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No. 1974223

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1894283

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

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No. 1974226

File: 1710000036485.jpeg (769.51 KB, 828x1303, IMG_0697.jpeg)


No. 1974229

I didn't know nerdy girls looked like greasy male serial killers

No. 1974231

Why do they all have this shitty hairstyle?

No. 1974237

File: 1710003493137.jpeg (74.45 KB, 819x885, GIMWOxHasAAoY28.jpeg)


No. 1974239

Yeah that looks exactly like a 1970's serial killer sitting unwashed in his basement, complete with occult symbols on the wall behind him.

No. 1974240

He transitioned into Dahmer

No. 1974241

File: 1710003868900.png (270.13 KB, 544x513, 1709683749645102.png)


No. 1974246

File: 1710004393422.jpg (86.86 KB, 1007x731, 20240308_173213.jpg)

montgomerie 2.0

No. 1974255

>budding girls
He means two pornsick scrotes who grew their hair out and only take pictures with vaseline over the webcams? Kekekke

No. 1974259

kek men really are their own worst enemies

No. 1974264

File: 1710006587660.jpg (238.74 KB, 1080x871, 1000038112.jpg)

No. 1974265

File: 1710006802018.jpg (112.78 KB, 1600x800, url(1).jpg)

Can't unsee.

No. 1974269

File: 1710007441734.png (690.65 KB, 663x673, 1710007200186.png)

I hope one day most Libfems look back and realize how retarded they were.

No. 1974271

Twitch is full of tims, especially speedrunning.

No. 1974273

This is so ridiculous

No. 1974283

"pattern of resentful violent misogyny" is precisely what we mean when we say you guys have shooter/serial killer vibes.

No. 1974286

A surgeon is anyone who identifies as one based on the amount of botched tranny surgeries out there. I just decided I'm going to identify as a surgeon too. Who'll be first?

No. 1974324

File: 1710019107383.png (76.03 KB, 600x600, 271049_nl3uepbM.png)

(worthless post, not even saged)

No. 1974344

Needs the twitter correction info thing under it.

No. 1974345

of course its a tranny thats front and center in the pic made for international womens day. the jokes write themselves

No. 1974361

File: 1710027169277.jpeg (511.61 KB, 805x828, 771F2F79-7807-4722-AE92-D6EA75…)

And not only a tranny, but a blatantly male whale who has a shitty little bow on his head. It is true to life, I’ll give the artist that.

No. 1974365

File: 1710029146955.jpg (251.7 KB, 1536x2048, GBwZs24WEAAEMsw.jpg)

of course!

No. 1974366

raceswapped Jonathan Yaniv

No. 1974367

File: 1710029470676.jpg (252.75 KB, 2340x2340, 1000012348.jpg)

This is actually one of the worst things I've ever read. Just absolutely fucking furious. It's shit like this that makes me genuinely wish assassination agencies were real so I could rid the world of this fucking degenerate.

No. 1974369

He looks like David Koresh

No. 1974371

They aren’t even trying to hide that it’s a cult

No. 1974377

ewww wash your hair

No. 1974384

How do troons say vile shit like this and then honestly believe anyone will believe they’re true & honest women? Oh wait, handmaidens still do. Genuinely can’t fathom it

No. 1974389

troon bobby hill seems to be a running theme in these past few threads

No. 1974390

File: 1710035305355.jpeg (430.95 KB, 1170x932, 945E9B64-3F49-45CE-8D35-B9CE8D…)

gross sexual hyperbole aside, what got me is the TiM lecturing about comphet when his attraction to women would never have been suppressed (this is about a possible lesbian in the Inside Out sequel)

No. 1974393

That shit sent me into an actual manic episode I swear. Can't wait until the day troons inevitably up their suicide rate.

No. 1974411

File: 1710041909105.png (1.19 MB, 1270x940, ‘I was having a much better ti…)

No. 1974412

File: 1710042326153.png (41.22 KB, 1395x248, Screenshot.png)

No. 1974413

the state of journalism. the app is faceapp fyi, I had to read the article to understand kek

No. 1974414

File: 1710042536630.jpg (227.37 KB, 1125x1906, GIQnc2OWoAAkUVn.jpg)

Still butthurt days later

No. 1974415

File: 1710042577918.jpg (101.83 KB, 1053x1271, GIOQT1ia0AAycfQ.jpg)

here's dildo again gracing us with his presence for IWD

No. 1974417

All that plastic surgery is really making his face an uncanny valley

No. 1974419

> When I saw her, I felt something liquefy in the core of my body. I trembled from my shoulders to my crotch. I guessed that I had at last met my reckoning.

the first fucking paragraph.

No. 1974420

File: 1710043558831.jpg (531.43 KB, 1536x2048, GIRsyYeb0AArxR_.jpg)

tranny has some of the worst teeth I've ever seen on someone.

No. 1974421

>aww you did such a good job not saying slurs or eugenics
Lmao is "school shooter/serial killer vibes" like the n-word for white men?

No. 1974422

He transitioned into a DnD nerd from 1986 who just discovered thrash metal.

No. 1974423

I thought I was on the Gender Ideology Hate thread reading a response to the Ace Attorney yaoi fanfic fucking kek.

No. 1974424

File: 1710044286914.jpg (20.83 KB, 400x400, GHR2yeiXcAEz3or.jpg)


No. 1974426

The Guardian unironically published this…

No. 1974437

Holy shit I can't unsee it.

No. 1974439

Even when Gaga is dressed like a quaker, she looks 100x better in comparison to Mulvaney. Also fuck both of them for pulling this nonsense on IWD. Gaga's just doing this to try and claw back the faggot moid fans she lost to Taylor Swift in the years Gaga was less active.

