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File: 1495585334460.jpg (850.42 KB, 1407x1419, 1495419280169.jpg)

No. 320166

one >>55077
two >>171004
three >>190985
four >>220048
five >>254820
six >>276683
seven >>292881
eight >>305217

IG: https://www.instagram.com/angelhair1996/
tumblr: https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations

newest milk:
>publicly advertising her tumblr which is full of heroin posts in the "like" section
>claimed lurch was robbed from 500$ rent money, pathetic crying selfie on IG, asking for donations
>constantly bragging with shop lifted plushies
>only be seen in cheap hooker fleece slippers
>hasnt washed her favourite bed cover in 2 years
>now engaged in an outpatient program of a rehab facility (?) to leech of free drugs or make her daddy continue to pay
>apparently so drugged up from whatever she doxxed herself through posting a pill container with her adress on
>no evidence of a shower since the last thread was started

No. 320178

File: 1495585794085.png (258.01 KB, 750x973, IMG_3044.PNG)

Thanks anon I was about to do this but I'm lazy anyway, the place didn't give her enough free food and she SAD part 1/2

No. 320180

File: 1495585820885.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3045.PNG)

Part 2/2

No. 320183

File: 1495585847384.png (50.54 KB, 750x366, IMG_3048.PNG)

No. 320184

File: 1495585940258.png (217.84 KB, 750x1082, IMG_3050.PNG)

Showing off her collection of slippers?

No. 320194

The irregular nails and her gray legs, she looks like a old lady. You gotta get a five finger discount in moisturisers, Tuna.

No. 320214

File: 1495587208567.jpg (35.53 KB, 709x765, sM77zRs.jpg)

It's like she's wearing all of her slippers outside to spite me at this point. Joke's on you Tuna, you get to live in a filth-caked hovel that smells like cat piss.

No. 320215

I know the feeling, tuna. too much dope. try not to nod out & give yourself away at group, considering I'm sure you didnt disclose your drug use with them during intake.

at programs like that, they ask you about drug use and abuse before you get accepted. usually if you admit to even smoking WEED, you're relegated to another group (usually an outpatient rehab group, or at least a dual diagnosis group [focuses on both getting clean and your mental problema]) because they want you to stop using before you work on anything else.

it's usually a "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" type thing. some people still have serious psychological problems after getting clean but others were only a mess because of their drug use!

No. 320219

Did anyone reply to her FB post about shoplifting?

No. 320223

bruh. this annoys me. I see her point re: the whole insurance thing but stop fronting like you pay a penny out of pocket for your insurance, Luna.

reminds me of when I was in inpatient rehab one time and this bratty kid was bugging out about getting the wrong meal at dinner - he said "my insurance is paying this place good money for me to be here!!!!" I told him he sounded like a douche and that the nurses and workers at a rehab are judging us enough for being heroin addicts so don't give them more reason to dislike us

No. 320229


Even as a former addict (not heroin though), I have never heard a druggie bitch so much about food. She's got plenty to lose.

No. 320234

she says she goes for days without eating then why are you still fat

No. 320239

probably not, since there is not one word about her addiction on here >>318955
and i just cant imagine them taking a druggie in without doing anything about their addiction or them wanting to become clean.

also kek
>getting a job
first off good luck with that, when the first google search result is from kiwi and the second from lolcow revealing your heroin addiction and scamming artistics

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420, lilkitten1996, lilcherub1996, lunaangel1996…..

No. 320246

as the filthy newfag I am, I just realized kiwifarm has a summary post and it is fucking glorious for anyone that's new to luna

No. 320258

on top of her bitching about free food, one personal pizza is enough for a small lunch. she really expects these people to give her THREE lmao she's such an entitled fatass.

No. 320293

Told you you shouldn't have taken all of your ambien at once, luna.

No. 320296

>threw up 6-8 times
#thick painful puke
why the fuck would you tell facebook any of this????

No. 320298

i'm actually looking forward to see if she gets kicked out for lying about the heroin first and foremost. seeing luna continue to coast through her grody life without consequences for her actions is infuriating.

No. 320299

I have a feeling someone will notice her track marks. she doesn't seem bothered about showing them off

No. 320300

luna simmer down u are not going to starve to death. you got enough fat stores to last you thru winter

No. 320361

In all honesty the portions are probably correct she's just so used to overeating that seeing proper portions makes her think she'll starve

No. 320366

they probably were but those kinds of foods aren't sustainable so i can understand her still being hungry. fuck, with all the drugs she does her body is probably always begging for food that is actually good for her. but her "group therapy" isn't there to feed her. it's not a homeless shelter, and she's not inpatient so i doubt they're really required to feed them full meals. if she's so hungry she should commit herself to a mental hospital, become inpatient, and then they'll feed her 3 meals + snacks lol

No. 320385

>deprived of… something?
oooooo she almost said it

No. 320415

Can I turn your attention to where she speaks of the shower.

No. 320458

File: 1495611408347.png (1.68 MB, 1963x1083, lol.png)

randomly ran across this on a fb page with 100000 likes

No. 320460

nooo i can't find it. i wanted to read the comments. has it been deleted?

No. 320464

hmm it might have been. i screen shotted it about 12 hours ago but only just remembered to post it here now. A few people were saying it was her maybe someone tipped her off and she complained to the page.

No. 320471

dang lol. if she saw it she probably lost her shit.

No. 320506


No. 320528

File: 1495630095844.png (467.92 KB, 467x668, those fucking slippers.png)

are slippers the only shoes she owns?????

No. 320529

File: 1495630235131.png (82.69 KB, 473x355, pat.png)

I just feel bad for Pat

No. 320554

File: 1495634580819.png (252.94 KB, 1125x1621, IMG_4113.PNG)

No. 320555

File: 1495634600328.png (241.02 KB, 1125x1641, IMG_4114.PNG)

No. 320558

File: 1495634653829.png (387.46 KB, 1125x1658, IMG_4118.PNG)

Tuna is having SOOOOOo much fun

No. 320559

File: 1495634678175.png (272.63 KB, 1125x1675, IMG_4116.PNG)

No. 320560

File: 1495634714312.png (448.81 KB, 1125x1648, IMG_4117.PNG)

No. 320561

i swear to god she's just retarded

No. 320567

No. 320570

Samefag but I just noticed while Luna is listed as a current resident, an "E Slater" is listed as a former resident. Anyone know if that's her mother?

No. 320572

its sad how exciting going to therapy is for her like you can tell she never gets out or goes anywhere interesting other than to hustle drugs
also it bugs me how she thinks this therapy will help when shes still using
yeah pretty sure the only shoes she has rn are slippers kek

No. 320573

I'm guessing that the M Oritz is Lurch's dad but Lurch himself isn't listed?

No. 320575

File: 1495635952708.jpg (37.78 KB, 663x342, Screenshot_20170524-092415.jpg)

is her name spelt differently or is that just a mistake its one too many letters right?

No. 320577

Christ almighty she wore this to therapy? One look at her and you'd know she was a druggie since it's literally covered in blood.

No. 320579

It can't be his dad. Luna's said Lurch's dad is named Rodger.

They do the same number of asterisks (4) for every name no matter the length. I guess to prevent you from knowing the name based on length?

No. 320580

no bra?

No. 320581

ah ok i didnt look at it enough. i was thinking is her name actually lunar lol

No. 320582

I didn't know Luna was in Judge Judy's mentor program.


Luna Slater – Luna’s hobbies include writing poetry and drawing. She enjoys exploring her unique style in art class.

(Mentor) Diane Alexander - Founder and Owner, Alexander Architecture, PLLC

No. 320583

u new here?

No. 320586

File: 1495636939851.png (12.75 KB, 630x138, ESlater.PNG)

Found it! Looks like her mom used to be a previous resident of the drugden. Either that or her name was used on the paperwork.

No. 320591

Oh shoot I didn't even think. So it's Lurch's dad that isn't listed, but Lurch is going by the surname Ortiz? But Luna likes to call herself Luna Schumacher?

This is weird, did Lurch kick out Luna's Mum and then move in Luna? Or was the house left to Luna? But she pays rent?

What an odd life for the girl to have.

No. 320594

Considering the name starts with 'M' it has to be Lurch and it also explains why I can't find a "Matthew Schumacher" anywhere online for that area.

No. 320595

I've tried searching "Matthew Ortiz" "Mathew Ortiz" "Matt Ortiz" but I can't find whoever is listed as the current resident and I don't want to pay to find out.

No. 320596

I feel so bad for her "friends" in her therapy group. Imagine having to keep eye contact with her, smell her dragon breath, look at that dirty, caked face. You can probably smell her before she makes her way in.

No. 320597

are we sure that the apt at Mamaronek Rd is Chief's place? maybe Luna hasn't updated her info for her CVS (or whatever pharmacy she uses) account and it's still set as the address of her mom's house

No. 320599

i looked him up here but you cant see much info

No. 320605

passing out free packs of cigarettes? lmao, right.

I'd say she swiped it from a store but usually places keep cigs in the back so they can't be stolen. maybe she stole it off someone's purse. or she bought it and is lying about someone giving it to her in order to continue her "I'm so broke, I can't afford to buy myself ANYTHING" spiel

No. 320608

So why would Luna be listed as a current resident?

I don't think we're going to get to the bottom of this unless any anon pays for these kind of services. But even then I think we're going to end up scratching our heads at it.

How did you find him on this site? I've tried to search him and also tried to see more info but it doesn't give me anything.

No. 320609

i googled his name and mamaroneck

No. 320610

I'm still listed as a current resident at my mom's house and I moved out almost 4 years ago. my grandma is still listed as a current resident at her house and she passed away in 2014. I'm sure some of these "background check" sites are legit and have up to date info but a lot of them aren't.

her mom is listed as a resident, Matthew isn't, neither is Rodger. and I don't think Chief is going by the last name Ortiz lol. I just don't think it's his place. I could be wrong but just my guess

No. 320611

>>320610 samefag but I don't know why I keep referring to it as Chief's apartment. it's Rodger's. I highly doubt Chief & Luna contribute ANYTHING to the household, much less rent money.

No. 320616

Wow Tuna and you already smoked half the pack

No. 320617

I have luna's current address and i've posted it on here in the past. i sent her a package once (dumb idiot me). the address on the pill bottle is not the address she currently lives at. this apartment discussion is ot

No. 320620

That was a new prescription and all prescriptions in NY State are required to be sent from the physician electronically now with all the patient data so unless she gave the doctors an old address… IDK this is Tuna we are talking about.

No. 320621

how is this ot.

No. 320627

maybe it's not exactly off topic, but we're doing a lot of google searching and speculating on where she lives when her current address has been posted in previous threads and it's not the one on the pill bottle?

No. 320631

File: 1495640865511.png (1.38 MB, 1392x746, Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.4…)

google image search of the address from the old thread (that's not on the pill bottle) comes up with this and this is definitely her apartment. the stairs and the side of the building match the videos she's posted of her taking the trash outside

No. 320649

File: 1495641824185.jpg (493.02 KB, 1075x1528, Screenshot_20170524-120155.jpg)


No. 320654

File: 1495642246410.jpg (1.05 MB, 1035x1571, Screenshot_20170524-120928.jpg)

Jesus she looks like such a retard

No. 320660

what is it with being cute all the time?
god it feels like the drugs have already melted off the little brain capacity she had.
she reminds me of our skeleton queen in that regard.

No. 320671

File: 1495643915736.jpg (549.57 KB, 984x1807, Screenshot_20170524-123727.jpg)

How is this a 21 year old person?

No. 320678

>tapping your ashes and dropping your butts on the ground

No wonder this bitch set her bed on fire.

No. 320705

File: 1495646823295.png (136.38 KB, 750x890, IMG_3051.PNG)

>Mentions drug abuse once, in the same breath as self harm, which she claims to have not done in years

The blood from a few days ago that says "self harm" is definitely a lie cuz she would have posted pics of her cuts by now. Just shooting up and calling it self harm.

I understand that drug abuse is self harm but with Tuna it sounds like she's trying to excuse it.

No. 320707

File: 1495646926570.png (1.65 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-24-12-22-10…)

Lmao, "from the 1800s", when it clearly says 1910, she is so fucking dumb, can she even read??

No. 320772

I really hate how it feels like she's showing this off like it's a cool, desirable accessory. It's not surprising since she loves citing her BPD as an excuse for pretty much anything. But this is so masturbatory and seems to scream, "hey, look how mentally ill I am! I deserve all of your attention and pity!"
I have a lot of respect for people who are open and honest about their mental illnesses, but this goes beyond that. There's no respect, it's just a grab for likes on facebook and instagram.

No. 320781

And a grab for money ):

No. 320795

Definitely. I know a lot of other anons here deal with their own shit and can relate (rooting for you guys!) and would never want their illness to become another person's burden. But to Luna, she has no problem making strangers feel obligated to give her time, attention, and money.

No. 320801

She probably gave her Uber driver road head for them on the way to or from rehab/therapy.

No. 320868

File: 1495659311123.png (52.54 KB, 745x430, IMG_3053.PNG)


No. 320875

File: 1495659660012.jpg (146.62 KB, 726x827, Capture.JPG)

this bitch

No. 320878

File: 1495659885341.png (130.87 KB, 1125x1609, IMG_4121.PNG)

No. 320879

File: 1495659900060.png (429.74 KB, 1125x1619, IMG_4122.PNG)

No. 320881

She called drug abuse "self medication", not self harm. Even worse.

>punching holes in the wall
wat. Are their walls made out of cardboard?

No. 320886

She's literally carrying around stones in her bag. There's not an iota of sanity left in her, is there

No. 320894

yes we get it you're at the hospital

No. 320896

This makes me want to sign off forever and like only read books for the rest of time to assure I'm never this regards

No. 320897

This retarded

No. 320904

She is so bored and so isolated that she thinks going to an outpatient hospital program is akin to going on a school field trip or a vacation. She thinks this is cool and fun. Taking pics of her driver, of the grass she's smoking cigs on, of the hospital decor and mundane signs. Dressing up in her frilly socks and filthy slippers and bloody unwashed clothes so she can take selfies in the bathroom and take pics of other unsuspecting patients bc they fit her cool girl mentally ill aesthetic. This is pathetic and really weird. She is so dirty, and she is out in public like this?? Sorry for ranting but this bitch needs to be in a strait jacket locked in a mental ward, she's fucking bonkers.

No. 320906

Not like it matters but I used to be in a program that would give you one free pack of (really shitty, def not marbs) cigs a week if you went to an extra couple groups

No. 320908


You just know the bottom of her bag is filthy and she's carrying around brushes and her beauty blender. God she's vile.

No. 320910

ya like she gets no substantial social fulfillment from her abusive ass relationship with lurch apart from maybe a conversation they have once in a blue moon about grunge bands and the fulfillment of the idea of being in a relationship. So pathetic

No. 320912

She definitely lifted those Essie gel polishes. Ugh. Getting myself something like that is a treat and this bitch just shoplifts them like they're nothing.

No. 320913

Do Tuna and Lurch fuck anymore?

No. 320915

Naw, they're both "sex repulsed", and every dick pick posted on here of his looks looks sad, clammy, and flaccid.

No. 320917

I doubt it. She's said multiple times that she's sex repulsed and went as far to say that Lurch was too. But that's easy to deny when he would go on facebook to be a horny weirdo. It doesn't seem like he can get hard though. Heroin messes with your libido so their sex drives are probably dead most of the time.

No. 320919

OH DAMN LUNA, youre gonna hurt your cotton eyed Joe knees.
And I hope someone disinfected that sink after she put her gross leg on it..

No. 320924

File: 1495662916097.png (59.77 KB, 750x587, IMG_3054.PNG)

Why it gotta be black prayer hands?

No. 320927

i automatically read this in like a kids voice
>cleaned the bathroom really well
well done luna gets a star on the chore wheel

No. 320929

Probably saved a big ol crack rock to hit when she got home to help all that "cleaning"

No. 320930

>went to all my groups
What are "all" of them? Rehab group therapy and then plain old group therapy..?
Shes saying there's more than one.

No. 320957

I don't doubt there's more than one but knowing her she's counting lunch as a group.

No. 320961

Yeah she acts like therapy is some cute little fun get-together. And that previous post of hers talking bout how she was gonna take her tarot cards and crystals to group… It sounded like she was an elementary schooler excited for show-and-tell. Its pathetic. Why is she even in group, for aesthetics?

No. 320963

They probably have like a 15 minute break every hour and she counts her not just leaving to get high as its own group

Gold star for tuna.

No. 320968

She used like a half a bottle of that cheap gross body spray already…? Nasty bitch must drown herself in it. Yuck, I feel so bad for anyone who has to be near her.

No. 320980

As someone who has legit depression and bpd I've felt really proud of myself all week for managing to clean a 3-bed house from top to bottom in 3 days

This bitch is getting meds, therapy, and donations/daddies money and still things she's done an amazing thing by 'cleaning the bathroom really well' like we all know her standards of 'clean' are not sane people's version of clean. This bitch.

Sage for ree-blogging

No. 320993

How is that pig dirty already??

No. 321012

I thought you meant Luna for a second but then I remembered that she's always dirty

No. 321020

Well, I hope this is true. I want to see her get better. If she has issues that made her turn to heroin, those -can- still be addressed while she's still using I'm an alcoholic and dealing with my issues while slowly, slowly tapering, I know it's possible and tbh I do believe she has pre-existing issues. No sane human being turns to heroin and stays on it for aesthetics.

No. 321035

Dont get your hopes up for tuna. She often "cleans the bathroom" and its always still filthy. Shes not taking her group seriously, ita like Shes there to get aesthetic selfies and free lunch.
(Btw I can't fucking believe her reaction to the free lunch she gets. She thinks THREE personal-size pizzas should be a serving?!?! What a fuckin' fatty. And also its not her insurance's job or the hospitals job to fucking feed her, Shes an outpatient for fucks sake.)

No. 321039

I wonder how she cleans her bathroom. I can't imagine she actually owns cleaning supplies, so maybe she just uses a filthy wet towel covered in old blood to wipe everything down and then calls it a day.

Hey, good job on cleaning your house, anon! I've got depression and BPD too, so I totally get how hard it is. You're doing great!

No. 321045

she never complained this much when she was restricting
hell, not even when she was ebegging for groceries she complained this much

No. 321047

>I wonder how she cleans her bathroom. I can't imagine she actually owns cleaning supplies
Sprays it with that cheap body spray, maybe? That's how half of it is already used up?

(One of my cleaning ladies actually used to do this until I told her to stop, she'd pour cheap rose perfume into the cleaning water bucket, I guess she thought it gives off the impression of being cleaner/fresher or something. Yuck.)

No. 321054

you just cant get the staff these days

No. 321055

File: 1495673795776.png (134.34 KB, 750x796, IMG_3055.PNG)

Girl..this is you

No. 321060


oh shut up with your 'help'

No. 321067

fuck. i can't stand how she leaves the house in those goddamn slippers. how is that comfortable? aren't you embarrassed??? goddamn.

sage for sperging

No. 321077

But this headline fits you to a T! Shitty dad and all!

No. 321079

They rent a floor of a house, it's been said before that there are downstairs neighbours so M Ortiz is likely the other renter

No. 321083

Id think she was posting this and shit talking it out of irony but this is Tuna we're talking about and im sure she doesbt understand irony.

No. 321103


Yup! She said her downstairs neighbors were some equally poor Hispanic family with a bunch of kids or something. That probably accoints for the "Ortiz."

No. 321110

this whole address thing is confusing me. i thought we already agreed the address on the pill bottle wasnt her current address?

No. 321113

I can't get over that she thinks two or three of these pizzas are a serving.. That's not exactly a tiny pizza.. Like you wouldnt even be able to fit 2 on a plate… No wonder shes so fucking fat.
If shes so damn hungry why doesn't she stfu and steal some decent food. When I was an addict I was never starving, id get giant bags of frozen meals, split it between 4 people and still have leftovers. Or does she only wanna steal useless shit like makeup and stuffed animals. I hate this dumb bitch.

No. 321115

Not entirely sure, but is it possible she has both a shipping address and then the actual address of her house?
The shipping address would be a p.o. box or something (which is the address the anon used to send her a package) and then the address of her actual house is what's on the pill bottle?

No. 321117

I imagine her flushing the toilet, rinsing down her stray hairs in the sink, tweak-organizing minor little things, spraying some perfume and being proud that her bathroom is now "clean".

No. 321121


i'm the anon who sent her a package. i really believe her actual address is not the one on the pill bottle, i searched the waverly ave address on street view and the picture matches stuff she's posted. i also highly doubt she pays money for a p.o. box just to get stuff occasionally from idiots. i sent her the package only about a year ago, if that helps. i'm done posting about her address but i'm confident it's the one i sent the package to and not the one on the pill bottle.

No. 321123

File: 1495679828994.png (87.14 KB, 1125x532, IMG_4133.PNG)

Good thing she's subscribed

No. 321141

she definitely would not have a P.O. box. she'd have to pay for that. it's just more likely that wherever she gets her meds from still has her old address on file. she probably hasn't updated it.

No. 321143

i always think shes faking her bpd when she says stuff like this ohh im having a bpd mood swing best blog about it

No. 321160

Oh just thought that some places/apartments required you to use a P.O. Box, and that it'd be paid for by Rodger since its his house and Tuna and Lurch are just leeching off him.

No. 321201

all u address faggots stfu
heres her current address

213 waverly avenue
apartment 2
mamaroneck, NY

No. 321228

File: 1495693010125.jpg (144.5 KB, 540x748, 1485201239474.jpg)

i cant believe shes wearing that shirt again and you know its unwashed still. never forget.
thats where the half bottle of body spray went.

