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File: 1646037071889.jpeg (2.96 MB, 2924x4096, FGo2ktmWYAQN2px.jpeg)

No. 186571

Temporary video game thread till the real thread returns.

Elden ring came out a few days ago, have you been playing it? Personally having a blast.

No. 186574

I try to platinum Horizon Forbidden West before I buy Elden Ring…
HFW is amazing and I relly love it so far..

No. 186575

File: 1646044241750.jpg (106.25 KB, 1200x800, 2022_TWQ_Savathun_Compressed02…)

Elden Ring looks amazing and I'm looking forward playing it someday in the future but right now I'm completely immersed in Destiny 2, Witch Queen expansion is excellent and I feel like I could spend all my awake time on the grind. Wish Bungie didn't mess up Gambit though…

No. 186577

Not really into dark fantasy or action games that are all about killing bosses, so don't care about Elden Ring.

Loving Destiny as always though. Only a few missions in to Witch Queen, but the new areas are so pretty. And Crow was really cute in the season cutscene.
Just annoyed that once again you don't get to see your characters face. I wish we had photo mode.

Also watching a Starcraft LP while I grind, and even though I played this back in the day as a kid with cheats I don't remember the story at all. But I think I'm developing a crush on Jim Raynor…

No. 186578

Kek I'm so bad at Elden Ring. I'm used to Souls game but this one feels weirdly more difficult, thought it was going to be the contrary because it's open world, but I SUUUUUUUCK. Took me so many tries to beat Margit, had to go get the binding item + summon and I still struggled.
Anyway I love it

No. 186587

I'm re-playing Trials and Tribulations. I had forgotten how hateable Dahlia is. I already hate her for hurting Phoenix like that and trying to murder him, I know I'll hate her even more at the end of the game. Also, Mia is the best

No. 186596

File: 1646082911437.jpg (40.07 KB, 474x266, whos lila.jpg)

Has anyone here heard/played Who's lila? I haven't played the game, but I'm watching a playthrough of it. The story is very interesting

No. 186598

To this day I still don't know who's the most messed up between Dalhia and Kristoph. Imagine the amount of mental illness if these two ever had to interact together in a game, too bad one of them is dead.

No. 186605

I'm playing, it's good I like it. I have most of the endings, still need 4 I think. Obviously inspired by David Lynch, it's super nice to see an actually good indie horror game. I'm so tired of these fucking PT or FNAF clones

No. 186612

Looks very interesting. Too bad I can't play anything right now.

No. 186619

it's really weird to see everyone talking about elden ring. I know it probably shouldn't seem weird, but I've seen video games getting released in the past and unless it's part of an already well established series like fallout or something people don't really talk about them outside of gaming communities. that being said I've been seeing literally everyone talking about it, even people I follow who hardly ever talk about video games. it's weird. successful marketing I guess.

No. 186622

love the Gameboy camera look

No. 186623

Dark Souls hasn't been obscure in a while and Elden Ring is basically a new Dark Souls. Also they somehow got GRRM involved even if it's probably in name only.

No. 186625

I didn't know that about GRRM. and yeah steam even pitches it as being "souls like" lol, I guess that's why it's so popular

No. 186626

To me it's exactly like Dark Souls but in open world. I knew about GRRM but so far I don't see any kind of deep plot story showing it

No. 186641

File: 1646148922941.png (207.55 KB, 605x823, Re-Reckoning_Fatesworn.png)

I've only played the original Kingdoms of Amalur on my 360 but I saw that they made a new dlc for the remaster/Re-Reckoning. Has anyone played the dlc and is it good enough to make one buy Re-Reckoning?

No. 186652

Are there any Swede anons here? Can you recommend me games that have Swedish dubs?

I've already used Google and only found a few games (The Longest Journey, Generation Zero, some Ubisoft ones) but I was wondering if you can remember maybe games that you used to play as a kid and they were in simple Swedish

No. 186654

I've been playing Elden Ring, and I'm really bad at it. But I'm still having a lot of fun.
I've never played a game like this. I'm used to games like Stardew Valley, Mario Games, The Legend of Zelda lol This is a whole new experience for me, but I'm enjoying it.

No. 186657

>I've never played a game like this. I'm used to games like Stardew Valley, Mario Games, The Legend of Zelda lol This is a whole new experience for me, but I'm enjoying it.
Me when I played a Metal Gear Solid game for the first time

No. 186658

I’m a Swede nonnie! I used to play (and still do) only in English though. I think there was a Harry Potter game I played as a kid on PC that had a dub. Then there was a quiz game called Buzz that had a Swedish dub that I played as a kid. Other than that, I feel like most games might have Swedish subtitles but rarely a dub, as you know we’re not a country that dubs things often.

I did a google search and found these games that have a Swedish dub (most of them are games for kids with simple English):

- Crash Bandicoot: Crash of the Titans
- Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant
- Diablo 1
- Disney Infinity
-Heavenly Sword
-Little big planet

Here’s the link (They have also listed Swedish subs)

No. 186659

I bought this game last summer and played it for a few hours and then forgot about it, which happens to me a lot with plot heavy games. I plan on going back to it at some point, it seemed like a pretty good game. Sorry this answer isn't very helpful.

No. 186676

i am reposting from the dumb ass shit thread: i used 5 different ip addresses just to retake the sims 4 survey that was sent out (because the wedding stories pack is literally unplayable and they have to do some form of damage control) so i could send them increasingly unhinged hate mail 5 different times. fuck ea.
also here is the survey if any simmers want to take it and go full throttle a-log on ea: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6629187/NON-BUYERS-survey-GP11
i don't think anything will get done from any of this. but it was great to let off some steam that's been building for eight fucking years in regards to this shit game.

No. 186691

I'm surprised that I'm enjoying it because I really do not like open world games. Though a few of the main bosses in this one compared to other Soulsborne entries are a genuine pain to fight. Other than that, it's quite nice! Especially the exploration - too bad it doesn't reward you much for that… unless it's like the odd golden seed and/or sacred tear.

No. 186692

Did the survey too nonnie. It makes me so sad how sims has lost its heart to shareholders. I bet sims 5 will have straight up microtransactions.

No. 186702

Stop buying the fucking game.

No. 186710

You really think lolcow users are buying a shitty game that costs well over a full month's rent just to have the full experience? You are a silly goose. I'm betting most Sims 4 players here just torrent it.

No. 186712

Thanks anon. I stopped playing the sims 4 two years ago but heard about the wedding fiasco. EA fucking ruined the franchise. No packs have any soul. I’ve been playing the sims 2 and sims 3 again instead. I’ll write them something unhinged too. I’m just so disappointed.

No. 186716

Why did people start playing The Sims 4 in the first place? lmao
This was obviously going to happen

No. 186722

I remember being a kid and eagerly anticipating the next sims 3 expansion pack. It was such a big deal. And despite how poorly optimized the entire game was and how laggy it would get on the average pc, it had so many things to do. I'm not gonna lie and say that the sims 3 was a masterpiece, but it was WAY more fun and full of soul than the nonstop cash grab shit packs that the sims 4 team puts out every fucking month. It's so sad. I still play sims 4 regularly (a cracked version with every pack except for cottage living and any packs after that) and if I think too hard about it I'll just get pissed at how ea wasted such a great build-buy and cas mode on such a steaming pile of shit.

No. 186725

Tack tack nonna!!

No. 186736

I want to discuss some aspects of the game.

What exactly 'the Empress'? ,as in the the boilder room you see when strupnev dies. It seems to be another 'demon' (the same as lila) since it also feeds on human (which in turn is a metaphor for meme, since lila/memes in general need ideas to survive, suggesting that the empress is also capable of being a tulpa). Lila calls the empress her mothe in the interrogation room since the empress also says that she's 'such a naughty, naughty girl'. This is a little strange because it's implied that Lila is Lillith (or maybe she's 'the first meme', and is using lilith as an example? idk)- so it makes the relationship between the Empress and Lila a bit strange

Also, what do you guys think is the weird demon face you see once you encounter the stranger in the other world (in the Emporer Reversed ending)

Also, I feel like there's signifigance when she calls Father Lawrence's goons/cult victims 'worms'. God ,in the Bible, keeps on calling notable figures 'worm's. Idk what it means though

I have no clue what 'the prince' means, the mispelling on the carrd explaining the cult, or what the mirrors mean

No. 186755

I can't believe they haven't even posted a generic apology yet. They paid a bunch of popular streamers that hadn't streamed the sims before to shill this pack too.
I agree with >>186710 but the amount of people I've seen saying they bought the pack knowing it was buggy just because of the world + cas items is crazy to me.

No. 186757

I stopped giving EA my money when they came out with an expansion pack to an expansion pack. The main attraction of this expansion pack matryoshka being… hamsters. We should have known 4 would be this bad when there were no pools or toddlers in the base game at release. I think a large part of the Sims demographic is older gamers who’ve been playing since the first game came out, have more disposable income, and don’t know how to torrent.

No. 186759

File: 1646261837212.jpg (281.83 KB, 1920x1080, 20220226181324_1.jpg)

i love love LOVE elden ring. ive been autistically thinking about it every day since the reveal 2 years ago, and its finally here. i was worried about the open world aspect but they did such a fantastic job.

No. 186760

congrats on having the most generic opinion about the sims possible. i swear i read this exact fucking verbatim post in every sims related forum. why dont you go sperg on the paralives patreon and leave us all alone you are so boring

No. 186762

you wasted your time, i have done the same on surveys they put out in the past and it never matters. ea is too big of a company and even if they do honestly want to listen to feedback, they are such a large corporation that they will never do anything quickly. maybe your effort will help make the sims 6 a better game but dont hold your breath

No. 186763

nta but I bet Paralives is either gonna end up falling apart before release or it's going to release and be disappointing. the Parapeople or whatever look so ugly.

No. 186765

I'm so excited for Wayward Realms, it looks really cool. I hope it lives up to the hype

No. 186769

This. Although pirating the game may not be as easy as it has been. Codex quit and anadius is Russian. Not that video games are important in what is going on but it's something to consider.

>I think a large part of the Sims demographic is older gamers who’ve been playing since the first game came out, have more disposable income, and don’t know how to torrent.
I doubt this. EA has burned it's former demographic that enjoyed the previous games and turned the sims into a sim self wish fulfillment simulator

No. 186771

When did codex quit? I’ve got the version just before this buggy one and it says codex. Boggles me how much some people spend on this one game with all the packs and payed cc too

No. 186772

No. 186786

Sorry I hurt your feelings and made you read those three sentences x
Fair point, I'm just going off women I've known at work etc whose only games are Minecraft/The Sims/Stardew Valley. They generally don't get every expansion pack though. Maybe nobody's paying for The Sims and that's why they make so much shit.
Has anybody tried the FitGirl repacks? I've stuck with anadius for years but didn't know he was Russian.

No. 186805

File: 1646282361853.jpg (59.02 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

so you collect maidens? sounds like the typical faggot GRRM shit

No. 186833

no kek

No. 186864

A Short Hike is pretty cute and fun and I really really love how it looks but the way the characters speak seems 'off' to me, I don't know how to describe it
Kind of Undertale dialogue?

No. 186973

I don't wanna be that guy (it's just a figure of speech don't read it wrong) who is like "back in my day…" but I can't believe how much worse this new game looks, it's 12 years younger, but just because the animations are not good it looks so cheap. I feel like it's the same in a lot of modern games, interacting with other characters, fighting them, never feels like we are fighting, more like they are big clay statues and any movement they make is not deliberate. I never realized how important animations are for a videogame.

No. 187041

Do you guys think someone who doesn’t really play mmorpgs could enjoy Elden Ring? It looks fun from the YT videos I’ve seen and everyone makes it sound fun. I guess my biggest concern is the in-game pressure to be really good from other players

No. 187051

File: 1646410723711.jpeg (75.66 KB, 529x471, 6DD2C608-3432-4AED-8E22-21AB4A…)

Had an autistic argument with a friend on the new Pokémon starter Fuecoco. Tell me nonas, do you think he’s based more on an apple or a chili?

No. 187054

I think he's shit.

No. 187056

I'm playing Elden Ring, and I've never played this kind of game before. I have zero experience and I am shit at it. And I'm still having lots of fun playing it.
I think that as long as you enjoy a challenge and are not the type to rage over not being instantly good at it, yoh will have fun with it. When you finally beat an enemy you feel real accomplished lol

My only advice is to start with the astrologer class. Having the ability to attack from a distance is helping me a lot.

No. 187058

definitely think he's supposed to resemble a chili, they already did an apple pokemon line in sword and shield

No. 187059

File: 1646416258083.jpeg (442.78 KB, 1431x2048, 0599726A-6E5E-4149-9F49-2E179D…)

I miss the cute apps 3Ds had, like the cute mail girl in picrel. The switch is great but it lacks a lot of personality. Why do we still have only two themes? I also hate switch online, I miss when it wasn't seen as the norm to have to pay for a service to play with friends.

No. 187064

I hate the Switch online thing too, I got myself a subscription for a year with a huge discount because I accumulated a lot of gold coins, I played ACNH and Pokemon Shield online a lot and I made sure that the subscription wouldn't be automatically renewed.

No. 187067

File: 1646418401487.jpeg (42.56 KB, 320x318, 1643675475739.jpeg)

No. 187074

File: 1646422408849.jpg (55.7 KB, 720x1304, FB_IMG_1646421866731.jpg)

Your on your own adventure but if you do need help you can summon in someone, or if you like PvP there's invasions. It's pretty casual there's no real pressure from others in-game so don't worry about it. I used to be in the same boat.

It's difficult in some areas, but fun! And as >>187056 suggested go with astrologer for the distance.

No. 187077

File: 1646423186040.gif (22.05 KB, 150x160, 1605568765362.gif)

You couldn't even contradict me. You know I'm right. An ugly pokemon is an ugly pokemon, period. Here's the superior crocodile starter.

No. 187082

File: 1646425487248.png (73.02 KB, 500x234, 1636413890151.png)

No. 187083

File: 1646426563970.gif (567.72 KB, 500x500, 3F0507AC-6072-4FA6-AEC5-4883D7…)

I hope that my preorder of Rune Factory 5 comes early, it's my ultimate no life series. I can easily dedicate hundreds of hours of my life to each entry and feel like they were time well spent. Only problem is it coming out around the same time as Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

No. 187095

File: 1646435858432.png (34.73 KB, 259x192, 584309750332.png)

Me too, the English release has been pushed back so many times and I'm over it, I want it now. I know games in a similar vein like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley have gotten really popular and I'm glad for that, but they just never measure up to RF for me. At least I have Horizon Forbidden West in the meantime.

No. 187100

lol I agree. As a pokemon, its design sucks. If it were any other franchise perhaps it would be a cute monster design.
Also why a chili pepper? Aren't those originally from the New World AKA the Americas?

No. 187102

I'm currently playing the remastered Crash Bandicoot trilogy and I swear this is the hardest game I've ever played. I can't remember the last time I spent this many hours on the same level just dying over and over.

No. 187161

It's not an MMO at all. I'm sure you can play it solo only.

No. 187176

File: 1646469119986.jpg (442.89 KB, 882x921, 20220304_120339.jpg)

I have the choice between buying a gaming mouse (have a real trashy one now) and an Xbox controller and can't decide. There's Elden Ring and my console game backlog, but a friend also wants to get me into FFXIV and I think I'll really like it.

No. 187196

File: 1646476467971.jpg (77.74 KB, 540x620, patches.jpg)

Not MMO, you can play it solo. I don't know what you mean by "in-game pressure" since I never co-op but imo the Souls game community changed a lot, I remember not wanting to play any of them because of the community pushing them as impossible "Die and Retry" games instead of saying they were fun and challenging.
I think Elden Ring is a nice introduction to Souls games because of the open world thing; offers you the possibility to go do a bunch of cool things when you feel stuck and underleveled.

No. 187208

I swear one of the Destiny devs was playing Genshin or Warframe when adding these new mechanics haha.
It really feels like there's more little puzzles in the story quests.

No. 187218

Gameplay director for witch queen campaign was a raid mechanics designer before (for The Last Wish I believe), raids have always been far more puzzle-y so this change with him taking the lead makes a lot of sense! And he will be the director for the future expansions too, which is great since gameplay wise diversity of mechanics and story flow in WQ is better than in any expansion before.
Though of course I'm sure devs at bungie pay VERY close attention to games like Warframe since they're such close competition.

No. 187270

File: 1646515974071.png (489.27 KB, 796x519, 035B2F74-A4E0-4485-A1C7-F8D395…)

I want to read Steins Gate purely because I really like what I know of Kurisu and I'm interested in her, but then I see shit like this and I question if it's even worth it. Any nonnies here read it? Is it a rare case in which the anime is better than the VN?
"I-I've always been a girl!"
Sir you have a dick and balls

No. 187273

File: 1646516012010.jpeg (115.8 KB, 796x1198, F8D5FC63-9457-46F4-B1B2-787CD5…)

Samefag, but there's also this garbage.

No. 187275

I read it when I was 16 and even then I found it to be a watered down SciFi lol. Kurisu is sadly played off as a wish fulfillment waifu

No. 187277

Also for context this scene is after they change the timeline by sending a message to his mom to eat more vegetables… Because they heard that can increase the likeliness of birthing a girl. So in the new timeline he was born female, but when Okabe has to fix the timelines he has to undo all this lmao

No. 187278

Who is this character and why does he talk like a developmentally delayed child?

No. 187299

The anime is better than the VN imo. On top of the VN being tainted by coomer trash (as many popular VN are) I hate the author's writing style. It's a decent story with shit execution that the anime manages to make tolerable.

No. 187322

It's awful, the few interesting sci fi parts were rare and you had to trudge through typical anime bullshit for eons to get a morsel of it. Talking about tedious as fuck dialog with serious Jap uwu cringe.

I wasn't even surprised when I first read this part. Idk how anyone has him as a husbando he is literal shit tier character and ugly too

No. 187323

It's sorta neat in the smaller quests/exploration, but I actually don't really like puzzle boss battles in FPS games, it breaks the flow?

Anyway, I am actually really annoyed that they bothered to redo the character faces, and then haven't bothered to show them in a cutscene since. I had a spare chara slot so redid my guys to replay Forsaken/Shadowkeep and they look good in those scenes so it's a bit of a waste…
Also the 'Witness' looks like a damn Pixar villain absolutely terrible and clashing.
Environments and music are still great at least. I'd love a whole game with those pyramid aesthetics.

No. 187341

File: 1646564353962.png (499.42 KB, 590x627, Capturewq.PNG)

I see what you mean, but apart from the raid for me it's definitely not too puzzly. The raid though, as much as I love the aesthetic, the main puzzle mechanic is SO frustrating I don't know if and how I'll ever beat the thing.
Fucking Witness, I feel like people must be withholding expressing an opinion about him because yeah, that design is such a lackluster. I loved everything about pyramid aesthetic and The Witness too… until they showed his face. What are these anime eyes, whyyyy. I feel like they could've just made his head that cluster of faces that is above his actual head, at least it would have some interesting vibe to it instead these awful huge cartoony eyes. I'll actively try to forget about him at least until next expansion. Glad to see someone agrees with me here though
I didn't even know they redid the character's faces, been sticking to one guardian since d1. I'd say it must indicate they intend to show the face eventually at some point. With all the ongoing seasonal activities, maybe in some cutscene there along the way?

No. 187344

File: 1646566048655.jpg (182.84 KB, 801x534, warlock compare 4.jpg)

Yeah they changed the models with Beyond Light. And ever since then you've had your helmet on in every cutscene. I think they just got lazy because being in the tower it seems most players just keep the helmet on at all times anyway.
But my Warlock is so cute, and cutscenes are the only way you can get a good close-up look at their face.

No. 187359

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohh handsome

No. 187365

Are there any cute boys

No. 187371

Those games only have eldritch horrors, tincans and some cute girls.

No. 187373

All the characters sound like they spend too much time online, it really bothered me when playing it. Other than that, fantastic game.

They changed the physics in the remake which made it a lot harder than the originals were. There was a lot of angry discourse around the topic when the remake first came out. Tbh, the originals still trump the remake in every way, even graphically. The art style in the remakes is ugly. Don't even get me started on the spyro remakes….

No. 187387

Okay but are the tin cans and or eldritch horrors attractive ?

No. 187397

"cute girls"
go away tranny

No. 187402

Eh that depends on your taste. There are always someone who find the weirdest characters attractive. I'm not far into this game but I don't expect any typical hunks/bishies.

No. 187423

>every lesbian is now a tranny
Some of you are mentally ill

No. 187473

File: 1646608027179.jpg (187.36 KB, 1112x1068, Untitled.jpg)

"cute girls" is a dogwhistle for pornsick coomers (trannies)

No. 187486

I'm sad the eShop for 3DS/2DS and Wii U is closing. Any games you nonnies getting before it's over this month?
I decided to go through my wishlist and buy games I've wanted that I otherwise won't be able to get again. I got several of the really old Pokémon games but I hate that they never put BW/B2W2 in the eShop. I also wish they would just put discounts on the whole eShop since it's closing anyway. I want Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, Detective Pikachu and Luigi's Mansion but I'm not paying full price for such old games. And of all the games I got, Tomodachi Life might be my favourite. I should have gotten this game sooner, reminds me of The Sims and Animal Crossing. Wish this was brought to the Switch instead of them making whatever Miitopia is.

No. 187501

File: 1646620235376.png (1.89 MB, 990x970, 42.png)

anyone play ffxiv on crystal/zalera? i have no friends
if you're still deciding, i'd say get the controller. i have small hands and can still manage with hotkeys fine, it's a little tight for higher apm jobs but the controller is more worth it if you don't have one yet
i'd suggest just hacking your 3ds, it's really easy and you can get exclusive games too

No. 187502

put homebrew on your 3ds and download .cia files of those games for free. google 3DS hacks and hShop.

No. 187508

Stopping saying something just because trannies say it is submitting to them. Be a handmaiden elsewhere.

No. 187512

Hack your console and do homebrew/emulation. Come on anon, be a pirate.

No. 187529

File: 1646640563366.jpg (64.81 KB, 1000x1000, 210803140602500301900004K.jpg)

>if you're still deciding, i'd say get the controller. i have small hands and can still manage with hotkeys fine, it's a little tight for higher apm jobs but the controller is more worth it if you don't have one yet
Thanks, nonnie! I decided to go for the controller, do my souls game backlog and then buy a red dragon MMO mouse over summer

No. 187530

I got a ps5 and have no games for it except Ff7 remake. I’ve heard a lot about Horizon Forbidden West being amazing on the ps5. What’s your opinions about it? Also, would I have to play Horizon Zero dawn to understand it?

No. 187537

I am currently 60??hours and in and I enjoy it. They give you a short recap of HZD at the beginning, but having played is a plus, but not a must.

No. 187542

File: 1646656525216.jpg (198.29 KB, 1280x720, yakuza_4_hd_tanimuras.jpg)

What happened to his previous voice actor was absolutely unfair and bullshit but I still think he looks hotter after the remaster makeover.

No. 187547

File: 1646661888833.jpg (158.04 KB, 1239x694, Untitled.jpg)

where? these look like deformed children

No. 187548

File: 1646662129896.jpg (71.59 KB, 800x450, elden-ring-boss-fights.jpg)

Sorry to disappoint, I meant they're cute compared to things like this.

No. 187550

i don't really find warped lolicon-pandering faces cute but aight

No. 187553

I usually like anime stylization, but their mouths are too small here, kinda look like aliens.

No. 187582

Sounds promising anon thanks!

No. 187626

File: 1646684480585.png (1.29 MB, 1700x2200, yfo4dg9hin171[1].png)

>that helmet on the ground
Reynauld… didn't make it?

No. 187690

Two Point Hospital is addictive fun but stressful as hell. I really love autistic silly management games like that. I'm excited for Two Point Campus!

No. 187693

Looks cool, makes me feel nostalgic for clocktower games

No. 187725

File: 1646714477693.jpg (167.98 KB, 1920x1080, Altus-Plateau-Merchant-Feature…)

No. 187791

Am I crazy for not wanting to hack my 3DS? Lmao maybe I'll do it if I feel desperate for the games but it's a last resort for me. Idek why I feel this way, couldn't explain it.

No. 187807

I get you, it feels like it would lose that "original" value. I'd rather buy some cheap used 3DS and hack it than my own because it holds a special place for me.

No. 187986

File: 1646800312907.jpg (160.64 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_mn95nnLFgz1sqqv8wo3_128…)

Alright nonas, I need to know what the glitchiest version of Skyrim is. I literally have no other desire to play this game unless there are stupid glitches in it, pls it makes me laugh so much

No. 188043


No. 188137

At times it feels like I’m being punished because other players chose to make weird looking characters to play with. I truly do like how my characters look like.

No. 188388

Katamari is a fun game, I keep having that one song it plays stuck in my head with the really cute sounding singer

No. 188473

File: 1646932495533.jpeg (223.62 KB, 640x1056, FDDC089C-13B0-4388-8E1E-9F93A5…)

What Does This Mean

No. 188476

File: 1646933161453.jpeg (115.58 KB, 960x540, DD1C932D-20EF-4287-9E1E-E65E66…)

It’s an old meme.

No. 188905

I think playing thousands of hours of skyrim over the past decade has truly ruined my ability to play other games

I used to not have much of an issue starting new games, it was always a bit slow and boring for me until I got after the starting stage and got more invested in the game, but I seem to be having a really hard time doing that anymore. I recently bought dark souls and fable when they went on sale, which are games I've been wanting to play for ages but haven't even started them yet. it's almost like I can't care about stories anymore, I just want some kind of game where I can run around slay giants, sell my potions, get gold and decorate my house or whatever, instead of investing the mental energy in new quests and a new world. which is honestly weird because I don't like sim type games, and when I play skyrim I almost play it more like a sim. I think it's maybe because with skyrim it's so easy to self insert and takes less mental energy. that or I play kid's games like spyro or sidescrolling games that are just really easy.

