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File: 1522125935011.png (555.49 KB, 520x798, 1516395407017.png)

No. 497850

~deepest sadness imaginable~ edition

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblrs: http://www.funeral1996.tumblr.com [new]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [old]

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations
>overdosed on heroin, didn't encourage her to get clean

newest milk:
>Tuna and Lurch can't pay rent because all their money came from Roger's social security so the ebegging is ramped to 100
>goodbye guys it's just too hard I've never been this suicidal
>also my birthday is soon uwu

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001

Place your bets, anons, which do you think will happen first - eviction or she magically comes up with rent?

No. 497877

File: 1522129259262.gif (1.65 MB, 600x319, see.gif)

As much as I hate to say it (because I want her to get her just desserts), I wager she magically gets enough money to cover rent or maybe even moves in with her dad and leaves Lurch behind. I think she'd sooner sell her ass than ditch Lurch, though.

No. 497882

She cleaned people out of $1500 a few weeks ago and needs to clean people out of another $1650 this time. People most likely haven't recovered from the last clean out. She should have planned her ebegging better.

I'm impatiently waiting for the inevitable flip out on her fans. Let's hope they stop taking her abuse and lies and leave her while she's in the middle of a tantrum.

No. 497900


this image will be haunting me tonight. well done OP

No. 497974

If she is about to be evicted, how can we get the cats to be saved or put in a shelter? As much as I hate Luna I'd hate to see the cats dying because she is incapable of getting a job.

No. 498134

File: 1522198285878.jpeg (128.8 KB, 841x1024, 54150E5D-26CF-4A0A-A4AB-69A290…)

luna is that u

No. 498184

You'd have to call the ASPCA and let them handle it.

No. 498351

File: 1522252826454.jpg (87.03 KB, 498x569, ls.jpg)

not relevant to recent discussions, but she liked this (you can't see her name because I don't have her on my list, I just lurked with stalkscan).
Some anons speculated she's clean from heroin but… me doubts

No. 498513

Nice to see another Polish farmer.
Did Luna post/like something more in the group

No. 498651

File: 1522297558599.jpeg (368.44 KB, 1770x1770, 0D3221EF-E425-4E07-A32E-080E80…)

Tuna in Abby Browns Facebook live video chat today. I love seeing cows follow other cows.

No. 498663

Luna talking so much shit about this girl really pisses me off. Abby is a real example of someone with severe borderline or worse - not Tuna’s “uwu that bpd feel when I’m a terrible fucking person and blame it on mental illness uwu” bullshit - but Luna thinks she’s better than her for some reason.

As far as I know Abby’s just insane, but at least she’s not the despicable waste of breath that Tuna is.

No. 498668

it seems so wrong. pretending to be friendly with her when she's made fun of her and talked shit in the past is simply mean. she expects people to excuse her cowlike behaviors and be sympathetic and donate to her but she's never thought about what it might feel like to be abby brown?

No. 498765


Ot, but - no siema polskie farmerki!

No. 498771

Sorry for OT, I wish I knew how to xpost to other boards.
Chciałabym poznać inne farmerki. Zapostuję w friend finder, jeśli też czujecie taką potrzebę, zajrzyjcie tam za dzień-dwa.

No. 498777

It's pretty likely that she posts on lolcow and probably tips cows like the droopy void of despair she is.

No. 498781

ot but its insane to me how far reaching this shit is. i'm one of the anons who used to be friends with luna so it kind of makes sense i'm here but the fact that theres feckin polish people on here is wild to me

No. 498819

Do you have any milk, or have you already spilled?
Were you friends irl or just online?
Tbh I find ot amazing there are girls of so many nationalities here, but at the same time I probably shouldn't… The net is the global village after all (with it's own village idiots, haha).

No. 498854

do we have any proof luna made fun of her? Other than speculation that she posts on this site… which I highly suspect she does

No. 498858

She was shitting on her in one of the facebook groups. Whining how she wants the peter pan collar pink dress that Abby had cause she would wear it better (now is her chance, i suppose?). Also making fun of Abby's tattoos. It was in the last thread.

No. 498954

>>498858 im in the secret group and cant find her. Whats her fb name

No. 498967

When will this bitch be on the streets like she deserves? I come here everyday just to see if she’s in the gutter yet. She needs to be broken down

No. 498975

no milk unfortunately, i spilled that long ago. we were mainly friends online but had met irl plenty o f times

No. 499024

File: 1522421140463.jpeg (69.51 KB, 750x479, B76AFBAE-7A7F-4A20-84CC-C30BFB…)

No. 499096

I'm a swede, farming goes on all over europe kek

No. 499138

File: 1522442324661.jpg (395.59 KB, 961x1280, tumblr_p684rkLVZU1wyvcq4o1_128…)

what the fuck is up with her crazy gob

No. 499199

Tbh I wouldnt surprise if she is clean and just using suboxone (she’d have mentioned withdrawal if she’s 100% clean). Yeah she recently got $1.5k but that doesn’t really last very long if you’re a daily heroin user… especially not with lurch using too. people speculated a while ago that he controls how much she uses so he can have enough. Ofc she liked this post, heroin cravings last a while

No. 499217

You're a true idiot if you think she is clean off heroin. God damn. What the fuck would she be doing all day in her dirty drug den if she was clean? Shes just as dirty as usual and her recent pics prove that. Actually, she seems more dirty now that I take a second look.

No. 499226

uhh do you have any idea how much heroin costs? she can still be a dirty crack using depressed ho and not be on heroin. heroin itself doesnt automatically = dirty. lol. and i’m sure she uses benzos and other cheap highs. clean off heroin doesnt mean clean from all drugs genius

when she was deep in her heroin addiction she had that drug blog. why is she not talking about heroin as much? we all know how much she loves that courtney love identity. she’s obviously not using much

No. 499249


i am sad for the person who doesn't think heroin = dirty. you must be an ex-user and that post anon made hit a nerve.

No. 499312

You must be a person that probably never put a drug near your body to think only heroin makes you look dirty, especially talking about Luna, she doesn't need to be on heroin to be nasty.

No. 499337

We know Lurch hasn't quit, so why would Luna quit? That's not how drug addiction works. You don't get too poor for drugs.

No. 499344


>those teeth though

No. 499345

>You don't get too poor for drugs.
exactly this. and most junkies don't dedicate their entire identity as a shrine to the drug like luna does. any suggestion that she has quit is projection. this girl will be a heroin user til she dies.

No. 499352

Luna is likely severely mentally ill regardless and it's not uncommon for those with mental health issues to not prioritise hygiene and self care in general. That being said , I do think it's highly likely she's still using opiates.

No. 499353


This. The likelihood of one half of a codependent junkie tragicouple getting clean while the other continues to use is miniscule. Their relationship was founded in addiction.

No. 499371

File: 1522496166220.png (969.09 KB, 750x1334, 1495459955552.png)

Calm down newfag. Tuna was dirty before heroin. Pic related: Girl is a mess and always was.

No. 499378

that tablet on the floor, waiting to be stepped on…

No. 499386


I'm German, anon. We're all spread out and I'm sure a fair amount of us is European.
Knew Luna through tumblargh and followed her fallouts here ever since her heroin blog was discovered.

No. 499389


England, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, France, Denmark, Luxembourg, Estonia etc.
We're all watching this trainwreck beside you, Anons

Tuna should've been disciplined more as a child

No. 499401

With a vibrator under it…

No. 499406


That mattress, waiting to be set on fire…

No. 499411

File: 1522515420310.jpg (327.91 KB, 3024x4032, 27574792_15219218720_r.jpg)

I didn't see [pic related] posted in the previous thread. It appears in the update posted last week on her new Gofundme.

Thus far she has managed to dupe people out of $511 towards her $1,650 goal for their March rent.


The Eviction Process in Westchester County New York


No. 499429

"what’s left of a man who became my dad"
Who says shit like this about their loved ones?

No. 499446

File: 1522521557563.jpg (199.35 KB, 961x1280, ksBxdRS.jpg)

From kiwifarms. I don't think this was ever posted

No. 499447

File: 1522521643919.png (714.4 KB, 716x533, 5ZS5a48.png)

No. 499450

File: 1522521772129.png (357.62 KB, 770x561, 9Ov2N3T.png)

No. 499458

She has the doctor excuse listed as, "A note that my landlord is ignoring" But… that note is dated January 19th. She's not ignoring it Lunatic, we're almost in April now. The letter that your landlady sent says starting in March.

Was she expecting six months or a year of no rent or something?

No. 499465


The rent increase letter is dated 2017.

No. 499479

Ah thanks, anon. So she didn't show any proof at all that the landlady is ignoring it, just saying that she is.

Even if the landlady did give Lunatic and Lurch extra time, that would just mean that they would have double the amount to pay next time, right? Where would they even get the money for one month? I don't think they thought this through.

Doesn't seem like Tuna and Lurch have started packing yet either.

No. 499491

Even if she was ignoring it, that would be fine. She has no obligation to let them off rent free just because of a death in the family, people get evicted because of that all the time. It sucks but it happens, I don't know why she's so surprised

No. 499498

lots of farmers are ex users… calm down.

but you can get poor enough so that you need to stop using heroin AS MUCH. maybe she didnt fully quit but she’s certainly not a daily user. that’s why homeless/broke people go on methadone and suboxone as maintenance between doses. i don’t think it sounded like projection, it’s just the reality of her current situation. we all know lurch controls her use so that he can get the most of the dope

No. 499516

File: 1522531227623.png (245.19 KB, 532x286, mji3EjB.png)

why is she at her dad's work??

No. 499556

Probably to beg him for rent money.

"You're working right now so I know that you'll have the money."

No. 499570

I hope she didnt steal them to try and trade them for drugs.

>hey dopeman how much heroin can I get for this bird and turtle?!

No. 499595

Although she took a different cremation service in the end as she states in the gofundme, she said she was going with Unity Funeral Chapel >>485368
But took Ackerman instead which is 500$ less. >>485617
Not calculated in any financial aid the hospital might have organised for the cremation..
Fucking fraud.

No. 499634

Lol what an awesome mental projection those two trying to pawn off a bird and turtle is.

No. 499704

Seems like every once in a while she appears in her fathers life to fuck up his stability
I kind of want to call to find out a price range for cremation. It can be different from area to area. My family owns a funeral home and the price she gave is so wack. If she was smart she’s have shopped for the cheapest option and used the leftover for rent rather than make up some outrageous price and blow it on clothes,takeout,and drugs only to find out you needed the same amount of money for rent.

I want her to get evicted, but then I can’t document how bad she’s gotten. I don’t think she even had the street skills to be homeless in a place like New York.

No. 499717

she will never be homeless. her entire life revolves around collecting useless shit and taking selfies, she would sooner leave lurch to live with her dad than lose that

No. 499730


Luna should realize how lucky she is to have methadone/suboxone.

No. 499731

Don’t mention the funeral homes here, they don’t deserve their company’s names all over a nasty ass Luna thread

No. 499735


Do you think lurch has a script for suboxone and then gives it to her? because he’s the one using most if not all of the dope they can afford

No. 499741

Honey, it's a funeral home. I'm pretty sure they don't have to fear losing customers from being mentioned on lolcow

No. 499769

if any of you guys are familiar with honey ma on fb a callout post is happening for luna right now. luna apparently deactivated. will provide screens once my
computer turns on

No. 499790

Yeeeees impatiently waiting for that milk

No. 499791

File: 1522612099142.png (618.59 KB, 1242x2208, 94A5F44F-3DB4-42DF-AD18-5411DC…)

since anon isn’t delivering

No. 499792

File: 1522612109465.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1794, 1A568249-1D67-4CD6-99AE-B0575C…)

No. 499794

File: 1522612489297.png (2.68 MB, 1242x2208, DE3D79F9-ED26-4A2B-89F9-60046E…)

Incoming dump


No. 499795

File: 1522612489117.gif (1.03 MB, 400x293, 1510024082118.gif)

Thank you so much, anon! About time someone called her out on her lies. I hope their post gets shared and spreads like wildfire cause Lunatic asks fucking everyone for money while talking so much shit about other people.

She also spends that money on makeup when she isn't stealing it. She seems to have no qualms about stealing from anywhere or anyone and I hope her dumb ass gets evicted.

No. 499796

File: 1522612522078.png (2.84 MB, 1242x2208, 38112756-7D81-43C4-90CB-109980…)

No. 499797

File: 1522612543181.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, EECC5CBF-9E36-4ECE-99B1-3E4EF8…)

No. 499798

File: 1522612570993.png (6.45 MB, 1242x2208, C2344FAC-163C-4837-8EDE-CFC648…)

next three are all the same person

No. 499799

File: 1522612600919.png (4.53 MB, 1242x2208, 5658E72C-6101-4D9D-BB2C-5A0DD8…)

No. 499800

File: 1522612621300.png (5.53 MB, 1242x2208, BE8E4968-CEF2-48EA-BA2D-D8F884…)

No. 499801

File: 1522612651681.png (5.2 MB, 1242x2208, FDF86347-BB07-482A-A269-318ED9…)

sorry, four

No. 499802

>Trying to get my father-in-law's meds for his congestive heart failure

He was getting social security checks, wasn't he?

All of this milk is delicious.

No. 499805

Dunno who this Honey chick is but boy is she out for blood. Good thing too, I'm sick of people being scammed out of their money so Tuna and Lurch can just sit on their asses all day shooting up. Hope this shakes some sense into Tuna, even though I doubt it will, she's too used to being a deadbeat

No. 499811

File: 1522614803929.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, 751F2B5E-7C02-4818-BB7F-5F51FB…)

some more from a new person

No. 499812

File: 1522614833219.png (2.44 MB, 1242x2208, 0DFAFCA0-326F-4F73-A0C2-DAE834…)

No. 499813

File: 1522614922683.png (3.93 MB, 1242x2208, 5A57116E-D802-4B81-B322-D1D59D…)

No. 499814

"My fiance got laid off for using the drugs that he was supposed to be selling"

I'd be surprised if Lurch ever had a job. He's 38 going on 39 and still a bum.

She gave two damn excuses that make no sense. Even if Lurch did have a job, they saved no money whatsoever for emergencies?

No. 499815

File: 1522615004053.png (2.18 MB, 1242x2208, B23A31BE-31B2-46D4-98E1-7C985F…)

No. 499816

File: 1522615071217.png (3.22 MB, 1242x2208, A14139A1-8ED6-4E87-B021-CB1CAD…)

god this milk right now

No. 499817

>begs for money and gets no reply
>compliments their kids and then begs for money again

She has no shame.

It's so good. It's so very long overdue.

>My father in law who has congestive heart failure

I'm pretty sure that in Lunatic's mind, that's her name for Roger. She can't mention him without mentioning his congestive heart failure.

No. 499823

People on Honey Martin's facebook posting about lolcow like… girl. Glad to see newfags, but read the rules.
Otherwise hey, Elise Fredericks and Meika Chevalier. You're public.

No. 499827

neither of those people, but really? grow up anon. delete your post, those people did not post their names here so you do not have the right to call them out.

No. 499830

I don't see anyone who did that here but you, anon.

No. 499838

Ooo~ this is gettin good. Hopefully she doesn’t delete or private everything cause usually when someone rises up to call her out she panics.

No. 499840

File: 1522617288259.gif (452.72 KB, 300x256, kurtzjthgrwefrq.gif)

This was so long overdue. I'm glad this is happening, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time for her, now that her cash cowRoger is dead and she's one step away from being homeless.
Well done, Honey Martin.

No. 499842

Ooo~ this is gettin good. Hopefully she doesn’t delete or private everything cause usually when someone rises up to call her out she panics.

No. 499843

File: 1522617531810.jpeg (735.98 KB, 1136x2019, 5E441B6D-C71B-4A4F-81AA-5A646A…)

it’s becoming widely known that she’s a heroin addict

No. 499847

Bet she'll leave this up even after getting called out.

No. 499849

holy shit. she’s evidently CONSCIOUSLY manipulating these people. unconscious mnipultion is different but this just proves she has zero empathy

No. 499853

File: 1522619697612.jpeg (61.86 KB, 600x600, 74740829-2A17-4B50-9A7A-071D17…)


No. 499854

even if her facebook is deactivated she can/will beg on tumblr and insta. an anon in a past thread said that she was pming her on instagram

No. 499869

>considering there's people of color that need people's $70 more than you do

I am living for Luna being called out so hard by this person but this part seems unnecessary.

I feel like this won't do anything to Luna. The person in the messages and the girl (Honey) making the callout post are giving her a much needed reality check and they're still kind enough to give her advice about finding resources for her addiction, but Luna is so far gone this won't do anything but make her upset that she will have to work a little harder to find people to scam. She won't change her ways just because people are catching on to her shittiness. She might make a few mopey posts on instagram about how ~uwu just wanna die guiz~, but there is no doubt in my mind she will continue doing exactly what she's always been doing. She is fully incapable of realizing her own horrible behavior and will do nothing to change it.

No. 499872

I thought that part was unnecessary too. Since when did skin color matter when it comes to donations? There are broke people of all colors.

Yeah all this will do is make it harder for her to scam people but even that's a huge plus. She'll have to either get off of her lazy entitled ass and get a job or find a new way to make money. I'm so relieved that her gofundme isn't fulfilled.

No. 499877

File: 1522625771518.png (150.84 KB, 484x522, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.32…)

Glad someone included all Luna's dirty public laundry for all to see. Don't know why anyone would just hand out money to randos online before researching the person.

No. 499883

>I'm so relieved that her gofundme isn't fulfilled.
on gofundme you can keep anything that was donated, even when the amount wasnt reach. easy for scammers.

under "What if I don't reach my goal?"

No. 499885

>this part seems unnecessary
It was completely unnecessary and antagonistic, but I guess someone's at least calling her out.

>I feel like this won't do anything to Luna.

It won't directly, but the less people who are willing to give her money, the faster she hits rock bottom, which means that she'll get help faster if she does at some point feel the genuine need to make a change. That said, her dad is still in the picture and supporting her to some degree, which means that she's still got a ways to fall. Won't be enough to support both herself and Chief tho. Chief is probably more screwed than Luna is upon their eviction.

No. 499886

File: 1522627663825.jpg (55.88 KB, 540x960, 29791411_356499128194330_33089…)

what the fuck
this is a milk fountain

No. 499887

File: 1522627681490.jpg (67.23 KB, 480x960, 29598027_1619795874805271_7091…)

No. 499888

Holy shit, this went from zero to one hundred in seconds. THE MILK MUST FLOW

She's such a fucking cunt.
>my dad wants to watch me starve and I guess u do too thanks doll

No. 499889

>my dad doesn’t want to help me he just wants to get me clothes and stuff

Uhhhh, how many times have we seen her go to her dads house and eat giant chipotle burritos, actually bathe for once, and he also takes her shopping? Theres absolutely no indication that he forces her to get clothes instead of food. I’m sure that it’s all Luna’s decision.

This is genuinely such a stupid thing to lie about. She’s a wreck.

No. 499890

File: 1522628225031.jpg (165.23 KB, 1048x910, Untitled.jpg)

we can stop wondering if people ever received there shit… 105$… damn… that's something..

No. 499891

uh, what? she's talked about buying clothes online, from thrift stores and ~finding clothes outside a million times. i've never seen her post about her father giving her clothing

No. 499892


No. 499894

suppose this bullshit abt her dad's 'rule' were true (it's clearly not) wouldn't you like… take advantage of the 'gifts' you keep getting as a way to make rent/feed yourself?

No. 499896

>my dad just wants to watch me die LOL
Wow, every time it looks like she's sunk as low as she can get, she somehow sinks even lower.
>$105 for a smudge-filled sketch
Fuck, even a drawing from Chris Chan would be better than this for that price. At least it'd have some cultural significance.

No. 499897

Nothing she says makes any sense.

I would be hella pissed if I spent $105 on this shit. I'd ask for a refund so fucking fast.

She bought a shirt online and said that she ordered it just two weeks or so ago. And we've all seen her definition of groceries. A fucking cake with sprinkles and fast food. She also "found" bleach for her hair and hair dye not too long ago too.

The milk is just flowing right out and it's great.

No. 499900

File: 1522629194384.jpg (149.17 KB, 954x918, Untitled.jpg)

yes they should
on a sidenote I didnt even know it was possible to send money through fb
her fb account is still up btw

No. 499902


DOB 11/19/75

Wooooooooooow wow

No. 499903

File: 1522629357330.jpg (45.79 KB, 540x960, 29683211_1184486138353677_2627…)

>im about to lose my apartment

No. 499904

go away newfag

No. 499909

This might be useless information but I'm an artist and I've done commissions before usually with a standard rate of 25-40 dollars an hour or $500 for a full flushed out character design etc… This didn't take more than 30 minutes to make. Sorry if this is ot but I thought I'd mention how much of a rip off this is compared to an actual profession or freelance artist.

No. 499911

Check the old thread for the discussion about this.

Is she seriously throwing in a sob story. Girl you don't need money to apologize, that's free.

No. 499912

I'm the one you're replying to and also an artist. She was supposed to send the original and it looks like she sent it on printer paper. She paints on canvasses if I recall. It's bad business for her to be ripping people off like that.

No. 499917


My bad. I've followed this forever and I remember the discussion about him being way younger than he looked I just missed HOW much younger he was.

No. 499924


we've already determined that '75 is almost certainly a typo and he was actually born in '57

No. 499925

105 fucking dollars? That's insane. What the fuck. Some of my art friends could draw that for way fucking less.

No. 499944

Yeah the callout post mentions that her low effort doodles come on printer paper. Imagine being this cheap while calling yourself an artist.

No. 499946

I wonder if she's going to hurt herself (or threaten to) over being called out like this. She gets suicidal over having ants in her drink so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 499948

Honestly while Luna definitely has this coming, most of these people are just stupid for not looking her up before sending cash. And begging for money isn't harassment, just block her ffs.

No. 499949

It is when she constantly spams them with messages. You're not wrong, they're dumb as fuck for falling for her sob story every time but she is a harassing piss-ant.

No. 499953

Idk, anon, a lot of people (esp. women) have bleeding hearts for people outright asking for help. Can't cross a homeless guy without giving him some cash, couldn't send away someone begging for help. The instinct to help > precaution. I've lost money like that before and I'd rather lose money than refuse someone genuinely in help.
>inb4 stop your humblebragging
You're right, but refusing someone sometimes is harder than it sounds.