I hate Dylan and his creepy, clout-chasing, fake-positive, social climber ass so much. I hope he gets a dick chop and the complications turn him into a vegetable so I never have to hear about his attention where ass ever again. Launch him into the fucking sun. Cover him in barbacue sauce and throw him into a pit full of starving tigers. Just. Make him go away forever. I'll take my a-log red text now. Had to get it off my chest, sorry.(a-logging)

No. 1974442

80% sure the little bumps are for invisalign

No. 1974445

he looks like an older, edgier idubbbz

No. 1974446

I don’t think he’ll ever get the chop or use hrt, he will milk this as long as he can and then later he will re-emerge with a detrans arc of finding the lost boy inside and grift money from the rightoids instead

No. 1974448

I think troon bobby hill should be the name of the next thread kek, at least mentioned in it

No. 1974451

File: 1710054858811.png (196.36 KB, 495x281, wtf.png)

Holy shit even though he hates her so much he is skinwalking her in his avatar. Truly insane behaviour. He should be locked up.

No. 1974458

He hates her so much because he envies her and wants to her her kek.

No. 1974461

is he referring to the characters' interactions as "queer aesthetics"?? what would a scrote like him know about female friendships anyways. and children movies should never teach about having sex jfc.

yet another moid on the precipice of death calling himself a "girl".

No. 1974469

The obsession troops have with anyone who doesn’t celebrate their existence should be studied. It’s quite something.

No. 1974472

That looks horrendous. Probably plaque from not cleaning braces well, barf.

No. 1974482

The Guardian is a cesspool of idiotic wokism, and I say that as a leftist liberal. Fuck them to hell and back, they can't stop pandering to troons.

No. 1974485

File: 1710070742121.jpg (212.93 KB, 981x1612, dmgg.jpg)

Even better pic here. Manly af.

No. 1974486

wow and he chose to post it himself..

No. 1974487

Isn't it weird how his desire to be her doesn't involve writing children's books and donating money to women and children in need.

No. 1974488

the pic looks shooped as well he looks nothing like that

No. 1974491

That claw on her shoulder is so horrifying

No. 1974493

I know that Gaga has always been a faghag but now that her gay club music shtick is over she should drop out the act, she looks desperate for attention now….

No. 1974494

File: 1710072337974.jpg (386.28 KB, 1080x1440, GIFTsr6WgAA7nlR.jpg)

Of course he doesn't look like that.

No. 1974495

implying if she turned this down she wouldnt be hounded for being a 'terf'

No. 1974496

I'm not talking about going full terf like JK Rowling, I know it takes some courage to do that, but at least do not engange or interact with tranny shit publicly, collab with other women or talk about Jesus since she's religious but at least not kissing some std ridden tranny moid asshole

No. 1974513

Damn, I don't even know where to begin with this image. His bear-like claws, his aging old man face that's in a grimace as if it's trying to break free from its subjugation, or his doughy white boy arms that look like putty?

No. 1974518

File: 1710077250280.png (55.99 KB, 792x335, 1000004079.png)

to no surprise at all, it isn't a bi handmaiden saying this

No. 1974521

I wonder why he's hiding his hairline here. A lot of trannies wear ugly headbands like that because they don't want their male pattern baldness to show, but Dylan had work done to move his hairline. It would be hilarious if still receded even after the surgery and now he's trying to conceal it.

No. 1974522

>LARPing as a lesbian is her whole personality but she enjoys cock above all else
I'm not sure this person even qualifies as bisexual. It's more like a straight woman who only dates TiMs because she wants to tell everyone she's a lesbian.

No. 1974523

Imagine how much better things would be right now if lesbians had gatekept our spaces hard a few years ago like the gay male spaces do (I know most of reddit has tranny mods and it never would've worked out I'm just coping)

No. 1974524

The headband is probably to cover the scars from his incredibly successful facial feminization surgery

No. 1974525

Moids don't realize they sound like moids even in written form do they?

No. 1974529

It’s a male who wrote that. He probably has too much internalized homophobia to admit his own faggotry or he’s coping with being prison gay because he can’t actually pull real women

No. 1974530

File: 1710081318386.jpg (30.47 KB, 400x271, 845dce2ef3da9f2e592d11d0fdab14…)

kek the hentai manga usage is off the charts with this one

No. 1974531

File: 1710081509805.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1652, 1000015853.png)

Hilarious drove past this at a golf country club gated community. Laughed so hard I barely got the shot, but this is totally real.

No. 1974533

File: 1710081558765.jpg (193.71 KB, 1080x856, kek.jpg)

Reminds me of that comic where the troon is set up on a date with another troon and they both flip their shit thinking they were meeting an actual woman

No. 1974536

That’s the part that gets me. They’re so clockable by their words alone, the type of memes they post, etc.

No. 1974538

>I love seeing the cum drip out
This alone makes it obvious that he's a porn-addled scrote. He's trying to write the perspective of a woman having sex with a man and actually writing the perspective of a camera operated by a third party instead.

No. 1974540

Thought it was going to be second life from the headline

No. 1974541

What’s up with autistic gays needing to pretend to be girls to be together, it is such a common pattern. They are so fetishistic that it’s their entire sexuality, they are either furries or troons and can only pair up with someone with the same dysfunction which is also usually always another male autist.

No. 1974544

sage but whoever did gagas fillers needs prison time. what have they done to our women

No. 1974558

i hate that troons have made even associating with people that have opposing opinions into a bad thing, these handmaidens would peak so so easily if only they'd see the part of troons that "transphobes" see, till now troons are represented by hyperfeminine HSTS with surgeries that people actually delude themselves into thinking that HRT actually changes sex.