I really wanna replay the first dragon age at some point because it was one of my favorite games of all time, but I don't know if I have the attention span anymore.

No. 188911

File: 1647077131716.png (14.17 KB, 321x441, cantrunshit.png)

aargh gaming-related vent: I recently bought a new computer but went cheapo on the graphics card and can't run shit other than early 2000's and late 90s games. I tried to run the Resident Evil 0 HD remake yesterday and while the game looked sharp and gorgeous, it was lagging like mad and was like watching a movie in slow-mo. And I just realized that most 'Can you run it' sites lie/are inaccurate about what you can run. I went from a gaming laptop to this, fuck me

No. 188931

>$50 GPU

No. 188932

You'd be better off with integrated graphics on a processor like the ryzen 5500U

No. 188939

My logic was that the motherboard also has a slot for a dedicated graphics card and while I'm saving for one, I'll use the integrated one

No. 188984

Why would you ever cheap out on the graphics card when you want to play games? That's why you look up the official minimum/recomended specs.

No. 188994

File: 1647126577050.jpg (167.25 KB, 1280x591, IMG_20220312_200936_597.jpg)

I wanna play this game so badly, but it's still in development. It's a slow life/farming sim game in rural Japan. I think it's called "japanese rural life" and I hope it releases soon cause it looks so cute

No. 189004

pedo aesthetic

No. 189015

So cute! What's it called?

No. 189026

I guess just download Skyrim and a bunch of random, stupid mods and then boot up the game, immediately leave the game, disable the mods, do this a few times and it'll hopefully break your game and make it act retarded?

No. 189027

Omg that looks so cute! I'm a sucker for pixel games. A game in development I'm excited for is Little Witch in the Woods. But it's had very few updates for awhile now, has me nervous.

No. 189033

I did this 10 years ago but idk if it still works. Use console commands, it's the best "glitchy" experience. There are commands to increase and decrease size, and I remember that summoning a dragon and changing it's size was hilarious and it sometimes gitched out and would have a fire-breathing seizure on the ground. Especially funny if you summon shit like that indoors.

No. 189035

It wasn't my main intention for it to be a gaming PC, I'm more of a casual gamer anyway

No. 189039

even if youre a casual gamer, you will not be able to enjoy many games with a shit processor, unless you're okay with them running poorly

No. 189042

File: 1647155677986.png (315.95 KB, 1024x576, iscariot-1024x576.png)

still waiting on n1rv-ann-a..

No. 189046

As I said, I did not choose this setup for gaming but out of budget reasons and for being able to run other processes smoothly. I had a gaming laptop before this with not much RAM (so pretty much the opposite setup of what I have now) and it literally took 10 minutes for it to open Photoshop and I couldn't even use more than a few layers because of the massive lag. Same with video editing. My current PC boots Photoshop in 5 seconds and is able to handle whatever layers or crazy brushes I throw at it. Copying or moving massive files also takes much less time. The possibility of gaming would have been a nice plus but oh well.

No. 189609

Weird question maybe but can anyone recommend me any good hotel games?
I'm just in the very random desire to play a hotel game yet I don't know any.

No. 189638

File: 1647376677070.png (988.71 KB, 1280x720, D14C1256-E0AD-4B81-B785-96535C…)

anyone in this thread playing the new final fantasy? i started it after work today and it’s genuinely really fun but SO cheesy, I’m loving it just for that

not sure if it’s 100% what you’re looking for, but luigis mansion 3 takes place in a haunted hotel!

No. 189659

File: 1647384388253.jpg (24.01 KB, 333x299, Hotel_Dusk.jpg)

Hotel Dusk for DS.

No. 189670

The best hotel game

No. 189674

Hotel Mario

No. 189679

Playing the demo, from hearing that Frank Sinatra song out of nowhere I know it's probably too dumb to waste money on.e
But + for having underwear models if you unequip the armor, and the armors all have different models.
- the fact that I fucking suck at action games that require you to parry/block but I don't want to play on baby mode either.

No. 189680

i see this game shilled so much. is it actually good?

No. 189682

could say the same thing with any japanese game that has the usual anime leaning young cute characters tbf

No. 189705

I'm trying to play Morrowind on Steam, apparently it's not controller compatible, which sucks for me since because most of my life I've been a console gamer. There was supposed to be something called OpenMW that would make it controller compatible but I downloaded it and it didn't work. I could just play it with a mouse and keyboard I guess but I'm finding it difficult, and attacking things seems like a pain in the ass. Like I just wave my dagger at mudcrabs and it hardly ever hits them.

No. 189708

That has nothing to do with controller/keyboard. Morrowind uses RNG to determine if your attack hits. You have to level up your skills.

No. 189715

File: 1647400429806.png (2.87 MB, 1600x900, retardasari.png)

Probably one of the few people on the planet who didn't get Elden Ring. Instead I yohohoed Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Good thing, too, 'cause imagine paying for picrel.

No. 189716

I know it has nothing to do with the controller, it's just annoying, especially ontop of the fact that I can't use a controller

No. 189717

Just use Citra, it's an emulator.

No. 189801

File: 1647441297162.jpg (83.67 KB, 642x362, dusk4.jpg)

I enjoyed it, though I haven't played it since I was a teenager. It's a cozy, small-scale mystery story where you discover the pasts of the people staying at the hotel.
If you're expecting a game where you hunt a serial killer or a crime boss, that's not what this game is about.

No. 189821

I want to play so bad but I don't want to waste $60 when I can't even play online. Level design was underwhelming, random pockets of extreme darkness, weird futuristic city you're not able to explore, useless npcs saying a variation of the same thing. But the combat was beautiful, I genuinely had fun learning attack patterns and winning boss fights 6+ deaths later. Hoping for a price drop soon, I want a physical copy but I might succumb and buy it by the end of the week. I might by the end of today, that's how much fun the combat system is.

No. 189824

If Morrowind had fun gameplay there'd be no bragging rights in finishing it

No. 189828

File: 1647453837538.jpg (543.52 KB, 1080x1920, wohohohoa.jpg)

Oh I didn't know there was a new final fantasy but I like the main character already

No. 189833

Sorry to disappoint you, but the other Anon was talking about the spin-off game Final Fantasy Paradise. Your pic is from Final Fantasy 16 which hasn't come out yet.

No. 189838

Thanks, after I posted I was wondering if it was the same game because anon's picture looks more futuristic. Well then

No. 189852

Any nonnies here who enjoy Happy Home Designer or just general very cute princess aesthetics I recommend this extremely cute game!

No. 189853

I wish skyrim were a better game than it is. and honestly, i havent got any hopes for the next tes either.

No. 189860

That's what mods are for. There's a great mod that completely revamps the skill trees and spells, called Ordinator. Also yeah, after Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, I feel like the next Elder Scrolls game is gonna fucking suck ass.

No. 189934

File: 1647476096187.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 489830_20220201150020_1.png)

Half of my mods are graphics mods, but IMO the most important mods to get are combat and combat visual related mods like a hitstop, flinching, true armor for realistic armor, and an AI overhaul for combat. Adds a lot to the game. I'll still never understand people who try and make the game some Dark Souls abomination, though - and that's coming from someone who loves souls games.

No. 189941

I don't know if it's just because it was my first elder scrolls game but I loved vanilla skyrim. Did I play it without glitches? Obviously not but I still had a lot of fun but I have morrowind and oblivion so might change when I play that.

No. 189942

>older gamers who’ve been playing since the first game came out, have more disposable income, and don’t know how to torrent
I doubt that very much, it's mainly younger players who don't know how to torrent and are willing to throw money at a garbage game because it's mommy's credit card. If you were on the internet when sims 1 came out you basically grew up with emule and limewire, while a lot of zoomers don't even have any concept of file system architecture.

AFAIK this former demographic (along with some based zoomers) is still playing and modding sims 2, and posting about it on tumblr. I know I am.

No. 189944

I really think they made Elden ring very accessible to casuals like me. Never played a souls game before, only watched in passing. I was able to fell Margit at lvl 17 and Godrick at 21 and a few optionals in between as a samurai. Rest of the time go slow and use stealth a lot. Died endlessly, lost all my money, and idk wtf to do with all these items and shit. So its not a cakewalk but it’s not punishing to the point of being unenjoyable for noobs. Open world is nice because if you got stuck you can wander a bit and reset mentally. Don’t much care for the story so far though but I’m only at the Academy part. Idk maybe cause I don’t know anything about From Software lore. Also horse combat makes me feel like throwing up constantly.

No. 189955

Oh damn, I didn't even think of downloading combat mods. Shit, might explain why I found combat so… dull. Thank you anon!

No. 189956

>If you were on the internet when sims 1 came out you basically grew up with emule and limewire
Sims 2 and YESSSSS, Limewire is where I got all my shit.

No. 189996

File: 1647504212841.jpg (450.84 KB, 1200x793, go on- take a sip..jpg)

I apologize for having to link this site, but this general on /vg/ is honestly the best resource for learning how to mod (aside from the shitty moid coomer mods). Just bother with the links in the OP, only ask something in the actual thread if you have an issue/question the OP or google doesn't deal with. (google should usually be more than enough)


No. 190179

File: 1647552031019.jpg (138.19 KB, 1088x612, 468f1b2d9960f5b9b5c771c105d278…)

Watching the State of Play video and holy shit, this game looks so good. I honestly cannot wait to play!

No. 190181

same, it actually looks much better than what I expected

No. 190184

Looking cool, I hope it delivers. Can't wait to be a hufflepuff

No. 190192

File: 1647556743691.gif (59.99 KB, 540x360, 3FAD3FD6-2986-44FF-91CC-635FD2…)

Definitely agree. My sister grew up with limewire. I’m a zoomer born in 1999 and I’ve never pirated anything by myself. Had to ask my sister or adults for that. The difference between our generations is insane. I always feel stupid when you anons recommend me to pirate something or use an emulator etc. Cause I don’t even know how to start/where to look. Sorry for the blogpost, have a dogz 2 gif

No. 190204

The answer is literally google. I had to Google how to use limewire and years later I had to Google how to use an emulator.
It is literally nothing special. The only difference is that some people are willing to sit down and read instructions and others are not.

No. 190223

NTA but she says doz 2 gif, I believe it's the dogz 2 for gba

No. 190224

File: 1647565712824.gif (1.24 MB, 500x282, download (34).gif)

I had like a metal gear solid special interest phase where I had to play every canon game. So obviously I had to emulate. What you can do is find what game you want to emulate, and find out what platform that game is for. Then you find an emulator for that platform; say a playstation 2 emulator. You download it. There will be instructions on how to use the emulator and download a game for it. It really isn't that hard, but some emulators are harder to work out or are less reliable than others.

No. 190229

What game is that, if it isn't a game who's the artist.

No. 190230

Read the post again.

No. 190252

you also need to have a strong enough pc, which sucks! I really want to play the Utena Sega Saturn game, but it's notably difficult and chokes both of my computers despite being a 2D visual novel. Fuck it

No. 190262

The Saturn is just one of those systems that is hard to make a good emulator for. Playstation emulates a lot better despite being from around the same era.

No. 190286

I wonder if you can decide which house you will be in or maybe you'll have to do a test

No. 190333

File: 1647616704417.jpg (90.78 KB, 1191x669, FOFVQmfXsAA3b3j.jpg)

Saw this posted on Twitter with the caption "The uncreative, led by the unqualified, doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful" and I'm inclined to agree. What a stupid fucking thing to include. Why even bother making a HISTORICAL FUCKING GAME if you're just going to warp and bend history to your will and pretend everything was like it's 2021? Fuck Ubisoft. God they're such tools.

No. 190338

They should have you do a personality test but still let you choose your house if you want. Like how Harry was able to choose Gryffindor even though the hat recommended Slytherin.

No. 190339

Inclusive gameplay? It's a fucking vase lol. The appeal of using a real historical setting in a video game or even in media in general is that you can learn things that actually happened while also having fun with actual gameplay. That's why I stick to Japanese games, actual gameplay and level design comes first, the story and graphism and whatever else are a bonus. Or if I play a story driven game it's an adventure game or a visual novel so I know what to expect.

No. 190340

And samefagging to add that Ubisoft were already tools when they invented those retarded rabbits that replaced Rayman as the company's mascot. I seriously don't get it.

No. 190342

RABBIDS, AAAAHHH I HATE THEM. Ubisoft goes out of their way to design really UGLY shit nowadays, I don't get it. There must be something in the water over in France that makes them act like this.

No. 190343

Also samefagging but you know what's funny as shit? I just remembered… back in the 90's there was an American Girl Doll dress up game. Except, unlike Ubisoft, the game actually went out of its way to teach girls about different time periods, and the clear divide between boys' and girls' roles in society. The vid I linked has a girl growing up in the 1700's wondering about what it'd be like to be a "lad", being able to learn more and do more. Instead, she has to take music lessons, learn how to embroider, etc. It doesn't pull any punches, it actually just says outright "Yeah, life wasn't really fair back then. Anyway, design a dress!"

No. 190357

File: 1647621886014.jpeg (386.11 KB, 1640x1640, 2B455738-C0DA-4AE8-A8CC-B6832A…)

What are some good games to play when feeling lonely?

No. 190363

The only difference in-game is that there are some girls and boys listening to a teacher instead of just boys. The rest of the game is extremely informative on ancient greek culture, I'm glad I didn't dismiss it over 3 sentences

No. 190379

I've always loved the idea of simulation games that don't revolve around combat like Harvest Moon, but the actual games just bore me to tears. The farming part is so shallow and mindless that it feels like I'm doing chores rather than playing something enjoyable. My question is, are there games that don't have combat but still manage to be engaging/have some sort of challenge?

No. 190384

Katamari Damacy

No. 190385

What remains of Edith Finch, Breath of the wild, yomawari, little nightmares

No. 190431

I forgot how fun that game was, thanks anon.

No. 190432

You'll have to be more specific because there are plenty of great games that don't have combat. What kind of gameplay do you find engaging?

No. 190434

I think it's more about growing up poor, we had no choice put to pirate. I'm born in 2000 and still get surprised by people my age who can't do basic shit like torrenting a movie.
Honestly, everything you need is on Youtube and internet forums. Just don't give up on the first 2 minutes and ask around if needed.

No. 190440

So you just don't like the combat part? If yes, there are tons of games like that: 2d platformers like Celeste and Super Meat Boy, also puzzles and rhythmn games.
Portal 2 is a great challenging game with no combat.

No. 190472

I would get into Harry Potter more seriously just for this game tbh

No. 190493

I'm wondering what's wrong with the Spyro remakes? I've played the reignited trilogy on both PC and switch. The PC version is definitely better, I literally could not beat the "bad dragon" sidequest on switch even after hours of trying, even though on the PC I was able to do it pretty easily. Also the racing games where you're flying were a huge pain in the ass

No. 190744

File: 1647744491631.jpeg (202.75 KB, 1410x810, 63355D98-2444-4A45-B381-C14F3F…)

(sage for mild autism) guilty gear husbandu came back after 20 years only to be they/them’d. still excited to play him again though

No. 190756

File: 1647752116005.png (1009.53 KB, 1011x1436, t.png)

Damn, this is kinda sad. Also, I don't know about you but it looks like they're trying to appeal to femboyfags as well.

No. 190796

File: 1647774363099.jpg (283.95 KB, 688x920, 1551688567749.jpg)

What are some of the most stupid localization decisions made you've seen? I'll start:
>FE Fates as a whole. The localization made the main characters completely OOC because they were too morally ambiguous for Americans which made the story make way less sense, the characters were so OOC that translating some of the dialog heavy DLCs was impossible so they're unavailable outside of Japan, changed French and German names into weird English names/nicknames and shortened Japanese names, changed all references to Indian and Ancient Chinese cultures to Ancient Greece, removed a shit ton of lines, and we got all these horrible changes in the European versions too
>I've heard that content have been removed in a similar way in Bravely Second (side quests) but I haven't played it yet, and there's a character who's the equivalent of a native American who has been redesigned to have a cowboy look, that one really shocked me
>changing the Sonic CD OST for the American release of the game
>most JRPGs released in the West in the 90s had weird rewrite to appeal to retarded American teenagers by making the characters more edgy and "hardcore", I was shocked when I saw the differences between Squall from FF8 in the original story and in the localizations
>FF7 in French giving you the wrong names for the items you collect, so the potion you think you just picked is actually something else entirely in your inventory. This is most likely a mistake rather than a localization problem but still
>Unpopular opinion I think making Klavier speaking German in the English localization of AA4 is very retarded and can't be compared to the Engrish he uses in the JP version because German isn't a widespread language all over the planet like English and I don't care if it's an indirect reference to Rammstein's success in the USA, thank god I played it in French
>I hate how in Persona's English translations there are Japanese honorifics everywhere for the sake of "immersion" when they're not even the same as the ones used in the actual Japanese script. You'll have two characters calling each other "family name-san" in the JP text because they're friends but not very close friends, but in the English version they'll call each other "first name-san" which gives a very different impression and they do that ALL THE TIME. I don't care if I'm nitpicking here, you make this sort of decision you're supposed to think this through
>American middle aged translators replacing serious dialogs with shitty internet memes that everybody already forgot by the time the games are released
>DMC1 (original, not HD) being slightly more difficult in the West because Dante receive a bit more damage when attacked and deals less damages when attacking in normal mode, and DMC3's normal mode in America being the JP and European hard mode in the original release. I've heard that some very early Castlevania games have the same problem, and that many older games were made easier for the Western releases instead too

No. 190801

File: 1647775765039.jpg (83.64 KB, 564x1031, 394ccb22bde65aaa46c727d7c1f372…)

Oh no, that pisses me off. RIP sexy goth guy. Why can't we have nice things?

No. 190804

File: 1647776148293.gif (3.07 MB, 498x275, testament-guilty-gear-strive.g…)

Honestly? Could be worse

No. 190808

That's a pretty gif. But is the character female (nice)or a troon (eww)now? I'm confused.

No. 190810

He's still a pretty man with a male voice actor, english translator just wanted to sound more woke to counterbalance baiken

No. 190812

Isn't he voiced by a woman in JP though? Whatever, still a dude.

No. 190813

The japanese VA is female, and s/he got the body of a woman now. I just wish they simply remade Testament into a woman. I don't like this troonery vibe.

No. 190814

He is!

No. 190817

Working Designs’ American release of Silhouette Mirage was really weird. They made the in-game items extremely expensive to buy, and you only get money when using a specific attack while fighting enemies. It’s really easy to die in that game too, so wasting time fighting and not having necessary items is kind of a chore. The game was also based off of Christianity so a lot of the characters, levels and items had rewritten names.

Working Designs also made the Americanized translations of the Lunar games and Magic Knight Rayearth

No. 190835

I think his new design is shit they definitely made him look more feminine. Yeah, amerifat Twitter is going insane for 'they them nonbinary representation ' it's a mess. Testament is still a man but I this design sucks.

No. 190842

Now that's just sadism. Did the localization team explain why they've made Silhouette Mirage way harder?

No. 190846

ew why did they give him womanly birthing hips screams femboy fetish shit, gross what a sad waste

No. 190848

Elden Ring is so insanely hard. I say this as someone who beat dark souls 1, 2 and bloodborne. Why the fuck is this game so hard?,

No. 190852

They took away all his muscles definitions and made him soft. His body is literally a woman's body. This is some Troon agenda. Men do not look like this

No. 190855

He used to be so hot, what a waste.

No. 190857

>welcome to hogwarts where you are,,,, the dragonborn basically
PASS. if i wanted to experience hogwarts as the most special mary sue in school, then those games already exist. i knew when my husband first put this on my radar that it would not be what people had been asking for, instead it was going to be some retarded fantastic beasts tier hero fantasy made for AAA gamers, not a true to the books Hogwarts life sim which is basically all fan have been requesting since the very first hp games

No. 190875

idk anon, i've heard it has the exact same combat as ds1. why are you struggling?

No. 190876

File: 1647796072177.jpg (432.33 KB, 1853x2594, FM0GF9UWYAM-Q8t.jpg)

why does everyone want to fuck this guy? he's not even hot by furry standards

No. 190878

This is info that I wish I could unread.

No. 190888

File: 1647799870179.png (8.1 KB, 335x140, Untitled.png)

im so sorry

No. 190902

Deep voice sexy. Big. Also people are furries

No. 190906

>english translator just wanted to sound more woke to counterbalance baiken
I like Baiken though

No. 190911

I don't play Guilty Gear, what is unwoke about Baiken?

No. 190916

I assume it's her tits and how she's treated in-game sometimes because she's a woman and because of her boobs
But didn't he use to be voiced by a man before Strive?

No. 190919

Too bad, I thought she was a terf or something kek

No. 190945

Testament was voiced by a woman in the first game. According to the devs he was intended to be gender ambiguous as a way to convey he was not human anymore but clearly referred to as male. Guess you can’t make a bishounen anymore without making him a they/them femboy.

No. 190950

File: 1647813310609.jpeg (95.2 KB, 616x353, 85741E31-9CD8-4180-B91B-A2C4AF…)

does anyone have any recs for games made by female* devs?
*real women, not troons pretending to be

No. 190961

My first thought was also that they were trying to appeal to femboy coomers, they love that design of "flat-chested wide-hipped woman but call it a man".
I'm concerned this will lead to a bunch of obnoxious gender types glomming onto the game, they should have just left him as a regular bishonen.

No. 190964

>voiced by a woman in the first game
And his voice had a filter that sounded kinda spooky, did it not?
I wish I could give you recs but it's depressing to realize that I can't name a single one that isn't an indie otome game (maybe I've unknowingly played a couple, but don't know the devs)

No. 190976

The combat is really unbalanced. I feel like in both ds1 and 2 and even bloodborne, i was able to get my character to where i wanted her and the enemies were scaled to level with me. I never felt too over powered or too under powered. In Elden ring, i feel like because it's open world, I'm going wherever and i feel tiny. So many things are one shotting me, even though i am lvl 40. I am still in Castle Stormveil and just got through Margit, but it felt so painfully difficult, especially for a first stage boss. I've done a few catacombs as well, but you just walk around, fight bosses.

The game feels really empty and the hit box detection is weird. Also, the fact that rolling is pretty useless hinders a lot of players, as well as the way too many buttons to memorize to activate abilities/horse/magic etc. It's a lot.

No. 191015

This kind of stuff is a lot of the reason I learned Japanese. But now I'm not really interested in playing JRPG's anymore cause it's all fantasy or teenagers.

No. 191054

File: 1647860298917.png (570.3 KB, 1080x864, Screenshot_20220321-115611~2.p…)

It's official, he is voiced by a male troon, this timeline is getting more cursed day by day.

No. 191056

And the voice is so deep… if that's really his voice from >>190810

No. 191123

Same for me except the biggest recent problems were in 3DS games, and the 3DS is region locked. On top of that at the time I was a very broke student so I couldnt' afford a second 3DS imported from Japan. Now Japanese voice acting is readily available so I can easily notice differences between subtitles and the original script if necessary. I've been told Nintendo and Sony reversed their stances and now Sony pushes degenerate shit in their Western games (like the sex scene in tlou2) while trying to censor Japanese games regardless of fanservice, apparently.

I'm still mad I had to wait so long for The Great Ace Attorney because of this because it's a masterpiece and avoiding spoilers was really hard. Instead I just had AA5 and 6 not even translated in my first language, unlike the previous games, and they have a shitty story because they were developed by the B-team. I'll also never forgive Treehouse for what they did to FE Fates, even their marketing campaign was a disaster so it has a bad reputation despite its really good gameplay.

Is that the person who "voiced" the SMT5 MC just because the MC is a standard JRPG bishonen? Or am I confusing him with another American enby tranny?

No. 191142

Kek the cleft chin and 5 o clock shadow

No. 191148

The smtv mc was voiced by Casey Mongillo, a female enby

No. 191150

>a female enby
That's somehow even worse. As I said, thank god Switch games let you play with the original Japanese voice acting for a bunch of games now.

No. 191189

>trapshit male character is voiced by a male troon (its main audience)
>bishie androgynous male character is voiced by a female enby (its main audience)
What I find hilarious is that they don't seem to do that for the Japanese voice acting

No. 191209

Wrong, JRPG bishonen protagonists are meant to appeal to girls and women as a whole, and SMT devs said many times throughout the years that they are aware of their Japanese female fanbase so they pander to them specifically when designing pretty looking protagonists. Female enbys aren't even on their radar, and I bet the younger devs that worked on Catherine Fullbody and who will take over the Persona series don't give a fuck about them either, they managed to trigger trannies as a whole with Erica not transitioning in one of the new endings, and with Rin saying times and times again that he is a guy despite looking and sounding like a pretty girl.

No. 191213

>Wrong, JRPG bishonen protagonists are meant to appeal to girls and women as a whole
That's actually what I meant, sorry for the wording (a lot of enbies are just women that love 2D boys).

No. 191286

File: 1647934020599.jpg (49.94 KB, 500x522, FLKFEF_fen455.jpg)

what are some good 360 games? Obscure recommendation would be amazing.

No. 191299

Viva Pinata and its sequel

No. 191340

I'm pretty sure Casey is actually a mtf troon who realized that going "Non-binary" was easier than pretending to be a woman.

No. 191354

hate to say this but i think this character is meant to be one of those "neither male or female" types

No. 191355

I thought the english VA was a man trying to sound flamboyant. Oh my god kek. Passing fail.
Possible but there is nothing about that design that looks male. Androgyny fail.

No. 191356

The worst thing is that the old school Japanese fans draw him with genuine androgynous features like a more pronounced jawline or less hips, the developers were really pandering to the femboy/otokono no ko coomer demographic and the localization saw it as a great opportunity for troon propaganda.

No. 191357

File: 1647969855489.gif (1.3 MB, 230x498, ash-crimson-kof[1].gif)

Reminder that feminine looking males is a long standing tradition of fighting games

No. 191358

Not ones with boobs and child-birthing hips though.