No. 499955

yes, it's stupid. it's still some kind of fraud.
i mean seriously though.
"hey send me some cash, im hungry"
"well.. okay then!"
like.. wtf?
still… the persistence of luna trying to wrench money out of probably every person she came in reach off is.. something.
plus gofundme scamming now.

No. 499957

And she's not even begging for grocery money, she's begging for rent money. Not a little but a lot. Girl needs to get a fucking job.

No. 499959

I know she 100% deserves it and deserves being called out publicly, but I still hope she's not getting doxxed or hatemailed for this.
She's seriously stupid though, did she NOT expect this whole house of cards to crash around her one day? With all her lies? We all saw that coming when she posted new clothes and fast food instead of making mature life choices.

No. 499968


archived copy of callout post

No. 499969

are you nathan? might wanna fix that just in case

No. 499970


nope, idk where that profile came from. i don't have a facebook acct i just plugged in the url of the public post nd that was the archived version it spat out apparently

No. 499989

There's actually way more caps to this particular person. Too many to post, but Tuna really tried to drain this person dry even though they were also having money issues.

There are way more stories in the comments with screencaps too. At least now we know what Tuna did all day besides fuck all. She spammed the shit out of people.

No. 499993


It's so unbelievable how many people are coming out of the woodwork being like "that happened to me too!"
In the FB post alone there were at least 6-8 and I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 499995

I can see her dads rule being true, a lot of parents of addicts try not to enable them by giving them cash, but still obviously want to be in their children’s lives.

I don’t doubt for a second that her dad would do anything to help her get clean. Get her to rehab, get her actual resources. Tuna just wants to wallow in her filth. And her dad, being a former addict, knows it and knows that 20 dollar bill isn’t going to dinner or whatever.

No. 499996


Isn't that the #1 rule? When supporting addicts, don't give them the money no matter how much you might trust them? Buy them clothes or food or medicine but never straight up give them cash.

And that's why I hate Luna. She has all the opportunities in the world and her father would get her out of that pit easy. She bounced rehab because she doesn't want to recover. She doesn't want to be healthy. She just wants her little escape from reality fueled by other people's money

No. 499997

I think it was more than that. I managed to read all of the comments and it was maybe between 8-15 people.

No. 499999

A lot of us speculated that that was the reason why she stopped talking to him for a while.

This. It's smarter to just get them what they need and not the money itself.

Lunatic's not even begging strictly for her addiction like the people from the FB post believe. She uses that money to buy herself fake nails, hair dye, a piercing, clothes, Netflix, makeup and random dumb shit like stuffed animals.

Let's not even forget that she took the supplies that a friend of Roger's aka my father-in-law with congestive heart failure, gave him like the blankets and support pillows. She also quickly moved into his room after he got sent to the hospice to die. She used an old man's medical issues to con money out of people with no guilt or hesitation at all. When people didn't donate for the cremation, she said that she would spit on them for not donating or some shit like that. She begged so many times that people didn't know whether to believe her or not. It's her own fault but she blamed other people.

Tuna is an absolutely terrible person not because of her addiction, but because she's a fucking rotten, entitled, bratty piece of shit and so is her lazy ass thieving boyfriend.

Some blame also goes on the people who donated though. If you're donating to someone who has one of the latest iPhone and an iPad, you might want to put more thought into who you're freely giving your money to.

No. 500002


>said that she would spit on them for not donating or some shit like that


No. 500003

File: 1522641623826.jpg (98.42 KB, 707x422, 1517008602591.jpg)

My bad she said that she was "splitting" on all of her friends.

No. 500009

I don't know if you're talking about the same thing when you say rehab, but when she was in PHP/IOP/whatever for her BPD she bounced because the group members who bought her food left, they didn't give her enough free food, and she "couldn't afford to go" even though she got transport and meals. Even if she did genuinely want to recover she's too dumb and spoiled to get anywhere without serious intervention.

No. 500018


> Makes a Gofundme for $1500

> UFC cremation is $1000
> "I had to pay $1600 to cremate my father in law"


No. 500019

THIS. As a former heroin addict, my family did that. Fortuntely, I had the resources to get help, and luna does too, so she clearly doesn’t ever want to get help. For her bpd, drug addiction, everything. She’s too attached to this lifestyle.

>Lunatic's not even begging strictly for her addiction like the people from the FB post believe.

This is why I once speculated that she’s probably not using as much as she used to now that she’s broke. Heroin’s expensive. Lurch probably gives her his suboxone or whatever

she clearly doesn’t want to recover. making zero effort on her own. you don’t even need expensive treatment to try and heal yourself. meditation, mindfulness, all of this is the core of DBT. nothing’s stopping her from trying that. or getting that marsha’s DBT manual

No. 500030

File: 1522649134532.jpg (60.26 KB, 540x960, 29572730_824644547705783_46910…)

i can't believe this bitch

No. 500035

She never even asks people what's bothering them when they say that they have stuff going on in their life. She just peaces out after asking for money whether she gets it or not and comes back a few days later.

And why is it that her food stamps are always unavailable?

No. 500037

that sucks so bad i'm so sorry, my dropkick boyfriend got robbed at gunpoint while innocently trying to buy street drugs though so i totally think i have it worse than you and deserve your hard earned money more, but that sucks so bad bb i'm so sorry bb

No. 500041

"hey babe sorry to bother you but my boyfriend with a bum knee who has bad seizures got knocked down by a dog and hurt his knee. on his way home three angry men with water guns kicked him a lot and beat him up really bad while wearing clown shoes. he tried to drag his bloody body cause he has seizures but during his crawl that same dog jumped from a window and body slammed him and he had seven seizures. i can't visit him in the hospital cause i don't have any money but can u spare anything? i need $80 to visit but can you spare 20 for groceries too? i'm so broke i'm starving and haven't eaten in three years, my food stamps won't be on for another five days. and if you can spare anything else i'll gladly take it. my paypal is blahblahblah in case you forgot. i'm so sorry, i have a bum knee.

i want to die so bad omg"

No. 500042

Shit the fact that these people aren’t getting the instant block is amazing. The fact that she actually got told off and responded instead of just smashing that block button is astounding to me lmao. I think she’s really realizing a lot of shit, will it change her? Probs not. Idk why but I can’t sage

No. 500045

I think the part I found ridiculous about what she said was that her father supposedly only gives her money for clothes, but not for food. When I was in a bad situation my parents would take me to get groceries but they would not straight up give me money. Which is why I find it so weird that her dad would have a “rule” of only giving her clothes but no food.

No. 500063

she's fat she doesn't need food

No. 500064

It could be because he knows she has (or at least uses) food stamps, so food doesn't have to come out of her own income but clothes do.

No. 500068

File: 1522660419095.jpg (88.45 KB, 649x959, IMG_9165.JPG)

Not sure if this one was posted yet.
Bless this glorious milk.
Right before her birthday too.

No. 500070

Everyone needs food, ana-chan, she just needs healthy food and water or tea at best.

No. 500071

Are they talking $2.84 as in dollars in a bank account? There must have been a lot of pressure from Luna before this screencap if they gave their last dollar, or this person is just stupid.

No. 500073

>I'll take it

I really want Luna to explode and to never exploit kind people ever again

No. 500074

If her dad knew she talked about him like this I bet it would break his heart. I agree with other anons speculating there's a grain of truth that her dad only buys her things and takes her shopping instead of giving her cash bc he knows she'll spend it on heroin. He was an addict himself remember. But Luna can't even be grateful for that, instead she's salty as hell he won't directly fund her addiction and drug den.

No. 500078


IIRC Lurch had a script for methadone and Luna for suboxone? Maybe I live in a backwards country but it's hard as hell to get into those treatments here.

With the new milk I'm not surprised though, Luna isn't grateful for anything.

No. 500100

they said in an earlier screencap theyd check their paypal

they apparently sent something that day before finding out

No. 500115

Most of these people just want an apology, it would be great if they could get their money back but I doubt any of them expect that will ever happen. But common Tuna, the least you can do is fake an apology (a real one would be ideal but she's so heartless I doubt she has any actual remorse for her actions)

No. 500122

i’m in canada and it’s pretty easy to get it if you’re an addict, im guessing it’s probably the same level of easiness in the states. meds like suboxone are free for anyone under 25 up where i live here too. i wonder if she’d seek treatment if she lived up north here. finding free treatment is easy. or she’d probably still make some excuse about how she ~doesnt have enough money for a bus to her appointments~

No. 500134

She doesn't live in Canada so who cares. And no she wouldn't seek treatment cause she doesn't want to get help. She left treatment cause her friends left and she didn't like the food. People keep forgetting that Tuna doesn't want help unless it's money, drugs or some materialistic shit.

No. 500136

>She left treatment cause her friends left and she didn't like the food.
This cannot be stressed enough, and knowing what a lying sack of shit Luna is, this probably wasn't even the real reason she left. I'm betting my ass she was told she needs to stop using drugs and that's why she quit.

No. 500141

I wouldn't doubt it but she would be dumb to not know that they would ask her to do that. It should also be said that it's not just hard drugs that Tuna's on. It's also oxy and ambien, which she probably stole from her dad. She used to come back with meds that she took from him after each of her trips over to his place.

I wonder if he found out and told her to go to rehab. Would probably explain their fall out some months ago. She treats him like shit but he pays for the phone bill and phone that she uses to tell the world bad shit about him. He probably does say some off the wall shit but honestly, who wouldn't snap on this bitch? Just look at how she treats everyone else. Like walking bank accounts.

In another thread there were screencaps of her saying that she couldn't wait for her dad to die so she could inherit his apartment.

No. 500144

>She also quickly moved into his room after he got sent to the hospice to die.

The speed in which she did it was absolutely unreal.
Never forgive, never forget.

No. 500146

Exactly. A lot of people are blaming the drugs Tuna being the way she us, but I think it's just Tuna being a selfish, entitled cunt. She took his stuff while he was ill and took advantage of him and his things when he was dying and dead.

It's disgusting how she was taking selfies in lingerie the day that he died.

No. 500150

>In another thread there were screencaps of her saying that she couldn't wait for her dad to die so she could inherit his apartment.

And even if that is how apartments worked (at least in the US they generally are not owned by the inhabitant and thus are not subject to inheritance), she would promptly lose it because of not being able to afford to pay for any building fees, maintenance and taxes, etc.

Anyway, the bottom line with this train of thought is that 1) Luna is gross for even looking forward to her father dying (who seems to literally be the only person in her life that wants her to get better) and 2) She's dumb for even thinking her inheriting it is a possibility. If I were her dad, I would put all his money in trust so she can't spend it all on dope, if he decides he wants her to inherit anything at all.

I guess that is 3) Parents don't OWE their children an inheritance, so her banking on getting anything from her father is optimistic

No. 500156

> not just hard drugs

> oxy

um oxy is a powerful opiate… then again I don’t really understand what makes a drug “hard”. lmao

I’m pretty sure the majority know that her narcissistic tendencies and entitlement has nothing to do with drugs. Sure, they’ll maje her more prone to stealing and scamming but there’s plenty of addicts with MORALS. Addicts who work instead. Addicts who feel shame and guilt over stealing. Luna doesn’t. She’s only on drugs because she began romanticizing them at an early age.

No. 500157

Illegal drugs, anon. Let's not get into the whole oxy debate again that derails every damn thread.

What I meant in the second post was a reference to the FB callout post. Only a few of them seem to know how Tuna really is but the majority on there blame drugs. It's not her drug habit that makes her the way that she is, that's what I was saying.

No. 500162


I'm pretty sure making a callout post wouldn't necessarily have to include lolcow. If you tag her URL she'll know.

No. 500166

it’s a controlled substance. a “legal” opiate addiction is just as dangerous as a heroin addiction (assuming you get pure heroin). ok i’m done now

and ohh ok gotcha! Just a misunderstanding

No. 500168

File: 1522702763678.jpg (153.46 KB, 630x960, IMG_20180402_135806.jpg)

Posted 2 days ago. I see food and new clothes.
Sorry bout the shit quality picture, unlike Tuna I'm actually broke.

No. 500173

Once again, not having this spergy debate.

Her arm looks like a chicken wing. She's always "starving" but more than happy to show off her new things! I think she accidentally showed that she has food. Can't show how hungry you are with a stash of food in the corner.

Shouldn't she start packing? If you know that you're going to get evicted, you should at least start packing, Tuna.

No. 500185

someone in the comments on fb said they bought her this tracksuit on amazon for her upcoming birthday she wouldn't shut the fuck up about lol so not only does this prove she has food it's also another totally unnecessary luxury item that she guilted some poor idiot into buying for her bc MY FATHER IN LAW DIED (AND MY BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 3RD WINK WONK) AND I'M SO SAD

No. 500193

she deleted this post from her tumblr, tinfoil but maybe she's trying to pretend she doesn't get help from her father anymore after being called out

No. 500194

File: 1522706863941.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20180402-180421~2.p…)

No. 500206

File: 1522709975375.jpg (43.22 KB, 540x960, c3OVTdo.jpg)

No. 500207


Normal people: oh, i understand that you're poor too, i'm sorry for bothering you!

Luna: oh bb i'm rly sorry bb, here let me show off my poor busted ankle/knee/bf so you know i'm so much worse off than you are and guilt you into sending me money even tho you just said you don't have any!!!! ps: i'm so fucked and i want to die lol

No. 500225

I just lurked that original public FB post by Honey Martin, which has 100 shares/140 reacts, and probably a few hundred comments (most comments are about how ~people of colour~ deserve handouts more but that's another snowflake issue)

How the fuck are there so many people connected to this Honey chick's one post who have donated to Luna? I never realized she had quite THIS much coverage over other's wallets

No. 500246

How would she even get hurt like this? I wouldn't be surprised if she banged it up on purpose.

No. 500249


Not sure which I like more, the clown-shoe-beatdown or the 7 seizures caused by the body-slamming dog.

No. 500262

probs used the veins to shoot up?

No. 500269

File: 1522721135684.jpg (122.18 KB, 1080x518, 20180403_120231.jpg)

a Tumblr acquaintance who I've seen interact w Tuna on FB and IG just posted this lol

No. 500273

Your Tumblr acquaintance has a very weird definition of nice.
I'd tell them not to give her any more money tbh

No. 500275

Show her the FB callout.

No. 500287

goes to show how manipulative tuna is imo…

i think she's seen it and that's what prompted this post from her

No. 500323

>I don't know what to do
How about not sending money to online strangers that will only talk to you to get money? Why are people like this?

Not to shittalk your friend, but her manipulation is so transparent. I don't get it.

No. 500331

Im a long time luna follower, it baffled me that she could rake in donations back in the junkhunnie days without so much as thanking her followers for copics/money/pity packages. Shes been doing this for years now so im jaded concerning the new crop of fb stooges. I assume these people are naive young people she targets and milks currently. Power to anyone calling her out on whatever platform but damn… This girl is a selfish piece of shit.

No. 500367

Idk if you meant to say wink wonk or if it was a typo, but either way I fuckin snorted

No. 500369

I fucking hate Honey Ma and I know her IRL, but this post of hers is great. Too bad she spends all her time making these call out posts and calling white people racist… not to mention she and my boyfriend went out (before we were dating) to a resturant and she pulled the “left my wallet at home” shit and then joked about him paying for her next dinner. Sage for off topic sorry I just hate her posts and attitude and wish we didnt both live in the same burrough.

No. 500378


sorry for citysperging but…..

how do you live in nyc and can't spell borough right……. fucking transplants smh all yall

No. 500383

She's now being discussed on Reddit.

Heroin addict and notorious internet grifter scams friend for one last time- friend posts instances of scamming and begging to the public.

No. 500393

This reminds me, she's been discussed on Reddit before. Old link
but: https://www.reddit.com/r/trashy/comments/6l0nhi/warning_junkie_grime_and_a_bit_of_blood_from/

No. 500397

Luna's great for karma-farming. There's so much material. You could also go to /r/choosingbeggars and pimp her out there; it'd probably make the top 100 posts.

No. 500398

I wonder what Luna is doing now after all this truth, has she posted anything on her facebook about all this?

No. 500399

Does she just have a huge backlog of photos like these to whip out whenever she wants to milk folks for cash?

No. 500400

File: 1522760534448.jpg (74.63 KB, 640x960, tumblr_mpa5nyE5Se1qgq30qo1_128…)

just found this pic and it's real sad man, like yeah she's fat but she looks so much better in every other respect

No. 500401

She's been posting on Tumblr since then. Just grimy ~aesthetics~ and TV show posts

No. 500402

File: 1522760913843.jpg (60.38 KB, 500x664, thYM9w5QNkI.jpg)

No. 500405

That’s the original thread that brought me here months (year?) ago. Some people in there new here form high school.

No. 500407

Probably shes just kinda pissy that it'll be harder to scam people online now.
And she and lurch are probably trying to come up with new scam methods.
It isn't gonna cause her to have an epiphany or make any great life changes.

No. 500410

This was the best thing to come back from vacation to.
So Luna's deleted her FB but she's probably still begging on other platforms thinking no one from FB can touch her there. I just hope all these call outs means her spoiled ass gets evicted without her having any cash to pocket in the end.

No. 500411

how is it possible that she used to be good at applying makeup and now she's so awful?
is she high when she does her makeup now and thinks it looks good because she's so out of it?

No. 500413

No. 500414

Am I fucked up or is that a completely different kitchen area? Her dad house I guess? Because ei know she didn’t clean her apartment.

No. 500434

File: 1522768167067.jpeg (379.56 KB, 640x889, 1521593614315.jpeg)


I think you're right. Compare to [pic related].

No. 500435

Huh. It is a different kitchen. Maybe she's at her dad's house to beg and bathe.

No. 500436

idk looks the same shes just standing in a different place by the fridge

No. 500439

Nah it looks like the same office chair covered in trash in the background, think it's just a different angle

No. 500440

It doesn't look too different to me, but we do know that was at her dad's work recently so it could possible be his

No. 500441


The wall is closed and there are cabinets extending above the fridge in >>500168.

No. 500470

I can’t help but think that the person who made that thread is def a farmer. Same with the fb posts. How did they know to post them here? Like men random faemwe just randomly found that? Seems unlikely as I had to dig to find honey ma’s posts.

No. 500473

*some random farmer lol my phone has a hard time w this website.

Also it won’t let me sage??

No. 500477

No sage on pt. It's a pinned topic at the top of /pt/.

The honey ma post was linked here so I'm not sure why you had to dig unless you were the one who linked it? Some of the comments on there mentioned that they googled her name and these threads came up. I think the one who posted the reddit threads is a farmer, though. I think I remember the name from the Billiegate from the Onision drama.

No. 500498

I read too much William S Burroughs.

No. 500501

Today is her birthday, right? I'm surprised she's been silent.

No. 500534

Tuna is back on facebook, ya’ll.

No. 500541


No. 500559

Yeah, I'm the one you replied to and the one who made the reddit threads. It's good to keep Reddit up-to-date on Luna. And Onision.
Any happenings? Given her past behavior in terms of being called out, she's probably just going to ignore it, make some posts about how much she hates herself and how terrible her life is, and possibly lock down social media a little more.

No. 500564

I doubt that it will keep her from begging for money, unfortunately. She still hasn't closed her gofundme.

No. 500566

She'll never stop until she's banned from every channel where she can beg. She's just going to move onto a different community that hasn't gotten wise to her shit yet.

No. 500570

Indeed she will. I think she'll move her begging to FB posts rather than inbox messages. She'll threaten to kill herself, whine that she hates herself and how much she's starving until she gets money out of people.

I'm curious about what Lurch and Tuna plan on doing to avoid or deal with eviction. They seem like the type to try and stall it which is probably why they haven't packed.

No. 500609

I don’t use fb a lot but I meant that I had to search for her profile to read the entire thread even though Luna was tagged in it multiple times.
So basically i’m saying I feel like someone who is friends with honey posted it here or something bc otherwise how would a farmer have found it ?

No. 500610

it has 100+ shares tho and some are from pages with thousands of likes iirc

No. 500615

True I suppose I have just been seeing lolcow posted a lot of places recently tho I guess in her case it doesn’t matter because she’s already said she knows about it

No. 500707

Post screencaps please

No. 500721

Hah, not surprised to hear this. Whenever I want a good laugh I always make sure to go on Honey's profile. I've been wanting to start a thread about her, she's such a cow it's unbelievable. She did scam some people through selling "artwork" and making up fucking crazy stories for donation. He faux woke attitude is truly disturbing

No. 500725

same, anon. it's hard to believe it's been this long and i'm still as disgusted as i was when i originally read that thread on reddit. she's legit just gotten worse and worse.

No. 500733

File: 1522811607300.png (363.84 KB, 557x405, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.12…)

via tuna's username tag on tunglr.hell

No. 500734

File: 1522811716103.png (18.92 KB, 540x91, tumblr_npfy03CQlO1uw9hmbo1_540…)


No. 500736

Jesus christ how horrifying

So is she staying silent on FB? I'd expect at least a few birthday posts.

No. 500738

Is that from RuPaul's Drug Race?

No. 500743

Mhm I'm sure it's the Tramadol's fault and nothing to do with the ungodly opioid tolerance you develop when you abuse pills for years, move on to heroin, and then do shit like taking thirty Tramadol when the prescription dose doesn't get you whacked enough for your liking.

Silly bitch.

No. 500752

It’s been so long since then and if I remember right the person who posted that original thread on r/trashy knew her from high school and her Facebook antics. It feels like everything has gone full circle with that reddit thread to being linked lolcow and now back again. I feel like it’s only been a year or maybe less than one since then and her life has declined so rapidly it makes me panic at what can happen in the span of a few months. Like I watched her scam friends,family, and strangers out of possibly hundreds maybe thousands of dollars, watched lurch emotionally cheat on her?watch her OD, go to rehab and quit because of the food,neglect roger and leech his funds, watch, roger die like we all anticipated…goddamn it’s almost to much. When will she learn or grow up or stop.

No. 500762

yeah I started reading these boards a year ago when I decided to google her after wondering how she turned out years after deleting my tumblr and I actually specifically remember the point at which she started getting sloppy on there with drug posting which was right about the time I deleted. I wasn't surprised tbh, I would follow and unfollow bc her begging posts would annoy me but I had a feeling she was on heroin bc I saw some vague posts and then after that I was was really suspicious of her pandering.

