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File: 1709292753068.jpeg (852.4 KB, 1242x1606, you will never be farmhand.jpe…)

No. 72411

No. 72415

I don't know what farms 2.0 is meant to be but I wish the admin would hurry up. Burn this mess down and start something else.

No. 72416

Its never gonna happen I bet

No. 72417

Quick question, can you report a couple of posts at the same time like check them and submit a reason on the last selected post?

No. 72418

No, the checkboxes are just for show

No. 72419

Yeah, check all the posts you want to report and then use the report box at the bottom of the page.
Honestly, I think they should add this to the info page cause I've been here for years and didn't realize you could report multiple posts at once until I asked here in /meta/.

No. 72420

That's embarrassing for you tbh. I don't think basic UI like this needs a FAQ entry, since when do we coddle to this degree?

No. 72422

In that case you might as well get rid of half of the info page anon.

No. 72423

Based threadpic kek

No. 72424

File: 1709319874394.png (326.08 KB, 670x241, lajwdlkajdl.png)

maybe OTT but this is a creepy banner to have with the controversy over the nymphs being, well, nymphs.

No. 72425

There's a self-admitted incel moid being retarded in /g/

No. 72427

who cares

No. 72428

It’s kind of retarded to have “man hate” implying banners when we can’t even man hate very hard

No. 72430

i love that banner

No. 72431


No. 72432

I have sperged about this banner before in an /ot/ thread. I genuinely do like this painting but it's made by a male artist and based on a myth from an extremely patriarchical society. Men don't even dislike the Hylas myth alot of them thinks it's hot so the banner doesn't work as a moid hate banner if that was the intention. If not then its a banner that is pretty for the sake of being pretty. There are other banners like that and not every banner needs to be cow or moid related but the other pretty/cozy banners have references to farming or board inside jokes so the Hylas banner sticks out like a sore thumb. I don't hate it but it does have a cc feel to it

No. 72433

You're so attention seeking.

No. 72434

can there be a thread for nigelposting? i'm so tired of seeing boyfriend posts on /ot/

No. 72435

There already is a Nigel thread >>>/g/113303 and if they want to complain about their Nigels there's already a relationship advice thread on /g/ too.

No. 72436

well can this be more heavily enforced as a rule? i want to alog some anons so bad, i don't know why women get so retarded when they date a man

No. 72437

No. 72438

I've been feeling the same way, I didn't used to mind before but lately I feel like we're getting soooo much more posting about obviously misogynistic "nigels" and then the anons will deflect every point anyone makes and turn themselves into a pretzel defending the moid that they themselves were just venting about because he's so awful. It's really obnoxious.

No. 72439

this. and let's be honest they'd probably get less generic advice in related threads so whether or not all of them agree it's a win-win. it's mostly a loss for baiters.

No. 72440

But can everyone stick to their own threads? The mommies the nigel-havers the husbandogirls everyone

No. 72453

>"man hate"
How anons here interpret this coomer banner as "manhate" somehow is some abstract next gen level of male centering pickme shit kek.

>Men don't even dislike the Hylas myth alot of them thinks it's hot
So the banner is about age old moid coomer representations of women seducing and fucking men, thanks for clearing that up anon. Man hate apparently means coomer representations of women seducing men to some here. Delusional. It fits right in with the man loving community here who're fooling themselves this banner is anything but, lel.

No. 72454

File: 1709370405527.jpg (110.47 KB, 799x593, 800px-Judith_Beheading_Holofer…)

Yeah wtf we should have something like picrel and also the threads

No. 72455

Retard emailfag posting personal info >>>/snow/1971646

No. 72456

Kek for real it's so funny that metafag has posted this image several times always with the same file name… He literally LIVES in /meta at this point it's creepy…

No. 72457

>people can't save images

No. 72458

File: 1709378428707.jpeg (379.18 KB, 1280x1556, IMG_0917.jpeg)

No, we should have picrel (by Artemisia Gentileschi) as a banner. Not that namby-pamby, shit excuse for a painting some moid did.

No. 72459

>crusty anime memes
> Radfems bad ! Mommy-posters bad ! Farmhands bad ! Husbandofags bad !

The metafag is the same meth-head troon who used to raid and post CP.
His posts should be deleted like Shaymin did and he should kill himself.

No. 72460

if it really was all one samefag your precious farmhands would have banned them by this point.

No. 72461

Kek I can only pray he kills himself via meth. Atp we need to ban VPNs and phone posting for a week or so to see how it influences the site and then determine the next moves. I post on my phone a lot too but atp it's obvious the private browser ban evasion method is too popular to contain the metafag retard.

No. 72462

All your posts are so obvious metafag can you just stop already.

No. 72463

what makes them obvious, someone disagreeing with you? btw why is it camping when "the camper" does it but not when you reply to everything?

No. 72464


No. 72465

Go smoke your meth and get off LC.

No. 72467

I love Artemisia Gentileschi, we should at least add this one

No. 72469

you make my life so fucking difficult

No. 72470

>hmmm people started clowning on me for calling everyone “the camper” and eventually stopped taking my bait
>I know, I will switch to “the metafag”…no one will suspect a thing!
Subterranean IQ levels displayed here

No. 72472

>Runs out of meth to smoke
>Hmmm guess I'll have to go camp on LC now and post retarded bait

No. 72473

Not just on here but also on /ot/, it's pathetic.

No. 72474

It's so weird he tries to roleplay being a variety of different characters but he's always so see through. A few days ago it was roleplaying being a totally real "mommy" and posting all this "mommyposting" bait to get people riled up about mothers now today it's all about "white women are the true evil and I'm totally not saying this just to be inflammatory" schtick but he's always the same annoying piece of shit baiter like always. I'm loving that more and more farmers are catching on to the fact it's all one retard trying to bait for attention.

No. 72475

File: 1709401510851.jpeg (256.8 KB, 1242x484, IMG_2001.jpeg)

He's still crying over the fact that his retarded bans thread didn't get the support he thought it would now he's trying to make it seem like anons are just saying "Idc" to everything and not just his bait.

No. 72476

???? This is my vent and has nothing to do with the bans thread wtf?

No. 72477

>Camping in /meta/ to see every post even after an hour of posting the bait vent.
Can you show us some examples of anons typing out "No one cares" or "Okay" from the recent confessions thread?

No. 72478

File: 1709402253169.png (185.08 KB, 1833x1112, Untitled.png)

For fucks sake here. I meant replies to these (first one was from the Snoop thread though, last is from bechdel test)

No. 72479

I'm not even asking for bana I just wanted to vent jesus christ

No. 72480

>Sometimes I worry that my ass cheeks are uneven and people notice!
>Nobody cares about your ass cheeks
Ah yes the horrible bullying of Lolcor I'm sorry you had to deal with this nona my apologies

No. 72481

File: 1709402906460.jpeg (828.47 KB, 1242x1932, IMG_2002.jpeg)

>Nigelposting "I can't find my own clitoris boo hoo!" bait.
>"We don't care!"
Oh how mean of anon to say that. It's so cruel. I think we need to have some sort of assembly to talk about bullying.

No. 72482

It pisses him off that he can't post CP or gore anymore since Cerbmin put more protection in place, so he's trying to sow discord between farmers.
He's convinced he's a master manipulator (not surprising coming from a guy delusional enough to believe he's a woman) but it's easy to see through his pathetic attempts to destabilize the site.
As long as he stayed confined in /meta with it was fine, but now he's spreading his shit all over /ot. That's why I suggest to delete his posts.

P.S: Go 41% troon. You will never be a farmhand nor a woman

No. 72483

100% agree with you. He thinks he is some kind of A-list actor or something with how many retarded characters he tries (yet fails) to play. It's always the same idea though: bait, infight, samefag, complain about "jannies," repeat.

No. 72484

File: 1709403418516.jpg (344.25 KB, 965x1559, Screenshot_20240302_191815_Sam…)

Morr from your stupid "Muh hateboner for Farmhands" thread

No. 72485

How many times do I have to tell you that I wasn't talking about that thread? Oh my god

No. 72486

I believe you, nona. Just ignore them. I've seen it in other threads and was wondering why the responses were so hostile bc it was popping up in threads that are normally chill. Just ignore them, it's the only option at the moment, I hope the farmhands do put a stop to this insane scrotefoiling though.

No. 72487

The master baiter and the nonas falling for her continued the topic of mpreg and fetishizing men through female terms. I reported a few posts that seemed suspect to me but feel free to check which ones are actually bait or not.

No. 72488

Purge/ban the fandom thread on /ot/ mods. its nothing but unintegrated twitterfags

No. 72489

Based. The first one was banned for infighting and they never learned to integrate and there's a new fight every week (and not just from baiters, but people sperging because something they like/don't like was talked about in a way they didn't like no matter how non-confrontational). It's the easiest thing to have an interest in and in the most commonly first visited board so newgfags flock to it.

No. 72491

baitception samefagception where the only one doing either of those things is the one who calls everyone a samefag methhead baiter. When they samefag, the tone is always so similar too, like
>omg i'm so glad other REAL AND TRUE farmers are catching onto The Camper/The Baiter/ The Metafag/ The Methhead! It's so crazy how he's posting in every thread all day long and makes up 90% of the posts on the site!
>btw the last 25 posts above me are all the metafag
I feel like this has to be the schizotranny because he's been (again, ironically, the projection) camped out here for like, what, almost a month now repeating the same psyop attempts just with rotated nicknames.

No. 72492

Seriously. Thanks for saying it, it’s so obvious. btw expect them to jump on you immediately after this

No. 72493

You're getting really pissed off about being called out for being a tranny baiting camper kek. Maybe 41%?

No. 72496

Third retry.
This seems like a scrote is trying to urge people to seek out the person's photos and tiktok

No. 72497

He gets murdered by them in some of the versions of the story. It is coomery though and written by men so I guess it sums up lc’s version of man hate pretty well kek

No. 72498

This, it could have been a decent thread, but every dicussion gets lost in a useless infight, sometimes the same infight that repeats over and over. It happens every week.

No. 72499

The meth head comment really seemed to affect him which lends more credence to this accusation

No. 72500

kek you were right anon. >>72493 >>72499

No. 72501

one of the banners submitted is literally a /jp/ meme but no one fucking cares about that i guess.

No. 72502

which one

No. 72503

What's with Dakota posters and attempting to keep her thread alive? It's the hair and complaining about her reposting her own paid work and now it's some girl who copies her style for a video of when Dakota did her dolly getup stuff from almost a decade ago. This thread is rancid.


No. 72504

>word salad
>all caps
>samefagging through his scrotoid tears
Your little gayop against farmhands and Cerbmin failed meth-troon, like everything else in your pathetic life. Pack it up and go 41%

The people who rag on Dakota are so strange to me, they're old enough to remember her haydays and yet continues to nitpick her every move.
If I was envious of her career in Japan as a baby weeb, I now realize how ridiculous I was and stopped participating in her threads.

On the other hand, she's one of our OG cows (although the real Ostrenga cow has always been Kiki…and Katie/Scott in a way) and I get why her thread remains open, for nostalgia sake.

May I suggest you stop reading her thread ?

No. 72505

do you seriously expect us to believe that this and >>72493 were posted by two different people? which "meth troon" are you even referring to? and why are you compulsively replying to everyone in this thread calling them "baiters" even though replying means the "bait" worked?

No. 72506

File: 1709454790031.jpg (84.13 KB, 420x382, 1682642119459.jpg)

They're probably referring to this troon.

No. 72507

Kek look at his creepy sad reply to your post… he's so pathetic. He got sooo pissed off when you id'd him as the meth troon he's malding about it going crazy now. I didn't even connect his baiting behaviours to the old meth head tranny of yore, you're wise for seeing the connection nonna.
YWNBAW. 41%.

No. 72508

I think her thread should have been locked ages ago. She does NOTHING milky and even if she does, she doesn't post about it. She's completely boring now and the thread is entirely sperging and tinfoiling about her sugaring for money or "not actually in Japan anymore guys!". She may have been interesting once but now she's just an old girl, time for her to be put out to pasture.

No. 72509


No. 72510

File: 1709455936498.jpg (584.47 KB, 1080x1915, UglyMethTroon.jpg)

You're not one of us. KYS

The pic you posted is far too flattering nonita, here's his ugly mug in all its meth glory kek.
What a cute woman uwu

That gross pedo also has a thread on KF :

No. 72511

Nta but the "get out of (insert board)" one.

No. 72512

spoiler this next time

No. 72513

Answer my question first. If everyone who disagrees with you is baiting, why are you taking the bait by replying?

No. 72515

someone should edit this banner with paul dano or john boyega kek

No. 72516

oh my god it's one stupid post. report it and move on.

No. 72517

That's one ugly tranny that will never be a mommy kek

No. 72518

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's taken note of the anon that's keeps infighting and accusing people of samefagging here. I couldn't tell if I was the crazy one or if it really was some schizo running around. I know they're relaxed with moderation here, but it literally feels like you can't post anything without them showing up so I really wish jannies would ban.

No. 72519

stop posting about him, you are literally giving him the attention he craves. Imagine how hard this faggot gets thinking about ragey farmers having screenshots of his face on their phones.

No. 72520

Imho the goal is to sow confusion and doubt among farmers. It’s gone on long enough that it’s completely transparent, like literal clockwork. The only way to stop this is to ignore the bait and post quality. But that’s a big ask as some anons are clueless to the ploys

No. 72521

scrote in the TIF thread

No. 72523

I agree. He’s currently trying to pull one over on everybody by accusing other people of being him and telling them to “41%” over and over, since that’s what we used to say to him. He thinks if he just starts calling everyone a “meth tranny” we’ll buy it, since similar insults were what made people discount him in the past. So btw, >>72506 has it flipped, and is either the schizotranny himself trying to accuse others of being him, or someone who is falling for his repetitive ramblings, just to pull a few:
(Countless more ITT, once you know the words he is currently fixated on you can pick them out easily)
TLDR; the schizotramny’s new gayops is accusing anyone who A) expressed discontent with moderation or B) recognizes him, as being him, since he’s seen in the past all it took for anons to start ignoring him was a “that’s the schizo tranny” so he’s trying a reverse UNO. I think the reason for A) btw is to try to prevent farmers from bringing up complaints, so that more people get dissatisfied with the site and leave. Or at least that’s my best guess, it’s difficult to understand the mind of a schizo tranny.

No. 72524

File: 1709490014331.png (136.17 KB, 387x620, 1659153512325.png)

No. 72526

>Imho the goal is to sow confusion and doubt among farmers.
This actually makes sense. I've noticed that poster has done a lot of defending for the jannies and fighting anons who make complaints. I think they're trying to make anons think it's farmhands defending themselves without their tag.

No. 72527

Anyone else think we should have a university general thread for people studying? If we don’t already have one. If anyone is interested I’ll make one

No. 72528

Anons assuming posters are mods is their own problem. Admin said no one posts without their tags.

No. 72529

Use the /ot/ catalogue.

No. 72530

Metafag responds to himself 4 times… SAD!

No. 72531

oh great now trump-chan is here

No. 72533

My post didn't even use the term "us". What the fuck are you on just to spam some troon? Dakota has a shitty thread. Take some meds.

I did and they got a ban rightfully. If you don't like anons using meta for its intended purposes, hide the thread, minimodfag.

No. 72534

I think you’re right. It almost worked on me before he leaned too hard into the troon accusations and I picked up on his word fixations.

No. 72536

because you're fucking annoying. "What's with Dakota posters?!"
>go to the thread
>it's one post
take some meds

No. 72537

Yet a few other anons agreed kek so I don't know what to tell you. Several posters seem to think she's a waste of space because she doesn't have milk anymore. The shitposters on the site are easy to spot since direct reporting always hits a nerve.

No. 72538

Okay baiter.
>Hurrrrrr durrrrr muh Dakota thread has bad post I need to complain about it in meta instead of reporting hurrrr I hate Dakota thread durrrrr.
We need to normalize using the report function and waiting some time for farmhands to respond to reports.

No. 72539

Getting mad over someone reporting the post in /meta/ though is probably the exact reaction they want. I don't see why the reporting in /meta/ is going to stop. Some anons do get so dramatic and angry over the reports though.

No. 72541

True but it's because some of the anons here act like children dobbing on eachother. You don't need to announce your reports every time you use the function and if you can't handle the time it takes for farmhands to see to them I don't know what to tell you.

No. 72542

Interest check for new pp thread

No. 72543

Ayrt, I'm truly sorry nonna, I tagged the wrong post.

No. 72544

I never seen anons report so frequently that it's an issue. Only people complaining that reports were brought to /meta/ at all. Other users are right that this is why this thread exists. If you weren't supposed to also bring reports here if you wanted to, farmhands would've said it. Sometimes the person running a board isn't active, so coming here alerts someone to mod whatever it is.

It's like logic alludes some farmers. Don't like seeing reports in /meta/ then maybe don't come to /meta/ just looking for a reason to be mad at other posters. If it weren't for the fact that /w/ spergs are always so aggressive, I'd say it was the troon in /meta/ just shitting up the replies to all reports. Most users on /w/ know that there's a lot of shitposting retards who like to complain when they get called out in /meta/ though. Exactly why anons bring the reports here.

No. 72545

Suggestion: All boards should have a request thread, pinned. That way farmhands can interact with certain thread requests instead of gauging interest in a small thread like in /meta/. There is the /pt/ thread, but that seems specifically reserved for /pt/ IMO.

Pinkpill, right?

No. 72546

There’s some ban evading scrote winging about his cut cock in the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 72547

Circumcised faggot is derailing unpopular opinions again. We need range IP bans plz.

No. 72548

I've never shitposted. "Waste of space" - she's a legacy cow. Her thread isn't going anywhere. If others here can't see how suspicious it is to want to close that thread instead of just moderate it, it's truly hopeless.

No. 72549

You have every right to post your reports here, until proven otherwise by Cerbmin, but you do tend to dramatize a bit (are you the same anon from the Taylor's thread and the now defunct J-vlogger one?)
If the thread was full of spam, CP or gore, I'd understand the urgency and need to get the mods' attention, but when it's a single silly post, it's a bit ridiculous.
I mean, you do you and I'm not trying to infight here but when you're overreacting like that you also have to expect the other nonnas to laugh at you a bit.

Also, asking for threads to be locked, especially those of OG cows is a bit silly. Stop reading the thread, like I did with the Dakota one, hide it and move on, it's not that hard.

No. 72551

I agree. I think /meta/ reporting should be saved for serious urgent matters like gore or CP. If it's just an infight, or a derail, or bait, it could just be reported and waiting. I get that sometimes derailers or baiters continue to do their retarded stuff for hours at a time, but coming to /meta/ just to report on stuff that's already been reported is a bit redundant and clogs threads.

No. 72558

legacy doesn't mean a cow can eventually expire. She is milkless. that's not some triumph to keep around.

No. 72560

No one even mentioned locking a thread or the dakota one specifically kek not every anon you don't like the opinion of is somehow related to a cow of yours or a board you frequent.

No. 72561

>Legacy does not mean a cow can eventually expire.
I'm glad you agree nonna with us nonna. Legacy means a cow can't eventually expire. You're right!

No. 72562

It is repeated over and over again by some anon(s). For example, >>72508

No. 72567

Why did you not spoiler this

No. 72570

>not every anon you don't like the opinion of is somehow related to a cow of yours or a board you frequent

I don't even read these threads, which I find deeply boring. I only note the presence of one or several anon(s) who whine in /meta every time someone posts something they don't like.
> Waaah someone says Tom is ugly!!! Nitpicking ! This is not milk, please ban this bad farmer immediately and lock the thread !

If you (general you) believe a cow to be milkless, why are you reading their thread/monitoring it like a hawk ? It's so weird.

No. 72573

Idk scrolling idly by and clicking through it once and noticing that there’s no milk doesn’t really mean you’re ’monitoring it like a hawk’. Plus it’s generally agreed that all the ‘legacy’ cows have been dry for years, their threads are just there because they’re legacy. I don’t really care about one unsaged post either but it’s a dead as hell thread like many on /w/.

No. 72575

Girl come on now PT is still giving us fresh milk on TikTok every day talking about her live-in poltergeist and her heel spur… We have to have faith that the milk will return. Revelation 22:12

No. 72577

But not my post.

No. 72579

Sounds like a bunch of newfags who don't remember how /w/ was ruined last year by a bunch of schizo posters editing belle and venus and posting constantly unsaged bait in other threads. It got 2 threads locked. Of course you see anons come here about complaints and they have at least 2 mods for the board.

No. 72580

how do you know there are 2 mods

No. 72581

Unless it's the meta mod doing the banning which in that case is probably still one mod, but I doubt it. There's most likely at least 2 per board. More for like /ot/.

No. 72582

yeah that makes sense, thanks.

No. 72588

the bmi personalityfag is at it again in the proana thread

No. 72589

I am once again reiterating, if multiple people are contributing to a discussion that is related to the overall thread, it’s not derailing. I wish you spergs could find it within yourselves to ignore a handful of posts that go against your personal beliefs rather than acting like obnoxious little hall monitors 24/7. If you wanna kill this site, go ahead. Make yourself even more socially isolated and disagreeable than you already are. The cow threads are dead anyway and the only ppl clinging to them and endlessly bitching about it are oldfags who think their longevity here overrules their overall autistic, mean spirited tendencies.
I mean, idk if I’d even qualify as an oldfag or not (been here since 2016), but even I think the moderation in the last few years has been absolute ass. I used to think the tranny janny/moid mod complaints were just radfem newfags being annoying but they’re being vindicated more and more each day with these retarded bans

No. 72591

Example or examples? You keep vague posting about this when no, not everything it's on topic just because anons can have a derailing or off topic convo. That's not a discussion worth a thread or posts.

No. 72594

Pretty sure she's talking about celebricows, the thread that simply needs to have a weekly race sperging "discussion" because otherwise the whole of lolcow will wither and die.

No. 72599

That shit isn't even a discussion

No. 72604

I'm just going to throw this out there: /dumb/. Just unhinged shitposting, dumbass shit, speculation, fanart, who cares. I was just browsing /shay/ and thought it had a fun vibe despite not caring about Shayna at all. If you can make /shay/ you can make this. Thank you.