No. 191359

File: 1647970370286.png (58.54 KB, 200x291, Poison_SF[1].png)

No. 191360

Anyone have recommendations for games that are similar to Morrowwind and the first two Fallout games? Games with a lot of dialogue options and lore to find/get into, lots of different ways to approach questing and character building. Bad graphics is fine, even ideal.

No. 191362

File: 1647971437149.jpg (18.01 KB, 220x273, Dxcover.jpg)

Deus Ex, customization is bad (some skills are useless point wasters) but everything else and the amazing soundtrack makes up for it.

No. 191367

>currently 97 CENTS
>bad graphics
This seems great, I remember kind of wanting to play it and not knowing much about it, but seeing as it's on sale for less than a dollar I may as well get it
Okay bought it, thank you

No. 191369

File: 1647971782968.jpg (24.96 KB, 283x351, Planescape-torment-box[1].jpg)

Doubt you'll find a RPG with better dialogues, lore is D&D lore hence extremely big, okay customization and lot of character building (also very ugly)

No. 191370

This isn't ugly this looks awesome

No. 191373

File: 1647972048859.jpg (394.7 KB, 1920x1080, B9WVhbiZxLLnZ4XY7ZEePi[1].jpg)

No. 191374

Well sure, he isn't the handsomest man I've ever seen but

No. 191381

File: 1647973969908.jpg (212.43 KB, 800x801, 107957-arcanum-of-steamworks-m…)

You'll probably like Arcanum if you enjoy classic fallout: https://www.gog.com/game/arcanum_of_steamworks_and_magick_obscura

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is on sale too. https://www.gog.com/game/vampire_the_masquerade_bloodlines

No. 191382

Poison isn’t a troon. Her being supposedly MTF was due to localization where US companies in the 90s thought having female enemies promoted violence against women.

No. 191383

No way, I thought she was supposed to be a newhalf or some shit in Japan

No. 191391

She was later retconned as a troon in later entries because she was more iconic like that or something iirc, I still see her as a real woman tbh because troons don't look like that.

No. 191392

Not too familiar with SNK as a whole but isn't this guy explicitly a man even though he looks like a stereotypical bishonen?

No. 191394

I've also heard about that despite not being into fighting games because I have nobody to play them with. Ironically that means that the devs and/or localization team thought of MTF as men. Let's add that to the shitty localization list: >>190796

No. 191395

Yes, that's what anon meant.

>Ironically that means that the devs and/or localization team thought of MTF as men

No. 191402

that used to be a normal POV, even if it was still hilarious for a different reason ('oooh violence toward women is bad, so let's just call this obviously female character a tranny. There, fixed!')

No. 191404

Idk where to post about it so I will post it here.

Anyone here heard about Arknights: Endfield? It looks promising. Trailer looks great.

No. 191406

I saw it. I think it looked a bit generic and seems like its going to be a gacha game

No. 191407

>looked a bit generic
very good
>gacha game
even better

No. 191408

nICE, THanks whoops sorry caps

No. 191411

venetica. it's not exactly obscure but I never see people talking about it. dungeon siege 3 was also pretty fun.

No. 191501

File: 1648004735777.png (539.8 KB, 672x672, url.png)

There's also a complete mod with the mc as a woman that released recently. Fucking based and I hope it inspires female mc mods for other old games that are easy to mod.

No. 191624

I remember you mentioning Venetica in the last thread!

No. 191649

ooh anon that sounds cool, I'll look it up

No. 191764

File: 1648101225857.jpg (200.44 KB, 640x360, rune-factory-5_2020-10-29_002.…)

Alice from Rune Factory 5 is such a cute protagonist! Not gonna lie, the game is a little janky but if you already love the series I feel like it's easy to look past? I'm having so much fun jumping back into the familiarity of the world. If you've never played a Rune Factory game it's Harvest Moon with more RPG aspects. There's farming, cooking, crafting, fishing, dungeons/combat, monster taming (they can fight with you or work on your farm,) and relationships (friendships, marriage, children- they can also fight with you.)

The crafting system is really deep and there's a lot of different weapons and magic to equip to find a combat style that you find fun!

No. 191765

Really wanna play but Kirby comes first. I already know I will marry the knight tho

No. 191767

File: 1648101954235.png (120.38 KB, 874x677, a.PNG)

Even the chara designer considers Poison as female. They have 2 version of her, in Japan she's a woman, in the west she's mtf pre-op.

> Ironically that means that the devs and/or localization team thought of MTF as men.
I'd also like to add picrel lol

No. 191768

Kirby looks so good, I don't blame you. I've bought 3 full priced Switch games in 2 months (RF5 + Pokemon Legends and Triangle Strategy, both fun!) so I need to dial it back but Kirby is definitely next.

No. 191773

ash crimson is a guy??

No. 191781

Your theme song, nona

No. 191789


No. 191865

File: 1648138203739.gif (63.43 KB, 196x239, bridgetspriteani[1].gif)

So is Bridget, who no doubt will spawn some discussions here when he'll be introduced in the season pass 2

No. 191866

kek thank you

No. 191893

>There's also a complete mod with the mc as a woman that released recently.
based, perhaps it's about time I play Deus Ex

kek Kuma's win quote was pretty funny
>in the west she's mtf pre-op
don't you mean post-op?

NTA but Bridget is/used to be a pretty popular trap, I don't think Ash Crimson is supposed to be one

No. 192194

oh yeah lol. I still wanna replay it at some point. there's also dante's inferno, which I never got around to playing. dark messiah is another one I don't hear getting talked about much.

No. 192260

Anyone see the trailer for this? It looks really cute and storybook like, reminds me of flash point and click games. Idk how many official Moomin games there are but it's interesting you get to play as Snufkin for this one. My only fear would be be there wouldn't be anything to do after you completed all the quest in the area.

No. 192510

File: 1648362085585.png (421.94 KB, 399x830, dimas.png)

made a husbando in elden ring and it got me thinking what other people's tarnished look like

No. 192679

So cute. I can't wait to play this.

No. 192724

File: 1648447436616.gif (1.99 MB, 245x295, sol.gif)

alright bitches i got elden ring. huge soulsfag here and my other soulsfag friend said it didnt disappoint.

No. 192728

File: 1648447945174.png (74.78 KB, 241x197, lissen here u basard.png)

show me your tarnished, right now

No. 192738

havent started yet but i will post when i do

No. 192754

File: 1648456896486.jpg (232.35 KB, 1063x930, Untitled.jpg)

ok here he is, a fresh new stinky prophet. i always make a male in these games bc i like to hear the male pain noises

No. 192967

File: 1648510258605.jpeg (Spoiler Image,528.93 KB, 1920x1080, EE56C699-1581-46E6-A078-12A790…)

Apparently this is what Testament’s full render looks like

No. 192970

File: 1648510471967.jpg (476.83 KB, 1064x1560, Untitled.jpg)

men are retarded and the desperate hope that women will grovel and simp for them lives rentfree in their heads

No. 192972

Wtf this is even worse than it looked at first
And people here were saying that it was meant to be androgynous, kek

No. 192973

is that baalbuddy? i know this isn’t artist salt but his art is mediocre and his stupid coomer jokes are so fucking annoying

No. 192976

File: 1648511170464.jpeg (408.35 KB, 1000x1400, 3E26CF27-CFD2-4764-82F9-97B034…)

While meant to be androgynous, Testament was anatomically male. They just decided to troon him out in the latest game to attract femboy chasers.

No. 192978

ugh what a fucking shame

No. 192979

No I meant that some people said that the new design was androgynous even though it clearly leaned more towards female.

NTA but sometimes I liked his jokes because they were satirizing coomers. However I had never thought about the deeper meaning behind his comics like that anon described it.

No. 192980

He’s a coomer himself, he just lacks self awareness. Just take a quick look at his nsfw to see what I mean. (Shame cause I thought his elf ladies were cute kek)

No. 192986

File: 1648517381494.jpg (230.17 KB, 754x1000, gay.jpg)

yeah idk i should have expected it but the coomers infesting the art tag are annoying me
at least we have a lot of good art among the cringey faggy shit like HeAdPatS

No. 192996

File: 1648520761971.jpeg (Spoiler Image,505.64 KB, 857x1681, CDBE3F3E-6DA1-453E-853B-C844DB…)

Surprised how flat they made him down there when his concept art erm… suggests otherwise

No. 193013

i don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to describe the visceral disgust i felt when looking at that image

No. 193021

That's not even a redesign at this point, that's a whole new ass character. The worst thing is that if you're an old fan and you still want to see him as a dude you'll get yelled at by the Twitter tards.

No. 193090

I haven't played Elden Ring who is this girl and what does the comic mean

No. 193092

one of those forgettable npcs who gives you a special item. she's kinda cool but idk what the comic is implying. she's insecure about being ugly? in the game she's more concerned about her friends being sliced apart and grafted onto some crazy guy and she wishes she were fearless. it's a decently cool enough character so this comic is pretty retarded

No. 193093

File: 1648557400779.jpg (59.32 KB, 540x543, tumblr_d92c900e6617cfbfc63899a…)

elden ring nonas, tell me your husbando.

No. 193096

Speaking of Elden Ring, I have a question. i dont play video games often, but I got sucked into Dark Souls 3 and was really excited for elden ring… but im lost! I wish they would fix
DS3 for co play and invasions, bc im too overwhelmed with ER.
(Im sure its just because im at the very beginning, but the open world part confuses me. I have not read a guide yet, but i dont want surprises to be ruined yet)

No. 193097

Sorry. The question is, is the whole game open ended? I like the bon fire to bon fire tracking darksouls 3 has.

No. 193099

ive been playing for like 10 hours so not very far in, but from what i can tell, yes, the entire game takes place on a fairly open map that you can run around and do whatever in. bosses are not linear, and many are optional. try not to stress about doing anything in the "correct" order. if you're lost, remember that at the sites of grace, there is a trail of gold light that points in the direction you should head for major story stuff.

No. 193100

this shit is revolting, i'll take a dumb coomer female character with gravity-defying tits over a tranny-looking moid. "femboys" are a fucking plague.

No. 193102

File: 1648559147641.jpg (89.51 KB, 1200x675, cafe.jpg)

loving kirby and the forgotten land so far. the music is great, it looks great (minus the low fps enemies in the distance), and is very relaxing to play. only thing im a bit disappointed in is that nintendo still won't bring back the combo powers for kirby and the crystal shards, but this is easily the most enjoyable kirby game since triple deluxe imo

No. 193105

>Draw a regular anime girl with huge hips and thighs and flat chest
>Call it a man
And we keep being robbed

No. 193125

File: 1648571872177.jpeg (88.87 KB, 800x450, BA5F6820-2004-4EB2-9B03-DD7302…)

Welp that’s a waste of a hot goth guy. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been noticing the recent trend of femboys in Japanese media and I don’t like it. I love pretty boys as much as the next yume/fujo but ain’t no way in hell a man can possess such childbearing hips.
I blame Gwyndolin

No. 193138

File: 1648573696852.jpeg (7.84 KB, 240x240, 1_gca7Vx7qFeEb0xIkXWCIVQ[1].jp…)

>recent trend
I'd argue that it's been here since the start
You can find feminine looking men (not just pretty, but who actually gets mistaken for women) in most japanese media

No. 193141

Like I said, I don’t care if a man looks like a lady from the neck up (in fact it can be hot). I’m talking about male characters with womanly bodies.

No. 193144

>I blame Gwyndolin
He wasn't even modeled as a femboy, he was genuinely androgynous (which was coherent with his backstory) and his breasts were only noticeable by looking hard at his model, it's not on his concept art. The whole Gwyndolin is a troon comes from US Twitter, the game always treats him as a male. I think you can trace the femboy trend back to Astolfo, which is a shame because he is a decent character, too bad he got appropriated by the tranny coomers.

No. 193146

File: 1648574516380.png (377.16 KB, 860x945, DF0C09C1-5D88-4D46-9ACC-09D78B…)

tbh trannies can have him

No. 193149

File: 1648575046767.jpeg (57.49 KB, 460x215, wobbledogs.jpeg)

Has anyone else played Wobbledogs. It just released on steam a couple weeks ago. It's a weird game about strange dogs that can "pupate" to grow and you can breed them and play. It is a lot of fun and just a wacky game, we need more wacky games

No. 193151

I don't give a fuck about the Nasuverse and Fates whatever the fuck, I don't like this character just because of his horrible hair and his weird teeth.

No. 193166

Anyone tried Dying Light 2 yet?

I loved the first game even if it wasn't perfect but so far I heard that it's nothing like the first and that the tension, chases and overall "feel" is nowhere the same. Nights are also easy to do and tbh, the parkour looks kind of strange lol.

I just want a nice survival horror to play and I already finished the Metro games, and I'm also not really interested in the RE games.

No. 193181

How multiplayer is it? I've only played two Kirby games before and I want to play this one with my best friend

No. 193195

File: 1648585296441.gif (1.58 MB, 640x366, 16164126-FFFB-44E8-9FD6-50E71B…)

do any of you nonnas play ffxiv? initially i was hesitant to play it cause of the high troon population (there’s a catgirl race so expected) but now i’m hooked. estinien is my husbandu.

No. 193199

I play it and I'm hooked on it. I play as a miqo'te (the cat people race) and only had one instance of questionable interaction with another player. Thank god.

No. 193203

this goes hard. buying this right now.

No. 193204

I play it! I’m also a cat girl. I’m considering making a tall dark and handsome dragon boy though. What server ?

No. 193217

I’ve been thinking of getting back into it, I miss my tiny lalafell tank

No. 193220

what did you name your dog. My first was Loaf, the game gave me Randy who I didn't rename. the free egg was Chowder. then I hatched Pancake

No. 193235

wtf this looks so cute! I'll give it a try.

No. 193237

i will name him bingle:)))(:))))

No. 193240

i love blaidd…… i love his voice and hes so gentlemanly

No. 193260

Blaidd and Rogier. I love Rogier's hunky accent.

No. 193300

Blaidd, Radahn, Varre. Who's your husbando nonny

No. 193303

Anon, give me the strength and motivation necessary to continue SMT5. I played Ace Attorney Investigations before that one and it was so bad I never finished it and lost all my willpower to play video games. Help me.

No. 193309

has anyone played the new kirby game? im downloading it rn bc i am not fucking paying $60 for that shit

No. 193432

Does anyone have any good MMOs? I'm looking for something that has cute outfits (kek sorry) without having to micro transaction yourself to death

No. 193446

File: 1648681892071.png (467.1 KB, 560x564, 1589802371474.png)

I just tried to post in the xiv thread and it kept not sending. I play though. Mostly frontlines and with housing. When DC travel comes I want to meet other nonnas, I'm tired of being surrounded by scrotes and troon worshippers

No. 193453

Hello nonnies! does anyone know any atmospheric low-poly/retro looking horror games like silent hill franchise? I absolutely love retro games, especially horror ones that are more than just jumpscares. I also recently stumbled across the developer called Chilla's Art and their games look amazing, they have a dreamcast/gamecube aesthetic.

No. 193464

Have you played Murder House? It’s a new game that pays homage to retro horrors. Chillas art games are fun. What about something like Harvester or Deadly premonition? Although there’re rather meme games.

No. 193471

Nonnies what are some good games on the switch? Visual novels are cool too.

No. 193480

Anon said Murder House, that's by puppet combo and tbh I'd recommend anything from them.

Obviously there's also games like clock tower, rule of rose (good luck finding a place to play that tho), and haunting ground. These are good unless you also want to fight in the games.

I know it's the top of every switch game list but BOTW of course, Hollow knight is fantastic (but hard), if you wanted a VN I only know horror ones but death mark is an interactive VN type. The princess maker games, Inside (if you like puzzles, don't buy at full price). It's not hard to mess up with Nintendo classics like ACNH and Pokemon. If you are on a budget tho, switch is constantly having sales if something looks good on sale they usually run well in my experience.

No. 193487

File: 1648694809456.gif (389.46 KB, 320x240, EveFloats.gif)


No. 193488

File: 1648695617956.gif (1.57 MB, 600x450, ezgif-4-5cf8de26adaf.gif)

…AND PARASITE EVE 2!!!!!!! Though I don't think it's as good as the original.
Both were created in the late 1990's, the original released a year before silent hill, and are very easy to find and emulate.

No. 193495

I got this game because of this post and now I'm hooked thank you nonna, my dogs are so fucked up they cant even sustain themselves

No. 193505

File: 1648700074183.gif (1.68 MB, 640x480, 5-005.gif)

Assuming you don't mind the fighting (since you mentioned Silent Hill), Galerians is also good. It has camera and controls similar to Parasite Eve, and it was released around the same time as Parasite Eve and Silent Hill. Ps1, so easy to find. The sequel sucks and is ps2, don't bother.

No. 193509

you're welcome nona. I've been busy and haven't continued their journey, but I can't wait to mess more with them

No. 193672

File: 1648745147983.png (300.53 KB, 960x720, 52993-Echo_Night_(J)-149027714…)

You might like the Echo Night games. They're first person adenture games where you interact with ghosts to progress. Some of the ghosts are hostile, but they're usually easy to avoid so most of the focus is on exploring and solving puzzles.

No. 193699

Soooo is hogwarts legacy paying jkr or not

No. 193702

Surely they must. Copyright.

No. 193801

File: 1648788710481.jpg (182.29 KB, 1280x720, 740392894-03283.jpg)

I've been playing Rune Factory 5 and it's fun, but I need to husbando sperg here. I was initially into Murakamo based on looks. The wolfman thing is weird but I can roll with it, and aside from that he is the most adult-looking and muscular male love interest. Sadly, he never shuts up about his bath house.
>There's a festival tomorrow! Be sure to take a nice relaxing bath afterwards.
>You look so energetic, I'm glad the frequent baths are helping.
>I want to make my bath house the best in the world!
>There's nothing better than a bath after a long day, huh?
>I'm going to run another free promotion for my bath house.
Oh my god shut up shut up shut up! I have no problem with the guy being an engaged business owner, but it is literally the only thing he ever talks about. He cannot go one sentence without mentioning the damn bath house. I bet you'd be in bed with the guy and he'd be all
>Oh yeah baby, you're so wet and warm… like a bath house
The devs made him a minor npc wholly in service to the bath house and it makes him so shallow (no water pun intended). At this point I'm switching to Reinhard. I like that he's shown to be empathetic, a good cook and an adaptable person. You know, actual personality traits. He's cute to me as well, it's just a shame they wasted Murakamo's himbo potential. I don't even like talking to the fuzzy bastard anymore because he's just a walking advert.

No. 193808

I’m gonna shill that game. It objectively looks interesting. God I hope JK Rowling gets fucking paiiiid.

No. 193833

Let a man have his hustle

No. 193953

File: 1648839577856.jpeg (234.6 KB, 1284x1311, C292C51B-99CC-4517-8D91-B26A9B…)

Any nonnies beat Elden Ring yet? I just got through the Capital. What builds are you guys doing? Got any favorite bosses or NPCs?

No. 193959

File: 1648840025626.jpg (753.08 KB, 944x578, Tumblr_l_869664699063270.jpg)

1. who would waste time on making this?
2. what were the classification criteria?
3. tag yourselves

No. 193965

Mostly femme with an essence of soft Burch I like getting into fistfights on gta, it makes me giggle

No. 193966

Wtf why is Binding of Isaac and FFF considered 'high femme' games? And why is Stardew valley in the middle, more femmes I know play that. I can't even place myself because it's all over the place

No. 193967

File: 1648840410186.png (215.42 KB, 604x679, tumblr_o2jpjwMctE1qhqa1vo1_128…)

What a shit image, good god. I play games equally from all categories, I'm True Ascended Futch ig

No. 193969

(Correction) I'm a high femme femme butchy femme futch soft butch butch. And my numbers are 1 2 3 4 5 5 1/2 6 9. Thanks, this chart helped me understand more about myself. Mainly that I'm missing the part of my brain that would allow me to understand this.

No. 193973

>the witcher
>nancy fucking drew
>the last of us
>all stone butch
The fuck?

No. 193974

I'm all. This shit makes no sense.. why is nancy drew stone butch and stellaris soft butch and metal gear femme, like, what was the criteria, I really want to know..

No. 193978

All Metal Gear obsessed people I know are FtMs lol. Shit makes no sense

No. 193988

I'm literally the only "cis" female (as in neither penis haver nor TIF) Metal Gear fan I know. Hmmmm…

No. 193990

Why is eroge high femme? Why even include it at all? lmao gross
Anyway, it seems that the only group I don't play anything from is stone butch, so apparently I'm leaning towards femme a bit?

No. 193992

Because it was made by a troon, who else would create something like this

No. 193997

This makes no fuckin in sense WoW, Horizon, Witcher, GOW, TLOU, Baldurs Gate, Borderlands, Fortnite, red Dead, Diablo are NOT like NBA2K or ancient games like system shock? They’re girls who are husbandofags or girls who play with their boyfriends lmao

No. 193998

A TIM? yeah that's what I thought too

No. 194001

>VR Chat
>retro game
>rainbow six
>rhythm games

>high femme

Ohhhhh this is a chart of how much a degenerate tranny those male players turn out to be. I like some of those games and I’m surrounded by the most disgusting AGP stereotypes.

No. 194002

This site is full of MGS fags they post about them constantly in any thirst thread

No. 194005

I mean the ones I actually know, at least online, not anons on an imageboard.

No. 194007

derailing but why are tifs so thirsty over mgs male characters? with the exception of raiden all of them are grimy old men.

No. 194008

File: 1648845078089.gif (1.58 MB, 500x500, tumblr_og8nxzXaNQ1sq41kno1_r2_…)

No. 194009


No. 194010

File: 1648845224688.gif (495.22 KB, 500x250, R92d6f3d9a4f0ce3ef3e31dd3cc27d…)

No. 194011

File: 1648845257884.jpg (32 KB, 247x1200, bosselot confirmed.jpg)


No. 194012

File: 1648845383791.gif (997.63 KB, 500x250, whenuradopteddadcallsyougay.gi…)


No. 194014

No. 194015

File: 1648845670783.gif (1.22 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

You will never not be annoying

No. 194017

At least post a translation, what is this supposed to prove?

No. 194018

nta but Apparently is Kojima saying that Snake and Ocelot loved each other from the moment they first laid eyes upon one another. I don't know what this proves anyway

No. 194024

Sure thing anon, just translating it without a dictionary or google translate because I'm a lazy bitch:
>Snake: "Wait!"
>EVA: "Why?"
>Snake: "He's still young"
>Kojima: "As soon as Snake and met they cared for each other/worry about each other. It's pure love (in a romantic sense given the kanji used).

It's that scene where EVA fucks up Ocelot's face with her bike and wants to shoot him while he's escaping and Snake tells her not to iirc.

No. 194025

samefagging, here's the scene. I also found a site long ago that had the full commentary and Kojima talks about how Ocelot falls for Snake as soon as he gets beaten up by him, he has a teenage crush on him, and he steals and eats his food after Snakes gets captured to imitate him and feel closer to him but I can't find it anymore. The background looked green, maybe someone else also found that website or blog before?

Yes, thank fucking god for that.

No. 194091

File: 1648863269939.jpg (151.23 KB, 683x671, Untitled.jpg)

post ur tarnished eldenons

mine is a stinky filthprophet

No. 194113

Mildly off topic but I love Deacon so much and it makes me so sad that there's almost no fanart/lewds involving him… It's always Danse or Hancock

No. 194114

SA also im forever bitter that he isn't romanceable

No. 194120

1. trannies
2. irrelevant, tranny content
3. no, tranny content

No. 194140

I have no bling yet pls be patient

No. 194160

I thought this was an oil painting

No. 194200

lmao <3(<3)

No. 194297

File: 1648944112698.jpeg (381.42 KB, 1600x900, 0CE6A9F4-C76D-4964-9201-554531…)

Thoughts on this? It’s marketed as a kweer game and developed by they/thems but I’m desperate for an otome eroge that isn’t rapey. I kinda like the elf dude but judging by his hips he’s probably a TIF

No. 194298

Tony the tiger

No. 194299

Elf!Howl from howl's moving castle and the goblin is simply green David Bowie

No. 194300

looks 5 years too late

No. 194301

Elf!Howl with the fucking highest waist pants covering "his" entire stomach
>david bowie goblin
>tony the tiger
>evil fairy from neopets
>generic tranny demon
Wow which of this sexy lineup will I choose

No. 194305

Fuck I thought the tall succubus lady was hot but you’re probably right about her being a TIM. If my suspicions are correct then I hope this game flops. Sad because there are so few female game devs.

No. 194307

i wish they got artists who don't draw like a failed hiveworks project

No. 194320

the goblin one reminds me more of murdoc from gorillaz than david bowie

No. 194323

I was going to say the exact same thing and I'm into it. He is my shameful crush kek

No. 194325

File: 1648955375073.png (281.12 KB, 696x520, 8470324983248324.png)

>generic tranny demon
A she/her as head of a frat… you called it. Can't we just have hot Amazonian women

No. 194331

Why did they decide to include pronouns in character bios instead of their sexes? If this is supposed to be an eroge then I obviously need to know what genitals I’m dealing with. There better be a trans panic dialogue option then.

No. 194332

i hate the art style

No. 194335

Post about this kind of shit in the VN thread >>191784 or the woke media thread.
It's just some shitty kickstarter that might never even be fully developed not an actually interesting game.

No. 194358

No. 194362

It looks like a VN where you date gijinkas of STDs.

No. 194363

>Can't we just have hot Amazonian women
One of scrotes' catchphrases is "the dick only makes it better" so no

No. 194368

eh the troon can have Testament. i rather have one troon character for tranny to fawn over and lewded so that they dont bother/troonification other character

No. 194375

You haven't seen all the Testament trans widows in the various husbando threads lol.

No. 194382

File: 1648978022443.jpg (27.85 KB, 400x304, o8zrbkY8yX1sula3fo1_400.jpg)


No. 194385

I second this, God I love Galerians. It has such dark atmosphere that was around in weeb media around the end of 90's due to the new millenium scare. It's dark, depressing and edgy. Has a set of bizzaro bosses Metal Gear Solid style.

