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File: 1662091563048.jpeg (124.45 KB, 650x1156, 85874F60-AB65-4150-804A-72CABE…)

No. 890360


Previous Thread: >>887951
Image Credit: >>889686

The Basics:

>Luna is a 26 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”

>Claims to have overdosed 5+ times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:

>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove her mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:

>Embarked on a “sex work” career, taking filthy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more like an actual corpse in every photo

>Sells premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>One anon leaks a “commission” video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Her dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off, one of her lowest points to date >>758647
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her sex work twitter account >>761016
>Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775 , >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “Lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” videos that they bought but didn’t leak at the time >>811491 , >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:


>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets disconnected and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as her “landlord” despite admitting on Facebook that they’re not there legally >>813209 , >>813354
>The apartment door lock breaks, Luna and Lurch build sad little barricades (the most notable being the busted pink gaming chair, RIP, gone too soon) >>816475 , >>815981
>The cops pay them a visit and find drugs, drug paraphernalia and a knife >>813338
>Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 , >>822424 , >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the regular, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718 , >>822657 , >>823499 , >>823823 , >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober despite still taking fucking Xanax >>824858 , >>825465 , >>827008 , >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses and is allegedly “dying” >>825466 , >>825993 , >>826190
>Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimulus checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by their neighbour’s pitbulls (totally not while stealing or anything) >>831109

Assault Saga:

>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building, anons bicker over whether she’s telling the truth or not >>840784 , >>840941

>Reports the rape to the police who take the allegation seriously >>841832
>Police then pivot to not entirely believing her rape story, suspect her of submitting a falsified statement >>843957
>Luna gets admitted to the psych ward, calls it the “worst day of her life” but doesn’t explain why, still manages to post unsettling selfies featuring EKG stickers >>846413 , >>846458
>One theory is that she lost her shit when she took all of her Klonopin and the doctor wouldn’t give her more >>847120

Recent Milk:

>Instead of applying for jobs, the skincare kween continues to pass the time with flagrant sheet mask abuse >>888037

>Calls MC Sledgehammer a “slum lord” and claims she has a lawyer looking into taking action against him (topkek, sure Tuna) >>888098
>Contractfag-chan does some contractfagging and establishes that Senor Sledge is well within his rights to kick the gruesome twosome out for breaking the rules >>888106
>Tuna claims she’s going to ruin Sledgehammer-sama’s reputation, he must be shaking in his boots >>888125
>Some amazing art from a talented nonita >>888157
>More porky pies about the plumbing issue at Sledgehammer-Samar’s abode (we know you don’t take showers, Tuna) >>888232
>More threats and slander, calls Senor Sledge a “wannabe real estate agent” when that’s literally what he does for a living >>888259
>After Luna claims that “everyone” in the Airbnb was being kicked out, Sledgehammer-sama brings in five new people, once again demonstrating how bad she is at lying >>888291
>Tuna alleges that Senor Sledge won’t talk to her and treats his girlfriend badly, implying he is a misogynist (LORD imagine the milk if he sued her for defamation) >>888319
>Then she claims he knew about the plumbing issues prior to her moving in, this retard really cannot keep up with her own tall tales >>888388
>Woe is me, Lurch is off to meet with “a lady who is our only hope”, cue speculation as to whether she is a former girlfriend, side piece, customer, et al >>888511
>May have found a place to stay, reminds us all how great her skin is, just in case anyone had forgotten >>888610
>Pity posting about how other people are so privileged other people are, being rich and having everything handed to them while she is an eternal victim of a cruel and unjust world HEY SIRI, WHAT IS SELF-AWARENESS? >>888611
>Thanks to a cowtipper Tuna deletes some of the pity posts, while also claiming that she never inherited a house like we’ve all accepted as part of her lore. She also claims she “only” inherited 50k, you know, the amount most people have on small change down the back of the couch, and spent it all on rent and bills (interesting way to spell “drugs”, Tuna) >>888628
>In an astonishing feat of spasticity, Tuna manages to fuck up an Airbnb booking by not realising that you can change the dates without cancelling the whole thing, freaks out about it on Reddit, all the posts get deleted by the sub mods >>888778
>Yes Tuna, it’s definitely because you are cursed and not at all because you’re a fucking retard >>888795
>Has found a “gorgeous” new place, Senor Sledge is making her life “hell” and it’s not her fault because NOTHING is ever her fault >>888886
>Anon shares a screenshot of DMs with Luna, apparently “Mattjew” is going to squat at Sledgehammer-sama’s until he is given a refund and they have savings from when he got bitten by the neighbour’s shitbulls (yet another inventive way of saying “drugs”) >>888937
>Lurch posts about his father having “a relaxing touch”, I don’t even know where to start with that one, brainlet.jpeg >>889000
>Hey nonitas, did Tuna ever tell you that she loves her skin? >>889053
>The disgusting duo finally leaves MC Sledgehammer’s premises >>889084
>More cringeworthy sharpie art. NO HOME FOR YOU! >>889104
>Nona finds the Marriott where Tuna is staying before moving into the new place >>889142
>The cheapest room is $199 per night, ebil dad is obviously footing the bill >>889146
>Based Sledgehammer-sama re-lists their room, proving that there wasn’t an issue with the house, he just wanted them out >>889318
>Newfag claims they were a “neighbour” of Tuna and Lurch at the House of Sledge, doesn’t post proof, anons are divided on whether this is legit milk or bullshit >>889375
>Newfag neighbour claims they stunk like shit, admitted to breaking the rules and left peacefully >>889390
>Also claims Senor Sledge knew all about them and the thread >>889393
>Apparently he was “sent things” about them and told the other residents which led to them googling the gruesome twosome >>889406
>Supposedly it was the squatting that pisses Senor Sledge off the most, plus their room “smelled like ass” >>889450
>After aeons of fakeboi notice-me-senpaing at Tuna, she finally gets acknowledged >>889503
>Nonas notice that there’s been no sign of Lurch since Luna arrived at the hotel, cue tinfoiling about him ditching her >>889615
>While awaiting the next chapter in the Airbnb saga, anon shares an ancient video of Tuna participating in a mentorship program, seemingly confirming that she is an actual sped as demonstrated by her inability to form a single coherent sentence >>889666
>Once a greasy, hulking, hot mess, always a greasy, hulking, hot mess >>889684
>Finally makes it to the new abode, promptly posts pictures of the nice garden that is wasted on a scumbag like her, replete with pot plants >>889892
>Cosy looking Ugg sheets, perfect for New York in the summer and someone who never bathed >>889917
>Still trying to sell grimy ass nudes >>890153
>The sentient Junji Ito drawing finally makes an appearance at the wookhouse playing photographer for his muse >>890231
>Place your bets on how long it will take this arrangement to go tits up (inb4 Tuna tries to steal the other cat that lives in the house) >>890237
>Luna posts a hilarious selfie with Lurch featuring a makeup filter that makes him look like troon >>890272
>MERRY MILKMAS! Weaponised autism leads to the unearthing of their current Airbnb listing >>890338



https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/ [deleted]
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]
https://thewrldisurs82.tumblr.com/ [active]

https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]


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No. 890364

I love that Lurch and Luna have already posted up in the communal outdoor space to smoke and nod out, ensuring no other guest will dare stick a toe out there. Who wants to risk having to interact with an animated pile of mashed potatoes and a creepy dead tree?

(Also, Ty for new thread, thread Nonnie)

No. 890365

also its a really nice house? no way some of that nice stuff isn't going to go missing

No. 890366

could be both an Airbnb and a charity case…it's definitely nicer than they deserve…

No. 890367

Yeah those are surprisingly nice digs, it’s a shame to think of the gruesome twosome stinking it up.
Also thanks for the new thread nonny

No. 890368

It’s fucking huge, look at that kitchen and dining room. It’s WAY too nice for them. It actually pisses me off that their room could have been filled by people more deserving of it than a spoilt, entitled, thieving, lying, scamming, narcissistic piece of shit junkie and her fat drug pushing groomer “fiancé”

No. 890369

It's the cruel reality, slobs like Luna get nice things, don't pay bills, have the latest iPhone and Fenty/other brands makeup and skincare, food stamps on which she's getting huge on while others have to work their ass off or are barely scrapping by.

No. 890370

according to the listing, it's $79 per night, $2370 per month. Not TOO bad, considering tunadad is paying for it…private bathroom and all that.

My theory is that the plumbing story about the last place was for her dad more than anything. This really has got to be the last chance, she can't use the same story again.

No. 890371

File: 1662101475555.jpg (174.23 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20220901-235024_Sam…)

The room is only booked til mid December, what happened to staying somewhere until February?

No. 890373

It’s okay, getting to spend time in clean, spacious, comfortable surroundings now will only make the next filthy hovel she inevitably ends up in feel a thousand times more disgusting now that she has more of a frame of reference for how a home can be.

No. 890375

File: 1662111869088.jpeg (37.84 KB, 250x269, F85BCFD1-6448-417D-8E04-D6CB9C…)

From the other farms
>everyone is arguing with me
That’s a weird way of saying “I’m a poorly socialised, uncompromising and entitled piece of shit”

No. 890376

Samefagging to apologise for how post formatting really fucked me there kek

No. 890377

‚I don’t know what the problem is. I just know it’s not me‘

No. 890378

Luna, you don’t feel like an fat ugly blob, you are one

No. 890379

File: 1662114672774.jpg (220.64 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_Instagram.jpg)

Lurch is such a lech, no wonder Luna feels bad about herself while he's lusting after her friends

No. 890380

File: 1662115441212.jpeg (408.12 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20220901-124150_Ins…)

Does anyone else think she looks gorgeous in this? She may be overweight but her fat distribution is really good - her waist is tiny. She could be cute in a thicc way with very little effort.(bait)

No. 890383

anon she's clearly both sucking in, posing etc. she has a normal waist. she couldn't lose weight when she was young, she refuses to do 10 squats a day even now cus she hates to move. she only starves herself for a day at a time never pulling through with it.

No. 890385

>Does anyone else

who finally told our beautiful mashed potato princess ‘no’?

No. 890386

File: 1662117940303.jpg (2.32 MB, 4096x2302, InCollage_20220902_042609362.j…)

Predator vs. Predator

No. 890387

File: 1662118743053.jpg (19.28 KB, 320x240, aphex-twin-window-licker.jpg)

It's giving aphex twin

No. 890388

Shut the fuck up you silly fantastical cunt.

No. 890390

>>890380 I am begging you to shut the fuck up. If this is a tiny waist by your standards, god help you. Also instagram angles and sucking in change a lot. Anyone who's been here more than 5 minutes knows what's up.

Can the Tuna WKs please find the exit FFS.

No. 890391

Just ignore and report bait/whiteknights

No. 890393

This. Also, if you're lurking Tuna, here's a fun tip:

>>890391 if you see a post formatted like this (bonus points if it's unsaged!), they could be one of three things! A newfag, kiwifarmer, or a mutual of yours that you burned a bridge with, kek.

No. 890394

So we're not allowed to speak our thoughts on this forum? Literally not allowed to say that Luna looks nice every now and then because it's against the hivemind? You shut the fuck up cryptofascists.

No. 890395

shut the actual fuck up. no one gives a fuck if you think tuna looks good, we know she abuses filters more than she abuses pills. this is a forum for DRAMA, not for 'nonny no. 890394's personal thoughts'.

No. 890397

i think anon means more like the posts where people go
>luna is actually really really pretty and i also do 10 mg xanax bars every day and im sober and I UNDERSTAND DRUG ADDICTS WAY MORE THAN YOU REEEEE I UNDERSTAND LUNA AND HER ART THE BEST!!! truly a troubled and beautiful soul i hope she leaves lurch and becomes a beat poet/baseball journalist and she also finally likes my insta pic!!! her body is amazing despite her obesity and lumpiness! thats just being thicc!!! doing drugs totally makes her (and me because yes i do codeine and smoke erryday IM NOT AN ADDICT) way more deep and cool than any normie out there. not like any of you people who make fun of poor precious princess tuna could ever ever understand trauma or how she needs her sooper serious sanrio venting art!!! anyways love her tattoos and lurch is a hottie!
i think most of us just want people to stop responding to bait. its too obvious every time.

No. 890398

Only twitter trannies use that word in my experience. You must not be a woman if you think that (skins on) mashed potatoes with a kigurumi mask on top are beautiful.
Is it weird that I find her no longer using the “1996” in her usernames hilarious? She used to love to brag about being some kind of wunderkind artist who was so advanced for her age and now she’s at least come to the realization that at her big age she should probably have done something with “all that potential uwu” by now.

No. 890401

Not really, she looks about 40 to me

No. 890402

What happened to "I'll get any job once I move" lol

No. 890403

10$ says it's fakeboi just wanting to rile up anons because she's a friendless neet who can't get her waifu Tuna's attention. Note, the ayrt specifically calls her 'Luna'.

No. 890406

File: 1662139394088.jpg (798.41 KB, 2048x2560, Erin-Heatherton.jpg)

Ummm achstually, she's Erin Heatherton after she gained weight. Didn't you know? Lose the weight, Erin, lay off the drugs!

No. 890408

Tuna fish, tuna fish in a dish. How many tunas do you wish(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 890409

I dislike fakeboi but stop treating her like some Boogeyman that you see everywhere. She has a specific writing style and is extremely happy to announce herself whenever she spergs. I bet she is not responsible for all the whiteknighting ITT.

No. 890410

I think Lurch is kinda like DiCaprio and won't date past 25. I think he's been looking for a new lurchette once his ogress turned 26 and they got homeless.

No. 890411

This has to be an aesthetic that already exists under a different name

No. 890412

You posted a question and got an answer

No. 890413

the anon that was sperging last thread about sanrio traumacore and how many mg they take daily….…. lurchettecore ?

No. 890420

im 99% sure most comments like these are bait. anons have admitted to doing shit like that in /ot/ confessional threads etc. im surprised how many of you it works on…

No. 890421

Why was this banned kek

No. 890422

Fakeboi probably lurks but she was banned for a year and gave up on trying to get around it. She sucks Tuna's unwashed ass in the replies to her posts and occasionally makes her own posts sperging out about her. It's unlikely that it's her.

No. 890424

File: 1662153791890.jpeg (563.87 KB, 828x1218, 8F0C48B8-F920-4143-9530-3BAF41…)

Why must she state every single thing she’s applied to her face? She does that every time it’s annoying

No. 890425

Cause she thinks people won't see the rest of the makeup that she has on.

No. 890426

And the lashes are natural yea?

No. 890427

does she not notice that she has giant sweaty pit stains ? i bet a million she just reeks of BO and cigarettes all day and thinks all the skin care products masks it all.

No. 890428

considering she's mentioned it before when she started sex work, i bet the 1 or 2 people who have even contacted her have been asking for fat fetish content, and that's why she's been feeling like a blob. of course she doesn't want to admit that the only men interested in her are men who like big, fat, obese women eating themselves to death so she just says "gang bangs."

No. 890429

File: 1662155734824.jpg (270.99 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20220902-145521_Ins…)

Is it the filter or does it sort of look like her hairline is receding? I could be reaching

No. 890433

she's so fucking greasy holy shit

No. 890434

maybe a little bit, i definitely see what you mean.
her retarded poses always make me laugh, where the fuck is she looking

No. 890435

Because she’s desperately trying to bait someone, anyone, to comment, “wow, that’s the only make up you have on?! You’re such a natural beauty and your skin is perfect, clearly the 20+ dollar tree creams you slather on incorrectly really work! You’re so naturally gorgeous, you don’t even need then lashes, lipgloss, and brow pencil! You don’t need any make up at all! And you’re not even fat!”

No. 890436

She's morphing into Lurch

No. 890438

Please don't. The actual Predator monster is hot asf when compared to lurch. Muscular, good hair, not a pussy. Lurch could NEVER

No. 890439

It's too bad that her precious "!!!SELF HARM!!! STAB WOUND!" that she liked to show off in every pic just looks like a cats asshole now

No. 890447

All she's missing are some elf ears to go with the unrealistic larger eyes.

No. 890451

Don't give her ideas. inb4 fairycore phase

No. 890458


Did anyone else notice what looks like a putrid swollen red cyst on her arm there? What even is that?

No. 890459

Cherry angiomas aka big pink mole.
I'd have that removed but it's the least of her concerns.

No. 890460

File: 1662217605028.jpg (169.93 KB, 720x1405, VideoCapture_20220903-080650.j…)

Maybe she can't physically hold her tongue in anymore like a senior dog.

No. 890461

File: 1662217659319.jpg (208.75 KB, 1080x1033, Screenshot_20220903_080833.jpg)

No. 890462

she just had to 1 up

No. 890463

File: 1662218379567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.77 MB, 1069x11322, Screenshot_20220903_081950.jpg)

Tunafish liking long posts about why dirty men cause female UTIs.

No. 890464

You sound jealous

No. 890465

That unnatural hand positioning, she HAS to show off her tattoo all the time.

No. 890466

Is this actually Lurch though? It looks like a Filipino woman

No. 890468

It is. The image quality is bad but you can see his trademark eyeglasses, hair on a ponytail and receeding hairline

No. 890469

Fakeboi is as gross as Tuna. Omg who broadcasts to the entire world they got uti from not changing leggings for a week while on ketamine?? What is seriously wrong with her

No. 890471

Lol, the self-proclaimed functional, totally not addicted any more, addict.

No. 890473

You sound retarded

No. 890475

File: 1662232952200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 694.13 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220903_202122.jpg)

Luna's disgusting lips have reminded me of something for a while and I have finally remembered what.

Lol, the woman wearing the gag is even doing the tongue thing Luna does.

No. 890476

Why doesn't she get some fucking tattoos on her shoulders or chest if she is so desperate to show them off like a retard in every photo?

No. 890482

Because you can't steal them at Dollar Tree

No. 890484

? She answered a question honestly, that's not 1 upping. Your Tuna hatred is blinding your common sense slightly.

No. 890485

File: 1662244192898.jpg (47.55 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20220903-152843_Tum…)

No. 890486

File: 1662244252007.jpg (323.91 KB, 1080x1779, Screenshot_20220903-152914_Tum…)

They only have housing until December as of now but time for another haul of cheap cheap low quality shit

No. 890487

What a dumbass. Just consume less calories Tuna you literally have food stamps. This bitch doesn't really want the things she pines over, she just wants to bitch and moan and play victim.

No. 890489

Annnnd this is why she will never lose weight. She will fast for a single day, feel cranky and sick from the sudden drop in her caloric intake, Lurch will tell her “bby you’re not fat don’t starve yourself” and then she will binge. She has all the time in the world to workout and learn how to prepare healthy unprocessed meals. Hell, didn’t the owner of the Airbnb say in the description of the place that he likes to teach people how to cook? Alas, she refuses to do anything productive.

No. 890490

This. She's open about a lot of her dysfunctions, but she never owns up to the fact that she's binging. Because binge eating disorder isn't romanticizeable.

No. 890491

This still won't give you a place of residence, you damn idiotic squatter.

No. 890493

File: 1662249670143.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.07 KB, 828x824, Tumblr_l_812855204101481.jpg)

Damn she's so bent on self destructing My sister is also a bpd piece of shit so i know first hand that until she's in jail or living in a tent she's not gonna stop living like this and hating herself and probably not even then. Girl you're 26 already wake the fuck up move your ass and do something with your life!!! Anything!!! Nobody gives a shit if you're fat that's the least of her problems. She could start by deleting her social media and dropping her dick cheese loser pedophile piece of shit boyfriend. Damn it I know im projecting a little but this dumb and passive self victimizing bitch makes my blood boil. She's either gonna end up dead or as a old and obese toothless prostitute and still she will blame everyone but herself because waah dont you know that the world is against her??
Sage for angry autistic rant

No. 890497

>had a coupon so fuck it
yeah that's why they send you those daily emails you fucking retard lmao luna is the worst kind of consumer

No. 890502

Kek he would never enable her, he yells at her that she's fat when they fight

No. 890510

She probably thinks 50lbs is really drastic and anorexic sounding when in reality she would need to lose even more than that just to be considered in the normal range.

No. 890511

She thinks she's gonna lose 50 lbs by not eating and just drinking water? As if she could keep that up long enough to lose any weight at all. What a silly goose

No. 890515

File: 1662280802571.jpg (237.73 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20220904-014012_Tum…)

She liked several ED posts on tumblr but this one was my favorite kek

No. 890517

How many phone cases has this bitch bought over the past couple of years? Who goes through that many, especially when you're supposedly broke?

No. 890522

not that she’ll actually do it, but could you imagine how terrible her body would look if she really starved off 50 lbs that quickly? she’d go from mashed potato to spilled jar of mayo

No. 890525

she would need that skin fold surgery if she lost a lot of weight at this point. also she would have to do a lot of working out to tighten up in the first place. shes got to be morbidly obese for her height by this point even as a giantess. its not as hard to classify as obese as you would think.

No. 890528

it's so sad and pathetic that she has no interest in doing anything the right or intelligent way. she can lose weight easily by making small changes to her diet. she doesn't even need expensive organic produce, frozen veggies and some chicken and water instead of juice would make a big difference as well as doing some cardio workouts she can find on Youtube. but no, her puny brain says "starve myself for a day for pity points online and then cave in and binge on cake and ice cream"

No. 890552

File: 1662316623459.png (747.77 KB, 746x1128, Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 2.35…)

no, it's highly likely that pumpkin has been around dogs before you and matt stole her, tuna.