No. 1974561

please please please if there's a god then please let this retarded moid think he can retain penis function during HRT and let him get cleared for it, please why are the genuinely foul moids never suicidal

No. 1974564

File: 1710090943078.jpg (38.39 KB, 736x414, 4d9049cc851e6ad3a0925df099d4ea…)

>if i'd made up some trend and made reels pretending to be a transgender man in a scary twansphobic country dressing in a conventionally masculine appearance i could've been sent free shit and met celebs too

No. 1974579

File: 1710094268775.jpeg (805.09 KB, 1536x1676, D8F5B944-7B7C-4E9C-8E12-D432DD…)

Found these when searching for WPATH files stuff, want to see what other nonnas think. Sounds like cope and splitting hairs. Confused over his point with picrel? Nothing in the left statement contradicts the right statement and it’s not misleading?

No. 1974583

Lowkey funny when troons refer to themselves as "girl/woman/lesbian" but still refer to other troons as "trans lesbians", the pot is calling the kettle

No. 1974585

File: 1710095064749.jpeg (825.12 KB, 1170x1846, CFD441B9-7BF5-49B9-947F-C9AAF5…)

God I hate him lmfao. Not to humble brag but my dick is the first to make “lesbians” cum

No. 1974586

You're not crazy, it's total cope and they're grasping at straws because the WPATH files are a terrible look for TRAs. He went on and on about how post-op adult troons are totally happy actually, like he's never heard of placebo, cults and religion in his life. Anthony Reed is a well-known cow, there are 600+ pages on the other farms documenting his batshit antics of skinwalking his wife, 24/7 spreading misinformation and encouraging minors into trooning out.

No. 1974590

File: 1710096613060.jpeg (408.59 KB, 2880x2880, B2eWaDP.jpeg)

this guy is a delightful combination of sex-predator-adjacent (clearly getting off on making lesbians feel violated by graphically talking about his nasty dick and 'blasting ropes' and so on) and obsessed with entertainment for small to medium sized children (can't stop tweeting about kids books and tv shows). like those are the only two things he tweets about.

No. 1974594

They have the worldview that "femaleness" is nothing but a fetish they can exploit. HRT and bottom surgery remove their ability to coom so they never get it, instead just poorly slathering makeup on, getting bolt-ons, and wearing cheap wigs in a pathetic attempt at "passing". Note that they never show their hideous faces on Tumblr.

No. 1974601

>straight men getting pegged by their girlfriend would be gay

not even remotely comparable as one involves a plastic toy shaped like a dick, and then there's an actual dick being used in the other. the mental gymnastics these men do to convince others that it's not just blatant straight sex is insane. I'm not even a lesbian and it makes me sick to my stomach this is the bs they have to deal with

No. 1974608

>HRT and bottom surgery remove their ability to coom so they never get it
that is if they know it will, plenty of tards post about their SRS shocked and depressed that mutilating their genitals has left them sexless and with painful pissing, i only hope that every misogynistic adult AGPs and HSTSs get it and autistic, gnc, and homosexual minors are spared from it.

No. 1974610

There are screenshots of him on grindr basically saying he’s a lesbian but will hurt “pretty boys.” Clearly a predator and a terminally online privileged brooklyn cunt pretending to be oppressed on Twitter.

No. 1974612

This should be the header image for r/actuallesbians

No. 1974613

TiFs do it too. I think there's an under-studied psychosexual component to autism that affects a person's ability to distinguish between romantic attraction, platonic affection, and sexual attraction. It often seems like autists are more turned on by fetishes than by the physical act of sex with another person. So two autists can theoretically be in a relationship without actually being aroused by each other so long as their fetishes come into play. An MtF would be in a "relationship" with a McChicken sandwich if it somehow fulfilled his fetishes and need for validation.

No. 1974616

You're missing a component, anon. Mulvaney is old money and his parents have been financing his attention-seeking stunts for years. They paid for him to use the same talent agency as Justin Bieber. That's why of all the fuckugly TikTok troons our there, Mulvaney was the one who got to meet Granpa Joe. Mommy and Daddy overpay some suits in LA to pull strings for him.

No. 1974619

also the fact that no matter how rich or well connected you are, no one would care about a tif kek

No. 1974621

File: 1710100390831.jpg (52.56 KB, 660x645, url(1).jpg)

Oh my god. It's not topping and bottoming when it's PIV you fucking reprobate. I doubt he's actually put his dick in a vagina since trooning out, though. Probably just tranfiction to convince lesbians they just haven't "had a good dick yet."

No. 1974623

>Anthony Reed is a well-known cow, there are 600+ pages on the other farms documenting his batshit antics of skinwalking his wife, 24/7 spreading misinformation and encouraging minors into trooning out.
Also neglecting his child so he can dick around on Twitter all day. The custody filings said that the child had poor hygiene when in Anthony's care.

No. 1974655

I reported as many of these bizarre misogynistic coomer blogs (both TiMs and TiFs) as I could. Unfortunately Tumblr lets troons say the most foul shit imaginable (straight-up encouraging rape) yet takes down "evil radfem!!!" blogs for speaking the truth that troons don't want to hear. Someone needs to bring attention to how foul the average terminally-online troon is and then ask libfems "Is this really who you want to be defending?"

No. 1974657

It makes sense when men already fetishize every type of woman with porn categories include “ebony”, “Latina”, “milf”, and on and on. We can never just exist.