No. 72606

>makes one lighthearted post and gets dozens of replies chimping out calling me ugly and a bitch etc because I dared to say women who treated me like shit as a child haven’t aged well
What the fuck is wrong with this site now jesus christ? I know I shouldn’t expect much from lolcow but there is some bitter, bitter, weird women on this site who I certainly wouldn’t like to come across irl and I swear it wasn’t this bad a few years ago. These are probably the anons calling themselves radfems too kek. Getting that triggered over an anonymous post which doesn’t regard themselves at all on an imageboard. Scary shit

No. 72607

/shay/ was an april fool's joke and shouldn't have been kept beyond that

No. 72608

seconding this. shaynafags get way too much leeway in general for things that aren't allowed on other cow boards and other off topic boards, i'm almost jealous of them

No. 72609

Kek you didn’t say anything about how badly they treated you, just that they were “Stacies” and you weren’t. And you posted it in the britbong thread so you could be uwu not like the other brits and aging gracefully(even though you’re barely 20)
You came across as extremely immature and unlikeable. Now you’ve been made fun of you’re bawwwing to the jannies about it. If they did bully you I’m not fucking surprised because you honestly suck.

No. 72610

The bong thread is just an excuse for anons to be racist, close it. Bongs dont deserve to have a thread

No. 72611

Then leave you insufferable newfag.

No. 72612

You intentionally go in there and bait and then cry about racism? Lolcow isn’t a hugbox. If you piss people off they’re going to piss you off back. The anons in that thread aren’t responsible for some moids pillaging India before they were born and they deserve to have a thread since women and children are being raped by immigrants every day.

No. 72613

File: 1709654743183.jpeg (204.5 KB, 975x515, IMG_6401.jpeg)

This is you talking about English women being raped by immigrants
>I’m not saying I agree with it, I’m saying you deserve it.
You’re just as filthy and depraved as your shitskin fathers and brothers and this is why we hate you.(racebait )

No. 72614

Kek i just checked and the anons in there sound like deranged scrotes, but that’s just giving them a copout for their racism

No. 72615

She was in there saying we deserve to be raped by migrants because of “colonisation”.

No. 72616

File: 1709655062089.jpeg (55.5 KB, 540x360, IMG_4105.jpeg)

just remember that every post of theirs you read, you’re talking to someone that probably looks like this

No. 72617

I read the thread myself and you’re purposely misconstruing the conversation to lie kek. Nice try though.

No. 72618

This lady looks average except for her teeth and expression.

No. 72619

Why won’t foreigners stop raping us then? If only we were more ugly and then maybe they wouldn’t.

No. 72620

DAMN bong nonnies look like THIS???

No. 72621

No. 72622

File: 1709655276736.jpeg (312.53 KB, 873x944, IMG_6402.jpeg)

You obviously can’t read well because this is what she was replying to.

No. 72623

Damn, if I had a drink for every time they say "shitskin"..

No. 72624

This is actually how I always imagined posters in that thread to look like, especially the teeth

No. 72625

b-but we’re the victims nonny! think about the rape victims in the new headlines! ignore the fact that i do nothing to personally support victims myself, being racist to random anons on lolcow is enough activism!

No. 72626

You guys are the ones coming across as newfags who stir shit in threads and bait for absolutely zero reason other than to ruin the site. Jannies hate people like you who cause infighting for no reason other than the fact that you’re bored. Stop ruining the fucking site you weirdos. If you’re over the age of 21 and are acting like this on imageboards and having aneurysms over nonchalant posts then you seriously need to reevaluate your life.

No. 72627

Kek same

No. 72628

Thats older lillee jean

No. 72629

Is there any way for admins to make an exception so we can make an art discord sever? not related to lolcow ofcourse. Anons were complaining about how it's impossible to find female-only art servers that aren't filled with TIFs. The /ic/ server was shilled on the art salt thread, but it allows men and has a MAGA right-wing scrote in it.

No. 72630

Semi related to what you guys are talking about but I do think too many racists have gotten comfortable on lc and mods arent harsh enough about it. Hiding behind “defending women and rape victims” just to say scrotelike racist shit to anons is pathetic honestly

No. 72631

People from multiple threads have made discord servers here

No. 72632

So the rule only applies to the friend finder thread?

No. 72633

It's very obviously one anon. She is distinctive. Everyone agrees she should be banned for racebait. Mass immigration of Muslim moids is not a banned topic however and is discussed in other threads. The Britbong thread is not an excuse or cover to be racist, anymore than any other thread that gets derailed is an excuse for something. You're all being ridiculous.

No. 72634

I don’t know, people there have advertised discords too iirc

No. 72636

Badly aged tinfoil milk being rebrought up a year later as infight bait in the Taylor thread

No. 72637

It’s not but every now and then you’ll get banned for it. Admins are retarded.

No. 72638

I'd be really glad if those anons would actually drive off retarded zoomers who can't deal with imageboards but unfortunately you're still here.

No. 72639

nta but most infighters tend to be zoomers as well

No. 72640

There wasn't even any infighting or overly hostile responses(or anyone calling her bitch) in the post she seems to be referring to, just anons lightly making fun of and pointing out contradictory larping >>>/ot/1911347 . OP could've just shut the fuck up and lurk more, but no, she's got to come here like a cliche entitled zooner and cry about farmers being meanies.

No. 72642

File: 1709704334617.jpeg (930.25 KB, 1156x1837, IMG_7371.jpeg)

This is a dumb ban in the Varg thread, imo. It isn’t mine, but the anon was explaining who BAP was, not espousing their own views.

No. 72643

That's complete racebait. Your opinion doesn't make this a discussion. Also 'rumor' without proof when this is an imageboard.

No. 72644

Scrote from meta trying in /snow/ to peddle his tinfoil again

No. 72647

1. Is racebait just ‘mention of race’ now?
2. Yes this is a gossip and rumor imageboard

No. 72648

How do you know that?

No. 72649

It's new world tinfoil. Get a grip.

No. 72650

the "you whores" moid is back in /ot/

No. 72651

I see how this post could go either way… give it the benefit of the doubt and it's just someone repeating some stuff they about BAP and they happened to mention race a lot because it's relevant to his whole schtick, sure. Or they actually believe everything they said. farmhands tend to lean towards "it's probably racebait, ban it" which honestly I agree with. don't let the /pol/tards get their foot in the door here, they pop up enough already and we're not here to casually discuss /pol/ conspiracies even if it is about a cow.

No. 72652


No. 72653

What’s with the authoritative tone? Someone asked in a thread about racists, what is the deal with this specifc racist, and an anon explained their world view and why Varg does not like them. I see zero evidence in that post that the anon is on BAP or Varg’s side. It just isn’t racebait to explain what the story is on infighting within racist Twitter circles.

No. 72654

Anon is citing “rumors” on /pol/ with no screencaps regarding his “jewish supremacist” ties. Without evidence, this does come across as racebaiting, even if it’s not being stated in bad faith like you said

No. 72655

Idiot trying to fight mods via posts in Venus's thread >>>/w/322231

No. 72656

That's your fault if you hear some random "authoritative tone" when pointing out anons being retards.

No. 72657

Why are smiley faces like (: or :( banned? I don't get why thats a problem? Is that a common rule for cc and lcf? This is more of a question than complaint, but if anyone could let me know, Id appreciate it.

No. 72659

File: 1709746631730.jpeg (62.5 KB, 579x222, IMG_0665.jpeg)

because emojis make someone’s typing style too easily identifiable, defeating the purpose of an anon IB. picrel from lolcow.farm/info

No. 72660

This turboautist fangirl in Taylor's thread will not stop whiteknighting and bringing up race

No. 72661

I just clicked on those and they aren't all the same anon. Must suck knowing her thread isn't a hivemind, huh?

No. 72662

If anything a mod should go into the Taylor thread and tell anons, like everything else they have to do, that any further discussion about communication or race in general will get a ban. It always leads to some sort of derailing or infighting and anons have been right that no proof about lack of understanding each other has ever been posted.

No. 72664

racebait in >>>/ot/1910247

No. 72666

GOD WILL A MOF PLEASE UNVAN ME, some ass got banned and must have been using a vpn because I hadn’t been on a few days and I can’t use this dn site on mobile FUCK! I can’t even see what I am writing help whatever did someone do to get a forever van? I checked a few days ago and still banned since then ugh maybe good thing as I am trying to limit my time here. Maybe blessing in disguise upside down curly wurly text can you check what this ip got banned for?

No. 72667

Curse farm cow.lol

No. 72669

Thanks anon, I didnt think it would be an identifier but I see the point.

No. 72670

File: 1709758090236.jpeg (385.41 KB, 689x696, IMG_0667.jpeg)

NTA but how is this racebaiting? This post didn’t start an infight and it was relevant to the conversation in the thread? Meanwhile anons are free to have pointless infights about Israel/Palestine in the unpopular opinions thread. Are we not allowed to have nuanced opinions? Put down the crack pipe, farmhands

No. 72671

Clear your cookies and then turn your phone off and then back on. Alternatively clear cookies and then put your phone on airplane mode for a while. Mods handing out permabans left and fucking right for dumbass shit.

No. 72672

Because some of this is false, that's why. Jfc, just an anon has an opinion about a race or religion, doesn't mean it's right. Especially when continuously refusing to post stats or anything to back it up.

No. 72673

Anon, what are you talking about? Firstly, what is false in that post? Secondly, since when are farmhands fact-checkers? Do you see the shit that gets posted here? So sorry one anon posted something that doesn’t fit your narrative.

No. 72674

can acussing anons of samefagging be a beaneable offense already? admins can easily tell who's samefagging and 99% of times its not true and just infighting bait

No. 72675

Yeah it’s the same shit as ”hi cow” or ”hi moid”.

No. 72676

Lost retard spamming about a troon in the anachan thread also holy kek

No. 72677

Because emojis are retarded and annoying

No. 72678

And the coquette thread

No. 72679

Somebody called the Department of Misinformation. Anon posted something I don't agree with

No. 72680

I think derailing is used in a really weird way here. Derailing seems to mean commenting on something posted on the thread that’s not the main topic rather than full on arguments about religion or rripfags like it does on other IBs. Especially if it’s one post with no replies, that’s not derailing.

No. 72682

/w/ mod continues to be total retard as usual. It's not "tinfoiling" when there's fucktons of proof.

Literally every video ever of them together is proof. Go somewhere else to defend and fangirl over her, that's not what this site is for.

No. 72684

Move on, you sound unhinged.

No. 72685

What is up with all the race discussion lately? Especially about Indians. I don't even disagree with anons but it feels like it's being spread across every single thread and very off topic most of the time.

No. 72686

I've been noticing this as well, I think it has something to do with recent posts in the News That Fucks You Up thread and anons are gettig riled up to post elsewhere. I don't disagree with it either but it's just weird.

No. 72687

The racebaiting all over /ot/ is just embarrassing. I’m assuming anons want to be edgy and exercise muh freedom of speech, but they’re acting like scrotes who would fit in perfectly on the fruitfarms. Unfortunately, retard jannies don’t know what actual racebait is, which doesn’t make the situation any better

No. 72688

Probably has something to do with pakichan.

No. 72689

I assume it's that one anon that was baiting in /meta/ for the longest time. First it was farmhands bad, then it was racebaiting in the black girls thread in /g/, then it was farmhands bad, then it was bans are bad, now it's back to racebaiting. I assume anon switches up the race to make it less obvious, but I imagine it's one anon posting racebait and then a bunch of idiot anons taking the bait.

No. 72690

Why do you assume it’s all one person?

No. 72691

Personally I think it’s Indian women venting, especially with the comments about how Indian women are funny and charming and smart unlike Indian moids (not that they’re wrong, it’s just a bit obvious).

No. 72692

Who doesn’t use emojis nowadays though? Like go through your own texts and see. I get the spirit of the thing trying to preserve old web culture but I don’t think it makes someone super identifiable. Especially when it’s like one colon closed parentheses. That said I find the skull emoji super annoying so idk

No. 72693

Then go text someone. This is lolcow.

No. 72694

Because it’s an imageboard, post an image to convey your feeling

No. 72695

Would admins do a Hex post reveal?

No. 72696

t. a zoomer

No. 72697

If I were a zoomer I would love the skull emoji but anyway my point is how identifiable is it? How is it different from avatarfagging? And everyone saying ‘imageboard’ but “:^)” (I swear to god if I get banned for this lmao) originated on 4chan. I think there’s a difference between emoji and emoticons which have been used on the internet pretty much forever.(don’t use emojis/ emoticons )

No. 72698

there isn't actually a difference one is just an upgrade of the other. japan invented the little pictures to represent the text based ones. also emoji is actually the original name for both the text based ones and the little image ones(western marketing made up the word emoticon and it actually used to refer to the image ones we call emojis now which you can see in caps of old msn messenger and aim) emoji of every kind including kaomoji used to be allowed on 4chan but they got banned to try to distinguish it from 2ch.
source: i am a haffu 45y/o programmer radfem dumbass

No. 72699

I know Lolcow has always had a strict "nothing gets deleted" rule but it's been proven time and time again that the site has actual bad faith actors constantly trying to cause infighting with purposefully mean spirited, snappy replies to mundane posts trying to bait infighting and I don't get why these posts shouldn't be removed altogether. When they're left there forever someone is going to bite the bait hours or even days later or the baiter ban evades and starts replying to their own post to continue it. Just remove them, I get the no-deletion rule in /snow/ and /pt/ threads but in /ot/, /g/ and /m/ literally nothing of value is lost if some stupid bait replies are nuked off the board.

No. 72700

The western emoticon style with the nose is at least as old as the 80s and most definitely did not originate on 4chan

No. 72701

Please let's not turn this into CC where your posts get deleted for no reason

No. 72702

Idk the colon F6 closed parantheses smiley as a way to troll people or be smug definitely did

No. 72703

It's better for transparency that things don't get deleted. There is always going to be bait. People need to stop taking the obvious baits.

No. 72704

Obvious bait and low quality infight posting already gets deleted every now and then but it's just really inconsistent and seems to depend on the farmhand.

No. 72705

>Like go through your own texts and see.
my socially retarded ass has literally texted people "Please don't send me emoticons." the very first time they use one in texts with me.
I have loosened up about it in recent years because I just can't be that socially retarded anymore. I might even send one, whatever. But I like that emoticons are banned here.

No. 72706


No. 72707

>"Please don't send me emoticons." the very first time they use one in texts with me
Please tell me you didn't actually do that

No. 72708

You've got ♥ kek. I think you raise a interesting point though. No anons have ever challenged ASCII art being considered a unicode emoticon/emoji for example.

No. 72709

I assume someone reported this post and the janny banned it because they determine bans without context. If so they need to be axed
Or the farmhands are incredibly childish

No. 72711

you didn't noticed the random posts deleted on /g/ recently? they didn't even sound baity (there were a couple in the men age like milk thread that was just mocking men who come up with excuses to look ugly for example)

No. 72712

samefag the posts were up for hours too so i'm pretty sure farmhands deleted them

No. 72713

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how can I read the Kiki threads if a lot of the archive links are dead? Are they on the wayback machine or anything?

No. 72714

can you make it so it's possible to copy paste pictures instead of picking them from files?

No. 72715

Lolcow does not have a strict “nothing gets deleted rule.” Farmhands do delete posts, but not too often luckily. Farmhands already hand out bans for retarded reasons because they have 0 reading comprehension, so normalizing that they delete instead of redtext is a terrible idea because it will hurt their accountability

No. 72718

Not sure where you think that rule is posted or ever said?

No. 72719

Idk where to post this but is there a thread for women in stem or should we make one? If so, on /ot/ right? Or would it be more appropriate for /g/?

No. 72720

Use the catalog

No. 72721

I did and I couldn’t locate any, though I could have sworn I’ve seen one before. I was just curious if anybody else had suggestions for which board would be better.

No. 72722

excellent bait 11/10

No. 72723

I absolutely did.
The joy I felt when I read the rules here for the first time and saw that emoticons were banned…. It’s great.

No. 72724

I don’t really care that they’re banned I just don’t think they’re identifying at all. They’re less identifying than using the same gif for every post you make so that reason is sus to me. And then they also allow the Unicode heart as you said which is functionally exactly the same thing so it doesn’t make sense

No. 72726

You're doing great farmhands

No. 72728

It's just old lolcow rules stuff. It's not deeper than that

No. 72729

uhh… they're not that old, they didn't used to be banned. less than three was used a lot. t. ancientfag

No. 72730

Is there any way to close this thread? Hololive scrotes always come here and bump it white knighting their queen. >>>/snow/1973754

No. 72731

Some anons are pseudo-identifiable no IP needed. Like paki-chan, cocksucker chan and Manifesto chan because of the content that they write and the way they convey it. Emoticons being banned isn't a means of perserving anonminity like you say; it's just the rules. I don't really see the point of highlighting specific text either like victim and triggered among other random miscellaneous terms used by the greater internet like you did with sus. It's just a point of difference I suppose. Character fagging may not be explicitly against the rules on most boards but personality fagging/namefagging takes away from this anonminity.

No. 72732

File: 1709882970028.png (36.14 KB, 1563x327, 5.PNG)

Well yeah I'm not saying it's a means of preserving anonymity, I'm saying that's the admin's logic for it. Personally don't see how saying thanks anon colon closed parentheses is that obnoxious. Agree with the rest of what you said.

No. 72734

Anon, go through the rules. This was also talked about last year. We are talking about smiley faces and the like. Don't pretend to be dumb.

No. 72735

If you want to be pedantic it's not even in the rules. And people did use smileys and stuff before. For the record I dont really care if they do ban them, but I dont understand their reasoning, because I don't think a few smileys are going to turn this place into the cocktober copypasta.

No. 72736

Emojis are ugly.

No. 72737

File: 1709889980799.jpeg (90.16 KB, 548x560, IMG_3556.jpeg)

No. 72739

if anons want to use emojis so bad can't they just post images of them to get around it

No. 72740

File: 1709897618500.png (13.2 KB, 240x240, agree.png)

Hear, hear!

No. 72741

shhh don't give them ideas…

No. 72743

This shit better get banned, because I once got banned for attaching a picture of an emoji kekkk

No. 72745

It's been banned since I started posting in 2015. So yeah, almost a decade. This isn't recent.

No. 72746

Why was only us anons that called out the whiteknight in Jill's/Pixielock's thread out banned but not the one whining over how unreasonable it is to expect anyone to walk out in barely 5cm snow? Were admin the one shaking in their boots over the mere thought of slipping?

No. 72747

is the dumbass shit finally no longer autosaged?

No. 72748

no, nonnas at /ot/ are doing illegal activities and should be reported to world goverment for their defiance of the powerful farmhands.

No. 72749

No, Cerbmin made it clear it will never happen and have ignored all the uproar about it. It doesn't seem they'll change their minds, and I doubt constantly trying to evade autosage will persuade them either. But who knows.

No. 72750

Because you idiots are nitpicking over who can and cant walk in certain weather based on your own opinions. Doesnt matter what the weather is, its still snowing and heading towards a blizzard. Not wanting to walk isnt a lazy thing on Jill's part, but because its fucking snowing. Get over yourself and the retarded derail, and then having the audacity to infight and sperg even harder about snow height?? You know exactly why you and othet anons got bans.

No. 72751

Unfortunately no because mods are gay autistic faggots who hate fun

No. 72752

There’s a raid going on across boards with a discord link being posted. I’ve been reporting, but I assume it’s a ban-evading bot

No. 72753

Weird discord link in multiple boards and repeat threads of dumbass shit

No. 72754

being miserable and locking or autosaging the threads isn’t going to do anything because everyone is going to continue to make new ones

No. 72760

And then those can get autosaged or immediately deleted depending on who made it and if famrhands even want the thread around anymore.

No. 72761

All you guys are doing is proving farmhands' point tbh

No. 72762

Explain, how?

No. 72763

DA but Cerbmin's rationale >>71239 was that Dumbass Shit anons (who almost exclusively post there) are unable to integrate and are adamant they shouldn't have to, go out of their way to ban evade, and are generally disruptive to the site. Repatedly trying to skirt around their decision, trying to turn other threads into Dumbass Shit 2 (like the Bechdel thread and Mundane Shit thread), and constantly complaining about it only prove their concerns right. Taking this confrontational approach is not going to make them suddely change their minds, no matter what you think about this decision.

No. 72764

If they almost exclusively post on one thread then how are they causing problems for the rest of the site?

No. 72765

Kek for real. I don't know why they're so upset about the autosage anyway! They can still use the thread they just have to press ctrl+f to find it! But also I don't think it's fair to say mundane shit and bechdel test are becoming the "new" dumbass thread. I like the mundane shit thread conversations.

No. 72766

We should have the 'no1curr' thread unlocked at the very least since discussions in there were civil and most of it cannot fit in any other thread.

No. 72767

I think red texting words like sus and the little redtext commentary are actually pretty funny as a deterrent because you can be as racist or whatever as you want, the post will still remain, and it won’t get downmemed or deleted.

No. 72772

I have an idea. Since the main nutritional value of the 'milk' is screencaps, have parallel threads that archive only the important caps. These will basically function as an archive of drama and keep the pristine referencing administration wants. While leaving the main threads available for fun, banter, and shitposting because it's not that serious at the end of the day. Jk we all know this is beyond their technical ability

No. 72774

>not that serious
>cries for weeks
>lolcow is not your hugbox

No. 72775

>Lolcow does not have a strict “nothing gets deleted rule.” Farmhands do delete posts, but not too often luckily. Farmhands already hand out bans for retarded reasons because they have 0 reading comprehension, so normalizing that they delete instead of redtext is a terrible idea because it will hurt their accountability
are you serious? i've seen random posts deleted for no reason, and i've never seen that in the last 6 or more years prior unless it was porn, doxxing, or pure harassment (like alogging someone).

No. 72776

i've watched it happen in real time in multiple threads this week

No. 72781

You're the faggot that got butthurt other anons called out your lie straight away. Move the fuck on. You desperately wanted to a-log jillybean, got wrecked and now you're here. Pathetic.


