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File: 1710367244788.jpeg (2.82 MB, 4096x3761, scoobydoo.jpeg)

No. 1923647

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations

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No. 1923651

we’re finally free from the tranny mr. beast fanart! hallelujah!

No. 1923654

This pic cannot be real. No way someone made this seriously.
>the most feminine one is the most self sacrificing and neglected so she can take care of the group

No. 1923660

Tag yourself, nonnas ♥
I’m fred because I’m also in a queerplatonic relationship with my beloved nonnies here ♥

No. 1923663

Velma because I'm a fat bitch who buys shit from etsy.

No. 1923665

So they’re all speds that are fucking each other kek, what a world

No. 1923667

Why are all of them "lesbians"?????

No. 1923670

File: 1710368224277.png (512.41 KB, 1497x784, queerplatonic is some heavy re…)

I think it's meant to be that only Daphne and Velma fuck

No. 1923673

Shaggy because I'm the most retarded and like food

No. 1923679

I'm Fred's glucose monitor

No. 1923682

I try to be a good conscientious person but artists like picrel trigger my bullying instincts. I want to slam her into a locker and pour sour milk in her backpack.

No. 1923707

im scooby. i never existed.

kek the filename

No. 1923711

I'm their queerplatonic relationship

No. 1923726

I fucking cackled at the threadpic nonna, great choice. Scooby better be the one driving the Mystery Machine, he's the most responsible adult in the group.
Lesbians= holding hands and giggling while on a date at the aquarium. The artist seems to have a slightly stunted social life going by this pic and probably thinks that lesbian is another word for friend.

No. 1923799

Where's scooby?
>great dane but indentifies as dalmatian
>emotional support pet for the gang, helps shaggy's anxiety attacks
>has a lisp

No. 1923835

I’m Fred’s diabeetus monitor. “Type 1” because my fat ass won’t admit it’s self induced

No. 1923901


No. 1923956

I think Scooby would be a she/it (in the tranny way), dalmation trans-species (Shaggy paints spots on his coat to ease his breed dysphoria), and identify as a lesbian like the rest of the polycule.

No. 1924043

I am calling it now, the mandela catalogue tranny is going to excuse himself with ''it was dysphoria uwu i am just a poow twanswomyn'' and everyone is going to forget he's a pedo sexpest and keep consoooming his cringy 3deep5u analogue shit. It always happens with 'beloved' male creators, they can do the most heinous shit and will always be given a second chance.

No. 1924045

Velma because I am also dating myself.

No. 1924058

I need to know more about this. I always found that series cringy are tired, just like the Walton files. This is great ammo to use if someone asks me why I don't like it and saying it's not my thing isn't enough to convince them kek (not really just joking)

No. 1924069

File: 1710389273625.jpg (1.65 MB, 4096x4096, mandela trannoid.jpg)

there are more screens scattered through the art salt and youtube thread

No. 1924085

No. 1924282

Thanks, anons. ♥

No. 1924283

So Helen Joyce dropped an podcast interview about the fujo to tif pipeline
>she states that the vast majority of it's hetrosexuality with extra steps
>compared it to porn addiction and that it's only getting worse
>tells parents that they should look into what type of fan-fiction their daughter are reading
>says it comes from a place of misplaced sense of self among women and inherent neuroticism
>says its girls grooming each other
>also stated straight erotica is also frankly awful and coping wish fulfillment(bait)

No. 1924284

how can yaoi be the cause of women trooning out when japan doesnt have this problem? it feels like a scapegoat from adressing the real problem, moids

No. 1924285

Damn you guys still denying it?

No. 1924289

Like on one hand she got a point about the porn-addiction aspect of it all, and on the other hand 2nd Nonna is right about the Japanese not having this issue but I think that's sincerely a cultural difference because Japan's still in the "tomboy" phase and hasn't gotten to "gnc" and then "tif" phases of cultural degradation.
I'm just saying you can't get to here without blurring gender lines back there.

No. 1924290

If yaoi is the reason women troon out how come japanese women dont suffer the same fate?

No. 1924293

you guys will literally bend yourselves into a pretzel to blame anyone but moids.

No. 1924296

If yaoi was the reason girls were trooning out we would've had a tif boom in the 2000s. Even your timelines don't make sense. It's a complex issue that you guys insist on boiling down to a single point for some reason.

No. 1924301

I'm so glad he got called before he could publicly, "come out" because most people I've seen acknowledge that he's a creepy sexpest. But you're probably right unfortunately

No. 1924303

Yeah. Japan doesn't have the same issue because it's a very collective focused culture and is against the individualism focus which allows for troonism to fester in the west.

No. 1924305

File: 1710396413674.png (3.29 MB, 1594x1747, booktok cringe (1).png)

The fact they hyperfocus on yaoi and not on YA smut novels that are 10 times more popular and harmful proves they are tradthots.

No. 1924306

>says its girls grooming each other
She's kinda right, it's the ROGD stuff where it spreads in friend groups because it's trendy among pears.

No. 1924308

i always knew those nasty fruits were the ones behind women trooning out.

No. 1924310

Troonism is the anorexia of gen z…well now that coquette is in fashion anorexia is also back to do a number on gen z…it's all so awful

No. 1924311

YA novels are about the same level as yaoi. It's both harmless and focusing on one vs the other is dumb since there are wholesome YA and BL stuff too. It's not all degen (and some stuff in that pic isn't that bad, just cringe and lacking context).

No. 1924313

YA novels arent harmless, they depict women getting abused as ''hot'' and desireable.

No. 1924318

True but I put all the blame for that on 30 year old womanchildren who refused to move on from a children's genre at their big age and instead introduced kink into it.

No. 1924320

People say the exact same thing about yaoi and not all YA novels are that.

No. 1924321

>People say the exact same thing about yaoi
I dont care if MEN get abused, they deserve it

No. 1924322

The women aren't being abused in every YA book either… 2000s Twilight hate melted a lot of peoples brains kek.

No. 1924324

Idk whats the correct genre, smut books? that shit is super popular and get actual blockbuster movies, like 50 shades of grey and 365 days. They are way more harmful to women that bug eyed anime men fucking.

No. 1924328

It's more smut books than YA, and even then not all smut is tiktok tier stuff and is mills and boon bodice rippers our mothers read. It's not harmful imo because it's ultimately a (albeit cringe) fantasy that doesn't get carried out in the real world by anyone who was sane. People aren't being manipulated by the media they read. Only men are because the coom rewires their brain like pavlovs dog which is why they have so much porn but women don't. The women reading the dumb smut books are adults and can make their own decisions. A guilty pleasure is a guilty pleasure. Rates of abuse haven't risen with their popularity because people (aka women the only people kek) can differentiate reality from fiction and we wouldn't throw each other under the buss. Any kids reading it is a parent issue.

No. 1924330

File: 1710397878590.png (35.11 KB, 2046x404, sperg.png)

ugh are you this sperg again? glamourizing women getting abused isnt a guilty pleasure, it's disgusting and indulging in something millions of women go through every day. Its not quirky and hot, it's disgusting.

No. 1924334

its only one retard samefagging three times to defend their abuse shit in the screenshot. Its funny because yaoi exists as an alternative to those shitty pickme books, so they arent the same.

No. 1924336

You're obviously one of the spergs in the pic kek. I'm saying you're incorrect saying it's all abuse and is the same as the people who sperg about yaoi. Don't continue this stupid infight you're mad you got banned for. If you can't help but get upset over people disagreeing ree fandom and media, stick to the containment thread.
Stop infighting over opinions.

No. 1924337

this is a thread to discuss media, if you get angry women call your shitty ''guilty pleasure'' books where women get treated as objects then dont post itt. Comparing that crap to yaoi is disrespectful, since a lot of women prefeer yaoi over straight romance because straight romance is infested with that shit and normal women dont want to see women getting abused.

No. 1924338

>Bumping thread just to infight
I hate newfags so much

No. 1924339

this is /ot/ you dont have to sage.

No. 1924340

but objectively yaoi is far more popular in terms of sales and exposure then ever before and as Helen said, it's gotten far more pornographic

No. 1924342

yaoi doesnt get netflix blockbusters like ddlg bdsm shit

No. 1924343

both are bad and cause a level of porn-sickness.

No. 1924344

Okay pakichan.

No. 1924345

It's far more popular because literally everything is far more popular now. Way, way more people are on the Internet now compared to the 00s, no shit

No. 1924346

>both are bad
stop trying to poison the wheel by comparing yaoi to novels and movies where women get abused and treated like shit. Maybe if women had more options than ''40yo bad boys rapes the shy uwu 18yo florist girl uguu'' they wouldnt have to pick up yaoi.

No. 1924348

She's got a point.

No. 1924354

File: 1710399396174.png (62.44 KB, 512x75, vcReoCy.png)

Okay, what are your thoughts on her observation (from someone not in the fandom) about how men in slash seem like "women in drag," where it's clearly from her perspective a "heterosexual coupling"?

No. 1924355

is she saying TIMs are true and honest womyn?

No. 1924356

Every yaoi girl I knew back in the 2000s is now some flavor of tif. Every single one. Most of them transitioned in the early 2010s. Some have detransitioned. There was definitely a yaoi tif boom.

Also, there are definitely Japanese tifs but they're lesbians, not fujos. Lesbians hate themselves over there but fujos do not. Japan is a fujo-positive society where fujos live fulfilling lives and do not need to transition. Most Japanese fujos will go their whole lives without ever meeting a gay man. So they never have that moment of cognitive dissonance where they realize gay men are human. They never have to wonder whether fantasizing about gay men raping each other is possibly homophobic. So they don't need to transition in order to relieve the cognitive dissonance the way Western fujos do.

I know this isn't the place to discuss homophobia against males. I only care because homophobia against males always ends up negatively effecting lesbians, too.

No. 1924357

>Most Japanese fujos will go their whole lives without ever meeting a gay man. So they never have that moment of cognitive dissonance where they realize gay men are human. They never have to wonder whether fantasizing about gay men raping each other is possibly homophobic.
so based

No. 1924359

not at all, she's just mentioning that from her observation, old and new slash fiction portrays either a "heterosexual coupling" or two women in drag.

No. 1924360

that seems very misogynistic to consider a male with dick and balls a ''woman'' just because he isnt some roidpig macho. Please dont tell me shes supposed to be a 'feminist' because she just sounds like a tradthot

No. 1924361

So basically her issue is that fangirls humanize moids in their fantasy instead of writing them like the brainless apes they are irl. Oh, the horror

No. 1924362

So yaoi is a realistic representation of homosexual men? Don't fujos claim they aren't like real men and act like women and that's why women like it so much?

No. 1924363

By this logic, straight romances might as well be lesbian sex as well since the males there are idealized and unrealistic as well. An idealized male is not a female

No. 1924364

It's not about what the character looks like. It's about the fact that their characterization in slash fiction is indistinguishable from Colleen Hoover's female protagonists. That's what makes slash into straight romance.

No. 1924365

its just two idealized men fucking is really not that complicated. Might as well call edward cullen a woman and his relationship with bella lesbianism since real men arent bishie sparkly vampires.

No. 1924366

So isn't she right then, there more womens ideal of men/essentially a woman if she was a man?

No. 1924368

Imagine if scrotes were criticized this much for retarded shit
>umm ackshually dude ur gay because ur idea of a woman is a man with boobies

No. 1924370

>a woman is when a man isnt a rape ape into sports and teen rape gangbangs on pornhub
what the actual fuck kek

No. 1924373

nta but you know that's not what she meant. I watched the video, and she mentioned that she's read both straight erotica and slash fiction. To her, it's obvious that the designated bottom acts like a woman and the sex is exactly like a straight romance erotica.
That's kind of true though. Men who are attracted to hypersexual, pornified displays of femininity have pseudo-bisexual leanings.

No. 1924374

One of the great things about Japanese fujos is they do not get defensive the way Western fujos do kek

No. 1924375

That's the exact opposite of what I said. Are you going to call every woman who likes "softer" men lesbians now?

No. 1924378

All of this seems cope from a woman with internalized misogyny. The average, real woman is already an idealized idea of a woman. We are forced to shave, dress nicely, smell nice, be fit, etc to be consumable objects for moids. Yaoi boys just live in a world where moids are held to the same standars as women. That doesn't make them women, but pickmes like >>1924283 ,who put on lipstick for a thumbnail, cannot wrap their heads around a civilization where, gasp, moids are held to isane standars?! wow why would women fantasize about hot men looking good for her?! must be because she's a lesbian.

No. 1924379

Based and correct. It's why this thread always devolves into infights. If only we could trade our lots.

No. 1924382

Since when does slash fiction feature "idealized" men? Idealized men are in those calendars women get where attractive men are naked cooking in the kitchen. 90% of Slash fiction is one sociopath narcissist and one BPD virgin just like 90% of straight smut fiction. Most straight smut fiction is an escape into a dangerous world, not a portrait of an ideal male lover. And slash echoes all those same genre themes.

No. 1924387

who cares if hot sociopathic men fuck eachother in the ass with a knife handle? it's not comparable to straight smut where women get abused. Also
>caring about scrotes being abused in fiction

No. 1924392

Fujos are not morally above women who read and write straight smut.

No. 1924396

yes they are, even if you cope about it. Fujos arent getting off to women getting chained, raped and put in a dog cage like straight shit.

No. 1924397

The thing about japanese/asian fujos is that they don't have to deal with tradthots of all people psychoanalysing them and their works through the lenses of misogynism. "It's an idealized beautiful man therefore it's a woman even if has dick and balls" really? Might as well start putting trans flag in your bio and pronouns. Actually let's just call every butch or tomboy character a man since that's what they are, right? Lesbians are just men since they like women and often reject femininity.

No. 1924399

yeah and so what? we've had this discussion many times already but it never leads to anything so at this point just find something new to talk about.

No. 1924400

not only that but accusing them of being the root of all evil in the world and the reason why women mutilate themselves and pump themselves up with dangerous hormones.

No. 1924401

but you are though.(infighting)

No. 1924402

explain how fujos getting off to hot men is the same as pickmes getting off to the suffering of women

No. 1924403

No, they are not. Fujos did not discover a morally pure way to masturbate to rape and abuse. If you believe it is some morally elevated sadomasochistic/dubious/rape content, go transition about it. You can no longer call yourself a fujoshi if you don't actually believe yaoi is rotten. You'll need to become an Aiden before waxing poetic about how you are more pure than cishet women(fujo derail)

No. 1924405

men dont get raped enough for me to care, and even if christians found a way to revive john wayne gacy,jeffrey dahmer and the candy man and they started mass raping and murdering moids i still would not care and continue consuming my yaois with a clean conscience, because moids dont think about the suffering of women when they consume real women getting raped in their porn. Cope.(fujo derail)

No. 1924416

They just copy and pasted the bios because both daphne and velma say dating velma kek.

No. 1924417

File: 1710403903467.jpg (92.33 KB, 998x1024, youdroppedthisqueen.jpg)

No. 1924429

you guys are dumb as rocks, I can't believe you think niche gay erotica written by women for women is making all these young girls chop their tits off, and NOT the fact that we live in a society that still pushes hyperfeminity on women and makes other women feel excluded as a result. go take a look outside fandoms and you'll see that in normie female spaces they are obsessed with beauty, aggressive anti-aging skincare, makeup, weird physiognomy takes and surface level feminism, and then there's other subcategories such as the bimbos, tradthots, women who are obsessed with old money and want to get a "high value man" etc of course a women with different interests and views will feel alienated and think that she must be some non-binary alien or some transmasculine being(fujo derail)

No. 1924436

Not only that, but nowadays it's practically impossible to escape sexualization. You have pedophile male gaze movies like Poor Things being hailed as ground-breaking feminist movie, when it's about a baby in the body of a woman being exploited by men. Same thing goes for modern pop musicians, there isn't a single one that isn't super sexualized for the male gaze. Tomboys in the 00s could listen to avril lavigne or amy lee or watch full metal alchemist and feel 'represented' in some way, non hyper sexualized representation of women are non-existent nowadays, even billie ellish sexualizes herself in her music.(fujo derail)

No. 1924442

nayrt but i feel like you should get offline and expand your social circle. i have never met an irl normie woman that's obsessed with skincare or physiognomy, or maybe we just live in very different places.

No. 1924446

nta but all women i know are obssesed with shilling skincare even though their bfs have pores the size of craters. Anons who are blinded with their hatred for fujos don't realize that women become TIF because they want the freedom men have, not to be kawaii yaoi ukes.

No. 1924447

I get offline, I know real normie women and a lot of them still internalize these things. Skincare is an actual trend. I go outside and see young girls with fake lashes and acrylic nails, probably no older than 14. It's true that milennial women might not care cause they're busy with their job and dating/marriage but most TIFs are young girls, and young girls these days don't have any tomboy role model.

No. 1924453

im daphne because I'm the most sane (the bar is in hell)

No. 1924456

>Also this poor normie woman had to read both ABO shit and the worst types of het stuff, so give her a break.
no one held her at gun point to do it and come up with the most retarded conclusion

No. 1924466

File: 1710410272267.mp4 (8.83 MB, 640x360, I'll take that as a compliment…)

Alright, let's not discuss any aspects of specially male shipping, but there is an interesting observation she made about women who read and write fan-fiction in general. While people who read and write fan-fiction will be a minority of the general population, they will be slightly more represented in academia and journalism. This is because reading that much requires a level of patience and intelligence, but also neuroticism. Neuroticism isn't a bad thing per se, a lot of intellectual people are neurotics. Also this poor normie woman had to read both ABO shit and the worst types of het stuff, so give her a break.

No. 1924524

Ngl, the Manacled part was hilarious. This poor women.

No. 1924526

Incredibly based. Women who make and consume yaoi will never not be based. No amount of b-but they're going to became TIfs pearl clutching will change that for me.

Irl butt pirates gtfo. TIFs gtfo. Misogynist tradthots claiming yaoi makes women into TIFs gtfo. Lying tradthots who claim they care about women turning into TIfs but also feel squicked out by men being degraded in the place of women because yaoi is icky gross and weird since it makes moids look turbo gay gtfo. Pickme moid defenders gtfo. Fuck off and tell the truth; you need to protect your speshul super straight no gay moids. All can gtfo. Male defenders gtfo with your excuses, stop tearing mentally ill women down for their interests and shaming them under the guise of protecting and helping them. You don't care about that, you care about men being degraded so gtfo. The baseline point is yaoi humiliates and degrades moids and it's made by women for women, what's there not to like?(fujo derail)

No. 1924571

b-but you get off to men fucking you are literally jeffrey dahmer!!1!

No. 1924575

nta but to give an example, a major newspaper in my country has published at least 3 essays about this retarded bimbocore shit within a year and literally zero about shipping. Skincare and physiogonomy are way more common normie interests than fandom, even if most women are not influencer-tier obsessed with them.

No. 1924590

File: 1710417496178.jpg (2.19 MB, 4032x3024, 1557450839772.jpg)

This is blogging on my part (and it will sound beyond stupid) but liking yaoi as a teenager is one of the things that saved me from becoming a gendie. Basically, I saw that only women (and mostly straight ones) liked yaoi like me, so my stupid 14 yo ass connected the dots and felt relieved that it's a woman thing that has like a 99% female demographic.
In general, fandom women (and not just some fujoshi) saved me from feeling alienated by other girls… anyone else ever felt in this situation?(fujo derail)

No. 1924596

kek same. I could never fit in the shoujo/mahou shoujo/''girly'' side of anime fandom so it's was nice to have an alternative for rejects.

No. 1924602

The only thing yaoi did to me as a teen was make me feel comfortable with being a tomboy and accept my attraction to women but that was just me flocking to a thing that already represented what I was feeling at that time.

I'm not into yaoi anymore though. It's been many years since.

No. 1924611

It did that for me too since I was a closted lesbian and felt way too uncomfortable reading moid drawn yuri and wanted more nuanced and better written stories so I picked up yaoi and ai no kusabi was the first anime I watched on YouTube kek the mid 2000s fujo scene was so comfy and fun countless fan translations nonas ripping obscure yaoi vns,bl cds,fan fictions and making art it was all so fun to engage in but not even once I self inserted myself into the uke nor questioned my gender. I only had a gendie phase when I was told I was abnormal for being a women who liked women so i assumed then maybe if i turn into a man that would mean I'm normal i woke up real quick when I realized I was being retarded and I can be a women liking women.most nonnas seem to forget that most tifs are gay so it's internalised homophobia that affects them and fucked societal pressures on women that makes them confused over their gender not fucking 2d drawn men fucking each other

No. 1924617

anyone with brain could tell that yaoi is like 99% female dominant and that's why at first (early-mid 2010s) TIFs hated it, cause they didn't want to have a female hobby. remember how they were shitting on fujos all the time on tumblr and were like "two twinks together that's fujo taste". they got into himbos, bara, fat men, hairy ogres to give the impression their tastes align with actual gay men. the "fujos are eggs" theory was coined by coping TIFs because they realized they don't like bara and felt insecure in their identity kek

No. 1924631

fujos were everyone's favorite punching bag at the time. hetero shippers were fighting with them all the time, regular straight women found them gross and wanted nothing to do with them, bi/lesbian women and TIFs accused them of fetishization and acted like they were the devil, there was a ton of pressure from everyone to conform. and this shit is common in female socialization, you're either with us or a bullied reject

No. 1924643

I wish that happened to me, I'm a lesbian as well and seeing two guys going at it does nothing to me, so since the majority of women and female spaces in fandom are mostly about yaoi or male characters for obvious reasons, I have always felt alienated. I find very hard to connect to other women in fandom due to not caring much about men.
There are m/m ships and male characters I enjoy, but they're never my favorites. Thanks to them I'm able to connect a bit with other women, but it's still very lonely and it's just not the same (plus most of my followers ended up being moids since I talk/draw female characters a lot, I wish I could post dicks here and there to shoo them away kek).

I'm glad it helped the majority of women to find a space though. I hope TIFs aren't runing it too much.

No. 1924650

AYRT Personally I was talking about the alienation I felt IRL. That said, I loved magical girls anime but at the same time I figured out that most online fans were perverted males and that you'd run across porn of the magical girls sooner or later, so sadly I avoided it until I grew a little older. Moids strike again tbh.
Yeah, that all makes sense to me. Even if yaoi is about men, it's still a genre for women and by women, so if back then lesbian teenage girls would rather read yaoi than moidy yuri it was understandable. Also in terms of anime it was even worse afaik: there were a few exceptions but most yuri anime was for moids. Gravitation, Yami No Matsuei, etc, all those popular early 2000s yaoi must have been a superior option for homosexual anime romance than some 80s OVA with mecha and "lesbian" school girls…
It's true and also you reminded me just how ever changing the fandom rules of trans people are. Like you said, liking yaoi was bad and for lame women so omg only bara is for us heckin real men. Nowdays on the other hand liking any kind of fandom romance (but especially gay ones) is a sign you're just a smol egg. Propaganda at its finest honestly. I wonder how things will change once again in 3 years…
In general fandom puts so much scrutiny over what women do… and I don't even mean shit like liking shota: If you step into male or general spaces you'll see het shippers get called insane and fanfiction gets mocked to hell and back.
Idk how fujos got at the bottom of the fandom bullying pyramid scheme though. In Japan the term fujoshi was coined by male otaku who hated them and hated yaoi, so obviously it's some kind of misogyny. Plus some fujos are very sensitive and tend to overreact which makes them perfect for bullies.

No. 1924654

The point of male/male ships happening because those characters get to be dynamic and present is both stunningly obvious yet I've never thought about it before. Guess I'm dumb. Also explains why properties with more well-rounded casts like Avatar The Last Airbender have a lot of competing hetero ships instead of fandom making all of the characters gay.

No. 1924656

I get what you mean. I recently got into a female character to an intense degree and the only saving grace is that she has female fans in Japan (even if some are cringe). Her male fans are the worst thougt… philistines who scream about le muscle waifu. I just hope the moids you get on twitter are normal about it.

No. 1924669

File: 1710420917733.png (1.4 MB, 1200x1802, Rider_of_black.png)

I wonder how she'd respond to something like the moid fandom and preoccupation with characters like Astolfo. A dude with a girl's face, hair, and clothes. Sometimes he gets drawn as having broad chest and lean muscle mass with a huge schlong. Sometimes he gets drawn with a small dick and soft gestures with wide hips making him almost entirely female-coded besides the penis. All the while moids try to draw the line on how gay all of this is.
My take is we are observing the spectrum of autogynephilia and how it is experienced subconsciously (how many are truly aware of what they are doing when they choose how this character is drawn-no clue).

No. 1924673

to be fair in the case of avatar you really don't have a lot of gay ships in the first place because of how it's written. like fujos wouldn't ship something like aang x zuko cause aang looks 10 and sokka x zuko barely have interaction and uh, i can't even name any other ships. it's even worse in korra, like what are we gonna ship mako with his brother? and the straight ships are ass too, makorra being a mess, sokka is someone's self-insert cause every other girl in the series has a crush on him and kataang always felt like wish fullfilment to me. zutara is the only ship that actually gained hype with the female fandom and the only ship that seems to pander to us, which is also why the creators despise it kek

No. 1924676

>AYRT Personally I was talking about the alienation I felt IRL. That said, I loved magical girls anime but at the same time I figured out that most online fans were perverted males and that you'd run across porn of the magical girls sooner or later, so sadly I avoided it until I grew a little older. Moids strike again tbh.
aw that sucks nonny, i was speaking from my experience too. My two friends in MS were shoujo fags so it was really hard to relate to them or talk about anime with them because our tastes were so different, it was nice to go home and talk to other retarded south park fujos on DA kek

No. 1924684

All men are bisexual. They have making excuses to fuck men since ancient times.