No. 1974660

Don't remember which thread it was but there was a nona who said that men can never actually support women. There's always a sexual undertone or overtone? Plus-size women? BBW. Goth women? Big tiddy goth women. Muscular women? Muscle mommies. Always a fetishistic aspect, just like with troons.

No. 1974670

You know what really makes me go insane when it comes to handmaidens and just anyone in general who entertains this trans bullshit when it comes to situations on the YouTube space involving these men harassing women and/or having a history of being a terrible people like with Keffals (the grooming of teenagers into buying his home-made HRT) and Lily Orchard (the pedo stuff), I cannot for the life of me comprehend hwo these people can continue pretending like these men are any kind of women by using she/her pronouns on them. I just, I've already long peaked about troonery but this stuff just peaks me even more and more.

No. 1974674

Lily Orchard has always given me a Chris Chan vibe of using the whole "trans" thing as a crutch or as an excuse to creep on lesbians.

No. 1974680

That's fair, I can see that as well but as far as I'm concerned most of these men are creeps for various different reasons kek. I just cannot fathom how these people can play pretend with these messed up moids who look as unappealing as their personalities are and just scream "It's a DOOD"

No. 1974695

File: 1710114634435.jpeg (25.08 KB, 284x177, IMG_7325.jpeg)

can’t stop laughing at this post. thank you nona

No. 1974746

File: 1710125305605.png (57.96 KB, 531x611, S9213W129378.png)

im so tired

No. 1974756

To be a woman is to be a human adult of the sex that produces large gametes. None of the other nonsense he mentioned applies. Trandrea Dong Chu is the only person I've seen reduce femaleness to suffering and nothing else.

No. 1974763

Could this have something to do with troons talking about wanting to "steal" someone's gender and liking someone "in a "gender way." Like they're literally attracted to being someone and not actual sex.(sage)

No. 1974764

Yeah. "I want his gender" is just TiFspeak for "I want to fuck him, therefore I also want to skinwalk him."

No. 1974767

File: 1710132122912.jpeg (158.48 KB, 750x1175, IMG_1295.jpeg)

>6 hours
>no updoots
>no handmaiden

Are they finally peaking?

No. 1974769

Kek, going to start using this

No. 1974770

there is not a single actual lesbian left on r/actuallesbians. Pretty sure this troon is simply ugly, even by the standards of another troon

No. 1974776

File: 1710136023852.png (347.5 KB, 466x417, IMG_8898.png)


No. 1974792

File: 1710142228704.jpg (575.64 KB, 1080x1648, 1000030825.jpg)

the less I say about picrel the better bc I can feel the rageful a-log creeping up my spine

No. 1974793

File: 1710142345269.jpg (314.15 KB, 976x1253, 1000030831.jpg)

naturally, the comments were fellow men and handmaidens tripping over themselves to kiss male ass. these were particularly egregious

No. 1974794

What the fuck is he talking about? It's exactly gaming communities that pander to troons the most. In these threads have been posted multiple photos from gaming conventions or "women's teams" where for every woman there are 10 nasty agp trannies.

No. 1974796

such a male thing to be like 'hey lets see if we can be friends! …OR MORE??????????' straight off the bat. learn to walk a little before you run, damn

No. 1974797

File: 1710145936253.png (416.62 KB, 462x705, trannyfetish.png)

Philosophytroon joined a furry hypnosis cult and is seen proudly displaying gross furfag merch in his latest video. Another famous lolcow tranny, kevin gibs, is also part of the 'cult'.

No. 1974800

>a furry hypnosis cult
You're gonna have to give some details about that. Whose cult? And what are they hypnotizing themselves on? Is it otherkin subliminals like there are sissy ones?

No. 1974802

>The Korps is a cult for the modern age, operating out of an invite-only Discord server, whose main focus is grooming individuals, primarily other furries, into becoming transgender to satiate their leaders' bizarre mind control fetishes among other questionable practices. Their organization has a variety of goals or stipulations which invariably are either laughably optimistic or disturbingly creepy which has, in turn, spawned a collective of members who are infamous among Twitter circles for their repulsive behavior; everything leaving a trail leading back to its leaders Dave Anthony (known as Karen Anthony, and is intending to change their name to Karen King) and Dave Ferris (known as Hope Elizabeth Ferris or @StrypeisonFire).
from the other farms

No. 1974807

I had to leave this sub because every 5 minutes was some attention seeking Troon begging for asspats posting “are twans girls allowed here?” The rules unfortunately say yes and they ask even though it’s one of the first few rules you see, I highly doubt gamer troons don’t know how to use reddit

No. 1974809

You can tell someone brain dead wrote those “clap backs” it’s obviously about how women suffer a lot under misogyny and a lot of our experiences are rooted in pain (puberty, menstrual cycles, birth, menopause etc) it’s commentary on the female experience.

It obviously doesn’t mean women can’t be happy or joyous it’s just a snarky joke about our biology and experiences ffs (and no troons can’t experience womanhood)

No. 1974816

File: 1710153509764.jpeg (462.55 KB, 1242x1477, 6F5C68AF-F0BF-4357-85DF-6AC216…)

No. 1974818

"womens rights are one of the most important fights going on today and need to be supported" is said over some moid with a beard playing a game
this whole event was a joke, under 10 actual women vs over 50 trannies, this is what fucking peaked me a few years ago.

No. 1974824


>He's trying to write the perspective of a woman having sex with a man and actually writing the perspective of a camera operated by a third party instead.
This omfg, how do they not realize??

No. 1974828

Isn't there a whole joke about how tifs only get into the news when they get pregnant?