How to tell when you're talking to staff kek. That or one of the newfags pretending they've been here since 2020 BC

No. 72782

lazy samefagging - they were desperate for farmies for a long time so it is not really a surprise.

No. 72783

What fucking lie are you talking about? I only made one post about the snow and how it's not unreasonable to go out and walk in it if you are used to snow every year. That was my one and only contribution to the discussion.

No. 72784

that was obviously a joke dummy…

No. 72789

Hey so like when can we expect /img/ to become a thing?

No. 72792

I don't think they even acknowledged it as a suggestion. So not anytime soon, if ever.

No. 72793

So lolcow democracy is fake? Just like real life? It doesnt matter what the people want because the higher up will just ignore or silence you anyway?

No. 72794

File: 1709998338661.png (18.51 KB, 953x199, ban.png)

I'm that anon. In the farmhand's defense I was banned for another post for the same reason in the unpopular opinions thread. Neither ban for racebait makes much sense to me. I didn't use racial insults or post inflammatory opinions. Although I now realise that I misinterpreted the post I replied to in the unpopular opinions thread. That anon was talking about American politics not Africans being used as mercenaries. The ban in the unpopular opinions thread should have been for engaging with racebait, because in retrospect, that's literally what I did. The post in the tinfoil thread shouldn't have been redtexted at all because nothing I said is false or controversial and I didn't express a preference for either side.

I haven't seen the ban page as I use a VPN that works like a dynamic IP. The farmhand could have provided a better explanation in the ban message. It's not a big deal, farmhands get overwhelmed and shitty bans get handed out. I took a 48 hour break from posting and did other things.

No. 72795

File: 1709998663674.png (560.44 KB, 1125x1624, race bait.png)

I’m the banned anon in picrel and I don’t get why this post is considered racebait. I was making fun of Twitter tards, their lack of nuance and ahistorical knowledge of colonialism. I don’t really care about the ban, but just would like to know why it’s bait so I can avoid it in the future

No. 72796

I read it as satirical post but some of the more autistic deranged anons will latch onto that to create a 50 post long infight spanning 2 hours. It's like you set cheese down on the trap for the ravenous rat anons to sperg about racial politics. In the future, avoid making satirical or tongue-in-cheek comments about race so that nobody can accuse you of baiting. Sometimes we have to stoop to the autist's level to engage with them, aka we have to talk non-sarcastically and non-sardonically.

No. 72797

More bait.

No. 72798

This makes a lot of sense. I appreciate you, nona

No. 72804

Fucking /w/ mod shutting down a potential milk flood and punishing people for responding to it… we got hilarious milk from the last ex bf to come post on a Lori thread (Scott) and nobody was redtexted for it back then. Wtf. Let him tell us

No. 72806

It wasn't sage and was obviously fake. I highly doubt it is an actual male when anons post shit like this all the time in dead threads because shock value gets replies.

No. 72807

Scott's wasn't saged either, he was told to provide caps and he ended up doing so, proving it was him. Not even giving the potential milkanon the chance to post any proof and just immediately banning everyone who is encouraging it is stupid

No. 72808

It was bait. Deal with it.

No. 72809

Yeah I'm reporting all whiteknight accusations. This keeps shitting up the thread. >>>/w/322526 It's just a way to infight without actually infighting. Basically bait.

No. 72810

That is not Scott but most likely Luis (the moid who raped the disabled girl) if the timeline is correct. We normally do not ban moids if they bring in fresh milk with caps etc until they start personalityfagging and attentionwhoring as all typical moids eventually do.

That being said, calling lori a whore 20 years ago and talking about how hairy her asshole was (when she would of been underage to boot), is not milk.

No. 72811

Regarding the Lorena thing(I swear to god I'm not her) I think it would be better to delete her thread rather then risk potential legal action.

No. 72812

There is no legal action that would happen?

No. 72814

I understand why the Belle Delphine thread was closed but I think she should be moved to the ethot thread instead of the camgirls thread. She doesn't really cam and most of us don't want her there. There is really one anon that wants to discuss her.

No. 72815

Agreed. Anons said this previously so i dont know why the mods said to use camgirl. She isnt a camgirl, shes a porn thot from twitter. Camming is different.

No. 72822

If you don't want to hear it, then stop wking. Easy as that. This isn't a fansite to come defend your faves. Good to see a ban was given for wking finally

No. 72827

Neither deserved a ban. Ridiculous. The second one is a joke, the first is just plain true, and I wish it got more attention in the media.

No. 72832

So shitting up.threads with jokes instead of wojacks is not derailing? Get a grip.

No. 72833

No. 72835

The users don't really have much stake in the site lol we post, but we don't really get much say. We don't run the site.

No. 72836

File: 1710053586199.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1885, IMG_6449.jpeg)

Can we have the tradthot thread back? Isabella just had a ridiculously ugly baby.

No. 72837

If you're going to complain about a baby, I hope the thread never comes back. That is not milk in the least bit.

No. 72838

democracy kek. imageboards aren't known for having reasonable users

No. 72839

hahaha jesus christ it looks like a fat drunk lad. I do want the thread back but not for those reasons, lol.

No. 72840

>shitting up threads with jokes instead of wojacks is not derailing? Get a grip.
Anon wasn't banned for derailing. Didn't know jokes are banned on NuCow. Listen to yourself.

No. 72843

Absolutely NO jokes on #general

No. 72845

Can someone handle the homophobia derail in the Pixielocks thread

No. 72847

Can we please be notified if sillypoo is confirmed to have been posting about herself in the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 72848

Seconded, please farmhands!

No. 72849

this and can we have a sillypoo thread on like /w/ or something?

No. 72851

Based on the results of our investigation it does not appear that Silly or Poo were whiteknighting themselves in that thread, we have cleared that up in the thread itself as well.

No. 72855

We SHOULD thoughever

No. 72857

can you do something about the wk tho, shes shittng up art salt now too

No. 72860

Excellent moderation. I love conversing with nothing but actual children. Soooo fun.

No. 72861

I don't think the mods can stop the passage of time anon.

No. 72862

I 100% believe the sillypoo selfposting tinfoil. They've been whiteknighting over multiple threads nonstop for ages kek who else would care that much

No. 72864

Can jannies please lock the goldenspheres thread? Absolutely zero milk except for some schizo posting doxxes every 3-4 days

No. 72868

>>>/m/361654 schizo infighting to defend retard movie.

No. 72869

go back

No. 72870

Where does that come from and what the fuck is it supposed to mean kek?

No. 72871

There is a MASSIVE derail regarding poop (feces) in the funny screencaps thread on /ot/ farmhands PLEASE stop this madness I don't want to read about poop on Lolcow!

No. 72873

File: 1710156631815.jpeg (263.36 KB, 1242x2208, 2C4E160F-C6AF-4842-B336-7DB43A…)

I have no idea why I was banned. It lasted like a day but I'm seriously confused. i wasnt infighting or anything. unspecified reason, indefinitely, then reversed? anyone else experience this??

No. 72877

File: 1710169617319.jpg (614.5 KB, 1080x1843, 1000005714.jpg)

Just a quick question, how is discussing cringey cosplay antics derailing in the cringe cosplay thread? No one is infighting either. We don't have a cosplay general on /g/ to discuss cosplayers doing cringey unsafe things like using yaoi paddles on minors who cosplayed, all stemming from a twitter post about con safety. I usually don't complain about moderation, but this one makes no sense. It's the definition of on topic discussion. Anons are discussing safety due to this video abd about how in the 2000s it was definitely worse and not safe and current cons aren'tsage either due to reasons anons are explaining. >>>/w/322177

No. 72878

Derailing just means talking about anything more than ten degrees south of the immediate thread topic not days long arguments about abortion like it does on other places.

No. 72879

Samefag, but if this is that heavily nitpicked, it stems officially from a Hazbin Hotel issue in the community, so would it be safe to discuss con safety for the cosplaying youth and acting out bdsm HH scenes in that thread? Where can anons discuss this?

No. 72880

The board is slow, of course it would take a few days to rack up replies, but these were all in a day and aren't off the topic about cosplayers not taking their safety into account as minors acting out bdsm scenes for adults in photoshoots and on the con floor.

No. 72881

Someone has been spamming sillypoo comics in /m/ bc they're so talented uwu >>>/m/361713
pls do something about the whiteknighting it's getting stale

No. 72882

So funny that there was not a single whiteknight post for 10 hours once they seemed to have fucked off.

No. 72883

And spamming about them in the art thread. Can we get this vendettafag to isolate into one location, maybe their own thread? The milk is confusing anyway and now it seems like a single anon is trying to throw the cow anywhere they can.

No. 72884

Whokeeps bumping the golden sphere thread in /snow?
It's getting annoying, can it be locked or something?

No. 72886

>this vendettafag
kek nice try

No. 72887

Retard has returned to continue infighting almost immediately >>>/m/361694 , >>>/m/361699

No. 72889

File: 1710188520088.jpg (69.51 KB, 600x545, lolcorseriouz.jpg)

I know Farmhands' Secret.

No. 72890

Muslim derail in the fandom drama thread

No. 72894

Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person. Sorry your so disregulated a bad movie can send you into a retard spiral

No. 72895

Kek what are you talking about? You are literally doing exactly this by thinking everyone who shits on the film is the same person and starting a retard infight. This is projection.

No. 72905

minimodder in the art salt thread

No. 72907

Anon infighting in the movie thread because they purposely refused to watch movies and the book is better >>>/m/361954 Keywords: movie and thread. They don't belong there if they are just going to argue the book is better when it's not even a discussion about books.

No. 72908

They're two different anons, maybe people are tired of the incessant sperg

No. 72909

should be banned for bringing the book up in the first place. Don't bring it up and then seethe that someone should be banned for referring to the point you brought up.

No. 72911

Then why no the original poster should be banned? They started the derail and continued it until the argument failed.

No. 72914

My post was >>>/m/361950 and I did not bring up the book. Multiple anons are posting. Stop assuming everyone in the thread is the same person. I specifically say the movies lol

Saying "That's just the movie interp" of a movie the poster didn't even watch, in the movie thread, is the point. No one wants to hear about the book, we are discussing movies and the adaptations. Purposely refusing to discuss the movie comparisons because you didn't see any of the movies is not anyone's place to try and teach you about the movies. It's called being a lazy pos and just trying to infight for the sake of an argument in a thread that doesn't involve the book interpretations. It's very easy to see that anons are just baiting in the thread between the pedophilia derailing and saying fucking handicapped people is illegal as if they don't have a right to bodily autonomy.

If you don't want to watch the movies, that's fine, but don't bother posting in the thread and then using "But I didn't want the movie, hurr durr the book is better" as an argument.

No. 72915

Anon didn't specify movie, only after as a cope when it was pointed out they were wrong kek. They just brought up the general story, aka the book.

No. 72917

Someone is spamming multiple threads



No. 72919

But anons aren't wrong kek. He's a giant toddler with a temper who's scared of fire, can barely talk, and moves without rhyme in both film and book. Just pointing out the thread isn't a book focus, so don't tie me into this. Also, he is canonically mentally a child. If you've read the book, you'd know this since books are so important. Same premise as the movie and book Poor Things.

No. 72920

Not true at all for the book and probably the movie if it's a regular adaption. In the book he shows adult cognition and desires.

No. 72921

It is canon to Frankenstein. Please, I beg you, just shut up. You're only digging your hole deeper. He developes throughout the book through narrative. Also Emma Stone's character shows adult cognition to sexually want people of her own volition. I stg this is just proving anons complaining about the movie have no idea what they are talking about and are baiting in the thread.

No. 72923

>Poor things isn't paedo because it's basically Frankenstein
>but Frankenstein is a child (which is what Poor Things is apparently)?
This just undoes the original 'it's not paedo argument' if it's Frankenstein, and Frankenstein is a child, then you agree it's reasonable to think it's paedo.

No. 72924

You're reading into the new discovery trope way too hard. Let it go

No. 72925

>fucking handicapped people is illegal as if they don't have a right to bodily autonomy.
It depends on how mentally disabled they are.

No. 72926

The movie thread is just filled with this bait.

No. 72927

the world doesnt revolve around you

No. 72929

the anon who said that did say severe retards specifically though so she's not entirely wrong

No. 72930

The take is unhinged and is clearly bait.

No. 72931

it's literally the law…forget it

No. 72933

>wow i can’t fuck retards? BAIT
Submit yourself to an institution

No. 72934

You're the one going rabid in /meta/ kek

No. 72939

its slang originated on 4chan /qa/ and then used on the sharty

No. 72940

Don’t worry you look much stupider trying to rationalize having sex with invalids

No. 72941

Maybe you can make a big sign saying "NO POOR THINGS" and picket outside the movie theatres. That would probably leave more of an impact than screaming about it on /meta/

No. 72942

this is completely incoherent movies have nothing to do with fucking tards. This is real life anon kek.

No. 72944

All this unhinged ranting and samefagging all to defend some shitty pedo movie kek.

No. 72945

I wish more anons realized how overrun Pixielocks threads are with insufferable morons from Twitter and stopped engaging with them and continuing to derail every time a thread is made because they are retarded newfaggots that refuse to lurk, farmhands does an ok job but fuck I wish it was hellweek every week kek

No. 72947

>>>/m/362169 Fucking do something about the anon who won’t shut up about Poor Things and keeps derailing to start fights and then reporting anyone who responds. Why did you ban the person attempting contribute to the thread?

No. 72948

To be clear I’m talking about the fucking obvious anon who keeps stirring the pot and reporting instantly whenever anyone replies, I didn’t even like Poor Things but they’re posting constant retarded takes about how bad the movie is and anyone who disagrees with them is called a pedo and then reported. Why are you banning the responders and not the problem causer?

No. 72949

ain't part of this fight but it's obvious that the anon above them got banned for trying to restart the fight hours after it ended. it's also possible the other one got banned without a redtext.

No. 72950

File: 1710291438079.jpeg (593.61 KB, 917x1202, IMG_3578.jpeg)

I get slapped for “infighting” and the person saying “have fun getting gang raped” gets nothing?

No. 72952

You obviously never go to the thread because the Poor Things sperg continually brings up how other anons are pickmes or pedos or like rape for liking the movie

No. 72953

i already looked through it and it looked like the sperg stopped for a while then everyone moved on to some horror movie, until some other sperg bought it up again

No. 72954

They've been banned. Please report them when you see them.
Not sure what you're talking about since they've been banned as well. Next time please just report them and move on, no point in responding and just inciting more infighting.

No. 72956

Thank you, for gods sake the movies thread is one of my favorites and I’m so tired of that pearl clutching shit-stirrer.

No. 72957

File: 1710293985313.png (13.89 KB, 992x268, how when it's past the delete …)

How does the farmhand expect someone samefagging to delete a past 30-minute post?

No. 72958

>she doesn’t know how to time travel

No. 72959

The overt emotional fragility to really simple posts that has only become popular recently should be bannable. I don't mean regular infighting I mean the "omgggzzz how could you say that you're disgusting and misogynistic and a pervert" in response to an anon making a sugar daddy joke etc.

No. 72960

Why did uwu get a ban you faggots

No. 72961

It's never been legal. The only way to get it legalized is to put it in between quotations or agglutinate it with another word, example
>I'm tired of Jillian's "uwu" shit
>Wow this retard really thinks she's uwukawaiidesuu doesn't she?

No. 72962

this is a genuine question. Why is race-related discussion banned? I understand why using racial slurs or directly attacking anons for their race would be unproductive to the health of the board, but it was weird getting banned for racebait when I’ve said less polite, more inflammatory things on cow boards, but didn’t get banned because they didn’t relate to that one topic.

No. 72963

Cant mention anything race related but someone can say they will kill my child and that I should abort it lol.
I assume its just people reporting that gets mods attention, I find the comments made towards me funny so I dont bother reporting it.
If its just mods passing through and banning then I'm surprised that sort of talk doesnt get banned, not that I think they should be banned moreso that its interesting whats tolerated and whats not.

No. 72964

Nta but if you mean that post from the previous vent thread I'm pretty sure that was intended as a joke, from the way it was said

No. 72965

Its happened a few times but I agree that one was a joke, some were said with genuine malice but I still found it amusing. The mind boggles at what would compel someone to type that to someone lol

No. 72966

Because it always devolves into poltards posting racist memes and wojaks

No. 72967

Ayrt, has this actually happened? (I’m new to /ot/ from cow boards)

No. 72968

Can we get a poster count like on 4chan

No. 72969

No. 72970

lolcow is not 4chan

No. 72971

30 minutes hadn't passed, check the actual timestamps.

No. 72973

Anon it's like 16 second difference before it' 30 minutes lol This is really nitpicky at that point instead of assuming anon was playing safe and admitting to samefagging

No. 72974

so what, that’s not a reason to do or not do something. I just want a post count feature. I also want a Sage tick box like on CC even though we’re not CC.

No. 72975

What's up with the bans in the shayna thread? First someone was banned for creating a truly hilarious edit, >>1974844, and then for posting typical milk, >>1975693.

No. 72976

What’s the line between infighting and disagreement?

No. 72978

I think at this point we should just pack it in and close the unpopular opinions thread. It is honestly the worst thread for bait and infighting and I have no idea why it isn’t at least autosaged.

No. 72979

moid bait

No. 72981

File: 1710322373806.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.4 KB, 933x948, IMG_3450.jpeg)

so am I(don't reply to the scrote, just report and move on)

No. 72983

First of all, spoiler this shit. Second, Never use porn images when trying to upset a moid. They find shock images hilarious or even fap to it. He’s desperately seeking female interaction and rage. Just report and ignore the creatures.

No. 72984

I'm not a mod, take it up with them, jesus.

No. 72987

Stop posting this pornographic fetish image everywhere.

No. 72988

Lol you replied though

No. 72990

yeah to say that you or that anon didn't need to time travel to delete the useless post. Truth hurts I guess.

No. 72992

Unless you are also >>72971 I wasn't replying to >>72958 Way to out yourself

No. 72993

I'm not adding anything to this discussion but you did get got anon kek what a weak reply.

Whichever side farmhands agree with more.

No. 72994

Mods might want to just lock >>>/snow/1975862

No. 72996

right that’s why you type sage instead of clicking a button, because this is lolcow instead of crystal cafe. which is also why we don’t have a post counter. because this is lolcow and not 4chan. are you getting it yet, sped?

No. 72997

We shouldn’t have features just because other IBs use them?

No. 72998

What are you meaning by post counter?

No. 72999

File: 1710368034071.jpeg (50.24 KB, 849x148, IMG_3585.jpeg)

This thing

No. 73000

Moid in the photoshop cows thread in snow

No. 73001

Which thing? The 425/118/86/1?

No. 73002

Yes that thing, it shows unique posters in thread

No. 73003

Okay well to me it just looks like a bunch of gobbledygook why would I want that random sequence of numbers on my lolcor???

No. 73004

I’m on mobile rn but you hover over the numbers and it gives information like replies, unique posters in thread, image replies etc

No. 73005

I don’t want a post counter. It’s flawed. Also I don’t care if one farmer is posting a lot in one thread. Our threads are hundreds of posts long, it takes a month + to max them out, I don’t care if it’s only a few posters.

No. 73006

What’s flawed about it?

No. 73008

The council has spoken and we are against the matter. Please refrain from trying to convince us to be like 4chan.

No. 73009

Either a TiF or actual scrote is posting in >>>/ot/1923801

No. 73010

really yeah no, you shouldn’t expect moderation to make unnecessary changes to an imageboard that they can’t control to begin with

No. 73011

I hate that farmhands have to delete their posts because anons can't stop falling for the bait and reply.

No. 73012

Answer the question.

No. 73017

I hate how there will always be anons who just have to get their snarky comments in to look cool and based not realizing that replying to attention seekers is exactly what they come here for

No. 73019

agree, some of the niche community cow threads would get a lot more entertaining if we could see how small a discussion it was.
wdym? they have all the info for poster count on the backend, it’s only a matter of showing it

No. 73020

Genuinely asking how would knowing how many posters there are in a thread make it more entertaining?

No. 73021

because it’s retarded and will make the website look clunkier than it already does

No. 73022

Having to type sage is vastly preferred over having a button or checkbox for it because it serves as another hurdle in appearing integrated. Outsiders are more likely to stand out unsaged without any clues on the posting form.

No. 73023

Just sounds like anons want a poster counter to infight if theres samefagging. This is such aretarded idea. It doesn't matter how many people are in a thread. Farmhands tell us if its important.

No. 73024

It just would be interesting to see? Might cut down on all the Samefagging accusations as well. Though the threads are super slow so maybe yous would be better.

It’s like… 20 characters anon.

No. 73025

Post proof. Lolcow does not do that.

No. 73026

I would like to have this much faith in a higher power tbh

No. 73027

Yeah I know, I was replying to the person who wanted to know what the numbers meant in my screencap?

No. 73029

20 chartacters of gobbledygook for no reason? It would ruin the entire feng shui of the webpage I can tell you have no idea about numerology…
Your screen cap was a bunch of mumbo jumbo it doesnt make any sense stop being weird its honestly creepy

No. 73030

nta but are you being retarded on purpose

No. 73031

>>>/m/362467 pointless infighting in sexism in video games thread over differing opinions.

No. 73032

It’s just a poster counter, you hover over the numbers for more information. I posted a cap cause I can’t hover on mobile. How am I being creepy, are you okay?

No. 73033

Feng shui isn't retarded it's scientific pick up a book

No. 73034

20 characters is a generous underestimation

No. 73035

Count it yourself, even if there’s 3 digits for each parameter (unlikely) it would be 000 / 000 / 000 / 000 which is 21 characters.

No. 73036

So you admit you lied so now why would we trust anything you say youre so bad at baiting youre retarded

No. 73038

I’m sorry for deceiving everyone by estimating it was 20 characters when it was actually 21, may God have mercy on my soul.