I had followed her since hipsville or maybe even before?? (earliest one I can remember) and it's sad to see the decline in such a small amount of time. I mean it's been what, 3-4 years of daily use? I'm glad that she's been getting called out on various mediums honestly and hopefully if this eviction goes through she'll have no choice but to ask her dad for a place to stay. I know it's frowned upon to say here but I always hope she'll get it together. I read that reddit board today on my break and it made me sad, a lot of the comments were people saying she'll probably never change and while we all know it's true, one can hope.

sorry for the blogpost

No. 500763

I don't think it was OP but someone who did know her commented in there and even edited their responses as they got info in real time lol

No. 500802

As soon as I read the response she sent to Luna about “there’s so many POC that need money more than you” I got such a strong showflake vibe from her.
Yes Luna is fucking scum of the earth but honey doesn’t seem like she’s much brighter herself, and following the trail between her and her acquaintances into the page they have set up /are members of named something like “black people deserve our reparations” I immediately got my milk quota for the day.
I’m black myself so this shit especially made me cringe.
Don’t get me wrong there is many POC who have shitty situations but just like Luna they do have options and choices to make and opportunities they can use to their advantage, it’s America for fucks sake not fucking Saudi Arabia.
Just seems like she’s only very slightly above Luna mentally.
Reccommend 10/10 would cringe again

No. 500848

Yikes. I’m black also and that kinda thing when said makes me cringe really hard too. It makes sense though this person would be like that since most of her following originated from tumblr. It make sense she’d start e-begging there also I mean what users platform is more ignorant and lazy when it comes overall to social justice

They just like the accolades with known of the work most days to feel like they’ve done something.
I see gofundmes circulating daily with vague shit about how the person is “trans and has been kicked out and need your help” or “Black and queer and going though a rough time”. Tumblr users rarely fact check mass circulating posts like that. Perfect for scamming.
Look at some of the callout blogs that happened way~ back when and how they got attacked and accused of being abilist or whatever for calling her out because all she had to do was claim her cotton eyed joe knee and people would come to her rescue. People had been calling out her scamming ways but her young audience didn’t do their due diligence at all.

I mean it’s crazy because she would claim to be starving but would beg people for clothes and art supplies. It’s shameful to take advantage of the kindness of others ,but how did these people not find that shit off.

No. 500864

>I've been wanting to start a thread about her,
b the change u wnt 2 c. She sounds like an interesting thread topic.
And this is why doctors are reluctant to prescribe opiods for actual pain patients anymore. Fuck you Luna.
Yeah, someone who knew Luna commented in the thread; it wasn't the OP who did. I posted her again after Roger got sent to hospice, and that time a white knight appeared:


I wonder who it was.

>how did these people not find that shit off.
The people willing to idolize Luna, at least in her current state, probably aren't the smartest bunch, plus, as you mentioned, most of Luna's following is from Tumblr, which means that at least a few of them are bleeding hearts who let emotions dictate their thoughts and behaviour a little too much.

No. 500877

wow, exact same here

No. 500905

For real, how is she so stupid not to realize this is about tolerance? She’s been an addict for like, 5 years…?!? For example, an opioid-tolerant person may feel weaker effects from shooting dope than someone with no tolerance would feel having kratom or codeine. Doesn’t make them “suck”, jeez.

No. 500933

Anyone have Tuna on social media? Is she posting anything or pretending as if nothing has happened?

No. 500947

File: 1522867654876.jpeg (156.91 KB, 640x858, 86AF4CDF-DB32-4A64-9E8D-14CE98…)

Another example of Tuna shitting on a cow who’s not as bad as her

No. 500954

File: 1522868102907.png (1.48 MB, 1770x1770, C7DA18D2-6590-40AB-9C04-2B5D09…)

She really doesn’t have room to run her mouth about Abby’s lipstick (on the right) when hers looks way more horrendous. Sit down and reflect on yourself, Luna

No. 500958

A part of me wonders if she reactivated her FB just so she could shit on other cows
Ironic since she was insisting "I'm such a nice fucking person!!!! I don't deserve this!" when she discovered her threads here forever ago

No. 500976

Things we hate about others are usually things we're insecure about ourselves, after all.

No. 501055

This is wild, I love seeing the lolcow cycle come full circle.

No. 501103

File: 1522898781917.png (107.28 KB, 269x354, tumblr_inline_n63fpwWntV1r5z6j…)

Makes me think of this tbh.

No. 501188

Luna got really boring so i stopped checking these threads but holy shit… i’m so glad i finally checked it again. soooo good to see her being called the fuck out. i have some online friends in common with her and i’ve noticed over the last few months they’ve all unfriended and unfollowed her. guess everyone’s slowly starting to see she’s truly trash

No. 501190

I feel like she just reactivated it because it was her birthday and she wanted to try and squeeze some money out of people for it.

No. 501490


seems tuna's had to resort to street begging since honey's callout post

No. 501491

File: 1522979374065.png (5.31 KB, 552x134, tR3sjfl.png)

From Tumblr. Looking for new avenues of scamming

No. 501492

File: 1522979419035.png (57.3 KB, 616x270, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.4…)

her birthday has been and gone and she still won't shut the fuck up about it

No. 501496

File: 1522979831912.png (199.01 KB, 593x330, hKcviqr.png)

Bronx? Dumb question, but doesn't she live in Mamaroneck? Does her dad live in the Bronx?

No. 501497

Nope her pops lives in Manhattan proper from my understanding

No. 501499

yeah she lives in mamaroneck, this is for street cred

No. 501573

Bitch I’m mad I fell for that lmfao

No. 501587


In large cities, particularly New York City, apartments are bought and owned individually.

No. 501694

Is she using Twitter now she is burnt on FB?

No. 501799

This is OT but I feel like lurch’s nose lookin like that bc of all the times he’s been hit in the face over dope deals gone wrong. It looks like it’s been broken 509 times

No. 501814

I've wondered about this, actually. I don't doubt she's pan-handled on occasion, but I wonder if she'd actually resort to doing it regularly if her internet donations dried up.

No. 501983

I feel like it’s only a matter of time once she exhausts all forms of e-begging.

No. 502039

File: 1523062846488.jpeg (199.47 KB, 750x777, 6659184E-53E9-46B3-A7B3-3E5A57…)

“cant afford” basic necessities, but has money to go to a game

No. 502044

Her dad probably brought her. Maybe a birthday gift? I've never seen her show any interest in baseball so don't know why she would spend money on tickets to a game.

No. 502050

Her interest is coming out on twitter, she's up this guy's ass tweeting at him and retweeting stuff about him, don't even know where this has come from unless she's hoping for signed stuff to sell.

No. 502084

Is she trying to get "noticed" by an athlete and upgrade from Chief Areola? Or just fishing for signed shit to resell? Since the looming eviction I wonder if she's trying randon weird shit to move onto any man with an income

No. 502091

She's had a fake forced interest in baseball for awhile, hasn't she?

No. 502098

She at least went through a phase of wearing a Yankees jersey and taking photos of that >>502039 one baseball card all the time for a while.

No. 502103

>i'M LiTerALLy sTArViNG, LAtE oN My rENt, aBoUt tO bE HoMeLEsS!!1

No. 502134

Luna pls sell the game ticket to buy drugs instead of e-begging thx.

No. 502179

File: 1523081237590.jpeg (65.47 KB, 760x570, 67550802-0FC5-4B22-ACC2-93766C…)

Yeah and Matthew played in some higher level (minor leagues or college iirc) before he was injured so I suspect between wherever uppers are giving her the confidence and energizing her enthusiasm for the subject and Matthew waxing (kek) about the good old days before his accident, she feels the need to be a fair weather fan

No. 502288

Not that it's shocking but when Lurch was flirting with a farmer on FB, he said he played pro baseball for a Florida team before his "injury." The team has no record of a Matthew Schumacher ever having played for them.

No. 502309

Someone ask if shes gonna get up and do the cottoneyed joe for old times sake at the baseball game.

No. 502311


No. 502324

File: 1523125571469.png (892.21 KB, 552x784, MNuUeUc.png)

No. 502336

File: 1523126792628.jpg (352.39 KB, 1119x1280, 2f635e6e-fab2-4149-99db-49ae95…)

the cursed galaxy quilt cover returns

No. 502338

Wonder who gave her roses, presumably for her bday. Evil Dad, who totally wants her dead?

No. 502339


So many things wrong with this.
1) the fully bloomed roses? Red roses are hella expensive and those look large as fuck. Flowerfag here and one of those can easily go for 2-3$. I guess that's what happened to the gofundme money…
2) those dirty ass plushies (look at the fucking Rilakkuma one, for how long has it been this nasty?)
3) the straight up BROWN galaxy bedsheet in the right upper corner? That's not stained anymore, that's crossing into fucking filthy and ratchet territory.
4) the apparent picture of Andre the Giant on the wall kek

No. 502348

they're not that expensive calm down, they're not even long-stem. also the vase has a half dozen in them meaning it was discounted.

No. 502352

Even if they're dirt cheap, buying them with scammed money that was donated for food/rent/cremation is pretty shitty. That said, her ~evil father~ probably bought them

No. 502372


Hello Kitty has a smudge in the shape of a mouth.

No. 502373

imagine if she spent that money on going to the laundromat.

No. 502375


NTA but they look expensive. Not to get into a spergfest about it, but from the side they're looking like hybrid tea roses, which go for a lot.
But that aside, what >>502352 said 100%. If you don't have money, don't buy trinkets.

No. 502412


they're literally grocery store roses yall. a dozen go for like 12-18 dollars.
note the lack of baby's breath.

No. 502424

File: 1523141062962.jpg (17.95 KB, 584x201, morelikenoINfighting.jpg)

I'm OP rose anon and I apologise for the derailing.
That wasn't my intention, let's stop fighting over how expensive they are/are not and get back to talking about her FUCKING DIRTY BLANKET/house. It makes me want to vom.

No. 502432

Why doesn’t she just throw away this nasty ass duvet? Imagine the stench of all of those dirty sheets. Jesus.

No. 502445

When hello kitty becomes sentient enough to grimace you know that shit's gotten dank. Drop a bomb and start scrubbing tuna. If you gonna use narcotics at least use the productive ones too.

No. 502450

What's sad is she COULD sell a lot of her stuff for decent money, but it's all covered in her disgusting grime and is now worth nothing.
Take care of your shit girl, wash something for once.

No. 502454

looks like a great place to od. it's like a memorial already.

No. 502465

Looks like a missed shot to me. Abcess forming.

No. 502471

Isn't that dark brown table Roger's and that wall is in his room? Look how badly she's fucked it up full of holes since she took it over.

No. 502499


Probably stole the roses too kek

No. 502510

Yes, she moved into his room seconds after he was admitted to hospice

No. 502561

Yes. Why the hell would she draw a dirt-smile on it? I wonder if its makeup/eyeliner dirt from her fingers or soot from whatever they cook their dope in.
>my fingers are full of dirt, instead of getting up to wash them, ill wipe it on my stuffed animal in the shape of a smile

No. 502770

Bitch better not come to my borough, shes not about that life. Already got enough crusty drug addicts pan handling on the streets for fixes.

No. 503056

"You're my all time favorite Yankee"
Says someone who was dickriding Aaron Judge last season and that's her only baseball experience besides blaming Yankees Stadium for her dumb ass falling down a row of seats.

Where did you come from where did you go where did you come from heroin ho.

No. 503137

If you made a thread on her OOOO boy I'd make some popcorn

No. 503184

i have no doubt that she or matthew stole them from outside of a grocery store. that just seems obvious to me.

No. 503384

File: 1523319115679.jpg (78.4 KB, 540x720, GY724iU.jpg)

She posted a bunch of pictures on Tunglr. Incoming image dump

No. 503385

File: 1523319136277.png (473.52 KB, 538x410, NZEE4ZV.png)

No. 503386

File: 1523319161000.png (300.62 KB, 526x396, iaxlxvG.png)

No. 503387

File: 1523319206321.jpg (49.11 KB, 540x405, 9sFFYeU.jpg)

No. 503388

File: 1523319228053.png (185.8 KB, 510x474, vzymY6K.png)

No. 503389

File: 1523319266555.jpg (64.48 KB, 540x720, kB4QN2L.jpg)

Wonder where she got the medical marijuana from

No. 503394

Anywhere. It's legal in NY so I'm sure even tinctures aren't hard to get even if she doesn't have a card.

No. 503414

They probably meant because she's supposed to be broke.

No. 503417

She probably got that from her dad. If she went all that time crying about having no food while not getting her own food stamps then she likely won't make the effort to get a medical marijuana card.

No. 503530

lmao she really expects us to believe that bag is 'old'? we've seen her plushies become unrecognizable from all the dirt and grime in a matter of 2-3 days. will she ever stop lying

No. 503532

Tbf whenever you see something she has and wonder “how can she afford that” it’s more than likely that it was stolen. I’d bet some of the drugs she and lurch take were stolen too

No. 503674

File: 1523388935658.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, F560B66D-0C7E-4E5F-8FA5-435B80…)

But tuna, I thought you were nearly homeless? Always seem to have extra cash for hash oil tho

No. 503693

I'm sure the people she harassed for money are just thrilled to see her spending it on hash oil and not, you know, food and rent like she said she would.

No. 503738

is that a new dress too or did she "find it"

No. 503850


i'm imagining that she got most of these new things from her dad for her birthday. who knows with this girl tho

No. 503881

That’s a good point. Besides, do you think she’d give up an opportunity to brag about how she “totally found this dress by accident and it’s definitely not stolen”

No. 503953


that dress tuna insists she would look sooo much better in than xabby has been up on her poshmark for a while now. i'm surprised tuna hasn't 'found' it yet

No. 504008

it’s a small, i don’t think she’d fit in it tbh

No. 504073


that shit is very expensive, she could have had approximately three medium takeaways (or, an intense amount of budget groceries) for a bottle of 50ml.

No. 504153

She posted a picture on tumblr today and the caption was something about spending the day at social services, but then she deleted it.

No. 504162

File: 1523489836471.png (521.7 KB, 566x636, lk3YguM.png)

No. 504163

File: 1523489857388.jpg (51.92 KB, 540x405, UjDIvsE.jpg)

No. 504164

File: 1523489907519.png (83.34 KB, 552x1184, V8bxmfS.png)

Not the sort of thing you should reblog right after being exposed for not fulfilling your commissions/scamming people for money but alright

No. 504255

In her defense lurch clearly is in some kind of drug/middle man position. She could be getting this as payment for other drugs or "drug services"

No. 504347

looks like her hair has been badly toned again

No. 504393

File: 1523525993698.png (35.78 KB, 482x268, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 7.39…)

No. 504406


is that something she's posted?

No. 504407

I work 2 jobs and stopped myself from splurging on that pocket bunny mist the other day, because I knew I needed to pay my bills and feed myself. What the fuck is wrong with you Luna? Why the fuck do people GIVE her money? Let the coddled bitch starve until her priorities are back in order

No. 504408

No. 504417

so… he's an evil murderer criminal diagnosed sociopath. Yes, that sounds like truth.

No. 504432

>so… he's an evil murderer criminal diagnosed sociopath

Who has his thieving daughter over on the regular to get physically clean and takes her out to get a decent meal, and buys her clothing and fun items. Seems to be genuinely interested in trying to help get her clean (as he is a former junkie himself), if we can read between the lines of Luna's comments about him.

Still, he's definitely an evil sociopath and trying to kill her.

No. 504444


No. 504459

diagnosed sociopath… does she
mean AsPD? for someone who constantly talks about her own personality disorder and wants to end the stigma around it, she sure did an excellent job of demonizing people with antisocial PD here!

No. 504467

isnt this quite old. i remember her posting something about him having a tec-9 ages ago

No. 504472

Yes its old, and it already been posted to her thread. Idk why someone would post it again

No. 504537

File: 1523564688129.png (256.24 KB, 544x425, n3cq9tP.png)

Uh, didn't she shit talk Peep before he passed?

No. 504586

I don't believe her list of crap about her father, including that. Other people have said he was abusive to her, and maybe he was, I don't know, but I have no reason to disbelieve the other people. But what I do know is that Luna lies about pretty much everything. She flat out said a couple of weeks ago (if that long ago) that he was trying to kill her by buying her clothes and stuff rather than giving her money. I am still really curious at what caused their hiatus from each other a few months ago.

No. 504599

Wasn't it her overdose? It's been a while now but those two things seemed to happen back to back.

No. 504725

Yeah and even after he died she said she didn't like his music. Not that it's surprising she's pretending to enjoy something for junkie aesthetic cred though

No. 504877

tuna’s only claim of her dad abusing he ris from when she was 3-6 years old (cant remember rn) and she says she was playing under the table pretending to be a cat and drooled on her dads leg so he yelled at her. seriously, she was probably just being annoying and he was fed up with it. every other instance of ‘abuse’ from her father is him not giving her money for drugs or getting angry over the phone at her for using and begging.

No. 504896


she has claimed that her father yelled at her over the phone numerous times, but she didn't specify in what circumstances, or what their conversation was about - like you have said, i am pretty sure that this could have been arguments over her lifestyle and living situation, as well as her begging him for things.

she has also said that her father has called her things like 'bitch' and 'slut', which was around the time when she wasn't 'sex repulsed' yet and posted a ridiculous amount of nudes and junji ito dick pics - i guess he could have found them on the internet (they were posted 100% publicly on her tumblr which was one of the first things that came up when you googled her name) and gotten angry at that.

No. 504915

Yeah, part of the reason I don't believe her about her father is… imagine trying to live with her and not get angry/ yell. I mean, her dad is an ex junkie, and he seems to be managing his life ok. He probably does have some sympathy, but really her life choices are so terrible. She would literally try the patience of a saint (I mean, people get angry at her here on a fricking image board, and most of us don't even know her or have to be around her), and I am pretty sure Luna's father is just a regular human being who is taking a hard look at his daughter and wondering what the hell happened.

No. 504917

Junji Ito dick is my new nightmare thanks anon

No. 505009

He yelled at her anf slapped her for it so now shes calling it childhood abuse lmao. Also, she said she was standing on thr balcony and he was yelling at her so she said she felt like he was trying to push her off or somr bullshit like that.

No. 505078

File: 1523655629294.png (117.79 KB, 559x322, AFSHsbi.png)

No. 505124

Junji Ito dick pics? What?

No. 505126

Lurch is a (barely) living Junji Ito illustration.

No. 505156

File: 1523673371706.png (137.78 KB, 307x521, lp08AN0.png)

No. 506275

I've been looking at this for three days now.

Did Luna finally OD?

No. 506310

She hasn't updated her Tumblr or Twitter. Perhaps some other anons could kindly fill us in on her Insta and FB activity.

No. 506341

Nothin since the medical marijuana in her insta. 7 days ago.

No. 506354

Damn I wonder if she legit got evicted, we'd still hear SOMETHING from her though right?

No. 506357


i hope so. i have been following her for years and as sad as this sounds, i am growing increasingly worried about her rn.

No. 506362

Wouldn't she run straight to her dad and his wifi though? Unless she's too busy being forced to haul all their junk out of the place.

No. 506397

File: 1523974206201.jpeg (530.93 KB, 1242x1432, A7CD989E-2ACB-42BB-818A-4CCFDA…)

I’m in a few groups with her but she hasn’t posted in a while.
But I found this while searching kek

No. 506413

Someone finally asked. Anons keep us posted all I can see is her IG

No. 506436

she has data on her phone, her dad pays for her phone. we would for sure be seeing her whine if she was homeless

No. 506443

Speculating that she did get evicted and run to daddy, maybe in rehab or detox. They take your phone.
Anything from Lurch?

No. 506445

I really hope she went to rehab/detox, that would make sense why she hasn't been online and e-begging. As for Lurch, I wasn't aware he had an online presence, does he have an FB, insta, twitter or tumblr account?

No. 506501

I always thought maybe he paid for Wi-Fi and not cell service but then again I forget that supposedly lurch had taken it out to trap a few times so who knows But I imagine that if she still had access to Internet and she was indeed evicted that she would’ve definitely said something

No. 506518

He had a FB that he mostly used to cheat on Luna with but I don't remember if it was abandoned or deleted.

No. 506542

File: 1523997404327.png (856.68 KB, 752x542, RbX9LX0.png)

Despite not having enough money for food or rent, Luna's going to a baseball game in a few days. She'll certainly post about that

No. 506559

These were posted before.

No. 506576

File: 1523999903229.png (142.74 KB, 640x1028, IMG_2392.PNG)

She commented this 2 days ago, I wouldn't worry farmers

No. 506601

File: 1524001996027.jpeg (386.51 KB, 640x1089, DAB5A5C7-D45F-4229-B506-84AE81…)

Never fear, she’s been posting on tumblr today

No. 506605

File: 1524002238153.jpeg (455.02 KB, 640x1090, 2F7DD4B7-4AE1-48EE-9604-0E7D06…)

And by the lack of grime I’m assuming that’s a brand new purse.

No. 506624

File: 1524004115926.png (219.65 KB, 596x646, letyph6.png)

Cow crossover

No. 506629

File: 1524004229703.png (95.17 KB, 558x946, mT3Zfdw.png)

No. 506637

File: 1524004500370.png (495.87 KB, 912x591, 1.png)

regarding tyler/tai/talia:

with special thanks to the kiwi farmers

No. 506638

File: 1524004508346.png (661.62 KB, 1024x597, 2.png)

No. 506639

File: 1524004530194.png (551.93 KB, 955x597, 3.png)

No. 506727

File: 1524008415113.jpg (424.24 KB, 1742x2048, DbBbBQWW4AIZgMO.jpg)

she's posting on her twitter (@funeral1996) now

No. 506752

God, she’s SO desperate to appear emaciated despite I’m sure still being overweight it’s just gross and pathetic.

No. 506754

File: 1524009361921.png (677.35 KB, 612x604, 2r0hA0k.png)

No. 506756

File: 1524009389916.jpg (250.99 KB, 850x1200, Dc8YN9q.jpg)

No. 506758

File: 1524009414494.jpg (291.77 KB, 900x1200, Ou7fTdL.jpg)

No. 506854


New shit she ordered off Amazon even though:
>I just stare at shit on Amazon I wish I could afford

Lol okay, dumb bitch.
Got your rent paid yet?