No. 1924691

Lol don't remind me. Korra is so shit and I can't believe the fandom gets anything off the ground at all. I think the only reason Korrasami is popular is because the show ended before we could see how mediocre it would be. The only character I can think of besides those two that got a compelling level of focus was Jinora, so if you wanted to write a ship fic with her you'd either have to contend with a gross age gap, shipping her with an OC, or shipping her with the literal who she's with in the show.

No. 1924693

Nowadays I just assume most of them TIFs. Its insane how far this mental disease has spread.

No. 1924694

I've always hated straight guys who talk about "muscle mommies" or whatever like stfu

No. 1924696

idk if it's a form of bisexuality but the fact that the concept of pederasty, sometimes involving crossdressing, was normalized and observed in multiple ancient cultures is concerning to say the least. astolfo and traps are just an evolution of that

No. 1924707

Same and I hate how mainstream it is now. An insane amount of porny chan culture has infiltrated mainstream spaces the last few years. Like if Resident Evil 8 came out in 2010 4chan would probably be one of the few places you'd see people lust after that tall vampire lady. Now that shit is all over reddit, Twitter, etc.

No. 1924720

I remember after the hype died down a lot of anons on 4chan admitted that they never actually found Lady D attractive and that they were just saying they did because everyone else did.

No. 1924726

moids care so much about the opinion of other moids

No. 1924728

she was always made with the intention of being 'hot' though, men will find the way to sexualize everything

No. 1924740

I hate straight guys that say anything about women because it's already porn related or shallow

No. 1924743

Yup. Social media has ruined anything women can have because of men's porn addiction. I hope they all die painfully and alone

No. 1924755

It's far more pedophilic then truly bisexual imo.

No. 1924758

its bisexual because they are into little boys

No. 1924763

>I just hope the moids you get on twitter are normal about it.
Nah unafortunely they're all coomers. There are some normal fans, but it's mostly men who are here to bust a nut (helped by the game having a dating sim slide). On my followers, I guess I'm partialy at fault since I draw pin-up sometimes, but it's still tiring. I like putting my stuff in public becase it's more fun but I wish it was visible to other women only kek.

No. 1924771

that's the point though, a prepubescent child has no development or developed feature, any attraction to one is pedophilic.

No. 1924776

what the fuck is this conversation, yeah they are GAY pedophiles wtf

No. 1924781

I understand your point, but at adolescence I’d still say it’s homosexual… that being said most people into early teen males also like early teen females. I know anons talk about the differences children have between the sexes a lot but from what I’ve seen the majority of cases of pedophiles seem to be men who are into female adults (straight) but both male and female children. The attraction to children is a paraphilia that is separate to other attraction.

No. 1924784

if you are attracted to men you are a faggot, regardless if he's 8 or 18 waht the fuck is going on. Moids who are into 15yo femboys arent straight, they are still faggots.

No. 1924792

I’m saying it’s a bit of a gradient, for example those sickos that have done shit to infants aren’t gay or straight for it, young children are separate.

No. 1924797

no, they arent. Men fucking towel boys were faggots. This is such a weird hill to die on.

No. 1924813

nta but they aren't gay,

No. 1924814

yes, they are. I am so tired of gay/bi scrotes getting coddled when they are equally as degenerate as their straight counterparts.

No. 1924816

If it helps I don’t think gay men who fuck little girls are bi either. Little girls aren’t women.

No. 1924829

What do you gain from refusing to acknowledge that CSA is an extremely sex-targetted attack, with females making 70% of all CSA victims? you are a fucking ignorant retard.

No. 1924832

I’m not refusing to acknowledge that, just that the attraction to children is not the same as attraction to women before pubescence.

No. 1924855

I actually think the statistics are probably more even, but they're less likely to say that on their own or under pressure from their parents.

No. 1924905

>fujos wouldn't ship something like aang x zuko cause aang looks 10
Eh, I feel like Zuko as a character was always more appealing to yumes over fujos. Also Aang is bald, I feel like that’s the main reason he doesn’t get much in the way of ships.

No. 1924908

Anng is like luffy or goku to me, he's there for the 10 year old boys (which these shows are technically made for) to insert themselves, which is why shipping them feels natural in any context.

No. 1924970

Another example of things getting destroyed and stripped out of their original soul to be safe to modern insecure moids. In both the comics and the movies he was a sexy goth man with long hair and goth makeup, now he's the jared letto joker. No one talks about how things get censored and changed to appeal to moid's insecurities, but when a videogame decides to give one extra layer of clothes to the barely legal anime waifu then thats censorship and women being ''too sensitive''

No. 1924999

If Aang had a full head of hair I feel like there would have been a good amount of Zuko/Aang shipping. BL options in atla are sparse, I sometimes see people posting about Zuko/Sokka but I feel like that’s mainly because it’s the only viable option, I know if it weren’t for the agegap and baldness people would be all over Aang and Zuko

No. 1925005

Literally looks like they just reskinned Batman (2022) and changed it up a little kek what the fuck, I feel like they look so visually similar.

No. 1925013

highly doubt an age difference would be a problem for fujos otherwise stuff like black butler wouldn't be popular. it's just cause he's bald kek.

No. 1925017

There's a huge difference between the two series, one has always had sexual scenes with small children from it's inception and the other is a children's show.

No. 1925019

Oh I mean for modern twitter fujos who get upset over agegaps lol, back in the day fujos rarely cared

No. 1925021

depends on whether they are pro-shippers or antis.

No. 1925023

File: 1710438252277.png (2.34 MB, 2438x746, i hate hollywood moids.png)

i am so pissed off. It's so obvious it got watered down to be safe for modern sensitive moids that think a hot goth dude with makeup and long hair is 'gay'

No. 1925026

Remember Nonna, long hair and makeup means he would be literally a woman, therefore it wouldn't have been okay to make him at all.

No. 1925028

yeah kek it's all to do with his appearance cause aang/zuko actually follows a lot of very popular fujo tropes, they have chemistry in the show and their friendship is well developed

No. 1925030

This goth erasure is unironically disgusting

No. 1925031

File: 1710438740975.png (31.98 KB, 142x175, nipple.png)

so true, long hair and make up is gay as shit, retarded nipple tattoos are whats cool now

No. 1925033

File: 1710438833827.jpg (62.42 KB, 1200x675, k5axfqGDq4MaEjzXjbg6AH-1200-80…)

I get the feeling moids are just somehow even uglier now.

No. 1925034

I wish you hadn't pointed this out

No. 1925038

File: 1710439050274.png (189.84 KB, 393x285, bangs.png)

i cant get over it, the more i look at it the worse it gets. It screams ''trying to be cool for modern insecure scrotes that think wiping their ass is gay'' the tatoos, the disgusting hairstyle, the lack of anything resembling 'goth'. I am so, so tired of the world catering to moid's temper tantrums.

No. 1925040

Why do we keep getting baldies, I am so tired, I just want long haired actually good looking men. Every women we see in movies is a model but the men keep getting baldier and uglier. Fuck this shit.
Yeah I have only seen that ship as crack. Zuko/sokka is quite popular though but I don't think they have any chemistry, so they always get ooc to work. Zuko/jet are not as popular as I expected, guessing cus they wouldn't live happily ever after

No. 1925044

Being bald is very masculine, it's only normal for a truly heterosexual woman to be into bald men and not into long hair, which is a woman thing and means you're either a lesbo or tif.(baiting)

No. 1925052

File: 1710439958238.png (83.99 KB, 295x498, bait-believable.png)

No. 1925053

…can you not tell when someone is being sarcastic?

No. 1925059

Yes I just really like posting that image(take it to dumbass shit)

No. 1925066

File: 1710440672080.png (218.67 KB, 338x450, Portrait.donte.png)

Same energy

No. 1925069

Back when I first got into yaoi at age 13 being a fakeboi wasn't really a thing (I didn't learn about transgenderism until college) but I think I'd have gone through a FTM (or at least nonbinary) phase if I'd heard about it back then. Yaoi made me think it'd be fun to be a man having gay sex with a dick, and I already knew I was bisexual in high school. One time I drew myself a yaoisona and he was a bisexual femboy. Now I'm glad to be a millennial fujo who dodged trooning out.

No. 1925070

You know the worst part? that if it was a hot goth woman getting turned into a fat they/them with neon hair they would be riotting and crying censorship

No. 1925077

To be fair, imagine being an impressionable teen girl online now and hearing from both sides
>if you like yaoi, you're probably trans
What do you think would happen? They'd just agree with you and stop looking at fandoms they like? They're going to internalize shit as much as they internalize every other shit.

No. 1925081

that's not baiting. it's being cheekily sarcastic.
just end this already, take it all to your Individual containment threads.

No. 1925083

>More repetitive fujo sperging
Can't you low IQ retards stay to your containment threads? You can sperg about your damaged obsession with fujos in the fujocoomer cringe thread and the other autistic hyperfixation with Aidens in the FTM thread, how the hell are you ruining every single other thread with this endless amount of bullshit going in circles? It's like this thread is inhabited by bots, my god. It can't all be bait, it's obviously organic retardation at this point and it needs to end.

No. 1925087

These bans are the real dumbass shit

No. 1925088

both sides should leave cause it derails every thread, I wanna talk about Hollywood's decline of quality, not the merits fictional gay sex.

No. 1925091

Interesting analysis, anon. I'd also like to add that human sexuality is a spectrum, and I don't mean it in the retarded gendie way. If you go onto a website like rule34 and look up the porn that gets made for any particular series. For just one cartoon you'll find people drawing yaoi-style gay, bara-style gay, lolis, adult aged females with massive mommy milkers, aliens, tentacles, robots, and then some good old fashioned heterosexual sex with appropriately sized body parts. I think it's fascinating to observe the entire range of human sexuality on display by what porn people draw.

Hell yeah I'm gonna ship Mako and his brother

No. 1925092

What? Fujos love their age gap pedo-esque ships, they slurp that shit up happily.(baiting/infighting)

No. 1925096

>What do you think would happen?
They become a part of the echo chamber and repeat that same tranny shit to other younger fujos. It’ll be a neverending cycle until people wake up from the psyop

No. 1925101

Aang is different from Sebaciel or Lenfags though. He's not yaoi or shotabait enough and he's literally bald so it's like being into Caillou yaoi.

No. 1925119

god, its already disrespectful to brandon lees legacy to remake this movie but watering down the goth/metal/alt aspects of the original is just a tragedy. they're literally turning it into a boring revenge thriller like all the other countless ones men get all the time, absolutely gross.

No. 1925130

The repetitive fujo/anti-fujo infighting and derailing in this thread is pointless, unproductive and stifling other discussions, and it's time to let it go. You have containment threads for sperging about this.

No. 1925569

Jet from Cowboy Bebop is bald but he is still shipped with Spike.

No. 1925583

File: 1710469815431.mp4 (810.88 KB, 576x1024, tumblr_sabm724I8L1ztvfi8.mp4)

>miku binder thomas jefferson
It's funny how this trend from 10 years ago still survives today though

No. 1925585

Saitama is probably the biggest baldo that gets stuff, I think.
I follow a husbandofag for him. She makes cute bald dolls.

No. 1925597

>like what are we gonna ship mako with his brother?
That never stopped the sn fandom kek

No. 1925598

miku binder was truly a fandom moment of all time.

No. 1925610

Ironically, the original is more masculine imo, and Bill Ashard or whatever his name is looks gayer.

No. 1925621

File: 1710471651674.jpg (45.69 KB, 680x500, tumblr_617457bc6797afdd303ef93…)

Honestly? So true.

No. 1925699

that was true in the first season(simply cause there wasn't much option) but as of now, the most popular ships in OPM are between the side characters Garou, Metal Bat, Gebos, Flashy Flash, Sonic and Hero Mask

No. 1925805

File: 1710487155167.jpg (81.17 KB, 680x542, tumblr_76346e4bd35e69f541f1cdd…)

>stumble upon someone whining about how a character is undeniably a lesbian and how it's completely out of character for her to end up with a male character (regards of how the romance is well-executed)
>decide to look up the account and and it turns out the complainer is a certified troon
This has been my experience 9 out of 10 times. I'm sure there are some real lesbians who think a particular character seems gay to them, but in my experience it has always been some TIM who insists upon it, picrel was by a troon if you couldn't tell.

No. 1925865

>the artist who advocates for theft is a troon
Not surprised

No. 1925913

Trannies are so entitled. They are also the type to shame straight women for ''not caring'' about female characters. They want the world to revolve around their coom. Everytime i read one of those ''fandom is too male focused posts'' it's always by a troon aswell. They are so entitled and annoying i wish it was acceptable to kick them out of fandom.

No. 1925944

Lesbians don't hate men or think about men as much as TIM do. Even the most ideological man-hating ones don't center their lives about how "all cis-men should be feminized" because they have functional lives to live and familial relationships. it's not the same for TIMs cause they are men whose entire identity is opposition and thinking of themselves as failures. They have twisted that into thinking they are part of some global oppressed world where women should be on their side. Unfortunately, and certain libfems support that narrative.

No. 1926178

Most "himejoshi" who complain over how yuri being unpopular is internalized misogyny and straight women need to give female characters a chance are TIMs and "wlw" bisexual libfems who support them. I've never found a lesbian over 25 in fandom (that isn't into immature shit like children's shows and anime) who puts this much stock into this shit.

No. 1926199

>They are also the type to shame straight women for ''not caring'' about female characters.
I'm genuinely convinced that the people constantly parroting this shit on Lolcow are men and trannies as well because the only people I see doing it off anon are XYs. In the case of actual women doing it they're always diagnosed autists with an hyperfixation on a certain female character and they're mad people don't share their enthusiasm.

No. 1926216

It depends on the exact rhetoric: 'I think this character could have been handled better, but I like her design and aesthetic' vs 'this character is already so perfect, and people who dislike her are nazis/bigots"

No. 1926220

It's also a false narrative spread by troons. Women care more about female characters than men care about male ones. Moids dont care about male characters besides turbo autistic power leveling debates about who would win in a fight between goku and superman. Meanwhile women are the ones doing SFW fanart and writing fanfic about female characters.

No. 1926280

File: 1710524070833.png (665.44 KB, 673x2243, Screenshot_3_13_2024.png)

Late reply, but I think picrel perfectly describes their thought process and resulting behaviors.

No. 1926681

>Women care more about female characters than men care about male ones.
I have never seen something so accurately said before. I have always noticed how male fans cannot handle male characters actually having flaws and showing weakness. To them, male characters must be perfect self-insert power fantasies.

No. 1926687

File: 1710539426086.jpg (400.68 KB, 1080x1195, 1000003191.jpg)

While I don't disagree, I don't think I trust the guy in that screenshots opinions. He's a misogynistic "politics" guy

No. 1926691

KEK i never thought i'd see miku binder thomas jefferson in the flesh but here we are

No. 1926692

Nta but you can quote a statement you agree with from someone without endorsing their entire worldview.

No. 1926696

Exactly. Remember how every moid hated Shinji Ikari for acting like a regular teenage boy in a terrifying situation instead of being a power fantasy? Even though Evangelion is a deconstruction of the mech genre kek

No. 1926703

NTA and nothing he's saying here >>1926280 is interesting or profound, it's just "ppl think fiction = real!!!" every sane person thinks. It's not saying anything everyone else hasn't said before but literal smug redditoid posting.

No. 1926718

I think his simplified face makes him the exception for some

No. 1926755

File: 1710543274100.png (1.2 MB, 1165x1495, 1000009535.png)

I'm not into saitama like that, but a lot of people also like his 'serious' face. Tbh, murata doesn't shy away from attractive men in general

No. 1926764

File: 1710543594291.png (38.46 KB, 1080x611, 70do2gnq7tp91.png)

Murata uses yaoi as reference when he draws men, that's why they're like that kek. Men on Reddit are always sperging about the fujos and yumes in the OPM fandom but it isn't some mystery as to why they're there.

No. 1926773

Good for him. I'm glad when male artists aren't insecure losers who get envious of the hot men they draw.

No. 1926780

No seriously. I'm all for people posting whatever fic they want but don't try to 2deep4me your ABO fic, as soon as you hear the word 'queer' from a self-proclaimed fandom elder's mouth it's over because any critique inevitably leads to you being called kweerphobic. It's just porn and that's fine, I wish people would stop trying to make fanart and fanfic some amazing nuanced political fight for gay rights.

No. 1926862

File: 1710550191363.png (408.04 KB, 610x1266, CAPTURE.png)

I hate to agree him, but he's not completely wrong here either.

No. 1926892

NTAYRT but he's observing a social phenomenon sure, but he at the same time is coming away from it with a retarded take like the moid he is. Yes, men are getting backlash for being sex pests/utter complete freaks to women in a conventional heterosexual way, and so they're evolving various convergent psyops to dodge that backlash and still be sex pests who simply cannot respect women's humanity, autonomy, or consent.

No. 1927071

File: 1710562823815.png (347.13 KB, 644x860, 1668689548227.png)

This is just RW schizo-babble like picrel.

No. 1927143

People have been talking about this pattern for awhile already, they just call it safe horny or being reddit

No. 1927201

>nooo we cant be sexpests and harass women anymore we are literally opressed
kek men live such easy lives

No. 1927202

have moids tried not to be horny for 5 seconds? i think that would help

No. 1927232

I find it funny how no one in the comments wanted to admit that men pretend to act gay to get with women, when in reality it does actually happen, they're just very sneaky and know how to manipulate women. And if you're one of the women who catches on this behaviour, be prepared to get into a fight with your other friends cause they'll always take his side. But the fact is, some men admitted to this behaviour, a local celebrity where I live said that acting gay unironically brought him more women who wanted to sleep with him cause they were curious about his sexuality

No. 1927254

And of course men existing as "sexual beings" does not involve making themselves more attractive to women.

No. 1927261

File: 1710581577388.png (293.96 KB, 1000x1000, stonetos is fat and i would no…)

ofcourse not, that would mean they attract lesbians that are threatened by raw fat bald moids testosterone exuding bodies.

No. 1927286

File: 1710584719083.png (22.79 KB, 603x266, CAPTURE.png)

funnily enough, he got into trouble with other RWers for his insistence that men being ugly is their own fault and they have no one to blame themselves for being fat.

No. 1927291

to bad 99% of men are ugly regardless of being skinny and dress ugly to top it of

No. 1927296

Their real issue is their face. No amount of diet and gym time is going to fix their fugly facial structure.

No. 1927395

it doesn't matter if he troons out or not but trooning does serve as yet another get out of jail free pass for scrotes who groom children. their main pass being their dicks. i've seen scrotes groom children into porn addictions online (they call it EPI - early porn introduction) and they are still popular creators with a large platform they absolutely do not deserve. but god forbid a woman opens a private ao3 account, writes 1 slightly problematic fic, and some asshole with a vendetta knows about it.

No. 1927437

ignoring the moid and his points being about moids, but I do kinda agree that people see openly submissive sexuality as more palatable than anything more dominant/assertive, even among women/in female spaces (at least online). I'm not even talking about anything extreme either, I've seen very mild assertive female/audience stand-in nsfw by women be considered 'suspicious' and talked about like it's another red flag to add to the cancellation pile (god I'm so tired of the rabid and spastic antagonism in fandom these days, at least old school ship wars were more condensed and focused and actually funny)

(also, while my ramble obviously applies less to men in general– especially when it come to coom artists and their ilk– no one seems to be able to openly post sadistic/psycho 'dom' shit like a tim and get away scot free)

No. 1927454

I agree with both, people are so worried about saying the wrong thing that they end up doing this sort of creepy quasi-humiliation, with women you can't be "sappy" to your partner, he has to be your "daddy/dom" whose in control and I'm even seeing it applied to lesbian relationships.

No. 1927475

File: 1710600790876.jpg (36.25 KB, 680x540, 93f.jpg)

No. 1927552

File: 1710605344499.gif (2.26 MB, 540x400, 1000003455.gif)

as I posted in the celebricows thread, but I actually hope it does well, just so that maybe it could restart a real alt-trend with zoomers and convince men to dress goth and be fitter these days.

No. 1927555

are you blind nonny? the nu-eric isn't goth, he looks like the die antwood scrote.

No. 1927576

Reminder that right wing moids are only interested in the "fiction isn't real" discourse because they want to protect lolicons and they're never on your side. It's like how manosphere bros hate porn but not because it's based on sex trafficking and exploitation of women and their abuse but because masturbating is seen as beta shit when you could be out there raping women yourself.

No. 1927602

Jen Izaakson argues there's still something to be gained from gaining both the perspectives of extreme RWers and die hard leftists(though those are rarer), as they are outside mainstream political discourse.

No. 1927618

Like what? Why are people acting as if statements like "submissive sexual desire is less threatening" and "fiction isn't real" are revolutionary takes nobody else is saying? Ask any normal person not drenched in abysmal online discourse and they'll tell you that. You see liberal women tweeting this all the time but without the manosphere undercurrent.

No. 1927674

nta but thank you nonny for finally saying it, i felt i was going insane. Fucking blue checkmark scrotes always gotta drag simple basic statements even toddlers can understand into long ass fart sniffing threads.

No. 1927716

File: 1710613070866.png (227.79 KB, 570x767, vkdyJP4.png)

tbf a lot of radfems have devolved into not trusting anything by the mainstream establishment or well-meaning neutral people, and as a result they have to recycle their takes from the crazies.

No. 1927732

It speaks for itself how underage anons in this thread surrounded by equally retarded teens are completely wooed by the first fedora tipper making a twitter thread out of a statement he regurgitated from the most basic observation ever but because he's using big smarty words it's supposedly like so true let's hear this king out he has a point!!!. I can't help but feel that if a woman was posting this same thing but in actually good faith and not to "dunk on le lefties" like this guy she'd get called an "embarrassingly online loser proshipper" but because it's a scrotoid with a medieval painting PFP it's suddenly actual real academics and wtf I love rightwing douchebags now.

No. 1928189

File: 1710641900302.png (34.91 KB, 1610x191, Screenshot 2024-03-16 192058.p…)

My man acting like killing stalking is euphoria kek.

No. 1928201

James Smortremn or whatever his name was alt account

No. 1928330

Are zoomers so easily influenced that they'll throw away even their most strongly held stances as long as it goes by another name? I keep seeing talk about how people like toxic yaoi including ships with emotional abuse and unhealthy dynamics and whatever else. Two years ago these same people included abusive relationships under problematic ships and called others abuse apologists for liking Bakudeku but now they all like ships that are on the same level if not worse.

No. 1928336

They never held those beliefs to begin with. Everyone denouncing toxic dynamics was secretly reading and writing those exact dynamics they denounced secretly and just virtue signaled on Twitter. Now that the group opinion has shifted, they're back to doing what they've always done, just openly now.

No. 1928337

I mean it's kinda true, I actually do agree that any material with sexulized violence and abuse should be removed.

No. 1928341

Samefag, okay maybe not everyone. At least 50% of them. Now that the opinion has flipped, some of the people who actually hate toxic dynamics are now LARPing as the other side to fit in again. It's a push and pull cycle because female spaces heavily enforce conformity and people will lie to be included.

No. 1928348

Why just sexualized violence?

No. 1928358

File: 1710656192381.jpg (616.52 KB, 1080x1502, brkdkwfnturieu2i2i2o2rur.jpg)

Bad things are fine as long as no one points them out. If one of their friends turned on them they would probably use it to say something like "I've always known they're a freak because they shipped xy!!". But you can also say it's you coping with your own abuse or that you're "highly critical" of it.
Like, there was this artist that got dogpiled for drawing Hazbin characters pale, especially because Alastor is supposed to be black(?) but on the same day another artist posted a genderbent Alastor that was white and didn't get a single negative comment about it despite also receiving around 16k likes. It only takes one person to point it out and another to agree, that's how non-issues blow up

No. 1928361

>female spaces heavily enforce conformity
I hate this shit so much.

No. 1928411

Sometimes this is because they've decided one or both members of a pairing are 'unacceptable targets' in their heads. So, sticking with your example, bakudeku is bad and unacceptable not necessarily because of their dynamic and issues, but because Deku is a perfect delicate cinnamon roll who can't be harmed and is who the person complaining about the ship being toxic and problematic probably fixates on or relates to the most (especially if they kin them kek). It's been talked about here before, but a lot of these fandom hypocritical crusaders often attach themselves too heavily to a given character and view 'harm' to the character as being harm to themselves. The key to having fun with all forms of fiction is keeping enough distance that you don't feel personally affected when something bad happens to a character, but invested enough that you still empathise with and feel the stakes/emotions the story is offering.

Some people also have (what can feel) weird priorities when it comes to morals in fiction– that's how you get the whole 'bakugo can't be shipped with deku because he was his bully' thing while they ship deku with one of the actual villains or something, because getting bullied is more relatable than getting brutalised by a nefarious literal supervillain.

No. 1928453

it's like fashion, saying they hate an outdated clothing item but if enough models and influencers shill it as the new trend they'll start liking it again

No. 1928476

there is nothing wrong with abusing men, they like it actually

No. 1928818

They have no principles and the goalpost changes. I once knew a self-proclaimed "anti" who would tell people "trauma isn't an excuse to be a weirdo" when it came to survivors making toxic ship content, but was into Hannigram and sexualized cannibalism. It's only okay if they do it or someone gives them "permission" to.