No. 73039

He wont dont bring the Lord into this I bet you havent even read the bible and you probably dont attend regular mass or recieve eucharist so why would the Lord have mercy on you when you are just a baiter and you lie about simple shit how hard was it to say 21 the first time instead of saying 20 thats indicative of a much deeper and darker problem that you have I dont even want to know the depth of your deprevaity please just accept that nobody here thinks your idea is good every one agrees that its a bad idea except you because you are trying to poison our hearts and our minds with your ramblings and its creepy and wrong and it doesnt belong on here at all you probably did the type 20 instead of 20 because deep down you knew the numerological associations of both and we both know what 21 signifies you cant trick me Im untrickable so get bent

No. 73040

Meds, now.

No. 73041

I knew this was warrior of darkness anon. Please take your meds again like last time.

No. 73043

File: 1710391107619.png (320.35 KB, 1068x603, education for the blind.png)

We have to be careful these days there are too many dark forces at play here on the world wide web and we cannot allow the last refuge for us to fall to the wicked please listen to me and think critically about what's going on here for our sake we have to protect this place it's very important that this ib stays functioning for the eons to come reference the diagram I've uploaded for further proof

No. 73044

Damn. I was hoping you were a real schizophrenic but you’re trying way too hard. Embarrassing.

No. 73045

Nice try baiter we don't believe you

No. 73046

We need a poster count on the voices in this anon’s head

No. 73047

Nah it’s too like… idk put-on. It’s very try hard. Like a teenagers impression of a real ebin schizophrenic.

No. 73048

How is anything I said schizophrenic I'm literally telling you all about the numerological associations of the numbers that were posted and how they relate to what's going on here if you dont want to believe it fine be blind thats why I titled the png file education for the blind because I knew you were going to try and lead people astray but fine do whatever you need to do call me schizophrenic and then call me not schizophrenic I dont care what I care about is making sure theres no godless poster count installed on this website.

No. 73049

Jesus Christ retard the original image had 17 characters so technically it wasn’t 20 OR 21. 20 was a guess, 21 is how many there would be HYPOTHETICALLY if all entries were at max.

No. 73050

Okay well Im not gonna do another png file for 17 because that one is too obvious either way your idea is stupid and I dont like it at all so what are we gonna do here how are we going to resolve this personally I think you should just accept that nobody wants a poster count and live with it it was okay to bring it up the first time but once other anons said no to it that should have been the end of story so what is your end goal for this?

No. 73051

The death of Dumbass Shit and its consequences

No. 73052

I'm fucking anti dumbass shit I hate that fucking thread is it not obvious that the people ranting about wanting dumbass shit back are the same ones that want a poster count to make this website more like 4chan??? They are insidious and theyre trying to tear us apart but it wont be working. Its like Im talking to a pile of bricks Im done goodnight

No. 73053

My idea was: have a poster count or (you)s. That’s my end goal. It probably won’t get implemented because it’s above the technical ability of the admin, but I thought I’d suggest it anyway. Your arguments against it so far have been that it will ruin the feng shui and that it’s godless. Idk.

No. 73054

Okay sorry if I came off rude originally it was just very suspicious to me the way you were conducting yourself by lying off the bat and trying to implement 4chanesque methods on this site. You can try and deny the numerological charges but it wont work with me maybe some other anons will believe it but I dont. Either way I dont think the poster count should be implemented. My suggestion is that we keep the poster count not here and far away. It will clutter the webpage and create a lot of strangeness for users and it wont be user friendly.

No. 73055

How come you never use a comma, is that only for demons?

No. 73056

No its because Im posting on my phone with text to speech I dont want to get up to turn on the light

No. 73057

Why do you keep accusing me of lying, it was an estimate based on a thumbnail image that was higher than the actual number in the screen cap, not lower. 21 is the theoretical cap. And also if hovering over something is too user unfriendly idk what to say.

No. 73059

>text to speech

No. 73060

Fujo trying to start infight in fandom thread >>>/ot/1924334

No. 73061

I would like one too, though as long as VPNs are allowed it's pretty much useless kek

No. 73064

No post counts or anything else that will allow a terminally online schizo to have any semblance of an ego and start referring to their gay post count and fuck could you imagine the pure cancer of infights. Fuck that. No thank you. Too many trolls as their is let's not give them identifiers

No. 73065

Wdym it doesn’t identify individual peoples post count. It identifies unique users in the thread, how could it give someone an ego?

No. 73066

You said "niche community cow threads would get a lot more entertaining" so I was just wondering how. It being interesting doesn't sound a lot more entertaining.

No. 73067

That wasn’t me, I said it was interesting, not entertaining. It’s just something I’d like to see, I can’t see it making things more boring at the very least lol.

No. 73069

I think you are confusing poster counts (a number next to the number of posts in a thread that tells how many unique IPs have posted in the thread) with poster IDs that are spesific visible IDs every poster in a thread has, which are used in 4chan /int/ and Finnish Ylilauta iirc?

No. 73070

Actually I only now realized we don't have post counts either, I would not be opposed to having those

No. 73071

Then why did you respond like it was your post? Kek

No. 73072

Because you tagged me? Kek

No. 73073

Nah leave the post counts etc as is. If cows want to selfpost and later get outted let it be

No. 73074

Because you replied to my post >>73020 like you were the anon I was responding to

No. 73075

How are these things related?

No. 73076

I think people straight up just don’t know what poster counts even are.

No. 73077

is it possible to rein in the homophobe-chans in /ot/ before this place becomes tradthot central pls

No. 73078

File: 1710425275810.jpeg (157.86 KB, 1178x779, IMG_0736.jpeg)

Just wanted to bring to farmhands’ attention that lc was name dropped multiple times on twitter as the “female 4chan” yesterday, which may be why we’ve been seeing an influx of scrotes and baiters

No. 73079

What posts are you referring to?

No. 73080

can't have shit in this town

No. 73082

I love how nobody is demanding a new pro ana scumbags thread. We all know that the milk has well and truly curdled and there nothing left to discuss anymore aside from anons comparing their own BMI to the cows. RIP pro ana scumbags it was good while it lasted. Funny how Ashley Isaacs has outlived it.

No. 73083

The only kind of homophobia we should police here is lesbophobia and biphobia directed at women. Faggots can all go to hell.

No. 73088

Nta but the way some anons talk about faggotery as something unnatural makes me feel uncomfortable as a lesbian even if they say they’re only talking about scrotes. I recognise tradfoiling is the new scrotefoiling but it does make me think certain types of women just come here so they can bitch about the lgb(t), which is fine to some degree, I guess.

No. 73089

No wonder we are getting handmaiden posts in the unpopular opinions thread and fandom discourse having a retard saying gay men are better than women

No. 73090

When it's obviously bait though, we know exactly what they are doing. Random radfem posts always stand out when the topic has nothing to do with it. Coming here looking to get angry isn't a reason to come here.

No. 73091

yeah, given that anons make negative generalizations about every other ethnic group, sexual orientation, hobby group, etc, lesbians need to accept that will happen to us as well. if those anons perceive that we’re some kind of sacred cow on this site (which tbh a couple of different groups are) they will start to genuinely hate us instead of just trolling.

No. 73092

was supposed to be a reply to >>73088

No. 73093

Can we have dumbass shit back now it’s been like a month we’ve been good let us out

No. 73094

You have been anything but good. You have actually shat up the entire /ot/ board with big huge turds and it sucks. I hope dumbass shit never comes back ever until I'm in the cold dark ground.

No. 73095

No. 73096

You can tell when it's been said just to incite anons.

No. 73097

you're part of the problem
lol exactly. i don't mind edgy jokes or w/e but the level of sheer raging hatred for homosexuals specifically is unhinged

No. 73099

Same here. I feel similarly when anons try to pretend their racism is magically only limited to men. I don't mind edgy jokes and I don't know what a good solution is, but it's pretty obvious there are anons here who are sincerely homophobic and think no one will be able to tell if they pretend it's just a man hate thing.

No. 73101

File: 1710443980328.png (135.39 KB, 800x385, Screenshot_20240314-201710.png)

The irony of redtexting this as infighting for pointing out the antifujo thread is not supposed to be used as a collection of caps for lost infights from other threads. I'm not even the anon who got banned but the ban is retarded and she is right.

No. 73102

If this is true then it’s more proof that there’s a lot of young zoomers here

No. 73103

>Infights instead of reporting

No. 73104

What is she supposed to report, the entire thread? It's essentially used to gossip about other posters from different threads at this point (aka infighting) instead of screencaps from actual fujocringe. And god knows there's plenty and much more milk of that outside of lolcow.

No. 73105

Nta but milk is milk and it doesn't matter where it comes from. It just happens that fujo anons make cringe posts.

No. 73106

Homophobia against gay men is alright cause that shits disgusting, no one here has power to take away their rights.

No. 73107

Isn't the snow yaoi thread the exact same thing though?

No. 73108

Fujo's derailing fujo cringe thread just to infight rather than sticking to their containment thread >>>/ot/1925166

No. 73109

We still have it, it’s just autosaged.
Hope that happens soon you miserable cunt <3

No. 73110

Oh my god, someone didn't agree on with your misogynistic shit and that means it's a foojo! You've come crying here right away kek

No. 73111

Back to containment thread.

No. 73112

>Nooo go away I want to spread bullshit theories and make stupid claims on women alone in my own special thread no one can have a different opinion leave!!!

No. 73113

No wonder the fujo cringe thread has posts from here…

No. 73114

whenever anons act like we're not anonymous and know exactly who's posting where, especially carrying their arguments across threads, it's so embarrassing. How can you be sure a certain anon is a fujo or antifujo or whatever boogeyman? that's some real low iq behavior

No. 73115

In all honesty, fujo and anti-fujo posting and discussion should be limited to their threads. Discussion outside of it always leads to infighting, whether someone is for or against them. Same with the discussion about male character designs. Why do discussions about men on this site always lead to pointless infighting

No. 73116

What the hell

No. 73117

Sorry I meant voice dictation I was really tired and misremembered the correct term kek

No. 73118

Do only zoomers use twitter? Please shut the hell up about your zoomer conspiracy, it’s tired

No. 73119

Yes it does. I don't see other anons making extra "anti-" threads for every cringy post they see on here. The thread started off nicely before a certain someone turned it into her archive of infights and personal vent journal. There's enough other abysmal fujo material outside of lolcow too, so there is really no excuse.

I don't know, but they should be talking about fujo media. If they suddenly started reposting caps of their ebin infights to circlejerk over them, it would be cancer too.

No. 73120

Have you seen the state of this site? It's true.

No. 73121

This website isn’t solely zoomers though, also twitter is more millennial leaning. Zoomers appreciate tiktok more.

No. 73122

Based. I think all fujo/‘anti’fujo stuff should be limited to there threads than in other threads like the fandom one. It interrupts discussion and makes it hard for posters to not get a wall of infighting over stuff.

No. 73123

They post their infights wiith pakichan in the snow one and even in the fandom thread kek.

No. 73124

>They post their infights wiith pakichan in the snow one
>snow one
That thread has been inactive for over a week and the little that was said in that week is sparse. There are only 2 lolcow screencaps in said thread. Stop making shit up. And I autisically went to the antifujo cringe thread and counted 23 lolcow screencaps in the current thread. Those two threads are not the same

No. 73125

Moid in the advice thread. Do your job

No. 73126

Here’s the main thing to understand with fujos
>its okay when they do [thing]
>its not okay when other people do [thing]
>they are always the victim in every situation
Once you got that down, you’ll know that replying to them is a waste of time

No. 73127

can this kind of comment spam in Jill's thread be a bannable offense, it's fucking annoying and contributes nothing. I don't see it anywhere but Jill's threads so idk if it's a specific annoying Jill hater or what


and on and on

No. 73128

I was about to complain about my ban but I'm glad you brought it up. At this point the fujo cringe thread in /ot/ is kind of a lost cause because it's mostly caps from lolcow (which is bound to cause infighting) and people sniffing their own farts, so I simply propose we start posting actual fujo cringe we find on the web.
The problem is that pakichan is kind of infamous at this point so documenting her to warn newfags is to be expected. Her type of concern trolling and constantly bringing up the same shit and hot topics (yaoi, porn, feminized males, etc) isn't easily recognizable as bait if you're new to certain threads. I know I fell for it when I was a newer newfag looking at the tif thread.

No. 73129

Nah the real issue is fujos tinfoiling that anyone who says anything mildly against m/m is pakichan

No. 73130

90% of the posts in the fujocringe thread is actual fujos who seethe about anything posted. That should be considered derailing (and thus bannable) since people want to keep the sperging contained to that thread. Give them a space to sperg then.

No. 73131

Pakichan has a specific posting style and she takes offense to certain aspects of yaoi and in general weeb girls. She tends to post interesting things as bait to spark conversations where she will concern troll and she's extremely judgemental towards anyone who consumes weebshit.
It's very different from random nonas who laugh at cringy oversensitive fujos and call out their constant victim attitude.
I feel like a quarter of the sperging would disappear if nonas didn't have their posts capped and posted there, especially the most boring posts and not like the extreme spergouts.

No. 73132

Ayrt, I was referring to the text in the tweet about school kids talking about the site… relax kek

No. 73134

Does there really need to be constant discussions against other subgroups on this board just stop derailing threads. Women are allowed men aren't.

No. 73135

This, but also the constant shitting on mommy posters needs to stop too

No. 73137

It's more than one anon who does it, I've done it because mods get angry if you make too many posts in a row, they say it's spam. Replying to multiple things is not a banneable offense and never has been

No. 73138

Jfc the deduction skills on this site… the post is about students talking about lc dumbass, that's why anon said it's fair to assume there's zoomers here. Please shut the fuck up before getting mad at something you misinterpreted yourself, fucking retard

No. 73139

If a poster is going to blog about their mommy experiences, they can kindly fuck off imo, unless its in a thread about being a mom.

No. 73141

Get bent

No. 73142

If women can't post about being a mum when it's relevant ans contextual then I don't want to read vents about people whining about living with their parents.

No. 73143

Idgaf about mommyposting, nigelposting and whining about husbands are even worse than someone venting about their baby teething or whatever

No. 73144

they're too entitled to use designated threads, all the most cancerous posters have that same mentality

No. 73146

honestly tired of all the mommy posting and nigelposting. no one's stopping you from having kids or scrotes but you don't have to post about it here, just posts about cows and weebshit like everyone else

No. 73147

I don't want to hear about neets then because they just sit at home all day surrounded by their mommies and their mommies nigels. Weird how everything goes back to mothers (women)

No. 73148

cows are dead nonnie didnt you hear

No. 73149

Stop baiting.

No. 73150

idk they are pretty dead. I wonder what changed.

No. 73151

once again requesting the dumbass shit be un autosaged.

No. 73152

agreed, mommyposting and nigelposting should go to their threads in /g/
if cows are dead then how come KF is full of them?

No. 73153

>normalfag zoomers appreciate tik tok more while handmaidens/gendies/trannies like both twatter and tik tok

No. 73154

>I just want a post count feature.
use dollchan nonna

No. 73155

I really don't get the obsession with this shit

No. 73156

I’m not saying that you can’t mommypost or nigelpost, and I’m not obsessed with this, it’s just that they should go in their respective threads

No. 73157

>ukranian hentai board
uhh no thanks

No. 73159

the extension, not the imageboard

No. 73160

mb anon I’m stupid; thanks for the tip

No. 73162

Hello mods stop being retarded

No. 73163

literally holding up a sign and crying outside of lolcow headquarters please give us dumbass shit back i know its unlocked but its being suppressing for shallow reasons and its upsetting the majority of the website

No. 73164

we don't need to hear your input on every fucking post in the thread

No. 73165

Cry moar

No. 73166

Nta, but how the fuck else do you expect anons who haven't checked on a thread in a few days to respond to posts they are interested in? Fuck off, minimod. This isn't against the rules and if it isn't a reply to you, why do you care? It doesn't fuck with post count.

No. 73170

Can a mod tell anons to stop derailing and tinfoiling about Venus Angelic being deported or engaging in visa fraud? It's the same type back and forth for several threads, its always always tinfoil, never, ever proof. Just "trust me bro" takes. It's wastes thread space.

No. 73172

Don't waste time responding me when you have so many boots lined up to lick.

No. 73173

did mods turn off ban appealing?

No. 73174

nta and I haven't posted on this issue, nor do I usually post like that:
I like it, as long as the person posting has interesting things to say about each quoted post. I read lolcow to destress after stressful things and I like reading more than a couple lines of text. idk why anons can't just skip over posts they don't like, it's not breaking rules to reply like that

No. 73189

File: 1710539605088.jpg (193.32 KB, 1080x726, 1000013819.jpg)

The tranny is having a schizophrenic meltdown in the Rita thread over Onion Farms >>1976612
Picrel is him admitting it was all him, and linkrel is the "thread" he made with no evidence. Avoid pages 4 through 9 due to gore, page 10 and later has some genuine milk and context as to why the tranny is shitting it up
It seems he had no evidence Rita was Crimson and sperged out when 3 different people pointed it out.

No. 73190

Forgot the board

No. 73192

/meta/ is honestly kind of annoying to use because any complaints about the site or jannies/admin just gets met with aggressive ass replies which are probably the same few anons tbh and it leads to infighting that drowns out the original complaint plus any other complaints that are made.

It's like anons think this is a board to fight about what you opinions you think are right, rather than a board to bring your complaints and concerns directly to the admins and farmhands.

No. 73194

Agreed, it's annoying trying to ask a mod anything or let them know about something because everything just gets buried by minimodders and infighting. I don't know why this thread isn't moderated more, it's supposed to be complaints and suggestions for the mods and admins but it just attracts the most annoying anons who feel the need to reply to each post and try to start and infight.

No. 73196

I really don't know why anons are allowed to infight so much in this thread, they should get banned just like they would on any board for infighting about retarded shit. If someone doesn't agree with a suggestion, they should just ignore it or give constructive criticism instead of shitflinging.

No. 73197

I've noticed this too and I can only imagine it's one very dedicated bootlicker autist kek

No. 73202

There’s someone who thinks any complaint here is “trying to sow dissent” and “make the users hate the farmhands” and that it’s all one person complaining. They also think the word janny is a slur.

No. 73213

Male making threads on /g/, have reported

No. 73219

latest redtext for the unsaged image in the lolita thread seems unfair, it added more context.

No. 73223

File: 1710566891951.jpg (365.14 KB, 1440x2220, 20240315_222612.jpg)

How is it possible that LC gets 10 MILLION visits per month and yet /w/ is totally dead? Are most people just here for the non-cow boards?

No. 73224

all of the thread topics on /w/ are super niche, only lolitas and other weebs go there and there's not that many of us

No. 73225

I've been here for 6+ years but I visit /w/ almost never because I'm not interested in vloggers, lolita, or cosplay.

No. 73226

There used to be decent traffic when Lori and Kevin were just beginning to have their relationship documented. There's been a few threads that've temporarily drawn and a crowd but never anything too consistent. The threads that pop off nowadays are usually an indication we've had an influx of newfags eg. Gyaru thread, Jill's after her youtube video, Belle Delphine ect.

No. 73228

As a non-weeb, I loved the threads where local comms, niche fandoms and immigration-dodgers in Japan would talk shit about each other. Even though it was clearly just a handful of people participating, the threads used to be much more active. What happened?

No. 73230

4chan gets hundreds of millions of hits per month yet there's boards that barely get a few posts a week. Not sure which site you're using for this data but most traffic to sites are also actually bots/site scrapers and not real people.

No. 73231

File: 1710593627892.jpeg (194.3 KB, 933x536, IMG_6530.jpeg)

Admin is a fat fuck haha waddle waddle bitch(ban evasion)

No. 73232

Not every post discussing the misogyny that is embedded in the minds of Indian males is racebait, Jannies! Sorry you think so but some of us are harassed on the daily and would like to discuss our experiences with other anons who have dealt with the same thing. Not everything is bait, christ.

No. 73233

Or maybe it’s that no one cares about your diet?

No. 73234

You already got banned for it twice why do you keep doing it?

No. 73235

Alogging and thinking becoming a skeleton is going to ward off the attention from your hideous face. Doesn’t matter how much you don’t eat anon, you’re always going to be ugly. Swallow the trannyjanny’s dickwound and move on

No. 73236

We aren’t all the same person, more than one anon can feel the similar way you know.

No. 73237

Maybe don't use 3rd party checkers.

No. 73238

They've said before that they want somewhere that users can fully discuss about moderation. But no one's talking about moderation, it's just infighting and troonfoiling farmhands in here. You come here with a complaint and a link, and anons yell at you about not using the report system instead. You can barely use meta for its real purpose. Maybe have a catch-all moderation discussion thread because the complaints and suggestions are ruined constantly by these posters.

No. 73239

Patently false newfag

No. 73241

Keep this shit to yourself. It's constantly fake and never any proof. Most users don't give a fuck what the name of the admin is and everything always brought to meta has been fake or old ass years old 'milk' regarding who might have been in charge. Stay on your other site.

No. 73242

There's an /m/ thead for this type of poster


It even says in the OP that critiques and self-posting don't belong in the art thread. Newfag is probably not even the user who made the art and is instead posting shitty art to bait with.

No. 73243

The radfem thread never has milk and is full of thinly veiled culture war posting or dumb tumblr screenshots from 15 year olds having lunchroom spats online. The latest post is a Kathleen stock essay wall of text with zero context. Debating feminist theorists is not gossip and belongs in 2X.

No. 73244

Report all posts from people posting 15 or 16 year old users. I don't care if it's just text screenshots, anons need to stop going and following these kids accounts just to find shit to post. It's fucking weird that users over 18 are doing this.

No. 73245

Yes the “women” doing this have something wrong with them on a fundamental level

No. 73246

>a logging
Where? Do you even know what it means you retarded newfag?

No. 73247

File: 1710612150763.png (460.76 KB, 1056x1488, Screenshot_20240316-133641~2.p…)

Really? I posted 14 hours later. I understand banning me for detailing or not contributing milk but not for posting twice in a row, fourteen hours apart. Get the hell out of here.

No. 73248

File: 1710612695315.png (386.27 KB, 1371x353, ktCwQ1H.png)

The varg thread is infested with obvious moids, sperging about racial types.

No. 73249

There's like 3 people talking about this cow and spamming the thread with stupid shit like dog cages regarding her, complaining about her hair. If you're going to reply to your own post, mention you're samefagging, but this is clearly supposed to look like a different anon replied.

