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File: 1673641317595.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.23 KB, 1049x1080, 1673608848426.jpeg)

No. 1743857

Libertarian pickme hooker that panders to nerds and pedos.Pretends to be a data scientist. Very active on Twitter and Reddit shilling her sex surveys. Writes on Substack about how sex work "changed her life"
Apparently smelly, constipated and proud of it. Considers having the ONE TIME top post on r/GoneWild to be her proudest archivement
> infamously bad take on CP >>1743495
>claims to have been abused by her fundie family >>1743821
>writes she didn't care about being sexually assaulted because muh autism and social anxiety >>1743736


Feel free to post milk from her simps on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit as well.

No. 1743860

File: 1673641467922.jpg (86.19 KB, 891x793, 1673592219322.jpg)

Mandatory first post.

No. 1743861

that’s a man…

No. 1743862

Ugh. Can we not call every woman who isn't kawaii and petite "manly"?

No. 1743863

Has to have girl in her handle otherwise everyone would think she’s a troon kek. Are we sure it’s a woman?

No. 1743866

File: 1673641969301.jpeg (540.54 KB, 828x761, 40D90B9B-9A9A-4177-800E-DD9825…)

if i’m wrong oops but that’s a man like that’s simply just a man

No. 1743868

Kek pls stop. That’s a man

No. 1743870

File: 1673642060226.jpg (207.98 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20230113-131832_Ope…)

Please. Not everything has to be about trannies.

No. 1743871

I had to find other pics on her website cuz I was not sure either. I think its a woman but this particular photo is incredibly unflattering possibly altered. Other pics of her read as female to me this one was questoonable

No. 1743872

Nice to see a thread about this cow. Kicking myself for not archiving her Tryst ad that’s now gone.

No. 1743878

What was in it?

No. 1743879

it literally looks like a man. idk who this is and i thought it was a troon first too

No. 1743880

thanks for the thread nonnie

No. 1743883

plastic surgery

No. 1743889

File: 1673642861497.jpeg (502.73 KB, 1179x1641, 1673009473571.jpeg)

Holy shit, fuck off to kiwifarms with the tranny obsession. Her appearance is the least interesting thing about her
Yw <3

No. 1743890

File: 1673642905152.png (47.02 KB, 598x385, Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 21-46…)

@felurian8 is grimes' alt

No. 1743892

Have you been on this site regularly? Don’t use emoticons here. Reporting you, hope you get banned ♥

No. 1743910

NTA but <3 has been used "ironically" in imageboards for well over a decade, newfag

This is so much more demeaning than any physical act she could possibly do with her clients. Must be why she chose this over sex work kek

No. 1743918

File: 1673644089386.jpeg (641.18 KB, 1125x1928, 81567F18-9493-4FE9-B85D-83F5B3…)

This was her not so subtle way of telling her followers where to find her as she couldn’t legally admit to being an escort in real time. Found her profile in minutes when looking at escorts in Austin. She used a different name but the photos were clearly her.
Her ad mentioned she’s selective with her clients and only a small group of people can book her. You apply to be on a waiting list and when an opening happens you must make an appointment every x amount of months to continue booking her. Her hourly rate was $3k and she’s willing to travel for multi hour bookings blah blah blah. Her bio was boring but she mentioned she’s goofy, unsophisticated and might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

No. 1743923

Wow. How gross

No. 1743927

I usually say this bc some nonnies call anyone who isn't a 5'2 hyperfeminine princess a man, but nonnie, that is a literal male. It has to be.

No. 1743932

File: 1673644911033.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720, b5e406aa-46b0-4578-b0f6-cfe304…)

not to wk, but she looks female to me. she's just very, very ugly.

No. 1743933

File: 1673644943321.jpeg (15.39 KB, 168x300, 1673025434086.jpeg)

No, she is not a man. This tranny sperging is not interesting. Let it go

No. 1743934

While nonnies here are busy bashing Aella, I really want to praise her a little: a woman must be really exceptionally talented to make such a unflattering photo where she looks more like a man than some actual men.

No. 1743939

why are you defending a smelly whore this hard? by the way, for someone pretending not to be a newfag, you're exceptionally bad at saging.

No. 1743940

Not here newfag. Did you not see my heart that is allowed here? Yours is not. Get b& ♥ and seethe

No. 1743948

File: 1673646136723.jpg (Spoiler Image,559.02 KB, 1362x2365, FZX6FJmUIAEUeke.jpg)

You retards must be kiwifarm moids deliberately shitting up this this thread because you're upset your waifu is being treated like the lolcow she is. Nude under spoiler. Her NSFW profile is @aellagirl
>b-b-but why would she call herself GIRL if she's female
If you haven't noticed yet, she is fucking retarded

No. 1743954

File: 1673646379900.jpg (183.54 KB, 1080x988, Screenshot_20230113-164306_Ope…)

The quirkiness in this post is off the charts!

What is there to defend? The reality is just 1. she doesn't look like a man 2. If she did, newfags here have already sperged about it enough. Saying SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAN is just a spastic 14 year old boy insult 3. I'd rather discuss the idiotic shit she says than her appearance for the 50th time

No. 1743955

this is simply her pre-surgery face, she was that ugly

No. 1743957

File: 1673646736334.jpg (776.53 KB, 1080x2316, 165159_mpmd.jpg)

Bitch literally has the same Hapsburg-ass le chud wojak physiognomy as moreplatesmoredates before he hit the wall

No. 1743962

whats her r/gonewild top post?

No. 1743970

NTA but I'm sorry anon, it isn't just an insult. It doesn't matter in the end, but that unfortunate picture definitely throws random people off. She supports trannies and has internalized misogyny, so she'd probably take pride in having "t-girl swag" pre-surgery. It could betray a more androgynous nature on both the inside and outside (which she could interpret as superiority/dominance over other, "weaker" women and a "relatability" factor to the misogynistic men she worships), lmao.

No. 1743976

Everyone on twitter who has heard of her openly hates her and thinks she is retarded lol

No. 1743980

File: 1673648546897.jpeg (473.9 KB, 1152x2048, C07E3AB7-06BE-4F69-9B40-325301…)

Yes. Please bear in mind nonnies, her more recent pics are after her extensive plastic surgery.

No. 1743981

Damn I’m just scrolling by, but I have never seen such an unfortunate looking woman. I actually gasped reading she isn’t a man. That is bleak.

No. 1743984

I wouldn’t even care how ugly she is outwardly if she wasn’t such a disgusting person inside.

No. 1743985

File: 1673648881435.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.46 KB, 720x1280, A9288157-D98C-45D6-A630-D4790D…)

TW for porn/oral.

This is what Aella seems living her best life and encourages others to do the same.
Sucking off obese moids for money.

No. 1743986

With all the procedures she's gone through, she must have so many complexes about herself both pre and post surgery she's still carrying and marketing as "progressive and aware of society".

No. 1743988

From the Grimes thread.

Queen of the art of seduction, obtuse donkey hooker Aella’s words of wisdom
>Often, you want your eyeline to be lower than the man's, right? You want to give him a feeling of sort of dominance, and also, it makes your head look, sort of look - bigger as in proportion to your body, which is more childlike, because we are trying to look like…children. This is what men like.

No. 1743989

I have genuinely never seen someone with such a long head. I was gonna say it’s Brian Warner tier but hers is actually longer. Wtf.

No. 1743990

Thans anon, but you didn't include all. Didn't mention connection to Grimes and that she makes up "umbrella consent" rape parties. Why the hurry? Why this horrid thread pic? anyways, adding some some to the summary:

>organizes "umbrella consent" rape parties wherein attending one means you agree to everything, invites girls to get raped >>1713578,

>claims to be top grossing OF star making 100,000$ monthly >>1738472 only to do poverty LARP and claim like "one of us on the bottom" >>1738493
>claims sex traffiking never happens >>1738497 bc she doesn't know any traffiking victim so they don't exist!
>friends with Grimes, LSD drug fiend just like her >>1738506
>have you considered rich friends are just better than yOuU?? >>1738591
>doesn't shower, claims she only took 37 showers in 2022 >>1738611, >>1740779 Grimes liked, kek
>catcalling isn't bad, saying so is racist! >>1738613
>claims women should aspire to looking like children >>1738730
>thinks a solution to child porn is… making more child porn, just through AI >>1743495
>more awful quotes >>1743817, >>1743819, >>1743821
>also, it makes your head look, sort of look - bigger as in proportion to your body, which is more childlike, because we are trying to look like…children. This is what men like.

No. 1743991

File: 1673649300919.jpeg (59.64 KB, 550x413, 85010544-94E8-42D6-B094-CD1530…)

No. 1743995

File: 1673649700339.jpeg (34.75 KB, 600x450, 30FA0159-FFF2-459B-B52C-D2B0F9…)

Quirky xD

No. 1743996

File: 1673649725867.jpeg (534.99 KB, 3280x1845, 3DA06538-EC5D-46A8-82A9-B82F1A…)

Some of her ‘interesting’ porn themes

No. 1743999

File: 1673649912696.gif (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 240x181, 9E0FF990-7F30-4169-A873-895FD7…)

Click if you want to cringe.
TW: mime porn, pulling retarded fake orgasm faces

No. 1744004

Looks more like sneezing porn

No. 1744005

File: 1673650079250.jpeg (Spoiler Image,49.72 KB, 411x720, 89917419-5BC5-4F86-8231-59F361…)

The porn she makes always seems to be with the same obese hairy pot bellied gorilla male with a pencil dick. She also manages to pull the most retarded mule faces you’ve ever seen.

No. 1744006

This is totally a mentally healthy sound of mind person.

No. 1744007

File: 1673650151138.jpeg (274.22 KB, 695x1080, C73FFD2E-F025-45A0-BD79-761CC1…)

Some kind of electrocution fetish? Idek.

No. 1744008

>doesn’t shower
>fucks random ugly scrotes that mostly doesn’t shower either
A walking yeast infection. She may not be a scrote but she has the mind of one

No. 1744009

She is spiritually a scrote.

No. 1744014

File: 1673650753561.jpeg (454.51 KB, 1242x870, 4827D740-CA94-4F7E-80C8-1CF5D8…)

According to Aella and other scrotes, human trafficking is just scaremongering!

Only a small amount of people are ever convicted for human trafficking, which means it barely even happens, it’s not a big deal! Doesnt matter that only 50% of murder cases, 30% of robbery cases and 2% of rape cases lead to conviction. Rape doesn’t really happen much because only 2% of offenders are ever incarcerated!

No. 1744017

File: 1673650856357.jpeg (381.4 KB, 1125x1595, E6321F80-AA38-44EB-AE8D-708E86…)

Why would anyone want to buy a prostitute’s eggs?

No. 1744018

File: 1673650857687.png (13.38 KB, 650x650, 1671829869888.png)

>the stitches on her forehead
lmao no fucking way, did she have the same surgery as that femboy faggot to get a more ''feminine'' hairline? why is it always the ugliest mfs that turn pickmes?

No. 1744019

Wow, those evil organisations, raising awareness of human trafficking and slavery. How dare they!

No. 1744020

File: 1673650909153.jpg (287.18 KB, 1079x606, Laina.jpg)

The nona who explained her appeal as an approachable mid slampig designed to make shit tier males feel safe was onto something. If you look at other reddit darlings (zooey deschanel, emma watson, the crazy girlfriend meme chick who actually just looks EXACTLY like this bitch after surgery) all have this indescribable air of latent sexual deviancy and "will do anything on the downlow" energy while also looking modestly mid externally and having some non-threatening degree of intelligence. Women like that don't inspire simping, obsession and worship, but they do inspire copious amounts of pure lust. It's no coincidence that most porn actresses look like this too - you won't find an Andriana Lima or Margot Robbie among them, but there are many solidly fuckable "porn hot" women like paella. I think I've even seen some HBD nazicel moids refer to that phenomenon when trying to define peak female attractiveness, and every time they would default to "average face" formula, followed by comparing the resulting "feminine, inherently attractive" porn actress against a "striking female supermodel shilled by gay men".

What's also at play here is possibly incestuousness/male pursuit of similarity, because she does also look like whatever the female version of le /pol/ face would be.

No. 1744024

I don’t know nona, I’m just surprised that it barely made a difference, her abnormally long twelvehead is huge as ever. It even dwarfs Kiki’s.

No. 1744025

Yes. Low value men screech and rage at the sight of stunningly beautiful women and Stacies because those women are too intimidating and know their worth.

A girl with a pornified body but goofy crooked face is what low value and mid scrotes like because it’s less intimidating and these women seem more attainable and usually have lower self esteem (bonus for LVM manipulators), but it still fulfils their cumbrain fantasies.

No. 1744026

>I think my genes are wonderful
We don’t.

No. 1744027

i would feel bad about her if she wasnt a pedo, it must take some heavy self hating on a woman to fucking stitch yourself a new hairline like frankenstein. Does anyone know exactly what surgeries she got?

No. 1744029

From what I can see, she at least got a nose job, breast implants and hairline reduction surgery.

No. 1744032

I apologize. The thread got pretty big and full of sperging and I missed a bunch

No. 1744035

Ayrt it's fine, I just added some posts that were left out but might be helpful, but only now i see some anons reposted some of the receipts i included so all good anyway.

No. 1744037

I think it's worth a mention that young Ghislaine Maxwell was also a mid tranny horse face like this, something between Aella and Anna Khachiyan essentially.

No. 1744110

File: 1673658162089.jpg (126.83 KB, 915x741, Screenshot_20230113-200143_Tel…)

People in her Telegram appear to disapprove

No. 1744121

Maybe cuz its an absolutely retarded question and a fetish so unsexy not even veteran coomers are into it

No. 1744124

I wonder how she was like in high school. imagine how awkward it would be to be her classmate, childhood friend or family and discover what she's doing. being proud whore is one thing, but being that and spewing shit like "noo traffiking doesn't exist! the studies i did show rape is so rare! yoho child porn! also i don't shower hehe
it's not even funny she's genuinely one of the most annoying cows andd i get second hand embarassment just knowing about her

No. 1744127

No. 1744129

this is an imageboard, newfag

No. 1744138

>I wonder how she was like in high school
Probably one of those stuckup goody two shoes Beckies who become burnouts in 10th grade and start dabbling in drugs and smoking dude weed all day and hook up with one or two guys then become obsessed with the idea of rebelling against daddy + being an empowered slut and eventually make BDSM and having sex into their entire identity and personality.

There’s something especially cringe about ugly/mid people discovering sex and degeneracy later on in life then acting like they invented the wheel or something and talking about it nonstop. I feel like redditors are especially bad for that.

No. 1744140

File: 1673660089945.jpg (Spoiler Image,156.78 KB, 1050x869, Screenshot_20230113-203411_Ope…)

Am I supposed to post 26 pictures at once?

No. 1744142

File: 1673660211942.jpeg (161.45 KB, 1125x668, 0E962937-2F80-4434-AE41-5D0688…)

She was homeschooled and socialized with other cult members. They’d be horrified.

No. 1744146

>xtian fundie girl turned prostitute
Because those are the only two paths women have in life, of course.
God. What a stereotype.

No. 1744148

>professional evangelical christian father
>becomes a whore
Kek this sounds like edgyy daydream story come true a'la Ethel Cain troon. they should get to know each other. they even have same sort of ugly faces

No. 1744149

Yep, you can easily tell she had a super sheltered Christian upbringing and she has mentioned having major daddy issues multiple times, hence the unhealthy obsession with sex, pedophilia and fucking old men.

No. 1744151

I wouldn't be surprised if she heavily exaggerated this and her family is just relatively common conservative Christians and nothing too crazy. These people all have the "escaped crazy fundie family" backstory.

No. 1744153

I thot it's not having a dad that caused such disorders. Turns out it's having a based trad dad.

Fathered behavior.

No. 1744155

I agree with you nona. It’s an artificial image they try to cultivate for themselves, cults and Christianity are coquette fetishes, all of these hoes claim the same backstory.

No. 1744159

yeah and maybe not even conservative christians, just average family that goes to church on sunday and wants best for their child. you don't need to be crazy strict church person to be upset when your daughter turns to a lusty cum chasing slut. i'm saying it like this bc it doesn't seem like Aella has to do it for a living, looks like she's happy being a pickme moid panderer and doesn't plan to change her life/achieve financial stability and get a better job.

No. 1744163

something smells weird itt, definitely a shit ton of samefagging. this site doesn't even get enough traffic anymore to fill up a literal nobody's thread this quick. Idk what the angle is though

No. 1744167

so she was homeschooled, isolated and not allowed to watch media, but simultaneously had plenty of friends and enjoyed watching porn while underage? something not adding up there

No. 1744171

>some people still consider christian fundie tardwives to be too liberal
Uhhh yeah, maybe Islamist Taliban members who don’t allow women to read or write, but that’s about it hon.

No. 1744172

I wonder how did she met Grimes. if it's Grimes avidly googling "how to have sex" on Quora/combing twitter whores acc for blowjob instructions, or if she met her at some tech nazi hangout party where an old guy brough in an unwashed escort

No. 1744173

i keep reading "aella" pronounced like in "paella" so i'm gonna call her paella
it's probably what her house smells like after her consent accident parties anyway

No. 1744175

What are you on about? If you check the Grimes thread you’ll see many are aware of her. She’s been discussed for months and there’s enough milk to warrant her own thread.

No. 1744178

ghislaine's former friends/boyfriends/hookups all constantly rave about how SEXXXY and FUCKING HOTTTT she is, as if her power came from her irresistible looks, and then you google her and it's just…???
do people talk about this aella girl like that too? kek if yes.

No. 1744180

lurk more. this chick got her thread made because everyone was talking about her shitty antics in Grimes thread (as she's buddies with Claire lately) and it caused too much offtop. nobody would know about her if not for Grimes tbh.

No. 1744182

ok do men like big foreheads? i'm so confused now am i ugly? are all of us ugly? so many hookercows have this dome-fivehead. does the curve reflect light beams that hypnotize men into orbiting her or something?

No. 1744186

her breast implants look awful in every picture. i almost feel bad for her - she can't possibly be happy with those

No. 1744191

who the fuck is jerking off to "quorky" gnome and mime porn like do any men have a fetish for this cheesy nonsense?

No. 1744208

It’s not about having x feature nona, it’s about proportions and how all your features fit together with the rest of your face.

Having a big forehead in itself doesn’t make you ugly, it’s just with Paella it does because she looks like a panini.

No. 1744210

Yup. Literal bolt-ons. Even her fanbois were saying how ugly they look kek.

No. 1744212

Paella is a good moniker nonny. It smells fishy like her too.

No. 1744213

Looks like current day Julian Casablancas

No. 1744216

Not weighing 400lbs in America automatically makes you a 10/10 there

No. 1744219

Seems like they know each other from real life and they reside in the same city, so I’m assuming it’s the latter one of your guesses.

No. 1744220

Nitpick. Her books look fine. Bolt-ons are LARGE and perfectly round shaped. She doesn't have that

No. 1744222

God. Imagine the smell at one of her summer Texas gerontophile orgies. It’s giving swamp ass, Old Spice, weed and 3 day old gumbo vibes.

No. 1744223

t. Anon butthurt about her bolt ons

No. 1744231

File: 1673665416529.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.37 KB, 640x800, yx9ecwbdevba1.jpg)

This is what bolt-ons look like.I don't need to be butthurt to use terms correctly

No. 1744235

OT but Jordan Barrett's marriage to him is so gay for pay it's not even funny

No. 1744239

File: 1673665794364.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141.43 KB, 627x380, C06AA2CC-E0C0-44F6-A3C1-FD9BFB…)

Hers look like that tho, and uneven too, they’re botched

No. 1744244

No1currs what you deem to be correct use of a term, go police opinions elsewhere.
Absolute nightmare fuel

No. 1744246

File: 1673665952761.jpeg (247.19 KB, 1242x717, A0DD6967-F6F5-42C9-9D2B-27BFF5…)

>creepy groomer babble
>literally says she enjoys dragging people down with her

No. 1744248

File: 1673666228984.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.16 KB, 336x343, xEXHCVB_d.jpg)

mein seids

No. 1744249

File: 1673666312839.jpeg (203.37 KB, 1242x508, 68094B22-EE35-462E-BEB5-7C59E0…)

Assburgers confirmed.

Sidenote, I find Paella’s obsession with constantly asking people questions and ‘getting to know their deepest darkest secrets’ similar to the way sociopaths like to quiz the object of their grooming so they can use information against them later. Could just be her autism, maybe something darker. She said herself she ‘doesn’t really like people’.

I actually remember seeing a video where a diagnosed psychopath woman was talking about how she treats people in her life, and she said when she is trying to get close to someone she asks them personal questions incessantly and tries to mine as much info out of them as possible.

I wonder if Paella really just makes money off blackmailing people, though she doesn’t exactly seem too bright.

No. 1744278

Average vindictoid dark triad Stacy LARP.

>I'm such a psychopath I let men use me and tell myself I'm aktually using them! I'm not owned! I'm not owned!

Also lmfao at the Anna Khachiyan syndrome with her dad.

No. 1744284

She reminds me a lot of Shayna in being so smelly looking and off-putting that even her photos are hard to look at sometimes.

Oh, and the pedo pandering.

No. 1744287

Anyone who buys her eggs deserves the retarded spawn they’ll get. Egg donors are strictly screened. They have to be young, fit, intelligent, educated, genetically screened, free of drug or alcohol problems etc. Aella wouldn’t remotely make the cut.

No. 1744291

Not that I disagree with the sentiment behind this post, but something about it smells faintly scrotal.

No. 1744298

It's kinda funny how none of this is required for sperm donors despite how abundant and easy sperm is.

No. 1744315

Literal groomer logic. I can see why scrotes like this stinky whore, she is 100% scrote brained.

No. 1744324

she looks like nikacado before he got fat here

No. 1744341

Are these her pre-surgery tits? Because if so, that’s a damn shame. Those are way nicer than the hideous bolt-ones.

No. 1744343

Samefag but her eye surgery just looks like she has been punched and sunken her eye sockets. It’s unsettling and screams plastic surgery from miles away.

No. 1744345

Also gives TND vibes. They should start a quirky, not like other girls, long faced, bobble-headed bitches club.

No. 1744398

File: 1673684156009.jpeg (60 KB, 720x720, 1D5B7593-3E86-4B3D-B45F-85A378…)

I’m soooo confused nonnies. Genuinely.
This person can produce eggs? They have a lot of androgenized features, especially in the pre-op pics but even close ups

No. 1744409

File: 1673686264810.jpeg (39.7 KB, 400x400, 0CF84693-1D2A-4D8D-9D8E-0C9408…)

On what planet is Zooey mid or comparable to this freak?
I’m not even gay or a moid and I think she is peak cuteness.

No. 1744413

Thank you for this thread, nonna. I can’t stand this “rationalist” child grooming pedo providing dork. Maybe Grimes is learning how to procure underage girls for Elon from her.

No. 1744420

absolutely, it smells of moid

No. 1744426

Sex party with Elon

No. 1744436


That's iontrophesis, it's an electric treatment that stops sweat glands from overproducing. For people with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

No. 1744442

Why the hell did she post it on her OF

No. 1744447

Because feet I'm guessing. Electro play gear doesn't usually look like this, and a still seems kinda pointless when people into electro stuff would want to see her reacting to it.

No. 1744488

even her feet are mannish lol

she is so scrote-ified

No. 1744493

ah shit the gnome thing is kinda cute. from afar. what a tragic backstory– the arch-redditor 2009 gamergirl sweetie.

I can hear her 50s truck horn awooga laugh and weird speech patterns from the pics.

This is how you attract redditors–communicate that you're mentally not-all-there and physically near average. Remind them of a (CHILD)girl they knew in early elementary school, before they became social anxiety lifers.

If she were being manipulative I'd be impressed. But this girl is just made for Reddit. No wonder she fits into the Elonsphere so well.

No. 1744494

File: 1673700777233.png (27.04 KB, 962x263, aella1.png)

here she is helpfully redditing about prostitute pussy odor issues 2 weeks ago

No. 1744495

File: 1673700884619.png (26.21 KB, 784x349, aella2.png)

ppl were calling her a tranny even 10 yrs ago in her proudest hooker moment. kek

No. 1744502

Wasn't that the heyday of the ebin "it's a trap" meme
Could be an actual woman that spent too much time on 4chan/kiwifarms and picked up the logo. I see a lot of that ITT

No. 1744527

>approachable mid slampig
>solidly fuckable "porn hot" women
>zooey deschanel, emma watson…have this indescribable air of latent sexual deviancy and "will do anything on the downlow" energy

It’s giving moid. The post just repeated things nonnies said in the last thread (that she’s average looking & nonthreatening to male Redditors) using more misogynistic language. Also claiming Zooey Deschanel and Emma Watson are “sexually deviant”(?) seems like hardcore male projection. But you’re right, could be a scrote brained woman.

No. 1744530

File: 1673705719051.png (158.24 KB, 1181x923, aellareddit.png)

No. 1744537

File: 1673706366907.jpeg (699.71 KB, 1125x1955, 6D9B8297-1705-4BFD-81F3-1A2220…)

She wants to be a “data scientist” and open her own “sex research institute” but without any of those pesky annoyances like peer review or research ethics that would make it actual science. She’s utterly delusional.

No. 1744551

Why does this sound like copium, kek.
> moids pick on me so I must be a stacie
> moids only approach mid girls

You have to be retarded if you think ugly fat scrotes aren't deluded enough to think they have a chance with even model tier stacies.

No. 1744561

Sex research institute with no ethics board or research scientist? She wants to build her pedo palace with two way mirrors and heavy security

No. 1744589

>why does this sound like copium
Because it is. Some ugly women uniroincally think the reason they don't get approached is because they're too hot. They also think the women who are popular with men are ugly even when the woman is an actor like Emma Watson.

No. 1744606

Exactly. The fact she’s “wary of getting approval from ethics boards” (which literally only exist to stop unethical human experiments and other atrocities) says everything about her actual aspirations. It also shows how stupid she is to LARP as a “data scientist” while lacking even a high school student’s understanding of how research works.

No. 1744622

i was the original boob-complainer and i agree they're not bolt-ons, but they're still bad for someone with her money. the nipples point in weird directions and are too small, and the fattest part of the breast is also in a bizarre low and too-far-to-the-side kind of shape.
she's not old enough to have a real shitty 90s tit job, and PS is pretty common in the insta/onlyfans/muh sex work circles, so yeah i think they're still poor quality surgery.