No. 1928888

File: 1710698747174.jpeg (164.49 KB, 736x814, IMG_4125.jpeg)

oh my GOD I am so sick of the twitterfags screeching about Alastor’s skin color! Vivienne mentioned ONE time that Alastor is half-creole on his mom’s side. My dad’s side of the family is a mix of Creole and Cajun people from Louisiana, and I know firsthand that Creole people themselves can have all shades of skin tones, from light and pale to dark brown. And if he’s half white already, it’s not a stretch that he’d be a lighter skin tone or just a light tan color - it literally doesn’t matter! (Picrel is a random pic of Creole women, not my family)

No. 1928896

File: 1710699122479.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1988, 2lFn8XR.png)

American wokies seem to think that if you have one non-white ancestor you are permanently non-white and they will literally refuse to accept any possible alternative. This often comes up with characters who are said to have Romani Heritage, as we talked about in the Twitter hate thread, they seem to believe that there are only four races in the world: white, black, Asians and 'brown' people and anyone outside that distinction (such as picrel) can't possibly exist.

No. 1928902

you're just using this conversation as an excuse to repost this in another thread, no one cares

No. 1928906

Your mistake is thinking these Twitterfags care about reality when it's actually just about finding a moral justification to bully random people online. They are like this about "Latinx" characters too, never mind that Latinos don't have one specific skin tone or look. It just doesn't matter. All artists and fan creators should just ignore them, they derive their dopamine from turning every comment section into a debate club.

No. 1929115

>And if he’s half white already, it’s not a stretch that he’d be a lighter skin tone or just a light tan color
I didn't even know Alastor was supposed to be mixed race until I read the wiki (sounds like a last-minute detail), but I got the impression that Alastor was light-skinned and white passing as a human because he died in 1933.

No. 1929173

File: 1710711026124.jpg (99.04 KB, 473x600, F12ydvRagAACVA.jpg)

One of the strangest aspects of what you're describing is how they are completely fine with an evil character being a murderer or a rapist, but god forbid if they're racist, homophobic and especially transphobic.

No. 1929186

This is why I stick to eastern Asian Fandoms. The west is so obsessed with race, even for fictional characters

No. 1929187

Conformity and inclusion stifle creativity. Women need to stop falling for this bullshit

No. 1929193

I've never watched the series but some people were saying HH fans were raging about his character appropriating voodoo so she probably just made him black to get sjws off her back. It's retarded how easily she caves into these people, why are they even watching an "edgy" show they think is made by a racist pedophile in the first place?

No. 1929231

They're like this OCs in non-fandom art communities. I saw one artist brag that her OC may be a redneck serial killer, but at least he doesn't support the confederacy!

No. 1929232

That's easy to say but impossible to happen, just look at this site.
Everything will be nitpicked because there's always something bad about liking it.

No. 1929261

do they think white people have never tried doing voodoo? a serial killer would not care about “cultural appropriation”

No. 1929270

File: 1710718865865.jpg (239.84 KB, 1080x814, ezgif-2-d9f18b8cd2.jpg)

Stuff like this feels like there's a weird pseudo equivalence going on. Murder or extreme violence are ok because it's fiction. Characters like the Joker are ok to like because he's an insane mass murderer. Also he's heckin based because he hates Nazis.
Issues like homophobia or racism are a bit too real so you can't even have a character who overcomes there prejudices without that character being unsalvageable or the author being thought of as phobic.
I guess it's relatability or lack of. Hard to put yourself as a victim of some fantasy deathcamps, easy to relate to an average asshole you see day to day. It kinda messes up the whole perspective.

No. 1929333

It would be so easy to just not bring up the issue at all. Really, do you need to explicitly know whether so and so villain is racist or not? Alternatively people could actually commit to writing nuanced villains who are evil despite their political views, or even making villains who are legit prejudiced, but most twittery types are way too afraid to do so (they'd probably get eaten alive for trying it, in all fairness)

No. 1929360

File: 1710728197805.png (94.42 KB, 165x401, Mblackdcu0.png)

the only villain i know of that can be a bit racist is manchester black, who is a superman villain and would non ironically be perfect for a new superman movie cause he hates superman in the same way people irl hate superman (boring, out of date, doesnt kill his villains)


>What is known includes insinuations that he was physically abused by his parents while growing up and has a hatred for people with "high moral concepts" who feel they are better than people like Black, who would do anything to survive. This hatred included superheroes who would only turn over captured villains to the police instead of killing them, which was the only way Manchester and the Elite felt villains could be dealt with. Black also claimed distant African and Korean heritage, but as he made these claims to justify his use of racist terms towards these groups, it is possible he was either lying or joking.

No. 1929442

All I remember about that movie was it had the guy who voiced Sephiroth play Superman and he made Superman sound genuinely terrifying, It just goes to show how much voice acting requires actual talent and getting random e-celebs for clout reduces quality.

No. 1929477

I know comic book shit don't have to be realistic, but IRL when enemy empires invaded, most criminals and gangsters were the first to join them, like when ISIS invaded, the first thing they thought to do was release all the prisoners for recruits and the Nazis conducted a similar operation but on a larger scale with the regions they conquered.

No. 1929503

is james somerton actually dead lol

No. 1929504

No. 1929538

IIRC Hbomberguy's legal team confirmed that he's not dead. Anyone who thinks he really killed himself is being dangerously gullible.

No. 1929552

My tinfoil is that it's going to get worse the more AI generated content develops and becomes widely accepted and popular because people will be generating whole episodes and movies for themselves to watch filled with whatever they want to see, people will be alienated from content made by someone else and that's out of their own direct control. Media now is largely built on safe, pandering self-insertion fantasies instead of telling a good story challenging the norms you might have internalized which is why people constantly apply their real life sensibilities and feelings to a single interaction characters might have. And no, it's not just "le wokies", but it's literally everyone. People will lose their ability to enjoy fiction as a standalone story or treat characters as fictional.

No. 1929569

Wait, these are not edits? Comic writing has truly gone to shit.

No. 1929579

I mean, isn't the main villain of Captain America skull hitler?

No. 1929599

Yeah, but that's one villain with his motivations and backstory, the guy in >>1929173 character revolves around being a crime boss who is also a sexual sadist and enjoys torturing people. Why would anyone wanna make him as an LGBT ally

No. 1929630

>female character has a masculine name
>Could she be trans???
It's all so tiresome.

No. 1929648

I've seen some insane trans HC's, but do people really do this?

No. 1929674

File: 1710758501272.jpg (87.89 KB, 960x540, 8kuvcsyxaej71.jpg)

>Issues like homophobia or racism are a bit too real so you can't even have a character who overcomes there prejudices without that character being unsalvageable
This reminds me of Barok van Zieks from The Great Ace Attorney.
When you are introduced to him all you know is that he's a ruthless prosecutor who's ridicously racist towards the japanese. Of course, since the very first moments you see him, the game implies there's more to his prejudice and, through the story, not only you learn about his benevolent nature but you actually see him become less and less of a racist also because the protagonist and his assistant are willing to help and listen to him, culminating with his apology and his will to become better.

However, despite the game making a big deal about how people change and how they can change for the better, a bunch of more extreme fans in the west think he's unforgivable and irredeemable and make it so being racist is all there is to him.

Funniest thing about this whole deal? In Japan, the country of the people he hates so much at first, he's been voted third most popular character in the game.

No. 1929700

I feel that the idea of being racist in the Western world is seen as one of the worst sins imaginable. It's still bad, but outside of the modern Western world, the fact is that the majority of people are kinda racist. In real life you have to learn to deal with it, because activism doesn't do much here.

No. 1929783

File: 1710768819741.mp4 (8.34 MB, you4eN.mp4)

This isn't limited to zoomers. Feminist Victoria Kith talked about this in her book, since the dawn of the sexual revolution, women were the most vocal against the increased sexualization and proliferation of raunch and filth in media. These women were labeled as 'prudes' or considered fundamentalists. I think what we're seeing with 'puritans' is the same label being put upon women who are simply trying to safeguard people from filth and raunch

No. 1929786

At this point it's a trope for european characters in japanese media to be absurdly racist towards the japanese, it happens constantly. Also I have a hard time believing those people genuinely hate him and don't love him in secret considering his striking resemblance to Edgeworth, I bet the "hate" is all merely performative.

No. 1929787

I’m sorry but using words like filth and raunch really makes you sound like a schoolmarm

No. 1929809

only puritans never go against men drawing loli ryona tentacle rape, they always go against women drawing yaoi and other normal things

No. 1929832

File: 1710773031908.jpg (763.14 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20240318_223541936.jpg)

Really sucks the isekai for women have been getting attention from fakebois and tims.

No. 1929834

I have always wanted to read an isekai or TF manga about a woman getting turned into a man, but i just know the fanbase would all be TIFs. Dang it, i just want to experience whats like to live in easy mode, not transition.

No. 1929837

unpopular opinion: But I hate fakebois just as much as i hate trannies. They're all trash. I know some anons have empathy for fake bois, but they are ruining women only spaces just the same with their politics. I wish they would all 41 percent

No. 1929839

My fandom bestie is a detransitioner, and honestly she's a really cool and nice person, and feels ashamed of her past. Behind every TIF there is another autistic woman who just happened to met the wrong people at the wrong time. I just wanna hug them and be cringe together.

No. 1929843

File: 1710773473960.jpg (347.9 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20240318_225223164.jpg)

Really headcannon two characters in a relationship as T4T, kek.

No. 1929856

When is this retarded fetish going to die off pleeaaaaaaaaaase for the love of god

No. 1929886

File: 1710776193907.png (193.56 KB, 500x377, YRIJy6t.png)

we discussed this in one of the earlier threads, but this is an issue I've personally seen in real time, TIMs infesting both Yaoi/Yume spaces and doing what they do, shipping the female characters and HC'd them as "dom mommies" and literally feminizing the male characters and the worst fact is that you can never say anything about it, if a TIM says 'x gives me transgirl vibes' you are not allowed to question him or you will be accused of twansphobia, it's kinda cringe to admit but this is what peaked me, seeing actual extreme coomers Incels get their way and no one seeming to realize it.

No. 1929893

anon read the numbers on the images

No. 1930035

>Dom mommies feminizing male characters
I fucking hate that so much and I see it plenty when I mainly like hetships. Gendies see any hetship dynamic where the girl has agency and turn it into “girlboss and malewife.” It’s annoying in how they flatten out character dynamics, but then they take the next step and won’t shut up about how “she totally pegs him” and “he’s the woman, basically.” They go on an on about being progressive but in the end it all returns to the same retarded dynamics.

No. 1930049

and if you click on the profiles, the vast majority of them are from troons(who were most likely Incels). Their hatred of attractive male characters is the same as grown men hating Justin Bieber, it's envy, hatred of them and hatred of women for being attracted to them.

No. 1930052

the animanga norm of big eyes for women and slit eyes for male characters annoys me so i support this

No. 1930055

degrade male characters in a thousand different ways, but don't fall indulge in force fem fetish crap.

No. 1930058

nta but you are supposed to read those caps from right to left. Its not women force fiminizing male characters is the contrary actually kek

No. 1930060

same principle of troonism, just do rule63 like a normal fucking person.

No. 1930065

>you are supposed to read those caps from right to left
seeing the pic numbers now, why would anyone post it in that order with 1/6 in the bottom right kek

No. 1930091

File: 1710786405887.png (494.66 KB, 572x660, DFRVNVA.png)

How do you even reason with people this dead set in their retardation.

No. 1930099

I hate to admit it, and unpopular opinion, but I don't see the problem with having a disabled character in fantasy settings. Granted, I do hate the virtue signalling aspect though.

No. 1930105

If a character can use magic and shoot blasts to kill or whatever they SURELY could heal themselves from being bound to wheelchair?

No. 1930108

Maybe healing magic is harder to learn than explosion magic, maybe they’re cursed to have non functional legs or something. It’s all made up in the end, authors can do whatever they want.

No. 1930113

you can have disabled characters, no one is arguing against that, but being in a wheelchair does take away from engaging in combat.

No. 1930117

I agree honestly. I did see someone say that they should be using something other than a wheelchair so that's it's more fantastical, like riding a creature, which I also think would be nice.
In general I think people are right when they say that if you can handle magic in fictional universes, you can also handle disabled people, people who aren't white, etc…

No. 1930118

Depends on what type/types of magic the character uses and what caused them to be wheelchair bound anyways I'd think. I also don't see an issue with disabled characters jn fantasy settings

No. 1930119

Not necessarily. Depends on how the magic system is constructed. A character being unable to overcome a disability so easily could also be a plot point. Fiction isn't so clearcut.

No. 1930167

where is the original picture from?

No. 1930171

I may be going insane, but it looks like pixelated AI slop to me, those guys in the background look pretty fucked.

No. 1930172

it's ai anon. It literally has a mangled hand.

No. 1930174

i was suspecting it was, one of the guys behind the girl has no arms.

No. 1930209

>if a TIM says 'x gives me transgirl vibes' you are not allowed to question him or you will be accused of twansphobia
I've been in this situation several times and I literally just start ghosting the TIM before I get accused of anything. Never making the mistake of shipping shit with moid fans again because some of them troon out and start shoving the proverbial girldick on you already. You can't say "No, I'm not into that" or "No, I don't agree" or "No, that's not what's appealing to me about the character". Like that's what's fucking annoying about troons in fandoms. You can't even politely disagree with them about shit they just hate you. You don't even need to TERF out when they eat other gendies alive for disagreeing with a trans hc.

No. 1930331

It's fine as long as they do something fantastical with it, not something like a normal wheelchair.
Do some hover magic shit, steam punk spider vehicle, magic legs, something.

No. 1930333

Handmaidens are guilty of this too. If another ace (read: fat) lesbian tells me that ‘X character is a trans egg’ I’m going to scream. I just gray rock when they start talking about gendie shit. Small fandoms suck.

No. 1930391

Handmaidens do that egg shit now? Gross and sad

No. 1930419

Haven't encountered it personally since I've heavily pruned my friend group since but if handmaidens start handmaidening in my vicinity I'm going to start amputating them out of my life too. Literally wouldn't be half as bad if troons could take literally the most polite "no" without shitting and crying.
>Handmaidens do that egg shit now? Gross and sad
Yes, and sadly. Wish they'd just stuck to the TIF headcanons. Retards playing pretend and slapping pussies on whatever dude they're fixated on is easier to ignore. If you are actively ignoring popular transfem headcanons you'll just become a target.

No. 1930463

File: 1710808919921.png (649.23 KB, 640x640, GIx9JykWcAAH4Mq.png)

it's been a while since something obscure(ish)/not extremely mainstream i liked blew up so watching new age dungeon meshi fans do this to it is so jarring. i hate them all so much

No. 1930480

Hate how normies latch onto every seasonal anime now for easy xitter engagement

No. 1930560

Every piece of media is about being autistic or trans. These are the kinds of people who will complain about others having no “media literacy” but will get mad if you for not having the same headcanons as them

No. 1930592

>Why do these retards act like fictional characters are real people
My tinfoil:
I feel like it started out with normals being really, really insecure about liking cartoons/anime etc. So began adding meaning or overemphasizing some plot point to make it seem deeper than it actually is. But insecure people like this who need to justify their hobbies also tend to be the biggest assholes. So over the years they've taken over the mic and declared themselves as "leaders" of fandoms and pop culture. And the algorithm rewards these screeching controversial banshees so they feel extra validated on their asshole behaviors.

Not that anime/cartoons and vidya can't have meaningful plots, but you will still be considered a nerd or a dork for liking these things (with or without the 2deep4u themes). A well adjusted person won't give a shit and enjoy life; but the normalfag will shudder at the thought of some wanna-be chad making fun of them resulting in their erratic behavior.

No. 1930601

I hate fandoms sudden obsession with media literacy. It’s not about caring about people’s interpretations being dogshit and everything needing to be dumbed down it’s just so a bunch of insufferable nerds can act smart and better than everyone else. Or to excuse shitty things like that Poor Things movie, if someone doesn’t like it it’s not because they don’t like the ~artsy~ pedophilia it’s because they have no media literacy. They’re not wrong about most people being retarded nowadays but they’re not geniuses either, watching Hannibal and having video essays tell you what are the right opinions to have does not make you deeper than someone who watches MCU slop.

No. 1930617

This is exactly what I was going to say. Seeing a wheelchair in a fantasy setting is like seeing a microwave in one. The fantasy equivalent to a wheelchair would be something more appropriate to a setting where there presumably aren't wheelchair ramps in the uncharted magical forests.

No. 1930619

These people are narcissistic they can't comprehend that some themes go beyond vapid idpol and can apply to anyone regardless of background. To me it's more dumb to act like basic plots can only apply to a select marginalized group. Like there'll be a story about self-discovery (one of the most used themes in all of mankind) and people will claim that's "trans coded" and it can't be anything else as if not wanting to be defined by societal norms isn't something anyone can relate to. It's already annoying enough that you can't disagree with "X is whatever-coded" without being called racist/transphobic/etc. but now these retards are locking basic themes to specific identities.

No. 1930626

File: 1710821741678.png (360.25 KB, 700x2500, 92519002.png)

I posted this in /m/ a while back, but I want to drop it in this thread because I think it fits here, too. I'm so, so tired of seeing canonically gay or lesbian characters being """headcanoned""" as straight troons. Or even straight couples portrayed as "T4T" for that matter, like the artists feel ashamed of liking a straight ship and therefore feel the need to troon the characters to signal that they're woke.

I'm tired of getting jumpscared with untagged PIV in same-sex pairing tags when I'm looking at ao3. And you're not allowed to push back against anyone's troon headcanons no matter how nonsensical (or even offensive sometimes) they are. You'll be watching a live action show where a character is played by a natal male actor and is shown shirtless, then you look at fanart and it's an avalanche of titchop scars. I've seen IPs where they literally show characters being born and growing up with no sign of transitioning still be headcanoned as trans. I've seen characters who are literally described as white in canon be drawn black. Headcanons used to involve people using actual logic to fill in gaps of information not provided by the canon narrative; things like the sort of music the character listens to, their height, etc. Now it's just another platform for virtue-signalling, an arms race to see who can have the most diverse, fashion-statement headcanons. It's a ritual that also involves denigrating anyone who draws the characters logically based on canon as "boring." There's no love for the source material anymore, to their point where you have to wonder why the fuck these people even consider themselves fans in the first place. To them, the characters are either vehicles for their ideology, and/or a blank slate they can project all their own shitty traits onto.

Internet politics and the over-commodification of IPs has ruined fandom culture, full stop. I miss when fandoms were cringey and irreverent.

No. 1930635

did you draw this, nona? your blobs are very cute!

and i agree, it's very annoying that someone would get into a piece of media only to give gender/sexuality headcanons to the characters and then forcibly ship them like slamming two dolls against each other. like you don't care about the rest that piece of media has to offer? plot, genre, themes involved? it's so shallow and passionless.

people who hc live action characters should be publicly shamed. if i was an actress and my character had only fanworks displaying her as a tranny of sorts i'd shoot myself. you see the body of a normal, healthy human and your first instict is to pretend that human is the opposite sex. it's so bad when they do so based on stereotypes (a short man, a buff woman, etc.), that will only drive more people to troon out!

No. 1930638

File: 1710822768671.jpg (324.47 KB, 1080x1684, 1691636844557.jpg)

your comic reminded me of picrel

No. 1930642

Hardcore agree with everything. The annoying part about people's "headcanons" is that a headcanon needs to build from the canon and be supported by the unconfirmed implications of the canon. Like shipping is easiest to headcanon because if two characters are obsessed with each other you can headcanon that they are attracted to one another. But "modern" "headcanons" are literally just "Here's how I would re-write this heathen show and increase my twitter clout while catering to my fetishes!" like shut the fuck uppp lmfao.

No. 1930652

>people who hc live action characters should be publicly shamed
i see this so much with characters played by manlet actors, literally any manlet character in existence, even if they would realistically be against tranny shit (or are 'problematic' in other ways), even if they're from historical settings where those HCs wouldn't be possible. short scrotes are like catnip for tifs. a few years ago they used to make 't4t' jokes too if the actor dated taller women (like tom holland with zendaya)

No. 1930670

it's even stranger when it happens to men like Jared Padalecki, whole 6'5 and covered in body hair but gets portrayed as this small tiny TIF almost 90% of the time, cause he has long hair and the character he plays has a unisex name.

No. 1930975

File: 1710842069960.png (205.89 KB, 570x359, 46880f68b.png)

One of the best m/m fic authors in my fandom has transitioned, wouldn't care at all, if it weren't for the fact she's gone back and rewritten all of her explicit fics to be m/tif instead. Oh and she hasn't tagged any of these changes or made any authors notes mentioning them. The only differences are that any mention of his dick is replaced with a strap and when he's bottoming it's some weird euphamistic language like "folds" or "valley". The vast vast majority of fic readers are women (and a lot of them are fujocoomers) so I really don't know what she was hoping to achieve by stealth editing an existing work instead of republishing it or even adding it to the tags. Either way I'm irritated.

No. 1931085

We need to make tomboys great again so this shit stops happening

No. 1931087

Wew. Now I understand why there is the option to download an editable HTML file of the fic.

No. 1931108

I truly hate what fandom has became thanks to wokies and trannies

No. 1931110

That is actually depressing holyshit

No. 1931124

KEK if this is your comic then it's a work of art, thank you for encapsulating it so well (with a good analysis attached too!). would love to see your take on the f/f version of this should you ever feel like it, though tbf the "have lots of piv sex and get super pregnant" would pretty much stay the same. troons actually ruined fandom, and i wish they'd pack up their bizarre obsession with shoving in "breeding kinks" everywhere and just leave the rest of us alone.

now that's mental illness at work. grim.

No. 1931153

What do you guys think of the pro-Palestine watermelon drawing trend? I understand it is a symbol for them but I feel like the stuff I have seen online has become increasingly bizarre/disrespectful. Shit like Inklings or SpongeBob holding watermelon, etc. Like, thank fuck you drew that picture of Shaggy and Scooby going "Rook Raggy! Wattamelon Mmmmmmm!!!" War's over with that one.

No. 1931181

Boohoo, expand your lexicon

No. 1931186

I had a great isekai story idea about a woman getting isekai'd into a male goblin and trying to assimilate into fantasy Goblin Slayer type society but it would attract way too many troons since Mc would make herself a eunich goblin

No. 1931199

File: 1710860749635.png (287.49 KB, 586x645, Screenshot.png)

I do think there's an interesting sociological aspect to the "fandomization of war" because I believe they care, but they're treating it like it's some bad fan-fiction and I don't think it's out of choice either, they're just so terminally online and wrapped up with fandom discourse that statements like picrel that are incredibly offensive and confusing to regular people are okay to make.

No. 1931211

And the fact that most of them have no idea how the conflict started and think Israel is bad for being "colonizers" or "Europeans anyway".
Besides, wasn't an artist called out as "racist" for drawing Miles from Spider Man holding a watermelon?

No. 1931249

File: 1710864113979.mp4 (4.9 MB, 724x720, IFOaDbl.mp4)

I find One Piece fujos to be the oddest branch of fujoshis, even weirder than South Park fujos. because if you remove the sexual content, One Piece like a series made for 8-year-old boys. The art is objectively awful and the "emotional portrays" are so cartoonish. this goes beyond just female fans and fujos. I don't even understand why men enjoy it either. I've seen clips of the rubber boy fighting as if it's a Tom and Jerry cartoon. and I can't even imagine a fully grown adult taking this seriously, unless they have severe mental retardation.

No. 1931251

File: 1710864395770.jpeg (477.32 KB, 1170x1803, 4DA73329-63A6-4AF2-B839-DEA55A…)

one piece was included in this extremely juvenile take, because they're all adult-children that can't take any real complexity. they think some black-and-white good vs. evil plot is the most profound work imaginable, because they see themselves as the "good." it reminds me of a christian coworker i had who loved naruto because of how its childish teachings of being nice to your friends and working hard reminded him of his christian values, lmao.

No. 1931267

Pirate sex?
Not enough made for adult sexy male pirates out there. There's a bunch of pirates people can draw as sexy.
My guess, at least. Haven't seen One Piece since I was a child.
There's a couple One Piece yume here, aren't there?

No. 1931271

Here's a weird ass phenomenon that I've noticed. This >>1931251 could have been a text post but its an image to give illusion of effort. "I cannot understand why racist, fascist and homophobic people read stories with queer anti-racist themes, with lessons of equality and love". But that's too regular, isn't it? So this person thought what a good idea it would be to change this into a picture, because who doesn't love visuals? This person is neither a talented artist nor a talented writer, so in what way will he/she make him/herself sound more interesting and gain more online recognition? By making it relatable, is the answer. Bro literally drew a stickman but made it more humanoid and added a face on it, because who gives a shit about legs, really? We don't need them to convey a person's expression, a face is enough. And there has to be an inside joke line of course. By a inside joke line, I mean the "oh boy, I sure love these pieces of media" which I assume is a line they stole from Tom and Jerry. At least, one guy stole that from Tom and Jerry and the others parrot it as that's what has happened with language since the dawn of time. And there's also the animes he/she is talking about, but they're badly drawn. However, people who are in her circles or the people who have good enough pattern recognition know what she's (fuck it, I decided it's a girl now) referring to. And she's also talking about a heated issue (racism! homophobia! fascism! how tragic!) people will react emotionally to it. Oh. And because people like being included in things, by "getting" what she means, their natural desire to connect with others will be unconsciously triggered and thus they will like or share or subscribe blah blah. It's a smart tactic. People like "getting" it. >>1930638 >>1930626 That's why people like those two. A smart tactic. Humans are fascinating. But I don't think she even realizes it! I bet she hasn't thought as much about this as I have by looking at her drawing and neither have those who have liked, shared, subscribed blah blah. She just did it unconsciously. Ah, social media, a beautiful yet wicked creation. You think because you don't speak with anybody, you're not doing the "social" part, but in reality you do. Now you "get" it.