No. 506895

also I've never known someone to do so much clothes shopping on amazon

No. 506904

Oh lord, her skin. Can't she buy herself some cocoa butter? Or is that not aesthetic enough?

No. 507031

Why is her armpit brown/black? Is that hair or filth or both?

No. 507036

Looks like hair

No. 507037

looks pretty clear to me that it's just armpit hair

No. 507047

File: 1524034685092.png (273.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180417-194113.png)

Long time lurker here, I'm not too sure if I'm doing this 100% right because I'm on mobile but she sent me this earlier today.

No. 507049

She's still doing this after getting called out? Just block her.
Maybe if she didn't buy clothes off Amazon every day with money other people generously donated, she wouldn't be getting evicted >>506854

No. 507051

I actually did end up blocking her, but I was also a little surprised. It'll be interesting to see what happens in three weeks.

No. 507085

I wish you had asked her, "Didn't you get called out for doing this to others?" before blocking her but she probably would have blocked you first.

No. 507087

She looks big(ger) in this one lol surprised she posted it

No. 507090

Same fag but LOL “less than two months late” Which basically means a month a half which actually does mean 2 months. idc how long you’ve lived there (or lurch in this case) one month late is enough for them to ask you to get the fuck out. why does she think that will garner any sympathy?? How are they supposed to pay THREE months at this point all at once to catch up? Like……..your landlord has every right to evict you he’s not a monster for that.

Really curious how she works this out. Either she magically comes up with this money, she moves into her dads and leaves lurch, or they both end up on the street.

No. 507104

God I can imagine her being on a show like slum landlord and nightmare tenants, her being the nightmare tenant in this case. Her landlord will have to spend some serious cash to even try make the apartment look/be even remotely livable in again.

I have a feeling her dad will only let her stay with him if she agrees to detox/rehab/therapy.

No. 507105

and without lurch being in the picture.

No. 507107

Looks like new earrings too. Thought they were getting evicted?

>less than two months late
It's not like you didn't forget to mail the check out a day or two, this is nearly two months worth of rent you're behind on, idiot. Even now she's spending beg money on new shit.

You guys think the landlord will have to hire a clean up crew straight out of Hoarders to clear the mountains of grimey clothes out?

No. 507108

But they had a PAPER that let them live RENT FREE FOREVER because they're MOURNING. Totally legit, they had a nurse type it up and sign it.

No. 507110

File: 1524048132547.png (247.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180418-052207.png)

I am skeptical on the claims of her being evicted. I don't know how it is New York, but don't you have to go to court to have the eviction proceed?

Eh, eff it. I decided to Google it. I could not find any court record in Lurch or Luna's names even though their landlord would have to take them to court to be evicted.

No. 507145

I used to be a process server and I've served several evictions. The landlord has to get a court order but it's pretty easy and doesn't even involve actually going to a courthouse. You can use a legal assistance company. They have to serve Luna and Lurch but that simply involves posting a notice on their door. They have to be out by the time the documents say or the landlord throws your shit out. It's not that complicated.

No. 507156

There's no way they aren't either being evicted or close to being evicted because they were relying on Roger's monthly money to pay rent and bills. Lurch can't sell drugs because he's already been nabbed for poss/intent to sell and I think is still delaying a hearing on that and Luna can't grub any more money since she's been outed.

No. 507235

File: 1524075069957.png (9.84 KB, 533x279, 2018-04-18 19_10_26-Case Detai…)

He's already been sentenced.

No. 507237

look out for another lurch dressed up pic, probs get robbed again too

No. 507245

OMG that's horrifying…

Doesn't it look a bit…dense/flat for armpit hair?

My first reaction is maybe she shot up their/got sticked by a used needle littered around her house and the skin is rotting (abcess), or she's storing blacktar heroin there, perhaps so it can somehow absob into her system (I've never used heroin so sorry if this makes no sense, but I've heard of people "plugging" it in their ass)

No. 507276

Nah it's just matted up armpit hair. She's not a natural blond and she doesn't bathe and probably hasn't used deodorant in years.
I constantly wonder what has happened to Lurch. Since Roger's passing, we've heard a lot from Tuna about how "sad" she is yet nothing about Lurch. It was HIS father, right? Wouldn't a loving partner show some sort of concern or empathy for their finance who just lost their father? Or does Lurch not even give a shit about his own father's death?

No. 507301

That seems like he's getting off pretty light for intent to distribute, a year probation and some cheap fines. In my area, it's more like 2 to 4 years in state prison depending unless you "co-operate"

No. 507324

Google Lawyer says NY averages 1 to 9 years in state prison for that charge.

No. 507416

wow she really lost weight, i guess… sucking in her stomach aside. but the flabby skin in her armpit and on her arm… like what is she even taking.

No. 507418

what is she even talking about.. her gofundme is still online.


No. 507420

didnt she post pictures of that place when they moved in which was only a few years ago?
not to say that they are probably regularely late on rent.
the owner might have only given them a pass because he was pityful towards ol' roger

No. 507422

well.. prisons are full enough I guess. NY might have a high rate of drug charge so they wouldnt have any beds left if they always send the folks to prison.
or he ratted some people out.

No. 507471

have we even seen him since? maybe he's already done a runner on her

No. 507485

No. 507542

Nah, she moved into Lurch and Roger's house a few years ago, after they'd already been living there for a long time (I think she said 11 years?)

No. 507561

Wtf? No one shoots up in their armpit… or “stores” drugs there… like what lol. You can’t absorb drugs through your armpit. funniest shit I’ve read today

No. 507578

She's posted tons of pictures of them together on her instagram, anon.

No. 507582

File: 1524112284775.png (571.19 KB, 972x517, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.3…)

Dump of images she posted yesterday on her instagram, for anyone who doesn't follow her. I apologize if there are any repeats from her tumblr.

No. 507584

File: 1524112336961.png (651.4 KB, 889x622, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507585

File: 1524112358429.png (577.92 KB, 862x621, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507586

File: 1524112385791.png (692.31 KB, 903x629, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507587

File: 1524112403574.png (500.58 KB, 963x479, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507588

File: 1524112422044.png (643.83 KB, 963x483, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507589

File: 1524112435417.png (726.21 KB, 956x622, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507592

File: 1524112499054.png (683.64 KB, 844x629, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

There were loads of images from years ago to a few months ago here, but I think we've seen all of them before, so I'm not going to bother posting them unless someone asks.

No. 507593

File: 1524112516763.png (609.48 KB, 844x623, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507594

File: 1524112548684.png (276.17 KB, 961x617, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507596

File: 1524112570435.png (754.64 KB, 837x624, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507597

File: 1524112589753.png (571.83 KB, 850x619, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.2…)

No. 507694

I can't even tell what she was trying to draw here other than her usual "Woe is me, I'm a miserable aesthetic druggie".

No. 507717

File: 1524140062765.jpeg (182.37 KB, 1080x1080, 5C678F17-1901-4240-9D9B-9C43AA…)

She posted these and my goodness, she used to be so cute even beautiful in this one

No. 507718

File: 1524140320537.jpeg (195.19 KB, 1080x1080, 9403BE24-4E26-43DF-869E-9EA50E…)

This one too, she used to look so damn cute!

No. 507719

Yeah, I saw there were some but she is always posting shit from forever ago so sometimes it's hard to tell what's actually current. They always look filthy and dead anyway

No. 507720

Except for when she is actually young and healthy looking I should say, because then she looks sweet and pretty and not gross

No. 507723

anon ya going too far with "beautiful" lol
She looks like a British rebel thirteen y.o girl in these. Sweet but I wouldn't call her pretty.

Honestly she looks good here
with normal makeup, not those drugged panda eyes.

But with this naturally freckly skin she seems/seemed to have she would look cool with ginger hair and I'm sure that look would garner her more insta followers than her uwu cute drugs girl trash aesthetics. I'm saying this because she cares about internet fame, so yeah

No. 507817

Edits her fat thighs to appear like she’s starving

No. 507851

This is probably the best "Don't do drugs" PSA on here. She looked so cute and now she looks like a corpse because she wanted to be aesthetic and tragic.

No. 507863

File: 1524162630595.png (296.62 KB, 2098x1056, buddy.png)

I decided to look up Luna online and came across something about a cat she had called Buddy.


Anyone know what happened to this cat…and am I mistaken that this was posted in 2015, but the cat's paw got cut open in 2013…?

No. 507916

I dunno anon, she kinda looks like an alt granny to me.

No. 507922

The comparison of this >>506756 v.s this >>507718 is jarring. Sure she's not your typical "pretty" or "cute" but she looks happy, healthy, and like a young girl with a promising future. She's slowly deteriorated into a crusty, haggard, dumpy mess because of all the drugs, laziness and not giving a shit. I can't imagine what she's gonna look like in 5 years if she keeps it up, my bet is she's going to go full meth head with the scabby face, missing teeth, tattered hair and breast that touch the floor. Don't do drugs kids.

No. 508044

Poor kitty probably didn't make it. :(

I wonder what's going to happen to their cats after they're evicted.

No. 508373

>Draw your family
>No Roger

Okay, Tuna. Even children tend to draw deceased loved ones as angels or something.

No. 508408


She could have slapped his face onto one of her beloved cherubs.

No. 508409

>have we even seen him since? maybe he's already done a runner on her


>instantly shows up on her IG

hi tuna.
youre awful.

No. 508412

she always used to have 2 cats, and she apparently still has them?

black cat:

grey cat with white collar:

No. 508436

Buddy the cat is long dead,it was the cat she had when living with her mom before Lurch. She still has the two cats, Pepper and Smokey.

No. 508523


And they were Roger's originally?

No. 508587

File: 1524252644948.png (438.06 KB, 816x595, junji ito.png)

Stolen from KF

No. 508589

File: 1524252805230.png (21.85 KB, 636x151, baseball.png)

No. 508600

File: 1524254417301.jpeg (496.95 KB, 640x1083, 639C9466-85C2-427A-A148-65D61F…)

I don’t know how she can be so transparent about plowing through her Amazon wishlist when she’s getting evicted

No. 508613

Since lurch had lived with roger since forever i assume they can be considered "his" cats as well.

No. 508614

people like her seem to think they exist in a different world from the rest of us like yeah we'd all probably like to not pay rent and get people to buy us clothes and not work etc. but you can't live like that. You can't be an irresponsible teenager all your life (I know I sound old as heck saying this lol)

No. 508620

File: 1524257949733.jpg (72.6 KB, 540x719, EVPj7dc.jpg)

i wish someone like honey martin would call her out again

No. 508621

File: 1524257974539.png (367.84 KB, 530x502, xgh8bLl.png)

No. 508634

iirc someone on honey’s post or on the last thread here said that they had bought that for her birthday off her wish list so I wouldn’t be surprised if she got both sets from the same person. I think it was the girl who has screenshots that were saying that like her and her husband were having car problems and like ankle issues and shit she had said that luna had messaged her multiple times before and that she had given her money and bought her stuff before. but regardless Luna’s ridiculous to be out here begging with new clothes on. like what are they doing to make sure that they can keep living there??? Not a damn thing but she’s def not going without 2 new velour track suits or dope

No. 508670

All that arm fat in the left pic is triggering me. I thought heroin addicts were skinny from nodding and puking. Wtf Tuna…

No. 508671


I think it's the trim of the door in the background making it look so deformed and cottage cheesy

No. 508689

Or a previous abscess lol

No. 508699

Certain variables (sometimes unavoidable) can leave you with extra skin after you lose weight. The only remedy/removal is a surgical procedure, and since its considered cosmetic, most people can't afford it/get it covered.

If it was anybody other than Luna, I wouldn't judge.

(Missin' sage a whole lot right now.)

No. 508716

Why does she pose like she's pulling a wedgie out of her ass.

No. 508747

She's holding her thigh to look like a thigh gap

No. 508911

The cat she discussed in the post is a different cat than those two…

No. 508980

File: 1524344476907.png (12.27 KB, 540x94, IthgRiU.png)

No. 508985

Im curious who she's going with. Im sure she'll post selfies.
I hope they don't play Cotton-Eyed Joe, she might wanna get jiggy with it and launch herself onto the field, breaking a hip or dislocating her spleen.

No. 508987

Wait, she posted that over 6 hours ago and still no selfies anywhere? Psh, she didnt even go. Always lyin'.

No. 509036

lmao she traded them for dope two weeks ago I bet

No. 509054

File: 1524355449576.jpeg (358.85 KB, 750x1185, C1E2F256-B109-4B9E-BA89-D675E2…)

No. 509063

File: 1524356702333.jpg (136.61 KB, 901x1200, o2QLxPO.jpg)

>from all the terrible things raining down on me
you mean like the people rightfully calling you out for scamming them and harassing them?

No. 509065

File: 1524356760386.png (295.81 KB, 521x507, love bomb.png)

No. 509066

File: 1524356825340.png (258.67 KB, 529x433, rfTI1eH.png)

No. 509067

File: 1524356894476.png (537.26 KB, 544x806, uY2VoqB.png)

No. 509068

File: 1524357233541.gif (1.5 MB, 500x280, 1512363824170.gif)

That burger on the public table with no napkin separating them….

No. 509074

She must've gotten some good drugs.

No. 509082

Hahahaha hi Luna

>the only relationship to matter

That is tragic, girl

No. 509087

uhhh wasn't she just posting about tyler/tai/talia

No. 509105


>celebrate rogers life

No. 509111

Nothin like doing dope and good ole baseball to commemorate the life of your dead loved ones.

No. 509123

yea but anon she went to a baseball game, shared 1 cheeseburger and they are high af so she doesn't need tai for asspats today lurch is the besttttt and she loves him so much she gave him a card for her birthday that said so

No. 509144

File: 1524372312184.jpg (79.38 KB, 500x667, 696af8fe89c580657cfc7cccb8a7e3…)

tuna is the second google img search result for cripple punk lol

No. 509154

she wishes she was

No. 509167

>me and matthews birthdays (4-¾-28)
Is she implying lurch is just turning 28 this year? Or what the hell are does numbers supposed to mean

No. 509171

Her bday was on the 3rd, I think she's trying to say his is on the 28th. Maybe she was high enough to legitimately think her birthday was on April "4¾". Idk, either way I don't think she was implying that he's only 28.

No. 509176

i think she wrote 4-3/4-28 and it autocorrected 3/4 to the special character.

No. 509207

File: 1524411481899.png (348.53 KB, 489x575, 1429470713447.png)

We've yet to see any sign of Roger's ashes or any sort of memorial items from his service. Someone like Luna I figured she would've gone the infamous like this and mixed in Roger's ashes for a hoarder house glamour photoshoot.

No. 509208

Definitely not implying he’s 28. The fact that Matthew is significantly older than Luna is a point of pride for her.

No. 509232

File: 1524425530529.jpg (71.52 KB, 540x720, CtfM448.jpg)

No. 509233

File: 1524425551771.png (297.31 KB, 530x445, 7Y5bqIS.png)

No. 509234

File: 1524425584072.png (482.17 KB, 528x436, rSxjyR0.png)

No. 509236

"starving" "don't have any money for food" "so poor" "my dad doesn't buy me food he just gives me clothes"
Can afford new makeup though

No. 509251

Hows she keeping the new relationship energy going so long? You'd think with your only shared hobby being suffering withdrawals and your partner looking like a madame tussauds rendition of easter island statues, she'd be more complacent with him. What's he doing to get her so in love?

No. 509255

Personally, I don’t think she loves him as much as she pretends to. I think that their relationship is probably a toxic, codependent, junkie nightmare. She’s desperately trying to convince herself that she is in love with him, because if she wasn’t that would mean the past four years of her life was a mistake.

She has no friends. Most of her family has disowned her. She lives in a filthy hovel and doesn’t work, and nor does her 40 year old boyfriend, so they will soon be kicked out because they can’t steal money from the recently deceased Roger.

She must realize on some level how awful and depressing and wrong her life is; but instead of using that as a jumping off point to improve, she uses it to further cement herself into this lifestyle.

She has to make sure her followers know that she and Lurch are ~so in love~, to the point where it’s almost satire, because if they weren’t really in love Luna would have to face her life is a travesty and she’s not mentally prepared for that.

No. 509261

It doesn't cost anything to slip a lip gloss into your pocket. Makeup is probably one of the easiest and most commonly stolen items.

No. 509266

so sly hiding those track marks

No. 509269

File: 1524435222096.png (144.65 KB, 520x340, dBBbpCB.png)

but i thought she couldn't afford this phone cover. gee, i wonder where she got the money for it on such short notice

No. 509276

She totally got the highlight too, check out >>509232

No. 509301

I think she meant to say 4/3 and 4/28, as in April 4th and April 28th. Mystery solved?

No. 509306

Oh Jesus Christ Luna, don't stretch your lobes. The mere thought of the smell is making me gag.

No. 509313

how the fuck does she get acrylic nails. That shit is like 50 dollars for a full set

No. 509335


she buys cheap nasty press-ons from amazon and paints over them herself, if you look at pics of her hands you can see how shitty they look and how red and weepy her cuticles are

No. 509337

I'm always amused when I see other cows use Lime Crime products. Made for cows, by a fraudulent cow.

No. 509402

what's with the bruises on her hand/wrist?

No. 509416


Injection marks.

No. 509426

She doesn't love him. She wants more than anything to have a Courtney/Kurt relationship. Lurch was the first junky to show interest so he became her ~true love~

No. 509427


idk if is the same everywhere but paypal lets me make purchases even if my connected bank acct is overdrawn. if it was anyone else i'd assume that was the case but it's tuna, so

No. 509430

File: 1524499348217.jpg (128.86 KB, 500x720, sQghI7f.jpg)

Maybe their relationship will end in the same way.

No. 509442

She’s not hiding them there. You can inject pracically anywhere where a vein is visible (but most people stay away from dangerous places like the neck or legs), just look at that pic with her wrist showing. She doesn’t hide it, she wants people to see how ~badly she’s suffering~

No. 509547

I meant how she's missing an arm

No. 509578

I don't think Amazon accepts Paypal, though.

No. 510316

File: 1524679960335.png (352.86 KB, 531x479, jI7OKZX.png)

No. 510317

File: 1524679984938.png (47.4 KB, 565x457, ni61NE6.png)

No. 510331

Yup, she's still fat and Lurch still looks like a meth-addicted truck driver that gets beat up by hookers. Also, that description makes no sense, I assume she means "in four days it'll be our 4-year anniversary".

No. 510346

File: 1524685022301.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1826, 85B27D8E-0E73-44BC-A73A-0C8B4D…)

Well she has officially bought almost everything in this post from a while ago. Or she guilted people into buying it for her.

No. 510347

File: 1524685043448.jpeg (881.4 KB, 1242x1057, 591BA40E-9723-4B3A-86ED-023408…)

The hoodie mentioned above

No. 510348

File: 1524685146318.png (220.74 KB, 523x401, bEQgBqQ.png)

No. 510350

File: 1524685195095.gif (918.56 KB, 400x400, tumblr_p7r9wukaLj1wyvcq4o1_400…)

I bet her evil daddy bought it for her out of spite. :'(
Poor Luna how will she manage to go on in this cruel world?

No. 510351

File: 1524685208273.gif (874.73 KB, 400x400, tumblr_p7r9wukaLj1wyvcq4o2_400…)

No. 510353

Wtf are these faces she's making? She looks constipated. I hate seeing her in motion, I'm getting Peter Coffin vibes.

No. 510360

Did she take this in her underwear? Also look at the glimpse into the hoard in the back.

No. 510391

You can just tell that she didn't really need rent money. Look at that mess in the background! She can't sell any of that shit for money? It's a hoarder's nest ffs.

I wonder how she got the money to stay in that $1500 shithole since she can't beg as much as before on FB now.

No. 510398

haha eat a dick luna! i hate this bitch

No. 510417

These look like they should be from a horror film… or she just really needs to poop.
Also, the pile of garbage is growing. For people who have no jobs, no friends, no responsibilities, no hobbies, you'd assume they'd have ample time to clean the house. But nah, gotta make shitty Tumblr gifs of your crusty stroked out face.

No. 510434

I honestly am ashamed of how fucking astonished I was to see her in that hoodie after she used to sit on her high horse on social media and talk shit about him. This bitch is seriously ridiculous. I guess he’s cool now that she knows he died of a fent OD

No. 510550


>no jobs, no friends, no responsibilities, no hobbies

Their jobs are heroin, their friends are heroin, their responsibilities are heroin, their hobbies are heroin.

No. 510587

poor girl is so empty and has nothing going on in her life so she hoards and buys, buys, buys crap. Just like Pixielocks. kek.

No. 510654

>oh, she looks kinda cute here doesn't sh-
>scrolls down to >>509063

No. 511296

Rent is almost due…

No. 511298

File: 1524841970186.png (688.17 KB, 810x565, 4.png)

If she's soooo poor how does she afford all this bleach and hair treatments?

She's obviously gotten it bleached recently, right after her "cremation" fundraiser.

She has a lot of volume, I'll give her that.

No. 511310

um what about her rotten mouth babe

No. 511377


I'm convinced at this point that her Dad is paying her rent.

No. 511404

You too can have lots of volume if you bleach the shit out of your hair, create 50 million split ends, and never brush it so you get lots of frizzy, poofy tangles.

No. 511455

This. You can have the straightest, noodliest hair ever but if you don't brush it and let it tangle up after keeping it in a braid/bun, it'll have volume too… just not the good kind.

No. 511458

Petty / nitpicking considering the circumstances but damn that lip color is NOT a good look

No. 511511

File: 1524879937144.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, F8CDF543-FBB6-408A-86C6-5D64B5…)

Confirmed that she bought it. How is the lipstick already so beat up?

No. 511512

File: 1524880047821.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 7DF8AAEA-8356-49EA-BB1B-7BE606…)

She posted a few photos but I don’t think they’re important besides this one and the previous highlighter one. Didn’t someone on here say you only inject your feet once you’re desperate?

No. 511514

File: 1524880456404.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, ED6636ED-0063-47B0-998D-1E1ECC…)

No. 511516


She's injecting several times a day if she's got that many marks.

No. 511527

1st - them boobs without proper support. GET A SPORTS BRA LADY.
2nd - that suicide baiting tho.

No. 511537

how many times has she threatened suicide by now? at least 100? usually that type of post deserves sympathy, but she's obviously fishing for donations to buy more useless crap

No. 511611

the playboy necklace must be new, right?