No. 321232

O man, what happened to her one good bra? Luna plz.

No. 321243

OT but can we just talk about this for a second because it angers me so much. i'm a full time uni student with a part time job and still struggling, while luna over here has no job, does nothing but drugs AND owns an iphone 6 as well as a shit ton of other things. this just angers me

No. 321249

Well, you too can be a lazy ebeggar like her and own all those trinkets and gadgets, if you'd just drop your dignity and morals (as well as your future prospects).

You made that choice, be proud of it, since an iPhone is not worth your humanity.

In any case, in 10 years she'll probably be dead, while you'll probably be thriving.

No. 321251

>a lazy ebeggar & thief

No. 321256

File: 1495697591680.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.56 KB, 1200x861, image.jpeg)

The pic used for this thread reminds me of Blanche Monnier. Blanche was locked away in the family attic a hundred and fifty years ago because her mother didn't want her to marry an older man with few social prospects.

Blanche remained in that dark attic for 25 years. She had no toilet or sink so she did not bathe and eventually gave up trying to keep her urine and feces limited to corners of the attic, urinating and defecating in the bed, which was never change. She lived, slept, and ate in her own filth, lying in that bed day after day in the dark, eating scraps. She was covered in rat bites because she frequently was too ill to eat or vomited up food that attracted vermin. Her filthy dress eventually rotted off of her and she lived naked, caked in shit, for years.

She was eventually freed when someone outside the Monnier home realized that Blanche had been kept prisoner and told the police. The gendarmes who found her were devastated by the scene, so overwhelmed with the filth in the attic that they could barely breathe and at least one vomited. Pic is a very sanitized version of what the police found when they first set eyes on Blanche. Much was edited out because the images of the state of the woman and her bed were deemed unacceptable for publication.

I give Luna five years before someone finds her in that disgusting bed, unaware that a junkie recluse took to her bed and never got out of it again, sleeping and living her her own piss and shit, relying on crumbs Lurch brings her or food Pat shoves under the door.

No. 321276


bpd anon here.While I'm happy she's in it and trying to better her life, she'll never get fully better unless she gets clean.

I don't feel it's that tacky to post photos except with the caption "same old same old". it makes it seem like shes not taking it seriously.

DBT saved my life and I'm almost 2 years self harm free because of it.

sage for blogpost

No. 321281

i don't see what's wrong with her saying drug abuse is self medication? because it is. yes it's self harm too, but usually when people talk about self medicating, it's self medicating with bad things (drugs, alcohol, sex, self harm, ect) so tbh i'm glad she recognizes that she is self medicating by using drugs. self medicating is not a good thing, and no one uses it in a good context.

No. 321289

I feel bad for the real victim here, Pat. That poor lady has gone through cancer and yet keeps having to suffer with being around Luna, the ultimate cancer. I don't know why Pat keeps trying to help her.

No. 321296

so anyone know which hospital it is she goes to?

No. 321297

Except Luna does use it in a positive context - she regularly used to call heroin her 'medicine' and tried to justify using that and other drugs by saying they help with her knee pain and her mood.

No. 321298

to start with termpicking, when it comes to official terms drug abuse or self medication actually isnt self harm.
self harm is very close defined by inflicting wounds on yourself.
everything else like promiscious behavior, whoring, drugs, alcohol, overeating and so on is selfdestructive behavior.

No. 321301

same here, i know cowtipping is a no-no but come on….. pat's a cancer patient being scammed by a junkie. it makes me so uncomfortable.

No. 321304

File: 1495712737371.jpg (58.8 KB, 513x510, 6756756.jpg)

>when Blanche's bedsheets look cleaner than Luna's

No. 321307

No. 321314

Saint Vincent Hospital.

No. 321317

If she was paying attention and actually cared she would have instead contacted either her group or independent therapist when >>321123 was going down. That's a huge point IOP makes when you first join.

DBT doesn't stick if you don't have the awareness to catch the behavior before it escalates. It makes me angry, cause there's probably a wait list to even get in IOP and she's milking it for internet points. fuck.

sage rant.

No. 321318

If you ignore the fact that she probably smells musty af and her clothes are most likely filthy, she looks pretty here. I like the way she puts outfits together. I just wish she had a better grasp on personal hygeine.

No. 321319

File: 1495718731205.png (157.61 KB, 750x1095, IMG_3056.PNG)

She doesn't feel this way about all the other outfits she's worn?

She's actually wearing shoes.

No. 321320

holy shit she's actually wearing shoes, this could be a step in the right direction for tuna

No. 321323

the funny thing is this actually looks like one of her more normal outfits as opposed to slippers and dirty fucking nighties

No. 321325


is it me or is she wearing more long sleeves than she usually does? is she trying to hide her track marks?

No. 321327

I was thinking this too like the first couple days she didn't wear sleeves and I was curious cuz you know her arms aren't all healed up. She's still hiding her left arm in pictures.

No. 321328

FUCK. She needs to stop with this pose. She looks so awkward doing it, and it looks like she might fall over, fracture her back, and then need some internet donations for it.

No. 321330

holy shit if I had feet that big, I wouldn't be purposely contorting like that to show them off.

Maybe I'm just not fashionable but those boots look crazy masculine, almost like work boots or some shit

No. 321331

Chill they have a heel

No. 321337

Are those clothes actually clean, or are the usual bloodstains just not that visible on black&red ?

No. 321340

I would not go so far to say they're clean, this is not a close up.

No. 321341

File: 1495723608134.png (198.48 KB, 639x908, IMG_4549.PNG)

had a huge feeling it wouldn't take long for her to already be over it

No. 321343

I hope she will never get pregnant…


No. 321344

Hahahaha what happened Tuna? They tell you something you didnt wanna hear?

No. 321345

those are normal fucking boots lol find some actual milk.

No. 321346

Oh boy I hope she spills.

No. 321347

wow normal outfit and she thinks it's ridiculous lol.
i actually like the outfit.
and shoes, omg ACTUAL SHOES.

continue with that, tuna

No. 321350

No. 321352

st. vincent hospital is closed down though.

No. 321355

There's one in Harrison, NY. Which is only like 2 miles from where Tuna lives.

No. 321356

She doesn't go to the NYC one, which was closed down

No. 321362

oookk so sage for blogpost but i'd like to make a little summary that our case study Luna is.

we def know luna was detoxing before she went to her program, probably because she was afraid they would take urin/blood samples for drug testing. That's wenn all that "i hate myself so much im in so much pain uwu" shit went down. Maybe Matthew wasn't there to use by himself.

she complains about the food given to her at the hospital. She's in partial program, meaning she goes there in the morning and comes home in the afternoon, which would be enough time for a good breakfast & dinner. But thath just reminds us of how entitled she is.
>they probably charging our insurance 100 bucks for a meal that's worth less than a dollar
Tuna what planet do you live on.

we know she still shoots up because look at her hand HERE. with wearing long-sleeved clothes she tries to hide her trackmarks from other patients and hospital staff. But will she be successful?

she either does crack or meth, because those constant "feel sooo cute" and "wow look at that truck! my cigarettes! my nails!" is definitely crack confidence.

also here she's careful to not mention her current drug abuse. at least she's compliant with the tasks she's given at the program.

so actually this is the first time i see luna having a clear moment
>my good mood went to anger over something so insignificant
and her using a coping method to deal with it. Looks like she actually learns something from therapy.

Agree with this anon. But to me it looks more like a glimmer of hope.. Luna seems to be really happy to get into some kind of routine, get into contact with other people, and lead a kind of "normal" life (as normal life as a psychatric patient can be).

Also this. Going to a program and taking out the garbage seems to us like nothing to brag about, but Luna probably never learned it so mayyyybe it's a step forward.

she doesn't want to be there anymore. what happened, did the staff found out about her drug abuse? will she continue? will she stop? we'll se.

No. 321368

>some kind of routine, get into contact with other people, and lead a kind of "normal" life (as normal life as a psychatric patient can be).
which wont do much as long as she is using

No. 321369

Get fucked cowtip-san

No. 321374

Why tf are we sharing her address?

No. 321375

Why? Tunas essentially a stranger to you and you want to call her hospital? Weird. I think you need to take a little break from Luna, anon.

No. 321378


When I did DBT its compulsory to hide scars/bruises or track marks, so maybe a group leader called her out on it.

No. 321379

Luna shared it herself

No. 321383


Intensive Outpatient Program. Basically, you go to a p place three days a week for five hours of group and individual therapy sessions. Normally, there's a doctor, nurse, group therapist, and an individual therapist.

Luna's in the Anxiety and Depression which probably runs on a DBT track in an endless loop. (Some individuals do need to go through it a few times, before it'll stick.)


They called out girls who tried to show off theirs in my group. It's triggering for some.

No. 321384

the one on her pill bottle wasnt the one she is actually living at.
peeps are talking about that one >>321201

someone already shared it 2 months ago, newfag

No. 321385

she doxxed herself months ago though through posting medical bills and envelopes with her address on her tumblr blog.

No. 321396

She never was detoxing and I bet she hasn't talked with her therapist/psychiatrist about her drug addiction. And I don't think that they took any urine/blood samples for drug testing. I know people who were at the detox treatment and they've been in hospital because detoxing can be dangerous.

No. 321400

She was withdrawing the week or so before she started the program.

No. 321403


what happened omg spill

No. 321414


Very insightful, thank you anon for giving info about this. Also, hopefully you got better from what you had and live now a life you truly like.

No. 321435


But does she actually take suboxone/methadone? Also how did she detox without supervision, I don't believe she wasn't shooting up or taking benzos for a whole week lmao

No. 321443

File: 1495735452868.png (86.44 KB, 459x256, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 2.01…)

So this is why she chose IOP instead of rehab. Kek.

No. 321444

I've performed DBT weekly programs although my clients are a lot younger than Luna. When we were training in running these programs one of the things you are taught to do is if a client is showing off scars/bruises/cuts or gives a response of something highly inappropriate for the rest of the group to know, we are supposed to basically guide the conversation back on track instantly, and discuss those issues privately after the group discussion with that client. You would be surprised how often you have to do that with clients who come in wanting to show off "my pain is worse than yours" and think of it as a fun field trip day rather than considering it helpful.

No. 321446

holy shit how could she let that korilakkuma get so dirty what a monster

No. 321447


In my group one woman threatened to kill another patient.

DBT was fun.

No. 321452


See, this is why I don't think Tuna was detoxing

No. 321453

I think it definitely had something to do with a therapist saying something to her about her drug use/track marks. Otherwise she'd be ranting and pouting about what happened.. But she never admits/talks about heroin use. A follower asked her what happened and she didnt respond.

No. 321463

I bet you top fucking bucks that the hospital told her she has to quit heroin because it was causing her anxiety too. There is no way she is in this program and they didn't drug test her. Either that or they are gonna take a drug test and she's too stupid to get off heroin because ~aesthetics~

No. 321478

i think at this point its more physical addiction than aesthetics

No. 321490

Ok, I am aware this is a tremendously stupid question but:

How functional would you guess Luna is under the influence of heroin?

Because from my understanding and from reading her blogs, Luna seems to be quite knocked out when on it. She writes the most when she's going through withdrawal.

Could it be she tapered her habit for the therapy sessions not because the hospital demanded it, but because she can't fuction on heroin?

Xanax and ambien make her function; she for instance posted all those photos under ambien. I can't remember her ever taking excessive amount of photos under heroin. The only heroin pictures I remember seeing are of the ones where she gets injected.

Sage for speculation.

No. 321503

I've never done heroine, so i may be wrong, but doesn't it kinda make you pass out? Makes sense she wouldn't be functional if she's knocked out. If it's anything like pill opiates you get incomprehensible

No. 321505

That girl is always uploading 20 photos a day tho I mean less right now for whatever reason probably pertaining to her drug use/therapy

No. 321508

File: 1495740250725.png (163.93 KB, 750x1099, IMG_3060.PNG)

Here she goes proving me right

No. 321509

She takes so many Ambien and xanax that she gets off-her-tits fucked up. Shes probably more functional on dope, and doesn't do enough to get knocked out. Lurch probably wont give her much. Note all the pics where he's peacefully nodded out on dope while shes awake to take pics of him.
But her withdrawing those days before group confuses me, Idk why she'd do it. Unless Lurch just wasnt giving her any drugs for some reason.

No. 321514


Why would they test her? It's just a bpd / depression group therapy. I go to group therapy every week & they don't collect urine/blood from us because therapist is not a doctor. Therapist cannot prescribe you pills or do any sort of medical examination or tests. Her psychiatrist could request blood tests but I highly doubt it happened

No. 321517

File: 1495741013651.png (205.07 KB, 1125x1109, IMG_4135.PNG)

just posted to tumblr

No. 321520


If she is going to the hospital for this it's not the same as just group. She has to pee clean too if her insurance tests. Or she might not get covered. Assuming her dad still covers her.

No. 321523

Well she's right, so many people have died that deserve to live more than her. I wish I could take her up on that offer and bring back a dead friend.

However, she would never ever give her life for somebody. Deep down she is selfish and vain.

No. 321524

Her whole dying before 30 bullshit is just part of her worship of Cobain, Staley, et al who died young. It's just ~aesthetic~ for her. Fucking trash.

No. 321526

Speaking of insurance, didn't she post something about how she was "trying to get Medicaid back"? Wonder if she ever got it. If so, they have much tighter requirements/restrictions for coverage. She should have found out really quickly because in NY you basically apply over the phone and they tell you right then whether you qualify and you effective date is almost right away.

No. 321528

File: 1495742154856.png (253.9 KB, 1178x1422, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.5…)

some new poetry

No. 321529


I take it you didn't even read the thread. There are photos of her sea creature putting a needle inside her.

No. 321530

File: 1495742500664.gif (1018.62 KB, 500x319, ce5.gif)

I can't cringe any harder

No. 321531


Her track marks are very noticeable. Why wouldn't they try to test her? she's there for help only with her depression/anxiety/bpd. Any sane doctor would want her to get help for the heroin

No. 321532

Omg the last lines I screamed

>a layne Stanley type death

Also does she know her grammar is fucking garbage? I can't believe some high school English teacher filled her with lies and that pratt actually accepted her for her writing.

I started writing short stories this year and I didn't even know I had shitty grammar til I wrote for a college writing course.

No. 321533

Of course they test her. She doesn't go to a group, she goes to a program in a hospital. She's also been prescribed seroquel there. They have to test her because they have to know what kind of substances she consumes, otherwise there could be legal issues when damage is done by mixing of drugs (e.g. benzodiazepines mixed with heroin → possibly lethal).

No. 321534

Fucking exactly! Wouldn't a therapist be like, "so tell !e about the marks on your arms?" And also drug use questions are always part of any psych intake anyway.

No. 321535

also, with substance abuse in bpd is VERY common. because a lot of bpd patients use it as a coping method.

No. 321536

So much for not glamorizing drug abuse, eh Tuna?

No. 321538

I'm guessing they finally found out about her drug abuse and threatened with kicking her out.

No. 321539

that can't be her actual shoe size, can it? they're enormous…

No. 321541

This is so utterly self-absorbed.

What's the point Luna? It's not about you being happy. It's not about you being loved. It's not about you being validated. It's not about what more can you can get from others, but what you can start giving to others back. It's about you not being a blight and leech on society like you now are. That is reintegrating, and that is the point of it.

Get out of your opiate-constipated asshole and notice other people for a change.

Sage for arguing with a screencap, lol

No. 321542

she literally just rants and whines about stupid shit and puts random breaks in it and calls it poetry. there's no flow or creative wording at all, it just sounds like something a 15 year old wrote. she's a fucking joke

No. 321543

it doesn't necessarily make you knock out unless youre doing a shit ton or mixing it with benzos or something. I functioned fine on my daily amount of heroin, yeah I'd get extra high and nod out if I did a lot or was at home comfy in bed but most heroin addicts are physically able to do normal daily things like go to work, run errands, hang out with friends and family, etc. you don't shoot up and then automatically knock out or become incapacitated.

I don't think Luna only posts when she's in withdrawals. I think when she's posting about being "full of love" and cuddled up with Chief at home, she's high on dope bc it makes you mushy, emotional and appreciative of the little things in life….until you wake up in the morning dopesick as fuck and life's hell again!

No. 321544

she most def got asked to drug test. I got asked to be drug tested for getting treated for my anxiety. They mostly do it to make sure drugs aren't the cause of your mental status.

No. 321546

Isn't there a different between "showing off" self harm scars and a patient wearing a short sleeve shirt because it's hot? Are patients supposed to shamefully hide scars from 10 years ago that they have no ability to remove from there body just because even having them means you are "showing off?"

Or is it for those edgy fucks who purposefully display fresh cuts to people just to trigger them?

I hope that if you had kids (under 18s) in your group, your therapists tried to help them if they saw that they were cutting. Some people keep doing it because no one ever notices, and no one ever says that what they are doing is wrong.

Anyway, back on topic. for the people who have been following Luna for a while, did she self harm in the past at all? I can't remember her cutting. She's just been doing drugs for a long time, right?

No. 321547

tbh I don't even think she necessarily got caught with her drug use at her priogram.

I mean, it's def possible but it's also possible that someone disagreed with her in group or her therapist spoke to her a little too firmly for her liking. Luna's a melodramatic little brat and is likely making a mountain out of a molehill rn

No. 321548

or she realized without her mental illnesses to glorify that she has nothing

No. 321549

I don't ever remember her self harming, only mentioning it after the fact, like saying "I used to cut myself" or whatever.

tbh she's not even been doing drugs that long. in high school she smoked weed and got sent to a rehab program for weed. I think she experimented with low level pills after rehab. she didn't start doing heroin or crack until getting with Chief, which was no more than 2 years ago, at most.

No. 321550


the bitch went to rehab for weed but wont go for heroin? god…

No. 321554

File: 1495744163593.jpg (277.61 KB, 681x666, Screenshot_20170525-162704.jpg)

So she said she was in the rain crying because of "labeling"
Maybe something in therapy triggered her who the fuck knows

No. 321555

lolol right? well, her parents sent her. she likes to act like she comes from such a dysfunctional family with such fucked up, abusive parents… but her mom and dad a) cared enough and b) had enough money/resources to send her to rehab for WEED. not saying her parents are perfect or she had an amazing upbringing, but her situation is not as horrible as she wants everyone to believe.

No. 321558

She had some cutting scars on her forearm she got covered with a rose tattoo. She burned herself with a cigarette a few times. But they were all shown off on the internet etc while she was in high school. She has said she hasn't self harmed since being with Lurch and yeah she could be lying but she's desperate for any attention she can get I don't think she'd hide it.

No. 321559

…they just had their 3 anniversary

No. 321562

She probably loved those shitty Ellen Hopkins books when she was in school​.

No. 321564

No shit, Dr. Anon. Sage your common information.

No. 321568

File: 1495745209155.jpg (36.74 KB, 666x256, Screenshot_20170525-164503.jpg)

lol well yes

No. 321590

If you are in a DBT program and have healed scars you will likely be asked to cover them as much as possible. Whether the person with the scars is actively seeking attention for her scars, others in the group will see them, and there is a high likelihood that they will use the scars as a springboard to engage in misery olympics, competing to the one Girl, Interrupted to rule them all.

Borderlines on their own are a nightmare - rooms full of them are by my definition hell on earth. If telling everyone to keep provocative scars or evidence of drug use concealed in group therapy prevents borderline blowouts, a therapist would be an idiot not to insist on it. Because whether or not the scarred person is displaying them to be edgy, another borderline seeing them will invariably show her own, which will always be soooo much worse because her pain is soooo much worse. And then everything is derailed as they descend into their minds to remember the worst episode of cutting they engaged in so they can one-up each other and nothing gets done that session.

Sorry to all the borderline-chans but your disorder is horrible and even more horrible to treat. I still question the wisdom of putting a bunch of attention-seeking drama girls in a group setting.

Seriously, say there's one girl in the group who wants to get better and Luna is in her group. Borderlines have a hard time maintaining a uniform, genuine personality and when they seek new friendships they will consciously or unconsciously begin to mold themselves into the perfect friend for that specific person, mirroring or echoing their behaviors and preferences. So you've got this girl who wants to get better. She meets Luna in group, and Luna initially seems upbeat. But then 48 hours later and Luna is complaining about the food, her boyfriend, the mean counselors, her parents, her drug use, writing bad poetry and wanting a response, demeaning the therapeutic process, with a bunch of Ambien and Xanax in her purse that she might be willing to share or sell. Before long, the girl who wanted help is mimicking Luna, crying over Layne Staley and shoplifting press on nail kits and refusing to wash her face for days. One Luna fucks the group unless the therapist is on the ball enough to get them under control or root them out. Rest assured that Luna's sad day impacted at least a handful of girls who didn't need to be exposed to her shit today.

sage for DBT sperging

No. 321594


Is this real? A flicker of self awareness?

No. 321595

Maybe therapy is getting through to her even just a little bit. I'd like to think there's hope, but she's still attached at the hip to lurch and probably still heavily using drugs sooo…

No. 321596

Hot off the presses of her shitty ass Tumblr
I'm kind of taken aback myself

No. 321597

Holy Jesus Christ

No. 321599

imagine if someone straight up told her this to her face

No. 321605

lmao @ this on so many levels, at least you saged

No. 321607

Hi, Tuna!

No. 321617

Who cares, she was literally asking for it.