No. 73250

Can I make a joke thread about prepping for the incel uprising?

No. 73251

You'd have to put it in /2X/ and it would rot there.

No. 73252

Way too much racebait about colonization on unpopular opinions right now.

No. 73253

not to tinfoil, but there were a suspiciously high among of race based unpopular opinion all with in a few hours of each either.

No. 73254

I think the dumbass thread spergs are back on their racebait train. They've focused on unpopular opinions or the past 2 days, so it makes sense that they're trying to make it a problem thread on the board.

No. 73255

It's likely one person imo, a very deliberate troll.

No. 73256

I don't know, dumbass shit is dead right now and I never see racebait there anyways. I feel it's much more likely to be some /pol/ tourists

No. 73257

seems most likely some twitter troll, anyway I hope farmhands can do something about it.

No. 73258

on the topic of dumbass shit can we be taken off autosage now since no one is using it anyways

No. 73259

Even if 95% of it was bots, that would still leave several hundred thousands of real users. I don't think it's all bots anyway, because I compared to other sites like crystal cafe and fds and they have much smaller numbers (not even 1 million each per month). No reason this site would have such higher numbers comparatively if there wasn't plenty more real users and real activity here to catch bot attention

No. 73260

disagree with this theory since unpopular opinions has had racebait issues for years, that's why the rule against racebait is in all the thread OPs now

No. 73261

And yet anons scream why the threads get purged or locked lol

No. 73262

File: 1710625131521.png (38.73 KB, 251x143, Fv_vY8daQAAsNNq.png)

I think its really retarded that people cant complain about perverted/rapist migrants without being called out for "racebait" I saw a canadian girl talk about how the new Indian migrants stare at her like she's meat and she got a warning for that…why?

No. 73264

Probably because 90% of the time those anons who complain about male immigrants always end up steering the conversation to straight up racism towards their female counterparts too and the excuse is always “well akshully its okay because they’re the ones marrying and giving birth to all these shitty brown moids”. Its not like white moids arent notorious rapists/pedophiles/etc either so the conversation is redundant and always ends up with farmers shitting on each other

No. 73265

Yeah it's better to vent by just leaving out any details based on race since others will sperg too much and miss the point that any displaced scrote will try and soothe his Ego by inflicting violence onto others.

No. 73266

It's something I personally take issue with when it comes to lolcow's rules because it feels really restrictive at times, but then every time whenever a farmer makes a legit complaint about men of x race, without fail, someone will show up to spew retarded racist vitriol or conspiracy theories or /pol/-tier shit. So in the end, the rule sadly makes sense as much as I hate to admit it. I would propose a suggestion that would solve this problem but I don't know what would. Only allow race venting if it's about men perhaps?

No. 73267

I feel like "racebait" needs to be more clearly defined. It should only mean things that are racist or prompting racism. The way it is now, basically any mention of race gets a ban. Saw someone get redtexted the other day just for pointing out that a cow has yellow fever, which is just a fact. Another one pointing out that a cow and her partner speak different languages and can't communicate beyond toddler level, that got redtexted too. Again just a fact. It's stupid

No. 73269

Nta. It's unfortunate but it becomes bait in the eyes of racists who see it as an excuse to squawk about their asinine views, it may not be intended to be bait but it baits them in nonetheless.
>Red texting posts for naming languages used to evoke the funny.
Well that is just over zealous entirely as you can cover up mentions of race but when something can only be humorous due to pointing out the complete inability to communicate you have to bring it up in detail.

No. 73270

I find it very weird that anons cannot complain about very real issues just because it can be misconstrued as bigotry. Do I know white moids can be terrible? Obviously. Do I notice a definite difference in the way I and other women are gawked at by other certain moids? Absolutely.

No. 73271

I myself am personally convinced that at least 40% of this website is gay moids and trannies larping as transphobes

No. 73272

What leads you to believe that if you don't mind me asking?

No. 73273

You can complain in the vent thread just dont start going on a racist tangent about women and throwing around /pol/ tier buzzwords like shitskin casually

No. 73274

Browse any website/forum that's known for hosting a large gay male population (i.e. Lipstick Alley, r/popheadscirclejerk) and you will see what I mean. They have a certain way of being. Plus gay moids and troons are known for posting here, and it's a meme at this point for some of the biggest transphobes on imageboards to be troons themselves

No. 73275

unfortunately I believe you

No. 73276

I have literally never used that term, nor any pol terms, before and have still been banned more than once for ‘racebait’. Anons get banned for making ANY comments about it, whether they be bait or not.

No. 73277

That is rather logical and something I've always thought about the more political threads and all the tranny threads. Besides actual pooners who strut openly around the fingers typing in those threads smells of scrote.

No. 73279

There's at least 1 gay moid in the fujo thread for sure

No. 73282

I don't mind this thread's topic, but it was made in bad faith and it's attracting a bunch of baiters. I think it's best if it gets closed

No. 73287

Anon, please. If you're going to bait, at least try.

No. 73288

File: 1710641046176.jpeg (174.2 KB, 1242x367, IMG_3620.jpeg)

Racebait, the way it’s used here, means ANY race related discussion not actual racism. It’s pretty retarded and idk why they’re just blindly following oldmins rules rather than wondering if it makes sense. She was also a schizo sjw so idk why anyone would take this interpretation of the rule seriously.

No. 73289

Do you not see how bringing up race, even as a generalization and without malice, always devolves into some sort of rebuttal from other anons in those threads? It's always derails or causes some sort of infighting. Keeping the global rule helps curve this place becoming full of /pol/ schizos. If anons can't handle that, they've made it very clear that they frequent other sites where they can discuss race. Anons bring up CC all the time. They can go there if they want to talk about race so mad. I know men love that.

No. 73290

It's only bait if you're utterly oblivious. You need only the responses agreeing with my belief to see that.

No. 73291

No? I think people should be allowed to talk about issues with immigrant men in their countries or issues with men of their own race. It’s overreach.

No. 73292

Yet it does derail.

No. 73296

Nta but just because a topic brings about infights doesn’t mean it should be banned altogether, if that were the case then pretty much every topic would be banned. Wouldn’t it make more sense to ban the infighters rather than the topic itself? I also think it’s unfair to bring up the male aspect of it as if that makes it an untouchable topic, when men complain about other races their not talking about the dangers they pose to women, they don’t care about that at all. And by your own reasoning troon hate would be considered bannable and a male topic too because pol hates trannies as well. Not to be argumentative I just think the things you pointed out don’t give proper reasoning for an all around topic ban on race and ethnicity.

No. 73298

It doesn't matter. The farmhands are going to keep moderating it the way they have been and keep making anons mad about it. That's enough fun for me. Also you shouldn't use troon hate for race hate. It's really unhinged of you to equate the two.

No. 73299

The comparison wasn’t me equating the two, you implied the discussion of race is a male topic because it’s heavily discussed on pol. So I used that example to prove how silly it is, because troon hate is also heavily discussed on pol but that doesn’t make it a male topic, same with race.

No. 73300

Wait so your measure of a moderation decision being good is if some random anons get mad about it?

No. 73301

Ignore it, it's just a metafag with no reading comprehension. Their response is the equivalent of a little kid sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting "I don't care!! I can't hear you!! It doesn't matter!! My mommy told me so!!" Kek

No. 73302

I think the difference is when the posts that get banned are obviously made in bad faith. Most the the race bans brought to meta recently have been just that. They were actual bait.

No. 73303

possible male troll in the twitter hate thread, repeating constantly that women are naturally polygamous

No. 73304

There should be a newfag questions thread somewhere (here on /meta/ maybe?) where they can come ask stupid newbie questions. It would help streamline integration imo

No. 73305

lol I know I'm going to get a slap for this but do you seriously think women being monogamous serves women and not men? why do males start moral panics about "whores" and loose women in virtually every society, and why were there so many restrictions on women's sexuality throughout history? how would a species where one half is monogamous and the other polygamous even function?

No. 73306

men aren't polygamous they're sexual opportunists

No. 73307

autosaging dumbass shit is the mods way of racebaiting at us.

No. 73308

That makes no sense?

No. 73309

you know how trolls post racebait as means of riling everyone up to get them to infight and chinp out? thats what the mods are doing by autosaging dumbass shit. it is causing users to wipe reactionary infighting and excrementpoasting across all threads instead of eliminating the problem.

No. 73310

I'm using polygamous to mean 'have sex with multiple women' not 'have many wives'.

No. 73311

Yeah so that would just mean being a sexual opportunist and disloyal spouse, whereas polygamy by definition is having multiple spouses

No. 73312

the polygamy derail in the twitter thread is still going on kek. jannies sleepin i guess

No. 73313

ironically, using the term weeb would probably be banworthy then, and we have a board named after weebs

No. 73315

File: 1710662037678.jpg (25.95 KB, 720x176, 1000003471.jpg)

The fact that these posts stay up for hours at a time is why these fags keep coming back.

No. 73316

ugh. it's so gross. not to scrotefoil cause I know some women do think like this but it's still so gross, who cares if another woman is "easy".

No. 73317

>not to scrotefoil cause I know some women do think like this
lolcow 2024 kek

No. 73318

I mean half the threads here are complaining about evil whores, so it's not a male-only mindset, it just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 73319

You are fucking obsessed.

No. 73320

Not everyone posting inflammatory opinions or being a sperg is "THE DUMBASS POSTERS". The dumbass posters are mainly asking for the thread back.

No. 73322

The dumbass shit thread posters are the new scapegoat I see. It used to be moids, trannies, pol, now it's those dumbass thread anons.

No. 73327

They still need to be banned as men, I don't care.

No. 73330

Tbh I agree, they should be banned for shilling male memes, but they won’t.

No. 73332

Is the autism that makes anons here always focus on group x that is always the reason for everything wrong with the site? According to you guys every post you don't like is always posted by that one specific group you are focusing on.

No. 73333

Nta, but some anons can tell. It's very obvious when a certain group of anons are the only ones shitting up a thread/s. We've even had farmhands confirm a few being a little group of 3-4 on some boards. It's even more obvious with samefag redtexts. Last year we saw a bunch of "IP-hopping" redtexts which make it even more clear if it's just the same anon or two.

No. 73338

some of those anons who think they can tell who's posting in every thread turn out to be wrong though. even farmhands said that many moid reports were not actually moids for example. or when anons accuse normal posters of being random personalityfags. constant detectivefagging is just as annoying imo.

No. 73339

I'm not referring to anons calling others scrotes.

No. 73340

the ayrt is pretty unhinged with accusing multiple posters of being one person "ban evading" and "samefagging", just ignore.

No. 73341

i know, it was just an example. the point was that "any problem with a thread is x fault" isn't always accurate

No. 73343

Nice bait, but I'm not even the first anon to mention this. Some users are obvious. Get over it.

No. 73344

I thought the dumbass shit thread was full of newfags who were only interested in chatting, that's why it was autosaged to drive them away? Make up your mind.

No. 73351

Please ban the baiter in >>>/ot/1859737. I’ll take a ban too for responding to the bait, but as a Jew seeing shit like this is sick

No. 73355

Mods need to come up with something other than banning because thats not effective anymore. You don't even need a VPN you can just close your tab and open a new one and your ban will be lifted.

No. 73359

If a thread is full of ban evading anons, newfag or not, yeah. Should be autosaged.

No. 73362

Everyone’s able to ban evade really easily now, and there’s not much of a way to know who is and who isn’t.

No. 73363

Are this generations college students as stupid as high schoolers is this the effect of missing one (1) year of school due to covid? The increase in newfags seems to correlate with term ending.

No. 73364

Pretty sure they came from that one twitter thread where people were calling lolcow 4chan for girls

No. 73365

>you can't tell hurr durr
It's always the same argument about this when during hellweek the admin even admitted to being able to detect devices. It's obvious when someone is just changing their IP alone.

No. 73366

Then why won't she device ban repeat evaders?

No. 73367

I don't know, anon. Maybe that's just not coding they've bothered to implement yet. I'm not a farmhand. If someone coming to the site for the "first time" though and their first post is to repeat the same context in a thread that had a banned post that said the same within the same few days (hours or minutes for some of these users), it's probably the same anon. A new IP doesn't make you hidden if the idiots are going to go to the same threads and keep up a shitpost, infight, or derail. Farmhands don't have to question users with a longer poster history of being genuine posters. Other ones look obvious when it's 1 or 2 posts and a new IP. You don't even need to be a part of the admin team to understand this. As someone who's moderated a separate site before from 2012 to 2014, mods do have ways to detect ban evading.

No. 73370

This place is so easy to troll.

No. 73376

No you didn't, schizo.

No. 73378

Reminding moderation that that thing loves to come here specifically when it's peak desert wasteland here because he knows that mods don't moderate. He loves talking about his non-existent tits and spamming Tom Petty lyrics, he used to spam Tom perry lyrics exclusively with images of pregnant disabled women. Please delete his posts.

No. 73383

^^^ Told you all this is him and his multiple personalities begging for female attention

No. 73385

To not check Onionfarms to see the truth for yourself you'd have to be as dumb as this https://lolcow.farm/rita.html

No. 73386

Word salad

No. 73390

There’s someone having a meltdown in the tiktok hate thread >>>/ot/1929814

No. 73391

File: 1710775464417.jpeg (321.16 KB, 828x669, IMG_3026.jpeg)

the " trans community threads should be about individual cows" is retarded. so it's not milk unless someone posts stupid shit with their name attached?
i get banning vents and blogposts but the rest is stupid. we have a bazillion community threads that are made to discuss wider phenomena instead of a specific individual but inky the troon threads get this level of scrutiny. are mods trying to kill them or what?

No. 73392

Random no context people being posted is against the rules in almost all threads, even the photoshop threads.

No. 73393

Yeah I’m not sure why farmhands chose to do that, it seemed to be working fine the way it was before.

No. 73394

This should be applied to radfem cows if MTF and FTM are being moderated this way.

No. 73396

Regarding the art thread, if a farmhand could get back to me about it, I asked this in thread:
>I don't know where I could post this except here, but would art nonnas like to do prompts in thread and then post our versions for others to rate? I don't know if that is thread-acceptable or not.

I just want to know if this would be the right place or if it would need it's own thread. If here is a thread like that already or if maybe some other anons know.

No. 73398

Nah, I’ve come to realize that this was a good call by farmhands after they first announced these rules during hellweek. The TiM and TiF threads keep getting derailed by newfags who just want to sperg about trannies without contributing milk, when there’s an entire other board AND a thread in /ot/ where they can have those types of discussions

No. 73401

Doxxing thread made on OT. Have reported

No. 73403

I don’t see why not? It would be splitting hairs to try to create a whole new offshoot for that. I’d probably participate if I have the time btw

No. 73404

then they should delete the
>Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it. Report and ignore bait.
since its not milk and we are not supposed to discuss anything but milk in it.

No. 73405

I don’t get what they even want, they can’t be mad about /ot/ being more active when the sieve is so tight on the cow boards.

No. 73407

can the resident wk in taylor's thread be banned for good? she keeps infighting and possibly samefagging after every other post in the thread, sometimes days after the discussion is over.

No. 73408

agreed, it's retarded and shitting up the thread to have non-con WK commentary about anything posted there.

No. 73410

Sorry no1currs to discuss the absolute non-milk that a baby is sick. There's 2 anons who made that comment that it isn't interesting to even have posted. Take your vendetta and just post real milk. Others not agreeing with you is not whiteknighting. Take your own advice and just use the report button kek

No. 73411

Can Taylorfags explain to me what milk she’s even had recently? Every time I see her thread it’s just mommyvlog stuff.

No. 73412

Basically she started dating this famous footballer but I don't think she's pregnant or anything, I'm not sure what anons are talking about in the thread because I have celebricows hidden, but I'd take it with a grain of salt if I were you.

No. 73413

KEKK you got the wrong taylor anon, they're talking about a youtuber

No. 73417

There is none. Mods have had to babysit it like belle and jvlog. The vendetta posters have kind of given up on dakota thankfully (watch a post come soon now). It's all the same fags.

No. 73418

File: 1710819917795.jpg (379.26 KB, 1080x2098, 1000005777.jpg)

This user posting about a baby is not milk even if you try to blame the parents. Anon's asking why it's even milk is apparently whiteknighting now. Where's the mod that actually called out these vendetta posters?

No. 73419

File: 1710819977179.jpg (487.68 KB, 1080x1593, 1000005779.jpg)

It's 100% vendetta. Claiming anons who don't agree with you are "whiteknights" are a form of baited infighting.

No. 73420

royal drama thread has devolved into schizoposting >>>/ot/1930370

No. 73421

Anon the point of the thread is to speculate on the happenings of the royal family. There's a huge scandal going on right now about the royal family. Nothing in that thread is abnormal?

No. 73422

have you missed the schizo going on about germano-muscovites or whar

No. 73423

Why are you referencing threads that have been locked for over a year kek, I swear, /w/ has got to be about a dozen people now tops, 50/50 split between deranged white knights and jealous weebs…i would love for it to get merged into /snow/, fuck the link breaking, it is worth it to make it a cow board again.

No. 73424

That was like two posts with two replies, with the OP herself saying she wouldn’t continue because she doesn’t want to be banned. It’s hardly “devolved” so idk why you came running in here to complain to teacher.

No. 73425

Anon literally claimed that everyone in the thread is just jealous of precious Taytay lmao. If that's not whiteknighting, idk what is

No. 73426

File: 1710829177943.png (67.91 KB, 1586x837, baned.png)

can someone explain to me what rule I broke here, is it because I didn't reply to someone specific?

No. 73427

look at the way other people format their replies. it's not that hard

No. 73428

because I didn't use proper punctuation?

No. 73429

can we take dumbass shit off autosage now

No. 73430

is it even possible to device ban if you're using a private browser? Because a device ban blocks the carrier of your device if you're using a cell phone, and it will block the IP of your device if you're using a computer, but what is there to ban when all of that info is made unavailable because its masked ? would it just ban the IP that is assigned to that tab when its opened?

No. 73431

File: 1710832490481.jpg (118.72 KB, 720x788, 1000003489.jpg)

"All women in Hollywood have downs" anons are getting too comfortable. Enough.

No. 73432

We all know it's still Kiki Kannibal, unironically.

No. 73433

Because they are jealous. They're literally nitpicking normal trials of childhood and motherhood. Most of the posts there are severely deranged.
>your precious princess taytay
Oh, we all know who you are. It's good you've learned to clear your cookies when using a VPN though!

No. 73434

nta but pretty sure it was confirmed the same nonnas posted in all those theads. venus was even photoshopped too.

No. 73435

How many posts are anons going to make complaining that they don't like a dress she's wearing or just pointing out something might be sponsored which doesn't even matter since she doesn't have to disclose it the same way in HK as users in bugerland? Other than that, it's about the kid constantly and whether they are good enough parents. It's a ghost town for milk. Thank god a farmhand said that nitpicking her IVF, Tom's age and looks, their communication, and if the kid is mentally challenged is bannable now. They are really eliminating all discussion because of infighting over it so much. Now none of that is allowed to even be joked about.

No. 73437

If your discussion is just calling a woman's baby retarded and her husband ugly, the thread is pointless.

No. 73438

Exactly. Calling it out makes you a wk. Kek

No. 73439

It's so odd, definitely new moderation because that thread has been threatened with autosage before since it's just Kiki and like maybe three weebs malding.

No. 73440

shut up thats literally what lolcow is all about. that is all it exists for.

No. 73441

if that were true there'd be a thread on every irrelevant mommyvlogger influencer but there isn't. I get some people are attached to her and dakota as legacy cows but so far nobody's been able to give a summary of her recent drama because there hasn't been any.

No. 73443

I'm glad the whiteknighting is getting shut down. The posters hi cowing about Kiki are retarded. Thread is currently slow, it's possible to ignore dumb posts without WKing every single one. No point in arguing with morons over what has and hasn't been milk. It's possible to believe that Tom is ugly and Taylor is dumb while also believing that Levi is doing fine. Nuance, try it.

The anon/s claiming everyone is Kiki and everyone in /w/ is the same person hasn't really thought this through given that Kiki defends Dakota to this day in her lives.

No. 73444

Funny thing is none of it is whiteknighting

No. 73445

what's whiteknighting then?

No. 73446

Hello, WK-chan, I guess you found your way to meta after all and are busy samefagging here now.

No. 73447

I refuse to believe this retard is doing anything more than just baiting at this point. I highly doubt anyone truely cares this much about a kota clone turned mummy vlogger with a geriatric husband. Like even if you think anons are nitpicking who gives a shit just report them? Surely they're just looking for a reaction.

No. 73448

the weirdest part about it all is how hard they cape for the degenerate moid too.

No. 73449

File: 1710861158620.png (146.79 KB, 562x656, Screenshots_2024-03-19-10-12-2…)

What on earth happened to the post numbers on /ot/?

No. 73451

So is the farmhand who said to stop complaining about age and Tom's looks is capping too?

No. 73453

nta, but there have been numerous complaints about the moderation in /w/ for at least a couple years now. Whether you agree or not I think anons saying WKs are unduly sticking up for Tom and Taylor would also say that the moderation in /w/ skews more like, "pro cow" than /snow/ and /pt/. Rarely do anons get redtexted on /snow/ for saying a cow's husband/boyfriend is ugly or their outfit is bad…

No. 73455

That was so scary farmhands are you okay what happened to this website who attacked us was it the royal family because I noticed when we were talking about them the site went down please tell me you're all alright farmhands please for love of God let you all be alright I love lolcor i dont want this site to go down please

No. 73456

I saw this too, and also a few minutes ago some posts made hours ago showed up twice (until I refresh the page)

No. 73458

Admins were resolving this issue >>73449 which required them to disable posting while they looked into it. King Charles hasn't ordered a hit on us yet

No. 73459

ikr? i can understand foaming at the mouth to wk for taylor, but for that uglyass moid with questionable morals? sometimes i think it's someone they know or a relative that keeps patrolling the thread, because who else would work so hard to cape for a cow and her moid kek

thank god the wk was banned for once. it didn't stop them from ban evading and ranting here, though, but it's a nice start.

