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File: 1543514828386.jpg (40.32 KB, 640x480, mirajianna.jpg)

No. 606843

Previously on the adventures of "ISIS Bride With an 82pt IQ" >>>/pt/600055

>Shit has exploded with flood of screen shots from KM

>Confirmed Miranda knew money from KM was a loan ($15000 loan, rest were gifts)
>Screenshots from the Rodi “truth” video and Miranda’s fake suicide show it was worse than we had guessed
>Fucks Rodi over but Miranda claims he is “evil” for not rolling over and taking it
>uses standard emotional manipulation tactics “My blood is on your hands if I kill myself”
>Modest muslim gets KM to buy her Sexy underwear with the promise of a vid
>Still no actual guarantee that she is actually married now (to a supposed Saudi) given the extreme amount of provable bullshit that she has dropped
>Called Rodi’s fiance a “hater” because she would let Rodi fuck her
>Commented on Rodi’s latest vid with a long-winded post about how much she doesn’t care about him, KM, the “haterz” or anyone. Then continues to post several more times to claim she doesn’t care. She cares a lot about saying that she doesn’t care
>There is probably a lot more to come out..
>Her sham marriage divorce won’t be final until May 2019, which is why she went to Canada for her fake “muslim marriage” that isn’t legally recognized in most countries

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 606844

File: 1543514901530.jpg (87.79 KB, 1231x620, interpal1.JPG)

To start this off right. Muslim Mira was on a site called "Interpals" for "fun and flirting"

No. 606845

File: 1543514929703.jpg (110.99 KB, 750x1334, interpal.jpg)

No. 606876

you used a good picture of her, she actually looks normal here

which era was this from?

No. 606877

i thought that was a fake profile since she's not from London and is not 27.

No. 606879

About 2016. When she was hanging out with the other girl in the pic who was a photographer. (which is why Mira had some decent pictures from that time frame. She had someone who actually knew what they were doing help.)

I don't know when it was from.. Just thought it was funny.

No. 606890

File: 1543520539227.jpeg (79.68 KB, 960x720, received_1122817974544840.jpeg)

More Miranda hair porn

No. 606893

KM should sue to get his money back. He’s unlikely to see a penny back, but at least he’ll throw a wrench into the works as far as her future is concerned. Unpaid debts and legal issues make any sort of immigration very difficult.

No. 606901

would it even be worth it to sue for that amount in a different country? he'd have plenty of evidence i'm sure but he also seems too nice to do it.

No. 606903

How old is she anyways? Any age on Visa kun and the new husband?

No. 606907

File: 1543521535143.jpg (763.61 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181129-205808.jpg)

No. 606915

I'm guessing that is why she's keeping her muslim boy friend hidden. Wonder what he would do if he found out she's still technically married to a non muslim man just for the visa.

No. 606918

I wonder how mad fake Saudi husband will be when he sees Miranda was sending KM shots of her lingerie while they were "married". Isn't that her whole shtick? Pretend they've been married ages when it's been 2 weeks?

No. 606919


No. 606922

I think, like the other anons said, that it's unlikely that he'll see any of the money back but with all the dirt he and Rodi have they could easily turn Miranda into the next Shannon Wong

No. 606924

Ok I've looked at the screenshots. But unless I've overlooked something. Where did Miranda confirm the money as a loan? I do agree she took complete advantage of her then 'number 1 fan'. Strung him along. But he was also pretty dumb to be giving her as much money as he did.

No. 606925

OP the previous thread link is wrong. We also didn't really need the new thread yet. Please be a little more careful when making new threads. We get a 1100 post warning so we can take the time to make the new thread properly.

No. 606928


Here, for one. specifically say "i will pay it pay as soon as possible" >>599979

No. 606929


Yes, My bad on the link. Here is the last thread. >>>/pt/600055

If a farmhand could add it, that'd be great. Otherwise, that's it.

No. 606930

What was that video that Rodi had in his possession that made Miranda freak out so much about?

No. 606931

To be fair she could be replying to pay back anything. She could be talking about her visa. Credit card debt. He sent her bits and pieces of money over time. In a lot of texts she calls it a donation. If someone lends someone money there should be a clear understanding “I would like to borrow x amount and I will pay it back”. I have yet to see anything like that. He donated to her out of his free will and then expected it back.

No. 606934

if you're gonna wk randa with proof glaring in your face, atleast reply properly and stop being a newfag.

No. 606935


is KM explaining that 15000 was for university which is what >>599979 is talking about. he obviously gave her more money, but he's not even asking for it back.

No. 606939

File: 1543524262774.jpg (32.85 KB, 682x413, 1543257678858.jpg)

>In a lot of texts she calls it a donation.
That's the thing, Anon, she's directly ASKING FOR money (like image related, which I'm repostig from the previous thread) which, unlike donations, is a command and not something KM choose to do by his own.
(Then again, there's caps in which he offers some money without previous prompting).
Also like >>606928 pointed out, at many points she said she would "pay back as soon as possible", that she would create a video (like with the "$500" lingerie) but never did or that she would use the money on her "univercity" stuff but never did (like >>606935 shows) (or maybe she did, there's no receipts).
Like…come on, dude. Try harder.

No. 606943


Here >>602290 They are talking about the money, also stating "the more you borrow, the more you have to pay back"

No. 606946

If this wasn’t a loan, Miranda will have to explain the nature of her relationship with KM before the judge, who might find it rather peculiar that a stranger would send thousands of dollars to another stranger with no intention of ever seeing a penny back or receiving, um, other forms of repayment.

If KM possesses evidence of Miranda saying she will pay him back or him asking about repayment, then the court might rule in his favor. Mira isn’t the smartest. She’d crack under the pressure faster than you can say Allahu Akbar. The faintest intimation of awareness that she had pay him back is usually enough.

Whether he wins or not, all of Miranda’s dirt will be exposed before the judge. Her lying, scheming, backstabbing. Her Saudi husbando will witness the sheer extent of her online whoring for donations, of scamming gullible horny men. How much more dirt do we not know of?

No. 606949

This one. And lurk more

No. 606952

File: 1543525611931.jpg (88.89 KB, 960x720, 1417997342281.jpg)

Well, here's some pics from her working at the Kyabakura

No. 606954

File: 1543525661351.jpg (60.57 KB, 960x720, 1417997913335.jpg)

No. 606955

File: 1543525684024.jpeg (162.7 KB, 1440x2560, received_1962002330760207.jpeg)

Clearly mention borrow money, and she comfirms to pay it back

No. 606956

File: 1543525766127.jpg (34.07 KB, 540x960, 20108150_1958691307749305_3681…)

Pic that she sent to KM in August. (You know, like everyone does to people they claim they didn't really know and was just a creepy stalker)

No. 606958


BOOM! That is the smoking gun right there.

No. 606959


Such a pious Muslim woman.

No. 606962

I hate to be the defender of Miranda this time but that picture is from 2011 or 2012. I recognize the “loft” style appartment she used to live in. She had a video of a “large earthquake” on her channel and it showed the same camera direction. Not to say maybe she didn’t send this to him but just pointing that out.

No. 606964

It's from her hotel room in Canada 2017

No. 606965


Nope, you are incorrect. That was the hotel she was staying at in Canada. She is even wearing the same shirt that she had on in some of the videos from that Canada trip.

No. 606966


And also, she was already Muslim at the time, so, major hair porn..

No. 606968

File: 1543526671471.jpg (44.17 KB, 640x480, VISAkun.jpg)

Possible VISA-Kun

No. 606970

All wrong
These pictures were all on her twitter but she deleted them when she remade and deleted her pictures

The original “in Canada” video showed her half wearing hijab and half not. She didn’t delete her video till few months later.

No. 606971

File: 1543526764732.jpg (140.4 KB, 1334x1001, osakarodi.jpg)

Sent to KM from when she and Rodi went to Osaka

No. 606974

File: 1543526811957.jpg (191.65 KB, 1334x1001, hammock.jpg)

Also sent to KM

No. 606977



No. 606978

Okay it’s kind of creepy can you stop posting pictures of her friends? I feel actually uncomfortable to look at them because I am sure KM has a lot of pictures from her Facebook but if you think about it that is kind of creepy and only shows how deep his obsession was to actually save these all in his computer. It’s not like he got them after the fight because he even told us that she blocked him from Facebook before the drama. Which means she was right and that he was a creeper because he saved her pictures.

No. 606979

File: 1543526937597.jpg (79.13 KB, 720x960, drunkwlola.jpg)

Drunk with Lola (who vanished from the face of the earth after Muslim conversion)

No. 606980

If you think someone can post a receipt for something that’s been deleted you are out of your mind.

No. 606983

uh, most of these threads have caps of shit that's been deleted.

No. 606994

Sorry, "Anon", but you are wrong. Like >>606965 said, that is from 2017, you can see those clothes here >>416216, alas, they could also be this clothes over here >>412543. Also, >>606974 are the same clothes from >>391000.
All those photos are a year old.
Psst…you want to know what gave you away, "Anon"? You went radical so quickly that is real easy to pinpoint the times in which old photos are taken.
"Hijab" + Make up = the giveaway.
Also >>606970 , no, those images weren't from twitter or from a video and the comparatives I'm linking come from Instagram. By the way, Internet Archives exist, stop being a lazy fuck and at least TRY to back up your claims.
>Implying this images come from KM (who's banned) and were not published by Miranda herself long ago and are now being reposted for the sake of super-haram hair porn

No. 607003

Top kek. And factual.

Well done sir.

No. 607006

Why wouldn’t he have pics that a friend sent him? I think most people have pictures their friends sent them, That’s not unusual.

No. 607009

She looks like a skeleton with down's.

No. 607011

File: 1543530990291.png (60.38 KB, 1376x270, スクリーンショット 2018-11-30 7.35.09.p…)

After all of this, Miranda "It's your fault that I'm horrible" Constable still can't understand why she has so many haterz and is continuing to upload videos as normal.

No. 607014

Why was she suicidal when Rodi threatened to expose her lies but is relatively nonchalant now that her lies are starting to be exposed? (I assume that there is still a lot of milk left that we will receive over the next few weeks)

No. 607017

probably cause she's trying to pretend this isn't happening. also who the fuck is she gonna talk to? she can't tell her new husband or her visakun and she used to rely on KM for this stuff.

No. 607022


Rodi probably has more dirt on her, and on top of that was threatening to go to the police with it and have her deported. Rodi also had a Youtube channel and social media to post it to with an audience meanwhile, KM is just a nobody with zero following. She's banking on this just blowing over.

No. 607037

Oh shit, i completly forgot the glorious giraffe pic, bladt from the past!

No. 607038

I switched out the link. Please report this kind of thing so we can react quickly, thank you!

No. 607039

Also keep in mind that her new universal excuse is "Now that i'm muslim, all actions from my past has been erased and im a new person!" Therefore all those lies and fuck up she did back in the days are no longer real and cant hurt her since they are not true anymore!
It's fun to see for sure.

No. 607040

yea i'm sure her husband will feel that way when he's beating her for all this stuff.

No. 607051

She says that a lot recently…I can understand if she was talking about the stupid shit she did a few years ago, but she had been scamming KM up to this month! lol

No. 607098

Annorexia and heavy makeup was her best look.

No. 607100

Imagine changing your religion to get into a guys' pants, then after he says it's not the religion why he doesn't wanna date just doubling down on it and going full extremist mode.

No. 607114

Well, her punk phase and Japanese phase both lasted about five years? That means we have to put up with her ISIS phase for four more years…I'm looking forward to her Jamaican phase next.

No. 607160

If she survive to reach it…. i doubt she'll last long if she move to S-A.

No. 607174

Well, let's find out if she can actually move to SA…Her spousal visa is supposed to run out in May, so she will have to get the Saudi government to recognize her "islamic marriage" by then.

No. 607177

The only 2 times in all the screenshots that KM tries to talk about something that isn't poor little suffering Mira, and she ignores it.

fucking DO IT RODI. I wonder if people in immigration detention are allowed to wear things like hijab.

No. 607204

Mira says on her doudemomira channel that she didn’t delete the comment, rody blocked her.

No. 607209

This could be a load of shit. But even if it is true, he has every right to. After all the harassment and then Mira getting scorn and making Rodi out to be this weird stalker who is obsessed with her.

Rodi should just release EVERYTHING. But he's a very nice guy

No. 607298

File: 1543564063989.jpg (57.29 KB, 992x850, IMG_20181130_084505.jpg)

Miranda borrows money to fix a hurting tooth and get glasses for her bad eyes

No. 607300

File: 1543564093442.jpg (69.16 KB, 989x849, IMG_20181130_084523.jpg)

No. 607301

File: 1543564114147.jpg (81.01 KB, 992x849, IMG_20181130_084545.jpg)

No. 607302

File: 1543564145074.jpg (57.14 KB, 988x843, IMG_20181130_084533.jpg)

No. 607304

File: 1543564175087.jpg (74.46 KB, 990x851, IMG_20181130_084539.jpg)

No. 607306

File: 1543564208237.jpg (50.04 KB, 990x851, IMG_20181130_084607.jpg)

No. 607307

File: 1543564230823.jpg (61.51 KB, 990x853, IMG_20181130_084556.jpg)

No. 607309

File: 1543564255655.jpg (49.67 KB, 991x849, IMG_20181130_084613.jpg)

No. 607331

That's cold, even for a bitch like Miranda.

No. 607338

Her poor family. Good on them for trying to protect their son from her bad influence. She definitely was born with mental illness, not raised that way. I can only imagine how much she has put her family through and maybe that’s a big reason why she doesn’t want to return to Canada. I’m sure she owes multiple people money too.

Wtf?! Why can’t she reply like a normal, gracious human being? He just dropped a bunch of money in the Mira charity box and she acts like he is inconveniencing HER.

No. 607349

>tfw your face is so fucked only fucked make up can slightly save you

sad but tru

No. 607361

I don't even think she looked that bad with makeup and bangs. Her eye shape is funky, but I know a few people with those weird melty eyes and makeup can help balance their face.

Without makeup, her face is very…unfortunate looking. Miranda should just ditch the Saudi "husband," she is probably committing bigamy with, get the eyeliner back out, move to Jamaica.l already.

No. 607371

So basically Mira's been sperging out all this time because she's paranoid Rodi will spill some dirt on her doing something illegal that could get her deported. ….not surprising.

But especially the part where Rodi says "you have multiple boyfriends" is intriguing, in addition to 'married for visa'. Maybe the boyfriends are sugar daddies? Which would not be unrealistic, seeing how easily she's been grabbing all the cash from KM like it's a normal thing to do? I mean there's no way she's living on just youtube income and restaurant baito.

Now to me it looks as if this muslim persona was invented as an attempt to look super pure just to cover up all her scammer and illegal shit lol "delete video because of hair porn!! totally not because there are hints of my illegal activity that could get my paranoid ass deported."

No. 607382

>born with mental illness, not raised
someone had to drink the booze in the first place anon

No. 607398

You can tell she reached the point where she can't even bother to fake making a conversation and just straight up writes him how much money to send to then ghost him afterwards. What is this mental illness called?

No. 607404

being predatory

No. 607407

Exactly, although her intelligence is not the best, she is a predator, and she is likely going to scam more men in the future (including her Saudi guy).

No. 607413

You have to be pretty cold to keep getting married and divorced just to serve your own needs only.

No. 607416


She's already done it twice. (The VISA-kun 2.0 was smart enough to get cash out of it)

No. 607421


Isnt it plain narcissism? Only doing things for her own gain, never caring how it will affect others. As much as KM is a creep.. it's hard to read their conversations without feeling bad for him. How do people like Randa always find stupid and gullible people like that? I mean if she was pretty or at least had a good character I would understand but..

No. 607441

File: 1543587876629.jpg (191.44 KB, 1440x2560, mira2.jpg)


No. 607443

File: 1543587905531.jpg (215.87 KB, 1440x2560, mira3.jpg)

No. 607444

File: 1543587932254.jpg (745.24 KB, 1536x2048, mira4.jpg)

No. 607445

File: 1543587960194.jpg (224.39 KB, 1440x2560, mira5.jpg)

No. 607446

File: 1543587982088.jpg (255.08 KB, 1440x2560, mira6.jpg)

No. 607447

File: 1543588008650.jpg (266.68 KB, 1440x2560, mira7.jpg)

No. 607448

File: 1543588035132.jpg (248.17 KB, 1440x2560, mira8.jpg)

No. 607449

File: 1543588062384.jpg (156.24 KB, 1440x2560, mira9.jpg)

No. 607450

File: 1543588083536.jpg (246.09 KB, 1440x2560, mira10.jpg)

No. 607452

File: 1543588110389.jpg (226.29 KB, 1440x2560, mira11.jpg)

No. 607453

File: 1543588169512.jpg (229.04 KB, 1440x2560, mira12.jpg)

No. 607454

File: 1543588211761.jpg (229.45 KB, 1440x2560, mira13.jpg)

No. 607456

File: 1543588261996.jpg (252.48 KB, 1440x2560, mira14.jpg)

No. 607481

>keep getting married and divorced just to serve your own needs only

If she keeps this up she'll be tying with Raven for most ex-husbands.

>just gets $400
>basically tells the guy to fuck off and stop bothering her

Wow. What an absolute cunt and she wonders why he's exposing her?

I can only imagine what it's like at home if her parents won't let her near her brother. By now they probably think she's an ISIS bride or something similar.

No. 607482

Wow, $15000 from KM, $1000 from her grandmother, and $8000 from her parents for "univercity" that she never went to or was accepted.

Scamming everyone and pissing money away. She has no shame whatsoever.

No. 607494

File: 1543591206152.jpg (223.24 KB, 1440x2560, mira1.jpg)

No. 607495

File: 1543591231532.jpg (240.4 KB, 1440x2560, mira2.jpg)

Continuing from the previous thread

No. 607496

File: 1543591262558.jpg (213.46 KB, 1440x2560, mira3.jpg)

No. 607497

File: 1543591304255.jpg (223.44 KB, 1440x2560, mira4.jpg)

No. 607499

File: 1543591383927.jpg (221.75 KB, 1440x2560, mira5.jpg)

No. 607500

File: 1543591406673.jpg (255.23 KB, 1440x2560, mira6.jpg)

No. 607502

File: 1543591432410.jpg (295.31 KB, 1440x2560, mira7.jpg)

No. 607504

File: 1543591493329.jpg (271.02 KB, 1440x2560, mira8.jpg)

No. 607505

File: 1543591531294.jpg (265.19 KB, 1440x2560, mira9.jpg)

No. 607506


No. 607509

I knew Mira had a few screws loose but there has to be something actually wrong with her for her to be this obsessive and crazy.

I mean scamming money out of men is one thing you can kind of understand given her background as a hostess but she's right up there with Crazy Ol' Margaret when it comes to stalking and delusions.

No. 607513

I don't think it would be worth it. It would only matter if she wanted to do things that would require a credit score. I had my debt come around and bite me but because I was in Japan, debt collectors couldn't call me (American debt). I returned to America to visit, and there was no issues re-entering or leaving to return back to Japan with my large sum of debt. With my large sum of debt, I was able to buy things on credit in Japan since Japan and America don't share those records.

No. 607517

15K is still a lot of money. it's not worth it simply because he's far away and he'll have to spend a good chunk of money to go to pursue the legal action since she's not in his country, and she's not a resident of the country she's in, technically.

No. 607523

And remember one of Rodi's original complaints was about how he'd pay for stuff for her like the shinkansen, and then she'd make excuses not to pay him back. You have wonder how many other people her malignant ass has scammed.

No. 607528

especially with rody you can tell how stupid she thinks other people are.

No. 607548

>"She's honestly crazy anyone who associates with her is crazy she's very very very backstabbing person" (sic)
Self-awareness, not even once.

No. 607563

Very muslim of her

No. 607648

She claims to be fluent, but N2 is too difficult even after living there for 5 years? Lolll

damn girl, just pirate that shit like a normal person. Japanesepod only lets you download a couple lessons on a free trial, and there's 100+ lessons per level. Imagine how many fake email addresses she's hoarded.

No. 607675

So what exactly is her mental illness?
Her behaviour is pretty similar to my sister (who thank god isnt that big of a mess) right down to the constant scheming and lying that always ends up backfiring, thinly veiled threats of suicide. pretend victimization by people she wants to smear as "bad" and completely obsessive and manipulative behavior but on the other hand all so sloppy and lazy in execution that people catch on to it sooner or later and cut off all contact. I think my sister hardly ever held a friend for longer than a year (with a few exceptions) because her constant scheming and hysteric drama outbursts make her unbearable for most people.
So since those private chats reveal that miranda has most of those issues too I really wanna know if this is a mental disorder that people can get treatment for.

No. 607680

it's a disease that might as well be called lolcow personality disorder so we can just refer to it as such every time the psych aspect is brought up. they all have the same traits.

No. 607683

This "wallowing in self-pity and playing the dying swan very dramatically as well as dropping some foreboding one liners only to ghost the person you left with such a lingering threat, while you go out and get drunk" stuff is seriously pathologic. Is this like the female version of sonic the hodgehog autism?

No. 607692

>>607675 it strongly reminds me of borderline personality disorder. People mentioned it before on Lolcow, but other people went absolutely bananas over it because they thought it was disrespectful to say that.

No. 607693

people with BPD generally feel tons of remorse and are not really aware they're doing anything wrong until it goes south, but they have a lot of emotional feelings.

while i think BPD is horrible others, it's also horrible for the person who has it.

miranda is missing the actual feelings aspect and seems generally to think that everyone is below her/owes her something.

No. 607697

>miranda is missing the actual feelings aspect and seems generally to think that everyone is below her/owes her something.
How can you tell? Miranda also seems unaware of how shitty of a person she is and she seems to be hysterically overemotional.
And who's to say she doesn't feel remorse at least somewhere?
Also your very narrow definition of BPD seems rather "clouded" by wishful thinking to the extent that you kinda contradict yourself a few times.
Are you diagnosed or self-diagnosed BPD for chance and might be willing to share how you cope with it?

No. 607700

what the fuck?

No. 607701

NTA but calm it down. You sound like you have bpd lmao. Anon wrote like 4 sentences, dial it back.

No. 607703

What part needs explaining?
>Oh no this really shitty person online who pisses a lot of people off can't possibly have the disease that makes people have a shitty personality and piss people off because they have feelings too
Well newsflash, miranda as shitty as a person she might be probably has feelings and remorse too. Have you dehumanized her so much you don't realize this?
She perfectly fits BPD and narcissistic disorder and I don't see why the thought that she might have feelings changes the fact that she's a huge fucking lolcow and a terrible person in general(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 607711

Stop armchairing and enjoy your ban you fucking nutter.