No. 321618

Fucking ew go away no one asked

No. 321624

No. 321628

oh my sweet summer child.

there are more functioning people on heroin than anyone wants to admit. People with steady jobs can just afford better dope which is less punched and from better quality.

No. 321631


lmfao someone clearly only has interacted with tumblr "bpd" kids

No. 321632

not necessarily. if they didnt stripped her naked and examined her, and if she is wearing long sleeves all the time, track marks can easily go unnoticed.

No. 321633

they literally said that they saw the pictures of her being injected. what is your point?

No. 321636

She was always "aware" her poetry's shit. See how she named this one >>321528. She said stuff like that about previous poems as well.

And I put "aware" under quotation marks, because it's the same way she's "aware" everything about her life and herself is shit, but in a "oh I am such waste, like a cigarette butt hanging out of Courtney Love's crusty mouth while she leans nodded out on a sad blue hospital corner" aesthetic way.

No. 321637

I-I actually like her art. She has a natural talent for color, and her shitty sense of perspective works well with the raw autobiographical nature of her paintings. Shame about the rest of her, though.

No. 321639

i agree with you and how you put it is fucking kek. thanks for leaving that up, the triggered borderliners in this thread can jump off a bridge if it bothers them so much.

No. 321642

No. 321646

>I actually like her art. Shame about the rest of her, though.
Her paintings, not poems, I like as well. That's why it does feel like a waste, instead of just one more delusional junkie. And I'd feel sorry for her if she was just doing it to herself.
But then I remember she impacts others, that she neglects her cats to the point of almost poisoning them, leeches off nice old ladies with cancer, steals, cons people with lies to buy her shit and give her money, and all the vile stuff like that, and every inch of empathy goes poof.

No. 321651

She does not mix her own colors it bugs the shit out of me

No. 321653

File: 1495752235175.png (75.32 KB, 750x932, IMG_3061.PNG)

Lol so she only wants uwu poor youuuu comments on her posts. She could just say
>give me sympathy of any kind but don't try to help me I don't need you but love me ok?

No. 321663

File: 1495752645247.png (185.25 KB, 721x1281, IMG_3062.PNG)

I mean I hate this guy just by looking at him but my hate for Tuna is much deeper.
I like how she can turn on and off her feelings about drug dealers.

Remember that time she was like
>omg the lady I sell xanax to fucking DIED

Like literally in the same post asking for money

No. 321693


It's okay anon, no one likes borderlines. There's a reason they get bounced from psych to psych. The only people who aren't going to agree are borderlines themselves.

No. 321698

Yeah, Luna's a particularly interesting figure because she does have creative potential, and she's not an evil person, but she's so self-focused, shallow, and image-driven that she can't help but sabotage herself and the people around her in pursuit of cultivating an aesthetic. It's weird to see the disparity between her intellectual/creative capabilities and her depth. It's almost like an artistic version of those 'logic and reason' engineer types who sacrifice their complex reasoning and soft skills in an attempt to make themselves come off as aloof, calculating geniuses.

The other person really wasn't so far off base, though. People with unmanaged BPD (so the vast majority) are like hurricanes in terms of their destructive potential, and the idea of putting more than one in the same room is terrifying.

No. 321703


this ungrateful little shit

she forgot to add "and send me money because I have a 100$/day drug habit and I'm spoiled tumblr bpd kween"

No. 321728

did someone suggest she wash her bedding?

No. 321752

Because all she wants to do is complain and not do anything to change anything. Don't you dare try to help her, she loves being pathetic.

No. 321755

>she literally just rants and whines about stupid shit and puts random breaks in it and calls it poetry
>I pass off run on sentences as poetry

I know you'll argue that its just a coincidence but sounds like she got butthurt about her "poem" because she lurks here.

No. 321760

why are you a therapist if you hate your patients, honest question

maybe you shouldn't have average a career if you hate everyone who walks in the door because they are "difficult"

lazy cunt

No. 321795

butboth her parents are/were junkies..

No. 321805

And this might go back to her recent turnabout with therapy. A professional might have offered her some advice and she's not here for that.
Hospital bathroom selfies, yes. Professional help, fuck off.

I really didn't take that from >>321590, just that a certain type of patient rarely works in a group setting.

No. 321823

File: 1495764308613.png (161.71 KB, 750x1209, IMG_8613.PNG)


No. 321824

She must be stopped

No. 321825

>25 dollars for slippers
>when she has more than enough
But remember guys she never has money for food or rent!!

No. 321829

God it's really hard not to comment just like LMFAO how do her "friends" refrain from calling her on this obvious bullshit???

No. 321832

"your disorder is horrible and even more horrible to treat"

wow did you ever think that the condition is also horrible to live with?
Especially for people who have the ability to see the way our thoughts work and try hard not to engage in that shit but still do at times… it's mortifying.

And knowing most people don't even want to treat someone with BPD makes it harder to seek help bc you worry that you're just so awful that you're making the therapist hate you.

Maybe you need to find another job bc it's very obvious when a psychologist finds ppl with BPD distasteful (or "horrible") and it hinders the treatment process.

sage bc butthurt blog

No. 321840

File: 1495764858470.jpg (121.53 KB, 560x419, c039118baa66094a43cb7c615e64d7…)

I remember a while back she said she can't bear to wear anything that requires socks in summer, so y'all better get ready for lots of awful slippers!

No. 321842

dear god D:

No. 321844


No. 321845

That's literally what they said, though… "Your disorder is horrible" implies that it's horrible for the people who have it.

No. 321846

File: 1495765087553.png (367.73 KB, 1125x1931, IMG_2589.PNG)

the original caption. she must be fucked up on something this is barely readable

also can all the bpd anons who got their fee fees hurt stop derailing the thread because honestly no one gives a shit

No. 321849


i'd pay luna $20 to wear them every day for a month.

No. 321859

Here comes the opression olympics that borderlines bring everywhere they go. Can't just shut the fuck up when someone who treats them shares their perspective. Then again, people with BPD have a long history of spitting venom at people trying to treat them so it's not really a surprise.

On a semi related note, Luna seems to have assigned Lurch to a savior role, I wonder how big the fall out will be once she flips her opinion on him.

No. 321866

File: 1495766190518.jpg (743.83 KB, 1056x1565, Screenshot_20170525-223414.jpg)

wow congratulations you stank bitch

No. 321870

Wow that caption is completely fucked. Wonder what she's on. Doesn't sound like dope because she isn't ~full of love~.

No. 321874


lmao butthurt borderlines are the best/worst.

No. 321876

>if u report me for this hem will b. sry unhappy with u

Lol what the fuck. Why would she think someone's gonna report her for ordering slippers…?! Lmao, take it easy Nutty Bar, lay off the drugs.

Wonder whose credit card she's using to order them.

No. 321878


nice B8

No. 321880

Probably a bunch of Ambien and seroquel

No. 321883

She was saying that ordering stuff keeps her from killing herself, so I assume she was talking about that.

No. 321884

Different anon, they're not wrong tbh.

No. 321886

what is she talking about when she says that "if you report me for this" nonsense? i don't get what she's saying. y does she think people will report her for posting about buying slippers?

No. 321889

>Do you ever just order shit online to prolong how long you have to not kill yourself
Written here >>321883, she doesn't want people to report her for writing stuff about being suicidal.

No. 321897

But they're not wrong, borderline-chans. Shit fucking sucks to deal with even outside of a therapeutic setting, kek.

a bit 3edgy5me but I agree

No. 321898

It's more of a conversation explaining that on a hot day, it makes sense. But showing up in the middle of winter (which we have a really cold winter here) maybe not wearing a short sleeve shirt is necessary.
I get the scars thing, it's not supposed to make anyone feel bad but we usually discuss appropriate behaviour on the first day with the entire group. If there is a lot going on in a specific clients life that is derailing the topic at hand it's just a simple bringing the conversation back around and saying to that person if they need to talk one on one after etc. Its more or less just avoiding triggering the other folks who might be struggling to no longer self harm etc.

Saged for the blogpost!

No. 321899

And no worries! The rules for minors are pretty strict when you even suspect a minor of self harming behaviour its a one on one after discussion, and if the person is a risk to themselves the first step is involving the parents/guardian.

No. 321902


I think thats just the "free shipping with min $25 purchase" offer

would be interesting to see how much shes actually spending on these though

No. 321903

Stank bitch is deadass her aesthetic

No. 321904

tl;dr by principle, but fucking thank you for saying this. almost all of the cows posted on this site have BPD.

No. 321905

I got into pratt. almost went for writing but didnt. they have a high acceptance rate and they are very picky about art i think but not so much writing. probably how tuna got accepted for their writing program and not their art program. (she kept calling pratt prestigious but it has a 70% acceptance rate). sage for blog.

No. 321911

File: 1495770964152.png (60.24 KB, 640x388, IMG_7039.PNG)

No. 321914

Bitch talks about money a lot. If she isn't posting about her "bpd" episodes she mostly posts about money. What a shallow piece of human thrash.

No. 321915

The slippers are $18 something.

No. 321925


there's nothing "amazing" about it, NY is the most expensive state to live in next to CA. Luna won't move because of some crybaby reason but really she's scared of being away from her H and she can't cop on her own.

No. 321935

Sage 4 blogpost, but to all the anons that are so sure that she's been tested because shes in treatment, thats not necessarily the case. I was hospitalized for a week in a psych program where I was given perscriptions but they never tested me for anything, didn't even ask if i smoked pot. Her program might just not give a flying fuck

No. 321938

ohhh i didn't see that post. thank you. with the way she types, it's hard to understand what she's saying sometimes lol

No. 321947

Wow that sounds irresponsible of the program you were in to not test you if they were going to fuck around with your meds. They need to make sure that your condition isn't brought about by drugs and that anything they give you won't interfere. I was hospitalized psych inpatient before and one of the first things they did was a piss test and they asked me a shitload of questions about substances I may have been using. In my case is wasn't an issue but while I was hospitalized I realized how many patients had concurrent substance probs. Idk maybe it was my location but whatever.
In Tuna's case I guess it's possible they didn't piss test her because it's outpatient but I'd be damned if they didn't throw a whole battery of questions at her about her drug use, past and present.
Sage for blog post

No. 321951

I've always been kind of jealous / in awe at how flat her stomach is since I'm skinnier than her but have a tummy. But daaaamn those fucking thighs/ her whole leg down to her ankles is so BIG

No. 321972

and THIS is why Luna infuriates me so much. sage for blog but $18 for slippers, aka a highly impractical shoe especially for wearing OUTSIDE???, is not cheap when you're struggling to cover rent and necessities. most poor (w/out a rich father or drug "friends" to bail them out) ppl I know will absolutely prioritize the practicality of what we buy. but she constantly spends her money on useless poorly made crap/sugary food instead and tries to pass it off as a once-in-a-lifetime treat while ebegging 3 posts later. half her "poverty" is that she's never learned any fucking financial skills. bitch needs to budget.

No. 322021

File: 1495792746543.png (14.13 KB, 543x117, Skjermbilde 2017-05-26 kl. 11.…)

wow luna and it´s only been 32 seconds

No. 322058

Can y'all stop with the bloody bpd and testing nonsense

No. 322063

This, fucking hell. You lot are just as bad as Luna with the, "well I went to inpatient so I know," and the, "well I have BPD so I know," bullshit.

No. 322080

File: 1495801514988.png (62.84 KB, 750x455, IMG_3064.PNG)

I think therapy may have harmed more than helped. Now she's just being obsessive and overall, worse with her symptoms.

No. 322083


Yeah, and rent wouldn't be such a big deal if both she and Lurch were contributing by holding down jobs (even shitty ones). They have an entire floor of a house???

I don't get why she's complaining about making ends meet when she hasn't worked in YEARS because of her habits.

No. 322087

b-but anon, how else will I let others know how much of a speshul bpd snowflake I am?

No. 322109

Therapy is a long process. I doubt any effects, good or bad, would be showing by now.

No. 322132

those slides cost around 5-10 pounds in stores like primark or forever 21, why this bitch is buying them on amazon for 15-25 fucking dollars?!

No. 322133

So she goes around just discussing her rent cost with people? Wonder if she tried getting sympathy and money out of the people she's in group with yet.

No. 322139

Tuna needs inpatient detox & rehab, not uwu sad bby gurls club outpatient group. Outpatient therapy will not help her, because she's still using drugs and abusing prescription meds. It's just a waste of time.

No. 322144

Agreed, but it's still a huge leap. She went from treating "I am shit and my life is shit" as a grunge junkie aesthetic, to "I am shit and my life is shit, maybe I should change something".

No. 322150

she buys like all her clothes and shoes (slippers) off amazon its weird

No. 322226


She's dumb as fuck tho, probably amazon is the one and only shopping website she knows.

No. 322257

I'm sure it's hooked up to daddy's credit card or something.

No. 322308

People probs donate her amazon giftcards so she can't spend it on drugs, she seems to get a lot from there unnecessarily. That and she's gotta be hooked up to someones prime, so quick free delivery - especially great for her, she's such a poorfag goodwill person, I don't see her paying out delivery on a real clothes retail site.

No. 322318

sage for tin hatting but i've been paid for selling nudes via amazon gift cards, maybe she's done something like that

No. 322319

File: 1495829961536.png (88.79 KB, 750x493, IMG_3065.PNG)

Why does she have to post the excuses to be rude to people that want to help her?

It's fascinating to me how people seem to genuinely like her still. She's literally so nasty not just hygenicly but personality wise she's just so rude and overall dumb.

No. 322326

lol I wonder if they finally told her in therapy that she can't solve any of her problems while actively taking heroin. Trouble in her ~ amazing & effective group therapy ALREADY seems pretty hilarious, seeing how whole-heartedly she jumped into it.

No. 322328

kek can't wait til she just posts about it publicly

No. 322329

at first I read your post and though 'nah'

but I bet it is something drug related, otherwise she'd be bawwing about it out loud

No. 322330

maybe she got kicked out or some guy in group grabbed one of her boobs lol

No. 322361

File: 1495835595031.png (119.5 KB, 750x871, IMG_3068.PNG)

No. 322362

File: 1495835729310.png (42.36 KB, 750x426, IMG_3069.PNG)

Like soda or booze? Honestly it doesn't matter. She is in no way better than that at all. Do you wait til noon to do your heroin?

No. 322363

Did someone finally tell her that she smells?

No. 322367

File: 1495836234359.png (145.65 KB, 749x1117, IMG_3070.PNG)

No. 322368

File: 1495836298390.png (168.97 KB, 750x1013, IMG_0427.PNG)

Holy mother…. Her stache and unibrow are so visible here. Why does she insist on taking pix with the blitz on?

O nvm, probably cause she sits in the dark all day.

No. 322370

File: 1495836407594.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3071.PNG)

Why did I zoom

No. 322377

File: 1495836785359.png (307.96 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-05-26-15-02-21…)

I've been filling since hipsville, maybe before I can't remember. I started following because I liked her style and Burger records and she reminded me of a younger east coast version of myself (I'm from the westcoast) I still root for her even though I think she does fucked up shit, after a decade on and off of addiction I've learned no-one is ever too far gone, some cases are just harder than others.

That being said this photo is embarrassing, the mustache, the lips, why would you publicize this?? It's legit frightening.

No. 322384

Her pupils look pinned in these photos, there is no way she stopped using H.

No. 322393

does she have a lazy eye

No. 322397

don't drugs make your eyes do that sometimes?

No. 322399

Does Luna have pcos?

No. 322408

Damn would it be cow tipping if one of the farmers are friends with Tuna and take her offer on FB regarding talking abt her recent problems??

No. 322409

hairy af face
eyes pinned because she is high as shit (heroin and/or benzos)
weird make up

what the heck, Tuna, stop

No. 322418

I wouldn't doubt they make roger sleep in the living on a sofa or sofa bed or have a bed in the living room for him.

No. 322422

Toronto (Canada) anon here and I don't really get what she's complaining about…. I live in "uptown" Toronto and pay $1200/mo for literally one room but that's what you get for choosing to live in a high end part of a huge city… like $1700 or whatever for a two bedroom apartment is pretty reasonable and standard in Toronto… why does this woman/child complain about the pettiest things?!

Safe for rant

No. 322433

it was discussed last thread, she says she does but a lot of anons don't believe her - but yeah, that looks like a PCOS stache imo

It always grosses me out when Tuna puts up HD images of her face. You can always see the flecks of foundation/dirt in her hair (head hair lol), I don't know how she doesn't see how greasy she looks. Incredible that her pink hair dye washes out so quickly when she appears to bathe so infrequently.

No. 322435

File: 1495840459590.png (13.24 KB, 525x333, ugh.png)

Tell us or stfu Luna, nobody likes it when you're vague.

No. 322445

shes so irritating, shes so upset yet she can post on every social media she has

No. 322450

Its like she wants us to speculate. Has she posted anything about lurch? Maybe he OD'ed and is in the hospital or he got arrested.
Or she's just making it up. If she was that upset she'd put up selfies of herself bawling or something. Unless she's so high that its all just "eh, something shitty happened oh well"

No. 322453

Girl, use those sticky fingers of yours and get a pair of tweezers. :(

No. 322482

File: 1495846888151.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1109.PNG)

Luna you're in no position to judge tattoos…

No. 322492

File: 1495847417673.jpg (251.02 KB, 1284x980, 1435328826210.jpg)

Good God I cannot stop laughing at her mustache holy shit

No. 322494

She'd be ebegging by now!

No. 322495

What a fucking cunt

No. 322496

File: 1495848184659.jpg (392.41 KB, 769x1117, Screenshot_20170526-212142.jpg)

What the fuck is this?

No. 322498

File: 1495848472457.png (118.29 KB, 750x1096, IMG_3075.PNG)

No. 322506

hmmm, maybe lurch got arrested? i don't think that's something she's want to publicly discuss, but needs to ebeg for bail. sage for speculation

No. 322508

I dunno if it really makes a difference but you're comparing USD and CAD. Luna's rent is $1700 USD and yours is roughly $900 USD, so it makes more sense that way.

No. 322531

At first I thought it was related to her sudden dislike of therapy yesterday, but you might be onto something.

No. 322534

uh wat did she really just tattoo "hell" on herself? That's even dumber than Toopoohs stick and poke

No. 322536

File: 1495851510415.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3081.PNG)

WORST day of her LIFE

No. 322537

>food and transportation to my program
I thought they fed her and drove her there? What?

No. 322540

well I guess it's confirmed she takes methadone. Those are 10mg each. So she's taking 50mg, and 4mg xanax. hrmmmm

No. 322541

i reckon she does have PCOS, she has the excessive body hair and poss the pain but the dope nulls it

No. 322544

She did a stick n poke on her hairy cankle!? Im screaming. You know nothing about that was clean. She definitely didnt disinfect her skin first and whatever she used (an old used dope needle?). How long until that's a nasty, infected, faded mess?

No. 322548

Okay so the "worse day of her life" is related to drugs somehow. That's why she needs money. And this dumb bitch.. She was just showing off the van that takes her to and from her program, she doesnt need transportation money. And if she actually needed food she could use evil daddy's amazon account to order stuff.. Like she did with those ugly black slippers she just bragged about ordering. Kek what a loser.

No. 322551

That was my thought, too. I tried searching a swamp monster arrest but didnt find anything, though I didnt really dig.

No. 322557

Nice catch. I guess the SPECULATIONS were right. Now I wonder if she was prescribed them or bought them off the street/from someone I group.
Either way, how does methadone work? What if she takes a shitton of the pills/more than she's supposed to? What's it like when mixed with her other meds? And what if she mixes it with dope?

No. 322562

Methadone makes it harder for you to get high off dope.

No. 322573

File: 1495854718668.png (160.31 KB, 750x1023, IMG_3083.PNG)

No. 322583

Can someone all her what happened already? She's annoying me with these vague posts

No. 322589

She probably wont tell anyone because no one is spechul enough. If something did actually happen, im sure she'll talk about it eventually because she loves to overshare. If she can talk about her "thick painful puke", and post pics of lurches nasty abscess, I cant imagine what she wont talk about online.

No. 322614

Cracking uuuup at her lazy eye rn

No. 322636

lol i don't think any anons here are close enough to her that she'd tell them

No. 322640

I'm starting to think that something about her drug addiction happened in group therapy, that's the only thing she's not posting about blatantly right now. She'll post about drinking Lurch's piss but not heroin; she'll show her trackmarks with actual blood on them but not acknowledge it. I believe something like this went down: someone in group therapy, not a doctor or a therapist but a participant, noticed her trackmarks or something that alluded to her drug use and called her out on it, and they were probably not kind and ~uwu~heroin chick~ but actually insulted her character, maybe in front of other people. She's desperate to talk about it, like her heroin use she hides in her Likes on Tumblr, but won't say it outright.

No one in their right mind would even keep this on their phone. Jesus, why? What is her excuse for this, body positivity? Like "I'm at peace with my body hair" and shit? I mean go ahead and be but when it even manages to distract from that god awful make-up… That's something else. Also was her one eye always lazy? This photo gets worse the more you look at it.

No. 322667

Methadone doesn't affect your high, that's suboxone. Methadone just helps with cravings/sickness. If you're not a full blown addict you can catch a buzz but I doubt it does anything for her. The deeper your addiction the more you need to feel normal.

She's probably taking more pills then needed to feel hardcore.

I'm sure she bought them, if she was prescribed anything it would probably be subs.

No. 322669

File: 1495864299960.png (80.85 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-05-26-22-49-58…)

He was arrested!