No. 194399

File: 1648983833283.png (834.23 KB, 978x1079, Countess[1].png)

This might just be my new favorite boss design

No. 194409

Radahn and Blaidd at this point, I'm 170+ hrs in so just getting started, kek

No. 194413

File: 1648989024633.jpg (15.96 KB, 640x480, eternal-darkness-sanitys-requi…)

Eternal Darkness doesn't have much polygons
Forbidden Siren is another classic of the genre but it's supposed to have a rather daunting difficulty

No. 194423


No. 194424

File: 1648998217219.jpeg (Spoiler Image,504.9 KB, 1170x1211, EDF4B290-BFF5-408A-ADBA-1800CA…)

i was browsing elden ring fanart and this turned up. i hate coomers so much.

No. 194426

He should go choke on it instead

No. 194432

This is gross but also absurdly sad. The implication of this man with his microdick, alone in the dark, desperately justifying his disgusting deformity with some video game thing since he can’t satisfy anyone in real life. Depressing.

No. 194433

Crimson Court is amazing

No. 194446

>bump warning gore here love u

No. 194491

File: 1649014572143.jpg (304.11 KB, 944x824, Untitled.jpg)

mine too
he just fugged me

No. 194502

File: 1649016795172.png (220.74 KB, 513x595, chevalier.png)

I really thought I got used to the hopelessness and anxiety DD is supposed to convey, but it all quickly came back when I got introduced to the incurable disease that turn your heroes into addicts
And what unique designs

No. 194547

Where's the best place to buy used fifth and sixth gen games? Gamestop is frequently sold out of the ones I want, and ebay has a ton of scalpers.

No. 194586


No. 194587

Dont drag Gwendolyn into this. he was always male. it stats it clearly in the lore he was appropriated by trannies because they dressed him as a women and raised him to be the moon goddess but he was always and clearly a man

No. 194588

Nonnie, you have the most based tastes in games!! i need more awesome female friends to discuss games with

No. 194592

I use mercari. You can usually buy off site or at least haggle the price with the seller. Sadly they recently raised their prices so a lot of sellers or pricing high to make up for it.

No. 194596

I just tried a memoir blue. it was so tryhard and boring I quit after 10 minutes.

No. 194616

excellent taste nona

No. 194627

This >>194592, also fb markertplace, brick & mortar thrift stores, local online thrift stores… Also, if you can't find a game you are looking for, hacking your console is an option.

No. 194750

File: 1649099950875.jpg (6.45 MB, 4032x3024, 20220404_211323.jpg)

She's sick of everyone's shit

No. 194784

File: 1649111691322.jpg (169.47 KB, 1920x1080, kingsbountyiikatherine.jpg)

Even though it had a lot of mixed reviews, I decided to buy King's Bounty 2. Some of the voice acting is laughably bad but I don't really mind. The only thing is it's turn-based. Honestly turn based games have always looked really unappealing to me so I have always avoided them, but the other elements of this game looked fun enough so I bought it anyway. I think I'm too dumb for it, though. I don't understand what I'm doing at all during the battles, I'm pretty much just pressing random buttons and hoping to win. I tried looking up a guide for it but the guide made it seem even more complicated and confusing.

No. 194805

No. 194815

Unfortunately there is no such thing as an ethical gaming company. Yes goblins were conceived as an anti-Semitic caricature but nowadays it’s connections have been washed out. Theater/circus troupes started out as blackface but you don’t see people calling clowns racist.

No. 194816

yea i saw this earlier too, but knew better than to add my opinion kek

No. 194885

>Yes goblins were conceived as an anti-Semitic caricature
Goblins are creatures from pretty much every European folk's tales
>Theater/circus troupes started out as blackface but you don’t see people calling clowns racist.
Clown makeup origins is credited to harlequinades and the character of Pierrot; but given the jester type of character has been a thing since ancient times you can seek origins of the exaggerated facial features painted on the faces even in the masks of greek theater.
Why americans insist on making everything racist?

No. 195003

File: 1649185749408.jpg (92.31 KB, 695x918, ghjkfyu.JPG)

No. 195059

Everyone knows by now that aren’t any female Reddit users, only troons.

No. 195205

File: 1649253085621.png (177.1 KB, 360x360, 7zUF2fp.png)

Nonnies, I trust your opinions. Is DDLC actually good or is it just for moids? I'm going to have a long car trip so I'm trying to find cheap-ish games to play on my Switch. Do you have any recommendations besides the usual Stardew/acnh/etc.?

No. 195207

It's not necessarily for moids, but it's basically baby's first edgy VN, if you're already familiar with VNs you can skip it.
Otherwise a game I loved for traveling is Earthbound for some reason, there's something so cozy about it.

No. 195211

Thanks nonna! Then I'll skip it and get Earthbound instead.

No. 195222

It was surprisingly gender neutral and unhorny. I get that it’s still pandering because characters are just otaku favorite archetypes with not much more to them but I suppose it can be seen as tongue in cheek. I personally find it very atmospheric and entertainment for a couple hours.

No. 195252

Personally I didn't think it was for moids, I don't remember anything being particularly sexualized in it which instantly made it more enjoyable. It's not groundbreaking but I felt it was the best effort put in a western VN and managed to capture the abstract and terrifying feeling found in Japanese indie horror games.

No. 195273

No. 195284

Normies will buy this game. HP fans will buy this. Trans will continue to seethe.

No. 195285

>Why americans insist on making everything racist?
Because Americans have no culture and are too stupid and lazy to do actual historic research.

No. 195289

I have yet to finish it yes, but is Fata Morgana actually… just a book? I don't feel like I had to choose anything. I played for 12 hours.

No. 195302

first time playing a kinetic novel?

No. 195304

I think genuinely yes. Never played Higurashi, which is the only title I recognized from that tv trope list. It's cool though and the music is excellent. The art is a little off sometimes.

No. 195335

I liked the one gimmick at the end you had to do to beat the game, but as it was something you could only do on a computer I don't know how it's been adapted to the switch…

No. 195498

File: 1649328400215.png (221.37 KB, 390x410, 1642865000808.png)

I remember that character, I think her name was Nikki! I like how they now have customisable icons to buy with point you can earn for Nintendo Switch online customers (they have the icons for Animal Crossing villagers depending on their birth month) but I agree the service sucks and should at least have an invite to game or messaging feature. They really missed the mark on themes too - light and dark, how boring. I have a Yoshi theme on my 3DS, a pastel Mario one and two Animal Crossing ones, they look so cute! It's a real shame they never made any for Switch.

No. 195500

haha this looks great

No. 195555

You could say I'm kind of a gamer

No. 195577

People who say FE Fate's story is bad are wrong but they're allowed to be wrong and have their preferences. People who say it's bad and that Echoes and 3H's stories are better deserve the rope.

No. 195596

File: 1649361816892.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, D373211F-701A-4A3F-B1D2-D5500A…)

No. 195673

File: 1649380739271.png (2.4 MB, 1732x878, uwu.png)

wym my gear is shit, I can at least look cute

No. 195674

File: 1649381750212.jpeg (577.29 KB, 750x879, 662F8AB2-94A7-43CF-BFA3-8C3C5D…)

blurred my boyfriends ugly skeleton man, only level 33 but i’m playing as a prophet! no cool gear yet. sorry for the bad screenshot lol i’ve just been slaying trolls in limgrave for three hours trying to level up so i headcanon her to be a troll professor. i’m actually really enjoying the game

No. 195677

She’s cute anon! You can go to the field in front of the beastial sanctum and get backstabs on the dudes wandering alone there. It will take out like 95% of their health. They drop over 1000 runes each. As long as you don’t get hit twice it’s a really good spot to farm!

No. 195707

Not bait, and my post is correct, Fates' story isn't bad.

No. 195713

But it isn’t good either.

No. 195714

And Echoes and 3H's stories are praised despite having the same "flaws" as Fates' story but infinitely worse.

No. 195716

I'd see your point if it was that Fates' story is at least kinda funny in how flawed and sometimes silly it is, which could be more entertaining to someone than the straightforward story of Echoes. I can see someone saying the story of Echoes feels too simple and dated for modern day.

No. 195751

Fates' story actually tried to tell a proper story with three consitent "what if" scenarios that makes it obvious the original writer knows how to use the butterfly effect in his writing, most of the bad parts are because of the localization making the characters inconsistent (especially Xander) just to make them more meme-able or more family-friendly. 3H looks like it was basically written by the marketing team trying to emulate Fates' success, except it's bland and inconsistent (like Dimitri's schrodinger step-mom or Edelgard being a moe kawaii uwu waifu siding with her abusers/enemies for no good reason whatsoever and a ruthless genocider).

Echoes is Gaiden's remake and I haven't played Gaiden but I've been told very often that everything added to Echoes makes the story actually way worse and more inconsistent. For example, Celica is way more retarded in Echoes than in Gaiden: in Gaiden she joins the antagonist because he threatens to kill her weakened friends, and in Echoes I only remember that she sided with him for no good reasons and her friends told her that it was a bad idea. Don't get me started with the whole "classes shouldn't matter and peasants and nobles should be treated as equals. oh btw Alm we lied lol the reason why you're so important and speshul is because you're a prince! what a twist!" that's some Naruto bullshit right there.

No. 195765

>Fates' story actually tried to tell a proper story
And it failed miserably.

No. 195769


No. 195911

I just got through Radahn last night and i want to cry. It didnt feel like a victory at all.

No. 195938

I know this is from a month ago but yes you can enjoy it no matter what your skill level is. Most of the playerbase are normal, sane people who just want to celebrate defeating an honest challenge, ignore elitist basement dwellers.

It is nothing like an MMO and there is no pressure from other players to be good because multiplayer is very minimalistic and limited with how you can interact (no chat, only wordless gestures and messages on the ground that are made of pre-written phrases); you won't get a nasty DM or get teabagged/harassed/griefed for not being good enough in game because it's impossible. Just don't get into the standard fandom retardation or stupid internet debates about the lore and you will be literally golden. Elden Ring is a piece of art made by people who were finally able to make their magnum opus after over a decade of previous works, that's not to say it's perfect but it's a game everyone should try in their lifetime.

No. 195988

Congrats bitch ye did good

No. 196018

File: 1649467154057.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1056x1610, 64F7E2A0-7939-4C07-9034-60723D…)

Which one would you be more excited for?

No. 196019

I don't know why BOTW being delayed = port but if they were to be ported I'd have to say Twilight Princess exclusively because I know nothing about it except that the aethstetic is fantastic. Wind waker is super cute and fun but I've had my fair share of that with all the cutesy indie games I consume.

No. 196024

I still have my Gamecube and copy of Twilight Princess, never owned Wind Waker, but I played it.

No. 196049

Nonny please… I haven't bought Elden ring yet because I know I will be glued to my PC. Please don't tempt me with this picture. I just had a visceral reaction to this image please how could you do this to me

No. 196054

File: 1649477681782.jpg (Spoiler Image,199.14 KB, 850x1200, FNqYjDBVQAAqK0K.jpg)

One of us!

No. 196073

>the aethstetic is fantastic
I can't believe you think this about a game with a generic late 00s "muddy browns and black is REALISTIC" and downright deformed characters.
I'm personally not a big fan of WW artstyle, so I was so excited for TP when it was coming out… big disappointment overall

No. 196157

File: 1649523241588.jpg (83.49 KB, 1080x781, 1646880374696.jpg)

I just beat Fionn Macwhatever the fuck sorry to all Irish anons here in SMT5, am I like halfway through the game or not yet? I didn't play games for like a month because I was busy with other stuff and I'm still busy so I think I'll keep playing from time to time on normal mode and will just stay underleveled, no way I'll have the time and patience to do some level grinding.

Unrelated but how Pokemon Legend of Arceus? I want your personal opinions, especially if you're like me and have played all the mainline games ever since the series started. I can't trust professional gaming "journalists" or review websites, and people on social media are obnoxious and act like Game Freak is paying their rent and bills.

No. 196172

Elden Ring is very beautiful and interesting but I really can't find all the grinding I have to do very enjoyable. I'm a bit of a noob and the game is really difficult to me, but I also have little time to play and I don't really like spending it killing the same enemies over and over (and dying) just to level up and then maybe being able to kill some bosses.

No. 196174

It's just my thing I suppose and I should add for context, it's my thing when the other games I've played in the series are very cute and bright. Obviously Ocarina and Majora are pretty dim but I didn't really play those much as a kid.

No. 196177

totally agree! it sucks running up to something big and retarded (like the tangled squid-like enemies) and not being able to put a dent into it. but somehow felling a troll on the hill 18 feet away. i also refuse to learn any of the enemy names. “t-rex dog”, “monkey tribe” and “zombies” are what i call them kek

No. 196190

I see your POV and I respect it, hope you enjoy TP!

No. 196209

If you don't do the online multiplayer elements of it, I really suggest you give it a try to alleviate the grind if you're like me and find helping others fun. It's like a trial run of a level or a practice session where you will get a decent chunk of runes just by lending your sign here and there.

No. 196220

The takoyaki balls? the octopussy? Try heavy thrusting attacks in the ass! kek

No. 196221

Not sure where else to put this, so sorry kek
Does anyone have social dress up websites that aren't shit?
I used to play Moviestarplanet a lot but it's pretty dead now, I like Everskies but the player base is so gender special it's unbearable, Bimboland is clunky to use. Just want a cute dress up mmo with likeminded/tolerable people

No. 196224

Gaia online?

No. 196230

Would any nonnies be interesting in multiplayer in Elden Ring? I am playing online and it's kinda sad. rofl I play on PS4

No. 196232

I’m scared to pvp

No. 196254

File: 1649561260240.jpeg (12.52 KB, 299x168, download (5).jpeg)

you could try likeafashionista, which is like the other half of bimboland but it seems pretty dead (its more similiar to the original mabimbo with beemov continuing it and the other developers who left making bimboland). I agree with you though everskies is too gender petty. I second the anon bringing up Gaia. I tried OhMyDollz but its dead and I can never seem to have enough ingame money to buy clothes so I gave up.
The next thing I could suggest is tatteredworld which is like a neopets knock off but you get to create a character and dress them and get supplies to make colors

No. 196282

File: 1649565138673.jpg (56.45 KB, 1066x600, dress.jpg)

kikomi-chan in her quest to be the elden ring

No. 196290

i lover her, based bonks nonnie

No. 196314

Name of hammer? this is beautiful

No. 196347

This just dropped and I feel like they're going to reach a new level of autism

No. 196348

never underestimate Nomura

No. 196370

I'm glad that we are all on the same page in regards to KH being terminal autism

No. 196378

How could we not be? Kek
To be honest I think kh1 was autistic but fun and colorful if you're a tween, but it went downhill fast as soon as the whole "darkness vs light" 2deep4u confusing plot (that totally wasn't retconned and made up later) started to come in. I thought Nomura's autism peaked with kh3 but apparently he's not done and I don't know why Square doesn't stop him.

No. 196379

I could never take these games seriously with all the Mickey Mouse shit, I've always wondered how they got so popular and why people get emotional over them.

No. 196387

the hammer is called giant-crusher. ty nonnas!!

No. 196395

When I was a tween I loved kh1, it had such an epic feel with the score and imagery. It was fun to feel like an interloper in a bunch of worlds not for you but having this righteous mission to save your bffs and getting embroiled in some ultra villains plot. The Disney and square stuff were hammy as fuck but still fun, it made sense in a kind of “this evil transcends genre” way. Then two happened and it just kind of took the shine off it and then three happened and I lost interest because the plot got pulled into so many directions it came apart.

No. 196411

So a phone game, but what is that other part with Sora and the super clashing hyper realistic environment.
I stopped caring after 2 though with how long 3 took to come out and not having a 3DS. I was never into the Disney part of it anyway.

No. 196412

It's been awhile since I tried gaia, but I've heard since flash died some of the sites parts are buggy/not working
I found likeafashionista along with some other games whilst digging through some old forums after posting this kek, I enjoyed it, kinda hate the waiting stuff but it's not too bad! It's sad to see what happened to Everskies, I been playing since beta where it was mostly just twitter gays & doll site lovers then tiktok got onto it now I see xem/xier catgender otherkin 13 yr olds. I'll try tattered, I'm not really a fan of neopets but it might work

No. 196431

File: 1649627599987.jpg (97.1 KB, 600x450, poupeegirl002.jpg)

I miss poupéegirl so bad when it comes to online dressup… I liked that it was intended for IRL fashion lovers and that you could upload your own IRL clothes into a library and get some in game bonuses. I wish there was another game with this concept.

No. 196475

oh my gosh! I was obsessed with this site. I never missed a day of dress up and I was super into dressing up my character. It was so simple but fun

No. 196478

ayrt and yeah the everskies reddit had to go into lockdown because they upset people over es users over neopronouns and non human pronouns. They were also being racist too thats good it was shutdown but besides the one or two racist posts it was mostly "i sent this person a hug(before changed to clouds) and they had a breakdown, and this child as 37 alters and has emoji pronouns and thinks they are nonhuman. mature is better in es but it's still mostly a others complaining about general.
also idk if youre into roblox but there are some dress up games there such https://www.roblox.com/games/5289509545/Gacha-Online since the creator basically took all the gacha stuff from those apps the entire game is free, but I don't talk and I don't know what the other people ingame are like

No. 196484

Crush me anon. Strength stacys are so sexy.
t. dex virgin

No. 196553

I usually don't care for fan remakes but Angel of Darkness was one of my favorite Tomb Raider games growing up and I can't help but being super excited for this one. It's a Unitiy Remake for the game and looks nice so far

No. 196554

The environments also look amazing, and they kept the atmosphere of the original game

No. 196557

Omg this looks so good!!!

No. 196574

I'm so surpised there's a teaser already but I know it will take about 10 years since this comes out and I can't even care anymore. I have a friend who is still excited and loved kh3 and I can't understand how people LOVED this fucking trainwreck of a game. I didn't even play all the inbetween games aside from BBS but even then KH3 wasn't enjoyable at all,the dialog was bad and the plot terrible.

at the time I found it cool and even now the first game is very comfy for me. The first two main games are close to my heart but I didn't really follow after that and I still wonder how people can be such consoomers with this series.

HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING. I'm in love with her design. It's so close to the original but still modern. It was such a shame this game was rushed and became the downfall of the OG Lara. I had trouble playing it but I loved the atmosphere it had. I hope these dudes get the game far enough with the development and not drop it. I loved that he developed the tutorial area the game omitted and his re-edition of the start screen is really nice.

No. 196611

I started playing rf4 since I have played so many hours in stardew valley and I really like it. The crafting system is confusing but overall it's been fun. Also disappointed I can't marry Forte kek. Apparently there are same sex relationships in 5, so will probably buy it once I beat 4

No. 196712

File: 1649701515985.jpg (369.65 KB, 2160x2160, FQAqU85akAE8T6v.jpg)

Has anyone seen the kickstarter for Puff Pals? I saw it on twitter and thought it was animal crossing for a second, but it's its own indie game. Even though it just looks like an AC clone, I'm excited because it looks like it has the soul ACNH is missing. It's a kickstarter game though and I already got burned once supporting Omori so I'm hesitant to support this, but it looks like it'd be a nice, cute game to pass time with if it's successful.


No. 196725

Yep I've been following them. There are so many farming & life sim games in the works since the Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley renaissance. It looks lovely but I'm always hesitant about first-time or smaller devs making games that look amazing but end up with really shallow gameplay. I agree that AC: NH lost its charm when it came to characters but it was primarily designed as a decorating game, and it did that well. For that reason I'm going to hold off on backing these guys to see how it actually plays and how in-depth the story really is on release.

No. 196728

File: 1649708159309.png (401.18 KB, 1035x586, team.PNG)

I don't care for most of their rewards so I figure that backing $20 to get the game on release wouldn't be much of a loss (I backed a lot more for Omori), but I decided to look at their team and it seems like a really small team for an ambitious project… I tried to look up their programmer to see what experience he has but all I found was a twitter where he sometimes talks about his twitch stream. Surely they may add more people in the future but suddenly I'm hesitant kek. Well, the release date is 3 years from now so maybe it's doable with that time frame.

No. 196732

For sure, if $20 isn't a lot for you to lose then no real harm. I've backed several Kickstarters that turned out great but those had established dev teams behind them (Divinity: Original Sin 1&2 and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous) where the smaller ones were hit or miss. Summer in Mara for example looked super cute and they'd made games before but ultimately it was pretty buggy and dull. My Time in Portia though ended up being fun and that was from a smaller group. It's always hit or miss on the platform but nice to see more indies trying their hand.

No. 196781

File: 1649728716155.png (1.11 MB, 722x723, Untitled.png)

my tarnished rn

No. 196813

If you look at a goblin and immediately equate them with Jewish people YOU are the anti-Semitic one. Swear to god, you people are freaks

No. 196814

RE4 merchant vibes

No. 196850

whatre ya buyin

No. 196933

Nintendo is pathetic at this point.

I still have my TP and Gamecube too, nonnie. WW is a good game as well. At this point, all Nintendo is doing is re-releasing old ass games everyone already owns or has emulated. Boring

No. 196934

Are any nonnies interesting in a discord for Elden Ring players? I think there's enough for us. it would be fun to help each other out.

No. 196968

File: 1649806711020.jpg (4.8 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20220412_193602.jpg)

My girl. I love her. Played with this same character look since ds1

No. 196972

We can just make a thread. Discord is so sus when there are moids around…

No. 196975

soulsborne thread would be so sick

No. 196987

Make it~

No. 196997

that sounds fun, but i agree, id be afraid of a moid invasion. that being said i would still love to help nonas, im a soulsborne vet and am mostly done with ER. i especially love helping people fight bosses!

No. 197004

I just got to the capital and i am truly suffering.

No. 197008

whats giving you problems? and what’s your build?

No. 197048

File: 1649855488108.png (1.24 MB, 874x860, sjelden.png)

i hate fia so much

No. 197050

There’s a radfem gaming server you can join from ovarit.

No. 197187

No. 197242

File: 1649935283973.jpg (70.09 KB, 640x480, tomb-raider-chronicles-screen-…)

Does anyone know where I could download the old Tomb Raider games (1-5)? I can not find them on the torrent sites I usually visit

No. 197244

Can't you just buy them? 1-3 costs less than $2 on GOG

No. 197253

Have you tried 1337x ?

No. 197254

Thanks so much, I found it there!!

No. 197257

Nice! Enjoy babe

No. 197268

Does anybody know similar games to Long Live The Queen? I played Princess Maker already, but I'm not a fan tbh lol.

No. 197313

I'm in the middle of doing her quest. what happened?

No. 197318

File: 1649956505085.jpeg (66.43 KB, 521x353, 8B489F80-6048-4EBF-A935-10BF8F…)

I don’t know how important the cute/anime-like aspect is to you, but there is a game called Suzerain by Torpor Games where you become the president of a small republic and it was absolutely incredible in terms of writing, choices, thoughtful political scenarios and relationship building. It is quite realistic and I’ve never been big into politics but I genuinely learned a lot about nation building from it and didn’t find it tedious at all. You do play an established (male) character however you get to make so many decisions that deeply affect your home from constructing railways (and which company to use), whether to be helpful or militaristic to your neighbors, how to handle women’s rights in a place they aren’t very developed yet. Surviving the game and seeing all the changes I managed to achieve was seriously rewarding.

No. 197324

btw ill make the soulsborne/fromsoft general thread if people want that when i come home from work

No. 197334

It wasn't at all about the anime aspect (I just see LLTQ and PM paired together alot, so I wanted to mention it beforehand) and only about the gameplay being my decisions influencing the entire plot and having to survive the aftermath, so this seems perfect. Thanks, downloading rn! Upon my googling, I also found Ambition: A Minuet in Power. Has anybody played it and knows if it's any similar?

No. 197335

As an ESL, I like to think this is Gina Lestrade's accent in DGS.

No. 197343

Great, hope you enjoy! And yes, I actually wrote a bit about Ambition in the visual novels thread. It's not as deep as Suzerain and the stakes are not as high. Which sounds funny since it's dealing with the French Revolution. But it's more that you're a new socialite trying to influence the various factions in Paris so you can sway whether the nobles or revolutionaries gain the edge. The gameplay loop is somewhat focused on wearing certain outfits to gain reputation along with interacting with people to win their favor, but in addition to there being a few major characters who you can romance, some of the minor events repeat and it felt a little dull at times. As opposed to Suzerain where every day involved a totally fresh challenge and new advancements in the world. Not to say Ambition is bad, just not quite as comprehensive.

No. 197436

do it nonna! i'm just getting into the series (playing bloodborne atm) and would love a soulsborne thread

No. 197447

hope this works!

No. 197562

that bitch killed d

No. 197575

File: 1650031276373.jpg (159.34 KB, 640x971, 1fl84y5235s81.jpg)

Shrimp dude isn't bad

No. 197576

File: 1650031443235.jpg (728.95 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20220415-160354_You…)

And Rogier is pretty cute

No. 197722

Would any anons genuinely be interested in playing stardew valley on ps4/xbox? I've never played before and would like to start a farm with some other newbies or experienced players that are happy to take a back seat and let me (try to) figure things out.

No. 198008

BASED. He’s all rough around the edges but he is into cooking and feeding you right. The gap moe is too much!!!

No. 198012

Swear to god the second Elden Ring goes on sale I'm gonna fucking buy it so hard

No. 198306

Is anyone else excited for The Wolf Among Us 2? I really enjoyed the first, played it over and over. I can't believe it's been almost 10 years!