No. 1744628

Aka, I want to bring my bias to data science.

No. 1744635

she's a woman. look at nicole cliffe (troon orbiter married to billionare) - same sort of look. i think there's just no cure for a long face except for bangs maybe?

No. 1744637

her nose job looks cheap AF to me. like it got just one shave too many and looks on the verge of michael jackson cave-in.

No. 1744638

jesus christ she types like a 19 year old tittystreamer. how old is this fucking paella bitch?

No. 1744639

ok NOW she sounds like a tranny.

No. 1744642

My natural boobs look like that and I've never even considered that there was a single thing wrong with them. You bitches are fucking insane, how high can your standards possibly be? Are you not constantly on the verge of suicide if this is your attitude?

No. 1744643

she's got ugly boobs, mine dont look like that. i'd be on the verge of suicide if they did though. at least i can kind of hide my ugly face with makeup!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1744651

>at least i can kind of hide my ugly face with makeup!
Wtf, do you walk around with your tits out or something? Honestly it's so fucking sad if you would be suicidal over what your boobs look like. How tf could you possibly care what moids think that much KEK. Her boobs aren't ugly either, it's retarded to nitpick with lies since it makes any valid criticism in the thread look like it comes from a schizo by association.

No. 1744652

Self-aggrandizement and narcissistic delusion is not tranny exclusive.

Females, especially when aspie, are just as capable of spreading bias as fact.

No. 1744659

I was friendly with her irl about a decade ago, no fake tits and female can confirm. Crazy then and crazy now it seems.

No. 1744686

kek this is a gossip thread about a human trafficker, serious-chan. i could walk around with my boobs out and still be less of a cow than aella. thanks for the idea! see you at the beach!>>1744651

No. 1744714

Ghislaine is a bongoloid, not a burger

No. 1744739

File: 1673723511008.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.97 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20230114-141047_Ope…)


No. 1744761

She's not exactly the same as Aella, just the same "genre" of redditor friendly woman. Same goes for Emma.

No. 1744766

She is Jewish

No. 1744769

You also have to be retarded to think moids aren't intimidated or resentful towards actually hot women, whether that anon is coping or not. Sure, moids do overestimate their chances, but your perception is autistically dogmatic and lacking nuance. They speak about the pitfalls of high maintenance/too-hot women extensively on their retarded moid forums even. The recent lookism dot com incel meta for finding a loyal girlfriend is "cuff a Becky and looksmaxx her", top kek. How do you not understand very basic moid mentality like "ugly women try harder and do more in bed"?

Unless, of course, you also think being selected for a fuck often is what determines a woman's sexual value.

No. 1744772

File: 1673726223137.png (Spoiler Image,738.25 KB, 800x1061, 20512F27-F112-4A64-A5AD-4C57AE…)

Zooey Deschanel is pretty.

Pic rel is the type 4chan scrotes lust after.

No. 1744774

Intimidated is the wrong choice of word as it suggests they are scared. No man is scared of women. Resentful sure. Angry? Yes. Because it’s no longer 5000BC when they could just slap a woman who disobeyed him around and rape her. That makes scrotes extremely angry and resentful.

High maintenance is an excuse. Scrotes just cope with that, but the reality is a confident beautiful woman is much less likely to put up with their shit and tolerate a crappy man and crappy relationship. Every scrotes dream is a beautiful hot girl with extremely low self esteem. But now that women are more aware of their worth, those women are virtually non existent and men know it and it angers them. So the next best thing is a woman with a mid face but very low self esteem, easy sexual availability, and a coomable body.

No. 1744777

I actually agree, bookworm pretty types like Zooey and Emma at this point fall under the dangerously hot bombshell category of women. Moids need something even LESS threatening, hence paella.

No. 1744778

Hmm yeah her orbitals and brow ridge are very prominent and her eyes are deeply sunken into her head. That’s usually a male feature.

No. 1744811

I mean, duh. But beautiful hot girls are unlikely to be that. Plus if that beautiful hot girl behaves like she's low value, the moid will proceed to seethelust for the beautiful hot girl that rejects him. It's just their nature.

Men want what they can't have. They'll take what they can, but they won't really "want" it. Paella is "wanted" like Shayna is "wanted". She's no one's dream, but she's something 99% of moids will begrudgingly take and resent for being all they can have.

No. 1744839

File: 1673730999119.png (246.29 KB, 714x802, figure-fig6.png)

Her brow ridges aside, aktually, round dumbcow goggly eyes with huge eyelids are "high trust", which incels define as "feminine" (vs squinty plotting hooded "hunter eyes"). Sunken eyes are a mostly marker of age, not masculinity. If I had to guess, Paella had a shit tier upper blepharoplasty with too much fat removed, which made her eyes sunken and even more circular.

That, again, is not to say that any of this weapons grade autism of ugly neurodivergent people attempting to quantify attractiveness is accurate, true or even implies anything other than "I'm aesthetically inept and socially retarded".

No. 1744856

File: 1673732413818.jpeg (616.37 KB, 1155x988, CCF455B3-5577-43BE-AD84-AF768F…)

Nah, you completely misunderstood what I meant. Large round eyes with lots of eyelid space like that are feminine and can be very attractive.

Paella’s eyes aren’t even shaped like that at all, idiot. See pic rel. her eyes are not sunken, her brow ridge is just overbearing and heavy.

No. 1744858

No they dont lol

No. 1744870

Her eyes are absolutely sunken. Senile orbital widening sunken, even. But that's not the point.

The point is that retarded incel/arr vindicta ideas about which individual traits are masculine or feminine + equating attractiveness to one's quantity of such traits is autistic. Women deemed the most strikingly attractive have multiple traits defined as "high T" out of context - "low trust" eyes, high cheekbones, strong jaw. Paella looks like a /pol/ mass shooter chud fed to a genderswap filter. /pol/ chuds, according to moids themselves, are "low T" and ridden with "feminine features".

No. 1744900

Please delete your embarrassing sperging

No. 1744951

Let's not get off topic, let's all agree she is ugly and retarded.

The story about sex on a church roof sounds like something a pick-me would make up.

No. 1745034

No. 1745081

File: 1673748929769.jpg (153.38 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20230114-211508_Ope…)

No. 1745091

File: 1673749974828.jpeg (256.43 KB, 1125x1355, 6793A36C-9EC9-4D89-BC3D-C07A22…)

She’s WKing men in the comments too. So predictable.

No. 1745098

>women look up more violent porn

No. 1745099

Also who cares? Call me when women commit more sex crimes.

No. 1745105

Calling absolute bullshit on her claim. I hate pickmes so much

No. 1745108

Even if that was the case, the moral difference between having violent masochistic kinks and violent sadistic kinks is immense. Women aren't looking up how to castrate men, men are looking up how to choke and rape women.

Of course the average moid cope to being called out on his degenerate nature is "but women want it, look at 50 shades", like he's doing it for women. I guess by that logic it should be legal to murder anyone who's suicidal and stab anyone who's self harming.

No. 1745120

Being a prostitute/being a prostitute and being happy with your life is not milk, moid

Mind you, her fans are from the same area and part of the same culture that spawned Peter Thiel and Curtis Yarvin, and they have their own moldbug-lite figure in Scott Alexander (who thinks race science is "very interesting"; his blog's subreddit is 24/7 "just asking questions" posting). The same way reactionaries think it's very sophisticated to discuss Shakespeare and hold balls (see leftthot thread), her libertarian fans think her little polls and quirky 'creative' porn themes are very interesting (nerdspeak for "sophisticated"). They're two sides of the same nouveau riche kitschy shit taste coin.

No. 1745126

Oh yeah, i forgot, she's connected to the lesswrong people too

No. 1745236

I sincerely appreciate your continued dedication to calling out terrible tacky nouveau riche taste across multiple threads

No. 1745282

>source:pornhub accounts made by trannies by larping as women

No. 1745284

Men have been raping and beating women for the past 100,000 years and hominids before that. Maybe it’s not actually a kink and just a reactive fucking biological survival mechanism?

Heterosexuality is so toxic. Straight women love yourselves challenge.

No. 1745286

BDSM is self harm by proxy and mental illness.

No. 1745304

File: 1673778009359.jpeg (419.05 KB, 1169x1857, 5FC9EA80-EFD9-4FBA-96D9-4F1337…)

Pickmes never thrive.

The reason most of these kinkfags have poly relationships is because they need attention and validation when their main dude is ignoring them or busy fucking and hanging out with another girl.

Poly relationships with other guys acting as fluffers while their fave runs off to fuck another girl are literally necessary for these skanks so that they don’t lose their tiny minds from facing up to the reality that they just aren’t quality or self respecting enough for a man to fully commit to.

No. 1745305

>becky physiognomy
every time

No. 1745324

can we please not devolve into physiognomy based pseudoscience

No. 1745325

sorry but can you shut the fuck up? women have feet that arent dainty child sizes in real life. stop applying scrotal standards on other women please, its retarded and so tiresome

No. 1745367

File: 1673785476311.png (3.36 MB, 1544x1544, 890B2A6F-58F5-4428-B6A5-6F2AE7…)

Pickmes are so embarrassing holy shit I almost feel sorry for them, almost

No. 1745380

It's the samefagging tranny from the Grimes thread making those kinds of posts. Report him, the farmhand called him out here: https://farmcow.lol/snow/res/1737960.html#1744748
You can tell it's him from the reddit spaced paragraphs, deranged, incel tier/sexually-charged comments and misogyny dripping off all his posts. He talks like a boomer, too.

No. 1745498

It’s not to do with the size, it’s how ugly they are. And it’s not like she’s a hardworking woman who mines coal for a living, she’s a lazy suburban hipster bitch who gets paid for going on all fours. No excuse.

No. 1745541

What in the goddamn is going on in this thread? Is it the same 2 people saying she looks manly? I don't like her either but the repeated comments is very odd

No. 1745551

Blaine, resident tranny, is shitting up the thread. Ignore him and report his posts

No. 1745564

Late, but I can totally believe her story. Abrahamic religions preach that women literally exist to sexually serve men–becoming a prostitute totally submissive to male depravity isn't too different from being a tardwife, all things considered.

No. 1745591

It’s against the rules to post family members so I won’t post links or photos but her father is relatively high profile in Christian apologetics. He comes across as incredibly narcissistic and condescending in his debates. Anyone with a father like that is bound to have issues.

No. 1745596

from my understanding, it's not against the rules if they're already public figures, and she did say some dubious things about her life circumstances (claiming to be "at the bottom" as a sex worker).

No. 1745600

No1curr but I am an unfortunate doppelganger of your picrel and I've never felt so called out in my life dammit. I do attract a lot of nerds but I'm shy and quiet and figured it was that.

No. 1745615

Most cultures and religions that permit sperm donors to have authority in the family are built around male deification. The male gets fucked 24/7 outside the home, but at least he can Lord over his wife/wives and children. That's how you pacify betas.

It's normal for any weak willed girl raised in such environments to think that males = incomprehensible divine entity, and live a life of putting cock on a pedestal. That's literally the sole purpose behind these systems including innocuous 50s white picket fence stuff - from outright telling you that you exist to tard wrangle chromosomelets to "wholesome" low-key SFW-ish grooming aka "respect men".

No. 1745616

What is her real name anyway?

No. 1745621

Isn't that a redpill/blackpill/incel term, why are you using it lol.
Also there are many similar weird posts ITT

No. 1745622

File: 1673821591758.jpg (192.09 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20230115-172306_Ope…)

>Meet Aella.

She's the daughter of evangelical Christians from Idaho, so poor they couldn't always manage to put food on the table.

No. 1745623

According to Kiwifarms, Rachael Slick.

No. 1745627

File: 1673822644482.jpg (226.07 KB, 1080x1502, Screenshot_20230115-174316_Ope…)

LOL WHAT THE FUCK. Her father is Matt Slick, the founder of CARM. Mods, please don't delete this. CARM is very influential among crazy fundies.



Her father advocates stalking and harassing women who he thinks MIGHT be getting an abortion. Misogyny runs in the family it seems.

No. 1745634

to me it sounds like douchey rich new england kid shit
what a fucking piece of shit
yeah this is like when pitbull people say "chihuahas are the most aggressive dog!!!" even if women did look up more violent porn, that doesn't make them dangerous like the men acting out violent porn.

No. 1745639

What’s sad is that it’s not like she’s done a 180 on her fucked up patriarchal religious background and turned her life around. She’s still a pickme and scrote worshipper and moid footstool, she just added bdsm, polyamory and prostitution to the mix. All things which serve to please men.

No. 1745640

Your second link is broken.
You either linked it wrong or the author deleted it within the last 20 minutes lol.

No. 1745645

If she really wants to do those things, I will offer advice to start shilling herself on econjobrumors.com and see what happens. I'm sure that they will absolutely love her over there.

No. 1745646

>im gonna rebel against my sexist daddy by sucking 1000 moids dicks
many such cases sadly

No. 1745654

>And, just to be clear, Calvinism had nothing to do with my daughter’s rebellion. If anything, she was deleteriously affected by my Asperger’s
He’s blaming his autism lmao

No. 1745657

Hahaha. Holy shit this is great

No. 1745670

File: 1673827446504.jpeg (28.33 KB, 202x242, 229D05B4-66B1-4B9F-B367-791969…)

Her dad really looks like a pedophile tbh

No. 1745692

being raised by an autistic father is child abuse

No. 1745694

No. 1745697

>Rachael was compliant, thoughtful, and a wonderful little girl.
she still is "compliant." god these men are so creepy and treat women like animals. i hope he knows that men don't go to heaven, and autism is demonic.

No. 1745700

hyper-focusing on Christianity as your special interest is so bleak. i'd try to fuck the shame away too if i shared this guy's retarded genetics

No. 1745703

File: 1673830524161.jpg (42.19 KB, 202x242, aa.jpg)

No. 1745706


No. 1745726

her dad is sick with more narcissism than autism and i wish hell was real so he could burn in it. i wish she wasn't swapping out serving the interest of rightwing fundie scrotes by becoming a degenerate object for leftwing scrotes to degrade.

No. 1745762


>Conversation with him was a daily challenge. He would frequently make blatantly false statements — such as “purple dogs exist” — and force me to disprove him through debate. He would respond to things I said demanding technical accuracy, so that I had to narrow my definitions and my terms to give him the correct response. It was mind-twisting, but it encouraged extreme clarity of thought, critical thinking, and concise use of language. I remember all this beginning around the age of five.

goddammit this is actually making me feel sorry for her

No. 1745766

narcs claiming they're autists - just like elon musk
it's a new thing lately

No. 1745791

Moids not treating fatherhood as a psychopathic, incestuous "top dog in the sandbox" simulator challenge. Imagine being born just so some expired front pole could live out his revenge of the nerds fantasies or have another attempt at youth. No wonder so many boys are already embittered and paranoid by the time they hit puberty. Their daddies absolutely pack their brains chock full of scorned old lich resentments.

There's absolutely 0% chance that this moid (like all 2/10 autistic fundie moids) didn't project his own abandonment and cuckoldry anxieties about whores and jezebels onto his daughter. He probably tried to build her to be the "safe" opposite of whatever women he wished he could have all his life. Many such cases.

No. 1745838

most Americans can't afford college, that doesn't mean your family is poor.

No. 1746085

>lacking nuance
Stop posting on your own thread, Aella not a sincere hi cow, this is a meme word in her midst

No. 1746155

If she is trying to look like a child, why did she enlarge her breasts to look like an adult bimbo?

No. 1746264

This is retarded. If men were attracted to children then mens evolutionary attraction to breasts, hips and asses would be non existent. If men were attracted to children then every guy would be selecting for 3 ft tall women have no tits, big kid bellies, straight up and down waists/torsos, tiny ass and chubby cellulitey legs/cankles. That’s clearly bullshit.

No. 1746273

The word she is looking for is neoteny

No. 1746279

File: 1673902825284.png (46.97 KB, 527x360, 22CABD1C-BB38-4150-92AD-48F503…)

It’s pseudoscience and a meme. Non-pedo men are attracted to signs of sexual maturity because they signal that a woman is able to bear offspring. By pickme logic most men would want to fuck babies and find the first pic most attractive.

No. 1746283

File: 1673903077468.jpeg (771.17 KB, 666x1007, EB555016-5525-4124-8EE9-3E629D…)

Also, having a big head as an adult isn’t childish or feminine, it’s masculine. Men have larger heads especially those wrestlers and boxer types who have fucking massive skulls. Women have smaller heads bones jaws and skulls.

Asians, who are supposedly obsessed with neoteny and cuteness to an unhealthy degree, shoop their heads to be tiny in pictures because they believe it is more attractive and cute especially for women. They also love big boobs and asses. It’s bullshit that normal men are attracted to childish builds. Pedos, maybe.

No. 1746549

>i think my genes are wonderful
Is that why you botched your face? kek
Oh, the mystique and melancholy. Coincidentally sounds word-for-word like coomer daydreams about 'Daddy's good Christian girl' coming of age. Le homeschooled virgin becomes the perfect object of desire and lust incarnate. Rolling my eyes so fucking hard they might detach from the tendons. Does she do or say anything at all that isn't solely to get Twitter scrotes off?
When will women like this learn that calling something "consensual" won't circumvent the physical and emotional consequences of whatever depraved sexual acts they partake in.

No. 1746563

Right. If someone chokes, cuts, hits, burns or whips themselves, people would think they are insane and self harming, and they would be carted off to the mental hospital. So why does asking another person to do it somehow make it less mentally ill? It’s just self harm by proxy.

No. 1746576

File: 1674069856438.png (58.73 KB, 737x360, 43I0sbA.png)

and then everyone clapped

No. 1746600

>women have more violent kinks than men do, and disproportionately look up more violent porn
regardless of viewership, who is consistently at the receiving end of the violence? it's so disingenuous to say "violent porn" and "violent kinks" when you're specifically referring to videos OF women being sexually abused BY men

No. 1746601

File: 1674072268833.png (56.69 KB, 1386x258, Screenshot_1.png)

Aella's le intellectual nerd porn star shtick isn't new. Maddox of all people called it out like 15 years ago.
>If you don't know who Sasha Grey is, that's because she's a nobody. In fact, not just "a" nobody, but the nobody. She's one of those "break-the-mold" porn stars who go into porn but can't reconcile their career choice with parental/societal expectations, so they go out of their way to seem intelligent and deep. Kind of like Asia Carrera, who mentions that she likes "quantum physics" every chance she gets. Alright, we get it, you're a nerd. Awesome. And now I'm looking at you squirt pool balls out your asshole.
I don't know what this obsession is with porn stars to try to seem deep and intelligent. We don't care. People aren't watching you because we want to see if you can name drop philosophers at parties.

No. 1746849

Agree, I was with the post until it started breaking into pseud scrotistics

No. 1747909

I remember Aella from MyFreeCams around 2012/2013. She used to (nude) play with gnomes, would infamously ride a unicycle with a colander on her head, and do hours lengths shows dressed as a mime amongst other bizarre shit. She always fetishized religion and said her dad was ‘very famous’ in religious communities and didn’t give much more details as she was keeping it like her dirty secret away from him back then. She always seemed like she was very sheltered, also very autistic. She seemed to try to push the limits with the shit people would pay her to do naked and non sexually to make a mockery of herself and the entire situation.

No. 1748351

File: 1674159398092.jpeg (518.22 KB, 1170x1926, 8DE63995-5580-4034-9EDA-3A3301…)

Aella confused that no men at all seem to threaten her. Maybe it’s because the first half of this thread everyone insisted she was a man. Loose take here because I know situationally speaking shady shitty stuff can happen to anybody, but her looking like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs half the time helps too.

No. 1748356

I’m sure being conditioned from millenia of violence against women at the hands of scrotes has nothing to do with it

No. 1748359

This is why I’m jealous of ugly girls because they don’t get raped

No. 1748362

Yep this. Aella is annoying and uncanny because she’s a boomer who still thinks it’s 2010 and that anyone gives a fuck about pseudo intellectual pornstars. She’s like an ugly, stupider, autistic Stoya. Didn’t Sasha Grey come out and say she was basically forced into porn to make money by her bf/pimp at the time anyway?

No. 1748363

Speaking of Stoya, I remember an interview where she says her dad watches porn all the time.

She said one time when her family were at the dinner table, her dad started complaining that he can’t watch porn as freely anymore in case he ends up ‘accidentally’ seeing his daughter’s porn.

The thing all these women have in common is being raised and influenced by mentally ill perverted scrotes.

No. 1748364

You’re being a bit too generous there anon.

No. 1748367

She’s a lofty horsey 5ft8 woman, most guys probably think she’s trans or she simply doesn’t fit the victim profile that most men look for when trying to intimidate or harass women (they usually like young, small and childlike women who are easier to overpower, but not always) seems her ‘big, neotenous’ footlong sub head doesn’t make her as childish looking as she wishes, kek.

No. 1748372

Disgusting. Straight women choose better fathers for your daughters challenge.

No. 1748383

All of the things she described seem intimidating to me and I don't see what she's trying to do here… To make her point about not feeling afraid as a woman she mainly listed experiences where she was in danger and threatened by men.
"I don't really get why women are scared of male violence, men have only REALLY tried to hurt me a few times" how many more experiences should the the average woman need to feel on guard? She admitted she won't walk down a street without other women so clearly she is aware of the danger and therefore "lives in fear" on some level.

No. 1748396

Giving up a career at HP to be a religious kooky poster online, she's so much like him. I wonder what was really behind his departure from the company, seems to be so ego shattering he never worked again outside of his religious online grifting and subjected his family to extreme austerity if he deprived his daughter of a college education. does she ever say anything about what kind of person her mother was?

No. 1748397

when your autistic obliviousness protects you from feeling afraid

No. 1748585

TIL ugly women and 5’8” women never get raped, oh and also that it’s women’s fault when men abuse their daughters. I can’t tell if this thread is infested with moids or just utter fucking retards, either way top kek

No. 1748591

Yea,I noticed that too. What the fuck is going on in here? The insistence on saying she looks manly over and over and over is really bizarre

No. 1748651

I think the infamous thread-shitting troon smoked an extra crack rock today, I’ve noticed multiple retarded comments in multiple threads all with the same typing style. This thread is one of his main obsessions, he loves calling masculine women trans bc it gives him a gender euphoria boner or something kek

P.S. to the troon ywnbaw and even a 6’5” 300lb hideous ogre of a woman is more dainty and feminine than you, cope seethe and dilate sir

No. 1748741

you're creepy and 5'8 isn't even that tall for a woman. No woman is childlike.

No. 1748793

I’ve seen some twitter men be hate-obsessed with her, one specifically tweeting misogynistic things about her several times and fantasizing about her doing a 180 and becoming a tradwife.
I can’t stand her but a deranged man will always be worse than a deranged woman and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are looking up her name every day and camping in this thread.

No. 1748801

This thread is new nona. I mean maybe from Grimes, but that’s a reach.

No. 1748807

I know this is an imageboard but I can record right now. Here’s a vid of Aella saying what work she’s had done to her face for inquiring anons upthread.

No. 1748820

NTA. The mentally ill, samefagging tranny from the Grimes thread is obsessed with Aella, that anon is right.

No. 1749054

Except the mods already confirmed the resident tranny was stalking this thread, try to keep up. There's no way it's women obsessively sperging about how she must be trans bc she doesn't resemble a child, that's 100% insecure triggered pedo moidlet shit.

No. 1749234


neoteny is by definition the retention of juvenile features in the adult animal so it can't possibly be, and it's not pedophilia. some people look younger than others into adult age, that's what neoteny is. a larger head is only one of those features.

No. 1749818

No. 1749824

>10 minutes in
>aella and the scrote both defending incest porn
Lol thats it I’m outta here

No. 1749951

She also defended child porn @ 14. Literally.
"I think it's bad for men to be orgasming to pictures of children"
Aella:"I don't think it's bad"

No. 1749964

I’m trying my hardest not to alog rn

No. 1749972

She didn't even just deny it was bad but specifically said it was GOOD

No. 1750019

The way she clammed up after Meghan asked her if she was autistic after stammering about enjoying rape porn was fucking hilarious.

No. 1750021

Bump, do not scroll

No. 1750057

She was on this stream talking about herself mostly. She has one of the most obnoxious cases of “not like other girls” syndrome you can imagine. She’s not dumb but she thinks she’s much smarter than she is and she seems to build her entire identity about being much smarter than everyone else. She does mention that she doesn’t talk to her dad at all because he was abusive.

No. 1750151

strange that this video was privated just a few hours after anon posted it…

No. 1750209

She seems to be privy of the thread

No. 1750338

File: 1674422050947.jpeg (163.59 KB, 1125x663, 4612CE3A-F099-4A3B-99B9-35E4C5…)

I’m guessing this is why she took so much Adderall last year

No. 1750440

Everyone in silicon valley/the bay area/tech in general is like this. They're all just nerds with uppers scripts that give them false confidence and accentuate their sociopathic tendencies. Amphetamines have actually been found to cause damage to regions of the brain associated with processing empathy over longterm use. Explains a lot of that ilks behavior (especially Grimes), since most of them were already low-empathy autists and/or moids. These nerds would all be cowering away in their $4000 a month apartments afraid to talk to anyone without their speed.

No. 1750482

explains the entire 1980s as well

No. 1750493

this is just nlogging. I find it odd how someone that made money camming, prostituting supposedly has no social skills. I have no trouble having normal conversations with people in person, but I can't imagine meeting up with total strangers for sex. it doesn't add up at all.It's just trendy to pretend to have anxiety.

No. 1750530

I didn’t even get to that part, jfc hope the disgusting pedo bitch dies

No. 1750531

>low empathy autists on speed and meth
Jesus. Thank god these freaks have no real power over you as long as you’re not a retarded consoomer who subscribes to their shitty tech products/brain chips and you use social media wisely/an adblocker on every single thing

No. 1750532

i wonder if the tradlarpers among them justify it to themselves because the nazis invented and widely used methamphetamine

No. 1750537

Eh probably. They find a way to justify anything to themselves. Everything is bad and barbarian and low class (drugs, violence, promiscuity, cheating, open relationships, sex work, pedophilia etc) unless it’s wealthy whites doing it, then it’s supposedly glamorous and cool

No. 1750592

File: 1674468033777.jpeg (248.16 KB, 1125x1197, 646F5CD5-22AA-4EBE-8C9A-DE2786…)

Sad, this explains why she’s messed in the head.

