saying she wants a job but wants to make it sound better.

No. 908779

File: 1675134777861.jpg (199.94 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20230130-201229_Tum…)

She posted this twice on tumblr and once on ig

No. 908791

File: 1675145698892.png (112.5 KB, 449x364, 98965C97-42B1-416F-A878-676EF4…)

Jesus Christ she’s getting progressively more walleyed, she looks like she severely handicapped

No. 908801

The red lighting and lack of big, fake eyelashes makes her look like she has harlequin ichthyosis

No. 908804

If this is without filter then Luna's got that typical Russian model look. Yes, I know she's got a heroin induced lazy eye and is morbidly obese but if she wasn't she'd be really quite beautiful, maybe even pretty enough to be a model. She's certainly tall enough at 5'11.

No. 908809

Girl you are smoking crack, aren't you?

No. 908814

Tuna's love language is benzodiazepines and smack. It amazes me how she still hasn't figured out that it is, in fact, annoying to be a lazy ebegging junkie. It truly blows my mind. Step aside Mcgruff, THIS is the best and most effective anti-drug PSA.

No. 908821

File: 1675190635760.jpg (52.31 KB, 479x666, 86a4444704 (1).jpg)

I just realized almost all of her recent pictures remind me of pictures that Madonna takes when she isn't using an insane amount of filters and makeup on Instagram(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 908830

File: 1675204416321.jpeg (153.18 KB, 828x592, C96CB7FA-88CB-449F-B6EE-A9DC11…)

No. 908831

she posted this again on her tumblr today, making it the fourth time shes posted it in 24 hours

No. 908838

She can never stick to a counselor/therapist because they aren't kissing her ass. It's all good until they point out shit she has to work on or not giving her the drugs wanted. Like why waste time traveling? Why admit that you're going to start an argument on purpose instead of maybe working with the opportunity you have? Most people meet at least one bad therapist etc. during their search for psychiatric help, but it happens to her like 10x or more a year. Just stop going! Fuck, sorry but it's just irritating at this point.

No. 908840

File: 1675217033231.jpg (231.07 KB, 720x1406, VideoCapture_20230131-180328.j…)

No. 908845

The amount of stains on her shirt…

No. 908846

The milk is so dry i want her to get pregnant or sumin(bait)

No. 908847

What the hell is her eye makeup? Does she know her hair is that greasy? Why doesn't she do laundry? She is so unbelievably disgusting. In every fucking way.
Yeah…… I'm pretty sure needle-dick doesn't have swimmers anymore kek (thankfully, tbh. There doesn't need to be another child in foster care)

No. 908848

Imagine being this retarded.

No. 908850

you know that musty smell that towels get if you leave them in the wash machine too long? That's the smell this image evokes.

No. 908857

Any chance you could post the video?

No. 908862


holy shit… she looks so junkie it's not even funny

No. 908863

Disgusting. Wearing a too-small cropped tracksuit and a filth-encrusted black tank top just screams "UWU MUH BDD."

No. 908865

File: 1675257784327.jpeg (624.69 KB, 828x1601, E3A7B2E4-E189-470F-9FEE-58528A…)

been rereading thru old threads and wow, tuna really is a loser. not only is she doing the exact same things as 6 years ago (whining about sobriety, doing outpatient, wannarexia), but its somehow even worse now at her older age. saw her mention her grandfather from her moms side, and yea just more proof luna is middle class and could have turned out so normal. she really chose this life. she could've gone to school, majored in arts, and be working some dumb cushy nepotism office job like she always dreams of. her grandfather was an accomplished man, even her junkie father seemed like he was more accomplished than luna could ever be. it will always just be THIS for her. "my grandmother was in the black panthers" "my dad knows the drummer from the divinyls" "my grandfather is a jazz musician". she will never have her own claim to fame. except this thread. showing off what an exceptional junkie piece of shit she is. OT and sidenote i never realized she had her mothers maiden name.

No. 908871

even if she had rich grandparents, having two junkie parents could easily have meant there was no money around. no one squanders wealth like an addict

No. 908876

i mean her grandfather (not sure if this one or another one) literally bought her an ipad and those bougie ass ugly blue slippers from early threads. theres family money. she was going to college ffs. i'm sure she wasn't smart enough or savvy enough to get a ton of scholarships. someone paid for that or at least cosigned a loan with their good credit. she literally inherited money from another grandmother that was squandered. shes had every chance.

