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File: 1636885630872.png (2.33 MB, 1290x1438, 1.png)

No. 1368608

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are White, TIMs or upper class minroties

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is a vague dislike of capitalism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other online personalities exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

Famous 'Breadtubers' include Contrapoints, Philosophy Tube, Hbomberguy, and Shaun.

>Recap of past thread

>Philosophy Tube troons out and begins the Contrapoints skinwalking. >>>/snow/1174667 Gives some speech at pride despite being the most 'visible trans person in Britain.' So stunning and brave! >>>/snow/1270515
>Speculation about the Philosophy Tube and Contrapoints falling out over the course of 2020 >>>/snow/1174967 >>>/snow/1178750 Some think that PT was the figure Contrapoints is referring to during the "figure in leftist politics who I could absolutely #metoo" in the canceling video, or if he's the "chad boyfriend." >>>/snow/1184313 >>>/snow/1187176 Philosophy Tube pretends that he's still friends with Contrapoints despite Contrapoints wanting absolutely nothing to do with him >>>/snow/1279758
>Lindsay Ellis gets canceled on twitter for tweeting something stupid about a new Disney movie >>>/snow/1194303 issues an embarrassingly long video about it
>Sarah Z is a reddit-using Killing Stalking fan >>>/snow/1198225
>Contrapoints posts about having been addicted to opium, continues to make a single video every three months while still sucking money out of moronic pay pigs. >>>/snow/1238109
>To no one's surprise, Vaush is a degenerate >>>/snow/1238123
>ThoughtSlime transitions, upholding Contra's Law of being a male leftist >>>/snow/1270308
>The autists at KiwiFarms discover what was initially thought to be Philosophy Tube's burner account, turns out to be a deranged fan despite insanely uncanny coincidences >>>/snow/1278545
>Hasan Piker, leftist Twitch streamer, buys a $3 million dollar house in West Hollywood >>>/snow/1304616

>Actual communist and socialist reading if that interests you

> If you want to actually get involved in leftist or community organizing, join a labor union and get involved with local grassroots movements instead of debating the politics of Steven Universe or whatever.
>Apologies if I left anything out. Happy posting

Past thread

No. 1368613

File: 1636886589138.png (582.21 KB, 950x1230, 3B1BBDE7-4AC6-47EF-9AEC-A3B18B…)

PhilosophyTube attempts to write a letter in French and is informed by a fan that he misgendered himself twice in it.

No. 1368615

File: 1636886665382.jpeg (254.51 KB, 1536x2048, EDB2FFC6-0142-4548-B6C4-DA517F…)

Full letter if anybody cares to see it in higher resolution.

Good OP btw

No. 1368618

Best bit is he gendered the cat correctly. He gendered himself correctly too, just didn’t realise it kek.

No. 1368644

talk about a freudian slip
thank you

No. 1368645

While the white breadtubers aren't any less awful, the non-white one's(specifically the black males) are awful in a very manipulative way especially regarding black women that most white liberals might miss, many black male leftists try to excuse the horrible treatment of BW by the black community and try blame white supremacy somehow
this vid by a black leftist (which was supposed to a reply to Kevin Samuels, who does deserve to be critiqued) in it claims (at the 12:27 mark) that if a black woman expects a black man to "take care of her" that means she has absorbed white settler colonial narratives and then subtly tries to blame the issue of mass divorces in the black community on "white gender roles"

No. 1368655

his handwriting looks like shit

No. 1368669

looks very male lol

No. 1368992

No. It's more "Black people can't and shouldn't try to achieve the same relationships as Whites, because White people have fucked up relationship dynamics built by Racism and White Supremacy and Black people don't have the money or societal protections to create or endure or even try to be a part those dynamics. That if a Black woman or a Black man tries to emulate those circumstances with other Black people while in the overall impoverished and downtrodden situation that Black people are in within America, it's doomed to fail."

He isn't wrong.

No. 1369000

And yet Africa remains a hellhole. Hrm.

No. 1369014

File: 1636935006359.png (614.82 KB, 800x733, 764563242.png)

I fucking hate you for making me see this image every fucking day multiple times per day for fucking months to come, fuck you, fuck you a million times, an infinite number of fucks upon your head, good day

No. 1369019

File: 1636935351744.png (461.97 KB, 1598x518, Capture d’écran 2021-11-15 à…)

hope that helps

No. 1369026

First, Africa is a continent with many countries with their own interpersonal dynamics that have been going on for centuries.

Second, what the fuck does Africa have to do with the relationship dynamics that White people have in America with each other or why Black people shouldn't emulate the relationship dynamics of White people in this country?

No. 1369031

File: 1636936824450.jpg (99.28 KB, 1080x808, Screenshot_20211115_013806.jpg)

and what are these "bad" relationship dynamics exaclty? Being there for your children? Lol. Nick Cannon says the same shit, and he has the economic means to do whatever he wants. It's an excuse for deadbeat/absent fathers "ackchtually by impregnating random women across the country and neglecting my children I'm fighting racism" stfu lmao

No. 1369040

I'm amazed that you can make so much money by larping, I kinda wanna get in on this


No. 1369043

you have to write sage in the email field

No. 1369046

there is not a god damn thing on this rotten fucking planet that can take away jenny nicholson hanging out with controonpoints, so no, no help, awful everything forever

No. 1369048

That White men are raised to embrace lopsided power dynamics between themselves and White women where White men are allowed and expected to be the dominate figures , especially when it comes to physical violence both inwards and outwards. And White women are taught and expected to enable those dynamics for both their financial well-being and in the perpetuation of Whiteness.

And there's no culture on this planet that hasn't praised looking after their children or been dammed by others for not looking after their children. Black or White or Yellow or Green or Red or Purple, everyone says they look after their own children and has been told by others that they aren't. The only people who believe that the term still holds meaning are the people desperate to have someone beneath them in this clusterfuck we call life.

No. 1369049

Hard to argue with that tbh

No. 1369072

wait that's not jenny nicholson is it?? I thought it was nostalgia chick / lindsay ellis

No. 1369078

no bitch it's jenny, it's fucking horrible, see why I'm so upset now? they got /our/ girl

No. 1369079

It's Jenny.

No. 1369081

welp I'm a little faceblind and very disappointed. she seems measured and intelligent, but keeps such a controlled internet persona that I can't imagine to know her actual personality… must just be hanging out with nick out of sunk-cost fallacy'd pity

No. 1369084

>must just be hanging out with nick out of sunk-cost fallacy'd pity
god we can only hope; she does seem very nice, maybe it is just a straight up pity friendship, contra is the least untolerable of the breadtroons

No. 1369097

The problem has nothing to do with white supremacy then what people think. Black men have horrific victim complexes and are narcissist. Black women are constantly talked down on by everyone whether it be white women or Latina women who think they are superior than them because more men want them, black men who say black women need to be submissive despite black women largely being the bread winners and bigger earners in the black community in the US, if you remove the LV rappers and lastly black women succumbing to all the brain washing and working over time to make black men like them, leading them to have one of the highest rates death by homicide, DV and single motherhood. The problem with the black community is the coddling of black men and their inability to grow past age 14.

No breadtube cuck is ever going to touch the black femicide problem and how abusive black men are towards black women because it destroys the idea that the wakanda forever is a real thing when it isn't. It also destroys everything BLM stands for which is really about making black male felons go out and murder and rape even more black women. BLM is literally men's rights activism for black men in disguise, they just sprinkled Brianna Taylor in there to make it less obvious like she is the only black women who has been terrorised by the police. It's funny because compared to George Floyd who threatens pregnant women with death and that one guy who the police rightfully shot for going near his aunt who he raped, she is literally a saint unironically.

It's disgusting they still want to make videos like this because let's be real, they only make these videos for white approval because those are the main people watching breadtube garbage. These videos are a slap in the face to black women and children, but of course, we can't taint the already horrific image of the black community, can we?

Black men did willingly sell their own people including women and children to slavery and have always been treasonous to everyone, no shit. Bread tubers won't say that.

No. 1369099

i really doubt most people in her position would openly snub someone they dislike an even have a somewhat friendly acquaintance. She'd be ostracized automatically. Her social circle is pretty much made up of breadtube so can't expect much else if she even does have some misgivings.

No. 1369101

Jenny's brother is a tranny and I'm pretty sure she was virtue signalling about JKR being a terf in one of her videos.

There's no point simping for her, she's a handmaiden.

No. 1369118

the guy literally said that a black woman expecting a man taking care of her like a man should is a "white people" concept

No. 1369127


I don't know if I can argue against this. Not because it's right, because this shit comes from something toxic, and concepts this reliant on fucked up ideas of Blackness and Black men. Whether it comes from Hoteps or Divestors or Swirllers or whatever toxic group you wish, none of it should not be given any legitimacy or be treated as gospel of Black life within America. Because it's far easier to spout off "hip-hop" "bootstraps" "Black men are the White Men of Black People" and other nonsense that does nothing to address what is going on and how to solve it or what the dynamics between Black people are.

But I think my biggest problem with that entire screed is that it's too cowardly to openly admit that Anon sincerely believes in Black Male Pathology. Believes in the same tropes and myths that have been around black men since this country was 13 colonies and the Irish were treated as sub-human.

Which begs the question "if the X-chromosome carries the majority of our DNA, then why aren't Black women just as pathological in their actions as Black Men?"

But, just in case. Underreported for Whites, Overreported or outright taken out of context for Blacks, and the stresses of Poverty and systemic Racism and White Supremacy. There, you know the talking points you can use to make yourself feel better.

And the reason why Breadtube doesn't talk about Black Femicide, real or imagined, is because Breadtube doesn't give a shit about Black people unless it's to make themselves feel good. BLM was a hashtag created by Black women and has nothing to do with Men's Rights as much as it does Police Brutality towards Black people. Though, that you think that Brianna Taylor was a superfluous addition to the ever growing death count of Black people in violent Police interacts disgusts me personally.

But then again, you seem like you're fucked in the head, so it's whatever.

He said that Black women seeking to emulate the the same relationship dynamics that White people have will but with a Black man ensures that the relationship will fail. That the Black man does not have access to the same resources that the average White man has and cannot provide in the same way and must find alternatives in order to create a relationship that will survive.

No. 1369129

are you really defending these group of men just cause their "#oprsssed" black women are just as discriminated against as black men while also having to deal with sexism and yet they have equal rates of employment and education as white women

No. 1369131

No, I'm defending them because Oppression Olympics is a terrible sport that nobody wins and only toxic people desperate to have something tangible to attack wish to play.

Because figuring out who's at the bottom and why they deserve to be there ignores the question of why there's a bottom in the first place and why someone has to occupy it. And, for me the most important question, who has the right to choose what the standard is and give that designation when Human beings are a walking pile of uncertainty trying to get through a world where there's no real set of rules other than the imaginary ones we make up in the moment. Which can disappear just as easily.

So yeah.

No. 1369133

Not my cows, not my pasture, but I believe nona just dropped the mic on some fools

No. 1369152

What if Jenny was raped by a troon? That would be ironic…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1369159

Keep ur deranged tranny fantasy to urself

No. 1369161

moid moment

No. 1369170

File: 1636952859603.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.31 KB, 468x463, dskakk_093.JPG)

haha yes would it not be IRONIC to see a woman raped? Purely ironic humor, of course, as I am an intellectual. Am I right ladies?

No. 1369180

And yet she can't sage. You win some, you lose some huh

No. 1369193

probably because she spends more time reading than making sure she’s living up to the standards of terminally online imageboard users who need to get the last say at all costs

No. 1369239

That's no excuse

No. 1369265

Looks like a handwriting of a male trying to write like a female.

You a moid or what?

No. 1369278

That wasn't a mic drop. That was a pick-me or scrote making excuses for males being abusive, incompetent and entitled with "ok well humans are a pile of uncertainty, this is ackshully oppression olympics that you're pointing out any problem sweety. u sound rly toxic. so uh yeah."
They sound like a breadtuber themselves, probably the sort of person who gets mad at feminists for not taking responsibility for male suicide rates

No. 1369283

the Black man actually has the same access to 1) getting a job and 2) using a condom as everyone else

No. 1369286

>BLM was a hashtag created by Black women and has nothing to do with Men's Rights
I guess it's just a coincidence that 75% BLM's donations go to TIMs

No. 1369327

because they're handmaidens? BLM was initially started by three women, and that doesn't mean that the people who follow said movement aren't total handmaidens and capitulate to TRA idpol

No. 1369328

No, that's me saying that anon was toxic and full of shit and cherry-picking in order to create an object that they could punch and feel good about for the sake of themselves. Not for the sake of others, not for the sake of women and certainly not for the sake of Black women. And that getting into an argument with them to prove them wrong would be akin to giving them legitimacy in their claims, which is just something I won't do.

I'm not a Breadtuber, and I think a lot of them are as full of shit as the people they rail against. But I also think that there's a lot of people in this fucked up space looking for cheap, quick and easy answers and a villain to beat up to make themselves feel better or just want power they can't have elsewhere.


And what the fuck does condom usage have to do with this conversation, other than to throw out the same racist tropes of Black men not being responsible fathers?

But here.

Is it a conincidence? No. It's a deliberate action by a small subset of people (Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi) who used the hashtag and it's rallying cry to fund and support Trans rights and Black Trans rights. It still doesn't negate what the hashtag was originally created for (protesting the death of Travyon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman and police brutality towards Black men and boys) and what the hashtag is supposed to represent. But it does put a greater importance on creating actual organizations with accountable leadership and transparency when it comes to donations and where they go.

No. 1369343

>And what the fuck does condom usage have to do with this conversation, other than to throw out the same racist tropes of Black men not being responsible fathers?

>In 2011, 72% of black babies were born to unmarried mothers,[5][6] while the 2018 National Vital Statistics Report provides a figure of 69.4 percent for this condition.[7]


No. 1369346


>Black children live in a variety of family structures, including married, cohabiting, coparenting, and single-parenting households. Sixty-four percent of Black children live in single-parent families, which may include single parents living with an unmarried partner or with another family. Among Black women ages 15 to 50, approximately 60 percent were married or living with an unmarried partner at the time of their first birth, and roughly 40 percent were neither married nor living with an unmarried partner. The distinction between “single” and unmarried but living with a partner or co-parent is important because it indicates that, despite declines in formal marriage rates, close to 60 percent of Black fathers (close to 2.5 million of 4.2 million) live with their children, a fact often in contrast with public perceptions of Black men with children.[10] Within these households, Black couples generally subscribe to egalitarian and flexible gender roles.[11],[12]

>Black fathers—both those who live with and live apart from their children—are more likely than White or Hispanic fathers to feed or eat meals with, bathe, diaper or dress, and play or read to their children on a daily basis.[13]

No. 1369358

Why are you so insistent on defending black scrotes and covering up their failings

No. 1369360

>And what the fuck does condom usage have to do with this conversation
they can simply choose not to have children when they don't have the economic means to take care of them. Or is casual unprotected sex necessary to fight racism or something? I hope you know that men will ever cape this hard for you btw

No. 1369371


>Women of lower socioeconomic status and women of color in the United States have higher rates of abortion than women of higher socioeconomic status and White women.

None of you care about Black women in any way, shape, or form. This isn't about Black men or the relationship dynamics between Black men and women. You just want someone to punch and feel good about yourselves and rely on fucked up stereotypes to get your fix. You offer no answers or desire to improve the lives of Black women, or any person's lives in general.

And I can't stop you or change your mind because you need that fix. So go and get your fix. I hope it makes you feel good.

No. 1369374

You keep saying "none of you care about black women" but I hope you realize there are actual black women on this site lol.

No. 1369377

There are Black women who hate other Black women and subscribe to White Supremacist views and Anti-Black sentiments. Some hate themselves, some fully buy in and take the stereotypes to heart, some were raised in an anti-Black environment and never questioned what they were being taught, and some are just mentally dysfunctional.

Being a Black woman does not exclude a Black woman, or any Black person, from White Supremacist ideas or Anti-Black sentiments.

No. 1369386

So, if there are any black women who don't act as mules for black men or try to silence anyone who recognizes that male violence and incompetence is present in every group, they must be white supremacists who hate themselves and other women? Ok

No. 1369392

Nah. I question the motives and intentions of anyone who can deliberately downplay, oversimplify, or outright lie about the complex, interpersonal dynamics between Black men and Women as Black women being "mules" to Black men or whatever term that has been used, is being used, or will be used in the future. I believe they argue in bad faith in order to present a warped world view that is not consistent with the majority of Black lives within America, male and female. I believe they've internalized some fucked up shit that they need to work out within themselves instead of using Black men and Black relationships as a scapegoat or a punching bag.

So if that's you, then yeah. I think you're more of a threat to Black women and Black people in general than the men you claim to want to protect Black women from. You have no means of helping anyone, including yourself, so long as you continue to need a punching bag to justify your beliefs and existence.

No. 1369397

One more thing. Are you implying that men are pathologically inclined to certain actions? Because if pathology is not involved, then social and economic factors that groom men to certain responses can be combatted and changed with time and effort. But if it's genetic pathology, then why are women exempt despite the "x" chromosome holding the majority of our DNA?

Assuming you actually believe what you wrote. And I don't think you do.

No. 1369402

>poor people have more abortions than rich people
yeah no shit, doesn't mean that people having children they can't afford to raise (and subsequently abandoning them, in the case of fathers) doesn't happen and isn't a problem. Idk why you're so fixated on ignoring reality and making everything black and white (no pun intended). Every community has its problems, blaming everything on white people doesn't change anything and only makes your men look pathetic

No. 1369410

also nta but just because most of the DNA is held in the x chromosme that doesn't mean that what's held in the y chromosome can't make a critical difference lol. I don't know anything about genetics but logically this is a very strange argument. oh and testosterone does make people more prone to physical violence

No. 1369413

I pointed out that the narrative of Black women having reckless sex out of wedlock is generally a lie, just like it's a lie that Black men are minimally involved in their children's lives or abandon their children outright. Posted links and everything.

That you can look at the statistics and still make a point that is largely untrue or is grossly overexaggerated…shows your intentions and what you want out of the conversation.

I didn't blame anything on White people. White Supremacy, I blame a lot on. But I haven't blamed White people. Because I know not all White people think alike or buy into White Supremacy. I believe they have their own dynamics and their own problems to fix in their own relationships with each other.

No. 1369415

You're talking a lot without saying anything

No. 1369418

>That you can look at the statistics and still make a point that is largely untrue or is grossly overexaggerated

72% of black women are unmarried and 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, how are those exaggerated statistics(race sperging and derailing)

No. 1369419

Aggression. Aggression is not the same as violence, and unless you can prove that men can't help but be violent, then environmental factors play far more of a role in how men deal with aggression than an assumed genetic inclination.

And environmental factors can be worked on and adjusted so that outright violence against women or anyone can be reduced.

White people are not the axis of humanity nor anything special. Just the same small gathering of consciousness desperately trying to survive just like anyone else. And like everyone else, they need to put more concern in their own interpersonal relationships rather than buy into the propaganda of the people in charge that keeps everyone divided.


>Black children live in a variety of family structures, including married, cohabiting, coparenting, and single-parenting households. Sixty-four percent of Black children live in single-parent families, which may include single parents living with an unmarried partner or with another family. Among Black women ages 15 to 50, approximately 60 percent were married or living with an unmarried partner at the time of their first birth, and roughly 40 percent were neither married nor living with an unmarried partner. The distinction between “single” and unmarried but living with a partner or co-parent is important because it indicates that, despite declines in formal marriage rates, close to 60 percent of Black fathers (close to 2.5 million of 4.2 million) live with their children, a fact often in contrast with public perceptions of Black men with children.[10] Within these households, Black couples generally subscribe to egalitarian and flexible gender roles.[11],[12]

>Black fathers—both those who live with and live apart from their children—are more likely than White or Hispanic fathers to feed or eat meals with, bathe, diaper or dress, and play or read to their children on a daily basis.[13]

No. 1369429

>Among Black women ages 15 to 50, approximately 60 percent were married or living with an unmarried partner at the time of their first birth, and roughly 40 percent were neither married nor living with an unmarried partner. The distinction between “single” and unmarried but living with a partner or co-parent is important because it indicates that, despite declines in formal marriage rates, close to 60 percent of Black fathers (close to 2.5 million of 4.2 million) live with their children, a fact often in contrast with public perceptions of Black men with children
is very confusing to me. Why does this study treat "unmarried partner or co-parent" as a synonym of "black father"? Saying that 60% of mothers live with an unmarried partner or Co-parent is not in any way the same as saying that 60% of black fathers live with their children. It's a ridiculous jump to make, an unmarried partner could be anything from a boyfriend of 6 months to a step father to the actual father. Not to mention nowhere does it say that these "unmarried partners or co-parents" are all black. It's interesting how this embarassignly biased study focuses on black women's behavior and simply infers what black men's might be based on it, instead of directly quantifying the latter, probably because the results wouldn't fit their agenda

No. 1369430

Wasn't the person you were originally arguing and have no horse in this race, I just notice that you're full of shit lol
>omg its so complex u don get it
Nah, y-chromosoids are disgusting. Don't care if brown, yellow, black or white, I will always defend women's rights to shit on them and call out their gaslighting. If you don't like it, go campaign with men to stop being abusers and murderers on a global scale lol

No. 1369432

Well she's the one who released that image onto the internet, so I like to imagine she has a bit of contempt for him

No. 1369436

>The distinction between “single” and unmarried but living with a partner or co-parent is important because it indicates that, despite declines in formal marriage rates, close to 60 percent of Black fathers (close to 2.5 million of 4.2 million) live with their children, a fact often in contrast with public perceptions of Black men with children.

That article had no instances of writing "mixed race" within it or even mentions mixed race children. So yes, it's implying Black fathers and their relationships with their children and the Black mothers of their children.

No. 1369439

You don't give a fuck about women's rights or women's empowerment. You just want an enemy you can fight and feel justified in fighting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1369440

Textbook projection. Keep defending men and harassing women for speaking out, everyone with a brain is getting tired of your game

No. 1369442

but it's not though. Literally nowhere is it stated or implied that these "unmarried partners or Co-parents" are the children's biological fathers. There's a reason they worded it like that and not "60% of mothers live with their children's father".

If they truly wanted to accurately report black father's behavior they would simply present the data (as in "x% of Black fathers report living with their children"), like they did for black mothers. Instead take black mothers' data and say that it "indicated" something about black fathers, which it really doesn't, and anyone with 2 braincells can figure out it doesn't. Lying with data is extremely easy, and it's actually hilarious that this weird contorted pindaric leap in logic is the most flattering way of presenting black fathers' behavior that they could come up with.

Whoever wrote this study has an obvious agenda and is counting on their readers being dumb enough not to see it. If you stepped out of this stupid us vs. them mentality for a moment, you would see this

No. 1369445

File: 1637003179035.jpeg (156.84 KB, 1083x286, D3D6B282-7C8B-4F78-B9EB-1FB4DA…)

Holy fuck 24 hours of garbage posting. Here’s some lame nonmilky narcissism, number one how tf would a client apply contra videos to their therapy and healing, number two this just means his therapist is the ‘unconditional validation with no uncomfortable growth’ money grab variety

No. 1369462

Stop shitting up the thread with race bait you dumb fucks

No. 1369466

I'm sorry but it's just frustrating seeing the literal fanfiction anon posted published and quoted as a serious study. Idk how you can be American and not be mad that this is the clown country you live in(derailing/infighting)

No. 1369468

>that happened
lol sure

No. 1369469

You are literally sitting here and making excuses for a group of men living in a 1st world country with access to condoms, schooling and welfare. They do not give a fuck about you much more or less than they give a fuck about themselves. You literally want black women and society at large to suffer just because we can't be mean to poor wittle black men like they are a bunch of children who can't be trusted to take care of themselves. Pray that your "kang" of no kingdom doesn't take you out mammy-chan and try not to get any stds from sucking on their unclean dicks.

No. 1369473

Case in point, the one who wrote the scathing post in the first place was a black woman. Don't worry, i just want to beat down on black just like your black kang will eventually beat down you. God forbid I live a life of misery like you will anon-chan. Enjoy blackistan!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1369475

I don't even see it as race bait personally, This conversation needs to be had and in order for people to learn the truth, feelings need to be hurt. Many people like blm-chan will probably be stuck as the mule for black men for the rest of their lives nonetheless anyways.

No. 1369501

File: 1637009415007.png (36.16 KB, 567x515, weirdo.PNG)

He's been complaining about healthcare but gets upset when someone mentions HRT, like how dare they assume that a transwomen whining about healthcare, would be on HRT?

No. 1369513

File: 1637010586121.jpeg (457.57 KB, 744x1921, DBAEDDE2-09DA-45E6-8E81-F68D27…)

Dude he's such an asshole to his fans lmfao. You don't have to love and be super nice to your fans, but if you do choose to go out and have interactions with them, don't be so dismissive and rude. Sometimes, yeah, maybe it's just British banter or whatever, but it often can't be construed as just that. He answers quite a few asks, but probably not nearly all of them, so his behavior isn't borne out of obligation to respond to all his fans.

image: a fan pours their heart out and Olly replies with a meme that's barely relevant

Also, it's pretty obvious that he's on HRT.

No. 1369531

Ever since he came out as trans he has become increasingly obnoxious. At first he was just a regular narc youtuber who overestimates the value of his own opinions and now it's like he's so angry all the time and wants to fight everyone. Maybe his testosterone is fighting back against his troonery.

No. 1369641

Why do narcissists like talking to people as vaguely as possible about themselves, but then get so snippy and closed off the second anyome shows interest or tries to have dialogue with them? Is it really so easy to give them a narcissistic injury that the mere thought of themselves as a human being with a more complicated personality and lifestyle than "the best, smartest, and sexiest cardboard cutout" is enough to send them into a fit of rage? Or do they just hate the idea of talking with other people instead of lecturing them that much?

No. 1369687

>conversation needs to be had
Sure, but not here on lolcow.farm's breadtube thread.

No. 1369785

yeah and sorry for not opsting the images but there is a recent ask where a student asks why Judith Butler and other philosophers write in such a imperscrutable way and at first he gives a very sensible answer, and you'r elike "oh cool maybe he's not such an asshole all the time", but then he goes back at it being "AND ALSO butler is very easy to understand and just very accessible and really no one should ever have any problem reading her work??? lmao aint i the smartest" and you're like, yep, that's the olly i know

No. 1369787

File: 1637053791668.png (182.35 KB, 866x1215, Screenshot (723).png)

And ofc he needs to claim that anyone who struggles to understand Butler is just willfully ignorant and probably a terf

No. 1369803

Saying that you think people who criticize philosophers for not writing more comprehensively are "anti-intellectual" is the scholarly equivalent of insisting that your "penis is very large, actually" with a red face and increasingly terse tone.

No. 1369828

"The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relationships in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the rearticulation of power."

I also enjoy the implication that terfs would use Butler's pwefered pwonouns.

No. 1369836

It’s funny because PT only has the American equivalent of a BA and actual philosophers have criticized his inaccurate understanding of philosophical concepts

No. 1369837

Then everyone clapped

No. 1369923

Do you have examples of takedowns? I live people tearing hos arguments apart there's a really good video by a costume designer who happens to be fat that explained why his food video was shit -and of course he didn't address any criticism cus that's not how narcissism works

No. 1369925

NTA but I recommend King Critical and Carefree Wandering, they both have made a few videos each critiquing or refuting Philosophytube videos

No. 1369929

>Trying to be as absolutely precise as possible
LOL. Logicians maybe, but that's very obviously not the kind of philosopher this person is talking about.

No. 1370025

I'm losing my mind reading this. Philosophy majors are so fully up their own asses, and their only real skill is abusing thesauruses.

No. 1370258

this is nourishing me, thank you

No. 1370260

the more i see into PT persona beyond the flashy videos the more i'm convinced that the falling out with Contra was not because of some great catalyst like an assault but was purely based on the fact that they're both insufferable pricks.
I wouldn't be surprised though if it also came down to PT being like "Guess what, my dear friend natalie, not only i'm a pop philosopher like you, not only i copied your whole style for videos, and not only i constantly signal to both of our fanbases that we are the bestest of friends and even something more, I TOO, am probably a trans woman!" which made Contra go "yeah fuck this" and cut all ties

No. 1370268

yeah, especially since PT is still friends and working with lindsay ellis, who is also contra's friend. if PT actually assaulted contra, i really doubt ellis would want to work with someone who would be that much of a PR disaster for her brand. leftists/ultra-libs are hypocrites on a lot of things but are totally willing to eat their own and socially exile anyone who they think has committed any minor transgression, much less something that serious

No. 1370316

In fairness to philosophy nerds, that's a particularly embarrassing sentence from a particularly embarrassing writer- it won a 'bad writing contest' in a popular philosophy journal in 1999. 1999 was kind of a bad year for Butler in general, since it's also when professor of parody, an epic takedown of her entire worldview that turned out to be pretty prescient about modern gender ideology in general, got published. Which kind of pours cold water on the idea that Butler being an bad writer is a terf conspiracy, because I don't think the term had even been coined yet.
That said, Butler has kind of become a meme shorthand in GC circles for bad postmodern academic writing on gender, in the way that Andrea Long Chu's 'to be a woman is to be fucked in a hole' became shorthand for autogynophilia in academia. Which implies this guy lurks in GC spaces, ew.

No. 1370337

>Which implies this guy lurks in GC spaces, ew.
Not necessarily, Butler is well known to be the butt of the joke among terfs. I'm not particularly well versed in radfem circles and I know that.

No. 1370467

File: 1637173578160.jpeg (17.41 KB, 225x225, 8A9B499E-6D02-414B-8F36-552C8E…)

Or maybe, it was a calculated move on PT's part to dispel the correct theory, and Contra gave it the stamp of approval out of guilt.