No. 1931278

File: 1710869640784.jpg (49.53 KB, 640x719, ac4e31a6b220b0971401d8ec4fd101…)

You say this on a site where you're allowed to post an anime girl face just to convey tone.

No. 1931282

>t. autist who just discovered how communication works

No. 1931289

fuck it's so stupid. i wish they'd shut up about a conflict they know little to nothing about instead of pretending they're gonna save palestine through spiderverse fanart! at most, they should only stick to retweeting sources that could actually help. they're only doing to signal they're on the right side rather than to actually change something and it's so selfish, who the fuck cares about YOUR opinion? people are still dying.

No. 1931292

Yes, it's my drawing. Thanks, anons. I might make another at some point.

No. 1931293

File: 1710870523306.jpg (74.99 KB, 736x1045, a350c9ec2683eb496d83b5ddef7ee6…)

You're overthinking it anon
I wish we'd use more dumb or reaction images with our pics, it is an imageboard after all.

No. 1931294

with our posts*

No. 1931295

holy nona based grat comic. Because of this kind of shit I have definitely stopped getting involved in fandoms and I only dedicate myself to posting things of my interest. It's sad that people don't complain more about this because they don't want to risk their number of followers and making a secret account with the risk of being discovered would ruin their reputation (the level of insanity of these people is such that they would make you leave the internet just for say that you don't like fat men) and the saddest thing is that these people steal your drawings and make ugly edits or redraws where they give their stupid message

No. 1931304

Honestly, I've gotten really tired of fanfiction in general. Even setting aside the trans headcanon, so much basically feeds into each other and the characters become so ooc that you have to wonder when was the last time they read the original content at all. I've wanted to comment "maybe you should reread the character you are writing about" so many times, people just end up projecting so much.

No. 1931309

File: 1710871295712.jpg (60.71 KB, 1050x1050, 1706904569558.jpg)

Reminds me of picrel from the autism thread

No. 1931314

Unfortunately for that retard, the internet is forever and the non-tif versions of their first are probably still up on the internet archive.

No. 1931319

I had to look up what the fuck "queerplatonic" means and
>committed intimate relationships which are not romantic in nature.

So…friends? They really had to make up a genderspecial term for being friends? jesus christ.

No. 1931362

I mean half the time the queer, anti-racist themes are completely invented by the fandom, and 'racist, fascist, homophobic' describes someone who doesn't lick tranny axe wounds enough, or who likes the wrong fictional relationship between fictional cartoon characters.
Can't feel special if you have a garden variety same-sex best friend, nonna. Queerplatonic aromantic asexual cuddlecore sapphic-coded enrichment datemate it is.

No. 1931429

People don't care about canon anymore, they see every character as their own dress-up doll. I'm in a fandom where the creator is problematic and there are people who genuinely think that if you care about OOC or being canon compliant that somehow means you agree with or condone the creator's views. People are just retarded now

No. 1931485

>I'm in a fandom where the creator is problematic
Kek this could be any fandom

No. 1931488

No anons, Scooby-Doo would be a pitbull with three legs.

No. 1931495

It's annoying that when a piece of media potrays a male character who is sad because his crush chose a massive asshole over him people root for the protagonist and wish him better, but when the genders are switched they call it misogyny or say that "they should be lesbians instead of fighting over a dude".

No. 1931525

File: 1710881647471.jpg (416.23 KB, 1355x1440, url(2)~2.jpg)

Idk if this is a better fit for the celebrity thread, but I feel like I'm the only person under 35 who's fucking appalled by the way fans (or I guess former fans) treated Noah Schnapp, a gay jew, for being a Zionist. I saw so many violent threats against him out in the open on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. People circulating a fake article about him dying in a freak accident. It's insane, because before October last year, the fans were fiercely protective of him and proselytized Will/Mike shipping constantly. I know he's a scrote, but I feel genuinely bad for him. If thousands of people were willing me to die when I was 20, I probably would've had an emotional breakdown. Like why do fans even care what his stance on the middle east is? He's not a fucking politician, he plays a gay nerd in a sci-fi horror show.

I'm generally more sympathetic to the Palestinian civilians, but it's annoying that people think "Zionist" automatically equals "Netanyahu supporter." Zionism is just the belief that Jews need sovereign representation to protect them from atrocities. That's literally all it is. The fact that he actually capitulated to a harassment campaign full of violent threats and apologized for his opinion pisses me off. He shouldn't apologize for supporting the mere existence of a country he has a personal religious connection to. He can disapprove of the government's conduct without wanting the place where he had his bar mitzvah wiped off the map. I despise Netanyahu, I think he's evil and I'm furious at the wanton killing of civilians. But I don't think Zionism is evil, and I certainly don't think Jews should be threatened with death just for wanting a fucking homeland. Christ.

It's just another example of politics ruining fandom. I'm tired of this, it's sociopathic and entitled. People need to remember how to casually enjoy shit without shoehorning their politics into it or forming parasocial relationships with the people who work on it.

No. 1931533

>I'm in a fandom where the creator is problematic
what fandom?

No. 1931543

I don't follow him too closely but I recall him getting called out for posting edgy shit a number of times over the last couple of years. I imagine a slow bit steady level of hatedom had been growing against him and the latest few incidents are what breached the dam.

No. 1931553

I think it's hilarious, people are gonna look back on it in the same way we look at furry 'remember 9/11' art. You can tell the people drawing fanart don't even know jack shit about the topic (because if they did they wouldn't support a terrorist organization), they're just doing it for likes.

No. 1931555

This has nothing to do with fandom. Why do you keep insisting on using the fandom thread for Israel/Palestine opinions? Take it a general social media thread

No. 1931569

who the hell even is this guy, he looks like a mix of harry potter and the boy in the striped pyjamas

No. 1931580

What I personally find interesting is the addition of "fascist" to the bad traits. I understand homophobia and transphobia being included since it's an opinion any regular human being can have on kweer shit. But fascist? That seems to be a stretch to me. Why would a military that overthrown a government and is ruling a country by force be interested in watching boku no hero or whatever media she's referring to? I can see a fascist being homophobic and transphobic, but a homophobe/transphobe being also a fascist is bizarre. Do they even know what fascism actually is?

No. 1931582

>Like, thank fuck you drew that picture of Shaggy and Scooby going "Rook Raggy! Wattamelon Mmmmmmm!!!" War's over with that one.
MY FUCKING SIDES I love you nonita

No. 1931586

Unpopular opinion but when I was younger and tried to get into fanfiction to fit in fandoms, I thought it was goofy and just bad. It's always been bad imo and it's really hard to find an actually decent fanfic. Even when reading older fanfictions for older franchises I like, they aren't good or worth reading all the way through at all.

No. 1931587

I guess it's coming from facist larpers like /pol/fags who watch anime even though actual facists would fucking hate everything about anime.

No. 1931590

Hitler would have loved Hidamari Sketch.

No. 1931600

File: 1710884848253.jpeg (648.62 KB, 1284x1368, IMG_4196.jpeg)

“Ship dynamics” and its just a man being tall and a woman being short
These blob arts are so desperate for easy likes that they dont even try anymore

No. 1931601

File: 1710884851257.png (1.17 MB, 1080x964, CIWTYozx2oQK2b9sT4-omUbRsqXFp_…)

And Himmler would have loved fate stay night.

No. 1931604

This should have been astolfo.

No. 1931606

I want the person who made to be sent to a labor camp.

No. 1931607

>''ship dynamic''
>this is literally 99% of straight couples

No. 1931612

This picture is probably like 20 years old right now.

No. 1931615

you maybe joking, but I actually did someone on twitter who seemed genuinely unaware that men were taller on average.

No. 1931617

most straight couples don't have such a huge height difference

No. 1931619

nta but they kinda do IRL, like on average it's just 3-5 inches for most couples.

No. 1931626

yeah but it's not like the woman looks super tiny next to her bf

No. 1931627

it's a bigger deal in fanon versions for fictional characters.

No. 1931630

In fiction they usually do

No. 1931631

File: 1710886118044.png (107.64 KB, 600x915, 935_SFAS.png)

decided to look him up and he's really something.

No. 1931633

This type of insufferable pretencious faggot trying to sound intelligent while talking about irrelevant autistic shit like fandom are so annoying

No. 1931636

The kid that went missing in the only good Stranger Things season.

No. 1931637

Honestly even that makes no sense, since most 4channers aren't in any government position or military controlling any country. I assume the majority of 4chan's users are American, and America by definition isn't a fascist country, so the word is still being misused. And how retarded can somebody be for actually believing real fascists are trolling fandomtards on social media? Rhetorical question.

No. 1931638

I genuinely can't even understand what this schizobabble is trying to get across besides a tinfoil about fandoms being a leftist psyop collecting money for their Culture War army or something. Imagine being this online while making twitter threads about others being too online.

No. 1931639

God what a pretentious retard

No. 1931642

It's shorthand for authoritarianism.
There's lots of things to complain about ITT but I think the descriptor broadly fits as these regimes often made use of an us vs them rhetoric to rally the base. It's naturally exclusionary.

No. 1931644

>No no no the THING that I pay attention to is IMPORTANT!!!!

No. 1931756

I agree even as someone who enjoys fic. You have to know where and how to look to find the good stuff. There are a few writers I've known about for a while and I read their stuff regardless of fandom. I know one of them is a professional writer and just writes fic for fun.

No. 1931810

If you sort fics by kudos on AO3, you can find some really good stuff.

No. 1931816

I don't read fanfic anymore and the stuff I like are too obscure, but thank you for the advice. Let's just hope the highest kudos fics aren't lgbt slob shit.

No. 1931824

>sorting by kudos
It's a good tactic for most of the dead-ish fandoms with a lot of fics, but I've noticed with some of the newer stuff (usually fandoms with a lot of trannies), you might come across some tranny fic that's really high up. But with ao3 it's really easy to filter tagged tranny shit by just excluding the "Trans Character" tag.

No. 1931826

I see, thanks, I really appreciate it.

No. 1931834

In some fandoms you need to blacklist a million different tags so troon shit doesn't show up. I wish AO3 had M/FtM or whatever categories instead of it all being bunched into M/M (same with F/MtF, M/MtF and whatever else) but if they ever did that it'd cause an uproar. Funny how 4chan boards are more strict about that stuff.

No. 1931835

File: 1710902126498.png (313.86 KB, 676x680, GGbNtpRW8AAYz5I.png)

A terf on tumblr explained this much better and far more succintly like 2 years ago, but her blog was nuked around the same time she wrote that post. I sadly don't have caps but she brought up the fact of how tumblr 12~ years ago built the current culture in leftist circles and how what we considered cringe twelve years ago are an untouchable holy cows now, like trans people that don't transition if neopronouns.

No. 1931855

This is unintentionally the funniest post i’ve seen on here this year. I haven’t seen a paragraph oozing of intellectualism like this since deviantart. I’m so sorry you had to find out how people talk about their interests from tweets and not real life social interactions.
I remember when kinning characters was a serious business on Tumblr and now it’s evolved to having DID and having alters of the characters. Straight TIFs also can’t just admit they find a male attractive or cool so now it’s “gender envy”. It’s the need to be special by rewriting really liking characters into being a poor oppressed neurodivergent queer.

No. 1931863

They STILL do this though, only this time its dressed up in a "safe" where they portray themselves as the submissive one. The "step on me mommy!" shit is a prime example of this.

No. 1931879

I remember when kinning was seen as the cringiest shit ever. People said they kinned something if they thought they really were that thing. These days, people say they kin a character if they just relate to them a lot or something.

No. 1931888

>I remember when kinning characters was a serious business on Tumblr and now it’s evolved to having DID and having alters of the characters
I had kinblr mutuals in 2018 and before DID blew up people used to claim they had psychosis/identity issues kek. I wonder where my mutuals are now and if they evolved into being DID fakers or they're normal now.

No. 1931931

File: 1710909609882.jpg (22.44 KB, 640x400, mengele-e1504594590890-640x400…)

why do so many people romanticize the ugliest scrotes

No. 1931932

Every single person I knew who faked psychosis (and/or DID) around 2015 just kind of quietly stopped talking about it once they hit their mid 20s. Kind of funny because there's a tacit agreement to just not mention it, but I remember the Dirk Strider introjects and the fauxllucinating Suzalulu kindaters, they can delete the blog but they cannot delete my memories kek

No. 1931940

most of the people I’ve seen that talk about “media literacy” have absolutely no media literacy skills themselves. it’s just a buzzword now for people that think they’re smarter than they actually are

No. 1931972

it’s easier to just filter keywords on ao3 instead of a million specific tags which you do by using the minus symbol

No. 1931973

File: 1710911932606.png (227.94 KB, 480x374, IMG_1848.png)

>people who aren’t white
I hate how westerners are so uncreative and have this inability to look beyond Europe for inspiration. But I also hate this weird learned helplessness developed and cry when fictional cities don’t have the same diverse ethnic/racial composition of like NYC/London/Dubai etc and “waaah waaah when will Hollywood represent us properly!”
Sticking a POC character into what is obviously a European based setting is so insulting unless it’s implied.

No. 1931974

I remember I first came across the manga because someone recommended it here.

No. 1931979

It's dumb how there's entire generations of DID fakers but since none of them want to talk about or own up to it because they're embarassed new gen DID fakers can pretend like there's no precedent for it. Tbh that goes for any online LARP. Once my nonbinary mutuals stopped associating with radkweer types and went outside more they all slowly took pronouns out of their bio and stopped talking about their "dysphoria" and wanting to transition kek. 99% of people's problems would be solved if they just hung out with normies instead of getting brainwashed by 17 year olds with neopronouns.

No. 1932052

File: 1710923672355.png (304.28 KB, 1276x726, 1710548179185.png)

No. 1932096

Damn ok, Varg.

No. 1932117

File: 1710932045731.jpeg (209.28 KB, 750x857, IMG_7176.jpeg)

It’s so funny to me when people pick one of the most popular husbandos out there but then are like ‘NO SHARING I HATE SHARING!’
I guess it’s pretty typical behavior from kids though.
Also I find them husbandoing one of Vic’s characters but also saying you shouldn’t support her (for whatever reason) to be pretty hilarious.

No. 1932123

what would be the TIF version of this.

No. 1932153

You don't have to change anything because most teen tifs are nerds, no matter if they're straight fujos or lesbians.

No. 1932272

This made me want to commit murder.
I'm a bit of a yume myself, but to get mad about 'sharing' is hilarious. What the fuck. You don't own the guy. Obviously others out there like him too. I like finding others who like my husbando because it's fun to talk to them. I swear these people are fucking delusional. And yeah sure, your name is totally aphrodite or angel…
'Special interest' kek. I feel bad because everyone is faking autism nowadays and the terms are starting to piss me the fuck off. I feel bad for actual autistic people out there.
The way this fool types pisses me off too.
'moots' 'um uh' ':3' SHUT YOUR GOB.
Sometimes I just fantasize about a Carrington event to wipe out the internet for good.

No. 1932277

File: 1710944627035.png (108.46 KB, 601x666, Screenshot-3-17-24.png)

somewhat related to this, there's a trend I'm noticing with the characters I like that, they're either portrayed as Incels, "dom tops" or rapists in fandom, it fucking sucks.

No. 1932298

File: 1710946461156.jpeg (42.27 KB, 600x338, IMG_7360.jpeg)

i made this for you

No. 1932314

KEKKKK thanks, I love it

No. 1932326

I noticed that with cod, when ghost got popular at first the majority or reader fics were about you as a fellow soldier, but now if you go look its all ddlg, dadsbestfriend!simon, olderbf!simon with like two decades of age gap.
at this point aren't <ou grooming yourself?

No. 1932345

How the fuck did cod of all things start getting popular with the tiktok and tumblr gendie freaks? I remember back when they didn't know of it's existence, or just hated it because they associated it with basic dumb teen boys

No. 1932367

I know this is a week old post, but this post and the replies just prove to me that i should stop visiting this shithole site because its very evident that its now filled with radfems who are going through the tradthot pipeline.
So many actually serious current issues relating to women that they could talk about but instead they choose to hyperfixate on dumb shit like this.
Imagine trying to control women and tell them to not read female erotica and generalize all erotica but then call yourself a feminist when you share the same views as a puritan christian or a radical muslim.
I guess i should not be surprised since these are the same group of people who get exposed for collabing or being friends with anti-abortion organizations/people.
Actual women rights are not a priority for many radfems who are now converting into becoming right-wing tradthots which is why all they do is talk about the LGBT or what women should read.

No. 1932377

File: 1710951182742.png (270.44 KB, 1036x639, pnQaWS9.png)

There was a term for this phenomenon on turmblr that I can't recall at the moment, but essentially it refers to when your dad or older brother introduces you to a movie or video game that you unexpectedly enjoy and become highly obsessed with. you become a fan, create fan art, and even start shipping. picrel are the main characters from Jaws

No. 1932422

I hate to break it to this autistic teenager but Alastor definitely fucked me last night in my imagination, whoopsie
>I am cRiTiCaL and dO nOt support the person who randomly made up an original character for her comic that I just decided is my husband now
Kek the mental illness. Also what the fuck are moots?

No. 1932423

Pretty sure "moot" is what "mutual" sounds like through a mouthful of Similac

No. 1932546

File: 1710958672828.jpg (Spoiler Image,291.2 KB, 960x1200, mental illnesss.jpg)

Women into daddy dom and older men pickme bullshit are the true reason female spaces suck. I have noticed that despite having extremely degenerate disgusting fetishes themselves they are also the ones to try to cancel women for being into high school bishies or femdom or other lesser degenerate stuff. They can't just make their own degenerate space to share their ddlg, daddydom, older man shit they just HAVE to push it into everyones faces. So many time i have read these degens call their shit ''femgaze uwu'' no, it's not, you retard. It's as femgaze as shit like Poor Things is feminist. They are insufferable and i fucking hate them. I am so tired of them turning every single male character into a daddydom who wants to rape women and piss on their corpse.

No. 1932564

I'm begging you stop posting this shit

No. 1932565

I know there's no graphic gore, but can this be spoilered.

No. 1932576

No. 1932579

somebody post those school shooter OC's to counteract whatever this >>1932546 is

No. 1932581

both prove my point daddydom autists are the cancer ruining female spaces

No. 1932591

she draws yaoi as well, so it evens out.

No. 1932593

her artstyle is hideous, maybe when she doesnt suck

No. 1932602

File: 1710961528432.jpg (227.34 KB, 700x1059, 17-43.jpg)

>I like finding others who like my husbando because it's fun to talk to them.
Same! I feel like this is mostly a thing that mostly comes from just random series in, actual series meant for romance (like otoge or shoujo) I don't see as many 'NO SHARING' autists for, but it's also probably because most of the people into them are a bit older.
That's been a thing since basically the beginning of women's fandom, not that I'm really complaining.

No. 1932605

this is so frustrating to see and these people arent even real

at least those are cuter

No. 1932609

who the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1932610

The pink haired dude posted in the other thread was the most yumefujo self insert I've ever seen.

No. 1932623

File: 1710962722685.jpeg (184.74 KB, 850x1275, rvv0PB1.jpeg)

What? This is clearly an incredibly realistic portrayal of a gay male.

No. 1932638

why are beta women like this?

No. 1932643

I think it's supposed to be a femboy. lol

No. 1932645

i mean the women who draw this retarded shit. Westoids who turn ukes into femboys are just pickmes.

No. 1932646

>those hips
that's literally draw a girl call it a boy

No. 1932665

File: 1710964876726.png (900.67 KB, 2048x977, yYwRyLQ.png)

I still maintain she has some merits and she seems self aware at least, which is way more then most delusional fetish artists.

No. 1932676

File: 1710965324830.png (77.51 KB, 500x500, vincent.png)

Why is this Rebornica's purple guy kek

No. 1932678

if it wasn't the elf and the wanton amount of sexulization she receives (outside of canon, manga does a good job of avoiding that) and all the stupid qweer headcanons, I could given this manga a shot. I'm just sick of tried of modern fandoms taking characters and believing their fanon is law. it's fanon for a reason. It will never in the history of ever be canon but it's sounds like a hate crime so no with low self esteem says it.
Also lol with dehumanization. They're still humans, not moths piloting a human fleshsuit. It's like condemning a person with the flu inhumanity for being sick. Kek.
why do others feel the need to shove penies or vagina in same-sex ships? I don't read m/m for PIV with extra steps, I want to see men, not mutilated frankensteins engaging sex. If I want penies and vagina in the same vicinity I'd read straight fanfiction but even that's been pozzed. Instead of het being mid, it's problematic and hurts my qweer (read: spicy straight) feelings. and you know what? I don't see an end until every young person peaks, realizing the dangers of troon ideology and hopefully bringing an end to this madness
jfc, seriously? remember when that one muslim queer artist took people's art and redraw them out of brownie points? Got driven off but her lot always pop back like freaking weeds. For what purpose? clout, always the clout with these people.

No. 1932680

is this supposed to be dream

No. 1932683

what merits? her art is trash, look at those shitty sausage hands

No. 1932691

>if it wasn't the elf and the wanton amount of sexulization she receives (outside of canon, manga does a good job of avoiding that) and all the stupid qweer headcanons, I could given this manga a shot.
It really sucks that the reputation, completely seperate from the canon work, gets so bad that people refuse to even try reading something.
I read it as it was ongoing, I'd love to see reactions and all I see are headcanons about how Laios is autistic.
Other series too, it'd be so fun if only non retards gave it a chance, but they won't.

No. 1932717

I read a post years ago on tumblr explaining that kinning was for people who genuinely believed they were an honest to god reincarnation/alternate life of a character due to the existence of infinite timelines in the universe, hilarious shit

No. 1932727

it's honestly mid. If she'd sharpen her fundies and maybe got out of her comfort zone, her art would go from decent to amazing in the span of a few years.
Normally don't let fandoms ruin a series for me. You gotta be so damn toxic as to spread poison to even the work itself. I've heard nothing but praise from meshi so why is it's new wave of fans so freaking weird? I could chalk it up to kids being kids but wholesome media has a reputation attracting all sorts of freaks but the edgiest souls ripoff gets nice sane people. Not saying it's wholesome, again, I should read the freaking manga…but I really wanna know why?

No. 1932738

Why does the other guy look like a school shooter

No. 1932739

File: 1710968032909.jpeg (144.71 KB, 720x818, IMG_2291.jpeg)

It’s unbelievably fucking weird that many children’s cartoons have massive shipping fandoms (filled with people over age 13).

I can somewhat understand 3D cartoons with less stylized older characters, IG, but what possesses someone to look at the lumpy whimsical faces of the gravity falls kids, or god forbid Steven universe and think “I want to imagine this thing in a romantic / sexual relationship”?

No. 1932740

Take a wild guess

No. 1932741

It's that billdip anon, does it for a lot of people.
With that being said I haven't really seen a big children's cartoon fandom post voltron (maybe she ra)

No. 1932742

shes one of those pickmes into school shooters

No. 1932743

>it’s a goofy faced little boy and a triangle

Id say fujos scare me but it’s all shippers of kids cartoons. It’s the same as furries in my mind. How do you become so attracted to something so desexualized and doesn’t look anything like an actual human?

No. 1932745

File: 1710968471207.jpg (192.94 KB, 945x1280, tumblr_b872f95bd35a38bbb0a3f69…)

that explains everything
To be fair it's like south park where I've seen very little on model art

No. 1932748

tbf Steven universe has one child straight ship and the rest of the ships are between adult woman appearing space rock lesbians.

No. 1932749

>has one child straight ship
Steven and Spinel or the really boring girl?

No. 1932751

nta but Dipper and Bill have such a non-relationship, I mean there's material to ship Dipper with Gideon or Robby, if someone really wanted a slash ship.

No. 1932753

File: 1710968868500.gif (1.02 MB, 600x338, chuckin.gif)

I started reading it from around chapter 1 or 2, almost ten years ago.
It had small monthly threads on 4chan, and crazy enough the shipping was almost nonexistent for a good while. Sure, moids liked elf but other than that it was just, actual interest in the story and monsters. Headcanons were about whether Marcille was a full elf or not. Near the end, the elf posting became obnoxious but it went completely batshit with the anime. With people just bitching out about characters, how they were autistic, lesbian, pickme, gay, too ugly, hetshipping, literally me, actually trans.
Maybe it's just anime going mainstream and bringing in people who don't really like anime, just what it can give them as toys.

No. 1932754

Fat and ugly
Craig McCracken

Doesn't help that neither of them are popular characters, while Bill is pretty much there with the leads in terms of popularity.

No. 1932756

File: 1710968964603.jpeg (125.95 KB, 540x704, IMG_2321.jpeg)

I can’t even imagine getting turned on by the space rocks that much either, they’re so weird looking.

How do they convince themselves that the characters would look like jrpg supermodels in real life and not something more like pic rel?
The power of delusion?

No. 1932757

i don't understand why this artist calls herself queer, its clear shes a weird straight woman.

No. 1932758

I just started watching this, is there actually genderspecial autism shit in it or does it just have an annoying fanbase

No. 1932759

File: 1710969065554.png (439.47 KB, 1080x633, fgiy44ijixwx.png)

>The power of delusion?
If you believe hard enough, anyone can become a final fantasy bishie.

No. 1932760

Its just the fanbase.

No. 1932761

there is no genderspecial shit in it, the fans are just delusional

No. 1932762

and bill is a triangle, so it's not like canon appearances matter.

No. 1932765

No one wants to draw ugly, it's as simple as that.