No. 890555

jfc even with the filters on you can see how bad the condition of pumpkins fur is. honestly she would be better as a stray, at least being able to eat small mammals or birds instead of whatever shit 1$ feed shes getting. im hoping she will eat some of the dogs food, get some basic nutrition at least

No. 890556


The cat sperging is always so loud and wrong lol cat would absolutely not be better off outside, nor eating dog food - the fur is fine and looks very clean this cat is clearly cleaning itself have you ever seen a greasy dirty cat before

No. 890557

How much do you guys think Luna weighs? I'm guessing 300lbs

No. 890558

File: 1662320323789.jpg (Spoiler Image, 307.97 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20220904-123822_Goo…)

No. 890559

With her height? Hard to say, but pushing 300 seems fair at 5’10”

No. 890565

i've had the same phone for 7 years and have only had 2 phone cases for it. the way she "needs" a new phone case is astounding cause she genuinely is under the belief that anything she wants is actually a need, or it means that everything she owns becomes so filthy and bacteria infested because of her lack of hygiene that she does actually NEED to get another one.

also remember when she said she was gonna get a "beneath her" job once she moves in somewhere? meanwhile, all she's done is continue to take sweaty selfies with minimal makeup and post useless shit she's buying.

No. 890567

File: 1662324617905.png (61.13 KB, 132x384, neverbuyingfromsheikagain.png)

>have been wanting a robe
Like the one you've been wearing over and over again? Guess she can't be assed to throw it in a washing machine. New one it is. Enjoy the cheap cheap cheap toxins!

No. 890568

These posts are so embarrassing. Normally wouldn't poke fun at people's mental illnesses but christ I just can't wrap my head around a woman in her mid to late 20s engaging with pro ana content of this caliber. Pro ana is cringe in general but this is like a step up from those lists people used to make of made up scenarios about being skinny

No. 890569

It baffles me that she can't just walk to the dollar tree and buy some soap (ffs even dish soap would be fine) to wash her clothes. If she's too lazy to take her morbidly obese ass to the laundry mat, she could just hand wash her clothes.

No. 890570

I'm very sure her air bnb actually has a washer and dryer in the house that guests can use. On top of just being lazy, I honestly bet she doesnt even know how to work a wash machine.

No. 890571

i'm almost 100% sure at her nearly 27 years of age, she has never done laundry or cooked ever. i'd be genuinely surprised at this point if she even knows how to properly wipe her ass.

No. 890573

you already know she’s wiping back to front

No. 890576

I just checked and it does have both so she has no excuse to wear blood and cum stained clothes anymore

No. 890577

File: 1662329173446.jpg (49.64 KB, 1032x629, Screenshot_20220904-170444_Sam…)

This is from the listing. It's even free! The best kind of cheap cheap cheap! I'm sure she can watch a youtube video on how to do laundry!
But she prefers to re-wear her vomit shirt over and over instead >>890424

No. 890578

Im a 5’10 anon and my bet is 330lbs. The hambeast could use a workout, washing her clothes and fat folds. Imagine trying to share a space with her thundering down the hall, out of breathe trying to find the lighting for her selfies… i really feel for the host.

No. 890579

I feel like ppl tend to overexaggerate her weight. I feel like realistically she's probably like 250-270. Basing this off a fat ex I had at the same height.

No. 890580

File: 1662332738471.png (393.2 KB, 646x739, Screenshot_2022-09-05-00-05-21…)

Who does she have taking her photo? It's not Lurch is it?

No. 890581

That is absolutely lurch are you blind

No. 890582

I agree, if she was actually 300 or 300+ she would look much more like a deathfat. She's tall so that does help her not look as heavy as she actually is, but over 270 is a reach.

No. 890583

It's lurch. That's his black wife beater and extremely receding hairline >>890272 that he normally hides kek

No. 890587

Psychic damage. And she liked that huge post about men giving women UTIs from poor hygiene…
She has no excuse. Remember when she was all ~my DBT workbooks uwu~? She could get that dopamine hit she so desperately craves if she chucked her dirty clothes into the machine and washed them. She could even watch King of the Hill while she folds them. She might even find it relaxing. It's such a simple thing most people take for granted but could be one of the easier ways for her to be productive.

No. 890590

File: 1662337840825.jpg (67.65 KB, 1080x1366, LurchInstagram.jpg)

Lurch is on the prowl

No. 890591

Tuna’s BPD ass must spiral when she sees shit like this, kek

No. 890593

File: 1662339720963.jpg (194.02 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20220904-180135_Chr…)

Interesting how he's demoted her from "my fiance" to "my girl". And how most of his replies are to women younger than him who love baseball.

No. 890594

File: 1662339863370.jpg (267.48 KB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20220904-180503_Chr…)

An example

No. 890595

I wonder where’s the intersection of interests here. A relatively small private account from (?) the UK. Was she public before?

No. 890597

I’m honestly surprised he has ever referred to her as his fiancé, I wonder if he has only done so because Tuna screeches at him if he doesn’t so he obliges just to shut her up

No. 890603

He went along with the fiancee thing to avoid a meltdown from Tuna I think. It costs him nothing to call her that. She even provided a ring herself kek. And honestly he may as well marry her, he's got literally nothing to lose, no assets whatsoever. Any stray money he gets he can squirrel away, while Luna will use her dad's money to support them both.

No. 890604

Kek that he's commenting on a Tweet that's over a year old

No. 890605

That Weekend At Bernies ass profile photo gets me every time. Imagine that creature hitting on you, even though the internet. I'd restock my mace just in case.

No. 890606

File: 1662346739245.jpg (225.41 KB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_20220904-180703_Chr…)

Sure Lurch, kek

No. 890607

Can we take this as confirmation that Luna is aware of her KF thread?

No. 890608

He be lurkin'

No. 890610

Tough words coming from a man who literally hides behind the cops. The only way he'd ever be able to hurt someone is if he sold them fent and called it heroin. And the "scumbag" comment is hilarious coming from lurch

No. 890612

lmao forever at lurch's serbia saga

No. 890616

Jessi Slaughter 2: Electric Boogaloo. What are you going to do, Lurch? Go to the airport and sit at the boarding door until they let you on a plane without a passport? Chase him down on your bum knee? Yell at him in gibberish on the internet where you're safe like the coward you are?

You pose no threat and have no power. You talk big game, but you're just a fat old man chasing after the skirts of teenage girls and fleeting highs. Nothing more.

No. 890622

File: 1662360293131.jpg (135.66 KB, 1080x984, Screenshot_20220904-180054_Chr…)

One last gem from Lurch's Twitter. I took this a few hours ago but forgot to post

No. 890624

He said ball not drugs, Lurch.

No. 890631

jesus christ what a loser! in WHAT way has he been involved in baseball besides a watcher and talking about it on social media? he loves to pick fights and act tough on the internet because that's what a spineless pussy does, he'd get his ass handed to him in the real world

No. 890633

I think she mentioned something like 250 in one of her posts, but IDK in how many threads back it was posted

No. 890636

He went to college on a baseball scholarship then he got hit by a taxi and couldn't play anymore.

No. 890637

I mean it’s not impossible, maybe he wasn’t always a useless piece of shit

No. 890638

>he went to college on a baseball scholarship
is that actually true, though? I know that’s what Luna says, but is there any confirmation of that?

No. 890649

Was that before or after he owned a yacht?

No. 890659

It'd make sense he'd get addicted to H after getting hit by a taxi and ending up in a hospital. Doctors in the US used to hand out opioids and benzos like candy until recently. That's how majority of people in the US become addicted.

No. 890660

or when he had epilepsy that has never popped up again?

No. 890661

What about the million dollar inheritance that he was supposed to get when his grandmother died?

No. 890664

I hope Tuna makes sure to fact check all these claims, I'd hate for Lurch's future award winning auto-biography to be full of inaccuracies.

No. 890667

what about his golden parachute that never touches the ground?

No. 890669

File: 1662417573251.jpeg (583.93 KB, 1170x1280, BA1A24E4-5709-4CAC-B7BF-16E0BF…)

Tuna being this involved in the opiate fandom makes her look extremely not sober. Why does she care so much?

No. 890670

because she’s proud of being a filthy junkie and having “street knowledge”, all she cares about is getting high and being more sick or deep in her addiction than the next junkie is. it’s her whole identity beyond pretending to like baseball and being inluv with her “fiancé”

No. 890671

You'd think after all these years she'd learn to keep her mouth shut sometimes because she makes herself sound so damn stoOpid, bro. Sorry tuna I guess not everyone can be as cool and tough as you when it comes to drugs lmao. Also love how her comment had nothing to do with OPs question, she just had to show off her super dooper junkie kewlness. Her clown makeup suited her well.

No. 890672

File: 1662420215255.jpg (393.03 KB, 1440x1183, Screenshot_20220905-192319_Red…)

Is it me or does he always change his height, now he's 6'6 also confirmation from the goon himself that he uses Tuba's reddit account. He's seriously mentally stunted. He needs to add that hea a groomer in there while he's at it.

No. 890673

That's definitely lurch on her account

No. 890676

holy shit what a fucking run-on sentence. I know tuna and tiki aren't known for their grammar and punctuation but god that was exhausting to read.

No. 890677

Funny how he posts his story a few hours after this >>890659 was posted by nonnie. Kek. Hi lurch

No. 890683

File: 1662429364532.jpg (128.31 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20220905-185337_Chr…)

The post this was replying to was deleted, but im sure we can guess what it was about

No. 890684

File: 1662429424880.jpg (335.69 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20220905-185130_Chr…)

Still on the prowl

No. 890685

File: 1662429465179.jpg (97.17 KB, 719x345, Screenshot_20220906-025458_Chr…)

Another Lurch accident to add to the list of things that robbed him of that completely real pro baseball career

No. 890686

File: 1662430028376.jpg (124.86 KB, 720x664, Screenshot_20220906-030312_Chr…)

No. 890687

ayrt, my bad i was going through his likes. Odd that he liked that post and then responded with the opposite opinion

No. 890688

this, lurch voice is strong in the choice of verbiage. makes me wonder how he has access to her account though unless it's only on their shared laptop. i don't imagine her giving him her phone to dick around on

No. 890690

look i don't mean to demean anyone with ptsd but lurch got ptsd from getting hit by a car as a fully grown man at 28 years old?

No. 890691

File: 1662433077029.gif (373.7 KB, 200x200, F2527AC0-44A3-482A-A53A-153979…)

No. 890696

I've read about adults having PTSD from car accidents, but they're usually super severe events. Like multi car pileup, being trapped/injured for hours, someone dying. I knew someone who found her mother on the side of the road, trapped in a totaled car. No one else had stopped to help & she developed PTSD from the incident. Obv very different situations, but it can happen to well functioning adults. Not that Lurch is one lol, but if it happened I could easily see it adding to his paranoia or anger.

No. 890697

Why do moids always have to drop their height and weight into conversations when it's not relevant? Nobody gives a shit

No. 890699

not that height is even brag worthy, but it’s literally the only thing Matthew has. he’s approaching 50 and he’s never had a job, no education, no assets, he’s not good-looking, he’s not even clean. but at least he’s 6’9” or whatever~

No. 890729

Hey he had a super successful Manhattan real estate career at his dad’s company, lol.

No. 890744

File: 1662481396857.jpeg (801.61 KB, 828x1351, AC5BA17E-D07C-451C-9781-450F41…)

He was so emancipated

No. 890745

File: 1662481449406.jpeg (857.27 KB, 828x1317, 62AF7BD3-0CD8-4BCA-8BBD-DE5214…)

No. 890748

File: 1662482356128.jpeg (477.13 KB, 1170x2158, BA5490CD-BD18-4A8A-BB55-BFB9A4…)

You missed the best one nonnie. This one always makes me howl.

No. 890749

God that's some omega tier cope cause lurch is absolutely hideous, you'd hafta be doped up 24/7 to even be near that.

No. 890752

He legit looks like his face is melting. Absolute 0/10

No. 890754

Imagine having this >>890744
jump scare every time you look at your phone. He was already repulsive before this but somehow he keeps getting worse.

No. 890755

File: 1662486353752.jpg (362.43 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20220906-104233_Red…)

Looks like Tuna's taking a break from bragging about doing heroin and benzos to complain about crackheads again despite that she's done crack herself.

No. 890757

File: 1662486594027.jpeg (446.9 KB, 1170x1661, 9E7802FB-9F56-4915-B259-2A59A0…)

No. 890758

Fat fucking lunch lady arms.

No. 890759

he looks like a blob fish

No. 890760

She must be pissed he wouldn't share that she has to shame him.

No. 890761

File: 1662487148039.jpg (302.31 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20220906-105924_Ins…)

Looking especially sober today

No. 890762


Bitch is seriously wall eyed here.

No. 890763

This looks like a selfie someone's awkward dad would take as a goofy picture to embarrass his kids with. He easily looks 45. I'm glad he doesn't have kids & hope he never breeds

No. 890768

Mf can’t get it up even if his life depended on it, I think the world is safe

No. 890770

He looks like he died

No. 890776

And why does this fat stinky repulsive whore think she has any room to judge anyone when she literally rolls around on the dirty ass ground at random properties to take photos of her lard ass that gets a max of 25 likes per post? Take a look in the mirror tuna

No. 890777

Pretty sure when you spend all day doing nothing with no job or education or friends or plans that qualifies you as nothing and no one with no identity. Luna, you’re a barnacle, get real.

No. 890786

This was my thought. She wants any and every drug she can get her hands on and she's jealous and triggered that someone is getting high like that lmao. She acts so high and mighty when she's literally the scum of the earth.

No. 890787

> be kind to drug users
The nerve! She seems to have forgotten this was her motto for a while but of course it was more like “be kind to Luna Slater, a junkie loser and maybe Matthew Schumacher, her vile and useless boyfriend.” May your road forever be paved with people just like you, Luna.

No. 890789

38 years old????

No. 890790

Oh shit, good catch

No. 890797

Stroke patient vibes

No. 890802

I'm sorry I know this is late but I'm still cackling at "emancipated"

No. 890807

File: 1662512808100.jpg (262.25 KB, 720x1409, VideoCapture_20220906-180738.j…)

No. 890808

I love the invention of filters…….for my cigarettes and my photos.

No. 890814

He actually is 45 isn't he? Wasn't he born 1977?

No. 890815

It really kills me how her selfies are so dead-eyed lately. Like, does she think it's attractive in any way?

No. 890816

Yep. He's just an unbelievable liar who thinks everyone falls for what he says just because Tuna does.

No. 890817

that's what she wants. she wants haters and people to be mean to her because then she's a victim. look at her parents. the only time she ever even acknowledges their existence is when they're apparently sooo mean to her.

No. 890818

Or when her mom buys her more useless shit

What does he even have to gain from lying about his age by a few years?? These two and their brain rot never ceases to amaze me

No. 890820

Kek I know, she's such a retard. If anyone points it out she'll just say it was autocorrect but she definitely thinks it's emancipated and not emaciated.

I was going to say it's all the benzos muddling her mind but judging from the videos from college, she's always had some form of mental retardation.

No. 890821

He is so fucking hideous. There's not one redeeming feature about him. I think the worst thing about him is that downturned mouth, coupled with the long face, it makes him look like he's melting.

No. 890823

I also thought this… But apparently in drug circles, there's still a lot of judgement. Like alcoholics judge crack and heroin users, whereas heroin users judge crack/meth users. But with Luna, we know she's totally selfish and thinks only about herself - she doesn't care about anyone but herself. If she really cared about drug users, she'd see this and feel pity or sorrow for him, not plaster it on the internet. She probably does it to feel better about herself, because she knows she's plastered all over this site shooting heroin and full of holes and scarring. Stupid bitch.

No. 890827

File: 1662528327027.jpg (1.05 MB, 720x3057, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-OYMi…)

She bought a new switch game for $25 cheap, and she's making fun of someone for posting a low quality pic in the game's sub. Looks like job hunting is going great kek

No. 890828

She'll start out as a game reviewer on her way to glory as a sports journalist. It's all coming together.

No. 890831

Tinfoil but I bet Lurch posted this, he’s been using her Reddit account lately.

No. 890833

>>890827 kek at lurch negging her game. he's probably buttmad she beat a level he couldn't or something. I could see her asking him for help after getting stuck on a level, him giving up after getting frustrated, and then getting pissed off when she finally manages to get past it herself. Total tinfoil but lawdy he's been so openly spiteful towards her lately.

No. 890834

File: 1662533230088.jpg (180.21 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20220906-234635_Chr…)

Lurch is still on the prowl part 1

No. 890836

File: 1662533346238.jpg (201.73 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20220906-234651_Chr…)

The account

Probably, he's the only one who leaves the house

No. 890837

File: 1662533685524.jpg (193.51 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20220906-235316_Chr…)

watch out anons he's 6'6 240lbs

No. 890839

yea he 100 percent posted this, hes going out to the bronx to cop and middleman. when do we ever ever see fancy miss tuna on the subway?

No. 890840

If Tuna wasn't retarded and could figure out how to set it up, she could probably play her Switch games on twitch if she really wanted to try and have some semblance of a job. I wish she would, the amount of drug induced shenanigans, narc ramblings, crusty makeup in motion and Lurch sightings in the background would be hilarious.

No. 890841


can the average person actually make money from that tho? Actually, she probably could bc we would all watch her LOL. She should lean into her cowdom.

No. 890842

pls tell me someone else saw the ig post yesterday. It was very late at night for me so I didn’t sc because I thought one of you definitely would. It was a photo of tuna with the caption saying something along the lines of “I’m going inpatient tomorrow and I will be quiet for a week, posting to let you know because I know some people worry when I don’t post”
I went to get a screen shot now but bitch deleted it. I failed you nonnies im sorry

No. 890843


i saw it too! she took it down? So much for that

No. 890844

It’s ok, babe, we all are.

No. 890845

Phew! Glad someone else saw that too, was worrying I dreamt it. I guess she deleted it because no one was kissing her ass about going inpatient, she prolly thought she’d get a lot of attention. I suppose we’ll see this week if she actually stays quiet because she’s “inpatient”. Why the hell would she go inpatient now when she used talk shit about it ?

No. 890846

So smart that you can't use punctuation marks and proper grammar, lard ass.

No. 890847

Taking fakeboi's retarded advice from previously? Think it was last thread. Something about go inpatient and make them find you somewhere to live on release.

No. 890848

Nah. Why would she do inpatient? Will they load her up with benzos and other scripts she likes, feed her 5-star meals 6 times a day and then send her home after 2 days with a gift basket? If the answer is no, why would she go?

No. 890850

No, but there's a chance she can con some younger social worker to do all of the footwork to find/apply to subsidized housing or other government services after discharge. She's probably hoping to get mental health housing for Dual Diagnosis like her mom did.

No. 890853

Didn't she already fuck up her chances of getting subsidized housing when she and Lurch confronted the social worker at her mom's home? They had the opportunity to apply for services presented to them on a silver platter and were still somehow too incompetent to take it.

No. 890854

It wasn’t up to standard for her royal highness

No. 890855

wait…has she EVER posted a photo of him making any facial expression? is his entire face paralyzed?

No. 890856

File: 1662556452864.jpeg (115.78 KB, 871x377, 6E9ADCA9-36DB-41B2-B650-FB62AE…)

I wish I understood NY state subsidized housing rules a little better, but Luna (and nonnies here) complained for about 4 years that subsided housing “takes too long” to acquire. However I feel like in those last four years of squatting she could have at least put an application out there and tried it. Their income level for two people has to be low enough since neither of them work. The eviction wouldn’t interfere with the application either, from what I can tell. The only thing that would have possibly ruined their chances are if the two of them have a lot of debt that’s hit collections or something.

No. 890858

I think his hair is really nice if your into rockers/indie dudes with long hair. Idk I am.

No. 890859

I’ve seen people simp and white knight luna but I have never seen someone simp for lurch.

No. 890860

File: 1662560373966.jpeg (914.25 KB, 1170x1641, BC50FDBA-8061-450F-B10A-5D50A3…)

Was 100% a cry for attention because here she is very clearly not in any treatment facility. My tinfoil is that she’s seen Lurch lurking about on twitter again and combined with how openly mean he’s been towards her despite the lovebombing posts, she did a BPD and threatened to go inpatient for asspats and Lurch’s affection.

No. 890861

Saged for double post but I’ve just noticed she has no nails on for once lmao. They look so odd bare compared to the grotty state they’re usually in.

No. 890862

that last comment is nuts when you think about what/who he goes home to every day.

No. 890863

omg her nails can finally breathe!

No. 890864

File: 1662561652135.jpg (239.38 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20220907-073147.j…)

No. 890865

File: 1662561708669.jpg (209.06 KB, 720x1417, VideoCapture_20220907-073212.j…)

She has been posting videos of the dog and another cat. They're not milky enough for the effort to pist them imo.

No. 890867

her hands look clean for once and lurch looks like he showered? like they're still nasty but an improvement. look more like low class gas station clerks than homeless urchins today.