No. 198312

fuck yeah I am, I remember fantasizing about the game so much that I even made my cringy fan-fic about my own self insert in fable town, I even read the comics which were rather disappointing compared to the game(not bad per-se but way more high fantasy then urban fantasy)

No. 198343

File: 1650283203948.jpg (192.05 KB, 2000x1000, The-Wolf-Among-Us-2-Gets-First…)

Omg same!!! I know it's not going to happen but I wish they'd somehow bring back Georgie, he was my favorite character. Or at least have another asshole with a thick Yorkshire or whatever accent kek.
I like how they stuck to the original visuals and only updated them a bit (I remember watching a leaked footage from years ago that was rumored to be a sequel but it looked completely different).
>I even read the comics which were rather disappointing
I thought I was alone with this! I didn't really like the comics either, they weren't as noir-y as the game

No. 198469

Holyshit, has it been 10 years already? And yes, i actually really loved the first game! Big B and Snow were my favorites. I am pretty hyped for more.

No. 198527

>10 years
Now I feel old

Yea, really looking forward to it, also really liked the plot of the first

No. 198612

File: 1650322845484.jpg (51.81 KB, 700x367, The_Wolf_Among_Us_08_TLIH.jpg)

I couldn't read the comics, Bigby is so fug in them. Whoever at telltale made the decision to give him a mega glow up is a hero.

Anyone get really annoyed at snow?
Her reactions make sense if you keep picking the worst and violent options, but if youre trying to be nice (which many people do, at least on their first playthrough) she seems like a tyrant

No. 198619

I think this may have been due to her characterization in the comics which was carried over to the game, the explanation given is cause got tricked and gaslighted her entire life she just doesn't trust anyone and constantly undermines them, which ultimately ruins her relationships
I mean the comic series is called Fables, it never tried to present its self as a gritty urban noir series, problem is that majority of people only got interested in the comics was cause of the game

I have read the entire comics and the spin off series and I wouldn't recommend them, its kinda of a slog to go through at times and not at all like the games

No. 198620

File: 1650324204075.jpg (137.19 KB, 1240x870, l9dxkuprgvg71.jpg)

There's a particular aggro Fates sperg that used to pop up now and then on different /m/ boards, and couldn't stop shoehorning in their victim complex about how everyone was a hater every time. I thought they were about to infect the transwashing thread. I'm sorry nonnas, my bad.

Anyway, I thought Fates was just OK. I found it more fun to play than Awakening, but there was a lot I liked and didn't like about both games. I'm an old FEfag so having the games kind of turn into a waifu/husbando simulator pissed me off in general, but I got over it eventually and have just enjoyed them for what they are.

I like Three Houses well enough, though everything with TWSITD/Byleth was retarded as hell. The part where they went super saiyan literally made me laugh when I first saw it tbh.

My one criticism is that I wish the maps were harder and required actual strategy. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground between 'just throw Dimitri in there' and 'this mode is so hard that RNG will determine if you win', kek. Leveling up units in 3H feels pointless and I miss having characters that only had builds for specific units.

No. 198641

I would, a thread would be fine. I'm glad ER implemented passwords the way they have, wouldn't it be great for this purpose?
I'm sad I got locked out of his quest in my first play through, never got to make friends with him.
I don't like her for bedding Rogier before I did.

No. 198719

This doesn't apply just to video games but usually the games, books, movies, etc. I like the most are the ones I played, read, watched completely blind and with no expectations whatsoever. I started with Awakening and really enjoyed discovering the series that way, I think old FE fans didn't like it as much because they already knew what the wanted and didn't want from that game and the next ones. I may or may not be the anon who brings up Fates, sorry if I'm annoying sometimes, I just think it's underrated. I completely ignore the fandom online now and I'm not interested in the new FE3H musou game, but if another mainline game gets announced I'll gtfo of the internet to avoid spoilers, shitty gamergate-tier discourse and trans headcanons and fanarts. FE3H was the worst one in terms of sjw headcanons but that's just because it's a more mainstream game than the previous ones when you think about how well the Switch sold compared to the 3DS.

No. 198804

I didnt speak to Rya earlier on and missed out on him. I'm so pissed about it.

No. 199024

The new engine looks great. Love how fluid the animation is
This song is fire, how did I not hear of this band before

No. 199117

File: 1650479512391.jpeg (77.01 KB, 1024x576, A8CD3BF9-85FA-4C85-A5CC-4185A2…)

Getting around to interacting with the FFXIV community and damn they weren’t kidding this game is infested with troons. WoW had plenty of scrotes too but at least they were of the regular variety. Sage for terf sperging.

No. 199242

I wish more of today's videogames had this kind of style where they take a lot from 2d art for the look of the models, instead of defaulting to wanting as much realism as possible

No. 199373

Idk where to post it.
Anyone here play One Hour One Life? Should I buy it? Is it worth it?
I heard about THOL but idk how legit it is.

No. 199392

The other next big game with that look is going to be Darkest Dungeon 2

No. 199569

File: 1650653983933.jpeg (172.85 KB, 1077x975, 7FF30DC8-DBBE-4C6A-B2A6-2944DF…)

GGS’s new story mode comes out next week. I love Delilah she looks very femcel-core. Hope we get her as an expac character.

No. 199599

ty for this image tho nonny he'd absolutely be disgusted by troon shit. I dunno if just lucky but I'm on Crystal and haven't had any troon bs. But I play a aura girl and just get scrotes desperate for attention so maybe thats why.

No. 199619

File: 1650665726219.jpeg (353.15 KB, 1440x1440, 8792109F-2A2C-4919-8E54-250B84…)

Have you nonnies tried Forgive Me Father?

No. 199636

That sucks. I’m on crystal too i had a scrote ask me if i had an onlyfans irl while playing as my fem elezen.

No. 199650

File: 1650672512658.png (84.69 KB, 590x472, 1650611950402.png)

She looks cooler than I expected, I personally like the dull browns in her design in contrast to the warning colours of her brother's nightshirt/hair. I want her playable if only to hear her win quote diatribes, if she's as talkative and hypocritical as Bedman that is. I'm kekking at the thought of her giving a YWNBAW speech to troonified Testament, imagine the salt from TRAs. One can only dream.
Still mad about some of the redesigns, Daisuke really did the Testament yumejos dirty this installment. At least on PC there's mods that make him more like his previous, superior self. Shame they can't change that godawful neutral pose with his armpits out gratuitously, going for the coomer audience is lucrative I guess.

No. 199711

it's a nice little game, still wouldn't justify the amount I paid for it

thol is legit but in order to get yourself a download link and credentials you gotta join their discord server which is less than ideal

No. 199728

I think I'll play the other classic doom-like I haven't touched first (like Blood, Quake or Hexen). I've always been a bit apprehensive of these games because of how primitive and daunting they look, but lately I've been watching civvie11 on yt who manages to make them look fun so I think I'll give it a try… eventually…

No. 199892

>At least on PC there's mods that make him more like his previous, superior self.
NTA but mind sharing some of mods?

No. 200002

File: 1650785529475.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.11 MB, 3116x2301, CP0bIpE.jpg)

Scrotes mad that a game company decides showing underage girls' underwear is actually pretty fucking gross. You would think they'd be more furious at the framerate issues, but no, their dicks are on the line. It's amazing how they complain about "sjws" caring more about diversity over gameplay, while doing the exact same thing.

No. 200021

Samefag, they're also butthurt about some forgettable NPC having his dialog changed from "break her in and make her a little more ladylike" to "tell her to be nice to me." They're trying to save face, being all "what's wrong with being ladylike uwu this is a look into forgettable NPC who has no relevance to the story's character uwu" and I'm certain it's the 'break her in' part.

No. 200030

whats a good vidya gaem or mmo to make (female) friends? i am very lonely, preferably free but ill have a look at paid ones too

wish to avoid too many scrotes and troons ty

No. 200033

I don't understand what they are complaining about, their shorts fit their outfits a lot more than basic underwear.

No. 200055

The updated ones look way cuter with the bloomers. Scrotes get mad over the most mundane shit.

No. 200601

>"break her in and make her a little more ladylike" to "tell her to be nice to me."
They're mad because this fully reveals how misogyny is a giant larp in which fragile males pretend women are inferior when the reality is that they're all forever ~traumatized~ by that one time a girl made fun of them in 6th grade and just cannot get over it kek

No. 200669

I think you could give FFXIV a shot, I know a lot of women playing it, more than any other game of this kind; it's paid but can be played for free until you reach lvl 60

No. 200858

I'd even argue that "Tell her to be nice to me" makes more sense for the NPC(a 12 year old boy kek) to say, because he's speaking to the boyfriend of his older sister, the woman in question. I forgot to mention that one thing a lot of players hated in the original game was the auto-generated accents the localizers gave the recruitable party members. These accents ranged from mild to literal uwu speak. The remaster has also removed a lot of these characters' accents, but you don't see these 'muh censorship' moids raising a stink over that.

No. 201059

File: 1651026737273.jpg (1.7 MB, 3700x2048, FRR0gIKVIAEq3Eq.jpg)

Kirby's 30th anniversary today~
I have a lot of fond memories for Kirby and the Amazing Mirror especially, I played that one a lot

No. 201884

Well nonnies.. thoughts on Overwatch 2??

No. 201890

File: 1651169203906.jpeg (159.33 KB, 640x480, D38B653E-AA3A-45B5-9DA2-CB91E6…)

This made me reminisce on my favs a little, I know I’m late responding. I think the ones I loved the most where Great Cave Offensive in Kirby Super Star and also Crystal Shards. When I was a kid I wanted to be Adeleine bc I thought she was cool.

No. 201905

Sounds like another mediocre activision multiplayer game that'll have automatic success at release then will be dead in 5 years

No. 201906

They took things people like and praise about the original game, put those things in a dumpster, and tried to serve up something more like Valorant instead. DPS got another hero and buffs as usual while other classes are thrown by the wayside. Fuck Blizzard, fuck Microsoft.

No. 201907

All atelier games are on steam sale right now, and I'm new to these. I'd appreciate a farmer's perspective!
Are they any good? Are they targeted at people or scrotes? Which of the titles are your favorite? I'd like a cute, relaxing game with a nice story - can this be expected of atelier at all?

No. 201958

I am sort of an Atelier noob but I've played and enjoyed some Atelier games! They are mostly targeted at women but I have heard some of them have scrote fanservice moments, though I haven't come across those yet. I recommend Atelier Ryza because it's lower pressure than many of the older games because you can work through the story at your own pace, and the alchemy mechanic is easy to pick up. The only fanservice moment in that game is when Ryza has to crawl under something, the camera kind of zooms in on her (fully clothed) butt. But you only have to crawl under something maybe 5 times in the whole game. It's got a fun slice-of-life story with no romance and crafting and battling feels rewarding. I like part 1 better than part 2 but both are good. Part 2 is a little more tedious due to the dungeon research mechanic. I have heard Atelier Sophie is another great title for Atelier noobs too and I am planning to try that one out next.

No. 201984

I played a little bit of the beta and had fun. The game feels a lot more fast-paced and you don't have to depend so much on your teammates, which I like. I like the changes to the tanks. Orisa is genuinely fun to play. That being said, I have zero faith in Blizzard as a company

No. 202044

File: 1651195428911.png (171.99 KB, 1250x876, BoyFriendDungeonmsh4.png)

Any games people buying especially during all these steam sales? I've also been downloading emulators to play consoles I never owned such as anything playstation or games I never got for my Wii or DS lite
i have pcsx2, dolphin, melonDS, duckstation. I played through Dog's Life which a childhood friend had years ago; for something calming to play during finals week
picrel is a review I saw someone wrote for Boyfriend Dungeon which I then I bought last week during the kitfox games sales

No. 202065

Are Life is Strange 2 and 3 worth playing? I loved the first one's storyline so much even though the prequel kinda sucked. Max and Chloe's story will always be my favorites. 2 didn't appeal to me because it seemed too political and 3 did look kind of interesting but I feel like I'd always just hold it to the first game.

No. 202066

Thank you, nonna, I've decided to give Ryza try and see if I want to play other games!
I'm kinda mad, because some games in the series weren't showing up to me, including Ryza. I looked them up manually, and it turns out some scrotes have applied a hentai tag to it so it filtered them out from my store. I noticed they add these sexual tags to unrelated games - I even found one on a Disney princess game for little girls a while back, and I've seen people complain that the algorithm fills up your store with porn titles if you play a false-tagged game
I'm glad I've asked for an opinion on lc, if I saw the tag earlier I'd believe it and get discouraged kek Thanks again!

No. 202075

100+ hours in with one crash. I just finished the story but I play slow and treat my days casually. I still don't feel burnt out but it's my favorite series so ya know.
Romancing all bachelors and bachelorettes along with decking all town residents out with appropriate gear is my current goal.

Wait for a sale if you don't absolutely love the series. Hopefully it comes to PC and runs smoother eventually.

No. 202094

isn't overwatch 2 quite redundant? couldn't they have just updated the first one?

No. 202106

2nd is shit, but 3rd one is even worse. Your choices don't matter at all and the game is much shorter and plot itself is terribly predictable. Waste of money.

No. 202126

They target a different audience with it since it's PvE, so it makes sense for it to be separate

No. 202144

they still had PvE events in OW

No. 202145

And the beta doesn’t even have PVE in it yet anyway.

No. 202221

That's too bad. I know a lot of people argue that the first game's choices didn't matter all that much (at least the final decision and outcome) but with 2 and 3 do literally none of the other small choices you can do through the game affect anything? I guess nothing will beat the twist that 1 had huh

No. 202224

File: 1651257050813.jpg (198.97 KB, 1280x720, 2021121215024500-9A49833AEB49F…)

There is NO sexual content in Ryza and afaik in any Atelier game! Not even innuendos in Ryza, literally as I said the camera just scoots kind of close to her butt when crawling. Even in Blue Reflection 2 (same maker, picrel) where they go REALLY too heavy with the fan service, there's no sex and the characters don't even talk about sex (BR2 just has the typical scrotey anime camera angles, plus a weird pool scene where the girl on the left rests on the edge of her pool with just her tits holding her up??? That scene cracked me up, only a moid would think of that kek). I 100% both games and dlc. No hentai not even close! Fucking pedo ass moids. Don't worry nona you can feel safe playing Atelier series! I wonder if there's a way I can report the false tag. That shit makes me angry. Reminds me how I get flooded with porn recommendations because I play Conan since it has nudity options. What the fuck Steam, I don't want porn games, I just want to sacrifice men to the snake god, thanks.

No. 202242

File: 1651258853799.png (1.14 MB, 890x606, switchsportstennis.png)

Anyone playing switch sports?
the kick out with the strap on your leg is difficult. the chambra has some skill to it with the 3 different sword options and the blocking. I liked soccer beside the kickout since you use your joysticks like a controller and can head dive bomb. picrel If you play tennis by yourself it makes you own both players, which is funny since i do that in wii sports sometimes, but i think it's kind of lazy to make it the only option, then again sometimes the ai teammate can sometimes hurt you. I've played all of them just to try them but haven't gone online yet

No. 202243

File: 1651259172866.png (784.92 KB, 1130x682, instructions for nonna.png)

You can report false tags on steam games if you go to their store page, and click the + near the tag list. From there all tags will be shown and once you hover over them you're able to flag. It takes multiple reports to take down a tag so it may take a while!
I also hate how buggy steam always is! I reported both hentai tags on Sophie2 and Ryza, and they seem to be gone now, but steam seems to be delayed with applying some changes. Both games show up in search, but they are still hidden from the sale/publisher store for me.
Also don't get upset when the flagged tag doesn't disappear. Sophie2 shows hentai as my first tag, because they bring the ones you've flagged to the top, but when I go to edit it's not really there, or so it seems
There's 'nudity' and 'sexual content' tags on both games still though

>weird pool scene where the girl on the left rests on the edge of her pool with just her tits holding her up???

kek the inner machinations of scrote minds are an enigma

No. 202248

Nta but yeah some stuff is affected. It's not that different from the first game, game mechanics wise. Like how you can choose between the boy (forgot his name) or chloe, and the different endings, there are stuff like that in the 2nd game, like how you interact with your brother will affect the ending you get. Dunno about the third game though, haven't played it. I liked the 2nd game more than the first.. but maybe that's cus I played the 2nd game before playing the first.

No. 202411

Valve may have forsaken it but the tf2 community will never ever die!

No. 202427

Aww I missed the livestream I completely forgot about it! Thanks for posting. I'm still thinking about sniper saying sweetieokums though

No. 202561

I got in the ow2 beta, I wish I could play with you anons or at least had an all female server but instead I gotta be all alone

No. 202601

I also got in, but I hate it, so now I’m just trying to enjoy the vanilla game while it’s still around. RIP

No. 202838

New quest in Warframe came out and now I have to figure out a new build for stuff cause it's too hard.
Don't think Ordis has any new lines though boo

No. 203247

Okay I'm glad there's a Harry Potter open world game coming out but I really fucking hate the crowbarred-in minority characters. I also just don't like the companions, period. It feels like the art direction is kinda… weak. Ironically, the older Harry Potter games really got the feel of Hogwarts being a fun, mystical place down.

No. 203533

File: 1651627044612.jpg (125.15 KB, 1280x546, Untitled.jpg)

i have nowhere else to sperg about this. there is no borderlands thread.

this is the ugliest rendition of what zer0 looks like under the helmet that i have ever seen

No. 203536

File: 1651627307064.png (1.1 MB, 917x756, 89042384932847.png)

He looks a bit withered but save for the weird undereye marks I actually think he looks cute. Certainly not the worst I've seen.

No. 203586

And I thought it would be easy to just change weapons but these new eximus are impossible at higher levels. Now I finally know the feeling of when the devs completely make a mistake…

No. 203611

i personally don't want him to have a human face…

No. 203649

i don't want him to have a human face either. i think it's the hair that's so offputting? there's something that feels wrong to see zer0 with hair. i like the idea of him being a cyborg alien

No. 203706

Zer0 wears a helmet? I always assumed that was just his head a la daft punk.

No. 204099

File: 1651784614260.jpeg (408.6 KB, 1280x1157, 651389D0-60FA-494A-BE3C-EF76FF…)

no ffxiv thread so i’ll be autistic about this here. apologies to aymeric yumejos in advance. urianger is best elezen husbando anyway
looks like all those dinner dates caught up to them.
also why is the wol a cripple isn’t that missing the entire point.

No. 204104

That just belongs in the bad art thread.
Anyway, I doubt we're getting the old threads back now, so might as well just make new specific threads if you want.

No. 204109

File: 1651787937278.jpg (52.8 KB, 700x394, pathologic-classic-hd-20151071…)

Started Pathologic (Classic HD) last night, played for about 2 hours. From the first second it screams "I am a perfect old gothic horror game". It's pretty confusing with no real tutorials and markers but it just makes it more authentic and memorable. All you have to do is get used to the jarring 10 year old boy voices the female characters have, lmao.

No. 204127

File: 1651801297386.jpeg (35.66 KB, 400x485, 3C8F772A-F36E-40BD-A871-40A55F…)

Enjoy Nonnie. One of the best games ever made in my opinion. I think people like to hype themselves up by saying it’s not fun and it’s more of an endurance test but I found it extremely fun. Frustrating sure, but such a rewarding and atmospheric story! Who are your favorite characters so far?

The second one is really great too, just FYI.

No. 204144

Whoa, I’ve never heard of this game. Definitely going to try it out. Thanks for the recommendation nonnies.

No. 204157

random request here, but i play console games while im on a walking pad so i can not wanna commit sudoku while getting steps in, does anyone have suggestions of games to play that dont require that much hand-eye coordination? (for ps4 and switch)
even tho im just walking, movements in-games can get wonky sometimes…
for example turn-based rpgs are great, cause of not having to be rushed/perfect

No. 204268

File: 1651868459320.gif (4.04 MB, 500x500, dankovsky dance.gif)

Nonnies, oh nonnies, I'm so happy to see fellow Pathologic enjoyers (or soon-to-be-enjoyers? will-be-enjoyers-once-have-gone-through-the-painful-but-good-experience-of-a-playthrough?) on this forum… For your first playthroughs of Classic HD/Pathologic first of the name I do usually recommend at least a small guide (I had the one that came in the box, with the physical copy of the game, but since it has been lost with online downloads there's a big gap there. I've seen someone online put it as "Try a first time without a guide, die on day 3, and restart with one"). You at the very least need to know how to read your Letters and check on your Quests, which as far as I remember the game never tells you how to. Steam has some good walkthroughs if you're completely lost.
I second >>204127, the second one is really good. I played Classic HD then Pathologic 2 and I feel like it makes for a better experience than playing the other way around, especially since the second one has more gameplay features.
Both of these games often go on sale on Steam (and I think Gog too?) and you can gt Pathologic Classic HD for less than $2. They're fantastic games. Steer clear from most of the fandom if you want to stay sane, but I think they're games to be experienced at least once in your life.

No. 204282

If you're into deckbuilders or card games, I really like slay the spire. It's a roguelike and there's a slight learning curve but when you get into the game it's so much fun because it's so well designed and the gameplay is really tight. You can take your time to think about your next move as well, while you can see enemy intentions it doesn't detract from its difficulty, which is comfortably challenging but doesn't feel unfair. It's on switch. Visual novels might be good too but I don't play enough to know what's good and I haven't really enjoyed the ones I HAVE played kek. Good luck nonny!

No. 204285

I was thinking that it is the quintessential russian game, but games that I thought were "typically russian" (metro 2033 and STALKER) are in fact ukrainian so I'm realizing that there are actually very few russian video games. The ones with the biggest budgets were probably War Thunder or Heroes of Might & Magic V
My god they really did lose the cold war

No. 205928

File: 1652510029203.jpg (125.2 KB, 1200x675, 495beed7f5c46fe8a5b3584c642f.j…)

I love co-op puzzle games. We Were Here Forever was so fun with so many more hours of content than I expected for the price. I think the devs delivered on this one. There's some connection issues and I found one bug but nothing reloading didn't fix. Overall game looks good and the puzzles were challenging and fun!
If you have the previous games, buying the bundle will save more money on steam.

No. 205936

Great games to test your friendship and your mutual ability to communicate yes

No. 205942

I did get bitchy a few times kek. The new one have fewer puzzles that are time restraint but more gimmicky so you have time to talk and not just yell.

No. 205945

I think playing We were here together was the only time I yelled at someone in about 10 years… I recommend not doing 6 hours sessions lol

No. 205984

When they first announced it i thought they made it abundantly clear that ow2 will be basically an expansion not a whole new game, you don’t even need to buy ow2 to play with the new character or maps. I’m really confused by people’s reactions.

No. 205989

The "expansion" is sold for the price of a brand new game. When Valve added a PvE mode to tf2, it was a free update

No. 206036

File: 1652554993367.jpg (45.47 KB, 965x543, 5e970060acc8a2f52a786fe1b31038…)

You know it's bad when even Kotaku shits on it

No. 206038

i do not understand the graphic but yeah overwatch's attempt at ~diversity~ is laughable

No. 206147

I read some twitter tinfoil that this was released to cover up news of Ac-Blizz's union busting

No. 206183

The further you go from the center the more """diverse""" you are, the """norm""" being a youngish straight white person
Torbjorn is one-armed and one-eyed so he gets ability points (he's disabled), plus he's a fattish dwarf and old so age and body type points. Zarya is 2 meters tall and has muscles, which makes her I guess more unusual than a literal dwarf, so she gets more body points than Torbjorn (???). She cuts her hair short and has muscles so she gets gender identity points because apparently women are supposed to be frail and have long hair…?
Then Zarya and Lucio get culture points because she's Russian and he's Brazilian, but Torbjorn doesn't get any because he's swedish and uuuuuh they're more western? I think Widowmaker and Mercy would get 0 points

No. 206187

So… according to this graph, Zarya is NOT a butch lesbian?

No. 206252

It’s basically a graph/algorithm that blizzard developed to see how “diverse” a character is. Not sure why this is important in an fps game with little to no story.

No. 206264

"Diversity space method"? What the fuck is this bullshit lmao

No. 206270

My guess would be that it’s satire but you really never can tell.

No. 206293

She also looks like one of the countryside babushkas with a big garden and a house to take care of, judging by her body and hairstyle (not the haircolor though). So if she is not a butch lesbian, then she is a cute babushka.

No. 206300

File: 1652605099488.png (910.79 KB, 958x1070, Subject_Zero_Character_Box[1].…)

Yeah she's actually straight, just like Jack in ME2

No. 206316

wait does Zarya actually have a male love interest now? i know she is not a canon lesbian but i thought her sexuality is completely unknown

No. 206325

File: 1652612274450.jpg (145.29 KB, 1136x637, sakura-wars-theatre-troupe.jpg)

any nonnies playing/played the new sakura wars? I've wanted to play the franchise for years and I'm having such a fun time with both the combat and the dating sim aspects!

No. 206333

File: 1652619775003.png (159.95 KB, 250x362, Cassandra_Pentaghast_2.png)

And like Cassandra in Dragon Age Inquisition. I'm glad that straight women get lots of gnc representation, but I wish butch women got some positive representation too.

No. 206352

Jack was always gay in my head canon. I paired her off with my female (canon) Shepard.

No. 206426

I played it but it doesn’t have the appeal of the originals tbh. I think the first game has a fan translation patch if looking up guides isn’t your thing.

No. 206432

She has 0 love interest but from what I could find, the OW team said there are only two gay characters on the team (Tracer and Soldier 76) which would mean she's straight

She was going to be pansexual but they cut it
>As Jack’s writer, Kindregan explains that he didn’t necessarily agree with the decision to change her sexuality. He understands why it happened, and says “it wasn’t like some anti-gay person high up on the Mass Effect 2 team saying, ‘we’re not going to have that’.” Instead, it had to do with the firestorm of controversy that Mass Effect had received back in 2007, and attempting to minimize the amount of critique that would be directed towards the community by outlets like Fox News again. “The short version is, a lot of us were asked pretty late to focus the relationships on a more traditional kind of vector,” Kindregan says.

No. 206465

Is there a gender reversed version of Sakura Wars?

No. 206480

No unfortunately. It would be interesting if Sega made an otome spinoff a la Girl’s Side.

No. 206519

did they say tracer and 76 are "the only gay characters" or "the only lgbt characters"? because if the former she could still be bisexual technically

No. 206694

…or a troon. Fuck, come to think of it, their diversity quota means that there’s likely to be a troon character at some point. Or a character revealed to have transitioned.