No. 322670

But damn he's already out. I thought she'd have a chance at life again

No. 322672

Guessing he got arrested for buying/dealing obviously?

No. 322675

They may have posted bail but that doesn't mean he won't still get jail time after a trial.

No. 322683

File: 1495866311461.jpg (22.18 KB, 409x480, IMG_7501.JPG)

This is your chance Luna!

No. 322714

Please, I bet you that Luna could walk into their apartment one day and see him shaft deep inside some other equally grimey street urchin and still cling to his zombie looking ass.

No. 322725

seriously lol literally posted the free food and free transport. and if it's isn't free it's thru insurance which would be payed once a month. not as dire as she makes it seem

No. 322737

She deleted the post already

No. 322807

Haha! I knew she'd spill eventually. I hope he has to go back to court and gets a nice jail sentence. I wanna see his mugshot kek

No. 322809

Damn they let him go like that? I was in jail longer for my DUI..
also she was making fun of someone at 9 am for drinking but her bf was getting arrested for copping dope? Lmao
Idk about New York but it's like 3 times worse if you're within 1000 feet of a school where I live. I wonder how he got out tho? Maybe it was for shoplifting and he's lucky he didn't have anything on him.

Someone find that mugshot.

No. 322813

I dont know about NY but from where im from its super easy to find peoples mugshots, charges, and court activity. I can't seem to find any similar thing for New York though?

No. 322814

What is Lurch's DOB? I've found something like this and I am not sure that's him https://www.rapsheets.org/nebraska/doc-prisoner/SCHUMACHER_MATTHEW/74197

No. 322816

File: 1495888366678.png (21.32 KB, 394x131, rapist.png)

28th April isnt it? Luna made a big ~so in love~ post about it.

Also, lol if its him she's datung a rapist.

No. 322818

Not him, the DOB is wrong.

No. 322820

haaa, i fuckin' called it. it really isn't so hard to figure out what goes on with her. if you play with heroin, you're gonna get burned. this won't be the last time they get into legal trouble. too bad it wasn't a wake up call for her

No. 322827

Matthew Schumacher
Mamaroneck, NY
Age: 38 04/28/1979

Was posted a few days ago. Maybe that helps?

No. 322829

but he was just innocently attending a #blacklivesmatter protest! how dare they!

No. 322842

he really does drag her down like last time when she was happy about starting therapy and he gets "robbed" i dont even like luna but lurch is just garbage

No. 322855

File: 1495897762145.png (504.7 KB, 511x672, z3LrFon.png)

No. 322872

Possible sighting: I think I just saw chief on the metronorth, the train that takes you into NY city. He had the same glasses and shirt as the one in her last pic and seemed twitchy and got off in the bronx
I haven't seen her in her town as much I usually do

No. 322914

lol be would have no other reason to go to the Bronx other than heroin
there are some decent liveable parts of the Bronx but if a junkie out of towner like him is going there they aren't going to for any other reason than drugs

No. 322918

i know people have pointed out she gets free transportation and food so that's a lie but as someone who uses depop i just want to add that depop listings don't "expire" she's just trying to pressure people into buying her paintings.

No. 322928

What stop? I assume you're talking about the Harlem line which stops at Fordham but that's the only Bronx stop. Maybe he's getting a transfer from Fordham to Woodlawn or Wakefield or somewhere? Interesting

No. 322942

Methadone absolutely effects your ability to get high.

No. 322958

Why would you have a fake ID with your real name on it

No. 322963

File: 1495910723842.png (110.41 KB, 717x598, Screenshot_2017-05-27-13-43-10…)

i thought the same thing when i read that comment. i googled it and i guess this makes sense. idk why he'd need a fake though

No. 322980


Usually they're used by underaged kids to buy booze and cigs. If it has your real name, picture, and info you probably won't get caught by your average clerk. They are super easy and relatively cheap to get in Chinatown.

No. 323015

File: 1495915396652.png (137.12 KB, 640x768, IMG_7090.PNG)

No. 323019


did she delete this post? it isn't on her blog anymore

No. 323024

File: 1495916170812.png (126.88 KB, 640x957, IMG_7092.PNG)

No. 323025

File: 1495916193643.png (137.04 KB, 640x925, IMG_7093.PNG)

No. 323028

rip friend

No. 323037

Someone should submit her shit tattoos to the same page lmao.
They're equally if not more shit than whatever she posted.

No. 323040

It's also crazy to tattoo unshaven skin. Even dudes have to shave the body hair off if they get a tattoo in a shop. Infection is definitely going to happen, fucking yuck

No. 323045

submit the stick and poke she did herself lmfao

No. 323050

her professionally done tattoos aren't bad at all. that new stick n poke mess she did to herself however..

No. 323062

File: 1495919665172.png (708.9 KB, 709x957, Capture _2017-05-27-16-09-02.p…)

Its already starting to look red and nasty. Ive done a few stick n pokes and dont remember them being red the next day.
And she forgot about it…? Imagine all the nasty shit its been rubbing against and she definitely isn't washing it regularly with antibacterial soap. Ew.

No. 323064

Tuna with nipple piercing? I wanna vomit and say a prayer for the piercer who would have to get close to her nasty stanky body.

No. 323065

christ that is horrifying.

do you think she just doesn't notice the mustache or does she just not care?
the eye makeup and eyebrows too and slicked back greasy hair

No. 323071

File: 1495920271970.png (97.42 KB, 378x978, IMG_5165.PNG)

Guys I found something on Lurches arrest.
Pic related.
Court date is July 17.

No. 323076

Perfect and milky. Good digging, anon.

No. 323077

No. 323081

she has her own name tattooed on herself and she wants to bitch about other people's tattoo choices?

No. 323083

I mean I know it doesn't have to be said, but haha of course he's picked up by their NARCOTICS agency. No peaceful-protest-gone-wrong/criminal-profiling story for this one it seems.

No. 323089

lets pray he goes to jail and luna has no choice but to clean herself up

No. 323092

File: 1495921427540.png (75.23 KB, 1132x376, Capture _2017-05-27-16-41-13.p…)

His charges.
Hahaha Tuna what are you gonna do when your amazing fiance is stuck in prison for a felony?

No. 323097

All I want more than anything is the mugshot lol

No. 323098

If he's only charged with possession and it's his first offense then maybe. But if he's charged with the felony he'll be going to jail and/or will get a huge fine

No. 323101

Unless he makes a deal and names names of his dealer/s. Then he'll get off easier. My ex was being charged with felony possession and all he got was probation.

No. 323103

oh god this

No. 323105

If their dealer is known and lurch names them, wouldn't that make it more difficult for them to find someone willing to sell to them?

No. 323108

I would assume so. But maybe Lurch would pussy out and just name him anyways. The dealer wouldn't know it was Lurch who did it?

No. 323110

File: 1495923056133.png (995.51 KB, 713x890, Capture _2017-05-27-17-07-50.p…)

She's showing off her old nasty abscess now.

No. 323112

File: 1495923184384.png (643.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-27-17-11-08…)

looks like she's at her dad's again. he took her shopping and now she's rolling around on his furniture

No. 323113

File: 1495923348949.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7114.PNG)

No. 323123



No. 323126


that takes longer than a month especially if its hardly been used lmao

No. 323127

She looks so fucking high. I feel terrible for anyone in her group who is trying to better themselves and have to deal with her drug fueled caterwauling

No. 323128


"Lipstick and Liner: 1 year, unless you've been sick, then immediately toss it. Lipstick is past its prime if it is hard and is difficult to spread or develops an off smell"

but yeah Luna is basically spreading old lipstick on her lips… I wonder if it was left out in the sun or she snatched it

No. 323129

Ewww, keep your dirty butt off of that couch, Tuna. You're going to make it smell like a casserole. :(

No. 323132


she posted a photo of it when she got it, no more than a couple months ago. its not that old

No. 323135

A CASSEROLE?!?! Im disgusted!! Kek anon.
All I can imagine now is a stanky, hot tuna casserole right out of the oven, barf.

No. 323139

yeah.. a YEAR not a MONTH. stop reaching for things to make fun of her for. her wearing a lipstick that's only a few months old isn't a big deal ffs

No. 323142

File: 1495925610127.png (174.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3085.PNG)

>my bf was arrested for selling drugs!!! Sooo fucked up!

No. 323150

I am so tempted to send this heifer a toothbrush.

No. 323153

i still can't believe this girl got braces and then fucked her teeth up. such a waste of so much of her parents' money.

oh wait, but she's poor.

No. 323155

File: 1495927406388.png (82.05 KB, 326x211, derp.png)

Oh look, her weird hot-crack-pipe lip is back. Its funny how it looks like teeth.

No. 323158

File: 1495927870296.jpg (90.96 KB, 549x366, img_0424-version-2.jpg)

But a tuna casserole would smell better than Tuna, lbr.

No. 323160

File: 1495927957496.jpg (24.72 KB, 500x652, laluna.jpg)

No. 323164

Omg she has camel-toe on her face lips.

No. 323170

Do courts in New York have a public gallery?

No. 323172

are courts in ny open to the public? someone go and liveblog

No. 323173

New Haven line since that's the train from mamaroneck. Yes it was fordham most anons aren't in the area so I just said Bronx

No. 323174

You're not allowed to film in a court room in NYC as far as I know

No. 323183


the fuck is that font

No. 323185

hahahahaha, I hope Lurch is going to rot in jail, fuck them junkies

Tuna, now it's your chance to dump him and move out from that bando

No. 323194

Its not even that hes a junkie. Its that Tuna acts like hes this perfect amazing person and she holds him on this pedestal when in reality she's only so infatuated with him because hes the one who gets get drugs and shoots her up. It'll be interesting to see what she does if she gets locked up.

No. 323201

not allowed to film, but you can go sit in there and take notes afaik - youd probs be best off going in with a notepad and uploading it after

No. 323204

Soo they probably can't cop shit right now right? Was he arrested in the Bronx?
He got intent to sell! I doubt he has a clean record. I can't believe he was let out the same day. Probably just cuz it was Friday and he's lucky. She would be dying over this long weekend without him.

No. 323205

File: 1495932316246.png (4.08 KB, 489x141, mooch.png)

No. 323207


Ew, imagine sharing a bong/pipe/joint with Luna.

No. 323211

oooo im soooo stoonnnneeddedd

No. 323212

Damn he got himself INTENT. That's really going to fuck him.

Everyone guessing he was middle maning was correct

No. 323233

Audio record the trial? Just a thought

No. 323238

she could go in a character reference but i doubt it. usually you'd use someone with a good clean background for character ref, like an ex employer or a mate who is a doctor or something. she will probably go to watch his trial but thats it. plus she wasnt present for him getting arrested

No. 323240

File: 1495935707446.png (275.26 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2456.PNG)

yes. it's called webcrims. I'll post the info

No. 323241

File: 1495935723554.png (194.6 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2457.PNG)

No. 323242

File: 1495935739192.png (181.84 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2458.PNG)

No. 323247

theyre not going to call in witnesses for such a small case lol. maybe in a small town in another state but def not new york, especially in the bronx. this happens so many times a day. I got arrested in nassau county for possession of heroin and then a few months later possession of heroin with intent to sell (just like lurch except I was worse off bc I had an open case already). the case went on for like 9/10 months and only bc it got postponed each time. I got 1 year probation. he might get probation or put on drug court, which means he'll be forced to do at least a 30 day inpatient rehab and then do probation OR he can max out and just take his time and go to jail (won't be more than a year, TOPS)

No. 323249

unfortunately the only county in NY (I think) that does public mugshots is Suffolk. unless you make the news. but Suffolk's the only one who will post every single jailed person's mugshot online (only on vinelink)

No. 323251

samefag sorry for posting the webcrims info after it was already posted twice. I saw that lurch got arrested & got excited. I love webcrims, it's one of my fave sites, I'm a derelict who has a shitload of junkie friends and family and it allows me to be nosy and keep up on everyone's info :)

No. 323252

Imagine lurch mumbling at the judge in court kek

No. 323253

And tuna in the courtroom watching– having a fit, bawling and having outbursts about how it isn't fair while she gets escorted out. All the while wearing her dog collar and slippers.

No. 323290

The Bronx court is so notoriously backed up that it is very possible his case gets postponed many times. Also, Rikers is so woefully overcrowded that he'll most likely get probation even if he has a record. And Rikers is such a fucked up jail I can't even imagine him in a place like that.

No. 323293

It's always jarring when I'm reminded that his name is actually Matthew Schumacher, not Lurch.

No. 323296

excuse me while i cry and go hug my infant

>give me sympathy of any kind but don't try to help me I don't need you but love me ok?
literally bpd in a nutshell

saged for slight OT reply

No. 323399

Lurch has priors, according to Luna he has been to prison. This will probably impact the current sentence. Lurch has been on probation during his time with Luna. There was a blog post on her drug one about her pitching a shitfit because they wanted to buy Luna's mum's urine to pass a drug test but it came back positive for crack.

No. 323431

I know it's lolcow and all but I really feel sorry for Luna and can't be that snarky toward her.
She seems like a really nice girl under all that drug shit.
I read her thread cause she's interesting, but it doesn't make me happy to see her ruin her life…
I wish she kicked Lurch and drugs to the curb, went back to studying art, got a part-time job…Possibly even meet a cute boyfriend to take selfies with.
Shame it won't happen.

No. 323435

And here I was thinking that she's lying about him getting arrested and another begfest would ensue…

Lately it's been looking like a downward spiral spin faster and faster for her.

No. 323439

File: 1495973392349.png (38.92 KB, 713x217, stupidbitch.png)

This cunt couldn't think of one good thing to say about her dad? How about "he buys me new shit I dont need every weekend". Or "he pays the phone bill on my brand new iphone" or "he still supports me even though he knows im a lying manipulative junkie"…?

No. 323441

File: 1495973627964.png (460.07 KB, 703x926, greedy.png)

>this apartment will be mine one day

I actually doubt it Tuna.

No. 323446

File: 1495976471867.jpg (602.97 KB, 810x1439, Screenshot_20170528-225909.jpg)

Tuna is back posting a heap of photos again

No. 323449

File: 1495976969664.jpg (395.55 KB, 1064x1286, Screenshot_20170528-230810.jpg)

Omg I totally bathe you guize!

No. 323452

File: 1495977281141.png (84.91 KB, 750x542, IMG_3088.PNG)

I hope she steals some, stoned Luna seems pretty funny.

No. 323454

I wish I had a rich father that bought me anything I wanted.. :)

No. 323455

She posted a video of her petting a cat and talking and she sounds ecstatic. Listening to her talk in vids is embarrassing.

No. 323458

File: 1495977942989.png (871.02 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3089.PNG)

Her typing is so bad I always assume she's nodding while typing but she was doing it just on weed. Does she realize that it makes her credibility (lmao) as a writer seem shitty. It's not dumb Tumblr speak like Ginger Bronson either. She just slides her hands all over the keyboard it seems.

No. 323463

what the fuck even is this? It sounds like one of those broken sentences you get from pressing the middle word on the autocorrect bar 20 times.

No. 323466

My voice does not sound that way but that's how I talk when I pet cute cats or dogs. I think that's pretty average, right?

No. 323486

She's so fucking greedy. Literally every time she's at her dad's, she has to mention, "this will be mine one day."

She always takes photos at this low angle, and it makes her look even more massive than she already is.

No. 323494

Because Luna is a despicable person, anon. I actually hopes she takes a needle to death.

No. 323564

lol @ the cat pic that she thinks accurately describes her. of course the male feline has sunglasses

No. 323578

you post this every week can you please stfu
itll happen or it wont but you whining and sighing every week is not impacting lunas life, just annoying farmers

No. 323580

she'll never be able to pay for that apartment in a million fucking years lol

No. 323582

Lmao I know god you'd think she'd be a little more educated about how the world works (like how inheritance works or life insurance or anything really) since she puts so much into stressing about her rent,you can tell she just stresses about drug money cuz that mentality is completely different. I do not believe they put a chunk of money away for rent every month I do not think they pay the rent at all tbh

No. 323587

Lol her thighs looked fused together, at first I thought it's just one leg

No. 323588

Didnt she say a while back that they were really behind on rent (like they haven't paid in months+) Theyre probably just living there, never paying rent and living in fear of the day they get evicted. Or maybe they have some weird slum-lord who lets them make small payments.

No. 323589

I thought it was interesting that Luna's mom is on the lease I guess? When she said Matthew and Roger have been living there for like 10+ years I assumed they had a situation with the landlord.

No. 323591

It has a weird underlying tone.

No. 323592

My theory is that her dad pays their rent. It may not be plausible but I don't know how else they could pay it. Neither Luna nor Lurch have a job, and all they do all day is do heroin and sell heroin to do more heroin. I don't think that Robert's social security check is enough to pay for their what, $1700 rent? Something isn't adding up.

This shit disgusts me tbqh. My grandmother has a large house with 30 acres attached that she has in her will to leave to me. But I couldn't even imagine if, every time I visited there, I posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram of her house captioned "this will b mine 1 day!!" It's like Luna is literally waiting for her father to die. She's going to be really shook when she discovers there are things such as property taxes. Sorry for small blog, it just blows my mind.

No. 323600

I cant understand their rent situation either.. Maybe her father agreed to pay half or a third of their rent when Tuna moved in there? And Roger pays the rest? And/Or they have a shady landlord/weird deal. It doesn't look like her apartment would be up to code, but maybe that's just an effect of their filth and laziness.

No. 323616

Tinfoil conspiritard warning: I think Lurch might be on disability for his bum leg, obviously pure speculation so don't take it as fact, but the way he talks about it sounds like a couple junkies I know who managed to get disability for "back problems". He said he was hit by a car to catfish anon a while ago, but the way he spoke about it sounded like it was an excuse.I don't know how easy it is to get on disability in NYC, it's probably a ridiculous theory, but I just get the vibe. They certainly have enough money right now, with no income in sight - Luna HAD her inheritance and Lurch HAD lawsuit money, but all that's definitely gone, fuck knows what they're doing now to get by.

Assuming neither Luna or Lurch have a reliable income, it's not unbelievable they're paying rent without Luna's dad footing the bill. Remember they're addicts - junkies find a way to survive, especially ones who've been in the game as long as Lurch. He definitely steals things, we've seen him wearing a head-mounted flashlight before. For all we know Lurch is a professional shoplifter/car radio thief.

IMO it's more likely that they make the rent up off Rogers retirement, Lurch/Luna stealing, and naive fuckers donating to her PayPal every month (plus whatever she can scam from Pat/her church/her parents/"friends"). I imagine Lurch's drug running pays for their drugs, and they pay for everything else thru begging/stealing/food stamps.

I don't see how her dad could afford the rent of 2 NYC appts, plus all the gifts, the utilities, her phone and internet bill without financially crippling himself. What does Tuna's dad even do? I've got it in my head he's involved in the music industry because of all the celebrities she name-drops, but I can't trust a thing she says. He can't be THAT rich though right? Paying for Tuna's entire existence is a hefty bill.

No. 323630

i'm pretty sure i remember reading something where she said her grandpa pays for her dad's apartment for him, which is probably the reason why she thinks she will have it
her mom doesn't have anything to do with the house luna lives in now. we already went over this

No. 323636

It's normal, you're nitpicking.

No. 323645

no it doesn't. she's baby talking to her dad's cat. she could be high, but either way it's normal for people to talk to animals like that

No. 323646


that looks on the brink of infection.

she shouldn't be having baths anyway with a new tattoo.

No. 323651

File: 1495996895987.png (511.12 KB, 467x739, dump.png)

God every time I go on her tumblr I read something that either makes me angry, or cringe.

No. 323652

File: 1495996956135.png (467.24 KB, 474x747, dump.png)

>fucking advil

No. 323654

File: 1495997035746.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3094.PNG)

No. 323662

she's such a piece of shit. I don't know her dad aside from what she tells us, but still, I'm sure the dude has at least ONE good personality trait.

clearly she just goes to her dad's place to get money, steal things, take selfies and pray that he dies soon so she can "inherit the apartment" like she always says. I bet he tries to spend time with her and she pushes him away like an angsty teenager - unless it involves him taking her shopping, handing her money or giving her weed.

things like this are what make me scoff when naive anons like >>323431 say "oh, but she's suuuch a nice girl underneath the drugs! it's just the drugs that make her act like that!"

yes, hard drugs will lead a person to do bad things they wouldn't have done if they weren't on drugs - things like stealing, committing crimes, etc. but hard drugs do NOT automatically turn you into a selfish, rude, uncaring person.

this is who Luna is, heroin or no heroin. if she weren't on drugs, she'd still be refusing to get a job, mooching money off of everyone in her life, posting narcissistic facebook statuses and treating people like shit. this is Luna, this is who Luna is.

getting off dope would be a good start but she has A LOT of work to do beyond just getting clean if she wants to change who she is and become a better person. the thing is, I don't think she wants to become a better person. she thinks she's wonderful the way she is. don't let her whiny "I hate myself" poems fool you, Luna's self esteem is sky high. she's an entitled brat who thinks she should be rewarded for waking up in the morning.

No. 323674

I envy girls with this kind of shape tbh. If she started lifting, she could be a thicc hottie in, like, 6 months. The potential is there. She doesn't seem to realize that skinny isn't the only way to be attractive.