No. 890868


I really hope they don’t try to steal that dog like they stole that cat.

No. 890869

Lurch with the random mask on his chin at all times. Is it for covering up the recently sprouted double chin?
His hair is greasy as shit and thinning. You could probably fry chicken with it if you rang it out.

No. 890870

This almost looks like a genuine smile from our Tuna. She doesn’t’ deserve happiness so it’ll be great to watch when they fuck this housing situation up like they always do

No. 890874

Lurch legit looks like her dad lmao. Nice receding hairline

No. 890876

I have this theory we’ve never seen Lurch smile because he has teeth that look like he’s chewed bricks his whole life. The autistic desire to satiate my curiosity burns bright inside me.

No. 890885

File: 1662571812466.png (1.5 MB, 1254x1995, cpnhzjoc1dr21.png)

I thought he was just sculpted like that

No. 890888

Are these pictures filtered?

No. 890889

i think so. its snapchat, even when you dont use a filter it smoothes and brightens your skin and the photo quality is lower.

No. 890890

File: 1662574808846.jpg (56.68 KB, 315x706, 1662561652135.jpg)

What a hot rocker/indie dude with nice hair.

Please get your eyes checked, anon

No. 890892

Lol lurch always looks like a corpse in disguise(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 890893

Dear heavens, at a quick glance I thought Luna had taken a photo of Lurch dropping a turd.

No. 890894

Lurch is looking hella chunky lately

No. 890895

Why is he dressed like he works at Target

No. 890896

File: 1662578421275.jpeg (328.26 KB, 828x628, F2A402FE-6D89-4792-9C22-98C99F…)

Sweet nonna, yes. If she looks even mildly presentable, there are filters on filters. This is truly unfiltered Tunafish. The nose is always a dead giveaway.

No. 890897

honestly i could see lurch getting a job before luna. has more hustler ethic. he could get a job at a smoke or pawn shop on the spot no interview.

No. 890898

bitch put your glasses on it would fix the wonky eye thats why they gave them to you!!!!!

No. 890900

glasses won't fix her eyes anymore, she probably will need surgery for that, but why care about your eyes when you can buy the 100th face mask instead of going to a doctor.

No. 890901


I feel like lurch having to go out and be the middle man for drug deals or whatever he does means he is less blasted out of his mind then tuna. He has to be coherent and somewhat with it. Tuna just lays around all day and gets high while taking selfies and playing games. If lurch had a car I could see him doing doordash or ubereats.

No. 890903

File: 1662582859264.jpg (212.85 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20220907-133057_Chr…)

He cannot keep his lies straight, first it was an injury and now it's his family who prevented him from achieving his baseball stardom

He's equally if not more fried than Tuna. He can't form a coherent sentence to save his life. I doubt he could even drive if he had a car, much less be able to handle doing Uber Eats.

No. 890906

KEK I had the same thought but didn't know if it was because I'm so tired. The trash bag in front of his feet accentuates this very nicely

No. 890908

Looks like he pissed himself kek

No. 890910

Maybe you could sign up to be the next Lurchette, nonnie.

No. 890911

Leave him alone, he used to be emancipated

No. 890912

Imagine ordering takeout and Lurch shows up, he looks like a fucking cryptid. I'd probably shit myself in terror if I saw him standing outside my door.

No. 890914

you know if lurch had a job delivering food tuna would be in the passenger seat picking away at it, leaving you with just the vegetables

No. 890915

imagine Lurch in Ring doorbell footage at night

No. 890916

Ever since I seen the bathroom pic from this newest air bnb, and there was only one toothbrush in the cup, I've been thinking and wondering… do they share one toothbrush or which of them never brushes, and then I wondered if lurch has any teeth at all. Or dentures?

No. 890917

I wouldn't accept the food from him. He would stand there expecting a tip and telling you how he used to be a professional baseball player who was a mathematician on the side and now he's working for tips and very badly needs the tips until he inherits his yacht. One big run-on sentence but more broken than what I just typed.

She totally would do this. She would assume that no one would notice missing a whole burger.

No. 890918

I don’t think is lurch guys. It’s someone else. I know lurch ain’t wearing no Nike low blazers lol this outfit is too normal

No. 890919


I thought the same thing nonna, I was like "that's not Lurch, wtf?"

No. 890922

File: 1662598691414.jpg (334.55 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20220907-175822_Ins…)

Have you seen pics of Lurch? He doesn't dress that abnormally

No. 890926

probably rotting teeth. doesn't methadone rot your teeth at like an astounding rate? that's what i've heard.

No. 890928

he's always dressed like a 60 year old dad

No. 890930

File: 1662601749780.jpg (214.4 KB, 720x1411, VideoCapture_20220907-184825.j…)

No. 890931

I wonder how Matthew feels about Luna’s eyelashes.

No. 890933

Photos like these where her eyelash is holding on for dear life, her fried hair is this ugly brassy color because she's too stupid for box dye, and half her face is melted from the filter make me wonder what anons are smoking when they say she's "not that ugly" or some variation of it.

No. 890934

Water fast going well.

No. 890936

>She's busted wouldn't pay 20 bucks for those fake lashes on my prick

No. 890938

maybe she was finally applying for that job at Dunkin’

lmaoooo jk

No. 890939

File: 1662605038904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.77 KB, 552x324, Screenshot_20220907-214409_Sam…)

What is going on with those hemmeroidy lips of hers

No. 890940

Didn't Tuna say her rapist told her she wasn't worth $20 kek

No. 890941

yep. i was thinking the same thing while i posted that. honestly wondering if lurch tweeted that shit on purpose, especially since we know he lurks/tuna shows him the farms. vile.

No. 890942

idk, they've probably both forgotten about that saga already. if it wasn't a lie for attention or donations she would still be bringing it up

No. 890944

That sounds sad and not at all funny

No. 890959

Well, she isn't. Considering she uses toilet paper as a sanitary pad, has piss poor hygene, and eats like a racoon.. yeah I bet a 10 foot radius around her could require an sti/d check

No. 890960

she actually doesn't have much of an upper lip, so a lot of that is filters and her pushing out her lips with her tongue. You need to go digging into her super old candids, but it is obvious once you find them.

No. 890961

File: 1662623572191.png (Spoiler Image, 72.96 KB, 750x995, 1501032902936.png)

here you go, a candid from several threads back. Other person is cropped out.

No. 890962

She looks almost normal here, her hair probably hasn’t been this clean or non-fried since

No. 890963


I didn't realize she has hooded eyes(learn2sage)

No. 890965

This made me laugh so hard I started choking

No. 890967

I only noticed recently she has hooded eyes as well. Goes to show how insane the filter abuse is.

No. 890969

Nike low blazers are poorfag shoes.

No. 890970

Lurch always has name-brand shoes. I figure he trades shit for them or steals them when he goes into town for his drug runs. I’ve seen dozens of homeless drug addicts living on the street with beat up Nikes/Adidas/New Balances. He just doesn’t look right because he’s chunked up so much and he’s not wearing his beloved beanie and sunglasses.

No. 890972

Jay and Silent Blob

No. 890978

her lips literally look like two slugs cuddling

No. 890979

Used name brand sneaks are all over Goodwill and charity shops for $3. If you don’t mind other ppl foot funk and not picky about cons, you got lots of choices.(sage your shit)

No. 890982

File: 1662647908627.jpeg (203.01 KB, 1170x412, 53CBD924-BA93-4F0F-A019-87B201…)

Saged for non milk but I knew Tuna reminded me of a book character’s description and only clicked today who that was exactly..

No. 890986

Omg saged for kek

No. 891012

she said something to that effect but then said that for some reason the crackhead homeless guy (bc of course she knew he was a crackhead) pushed a 20 in her hand when he was done. which really just makes it seems like she was doing sex work and got caught by a neighbor.

No. 891013

File: 1662693861629.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1953x1468, DA7AC9C9-3A17-4266-966F-8246EF…)

My theory is she told him he could bust a nut looking at her ass for $20 and he stuck it in.

No. 891016

that's my guess, although i do wonder if dope had something to do with it since matthew didn't know about it. matthew was trying to control her whole sex worker persona so if that's the case, it feels like he would know about the meet up. i think she was trying to get dope out of the guy and a neighbor caught them before the deal could happen. kind of Requiem for a Dream-esque i guess. idk, whatever the case she seems to have completely forgotten about it.

No. 891017

She reminds me a bit of a balooned up Renée Zellweger

No. 891019

It was definitely about drugs. Everything she does is either about drugs or related to. She thought she'd found a way to sneak some on the side and got busted.

No. 891020

File: 1662696498467.png (9.48 MB, 1284x2778, 67BFAFB0-09DA-4493-A19B-3A8A71…)

Sage for unrelated but it looks like Tuna got herself a skin walker

Recommend for a good laugh, even thought the milk is powdered


No. 891021

This has to be a self post. They have nothing in common besides both having terrible physiques. Even Tuna has better makeup. This isn't even dairy let alone milk.

No. 891022

Nah it was a lie. She said it was caught on surveillance which is why the "cops" said she froze, yet she didn't even have a still of this fictional event

No. 891024

File: 1662702027335.jpg (357.19 KB, 1440x2176, Screenshot_20220909-013149_Twi…)

Sort of milk. Lurch has been busy on Twitter now that he's got the squat to himself, guess the anons who saw her post were right

No. 891025

File: 1662702062455.jpg (253.99 KB, 1440x1226, Screenshot_20220909-013034_Twi…)

Also nice casual racism against Nigerians from chief

No. 891026

Ok boozix kek

No. 891027

File: 1662702135967.jpg (397.44 KB, 1440x2358, Screenshot_20220909-012730_Twi…)

And last offering I have is an interesting keyboard warrior boomer interaction from the tough guy himself

No. 891031

Better and back to normal? Where is she?

No. 891032

She's at the psych ward from what anons said.

No. 891033

Probably trying to scam some prescriptions, we all know she has no intention of actually getting help given that she makes muh mental illness her defining personality trait/grift

No. 891035

Any deets on the psych ward trip? Is she out of benzos again and cant cop any freebees on the street?

This is why she will never leave any mma. She can't grift the system in a smaller population area.

No. 891036

That’s exactly what I was thinking, she’s out of Xanax or whatever and needs to be admitted to get a script, or is hoping they’ll dose her for free, I don’t know how mental health facilities work in burgerland but given the status of benzos I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s having trouble get a legitimate prescription

No. 891041

They usually continue with the medications you're on. Plus Tuna has a history of addiction on record and her files would show why they ended hey benzo script previously. Unless she acts up like a wild boar that has to be taken down, she probably won't get her precious.

No. 891043

File: 1662719748971.jpg (119.99 KB, 1292x546, gaf .jpg)

He called him a fag first, kek. Matthew Schumacher, a worthless and useless paedophilic creep thinks he has any room to judge anyone.

No. 891044

File: 1662719904901.jpg (92.08 KB, 1263x466, he’s shrinking.jpg)

Our statue is not only ageing backwards but also shrinking.

No. 891045

Maybe >>890850 and >>890847 are right and it’s all a ruse to get housing. We already know she isn’t staying where she’s at until February, as she previously announced.

No. 891046

File: 1662721550701.jpeg (288.02 KB, 828x1095, 760BAA47-C7AC-4F7F-A83C-7416B3…)

You mean stole before realising that it’s of no use to you, fucking thieving piece of shit

No. 891048

Huh I guess she's inpatient then after all

No. 891053

"weight train daily"
omfg i am rolling kek

No. 891056

The elderly often begin to loose height and bone mass. Poor grampa lurch

No. 891060

File: 1662744512765.jpg (155.95 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20220909-055031_Sam…)

On that brainvat chick's selfie post

No. 891067

The drugs have rotted his brain if he thinks anyone but Luna will want his atrocious putrid smelling ass

No. 891068

im just imagining tuna inpatient right now. i just know she'll be one of those people who orders like a million things for lunch and then like squirrels some away into her room. i also assume shes gonna chimp out to try to get benzos, but like, the nurses there aren't dumb. they won't give it to her. i can see them giving her something like an oral disintegrating anti psych tablet. they really don't hand out drugs like benzos easily, especially not to people with drug history. if she asks for a sleep med they'll give her hydroxyzine which is basically just benadryl. i also imagine her telling her whole story to the doctors including her cotton eye joe knee, tai suicide, soulmate lurch, ebil dad, and ebil addict mom. i bet the best med she could get in there would be gabapentin (they give this med to absolutely anyone) which does have rec use but the solubility is only 27 percent so you end up building a tolerance really fast and stop getting high really quickly. she probably wouldn't like the high anyways its more of an upper/makes you feel sorta drunklike and manic.

No. 891070

This loser is so high/lost so much brain matter that he searched mt vernon on tt and replied a 3 day old tweet thinking it's like a "lost and found"

Can u imagine if he od's again because "muh tuna's away' but he actually dies for real and when Luna comes back she finds his rotting corpse half eaten by the cat?

No. 891071

TOPKEK. can we manifest this nonnies? i imagine she'll come back to the airbnb to a note that says "went out for milk, smokes, and dope" and never see him again.

No. 891075

Imo itd be more interesting if he shacked up with a new woman while tuna was away. Hell he seems to be angling for it with how he's complimenting her friends on ig

No. 891077

File: 1662751766467.jpeg (435.97 KB, 828x1391, 0AD0010A-EC8A-4631-AB26-428114…)

No. 891078

File: 1662751792505.jpeg (172.36 KB, 946x2048, F00F1119-810D-4E30-8C09-1D3674…)

full pic

No. 891079

File: 1662751836302.jpeg (221.74 KB, 828x1420, A8BD2E26-E0D2-4474-8739-DC7A5C…)

No. 891080

File: 1662751930666.jpeg (247.6 KB, 828x930, ABF8ED74-3140-4200-918D-8A0B5A…)

No. 891082

File: 1662752218427.jpeg (399.58 KB, 828x1451, B85B6D01-6A64-4068-9FAB-6B607F…)

kek at the rest of the tweet and replies

No. 891083

Well, he's in his forties. He's only got a few years left being attractive, especially to younger girls. Gotta groom another one while he's still got his looks!

No. 891085

Lurch was born unattractive

No. 891088

No one cares about you Lurch, shut your fat ass up.

He's lying his ass off. He has no gun and got nipped by a dog. It wasn't even a bite and I doubt he would still be alive if four pitbulls went after his chubby ass. He wouldn't have gotten any money if he was carrying around an unregistered gun. I'm sure in his tweaked out head he was having a 'nam flashback where all of this happened, but it sure as hell did not happen in real life.

No. 891089

which fucking look is the decaying Moai statue looking ass serving in first place?

No. 891090

Looks like he figured how to change language settings on the watch he stole

No. 891091

Look at those speckles on his skin. That is the result of 43 years with no sun screen. Our favorite baseball star got the skin of an eldery man on his death bed. Remember to always use sun screen nonnies, even on days where you feel a bit a lazy to.

No. 891093

File: 1662756718868.jpg (289.65 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20220909-135118_Chr…)


No. 891094


This is so fuckin funny. Is he trying to replace tuna as a cow while she's away? Suck it in harder for the selfies. What a crackhead

No. 891095

>going crazy wanna come

No. 891096

One toothbrush, empty toothpaste tube, and whatever that is by the razor. At least they're using mouth wash I guess?

No. 891097

File: 1662759038353.jpg (90.2 KB, 1080x843, Instagram.jpg)

The way he hits on her friends sends me

No. 891099

we love a skinny emancipated king tho

No. 891102

Kek but sadly not the case, he already had an apple watch before "finding" the spanish one

No. 891103

Lmfao new lurch lie just dropped! He really believes he’s some tough guy and not some fat stinky junkie with no money

No. 891109

On what planet is Luna "such a nice girl"? She's a spoiled brat who constantly steals and ebegs. She whines non-stop and makes everything about herself. I can't with these dumb-ass girls who enable Luna and think her bugging them to buy her nails is "friendship".

No. 891110

He's replying/talking to a sex worker kek. But now I'm wondering what the context is because SW account says, "as long as tuna is okay with you having it" to lurch

No. 891111

probably a girl from one of those druggie facebook groups tuna used to be a part of or other online friend/enabler

No. 891112


ONE extremely frayed toothbrush dear lord

No. 891113

This recent inundation of Lurch’s retardation is unexpectedly entertaining, both he and Tuna are legitimately mentally handicapped and I’m chuckling

No. 891118

lmao! dude…………..stop.

No. 891120

So he could shoot two dogs but not Luna's alleged rapist?

No. 891121

Same. I am fucking dying at this lurch shit. He’s more entertaining than Luna at this point

No. 891122

File: 1662778316791.jpeg (422.96 KB, 828x1066, 7AE760E1-43D6-4D70-9F26-4520BD…)

can lurch please get with jersey yankee girl nina? she actually looks age appropriate for him kek. maybe should could clean him up. seeing him in this sterile airbnb environment is making me crave a situation like when charlie dates the rich girl on iasip. i wanna see lurch in a group of middle class normies at a ball game.

No. 891123

File: 1662778380892.jpeg (144.95 KB, 828x455, 92BDA7CC-2A18-48C6-9AE8-F57C48…)

is she flirting with lurch or am i crazy nonnas?

No. 891124

Luna goes to inpatient and he wastes no time getting in all her friends' comments telling them they're all cute. Tuna is getting played by an ugly old loser that SHE threw everything away for lol

No. 891127

Same. I hope he sets his ig to public, I need to know what kind of stupid shit he posts on there

No. 891131

File: 1662780742862.jpg (308.42 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_Instagram.jpg)

No. 891132

buddy is spiraling lmao

No. 891134

Does he always post this much? Wtf is going on dude’s brain is fried

No. 891135

Boohoo, mum was mean to me 40 years ago.

No. 891137

does he just wander around the neighbourhood like an escaped dementia patient all day??

No. 891138


Oh but Lurch I thought you used to be super successful and it was only through a series of unfortunate events that were totally the fault of other people that led you to be a junkie and a degenerate.

Your mom should have been so proud of you for so long!

No. 891139

He's having a good time. First time in probably ever that he's had this much tuna-free time and didn't have to share his drugs… completely free as the wind. Buddy Cheif is going HAM kek

No. 891142

File: 1662785206346.jpeg (610.67 KB, 828x1256, EA56D03A-32BC-4EBE-B8F8-3A97AE…)


No. 891143

File: 1662785320978.jpeg (533.82 KB, 828x1087, 0F01877E-49BC-4CD6-853C-C82265…)

does lurch have a foot fetish? yuck. also what do you think he thinks of lunas cuticles? he's really disgusted by her. sad honestly.

No. 891144

>54 seconds
wtf anon. also, did he delete the first one and decide to neg her instead? kek

No. 891145

im so sorry he posted the second one while i was looking at his twitter. the first one was in response to the sex worker who appears to be lunas friend, who quote tweeted it, and the second was response to the foot fetish account who posted it originally.

No. 891146

>Chanel Le Vernis
Oddly specific. How does he even know what that is? Maybe the makeup filter wasn’t actually a filter and this fat fuck is en route to trooping out, kek

No. 891148

File: 1662785958090.jpeg (211.16 KB, 828x531, A9CE2E7F-F236-4330-BF3A-AF4320…)

hes really on one tonight ladies

No. 891149

>nobody appreciates my nice feet
I'm sure they're thoroughly disgusting kek. Also I'm living for this Lurch content right now, fuck Luna he's the star of the show

No. 891151

File: 1662786730334.jpg (65.94 KB, 1080x601, ScreencapInstagram.jpg)

He's got such a hot nut for this British girl. He's always commenting on her shit, fucking kek

No. 891154

File: 1662787072888.jpeg (558.23 KB, 2731x1597, B017A915-5F56-4A39-A3BB-B170FD…)

i CANNAHT you guys… luna has been gone what 2 days? hes now trying to get free feet pics from what i think is a bot kek

No. 891155

I was truly not prepared for the foot fetish saga. Sure, I'm kind of nauseous… but it's pretty funny.

No. 891156

File: 1662787788503.jpeg (857.16 KB, 2731x1514, 719B4076-CB10-4724-9A6C-CB2837…)

im losing my shit over him responding to a post about 9/11 to talk about himself and his dead dad. also posting a 9/11 memorial in the middle of tweeting foot fetish ladies. peak humor. just another compilation. im so sorry. i did not want to learn this much about lurch tonight either.

No. 891157

> What are your prices I'm not a guy that pays for women
> People are cheap af, don't tip that's the internet and men in general they drive down the price on women in every aspect of life your a commodity to them no more no less

No. 891158

Lurch, foot respecter.

No. 891159

File: 1662790089725.jpg (276.85 KB, 1080x2004, Screenshot_20220909-230823_Chr…)

His likes. Oh my god. Lurch has a foot fetish.

No. 891161

How blasted out his mind high is he lmao

No. 891162

>weight train daily
>flashback: lurch struggling on the walking machine on Sr. Sledge's front porch with a ciggy hanging out of his skull

No. 891164

>I have a mate who loves sucking on toes
Sure, Matthew. A mate.

No. 891166

File: 1662796047946.png (3.43 MB, 828x1792, 414B44CD-F02B-49D9-B588-10A86B…)

I’m fucking crying laughing, yall. He’s on a siiick one and I hope this never ends.