No. 73460

Thank you for the update Farmhands I love you so much all of you I will continue to include you all in my prayers and the foul tyrant Charles will never confound you amen

No. 73461

Nta but I've been accused of being a wk in that thread and I'm not even the one who got banned. Seethe.

No. 73462

you took it way too personally for someone who was "accused of" being a wk lol
let me guess, you're one of the anons that screams "nitpick" at every second post in the thread and tries to shut down every discussion by whining about poor little taylor and poor little tom being bullied in an anonymous forum.

No. 73463

This is coming from a neutral post, but the way anons fling the term wk around when someone doesn't agree is pretty ridiculous. Instigating infights by accusing anons of "protecting their precious princess taytay" should be bannable. It's bait the same way accusing anons of wking is another form of instigating.

Also, the post was meant to point out that anons use the term "wk" any time they don't like a post that isn't degrading the cow. You can't even be neutral because it's somehow protecting the cow? It doesn't make sense.

No. 73464

File: 1710878954715.png (19.67 KB, 225x225, ffffffffff.png)


The only reason it gets raided by the deformed y chromosome subhumans is cause it was linked somewhere in /pol/ and the scrotes were seething so hard and this is exactly why we need it back.

No. 73465

>accusing anons of "protecting their precious princess taytay"
it's not an "accusation", dumbass, that's exactly what the banned wk-chan was doing. shut up and stop ban evading.

>anons use the term "wk" any time they don't like a post that isn't degrading the cow

the same way wks call every mildly critical post nitpicking, hate, vendetta etc. the problem is that mods kept banning critical posts, while wks were left to thrive. that's why wks got so gutsy and entitled, because they know they can show up, shit up the thread, infight, yet grab no bans.
the same wks keep whining about "don't post minors" if there's nothing else to complain about, when mods have said many times it's not a problem in this case. they remind me of "what about the childrennn!!!" that karens throw around when there are no other talking points left.

No. 73466

mods can you please ban posts about Bimbo Ubermensch in snow/leftcows? she's a notorious self-poster from way back, every few months she has a manic episode and decides she needs the thread's attention again. currently spamming pics and photos that have never been on her socials and randomly complimenting herself in reply to totally unrelated comments and it makes me want to alog. Pariah the Troon does this too btw, banning both would be balm to my soul

No. 73467

the tradthot threads were full of tradthots and I would rather not have their presence increase on lolcow tbh

No. 73468

The other user got called out for infighting.

No. 73469

Wouldn't the same language be used for Belle and Sharla posters before their threads were shut down for the same nitpicking happening in Taylor's thread? The whole "precious" thing? Or calling them anon's favorite cows?

No. 73470

Can you stop trying to get threads locked by shitting them up? No one is even doing anything in the thread. Yes it is a problem when some anon(s) wk for days with multiple posts because someone posted something vaguely critical. Literally no one wants to infight with you, there's no need to reply to every post and tell nonas they're all jus jelly. Hide the thread and find one you enjoy reading. Ignore stupid posts on both sides, it's really not that hard. But reeeing here is embarrassing.

No. 73471

Not sure who you think you're replying to. I didn't ask for threads to be locked. You aren't even the anon I replied to, so your context is missing.

No. 73472

Again, talking about threads that were locked well over a year ago, get a new conspiracy, nona…those threads were also full of white knights and general weirdos. The shooper in the Belle thread was weird, and the jvloggers thread was loads of infighting about whether or not Chris and Sharla clearly cohabitating meant they were dating or not (they were, vindication much like the titfoilers of the Shayna thread kek) and were full of infighting. The infighting stemmed just as much from WKs who filled the threads with pointless chaff and discussions about whether Belle wearing children's clothing was pedopandering or not, or if Sharla was fat or not. sooo dumb.

No. 73473

I'm super jealous that Tay gets to fuck a fat, ugly old man every day. She's so lucky

No. 73474

>>>/ot/1931720 Someone in the unpopular opinions thread is posting bait about how all girls that got groomed by older men are sociopaths who deserve no sympathy.

No. 73476

Mods confirmed some same posters were in the belle/jvlog/venus threads. Not farfetched to see they migrated.

No. 73478

do people with favourite cows normally check the first page of w/snow or do you bring up the thread from history? asking cause I can't for the life of me understand why sage is so important, and if we had the ability to pin threads it seems like it would be completely irrelevant.

No. 73479

I assume most people use tabs. It's not hard to keep track of threads.

No. 73480

that's what I mean, how many people rely on the first page? also it's sorta funny how you can't un-sage so even if it's redtexted its still bumped.

No. 73481

I don't use the LC first page but the /snow/ first page. I have threads I don't care about hidden and it makes it easier to see threads I like when they're bumped.

No. 73482

I wish Kiki never learned how to post properly so we could see how many of her posts are in that thread now

No. 73483

Isn't the saging also because it's easier to recap on old milk if you click "hide saged posts for this thread" at the top of the page to hide comment posts? Though the feature is useless imo bc ppl are so afraid of the saging bans they sage milk all the time.

No. 73484

Kiki wasn't revealed just because of how she wrote or because of one simple error, if she's posting admin definitely know about it. That reveal was fascinating, I was so impressed kek, even working together with PULL, of all places.

No. 73485

ah yeah I guess I hadn’t considered that. how many people use that feature though?

No. 73486

Not sure why you got banned even if you are new this isn't egregious and I've been using this site for 7-8 years.

So the mommy posters and moid lovers aren't tradthots to you?

No. 73487

I think they thought I was replying to someone and didn’t see I quoted two images. Cause otherwise it’s because I didn’t start my sentence with the quoted post which I haven’t seen stipulated anywhere.

No. 73488

the poor things sperg continues to derail into oblivion and the fact that you guys haven’t given her a permanent ban indicates you don’t care that the movie thread has gone completely to shit because of her constant insulting of anyone who liked the movie

No. 73490

The tinfoil that she's posting in that thread is ridiculous

No. 73491

No contribution and instead posted an unsaged opinion that doesn't matter.

>permanent ban
Tell us you're a newfag without saying it explicitly

No. 73492

Based nonnie, Thank you for this lesson, I had no idea. Really interesting stuff

No. 73493

So lolcow isn't even the first one to ban emojis lol

No. 73495

Is /w/ mod a newfag or a Taylor fangirl? Tay posted many videos in the past about wanting to change her hair but not being allowed by Tom, and she even did a prank vid once where she pretended to cut it short and he flipped the fuck out and raged. How is it "tinfoiling" to bring up facts she admitted to herself?

No. 73496

Lol now the moderation is a problem again? Anons are discussing old milk, not reposting photos so other anons know what is going on, and are on some "Taylor is a prisoner" tinfoil.

No. 73497

/w/ moderation has been a problem for years now. So not "again," just "still." And never getting any better. Only 1 anon was doing prisoner tinfoiling, the other 2 were talking about how Tom controls Taylor's appearance and still caught a redtext even though Taylor herself said this is true.

No. 73498

It lead to derailing and tinfoiling about him being abusive and controlling

No. 73499

we should just ban all mentions of poor things in the movie thread. it devolves into extended retard slapfights every single time bc retards can't let the topic go.
Just make a containment thread or something pls

No. 73501

Anon is clearly trolling, claiming pedophilia and fucking mentally challeged girls is all fetish material the film deliberately put in there.

They are just wrong. Keep reporting them.

No. 73502

You're just reassuring yourself nona, pedophiles try to normalize all the time.
Honestly this considering the content.

No. 73503

Pedos aren't looking at a fully grown adult women with wrinkles and think "awe yes a child". Stfu.

No. 73504

see this is what i mean, you retards can't help starting shit every single fucking time the stupid movie is mentioned. it's been months. go watch something else already

No. 73505

Calm down

No. 73507

I get where you're coming from but the tradthot threads are very milky idk why cam whores and phtoshop threads are allowed but not the tradthots and pick me's as they're the most mentally ill out of them all the threads just need more strict moderation since the scrotes will be seething on there and screaming into the void kek kinds what makes the threads even more fun

No. 73508

I don't disagree, in fact I don't feel too strongly about having one or not having one. The difference between those threads and tradthots was tradthots was actively causing issues. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have tradthots, it's just not a great comparison since they're quiet threads for moderation.

No. 73509

Are we not even allowed to use ooo wooo and oh wo emotes ironically? Tf

No. 73510

Yeah there should be a temporary embargo on Poor Things because there are a handful of anons who just can't control themselves and have to infight about it. I disliked the movie, but I'm not going to run around accusing everyone who enjoyed it a pedophile/pickme.

No. 73511

I think it's okay if you put it in greentext, bc then it's more obvious that you're quoting/mocking someone. That's just my experience, though. I've definitely used it without being banned.

No. 73512

right and takes over the thread every time. it's happening right now. i haven't even watched it i just want to talk avout other movies. i want the chill comfy movie thread back

No. 73513

Its pathetic to see how the story went over their heads because they want to talk about fake degeneracy.

No. 73514

Ban evading and pretending to be multiple posters

No. 73515

this is not the thread to sperg about your pet movie jfc. give it a rest

No. 73516

It’s in /m/ though so that’s not the reason. I’m pretty sure the farmhand just didn’t like the post formatting (the way the quotes were placed)

No. 73517

I'm noticing a lot of random posts(that were neither bait or in any offensive) getting deleted, one of my posts on the tinfoil thread was deleted and a few of the replies on the twitter hate thread also seem to have been deleted, what gives?

No. 73518

Keep two tabs open and then come back to meta to show which links aren't there unless you remember the post number.

No. 73519

maybe we really do need tone indicators here.

No. 73520

I've used them multiple times without getting banned. I don't even think of them as emoticons but words kek.

Speaking of emoticons, why is <3 banned but ♥ is not? What if someone uses ♡?

No. 73521

Nice try. I'll give you a hint, they said it was about formatting, maybe that'll help you asslick the mods correctly.

No. 73522

File: 1711018921398.png (44.06 KB, 2936x343, owo.PNG)

they're pretty inconsistent with it

No. 73523

File: 1711030924901.png (201.55 KB, 1412x788, not integrating.PNG)

there is a nona on the jill thread that has not integrating for weeks now. ive been reporting her posts. she replies to 4-10 posts within the thread at once and most of the time there is little to no contribution
>exactly this
>i vote vidrel
>reminds me of a passage in a shane dawson book

its too easy to spot this one specific nona and her non contribution/reply style and its shitting up what already is a difficult thread since jill's thread always has so many newfags

No. 73525

The user said it was about formatting or was it the farmhands because the report page didn't say formatting? How's it asslicking when anon asked what the problem could've been?
>can someone explain to me what rule I broke here, is it because I didn't reply to someone specific?
Keep up instead of infighting.

No. 73526

Unfortunately that's not bannable. Too many spaces and it could be flagged as Reddit spacing. They are replying to posts appropriately, it's just a lot of posts.

No. 73527

You keep up. First of all, it was in /m/ where you don’t need to sage and can post opinions, and the reason was “learn to post” so that had to be about the post tagging.

No. 73528

You forgot the second of all.

No. 73529

>starting shit!
>skips the qanon comment about theys groomin are kids
2/10 please try harder

No. 73530

It's technically not against the rules, but I hate when people do this. Replying to a handful of posts is one thing, especially if they're related to each other, but replying to like ten unrelated posts at the same time with complete non-contributions like this is retarded.

No. 73531

This is when I think anons kind of treat threads like a chatroom almost

No. 73532

i have no horse in this race i selected two comments with opposing viewpoints to highlight the face that both sides of the deebate are annoying and retarded. move on alrady

No. 73533

I'm pretty sure both comments are saying the same thing and calling out the anons claiming pedophilia exists in the movie and promoting it.

No. 73534

File: 1711043090710.jpg (21.79 KB, 811x117, overzealous.JPG)

What the fuck, farmhand. The OP was fine. Completely typical amount of commentary, and links back to specific posts from the last thread are not exactly universal in these threads (just look at the pro-ana scumbags series that spawned this one). And I've never seen a thread get locked just because the OP forgot to include a link to the last thread, which happens all the time.

No. 73535

I'm not complaining since it was a short ban but I must say, it's a bit ludicrous that you guys banned me for "tinfoiling about sexuality and looks" just for one post saying a guy has gay face. When has it ever been tinfoiling to say someone has gay face?

No. 73536

Why did you try to bait someone off a post they made by making it the OP image and posting some bait at the top of the OP?
>What a wild few months the last thread turned out to be. Some milk and a lot of infighting. Someone posted, “I say you leave these souls alone.” Whoever wrote that, it’s so ironically iconic that I’ve made it the picture for the thread.
Come on anon

No. 73537

AYRT, I didn't write the OP so I can't explain her reasoning. But if that's "bait" then the whole thread is bait.

No. 73538

The whole thread isn't bait, that's a reach. Making the comment the OP image which from the catalog doesn't easily spell out what the thread is unless you read the title, is a waste of a thread pic just for personal keks I had to double-check that it wasn't lolcow's personal caps thread.

No. 73540

I don't use the thread but I do think it's a bit strange they locked the thread. I've seen them reads with worse OPs stay open and only catch a ban, but maybe /snow/ standards have changed because I don't regularly use it these days.

No. 73541

The OP includes a ton of irrelevant detail and first-person commentary while leaving out basic information about cows. In cases of otherwise good threads/milk we occasionally let this slide and I would have given this just the temp ban (for the reasons already listed here >>>/snow/1978587) without locking it. However, since this thread is extremely newfag heavy and almost exclusively used by the cows in question to dish out their in-community vendetta drama, I'm holding the OP (and commenters) to a higher standard of integration. Reminder to everyone to report suspected selfposters and don't take bait.

No. 73543

Two remarks is "a ton" of first person commentary? What "basic info" did she leave out that isn't available in the first two thread OPs? How can you seriously lock the thread because the OP isn't doing enough spoonfeeding and simultaneously claim it's because you're holding her to a "higher standard of integration" because the thread is "newfag heavy"? Just admit you were jannying a little overenthusiastically and unlock the thread already.

No. 73544

Why begin the thread with that? Was anon hoping the poster would come in and cry about it?

No. 73545

Not sure how that's relevant considering the farmhand hasn't even mentioned the threadpic as a reason for the lock. Sidenote, why are you so hung up on it anyway? Are you the one who posted that comment? kek

No. 73546

The commentary about the image, anon.

No. 73548

anons can tell it's its the same poor things anon going on about how much they hate the movie

No. 73549

actually I posted about PTs for the first time a while ago and I was accused of samefagging. some of you are just weird. the movie is highly controversial, though I agree it's getting tiring.

also to the farmhands: can samefagfoiling be bannable at least? it'd pretty much solve the whole issue. if the accusation is true then the samefagger can be banned, and if it's not, the foiler gets banned.

No. 73551


No. 73552

how long are we gonna keep the dumbass shit charade up for its almost been 2 months, take it off autosage

No. 73553


No. 73554

Can the scrote engagers get red texts please

No. 73556

File: 1711063842372.jpg (13.15 KB, 260x186, Screenshot 2024-03-21 192918.j…)

would this be considered tinfoiling? samefag-accusing? it's annoying, either way.

No. 73557

Depends. Where was it posted? If it's meta, no lol

No. 73558

protip: look at the post numbers, only /snow/ has numbers beginning with 197 atm

No. 73559

File: 1711088732782.jpeg (497.79 KB, 1060x843, IMG_3665.jpeg)

mods when cockbreath chan spergs out all over /ot/ and /2X/: I sleep
mods when one person calls some ugly moid ugly: real shit?

No. 73560

some autistic newfag is lost in the animation industry cows thread

No. 73561

Please stop saying cockbreath it’s sooo cringe.

No. 73562

That was a reference to her favourite word I wasnt the one who coined the nickname

No. 73563

File: 1711099817814.png (535.8 KB, 775x919, 1000022381.png)

not the anon who posted it. but this is not nitpicking in the slightest, get it together.
It's a retarded video.

No. 73564

Oh god I’m sorry I just read your post again. I swear I have reading comprehension most of the time I’m just overtired. I hate cockbreath-chan so much.

No. 73565

This is so stupid especially since she has a wooden floor.

No. 73567

It was causing issues cause out of all the the threads on this site it was the one that made scrotes seeth the most. How else do you explain all the raids?

>First raid: weeth fields moid meltdown

>Second raid:Scrotes posting shitty tear soeaked wojak memes malding over childfree women "waaaaa enjoy dying alonnnneeee"

>Third raid: Scrote literally posted a pic of himself "y'all are probably fat anyway Reeeeee"

>Fourth raid: trad wife wojak being compared to career stacy thread pic absolute moid meldown

>Fifth raid: Race baiting and derailing

>Sixth raid: Seething kifiwarms moid posting an unhinged kiwifarms thot and saying all anons were her being jealous of tradthot's amazing normal bangmaid uwu lives (kek)

The thread hurt their feelings so fucking bad knowing that the only women who agree with their retarded beliefs do it for clout and money kek not to mention the based radfem and manifesto posts. The moids were crying all over the threads it was epic. We need them back. And if the farmhands can't moderate a scrote magnet thread properly then what's the point of this site ?

No. 73568

hard agree, if you wont let us have pinkpill threads (btw you should let us have pinkpill threads) at least keep tradthots around, it's a great filter for moids. if you can find time to ban people for emotes (MANUALLY) you can find time for this. thx.

No. 73569

What thread is this in?

No. 73571

Tradthots was locked because of the constant milk free political posting.

No. 73573

And then the five posts preceding this one all got redtexted too kek. Mod just wants to kill the thread any time it gets active.

No. 73574

if you don't like the cluster bitches thread, why did it take two days to lock it? also seems kind of retarded to lock the thread because the op has like one sentence talking about the previous thread, I've never seen a thread locked for that before

No. 73575

Didn't the mods give green light to pinkpill threads though?

No. 73576

You look like an idiot posting this and expecting anything less than a ban

No. 73577

agree. the bans on shitty bait posts above this one are understandable, but this is a reach. i guess wk-mod is back after much outcry from fellow wks kek taylor made a genuinely deranged video why is it a nitpick to call it what it is?

No. 73578

the mods are on crack recently. or it's a new recruit trying to prove herself.

No. 73579

We get it, mods are bad and evil, metafag.

No. 73580

Got some non-cap posting kid in momokun's thread. The lowercase "xd" made it obvious >>>/pt/930115

No. 73581

It is nitpicking because the video is obviously joking about people who don't walk in their homes with their shoes on

No. 73582

Please keep saying cock breath in order to weed out male lovers who think this is normal human behavior of anyone worthy of respect.

No. 73583

I think the anon is personally nitpicking content to post, that might be it? She lives in a household that doesn't wear shoes in the house or only slippers. Anons have been posting like this for a year now. I think the mods want actual milk.

No. 73584

Send proof

No. 73585

can a farmhand clean unpopular opinion up?? they're responding to moids and he keeps coming back

No. 73586

File: 1711133541088.jpg (332.82 KB, 1080x1715, 20240322132.jpg)

Mods banning the same anon twice for responding to an infighter? I'd understand if it was banned for infighting, but nitpicking?
I think it's not anon who's nitpicking, but the mod.

She's not. She's larping about her mom teaching her not to wear shoes at home in the comments and calling it a leg workout, yada yada. It's just another instance of Taylor making a clown out of herself for content and I, for one, would like to be free to ridicule it in her thread. Too bad I'd grab a ban, too, if I respond to it in the thread now.

It's not mods who want "real milk" it's her fangirls hanging around the thread and reporting every single post.
The post was saged, ffs, so no one's pushing it as milk to start with. Mods really should stop blindly banning everything in the thread as soon as they get a report.

No. 73587

What's infighting about the post?

No. 73588

you're the funniest /meta/ anon lately and I mean this genuinely. the absolute refusal to understand why everyone thinks you're retarded just adds to it

No. 73589

what the fuck is happening on /ot/ right now?? anons need to stop taking the most obvious moid bait

No. 73591

Can “yapping” be redtexted? It’s been popularized by twitter and tiktok among zoomers and reveals a lack of integration

No. 73592

No. 73593

I've never seen that used constantly on lolcow and it's an old term for telling someone to stfu. Gotta ban all 1900s slang.

No. 73594

It is being used by twitterfags, just look at unpopular opinions. Just because it’s an old term doesn’t mean it’s not trendy zoomer slang atm

No. 73595

Not everything retarded needs to be redtexted. We'll end up with trolls making threads unreadable. It doesn't do anything, everyone just ignores it now or chucks a fit.

Ask instead why more and more banners seem to be done teenagers who miss peak tumblr and DA. The 2x banner is the cringiest shit I have seen in a long time. Be CrItIcAl Of MaSs MeDiA? Are we a fucking kindergarten now?
Perhaps redtext kindergarten now because why not.

No. 73596

Sounds like someone trolling.

No. 73597

I meant redtexted like “terf” “victim” “POC” etc, not that it should get a ban + redtext from farmhands

No. 73598

nta but im pretty sure anons know what you mean. they are right when saying anons will purposely use those terms to troll threads. It's not a buzzword. You're just personally triggered by reading the word 'yap' or 'yapping'. are you insulted somehow? lol

No. 73599

Yes and the Sam Hyde thread too. It’s like podcasters can pay people to be annoying for them to get their threads shut down

No. 73600

Yapping and yappers are great words to hit moids with because it perfectly encapsulates their form of gossip and how they are gossips when they think they aren’t

No. 73601

Does anyone else feel like the bar for what's considered alogging is really low nowadays?

No. 73602

File: 1711146240952.jpg (68.74 KB, 1920x620, 426694395_945320576760115_3072…)

She clearly shopped her bump to make it less obvious so the simps keep buying her shitty onlyfails nudes. How about you lurk more instead you discord level retarded NEET mod ?

No. 73606

Troon post in ot in unpopular opinions thread threating to spam cp and shit

No. 73607

Disgusting moid is back threatening to spam the site

No. 73608

Her face is shooped to eternity too kek
also please delete the troon's post

No. 73609

Also if you guys leave the unpopula ropinions faggots post up I’ll assume you actually are scared and that’s going to make us all look pathetic. So please delete for the sake of our collective dignity.

No. 73610

Based mods, thank you.