No. 1370480

I'm not a firm believer of the theory, but the whole "would Ellis really work with PT if he sexually assaulted CP" situation makes me wonder how much she knew before she decided to part with Channel Awesome, and how much she dismissed. Are we really so sure that Lindsay hasn't already knowingly chosen to work with someone whose understanding of consent is shaky?

No. 1370525

I mean, i really like ellis so i sure hope the fuck she wouldn't keep working with someone ifshe found out they're a rapist (considering she's also a victim of sexual assault), but even from just a business point of view can you imagine the shitstorm it would be if it came out? I want to believe she's smarter than that. With PT being trans it would also be the perfect excuse not to call him back, "oh i didnt want to hurt her dainty feminine feelings by having her reprise male roles" or sm shit like that

No. 1370584

It fucking baffles me how a person could get an entire degree in philosophy (even an undergraduate degree) and walk away with takes as facile as this.

No. 1370597

Maybe this is a spicy take, but going to college for philosophy is retarded, and philosophy is best studied independently. Whenever I hear "philosophy degree", I think "wealthy narcissist with no capacity for independent thought or originality". It fits Olly quite nicely.

No. 1370636

In my experience, a lot of philosophy writing is frankly impossible to understand without something like a college course that explains the arguments in clear language & the rhetorical/historical context. Many texts are just not made to be understood outside that environment.

And also yeah, I agree that academia overall is mainly a circlejerk for wealthy narcissists without capacity for independent thought. And that's why a lot of it is so incomprehensible from the outside (including, incidentally, Butler).

No. 1370638

File: 1637190317532.jpeg (101.12 KB, 934x507, 2CAE5880-6E24-49F8-821B-CEB966…)

I don't entirely agree with >>1370597, as I do think higher education can provide you with a great foundation and resources for studying philosophy. The vast majority of self-professed "philosophers" (especially pop philosophers) without a formal background in it clearly don't understand what philosophy is at even a basic level. (See: Stefan Molyneux)

However, the standards in most schools of philosophy are pitifully low for undergrads.
Philosophy undergrads are, far more often than not, complete brainlets. Liberal arts fields generally have pretty low standards for graduation, and this same bar is applied to philosophy, even though it should be much more rigorous than something like English literature, for the same reasons that biochemistry is generally a more difficult major than animal science.

Olly has a "Scottish MA," which is roughly equivalent to a bachelors. Granted, it's from a school with a highly-ranked philosophy department, but those sorts of rankings (especially in liberal arts and humanities) don't say much about the quality of the undergraduate education. The minimum required to graduate is probably still rather low. Any philosophy major worth their salt would either pursue a PhD or put their formal logic studies to use and become a programmer.

tl;dr I think higher Ed is important for studying philosophy, but most undergrad philosophy will give anybody capable of finishing a single essay a degree

No. 1370675

My thoughts exactly.

An additional point: PT didn't even just pass the bare minimum requirements, but apparently got a First and graduated top of the class. Makes me wish I'd gone to study in the UK, apparently they require fuck all.

No. 1370920

>Any philosophy major worth their salt would either pursue a PhD or put their formal logic studies to use and become a programmer.
this. as someone currently at an "elite" liberal arts school full of affluent (but ultimately braindead) trust fund babies, most of the people who major in philosophy or niche shit like the anthropology of dance can only do so because they don't need to get a job after graduating and can live off of parents' $$$. olly getting a philosophy MA and not transitioning into any actually employable field betrays how much of a rich layabout he is

No. 1370923

Olly said something in one of his livestreams about how his parents wouldn't let him do drama school until he got an MA first, so he probably just got the Philosophy degree so his parents would pay for drama school

No. 1370931

File: 1637233112609.jpeg (328.78 KB, 1125x888, 7B090C57-775F-48DB-BE57-6570AB…)

Wow, really? The school he went to supposedly has a legitimately good philosophy program. In philosophy, it's often ranked top 10 worldwide.
Though many, many functional retards graduate with bachelor's in philosophy, I'm hard-pressed to believe that somebody as intellectually lazy as Olly could be such a high-achiever.
I found plenty of quotes from him claiming to have graduated at the top of his class, but has this been substantiated by any other sources?
If true, I'd have to reevaluate my opinion of him pretty heavily. This whole time, I thought he was just stupid, but could it be that he's a highly intelligent grifter narcissist?

No. 1371954

File: 1637354953763.png (587.72 KB, 745x908, 01.png)

This shit is so emberassing, why make such a mockery of matters you want people to take seriously? It feels like he just wants to enjoy the controvery and outrage and shove himself into it rather than actually approach it with any sense of gravity.

No. 1371962

People with philosophy degrees are all retarded. If you're smart, you should study STEM. Otherwise just learn a trade or something practical.

No. 1371985

I can't help but notice that there's an arrow that narrowly missed the community and is about to hit Hasan right in the head.

No. 1371989

This guy's channel is great. He can see through the partisan politics enough to sniff out bad pop philosophy from a mile a way whether it's coming from IDW, Breadtube, or School of Life type normie channels.

No. 1372008

It's firmly planted in the community's arm

No. 1372011

You're right, my bad!

No. 1372044

I saw him being fat and out of breath and ungroomed for 3 hrs straight at twitch rivals. He hadnt been hot since 2019 why are people around him still pretending??

No. 1372276

File: 1637410824099.png (298.67 KB, 709x707, c4efjhwm3q471.png)

The Issue I have with a lot of breadtube essays is they over analyze shit that most people are aware is already dogshit

I don't need to watch lindsay ellis 8 hour analysis of transformers movies to understand that they objectify women
The question is why choose something so empty to review? Is this the most in depth analysis that these morons can offer?
cooperate approved by the numbers films written a week ?

No. 1372310

more like lindsay ellis tier comedy moment

No. 1372426

That was not the intent of her michael bay videos lol, it was an excuse to teach academic language applied to transformers because that's funny (debatable) and bc trnsf are both very commercially driven but also very much Michael bay's movies.

Hate on her all u like but at least learn to undertand essays lmao

No. 1372503

last time lindsay analyzed the work of a director genuinely, it was mel brooks. A solid video too. For how much she talks about cinema techniques and writing, she never seems to have much interest in decent cinema at all, only 'critiques' the most commercial pop trash like disney and universally disliked movies. She never grew out from her Nostalgia chick shtick.

No. 1372679

YouTube in general is full of pointless essays on Disney, revivals of old nostalgic franchises, mainstream popular fantasy/sci-if, and kids’ cartoons (especially “progressive” ones) because that’s pretty much all that zoomers watch. Zoomers are their target audience.

Talking about decent movies zoomers don’t care about = less YouTube subscribers and less Patreon money.

Zoomers would rather watch an hour long video with someone complaining about a lack of gay characters in Disney cartoons than watch an hour-long video about movies they’ve never heard of that do have gay characters.

Also, Peter Pan syndrome and all that.(sage)

No. 1372862

File: 1637477629016.png (144.33 KB, 801x1119, 4E84A26B-9A21-450A-B81B-29290C…)

No. 1372863

File: 1637477762689.jpeg (623.5 KB, 916x1481, C510E6AB-7210-4FEA-B47A-3B95CA…)

No. 1372875

It's so clear that he (like other trannies) wants an evil supergroup to blame his own unhappiness on, when his misery is actually his own damn fault.

No. 1372912

>If you're smart, you should study STEM. Otherwise just learn a trade or something practical.

Translation: I'm a mediocre, unimaginative piece of shit who only sees value in studying STEM because it was drilled into me by autistic losers on Leddit (and the cultural narratives stemming from places like Silicon Valley) that any other major is an effeminate, useless way to waste your time and money

No. 1372913

NTA and I'm an artist and not in STEM, but you need to cope better.

No. 1372914

totally not because judith butler is obscurantist nonsense

No. 1372915

I know this is old milk but Vaush hasn't been getting shit talked nearly enough in these threads recently.
>Misogynistic jokes are good because I find them funny
>My audience doesn't care so really it's fine
>Besides women have rights now and no one "on the left" is actually misogynistic anymore so it's all just jokes right guys?
I can't stand him lol.

No. 1372923

Sage for PL but I went to St Andrews and getting in is the difficult part. After that tutors and lecturers hold your hand right through to graduation and it's almost impossible not to succeed with the support given.

No. 1372925

This is what leftist moids think and is why they support and get defensive over troons. They think women's issues are solved after getting the vote and neglect all else.

No. 1372932

Retort with "misandry is good/funny actually" and see how quickly moids like Vaush start malding, despite misogyny being historically way more harmful than misandry has been or ever could be.

No. 1372937

Vaush has made me too MOTI to follow since he conflated the ethics of producing cp with building a pc. When he put out that video explaining all of his controversies in true youtuber fashion, he mentioned it but didn't say nearly enough to distance himself from what an Epstein take that was, so is it any surprise a pedophile is also a misogynist?

No. 1372956

They all say it's ok to be
misogynistic if it's a woman they don't like (literally every female politician) but shit their pants if you apply the same logic to misgendering

No. 1373017

kek, you hit the nail on the head anon

No. 1373020

>Killed by the NHS
>Conflating men and women going on THEIR OWN SEXES HORMONES because of an imbalance (and women going on hormonal contraceptives to prevent pregnancy/ alleviate severe period symptoms) with troons going on cross-sex hormones because of their genderfeels

No. 1373021

Humanities/social science degrees are full of trannies and handmaidens kek. Especially philosophy(infighting/derailing)

No. 1373023

NTA but so is STEM. The programmer socks meme exists for a reason lmfao

No. 1373031

I love how people applaud breadtubers for helping "pull people out of the alt-right pipeline" and then the breadtubers just say the same shit as the alt-right videos

No. 1373032

STEM has a higher rate of return though. Why would anyone want to get a humanities degree knowing that a dumbass like PhilosophyTube could excel in one? It just proves that humanities degrees are worthless.

No. 1373042

how did you jump from 'philosophytube has a philosophy degree and he's stupid' to 'all humanities degrees are worthless'? PT would've been an absolute retard whether he graduated with a BA or whether he'd managed to get himself a masters in chemistry. are you a seething STEMtard mad because mummy and daddy wouldn't let you do the degree that you wanted, or are you mad because you have to work at a job surrounded by STEM moids - i.e. unbathed, unsocialised, tranny-leaning failed incel moids?(infighting)

No. 1373044

Because they're all the same anon, doesn't matter right or left. The sociopaths and otherwise deranged people will always gravitate towards whatever is mainstream at the time and gives them the protection of moral superiority. Then they attempt to use that culture to legitimise whatever misogynistic or other harmful views they have. It also lets them harass people under a guise of doing it for betterment of society and get applauded for it.

No. 1373047

The thing is breadtube didn't end the alt-right, Internet censorship did.
They have been removed from pretty much every major online space and deplatformed and either had to give up or go to incredibly obscure online domains with a couple thousand subscribes

and even then the alt-right was never a threat, a couple thousand morons online weren't gonna change anything for anyone

No. 1373048

K anon, hope you never ever read, write, or enjoy anything to do with humanities since it's all worthless kek. Do you walk into an office and talk about how everyone there is stupid for not doing beep boop on computer like the internet told you to?

No. 1373065

I can read and write just fine even though I didn't have a humanities major. And there have been plenty of authors and writers who never had tertiary education in the humanities. Do you think you need a MFA to be a good writer?
Oh, so you're revealing yourself to be a spoiled kid who had college paid for by mommy and daddy. And nah, I never went to college. I make close to six figures without a college degree. I'm just giving good advice. Even a degree like nursing is a lot more useful to society than philosophy.

No. 1373072

Yeah, and you don't need a degree to be a great programmer or mathematician if you actually have the passion for it, much like with anything humanities-related. Why are you changing the focus? You said those things are worthless, and now it's "W-well ok they're not worthless but you don't need a degree!"
No shit, degrees are for jobs and connections. It's just extra nice if you can study your passion and get even better, or train in something that truly makes you happy. 90% of the people making the world run aren't STEMfags, and the majority of people making the media you consume today went to uni or a performing arts school, got connected with others in that scene, and now here they are. Live in the real world for a change

No. 1373077

Maybe for programming, no, you don't need to have a degree. Tech companies still spend a lot of time recruiting from top CS programs fwiw. Other STEM fields, you absolutely need a degree to get into besides networking. If you want to study math on your own, of course you don't need school, but if you actually want to be a professional mathematician there's no way around it.

If people are rich, they can do whatever they want. That's not a surprise. I guess it's nice that you were born rich so you could do whatever you wanted to.

>You said those things are worthless, and now it's "W-well ok they're not worthless but you don't need a degree!"

I never said humanities are worthless, just the degree. For someone who studied the humanities you sure can't read. kek Humanities degrees are absolutely cancer and where the tranny menace came from.

No. 1373082

>Maybe for programming, no, you don't need to have a degree. Tech companies still spend a lot of time recruiting from top CS programs fwiw. Other STEM fields, you absolutely need a degree to get into besides networking. If you want to study math on your own, of course you don't need school, but if you actually want to be a professional mathematician there's no way around it.
Can you find me all the famous historians, directors, musicians, etc who didn't go to college, specialized schools or have some other avenue for training and networking in their fields? Do you rage a little bit when you see that your psych has a degree, or that many of the people handling the logistical side of businesses have communications degrees?
Also, why would you assume I'm in (or went to) college, much less my degree after you just admitted you yourself never went? Maybe you should've gone after all, you might've picked up some critical thinking lol
>If people are rich, they can do whatever they want. That's not a surprise. I guess it's nice that you were born rich so you could do whatever you wanted to.
Yeah, everyone who goes to college for things you don't like is rich, and you are poor, and also their education is useless anyway because you said so. Only humanities majors pay tuition fees, after all. Let's have a Lolcow pity party for seething born broke anon kek

No. 1373085

>Can you find me all the famous historians, directors, musicians, etc who didn't go to college, specialized schools or have some other avenue for training and networking in their fields?
Plenty of actors/artists/singers did not go to college, and a lot of them had rich parents so they would have been successful regardless of the degree. I would say most famous actors did not. Being a historian does require a degree, but these days you would have to be dumb to get a History PhD.

>Yeah, everyone who goes to college for things you don't like is rich, and you are poor, and also their education is useless anyway because you said so. Only humanities majors pay tuition fees, after all. Let's have a Lolcow pity party for seething born broke anon kek

Yes, it's called return on investment. That's why humanities majors end up broke and cry about the need for tuition forgiveness because they don't think money applies to them.

>Also, why would you assume I'm in (or went to) college, much less my degree after you just admitted you yourself never went? Maybe you should've gone after all, you might've picked up some critical thinking lol

Some of the stupidest people I've met were college graduates or even had graduate degrees. It matters jack shit. You are way too defensive over this.

No. 1373089

The "rich parents equals automatic success" meme, the fantasy about crying broke majors and the tiptoeing around the fact that most working people aren't STEM makes it pretty clear you're largely speaking from a place of bitterness and stereotypes. I'm truly sorry your life started out the way it did, anon, but I hope you can move past your irritation at such petty things. It's a waste of time

No. 1373140

STEM, the fields notorious for not having a high amount of trannies

No. 1373177

What the fuck, don’t these people literally argue that nazis use “ironic” racism and racist jokes tad a smokescreen to give plausible deniability to their non-ironic beliefs? Kinda feels like the same thing is happening with the left and their blatant sexism, hmmm.

No. 1373179

They’re not really challenging the alt right to change up their beliefs all that much, lefttube offers the same degenerate moid mentality but with different branding.

No. 1373263

not watching this shit but someone could probably generate a lot of seething by downloading it, editing his voice to say trans-misogyny, and reuploading it

No. 1373330

the tranny menace came from autistic stemfag ex army fags building businesses, aquiring power, and lobbying for their own psychotic fetishists. humanities tards are a very small pawn in the operation. low empathy stemfags acquiring wealth are the ones pushing this abominable movement. tech should not make the money it does, it's easier than ever.

No. 1373343

I wouldn't say the alt-right has necessarily "ended", in fact I think it's growing more than before now that they've been de-platformed, you're just not in those groups and given we don't see it on mainstream social media we assume it's out of sight, out of mind.

No. 1373527

funny how his audience of mtf twitter trannies has no problem with misogyny. could it be… that they don't actually identify with women?

No. 1373701

It makes their dick hard

No. 1373800

File: 1637601574870.webm (1.36 MB, 640x360, Please_no.webm)

Well this just proves that breadtube has competently abandoned any sort of grievances regarding the class divide
also his retarded take regarding the Russian and Chinese revolutions is infuriating and peak of neo-modernist historical analysis, like I'm not defending the many many horrors the leaders of those regimes committed but the Russian and Chinese peasants didn't rise up against their previous systems cause they were "envious" of the bourgeoisie, they rose up cause they were starving and cold and living under literal feudalism and would have preferred anything over their previous system that felt like hell to them

No. 1373821

This. Tucker Carlson is on Fox News, a massively popular channel, airing shit sympathetic to the dumbest, most conspiracy minded right wingers. You have to be in a serious bubble to think this shit has ended.

No. 1373853

He legit looks like Eminem in drag
Yeah the people who like Vaush seem to be men or "Men who think they are women".
I honestly think Vaush isn't all that sexually interested in actual women, these people only care about what make their dicks hard. So troons, femboys and anything that shits on women.
Didn't he say it was a good thing that a pornsite changed the Troon category from Shemale? A long with all the weird disgusting shit he said about CP, he's just a disgusting scrote.

No. 1373854

File: 1637607569879.jpg (103.54 KB, 500x913, qvyldsr88bj71.jpg)

these are the people who literally say that experiencing misogyny (as much as they can actually experience it) validates their gender delusions lol, of course they don't care. pic rel has 8.4k upvotes on r/traaaaaannnnsss or whatever it's called.

No. 1374012

Yeah, it's all just the same shit it was in antiquity: Men can fuck men and be respected genius citizen special boys who sneer at stupid women and their stupid women ways. The schism isn't between straight and gay, it's men and women.

No. 1374316

This "meme" is still so cringy. I hate how "validation starved" implies that human beings need constant validation to live, and that trannies (both TIMs and TIFs, but mostly TIMs) genuinely believe it because they can't imagine living a happy or fulfilling life without everyone around them constantly patting their ass, jacking them off, and telling them they're right about everything and always have been.

No. 1375150

Imagine unironically defending sex-work and claiming that anyone against it is a puritanical christian

No. 1375153

Breadtubers have a very limited scope of interests:
>Dunking on some online right winger
>Talking about themselves and their fetishes
>Over critical analysis of children's cartoons

No. 1375258

Imagine thinking that the only way you could criticize and condemn porn and prostitution is if you hate women and think that they're evil whores. It says more about the person making the judgement of so-called "SWERFs" than it does of the people they're attempting to criticize.
By the by, including a more elaborate explanation of how the "sex industry" impacts and treats women than "lol idk they do it if they want to, good for them (and also it make my pp hard)" isn't "exclusionary", it's inclusionary.

No. 1376032

God i hate this person, most of her content is just hating on women that she likely used to be (straight women writing BL/gay fanfic) and rehashing brainless views everyone else has either seen 10 times before or can come to in a couple of seconds with critical thinking. And yes, you could say that's just Breadtube as a whole, but she really thinks her obnoxious 'witty' quips alone make up enough entertainment value for her bad takes.

No. 1377403


Oh God, I didn't even realize she was an Aidan. The first video I saw of her was complaining about how straight women "fetishize" gay male relationships and I thought she was just an extremely effeminate gay boy. The fucking irony, I can't.

No. 1378734

Can someone concisely explain the Demon Mama/Riley Grace Noschlong drama for me? The only videos I've seen covering it are like hour+ long autistic moid videos.(sage)

No. 1378768

the quintessential leftist pickme

No. 1379153

I hate that stupid patronizing tone she takes where she looks directly into the camera and talks to the audience like she's a special needs teacher speaking to a particularly dense and stubborn child. Also she's completely unable to take criticism. On her video shitting on bisexual women who occasionally crack jokes about how shitty men are, she left a comment saying "I'd rather you guys go invisible again than act like this" When called out on this in the comments, she got all pissy and said that anyone who took issue with it just has "shit reading comprehension"

No. 1386205

File: 1638775503273.jpg (94.1 KB, 1048x432, dearEvanHansen.jpg)

Twice the length, same overall amount of content, and half the laughs– and only 50 days later, too!

No. 1386230

File: 1638781165865.png (291.06 KB, 1180x687, 345345.png)

a lot of her longer videos tend to be written her "co-writer emily", I know this cause she mentions this exact phrase and in the exact same tone multiple times every fucking video, she also always mentions that "emily" is trans

No. 1386241

Jenny really deserves better friends/colleagues. It must be exhausting to be surrounded by narcissists like Lindsay, PT, and Hontra all the time. I suppose you could say that means she might be a narc herself, but I really don't get that impression. In the kindest way possible, I think she might be autistic.

In the sea of two-hour videos about Marxism and trannies, it's refreshing to see Jenny's weird videos about the Hallmark channel or a stolen animatronic. It harkens back to the old days of vlogging where people didn't have to have a "theme.

No. 1386242

Sarah Z has so many little mannerisms that irritate me. I hate that she laugh-talks every other line. I hate that she says "Zed" even though she's not from a region that says it that way. I hate that she constantly brings up the tranny who creepily puppeteers her in a transparent attempt to cajole PT and Hontra's viewers. I hate that she's basically just the unfunny Breadtube version of Internet Historian. Her attempts at humor are limp and lame. Not to mention the fact that anyone who handmaids for troons as hard as she and Lindsey do need to be gassed.

No. 1386247

personally i think that she and Co-Writer-Emily need a fucking intervention for how much they hammer down on a single point, jesus christ, this latest video i swear could be at least half an hour shorter if they edited their script better. There's a tangent where they say "it's easier to suspend disbelief in theatre than in movies" and they bring like 5 identical examples taking 10 minutes of runtime lmao

No. 1386250

I want to smash that giant fucking mug she seemingly has permanently attached to her hand over her head.

No. 1386279

She gives me insanely smug mean girl vibes, she would have totally bullied Jenny Nicholson in middle school.

No. 1386308

extremely based

No. 1386327

all i am pleading is that she puts down the fucking drink for once. put it on the fucking table sarah just PUT IT DOWN ALREADY.

No. 1386331

I am a firm believer in the "drink sipping fetishist pays off Sarah Z" tinfoil.

No. 1386410

Canadians say 'zed,' she is Canadian. What a weird nitpick.

No. 1386581

Yeah most people in Canada say "zed", other than that I'm all here for the Sarah Z bashing holy shit she's fucking annoying, I can't believe someone can take 2 whole goddamn hours to say so little

No. 1386701

She's like that one nerd that was mean to everyone because she thought she was better than everyone else.
>In the kindest way possible, I think she might be autistic.
Yeah. I really like her but it's strange how most of her personality is just being a consoomer.

No. 1386728

Jenny feels like she would be sewing things for her neighbors and talking to bugs if she were living in the 1800s. I like that about her, though.

No. 1386774

I get 'super obnoxious theatre kid type who always gave really really long answers when a teacher asked a question'

No. 1386777

Came here to say that the Sarah video makes the exact same points as the Jenny one. I know they're talking about the same movie but I honestly think she ripped her off.

No. 1386786

Phil made a new video if anyone cares

No. 1386797

>that thumbnail
I see he's realized that people clued in on his Russia fetish. Heads up, Oliver, Roman history is a common moid fascination and a red flag, this isn't helping you pass.

No. 1386867

Two hours of her uptalking at the end of every clause in a sentence before switching to downward inflection at the full-stop… this is probably deranged but her intonation pattern makes me want to rip my hair out. It's uncannily consistent and so so annoying to listen to.

No. 1387004

Sarahzed drinking game: one shot for every "suffice it to say", double shot for every gag "im pretending this is the first time im reading the script and cowriteremily is trolling me, arent i relatable!"

No. 1387041

Do we have any pictures of Cowriteremily? I can only find that stupid ginger cartoon avatar.

I imagine they are an obvious dorky moid.

No. 1387067

File: 1638866708018.jpeg (306.03 KB, 1536x2048, FDAAs4DWQAUTkMd.jpeg)

Yes. 1/3

No. 1387068

File: 1638866775831.jpeg (301.51 KB, 1390x2048, FDD_mVPWEAAyWwY.jpeg)

2/3 Chosen because the nails are bad and also he's trying to signal he's a "lesbian". This isn't a HSTS.

No. 1387069

Apparently if the carpet matches the drapes ginger troons can't get electrolysis because their hair is too light

Are he and Sarah an item or what?

No. 1387070

File: 1638866901318.jpeg (278.76 KB, 1536x2048, FC_-Z9TWQAc05iO.jpeg)

3/3 His main interests are all very stereotypically moidish. Evangelion is the main one, but he also likes Berserk, Marvel comics, and DND. Sometimes he posts Animal Crossing screenshots, but it feels very performative.

No. 1387071

No clue, and IMO it doesn't matter. She's basically sucking his taint either way. If an anon knows these people personally (kek) feel free to chime in with info.

No. 1387083

File: 1638868133901.jpeg (17.91 KB, 246x527, E_dw6pdWYAIlqLW.jpeg)

Bonus 4/3 pre-transition. I suppose he learned personal hygiene, at least. https://twitter.com/GreatCheshire/status/1438742767656706048
Samefag but I found these, so I assume they're not a thing (breakup/distance). Unless they're poly and LDR, and Sarah's that much of a handmaiden/cuck. https://twitter.com/GreatCheshire/status/1459199986927874056

No. 1387087

by the accent, i think the country of origin is USA. The joke about duolingo is probably england being Terf island and all

No. 1387088

It could be a joke, but maybe he's a migrant? Surfing Twitter is a chore due to it's layout, though, so I can't help you there.

No. 1387092

It's just a joke. Making fun of and being jokingly disgusted by British "people" is a meme that's spiked in popularity the past few years.

No. 1387156

Holy shit nonnie you just made me realize why i enjoy her content more than other "pop culture critically analyzed" kind of content creators. It's because she doesn't suddenly stop in her tracks to go on a 5-minute soapboax about gender identity or whatever.

Even her MLP video in which she talked about women in brony spaces, it doesn't feel like it's forced into the commentary. Her videos feels like a comfy detached reality from other "essay" youtubers

No. 1387265

I absolutely love Jenny. She is just such a joy to watch. I couldn't give less of a shit about Avatar or whatever random franchise she'll make a vid on but I watch them all. Zero bullshit with her, she's just a nerdy mildly autistic girl who really just wants to tell you about this random autistic thing. Idk how she even ended up friends with someone like alt left trannies

No. 1387748

based take

No. 1387753

Zarah is definitely trying to encroach on Jenny's market; she's young, so she's still trying to be different yet cool, and Jenny is a profitable example of an outsider-mainstream success
zarah would be skinwalking her if she had any discernible style

No. 1388424

>Idk how she even ended up friends with someone like alt left trannies
Her brother is a tran, some nonnies have brought it up in other threads iirc

No. 1388720

NTA But iirc her troon brother has a lot of "TERFy" (kek he's literally a troon) takes that make the breadtroons mald.

No. 1389162


>Hbomberguy transitions to Hbombergirl. Wears wig to cover tragic hairline.

>Quintonreviews comes out as nonbinary (with his height, I think he knows he can't fully troon out). Wears lipstick, shaves. Makes 12 hour long hannah montana video, is much more open about self-inserting as the young female characters.
>Sarah Z starts dating a male with pronouns. Was going to say she would they/them out, but she's already done that apparently.
>Philosophytroon has mental breakdown, makes video about it.
>Hontrapoints gets arrested for something drug or alcohol related. Mugshot becomes next threadpic.
>Jenny Nicholson attends theme park

No. 1389166

God, what's this abt zarah being nonbinary? God im so tired. Why is it always the extremely feminine ones claiming not to be women lol

No. 1389171

>Jenny Nicholson attends a theme park

No. 1389250

File: 1639090010001.png (187.05 KB, 606x533, Untitled.png)

>Sarah Z starts dating a male with pronouns
She's one step ahead of us as always:

Her profile says she/ they. Used to say 'any pronouns', so I guess she's going to change it up periodically to be irritating.

No. 1389259

Ah, the infamous straight white couple who call their relationship "queer". Zarah always struck me as that sort kek.

No. 1389558

how much do you wanna bet they're poly and she hates it but can't say it out loud cus being monogamous isn't woke

No. 1389559

how old is he…..
he's clearly over 30 or pushing it, and she's 23… girl. GIRL.

No. 1390217

Honestly, my favorite video Jenny did was probably the one where she restores those dirty old pony dolls. Not sure why, I think it's just satisfying to watch people clean/restore things, and she's generally pretty pleasant to listen to.

No. 1390256

Emily also has a Youtube channel (just more Breadtubish analysis about meaningless things) and he literally sounds just like Contra

No. 1390829

File: 1639280506302.jpg (185.65 KB, 920x769, thoughtslime lighting.jpg)

>Hbomberguy transitions to Hbombergirl. Wears wig to cover tragic hairline.
It'd be hilarious if he changed his name to this, but I think it's more likely that he'll want to distance himself as much as possible from the fact that he actively identified with maleness before. If he does transition, I bet he'll change his username to something sickeningly, performatively girly like SapphicGamerQueenAlice

>Hontrapoints gets arrested for something drug or alcohol related. Mugshot becomes next threadpic.

This would be fucking hilarious, but I don't think Contra leaves the house enough to get caught on drug charges.

>Philosophytroon has mental breakdown, makes video about it.

I would be super surprised if this didn't happen.