No. 1750593

>I find it odd how someone that made money camming, prostituting supposedly has no social skills.
Shayna is exactly that kind of person so… It's possible

No. 1750597

File: 1674469246757.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1000x3614, FE33BB0E-7F67-4328-ABBC-AFEB50…)


No. 1750598

i call larp. she knows we're watching and wants to twist the narrative.

No. 1750667

LMAO she’s been lurking and mad we called her out for a being a pedo. Now she’s doing a the expected shitty clusterbee damage control and claiming to be a victim. I have no sympathy for people who throw other kids under the bus and are pedo apologists. Go fuck yourself bitch.

No. 1750668

His fans reuploaded the vod here https://odysee.com/@gnomevods:3/dMvcGHA2HMo:f You can randomly click through to almost any time after 5:25 and you'll just hear her going on about how smart and unique she is.

No. 1750669

So she’s doing the Milo Yiannapolous pedo apologist thing ‘AKSHUALLY BEING SEXUALLY ABUSED ISNT HARMFUL TO KIDS’
What a disgusting bitch. Yeah your autism and tone deafness is clearly a far more pressing issue.

No. 1750670

This is the exact same narrative pedos use to justify abusing children.
I hate this footfaced pedo pandering piece of shit. Elon should ban her.

No. 1750671

there are multiple longitudinal studies on how CSA impacts not only the victim, but how the victims trauma impact future family generations. pedophiles try to start this "it's not that bad for the child" bullshit all the fucking time. this bitch is delusional and i think her spewings are incredibly harmful. whoring yourself out is directly linked to CSA too, like 80% of prostitutes suffered some form of sexual violence in their childhood or adolescence. maybe she's lying about experiencing CSA but either way miss horseface here needs to be locked in a psych ward for being delusional and feeding into pedo narratives. what a useless piece of shit, doing all CSA victims a huge disservice just for moid approval.

No. 1750672

elon’s a pedo too he’s not gonna ban his madam and main source of hookers

No. 1750680

In all honesty she probably just got barely diddled (obviously that’s still disgusting but a lot of people who suffered mild CSA are in positions of privilege and appoint themselves spokespeople for all CSA victims, I know people who suffered from moderate to severe CSA and most of them were left with physical damage and legitimate psychological disorders) just because your grandpa made you pat his gross chode through his pants or whatever doesn’t mean you suddenly get to speak for people who’ve actually been raped, sodomized etc. Adult genitalia are not made for children’s orifices and it often causes real painful damage, let alone the psychological process.

Hell, even adult women often sustain physical and emotional trauma from being sexually harassed/raped. ‘Oh well my rape wasn’t that traumatic and he was actually kinda cute teehee why do we even bother pressing charges for rape? :)’ this is her retarded logic.

People who are robbed or burgled don’t necessarily suffer psychological trauma and they can have their stuff replaced by insurance, but we still press charges against robbers.

No. 1750684

I hope they find a cute for autism soon.

No. 1750685

She really is just Shayna with better plastic surgery and access to a wealthier class of perverts. Smelly, slovenly, disgusting pedo pandering cows.

She’s big salty the tinfoil anons called her out on the last thread for being a madam and procuring kids for rich sickos. Her whole “w-well ackshually, being a pedo isn’t bad, it’s just s-society’s fault we think it’s bad!” schtick reeks of the same damage control every pedophile attempts when they get exposed. She can burn in hell.

No. 1750686

Didn’t Grimes write Oblivion about being traumatized and terrified for years after being assaulted by a man? And yet she is besties with sexual predators and pedophilia apologists. I feel sad for her children.

No. 1750770

Victims often carry out recruitment of new victims for their pumps

No. 1750775

she still hasn't said what's up with her mom

No. 1750781

i hate people who argue that it's the stigma against pedophilia that harms children and not the actual act, it is so fucking insane. "B-b-but muh Greeks!" No. It's her autism taking the logical conclusion to hyper capitalist libertarianism, everything and everyone is a commodity to sell. she's the type of woman to have children to have more objects to pimp out, because that's exactly what her purpose was as a child. she was just an object to program by her dad, another sheep for the flock. her paternal curse is more narcissism than autism, i hope she can allow herself to collapse so she can heal and no longer advocate to hurt herself and others

No. 1750813

She really is just another big Shaynus, an evil ugly pedo pandering foot.

No. 1750814

I think someone already said this but a lot of the time narcs misdiagnose themselves with autism instead of NPD. Lack of empathy, being emotionally retarded and inability to relate to others is present in both disorders and both can be dangerous, narcs are generally more malevolent and sadistic though. It’s clear Elon and Aella and her father are more on the narc/sociopath spectrum than autist.

No. 1750815

Oh and same with Claire. I definitely think she is more cluster b than autistic. Just because you ‘can’t read the room’ or understand how others are feeling doesn’t make you autistic, narcs and sociopaths are unable to do that too, and given all their arrogance I think it’s clear what side they are on.

No. 1750834

Hard agree nonna. It's trendy in tech bro circles to self-diagnose as autistic and pretend it makes them a superior species of ubernerd, when in reality they're just personality disordered freaks.

No. 1751481

Have you ever heard Claire speak in interviews… she’s def autistic. Give her that.

No. 1752270

She's poorly spoken and has been frying her brain with drugs since she was a teenager. She also stated she can't spell words and isn't very good at English as a subject to the point where she was diagnosed with a learning disability. Those things equal a person who rambles incoherently, autism or not.

No. 1752419

she's so fucking obviously a procurer, that's the only way someone as not-hot as her can get so high up in the prostitution game.

No. 1752521

Just noticed that she has a KF thread too now lol

No. 1752665

Supposedly she was just scared/robbed by some guy while walking at night

No. 1752673

Made me instantly think of Belle Delphine. Coincidentally, they also both like to defend "consensual" rape and paedo pandering.

No. 1753635

Can't wait for her to discover the thread

No. 1753648

File: 1674810582050.jpeg (1.79 MB, 5967x1548, 91DF78A5-B4FD-4A6C-88BF-EAF288…)

I don’t see her future children growing up well adjusted, happy or normal..

No. 1753652

Will probably try to pimp them out to pedos.

No. 1753653

Is she hoping Elon sees this and tosses her some cash and sperm? I think even he knows that’s a bad idea.

No. 1753654

That’s what I was thinking. Truly pathetic.

No. 1753655

What a weird coincidence that all of these scrote worshipping pickme reprobates dream of having kids, yet none of them can lock down a hot wealthy man who loves them and is good husband and father material.
They cope and pretend they would rather be in some weird open relationship polycule nanny cult because that’s all they can get, the truth is all of them are too ugly, insufferable, low quality and degen to be picked.

No. 1753657

>fat ugly autistic moid makes enough money to buy a harem of ugly mentally ill aspies
>procures enough of their genetic dogshit eggs to inject in a lab with his genetic dogshit sperm
>tribe of ugly autistic psychopathic smeglets are born
This is the only way these people will ever get to procreate tbh and they know it.

No. 1753703

Please don’t

No. 1753710

sex workers should honestly all be sterilised.

No. 1753728

this was my first thought too. could see her making some weird poll asking for permission since she didnt bond with her own child and her freak fanbase all says yes

No. 1753731

This. It's why I love having a rich caring boyfriend who loves to pamper me. Not being able to land a high quality man is a sign you're a low value woman

No. 1753738

She should not be anywhere near a child and god this is an awful thing to say but I hope she never succeeds with whatever she planned for having a one. The world does not need more child abuse

No. 1753753

Good luck turning him into a husband

No. 1753762

>When your almost upper-middle-class boyfriend buys you your 15th anime figurine

No. 1753763

he's probably fucking smeone else

No. 1753795

This is exactly what Elon and Grimes did with their most recent baby because they thought it would be “genetically superior”, it does seem like she’s trying to pull in Elon with this one.

No. 1754195

I love how this bitch has the audacity to try to sell her eggs with the claim of having “amazing genes” while separately posting some fucked up family history filled with obesity, alcoholism, and incest. Now she wants to exploit a surrogate (of course) and pass those undesirable genes onto some poor kid. She would probably settle for the first coomer who offers his old jizz to her regardless of their “intelligence”.

No. 1754464

File: 1674886955796.jpeg (449.47 KB, 1125x1060, F6C2D637-7260-44E0-A4D7-27DBFD…)

This “w-what about black on black crime” tweet is such a pathetic dog whistle attempt. American cops are batshit crazy and kill people daily, it usually takes a week or two for any one murder to gain national attention. They just released the (brutal) footage of this one and it’s front page news now and everyone is losing their shit, so she’s both wrong & stupid. Actual MAGA Trumptard hillbillies have better right-wing talking points than these Silicon Valley wannabes lined up to gargle Thiel and Elon’s balls.

No. 1754753

She's right on this one.

No. 1754836

how is she right if it's the top story on every news source? these things rarely blow up until the video comes out because people need to see things to believe them.

No. 1754873

No she’s wrong & retarded and so are you, it’s the top news story on every US channel. The only people conspiring to repress ANY police brutality stories are the police themselves. News channels love them because they get lots of engagement and make people foam at the mouth and riot which creates more news stories.

No. 1754904

What's funny to me is her bootlicking. Statistically, police brutality is a problem faced by people of all races (yes, including white, Aella - your racist techbro coomer daddies don't care because their wealth protects them), but she's addicted to worshiping anyone with power/money and pretending they do no wrong. She was defending AI corporations forcing people from poor countriesto sift through text about animal torture, child rape and gore for $0.05.

No. 1754922

The retarded contrarian. She was anti police and the state when talking about escorts being cracked down and claiming poly people get discriminated against in family court kek. Libertarians like her ilk don’t like the police but she has an undeniable urge to be different at all costs. And tbh Tyre Nichols is top news everywhere, shes stupid and posted that a week ago at the start of the news cycle.

No. 1755116

File: 1674945988726.webm (6.81 MB, 1280x720, pretty cool aella.webm)

aella talking about how a woman developed a blood fetish by eating the tissue of her own aborted fetus while under the influence of lsd, thinks that's pretty cool.

No. 1755119

Literally exactly like a stinky edgelord 14 year old girl trying to play pickme by telling gory stories … Does she have brain damage?

No. 1755120

ignoring the horror that is "lets make CP more easily accessible!"… does it not occur to her that people make/distribute that shit because they're sickos who enjoy it and it's almost never for financial gain

No. 1755124

christ.. the shit that reddit scrotes jerk off to never ceases to make me sick

No. 1755153

This. Even if you made CP a profitless industry you would still have millions of sickos abusing children on camera purely for coomz and personal enjoyment. Saying that CP is about money making is absolute nonsense, the financial factor is just a side perk.

No. 1755203

something i think about a lot when these types talk about cp is it's almost always centered around ways pedophiles should be able to indulge themselves in more "acceptable" ways, they can say it's to protect children but they will form the most insane arguments around simulated cp, dolls, etc, all revolving around male pleasure. it isn't really about protecting children, they can't think for longer than 2 seconds and come to the conclusion that a victim of this type of abuse has to live with the trauma of knowing their abuse is being consumed by people over and over, which is a fucking horrible nightmare, but they really don't care about that, anything to chase that next nut.

No. 1755218

Exactly, they all talk circles around the truth, which is that if scrotes cannot co-exist with women and children, they should be removed from society. Why do we have to re-form the world for their coom pursuit? Maybe, just maybe, you don't have to come

No. 1755231

File: 1674953943823.jpeg (370.16 KB, 1242x1834, 0AC273E5-2CF5-4B99-B9AD-F22747…)

Even with her personal retardation aside, saying ‘I’m a woman who enjoys porn and it hasn’t had harmful effects on me ‘ is an absolutely meaningless talking point. It’s not women who commit rape and sexually assault people or molest children, it’s overwhelmingly men who do that. We don’t have to worry about womens behavior until the small chance they start acting like scrotes and trying to groom and rape women on behalf of men. We have to worry about male behavior because it’s males doing nearly all of this awful shit.

Assuming that men have the same self control, sex drives and urges/fantasies as women is the first mistake. I’ve seen multiple men talk about how hard it is being male because they are perpetually horny. Most men literally think about sex all day long and get instantly horny just looking at a woman’s face or chest or legs. Even with no visual stimuli they are are still constantly horny. Most women, even the ones with the highest sex drives, do not have anywhere near the amount of compulsion and sexual urges that men do. That’s why our world is increasingly designed to cater to male horniness. It’s relentless and they are never satisfied.

Male and female sexuality is also different. Male heterosexuality is overwhelmingly about urges to dominate, use, force and rape and violate and invade womens bodies. It’s what they’ve been doing for millennia.

Only a tiny amount of men identify as submissive. Meanwhile female heterosexuality is basically about accepting your place as a warm onahole because men are inherently sexually selfish, most women can’t even cum from PIV. Even women who try to assert themselves as dominatrixes often become frustrated at how control freakish most ‘sub’ men actually are. At the end of the day, everything the ‘dominant’ woman does is to get the moid off, and it’s still serving him.

Rape is literally on the rise (2020 was lockdown) and is steadily increasing every year. Grown women are getting sexually harassed by boys young enough to be their children. Women have to know codewords to use at bars or during dates, they have to know safewords for during sex in case they almost get killed by the retarded moid. Rape conviction rate hovers around 2%. Girls are afraid to go to school for fear of being sexually harassed by boys. And these bad faith sex positive morons claim porn has nothing to do with it.

No. 1755237

Porn is also destroying relationships and families. So many women have to break off relationships with scrotes because of their porn habits, in fact I saw a study a while ago saying porn addiction is becoming an increasingly cited reason in divorce documents. Moids literally pick porn over their wives and children and home.

Pickmes advice is that women need to brainwash and gaslight and masochize themselves into enjoying it. You have to be totally okay with your husband jerking off to other women, in fact you should even help him get off and watch it with him, otherwise you’re a selfish control freak and bad wife. Their argument is ‘it’s natural’. And of course scrotes pile on and agree with this.

But mention any other ‘natural’ female behaviors (like muh hypergamy or ‘beta bux alpha fucks’ where women prefer to be impregnated by a genetically superior male and make a financially successful male raise it) and suddenly they break out in a sweat and become pearl clutching puritans who believe in monogamy. It’s quite hilarious to witness.

No. 1755241

funniest part is alpha fux beta bux is actually a fine tuned evolutionary phenomenon that gives a child the best chance in life and is unselfish when looking at it from the child’s point of view (good looking man’s genes + nice guy financially stable stepdad) BUT most women have the self control to not get pregnant by another man, the vast vast majority of women have biological kids with their beta husbands because they know it’s immoral to cheat and cuckold someone. if women can override their supposed biological urges to be kind and considerate to their partner, then why can’t moids do the same?

No. 1755245

Right, only about 1-3% of men have kids that biologically aren’t theirs (other data sets are heavily biased, because men who have reason to believe the kid isn’t theirs and therefore request a paternity test are obviously going to be overrepresented here)

Meanwhile about 99% of men watch porn behind their wives backs and at least 1/4 of them physically cheat.

No. 1755250

i see this as sort of a kneejerk thing, she has said in the past she feels feminism is about victimizing woman which is why she doesn't participate, she has to secure her bag. she has also come out and said she cannot talk about certain aspects of sex work because of how people may react. i have the hunch that she knows it's tiring and has more issues than she leads on, but she has to get her money.

i saw her retweet something the other day about how feminists don't care about men in porn, only women. this really shows where her brain is at. ideally everyone would be protected, but she is so ignorant to the fact that many of us are anti industry, period. to be strictly anti porn would be straying from examining the bigger picture, because every aspect of the female body has been fetishized and obsessed over to the point of madness forever, erotica, art, men have always viewed us as objects to the point of fetishism, porn is just a byproduct of this. sex has always been used to sell everything, porn is selling a hyperreal, super misogynistic version of sex. i know most people don't care and will just use us as strawmen but i've never thought porn was the endgame issue, it's just the inevitable outcome of our larger objectification. you cannot exist as a woman anywhere and not be objectified, whether pornstar or fucking walmart cashier. acknowledging reality isn't keeping women in a state of victimhood, aella, and just because your brain can twist objectification into a positive thing that you think is cool and fun and flirty does not mean that you are free from living under centuries of socialization being lauded as fucking biology.

No. 1755251

>feminists don’t care about men in porn
Of course we don’t kek. Men in porn aren’t victims lol, most of them are actually unpaid and willingly do it for free, not to mention they’re usually violent towards the woman and push her boundaries past what is comfortable. There’s a huge difference between invading someone’s body and having your body invaded by someone.

The only males in porn I can see who are genuine victims are children and some of those in gay porn, which is an inherently predatory industry that fetishizes underage boys, vulnerable men, homeless guys, impoverished guys etc. But the sad thing about that is that these ‘bottom’ men are just being treated now women in porn get treated regularly - invaded, violated, drugged and abused. Even in gay dating culture, bottoms are assigned ‘feminine’ roles and often receive injuries, abuse, are groomed, or targeted by predators in the same manner women are targeted by heterosexual moids.

Almost like male sexuality is inherently pathological or something.

No. 1755253

Treated how women in porn are treated regularly**

No. 1755254

ia nonna, i was also thinking of men who are coerced into gay porn when i was writing this comment. men who participate in the abuse of women on film can die.(learn2sage)

No. 1755258

one of the most popular gay porn for years is ‘czech hunter’, where a cameraman goes up to poor eastern european men and offers them money to come back and be fucked in the ass by him.

the whole theme is trying to find young impoverished or homeless men to take advantage of. it’s disgusting. people try to argue it’s ‘okay because they’re just actors!’ (implying porn actors aren’t real people or that porn is a regular job kek) but the other thing is it isn’t just fantasy. in russia and eastern europe they have a huge problem with homeless and orphaned children, gay men are generally hated because they actually have a habit of approaching young poor homeless children and offering them cash for sex (same with many het scrotes but it’s harder to hate such a wide demographic such as heterosexual men) this is a real issue in these countries and western coomers jerk off to it.

No. 1755261

File: 1674956404809.jpeg (66.96 KB, 1024x576, 67793769-057B-42E0-AA93-1BAD6D…)

They also try to degrade family structures by trying to get straight men with wives and children to fuck too.
If women didn’t have a role in being sexual gatekeepers, the whole world run by scrotes would be a rapey pedo free for all just like it is in places where women have no say.

No. 1755264

Yes, unfortunately the gay male community is rife with grooming and pedophilia. When women have no dog in the fight this is generally what happens whenever men are left to their own devices, it’s already bad enough in the het community.

No. 1755266

That sounds absolutely disgusting tbh. XYs really were a mistake.

No. 1755270

>does she have brain damage
That’s just what having a mentally ill fundie scrote sperglord father does to a mf. Another reason scrotes should be required to prove they aren’t autistic or psychopaths before being allowed to procreate.

No. 1755732

Aella convinced her other two sisters to get into sex work. She made their accounts on camwhoring sites as soon as they turned 18.

No. 1755747

You know those girls from school who had nothing to offer, who weren't academically gifted, good at anything or particularly attractive, who'd make up stories EVERYONE knew was bullshit to shock people into giving them the attention they so desperately craved due to having one or two undiagnosed personality disorders? That's what this story and her entire existence reminds me of

No. 1755942

that‘s disgusting, the main reason for that was probably to get back at her parents and turn their innocent and good daughters into whores. I have zero doubt she is/has been grooming girls and women beyond her brainless tweets. I wonder if it’s an actual fetish or just crabs in a bucket.

No. 1756086

File: 1675032893501.jpg (307.96 KB, 1071x1690, Screenshot_20230129-175412_Ope…)

Wow so rational

No. 1756114

I fucking hate this bitch for denying sex trafficking. Even if you focus domestically, I’ve even seen a pimp cuss out “their” hoe in an IHOP parking lot. Even where I live now I literally have seen streetwalkers with their pimp lurking in a car nearby who they walk to after getting a john and immediately give their money. Fuck Aella. Internationally there’s many issues with people in male dominant countries like China buying young wives from neighboring countries like Vietnam bc of the women shortage and abusing them. A bitch who’s only posted ads online has the gall to deny sex trafficking when everyday roofers and farmworkers are trafficked?

No. 1756140

File: 1675037184369.png (Spoiler Image,7.68 MB, 1170x2532, D6D2B747-9082-4704-B8B2-E728D5…)

Postrat simps like Eigen who have pulled like 2 women in their lifetime find the attention from this ugly stank pussy hoe flattering bc she has tits (new fake tits).

men sick and sad and retarded and evil enough to be johns perceive her as a surprise among other women who fall into sex work. this narcissist has taken moid’s surprise and low expectations to indicate she’s special

CPS should visit eigenrobot. And i pray this filler faced bitch Aella is infertile

No. 1756194

she’s so unfortunate looking, amazing she’s able to make a living doing sex work

No. 1756218

File: 1675044937849.jpeg (226.74 KB, 1169x1648, 788C9358-935F-40BC-8B6F-3107C7…)

The biggest NLOG, yet she looks like every 45 year old puffy kylie Jenner-esque monstrosity in LA

No. 1756222

That one picture upthread really had me fooled that she had a nice body. She's one of those rare women who are so genetically unfortunate she could pass as a troon. That hunch back and FFS botch job of a face is almost on par with the likes of keffels.

No. 1756258

she doesn't look like a tranny. fuck off

No. 1756260

She really really does nona.

No. 1756283

File: 1675052632829.jpg (20.8 KB, 250x432, Fb5vFylXgAETTYJ.jpg)

Sorry nonny, but she got FFS tier botched facial work done and has the same posture as this hideous creature. She should have just kept her old face and worked out to be a handsome masc girl, but instead here we are. kek

No. 1756286

samefagging tranny from the beginning of the thread i see. fuck off. reported

No. 1756288

I only posted this >>1756260 and it's my first post in the thread kek. she looks like a troon.

No. 1756294

this is definitely the same person at the beginning of the thread that got called out and had nothing to say besides SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAN LOL. everyone knows it's you

No. 1756324

>She should have just kept her old face and worked out to be a handsome masc girl
You're weird. You don't get to control what women look like or do with their bodies.

No. 1756464

File: 1675083813317.png (Spoiler Image,345.15 KB, 797x287, aellasisters.png)

Link to the source: https://www.playboy.com/read/when-camming-is-the-family-business-1

>Title: How three sisters found cam-girl glory and ripped their family asunder

>Even as their parents tried to rein them in, the sisters traveled away from home, dressed how they wanted and explored ideas outside of Christianity. And then they did perhaps the last thing their parents expected, and perhaps the primary thing they were trying to prevent: One by one, they registered for accounts on MyFreeCams.com, an adults-only webcam site through which thousands of people across the world broadcast amateur content from their homes.
>Had Aella, the oldest, not borne the brunt of her parents’ religiosity, the sisters might never have traveled that path at all.
>After a lifetime of trying to be what her parents wanted, she couldn’t force it any longer. As her father raged and her mother and sisters looked on, she flung open the car door, sprinted down the street to a friend’s house and never went home again.
>Aella’s transition from assembly-line worker to webcam model is, on its surface, straightforward: She had no financial safety net and was running out of money.
>As Aella was finding herself, her sisters were growing up. Gerard was flourishing in school, and Rose, then 18, was becoming a Japanophile, dreaming of visiting the country and possibly moving there one day. But working for peanuts as a waitress and still living with her parents, Rose was also staring into an opportunity void. Aella suggested she start camming, but at first Rose couldn’t see it happening.
>Rose arrived on a Friday, planning to cam with Kate [Aella's roommate] that weekend. Kate sent out a tweet letting her followers know that she would be performing with Aella’s sister for her first time, and the next day 3,000 people logged on to Kate’s cam room.
>Now Gerard stands to inherit the empire that her sisters have built. Her 18th birthday was in March, and both Aella and Rose encouraged their Twitter followers to tune in for her first night camming.
>She says, “it was fabulous.” And she had built-in fans in the form of Rose’s and Aella’s existing customers.

No. 1756470

Its always fugly NLOGs and men who defend pedophiles.

No. 1756483

>handsome masc girl
the lesbians obsessed with butch women on this website constantly sound like fucking predators with how you speak about women in this way. ‘she should have done this and this and this so she’d have been more masculine so i could’ve got my rocks off to her!’ you sound like a fucking scrote. nasty creeps.

No. 1756500

Yes, along with Jeffrey Epstein. Her father is Mossad.

No. 1756503

i'm glad someone finally said it

No. 1756507

File: 1675088921411.png (18.44 KB, 593x200, Screenshot_1.png)

This tweet is very telling. These are the only two roles women can have to her
jesus that's disgusting. knowing it happened to insane fundie parents and not normal ones makes me feel better though

No. 1756518

If you want to be .01% of the population in either direction. she has managed to miss 99.99% of women.

No. 1756577

what the fuck. Her parents let her cam.So they went from being crazy disciplinarians to being ok with their one of their daughters camming because no nudity? This whole fucking story gets weirder and weirder. what the hell is wrong with these people?
>And so, as she often did, Rose broached the subject with her mother first. Her parents knew about Aella’s career, but Rose’s plans were different. She would be a non-nude performer, and she would block any visitors who didn’t respect her boundaries.

>Jones recalls the conversation he and Rose eventually had. “She was very respectful,” he says. “She said, ‘Look, I won’t be doing anything immoral,’ and she was very mature about it. I thought she presented it well, and I’d rather her be here so we could keep an eye on her, so we said okay.”

No. 1756578

I don't want a boy cos he'll turn into a porn addict rapist but then If I have a girl she could turn into a liberal feminist retard that wants to be a degraded cam whore at the age of 18. I would kill myself if my daughter ever asked to be a cam whore. I would tell her to get the fuck out of my fucking house then I'd just kill myself at the shame.

sage for retardation

No. 1756620

Seems like greed changed their minds. The parents also had no plans for their daughters futures except handing them off to someone else in marriage, so it’s convenient that they become whores through a non nude loop hole. Religious fundies are so stupid and short-sighted in a way only autistic people can be, they really shouldn’t be allowed to be parents.

No. 1756992

Please don’t have children nonna.

No. 1757089

It's wild this bitch thinks she's training to be a data scientist. Data scientists use a lot of statistics and other math as well as programming, none of which she appears to know anything about. I doubt she's even qualified to do data entry which is the absolute lowest rung of this career path. Her LARP would be offensive if it wasn't just kind of pathetic. Stupid whore thinks she's smart without doing actually anything but whoring herself out, many such cases.