No. 73611

File: 1711159914305.png (Spoiler Image,495.04 KB, 647x848, deleted completely.png)

Why'd you delete your posts? It's not shopped to hide some massive pregnant belly. Nothing in the background is even warped to prove she tried to hide her stomach. Just because a cow has edited her stuff before doesn't mean everything about her needs to be posted with the assumption it's edited. This is also the only photo on the NudeTv in the white bodysuit aside 2 others. Sounds more like an assumption based on her wearing this outfit rather than actually have truth to it.

She's also not pregnant. Screams shitposting.

No. 73612

I deleted them cause i forgot to spoiler then i forgot to repost. She IS pregnant in those pics since she posted them after her pregnancy announcement on insta her face and body are shooped to hell and back it's just not that obvious like her other shoops.

No. 73613

the death of dumbass shit is heartbreaking. that was like the backbone of /ot/

No. 73614

Post real shoops not minor shit anons can barely tell the difference of

No. 73616

Sorry but your kind ain’t welcome here no more.

No. 73617

you're not alone, there's just a pair of insufferable morons who think they need to reply to anyone criticizing taylor. The video is objectively retarded, taking off your shoes is better than getting floor dust on your clothes and coat. Every place has dust, even if you clean the floors every few days. I thought it was clearly satire until I saw her answers to the comments about how she does this all the time. But now discussing her content is "nitpicking" - nitpicking what, exactly?

No. 73618

Nta but we're already lower in numbers the past few years why keep dulling down the site? Milk that's actually entertaining feels so dried up.

No. 73619

I was paraphrasing the mods decision which was ‘if you’re not here for cow boards, you are a guest here’

No. 73625

shut the fuck up retard, you're the one in the minority

No. 73626

File: 1711200861153.png (49.88 KB, 1368x282, are you pretending to be stupi…)

Mods you do realize this wasn't even meant to be homophobic against lezzie's it's just a fact. Men exist in the world you can't really avoid their existence unless you join some society that has no men in the entire city or something, also what happens if you have a son? do you just put him in a basket and send him down the river?

No. 73627

They should've given you a longer ban.
>do you just put him in a basket and send him down the river?
Thankfully there's no need for that when we can just abort moids.

No. 73628

It's a silly heehee video about shoes in the house not milk or interesting or laughable. Anons constantly needing to post random things in the thread is why its actually dying.

No. 73629

File: 1711208218725.jpg (51.73 KB, 728x410, anime-blonde-wink-anime-girls-…)

Real women bash male newborn on a rock or abort them before it's too late they carry the Y chromosome so they were aborted at the gene stage anyway. Also no kids don't need male figures in their lives who are more likely to rape and abuse them (check the rates of child molestation and abuse by fathers and step fathers) kids are better off raised amongst female relatives in a safe environement, it's been that way for thousands of years men never did much childcare. Kill yourself scrote.

No. 73630

There is some baiting going on in the confessions thread… men are stinking up the place.
Thank you!

No. 73631

We should be allowed to post gore if it's contained in its own thread and if it's only of adult moids.

No. 73633

File: 1711209914792.jpeg (154.1 KB, 1045x356, IMG_6620.jpeg)

Great work dealing with the scrote in the confessions thread. I think I mistakenly reported this anon as a scrote but I don’t think she is. Pls don’t ban her kek.

No. 73635

Farmhands have said before that a lot of shitty takes are actually from women whether anons like it or not.

No. 73636

Jodi Arias is that you

No. 73637

i can see how autosaging dumbass shit has really helped /ot/. unpopular opinions in particular is full of great, insightful posts now that the dumbassery has been banished. good job jannies.

No. 73640

I hope so I want her autograph.

No. 73643

Sure men are unavoidable, unfortunately. But no one "needs a masculine figure in their life." Men are angry, violent monkeys who only make people's lives worse. The less men in a child's life, the safer and better off it will be.

No. 73647

It's a retarded video and anon is right to ridicule her. Mods overreacted but will never admit to it. The second ban is an even bigger joke. Replying to a wk playing dumb is not nitpicking lol. I guess wk-mod is back from vacation.

Too bad I can't report wk-ing in this thread. Anon that told wk about meta, burn in hell, now it will monitor both the thread AND meta.

> It's a silly heehee video about shoes in the house not milk or interesting or laughable
I find it laughable to what extent of retardation she's ready to stoop just to get engagement. If an influencer posts a braindead video, it's totally acceptable to laugh at her. And, no, judging by her replies in the comments it's not a "silly video", she's being serious, which makes it ten times more hilarious.

The thread is dying because as soon as there's a discussion, wks mass-report and mods blindly ban. This ban is an example of that. The previous threads were not dramatically different from the current one, btw. If anons expect us to unveil things like Tom's shady business every day to consider it worthy milk, then this site deserves to die and should've died ages ago.

No. 73648

I don't know how you anons claim wks are ruining the thread when its clear you posters are unhinged. Look at all you typed out. What happened with never coming to /w/ again kek your cow has no milk stop being retarded

No. 73649

I did come from cows but they just aren't as entertaining like in the past. That would be close to calling all of /ot/, /g/, and /m/ useless not just one thread in ot.

No. 73650

This post has been up for 9 hours and still not permabanned for lesbophobia and retardation. sad

No. 73653

nta but i really dont think she was trying to be homophobic just genuinely retarded

No. 73655

The last time I posted about minors on Tom's wank site, the WK proceeded to argue for multiple posts about the age of the girl despite having her (underage) birthdate clearly stated on IG. So what's the point. The perv still writes articles there about high school girls, just less often than before. He also enjoys commenting on the cup sizes of minors (even when talking about an adult, it will be like, 'she had F cups at age 13!'). But I don't really feel like only posting about that, I would prefer if we could discuss the main cow's fashion and lifestyle content, both the good and bad things about it.

No. 73656

Those posts got banned for old milk. Don't make excuses.

No. 73659

I think there’s a newfag scrolling through the TIM thread and samefagging a bunch of commentary. I commend them for sageing but someone needs to tell them they can reply to multiple posts in a single post and that samefagging is against the rules

No. 73662

kek, they didn't get any bans. Bold of you to lie. >>>/w/294235

No. 73665

i wouldn't agree it's old milk if it's still ongoing, but whatever. it doesn't matter because we now have a tom wk in the thread, too, so any slightest criticism about them turns into a wk parade and bans.

No. 73672

Anons trying to rebring it up >>>/w/309543

No one explains where the wking in that thread is kek >>73586 like here, is the wking in the room with us? Anons not being allowed to post is due to them never having good posts.

No. 73673

Who said it's the same lol The first one had ground and links, the one you posted is a low-effort bait.

>No one explains where the wking in that thread is

Lurk more. It's under every second post trying to paint the OPs as weird or dumb for criticisimg Taylor or Tom.
Nowadays wk-chan follows a usual strategy of clinging to words and playing dumb, then when nonnies take the bait and reply to explain that she's wrong, mods come in with the infight and derail bans. Neat strategy, must admit.
Even right now wk-chan is using the same strategy >>>/w/323589 and an anon already replied to it kek

No. 73674

Now that there's a separate thread in /ot/ for discussing gender ideology, can we please stop allowing people to post essays on troon psychology in the TiM and TiF threads? They aren't milk.

No. 73675

Mods are retarded and whoever reported hates fun, how is it avatarfagging if it's a nona posting the pictures of her own doll in the doll thread? Is it the minimal rp to show what kind of character the doll is? It's cute and it's not going to cause a mass invasion of cancerous avatarfags.

No. 73678

I don't use this thread ever and don't know its lore, but I do think "avatarfagging" shouldn't really be punished in /m/ of all places (unless it's off-topic) since it's the main board for pic dumping
agreed, though I assume it's mostly newfags who don't use other boards peaking in real time. I'm biased about this, but it's nice to see. maybe farmhands can make a post to let them know? though they should be able to read the thread desc…

No. 73679

How is the post you linked whiteknighting? Please explain. It's not even defending the cow

No. 73682

nta, but it says taylor posting easter content a literal week before easter is just to entertain levi. how is that not wk-ing? instead of ignoring the post if there's nothing to add or adding something to the discussion, anon chose to make it seem like it's just an everyday fun activity for the kid.

it shows that wk just can't walk past a small criticism like that without commenting on it. I don't think many people die eggs and hunt eggs every day as a fun activity for kids.

No. 73683

I don't understand why dumbass shit got closed but the Bechtel thread (y'know, a thread literally born from a silly infight) is allowed. The latest ban in it is also unjustified, the anon didn't even specially talk about moids.

No. 73684

>>>/w/323576 c'mon, mods, you can't just flag every single post in the thread as a nitpick. or define nitpick, please, because at this point it's an umbrella term. literally everything is banned as one.

No. 73685

complaining about not doing holiday things on the exact holiday is pretty fucking stupid anon

No. 73686

doing holiday-themed activities not on the actual holiday is stupid. if your friend posted stories about egg hunting with kids a week before easter wouldn't you find it weird and retarded? i would.

No. 73687

idk what if they’re busy on actual easter? some people are stuck in church and events all day that they can’t do actual fun stuff like egg hunting and petting bunnies and shit

No. 73688

lmao, sure. i highly doubt taylor and tom go to church, especially in hk. no matter which way you look at it, it's weird and it's ok to point it out.

No. 73689

people have friendsgiving not on thanksgiving, and christmas parties before Christmas. decorating is always done before holidays and they are decorating eggs. you sound so bitter. no wonder the thread is filled with nitpicking

No. 73690

Hooooly shit, the mod really is unhinged at this point. Literally everything getting a redtext now lmao

No. 73691

Yeah the farmhand is super unhinged for redtexting all the nitpicking weird stupid post, it's totally the farmhand… totally not the nitpicking loser posters… yeah…you sound so retarded it's unreal

No. 73692

no one dyes eggs a week before easter, stop the wking here. normal people dye them the saturday before.

the moderation is unhinged and has been so for a while. it's not even funny anymore.

No. 73694

Anons who can't see that nitpicking when it's acceptable to do holiday stuff are too dumb to realize they are the problem. It's a real who cares moment. It's not lolcow material though. It's funnier that anons are having a meltdown they were told it's not lolcow material.

No. 73695

Yeah all the losers are just jealous of beautiful, hard working, independent Taytay! Discussing all the stuff Taylor has openly admitted to (like being a golddigger) is just TINFOILING and criticizing the dumb copycat content she makes is NITPICKING. Only positive comments about how wonderful and happy and successful she is are allowed, meanies!

No. 73696

sydney sweeney needs to get red text the same way victim does kek. everytime she's brought up it derails a thread

No. 73697

Exactly, so glad you said all that I thought I was going crazy with everyone itt derailing. So many weirdos are in Taytay's thread it's creepy.

No. 73699

I don't think the sydney sweeney sperges will last tbh. every few months or so there's a hot celeb known for having a nice body that get people riled up for months. It was emrata, billie eilish, ana de armas, etc just give them a few months and they'll forget about her

No. 73700

Complaining about it so much is probably why anons troll about using her name every chance they can.

No. 73702

that sounds fun kek

No. 73703

if emojis are banned, why don't you just filter them?

No. 73704

Why don't anons just learn how to use lolcow?

No. 73709

I like it, it's an easy way to filter out newfags who didn't read the rules and lurk before posting.

No. 73712

Anon samefagging and this isn't about Taylor kek >>>/w/323675

No. 73713

Use the report system

No. 73715

Gatekeep the meta more minimod kek

No. 73716

I didn't mean to infight or anything, so calm down and go back monitoring your shit thread.

No. 73718

>don't want to infight
>doesn't know how meta works
Okay newfag, make sure you tell all the anons to only use the report button, negate using meta for reports since it's is wrong. You newfags are idiots.

I don't see anons nitpicking over any of these reports brought to meta, minimod.

No. 73720

I love how as soon as there's a post in the Taylor thread, there's an anon or two complaining about it in the meta.

No. 73723

File: 1711410688964.jpg (619.24 KB, 1080x1968, 1000005822.jpg)

Except samefag minimod can't help but post shit in the thread

No. 73724

Retard tif bait >>>/snow/1979795

No. 73725

should ban the retards reeplying to her too

No. 73726

It's like clockwork. Some retards need to touch grass, and other's need to stop replying. Both sides are just going to get the thread locked by giving the nitpicking and wking anymore attention.

No. 73727

File: 1711414288253.gif (207.21 KB, 400x278, NGGmbky.gif)

Erm why is the maintenance time written in military time?? And why is the timezone GMT???? I thought this was an American website????????? someone please fetch me a burger, im about to faint

No. 73728

Idk the anons posting and samefagging are getting redtext on their own, wking doesn't change it

No. 73730

for so long, farmers have called mods tranny janny, but the truth is so much darker…. cerbmin britbong confirmed???

No. 73732

They can still ban them, im saying add an automatic content filter. It’s pretty funny that they have to manually delete them each time. Unless of course that’s out of scope for our beloved tech lead admin.

No. 73733

More retards unintegratedly shitting up post-leftcows talking about shit no one cares about and debating whether Bimbo Ubermensch is hot or whatever

No. 73734

Scrote in the Reddit thread calling women roasties

No. 73738

File: 1711450506305.jpg (1.74 MB, 1090x4040, 0000.jpg)

This anon seems to be on a mission to sabotage certain /w threads, notably those of JVloggers, Belle Delphine and now Taylor R, Dakota Rose.

Every time someone posts something in one of these threads, they're :
>Derail the thread with their WKing then abuse the report system
>Come cry on /meta being super dramatic
>Frequently ask for threads to be closed for "lack of milk".
>Accuses anyone of being a vendetta/newfag/minimod/samefag (I mean, look at their reaction when I innocently suggested they use the report system…they're fucking unhinged. They're probably gonna lash out at this post too kek )

Personally, I don't care about these threads (I only read Jill's and Venus's on /w) but I find it regrettable that someone could abuse the moderation system in this way (alas, the shitty moderation from the Shaymin era allowed this sort of stuff to happen)
Cerbmins should take a look at their post and report history and permaban them if necessary.

No. 73739

Anon, I think you need to put the phone down. You have no way of knowing that's the same person, those are all common words. The person saying the Taylor thread needs to be locked again was being sarcastic. Tons of people complain about the cows on /w/ being dry as fuck, especially Dakota and Taylor who don't do shit.

No. 73742

You are 100% correct, and it's been happening for awhile. I have a theory that it's two anons. Wish there were a place to prove it without their interference and attacks.

No. 73743

>The person saying the Taylor thread needs to be locked again was being sarcastic
How'd you know? Are you that anon?

>Tons of people complain about Taylor being dry

Another ton of people would gladly discuss her braindead insta stories and copycat reels, but wks keep reporting anything that moves in the thread.

Given how often they whine about samefagging, they probably samefag themselves.

No. 73745

Those arent even all the same poster kek unhinged as fuck alll because anons get caught samefagging constantly and ban evading. Theres only two wk redtexts in the recent thread even. I think its safe to say the thread is dead and taylor has no milk anymore when anons are trying to make decorating eggs a milky issue kek

How are you going to blame other users for these posts >>73723 when anons are reaching so hard kek And farmhands aren't listening to users for reports only. Hellweek made it clear the farm can detect devices, so even if anons are going off wifi, the samefagging is still obvious. Hence the wall of samefagging redtexts 3 in a row.

No. 73746

I'm skeptical all those posts are by the same poster, wouldn't be the first time posters were wrongly banned for samefagging. But I don't know since I'm not a farmhand. What is weird is this anon >>73712 claiming samefag over basically nothing, what made them say that?

Yeah I am sure farmhands are salivating to check device data about innocuous shit. Get real. Adding "kek" after every sentence doesn't make you look cool btw.

No. 73749

I don't think it's only one person, it's a few different fangirls, but yes they are really annoying. Notice other /w/ threads that are nothing but nitpicking like Terry's don't have constant bans or whiteknights in them (people calling him an evil selfish narcissist for booking hotel rooms in advance and shit like that lately lmao, mod does nothing about those when reported because it's not one of her precious pet cows)

No. 73750

Mods aren't going to ban posts that aren't reported, but threads that have pretty clear vendettas seem to get moderated often on /w/. Venus, Taylor, Belle, the japan vloggers threads, lolita, Micky Moon. there are threads that are moderated constantly.

No. 73751

CP in /m/

No. 73752

File: 1711468333946.webp (9.74 KB, 254x254, 1709217027168.webp)

>The person saying the Taylor thread needs to be locked again was being sarcastic.

No. 73753

Nta but I can see how saying it would piss the same posters off after closing belle and jvlog. It's funny because it's hitting a nerve though. Must be the same posters if thats the case like the ones from the Venus thread too. That really explains all the redtexts honestly

No. 73754

>Theres only two wk redtexts in the recent thread even
Yes, celebrate how rarely you get banned for shitting up the treads. Mods have been called out for closing their eyes at Taylor's resident wk(s) for ages. Proves nothing. I hope you get your brownies from Taylor vegan for all that hard work.

I just love how anons themselves admit that Taylor's is being overly monitored in one post then claim it's just normal amount of banning for a thread in the next. Literally every single post has been banned for one reach of a reason or another. Should we alert cerbmin to background check the jannies babysitting her thread or something? Anons used to joke it was Taylor's assistant's job, but it's starting to sound less funny now. Who else is jobless enough to religiously follow a thread only to report every single post in it?

Exactly. How is discussing an influencer's video or post a nitpick? Jannies are as braindead as Taylor's fans. The funniest part is that even if they ban by mistake, they never admit to it, unless anons bring it to meta.
Where did the rule about overusing the report button go? Because someone is obviously constantly abusing it without consequences.

S/N There was an anon wrongly banned in the thread not too long ago and when another anon brought it here, she replied that she appealed and it was lifted. Can't find the post in meta now. Which proves that jannies do ban blindly and if they are called out, they remove traces so you can't pin it on them. Go figure.

No. 73755

I doubt farmhands went through the trouble of deleting anon's /meta/ posts.

No. 73756

Speaking of closing threads, what about locking some on not just /w/, but other boards until users can come to /meta/ and show there's milk for the thread to continue on? There's plenty that really have become so low effect in post quality just to have a reason to slowly build up the thread to max. Having as many threads for a cow as possible can fake milkiness and sometimes it's really obvious, like for shay, that users a just posting whatever they can do pad out a thread.

No. 73757

banned racebaiter shitting up the couples thread in /m/ again

No. 73758

Careful nona, the only time I ever copped a ban in /meta/ was when I was connecting dots about /w/ cows. This was before cerbmin but it really seems to strike a nerve when you suggest that there are certain weeb girls who have threads here that we're not really supposed to criticize. Anons have been saying this for a couple years now. TBH it's a losing battle to point it out and I think at this point the best we can hope for is that /w/ gets put out of its misery or that they do just dead those threads. Because maybe then the WK(s) would move on.

No. 73759

doesn't /meta/ ban when anons become too conspiracy-obsessed?

No. 73761

Who asked for the Venus thread to be moved to /pt/…? Why? /w/ is so fucking dead already, you can't even leave us our few living threads? Just reintegrate /w/ back into /snow/ at this point

No. 73762

Venus is one of the oldest/earliest and most well-known cows on the farm, I think she belongs on /pt/ better than /w/ at this point.

No. 73765

Can we please force newfags to learn to read somehow? The illiteracy is getting worse by the day

No. 73766

File: 1711494800851.png (7.18 KB, 743x148, murder arson and jaywalking.PN…)

yeah, and can the jannies too? seriously, not being able to identify humor is a hallmark of autism

No. 73768

Why was the Venus thread moved?

No. 73769

No. 73771

Can we ban the women hating anon in unpopular opinions already?

No. 73772

can something be done about the tradthots in the gender critical thread in /ot/? there is nothing ''gender critical'' about calling women with tube breasts ''genetic failures''.

No. 73773

You can’t ban someone for that though. It’s not in the rules that you have to love women.

No. 73774

Baiting and ban evading in constant attempts to infight about how much you hate "retarded disabled drooling mothers" is against the rules, actually.

No. 73775

I agree the “genetic failures” anon took it too far (and sounded scrote-like), but the current infight just feels like a retarded tradthot witch-hunt

No. 73776

anti fujo sperg outside of her containment shitting other threads as per usual

No. 73777

Idk at what point does an inflammatory opinion become bait

No. 73778

Well verbatim saying that pregnancy and motherhood turns women into vegetables can be inflammatory and false while simultaneously being bait

No. 73780

but like… idk, I don't think someone should be banned for thinking that. people should be allowed to speak their opinions even if they're insane and retarded .

No. 73782

File: 1711550093549.png (59.33 KB, 730x236, what emoji.png)

I've seen several bans like the one in picrel where an anon is banned for using an emoji when there isn't one. It has me seriously doubting my sanity. Where is the emoji?

No. 73784

The emoji gets deleted. Yes I’m on here too much, see it happen all the time. It’s not 100% consistent so it can be confusing when you come in later and there is no emoji. It‘s just deleted.

No. 73785

Thank you, nona. I really thought I was losing it kek

No. 73786

I feel like the actual colored ones get deleted more than classic emojies.

No. 73787

File: 1711554073100.png (434.24 KB, 1670x1170, Capture d’écran 2024-03-27 à…)

ths thread is just retards fagirling over the comic and has nothing to do on the cow boards anymore

No. 73788

Is it getting praise because it's terf comic or something?

No. 73789

The trans ideology hate thread in /ot/ is full of anons with piss poor reading comprehension who are aggressive for literally no reason. I don't get the backseat modding in that thread. So it's to talk about the causes of troonism. Okay. Why can't we talk about things we have seen with our own eyes without a malding anon screeching about how wrong we are because it's actually all misogyny? Like we get it.

No. 73791

wowww so the horrible feminazis are bringing up how trans idelology is rooted in misogyny… in the trans ideology hate thread?? how horrible
it's written by a tif so idek

No. 73792

You are correct, anon

No. 73793

Maybe the issue is blogposting?

No. 73796

Huh? NTA, but it’s the thread in /ot/, anons can blogpost if it’s on-topic. The issue is some anons have zero reading comprehension and are maybe even TIFs themselves so they try to shut down any conversation that strikes a nerve. While I have seen some legitimate misogyny in that thread, for some reason, it’s the current discussion that really triggers them

No. 73797

Trying to label anons as TIFs or TERFs is really going to keep derailing every thread.