My predictions:
>Thoughtslime goes she/her and starts wearing wigs
>Philosophytube gets FFS and makes a video ripping off of Contra's "beauty" video
>Philosophytube gets "canceled" on Twitter by fellow trans activists for something related to his obvious narcissism
>Hasan endorses a product or charity that ends up being a complete scam
>Vaush becomes psychologically dependent on adderall. He either discontinues using it and uses it as an anti-capitalist talking point ("adderall is prescribed to unhealthily extract superhuman amounts of labor from individuals!"), or he becomes obviously addicted and tweaks out harder and harder on stream as the 2022 progresses.

No. 1390916

I think you're on point. My predictions:
>Quinton latches onto whatever the teenage genderspecial girls are into in an obvious ploy for pussy points, retarded handmaidens eat it up (or maybe he's outed as a groomer kek)
>Lindsay Ellis makes a semi-ironix joke about fujoshis, gets cancelled for "anti-transmasc rhetoric" for about two weeks before the TRA mob forgets about it and rewatches her videos about Transformers
>Vaush makes a "joke" about finding a cat he lives with to be sexy
>Hasan gets triggered by anti-rich sentiment at a protest and has a public freakout
>Contra's Instagram posts become weirdly threatening/manipulative, but none of the libfems call it out because they think their discomfort is "internalized transphobia"
>PhilosophyTroon sends nudes to a fan
>PhilosophyTroon tweets too bluntly about how evil lesbians are, and straight handmaidens feel their first twinge of peaking
>JackSaint, a heterosexual white man from Britain, makes another video about racism/colonization in a movie made for children
>Big Joel tweets about what a big dumb idiot some conservative politician is and how based Kamala Harris is in a very "I use reddit" way, his whole follower list claps
>Contra peels himself away from his cocoon of messy makeup pallets, costumes, empty bottles, and Amazon packages formerly stuffed with Rogaine and Gillette shaving cream to walk to the nearest drug store so he can buy mouthwash and vodka, shits himself on the way out
>Hbomberguy has a crisis of faith, but doubles down and goes Judge Claude Frollo
>mycowriteremilywhoistrans has a mental breakdown over the fact that he's not getting any acknowledgement despite shilling himself out in all of Zarah's scripts and clearly being desperate to be considered "part of breadtube"
>Zarah makes a video about "cis women having privilege over trans women" after cowriteremily's breakdown, claiming their content is identical except for one being cis and one being trans
>Zarah's boyfriend troons out, she's more than delighted to be able to falsely call herself a lesbian for woke cred (until the sex becomes shit for her)
>Every token black member "strangely" remains in obscurity compared to their white counterparts, they blame the YouTube algorithm instead of the breadtube fanbase
>Jenny laments that cigarettes killed Disney before she could talk to him about trains and then kill him herself

No. 1390993

Nah, if anything quinton will be outed as a stalker, we already know he showed signs of that behaviour thanks to lindsay ellis replying to a zarah post vaguing about scroted not taking the hint, and by not censoring one single pixel of the profile pic everyone immediately clocked him ahahah i love the internet for this kind of shit. Remember when everyone figured out that the Mysterious Pedophile Who Shall Not Be Outed of channel awesome was jewario because of the lenght of the censor bar over his name corresponding to "justin"? Good stuff

No. 1391151

>Hontrapoints finally gets the dick chop. Philosophytroon promptly makes a long twitter thread about how the NHS is literally lynching him by putting him on a waiting list for sex reassignment surgery.

No. 1391163

This won't happen until 2024 or later but Hbomberguy will try to get onto regular TV as a political comentator then within 3 months of his debut he'll get metoo'd, fired and go quiet
A year or two later a kiwifarms (if it's still around) user will find out that after it all blew over he ended up working in the marketing department of some horribly unwoke company

No. 1391210

I find it amazing how loyal hbomberguy's fanbase is, for a dude who posts 2 videos a year and very rarely tweets; say what you will abt contra but at least they're active elsewhere and stream too, they try to keep, relevant is maybe not the word but you know, if you enjoy their content they keep you guessing it's maybe coming; harris is just like "oh btw here's 3 hours about antivaxxers, see you next christmas!".
Was there ever any substantial proof of him siding with the a b u s e r of his genderspecial friend, or was that a fart in the wind too?

No. 1391228

My memory is a little fuzzy, but I think the story from the leaked chatlogs was that genderspecial and a male friend of Hbomber's had gone on a date, Hbomber's friend acted like an insane sperg, genderspecial was convinced she had narrowly avoided being raped, and then Hbomber told her his friend was a sperg but he wasn't trying to rape her. That was pretty much the end of it. Definitely an awkward situation, but he could have handled it with more grace.

No. 1391236

I have a few small predictions, like Xanderhal breaking up with his gf for a troon, PT coming out as a “lesbian” and whining about lesbians not wanting to date him, and Quinton reviews coming out as a nonbinary pansexual and painting his nails pink, but this is my biggest prediction:
>Vegan/animal rights discourse becomes more mainstream, a divide between ARA breadtube and meat-eating breadtube develops.
>Vaush, who eats meat, gets the most embroiled in this and is promptly cancelled by vegan breadtube viewers. His old takes regarding CP then resurface and there is an attempt to cancel him for real.
>Contra has another meltdown on twitter after being criticised for eating meat and calling tofu gross.
>PT makes a video either on or mentioning Peter Singer and is attacked by ethical vegans. Complains about mean vegans on twitter, infighting between the vegans and vegetarians of breadtube ensues in the replies.

No. 1391241

File: 1639342083613.png (1.58 MB, 1366x768, 65 minutes.png)

I want to believe the vegans would try to cancel Vaush over the horse cock discord posting, resulting in him doubling down and pulling out fellow horse penis aficionado yourmoviesucks' classic "If it's okay to eat animals it's okay to fuck them".

No. 1391258

>Renegade Cut does a video on that episode of Bojack Horseman where it's revealed they eat mentally retarded chicken people, uses it to laboriously explain the concept of speciesism

No. 1391397

Sorry to go off on a tangent but often as Vaush says stupid shit, I’m starting to think he’s never going to actually get cancelled. At this point, at least a majority of the people who still watch him know he’s like this, it must be part of the appeal. To properly cancel him would probably require something more important than vegan discourse, like credible and shocking allegations of abuse or terfery. Even the “terf rhetoric” complaints some of the gender specials have over him saying no trans people actually think sex isn’t real (lol) are pretty underground in Reddit comments and shit. White men get away with everything.

No. 1391425

This clip from a few years back has made the rounds several times, and it's still not enough. Something of this magnitude would have to happen again.

I'm not gonna transcribe the full 3 minutes, but here's the juiciest quotes.
>The left community online, particularly the LGBT community online, is cancerous as FUCK.
>People are hyper-fragile. There's a ton– a TON– of mental illness.
>Because it's coming from "THE GAYS," it's "woke," now! These people are less than human to me. I have no respect for them.
>You don't have to be a psychologist to see that a large portion of the broader woketard cancel-culture idpol left is predicated on shared mental illness. This is particularly common in the trans community. If you disagree with me, you're wrong.
>Pretty much every time I deal with dipshits from the left, it's transgirls.

No. 1391445

File: 1639357248011.jpeg (47.06 KB, 1255x243, tumblr_8c6ebb823e80e730bb69e3a…)

No. 1391536

File: 1639365601703.png (113.36 KB, 901x646, Screenshot (839).png)

Contrapoints siding with male rapists over women. (1/2)

No. 1391538

File: 1639365673717.png (632.75 KB, 882x966, Screenshot (837).png)

The article that Rowling retweeted, expressing concerns over crimes committed by males being reported as being committed by females (2/2)

No. 1391549

If leftubers started pushing militant veganism that would be kind of based. They'd end up ruining it though.

No. 1391587

if you rape someone with your penis, then you must not be dysphoric about your penis

No. 1391615

PT was recently whining about vegetarianism in a video, saying "I TRIED going veg, but I was just so HUNGRY all the time so I had to stop," like meat is literally the only food option.

No. 1391642

You can't be vegan and take the horse piss estrogen so none of the trannies could do it lol

No. 1391663

A humble reminder that even a broken clock is right twice a day. I wonder why transwomen are so particularly insufferable, perhaps it has something to do with how they’re raised? I guess we may never know, given that they are, of course, indistinguishable from women.

No. 1391670

It's not even just the male socialization, an AGP psychologist theorized that there's a high correlation between narcissistic personality disorder and AGP.

No. 1391684

i know you guys hate trans people, i'm not going into it cus i don't care, you do you.
But what's the harm in logging a rapist trans woman as a woman? "Vaginaed" women rape too, gender identity is no factor in wether you're a saint or not.

I dunno i understand how you can find Contra grating, but they're not wrong here(tranny bait)

No. 1391685

that's such a stupid take on his part? start eating more beans and grains and you'll be stuffed for days (literally, you'll be glued to the toiled lmao). It takes a little while for the body to adjust to the new type of calories. If anything it's a predominantly meat based diet that makes you hungry, and I'm speaking as a non-vegetarian person

No. 1391687

File: 1639382038072.png (279.48 KB, 884x1308, kdsfl.png)

>"Vaginaed" women

No. 1391688

File: 1639382079615.png (179.16 KB, 894x846, mflsdfm.png)

No. 1391689

This is probably bait but I'm responding anyways.

Rape is overwhelmingly committed by males. Or "bepenised people," if you prefer.

Reframing the issue of rape as a gender issue instead of a sex one by classifying rapists according to their gender obscures the actual issue at hand.

I'm not full terf or anything, either. For example, trans women are (generally) at higher risk of being raped than cis men. Gender is a undeniably a factor in rape. But refusing to look at sex is very reductive. Ignoring sex also means you can't get a truly intersectional view of these sorts of issues, which is a pillar of liberal feminism.

No. 1391702

Ayrt, they'd probably claim vegetarianism/pescetarianism and act like it's "basically the same" kek.

No. 1391794

Honestly, I think the hardest part about veganism is cutting out eggs and dairy products. I wouldn't want to do that, even though I could probably cut out meat. I just don't see a point to it, either, since there are literally zero ethical food options available to me in my circumstances. inb4 vegan lecture about how I'm the devil even though I have no money/time and live in a capitalistic food desert, and I hate the meat industry's unethical practices (though I also hate the food industry's use of slave labor for production and harvesting of soy, most fruits, and most vegetables)

No. 1391800

Here's a video that might help you see why

No. 1391892

If this was me I would kill myself

No. 1391927

I'm sure JK Rowling will be heartbroken about being blocked by Coomtrapoints the Youtuber.

No. 1391968

I'm all for veganism and I definitely know why it's valuable, but for someone in your circumstance, I don't think you should sweat it. Vegans can be very classist when it comes to people who live in food deserts, etc. Acting like everyone has the same options just makes your cause look delusional, which is why there's so much vegan-hate out there.

No. 1392623

same. those are the kinds of videos i wish lasted 1+ hrs kek

No. 1394365

File: 1639668372332.jpg (223.66 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

Idk if this person is technically a part of breadtube, but I've heard him described that way. It's Ro Ramdin. He makes videos on YouTube but really got started on TikTok. I actually like his videos quite a bit. His writing is very witty and sharp imo, but there was something bothering me that I couldn't put my finger on. Other than him being an obvious AGP who loves people calling him a cute girl a little too much despite being over 6ft tall with the face and body of a man twice his age.

Then I figured it out! He is praised for his humour and writing, which while admittedly good, he rips off almost all of it from Chris Fleming. Am I the only one who sees that? Everything from the types of jokes, to the delivery, to the ugly hair and fashion masquerading as androgyny (not me trying to roast Chris, I love his stuff but it's true lol)…even some of the funny voices he puts on for bits are clearly inspired by Chris. One of them was straight up just a Gayle impression. He gives me weird vibes, but is generally funny enough for me to not think about it too long. Surprised to learned he's only 20

No. 1394373

Im not so familiar with chris fleming to agree or disagree w you, but i also know that it's pretty normal to star being heavily inspired by a singular style and the more you grow, you develop into your own. Let the kid be.

Btw is chris fleming some shade of lgbt? The only thing i can find is him mentioning a girlfriend and saying he's feminine bc he grew up surrounded by females, but i dunno if that translates with him being bi/pan and nonbinary

No. 1394374

isn't chris fleming one of the rare admittedly straight "cis" dudes? thankfully i think chris is old enough and self aware enough to not have any interest in proclaiming himself to be some shade of lgbt just because he has long hair

No. 1394376

Ngl itd be p cool if he was just a regular straight guy, but then again men never care for causes that don't directly benefit them and he is suspiciously pro-lgbt

No. 1394379

Fair enough. He is still very young. I guess I'm just used to people in the comedy scene not hesitating at all to point out if someone is ripping off someone else's style. Perhaps it's a little annoyance/jealousy at people acting like he's a comedic genius doing never before done comedy when…well it's been done before

I've heard Chris refer to himself as queer, but never explicitly as a woman or nonbinary so I'm not completely sure. He's clearly just a weird looking straight dude and I don't think he tries to spin that into a social/political identity too much

No. 1394444

File: 1639672744339.jpg (104.91 KB, 1122x612, mapnations4.jpg)

To the surprise of nobody Vaush turns out to be uber privileged

No. 1394458

he's such a piece of shit. of course this hirsute human Flubber wasn't rolling in enough cash with a rich mommy and daddy, he just haad to grift his predatory ass on every fucking platform taking cash from poor retards with no discernible taste

No. 1394469

I can't tell but is he Jewish?

No. 1394479

File: 1639674325879.png (645.03 KB, 750x755, 1639400160889.png)

Your telling me that he was the son of a Hollywood executive and still asks for donations on Twitch, despite living in his parent's basement and them presumably taking care of all his finances and I thought I couldn't hate him anymore

Look at Harry Partridge, he also grew up rich(he was the son of a British pop-star) he admits that he afford to be a perfectionist animator is cause of his father's money and so he doesn't have a Patreon or ask for donations

No. 1394484

Every online leftist is a larping rich kid. All of them.

No. 1394495

i think dylan burns is actually poor but who knows

No. 1394504

File: 1639675904184.png (786.72 KB, 939x627, pa.png)

These are his parents, I don't know if their shitty people or not but no one deserves to have a child grow up to be like Vaush

No. 1394527

Completely correct. Most people who actually are disadvantaged economically or who have real personal experience with class oppression don't have the free time or resources to be as terminally online as he is. Do any of you know how often he donates to literally any organization, or if he does any kind of volunteer work or any tangible activism whatsoever? Or does he just keep all of his donations to himself to fund his "content"?

No. 1394578

Shittyness is guaranteed

No. 1394689

he doesnt do it for the money, he does it for the fame and attention (and the power that he gets from that).

No. 1395036

Googled it and his dad has done visual effects on various b-movies and shlock like Sharknado. I doubt he's exactly pulling house in the hills Spielberg money kek

No. 1395044

I don't know, they seem kinda normal and even if they were assholes they still shouldn't have to deal with Vaush, also while there isn't much on mommy vaush expect some shitty Indie docs from the 2000's(vidrel), his dad seems pretty accomplished in Hollywood


maybe not Spielberg money but judging from how many big movies he's worked on(Hellboy, Matrix, The Last Samurai) their defiantly above upper-middle class

No. 1395059

I assume he uses his donations for vidya, porn and other coomer related content, fast food and also to provide for his poly harem

No. 1395172


i guess this is generally true but i know a lot of lower-working class / working poor kids who are constantly on their phones like everyone else. they just have shitter phones.

No. 1395258

I think vaush said his dad did the visual effects editing and such, I remember because my dad did the same thing until he retired recently. My dad hated talking about the kind of money he made but he wrote something in the 300k+ a year range on some of my uni paperwork. I know he got a shit ton in stocks on top of that, but I can’t say on the specifics. He used to go to events that might have been like the one here >>1394504 , I was a kid so I don’t know exactly, but I don’t think he has any singled out photos like that, so Vaush’s dad is probably a step up from where mine was. Either way, it’s more than good money, even when paying Beverly Hills prices, and you definitely have contact with lots of people in the industry. A lot of the guys my dad worked with were able to put their kids in stuff for commercials and background extras and all that, kickstart those kinds of careers if they had no care for the damage caused by letting your kid exist around schneider types lol
Sorry for blogging but hopefully someone found it helpful

No. 1396480

salem tovar is another commentator like jordan theresa and tara mooknee who kinda straddles the line between commentary and breadtube, except her videos annoy me so much. I watched her video on the male/female gaze and it was so clear she had no clue what she was talking about and her idea of "research" is just scrolling through tiktok for half an hour. I thought it was only moids who have the misplaced confidence to speak so with such authority on subjects they know nothing about but im glad to see girls getting in on the act too kek

her braindead conclusion was basically that the female gaze is just as bad as the male because it's all about "looking feminine"(??) and sometimes she doesn't feel feminine. i just fear for her generation and their complete lack of critical thinking skills

No. 1396551

I forgot which video it was but it was a recent one, and she mentioned about how people glamorize mental illness and that it's bad, which I agree - but then she mentioned that she has a "legitimate" dissociative disorder and like magic I couldn't deal with her anymore. I simply do not trust anyone claiming to have that disorder or the cluster of those disorders.

No. 1396643

Did she say "dissociative disorder" or "dissociative identity disorder"? The first one is possible (but still worth scrutinizing), the second is something that 99.999% of people who claim to have it are lying, attention-seeking pests.

No. 1397503

Shanspeare is kinda like that too. I actually think she has a lot of potential but I really can't take her seriously when she uses places like the school of life as a source. Her research skills seem really poor and she doesn't seem to have a good understanding of what kinds of texts are credible, very much a "source: Wikipedia" type.

I know it might sound snobby but it seems crazy to me that so many people that have no real academic background and clearly don't understand the basic tenets of essay research/writing are so confident to make "educational" content.

Also did anyone else catch that in her daddy issues video she called Freud an American?? Basically the whole video was about Freud's ideas and she didn't even know that he was Austrian, or even European lol

No. 1397507

I just think she should stay in her lane as she doesn't seem suited to talk about anything political or academic that requires research.

No. 1397631

>>I know it might sound snobby but it seems crazy to me that so many people that have no real academic background and clearly don't understand the basic tenets of essay research/writing are so confident to make "educational" content.

i mean that's 99% of right wing media, it was a matter of time before the left would see that validating the consensus among your peers with the littlest of (misunderstood) research is a huge market

No. 1397873

She said "dissociative disorder" but in general those sorts of disorders are not very common. Either way it put me off from her entirely

No. 1399191

sage for old milk but with the whole lindsay/pt/cp thing and discussion of how she would never go against her own interests and work with someone who assaulted her close friend/colleague, didn't she work regularly with a guy who got called out for "sexual assault" (he tried to kiss a girl at a party and she went on a tirade) and she and her colleagues at the time shut the girl out professionally for freaking about it? Not to say these are 1:1 comparable but if it was confirmed pt did some heinous shit, this is the kind of stuff that would make lindsay look much more scheming in retrospect and like she's following a pattern of prioritizing her career over the feelings of an obviously unwell associate

No. 1399203

who are you talking about?

Also, even if i wanted to believe Lindsay is a complete sociopath who in one video is bestie with contra and the other collabs with PT, even if the former assaulted the latter, I don't see why Contra would keep in touch with Lindsay.
Usually the easiest answer is also the correct one, and i just think PT and Contra fell out of friendship and Lindsay is not their child they have to share custody of, but a full grown woman who can be still friends with both. That's how adult relationships go.

No. 1399251

NTA But it probably has something to do with the "Not So Awesome" Google Doc. I can't remember the specifics, either, since there's so many people involved and a couple of them were creeps, but I think it was one of the company owners or something. Lindsay didn't mention it at all until the people who were more affected by the internal affairs came together to write the Doc, even though she left pretty early in comparison. The whole thing seems suspicious.

No. 1399331

i think anon is referring to Todd in the Shadows collaborator making out with Kyle Kalgreen fiancèe. She said he assaulted her, he says she has been coming onto him for months and they eventually kissed. Lindsay, Todd and unspecified others defended Collaborator (can't remember the name), Fiancèè was livid and saw the Great Ellis Cancellation as an excuse to stir shit.
I dunno it's very boring.
Bottom line, meh, it's interpersonal drama and i wouldn't go as far as to classify a quick kiss they both immediately regretted as rape, it doesn't make me think less of Lindsay.

No. 1399383

It's incredibly unlikely that PT assaulted Contra, they dated for over a year and were friends up until a month or so after PT publicly trooned out.
Idk much about Lindsay but I do judge Lindsay for being so close with Hontra, especially since Hontra sexually harassed a radfem by sending her porn.

No. 1399404

okay I really fucking hontra but him sending a radfem violent porn is untrue, he sent a woman who thought his videos were offensive "tickle fetish porn" which is yeah fucked up, but on the level of sending someone real pornography

No. 1399418

File: 1640195898797.png (1.24 MB, 2256x1504, Screenshot (850).png)

I never said it was violent porn but tickle porn is still porn. He uploaded it and sent it to a radfem (Terri Strange) to harass her because she was against porn. He even admitted to it in a video

No. 1399510

1. Where's your evidence that "they dated for over a year"?
2. They definitely weren't still friends when PT came out publically, Contra completely ignored the announcement and refused point-blank to discuss it when a fan brought it up. Doesn't seem like they were friends to me.

I still don't think PT is the one who assaulted Contra though, I just think your supposed facts need some examination.

No. 1399610

File: 1640213182198.png (448.93 KB, 1363x832, 1612137734141.png)

They were still friends. PT replied to one of Contra's tweets a few days before he publicly trooned out. They had a falling out later. As for evidence they dated look through PT's kiwifarms thread. PT was "Chad" and they were traveling to see one another throughout late 2018 and 2019

No. 1399644

Why would i take kiwifarm's word over whether they dated or not?

No. 1399646

The person being referred to here is Jourdain Searles, she made a long tweet thread after lindsay deleted her twitter, basically saying what >>1399331 said, she was kissed by someone in the friend group, didn't feel like her feelings were respected bc she was a black woman in a group of white friends, which tbh could be true but could also just be an over-reaction, we only get her side of the story. I don't think being kissed without being asked first is such a big deal, but without the context it's tough to say. it doesn't have anything to do with CA afaik. here are the caps, https://cometcrystal.tumblr.com/post/648560091132575744/some-food-for-thought sorry i can't be arsed to upload them all here right now

nta but PT replying to contra is not proof that they were friends. I highly doubt they were even civil at that time since contra was talking about "that person" not being "in my life anymore" pretty directly after the transition announcement. if there were caps of them actually interacting (as in Contra responding to one of PT's tweets) that would be proof, but Tube had been replying to her tweets only to be politely ignored for months iirc

No. 1399671

It's not their word, they have tons of screenshots and archives of evidence that they dated
The "that person" incident was in March, a couple months after PT publicly came out. They livestreamed together in the middle of 2020 and they were still interacting publicly up until Feb 2021 so it seems likely that whatever happened between them happened after then.

No. 1399687

Contra's kiwifarm thread is like 260 pages long, either post screenshots or at least say from which page these proof start from

No. 1399690

PT advocates claiming he isn't as bad as we think he is and that the PT/CP split was all about PT trooning out is a staple of these threads.

No. 1399694

Contra's thread sucks mostly, I was talking about PT's thread. Here's a small compilation from Contra's #1 stalker though: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/breadtube.54697/page-255#post-8247574
And one post, out of many on their relationship together, from the PT thread:

No. 1399910

I like Jordan Theresa, my fav video of her is "The demonisation of the working class" but her content can be really hit or miss with me. I avoid videos like vidrel because I know they're going to be full of retarded mental gymnastics

No. 1399974

File: 1640259270211.jpeg (203.01 KB, 1116x231, CB421806-DC06-4BAD-A45C-7B311F…)

I hadn't heard of this chick until I saw this pop up in my recommendations the other day. I was pretty excited to watch this, but I came out really disappointed by her analysis and commentary.

It's not until 5 minutes into the video that she finishes the disclaimers and advertisements and begins talking about the show itself.

don't get me wrong. there's a lot of things to hate about the Biggest Loser. But a lot of her criticisms feel off-target.

>puts emphasis on the weirdest points.

she brought up that the weights displayed during the dramatic weigh-ins were actually taken on a real scale ahead on time. she states this a few times. but this is just super normal "filming a tv show" stuff. Nothing problematic.
>repeats the "fatphobia is just repackaged racism" meme
>Does the "omg I'm so bad at math!!!" thing when she's trying to describe the BMI calculation. Then, despite bragging about her lack of understanding, condemns BMI unilaterally anyways.
>claims to understand 2000's diet culture even though she was born in 1998.
Then she turns around and uses quote in picrel to talk about how toxic the show's attitude was. But… people genuinely were very judgmental of fat people in the 2000's. The show's premise wasn't incorrect.
>tells 50 of the most boring and mundane personal anecdotes

I didn't do a full rewatch just now, so I'm largely working from memory and clicking through. Im not sure, but I think she also accused My 600-lb Life of arbitrarily forcing "contestants" to lose weight solely for entertainment purposes, when any responsible doctor IRL would do the same before giving someone a gastric bypass surgery.
I just have a ton of minor nitpicks like this. But imo, all these little mistakes add up and indicate that Jordan Theresa is a bullshitter.
These two videos were just very uninformed, biased, and full of uninteresting fluff. The channel "We're in Hell" does this sort of content much better, even though I find the host somewhat unlikable and terminally leftie-brained.

No. 1399993

I know she's britbong but her saying "I'm skinny, therefore I have skinny privilege" while being normal weight and having a conventionally attractive body rubbed me the wrong way. There's a massive difference inbetween being thin/normal weight and skinny/underweight kek. Only normal weight people and fatsos unironically think that being underweight is a privilege

No. 1400005

File: 1640264262995.jpg (226.08 KB, 1080x776, IMG_20211223_125241.jpg)

Why does it take her three hours to get to a single point? And why does everything have to be awful- full of complaints about racism and homophobia in the original movie (which was taken out of the musical) without any acknowledgement that.. Yeah that was the point? No it isn't PC to call someone a dyke but they were high school bullies, that's pretty tame to say. Sarah and Co writer Emily were really grasping at straws with this one.. Complaining about random lines from songs they didn't particularly enjoy, insulting the source material but then also saying its iconic and brilliant and so quotable.
Of course all the comments are equally as dramatic and insufferable.

No. 1400066

I think she's using "skinny" in the sense of "not fat" here, not "underweight."

No. 1400122

lost cause, people who never had a problem being overweight want to pretend it was ever a deterrent for them, like people joking you should eat a sandwich once in a while is the same thing of relentless bulling for being even slightly fat

No. 1400189

The weight discourse highlights a bigger problem in the leftist sphere. Far-leftists are known to value personal experiences over empirical facts, which can be seem as noble on paper, but they tend to also cherrypick said personal experiences and avoid the ones that don’t fit with their narratives; it’s hypocritical but this is what every radical movement does afterall. Also nonna, sage for blogpost but I can guarantee you that my social life and career are and have been affected in a bad way by my weight kek, I wish the only shit thing that happened to me was being told “to eat a burger”. Being on both ends of the weight spectrum sucks and will be handicapping socially and medically.

No. 1400463

No, go on, nonny. How has being perceived as underweight affected your career and social life?

No. 1400581

Literally the only time I've heard of skinny people not getting hired for jobs or promoted or whatever, it's either that they're not fit enough for the labor job they applied to (don't meet the lift requirement or whatever), or theyr're being discriminated against for other reasons (usually misogyny or being judged for mental illness). Meanwhile, I have met several overweight people who struggle to get hired, or are undervalued in comparison to their average-sized counterparts. I've always been average-sized, myself, but the amount of fat people I know who go above and beyond with their work but lose raises and promotions to thinner coworkers who objectively do less than them for no reason is crazy. Not to say that thin or average sized people don't work hard (I've met plenty who do), or that fat people work harder (I've met my share of lazy fat fucks), just that employers instantly devalue your efforts if you happen to be fat.

No. 1400735

File: 1640341784810.gif (1.2 MB, 498x292, morshu-fast.gif)

Don’t get me wrong nonna, I’m not waahwaahing about how I’m having it harder than fat women, I’m just pointing out that being underweight will get you the same kind of remarks and assumptions. The main difference inbetween skinny shaming and fat shaming is that one is systematic while the other isn’t. A thing that I noticed recently is that it’s ok for sickly underweight women to have their own community based upon their ED, it’s even known to be therapeutic and help with their illnesses, but as soon as fat or obese women try to do the same and have their own, it’s deemed as cringe and harmful.
I will spare you with the trivial school bs such as being questioned when you eat something too enthusiastically at lunch and being called in the school office for “welfare check”, at school I had to justify and go into full sperg mode all the time. I resigned from my first job due to rumors about my weight; a team of middle-aged women didn’t believe that I had Crohn’s and spread the idea in the office that I was lying about it and had an ED. Their “proof” was that I kept going to the toilets (to allegedly make myself throw-up) while I just had frequent bowel movements and had to use the shitter a lot. It got to the point where I considered either shitting myself or drag one of them to the toilets after using kek; not like it would have done anything since I’m sure that they knew, deep down, that I wasn’t lying. They just weaponized their pseudo motherly-concern as an excuse to bully. The biggest drawback social wise is the kind of moids you attract (I know it’s also the case for fat women), skinny fetishists are either full-fledged dom psycho with a control obsession or just straight up pedos.

No. 1401102

I agree with most of your criticism but I don’t think it’s as big a stretch to say she might understand 2000s diet culture at her age. Growing up with older sisters or too much tv exposure definitely did the trick for plenty of girls her age.
Being even 10 pounds overweight when I was younger was a million times harder than being 20 pounds underweight. I was treated worse at my most athletic/healthy for being just a little larger than I ever was when you could count every bone down my spine, and I’m probably treated best at the 5-10 pounds underweight that I’ve been at for the past few years. While I do get the occasional comment because of my digestive disorder, like >>1400735 mentioned, people still respect my dietary issues way more when I’m thin.
ngl tho ladies I do know a lot of girls who get ED paranoia and think everyone is attacking them for being skinny, I think that’s the real problem there.