No. 1757134

Has she ever even mentioned any programming languages she's proficient in? I don't even recall her mentioning R

No. 1757155

Where does she even survey people with legitimate demographics or are her Twitter poll results the base for her “research”?

No. 1757159

This was very entertaining. Aella comes off trying too hard to sound intelligent but as soon as Meghan questioned her, her ideas and "data" fall flat. I guess she went from "ackshually, the Bible says I am right" to "ackshually, the data from my Tiktok surveys says I am right". She also tried multiple times to change the topic to irrelevant points and tried to make Meghan look like a prude because she didn't have any arguments against what Meghan initially said about porn being damaging for society.

Summary for anyone who doesn't want to bother to watch it:
>Aella says that porn is not damaging society because as a woman, she loooves porn
>Aella thinks that cis people's childhood have little impact on their fetishes, which is completely opposite for trans people. Meghan calls trans people mentally ill individuals whose whole life revolves around fetishes. Aella says this contradicts her surveys KEK
>Aella defends incest porn and says that there is no correlation between consumption of incest porn and engaging in incest because her surveys say so.
>Aella asks Meghan what data will change her mind that porn is not bad and that porn that feature barely legal girls don't encourage them to predate them in real life. Meghan says none.
>Aella says that she has made the largest study in the world (verbatim) and it says that women prefer more violent porn than men.
>Meghan asks her if she is autistic since Aella said that she likes violent porn and seems disconnected from other people's trauma.
>Meghan says that the sex industry is full of abuse. Women are exploited and sexually abused constantly. She has talked with a lot of women who have shared their horrific experiences with her. Aella asks if she would interested in talking with her since she is a woman in the sex industry who loooves it. Meghan answers not really.
>Aella says that she loves casual sex more than the average woman and being an escort allows her to see a part of men's souls.
>Meghan calls out Aella for calling herself a sex researcher for making Tiktok surveys kek. Aella feels insulted and says that the studies from academia are similar or worse.
>Aella tries to make it seem like Meghan is the only woman who is uncomfortable with their partners masturbating to porn depicting adult men having sex with underage girls. Since Aella is a sex researcher, she claims women do not feel like this.
>Meghan says that Aella will never be honest about sex work publicly because she profits from it. Aella counters by saying that had one negative experience with a client but that only happened because she and her assistant didn't have time to screen him. Otherwise sex work is super safe!
>Meghan explains that no data will change her mind about the sex industry because she thinks it's morally wrong. There is an aspect of coercion, therefore it's unethical.
>Aella says that since she gets paid a lot for sex ($3k per night), she feels very valuable. She feels hot and sexy.
>Sex work has been good for Aella because she now has high standards and won't compromise. She will only have sex with people for her own pleasure.
>Aella will eventually publish all her research in a book, including her latest study "Women prefer more violent porn"

No. 1757165

she doesn't like it when people critique her "research" in any way including not being actual research https://twitter.com/Aella_Girl/status/1608597421789188096

No. 1757168

File: 1675148282005.png (130.77 KB, 536x663, research.png)

>People are criticizing my research because they are jealous that I am trendy or because I am sex worker reeeee

No. 1757171

File: 1675148926120.png (72.04 KB, 1468x910, 80412205-dd58-476a-ba2b.png)

The breakdown of the kink survey, which allegedly proves that women prefer violent porn:

>481,000 responses (137k cis men, 345k cis women, 6300 transwomen and 16549 transmen)

>How people found the survey: Other (318,132), Twitter (31,054), Reddit (24,658), Discord (16,312), Facebook (3,741), Tumblr (2,719),
Fetlife (2,386), Telegram (2,070)

No. 1757184

Nope. She said that the article that described her as a data scientist and top OF earner was inaccurate but she still pretends she knows what she’s doing. She literally thinks it’s just taking polls and surveys. Why does anyone follow her?

No. 1757220

>implying 345,000 women took part in this survey but only 6300 trannies did
Lmaoooo @ those ratios. We all know the ‘respondents’ are 90% trannies and bots.

No. 1757221

Right. Internet surveys of any kind are generally worthless. Even US elections are full of fraud and fake votes, now why the fuck would a twitter survey count for anything? It’s simply laughable. It’s not about wearing some ‘labcoat’ it’s about making sure your respondents are actually real people and we all know with twitter that’s literally impossible.

No. 1757224

This is as worthless as saying a large amount of childhood abuse victims like to self harm and engage in harmful sexual activities, therefore it’s healthy and normal to do so. ‘See, they actually engage in it a lot! It’s fine to abuse them, they get off on it!’

No. No one is born enjoying abuse and pain, there’s no such thing as a baby or young child that enjoys being hit or hurt or abused, humans literally have an innate aversion to pain and abuse, but if you condition a human to expect it and tell them they are supposed to like it, then sometimes you can brainwash them hard enough to expect it and cope themselves into enjoying it.

Of course the age old tradition of male violence against women is going to impact the female psyche because it’s literally what women are conditioned to get used to and expect at the hands of men. That doesn’t make it right or even acceptable. We know a huge amount of people engage in self harm and we know people who hurt themselves are mentally ill and vulnerable, self harm by proxy will never be normal or healthy.

At the end of the day I don’t care what women shlick to, it will never make women even 0.0001% as evil or abhorrent as scrotes.

No. 1757252

agree, it’s like those ‘studies’ that claim women are more violent than men. how many people are hospitalized or killed each year by women vs men? it’s not even close.

No. 1757254

I saw an actual study that showed womens disgust reflex is activated when seeing men being violent towards women. I’ll try to find it.

No. 1757255

Women’s Preference for Masculine Traits Is Disrupted by Images of Male-on-Female Aggression


There’s also another study showing women are less attracted to men who display dark triad or psychopathic facial traits, contrary to what incels and pickmes claim.

No. 1757269

Those numbers are off. I wonder how the 318,132 people under "other" found the survey.

No. 1757385

Do any of Aellas sisters have twitter? I’d be interested in reading if their minds work the same way.

No. 1757418

Not to focus on kiwi farms but one of the commenters went on (Pg 7 of Aella thread) about how Aella’s whole purpose in life is to nab a techie unicorn husband

Girl has been around tons of millionaires paying $2000 to fuck her for 12+ years but still hasn’t gotten a rich boyfriend/husband lol… friends with grimes and still doesn’t have one.

No. 1757440

File: 1675186400537.png (213 KB, 775x664, escorting.png)

Going over her substack… This post is sad:
https://aella.substack.com/p/escorting-was-good-for-me It's about why she became an escort. Has she ever been loved?

No. 1757472

she has terrible genes! she looks 48, has mr peanut for a head, tits that look like two sacks of mini russet potatoes, and the hair of a lifelong anorexic.

No. 1757473

whyyyyyy tell me WHYYYYYY people STILL get lip filler??? it looks like SHITTTTTT

No. 1757508

i have a kid and my boobs look like that. well, the nipples point more downwards than hers. it was NOT an easy pregnancy+recovery. as in, my breasts look "bad" even compared to other women who've given birth. did she lose a lot of weight or have implants removed? or has 2 kids we don't know about?

No. 1757510

samefag; she's even doing the shoulder thing to make them look LESS saggy in that pic.

No. 1757512

a scrote made that post. they're troons, not lesbians, talking like that

No. 1757517

data scientists use a shitload of FUNCTIONS, so even a statistician (already a type of wizard in terms of mathematics) can't automatically be a data scientists. it's almost a cross-disciplinary field and involves a decent amount of actual logic -the dictionary definition/university class type of logic.

No. 1757526

she is too lazy to even enroll in community college statistics much less self study

No. 1757751

File: 1675200504781.jpeg (288.01 KB, 1170x1461, B6596C22-01F3-4516-8365-4C6770…)

This is so retarded, the cumulative effect of moids hyping her up as god’s gift to science because she has tits.

Like KF poster said, it is obvious that Aella thinks she can NLOG/become a self proclaimed stats expert enough to nab a Silicon Valley billion/ millionaire sugar daddy and eventual husband.

She’s obviously reading: It doesn’t matter if you get a PhD in Architecture Aella, or fund the 2023 Carnegie Hall, or self publish some sex stats reports — you are a prostitute. A hoe.

On top of that you weren’t/aren’t even discrete (like a stripper who can simply delete her racy but not porny socials once she marries a rich ex client). you have done anything possible to make it clear your deep rooted views are illfitting with marriage and child rearing. Anyone who owns anything with public stock knows YOU are a risk esp when you have a day when you crime racebait or talk about IQ or pedo pander

A general man is averse to dating you even if he finds such a “smart” woman with fake tits hot, even if he jerks off to your OnlyFans and simps on your nsfw twitter

Why would a rich man with MUCH to protect want to publicly claim someone who has videos of her sucking a dildo off a gnome statue? Hoes who become housewives (eg Melania trump, many former strippers and escorts) are able to bury their past, not you.

Once this retard figures this out, she will do a fake religious/born again thing to fake modesty and virtue and present as wifey material. Give it 2-5 years

No. 1757761

Do you cry and bitch about the spergs in Shayna's thread and celebricows thread who do shit like bone rattling, or do you only complain about predatory dykes making the most lukewarm remark?

No. 1757784

Cross-posting from the leftcows thread, rdrama posting about Aella
>a great majority of what Aella writes or creates is produced by someone else.
>Many of her edgy tweets are grabbed from parties, and the person who said it is too paranoid about losing their job to be tagged, so she reposts it as if it was hers.
Kek, so the bitch is not even an actual nerd? How vapid can you be?


No. 1757797

they literally teach about sample size and selection bias in high school math/science classes, its not like it was previously obscure knowledge before the internet… what a weird thing to say

No. 1757806

Much of her “conflict-free porn” takes about AI come from r drama, the same scrotes trying to cannibalize her for stupidly saying how much she makes. Kiwis and r drama slurs are using this thread to destroy a woman who agrees with them while trying to appeal virtuous all because they seethe at the thought of a woman making money off of them.

No. 1757811

This is all pretty funny but nothing you can’t tell by glancing at her page kek

> She is, in my view, shameless about taking credit for what other people have done

Seems like a common trait among all narcs

No. 1757831

I'm all for posting a lot more about the scrotes she surrounds herself with, but nonnies don't seem all that interested. Best we can hope for is probably getting some of them by association. Anyway, it's not like she's a helpless victim in this, she made herself a cow, if it brings some moids glee then so be it. What do you suggest, we support this absolute trainwreck of a pedo apologist out of girlboss solidarity?

No. 1757832

So I'm reading the document and this man is kinda insufferable too.

>Anyway, as far as I know, not that many people have been banned in the Austin community's history. The people I know of who have been banned have been:

- Nicole's ex
- Steff
- me + Arpan

In that order.

(this tells me he's especially bad if he got kicked out of a community where it's not common to kick people out.)

>Manipulation, by the way, in really white upper middle class settings is sort of like a power word because it's like the Matrix. It appeals to the paranoid in us and you never know if I'm doing something insidious. I could be manipulating you at any time, you don't know, you could be a bluepill ready to turn into Agent Smith at any moment. So this is a great way to stoke unreasonable fears that I'm working against you in secret.

>The period from summer 2017 to summer 2018 was probably the most retrograde year of my life since 2006, and 2006 was when I had revenge masturbation videos circulated of me to a large gaming community wherein I was micro-famous.

Pretty much like a lolcow

>She moved here in May 2021; I helped her move, both to sincerely try to make amends and selfishly because she paid for the food of whoever did.


No. 1757835

You don't have to like someone just because they agree with you, do you? And many nonnies posting here don't like sex workers either.

No. 1757871

another thing she probably didn't account for: men might not consider the porn they watch violent unless it's extreme violence like the woman being brutally raped or beaten, but women will be more aware and accurate on how violent it is.

No. 1757888

nta but the funniest part of shayna's thread is the occasional anon who's like "idk i would" and then another anon will reply with something like "yeah i get it. this must be why she always has a girlfriend!" etc.

No. 1757891

he has a hilariously big ego for a chubby guy who's good with tools. like there aren't literally a million of those in austin who will suck a dick for less than whatever he charged

No. 1757924

ive never seen a study in my life where "other" was the highest source of polling data. is "other" her sybil attacking her own fake study? every last piece of data this disgusting pedophile has "published" is thoroughly ruined by sample bias, among other nerdy confounds like question framing and question order. the fact that techbros are evangelizing haella is a dead giveaway that they are all retards

No. 1757932

File: 1675213499937.jpg (141.42 KB, 1080x852, clickbait.jpg)

No. 1757948

>Once this retard figures this out, she will do a fake religious/born again thing to fake modesty and virtue and present as wifey material. Give it 2-5 years
Any rationalist dorks lurking this thread, here's a great opportunity to make some money in prediction markets because this is absolutely 100% going to happen

No. 1757952

She’s so fucked in the head. It’s unbelievable that this regressive, antisocial degenerate is popular in any form and has a platform to spread her stupid fucking ideas.

No. 1757954

Wow she's such a statician

No. 1757958

Lol. There's just so much wrong with this. Firstly, how do you think these men define the word 'violent'? Do you think they classify slapping as violent? No, they think it's normal. Meanwhile, women are going to include slapping in their definition of violence. Men's tolerance is higher.
Secondly, are men guilty of watching violent porn willing to admit it? No. They did not participate in this poll.

No. 1757976


No. 1758005

File: 1675221027604.png (59.37 KB, 508x431, daggot.png)

Don't worry nonnie according to the guy who's posting her milk to KF she didn't come up with that one! The entire scene is rotten

No. 1758029

God I hate this community so much. Bunch of fucking perverts huffing each other's farts thinking it's perfume. I'm glad they're getting the negative attention they deserve.

No. 1758032

She recently posted her struggles with using pip to install things in python. This is one of the first things you do in python. So, no

No. 1758041

lolol that's sad

No. 1758118

Never forget, these are the same people affiliated with EA/Effective Altruism which was responsible for Sam Bankman-Fried and his FTX crypto scam.

No. 1758168


She sounds like a literal incel here

No. 1758183

File: 1675245136542.png (40.18 KB, 588x281, neckbeard.png)

No. 1758211

Is this even legal to post on twitter
What a sick weirdo

No. 1758220

I was wondering if there was a connection there. Makes sense considering Caroline Ellison's rational tumblr

No. 1758313

She responded to this type of criticism: https://aella.substack.com/p/you-dont-need-a-perfectly-random

>I mostly use twitter polls as loose, top-level broad strokes to find things that might be more interesting to study in depth later. I’m under no illusions that this is rigorous research and I never pretend that it is. However it might be more trustworthy than you think!

>I usually get huge sample sizes, but occasionally survey subpopulations where there’s much smaller samples. Small samples aren’t bad, it just means you can be less certain about the conclusions you draw from them. This is fine! It’s okay to have data you’re less certain about. A little data is better than no data.
>Internet surveys do introduce limitations and introduce bias to the sample, yes! But again, limited data is better than no data.
>I also sometimes wonder how much of the disproportionate criticism is leveled due to me being an open sex worker on the internet? I don't think this is all of it, I don't mean to dismiss valid concerns with the sex worker discrimination card, but based on the level I see people confidently dismiss my data based on misguided ideas, I am a bit suspicious.

No. 1758344

This is deeply dishonest. Its a simple question: where is "other" coming from? When 318,132 out of 481,000 of responses - two thirds of the entire response set - are from some unknown source, it needs asking why she wouldnt create a category for them. Unless she is hiding something. if its a pie chart aesthetics problem(kek), she should have put tumblr/telegram/fetlife into the "other" category and stated them as such.

>>limited data is better than no data

false. fake data is worse than "no data." Especially when the "researcher" isnt even clear about a hypothesis or what they set out to even achieve.

No. 1758366

>child prostitute
I want to a-log nonnies, hold me back

No. 1758374

File: 1675271034018.png (845.28 KB, 599x4074, python.png)

Behold the tale of a whore learning Python (https://twitter.com/Aella_Girl/status/1523756696711344128)
>successfully prints "hello world" in the Python console
>gets cocky
>googles how to upload CSV file to Python
>copy pastes random code snippets online that mention pandas and python
>error messages on console
>googles error messages
>opens cmd
>types "install pandas"
>more error messages
>googles error messages
>doesn't understand what she's reading
>types random commands in the cmd console
>more error messages
>makes tweets asking for help
>makes telegram group
>a bunch of tech dudes tell her what to do step by step
>"a bukkake of knowledge" barrage aella's face

No. 1758377

Sorry for the potential spoon feed question but is Aella the e-girl that brags about never wiping her ass and brags about leaving brown marks on her thong or am I thinking of someone else?

No. 1758394

I don't understand why her surveys are called "research". Without hypotheses, any sort of theory-basis, references to previous research and no well argued inferences and interpretations from the data other than describing it with statistical key figures or pointing out single interesting observations — it is not research. It is a survey. It is purely descriptive and explorative and not connecting to any better construed scientific phenomena. Truly baffles me how she has adopted the title "sex researcher".

No. 1758417

File: 1675274892571.jpeg (556.61 KB, 1447x2285, 9E886012-4735-4B55-A453-66FD71…)

Old but gold

No. 1758445

File: 1675277617358.png (135.9 KB, 766x545, other.png)

I found the post where she talks about what "other" entails but she isn't completely sure herself.

No. 1758452

Blogpost but nonas I am so pissed. I discovered the man I've had a crush on for the longest time follows this idiot. Why are moids and most importantly, why am I straight?

No. 1758455

File: 1675278100003.png (133.47 KB, 536x657, 5FC4D101-BC85-443E-B1B3-A589FF…)

She is longing for a warm man that smells like good hair and sweat and has broad shoulders to do the work for her kek

No. 1758458

this is a bigger issue than other discrediting factors such as sample bias & framing bias because it shows the entire body of research has no grounding reality to begin with. a fake pie chart made to push a sociopolitical agenda with degenerate pedo rationalists all screeching "see?!?!"

not even going to bother replying to the retard trying to explain that its okay you have no clue where your surveys are submitted from. "idk tiktok? oh wait i forgot i did a mailchimp blast from rapemyclassmate.com" data is data silly, you must hate SW!

No. 1758461

Idk if you guys know the podcaster Lindsay “We Met at Acme” (this is kind of more Reddit influencer snark’s topical area/she’s obnoxious for other reasons) but her thing is running endless Instagram stories polls. They have the same level of depth (and analysis lol) as Aella’s but noone’s ranting about how much of a genius she is bc they’re not edgy polls about fucking dogs or incest and she’s not a hooker. Polls like “can a relationship work if you’re a vegetarian and he’s not?” “would you tell a new partner if you’ve cheated in a past relationship?”

It’s just like wow Aella you utilize one of the built in features of the social media platform you’re on, what a genius

No. 1758463

Samefag — also Lindsay’s shown to be at minimum a few iq points above Aella bc during her polls that are predictably saucy, she has a “See results” options. It prevents curious people from noncommittally answering just to see the results

Watch Aella start doing that since she’s gonna read it here

No. 1758548

Fecal matter transplants have a lot of evidence for their efficacy, but in CONTROLLED MEDICAL ENVIRONMENTS WITH VERIFIED DONORS
like you really don't think scat fetishists haven't figured out this loophole to lie on the internet about being the peak of physiological function to get random bozos to eat their shit

No. 1758585

File: 1675289148850.jpeg (267.31 KB, 1170x731, C320FE3C-F930-455D-8FBA-4BD536…)

No. 1758589

we are interested, keep posting them

No. 1758678

lol @ her tweeting something as basic as "how do I process a subset of data in python" instead of googling it, likely just to gain more male attention

No. 1758687

Jesus Christ she's a retard

No. 1758744

Most moids in tech are borderline incels, they want extremely submissive unintimidating women, which is why so many of them go for Asians. Aella is too much of a whore and smartass, and on top of that she isn’t cute and innocent seeming like most tech betas like and go for., and has also had a lot of surgery which most of these moids deeply despise.

No. 1758750

Eating a moids shit has to be the end of the line of pickmeism. Jesus.

No. 1758760

Lmaooooo, that’s so sad it’s actually hilarious. Pickmes love yourself challenge.

No. 1758769

>mid woman gets greedy and dates a highly attractive asshole male
>gets cucked by him and cries about it
Many such cases.

No. 1758777

I don’t feel sorry for her at all because she’s already admitted to being a groomer, a pedo apologist and a recruiter of other young women.

Jealousy towards other females as well as internalised misogyny can lead to some acting sadistically and creepily towards other women. I’m pretty sure that was Ghislaine’s schtick too. She was an older plain Jewish woman who was deeply jealous of the fact the man she was in love with preferred Aryan looking teen models and so she became callous and sadistic towards them and enabled their sexual abuse.

No. 1758784

literally sounds like Elliott’s manifesto kek
autism is a hell of a drug

No. 1758800

File: 1675302448855.jpeg (499.92 KB, 1125x1165, B8C5E20D-9499-4D25-B464-40F208…)

Lmao…”At least mostly wrong” must be autistic sociopath speak for “wrong”

No. 1758824

Kek this post really lies bare what a deeply pathetic pickme she is. She literally started whoring to escape the “existential panic” of a few moids not finding her that attractive?

No. 1758835

I don't trust anything she says. This is typical pickme behavior. "Oh no, I've been so abused and discarded, won't anyone ever love me uwu??" It's aimed directly at "I can save her!" types.

No. 1758851

Literally was massive news and was even a top headline here in the UK. Maybe it wasn’t featured on the front page of Hooker Monthly or Eating People’s Shit Digest, or whatever alternative media this dumb cunt subscribes to, but she’s talking out of her arse.

No. 1758920

christ the pandering to her sweaty moid audience is blatant here. she's clearly just trying to evoke the "oh no, my fair maiden, _I_ can help her!!! i know what pip is!!!!!!" reaction alongside "heh, of course she wouldn't know, she needs my greasy neckbeard ass to guide her in life"

No. 1758928

she's not even a good pickme if she hasn't seen the south park episode about this
watching cartoons is like 50% of pickmeism, aella try harder

No. 1758938

wait they did an episode on it? that's funny as fuck i gotta see that shit

No. 1758966

idk tho every person interviewed about ghislaine won't stfu about how SEXXAY and HOT and MAGNETIC she is. everyone on the planet except epstein and me seems to consider her sexy for some reason

No. 1758968

yeah I noticed the same thing in any article about her and I didn't get the hype. Like she looked pretty good when she was younger but not BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING like they all made her seem

No. 1758981

ayrt &yah don't get me wrong i'm fat and ugly too, and she does have good skin but other than that she looks like any other totally average woman who no one cares aboutso idgi

No. 1759022

Typical media bullshit, doesn't matter she's a literal child sex predator, they'll still talk about how hot she is and how big her boobs are

No. 1759092

Wow I wonder if men or women are going to more accurately describe violent porn as violent. This is a horrible survey question. To actually make any sort of claim like "women prefer more violent porn" you would need to do a real study with selected porn videos with differing levels of violence not just ask a vague question about porn with aggression.

No. 1759122

Calling her surveys "research" is the only thing that provokes me enough about her to spend this much time writing about her

It's like no one has told her collecting and representing data != research. That is one step in research for sure, but even before that you should have some coherently formulated problem and hypotheses. Bare data != research. There has to be thinking, connecting the data to something bigger, grasping the phenomena the data is supposed to reflect. Advanced researchers don't always even do the data collecting part themselves, because it's mechanistic and boring, but the data collecting is bought from an external company or it's given for a junior researcher to do

It's infurating she also thinks her "research" is at the same level with real academic research, because real academic research also has biases. Sure, but the biases are regarded as faults, not as fixed part of any and all research

She also doesn't want to submit her research ideas to ethics committees because that will slow down her research. Good luck trying to get the research published in any rigorous journal when anything that slows down or restricts the research is discarded from the research process, you don't remember the sources where your data came from, you think biases are an acceptable part of the research and you don't make any references to any existing body of research or even formulate the problem you're trying to research

I don't mean to discourage researching these topics if it is true they are not widely researched. There is just so much arrogance about what research is and how what she does is The Real Research and how the academics are just stuffed up with their ethics committees and requirements to document and explain what you're doing

Can't really blame her though since she is surrounded by tech "self-made millionaire" types who basically diss the academia and think that doing everything by yourself and having unrestricted freedom in whatever you do is the way. That might also explain why most of the criticism she has got has focused on sampling bias, an easy technical concept self-titled intellectuals love to go on and on about and feel smart while they do, but the deeper issue of her research lacking most of the features of research has not been acknowledged that much

Protip: understanding what it takes to produce research would've been one thing the academia could've taught you

No. 1759155

File: 1675333523012.png (173.82 KB, 781x546, methodology.png)

The survey sucks because Aella crammed every fetish that she could think of, 850 fetishes to be exact, classified them and then made 300 questions: https://aella.substack.com/p/my-kink-survey-design-methodology The incentive for the survey was a score that told the respondents how kinky they were, which I would think most people answering would try to get a high score since being a vanilla straight is boring in current year.

It seems that the survey is still available and you can still complete it as of today, which makes me question her methodology even further. Why is she publishing results if the data collection process is still ongoing? Is she marking the survey results by date? Is she including the new data into her results or changing it accordingly?

No. 1759174

File: 1675337265109.png (112.96 KB, 515x488, cheating.png)

Ironic because she eventually became the other woman and feels guilty about it. The solution? Make society more accepting of open relationships.

No. 1759184

Frankly, what Aella's does is comparable with Buzzfeed quizzes. They both write a bunch of questions, save the answers and spit out some kind of result. At least Buzzfeed is not claiming to be doing research.

No. 1759242

>But unlike the student loan crisis, the epidemic of intimacy-starvation is suffered silently. We don’t care about it, because it affects primarily men and we care less about men’s emotional wellbeing. We violently shame those who are caught trying to fill their needs – we mock them, divorce them, take their kids away.
>Sex work of all forms – camming, stripping, escorting, etc. – seems to be a good solution as a way for men in intimacy-starved relationships to get their needs met in a tightly compartmentalized way that won’t threaten the rest of their lives.
Men cheat on their wives with prostitutes. Men most affected.

No. 1759244

Yeah well those old bitch housewives should have done more to keep their husband right? Gotten a boob job and lip filler, done a threesome, fulfilled his freak fetishes. What your wife can’t do, Aella can

No. 1759296

File: 1675354333292.png (176.97 KB, 934x1180, kf.png)

Bitch, you're a nobody. you constantly cancel your own self through your CP/rape loving tweets. Kiwifarms or radical trans crowd don't even need to, you do that job yourself lol
she's a lost cause, i have a hunch that if she got actually swatted, she'd spin it around and start talking about police kink or whatever.