No. 1974832

this is why gamers are a joke

No. 1974837

File: 1710157342262.jpg (50.89 KB, 593x484, lm.jpg)

Luke Magnotta, the guy who made the '‘1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick’ snuff film where he decapitated a student (star of the documentary 'Don't F**K with Cats'), is now identifying as a tranny. As a result, he's been moved to a medium security prison.

>In 2012, 30-year-old self-styled ‘international escort and model’, Luka Magnotta, murdered Chinese engineering student, Jun Lin, at his apartment in Montreal, Canada. Magnotta killed Lin with a screwdriver, dismembered his body and committed acts of necrophilia. He filmed his brutal crimes in horrifying detail, posting the 11-minute video online and calling it ‘1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick’.

>Almost a decade prior to this grisly murder, Magnotta killed two kittens, suffocating them in a plastic bag with a vacuum cleaner. He filmed this barbaric act and uploaded the video, which he called ‘1 boy, 2 kittens’, to the internet. (And if this all sounds very familiar, it is. Magnotta is said to have ‘inspired’ another trans-identified male who murdered in cold blood, Scarlet Blake.)

>The McGill clinicians believe that Magnotta’s feelings are the result of a “Fragile identity and need to periodically reinvent himself” as a defence against “Internal homophobia” and to protect himself from other inmates. Furthermore, “The narrative of being born in the wrong body may be a way for this patient to wipe the slate clean once again and reshaping herself [sic] to preserve the illusion of specialness (and innocence).”

>The doctors recommended “Offering space and support to explore around a proper gender identity exploration that would allow Violette to express and present her [sic] gender as she [sic] sees fit and for her [sic] to experience living within this gender identity.” He was subsequently moved to a medium security prison.

No. 1974840

admitting that you had sex with homophobes (piv repulsed bisexual women who call themselves lesbians) or some actual, unfortunate self-loathing lesbian is a brag for troons! lmfao wth

No. 1974851

meanwhile troons just a thread before
>beating off to us while denying us rights and they said we'd never be treated like women

No. 1974862

i always figured he would. he had this weird obsession with karla homolka that was insanely creepy. prob not agp considering how much of a faggot he is, more like hsts.

No. 1974876

he's a AGP-hsts, like Honter and Dylan, the kind of faggot that grooms kids on discord

No. 1974884

Hm. I wonder why. Maybe because women gamers are fucking sick of dealing with male misogyny in gaming circles.

No. 1974886

>Womanhood is not about any of the things women actually experience in reality

No. 1974887

it is gay though and men who like to be pegged are just gays/bi men in denial who still want to use women for their comfort

so all the other cursed crap he says is invalid

No. 1974890

File: 1710164346404.mp4 (5.66 MB, 720x1236, libsoftiktok - 176665915979619…)

>Lyft partnered with a MAN who thinks he’s a woman to advertise their “women connect” feature which matches women and “nonbinary” drivers with women and nonbinary passengers so they feel more safe and comfortable.

No. 1974893

What's going on with his lip?

No. 1974896

Holy shit, never using this feature now

No. 1974899

He doesn't even deserve to be wasting oxygen.

No. 1974900

So they’ve created an inbuilt feature for men to privately sequester a women in their car. That’s nice of them. Men delusional enough to think they’re women have a higher rate of potentially being a sex offender, so lyft just handed women on a platter to any predator with enough time to sign up as a driver. They should just call it “prey on delivery”, it’d be more honest.

No. 1974901

You can tell he thinks he looks like some kawaii animu girl, when in reality he looks like a hulking neckbeard incel, same as before
This is salient to what I’ve observed as well

No. 1974932

File: 1710170869307.png (157.05 KB, 872x249, erinreed.png)

every time Anthony Erin Reed gets brought up I feel a deep urge to to remind everyone he was court ordered not to wear his ex-wife's clothes.

No. 1974933

I would rather walk 3 hours or risk getting groped by hoboes on the bus, than be trapped for 15 minutes with this man from Woman Plus Connect

No. 1974965

File: 1710177556381.jpg (230.79 KB, 1170x1852, kek.JPG)

Andrew Long Chu has a new propaganda piece out in New York magazine. The kicker is the follow up tweet.

>Kids need gender affirming surgeries!

>Please help fund my friend’s botched surgery

No. 1974967

File: 1710177942502.png (360.5 KB, 705x627, Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 17-15…)

I regrettably have been invited to a talk called 'Gender panic!', which talks about all those big meanies who don't like trannies and peados. Picrel is one of the babes speaking. He is apparently an expert in 'anti-trans' and 'anti-gender' rhetoric.

Googling him spits out his real name and previous look (same eyebrows), as well as informing me that his new middle name is 'Salomé'.

No. 1974974

He looks like a very unkind caricature lmao. You should go to this talk and then report back about what moronic shit this frankenhorse has to say.

No. 1974979

No way a troon is going to lecture people about “reactionary femininity” when the trans movement is basically a men’s rights movement for incel males to claim womanhood itself. Also, what an unfortunate face

No. 1974987

(barely) news from terf island:
starmer, possible incoming prime minister, u-turns again and says troons should stay out of women's sports.
Seems the irish referendum didn't go unnoticed.