No. 1401234

This dude is bound to troon out in the future, right?

No. 1401248

Making this many pro-tranny videos? Of course he is.

No. 1401301

You can tell she likes the original movie, but doesn't want to get shit from her wokescold Twitterati fanbase for liking something problematique.

No. 1401302

This cuck got absolutely blown the fuck out by The State Media the last time he started simping for the troon brigade.

No. 1401317

File: 1640397240297.png (195.21 KB, 1198x1114, PTisapsyop.png)

"According to internal documents, Valent plans to design a “mass appeal social media campaign fronted and owned by prominent social media figure Abigail Thorn,” the founder of Philosophy Tube. Valent’s research on British citizens who reject official policy on COVID-19 “will be used to devise a campaign that utilises YouTuber Abigail Thorn’s existing platform to achieve a measurable cognitive shift in the target audience,” the files state."

No. 1401327


Now this is interesting. Breadtube figures were already pro-vaxx, but what is it about British Restrictions that makes the government want to push for more propaganda about it online?

Can anyone from the UK elaborate?

No. 1401405

not from the UK but their infected numbers are fucking soaring, need all the help they can get to get vaccine and booster rates up

No. 1401442

blog but I've been chubby, underweight, an overweight and actually I was explicitly shamed more for being underweight (told to eat etc). as someone else said, being slightly chubby (not even overweight) growing up was much harder in every way. I'm convinced 100% that people who say that skinny shaming is just as bad are humblebragging

No. 1401446

That sounds really fucking retarded. What a waste of psy op money. Seriously, who in Britain gives a single solitary fuck about PhilosophyTroon? No normal British person has heard of them or gives two fucks what they think.

They would literally be better off paying high ranking figures at the BBC - television presenters and stuff, not some fucking tranny YouTube loser.

No. 1401470

“Skinny shaming” isn’t really a thing. You might get told to eat a sandwich every now and then, but it’s nowhere close to the level of discrimination fat people face in employment, healthcare, social situations, dating etc.

No. 1401505

I mean listening to the mental gymnastics some "leftist" personalities spew in order to say that being a chungus can be healthy is funny. And these same people then sperg about how anyone skinnier than them has an ed and is "unhealthy". As opposed to who? Them lmao?

Also this isn't le reddit or yt comments, so sperging and blogging about chungus oppression won't get you far kek

No. 1401517

I know you didn't just call other people redditors after writing the word chungus twice in one reddit-spaced post. I don't want to be mean on Christmas day but the universe is really testing me rn

No. 1401527

Sorry about your anorexia and how much of an asshole you are.

No. 1401535

nta but its pathetic seeing fat americans pretending being fatasses mean they get discriminated against

No. 1401540

I'm not overweight, but when you have no time to work out, no money to diet, and all your available food options for your work hours and budget are fast food and instant foods, of course you're going to be fat and have a hard time losing weight. The working class in America are often doomed to obesity and judged for it in their work lives as if it's their fault. It's just classism 2.

No. 1401548

Google is free, you don't actually have to be this ignorant

No. 1401575

It's ridiculous to say that fat people aren't discriminated against in the US. This is most true for matters of employment. There are massive stereotypes that fat people are lazy and stupid. And honestly? Those stereotypes, in my experience, are wayyyy more true than racial stereotypes.

I've known very hardworking fat people. I've known very lazy skinny people. But overwhelmingly, fat people make significantly worse employees.

(And, I've never known a hardworking morbidly obese person.)

Am I prejudiced against fat people? Absolutely. I recognize my bias, blah blah, but the hard truth is that this attitude is held by many, many people in the US, especially by the sorts of people in positions to make hiring decisions. And most managers are not actively trying to correct their biases against fat people, especially since fat people isn't a protected class.

This is absolutely true, too. A lot of the hate for fat people is likely just hatred for visibly poor/uneducated people.

No. 1401614


are you going to sperg blame this forum for triggering your your eeeting disordur binge now because nobody gives a shit.

No. 1401644

I don't have an ED like you do.

No. 1401817

Diagnosing anorexia is no.1 dumpy bih cope

No. 1401821

And vehemently hating fat people is an anachan cope. The fuck did they do to you to make this derail worth it? Remind you that you had a body that can be imperfect?

No. 1401822

Arent we all here to talk shit abt breadtube? Isnt there a thread where you munchies can go argue who has it worse?

No. 1401838

second ayrt, wtf are you talking about i was just commenting on that anons cringe ass humor. take your meds

No. 1402180

File: 1640556864168.jpg (59.27 KB, 1073x338, Doasyouplease.jpg)

>what is it about British Restrictions that makes the government want to push for more propaganda about it online?
They need to keep mandating the sales of their endless testing and vaccines nonnie

>Seriously, who in Britain gives a single solitary fuck about PhilosophyTroon? No normal British person has heard of them or gives two fucks what they think.
That is what the article is pointing out and the reason the word 'astroturfed' is applied here. PT being rolled out as a 'voice of the lgbtq community' two days after his transition is a clear example astroturf.

No. 1402191

I don't know, whole thing doesn't seem very believable. I read quickly through the "leaked document" and it's kinda weird. It refers to PT as both "Oliver" and "Abigail" which doesn't seem very professional, and also claims that the final outcome will be " Mass appeal social media campaign fronted and owned by prominent social media figure Abigail
Thorn" which doesn't seem to have materialized despite it being nearly a year since it was written, i haven't even noticed PT coming out particularly strongly in favor of vaccines or govt mandates (no more than the average online leftie anyway). it also doesn't exactly seem like a good strategy as its very much preaching to the choir, the people attending anti-vax protests and breaking lockdown rules aren't the same people sitting at home watching breadtube, it even seems to weirdly acknowledge that in the document; "Viewers on Thorn’s channel, Philosophy Tube, are mostly between 18 and 35. As the existing research suggests, the most prolific consumers of pseudoscience material are 45 plus." I can't tell if the fact that it's hideously badly written is a sign that it's fake, or if briefing documents are always like that.

Also one of the main references in the article is to Caleb Maupin, who notably has a pretty big axe to grind against the whole subject of "breadtube". imho there's a chance the document is real, I don't put it past slimy PT to take on a project like this, but i don't think it was ever carried out either way.

i like her but it annoys me how many of her videos she starts of with a definition from urban dictionary. i understand it can be useful for laying out the common understanding of a niche term, but it's starting to seem a bit like a crutch. I don't know anything about her background but she also seems to be a lot less obnoxiously posh than a lot of the other brits discussed here, which is refreshing

No. 1402198

samefag but i also just noticed that "Abigail/Oliver Thorn" is the only person named in the document, no project head or liaisons or anything, which I would have though would usually appear in a document like this. But PT is referenced by name 14 times in a 6 page document, kinda makes it seem more like a vendetta than anything else

No. 1402430

I think you're missing the over-arching point of the article which is that massive investment goes into subverting left-wing political discourse in the direction of issues that are profitable for globally established networks of power. Just because we don't perceive the campaign to be 'successful' in the way that is stated in the article doesn't mean it is any less possible that PT is 'astroturfed' by powerful organisations and is now a sponsored talking head, one among hundreds of others. PT won't necessarily even know himself under whose payroll he is under.

No. 1402452

I think yall are extra retarded to believe that article, but a i have an equally minuscule retarded little voice in my head saying that that would explain why he's getting all those interviews and tv roles like he really was famous before transisioning…

No. 1402463

Every time someone's legitimacy to fame and expertise seems to have been completely fabricated out of nowhere it's almost certainly because it is there, and there will be all kinds of incentives to do so, usually financial. It happens all the time in the music industry for example. I don't get why it is retarded to understand that.

The anony was right saying that PT hasn't been particularly outspoken in favor of vaccines etc. but he is one of many that contributes to the framing of all covid measures and restrictions as totally normal, acceptable, unsuspicious, and to think otherwise is moronic or 'right-wing'.

If not for covid he will just be used in the future as a talking head in favour of pushing more mandatory funding for the NHS to purchase trans related 'med care'.

No. 1402740

>Every time someone's legitimacy to fame and expertise seems to have been completely fabricated out of nowhere it's almost certainly because it is there, and there will be all kinds of incentives to do so, usually financial. It happens all the time in the music industry for example
Explains Ed Sheeran.

No. 1402873

i wasn't denying that astroturfing is a thing, bc i think we all know it is, just that that article doesn't present the case particularly well and the document they reference isn't really that much of a smoking gun

No. 1403035

File: 1640663538693.png (216.11 KB, 735x754, LindsayEllis.PNG)

Lindsay Ellis has officially quit YouTube
TLDR she was traumatized by being cancelled earlier this year and she really doesn't hold back

No. 1403056

File: 1640666030596.jpg (200.85 KB, 778x970, 29415629._UY973_SS973_~2.jpg)

The essay she links and quotes was written by Porpentine, the tranny coombrain who created picrel. The headless woman on a leash is named "Pink Rubber Animal," and she does all the housework for her tranny "owner," who also fucks the hole on her severed-neck-stump. Needless to say, this writer is a deeply sick, misogynistic person even by tranny standards.

Is this is the sort of content creator Lindsay looks up to, then good fucking riddance. One fewer handmaiden grooming women online is a good thing. Hopefully she'll peak now that she doesn't have to pimp her tranny friends' mental illness to appeal to her tranny and handmaiden fanbase.

No. 1403071

>she was traumatized by being cancelled
these people shouldn't be allowed on the internet

No. 1403072


yeah, I'm not reading all of that. I just gotta ask, is it related to her mask-off video?

No. 1403080

She never flat-out says but yeah, it seems to be about that and everything surrounding it.
She also says she wanted to quit YouTube for a while as it was becoming a chore, but this was the push she needed.

No. 1403083

She's probably quitting cause she can afford to now, she's an author now and her book has decent sales also she's married to a man she describes as a Turbo normie, so he likely has a job

No. 1403092

File: 1640671331486.png (115.09 KB, 601x586, dfdasf.png)

Right before she quit she made this comment on a Tom Scott post, urging him to delete a recent coloration Vid he did with Jill Bearup(an awesome Youtuber who talks about fight choreography and female armor) all cause Jill is a dreaded "TERF"


No. 1403112

This is so condescending and borderline threatening. The fuck business is it of hers who he associates with?

It's rich to me that Lindsay writes this sob story about how internet lynch mobs ruin people's lives hot off the heels of participating in one like this. She fails to realize that this sort of behavior, while it occurs all over the internet, is used more frequently but SJWs than by anyone else. I've never seen a group as eager to "cancel" someone and start a pile-on as they are. They're the exact people who "cancelled" her, and she still aligns herself with them. What the fuck is it going to take for her to stop cow-towing to these people?

This is why you should never, ever ingratiate yourself to the Twitter hoard. Nothing is ever enough for them, and they waited on bated breath for people to misstep so they can break out the torches on pitchforks. The only way to prevent yourself from getting crab-bucketed is to avoid these people all together and ignore whatever whiny grievances they might have with you. You paint a target on your back the moment you log on to Twitter and help them harass someone.

No. 1403119

brb, going to sub to jill's very based-sounding channel

No. 1403123

Jesus ppl in her mentions talk to her like she offed herself. Calm down lol.

Also, very nice of her to drop the bomb without informing her employees first. Wondering how that's going.

No. 1403127

No. 1403140

all because she made fun of raya and the last dragon lmao

No. 1403160

The fact that she weeps for her employees and their dependents who will now longer have her health insurance to rely on and then adds in parentheses that she hasn't given any of them a heads up is genuinely awful. Will be happy to no longer see her pop up in my YT recs every six months

No. 1403162

File: 1640681522350.png (23.45 KB, 945x605, 789097904353.PNG)

Annnnnnd she's put it behind a paywall. As if the bestselling author money and Nebula + YT revenue weren't enough.

No. 1403168

File: 1640682271236.jpg (2.55 MB, 1348x3400, ddfsf.jpg)

Don't worry, already screencapped it

No. 1403173

That’s funny. I’ve happened to read Hot Allostatic Load and its tranny author comes off as deranged. Not a good look for Lindsay.

No. 1403174

Why are you all talking like Lindsay's a successful author? Her new book is awful and, appropriately, is selling fucking terribly because Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers do not translate to IRL sales.

No. 1403176

even in her last goodbye she still throws blood at the sharks. She just can't get the memo that when you get cancelled you're supposed to just ignore it, and it won't hurt you. Let your ego go and stop caring that a bunch of retards think you're a terf nazi

No. 1403187

the complete lack of self awareness where she says "weaponizing my white womanhood," meaning that even though she is white she deserves to not be abused by nut cases then going to condone doing it to white men later. seriously what world do these people live in

No. 1403217

I'd be interested in a source for this that's verifiable and not from a schizo anti-vaxxer conspiracy site, anyone got actual info? Hilarious if true but that pdf they linked sounds pretty nonsensical.

No. 1403233

I already loved Jill, but I didn't realise she was this incredibly based.

No. 1403292

Wow, so writing a Tumblr post condemning a transwoman for punching a 60 year old lady for having problematic beliefs is a cancellable offense - not only for the writer of the post herself but anyone who dares to associate with her, even if they were unaware of said post. But this shit >>1403056 is perfectly fine, and totally not evidence of blatant misogyny fetishized to the most horrific extent. Hilarious that Lindsay made a video about how horrible it is that transwomen are always portrayed as creepy serial killers. Hmm I wonder why that is. And she really expects us to feel sorry for her for being a victim of the very behavior she continues to encourage against others. Good riddance

No. 1403304

She made that post 5 years ago(that was her one and only political related post) and she still deleted it for who knows what reason(probably cause she doesn't talk much about politics and didn't wanna cause drama) and they still cancelled her for it
other then that she uses Mumsnet(a British mom forum) which is also a cancellable offense

You can't win with these bastards

No. 1403326

This woman is 37 years old yet has infinite time to write essays over how Twitter was mean to her because of children’s movie commentary, which is a very real, serious, academic problem to have. 90% of her problems would go away if she bought a diary and wrote down all her embarrassing, self-important musings there.

No. 1403329

Can you tell me more about her book? I've been curious about it and if it's good or not.

No. 1403356

I haven't read it(I mean who has) though from most reviews I've seen, all of them seem to think its mediocre at best and with a lot of pointless info dumps and also point out the main character is a self insert of Lindsay

No. 1403371

you reap what you sow

No. 1403406

File: 1640713944302.png (346.61 KB, 1071x1708, Polish_20211228_125049058.png)

I love when both sides of an argument are totally hateable.

No. 1403429

What an hypocrite retard bitch

No. 1403446

Appreciate the link. Thanks!

No. 1403531

File: 1640722998338.jpg (436.87 KB, 1080x1317, IMG_20211228_212212.jpg)

I didn't follow anything about her book but haha, holy shit she's full of herself. I bet this is a pity stunt to boost book sales now that her dweebs got some xmas money.

No. 1403535

To elaborate: she qrted a big overseas publisher who honored her with more free promotion and instead of just thanking them she's being sassy about Dune getting listed.

No. 1403562

File: 1640727514628.jpeg (26.67 KB, 640x374, 16705e9c6cbe900e309b9aa16a1a62…)

No. 1403658

>my life ended nine months ago
girl what

seriously though i don't dislike Lindsey and i think putting her content behind a paywall might be a smart idea at this point. However the way she has been reacting to/ writing about what was essentially just a knock to her online reputation really stinks of someone who is not in a mentally healthy place and probably has a lot of other baggage they need to deal with. I hope she puts some serious effort into her mental state bc just retreating into a hugbox is not going to solve whatever problems she's having

No. 1403659

>My favorite are the people who dismiss any potential harm I might have incurred as justified because I am a "wealthy, white woman", while these same people's hearts positively bleed for Britney Spears.

Yes Lindsay, taking what you dish out is EXACTLY the same as being a victim of reproductive coercion, medical malpractice, and financial exploitation.

It must be humiliating for her to know that her writing skills and emotional maturity pale in comparison to that of an evil TERF lol.

No. 1403688

Will she ever peak or will she always be this insufferable jfc the level of hypocrisy is so astounding

No. 1403716

I know this is a rhetorical question, but honestly, no one should ever get their hopes up for her or for any other female breadtuber. They're a lost cause.

No. 1403717

Lindsay is the final challenge for radfems to explain and accept: She's the Karen stereotype, a wine aunt, an NLOG, a fujoshi, a retarded libfem columnist, and a pickme, all rolled into one insufferable embarrassment to the second X chromosome. I generally try to understand and forgive all women for their misgivings and faults, even if I dislike them, but she's such a pompous mess of a human being that she begins to scratch the surface of Y chromoid behavior. She belongs in the same camp of failures as Shoe0nhead.

No. 1403772

>a fujoshi
citation needed

No. 1403775

Same anon if she wasn't a raging hypocrite that got off on canceling others for wrong takes I wouldn't be so apathetic about this. She kind of made her bed

No. 1403776

>Waaah you're appropriating twans suffering
Jesus Christ, I don't side with Lindsay at all and I still managed to understand what her purpose was in quoting that article better than this sped. She was trying to make a (hypocritical) point about internet dogpiles in feminist circles and the person she quoted happened to be a tranny. It's not "appropriating" his "struggles," it's just her quoting an article she agreed with.

Honestly, if it was being said by someone less hypocritical and didn't cape for trannies, I'd agree with most of what she had to say. Shame she didn't walk away with the obvious lesson of "don't engage with the mob," instead choosing to take her ball and go home, screwing over her collaborators in the process.

Maybe it's just my perception, but I swear Lindsay didn't used to be this fragile. Early on she was actually kind of irreverent.

No. 1403795

She's honestly just incapable of empathizing with other people but crumbles when she experiences a taste of what they go through.

>Publicly exposes another content creator as being a socially inept, pushy incel.

>But accuses a friend of making a big deal out of nothing after a different scrote went even further and kissed her without consent.
> Ex-friend is made out to be a petty villain for revealing this during the Raya meltdown and kicking poor Lindsay while she's down uwu.

It amazes me that people in the last thread defended Lindsay's apologist antics just because she's good at crafting a whole "woe-is-me" narrative.

Even if LE's ex-colleagues and friends tried to smear her when they felt comfortable doing so, it's not any more underhanded than what she continues to do. If anything, it just adds context and shows how she's a complete fake.

No. 1403821

File: 1640750234282.jpg (58.95 KB, 600x900, e307fecf74787e66ee49cbd9cc16fe…)

Doug Walker wins again
People have been telling Doug Walker to literally kill himself for nearly 2 decades and the guy just keeps living his best life.
SJWs criticized a couple times and your second book did worse than the first and now. That’s it.

>“My life ended nine months ago”

like get a grip.

No. 1403834

File: 1640751551969.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 456.25 KB, 828x533, 20D5C6E2-FED7-4A7F-A869-2554E8…)

Sage for OT. Decided to do some research on porpentine and holy fuck I wish I hadn’t. People are mad that Lindsay is “appropriating a trans woman’s struggle” and not that she’s quoting a misogynistic lunatic? This is the most abhorrent of his work from as far back as I was willing to scroll.
Apparently he’s gotten a Creative Capital grant and is part of the Sundance New Frontier Story Lab Fellowship? Glad to know the future of storytelling lies in the hands of people who write and publicly share zines called things like RuneScape Teen Brothel. Maybe if I go the kikomi-chan route and start writing MSPaint diaries about my drug trips they’ll give me money too.

No. 1403837

Damn this is some nightmare fetish fuel

No. 1403914

File: 1640758671321.png (330.7 KB, 599x2426, 11.png)

a summarization for the events that led up to this for those not caught up yet

>about a year ago she made a tweet comparing Raya to Avatar

>Twitter get mad and accused her of stereotyping all Asian media as being the same
>She came back then tried to explain herself and just used a poor choice of words
>Twitter get madder
>She deactivated her account for a while
>Meanwhile people connected with her are all around Twitter and her stand got into arguments with people upset at Lindsay and claimed they were all White Males or something, and claimed Lindsay wasn't actually canceled and these were just trolls attacking her
>Mara Wilson liked tweets shitting on Lindsay and Lupa called her out and claimed Mara was lying about anything she was saying about Lindsay, even though Mara never referred to Lindsay by name
>Months later, right after her friend Dan Olsen does a video criticizing Doug Walker's The Wall review a year late, Lindsay came back with a 2 hour video about how she was canceled, also confirming that Mara Wilson was talking about her
>Meanwhile rumors start spreading that her books aren't selling well and that people in the industry hate her
>Then in October she made an instagram post about how 2021 was the worst year she's had
>Then just now she posted a tweet telling Tom Scott to take down a video because it featured Jill Bearup, someone Twitter canceled because they believed her to be a "Terf"
>After that she posted up a huge goodbye post on Patreon, and her followers complained about internet mobs
>Then she went on Twitter and Quote Tweeted someone calling her a "whack bitch" and her followers went after the tweeter

No. 1403928

I don't really get it because these tweets weren't even offensive to begin with. How can this still be following her 9 months later? It's a nothing burger opinion

No. 1403938

I wonder what she did to make Mara Wilson dislike her kek

No. 1403939

Like most Twitter dogpiles the actual inciting incident was pretty benign, it was more of an opportunity for people who already didn’t like her to drag her publicly and feel justified in it. I don’t like her but even I thought the pile-on over the Raya tweet was retarded, especially given that most people who give a shit have also decided by now that Raya is derivative and weak cultural rep.

No. 1403941

All of this reads like she's spiraling because her books didn't become popular

No. 1403943

File: 1640761648735.jpg (323.19 KB, 1219x1510, e307fecf74787e66ee49cbd9cc16fe…)

that tweet just only created some minor outrage, if she ignored it and just let thing be everyone would have forgotten about it, but she doubled down and then her stans started getting into arguments
eventually some of her "#problematic" tweets came out, most of them were benign jokes about films she was watching and her dumb takes, tweets like
>there's probably slave play fan-fic of Harriet Tubman and her owner
>tweets supporting James Gunn
>comments she made about Zack Snyder(during this period the internet was starting to like Zack Snyder cause he casted a black woman as Iris and called out some rightwing podcast for being racist pricks)

and other pointless shit, honestly Its her own damm fault, she'd never win the woke crowd cause nothing is good enough for them

No. 1403959

According to both Lindsay and Mara, when Mara came out as bisexual, Lindsay said that Mara was lying because Mara didn't ping her gaydar. Throw in the fact that Lindsay has a habit of casually discrediting bisexuality despite being bisexual herself, and it's pretty understandable why Mara doesn't like her.

No. 1403993

She likes Transformers slash fic and did a whole video on ABO drama.

No. 1403998

Honestly they're both insufferable lol

No. 1404002

Lindasy comes across as the biggest bihet ever. I'd be shocked if she was ever in a relationship with a woman

No. 1404011

I didn't even like Raya, I thought it was a shitty film that pandered too much to China, but it really wasn't much like Avatar at all, beyong being Asian-inspired, for young people, involving some level of war, and trying to redeem its young, troubled villain. It isn't something to cancel someone over, but it does bring into question her credibility in speaking about media.
Lindsay is further proof that Breadtube and the leftysphere is actually a bunch of edgy retards who enjoy bullying people with a fresh coat of paint. "Transphobia", "queerphobia", and "colonizer thinking" are just the excuses that people who would have just called you ugly or a faggot in 2008 use to tear down other people who don't validate their insecure privileged asses. She's not funny, talented, or cool, she's a fucking loser.
Hard agree. I didn't even know she IDed as bi, since AFAIK she always only went after men and is now married to one. She never seemed to show any attraction to women, either, IMO. Meanwhile, I can't find any information regarding Mara Wilson's relationship history or anything, but one site I found said that she's only had 1 relationship and they don't even know who it is. They're giving off incredible fake bi bully vs fake bi loser energy.

No. 1404018

>but it does bring into question her credibility in speaking about media.
most of her content does. As much as she tried to distance herself from her nostalgia chick persona, did she really? All she reviewed in these years are disney products, other overly commercial movies, and some broadway theatre. The purest cinema she talked about is Mel Brooks ffs

No. 1404023

Imagine having degrees in film studies and fine art but still being such a retard that you can't meaningfully analyze even a movie for children. College is a fucking joke.

No. 1404025

File: 1640767346049.jpg (25.43 KB, 247x350, TheOnesWhoWalkAwayFromOmelas.j…)

Surprised no one's talked about the title of her essay
Its a reference to the the one who walks from Omelas, a short story by Ursula K. Le Guin
its about a wonderous, peaceful and perfect utopian city, however the continued prosperity of the city requires an innocent child to be endlessly tortured, and while most of the citizens come to accept the torture of the child as a fact of life for the good of all, a "few" do leave the city and end up never returning again
I'm assuming the cyberbulling by twitter users is her endless torture and misery

No. 1404031

I know she's probably referring to cancel culture (which doesn't even apply to her, since people still watched her and didn't disown anyone around her), but she's accidentally on point. Breadtube does sacrifice children's safety and happiness for their own purposes. Does anyone remember Hbomberguy's stream that he donated everything it earned to Mermaids? Anyway, Lindsay isn't a child, she's a woman in her 30s who said a lot of stupid shit and got backlash for being an idiot while also pandering to a perpetually unsatisfied audience.

No. 1404042

samefag I should have mentioned in the story In the story, the people who walk away from Omelas gave up all their wealth and privileges because it came at the cost of someone's suffering.

But Lindsay isn't walking away because someone else is suffering. She's leaving because it's causing her suffering and she doesn't have to give up any of her wealth or social standing among most of breadtube, She still has a hugely successful youtube channel and like 90% of her fanbase supports her unconditionally

No. 1404045

AYRT And I assumed as much, even if I didn't make that clear. She isn't giving up anything, other than attention, and the audience she has is a group of hyperconsumers who would readily accept her back if she changed her mind. There is no victim, nor is there any sacrifice. Her lack of analytical skills and martyr complex are so obvious, she may as well have highway billboards.

No. 1404061

She can't resist being catty and wanting to be morally superior to others, look at the content of her video essays. The question is, what idiot throws away a platform where she has 300k followers she can advertise stuff to? Maybe she's having a mid-life crisis after realizing she didn't become a big critically acclaimed author.

No. 1404064

I remember seeing jill's videos literal years ago and I think I was even subbed to her at one point, I def never expected to see her on lolcow and I'm surprised she's still making videos lol. I like her, I think she might be religious though as she is a huge narnia fan

No. 1404067

She identifies as a feminist and uses mumsnet(which can be pretty based at times)
she could be a feminist christian at least ?

No. 1404087

‘we know nothing about mara’s relationships and i even actively sought it out and found absolutely zilch but she’s DEFINITELY not really bisexual!’ kek neither is any woman on this website who says she’s bisexual when it comes to seething lesbians. focus on the cow at hand instead of letting random passing mentions of bisexuality live rent free

No. 1404122

If you've never actively dated, had sex with, or pursued someone of the same sex, despite living in q time and place where it won't get you killed or make life impossible and doing all of those things with members of the opposite sex, you have no right to speak on matters regarding same-sex attraction. The fact that you lept at the chance to presume I was some sort of biphobe lesbian the second I cast doubt on the authenticity of the identification of even queerio brigade handmaidens like Lindsay and Mara says more about you than it does me.

No. 1404127

ntayrt but the idea that sexual orientation isn't valid unless you've dated or slept with someone is so stupid. you think thirteen year olds who haven't had their first kiss yet can't tell who they're attracted to? you think incels who love to self proclaim as "kissless, hand-holdless virgins" aren't verifiably attracted to women because they haven't been with one?

No. 1404135

Being attracted to =/= facing the consequences of homophobia in the case of bi people. You can live your whole life without facing homophobia in the way a gay person does, even if you secretly also feel attracted to the same sex. It's still valid, but I can't sit here and pretend someone who only ever claims to be bi without ever acting on homosexual attraction isn't just straight passing.

No. 1404261

ah I misunderstood your meaning then, yes I completely agree with that. I thought you were just trotting out the old "if you haven't had sex with a woman you're not bi" argument that I see all over the internet, my apologizes.

No. 1404305

I just don't understand why someone who has never had a relationship with the same sex feels the need to announce themselves as bi or get uppity about people not believing them, especially if they're already married to someone of the opposite sex. At that point, there's very little to differentiate between a bisexual person from a heterosexual person who can acknowledge that people of the same sex are attractive.

No. 1404357

Being married isn't the end of your sexuality, you can still experience crushes.

No. 1404358

Why the fuck do crushes matter, is this grade school?

No. 1404439

You can still experience attraction and multiple relationships, not to mention your sexual attraction might make you form biases about people? If you feel attraction towards both sexes you're bi, simple as.

No. 1404521

I remember when she got married and she was tweeting tons of pics of herself in her wedding dress with her best friend with captions like “my wife!!”. Didn’t know anything about her personal life at the time so assumed she actually married a woman only to look it up and find she just married a moid. typical bihet behaviour of hiding her ugly moid from sight.

No. 1404600

It's amazing that there are actual real people who gaybait their friends and fanbases. Even more amazing is how many of them are in their 30s. Imagine being twice as old as the teenagers who are expected to act like this, still never having committed in any way to any potential homosexual attraction you may have felt, and still pretending you're somehow a noteworthy and valid example of LGB people.