No. 511625

Maybe she stole the display?
Would explain why it literally looks like someone rubbed half of the lipstick against the packaging

No. 511628

is the binky collar new too? it doesn't look crusty enough to not be

No. 511652

ya it definitely looks like she stole the tester. that's probably why it doesn't have a lid either

No. 511895

That massive infection bruise on her arm too.
I can't deal with the suicide baiting. I have never met someone who was actually suicidal that would post nonstop about it. She's not suicidal, I doubt she's ever been, she's so arrogant and self-absorbed she'd probably kill someone else before taking her own life.

No. 511912

most addicts do inject several times a day tho? one shot every 4-6 hours to keep her out of withdrawal, though no one has that much control with heroin. it’s not that insane that she’s shooting multiple times a day

No. 511915

Not gonna lie, I thought she painted Lurch's toenails and these were his feet.
This looks like it was taken when she was completely doped up, no one in their right mind would post such a nasty picture with such a dumbass description. All I see is pink and brown and a whole lot of dirt.

No. 511955

Oh Tuna… Stop pretending to be suicidal.
People who are gonna commit suicide start giving their things away, they don't go out and get new shit.

No. 511983

nta but anon might be surprised because luna has been calling herself a "recovering heroin addict"

No. 512087


I mentioned it in response to so many anons speculating that she was no longer using as much.

No. 512300


omg i thought these were lurches feet

No. 512311

how can she afford that much though? I dont fucking understand. if she’s still using dope daily she’s gotta spending $100+ a day with her tolerance. how? maybe she’s shooting painkillers that she steals but I honestly don’t get how she’s still a daily heroin user. does lurch sell?

No. 512313

He must. Only explanation

No. 512315

File: 1525028216560.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1827, AC0A7EC1-F9EA-4D50-A98E-71183B…)

No. 512320

>time is running out so I better take a selfie!

Being cryptic in hope that someone will send enough money.

No. 512355

Luna is honestly never gonna get clean with lurch around. As hopeless luna is, lurch is even less likely to quit from what it seems… I hate that creepy mf more than I hate luna.

No. 512437

I totally agree he's a complete sack of shit that probably puts her in more trouble than anything else, this is a classic case of a co-dependent relationship. I doubt he has any feelings for her since he used to shop around for another hoe, I'm sure he still does that just not online.
Obviously, Tuna is no saint but I can't help but think that if she wasn't with Lurch she'd have a better chance of getting clean and sober.

No. 512567


I can't believe people cling to this idea of Luna getting clean, especially since she is such a piece of shit anyway. The entire reason she is with Lurch is because heroin. Her entire life is built around heroin - her identity, her aesthetic, everything. She's about as likely to run a marathon as she is to clean up.

No. 512592

What are you talking about… all that was said was that Lurch is a piece of shit and that she’d have a BETTER chance of getting clean without him… because he’s a piece of shit. No one actually expects her to get clean

No. 512602

Between her filth, and her probably swiping testers every time she gets the chance, her makeup hoard must be like a fucking petri dish.

No. 512606

Of course not, she was aiming for a yonki to have her happy ever high
If it wasn't Lurch it would be another piece of shit.

No. 512640

why was that 90s models thing called "heroin chic"? aren't people supposed to lose weight on drugs? how is she so fat??

No. 512695

Lurch sells. He's gotten arrested for possession with intent.

No. 512762

Looks like flea bites tbh some of the marks aren't on veins. Those poor cats. Fleas are super hard to get rid of especially in filthy environments and treatments are expensive so I doubt they do shit about it.

No. 512766

you can use google for the first part. and 1. luna has lost some weight over the course of her years of use, 2. yes you can lose weight from drugs but you can get your answer directly from the source: luna isn't rail thin so not all people who do drugs are rail thin.

No. 512776

Luna has known Lurch almost her entire life. He was his mom’s dealer and good friend, who was around often. His influence may have led to her obsession with heroin and heroin paraphernalia. Plus, her mom used and allowed drug dealers like Lurch to be around her at such a young age. We’re probably never going to find out whether the heroin obsession or Lurch came first so it’s best to just drop it.

No. 512961

> aren't people supposed to lose weight on drugs

“Drugs” is extremely broad. It depends on the substance, of course. Drugs like stimulants (coke, meth) make you lose your appetite - the majority experience this side effect on stims. However, aloss of appetite is not as common on opiates like heroin, it can certainly occur, but opiates aren’t known for supressing your appetite like stimulants are. Think ephedrine and caffeine.

I’m more wondering about how she’s ~sooo~ broke and not losing weight.

No. 512976

Eating a lot of cheap fast/processed food.

No. 512994

and since it’s all processed and frozen junk food, everything she eats is absolutely loaded with sodium so she likely has a salt bloat 24/7 (hella water weight) … if you made her cook her own meals for a month and have a few green smoothies here and there, i think she’d look totally different.

No. 513065

also she doesn't do fuck all. she just sits on her ass eating mcdonalds and gets high. she used to talk about having an ED if i was her i'd use not having a lot of money as an excuse to you know, not buy a lot of food?

No. 513188

File: 1525208866234.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, D366C645-89AB-4042-BB2F-7E5FAB…)

Speculation but do you guys think Luna follows the Abby thread on here? Abby recently made a new IG and she’s already folllwing it. How would she keep up with her to know? Esp since neither have Facebook

No. 513199


Use of any drug that stimulates the production of dopamine or acts on the dopamine receptors will result in intense sugar cravings once the effects wear off. This includes opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA, LSD, and many others. The effect is not inherent to a particular class of drugs.

No. 513214

I would be very unsurprised if it ever came out that Tuna was a regular farmer. I assume she found the site via her own thread and then stayed to follow other cows.

How has she not been evicted yet? I know the eviction process can take several months, but it's May now.

No. 513230

I always thought the same thing. I wouldn't doubt it.
Maybe her evil abusive daddy is paying for it. She's been to his apartment and workplace several times in the path few months.

No. 513290

Luna is in at least one Abby facebook group

No. 513371

File: 1525233107090.jpg (118.56 KB, 540x720, tumblr_p82sbe3D0k1wyvcq4o1_540…)

Here I thought she was grimey enough in her apartment but she's ten times worse in daylight.

No. 513375

File: 1525233272817.png (15.92 KB, 521x255, 3QZZuTT.png)

incoming pic dump

No. 513376

File: 1525233310857.jpg (63 KB, 540x720, bB9ZKqo.jpg)

No. 513377

File: 1525233325799.jpg (66.29 KB, 540x675, foeTgiZ.jpg)

No. 513379

File: 1525233424425.png (837.2 KB, 544x1028, VaAymz7.png)

new toys?

No. 513380

File: 1525233474777.png (286.54 KB, 521x409, LCviIYl.png)

No. 513382

File: 1525233506448.jpg (45.28 KB, 400x533, S9LZAZ6.jpg)

No. 513383

File: 1525233522650.jpg (38.52 KB, 400x533, 6j6x5Ku.jpg)

No. 513386

File: 1525233572986.jpg (89.9 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

why does she looks like one of these

No. 513417

For someone who's always "starving" she sure is getting big.

Take a fucking shower, Tuna.

No. 513451

You can see dirt all over her face. Probably her makeup she smears off and just covers with more foundation. I feel like washing my face again.

No. 513464

What happens is that addicts prioritize their drug of choice over food. Some drugs make you lose your appetite but that's only stimulants. That's why you have rail thin alcoholics for example, even though alcohol makes most people gain weight. That and massive organ failure.

No. 513493

… which doesn't answer what I said. no matter when the obsession started or how it was influenced, it has become a core part of who she is. if Lurch dropped dead tomorrow, she'd jump on the next dealer dick she could find before the body was cold. romanticising this idea that she could get clean if only it wasn't for him is ridiculous.


I'm really curious about the eviction thing too. >>513230 seems as good a theory as any.

No. 513536


Her bathroom is probably a nightmare. She won't even wipe down the outside of her fridge when it's covered in mold and grime, do you think she cleans toilets? Or wipes down soap scum in the shower?

Hell no she doesn't. It's probably gross and rotting with filthy appliances and piled with trash.

No. 513606

Despite all her wants to honor Roger, we've yet to see any mention or pics of a memorial, his remains, anything. It's like he never existed.

No. 513638

Excuse you anon, she went to a baseball game and ate some McDonalds for him. What more do you expect?

No. 513716

I wonder if her mother secretly hates herself for letting her drug dealer into her daughter's life, allowing him to groom her. I know I would.

No. 513748

File: 1525297115469.jpeg (309.16 KB, 750x1180, A65FA448-4B29-4F1C-A4CF-F54ADD…)

>advanced techniques

No. 513750

File: 1525297171958.jpeg (295.63 KB, 750x1172, 218E7F4A-4AA0-40C4-8438-80CEFB…)

don’t worry anon, she saw your post and decided to mention roger in case someone would throw her money for it

No. 513770

File: 1525299687008.png (41.91 KB, 143x186, a3tPOxN.png)

that animal crossing face.
it's funny how she never mentions Roger on Tumblr, aka where she doesn't beg for $$$

No. 513798

That’s exactly what I was thinking!!! She absolutely lurks. Like damn Luna, why not call us out? She probably doesn’t want what’s left of her followers reading her thread even though everyone knows the truth already.

No. 513848

I gotta say though, I am intrigued on how she got her hair to grow so fucking quickly even though she consumes zero vitamins nor nutrients and kills it with bleach.

No. 513886

Most likely neglect. If she washed and brushed her hair regularly, I think the damage wouldn't be hidden as well. So maybe that's why she is still retaining length, when any other person who washes and brushes would experience breakage. But I don't understand how her hair grows when the follicles must be clogged with tons of sebum and she probably hasn't eaten a vegetable in months. Maybe she has really good hair genetics? Some people just fucking win the hair lottery and can grow it long even if they don't take care of themselves.

No. 513930

what does this have to do with weight loss?

yeah I wonder too. damaged hair usually grows pretty slowly. tbh like someone else said, might just be a genetics thing. i know some people who’s hair grows insanely fast despite bleaching and using heat

No. 513965

Shes got youth and thick hair (genetics) on her side. Notice how shes generally hairy? Shes also got thicker fuller hair on her head. Give it 5 years and that rats nest will be scraggly and diminished if she continues her lifestyle choices.

No. 514060

She's extra hairy because of PCOS, I think. It causes too much testosterone to be produced. I have no idea if/how that would affect hair growth on your actual head though?

No. 514077

Actually all human hair grows the same, about an inch per month regardless of its condition. It depends upon wether someone breaks off those damaged pieces or not. relatively low manipulation (little to no grooming, heat, styling) is great for keeping old damaged strands strong.

She looks like the extent of her routine comes from cutting the bangs and a weekly shower so hers will shed and break much less than the average person who brushes/combs their hair or cleans the sebum and grease from themselves. It's the same reason homeless people have such long scraggly back length hair and most people have shoulder length hair.

No. 514106

File: 1525373089699.png (2.21 MB, 1440x2306, Screenshot_2018-05-03-13-42-38…)

No. 514145

That’s what i meant, when you have damaged hair (split ends), your hair breaks off as it grows! However, some people are definitely more prone to having thin and dy hair that gets damaged easier with heat

No. 514149

File: 1525378305578.png (62.49 KB, 808x243, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-05-0…)

not really relevant but i just stumbled upon this and chuckled a little kek

No. 514163

“This picture means so much to me, give me money for it”
If her art means so much, why does she sell it?
And of course she needs to plug rogers death as much as she can. Cunt.

No. 514179

Still milking that poor man's death for as much as she can. This is why you don't get sympathy, Lunatic.

She's also always on the verge of losing her apartment.

No. 514265

Lurch’s court date is tomorrow…hmmmmmm

No. 514285

court date about what? I thought he has already been sentenced?

No. 514308

I think you mean half inch per month, anon.

If she has three days to move out of her apartment, they would need to be gone on the 6th. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had to leave any time other than the end of the month when my lease was up. Even if she got evicted during the month of April, she would have to be out of there by May 1st at the very latest.

If her and Lurch did actually have to leave, who wants to be they would leave the filthy hovel as is and not clean it or take anything out?

No. 514315

>If her and Lurch did actually have to leave, who wants to be they would leave the filthy hovel as is and not clean it or take anything out?
true. look at the recent pictures she's posted. they haven't packed up or cleaned up anything. even the fridge has dirt all over it still

No. 514339

I just checked and yeah, he does have court tomorrow. He was sentenced while ago, a year probation and community service. Maybe its just a check-in on him and where hes at with his community service hours…?

No. 514374

Is there any possibility that Luna is still smoking crack/doing stimulants? With the way she’s been lately, I doubt it but what do you guys think. Never thought I’d say this but I miss cracked out/tweaking Luna!

No. 514375

Not sure how it works in NY but usually you just see your probation officer for that. It seems like it'd be a huge waste of money to have a court case just to check in. It's possible he fucked up and failed a drug test

No. 514436

yeah, I don't know of anywhere where you go to 'check in' at court. he's fucked up again.

No. 514437


If she is to the point of using the veins in her wrist and thumb >>509232 then she is using the veins in her feet, too.

No. 514490

>three days to get all my shit out of this apartment
>whatever I can't afford to move goes in the garbage

Half that apartment should go into the garbage anyway.

No. 514696

File: 1525486572143.png (767.43 KB, 946x474, pfq6m9o.png)

No. 514697

File: 1525486589114.png (600.18 KB, 938x463, z44QFce.png)

No. 514700

File: 1525486684550.png (629.34 KB, 605x591, rrKQPUQ.png)

No. 514714

Hello Kitty always has a certain look of dead in the eye but particularly so when with tuna

No. 514720

could’ve sworn she said she broke this DS a week after she got it.

No. 514761

What's going to happen to the cats if they truly are being kicked out?

No. 514818

luna's materialistic obsession with 'things' grates on me so hard, and even worse is that everything she owns is actual garbage she could so easily go without

No. 514819


holy goddamn is that the galaxy quilt cover? it straight up looks like mould

No. 514821


>will be evicted in three days

>won't be able to take all her stuff
>not down to selling them for rent money but okay with throwing them out when she loses the flat


No. 514834

I don't think most of her stuff is something that would sell instantly and for a price that would make a difference, unless she sold her phone or tablet. She has a broken DS, used clothes and a bunch of dirty plushies.
I'm surprised she's not taking her stuff to her mother or father for temporal safekeeping.
She fucked her life up, but I still feel sorry for anyone losing roof above their head. At the same time, their landlord is in the right. Junkie life is so sad. Drugs: not even once.

No. 514856


Her stuff isn't worth ~1500 dollars. It's all gross, grimy, pink children's toys, that probably reek of cigarette smoke and mold.

No one wants her used sandals or hello kitty stickers.

The fuck is she gonna sell them to?

No. 514865

I’d love to see progress timeline of the infamous galaxy quilt

No. 514867

nah that's not the quilt, it looks like there's a floral pattern on this one. don't worry though, the galaxy quilt is just as disgusting as you expected

No. 514873

I have PCOS and it actually causes the contrary. Hairier in places ypu cant even imagine i wpuld grow actual 70's men sideburns, thank god for electrolisis and the hair on your head gets thinner and falls a lot cause of the excess testosterone.

No. 514901

So she's supposed to be moving out tomorrow? Hopefully her lack of begging for money/a place to stay means that she's moving back in with her dad but I sort of doubt it. Do we know anything about lurch's family besides roger?

No. 514905

I don't think anything else is known about Lurch other than he was her mom's dealer. I don't see her moving in with her dad. I doubt he would let Luna's other daddy Lurch crash in his nice apartment.

No. 514909

hands are one of the first places you shoot up.. legs, groin and neck are a last resort scenario (i’m not saying she’s not IVing in her feet just that using hand veins is common)

No. 514924


Veins on the top of the hand and wrist, yes; they are frequently used for medical periphery IV access. But the veins on the underside of the wrist and thumb that she is using in >>509232 are much smaller and more difficult to access.

No. 515072

File: 1525562049139.jpeg (144.89 KB, 750x463, 61DCD7EE-E182-446E-B866-E673EC…)

Just incase anyone was doubtful if she stole the lipstick or not. She did.

No. 515075

File: 1525562170853.jpeg (94.14 KB, 750x587, 02CFFA3F-F143-4B32-8460-CFC48B…)

Reposting sorry wanted to get rid of the other persons name.
For someone who’s getting evicted she’s pretty chilled out.

No. 515081

there goes her whole ~recovering addict~ angle she was pushing

No. 515092

I can't believe how proud of herself she is for stealing.

I know plenty of girls who had a "shoplifting streak" when they were like, 16 year olds. Now we talk about it and feel guilty for having done it. Growing up is realizing the things you do/have done wrong, and changing yourself for the better.

It's just weird how stunted she is. All she cares about are drugs, material goods, and Netflix.

No. 515100

File: 1525565580590.png (524.49 KB, 1280x706, 7dmA4j9.png)

month old milk but this was the first video in luna's "liked videos" yt playlist. look at that title, the irony.
i'm assuming this is hers because all of the yankees, kurt cobain and alice in chains shit clogging the list https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOi8coVqzus&list=LLA6PAegWUShjKmdk7gUYJtA

No. 515109

if she's willing to shoplift why doesn't she steal food? Since she's always starving and everything.

No. 515111

she has stolen food though, she's bragged about that too. granted it was just cheetos

No. 515118

File: 1525568631573.jpeg (108.64 KB, 750x408, B01888B5-133F-4129-B40E-CADC98…)

She’s posted or commented a few other things but nothing of too much interest I guess. Either that or it’s from like 2-8 weeks ago

No. 515119

File: 1525568653443.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.85 KB, 750x600, 21571C4F-07F0-4443-B95F-81A6D9…)

Old news but I mean she brought it up

No. 515145

jesus christ.

were there any further comments on that post?

No. 515161

File: 1525573133646.jpeg (148.92 KB, 750x1043, 142592C1-01B1-43B7-8BDA-D822DE…)

This is all Luna said but there were like 50 or so other comments from other people sharing stuff. She never mentioned any of her own wounds tho

No. 515163

File: 1525573306069.jpeg (222.03 KB, 750x640, 4B2492D5-4A7F-4067-A83B-520B96…)

Old news but just a recent admission of the drugs she is/was on. I love how someone so scared of being evicted apparently can casually gossip about their drug shit like this

No. 515175


Holy shit this is disgusting! I’m not sure how this healed so well.

No. 515178

No. 515179

Well that’s the thing she said he didn’t go to hospital but I swear he did go to hospital? I know he did for something I could be confusing it with something else tbh but wasn’t she all scared he was going to lose his leg??

No. 515182

Proof she does crack for all of these who kept saying she was just doing h

No. 515191

Yeah, I remember him going too because tuna posted pics and I think she talked about an access from his leg getting drained. But she said it was from the metal rod she says is in her leg.
Im pretty sure of this.
Wonder if she forgot they went to the hospital becasue she's mental in the brain from all dem drugz.

No. 515202

lol is this also confirmation that she left the program bc they tried to get her to stop using?

No. 515206

Honestly if she's good at lifting she could do what tumblr girls do and lift a lot then sell it off on ebay or poshmark. Would get to keep her apartment at least till they figured something out with Chief, idk. Better than stealing shit just to get it grimy.

Anyway did she ever get around to selling nudes? I remember she wanted to do it on mylunchmoney. She might be able to get part of that 1500 from there

No. 515210

Im pretty sure cracked out junkie porn will net her about 3 dollars a year anon….

No. 515213

I don't think she has that kind of self control. She'd never be able to sell expensive clothes or makeup, the urge to take selfies with it would be too strong.

No. 515216

I don't want to go through that list to find exact titles, but Jesus, why did she like so many gross movies? Dog eaten from the inside by bugs, rabies in human, the one about removing some kind of growth from head… Jesus, even the titles and thumbnails made me want to puke. What the heck

No. 515218

File: 1525584110477.png (177.57 KB, 741x1109, 1499752648301.png)


He went in July 2017.


No. 515219

Sounds about right then? That photo she’s put up says August 2017 which is “over a year later” yet so it had to of been before then. Could’ve been the photos from start of 2017 and he went to hospital for it July if it’s the same thing?

No. 515222

Does this coincide with the "i need money because my boyfriend got hurt at a black lives matter protest" story she gave. Or is it the "he hurt his leg saving an animal" tale

No. 515245

iirc she said it had to do with the metal rod in his leg from an accident of some sort

No. 515251


By "over a year later" she means that it has been over a year since his infection in 2017.

In any case she lied about "no hospital" and "no medical attention." Check the old thread for more posts and pics of his visit.

No. 515254


why would she lie about lurch needing medical attention for his gross abscess? is she vying for junkie cred or something?

No. 515291

She tried to be sly about her drug addiction ever since her secret drug blog got discovered.
I guess since she got recently called out on Facebook she doesn't care anymore though.

No. 515310


The abscess Lurch went to the hospital for was his inner thigh, near his groin. I don't beleive we've seen this one on the calf before until now.

No. 515321

Or rather kicked her out when she didnt comply. It doesnt make sense to waste money on therapy when the person is still addicted to hard drugs.

No. 515322

there are men who are turned on the more the girl is fucked up and dirty.

No. 515340

Man there is some shit in there. At home tooth pulling videos? Girl I hope you and Lurch are not doing this

No. 515374

There's a couple of videos on there of maggots being taken out of the head/scalp, specifically. I bet one of them had a maggot living in their scalp and she needed a DIY maggot removal kek.

No. 515414

File: 1525641567091.png (480.83 KB, 523x595, 3.png)

Mini Tumblr dump incoming. Looks like she moved out after all. Wonder where she went. Has anything been posted on her FB/Insta?

No. 515415

File: 1525641581258.png (305.18 KB, 543x411, 2.png)

No. 515416

File: 1525641593523.png (213.09 KB, 529x321, 1.png)

No. 515417

File: 1525641618277.png (307.28 KB, 525x449, 4.png)

No. 515418

File: 1525641626144.png (280.13 KB, 531x401, 5.png)

No. 515430

She's obviously got some other place lined up though, otherwise she'd be freaking out. My guess is evil dads house. Who knows what lurch will do tho.
Unless she's so nice and high she's feeling like living on the literal streets with your junkie swamp creature is a cute, fun romantic idea uwuu.
This will be interesting though.
I wonder why she isn't all upset…

No. 515432

Maybe she's just too high to care

No. 515433

File: 1525643318842.png (866.69 KB, 711x953, Capture _2018-05-06-16-47-24.p…)

Samefag but I just checked her insta, and yep she's at her dads house.