No. 1932767

File: 1710969345245.png (376.81 KB, 1100x776, tumblr_ncn0kdWif01rogx6xo1_128…)

Him being a triangle leaves the opportuinity to humanize him and make him a bishounen though, same cannot be said for already human characters.
I don't think the majority of Bill fans at the time were into Bill the triangle, but rather Bill the spooky onceler gyaruo boy.

No. 1932772

File: 1710969530297.jpg (3.52 MB, 2685x1664, 91582345_p1.jpg)

Alex was such a pissy fag for doing this instead of letting women enjoy their bishie triangle. Trey and Matt are honestly so cool for embracing the fujo autism instead of acting like whiny babies angry at free advertisement.

No. 1932773

File: 1710969582391.jpeg (104.73 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2322.jpeg)

Shippers (and to be honest, more so gay shippers) will go to any length to find someone to ship the character they like with. Even if it has to be selfcest ie the onceler fans.

>picrel with a huge fandom and they’re not even in the same fucking movie

No. 1932774

File: 1710969598665.gif (1.37 MB, 320x180, 4F22E196-3ED1-4732-A909-BC44A4…)

its because of the episode where he possesses him, that cause a huge uptick in fanart and shipping between the two of them, especially since he wore some little priest outfit.

No. 1932780

File: 1710969786997.png (622.06 KB, 900x900, __pikachu_ash_ketchum_red_pixi…)

To be fair I don't think he said you CAN'T draw Bill as a bishie, but it does come off as pretty 'STOP MAKING MY CHARACTERS SEXY!!'
Same thing happened with some Rugrats animator who threw a fit over the characters being drawn as pretty tumblr hipsters.

Honestly though I find fandom bishieifying is one of my favorite aspects of fandom, like for almost a decade people were drawing Red from pokemon as a red eyed emo boy because of pixiv.

No. 1932781

I don’t like Alex but honestly ugly human bill is based. Bishie triangle is outta pocket.

No. 1932790

File: 1710970076467.webm (2.88 MB, 1280x720, we need to go back.webm)

I miss the cringe and free days.

No. 1932793

>Jack Frost gets cucked

No. 1932794

steven universe also had Lars and Sadies relationship be a plot point through the entire fucking show over several seasons, only for them to resolve it off screen with a shrug and Sadie dating a they/them instead. i hate that show lol

No. 1932798


Two masculine men > magical twink

No. 1932799

Did anyone ever like them? It was just typical yandere stuff but with a passive aggressive fat girl.

No. 1932800

true, the magical twink is fo me

No. 1932805

I mean I don't care about lolicon either as long as they're not drawn realistically.

No. 1932807

>he was a boy
>he was the villain
>how can I make it any more obvious
I'm always amazed by the power of fujos. They turned a triangle into a gilded Onceler. They did the same thing to the fucking clock puppet.

No. 1932809

I mean isn't her point that they deserve total social isolation still? Like what she says doesn't go against reporting your lolicon colleague to his workplace and him getting fired over it, she just doesn't see the point in legistlating it since it'd be kind of difficult

No. 1932810

Tbf I like seeing male characters tortured so I'll have to agree or otherwise the people on twitter that cry about it will start pushing the idea that seeing a man getting stabbed in a story means I'm actually a bad person who likes stabbing people in real life.

No. 1932812


I have to agree. It’s just too much of a grey area to try and define the legal limitations for highly stylized drawings.

People who enjoy it should be publicly shamed though. Sick of them showing up on twitter and other mainstream spaces with no shame. Stick to 8chan or something ffs

No. 1932813

File: 1710971069349.jpg (604.3 KB, 717x900, __tony_the_talking_clock_and_n…)

>They did the same thing to the fucking clock puppet
I thought he got shipped with the notebook.

No. 1932814

I don't agree with her, but i am surprised by the amount of people that think loli is totes equal to real cp(i think its not the same. but both should be banned and outlawed anyways) who still watch anime. Why would you support an industry that thrives of degeneracy like anime? i don't get it.

No. 1932815

This is literally a reasonable take

No. 1932816

i still think these designs are adorable

No. 1932818

Probably because you're on an anime site.
Same, I remember people would shit on them because 'THAT'S NOT A CLOCK' but I genuinely always thought they were very clever and cute designs.

No. 1932819

lolicon is for men and you can't trust men to be normal

No. 1932820

>myself included
That's fucked up

No. 1932821

>Probably because you're on an anime site.
But if you think loli is equal to real cp why would you watch anime, doesnt it make you feel sick?

No. 1932822

There's lolicon for women too, don't be sexist.

No. 1932823

I don't think loli is equal to cp though.

No. 1932824

Many don't really watch anime, tbf.
Or they watch "the good ones" like Houseki no Kuni.
This is sarcasm, as the author of that wrote incest loli.

No. 1932825

But i was talking about the people that actually think it is, like literally every twittertard that still watches anime.

No. 1932827

Either they still watch anime to fit in or they only shit on lolicon to fit in.

No. 1932828

In their case I think it comes down to that most of them only watch shounen shit. I do think animecore girls who collect loli figures while saying they're against lolicon are really strange though.

No. 1932831

shounen shit is filled to the brim of lolicon. I dont know a single shounen that doesnt have at least one token underage girl coombait

No. 1932834

Is it? I don't watch shounen shit.

No. 1932837

Why do people assume that most people against loli are only against loli and nothing else. imo the whole entire porn/hentai industry needs to go, especially loli/shota which is literally just fuel for coomers to eventually become actual pedos. Just because its not real doesn't negate its effects on people. Seeing shit like this just makes me believe that the person writing just wants it normalized too and hides behind the "noble" excuse of "focus on the real rapes and cp instead!" just like loli/shotacons try to pull as if we aren't trying our best to counter it as well anytime we see it. Thats up to the police not normal people who likely won't encounter a cp or pedo site in their lives. I don't get people like this who act like you can't be against both, intellect has truly gone down nowadays.

No. 1932838

Blue Lock.

No. 1932840

File: 1710972154043.png (Spoiler Image,409.52 KB, 792x809, tumblr_cf2e0b18de2de2bfa7c4d3b…)

It got that nice booty though.

No. 1932841

>Did anyone ever like them? It was just typical yandere stuff but with a passive aggressive fat girl.
it wasn't so much "liking" them but a feeling of "get your shit together and just start dating already" because they were clearly created to be a couple and their relationship build up was so long over literal years, but the creators then realized the yandere of it was pRobLeMaT1c so they had them "break up" off screen last minute

No. 1932842

why does yaoi have to suffer thanks to lolifag moids? just ban loli and hentai. We earned the right to smut because we don't commit 98% of crimes.

No. 1932843

hank hill ass

No. 1932844

I think stuff like this is fair (being against hentai in general) but it also makes me wonder why you're even on lolcow to begin with? The site is pretty openly horny.

No. 1932846

I forgot how some consider this pedo because he's a highschooler, my bad.

No. 1932847

The 0.5% of actual female lolicon fans are pedobaiters like the women in the /snow/ egirl thread but at least they're self-inserting as kawaii uwu little nymphette girls instead of actually fantasizing about children. And I guess rare exceptions like that detransitioned woman whose waifu is Lisa Simpson

No. 1932849

File: 1710972532791.jpg (154.48 KB, 1014x870, 7bc65099b416ee4cf43759ff57fe16…)

>The 0.5% of actual female lolicon fans
Eh, they're more common nowadays than you would expect.
>they're self-inserting as kawaii uwu little nymphette girls instead of actually fantasizing about children
That's likely accurate for most cases though.

No. 1932850

Lots of people put up with loli because they don't their own interests getting fucked over in the process.

No. 1932854

Not really, only in certain threads which i don't go to and other than those, most threads im active in share similar opinions.

I hope you get help for your brainrot nonnie.

>Lots of people put up with loli because they don't their own interests getting fucked over in the process.
Please elaborate.

No. 1932857

>I hope you get help for your brainrot nonnie.
back to your containment >>1628970

No. 1932861

Just look at your response to yaoi. With that, you already lost the fujos.
You probably also lost yumefujo and Husbandofags. Why would they did with somebody that says they're brainrotted?

No. 1932862

imo ships like Volo/Akari are essentially yume self inserts reminiscent of age gap shoujo manga and not actual lolishit where the focus is on how cute and sexy the girl character is and cooming to drawings of prepubescent bodies. But I do know that there are female mangakas out there who draw R18 loli doujins to capitalize on rabid male coomers

No. 1932863

File: 1710973143372.png (3.54 MB, 2600x2120, __hinamori_amu_and_tsukiyomi_i…)

I overall agree but I still think it counts as loli.
I just don't have any issues with it like I would with moid stuff.

No. 1932865

they look older and ugly

No. 1932866

both are degenerate why cant they be the same age

No. 1932868

It adds a level of cute factor where there's an age gap, same goes for an older guy with a shota.
As long as both of them are pretty and it's made by and for women I don't see any issues.

No. 1932871

tbh the only real female lolicons are oneeloli artists who self-insert as the onee.

No. 1932872

It's probably a combo of wishing to be eternally youthful while also having a hot dude husbando and also having a rose tinted view of their school days.

No. 1932874

Wasn't the woman who wrote happy sugar life kinda like this?

No. 1932877

I agree in that I don't really care what kind of content women like that make even though I personally find it offputting… like why would you want a husbando who is attracted to underage girls? Maybe the real world comparison would be those women who purposely seek out gross old guys to fulfill their fetish, but art like your picrel has handsome bishies so I really doubt those would be the same type of people

No. 1932882

>why would you want a husbando who is attracted to underage girls?
A couple of possible reasons
>they wish to be his little girl gf
>they just genuinely like the ship between the two characters
>they think lolicon guys are funny

No. 1932885

I guess since these characters are based on Alex Hirsch and his twin sister thats Y they look like that…

No. 1932895

I figure most are "you alone are special" type of guys and not necessarily lolicons.

No. 1932905

Fictional school shooters are just based on the Columbine stereotype and its really just modern edgy/punk/goth/emo

No. 1932907

This is so well drawn for a drawing of a bishie triangle and a young kid I’m in awe

No. 1932909

File: 1710976015482.png (114.78 KB, 1066x677, image (6).png)

I can see the appeal, although I personally don't enjoy it. Like my original point was that I hate moid lolishit because you know that moids are retarded enough to be memed into liking disgusting shit and doing those things irl

No. 1932912

They reposted many anons posts in their women-hating catty backtalking wrongthink thread >>1628970 kek. Personally, I'm curious about what content anti-fujo anons like >>1932854 absorb to speak down to fujos here and whether it passes the arbitrary misogynistic women controlling purity test.

No. 1932913

What's the appeal? Is it projection and wanting to be one of those coquette ddlg girls or what? I don't understand the disconnect certain people have when liking stuff like lolishota, it being fictional aside. Why does the concept of a kid in sexual scenarios seem so appealing to either adult men or women?

No. 1932914

glorifying incels is pickme behaviour

No. 1932916

I agree with this but only when it doesn't involve women. Like your shota, like your reverse ryona, like your high school bishies, but too many women get abused irl for me to be okay with pickmes normalizing ddlg, daddydom, lolishit etc.

No. 1932919

I feel like height difference has a lot to do with it, also a lot of people just think shota/lolis are cute.
shoujo in general (whether it be het or BL) is kind of into the concept of ‘taboo love’ so it’s no surprise people who grow up reading stuff with age gaps and incest as teenagers continue to enjoy it into adulthood.

No. 1932923

If it's a height difference thing then why don't they just like ships with a height gap? But I do understand what you mean. I think it's interesting though how if you point out that they're desensitized to those topics in media, they just call you a prude kek

No. 1932925

>If it's a height difference thing then why don't they just like ships with a height gap?
You’re not gonna get a height gap as far as a 12 year old boy/girl and a 17+ year old man.

No. 1932931

I understand. I guess it depends also on if you want that person to be 4'10 and below vs if you just want someone who's incredibly tall

No. 1932932

I don't like ddlg maledom shit but I don't hate women coomers into it the same way I hate male coomers. I hope the women just learn to get better taste but I wish for the men to get sent to labor camps

No. 1932935

File: 1710977201677.jpg (859.12 KB, 4096x3072, Senpai.ga.Uzai.Kouhai.no.Hanas…)

anime is filled with ''draw a loli call it a 23yo'' though

No. 1932936

> I don't hate women coomers into it the same way I hate male coomers
I do. They are pickme enablers.

No. 1932937

ayrt that's what I mean. He got blasted with the Onceler beam.
Same. These designs ruled. When I was a massive DHMISfag in middle school, I had them as my phone wallpaper kek.

No. 1932940

Iirc this one has both, there's a female adult that's interested in a boy.

No. 1932944

It's one-sided. The tomboy isnt interested in the shota. I had to watch it with my scrote friends on discord.

No. 1932954

Oh definatly. Its the same delusional idea of
>I can ffix him/he'll be nice to me
not-like-other-girls behavior that's women into serial killers and slasher villians exhibit just with a high school flavor

No. 1932956

I thought it gets reciprocated latter on in the manga.

No. 1932958

I actually agree with your original reply that shitty pickme coom harms women and that male-focus stuff is fine, but what I'm more trying to say is that I'm kind of hesitant to denounce/debase every woman into maledom because even on normal social media you have women who have never heard of an "AO3" or "loli" in their entire life who fantasize about being kidnapped by the Sexy Alpha Wolf CEO as well as getting pedo scrote fetishes shoved onto them as something desirable before social media even existed at all

No. 1932960

is that a tif? if not what's the artist's @, i need to block, this is disgusting.

No. 1932964


No. 1932966

No. 1933009

kek is that your way of asking for the @ without getting dogpiled for your shit taste? sorry if its not but thats just what it sounds like

No. 1933069

Normal straight man x delusional tif is a shop dynamic that I'd only enjoy if it's made by someone who doesn't drink the kool-aid
>tif getting pounded: ha your so gay fucking a boy like me!
>guy rolling eyes knowing if he doesn't play along she'll get pissy and leave: oh no how terrible

No. 1933070

that sounds horrible, specially because i know there are tons of scrotes who predate tifs like that

No. 1933073

True, its pure moid behavior from the male character but I'm almost certain tifs into yaoi-but-its-cuntboys are also into it since I've somehow seen enough examples for it to be a trend

No. 1933101

The editing on these is both hilarious and kinda impressive. The scenarios they make are insane.

No. 1933108

>Steven Universe
>Gravity Falls
For the same reason people in their 20s and 30s talk about ATLA or Naruto or DBZ, this was their childhood show and they talked about it a lot online. You don't see that for other shows with much smaller fandoms online. SU was a whole spectacle on tumblr back when it was airing and GF was pretty big as well because of it's mysteries

No. 1933112

I remember a lot of people found Lars and Sadie's relationship creepy since Lars was implied to be in high school while Sadie was an adult.

No. 1933119

I would have watched this if the romance was between the big guy and the twink.

No. 1933124

why? both are ugly. I am pretty sure there is office yaoi with cute men available.

No. 1933238

aren't they both teenagers? i never got the impression that sadie was an adult

No. 1933264

nta she wasn't even talking about yaoi, just anything involving shotacon.

No. 1933267

that's clearly two guys though.

No. 1933269

What kind of guy has a body like the pink one lmao

No. 1933270

Ntayrt but
>imo the whole entire porn/hentai industry needs to go, especially loli/shota
Yaoi would be part of the former, no?

No. 1933273

the shipping reason I could understand but the other two make no sense. how are lolicon guys funny? why would someone want to "be his little girl gf". so many questions…

No. 1933275

she said all hentai/porn, its pakichan sperging as per usual kek she's going to screenshot anons and post in her containment to show how fujos are just as bad as scrotes for not wanting to sacrafice their yaoi even though women arent the ones raping children and women.

No. 1933278

are you really gonna argue that most BL doesn't have extremely feminized ukes?

No. 1933281

Having pretty face =/= literal female hip-to-waist ratio

No. 1933285

Not usually that extreme, unless you're looking at stuff for moids.

No. 1933286

nta but you know it goes way beyond that and there's nothing inherently wrong with it.

No. 1933287

Post an example

No. 1933289

Everytime I see the stuff gay moids draw I get so confused, it's either extreme hypermasc barashit or just straight up flat-chested girls with dicks. Truly, moid sexuality is antithetical to beauty

No. 1933290

not really unless you're looking at stuff specifically tagged with "trap"

No. 1933303

the mods already told you to stop and go back to your containment

No. 1933405

>its pakichan
Just because you disagree with the post doesn't mean it's this random user you have personal beef with, stop being schizo

No. 1933411

File: 1711017608201.png (491.11 KB, 604x1513, Jvh91.png)

And of course, the fat fuck fetishist had to make it even worse. Thankfully people are finally calling them out for just being "woke porn addict"

No. 1933450

KEK the replies are surprisingly based, it's really refreshing to see people calling this shit out in the open.

No. 1933470

men yelling at each other online over what is safe horny and what isn't is actually cringe as fuck, who cares??? they're all porn addicted losers, calling some men woke for liking tall fat chicks is the lamest, most insecure shit these men can do to each other.

No. 1933485

This is what happens when you are a weaboo who only consumes content made in japan. It rots your brain. You and all the others really need to broaden your horizons and look at smut thats not just from japan and go on a break from DLsite or pixiv.

Also the fact that anons here are more defensive of l-oli than yaoi is very sad to see. You fuckers are more okay with seeing pedophilia than two pretty men kissing.

I tried to check where this image is from and it looks like this anon got this image from a porn site. This anon is literally on straight male porn sites browsing consuming their degenarate shit and coming here and posting out of context porn art to spread her "fujos are tifs" agenda because she knows retards will fall for it.
The anon can't give you the @ because she found it on a porn site KEK…

Im so fucking happy that i stopped consuming anime and mangas. Now i watch/read manhwas,manhuas, donghua, danmei, novels etc and do you know how refreshing it is to read about adult women falling in love and them having developed lives. I still sometimes will read a small ammount of manga but for the most part i stay away from it.
Like i said in the beginning anons need to broaden their horizons because there is good straight and yaoi/BL content that NOT from japan.(newfag)

No. 1933488

File: 1711026844974.png (197.78 KB, 741x777, Screenshot 2024-03-21 101441.p…)

a fat tif made that post

No. 1933495

The fuck is a fay??? Is it a new way to call someone a retard?

No. 1933497

It says "fag", anon.

No. 1933498

File: 1711028085829.jpg (60.79 KB, 663x663, 89079457721f79631b04076b39d615…)

You can't escape the William Afton

It says fag nona, tifs love to say fag and faggot

No. 1933501

>Now I read manhwas, manhuas
Oh man those are objectively worse kek. Especially manhwa. They're even more uninspired than the average isekaislop manga
>she found it on a porn site
It's a TIF twitter artist that's been discussed here before?

No. 1933510

>you should broaden your content (gives other comic styles as a example).
>hurr manhwa, manhua is worse than pedo-autism because its uninspiring.

Nevermind i obviously can't reason with you. I know my post went over your head.
I checked the tags associated with them and its hetero porn, they make hetero porn. Also that one picture that anon posted could only be found through a porn site or a paywall…..hmmm.

Also whats the point of adding a question mark at the end when you worded it like its a fact.

No. 1933512

Holy newfag

No. 1933524

Do you have autism?

No. 1933534

your hyperfixation with tifs or yaoi is peak autism.
What did i even say that is newfag-ish ,retard.(infighting)

No. 1933549

>cute factor
Do some of you even realise how you sound saying this.

No. 1933618

>Im so fucking happy that i stopped consuming anime and mangas. Now i watch/read manhwas,manhuas, donghua, danmei, novels
Lol. Lmao, even

No. 1933636

There's no way this user is male kek the whole account screams TIF. I don't understand how people believe it

No. 1933674

File: 1711037234985.jpeg (400.38 KB, 2048x1476, GJIrqcrbMAAUuVI.jpeg)

100% tif. They are so idiots that they can't pretend to be "cis" for 5 minutes.
At times I feel like she's DestinyMoon but the style looks uglier than what she used to do.

No. 1933705

I thought it was Destiny because of the art style at first too kek but the "vibes" are inexplicably off to me so I'm still skeptical. 0% chance this artist isn't racefaking either. Blasian but speaks basic Japanese which wouldn't be fishy on its own but the fact that she speaks Spanish fluently but doesn't claim to be Afro-Latinx or w/e makes it suspicious

No. 1933713

File: 1711039248567.png (548.87 KB, 600x2976, everything is about gay men.pn…)

Reminder, these are the same retards who will lecture about media literacy. So the actual reason Li Shang was upset was because of sexism, but then he changes his mind when he saves China and he realizes the error of his ways. It was a simple character growth for a children's movie, it's feminist for its time and people still find ways to make it about gay moids.

No. 1933748

I think there's a chance she might be. The style and content looks the same (stupid 'shipping' blob memes designed for clicks, unwholesome horniness, racefaking)
>she speaks Spanish fluently
This HAS to be her. It looks like her style and handwriting to me, plus the "Gentlemen" in the handle….Gotta be ESL.

No. 1933773

You're right, his reaction was more so that women weren't allowed to be warriors and due to chinas sexism and view of women at that time, but instead woketards are making it about him being "gay/bi" and posting misogynist memes about it.
Its crazy how when it comes to misogyny woketards, leftists, right-wingers, centrists, commies, comservatives all have that in common or are okay with it. Mysoginy is the one thing people of all beliefs or movement's participate in.

No. 1933803

The people obsessed with Li Shang's sexuality instead of the fact he had a character growth in a movie are the worst. He saw Mulan as his equal later on in the movie- and that was it.

No. 1933816

Why are people pretending men are only into weird shit to be ''safe horny'' and not because they develop new fetishes every week because their dopamine receptors are fried from so much porn.

No. 1933844

I hate the cutesification of deviancy and objectification.
>tehee he’s just horny and we love him
>she’s just a horny lil bean who gets flustered so easy
>horny bonk!
>teehee I’m sending you to horny jail
I never want to hear the word horny again

No. 1933916

File: 1711050851565.png (225.16 KB, 640x734, eqfoh5lesrtz.png)

>You and all the others really need to broaden your horizons and look at smut thats not just from japan
Not my fault that Japan draws the hottest stuff consistently. Call me back when another country has their own nitro chiral.
>You fuckers are more okay with seeing pedophilia than two pretty men kissing.
Anon what the fuck are you talking about nothing about my post implied that.

No. 1933995

File: 1711052913042.png (861.32 KB, 1596x1284, Screenshot.png)

I know that this involves a celebrity, but I would consider this 'fandom discourse.' so retarded takes like picrel come when people attempt to blend twitter fandom logic with actual marketing strategies. For a genre like country music, wearing an American flag will be an effective marketing tactic. However for those who live and breathe twitter pseudo-politics, it doesn't make sense for them. If one were to solely rely on twitter spaces, it might appear as though Beyeonce is the least popular artist in the world, it's just the tyranny of the extremely online.

No. 1933999

I am not even american but i think the american flag is very pretty.

No. 1934010

My Ameriboo ass loves the American flag. I genuinely think it's the world's best looking flag. Wish I was American because I wouldn't stop waving it around and wearing clothing items with the flag on it.
Anyway, these people need to shut the fuck up. This is so ridiculous. As if a few old men in government represent an entire country. All countries have done some bad shit in the past. How does that have anything to do with a random citizen just trying to live their life? Look at these losers on their high horses moralfagging on twitter 24/7. Bet they haven't done a single good deed in their lives.

No. 1934018

I literally despise America for all it's done to my people, but I would be lying if I didn't admit it has a nice looking flag.

No. 1934024

File: 1711053781674.jpg (2.5 MB, 1385x1800, our flag is there.jpg)

>My Ameriboo ass loves the American flag
same nonny, same. The red+white+blue adorned with gold borders is just chef kiss. The american flag is also one of the very few flags that reads from left to right, instead of having a centered design. It makes it stand out amongst other flags. It's just very pretty. Ever since i was a kid i have had a little american flag next to an eagle statue on my bookshelf, i am not even american but it makes me happy.

No. 1934030

Same. We have one of the nicest looking flags out there.

No. 1934031

>while the U.S. is actively responsible for ongoing genocides in Palestine, Congo, Haiti, Cuba…
What even… yes the US has been funding Israel, but for the love of god, please tell me what Cubans are currently being genocided by the US? Words are meaningless.

No. 1934034

Nona, that's extremely cute! I love American iconography in general, and I have no idea why. I must be crazy

No. 1934040

File: 1711054289625.jpeg (109.6 KB, 682x991, congo.jpeg)

The thing is, Beyonce called attention to the Congo and other African countries all the way back in 2020 before it became a trend on twitter. It was on her website but I'm pretty sure it's gone now. She got a lot of hate for appreciating Africa and African culture too.
Tbf, it is not about how the flag looks or how pretty it is. Those tweets are dumb but this is kind of a braindead thing to say.

No. 1934055

this belongs in the celebricows thread

No. 1934060

True but OP is the one who posted it here. I was just pointing out that those tweeters are wrong and stupid.

No. 1934062

I genuinely have no idea who beyonce is

No. 1934063

Where are you from?

No. 1934065

Argentina. I think my flag is very pretty too, i guess i like flags with horizontal stripes.

No. 1934071

I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm genuinely curious how you don't know her. I mean, I'm not a fan of hers, I consider myself to be living under rock and I'm totally clueless about celebrities and all that. But even I've heard of her

No. 1934072

I know shes a singer gay moids like but i dont listen to modern songs so i have never heard of her. Ngl i though she died but that might have been madonna.

No. 1934073

The Argentina flag is very cute, I love the little sun in the middle. Even the name 'Argentina' is very pretty!