No. 607716

>armchair mods himself
>gets upset people toy with the idea of miranda having BPD
Why certainly. Let's just see who gets the banhammer.

No. 607723

Getting back on track…

Do you guys think Randa is honestly going to go through with the SA stuff? I mean it just strikes me as totally bizarre, part of me thinks she doesn't actually really believe what she says about SA.

No. 607735

It would be super entertaining, but the milk would probably dry up until she gets a public lashing and creates a huge international diplomatic crisis between canada and SA.

No. 607738

My main worry is that she leaves and blips off the face of the earth. I'm honestly worried her husband, if he's real, is going to essentially keep her on lockdown once she moves with him (no matter where they move)

No. 607752

Definitely this. She complains now about cleaning and paying rent, but if she gets stuck in the middle east she's going to be pregnant and cleaning the house all day. No falconing, no traveling for fun, no buying fancy bras when she feels like it.

Or she'll put a spoon in her underwear before he tries taking her to SA, and she'll claim there were visa issues. Sort of hoping this is what'll happen, otherwise we won't have any more Randa threads.

No. 607755

>I'm honestly worried her husband, if he's real, is going to essentially keep her on lockdown once she moves with him (no matter where they move)

Shit, that’s what I hope happens. She’s a shit person who truly deserves her “Saudi Arabian dream”

No. 607892

Miranda disappearing from internet because husband "lock her up" in their house in SA is probably the best thing thta could happen to her for the next couples years.

No. 607893

I'd be shocked if she really goes through with it in a few years as she claims. She's still an insane weeb, and if this guy works elsewhere in the world, or is only in Japan part time due to some kind of extreme work (oil rig etc) she has a perfect excuse to stay on in Japan longer. Then blam, divorce, oh actually I am a moderate muslim now and we can divorce. Then one day, Jamaica!

No. 608022


Yes it's a disorder called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (not to be confused with just narcissism), it's horrible and hard to treat since most people with it refuse to admit they have a problem

No. 608024


BPD is a cluster B personality disorder like NPD, and they all have a lot of overlapping symptoms/behaviors

No. 608030

File: 1543652000997.jpg (151.87 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090716.jpg)

No. 608031

File: 1543652025375.jpg (170.38 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090724.jpg)

No. 608032

File: 1543652048292.jpg (175.09 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090740.jpg)

No. 608033

File: 1543652073162.jpg (186.36 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090757.jpg)

No. 608034

File: 1543652096795.jpg (179 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090817.jpg)

No. 608035

File: 1543652120645.jpg (159.39 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090833.jpg)

No. 608036

File: 1543652141921.jpg (180.43 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090850.jpg)

No. 608037

File: 1543652187387.jpg (127.78 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090908.jpg)

No. 608038

File: 1543652211027.jpg (190.85 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_090929.jpg)

No. 608039

File: 1543652234011.jpg (181.68 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_091001.jpg)

No. 608040

File: 1543652257120.jpg (161.52 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181201_091020.jpg)

No. 608045

What a creepy stalker. /s
I mean there's obviously something wrong with him to enable her for so long, but he basically babies her and tries to make sure she is alright. Like there's no word about discontent from him, he just listens to all her bs and sends her money.

No. 608047

File: 1543654717680.png (417.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-56-36…)

No. 608048

File: 1543654740201.png (438.84 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-56-23…)

No. 608049

File: 1543654767683.png (357.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-56-00…)

No. 608050

File: 1543654793906.png (337.16 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-55-43…)

No. 608051

File: 1543654817171.png (443.72 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-55-21…)

No. 608053

File: 1543654845854.png (392.53 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-55-07…)

No. 608054

File: 1543654869883.png (371.8 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-54-54…)

No. 608055

File: 1543654891740.png (398.93 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-54-32…)

No. 608056

File: 1543654916137.png (521 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-54-11…)

No. 608057

File: 1543654943638.png (394.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-53-56…)

No. 608058

File: 1543654979103.png (452.4 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-53-36…)

No. 608059

File: 1543655004628.png (433.26 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-53-24…)

No. 608060

File: 1543655033863.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-47-59…)

No. 608061

File: 1543655061132.png (434.01 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-47-33…)

No. 608062

File: 1543655090182.png (624.27 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-37-32…)

No. 608063

File: 1543655289895.png (56.41 KB, 360x639, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-37-20…)

No. 608064

File: 1543655394158.png (50.99 KB, 497x881, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-37-07…)

No. 608065

File: 1543655749488.png (423.41 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-46-42…)

No. 608070


She broke into a friend's suitcase in their house to "find stuff to accuse them" and somehow still manages to try and make herself sound like the victim? Holy fuck.

No. 608071

>I know you're always here to talk
then she bitches that "he even answered me at 3AM wUT a StocKER"

No. 608072


Damn, no wonder she drove all of her friends away. :/

No. 608073

I'm really enjoying this Milkmas so far. Keep them coming, screencap anon!

No. 608123

He's so in love with her. I know we aren't seeing everything(?), but she just used him super hard. It's uncomfortable to read.

Miranda, what the hell have you got yourself in to…

Seriously, why the fuck would she do this? I knew she was insane, but this…

No. 608127

I hope KM finds a nice girl who loves him back and that he learned that you shouldn't give lazy assholes money.

No. 608128

File: 1543678323262.gif (474.09 KB, 500x205, 980x.gif)

>I entered their house and went through their stuff to find proof of my accusations but they were telling the truth
>Why won't they forgive me?

No. 608139

File: 1543681226014.jpg (89.37 KB, 1235x883, GulR8S9.jpg)

I thought she claimed that she never initiated conversation and he was always “stocking” her, right? She was always bothering this poor dude with her constant troubles and keeping him up at night with “I’m so depressed! I’m going to kill myself…again!” And then those messages about underwear!

There’s some hope: he responded to her whining on Rodi’s video and he really laid out what a lazy scumbag she has been. He kept pushing her to get a job and get her shit together but she always had an excuse or sob story. SS via PULL.

He obviously had a crush on her but from the other messages, he was also looking forward to her helping him settle in Japan so he could go to language school. Of course, she is a shitty friend and doesn’t reciprocate kindness for the dozens of times he bailed her out of her financial mismanagement, so she half-assed everything and was completely useless.

No. 608144

File: 1543681911425.jpg (113.93 KB, 1284x630, mira1.JPG)

No. 608145

File: 1543681968415.jpg (187.15 KB, 1219x892, mira2.JPG)

No. 608146

File: 1543683021448.jpg (47.75 KB, 1149x153, mira3.JPG)

Regarding forgiveness and persisting in sins. Source: https://islamqa.info/en/answers/9231/persisting-in-sin

No. 608148

File: 1543683429139.jpg (103.31 KB, 726x750, mira4.JPG)

No. 608153

File: 1543685119785.jpg (84.86 KB, 765x795, mira5.JPG)

Last post for Miranda's reading hour. Source: https://ayeina.com/forgiveness-in-islam/

No. 608162

No. 608188

I don't have any sympathy for her family. As >>607382 suggested, there's a decent chance that Miranda's problems are the result of birth defects caused by alcohol abuse, or taking a medication that affects fetal development. Her problems aren't consistent with any genetic disorder, and she's definitely not just stupid in a normal way.
I wouldn't be surprised if she did. She's incredibly naive about the realities of life as a woman in SA (or even life for the non-wealthy in SA, which is shit), and when she gets her mind set on something, she throws herself into it completely.
Mira teaching English…those schools really will take any native speaker with a pulse.

No. 608200


Wow, she actually seems to be claiming her first two marriages didn’t count since they weren’t muslim

No. 608205

Her dumb ass just ADMITTED she got 2 visa husbands whens he was trying to keep them secret for years. I remember when she was jealous of Shara and projected she only married her hubby for the visa

No. 608207

>Mira teaching English
Going through the messages you can see that KM as an ESL has far better English than Mira.

She once posted that "teaching languages is a natural skill, you can't learn it" or something. The magnitude of this disaster is beyond imagination.

No. 608224

If they took Mira to teach english, that mean i will have absolutly no problem getting a teaching job (if i cant find anything else) in Japan when i move there next year. That's good to know!

No. 608255

It's still always about Mira. I bet KM really enjoyed spending his work break listening to her bitch and moan. And that suitcase thing - was it the 1.5 month friend's suitcase? Because that is completely insane. I wonder if it was someone who'd been in her videos, like that girl she did a vlog with in Japan a couple months back (which I can't find, maybe she deleted it?)

No. 608288

>i go hand in hand to bed with the same man from time, my sole mate.

Holy shit Miranda. Her spelling and grammar is getting worse by the day. Her brains are literally disintegrating. How can someone be THAT bad at their native language?

No. 608324

No. 608326

I kind of wish Mr. "I Don't Need No Editor For My Books" Onion and her were at each other's throats for ultimate dyslexic milk.

No. 608327

doing her best arabic accent

No. 608328


you weren't joking. she's so embarrassing

No. 608329

File: 1543713358850.jpg (19.39 KB, 413x179, superchat..JPG)

I thought she wasn't allowing super chat donations anymore?

No. 608331

We all know Miranda is a money hungry loonie. She scams her own grandmother and parents, who does that?

No. 608332

i love when women stream wearing black blobs in front of a wall and just stare at the screen for uncomfortable lengths of time

she sounds kind of manic

No. 608336

Ok now I'm sure he doesn't live in Japan. She's being really cagey around that, unnecessarily so. My guess would be some kind of travelling job and she's convinced the guy she has to stay in japan.

No. 608338

File: 1543714141043.jpg (80.32 KB, 1737x909, mira.jpg)

No. 608339

Notes about visa husband #3:
-younger than her
-no comment on his job
-she got a dowry instead of a wedding ring
-didn't meet him on a plane
-didn't marry him on a plane
-he knows about all the youtube drama
-"He didn't want to spend too much time talking … he follows God's rules so I know he won't mistreat me."
-They speak English, sometimes Japanese. Her English has been "getting better" since they're speaking it.

No. 608343

She did mention that this "dowry" doesn't have to be money, it could have been anything from something physical like a car to something as simple as lessons about Islam. She didn't specify what it was

No. 608344

legit this photo is basically her stream, i had to leave

No. 608347

I'm sure he knows what she told him "Some liar haters made up lies about me like I worked as a hostess, had previous husbands and was asking a man to send me underwear while with you!"
She's having manic breakdowns because the truth is everywhere now and she has to make sure he doesn't see it.

No. 608348

Maybe it was those crappy fake LV shoes from a few threads ago. She also said in this stream that she only buys LV used, but those shoes were new.

And now she's complaining about people contacting immigration trying to get her deported. Hi Mira!

No. 608349

I'm betting her husband doesn't actually know her full history. I think that plays into why she won't have him in videos or anything

No. 608350

she clarified that she buys used because it's so cheap in japan, but if she can't find the item used she buys it new #miralogic

100%, she has a web of lies going with him, and is sending him lingerie pics too.

No. 608351

She claimed he watches her videos, is subscribed, has notifications on, and watches videos that other people make about her.

I've never really watched her streams before, but whenever she gets a question she doesn't like she goes on a rant and loses that fake Arabic accent. It's pretty funny to see her get triggered.

No. 608370

I really want her story and all of her lies to reach SA social media so she gets roasted and banned by them. Saudis are the biggest users of social media and they managed to get a Kuwaiti celebrity once banned from entering the country.

No. 608412

I do love that she had to stress several times during this stream that she “doesn’t care about the haters, or what others think.

She just has to make 8 tweets, 4 YouTube comments, a YouTube video and a live stream repeatedly saying how much she doesn’t care. She really cares a lot about letting people know that. So much so that she reads here and PULL obsessively so she can see every new post that comes along so she can reply saying that she doesn’t care about it. Instead of just ignoring it, which is what someone who didn’t care would do.

No. 608415

Finally watched Rody's "DramaJin3" video. Best quote: "She's Charlie Sheen of the j-vlogging community"

No. 608454

File: 1543731517138.jpg (18.7 KB, 617x156, mira6.JPG)

No. 608455

File: 1543731583596.jpg (92.72 KB, 1248x650, mira7.JPG)

No. 608519

Yeah, you can tell when she's pissed cause she loses her "accent". It's pathetic.

No. 608535

File: 1543748650203.jpg (131.8 KB, 1261x563, mira1.JPG)

Miranda still assumes Yuuki Hyuuga is KM's "fake channel."

No. 608539

File: 1543751489572.jpg (72.83 KB, 999x893, mira2.jpg)

No. 608540

File: 1543751513075.jpg (80.67 KB, 999x895, mira3.jpg)

No. 608541

File: 1543751543270.jpg (83.34 KB, 999x887, mira4.jpg)

No. 608542

File: 1543751567754.jpg (79.45 KB, 991x887, mira5.jpg)

No. 608543

File: 1543751594876.jpg (80.78 KB, 909x893, mira6.jpg)

No. 608549

So she clearly is saying here that Nagayama was her husband's name…?
Even though she made an ENTIRE video to say that "no it's not my ex-husband's name, no I chose it myself the name is 'entirely my own' I definitely chose Nagayama after a station blah blah blah"

So is she saying her SA hubby's last name is suddenly Nagayama?!

I'm losing braincells over this shit.

No. 608551

File: 1543752377135.jpg (107.05 KB, 1440x628, Screenshot_20181202-210254.jpg)

Current result, still has Nagayama on her Snapchat

No. 608554

what about the al-nagayama one? is it separate?

No. 608555


Couldn't find it since it's under a different username.

No. 608561

Anyone going to mention? If her husband is “younger than her” then there is zero probability she is married to a Saudi Arabian.

No. 608572

She looks rough as hell and whoever she's dating obviously doesnt give a shit about how she treats herself so the loving saudi husband is either a lie or doesn't give a shit about her well being.

No. 608573

File: 1543761066050.jpg (43.09 KB, 992x415, ap_caitlan_coleman_kb__correct…)

Unironically looking like a taliban hostage video.

No. 608575


> my husband didn't even look at my face before marriage

That explains a lot.

No. 608580

This is what I thought too

No. 608601

File: 1543769829869.jpg (67.23 KB, 1171x181, miralogic.JPG)

Can't say I disagree with her on this. But like for different reasons.

No. 608606

File: 1543772599929.jpg (34.78 KB, 640x1136, 1543714141043.jpg)

Couldn't help myself, sorry.
Look at her go! She suuure looks like a happy newlywed on her shared house full of invisible furniture /s.

No. 608613

She isn’t newlywed.
In her live show she confirmed it was her husband that went camping in May with her that appeared in the Narusawa ice video.

No. 608622

Why was she still begging km for money then

No. 608624

quit trying to push this KM is creepy shit.

No. 608631

You owed him $5000+ Mira. Who the fuck wouldn't take evidence of everything when you kept asking for money and kept promising to pay back?

Not to mention turning him into your personal sockpuppet. If he stuck around that long he probably had suspicions you'd turn on him eventually.

No. 608640

there's also caps of her telling him to cap their convos

No. 608645

I was talking about the fact that nobody of sound mind would have a folder full of photos of this disgusting melty faced goblin on their computer otherwise and that she specifically calls people saving photos of her "disgusting". She's right with that, not because it's creepy but because she's a disgusting slob in the first place.

No. 608646

I'm dying at al-Nagayama. Again she's lying, she still has a video up on her channel about Nagayama station.

I'm starting to feel spoiled. I hope the fresh milk every morning doesn't run out soon.

No. 608657


if she took her fake last name from the station the "al-Nagayama" makes sense tho. "al-" just means "of" so its Randa of Nagayama (station) which sounds like the perfect name for a homeless person.

No. 608658

Yeah but now she's claiming that it's her husband's name >>608601
And since her only "real" marriage is the Saudi one, she's just lying in circles. It's like she can't help but lie no matter what.

No. 608662

File: 1543780260344.jpg (366.39 KB, 450x675, f57e67f347d0dd.jpg)

Googling the Japanese name shows that she's been using it since at least 2016, pre muslim era.

Also look at this hot mess.
More: http://asianbeat.com/ja/feature/wfs/ultrajapan16-12.html

No. 608669


which is obviously a lie, because its simply impossible for one surname to be split one part Arabic and one part Japanese. Maybe a double surname is possible, but that would be two names then, not a weird mash up..

randa should just get over her weeb persona already or ditch the muslim one again.

No. 608701

I think she means that her Snapchat was never Mira Nagayama, it was Mira al-Saudi or whatever instead. Sure it was…

That's her as little as two years ago. Wow.

No. 608705

File: 1543787702536.jpeg (54.34 KB, 714x960, received_342708839853116.jpeg)

Miranda's fase in Canada before Japan

No. 608725

File: 1543793554912.jpg (366.32 KB, 450x675, f57e67f3561760.jpg)

She looks so much like sloth from the goonies it's unreal

No. 608726

Goddamn, she has to be inbred or something right? That's extreme even for FAS.

No. 608742

I’m glad you brought that up. According to the new KSA marriage laws, the Saudi man must be 40-65 years old, but no more than 15 years older than his bride. If Mira is 28 now, that leaves an extremely narrow age range that she is allowed to marry from: Only 40-43 year old Saudi men. If she is really married a young Saudi, their marriage is totally illegal in her “favorite country”. She admits they only had a ceremony in Canada, so they will never be allowed into Saudi Arabia without punishment.

Mira, your storytelling skills never improve.

No. 608769

She really does go from one thing to another, doesn't she?


>street fashion

No. 608770

Exactly. Everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that this shuts down her whole Saudi Arabian lie in one swipe. Wasn't she also claiming last thread that they were going to SA soon for something related to her marriage? One lie exposes another.

No. 608772

Why are people even believing her anymore?
Didnt the KM leaks show that pretty much every aspect of her life was a lie and all the speculation was spot-on?

No. 608775

I'm in no way saying that I don't believe KM, but screenshots are very easily to fake or edit so I believe it's important to not trust either of them completely.

No. 608781

fotoforensics is a meme. it only ups the contrast. if you fall for that site you have no business talking about fakes.

No. 608784

Miranda has a mile long track record of being a shady as fuck liar who has fucked several people over in identical fashion and has been involved in these same kinds of drama before with many receipts, and KM does not. Common sense can tell you when something looks or sounds fake + some background knowledge is enough for the average person.

I think the people anon was talking about that are still "fans" of hers are, like KM used to be, die-hard weebs who couldn't care less even if they DO believe she did all of that. You'll find those kind of people everywhere, no matter how controversial the public figure is. Just look at Onion or Mariah.

No. 608807

KM does not? Okay “Anon” are you forgetting that he was Miranda’s lapdog? He did everything she told him to. He supported her. He always liked and reposted. He always came to WK her. He donated large sums of cash to her. How is he trustworthy at all? Just because he is on the other team doesn’t mean his information is valuable. Snapchat conversations can be faked. There’s no proof that’s her account. For all we know he made a Snapchat account and called it “Mira Nagayama”. Facebook is the same. He could save her FB icon and easily make a conversation between himself to get revenge. After all we do know he was in love with her, wanted her, wanted to marry her. She got married to a Saudi (hid it from him and finally told him) so he got pissed. He probably is even more pissed that she hid it from him. Since then he’s been using “kitten Ivy” to post screenshots of their life. Though everything we seem to talk about it seems there’s a screenshot for. Meaning it’s easy for him to just make up screenshots that fit our unanswered questions.

No. 608810

She enabled him and literally told him to keep screenshots of everything.

No. 608813

Lol. The only person who claims Miranda is married to a Saudi is Miranda. Absolutely no one besides Miranda believes that BS for a second.

But it’s great fun watching someone defend absurd lies, that absolutely everyone knows are BS, as if they were true. Miranda is giving the pure cream on cow milk right now.

Miranda even shot herself in the foot by claiming her “Saudi husband” is younger than herself. It is illegal for a Saudi under 40 to be married to a non-Saudi woman.

No. 608814

most of the convos are inane BS (much of which makes him look pathetic as fuck)

you also forget he has pictures of her sent to him that aren't up elsewhere.

No. 608815

It really doesn't help that she has been manipulating and using people for years, even denying it when there's clear proof.

No. 608818

He was sending money to a stranger. He even seemed hesitant about sending so much at first, then she sucked him right in with haram panties and hair pics

No. 608825


obvious conclusion: a group of people were all saying the same things about Miranda around the same time. KM's screenshots confirm all of this and most are time stamped.


obvious conclusion: KM had a somewhat unhealthy infatuation with Miranda and was sometime manipulated into sending her money, sometimes he did it willingly. all in all he was manipulated and used as a lapdog and attack dog. nobody in this equation is a saint, but the guy was clearly manipulated and used


do you understand? do you see the glaring differences between piecing together this puzzle (which isn't even complicated btw), and this turd of an argument you laid here?

like are you totally batshit or just fucking stupid? please confirm which. Because I'm pretty sure you're the same anon that went shithouse earlier people said KM was being manipulated and you were like "STOP WKing MIRA THO" (which still doesn't make sense btw)

I'll take the infighting punishment I don't give a shit. Because you seriously need to understand that the reason your suspicions and anger are so misplaced, is because you're fucking stupid, and literally no other reason

No. 608866

File: 1543832440935.png (127.36 KB, 1548x424, スクリーンショット 2018-12-01 13.20.32.…)

Mira admits that her “islamic marriage” is not legal.

“No. We couldn’t get married at city hall, so we previously went to Canada together and got married. But we took different flights.
Unless the Saudi Arabian embassy gives us the documents, we can’t legally get married. However, Canada doesn’t have such a system, so anyone can get married at any location. So, we first got married in Canada, and have been waiting until Saudi Arabia recognizes our marriage. When they recognize our marriage, Japan will also recognize our marriage, That’s why I told everyone.”

No. 608867

When did SA come into this story? She's going to use the lax Canadian marriage documents (when they come through) to prove to Japan that they're married. I'm telling ya, this bitch does not plan to leave Japan if she can help it. SA approving it is total fanfic, as we have already deduced.

No. 608869

but isn't she still on her 2nd spouse visa? if it ends she has to go back to Canada. its impossible for the Saudi husband to have a Japanese citizenship, because SA doesn't allow dual citizenship and therefore he can't provide Mira a spouse visa for Japan regardless of the marriage being legal or not.

No. 608872

"sleeping" "hand in hand" with "her husband"
oh mira, youre a fool

No. 608883

>He supported her. He donated large sums of cash to her. How is he trustworthy at all?
You think THAT is comparable to Miranda's track record of using and screwing people over ??? You think that makes him equally untrustworthy as her? wtf are you on lol. Look at Rachel, Rodi, Kat, Sharla, all the people Mira has been problematic with. All KM did was be an idiot who realized a little too late that he was being used and discarded.