No. 515434

Hm I wonder if this means she'll actually have to get clean. I can't see her dad letting her get away with shooting up at his place

No. 515435

so much for daddy being soooooooo evil and abusive >:( and selfishly letting her use his credit card only to buy amazon clothes
i wonder if junji-ito face tagged along or what. i just can't imagine that

No. 515436

I see her using her dads place as just a place to sleep And store all her smelly shit.
She'll prolly be out with lurch all day. I wonder where he's staying though.

No. 515447

I'd love to know where the poor kitties are.

No. 515453

if her dad already has cats then he most likely has them

No. 515485

File: 1525653071655.png (24.02 KB, 627x219, PZ7y0Gw.png)

>from on top the bed
>into my fiances arm
so i guess this confirms she's at her dad's house with lurch? or at least has another place lined up with lurch

No. 515490

No? Was it posted before she left the drug den with lurch? Before she posted the pics of her dads cat…?

No. 515491

huh? It was posted 4 hours, the same time these were posted >>515414 and the cat photo >>515433
she posted it all around the same time.

No. 515492

same anon, meant four hours ago of course.

No. 515495

I'm assuming her dad didn't want her on the streets and gave in to her begging to let lurch live there too. shame, she wouldn't have lasted a week living on the streets and would've come crying back to her dad. at least they can take showers and wash their clothes now.

No. 515498

>only belongings i have

uhh we've seen her piles of hoarded items and she would regularly, intentionally show them off.
guess it doesn't matter how many times she gets treated to shopping trips, given items on her wishlist, or how many things she "finds". She still wants us to think she literally doens't own much. It's not even enough for her to complain that she has a lot of things but nothing that nice or expensive, no, she wants to convince us that a fraction of her hoard is all she owns in the world.

No. 515502

holy FUCK how is this even possible from one missed shot? Their heroin must be so SHIT.

No. 515508

Considering she just moved out, that probably is the only shit she could afford to take to her dads via public transport. She probably left all her piles of moldy clothes and toys for her landlord to clean up.

No. 515512

Did she leave the cats behind too? Release them back into the streets?
How would she possibly transport them to her dads house? And didnt see them next to her trash bags of "not garbage"…

No. 515518

File: 1525660637390.jpeg (278.27 KB, 750x553, D56E1C99-4F68-45E9-AB8A-5450EC…)

Well she’s not letting her junkie friends know about it she’s posted nothing to that group except this and commenting on someone else’s post that crack feels great for 2 minutes then you want more and it isn’t worth it (the guys status was asking about it)

No. 515531

I'm so disappointed that her father is letting Lurch lurk around his daughter like this, letting that scabby loser live in his house with Luna.

blogposting but when I was younger I had a very abusive boyfriend that my parents let move in with me into our house because he was kicked out of every place he went. I love my parents but I can't imagine how much better off I would have been if they had just out their foot down and said no and taken me away from that creep before it got really bad.

I truly hope that Luna will get away from Lurch. I know she's a shitbag herself, but maybe she has a chance to be better without him skulking around.

I worry about the cats, too. They are very old and probably not well.

No. 515538

Some people just enjoy watching nasty shit like that. I had an ex who looked at those kinds of videos for fun

No. 515548

i wouldn't be surprised if her dad was too afraid to give luna the ultimatum between living with him/getting clean and never seeing Lurch again or never getting his support again. because she would 100% choose Lurch over him.

No. 515555

Yeah, I can totally see how his actions are probably driven by a fear of losing his daughter completely. I mean, at least she will still be in his life, even if it's with Lurch.

No. 515742


Everything looks so clean, including the cat

No. 515754

are those smudges a sad attempt at contour?

No. 515758

I think it's more so she kept adding makeup on top of makeup and it just smeared and smudged to create this mess. Who knows though, she could of trying to contour and just was too high to remember what a face looks like. She looks anaemic, that purple lipstick isn't doing her any favours, she looks like a bloated corpse.

No. 515777

File: 1525716446467.jpeg (153.76 KB, 750x1105, 940AA589-A4C2-43CF-8C90-97AF7D…)

Getting into his books already

No. 515834

Shooting bth looks disgusting, we don't even get that here. No way is she going to understand the dialect in Irvine Welsh's books.

No. 515844

She says this is about how this should get her back on her medication for mental illness
But she literally posted this art in a thread for junkie inspired art?? Kek

No. 515901

So how long you guys think dads gonna put up with them shitting up his place? Its one thing to love your kid but ffs this scab could drag him down with.

No. 515902

Samefag but her jumping off the bed cause lurch doesn't necessarily mean he stays there. Maybe just visits and thats why OMG JUMPED OFF BED sperg.

No. 515907

>No way is she going to understand the dialect in Irvine Welsh's books

Was just thinking that. I read it a couple of months ago and watched a couple of these videos to get me started.

No. 515931

>tits nearly hanging out the bottom of crop top
Classy. Then again this is the chick hauling trash bags of nasty belongings across town.

No. 515956

Oh my god, it sounds like she has a popping/'extraction' fetish. As if she can't get any more disgusting. That's just repulsive.

No. 515999

Has she ever been caught for shoplifting? I mean, she has to have come close?? She doesn’t seem like the good sneaky type..

No. 516053

I dont think so?
But didnt she mention a CVS that she used to get Rogers prescriptions at where she said she couldn't go back because of shoplifting? Or maybe she just didnt want to go back because she was paranoid?

But yeah, im surprised she hasn't been caught. She's so grimy and always high so I imagine she isn't very clever and gets watched by store employees.

No. 516126

I think she stopped for a while because I think she got caught/seen and she couldn’t pick up her prescription because of it or something because she was too scared to go in. I think somebody who worked there had mentioned something to her that made her realize that they knew she was stealing iirc

No. 516149

pretty much all of her belongings needed to go into trash bags a long time ago, so that's a positive step for her. /s

I'm reading the cried and jumped off the bed bit as her guilt-tripping her evil and abusive dad into letting her true love and dear companion at least set foot in his place. I really, really hope he just allowed a visit and hasn't let the neanderthal come to stay, Luna steals enough of his shit as it is.

I'd be amazed if she is not well-known for stealing shit - look at her. Miss 'feeling cute' would be an instant red flag the moment she set foot in a store because she has filthy junkie written all over her.

No. 516159


I bet things start to go missing from her Dad's very soon.

No. 516183

She's said in the past that her dad gives her weed and xanax but I kind of have a hard time believing that. She has also torn pages out of his books in the past to hang on her wall

No. 516186

I wouldn't be too surprised if her dad gave her weed but I feel like she steals the xanax from him. Considering she usually posts pictures of them with things that she says she swiped from his bathroom cupboard

No. 516353

File: 1525832233183.png (958.27 KB, 720x1052, Capture _2018-05-08-21-14-44.p…)

No. 516354

File: 1525832234450.jpg (122.48 KB, 544x1704, c4opWNF.jpg)

for those of you worried about the cats

No. 516355

File: 1525832307993.png (863.38 KB, 720x947, Capture _2018-05-08-21-15-48.p…)

No. 516356

not totally related but i think she was at therapy(?) when someone caught her going through a ladies purse and she got kicked out.

No. 516358

didn't she also steal from the woman she worked for? and then she was complaining about how she mysteriously never called back for more work

No. 516359

File: 1525832430661.png (871.91 KB, 718x812, Capture _2018-05-08-21-16-33.p…)

Its so disturbing that her dad is letting him in the house.
Also it looks like hes tying off to shoot up.

No. 516360

She also posted a selfie in her dads bathroom captioned "temporary". Uh, if your living situation is temporary you dont hang garbage all over the walls?

No. 516362

File: 1525832789301.png (700.63 KB, 714x915, Capture _2018-05-08-21-25-36.p…)

Wait, its not her dads bathroom.
Interesting I wonder were she is…

No. 516363

going by this post, she's at her mom's >>516355
which is probably why lurch is allowed there, being her dealer and all

No. 516364

She's at her moms maybe? Yikes.

No. 516366

Lurch is gonna try and hook up with Tunas mom. Watch out Tuna!

No. 516371

YES! I remember this, she was like "yeah i worked here before so they're definitely gonna hire me back" then she stole from her. classic tuna

No. 516380

>clean bedding
>puts all her nasty unwashed stuff on it
Imagine how bad everything she owns reeks.

No. 516382

>>clean bedding

Sorry anon but I have to disagree, look at those stains : >>516355 >>516353


No. 516385

in the first one (full house), the stain looks fresh. i bet money luna's responsible for it

No. 516434

she’s putting up weight, the poor penniless thing

No. 516437

its so weird cuz the walls and everything look so clean and it makes her stuff look 10x grimier. also ew at her for smoking cigs in her “temporary” house.

is she staying there 2-3 weeks cuz her mom/dad/whoever she’s staying with said she could only stay for 3 weeks max? or is she stayig there 2-3 weeks cuz they have something else lined up but it wont be available for 3 weeks? if its the first, i wonder what will happen if they dont find a new place

No. 516445

For someone who's always broke and starving, she sure can afford cigarettes.

No. 516509

for tuna standards THIS does look clean

No. 516518

I had a dream last night that someone wrote Dr. Phil and got Tuna and Lurch on the show and woke up slightly disappointed that I will never see that shitshow irl.

>temporary home
>2-3 weeks
>spreads her shit everywhere and decorates the place as if it's her own home and will guaranteed she'll make it very difficult for them to try to kick her out of there

No. 516521

I was about to point out for someone who is very aware this is a less than a month ordeal she sure has no problem decking it out they way she treated a place she actually 'rented'. Either the drugs have made her this disillusioned or she is once again lying about how long it possibly is she is staying for more pity points. Nothing gets people helping more than having problems with actual dead lines rather than long term ailments like addiction or mental health issues.

No. 516543

Thank you for the update, anon. Luna and Matthew can pound sand up their assholes for all I care, but those poor cats didn't ask to be cared for by two utter losers.

No. 516558

>>all my belongings
Ok Jan, don't know how you fit all that junk into your purse. Also usually people like taking things of use like toiletries, memorabilia, and things they use daily. Dirty crusty old stuffed animals ARE NOT a priority Tuna.
I'm just glad the cats are ok (or at least they look fine)

No. 516560

Honestly look at her priorities. In >>515414 there's three trash bags full of stuff.

Now look at >>516354 in the bottom pic. All those stuffed animals probably took a bag.

Then look at >>516353 which has the same stuff but also her big bear plush and the bear pillow. That took up another half of a bag.

That's 1 1/2 bags out of 3 filled with nothing but dirty stuffed animals.

Clothes? Shoes? Necessary items for every day life? Nope. She picked her stuffed animals.

No. 516630

As someone who loves useless Things as much as Luna, I understand perfectly why she didn't want to leave them. I don't understand why she and Lurch didn't go from their old apartment to mom place a few times in order to haul stuff? They could do it one day early or so. Assuming they didn't because of Luna's dramatic post with the trashbags. She could also hold the big bear pillow under her arm.
You can take your plushies and your clothes etc.

No. 516632

pretty sure she didn't just bring three bags but packed it all into bags, stored it in her moms cellar and only took these into her moms apartment with her.
because lets be real, luna could never part with all her stuff

No. 516781

File: 1525911358143.png (125.15 KB, 720x1024, Capture _2018-05-09-19-11-30.p…)

Just say what you really are… Dopesick.

No. 516783

File: 1525911613410.png (185.19 KB, 720x417, Capture _2018-05-09-19-18-14.p…)

She also posted more pics of her shit sprawled out all over the room at her moms house, nothing interesting.

No. 516784

I'm really not surprised she went back to find the lock had been changed. They must have left that place in a mess.

No. 516785


So, in other words,

>nowhere to live pls gib money

>i am LITERALLY STARVING so i would like sum dolla

>i have no canvas so give me money

>i have depressions so i am entitled to money



God, what a bitch. Can she for ONCE not complain about getting free shit??

No. 516786

get a job

No. 516787

>>tryna relearn to write poetry
Lesson 1 Tuna: Learn to spell and write proper grammar.
Also maybe you should be looking for a place to stay or work or a program or anything that will actually benefit you. Poetry isn't going to do shit except prolong your dumbass, Tumblr junkie attitude.
Boohoo, get a job Tuna and then you can buy as much crap as you want

No. 516789

I wonder where they're going if they're really leaving in a few weeks, neither of the work or even seem willing to.

No. 516791

her father was nice enough to get her some stuff and all she can do is complain about how cheap it is? sometimes i feel bad for her but stuff like this takes me right back to reality. maybe it's cheap because he had to buy it with his own money and didn't use money "earned" through harassing internet strangers

No. 516792

Those bed sheets cost $30 on amazon. Pretty decent for someone who doesn't have a job and isn't paying for anything. Also I'm pretty sure she could have got a 'cheap ass' pillow instead of a dress and a plant

No. 516793

File: 1525912184069.jpg (300.65 KB, 1280x960, wOmI3Cx.jpg)

>lost about 90% of what i own

No. 516794

File: 1525912226998.jpg (303.85 KB, 1280x960, kK2RRDv.jpg)

No. 516795

File: 1525912246636.jpg (40.41 KB, 540x540, g0fTo2m.jpg)

No. 516796

File: 1525912266766.jpg (47.73 KB, 540x405, 48cpags.jpg)

No. 516797

File: 1525912371820.jpg (62.95 KB, 540x675, MzgJR2d.jpg)

No. 516800

It’s kind of weird how most of the stuff she likes is much more Gen X than anything else. The movies, the kinderwhore shit, the music. I guess it’s the whole Courtney Love thing but it is unusual.

No. 516806

That looks like a great surface for snorting lines!

No. 516808

Yeah it's definitely just because she wants to be courtney love. I find it stranger that she couldn't come up with her own take on the grungy/90s thing, why does she have to be a sterotype

No. 516812

honey please put on a bra

she acts like she's in college or highschool. I remember her talking awhile ago about how her plans for the day were to watch a whole show on netflix lol

No. 516858

Phew, the cats are safe for now at least.
A lot of young adults are nostalgic for things they weren't born to see or don't remember. It's ~aesthetic~.
She's not going to survive for very long being homeless or living in a crack den if she just got evicted and is complaining about the fucking bedding of all things.

No. 516899

If I were Luna’s parents, I’d let her have a taste of homelessness. Let her see what it’s REALLY like to have nothing! I think she needs to hit rock bottom in order to grow. Let her hit it, let her experience some true poverty and struggles

No. 516900


>staying 2 to 3 weeks

>buys houseplant

No. 516910


all that moaning on and on and on about people appropriating her struggles around being poor/being "fake poor" but having a safety net, unlike HER cos she IS REALLY ACTUALLY POOR YOU GUYS, nobody cares about poor lil tuna, she has NOTHING and you don't understand just how scary that is

and whaddaya know, here she is, in her safety net, back at mommy's place with her precious stuffies and her disgusting boyfriend, being housed and fed and given a warm clean place to sleep in

oh, and a place at daddy's high rise apartment on the weekends

get bent, luna. you absolute fuckwit.

No. 516947

How long does stuff like this usually take to arrive? If she’s only staying at her mom’s place for a few weeks, it feels like a waste of money

No. 516950

It is a waste of money even if it does get there in 2-3 weeks. She doesn't need this shit and she won't take care of any of her crap so it'll just gather dust and mould. She has like a billion dresses just like that one and has a perfectly fine bedding (even though she spilt or bled on it) and that plant will be dead in a day.
I hope Tuna ends up homeless, maybe then she'll realize what it actually feels like to be hungry, alone and have nothing. She needs some sense smacked into her.

No. 516957

at least this all means the dirty ass galaxy quilt can finally be laid to rest

No. 516963

At first glance I thought it was a fake plant which is slightly more understandable but holy shit she bought a real living plant on amazon for her 2 week stay at her mom’s ???

No. 516965

Unless her mum kicks them out I'm pretty sure they're still going to be there in a couple of weeks. Unless they're able to claim enough welfare or something?

No. 516974

they'll at least still get their food stamps. not sure if tuna ever had access to cash assistance or disability or solely mooched off rogers. her mom will definitely end up having to kick them out. and if they don't have access to free housing lurch will be on the street or someone's couch and tuna will be at her dads.

No. 516976

pure speculation but about her mom having to kick them out, maybe roger's long time plan used to be "lurch is staying a few weeks until he gets back on his feet then he's out of there" (i can imagine that after the bum leg accident especially)
she seems too sure she's going to stay, she havent yet put super sales on her remaining art, pm begged people on fb or her others usual legit-money-earning-ways

No. 516980

I agree she and Lurch are leeches without a plan. Mama Tuna is going to have to either let them stay till she meets the same fate as Roger or in a year after trying to get them to leave for months she might have to evict them too. I don't know how much of a pushover Mama Tuna is and if it's true Lurch is her dealer they probably will never leave until Lurch's drugs dry up.
>>516366 Or this happens.

No. 517035


Isn't she 21? Ffs. Stop using long enough to pass a drug test and go to Job Corps. Free food, shelter, job training, and a tiny 'allowance'. Everything she could ever want

No. 517036

It'd be really hard for Luna to find a job. When you google her name all you find are her threads here and pictures of her shooting up. Plus she's been very clear that she'll only settle for an office job, she doesn't want to work retail or food service.

No. 517038

If she doesn't want to settle for a low paid job (that likely wouldn't google, drug test her etc) it's entirely her own fault if she ends up homeless. It might give her a reality check.

No. 517039

it’s amazing to me how she really milks the “poor” thing and yet simultaneously believes she’s too good for retail or food service.
plus… have you seen a video of her talking before? she can pose for okay-looking selfies easily, but reality is different; at the end of the day she looks like a drug addict in dirty clothes that reek of cigarettes and piss. if she were to walk into any hiring establishment they’d turn her away in a second. and if she did somehow manage to spark the interest of a hiring manager, most employers do a social media check these days. like another anon said, she’s nearly impossible to hire but it’s her own fault.

No. 517108

She probably could get a job in fast food or at a convenience store or something but could you imagine her actually having a job and going to work every day? I honestly think she'd rather be homeless.

No. 517271

well I imagine her mother denied taking her in with all that rotting smelling shit she was living with so anything that was possibly bug-infested had to be thrown away. And rightfully so.

No. 517272

imagine the owners face when setting a foot into this place.
Personally I would have the urge to burn everything down.
It will cost thousands to at least get the trash, smell and the mould out of there.

No. 517307

For sure, there is decades of work that has to be done to make that apartment livable again

No. 517310

It's funny how the landlord changed the locks as soon as the scumbags left. And obviously they made the right decision, seeing as Luna promptly discovered the locks were changed after she tried to go back and get into the house.

I know sometimes changing the locks is standard practice if a tenant is evicted, but I can't help musing about whether the landlord did it because he was concerned, and if so what in particular he was worried about.

No. 517315

She could work as a carny for a traveling fair. Worked as one myself for 1 month and the guy assigned to my ride w/ me did heroin and nodded all day. They don’t require much of anything for hire, they pay well, you usually live with and are provided for by your drugged out carny family. It would fit her ~aesthetic~
What do you say Luna? You could easily glamorize the shit outta that

No. 517331

My family owns a show and they piss test before hiring. They wouldn't discriminate based simply on the fact that she looks like a filthy junkie, but if she couldn't piss clean, she wouldn't get hired. Plus, if you're nodding out, drunk, or otherwise fucked up on the job, you're piss tested again and fired on the spot if you fail, because it's a huge liability. Maybe she could work for one of the smaller shows that plays mall parking lots though. There are definitely carnivals that don't give a shit, but it's funny to think Tuna is unqualified to even be a carny.

No. 517335

Interesting. No wonder I had such a shit experience at mine. It was definitely smaller, seemed everyone there was at least stoned to oblivion. A literal homeless man sat next to me during “orientation” and slept underneath a ride every night. He was employed

No. 517364

File: 1526067537321.png (693.71 KB, 819x594, KHTHSei.png)

No. 517365

File: 1526067554870.png (761.64 KB, 868x593, JAZ5wtt.png)

No. 517366

File: 1526067574564.png (674.95 KB, 843x591, uc4vJMB.png)

>i can't afford to eat

No. 517431


Job Corps can train you for an office job and will PLACE you in a job. It's not like she couldn't try

Oh wait, it's not as romantic and glamorous as being a dirt-caked, homeless junkie

No. 517437

Yeah, yeah all the fat girls and their ednos. tunas all angles, she might have lost some weight but she still has a huge ass and thighs

She hardly ever eats! She just happens to always be eating and it's always junk

No. 517509

If she took it front on, she'd still look chubby.
Also because she's pasty, if she loses any weight, she'll just look flabby. She needs to tone.

No. 517523

Christ her fat girl angles got her tits looking like theyre an inch and a half from her bellybutton

No. 517536

Just stumbled across this hot mess today & spent about as many hours soaking up all the milk. Considering her situation right now [what I know if it], I wonder if she feels like she's at a crossroads here - either one step in a healthy direction, or her digging her heels in for more of this utter hell. It won't be easy detoxing/tossing bad habits/growing a new life but it seems more painful to accept this misery as just how it is from now on.

Very curious what's going to come of the next few weeks or so.

No. 517538

[nvm the fact that she's a narc with a super shitty personality & almost doesn't deserve anything good in her life. if she works for it though, then she'll have earned it.]

No. 517550

She actually gained some weight. She never eats though!

They are close to her bellybutton.

Nope. She hasn't been homeless long enough to feel the effects or have any doubts cause everyone keeps saving her fat ass.

No. 517560

It's true. Probably I'm optimistic but I'm almost counting on either a huge switch-up in her life where she has to severely revaluate her priorities [legit becoming homeless], or she has to confirm to herself that this is her life now. & if not during this recent/upcoming situation, then one perhaps even worse most definitely coming down the road.

No. 517577

Trying to add her on Instagram. Does she add back easily, or what?

No. 517578

God no, you'll probably be added in a few months

No. 517581

Wtf? Is she paranoid or just slow

No. 517598

Stopped by to share my new nickname for Luna: TUNA TUBE-TITS.

No. 517708

Paranoid as fuck. We used to be internet friends before i got really sick of her begging me for money. I unfollowed her and tried to refollow to screen cap stuff at least 6 montus ago (if not longer) and she still hasn't accepted.