No. 206744

File: 1652725184100.jpg (527.41 KB, 1920x1080, 5FtKv76.jpg)

I recommend ambition a minute in power for nonnies who like period dramas, visual novels, dress up games and dating sims

No. 206757

sounds neat anon, i will add this to my wishlist since I've been buying a bunch of games recently

No. 206871

File: 1652761467679.jpg (530.53 KB, 1920x1080, 3596335214154209.jpg)

I've been playing CrossCode recently, and I've been having an absolute blast with it. Considering I had only heard about it from moids on /v/, I didn't have high expectations but it is soooooooooo fun. I love the graphics (the character art style is ugly IMO but whatever).

I feel like a lot of games nowadays focus too heavily on the writing and don't focus enough on making the gameplay itself exciting, but this game is so fluid and enjoyable to play. The puzzles are good, combat is fun and I love finding all the secrets and quests. Haven't had this much fun with a game since Hades.

No. 206938

Fave game soundtracks? I'm playing Tomb Rider 3 because nostalgia and forgot how amazing the soundtrack is

No. 206939

*Raider, not Rider obviously kek

No. 206940

What are some good DS and 3DS games i may not have heard of? Ive basically only played pokemon. I found a stash of cheap games in a thrift store. Also PS Vita, anything outside of persona.

No. 206950

No idea if any of these would appeal to you, but off the top of my head some ones I found enjoyable were Fantasy Life (cute style RPG), Tomodachi Life (Mii-oriented sim, just really bizarre and funny), and Style Savvy (fashion game series that has a ton of jfashion and overarching stories with helping people in between). I played those so much back in the day, I think 3DS was my favorite Nintendo handheld. Can’t go wrong with Animal Crossing either if you like that kind of thing.

No. 206951

Samefagging to add for Vita, I know the fandom has made it less appealing, but the Danganronpa games are actually pretty fun. I think the first two are on Vita.

No. 206953

What do they have

No. 206994

Darkest Dungeon's OST was nothing but bangers and the sequel is going to be just the same

No. 207010

>OG Metroid Prime
>Baten Kaitos
>Gitaroo Man
>Suikoden II

I know they’re moid games but I remember the Ar Tonelico series having really good music

No. 207036

this will always be my favourite OST

No. 207039

>Suikoden II
I remember it was Gothic Neclord which got me to play the series

No. 207045

One of my favorite ps1 games ever. Such a good choice for OST too.

No. 207065

Drakengard 1 is my favorite ost of all time, especially this and Ending B staff roll.

No. 207696

File: 1653009953107.jpg (832.65 KB, 1908x2200, leonardo-carrasco-raze-artstat…)

anyone else here obsessed with valorant? raze is so hot and so much fun to play

No. 207725

I enjoy the schizophrenic clusterfuck too kek

No. 207735

I would like to be but that's a game for people with friends

No. 207741

not necessarily… i have zero irl friends and i've been playing since last year. i did make new friends while playing though

No. 207858

File: 1653066878414.png (1.39 KB, 400x400, u4QYUagq_400x400[1].png)

Reminder that the Bethesda Launcher is shutting down, but that you can transfer your games there to Steam. You may have some games on it already if you got Morrowind GOTY for free there, which happened way back in 2019

No. 207867

Nonnies, I'm addicted to league (again) help.

No. 207873

First step is uninstalling

No. 207874

I'll pretend like I didn't read what you posted, my beloved nonny.

No. 207881

Do it. Now!

No. 207902

File: 1653081950851.jpeg (1007.15 KB, 2000x1270, 56F6CC06-93EA-4EE0-87CC-732150…)

Me too, on that note look at this new “monster” champion. Disappointed but not surprised… why didn’t they just leave her in her monster form. It’s not the most egregious but it feels like they’re never gonna leave the “has pretty face and appealing body in some way” zone.

No. 207920

I'm finally catching up to the times and getting a Switch, and I am over the moon at having a console that's a) brand new and b) not a hand-me-down from my younger brother. One of the most appealing things about it is the ability to play older games, whether through the Nintendo Online service or the absolutely massive catalogue of ports/remakes. What retro games have you nonnies enjoyed on the Switch? Earthbound is at the top of my list, and I'm also definitely grabbing Resident Evil and a few other classics.

No. 208002

Does anyone else noticed that people sort of look at you funnily when you mention you play mostly retro games? Why is this?

No. 208004

That's either the look of someone who really wanted to talk about Skyrim and realizing suddenly they're out of their depth, or of the weight of the ages crushing them when you mentioned the DS is a retro console

No. 208006

They realized you’re autistic. But really, it’s probs because now they don’t have much in common to talk to you in that topic.

No. 208020

File: 1653122726358.png (7.15 MB, 2711x2305, 26u4pw4sgn091.png)

Anyone interested in Fire Emblem Warriors game coming out? I'm an absolute sucker for the thought of more content between these characters so I'm thinking about it. Never played a Warriors game before but am aware of what they are.

No. 208021

Have any of you tried to emulate DS games on your iPhone or iOS? I saw a video tutorial and I’ve wanted to try it for a while but I’m worried it will fuck my phone

No. 208022

I did it on my iPad 3-4 years ago, couldn't tell you recent resources but if you do some research it's pretty doable. That iPad is still kicking to this day.

No. 208027

I'm not looking forward to it at all. I think I'd rather replay FE3H and do the routes I haven't done yet

No. 208028

where is seteth

No. 208116

Best thing to do when doing stuff like that is to make sure the video is up to date with what update you are on.

No. 208182

Haven't played League since 2014.
Got bored after hitting Platinum V.
Anything ground breaking new?
Heard the pro league is kinda dead.

No. 208229

what are some good old school bioware type of rpgs on steam rn?

No. 208274

File: 1653197397792.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, Screenshot_82.jpg)

nonnies who play fps, do you have any tips to improve your aim? aside from using aim lab

yes i'm the valorantfag from earlier. i want to hit plat this summer

No. 208292

I haven't played Valorant but since all of its shooting rules follow those of Counter Strike:
- don't move while shooting, it messes up your aim
- memorize automatic weapons spray patterns and move your mouse in the opposite direction to get all your shots on target (or just fire in small bursts)
- when shooting with a sniper rifle it'll be easier to touch your target if you aim just before it and let it walk into your shot
- practice practice practice
I had a lot of trouble when I started playing CS:GO because so far I had been playing nothing but Tf2, which has completely different shooting rules: you have to move while you shoot and headshots don't matter for 90% weapons. If you played another FPS before Valorant it's possible you're still using what you learned there and have to de-learn it. If it's your first multiplayer FPS, you'll just have to practice more, as the more you practice the less nervous you are when you shoot, which means a more stable aim

No. 208295

There's the whole range of remastered Forgotten Realms RPGs on Steam, which goes:
Baldur's Gate 1
Planescape Torment
Baldur's Gate 2
Icewind Dale 1
Neverwinter Nights
There's no Icewind Dale 2 because they lost the source code and no Neverwinter Nights 2 because ???

No. 208296

The only one of these I haven't played us Planescape Torment.
Should I? I haven't heard it praised as much as the others.

No. 208301

I had the opposite experience, I have heard it much more praised than the others
Yes you should, imo out of all of them it clearly has the best writing

No. 208302

yeah it's just practice. It's why I don't care about FPS if there isn't a single player story. There's no way I'd ever get competitive my reflexes and hand eye coordination are too shit.

No. 208324

File: 1653225514139.png (167.22 KB, 370x370, deacon.png)

Just booted up fallout 4 for the first time in years, made a new character, and I'm having fun. Fuck everybody who says FO4 is bad, yeah yeah the roleplay isn't that good blah blah, but it's still fun and I can't wait to meet my husband Deacon and give him my dead husband's wedding ring.

No. 208435

Based! FO4 is my comfort game, I play it often on my sleepless nights.

No. 208448

Deacon freaks me the fuck out. I cant understand how anyone can like him when hes basically a ps freak.

No. 208453

What do you mean by PS freak

No. 208495

File: 1653273154186.jpg (29.11 KB, 466x658, hancock.jpg)

Oh man, I miss playing FO4, my computer was very old and my game had way too much stuttering, but I kept playing for the ghoul dude, he was my fav.. Also that robot detective was good too, I like him but I remember he was always judging me and I don't even know what I did wrong lmao. Definitely gonna play again when I get a new computer.

No. 208539

What's your favorite graphic intensive game? I purchased a very beefy PC, and I've still been playing the same stuff I'd play on my laptop because I don't even know what's out there really. I have a RTX 3080 and 32GB of RAM.

No. 208549

Damn I'm jealous noni. I just bought an MSI RX 6600 because my pc couldn't run Far Cry 6 kek

No. 208683

try playing minecraft with realistic shaders and mods if you're into it

No. 208708

Yakuza games, but I don't know if they're actually "graphic intensive" for your PC because all my life I've been using very outdated computers.

No. 208709

I had a dream about playing this game again but then woke up realizing it really feels nothing like a Fallout game and I don't even like any of the factions in the fourth installment, except the Brotherhood of Steel and they were cooler in other games. In my dream I slaughtered Mccready with an explosion because he was being annoying even though in the game he's really not annoying at all and I like him, especially since he was in Fallout3 and I like when characters make more appearances. Like Herbert and Harold!

No. 208712

Arma Reforged looks beautiful if you're into war games.
Also unironically Minecraft with RTX and realistic textures

No. 208727

I love Minecraft! I never even thought to play with shaders. Thank you so much. I'm so excited I get to play I game I already love so much but FANCY now.

No. 208828

File: 1653419174881.jpg (824.35 KB, 1920x1017, dck6yr5-45f6561a-80d8-4001-983…)

Any nonnies playing mmos? I'm looking for a fun one to sink some time into and run around the map

No. 208831

God I wish more chinese/Korean MMOs were accessible to westerners. Although they are notoriously p2w grind fests, it just feels like MMO is dead af in the west. The popular ones that I’m most familiar with are FFXIV, Lost Ark and WoW Classic.

No. 208832

FFXIV is pretty fun once you rank up your class. But fair warning it's pretty grindy at times too. If you like running around the map, good news because half the msq involves running back and forth talking to the same three NPCs and some of the maps are absolutely massive even with flying.

No. 208834

File: 1653420608762.png (2.19 MB, 1536x864, Screenshot_20201020_195147.png)

I like playing Elder Scrolls Online, I bought it for cheap and I didn't buy any expansions but I don't care, I just like running around the map, visiting elsweyr, high rock, the summerset isles… I think the game looks really nice but I don't know if you will.
I don't really know how to play the game like an mmo, I've never cared about raids and the best equipment etc. so I can't tell you about that, but I think the quests and trying out emotes are fun and I love reading the books, seeing the creatures and looking at other people's crazy characters. Also Vivec is really hot in this game, I just stand in front of his statue sometimes. For me it's worth paying for the game just to get to gaze upon his muatra kek
But I don't know if people who aren't familliar with the elder scrolls would enjoy it much

No. 208838

Ffxiv, it’s probably my all time favorite. It has a slow-ass start, until like the Heavensward expansion kek. But hey good news, the free trial includes HW and there’s no time limit for your free trial.

No. 208841

Far cry 6 is so demanding and for what??? I thought I had a decent set up until I tried to play co-op. It chugs my shit worse than Star citizen.

No. 208928

i don't like mmos, but god damn goes this game look beautiful

No. 209048

File: 1653519868662.jpeg (43.36 KB, 245x252, 50DDBCC2-8AE8-4A7F-980C-A660E3…)

How the fuck did no one post about weird west? You play as a badass actually not sexualized cowgirl

No. 209069

File: 1653530438462.jpeg (98 KB, 570x538, 164E8B31-DAD2-4AA9-B58F-0DBF86…)

Give ffxiv a go, it’s slow at first but gets better later on.
In the second expansion there are so many cool maps.
You also have crafter and gathering classes.

No. 209072

File: 1653531905011.jpg (117.54 KB, 1360x768, 20220525200205_1.jpg)

I started playing Rhythm Doctor, a game I've been wanting to play since last year. It's fucking awesome.

That's the protagonist? Dang, I gotta play it

NTA but if my PC can run it I might give it a try.

No. 209073

planescape torment is great if you are looking for a visual novel and not really a game. play high int and wis to get all the dialog options

No. 209120

It weirdly has a bigger script than Tsukihime, but a smaller one than BG2

No. 209132

I want to join all the others recommending FFXIV it's great. Even the first expansion, especially at the final stretch, gets pretty good. And it's fun to level and discover stuff with gatherer/crafter sidejob.
As for specs, while idk how good your PC is, this is ultimately a game from early 2010s; I'm playing it on a mediocre laptop and it runs just fine.

No. 209134

File: 1653559656249.png (1.99 MB, 1280x720, swords-of-legends-online-04.pn…)

AYRT I was initially put off by FFXIV because of the subscription fee, I'm afraid I won't be able to play as often as I want to and I didn't want to waste money but seeing how everyone recommends it I might give it a try, thank you for your replies!

It looks stunning, the game is called Justice online and it's unfortunately only available in Chinese. You can also check out Swords of Legends Online, it's free on steam and has a very similar breath-taking aesthetic. Heads-up though, the English dub is BAD

No. 209135

You don’t need to pay the sub/buy the game. I still haven’t. Just play it for free. Heads up you’ll be limited in terms of social aspect.

No. 209186

That's only the first part of the game, you do eventually have to leave the city and do a few dungeons.

No. 209203

File: 1653600283365.jpg (73.09 KB, 1000x666, resized_99261-tvcol-1029_89-20…)

Any nonnies playing Evil Dead? Despite some annoying bugs I'm obsessed! I love playing every Ash. Thanks to this game he has reached husbando status. I love how frantic it can get at times and how playing as a demon is just as fun as playing a survivor. I hope we can do more demon shenanigans on future updates because there are some missed opportunities there. Like why can't I possess the scarecrows or set traps in fireplaces? Still having a good time though.

No. 209236

File: 1653608138881.jpg (287.22 KB, 1528x646, Far-Cry-6-Anel-Muerte-MSQG-201…)

imagine the trio we could've had with espada, clara, and paolo if she was the butch she should've been instead of a whiny fakeboi. i hate that the dysfunctional lesbian couple had the biggest part of the map to clear because most of their missions were just shitty tranny propaganda

No. 209237

I haven't played it yet, but I've watched a ton of gameplay and it looks SUPER fun for both sides. Glad there's another asymmetrical horror game out there that might give Dead By Daylight a run for its money.

No. 209257

File: 1653616146500.jpg (147.24 KB, 1600x900, ew.jpg)

I want to play a MOBA, but I quit Smite because I'll have to start over now that I'm on PC (no cross progression from PS4) and the thought of that makes me sick, tbh. I had so much shit. So, I decided to download League and give it a try since it's so popular. Holy fuck. I uninstalled after about 1 minute in the tutorial. Looks like some very cheap, Chinese mobile game shit; like a knock off of something else even. The controls are horrendous on PC. People actually play this trash? And it's ridiculously popular? Fucking how? I'm so serious. I don't understand at all.

No. 209259

oh fuck, is there tranny propaganda in far cry 6??

No. 209266

Yes, an ftm as anon states. Can't escape it. Why do videogame dev/player autists have to troon…

No. 209274

the screenshot i posted is of the fakeboi and there's a lot of whinging about her having to 'fight her own war' for troon acceptance. later in the game the fakeboi's girlfriend kills a female villain for being transphobic (calling paolo a tomboy). everything surrounding the tranny sounds like a parody, including a doctor saying she didn't even flinch when she was getting top surgery

No. 209278

Nta but man I just bought Fc 6 cuz it was $20 lol

No. 209282

File: 1653633167082.jpg (165.1 KB, 600x900, sandrock.jpg)

I'm having a lot of fun with My Time at Sandrock. Basically plays like Portia but less ugly kek. I really like the UI and the quality of life updates to things like the storage system. Character customization is cute as well.

No. 209284

Same anon- want to add that it just released in early access

No. 209285

>Fucking how?
Teenagers get in because they don't know any better/their friends told them to/it's F2P, then they get addicted to it because the game is designed to be addictive, then they can't stop playing it. I don't know any LoL player who actually enjoys playing the game

No. 209288

Sometimes I wonder what my life could have been if I didn’t play lol in high school. I can’t imagine getting in it as a completely new player today.

No. 209297

I’m sorry. There are much better MOBAs out there, anon.

No. 209302

File: 1653643181421.png (30.84 KB, 735x342, V5dI7Ec[1].png)

There's been an online campaign for about a month to get Valve to deal with the bots problem in tf2, and now there's a tf2 tweet for the first time in two years

No. 209305

File: 1653647158764.png (611.6 KB, 1121x555, Screenshot 2022-05-27 121905.p…)

I was watching a documentary about the making of the first Tomb Raider game and learned that her original name was Laura Cruz but they decided to rename her because 'Americans couldn't pronounce the name Laura' and I find this hilarious

No. 209312

Why not keep it as "Lara Cruz"?

No. 209320

TR ost are always so good, my favs are TRL manor theme alongside TR1, TR3 and AoD themes
You should check out this guy's TR retrospectives vids, they're good

No. 209321

Who the fuck cares about bots, anyone who knows what they’re doing plays in community servers. Valve abandoned tf2 long ago to work on other things

No. 209325

>Valve abandoned tf2 long ago
Yeah and now they're not, don't serve me that jaded gamer shit

No. 209327

Bots ruin the game because a lot of them have shit like perfect aiming and headshots, it becomes unplayable.

No. 209328

This. You can tell in red dead 2 as well when someone is playing with a mod or bot glitch because the perfect aim and unable to hit them at all is present. It's annoying as fuck and ruins the experience.

No. 209330

I loved Far Cry 5 a lot. I'm gonna skip 6 then. Damn.. RIP

No. 209339

NTA but you can play FFXIV without paying for it? How? Just look it up on google and download it? How much content do you get if you play it for free?

No. 209355

NTA, you have pretty much all the info here;
You don't have to pay for the game but you only get 30 days of subscription access for free, so there's still this 30 days limitation. You can't:
- level past level 60 (but getting there takes some time),
- use player's marketplace,
- make parties (but can be invited by others and matchmaking works)
- use chat unless in the party
- have more than 300k in game currency
Even with all of this you can enjoy the game, and get a solid idea of what it's like.

No. 209362

File: 1653671311193.jpg (271.54 KB, 1075x646, Screenshot_20220527-190757_Fir…)

Stray is coming out July 19th!

Haven't been this excited for a game in a while

No. 209363

I recommend Guild Wars 2. The third expansion just dropped and tbh it's one of the best mmo's I played

No. 209442

Would it be more worth it to get a used PS3 or PS4? The only reason I'd want a 3 is that it could be backwards compatible with PS2 games, and I really love my PS2 games but I'm afraid my console will crap out on me one day.

No. 209450

Plastic surgery

No. 209524

PS4. Ps3 is essential a big paperweight. I still have some PS3 games, but every time I go back to play, it's jarring. If you can get your hands on a backwards compatible one, i guess? But even then, It's cheaper to get both a PS2 and PS4 and play like that. PS3 games aren't even worth the money now. Most good PS3 games are on PS4 now.

No. 209543

File: 1653755008669.jpg (231.6 KB, 1920x1080, egs-bioshockthecollection-mass…)

All Bioshock games are free to keep right now on the Epic Game Store, including Bioshock 2's and Infinite's DLCs

No. 209548

Shame, I don't want to make an Epic Games account

No. 209553

I have all of them already but might just go for it since I have an Epic account kek, thanks nonna!

No. 209578

I just bought my second PS3, why are you calling it a paperweight? so many great games, some of them you can only play on the system.
I would say that PS3 is a better investment than in a long time unless you want to pay extra for high tier PS Plus or whatever. A modded PS3 is a joy to own, all the PS3 games plus PS ones and you can convert PS2 Isos to play on it (some of them already are converted, but the selection is pretty small however it keeps growing)

No. 209686

Thank you! I have them all already on PS4, but i could go always go for a replay.

No. 209803

Kula World I love the game and the music, it's a bit unsettling but addictive

No. 209809

lame update
I finally figured out some cool glitches in Ds3, in the first lothric area, that allows me to use my bow and arrow from a distance without triggering the knights (silly i know, but i triumphantly yelled when i got them)
Also, in Elden Ring Im stuck on the first boss (the one that can change his weapons) but i managed to figure out the large giant near stormhill shack. I get super fixated, so now im trying to kill him without drinking any of the estus, or whatever its called.
Why cant i just move on? Maybe its ocd, but man i love playing these games.
??does anyone know when they will fox the online play for DS3? I really miss being invaded.

No. 209991

Basically keep playing the free trial of ffxiv either on steam or on square enix.
Don’t buy anything in the game (base game or expansions) and the game will never ask you to pay to keep playing. If you buy anything you’ll have to continue paying the sub to access your account. On free trial you’re basically restricted to level 60 and the content of a realm reborn and Heavensward.

Buying the game gives you 30 days of free subscription.

No. 210065

File: 1653897741751.jpg (331.07 KB, 1500x1000, E9GWXDXUcAMzpaR.jpg)

Nta but listen to this anon. Both expansions are big, along with the allowed content itself so you will spend hundreds of hours which will help you decide whether you would want to pay the sub in the long run. I recommend playing the first two expansions on f2p account to get the idea and decide yourself.

No. 210166

File: 1653923033344.png (110.75 KB, 462x604, B_Mantis_Lords-2.png)

this boss is like fighting three giant versions of hornet on amphetamines and it's kicking my ass. plus, why do i have to fight through half the fucking village just to get back from the nearest bench? mantises a shit

No. 210176

Idk how far you are in the game, but they aren't the hardest fight in the game imo, spoiler: Traitor Lord cough cough. The mantis Lords are tricky though without any nail upgrades because they take so many hits. Once you learn the patterns you can kinda predict where they will go. Always jump to the opposite side when they go in for the downward attack because they will sweep across the floor or you can dash through them (idk if you can have dash at this point) You can only really heal when they throw their scythes in a wide pattern, stay in the middle for that.

Vid rel is a mod with all mantis lords fighting at once so no spoilers for you (hopefully)

No. 210508

File: 1654017951944.png (27.23 KB, 640x400, C3FBEEE6-6274-4B85-BC39-83D20A…)

Do you nonnies have any PC-98 game recs?
I’ll tolerate eroge as long as it doesn’t contain loli/shota .

No. 210533

Other than the first five Touhou games, I've only played True Love ~ Jun'ai Monogatari~, kek.
It's probably the first galge with a male love interest.

No. 210603

File: 1654046003277.jpg (86.04 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

is ultrakill any good? the style is up my alley and i was interested for a bit, but to be honest all the memes and kinda obnoxious fandom put me off of it. is it worth a shot though?

No. 210894

girls, should i play elden ring if i hated skyrim? is it similar?

No. 210903

i wouldn't say its similar, no. have you played other souls games anon? if you like dark souls etc you will probably also enjoy elden ring

personally i hate skyrim but ive been enjoying elden ring

No. 210904

They're both open world fantasy, that's basically the only similarity. The battle systems and how the story progresses are completely different.

No. 210918

Skyrim was alright, kinda boring to me. Never played a souls game before Elden Ring. I love it. Everything is new and exciting to me. I don't have to experience all the moaning and bitching about recycled assets or whatever like souls veterans lol

No. 210935

File: 1654155474299.jpg (705.77 KB, 2048x1358, 1499272921548.jpg)

Nonnies, I've always wanted to get into video games but I'm mostly attracted by game who are moderate to difficult to play I think (like Soulsgame, Outer Wild, Doom eternal) . My question is how could someone who has never played gradually get better, is there a way to slowly get better by playing easier game ( the yakusa series looks fun and more accessible for exemple) or should I just buy the game that I want and get beat up until I get better kek ? I would be very interested if anyone has exeprience with being a total beginner as a adult and the way they evolved.

No. 210941

Souls might be harder, but even Doom has an easy difficulty mode. Just start playing and try it. Are you worried you might get motion sick or you don't have good reflexes?

No. 210943

I think you should play the game you actually want to play, and you will naturally get better at it while playing. It's part of the fun. I'm also bad at games but I really want to play Elden Ring, so what I'm doing is I have a piece of paper and I put tally marks on it to record how many times I die to an enemy or boss before I actually beat it, it's kind of a minigame to me and it makes it more satisfying because I can look back at my sheet of paper covered in tally marks and see my progress through the game. I'm aware it's kind of autistic though kek

No. 210944

Souls was the first "proper" video game I ever played and I got through it just fine. Seconding what the other anons said, buy a game you actually want and you'll get the hang of it in time, there's no point in trying to build up a tolerance by playing games you have no interest in just because they're considered "easier"

No. 210967

Elden ring is a good beginner game because it allows so much freedom. One could practice fighting mob enemies until they feel comfortable enough to move on. I would find Doom a bit overwhelming if I have never had any experience with fps gaming at all because its hyper aggressive playstyle. Might I suggest the Borderlands series for its also fast paced explosive action that can be quite challenging, you get experience playing with lots of guns and using skill tree system, fundamentals for many fps games.
But ultimately, if you are the kind of person who gets joy out of throwing yourself at a wall until you get it, then it doesn’t matter where you start. Just remember to have fun.

No. 211016

The only kind of games that aren't recommended for a complete beginner are hardcore competitive multiplayer games (fighting games, Age of Empires 2, Quake Live) or games with an ugly interface/dated gameplay (Dwarf Fortress, Daggerfall) because they're not very representative of how an average videogame should feel, and losing all the time at first can be frustrating
Keep in mind that games with a reputation of being difficult like Soulsborne games are in fact supposed to be difficult for everyone, and that being good at a game usually doesn't mean being significantly better at games from other genres (a Doom Eternal expert can completely suck at a Souls game), so your lack of experience isn't going to be that big of a problem

No. 211019

Play the Metal Gear Solid games in release order, they start out pretty easy but each installment gets more complex. It was my first "proper" video game series (like someone else said about Souls). I could beat MGS3 just fine and was actually in the middle of trying to complete a non-lethal run. I got the hang of it pretty quickly even though all my life I had been playing easier and much less complex games.
As long as you're not afraid of making mistakes or a perfectionist, you can beat or even master any game you want.