No. 1934076

I’m an amerifag, but I love the Argentinian flag, nonna. You have nice accents too, according to my Latina friends

No. 1934133

Fandom activists are some of the most joyless and miserable people in the world. It's like turning the most mundane shit into something problematic is their day job. I remember how during and after BLM the ACAB stuff became a really big trend so now you have to assure your followers that you know Brooklynn 99 is copaganda and everyone treats fictional cop characters like they're exact same as cops in real life.

No. 1934145

kek madonna is still alive too anon

No. 1934150

File: 1711058937210.png (377.05 KB, 1170x1535, W5aNlxH.png)

Speaking of which, I really hate this recent trend of vexillology autist's who believe that a flag is bad if it isn't overly simplified. Having a bear on your flag is way more interesting and memorable than whatever this is and to keep it related to fandom, it's infecting fictional media, treating the 'rules of flag design' as fucking gospel, and declaring that if a fictional flag doesn't follow those guidelines, it's unrealistic, despite real-life empires and states having vastly intricate flags and banners.

No. 1934165

sorry i have terrible music taste i mostly listen to old war songs, i have no idea about modern music

No. 1934166

i would be up for an ugly redesign thread, this shit is hilariously bad.

No. 1934167

Me too. I love Vera Lynn and the Red Army Choir. I don't know if they count kek. What kinda stuff do you like listening to nona? I want to expand my taste

No. 1934169

I like american war songs, they are very catchy. Irish rebel songs like kinky boots and get out ye black and tans are also great. Men should go back to dying in wars they made some banger songs that way.

No. 1934195

File: 1711061495512.png (112.93 KB, 1280x853, Flag_of_California.svg.png)

I always thought the Californian flag looked nice, a bear reaching for a red star.

No. 1934212

Thanks! I actually haven't listened to much American war songs so I'll check em out. And yeah, us Irish did make some really great songs. The one benefit to ww3 is that we may get some new good music atleast

No. 1934237

Americans who cry fascism about everything they don't like are so funny to me. They wouldn't survive a day under the government I live under.

No. 1934239

Nta but non-Americans, and especially non-western, didn't grow up with that kind of celebrity culture or the news about them etc. I only recently discovered Beyonce used to be in a group and she got famous because of it then branched as a soloist. I used to think it's the other way around.

No. 1934258

I hope whoever designed this dies.

CA has one of the best flags in the union

No. 1934735

File: 1711105014439.png (396.82 KB, 738x671, why yes I'm a pedophile, how c…)

What too much fandom discourse does to a mfer.

No. 1934753

Noooo that bear on the flag is Monarch, the last Californian grizzly bear. They went extinct and he died in the 1920s if I’m remembering correctly, I want him to stay on the flag

No. 1934813

File: 1711112764427.jpg (625.99 KB, 2048x848, 1000009755.jpg)

I remember hearing a discussion about a new Carrie movie in nthe works with a TIM Carrie. I always thought that if you were going to insert trans shit, the best option would be to make Carrie a TIF since that would go with the themes of womanhood, plus TIFs are practically an afterthought when it comes to trans shit anyway hmm I wonder why. I would really want something like picrel, but it seems like it's not gonna happen.

No. 1934817

butches and tomboys

No. 1934819

i bet she named herself angel because of angel dust

No. 1934821

omfg i remember this one it's about that woman who is a teacher and a masochist and her husband is also a teacher and a sadist. the husband is attracted to teen girls and hes the charming friendly psychopath type. he often has sex with teen girls, i think he is a math teacher? and his wife has to make excuses for him because she truly loves him.

No. 1934825

When I find the person who made this…

No. 1934827

File: 1711114515135.png (685.11 KB, 872x486, Screenshot_20240322-153628.png)

No. 1934828

File: 1711114682158.png (6.71 MB, 1920x2400, 58a4fcfccccc768e.png)

i remember correct

No. 1934829

File: 1711114730201.png (6.18 MB, 1920x2400, cc6274377c236c58.png)

No. 1934831

Who is this? Nemu?

No. 1934832

File: 1711114960498.jpeg (451.6 KB, 828x707, IMG_3075.jpeg)

ocs are a male pedo sadostic groomer and the female 'sub' he abuses, who also is a former student of his. so queer

No. 1934833

File: 1711114976588.png (Spoiler Image,6.79 MB, 1920x2400, 23697a86e0ba03e3.png)

no it's >>1932546 i dont know who nemu is

No. 1934834

>I don't know who nemu is

No. 1934836

i don't visit /w/

No. 1934838

Pedophilia and rape apologism aside, that fucker is so fucking ugly, what does she see in him to want to draw him in these scenarios???

No. 1934839

She’s trying to make it woke by making him fat and her black

No. 1934850

I don’t understand why B99 gets shit when I see the same people who call it “”copaganda”” post about Columbo. Comedic police procedurals are like my favorite genre of tv but I have a brain and don’t support the violence of American police, you can like things in fiction you don’t agree with irl

No. 1934851

she wrote a fic where hes texting one of his students and she calls him a pedophile and he says "technically, in my case, it's ephebophilia"

No. 1934856

in a way she's being realistic, most real pedos aren't ever good looking.

No. 1934903

File: 1711120681354.png (299.67 KB, 1016x572, flag tier list.png)

lmao, this is the same loser who made a whole "tier-list" video ranking US state flags.

No. 1934915

File: 1711121499806.jpg (198.43 KB, 1076x1194, lmfaooaoa.JPG)

Spotted this in the wild. While I don’t care about Hazbin and Vivzie this is an amazing bit of the typical fandom hypocrisy just in general of only scrutinizing the things they’re told are bad because reasons.

No. 1934918

Huh. He looks exactly like a teacher I had in high school who I was pretty sure was fucking students.

No. 1935018

Hypocrisy where? Maybe bottom pic both watches and supports Made in abyss.

No. 1935040

DA but that's the hypocrisy. Made In Abyss is made a pedophile.

No. 1935068

I'm honestly very surprised that Vox/Alastor exploded. I'm not a shipper but I'm aware that in majority cases, the rule is that more conventionally attractive and human-like characters get shipped most often. Take One Piece,for example, with Zoro, Sanji and Luffy. Sure, other ships exist, but overwhelmingly it's these three because they have a more conventionally human appearance. I'm not for or against it, but again I'm surprised.

No. 1935083

I don't think Hazbin is a masterpiece or anything like that but it's ridiculous how much hate it gets from people who consume far far worse. I've seen this from a lot of men too, I remember seeing that fag Gigguk who's into hentai pedo shit criticizing Hazbin and praising Hamilton in the same breath. It really is because the creator is a woman that just did whatever the fuck she wanted without giving much of a shit. If a man made it you would have tons of review channels and men jerking each other off praising every little thing about it (e.g. the circus pomni thing).

No. 1935086

Ntayrt, but it took me a second to realize what the hypocrisy was from bottom pic. But maybe bottom pic is a pedo and therefore not a hypocrit?

No. 1935212

his videos used to very interesting i don't get why he's so obsessed with flags now. is it because it brings him views or an autistic fixation

No. 1935323

>very expressive despite not having humanoid head
>skinny man in suit and top hat
I don't know his personality but he tracks with what fandom girls need to thrive.

No. 1935403

>men into femdom
>draws themselves getting snusnu'd by a beautiful woman
>women into maledom
>draws themselves getting their vagina stappled by a gross incel looking scrote
why? thats the part i least understand, do they think that getting raped by incel looking moids is the ultimate form of humilliation?

No. 1935409

whats the channel? it appeals to my autism even though his taste is undoubtably trash

No. 1935414

Where exactly? All they're saying is that watching vivzie = supporting vivzie. They watch made in abyss and therefore they support made in abyss. You may find supporting made in abyss a questionable decision but it doesn't make it hypocritical. Not everyone posting online is a puriteen. Like that anon said maybe it's an actual pedophile or just someone who doesn't give a fuck about the author but still likes, and supports, the show. No hypocrisy here.

No. 1935428

It's GCP grey.

No. 1935430

tbf there are plenty of men who mutilate themselves due to coom, that's why troonism is a thing.

No. 1935431

It's not the same.

No. 1935435

it is though, like yes they are literally fucking up their bodies due to their obvious fetishes.

No. 1935448

i was talking about the differences betwen moids into femdom and pickmes into maledom i have no idea what trannies have to do with that

No. 1935462

that I'll agree with, the thing is most men with paraphilias, whether it's femdom or even fart fetishism, they usually end up trooning out, cause their fetishes keep on escalating.

No. 1935465

No. 1935471

File: 1711143148962.gif (2.52 MB, 374x200, lmfao.gif)

>Im so fucking happy that i stopped consuming anime and mangas.
>Now i watch/read manhwas,manhuas, donghua, danmei, novels etc
Thanks for the laugh anon, I really needed this

No. 1935475

nta but I actually had a mutual who had a fart fetish (I didn't even ask her about it), and she transitioned to a trans man. This was before I had peaked but it was something that stuck with me.

No. 1935480

kek same nona.
I can't stand them korean manhwa. The artstyles are so shite. The guys have these fat tree trunk necks and tiny little v-shaped kpoop boy heads and they always have that shitty gradient lipstick. Fugly as hell. The plots of manhwas are look vapid too. How does anyone read those things? Barf.
The Chinese crap is even worse.

No. 1935495

nta but something i cant stand about chinese manga is that they seem incapable of making anything NOT set in ancient china

No. 1935504

Periodical dramas like the wuxia (low fantasy) and xianxia (high fantasy) genres are a huge thing in China, their TV dramas are all about that ancient era aesthetic too. From what I've understood they just like the romanticism, the cultural elements and above all the escapism from their modern era hellhole dystopia a lot, most of them aren't in any specific era but just this fantasized version of Tang dynasty or something. The current state of China is pretty bleak and people are barely allowed to do anything else but work and become depressed so there isn't much to make stories about.

No. 1935531

The current era, as well as the era of the cultural revolution, the Japanese Invasion and the entire century of Humiliation.

No. 1935536

I legit thought he was an adult cartman before reading the context

No. 1935544

File: 1711147075399.jpeg (383.44 KB, 1080x1865, EE2B6AE8-B108-4CA2-BC48-C7011F…)

i get so baffled by what this woman says about her world. FGM is inherently traumatic, it is one of the most violently misogynistic things you can do to a woman. i just don't how she doesn't just embrace the fact its all fucked up, she just tries to.. make this into some BDSM-mutual-consent-mutual-toxicity situation, but i just… how? how?? i hate that she actually makes me MATI, but seeing people agree with her weird stances drives me insane. how is the woman who had her clit mutilated just as guilty in the relationship as the man who made her so it??

No. 1935546

Ok this is hilarious

No. 1935550

Yeah, China hasn't been doing so good for the past century so it makes sense that they would be into stories from the glory days.

No. 1935560

that is a strong possibility, there are certain fujoyumes unironically attracted to him.

No. 1935567

99% of the male cast and something like half the female cast are skinny people in suits though.

No. 1935678

>its not twaumatic guys its mutual consent this is totes feminist
you cant have your cake and eat it too, pickmechan

No. 1935687

Kek for a second I thought you were calling them out as pakichan, I need to log off.

No. 1935713

Vox looks like a tumblr sexyman.

No. 1935716

Rivalries, especially ones where one party is far more invested than the other, is ship catnip no matter what they look like. Besides, Alastor is clear Tumblr sexyman bait and Vox has the TV head thing, which has been popular in fandom for a long time.

No. 1935754

is this comic's entire plot about an ugly fucker abusing women left and right? i made the unfortunate mistake of checking her socials and i am so disappointed now, it's the prime example of why the "don't kinkshame" movement is wrong.

No. 1935920

File: 1711183655233.png (175.16 KB, 420x350, delete this.png)

I was just about to say her style really resembles Nemu's, especially the sweat drops (tears?)

No. 1935922

File: 1711183879207.gif (3.64 MB, 640x320, orb pondering.gif)

its not nimu because i know she would be all over this mf

No. 1935938

as I mentioned every single male in Hazbin looks like a Tumblr sexyman, even random side male characters look like typical Tumblr sexymen

No. 1935949

genuinely some of the most nasty unsexy art ive seen in my life

No. 1936016

>hentai pedo shit
I know loli can be neigh unavoidable but actively watching pedo shit? Isn't he married or has a girlfriend? It's always the freaks hating vizie and outing their hypocrisy in the process kek. Can't make this shit up.

No. 1936026

he has a deep voice, wears a suit, has an enemy and is an object head what more would be needed

No. 1936046

He's single and owns a child mannequin and multiple pieced of children's clothing, especially panties, which he uses as references for his drawings to be as detailed as possible. He also makes multiple comments about how he loves to be around children and spend moments with them, accidentally holding them or the items they touched, et cetera.
And Japan is having a laugh about it, treating him as the quirky funny child lover.

In vidrel he feels blessed by having touched a paper written by Naoki Saito's daughter. Naoki Saito gives him a weird look of agony and people in the comments are having a laugh about it and sarcastically calling Tsukushi such a nice and benevolent child lover.
In vidrel, Tsukushi also draws an horribly ugly moid because he hates bishonen and only likes feminine shota, lolis and big titty pedophile oneesans.

No. 1936069

I’ve been a weeb for decades now but my brain will never comprehend how pedos like him can be so loved and allowed to have a career while acting like this in public. Its like he’s openly mocking everyone since he “technically” hasnt crossed any lines.

No. 1936078

For me it's also the short blonde hair, the black lipstick, the coloring

No. 1936205

File: 1711206977106.jpeg (47.83 KB, 567x343, IMG_2283.jpeg)

Kekorama she doesn’t know that the body keeps score and that being attacked unexpectedly and receiving a consensual BDSM beatdown releases the exact same chemicals into our brain and has the same long term impacts on our bodies and spirits. Also for someone jumping through hoops to give a tumblr friendly explanation for her degeneracy she doesn’t seem to realise what she’s suggesting is only a few strides short of full-on victim blaming. Retard. I hope ten years from now she wakes up in cold sweats remembering this stuff and cries herself back to sleep.

No. 1936355

It almost looks like a faggy version of the Texas flag. Keep the grizzly bear flag. It's cute and very distinct

No. 1936366

File: 1711217202826.jpeg (484.72 KB, 2151x1307, vcsxsT.jpeg)

Don't forget the entirety of the Qing dynasty. To keep this to the thread topic, there is occasional discourse about the lack of representation of the Qing period in Danmei and C-drama communities, these discussions often devolve into arguments about colonizers, the oppressed and even discussions about Euro-centric beauty standards. but the main reason there's less representation is that the Qing period was aesthetically was one of the worst times in Chinese history, so there's state enforced widespread use of the godawful manchu Queue hairstyle for men. but it goes beyond that, both men's and women's clothing during the Qing period were more rigid, less colorful, and lacked innovative designs. but then in later periods they tried to bring back more pomp from earlier Chinese dynasties while still keeping the original framework of Manchu clothing, so as not to dishonor the previous emperors, but this led to a weird aesthetic clash, as these clothing's were originally designed for goat herders in Manchuria.

No. 1936369

This was absolutely the worst era ever for Chinese male hair and this should never be brought back. Even my chinese friends know this is shit

No. 1936370

I love your hatred of the Qing Dynastic aesthetics, nona. I learn so much from your posts! The queue hairstyle is disgusting and it's not a wonder why it immediately fell out of style the moment the dynasty fell

No. 1936371

You'd think that would be obvious, but there are wokies who will genuinely argue that thinking the Manchu Queue as being ugly is bigoted.

No. 1936409

File: 1711219132850.png (92.65 KB, 771x638, Screenshot 25.png)

To add to this, wokies in historical c-media spaces are a small but growing issue. there are usually three common topics discussed, queer discourse, appropriation and 'lack of representation'. the latter reveals their ignorance and ironically western-centric perspective on race and ethnicity. In ancient china before contact with European nationalism there were no concepts of race as we think of it today. Instead people were categorized as civilized or non-civilized, with the chinese being seen as the most civilized and everyone else being considered backward savages, but this categorization was not based on race, If anyone adopted Chinese customs, such as dressing in Chinese clothing and following confucianism, they would be considered chinese. like half of China's founding dynasty emperors came from non-Han backgrounds.

No. 1936420

nta but one time I had a gendie try to call me racist because judges in Hong Kong still wear those awful white wigs as a leftover from British rule and I called them stupid looking
>I have family from there
>and?? you shouldn't say that

No. 1936506

File: 1711225936316.jpg (53.99 KB, 600x703, 1405574_34611344.jpg)

No. 1936515

Would love to know who “Ben” is referring to

No. 1936527

KEKKK wait there’s an omega pride flag?

No. 1936528

I think that's the demiboy flag

No. 1936532

Same thing tbh

No. 1936539

i assume ben shapiro? with joe being joe rogan

No. 1936541

File: 1711227745245.jpg (152.46 KB, 1080x1296, GIRZaJxX0AE-PoL (1).jpg)

I have more

No. 1936543

>with joe being joe rogan
kek read the full image again nona, it's clearly about the same joe

No. 1936546

File: 1711227861933.jpg (228.6 KB, 1707x2048, GIKU_23XAAYZ7j3.jpg)

No. 1936550

File: 1711227994496.jpg (349.16 KB, 755x905, static-assets-upload1306877183…)

No. 1936553

File: 1711228044489.jpg (254.47 KB, 755x907, ajshijsiwjdow.jpg)

No. 1936554

Who is mentally ill enough to make tranny anime uwu versions of World leaders like Obama and Putin and make gay ships of them?
Back in my day we just shipped Russia and America…

No. 1936555

File: 1711228112178.jpg (163.84 KB, 1080x2220, FK5nKpkVUAETtJE.jpg)

No. 1936556

These are ironic, right? It's hard to tell these days.

No. 1936557

File: 1711228153436.jpg (259.87 KB, 1600x2000, GIKVAE-XAAIjMSK.jpg)

No. 1936558

File: 1711228191037.jpg (176.78 KB, 1080x1296, GIRZaKAWgAA83Sf (1).jpg)

No. 1936559

Stop spamming this shit.

No. 1936562

These have to be parody..hopefully if not maybe the American government should invest in how to cure autism

No. 1936563

File: 1711228242802.jpg (178.56 KB, 1080x1296, GIRZaJxXkAAIhD_ (1).jpg)

Last one

No. 1936564

Lookin at that obvious tif artstyle, it can't be ironic because those freakazoids love shipping the randomest old ugly men and trannifying them

No. 1936565

They’re obviously Miku Binder Thomas Jefferson parodies

No. 1936566

This is fucking hilarious kek.

No. 1936567


No. 1936574

Lol this account is so interesting to me because even trannies hate it because they thinking this artist is making fun of them so they keep reporting their tiktok account trying to get their stuff taken down. Also im pretty sure this artist is a tif too but i guess too edgy for other troons.

No. 1936625

he would be the best looking one if not for the tit chop scars

No. 1936658

File: 1711232191548.jpg (784.27 KB, 985x1021, Tougeoni.jpg)

>very problematic (war crimes)

No. 1936669

>Who is mentally ill enough to make tranny anime uwu versions of World leaders like Obama and Putin and make gay ships of them?
This is only one step to the left of Hetalia or that fanbase where the countries are a ball, tbh there are A LOT of people out there who love this kind of weird politi-eroticism that they can project on

No. 1936670

>even trannies hate it because they thinking this artist is making fun of them
Kek well now I kinda want it to not be a parody.

No. 1936859

File: 1711244400562.png (421.09 KB, 768x768, co.png)

He gave Colorado a bad grade because the flag has a "C" on it, and he has a rule against flags having names on them. It would've taken a five-second google search for him to find out that the "C" also stands for "centennial" because Colorado was made a state 100 years after the U.S. was founded. Also, Coloradoans actually use and wear the flag a lot, probably as much as Texans use theirs. But he put Ohio higher, even though their flag is ugly as hell, less commonly used, and has the exact same issue with having a letter on it. Colorado has a fantastic flag, Grey is a fuckwit who knows nothing about art.

He also just has the most retarded, ass-backwards take on why it's better to say "Indian" than it is to say "Native American." A non-idiot would have just said that it's an example of the euphemism treadmill and that the term is already in the names of government institutions, leaving it at that. But the rationale he used is that "Native American" is too vague, as if "Indian" isn't equally confusing in a country where more and more people are from the actual country of India. Dogshit logic, especially when iirc he uses the superior phrase "First Nations" in the goddamn video.

The bear is kind of ugly and the grass is unnecessary, but otherwise I think it's a fine design. Honestly the only change I'd make is to have the bear be a brown silhouette.

No. 1936963

It's a parody, but it's a very Irony poisoned parody, it reminds me of TIM humor tbh.

No. 1936971

idk how to deal with this
a worthy successor to thomas jefferson miku binder though

No. 1936973

>Honestly the only change I'd make is to have the bear be a brown silhouette.
get your corporate minimalism retardation away from the hyper realistic bear

No. 1936982

File: 1711258289267.jpeg (5.59 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

I'm not even a burger and I think the CA flag is one of the most iconic state flags there. people who want to redesign flags should be executed tbh. pic related a flag in my country that would probably trigger burgers into asking for a redesign kek

No. 1936988

that is actually ugly as shit

No. 1936991

No. 1937038

if i was the president and someone drew this shit with me i would send some hitmen their way

No. 1937053

No. 1937055

File: 1711269541599.jpeg (236.77 KB, 1280x720, 1539565737401.jpeg)

And of course the absolute degen fetishes, with emphasis on being a woman attracted to lowest of the low males. I think she also got into trouble for lolisho content but it's been a while since that thread. Maybe nemu has finally reappeared…

No. 1937056

Nemu was the opposite though. She liked ugly old men being abused, not them abusing women.

No. 1937063

she drew ugly old men abusing and fucking each other

No. 1937064

File: 1711270513869.jpeg (510.79 KB, 1675x1665, nemu husbando chart.jpeg)

I miss her autism so much. This weird pickme bitch will never be nemu. Nemu's autism was hilarious. Her husbando chart always cracks me up.

No. 1937410

She's kinda like Shmorky in the sense that newfags and people with shitty eyesight think that anyone with an artstyle remotely similar to theirs must be them coming out from hiding. It doesn't help they had a cult following of weirdos that brainwashed themselves into thinking these kind of degens are cool.

I remember seeing caps of furry zoomers who were fascinated by his lolcow story and this made them try to impersonate Shmorky. These retards ended up being posted on KF and equally retarded KF posters thought they were the real deal for a while…
So honestly, how long until it happens with Nemu?

No. 1937472

not bad

No. 1937479

Deeply ominous post

No. 1937499

>hyper realistic
Are you retarded

No. 1937783

How come fandoms or those 5 hour SU analysis videos never bring up stuff like barb or techedge.
I found a great job for me but I was a bit taken back by some of the tech they ask for, it seems like those no life critiques autists on reddit/tumblr/etc should be aware of them but it seems like that's not the case

No. 1937792

what are you talking about?

No. 1937797

I'm Fred's private school trauma

No. 1937800

In this webcomic Heather cucks Alejandro while having sex with women

No. 1937820

File: 1711322440315.jpg (141.05 KB, 1078x620, 8vm9wpsh2okz.jpg)

Look, if we're going to redesign the California flag in a way that stays true to its character (and is inclusive of the state's vast furry community), we should go with the Bojack Horseman version.

No. 1937825

>Sad face
>Special interest is politics
I'm laughing like a retard

No. 1937852

I think you’re just a pedo.(infight bait)

No. 1937869

>professor oak

No. 1937921

Is he the lost brother to CGP grey?

No. 1938258

File: 1711352236167.png (1.75 MB, 2189x1881, xx.PNG)

Twitterfags are physically incapable of keeping politics out of their dumb fandom arguments, somehow proship vs. anti discourse got mixed up into this kek. Retard on retard crime

No. 1938348

I hate to agree with the anti here, but they're right. If your account is something like "deku's hole 69" and in between shipping wars, you post about starving palestinian children and mutilated corpses, then yeah that is fucked up and almost performative.

No. 1938356

politisperging is so annoying. I miss the icebcuket challenge days.

No. 1938619

File: 1711384942268.png (1.87 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2746.png)

With the Netflix Avatar live action show a certain segment of fans have started coming out of the woodworks to talk about TlOK and how the only reason why it was getting hate was because of sexism and homophobia. The show was genuinely not that well written and retconned some established things. I’ve never seen a fandom make as many excuses as TLOK’s has for Bryke. They knew they were getting 3 more seasons and yet did fuck all establish Asami and Korea as even friends, their friendship was really badly written. Mako and Bolin are more or less irrelevant as the show went on.

It’s always telling how the best rated episode was Wang’s lol.
I can’t be bothered to go back and fish for tiktok screenshots.

No. 1938654

Korrasami was so out of left field, you're right, they didn't even have a friendship other than that one sparring scene.

No. 1938743

At what point do proshippers and accounts dedicated to shipping discourse realize that none of it matters

No. 1938798

I finished reading the manga months before the anime came out, and seeing the retarded drama over farcille fic counts on ao3 etc. just instantly put me off from engaging with the western dunmeshi fandom. At least the jp one is cool and i can look at cute laios/marcille images without some bitch trying to make it political.

No. 1938804

the weird calarts tumblr crowd got a hold of it because of Senshi having the usual quirky shit from retarded western toons like steven universe that they like (and I say this with love because I like Senshi), and then the whole thing with marcille/falin just secured it to have a fanbase of mentally ill kids/adults that revolve their entire identities based on their sexuality.