No. 891169

File: 1662796595714.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.78 KB, 569x902, Screenshot_20220910-035414_Ins…)

Ugh third times the charm, right?

Not Lurch judging another woman's feet when his sow's trotters look like this. And what jewelry he can't even afford housing lmaooo

No. 891170

He's going to shower her with feet jewelry on his yacht with Tuna waiting in an airbnb spamming Lurch's ugly face and bragging about her one true love. He can't even afford shampoo.

No. 891172

Oh wow Luna needs to go inpatient more often. Lurch is 100x more entertaining then her when she is not there to hold him back.

No. 891174

Never thought I’d wake up to the news that Lurch has a foot fetish. Makes sense though, given that he’s a filthy cretin.

No. 891175

whyd you have to post his likes when i already posted those posts in compilations with his replies. you clogged the thread with stuff already posted and its not even the funny stuff.

No. 891177

This is without a doubt the funniest shit I've seen in a long time. I am once again choking with laughter. Keep it up Lurch

No. 891179

So what do y’all think will happen when Luna finds out he’s been on the prowl since she went to inpatient?

Suicide baiting or will she actually leave?

No. 891180

Girl nayrt but the situation is literally so funny it doesn't even matter if we all see the same thing twice, bask in it

No. 891181

She'll go with it was all just a joke and for funsies and lurch didn't mean any of it all the while knowing it wasn't a joke and pouting and crying and telling him I'm gonna do dope and a water fast now bc of you

No. 891182

>50 thousand feet
You know he’s still mourning that missed deal

No. 891186

File: 1662817332433.jpeg (59.58 KB, 828x410, D4DC1394-3FA1-4371-9BB8-B95940…)

No. 891187

Getting high and spending money on sexworkers while tuna is away?! Oh myyyyy lawddddd! This is hilarious! I feel like we're now watching a sitcom starring lurch

No. 891188

Lol nonnie, his brain is so fried he doesn't realize he's talking to a not so sophisticated bot. A normal person would've caught that quick, but it's lurch, and he's a retard.

No. 891189

This lurch saga makes me think he really did get a settlement for that dog bite and is the one fronting the money for Airbnb, not Lunas dad. He’s out here buying feet pics while she’s inpatient kek

No. 891190

File: 1662820982860.jpeg (28.55 KB, 260x506, 0b9.jpeg)

Anon, this is the funniest shit I've seen here in a long time kek

No. 891194

This is so hilarious!! I hope Tuna sees all this milk and leaves him…. The evidence is here. I feel like his foot fetish is kinda like a safe for work porn situation so he could argue that its not SEXUAL. Then again, if hes always been ok with tuna doing sex work, may she is ok with him “supporting” other sex workers?
What a trailer trash life. may tuna get sober and change her life and leave him, because this is awful

No. 891196

I can’t believe he’s a real person. How absolutely fried do you have to be?

No. 891198

NO WAY lmao guess asking to get them for free didn't work out.
I can't, I'm dying I'm literally deceased from this. When Tuna finds out this is what he's been up to instead of scoring drugs it's gonna be so hilarious. Aww her one true love.

No. 891199

File: 1662824358022.jpeg (153.89 KB, 828x354, 78FA4D6F-851C-47EC-A066-F2368A…)

what the fuck is he on about

No. 891202

Luna won’t leave Lurch over this. He’s done way worse and been more brazen and she never left because she knows Lurch is the end of the line for her. She has to accept his (unsuccessful, hilarious) philandering or be single. She will however say she is hideous and ugly and should starve when she finds out. Won’t place blame on Chief, though. And definitely won’t dump him.

No. 891204

Tuna = friend

No. 891205

File: 1662825307620.jpeg (206.74 KB, 828x426, EBB29AB9-4BCA-44D5-860D-A55D64…)

Confirmed money was sent. In response to keeping the tips.

No. 891206

File: 1662825429636.jpeg (451.73 KB, 2420x1493, 558507CF-EAEC-43B3-B60C-FD6E84…)

lurch telling these twitter randoms that he loves them is sending me. are all junkies like this? the people hes responding to seem like an alternative universe luna and lurch.
thats what i was thinking too. if shes in a detox program shes 100 percent not getting her preshus benzos. we can only imagine the shit fits shes throwing right now.

No. 891207

kek he really sent money to bots in india/nigeria/wherever while tuna has to beg for markers and fake nails online

No. 891209

File: 1662825964785.jpeg (355.15 KB, 828x907, D46F0FD0-1A77-4711-9AEC-FE7BFF…)

Our emancipated king is fucking UNHINGED on twitter right now. Living for it.

No. 891210

File: 1662826033860.jpeg (275.89 KB, 828x773, 1C0AF5D2-F1C3-4922-94EC-E3B78E…)

No fam.

No. 891212

File: 1662826168480.jpeg (551.11 KB, 1659x1215, 3BD40591-0B23-4866-BD23-F2CC14…)

says he hasnt slept in four days, is he hitting the crack or meth? could explain why hes horny as hell speed gives men raging hardons. sorry for the extensive collage

No. 891214

holy shit. im not gonna post it for obvious reasons but lurch just doxxed his mom.

No. 891216

Who's he talking about?

No. 891217

You could use the info to see if he really was this ace ballplayer in high school he claims to be. I haven't found anything just using his name.

No. 891218

>I haven't really slept in four days

Welp, there's our confirmation he's on a bender. He must be so excited to not have to share with Tuna.

No. 891219

not finding anything on that, but apparently wherever they lived before sold for almost a million. i doubt they owned it though. his mom did appear to move out around the same time it sold though. i just dont see lurches mom owning an 800k property. i would do more digging but it says i have to sign up/pay or whatever on this site. you can't really find much on matthew it just links to roger. he's really just lived off his parents his whole life.

No. 891223

File: 1662829184365.jpeg (122.83 KB, 828x486, CAEB6435-F843-424B-B80C-2C0C22…)

samefag but they sold in 1998. kept a lot of info out like his mothers name and the buyer, but because roger is dead i don't think that part matters. i'm too bored today you guys. why is lurch way more milky than luna right now. her thread hasnt been this interesting in years. id like to find out more info on his family the inheritance shit he always claims, his grandmother on rogers side appeared to have died in 1998 too.

No. 891226

Meth and crack make people really horny. He is literally publicly thirsting over everything that has a pussy. He a blind horny dog let loose in a fish market.
He has been high the whole time it seems since Tuna went away. I am starting to suspect he has a stash he keeps secret from his orbitting dwarf moon.
Milkmas comes twice a year, Milkmas is when tuna gets out and checks her thread. kek

No. 891227

File: 1662831228187.jpeg (1001.85 KB, 2730x1592, 6177B0E1-F843-4277-84CA-8F7C53…)

hes definitely on some speed induced psychosis right now, like he said this perfectly fine sign is unreadable. it says east prospect ave lurch, put on your glasses!!!

No. 891231

File: 1662831808497.jpg (223.94 KB, 1286x1177, 1.jpg)

Interesting, he had to pick up Pumpkin.

No. 891232

I think you're miss reading, he's just trying to brag about how much he cares about his pets he had to gasp WALK and TAKE A TRAIN to get her food and toys! WOW such care and effort! /s , not like pick her specifically up.

No. 891233

Nonnie, I know he spews forth babble but he's saying he took the train to get Pumpkin her food and toys. Although I can imagine this dope fiend sitting with a cat on a busy train in New York.

No. 891234

Oh shit, you’re both right. I’m sorry! Unable to delete

No. 891239

File: 1662833738392.jpg (331.03 KB, 1289x1491, abort male foetuses.jpg)

Here’s the context with the information redacted. These little glimpses make it obvious why these two get along.

No. 891241

Holy shit of course he grew up in New Jersey. I live nowhere near that part of the country but I've known two drug addicts from NJ in my life and both of them acted so much like Lurch in specific ways it's kind of weird. That state is cursed.

No. 891242

>sharp as a tack
Press X to doubt

No. 891244

In addition to the toys (assuming the corpulent corpse is telling the truth and not just virtue signalling) I hope that poor moggie gets along with the other cat at the Airbnb so she has some company and stimulation beyond the confines of a stinky room with dumb and dumber.

No. 891245

File: 1662835235851.jpeg (316.21 KB, 2016x1512, 85D8F151-6E93-4948-B1C7-B93F83…)

he posted this pic of pumpkin. caption is
> she's so bored and it's better when both of us are here she's just randomly jumping up the wall
yea maybe she's bored because she's stuck in one room with a statue for company

No. 891246

I’m sorry, nonnette. I tend to close the window and after doing so, I can’t delete anything. You’re right and I’ll do so from now on.

No. 891248

Why not get her a wee harness so you can take her for a walk in the sunshine you useless fat fuck, keeping her cooped up in small room is fucking cruel, no wonder she’s literally climbing up the walls

No. 891254

kek off topic but I love the file name, nona

No. 891259

I am not surprised that this cat is being fed Fancy Feast.

No. 891260

Couldn't he steal something a little more higher end for the poor cat to eat? Nice of him to take time out of his 4 day drug binge to at least feed the thing.

No. 891266

File: 1662848120510.jpg (365.5 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20220910-050943_Ins…)

He doesn't follow me and I don't follow him….but he commented on my IG story?! Wtf?!

No. 891267

STFU ANON !! this can't be real. i swear to god the universe is manifesting us the strongest milk right now. this is the most excitement since the tessa saga. thank god for lurch, hes way more interesting than luna at this point. shes gotten too predictable, i can't predict what matthew will do next.

No. 891269

Lmfao the way pumpkin is looking at him… At least he’s taking care of him though.

No. 891270

320k? That's not an expensive house at all.

No. 891272

Have you ever commented on one of Luna's IG posts or do you follow her? I believe 100% that he just searched through her commenters or followers and just picked out some pretty girls which he will harass. He's really bored af, no wonder Luna had to leave college

No. 891273

Do you follow Luna's account?

No. 891274

That look of despise kek.
What the fuck

No. 891276

No. 891277

File: 1662851167494.jpg (223 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_20220910-160545_Chr…)

No. 891279

Nonettes, this is straight up some of the most hilarious milk Tuna’s thread has seen in a hot minute. Who’d have thought the sentient Junji Ito drawing could be so kekworthy in his own right. I’m still cackling at him missing Roger’s “relaxing touch”

No. 891280

LMAO if this bloated cadaver ever owned a thousand dollar coat it wasn’t because he bought it, assuming this is true, how’s that karma taste Matthew?

No. 891281

I want you to milk him further so badly but I also don’t want you to risk getting exposed nonny

No. 891283


i thought i made it through most of the threads but who is tessa?? anyone know around which threads or year srry

No. 891286

thread 5 im pretty sure, back when lurch had facebook he was hitting up anyone on lunas friendslist or anyone who added him.

No. 891287

File: 1662854071767.jpg (60.29 KB, 1080x794, Screenshot_20220910_164758.jpg)

My profile is public but I'm not trying to dox myself. He's commenting on a bunch of pics of my fingernails. I do not follow Luna but have commented on some of her posts but ages ago.

No. 891288

File: 1662854330863.jpeg (211.41 KB, 828x554, 6869D6D6-8F1E-40C6-BE1F-97E5AD…)

whats his weird fetish for feet, hands, and nails i cannot take this. he was even telling the foot bot to go to a very certain salon in the east village of nyc? this is the weirdest lurch development so far. is this why tuna is obsessed with the claws? also this tweet is sending me
>my bf Smokey
lurches suicidal ideation on twitter as a 40 something is so pathetic kek

No. 891289

>my 1000 dollar coat

Did all of tunas muh $10 face masks rub off on him this much?

No. 891290

He's becoming more and more unhinged, it's fuckin weird

And if tuna actually went to inpatient, what's their endgame? Halfway housing placement and that's it?

No. 891291

>deutsche marcs
Lurch the euro has been used in all these countries for more than 20 years. This man has me dying, honestly he's funnier than Tuna. I'm truly glad we get to see this kek

No. 891292

File: 1662859514209.jpg (166.49 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20220910-181104_Chr…)

No. 891293

I’m a zoomer and I thought they were still a thing when I was a kid because my parents are old kek. I don’t think it’s that weird..?

No. 891296

>i tried to hang myself
Shame he stopped himself.

No. 891297

Ayrt, he was actually around when it happened how could he miss that lol. Too strung out I guess.

No. 891300

>Mental predisposition of the mind.

Whoah dude, emancipated AND philosophical. What a catch.

No. 891305

File: 1662862600068.jpeg (149.03 KB, 828x428, D38045D2-0355-463C-9310-E31547…)

still laughing about his bf Smokey (the cat!?) saving his life from hanging himself with the ralph lauren polo necktie topkek

No. 891306

Is he just constantly tweeting? He literally isn't even making sense anymore. Cocaine, it's a helluva drug. I hope he starts posting rant videos or some shit

No. 891318

I don't think he's on coke. It would probably be opiates or his prescribed benzos since Tuba's grubby paws aren't bogarting them

No. 891319

he said hes been awake 4 days nonna, i dont think hes using benzos or dope. he would have nodded out by now. maybe, just maybe, hes in a xanny blackout right now, but luna even said she didn't have any "sleeping pills" so thats highly unlikely. luna, who hates crackheads, is gone, so lurch is doing some indulging. its probably meth though, not sure how luna feels about that one.

No. 891321

His tweets are getting progressively more cooked, the Chanel nail varnish, the 1000 buck jacket, the Ralph Lauren (polo, so the budget line) tie, is he… trying to flex? I’m on the verge of spontaneous combustion from a combination of laughing and cringing

No. 891323

I'm pretty sure this is the type of shit he rambles at tuna when she is around…just repeating pathetic stories, no awareness of himself or his audience…

No. 891328

I'm thinking meth. He's mentioned using it in the past. Maybe he went and got some because Luna prefers downers.

No. 891332

Americans have a reputation for being largely uninformed about the rest of the world so it's not that surprising.

Yeah, I'm guessing meth as well. Whatever it is, seems like he's having the time of his life without fatso around.

No. 891335


I think he just googled for a fancy nail salon and also an expensive nail polish (the Chanel one) and just picked a color that fit. He wants to make himself look rich

No. 891338

I think a job is needed for him, so he won't be manic online like this.

No. 891339


Sometimes people will use meth to take the edge off of detoxing from opiates.

No. 891341

I’m thoroughly enjoying the torrent of boomer retardation, may it continue to bless the thread in Tuna’s absence. I wonder how long she’ll be in the psych ward for

No. 891345

genuinely do not think tuna has ever been as interesting across four years as lurch has been in the past 48 hours this is fucking incredible

No. 891350

These tweets are the first time I’ve ever really felt bad for Luna. Not because he’s trying to cheat on her, but because she presumably has to listen to this man’s incoherent rambling all day every day. I always just kind of assumed he was sitting quietly in a corner nodding out to KOTH all the time. I’d check myself into inpatient too.

No. 891351

he seems to be tweeting again this morning. i wonder if he slept last night or just spent 10 hours tweaking out doing something besides twitter. all just boring baseball stuff so far. im honestly gonna be sad when tuna gets out and this lurchmas ends.

No. 891352


we all know she's going to check the website when she gets out and she'll see all the shit he's posted. maybe we'll get a nice flow then.

speaking of, how long is she in there for?

No. 891353

Imagine this man incoherently talking at you, jfc. It’s what Luna deserves

No. 891355


I think she's high off her ass most of the time and so it probably doesn't phase her much. I also feel like lurch isn't home as much when tuna is there.

No. 891356

when someone with BPD develops a mega dependency like Luna they won't say shit. Absolutely any circumstance is better than breaking up for them

No. 891359

Is there a chance she'd be put on methadone coming out of inpatient?
I wonder the whole/real story behind her psych stay. Conditions of ebil dad? Lurch pushing her to go to get meds/housing out of it? She's definitely not doing it to get sober. Especially when she's going to go home to lurch jumping off the walls.

No. 891363

File: 1662911510719.png (108.42 KB, 1172x370, junjiito.png)

>9-5 mummies
Lurch doesn't know the difference between mummies and zombies? He thinks 9-5 workers are actually preserved Egyptian corpses? Who knows

No. 891364

nah, you obviously missed the tessa saga. luna is like kevvy from loris thread, she would never ever admit that her old, ugly, washed up partner is the worst and abusive. these kinds of people will use anything to excuse their behaviors. during the tessa saga people literally told luna that lurch was flirting with other women and she was like "lol no its a joke he was doing it right in front of me". i would almost feel bad if it wasn't luna.

No. 891367

A few threads back she was bitching about how her psych cut her off for not going to appointments or something… it was after the dollar tree knife saga. The options to get her script back were to start over with a new doctor and go to like months of appointments or to go inpatient. She was saying she couldn’t go because she was homeless or some shit. I guess she finally had to do it

No. 891368

Depending on how she got there, I’m assuming roughly 5 days: 2 days to check in/out (assuming they don’t keep her longer), and a mandatory 72 hour hold a lot of inpatient facilities do.

No. 891373

>post covid-19 revealed horrible truths.
Pls santa, gimme lurch schizo posting about how we're just human labrats for the government and that pigeons are just russian spy cameras. I want Lurch to be a conspiracy nut so bad.

No. 891374

Yeah, Lurch, it's such a pain having consistent income and housing.

Who thinks like this as an actual adult? Even aging punks reach a point where they realize they'd rather not couch-surf forever. Grow up, dude.

No. 891375

And this is their mentality and why NO ONE should feel any sympathy for them.

Won't "fall in line" with normal life but will whine about how bad they have it and beg like the fucking dirtbag losers they are.

No. 891377

They just leech off of the 9-5 "mummies" while judging them.

No. 891378

blast from the past but does anyone else remember that "social worker" girl who i think also had a thread here, who in early threads kept trying to give luna a vacuum and help? i would like to find her thread again, does anyone remember her name? iirc she was anorexic and either died from complications related to that or killed herself?

No. 891381

I love when unemployed losers like Lurch act like they’re doing something righteous by not working when in reality they’re just too retarded to contribute anything to society. He should have been aborted

No. 891397

Lurch is (c)rapchan

No. 891398

>my bf Smokey
Isn't Smokey the cat they had before Pumpkin?

No. 891399

LMAO. In his tiny brain the polo tie goes with his “once successful Manhattan real estate broker” who was tragically hit by a cab and his million dollar career ruined. At this point he probably believes his own BS.

No. 891400

Ugh. I refreshed and my Sage was removed. Apologies

No. 891401

Yes. He calls the cat he had for 20 years his best friend. Sad.

No. 891402

He really is bitter he worked with that landscaper last year

No. 891403

File: 1662937493469.jpeg (598.71 KB, 1967x1843, 520BB2FD-AAF7-47F4-9C1E-4226F4…)

thought lurch was being pretty quiet today. i think luna is out. sad. i will miss lurchs 4 day meth binge schizoposting. it was some of the best content in ages. now back to boring cheap cheap hauls and "my skin is so gud" pics.

No. 891404

File: 1662937893051.jpg (152.15 KB, 720x1406, VideoCapture_20220911-161221.j…)

No. 891405

File: 1662937921408.jpg (259.88 KB, 720x1408, VideoCapture_20220911-161226.j…)

No. 891406

File: 1662938051866.jpeg (652.3 KB, 814x1173, 1C16F6E6-2648-48D6-ABB6-A04B51…)

Was she there all along or did she just come back? Anyway, lurch’s bender better not be over

No. 891407

File: 1662938324372.jpeg (237.33 KB, 828x759, B56CCCD2-DE52-4A5D-826B-1CCBF3…)

lunas home and hes still tweeting foot girl

No. 891408


I love the idea that she took the first picture, realized you couldn't see her tattoo, and then took another one.

No. 891409

And too much white powder

No. 891410

kek yea totallly not suspicious at all of her to post a picture of a script bottle with the label torn off thats full of white powder. totally sober you guise! can't believe she has the gall to tell someone on reddit shes sober from all drugs.

No. 891411

I miss lurch already

No. 891413

the accounts lurch was interacting with the last few days, the other junkie couple he kept talking about suicidal ideation, they just privated their twitter accounts kek. wonder if they found the farms or luna or lurch mentioned it to them.

No. 891415

File: 1662940543321.jpeg (190.3 KB, 1170x2532, E70E19FE-4B0A-45B3-A845-B9AFCC…)

Lurch’s insane live tweeting this weekend is giving

No. 891419

File: 1662942063503.jpeg (262.58 KB, 828x919, 2F260426-EAB5-404E-B593-3E46E4…)

why do i feel like this is about the farms somehow

No. 891420

Sounds autobiographical really.

No. 891421

I really want him to keep embarrassing himself on Twitter bc this has been more entertaining than anything Luna has done recently. Lurch needs his own thread lmao

No. 891423

What happened to this anon >>891131 who seems to be following Lurch on instagram? But we're missing out on some prime schizo posting there

No. 891430

File: 1662944694018.jpeg (953.17 KB, 1170x1807, 503146FE-390E-4238-A80C-18521A…)

No. 891431

Found the salty cat ladies ITT. “Omg foot fetishes are liek so gross!!!!1” you’re all just jealous Matt isn’t going to pamper your feet and treat you like a queen so you talk shit. Maybe you all wouldn’t be so repressed if you got laid instead of talking shit about people on the internet in your free time(grade A shitpost )

No. 891432

>>891423 I'm that anon; it's been radio silence over on his insta

No. 891435

I am trying SO HARD not to hi cow right now

No. 891437

They are so mad kek. what milky dumb cows. If you dont like attention from the public, then dont broadcast your meth driven rambles!