No. 1759305

Sex is not a human right. There's no epidemic of an intimacy-starved population. It's just men, and since it's just men, it's pretty obvious what the real issue is (porn addiction). So her solution is that women should sell their bodies to these poor lonely men (who have wives and kids). God forbid we mock men and take away their kids when they show signs of disloyalty. She might as well be fully open about her hatred of women and say that there should be government mandated sex slaves for each poor lonely, emasculated male.

No. 1759318

Sex is a human right to men who will pay $2000/hr for Aella’s pussy and pass her net worth screening. I have a feeling she’s only seeing guys she will try to convert to boyfriends/sponsors

One of my friends was an escort years ago (she left and is fucked up from it) and when she did it she had a little social group. She’d meet local girls and girls in other cities when she was touring and befriended them. They’d recommend clients to eachother and promote eachother on social media. Go on vacation together. Shit talk on shared johns etc. it’s isolating so all your friends over time are hoes

It’s interesting how Aella has none of that bc she’s maxed out on NLOG — and almost certainly a narcissist

No. 1759327

File: 1675357261474.png (49.42 KB, 586x339, onlyfansback.png)

Aella is getting upset from people picking apart her research, so she is taking a break from her work as a data scientist and returned to OnlyFans to receive her hits of dopamine from male validation.

No. 1759334

I think she's said that she ran out of money from whoever was funding her "research".

No. 1759349

What's a sex research institute? Is lolcow an abnormal psychology institute?

No. 1759365

Nothing stops us from claiming to be one apparently. Maybe we should do a poll to see if aella is a stupid whore or an actual researcher and then call it research?

No. 1759367

So … men feel butthurt when women don't want to fuck them. Somehow, this has been rebranded over the years as "intimacy-starvation," a condition that is the fault of women for not touching men's peepees on demand. So, the legacy of abusing women and girls via "sex work" can be justified anew. I can't take this absolute clown world anymore.

No. 1759405

She blames her mom for letting her dad use religion to abuse his family, now all women get the blame

No. 1759470

wasn't it Peter Thiel?

No. 1759502

I hate this shit so much, the Netherlands even have a government program that essentially assigns prostitutes to disabled people because of this bullshit "sex is a human right" nonsense which i previously had never heard outside of incel spheres online

No. 1759549

File: 1675375897579.png (882.54 KB, 826x857, aellatrauma.PNG)


new bullshit to dissect i guess. honestly, this is incredibly frustrating to read if you know even a little bit about how trauma works in the brain and body, aella no one is saying that all trauma victims act the same, in fact a lot of the time people go through their entire lives with maladjusted behavioral patterns and no awareness that their trauma has done any lasting damage on them. this is a totally unhelpful article and also pretty incorrect. no one is saying trauma doesn't have a threshold, no one is saying that everyone who experiences something mildly trauamtic comes out the other end very traumatized, and if you are stressing the individual response to trauma can we at least approach it in a healthy way where we try to uplift people and talk about neuroplasticity? the fact that she thought it was appropriate to end an article like this talking about how she asked chatGPT to write a conclusion for her should tell you how seriously she takes any of this.

No. 1759620

In Burgerland it's extra weird because the Founding Fathers were all about inalienable rights and sex was certainly not one of them.

No. 1759705

Just because some retard states an opinion doesn’t make it true

No. 1759710

As usual, womens bodies pay the price for moid feefees and hornies.

No. 1759803

This. Twitterbot and tranny e-surveys are not and will never count as real research.

No. 1759805

To be honest, pretty much any researcher or data scientist worth their salt will tell you that any kind of opinion poll is generally worthless. The only data that’s really of any use is stuff with hard evidence like archeological, anthropological, or DNA analyses, and often those studies are rife with flaws too.

No. 1759830

>A little data is better than no data.
No bitch, no data is better than dogshit data. What the fuck

No. 1759831

Aella is just so bad at everything. Everything she posts reads like a high schooler writing a research paper, no matter how deep or educated she tries to sound.

No. 1759834

>I don't understand why her surveys are called "research".
Nonnie these are people dunning-krugered enough to call their r/atheism "bayesian" methods "rationalism" like Ayn Rand called her bullshit "objectivism". They're basically just a different phenotype of sonic fans - their fetish for "objetivity" and "rationality" means they're basically calling their ideology "awesomism". Research is more awesome than surveys.

No. 1759836

i'm more of an epicist myself

No. 1759845

Just say autism kek

No. 1759847

happens in my muslim country as well, the victims are always underage homeless children, both young boys and girls are in constant danger, the only thing that protects them is not morality but fear of repercussions, If a man rapes someone he doesn't have to worry about the police but he does have to worry about that person's family killing him, so victims are often children of a lower social class or orphans(and we have many orphan refuges who have been separated from their families)

No. 1759853

lol there are tons of other examples of useful studies than the extremely short list youve provided

No. 1759881

How are those useful? You sound moid-brained

No. 1759895

If that's the case, then how come so many academic surveys are opinion-based? I take academic surveys for extra money on the side, and professors from well-known universities are running studies where they're basically asking for my opinion. And since when has anthropology been a discipline that provides "hard evidence?" Unless you are talking about biological anthropology only. I'm really curious here.

No. 1759902

There’s a difference between social sciences and data science, the latter is what Aella claims to be. Data science tends to be macro and far broader research, often not respondent data through opt in questionnaires but data pulls for whatever information. Like flu rates by county for example or temperature changes in the last five years

Social science and structured respondent questionnaires can usually be analyzed sufficiently with frequencies, summary statistics and t tests/cross tab tables to show association, maybe a regression. Data science is different in that it can produce logic models or meaning from unstructured info (vs a structured study).

Aella’s data set is not broad or dense enough to qualify for data science.

I do population research, I use Python and R but I don’t do “data science.” a few of my coworkers do and they’re in between a social scientist and a computer scientist. The best data scientist we have is a PhD physicist.

Aella’s fucked lol

No. 1759908

Samefag but

The data scientist label is honestly being thrown at everything and everyone lately which is how Aella can skirt by stealing it. My company’s “data scientists” can code beyond what I can in Python for example and do machine learning

But in the wild you’ll see MA in poli sci analysts who stumbled into analytics roles call themselves data scientists for branding. the term has not meant much for a long time

And this is what Aella does, as the KF poster expressed. She thrives where she can stretch the truth

No. 1759918

Fwiw it is possible to do scientific surveys, even opinion surveys. But the way Aella does them, just coming up with some random question and then posting the results, is not in the least how robust scientific surveys are done.

Survey is a method, it is not an end in itself. It is something you, the reseacher, after careful consideration, decide to use as the lens or telescope or whatever through which to look at the research subject, because you think it truly could capture what you're researching. Aella doesn't have this. She doesn't lay out precise research problems or questions, or arguments on why Twitter poll is the best method to study whatever she wants to study. She just posts the survey question and reports the results.

Sometimes she even seems to argue after the fact that her research "shows" something is true. In other words, first asking the survey question, and then coming out with the hypotheses and using her data to show how her preferred hypothesis checks out. You should lay out the hypotheses beforehand, otherwise that's basically scientific fraud.

Sometimes her research problems seem to be as well formulated as saying she wants to study fetishes or whatever. But that's again not even close to actually trying to define the phenomenon you aim to capture. Just blurting out "I study sex" without defining, preferably referencing to previous scientific works on the subject, is not enough.

I can only imagine her trying to get her surveys published to journals when the journals ask her the tough questions like how did you design the survey. "I just came up with this question, did no background work, posted it on Twitter, then posted some naked pictures of myself to get people to answer to the survey!". Smh.

No. 1759930

I love you research anon.
>Just blurting out "I study sex" without defining, preferably referencing to previous scientific works on the subject, is not enough.
I'm sure she and her fanboys would say that's just "rentseeking", namedropping, putting up unnecessary barriers to entry and a "costly signal" to keep the activity within the ranks of its stupid practitioners who need to be "disrupted" by dysgenic stinky nerds. It's hilarious that because of their right-wing tendencies and aspiration for elitism they're constantly yapping about how gatekeeping is Good, Actually while simultaneously winning mental gymnastics medals to excuse their own whining about it when they're the ones being kept out (and god forbid they use that word! A "barrier to entry" is not a gate!).

But, of course, that's because they think they're intellectual elites - much like their whiny bluecheck "soy physiognomy" one-child-max men believe themselves peak masculinity wise patriarchs and dumb ugly bitches like Aella believe themselves uberfrauen sultry wood nymphs whose eggs are very very valuable. I'm surprised it took this long for this bitch (and her surrounding scene by extension) to have a thread, their delulu levels rival those of our biggest cows.

No. 1759938

If she claims to be a data scientist and not a social scientist, she should drop the titles like "sex researcher". Correct me if I'm wrong but data scientists mostly fork the data but they're not making actual claims of the substance matter like Aella is? Data scientists could say what you can or can not infer from the data, but they're not saying what you should infer. It seems Aella is trying to infer also in the should-sense.

The most pressing problem with her research is not sampling bias, but that it is very focused on the method and the data yet lacking all the surrounding content that would give the meaning and the reasoning for the method and the data. It is no surprise as this kind of superficiality is very common in the tech communities in my experience. If the rumours are to be believed, she also thinks philosophy is merely name-dropping, so no wonder she doesn't do the deeper more jarring thinking part, but would rather work with the data and the technicalities.

No. 1759949

It seems like the hates being "the other woman" and someone who virtually doesn't exist in his life, she would much prefer to be a mistress, a rival to his wife/girlfriend and be recognized rather than discarded.

No. 1759951

>I'm sure she and her fanboys would say that's just "rentseeking", namedropping, putting up unnecessary barriers to entry and a "costly signal" to keep the activity within the ranks of its stupid practitioners who need to be "disrupted" by dysgenic stinky nerds.

Yes, I can see that is how they would react. Bypassing the criticism by calling it privileged "labcoating". But the defining, refining, formulating, constructing is the point! Data is not the research result. Result goes beyond the data. It contributes to the construction of the phenomenon that the scientific community at large is trying to do. If you don't even refer to that, but leave it for the other researchers to draw the connections between your data and the larger constructs, that is at least rude and dismissive. More likely the reason why you're not doing it is that you don't realize that should be done at all and think the numbers and statistical key figures substitute for thinking.

Sometimes purely explorative surveys that just pop out of nowhere and are not connected to anything are justified. I just really can't believe that sex or whatever topics she comes up with would all be that underresearched that all her research needs to be purely explorative isolated surveys. More likely explanation is that it is what she feels the most comfortable doing and comes up with the arguments for why she does her research like that after the fact.

No. 1760094

This must be what she tells herself when she grooms other young women into sex work

No. 1760099

>But unlike the student loan crisis, the epidemic of intimacy-starvation is suffered silently. We don’t care about it, because it affects primarily men and we care less about men’s emotional wellbeing. We violently shame those who are caught trying to fill their needs – we mock them, divorce them, take their kids away.
>Sex work of all forms – camming, stripping, escorting, etc. – seems to be a good solution as a way for men in intimacy-starved relationships to get their needs met in a tightly compartmentalized way that won’t threaten the rest of their lives.
Do they realise that the reason so many men are suffering "intimacy-starvation" is because they are addicted to porn in the fucking first place? My bf said a similar thing as above and he just could not comprehend that porn could be the problem. Like what don't these people GET? If you are watching porn, you are not meeting real women, not leaving the house, not having real sex.

Why wasn't this a problem for men pre-internet? Why were our grandfathers generation not complaining of this severe lack of connection with women? hmmmm I wonder what could be the problem?

Modern males are a lost cause because they are never going to admit the problem, they are just going to double down and dig themselves deeper into retardation, to the point that their entire bloodlines will die out cos they never got the chance to reproduce cos they preferred to watch a fake women on a pixelated screen.

No. 1760122

Shortly after throwing out that she thinks it would be a good idea to abolish the FDA, she starts talking about how conflicted she is about allowing women to vote. She thinks it's good that women have the right but she thinks they make bad voting decision and it's hurting the world because they vote against her values. The guy she's talking to asks her a couple questions and then brings up that a test he would have is how it would feel to say black people shouldn't be able to vote (which would directly follow from her statement) and says that would feel bad to him, but maybe not to her? Instead of responding to that specifically, she starts talking about how maybe we should use iq tests along with some test of compassion to determine who should be allowed to vote. She doesn't elaborate on why she thinks this would stop women from voting.

No. 1760123

I don't know if the timestamp is working but it's at 6:26:05

No. 1760167

File: 1675443394411.png (199.5 KB, 1190x1036, aellaparties.png)

Saw it on twitter but cross-posting the screenshot from KF.
>"Going to orgies helped my career more than my college diploma!"

>voting in favor of your interests and not mine is Bad and Wrong
sasuga Awesomist

No. 1760175

Tbf having a college degree nowadays is pretty useless and networking is way more important

No. 1760180

solving the problem with the problem. much epic rational logic

No. 1760184

Going to sex parties with techies who graduated with BS in Comp Sci degrees will do that

She could also go to normie parties with normal young professionals with comparable degrees and network there, but she’s probably too much of an asocial creepy freak to be invited to them (if she got the Aella invite).

Aella’s sex parties may just be a networking stand in for autistic perverts who didn’t make friends in college (and sadly, a few who are now high income founders)

No. 1760187

If you get into a decent college, that's where networking happening. I guess if you're going to some community college, filling out aella's orgy application that asks if you're a tabletop gamer but not if you have any STDs is the answer

No. 1760197

I looked up Rachel and she went to Western Washington University. Would you consider that a good college or not? I;m leaning towards no, but I understand that not everyone can go to an Ivy league or even an Ivy lite. Even at my Ivy lite, a lot of the people who got the best jobs picked the most braindead major kek

No. 1760216

It’s fine, it’s honestly not really the college esp if you’re 25 years old and above, but your network and experience/skills. I have a feeling judging by her looks and profile she was a dork and not a big networker as an undergrad

No. 1760221


No. 1760232

can you nonnies please for the love of god stop calling him 'her'. that is a MAN.

No. 1760241

Opinion polls are meaningless. I could ask 100,000 Americans if they believe lizard people control the planet, and at least 20% of them would say yes. So what? What use is that ‘data’ to anyone?

No. 1760242

Opinion polls are never meant to be taken seriously.

No. 1760245

Men voted in some of the worst most oppressive regimes of all time. JFL if you think scrotes voting with their dicks would make the world a better place. Go live in Saudi Arabia if you like women being denied a voice so much you dumb fuck.

No. 1760248

Intriguing how they’ll say ‘who you vote for doesn’t matter because nothing changes anyway’ but simultaneously want to strip women of their right to vote.

No. 1760292

You've posted this exact remark probably, what, 10 or 11 times now? Not sure why you have such a vested interest in convincing people that this rando internet lady is secretly a man. It doesn't seem like a healthy, well-adjusted thing to spend your time on. At least contribute some sort of milk if you're going to post this often.

No. 1760300

If they are so useless how come social scientists spend so much time and energy working on them?

No. 1760350

We all already knew this before but having people openly talk about going to these degen parties and associating with a woman who constantly talks about sex and pedophilia is making me lose a little hope in humanity. Especially when it’s those people everbody considers super smart and valuable because they work in tech which is the bleak future.
I lurked the kf thread yesterday and saw that Rogan follows her twitter Doesnt he have like three daughters? and he’s based in Austin too, so at this point, I’ll just assume everybody in that circle is like that.
Imagine hanging out with people who think getting a dying child a prostitute is a hilarious and deep thought experiment or whatever. They are just like edgy teen boys who think they are being revolutionary by coming up with disgusting ideas that would offend sane people.

No. 1760360

Going OT a bit but society as a whole is very fucked right now and becoming more degenerate each day. The right and left in different ways but at the end of the day it’s all perversions and sickness coming from the scrotal psyche. But on an individual level tons of normal like you and I are still here, so focus on the ones in your life and don’t let it get to you too much or it’ll drive you insane.

No. 1760367

Because they are useless idiots trying to feel important in life.

No. 1760394

Because the media and big donors pay them a bunch of money to report how much everybody loves troons and wants more immigration. They don't exactly care if it's accurate as long as it says what they want

No. 1760464

Samefag detected.

Even if she was secretly a man, her actual words and actions would be more interesting milk.

No. 1760465

File: 1675466248236.png (33.49 KB, 593x342, aaRgi5X.png)

Any ideas on what she was talking about here?

No. 1760466

It's either some some eugenics shit, some pedo shit or some retarded race science shit, duh.

No. 1760470

I just think it's funny that someone who has formed her whole identity about being desperately edgy and not-like-other-girls is still doing the "I can't say what I really want to say" thing.

No. 1760471

she even has sample bias in her statuses, key words being thinkers "that I respect" here

No. 1760543

she'll post schizo word salads like this and people still take her seriously? lord have fucking mercy.

No. 1760554

does anyone actually take her seriously though? it's all just an extension of their simping

No. 1760555

It's probably wanting to have sex with children, knowing that group.

No. 1760561

yeah im going with that or LE EQUATORIAL GUINEAN IQ LOW ???

No. 1760749

Probably just means ‘raping kids is good’.

No. 1760751

Pandering—as always—to insecure men with dissident opinions who will feel validated and simp for her. This is Aella’s pseudointellectual equivalent of the OF girls that nonstop post “i need a nerdy anime gamer boy >~<“.

No. 1760779

They are not meaningless, but usually the opinions are worded as "conceptions" or "social constructs" or so on. It does sometimes make sense to study what conceptions people have of things. That is perfectly scientific topic to study. It's just the way Aella does her polls that is unscientific.

No. 1760806

i posted this literally only once, i only found this thread yesterday

No. 1760809

who is paying 3k to fuck a tranny kek

No. 1761118

It’s always race IQ shit

No. 1761120

Samefag but all these postrats are ruled by and obsessed with IQ, it’s their god

I can be in a room with a retard as long as they don’t smell bad and don’t flex for every moid in sight, which is far more than we can say for Aellacow

No. 1761130

File: 1675542132841.jpg (78.02 KB, 1080x378, aella1.jpg)

No. 1761131

File: 1675542180617.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x5769, aella2.jpg)

No. 1761137

Typical cow defense.
>This one weird thing said about me once is untrue
>I am heavily implying that therefore all the bad rumors you hear about me are also untrue, without actually saying that, so I can retain plausible deniability later

No. 1761140

File: 1675542695131.jpg (186.5 KB, 1080x1113, random replies.jpg)

Some funny replies from another post: https://twitter.com/Aella_Girl/status/1621051609173360641
The post itself isn't milky though.

No. 1761142

>Joe rogan
I remember when it was shameful to openly associate with such people as aella, hookers/prostitues/pornstars. Now everyone's cousin or friend is an OnlyFans whore, it doesn't matter.

Societal decay.

No. 1761151

Literally nobody cares about 35+ year old losers doing drugs at parties that smell like cat piss and BO. People are saying you’re the Ghislaine Maxwell for tech bros and this is what you address?

No. 1761162

me me me me me me me me me me me me me me meeeeeee ME ME ME ME me me me why can’t you understand ME?!

No. 1761164

Of course everyone is going to be a touch inaccurate NO ONE IS OBSESSED WITH YOU AND YOUR LIFE AS MUCH AS YOU! Even your haters (us) lmfao

The possibility that no one cares about her that much to know every detail of her wildly thrilling life is mind blowing to this narc

No. 1761172

unrelated but if my friends had decided that the brand that suits me the most is Alexander McQueen they wouldn't be my friends anymore. i know aella will never be a ysl girl but they could choose a less hideous brand.

No. 1761253

It's either pedophilia is natural or that other races are significantly inferior to whites, it can't be anything else. I love how the "thinkers" she is referring to are the most autistic, disgusting, sociopathic nerds in Silicon Valley with God complexes to cope with their inferiority complex and inability to connect with others from childhood. Oh wow, THOSE guys have controversial opinions about either pedophilia or racism?!?! Who the fuck would've thought that nerds who only started getting attention from girls after making a certain amount of money have fucked up opinions. It must be because said opinion is universally true, not because you're a mentally ill prostitute surrounded by mentally ill nerds

No. 1761307

What if they're all actually secret terfs?

No. 1761318

IQ is a meme.

No. 1761324

Lol she lurks. No one cares about fat sweaty repulsive boomers and skinny tech betas gangbanging washed up bogged hookers, we hate you because you’re a pedo apologist and groomer. Dumb tranny axe wound.

No. 1761336

File: 1675563405350.jpeg (106.18 KB, 798x599, 28E0255D-499D-4E7B-B66B-0AE4D0…)

This. The average Silicon Valley office looks like an oldfag, age progressed version of the average Brony convention. The whole Bay Area is full of sweaty, skinnyfat, sociopathic aspie scrotes who browse /pol/, and self-hating, whitewashed Indian and Asian femcel pickmes who orbit them.

I swear Paella is like that one attention whore chick at the 4chan meetup who smells of cheese and tries to hook up with all the ugly scrotes there.

No. 1761338

File: 1675563531764.jpeg (354.4 KB, 1280x960, 07647B11-E30B-4BB5-9593-7ABB30…)

These are the people who want to chip your brain and believe they are superior to you.

No. 1761394

Hm. I wonder if tech companies are more likely to hire this type of guy because they'll work long hours and don't have outside commitments, and not because they are just extra smart?

No. 1761408

File: 1675576887890.png (43.24 KB, 595x278, thirteen.png)

The data from Aella's recent research totally proves that the hypothetical scenario of a 13 year old child hiring a prostitute is not fucked up and we are just a bunch of pearl clutching bitches

No. 1761409

She’s using that shit to deflect from those rumors. She addresses everything but that topic, while simultaneously sending out pedo dog whistles that can be heard from outer space.

No. 1761412

Yeah right lol, they’re all troon fuckers. Anons upthread are right, it’s some stale pedo/misogyny/race science crap

No. 1761419

I guess this means that she is flicking her bean to this thread then
If Aella actually wanted to end the "epidemic of intimacy-starvation", it would hurt her line of work and grifting. That's why she does mental gymnastics and defends men cheating on women with prostitutes and downplays the trauma that women endure.

No. 1761420

after hearing even more of what she has to say, she's obsessed with IQ and talking about how much smarter she is than normal people. the controversial opinion is for sure the race science thing.

No. 1761436

The fact this poll shows her audience are nearly 90% male says everything.

No. 1761458

File: 1675586127112.png (111.05 KB, 718x665, dates.png)

Aella says that she will reveal whom she has dated with in a few months through this market prediction. Who is Misha Gurevich?

No. 1761468

Why the hell would anyone care who she dates, and she’s only revealing if she goes on 4 or more dates with the person…This whole concept is extremely bizarre and stupid. And by dates does she mean sex appointments?

No. 1761471

File: 1675589904845.png (329.2 KB, 763x2032, whitewomananddogs.png)

Aella's findings about bestiality: https://aella.substack.com/p/the-great-bestiality-infodump

>So, is the trope about ‘white women fucking dogs’ true? Kind of!

>Bestiality is a surprisingly common preference, given how taboo it is! You almost certainly know someone who’s aroused by bestiality - maybe it’s you!
Horrifying. I find it strange that Aella's data shows that there were people interested in bestiality as children, from the age of 0-4 years old.

No. 1761475

File: 1675590526679.jpg (281.45 KB, 1606x1396, drethelinlovequest.jpg)

How narcissist and autistic do you have to be to take the time to make and then post something like this ? It's even weirder when you google the names and see how fugly and smelly-looking those 4chan neckbeards look.
Misha Gurevich is a rando "photographer", you can find him easily with his @ drethelin. Here's a screenshot from his website (https://drethelin.com/) who hosts a whole page dedicated to a Chris-chan tier ad to find a girlfriend, with his discord # and some pictures if you're curious.

No. 1761482

I heard the dollar store and human trafficking were closer then ever cause now they sell footage

No. 1761492

This is so sad kek

No. 1761507

race science

No. 1761511

Honestly not surprised the woman known for the infamous miniature gnome porn from r/gonewild turned into a cow

No. 1761530

“Thinks everyone is wrong about most things” Please die alone as you were intended

No. 1761551

File: 1675608801014.png (640.29 KB, 603x5087, iq_polls.png)

It's wouldn't be that unbelievable since Aella is interested in the topic and has done "research" on IQ. A sample of her Twitter polls:
>In your country wealthy people are, on average, smarter (as in higher IQ) than poorer people?
>Assuming we had the tech, is it okay or not okay for parents to do embryo selection to optimize for their future's child's IQ?
>Do you believe IQ is correlated genetically with race, independently of environmental influences?
>How much richer do you think you'd be right now if you'd been born 10 IQ points smarter?
>Do you believe Ashkenazi Jews, on average, have higher IQ due to their genes?
>You'd support required sterilization for adults with an IQ below…
>Ignoring cultural/socioeconomic differences: Do you think there a genetic racial correlation with IQ?
>Rank, from most to least %, the genders who think support scientific studies of racial correlation with IQ
>Those who got the number sequence question right are … likely to oppose studies of racial correlation with IQ.
>Should IQ replace the age of consent?
>If you gave 1000 people each of 2 very different races an IQ test, do you think the scores would be identical?

She seems fixated on IQ/race correlation and Ashkenazi Jews.

No. 1761557

>Should IQ replace the age of consent?
what the hell

No. 1761574

>racism supporter
>troon supporter
>pedo supporter
It's like she worships every kind of garbage-tier, mentally ill man kek. She was even passive aggressively defending the Canadian boob teacher, Kayla Lemieux/Mr Hanna back hen that topic was everywhere. These are some advanced pickmeconomics.

No. 1761584

So if we were to take her "research" seriously, men are the most likely to want to fuck dogs, so her conclusion is the stereotype of white women fucking dogs is "kind of true" ?
>should IQ replace the age of consent
>would you sacrifice an inch of your penis for 15 IQ points
She's such a statistician

No. 1761600

Aella's surveys should be used as justification to nuke the bay area tech enclaves
I'm starting to understand why dictators always go after "intellectuals" when they take power.

No. 1761691

Honestly same. If the ‘intellectuals’ of that time were anything like the degenerate perverted freak pseuds of now, I can actually understand why they got yeeted.