Why do you insist so bad on giving Miranda the benefit of the doubt? Ironically the only thing that is actually PROVEN is that Miranda has done shit like this before.

No. 608885

Hey, you might be talking with one of Miranda's friends. They also lurk here just fyi.

No. 608887

What “best friend” is actually left at this point?

No. 608888

The ones whom they shunned KM such as Erica and Yanique.

No. 608904

File: 1543844894255.jpg (167.75 KB, 1440x2560, 8fqgjiIG.jpg)

No. 608915

File: 1543848344164.jpeg (74.24 KB, 1029x870, received_263289984354867.jpeg)

Miranda promise getting the paintings done and arguing with her family

No. 608916

File: 1543848377403.jpeg (77.56 KB, 1027x870, received_1277083025763255.jpeg)

No. 608917

File: 1543848402931.jpeg (69.37 KB, 1031x868, received_365261517576561.jpeg)

No. 608918

File: 1543848427307.jpeg (68.45 KB, 1028x872, received_358561651374994.jpeg)

No. 608919

File: 1543848457396.jpeg (59.97 KB, 1025x870, received_356207384926706.jpeg)

No. 608920

File: 1543848572080.jpeg (40.12 KB, 1027x868, received_1113163642178867.jpeg)

Upset her mom washed her clothes

No. 608921

File: 1543848593149.jpeg (32.71 KB, 1030x868, received_361914047702053.jpeg)

No. 608922

File: 1543848616383.jpeg (46.56 KB, 1028x869, received_1815637805229895.jpeg)

No. 608923

File: 1543848641436.jpeg (43.87 KB, 1029x869, received_359524814819842.jpeg)

No. 608924

File: 1543848664588.jpeg (43.57 KB, 1027x868, received_2264647080276379.jpeg)

No. 608927

Well, as much as we suspected, her family also thinks that she is weird…

No. 608930

I keep getting distracted by that nasty foot pic. Did we ever get an explanation/context for that?

>ripped off my hijab and made me pray in the rain
Because she knows it's just a scam, Mira.

>$400 outfit
>I don't have many clothes

Well maybe if you didn't spend $400 on one fucking outfit? She really does have no sense.

>$30 tights
Literally no money sense.

No. 608934

This cunt claims to spend so much on clothing, but cries she/her family is poor. I bet her mom would have easily take her shopping to a normal fucking store.

I have to thrift and only can every few months, so I'm triggered as hell.

No. 608935


No. 608936

Miranda's toe

No. 608938

Da fuq is wrong with her toe

No. 608945

I feel like this needs a spoiler because jesus fucking christ. I don't even want to click.

No. 608946

File: 1543852064201.jpg (72.99 KB, 994x843, mira1.jpg)

KM kindly asked Miranda how her friend, Kandyce, is doing in Japan after seeing Kandyce's instagram story. KM and Miranda were discussing before about the $900 airfare to have Kandyce come to Japan (KM didn't send that money).

No. 608949

File: 1543852086926.jpg (62.47 KB, 991x844, mira2.jpg)

No. 608950

File: 1543852112954.jpg (62.54 KB, 993x843, mira3.jpg)

No. 608951

File: 1543852147750.jpg (77.63 KB, 992x842, mira4.jpg)

No. 608953

File: 1543852237204.jpg (68.98 KB, 983x842, mira5.jpg)

No. 608954

File: 1543852289445.jpg (80.83 KB, 989x842, mira6.jpg)

No. 608955

File: 1543852372807.jpg (270.31 KB, 2048x1536, mira7.jpg)

Proof of real unedited screenshots.

No. 608956

Blatantly asking people to sockpuppet for her. Wow she really is shameless.

No. 608957

The Instagram story KM saw, and remembered Miranda mentioning the guy on the pole in her livestream.

No. 608962

File: 1543853082978.jpg (128.68 KB, 986x850, Miranda_December_money1.jpg)

Miranda received $2,500 for December budget, used $900 to have Kandyce come to Canada anyway.

No. 608963

File: 1543853151501.jpg (640.52 KB, 990x852, Miranda_December_money2.jpg)

No. 608964

File: 1543853179661.jpg (122.85 KB, 993x851, Miranda_December_money3.jpg)

No. 608965

>(KM didn't send that money)


No. 608966

File: 1543853194855.png (42.87 KB, 706x669, 93e.png)

She wants to egg Rodi into making videos about her

No. 608967

File: 1543853219957.jpg (130.25 KB, 992x852, Miranda_December_money4.jpg)

No. 608968

Can someone who knows JP tell me if that's legit an amount someone would need? That's easily 1k more than I have, but I'm also in the red so I'm poor af.

She really uses everyone. I wonder how much money "Saudi" "husband" has in wallet.

Oh, and why is KM "Meg"? If it was explained I missed it.

No. 608969

>okay $2500 then
>start planning how you gonna give back again
>sending now

So how about them donations, Miranda?

No. 608971

remember when miranda said she had hundreds of videos to be edited and uploaded

to me it sounds like shes scrambling to have content outgoing

No. 608974

I thought Muslim were allowed to show hair at home/around family

No. 608976

All I'm getting from this is she likes Japanese because they are too polite to give her shit. What a cow.

No. 608979

File: 1543854176263.jpg (3.04 MB, 4160x3120, ryokan kyoto.jpg)

Ryokan in Kyoto. They stayed in rooms 225 (Miranda's) and 227 (KM's).

No. 608981

File: 1543854218176.jpg (252.66 KB, 776x1040, kyoto drink.jpg)

Free drink at a ryokan in Kyoto.

No. 608984

File: 1543854416725.jpg (141.67 KB, 776x1040, mira-kumamoto.jpg)

Kumamoto trip receipt. 6500 yen for the price of the room, plus 150 yen for a bath tax.

No. 608985

File: 1543854568429.jpg (158.17 KB, 776x1040, mira-hijab.jpg)

Miranda mentioned on her livestream her friend (aka KM) bought this scarf.

KM's receipt from a local shop in Yokohama.

No. 608988


KM is from Norway. "Meg" means "me".

No. 608991

Oh! I thought it was a sock puppet or something, ahha. Thanks.

No. 608992

Receipt is here >>608985

No. 608994

KM was the cameraman.

No. 608995

File: 1543855834315.jpg (152.58 KB, 776x1040, mira-starbucks.jpg)

No. 608996

File: 1543855874764.jpg (226.05 KB, 776x1040, mira-starbucks2.jpg)

No. 608998

Eww. If that is her house then you really are a stalker. Why would you record that and then put that online?

No. 609005

Turn it off, Miranda. You sound pathetic and really desperate.

No. 609006

It's not like he was outside her house. She posted it in the first place and this is why

Because Miranda is lying her ass off about ever meeting him, loaning money from him, leading him on, etc. He's got literal receipts that they went places in Japan together and she's claiming all evidence is photoshopped to cover her fake Muslim ass.

No. 609009

Selfish bitch

No. 609010

nit pick but zero accent of any kind here. No Japanese accent or Arabian

No. 609011

That’s not her account? What is the account at the top?

No. 609012

exactly. Honestly they are considered pretty close. I don't trust most of my online friends to meet them irl. He even helped make content for her and they hung out. Since he asked how she will pay the loan back she freaked and called him a creepy stalker so she can pretend she doesn't owe a close friend money.

No. 609013

File: 1543862196783.jpeg (76.56 KB, 1064x809, received_742596079428372.jpeg)

Miranda says she will help with school and gives fake information

No. 609014

File: 1543862220622.jpeg (52.33 KB, 1027x892, received_334607193794106.jpeg)

No. 609015

File: 1543862252665.jpeg (61.59 KB, 1026x893, received_343370673109643.jpeg)

No. 609016

File: 1543862284553.jpeg (54.81 KB, 1027x871, received_512721282471968.jpeg)

No. 609017

File: 1543862308707.jpeg (81.29 KB, 1001x858, received_344186296375800.jpeg)

No. 609019

It really pains her to have to do something for him. He practically has to pull her teeth. And >>609015 it takes her TWO DAYS to reply to him, meanwhile when she needs something from him she spams until he answers. I'm starting to feel sorry for KM now.

No. 609023

I feel so sorry for KM being called obsessive and stalker.. there must have been a point in their conversation where he started calling her pet names like in >>609013 and she didn't say anything against it. she held him close to rinse out his money while he was thinking she returned his feelings. so sad

No. 609025

This makes me so angry. KM clearly says he's having to use his savings and can barely afford to live his own life because she's asking so much money from him, and she acts like she's doing him a favor by ONLY asking for $1900 even though it will "cause her more stress later", eventually guilting him into paying the higher amount of $2500 anyway.

What a bitch. She calls it her December "support money" like he's her dad or something and clearly pretends she's going to pay it back. She's an awful, awful person. KM is never going to see that money again.

No. 609030

I think KM can probably charge back the payments in paypal. He probably won't tbh since he seems too kind to screw someone over.

No. 609035


if he did use family/friends option its impossible to charge the money back

No. 609036

Anyone know what type of work KM does? The fact he was sending that much to Miranda and still supporting himself at home. Damn. Miranda really played the guy.

No. 609048

he can still charge it back with the card he used and paypal will almost certainly reverse it if the bank tells them to.

No. 609065

His priorities were pretty bad here. If you were going six weeks without gas in your car, you should have prioritized that and had Mira stand on her own two feet for a while.

Poor guy is never going to see ANY of that money back.

No. 609069

I'm sure he had alternative transportation like public transit. it looks like randa was guilting him really hard too.

No. 609072

Late af but I'm so glad her mom isn't letting her speak to her little brother. I remember seeing the video where she went home for Christmas and feeling so sorry for her brother because he seemed so sweet. As someone who also has a kid brother, it really touched me that her mom knows that Mira's crazy as hell and shouldn't be anywhere near impressionable children.

No. 609073

And by that point she had her claws sunk in deep, so it made sense to him to sacrifice for Mira.

No. 609075

I'm sure I saw somewhere that Randa made him pay more because of "PayPal fees", so I don't think he did. Or he did and Randa is a scamming cunt, either way.

No. 609092

Dude did learn a valuable lesson. He could have literally slept with hundereds of escorts for the money he poured into that melty faced goblin just to get videos of her infected toenails

No. 609095

>Cause you know me I always lower estimate to make less stress.
Bitch, 1900$ is not a lower estimate. WTF. KM is such a sucker though, taking money out of his savings to send to her. His parents must be disappointed.

I've survived in Japan on 1000$ before, it's hard but not impossible. She does not need 2.5k$, I don't think even I spend that much money a month and I work fulltime and don't have to budget too much.

You can reverse lookup postal codes, and they actually get really close. It's indeed in Takanedai, Funabashi. That's not an expensive place to live.

Norway is notoriously high income. Like within Europe, it has the 4th highest average net income.

No. 609098

>I've survived in Japan on 1000$ before, it's hard but not impossible. She does not need 2.5k$, I don't think even I spend that much money a month and I work fulltime and don't have to budget too much.
The limiting factor is probably rent and transportation cost, isn't it?

No. 609100

I personally lived in a Sharehouse for less than 30,000en, so if I had 70,000en left over a month, I can survive. Many jobs will provide train costs to and from work, not all. And there is bus which is cheaper. I cannot live in Canada on less that $1000 a month comfortably, but I could in Japan. BUT it is with budgeting and not going out. $2k is comfortable and only minor budgeting, while being able to go out more.

I'm not the same person who posted >>609095 – just my experience.

No. 609101

Yeah, I agree. $2000 per month in japan seems feasible. Easily.

No. 609102

Yeah but everything else is also a lot more expensive. Food, housing etc

No. 609103

My rent was pretty high, 600$, but train fare usually gets paid by your place of work. But you need to eat, clothe yourself, etc. 1k was really tough for me, but she's not supposed to only live of KM's money.

I've always had the assumption that all those "I bought a 400$ bra IN JAPAN" videos etc. were calculated to bring in more than 400$ so as to not be in the minus, but I doubt Mira would make that much money with any video nowadays.
But I mean, you can always just mooch off your fans, right?

No. 609111

Food is comparatively cheap in japan. It should be feasible to survive on $15 a day when it comes to food in japan. I think food prices in japan get exaggerated because tourists flock to expensive sushi joints instead of having a 450 yen ramen twice a day.

No. 609112

>I've always had the assumption that all those "I bought a 400$ bra IN JAPAN" videos etc. were calculated to bring in more than 400$ so as to not be in the minus, but I doubt Mira would make that much money with any video nowadays.
That's the funniest part. Literally luxury goods. You can find cheap bras even in Japan. Unless you shit money there is no need to buy $400 lingerie if you're on a tight budget.

No. 609113

shit like the $400 bra was calculated to scam KM. the bra set she got is likely only $30-40 USD. i'm betting she lied about it being $400 so she could have the rest of the money for herself. KM didn't get her to show receipts ever (which was a big mistake, but he trusted her) so she likely did this with every amount she asked him for.

she did a similar thing with the office attire too. claiming she needed like $500 for an office outfit and $300 or more for shoes.

No. 609114

Yup, I could live on pretty cheap in Japan, I eat maybe twice a day, the rest is snacks and drinks. Food costs in Canada, especially where I am is SO expensive.

No. 609115

yeah and she was going on and on about how there are only $10 bras that break, or $400 bras…most of my bras i bought were $20 and lasted years…

this. when i lived there i noticed the cost of food was much cheaper than i saw people complaining about, and much cheaper than east coast canada where i live currently.

No. 609116

My $15 sports bra is GREAT, and does more for me than any nice bra did.(no one cares)

No. 609117

File: 1543879802363.jpg (121.97 KB, 653x490, 写真 2014-11-05 18 49 23_.jpg)

>this. when i lived there i noticed the cost of food was much cheaper than i saw people complaining about, and much cheaper than east coast canada where i live currently.
Honestly the only way I can imagine people being bothered by food prices in japan is if they're used to street food in thailand. Food in japan is healthier and cheapter than in germany for example. But I guess if you need to eat sushi in ginza and steak in kobe all day you'll likely to pay premium compared to the mom and pop ramen or karage store. I mean even a joint like yoshinoya has great deals.

No. 609118

clearly you don't get it. in japan they, i mean we, only have bras that are crappy, temporary bras that you wear one time, or expensive high end bras meant for the elite!

No. 609119

I might be talking out of my ass here but aren't $400 bras to break just as easily and you're literally paying for the privilege of having some sexy lingerie not for the lifespan of the actual product

No. 609120

Yup, I am still flabbergasted on how cheap konbini foods are, I too am on the East Coast! AND konbini is more expensive than going to an actually supermarket.

No. 609123

Sorry late and catching up but this sentence is hilarious to me in multiple ways
>The ones whom they shunned KM such as Erica and Yanique.

No. 609125

Miranda, stop using the word "whom"! You don't know how to use it correctly and everyone knows when you post here or anywhere. You are the only native speaker who consistently misuses "whom".

No. 609140

Why doesn't this fucking troglodyte cook? Why the hell does everything have to be take out? This bitch is a bundle of useless bullshit and once her "Saudi husband" finds out, he's going to whoop her ass.

No. 609147

Why would she know how to cook? She barely knows how to eat and dress herself.

No. 609155

She barely can cook, the wasabi chocolate video she made a long time ago she managed to over cook the chocolate making it clumpy in the double boiler, then blamed wasabi for it, when wasabi doesn't cause it to clump.

No. 609159

I remember one of her housewife in Japan videos where she grated something (a daikon?) and it looked like a blob of half-dried jizz

No. 609164

And nothing was her fault, the stove, the food, everything else had the issue. She was perfect.

No. 609166

as always.

No. 609185

Yeah, all those pet names made it obvious how he saw her: as his online girlfriend. Long correspondence, and sending gifts and money, is not unusual at all for socially awkward people on the Internet. I’ve known several nerdy couples who started their relationships that way until finally meeting and dating. She 100% knew how he felt and let him continue thinking this. When her Muslim phase hit, we all saw that very strange comment she made about not holding hands in public. Why would she say that to a simple friend? No, she would say that to the guy who thinks he could be her boyfriend but she is trying to use the modest “waiting for marriage” Muslima angle to avoid getting physical.

You all notice the timeframe and what led up to “KM is a creepy lying stalker and Mira is his victim” nonsense? Well, of course you do but let’s reiterate for anyone still doubtful. We see in those messages in September that KM is really doubling down on asking her to return the money AND asking her to come through on her promise to help him settle in Japan. Mira is panicking because if the Bank of KM comes to Japan, she will lose her steady stream of cash, paying him back will be unavoidable AND he would be more likely to witness what she is really wasting his money on. She such a predictable, cowardly piece of work.

KM: if you make it to Japan for school, it would be much easier to sue her. Especially if Rodi or any other character witnesses in Japan back you up.

No. 609198

in canada i think it would easily be 1k min to live somewhere you probably wouldnt get raped/robbed. thats rent alone tho, even in shitty apt. basement would save a few hundred.

this bitch is so greedy. no wonder she doesnt wanna go back home, im sure in ont prices are even worse than where i am. she has too much misplaced pride to live at home (and im sure theyd make her contribute)

No. 609200

Maybe Muslim seemed like a good way to ditch KM too.

No. 609201

It's the perfect means for a scam, flirt, get money, get the guy to fall for you, then say no, can't – Muslim. She SHOULDN'T EVEN BE TALKING TO MEN, married 'pious' woman and all.

No. 609205

It's a good thing KM didn't convert to muslim or Mira would say she doesn't need to pay him back because they are married. He woulda been a living atm

No. 609207

>it would be much easier to sue her.
Theres japanese laws against mooching guys off over the internet?

No. 609210

lmao, no, there are laws against not paying back loans. written proof of the loan is all you need and KM has tons of shots of that proof. no matter how nice/stupid KM is no one is going to refute that evidence over so much money.

No. 609217

Do anyone remember Kat Loves Osaka? I remember from the whole drama she said the first time they met she pretty much asked her to pay her coffee for her, even when Kat was only there a few months and was using her savings to live and couldn't afford any xtras. Then got her to shoot b-role video around Tokyo for the "what it is like to be black" video she was planning. I cannot find anything back from then, really should have screen shotted it because it was a post from 2013 or 2014. If that was true the obviously she uses everyone for hr own personal gains. She'll do the bar minimum to show she could care, but really she doesn't. Of anyone did have those screen shots, it would be awesome. She used Kat to get something to drink, and a free cameraman. She never did anything nice in return and used Kat on Mira's sock-puppets without consent. She is immensely sick.

No. 609221

File: 1543904720375.png (260.74 KB, 1098x549, 3fFL5Kc.png)

I saw a screenshot of her and Kat's facebook conversation where Mira was asking her to take the picture with the text "I'm not Mira". She used her in the same fashion she used KM to sockpuppet for her. She loves to pretend she's above reading these sites, but is so desperate to be able to reply to posts that she uses her friends as throwaway decoys. The only difference this time is that KM was a willing participant. That screenshot was only passed around to a few people on PULL because Kat didn't want it leaked, so I think it's gone forever, but it would have been great to have it now. Weirdly, Kat never asked what that sign was for.

at some point Mira confessed and told her in a comment "I'm sorry for using your photo to post on that site", then flipflopped and went back to denying she ever did anything.

No. 609225

I am not 100% but I think I saw that stuff on Pull and hr saying it was because Miranda said it was a message she was getting from a "stalker" and she just wanted the photo to get them off her back. I wouldn't see anything wrong with trying to help a friend get a stocker away, but wasn't thinking that Miranda was using it for a different purpose. She found out the hard way as it got her involved with her BS sock puppeting, using her for fre coffee's, camera recording, and snacks. I do commend her wanting to keep it private over just trying to do what she did back to her. Although we can't get any good milk, at least she did the right think and stayed out of it. Or Miranda would still be allover her like the others. BUT again, just me and my fuzzy memory.

No. 609228

KatLovesOsaka is/was definitely on PULL. If you can search for her posts, she was occasionally active if she had something relevant to contribute to the current Mira thread. I haven't been to PULL in ages so I don't know if she's still around.

No. 609231

>>I peak on here and there. Don't think se uses it anymore. I would love to ask more questions and hear more … IDK. I know her YouTube is deleted. So if she comes back, which there is implications on her FB group and Twitter… wonder if she'll even make a video talking about it…. need more milk.

No. 609235

File: 1543907683878.jpeg (61.57 KB, 1028x893, received_322020821964395.jpeg)

Miranda wants a drone so badly, so she tells that her friend is moving and selling it to someone else if she doesn't buy it. (Friday August 3rd)

No. 609236

File: 1543907705116.jpeg (54 KB, 1026x870, received_491849951323202.jpeg)

No. 609237

File: 1543907726918.jpeg (57.92 KB, 1027x889, received_516514792165967.jpeg)

No. 609238

File: 1543907752554.jpeg (58.26 KB, 1025x871, received_1936553179798677.jpeg)

No. 609239

File: 1543907781099.jpeg (54.58 KB, 1029x891, received_549448815468342.jpeg)

No. 609240

File: 1543907803865.jpeg (63.7 KB, 1026x894, received_276545496333543.jpeg)

No. 609241

File: 1543907832189.jpeg (66.99 KB, 1031x891, received_277789942922041.jpeg)

No. 609242

File: 1543907857858.jpeg (52.96 KB, 1026x870, received_302617550462362.jpeg)

No. 609243


Does this imply she is his friend that is a girl, or does he really think she is his online girlfriend?

No. 609245

Why is he so STUPID!! This whole 'acting like she's ranting to him, when it's obviously a form of hinting at him to give her the money' got old really fast. I can tell what she's trying to do from the first few lines. After she's done it 3+ times, how do you not realize she's doing it on purpose?
>"i want this.. but i can't afford it boohoo, i want it sooo bad, it's only $500 omggg, i-"
>"here you go mira"

No. 609246

I'm pretty sure you know in what context that was. He said he loved her and she was his girlfriend. Funny how she doesn't call him "next level" in that moment after he agreed to give her $500. She doesn't return the sentiment, but she doesn't stop him.

No. 609247

cause he has autism and is being manipulated?

No. 609249

the damning evidence is that one cap when he went to japan and she said no hugging or holding hands.

No. 609252

lol what a load of shit. she means power plug? you can just buy adapter.

No. 609253

>thanks for the money im going to go "work" now

so gross

No. 609255

is this the friend who owned/was selling the drone? from the cave video I mean >>592629 I don't know what the timing of these caps is.

No. 609280

Lol. Is this the same job where she claimed she could pick whatever shifts she wanted and had endless vacation time for no reason?