No. 891438

nah, clearly Ms Mistress or whatever. literally no one in this thread or any of the other ones has ever called him Matt lmao. i don't even think luna does. but "mistress" probably does.

No. 891439

Did tuna jump on here as soon as she got out and proceed to message all of lurches Twitter bitches and alert them that they were now on lolcow kek

No. 891440

Have you seen Tuba's hooves? Do these >>891169 look pampered? Dude literally can't afford food or shelter without having to sell drugs or sue someone, he ain't pampering even the cat with the Fancy Feast crap they feed it. Gross.

No. 891441

>talking shit about people on the internet in your free time
Definitely not a farmer

No. 891443

No. 891445


That subreddit is wild.

No. 891448

I think literally NO ONE said foot fetishes were gross kek. But go… run and tell lurch how you defended him to the farms, I'm so sure he'll throw more money at you. Or maybe not since tunas back lol

No. 891449

I'll say it: Foot fetishes are gross

No. 891451

i assume this is the ewhore tunafriend who made her account private. another nasty ass junkie like them, only someone like that could defend luna and fucking LURCH.

No. 891452

Thank you. Anything else noteworthy on his account? I'm curious to see what he would even post about

No. 891457

Itchy coochie poo or something like that. She died?

No. 891460

Feet are gross full stop
That greasy hair though
Why do ewhores who find the farms always assume that no one here “gets laid”? Non-degenerates don’t feel the need to share their unwashed holes or details of their private life with the internet, keep coping

No. 891461

her name was jessie nizewitz and she was on a reality show called dating naked. she passed in 2019. she was also a pro ana cow. weird that she fixated on luna for a bit way back in the day, she must've found her through here.

No. 891466

ew she's trying so hard to be that broken girl fresh out the psych ward

No. 891471

You guys are so stupid for getting baited by what is clearly a bored farmer

No. 891472

No1curr, friendship with slug ended, only want moai content now

No. 891476

this lmao, now that she's back though I feel like the weeklong meth binge might end

No. 891477

I feel like somebody posts shitty bait every few days and they fall for it every time. “Luna is actually pretty cute and extremely talented!” “Lurch is so daddy!” “I’m addicted to meth and everything is fine!”

No. 891478

Anons were offering rebuttals to Lurch's braindamaged ramblings so we're not bringing our best in any case.

No. 891484

And if you point out people are being gullible dumb fucks, they accuse you of spoiling milk

No. 891490

Looking pregnant

No. 891492

Was it witchycrankypoo? I remember the vacuum anon, but haven't thought about her in ages. Not surprising someone obsessed with Tuba would end up being just as unhinged.

I want Tuna go inpatient more often; meth!Lurch is so much more funny than sad white drug addict bbygurl Luna.

No. 891493

File: 1662984759719.jpeg (287.23 KB, 828x951, 661F010D-7BCD-4E2B-B3DB-0A289B…)

It’s the same person he has been talking to this whole time, she just finally protected all tweets on all accounts.

No. 891499

bruh she was only gone for a few days and she acts like she's been locked away for months. god i hate this bitch

No. 891500

Most every woman's boobs are not the same size but how is the one so drastically bigger than the other?

No. 891502

File: 1663002025759.jpeg (161.12 KB, 828x390, 24EA0299-D435-4360-8C72-C7B6F4…)

are him and luna covid truthers? not very leftist uwu bernie sanders of her? i noticed she never talks politics anymore, she often makes racist comments, and talks shit about junkies and the mentally ill. such a hypocrite. boomer lurch really rubbed off on her in the last 8 years.

No. 891503

Don't know what he's watching but it's not American baseball.

No. 891504

I doubt Luna cares about politics beyond what directly and tangibly affects her and her life, aka drug related shit. Even then, she often shows her ass and is massively hypocritical towards other drug users. She doesn’t seem like someone who would be a Covid truther, but she puts up with Lurch’s crackhead ramblings and doesn’t challenge them because she’s so dependent on him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she believes in other conspiracy theories that Lurch rambles on about.

No. 891505

i doubt she has the capacity for critical thinking skills. she probably just latches onto whatever the person she thinks is the smartest in the room says when it comes to political opinions. unfortunately, she’s only around matthew and he’s effectively groomed her so it’s him most of the time.

No. 891517

I knew her as @pseudo.adult.nyc but this is the first I’m hearing of her interacting with Tuna as I used to follow her on the other farms. Jessie was certainly a farmer and weirdo. Last thing I remember about her before she died was her trying to become a professional poker player or some shit.

No. 891518

It's called perspective, anon

No. 891520

jessies thread:
where she was mentioned in lunas:

No. 891526

How did she die?

No. 891527

File: 1663020225433.jpeg (557.57 KB, 828x1112, 07D5AE7E-154A-45F7-A16A-393BD3…)

No. 891528


I'll take my sperg ban for this, but the original post y'all are replying to reads as unbelievably sus, especially since it was posted shortly after the kiwitards got booted from cloudfare. If you want this information so bad nona, go find it yourself instead of clogging up the thread. But ngl, you're wasting your time - any deceased with a thread didn't kill themselves over it, and the threads are locked shortly after to avoid unnecessary direspect.

No. 891529

File: 1663027308020.jpg (238.77 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20220911-203222_Sam…)

screenshot from this morning

No. 891534

File: 1663033515795.jpg (448.86 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20220912-184508_Ins…)

With ebil dad's money?

No. 891535

File: 1663033624120.jpg (166.1 KB, 1080x1283, Screenshot_20220912-184449_Ins…)

No. 891536

File: 1663033811033.jpg (208.7 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20220912-184957_Chr…)

I wonder if he blamed his posts from over the weekend on mania

No. 891537

wtf? that post wasn’t suspicious at all and no one ever even implied she killed herself because of her thread. learn to read before you start accusing others of being suspicious. she was definitely a farmer and followed and interacted with a shit ton of people talked about here. she died in 2019 and hadn’t been talked about in years.

No. 891538

File: 1663036649641.jpg (306.37 KB, 1440x1613, Screenshot_20220912-223748_Chr…)

No. 891539

File: 1663036727728.jpg (171.91 KB, 1440x1488, Screenshot_20220912-223755_Chr…)

This fucking loser. Sure you haven't eaten in 4 days Tuna, sure. Bet you're still a giant pile of dough as always, never change

No. 891541

the psych ward stay sureee seemed to help

No. 891542

Are they both doing meth now or what

No. 891544

most def. you can't just train your stomach to not feel stomach pains after four days of not eating lmao. especially if you're a lard ass like luna. she's on meth.

No. 891545

File: 1663037917538.jpeg (617.65 KB, 828x1378, 9F2BDF74-ED19-4F19-973A-5FAAD8…)

No. 891546

luna and lurch tweaker saga begins now

No. 891547

is lurch sharing the meth!?

No. 891548

lol, sounds like being fed normal portion sizes in the psych ward helped fatty temporarily break her habit of stuffing her face all day.

No. 891549

"face good" you applied at least 3 layers of filters on that photo, luna. post a no filter photo and actually look presentable and then maybe you can brag

No. 891550

Meth or coke, either way my fucking sides. These two are a dime a dozen retards.

No. 891552

Normal portions in America are not normal portions. That’s why she’s so fat

No. 891553

In a psych ward, aka a hospital, the food would be portioned correctly I'd like to think

No. 891557

A hospital is not the same as a restaurant. Hospitals and inpatient facilities have dietitians and serve food that meets nutritional guidelines. Her being fat is because she eats non-stop, not because restaurants serve oversized portions. In your haste to shit on America you failed to make any sense.

No. 891558

Bold of you to assume she doesn't ramble like a retard and cancel it out.

Seems like it. Fun times ahead.

No. 891563

Americans are fat

No. 891564

She's gonna milk this 4 day stay for months, waiting for the "portion sizes" and "who was prettier in the psych ward".

No. 891565

Fuck off amerifag. You know good and well Luna probably hoarded extra food in her room to eat

No. 891566

>just talking fast
This bitch doesn’t have any mental illness beyond the depression and anxiety she gave herself

No. 891567

So “mania” is code for being a tweaker? It won’t really help her loose weight. There are lots and lots of fat tweakers. They binge eat coming down and they love their sugar.

No. 891568

What the actual fuck is this facetune, she doesn’t even look human

No. 891570

Worked in a psych hospital for a little while a few years ago, and patients could ask for extra and come back for seconds after everyone else was served. I know this isn't how every psych hospital works but I'm giving some insight from my experience. Also ours had soda fountains, and patients could also have their own snacks from home so. Not as controlled as some are making it seem, again, in my experience.

No. 891571

Wtf did she go in for anyways? Did she say?

No. 891572

Free food.

No. 891573

Meth-anons, your time has finally come. Let's see Luna's life magically improve just like you predicted eight trillion God damned times.

No. 891574

The psych ward I worked at in America had sugary cereals and cheezits out for people to grab whenever. Also soda machines

No. 891578

File: 1663058577769.gif (210.38 KB, 400x217, bbb97554-7073-4f8e-8184-9aab08…)

Kek nonnies acting like she's at some free for all buffet, how many of you have actually been to one of the acute units who take the Lurches and Tunas of the world? any inpatient program taking Luna's government insurance is not going to let patients have anything in their rooms much less getting to roam around begging for extra food. If they did Tuna would have stayed longer for a Girl Interrupted larp. No chicken carcasses under the bed for junkies on gov insurance tho I'm sure tuna would try if she could

No. 891579

Gonna tell you exactly what happened: lurch did meth while Luna was away just because he isn’t allowed to while tuna is around. Got all horny and wrote this milky messages. He told her he did it because he couldn’t stand being left alone etc.
She came back and couldn’t stand the humiliation of his messages to other women. Had major jealousy and threw a bpd tantrum because of his behavior. To make him suffer she also took meth and is sTaRvIng herself again. Now he has to pamper her and make her cheer up again aka bring fatty sugary food and steal some bullshit for her. The end

No. 891580

im on government insurance and was in a psych ward/detox center and at every meal they gave you a selection sheet and you could order anything you want. there was this one junkie lady who was formerly 300 pounds and she would literally order as many things as she could (salad, fruit, chips, sandwiches, cottage cheese etc.) and she would bring the extra things to her room. they really didnt care. we also got a snack twice a day and could pick two things, and the choices were things such as sandwiches, ice cream, pudding, chips, jello, and other snack foods. you could also ask them to hold like a piece of pizza from lunch in the fridge for snack later. people also would ask you to sneak them extra snacks if you didn't eat your second one. tuna absolutely was taking advantage of the free food and snacks on the gov dime.

No. 891582

You don’t know what you’re talking about either retard. You can absolutely take food to your room and get snacks no matter the insurance. Maybe it’s different in some places but that’s definitely not how it is everywhere

No. 891583

you don’t know what you’re talking about. sage your shit

No. 891586

And your Queen is dead.(infighting)

No. 891587

And you’re all dying from obesity related illnesses and being too stupid to wear masks(infighting)

No. 891591

File: 1663070716039.jpeg (230.61 KB, 1284x1730, AF3DE4AD-81C3-46EB-A06A-847EAF…)

No. 891592

File: 1663071263536.jpg (174.14 KB, 720x1434, VideoCapture_20220913-051510.j…)

No. 891595

Kek ily anon

Sucks that insomnia gives Luna methy mouth sores. I hope she can beat her crippling anorexia.

Seriously though if we thought her body looked like a sack of potatoes before, rapidly losing and gaining it back will make it even worse. Doesn't even look like she's lost ANY weight because every pic has been fatty angled above the shoulder.

This is a woman who thinks whipped cream is a snack. By itself. The whole can. I implore newer anons to go back and look at her old thread food hauls kek. Luna isn't a typical American eating big portions, she eats nothing but sweet junk food.

No. 891596

Stop derailing
It’s pretty telling that this is what you get to eat in a health facility in America. Disgusting but not surprising
Of course she hasn’t lost any weight after a few days eating gross processed toxic waste that wouldn’t even meet FDA standards in any other country, it’s just her “wannarexic” LARP for uwu points

No. 891597


> 891591

That’s her fucking tublr dipshit

No. 891598

Lmao she tucked her shirt underneath the crevices of her deflated titties. Super aesthetic.

No. 891614

It’s her Tumblr but should be saged since it’s not milky or important whatsoever

Not at all derailing tho

No. 891618

File: 1663089852742.jpeg (71.46 KB, 828x258, 50E8D26A-E561-4F8A-914B-FA3A85…)

No. 891619

Good for her, finally she cottons on. I hope she sells art again or something instead.

No. 891622

>the only dudes who prey on me are abusive
no shit, retard

how many times has she said this? she’ll post more cheap cheap nudes in a couple days.

job applications don’t fill out themselves, Tuna!

No. 891631

File: 1663095805573.jpeg (489.29 KB, 828x1156, 0353A0FA-9E9B-4597-9E2E-B56061…)

No. 891632

File: 1663095833573.jpeg (445.7 KB, 821x1152, 0AC30102-B1A7-47F7-8874-D4E145…)

She’s delusional

No. 891633

What bones tuna? Don’t see a single one fatty

No. 891635

She looks so… Emancipated…

No. 891637

Talking about collarbones within like 24 hours of her new “I’m not eating” phase, right

No. 891640

she's really in her girl interuppted nymphette wannarexic era lmfao…. i wonder what fucking meds they gave her at inpatient that has her like this? with her claims of "no appetite" and the "mania" i'm almost wondering if she got some sort of adhd meds inpatient and its just happening to line up with the lurch meth saga? maybe they're both gonna be speedheads now. if she got something like gabapentin, that could create a "manic" or "speedlike" effect for her too, certainly makes you talk a lot, but you build up a tolerance extremely quickly. maybe its just copium and delusion and whatever drugs lurch has though. i don't think they gave her benzos, those will give you the munchies like hell.

No. 891647

Bet she can't find clients anymore and that's the real reason for this. With how entitled, unattractive, and abrasive she is I'm surprised she's ever had clients in the first place

No. 891650

I still can’t get that video of lurch giggling toilet paper out of luna’s ass out of my head. Her nudes are likely just as revolting.

No. 891651

Straining and yet still no collar bones to show. Try again next week fatty.

No. 891652

File: 1663102931733.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1547, F1CB0A4C-15A7-403D-86A0-85743C…)

No. 891654

File: 1663103048852.jpeg (485.2 KB, 828x1431, B706A286-760F-44C6-8A00-7D9A2A…)

No. 891656

File: 1663103284502.jpeg (121.25 KB, 828x332, BC1475EB-6EE1-427A-97DB-DB5794…)

No. 891658

i like how fakeboi is just rude and agressive to tuna… she sounds like such a farmer here kek, what a freak she is.

No. 891662

each of those doll face products are from $17-25, thats a decent shoplifting haul! and sold exclusively at rite-aid, mustve been waiting to pick up her meds

No. 891671

Them Bones is a song by Alice in Chains. Maybe she is trying to reference her collar bones but I don't think it's that deep, nons.

No. 891672

It's clearly both

No. 891674

You forgot the layer of filters melting her bones into the mash of potatoes we see before us. Kek at the filter failing to hide her stache, Tuna instead of stealing face masks snag some cheap, cheap, cheap razors!

No. 891677

So fucking funny that she thinks a couple days of tweeking out has turned her into skin and bones.
The adhd script was also my original tinfoil when she said she was manic, speed talking, and repulsed by food. Won't be long until she burns thru them, can't get it refilled and has lurch get her meth. Let me grab my popcorn.

No. 891678

Ok I take >>891647 back, fakeboi would be a very loyal repeat customer for Tuna nudes. She claims to be anti sex work but has also made posts talking about selling fat fetish content under the guise of it being art.

No. 891684

ugh she already has rotting teeth so we won’t know from that whether she’s doing meth

No. 891686

File: 1663111996286.jpeg (33.4 KB, 828x233, 0AEFD394-6EE1-4E4C-B9D6-8937F2…)

cuz yea skinny fingers make you thin tuna

No. 891689

Tweak tweak. I hope she posts some super cool videos kek

No. 891690

I don't shop at Rite-Aid so can someone tell me why there's a blue, worn down Rite-Aid sticker on that loreal Lumi highlight? Was it a tester and this is confirmed proof these hauls are 100% stolen now?

No. 891691

i didn't even know they had rite-aid still since walgreens bought them out? but it looks like a clearance bin sticker to me.

No. 891692

damn tuna is hitting the pipe hard lol

No. 891697

File: 1663115742515.jpg (246.14 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20220913-173616_Sam…)

No. 891699

File: 1663115812218.jpg (373.99 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20220913-173609_Sam…)

No. 891701

walgreens bought duane reade out a long time ago but they're still called duane reade. i think it's the same for rite aid.

No. 891702

The needle bit her

No. 891703

>long skinny fingers
Meanwhile the rest of the arm is fat

No. 891705

>literally straining, turning her head upwards, and bending backwards to make her neck look "thin" and concave
>i know i've lost weight

No. 891706

There's a Rite Aid right around the corner from my house.

The tag looks torn off where the security tag metallic part should be.

No. 891710

literally no junkie in the history of iv drug use has ever injected into their knuckles, christ. (inb4 UHHH not everyone is a needle expert!!!)

that is a super common area for meth heads to start picking at "the bugs under their skin", however.

No. 891712

i think they were just kidding

No. 891713

ayrt – yeah you're probably right. just have cPTSD from too many past nonnys thinking every bruise and scrape she has is a track mark

No. 891721

She's out of her fucking mind. The way she's clenching to make her tendons show like that lmfao. And why does her jawline look so bulbous?
Her fingers deadass spooked me at first and i thought it was a farmer photoshopping to be funny. Her arm is so manly and jolting compared to her hand.
She's off her damn rocker

No. 891725


i can't believe she thinks 4 days makes a difference holy shit this is next level.

No. 891728

It's a nice change from her usual asskissing.
>hashtag tw ed
I am deceased.

No. 891729

tbh at her size/four days of crack fasting she'd lose a lot of water weight

No. 891732

It probably feels like a lot when you weigh 250+ pounds.

No. 891735

The more I see from Tuna, the more I actually think she is retarded (and not just from being on benzos or dope constantly). Yes, I know people use short and snappy captions/titles, but she always writes like she's mentally incapacitated. What cemented it for me was that "I wanna do big things" video from college. That wasn't just general anxiety and being camera shy, she seems like she actually has some mental impairment.

No. 891736

Lol people thought her life would improve? Never known anyone who was like “man mike has been doing great since he started smoking meth”.

No. 891737

File: 1663131440109.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1900x1781, 917808D3-AD3A-4044-817A-A50415…)

People who actually want to have an eating disorder blow my fucking mind, the ruin your life and do irreparable damage to your body. It’s not like this fat retard has anything to do with her days like work or study, she has hours upon hours of free time to exercise if she really wants to stop being a village crushing hamplanet but I guess working out is not as uwu as anorexia. Regardless, the way she’s built won’t ever allow her to be to dainty little bbydoll of her dreams, she’s destined to forever be picrel

No. 891738

Incapacitated and Emancipated
It's what living online does to people like Tuna. Constantly seeking attention from strangers, whether negative or positive.

No. 891739

>this was all bought for me
Yeah, right… She always gets so defensive when she's told she gets a million beauty products that she doesn't need.

No. 891740

The fucking hash tags lmao this fat bitch is delusional. Excited for methy Luna saga though

No. 891741

None of those products are going to help when she starts picking at her face from all the meth. Would she rather be a fat bitch with a skincare routine or a skinny bitch with scabs all over her face. Maybe she should start checking out Taylor's threads so she can get an idea of what her face is going to look like.

No. 891742

No. 891743

File: 1663134263565.jpg (32.25 KB, 600x450, 4ae.jpg)

>using fetish art to own tuna
Wew nonna…

No. 891746

She really should embrace the giantess thing, I’m sure it would be more profitable than whatever her current attempted grift is. It’s unreasonably hilarious to me

No. 891748

I believe this too. Blogpost but I knew a girl who looked totally normal and everyone wondered why she’d made the same mistakes over and over and always ended up in bad situations (physical fights, getting mugged, getting sectioned) or making the same terrible choices again and again (drinking too much and ending up passed out in a public place, going on dates with known sex offenders). Anyway it turned out she just had an intellectual delay which meant she was bright enough to be in mainstream school and by all appearances seemed normal, but stupid enough to make such dumb decisions and literally never learn from her own mistakes. Tuna really reminds me of that girl.

No. 891751

she also says this in response as if she had no choice in what was purchased for her…? like if someone is actually buying this shit for her couldn’t she just say “instead of skincare i’d prefer a sketchbook and a marker set”?

No. 891753

File: 1663147326862.jpg (66.08 KB, 1080x994, IMG_20220914_062322_255.jpg)

I second that. Could even be a side effect of whatever drug her mom used during pregnancy, or maybe even FAS? Tinfoil ig but picrel fits her to a T.