No. 1761692

File: 1675625683747.jpeg (745.45 KB, 1242x1645, 9F5A9BC2-4B27-4BA4-8D3E-FC74B5…)

As if moids need any more encouragement to be pedophiles, child sex crimes are on the rise and over 2/3 of CSA perpetrators are the child’s own family member. XY chromosomes are an abomination.

No. 1761693

File: 1675625857790.jpeg (242.03 KB, 1242x847, FC156B2D-BB46-4F98-820B-090E80…)

Honestly, forced chemical castration should be applied to all pedos and pedo enablers.

No. 1761696

Twitter furry troons who follow a washed up hooker will never be real women.

No. 1761698

Probably. Single loser incels with no friends or kids are going to be much more available and loyal to the company than men with family commitments.

No. 1761701

Lol she’s really getting desperate to find Mr Right and trying to secure those sweet sweet betabux. The only type of man who would date a plastic camwhore aspie prostitute is going to be absolute guttertrash. Most men wouldn’t fuck her with a borrowed dick.

No. 1761705

If her head wasn’t shaped like a foot or she even just had a good personality, it wouldn’t be hard to find a decent husband.

But god gave her a face like Hortense the mule, she’s a literal hooker, AND an insufferable autist. Like damn bitch, pick a struggle.

No. 1761770

That’s why a nonna brought up how she’ll become religious again to whitewash her past and attempt to become marriage material. Incoming saved arc….

The other thing about these polls is she has such a divisive internet presence, there is NO doubt that tons of people are picking whatever option to fuck up her results. That’s not to say this doesn’t happen here and there on surveys done by like NORC, but it’s probably 10000x the chance and frequency for an Aella poll kek

No. 1761810

Why the fuck are Indian and Asian chicks more likely to be pickmes? I swear they always have the most awful personalities

No. 1761816

self hatred.

No. 1761892

A lot of Asian boomer dads are patriarchal POS moids tbh, esp if they’re the ones with the highest income among the 2 parents. A lot of these daughters experience being bashed at the expense of their fathers and brothers. Chinese and Indian men whine over their women counterparts not wanting them, but don’t realize women in their cultures grew up watching them coddled while the girls got abused and controlled. NAXALT ofc but enough.

>> 1761701

Anyone looking to raise a kid wants a woman who can show up to the school bake sale and who can befriend other parents to do a ride share. Aella cannot

No. 1761897

Right, then they go on to date white moids who don’t even view them as sentient human beings and take pictures of them with writing like ‘chink cumdump’ and ‘Indian whore’ on their backs and post it to 4chan and reddit for coomer updoots lol.

No. 1761899

i can’t even go on arcanine anymore due to all the interracial porn spams + racebaiting

why are scrotes such insecure fucking freaks

No. 1761901

It’s a general scrote obsession with fucking another tribe’s women. It’s not even a genuine attraction thing so much as a form of spite towards other men. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Male sexuality is pathological.

No. 1761912

The Asian and Indian women who fuck these freaks should also be shamed for being pickmes

No. 1761954

Lol so I work in non-hip tech outside the US, it’s always the guys without families who go work at the Big 5 companies because it’s common knowledge that there’s no work-life balance.

I worked with one guy who got recruited for a prominent Bay Area company and he was the biggest loser…like late 20s, still lived with his parents, overweight gamer with no life. He was really stoked about the fact that his new company catered three meals a day because he had never learned how to cook

No. 1762111

File: 1675666454199.png (28.1 KB, 598x314, 3j2oidj34fj85.png)

I don't understand why people who are so unsuited to having kids want them so bad. This isn't even because I think she has an obligation to cook as a woman this is about basic life skills. Proper nutrition is so important for children and they're not going to get that off takeout and frozen meals.

No. 1762139

Since when does she entertain the idea of having children as in raising them? She wanted to just sell her eggs, but suddenly she is looking for a monogamous relationship and shares thoughts like >>1762111

No. 1762140

Why the fuck do people brag about not being able to cook. What about it is so difficult or unpleasant? Baking some chicken and cutting up a salad is not hard

No. 1762141

Who is making her food? Does she order take out every day?

No. 1762156

many of them are attracted exclusively to white moids and will do anything to get one, including adopting gross views and degrading themselves sexually (white cock worship). I don't understand why they won't pursue a normal guy who respects them

No. 1762182

File: 1675678064156.png (135.38 KB, 596x625, EC19A032-A605-11ED-AFA1-0242AC…)

Speaking of kids, Aella's wonders how different life would be if social norms were completely different and having sex with kids was a default routine

No. 1762183

"I'm not traumatized by being molested" ok then she posts about fucking kids all the time because she likes the idea of it. God she's disgusting I hope she never has kids at all but especially hoping she never has a daughter.

No. 1762190

She makes me want to a-log more than most everyone else on this site. This ugly fucking cunt ass bitch.

No. 1762198

Born in 1992, she's 31 yo.

No. 1762228

How is she not banned from Twitter for this shit? There is no animal on the planet which has sex with its young because it's "healthy" - animals follow normal breeding cycles primarily.

No. 1762251

File: 1675689506451.jpg (393.44 KB, 1084x2032, media_FoO9J1UXEAEFmtk.jpg)

No. 1762269

Svelte body by adderall

No. 1762324

>there is NO doubt that tons of people are picking whatever option to fuck up her results.
I have literally never responded to a twitter poll from this type of person honestly kek, I would be surprised if amount of liars was lower than 30%

No. 1762334

Even worse, 27.1% voted for "Yes"

No. 1762366

>Narcissist invents a bunch of fictional what-if scenarios
>The entire purpose of the fantasy world she constructs is to examine how she would feel being more or less special than everybody else
imagine my surprise

No. 1762394

File: 1675710126481.png (147.75 KB, 596x876, hornyautism.png)

When the autistic call each other autistic kek. I could see that guy dating Aella. They have interacted with each other for a while and they both are autistic, weird and full of themselves.

No. 1762401

File: 1675711325347.jpg (331.59 KB, 1536x2048, media_FoLKNbMWIAAzwvb.jpg)

No. 1762405

File: 1675711650637.png (124.96 KB, 534x625, eggs.png)

No. 1762415

He is not rich enough for her.
Tho we all know it is a long shot for any billionaire to want that rarely washed pussy, she also can buy better sperm than Misha’s

No. 1762420

File: 1675713427310.jpeg (459.89 KB, 1169x1687, F82BCB85-6142-44AB-BCBD-13A806…)

Samefag but it’s interesting how no matter how quirky and NLOG Aella acts to distinguish herself, she is just like every other prostitute or influencer. She wants to marry rich. Just like every gold digger hoe that came before her

No. 1762437

idc if this is nitpicking or taking her discussion bait: lol ‘orientation has switched’ - you are an obnoxious bisexual woman, it’s normal to lean towards one sex. Or have a bi cycle or whatever.

No. 1762482

>I date super high value men, honest! They want to marry me! They just aren't good enough for me!
Lol okay, you and every other unmarried 30-year-old woman with the exact same spiel. She can be so mundane.

No. 1762486

All her talk about selling her eggs and pedobaiting isn't just pickmeism, it's her attempt to advertise she will let her future tech husband molest her kids. Read between the lines - she says over and over pretty much she's totally cool with pedophilia, it's NBD, and she's also let on that she's willing to incubate children for the right price. She also acknowledges that the tech community is full of pedos and that she has no problem with this kind of man. It's not hard to see what's going on here.

No. 1762487

>in my communities
in that first tweet is doing some HEAVY lifting there. paella should namedrop since we all know shes too old and mediocre looking for the "parties" Elon goes to

No. 1762505

"I used to have sex with lots of women" gay for pay doesn't count.

No. 1762565

Samefagging moid who believes women are worthless at 31, did you not pass Aella’s screening to book her? Spiteful former twitter simp after she ignored your DMs?

No. 1762615

Eh, I wouldn't be surprised if she did go to the same parties as Elon because Elon himself is a stereotypical Bay Area tech lolcow. She most likely can to a certain extent rope in one of the rich tech nerds she hangs out with, the two problems are that 1. these people are all as retarded, mentally ill and unstable as Aella herself. There's not many respectable guys in her circle who would be conscientious enough to not consider her as a partner. But because they're all so dysfunctional all their relationships have a cultish, unstable aspect to them. There's a good reason why these types are constantly shilling and glorifying the incredible feat of being a normal functional person married with children. Their hatred of degenerate woke leftists and girlbosses who "prioritize their careers and frivolous online drama and attention over building a family" is pure distilled copium projectium, they are whining about themselves and their own choices. They let it slip sometimes and call it "optionality".

Problem number 2, which every single one of these people face and suffer with, which they all spend the other half of their time whining about, is the fact that they are cringe ass tasteless new money losers with zero social capital making fools of themselves and broadcasting it to the world for all to laugh. No amount of literal money and "power" in the form of owning tech companies (which Elon so kindly showed us is a sham too, tech companies are whipped by government kek) can change that, in fact the reverse, the more money they have the more the lack of admiration stings. And then the more they cry about it, the worse it gets. They're culturally lower than the trashiest celebs, and they know it. They can't be content having relationships with each other, they hate themselves too much.

No. 1762784

How delusional can you be? Just because successful rich men want to fuck you, it doesn't mean they see you as marriage material.

No. 1762972

File: 1675780913922.png (247.2 KB, 598x1317, relationship.png)

At least she knows the man she is looking for will be hard to find. I don't believe for one second that having her sex work be so public is good or healthy for her.

No. 1762993

She posts like this to challenge lurkers into meeting those standards

No. 1763011

File: 1675785346460.png (64.09 KB, 594x369, D4BE7E45-AAD2-49DD-A445-39DDA6…)

A woman can't be brilliant unless she is a man… or Ashkenazi.

No. 1763035

>There's a good reason why these types are constantly shilling and glorifying the incredible feat of being a normal functional person married with children. Their hatred of degenerate woke leftists and girlbosses who "prioritize their careers and frivolous online drama and attention over building a family" is pure distilled copium projectium, they are whining about themselves and their own choices. They let it slip sometimes and call it "optionality".
Ty nonna you nailed it

No. 1763038

She deserves to be alone tbh especially for having criteria like ‘similar kinks’ and ‘the same social power as me’ (kek so like, none?)

No. 1763044

Hate to sound like an incel but she really is just another low value ageing whore who wants a hot rich intelligent virile Chad and can’t get him. She keeps saying the reason she is alone is that her standards are too high and that she doesn’t want a traditional relationship dynamic but we all know it’s cope.

Any woman can get reasonably attractive men to pump and dump them as men will fuck anything, even holes in walls and car exhausts. It doesn’t mean they would commit to you or want anything to do with you emotionally or mentally. It’s honestly sad that she’s so mentally stunted to think validation through sex actually means anything coming from men. Most women realize it’s a rigged game very early on and opt out (which is the only winning move)

And I have immense second hand embarrassment at her admitting she was a femcuck and part of Chad’s harem for months, and stayed with a guy who admitted he’s not even attracted to her. She really is a redpill stereotype of a woman and the fact she’s so open about it is part of the reason men think all women are as gross and retarded as her.

No. 1763049

Isn’t Aella 41 though

No. 1763051

People might say you’re crazy but unfortunately it’s actually a real possibility. Women who comfortably accept pedophilia as being a ‘natural normal part of male nature’ are dangerous.

No. 1763060

Lol what is she even trying to argue here? That sometimes rich men are cuckolds and will betabux prostitutes? Yeah we know this. Most women in Hollywood are basically prostitutes for producers and directors, and many of them still get attractive or rich Hollywood manwhore boyfriends and husbands. By her logic those people should be the happiest couples on earth. And yet we all know they aren’t and they get divorced and have scandals constantly.

But just because a guy is a ‘high value’ male doesn’t mean you will make a good boyfriend or husband in any way. You might be able to drag a millionaire to the altar, but will he actually love you and care for you? Will he be a good husband and dad? Will he be there for you when you’re depressed or struggling or sick and control his urges to fuck other women? 9 times out of 10, definitely not.

No. 1763062

this lol, shes fishing for simps to whiteknight her

No. 1763065

Like all ‘polyamorous’ ppl she keeps going back and forth on the issue because she knows deep down it ain’t right.
She was already in a technically polyamorous relationship and said it made her miserable and how much she wanted to die during. So why is she still pretending to be cool with it now?

No. 1763069

>I don't understand why people who are so unsuited to having kids want them so bad
Welcome to this hell planet nona. Narcs, psychos and other people who really shouldn’t be having kids are breeding like rabbits and caring people with a conscience are opting out because they’re terrified of not being good enough parents. It’s always like this.

Btw narcs absolutely LOVE having kids. A source of supply and validation that’s dependent on you and legally tied to you until they’re at least 18? That’s literally a narcissist’s dream.

No. 1763076

Oh shit, really? I genuinely thought she was 38 or something.

No. 1763084

It’s a combination of self hate, liberalism telling them that rich white guys run the world and are evil (which to libs who are obsessed with power hierarchies and villains/underdogs, makes them seem more attractive) having whitewashed/western focused beauty standards and often not meeting their own cultures beauty standards.

Most attractive people date within their own race because they can get quality people. The types of Asian women you see with white men are often kind of stumpy darker skinned ones with small eyes (or just ugly, like Lan Dao) because they don’t meet their own cultures beauty standards (Asian guys especially tend to be very picky and Asian culture fat shames and complexion shames like crazy, Koreans and Chinese people will literally just say ‘hey you’re ugly/fat/dark skinned’ to peoples face lol).

Meanwhile most white men with yellow fever are face blind autists who get off on the exoticism factor and think all Asian women look the same so they’re not as picky. Same with Indian women who don’t fit their own cultures beauty standards, like Mindy Kaling who is also dating a white guy. Indian men generally worship white women too.

No. 1763087

All of this is to make herself feel better about her lack of accomplishments. The lipstick she wears, the camera she uses, the car she drives, likely has some highly competent women involved in its ideation and production. Women who are nurses, teachers, coaches can have a great impact on the world even if they’re not hiGh iQ.

What has she contributed? Some dopey “would you rather” game cards, when other OF women make merch too? Her writings, that any college graduate could approximate in literacy?

Aella thinks she could sketch a wine bottle label or engineer the filaments for a bulb or write a book or became a statistician bc she’s sooo hIgH IQ but she can’t even import a data set into Python without bitching about it on Twitter. She’s L A Z Y and she has said it herself multiple times. That’s why she needs a moid husband. Other sex workers open businesses and invest in ventures like real estate

Saying women have contributed nothing is a nice way to dishonestly level the playing field and artificially boost herself. Her constant discrediting of academics does the same (yes most of these ppl do fake and gay research but not all)

Even her friend Grimes who she’s emulating (and probably thinks, eh she’s not sexy/pretty like me!) is a talented musician who’s had lots of critical acclaim…..

No. 1763099

This, it's not that women are worthless after 30, it's that the "I just need a hot millionaire Chad!" act gets exponentially less cute as you leave your early twenties. It's for the same reason a lot of fantasy behaviors get less cute with age: most people aren't emotionally stunted and eventually realize that living in millionaire Chad's poly harem is actually a really stupid idea. In other words, I guess, they grow up.

No. 1763112

She’s also had a shit ton of plastic surgery to try and secure a hot rich guy but it’s still not working. Almost like it was her insufferable personality all along.

No. 1763123

Most millionaires are quiet/private and don’t want someone so showy

No. 1763128

This. I’m all for women having standards but she’s the equivalent of a degenerate mid incel coomer who wants a 10/10 tradwife who will do anal and also let him fuck other women. Never gonna happen.

The only kind of moid who would be interested in a relationship with Aella is an actual cuck with an extremely high sperg tolerance, and since she’s so obsessed with status and sexy manly men with ‘social power’ then that’s off the table too.

No. 1763133

Nevermind millionaires. Most men don’t want to commit to a woman who is unironically a prostitute. Would a high value woman commit to a man who is a gigolo? I don’t think so.

And contrary to what Aella thinks, most men definitely aren’t cool with the idea of polyamory, maybe the extremely scummy ones who only want one sided male polyamory are, sure, but who wants to be involved with them?

Most men freak out and bail if a woman suggests an open relationship. They just interpret it as you wanting permission to cheat on them and they definitely wouldn’t trust you.

No. 1763144

‘normal’ and ugly men are already so god damn awful i bet hot rich guys are 1000x worse, maybe not always but usually, give men any kind of power at all and they always abuse it like crazy

No. 1763147

Lol she literally wants a Christian Grey BDSM hot bad boy daddy dom rich CEO who will neg her and intensely listen to her autistic rants while also thinking she is the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the world and control his urge to sleep with other women because she’s so special and unique, omg shes so embarrassing kek

No. 1763154

*AND who will also overlook and accept the fact she used to be a hooker and find her unicycle porn camgirl poop eating past intriguing and deep rather than just trashy and cringe, also must have a 8 inch dick at least, be 6’1 minimum and dark triad 200 IQ master male manipulator but also emotionally support her and make her feel beautiful when she feels unattractive and is having breakouts or meltdowns over people not taking her twitter tranny polls as srs research

No. 1763196

She’d give up polyamory for someone who makes 8 figures tho. She’d give up her freak kinks.

She’s lying to give the appearance of pickiness but it’s already rare enough to find a decamillionaire. She wouldn’t be stupid enough to filter by something as retarded as her kinks when she actually encounters that .0002% of man

No. 1763219

That's the thing, Aella could easily snag a wealthy tech guy who would set her up for life. But it will never, ever be an actual founder/executive type with "similar social power," it will be an awkward spergy engineer whose stock options have paid off, a guy whose autistic brain lights up at "hot babe who's into the same nerdy singularity shit I am" and lacks the social circuitry to compute that "she's a whore playing a character because she knows moids like me are into that." If she had to marry a man like this she would be miserable, and she knows it.

Silicon Valley venture capital doesn't care about maintaining a facade of old-fashioned bourgeois respectability in the way that East Coast finance does, but still, scrotes in that echelon understand that there are standards they have to maintain and that "literal whore who posts on Twitter a lot" doesn't make the cut.

No. 1763226

File: 1675797984663.jpg (132.22 KB, 963x700, Screenshot_20230207-112507__01…)

>"And then I told her marriage was on the discussion table"

No. 1763247

>UHM AKSHUALLY SWEETIE, i was totally dating a hot, bazillion SMV millionaire who was willing to accept the fact I am a prostitute and AKSHUALLY he wanted to marry me mmkay

Okay, so why aren’t you married to him then? Lol.

No. 1763249

File: 1675800164875.jpeg (683.2 KB, 1242x1210, 0A4C52A0-2C34-4455-B25E-6C3340…)

No. 1763251

this is what happens when you don't know or care about science, but you want to appear intellectual, so you're deep in the Science Fandom and surrounded by people who cannot name one single scientist who isn't also a twitter celebrity. Frances Arnold? Jennifer Doudna? No no, she's not interested in BORING science, she means female scientists who care about the real important stuff, like Bitcoin and Transhumanism

No. 1763252

All that plastic surgery and she still looks like a trans Yehudi in the face.

>you would be shocked by how many rich and powerful men are complete degenerates, and how they sometimes fall for strippers 20 years their junior!
Literally nobody is shocked by that though, what point was she even trying to make here lol. Those relationships are generally miserable and loveless and short lived and nobody wants them unless they’re desperate.

No. 1763257

She also must be massively envious of the women Elon Musk arranged as his baby receptacles. Out of all the things those techies would do with her, the least likely is have a prostitute carry a child. That’s why she doesn’t talk about that, carrying a child, despite talking about everything else. There’s alot of dudes who believe or are at least concerned promiscuity and other men’s semen does things to your own fetus. I don’t know or care if that’s true but many in the corner of the internet she courts believe that

No. 1763259

And that’s what she gets for e-popping her pussy for evolutionary psych obsessed rationalists.

No. 1763277

>creepy fuck invents a bunch of fictional what-if scenarios
>for some reason, it all feels like padding to justify posing the Brilliant Scientific Inquiry of "how would I feel about child molestation if child molestation were normal and accepted?"
truly fucking hate this person

No. 1763374

I wonder how her religious upbringing plays into her misogyny. Even if she's a literal shit eating whore, her "role" is still not so different from a Christian tradwife in that both exist to benefit men. In fundie and tradcath circles women are encouraged to be totally subservient to their future husbands to the point where they are "dead" in the sense that they are in a constant state of self-abnegation; they are there solely to suck, fuck, do chores for their owner, and breed more soldiers for Jeebus. Women are not meant to have lives outside of men, and ideally do not have talents or high intelligence. I can see this affecting her worldview, even after she left it.

No. 1763433

Literal smelly hooker, zero maternal instincts, can’t cook, can’t keep a moid around, can’t stop defending pedophilia on twitter.com
>really wants kids
Every single time.

No. 1763434

She does realize egg donors are aggressively screened and are young, healthy, highly educated women who don’t do drugs at orgies every weekend, right? I doubt she could pay anyone to take her diseased polluted eggs.

No. 1763631

Right. What’s the point of ‘leaving a cult’ that teaches women to keep sweet, pray and obey men, when you’re just going to go on to become pickme prostitute footstool for moids anyway?

It’s literally two sides of the same coin, you’re still praying to and worshipping scrotums, just from a different altar.

No. 1763632

they can’t get go of their fundie madonna whore complex. a woman can only be a either a virginal pure tradwife or a raging jezebel prostitute, theyre unable to grasp the concept of female roles existing in between and outside of that dichotomy

No. 1763657

I genuinely wonder how many STDs she’s had.

Are you talking about microchimerisms? Lol. I’m not sure how much of it is true because I don’t care that much to research it in depth, but there is definitely something damaging to the body and psyche about fucking old men for money.

I wonder if having all that disgusting old rotten boomer sperm injected into her body repeatedly has had biological effects on her brain and body. I can’t imagine it’s good for you. If it damages your fetus then I imagine it damaged your cells too, as well as sharing microbiome with old men.

No. 1763727

NTA but I think they meant microchimerism yeah, from what I have researched it is true in the sense that it is possible, just incredibly rare. The way these people interpret it is insane though, there's no biological basis whatsoever to their idea that a microscopic amount of cells from a different person will have an impact on psyche or behavior.

It's so retarded how people into evo psych et al fetishize rationality but act like superstitious savages who were taught some scientific words, you can see how they constantly attribute will, intent and effectiveness to things that have none, like Dawkins with the "selfish" gene meme, they conceptualize proteins and cells as basically evil spirits.

No. 1763746

kek, reminds me of how Grimes believed her and Elon will get married

No. 1763827

Yeah that was me, and that’s the word I was looking for. I’ve seen people in the postrat space talk about this (either skin cell/microbiome mixing but mostly semen and hypothetical effects on the fetus) as the only few downsides to promiscuity.

Hard to believe there’s people in that world who’d look past her history to have her carry their child.

I also believe she’s lying about how few escorting appointments she does now. Professional whores don’t turn down easy money

No. 1763829

Like if it is paid $2000/hr to fuck you and a 2 hour minimum and you have no moral or emotional barriers to it, why did you only take a few appointments a month in 2022? She’s lying to make her body count look lower lol

No. 1763844

The pool of people who want to fuck her for $2k an hour is probably too low for her to do more

No. 1763893

There’s also so many hotter and even more beautiful and discrete escorts especially considering her age and how she doesn’t exercise at all. Not that women turn into dust 30+ but from a coomer POV she just doesn’t have youth on her side

No. 1764029

She's 100% still whoring. She's always being coy and saying shit like "I don't escort anymore, but if you see a woman that looks like me on the escort sites, hire me - I mean her, tee hee!"

No. 1764033

The amount of cope here is wild. She's constantly dropping hints that she wants to marry a rich Chad, have kids, sell her eggs etc., and gets absolutely no bites. Sure rich moids are vile degenerates and have "relationships" with hookers, but they're not marrying these hookers. The male madonna/whore complex is undefeated, and she made the classic mistake of thinking that because coomers will pay thousands to access her holes, they value her in some way. She would've been unironically more likely to achieve her goals as a Christian fundie tradwife.

No. 1764036

All ex-fundies carry the scars of their upbringing, even the normal ones. The most vicious, unreasonable shitlibs are ex-fundies and other people raised by religious nuts. The ideology changes, but the impulse towards dogmatic, rigid thinking does not.
IIRC microchimerism is thought to occur through fetuses. The big mystery was women without sons having XY cells, but this is thought to be the result of either a male embryo that is quickly miscarried(very common, especially before the pregnancy is known/confirmed) or through leftover genetic material a woman encounters as a fetus herself from an older brother/male fetus her mother miscarried. There isn't any semen running around in a woman's body like altright moids think, kek

No. 1764229

How do you know how many appointments she had in 2022?

No. 1764363

It was part of her 2022 round up including how few times she showered

No. 1764373

Another flaw is that a lot of women, myself included, don’t watch porn. The question presupposes that the respondent consumes porn. In reality, what she has found is the percentage of a percentage, and unless she looked into how many respondents watch porn in the first place you could never extrapolate those stats onto the general female population.

No. 1764416

I don’t even think half (50%) of women watch porn in this day and age

No. 1764418

Samefag and if there are women that watch porn it’s like <3x a month. The difference between men and women here is enormous

No. 1764474

What the fuck

No. 1764648

File: 1675980712389.jpeg (540.97 KB, 1242x1218, F127FA69-DAAA-4923-8891-4813CF…)

Turns out the semen of the moids you sleep with can indeed influence many factors in your body.
Maybe this explains why Paella has turned into a horny pedophilic haggard degen scrote, kek.(moid)

No. 1764659

>female Drosophila melanogaster - or fruit flies
Are you a fly nonna?

No. 1764674

This is genuinely junk science if they haven't found something like this in humans

No. 1764694

My friends can always tell when I hooked up with someone because I start looking more like a fruit fly

No. 1764695

what was that screenshot that just got deleted

No. 1764732

fruit flies mate through "traumatic insemination" which literally impales the female's abdomen. not sure how thats relevant and doing the moidbrained "SEE! SEE!" with insects is laughable


No. 1764789

she just looks like she had a million face and body surgeries

No. 1764806

She grouped watching and reading porn together. Makes me wonder if she did it on purpose, not even she can be pornsick enough to assume there is no difference between those demographics

No. 1764865

Sorry but this is cope. Porn is porn no matter how you consume it.