No. 1405000

File: 1640884167741.png (636.82 KB, 695x597, tumblr_pa8x2zaD4J1qhbarso1_128…)

There aren't actually any pictures of her husband, in fact if you try to google "Lindsay Ellis Husband/Partner" all you get is a bunch of her soyboy male friends
Her real husband(whose only known detail is that he goes by Nick) is not fond of internet attention so there's no literally photos of him, I think the "My wife" tweets were to trick the search algorithm

Anyway next potential thread pic

No. 1405025

Contra, Harris, and that last guy on the right look like a lineup of a ghoul, a goblin, and an ogre.

No. 1405049

I really don’t get why Todd thinks keeping up his anonymity shtick is so important that he’s covering his face like this for a photo at a formal event instead of just not being in the photo at all. If someone was that determined to find out who he is, it wouldn’t be that hard to work out. He’s a music critic for fucks sake, it’s not like he’s Jim Browning.

No. 1405054

I don't even watch Todd but I'm fairly certain it's more like an in-joke than anything else.

No. 1405233

File: 1640902276947.jpg (454.72 KB, 959x627, 1623470134242.jpg)

This is what her husband looks like

No. 1405237

So basically Kyle Kallgren went from best friend to mortal enemy in the span of three years. Damn.

No. 1405241

just further proof that incels have no excuse

No. 1405242

This picture makes me think of those hypotheticals where you're in a room full of horrendous people and you have a gun, but only one bullet.

I would shoot ContraPoints, then pistolwhip Dan Olson around the face and neck until he was either dead of blunt force trauma or the others overpowered me.

No. 1405273

Why does she give me Kathy Bates vibes

No. 1405290

lmao oh dear

No. 1405362

His sad little bangs…

No. 1405375

you're a sad little bang(sage your shit)

No. 1405413

No. 1405419

He look like a Mcpoyle(sage)

No. 1407198

Ironically I think it's so you can tell who he is. Like the fact that he's covering his face is how you know he's Todd in the Shadows. Otherwise you'd just be like "who the fuck is this random guy?"

No. 1407277

Hell yeah Jill is a badass. Fuck Lindsay and all her tranny simping breadtube orbiters, I hope her career goes completely to hell and Jill continues to thrive

No. 1407278

Bahaha I hope she gets triggered hard every time she sees even a vague reference to that movie for the rest of her life. If she ever actually has a kid I dearly hope that ends up being their favorite film

No. 1407309

I'm pretty sure she's the kind of "bisexual" who would only date troons

No. 1407321

She married her friend Elisa Hansen's brother. Elisa is the former CA contributor who did the cringey vampire reviews

No. 1407752

that or Mathilda.

No. 1407772

There was some talk that he's mara wilson's ex and that's why mara hates lindsay now, was that confirmed?

No. 1407776

File: 1641231128841.png (161.6 KB, 715x607, cadad.png)

Turns out Lindsay has a personal history with Jill Bearup, the cringy vampire chick >>1407321 is also involved

No. 1407827

Where'd that rumor come from? I've never heard it before.

Lindsay herself admitted the rift between them happened because she (during a private in-person discussion) glibly implied Mara is a fake bisexual attention seeker. That's basically it. Lindsay is a judgemental bitch while Mara is insecure and passive-aggressive about it, so they didn't get along and stopped being friends.

Fans were able to piece the drama together long before then, based entirely off of Mara's vague subtweeting and like history. It definitely added some extra fuel to the cancellation fire.

No. 1408221

Dunno, someone on here said so.

Lindsay is not only judgemental but incredibly stupid, how naive can you be to "invalidate someone sexuality" (aka pointing out that thinking boobs are hot sometimes and then costantly dating guys and seeking only male's validation doesn't necessarily make you bisexual) and thinking it wouldn't bite you in the ass later, especially with someone as terminally online as mara who the only thing she's got going on was that she was in some movies 25 years ago

No. 1408276

File: 1641279329211.png (251.52 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20220104-0…)

I will link you up the Goodreads page for her first flop- I mean book. This review summarizes it pretty well. Basically, the book is badly written Transformers fanfiction. The second books is also pretty bad judging by the Goodreads reviews.

No. 1408279

That dude in the front looks like a wojak

No. 1408539

File: 1641316816514.gif (1.34 MB, 498x287, hot-dog-face-girl.gif)

I love how Lindsay is now a failed author who got cancelled by the left, harassed off of twitter, and forced into retirement due to a catastrophic mental breakdown while humiliating herself on the way out. And most people don't feel sorry for her. She just comes off as a whiny, entitled hypocrite.

That's literally everything she wished would happen to JK Rowling and put a lot of effort into trying to make happen. It's all so richly deserved.

This idiot could have learned her lesson the first time and stopped running her mouth on twitter or participating in stupid online behavior. She should have chosen to focus on improving her (increasingly disappointing) content, breaking her social media addiction, and not obsessing over what retards on twitter say about her. She would have bounced back just fine and quickly given how fucking pointless the thing was that set off her cancellation to begin with. So many of her "sins" discussed in the 'mask off' video were nothing but petty rumors or a wild misrepresentation of obviously sarcastic comments. She didn't really have to dignify it with such a lengthy response.

Instead she chose to descend further into victimhood with alcoholism, defensiveness, and self-pity. Now everything she's ever done is tainted by her blatant narcissism.

At least she still has the hot dogs gif. No one can take that away from you, Linds.

No. 1408605

Accurate portrayal of Lindsay Ellis: Chooses to close her eyes and surround herself with sausages.

No. 1408648

File: 1641326187099.png (287.98 KB, 448x316, contrasimp.png)

In Lindsay's political circles, even heterosexual relationships can be "queer". Like >>1407309 said, she probably considers herself bi because she's been attracted to penis-havers who aren't considered men, whether trans or nonbinary.

I have a suspicion that her friendship with Contrapoints started as a one-sided crush on her part. Sexual orientation is innate, a straight female is going to be attracted to a man she likes no matter what he identifies as. Too bad for her Hontra is into other men. They stayed friends because they're both giant narcs who enjoy acting like bitchy mean girl bullies.

I also think her crush on him is why she capes so hard for tranny stuff. Her hate for JKR comes off as weirdly personal for someone who is neither trans herself nor has ever been a Harry Potter fan.

I don't think she would have ended up like this without CP's influence. Whiteknighting for him over issues like gamergate and gender crit stuff seemed to be what pushed her into becoming a full-blown obnoxious SJW. In her nostalgia chick days she was always kind of an edgelord. It's so funny that she somehow became this internet media feminist icon worshipped by politically correct snowflakes. She really should have known pandering to that crowd would eventually backfire HARD on someone like herself.

No. 1408649

isn't contra also bi though?

No. 1408699

Contra is straight. He IDed as bi briefly after transitioning because AGPs often have early "women are just holes to pleaure men" stints before remembering they're only sexually attracted to women and IDing as "lesbians". He's mentioned being a "lesbian" (straight man) multiple times since then. Also Lindsay is married, and has been for awhile. See >>1405233 posted June 10, 2021. She's been married to some other moid for 3 and a half years. Blaming Contra for Lindsay being a misogynistic handmaiden is a fool's errand, because she's always been a "bisexual" (100% hetero) NLOG who has been willing to throw other people under the bus for her own profit, especially if those people aren't bepenised. Also, Contra is too genuinely retarded and coombrained to have that much control over any adult aside from a BPD scrote with terminal brain fungus like PT/Olly.

No. 1408755

Didn't he publically date some men, including PhilosophyTube prior to PT trooning out? The only "women" he's mentioned having serious relationships with are other transwomen. Even in the 'Shame' video where he mansplains female sexuality to the audience, the object of his "lesbian" obsession is another troon. So at best he's a bisexual chaser with a big trap fetish.

Lindsay being married doesn't make any of my suspicions implausible, either. I bet a lot of her bullshit is subconscious, she lacks self-awareness to a ridiculous degree.

>Blaming Contra for Lindsay being a misogynistic handmaiden is a fool's errand, because she's always been a "bisexual" (100% hetero) NLOG who has been willing to throw other people under the bus for her own profit, especially if those people aren't bepenised.

Yeah, I completely agree with you there and that wasn't a defense of Lindsay as though she's the helpless victim of his manipulation. I stated outright I think they're both narc bullies and generally awful people, and that Lindsay has always been an edgelord (female edgelords tend to be NLOGs by default).

That being said, I think her attachment to Contra helped turned her into this particular kind of libfem NLOG. I remember even during the early days of her tumblr she expressed a lot of annoyance with social justice warriors. But eventually it turned out to be profitable to pander to that audience and she had the connections through CP, so there was every incentive to keep up the grift.

No. 1408762

He didn't publicly date PT, and it's unclear if they were ever a thing or if Olly just really wanted it to be. His relationship with other men is really unclear, but he seems mostly interested in hooking up with women, and has posted before about how it's hard for him to find a partner as a transbian, so I assume he's not T4T. As I said, he probably went into the usual porn-induced fit of pseudo-bisexuality right after trooning out, and tried to date/fuck other men because he viewed women primarily as "things to be fucked by men", so being fucked by a man would be the "ultimate euphoria". Of course, it doesn't tend to work out, since AGPs like him are heterosexual, so he went back to only going for women. This is very common for AGP troons, and some of them do go "prison gay" with their fellow AGPs, but they primarily want real women, which is why they seethe so much about "TERFy lesbians". As for the "Lindsay has a crush" tinfoil, I just don't buy it. She doesn't seem any more attached to him than she does any of her other/previous business partners, which is to say that she acts friendly, but could easily discard him to save her own ass or make money. I just don't see why she would bother with feelings for Nick when she's already married to a man with a functioning dick and (hopefully) far less baggage, unless she's looking for an excuse to fall further into alcoholism.

No. 1408801

Contra has previously talked about being in a long-term, serious relationship with a man, who was described in a way that did not sound at all like PT (literally, "a Chad"). There have been rumours that this guy is a professional athlete. This relationship was post-transition but before coming out as exclusively attracted to women.

No. 1408833

Interesting. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information about CP's actual orientation and dating history. The fact that words have no coherent definitions to these people certainly doesn't help.

Lindsay did stand by him when other troons tried to cancel him for being truscum-ish and associating with Buck Angel. It was bad enough that he got pushed off twitter for a while and people also started going after her for not disowning him. Given how eager she is to see other people cancelled or at least publicly flogged for their sins against wokeness makes me think they're pretty close and she feels some level of attachment. Tinfoiling aside, I think at least that much is pretty self-evident.

I bet when no one's listening they make fun of all the "marginalized folks" they virtue signal about in public.

No. 1408841

They probably just bond over being misogynistic bullies with alcoholism and narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 1409134

I honestly used to be pro Lindsay Ellis and thought the "if you squint" part was an honest mistake but the more time passes the more I feel like it might had been intentional because of how sjws on twitter like to one-up each other in the stupidest way possible

No. 1409495

To this day i cant understand the squint bit, is it bc people use "squinty eyes" as an insult to east asian people?
If so im betting all i have that only white people took offense in that cus anyone with half a brain cell can understand that was just an expression dear lord

No. 1409693

I dunno, I'm not woke or anything but saying "squint" to an already angry asian person could be offensive. She explains this stuff in a recent video

No. 1410013

But goddamit it's just an expression that's not even rooted in racism, how bad faith must you be to take offense to that? Like, you're allowed not to like her, be my guest, but accusing her for racism for THAT is completely absurd

No. 1410041

Kind of racist of people to get offended at a turn of phrase completely unrelated to race because of their own preconceptions about the race, but I don't know what else to expect from the same group who has come up with such compelling points as "being afraid of the dark is racist".

No. 1410045

Man, I don't know. Like I know it's ridiculous too and twitter people are just offended always for very stupid shir but also I think she chose very unfortunate words. Its not even the asian part but how condencending and preachy she sounds because she's a SJW breadtuber. She writes essays so I would had expected to use something better.

No. 1410128

Please tell me that was a 4chan op to see if someone on the left would take the bait
Please i need to know that

No. 1410179

I have no proof of that so I'll just say it was for your own comfort, even if it's just as possible that it's true.

No. 1410343

All this talk of Lindsay getting cancelled over a tweet reminds me of how she made a video whitewashing sexual slavery when it happened in imperial harems, shrugging it off as white male authors' sexual fantasies and overall dismissing harems as the female part of the sultan's household (ignoring how the concubines in said harems were slaves); and it's made me realize how not one soul said anything about the video when she posted it, but everyone jumped at her throat when she tweeted about a Disney movie and a cartoon being similar.

Hell, you can even read some comments saying how the west wasn't much better because the culture was also patriarchal.

No. 1411028

Contrapoints's "Shame" video is hilarious if you replace "shame about being a lesbian" with "shame about being AGP." My jaw just dropped the whole time with how she (no pronoun sperg plz) talked about how she felt shamed about her attraction for women. As if her AGP video didn't literally say before transitioning, she was ONLY attracted to women? What did she expect? Stupid and manipulative of her to act like her attraction to women was remotely comparable to cis women finding out they're attracted to women.

She purges her old tweets, but around that time of the AGP video, she tweeted multiple times things like "can your sexuality change on HRT? I think HRT made me bi." She ALWAYS knew she liked women. Her "I'm a bimbo slut" larp was embarrassing. Go back and watch her AGP video and tell me that Blanchard didn't predict the 'pseudo-bisexual' phase with 100% accuracy. I'm surprised she hasn't taken that one down yet.

No. 1411683

Contrapoints is a man

No. 1415362

File: 1642006932251.jpg (246.06 KB, 1000x742, 6645hXy.jpg)

Is Xiran Jay Zhao the only breadtuber that managed to break into the mainstream without getting cancelled?

No. 1415370

Lindsay Ellis is still pretty popular despite getting cancelled and quitting. Kek

Believe me it won’t take long for Xiran. Like Lindsay her first book is super successful but I bet you anything the next will flop like truth of the divine did.

No. 1415382

File: 1642008159437.jpg (201.19 KB, 1500x500, ntEgPve.jpg)

you're right, her next book is YA and that genre always has drama. there should be a thread for them

No. 1415583

As someone who don't know much about her books, how did it flop?

No. 1415609

Is Xiran considered breadtube? Is she their first diversity hire lmfao

I like her videos for the most part since she focuses on being informative with history and culture and thankfully keeps the woke shit to a minimum. Her videos remind me of Lindsay’s better work, which were almost exclusively film history related.

I know Xiran is a she-they, which disappoints me greatly. She mentioned liking femininity as a performance, but feels like a neutral person outside of playing with costumes. Apparently normal people cannot be women. It’s typical NLOG bullshit with a contrapoints level definition of womanhood.

She also made a comment in her Mulan 2 video about a basic het relationship being “queer” because the artists accidentally mixed up which color of the yinyang was male vs female. It was less of a “haha in my culture you’re technically gay now” kind of joke and more of an unironic belief. She spergs on about how Mulan is trans and Shang is bisexual because he might have been subconsciously attracted to a woman in drag. That shit made me want to punch her autistic looking face through my computer screen.

No. 1415733

I was looking at a book review on youtube and some comments screeched about her pronouns being they/them.
>Born a woman
>Look like a blatant woman
>not a hint of GNC at any capacity
>mY prOnOUNs R theY/ThEM

No. 1417012

File: 1642168173819.jpg (1.06 MB, 3006x3008, 112.jpg)

Alright here's a compilation of all the wrongthink that people on twitter use as justification to cancel her

>She didn't reply to an indigenous woman who was mad at her "twilight was alright" vid

>made a tweet stating that there's probably slave play fan-fic of Harriet Tubman
>being subtly mean to Mara Wilson for not really being bi
>making fun of Zack Snyder after twitter decided to revaluate Zack Snyder cause he's considered woke now
>the raperap during her Nostalgia Chick days
>defending James Gunn
>implied everyone attacking her was a straight white male and that no real enlightened POC would actually attack her which made twitter even more angrier and here a lot more people started attacking her mostly out of spite cause Lindsay Ellis at that point became a representation of annoying white feminists for them, all the issues these people had with white feminists in their communities, they aimed that frustration on Lindsay

No. 1417024

like ellis or not, these reason are one more asinine than the other

No. 1417031


Xiran even says in the press kit she is okay with 'any' pronouns, so this is pointless white knight behavior. Pronoun policing is stupid as fuck.


> I am non-binary and don’t mind any pronouns casually, but please refer to me as They/Them in official bios.

I really cannot stand how completely normal and slightly GNC females are being convinced they're not women because (1.) they don't feel like women, as if 'woman' were something you 'feel' any more than nationality or age, and (2.) because MtFs' bizarre idealization of femininity gets held up as the standard of what 'feeling' like a woman is like, and when they don't have that, they're like "guess I'm not a woman."

So many otherwise intelligent women I know obviously buy into this non-binary stuff because they're gay (gender dysphoria is very common in gay people, not just trans people), or they're autistic, or they think 'cis woman' means 'live laugh love' and they're too cool to be 'cis'. In doing so, they erase an entire history of women who also feel gender dysphoria, who also identified with maleness or androgyny for diverse reasons, and who had the courage to continue living publicly. I genuinely think the non-binary shit has been more harmful to feminism than binary trans shit because it took a default feeling ("I don't feel like a gender") and used it as proof you're not a woman, and then told these women they were more special and oppressed and had deeper knowledge than the other ones. Reifying the idea that woman = identifying with a bunch of brainless stereotypes in one swift move. To be fair, MtFs and FtMs already set the groundwork, but 'you don't need dysphoria to be trans' and 'you don't need to present a certain way to be trans' are non-binary creations, and lead to extremely-feminine presenting people like Xiran thinking they're not women because they can't feel their woman-ness anymore than they can feel their hair. And also disproportionately targeting autistic and gay women. What is left of feminism when being quirky, not 'feeling' like a gender, and being intelligent become diagnostic signs that you're actually not a woman?

No. 1417044

please get a journal

No. 1417268

sage for OT, I wrote the post and I agree with you, I feel should have made that point more clearer
a lot of this is literal "receipts" are literal grasping at straws to create a narrative about Lindsay Ellis and as I stated, this whole witch hunt became less about what Lindsay may have done and what she represented to these people i.e "annoying white feminists" and so she became a whipping girl for them
Its sick really and no one deserves this shit

No. 1417952

I disagree. Lindsay made this bed and now she can rest on it. She had zero qualms about this sort of behavior happening to anyone else.

No. 1417988

She def has always had a mean girl attitude, everyone who knows her have always stated that much, but the fact that other people didnt deserve the shit storm doesnt mean she did..

No. 1418759

She was leading the cancel mob up until a few hours before she dropped her ridiculous leaving Omelas post. She absolutely deserved what she got.

No. 1419450

which cancel mob, against whom? she's been mostly silent for months, the only thing she did on twitter was promotion

No. 1421259

ntayrt but the Harriet tweet was egregiously awful lmao, what the fuck Lindsay

No. 1422048

exactly how is it so awful? fanfiction in general is riddled with abusive power dynamics, sexual violence, and overt racism. there's literally no level to which horny female autists will not stoop, and I thought it was obvious that lindsay was making fun of this? Not to mention the fact that, in all honesty, the movie does seem to be encouraging shipping and fanfiction, like why else would they create an OC and cast taylor swift's boyfriend of all people as harriet's 'owner' and make him romantically obsessed with her? the movie itself is disgusting fanfic.(learn2sage)

No. 1422173

File: 1642661307431.png (105.96 KB, 295x282, 95D422BF-1C93-4ECD-8819-7BA702…)

Is anybody brave enough to watch this and report back?

No. 1422263

Scroll higher toots. She was condemning some guy for featuring alleged terf jill bearup in his video

No. 1422385

Jessie isn't milky, unless you think loving Star Trek and having autism are milk.

No. 1422570

watched it but got confused and posted in the MTF thread, copypasting here
it's clickbait, it's actually his personal sob story of growing up in the wrong body. feeling like a failure as a boy. autism about some obscure children's series and his favorite mermaid doll and how it totally meant he was a girl. he's really insecure and attempts banter or confidence and it falls flat and awkward (13:50 is an example of that). it's narcissistic and he comes very close to self awareness (was i entitled to appropriate the feminine if i never suffered the way women suffer ? 39:10 did i want to be a girl just because i wanted to be desired and wanted ?) which is promptly directed back in the comfort zone of goodthink (of course not, it was my actual identity).
>11:15 describes how he didn't like puberty but the impression i get is that he just wanted to remain a child.
>12:30 he used to be a fatty. good on him for a least shedding the pounds
>17:50 stealing mom's clothes and saying he did NOT get aroused by it
>25:40 a bunch of girls he used to hang with all bombarded him with compliments, telling him how hot and manly he was.
>BUT 31:33 he never got laid in college, not even once, can you believe that ?
>40:37 "one night, a friend found me crying". i find the phrasing INCREDIBLE, it's like he sees himself from the outside like a true autogynephile. he's putting himself in 3rd person to amp up the pathos have us empathize.
>42:30 fake crying
>45:10 admits clickbait, if you wanna know how to feel sexy that's for next time

No. 1425011

File: 1642978896326.jpeg (54.25 KB, 289x640, 7195AAD1-6723-47C2-9578-F7B4AB…)

PhilosophyTube got FFS yesterday or the day before. Basic research tells me that he should be mostly done visually healing 7-10 days after the procedure, so we can most realistically expect a face reveal around a week from now. Perhaps sooner if PT wants to milk pictures of him all bruised and fucked up for sympathy, perhaps later if he wants to wait to do a big theatrical reveal in his next video. If there's one thing we know about PT, it's that he's great at delaying gratification short-term to maximize asspats received at a later date.

ty very much, nona! I'm disappointed that the video wasn't nearly as cow-ish as the thumbnail makes it appear to be. Clickbait is embarrassing, but it's also just sort of the norm. ah well.

No. 1425079

I don’t think you’re fully aware of what kind of losers hang around these sites lmao(sage)

No. 1425180

they always look so uncanny valley after FFS, i cant wait

No. 1425212

Why is he being so cagey about it?

No. 1425264

This. She even joined the dogpile against avgn because he didn't want to watch ghostbuster 2016, was the dumbest drama on earth. But I guess once you're deep into the wokesphere you lose your sense of scale

No. 1425523

File: 1643048004966.png (35.2 KB, 269x202, kGXUVRg.png)

Sarah Z changed pronouns to "she/they?". No 'they' pronouns before December of last year. Wonder if she's going down the non-binary path. Sage for no milk.

No. 1425594

It's said she/they for a while now. Also said 'any pronouns' for a bit. She's also dating a they/them scrote who looks like her uncle.

No. 1426055

PT's said several times that there will be no details of transition forthcoming. fans who have asked specific questions have been told it's personal and none of their business. this seems to be a hard boundary.

No. 1426337

Seems like he's purposely creating a mystery around it to get attention. He's a massive attention whore.

No. 1426742

Yeah the hypocrisy of making a 40-minute video about a personal topic and then chastising people who ask more questions about that topic… I followed her on Tumblr and she hyped up the video with the ~~big reveal~~ for months before it came out. If you don't want to get questions, then maybe don't make it into a media spectacle, huh? Don't want to get questions about being trans, then maybe don't proclaim yourself the Most Famous Trans Who Ever Lived?

No. 1427018

Not to a-log, but oh my god does this fat fuck annoy the shit out of me. He’s covering some “terf ukulele” song that has less than 5,000 views, basically sending his fans to bomb the “TERF’s” channel with hate. He also uses this video as an opportunity to come out as non-binary. How special.

No. 1427167

i'm going to answer in good faith cus i can see you are too, and as much as i've never liked PT, transitioning is not something you can just gloss over (people clocked something was going on the moment the beard and moustache were gone lol). So it makes sense to make a public statement about it, she's an actor and contrapoints wannabe so of course the statement is going to be a 1.5 hour special self declaring to be the Most Famous Trans of Terf Island.
She's insufferable and that's exactly what i was expecting, i saw snippets of her streams she shares way too much and gets offended when people asks totally normal follow up questions

No. 1427195

File: 1643189290717.jpeg (928.87 KB, 1104x2029, 4449A543-16E3-4869-9023-594258…)

I couldn't watch this whole thing, but it definitely made me rage a little.

At some point in the video, the dude "corrects" the woman when she says that being female isn't a costume. He says, "female isn't an identity. It's is a biological sex. 'Woman' IS an identity."

Most coherent models of gender vs sex will uphold this, but in heavily-trans spheres, you will get strung up for saying something like this. The idea that trans women on hormones are more female than male is now the prevailing thought among Twitter troons.

So, anybody participating in trans conversations is wrong at any given moment. Whether or not punishment is enforced is entirely up to the discretion of the authority figures in a space, usually mtfs.

This boy is being good and correctly calling out wrongspeak, so he gets a pass and is largely exempt from criticism from the trans community. (Additionally, he's supposedly not even a cis male, despite presenting as such and having the YouTube name 'Mr. Beard.' Somehow, I get the feeling the wouldn't get such generous treatment if he were female.)

Also, most of the pushback I see in the comments is about him saying that age-regression is cringe, even though he also validates all the bullshit about how it's a non-sexual coping mechanism that has NOTHING to do with being trans.

God, I hate this shit. When will it end..?

No. 1432331

I saw the video and was pretty annoyed. I couldn't get through the whole thing but the person he made a video on did a nice response back to him.

>came out nonbinary

Of course this sadfuck did. They always do. I give it a few months to maybe a year and he'll come out as tRaNsWoMaN.

No. 1432334

So because this man couldn't live up to the rigid rules of masculinity (that may I remind you is perpetuated by MEN themselves), he thinks he's a woman for it? Lol.

No. 1433983

File: 1643929092121.png (3.75 MB, 2000x7782, PT NARC SAGA.png)

Made a compilation of some recent PhilosophyTube milk.

He released a Behind the Scenes (BTS) video, and even his sycophants on the subreddit seem to be sick of him. (I think at least some of the users whose comments were deleted are trolls, but some users e.g. "Moxiewhoreon" are confirmed former stans.)

Many, many comments that were critical of him have been removed from the subreddit. Funnily enough, they were up for few days before being removed, coincidentally around the time that PT resumed posting on reddit. He's also a moderator of his own subreddit, of course.

Pretty much all of this has been posted on Kiwifarms, so if you keep up with that thread, there's not much new here for you.

No. 1433984

File: 1643929147378.png (482.46 KB, 971x5285, extra pt reddit sperging.png)

And here's another reddit comment chain that I felt was too long + not milky enough for the main collage, but I thought some stuff in it was interesting.

No. 1433992

he really makes contra look like an innocent and humble angel, holy shit

No. 1433997

delicious milk thank you nonna

No. 1434032

>>1433983 sweet jesus he well and truly is a raging narcissist.

i thought the entire crybaby "can't get healthcare" and "uk is hell for trans women" bs was bad enough, (despite it literally being free and insanely accessible for rich kid troons more so than actual real less-wealthy women).

i cannot stand this dude for a more personal reason i guess: i'm from Newcastle, UK and this dude went to the private school here which costs like 14-15k per year. he's not and never has known oppression on any front no matter how hard he tries to relate to the working class women here who are genuinely struggling.

it's so telling how he's so happy to shit on 'cis' women and really milk that 'terf island' stuff as if he has ever really stepped foot out of his family manor and into the real world here.

i guess it's easy to make villains out of people you've barely even interacted with because you're on Bupa healthcare and your fanbase consists of AGPs in thigh-high socks.

No. 1434040

i love how much he seethes over British women jut existing. He knows there's nothing he can do but make fun of them in his boring videos while the evil terfs who dare to be white and middle aged keep getting more mainstream support.

No. 1434058

File: 1643936420315.jpg (677.42 KB, 2093x1581, 1612030961352.jpg)

>learning all the horrid stuff Abi's said about women
>the borderline toxic and hateful rhetoric around cis women
holy shit they're realizing this now? Better late than never I guess but Jesus Christ. did they not read the same coming out note we all did last year (picrel)? It was dripping in resentmemt towards women, and not even just "cis women" but anyone born female

>if cisgender women WANT hormone replacement therapy for menopause, they can get it from their GP, while if trans people NEED it they have to go to a different clinic

>Trans men die waiting for breast reduction surgery that cis women get for back pain
>PEOPLE under 16 can get an abortion but trans children can't get puberty blockers
this quote along with the one about hrt (which is prescribed for osteoporosis, and is actually dangerous for women) live rent free in my head
>trans women are hit hardest by (..) domestic, sexual abuse, but the conversation always focuses on wealthy white cis women tweeting about toilets
said by a wealthy white man. misogynistic men always hate their own women the most, and get praise for it
>like suffragettes and black civil rights movements before us
>in my opinion feminism is blah blah blah unoriginally mocks liberal feminism
ok, what does that have to do with being a tranny? he just wanted to seethe at women some more

anyway in conclusion oliver thorne is an ugly narcissistic british man in a dress and the day he stops getting attention he will probably fly to america and make a contrapoints skin suit

No. 1434205

how can he whine about "trans healthcare" when he's getting FFS one year after coming out? can't wait to see how botched he looks in his next vid

No. 1436487

I'm so fucking glad other people are seeing this. I'm pro trans rights and for a long long while I felt nuts because the only ppl that seemed to see what I see in PT was you TERFs. (No offense)

No. 1436890

i agree with you, there's no need to be a terf to disdain PT, she gives plenty of reasons herself lol.
I agree with most of all that is presented in >>1433983 however i think the last tumblr ask is an odd choice: PT is always flippant and borderline rude to all those who leave long, detailed, adoring letters on tumblr, but man that one anon was rude as shit

No. 1437425

same, i gaslit myself into thinking it was some kind of internalized prejudice when I started disliking her after she came out, so it's validating to realize that others see it too.