No. 323694

>thicc hottie

No. 323705

Luna is so obsessed with herself. like I said in my last post (I think 2 posts up), she constantly tries to come across as if her self esteem is so low and she hates herself and her body, but that's not the case.

and that's great! I think even when your life is a mess, you should be able to wake up in the morning and be like "damn, I'm cute"…give yourself props for something good you accomplished….try to maintain a good mindset about yourself, etc. but I hate how she pretends she's so self loathing and constantly uses that to fish for compliments. she thinks she's hot,she thinks her style and outfits are on point, she admires her art…

what bothers Luna is she feels she doesn't get enough recognition from others. she thinks people should be complimenting her left and right and clamoring to buy her art. when she makes a facebook status or tumblr post talking about how much she hates her self, she's really saying "I don't get enough attention, compliment me, I need an ego boost." which is rich, because her ego is pretty damn big as it is.

No. 323706

File: 1496002035879.png (197.16 KB, 750x1083, IMG_3988.PNG)

lurch has a job wtf since WHEN what jewelry store would hire him

No. 323708

Lol did they hire him before or after he was arrested

No. 323710

100% agree

No. 323714

code for lurch stealing from a jewelry store. or stealing from anywhere in general. those earrings are plain and unimpressive, probably lifted from walmart

No. 323721

Jewelry store = Pawn Shop?

No. 323736

File: 1496005048778.png (969.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-28-15-55-08…)

back to complaining about being hungry again. i highly doubt her dad didn't feed her. maybe she should ask him to take her grocery shopping, instead of clothes shopping. she's so fucking stupid

No. 323748

Can anyone read what's on the pill box? I see her name and 25mg of something, I think.

No. 323751

Sell your iPhone tuna

No. 323752

Hydrocodone maybe? I'm probably wrong but that's what I made out of it.

No. 323755

She could sell her clothes, if she washed them…

No. 323759

Luna Slater
——cone/cane (?) 25mg
Take one (1) tablet —– every morning
I'd hope it wasn't 25mg of hydrocodone, nor do I think a doctor would say to take one single tablet every morning. Hydrocodone only lasts 4-6 hours, so it's either take for PRN pain, or one tablet every 4-6 hours when needed.
Usually pharmacies wouldn't fill a script so vague without a doctor specifying. Maybe it's her antibiotic?

No. 323764

File: 1496006459837.png (751.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-28-16-19-29…)

still hard to read, but..

No. 323765

Unless you want everyone to have crabs and infections

No. 323767

guessing Lamotrigine

It can treat seizures and bipolar disorder."

No. 323768


Lamictal 25 mg. Lamotrigine is the genetic. It's a very low dose of a mood stabilizer.

No. 323769

*generic, samefag

No. 323770

Ding ding, we have a winner. Wonder how long she's been on it? Is the seizure part an influence to lurch's supposed epilepsy?

No. 323774


Lurch doesn't have epilepsy, that's her cute way of saying he's seizing from Xanax withdrawals.

No. 323780

No. 323803

It's also used as a mood stabilizer for bipolar. You have to taper the dose really carefully or you can get a rash and then your skin can fall off and you die. (Stevens-Johnson syndrome) it starts at 25 mg for two weeks and goes up from there. More than likely she started it at her therapy program.

No. 323816

For some reason I doubt she'll be able to remember and handle increasing her dose slowly it takes over a month to get up to a decent dose

The rash is super rare tho.

No. 323821

it looks fucking crusty too…
i also did a stick and poke once… no redness, no crustyness…….. maybe she used a not-new/not-clean heroin needle for that………

No. 323822

bless you anon

No. 323835

Ultimate fucking kek he does not work at a jewelry store nice one Tuna

No. 323838

File: 1496009489281.png (453.86 KB, 540x917, Screenshot_2017-05-29-01-06-51…)

Obligatory condolences for those slippers in advance rip

No. 323840

you know, you can delete posts after 30 minutes of posting.. it was still possible when writing this…

No. 323844

Ugh I actually like those and she's gonna ruin them in a week

No. 323847

>but it came back positive for crack
oh god im laughing so hard about this one.
how dense are they?

No. 323853

is it?
Im actually astonished. It's totally weird listening to her real voice, since I always imagined her talking in some kind of squeeky mickey mouse voice. She actually sounds decent and posh.

No. 323866

She always takes such unflattering pictures of her feet. Looking like my obese grandma with them cankles.

No. 323867

Me too, she sounds fine.

No. 323901

> sized up
Bitch where? I see your hobbit feet crammed in there

No. 323910

File: 1496011573649.gif (1.19 MB, 512x512, hahaha.gif)

omfg this was a gif

No. 323915


No. 323925

File: 1496012068051.gif (728.04 KB, 200x113, 1495998949868.gif)

No. 323934

File: 1496012364716.png (67.78 KB, 551x748, IMG_3549.PNG)

It's all about that body positivity, y'all.

No. 323938

fucking fantastic anon

No. 323942

Lol fuck no. No jewelry store would hire that thing. MAYBE a cheap jewelry kiosk. But still, Luna we all know about his job as a drug runner.

No. 323949

Genuinely curious, what's with all you guys doing stick and poke tattoos…

No. 323952

File: 1496012989080.gif (1.96 MB, 200x235, edc.gif)

he looks like a fucking scumbag how the hell did he get hired

No. 323956

She might actually like this some send fan art

No. 323958

a e s t h e t i c

No. 323959

I gave myself a few stick-n-pokes when I was mental/getting clean from dope and crack. Getting clean IMO puts you in a really weird state of mind, idk. Id be withdrawing and having these weird little breakdowns, I decided I definatly needed to tattoo myself. Not saying that tuna did it b/c she was withdrawing though, btw. I see her doing it because it is Tumblr-trendy.

No. 323961

Leave bored teenagers alone with sharp objects and craft supplies they'll find a way. It's also trendy, I guess. Though to bored teens credit, Luna is probably the type of dumb to stick and poke with ink from a bic and a used needle.

No. 323963


Lmao you made her into a literal cow. And the Tuna tattoo.. hahaha!
You forgot her abscess tho >>323110

No. 323969

File: 1496013958016.png (815.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3099.PNG)


No. 323970

i thought she had a big house left to her by her grandmother, and property taxes fucked luna in the ass and she had to give it up?

No. 323971


holy crap, her nails look like she has some fungal nail infection, look at the unpainted edge!

No. 323972

>We both had gained a bunch of winter weight

You're both fat fucks, Tuna. Accept it.

No. 323974

lurch's hair looks a lot lighter here.. did he dye it dark recently??

No. 323980

He probably has to dye away his Grey hairs and he the box dye he stole this time was the wrong color/too dark.

No. 323986

lol its because it's a rare picture of Lurch not covered in weeks worth of grease and sweat

No. 324041

its also used for treatment-resistant depression. even though THE rash is pretty rare, getting a rash in general on it is common esp if you're already prone. and you know Luna is prone to rashes since she never bathes like ever. looking forward to some insta selfies with weird red splotches in the next upcoming weeks kek

No. 324050

Wait what? She had braces?

No. 324067

Agreed, I can't stand her. Not only does she use her dad and want him to die so she can have his apartment, but she also uses Cancer Patient Pat and Rich Tranny…she also kept a fugly plant that could kill her cats and probably feeds them shit and allows them to live in a junkie needle infested pigsty. It's hard to like such a person, who proudly tells and shows the world these disgusting behaviors.

No. 324072

The slippers clearly have extra room, and hobbits are small. You might want to get some rest anon.

No. 324084

sage for kind of blog but i've been on lamotrigine for 2 years and i've never had any random rash because of it. either you get the rash that's a major side effect and you stop, or it doesn't cause a rash at all.

what >>323803 said is accurate though

it's not going to do much for her if she isn't bipolar though, it's not very effective for depression on its own and definitely wouldn't be any doc's first choice for that

No. 324089

hobbits are small with large hairy feet.

No. 324103

Not sure but she might just pile polish on polish and it chips away in chunks plus dirty feet. Her press on nails are always just thickly painted over. She never seems to remove the polish…

No. 324107

File: 1496025891783.png (1004.94 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3101.PNG)

I gagged audibly lmao I hope you do realize you live in filth Tuna fish casserole

No. 324120

As someone with depression, I realize I live in a hot mess (though it's just mess, not filth, I'm a generally clean person). I just can't bring myself to tidy it up because it's overwhelming and my energy is better spent working. I definitely don't post pictures of my home because I'm embarrassed by it. Luna doesn't seem to care.
Sage for blog

No. 324132

Does Tunas "mania" kick in after she smokes crack? And then she realizes how much she has to clean, cleans the bathroom real quick and then the hit of crack wears off and then comes her "mental breakdowns"?

No. 324134

File: 1496027964482.png (48.82 KB, 640x307, IMG_7191.PNG)

No. 324135

File: 1496027999481.png (42.09 KB, 637x231, IMG_7195.PNG)

No. 324140

Damn Tuna, sounds like a really rough, terrible time with your evil dad. I can just sense your fear and anxiety about being near him thru your post.

No. 324152

Why is she ~*~haunted~*~ by everyone's death?

No. 324158

Seriously, has anyone close to her ever legitimately died? That is what's haunting. I feel like she really doesn't know shit.

No. 324183

>aaliyahs death still haunts me

No. 324201

File: 1496033205801.jpg (302.89 KB, 1125x1392, FullSizeRender.jpg)

that's just a scar from her track marks, it's the other arm that she's always hiding behind her body that had the abscess. she posted this earlier though and i noticed you can see a bit of the arm where her abscess was. it still looks fuckin gross even when its barely visible so i cant imagine what it really looks like irl.

No. 324202

File: 1496033260760.jpg (306.99 KB, 1125x1278, FullSizeRender 2.jpg)

the state of her hands is grim

No. 324204

u forgot the stretchmarks

No. 324207

yes, she had braces when she was a kid. so poor, right?

she fucked her teeth up because she didn't wear her retainer (ie. took her privilege for granted) and made a post about how much she regretted it

No. 324228

File: 1496036664744.png (309.29 KB, 488x782, fuckinggagging.png)

spotted in the wild trying to beg some attention in an inkshaming group

No. 324245

is she lying? i dont believe this is her only stick and poke

also anon you left your profile picture in the screenshot

No. 324254

sage for total blog post
but i was on lamictal for two weeks without upping my dose and it made me neurotic and i also actually got stevens-johnsons syndrome. lamictal is not the best mood stabilizer so hopefully it doesn't make her go even more absolutely fucking bonkers like it did to me. that would be a mess to watch via her instagram…

No. 324255

she had a stick n poke of the female symbol underneath the tooth on her finger. she also has "TRY" on her upper thigh. i believe she also has another word on her other thigh but idr
also i think in >>323838 it looks like what may be a faded stick n poke of an eye

No. 324257

sage for total blog post here as well
i take a rather high dose of lamictal and it's completely chilled me out. It's given me a bit of the stupids, but it keeps me at an even keel. That's what I'm hoping for her, but none of this shit works if you're still using. Blog post on that as well.
also, anon, sorry you got the SJS. that's very rare.

No. 324291

lmao cries about being posted when she did the exact same thing.

No. 324310

it was kind of a trend amongst speshul "broken home" teenagers in german speaking countries due to that one movie about a heroin addicted 13 year old girl 'wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo'. it's a german, older version of the thirteen movie and they showed how to do it in the movie.

No. 324313

i really hope she feeds them at all…

No. 324315

can y'all stop blogposting. no1curr about what you freaks all take

No. 324379

It's like the same two bpd anons sperging about their own illness and posting bad/incorrect medical info which is hilarious bc one of them was throwing a hissy about how bpd can't help but make everything about themselves… and then here they are

Just ignore them it's the only way to make them stop

No. 324396

You're right. That inside of her arm looks so dark red and nasty looking.
Does her dad even know she does heroin? I wish he'd just cut her off financially and let her sink or swim. Bitch needs an intervention.

No. 324514

I feel this way for sure I just saw it and thought about how Luna doesn't actually have an reason not to clean her house.

No. 324535

File: 1496077466886.png (147.06 KB, 750x1099, IMG_2236.PNG)

Where'd you steal that from Tuna casserole

No. 324548

TJ Maxx or Ross, probably.

No. 324562

Last night I had a dream that Tuna was livestreaming a mental breakdown on facebook. Lurch hears her cries and appears, consoling her. Then he takes a bottle of glue and fucking coats her with it and rubs it in like massage oil. She appears to be calmed.
I need to take a break from this site I guess! Saged.

No. 324563

I almost wish I was her friend so I could call her out on her bs to her face, she's such a blatant walking contradiction. You've got all this expensive shit but in another post complain how she's starving.

No. 324565

Oh shut up dudes, stop being assholes for the sake of being assholes. At least it's somewhat relevant because Luna is taking it, unlike dumb fucks who post about stupid dreams they have

No. 324566

Haha yikes. Just remembered about how other anons had dreams about Tuna and Lurch and thought I would share. Whatevs though.

No. 324569


sage your shit

No. 324584

This forum seems like your pride and joy lol get over it

No. 324588

Pot meet kettle. Stop derailing just to fight. Those posts are hours old.

Back to Tuna, how likely is it she stole that purse somehow? Or someone gullible bought it for her? The way she vaguely says she 'now owns' it is suspect as fuck, as per usual.

No. 324620

Probably snatched it from some lady, it looks quite used to me

No. 324632


it's the exact same pill container she posted on IG days ago, fags

No. 324634

File: 1496087596067.png (715.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-29-14-51-45…)

a "friend" bought her new markers apparently, so i guess she went shopping (again) today

No. 324670

I'm surprised she has friends

No. 324677

underrated post

i actually think it's the first time luna's ever looked remotely attractive, provided you don't zoom in to the hair n stuff

No. 324679

oh shit i was a member of that group! but didn't see this before i left it today. disappointed.

No. 324681

no, her grandmother left her the old apartment that she had before they got evicted and she moved in with lurch. it's the old address everyone is debating about re: the pill bottle.

thanks for the info, anon. i remember tuna blogging about how she had to cut her mom off because of her crack addiction, which was weird to me considering she obviously has one too. the truth is hilarious.

honestly i don't think that the arrest is going to change anything unless lurch is sent back to jail, and even then she'll probably romanticize the hell out of the situation like she did when she was dating peter. i'm still rooting for it to happen though since she'll never get clean otherwise.

No. 324708

She doesn't have friends, she has potential sources of money and gifts.

No. 324713

File: 1496095742691.jpg (371.02 KB, 750x1013, 1495836298390.jpg)

I was bored at work, so I tried to fix Luna…

No. 324735

A valiant effort, anon. However, I think she's too far gone, especially in this particular picture.

No. 324747

File: 1496098239651.png (574.71 KB, 540x916, Screenshot_2017-05-30-01-47-55…)

The downfall of the slippers has begun. What even is this pose? What is she showing off? I have so many questions

No. 324770

She needs to bring her eyebrows a little closer together to visually shorten the distance between her eyes. Whenever I look at her I just have a strong desire to give her a facial and makeover.

No. 324776

me too. she seriously wouldnt look half bad with some scrubbing and moisturizing and proper makeup.

hilarious that she says thats bad and its probably the neatest, most properly porportioned piece of pastel vomit ive seen from her in years.

No. 324784

Is having a Jessica Simpson bag something to be particularly proud of….? I mean, its not impressive. But I guess its better than her old lady purse she's been using and this ones bigger so nexttime she's lifting, maybe there will be some extra room next to the useless makeup she steals for some FUCKING FACE SCRUB.

No. 324797

File: 1496101489265.jpg (232.07 KB, 720x1200, Collage 2017-05-29 18_39_28.jp…)

i was inspired.

the right looks a bit over the top, but luna's face is a big project. if you squint it almost looks normal

No. 324806


Looks good, but in a creepy Meitu-app kinda way. Before I fell into this thread, I thought Luna was asian from the thread pic. I wonder why she insists on highlighting her absolute WORST features at all times.

No. 324811

The lip makes me so much less uncomfortable

No. 324817

Her lips look like the texture of old man scrotum.

No. 324821

why in the fuck would she say that

No. 324839

i like what you did with the makeup but why'd you shoop her eyes into monolids? looks creepy and worse


No. 324843

File: 1496105262974.jpg (212.38 KB, 750x1012, res_1496105109255.jpg)

initially i was just fucking around with her face in perfect365, but i think i might sorta this? couldn't do anything about the eye though.

No. 324846

ok that looks like if a sloth were a person

No. 324854

fuck now i can't unsee it, and i was proud of this too lol

No. 324857

haha aw im sorry

No. 324870

i wasn't trying to at first. i was using a meitu app and was removing things with the acne tool. i was trying to even out her eyeliner and eyeshadow and couldn't do it without accidentally removing her crease. so i removed them and blurred the makeup. it does look creepy though, but she's looked worse imo

No. 324878

File: 1496107789168.png (220.47 KB, 750x1141, IMG_3107.PNG)

>so thankful for these material objects I don't need that are getting me through this tough time of my boyfriend being arrested for drug dealing which should be LEGAL

No. 324888

>good size handbag from Marshall's
Why, its almost like she lurks here and wants us all to know her new bag was actually purchased. Id rather she stolen it though, instead of leeching off poor Pat again. Wtf tuna?

No. 324893

shut up tuna

No. 325014

File: 1496118764634.jpeg (180.47 KB, 750x1013, image.jpeg)

I tried to even her out and give her a makeover. Sadly it could only be done by shopping all of her features. In doing this I realized how wonky her face is.

No. 325018

This just made her look like Orange Citrus.

Luna isn't bad looking. She just needs a bath and for someone to teach her how to do makeup.

No. 325020

you made her look like Cher

No. 325021

She's like obsessed with material possessions and owning new things. I totally get retail therapy but it's really bizarre. It's not treating yourself if every day you post a damn list of all the new clothes, makeup, etc that you got/had gifted. She could've grown up alright but she just came out vapid and materialistic.

No. 325038

This is cute. Good job anon!

No. 325050

"3/4 of those are thanks to pat" this bitch really got that lady to buy her groceries for the week AND a purse & sketchbook?

No. 325080

i hate when she says that, its like she's planning on killing her own dad

No. 325085

What the fuck? These are all genuinely hideous. They look similar but even worse than the 'Jane Doe' facial reconstructions that volunteers do for unidentified bodies. Has Instagram completely warped peoples' perception of human facial features and proportions or is it just one girl with BDD making all of these?

No. 325086

File: 1496131883296.jpg (91.46 KB, 500x667, tumblr_msau6gbnIK1qgq30qo2_500…)

she doesn't need a ridiculous full facial reconstruction like all these anons are doing. she used to be cute and clean looking, pic related. but her personality has always been and always will be shit so who cares

No. 325090

File: 1496132273983.jpeg (61.41 KB, 398x600, doSzJYN8J9g.jpeg)

samefag because nostalgic about when luna wasn't disgusting but i liked this hair/her style during this time too

No. 325098

She's always had an inflated persona imo but at least then she didn't look like she crawled out of a dump

No. 325112

File: 1496136451705.jpg (47.58 KB, 504x600, 5a.jpg)


fixed it.
(and it still looks creepy!!!!)

No. 325118

This; Luna's a shallow, selfish human being, but she has pretty facial features aside from her lopsided eyes. The people trying to shoop her or call her face (inherently, given her grimy skin and nasty ass creepy makeup) hideous are delusional, way too into instagram drag makeup or the koreaboo dorito chin look, jealous, and/or underage. She has a naturally pleasing bone structure and would clean up very well if she took care of her skin, lost weight, and stopped wearing tumblr/junkie makeup. The comments here remind me of the kids on PULL who tried to outdo each other with how ~hideous omg~ they thought Kota's shoops were because she missed shaving the top left side of her jawline or whatever (though of course there's much more to critique here). Stinks like something, but maybe that's just the nature of forums full of girls gawking at other girls.

sage in every field

No. 325204

File: 1496150267967.png (81.02 KB, 750x492, IMG_3109.PNG)


No. 325205

File: 1496150303845.png (145.12 KB, 750x995, IMG_3110.PNG)

(2/2) sry this is leading up to something

No. 325206

File: 1496150338283.png (129.8 KB, 750x836, IMG_3108.PNG)

>my grandmother was in the holocaust SO

No. 325210

File: 1496150628060.png (74.24 KB, 748x542, IMG_3111.PNG)

I just thought this was funny kek

No. 325231

Maybe Luna should just go outside for once or take an iron supplement instead of adding a new liquid foundation to her finding list.
There´s no lighter shade than white anyway

No. 325233

This looks like Taylor Momsen

No. 325239


Thanks for sharing Anon!
But you should change your profile picture (you forgot to crop it out I guess)

No. 325241


Oh shit mina. I wonder if Luna caught that

No. 325242

Nah that person always shows herself off on Tunas thread. Because she wants to be a cow herself.

No. 325252

With that moon-face, she's already there.

No. 325254

girl you look like a deer in headlights lmfao

No. 325255

She's trying to virtue signal whilst having a pity party, but it just comes across that her social circle is very limited, or that she's a bitch who can't imagine a black person or minority being successful, being well off, or having an interest in travelling.

No. 325256

Okay, but she has no qualms with using Jeffree Star bullshit? I know she didn't buy it personally but I don't think her ~super cool~ grandma would've been down for such a racist and woman hating pos.

No. 325267

File: 1496157344054.jpg (206.63 KB, 626x625, 20170530_101420.jpg)

Bit late to the party but I tried. I really did.

No. 325269

File: 1496157415178.jpg (276.38 KB, 622x621, 20170530_101410.jpg)

Bonus with pink hair just because.

No. 325270

do you really think she cares? she's just interested in hoarding more. more make-up, more clothes.
she just responded to these fb comments because its a tumblr must body positivity no racism lgbt black lives matter topic.