No. 1975006

File: 1710184515077.png (296.61 KB, 315x420, IMG_0702.png)

Had to look into this ghoulish troon myself, as witnessing the basket cases who have now ideologically captured leftist academia is especially infuriating to me.
>Meet Nathaniël D.B. Kunkeler, who now goes by Celestine, perhaps naming himself after the video game Celeste. This video game is very popular among troons who relate to the protagonist because they too are cute anime girls ackchyually

No. 1975009

I kinda feel sorry for him that his face looks that unfortunate

No. 1975011

File: 1710184766222.jpeg (164.78 KB, 828x380, IMG_0703.jpeg)

>He spends his days calling women who disagree with him fascists on twitter and claiming that gender critical thought is “white supremacy,” despite being a white European male himself.
>Picrel is one of his retweets that I found especially amusing. Again, the op of picrel is a white troon. Coincidence?
Nathaniël‘s twitter: https://twitter.com/cs_kunkeler

No. 1975012

File: 1710185042354.jpeg (498.78 KB, 828x890, IMG_0705.jpeg)

>He openly celebrates the public assault of gender critical women in order to silence and humiliate dissenting voices of his ideology.
>Picrel is him celebrating the assault of Posie Parker, gender critical activist who has been violently assaulted by TiMs and other male trans activists on multiple occasions.

No. 1975019

File: 1710185547092.jpeg (53.73 KB, 445x600, 5DEE741E-2839-41A1-82EC-676D1C…)

He kinda looks like Elliott Smith in drag to me.

No. 1975020

"reactionary sexual exclusion"
rapist alert

No. 1975025

looks like if lurch got into morticia's dresser

No. 1975028

They use "white supremacy" as just another excuse to shit on white women, which he wishes he was.

No. 1975029

No. 1975031

Perfect description.

No. 1975033

He has a face only a handmaiden could love

No. 1975042

File: 1710187158212.jpeg (249.65 KB, 842x1262, 4D301034-06FE-4C98-9CE8-6E8801…)

>Despite being a ~serious intellectual~ academic, he regularly retweets from known AGP fetishists who have embarrassingly stupid takes. These troons include Erin Reed, Katy Montgomerie, and someone I’m not familiar with called “bimbotheory,” but his name speaks for itself.
>Picrel shows these males attempting to gaslight women into supporting their ideology by falsely claiming that women’s sex-based rights are intrinsically tied to trans rights. Of course, you’re a fascist reactionary tradthot if you disagree!

No. 1975050

File: 1710188613000.mp4 (3.62 MB, 640x360, ssstwitter.com_1710104070917.m…)

Femboy Pride March sponsored by Amazon Basics

No. 1975054

File: 1710189012526.jpeg (341.74 KB, 1170x1093, DD0D6AAB-CDC5-4FE1-9288-0203DF…)

About Ex Machina. Wow someone wearing women’s skins and taking their history… huh

No. 1975066

The doctors: yeah, he's just transitioning because he's mentally unstable. we recommend affirming it!

No. 1975068

File: 1710192441844.jpeg (521.96 KB, 1284x1184, IMG_2203.jpeg)

i like that literally everyone involved in this interaction is a man

No. 1975070

Kek why do they always wear the cheapest, shittiest clothes made from shit fabric

No. 1975076

and always with the fabric masks to hide their male jaws and stubble, heartiest kek. ironically it serves to clock TIMs irl without fail.

No. 1975085

elliott didn’t die for this

No. 1975106

File: 1710197486171.png (784.78 KB, 574x945, yourestilladude.png)

Imagine being so fragile for being called "dude" when women also get called "dude".

No. 1975137

File: 1710200996217.png (669.99 KB, 1460x1177, cut ties.png)

Got recommended the post on the left, thought the phrasing was fishy as fuck and decided to check their blog. Scrolled down a bit to the post on the right and wasn't sure whether to laugh or gag.

It's disgusting how these moids are looking at an example of literal grooming and trying to twist it into something positive. And flat out saying they think its hot, AND expecting other people to be okay with it! Glad their friends kicked them out, hoping a few of them started peaking because of him.

No. 1975142

File: 1710201757746.png (81.94 KB, 677x460, Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 17-16…)

Honestly nonna I don't think I could handle it, I'd blow a gasket. The entire event is almost entirely troon speakers, speaking with maximum cope that people are catching on to their bullshit (picrel).
Don't feel too bad nonna; his face didn't actually look bad as a guy. He did this to himself.
His doctors literally said that they don't think he has 'gender dysphoria'… but they still used his new name and 'she' in their report, rme.

No. 1975144

unapologetic groomer and likely pedophile. those boys look like they're like 13 jesus christ. glad his friend had enough sense to cut ties

No. 1975147

i saw this earlier today and thought it was good for this thread but i didnt post it because i was on mobile kek. god i hope some regular twitter normie found this odd because actual women don't mind being called things like bro or dude, and even use it themselves, but timmies are both so frail and demanding at the same time that using these terms is an attack to their whole reason of being.

tumblr trannies keep proving theyre the worst of the worst, but handmaidens are still gonna support.

No. 1975148

File: 1710202063249.jpg (59.05 KB, 883x656, tE94trF.jpg)

f1nn5ter came out genderfluid + "bisexual" and is on hrt how long until he goes full transbian? I have never seen him show interest in men. He gives AGP vibes

No. 1975150

samefagging his coming out video, also forgot he is already dating another transbian kek

No. 1975151


No. 1975152

his coming out video was already posted, but I think he might be a pseudo-bisexual agp and either an attention whore or grooming victim, depending on how you choose to look at it

No. 1975154

Women suffer because men in dresses are taking over the world.

No. 1975156

>any moid can call himself a woman
>any moid can call himself nonbinary
literally whats the point

No. 1975159

>I have never seen him show interest in men

He is dating a troon so he likes men

No. 1975160

File: 1710203059028.jpeg (164.57 KB, 828x1036, IMG_5498.jpeg)

From r/instagramreality lmao. Shame they only like to talk about reality up until a certain point though

No. 1975161

There's something unnerving about watching two gay guys larping as women and talking about how their body is changing.