No. 891754

Nonnas diagnosing every lolcow with FAS shows how young, dumb and lacking in life experience most people on this site are.
Luna has no illnesses other than the ones she gave herself through years of hard drug abuse and general mental fucked upped-ness that comes from both your parents being lifelong heroin junkies.
Luna started doing H pretty much immediately after finishing HS and prior to that smoked loads of weed and did bars as a teen (hence the mentoring video).
She's been abusing downers on a daily basis for over a decade and you expect her to be curious, open-minded and interested in learning, lmao.

Her brain is undeniably, completely fried at this point but it's not due to FAS or learning disabilities you retards.

No. 891756

Don’t people with FAS have very specific facial features too? I’m no expert but Tuna doesn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen who has it. She’s just a garden variety drug addled tard. Anyone who fries themselves with as much substances as she did while their brain is still developing is going to end up a sped

No. 891760

She doesn't have FAS. Anons are just reaching. Drugs like opiates don't fRy your brain either. Stop buying into every anti-drug lie and do some research.

She's certainly not using meth or coke in the pictures she posted. Her pupils would be huge and they're just normal. I second the anon that said gabapentin. I also don't believe she hasn't eaten in 4 days. She's probably not counting the desserts/ice cream.
She's really forgotten about looking for a job, but I guess who needs one when your dad is an eViL overlord.

No. 891762

I was shook that Fakeboi actually called Luna out here, she usually just kisses her arse

No. 891763

While opiates don't have any negative impact on the human body or mind and don't literally fry the brain, the lifestyle of a typical junkie absolutely does. Most long-term junkies wind up with seriously arrested development. When your life revolves around sitting around and getting high all day everyday with 0 intellectual stimulation and barely any movement, you're bound to become fat and retarded, which is why there's no reason to reach for any retarded diagnoses.

Luna is a typical junkie who acts like a typical junkie, it's really not that deep.

No. 891766

I completely, agree. Sage for sperg but A LOT of people with disabilities seemed to "slip through the net" back then (well at least they did in my country). The education system wasn't A. Equipped to deal with it, and/or B. Weren't fully educated and just assumed these people weren't as bright as other kids. There was a guy who I grew up with who seemed very outwardly "slow" but who stayed in regular classes all throughout his school years and never received any extra help but years later as an adult he ended up with a carer because he has a mental delay. Could have happened with our Tuna.

No. 891772

File: 1663165417882.jpeg (46.02 KB, 828x165, 69A4D12A-E27E-4A8C-B3EC-225C87…)

fakeboi is such a bitch kek

No. 891776

To be honest, she does look skinnier here. I don’t know if it’s editing or angles or if it’s real, but she looks like less of a lumpy monster. The neck shit is weird, and she angled it so her arms aren’t visible, but even still

No. 891778

Luna is just very good with angles that makes her look ten time smaller + filters.

No. 891779

angles… love to see her from a below angle or front on…. remember like a year ago when she posted a picture in front of a car and you could see how really lorge she was. shes also admitted everytime she loses like 5 pounds she gains it back immediately, because any "weight loss" she experiences is probably after her taking a dump.

No. 891781

File: 1663169523182.jpeg (884.03 KB, 2651x1011, 600E096F-C6E4-4E19-8662-CE51DF…)

tuna angles vs candids (from november last year)…. we haven't had a candid like this in awhile, i wonder if something happened between her and rlyblonde?

No. 891782

Except nobody even mentioned about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? You understand that’s not a synonym for “intellectual disability” right..?

No. 891786

I think we should all support this narrative so she gets cocky and posts another video looking like a bowling pin like last time kek

No. 891789

Pls anons, she looks like she's wearing a stuffed diaper.
Ayrt is right, she looks 10lbs lighter!
I miss FAS-chans and 32 inch waist chans, makes me nostalgic since they can't fathom Tuna just being your typical junkie with a sedentary lifestyle. No, no, Tuna is dumb and ugly because of some deformity someone else gave her kek.

No. 891792

Lmao no need to get so pressed, if people speculating or having differing opinions to yours makes you this mad then maybe this isn’t the place for you

No. 891793

File: 1663178492595.jpg (141.87 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20220914-105958_Ins…)

our skinny ana queen

No. 891794

File: 1663178675728.jpg (144.99 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20220914-110346_Ins…)

look at how unnatural and severely uncomfortable this pose looks. she hasn't lost weight, she has endless free time to spend figuring out the best way to contort herself and angle her pics so she looks thinner than she is

No. 891795


Woof. Her main issue is she had no muscle tone from her lifestyle of laying around all day getting high. This is WITH filters too face and some slimming. There was a great candid shot I remember seeing where she is at least 220+ She did not loose all that weight this quickly.

No. 891796

File: 1663178973913.jpg (185.04 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20220914-110916_Tum…)

i love her concern about Lurch followed immediately by selfies

No. 891797

Wannarexics are so fucking embarrassing. The walls and door are looking a little wavy too kek.

No. 891800

Is this bitch holding her fupa up and trying to make it look sexy

No. 891801

What does “giving up” look like when you have no dependents, no job, no hobbies, and no responsibilities? How does one know the difference between Luna Trying and Luna Given Up?

No. 891802

Does meth use cause seizures?

No. 891803

File: 1663181866066.jpg (110.36 KB, 1069x752, google.JPG)

google says this

No. 891804

she thinks shes lost weight because she tucked her slimming black tank underneath her pancake tits to create the illusion of a shape

No. 891805

I know she's a terrible narrator but Tuna has mentioned Lurch having seizures for years. Even if that's not entirely true, I feel like we're being too optimistic about the potential meth saga. The only proof we have is Tuna claiming to be manic and cRaZy and Lurch posting some weird boomer shit. We should wait for more concrete shit before we all jump to the tweaker saga conclusion.

No. 891806

why would your bf having a seizure warrant “giving up”? he’s had them before, it doesn’t seem to affect him too badly. and what is she even giving up? she does nothing.

No. 891807

Being really fucking stupid and impulsive, sheltered from consequences, and self-absorbed isn’t necessarily a mental disability though. This plays right into Tuna’s “im sick, everything is too hard for me” hand. If she were as I’ll as nonnies are postulating today that would make 100% of nepotism babies certifiable. She’s just stubborn and lazy.

No. 891808

lol. What happened to her ass below her left hand?

No. 891811

Matt had a methzure

No. 891813

I can't get over how identical people with BPD are. I'm convinced every BPD is a carbon copy of Luna because we all know a fat alt girl with anorexia and a shit boyfriend who just spends all day posting weird model shots on social media that absolutely nobody asked for. It's fucking weird. How does this happen?

No. 891814

File: 1663189617802.jpeg (79.17 KB, 828x288, 896A056D-94E4-4EA2-9C4D-57C8EE…)

so they have a storage unit!? this makes no sense, wouldn't she be able to just pick them up? she's so lazy, dad must buy her new clothes!! he can't just take her to the storage unit that'd be so aboosive and ebil! maybe that's their last ditch plan to live somewhere, so they dont wanna seem too sus early on?

No. 891816

need clothes so badly but just was 'gifted' well over $150 in drug store skin care products

No. 891817

she refers to herself six times……

No. 891818

Imagine being almost 30 years old and relying on your dad for new clothes kek

No. 891819

Imagine the smell of the boxes of unwashed clothes in that unit.

No. 891821

File: 1663192854582.jpg (41.81 KB, 736x669, fc4d574b7a9754e8fa04ff7e86a0d3…)

Papa Tuna would be so based if he lied just to get Tuna into some interview clothes.

No. 891824

No mention of the massive 4 days weight loss that calls for new clothes. Color me shocked.

No. 891825

after reading the first 3 words I was sure it was going to be that. lol

No. 891827

do a fucking load of laundry, you stank bitch

No. 891828

hmmmm i thought she wasn't in contact with either of her parents lmao yet another lie of Tuna's. she's probably been daily contacting them to buy her shit.

No. 891829

Sleep deprivation can also cause seizures, and he went at least 4 days without sleeping while tweaked out. God, he's such a fucking loser.

No. 891833

why does she looks like Lurch here lol

No. 891834

Lurch gets (or got) a bunch of xanax rx’d every month, benzos very possibly are at play in the reported seizure activity.
With how much Luna takes I’m surprised she didn’t seize at inpatient. Maybe she just wasn’t there long enough.

No. 891837

His use of benzos is the most likely cause of the seizures imo. I’ve never been inpatient or an addict so this might be a dumb question, but if Luna was honest about the insane quantity of Xanax she takes is it possible they kept her dosed to keep her out of withdrawal?

No. 891838

so weird that an anon mentioned lurch and her lying about him having seizures just a few days ago, she gets out of the loony bin and gets back on the internet, and now lurch is having seizures again. SO WEIRD.

No. 891840

Good grief that gunt

No. 891841

No, it's a hospital and the best place for someone to kick benzoe. Plus Tuba ran out of benzos a while ago which is why she bitched about not having sleeping pills.

No. 891843

File: 1663208209771.jpg (168.02 KB, 720x1437, VideoCapture_20220914-191753.j…)

No. 891845

She needs to eat a sandwich. She's nothing but skin an bones! /sarcasm

No. 891847

he still has an xanax script but i'm pretty sure they sell it.

No. 891848

Because tuba has been around him so long she's now getting her own receding hairline, kek.

No. 891849

She’s always had a fivehead, it was just concealed by her bangs

No. 891852

I don’t understand her body type at all.

No. 891853

Bowling pin, some slight semblance of curves on the top and bottom but it's looks sloppy and uneven, plus at the top she has a tiny ass head on her she hulk body.

So in conclusion, tuna is a bowling pin.

No. 891854

She's gonna go shopping after losing some (water) weight and once she gains it back and then some in a week or so she's gonna have another breakdown about how fat she is because her clothes won't fit

No. 891856

She was naturally blessed with the genes to have an hourglass but it’s been shot to hell via losing and gaining weight rapidly + never having a job in her life + sitting on her bed playing ACNH

No. 891857

sitting on her mother's bed, mind you…they made mom sleep on the couch

No. 891858

She'd rather buy new clothes than wash her old ones, even with a washing machine in the airbnb house.

No. 891859

Luna Trying: blogpost full of lies and exaggerations, manic tone, EVERYTHING IS COMING UP LUNA
Luna Giving Up: recycled shitty art of sadgirl with lots of text about how sad she is and an angel telling her to sudoku or something, idk. They all blur into one after a while.

No. 891862

That massive fupa and the unnatural awkward pose is fucking sending me, her narcissism cracks me the fuck up. Never change, Tuna

No. 891869

Do we know what the prison tattoo looking mark on her upper thigh is? I've wondered for a while

No. 891871

looks like a stick n poke that says "try"

No. 891874

it's amazing how even doing a million poses she always ends up looking like a dead body about to act in Weekend at Bernie's. I bet anything she thinks that space between her legs (which are properly posed) is the equivalent of a thigh gap.

No. 891882

It appeared around a time she was really pushing the “I’m starving myself bby” ana queen bullshit while secretly scarfing cakes and never learning to cook at Roger’s house. I always assumed it was about “trying” to lose her Haiti thighs, not trying to succeed in life or develop life skills or anything.

No. 891906

>>891871 I think it might actually say "FAT" tho I could be confusing that with the time she carved it into her skin.

No. 891910

Oh I totally see "FAT" now that you say it, I think you're right.

No. 891913

she is fat but this anon is right >>891882 it says TRY

No. 891919

File: 1663273289911.jpeg (147.71 KB, 828x609, 6ECBEF99-FCA8-4CD9-9C1B-3A4ACC…)

lurch blowing up on twitter about some baseball domestic violence thing? i have no clue i just think its funny mans doing numbers.

No. 891924

you said it yourself though, her parents were lifelong junkies. i doubt her mother had the willpower to stop using substances while pregnant, most junkies don't.

but you're right, here i am speculating an ex-tumblr girl on a livestock farming forum for femcels

No. 891925

Just let it go. It's annoying to speculate on because every single cow receives an FAS armchair diagnosis from a farmer who's seen exactly one image of a kid with FAS at some point. Tuna's just dumb and fried. It's not that deep.

No. 891926

File: 1663281052547.jpg (191.23 KB, 1080x2044, Screenshot_20220915-153019_Tum…)

Sorry for the awful crop but apparently Tuna likes cringe fanfiction

No. 891931

this is hilarious.

No. 891935

File: 1663286508846.png (526.23 KB, 515x774, dainty.PNG)

I doubt Lurch pays any attention to her when she's not propping him up for photos lol

No. 891937

luna holding lurches cold nodded out hand while he lays comatose on the bed is one of the funniest fucking images i've ever seen. also why did she spam a ton of eminem pics earlier, she probably think lurch looks like him kek.

No. 891938

File: 1663290276000.gif (3.06 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)


No. 891939


No. 891942

File: 1663295918846.gif (453.83 KB, 480x360, 6D9CF768-AF0A-46A6-8B82-968202…)

The way I audibly snort-cackled at this, topkek nonas

No. 891943

File: 1663296047925.jpeg (144.05 KB, 828x481, C4A6CD98-C3A1-4DA3-B36D-D7489E…)

No. 891944

Fakeboi must be getting fed up with Tunanator senpai not noticing her so she’s getting her bitch on, I hope Tuna has a sperg about this

No. 891952

foot fetishist x junkie draco simp
a match made in heaven

No. 891954

I like how Luna's been pretending to be uwu anachan for 8 years but all she's gotten is MORE HUMONGOUS lmao.

No. 891963

Leave, scrote.

No. 891991

Nonna plz I beg of you, I am not allowed to laugh this hard, my stitches might bust.

No. 891995

Any excuse to post that tattoo kek she's so one dimensional

No. 892000

File: 1663350590320.jpeg (43.12 KB, 500x416, 62E0F319-3A48-490A-AE9C-13124E…)

Sage for no contribution and also ntayrt but I’m sorry about your stitches, feel better soon, nona!

No. 892006

Fuck, he was (c)rap-chan all along.
I speed-lurked all threads of hers the last few days, and this video and the part where he dry humps her, are the most bizarre thing I've ever seen on lc. And then she wonders why she only found clients that were out for humiliation porn, when every single piece she posted was cringe af. But they came probably from KF anyway. Also, I hate you "worse" Anon, kek.
fakeboi knows shit about skincare. Soap destroys the skin barrier. She sounds like she wants to be Luna's mom. Men are not the pinnacle of personal care, fakeboi!
Yeah, I can excuse scamming but I draw the line at skincare.
This reads more like a FB share than an actual medically valid list of "16" signs.
She is holding his hand so he can't type away on Twatter.
Wow, faky, are you on detox/withdrawal? So bitchy.

No. 892007

File: 1663358347624.jpeg (74.15 KB, 750x250, 33C53ECC-52D9-4CB1-BEFB-64963D…)

>>890360 sage for no milk but how did i not connect the dots that fakeboi is a radfem until just now kek

No. 892011

Because she's extremely inconsistent with it. Sex work is bad but the fat fetish "art" (porn) she's made is ok. Abusing women is bad but her obsession with movies and art depicting violence against women is fine and content like that should be allowed to exist. The slaughtered vomit dolls series is her favorite movie series despite that it's poorly made fetish porn resulting from real life abuse against a 19 year old, but it's ok because it's "artistic". She's a fucking idiot even outside of her obsession with Tuna. Sorry for the sperg but but I wish she would be permabanned from the internet as a whole.

No. 892012

File: 1663362346625.jpg (227.13 KB, 1076x1642, Screenshot_20220916-140602_Ins…)

ebil dad isn't ebil right now it seems

No. 892013

Evil Dad looks pretty decent tbh

No. 892014

He's being filtered just like Tuna.

No. 892015

Right? He looks like… super normal n nice? Wtf?

No. 892016

File: 1663558037776.jpeg (472.31 KB, 2020x1649, 12BD9A79-B3D1-4081-9C68-85E23A…)

>been drinking coke cans 1 a day for my stomach
>fat water
fakebois replies lately have been kekworthy, shes my new favorite since lurch has gone quiet again

No. 892017

File: 1663558075857.jpeg (178.78 KB, 828x745, 96E6E247-3D50-4F0A-A61C-C54FA3…)

No. 892018

Anyone get a screenshot of the poetry she posted of her “dainty” hands?

No. 892019

File: 1663558308477.png (458.08 KB, 828x1792, 9501FDD2-9EEE-4276-B17B-0EBF07…)

yes, did she delete it already?

No. 892020

Yup, already deleted off her IG

No. 892021

Bitch you never even filled out housing papers kek what a retard, should've added rejected job applications to the poem while she was at it

No. 892022

File: 1663559612272.jpg (63.86 KB, 1080x236, Screenshot_20220918-225108_Sam…)

I wonder who spotter3 chick is. She has an extremely normal profile and has never commented on tunas shit before. I can't help but tinfoil that it's some sort of relative. A half sister from her dad or something.

No. 892024

>Matthew drinks ensure

No. 892027

MaH dAiNtY cRaB hAnDs

No. 892028

I got a small flashback to dante thirst from alys thread

No. 892034

It was pretty obvious anyway but no wonder evil abusive dad is suddenly looking good and worth a show.
I miss Aly's threads so much. She was one of my favorite cows.

No. 892035

Wasn't her dad dying? Well death looks good on him, I guess. On another note, can we get Lurch back? His twitter is unreal and amazing.

No. 892040

File: 1663573284877.jpg (45.45 KB, 1080x459, Screenshot_20220917-152701_Tum…)

Kek, theyre definitely getting married for real this time guys!! It's not like the other 1000 times she said they were going to!!

Unless he's posted and deleted something, he's only posted once in the last week. Guessing she saw his tweets and flipped out on him in private.

No. 892041

Tinfoil but if they do ever get married it will only be because the hideous statue thinks it will help him financially, there’s literally no other incentive

No. 892042

Fucking kek, her “poetry” never fails to send me into orbit. As if anything about her has ever been dainty, she’s a gargantuan waddling she-hulk

No. 892043

God I fucking hope not

No. 892045

Tuna in a shein 9 dollar cheap cheap wedding dress? Chief in his piss stain kaki pants and a tie? I’m all in for that milk

No. 892048

honestly I can see them getting married in their pajamas a la Courtney and Kurt kek

No. 892050

It really be an aesthetic

No. 892052

Sshhhiittttt the only thing thats thin and dainty on her is the enamel on her teeth.

No. 892053

i can't stop kekking tw ed pro ana a girl of Tunas stature posting about eating potato chips and drinking a can of coke a day roflmfao

No. 892054

Not if you have basic human hygiene. It’s extremely high in sugar. You’re supposed to drink a cup of water to wash it all down and then drink another to help get the sugar off your teeth. You should always be taking supplements with methadone (like the branded vitadone, add a little glutamine supplement, fiber and probiotics, and drink lots and lots of water)

I’ve been on methadone for years and aside from not getting my wisdom teeth pulled and letting them grow in and the pressure causing them to crack my teeth are In good shape.

No. 892055

Oh that's definitely because of the tweets too.

>Listen babe, I may have bought feet pics from a twitterbot but I only love you, we will be married so soon trust me!

No. 892056

File: 1663584691406.png (1.47 MB, 1237x928, 1663539032053.png)

Not milk per-se but I wanted to post this funny edit someone shared on CC when we were down.
Lurch memes are best memes.

No. 892057

Fucking Coke really? I bet it's not even zero sugar or diet. Does this bitch ever drink water?

No. 892059

The cheapest skincare ever and she cant bother with h20 even though true anachans would consume it the most.
Shes so dumb

No. 892061

Drinking coke for your stomach?? That makes absolutely no sense to me. Also kek that lurch drinks ensures, based on his height and weight that he loves to tell everyone apropos of nothing, he's a certified fatty

No. 892062

Never fails to make me kek when fatties seem to think a few weeks of ~soft anorexia~ will fix their weight. I guess exercising all your calories away isn't as romantic and dainty as "starving" yourself. even if she felt guilty for eating chips why not just throw up instead of making a stupid post for attention like at least try to pretend you have an actual eating disorder convincingly ffs.

No. 892064

File: 1663592681220.jpg (252.49 KB, 720x1395, VideoCapture_20220916-164226.j…)

No. 892065

File: 1663592732236.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20220919-060342_Goo…)

No. 892066

What is cc

No. 892067

holy shit. can't wait to see the barney cosplay

No. 892068

File: 1663594044832.jpg (692.8 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20220919_062438.jpg)

>>892062 but haven't you seen her post her Russell's sign??? >>891699
And the aesthetic appreciation posts?!

No. 892069

File: 1663594056329.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x510, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

She's fulfilling the Grimace jokes

No. 892070

$65 for a jacket with no buttons or a zipper is a great "winter coat" in NY….

No. 892071

of course she had to show the 65 dollar price tag too. really? a 65 dollar jacket that won't even keep her warm in the winter?

No. 892072

It doesn’t matter, tuna doesn’t need to leave the squat she will be in for work or anything really. She has no concept of quality just quantity.

No. 892073

Am I crazy or doesn’t she already have an obnoxious puffy coat like this? It might not be the same color but I swear she used to wear a trashy coat like this one out to the gas station and act like she was God’s gift to fashion

No. 892074

But that one is dIrTY and in sToRAgE!!!!!+!++

No. 892075

At least post the context kek. An anon made a character (Chieftain Crack Eagle) who used hard drugs to channel the sanic totem and get in contact with spiritual ancestor, Chieftan Big Areola, to find her way back to the Lolcow Farm homeland

No. 892076

I thought she had a gray one.