No. 609290

who says he has autism? the manipulation is what got old. she used the same tactic every time. any normal person would have caught on that when she starts to talk about wanting something, she fully expects him to say his line and go "i'll buy it for you", then she fakes surprise.

No. 609294

I’m sorry, I have no idea what sort of boobs some people have in Japan that need high end underwear. I’ve been living in Tokyo for over ten years now and buy nice but cheap bras just fine.

No. 609295

they were being sarcastic, i cant tell if you are as well

No. 609303

$500 for that shitty thing? She could have gotten that for $60.

No. 609307

The fact she was asking him for USD alone is sketchy enough. It's safe to assume she padded all the amounts to squeeze even more money out of him.

No. 609308

the lingerie shop Mira went to is wacoal. they have different brands, but their most pricey bras range up to 11000yen thats far from the 400$ Mira asked for. just another rip off.

No. 609317


No. 609337

it's nice that even KM suggests Mira's employer might not be happy with her lax schedule
>and work is probably wanting you to be working all the time and not as you want

No. 609363

I know Mira is at least smart enough to convert yen to dollars. BUt it really does seem she was tricking KM by not converting yen to dollars. It would make sense. That bra and panty set she said was $400 dollars (yen) in reality would be like $37 dollars. She knew this and so do we, so she pocketed the extra cash.

No. 609380

Or maybe there never was a $400 bra in the first place.

No. 609386

File: 1543946807869.jpg (918.17 KB, 1366x2550, 48565464685.JPG)

Can confirm. https://www.wacoal.jp/item/disp/detail.html?GOODS_CD=BBF445&SEASON_CD=18AW and https://www.wacoal.jp/item/disp/detail.html?GOODS_CD=PBF445&SEASON_CD=18AW seem to be it.
You have inspired me to make this image. Do pardon the size, but I hope this gets the point across.

No. 609394

Um…. Your image says she bought another one instead that was 300dollaroos, shes canadian and 24300Yen is 285,538 CAD so it wasn't that much of a lie.

You guys who don't even check your own fucking "fax" make us all look real dumb.

No. 609399

So she only scammed KM for $100? Great, that makes Mira an awesome person! Let's wrap up the thread everyone

No. 609414

It's still nowhere near $400.

No. 609418


this basically settles it, she's married to a guy surnamed Nagayama. The room name, drink ticket, and hotel invoice all say Nagayama. No way she would receive things addressed to Nagayama otherwise.

I have a friend whose husband is Japanese and only after she got married and changed her legal name (which is not mandatory, but is allowed) and was added to his koseki (household register) did she start receiving her bills addressed w/her husband's surname.

No. 609429

Are you retarded or Mira? She's confirmed many times that she picked Nagayama as her surname. She made a video about it.

No. 609432

anon, you can't randomly pick a japanese surname and use it legally. anon's saying she is using her husband's name.

No. 609435

>It's still nowhere near $400
Let me guess, you haven't read the other threads? Because the amount of money she has gotten from KM is around $1500. Can't say for sure if they are USD or Canadian, but… yeah

No. 609437

looks like she's about to assassinate a target in hitman

No. 609441

Are you high? She's gotten 15000, like 15k, not 1500. The bra she asked for was around $250CAD which is not close to the $400 she asked for.

No. 609445

nta, but they are trying to say randa still scammed him out of $150 for the bra. she's responding to a poster (probably randa) saying that it's nbd.

No. 609449

Ups, I missed a zero over there, you are totally right, sorry.
Yup, sorry. I guess we can all agree that she still scammed the shit out of him, all things considered.

No. 609455

the hotel invoice also says Mira, its missing the Randa.
its legal to book a hotel room under a fake name. you have to verify your identity at check in, but the documents they hand out to you will have the fake name on it.

No. 609459

i mean considering she always rounds up for more, even though this haram bra set was pretty pricy, chances are she was doing this with everything, giving an estimate so she could pocket the remainder. not to mention, she never made a video with this expensive bra set afaik, so this was a gift for herself that she still overestimated.

No. 609466


So I searched LinkedIn for "Kristian Mathisen" (exact spelling from the e-mail from the Japanese school which would be careful to spell it according to the passport name) – there are a few with photos who are clearly not KM, and a few others without photos who could potentially be him. I would say whoever is posting KM's chatlogs could ask KM if he's willing to disclose what his line of work is.

And while >>609095 is correct that Norway has very high salaries compared with nearly anywhere in the world, we also have to consider that doesn't mean every person in Norway can just drop tens of thousands of dollars on internet girls.

If he's unemployed on welfare, he might have an income of like $1000 US/month or something. If he works at McDonalds, he could make about $15-20 US per hour, which is a fortune compared to US Mcdonalds worker salaries, but still is a yearly income of like $40k on the high end– so $15k to Mira would be over 1/3 of his pre-tax income.

This is just a hunch but I get the weird feeling he is a trucker, or at the very least not on the wealthy or even middle class end for a Norwegian. Most young Norwegians live and work in the Oslo area. He lives in an area of Norway that'd be like Ohio or something in the USA, certianly not bad to live in but not something that screams "I'm baller" to you.

No. 609467

About the postal code, if you can read kanji it's also not that hard to confirm it says Takanedai, Funabashi, Chiba… the lines would make it impossible to completely guess, but when you know what you're looking for you can [literally] read between the lines to confirm that.

No. 609475

Don't get creepy. there's no need for any of that. and your calculations and theories are all wrong. He sent Miranda anywhere from $3,000 to $1,500 every month for "surviving the month". He's obviously not making $1000/mo.

No. 609479

I doubt he is working at McDonalds because that requires social skills lol

If he is spending literally all of his spare income on Mira, and lives at home with his parents (both of these seem totally plausible to me tbh) then he would maybe have a yearly income in the $60k range which would be totally average for Norway

No. 609494


Well, those two SS call total bullshit on her claim that she "didn't lead him on and he was just a crazy 'stocker'".

I don't know anyone who would let a person that they had no romantic interest in say "You know I love you" and "you are my girlfriend". They a) would have probably never let it get that far. and b) Would have immediately fshut that down with "Sorry, please don't say that. I don't have those feelings for you" (or words to that effect).

She lead him on knowing full well she could get more money from him if he thought she was his girlfriend instead of just a friend.

She is fucking scum.

No. 609592

File: 1543959345030.jpg (113.17 KB, 985x943, IMG_20181204_222941.jpg)

KM asked her if it was ok to have a picture of her on the phone 3 weeks after she asked him to be his girlfriend. He even showed her on the trip they went on together.

No. 609630

I know, I just wanted to point out how easy it was to look up the data that wasn't censored.

He's talked about work before, so while I don't think he's rich (as evidenced by having to go into his savings), my hunch is that he has some random office job and lives at his parents. Just because many well-paid young people in Japan move to Tokyo doesn't mean there aren't any well-paid job in the sticks. Also, please don't stalk his LikedIn, that's creepy.

Wait, where did she ask him to be his girlfriend? Did you misspeak or am I missing something?

No. 609640

I don't think she asked him, but in >>609240 he calls her his girlfriend and she doesn't correct him. That plus him calling her honey and sweetheart is pretty suspicious. Maybe another screenshot will show if he asked her directly, or vice versa.

No. 609685

wtf are those eyebrows

No. 609700

She's shameless.

How do you even feel right manipulating a lonely moron into sending you thousands of $$?

You are so fucked in the head, Miranda.

No. 609709

What's extra slimey is you can see from her responses that she isn't too hot about him being all lovey dovey and desperate for attention towards her but she never bothers telling him he's barking up the wrong tree because she thinks she can mooch him off indefinitely.

No. 609714

the shit that pisses me off the most about this is that she's perpetuating this "sluts mooching off of nice guys" stereotype despite foaming at the mouth over those kinds of women most of the time. is it cause she just hates women in general cause she lost the genetic lottery and wanted a taste?

No. 609717

I think in May she told him they were bf/gf? And I think it's back at the start of these leaks is when this is briefly mentioned. He hasn't shown proof of this yet I don't think. But it would be very interesting to see the proof!

No. 609756

her face looks less melted, is this photoshop? or snow or something?

No. 609761

the 15k is probably the money she borrowed, not including "gifts" (obtained via begging and uwu)

she milked him hard

>shes canadian and 24300Yen is 285,538 CAD

come on our dollar isnt that bad damn anon

No. 609762

File: 1543978221925.jpg (543.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181204-214927_Chr…)

Her face looks as though it has some overlay layer on it, and whoever was touching our her brows must have slipped or something. Fail photoshop

No. 609764

File: 1543979269151.jpg (120.46 KB, 634x951, 39BC41F700000578-3873962-image…)

Since you cropped it like that, it looks like Mira was trying to go for the National Geographic girl look. She's arrogant enough to think her portrait is as stunning as that cover.

No. 609773

It's not a stereotype, it's a real thing because desperate beta males will throw money at women without a conscience in desperate hopes of getting to sniff her pussy. Especially in "geek" and "nerd" culture you have those busted 5/10 trollops who make a good living by mooching off beta suckers who are too stupid and horny for their own good. It's like the circle of nature for people that are lower on the attractiveness scale.

No. 609774

>KM asked her if it was ok to have a picture of her on the phone 3 weeks after she asked him to be his girlfriend.
There's a fine line between being polite and being a total sucker. If you feel like you have to ask your make-believe girlfriend for permission to put her fucking photo on your phone you should reevaluate the merrit of your "relationship". As a sidenote, she probably didn't have any photos of him saved and was probably repulsed by him on a certain level, despite milking him dry. I've known girls like her who kept a flock of undesireable beta orbiters around them, gratefully took their presents and attention only to whine to me how annoying and gross they are. Like gurl then cut them off your life, being at the mercy of donations of guys you find repulsive should be not a badge of pride but kickstart some serious rethinking about your own self-worth. But ugly girls like mira probably like feeling desired, even if it's by men they personally find repulsive and gross - especially when it comes with a financial gain.

No. 609777

look at her protruding right cheek and compare it to the left cheek.
Also her left eye seems to have been height adjusted or she just cut her eyebrows for some reason.

No. 609795

uh no shit, do you know what stereotype means?

No. 609811

File: 1543989469636.jpg (109.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181204-215421.jpg)

Anyone remember when she pretended to get fired and made a livestream about it? Someone donated $500.. she wasn't even crying, it's obvious she just had a cold.

No. 609812

File: 1543989793947.jpeg (59.26 KB, 1455x941, received_1794839627291393.jpeg)

No. 609819

How long ago was this? She looks like a normal human being there

No. 609823


literally right before she became Muslim.
After Japan rejected her, she quickly changed her identity from being Japanese to Muslim

No. 609832

She looks like a different person there. Is it the angle? Not her usual sloth from goonies look.

No. 609847

I think it's Magibon levels of camera angles.

No. 609877


First 12 minutes from her livestream on December 2nd

No. 609888

File: 1544020951314.jpeg (94.33 KB, 1026x869, received_2088522227893831.jpeg)

First time KM sendt her a message and she starts complaining about debt and money problems

No. 609889

File: 1544020973095.jpeg (73.95 KB, 1021x869, received_2137401126509509.jpeg)

No. 609892


LOL this guy spills his heart out to her and she instantly launches into a tirade about her money issues and debt. With a total stranger. Absolutely shameless. What a greedy snake.

No. 609899

Wow what a way to greet a fan.. piece of shit.

I really hope she gets in trouble and fucks up her life even more. At this point, she ain't even a human…just a trash bag full of garbage.

No. 609900

"I actually have a clothing addition"…So Miranda, you have no problem lying and cheating others to feed your "addition" to famous brands? I thought that you were a pious muslim who didn't care about worldly things…

No. 609901

I agree, it's time for the Immigration Bureau to cancel her visa and get her out of Japan…I hope that Saudi Arabia does recognize her "marriage" so she can live there and get everything that she deserves.

No. 609905

File: 1544022853444.png (367.6 KB, 1440x2560, mira1.png)

Miranda backstabbed Rodi's family member and asked KM if Rodi has enough money in his wallet for the shinkansen.

No. 609906

File: 1544022893317.png (323.68 KB, 1440x2560, mira2.png)

No. 609907

File: 1544022925556.png (413.16 KB, 1440x2560, mira3.png)

No. 609908

File: 1544022950943.png (383.21 KB, 1440x2560, mira4.png)

No. 609909

File: 1544022972049.png (393.5 KB, 1440x2560, mira5.png)

No. 609910

File: 1544023002308.png (816.7 KB, 1440x2560, mira6.png)

No. 609913

No. 609914

No. 609915

For KM to be a stalking stranger, he sure does have weeks worth of evidence.

No. 609917

Wow. They started a Discord over on PULL. KM is on it. Per KM, The money he spent on her in total (including gifts he bought her, etc) is $46,000. He only wants the $15000 back that was specifically a loan.


No. 609918

He's not going to see a penny. The only way he'll get sweet revenge on Mira is if her Muslim community and husband finds out.

No. 609919

This makes Miranda even more of a piece of garbage for dropping him in the manner that she did and calling him a stalker. But damn, KM is stupid as fuck. At least this experience might help him grow a brain and not get played so easily by a cunt with barely 80pts in IQ.

No. 609923

>The money he spent on her in total (including gifts he bought her, etc) is $46,000.
What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. He could've started a small business with that dough. What the fuck man, what the fuck. Just go to 460 different hookers next time, it'll be more of a lastig impression.

No. 609926

All those escorts he could have bought yet he picked Quasi-Al-modo.

No. 609930

He probably could've booked a live-in escort for a year for that kind of money.

No. 609944

April 2013 video on Kyabakura

No. 609950


She seems sane here.
Which is saying alot.

No. 609952

When she was almost annorexic she looked her best

No. 609968

I like how she claims that the personal info she gave to KM was fake, yet the train station / zip code that have been dug up are most likely where she actually lives..

Also lol, living out in Chiba. Can't even get enough money squeezed out of people to make it somewhere cheap and closer in like Ikebukuro.

No. 609972

He gave her $45.000. That's a good yearly salary. Big question is did she report it to the japanese tax office. Because with those kinda sums you have to pay your taxes, even if it's donations.

No. 609975


Very good point.

No. 610053

omg, WHY would he do that? Think of all the charities he could have given that money to, but no, he thought giving it to a grown-ass women fully capable of supporting herself was a good idea.

That does sound nice, but I doubt they would care unless someone like Rody or KM contacts them directly.

No. 610063

he shouldn't have given any money to her or charities, since it was clearly beyond his means to do so.

No. 610069

There's a fetish called "financial domination" where guys get off to women abusing them for financial gain without the guy getting sex or anything in return. They're called "paypigs" in the fetish lingo of that particular fetish. Could this be the case here?

No. 610072

Obviously not, or he wouldn't want the money back. Most of those men also get off on the idea that you're squandering their money.

KM just seems like an idiot weeb who wanted to help out a person he admired who he thought needed help. My question is who would admire Randa?

No. 610082

what blows my mind is that even she was all manipulative and waify, she wasn't all that dishonest about the fact that the money was going to go to toys and luxuries for herself. it's not like she pulled a tuna and acted like she was starving on the streets. is he just such a sucker that it doesn't even matter WHAT you cry about needing, as long as you're crying and acting pathetic enough?

No. 610100

Eh, I kind of disagree, most of what she asked for seemed essential. Asking for random luxuries wasn't that often. She'd also lie about using up all her food money and give ridiculously high estimates for things like clothes and work shoes.

No. 610108

He just wants 15k back, the other 30k are fine apparently

No. 610112

KM is too fucking nice tbh. he needs to buckle down and take her ass out.

No. 610113

Her fake Japanese accent is the best

No. 610123

File: 1544050508517.jpg (26.69 KB, 500x233, sleepaway-camp-final.jpg)

>That thumbnail.

No. 610127

File: 1544050906984.png (523.67 KB, 822x418, kandahick.png)

This is insane, the moment she smiles she turns into a wicked, melting goblin. Never seen such a thing before. I guess smiles are really the mirror of the soul.

No. 610132

Where do you detect a fake Japanese accent? She sounds like a random Canadian here, the only thing that's worded weird is "thinking way" instead of "way of thinking".

No. 610133

not really insane, gal makeup is pretty forgiving, tbh randa is probably helped less by gal makeup than any other human being.

she still looks pretty bad on the left but most people look like 10x better.

No. 610134

You serious?

No. 610137

She looks like an average plain 5/10 chick on the left but turns into a -5/10 goblin the moment her facial muscles move.

No. 610142

nah she still looks like a 2/10 horse face on the right.

No. 610158

has anyone tried shooping miranda with good teeth? i bet she wwwuld go from a 3 to a 6.

No. 610161

She's uglier on the right side because her eyes start swimming downwards and her cheeks start to protrude.

No. 610164

File: 1544055457365.jpg (69.57 KB, 391x518, fb.jpg)


No. 610165

They do have a anonymous form you can fill out on their website and they dont ask alot of questions. How much do they really care about theses anonymous posts is a mystery. But going with "46k usd undeclared", "fake marriage, publicly said by herself to keep the visa" and "turned to radical islam" might grab their attention.

No. 610167

A girl like that, easy 6.5-7/10.

No. 610177

holy shit
girl shoulda asked KM for some money for braces got damn


$46k? USD or CAD?
($46k USD = $60k CAD / $46k CAD = $34k USD, it's a pretty substantial difference)

Either way that blows the "KMRuroni working at mcdonalds" theory… dude must be some sort of IT worker or some other skilled position which doesnt require any social interaction

No. 610181

Yes. I'm around Japanese people speaking English a lot, she doesn't sound like them. Maybe I'm just desensitized because the people around me have a really shitty accent but this didn't sound as bad as she sounded later lol

No. 610185

Now that would've been 45k well invested.

No. 610190

Nah fam I heard it too, she definitely lays it on occasionally. But we all know this about her, and when people point out her accent, she claims it's because she has a ~Japanese accent~ because shes for getting English.

No. 610241

File: 1544068714626.jpg (70.3 KB, 243x500, Screenshot_20181205-194538_Twi…)

No. 610242


Hahaha, the blackface video is saved. "I thought this was a great idea!"

No. 610263


i'm new here. why does this bitch slip in and out of an accent in this video? she sounds like an american who studied different accents via youtube.

and why does she text like a retard who can't speak english? my bf and his family are russian and speak and write better english than this gremlin

No. 610265

She had lived in Japan for a few years by that point so she was forgetting English. Really. That's her official excuse.

In reality she's a hick from Bumfuck, Canada, and can't speak English or Japanese. If you know any Japanese, go watch one of her subtitled videos and have fun finding all the errors the supposed fluent Mira makes.

No. 610266

Safe to assume USD

Learn the lore, she uses fake accents.

No. 610267

She now admits that her Japanese is not good because she speaks Arabic all the time…

No. 610277

the point is not whether it's an accurate accent, it's that she tries to do it.

wait till you hear her new "Arabic" one!

No. 610278

Her Japanese was never good. Ever. It's always been absolute shit.

No. 610286

File: 1544073739046.png (121.65 KB, 1280x594, スクリーンショット 2018-12-06 14.20.51.…)

Of course everyone knows that (except her hardcore muslim followers who can't speak Japanese), but that won't stop her from making "lessons" to teach people Japanese.

No. 610337

When is Miranda going to look back and see that it wasn't everyone else who was bad, it was her. She is a bad person, and no amount of religion will change that. She doens't change, she blames everyone else for the bad she bring out in eveyone. Everything that happned to her and will happen in Saudi will be her fault. Most people see the same bad happening, and reflect that maybe you're to blame, and change to become a better person. She doesn't, she's a narcissit and when she gets acid thrown in her face in Saudi, maybe then she'll realize good husbands doesn't happen because they're pious Muslims, same said for religious men in general. I mean they accept Miranda into their faith. She can now virtue signal and judge up on her moral superiority tower of judgment, but reality will come fast when a Muslim man tosses her off that tower because she is haram.

No. 610354


Can’t see it? Which one?

No. 610365

File: 1544100609903.png (123.1 KB, 480x343, Capture.PNG)

No. 610471

File: 1544117043921.jpeg (49.17 KB, 987x935, received_269667580363812.jpeg)

Miranda with her family problems and view on how Canada is (how she lived there) and think it is now for her brother

No. 610472

File: 1544117067465.jpeg (57.51 KB, 987x937, received_505134846563108.jpeg)

No. 610473

File: 1544117177053.jpeg (63.6 KB, 981x937, received_2134387196824040.jpeg)

No. 610474

File: 1544117273023.jpeg (60.16 KB, 985x939, received_352536942178493.jpeg)

No. 610477

File: 1544117377350.jpeg (65.55 KB, 983x939, received_320632818774323.jpeg)

No. 610479

In Islam, respect and honor your parents is extremely important. This fraud is talking about getting her brother to do things behind his mother's back and disobey her.

No. 610480

File: 1544117476322.jpeg (56.42 KB, 985x931, received_2196656210367570.jpeg)

No. 610481

File: 1544117580484.jpeg (40.96 KB, 979x935, received_295961401031403.jpeg)

No. 610483

File: 1544117736553.jpeg (35.74 KB, 983x941, received_298743020742530.jpeg)

No. 610490

File: 1544117897481.jpeg (45.46 KB, 989x937, received_272592610113014.jpeg)

No. 610495

File: 1544118060101.jpeg (58.08 KB, 985x935, received_2312066642397944.jpeg)

No. 610498

File: 1544118295153.jpeg (60.63 KB, 991x937, received_2160851294164224.jpeg)

No. 610504

"DRUG ATTIC'S" LOL I fucking can't with her embarrassingly stupid ass. This is so laughable for her stupid sleepy town too, it's not a bad place and any online research could have told KM that. What a ridiculous story

No. 610509


Confirmed that KM lives with his parents

No. 610511

>"I love how they can't imagine me married to a Saudi, even though I'm not"

She really is stupid. Miranda, no one believed you were married to a Saudi because we knew you had a VISA husband, which is now confirmed.

No. 610512

Subtle begging for an iphone x and a money for the "ticket for her brother" that she'll end up using otherwise.

No. 610513

this bitch…"what I can't talk to my brother so I need to throw money (your money) at the problem!" REAL SUBTLE Miranda!

and then the half-assed attempt at acting like she could just earn it herself lmao

KM man…how in the world did you put up with this shit for so long? like what the hell did you even see in her? Scandinavians produce some of the most beautiful/coolest people on the planet and your dick got hard over a mousey slant-eyed weeb??? IDGI

No. 610517

>5 october 2018
>"I love how they can't imagine me married to a Saudi, even though I'm not because obviously I would put him in the videos"
And yet she insists on the whole "we've been married for a lot of time, gais, it's just that I didn't tell!!".
Also, she's STILL talking about Rodi. No surprises there.