No. 1764867

And the human penis is shaped like a shovel to displace other men’s semen but keep regaling us with fruit fly facts i guess


No. 1764902

Retarded evopsych nonsense lmaoooo. If another guy cums in your girl then unless he’s impotent she’s already pregnant, no amount of digging his cum out is gonna stop millions of microscopic sperm racing to her egg

No. 1765018

Women who read romance books and men who watch women get choked in 4k are indeed very different demographics

No. 1765069

>mentally ill women who watch men anally fist a limp woman and moms reading bodice ripper romance novels are the exact same thing
Moid cope.

No. 1765076

Are you the same retarded moid as above saying "watching a living breathing woman being raped on cam by STI-ridden moids is the same as reading some sex words"? "Evopsych" stands for evolutionary psychology, nothing to do with anatomy, you freezing temperature IQ dingus. And insemination does not happen the second cum reaches the cervix, eggs don't sit at the entrance to the womb with little flags to congratulate the first one to make it there, sperm can remain alive inside a womans' body for days. Even the vaginal pH interferes with insemination. Cope, seethe, shovel other men's cum.

No. 1765086

I am pretty sure that Aella made it purposely vague to get women who read "50 shades of grey" in the same category as men who get off with rape porn.

No. 1765087

File: 1676041537526.png (106.2 KB, 598x643, actual_surveys.png)

Anyway, returning to the main topic of this thread… Aella says that she was about to publish something that was going to show how bad the lifestyle that she has been defending really is but miraculously she found error that fixed it and confirmed her bias.

No. 1765096

File: 1676043478789.png (71.49 KB, 535x643, satisfactionsurvey.png)

More about Aella's consent nonconsent orgies

>Invitation may be revoked for any reason, as petty as it may seem

>Aella says that one time a man invited a woman who wasn't aware of the rules and was visibly uncomfortable
>People wear wristbands to indicate if an aggressor can initiate sex with you without asking
>Wristbands also indicate sexual preference and approved sexual acts
>Sometimes people can't remember the meaning of the color of the wristband or it's too dark to see
>STI testing 6 weeks prior to the event
>Condom use is defaualt but people may opt out
>People can put black tape on their bodies to indicate where you don't want to be touched
>Dossiers are filled out with the name, photo and likes/dislikes of all attendees
>Instructions are read and NDAs are signed by attendees
>Despite all these precautions, some people manage to get into an unwanted situation. Aella blames these people for not paying attention and/or reading the instructions
>2:3 women to men ratio (the vast majority of aggressors are men)
>Aella is accepting donations and new guests for these events. If you want to apply, there is a form you can submit!

No. 1765097

These moids might be here bc Aella forgot to do their custom video requests and they’re mad

No. 1765100

>I run actual surveys
Putting your vapid questions into a google form and launching it to substack coomers /= survey methods. Lord give me the strength not to a-log

No. 1765101

whatever you say, shovel

No. 1765104

File: 1676044421895.jpg (35.01 KB, 438x562, f4KcFS4.jpg)

When did she became camwhoring/having plastic surgery? Picrel is from 2013

No. 1765105

>fully medicated HIV without any detectable viral load is ~zero risk to others and you don’t need to disclose this
This is a crime where I live.
>As an immunocompromised person I have to ask, how did you navigate COVID precautions and safety for this event?

No. 1765108

>Aella is accepting donations and new guests for these events. If you want to apply, there is a form you can submit!
There are humans and animals in need, going through strife everywhere on this planet, but some delusional techbros would rather donate to some sausage fest rape parties. Clown world.

No. 1765111

this is exactly what shes doing. people ITT who are taking her "research" seriously have to understand that the postrat (aella and many others) have a political agenda with their "data" and will readily engage in intellectual fraud to advance it

No. 1765112

File: 1676045180495.jpeg (384.43 KB, 1920x1080, pmXvW93.jpeg)

Found this photo from her gnome post in Reddit https://archive.md/VnZtJ

No. 1765168

Inb4 I get called a moid, but honestly a woman in her 30s still looking for a “rich Chad” will always sound pathetic. You should’ve bagged your Nigel already if that was really your big life plan, OR just grown up and found more fulfilling aspirations in life than being a parasitical harem bangmaid for some greasy tech bro. And it’s especially pathetic when the woman in question spent her entire 20s whoring and eating poop online, while all the normies she despises were getting real educations (not fake “data science research” ones), forming relationships, starting families and all the other things she claims she wants now. But remember, she’s way smarter and more rational than those boring Becky NPCs! She’s the female equivalent of 30-something unwashed scrotes who whinge about “deserving” 18yo virgins. Sorry you’re too ugly and autistic to get what your inflated ego thinks you deserve, have you tried getting a hobby?

No. 1765190

Very true Nonna. and she wouldn’t even need a rich moid if she invested wisely during her peak money earning years. She has been making significantly more money than much of the population for a long time.

She also has encountered many wealthy men through her work. were none of them sufficient? She’s more delusional than the average gold digger settling for someone old, ugly, selfish, knowing that’s the cost of marrying into crazy wealth. Best case scenario is Aella gets everything she wants— a millionaire handsome Chad, and it lasts 2 years. And he forces a prenup that favors his wealth protection lol

No. 1765253

she looks so much like greasy horsey may who is also a pedo and just had a baby with and married ethan ralph… i see her ultimately settling down with someone like that to be honest. she has the looks of someone who would hang in the ip2 crowd, not billionaires or whoever she says she procures young women for.

No. 1765313

File: 1676067637202.png (255.63 KB, 598x948, 1.png)

old archived tweets

No. 1765314

File: 1676067699428.png (34.52 KB, 598x158, 2.png)

No. 1765316

File: 1676067760346.png (128.93 KB, 598x715, 3.png)

No. 1765317

File: 1676067814158.png (286.01 KB, 598x1493, 4.png)

No. 1765319

File: 1676067871967.png (449.64 KB, 598x552, 5.png)

No. 1765320

File: 1676067935077.png (50.47 KB, 598x349, 6.png)

No. 1765323

File: 1676067994709.png (116.56 KB, 598x674, 7.png)

No. 1765327

File: 1676068049689.png (42.26 KB, 521x264, 8.png)

No. 1765328

File: 1676068097375.jpg (122.59 KB, 675x1200, f992db6118f6e8eb276e48a5e196da…)

No. 1765329

how does a woman with autism become a whore? don't autistics have heaps of sensory issues to do with touching and sex and social issues? are we sure she's actually autistic and not just another narcissist sociopath?

No. 1765376

The amount of cope is insane.
I would feel bad for her if she wasn't a disgusting psychopath trying to pimp out her future kids.

No. 1765424

Holy shittttttttttttttt. Crazy how being this much of a disgusting pick me (wanting to be a female cuck) still has netted her a husband

No. 1765433

the shape is likely older than humanity itself, and plenty of other or similar shapes are found in other species.
it's not really all that relevant to us since advanced societies aren't built on perpetual orgies for reproduction.

No. 1765463

No. 1765467

Not bashing autistic women but I have noticed a lot of the more high functioning ones become promiscuous. I worked with autistic people and a lot of the women had to be on permanent birth control because they were always having new boyfriends and trying to have sex with the men at the centre. I think it has something to do with the fact a lot of them don’t care about societal etiquette or rules and they like to do their own thing whatever the cost. But sometimes it leads to negative consequences because they can’t see the bigger picture.

No. 1765469

Imagine going to all this effort just to have a sweaty regretful disgusted nut that lasts 10 about seconds. Absolutely pathetic. These people are so bored and have nothing better to do.

Then again, scrotes rape and murder women and even their own children and risk life in jail or even the death penalty just for a 10 second long coom, so I’m not surprised.

No. 1765487

What kind of centre is it with high functioning people? Sorry I'm not very informed

No. 1765510

It’s basically an adult daycare and learning centre.

No. 1765536

>how I shower infrequently but don't stink
>writes an entire tweet essay that ends with admitting she stinks
We're reaching levels of retardation never seen before.

No. 1765540

this is the furthest i've ever seen anyone gaze into a navel

No. 1765543

when you're autistic the sensory issues can go to extremes of both pleasure and suffering, it depends a lot on your mood going into things but the enhanced reaction to sensory input can make touch/sex feel extra extra good for autists just as much as it could feel really really bad for them. it can really go either way for a lot of things.

No. 1765545


she says she's had sex with 42 people for free which is a lot but seems kind of low for someone in her 30s who's constantly bragging about all the orgies she has.

No. 1765546

This is deranged and I regret reading about it. Kinkfags can die in a fire.

No. 1765554

Surprised she is not friends with Vaush

No. 1765649

She's also a very good dancer and holds parties pretty often. Obviously she has big social circles and her work would not be possible without being sociable. She's really dominant socially and has thousands of people wrapped around her little finger. Those are all things that speak against autism.

THIS IS JUST A GUESS but her past in a fundamentalist christian family, her social dominance, her wanting a lot of attention and fame and all the crude stuff she does like eating poop, holding sex parties, showing off lists of her clients on Twitch or talking about taboo subjects makes me think she might have some dark triad traits and not autism. Her indifference of social tactfulness is sometimes scary. She very likely has ADHD too.

No. 1765656

File: 1676118548314.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1782, D618C3F4-7F85-4FA5-AFF8-2E904A…)

Lol I bet she posted this on 4chan

No. 1765657

Stunning and brave trans women.

Girl on right is her sister, correct? She has the same goofy pudgy face, lack of chin and also the large nose Aella had before the surgery.

No. 1765678

Kek I swear I'm not baiting I just really believe that straight women have zero self-respect.

No. 1765694

Aella is bisexual

No. 1765696

"Bisexual" like shoe0nhead.

No. 1765708

It’s certainly her typing style. Using overly verbose, fluffy “science-y” language to justify disgusting or antisocial behavior is her specialty.

No. 1765742

File: 1676129118498.png (182.83 KB, 593x402, A09726BB-91F3-4B90-AE38-59682F…)

Lex Fridman blocked Meghan Murphy for pointing out that Aella makes Twitter polls and her research are a sham kek

No. 1765745

File: 1676129255551.png (1.65 MB, 1207x3157, collage.png)

No. 1765750

"Sex researcher"? "Psychological studies"? Not again. Call her a researcher when she gets her surveys published in real, peer-reviewed journals. The journals that let you publish your "research" if you pay them don't count.

No. 1765775

File: 1676132102331.png (502.84 KB, 1191x838, collage.png)

Aella is desperately defending herself in the replies. She is receiving statistic tutoring, professors have promised to help her get published and she doesn't need peer review because her Twitter followers are her peers. I almost feel bad for her but then I remember all bullshit she spews and I don't.

No. 1765855

File: 1676138299964.png (20.75 KB, 600x113, Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 17-55…)

No. 1765886

So she gets some professor to polish her "science" and publish it under the professor's and her name, so she can call herself "a researcher"?

No. 1765919

File: 1676143056578.png (95.4 KB, 598x560, aella.png)

No. 1765934

A narc responding to any criticism (yet is desperate for a platform and attention and validation and posts every retarded empty thought)

No. 1765963

the peer review process of academia is "broken" to paella because retarded pseuds cant push their confirmation bias-ridden shibboleth to masses of even lower intelligence scrotes without academics asking questions.

No. 1766019

This is a massive lawsuit just waiting to happen, I can't wait to hear about it lol

No. 1766037

She would never post something like this anonymously, especially not if she wrote it herself. She'd want all the credit to be very clearly attached to her public face.

She and her simps complain about 'midwits' learning about sample bias but she and the entire LessWrong milieu do much worse with how they treat the reproducibility crisis and problems caused by people gaming the peer-review and publishing system as carte blanche to claim they're just as, if not more credible than researchers in the formal academic system. "At least we are politically neutral, we are a grey tribe only interested in rational inquiry".

No. 1766082

smell, crazy, etc.

No. 1766093

she does come off like the female version of that guy who was murdering people and constantly adding them to ground beef he served in lasagna at neighbourhood barbecues

No. 1766098

samefag not joe metheny, the other guy, who was always saying it was some animal he shot, and is still free/was never arrested

No. 1766228

File: 1676177825356.png (65.58 KB, 595x391, eatingchildren.png)

Aella ran a Twitter poll that would interest cannibals

No. 1766231

What do autogynephiliac twitter trannies larping as women detailing their fetishes and bots have to do with science kek

No. 1766234

What kind of deranged mind of someone who claims they want to be a mother one day even entertains the idea of eating a mentally disabled child? This unhinged, foot faced bitch needs to kill herself.(a-logging)

No. 1766240

File: 1676178936124.jpeg (845.11 KB, 1316x1020, B82A0420-C3C2-4BEB-9970-F9FDFA…)

Reminder being slightly grossed out at a weird German brother-sister fucker fetish couple whose 3 previous kids died of serious congenital diseases means you are literally a Nazi and eugenicist who would have been 100% okay with war crimes and genocide of sick people.

Why is it always race to the bottom projection bullshit with these weirdos?

No. 1766245

Wypipo bullshit

No. 1766247

File: 1676179599058.jpeg (184.45 KB, 900x1200, 26BF57AB-56AF-4E59-9AFA-4B26F4…)

Diana Fleischman and her creepy pedo looking ‘sexual scientist’ husband are Jews though.

No. 1766248

>LeT mE tElL yOu aBoUt yOuR sExUaLiTy

No. 1766250

I hate how the term "eugenics" is used nowadays, you could say people essentially perform eugenics every time they select a mate that they have children with if you really want to start arguing that every little thing is "eugenics"

No. 1766256

File: 1676180328339.png (589.09 KB, 791x585, aellababy.png)

Reminder that these people are Aella's friends and they let her have access to their baby, despite conducting polls like these >>1766228

No. 1766257

>le soijak face
>soulless psycho eyes
>’’’’sex researchers’’’’
These ‘people’ shouldn’t be allowed near children

it’s their way of projecting and unburdening their guilt onto others
‘See, you’re actually just as bad as me!’ Just typical narcissist bait.

I was listening to a podcast of Geoffrey Miller and within the first 3 minutes he admits he has narcissistic tendencies.

No. 1766260

File: 1676180540479.jpeg (114.49 KB, 1270x411, 97041390-EFD1-418D-88CD-47DF44…)

These people are even bigger weirdos than Paella, Nona.

Here he is defending cuck fetishes.

No. 1766261

File: 1676180593385.jpeg (173.9 KB, 1301x620, C380E165-17B0-4683-BBF7-4567A0…)

Cucks are actually higher IQ and more enlightened than you btw.

No. 1766265

File: 1676180719470.jpeg (136.62 KB, 689x689, 08FE4299-9167-4C4D-94AC-2658F7…)

I get huge pedo vibes from this dude, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a fellow pedo apologist like Paella.

He’s also another one obsessed with race IQ.

No. 1766266

File: 1676180850837.png (38.53 KB, 594x156, lsd.png)

She was on high on LSD. That explains why she seemed retarded and frantic, more than usually ig

No. 1766276

Pedos always project too, it’s their main line of defense. If it’s a guy who calls them out on being a pedo they’ll claim he is just in denial about being attracted to children and is actually a pedo too. If a woman calls them out on being pedos they’ll say she’s just jealous of younger girls and wishes she could get groomed.

No. 1766497

File: 1676213447684.png (50.34 KB, 595x318, image.png)

she doesn't need academia's peer review process because she has a bunch of simps that will review her work while they jerk off to her nudes

No. 1766525

File: 1676217363061.png (50.66 KB, 595x492, ael.png)

>He’s also another one obsessed with race IQ.
Definitely seems like it.

No. 1766553

the term peer review means more when it's referring to qualified scientists with decades of experience systematically assessing the papers of other scientists in a specialized field, as opposed to here where it means "twitter retard invites other twitter retards to give their input on her twitter polls"

No. 1766568

File: 1676222246502.jpeg (Spoiler Image,476.89 KB, 750x1013, C6A5D762-EF2C-4DAB-9F2F-9EC19D…)

(spoilered because he used one of her nudes as a thumbnail)
Did any of you listen to this? I’m not going to because her pedo and rape talk actually makes me want to throw up and I can already imagine what she has to say about eastern euepoean “models”.
This guy is part of the Austin tech bro sphere and constantly up Musk’s ass, so I’m not surprised he had her on, and since he had actual respected and smart people on, nobody is questioning her, esp after describing her as a sex researcher who does legit studies. his majority male comments look like
>wooow thanks for this awesome conversation
>she’s so interesting and awesome
>I bet they fucked
>I’ve known her for years/from reddit she’s amazing
following a redditor prostitute that long is not something to proudly admit!

Slightly OT but this guy is definitely giving me weird vibes with his wholesome and shy “I just want to find love and I don’t know what a woman is” centrist sapiophile persona while hanging with questionable people, having a girlfriend and not being able to take an ounce of criticism. I wonder if the nonnies in the tinfoil thread have ever talked about him.

No. 1766650

>To be fair, you have to have a pretty high IQ to understand polyamory

No. 1766651

Why is /pol/ always right? God damnit, why?

No. 1766692

He's an odd one. I watched some of his other stuff and I like his calm demeanor so I followed him on socials a while ago, and recently unfollowed. His posts are very try-hard wannabe "deep", constantly mentioning consciousness and things of that nature. It's very cringey, especially posting screenshots of his own tweets to instagram. I think his nice guy demeanor is a bit of an act and he probably has some weird perverse shit going on but I assume that of almost every man kek

No. 1766751

what postrats are trying to do here is normalize inherently contradictory rightoid beliefs. aborting a fetus whose organs are outside of its body and cant live outside a womb = bad. eugenicist death squads and 1930s-era mobs = good. Aella's cannibal poll is a perfect example of this: >>1766228

No. 1766781

Coomer identified. Don't question his porn!!! I'm old enough to remember when openly associating with with prostitutes would end your career and completely deligetimise you. especially for mainstream "intelectuals" like lex. Like seriously, only the most niche and far gone porn addicts would be knowing about these hookers, now we are all forced to know about them and here about how they are actually smart and porn is fun! because males can be openly denegerate with 0 pushback.

No. 1766804

guys who believe in race IQ always send dick pics to 15 year old girls

No. 1766812

It was the same for me, the more I saw, the weirder I felt about him. Someone who is trying so hard to be perceived that certain way must have something to hide and it’s sort of easy to see if you’re not high on his farts.
Just like aella wants to be perceived as the “cool girl” sexy intellectual, yet seems desperate and pathetic on Twitter about marriage and children and doesn’t even know how to navigate the tools needed for her very smart and revolutionary research. This bubble is just jerking each other off in my low IQ opinion

No. 1766860

Oh I know exactly what they’re trying to do nona. It’s extremely obvious and it’s hilarious that they think they’re being subtle about it.

I was reading an article about Jeffrey Epstein and his love for evopsych because he used it to justify his attraction to underage girls and normalize the concept of rape, harems, pedophilia, generally just the concept of moids as a species being a violent coomer rape ape who can’t control their urges etc (they can’t help it mmkay). Geoffrey Miller’s name also dropped in said article.


No. 1766861

They justify being sex offenders and pedos with evopsych lol

No. 1766867

File: 1676253842905.jpeg (524.75 KB, 1242x1006, 93477D05-26EF-4BC3-9F23-EEEE6A…)

These ‘people’ are literally all autistic weirdos trying to make up for a lost adolescence.

They were ugly socially retarded loser geeks in their youth when most of their more attractive and socially successful peers were hooking up going to parties and getting all that stuff out of their systems. These freaks are catching up to it like 20 years later so they just come across as sad old desperate perverts. I wouldn’t care about their boomer orgies if they didn’t insist on shitting out autistic boys that grow up to become pedophiles and school shooters and baby girls they probably pass around and pimp out to all their grotesque friends.

No. 1766869

File: 1676254017325.jpeg (878.13 KB, 1242x1781, 3E61C4D7-F771-4814-AF26-7D71A9…)

This is also funny, he advocates for a Chinese ‘high IQ eugenic ethnostate utopia’.
Because China is totally a good example to the world, top kek my sides.

No. 1766882

Lol he has fuck all idea what he’s talking about. In China even with the one child policy it was always poor low IQ peasants from the countryside who were allowed to breed like rabbits while bourgeoisie intellectual Chinese city folk were only allowed one child.

Also, China’s average IQ is greatly exaggerated. You need to pass an admissions test to get into high school. 70% of China’s workforce has no high school level education.

IQ tests are administered by western NGOs but China is one of the countries that doesn’t allow outside organisations to collect the data objectively. China then gives those tests to students at their best schools and then claims they fairly tested everyone in the country.

The stuff about ‘pure Han’ is bullshit too. China has at least 56 recognized ethnic groups and there is absolutely no such thing as ‘pure Han’ Chinese, any ‘pure’ Han clan members died out hundreds of years ago.

Modern Chinese are a melting pot of different ethnicities who were moved around and encouraged to intermarry with each other, as well as a result of being under non-Han rule rule for centuries and being invaded dozens of times by foreigners (many of whom advanced extremely far into China).

Even the Royal Family members were not pure Han, marrying your sons and daughters off to clan chiefs as part of peacekeeping has been ingrained in Chinese culture for over 2000 years and the last Chinese emperor was a non-Han Manchurian male.

Gotta love when western pseuds have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about

t. Actual East Asian

No. 1766891

All Asians look the same to him, don’t expect faceblind autistic scrotes to be able to distinguish or actually care about different ethnicities and cultures

Kek. Is he on Xi’s payroll?

No. 1766901

not to mention 3 of the most popular celebrities in china right now (who are also constantly lauded by chinese media as the most beautiful people in the country) are literally uigurs…if they wanted china to be a han ethnostate why would they be promoting non han celebrities so hard?

No. 1766908

don't forget that china is like the usa in that there is a big part of "flyover country" in the middle, and a shitload of boring idiots live there. mall losers from xuzhou are the same shit as duckface fat chicks from iowa

No. 1766968

File: 1676267042935.jpeg (817.53 KB, 1242x910, 8A1D201F-0391-480F-AD2B-21B160…)

there’s also at least 500,000 africans living in china (estimated at over a million when including illegal immigrants) and most of them marry and have children with chinese locals. there are also 2 million+ chinese people in africa and many of them also marry and have children with african locals, which is encouraged by their companies and by the chinese government. oh no, there goes the heckin chinese race science and eugenics, whatever shall we do? gotta love these fashy white scrote fantasies that don’t have any basis in reality.
ive seen this miller dude talking about how he’s worried about europe being colonized by black and brown people, sounds like a typical polcuck who can’t stop thinking about black dicks lol.

No. 1766976

I went on Baidu a couple weeks ago and immediately on the homepage saw two articles featuring marriage pictures of mixed race Chinese x black couples. JFL if he thinks the Chinese government isn’t promoting racemixing heavily. Poor wittle cuck Geoffy probably clutching his chastity cage in horror at the fact Chinese aren’t race obsessed purity spiralling ethnically pure Asian Nazis like he wishes they were.
Right, the Chinese government actually allowed ethnic minorities in China to have more kids.

No. 1766994

Wonder how OF whores like Paella are gonna cope with AI porn essentially making amateur porn content from real individual women near obsolete. I mean, soon pretty much any Indian dude with an internet connection will be able to generate endless realistic AI porn of 10/10 women. I guess horseface will have to stick to irl hooking.

No. 1766996

File: 1676269623594.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.23 KB, 360x264, 7195B1CB-D5EB-48D8-88F3-34567A…)

hopefully market gets flooded, content becomes worthless, coomer scrotums wank themselves into a heart attack on all the newly generated porn and young girls stop seeing it as a viable career path

No. 1767003

Not surprised a race theorist advocates for cuckolding. Most cucks are racist, you would have to be to think ‘HUMMINA HUMMINA BIG MANDINGO BBC DICK HNNG PLEASE FUCK MY WIFE TYRONE’ every time you see a black person instead of just treating them normally.

No. 1767007

Honestly weird how she keeps screeching about being personally victimized by research journals lol.

A shit ton of research papers get refused and voided by reputable academic publishers because there were errors in the study or not enough controls, the organisation or research body is untrustworthy or corrupt, sample size is too unreliable, not enough vetting or verification etc.

As far as I know, most data collected from anonymous people, especially online, is generally disregarded altogether. Why is she throwing tantrums over something perfectly logical? So embarrassing.

Bitch. Just admit you had no idea what you were doing by thinking anonymous twitter surveys would ever be taken seriously by any respected journals, and stop trying to blag and bullshit your way to be taken seriously. Start over again, PROPERLY this time.

No. 1767011

Right. When you think about it, most surveys involve samples of a few dozen people, often a few thousand people at most, and these subjects are generally required to partake in the study in person. If publishers were willing to take anonymous internet data seriously then wouldn’t every study technically have millions of respondents?

The only time I’ve seen anonymous surveys taken without question are by rags like the dailymail that have a lewd section talking about how many men the average woman will fuck in her lifetime and how many women have fucked dogs or whatever other coomer fantasy fuel. Nobody actually takes that shit seriously and even the comments are usually mocking the article for being retarded lol.

No. 1767014

nonna you are right but you, she, and I all know her constant screeching will inevitably yield more thielbux and actual researchers being forced to address the dozens of flaws only to receive constant berating when they do. she flat out fabricated vast swaths of "data" but she has degenerate coomers like lex friedman peddling her pedo/bestial/cannibal views to the masses. im tired

No. 1767016

Why are so many Jews suddenly co-opting the chaotic fringe right wing movement? They’re not even doing it ironically anymore, what the fuck is with all the fashy Jews of late.

No. 1767020

I mean, Israel is basically a fashy ethno-religious state that was caught trying to reduce the black population by injecting Ethiopian Jewish women with birth control without their consent and regularly turfs Palestinians out of their homes and floods their neighbourhoods with Israeli Jews to reduce Palestinian numbers in certain areas, so idk why anyone is surprised lol.

No. 1767022

Do you have the receipts on her and Fridman being connected to Thiel? He honestly seems like a weird guy and seems to be financing a lot of questionable people.

No. 1767024

File: 1676272556426.jpeg (264.88 KB, 1242x1418, 73BAB2C2-EDEE-4382-AD70-10EFD1…)

No. 1767025

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but can I get a summary of who Peter Thiel is?

No. 1767026

Literally colonized by Europeans for centuries
Literally a state of colonizers, many of whom are European by both nationality and blood
Jfc this guy is retarded.

No. 1767029

Idk either all I know is he’s some billionaire who used to own PayPal with Elon Musk, calls himself a ‘conservative libertarian’ (whomp whomp) apparently donates a lot of money to republicans and funds certain alt right groups and research bodies. Probably a glowie and spook like all these weirdos seem to be.