No. 1975166

He’s obviously been on estrogen and had a bit of moobs growing in for a while, although most of his fans have been in huge denial about it, either because they’re closeted chasers, or wannabe femboys who believe they can look like that naturally. Not that he will care since his true whales are MTF fetishists who will continue to pay him a small fortune to transition.
He’s also definitely already pseudobisexual and been so for the last couple years since he built a brand on constantly flirting with men and blushing over being sexually objectified.

No. 1975169

Thought this was Kim Petras from the front page

No. 1975170

Is it not?

No. 1975171

No. 1975187

Wish we could post about women only gaming groups in that sub without getting nasty trannies wanting to get added.

No. 1975191

WTF! I stg if he gets moved to a women's prison..

No. 1975196

the fuck kind of parade is this?

No. 1975204

I swear it's been like two weeks since I saw people celebrating him coming out as asexual, I can't keep up with this shit

No. 1975209

Moids want to be like women, but cannot handle the fact that there are masculine stuff that women do enjoy too or don't mind being called with masculine nicks.

No. 1975223

very fitting surname kek

No. 1975229

white men also do this bc by shitting on white women by pretending it's because they're white and not because they're women, they like to think they've spared themselves the requirement of being self-aware and alleviated their "white guilt". very rarely do you find white men insulting themselves with the vigour that they do for white women. white men and black men, divided by race, united through misogyny.

No. 1975230

they are so ugly lmfao I can’t; their knobby legs, their awkward faces, horribly unkept hair…fem it fetishists need to be shown this

No. 1975234

kek at them attempting to move their arms and legs slowly and weirdly bc they think it looks feminine

No. 1975254

>one chance at life
>born in the femboy timeline
just kill me, i miss emos

No. 1975261

Remember anon, emo is one step below transvestite. It was always going to happen this way

No. 1975282

He's a proper narcissist who gets off to and is obsessed with himself (among all the psychological shit that entails), so he doesn't need troondom but it'll probably present similar to an AGP. He's gotten off to himself as a man, I'm sure it continues as a troon. Dylan also gives me creepy "I'd fuck me" vibes but less out of fetish like an AGP and more like Luke's self-obsession imo.
>anti-gender' rhetoric
Glad they're at least done pretending to be "smashing gender", all they ever cared about was the "binary" and the right to selection.

No. 1975309

They are so unattractive and unkempt looking it’s genuinely an enigma to me why there are guys that jerk off to femboys. They can’t dress for shit, their mannerisms are so awkwardly male, they have ugly hair and ugly faces, and on top of all that they are just pure cringe. Seeing these lanky men trying to walk all fem and seductive, blowing kisses in an attempt to look cute makes my skin crawl from secondhand embarrassment. There is nothing attractive about them plus you just know they smell bad.

No. 1975315

>enigma to me why there are guys that jerk off to femboys
men have a malleable sexuality, memes form their sexuality and tastes, men made memes about accidentally jerking it to traps in anime, then came "traps aren't gay", from which came ironic jokes about actually liking traps, all from which femboys are a massive meme now.
there's also a feminization aspect, in this world where men can't feel superior to others on the basis of race, sex, or sexuality, they look to feeling superior on the basis of gender conformity, being with a retarded manlet that wears cat ears and thigh garters makes them feel better about their own lack of masculinity.

No. 1975316

Absolutely not a serial killer ready to play in his playground. Holly hell. I'd feel more safe with a scrote than that thing, who looks like he's skin walking his mother and ready to kill any girl who looks remotely like her.

No. 1975318

>why there are guys that jerk off to femboys.
Nona, men would jerk off to a sprite can or a dead cow. They have no standards.

No. 1975319

Why are they so tall and skinny? Kekkkkk
They claim to be feminine but never wear clothes that normal women would wear, just cheap polyester anime shit

No. 1975320

File: 1710239945907.png (769.39 KB, 1273x817, Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 10-40…)

Lady Gaga now bleating that people were mean to Dilly. Couldn't fit it all in the cap but the last bit was:
>May we all stand and honor the complexity and challenge of trans life—that we do not know, but can seek to understand and have compassion for. I love people too much to allow hatred to be referred to as “backlash.” People deserve better.

No. 1975326

they got their most deluded TRA intern to type this

No. 1975327

Lady Gaga and """Lady""" Gaga kek.

No. 1975330

These things are what retarded coomer moids like to say are “better at being women then actual women”

No. 1975331

File: 1710242959582.png (234.98 KB, 315x428, image.png)

it looks more like he's hiding his hairline with the band rather than actually looking like those cute old hairstyles with the headband
also damn his arms are massive for how small he pretends to be. he contorts himself to hide his torso but then there's that large ugly moidy arm. he also makes gaga look like she isn't botched next to him

No. 1975332

She doesn't look super comfortable, I mean sure, she has no real facial expression due to plastic surgery, but the way she is leaning and how her arms are positioned, with that minimal finger touching… And I assume they told him to hide his other hand behind her back because nobody wants to see his creepy man-claw grabbing her shoulder.

No. 1975336

Really pisses me off that Lady Gaga didn’t speak about issues like reproductive rights on International Women’s Day of all days. She’s been raped & had an abortion.

And even normie people cannot see how narcissistic of Dylan it is to post a picture of himself with a celebrity on a day that should maybe be focused on actual women’s issues.

No. 1975340

soon as i see sapphic i know its a troon or at the very least troon adjacent. this shit was typed with one hand. for one sec, imagine this is true, are there any women who actually like dick pics esp apparent lesbians?? and like imagine being a lesbian but being on BC so troons can jizz in you, nasty.