No. 211047

File: 1654192386315.jpg (203.62 KB, 1080x1436, FB_IMG_1654133949982[1].jpg)


No. 211059

Almost got excited about the new Dragon Age title reveal before I remembered a tranny is the current game director.

No. 211064

File: 1654197190684.jpg (20.05 KB, 360x330, ow my hope has gone.jpg)

oh god, you just broke my heart

No. 211091

>More Pig Fisting

No. 211094

File: 1654205960338.jpg (534.23 KB, 1920x1017, 3925893-zomboidhouse.jpg)

Anyone here play project zomboid? I suck at it so much, I can never get past like 5 days.

No. 211102

There's always a few transgender ppl in every triple A dev team; I bet it was the case for almost all the big games you like, so I wouldn't get too worked up about this. Honestly as a dev myself I'd prefer to work with only trannies than regular scrotes.

No. 211119

> I'd prefer to work with only trannies than regular scrotes
At least regular scrotes aren’t a walking manifestation of their fetishes. Please love yourself nonnie.

No. 211124

Sounds like something a delusional tranny would say.

No. 211130

Far Cry 6 is finally cracked on PC if you guys weren't interested in paying for the woke stuff. I really like Danis. The soundtrack is great and driving around to find some bases to steathily take over was fun. It's much longer than 5 though some of the characters leave something to be desired.

No. 211138

This is probably one of the only games that has the zombie apocalypse in the way I want but I find myself struggling to play or wanting to pick it up. It's painful having a good character and levelling them up only to die but I wouldn't want it to be easier either. Mods have made the game more fun for me.

I wish there was more NPC or random event elements and the multiplayer was sorted. Im excited for it to be released properly.

No. 211172

ER is not at all like skyrim aside being in the fantasy genre

No. 211240

I continuously underestimate how much brain some of you all lost in this echochamber. I'm not even a tranny supporter but god you two gotta go touch grass sometime

No. 211243

>I'd prefer to work with only trannies than regular scrotes.
They’re the same thing

No. 211285

Have you actually worked with trannies? The average game dev scrotes at least get shit done. Trooning makes those same scrotes hysterical and distracted, unpleasant af to work with.

No. 211291

File: 1654266568559.jpeg (310.69 KB, 828x475, 05B851C3-8F4F-46F4-968B-FDA6F6…)

Im a knight and I have played through this in online mode, but Im stuck now because I cant summon a friend to help
Please help me nonnas how do?

No. 211300

Sage is a pretty annoying boss. In the first phase just run up to her, stay close and circle around her, her spells will miss you but be mindful of her melee attack (can be parried). In the second phase, the clones she creates (blue) can be killed by throwing knives since they die in one hit. Also I'm pretty sure if you run through the blue crystals and break them, less clones will appear. She's also weak to literally every single status effect except magic, so put fire resin or something on your weapon and put on armor with a higher magic defense

No. 211307

Bless you nonna. Im running through the lothric again for a little break from the big fight, but ill try again within the hour.

No. 211574

File: 1654358511554.png (3.94 MB, 1920x1080, 2022.06.01-20.36_01.png)

Skyrim, my beloved! I've played it for thousands of hours off and on again since launch, it's the game that made me play other games than Sims or ps1 games (until that point I legit thought girls can't play video games, yes I am a retard thank you for asking). I love it so much, it's like an old friend I can always come back to. And thanks to modders I never run out of things to do.

No. 211579

File: 1654359830667.gif (1.62 MB, 500x278, 26BE022E-CA2D-478B-BDBE-2EEB2B…)

Its a new day to try again. Coach nonna, im going in. I got throwing knives and the green stamina moss? Will update with MY VICTORY, DAMNIT

No. 211581

File: 1654360211608.jpg (138.67 KB, 1662x938, enderal start[1].jpg)

I don't think I've recommended to play Enderal in this thread yet

No. 211587

Nayrt but good luck. Did you try summoning Eygon too? His sign is behind a pillar in the room you run through to get to the Sage.

No. 211588

File: 1654361034081.gif (2.32 MB, 540x356, E7F143D2-B069-499E-A838-066587…)

Anyone else excited for the RE4 remake? I never played all of the original, but I’ve enjoyed the other remakes well enough and I really like this himbo.

No. 211589

WHAT?! Fuck IM GONNA SUMMON HIM thank you i am such a dumbass.

No. 211590

File: 1654361397037.png (1.38 MB, 1152x648, 2022.05.31-17.29.png)

Hmm, I have not actually ever played that! Maybe I need to try it after my Skyrim autism streak runs dry again.

I love Legacy of the Dragonborn so much, it makes the game so fun (if a bit lore breaking) to play. Collecting artifacts soothes my autism. It can be a bit much though, my ex loved a player home you could collect the most important ones too to.

My absolute favourite mod though is this one that turns the courier into a little cat

No. 211592

Wait is this a true remake or just a remaster? Didn't they have a RE4 remaster come out a few years ago? Or am I thinking of RE2 because I'm retarded

No. 211593

You might have to clear the room out because sometimes it can be hard to find his. Idk why he has to be an ass who puts it in such a weird place. He can be hit or miss in terms of helpfulness with that fight. Sometimes he’s just too slow to make it but still worth a shot.

No. 211594

It’s a true remake. They’ve remade RE2 and 3 in the past few years.

No. 211603

Good luck nona, let us know how the fight went. I totally forgot about Eygon kek

No. 211606

I would say he isn’t very memorable but I sort of like him if only for his voice and being really tsundere lol

No. 211639

File: 1654369478409.jpg (117.91 KB, 648x547, Untitled.jpg)

this is dumb but i hate how they did rosemary winters' eye makeup/brows. the brows are too thin and dated, the eyeliner not being on the waterline is obnoxious

No. 211642

Instagram brain

No. 211660

I really dislike her name

No. 211661

She's a teenager right? Looks normal to me god save me I used to do my make up like this

No. 211664

File: 1654371151716.png (86.63 KB, 400x384, img.png)

Oh, I didn't mean I forgot his existence, just that you can summon him there. I like his voice too, it's really nice

No. 211669

full eyebrows look more flattering on everyone and eyeliner on the waterline looks less messy. this has been true since before instagram existed. sorry that you feel offended since you must do your makeup this way

i overplucked my brows but i put eyeliner on the waterline even as a teen. it looks better. modern teens tend to have full brows tho.

No. 211675

>Legacy of the Dragonborn
>hundreds of new items
>dig sites
>enormous museum
I will NOT reinstall Skyrim… I will not…
If you're into artifact collecting and you haven't played it yet, Morrowind has many more artifacts than Skyrim, including a quest where you have to gather 27 Sanguine relics hidden among unnamed NPCs and murder their owners

No. 211685

Super excited! I loved the original but I'm excited to see what they do for the remake. I hope they put more care and effort into the RE4 remake than they did for the RE3 one

No. 211707

Thick eyebrows, in fact, do not look flattering on everyone. Thin well groomed eyebrows can be very elegant and they suit the face used here. Congrats on feeling superior to a video game character because you know how to tightline I guess. Why the fuck would this character need to walk around in makeup that suits your zoomer sensibility? Go play Second Life or something.

No. 211770

i'm not a zoomer and again i'm sorry that you style yourself this way and feel called out.

No. 211784

File: 1654387069460.jpeg (61.01 KB, 1080x561, B77BBF56-A13B-469E-83E4-9A5E56…)

Surprised SF6 hasn’t been mentioned yet. Did your main get on the starting roster? I’m glad Juri’s in, hope they didn’t change her moveset so much.

No. 211909

File: 1654416725122.png (1.75 MB, 1152x648, 2022.06.01-20.03b.png)

DO IT, it's fun!

Oh, I'll have to remember that. I did play Morrowind's main quest once but that's about it. I'll have to give it another chance. FUCK CLIFF RACERS THO

No. 211936

File: 1654436596525.jpg (186.69 KB, 800x1158, 177367-resident-evil-4-podaroc…)

Reminds me of how cool RE4's cover was

No. 211947

I really didnt like how they did RE3 remake at all, so here's hoping. RE4 is already a perfect game and it aged well (esp in VR when they didnt sexualize ashley at all. Which is good) But … I hope we still get Leon calling Louis by the wrong name and the fun quips between him and Salazar.

No. 212096

i did it, nona! you're right, the mants are a pretty easy fight once you learn the patterns and figure out when to heal and attack. thanks for the tips!

No. 212115

Congrats anon!

No. 212249

its very fun nonna, would recommend.
if the reason you disliked skyrim was the bland combat then yes.

No. 212745

File: 1654709831761.jpg (109.36 KB, 1000x600, IMG_1453[1].jpg)

I've been enjoying those homeless Ken memes

No. 212876

File: 1654738936635.jpeg (178.16 KB, 1200x800, 4B6EFB9F-BA00-4EB8-9F63-20ABC6…)

Broken age is fun and has cute art

No. 213127

Any other nonnas excited for this? I am.
I think he's so hot like this……..

No. 213293

Yes we have a sims thread that’s mostly TS2 players and TS3 what are you looking for?

No. 213308

I agree nonna

No. 213375

konami used to have a bunch of different ips but now all they make is yugioh and sports simulators last time I checked…

No. 213403

Here are some of the licenses they killed
>Metal Gear
>Silent Hill
This is due to Hideki Hayakawa becoming CEO in 2015 and deciding that Konami will no longer do console games other than the safer ones

No. 213404

Fucking sad.

No. 213427

File: 1654949091257.jpg (36.31 KB, 385x349, 61LL8MpOazL._SX385_.jpg)

Does the NDS version of Viva Pinata come anywhere close to the Xbox version?

No. 213639

Did anyone watch the wholesome direct yesterday? I'm excited for Potion Permit and Petit Island. Toroa looks really nice as well.

I did feel like all the games were just farming, gardening, wilderness, puzzle games. I wish there was a bit more originality cause otherwise we'd just be playing 6 farming games all at once.

No. 213640

I hate how samey indie games are becoming. You'd think they'd have more freedom to innovate but nowadays most of them are one or a combination of the following
>Rogue like (usually procedurally generated)
>Souls like
>Farm sim
>Walking sim
>Survival\Crafting game
I'm sick of it. Give us more interesting games reeee. Like I wish there were more action adventure games like Zelda. I could never find something to fill that gap between releases

No. 213642

You need to look at games beyond what is promoted on big events like this, of course they would show only what has the biggest chance to appeal to people and farming sims/roguelikes are the most popular recent years. Indie creativity is as good as always otherwise.
>Like I wish there were more action adventure games like Zelda.
You're aware indies will never be Zelda because that's a huge, triple A game, right?

No. 213644

I watched it, and I'm currently curating the games I want to play. I like Potion Permit too! After the wholesome direct there was another event called 'Future games show', and I feel it had a better roaster since it didn't limit itself to 'wholesome games' and it showed more than AAA borefest. I found myself liking their games more than the wholesome direct ones, so check it out maybe you find one you like!

No. 213645

I wasn't referring to that video in particular. Even when browsing steam or let's plays those genres are the ones you see most of the time. It's sad how more innovative stuff gets buried
>You're aware indies will never be Zelda because that's a huge, triple A game, right?
I don't mean a BoTW tier game. Something like the 2D games or the older 3D games is perfectly feasible for an indie studio with modern engines. There was one called Ittle Dew a while ago but I haven't found much else.

No. 213646

File: 1655037357677.jpg (27.63 KB, 316x316, Tunic_cover_art[1].jpg)

There's plenty of zelda-like indie games

No. 213652

I agree on steam. It can be tough to find gems on there since most of it's algorithms are popularity-based so once a game blows up, it really blows up, but the less popular ones risk getting buried forever if they miss their brief visibility window. A decent idea is to look at upcoming games in places indies promote themselves. Sometimes you find something interesting while browsing things that are development-adjacent. That, and nonnies posting interesting games helps a lot
Also I get the genre-fatigue. I don't mean that all of those games are bad, and nobody should play them. I wish I could enjoy them, but I end up feeling too bored with the concept because it seems overdone at some point. It can be the same with tropes and design choices. I need a good refreshment from time to time!

No. 213671

Oh my gosh, these are golden

No. 213677

I used the video game threads before /m/ shat itself to death to motivate me to play the video games I have in my backlog but ever since that happened, and after I got overwhelmed with work and some tragic stuff happened in my personal life I barely played video games. I'm worried I will turn on my Switch or 3DS and will spend so much time on my games without noticing. I also made a twitter to post my progression little by little occasionally to also motivate myself but it's not working anymore. What do? I want to keep playing SMT5, I stopped like two months ago after I beat a boss, some pretty blond guy with an Irish name.

No. 213683

You don't have to keep playing a game if you don't find it fun. To finish a good game with tedious or stressful parts (like SMT Nocturne) I just stop playing it for a bit, and play fun and casual games instead (like Ubisoft games) to keep the dopamine flowing
The most motivating tactic I found is to find another person who has trouble with motivation problems and to make an appointment with her where you'll both do a task for about an hour. If you're the type to be very serious about appointments it's the most efficient way I've found

No. 213709

I like SMT5 and the other games I've started an put aside so I'll try to finish them. Actually I have a friend who stopped playing SMT5 at the same part because she also works too much and is too tired and busy to play. I should maybe try to schedule something with her to play again. Another friend is streaming on twitch to motivate herself to play and to talk about games with irl friends she can't see often anymore and I think this could also be a fun solution but I doubt my laptop would be powerful enough to do that with a Switch.

No. 213801

Thoughts on the Starfield reveal? Not sure how I feel about it. It just looks like a AAA version of No Man's Sky or what Mass Effect Andromeda wanted to be. I'm worried that the procedurally generated worlds will be empty and lackluster, and that Bethesda is banking on fan mods to make them interesting

No. 213803

im so tired of tin can spaceships WHY DOES EVERY SCIFI THING LOOK THE FUCKING SAME give me some COLOR give me some INTERESTING SHAPES mix some DIFFERENT AESTHETICS TOGETHER this is one of the most visually boring games ive ever seen im so uninspired

No. 213817

Wait when did this get delayed, thought it was supposed to come out this fall. Anyway gives me more time to upgrade my computer.
I think it looks really cool! There's indie space stuff, but this is AAA and will have an actual single player story. People are always saying that they get super immersed in Skyrim or Fallout but I'm more into Sci-fi and I already want to explore and talk to all the NPC's in those city's while pretending I'm an awesome space explorer. Hopefully there's nice companion characters.

No. 213826

Why do so many game titles sound the same nowadays? Starfield, Titanfall, Redfall, Steelrising, Gloomwood, Frostpunk… the list goes on.

No. 213829

There's only so many nouns in the English language. And something short is easier to remember when marketing stuff.

No. 213848

The last original game Bethesda made was Morrowind. AAA studios have nothing to gain by being original

No. 213865

File: 1655114169325.png (3.41 MB, 1457x1592, ign.PNG)

IGN posted side by side comparison of Starfield and NMS and I'd pick NMS's colorful simplicity over gritty and dark realism anytime; also I hate seeing these two pitted against each other like that. Lowkey hoping it will be shit, with only mods to save it.

No. 213971

A. Two completely different types of planets.
B. Does No Man's Sky even have a storyline? Character customization? NPC's to talk to?

I just need more space games.

No. 213979

I hate how some of the 3DS games I like are localized and how shitty their dubs are, so I want to play them in Japanese, but since the 3DS eshop will close very soon or is already closed, do you think I should just give up and get a second 3DS so I can hack it and keep my good old 3DS intact just in case? How easy is it to hack a 3DS?

No. 213981

you just need an sd card to hack it. no need to get another 3ds because like the switch, you can choose to have the hack on the system or on the sd card only

No. 213983

NTA but I would love to hear more about that game. Please tell me more, nona.

No. 213985

I feel like I'm too ESL to understand what's written, I'll look it up once I've gotten some rest. But thanks for telling me.

No. 213992

If you like dogfighting in space Freelancer is a great game

No. 214022

What game? Starfield isn't out yet and I've never played No Man's Sky because of all the drama when it first came out. I was sort of legit asking because I don't know how much they've added in updates since than.

Huh didn't realize this had a story. Might check it out later.

No. 214024

File: 1655155911949.png (2.65 MB, 1627x870, null.PNG)

>Does No Man's Sky even have a storyline? Character customization? NPC's to talk to?
Yes to all three! There are two big storylines, and a few NPC that come with storylines of their own, I remember really enjoying a story of one of my technicians I hired for my space station; the history of all the races, which you discover slowly through randomly encountered ruins; and the main story of course. But the main point of the game is exploration, survival and farming, so it's important to note you'll have to do that a lot along enjoying the story. Still, I think it's fantastic and I'm surprised that's not mentioned a lot.
You can customize your character but there are not THAT many options - still, there are five races with multiple variants to choose from per race.
There are a few major NPCs important for the main storylines and few minor (like forementioned technicians). Something I found very enjoyable is how alien races speak their own language you have to learn along the way, and the more you interact the more you see yourself understanding what are they talking about.

No. 214109

File: 1655189556107.png (811.23 KB, 641x858, image_2022-06-14_075242824.png)

i enjoyed this game but i'm mad that they included a fujobait ship where the characters have ZERO chemistry. the fact that they included a gay relationship with one of the better characters in the game and the worst is annoying because now i'm forced to see people talking about how ~~cute~~ they are when ryan has the personality of a piece of cardboard and a voice that makes me want to shove a shotgun down my throat i'm usually a fujo but dylan deserves better. on the other hand most of the women in this game are cool (especially kaitlyn).

did any other nonnies manage to save everyone on their first playthrough? i lost abigail, ryan (who I enjoyed watching die tbh) and jacob. i almost lost dylan, and then kaitlyn at the end of the game but luckily i hadn't wasted any of my lives trying to save the other characters who had died since i didn't care about any of them anyways kek

No. 214130

I want to play this game, could you tell how long one playthrough was for you? Were there long and scary gameplay sequences, or was it more of an interactive movie? Have you played Until Dawn and if yes, how does The Quarry compare?

No. 214200

Adding onto to your questions, is it worth the current price? I love these horror story decision types but issalotta money.

No. 214202

The same company that made Until Dawn , right? I honestly really liked Until Dawn, so I was going to give this one a shot, but was pretty turned off by the forced gay ship. ugh

No. 214207

It's funner to watch than it is to play tbh. The cringe writing is fun when you can laugh about it with others.

No. 214223

Tbh after watching a play through and multiple different choices I’m so glad I didn’t pay the 60-70 bucks for this. It felt so disjointed and the story was bland, basically cut and paste until dawn minus the crazy twists. The end was shit too which makes everything worse. Sucks because I was super hyped but it just never picked up to the same intensity as the mid-end point of until dawn and then just fucking ends with nothing basically. Personally I hated almost every character too and they never redeemed themselves. Definitely save your money and wait for a sale unless you really want to check it out and aren’t too critical of these types of story games.

No. 214268

Cult simulator where you're a cute lamb that becomes your god's strongest crusader, not released yet but there's a demo on steam

No. 214273

Gritty and dark is so overdone, and I don’t just mean in games graphics but this edgelord shit has leaked into literally everything and it’s insufferable. It was fun in Fallout but Anne of Green Gables does not need to be gritty and I would like to explore a planet that doesn’t look like dystopic earth for once

No. 214340

Geez it's just one planet, the cities in the trailer looked really cool. And I'm sure there's probably some green places too.
I get what you mean, but realistic rocky planet isn't 'edgelord'.

No. 214348

File: 1655247643712.jpg (44.33 KB, 316x316, Wasteland_3_cover_art.jpg)

Bought wasteland 3 yesterday, been playing for around 8 hours and I already regret my in game choices lol. Seriously considering restarting!

No. 214471

it took me about three days to beat playing in about a couple of hour bursts (google says its about 10 hours long, but i guess it depends on how much you explore). it wasn't really scary imo, and there was a lot of gameplay as opposed to it being an interactive movie like you said. until dawn was definitely better though, the ending of this game was suuuuper anti-climactic BUT i thought the gameplay was fun and the creature designs were cool (although some people say they're too derivative of until dawn).
probably not. it just depends on what your looking for. if its an until dawn-esque experience (but not as good), then yes. if you're looking for fleshed out characters and a super amazing story that's never been seen before then i'd say no. if i were you i'd either wait for it to go on sale or wait for it to be cracked and then pirate it instead of paying the current price
i actually thought the gameplay was better than the writing in this one. the gameplay is pretty formulaic however the writing was so dumb the only fleshed out character in this game was dylan imo - the part about the herd of sheeps actually made me kek irl and i wanted most of the characters to die due to how unlikeable they were (except laura, dylan, kaitlyn and emma, everyone else could choke). the plot was also pretty meh imo i watched a few playthroughs after my own and almost everyone (including myself) guessed it was about werewolves and about mr. h being a werewolf pretty early into the game.

No. 214532

sorry it took so long, I switched my weapon and it helped alot. (Also i work alot and have little time to play)
Thank you all for the support and advice, yall the real mvps.

No. 214642

I'm thinking of buying Elden Ring as a birthday gift to myself, but I'm still unsure. I feel like I might buy it and then never play it.

No. 214702

Im so easily distracted I can’t finish games for shit but I forget to eat when I play elden ring lol. Maybe borrow it from someone’s account and play before you commit?

No. 214727

Does anybody have recommendations for relaxing, non-resource management Switch games? I could never get into stuff like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley because building houses and farming resources stresses me out and kicks my obsessiveness/addictive personality into overdrive. I tend to play a lot of metroidvanias and platformers so stuff outside of those genres would be nice but I'm still always happy to play them.

No. 214756

ARK is free to own on Steam right now and until June 18.
I'll probably have a PC powerful enough to run it in about 10 years, but I still added it to my account because I really want to play it someday.

No. 214771

File: 1655356772107.jpg (78.44 KB, 400x400, yasuka-taira-yasuka-taira-arts…)

Even though I know it has bad reviews, I bought Corpse Party: Blood Drive on my Switch. I wanted to see for myself the continuation of the story and I've just been craving Japanese horror lately, in general. I hate the running and hiding, especially since you have to avoid shit on the ground. I swear I've been injured but see nothing on the ground at times, which is annoying. And the newer character designs are trashy and ugly, they look so alien next to the original characters. In terms of other Japanese games I liked, I like the atmosphere of Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Siren, games from Chilla's Art, etc.

I also especially love retro indie horror like the original Corpse Party, Witch's House, Mad Father, Yume Nikki, Ib, etc. So I bought Viviette and Angels of Death on my switch because they seem to have the retro horror feel. Idk how good they will be, though, haven't started them yet. Do any anons have some good Japanese horror and/or retro horror games they would recommend? Do any other anons also love these kinds of games? I feel like Japanese horror in general could have it's own thread ngl.

No. 214774

I loved all of those games and would watch game plays of them when I was younger since I didn't have a PC or anything. Retro games are still my favorite and when I get to play them it gives me a really nice rush of nostalgia. I really want to see more high quality retro games in the future

No. 214777

Maybe try genres like rpg adventure, simulator or puzzle games. Do you like those?
House Flipper

No. 214861

File: 1655388892850.jpg (48.14 KB, 466x474, 61T24TCR0TL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

I tried playing this game on with a walkthrough since I thought I was too dumb both as a kid and now to play it properly, but I finally realised that it isn't me but this game's dumb random battles that are too difficult for my beginner digimon. Even with accessories and weapons I can't escape battles before dying JUST to go to random npcs and unlock actions where I'll be able to buy more stuff to continue. I fucking wonder why I saw no one complaining about it it's so fucking bad. It's a shame cause this game has a nice vibe and music BUT I CAN'T FUCKING PROCEED

No. 214862

I believe in you, nonnie

No. 214865

Oh Noni! Pixel horrors are this autismos special interests!!!
Here’s what I can think of:
IB remake came out in April this year
Misao is a ghost in school game.
Mad Father had a remake
Pallet is an older classic.
Do you want more in that vein?
Other games I really enjoyed that are horror and story and pixel, indie, or point and click:
What happens when the devil passes through/The Cat Lady Series.
There’s three for that one The Cat Lady, DownFall Remake, Lorelei
I keep going if you vibe with my style of games I like!

No. 214871

Check out Vgpersons, they translate Japanese games like the ones you like, they do a lot of horror too. As long as you have a PC they're playable, some on Mac.
I dunno if you're allowed link but this is their website, I just played Insanity by Uri, was alright.

No. 214874

I think I played digimon world 1 when I was a kid and I also couldn't go far. If I'm not misremembering (been a while) my digimon was too weak for some battles so I couldn't proceed and he was always fucking hungry like what the fuck you just had a steak and trained for hours, I have no money to give you more food! Then at some point he would refuse to train further and I would get stuck not knowing what to do. Also he always needed a bathroom after a while and I could never find it. I loved that game

No. 214883

I just found out about this game recently, and I'm really hoping the devs will deliver…

No. 214958

I just finished Obra Dinn and so I'm just gonna recommend that to everyone who hasn't played it, especially if you're into mystery solving.

No. 214966

Why is that game never on sale, I’ve waited for two years at least lol

No. 215048

File: 1655459108881.png (555.72 KB, 595x535, Bohaty.png)

Why have kids when I can have a breeding program in CK3? God, I love this game. Civ used to be my fav franchise, but this lets me be even more of a control freak and it has more historical roleplaying options. This game did make me realize that inheritances and worrying about them is probably a big source of societal homophobia and misogyny. Playing in a matriarchal culture was a lot more chill than in a patriarchal culture now.