No. 610519

He's a Japanophile who fell in love with another Japaonphile. Quite simple. Shared passions.

No. 610532

File: 1544121151756.jpeg (91.66 KB, 750x621, ECBD93E8-F4E2-4DDD-BBAD-BBCD5C…)

Okay but when I click the link it takes me to this set of videos?

No. 610551

File: 1544123176056.png (44.22 KB, 1347x575, Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 2.06.…)

It works for me..

No. 610588

No. 610618

File: 1544131086393.jpeg (47.21 KB, 985x945, received_380609926018452.jpeg)

Complaining that the exchange rate is so high so she needs more money and fighting with her family again

No. 610619

File: 1544131120933.jpeg (53.91 KB, 985x937, received_339974466816702.jpeg)

No. 610620

Wow, every one of their conversations revolves around Miranda complaining about money/hinting that she wants a "donation"

No. 610622

File: 1544131266277.jpeg (48.02 KB, 989x935, received_2298346610384889.jpeg)

No. 610624

File: 1544131400986.jpeg (64.28 KB, 993x939, received_512503642559101.jpeg)

No. 610626

File: 1544131509904.jpeg (58.33 KB, 993x945, received_205317627024868.jpeg)

No. 610630

File: 1544131622035.jpeg (46.63 KB, 981x935, received_365581030684279.jpeg)

No. 610636

File: 1544131867859.jpeg (45.42 KB, 989x937, received_1206780209479772.jpeg)

New complain about having to pay tax money

No. 610638

File: 1544131901264.jpeg (49.3 KB, 989x937, received_352046232246180.jpeg)

No. 610640

File: 1544132001712.jpeg (45.97 KB, 987x941, received_1014737735381284.jpeg)

No. 610641

File: 1544132124827.jpeg (36.09 KB, 991x935, received_792608231070934.jpeg)

No. 610642

File: 1544132234806.jpeg (45.31 KB, 987x931, received_281142945876599.jpeg)

No. 610644

File: 1544132420399.jpeg (35.24 KB, 983x941, received_925628027647588.jpeg)

Miranda sends KM a snap drinking Oslo coffee

No. 610646

File: 1544132469079.jpeg (37.22 KB, 985x941, received_298072980832522.jpeg)

No. 610649

File: 1544132637214.jpeg (49.47 KB, 981x945, received_784754808528536.jpeg)

Stupid Miranda shows how bad memories she has and tries to scam more money

No. 610650

File: 1544132678444.jpeg (48.82 KB, 971x939, received_283032452417153.jpeg)

No. 610653

>I need to get the newest iPhone so I can send my brother my old one.
Bitch, just get a cheap used one? In other news: There are apps that aren't snapchat. You could write emails.

Girl, I live close to you. We turned off AC in early October.

No. 610696

Good point. I bought an iPhone SE perfect condition off Ebay for $110. But Miranda “BARELY paid my rent this month” Constable wants the newest $1000 one in order to send her brother her’s so he can talk to her behind their mother’s back, thereby both her and her brother committing sin

No. 610728

>can't talk except through snapchat

bitch what

>i need the new iphone so i can give my brother my old one

jesus christ

No. 610730

>I'm so poor I owed 7k for taxes
>now I owe 500 HINT HINT KM

I'm actually poor so I only get money from the gov, can someone tell me what's normal to owe?

No. 610765

This one made me laugh. Yes, she's an expert in Japanese, that's why she can't read a tax document.

No. 610777

I actually feel so bad for KM what the fuck? This guy threw away money he could have used to get a life in Japan going like it seemed to be his dream.
I can't believe how selfish a person must be to use another person like that. And Mira is so fucking cold to him all the time. And it's always just "ME ME ME ME". There is no time she asks about his day or ANYTHING. How he didn't notice sooner it's not worth it and let that happen beats me.. But one can only hope he learned from this and will be wiser in the future.

No. 610817

40K would've made for an easy start in japan tbh. Why did he feel like ne needed to reach out to a money grubbing goblin who can't even speak japanese and is about to get deported in the first place for his "start in japan"?

No. 610831

Honestly he gave off an impression he only wanted to live there to be closer to his "girl friend" Mira

No. 610840

well if his only wish was to do a language school, that $40k would've been more than enough to stay comfortably in Japan for a year and to even travel around.

I feel bad for the guy, whether he's dumb or a bit off, Mira took advantage of him until she got a new husband to replace the cashflow. I have no idea if he can sue to get any of it back too.

No wonder Mira can't maintain and keep any kind of relationship, she's so fucking vile. Her moving to Saudi Arabia and disappearing would be a gift to society

No. 610850

He only wants 15k back which says a lot about his character, imo.

No. 610852

he seems like an honest man, albeit slow and gullible. randa's lucky he's not a vindictive cunt like any other white knight would be.

No. 610863

Bit of topic, but is PULL down?

No. 610873

I'm always surprised when I see people who send hundred thousand of dollars to catfish, to people they have NEVER met and are not who they say they are( usually to somewhere in Nigeria if we believe the Dr.Phil show). This guy was actually communicating with his favorite YouTuber, who just turned out to be a enormous shit person that takes advantage of her fans.

No. 610875

File: 1544172849197.png (142.82 KB, 1396x454, スクリーンショット 2018-12-07 17.53.51.…)

It appears that KM posted this on PULL.

No. 610882

File: 1544176139413.png (150.27 KB, 1398x676, スクリーンショット 2018-12-07 18.48.28.…)

More from KM.

No. 610885

File: 1544176204343.png (983.79 KB, 1308x1316, スクリーンショット 2018-12-07 18.49.53.…)

No. 610889

I would love to see the message from March 31!!

No. 610890

KM is very naive if he thinks there is no other way to get into a language school in Japan than through Mira or some other weeb. He should do some research and discover his options.

No. 610942


No. 610943

>emergency person
Is that something scandinavians do or is he just sheltered/retarded? You have your embassy for emergencies and everything else is something you should be able to handle by yourself or delegate to new friends you made (as in, "I'm going on a trip - please water my plants for a week, trust ya buddy")

No. 610944

Dude seems to be a beta who wanted to get into the goblin's pussy more than he wanted to attend language school.
Literally 2 seconds on google

You don't need to send $45k to some washed up youtuber in order to start going to language school.

No. 610945

are you retarded? or did you just miss the last 3 threads…

No. 610946

Uh, no shit anon. I'm really starting to wonder about some of you. Obviously he wanted Randa to help him with it cause he wanted her help.

No. 610948

Saying the nigga is full of shit when he now claims he only supported her because he needed a "emergency contact" in japan. Literally could've hired a hooker to stay with him for his year of language school and be a "emergency person". $45k is a good yearly wage in Japan.

No. 610951

sorry about your autism. there's alot he should have done with his money, the language school thing was just obviously to get closer to her, why are you so daft? of course him being interested in her was fucking weird, but it's obviously something that happened.
and why do you keep mentioning hookers? as dumb as KM was he sounds like he was in love with randa, bitching about him choosing her instead of a hooker makes you sound like a butthurt neckbeard.

No. 610954

Might be a European thing? I'm Dutch and they have me list an 'emergency person' for stuff too occasionally. In case you get hit by a truck or smth, they have someone to call.

No. 610955

Yeah…I don't think KM's feelings are up for debate, the reasoning behind them sure but it's pretty obvious. Sure it's stupid but I doubt he thought he needed her at all, he seemed to be using it as a way to get close to her.

Plus, as ugly as she is, she had a lot of racy videos of herself so she was bound to hook one of these guys eventually. Anyone who flashes their flat ass in a thong bikini on youtube is sure to get a bite.

No. 610956

Why doesn't someone go on PULL and ask him what did he see in Randa? I don't have an account

No. 610960


It's a U.S. thing as well. Nearly every form you fill out, from job applications, to Dr./hospital visits, loan applications, school admissions (Kindergarten through University) all require an emergency contact

No. 610966

Miranda is very two faced, she bumbs off or get free things from her 'friends' –
I didn't want to look up any of the discussions again about Miranda.
BUT I'm pretty worried about her mentally.

This is Kat, I want to say this KM drama is totally her.
She used a man after she had no place to go after she left the bf who apparently beat her,
video never showed aything, so I side of the he was angry, kicking at the to get her out.
She she said she was at Sharla's – she wasn't.

She was out with a man she barely knew from online, paying her life support.
She moved back with the "abusive ex and married him.
He also paid for her school fee's, except he woke up to how she was using him for a visa,
and abusing his money by allowing him to pay.

It is different when you're doing things for your husband, cook, clean,
do housewife work AND behave like a kind lady. Apparently he liked one of Mira's friend
more than her because she was nice, friendly, and wish he could have dated her.
He hated being used and being with someone who wasn't with him except for what he was doing for her.

A marriage isn't just a man doing everything for you,
it is you taking care of him and he takes care of you. Japanese way is woman takes care of the home,
cooking, cleaning, being a kinds person someone your hubby can rely on when coming how to have a ear to talk to.

To Miranda, marriage is a contract, not made of love but for what she gets.
When a man does everything, holds all the money, you are trapped.
When he starts abusing her, she has then no way to leave.
No police to help her. I hope the going to Saudi thing is a lie to protect her real visa kun.

When I met her and she was dressed up in black face, I wasn't comfortable about it
because my dad is half black, but didn't want to cause a fuss and was in "Japan" mode
where you dont want to cause issues to make someone uncomfortable, especially with a new friend.
Who thought she was off. And right. She asked if I could but her the coffee she got, and she knew
I didn't have much money but I did anyways to be nice – so shamelessly asking for handouts.

She will do whatever that benefits to her, she don't care about anyone because she only
cares she lost her hold on the suckers who are good when they can't take the lies and the arrogance anymore.
This is why she don't have many Japanese friends, because she's pro prideful. She has no humility in her system,
with this Muslim conversion she thinks it will help.

No, it doesn't help, she need to be HONEST go to everyone she hurt and admit everything he done and apologize.
There would be no more bad water with her if she does that,
all we asked. Not like we'd trust her anymore but she would have done something right for once,
but we wouldn't hate her. Maybe with time showing how much she changed for the better, maybe then.

But a religion doesn't make you a better person, nor is going to people she hurt and lied to saying she forgives them…
for what seriously. She is the one who needs to beg forgiveness for the pain,
then change her ways or she'll always look friends and blame everyone but herself.
It is utterly arrogance she thinks the people speaking about what she did, forgiving them will not get you forgiven!

You need to admit the truth, EVERYTHING, and the truth will free your soul, and use it to grow up and mature.
Learn to think about what YOU can do to help people, not what they can do FOR you,
or tear down people you're jealous of them. Mature, be an adult and help them with their succeed,
and people who see you genuinely want them to succeed want to be around someone like that and do th same for you.

But she is really on a terribly selfish road, who takes advantage of KM who was her fan,
to make money by pretending to be his bf. That is horrible. Each year she gets worse and worse.
Reading what is going on with her is heart breaking because although I don't like her,
I do not wish her this outcome she's willingly getting put into with Islam.
I too studied about it and the more I learned from both sides is there is good and bad,
but the radicals are more prevalent!! It is really sad and dangerous she's seeing Saudi though rose coloured glasses.

I was hoping she would have changed, but she hasn't. Now she blames all the un-pious people to be high
and mighty over the scum who-aren't muslim. I'm better than thou bc I'm Muslim.
No you be a better person all without needing a cult backing you up. SMH.
Really shocked to how far she has come.

And she will be lucky to leave Saudi without having acid thrown on her,
stoned to death or what have you. She has sold herself into slavery. I never hated her even for the pain she caused,
I hated her response to it, and not accepting responsibility.
She's going to become a 30-year-old woman who is mentally at the age of a High School bully.

Miranda, go home, get help because I truly want you to recover from whatever you have.
You problems will only get worse going to Saudi, running from your problems WON'T fix them – just AMPLIFY THEM,
no will a country fix you, as much as a religion won't fix you. You need to start loving yourself,
not lying like you do, And find peace within yourself by righting your mistakes in the past,
apologize sincerely to everyone, explain how you'r change and be better, even without them there.

You NEED to do that or you're going to look back at this time as trying so hard to belong somewhere,
trying to fill that empty voice, something even religion will not fill. A new country will not fix those problems,
but going home, getting your high school, getting back to school, and better herself,
going back to school and righting your wrongs will free your mind and you'll get out of this.

You're not perfect, either am I, but this life you're living isn't anyone else's fault but your own choices.
If the same things keep happening, it is your fault from, again, bad choices. I made bad choices.
But I learned and moved on to make the right ones from now on, and stop taking the easy way out.
Nothing is life will be good if it comes easy and you're life is set on the "easy-mode with narcissism cheat code."

Fix your life please. For YOU!

No. 610968

Sorry bad net connection, posted way too many replis but deleted.

No. 610970

Im not sure how much you need for japan but to stay a year in Germany (on a language school visa) you only need about 9k a year in your bank account if youre from japan, south korea, US, and one or two other non EU countries. Im sure with 40k he could easily get a 2-3 year language school visa in Japan if not more.

No. 610972

Japan requires a contact to basically deal with helping you if you get into shit while in Japan, for any visa.

No. 610973

Hi Kat.
So the husband that makes her pay him rent is the abusive ex-boyfriend? She is mental. She completely uses people.
Did she ever tell you about her childhood? I'm curious as to what kind of life makes a person like this. She never once has said that her parents were abusive to her growing up but who knows with such a liar.

No. 610974

why couldn't he find a school that would provide that for him? my school did.

No. 610975

Pretty sure that if you apply to language school or unviersity in japan they will provide a emergency contact for international students.

No. 610976

>bitching about him choosing her instead of a hooker
Stop white knighting for a moment and let the fact sink in that this thirsty af beta threw $45 at randa just for the faint chance of getting a whiff of her pussy stank. Obviously going to a hooker would have fixed his outlook on women greatly if he thinks throwing money at some goblin will make her fall in love with ihm.

No. 610978

I’m thinking that KM didn’t NEED Mira as the emergency contact but wanted her as one because she was his “girlfriend” and what he thought was a legitimate connection in Japan. It does sounds a lot better to have a Japanese-speaking, Japan-residing friend or SO as the emergency contact rather than your elderly Norwegian man and dad, doesn’t it? So he naively expected she would comply in time to submit the form, because it is something a girlfriend would do. He didn’t expect her to give a fake address and phone number and sabotage his plans right before the deadline.

No. 610988

Is English not your first language? this was a pain to read.

If you're not even going to read the thread then stfu already, you're not getting it. I thought this too at first, but it's obvious from their conversations that Miranda manipulated and guilt-tripped him into giving her money with talks about depression, suicide and financial hardships. Because she knew if she pressed it he would give it to her. She wrote paragraph after paragraph about how BAD she felt just waiting for him to say "ok, i'll give it you". That's how most of this money was extracted out of him. He's just a gullible idiot who was too nice for his own good.

No. 610999

Imagine having your make believe gf you've spent $45k on give you a fake adress and telephone number.

No. 611000

fuck off with your beta male shit, incel

No. 611017

File: 1544214103485.jpeg (53 KB, 981x937, received_335467770583843.jpeg)

Miranda again talks about her money issue

No. 611019

File: 1544214132609.jpeg (52.23 KB, 983x933, received_553281991810557.jpeg)

No. 611021

File: 1544214243066.jpeg (47.12 KB, 977x929, received_2111493075573366.jpeg)

No. 611022

File: 1544214354496.jpeg (49.49 KB, 983x931, received_1167554033392163.jpeg)

No. 611023

File: 1544214466373.jpeg (55.61 KB, 983x937, received_510544259439200.jpeg)

No. 611024

File: 1544214566113.jpeg (60.32 KB, 979x943, received_688975304829815.jpeg)

No. 611025

File: 1544214702345.jpeg (57.62 KB, 987x937, received_680892968973847.jpeg)

No. 611028

File: 1544214897795.jpeg (50.97 KB, 985x935, received_341537936639063.jpeg)

No. 611041

>defends a guy who spent $45.000 on some goblin bitch who didnt even let him touch her hands
>talks about incels
lmao shove it you white knighting faggot

No. 611042

It's insane how hard she's trying to milk him dry. How did that woman not manage to survive on almost $50.000 for a year and keeps doubling down with those petty charges?

No. 611043

Now that's a lie, looking at her dental bomb crater no dentist ever touched that hole.

No. 611044

I wouldn't be surprised if most of her financial problem rants to him were all lies to get money.

No. 611045

god did miranda fucking scam you too? why don't you go cry to your precious hookers if you're going to sit around being a baby all day ITT.

No. 611046

Jesus, this is pure insanity. How shameless is this broad?
>support money

I unironically think this entire situation is a prime example of why you should NEVER lend money to strangers.

No. 611048

>1900 or 2500
Assuming she's not lying her ass off, seeing her monthly expenses would be really interesting. Did she use his money to pay off visa-kun or what is happening here? Since her miracolous muslim transformation she must've used much less makeup and since she only wears her burlap sack new clothes (except for $400 bras) also dont seem to be that much of a pressing issue.

No. 611052

I don't know who hurt you, but you should seek professional help.

No. 611053

it's probably 1/2 visakun and 1/2 food since she never cooks and posts countless shit about her eating at random places. as cheap as many places in japan are that shit adds up when you do it every meal. poor KM tho, he could have had dinner with atleast 40 hookers if he hadn't paid randa so much money!!

No. 611055

File: 1544218325983.jpeg (43.1 KB, 983x937, received_294131591221578.jpeg)

Miranda wants to buy 400$ LV perfume just after she got her LV shoes as gift

No. 611056

File: 1544218372023.jpeg (40.57 KB, 985x941, received_227841501445431.jpeg)

No. 611058

Looking at her channel, her output did increase since this message. 1 or 2 videos a week instead of 1 or 2 a month. Poor thing works so hard!

Is this legal? I mean, does she think the company is going to leave her alone just because a credit card is cancelled?

No. 611060

He could have had dinner with 450 escorts at the same time for that money. If we do the math and don't factor in the cost of wining and dining 450 hookers. Or he could have 450 dinners with the same hooker. So that's one year of hooker. How long did he spent money on miranda to unenthusiastically sent him text messages and bitch about her life? If they texted for more than 450 hours he got his money's worth by paying her escort rates for texting.

No. 611061

Miranda looks like she got bad bo anyways, so maybe she's pouring gallons of expensive perfume on herself to mask her stench and that explains how she manages to burn through his money so quickly?

No. 611062

>ha ha ha I just happen to run out of perfume the day I saw $400 perfume in the mall, what a coincidence ha ha ha
Her favourite amount to ask for seems to be $400. That's like a number you see a lot in those texts.

No. 611063

really? you're just going to conveniently forget the cost of renting out a place where he can have his 450 hooker wine and dine party? even if it was catered he still has to rent out a place, so i definitely don't believe he could have wine and dined all of them simultaneously.

also come on, randa used to work in a kyaba so she's clearly worth more than the average scandinavian hooker would be. it's absurd for you to assume otherwise!

No. 611064

stop responding to them

No. 611065

When you have so little money you pay your food on credit but you also really need that fake LV.

Alright that's not a cancellation fee. I order and cancel mobile routers (pocket wi-fi) etc. for work, and the cancellation fee never exceeds 10k. The only thing she could've done is that she bought the device in installments and it wasn't paid off yet, in which case not paying is really not okay.

No. 611066

You would think that someone who's forever broke would stop getting expensive shit. She doesn't have her sugardaddy to save her broke ass anymore, so suffer well, Mira!

No. 611067

>>begs for 'grocery money' and credit card debt
>>"oh but this $400 perfume"

Dude. When sineone can't handle their debt, buying food, and basically medicines, they don't need $400 perfume. Shes about as subtle as a sledgehammer with her scamming asks.

No. 611069

In this particular thought experiment he would have wined and dined them at his parent's house, which would cut down on the location costs.

No. 611070

Ya'll are crazy with this talk of hookers and escorts. With that money he could have gone to Japan on a 3 month tourist visa. He's natural light blonde and willing to throw $500 on whim, he could have stood out as a rich, exotic gaijin and would have been swimming in pussy.

No. 611072

He doesn't seem to have yellow fever though. With that money he could also have attended language school and gotten a student visum. I think $45k for 3 months of japan is too expensive. Even 9k would've surely been more than enough.

No. 611073

You all don't see the bigger picture here. He was simply paying jizya tax for being a dhimi.
So miranda just acted as islamic as she could.

No. 611074

okay, that's fair. sorry that i doubted you.

No. 611081

Good point. One of the reasons I think he got so obsessed with Mira is because she claimed to be a "white Japanese". That was the only thing that set her apart from the other jvloggers who could have gotten obsessed with instead.

No. 611083

>The median income in Norway came out at just under 120,000 kroner per year ($19,300),
So he blew more than double the yearly income of the average norwegian on miranda.

No. 611086

File: 1544221979733.png (436.31 KB, 1440x2560, received_1956796481082494.png)

Miranda with another 400$ item

No. 611088

File: 1544222025454.png (435.22 KB, 1440x2560, received_2384779964883402.png)

No. 611089

File: 1544222124969.png (404.64 KB, 1440x2560, received_615528948864237.png)

No. 611090

File: 1544222227107.png (423.06 KB, 1440x2560, received_2141561882562799.png)

No. 611091

>I need this $400 table to put my §400 computer on it while I wear my §400 bra and my §400 shoes while I spray my §400 perfume on my §400 haircut
>also give me 1900 or rather 2500 bucks so I can buy the new iphone and send my old phone to my brother because the only way he can communicate is via iphone. Forget email, telephone or plain old skype.
It's really funny how all the amounts she needs are magically the same. Her monkey brain probably defaults to $400 when she wants to beg for an ammount that is not too large but also not too small at the same time.

No. 611092

Funny how her concern is that an ugly desk would make nobody want to watch her videos. Her ugly mug not enough of a deterrence? That being said, is this the explanation for her magically disappearing furniture? So lolcow was right and she really did have no furniture at all? What did she spend the money on then?

No. 611093

Also how she always claims she looked at something else first that was way more expensive ($2000 computer desk?) and acts like she’s doing him a favor for only asking for $400

No. 611095

Just get a flatpack desk and assemble it, you scamming dumbass.

So that's why one of her thumbnails literally has the transparent Photoshop background. That thumbnail drives me nuts, lol

No. 611096

this. send that cunt to ikea with $400 for her whole house and call it a day.

or better yet, KM should go to ikea with some hookers!

No. 611097

>or better yet, KM should go to ikea with some hookers!
KM could fill a ikea ballpit with hookers for the money he blew on randa pretending to buy furniture.