No. 908877

wtf did she get addy for? i thought you don't get that if you have bpd because of the increase in rumination and thought loops.

No. 908878

>an ipad and those bougie ass ugly blue slippers
Lol you're talking as if these things cost millions

No. 908883

File: 1675272122191.png (113.43 KB, 233x275, 03CFEB97-3EE4-4D4C-A6B8-FB0AD4…)

>the only psychiatrist whos ever gotten me
So basically the only psychiatrist who has prescribed her whatever she wants, the doctor shopping is a joke at this point. I can’t even see a psychiatrist without having to pay hundreds and I’ve been trying to see one for years now this shit has me borderline a-logging stupid fucking cow doesn’t know how good she has it spoilered for blogsperg but this fucking cow is vile.
I’m wondering if it’s a script for Lurch or, more likely, a different drug they just decided to abuse. Bring back the crack arc.

No. 908885

no. i literally said she was middle class.

No. 908891

There's a possibility they're Lurch's, though I'm surprised they'd prescribe it to an addict if that's the case. I've seen people denied for less, especially with the shortage. I'm with >>908883 , what the fuck

No. 908892

I genuinely thought she was wearing a tiny top hat…

No. 908902

Not sure if it will make you feel better or worse but this is just her bpd talking. She's had a bunch of One True Psychiatrists over time.

No. 908909

Ayrt and I appreciate thank you nona, you are correct I forget how many times she’s found the one with regards to psychiatrists kek it’s always only a matter of time until they start trying to make her actually help herself and make positive changes and it’s suddenly boo hoo my psych is mean and sucks.

No. 908916

File: 1675351332536.png (22.69 KB, 802x99, luna1.png)

No. 908917

File: 1675351356049.png (12.92 KB, 682x72, luna2.png)

No. 908919

you mean detox tunie?
then no one should care about her whining either.

No. 908920

they dole out meds/food and shes not the only fat junkie loser around, of course she loves it there

No. 908930

Pot meet kettle kek she’s so lacking in self awareness

No. 908969

this bitch has had every privilege under the sun. the fuck is she talking about?

this is how you know she’s never faced true adversity, or been around folks who have. all her friends are fellow trust fund kids, so that’s who she’s comparing herself to. but even then, she still has at least one parent fulfilling her every whim, she never has to worry about shelter or food, her dad still pays her phone bill when she’s nearly 30 for fuck’s sake.

so hard not to A-log this big stinky retard

No. 908971

File: 1675410959509.png (18.77 KB, 699x184, 12.png)

Sage for old milk.
Anybody else remember the cowtipping drug addict nona from 5 years ago? The one who sympathized with Luna's situation, then started a-logging her after they spoke for longer than 5 minutes? thread #22 >>597084
Luna can shut the fuck up. All the legitimately fucked up people she tries to befriend can tell she's a privileged liar, because she has no personal experience relating to anything they've been through.

No. 908979

Any instagramnonnies seen anymore posts from her at all or does she just barely post there anymore? I don’t have an account so occasionally check on her public account online but never see anything new, wondering if she’s posted more on her private or if its due to me not having an instagram account. Oh how I miss the days of the old threads.

No. 908983

File: 1675443293558.jpg (405.87 KB, 716x1248, L.jpg)

Nothing new, the pills bottle pic has no caption, got 51 likes and someone commented "ily ;-;"

No. 908984

Ah I see she must be on another hiatus, I am curious as to what is going on in her life to cause her to post less, my best guesses are all the past cowtipping and/or she’s always so dosed up on benzos/etc she’s too out of it to make any posts but I must admit I miss her frequent spam posting. Always wondering if she has another secret tumblr blog or something but I doubt she’d have the mental capacity to keep up with all those accounts at this point.

No. 908985

i was wondering about a secret tumblr too, but she hardly gets any scraps of attention on the one she has now and thats what its about for her. the circle of bpd tumblr girls online that used to asskiss and "validate" her seem to no longer exist. for the better. she just has random horny guys and wannarexic blogs who don't know any better, and fakeboi on her side now.