No. 215138

File: 1655481502596.png (199.61 KB, 920x613, DD2_Logo_TM_Black.0.png)


No. 215141

OMGGG I'm so readyyy

No. 215147

On sale on GOG right now, very probably this summer on Steam

No. 215170

WHAT???????? Omg can't wait

No. 215173

I second this! It's a great game and I've been chasing that experience ever since. Easily one of my favorites and I'm waiting to forget enough of it to replay it

No. 215179

File: 1655496646524.png (1.09 MB, 1280x720, Qari.png)

About to go restart Imp of the Sun with my friend because neither of us finished it yet. Excited to go see the friendly skeleton man again

No. 215207

Well, after months of not touching my Switch because of work I decided to turn it on again today and I played ACNH. My villagers told me it's been like two months since I talked to them. I'm hesitating between playing SMT5 and trying to beat it or playing AI somnium files first or at the same time. I'm also considering getting Legend of Arceus but second hand, I don't want to feel scammed by Game Freak kek

No. 215262


No. 215323

File: 1655531588554.jpg (116.14 KB, 1200x800, kulsc28sv4c0b0f0f.0.jpg)

Does anyone know if theres a complete english patch out there for love plus for the 3ds? I wanna play it but after all these years I cannot find a completed patch but I feel like there's gotta be one out there.

No. 215339

I have the feeling Konami is bent on wanting to show that they could continue to make video games but simply refuse to
Here are MGS3 HD's cinematics compared to Pachinko MGS3's

No. 215355

There isn't a complete one yet at the moment, however it's being worked on. The progress seems really slow tho so check again next year lol

No. 215356

There appears to be no full translation patch for New Love Plus, otherwise it would be listed on the VNDB.
Here's the project thread on GBAtemp: https://gbatemp.net/threads/partial-patch-newloveplus-english-translation.395574/
It has had a lot of technical issues but it hasn't been completely abandoned.

Only the original Love Plus for the DS has a full English translation.

No. 215408

Ah rats! Well hopefully there's more progress by next year,I'll wait patiently.

Thanks Anon! I'll give it a shot!

No. 215458

I watched this video 2 months back and it still has me sobbing for what we could have had. Konami sucks so much. Fuck their pachinko.

No. 215500

So I did check it out, and it is pretty fun. The story battles have started getting tricky though.
The MC is totally my type of sarcastic but actually a chill nice guy too.
And lol at immediately recognizing Jennifer Hale as the main chick.

No. 215506

The story goes completely off the rails at the end, I loved it
Also there's a trick in space dogfighting: if you move in a straight line but press the reverse thrust key (X), you'll be able to rotate your ship and shoot the guys pursuing you while still moving in the same straight line (but in reverse). I don't think the mechanic is mentioned in-game and there's no way to guess it's there if you don't experiment with the controls, but it's often a life saver since it means you can flee and shoot at the bogey at the same time

No. 215607

So, I uninstalled Valorant after one game. It was incredibly boring. My k/d wasn't bad, but it felt like the match moved at a literal snail's pace. People actually hype this shit up? I'm sick of downloading popular games just to uninstall after going through the tutorial or my first game because it's trash. It's almost like gamers these days are totally against having fun.

No. 215611

Or get to a rank where the game is actually played lul

No. 215617

Seems like a waste of time when I can just go play Overwatch or TF2.

No. 215697

Have any other anons played Neon White yet?

Great fluid gameplay, great soundtrack, great aesthetic and graphics, decent artstyle (character design sucks though, white and green look cool but the women are generic big boob anime girls). The game would have been close to perfect if it didn't have the most unbearably cringe horny tumblr writing I've seen a long time. Half of the voice acting feels tryhard/bad too but that's mostly just due to the dialogue itself.
Violet is the most annoying for me, I feel like her character would have worked well if she was less edgy and sounded less like a generic ditzy high pitched anime girl and more quiet/low pitched. And of course both girls are harem waifubait.

I'm gonna keep pushing through but it's just a shame such a cool game has such shit writing. If the game didn't have very fast paced (literal speedrun) gameplay that just gets locked behind long torturous VN dialogue progression I would probably cut it more slack.

No. 215698

i have yet to find a fps pvp game that's as good as tf2. nothing in the past decade has kept my interest

No. 215702

I picked up Figment because it was on sale for like two bucks, and I'm liking it so far. Reminds me of early Amanita Design games, plus I kinda like that the main character is such a jaded piece of shit (I just wish he'd run faster).

No. 215723

>playing AI somnium files
>Date saying inappropriate shit all the time that I thought wasn't even possible in video games
>all the characters around him telling him to take his meds
>the fucking movie posters and titles in the gay bar
This is going to be a wild ride, isn't it?

No. 215892

What’s your favorite Amanita game anon? Mine is Botanicula

No. 215894

File: 1655768373198.jpg (412.4 KB, 2667x1500, 9k=(1).jpg)

Ooh, tough call. I really like Machinarium even if the final puzzle can get fucked, and I liked the weird atmosphere in the first two Samorost games. Creaks also looks extremely promising, and I might nab one of the console versions.

No. 215941

Has anyone tried cloud services like GeForce Now for gaming? How was it?

My current PC has a shitty graphics card and I'm not sure whether buying a better one that will become obsolete in a few months is worth it, especially since I'm more of a casual gamer

No. 215950

File: 1655794182843.png (3.95 MB, 1920x1080, 2022.06.20-22.21.png)

Anyone else visited /vg/ threads on 4chan? I've been using that board for many many years, and in like the last year all the coomerism has gotten too much to browse them regularly. If a game has mods, they are fucking obsessed with putting tits, literal rape, bestiality and loli shit everywhere. I love the threads focused on specific games I love but damn, the coomers are too much.

No. 215961

It used to be my main board in like 2016. I remember it being much better back then, although coomershit as always been there. As far as I know, there are still a couple of good generals, like /emugen/.
Some generals were pretty interesting, like the Bioshock general (practically empty except for a handful of waifufags with their one-line or one-word posts, they had no new content and the threads always died before they even reached 100 posts, yet they kept making new ones), the Katawa Shoujo general (possibly the oldest general to date, curently at thread #3929 and still active) and Guild Wars 2 General (targeted by a bot that reposted random old /vg/ posts to make discussion about the game nearly impossible, it was hilarious)
Anyway, yeah, all of 4chan has gone to shit in the last 6 or so years. /vg/ was pretty good compared to /v/ in those days.

No. 215963

File: 1655801265034.png (5.31 MB, 1920x1080, 2022.06.01-20.06_01.png)

Same, 2016 and earlier for me too! My main ones were Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Sims generals, the occasional Elder Scrolls too. I remember DA general was the best of the bunch, since it had so many women. Sims one still does, I met some lovely people from there. Nowaydays it's just schitzos and coomers and LITERAL PEDOPHILES in there though.. And yes I agree, the coomer shit has always been there but I think it's become more prominent. Or maybe I just notice it these days more since getting into radfem stuff.

No. 215981

I got spoiled by datamines the last time I looked at the Destiny thread so no. Most games that aren't long running just devolve into shitposting injokes when you let the general run for that long. I don't even read regular /v/ these days, I make my own opinions about games and can look up what's new in other places. I used to read the retro board but I really should actually spend more time actually playing games rather then reading about them.

No. 216124

File: 1655855889604.gif (2 MB, 498x350, osiris-destiny2.gif)

I'm sorry you got spoiled by datamines, was this before Witch Queen? Because if so it was borderline impossible to get away from it, I got spoiled because of youtube thumbnails and titles. I remember a lot of people on destiny subreddits were also really annoyed about it.
I just took a quick look at /vg/ it's exactly what I expect. Just like /co/ it's mostly coomer shit. So fucking boring.

No. 216127

I still go to /vg/ because some of the games I like have basically no discussion anywhere else, but yeah it's filled with mindless coomers and I find them irritating too.

No. 216155

I only care about elder scrolls when it comes to bethesda but even that is becoming tenuous

No. 216195

File: 1655893815998.png (159.97 KB, 698x539, Cold_War_-_Debriefing.png)

OSRS is going to have a Pride Month event despite the community not liking it, and now they are going to remove a lot of things in order to make 20-year-old-game ''a more inclusive and welcoming place to be'', I already Imagine they will add pronouns and shit. I do not understand why when people are playing this game literally for the sake of nostalgia.

No. 216248

File: 1655917422865.jpeg (82.41 KB, 564x561, 9BD733A8-77FD-4067-A1D7-681F55…)

yess I used to browse /tesg/ some years ago. Don’t remember anything outstanding other than that there was always a lot of bitching and horny/shitposting with some creative oc sprinkled inbetween and whenever I posted screens of my female characters they got lots of compliments, which I guess is due to the fact that most people who heavily mod skyrim are tasteless coomers with no imagination. They literally were like ‘wow your waifu looks so beautiful and unique how do you do it’ most of the time because 98% of modded skyrim waifus look like instathots or LoL characters and they aren’t capable of creating something that differs from that. The amount of (most likely scrotes) who were like: ‘help how do I create a beautiful waifu mine always look weird” and then posting uncanny valley plastic surgery-looking abominations was pretty high lol. Haven’t visited /vg/ in ages tho and mostly avoid 4chan nowadays. I had some fun times there a long time ago but since 2012-14 around it really begun to go downhill (not that it was any good to begin with) so idk no intent to go back other than maybe to take a peak at the current state of it.

No. 216259

>I only care about elder scrolls when it comes to bethesda

did you mean that the other way around

No. 216454

Summer sale is live! What are you getting nonnas?

No. 216458


No. 216473

File: 1656010012552.png (434.79 KB, 1002x252, cringe.png)

What do they mean by this…

No. 216475

File: 1656010227063.jpg (135.59 KB, 1200x675, 1649798436050.jpg)

The game comes out tomorrow, i played the demo and its fantastic. There are plenty of improvements over fe3h. I hated the musou aspect at first but now i kind of like it.

No. 216479

Oh hey fellow /tesg/ veteran! Don't go there, it's only talk about rape mods and big waifu cocks and zoophilia. Literally. It's fucking awful. I was in their discord (yes I know) and it was full on incels. And a convicted pedophile. A couple women I ran into were nice and made nice mods, the other one seemed to have stumbled in straight from tumblr and was so shocked, poor thing.

No. 216505

File: 1656022062663.png (Spoiler Image,398.41 KB, 582x382, jParCDo.png)

The summer sale game is pretty fun this year, you have to find a fake game in certain game categories

No. 216527

This is so ridiculous, what could be so "unacceptable" about the original game that they can't leave it as it is? This announcement sounds fake as fuck like every time a corporation says the same.

No. 216597

Good morning nonna! I use geForce, and i think it works quite nicely. I noticed it offers alot of option for filters and effects over the game. It helps to modify the effects for my migraines. It seems to easy to navigate even though Im not too tech savy.

No. 216688

File: 1656110991949.jpeg (38.25 KB, 464x270, 1650295932498.jpeg)

I learned the initial writer for Fire Emblem Fates was the guy who wrote the Kindaichi Case Files, Get Backers, that one manga about wine tasting, etc. a few years ago and he also wrote a bunch of murder mystery novels iirc. And I watched the Kindaichi Case Files on TV a very long time ago, like when I barely started middle school but I wanted to refresh my memory and now it makes perfect, the weird as fuck family drama, incest and murder attempts and needlessly complicated revenge plots, 90% of the characters having ptsd from the craziest shit ever remind me of the arc in Kindaichi in the snow cabin and the arc with the butterflies specifically. The buttefly arc fucked me up so much back when I watched it. Anyway, everything makes so much sense now, I feel like if he wrote FE Fates like he writes his murder mystery novels the game would have been rated M just from how violent it would have been. That makes me want to replay the game and rewatch that anime for comparison. I should also rewatch Get Backers too while I'm at it.

I was suddenly thinking about this because of everyone talking about FE3 Hopes, but it's just a Musou spinoff, so I'll pretend it doesn't exist and patiently wait for an actual FE sequel. If it turns out that the story is actually good this time compared to 3H maybe I'll watch a playthrough on youtube because I'm not spending 60€ on a game I will not enjoy playing.

No. 216765

File: 1656131639173.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, 1566757534799.png)

Thanks. I'm currently looking for the 4th game. I was curious about the "dating sim" section of the simulation games. Not only are nearly none of those games actual dating sims, but the entire section is full of porn games.

No. 216773

Well I bought Elden Ring, I'm just waiting for it to download

No. 216825

How's Disco Elysium? I'm really into noir detective stuff but I mostly see commiefags raving about the political stuff online. I'm not too bothered by political stuff if it fits with the story they're trying to tell but if it's shoehorned in by the developers trying to make a statement or be edgy that kinda puts me off.

No. 216826

I was interested in it and tried watching a no-commentary LP first to check it out. Out the gate the writing was really bad. Deeply cringe "Tell me more about my ex-wife" jokes over and over. And the narrator delivered his lines way too slowly in too hammy a way. If you also have little to no tolerance for stupid bullshit, I'd watch a bit of a playthrough first to get a sense of the game's tone.

No. 216827

Ok, nonna. I'm gonna check out a playthrough today, idk why I didn't think of that first kek. Thanks for replying!

No. 216830

File: 1656160357896.png (Spoiler Image,608.75 KB, 800x744, s.png)

the 8th game kek
Yeah steam is full of porn games in general. They're flooding a select couple of normal tags, so you should take some time to adjust your store settings to filter that trash out. If any nonna here wants to play proper otomes you should get your recommendations from the otome threads, and ignore everything else steam tries to throw at you

No. 216836

It's a plague that they have to do something against at this point, I've got all the usual suspects in my blocked tags but they still flood everything. This wasn't happening a few years back. I kind of wish there was a separate category for porn games so you could filter that specifically and they all vanish but I don't think steam wants to acknowledge what it's become.

No. 216843

Some games slip by the anti-coomer filter, because they started to refuse using their designated scrote tags. Instead, they tag themselves as cute, female protagonist, educational and all kinds of retarded insincere bullshit. If you see them slip by through misusing tags make sure to tag them as NSFW/Hentai to help keep it tidy for the rest of us before you ignore it. Sorry for being autistic, but men will turn another platform into a porn wasteland if we let them get away with it. Like you said, steam won't do much about it

No. 216844

IIRC /v/fags were loving it until the devs thanked Marx and Engels at the game awards, then they realized the devs were "OMG filthy commies". You're not forced to be a communist in the game or anything.

No. 216929

Jesus Christ, you weren't kidding about the bad writing and slow, hammy narrator. It reminds me of the cringe, godawful "gritty detective" story I wrote for English class when I was 12 y/o and obsessed with Miami Vice and any other American police programmes they'd show back home, kek.

No. 216933

NTARYT but that game didn't have voice acting at first. You can probably turn it off.

No. 216980

These are the first two comments I ever saw saying the game's writing was bad and I saw a lot of comments about this game, bit surprising

No. 217103

Why do they refuse to tag their games properly? Anybody who would actually buy porn games wouldn't have nsfw tags blocked, so do they just do it to troll people?

No. 217105

It wouldn't surprise me if they were trying to be annoying on purpose, but it's most likely that they want to advertise their trash as much as possible.

No. 217110

Some steam devs think tagging them as "nudity" is enough or don't know the tag exists, some others don't tag them as "NSFW" because they know that any publicity is good publicity and it's very hard to get noticed on steam on your porn game's qualities alone when there are 30 new games released every day. Steam doesn't care about fixing it because you'll only see porn games in your recommendations if your library is made of nothing but dating sims, anime games or visual novels, which is a rather small category of users

No. 217115

ayrt Right? It reads like something written by a high school boy. We go from ~primordial blackness~ to "muh ex-wife lolol" within seconds. Maybe it gets better later on, but I wasn't going to stick around to find out.
If you're into noir detective stuff and you haven't yet, I would recommend reading some Raymond Chandler. He has such a fun, cool, snappy writing style. An original voice of the genre!
idk I'm really picky about writing in general. Don't mean to insult anyone itt who liked it, but if the tone used in the intro is held constant throughout… I wouldn't be able to bear it

No. 217137

Not necessarily true, anon. I never played any of the categories you mentioned back before I put the filter on, and those games would still show up randomly. Maybe not as often as they would in your scenario, but they do show up sooner or later
So the rest of the game has better writing/tone?

No. 217204

I wouldn't know if the writing gets any better. The first section was so bad it put me off completely, so I haven't played the whole thing. I'm just saying maybe some people will argue it gets better, but I find that very hard to believe kek

No. 217347

You haven't even met best supporting character in video game history kim kitsuragi and call this game bad? i feel sorry for you nona…
anyway, i'm a total disco fag and love this game to piecees, tho the beginning can be a bit offputting. There is commie stuff in there, but you don't have to engage with it.

No. 217369

File: 1656322025793.jpg (202.71 KB, 1024x1024, demoPermit.jpg)

Thanks nonnie! I had a bit of a feeling that it must get better later on, since I watched the gameplay after what nonnas said and it seemed like the player made it worse by engaging with the ex-wife dialogue every time. It's been sitting in my library for a while so I'd play it anyway but it's good to know that it's not bad unless you want it to be
On a different note for the nonna who also liked Potion Permit on the summer games showcase, the demo is out! I think it came out 8 days ago. Give it a whirl

No. 217371

That's me!! I did play the demo, I got around 4 hours in total and I can confirm it's a good game (imo). I really like the style, the characters, the minigames and the writing. I do wish I had the option of having a dog or a cat or no pet at all.

It reminds me a lot of the early harvest moons. I can't wait to play it when it comes out fully! thanks for thinking about me nonna.

No. 217387

I'm glad you like it nonny, but it really isn't for me. The ex-wife stuff wasn't the main catalyst, to be clear. It was the writing style in general. Is the writer ESL? That's how it came across. Like someone learning English discovered a thesaurus for the first time. Some odd turns of phrase as well. I'm assuming the dialogue sections aren't as flowery, so it's probably less noticeable later on?
I really like the art style but I just don't think I would be able to get through it. What did you like most about the game?

No. 217406

ata, that sounds bad. very brave of you to check out the discord lol, bless the few women who actually create good mods and content and just want to talk to others who share this niche hobby.
>And a convicted pedophile
holy shit ew don’t tell me its that guy who used to shill his l0li waifus in the threads all the time, fucking disgusting. kek what a shithole I‘m so glad I left, everytime I try to check out 4ch because I want to talk about a piece of media I currently obsess with sooner or later I regret it because it’s predominantly filled with degens and incels with some rare interesting autists inbetween, its become increasingly harder to find some sweet OC which made it worth to delve into that cesspool back in the days

No. 217427

>is the writer ESL?
NTA but yes, the devs are Estonian.

No. 217450

why is league so addictive anyway? i never touched it so i have no idea. i've always found it ugly as fuck. but every person i know who plays league has been mentally damaged by it. this game is a public hazard

No. 217474

NTA but I imagine that the way the game hooks you is by making you feel like you can win the enxt match. Just like gambling.

No. 217580

File: 1656420523920.jpg (483.82 KB, 1600x740, fun game play it.jpg)

I finished playin Norco a while back and if any nonnas enjoy a nice mystery, then I'd recommend you check it out. The entire first act is free to play in it's demo so no harm in trying it out, see if you like it. It's on sale right now too
It has some fun mechanics (most of them introduced in later acts), good humor, interesting characters, setting and the art is great. There's no pixelhunt in it
Some cons are that it might be too easy, so there's no challenge but the story flows nicely. Also the saves aren't labeled with anything but the date and characters, so you have to keep track of which one's which
The story is surreal and set in a dystopian universe with a lot of conspiracy. It has some nice themes to it. I don't want to make the post too long, but it was a lot of fun, try it out!

No. 217584

I'm surprised this game finally came out. I played the beta? demo years ago and then it was in limbo for so long.

No. 217628

I saw that P3P, P4G and P5R will be released soon on the Switch and I don't give a single fuck because I already played P3P and P4G way too much nearly a decade ago and I still have these games, and P5R seems like shit compared to the original one in terms of story (because of the mandatory rerelease Mary Sue Atlus character) and difficulty settings. Maybe I'll get them if they get physical releases with the Japanese voice acting though.

No. 217633

Idk it feels pretty bad to lose but it makes you feel very good to win. When you get ahead in a game you can snowball and become fucking unstoppable god. On the other hand, when you’re losing you just get crushed over and over by the same fucking guy who has it out for you specifically, while your teammates uselessly watch and flame you. So you queue in the next game either to chase that winning feeling or to forget the utter humiliation you just endured. It’s an abusive relationship. Help me.

No. 217635

P5 is trash and it ruined the fandom tbh, I was excited when P5 got announced but in the end got let down with the writing. P5R is even worse because its a self-insert MS shit.

No. 217637

I started P5 at a friend's place and thought the story was super interesting until Yusuke got introduced, so I guess it's like P4 but way worse as in, the beginning and very end are where 90% of the story happen and are interesting, and the rest is just filler and gameplay? P5R being even worse is exactly why I don't really care about it being on the Switch. I was looking forward to this game ever since the first trailer was online in 2013, the one with just the chairs kek, I guess I became picky with time. I'd replay P3P and P4G anytime though but I have both on the Vita already.

No. 217638

Not a Personafag but I fail to see how the "Mary Sue protagonist" is any worse than having a male protagonist that is basically a self-insert for the moids who play it

No. 217640

A silent protagonist in a JRPG isn't nearly close to a Mary Sue secondary playable character who hijack the story. Do you play JRPGs with silent protagonists that allow you to make choices throughout the game and customize them, or are you more used to playable characters with set personalities and dialogues?

No. 217642

I'm not used to any of the two in particular so I don't mind playing as a character who has their own personality and voice. I guess I see where the problem is, though. i thought she just replaced the male protagonist but apparently she's an additional character? In that case I see where you're coming from, it'd be nice if you could choose the protagonist's sex at the beginning.

No. 217647

No she doesn't replace the main character. But that's what the female main character is in P3P and she's a very popular character. The Mary Sue I'm talking about is more like Marie in P4G or that girl who looks like Yamato in the port of Devil Survivor 2 on the 3DS. Rin from Catherine Fullbody would be a bad example though, that character is very easy to ignore and isn't nearly as annoying as the ones I mentioned.

No. 217652

File: 1656440558156.jpeg (505.54 KB, 1920x1080, 299F52DE-18F4-4C7A-8E25-DF22EE…)

I posted about Backbone in the old /m game thread and raved about it. But I finished it a few days later and I’m still fucking seething about the ending reee

No. 217686

interesting, nonnies, thanks for your input. i kinda feel the same way about valorant. looks like riot games found the secret formula

No. 217798

File: 1656497292006.jpg (598.87 KB, 1536x1902, mhrsfamitsu.jpg)

The master/G rank expansion for Monster Hunter Rise is releasing tomorrow. A lot of the new monsters are based off of horror movie monster like vampires, werewolves, golems/frankenstein's monster and I'm excited to fight Gore Magala and Seregios again (probably just because I sank too many hours into 4 Ultimate, where is my moid devouring Seltas Queen Capcom?). No more rampages, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether you enjoyed them or not.
I really hope it delivers, because I wasn't really impressed by World until Iceborne came out. The open world maps in Rise feel a lot more fun to navigate with all the hidden relics, having a mount and being able to scale walls and cliffs easily with the wirebugs and wall running. Wish they didn't rework the hunting horn tho tbh, but that's just me being a longtime MH fan who still has muscle memory for the old style HH. I assume the change attracted more players to HH, so that's pretty neat at least!
If you preorder you get cute calico Palico and shiba inu Palamute layered armor, so hop to it if those interest you nonnies.

No. 218453

I wanted to like P5, but I couldn't get into it because it seemed like insane victim blaming to have a rapist turn himself into the police, as if they'd do anything. And that opening was just… wow. I wanted a real social commentary on Japan, but it fell through hard. At least P4 was fun story wise before it was beat to the ground with all the side games and rehashes.

No. 218454

Is Full body worth getting is I've already played Catherine OG? I really love the puzzles in that game was hoping for more content.

No. 218773

Wasteland fag here. This game is so good, just spent 15h straight on it. I killed valor and wanted to kill victory too but Arizona hq told me off for not following the patriarchs orders :/ I wonder how hard it would be to just kill the patriarch

No. 218774

Catherine Fullbody has new puzzles thanks to a new mode, like you can choose if you want to do a run with the original puzzles or with completeky different ones with new and very different blocks and more difficulty settings. It has a multiplayer mode too but I never tried that. As for the story it's very subjective but unlike the other new edition Atlus games Mary Sue, Rin naturally fucks off halfway through the game if you don't get her route. Maybe try to get Fullbody on sales but if you have the original game I can't really say Fullbody could be worse it's full price.

No. 218776

I thought the first arc was really good despite the annoying tutorials, until Kamoshida basically got off with just his reputation being ruined. Ann looked like she was going to kill him, she really should have. It was underwhelming, and I stopped caring because the next arc with Yusuke was hard to take seriously. I was playing at a friend's friend's place and I stopped playing after he saved his progress on top of my save file after I started Makoto's arc. I'll get P5R, but I don't expect the story to amaze me as much as P3P or P4G (if you ignore Marie) because at least even with their flaws I got attached to the characters and the stakes felt actuallt real. Like for P3 you actually feel like it's going to be the end of the world, and P4 gives off horror story vibes at the beginning and end of the game and the stakes really feel personal for everyone involved. And I wish the next Persona games will reference P1 and 2 way more now that the writers are different, instead of just copypasting their plot lines and characters here and there with no coherence or real ideas behind that. Sage for samefagging.

No. 219455

Let's say I wanted to play Touhou. Where do I begin?

No. 219469

Steam Summer Sale ends tomorrow and I still don't know what the hell I should buy from the top of my wishlist.

The sixth game in release order, it's called Touhou Koumakyou ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. First game for Windows.
I don't know if others will agree, though? Maybe Touhou 7 or 8 would be a better option but idk

No. 219475

Any good ones on Steam or nah?

No. 219487

You mean discounts? Yeah, lots of good ones, but that depends on what games you're interested in. One of my top wanted games (Palais de Reine) never gets more than 20% discount so that's disappointing.
If you mean Touhou games, only the newest official games and some fangames are on there, for the older ones you'd have to pirate them like everyone else in the west (or buy them somehow)

No. 219947