No. 1938851

File: 1711401655669.jpg (138.46 KB, 962x875, 6h242e.jpg)

holy fucking shit i hate self-hating gringos so much, you're the face of their empire and you know it, y'all were eager to see it strike uganda to "legalize gay marriage" (get their gold reserves), y'all cheer when other countries pass wrongthink laws in your image, you impress nobody but each other with your fake self-flagellation but that's the only opinion you actually care about, isn't it? fuck

No. 1938901

I saw a comment that was saying how korrasami was planned because asami painted her car blue . It just comes off more as a “team avatar.
The only way to enjoy the ship is if you turn off your brain and fill in the blanks with fanfics. Maybe that’s why the perception over the ship is so different. If you read fanfics while the show was coming out it will affect how the character dynamics are.

No. 1938915

This is it. I was a korrasami fan back in the day, but that involved obsessing over like three different 0.5 second canon interactions and enjoying fanworks. TLOK was a poorly written show, but I still really like the character designs for both korra and asami. It’s ok to enjoy something that’s not very good kek

No. 1938946

so what makes modern fandom so different from fandoms of the 2000's? Not saying dramatic faggots weren't a thing back then either, but is this an effect of enabling narcissistic behavior in fandom spaces when back then we used to call people attention whores and make fun of them till they left? I guess I just miss how much more chill things used to be.

No. 1938975

as someone who's been inonline fandom since the mid 00s, imo it changed circa 2009/2010 when internet drama in general shifted from being edgy and unapologetic cyberbullying to moralfaggotry.
instead of just having fun and laughing people who posted dumb shit, you suddenly needed a goid moral reason ti be mad at them. they started to make it an exercise in wokeness. fandom and drama communities became less about "looks at this retarded fanfic" and more "omg this person said something ~problematic so i can make fun of them and still be a good person!!"
which morphed into "omg this person said someyhing bad so we should all yell at them and if you dint take part in the dogpiling ur a bad person too!!"
the change started on lj/dw and became exponentially worse with tumblr. it wasn't just a generation thibg, even some of the edgelord older posters suddenly became sjw as the trend came.

No. 1939043

File: 1711419425849.jpg (22.1 KB, 540x393, tumblr_a406055c2146b48f0879243…)

Same, I hate that shit so much. It's annoying when I follow someone for their fanart or shipping stuff only to be bombarded by graphic images of dead children and shit. Do they honestly think that "raising awareness" on their profile dedicated to Chinese cartoons is going to do anything to help people in Gaza? I had to go into my Twitter settings and mute all posts with the words "Israel," "Gaza," and "Palestine." I don't use Twitter for political news because Twitter is full of retarded teenagers. I just want to look at pictures of my favorite fictional guys.

No. 1939063

lol i hate to mute those words too and block anyone with a palestinian flag on their profile. its like a red flag for people that based their identities on how many causes they can jam into their profiles. its kind of annoying because i'll find an incredible artist only to be unable to follow them because they spam their pages with nothing but discourse and protest shit, almost to the point it infects their art. (cant mute qrt's either)

No. 1939086

The internet never learns. After the BLM protests so many people suddenly had ephiphanies and complained about how performative fandom activists were (like putting BLM/ACAB in their display names or linking carrds in their bios then taking out 2 months later), same with when Ukraine/Russia happened with everyone spamming yellow and blue everywhere and now they all moved onto the next fad even though the war is still ongoing. They're just doing the same shit again with the Free Palestine and watermelon emoji stuff but if you say that you get called a genocidal zionist or whatever. How many more cycles do we have to go through until people realize how retarded drawing an anime character eating a watermelon or holding up a fist for BLM is

No. 1939182

The point is that BLM and gay issues are essentially very western concepts, like it's bad but nowhere is there any actual world oppression and ethnic oppression, what we are seeing is the application of that flawed framework to a world problem.

No. 1939188

File: 1711431680210.jpg (294.83 KB, 2048x826, ocforjustice.jpg)

how are a bunch of gendie donut steels supposed to fight in war?

No. 1939192

Just staring at this gives me so much information about the retard who spent like 7 hours drawing this shit, kek. I can't imagine being some sort of politician/terrorist/soldier/whateverelse, staring at this and thinking "Oh yeah, I should probably stop killing people, I will make sure everyone else looks at this so we can all stop this nonsensical act".
I know that in the end, these are just promotional opportunities for everyone to post their shit and get likes and follows, but can you even imagine someone actually doing a drawing supporting some cause, posting it and it looking like that sped-tier drawing? I just can't.
I miss when political art was made for a purpose and not for the sake of getting as many likes and retarded comments as possible.

No. 1939196

Kyo Kusanagi has seen better days. He should shave the mustache.

No. 1939203

They have to know how retarded that sounds

No. 1939223

And before those it was Christian fan art and 9/11 awareness which everyone agrees is extremely autistic. I bet we'll be back to mocking all of these in less than 10 years.

No. 1939232

The people who make this are the same people who say they’re too disabled to microwave food kek

No. 1939243

>The point is that BLM and gay issues are essentially very western concepts, like it's bad but nowhere is there any actual world oppression and ethnic oppression
I’m pretty sure being killed and outlawed in other countries still counts as oppression and a gay issue. And the black populations of arab countries are treated horrifically(after all, the arab slave trade happened too), it just doesn’t get covered much because you-know-why and everyone acts like the US is the only country that’s committed evil.

No. 1939252

Not going to disagree with you I'm a JJK fan myself (the fandom is nice) but I will still admit that the manga is pretty weak, especially now.

TLOK fans insist that it's actually a really well written show and the only reason why people hate/d it is because sexism. Your enjoyment of TLOK depends on your enjoyment of ATLA and maybe some nostalgia. I like the concept of Korrasami as well I used to hate it way more when I was younger but now idk it's cute, doesn't make the show any better when I have to substitute the character dynamics with tropes and fanart.

No. 1939308

Yeah I think people shipped them because they had cool designs and they looked really good together from a purely aesthetic point, I don't blame them.

No. 1939331

its been like this since social media first began anon. it's never gonna go away. At this point just learn to mute terms and distance from people online that will give you a hard time over not having any opinions on current thing. (I thank god everyday I learned how to read enough Japanese as a teen to navigate jap twt so I dont have to deal with westerners anymore)

No. 1939334

>TLOK fans insist that it's actually a really well written show and the only reason why people hate/d it is because sexism.
remember when people could just like a show that was seen as poorly written by the masses because it was something they enjoyed. they didn't need to come up with all these copes of why they enjoy a piece of media because they had just enough self esteem to not care what others thought too much. people are a lot more desperate for validation nowadays

No. 1939355

File: 1711458218827.png (129.94 KB, 664x734, J0v01.png)

She's 100% right here, most of the "trope discourse" is obviously from shows that were meant for children or teenage boys.

No. 1939359

watch them respond to this completely reasonable take with intense out of line anger lmao

No. 1939363

>sexism and homophobia
Oh please, maybe it just sucked! These people will find anything to complain about. The character dynamics were no where near as good as the original Avatar series. Sexism? The fuck. Werent Katara and Azula hugely popular characters? I remember liking all the characters, especially the women. They are just grasping as straws. I say this as a lesbian too. TLOK sucked compared to Avatar. it did not fill the gap that Avatar left when it eneded. I just rewatched the series again on dvd years ago.

No. 1939364

Kek, same. At least they were raising awareness and money for a good cause.

No. 1939366

these people are used to excusing every "bad" thing that was said about them as people as the other person being abelist/sexist/racist etc. because their egos are fragile and they dont want to look at themselves, and I guess this translates into the media they consume too. When I was a huge sjw as a teen I would do the exact same thing.
Its unfortunately a difficult mindset to shift out of and I had to cut out a bunch of people that thought this way just to start healing from it.

No. 1939373

These women are mentally ill. Most fujos and yumes draw hot men with them and together, but these are a special breed that think abuse = sexy.

No. 1939375

File: 1711459674131.jpeg (426.38 KB, 1170x854, IMG_7856.jpeg)

Looked up op and it’s a south park fag kek??? I just imagine if you’re obsessed with that, a kids cartoon having lazy girl designs would be the least of your concerns. Your favorite show is a bunch of palette swaps of circle heads.

No. 1939377

The fandoms were smaller and more niche. If you were into a fandom, you were IN that fandom. There was no wikipedia for you to read. You had to be involved. People didnt always agree with ships, but no one went crazy about it. Not to the extend it is now where they will dox you and post you online. Social media wasnt really a thing. We had livejournal, yahoo groups and a few other ways to chat, but there was no IG/Twt crap. There were no politics involved. Transgenda wasnt a thing, so even though we had some weirdos in fandoms and genderbending sometimes, it was never what it was today. It was a true community. I started writing fandom fics in 2002 and things were just better than.

No. 1939382

No. 1939383

>ftm cartman
kek god i hate how these retards infested the south park fandom, it used to be so fun in the late 00s/early 10s.

No. 1939384

They are ruining every single fandom. I really do hate them.

No. 1939392

I find it so funny that they gravitate towards south park specifically, speacially since they outright mocked trannies several times. I imagine they must not really watch the show and just consoom it through fanart and fanfiction.

No. 1939397

Actual retard on retard violence, the person who responded is a a coombrained TIM who larps as a fujo kekkk.

No. 1939400

its so fucking cancerous at this point i want to assume its just a bunch of antis hardcore LARP'ing to ruin every single fandom

No. 1939420

?? what do tifs the artstyle is proof this was drawn by one think will happen when they drew this? like?
>be war
>both sides trying to kill eachother
>there in drops a tif in between battle holding this poster
>both idf and hamas see queer poc lgbtqwert+ ocs holding ceasefire now with smiles on their faces
>"maybe their right…we should stop this complicated conflict that the western social media hemisphere has fandomadized….i dont want to be problematic"
>"world peaze!!!"

No. 1939422

File: 1711462606964.png (179.28 KB, 660x678, Screenshot.png)

>"how can you people call yourself activists if you are mean to degenerates online"

No. 1939431

the point is a) to feel better about themselves bc it makes them feel like they're doing their part and b) to prove to everyone in social media that they're a good person who holds the right opinions
they probably feel some compassion for the victims, but mostly it's about ego and online brownie points

No. 1939446

this was posted already >>1938258

No. 1939447

I think they just want people to have this shit in their minds as much as they do, which is why theyre infesting social media and fandom art tags with this Palestine stuff.

No. 1939456

File: 1711464032437.jpeg (397.92 KB, 828x943, IMG_3154.jpeg)

why the hell do people do that, write fic for fandoms where they don't even bither to check the source material? especially for a fandom as lore-heavy as tolkien's

in general i've noticed less and less consideration for the source material. people write fix-it fics where every conflict and character arc disappears bc conflict bad, they butcher chahracterisation, or they didn't even borther to read canon bc unu it's boring! there's also a massive uptick un AUs over canon-based fic
i'm not saying canon has to be this scared thing you should never deviate from, but it's a noticeable trend now that fanworks have increasingly little to do with the work they're based on

No. 1939457

people arent ashamed of being posers anymore. nerds need to start bullying each other again

No. 1939590

It's been harder to ignore recently.
Fandom tweets in non English will be mostly quoting the content, theorizing, calling stuff cute and digging for more source material to talk about while English, it's always something about them, how the character is relates to them, how the character makes them feel seen or some shit. That, and complaining/simping other people and making shitty memes.

No. 1939620

liberally writing fanfiction without the fan. Starting to hate the trend where being a 3rd degree fan gives somebody credence to smear the good name of a work. Not a fan? than don't write any unless you can pass it off as an AU.
Less an english thing and more of american thing. America made individualism it's main founding pillars hence birthing self entitlement, going alone, and main character syndrome. But since english is spoken here, it naturally spreads like a disease and burgizes anyone with the same tongue as a american.When their met with other views that differ from their own, it's touted unpatoric and must be corrected somehow. In the case of more left-leaning ilk, it's problematic. Not condoning the barbaric norms in other countries but like it's none of their business? and these are fans we're talking about? Some slavic bl fan couldn't give two shits about a burger aiden's triades over fetishzation.

No. 1939634

I really, truly doubt that Matt and Trey, as middle-aged libertarians, are pro-Palestine kek

No. 1939636

libertarians who supporter the Iraq war.

No. 1939640

I blame Homestuck. It was patient zero for the whole obsessively woke headcanon thing. It was the very first fandom I saw vitiligo headcanons and trans headcanons, because the retard who wrote it caved to the SJWs and lied that the characters were "aracial" even though the comic describes them as white several times.
That said, I think the first target of the plague would've been anything that was popular with Tumblr kweerios in 2011, because that's when a lot of fandom autists started going to college and getting indoctrinated by nutter gender studies professors with fringe beliefs.

No. 1939643

I think you're all way too easy on the non-English speaking side of fandoms. I believe this impression is because you only see the filtered high art that gets retweeted and not the actual bullshit. In fact, I would argue that Eastern fans are even worse when it comes to being illiterate about the source material.

No. 1939650

Tbh I personally have one favorite ship where I enjoy it partially because I find both characters hot and I want them to bang. I think it's a relatively common reason to enjoy a ship, but that women are terrified to admit it for fear of looking shallow. Moids will happily draw two characters fucking and openly admit that it's because they find both of them hot. But women for some reason have this insecure need to justify their ships on some other basis. It's like they're defense lawyers for their ships.

No. 1939657

I got really tired from trying with an English speaking side of the fandom for a series I like a month ago so I decided to ignore most speaking in English and just translate all the text tweets people made.
It has been better, at least for me.

No. 1939658

I'm sorry this Fred is really cute as a butch lesbian. Without the dumb character blurb, I really like the drawing.

No. 1939660

either youre a bot or you forgot to attach an image

No. 1939662

she talkin about the op image dingdong

No. 1939688

It's sad how right you are that a lot of women can't just say they ship something because the pairing is hot to them, rather than trying to sell their interest in it as having some grander meaning or evidence behind it. Shipping should be about fun and enjoyment, be it a crack or canon ship, it's so tiring how people intellectualise ships or aggressively try to prove them.

Also, I get why fans shipped korrasami (and they should enjoy it), but man the show did them dirty with how the 'romance' was handled in canon. Such a strange show.

No. 1939699

It feels like there's massive revisionism as I keep seeing people claiming that fans never liked Katara or Azula. Katara I can understand especially since she gets in the way of fangirls shipping themselves with Aang or Zuko but Azula??? I don't remember people ever hating on Azula other than for her being an antagonist.

No. 1939723

>they outright mocked trannies several times
TIFs only watch South Park for shipping and ignore everything else or at worse watch it with delusion goggles on. I've seen some of them say the trans bathroom episode was actually 100% supporting trans people kek. If anything, that episode took a centrist opinion and called both sides retards (as most South Park episodes do). South Park zoomers act like they wouldn't burn people at the stake for the most mild opinions (ex. disliking neopronouns) but have the gall to pretend South Park actually adores trannies because Cartman used female pronouns on Mr Garrison once. They're genuinely retarded.

No. 1939776

It just drives me up the wall how years later after the show ended people validate it's shitty storytelling because "omg lesbians!"

No. 1939784

isnt it funny how people still quote ATLA decades later, meanwhile Korra is only remembered for surprise lesbians at the end of the series

No. 1939787

Fucking based holy shit

No. 1939810

File: 1711485760780.gif (2.86 MB, 400x224, IMG_1058.gif)

About this. Could we please all sit down for a moment and talk about the overall deterioration in the quality of Ao3 content? I know it’s nothing new but a while back, I felt like I was going insane reading fic after fic in this one tag and thinking to myself: “Why are these all… genuinely just bad? Borderline objectively bad?” Then I went digging on Fanfiction.net for nostalgia purposes (yes, I’m not the oldest nonnie on the board) and lo and behold, the general standard of writing was restored to its former glory. By which I mean, to that of the era when people in fandoms actually read literature unrelated to booktok and fandom for the pure enjoyment of it (and lack of TikTok and/or soft core pornographic fanfic dopamine addiction). It’s actually depressing. The average person might not have been a skilled author back then, but at least people knew how to write somewhat cohesively and with some basic thematic and narrative comprehensiveness. This new wave of fanfiction… I don’t even know anymore. The kids are fucking illiterate. That much is for sure.

No. 1939823

I think its just a fetish veiled as woke, like fatfags.

No. 1939832

fucking lol if even umitrannies are dunking on you then maybe it's time to take a step back

like clockwork

No. 1939927

I hate it when I'm reading a smutty fanfic and the character I'm horny for starts talking dirty like a zoomer fuckboy, in a completely out-of-character style and uses phrases that they'd never use and it's painfully obvious that a teenager wrote it

No. 1939941

>when people in fandoms actually read literature unrelated to booktok and fandom for the pure enjoyment of it
i think this is the key. in my experience, writing fanfiction used to be a more niche hobby that appealed to people who were already interested in writing in general. diverse influences are extremely important to developing your skills, which is something fic writers then would have recognized on a proportionately higher scale than fic writers today - because nowadays it's way more popular, and "booktok"/its associated Algorithm actively enable people to read nothing but the same fanfics/repackaged-fanfic YA novels over and over again. and reading nothing but genre fiction is not a new thing, but the nature of such online spaces incentivizes it because readers want their content marked with easily accessible tropes/trends that lead to the same things being written over and over again forever. it's essentially the "slopification" of something that used to be done for the love of it rather than clout.

No. 1939952

>writing fanfiction used to be a more niche hobby that appealed to people who were already interested in writing in general
This and everything you said, ten times. A few years ago fic existed that was so beautifully written, poetic, clearly researched, thoroughly edited, and while I hate the 'fanfic > real published literature' crowd I think these gems are what pushed that attitude. Now, though? Like you said, it's slopification. Those amazing fics are either inaccessible on dead LJ links or sit at like 2 kudos on AO3 because they weren't tagged to hell like everything is nowadays. Sorting by kudos isn't even a good measure because the most popular fics are just the ones that did one trope first, or god forbid a oneshot collection.

Right, what happened to smut? If it isn't tranny-infested, it feels like every other fic nowadays needs to have some forced aftercare or explicitly given consent that isn't in character at all. It's all written by self-proclaimed asexuals too and they always feel the need to announce it as if the virginity doesn't bleed through to their writing already.
Sorry, slightly OT rant. The state of fic has me in depair. I just want well written in character porn that tries even a little to be truly sexy.

No. 1939995

I hate to say it, but the best smut I've read in the past 5 years was kpop rpf. I've stopped reading it since then because I lost interest in those fandoms and just felt gross about sexualizing real people like that, but there was some insanely good shit that was just a cut above anything else, and it wasn't bogged down by cringe ooc moments like you said, perhaps because the premise of rpf is already fucked up there's no point in being anything other than sexy and interesting

No. 1940017

samefagging to add younger zoomers discovered fanfics through shitty wattpad fics written by other 12 year olds, while the rest of us older zoomers and millennials (sorry for the powerlevel) first read the gold posted by anons on lj, then the mixed bag with some diamonds that was ff.net, and finally the declining but sometimes good fics of ao3. like >>1939941 said, it's no longer niche, and more and more younger fans are exposed to low quality fics by authors who aren't autistically obsessed with the source material and literature in general

No. 1940021

I was reading a smutfic that took place in the 80s and it was really well written up until one dude called the other dudes penis "clitty." I closed the fic immediately. The fuck, not only was it super ooc, but that term didn't even exist in the 80s.

No. 1940023

This is 100 percent it. I remember when people would be so invested in characters, they would write beautiful novels featuring them. I think things got bad once hack writing like Stephanie meyer and the women who wrote 50 shades starting selling literal fanfiction as books for the public.
I remember the days of fanfiction.net, and early days of AO3 where some of the fics were just so beautifully written, i had to download them just to re-read. Some of them were turned into audio books by fans even.

No. 1940037

AYRT, funnily enough I mostly read and write RPF kek, I understand why it'd gross you out now but some real gems have come from it. I think it's like you said, plus the insane research involved in following IRL timelines, plus technical knowledge if it's something like sport. It's weird referring to IRL people as 'source material,' but with RPF I feel there's higher standards of knowledge of that source material, on average.
KPOP RPF is a special level of unhinged, kek. Some amazing stuff but just as much truly rancid material, especially in the BTS tags. The cow Jimin thing was not limited to just cringe tweets KEK.

No. 1940115

People keep combing over ATLA and make analysis after analysis, yeah part of it is autism, but TLOK will never have something like that.
I’m convinced the whole thing was an accidental success. The lead writer who went off to make the dragon prince also couldn’t have his show live up to the success of ATLA. The post ATLA comics are a mess and the TLOK comics are also a mess. Everything we’ve gotten post ATLA has been a mess. Kyoshi is such a weird OOC donut steel character “oh she’s a tall bi and badass, she’s so badass” . What happened
It’s why I’d prefer if the they stopped revamping the franchise

No. 1940146

What I've noticed was the rise of the porn without plot fics. Not saying shortfics and one-shot can't be good, but long fics with slow burns required a tiny bit more of skill and knowledge of the source material to write. PwP fics can be reduced to ship tropes and be repeated over and over without much thought. Pick the flavor of the week anime/game/series and tell me their fics aren't all the fucking same. When I see a ship that fits a specific trope, I immediately know how the fics will be.
Fandoms aren't about the media anymore, they are only about the characters. Fics are only about fucking the characters. It's bound to become generic, boring and repetitive. You can tell when a writer cares for the source material and when they just know a thing or two about it. I'm tired of the same repetitive tropes and ship dynamics.
And their obsession with daddy dom shit. They take the most vanilla character on earth and suddenly he is tying someone with a chain to a wall like some yandere simulator. Ofc we always had shitty fics like this, but they didn't dominate the whole thing. I tried looking at smutty fanfics for a character and couldn't find a single one of him in character after 10 fucking pages. It's honestly not too different from the porn I've seen males create. When the characters as just skins they applied to a porn setting. Their personalities and stories don't matter, It's just them fucking and repeating porn stars phrases with ahegao faces and giant boobs.

No. 1940152

I've never seen a group of people more obsessed with cuntboy than kpop stans and I'm a Scaramouche fan.

No. 1940209

File: 1711512983300.png (1.15 MB, 1024x683, xqBM9Pt.png)

>The lead writer who went off to make the dragon prince also couldn’t have his show live up to the success of ATLA. The post ATLA comics are a mess and the TLOK comics are also a mess. Everything we’ve gotten post ATLA has been a mess. Kyoshi is such a weird OOC donut steel character “oh she’s a tall bi and badass, she’s so badass” . What happened
It took the specific collaboration of three men to make Avatar make it work, Bryan Konietzko was the one responsible for the world building and lore, Michael DiMartino was the one behind the designs and Aaron Ehasz was the head writer who gave the series the pace it had, as for the comics, well none of the original staff were involved in writing them, the vast majority of fans ignore them completely.

No. 1940508

nta but I do remember a cohort of annoying atla fans who saw people's dislike (or disinterest in woobifying) towards Azula as being due to misogyny rather than her personality and role as an antagonist. Even if you liked her but still considered her a psycho some people would still get mad at you, especially if they knew you liked Zuko's character arc, as if they were the exact same character aside from their sexes. It was one of those dumb things that came with the show getting a mini resurgence on tumblr, and weirdly other female characters were discounted if you liked them but not Katara or Azula (I remember some retarded discourse about Toph not counting because she's a tomboy and therefore a discount male character and clearly that's why you like her and you dislike Katara because she's feminine, and not because she can be bossy and a bit of a wet blanket at times or whatever).

No. 1940523

I feel your pain, but it's definitely worse in some fandoms than others. I find that fandoms that attract a more niche audience and therefore writers tend to have better quality-written fics on average, and that niche doesn't even have to be a very small one– an example would be ones that overlap with the interests of people into classics and period pieces, in my experience they tend to have more fics that read like an actual novel (within those styles/genres) than more generic or FOTM fandoms, as those can become quagmire of badly written nonsense.

An older average age for authors can also help, but younger writers can still make something good enough through sheer passion and effort alone, so I don't like blaming the quality slippage on youth alone– besides, there's a large chunk of women in their 30s who only read YA schlock (or other similarly written fast fiction), and if that's all you read, that's going to be how you write.

If the fanfic is almost exclusively smut then that's also usually a bad sign (slight aside, but does anyone else feel like a fandom devolving into only smut is the death knell for its fanfic content?), whereas lower ratings for ship fics or higher numbers of gen fic seem to correlate with a more balanced level of quality.

I dunno, sorry for the ramble, I think there's a lot of different factors at play, but the biggest ones are definitely what the source material is/who it attracts, and the fact that a lot of people's experience with writing is either mostly fanfic or pulp that reads like mediocre (at best) fanfic. It's an interesting topic for sure though, frustrating as it is.

No. 1940585

> remember some retarded discourse about Toph not counting because she's a tomboy and therefore a discount male character and clearly that's why you like her and you dislike Katara because she's feminine, and not because she can be bossy and a bit of a wet blanket at times or whatever
the logic is that sense since Toph was originally supposed to be a male character and acts more "macho", she's actually a discount male and not female, kinda glossing over the fact she had two biological children whom she raised.

No. 1940591

No one knows how to write anymore. It's extremely frustrating. When there used to be two characters from the same series together, even if they were doing something kind of ooc, they didn't speak like it. They still interacted as they would as those characters. I've read a lot of AUs in my days from 2002-2018ish and you can see the degradation of fanfiction. No one is creative as they used to me. They are hyper focusing on diversity and inclusion, so every fic is turning into trannygenda and politics, even when it has nothing to do with a fandom. It's all so exhausting. I have never in my entire life read about tranny stuff in fics (since I only read fujo/BL stuff) until recently. I avoided it because of tags, now people dont even tag their shit anymore.
I feel like the best writers are hiding out or just abandoned their fics all together.