No. 517896

File: 1526180928729.gif (1.17 MB, 512x512, tumblr_p8mo8lATuW1wyvcq4o1_540…)

No. 517898

File: 1526181000343.png (532.11 KB, 560x656, XOdgVP8.png)

No. 517899

god she thinks she's so cool, huh

No. 517915

imagine seeing this shit standing at your door in the middle of the night

No. 517930

Is that a new nds? She made a huge drama about breaking the previous one. Did a daddy buy it for her or is it stolen? I doubt she had it repaired

No. 517974

why can i picture her getting swatted out of someones garbage like a raccoon. is it because she lives in trash already?

No. 517987

I'm also confused. I'm pretty sure she mentioned that this broke

No. 517990

probably whined it out of somebody or bought it, the pink ds lite is around 30,- on ebay

No. 517992



No. 518017

luna had a broken ds when she lived with her mom and she e-begged for this one which she got off ebay super fucking cheap when she “needed rent so badly uwu”

No. 518018

the brown -> yellow -> grayish blonde with leftover toner in it gradient literally never gets old to me.

No. 518057

I spent wayyyy too long combing through the history of this chick this weekend, and at risk of blogposting, can no one here really see that, by virtue of being raised by a drug addict, being groomed by her mothers drug deal for god knows how long, that if this is really the normal that this chick has always known, can you really not see how that kind of childhood of trauma could maybe leave her not totally at fault for the severely mentally ill behavior she demonstrates now?

Maybe she’s not entirely culpable for all of her dumb bitch actions if she was not only never actually raised to know basic right from wrong, but then had additional fucked up things happen on top of that?

Now I know many people didn’t have the rosiest youth, and they come up in the world to be normal, good, decent people. But when I really think about what tunas childhood and adolescence must have been like, the content here turns from the hilariously trashy hijinks of a dumb bitch and her surfboard sidekick to kinda sad fucked up exploitation of a severely mentally ill victim of abuse.

Sorry for any typos I’m high

No. 518058

It did break. She must have bought (or stole or begged someone to buy her) a new one recently.

No. 518059

> kinda sad fucked up exploitation of a severely mentally ill victim of abuse

Albeit one who is usually a giant fucking asshole I wanted to add before I came off sounding tooooo sympathetic…

but just thinking about her youth, in concert with learning how she truly feels about her current situation in life from the junkhun blog that was on archive… idk man its really fucked up.

No. 518065

Wowww, you can play a children's game. She's got mad skillz.

No. 518067

I think a lot of people here think she's lying about her father's abuse. The only time we hear of him nowadays is when he's letting her visit on the weekends or giving her food, clothes or money. Plus he offered to pay for her college.

Not that someone can't be generous while also being an abuser, but she lies about everything. Look at how she treated Roger, who she supposedly saw as her "real father." When his friends donated bedding and dishes and who knows what else for him, she and Lurch snatched up a dying man's gifts without remorse. The only time she brought him up on social media was to exploit his illness and get money. She would never bring him up on platforms where she didn't beg (or beg anymore) like Twitter or Tumblr.

I do agree that her youth with her druggie mother and grooming fiance was horrible and def shaped who is though. I personally think Lurch is scum. Maybe she would always have that lying, scamming asshole within her, but how would she be without Lurch? If some 40yo creep didn't get her hooked on heroin early and maybe went to school like her dad wanted, would she still be like this? Probably not. She'd probably be a normal girl who didn't pickpocket on the daily.

Sorry for the rant, anon, but your post had me thinking about her.

No. 518088

File: 1526238799113.jpeg (2.21 MB, 2048x2048, 5FC36E78-8EE4-4DDE-827E-9F6122…)

Mmm, cottage cheese.

No. 518090

>but how would she be without Lurch? If some 40yo creep didn't get her hooked on heroin early and maybe went to school like her dad wanted, would she still be like this? Probably not. She'd probably be a normal girl who didn't pickpocket on the daily.

Anons I think you're seriously giving Luna way too little credit and agency. You can't just discount someone's decisions because they were bad ones.

Things were that way because Luna chose to make them that way. She would make the same decisions over and over again if given the choice probably, regardless of what was changed. She has always wanted to live like this, she purposefully sought out a junkie bf. The only difference in the parallel world where Lurch wasn't there is that her bf has a different name, and we don't get to make easter island head jokes. Maybe he looks like a different world monument.

Basically I think it comes down to the fact she has no identity and only knows to copy the shallow, surface traits of the people she idealises. She's smug about being a junkie. She thinks it makes her art inherently better than anyone else's. She doesn't think you can make legitimate art if you're not suffering like Layne Stanley or Courtney Love. She has always idealised this kind of lifestyle and it's always been a goal for her to live like this.

It's sad tbh. She has no substance to her whatsoever. It's all shallow surface shit.

And honestly, she got lucky with Lurch. She hasn't been physically abused by him, she hasn't been forced into prostitution by him (yet). he's just ugly, unhygienic, unfaithful and selfish with their dope. Which is a good thing, really. So is him protecting her from the more dangerous side of scoring dope. Honestly Lurch is fucking awful, don't get me wrong, but compared to what other junkies are like he's not that bad. She's never actually experienced any of the worst parts of being an addict mostly because of him.

No. 518101

File: 1526241290701.gif (862.93 KB, 400x400, tumblr_p8oiyfwU5m1wyvcq4o1_400…)

Yeah, I guess you're right. She does have a serious fixation with the druggie lifestyle. Still, it's hard not to give a younger girl the benefit of the doubt when she's in a relationship with an old, old looking dope who introduced her to drugs. It just comes naturally, even though I'm already familiar with Tuna's personality.

As awful as she is and as irredeemable as most of her actions are, I do hope she grows up and stops glamorizing this grimy lifestyle.

No. 518102

File: 1526241314797.gif (882.55 KB, 400x400, tumblr_p8oiyfwU5m1wyvcq4o2_400…)

No. 518104

What the hell happened?! Is that just cellulite if so I've never seen it that bad unless it was on a morbidly obese person.
Glad to see she's spending her time making cringy Instagram and Tumblr posts rather than, oh I don't know, looking for a job or a place to stay or trying to get her life together. Nah, just make gifs that'll help.

No. 518105

A lot of people have fucked up childhoods and still don't go down the Tuna path. Lolcow isn't really the type of place to have sympathy for cows. She's also not a "severely mentally ill victim of abuse". If you spent time combing through the threads then you know she fucked over an old man who was literally on his death bed and begged for money from fellow poor people. She took the last two dollars that one girl had because she's a selfish cunt. People like that don't deserve sympathy.

Exactly this. We're hearing about how her dad is from Tuna, a selfish liar who lies about everything. Her dad seems to really care about her from all that we've seen and he seems supportive. After all the shit that she's said and done to the man, he still gets her necessities and pays her phone bill. The same phone that she uses to talk shit about him.

She's really up her own ass if she thinks that people want to see legs that looks like fucked up jello.

No. 518114

File: 1526243402453.png (1000.3 KB, 720x876, Capture _2018-05-13-15-29-48.p…)

No. 518117

File: 1526243597617.png (773.97 KB, 720x956, Capture _2018-05-13-15-32-49.p…)

If she thinks that thing is cute, well that's fucked up.

No. 518119

It looks like he's missing half of his brain here, like one of those microcephaly kids.

No. 518120

He's by far the ugliest human being I think I've ever seen. What is that lump on the right side of his neck? And does he have a chunk missing from his ear?

No. 518121

>And does he have a chunk missing from his ear?
Isn't that a piercing?

No. 518125

File: 1526244376536.png (252.06 KB, 358x497, Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 4.44…)

If it is a piercing is extremely off. His ear lob is right underneath it. I tried bringing up the brightness and clarity and it still looks like a weird hole or chunk missing.
Also, why does it look like she photoshopped a headband on him?

No. 518130

File: 1526245211538.png (969.95 KB, 720x867, Capture _2018-05-13-15-58-36.p…)

The headband isn't photoshopped… Hes trying to hide his receding hairline but you can see it peeking out here, yikes lmao

No. 518131

File: 1526245472064.png (934.41 KB, 720x853, Capture _2018-05-13-16-02-46.p…)

All I see is moustache.

No. 518132

File: 1526245504322.jpg (12.57 KB, 220x188, 220px-Puffer_Fish_DSC01257.JPG)

Pufferfish chic.

No. 518133

Oh now I see, his ear is weirdly pushed back behind the headband.
How can he not feel that? Wait… I know exactly why.

No. 518135

The fish is far more attractive then Lurch.
Luna, please for the love of god brush your hair. Pretty soon that shits gonna start falling out.
OT but I used to know a chick that would give free haircuts to homeless people and druggies and she had one girl that just didn't brush her hair, never washed it and lived in a crack den, and it had actual mould growing in it.

No. 518137

Lurch looking like a Hartley Hooligan

No. 518138

File: 1526246215281.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.2 KB, 348x465, c204rtaxgaa17h7.jpg)

He's just so ugly, I can't with his stupid face

No. 518149

File: 1526250902486.gif (1.51 MB, 512x512, tumblr_p8opugvTlQ1wyvcq4o1_540…)

No. 518151

File: 1526251036354.png (343.96 KB, 550x856, 8zcQG1n.png)

Some more gifts from her mean dad.

No. 518152

File: 1526251084355.png (304.66 KB, 569x439, HKipCgb.png)

No. 518165

File: 1526253846032.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1887, CA53BD8B-6700-45D7-A7E7-B879D6…)

are they super bored or something?

No. 518168

High, they are probably high.
Looks like a tornado just went thru the room also, she doesn't realize people can see she still has PLENTY of crap, yet she's still trying to pull the "i hate nothing, give me money" card… This is why it's impossible to sympathize with this girl.

No. 518206

She's got the place that she's "temporarily" staying at completely trashed already and she's only been there a few days? So disgusting. Slobs.

No. 518207

The fact that she hasn't even unpacked yet shows how unnecessary most of her junk is.

No. 518212

Thinking about her life makes me feel depressed lol

Ohh this must be the body she's dreamed of

No. 518219

I wonder how her mom feels about her former dealer being there with her 22 year old daughter high on heroin for the fourth year in a row

No. 518238

probs already bangin lurch

No. 518240

File: 1526265199925.jpg (212.58 KB, 961x1280, aD4oIvO.jpg)

No. 518283

looks like they've already started turning the "temporary" room into a shithole

No. 518287

It's really obvious that if Lunatic's mom wants them to leave in a few weeks, she'll have to force them out. They're treating the place like they don't plan on leaving.

No. 518291

File: 1526276760695.jpeg (Spoiler Image,149.16 KB, 593x884, 7DB3A142-6F05-417C-B867-A7814F…)

This has probably been posted, but I finally figured out what she reminds me of.
The terrifying art from scary stories to tell in the dark.
Spoiler for creepiness, but not nearly as creepy as tuna.

No. 518294

She has no muscle tone at all, I've seen it like that on women smaller than her. Though not usually at her age.. drugs man.

No. 518295

This looks more like Lurch, tbh. Esp the hair.

No. 518337

>I do hope she grows up and stops glamorizing this grimy lifestyle.

The only way this would happen is if all her internet access was cut off and her parents gave her the boot for a few months. Let her live in a shelter or a rehab with no access to social media and it'd do a wonder because it's cutting off the main audience that enables her and gives her ideas. Just look at the FB groups she's in. She mimics them to make herself seem cooler/edgier and feeds off the reactions she gets either from being seen as the most glamorous druggie (her aesthetic posts), the edgiest druggie ("I OD'ed, aren't I cool?!"), or the poor pitiful angel and starving artist.

No. 518352

File: 1526308364939.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1600x652, lunabod.png)


Luna has always had an oddly proportioned body. Smaller legs, but top half built like a fridge.

NSFW Pic related

No. 518353

spoiler this what the fuck

No. 518358

My eyes! Ugh. I remember the screencaps from her junkie pron but not fried egg nip. Either way nightmare fuel.

No. 518360

I hate you anon

No. 518362

where do you see small legs in this

No. 518371

stumpy legs don't count as small

No. 518372

clearly you don't know much about luna or her history. she used to have tons and tons of friends, both irl and online. she had a great support system. she literally chose this life for herself because she wanted to try heroin.

No. 518393

this. she’s literally stated on tumblr that she romanticized heroin and the “heroin lifestyle” from an early age bc of movies, celebs, and her parents. word for word she said “i was a heroin addict before i even tried heroin” (ok maybe not word for word but i’m sure i’m close). Ugh how insulting tbh. Anyone deep in addiction cringes at her

No. 518403

she also got accepted into a creative writing program at pratt…

No. 518412

Ole Dick Cheese and Granny Tits.

No. 518427

i remember all the porn she used to post of herself and lurch very well, solely because my friends and i used to laugh at how awful their sex life appeared

No. 518436

They should sell these. They'll do anything for money, I don't see why they don't make people pay to see them fuck.

No. 518448


not really. i'd also like to state that i'm not defending her but her decisions are of a pretty dumb adolescent raised by druggies. and even if she wasn't, you don't get your full actual decision-making capacities until you're about 23 and your adolescence truly ends only around 24-25. i agree that she's an insufferable spoiled twat right now but being all grim about the "bad decisions she made" when she was 17 and expecting her to either live with them or just hike herself up from her bootstraps is overly dramatic in itself. it must be pretty difficult for her to do or cope with anything in a sane, sensible manner because of her upbringing. besides, she's acting like how you're supposed to act at her age (impulsive, obsessed by fitting into a definition you like, defining yourself by what you enjoy and consume) even though she's doing it in a strung out greedy thieving junkie way. and yes, i also agree that it's cringy and not fine.

No. 518469

that her dad would gladly pay her for. but according to luna, he's an abusive devil. gotta fulfill that "tumblr tortured artist with daddy issues" stereotype

No. 518515

File: 1526342728869.png (1.18 MB, 720x959, Capture _2018-05-14-18-51-32.p…)

What the hell???
He tipped over a gravestone and is digging in the dirt…?

She posted this along with other cemetery pics

No. 518518

Stealing from the living wasn't enough for them so now they've moved onto the dead?

No. 518524

doubtful. she'd just be switching one audience for another, and mimicking a new group. social media makes it easier for her, but this isn't like jumping online and crying about being depressed for attention and asspats. she's living the junkie life, with or without the internet.

No. 518532

File: 1526348213115.jpg (10.37 KB, 192x240, download (1).jpg)

I've seen heroin addicts steal the metal engraved plaques from graves, stuff like pic related. I never understood why, cuz there's no way it's a precious metal like gold or silver that they could pawn…

I mean maybe not, but what other reason have they got for being in a graveyard? I'd suggest that they're just there to shoot up, but that's a CLEAR robbery bag to the left of Lurch. Nobody under 50, and not on drugs, uses a bag with wheels on like that lmao.

No. 518533

>but what other reason have they got for being in a graveyard?
Roger? To be clear, I definitely think they're robbing. It's just that they happen to have a legitimate reason to be there also

No. 518539

why else would they have a suitcase besides to try and steal shit?

No. 518541

lol i can totally see luna nicking flowers and trinkets left by mourners to add to her filthy hoard

No. 518551

that's fucking disgusting and i can totally see her doing it.

No. 518555

Roger was cremated, I don't think they bought a grave plot for him

No. 518556

wow i never thought about that, but it makes perfect sense. all her random cherub figurines she has — i am almost sure she stole those from graves. and now we have these photos as evidence…

No. 518560

File: 1526351433242.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1750, BA5863F1-EF84-47DC-A09F-ABCE28…)

the clean bedspread really puts into perspective how fucking grimy her plushies are

No. 518561

File: 1526351985978.png (235.38 KB, 618x306, n8DVZJ5.png)

There's no way that Rilakkuma doesn't have mold. No way. It would have been wise for her to dump all of her rancid plushes before being evicted, but alas. At least the galaxy quilt is finally retired.

And you gotta love how Luna put a bunch of holes in the wall to hang up grave-robbed trinkets despite only being allowed to stay there for 2-3 weeks.

No. 518563

This is so much bullshit. Disrespectful af. I hope they get fucked.

No. 518564

Even if she's that much of a hoarder and can't throw them out, soak them in a bucket of napisan or at least throw them in the washing machine and hang them out in the sun for a few days. Christ!!! Absolutely disgusting.

No. 518565

Bet he left his disgusting cigarette butt there too.

Scum. The pair of them.

No. 518568

Not the OP anon, but her calves are abnormally small for her overall size and thighs. Probably because she's fat, lazy, and just sits around all day. She hasn't built any muscle there.

Everything is so beige compared to the fresh white sheets. Ugh.

No. 518572

>Ole Dick Cheese and Granny Tits

Fucking kek. Two of the funniest things about Luna imo are 1) How delusionally convinced she is that Lurch is attractive, and I understand this completely too. When you depend on someone for the high that you "need", your brain literally is fooled into idealizing them. You actually cannot see their faults and flaws clearly while addicted. She also knows she can't get a hot guy in her life. And 2) the other funny thing is her obsession with baby pink, lace and ruffles as if by transference these things will make her become delicate, pretty, and waifish, instead of a greasy lard-bottomed beef beast.

The mustache that will never die is pretty funny too. She is just determined to rock that thing and plaster spackle over the greasy upper lip hairs. I can't wrap my head around someone who takes so many selfies and is so image-obsessed also being so damn clueless as to what she really looks like. It's not nitpicking on appearance exactly because it's cowlike to be so unaware of the reality staring back at her in the camera.

No. 518590

File: 1526359214271.png (228.67 KB, 750x1334, C21D4125-0437-477F-81D6-201DF6…)

Omg I did some research and found this… Stealing shit confirmed.

No. 518598

sad. that explains all the religious imagery in her room. if she's going to be scum, she could at least sell off those stolen gifts for a few extra bucks. a single one of her cherub figurines is probably worth more than all of her plushies combined.

speaking of which, i can't help but think some of her dirty plushies are from graves… maybe child graves?

No. 518608

Tunas always posting pics of graveyards that she's at and I definitely see them stealing whatever they can while there…

But this article doesn't explain why lurch would have tipped over a gravestone (which is disgusting btw, if I was the family of whoever is buried there, id be PISSED.) and is digging in the dirt? So fucking weird. Maybe theyre just high and retarded.

No. 518612

File: 1526362549157.png (849.64 KB, 720x708, Capture _2018-05-15-00-35-04.p…)

At a towing lot?

No. 518613

File: 1526362884208.png (638.85 KB, 500x666, ixV8du5.png)

They're probably trying to steal items from the cars. She once posted a picture of Lurch near damaged cars after a storm like a scavenger. Note the bag. They've done this before.

No. 518614

That's what I thought too, but aren't the cars being watched by someone when theyre in a tow lot?
I hope these scummy pieces of shit get busted. And lurch is on probation.

No. 518622

There's also people at the the stores where she pickpockets and at the cemeteries where they tip over gravestones. And yet, they keep getting away with it. Who knows how when they both have the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

No. 518656

There was also the multiple pairs of shoes she "found" along with the baby onesie and other shit she was obviously looting from people's unlocked cars and donation bins, etc.

No. 518658

proficient thieves have a lot of unique tactics that most decent people would never suspect. they’ve obviously done this thousands of times, and i’m sure they’re good at it.
however that being said, they also certainly LOOK the part of thieving junkies, and if they came into my store or tow-lot i would absolutely be watching them closely. they can use all the fancy thieving tactics they want but at the end of the day, their grimy appearance is going to give them away before anything else.

No. 518659

Why the fuck is he in full winter gear when it’s mid 80s in the bronx this week?

No. 518661

More pockets to hide away stolen goods.

No. 518701

did they actually tip the gravestone? all that photo showed was that a gravestone had been tipped, not that they tipped it. i've actually had to help tip gravestones for my church before (pushing each stone to see if it poses a risk of falling on a member of the public, and fully tipping the ones that were too wobbly) so it could have been tipped by another person for a good reason.

No. 518712

I think I have never seen a man without an ass before, this cracks me up

No. 518732

the grass underneath looks freshly pulled from the dirt and he’s digging around in it. it’s not absolute proof but it’s pretty close.

No. 518735

Plenty of people in these threads were dumb adolescents raised by druggies, myself included. We didn't turn out like Luna, and we're probably a harsher on her because we know it's perfectly possible to escape and she's just not trying. You're speaking as if anyone raised in that environment is an automatic fuck up who can't be held accountable for their actions. You can give some allowance for her situation, sure, but she's not some helpless maiden being strung along. She has the capability to make good decisions and chooses over and over again not to.

Also that's not really how adolescence/brain development works, it's just what gets reduced down to make a snappy understandable headline for the general public. It's a lot more complicated and multi-faceted than just
>Everyone's brains are fully developed at this age
Adolescence ends for each individual at a different time, that's a population averaged estimate for when specific developmental stages, like synaptic pruning, occur based on average puberty onset age. There's absolutely no point in using an averaged figure like this to talk about an individual - the age they started puberty would actually give you a way more accurate estimate of how developed their brain is.

No. 518741

this. the psychology of people is very complex. her upbringing may have been a FACTOR of how luna’s like now, but it’s not a sole cause. her narcissism and possible BPD is a complicated mix of nature and nurture and none of us can ever be able to sit here and perfectly analyze her life. Aside from her narcissism (as narcs will rarely ever admit there’s anything wrong with them), it is so possible to begin healing from heroin addiction and BPD from a young (luna’s) age. and ever her BPD doesn’t mean she has no control over her actions. that’s a myth that keeps people with the PD from seeking help. it’s harder, sure, but it’s not impossible. she’s capable of recovery, she just doesnt want it.

No. 518742

Forgot to add this as well: Idk enough about Luna's mum to say, but her dad appears to have been clean for as long as she's been online. He is an example of someone who obviously regrets his past as a drug addict, and worked hard to get clean again. He (Or both of her parents possibly) sent her to a really expensive rehab for weed when she was in college. Weed?! The pansy-est, not even a real drug drug. He clearly didn't want her to go down the same path he had and actively tried to intervene and stop it. Now she's an actual addict we've seen her say over and over again that her dad wont give her money, he's trying his best not to enable her addiction directly.

>What if she didn't have druggy parents?