No. 1437764

no no, she was a cunt even before coming out, this new persona of Saviour of the Oppressed is just the cherry on top

No. 1438092

File: 1644350583935.jpeg (551.86 KB, 664x2286, C90A0658-C19C-4E3F-BCFB-7B6875…)

He was obviously a narc looking for validation before coming out. His struggles with mental health boil down to him doing his best never to improve himself by convincing himself that there's not actually anything to improve. Before, it was because he was only exaggerating or imagining his flaws due to depwession. Now, there is literally nothing wrong and everything is the TERFs' fault!!!

PT used to hide behind a character. When he did cringe, self-aggrandizing stuff, it was just playing! When he was embarrassingly dramatic, it was just ~theatre~.
But since he transitioned, he's been presenting the character as, more-or-less, his authentic self. When he flaunts his pudgy body, it no longer feels like a bit of a meme for the ladies wink wink, it feels like he's just trying to show off. The costumes are now just an excuse to play dress-up without saying anything or actually embodying a character, while before, they were a low-effort way to visually reflect the video's content or do a skit.

His presentation in post-transition videos is especially odd because his "normal character" either:
1. Feels like a performance because he acts in a very unnaturally effeminate manner
2. Feels like a costume because he just acts like typically masculine like he used to, but while wearing a dress and makeup.

I definitely haven't been able to quite put my finger on all the reasons why the new PT feels so damn weird (beyond being faketrans), and I'm eager to hear others' opinions.

No. 1438289

File: 1644365741428.png (288.71 KB, 1069x678, b1641090573849.png)

anyone gave this a reading?

No. 1438307

Which video is that transcript from??
>Now, there is literally nothing wrong and everything is the TERFs' fault!!!
It's funny how the "TERFs" over at the farms offer him great advice in between criticizing him. A couple of the active posters there even seem to sympathize with him. Anyone could see that PT's self-absorption and misogyny would eventually alienate his female fan base.
>I definitely haven't been able to quite put my finger on all the reasons why the new PT feels so damn weird
It's because his Abigail persona is just a fetish and he doesn't even try to hide it.

No. 1438333

Seems like it was written by a tankie, so maybe you can go for it if you're one

No. 1438341

The grayzone article is good, but the breadtube serves imperialism book is a massive schizopost.

No. 1438376

File: 1644372172941.jpeg (549.26 KB, 579x2396, 4CE70DBF-FC60-49B1-B272-A6923C…)

It's from the "Men. Abuse. Trauma." video. He then goes on at length about how he only felt that way because he was traumatized by his "emotionally abusive" girlfriend. I'm sure their relationship was at least toxic, but beyond being hit one (1) time, he can't cite much that his girlfriend did that is clearly abusive. Obviously abuse isn't always easy to point out, but if this is the best he can offer, I'm doubtful that her behavior really qualifies as abuse.
(God forbid your girlfriend get upset when you keep flirting with a troon you met online.)

And on the last point, I was trying to get at why twitards who are mindlessly accepting of trans stuff still think he feels off. They're generally very good at ignoring every trans-related red flag a person presents, so I don't know if they're picking up on his fetish behavior or if other things are bothering them. I didn't make that clear though.

No. 1438389

Thank you! I'm definitely skeptical of the "abusive" girlfriend as well, PT is a narc and they will often DARVO to make themselves look like the victim
>I was trying to get at why twitards who are mindlessly accepting of trans stuff still think he feels off
This is a good point. PT isn't the first troon ever to be an obvious NPD + AGP nutcase. His coming out video was actually what pushed me over the edge into becoming a "TERF", though I had been picking up on the misogyny and fetishism of the trans community for a while before that. For me it was the fact that he was so inauthentic in his coming out video + statement. It made me realize that it's a fetish for some of these men and that there's a social contagion factor to it

No. 1438596

i would bet every cent i have that she was not abusive and that he was actually the abusive one. he's a dramatic egotist that doesn't stop playing victim even when in obvious positions of power. god i hate him.

No. 1438612

Lol sounds like my narc mom after any minor bit of criticism

No. 1438639

Mr Beard was crying on stream because some troll threatened to doxx him >>1420414

No. 1438881

None of this outside of the hitting sounds abusive. Sounds like she was unhappy in the relationship and acted accordingly.

No. 1438987

Anon, if you don't think any of this is abusive… you might just be abusive. And I say that as someone who has treated a past partner in many of these ways and have since realized it was fucked up and wrong, though I didn't see it at the time.

No. 1439182

i cant remember what it is that he did that pissed me off so much but i hate him and i had forgotten why so i clicked on that ukelele video and the bit he did calling music stores annoying the employees got me so mad i just turned the video off i hope his annoying ass leaves the internet for good and what even is the point of coming out as nb if everyones just gonna call you he and see you as a man theyre not even trying anymore

No. 1439630

I always cringe whenever people online mention being British when its not relevant. They always do it because they feel a pathetic need to rely on national stereotypes instead of their own personality.

Why refer to himself as a "fleshy English robot" as if it makes any difference to being a "fleshy French robot" or "fleshy Argentinian robot"? Are people from England uniquely predisposed to killing themselves?

He wants to appear cultured and aloof without actually possessing these qualities.

No. 1440238

Who are those two clowns anyway?

No. 1440402


Jenny Nicholson and Hontrapoints?

No. 1441370


No. 1442048

Matt Walsh is a class A dumbass piece of shit.

No. 1443865

The KFarms are intermittently down and I hadn't yet caught up on the PT thread. What is so weird and unexpected is how much I'm kind of missing the PT thread. Twas the closest thing to a community feel that I've ever witnessed or experienced on the Farms et large. And kinda funny in a meta way.
Sage for lack of fresh milk.


Still waiting on those post-FFS pics/vid from the Tube.(absolute newfaggotry)

No. 1443869

File: 1644941839883.png (1.21 KB, 291x25, IPTSaGI.png)

leave name and subject fields blank when you post. Leave the email one blank too, or write "sage" so sage (picrel). And you might want to delete those last three posts because your email address is public.

No. 1443994

kiwifarms retards need to stay out of lolcow if you can't even follow the rules

No. 1444640

very sad that one exposing themselves is not a big name in breadtube, that wouldve been quite the drama stirrer lol. Be more careful next time

No. 1445624

File: 1645133173519.png (1.98 MB, 2245x1234, ContraGF.png)

Contrapoints somehow managed to land a cis girlfriend.

No. 1445646

he lives in Baltimore, so I'm not surprised

No. 1445652

Not surprised. It's not hard for a troon with money and a audience full of women to find one. Wonder if he's going to attempt to have a normal relationship after getting all his men/Troon fucking out of his system. Get her pregnant then decide to chop his dick or wanting a poly relationship. You know, the normal shit straight men who Troon out do when they date women again. Get them premiers and start acting crazy once she is pregnant. I hope not

No. 1445658

his voice is so grating how can anyone listen to him speak

No. 1445988

i was trying to figure out who tina belcher's voice reminded me of.

that show unbearable. 2 of 3 female main characters voiced by scrotes.

No. 1446400

I'm sorry but contras voice is way worse to me than either of them lol

No. 1446822

i can tolerate most micky mouse olive oil mtf voices. at least theyre clockable. this is by far the worst troon voice ive ever heard. something slimy and insidious about it.

No. 1447756

Kristen Leo, A greek breadtuber who is way too obsssed with American culture
these are the so called "red-flag" shit she gave out to her dumb zoomer fans in order to judge whether they should break up with their partners, now some of these fairly rational and do make sense but others are just illogical and will probably ruin actually good long term relationships over meaningless shit

No. 1447774

Me, being a radical feminist, I think this video is incredibly counter-productive and most of her "personal objections" are complete nonsense. first of all, her idealization of lesbianism is just a form escapism for heterosexual women,(believe it or not lesbians are suffering from the patriarchy as well and have their own issues)
firstly: every kind of group of people has disadvantages and advantages concerning their biology, secondly: in a non-patriarchal society being pregnant wouldn't be such a risk and discomfort regarding the pregnancy and birth of the child (there wouldn't be a gender bias in medicine and it would be worked very intensely on developing healthcare treatment for women who are pregnant and give birth) or the upbringing of the child. The point she made about the human race disappearing from earth in a truly non-patriarchal feminist society is nonsense as well: it wouldn't be unattractive to have children, it would simply be an enrichment and only those who would not want to upbring or bear a child just because of personal preferences would not get pregnant or those who are in a relationship that doesn't allow getting pregnant or those who simply don't come into the position of deciding whether or not they want to have children. Yes, the rate of births would probably decline heavily but on the other hand it wouldn't be hard to care for your kids because you would get the support that's needed and a pregnancy would not be as painful and difficult. One has to acknowledge that the reasons for women, me included, not wanting to have children are often times tied to the fact that the mysogynist and capitalist society we live in contradicts having a healthy relationship to and enough money and time for your children.
To sum it up, her points about nature being patriarchal in some way and humans being shitty by their nature are points made by fascists to legitimize their shitty arguments and therefore also capitalism.
also her dismissal of the vast anthropological evidence that there have existed many semi-egalitarian societies as "white men with insecurities about being bad guys" is an erasure of human history. That anthropological work is important because it shows us that better social relations have existed and are still possible
lastly: the polyamory test. What the heck. This test is just free of any sense. I would choose the troll if I wanted a monogamous relationship and the prince if I would want a polyamorous relationship. Period. This kind of goes hand in hand with the objectification of men in this video and I wouldn't complain about it if I wouldn't think that it is counter-productive and at some points problematic. I make fun of the appearence of men all the time because I am oppressed by them but I know that in general It's still asshole behavior

anyway I think that's it. I just felt the need to post this comment because I honestly felt a little hurt by some of the things you said and because I don't think they're an awful representation of radical feminism. can't believe I'm typing this out btw

No. 1447776

File: 1645358560554.gif (1.26 MB, 500x262, 048530970q487.gif)

No. 1448861

i don’t think the gf is cis

No. 1448918

He's basically said he's done dating other troons, hasn't he?? He's been writing incel manifestos on Instagram begging for a 'cis' gf. He obviously finds other AGPs to be absolute freaks (I guess they remind me too much of himself) and HSTSs like Theryn want nothing to do with him.

No. 1448957

*him, not "me" sorry

No. 1449221

Ugh you summed this up so well anon. I've watched a lot of her videos and there was something just kind of….. off which I couldn't put my finger on. Kristen reads to me as a woman who's very bitter about her experiences with men from her country and has definitively decided that her world view shaped from that should apply to everyone.

No. 1449222

Samefagging to add, her holier-than-thou attitude but at the same time still being attracted to men makes me seethe. Can straight women just accept they like dick? You don't have to respect men at large, but you're not special because you choose not to date them.

No. 1449268

plus using tiktok(chapter 4 of her video) of women barely in their 20's complaining online, as some sort of big proof of her arguments is also pretty dumb
Chances are the algorithm is just feeding her what she's been watching and reinforcing her existing beliefs(like it does for everyone else) you can get tons of Happy hetero couples Tiktok recommendations if that's the content your actively watching

No. 1450585

File: 1645663259756.jpg (66.63 KB, 820x461, 1645648822463.jpg)

First photos of Philosophy Tube post-FFS have been leaked

No. 1450588

File: 1645663301976.jpg (54.1 KB, 820x461, 1645648310738.jpg)

No. 1450594

He looks worse lmfao.

No. 1450595

Weird, usually they give them dorito chins, he looks the same but slightly different. Somehow his chin looks bigger but also smaller. Then he has that tight look. Like he's in pain and can barely move his face.
I will say it's nice to see a troon not go for the catgirl or bimbo look. Then again, I guess he knows he can't and doesn't try. He looks twice his age, like a older woman with work done to look young. Sad.

No. 1450596

Lmao, there is no hope for him. Fucking lantern jaw. Looks like he was licking fucking radium of paint brushes, he passes as a radium mutated woman kek.

No. 1450598

how old is he? He looks at least late 40's here.

No. 1450600

File: 1645663881014.jpg (41.47 KB, 747x531, asdjladj.JPG)

They need to invent a shoulder shrinking surgery if he wants to have any hope of passing.

No. 1450601

He's 28
>He looks twice his age, like a older woman with work done to look young.
Thank you this is exactly how I felt but couldn't put it into words. Almost reminds me of Catherine O'hara

No. 1450602

He looks like JK Rowling's mutated, melting sister.

No. 1450604

Eminiem and a man dressing as that girl who sings the Driver Licenses song, or whatever it is.
This picture gives me the creeps, like a man stretching a teenage girls face over his male face. Is this before or after?

No. 1450606

jesus christ he's got enough brushes back there to kindle a fire for several days. I'm so glad I don't have to use 250 specialized brushes on my face for people to see I'm a woman, must be exhausting trying to paint-away your Y chromosome every day.

No. 1450616

File: 1645665300540.png (1.4 MB, 1144x1372, 1645651136215.png)

this one is terrifying

No. 1450629

Oh wow, he doesnt look terrible I guess?? but it's still so jarring anyway

No. 1450654

i get you’re female and you’ve been socialized to try to be sympathetic towards creatures that are obviously suffering but pls don’t feed this man’s delusions.

No. 1450677

long ass face, call that lana del neigh

No. 1450753

I agree, it's not bad, especially considering it can take a year or more to actually see final results (due to swelling etc).

No. 1450851

he's lucky he's british, he just looks like an avarage english woman

No. 1450870

This gives me Supernanny vibes

No. 1450904

File: 1645697262471.png (2 MB, 1422x1070, Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 10.0…)

he just looks so old? he has the same mouth as LVP or nigella lawson, who are both in their SIXTIES

No. 1450931

retarded scrote meme inb4 t. british, I'm not

No. 1450963

i'm an european female, i just lived in england and know what they look like

No. 1451014

File: 1645714244839.jpg (63.57 KB, 972x505, Philosophieteub.jpg)

Why are men's face so long? Being male is a curse.

No. 1451022

File: 1645715202950.jpg (53.31 KB, 569x502, 4ccfddd73c141f9abbfd814bec7b2f…)

There's nothing wrong with long female faces though. Having a wider/shorter face would not have help that him anymore than the ffs already did.

No. 1451038

These photos are activating my flight or flight, he looks seriously uncanny. And somehow different in every pic? Could be swelling going down.

No. 1451046

Ok horse-chan

No. 1451053

Are you blind? She looks nothing like PT. Her face is the same length as the edited picture of PT but it looks longer because her jaw isn't wide. Women with masculine features never look like men. Learn to love yourself Horse-chan.

No. 1451062

>she looks nothing like PT
Yeah that's the point. The post I was replying to implied having a long face is a curse which is bullshit. The problem is not a facial feature it's a certain chromosome

No. 1451146

File: 1645724692194.jpeg (522.02 KB, 1536x2048, FKwq0ISXwAYtXbP.jpeg)

he looks like this twitter troon lol

No. 1451296

File: 1645737336526.jpg (170.33 KB, 701x500, rebelflesh.jpg)

It reminds me of that doctor who episode with the clone people who had trouble keeping their forms. Seriously uncanny.

No. 1451448

He wants to wear Hontra's skin so bad

No. 1452334

File: 1645851992879.webm (1.06 MB, 946x666, 2022-02-25-21-04-31.webm)

I can't get over how asymmetrical his nostrils are, now.
At least he's been going hard on the voice training. Definitely better than Contra, now.

No. 1452353

File: 1645855649792.jpg (1.31 MB, 2252x3617, PTvaccines.jpg)

So, I did a quick watch of the video. It was pretty boring and pretty uncontroversial, and better than his other recent videos. He talks about himself for a while and then explores why some people say they are anti-vaxx or vaccine-hesitant. He validates their concerns using real evidence, states some reasons why they should get vaccinated anyways, and then explains to the audience why shaming anti-vaxxers doesn't work.

That's it. No explanation on how you could change their minds. It's notable that he assumes that everybody watching the video is vaccinated. I guess the implication is that we should fix the corruption in our healthcare systems so that people have less reason to be distrusting..? But it's unclear, since as usual, he's unwilling to make any prescriptive statements that aren't "transes deserve everything!"

So, if the overall goal of the video is just to make his audience more sympathetic to anti-vaxxers then… good job?

attached pic is mostly me marveling at his plastic surgery.

No. 1452363

The already grating posh English accent is made 10x worse with the shitty falsetto trying to imitate real women.

No. 1452364

Unironically tranny shit makes me distrust the medical establishment. They sell unnecessary surgery and drugs regardless of safety or actual necessity. They just want money. Troons can be Guinea pigs if they want, but I'm not and neither should kids.

No. 1452401

i think he got the vocal surgery. his face doesn't look thaaat bad but you can still tell that the jaw is too big for a typical woman and he has a massive neanderthal body and noggin. you'll never be a cute twink capable of easily transitioning, olly

No. 1452402

did he get veneers? ironically they seem to have elongated his face. kek, what a tard

No. 1452557

iridescent silver vinyl leggings/knee-high space boots covered in buckles + soft fuzzy pastel pink grandma cardigan??? I'm begging you to hire a stylist.

No. 1452978

he literally pays a stylist who does good work elsewhere, but obviously hates him specifically

No. 1454713

I don't get why transwomen go for this look. It looks shit on absolutely everyone. Women literally look less feminine with makeup like this.

No. 1454718

I agree that drag queen makeup does but ollie is wearing very simple makeup here, his face looks masculine because it just is kek

No. 1454724

Well, you're right. lmao
But also, the make-up makes her face look so unnaturally shiny. It's weird.

And this just looks so unflattering.

I just don't get why people do this to themselves.

No. 1454950

There is. They break the collarbones then fuse them together. It is super risky and only shortens the shoulders by a bit.

No. 1460404

I never heard of her before, just saw she had a video about going abroad in oder to date girls. . . talk about escapist fantasy

No. 1462642

File: 1646880409365.png (470.25 KB, 717x1152, 28392123.png)

"Women be quieter and start apologizing challenge" who said it- a leftist moid or a conservative? On International Women's Day nonetheless

No. 1462652

File: 1646881094581.png (87.47 KB, 898x598, 9343423.png)

JKR also retweeted this kek

No. 1462656

>"quit making your feelings other people's oppression"
oh this is fucking rich

No. 1462728

>defend some fuckboy who tried to manipulate what seems to be half of NYC for an entire hour because the PUBLIC SHAMING is just tooooo much you guys
Ok now give muh terves that amount of compassion.

No. 1462753

File: 1646892926215.jpeg (120.15 KB, 600x1104, 90C71308-8516-4317-8C16-2EAAE8…)

Vaush always does this “aha guys it’s just a meme” routine when he says blatantly misogynistic garbage. The tranny chaser won’t even own up to hating women. Remember when these guys were the same ones pointing out how the Alt-Right uses “jokes” as a thin veil for racism?

No. 1462835

she does shame him though. Especially for sending unsoliced nudes

No. 1463049

yeah, Sarah Z continues to be annoying, but she definitely isn't defending this guy. either you didn't watch the video or you're deliberately misrepresenting it for anonymous asspats.

No. 1463756

Didn't watch the video, didn't care, but Jesus, does this bitch have a mug permanently surgically attached to her hand or something?

She's literally always drinking something in her videos and it's fucking distracting.

No. 1463898

It's her stylistic flair, at least she didnt go for the bi lights

No. 1464732

File: 1647056652236.png (572.47 KB, 762x682, 833A1F3E-976F-470B-A7C4-13682C…)

lmfao so this is a thing.

chelsea has been tweeting at contrapoints for the past year or so and was flat out ignored every time although they used to hangout together when contra was at her peak. i wonder with this news contra is gonna start interacting publicly again with chelsea?

No. 1464746

Watch Claire eventually end up with Hontra. This would be the most milky year for him.

No. 1464764

Hate to say it but hontra is at least more handsome than manning and musk too I suppose. kek

No. 1464858

File: 1647071378676.png (2.29 MB, 996x1245, Hontra.png)

Hontra is absolutely botched. He looks like a foot and has no chin. He has to be one of the ugliest men alive, worse than both Musk and Manning by far

No. 1468509

holy riff-raff hairline batman. Forget the 41%, he looks dead already!

No. 1468595

he looked dead and lifeless even back then

found these old clips of him from the unconventional man thread:


No. 1469003

I don't think these link to what you meant to link to.

No. 1469071

genuinely surprised someone as vain as contra would post a pic like this what the fuck is going on with that bald spot

No. 1469381

oh i thought it would directly link to the thread in /g but here is the full link >>>/g/244235

No. 1469661

What happened to Contra and PhilosophyTube’s friendships with Chapo? It’s like they immediately distanced from them as soon as they lost clout

No. 1469668

File: 1647416371279.jpeg (366.05 KB, 1169x1762, 0695AA38-E484-435E-A2B1-6779F3…)

Kat Blaque (another mtf breadtuber) and Contrapoints have both taken issue with Vaush’s “ironic” misogyny against Rowling. He’s having a total sperg out over it, I’ll leave links to everything below, but here’s a summary:
>kat started a conversation with his community about misogyny and how he believes it shouldn’t be weaponized in defense of trans people, discovered that a shit ton of trans women are actual misogynists who think misogyny is cool and based. Said he didn’t care about Vaush and that, while the discussion was started by Vaush’s tweets, it wasn’t about trashing him.
> Vaush jumps into Kat’s dms begging for a conversation because he claims to respect Kat too much to drag him on stream like he normally would. Uses dumb analogies, concern trolls about Kat’s mental health for daring to disagree with him, engages in general shifty “gaslighting” behavior imo
>Kat starts a massive Twitter thread about the whole thing, admitting that the two of them previously sexted and also releasing the dms of their conversation, not the sexting. Apparently massive Twitter threads are normal for him, he uses dictation/text to speech for Twitter.
>Vaush’s response is “she’s obsessed with me” and to dig up a screenshot of Kat suicide baiting a suspected troll account three years ago
>Controon senses that he’s not getting enough attention and the spat in the pic occurs
Link to Kat’s threads because it would hit post limit if I tried to screenshot everything:
I suggest scrolling to the top of the thread from there and then clicking the link on the last one if you want to see all the dm screenshots
Contra/Vaush tweets:
Kat suicide bait screenshot:

No. 1469694

anxiously awaiting vaush's next video "the moral necessity to be racist to kat blaque"

No. 1469696

File: 1647418700773.jpg (342.18 KB, 1080x1808, twitter.jpg)

Based contra

No. 1469706

I think kat blaque is actually not online enough to know vaush and his audience are fat incel perverts who hate women completely unironically. Contra knows very well but he doesn't want to acknowledge it directly because it would be an indictment of online trans activism in general

No. 1469711

Kinda wish we had a "Soon to Troon" thread, because Vaush seems like a straight up "egg" or someone who'd troon out when he's cancelled.
It's funny, because not only is Kat someone he wants to fuck (because he's gay and hates women) but he's also black, so I feel THATS why Vaush handled this as he did.
He could'nt come at Kat like he would a women, because Kat has "twice" the woke power. The magical black transwoman these wokes care they care so much about and are the most vulnerable people on this planet.I love this, I dislike everyone involved but I love it's two troons calling his ass out.

No. 1469726

Sucks that he did delete it.

No. 1469739

According to contra’s threads on kf, he has a barely legal girlfriend and just got caught knowingly having serial rapist troon laurelai Bailey modding his subreddit and discord, which other mods acknowledged was primarily made up of young teenagers. I wonder if Vaush will pick up the story now that there’s trouble in paradise, he was all too happy to try to dig up three year old shit on Kat, even before dms were leaked.

No. 1469743

No. 1469754

This isn't based he's just mad that Vaush made troons look bad

No. 1469760

File: 1647424434969.png (1.86 MB, 2532x1170, 355C4324-C7E5-46A1-B61D-5F728A…)

Popped in to see Vaush is still seething on stream, hate scrolling Reddit and going on a ban spree for anyone who disagrees with him. YouTube chat is set to subscribers only, is that new for him?
The combination of his bot telling everyone to stop using slurs, plus one of his dick riders saying the chad move is to go on his stream and agree with Vaush, and the other that he should ban more people… classic.

No. 1469781

If he really wanted to make Contra look like an asshole that doesn't give a shit about women he'd bring up the time Contra sent porn to anti-porn activist Terri Strange.

No. 1469785

Yeah but then he’d have to actually care about the well-being of a real woman. Contra’s rapist tranny friend also raped other trannies.

No. 1469816

File: 1647430483725.jpg (345.69 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20220316_123007.jpg)

this reply… what the fuck is it supposed to mean, when the only trauma with men jk rowling has mentioned is related to domestic violence?? Christ the absolute state of the online left… it's also glaringly obvious than no one on vaush's side sees trans women as women, like they're not even pretending lol it's an open secret at this point

No. 1469830

>Actually my fave degen streamer's misogyny is based because that bitch wouldn't have been beaten by her husband decades ago if she wasn't terf tweeting right now
literally brain dead, all of them. utter and absolute retards, just like Vaush himself.
Although having read all sixty something screenshots of the Vaush/kat dms, I think you can pinpoint the second Vaush actually starts treating Kat like a real woman. I'd say it's right around the point he starts calling Kat hysterical, condescending, and obsessed with him for not licking his boots. It really was just as slimy and disgusting as his attempt to defend himself over his sexual harassment drama in that stream with destiny. I only actually watched that whole thing recently cause I hate destiny too much to sit through an hour and a half video, but after Vaush's latest gamer moment I really just needed anything to hate watch and get the frustration out. I never even knew how disgusting all the shit he sent to those women got, and his main defense was just "those bitches secretly wanted it"

No. 1469868

truly incredible that you made it through all sixty-something. i couldn't manage, Vaush is unbelievably arrogant, condescending and transparently argues in bad faith, misrepresenting the things Kat is saying in an effort to force her to say he's right. he is everything wrong with the left, and he makes it clear that everything he does is to stroke his own ego rather than to actually make any change. he makes me want to a-log so bad. i honestly think that Kat telling him that she doesn't think about him and isn't invested in him personally was the most devastating thing she could have said to him and that's why he double- and tripled-down on trying to get her to validate his actions.

No. 1469879

>i honestly think that Kat telling him that she doesn't think about him and isn't invested in him personally was the most devastating thing she could have said to him
Totally. He can cope all he wants with his collages of Kat telling him he doesn’t care about him or want to interact with him and pretend it means the opposite, but I think it’s very clear to anyone with even a slightly milder case of autism than Vaush that Kat spent most of it just trying to get this loser to stop bugging him about stupid hypotheticals.
It’s insane to me that Vaush is trying to claim Kat sexually harassed him by admitting they’d sexted years ago after Vaush was already trying to paint him as some bitter ex girlfriend type. Vaush brought up Contra’s drug addiction kek on stream, and apparently was making comments about how “people like kat” love white dick. If I were in Kat’s shoes, I’d think he was gonna drop that shit on everyone himself, so no wonder he just got it out of the way. He can complain when Kat talks about how his dick could prolapse Vaush’s ass and how much he wants to see him nervously stroking horse cock, because if he ever experienced a fraction of the harassment he’s put women through, he wouldn’t be shitting himself over another man admitting to sexting him.
I hope the kiwis can get all the screenshots saved, this whole thing has been a trip but there’s just too many to post here unless someone is really good at making collages.

No. 1471099

Of all the people I've seen take issue with Vaush's tweet, they've only been against it because it "looks bad for the trans community". Nobody said it's bad because misogyny in general is wrong. Just goes to show how little this scene respects women. If I was a female breadtube fan this incident would be a huge wake up call for me.

No. 1471112

You're right for the most part, I think Kat is the only content creator who said he didn't like it because it's misogyny and misogyny is bad, even against the dreaded terfs, in addition to complaints that it made him and TRAs look bad. Breadtube has never cared about women so anyone who's actually surprised is either male or blind.

No. 1471143

>>1469696 Holy kek vaush is actually retarded. He really tried to pull "but i was actually helping youuuuu" to easy two of most vain persons online. Both Contra and Kat would kill their own mothers if they perceived that she did something that could make them look bad, and this tard tries to gaslight them with that. Idk if the thought of fucking them blinded him or just plain autism, but he seems genuinely offended that he wasnt rewarded with endless girlcock and orgies. He either becomes full, open transphobe or troons out to evade consequences. And since poltardism isnt trendy anymore, I bet on the second option.

No. 1471147

Vaush be quiet and start apologising challenge

No. 1471187

kat blaque would be based if only he stops talking about his sexual escapades with white men all the time all over social media

No. 1471225

yeah kat is a huge degenerate but while i believe calling yourself a woman as a man is inherently misogynistic, i think out of the three of them he's the only one who doesn't actively resent women, or at least not in the same incel way as the other two.

It's sad that contra is like this because imo he's actually smarter than your average agp and i believe somewhere deep down he knows the terfs are at least partially right and he's not a woman (he flat out refuses to define what a woman even is lol) but he'd rather literally cope and seethe and possibly dilate for the rest of his days than see us as people

No. 1471333

It's pretty clear to me that he's transmed and self-aware tbh. He insists on using "transexual" despite it not being a common term around the time he transitioned (and despite that word making him extremely suspicious to his own trans followers) and he's been talking about how he doesn't care if he's seen as a woman in a relationship with someone who will have him. He just cares that he gets to date/fuck at this point etc. Imo he's always been aware that he's not becoming a woman in any meaningful way but he got carried away with cope for a while. The "gender as performance" thing he used to go on about went under the radar for a while too but that can also be interpreted that way. He knows he's not changing into a woman because female is a sex, not a gender identity. He well knows he simply decided to live as a synthetic concept of what a woman should be.

No. 1471400

File: 1647527797323.jpg (235.78 KB, 898x724, 1647515792099.jpg)

Vaush being delusional 1/2
Are you talking about Kat or Hontra?