No. 892077

Luna already has a purple fur coat

No. 892078

top fucking kek i wish i had seen this in the bunkers…. didn't think any other lurch stans were there. we really need to pray the chieftan makes his return soon, i miss his tweets so much. my favorite was when he doxxed his mother.

No. 892079

No. 892080

Crystal Cafe the other image board farmes latched to while the farms was down

No. 892081

Thanks for the correction. I don't think that has a liner like the new one right?

No. 892082


All of Luna's clothes are grey eventually

No. 892083

if they do go through with it (he absolutely wont) she truly doesn’t understand how fucked she will be. not that that’s news or anything but every day this fee fi fo fum lookin bitch amazes me a little bit more

No. 892084

File: 1663601013435.png (458.54 KB, 541x832, B3538914-498A-4806-AE34-FA32DD…)

She has a black one too

No. 892085

Fuck I love the dimensional merge now

No. 892087

Why is she, and everyone (except the cats) involved in her life so fucking stupid??

Hey Matt, I saw on lc that you liked other women's posts and feet.
Yes, babe, it was just, I asked them what would be the most beautiful wedding gift for you. Everyone telling you otherwise can sit on my middle finger and spin.

No. 892089

You just know what is waiting behind that crotch cloth.

I'm German, we got Cola and salted sticks (like bretzels but in stick form) when we had diarrhoea or tum ache. But usually you would see the doc, when it won't go away after a day or two.

It already looks raggedy, just by entering her place.

I can see, at least, one button.

No. 892090

File: 1663603802902.jpeg (628.45 KB, 704x977, CBF92549-C253-46E6-B435-9777E3…)

from /ot/ but it belongs here. all hail chieftan big areola.

No. 892092

I wish I would have known. Ty.

No. 892093

Oh gfd… this is a masterpiece

No. 892094

It’s not that it looks raggedy, yet, although I’m sure it will. The difference is that she took a picture in the store of a size 5 and made sure to get the price in the pic. The coat she purchased (which is at least 3x the size, but we wouldn’t know because the size is intentionally obscured) is what is making it look like a frumpy grimace mess, as will she, inevitably.

No. 892095

lmaoo youre right. The store pic is a size S, the one at home has to be at least an L

No. 892102

File: 1663618777231.jpeg (275.05 KB, 828x1054, F9FC2295-007B-45E5-B3A1-E211AA…)

sounds like a great idea for a junkie

No. 892103

I can only think showing the small size was the point, because $65 for a new coat is just proof it’s fast fashion polyester trash. Nobody would flex that.

No. 892104

KEK this is so funny. I cant' wait for k addiction arc

No. 892107

Is using ketamine the same as heroin? I'm sheltered idk how drugs work. I feel like you wouldn't use heroin in a hospital so ketamine seems weird

No. 892108

File: 1663621074680.jpg (610.6 KB, 1079x1783, Screenshot_20220919_135536.jpg)

No. 892109

ketamine is literally meant to be used in a medical setting, its a horse tranquilizer. i think they give it to humans in small doses therapeutically, pretty sure its a nasal spray. its really not that strange to be used, but i don't think luna needs it kek. she just thinks it will get her high. they give fentanyl to people in hospitals too, my mom had it for surgery last year.

No. 892110

They do use heroin in hospital. Are you retarded?

No. 892114

ket is not as addictive as heroine and is a common party drug (in the uk, anyway). sometimes you can be prescribed ket for pain relief in hospitals, though it's rare, usually after other painkillers have been tried without success.

also, most drug 'retreats' require you to eat a specific diet for months before, and are usually hippy-dippy, spiritual awakening type events. defo not the scene for an addict and there's no chance it will help Luna in any way mentally

No. 892116

There are definitely legitimate psychiatric uses for ketamine but that page calling it a “powerful psychedelic experience” is a red flag. Strange way to advertise for ketamine treatments which, if used properly, just feel kind of nice and don’t get you crazy high.

No. 892117

don’t forget k-holes that can happen when you take too much and completely disassociate!

No. 892118

For once the stalking dumbass is right.

Sure, Tuna. It's totally for real this time and not like those other for real times.

Her lard ass is gonna look like the McNuggies meme in this kek

No. 892119

She posted a new poem on her tumblr, copy and pasting it so I dont spam

I. 18 years old, I sold my soul
bound by twine to mattresses adorned by thorns
the pains became the norm, bloodstained sheets and open wounds
looking for my ribs, I’ll sacrifice one for you
I’ll do it all for you, us, you, I do

II. psychologicol torture, a room which longs for sunlight
institutionalization reminds you how beautiful the sky is
even if you AMA and it’s pouring rain when you finally escape the cold hospital walls, nurses who look down upon you, confidently
begging a security guard for a Marlboro while I wait for a medicaid cab
free, yet such is still imprisoned
most popular bitch at the hospital, at least four strangers proposed
but I said no, I said no, god just leave me alone

III. let me Rest In Peace.

IV. suicide pacts are like child’s play
I’m losing it, post-pandemic depression, no psychiatric attention, no openings for someone standing on the edge of a skyscraper ready to take a dive
wake up from every OD wondering how the fuck am I alive?
I just keep coming back
inside me the demons I lack.

V. I feel everything now, so overwhelming, overemotional
as if I’m taking on all of the world’s sins and stacking them on my back
each piercing me with a sword all the way clean through
I’ll take a dollar store butcher knife, stab myself, dedicate the scar to you
baby, where are the cherubs?

VI. hims says thy be lost
their lil wings fluttering, cheeks flushed, hidden somewhere amongst the waste
my body won’t stop begging for just one more taste
(and another, and another…)

VII. haunted by a ghost called insomnia
the comfort has come to a close, I hear the whispers, the bets
I’m gonna lose
my life a reality show for the likes of you
I can’t sleep in this goddamn hospital bed
these 26 years feel like a complicated ruse.

VIII. you ever wanna go home when you know that home does not exist in your world anymore?
the drug fueled demon inside me
couldn’t even be tamed by an exorcist, fuckin’ possessed.

IX. handcuff me to the bed
it’s okay I’m already dead
dead to the world, that is
let me rest, please - I’m ready to die
just please don’t forget to shut my eyes

X. hold me till we’re both cold as ice
we really put up a fight, didn’t we? we were supposed to be strong
it’s okay, we can laugh until our hearts stop beating
I love you x infinite, it bears repeating

XI. we’re forever woven in time
together, always and eternally, you’re mine
yours truly, baby cat
I love you, I do, the
moment I set my eyes on you
I knew
I was yours.


(I changed my mind, please don’t let me die, I’m scared)

No. 892120

File: 1663627465108.png (14.75 KB, 476x103, Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 6.41…)

girl, you're just on meth
>18 years old sold my soul
is this acknowledging lurch grooming her, or just a "i'm sooo sooper speshul becuz muh addiction" statement. i really don't understand why she thinks being an addict makes her artistic or cool or something, it just makes her stupid. most people with addictions want to get better, not worse.

No. 892121

I thought this was the AI again

No. 892123


No. 892125

File: 1663628911859.png (Spoiler Image, 487.97 KB, 547x805, muhED.png)

No. 892126

there's still time to delete this

No. 892127

>what do I even look like
We've been trying to figure that out for years, Tuna.

No. 892128

Are you this unfunny when you’re sober, too? Seriously embarrassed for you.

No. 892129

>frozen stiff, holding breath
How has she made every selfie look so forced?

No. 892132

The way she holds/hide her fat with her hands in every photos cracks me up every time.

No. 892133

File: 1663633418892.jpg (565.22 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20220919_172311.jpg)

No. 892134

File: 1663633518416.jpg (380.85 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20220919_172440.jpg)

No. 892135

File: 1663634755963.jpg (252.23 KB, 1227x839, not conceited.jpg)

> conceded
Our poor emancipated queen needs a sandwich, the lack of nutrition is affecting her.

No. 892136

File: 1663635307655.jpg (1.03 MB, 2224x3977, xxxx.jpg)

I don’t consider posting a screenshot spamming, so here it is to avoid >>892121
What happened?

No. 892137

they probably think she’s retarded and are joking about it with their friends after

No. 892139

The poor underwear being devoured by her giant moose pussy

No. 892140

kek, she'd have to leave the house for any of this to be even remotely plausible

No. 892145

sometimes I like to compliment ugly or fat girls to try to make them feel better, too

No. 892146

She's so fucking funny. Drooling at the opportunity to get her number? Tuna, please, my sides. Theyre seemingly crawling over each other to get to her on the streets yet she has to constatly beg for validation online? The "insomnia" is getting to her.

No. 892147

I can explain this phenomenon: bottom tier humans will flock to unattractive slobs like Tuna because they scream EASY LAY just by looking at them. Seen it too many times in the city. She's just stroking her own ego, and pretending she's not for the asspats.

No. 892148

what is the point of this? if so many people are apparently drooling over you irl, why do you need the internet to, too? she just wants someone to tell her she’s not the size and shape of Grimace and dressed exactly like him, but don’t people already do that constantly? what about your fiancé, Tuna?

No. 892150

like how she compares herself to jesus christ and says she's carrying the world's sins on her back. sure luna you're the world's victim you directly have the worst life in the world and are carrying the heaviest load on your back that you definitely didn't have a hand in putting there

No. 892151

i’ll take things that never happened for $1000 alex.

No. 892153

File: 1663644100612.jpg (151.51 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20220919-202005_Tum…)

No. 892154

The sephora girl encounter sounds either like loss protection or someone trying to run a con on her

No. 892156

she begged her for a hug kek. check your pockets tuna

No. 892159

haven't refreshed my page yet so enjoy the deleted comment and uh…rap

>i honestly don't know if this is allowed on lolcow, but she's really living out her eminem fantasy here, and im drunk, so heres my dramatic reading/rapping of this poem in an eminem style. i will take a ban if this is not allowed.


No. 892162

Everyone dumb enough to stick their fingers in Tuna's pockets will get stung by a random needle that she left there.
I get the reasoning behind that statement, I was thinking about Body Count's "Winner loses" reading that. Haven't clicked the link, though. It's too early in the morning to have a cringe attack.

No. 892164

Thanks, Nona.
I couldn’t make it past 7 seconds but I’m glad I asked.

No. 892165

Luna genuinely has an easier life than many of the 20-somethings I know, who really don’t have parents in the picture for whatever reason, who not only pay for their own clothes and phone (unlike our gorl) but also rent, food, medical expenses, transportation. again, all unlike our gorl. it’s baffling that she really can’t see how good she has it, even in the throes of her uwu sadgrl bbygrl angelbby addiction that she literally wished upon herself.

I hate this crusty retard and I wish they’d run out of narcan.

No. 892169

dear nonny this made my day thank you

No. 892170

Thank you nonna because I didn't want to read her poem and I love when nonnies make the thread more interesting ily

No. 892174

File: 1663667172852.jpg (175.13 KB, 720x1165, Wizardchan.jpg)

I just wanted to check in on our gorl and the chief, all of the husbando posts made me want to touch grass. Cheers to those of you who were able to enjoy the bunker visit tho!

The area I live in has at least a few ketamine clinics ranging from spirituality based to therapy focused.
I've heard it's up to $2000 for an initial consultation and anywhere from $300-$900 per session using nasal spray or IV therapy, all out of pocket even with insurance afaik.
All you have to do is walk in and pay though basically, I wonder if she's trying to talk evil dad into paying for one of the expensive centers if they have them in her area.

No. 892175

WannaLuna actually took a pic of the coat on the rack in a small and brought up the not-cheap price just to direct everyone’s attention to the size on the tag. As if she’s going to stuff herself into a small anything, oversized or not.
>>892064 Conveniently, the pic in the closet at home has the tag with size still attached but flipped backwards. She isn’t ”modeling” it like all her other hauls. Maybe it’s a goal size coat, in which case we’ll never see it again.

No. 892177

File: 1663672656745.gif (6.86 MB, 320x240, 16-Hilarious-Insane-Laugh-Gif.…)

i'm cackling so hard, thank you nona for making my day better

No. 892178

Maybe stop sucking in like a fucking retard. I'll never forget how her stomach bounced when she stopped sucking in. Wah wah body dysmorphia no shit you don't know what you look like when you catch a glimpse at yourself suddenly versus your sucked in corpse like posing.
What makes her think these people aren't similar to reddit men that just got off on the fact that she's ugly and desperate for attention. It's very noticeable kek. Strangers compliments don't matter since she's much uglier with her personality and lifestyle in mind.

No. 892180

File: 1663676110170.gif (4.06 MB, 498x373, 39743AE4-C53C-45D7-9657-28AD86…)

to my adoring fans, thank you. i'll be the first to admit i got a little too drunk last night.

No. 892181

nona you are literally the funniest person on this website. i love you. the thread has peaked with this

No. 892185

You wild bitch, I love you.

No. 892186

Not one of your original fans but how you’re handling the light roasting has converted me. Blessings, Nona.

No. 892188

nonna you have made my fucking year holy shit.

No. 892190

File: 1663682450956.gif (416.83 KB, 320x240, 9336848D-E158-4594-952F-F69EF0…)

KEK be my friend Nonushka this is pure unadulterated comedy

No. 892191

It's not really baffling that she can't see it because she's a spoiled bratt whose parents, especially her dad, have enabled her her entire life. Even when he's not don't it the state is because she gets food stamps, medicaid, lawyers to help her squat, and even offers of help and a new apartment from the very people she was trying to screw over. Of course she doesn't see it because for her it's normal and expected and she's never faced not having things handed to her and likely never will.

But yes she leads a very cushy life and I roll my eyes hard at people who say her life isn't that great. I don't know if they're just incredibly privileged in the actual sense of the word, but Luna drinking her own piss and putting her ugly nudes online doesn't negate the fact that she gets for free what many people struggle daily to maintain and who would kill to get what she gets.

No. 892197

File: 1663689014695.png (946.12 KB, 1080x1502, Screenshot_20220920-164858~2.p…)

the coat has made an appearance

No. 892198

File: 1663689236332.jpeg (582.15 KB, 828x1466, 15509BB3-DDDA-455E-BE91-2E9574…)

ahh yes, we know this drug treatment will be very helpful for our dear tunafish. also you know this text is from her dad.

No. 892199

File: 1663690263729.gif (1.38 MB, 160x160, tumblr_inline_n6vyj23Mw11soma0…)

Anon, you made my day with this. Bless your heart. I'm totally vibin to this kek

No. 892200

the frumpy coat makes her body even more disproportionately large compared to her head.

No. 892201

Just what she needs…more drugs!

No. 892202

anon who reposted your rap here, 10/10 turnaround there nonnie. was a privilege to watch you rise from cringe to glory like a phoenix from the ashes

No. 892204

Now I'm even more certain that she absolutely has a purple fluffy coat already. Some of you keep track of her clothes like hawks tracking a mouse, when was the last time she wore it?

No. 892205

She’s finally accepted her uncanny resemblance to Grimace

No. 892208

File: 1663693744948.jpg (366.79 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20220920-130737_Chr…)

She does. This isn't the exact one but it's like this

No. 892209

she posted some selfies in it when she moved into the first airbnb last month, in the last thread. i dont know how to link a post from the previous thread so forgive me

No. 892210

Luna’s rhymes are special poetry slam tier but your reading is hysterical Nona

No. 892211

its almost 80 degrees out and shes wearing that coat just to prove it it fits lol tuna we know its not the size small

No. 892212

File: 1663695644465.jpeg (590.07 KB, 828x766, E2476973-1C5B-48AB-AF48-9E4561…)

No. 892213

She has never really tried to get better and first thing she thinks about is a ketamine treatment. I am sure that in her mind it means she will get legally high just like with her benzos. Sucks for her that she won't actually get high like she wants.

No. 892214

File: 1663696375014.png (12.36 MB, 4642x2160, grimace.PNG)

Nona, here are some of links to the thread you’re referencing: >>>/pt/885996
To be able to link to previous threads or other areas of the site, click “No.” next to where you’d normally click to respond to a comment in the thread and copy that address. Plop it in the comment section and it will automatically turn into a link. I hope that helped.
I’ve made a side-by-side of both purple coats. Searching for these pictures I realised Luna wears a lot of purple.

No. 892217

This coat is the new hand rose tattoo, I guarantee it

No. 892218

>we’re forever woven in time
>together, always and eternally, you’re mine
>yours truly, baby cat
>I love you, I do, the
>moment I set my eyes on you
>I knew
>I was yours.

Lmaoooooo Lurch was referring to Luna as his "friend" and giving money to foot fetish accounts while she was in inpatient and she's still simping this hard for him. Pathetic.

>is going to get her daddy to pay for k treatment (that won't work because she puts zero effort into actually fixing herself)
>got her daddy to buy an ugly purple coat even though she already owns one
>blows so much money on useless shit that she doesn't even remember what she bought

Get a job, bitch.

No. 892219

Are you familiar at all with how the clinics work? I've never looked into it enough to really understand if they give low "therapeutic level" doses or if it's a monitored k-hole type situation?

Either way it's not like it's going to cure her magically without her being willing to do any work on herself. I'm surprised she hasn't just asked lurch to go score some for her.

You could tell how much wider the picture of the one that came home with her is than the small kek. I'm here for her coming to terms with her grimace like features and embracing it.

No. 892221

Stickers can be cute, but does she have to cover everything she owns in the same sanrio stickers over & over? She has been for at least 8 years, & how charming does she think it is seeing haggard 30 year olds (ik, she's 26, but 4 years will come & go for her like nothing at this rate) who can't get over their tween interests?

No. 892224

Luna wants to do the ketamine therapy because it involves drugs and often gets touted as a miracle cure for depression. She wants to get better while putting 0 effort in as usual and thinks that an IV shot of some will solve her emotional problems while staying completely in denial about her drug addiction, which is what she needs to acknowledge and address first.

Going from a benzo addiction to ket doesn't make sense and street ket is extremely cheap, it makes no sense to pay thousands of dollars for it.

No. 892226


Today's AI Tuna:

I. fifteen, thirteen years old, met a mother
who tied me down with a belt
she left me screaming, she left me crying, she left me broken
10 years, I earned this
zero zero years old, I was kicked in the nuts
there will be only me and the pain, yes, the pain
I will keep the pain and fuck the haters
for the pain, the pain is the one and only god

II. I come home to the scent of a cat in an empty house.
I live like an addict now
I don’t have my own bed
I sleep on a bare mattress
sofas, glass coffee tables, I remember this part
one day
I made this faggy room
I crawl, I get tired and I have nightmares
I write poems. Some are red, others are black

III. I’m a coward.
I see a pair of sneakers, I steal their souls
in a world of criminality, my veins full of hard liquor
I exist to be the dog that bites his own tail
enough to kill a pack of bears, but no one to read my poems or listen

IV. I only make choices when I hit rock bottom
then I hit rock bottom again, again, again
fuck it, I guess I’m going to hell
I fuck up, I know I’m the only one to blame
curse me with clairvoyance
fuck my fate I’m not special

V. like the pagans, I wear your blood on my skin
through the creases of my thighs, deep into the night
your tongue hangs out, full of half-moons of agaric and salicylic acid
this is our year
our sweet year
we’re going to kill it
with our hope and our mess and our ruin

VI. me, me me me
the siren screams
erupts over the war-torn ocean
blond hair, vagina, I’m free
naked and in a circle
eating men’s cum
gasping in the streets
on the shoreline of trash

VII. I come back to this empty room
i barely make it back to my bed before
the sun rises
In a panic I put a glass of water by the bed
I have to pee
the bottles aren’t there
this nightmare is real
I shut my eyes, screaming
the pain is out of control

VIII. you know what really sucks? the fact that I forgot how to smile
like a fire hose on fire in my face
I am running through garbage, just running
fucking my future to death with a screw driver
you ever wish the alcohol would’ve numbed you but I am doing the heroin shit
pushing all these goddamn keys as fast as I can
because the keys are a spell to save me

IX. I’ve been known to die twice
chicken soup is too spicy for me
haven’t been “home” in a long time
as for my parents, they're getting old
they gotta pay for my funeral when I’m done
gone to the party
gone to the chapel
gone to the party, played the drums,
gone to the grave
yes, fuck my life

X. in my little hospital bed, I'm happy to sit
write me a lullaby
your own creation
keep it low in pitch, and sweet in rhythm
and write me another one about this hospital bed
another like I used to sing
the doctors say it’s just this god damn psychological illness
living up to the path of one of your drug-fuelled fantasies

XI. heroin is my lover, my body is a temple
my dad was a drunk
my mom was a junkie
my cat is a slut
I’m the only one left
drugs, money and sex
I’m nothing but bones
and a little bit of meat on the side
I’m nothin’ but scars
and a little bit of rotten flesh on the bone

No. 892231

I can't wait for her ebil dad to pay 20x+ street cost for her to not even end up getting high. This could get interesting

No. 892232


Monitored k-hole basically. I'd be shocked if they let an addict take part.

No. 892233

They won’t, they drug test you.