No. 73798

you can sperg about how yaoi causes women to troon out in the snow thread, that thread is for serious discussion.

No. 73800

We actually can't sperg about it in the snow thread, it's for TIF cows not gender ideology speak… gender ideology talk is for the gender ideology hate thread. Duh.

No. 73801

>anyone who has sympathy for women being predated by big pharma is a TIF reeee
literally what fucking TIF would jump in to blame troonism on misogyny? why the fuck would a TIF even do in that thread to begin with? you are just accussing any anon that disagrees with you of being a TIF for not agreeing with you a-logging mentally ill women.

No. 73802

yes, you can. It's in the OP
>Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it. Report and ignore bait.

No. 73804

>don't sperg about it
That means "don't write essays on how you have seen fujoshis drink the gender koolaid". Is this your first time visiting an imageboard?

No. 73805

Jannies I hate to tell you to ban someone but please for the love of god ban the ESL retard in the gender ideology hate thread who thinks everyone is a tradthot who doesn't believe in misogyny PLEASE she is so needlessly aggressive and rude and halting ACTUAL discussion because of her focus on semantics and hair trigger posting button that shits out a post as soon as she sees the word yaoi.

No. 73806


No. 73807

Retard ESLchan is once again spamming her
>it has been disproven multiple times
>japanese fujos don't troon out!!!
Song and dance. She literally has the same 4 points on repeat and rotation and she is now bordering on personality fagging.

No. 73808

i dont understand how blaming women trooning out on yaoi has anything to do with gender ideology? you have an entire fucking thread to discuss yaoi, why bring it to a thread that has nothing to do with that. You schizo theory belongs in your shitty fucking containment.

No. 73809

Mods here is the yaoi ESLchan. Please ban her retardation so there can be open communication in the gender ideology hate thread and anons don't have to battle a braindead moron with a subzero IQ.

No. 73810

mods should ban all of you for infighting already since none of you can stop yoursleves from replying
the thread is for gender ideology anyway. you can always go use the peak trans vent thread in 2x if you need to blog.
also stop using esl as an insult

No. 73811

No one is “blaming women trooning out on yaoi.” We were discussing how there are MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTING FACTORS at play. Please, for the love of god, stop spamming the thread if you can’t fully grasp the English language well enough to contribute meaningfully to the conversation

No. 73812

>stop using esl as an insult
No? Lol

No. 73813

Why was the Venus thread moved but the Jillian thread rots in /w/? If one is moved the other should be too, Jillian is an oldschool cow too. Hell roll /w/ back into /snow/ at this point and move Jill and Lori to /pt/ because of their classic cow status, there's only a few active threads in /w/ and /pt/ is basically dead.

No. 73814

If anything Jill and Venus need to stay in /w/ and Shayna deserves to be in /pt/ on account of her trillions of threads. She even has her own board. If anything, she has usurped Pixyteri in terms of Queendom of lolcows.

No. 73817

>Shayna deserves to be in /pt/ on account of her trillions of threads
>She has usurped Pixyteri in terms of Queendom of lolcows
Hard no lmao

No. 73818

wow, jannies did a fantastic job handling this! they took 10 hours to do anything and when they finally did, they handed out bans to everyone even though the infight was caused by one illiterate anon who continuously derailed the thread in order to shut down all discussion about TIFs! what a win for meaningful discussions in the appropriate threads!

No. 73819

this is probably a groundbreaking concept to you
but if you keep replying and dragging out an argument instead of ignoring and reporting you are, in fact, participating in an infight

No. 73820

In the least mod-defending way I can try to phrase this: why do you keep replying to someone you think shouldn't even be posting in the thread? Like I get that she'll reply to any new post made even if it's not replying to her, but just ignore an move on.

No. 73821

it bothers me in this case because that anon was obviously trying to shut down the discussion, so ignoring her only let’s her win in her minimoding conquest of the thread. I think farmhands should have stepped in way sooner

No. 73822

this is why mods say to ignore and report. if you think a post doesn't belong in the thread or someone is trying to stir shit, you just report them instead of obsessively replying to someone you're never going to agree with (aka infighting)

No. 73823

shayna isn't anywhere near as milky as other /pt/ cows, she only gets that many threads because her posters are extra spergy, argue with each other and post literally anything shay posts no matter how mundane

No. 73824

You must be jesting. No /pt/ cow as of right now is producing any milk. Onision had some interesting legal issues but he and his troon flirty fishing wife are completely silent, PT is doing her sad munchie schizo freakouts, Momokun is uuuuhhhhh fat and cringe, Luna is stealing again like your average smack addict… etc. Nothing is really happening in /pt/, at least Shayna has a dedicated autistic fanbase that produces some funny screencaps sometimes.

No. 73825

Her threads are trash though, shayna's.

No. 73826

And Luna's aren't?

No. 73827

There are a lot of newfags arguing about who should or shouldn't be in /pt/ and don't really know much about the old school lolcows. Yes, most /pt/ cows are past their prime in terms of milkiness so it has nothing to do with that. Shayna herself, as you said, is not very milky and her threads survive off of the spergery of Shaytards, and Jill is very similar. Venus is rightfully in /pt/ because she is well-known within the general lolcow (i.e. not just this website) community and is a very old cow. Neither Shayna nor Jill have anything /pt/-worthy about them (although I'll say that between the two Jill has more /pt/ potential)

No. 73828

Venus having slow milk is kind of how /pt/ works too.

No. 73830

Jill was harassing real researchers and doctors not long ago. How is that any less /pt/ worthy than Luna or Vicky? Plus Jill's been around almost if not as long as Venus. Same with Lori, sure she's not very milky anymore but she's is the oldest of oldcows with over twenty years of psychopathic milk.

No. 73831

Nta, but why are you mad exactly? You have to open another tab? It's not that big of a deal.

No. 73832

I'm not mad. Just baffled by the decision to move Venus' thread back to /pt/ when she's not currently milky when milkier threads stay where they are. I'm hardly the only anon that's said /w/ should be rolled back into /snow/.

No. 73833

Jill has not had a public presence for as long as Venus and has nowhere near her infamy, and Jill didn't "harass" researchers. Her malding over being called out for being a retard didn't actually impact any of these people's lives to the point that I'd call it harassment. I could see your argument for Lori, but again, Jill doesn't compare to Venus.

No. 73834

actually no. bait is not and never has been allowed, and yeah; you should be banned if you're going to obsessively belittle mothers on a website that is full of them simply because you do not agree with reproductiòn

No. 73835

>you shouldnt be banned for saying that mothers are mentally retarded
kek oh my lord

No. 73836

I'm not a shayfag and I think that anon has a point but tbh she has an entire board… moving her to pt makes no sense

No. 73837

File: 1711573214098.png (37.98 KB, 764x588, retard.png)

Do you think I'm saying being a whore is good because I agreed with another anon that it would be LESS DISGUSTING if she had chosen a different paraphillia to cater to?

No. 73838

You literally said “less morally repugnant” which implies she was already morally repugnant, I don’t see either how your comment warranted a ban

No. 73839

They didn’t break any actual rules. Unless everything they posted was deliberately trying too hard hurting peoples feelings isn’t a reason to ban someone.

No. 73840

Kek why are you being so mean in the appeal and then coming here to complain, just integrate? This is obviously one of the loser newfags that have been whining like crazy for the past 2 months since hellweek. Stop calling them jannies this isn't 4chan

No. 73841

did you seriously just ask why someone on lolcow is being mean and then call someone else a newfag kek

No. 73842

Yeah because most normal posters will just wait the 6 hours for the ban to expire instead of going crazy on farmhands as if they care about it. It's also because OP is trying really hard to skinwalk another poster and it comes off as cringe and creepy and weird as well.

No. 73843

oh my bad, you're trying to shit-stir

No. 73844

Yeah yeah try to bait yadda yadda I don't care blah blah you're wrong I'm right you can't change it ha ha

No. 73845

>trying really hard to skinwalk another poster
NTA but what. This is an anonymous site how is that even possible

No. 73846

Bait is breaking a rule, dummy

No. 73847

what, you didn't know that there's only one person on lolcow who says "retard?" oh no I said it too, now I'm being absorbed by her lol

No. 73848

I love when vendetta posters get their just desserts, youre so mad. You sound unhinged.

No. 73849

No. 73850

what exactly is the vendetta?

No. 73852

Yeah but you can’t just call every unhinged or retarded post “bait”

No. 73855

Why the fuck is the catalog so fucking slow to load, especially on /snow/? It's only on the computer too, while mobile is fast. I thought you retards wanted no more phonefaggotry, this is only making it worse. I can't fucking stand it anymore.

No. 73856

But it is bait.

No. 73857

Possibly pre-maintenance behind the scenes.

No. 73858

Calling every single mother thats ever existed a disabled vegetable is definitely bait but you can't argue with retardation

No. 73859

It was hyperbole but anyway unless their entire posting history is like that it shouldn’t be banned for that. Otherwise you can just call anything you find personally offensive bait.

No. 73860

You’re spineless and stupid.

No. 73861

It stops being a hyperbole when the author restates it multiple times and claims she stands behind her statements, also this has been happening quite a lot lately. Bait thats targeted against mothers has increased since the population of mothers who feel comfortable using lolcow has increased.

No. 73862

Because I don’t think people should be banned just because a lot of anons disagree with them?

If she actually stands behind her statements then it’s not really bait is it? Bait is said expressly just to annoy people.

No. 73863

nta, but this must've been you who posted or something because normal posters don't throw this much of a fit over a ban like this. it wasn't funny, it wasn't sarcasm or hyperbole. It was a weak shock-value post and everyone could tell. Trying to worm your way around it makes you seem desperate.

No. 73864

No? Idk why people think if you defend someone you must be that poster. Who cares if it wasn’t funny. Tons of people have expressed similar sentiments across many threads. Do you have to only express yourself politely now? My issue is that anyone can report anything that offends them as bait (people already do that) and it unintentionally creates a culture of approved opinions (we already sort of have that). Unless that was literally all they posted but jannies can’t see IPs so I can’t trust them.

No. 73865

The site allows you to post them, they then edit the post and delete them manually. Mods/jannies absolutely not beating the women can’t code allegations.

No. 73866

Still think by this logic Lori at least should also be moved to /pt/. But at least there's an explanation.

No. 73867

Yeah and obnoxiously sharing your incorrect opinion for the purpose of trying to infight is trying to annoy other users so that they will engage with your post. Are you able to get it or do we need to keep explaining?

No. 73868

What makes an opinion ‘incorrect’ exactly?

No. 73870

Everything that specific anon disagrees with of course

No. 73871

Cut them some slack, they had to work with a geriatric OS.

No. 73872

kek exactly

No. 73873

Are you using a firefox based browser? Something I've noticed about the site is that it loads fine in a chrome based browser but loads like absolute ass in anything based on firefox.

No. 73874

You should've known it was bait because the baiter kept saying "probably" all the time instead of being certain and "magically" (lol). I couldn't take it seriously.

No. 73875

>I enter to /m/
>Almost all threads are image dumping

/img/ when? I want threads with discussion of cultural products, not thousands of thematic image dumpings

No. 73876

??? What does the OS have to do with it

No. 73877

Please, no more fracturing it’s dead enough here already

No. 73878

I don’t know why they bother with deleting it but the fact you can post them is fine, it makes the newfags stand out more

No. 73879

Literally every part of this process could be automated including the super important (reeee emoji newfag) redtext. Just saying.

No. 73881

Shut the fuck up

No. 73882

Taylor as well… she's been around almost as long as Venus. And we'd be able to escape the dumbass /w/ mod shutting down every conversation

No. 73883

I think splitting /m/ into /media/ and /img/ would help make both more active because they’d be better tailored to the kind of content anons want to see. I also feel like we need a weeb revival on here, personally

No. 73884

I'm using chrome with a few privacy and ad blockers. Not sure why it's molasses for me.

No. 73885

File: 1711636268812.png (57.68 KB, 1269x381, 2024-03-28.png)

Ok retarded pedo-protecting mods how is reporting an unhinged scrote E-pimping his 12 year old daughters online to nazi pedos cowtipping?

No. 73886

This is from the Varg thread.

No. 73887

Lori doesn't have much milk. The ferret abuse is all tinfoil from anons, having ugly sailor moon cosplays then turned thot isn't excluse to a few cows anymore and she doesn't even do porn. Her and Kevin aren't exciting as a couple. Why are you whining about Venus still? Just open a new tab.

No. 73888

Encouraging cowtipping by using lolcow as your personal army, even if by suggestion only. That's usually the logic.

There's only been a handful in /meta/ suggesting this because those anons want image spam boards. We aren't 4chan.

No. 73889

Ayrt, I personally want a split board because I don’t want to wade through all the pic spam threads on /m/, so no. Yes, I hide the threads I don’t like, but that’s literally like 70% of the board, and I have to use catalog for /m/ to be usable anyways. Like no disrespect to the nonnas who use those threads, but what does bad fetish art and doll pic spam have to do with discussing anime? /m/ is one of the slowest and most disjointed boards here, but I really do think it has potential

No. 73890

People with earnestly differing opinions can state them in a way that isn’t inflammatory to avoid the baiting accusation.

No. 73891

I’m working on a KingCobra thread with a comprehensive history and someone just posted a NAL thread. Can I still post it?

No. 73892

NTAYRT, I agree with you. I go to /m/ for discussions. At most I go into the bad comics because it does carry discussion, but I don't care about husbando threads, or images of mothers or your piccrew or AI husbando. A lot of the topics on /ot/ can easily be on /m/ but because of the pic spamming, a lot of the discussion threads get drowned out

No. 73893

Why not just use the threads you've been using then? The board is media discussion, those threads don't qualify as image dump threads because anons discuss the images. This wouldn't change having a new board.

No. 73894

I guess my issue isn’t really about classifying something as image dump or not (I don’t have anything against image dump threads, unlike >>73888. True, this isn’t 4chan, but it’s still an imageboard). But rather, I think “media” is way too broad, and I’d like to have a board dedicated to fandom-type content, which several threads from other boards could be moved to. I get some anons might disagree with this suggestion, but I really think having better organized boards would be a huge improvement. From what I’ve observed, most anons only use like one cow board and /ot/, but I bet way more anons would be interested in using /m/ if it was more usable

No. 73896

You replied to the same poster btw.

No. 73897

I think some of the farmhands actually have autism and can't tell the difference between an earnest post and bait. Maybe this is a younger person problem too. I feel like any personality in your post makes people think it's bait. Sorry I have pizazz and am not cardboard like you but I mean everything I say

No. 73898

Lori had twenty years of abusing her friends, being the "irl Usagi" and "irl Zero Two", skinwalking her ex's girlfriend, cheating on her husbands, being completely unhinged on social media, and making Kevin cut himself for her setting the cosplay scene on fire when everyone was begging him to leave her. Plus the whole piss suit incident. It's wild you say she's never been milky when she was the first big cosplay lolcow.

No. 73899

i think lori should be considered a legacy cow at this point and go on /pt/ but either way venus definitely belongs there. lori is the most longstanding cosplay cow but her milk is the same old thing for years, and most of the crazed shit she did happened a long long time ago. i think she belongs on /pt/ more than say moo though, because after the big cosplay scene drama she became run of the mill costhot and her milk has never really recovered.

No. 73900

and just what kind of personality trait is calling mothers disabled vegetables?

No. 73901

You are delusional if you think Taylor's thread should be in /pt/. She has NO milk, all that there is in that thread is nitpicking and bringing out old ass milk from years ago.

No. 73902

I don't know what is mentally wrong with all of you that you need to have it explained to you why it's blatantly false that mothers arent "retarded vegetables" after pregnancy and postpartum. That's a shitty and blatantly INCORRECT thing to say, especially on a forum full of women and mothers.

No. 73903

Nah my post was some milquetoast shit about being jealous of somebody it wasn't inflammatory

No. 73905

Did you make this post: >>>/ot/1941491 ?

No. 73906

Please fix the flood detection. I hate when I delete a post just to fix a typo or add something and then I have to wait like 5 minutes.

No. 73908

I think you're misunderstanding. The flood detection should only be a 30 sec break, however me and other anons have been having an issue where it's taking much longer.

No. 73910

Pleaseee I genuinely have to wait like 5 min sometimes too

No. 73911

File: 1711657611693.png (1.2 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4468.png)

>no more Sydney Sweeney sperging!
Ok, but saying something completely normal and constructive about her appearance is fine right, other people have done the same in earlier posts and haven’t gotten banned
>still gets banned
At this point just make her a banned topic, anyone who brings her up in any capacity should get banned. this is not sperging in any way kek

No. 73912

Well, to me it sounds more like our dear wonderful Jannies who are just so good to us would like for us to make a whole separate thread dedicated to what they call "sydney sperging".

No. 73913

It's also weird that they banned a saged post in that thread that said "Ick" for not contributing. Even in /snow/ you wouldn't get banned for that (at least last time I checked. I haven't used /snow/ in a while).

No. 73914

If you can't see how this is sperging you must honest to god be a sperg

No. 73916

I have sperged about her before (I was defending her since there were anons saying that she was sexual in every role when she was really only sexualized in euphoria) so that might be why I got banned again idk, but another anon who also just said something about her styling being better when it’s youthful and feminine also got banned and accused of sperging. I truly wouldn’t care if we were never allowed to discuss her again, but they should just enforce that instead of banning people for being normal and non unhinged about her lol

No. 73917

NTAYRT but people analyze celebrities appearances all the time in celebricows? Why is it suddenly 'sydney sperging' when it's about sydney but it's nothing at all when nonnicas state their saged thoughts about ariana grande or cillian murphy

No. 73918

Samefagging to say that there’s a difference between commenting on someone’s appearance like a normal well-adjusted person and calling her a fat ugly disgusting downsy whore/a perfect angel who can do no wrong and you’re just evil fat femcels

No. 73919

she’s as fugly and mangled as a pug, but this website seems to forget one second that this is a gossip website until you finally call a fugly pug woman ugly it suddenly turns into a pretty woman parade where you’re not allowed to make fun of celebrities anymore and you get banned. absolute hypocrites kek

No. 73920

Learn what samefagging means because you replied to my ( >>73914 ) post instead of your own.

No. 73921

my bad

No. 73922

Nta but it's because it completely takes over the thread. It was the same with the Florence Pugh spergs, LDR and Billie Eilish spergs, they were banned too back then.

No. 73923

Yeah anons do

No. 73924

Can the farmhand that's going ham in the celebricows thread calm tf down? I'm just reading the newest thread and everyone who talks about sydney sweeney gets banned even if it's positive with the redtext saying "sperging". If we're not allowed to discuss celebrities in a celebrity discussion thread, what's the point

No. 73925


Seriously, there is no excuse for imageboards to be this overmoderated. This isn't Reddit. Just saw an anon warned because she used K-pop as picrel. Now they're just making shit up. Tell me where in the rules that's even a rule.

No. 73926

Go to a different imageboard. They aren't all the same.

No. 73927


Most altboards I've been on wouldn't do this but they've all eventually die from the creator abandoning them, so these ban-happy mainstream boards with vague rules and shitty culture always end up being all that's left anyway.

No. 73928

Sydney posts are allowed (like the one about her and laneige for example), but the reason why people get banned for 'sydney sperging' is because of dozens of posts about how hot or not she is, how her boobs are this or that, or general infighting/derailing about her being a whore or whatever else. There's been many farmhand posts stating that posting about her is fine, but posting your personal opinion about if you think she's attractive or not (which baits infights) is not okay. This is the same for the ATJ sperging, Florence pugh sperging, etc like >>73922 has said. Sydney especially has been attracting people getting obsessively angry about her for several threads now. People post their opinions about different celebs all the time but if it takes over the thread with people arguing, regardless of who it is, eventually we're going to have to step in.

Kpop isn't allowed at all. That's been a rule for years now.

No. 73929

Kek and you bitches didn’t want to listen to me about how this website is going to shit and you can’t talk about anything anymore. Celebricows, Unpopular opinions is about to be taken down in a few weeks or in a few months mark my words. Jannies are usually restricted to modding one board, so it’s safe to say /ot/ mods are definitely powertripping especially with the admin not being around as of lately.

No. 73930

but is this not the point of the thread, to discuss the celebrities including their looks? anne hathaway had the same treatment in the thread above the sydney posts. I think this is overmodding especially in an /ot/ thread.

No. 73931

You dumbass thread spergs must think you're like evil scientist Alferd Einstein levels of "smart" or something because it's very apparent to everyone that it's just the same group of dumbass thread posters targeting threads trying to get them locked because "muh dumbass shit wasn't this bad!!" and it's super annoying. Can you all please stop.
How many times do you need to call X celebrity ugly? How many times? Do we need 500+ posts about calling anybody ugly in different ways? Where is the entertainment value in that. Use your brain if you have one. There's only so many things you can say about 1 person about their looks before it gets repetitive and boring and annoying as fuck to read.

No. 73932

>Do we need 500+ posts about calling anybody ugly in different ways?
Do you know what website you're on right now?

No. 73934

Yeah and you can go back through every cow board and thread and see actually funny insults not just "ha ha she has down syndrome eyes" or "her tits! HA!!!" posted 30 times verbatim in the same thread. It's not that deep. Farmhands have been warning about Sydney sperging a lot already now they're banning. What did you expect when they've been warned about something but still continue to do it?

No. 73935

>Just saw an anon warned because she used K-pop as picrel
K-pop has been banned on here for years, use heolkek.cafe if you want to discuss k-pop.

No. 73936

>very apparent to everyone that it's just the same group of dumbass thread posters targeting threads trying to get them locked
You guys actually just sound like you're scapegoating when you say this, every thread on /ot/ has always had spergs. And idk why anons keep saying "dumbass shit thesad posters". It was one of the most popular threads on /ot/, literally everyone who uses that board is a dumbass shit thread poster kek.

No. 73937

File: 1711680131813.png (310.42 KB, 978x576, d92.png)

No. 73938

Okay dumbass thread sperg keep using the same meme format, even stooping so low to u