No. 1471403

File: 1647527836480.jpg (272.35 KB, 717x1173, 1647515681227.jpg)

No. 1471406

File: 1647527961310.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, Woke_WOC.jpg)

I think he has the same condition that a lot of woke WOC find themselves in, they constantly think about white men 24/7, white men colonizing and dominating the world and it eventually leads to a bizarre racial fetish

No. 1471414

I love how all he's done is tell kat and contra over and over that they don't understand his argument and that they actually agree with him they're just too stupid to realize. I wonder if it feels validating to them kek

No. 1471424

Anyone obsessed with “power dynamics” secretly wants power for themselves. If you believe you are inherently oppressed by your race and gender and that will never change no matter how hard you try, it only makes sense that your paths to power will be self-limited to gaining social capital from people who inherently possess it. Most of these women are highly educated and don’t actually need a white man to get ahead, but their ideology tells them they do.

No. 1471426

And all he's going to get going for black men is DL men who won't claim him and fuck him on the low. So I don't blame him, even the wokest black Male I can think of doesn’t cape for TIMS. He can find more degen white male chasers who'd actually claim him.

No. 1471450

This, black & brown men don’t date troons publicly for cultural reasons so it’s probably better to stick with white chasers anyway

No. 1471505

I was talking about Contra, my bad for not specifying.

No. 1472422

File: 1647573036745.png (82.46 KB, 1188x336, Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 2.48…)

Olly is a petty asshole (not my screencap)

No. 1472426

These are also the people who say troonsphobia is bad no matter what so you shouldn't misgender rapists. They're just incel guys.

No. 1475104

Love how this guy is so irrelevant that Ms. Rowling happening to post a screenshot of him before moving on with her day got milked for a solid week. His entire life is getting into petty internet "debates" he still got mogged by a woman who writes really long pulp crime novels for a living.

No. 1475258

>possibly dilate

Did he get his penis hacked and shoved back inside him? I haven't heard and honestly, I doubt Contra would, most AGPs never get the penis mutilation, it's usually the gay men like that Samantha Lux guy and Gigi Gorgeous.

No. 1475677

File: 1647829778667.jpeg (678.74 KB, 1170x1525, 3D6C97BA-F74E-43B9-B286-BF2CD4…)

I gotta wonder what the like/dislike ratio on this one is, because 2.9k likes on a 57k view video where at least half the comment section is disagreeing with him doesn’t sound too promising. It’s pretty funny seeing vaush fans trying to find a way to politely accuse him of being disingenuous for lying about the lia situation or saying only conservatives disagree with him.

No. 1476012

His fans are such cucks

No. 1476124

Shawn made a 100 minute plus video on why Harry Potter is a horrible piece of media and your a fascist neo-liberal for liking it
one of the first points he makes "Can you believe that Harry makes fun of Dudley's weight? Fat-shaming! This shows Rowling is a bad person."
Then he grills Rowling for introducing time travel devices, and getting rid of them in a clumsy way.
He's also really worried about how Rowling's view of "morality" isn't complex enough. As in, it's a major problem with this young adult series that the bad guy is completely evil, and it's also a bad thing that the main characters have some bad qualities.

No. 1476128

Why do these sad fucks have to bring politics into every little thing? It was a simple children to YA fantasy story, it's not meant to be taken seriously but of course these fuckwits are just doing this because Rowling is tErF.

No. 1476132

Meanwhile these retards have never created anything themselves, or when they do it ends up being a huge failure (See: Lindsay Ellis).

No. 1476146

I guess all the BW on LSA are conservatives, or everyone I know are conservatives. The idea that everyone against troons are conservative white right wingers is so retarded. The most transphobic men I've ever met are woke bm. The most terfish women I've ever met (self included) are WOC. And they don't don't call themselves terfs, just have the basic, "men aren't women. They shouldn't take things meant for women. Women need our own spaces. A transwoman is a transwoman/man and we are different. Etc. Etc. Etc. Laws shouldn't change her benefit men who think they are women"
Most this shit isn't even "terf" or "transphobic " it's common normke thought. Until you get groomed/mind fuckrd on twitter/reddit/discord/breadtube into believing dumb shit. Or you are a chaser/super woke tard like Vaish whose in it because he's more attracted to men and they are his main audience.

No. 1476186

In his pronouns video Contra straight up says that he thinks trans women should be contact as women because they psychologically identify as one, but he never argues that because he know that argument is bs.

No. 1476214

Are people who read HP and enjoyed it supposed to comment "Wow, I used to love Harry Potter, but this video changed my mind"? It just seems so weak
This just seems like a list of points for people who say things like "Ok but harry potter sucks anyway" to regurgitate. Since 90% of them don't have much strong reasoning for repeating that, or just never read the books in the fist place, I guess this is supposed to be some sort of cheat sheet? I can't see any other use for it. We know he didn't just make the video because he feels very passionate about children's books lol

No. 1476312

File: 1647886081293.png (68.21 KB, 870x754, neckbeard chronicles.png)

Dislikes weren't that shit. But his subs are going down.

No. 1476344

File: 1647888656937.png (1.48 MB, 1024x4608, PTTransArticle.png)

Philosophytube wrote an article on how happy he is now that he's publicly an autogynephile. Mentions a trans ex-girlfriend (likely Contrapoints) who never spoke to him again after he came out.

No. 1476365

JK Rowling occasionally terfposting on main was the best thing to ever happen to these guys: the ubiquity of the brand and impotent troon rage (literally and figuratively) means guaranteed clicks for oatmeal content about a children's book series or someone making a tweet.

No. 1476374

Imagine people giving this level of analysis to the Magic Schoolbus books lmao. What's the T-minus on him coming out as Shauna

What a narc. That line about how he's cooming harder than he ever coomed before hit me like an absolute truck.

No. 1476391

God the narcissism
>"I'm sorry this has happened to you. It's a curse"
..a part of me always feels bad for contra (for being a mentally ill addict) but the part that resents him for his behavior towards women is much bigger
the endless reaching for something problematic in this children's book series will never not be entertaining to me. Although I've never read it myself seeing large hp displays in every bookshop makes me smile, knowing that their seething will literally never make a difference

No. 1476399

JK Rowling was demonized as terminally liberal for so long, too. And the "problematic" things she does do in the books were exceedingly normal at the time they were written.

No. 1476408

My bad, I guess I assumed he’d have better engagement than like 5% of watchers. Is that normal for YouTubers of his size?
I hope he keeps dropping subs, although I’m not too optimistic about it. It’s funny that it happened so soon after he was celebrating 400K.
>I came out publicly a year ago in front of the whole acting industry, my existing audience of over a million people, and the international press, instantly making headlines in multiple languages and trending on YouTube and Twitter.
Disgusting, I can literally hear him cooming with one hand and typing with the other. It really is all about the attention, isn’t it? He gets to pretend he isn’t a mediocre wealthy failson with a knockoff breadtube channel, no, he’s a brave and stunning actress overcoming all sorts of trials and tribulations to the applause of an international audience of adoring fans. How he can literally admit that his career and everything have been made so much better by being trans when trans people are supposed to be the most discriminated against, disadvantaged minority? The man puts on a dress and gets boosted to the stars, while far more famous and successful women like Ellen Page try to do the reverse and end up alone with a stagnating career and barely a couple pity articles to further the cause.

No. 1476434

Saged for no milk, but Sarah Z is currently doing a livestream with her co writer "Lady Emily" and this is the clearest case of a troon skinwalking the girl he's closest to. Will she ever see the light? Likely not

No. 1476444

File: 1647895564141.jpg (50.36 KB, 828x440, sarah z livestream.jpg)

How similar they are is actually kind of cute until you realize that it's because "Emily" is imitating Sarah in every way lmao

No. 1476477

>It brings me so much joy when strangers call me 'Miss' or 'Ma'am'
Kind of nitpicky, but we don't address women as Miss and Ma'am in the UK in adult life. If the NHS is so awful anyway, and you seem to be chatting more to Americans, why not just move to the States? Or is it about being top victim on Terf Island?

No. 1476483

File: 1647899132697.png (65.99 KB, 255x202, keke.png)

keking at the related article. its almost as if hontra paid the site to show it

No. 1476531

Fuck, I knew lady Emily wasn't a fuxking lady! The name and he even brought up Sarah in a video. I should've known, I guess the voice didn't sound so troonish smh.

No. 1476568

File: 1647907580285.jpg (70.4 KB, 1200x668, EmnE-bQXEAAAzw4.jpg)

Why is this rich fuck acting like NHS waiting times has anything to do with him? When he already paid for FFS out of pocket? Also, by "Muslim transwoman" he's referring to this specimen, right?

No. 1476571

Yeah that's his best friend lmao

No. 1476579

His best friend that he's never met irl (yet) yeah KEK

No. 1476584

File: 1647908395915.jpeg (223.19 KB, 1503x928, 9112716B-26A6-46C6-A1A8-92FBF9…)

Why not both?

No. 1476588

KEK ily nonnie

No. 1476739

>have to fill in a 45 page form
Oh, the horror! Truly we can never imagine the oppression Britbong trannies face

No. 1476750

"Wow Mr. Abigail, that quote from your friend about how being trans is just like being in an actual war was so beautiful and profound. Does he have any other quotes you'd like to share? Perhaps about his experience as a Muslim?"

No. 1477107

>Lesbianism came naturally to me

So I guess that bisexuality coming out video was just blatant attention whoring then lmao

No. 1477140

Same as Hontra lol.

No. 1477380

It's a shame that Swell Entertainment is so annoying, because the topics of her videos are always interresting. I cannot stand her ugly as sin face and horse teeth alongside her fake obnoxious laugh. The most annoying thing is how she always goes on rants about herself/her life/her dad randomly, which turns the initially interresting vid topic into deeply boring content. No Swell, no one wants to hear about how your desesperate ugly ass unironically is on tiktok for 5 minutes, shut the fuck up

No. 1477393

I hate her dry crunchy lips. I don't dislike her I just wish she'd put some lip chap/gloss on. It's all I can look at. I know it's a nitpick. She does go on tangents a lot. I was watching a video where she reviews some cube food or something, she kept going on and on about how uncomfortable it made her. I was like, damn okay I get it

No. 1477436

I like her as a chill youtuber who makes easy to digest low effort videos to watch in the background while I’m busy with other shit. Tbh I I usually don’t even look at the actual video so I’m not faced with her face and she does seem to think she’s quirkier than she is

No. 1477454

lol calm down

No. 1477470


No. 1477472

No. 1477540

I want to like her since I’d rather listen to women talk about dumb silly shit on YT than moids, but after she made a video defending that TikTok tranny dancing in what looked like a serial killer’s home, I realized she’s way too handmaideny for me.

No. 1478227

She's always given me NLOG vibes. Very uwu I'm different because I'm terminally online except when I go to cons where OTHER weird people hang out because I'm super weird n random guiiz! Also I'm bisexual but that doesn't matter because I never leave the house and meet and date people anyway I'm a total loner teehee

No. 1478686

Olly is a guest on the engineering disaster podcast that AliceAvizandum is a co-host of. "Alice" at least doesn't even try to do the falsetto so I can ignore his troonery to listen to the actual content but this episode is unbearable from the get go with Olly's grotesque AGP charade. His annoying fans will surely flock to this pod's fandom and make it even more unbearable which is a shame because I do find the commentary entertaining or interesting on occasion. One of the other two hosts gives me major chaser vibes and never has anything insightful to say though so maybe it's just time to let it go for me. Anyone else listen to this pod?

No. 1478992

Yeah I listen to it too, why the fuck is philosophy tube even on the podcast? How is their opinion relevent to an engingeering podcast?

No. 1479062

Oh, there's nothing a trans woman can't have an "expert opinion" on

No. 1483360

File: 1648381943879.jpeg (145.41 KB, 750x940, 70A5D5F0-E4A3-4BB6-85E6-395F9A…)

of course the freak has a period fetish!
not my screenshot and tweet deleted but the reply is still there https://twitter.com/nonstampnsc/status/762772663026667521

No. 1483678

why are you posting deleted tweets from 2016 like it's milk?

No. 1485525

File: 1648521312340.png (1.28 MB, 1080x296, Screenshot_20220328-223449.png)

He is obsessed with her.

No. 1485531

File: 1648521745886.png (385.1 KB, 1080x1156, sketch-1648463786470~2.png)

He's truly the worst scum of breadtube

No. 1485765

he's right about conservatives in the first tweet tbh. I see comments like that all the time by moids making fun of women's sports for simply existing. It's gratuitous sexism. It is hard to believe that people who are very open about seeing zero value in women's sports are genuinely concerned about female athletes

No. 1485771

Yes, the problem isn’t that he’s wrong about conservatards not caring about women, the problem is that he uses them as a shield so he never has to engage with the real arguments of people who do care and have always cared. I know not even every woman cares about womens sports, but plenty of us do, and we’re literally half the population. Only a moid could ignore that to pretend anyone who claims to care about women is lying.

No. 1485795

Yeah I was just illustrating how blatantly hypocritical he is and how often he condemns behavior on the right that he engages in himself. Vaush doesn't care any more about sexism than they do.

No. 1487873

probably because he started getting attracted to trans women and nb female and had to adjust his own labels not to offend anyone. Also, yeah, the brownie points didnt hurt

No. 1487990

Sarah Z's new video is really irritating to watch. People have mentioned before that she's always holding a mug, but the ridiculous gesticulating she makes with her free hand is fucking sending me.

I feel like if you handcuffed her, bitch would be rendered completely mute.

No. 1492687

File: 1649111865714.jpg (487.54 KB, 1348x282, iVONQB7.jpg)

How accurate is the stuff that Xiran says in her videos. Most youtube political essay videos aren't good but I can't help but feel as if I'm being lied to nowadays when I try watching any of them.

No. 1492875

who tf is watching a 5 hour analysis on some kids film (that will fade into obscurity ina few years)?

No. 1493057

i certainly haven't watched a whole lot but i do watch with my partner who is a huge chinese history buff (and whose family migrated from there) and he never has any corrections to her content, just little factoid additions sometimes. ymmv

No. 1493476

I'm tired of the queers crying about nothing, and I say this as a lesbian

No. 1495777

Noah Samsen's return to YouTube after the Vaush drama, he briefly covers the thing with Kat Blaque and Contrapoints as well. Waiting for someone to realize that they could save a lot of time on these videos by calling Vaush an egomaniacal retard and leaving it at that.

No. 1499369

File: 1649749583370.jpg (442.1 KB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_20220412_091453.jpg)

don't "cis" men like shaun ever get tired of caping so hard for trannies? when they're in the wrong and hurting women he never says anything (zero tweets about lia thomas, or the wi spa incident or anything else like that) but immediately jumps to their defense on anything else. spineless coward

No. 1499372

Shaun used to be so cool when he was starting out - my bff and I still quote his CinemaSins videos to this day, ideally in the broadest Scouse accent we can muster "Rest of the good guys running past random spot R2D2 just managed to wind up… Cliché? Wot deh fook is da'?"

Now if he isn't giving dumbass takes on Twitter he's barely disguising his thirst for girldick.

No wonder Jen left him.

No. 1499412

>rowling once said
That was before she received thousands upon thousands of death and rape threats from the same trans women who claim they "just want to pee", "just want to live normal lives", etc.

No. 1499527

samefag but I wanted to add that get the L out "stands against transgenderism" in the same way that trans people "stand against" actual lesbianism (female homosexuality). Like they're not just a random hate group that hates individual trans people for no reason, they formed as a reaction to a specific phenomenon in the lgbt community which was discriminatory towards them
same, I loved those videos! that's why I check his Twitter once in a while and I'm always disappointed

No. 1500048

File: 1649813859736.png (429.04 KB, 462x704, Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 6.34…)

I once saw her walking around her neighbourhood wearing that viral strawberry dress last summer, she was alone and looked sad, but that was probably me projecting. 500$ dress though

I probably would have said hello but I saw her on the street and I was on the bus, she lives in one of the statistically whitest and
most affluent neighbourhoods in Vancouver
(i hope that isn't doxxing lol)

No. 1500326

She posted some pics of her wearing that dress iirc, proving it's an ugly dress that only fits skinny people as it looked like ass on her.
I wouldnt say it's doxxing as anyone with half a brain could guess she's THAT type of white liberal (you know, the bisexual baby gay BLM4LIFE! who only dates old white dudes)

No. 1501320


That’s because she bought a rip off version that was $50 and not the original that was $500, so the tie ended up over her bust instead of under it (idk why all the dupes get the tie placement wrong). She was briefly attacked for buying a dupe on Twitter when she first got it (because fast fashion/ripping off designers?). I think she deleted the thread.

She recently bought a genuine Selkie dress, and those are expensive. (Also really unflattering to anyone, I don’t get the hype) She may have bought it used I guess, but it’s a step up from sketchy strawberry dress dupes for her.

No. 1501466

No, because many scrotes are covert AGPs. AGP is part-and-parcel of patriarchy. To turn everything female into a perpetual sexual fetish fantasy where everyone must submit to the coomerllusion or die is peak scrote. Shaun clearly feels like he owns lesbians.

Do you ever see women whining about TIFs being excluded from gay spaces? Women don't have a stake in the fantasy.

No. 1501511

Even if she did buy the original with the correct tie placement, that dress isn’t very flattering if you have a large bust like her and will end up looking weird and ill-fitting. The particular shade of red her hair is right now also washes her out and just adds to the dowdiness of her overall look.
I also just found out she’s only 23. That surprised me. Idk why but I thought she was older. She gives very strong millennial energy for a zoomer.
I agree with everyone wishing she’d ditch the mug running gag. She could just have it in the frame and take sips of it whenever she wants to make a point, but the whole sassy tea sip thing is a tired gag too. Maybe she could just make a cute little intro with pouring her drink into a mug in the beginning and leave it out while she’s speaking. It just stresses me out watching it slosh around and almost spill while she’s gesturing with it. Sage for all this autism, but it irritates me how easy it would be for her to improve her videos stylistically but she chooses not to.

No. 1502194

It was a dupe??? Ahahahhahah that's amazing, they all bitch and moan for supporting the arts and not supporting abusive business practices but now when they REAAAAAALLY want the new shiny shit everyone is "there's not ethical consumption under capitalism babe!" And orded straight from the sweatshop, huh

No. 1504552

File: 1650298625425.png (390.14 KB, 601x557, hasantweet.png)

Hasan called out for being a champagne socialist

No. 1504555

those are clearly Ukraine flag colours you fucking bigot

No. 1504557

I'm glad people are finally turning on him. Imagine spending $1k on an ugly shirt

No. 1504576

This dude is like if you ask someone to draw the stereotypcial "handsome bro", except he's not really attractive even though he is?
He just looks stuffed and generic. The type of handsome that's not even handsome anymore. It's not just his personality, either. I can't describe it. He's so fake, such a character.

No. 1504602

Agreed nona. He was almost legitimately hot for like 5 minutes in 2018 and now he's just fat and crusty in shirts and shoes that cost as much as my rent. He's washed up and fake as hell

No. 1504612

File: 1650304472731.png (869.07 KB, 946x2048, 1650304262181.png)

what's funny is that he's the furthest thing you could get from a "bro", he was a chubby video game obsessed porn addict in his youth, he just has enough self discipline to work out and stay fit and has a decent enough face that he appears as a "chad" in the leftist online community, its something I call the "nick mullen effect" in a leftist male space where 95% of men are well unfit beta males, the one semi-fit man would be considered a "chad" in that community

No. 1504811

I don't think it's so much that she comes off as older, but that she desperately wants to. She falls into this weird trend of zoomers who both want to seem cool/older and like they lived through dumb internet trends, but also keep their distance from the bad parts of older gens. There's nothing wrong with actually being 23 though so it just comes off as weird

No. 1505280

It's amazing what a bit of hair on the face can make a 3 into a solid 8. Men come equipped with such an unfair cheat lol

No. 1507715

Contra was rumored to be making a detrans video but she has unfortunately ODed. RIP

No. 1507751

Post proof moron

No. 1507776

File: 1650548010193.png (32.01 KB, 668x286, 3428905740357.PNG)

He was posting less than half a day ago about fixing something on the computer so unless something happened in the last 10 hours, anon is full of shit.

No. 1508145


I doubt this is true but a girl can dream

No. 1508256

>He tweeted 18 min ago
Crazy how he is haunting Twitter's servers.

No. 1510693

Is sarah Z dating some weird Mormon or did I imagine that?

No. 1510713

Kek idk but she fkin would

No. 1510726

I didn't know she was milky, I liked some of her videos. Tbh she always struck me as a boring person.

No. 1510729

I watched some of her videos but ended up unsubscribing. Nitpick but her laugh drove me up the wall. I think she tries too hard to be politically correct and always has to bring up race or sexuality or trannies.

This is my exact impression of her. She seems like the type to latch onto something and make it her personality for a week and then just move onto the next thing.

No. 1512250

File: 1650987566999.png (317.44 KB, 591x438, 1650913509654.png)

Any extra deets on Xiran "china wasn't homophobic until contacnt with white people" zhao, she seems like a huge potential cow, here what I know

>2nd generation chinese immigrant living in canada

>parents are super wealthy and apparently old money
>puts on a obnoxious faux accent in her vidoes
>wrote a cringy self-insert sci-fi novel thats a rip off generic mecha anime features her poly relationship
>they/them who presents herself as super feminine and gets offended if you dare "misgender" her
>speaks like she's an authority of chinese history and culture and makes claims about china being supportive of trans and gay people before the evil europeans came along
>a they/them who presents herself as super feminine and gets offended if you dare "misgender" her

No. 1512254

File: 1650987761175.jpg (448.43 KB, 849x2209, 1650883977337.jpg)

samefag here's her awkward sounding Wikipedia page and her dumb fan-casting of her novel(where its pretty apparent her mc is just an idealized version of herself)

>Xiran Jay Zhao is a Chinese-born Canadian author, internet personality, and cosplayer. Their[a] debut novel, Iron Widow, became a No. 1 New York Times Best Seller and won the 2021 BSFA Award for Best Book for Younger Readers.

>Zhao immigrated to British Columbia from a small town in China in grade five.[2] They are of Hui heritage on their father's side.[3] They would imagine stories growing up, but did not put any on paper until they were encouraged to at an anime convention when they were 15. They majored in health sciences with a focus on biochemical disease research at Simon Fraser University, graduating in 2020. They worked at a co-op before deciding an office job was not for them.[4]

she also makes cringy fandom memes about her own novel

No. 1512278

Describing respected female figures with coomerisms and attempting a world-first reclamation of footbinding as empowering. Patriarchy, watch out.

No. 1512294

>makes claims about china being supportive of trans
The emperor having a menagerie of eunuchs doesn't mean they were pro trans, Xiran

No. 1512327

fucking kek

What's funny is that Xiao Zhan got into a scandal last year because his fans went apeshit and basically attacked anyone writing Untamed/MZDS fics. He went completely silent on the matter too. Such a supporter and ally. What a crazy delusion bitch. I know it's always Chinese Canadians or Americans who are like this.

No. 1512345

Were these the stans that got AO3 blacklisted and had other fans absolutely go apeshit on Xiao Zhan and weibo?

No. 1512396

File: 1650998751120.jpg (11.13 KB, 200x179, 1628093290539.jpg)

while she's greatly exaggerating the level of toleration, open homosexual sexual activity and relationships did exist in China, thought they did not see themselves as members of some special gender but as men and women still.
Sleeping with the same sex is really more of a fetish in old China, cause at the end of the day these people saw themselves as men and women who later married the opposite gender as was expected of them. Only difference is that women were expected to be faithful while the man can go banging whores of either gender so long as he isnt consumed by sexual addicition to neglect his duties.

a lot of current homophobia in china society can be traced back to the cultural revolution which viewed male homosexuality as unnatural bourgeois decadence

No. 1512486

Where did you find out about her parents and their wealth?

No. 1513010

The upshot of saying "transgenderism was accepted back in the day in China" is that any girl who went through footbinding in Chinese history must have consented and approved of it, because if she didn't, why not just identify as a male?

I fucking hate these morons.

No. 1513446

This makes no sense, footbinding happens when you're a very young child. Consent is a non-issue if you're a four year-old.

No. 1513500

>looked at meme page
>she’s ripping off code geass of all things
If she’s gonna steal shit, at least steal from something good Christ.

No. 1513506

omg poor Godfrey Gao, like he died in such a sad way, and now I have to see his beautiful face being used for some random chick (and I know this type of second gen Chinese/E.Asian girl so well and know she want's to be white real bad, not race sperging but trust on the immense self hate she totally has, hence won't be surprised if she's only dated white guys,) Code Geass ripoff ffs

No. 1513541

I’m interested to see the code geass reference, because my impression from reading the free preview is that she’s also ripping off Evangelion and Darling in the franxx? admittedly I’ve never watched any of these but know enough via internet culture, so I had to think others are noticing too. If a normie like me can pick up on her plagiarized plot, how did this make it to a best seller? it’s embarrassing.

No. 1513566

File: 1651099024844.png (307.29 KB, 828x1792, 6704D247-067D-431A-91FB-A51F3F…)

How is she ripping off code geass? She states in her weeb summary everything she rips off and it looks more like darling in the franxx of anything

No. 1513664

Holy shit I genuinely cannot believe that was written by her to be a positive synopsis of the book. I thought this was someone taking the piss. Wow

No. 1513962

File: 1651139042511.jpg (692.25 KB, 1300x2042, jack-huang-smaller-taizong-com…)

a lot of other reviewers have pointed this out, but Xiran wu zetian is nothing like the historical empress wu, the real wu zetian was a backhanded manipulator who played the long game for years, even acting as a submissive meek woman while plotting against her enemies behind the scenes, but xiran's wu is a "no nonsense action girl who takes no shit from men" same with Li whose allegedly based on emperor taizong, he wasn't some "uwu himbo" he was a man of mostly turkic ancestry, a great administrator and pretty fucking brutal and violent when he needed to be

No. 1513982

This book isn't getting very good reviews because it's supposedly feminist and breaking stereotypes but it's actually just very violent (in 90's girl power way) and the main character is a Mary Sue whose flaws are supposed to make her look cool too. And all the other women are vapid bimbos and the main character constantly whines how much she dislikes other women while she acts as their savior.

No. 1514016

What else did you expect from a they/them

No. 1514027

This is so cringey wtf

No. 1514039

File: 1651152003358.png (169.05 KB, 617x665, Screenshot.png)

looked it up and your right, most of the top liked reviews are negative and most are pointing out similar complaint that despite the protagonist claiming to liberate all women, actively despises and belittles every female character she comes across and seems to hate her womanhood in general and considering zeitan is basically a self insert of xiran and xiran is a enbie, it kinda fits

No. 1514052

File: 1651152803061.jpeg (776.36 KB, 960x1352, 8EE2D730-3733-445D-90F7-976A9E…)

Her parents own a massive house in Vancouver BC and that speaks for itself. Xiran also owns a house there too. She takes a lot of her “cosplay” shoots around her parent’s house.

No. 1514069

Samefag. A lot of Chinese people that come to Canada but our properties as a offshore asset. It’s why a lot of Canadians are racist towards the Chinese. My family business is in a tourist town and we’ve had loads of Chinese people offer to pay millions of dollars in cash. In Vancouver this is no different because of them and the 2010 olympics the housing market has exploded. Average houses there are worth 500k and up. This is how you can assume Xiran comes from wealth.

No. 1514085

File: 1651154490785.png (907.84 KB, 1435x705, Juliette and Roma.png)

she's reading those violent delights written by one of her fellow rich chinese dispora friends, chloe gong, my absolute favorite detail about this book is despite the main plot being a retelling of romeo and juliet in 1920's Shanghai with a gang war allegory, the male love interest is a white russian guy, like omfg its utterly convoluted how she managed to put her preface for white dudes set in a story in 1920's china, this is what the protagonists are supposed to look like

No. 1514101

Why is it so cringy to see someone who's supposed to be a real writer picking out faceclaims and making memes about her own characters like a middle schooler? I feel like this alone makes it kind of obvious to me she's rich, like only the wealthy can be that old but still afford to act like a kid.

No. 1514186

It's called Hongcouver for a reason

No. 1514251

File: 1651166104303.png (193.68 KB, 511x250, whynot.png)

yeah seeing an author make memes of their own work is weird asf and a type of cringe you really didn't think possible, there's this fakeness to the whole thing but also cringly earnest as well

No. 1514310

File: 1651170564800.jpg (237.36 KB, 1713x559, as3.JPG)

Maybe it's because YA and MG fiction these days is only full of tropes anyway and it's rare to see any originality, but she really wants to describe her books as "this famous work but with Chinese characters".

No. 1514321

I suppose that does make her stuff easier to market, especially given her audience on social media. It just looks tacky and unprofessional as an author. Personally I’d only reference other works if I was specifically asked what other works inspired my own. Otherwise all your stuff is only gonna be viewed in comparison to something else more popular and better written. I don’t think she cares too much about her artistic credibility though

No. 1514337

Aside from the cringiness of making memes of your own damn book that no one other than your deluded fans give a fuck about, this is literally the plot of Darling in the Franxx. Could she make it any more obvious?

I bought the book secondhand for $5 after seeing someone mention it in MTF general (because she made a Tiktok saying TERFs hate it - not sure how she'd know that, it just sounds like a marketing scheme) just because I want to experience this utter disaster for myself.

No. 1516450

File: 1651354265311.jpg (192.6 KB, 960x1222, 001.jpg)

don't forget her insistence that JK Rowling was directly was responsible for the suicide of her TIF friend

No. 1516454

File: 1651354593214.jpg (169.55 KB, 960x1189, 002.jpg)

No. 1516463

>trans people are one of the most vuranable groups in society
They’re literally not though.

No. 1516514

>Men with enough money/stablitiy to hold a non-material belief which requires the investment of money and time and allows them to abuse women easier are the most oppressed members of society.
That's what they are saying

No. 1516794

File: 1651404657731.jpg (147.93 KB, 1080x1098, FHqn4OXWUAMx1Y1.jpg)

is moviebob considered part of breadtube ?