No. 908986

Oh definitely, it seems instagram is her main source of attention online for sure, and even looking back at the first thread she seemed to get a consistently similar amount of interaction then as to now (funny to see how much she was so openly posting about her vile trackmarks on instagram back then tbh). Best bet is cowtippers scared her into hiding much more imo. I do wonder if her old drug blog ever got enough traction to warrant her wanting to do something like that again but that’s just my wishful thinking of stumbling on a new hidden drug blog revealing all kek oh to be a fly on the wall in their disgusting pigsty.

No. 908987

File: 1675446932632.jpeg (189.12 KB, 828x1420, 30A1C31F-AF16-4C4B-BA64-B9730A…)

if anyone is truly bored in this dry milk season, i recommend a rereading of the lurch (adderall?) manicposting while luna was in detox >>891077
it includes absolute gems such as
>going crazy wanna come
and he even doxxes his mom at one point!

No. 908990

im begging the nonny who follows lurch on instagram to post more screenshots. even if theyre not incredibly milky im dying to know what he posts.

No. 908991

I'm the one who posted the Lurch screencap, I stole it from the kiwis, I don't follow him and I don't think he accepts new followers. Sorry to disapoint.

No. 908993

>i got lost in my own hood
This has me cringing so hard, what a fucking boomer LOL. That in combination with his saggy, flaking skin makes me want to tear my eyeballs out and use them as martini decorations. Get a fucking grip Lurch you junkie kek

No. 909010

She needs take advantage of the "tip $" feature on Tumblr and get back to blog posting, and even get into livestreaming on Tumblr. She's a cow but at least she's somewhat interesting when she posts details and stories kek.

No. 909012

File: 1675469168688.png (151.4 KB, 740x2456, 1544593691923.png)

Old tuna poetry

No. 909039

File: 1675521465025.png (62.83 KB, 927x307, reddit.png)

No. 909054

I feel like Luna's simply just grown out of social media and this kind of attention. She's known about this thread for years, hell, she was even caught following other cows' threads on multiple occasions, I don't see why she'd suddenly be so spooked.
I miss her little grimy shrines and shopping hauls but I can't help but feel like she's kinda done with it.

No. 909066

File: 1675560361373.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1983, B9DD04F0-078A-47A1-8F7F-B89C23…)

No. 909067

File: 1675560488669.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1974, 39B25CA0-9EAD-43C4-AD3D-507CB3…)

No. 909071

Does he go anywhere else besides Fordham Road in the Bronx? I saw him all the time around that corner years ago. It's crackhead central in that area.

No. 909073

She's taking the Phoebe/fatqueeronwheels route, not posting anymore so these threads die down. Her counselor or something must've advised her too, who knows.

No. 909077

Damn Lurch is really quite the photographer huh. He is an enigma really.

No. 909080

I was wondering whatever happened with Pheobe fatvegfemme and her autistic boyfriend. Do you happen to have any info?
Saged for OT.

No. 909086

>not even 10.000 steps
>about 8km
is that a flex?? I don't get it, that should be a normal day for everybody? it's not that much you ugly retard

No. 909093

File: 1675614535737.png (484.55 KB, 736x212, Screenshot_20230205-082704.png)

My favorite thing about anorexic spoopy waif Tooba is that she is so huge she's a separate category of large.

No. 909095

I think he went for a run

No. 909096

File: 1675615369944.jpeg (296.65 KB, 1284x1066, 95CED239-446F-44E4-BA03-1C672B…)

>the comradery

No. 909104

It’s not surprising that she’d miss inpatient. she probably craves some form of routine and structure but is too lazy to implement it on her own. She also presumably gets the chance to be social. And then when it’s all over she has to come back to the studio apartment she shares with her senile middle aged boyfriend who’s coming off a meth bender

No. 909139

I doubt it, since luna and any sort of growth other than weight gain are alien to each other. I think it is more likely that she's lost because of the change in social media. Tumblr was her internet home during its peak years, then it became a shadow of what it was. Reddit doesn't let her stand out in the same way, FB won't give her the audience she wants, etc.
Doubt. She's known about these threads pretty much as long as they've been around. Not sure why she would suddenly care now. Feeb was a LOT more image-as-a-brand for a normie crowd and really wanted to sell the character she created. That backfired so she dumped it. Also kek at the idea of fatso actually listening to or actioning anything any of her counsellors tell her.