No. 1767030

File: 1676273345128.png (207.96 KB, 596x1234, pedophilia.png)

>I am is the most compassionate and caring person in the world because I think about children getting molested obsessively. Clearly, other people are idiots!
This has to be biggest cope ever.

No. 1767033

Tinfoil moment but I took a dive into the fringe/alt right/libertarian right movement a while ago and it’s honestly insane how many of these people are just complete weirdos who are also controlled opposition. It’s at the point where even /pol/ doesn’t trust any of these pundits because so many of them are exposed as working for 3 letter organisations or having sketchy personal lives.

Tulsi Gabbard for instance worked for the Psy Ops division of the US army. ‘Neo Nazi’ Mike Enoch from The Right Stuff/Daily Shoah is part Jewish and has a Jewish wife, there were also boys claiming that they were sexually groomed by older men at TRS ‘pool parties’ that were held under the guise of neo nazi recruitment meetings. Richard Spencer is a fed and gay, calls homosexuality ‘the last bastion of white identity’ and defends children going to drag shows. His personal assistant and IT admin who also claimed to be a Nazi was literally a gay furry pedophile with a history of calling in terroristic threats to conventions, and Spencer refused to fire him, kek. That’s what I can think of right now off the top of my head but it’s an extremely weird rabbithole that just keeps going down and down.

No. 1767034

really REALLY fucking weird how pedophilia is always a huge factor in all of these pseudo intellectual political circles

left or right wing they’re all absolutely obsessed with fucking children it seems(namefag)

No. 1767044

File: 1676275330961.jpeg (452.42 KB, 1242x1100, BB01C520-4D78-4589-96F6-35DC3B…)

Oh and as it turns out, surprise surprise, the people in these circles are also self admitted substance abusing degenerates like Aella.

Lots of people in tech and working for the government do LSD on a regular basis, CIA agents used to be known for spiking each other’s drinks with it at work and it’s socially acceptable now to do with with your work buddies because it supposedly increases productivity.

That ‘neo nazi’ + hacker Weev (who was sentenced to federal prison for exposing government employees registered to AshleyMadison and AFF) said he would do LSD at hacker conferences with guys who were NSA agents and everyone would be tripping. I’ve also heard similar stories from people who work in Silicon Valley which seems to be backed up by hundreds of articles on the topic.

No. 1767046

Lol please make it more obvious you’re lurking, footface.

No. 1767048

How terrifying that a bunch of brain damaged pedophile junkies are in charge of not only the government but the entire tech industry.

Total geek death and tech destruction era can’t come soon enough tbh.

No. 1767049

kek now i understand why commies genocided these pseudointellectual freaks

No. 1767052

Right Paella. Your unhealthy obsession with conceptualising little girls being raped by grown men is totally an expression of your vivid imagination and empathy, and not a vile by-product of your mentally ill, porn, cum and drug addled, worm infested autist brain.

No. 1767056

> >>1745762
>Moids not treating fatherhood as a psychopathic, incestuous "top dog in the sandbox" simulator challenge. Imagine being born just so some expired front pole could live out his revenge of the nerds fantasies or have another attempt at youth. No wonder so many boys are already embittered and paranoid by the time they hit puberty. Their daddies absolutely pack their brains chock full of scorned old lich resentments.

>There's absolutely 0% chance that this moid (like all 2/10 autistic fundie moids) didn't project his own abandonment and cuckoldry anxieties about whores and jezebels onto his daughter. He probably tried to build her to be the "safe" opposite of whatever women he wished he could have all his life. Many such cases

I know this is late but I love you nona. You summed it up perfectly.

No. 1767057

File: 1676276812549.png (721.01 KB, 1189x1430, meghan.png)

>Meghan Murphy tweets at Lex Fridman and tells him that Aella's research consists of Twitter/Tiktok polls
>Lex blocks Meghan >>1765742
>Aella tweets at Meghan's followers to defend her research >>1765775 and spirals while tripping on a LSD microdose >>1766266
>Aella blocks Meghan
>Meghan conducts serious scientific research studies via Twitter poll
>Meghan changes her Twitter header to a photo of a stream with Aella and Destiny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbZpX55kL8A
>Aella is still lurking on Meghan's feed because she likes tweets defending her

No. 1767060

Kek, how fragile can you get, blocking someone who disagrees with you, how pathetic.

No. 1767061

Politics is generally copium for scrotums and any scrote majority movement will always be rife with pedophilia, nona. It’s part and parcel of XY culture, they go together and always will.

No. 1767062

Lmao yeah I’m thinking based.

No. 1767065

As usual, the radfems are right about the trannies, they were right about the pedos, and they were also right about women who are complicit in female subjugation.

No. 1767066

the radfems are always right tbh.

No. 1767069

I love how farmers are genuinely smarter than all of these people combined kek. Honestly have so much love for you nonas.

No. 1767104

File: 1676281680257.png (163.88 KB, 594x552, hornygraph.png)

I feel like she only keeps track of this kind of things to be quirky. What is the measurement on the y-axis supposed to be?

No. 1767118

More importantly does anyone care? Even if you’re autistic enough to make a graph like that, why would you share apart from attention and replies from coomers?

God she reminds me of some cringe religious aspie freak horse girl in high school loudly gushing about giving a blowjob and how exciting it was to the whole class when nobody asked.

No. 1767127

I can attempt to summarize it if nonnas are interested

No. 1767149

Is that you Paella?

No. 1767245

thiel is a gay, far right billionaire who made most of his wealth from acquiring paypal with elon musk. google "paypal mafia" for more of that era. he first hit news when he funded hulk hogan's lawsuit against Gawker for posting his cuck porn out of pure spite for gawker previously outing him as gay. Thiel believes in "sovereign citizenship," lives primarily outside of the united states, yet he heads Palantir which is a corporate spynet he aims to replace the three letter agencies with zero oversight - one such example is tracking your fertility data via separate apps as feed and he aims to send your missed periods to law enforcement. Thiel is linked to Paella bc he funded her to speak at 2019 Hereticon, and he's linked heavily to the leftcows thread here as well. His big political year was 2022 when he threw tens of millions at various political candidates and lost all but one of them kek. TL;DR: >>1767061

fridman had Eric Weinstein (also a guest on red scare) last year which hints at financial ties as Eric is a Thiel Capital goon with zero name recognition

No. 1767263

File: 1676302320876.jpg (Spoiler Image,688.79 KB, 2000x3200, aella devouring her unborn son…)

I had to do this
spoiler for blood / nudity

No. 1767285

look at that photo - not a fat moid in sight. it's making me want to move there too.

No. 1767286

literally i've never heard a woman use the phrase "BBC". ostensibly "straight" white men are constantly thinking about black men's dicks.

No. 1767288

their parents were always shilling them a theocratic ethnostate presided over my males.

No. 1767291

>injecting Ethiopian Jewish women with birth control without their consent
oh nonnny it was more than that. they were straight up sterilizing/tubal/hysterectomy-ing them when they went in for other medical procedures.

No. 1767292

israel is basically a russian colony

No. 1767335

>Eating babies >>1766228
>Tripping on LSD >>1766266
She is talking about herself, right?

No. 1767347

sounds like pedos just figured out the best way to get their way is to install a fascist government full of pedos.

No. 1767350

hey hang on plenty of lazy junkies are not pedos - some people are just digusting drug addicts and i don't think it's fair to paint regular everyday druggies as pedos. for example, i doubt drug dealers in prison are doing much to watch out for pedos in prison
t. a disgusting drug addict

No. 1767351


No. 1767352

now do one of her eating that moid's shit.
she literally eat's men's shit.
that's god-tier pickme.

No. 1767361

File: 1676311005126.png (99.19 KB, 590x558, ethics.png)

Aella continues reeeee-ing about ethics standards in academics research. I doubt that the only difference between them and Aella's surveys is a introduction summary and a simple checkbox asking for people's consent.

No. 1767363

Haunting. Nice job, nonna

No. 1767369

Every utilitarian that attaches itself to EA-adjacent communities thinks dark triad traits are cool and means they're socially competent, and is ok with stating that openly because they believe being EA-adjacent and a utilitarian is automatic proof of their inherent goodness and benign "prosocial" intentions. They get genuinely puzzled when people say that dark triad traits suggest dark triad personality, in their community simply stating "i want the most goodest for the most biggest amount of people" is all you need to do to have your character deemed good.

For such "high IQ" individuals they certain are very averse to pattern-matching!

No. 1767378

>hurr durr AI porn make roasties obsolete
>hurr durr your public life should end because you had a whore on your podcast
Conservatards gtfo, you are not welcome here

No. 1767389

Are you lost hun? We don’t support hookers or other libfem retardation here.

No. 1767405

This is so retarded, understanding what research is out there and existing methods is critical. No wonder her surveys are such trash, she’s never looked at another questionnaire

She’s such a narc she thinks she can’t learn from anyone else. Until she can take and steal their ideas and claim them as hers

No. 1767416

>still tiptoeing around the fact that she fucked up from day 1 by thinking anonymous twitter surveys with no way of verifying if any of the accounts surveyed are even real people will ever count for shit
Kek, shes such a narc.

No. 1767462

Not supporting hookers and saying people should have their lives destroyed for speaking to one are different things, tradtard, the latter is moid and handmaiden "sullied woman" retardation. She is a perpetrator but she is also a fucking victim of misogyny. Tradtards that think they're in good company here just because we dislike trannies need to gtfo

No. 1767489

Go back.

No. 1767510


No. 1767515

Do you know of anyone who's done a legitimate, academic-oriented and minimally schizoposty analysis of this phenomenon? I would love to read some thorough, evidence-backed theories for why this sort shit just keeps happening

No. 1767518

My only complaint is that this makes her look extremely kvlt and badass

No. 1767547

>daily frequency
>0.1 pt scale
>plotted over a 120 day centered moving average
make it make sense
>lit reviews are pointless
>informed consent is pointless

No. 1767576

I am a super serious scientist doing extremely real research. I even go through "peer review" in that I casually ask people I consider my PEERS to REVIEW my work, see?
uh, "ethical" "standards" and "consent?" ummm it's just an internet survey, silly. overreaching much???

No. 1767578

My guess is she did it that way for 1 of 2 reasons:
1. So that people can't easily calculate her body count
2. So that it looks more sciencey and not like baby's first excel chart

No. 1767583

I don't follow this thread but I watched the aella interview with lex and the way these prostitutes talk about their work as anything but what it is, selling your body in the most degrading ways, for the bottom of the barrel of society. Kek. Honestly death to the hookers as well as the coomers. They will bring as many men and women down to their level as they can.

No. 1767584

Yes exactly she’s trying to make her body count and promiscuity look lesser. It’s like when a hooker says they’re very exclusive and prefer to be “low volume.” This graph is actually an insane way to chart frequency data.
Most normal people in relationships having sex 3x a week would breakdown to .4 or whatever times a day.
A moving average chart is like more for price of eggs or gas or a stock price kek.

No. 1767587

File: 1676335206798.jpeg (251.66 KB, 1169x1308, ECE8B888-5739-48ED-A553-76B071…)

“Literature reviews are pointless and stupid but please do mine for me because I can’t”

No. 1767646

She's so fucking lazy. Like the time she "learned" Python, she has to ask her simps to do the work for her. Wow, such a hardworking sex research. Really proving the haters wrong.

No. 1767685

File: 1676347253162.png (118.46 KB, 481x488, intellectualcourtesan.png)

Pirate Wires interviewed her… what a strange coincidence. Aella says that taking nudes gets boring, so AI can replace that. However, AI won't be able to replace the connections she can make with "high-end, very intelligent men" like she does. She is working hard on her grift selling herself as a prostitute for vErY hIgH iQ men.

No. 1767686

kek she's clearly lurking

No. 1767719

Lol yet she says constantly “my body is my income.” But sure a man totally needs that connection and conversation in the 3 minutes before his pants are off during a booking. Hookers don’t even text clients conversationally for free.

Honestly even the worst of moids understand/know one out of every so industry girls can end up being wickedly smart (NOT Aella, but others). She has a low opinion of other women so she thinks being intelligent is rare

No. 1767724

Don't forget that Scott owes his marriage to Aella. He met his wife at one of Aella's infamous sex parties.

No. 1767762

I don't really think it's that hard for an AI to sound like a midwitted woman with narcissistic tendencies.

No. 1767825

File: 1676370821462.gif (406.55 KB, 498x474, E2C1D692-AE4A-4D59-9C53-6E0616…)

>high end intelligent men NEED me

No. 1767862

Source? I find this plausible but had never heard it before

No. 1767863

> I even go through "peer review" in that I casually ask people I consider my PEERS to REVIEW my work
this is the part that made me want to die
what the fuck is WRONG with her

No. 1767866

>mUh DaTa

No. 1767867

these two tweets read like she's got a head wound. they're just fucking insane. completely not sane or sound of mind. what she's describing is lunacy.

No. 1767869

>very high-end, very intellectual man
this isn't an organism that exists.

No. 1767911

File: 1676386889664.png (410.41 KB, 1180x1117, untitled.png)

>Twitter, what do I have to do to find a good husband? Stop escorting and close my OF? Fuck that, a man who can't accept my whorish ways is not worth it. Fellow prostitutes reading this thread, the stigma around sex work is what makes us high demand. Ignore the haters trying to make you leave sex work!

No. 1767917

The Venn diagram between moids who mald about race IQ science and people who possess terabytes of blacked/BBC porn and CP is a perfect circle.

No. 1767923

I mean, Aella uses ChatGPT to write parts of her Substack posts

No. 1767930

>halp how do I husbando
Idk Aella, maybe stop being such a vile pedo pandering whore? Even the most desperate moids aren’t going to choose a hooker who defends pedophilia on main every day to be the mother of their kids. I’d feel bad for her if she wasn’t such a horrible person, she’s completely lost in the sauce. She’s Shaynus with better plastic surgery. Fundies stop fucking your kids up challenge.

No. 1767939

She’s melting down bc even among her extremely biased sample (i.e. people who openly follow smelly prostitutes on Twitter) the majority still don’t want to marry OF whores.

No. 1767960

the funniest part is that she says she is in a great 2-year relationship as a rebuttal of why she doesn't care. if you are so happy, why are you asking randos on Twitter how to get a husband?

No. 1767971

>prostitutes get paid highly because the stigma decreases prostitute supply!
I'm with the anon who said she sounds like a complete lunatic, has she ever set foot outside her bubble? I don't even know where to start with this one, does she really think prostitutes in general are making lots of money?

No. 1767989

And even if he did, I doubt he’d associate with such an annoying unclassy gross foot.

No. 1768040

“We don’t want to get married” >> “how do I find a husband”
no doubt that her boyfriend at the time wasn’t rich so marriage was off the table. All she wants is a whale. What’s more of a turn off being a prostitute, a pedo panderer, addicted to twitter, or a blatant gold digger? Do a poll on that Aella

No. 1768054

>people in successful relationships, how can I be successful like you?
>just kidding! Despite asking for your advice I'm just going to ignore all of it because I'm actually already perfect and you all are wrong!
This bitch I stg

No. 1768058

File: 1676401350370.jpg (58.05 KB, 1080x693, 20230214_110138.jpg)

I took one of aella's surveys for shits and giggles and it matched my relationship to fictional relationships. 10/10 very scientific.

No. 1768116

File: 1676406779411.jpeg (623.81 KB, 750x936, 0F238068-6716-4CA6-BA42-6D40B8…)

hate to break it to you but there are definitely exact male versions of her out there, including the polyamory and defense of prostitution and pedophilia, who wouldn’t have a problem with her views. That’s why she’s looking for a tech industry crypto billionaire, they all tend to be like this.
When nonas here say she won’t find a man, they’ll likely think of a respectable man in their own opinion, but she wants one who shares her views and morals. And is rich. But let’s not underestimate the depravity of men and assume they‘ll all do the “right thing” and not breed with an insane woman when they are the same.

Picrel is what someone who knows her irl had to say about her trying to become a “data scientist“ and finding a rich, influential man.
She‘s a narcissist and gets her ego inflated by others who think college is a waste of time and that’s why she’s neither working hard nor trying to stick to how things are done to gain some type of respect.
Problem is, not everyone who doesn’t go to college is a Steve Jobs genius; she obviously isn’t, but sees herself as one.

No. 1768128

This comment is from the near-cow on KF who believes killing a newborn is no different than abortion and was a gay prostitute…. I don’t believe his endorsement of Aella being child safe. The spectrum of harm to a child isn’t just not molesting them or beating them, but distancing and protecting them when your 16 year old is dating a 23 year old, or keeping strong boundaries (eg not having them stumble upon your dildos or boyfriend #3).

Next point— Polyamory itself and all these strange men around a kid is a form of child abuse and neglect (one of her weird rant topics to fight against) and since she lurks she’ll probably start tweeting about it in the next few weeks

No. 1768132

It's awesome how you can be a data scientist, a researcher and a philosopher all at once when you just stop caring about credentials

No. 1768166

>hate to break it to you but there are definitely exact male versions of her out there, including the polyamory and defense of prostitution and pedophilia, who wouldn’t have a problem with her views. That’s why she’s looking for a tech industry crypto billionaire, they all tend to be like this.

The biggest argument against this is that she hasn't found one yet. If there are so many depraved men with the same views as aella why hasn't she found her prince charming yet? She's been advertising pretty damn loudly.

No. 1768173

she looks 48 and acts like she's 20. that's why no one will marry her.

No. 1768176

that's because you literally will never find a husband if you've ever been a prostitute, even amongst men who visit prostitutes. men will use you, sure, but never respect you because they view you as a literal used object.

No. 1768187

>hate to break it to you
Break what to who? It’s been two years since she posted that and she’s still not engaged, but I’m sure her billionaire tech bro husbando is just around the corner waiting to sweep her off her feet! Fucking kek

No. 1768343

Don’t worry ladies she will totally find a techie billionaire when she escorts in San Francisco in March. It’s not like they would ever want 22 year old models or Neri Oxmans or Lucinda Southworths….

It’s actually pathetic the way Aella is fashioning herself to be like the above women, well rounded and accomplished, without the years of hard work they’ve spent in their fields

No. 1768399

holy shit this about-face is so fucking funny. put this post in the hall of fame.

No. 1768402

agree, the only place the kf cow is correct is that paella will have some researcher simp get her published on his behalf. its possible she ends up childless but it wont stop her from doing damage on lives and careers of others.

No. 1768529

File: 1676458374209.png (124.8 KB, 594x613, pedodolls.png)

As much as Aella likes to tout herself as an intellectual and smart, she falls for any progressive, pedophile apologist stance. If she has a child, they would unfortunately be groomed, predated and/or abused by her or her weirdo sex orgy friends.

No. 1768530

File: 1676458476548.png (87.55 KB, 593x394, childconsent.png)

No. 1768572

ayrt, yes I agree with you about the child endangerment part and should have mentioned he is a creep himself. I was just interested in what he said about her approach to becoming a “data scientist” after she made her way to the fridman podcast.
the bluechecks in her replies are always ugly, I wonder if she cares about that while scheduling her 16th surgery to try to look better. But I do think her being chronically online and oversharing like a teen girl is not very attractive to men who have millions to lose if it’s found out that they agree with everything she says. But then again epstein was a registered sex offender and nobody cared. I just don’t have a lot of faith in men!!
how anyone would openly associate with that is beyond me. If she can question all our current beliefs, why can’t she think a little further to find out why it’s weird for a man do date a child decades younger than him

No. 1768631

one thing i noticed is aella seems to legitimately believe p*dos are retarded, like children with down syndrome who "need another outlet." why does she do this? they are smarter than you aella, and they legitimately want to hurt people:

No. 1768645

idk, maybe it's a defense mechanism and she thinks that if only her own sexual abuser had child dolls or indulged in cp, he wouldn't have hurt her. which of course, it's not true. pedophiles are monsters who take pleasure on hurting children and nothing can placate their urges.

No. 1768661

File: 1676471685476.png (56.73 KB, 602x719, kf.png)

>It’s been two years
It's been THREE years and the high end intellectual rich man hasn't put a ring on her finger

No. 1768682

File: 1676474482525.jpeg (221.04 KB, 1169x1056, 49646E3B-546F-4E29-A6BE-3FD88C…)

Is a pretty happy person >> cries at least once a week according to her data lol

No. 1768711

If she ever has kids, I hope she will bathe them and won't claim that water affects their biome

No. 1768777

She’s probably going to pimp then out to her pedo friends by the time they’re five. I pray this bitch is struck down with infertility.

No. 1768780

File: 1676483665018.jpeg (681.29 KB, 1130x1703, B044968A-796E-410C-82DA-653A04…)

Pedos and incels have been arguing for years that sex dolls and pornography decreases sex crimes based on data from Japan. But despite an abundance of porn and access to sex dolls, rape and child molestation is on the rise in the west, so it’s not applicable.

Pic rel also had dolls of children but he still ended up raping a baby irl.

No. 1768781

Blessed trips, god wills it.

No. 1768788

Have these retards not learnt yet that scrotes don’t just rape women and children for sexual pleasure, but moreso because of the thrill of hurting and terrorizing a sentient being that feels pain and reacts to being violated? If you give a potential serial killer or rapist plushies to cut up or dolls to rape, you really think that’s going to curb his urges of wanting to actively inflict pain on a reactive sentient being like an animal or person? It’s not just about orgasm it’s about controlling a living person and inflicting real pain and emotional trauma on them that is what satiates them the most. Dolls and plushies don’t cut it.

No. 1768794

The fact she’s openly offering herself up as a scrotum sucking footstool who will let you cheat on her and STILL can’t secure a whale. Jfl. Grim.

No. 1768796

Please die.

No. 1768815

Most of her clients are geriatric boomers who probably have kids already and don’t want any more. Or even if they do, their sperm is absolutely rotten and they’re too egotistical to accept a donor while also betabuxxing Aella. So there that goes.

She has some low tier normie Brads and Melvins who hang around and are willing to tolerate her enough to nail her because she’s a readily available ‘coolgirl’ and an easy lay with zero effort required, but she says herself they’re not interested in settling down with her. Her ‘relationships’ are basically bootycalls and fwbs with men who don’t want a future with her. Which is suicide fuel for a normal person, but in Paella’s aspie cope world, men willing to have sex with you makes her desirable and high value and means they care about you, even though men will literally fuck barnyard animals (kek).

Attractive, wealthy, husband material men do exist, but generally, attractive wealthy family oriented men want naturally attractive wholesome women to start a family with, not bogged, plastic, washed up pedo pandering hookers with NPD looking for a meal ticket.

The only guys who would seriously date her are ugly desperate techie dudes and literal cucks, but they’re not ‘alpha’ or masculine enough to give her tingles, so that rules them out too.

Ngl it’s looking pretty bleak for her. My guess is she’ll hold out for a couple more years until her desperate need for narcissistic supply gets too much to bear, and she latches onto the first available cuck that pays attention to her while seething that she ‘settled’.

No. 1768819

She’s dog whistling so damn hard for Elon to let her join his IVF gravy train cult kek.

No. 1768822

File: 1676485373497.png (Spoiler Image,6.61 MB, 1170x2532, 53252E54-4B4D-4308-B7A6-58BEFB…)

An e girl deserving of a billionaire /s

The breast implants look so retarded. She’s quite lucky she has her natural figure and is pale/dark haired enough to attract that subset of men obsessed with porcelain skin— because everything else about her is incredibly mid.

I hope her research institute efforts (which to me sounds more like a branding thing to attract men, not something she’ll put her own money to) continue to be inadequately funded, because times are hard and no one wants money going to extensive research on freaks with a rubber balloon or cuckold fetish. Some things should not be quantified.

No. 1768827

She seems like the kind of chick Indian silicon valley workers would date but since she’s racist she won’t settle for one kek.

No. 1768828

Kek his baby mamas include— a venture capitalist, Grimes, and a successful author. They all share having a roundish, short face and kind of far apart eyes vs Aella’s foot and egg shaped head lol. Not to mention the dearth of skills in comparison

No. 1768829

Samefag, her body count is way too high for them. She’s really fucked.

No. 1768834

She's white they'll make acceptions for her. Men only care about that when it's a woman he isn't that attracted to, but still wants her for her bangmaid potential.

No. 1768835

File: 1676486393776.jpeg (45.29 KB, 500x500, 96C7FBBE-C783-42C6-BF5C-6F7331…)

her face is so damn retarded looking lol her eyes are so dead and close together and she has a face like a penis.

also. mirror selfies tend to make your face look shorter than regular selfies, so the fact her face still looks like a sideways on frisbee is concerning. no wonder no moid wants to be seen next to this lurch looking freak irl. dopey dory looking bitch.

No. 1768836

Incel phenotype + so many filters she’s coming apart.

No. 1768837

Marilyn Manson on HRT.

No. 1768838

File: 1676486640461.png (521.38 KB, 596x1131, valentines.png)

Tell me you are desperate without telling me you are desperate…

No. 1768840

Ethnic cultures tend to really look down on promiscuity, to be honest white men are the only guys really cool with a woman being a hooker. I don’t think even Rajnesh would want her for more than 15 minutes.

No. 1768841

Only in America where everyone weighs 400lbs would this mule ever be considered hot, sorry. I’m European and find her incredibly ugly with an average body, but I understand people who aren’t landwhales are pretty rare in that states and just not having a BMI of 40 instantly makes you a 7/10 there lol. Even fruit pickers and convenience store cashiers here would mog her to suicide.

No. 1768844

She would never date an Indian guy, she’s still waiting for her 200IQ 10/10 billionaire Christian Grey CEO daddy dom to sweep off her feet.

No. 1768845

Yeah she doesn’t seem like Elon’s type whatsoever (apart from being a retard)

No. 1768848

i dont doubt there are men out there willing to marry prostitutes, but in all honesty how many hookers do you know that are in good relationships with high value men?

No. 1768849

File: 1676487809659.png (124.89 KB, 637x574, chessstrategy.png)

FYI So8res is Nate Soares, a guy Aella started dating after making an application form, tallying up the results and he came up as the person with the highest score:

>Nate and Aella rented a 3-day Airbnb for a first date
>Aella wasn't attacted to him but slept with him anyway on the first night
>Things felt stilted until the third day when they managed to have a connection
>Their second date lasted 1 week
>Their third date lasted weeks
>For their fourth date they moved in together for 3 months
>Around 2.5 months later, they figured out it wasn't going to work out

No. 1768853

File: 1676488010552.png (533.04 KB, 583x493, nate.png)

No. 1768860

So another 6 month fwb failo and nothingburger.