No. 1516828

only because of his weird obsession with lindsay ellis? but otherwise i don't really think so

No. 1516924

Anyone thin-skinned enough to kill themselves for taking a stand against a fucking children's book should've been closely monitored by friends and family. They'd have likely committed suicide over something else minor regardless of Rowling's tweets. To act like this is Rowling's fault at all is manipulation - she's not responsible for what every mentally ill teen does in the name of her franchise.

A normal person would either just ignore it, block and move on or close their Tumblr account at the absolute worst.

No. 1516944

File: 1651421166485.png (547.33 KB, 605x3252, nb_rant.png)

well here's her pretentious why I'm non-binary despite presenting 100% as female rant

>People are frequently confused to why I'm nonbinary even though I'm so "hyperfeminine." In honor of #PRIDE , lemme clear some things up.

>I've never felt a strong attachment to the label of Woman, or the concept of being gendered at all, before my nonbinary revelation, I only went along with it out of convenience, and I still do the same in circles that don't recognize Nonbinary as a thing you can be.

>"But gender roles aren't that rigid anymore! You can be a woman and still do XX!" some people say, but that's not the issue here. There are those who work hard to expand what the social construct of "woman" looks like and encompasses. I applaud their efforts and will always stand with them in solidarity, but it has nothing to do with how I just don't want to be a woman at all, while not wanting to be a man either. No matter how the label of "female" is expanded, I don't feel attached enough to it to squeeze myself in if I don't have to. It makes me much more comfortable to just reject gender labels altogether.
>Like most queer people, I've felt like this since I was a kid. It's not a phase. In elementary school, I would revolt any time the teacher split the class into boys and girls, demanding to join the boy team. I hated the very gendered English name my parents gave me, I was known as a "tomboy." In high school, I would pick male roles in drama and RP as a guy online. I wore a tux to prom. I wondered if I was trans, but no, I didn't really want to formally announce myself as a boy either. I just wanted to reject being labeled as Female, To me, me being nonbinary in itself is a challenge to what people associate as Female or Male. I don't believe that in order to be nonbinary, you have to distance yourself from all gender-associated aesthetics and present as a gray-clothed blob, Why must long hair, dramatic makeup, and outlandish clothes strictly label me as a woman? The pretty boys in Chinese historical dramas have flowing long hair and fabulous clothes, and no one questions their gender. If I could grow a beard, I would
>My ideal self in my head is 6'4, full bearded, muscular, and has no genitalia whatsoever. And I'd dress and do my makeup exactly the same. But I'm working with the body I've got, folks though I must also clarify that how I and other nonbinary folks feel should not be used to question how binary trans people feel. Some people don't experience gender in a fluid way. They feel strongly attached to a gender identity that isn't the one they were assigned to at birth and they would do anything to transition to it. The existence of nonbinary folks does NOT invalidate that. In fact, it's a similar struggle. I'm sure plenty of binary trans folks have been asked "why do you need to transition when you can be a man/woman and still be XXX?" No, they just don't want to be their birth-assigned gender at all. The difference between us and them is that we don't have a need to transition to another specific gender, while they do, All that being said, I'm personally very pragmatic about my gender identity, especially as a first gen immigrant who has to navigate two different societies. In an ideal world, I would be free from all gendered associations, but in this one, I recognize that I was socialized as a woman and am perceived as a woman by the vast majority of people. Female-centric issues affect me, and I will always be a feminist (though everyone should be a feminist anyway), Even though they/them pronouns are my most preferred ones and they give me a sense of peace, I don't strictly mind being called she/her in casual circumstances
>I don't correct people bc I've seen too many instances of them getting defensive like WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE THAT MORE CLEAR? WHY DON'T YOU HAVE IT IN BLINDING RED LETTERS ALL OVER YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA? HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHEN YOU HAVEN'T MADE A VIDEO EXPLAINING YOURSELF? And I just…don't want to deal with that. I appreciate those of you who stick up for me though. as for terms like Sis or Queen, I mind them even less, because to me, they're no different than calling someone Dude or Bro. So they're 100% okay to use for me. But again, how I feel about these gendered pronouns and terms is not necessarily how all nonbinary people feel. Please be mindful of this. Double check if you're not sure, and don't get so defensive or overly apologetic if you accidentally make a mistake.

calling it right now, she's gonna come at as a TIF by years end

No. 1516957

what resources? what campaign? the old lady just tweets about anti-trans news sometimes. she ain’t putting up billboards telling trannies that they’ll never be women.

No. 1516973

>I didn't like sexist shit imposed on me when I was a kid
>I don't want to be a man, I just don't wanna be a woman
Like… You're just a self-loathing woman. I get being a tomboy in elementary school, that's where gender roles start being imposed on you. She's not special for not liking being treated as a woman (therefore less) by society.

No. 1517014


I can definitely see that happening, but I also think there is just as likely a chance that she also goes back to she/they and then she/her pronouns kek. This is just NLOGery. I wouldn't be surprised if she used danmei as her source of pretty-boy coom instead of yaoi to help her construct her enby identity lol

No. 1517038

File: 1651428040387.png (948.39 KB, 1428x689, tall_beared_man.png)

>My ideal self in my head is 6'4, full bearded, muscular, and has no genitalia whatsoever. And I'd dress and do my makeup exactly the same. But I'm working with the body I've got
its interesting that her "ideal male self" is pretty white if you think about it, most chinese guys aren't 6 feet tall, let alone 6'4 and aren't known for their big beards either, her ideal self is way more common in the west

No. 1517064

>Instead of being the person to reclaim womanhood and try to erase the unfair gender roles by still identifying as a woman while not abiding to them, I will just seek to opt out of being a woman because I, too, believe that women are just objects made for sex and cooking and I don't want to be an object made for sex and cooking.

No. 1517094

I think so he spends so much time on Twitter ranting about breadtube type topics even though his content is mostly movie and game critique.

No. 1517132

"first-generation immigrant" Show us your parent's tax receipts. now. I hate when rich Vancouverites LARP as minorities and pretend they are victimized when in reality rich Asian people are essentially the dominant culture in Vancouver. There are real struggles for minorities in Vancouver but almost NONE of them apply to the rich minorities. I once had a half-Jewish friend whose father was a rich lawyer pretend that he was a victimized minority… the delusion… Rich people with any marginalized clout will jump and scream at the chance to point out how they are victims to avoid taking responsibility for real class issues

No. 1517139

obsessed with how "the spectrum" is just some Chinese girl with different makeup on. are they really that deluded to think that they are actually serving masc realness at all? Like even the one on the far right is literally just a woman with short hair? What's up with these nb people just completely being unable to actually recognize what masculine looks like? It's 4 femme looks…

No. 1517142

she literally looks nothing like this, armchair moment over here but this is just such intense body dysmorphia to actually pretend to be someone else in your mind's eye that looks NOTHING like you. Why cant they be content with being a typical-looking Asian man too? Such a weird hyper fetishization of male attributes to aspire to that are atypical for male Asian standards

No. 1517183

>I think so he spends so much time on Twitter ranting about breadtube type topics even though his content is mostly movie and game critique.
thats literally all of breadtube though, How many if any breadtubers have covered silicon valley censorship? How many breadtubers talk about foreign policy at all? The war in Afghanistan, The Iraqi Civil war, The actual nuisances of the refugee crisis
95% of breadtube's content is just dunking on dumb right-wingers and over analyzing meaningless pop culture

No. 1517313

Not according to modern trannies kek didn't you know 4 year olds can be transgender

No. 1517736

at 45:00 she mentions that her grandfather is a member of the CPC, so yeah its fair to see her family is likely loaded

No. 1517772

Worlds most melodramatic video

No. 1517778

File: 1651506890743.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg)

>bisexually lit troon smirk headshot
>2000's anti-bullying psa level thumbnail
>STOP SEXUALIZING US ITS NOT A FETISH WE ARENT A JOKE energy radiating from the title

No. 1517876

>Why must long hair, dramatic makeup, and outlandish clothes strictly label me as a woman? The pretty boys in Chinese historical dramas have flowing long hair and fabulous clothes, and no one questions their gender.
> In an ideal world, I would be free from all gendered associations
>Not realizing that this is terf and GC rhetoric
It's a bit better than the "I exist outside the binary because i'm super speshal <3" type of enbie. Also you'd think that since she's a first gen immigrant she would the nature of gender as something that is arbitrary (expectations from China vs Canada) while sex is only what matters at the end of the day right?
> I just wanted to reject being labeled as Female,
But I thought that sex and gender aren't the same, how can you reject a sex.
>My ideal self in my head is 6'4, full bearded, muscular, and has no genitalia whatsoever. And I'd dress and do my makeup exactly the same
If that's how she see's herself then why not look actually masc? Come on where is the fake beard? I agree that she's going to come out as a transman at some point but mostly because she see's herself as a tall bearded man

Every explanation of non-binary is truly retarded and just reveals how sexist and regressive a person truly is.

No. 1520333

This guy has a funny look. Like a school teacher with a dark secret that likes to put on the fake boobs and women's lingerie at home, but struggles to drop this asexual egghead teacher persona.

No. 1520975

late af but not only was it a dupe but she also got super defensive about it, saying that it was ok bc it was a "rich fashion house" getting ripped off so it didn't matter (lirika matoshi is an independent designer and not by any means a rich fashion house). completely showed her ass by disregarding concepts like artists rights and ethical production bc she just had to have the viral dress as cheap as possible.

No. 1521348

Thank you for the delicious food lol

No. 1522472

That's not what she said iirc.

I'm fairly sure her stated reason was that people would hate on her either way (if she got the real dress people would hate on her for having money to frivously spend on a $500 dress - even though $500 isn't that expensive for a designer dress honestly) so she figured she may as well get the shitty sheatshop-made aliexpress dupe which is… A weird conclusion.

I'd rather people make fun of me for being successful enough to afford a dress by an independent artist than for supporting sweatshop labor and art theft if I had the money and platform. With that said, I don't think she was telling the truth, I think she just didn't want to spend $500.

No. 1522631


I think this was partly it. Iirc her point was less "I would have gotten shit for it either way so I might as well get the cheap one" and more "I don't have $500 to spend on a dress and I would have gotten shit either way, so the criticism is dumb". I think there was some stuff in there about how any item of clothing that isn't thrifted or ridiculously expensive is probably made in a sweatshop anyway so it's hypocritical of random netizens to get ubermad about this particular dress for being made unethically. Which might be partly true, but at the same time… girl the dress went viral and there was a whole viral video out about why it was so expensive, of course everyone is going to take special notice of it.

No. 1522910

That's even worse, thank you for the even more delicious dessert to the scramptous meal

No. 1522911

I think you don't understand, mindless consumism is bad unless it's me then me impulse buying a hideous piece of clothing that will be embarassing come next month is actually self care. Hope it helps!

No. 1526627

Why are so many breadtubers canadian? I recently found out Olisunvia is from toronto. How are all of these college aged canadians making videos with the same vaguely anti-capitalist talking points.

No. 1526630

Samefag, forget to mention other canadian breatubers. Khadija Mbowe, Thoughtslime, sarah z etc. Most of them are non-binary too.

No. 1526780

Back in the anti-SJW days Canada was also producing a lot of the big players. Lauren Southern, Stephan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, Gavin McInnes, Steven Crowder, etc.

No. 1526841

Something in the water up there must be breeding retard libs. Funny they come from the same pit as >>1526780

No. 1526850

File: 1652378889996.png (75.35 KB, 185x185, durr.png)

let me guess she's comes from a well to do immagrant family like xiran and khadija and complains about white people all day and makes political videos with zero sources

No. 1526853

I think many Canadian cities are just cultureless voids, especially now with their housing prices lots of interesting people got forced out. This is what the people who still live there do now to occupy their time.

No. 1526897

No idea about her family but she's a philosophy student at university of toronto. Which means she could be "well to do" or just smart enough to get financial support. To give her credit, her videos sound more like someone's college essay put into video form than a twitter thread ala khadija and xiran. I get the feeling that her entire youtube channel is just one big portfolio to put on a resume.
CJ the X is another canadian breadtube enby, definitely a cultural thing
Canada producing all these intellectual cows menace to society.

No. 1526911

File: 1652382737664.jpg (225.69 KB, 1080x1370, HVyXLtp.jpg)

Samefag, her linkedin account screams overachiever. I don't get well to do vibes, she seems more like contrapoints who is a cow but has a genuine interest in sperging about capitalism and philosophy all day. I question Khadija as a breadtuber, i feel like khadija only has a youtube channel because her acting/broadway career isn't moving that much. Same with Xiran + Lindsey Ellis and their attempts at having a writing career.

No. 1526933

University of Toronto is essentially the most prestigious school in Canada and it really is a place of concentrated elitism. It’s a difficult school to get into by Canadian standards (meaning not up to par with American Ivy standards) and it’s mostly populated with rich people, especially rich Asian people. It specifically is known in Canada for its high suicide rate and prestige. The tuition is fairly reasonable but to get into the school you essentially need to be well educated and the public school system in Ontario and Canada in general is trash.

No. 1526939

As a young Canadian who goes to a high ranking school, this is the academic portfolio of the typical rich Asian student gunner. You cannot achieve any of these without rich parents. AP classes are also really rare in Canada, only rich schools usually get resources to actually teach AP, she also has no need based scholarships listed and considering her obvious outstanding accomplishments you would expect a poor student to receive a huge need based scholarship which is not totally uncommon in Canada

No. 1526949

when will this ugly ass makeup trend end? she looks so goofy. also talking really slow doesn't make you sound any smarter kek.

No. 1527795

not as much as xiran(who makes her entire identity about how the west and white people are awful compared to china) but she still does occasionally virtue signal, many times out of nowhere, for e.g in her video about the romanticize your life trend, she complains that the aesthetic is too "eurocentric" she legitimately asks her viewers at 7:46 why do they think starting their day with yoga and coffee or tea as an ideal start good day and not chinese three sister soul and tai-chi, why do read the works of Mark twain for a relaxing time and not Confucius, its such a legitimately bizarre statement, its cause most of these girls are living in western countries and are far more familiar with these aesthetic rather then a chinese ones

No. 1527832

identity politics and its consequences

No. 1527835

>reading Confucius
Does this retard even know the damage this asshole caused for women in eastern Asia? I'm not saying Mao was right or that I agree with his regime's ideas but fuck, Confucius was a blight on China

No. 1527847

I don't get how people like this can be considered Breadtube. It seems more bourgeois to waste time dissecting and arguing about social media aesthetics like "that girl" and "romanticize your life". This has nothing to do with the problems of working class people.

No. 1527863

These girls are NOT READING MARK TWAIN???????? I swear to god this is the weirdest straw man to make just to plug confusious

No. 1527873

And lindsey ellis spent her time dissecting Michael Bay movies and tropes. Very few of the people mentioned in this thread focus on leftism outside of trying to connect the problems they see to capitalism.

No. 1528084

Assuming that she didn't just namedropped the first chinese philosopher who came up in her mind just to sound cultured.

No. 1528791

File: 1652559618872.jpg (130.4 KB, 960x540, Confucianism Influences on Wom…)

some enlightened quotes from Confucius to start your day

>“An educated woman is like an educated cow”

>"Those who cannot be taught, cannot be instructed. These are women and eunuchs."
>"Women and low people(either referring to servants or non-chinese foreign salves) are difficult to deal with, If you are too friendly to them, they get out of hand, and if you keep your distance, they resent it
and also picrel

wow, truly he was ahead of his time, no one in the west could match the level of woke eastern knowledge of this superior chinese thinker, but for real its not just that he had Incel views, his writings went on too influence the whole of Chinese civilization and became the state ideology for over 2000 years, it also effected its neighboring states, Korea, Japan, Okinawa and Vietnam, tens of millions of women suffered the most absurd and extreme forms of misogyny cause of this man, a lot of societal issues in modern east asia are cause of his retarded views about how hierarchy in every facet of life is a good thing, the fact this idiot didn't do any research and mentioned him just offhandedly to give some dumb political take is insulting

No. 1528797

Let's face it, the Chinese are retards(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1528822

B-but ancient China was a utopia anon! They were all so progressive until the filthy whites arrived and ruined everything!!!

No. 1528823

is there a term for kids of immigrants who 'exotify' their parent's culture, stripping it away of its flaws? It's so weird

No. 1528856

Confucianists were uptight anal losers, fuck them.

No. 1529005

lol if a bunch of white girls on TikTok began their day with taichi and Confucian philosophy retards like her would be screaming cultural appropriation, shut the fuck up

No. 1529305

You're def onto something. Like a mix of orientalism/cultural appropriation (cus they've lived all their life in the west and all they have as authentic experience is 2 weeks per year visiting their rich relatives in the mother land) and a race card that protects them from other people pointing out they're talking out of their asses cus they technically ARE asian or african or whatever. Someone smarter than me should come up with a handy shorthand

No. 1529583

Diaspora cope?
Diaspora insecurity?

No. 1529619

I think they have a massive inferiority complex because they're rich and privileged and back home they're seen as a filthy foreigner. They want to be a special minority so they overcompensate to a ridiculous degree.

No. 1529821

Like cultural reductism, and also a mix of just straight up narcissism and ethno-nationalism

No. 1529825

I think it’s like a privilege thing too, you only see rich people trying to larp as oppressed with any race/religion card they can pull, I think they just need to reject their privilege to gain clout in leftist spaces so they try to amplify their one struggle to be special, it could be racial, a disability, gender identity, queerness that erases the fact that they are privileged

No. 1532392

It’s called being american.

No. 1532456

half of them are canadian and british

No. 1532531

typical anglosphere brainrot really

No. 1534422

yes yes yes. This fucking phenomenon is scary, everywhere, and constant. And it's usually asian kids or kids of immigrants whose parents became wealthy. You do not see this same kind of rhetoric from immigrant households who are still poor lol.

No. 1542846

We're taught in school to pride ourselves for being more intelligent and progressive than Americans it's a lame sort of patriotism.

No. 1543001

we got our annual contrapoints video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTRT794IQBg

No. 1543490

damn contra's face is looking more botched than ever

No. 1543918

File: 1653883514669.png (3.22 MB, 1759x991, 9340230.png)

He's so fugly now. He's bloated, has sausage lips because of fillers, and his chin has collapsed. He looks like a fat, old, ugly drag queen

No. 1543957

He sounds drugged out of his mind.

No. 1543974

Why does Contra have to be the only big name critiquing Helena's bullshit ex-lesbian story?

No. 1544040

I love it when trannies spend all that money on surgery to “pass” and then still start aging like men kek

No. 1544041

there’s a very noticeable scar on one of the corners his mouth which is possibly a result of lip filters/surgery. sad how he wanted to get rid of his cat anus mouth but ended up gaining sausage lips with a scar that can’t be hidden even with drag queen stage makeup

No. 1544042

oh my god he looks terrible, it's like some uncanny valley shit

No. 1544043

I hate the decently attractive man to fugly tranny pipeline

No. 1544083

Who's helena? I thought the character was supposed to mock preachy evangelists in general, didnt know it was a direct mock of someone

No. 1544232

Same anon and that's why it's hilarious that these delusional men spends thousands on surgeries that don't do shit. I guarantee that if you see him in person, he still looks like a straight up a man and you wouldn't be able to tell he had surgery.

And okay, even if the surgery does make them "pass" (which I still doubt since so many troons photo edit the hell out of their faces these days), the results are temporary, they're gonna age like men and not all of them are financially well off like Contrapoints so really it's just a waste of money.

No. 1544234

I feel like he's trying to look like Blaire White or rather, style his face after him. Funny thing is Blaire White doesn't "pass" in real life so Contra is setting himself up for failure as far as appearance goes.

Then again maybe they don't care because they live their lives online and don't have to interact with the real world all that often.

No. 1544307

File: 1653931763518.png (1.54 MB, 848x823, 1653864589183.png)

I see it

No. 1544326

His posture looks messed up to me, seems uncomfortable.

No. 1544381

File: 1653937598887.png (159.4 KB, 298x379, pre hontra.png)

yeah I hate to admit it but he was kinda good looking pre transition, now he looks like an abomination. Sad!

No. 1544494

File: 1653946306716.png (2.47 MB, 1334x750, 3D2BC511-8315-42FA-997B-EC98CB…)

im sick of seeing this picture. i think he was fresh out of his teens the time it was taken. now pic rel was just before he transitioned i think around his mid 20’s and he already looked 40 years old

No. 1544501

looks like Pete burns from dead or alive lol

No. 1544515

Olisunvia made a video on the difference between abortion and infanticide from a pro-choice perspective.

No. 1544516

File: 1653949691553.jpg (45.39 KB, 1197x259, V1mWGpE.jpg)

she liked a comment from "a uterus-having citizen who is pro-choice".

No. 1544525

File: 1653950749749.jpg (52.42 KB, 912x295, SGlSbdG.jpg)

did Khadija always have different people editing and researching for her videos or is did she hire them once she got more money?

No. 1544526

File: 1653950798885.jpg (279.12 KB, 1717x823, UPY2Jf0.jpg)

one of the people she hired

No. 1544527

File: 1653950839309.jpg (133.08 KB, 1410x835, Z39LPkD.jpg)

and she runs a podcast now.

No. 1544529


Sage for sperging, but the flaw in her arguments is that she assumes that men and women are equally as desperate for "love". The reason why women have such high standards these days is not because of capitalism or whatever other convenient scapegoat, its because there's no real incentive to date a guy who's just going to be passive and exist in your presence unless he is insanely attractive. Which, being real, most men aren't. Men seem to need women (see: incels, manosphere, gender ratios on dating apps) but outside of artificial limiting factors imposed onto us by men, women don't really need men (excluding the process of human reproduction). Each woman has different standards, but I think it's a given that if men expect women to be involved with them, that they make it worth their while. People are fundamentally self interested, and it is common knowledge that all relationships are, to some degree, a negotiation. Especially in the case of monogamous romantic partnerships, where women run higher risks and have more to lose by tying themselves down with a man. Once again, to each woman her own, and I definitely do agree that some of the FDS style doctrine is a bit extreme and leans towards trad bs, but it is a GOOD thing that women are learning to be more strategic in relationships, just as men always have.

No. 1544532

File: 1653951330053.jpg (47.08 KB, 826x423, Q99dE3h.jpg)

samefag again, no wonder canadian breadtubers all sound they same. they all work together kek. cj the x's co-reseacher also worked with khadija and..

No. 1544535

File: 1653951459206.jpg (144.77 KB, 895x736, bBjCDu2.jpg)

…all the people mentioned so far just did a collab video kek.

No. 1544668

i'm not watching this, what does contra have to say about helena?

No. 1544678

Helena is a notable female detransitioner who larps as trad and panders to conservatives now. She was even on FOX with Tucker Carlson about a month ago or so. She's talked about a lot in the detrans cows thread >>1414184

It's just a quick poke at Helena. The video is about a debate between Contra's self-insert character and an ex-lesbian fundamentalist Christian. The christian makes a throwaway comment about having started testosterone because she thought she was trans, but it's mostly a quick joke. She's very much written and treated as a self-hating lesbian by the narrative and other characters, and the detrans thing is not given any consideration. (So, either contra was literally just referencing the Helena thing because he's a bitter hon who resents detrans people, or contra thinks that it's normal for some lesbians to incorrectly think they're actually trans men.)

No. 1544772

Wealthy Anglo Born With Immigrant Parents Syndrome?
WABWIP Syndrome?

No. 1544818

I saw this video and couldn’t help but wonder…is this mia person trans or just an unfortunate looking woman? The face looks super masculine to me, but the voice is throwing me off. Either way their style of humor is pretty annoying imo and they seem like a huge kiss ass

No. 1544863

File: 1653994475815.jpeg (137.66 KB, 783x537, 95127A52-493C-4945-A425-33F0E3…)

Absolutely a man. He talks about it in one of his videos, but he generally tries to hide it.

During the interview with a trans man, he avoids referring to himself as cis or trans, which you'd think would be pretty relevant. He also doesn't pitch his voice up in it like he does in his newer vids, so it's a lot easier to hear the trannyvoice.

No. 1544869

File: 1653995426103.jpeg (231.77 KB, 1280x702, 77856B3D-D1DE-4FE4-8A33-61E4C7…)

I increased the contrast on a still from one of his older vids, and you can see the razor burn on his upper lip n shit lmfao.

He passes decently well through all the voice and visual filters, and I wouldn't have dug through his content to confirm some random farmer's suspicion if he wasn't such a stereotypical internet tranny. jfc, ditch the fishnet gloves and plastic choker, you retarded coomer. You're telling on yourself.

No. 1544931

how dare you

No. 1544966

Late, but in BC they're usually referred to as parachute kids. They get sent over by wealthy parents, don't make an effort to make any friends with people unless they are other chinese, live in a very expensive house all by themselves, get their degree and then head back to china. I knew an alberta couple who were pinoy and chinese respectively and the chinese girl's friends, the parachute kids, would always make fun of the pinoy boyfriend and consider him lesser and urge her to dump him.

No. 1544989

File: 1654010843076.jpeg (231.27 KB, 1174x876, 455F7FCA-2C50-410D-877F-A95A86…)

What’s the deal with Alice Caldwell-Kelly, beyond ruining a decent podcast?

I don’t understand how a Middle Class Brit can become a Scottish, Trans, Muslim, Socialist that also collects HSLD military and police patches and dresses in Red Army uniforms and nobody bats an eye. She applied to be a cop to “own the libs” because “wouldn’t it be funny to have a trans muslim arrest people”, and I’m at a loss here.

People seem to like her because of the engineering podcast, but I can’t put my finger on what’s rubbing me the wrong way here. Doesn’t seem like a committed leftist so much as a contrarian, but I can’t really put into words what’s motivating all this.

No. 1544992

Also, why do Breadtubers in particular all have expensive educations where they are perpetually in law/grad school? They never seem to complete their schooling after undergrad, but they’re always in it. Alice in a law school, and based on tweets, has been for a half decade.

No. 1545006

This smug bastard constantly bandies about their ridiculous amazon wishlist, made a gofundme because they dropped out of uni and gets multiple patreon donations from all the shitty podcasts they're on.

They appear to live on twitter and uses their scummy followers to dogpile any time any one asks them what the fuck they're doing. They don't stand for anything other than trying to get hollow laughs out of how witty they are.

Apparently doesn't wear their muslin cosplay when it's inconvenient, doesn't worship or even hang out with the muslim community.

No. 1545012

I was told she’s never attended a mosque and has nothing to do with the Muslim community in Glasgow.

I understand you only need to say the Shahada, Islam is in your heart, western countries consider religion to be a matter of private faith and not public practice etc., but.. spontaneous conversion to Islam and wearing the hijab implies a level of orthodoxy and commitment, does it not?

I’m loathe to question the sincerity someone’s religious conversion, but I’m puzzled by making so much of the aesthetic, and not seeming to live by the tenants.

No. 1545024

File: 1654013374579.jpg (78.87 KB, 1235x680, alice4.jpg)

The Muslim larping is a fetish, this tweet made it abundantly clear to me

No. 1545040


I guess the thing with Breadtube / the Twitter Left, is nobody can just say that, so now they’re brought on as Islam consultants for videos, used as the resident expert on Islam in the discourse, etc.

I think this is what prevents the online left from connecting to real people. The Emperor has no clothes in so many of these cases, and people outside of the DSA or whatever can plainly see that. Everything is taken as, or at least treated as, sincere and heartfelt, but to people on the outside, who don’t feel like these are their friends they need to stick up for, I don’t know, it’s not great .

I just feel like I’m taking crazy pills because - let’s use the lesser example - a clearly middle class English person calling themselves Scottish, and saying “as a Scot…” is off putting. It feels phoney and weird, and again, if someone claims to be Scottish and clearly isn’t, it comes across as strange that everyone just goes along with it.

No. 1545041

Because a lot of academics have arrested development in the sense that they're scared of leaving school and starting real life so they find ways to stay in school forever

No. 1545530

Sage for sperg but how much caffeine is Sarah Z putting in her tea? She was jittering like she's on adderall this entire video. I swear her movements get more stilted and buzzy with each video

No. 1545625

Her hair looks so crispy? Why?

No. 1545707

It's always the trans/genderspecial/queer Muslim converts. My friend knew a girl at uni who converted to Islam and straight away started infiltrating the Islamic students group demanding they become LGBT friendly.

No. 1545747

Wow amazing that women are criticized and scrutinized more than men. I wonder why.

No. 1545759

you're right, it's also weird how they're the ones who usually turn to islamic fundamentalism and go to Syria to join ISIS
I don't like her but at least she dunked on the depp/heard trial. Her vids are so long, I find them hard to watch even when the topic interests me

No. 1545771

I mean yeah it's the women who arent being left alone the most, with the veil ban on the gov side for one.
White women are used to complain in order to be heard, i can see how when converting and see how truly shit it is for you and other women the first instinct is to complain to the moon and back, while ppl who are born into it are costabstly pissed abt it but no one pays attention to them

No. 1545931

Maybe my experience is different to hers, but I feel like Sarah spouts a load of shit in this video. I remember Breaking Bad being popular way before it was picked up by Netflix, and Stranger Things is super culturally relevant even when it isn't airing a new season. I see merch of it literally everywhere all the time, and I've lived in both the US and UK so I doubt Canada is that much different in terms of pop culture interests.

No. 1545935

Yeah those sounded weird to me as well, i can believe maybe BB wasnt popular outside of the nerd bubble, but stranger things is like a supervulcano, invisible but costantly burning lol

No. 1546817

I like how everyone is having a discourse about white women, as if the topic of discussion isn't a fat troon moid.