No. 909146

I'm under the impression that, much like Amanda Brat, her life is such a miserable nightmare that it's not worth posting even for the attention. It's truly gotten that bad. Tuna stopped posting normally once they moved into that hovel they live in now; Brat stopped posting as she and her micro dicked boyfriend sunk deeper into their pills and doordash. Eventually even faking it must be too much.

No. 909150

i'm more with this anon, i think luna hasn't grown at all. there is just nothing in her life worth showcasing right now. shes obviously using again, living in a complete hovel she won't even show us, and miserable right now. she would rather be in detox than with her "beloved" lurch. im sure eventually when shes living somewhere else again she'll start posting 5 finger hauls and little shrines in corners of rooms again.

No. 909153

If you check her 9th thread there's a couple of updates from after her social media lockdown. Apart from that she's radio silent these days. Hopefully she lost some weight lol

No. 909156

Big agree with your first response here nona, she lost that “tumblr fame” and nowhere else is the same or will react the same to her ebegging posts, times are simply changing.

No. 909217

A lot of you are forgetting that most of the popular e-girls out there are Luna with 10% improvement. If she had a TikTok or were more active on Twitter instead of using a dying app like Instagram she would have the same brand of retards following her as angeltroon. It only take a filter and 5 minutes of photoshop to completely fake a body, and it only takes 5 minutes for a TikTok of Luna sitting in her heroin shovel for to get 20 comments from coquettes praising her for smoking next to a ceramic angel kek

No. 909229

Considering how fucking grimy her previous hovels were I wonder how awful this current one is if she's not even willing to take any selfies there lol

No. 909232

she deleted the xanax picture off her public insta. tinfoil but i think shes relapsed again and is heavy in using right now. maybe ebegging in the dms and trying to look sober. shes definitely asking people for money and complaining privately. i guess discord probably or on instagram. i mean all my tinfoil but i just am trying to make sense of this radio silence. like >>909229 said, she's never been afraid to show off her grimy places before. i assume its a one room, they probably dont own a mattress, but old tuna would've used that as an opportunity to beg! i guess it just makes me sad that between here and kiwi we have seemed to have broken her spirit… which makes me have to think a really bad drug binge is going on right now. they were probably trying to get that adderrall to trade.

No. 909234

File: 1675766338200.png (11.14 KB, 800x119, Screenshot_20230207-053631_kin…)

before any of you mistakenly click on this like i did it was a picture of a nasty deep abcess. youre an IV user too tuna you nasty hypocrite.

No. 909235

Kinda shitty that her dad left her with her junkie mother (after her grandma's death, I know) while he got sober himself. Girl never had a chance.

No. 909236

i mean when you consider all the things hes bought her and all the times shes gone to his place to escape whatever hovel lurch lived in, nah. i really don't understand how anyone can have sympathy for her. her dad seems like a typical father, not always there and distant, but does what he can for his daughter when he can. who cares if he wasn't "emotionally there" for his bratty daughter, hes helped fund her entitled junkie iv user lifestyle for years. she has had every. chance.

No. 909264

File: 1675798072058.jpg (296.91 KB, 1080x1746, tumblr.jpg)

She reblogged this kek. We know.

No. 909268

>hes helped fund her entitled junkie iv user lifestyle for years.
As if that's not a bad and stupid thing to do? Her dad's a useless junkie and a shit dad, that doesn't mean Luna's completely unaccountable for the things she's done. But I have no idea how some of you keep defending people like her dad and calling him a "typical father" lol

No. 909273

He was around, Luna has bragged about how if she whined and threw a tantrum he would let her stay home from elementary school, it's just murky how much she lived with him and how much she lived with her grandmother. Luna admits he was sober for most of this time, he actually got his act together a lot more than her mother. His biggest sin is his enabling and spoiling of Luna, which continues to this day, and why I won't be very sad when he finally croaks.

No. 909275

This is a perfect distillation of her entire identity.