No. 611134

Hi! I don't believe he was ever abusive, but just lost his temper that night she recorded a video. If he really was abusive, she wouldn't have married the guy a few weeks later. Much to EVERYONE'S worry after thinking h was abusive. There was no video only sound, and sound can be manipulate with assumptions. He could have pushed her to get out, and she dropped to the floor saying OW. Manipulation to get him to marry her, as a means to get him in trouble with the police and his job was tied to the government. He would have lost his job..

No. 611135

Not much about her childhood, just small things about her bad parents, but most I forgot. Don't save space in my mind anymore for those things.

No. 611140

She should be a writer because her lies are unbelievable.

If she wanted to run away from debt, she should have learned to jump countries like Margo. Dumbass weeb.

No. 611143

I think she said it was cavities.

No. 611146

Also to clarify, her second husband paid for the rent, and everything, including her language school fees. I do not know honestly if they're still together, but I was under the assumption she wanted to get PR min so she doesn't have to leave. I don't think she ever got it for divorcing twice. You can apply to be naturalized Japanese even without PR if I'm correct. I think if she really is married again the 3rd time, she's not being honest. But I really don't think she remarried that fast. But if she did, just wow.

No. 611153

Old photoshop still works, they all have fucking layers and the same editing. What a scammer.

No. 611154

Streaming another ISIS bride hostage video

No. 611158

Not to mention open source apps like Gimp that do almost everything that Photoshop can and are free. Especially considering the very basic level of her work.

No. 611164

Just watched a few minutes and she is so angry, mean, and paranoid…

No. 611166

Ranting about stalkers who keep folders on her, and how a little physical abuse shouldn't end a marriage. Because kids growing up in an abusive environment is way healthier than having divorced parents!
She also doesn't talk to male staff when she goes out with the Saudi husband.
> "If a man approaches me in the street, my husband RAR he'll kill you."

No. 611177

most of that was ironic.

No. 611186

Yeah but her husband has no problem with her dumb ass streaming her bullshit for all the world to see? Not that I doubt she's getting the D from some arab with low standards, but from all the circumstancial evidence it looks like she's inventing a husband to spite the haters, just like how she pretented the neighbors car was hers, etc.
Shes obsessed with keeping face, when there's nothing more to keep.

No. 611187

File: 1544241764824.jpg (93.96 KB, 467x500, 20181207_192551.thumb.jpg.416d…)

Dating advice from rawnda

No. 611192

she may start a new chapter in her life. everybody deserves another chances. her family is distant towards her, her friends weren't supportive, she deserves to be happy. Please be compassionate. Be good people!

No. 611201

She deserves to have her ass thrown in jail for visa fraud and scamming thousands of dollars from people for over a decade.

No. 611205

You type like one of those Muslim pages that responds to her on Twitter. No, she needs to first repent and apologize directly to those friends that she hurt, especially the extreme callousness and financial abuse she showed towards KM. She needs to apologize and pay back her loans. Pay the bill collectors and stop creating more diffulties for the employees just doing their jobs. Only then can she start anew and actually be a “good Muslim”. All you’re doing is encouraging the same disgusting behavior: when the going gets tough, she changes identities and throws away everyone betrayed like garbage. Pretends it never happened and demonizes HER victims.

No. 611207

Nice taqiya you got there.

No. 611208

Same poster as above but I forgot. Compassion? She has had so many people give chance after chance FOR YEARS. They constantly bailed HER out and all she did was demand more from them. When has she ever returned the favor or helped her friends at their worst points? All she does is take take take.

No. 611215

she seems to have changed now. i watched her live youtube video. she's mentioned about raising children. would you be happy if you were cyberbullied? KM seems to be kind and generous. He should forgive her. i am sure Karma will reward him with a sweet girlfriend one day. he should stop uploading private chats. it may be illegal too. Spread positivity, guys!

No. 611216

Suck Indonesian immigrant dick, Mira.

No. 611217

If she had done a stupid thing once, ok maybe yes.
Things is, she's been doing bad stuff for almost 10 years now. Back stabbing people, hurting people, scamming people… There is always a point of no return and she passed that point loooooong time ago.
She deserve everything coming her way from her past actions. And no, been a muslim now doesnt hold any grounds to forget her past. Visa fraud + scamming that much money, she deserve to get in jail even if it's only a few months.

No. 611218

She said her "husband" know about her past drama and about us… i wonder if he is (or will be) posting on here one day… would kinda explain some of the weird white knight we're getting recently.

No. 611221

dream on, sister

No. 611224

I think commiting marriage fraud is a bit more serious than posting a few messages. Don't you think so Miranda? Besides you're right, karma will reward KM some day for exposing your sorry ass. Tick tock Miranda, immigration will be knocking on that door soon.

No. 611227

she cared about a youtuber in the past. she helped him edit his videos. he accepted that he became a friend of her to gain followers on youtube. if he had been more compassionate and rejected her kindly, she wouldn't have been hurt. he has made many videos about her, which is wrong on so many levels. she always seemed to be happy with him. he was so cruel to her at the end. he is milking the situation. i'm glad that she has found real happiness now after all the relentless cyberbullying.

No. 611231

Stop posting lol

No. 611233

File: 1544250802698.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 611235

Thank you for the laugh, I enjoyed it. But seriously, it's time for Miranda to pay for all of the evil things that she has been doing (still continuing). She'll be lucky if she is only deported and has to pay back 15,000.

No. 611246

There's an IKEA in Funabashi.

A horrible person does not become a nice person because she decides that maybe she wants children.
>KM seems to be kind and generous. He should forgive her.
WTF are you talking about? She scammed him out of $45k, he should not forgive her, he should fucking sue.
Now that we know that Mira sockpuppets everywhere, I'm pretty sure this is her actually. No one else would write such bullshit.
Btw, it's not illegal to screenshot and post chat logs. Phone calls are protected, chat logs aren't. Too bad, Mira. :(

No. 611248

>KM seems to be kind and generous. He should forgive her.

Wtf? KM was the victim. As dumb as he was, he was they one who gave her all he could and Mira treated him badly all the way up until she blocked him. He still wanted to talk to her and work something out. He asked her friends to help him contact her so he could understand what happened. Instead, not only did Mira refuse to take responsibility for anything but she also started spreading rumors about KM to make him look bad. Just as she did with Rodi. Just like she did with Sharla when her sock puppets were exposed.

>he should stop uploading private chats. it may be illegal too.

Then Mira is in trouble too. She has already done this several times and posted those chat logs HERE.

Why aren’t you typing Rodi, you jackass?
>if he had been more compassionate and rejected her kindly, she wouldn't have been hurt.

What part of “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND I WILL NOT LEAVE HER” don’t you understand?

No. 611251

I don’t want to give him any publicity. I hope he will apologize publicly to her and delete his hateful videos about her. It is totally unfair to attack somebody online by not giving them a chance to explain. He gained these followers thanks to her. He made many happy memories with her. He should be a gentleman and say sorry and move on.

No. 611252

>no chance to explain
Literally what is stopping you mira?

No. 611255

does your husband know youre posting about your happy memories with rodi and dwelling on him to this day

No. 611256

File: 1544261211059.jpg (106.45 KB, 546x594, happymemories.jpg)

No. 611258

Loyal to each one of his four wives. Sex slaves don't count, after all!

No. 611259

File: 1544264428902.jpg (215.3 KB, 1369x914, 105.jpg)

No. 611261

File: 1544264642154.jpeg (57.1 KB, 841x473, received_1611957325512948.jpeg)

That was in July 2017 when she was in Canada and said she didn't have more money to go around there.

No. 611262

File: 1544264682642.jpg (219.59 KB, 1371x914, 263.jpg)

No. 611263

File: 1544264710500.jpg (267.84 KB, 1371x912, 264.jpg)

No. 611264

File: 1544264938187.jpg (258.18 KB, 1372x916, 391.jpg)

No. 611265

She "must've missed calculated the costs"…The funny thing is that is what she said each month while waiting for KM to send money (usually in $400 or $2,000 increments).

No. 611270

File: 1544266973745.png (63.21 KB, 156x183, her biggest fan.PNG)


That's a $20 fan, bitch.

No. 611273

File: 1544267770600.png (2.21 MB, 1440x2560, 1.png)

August 2018, where she's currently living.

Her house leaked.

No. 611274

File: 1544267792948.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2560, 2.png)

No. 611275

File: 1544267821748.png (474.7 KB, 1440x2560, 3.png)

No. 611276

Yes, the owner should pay for it, but let me guess…somehow Miranda needed money to fix it…it either cost 400 or 2,000

No. 611277

File: 1544268796396.png (425.83 KB, 1440x2560, 1.png)

Screenshots incoming!

No. 611278

File: 1544268818060.png (435.52 KB, 1440x2560, 2.png)

No. 611279

File: 1544268845866.png (418.88 KB, 1440x2560, 3.png)

No. 611280

File: 1544268870091.png (474.28 KB, 1440x2560, 4.png)

No. 611281

File: 1544268919944.png (696.95 KB, 1440x2560, 5.png)

Translation from the email:

"Not sure. I have lots of savings. My husband also have lots of savings."

Mira-san, what's your current job title? Have you been working full time for more than 3 years?

No. 611282

File: 1544268949743.png (488.65 KB, 1440x2560, 6.png)

No. 611283

You know maybe it's for the best KM doesn't have a Japanese visa. If Mira married him for the visa sooner or later she would have claimed abuse to black male him so she could live alone but keep racking in the cash.

No. 611284

File: 1544268999823.png (497.13 KB, 1440x2560, 7.png)

No. 611285

File: 1544269040714.png (533.02 KB, 1440x2560, 8.png)

No. 611286

File: 1544269067410.png (435 KB, 1440x2560, 9.png)

No. 611287

File: 1544269109392.png (501.65 KB, 1440x2560, 10.png)

No. 611288

File: 1544269142768.png (443.6 KB, 1440x2560, 11.png)

No. 611289

File: 1544269168232.png (529.7 KB, 1440x2560, 12.png)

No. 611293


No. 611295

Swear she has the mental age of a 3-year old. It's closed, get over it.

No. 611296

She applied to Akamonkai Japanese Language School


No. 611298

No. 611299

I'd record all calls from her and messages. She's nuts.

No. 611300

How transparent can you be.

Why does she speak like a Chinese woman who entered Japan three weeks ago? She really needs a Japanese school.

No. 611304

That's what I was thinking! This is very unprofessional Japanese for someone who claimed to be "just about fluent".

No. 611318

give it up lol. now Rodi and everyone knows just how much of a piece of shit you are. GIVE KM HIS MONEY BACK

No. 611319

I don't understand, why doesn't she just speak in English to them? What N level does she claim to be lmao

No. 611321

Jesus, I'm still N5/N4 but boy does she not know how to use connector sentences at all.🙄

No. 611322

>KM seems to be kind and generous. He should forgive her. I am sure Karma will reward him with a sweet girlfriend one day
seriously is this a joke? is someone trying to troll this thread? replace "karma" with "allah" and this is the same bullshit she spews at Rodi. I'm amazed at how disgustingly shameless and selfish this bitch is.

No. 611323


My Japanese is not very good, but the way she wrote this sentence also sounds rude to me…
Almost like she's saying "Uhm I have lots of money and my husband too, so shut up" :'D

No. 611325

File: 1544277636870.png (230.54 KB, 1696x862, スクリーンショット 2018-12-08 23.00.23.…)

No. 611326

File: 1544277671993.png (107.55 KB, 1554x652, スクリーンショット 2018-12-08 22.58.58.…)

No. 611327

File: 1544277693823.png (101.76 KB, 1674x510, スクリーンショット 2018-12-08 22.58.46.…)

No. 611330

File: 1544278171316.png (103.28 KB, 1692x374, スクリーンショット 2018-12-08 23.09.01.…)

Well, at least she is honest and admits that she went through different phases…

No. 611331

File: 1544278336946.png (81.47 KB, 1662x304, スクリーンショット 2018-12-08 23.11.51.…)

A preview of coming attractions…after the Jamaican phase will be…

No. 611333

Just like how every other thing she liked and obsessed with wasn't phases either. She really sounds like a child.

No. 611335

Can someone tell me why the fuck that DATE matters???? lmao she talks like it's the code to her safe

No. 611337

KM, you are a good person. Come on now. You are better than this. Please stop uploading old posts. What is the point of it? You are posting stuff from a year ago. She has changed now. She has settled down with a good husband and is going to start her new family. When you were friends with her, you listemed to her, encouraged her and even helped her. It came from your heart. Nobody forced you. You had good memories with her. I hope you’ll find another good friend soon. Please be patient. The Universe will reward you for your generosity, forgiveness and kindness.

No. 611338

>well if you cooould give me that LV for christmas
Isn't she muslim? Muslims dont celebrate christmas.

No. 611339

What's a connector sentence?

No. 611342

confirmed troll? stop shitting the thread

No. 611343

I think the idea is she lied about dates to figure out who betrayed her.

No. 611344

Maybe if Miranda rewarded him with 50k he'd leave her alone. That's cheaper than a real loan services – or her precious credit cards.

No. 611352

but if she goes everywhere screeching that the dates all fake, that defeats the purpose, doesn't it? it's such a stupid and uninteresting thing for her to make sound like it's an uber-important secret.

If it was sooner, then that means she was married all the while asking another man for money to buy underwear. If it was later, then congrats she really did marry a complete stranger so she "won't have to work anymore" (for financial benefits)

No. 611353

Well, I never said she wasn't a retard. It's just the only angle I can come up with for the multi tier lie lol

No. 611360

Interesting, thanks.

No. 611365

what were you replying to?

No. 611366

A verb or word that connects to the next sentence.
Like 朝ご飯を食べて、学校に行きました。
Asagohan o tabete, gakkō ni ikimashita.
I ate breakfast and went to school.

That's using the 〜て form of a verb to connect the two sentences together,
which would be 朝ご飯を食べました。学校に行きました。
I ate breakfast. I went to school.

Basic grammar.

You don't use polite Japanese verb first in the sentence when you can connect it to the next sentence. You always leave the polite for the end.


Really just guess what she was trying to gt across but that would be more complete of a sentence. BUT still very terrible at Japanese.

No. 611371

Yeah, but it was to a language school. They probably saw it and thought “Yeah, she’s really shit at Japanese, she needs this school”.

No. 611372

I'm only N4/5 and she lived in Japan a long time, she should be able to make a basic sentence, even mine is very basic. She was in a school before, she learned nothing.

No. 611374

I'm cringing so hard. The support staff quotes her in this email and I just… her Japanese is so awful. I literally can't imagine saying どうかな so casually in an email with someone who's replying with "さま" and "されます"
She claims to be fluent and doesn't even have the slightest ounce of an idea how keigo works or how to be even remotely polite in Japanese.
Imagine emailing a respectable school like "Gee I dunno. I've gotta lot of money"

The restraint from the sender of this email…

No. 611375

Explain for someone who doesn't speak japanese. So basically the staff is polite and she brings out the ghetto japanese?

No. 611376

>You had good memories with her.
In light of everything that's happened, it doesn't seem like he does have good memories. After all, Miranda Ann Constable only communicated in her broken gibberish to beg for money.

No. 611378

Are you guys surprised that Miranda, the retard, is bad at Japanese? Aside exploiting cash out of emotionally vulnerable people, I don't think she's remotely good at anything in life.

No. 611380

Even in YouTube where most YouTubers use polite language she's always talking like the idiotic street rat that she is, but I'm somehow (good point, don't know why I still am at this point) surprised she would still send an email like this to an organization. Especially one that would be doing you a favor.
She's those idiotic kids in class that end emails to their teachers with 'thx lol'

No. 611381

If she spoke better causal Japanese, a lot of Japanese like the honne friend talk, but a lot of people use a combination of causal and polite so it makes it not so polite that you feel no connection beyond a professional feeling. You need to have some politeness and some friendly aspects. Best Japanese vloggers do a combination of politer with casual.

No. 611396

File: 1544291602107.jpg (2.56 MB, 3920x2204, miramira.JPG)

Tinfoil Hat:

Her husband could be a Saudi Youtuber?

No. 611398

Sorry about the image. Couldn't upload the pic upright >>611396

No. 611401

File: 1544292011800.jpg (2.1 MB, 3920x2204, miramira.JPG)

No. 611402

File: 1544292092726.jpg (2.08 MB, 3920x2204, miramiramira.JPG)

No. 611403

File: 1544292161508.jpg (2.01 MB, 3920x2204, miramiramiramira.JPG)

No. 611405

>please please please buy me Louis Vuitton hahahaha lol did I mention I'd really like some LV

No. 611406

File: 1544292236566.jpg (1.9 MB, 3920x2204, miramiramiramiramiramira.JPG)

No. 611407

File: 1544292295393.jpg (1.97 MB, 3920x2204, miramiramiramiramiramiramira.J…)

No. 611413

File: 1544292723332.jpg (1.98 MB, 3920x2204, mira01.JPG)

No. 611414

File: 1544292786895.jpg (2.14 MB, 3920x2204, mira02.JPG)

No. 611415

File: 1544292852956.jpg (2.52 MB, 3920x2204, mira03.JPG)

No. 611416

File: 1544292983043.jpg (2.44 MB, 3920x2204, mira04.JPG)

No. 611417

File: 1544293094602.jpg (1.99 MB, 3920x2204, mira05.JPG)

No. 611419

She's a fucking nutcase. Does she do drugs or is this just plain old genetic schizophrenia?

No. 611421

File: 1544293297620.jpg (2.11 MB, 3920x2204, mira06.JPG)

No. 611429

File: 1544293640024.png (98.54 KB, 494x726, mira001.png)

No. 611432

File: 1544293692482.png (110.44 KB, 495x767, mira002.png)

No. 611433

File: 1544293728130.png (117.58 KB, 487x773, mira003.png)

No. 611438

File: 1544293971750.jpg (101.23 KB, 492x516, mira004.JPG)

No. 611445

>well that's $1900
Every time.

No. 611446

>paintings worth $6000

No. 611448

You know what's gross? Stringing along some obviously naive and delusional sucker and milk him for $45.000.

No. 611449

Remember when she claimed he "photoshopped gross images" of her? Really makes you wonder what she sent him to preemptively denounce whatever shit she fears he might upload.

No. 611450

so now she's claiming these images are real? which is it randa?

No. 611452

>I only marry someone whos strong Muslim for 2 or more years and I will get married sooner so its not possible. This is because I knew this person wanted to only become Muslim for me.
Unlike a certain melty faced goblin who turned muslim to get a muslim to fuck her?

No. 611460

File: 1544298590659.png (63.65 KB, 480x488, same old.png)

TL;dr: bitch is throwing a tantrum again, she now says that the caps are real, her finger paintings are worth like ten times the value now and "the next level stocker" flew aaaall the way to her old shared house (just like the time someone "made her quit her job because of doxxing"), called the banks to alert them of her frauds (is that a thing you can do if you pay-pal shit?)…she dindu nuffin and is a pious muslim woman, etc.

Also, when someone points out this if kind of familiar Miranda still claims she's innocent and it's all fault of the evil stockers.

I wonder why she doesn't call the police on the "the next nevel stocker" with the fake- no, real, no…fake!- caps…
…oh, of course, it's because then they would investigate her multiple sham marriages, debts and her current-also-illegal marriage, so her only option is to cry on her almost-empty FB page.

Wew. What a shitshow. Bless you, KM, and again, thanks for the milk.

No. 611481


Wow, what an ungrateful bitch. Why not just say "it's really nice, thank you so much!". Instead she basically says it's shit, and that it stinks aka it's not LV.

Also those boots are fucking ugly. I've got better looking, high quality boots for less than 1/20th of that price. My god, does she really buy that crap? Or just lies and uses the money she scams off of people for something else.(read the rules and usage guide)

No. 611482

we already saw her LV boots are fake.

No. 611483

And she says $2200 for boots isn't bad. I'm guessing she scammed him for that money and then bought the fakes.

No. 611485

Lemme get this straight, all the time while she was pretending her saudi "husband" bought her all kinds of louis vition shit and a car and she lives in his decorated mansion and shit it was some norwegian weeb who sent her money to go to school that she used on LV bags and the car was her neighbors car she just sat in to spite "the haters"?
So what about her public image wasnt faked?

No. 611487

not only that, but she was also still with her 2nd visa husband as well during this time!

No. 611490

What I don't get is why she did it.
As ugly as she was makeup added 2 points to her looks and being a gaijin added 3 exotic bonus points to her looks, so for a average japanese with whiteoid-fever she was a 7/10. She could have just married an average japanese dude. Why did she go out of her way to pay a fucking visa husband in some elaborate visa scam, turn muslim and basically sabotage her own life this hard?

No. 611492

Because she's an absolute dumbfuck. She thinks too highly of herself even though she's pretty much way below average on everything.

No. 611493

>She could have just married an average japanese dude.
Looks aside, her personality is rotten and she's kind of unnerving in person judging by her live streams. Gawping mouth, unblinking stare from those warped eyes, loud flat voice.

More people probably run from her than stick around.

No. 611504

But isn't just finding some 5/10 japanese that likes her less humilating than paying some dude to marry her? Why would a white chick pay some dude to marry her? Understandable if she'd be a phillipino or thai who wants citizienship really bad, but a fucking white girl?

No. 611505


Flashbacks to when she would say "This individual.." when referring to Rachael and Jun after she got caught lol.

No. 611506

What happened there? Not up to date with her other drama

No. 611508

It started when she got denied Japanese citizenship. She was banking on it so she could divorce visa-kun and live her true Japanese dream. She also says in the screenshots that she could get into language schools for free if she were a citizen.

But she got denied and then Rodi wouldn't cheat on his gf with her. It wasn't because he didn't want to be manipulated like the other men in her life, the real reason was that she wasn't Muslim (/Mira logic). And that's spiraled into the mess she is today.

No. 611509

It's moments like that that make you realize why pride is considered a grave sin in some cultures.

No. 611512

Go to PULL and read the summary thread

No. 611515

I think she wasn't interested in being married, just the visa. She's already done this to 2-3(?) Japanese men. Which is a lot already, because you have to be stupid, desperate, and have no dignity to get married to someone who only cares about the marriage status.

No. 611521

File: 1544312904691.png (114.21 KB, 1594x670, スクリーンショット 2018-12-09 8.47.45.p…)

No. 611527

Remember when her blackface pictures were released and she immediately accused Kat of photoshopping them, only to later admit the were real and claim her terrible costume was “professional grade” ?