No. 325275

aka fat tavi gevinson era

No. 325285

File: 1496159426576.png (198.35 KB, 750x1020, IMG_3112.PNG)

This doesn't make sense I doubt that's what the activity was supposed to be
It just looks like one of her awful "poems"

No. 325288

If she has hang ups regarding KVD then I imagine she would about JS, that's all I'm saying. She's a total limo liberal anyway.

No. 325291

Every time I get the feeling that I want to help her, be her friend and try to escape her shitty life even a little bit I see shit like this and I'm reminded why i shouldn't. She's seriously the most insufferable person.

No. 325312

>talented writer
love how shes put pretty down as a strength

No. 325315

>What's my purpose?
>More than one person has called me beautiful, an angel, sweet today.


No. 325317

I feel like this is what Tuna would like to be but isn't and she knows it.

No. 325354

Has Tuna's grasp on the English language always been this bad? Bitch sounds like she's 12

No. 325371

File: 1496164381570.png (178.44 KB, 750x1099, IMG_3113.PNG)


No. 325373

File: 1496164461862.jpg (44.66 KB, 596x888, Capture.JPG)

I thought she was done

No. 325391

whos hitting on her lmao she gets driven there and then walks straight into the bathroom to take pics of herself

No. 325404

File: 1496166852161.png (454.71 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-30-20-48-06…)

Ngl I'm kind of relieved to see she finally has naloxone in case they get fentanyl-laced h.

No. 325407

Shouldn't therapy have some sort of dress code at the very least?

No. 325414

Damn I was expecting her to have stopped going to the program after her vague complaining about it last time. I doubt she's getting much out of it as she treats it like a day camp, but maybe it will at least plant a seed in her mind about actually improving her life? Wishful thinking, I know.

No. 325415

I hope there's actually narcan inside this and its not just the bag she found and is using as a makeup bag or drug kit or something.

No. 325422

>I'm kind to everyone

No. 325424

No. 325428

holy shit everyone please stop polluting the thread with these horrible shoops, nobody wants to see them and they somehow manage to be creepier than Luna's herself.

wasn't she complaining more because Lurch got arrested than the program? aside from the whole free lunch thing.

No. 325436

Thank goodness. Luna is shitty and ungrateful, but she still just a little baby and deserves a chance to turn her life around; I've seen people bounce back from worse. Do you think that if Lurch did get arrested, would Roger still let her crash there? It could be a good oppurtunity to get clean, if Lurch was away and she kept going to that program. I mean, according to anons, she was full of herself before but I feel as if lurch really arrested her development.

No. 325444

while i also do not want her to die, and think she can still be excused by being too young, she's already 21 years old. she chose this lifestyle because of the aesthetic, she refuses to even acknowledge what kind of shitty life she lives. i'm still rooting for her a little inside though, hope lurch goes to jail and she gets some alone time. maybe then she'll be able to see through the illusion she's created. but if lurch doesn't go to jail (or seriously od and damage his body) with her heroin provider right by her side at all times, it's unlikely she'll ever realise anything. it's sad to see someone this young live like this, i know she's choosing to, but still, it's really sad.

No. 325445

Kind to everyone… except for cancer patients, rich white people, her mum and her dad, etc

No. 325448

21 is still so so soooooo young. She isn't even 25…

No. 325454

do you suddenly figure out everything and become a better person after 25?

No. 325462

Sure she's kind to them! How else is she gonna sneak her grubby little hands into their wallets and purses?

No. 325493

Not same anon, but imo before you hit 25, you've got your age on your side. You're still considered young, dumb and naive until you hit your mid 20s and that's why people pity Luna.

If she was >25 nobody would feel sympathy because she should know better. You're allowed to make dumb mistakes when you're young, but you're supposed to learn from them, that's what stops you from being a lolcow. Tuna keeps doing her same old shit over and over again and doesn't seem to be getting any wisdom from it.

No. 325542


The brain finishes developing (especially the prefrontal cortex) between ages 20 - 25. So it's really like if you haven't stopped doing the dumb shit kids do by age 25, you're retarded and probably will be for life.

No. 325543

File: 1496181814735.png (995.82 KB, 1052x746, ;p;.png)

lol Lurch isn't even facing her, this photo is fucking pathetic.

No. 325545

samefag, but tfw Tuna looks better here than every single anons attempt to photoshop her into a living doll. This foundation looks less cakey, all she needs to do now is put the highlighter down.

The dollop of highlighter on the tip of her nose is less noticeable in this but it's still there, and the highlighted eyes. They really bug me and I'm not 100% sure why. Just massive, unblended white circles over her eyes like a reverse panda, why?

No. 325550

Too lazy to find the post but I recall last week she was whining about not wanting to be in the program anymore

No. 325552

>>Constantly begs for money for food
>>Says she'll guess she'll try $40 foundation because nothing is light enough for her even though there are much cheaper options.

Like, can she even pretend that she won't lift the foundation from Sephora in the next few days?

No. 325553


what the fuck is up with his hand

No. 325556

Lmao are they out of spoons so he's trying to eat with a knife?

Cool junkie aesthetic

No. 325557

Wow look at all their food, and that's just a tiny area of their kitchen(I think?). But of course its cookies and pie. Wonder how long it'll be before she's begging for food money again.
Also, Lurch looks creepy as fuck. That long, thin black hair.. Wtf?
Reminds me of something from a horror movie but I can't recall which one.

No. 325559

her age isn't an excuse for her being an idiot anymore. maybe when she was like 18 and still just a teenager, but she's a moron and it's not excusable at the age of 21. she acts like a child. she'd probably say it's because of her bpd, but her bpd isn't an excuse, she's entitled and privileged and chooses to live the way she does. yeah, her brain is still developing, but she's at the age where you know she knows better. i know 12 year olds with better common sense than her. i hope one day she has to deal with REAL problems and not problems that she puts on herself (that eventually are solved for her by other people) and she's able to learn from that experience, and make herself a better person.

No. 325560

File: 1496183737695.png (347.23 KB, 564x485, lurch.png)


>Doesn't eat for days

>Too poor for food

>needs food banks AS WELL as food stamps

>literally a fucking banoffee pie in the background, with name brand groceries and food a poorfag would kill for.

God I hate her, think of all the fucking food she's conned out of the church that could have gone to real people in need. Instead these doughy spoilt junkies get it instead.

No. 325562

the ring, the grudge, or any other horror movie with a creepy lanky person with long stringy dark hair
tbf pat bought those groceries for her apparently. but i do not doubt that they are able to buy themselves groceries that poor people would die for. they just choose not to do they can buy drugs.

No. 325563

She got Poor Pat to take her grocery shopping for "food for the week". Probably all sweets that their junkie asses will devour in a few days. I highly doubt she picked out any actual food for meals.

No. 325568

All she eats is pie, cake, ice cream, Chinese take-out, candy and Cheetos. All she drinks is cream-and-sugared iced coffee, soda, and juice cocktail.
Does she have diabetes yet?

No. 325569

She looks good here. The lipstick suits her!

>>banoffee pie

I never heard of such a thing, so I thought it was okonomiyaki lol I was honestly surprised to see Lurch cooking either way.

No. 325574

he isn't cooking hahahah he's cutting a slice from a premade pie

No. 325580

Oh god, you're right… I thought it was possibly a real meal like hamburger helper or something in a frying pan, not a fucking pie.

No. 325581

/whispers/ but her crusty camel toe lip

No. 325585

No. 325587

She was just a kid when she got hooked, and heroin turns EVERYONE who uses it into a selfish piece of shit. When an opiate addict needs more drugs or money for drugs, they lose their humanity and will do anything they can to get a fix. They're reduced to starving animals. The drugs also completely make them lose perspective about their lifestyle/living conditions because the feeling of shooting up is so intense and glorious that it's all they need. Nobody wants to live in a dump, avoid showering for months, etc., yet those conditions are common among addicts because opiates remove the desire/need to do normal human things. Trying to ascribe human traits like 'bad' or 'selfish' to the personhood of a junkie is naive and a loss cause. The human in Luna is gone and won't come out until she gets clean. For now she is just a ravenous animal like all the other junkies.

Don't waste your time trying to convince these people that 21 is still very young; many of the kids here unironically think that anyone past 25 is old and anyone past 30 is an old hag whose life isn't worth living.

No. 325619

wow her hair appears to be washed and brushed amazing how much flatter it is.

No. 325626

I know your point is that adolescents are naive and make mistakes, but I don't see Tuna's progression into heroin addiction as a mistake. She had been around junkies all her life, saw the terrible lives they lead, was warned by multiple people not to even try it, and had support every second of the way (I still lol over the fact a heroin addict went to rehab for weed). Didn't Peter warn her off heroin, telling her specifically it'd fuck her life up?

She started taking H because of the aesthetic, knowing full-well what she got into. Her life wasn't ~hard, she wasn't ~peer pressured into it, she doesn't have any excuses other than "she was young and dumb and wanted to." At 18 I was a little bit of a fuck-up, but not "spend my entire inheritance and lose an apartment in under 3 years" levels. At 18 I didn't have an overwhelming desire to become Courtney Love to the point where I begged people to inject me. That's above and beyond what normal teenage idiocy forgives.

I'm pretty sure her "bad" and "selfish" tendencies were there before the heroin. Her e-begging and desperation are symptoms of her junkie-ness, as well as some of the lies, but I'm pretty sure that the self-absorption and attention seeking is the "human Luna" underneath.

I agree that all junkies are bad people while actively using, some good people get sucked into that bad lifestyle, and they're turned into animal husks. But that doesn't mean every junkie is a good person underneath, plenty of them are animals sober. I don't think Tuna is a good person underneath. I have never seen her do anything that warrants that thought. Even when junkies are at their lowest, the good ones keep some moral code: only steal from big corporate stores, not stealing from other people, doing no harm unless provoked…Not fucking scamming literal cancer patients.

We have no reason to think that Tuna was a kind soul before the heroin, she was a dumb self absorbed kid, and she's STILL a dumb self absorbed kid.

No. 325639

File: 1496188947122.jpg (491.71 KB, 960x1280, 1.jpg)

>i worked rly hard on my notes today
#personal #dbt #mental health

No. 325640

File: 1496189004867.jpg (486.96 KB, 1246x1280, 2.jpg)

No. 325641

i don't even follow this thread but is there seriously an argument that someone needed to be specifically told NOT to do heroin as if literally anyone out there is saying heroin has any positive worth ever

why do you treat this girl like she is a toddler

No. 325643

File: 1496189322835.jpg (363.56 KB, 961x1280, goddammitPUTTHEHIGHLIGHTERDOWN…)

New pic on her tumblr too that's triggered me hard. I'm anon who sperged about her highlighter earlier fyi.

I know literally nothing about makeup because basic bitch - so quick question to makeup anons, is Luna applying contour properly? Because seriously it looks like blobs of paint to me. What exactly is she TRYING to do with those highlights? I thought contour was supposed to slim out your face, not… Whatever the fuck Tuna's doing? Putting random white parts on her face that make no sense?

No. 325644

File: 1496189471530.png (609.24 KB, 761x705, wut.png)

No. 325646

>stop comparing current relationships to past ones, if you have been making unfair comparisons between your current partner and a past one write a list of destructive traits of your past partner. Next write all the ways your current partner is different.

>Peter was an ex-con heroin addict who treated me terribly!

>M-matthews totally different tho

No. 325649

well i guess she never met peter so lurch has one up on him there?

No. 325652

lol I'm on this section in my DBT classes and these notes are literally in every piece of DBT work book (she has the same one as me, she's been 'using' it for years)
But this doesn't pinpoint any of her actual issues with emotional regulation. DBT doesn't work just by copying the rules down, you need to pair them with examples and work through them and keep doing that until your brain just starts doing it from habit.

DBT is complicated and a long learning process but you won't get anything out of it if you don't actually apply it to yourself..

Sage for DBT sperg/obvious post

No. 325654

lol that's actually really informative, I was JUST reading through these like "What the fuck, is DBT really this shallow?" It reads like a vague self-help book, not actual introspective therapy.

I've never had any sort of therapy, and reading those notes I couldn't understand how DBT could actually help people to the extent it does. I should have known that Tuna was fucking it up somehow

No. 325666

I don't know why she cakes highlighter on the tip of her nose. It looks ridiculous and I imagine it looks even worse in person. Pretty insta-hoes put highlighter on their noses but not as obviously and ugly as Tuna does it. Idk what she's trying to do with all that.

No. 325674

lol, luna. you're acting as if being complimented/hit on by men at a MENTAL FACILITY is some kind of achivement/genuine flattery.

No. 325686

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she went on about how ugly she was in group, someone felt bad and complimented her, and she just ran with it.

No. 325708

She's watched too much Drag Race

No. 325711

Exactly like you can't even properly use that work book unless you're actively receiving DBT which I'm sure is hard in a group setting but if she sees a therapist one on one they're suppposed to help interpret every single thing to your real life so you can um idfk LEARN how to use it? It's a set of skills. But like her art I guess she thinks she doesn't have to work hard on it and she can just copy stuff over and over to post on instagram
She doesn't know how ignorant that makes her look, of course.

Also when she listed her positive attributes or whatever she really had nothing better to say besides a bunch of lies or her Tumblr description and that she's "pretty" god, she chooses to be like this with every breath she takes. DBT won't be helpful at all until she stops being such a Tumblr queen try hard. It's like she is trying to come up with what Courtney would say.

No. 325723

File: 1496196833907.jpg (34.44 KB, 638x395, IMG_20170518_211517.jpg)

Is she using her new sketchbook and markers for this? After complaining about how long she went without those things?

No. 325743

That's a DBT note book it has worksheets and stuff in it.
But lmao if she is using her markers that's dumb as hell im sure it's bleeding everywhere, use a damn pen.

No. 325754

It just kinda looked like the book in >>324634. I really hope it's not though, sketchbooks aren't cheap.

No. 325762

Not really I have a sketchbook that was 2.00. That could be one she's holding.

No. 325784

holy fuck I bet she did bring a grey copic marker because grey is her aesthetic colour besides pink and lavendar
I'm going to scream those markers are so expensive I cant even afford them and I'm an actual artist who actually works on my art for longer than an hour, this bitch gets them for free and wastes them on dbt notes - that are useless because theyre just parroting what the book says.

sage for rage

No. 325786


Okay so the main point of highlighter is to accentuate features- it's typically applied to cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bone, and maybe your forehead if you're into that. She seems to have a basic grasp of contour/highlight but she takes it way overboard.

Sage got off topic

No. 325833

File: 1496205569692.png (158.01 KB, 749x906, IMG_3133.PNG)

How romantic???

No. 325835

god she only mentions stupid stories like this to make them out to be victims and play the pity card. so annoying.

No. 325843

fucking lol at the pics attached to this being selfies with him facing the other direction completely oblivious to her in the background. she comes off like a complete nutjob. i cant believe she's not embarrassed to post shit like this on facebook

No. 325857

Ily anon

No. 325865

sage for ot but anon, if its any help michaels often has 50+% off any item coupons online which brings them down to less than $4 each especially in sets, still not exactly cheap but definitely more affordable

No. 325932

File: 1496210076658.jpg (441.66 KB, 2048x2048, 9410B9C6-9A2E-49BB-B388-AB82D3…)

So it's late and I'm watching white chicks and all the sudden

Can someone combine these?

No. 325936

10 years? Get the fuck over it.

Lol good one tuna, I actually have to hide this thread sometimes because she is so damn ugly and gross. She just looks like she would stink and her face reminds me of snooz lol but at least suzy showers

No. 326006

File: 1496218388306.jpg (8.11 KB, 225x225, nikkie.jpg)

It's a trend to take it overboard, see Youtubers such as NikkieTutorials & Sophdoesnails.
Tuna just follows shitty, trashy trends, that look worse on her because of how gross she is already.

No. 326009

everything she posts is so weird, but this made me especially uncomfortable.
>uwu his leg was bleeding and people were crying uwu my survivor uwu like my selfies that have nothing to do with this pity party of a caption pls uwu

No. 326040

>Bragging he can walk faster than her

Hasn't she been begging for money for cabs and shit cuz he ~cant walk le car accident~ (it was a few months back I'm sure)

No. 326170

File: 1496242657666.png (156.58 KB, 750x1108, IMG_3141.PNG)

Lmao idfk why this is so funny she looks horrendous.

No. 326174

slippers outside i just dont get it, doesnt it destroy the soles? could she not just buy slides

No. 326178

Is this old or is she wearing the same clothes today? Tuna please get your filthy slippers off of the fucking sink :(

No. 326189

Wearing slippers on a hospital floor, luna you're fucking disgusting.

No. 326198

yeah it's the same outfit, she probably fucking stinks.

I was gonna comment on the fact she's not wearing a bra with her "see through dress" because she's a slag. But it turns out you can see a bra strap - her tits are JUST that saggy with a bra on…

No. 326247

as someone with actual knee problems similar to what Luna says she has (dislocation and subluxation) I've tried this pose when I've been drunk and fucking around and it HURTS. But she's done it a few times now.

No. 326248

>gripping the public bathroom sink basin where people have probably spit and wiped diseases off


No. 326259

Luna's bum knees are because she's fat and doesn't walk around very often. She probably had ONE subluxation when she had to walk somewhere further than the end of the street, and now says that she has ~bad knees.

I don't even there's anything wrong with her knees, she's just unhealthy and exaggerates all her minor aches and pains.

No. 326285

plus she probably never washes her hands anyway.

No. 326333

File: 1496256873058.png (573.32 KB, 717x1053, Screenshot_2017-05-31-13-51-58…)

luna couldn't be away from her bed for a few hours. also doing her makeup for fun is productive evidently

No. 326343

>being productive


No. 326349

Well it's producing… Something?

No. 326358

common anon, she was doing hard work putting together all those notes.

jfc she will always stay a lazy fat ass.

No. 326361

Craving being in THAT bed, oh boy

No. 326363

File: 1496260053932.png (121.64 KB, 750x1088, IMG_3144.PNG)

For some reason Junkies that run out of spoons to eat with is really funny to me? Is that awful?

No. 326365

yea its funny too tho

No. 326373

File: 1496260737929.png (35.48 KB, 632x299, IMG_7356.PNG)

No. 326374

File: 1496260760830.png (42.32 KB, 640x336, IMG_7355.PNG)

No. 326375

What was that about needing money for travel to group session then? Bitch acts like a rusting mini-bus is a limo come to pick her up for the ball.

Is she rewearing the same outfits to her sessions? Damn she's nasty being seen outside the house in this.

No. 326376

File: 1496260775296.png (145.97 KB, 636x806, IMG_7353.PNG)

No. 326377


So how about you pick up a sponge and some soap and clean one off yourself, Luna? It would take all of 1 minute and then you could properly eat your hourly dose of pure sugar.

No. 326378

The angel of death probably.

No. 326386

why does she want her eyes to look droopy so badly? she'd look so much better with less eyeliner, especially under the eyes.

No. 326393

agreed, sometimes it makes her look downright downsy, it's such a bad look

No. 326394


The same reason why you see a bunch of white koreaboos and weebs with droopy eyes. They think it makes them look ~innocent~ and ~sweet~ ..No, it just makes them look retarded af

No. 326427

File: 1496267460375.png (811.42 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2017-05-31-16-49-33…)

she probably wrote this while she was shooting up

No. 326429

File: 1496267739115.png (2.74 MB, 1438x2065, Screenshot_2017-05-31-14-53-45…)

I thought the top drawing was weird, with how much she says she adores her fiancé.

No. 326437

cotta comply with dat tumblr SJW aesthetic for cool points

No. 326449

The more I see her shoes the more I see that the sole of these are most likely rubber. They're more like sandals with fluffy straps than slippers. They're slightly better than the pink ones for outside because the pink ones had the thin slipper sole.

No. 326463

Lol which one of you farmers commented "Isn't your boyfriend a cis white guy?" on this?? Or could it be one of her fans catching on to her stupidity??

No. 326464

Someone else even liked the comment lol

No. 326469

lol pls post a screenshot if she replies

No. 326470

File: 1496270942005.png (2.36 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-31-17-47-18…)

No. 326476

she's better at drawing than painting, she should draw more, I like her drawing style tbh

No. 326480

Her drawing style is literally tumblr

No. 326481

Hey, at least now we know that she isn't hiding her addiction from the therapist(s). The chances of her getting clean are close to nil while she's living in a hovel with chief, but it's a start.

Yeah, she's actually really good. I'd buy her shit if it were reasonably priced tbqhwy

No. 326488

File: 1496273188295.png (77.59 KB, 640x573, IMG_4723.PNG)

She replied

No. 326491

Lmao. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read she didnt have any clean spoons

No. 326493

yeah hes a keeper alright

No. 326501

File: 1496274458453.png (110.91 KB, 640x881, IMG_7366.PNG)

No. 326502

Um, excuse you, are you forgetting the horrific Cotton-Eye Joe accident???

No. 326508

I feel like it looks like a cross between Taylor Momsen and Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules

No. 326510

this bitch can afford an apartment with a dishwasher and I can't………….

No. 326511

Lmao Tuna is such a pussy and always backs down and makes excuses when she gets confronted.

No. 326519

I'm so surprised she'd write this down or post it at all. Like she's actually gonna get clean? With the ~love of her life~ shooting up next to her? Sorry I just can't see it.

No. 326524

lol so that's not a drawing of her ugly ass fiancé ????

No. 326528

Yeah right she'll never get clean as long as she's with lurch. He'll probably manipulate her to use. Because if she's clean and has a clear mind then she wont wanna put anymore money towards drugs and she'll be useless to hin.
Lurch has probably been out creeping and looking for her replacement though just in case she actually gets clean.