No. 909280

File: 1675812443216.jpeg (270.28 KB, 828x825, BDBA6BF5-F053-4C60-97E2-C92899…)

i really wonder what kind of place shes living in now

No. 909281

taking on lurch and luna as tenants with their zero legal income, not a very good one lol

No. 909284

File: 1675815322044.jpeg (69.27 KB, 828x344, 5CE249F8-3FA7-4AC5-91D8-88C9CE…)

No. 909285

File: 1675815663969.jpeg (698.1 KB, 828x1342, 254FC0AC-6317-4107-B2D7-E8BFDF…)

Let’s hope they don’t steal this cat

No. 909286

god I hope someone in her building treats her and lurch the same way she treats her fellow mentally ill addicts. she’s such a fucking hypocrite

No. 909287

What does she expect living in the type of place she's at? Peace and luxury? Nah. She's worse than the person she's complaining about. It's obviously some sardine housing for the mentally ill/addicts. Get your own actual apartment if you don't like it. But wait, you're too lazy to get a job so maybe just be happy you aren't on the streets. Or move to the streets if that would be better kek

No. 909288

I wonder what the counselor said. She never gives details from therapy, just vague "the counselor guilt trips me", "they're mean" etc.

No. 909291

File: 1675819199575.png (427.44 KB, 385x623, wut.png)

Lurch thinks this is cool. Always wondered what a Lurch looks for when window shopping

No. 909293

love that lurch has more of a life and a social media presence than luna….

No. 909295

File: 1675821589023.jpg (985.65 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230207_172106_Gal…)

No. 909296

what does she want? this guy to get arrested at gunpoint when he’s clearly only just loud? for him to be 5150’d over yelling? like seriously, what does she want?

No. 909297

Does she get all this shit sent to her mom’s address?

No. 909307

kek I couldn't quite put into words how much Luna has Girl Interrupted Syndrome (everyone on 2010s tumblr did) and that's why she posts less, but this sums it up better than anything I could have said. As she gets older and fatter, she relates less to the cute teenage trainwreck fantasies in media, as she slowly realises she isn't special and she's just like the millions of other drug addicts.

No. 909308

As bad as her current living situation sounds, it's no worse than the squat she lived in for over a year. At least they're not busting open her windows and calling Lurch a pedophile, her old squat didn't even have a working lock.
Luna's an unreliable narrator and extremely self centered, if this story is true and she keeps calling the cops, she's going to get in trouble with the other tenants very quickly. Nobody else in the building cares about this guy or will talk to the cops about it? Either she's in a really bad area that don't want cops around, or she's lying about the severity of the situation.

No. 909309

File: 1675844342200.jpeg (36.97 KB, 828x219, 24ACA53D-3D97-4E29-8637-F37138…)

No. 909316

It sounds like they're renting a room in a house.

No. 909317

Most of these plushies are looking surprisingly clean meaning they must be new/very recent, is daddy dearest funding all of these? He must be a real pushover jesus christ.
This. It’s gotta be some sort of supported housing section 8 type place.

No. 909320

the fact that police have been coming by makes me think the place must be a legal situation, but it just sounds like one of the sketchiest places ever. i guess where i live is much different than new york state but i don't think here would have any similar equivalents except maybe halfway houses for addicts and criminals or group homes for retarded people.

No. 909327

File: 1675867111297.jpg (126.5 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20230208_094027.jpg)

No. 909329

Lol this is weirdly kind of cute. Its nice when men can think something made for women or children is cool without it being sexual. But also, we dont know exactly WHY lurch thought this was cool… soo…

No. 909330

Because she’s been keeping up with counselors I’d assume this is some state house and she has to stay on her meds and see her counselor to continue to qualify. I’d assume when she goes inpatient she’s relapsed and that’s another part of not being disqualified , if she uses she goes to detox? This is not a rental she’s in, there’s a vast difference in her posting now and all of the Airbnb’s. She’s living with a bunch of other addicts and mentally Ill people in some halfway house and she HaTeS it

No. 909332

Just in time for winter/fall/spring

No. 909334

This is the bag she said she "was refunded" for but the seller wanted to send it to her anyways. Sure, Jan.
I highly doubt the terrible horrible screaming yelling bad man was that disruptive. She exaggerates and needs to feel like a poor little victim. I'm cackling that she thought the cops would care about her video.

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