Every time she is caught, she always claims it is photoshopped or a someone (very accurately) impersonating her. Even when she was a nobody teen at that punk Sudbury forum, she said that was ALSO impersonator! Wow, what are the odds.

No. 611529

>this insane creep
She is STILL shitting on KM, the guy she swindled $46,000 out of. Man, I wish karma was real, so misfortunate could fall on her head like a hail storm.

No. 611533

Karma is coming sooner than you think, Miranda. I know someone who has reported you to the Immigration Bureau for your crimes of two fake marriages.

No. 611541

Curious question, didn't 2chan try to report her to the Immigration Bureau? I wonder about their opinion of her.

No. 611543

She is never going to get any kind of permanent residency, or visa.

By now, immigration in Japan has probably gotten reports about her and have already put her on some kind of list.

Her time in Japan is already at a countdown.

Personally, I can't wait for her to move to Toronto and vlog about her conversion to Judaism.

No. 611545

Imo she's done something, visa-wise, that she urgently needs to cover up. Since Shiena's arrest, the stakes are higher. She seems almost frantic about this date thing.

No. 611546

File: 1544318418803.png (47.72 KB, 817x375, but why.png)

Her new replies on that same comment.
>"some creeper posted my credit card info online 12 hours ago, info they got from UNCROPPING A photo!"
So…who's gonna tell her that re-posting an image that SHE sent to her then-sugardaddy that only shows her account's balance (>>611264 , >>611261 , again, something she willingly SENT and contains no directions or telephone number)is not doxxing or anything of the like?

>"Marriage isn't a game, we get married for life"

Said the twice divorced melty face goblin.

>"(We've known eachother for) Short time. Somewhere between 3 months - 1 week before marriage."

>"We met on our wedding day physically"


No. 611548


man she's a slat-eyed fetal alcoholic syndrome baby with the mental capacity of a 4yr old, and doesn't know how to handle life unless she's piggybacking onto some other desperate man. she reads & writes at a 3rd-grader's level. she walks through life attaching herself to various groups that intrinsically reject her and then acting like an authority on them because it's literally the ONLY way she can feel good about herself.

KARMA ALREADY GOT HER. that's why she's such a sad piece of shit. And soon enough, she'll be locked in a house in Saudi Arabia, living her best hijabi waifu fantasy where she's going to get abused regularly.

She's not getting away with shit.

No. 611551

Someone please explain to me how uncropping works. The cropped pixels get thrown away (unless you have a PS file or something but let's not go there), there's no way to get them back.
Like what?

No. 611554

The guy can't be Saudi, we already established that from her admission he is younger than her. Nice rehashing of an already-posted cap to support your shitty tinfoil though.

Jamaica will still have her.

This is special mira-patented technology.

No. 611557

Once upon a time, yes, but I don't recall anything actually coming out of it. She's known to post on such places too, since they don't like her, either: https://egg.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/streaming/1497166408/ cant read moonrunes but, yeah.
She also selfposted on /pol/ once upon a time. It didn't end well.

No. 611563

>She also selfposted on /pol/ once upon a time. It didn't end well.

No. 611565

No. 611570

No. 611571

And she also selfposted in /jp/, it seems http://archive.fo/JhOck Do pardon the multiple replies but she's such a wreck that there's various instances of the same damn thing (being selfposting).

No. 611573

She's posted on 2ch a lot too, they shittalk her in Japanese and she replies in English. Google "kanadajin3 2chan" for the hilarity.
She's even posted in >>611557 's link, eg posts like #142 and 143.

No. 611574

Mira, if KM says some of the money he has given is a debt, you should pay him. Tell your husband to pay your debt if you don't want to contact with men. Not paying debts is a big sin. After paying your debt, you can tell your followers online about it, and the matter will be solved.

No. 611578

Toronto will destroy her. It's so expensive here

No. 611581

Proof it's not "fake" Snapchat convos. Miranda having Oslo Coffee.

No. 611583

Well it could be argued that he really missunderstood the "just tell 'em I'm your gf" comment, but on the other hand she didn't seem to bother to correct him when he called her his girlfriend.

No. 611588

I wonder if KM screenshot and recorded these images and videos while being friends with mira? it's very wrong and calculated then. you pretended to be a close friend with good intentions to her and made her open up her problems to you. it is not cool, man. Please stop uploading stuff.

No. 611589

She told him to screenshot and record for future evidence she's "innocent."

No. 611590

The PULL thread is missing some of those spicy new revelations, where are they from?

No. 611591

File: 1544323445299.jpg (2.33 MB, 3920x2204, DSC_0196.JPG)

No. 611592

File: 1544323478939.jpg (49.26 KB, 444x808, mira07.JPG)

No. 611593

File: 1544323531771.jpg (9.69 KB, 450x253, undertale2.jpg)

You told him, several times, to screenshot things, Miranda. Please fuck off.

No. 611594

File: 1544323788467.jpg (110.12 KB, 720x960, house.jpg)

Miranda sent KM a picture of her Ramadan wreath decoration near her front door.

No. 611596


Oooh, quick, someone uncrop it. Kek

No. 611597

It's very wrong of KM to upload every little detail of their private chats. If he goes on like this, nobody in jvlogging world will want to be associated with him, lest their private stuff will exposed like that. KM should immediately apologize publicly and stop uploading. It is against human rights.

No. 611598

lolll he didn't trick you into opening up. He messaged you and you immediately began complaining and laying the groundwork to ask for money from him. >>609888 >>609889

No. 611600

Miranda stold a huge amount of money! The Kyabakura way! >>611597

No. 611601

No. 611602

>nobody in jvlogging world will want to be associated with him
Aren't they really busy not getting deported? That guy would be better of not associating with anyone from that fucked up clique.

No. 611603

That is some david lynch style body horror.

No. 611604

File: 1544324363075.png (80.99 KB, 1160x552, nohijab.png)

>"It is against human rights"
Big talk for someone that says stuff like pic related. Say bye-bye to that hand, Miranda!

No. 611606

>caught having anal sex
She's already making some wiggle room for later, you never know.
>well technically I wasn't caught
>well technically I wasn't a believer back then

No. 611609

File: 1544324760868.jpg (2.35 MB, 3920x2204, mira-lv.JPG)

No. 611610

File: 1544324783731.jpg (2.38 MB, 3920x2204, mira-lv1.JPG)

No. 611611

File: 1544324806812.jpg (1.93 MB, 3920x2204, mira-lv2.JPG)

No. 611614

File: 1544324833676.jpg (2.32 MB, 3920x2204, mira-lv3.JPG)

No. 611615

File: 1544324900639.jpg (2.34 MB, 3920x2204, mira-lv4.JPG)

No. 611616

File: 1544324941869.jpg (2.34 MB, 3920x2204, mira-lv5.JPG)

No. 611617

File: 1544324964632.jpg (1.89 MB, 3920x2204, mira-lv6.JPG)

No. 611618

File: 1544324986297.jpg (2.21 MB, 3920x2204, mira-lv7.JPG)

No. 611619

Snap chat won't respond and needs a restart. 2nd proof it's not fake.

No. 611622

Hasn't she done this before, where she films herself going into a store and pretends to buy something?

Dude… Mira is still your wallpaper? Come on.

No. 611623

>haha give me an LV scarf haha
>this one smells like poor people haha

No. 611624

>that wallpaper
Dude, why?

No. 611625

Old wallpaper

No. 611626

File: 1544325561911.jpg (2.22 MB, 3920x2204, download 1-mira.JPG)

No. 611627

File: 1544325583490.jpg (2.31 MB, 3920x2204, download 2-mira.JPG)

No. 611628

Women's intuitions are strong. She seems to have done the right thing by ending her friendship with you. you are acting like a very bitter man. it's very wrong to be obsessed with somebody like that. No woman's heart can be owned by gifts or money. You should learn to love yourself and find somebody to love you as you are.

No. 611629

Maybe she had trouble finding visa men because of his garbage Japanese.

No. 611630

Great b8 m8, I r8 it 8/8.
Fuck off.

No. 611631

File: 1544325818132.png (1.16 MB, 720x1280, current wallpaper.png)

This is KM's wallpaper as of now.

No. 611633


No. 611634

>hur hurr you so bitter and obsessed
You didn't seem to mind while asking for money, laptops, cameras and LV products. Also, talking about obsessions while still lusting after the Rodi dick even as of October of this year? Really?
>"You should learn to love yourself and find somebody to love you as you are."
I, for one, agree on this. You are a good man, KM, your life choices are kind of questionable but you deserve better than a scammer, my dude (also thank you for the fresh milk).

No. 611635

Her demanding he delete any videos they filmed together should be a fucking red flag already. Are norwegians all this trusting?

No. 611636

It's wrong to be a pious muslim and accept 50k under the guise of being someones girlfriend, yet here you are.

Miranda "Mira Nagayama" Constable
you might want to take up dodgeball or something
to try and avoid some when you get stoned in saudi

and not the kind of stoned your used to.

No. 611638

File: 1544327218333.png (141.74 KB, 1486x712, スクリーンショット 2018-12-09 12.46.16.…)

Her previous marriage was just "tv show acting"

No. 611640

Her lies are so ridiculous. The big question is does she believe them herself or does she think she's some kind of mastermind manipulator?

No. 611641

Nah, that's actually true (wow). Look at https://archive.org/details/youtube_UCC1BNMUl5dnju1b9oKpkysg/Housewife+in+Japan+-+Making+UMESHU+-+%E6%A2%85%E9%85%92%E3%81%AE%E4%BD%9C%E3%82%8A%E6%96%B9-531-PPYbk0Y.mp4 for example. The "husband" was her wearing a mask (not "masque", but that's Miranda being her brilliant self).

No. 611643

Ooh so she's splitting hairs? People are talking about her visa-kuns and she pretends people mistook her wearing a mask for her "husband" is that it?

No. 611644

I assumed she meant she was wearing a metaphysical "masque" and the entire thing didn't count because she didn't mean it. Turns out her point is much less philosphical and just plain up retarded.

No. 611645

File: 1544329008419.gif (574.01 KB, 468x276, tenor.gif)

you wish

No. 611651

You are all so biased to see how unfair people are towards mira. i just know her from youtube videos. she is just a girl who wants to love and be loved. rodi got a lot of help from mira. she helped him be relevant in jvlogging scene. he wasn't even able to edit videos without her help. he seemed cheerful and pretended to be very happy in his collab videos with mira. he may have sent mixed signals to her. she may thought he was in love with her. he could have rejected her kindly. however, he betrayed her. he made lots of videos to gain subscribers on youtube. he revealed private stuff. no gentleman would do that. my heart broke for mira. she deserves to be happy. she wanted to trust KM. nobody forced KM to give money and gifts. He knew that she was struggling with money and her family is poor. He knew she wouldn't be able to pay back. So he gave money anyway to win her over. he pretended to care about her. he sweettalked her while memorizing her family members' name and all. she made it clear she wanted to marry a muslim. he was never interested in religion and she knew that. it's very wrong of him to upload her house photos belonging to 2017 now that their friendship is over. and he is posting them on a site full of haters ( in the past he seemed to complain about haters too) KM, maybe it's not too late to save your friendship with her. Please apologize and delete posts. Become the sweet KM whom she knew before. People should respect her new life and privacy.

No. 611652

File: 1544331212611.gif (426.2 KB, 400x300, l7oXxgK.gif)

No. 611654

Either someone is doing his best rawnda impression for the laffs or the old sock puppet game is ON again, even though everyone now saw her gave straight up sockpuppeting instructions to another person.

No. 611657

File: 1544331538122.jpg (30.51 KB, 500x443, 537a42e9358877d41096fcb33f2571…)

>Become the sweet KM whom she knew before.

What, do you need another $400 USD? Or maybe just $2000?

No. 611658

Well actually these LV shoes are just 1900. But send 2500 JUST TO BE SURE

No. 611659

It because of post like this one (and several others) that im starting to think it's either her new "husband" or a new white knight showing up… They arent filled with the usual werid stuff Miranda write so it's weird overall… Also doesnt seem to be written from a native english speaker, but that's just a gut feeling.

No. 611663

Where is that post from?

No. 611665

Her Facebook page (obv)

No. 611666

"Become the sweet KM whom she knew before."
The use of the word "whom" is a dead giveaway that it is Miranda…

No. 611667

Miranda, return the money to KM or shut the fuck up about you being a victim! You are the evil one!

No. 611670

File: 1544332965998.png (272.38 KB, 258x400, pull_banner_FINAL11.png.7f8237…)

No. 611672

well there's the $300 that paypal takes

No. 611674

you are all paranoid. as i said, i just know her from youtube. i am not a native speaker, it's natural i make grammar mistakes. it's obvious she is the victim of cyberbullying. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. i hope she finds happiness in her new life.(begone thot)

No. 611676

She's a bully.

No. 611678

Thanks admin, I could hear the creepy faux-rabian accent through my screen.

No. 611681

That was fast. Love you mod!

No. 611687

This is actually a thing. Sometimes when you crop an image, the thumbnail that's embedded in the code of the JPG doesn't get updated, so the thumbnail version will show the uncropped image and can be blown up. Basically you crop and save a photo and the embedded code doesn't get the memo that the image has changed. It's similar to when you post an image and it ends up rotated, just like KM's screenshots - a bit of the JPG code stores information on the orientation of the photo (whether the camera was held horizontally or vertically), but sometimes it doesn't get written/read correctly.

Of course in Mira's case she's just trying to make up an excuse, but it does happen. Just not to her. I wouldn't usually give her ammo to spin her narrative, but she's fucked anyway. Now, Mira-chan, say it with me:
أستغفر الله

No. 611688

KM: I’m sure there must be some anime conventions/something in Norway or nearby that you can meet nerdy, but actually nice girls that genuinely enjoy Japan as much as you do. Spend that money on the BOTH of you, doing stuff you both like. Then you can post all the fun you have with her all over your social media and shove it in miserable Mira’s face.

>just a GIRL
You’re a grown-ass woman. Stop.

>he seemed cheerful and pretended to be very happy in his collab videos with mira. he may have sent mixed signals to her. she may thought he was in love with her.

Do you think any guy who is nice to you must want to fuck you? You don’t understand that men just want friends too and he did have fun until he realized how batshit insane you were?

>He knew that she was struggling with money and her family is poor. He knew she wouldn't be able to pay back.

No he didn’t, because you told him you would pay him back by WORKING like a normal adult does. How many more years will you live like this? Your “struggle” is self-imposed for many years because you’re so damn lazy and selfish.

>while memorizing her family members' name

How small is your brain? Remembering the names of just a handful of people, especially the family of someone you have constantly talked to for two years, is not an amazing feat. This is the capability of an average human brain.

>Please apologize and delete posts. Become the sweet KM whom she knew before.

Oh, Lord. This classic emotional manipulation tactic of an abuser. Why does every one of your victims have to apologize to YOU when you do something to hurt them?

Lol. Bye for now, Mira. Was she pretending to be her fake Saudi husband?

No. 611692

>you are all paranoid
literally the most paranoid person ever due to her numerous lies

>i am not a native speaker


>it's obvious she is the victim of cyberbullying.

you reap what you sow

>i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

you literally bully people.

>i hope she finds happiness in her new life.

get the fuck off youtube if your "new life" is so great.

christ you're pathetic. go to saudi already so we dont have to play this song and dance anymore girl

No. 611741

>i hope she finds happiness in her new life.
this phrase is another dead giveaway lol. she's over-using it so much nowadays

an innocent fan, who just knows her from youtube doesn't know all of this detail of her dealings with Rodi or KM, unless you're a "next level stocker". And Miranda, anyone who knows the full extent of the shit you've done to these two men would not side with you, since the only snake is you.

No. 611742

Someone who "just knows her from youtube" with high likelyhood would not know who km is and have no indication if she knew him as sweet or not, since she herself describes him as a "gross stalker"

No. 611753

File: 1544364210329.png (458.11 KB, 1440x2560, mira-club.png)

No. 611758

File: 1544365305823.png (420.83 KB, 1440x2560, Miranda_promises_videos_and_li…)

No. 611759

File: 1544365368251.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2560, Miranda_promises_videos_and_li…)

No. 611760

File: 1544365444254.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2560, Miranda_promises_videos_and_li…)

No. 611761

File: 1544365508196.png (386.87 KB, 1440x2560, Miranda_promises_videos_and_li…)

No. 611762

File: 1544365557060.png (1.96 MB, 1440x2560, Miranda_promises_videos_and_li…)

No. 611763

File: 1544365648810.png (1.9 MB, 1440x2560, Miranda_promises_videos_and_li…)

No. 611764

File: 1544365719051.png (829.1 KB, 1440x2560, Miranda_promises_videos_and_li…)

No. 611765

Miranda didn't go to a mosque. There's Saudi Arabian flag in her video. >>611763

No. 611766

where did she go? or is the video 'borrowed'?

No. 611767

Looks more like Saudi Arabia Embassy

No. 611768

Can we get a compilation of KM telling randa to "go to sleep"?

No. 611776

not AT ALL upset that he messaged her friend

No. 611778

This place appears to be the Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo (a Saudi "cultural" center, but actually just a wahhabist propaganda machine). It would make sense as this is where Miranda could easily pick up those Saudi guys that she was hanging out with in the deleted videos of hers.


No. 611779

File: 1544370294851.png (246.56 KB, 1650x608, スクリーンショット 2018-12-10 0.44.38.p…)

Message from KM on PULL

No. 611780

She went to Nagoya to get a divorce with her Japanese husband? I wonder if this a lie from Miranda to con KM out of money for train tickets, if she is illegally still residing in Japan on her spousal visa, or if she is currently on a student visa, etc.?

No. 611798

With the money he sent her he could have boarded a plane, went to okinawa, buy all the snacks and omiyage he wanted and then spend a few weeks loafing at the beach by himself like 20 times.

No. 611799

With the money he sent her he could have boarded a plane, went to okinawa, buy all the snacks and omiyage he wanted and then spend a few weeks loafing at the beach by himself like 20 times.

No. 611819

That's something I don't get. Why did he even stay in Norway? With that money he could have stayed pretty fucking comfortable in Japan for an extended stay, where he could have gone personally to schools and asked around about his situation.

No. 611822


Miranda every time you post I picture you doing it while wearing those novelty fake nose/glasses lmao

"they'll never suspect a thing!"

No. 611857

>it’s against human rights

Miranda, you claimed they are all fake and photoshopped. So, since they aren’t real, they aren’t private.

No. 611873

I think her credit card # was. Look at the bank screenshot. KM can actually go to jail
For posting that.

No. 611874

>KM can actually go to jail
Nah, Miranda has a bigger chance of that, you know, being the scammer with the multiple fake marriages, running from immigrantion and endless amount of debt? Like, come on. Also, remember she sent that photo herself, not such think as "hur hurr stocker uncropped some photo and doxxed me".
Please do try harder.

No. 611876

Miranda can go to jail for fraud first.

No. 611877

>credit card was leaked
How? I thought its all photoshopped and the guy is a gross stalker making up gross stories and photoshopping gross images? There's no indication this is her credit card number.

No. 611881

It’s a serious crime to post banking info online. Even if she sent to him, sharing private conversations alone is considered a crime in a lot of countries. He for real posted her credit card and bank number. Go back and look. With that people could have done a lot of shit and judging by her Facebook post they did. With that anyone can call in and pretend they are her with her name and DOB

No. 611882

please cite the statute and under which country's law. thnx

No. 611884

File: 1544404192328.png (118.96 KB, 392x366, 1445985148853.png)

It's a serious crime to commit marriage fraud, illegal immigration and scamming Miranda. Just stop, though it's entertaining to see you try it's become sad at this point. Hope you get the same treatment Shannon Wong received.

No. 611885

Just pay the balance and cancel the card, you lazy fuck

No. 611887

>is considered a crime in a lot of countries.
>judging by her Facebook post they did
This is how you know it's Miranda. First by the fact that she continuously believes her word ("her facebook post") is somehow solid proof and settles the matter, when in reality no one believes anything that comes out of your bucktooth mouth. And second, she always tries to deflect of her million wrongdoings by throwing the very same accusation at her victims. In this case, ignore all of the illegal things Miranda has done ~~KM can go to jail for the screenshots~~

No. 611889

>"-and judging by her Facebook post (…)"
My dude, buddy, pal, you're right now on the thread that shows caps, videos and chronological proof that SHE was/is scamming immigration, had a Visa marriage, was sockpuppeting, lusting after the Rodi dick will being "a pious Muslim woman" and prompting KM to send her money (HUGE amounts)/buy her things and STILL, with that info available, you believe in anything she has to say? Really? You must be a truly exceptional individual.

>"With that anyone can call in and pretend they are her with her name and DOB"

Yep. The Norweian man shall impersonate the Canadian woman on the phone and claim all the…-$300 bucks on her account. Perfect plan!

Take a read on this threads, look at the info. Nobody, from a personal or from a legal standpoint would ever side with Miranda-
-except Miranda herself, a whiteknight that doesn't want to realize they are to be the NEXT KM or her "husband" (and if you are, in fact, him, let me point out that you are an absolute cuck that now posseses a wife full of lies, debt and has been fucking people on her hubby-of-the-month's back ever since she was 15).
Also, she has said previously that the images were photoshopped and info she gave was false and since you seem to take her word as the ultimate truth…yeah, you totes shouldn't worry!

Also >>611882 or fuck off.
(Pardon the long reply, would sage if that was still a thing).

No. 611893

So if she commits visa fraud it’s okay to commit crimes against her? That’s how the law works. There’s no proof what she said to him is even true. She could have lied for all we know.

But he did post her bank info and that’s right there in the screen shots.

No. 611894

But if he was such a 'stocker' and so creepy and she never gave him her ~real info~ and shes so innocent, then why did she send him her private bank and credit card info? Kek digging the lie hole deeper and deeper

No. 611897

File: 1544405793967.jpg (226.73 KB, 680x794, 1510707541552.jpg)

Yep, you ARE a truly exceptional individual, missig all the other points.
Psst, let me post you something as seen on another page's terms of service that you will probably find interesting:

>"Doxing is not a crime. It is your sole responsibility to manage your anonymity on the Internet. You are not constitutionally guaranteed the right to be anonymous, you are only protected from unlawful government intrusion.

>There is no law or right that prevents people from putting something you said to your name and picture, or by associating your name with your online handles."

Let me spell it for you, Miranda. YOU sent it, willingly, on FB of all places. It's not FB's fault, is not the receiver's fault and you are the only one breaking the law -multiple times- because of the Visa frauds, money scamming and a long, long etc.

So, have this equivalent of a (you), tell your cuck to go pay a lawyer if you happen to be sooo concerned (but, hey, that would require contacting policemen and those could deport you) and, kindly, fuck off.