No. 892235

there’s weird online pill mills now that offer ketamine in tablet form along with ‘therapy’ but idk if it does anything. the only person I know who’s gone that route became way more unhinged after lol

No. 892236

>I have to pee
>the bottles aren’t there
I'm fucking dying. AI Luna poems are so much better than anything she will ever write. Keep em coming anon, this is better than ketamine therapy.

No. 892238

>”my dad was a drunk
my mom was a junkie
my cat is a slut”
If only tuna could write such excellence.

No. 892239

>I exist to be the dog that bites his own tail

AI luna is dropping some fire ngl

No. 892244

She's either getting evil dad to pay for the ket treatment or he'll refuse and she'll get lurch to score some dodgy street ket and self-medicate

Tuna won't try any kind of medical or mental health intervention unless it involves drugs. she can't learn how to function without them because she's never lived for any significant period of time fully sober

bet she'll be on about ayahuasca, DMT and the like soon enough

No. 892245

Good thing they don't clean anything or they could make their own krokodil.

No. 892248

File: 1663710138426.jpeg (426.56 KB, 2034x1458, E08E0FE6-0F58-445C-BA46-9F7702…)

shes really on one today

No. 892249

File: 1663711026615.jpg (138.7 KB, 720x1481, Eraseuwu.jpg)

The place she's looking at seems fairly dodgey and overpromising. Offering something that will magically help erase memories of addiction is just unrealistic. It would be funny to see the doctor shopping scammer get a taste of her own medicine.

Another NY infusion center I looked at were more straightforward with faq:
-$525/session for depression treatment, 6 sessions over 12 days with maintenance therapy as needed after
-Therapuetic dose that doesn't cause loss of consciousness, total session time including infusion 1.5 hours
-No mention of recreational drugs but benzos clearly mentioned as needing outside monitoring/adjustment from prescribing doctor

How much nonnettes wanna bet she lies about benzo use to be seen immediately and feels absolutely nothing?

No. 892250

shes probably never even read burroughs jfc. he also had a job, went to treatment and was sober for parts of the book. if she actually read it maybe it would ~inspire~ her to go to treatment and actually get clean. burroughs worked and went to rehab luna so it’s ~cool~, you can do it too and also be ~aesthetic~

No. 892252

I didn't listen at first because I deeply feared secondhand embarrassment but I just listened and it's funny asf that you made tunas shitty, embarassing poem sound cooler than it is. I'm dying nonny!

No. 892254

someone please please edit in some tp falling out of his ass

No. 892258

Lost it at
>chicken soup is too spicy for me

No. 892262

KEKKKK I hope someone fulfills your request, I really do.

No. 892264

>as for my parents, they're getting old
>they gotta pay for my funeral when I’m done
the AI is dropping some truths

No. 892265

File: 1663725137454.jpg (19.22 KB, 624x351, MyCatIsASlut.jpg)

>I will keep the pain and fuck the haters

I love how a little Lurch came through there. Thank you anon, legit had me in tears. Fuckin hell, the AI shit gets me every time.

>blond hair, vagina, I’m free

>I see a pair of sneakers, I steal their souls
>I’m nothing but bones
>and a little bit of meat on the side
>I have to pee
>the bottles aren’t there

I need to have a lie down oh my god. I am WHEEZING. This might be your best work, nonaschenka.

>My cat is a slut.

No. 892266

File: 1663726099968.jpg (343.48 KB, 720x1458, VideoCapture_20220920-190751.j…)

No. 892267

File: 1663726245959.jpg (408.27 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20220920_191034.jpg)

No. 892268

Fillers won't fix that cleft upper lip, Tuba.

She's really desperate for all of the trendy cosmetic procedures, isn't she? Lash extensions, lip fillers suddenly. Where does she get the nerve, to be literally HOMELESS and JOBLESS but be coveting these cosmetic procedures. Then again I'm acting like she doesn't have an IQ lower than her saggy tits.

No. 892269

File: 1663727766560.jpeg (339.17 KB, 828x1553, FBBDE9AF-E9ED-43E0-ABB1-E53998…)

not milk but shes liking more draco malfoy fanfic kek

No. 892272

Why is this so funny

No. 892273

Has she ever talked about Harry Potter at all? It seems to random honestly, I guess at least she's reading something, even if it's fanfic kek.

No. 892274

Those Layne Staley quotes were fabricated by some Brazilian hack “biographer” after his death. So much for being a true Layne/AIC fan Tuna.

No. 892278

Those products are not cheap cheap. That Jo Malone alone is 80 or so (I'm a Eurofag, so forgive me for Idk US$ prices).

No. 892281

I was going to say the same thing, that’s a couple of hundred worth of product at least, I hate this thieving, scamming land whale so much

No. 892282


Chief Lurch sometimes posts on her accounts right? Reddit one confirmed at least?

Maybe our man wants to do a bit of light reading, but can't manage to engage unless it's written to him, the Gryffindor!reader.

No. 892286

The idea of Chieftan Big Areola just being really into draco malfoy x reader fanfics is so fucking funny, just one single mildly gay tendency

No. 892287

Whichever one of you keeps lecturing her like this, you’re really weird. At what point does your parasocial obsession with her just become you responding to her posts with what you would bitch about on lolcow? Shit is creepy. We all know it’s one of you.

No. 892288

Anon, fakeboi has her own thread in snow. She's a retard orbiter of tuna, who seems to have been following her independently of LC for a while. When she shows up to self post, it's very obvious. Please stop newfagging so hard.

No. 892289

>>892288 Exactly. Get it together, the summerfags should be gone by now.

No. 892291

That was amazing

No. 892295

I can't find which thread it was, but she's definitely talked a about losing an HP book behind a dresser and wanting to buy a new one instead of just moving the dresser. IIRC she also said her favourite characters were Sirius and Luna, so maybe Draco really is Lurch's thing kek

No. 892297

unironically, if AI luna was an influencer, she would go viral!!! I'd love AI to generate a video to this gem of a poem and for tipsy rap anon to perform it again.

No. 892303

her need to constantly line up her things is genuinely very autistic

No. 892306

That is so on brand for her actually. Don't wash clothes just buy new. Don't move the dresser…

No. 892307

phenomenal thank you

No. 892309

She is obsessive af, but sadly not with cleanliness.

No. 892310

>bitches about summerfags
>can't even format their post properly

No. 892314

File: 1663777377782.jpg (657.45 KB, 1324x2617, Daddy's money.jpg)

And so it begins

No. 892317

File: 1663778087099.jpeg (771.2 KB, 828x1426, 5275DB70-21DA-497E-91E7-191EBC…)

kek the version she posted on tumblr has different captions about her sooper serious anorexia

No. 892318

She thinks her pants are too big!? Where!!? All I see is the top edge of the waistband slightly flared out probably because her fat was plopping over it before she sucked it in for a picture

No. 892319

Rip her ebil dad being stupid enough to find her junkie daughter a quick fix scheme based of more fun sounding drugs. God she’s a brat.

No. 892320

>>892310 In what way was my post incorrectly formatted?

No. 892321

Her wannarexic shit is so embarrassing God.
You'll never know what it's like to wear anything XS. Even at your lowest you were still fat and disgusting. Give it up, sis.

No. 892325

I doubt she’ll get much out of it. She’ll get a controlled high for a short period of time once a week for a few weeks and do nothing to change or better herself and utilise any therapeutic benefits and will have wasted a lot of money without so much as a k-hole.

No. 892326

File: 1663780374130.jpeg (467.2 KB, 828x705, 4DB79938-AC7F-4BAD-BC3D-17DB95…)

admitting to lifting here…. i love how even when shes supposed to be getting legitimate help she has to do some sort of criminal behavior. i hope to god she ends up racking up charges at one place and they nab her. i understand people shoplifting things they need like food or actual healthcare products. but she doesn't need this shit.

No. 892327

she's afraid of getting lost? she is so retarded.. just use google maps and your phone's gps, dumbass

No. 892329

lmao @ her laying all that shit out on her lap while waiting for the bus

No. 892331

Isn't she staying in a nicer area than the squat? Different stores to steal from, in a nicer area, don't have lower tolerance for this shit? Or am I dumb.

No. 892332

they look like they fit perfectly. she is so used to stuffing her fat ass in ill fitting clothes that a pair of normal sweatpants feel big because they dont cut into her sides

No. 892336

I thought those hair rollers were cat poop bags for when she scoops the litterbox but who am I kidding

No. 892337


why lift something useful when you can get something for your fried out, over processed hair that’ll do nothing to help it?

No. 892338

>XL doesn't fit
KEEEEK. You fat bitch just because you aren't wearing circulation cutting jeans halfway up your pussy like some r/fashion poster doesn't mean it's too big

No. 892341

You can flat out see she didn't even have to tighten then waistband, XL fits her perfectly lmao

No. 892342

NAYART but keeping the post number beside your text instead of separate lines makes you stand out like a sore thumb, not very anonymous.

No. 892343

Hell, if she didn't steal everything and bought stuff every so often, she'd have plastic bags leftover from her purchases for that. It's what I use when cleaning my cat's litter box.

No. 892344

Her getting this expensive help irritates me so much. Her dad is an idiot for paying for it. Can't believe he'd pay thousands for several treatments when she hasn't even bothered to get a job or show any motivation that she's willing to change.

No. 892345

And just look at the size of that fucking thigh one of hers is the same size as both of mine she’s fucking delusional
If you need to ask, you need to go back
This pisses me off, there are so many people who could genuinely benefit from this treatment but don’t have access to it, god I hate her spoilt, scammy, scummy ass

No. 892346

Bold of you to assume she ever cleans the litter box

No. 892347

I for one am very excited for the special k saga.

No. 892348

She will blame the treatment for her next relapse.
How long will she be gone? I'm asking for a statue with foot fetish.
The stealing is another one of her compulsive urges.

No. 892349

All out of pocket too. I don’t know of any insurance that covers this, and if she had a lucky one that did no way did she get approval so fast. Shit is not cheap. Dad is an idiot.

No. 892350

The ketamine infusion treatments last maybe 90 minutes and they let you chill for another hour before you leave.

If they do it properly, they give you counseling before your session, halfway through it, and again after. But Luna is just rolling up high on benzos already, and she hasn’t mentioned any counseling.

This is just wasting Ebil Dad’s money so Tuna can get high all day and pretend like she went to rehab.

No. 892351

How much du you have to spend on such a treatment?

No. 892353

Why she can't just take heroin at home escapes me

No. 892354

File: 1663791645252.jpeg (153.18 KB, 750x622, 1DF9FBFF-067F-4F96-B3D8-08C3CC…)


No. 892355

came here to post this too…. i'm glad she got the treatment she deserves.

No. 892356

Sage for medsperg but I’ve always wanted her on lithium!! Interested to see if this changes anything. It takes about 10 days to start working if she really takes it, but I know several addicts that got diagnosed with bipolar, were prescribed lithium, and turned their lives around. I’m not that hopeful for Luna, but she might become slightly more self aware.

No. 892357

KEK love that this trip completely wrecked her delusions from earlier. So crazy that she doesn't see herself as fat as she actually is.

No. 892358

That's over 100kg of pure daintiness for all nonburgers kek

No. 892359

File: 1663793368827.jpg (295.93 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20220921-133903_Ins…)

No. 892360

Let's fact check here
She didn't say you can't afford it, she said you're a drug seeker and not a proper candidate for the treatment.
You're overweight Tuna, not some anachan. Kek

No. 892362


Nonnie please tell me what site you use for this. It's incredible.

No. 892366

>>892354 well, she is bi polar lol

VRAYLAR is approved in adults to treat depressive episodes that happen with bipolar I disorder (bipolar depression) and for the short-term treatment of manic

No. 892367

At least she confirmed that she’s literally obese. Even if she was 6 feet tall a weight that high puts her BMI over 30.

No. 892368

This really makes the "dainty pale hands" thing SO much funnier. She's about as dainty as a dumptruck.

No. 892369

Sage for medication autism but why did they put her on two mood stabilizers? Wouldn’t it conflict or something?

No. 892370

She’d put on even more weight, Tunanator deathfat saga?
I think she’s the same height as me (5’10) and her body frankly terrifies me, she’s well into obese territory, I cannot fathom letting one’s self get to that state

No. 892372

File: 1663796524435.jpg (244.91 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20220921-174110_Chr…)

Assuming she's not lying about her weight kek

No. 892376

Bipolar meds also are used to treat borderline pd. Prescribing 2 is because they do different things even if theyre both anti psychotics. She's an addict with BPD, so lithium is a basic choice.

No. 892378

I wonder if she's ever considered the angle that she can shoplift so much only because she's so fat and it's easier to hide shit on a fat body. I'm just laughing thinking about it. At least you can shoplift, tuna.

No. 892379

Legit surprised she even admitted this, I guess we can look forward to a barrage of wannarexic posts about how she’s not eating (even though the lithium is going to make her even more ravenous)

No. 892381

it's sometimes also used for people with depression and not bipolar, if other anti-depressants haven't worked.

No. 892382

Poor Luna. I’ve heard the come-down from meth bender is rough. I bet her father told her whatever the hell he had to - that he’d pay for a truckload of ketamine - to stay on her good side long enough to get her to see a real doc.

cariprazine (Vraylar) and lithium have different mechanisms of action. I’m not familiar with either really, but I think Vraylar is similar to seroquel. Lithium is one of those drugs that I think was being used less and less due to some of it’s side effects (damages your kidneys, can cause tremors), but some more recent studies have shown it ‘boosts’ the effects of other drugs for certain mood disorders. I’d assume that’s why it was prescribed? I’m not an expert by any means though.

No. 892383

Lithium is still pretty widely prescribed in my country (t. medfag) but it requires close monitoring due to the propensity for renal and possible hepatic toxicity, there’s no way Tuna is going to be diligent with getting the necessary regular blood work done, so if she is actually talking it we can brace ourselves for an imminent medical saga

No. 892384

This is hilarious, and we all saw it coming haha. It looked like the center might have been in a regular hospital/medical complex. I'm sure those docs get drug seeking bpd junkies like her all the time.

I wonder what their pricing was like and how much dad was willing to shell out. The other center in the state was flat rate, $525/session x 6 sessions over 12 days coming out to $3150. This is a new psych if I'm not mistaken, I wonder if she'll actually stick through with them or continue doc shopping. I could go for the self medicated k saga too tho

No. 892388

I don’t think she realises that the dose of ketamine they give you in therapy is a lot less than what you take when you want to enter the k-hole ot but my dad was given a combination of ketamine and fentanyl in the hospital after surgery and he said that initially it was the best experience ever until he started having terrifying hallucinations so if she does try to self-medicate it is not going to end well

No. 892389

When my dad did ketamine therapy a few years ago it was $600 per session. He did it for chronic pain, but it did help with his mood. He said he didn't really get high, just felt kinda weird and goofy. Stopped doing it because it obviously gets really expensive since most insurances won't cover it. It's very much a privilege to afford that type of therapy and be able to keep up with it.

No. 892390

proof that Luna only wants to get high and quick, easy fixes. She heard ketamine and thought "omg this will be perfect for me!" If she had half a brain, she'd know the most effective treatment for BPD is THERAPY. but it goes in one ear and out the other cause all she really wants is DRUGS. she thinks she's sober but she's still obsessed and primarily concerned with getting DRUGS. instead of being grateful and thankful that her father paid for this, she wants to caption selfies of her obese ass with "misery." you have family paying for shit, buying you clothes you don't need, do your part and get a job, go for a run, and go to therapy, taking medication will not magically make you money or lose weight.

No. 892391

Why's she always laying on the damn ground lmfao

No. 892392

Silly anon, don't you know? Whales can't stand.

No. 892393

Less takey meds
More movey legs

No. 892394

reminds me of before she moved into the roger house, and lurch always made her sit on the sidewalk outside. they also slept in parks iirc. i guess she just finds laying on the ground and the sidewalk ~romantic~ and ~aesthetic~

No. 892395

File: 1663805586078.jpeg (534.65 KB, 828x1395, 40784DF2-74FD-4235-AB70-776E01…)

No. 892397

She wrote “poetry” about her and the chief sleeping in the park when it was raining and how uwu romantic it was

No. 892398

Faceapp working overtime

No. 892399

"Such a miserable day! Look at how sad my Zoolander face and hair rollers look!"

No. 892400

i hate that every time we get interested in lurch and he does something milky luna shuts him down and keeps him on lock. we haven't even seen him in the background of her selfies or anything. feel like pure shite just want lurch back.

No. 892401

File: 1663807196295.jpg (103.43 KB, 1080x937, Screenshot_20220921-173756_Chr…)

OT but I feel so bad for this normal seeming girl with the same name as Tuna. Imagine trying to start a music career and when people look you up, pics of some disgusting heroin addict come up

No. 892403

File: 1663807734775.jpg (13.11 KB, 240x240, artworks-FV2Dhbo9wWUSS2BC-8jfi…)

Kek I wonder if she's ever checked out a Luna thread after googling herself

No. 892404

If she keeps pulling her rollers that tight on her hair, she's going to end up with a six-head.

No. 892405

Lord I’d be mortified and probably change my name

No. 892406

>the most effective treatment for BPD is THERAPY. but it goes in one ear and out the other cause all she really wants is DRUGS.

Above all else, she's incredibly lazy. She loves drugs because they make her feel like everything's fine without her having to put in any effort. She's never going to get better because she's pathologically incapable of putting in the effort to fix her life.

Is she actually bipolar? It seems like her BPD and substance abuse issues would make that really hard to diagnose accurately.

No. 892407

if she's still taking xanax on the side with lurch's script, there definitely will be. xanax increases the levels of lithium in the body by reducing the clearance through the kidneys. she could go into chronic kidney failure very quickly if she's not careful/doesn't tell the doctors what she's on.

No. 892408

Exactly, plus when/if she does get bloods done the Xanax will show up and if she’s not got her own script they’ll be asking questions. I have a feeling we’re in for some milky business regardless.

No. 892409

File: 1663809394732.jpeg (569.18 KB, 750x1242, EA7386CA-76BB-4E17-AC81-0FC9B5…)


Oh nonnie, I always thought this was sooo funny. Poor woman, her results always come second to our Tuna and the top image posts are just gross :,)

No. 892412

A ton of states in the US don't give bags anymore, anon.

No. 892413

New York is one of them. At least in upstate.

No. 892414

Oh Tuba, please learn how to put your hair in rollers instead if doing your usual lazy thing of guessing and assuming it's right. She's so incompetent that she's basically retarded.

No. 892415

What do you mean “basically”, she is retarded

No. 892416

Will gladly take a ban for this but I just want this bitch to know her Yankees ain’t shit and they’re about to eat a whole lotta Dodger dick. XO, sweetie.

No. 892418

i hope lithium doesn’t make her put some more weight

No. 892419

I hope it does.

No. 892421

Don't worry. She won't even take it because it won't get her high

No. 892422


No. 892423

I hope Lurch gets fat too. That would be a site…that fucking obelisk of a head atop a Nikocado level blubber mountain.

No. 892424

Even with all the filters you can see the weird gross rash/herpes/monkeypox right under her lip. She's serious disgusting

No. 892425

they kind of look alike though kek

No. 892426

lithium is no joke. relevant blogpost, my friend's lithium levels once dropped suddenly bc her pills weren't the correct dosage & she had an extremely violent episode ending with her slicing herself to pieces & having to be sedated. best case scenario the lithium actually helps luna like >>892356 said but knowing luna i doubt she'll be taking it consistently enough to remain stable. this could go either way.
still beats ketamine 'therapy' though. kek.

No. 892427

>Faves From The Graves

No. 892432

>Faves from the graves
Should be the next thread name. It fits well with Tuna's sentimentality towards tortured-souls-drug-addicts-who-died-young musicians.
Kek, I can imagine her voice sounding like a tuba. Even after hearing her actual voice.
Yup. Since she is not forced to take it, she won't do shit all. Just complain about the psych, seethe, and subsequently come up with something else, how she can ruin her life further.

No. 892433

Thread-chan here, I love it. It’s also tres apt re: her penchant for nicking shit from cemeteries
more medfaggotry prescribing lithium to someone like Tuna isn’t terribly responsible on behalf of the psychiatrist, especially after just one session (she doesn’t have a regular treating physician, does she? I get the impression she gets by doctor shopping, which in itself is fucked for a multitude of reasons, but I digress). It’s ostensibly malpractice, she requires a full evaluation, preferably while admitted, because they’d need to monitor her. At least that’s standard procedure in my country. Cariprazine is actually preferable to quetiapine (Seroquel) where applicable because it has less side effects, so she should be happy about that, alas this is Tuna we’re talking about and nothing she says or does makes sense

No. 892435

Hi threadchan! Maybe we could do Faves from the Graves: the Tunaverse Revisited (to honor this one too >>892403 kek). Either way thanks for your service

No. 892436

>her penchant for nicking shit from cemeteries
Oh, how could I forget this.

No. 892444

It's InferKit

No. 892446

File: 1663839770809.jpg (195.38 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20220922-024142.j…)

No. 892447

File: 1663839802461.jpg (185.71 KB, 720x1447, VideoCapture_20220922-024200.j…)

No. 892448

File: 1663840157202.jpg (10.33 KB, 250x250, Same eyes too.jpg)

I really wish she would stop doing that stupid face.