No. 326529

Fishnet chick sent her this but apparently she doesn't plan to respond lmao
Ur literally so weak minded u can't even handle when someone challenges one of your stupid tumblr idealogies. Heres a controversial idea- if you want to keep banging smack and splurging get a JOB. Literally begging people online to buy you shit you don't need yet turn around and cry about not having money for rent or food. Bitch why don't you get some fucking personal accountability, some rice & beans & a JOB since you wanna be spoiled. You entitled, self righteous, good for nothing cunt

No. 326531

File: 1496276810255.png (21.46 KB, 720x113, Capture _2017-05-31-19-21-23.p…)

Really?! Grow the fuck up Tuna. Anytime someone calls her out on her bullshit she gets butthurt and blocks them immediately?

Im reminded of the time she posted something about all the guys who "harassed" or "sexually abused" her and that she's pissed about it and they better watch out or something dumb like that. Guess she meant she was going to go on a blocking spree.

No. 326533

File: 1496276986440.png (566.11 KB, 490x596, 06718e954f8c1e78bca596a05afd30…)

This shit terrifies me

No. 326534

meh now it's just some white person crying and being triggered. boring

No. 326535

Im terrified because everything she paints/draws is a self portrait.

No. 326538

Calling her on her shit harsly qualifies as "triggered"
You must be a tumblrtard too

No. 326544

Gotta admit I'm kinda into the life is meaningless drawing.

some people say all art is self portraiture. But I think most people would call those people a bit pretentious.

Still, I get wanting to draw things you think are pretty and also try and make yourself fit that ideal. Dakota's drawings all looked like her shoops, for a board relevant example. I notice girls especially are averse to drawing "ugly" art - not necessarily conventionally ugly but whatever they think is ugly. To be good, it has to be pretty. Just shows she's shallow, her art doesn't have any deeper meaning than it's just shit she thinks looks good.

No. 326574

File: 1496279329971.png (122.6 KB, 749x1020, IMG_3145.PNG)

She's so hateable and I don't even believe in reverse racism she's just making shit up she has no radical values lmao

Except when she wears her BERNIE pin!

No. 326582

she coulda said sleeping w shitty guys but then that makes her look slutty so she said cis white to put the blame on them and get her tumblr points for sayin cis

i kinda like her panels that she did at least they were better than her "poetry" but they're still nothing exciting or special

No. 326583

Lmao she got called out again by yet another person?!? Is she gonna block them and then post a crying selfie or shoot up some dirty shit from old cottons.

No. 326586


why is korilakkuma so dirty :(

No. 326619

Roughly nine threads worth of info on that one bud

No. 326620

It's funny how she doesn't want to engage with this person but finds the wherewithal to complain about it on facebook for sympathy points. Poor Tuna!

No. 326621

can't believe some of y'all actually like her art…….

No. 326623

File: 1496285646285.jpg (Spoiler Image,246.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4206.JPG)

Remember when the milk around here flowed like a fucking waterfall

No. 326626

unnecessary. i feel sick

No. 326627

these were better times for sure
now she just does 70% of all her shady shit in secret

No. 326628

Chill fag

No. 326635

File: 1496286362883.png (72.52 KB, 750x397, IMG_3146.PNG)

Omg a 15 dollar discount!!!! Amazing everyone should be soooo lucky

No. 326642

She isn't even trying to hide her gigantic feet

There was a video too but I think it's deleted. Good times.

No. 326651

there was a gif somewhere in the old threads of Tuna being cockslapped. Pretty sure it was in one of the early ones.

But I've only been following Tuna as long as she's had threads here, it might have been a video originally.

No. 326655

File: 1496287453008.jpg (59.26 KB, 480x314, IMG_0674.JPG)

I don't see the problem with her blocking people. I'd say it's the adult thing to do instead of getting upset over some stranger on the internet. Especially considering said random stranger called her a cunt etc. Not sure how many people wouldn't block/delete after that.

No. 326657

File: 1496287528188.jpg (271.59 KB, 744x1280, tumblr_oqufdeTTus1w3kwovo2_128…)

ngl I dig this a lot

No. 326659

File: 1496287597438.png (408.34 KB, 696x769, tumblr.png)

No. 326663

File: 1496287751613.png (66.38 KB, 661x533, tumblr.png)

No. 326664

Why does she need a range of $175-$200 for her rent? Wouldn't you know exactly how much you need?
Lurch can sell her scripts for her if they need dope money. Or did they do that already and there's none left to sell so now she needs "rent money".

No. 326669

good news anon you can own it for $65
its kind of sad shes not in school for art or something like that. she thinks shes being productive but theres nothing productive about her life (idk why i sound so dramatic)

No. 326675

she refuses to gives those up, and lies to anyone who asks for them.

No. 326682

it was a joke. it sounds like you're the one who needs to chill lmao

No. 326683

I saw it recently scrolling through the first thread. The internet is forever.

No. 326696

>I need to stop taking care of my mom

Luna you're a fucking selfish asshole. that woman never abandoned you. You do not take care of her in anyway.
Y'all are at the same hospital on the same day trying to "recover" and you don't make time to see her? Fuck that. As much as she loved her grandmother, she never mentions her mother ever leaving her or being right up abusive.

No. 326701

YES ANON!! thank u. It always bugs me when anons call her fuzzy slides slippers. especially considering she does wear her actual, no sole, blue slippers outside. Slides are not slippers. They're meant to be cheap knock offs of Rihanna's fenty puma slides.

No. 326703

Yeah, that person is 100% a farmer. Most stable people don't just blow up and call complete strangers a cunt like that.

No. 326707

anon you can get so much better art elsewhere from a lot better people. you know she's just going to spend the money on drugs. why do you want to help her ruin her life? don't send her money

No. 326719

farmers would make fun of her if she fought back, too. there's no winning lol. blocking people who are insulting you and moving on is the best option, so idk why people are acting like she did something wrong. fighting back with name calling looks childish

No. 326720

Yeah her art is pretty generic….. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to find something in the same style for less $$$ that didn't support a spoiled brat junkie.

No. 326731

Don't you understand she does not need rent money? That money is going towards either drugs or useless thirfted clothes or makeup. Stop wasting your time and money on someone who doesn't appreciate it. You can do better.

No. 326738

this comic drawing is the best stuff she's done in a long time. I like DIY comics and think she has potential. I wish she would explore other narratives than her own though lol.

sage for artfagging

No. 326750

her joints hurt because heroin

she didnt crave bed, she craved heroin lol


buy my art instead (I'm just kidding)
I'm the copic marker rage anon who is still currently raging about her wasting those markers.

No. 326756

Ngl I would shriek if I saw someone using a copic to take notes. I bought an ex a bunch when we were together and almost wanted to ask for them back when we split solely because of how much money I had spent.

Sage for off topic

No. 326787

She deleted her before the cunt calling. The bitch cant handle anything close to criticism. All she wants is asspats and paypal donations
Shes more worthless than a garbage sack full of generic mayo. Funny she's built just like one

No. 326796

Namefag please leave. If she deleted the farmer/you before namecalling how come it was posted here as "she didn't reply to this before blocking" or whatever. Her account is private, so either that user was sperging out on here reeing about how this is what they WOULD of said, in which case they're pathetic, or Luna made the correct call in blocking.
Yes Luna is vile but you sound way too emotionally invested, take a break from the internet and stop name fagging.

No. 326826

>im a shitty person
a moment of clarity

No. 326908

i thought of you when i saw this picture earlier, anon

No. 326919

Seriously all these fucking retards emotionally invested in Luna, gtfo.. she's a fuckin pathological lying, attention whore junkie, u fucking losers

No. 326928


Luna doesn't seem to care about recovering so much as "being in recovery." It adds to the laundry list if she's still ill. I don't think she wants to get better, tbh. If she's well, she'll have to get a job and sacrifice her selfie time. If she's "working on it" she can still get handouts.

No. 326934

File: 1496327566371.png (412.4 KB, 1125x1679, IMG_4209.PNG)

She posted this like an hour ago.. so fucking depressing how free money is like the defining character of a quality friendship for Tuna

No. 326938

>Doesn't believe in "reverse racism" well yeah, since racism is just racism

No. 326942

You know I have a lot of the same (mental) issues as Luna and I'm actually posting this from a PHP
I have no idea how she's gonna survive here. Has she said anything about the drug tests they do?

No. 326946

Omg she barfed ONCE after eating there, and it probably had something to do with drugs/meds/withdrawing. Otherwise she says how good the food tastes and complains that she wants more of it. She's so goddamn stupid. And so are the "friends" that give her money. Maybe she's lying about that though, she's pathetic enough to.

No. 326948

is this the third day of her wearing that dress?

They probably see her strut in, in blood-stained BO-soaked clothing and slippers, and feel sorry for the poor homeless girl who somehow managed to get onto the program.

Wouldn't surprise me if a couple random people in the same group therapy gave her a couple dollars in charity. People tend to feel guilty when poverty is staring them right in the face.

No. 326950

File: 1496330126281.png (58.93 KB, 667x548, A.png)

She reblogged this on Tumblr which kinda touches on a similar subject? It's probably unrelated tho, kind of a reach.

She's got in the habit of not really mentioning drugs explicitly in her posts anymore (unless its pill porn lmao), we have to fill in the blanks a lot of the time now.

No. 326958


If she wasnt such a shitty person, I'd probably buy prints of the first and second because I like them. I just know that the money would go to heroin.

God dammit Luna just leave your shitty boyfriend, get clean, go to art school and use that potential you have.

No. 326976

God fucking damnit i really dig her style, just lay off the heroin and work hard to become an artist already
she has so much potential it makes me mad how much she's neglecting herself

No. 326999

I love the first one.

No. 327003

What's with all the boners for Tunas "art" lately? Its still as shitty as ever. They look like quick things drawn up for a high school art assignment to me. Ya'll weird.

No. 327007

File: 1496336721761.jpg (250.73 KB, 724x1280, tumblr_oqufdeTTus1w3kwovo1_128…)

I liked it, before I noticed the fucked up hand and the crappy edgelord gun… If you really wanna draw someone holding a gun, at least put in a little bit more detail, it reminds me of when my brother was 10 and would draw guns, just basic rectangles.

The artwork isn't as good in full res

No. 327011

drawings can be abstract too. Only because it is not realistic it doesnt mean it's drawn shitty. I think she has a unique style, which is something that can be favoured. . Although lot of times when she doesnt just draw people upfront some of her cartoons look distorted.
Like the vagina of the woman to the right. >>326659

No. 327017

So gross how she's been wearing the same dirty,threadbare dress to group. She probably thinks its cool and ok to do since she's ~*~mentally ill~*~.
And dumb since once she gets home she'll probably change outfits just for some insta selfies.

No. 327019


You people are seriously fucking retarded. Have you not been paying attention for the past like nine threads of lying, manipulation, and drug abuse, all of which would have happened without Lurch? Who gives a crap if you vaguely like her objectively shitty art? She has ALWAYS defined herself by her BPD, she has ALWAYS used it as an excuse for her shitty behavior.. for fuck sake, someone commissioned a $50 piece from her last year and she never even sent them anything EVER because she was "overwhelmed" and things were "complicated," but just posted pics of arts supplies and makeup life weeks following. You people are ridiculous. This is her PERSONALITY. she knows it and doesn't do anything about. She has no fucking potential. She leeched off ppl and was dying to be "heroin chic" long before lurch and actually using heroin. She's not just a junkie. She's human trash.

No. 327021

Thank you. Who the fuck are these ppl. They all probably just got here like one thread ago and don't realize this girl is a literal psychopath.

No. 327024

I've got to agree. Her arts not terrible, but not good either. To me it looks like something a 9th grader would draw. There are way more talented artists out there who are flipping burgers. I think she has potential, but needs a lot more practice if she wants recognition.

No. 327030

I get the feeling people compliment her art as a means of seeing good in her and offering encouragement thinking she might read this thread. Her English and writing is awful, style poor, boyfriend creepy etc. she doesn't have much going for her, so her art appears elevated in comparison. The thing is that she has all the time in the world to build enviable skill sets, lose weight, hone style etc. She's just lazy, and giving her asspats on her art that a child could replicate isn't going to improve her situation. We all know that she is young and has potential to turn her life around, but until she works to actually be good at something, there's no need to make her art out to be something that it's not. I'm sure she could return to college or even take free online art classes. She doesn't even need to leave the house. But asspats aren't going to do shit in the real world where people who can draw 100x better than her cant even make a living off their art.

No. 327033


No. 327035

I tend to agree with you on this. I got the impression she sought out lurch as a means to *~heroin~* vs. Lurch seduced her and ensnared her in heroin hell. Lurch is a huge piece of shit, dont get me wrong but so is luna

No. 327054

I like and collect art by mentally stunted people, and she does have a good deal of natural talent. It's also interesting as someone who follows her life because it's particularly clear in how it's biographical rather than random edgelord tumblr shit. People have different tastes than you, anon.

No. 327084

File: 1496346498010.png (29.78 KB, 490x138, begging.png)

No. 327086

what? Why would her insurance all of a sudden stop covering it or not cover a generic? She's almost certainly on her father's insurance, which is probably pretty good given that he has a job that allows him to live comfortably in NY. And isn't she only on 10mg, which is the lowest dose prescribed? If her mood swings were bad enough to make her attempt suicide then she'd be on a much higher dose. Girl's completely full of shit.

No. 327088

kek wonder how many bundles she'll buy with your $$$

No. 327095

i wonder what insurance she's on to suddenly not have coverage.

sage for blog post but 10mg is low as fuck and it's a long acting drug so her mood wouldn't immediately be impacted. i take 200mg a day which is standard, from what my medical professional say, so 10mg can't be having much of an effect anyways

No. 327097

If she's not outright lying, which of course could be the case, here's a possible scenario:

>insurance company stops covering name brand lamictal

>luna finds out at the pharmacy while trying to get her script refilled
>pharmacy offers her generic instead, she gets her refill and pays the $10 prescription fee
>lightbulb pops over her head as she walks back to her apartment and sits in front of computer
>'waaaaaahhhhhh my insurance doesn't cover lamictal anymore now i might kill myself because i'm so mentally ill (please give me money)'
>collects pity funds from followers, spends it on heroin and mcD's

No. 327116

isnt being mentally stunted a requirement for being a good artist?

No. 327126

she didn't say that they stopped covering it, she said they don't cover it, as in they might not have covered it at all. it's possible that the hospital program was giving her daily doses or she got an initial one month script to try. doctors in the US are allowed to give free sample RXs of drugs they get from pharm reps in one or three month supplies. it's a trick pharmaceutical companies use to get doctors and patients to use their drug vs another similar med

No. 327129

I guess it comes with the territory. I guess I'd distinguish 'cow art' from regular art, though, in that it comes with a connection to the artist and cows are a special kind of deranged. I'm interested in Luna's art for the same reason that CWC's is interesting.

Generic lamotrigine is very cheap as far as prescriptions go; there's no reason why a half-decent insurance plan wouldn't cover it.

No. 327131

only because every great artist might be mentally stunted, doesnt mean every extraordinarily mentally stunted is or can become a great artist

No. 327132

someone in one of these threads mentioned that Tuna was on her dad's insurance, and she was complaining because the co-pay was higher than medicaid or something?

I'm not american so I'm not 100% sure how insurance works.

No. 327133

File: 1496351728772.jpg (54.25 KB, 914x490, granny.JPG)


No. 327154

File: 1496355221824.png (567.12 KB, 704x649, Untitled.png)

lol sometimes I feel like I'm the only one following Tuna on Tumblr

No. 327156

File: 1496355293789.png (436.82 KB, 672x834, Untitled.png)

No. 327167

It kills me to know that those pieces of clothing from a fuckin' bin are unwashed. Even if they are on her grimy body in particular.

No. 327174

I wonder if she's ever considered selling used panties, socks or stinky old footwear. I mean… You get paid more the dirtier they are… You can charge extra to deliver them in person. You can even get guys who buy new undies, socks, shoes for you specifically to wear and not wash until they wanna buy them back… She doesn't wash anything anyway. She's sitting in a gold mine!!

No. 327186

Why did I imagine the stink oh please kill me

No. 327215

She also commented that she's on 25mg and was about to go up to 100mg which is really dangerous you're supposed to increase 25mg every week/two weeks and it takes forever. I spent 2 months building up to 200 mg just to realize I had increasingly awful side effects and had to taper off.

Soo she's lying (very likely) or stupid/uneducated(equally likely)

No. 327217


I gagged

No. 327221

>i'm really smart i swear

No. 327233

File: 1496361136523.jpg (599.54 KB, 1192x1020, 2f66ab9f73aff74f85af0b68057ba6…)

No. 327238

>the free food here makes me vomit
>the free food
I am so fucking mad right now. As broke and horrible as she is she's got no right to repeatedly complain about free food. They don't HAVE to feed your fatass, Tuna.

Isn't this the same mom she hates and doesn't want to see? Ugh and she buys used granny panties why.

No. 327243

File: 1496361986357.png (853.53 KB, 579x913, creepy.png)

srsly wtf is up with Tuna and Lurch atm?

Ever since people speculated that Lurch fucked off for a week, she's not been able to take non-creeper pictures of him- the photos of him passed out in their bed, the photos of him with his back turned, now this shit?!

Maybe Lurch dumped her and she's been in stalker denial this entire time lmao

No. 327245

File: 1496362165156.png (17.66 KB, 606x290, lmao.png)

I get the feeling not that many people would even notice if she deleted her tumblr, she's so whiny

No. 327248

I know right, what the fuck sort of actual poor person complains about decent food given to them for free when there are others out there who literally have no other choice but to eat out of the trash.

Eh, I feel like her selfies with him have always been mostly him looking the other way or not even conscious when they're taken.

No. 327252

The instagram caption made sure to say "brand new" about the panties (the other clothes were the free ones)

Come on guys

No. 327258

she was taking generic tho, idt she ever took brand name. it was a lamotrigine rx bottle that some anon saw in her pictures earlier this thread.

i think she's just straight up being dramatic. maybe her insurance doesn't cover brand name, and it doesn't affect her but she's just throwing it out there the same way she randomly throws out her grandma escaped the holocaust or w/e. trying to score pity points for no real reason.

No. 327283

File: 1496364567982.png (141.61 KB, 640x970, IMG_7402.PNG)

No. 327286

File: 1496364594580.png (176.64 KB, 640x936, IMG_7403.PNG)

No. 327289

for the love of god don't go to therapy tomorrow without a bra on, it'll make my snarky comment eerily prescient >>326198

No. 327291

I don't get this obsession with not wearing a bra? I've got larger breasts as does Luna, walking around with your boobs bouncing around just isn't comfortable.

sage for the bloob post.

No. 327298

Luna is one of the people least likely to have bras that actually fit. If only kind strangers would donate shit in her cup size.

No. 327299

all her bras are designed for people with tiny breasts, she's wearing completely the wrong cup size all the time - I can see why they're uncomfortable.

No. 327301

inr? boob sweat has got to be one of the most unpleasant side effects of having anything bigger than a small B cup
And she sure isn't that small
Fuck, even one of those ahh bra ttype ones is better than nothing. I wear them to bed so if I don't get dressed the next day at least I get some support
sage bc bra talk & hints of depression

No. 327302

Same especially when it's hot and ur underboob is touching your body I hate that even if I just wear cotton sports bras or bralettes (that actually fit..) it's way more comfortable.
I think it's only comfortable if you have small and/or perky tits already so much so that bras are only useful for padding.

Sage for also a bloob post

No. 327303

File: 1496365494544.jpg (423.44 KB, 960x1280, 1494479963459.jpg)

sage for ancient pic everyone's seen a million times, but this is how Tuna thinks a bra should fit.

No. 327307

I cannot believe I'm gonna say this but Tuna looks skinnier now.

No. 327311

Didn't she show off a pushup bra she got recently? That seemed like a step in the right direction.

No. 327313

I'm guaranteeing Tuna made an effort to make sure the word Seattle was visible in the shot lmao. Grunge coffee to go with her ~grunge~ life

No. 327316

It's because she wants to be this ethereal, waifish little heroin addict, when in reality she's just a fat junkie with Grandma tiddies.

No. 327325

as if everyone doesn't do this with their IG photos in some way. lol one thing I can't stand is when people on here try to keep the milk coming by picking on Luna for things that everyone does. she does enough embarrassing, depraved shit to write a research paper on but anons want to derail talking about how she set up a photo, you know everyone on the internet has done that at some point. come back with actual milk, thanks

anyway…. IMO it's good for Luna to be out doing things like seeing her mom and going to her hospital program. this is probably one of a few rare opportunities that she will ever have to get clean. she's fucking around with a lot of drugs and could be actively suicidal with some of the things she posts, not giving her any pity but she could just disappear someday. she's a cow but I want to see her get better eventually, not OD and die.

No. 327330

I volunteer at a food pantry and you wouldn't believe how many HOMELESS people have this mentality. Constantly I'll hear "Why can't you have x instead of y" "Why don't you have any good shit?" "I don't like that, I don't want it". I'm always like, well fucking starve, idgaf then. Usually it's the younger crowd that's like this moreso than the older folks, but still. If I was starving, I'd fucking eat what was available and not be an entitled brat about it.

sage for OT/rant.

No. 327372

Yeah she usually takes selfies next to him while hes nodded out in bed next to her. If tuna is actually serious about getting clean I wonder how Lurch is reacting to it. He definatley wont want to be with a sober Tuna.