No. 611904

You seem to know Mira much better than the average farmer.

Please, urge her to go to the police then. I don't think anybody would even dare to question the $15k loan that a "stocker" transferred to her monthly after she reminded him to do so. Scamming that bad, bad creep out of money probably must have felt like self-defense.

Trips across Japan with a long term "stocker"?- No big deal.
Countless text messages in which Miranda complains about her finances and family problems; where she obsesses about that one who got away and complains about her second sham marriage… Uff, the authorities won't question that for even a second.

I'd love to see how that lawsuit would turn out for Miranda. Keep us updated about that, sweety. xoxo

No. 611909

If she made $45k in donations isn't that a taxable amount? Does japan have a IRS?


What kinda tax would you have to pay for recieving $45k in japan?

No. 611911

To be honest, dear Anon, I ignore that kind of process but https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2206.html and https://japantaxcalculator.com/ may be useful tools if you happen to be interested about that.
Then again, she's been breaking Japanese laws left and right already, so I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 611915

Well, I guess for $45k her income tax should be about $2k, not too bad.

No. 611921

Lol, no. Saudi embassies are absurdly ornate and showy. Saudis flaunt the wealth as if they have a deep seated inferiority complex - probably why Miranda is so drawn to them. That video is a typical down at the heels Islamic center or storefront mosque.

No. 611940

Lol. How many times has she pulled this “I am just a random fan from YouTube. I don’t know about any drama. Let me tell you how you are all wrong and stalkers and Mira an innocent LITTLE GIRL who is the best!”

Mira, every message and screenshot KM posted is relevant and shows how guilty you are of criminal activity, fraud, emotional manipulation and just all around being a terrible,selfish person.

No. 611943

seems to have been id-ed already >>611778

No. 611993

Wtf miranda?
Butthurt because the person who you fooled and scammed decided to show what a shameless, vile, rude and manipulative scammer you are?
Give up already. You're no girl, you're a 30 year old woman who gets by in life by manipulating, using and scamming every single person who made the mistake to get close to you.
You're using the Muslim shit because your insane mind thinks you can get some benefit out of it.
You belong either in jail or in a mental hospital for treatment of sociopaths such as yourself.

No. 612005

File: 1544445532599.png (1.24 MB, 1332x850, スクリーンショット 2018-12-10 21.37.38.…)

More paranoia from Miranda. She plans to move to Saudi Arabia but can't get a visa to go so far…

No. 612007

What is she even wearing on her head? She has really let herself go.

No. 612008

She looks like a diseased genderswapped sloth from goonies these days. Incredible how much she let herself go.

No. 612009

Yeah… also the bags under her eyes, bad skin and weight gain… she's become seriously a bad joke

No. 612011

Makes you wonder about that supposed saudi husband of hers. Doesn't he care she bloats up like a fat pig or is he into that?

No. 612012

haha he must be a slob factory worker himself …. far away from the Saudi prince Miranda wants us to believe married her. It's miranda we're talking about… a guy who settles for someone hmmm like miranda… enough said!

No. 612013

After all, according to Miranda, she and her husband met for the first time on their wedding day…

No. 612015

well he had to get back to his fishing boat in Indonesia.

No. 612017

Exactly, the only reason they got married, it's because they didn't meet each other until their wedding day. He has no idea how horrible of a person she is. Anyone who points out this fact, is either a "stocker", or if they try to show any proof, is immediately a master at using photoshop.

No. 612019

Either miranda catfished him bad or she was catfished even worse or it's all made up.

No. 612021

This is totally a scheme fo Mira to get a post-KM paypig to look after her in Japan.
>even if we do decide to move to Saudi Arabia for us we want like to be three countries you know Japan Canada Saudi Arabia interchanging amongst each other

No. 612024

Yeah, that part was strange…Since I assume that neither of them have permanent residency in Japan, there will be no way for them to stay in Japan after moving to Saudi (except for short trips as tourists).

No. 612025

If she can milk school money out of him she can get onto that student visa she wants. Meanwhile, I doubt he lives there, in her live stream she slipped up a bit and admitted they didn't have time to see all the places they wanted and will see more next summer. She's got to be sending him bra pics and LV wishlists. Just $400 more, my love!

No. 612027

Should have marked that tinfoil, sorry.

Most likely she wants to appear rich like Taylor, who with her hub can afford a new apartment in Toronto as well as one in Hong Kong.

No. 612029

i wonder if miranda got all of her info about saudi arabia from that shitty sex in the city movie.

No. 612035

Miranda is so crazy she scares all her friends away

No. 612036

How does that even happen? She could have easily made up for her terrible looks by trying to be a nice/good person, since she already had a youtube audience. Instead she was so vile to everyone who got close to her that she turned off all her friends. How hard could've been not to be a complete backstabbing psychopath?

No. 612049

she was already vile.

No. 612128

File: 1544467564451.jpg (54.73 KB, 968x342, randa.JPG)

In the comment section of her latest video.

No. 612129

File: 1544467699035.jpg (27.83 KB, 1006x103, randa2.JPG)

No. 612131

File: 1544468149004.jpg (62.22 KB, 630x593, monica.JPG)

After checking Randa's twitter, I think this Monica could be the anon who's been wking her here for the past few days.

No. 612134

File: 1544468570963.jpg (22.2 KB, 592x125, randa3.JPG)

Let us all fear the Almighty Randa, Queen of sockpuppets and $400 donations.

No. 612144

>"-and the police will take me serious"
Yes, Miranda, the Japanese police will suuurely care about the info on a USA-hosted place about your Canadian bank account (info that you, yourself, claimed to be false and provided) more than, I don't know, your fake marriages, Visa frauds and money scamming. Yep, seems legit.
Also, she really doesn't change. "In Islam WE…" IS the new "In Japan we…", inluding the poor fellow that tells her she's wrong/to please stop and that subsequently gets shot down.
Fucks sake.

No. 612168

I'm sure the Japanese police would love to see these caps that are 100% real that show her confessing to marriage fraud!

No. 612182

I think, is any screenshot, especially DM-ish stuff, not legally proof at all, because it could be fabricated as much as someone want, isn't it?

No. 612186

not true at all. unless the other party can prove it's been shoop'd it's totally valid evidence. texts and DMs get used all the time in court cases, and they can subpoena facebook or phone companies to get the copies if one party is disputing the validity.

No. 612195

What >>612186 said, also, he has receipts/tickets (like >>608981 and >>608985), videos, photographs, the original logs of chats on FB and other chatting apps as well as his own paypal and credit card info that shows the days, hours and receiver of the money "donations" Miranda constantly asked for.

No. 612200


in my country chat logs are no proof at court if they are a screenshot, as this can be manipulated. they only can be used as evidence, if the phone is withheld.

No. 612206

>in my country
I mean…cool? But the general validity of screenshots as proof is there, with the phone(s) being withheld or not.
And, again, the validity of screenshots by themselves may be an inconclusive topic (depending of the laws we may be refering to) but since KM has verifiable info for days, of multiple types (not only digital and not only screenshot based) he may not have problems creating a solid case-
-also, I don't think he would mind handing over his phone to whatever authority necessary if that meant proving the legitimacy of everything, if anything, that would help him have a better chance of (maybe) getting his money back.

No. 612208

again, the court can subpoena the logs. if you mean that in your country self submission isn't legal, then sure, but you can still use them.

No. 612211

what country would that be?

No. 612213

File: 1544478522754.gif (1.01 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)


No. 612215

Hahaha, Randa is going to get lolcow taken down. Reality check, you better believe that nothing you upload anywhere is safe.

You need to learn to use capital letters if you want to blend in. Line messages are admittable in court in Japan, I'd believe that Facebook messages are the same.

No. 612218

File: 1544479035460.png (269.29 KB, 1700x1156, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 6.56.43.p…)

No. 612219

File: 1544479141837.png (224.9 KB, 1690x990, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 6.58.47.p…)

No. 612220

File: 1544479207000.png (272.36 KB, 1692x1036, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 7.00.01.p…)

No. 612221

File: 1544479324209.png (94.66 KB, 1674x490, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 7.01.42.p…)

"You don't know what I know!"

No. 612222

File: 1544479434004.png (169.21 KB, 1744x672, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 7.03.38.p…)

No. 612223


The husband she rejected because he had to work abroad for a while must be dancing with joy after realizing how big of a bullet he dodged a few years ago.

No. 612227

These are just the tip of the iceberg…in the last few hours, Miranda has posted so many LONG heated responses to muslim followers telling her to calm down and not call anyone who has a boyfriend/girlfriend sinners. She is seriously flipping out now.

No. 612228

>Their love is fake, if they loved eachother they follow ISLAM

Bitch WHAT?

No. 612229

>acceptionally educated
…yes, we can see that, miss dropped-out-school, we can see that.
>You don't even know what I know
And yet, we know what she doesn't, like the fact she can't spell and somehow Islamic law doesn't apply to her, because reasons.
>But and eye for an eye
The fuck she meant to say?
> (…) womens rights means "pay half bills, walk around nakes, have multiple lovers, walk the streets at night (…) work and not care for husband.
…so, her, a year ago? There's video proof of her doing all of that, also getting drunk as fuck.
I can't imagine being this self-hating and deluded, she needed mental help but decided to get radicalized instead…oh, well.

No. 612230

File: 1544479874237.png (91.09 KB, 1708x512, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 7.11.09.p…)

No. 612231


Then gtfo Canada Mira. Gtfo North America. 100% serious. No on wants you here and all you do is shit on the citizens & the freedoms you're afforded. Fuck off to Saudi Arabia and get raped & murdered like you so desperately want.
She's just a leech on the Canadian system at this point. Too bad they'd never strip her citizenship, no matter how badly she hates her own country. Hmm, I wonder if we could convince her to commit treason…

No. 612232

File: 1544480104499.png (204.81 KB, 1734x794, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 7.15.04.p…)

No. 612233

Wait, she didn't even finish high school? Fucking lol.

No wonder she's so against women working & earning a living - her only work options are shit jobs because she has no accreditation and never had any sort of goals for the future to work towards.
"Job" to her probably translates to flipping burgers or cleaning houses because that's all she'll ever be qualified for.

No. 612235

File: 1544480480300.png (227.68 KB, 1712x924, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 7.21.20.p…)

No. 612237

>Saudi is paradise for Muslim women
You know, with all the stoning, not being able to drive, being imprisoned and punished for getting raped, recieving lashes for just interacting with men that aren't family, and lack of human rights over all which hadd women who want to be seen and represented to be arrested and tortured under Saudi government..

Rands is an idiot. More at 11

No. 612239

nope she never did. she allegedly finished her high school equivalent diploma only very recently. this is why i don't believe that shit about her teaching at a language school and am pretty sure all the photos she provided were from her presentations to her classmates.

No. 612240

File: 1544480697631.png (304.35 KB, 600x600, laugh.png)

>Harassing the immigration
>Now (…) the marriage proposals will stop

No. 612243

Going off the deep end. She sounds like she compares her shitty lower class upbringing with SA middle or upper class.

You don't say where in Tokyo you live because a) you don't live in Tokyo and b) because someone could actually stand in front of your door if you said something. The general timeline of your marriage is nothing that'll be dangerous to you.

No. 612251

Let me guess how it will happen :
Mira : I want to make a complaint about some website that showed my credit card info
Police : Oh that's bad, do you know how they ended with your information?
Mira : No, there is a bunch of haters online and one of them must have hacked me or something
Police start investigation
Police : We have found this man to whom you personally sent the exact picture you talking about.
Mira : He's one the crazy stalker! He uncropped the picture to be able to get my infos and sent it to those website
Police : … Get out of here. By the way, immigration is waiting for you at the door, they have many questions.

No. 612253

Saying all of that from a twice divorced woman… That's so funny.

No. 612261

I think he must be a garbage collector or septic tank cleaner. He's so used to the filth, foulness and stink at his work, coming back home and seeing the same thing every time he looks at mirandas ugly mug might not be a big deal…

No. 612279

Not uncommon with convertites, most of them were huge degenerate slutbags who started larping wahabist after they converted to make up for their "previous life in sin" by going full sharia on every woman who doesn't want to wear a garbage bag, including secular muslim women from the middle east. It's hillarious to see all those potato faced ogres without makeup waddling around in their chadors trying to police moderate muslim women who dare wear makeup under their hijab, or no hijab at all.
Those kind of convertites just replaced "I have a vagina, so everyone should worship me" with "I am holier than thou, worship me"-

No. 612282

the only reason the Japanese police would have any interest in lolcow or pull is because of the information presented on it. They are going to deport her dumb ass so fast because of all the proof here

The Japanese police also cannot do anything about these sites because they are not based on Japan. She really is stupid

No. 612286

wtf is she talking about? Her husband is also a stranger. Didn't she mention he wanted to marry her when they met and she agreed to marry her? And technically she isn't his wife. They are not married in any legal sense or by Muslim law. And they don't even live together, they just see each other once in a while.

I'm sure the relationship is like KM's. "Hang on honey! I need to do a few things before I can move to Saudi Arabia with you… but I need 2k for that!"

No. 612289

It's weird because based on what she said love has nothing to do with a muslim marriage. You just belong to your husband the moment he grabs you at the air port like you're unclaimed baggage

No. 612290

you mean how you loved and lusted after Rodi, a married man? Most likely even to this day?

No. 612291

the fuck is she talking about? Having a lover isn't a new concept
She's pulling facts out of her ass.

No. 612303

I have a friend who has been in a few Islamic marriages since I met her, and her reasons for divorce were such as the husband not providing her dowry or him cheating etc. And it was only done through the Islamic marriage ceremony, so is that like what Quasimiranda is in? One of those Islamic church marriages that don't legally count for shit?

No. 612313

Those instant marriages without paperwork, are they the muslim version of pump and dump?

No. 612316

From what I have gathered, it seems like that. Idk why she thinks her quickie Islam marriage is binding forever for him.

No. 612317

File: 1544493509548.png (308.28 KB, 1718x1218, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 10.57.40.…)

More wahhabist bullshit

No. 612320

Not even world renowned periodists can record much of ANYTHING on Saudi Arabia without getting censored, in trouble or dead (and having their torture audio recorded by their applewatch), but, sure thing, Miranda, you'll totes be able to do your vlogs!
Video related. Her beloved kingdom's morality police doesn't want to see any scandalous, haram hands around -but they toootally are cool guys that will love the "acceptional" being that is Miranda.

No. 612322

File: 1544495572089.jpg (684.99 KB, 1742x606, In Islam WE.JPG)

This is how this convos have turned out, hours later. Miranda is shouting at another Muslim that her interpretation is the only valid one, getting offended by the use of "new muslim" and that "if you give up on the debate because I refuse to listen that means I won!". Same old, same old.

No. 612323

To other one seems to be a german chick who converted for similar reasons as randa. It's like chardor mud wrestling.

No. 612324

After reading the whole "marriage" related shit and watching her video, I get the feeling randa is in for a big surprise and has no idea what she got herself into. And I think she sees this joke of a parody "marriage" way way more seriously than her …. "husband "
I get the feeling the guy is just some worker from a muslim country that is temporarily based in japan, told a fairy story to a gullible retarded moron, to get some pussy for free until his visa runs out. Will that be the time that randa will have a taste of her own poison and get to know how it feels to be scammed when the guy one days takes off, and leaves her with nothing??

No. 612335

For one she already has nothing and I doubt she will realize what it's like to get a taste of her medicine. Though I could be wrong, I just believe at this point there's only two reality checks she can get. Deported from Japan and have her face in the media like that other cow or go to Saudi Arabia experience her "paradise".

No. 612344

The point I wanted to make for example: it is obvious this house where she lives now with the guy is rented by him (miranda has no stable job or income, making her non eligible to sign any rental contract! Rental procedures are hard in japan, unless you want to live in a share home or Internet cafe). The guys visa runs out, he takes off to his country and leaves her homeless for once.
She's also counting on him to pay for her expenses, making him her new KM.
The least that can happen to her is being left homeless with no money. And she can't do shit because it is not a legal marriage the guy doesn't own her shit too.
If her spouse visa expires in may, after that she will be in the country illegally.
Guy takes off on her there will be no "univercity ", no student visa, no fooling the Japanese immigration any longer… from that to getting her ass deported to Canada with her tail between her legs will be fast

No. 612346

Are we sure Kam isn’t a Mira sock? All the deferential polite questions that Mira is all too eager to answer at great length? Hard to believe it’s not.

Also lol at the “if you chose to have children” Any women married to a Saudi man doesn’t get a choice in that matter, she will be having children, they will belong to him and if she cannot bear children he will divorce her or get more wives that can fulfill that most important obligation. Not that Rwanda is married to a Saudi citizen, but if we are playing along with that bizarre fantasy then that question is so stupid.

No. 612347

what is a kam?

No. 612354

She'll do the same to him when the time suits her. She'll claim some loophole like abuse to get out of the sham marriage. It's a match made in hell.

No. 612365

File: 1544506005372.png (123.66 KB, 1708x568, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 14.26.30.…)

Her husband will help her with her English…

No. 612366

File: 1544506053681.png (181.79 KB, 1712x832, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 14.27.32.…)

No. 612367

>English has been improving
>Born and raised English-speaking

No. 612369

yes cause miranda doesn't speak mostly english in all of her videos and comments and conversations right?

No. 612379


Oh no, not this bullshit again …

No. 612383

Do we know why she became obsessed with Japanese in the first place? I thought all weebs were anime tards. Did it happen before or after she met visa kun 1?

No. 612405

File: 1544515390384.png (1.5 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-12-11-08-20-34…)

Miranda is at it again telling lies with her sock account on Rodi`s video

No. 612406

File: 1544516512901.png (117.04 KB, 1672x576, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 17.21.33.…)

More from Miranda's sock puppet account.

No. 612407

File: 1544516653436.png (120.68 KB, 1746x414, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 17.24.12.…)

No. 612408

Hold on. Didn’t she say she only had an Islamic marriage ceremony, not a legal marriage? Neither Canada or Japan would be involved.

No. 612412

You don't unlearn the language you were basically born with in a few years of living in another country. Unless she got a real neurological disorder. So either it's a chuuni fantasy of hers or she got like legit mental retardation.

No. 612418

apparently, canada recognises these quickie muslim marriages. that's why they went there to get married, then she can get official papers from canada in time and use these to convince japan… it's a very elaborate scam.

No. 612419

I feel so ashamed I used to be a fan of Miranda's videos and, for a while, I thought the accusations of her being a terrible person who never admits fault were false.

Boy was I wrong, but I'm glad I'm here for this absolute shitshow. Can't believe she's turned this radicalized.

No. 612439

So she has her backup ready once her spouse visa expires? Fucking nasty.

Rodi. Dude. Just turn her into the police now. This has to stop!

No. 612444

File: 1544530587709.png (282.55 KB, 1716x1266, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 21.15.12.…)

Miranda in response to criticism that getting married without meeting beforehand sounds dangerous.

No. 612446

I'm sure she doesn't live with him full time, it's how she's able to be so blase.

No. 612447

>He didn't ask to see me
>He didn't try to date me or talk dirty

Sounds like the perfect setup for her, very similar to what KM was doing minus the muslim thing. And from what I understand, he's not around much either.

No. 612449

So our favorite fugly bitch goes to Canada to marry a muslim (supposedly Saudi muslim) in hopes that Japan will recognize this marriage because why? If she's over Glorious Nippon, why does their recognition matter? Saudi Arabia doesn't accept any marriages but ones they accept.
I also wonder about another thing. If her story is true and she meets her current husband through his father on a plane, that seems.. off. What proud true to faith muslim that wants the best for his sons would want his son marrying a soon to be twice (maybe even thrice) divorced woman? Is this boy a throw away kid? The only thing that makes sense is that the father in law is using Miranda as an anchor bride to gain access to Canada. Judging by the picture of the back of her husbands head, they aren't wealthy. He isn't wearing the garb of a wealthy Saudi. So it looks like they want to escape Saudi Arabia because they are poor and using Miranda.
Now this is all based on thinking even this barest of information is true.

No. 612450

She admitted in a comment somewhere that she didn't tell her Saudi man that she was married to a Japanese man at the time…although that is totally haram, she said it was no problem…because she is imam Miranda and she says so?

No. 612451

File: 1544531365132.png (36.85 KB, 1188x194, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 21.28.44.…)

KM is naturally very angry with Miranda now…

No. 612452

File: 1544531659228.png (218.16 KB, 1704x1086, スクリーンショット 2018-12-11 21.31.12.…)

KM confirms that Miranda uses the name "Miranda" and not "Mira" privately, and KM's assertion that Miranda got married around the 13th of November seems to be confirmed.

No. 612458

Look, I know it's beating a dead horse at this point, but after watching her newest video I just don't understand why she keeps pushing the favorite country bullshit. Like, even if it was remotely true, what does it matter?! If anything, it just sounds fetishy. Though I guess she's be fine with that since love is a dumb reason to marry someone anyway. /rolls eyes

No. 612464

>wow so beautiful
>try to touch me
>none of that happened

Of fucking course Randa! No sane man would think you're beautiful. No sane man would even think of wanting to touch you. That guy is not pious, he's just disgusted by your face, your body and soon, your rotten personality.

No. 612467

miranda seems to hate her name so much, she created a new one to go with her multiple phases/ new identities.
She wants people to think she's super confident but only someone with extreme low self esteem, and no sense of self worth does such actions. She never liked herself very much that's why the periodic radical changes of identity, behavior and attempts to change her appearance (punk, weeabo, isis bride… all very different physical appearance).
Would love to do full psychiatric evaluation to her. Sorry english is not my mother language.

No. 612477

File: 1544541951632.png (407.27 KB, 1440x2560, received_318934168949450.png)

Another 300-400$…

No. 612478

File: 1544542013601.png (375.1 KB, 1440x2560, received_742446959446513.png)

No. 612479

Oh yes, I remember when she was begging her followers for money to buy a "light" to film…that was a lie too…
Miranda, have you every told your followers the truth?

No. 612503

File: 1544546357105.png (12.33 KB, 547x192, Mira_drug_addict_dad.png)

Miranda: "I had an amazing childhood with a wonderful upbringing!"
Also Miranda: "My dad was a drug addict who has been in and out of jail" and "had to fend for herself since she was 16 years old (>>590987)

No. 612526

File: 1544550179373.jpg (32.83 KB, 853x480, thegoodolddays.jpg)

Also, all here comments of how she was just raking in that Youtube Cash.

From July 2017, before she went Muslim. $1000 Cdn ($750 US). After that month, when she went full Jihadi, she's been pull about $100.