If her dad wasn't a former druggie I reckon she'd be worse off, he's wise to her tricks because of his own past and if she actually wanted to get clean I'm sure he'd be there to support her. She has a safety net and opportunities some people would kill for.

No. 518753

i came from abusive parents as well as many people in this thread like you stated… you can unlearn habits you pick up from your parents, but it requires a lot of self reflection and awareness (luna has neither). a child who has grown up in an abusive home has essentially no responsibility for their attitude, however luna is in her early 20’s and can make her own decisions. surely some self destructive habits are subconsciously embedded in her brain, but overall she has the choice whether or not she wants to continue the abuse cycle. i chose not to, and i assume many others in this thread have also chosen not to. luna on the other hand, has chosen to blame virtually every shortcoming on her upbringing and use it as an excuse to be an irresponsible brat.
like anon said, she has been given the opportunity to get clean by many people. she chose not to take it because it involves too much self reflection and responsibility. she can play any part she wants to - but she’d rather play the part of “i’m an addict conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic girl” in the production that is her life.

No. 518757

I think one of the biggest problems with Luna is that she doesn’t seize any of her many opportunities to get better. She was in therapy and even got free rides to the hospital, and free lunch; but she left therapy almost immediately because they would have tried to make her get clean (and also because the lunches she got there weren’t “good enough.” Jesus.)
She could have used this eviction as an opportunity to get away from Lurch. It would have been really hard and shitty, but there’s no reason they needed to be together.
Luna gets hand outs from her parents constantly. She’s not the one paying her own bills, but she still manages to make a mess of absolutely everything. She dropped out of school but doesn’t pursue any hobbies. She refuses to work, and made it even harder for herself to even get a job because she plastered her real name all over the internet with pictures of her shooting up.

I think it would be a mistake to say that the people in this thread following Luna have never struggled with mental illness, addiction, homelessness, abusive relationships or even just hard times. But I think the reason why we follow her is because she does absolutely nothing to improve her life and believes that she should be given money for being a drug addicted fool.

No. 518761

> I think it would be a mistake to say that the people in this thread following Luna have never struggled with mental illness, addiction, homelessness, abusive relationships or even just hard times. But I think the reason why we follow her is because…

Yeah, we hate her narcissism, selfishness. and entitlement, not the fact that she’s an addict and mentally ill. There’s been dozens of people on here blogposting about their own bpd, heroin addiction, abuse, etc, but we arent shitty entitled narcs like luna

Like… how she literally uses her real name when posting about drugs and pics of her needles. She wants people to know her lifestyle. She wants people to give her attention (and money) and feel sorry for her. She doesn’t want to recover

No. 518774

File: 1526404794228.png (17.07 KB, 720x262, Capture _2018-05-15-12-16-47.p…)

She just posted this.
She thinks she has pretty feet!?! Lmfao

No. 518776

Thought she was already selling vids and crap though i only saw screens. She gave that up i guess? Like anyone wants to see 11 inches (wtfe) or her post baby body.

No. 518777

File: 1526405328764.jpeg (297.51 KB, 960x1280, EFB819AE-32DD-47F9-A6B0-DC0B2F…)

Track marks on right arm look bad. How can she afford so much heroin? I am so so confused!! where is she getting the money from rn?

No. 518778

Her feet haunt my dreams

No. 518782

That’s not necessarily a tow lot. I see those signs all over. It’s just telling people where their car will be towed if they’re parked illegally

No. 518789

i think people would be more willing to pay her to keep her clothes on

No. 518793

File: 1526407904792.png (615.59 KB, 720x1280, 1498945457099.png)

Every foot fetishist dream uwu

No. 518795

Is that dirt or blood she’s covered in?

No. 518796

File: 1526408863963.png (332.87 KB, 569x427, 1F82C55C-BBF4-405B-A725-57D8C1…)


bitch has some peggy hill feet

No. 518797

Do NOT disrespect Peggy Hill like this

No. 518830

Just pointing this out as someone who does know the funeral industry. There is money in gravestones. Less than $1 but in order for the weight of each stone to not squeeze out the putty that keeps the stone on the base they put coins under it to give a small gap.

I doubt they'd waste time tipping gravestones for pocket change but that doesn't mean he's not doing something shifty there, especially with the rolling suitcase.

As for >>518541 I can confirm this is a very persistent problem. People will steal flower arrangements off graves to resell, along with trinkets or anything that may be valuable.

Odds are at the least Luna is using the bag to hide her graveyard theft items to add to her hoard back home.

No. 518842

no there isn't anon. unless you live in a tiny shit town where it's cheaper to use pennies than it is to buy the plates for it.

No. 518845

the real question is how has she managed to gain 15 lbs in four days? the rate at which she puts weight back on always astounds me. she really goes to fuckin town.

No. 518850

I do live in a rural town, yes. That's how the local businesses set them down here.

No. 518853

Now you know why they never have any food after going shopping.

No. 518863

Her and Lurch are being spoiled by her mom and I am sure they do not intend on leaving

No. 518874

File: 1526420479672.png (7.63 KB, 563x213, give me attention.png)

No. 518876

File: 1526420502266.png (348.12 KB, 555x683, give me attention 2.png)

No. 518887

It could all be useful stuff and it would still be packed because Luna does nothing all day

No. 518899

aww did some say something mean about junkies

No. 518917

File: 1526424693742.jpeg (719.89 KB, 750x1181, FB5A6C08-45B4-4D1D-BE7F-3E35AE…)

Can we assume the suitcase was for stealing candles from graves?

No. 518918

File: 1526424713782.png (967.66 KB, 720x824, Capture _2018-05-15-17-47-44.p…)

No. 518919

File: 1526424741844.png (906.79 KB, 720x959, Capture _2018-05-15-17-48-38.p…)

No. 518920

File: 1526424769788.png (1.01 MB, 720x851, Capture _2018-05-15-17-49-15.p…)

No. 518923

File: 1526424796125.png (995.18 KB, 720x847, Capture _2018-05-15-17-50-15.p…)

No. 518929

>White sheets
What a terrible colour choice, they're gonna be yellow in less than a month. I guess Luna probably picked them and her dad just paid for them.

No. 518934

ya'll did she put highlighter on her cellulite?

No. 518939

I think she's trying to tell us something, too much coincidence, kek.

No. 518942

Fortunately, it seems that she had all these candles before she started crashing at her mom's place (as evidenced by pictures upthread.)

No. 518953

They're probably still stolen from a poor soul's grave, it's just that she stole them at an earlier date. The best case scenario is that she stole them from a store and not a grave.

No. 518964


Honestly this pisses me off so fucking much. Fuck this ugly greasy junkie bitch disrespecting the dead like that. If she ever stole candles I leave at my Moms grave I would break her hairy neck.

No. 518989

Is that a partially open jar of jam on the right? I don't know why, but that small thing just irks me. She obviously is too barred out to examine her pictures before she sends them. And like, did she take it in the room just to eat it by the spoonful? Making pbjs on her new white bedsheets? She's really making herself at home.

No. 518994

think that's the kitchen

No. 518996

File: 1526435066770.jpeg (378.29 KB, 1235x1452, 042D1C6A-184C-4F8D-B579-21982D…)

my phone decided to allow me to lurk all the way back on her instagram feed and a few photos really caught my eye

No. 518997

File: 1526435099673.jpeg (205.99 KB, 1226x966, 6414FB81-A96B-4084-8344-F7097F…)

her lip liner phase

No. 518998

File: 1526435148437.jpeg (260.33 KB, 1151x1208, A197467C-A586-470F-881F-980CD7…)

her weird and short lived side bangs phase

No. 518999

File: 1526435238469.jpeg (488.22 KB, 2048x2048, 969345D5-7EE5-4D66-A894-432F90…)

only 6 years ago. don’t do dugs, kids.

No. 519014

Who's grandparents are these

No. 519070


lurch probably couldnt even get it up anyway, thank Christ. all that dope kills your dick and even in that one picture he's obviously beating the shit out of it trying to make it work I'm crying rn hahaha

I knew that her shit was gross but that side by side is legitimately revolting, almost as bad as her feet. never have I felt so bad for an inanimate object. Her moms place looks decent too, even if she's willing to overlook all else that's fucked about this, how is she letting her bring that nasty shit in there? Obviously she doesn't care how Luna lives very much but I would think she'd care about the filth she brings seeing how she keeps her shit relatively nice

No. 519081

Free to you Luna but someone had to pay for it

No. 519199

Yikes. Look at all the marks and bruising on her arm. From her hand right up to past her elbow. Isn't her mom supposed to be sober? How is she going to cope with her ex-drug dealer and addict daughter taking over her house.

No. 519206

im gonna sound stupid but how did we even figure out it was her moms place?

No. 519222

No. 519333

i don’t think luna ever said her mom was sober, but i could be wrong. her dad is sober though besides weed (again, i could be wrong)

No. 519346

idk if he mom is sober but if she isn't that would be a selling point for letting them stay there

No. 519411

File: 1526512050671.jpeg (456.64 KB, 1232x1671, 15F54152-91FE-46B9-9A79-D12384…)

Lol is that blood on her shirt?

No. 519415

Looks like it's just wet. Did she dye her hair again thou?

No. 519425

File: 1526513215807.jpeg (822.78 KB, 2048x2048, 4AB861C8-747F-4C54-A2F4-E2D28B…)

Looks like she received the Amazon socks from her dad today. And it took all of 3 hours for them to become filthy.

No. 519437

I swear she mentioned her mom being in a half way house for a little while, and being angsty about a year ago over her mom refusing to visit her drug den, due to not wanting to be near drugs.

I could be remembering wrong though, and even if she WAS sober, having 2 junkies in her house will 100% ruin any chance of recovery she had.

No. 519461

File: 1526515967802.png (944.43 KB, 720x857, Capture _2018-05-16-19-12-06.p…)

No. 519463

File: 1526516027367.png (634.77 KB, 720x909, Capture _2018-05-16-19-12-25.p…)

Excuse me while I fucking vomit!!

No. 519558

File: 1526521258372.png (308.9 KB, 565x487, give me attention 3.png)

Who the fuck would buy this? I'm puking. At least have the decency to throw it in the wash before putting it on for sale

No. 519559

File: 1526521297890.jpg (63.39 KB, 540x675, WLIukTJ.jpg)

No. 519560

File: 1526521316216.jpg (68.56 KB, 540x675, LwDw5qV.jpg)

No. 519561

File: 1526521341372.jpg (41.47 KB, 540x405, rUSMWnM.jpg)

No. 519563

File: 1526521365116.jpg (98.53 KB, 540x720, g5JFmvx.jpg)

No. 519564

File: 1526521390177.png (291.83 KB, 565x447, gkGBu0V.png)

No. 519569

File: 1526521537277.png (555.18 KB, 1119x589, 8FC969s.png)

Some more Amazon stuff her abusive dad'll probably gift her

No. 519634

I’m pretty sure those are nicotine stains instead of sweat stains, but maybe I’m wrong… Regardless, can someone here buy something of hers so we can have some knowledge of how fucking bad her belongings must smell?

No. 519644

I thought they were sweat stains because theyre mainly around the neck, armpits, and ass.
You just know she definitely wouldnt wash anything she sells, probably just douse it in perfume or something, making it worse. So nasty.

No. 519645

Also realized there's a band of sweat stain across the waist which I thought was an odd spot to sweat, but then remembered how low her sad, saggy granny tits hang and realized it must be her boob sweat. Pass me the barf bucket.

No. 519648

File: 1526527726198.png (229.06 KB, 429x555, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.27…)

life is unimaginably shit atm but this got a laugh out of me thanks tuna

No. 519686


And here on the sill ill put all the shit i stole from the dead. Really rounds out my crackden.

No. 519755

How very Nicole Dollanganger of her. Stealing from fucking graves. Which reminds me, aren’t they friends? iirc…

No. 519787

I have never seen someone with such long, slender toes, ugh. Like tiny little hands.

No. 519788

Love a candle under a curtain. That's going to go well.

No. 519809

File: 1526567531598.png (1.14 MB, 720x813, cmontuna.png)

All the dirt and blood on that sweatshirt. Jfc Tuna… Just do some laundry, you've got nothing else to do.
You have no job and no life, all you do is sit around playing with your makeup. Youre 21 years old. Pathetic. Go find a wash machine.

No. 519815

My brain doesn't even register him as an actual, living human being. I get mad uncanny valley vibes. He's like a waxwork dummy, so incredibly creepy.

No. 519872

Same, I can’t even imagine him moving or talking. All I see is Lurch from the Addams Family.
There was a video a couple threads back of him talking and it was really surreal and weird. I still don’t believe it was real.

No. 519881

the only videos i’ve seen of him speaking were him literally babbling like a baby. he’s so far gone into the drugs life he’s forgot how to form basic sentences.

No. 519898


Her cuticle on her index finger is horrifying. It looks so badly infected and disgusting.

No. 519902

Do you know where I can find that video?

No. 519905

File: 1526585735364.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

>if you want to buy this

No. 519930

nta, but here you go. I can guarantee that his voice is not what you would expect.

taken from here >>471140

No. 519933

the fuck

i always imagined it'd be well idk some kinda gruff noise like a boar or something lol

No. 519979

File: 1526593406923.gif (1.27 MB, 512x512, tumblr_p8vz9wTvP31wyvcq4o1_540…)

No. 519980

File: 1526593425643.gif (1.14 MB, 512x512, tumblr_p8vzcguXUU1wyvcq4o1_540…)

No. 519985

File: 1526593551845.png (387.91 KB, 562x565, bBmS6Gt.png)

No. 519987

File: 1526593580382.png (478.44 KB, 522x814, QsqxIN9.png)

No. 519989

Srsly how is she incapable of washing and cleaning up? I get that some people are too depressed to do that but she’s constantly taking selfies, going outside with lurch, etc, doesnt exactly scream severe depression lmao

it seems like she’s doing xanax really frequently these days, I wonder how dependent she is, and if she’s stupid enough to cold turkey and potentially die. severe benzo WD is way worse than severe heroin withdrawal tbh I can’t see her handling that without a very slow taper, but I also can’t see her being smart enough to find a slow taper plan and stick to it

No. 520001


His voice reminds me of Yumi's Splenda Daddy. Fucking weird

No. 520016

File: 1526597172290.jpeg (590.37 KB, 750x1115, 21C63A8B-AEDD-468E-8E10-47E5B0…)

Well this should be interesting.

No. 520023

insert cricket sound here
Tuna no one wants to see you fried egg big nips nor do we want to see bush.
The only person who does is your drugged out corpse of a boyfriend and that's only cuz your easy and he's desperate.
Get a job.

No. 520027

Thanks, anon. Not exactly what I expected but I did expect him to sound like a drugged out retard and I was correct in that regard.

No. 520031

Those tits tho.

Seriously what the fuck happened to those poor poor dirty pillows?! that's not how boobs work tuna, you silly goose.

No. 520033

this is so sad that i tried to laugh and i couldn't like is she asking her friends to buy her nudes? like what is she thinking

No. 520040

She's not thinking if she is it's just the single thought of "must get attention…must get…. drugs…"
Is she charging people for nudes or just giving them out like mints?

No. 520041

File: 1526598192217.png (Spoiler Image,303.87 KB, 565x495, P4bn5Oq.png)

She posted it on Tumblr too

No. 520044

File: 1526598300543.png (569.8 KB, 720x1188, Capture _2018-05-17-19-01-56.p…)

similar to the insta post she tweeted this

No. 520045

File: 1526598356240.png (1.11 MB, 720x1188, Capture _2018-05-17-19-02-02.p…)

No. 520048

File: 1526598424695.png (1.09 MB, 720x1188, Capture _2018-05-17-19-02-12.p…)

No. 520049

File: 1526598428983.png (937.37 KB, 720x814, 45685321866437996421556542.png)

The fuck is she doing? Wrinkling up that sad tit is only making things more vomit-worthy…

No. 520050

File: 1526598539015.png (912.83 KB, 716x667, 86535567890875432457898086.png)

How does one have feet shaped this way? And why is lurch wearing tunas socks?

No. 520056

She lost some weight and they deflated. She's obviously still overweight, but I honestly think she looks a bit bigger than she actually is because of loose skin from when she was morbidly obese (see >>500400).

No. 520057

I think her toes are curled up cause the socks are too small.

No. 520059

I think it's also the drugs, genetics, and the fact she doesn't take care of herself (i.e wear a bra).
Can we report this shit? Pretty sure it goes against all these sites to solicit pornography or post these kinds of images.

No. 520063

In sure she'll take it down herself when she comes down off whatever she's on rn. Doesn't she usually do this sort of stuff/post nasty tit pics when she's on ambien?

No. 520064

Haven't they always been pretty saggy tho

No. 520065

Yeah, it's just worse now.

No. 520066

How much do you think shes charging for these crusty nudes knowing how over priced her art is?

No. 520067

like $100

No. 520069

Tuna doesn't even have dm's on twitter or tumblr (iirc), how does she expect people to even inquire about them? Does she think people will just comment or tweet to her asking "hey I wanna see your nasty tits".

No. 520070

No she has her Tunglr messages open. Not to send asks, but it looks like you can send her DMs. Not that it matters anyway, she was probably high as a kite when she posted it

No. 520084

File: 1526603355701.png (775.2 KB, 583x915, Capture _2018-05-17-19-28-25.p…)

Bitch is hiiiiiigh af. This could be interesting.

No. 520091

File: 1526603711208.png (11.42 KB, 571x225, ClQWFgA.png)

No. 520093

File: 1526603764730.jpg (66.09 KB, 540x720, jAmOZDm.jpg)

No. 520094

File: 1526603778635.jpg (76.07 KB, 540x720, 3lR9gqj.jpg)

No. 520095

File: 1526603803648.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.59 KB, 540x720, 8m2ZHU3.jpg)

No. 520096

After realizing she robs from the dead, I hope she OD's. Sorry, but to me, that would be karma.

No. 520109

File: 1526604397146.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

pls stop

No. 520112

That's insane pricing. I used to sell nudes and even $5 was considered a lot on the websites I was using (including tumblr). you have to either be incredibly attractive or fill a very specific niche to get that much.

No. 520128

File: 1526606016847.jpg (29.29 KB, 468x354, 468px-Petunia.jpg)

>Wanna buy my nudes?

This is all I see.

No. 520131

specific niche you say? what about huge areolas and hand feet? the right buyers out there just gotta find em

No. 520132

She's already OD'd once and hasn't stopped bragging about it since.

No. 520133

File: 1526606400669.jpg (37.28 KB, 600x355, Chk5F_uWUAEgho5.jpg)

someone please stop this messy bitch before she blinds us all. judging from her cellulite, her body probably looks like a topographic map.

No. 520161

File: 1526609994364.jpg (15.52 KB, 275x183, 1491970178199.jpg)

>I hate myself
>I feel so ugly
>How about some nudes?!

She sure does have a lot of confidence in those fried egg titties.

>I'll do anything ;)

Just the thought of her spreading her unbathed asscheeks and vag disturbs the balance in the universe.

No. 520176

2 hours later and she's only got two notes on Tumblr. One is a thirsty "all types are beautiful" guy and the other is some chick asking where she got her collar.

No one wants your nudes, Tuna.

No. 520179

she posted a pussy pic once before and it was only up for a couple of hours. this was back during her weird ddlg phase (the one where she was posting nudes and lurch’s dick constantly). it wasn’t completely scarring surprisingly, but she also bathed more frequently back then.

No. 520193

I looked and the guy seems to exclusively reblog pics of overweight women. Once Luna comes down from her massive high, she's going to be pissed. She used to (maybe still does?) go on about how much weight she lost, how she was so disgusting back then, how much thinner she is now, etc. She'll probably think she doesn't deserve to be on that blog

No. 520194

>square up
She looks like she's about to fuckong bodyslam someone. She is just so fucking bulky.

No. 520270

File: 1526628875449.png (546.38 KB, 811x602, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.30…)

Forgive me for being a rube, but what in the world are these?

Her caption for this picture on instagram. Says that the choker was bought in the largest size, implying it should be too big for her? But it seems to fit fine.

How does someone get so much cellulite? Is it entirely genetic? Or is it because she has never exercised, doesn't drink water, binges on drugs, and doesn't leave her room?

No. 520284


2mg Xanax bars.


Those tops with her tits?

No. 520303

Cellulite is partially genetic, so it's not entirely Luna's fault she got it.  She could definitely improve the look of her legs by eating clean and exercising but obviously that's never going to happen

No. 520308

File: 1526638904892.png (1.01 MB, 720x1188, 1526598356240.png)

Sorry for that shitty edit

No. 520311

Omg the Lazy Egg Lurch

No. 520352

File: 1526650483770.png (484.02 KB, 450x878, KnvHHcF.png)

someone stop her

No. 520354

File: 1526650500459.png (Spoiler Image,404.28 KB, 556x528, 1Le9Mur.png)

No. 520355

im so embarrassed

No. 520357

Christ Luna, at least moisturize your skin and put on clean underwear. Nothing's going to help that dumpy ass though.

No. 520361

File: 1526651985240.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1953, ADE9E671-B105-41B6-ABF5-AF2A06…)

when cows collide with other cows who collide with other cows

No. 520382

17 hours later and still trying to sell her vile crusty nudes. Welcome to rock bottom Tuna. I'm sure Roger would be very proud of you, God rest his soul.

No. 520400

Wow. Well at least someone has the dirty granny panty junkie cellulite niche porn covered. Wouldnt wanna think the internet left anyone out. gags

No. 520401

File: 1526662131953.png (Spoiler Image,444.84 KB, 534x826, mUM00De.png)

She deleted the butt pic, but the rest of her soliciting is still up. Including this new gem

No. 520404


i have a feeling that most cow collisions between Shayna, Micky and Luna are a result of their lurking here. their ages are close and their ~aEsThEtHiCs~ are similar. wouldn't be too far off if they came to check on their threads or to shit on other people and and felt a sort of sympathy towards the ones they liken to themselves.

all that weight and not even a little ass. SAD.

No. 520405

File: 1526662233432.jpg (72.98 KB, 540x719, zYLZf7E.jpg)

No. 520406

File: 1526662260079.png (40.63 KB, 569x577, lwzcIxl.png)

More cow crossover

No. 520407

File: 1526662276053.png (311.18 KB, 561x483, Q1LpVFe.png)

No. 520408

File: 1526662291631.png (329.33 KB, 561x479, PHHKubH.png)