No. 327381

lol newfag much… she's been posting suicidal things for years. All of her misery is a direct result of the lifestyle she chose. Leeching off of people doesn't give one purpose, what a shock. Read from the first thread and hopefully you'll stop standing up for her. Most people here felt pity for her before seeing her lying and scamming.

No. 327395

Stinky Tuna played the guitar or could play some riffs at least. Wished bitch would get back at it again, it wasn't that bad tbh (not as bad as her art tho). Also it goes according to her aesthetic so why not give a shot?

No. 327405

>Eh, I feel like her selfies with him have always been mostly him looking the other way or not even conscious when they're taken.


No. 327406

whend she get that necklace? its cute

No. 327407


No. 327412

I think she got it from a follower for Christmas. Cuz she got fucking Xmas gifts from strangers, didn't thank them and still fucking ebegged.

No. 327427

File: 1496380672048.png (43.27 KB, 750x277, IMG_3171.PNG)

Who is she talking to?

No. 327428

her imaginary follows ://

No. 327459

I'm not from the US so IDK what the situation is over there and have never been on this drug, but I have been prescribed drugs in the past where certain doses I had to get the expensive brand name version because they didn't have it in the generic? Like when I started Venlafaxine I had to get brand name Effexor for the first dose but then was able to move on to the generic. Maybe this is why she's making some big and dangerous jump too?

No. 327485

I think her art sucks too. A lot of this stuff looks similar to the bad art thread. It's nothing special imo.

No. 327503

us ofc

No. 327517

honestly, we are probably the most devoted people in her life. a lot of us here actually want her to clean up and do well in life. it just gets frustrating when tuna's ass is firmly glued down to the lead float in an endless parade of fuckups. like god damn it tuna i want you to prove everyone wrong, it's not too late to turn your life around. ugh

No. 327521

>everyone does this on IG
Instahoe detected :^)

No. 327529

she probably sold her guitar for smack lmao

No. 327609

again? she is such an exhibitionist

No. 327610

>only one
nah youre not. it just gets tired to pay constant attention to her online diarrhea on 3 different social media

No. 327622

>weird girl who dresses scary
top fucking kek

No. 327630

themes aside, those are pretty good ngl
goddamit luna, nothing triggers me more than wasted potential

No. 327652

File: 1496416683117.png (2.07 MB, 1196x1192, Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 11.5…)

What's the obsession with the fucking slippers. Ultimately I have seen a lot of "cute uwu pastel gurls" with fluffy slippers in the streets. At least she should use crocs to match her clinical treatment attire.
Also, is Luna still doing that cringy dd/lg poetry?

No. 327703

File: 1496423767451.jpeg (44.96 KB, 720x544, File-Petunia.jpeg)

i dont know why because that character isnt even wearing slippers but luna constantly reminds me of nutley from futurama.

No. 327708

File: 1496424173590.png (17.71 KB, 604x350, boriing.png)

who is this a picture of anyway? It's too clean and thin to be Tuna

lmao agreed, it's a constant stream of shit. Bitch doesn't even realise she literally repeats herself every few weeks. I swear she ALREADY sarcastically responded to the same tweet, pic related, months ago.

Post in pic is from today.

No. 327712

File: 1496424405379.jpg (104.72 KB, 533x800, Patty_My_Name_is_Earl.jpg)

lol she's always reminded me of the hooker from my name is Earl.

No. 327713

Is this bitch bloody serious? She's so clueless fuck sake

No. 327716

File: 1496424676220.png (14.66 KB, 360x323, lmaowat.png)

also saw this in her likes, had me in stitches for a little bit - the post goes on but the title gets the point across. I didn't realise that calling junkies worthless human beings was ~ableist bigotry lmao, that's some heavy tumblr-think.

No. 327726

File: 1496425495560.jpg (166.08 KB, 480x360, IMG_3173.JPG)

Isn't that also Wendy the prostitute from breaking bad

Pic of tuna's future. That or a grave.

No. 327730

Why would you lift your dirty slipper on bathroom sink, especially in hospital.

No. 327732

File: 1496426280952.png (92.79 KB, 750x1262, IMG_3642.PNG)

I sent Luna the cow luna picture I made. This is her reply to it..

No. 327736

Also wah-boom proof she doesn't lurk here

No. 327737

This was the pic

No. 327752

did she not even notice you made her a cow? even if she doesn't understand the reference, if i were her, i'd be insulted that someone compared me to a fucking cow lmaoooo

No. 327766

lmao it even has a tattoo that says "tuna". like did she even look at the picture for more than a second? definitely not flattering at all. cracks me up

No. 327772

File: 1496428877670.png (85.28 KB, 640x411, IMG_7456.PNG)

No. 327773

this is AMAZING

No. 327777

>calling someone a newfag
>while not quoting the post
and you think Luna deserves to OD and die because she lies and scams? now that's edgy

No. 327810

File: 1496432135407.png (123.09 KB, 640x828, IMG_7457.PNG)

No. 327826

Is this a donation from someone she's trying to sell? Christ

No. 327829

Or it's not activated.
I once had a lady ask me for money and offer a Starbucks card as payment. I gave her some money and gave the card to my friend because I don't go to Starbucks and she told me it wasn't activated. I didn't care all that much because I was trying to do a good deed for the day or whatever but I was kind of annoyed that they would scam like that. I'd rather it go to someone more deserving.

No. 327831

um luna you buy something new every day

No. 327842

If she's "starving" all the time why not take the bus to that store to spend 50 bucks on groceries? Assuming it's in her town?

No. 327845

File: 1496434677524.jpg (67.66 KB, 540x697, IMG_20170602_131546.jpg)

why are there two desktop computers sitting on top of a table?

No. 327864

They stole it

No. 327884

did she ever mention what is going on with that cat´s ear? Why is it crooked?

No. 327890

they dig stuff like that out of the trash, or their neighbors dump it outside the apt and they take it. I believe the Dell was the one that came with the CRT monitor? The one Tuna's been painting like a toddler?

None of it works obviously, they probably took them assuming that they could sell SOMETHING from them, not realising that nobody's going to throw away a fucking working valuable PC.

Also she's really looking after the artwork she's got for sale, haphazardly stacked on top of other worthless junk

No. 327893

junkies are often too stupid to realise that the gift cards aren't activated on the shelf. They're never planning on using them anyway because Stop and Shop don't sell heroin, they need cash.

Who wants to bet that card's from Pat the poor cancer patient?

>can't afford meds
>can afford art supplies, heroin, crack, plushies, lingerie, and junk food

No. 327900

most people adjust their hair/clothes, move things in or out of the frame, etc when taking a picture. not just for instagram, with any picture, because it looks better. have you never done this? lmao

like is there really not enough milk here that we have to strain ourselves commenting on how she "moved her coffee cup in a selfie", come on. let's focus on the 84294903 other agregious things she does and not something meaningless

No. 327903

File: 1496439205551.png (953.32 KB, 567x854, lol.png)

no lie this new tumblr selfie looks just like a younger version of this

No. 327906

File: 1496439329328.jpg (354.12 KB, 961x1280, tumblr_oqxri46cj21w3kwovo1_128…)

Also I don't want to trigger any anons that care about their cat, but jesus the thing looks fucked up here

>my new favorite pic of me and smokey. look at our eyes! my baby boy! amazes me that he’s 17 and i’m 21 he can’t even be my son he my brother

Looking at its eyes, why are there black specs in them?

No. 327909

for fucks sake luna brush your teeth!!

No. 327912

Glad to hear thats an old boy though. Not just badly malnourished. Its hard to get weight on very old cats

No. 327914


probably was badly infected at some point and had to be operated on which left it crooked, sage for blog but my cats ear looks the same because we found him as a stray and he had real bad mites n his ear was horribly swollen so now its crumpled looking lol

No. 327926

Just knowing Luna and how dirty she is with her own health and upkeep he most likely has both fleas and ear mites. It's very sad to see this cat in such a bad way. I really dislike Luna. ugh.

No. 327928

Yeah tuna posted a pic of the cat awhile back when his ear was all puffy and swollen, she obviously didnt take him to the vet so the ear just shriveled and died.

No. 327944

to be fair even with surgery the ear will end up crumpled but yeah there really is no way she took him to the vet

No. 327955

jfc i just fucking cant breathe

No. 327956

poor baby cat sad face
god i fucking hate tuna

No. 327969

File: 1496446137925.png (12.96 KB, 573x371, ....png)

Claiming other people's misfortune as her own for pity points again…

I hate when Tuna's being boring and just herself, it's far better when she's strung out doing crazy shit.

No. 328002

the amount of likes is disturbing

No. 328006

why does she feel she has to specify the way she got all the stuff she posts pictures of
it justs looks more suspicious, makes me wonder if she really justs shoplifts every new thing she shows
sage for speculation

No. 328018

I don't think she's smart enough for that. Whenever she's got something clearly stolen, her go-to lie is that she "found" it. She recently "found" a completely full set of push-on false nails right? She's too shit at lying to make up a story like "my mom gave it to me" when it's stolen.

IMO, she doesn't want people thinking that she's able to buy herself things. She specifies where she got everything to make 100% sure nobody thinks she got it with her own money, because ~she doesn't have any money to spend on food, and needs your donations, also buy a painting.

Even when she DOES spend money on something like the pig, she says that LURCH bought it, not her. Can't be a victim if you're treating yourself.

I think she might lie about where she got some things tho, just that they weren't stolen. I refuse to believe someone keeps buying her shit at Dunkin' Donuts. She's going there to waste her own money and she made up grand stories about random Samaritans so that her dumbass userbase don't know she's spending her own money on dumb shit.

Sage for further speculation

No. 328024

File: 1496452593508.png (43.92 KB, 583x371, ....png)

JFC Tuna get the fuck over yourself, you're so clingy and low standards that you could never leave someone on your own. It's not ~romantic or cute, it's pathetic.

I guess this proves that Tuna will literally never dump Lurch for anything, the only way Lurch and Tuna are breaking up are if he dumps her on the curb when he's found a better smackwhore.

No. 328046

File: 1496454654927.png (236.12 KB, 1523x785, sdfsdf.png)

its from amazon of course, where all her overpriced bullshit she doesn't need originates lmao

i love how all the reviews are like "my 5 year old niece loves this…perfect gift for my 8 year old granddaughter"

No. 328047

Holy shit, her hands and forearms are so thin compared to her body.

I think it's aesthetic more than anything, but she also said she doesn't wear certain shoes because of her Cotton-Eye Joe knee.

No. 328049

thats not her

No. 328055

Oh wow, that went totally over my head. There's really no personality to this style, I can't even tell them apart.

No. 328058

I thought it was her too at first then deadass realized it must not be because the clothes/purse/shit was too nice and clean and the hand had no trackmarks.

No. 328082

lol the girl holding the Snoopy plush is at least 40lbs lighter than Tuna, has shaved legs, and her clothes have been cleaned before. I don't know how you guys thought it was her.

No. 328089

The post was about slippers, so that's all I really looked at tbh.

No. 328098

I think those might be stacked canvases but I'm not sure?

No. 328104

Is it just me or does that dog look pretty matted, especially around the feet. Also who lets their dog out literally inches from the street?

Seriously how many sessions has she worn this ratty dress to now? Has it been a full week yet?

No. 328149

File: 1496463696785.png (12.62 KB, 611x256, so.png)

So any ideas on why Tuna keeps insisting she's such a lightweight who gets affected by barely any drugs?

This, her ambien stuff, her father's weed… I'd have thought that other downers would be NOTHING compared to the heroin.

Is she lying about being a lightweight to look like a young kawaii angel (to fit aesthetic) or does she really not do that much heroin? I doubt she'd even know how big her doses are tbh, Lurch must still give her baby shots

No. 328198

Dosages of psychiatric drugs don't mean anything. Brains work differently and a 7 year old could be on a max dose while a 6ft something man could be on the minimum.

The dose of something you are given does not equate to how sick you are. There is a lot more at play.

Don't fall into the BS. Judge people on whatever but don't be so naive as to judge a dosage when it doesn't work that way in psychiatric medicine. Yes I work in the field. No I'm still dumb, just know better than that.

No. 328229

400mg is a hefty dose but I'm sure she lies to try and seem more uwu delicate. Or make it look like her medication is extreme and a huge burden to her. Nevermind that tons of people manage to take the same shit daily and still be functional.

No. 328330

but who is it? and why is she randomly posting some strangers pictures?

No. 328349


I got exactly the same necklace from hello kitty £1 candy egg lmao (like kinder surprise, but plastic egg filled with candy)

No. 328366

i think an anon jus posted it their self

No. 328373

"Ultimately I have seen a lot of "cute uwu pastel gurls" with fluffy slippers in the streets."

Luna isn't alone in her god awful fashion choices.

No. 328384

learn 2 imageboard

No. 328400

I take 400 mg seroquel at night to sleep but I built up to that due tolerance

No. 328423

File: 1496504755716.png (198.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3182.PNG)

Lol people be callin her out

No. 328458

calling her out??? Where???????

No. 328482

It's not exactly a call out but people are subtly telling her she looks better with less eyeliner. Of course she responds with "I I I me me me" as usual.

If she detects any hint of advice in those replies she's going to melt.

No. 328502

File: 1496513635315.png (141.25 KB, 750x1061, IMG_3183.PNG)

God she's even romanticizing her cats rough past

No. 328507

>she was a street cat in Harlem
Lol, this sounds like a verse from a Tom Waits song

For I am a streeeeeet cat too

I can dig that romanticization of outcasts. I myself like to make bad life events into a Good Story.

What's grinding my gears is the poor current condition of those kitties, not the way she talks about their past. I bet that cat was healthier roaming the streets of Harlem than living with Tuna.

No. 328554

File: 1496519874680.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.96 KB, 619x311, ujujud.JPG)

I was watching the new Monster Factory episode and they made a sim that looks a lot like lurch for some reason

No. 328618

They were talking about how she does her makeup, of course is answer is gonna about herself. What else would it be?

No. 328631

File: 1496533089504.png (61.99 KB, 640x565, IMG_0642.PNG)

tuna looks like the junkie w/ cigarette burns that fucked dennis in the gang beats boggs

No. 328635

OH my god I see it lol


so "pretty" lol

No. 328636

anon just posted a pic of a random girl to point out how everyone loves that dumb aesthetic. this is not hard to grasp. how is this confusing to people

No. 328645

File: 1496535159955.png (391.28 KB, 479x558, gurll.png)

No. 328647

it looked like an anon posted something, luna had posted so I was confused.

No. 328649

File: 1496535413750.jpg (30.65 KB, 261x275, 1495078668760.jpg)


No. 328684

All those nasty stains and the state of the room. Those cats would be better off on the street than cooped up in the drug den.

No. 328685

File: 1496541210311.jpg (165.53 KB, 720x747, foodandbugrepellant.jpg)

This is old but I just found it on my Tumblr account and thought it was funny.
This is the 3rd "ask" I'd sent her.. In the first, she played dumb, in the 2nd I asked if Roger knew of their heroin use and she said no.

No. 328734

anon holy shit I thought the exact same thing…it got so lurchy so quick

No. 328738

expensive medical needs = dope

No. 328775


No. 328776

shes so fucking dumb that she thinks this rationalization makes her taking people's donations okay. the reason she doesn't have her own money for all of those things is because she's spending her own money on dope lmao. if she didn't have a $100/day heroin habit she wouldn't have needed the donations

No. 328790

File: 1496563881580.png (910.38 KB, 1178x588, capmalism.png)

not true, she´s also a very critical thinker, pic related.

No. 328993

her art seems to be highly influenced by polly nor tbh

No. 329024

File: 1496599210791.png (1001.19 KB, 590x1079, tuna.png)

>I fucked this up but message me because I need rent money and food and buy a painting too

You can smell the desperation from here.

Also new pic on tumblr, where the fuck is she? I didn't think they had a garden

No. 329041

This is so spot on. Going to have to rewatch that episode now.

No. 329065


No. 329077

She probably creeped into her neighbors yard. I know she sometimes posts pics of their house and comments about their flowers.

No. 329129

They call it the pretty house or something and she drags Matthew to it to take pics of her

No. 329131

What's the chance her dad is fucking her and that's how she gets stuff? Would explain why she's so screwed up and dates old scum like Lurch

No. 329132

File: 1496612731629.jpg (67.98 KB, 630x355, 68686.jpg)

You've seen Girl, Interrupted too many times, anon. Tuna is fucked up but not Daisy-tier fucked up.

No. 329141

File: 1496614010990.gif (83.66 KB, 599x450, IMG_3212.GIF)

No. 329147

File: 1496614882645.png (69.66 KB, 244x200, speechless.png)

No. 329162

File: 1496616587167.gif (1.44 MB, 498x272, 687474707383.gif)

No. 329184

The fact that it's because of heroin would never cross my mind because I have a weird similar problem with knives, they're always dirty and in the sink for some bizarre reason

sage for semi blogpost

No. 329187

File: 1496620117991.png (38.59 KB, 640x356, IMG_7520.PNG)

No. 329190

File: 1496620174565.png (52.61 KB, 640x439, IMG_7519.PNG)

isn't tai her ex girlfriend?

No. 329239

That's because she already uses facebook as twitter and instagram as snapchat

No. 329249

No. 329265

File: 1496626383160.png (971.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3217.PNG)

It's hilarious she reblogged this

No. 329438

Hmm, just thinking how weird it is for her to not post upwards of 12 photos on her Instagram, like today she posted one early on but that's it. None of her daily trying on different articles of clothing she "found", none of Layne Staley with captions about her how she's crying and screaming because she misses him (who died when she was 6? 5?), no Lurch's powdered and made up corpse she props up. I don't think anything crazy happened, just an observation and something we don't normally see a lot.

Sage for… I dunno. Seems necessary.

No. 329461

I was just thinking about this too… i was surprised to go on my instagram and not see a million photos uploaded by luna. Makes me think something happened

No. 329464


it's only 7:30 in ny right now. give her some time. there'll be a million pics today.

No. 329469


This is such an aware description of BPD. So many people on these boards just use it to mean "crazy attention seeker ~aesthetic~", so respect to you. Sage for non-contribution.

No. 329487


lmaooooo this. I remember when SJW'ing first started (oldfag) and people pointed out that girls would always say stuff like "some black guy was following me" when realistically the skin colour of a creepy guy following you at night means nothing. This is exactly the same - surely any shitty guy is shitty, why mention his skin colour? And how is blaming it on said colour not racist?

Now it's like the extreme left are some weird-ass inversion of the extreme right. All fucking dumbasses lmao

/sage for incredulous OT blogpost

No. 329556

>Looking at its eyes, why are there black specs in them?

It just happens as they get older, they'll be really dark brown spots where pigment has built up in the iris.

Her cats look pretty okay to me, they're just old and a bit scruffy.

No. 329572

>how is blaming it on said colour not racist?

Because people have started using the definition for institutional racism for just plain racism and you "can't be racist towards white people" apparently.

No. 329607

stop fucking talking about bpd already jesus fucking christ

No. 329739


Wish she'd use snapchat more……..

No. 329742

Same anon that posted >>329438, I'm actually maybe starting to think something happened? It's past 6 pm there now, and when has she EVER not posted for this long. Anything. Unless she's been liking stuff on Tumblr or something, I don't have her on there.

No. 329746

She just posted on instagram so its confirmed that she's alive lol

No. 329751

Of course, literally a minute after I post that.

No. 329786

File: 1496707236512.png (87.78 KB, 750x545, IMG_3228.PNG)

Lmfao I bet someone tried to connect with her over her super obvious heroin addiction (no, Luna, you don't have to say it out loud when you share and like a million posts about addiction and heroin, aka everyone knows and you are painfully obvious)

No. 329795

File: 1496708220556.png (95.84 KB, 579x900, tryhard.png)

No. 329797

>cleanliness is next to Godliness

then bitch you're satanic

No. 329799

File: 1496708470287.jpg (400.87 KB, 802x1280, lmao.jpg)

This is memelordy as hell

>my love life

What happened to Lurch being the best boyfriend ever Tuna?

No. 329801

>inside my thighs is sap so sweet

No. 329802

I also snorted at this kind begging for the following to be

>so I'm going to the depths of hell

No. 329804

"certain drugs"

No. 329812

File: 1496709627324.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3229.PNG)

She says this every night also he seems to have already gone to sleep just fine..

No. 329813


No. 329823

look at this instagram, this art looks oddly tunaesqué
notice the shape of noses, hairy legs, lumpy bodies - who's copying who? this girls art looks way better than tuna's tbh, but I see so many similarities…

No. 329826

Hell no that persons art of way better and has attention to detail

No. 329828

This shit is so much better than lunas. People here are like "oh shes got talent, her sense of color and composition is good" but compared to this you can see how mediocre and juvenile her art is.

No. 329836

I don't know which is worse, lurches weird ass body, the stains on the pillow, or the pile in the background. Its gotta be lurch, ew .
I wonder what "not sleeping well" is code for. Dopesick? High on crack for days?

No. 329837

Boiiii he fat

No. 329840

dem tiddies and belly tho, lurch is getting fat lmao

No. 329847

Suckin dat thumb

No. 329851

File: 1496712364336.jpg (19.5 KB, 316x406, 6456456.jpg)

Good idea rolling him on his side while he's "sleeping", Tuna

No. 329898

Nice tits, Lurch.

No. 329899

Kek, that was literally my first thought too.

No. 329928

A "kawaii" uggo from IG: Sleepyyanzu or something. Sage for OT.