No. 1940653

I wonder to what extent the COVID lockdowns impacted this.

No. 1940655

File: 1711553399610.png (1.72 MB, 1170x1065, rNO4dcg.png)

So, is there even a term for this? because I see it happening way too often in modern western comics.
Basically, what happens is that writers who are hired for specific properties(like some random comic book character or some tie-in stuff) end up using the story to showcase their super cool OCs and barely focus on the actual characters they are supposed to write. The most notorious and successful example of this is with Ken Penders. He was a frequent writer on the Sonic comics, but instead of staying true to the Sonic story, he would use those comics as a platform to tell his own rejected sci-fi stories(one of them was a story where Native Americans got hold of sci-fi technology and became Nazis). He was smart enough to have these stories be spin-off tales, essentially making them an "expanded backstory" for Knuckles.

No. 1940677

KEK what the fuck. Insane that no one stops writers like that but it's probably because no one gives a fuck as long as something is getting made and sold

No. 1940682

I knew people who unironically defended Penders' work. It was deliciously hilarious when he ended up imploding the entire comic and they were left silent.

No. 1940697

File: 1711555375140.jpg (44.61 KB, 600x604, 64rn7680x3f91.jpg)

I feel like I should post this too, in his knucklehead spin-off comic he also paraphrases a poem about the Holocaust but applied it cartoon animal people.

No. 1940730

This is quite common when a frustrated writer that got their pitch rejected is given a bit too much creative liberty. This happens even with successful writers that "became famous for the wrong reasons" and try inject the stuff they like into the thing that made them successful.
It's because it was the 90's and Sega didn't bother to keep a close eye on whatever was happening in the american comics, the last thing they expected was literal nazi echidnas and allusions to the JFK assassination (yes, this happened, even though I don't think it was Ken Penders who did this). Sega got so mad they reseted the comic and put down a list of rules that the comics had to follow as to prevent further autism.
I don't know what is it about Sonic that attracts the biggest, worst spergs from all sides.

No. 1940758

That's right. Fanfiction nowadays is fucking terrible. Smut one-shots everywhere or fucking bland ass high school AUs… What retard is writing this slop?
I remember when I was young there was this amazing author for my fandom who wrote the most beautiful fanfiction ever. It could be published as a novel and no one would ever be able to tell it was fanfiction. That was a decade ago and I still go back to read those fics every few years. I've never found any other fanfiction that's made me feel the way those did.

No. 1940903

File: 1711563256853.jpg (405.07 KB, 1080x1458, 1000016796.jpg)

No. 1940910

people reacted really badly to this, a lot were even accusing this of being ablest and racist.

No. 1940915

KEK is this real, how the fuck did it ever make it past the editor?

No. 1940921

Forget her having children
A big part of her arc is her being a girl and having to live up to the expectations of coming from loyalty and being lady like.
All that aside it’s actually weird she doesn’t have haters. She berates the main character and had a crush on both zuko and sokka but it was played for laughs. I think if it weren’t for her tomboy-ish personality she would have gotten more hate

No. 1940926

Not only is this real, it was actually the longest and most published syndicated comic of all time. It ran from 1992 to 2015 with 290 issues of the main comic, but If you include the numerous spin-offs, it would have crossed well over a thousand issues. all of that ended in the most unimaginably retarded way.

No. 1940952

File: 1711565061130.png (612.91 KB, 800x600, 4jXWUaB.png)

So, all of this goes back to Ken Penders. There were other writers involved with the Sonic comics, but he was the most prolific and well-known because he wrote the most issues and he had a habit of including more "mature themes" in the Sonic comics, such as an assassination plot and framing the struggle against Eggman as a Vietnam-like situation. But with the Knuckle comics, he had the freedom to create the sci-fi Native American story he always wanted to write. So one of the main antagonists of this series was the "Echidna Dark Legion" a group of technophile Nazi Echidnas who wanted to use technology to conquer the world and In 2009 Sega of America published a game for the DS, which also featured a group of Echidnas who wanted to use technology to conquer the world. Ken thought Sega of America was plagiarizing his work(you can compare the two designs if you think it was accurate), and the legal proceedings lasted for half a decade until it was settled that he got to keep all the characters he ever created, If anyone ever used them, they had to pay. Then the Sonic comics had an event where they ended the entire universe and the property was sold to another comic studio.

No. 1940986

why is knuckles pregnant

No. 1940998

Some books look like the bottom half while the top is only found in fanfiction and maybe modern literature. I don't know where the idea of fic formatting came from? Isn't it common practice to format a fic in ways that make sense like maybe a novel if you're going for that vibe? I haven't read much in 10 years, but the last book I read was a mix of two and three. and as a writer myself, it'a a mixture of all the above. Use the tools given. And if one style works stick with it. There's no one way to format a fic since it's a free medium for crying out loud. Publishers aren't gonna bash down their door and force them change it.

No. 1941000

Toph was my favorite character. I thought she was fine. I liked Azula too. I thought she was an interesting and tragic character. I loved her girl squad.

No. 1941003

Holyshit. No one looked this over before approving it?

No. 1941024

>slight aside, but does anyone else feel like a fandom devolving into only smut is the death knell for its fanfic content?
yeah. i feel like i "grew out" of fanfic for that reason because there's basically no interest in making or consuming gen/non-shipping content (or anything beyond low-effort smut patterned against the same template regardless of fandom or the characters involved). when i was a teenager, samey "ship dynamics" and tropes were enough, but i eventually got bored and wanted more out of what i read in terms of themes and depth of character, neither of which are prioritized in modern fic.

No. 1941035

troons level of delusion and cope never ceases to amaze me
not the point but I hate it when writers don't know when to paragraph indent
racist? how

No. 1941074

>racist? how
basically it becomes a whole semantics argument about how
>"why is white western literature the standard of what is and isn't good story writing>"

No. 1941104

File: 1711573434461.png (851.61 KB, 998x628, nQmpgZd.png)

Ironically out of all the 200+ characters he created and owns, each with extensive lore and pages of backstories, only one of them is truly important to the fanbse. This character is Scourge, who Penders initially just created as an evil alternate version of Sonic that esd easily defeated in one issue. a few years later another writer, patrick spaziante, turned him into an overconfident edgelord who gets his shit kicked in, but somehow it worked. Scourge has a fanbase of devoted male autists and fujos who long for his return to the Sonic comics, but Penders still retains ownership of him.

No. 1941116

>does anyone else feel like a fandom devolving into only smut is the death knell for its fanfic content?
In this era of media, coomers are the death of a fandom in general. Once the coomers get their claws on something it starts to enter the media as fanservice

No. 1941153

People like this are insufferable. Especially for me as a fan of south park since season 1. I cant imagine being a fake fan like this

No. 1941158

Holy illiteracy, batman. What the hell is wrong with the bottom two?

No. 1941165

The OP in the pic was funny to be because I will genuinely drop fanfic the minute I see it's formatted as the top two. Those are the kind of fics where you'll see the italics "oh" or the same phrases people regurgitate on twitter about.

No. 1941170

Fucking kek!! That is absolutely hilarious.

No. 1941176

File: 1711576734848.jpeg (453.97 KB, 910x1250, cjbc5zf3ftx51.jpeg)

>allusions to the JFK assassination
Kek I forgot about this, it's a real thing and the context makes it even crazier. Tails wished that Robotnik was defeated, so the unicorn man sent him into an illusion to test his heroism. Tails says that he can’t kill Robotnik, because it’s not the right thing to do, so the unicorn man reveals that it's just a test and as long as Tails keeps his heart in the right place, victory will come his way.

No. 1941194

File: 1711577637358.png (334.79 KB, 875x676, brain hurts.png)

Too many words make brain hurty

No. 1941237

How long till we say published YA starts looking like top two? I give it ten years. Enough time for the raised-on-fanfic-turned-fanfic-writer-turned-author ouroboros to eat itself a few times and destroy what published literature looks like. Unless fanfic tier YA slop already looks like that and it's already too late.

By 2030 most people won't be able to read a sentence containing more than 6 words.

No. 1941249

It's already happening. 99% of YA dark romance "authors" are Wattpad graduates and ctrl+F their Dramione and Harry Styles fanfics into published books.

No. 1941266

File: 1711582571886.png (870.1 KB, 580x877, image-148.png)

I remember that one of the writers tried to do this in the Brazillian Megaman comic (which, yes is somehow an officially licensed thing) and wanted to kill off all the canon characters but then the other writer killed off their OC instead.
Honestly if you ever want to read the worst comic possible just read this…thing….

No. 1941312

File: 1711585622783.gif (1.39 MB, 400x226, this-guy-get-a-load-of-this-gu…)

>Tumblr post that pointed out Li Shang's bi awakening

Can I bet the Tumblr post was from our famous Chinese bookcow Xiran?

No. 1941411

Remember when openly admitting to reading fanfiction was an embarrassing thing to do?

No. 1941418

I also remember when saying you watched hentai was a degenerate thing, but now people have fakku decals and sonico shit plastered on their cars and on tshirts

No. 1941449

Some are so completely full of brain rot they get hentai shit tattooed onto their skin. It’s like no one has any shame anymore.

No. 1941456

its so crazy to me. no one wanted to be caught dead to be seen as a porn addict, let alone someone that was so depraved they'd pay for porn but now people are praised for their disgusting habits. The more degenerate people are, the more validation they get from groomers online.

No. 1941469

File: 1711597406069.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 907x907, tattoo.png)

Holy shit, you made me remember a tattoo artist who draws and tattoo amazing and uses nice colors, but most of his tattoos are hentai anime women with big nipples and ahegao faces. I can understand tattoo it in a place where you're going to cover it (like a leg or in your back), but most of the time the tattoo is located in the arm, is like a red flag right there.

Picrel, one of his safest "nsfw" tattoos.

No. 1941472

tattoos have always been tacky and for whorish people so it makes sense

No. 1941483

I think some tattoos can be nicely done and tasteful. Anime and videogame tattoos will always be tacky, cringe, and disgusting though.

No. 1941490

labels are for soup cans, why would you label yourself?

No. 1941493

That's what I just said. I think if you tattoo a corporate brand or iconography such as video games and anime it is extremely cring, tacky, sad and disgusting.

No. 1941507

I'm sorry in advance but usually if I'm reading fanfic it's for smutty purposes, and I want to scroll to the spicy parts instead of actually enjoying the rest of the story. I'd normally agree with this if it was anything but fanfic and I'm sorry for being a coomer degenerate

No. 1941518

a society that praises degeneracy is bound to collapse. this shit should be mate repellent.

No. 1941546

File: 1711602859572.jpg (207.46 KB, 1025x874, imposter syndrome.jpg)

IMO Scourge getting written out because of Penders' mantrum ended up making way for an even better replacement with Surge the Tenrec. Definitely one of the coolest, if not the coolest, female character in the comics right now—and the IDW run ended up with a good amount of great female characters. I legitimately love her storyline and personality so far. She is a far cry from the Archie comics' treatment of female characters only being there to pair with existing male characters for drama. It's legitimately nice to see her and a few other IDW characters being canonized/mentioned in Frontiers, and playable in Sonic Forces Speed Battle.

No. 1941623

The use of white ink makes me want to puke. It's so chunky looking bleugh

No. 1941629

I live in a place where it's pretty normal and expected to get tattoos of anything and I swear I've never seen a hentai/porn tattoo on an obviously uncovered place. I'm convinced that it's because of a. people smart enough to get them in places where it's easy to hide and b. these fuckers don't go out in public that often (c. few tattoo artists willing to do them?) I could be wrong though. Have any anons seen them in the wild?

No. 1941695

I don't understand what the issue is with the second one, that's my preference because I have a reading disability that makes it hard for me to retain information and seeing it cut up like that makes it easier for me to digest. Bottom right is impossible for me to read unless I am EXTREMELY invested.

No. 1941724

For most people it has the opposite effect. You're

Forced to.

Read the text as if.

It's disjointed rather than.
It being just one.
Coherent text. So it can be incredibly fucking annoying to read and breaks the flow. Once the flow is broken you get easily distracted and disinterested.

No. 1941730

Nta but When you put it that I'd hate it too. 3rd with a mix of 2 is best imo. Leaves room for brevity while reducing choppiness.

No. 1941768

I think something being missed here is screen layout. At least in the days of FFnet, the fic would take up about the whole width of the screen. Eyes aren't exactly made to read giant blocks of text that wide, so the upper two formats became more widely used as it was easier to read that way.
Even in general I'd say you can't compare a block of text on a standard size book page and a block of text on your computer screen.

No. 1941770

Thank you! All these tik tok brain rot morons have no attention span. They might as well go back to reading picture books, since it's more their speed.

No. 1941802

I have once, it had a coomer design but wasn’t entirely explicit (no nipples or privates exposed) but had an ahegao face and cum drips and was on her hip/ thigh area.
im a massage therapist so that’s why I was able to see it. She likely keeps it covered for the most part

No. 1942078

fandoms would be a much better place if people did the same thing K-on fans did where they LARP as nazi's and shit to scare away troons. I have yet to see a tranny Yui fanart.

No. 1942127

>LARP as Nazis
Only because they wish they were actual Nazis

No. 1942130

Yeah, I think the QRT has a point but fics being full-width makes a lot of difference vs how small books usually are. Looking at my own fic it's different even in docs vs AO3, 5 line paragraphs in docs are like 3 lines on AO3.

No. 1942159

File: 1711659387988.png (4.3 MB, 1920x2880, Pm20r2T.png)

All of this proves what I said in a previous thread, creators having creative freedom isn't always a good thing. Restrictions have to be imposed to create a cohesive story. Anime and manga have a track record of editors forcing creators to have restraints, which removes juvenile/pervy humor and gives proper pacing. otherwise you end up with situations like picrel, where one Avatar comic writer split up Zuko and Mai just to attempt to pair Zuko with Suki instead.

No. 1942273

tbf, Mai is a shitty character. Suki was a better choice

No. 1942289

Nta but what was wrong with Mai? Suki barely had a personality.

No. 1942351

Suki and Zuko were never set up as romantic endgame partners where is this coming from?
Mai’s biggest problem is that she’s written as a love interest by people that don’t know how to write romance . The followup comics don’t help since she flipflops between being loyal yo Zuko’s cause and her dad’s which undermine one of the most badass scenes in the show, her standing up to Azula in support of Zuko.

No. 1942520

i'd say where i am it's less common to run into someone with no tattoos over a person with multiple. the worst one i saw was a girl likely younger than me at the postal office wearing shorts. big heart with an anime girl face doing ahegao on the back of her thigh. it was big enough i could easily see what it was somewhat far away. total pickme shit kek

No. 1942568

We need to do this but with misandry instead. Men are capable to gatekeep their autistic hobbies from women for so long because they are unapologetically misogynists, but women are too permissive and it's how we ended up with male troons larping as ''le stinky fujo gf'' for their coom.

No. 1942586

that might work but it has one issue, the majority of "misandry" you'll see in fandom spaces is almost always coming from MTFs.

No. 1942594

in what ways, give examples. Every fandom MTF i had the disgrace of coming across has been a raging misogynist. Unless you mean those mtf yuritroon that hate male characters because they get in the way of their yurishit, because those are the opposite of misandry.

No. 1942604

>Unless you mean those mtf yuritroon that hate male characters because they get in the way of their yurishit
these one's obviously.

No. 1942607

ah makes sense then, kek. I was mostly talking as someone who only is part of yumefujo fandoms with a heavy male-focus. Yeah no idea how to fix the yuri fandom, i feel sorry for himejoshis.

No. 1942611

the thins is these don't even stick to yuri fandom, they spread to literally every series(even the one's that are meant for children)

No. 1942613

I still think misandry could help in those cases, but sadly the vast majority of women are handmaidens. I wish bullying moids was more accepted.

No. 1942640

if you make your misandry biology-centric (saying that dicks are disgusting etc), you might actually have a shot at repelling these freaks given that they're all over shoving piv into f/f and are terminally obsessed with "girldick".

No. 1942662

we can also make it more puritanical and explicitly anti-porn.

No. 1942751

like >>1942586 said, most trannies are self hating men so the misandry will attract them, fandoms with a hatred for men is extremely common. doing the nazi LARP will keep away most annoying people that are inclined toward trooning out into joining because they dont want to be associated with something "wrong". Notice the people that are desperate to be validated as a good person won't touch anime like K-On because of this strat.

No. 1942758

K-on was my favorite anime as a teen. I was quite baffled when I found out I was in fact not the target demographic. And yes I was rather naive in thinking so. Still made me wish I could have gone to an all girls high school though.

No. 1942776

They are not men who hate themselves, they are men who see themselves as failures as men and as part of the loser's club, which of course women also belong to in their view. By their logic we should be on their side against the "jocks" and the other oppressors.

No. 1942808

I don't even think most troons actively see themselves as failmales anymore though. Most terminally online trannies genuinely see themselves as women and interpret their hate for the "jocks/chads/normal moids" as proof they're ackshully women (and lesbians) because they think their incel drivel is the same as women tweeting all men are pigs.

Misandry won't dissuade troons besides the "hating men is a terf pipeline" types but they're not the ones primarily involved in fandoms in the first place. The fandom troons are the yuri purist transbians who tweet about misandry and yuri not having enough content because of misogyny etc. You're never going to drive away trannies from fandoms no matter what you do because handmaidens and troons outnumber us anyway, the only thing that's kryptonite to them is very female stuff like yaoi/otomeshit. No matter how much they try to larp as NEET lainpilled fujos they don't actually engage in shipping/headcanon autism beyond performative tweets.

No. 1942826

so posting 3D guys then?

No. 1942839

troons are severely delusional and dont see themselves as men.

No. 1942846

>the only thing that's kryptonite to them is very female stuff like yaoi/otomeshit.
im a dungeon meshi fan and thats what im noticing with all of them. theyre getting extremely pissed off at people writing and drawing yaoi of the male characters on that show because theyre afraid it'll take over the space (although people can still create their own space to be yurifags and create art/fics??) and theyre making it hell to be a fan that doesnt care about yuri.

No. 1943058

>that she’s written as a love interest by people that don’t know how to write romance
Kind of furthers how strange it was that so many people grasped onto voltron because of this, Avatar and Korra was basically American shounen anime so it tracks that the romance in it would be hot garbage.

No. 1943066

Nah, Sonic was an autism magnet from the get go, they're flashy games with colorful animal characters that are 2cool4school and for whatever reason later want to have serious plotlines with Final Fantasy-looking characters, locations and monsters not to mention the shit related to Shadow and his game.
It was always bound to be catnip for spergs for similar reasons as Pokemon.

No. 1943083

Women over 14 who husbando Shadow the hedgehog

No. 1943144

Marvel and DC are much more infamous for this stuff but it gets tricky to complain about it. Bendis is probably the most infamous example, he comes in and rewrites characters’ personalities ignoring everything that was established before or introduces a new OC that stands out and future writers have to clean up (Miles Morales)

No. 1943374

Shadow is fucking lame. Can't stand that edgy little retard. Sonic is miles better and cooler. He's a nice, fun and laid back sorta guy.

No. 1943395

Kek is this a copypasta

No. 1943397

Ok Amy.

No. 1943412

No way, too short to be a copypasta. These are my own true passionate words.

No. 1943421

File: 1711803944218.png (1.02 MB, 850x1133, kMHMQn7.png)

On DeviantArt, I saw so much fan-art of Scourge with Sonic that I believed he was a main character in the series. But learning that he was only from a tie-in comic was genuinely so bizarre to me. It was the first time I realized how niche but passionate fandom can have an impact cause there were probably hundreds of people who started reading the Sonic comics because of artowrk like picrel.

No. 1943486

File: 1711806784215.jpg (94.18 KB, 850x530, __mello_and_matt_death_note_dr…)

kinda reminds me of the character Matt from death note. When the series was new people would cosplay, draw fanart, and write him like he was a main character. Meanwhile he only appeared for a couple minutes in one episode, and a few panels in the manga. I dont see much fandom autism like Scourge or Matt nowadays since people move on to the next big thing too fast.

No. 1943526

File: 1711808577783.png (924.6 KB, 750x1356, v0pwito.png)

I believe that for any form of media to truly excel(whether it be art, literature, comics, or even memes) it requires a either pure talent, a solid understanding of the fundamentals or an element of sheer insanity. This is why I think fandoms often struggle to produce original content that spreads outside, as they often resort to creating copies of copies, on the other hand this is why niche right-wing memes tend to gain traction and have a greater impact because they compensate for any lack of originality with genuine madness. For instance, this particular meme recently became popular on fandom Twitter, at first as a joke but then people started posted it unironically.

No. 1943552

matt is the ideal man

No. 1943576

File: 1711812861244.jpeg (91.41 KB, 600x525, 374E563A-6DA6-451A-B61E-6D933F…)

Watched death note on adult swim as a child and he forever lives on my dsi camera roll because of his hot topic looking ass. I also don’t notice this type of autism for side characters that barely get any screen time in newer series unless they’re posted on twitter for engagement or virtue signaling purposes.

No. 1943619

I have been writing more fanfic recently and I am convinced fandom has become allergic to any sort of complexity or ambiguity. Anything more ambitious than directly staying every single emotion in the narration like you were defining game-states will be met with an army of cretins pointing out "gotchas" to try and feel good about themselves. I really respect anyone who is willing to do anything more than a drabble these days.

No. 1943624

I loved the fandom concerning Matt. I read the manga before the anime came out and people were going mad for him cuz he was a cute gamer boy who stood by Mello's side.

No. 1943676

Women over 14 who husbando Sonic the hedgehog

No. 1943714

No. 1943737

Nobody’s scared of flames or sporking anymore and very few people have the skill to critique a fic that’s not immediately bad anymore. And, even if this kind of person was more common again, why would they waste their time? A fine eye for good writing is elitist, and editing is gatekeeping. Even the most measured criticism is met with “Womp womp let people enjoy things, cringy millennial!” All the good fic writers are just regular writers now. 2020 really was Endless September for fandom. I fucking hate these illiterate retard tourists.

No. 1943748

I am really beginning to question the volume and content of smutfics I see.
>What if these 14 year old characters were actually 18 and did anal?!?!
Why are you even a fan of this series in the first place if that's where your mind goes?

No. 1943766

It's the combination of lack of gatekeeping (letting in underaged retards who have zero reading comprehension) and demands of total hugboxing (authors not being able to take the slightest criticism without going apeshit). My solution has been to stop giving a shit about stats and troonshit and just write what I want to write. I don't get many hits but I've got a couple of readers who apparently like my fics and leave comments that are longer than one sentence, which I consider to be an achievement.

No. 1943770

Only pussy ass bitches age up characters

No. 1943783

I'm not in any fandoms but this is probably the best thread to ask this: is anyone else bothered by these (relatively new afaik) "boy love" and "girl love" names for lesbian/gay fiction? the first thing i think of when i hear these terms is pedophilia. why not just say gay or lesbian? or wlw/mlm/sapphic/achillean if we're being gendies idk

No. 1943786

Nice bait lol

No. 1943787

>relatively new afaik
It's not. Japan's been calling it that forever even when the characters are adults, then weebs picked up on it.

No. 1943790

what?? I'm retarded ESL if it makes my question more believable
ok I see, thank you. I've been obsessively researching pedos and lurking in their spaces out of morbid curiosity so maybe that's why my mind goes there

No. 1943804

File: 1711827055273.jpg (121 KB, 1057x917, 434379602_392644973695057_3470…)

Do you think i will banned from the game for using the wrong pronouns?

No. 1943808

Blizzard, wtf. I will never play overwatch. This is madness.

No. 1943816

It's streamers banning people in their own chat, not Blizzard or Overwatch. I find it dumb but they can moderate however they want

No. 1943817

File: 1711828239283.jpg (1.15 MB, 4096x3874, Venture2.jpg)

In the concept art she looks like a cute tomboy design

No. 1943818

File: 1711828305188.jpg (26.97 KB, 675x331, Venture-spy.jpg)

But then in the game he's just a fugly TikTok haircut guy

No. 1943820

I recall Overwatch used to ban people for using sprays too much and other dumb shit so I don't doubt it.

No. 1943821

Could also be a pretty boy kind of deal tbh

No. 1943824

Isn't this just gonna make people play/watch Overwatch 2 streamers less?

No. 1943846

whats the joke, both of those roidpigs look exactly the same(ugly)

No. 1943853

Blizzard will literally never make a male character thats attractive because it threatens their moid userbase

No. 1943865

Sad. I thought this was a really cute woman design. I wish we could have more female characters designs similar to this, but oh well.

Thank you for confirming this.

He's hideous in game

No. 1943868

Is a roidpig just any man with slight muscle definition to you guys(derailing)

No. 1943874

I don't husbando him kek. I just think he's cool. Maybe I'm blinded by the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia, but they were good games and he's a fun, positive character.

No. 1943889

No, some anons just like to get offended on behalf of moids.

No. 1943894

Ntayrt but it just seems autistic.
The joke is their chest sizes are different. Wasn't even the point of the post, really.

No. 1943897

>The joke is their chest sizes are different.
kek, i didnt even notice they look exactly the same. Anyways, stop derrailing when anyone calls ugly men roidpigs this is lolcow we can insult men.

No. 1943907

Learn about time and place.
When it's constantly done to random shit where it's not the point, it's just obnoxious. Be self aware.
>kek I didn't even notice
You would if you read the actual post or image.

No. 1943908

this is lolcow, women get called slampigs and ugly for having elbows too pointy 3/10 i will call ugly men roidpigs whenever i want to i dont care if it offends you. Anyways i better not catch a ban even though you started it.(infighting)