No. 1975357

The number of corporations/charities/celebs etc that used Women's Day to either talk about trans rights or to promote trannies is the perfect embodiment of how troons are steamrolling over women.

No. 1975364

lmao what do you expect from someone who sings " do whatever you want with my body" with R KELLY after 1 year she cried about college rape incidents?! lady coco has always been a twofaced shitshow

No. 1975366

>I can feel when they cum

Yeah a female did not write this lol

No. 1975384

New skinwalker just dropped.

Their target: Britney Venti

No but seriously this shit is so creepy.(failed transvestigation)

No. 1975387

Reference for comparison

No. 1975402

Thanks nonnie for the worst thing I've read today. Even if he was an actual woman how deranged is it to let a known abuser with a known history/record to stay in a domestic abuse centre? Whoever allowed this shit should be on a cross

No. 1975427

She obviously cares more about gay moids than women, she practically declared herself their patron saint.

No. 1975449

Brittany Simon is an actual woman, just hard-featured.
Here's a pickme collab she did with Shoe0nHead long ago. Vidrel has old/childhood videos of her.

No. 1975476

File: 1710264167271.mp4 (8.3 MB, ReduxxMag - 176755689229583583…)

Known heifer Andrea Long Chu recently wrote the cover story for New York magazine, arguing that anyone should be able to medically transition, regardless of age. @ReduxxMag shared this audio of him talking about his sissy porn addiction and how it caused him to 'turn into a woman'.

No. 1975488

KEK only men would see a post thats basically just "why aren't you grooming children into cute little girly sluts" and think "omg yes…helping queer youth navigate the early stages of their self discovery…how could people get mad at this?" trannies are genuinely retarded

No. 1975494

get ready for troonageddon as terf island (mainland) has banned puberty blockers for under 18s. literal troonicide

No. 1975498

he's also a pedophile btw.

No. 1975511

File: 1710270983719.jpeg (192.78 KB, 1600x900, IMG_0718.jpeg)

every handmaiden should listen to andrea long chu. he shamelessly exposes why so many pornsick males are suddenly calling themselves women. I’m sure picrel has been posted before, but it genuinely haunts me. this is how troons see women
>blank, blank eyes

No. 1975541

File: 1710274694196.png (826.4 KB, 1080x882, 1000001610.png)

bit of a personal cow, thought this was funny i figured I'd post it here. Why do they all have the same egregiously disgusting teeth and posture? I don't get it. proof they don't care about looking like women at all, with the amount of pride he has about looking like an emaciated chicken.

No. 1975542

File: 1710274727657.jpg (423.68 KB, 1536x2048, 1000001611.jpg)

saged picrel

No. 1975547

File: 1710275901329.jpeg (181.26 KB, 1600x900, FvxkKt2WcAABZg5.jpeg)

They don't believe that, they're just using buzzwords and doublespeak to try and talk their way out of it. They're the same neckbeards from 4chan who think they were so intellectually superior to the ~normies.
And a self-confessed racist. Only a troon could get away with openly talking about how his fetishised his gf's race.
Kek he looks like he belongs on the femboy march above.

No. 1975553

File: 1710276808030.png (42.17 KB, 399x611, DLKAJ34UOIUWETIOREIYUEOY54.png)

next post: all trans girls should be allowed to air out their girl cocks in public, its safety reasons uwu!!

No. 1975557

>if cis men don't have to tuck, neither do trans women
most cis men aren't walking around wearing tight clothing and skirts you fuckwit

No. 1975560

When normal men (performers generally) wear tight bottoms they wear some kind of compression underwear to obscure their dick. If they don’t then they get relentlessly mocked for it by other moids like Boner Robin.

No. 1975581

If only they dressed as normal men eh

No. 1975583

lmfao his head is shaped like a skateboard

No. 1975586

File: 1710284589488.jpg (157.22 KB, 1290x1731, GIfwzcYaIAA36TG.jpg)

What a grease fire kek

No. 1975590

The pic on the right looks like a slightly younger version of >>1974494

No. 1975604

File: 1710287947743.jpg (238.19 KB, 1111x1600, willferrell.jpg)

No. 1975615

File: 1710289989335.jpeg (212.74 KB, 1640x1640, 9E2DFF77-5307-434A-A840-C2CC7B…)

i knew he looked familiar

No. 1975624

You just KNOW that his scalp is itchy as fuck.

No. 1975625

No. 1975633

I can’t help but wonder if he helped peak JK Rowling, as she’s mentioned reading him.

This is top tier peaking material.

No. 1975652

this guy is such a weird case to me because wasn't he literally being paid by trannies and men with troon fetishes to do this? literal groomed victim

No. 1975665

File: 1710298151366.jpg (226.38 KB, 1142x1512, GIhB-aHbcAASCQB.jpg)

your bulge is showing sir

No. 1975667

he had a thing about sharon stone in basic instinct as well

No. 1975674

drawing diversity despite having aggressive same-face syndrome

No. 1975676

better you dress feminine and pretend to be a tim and make thousands off of repressed bisexual moids who pray to god every night that they were straight

No. 1975679

My brother in Christ you are the one who decided you needed to wear women's underwear.

No. 1975686

File: 1710305752435.png (1.42 MB, 810x3155, traa2fedposting.png)

Some fedposting for all the kids on r/traa2:

No. 1975687

Blanchard, who was head of a clinic for treatment of various problems arising out of having paraphilias has basically said that people are attracted to stuff that approximates what the preferred sex is. So a teleiophile (normal heterosexual) is going to be attracted to femininity. look at art and various shit that is produced for people with this fetish. The femboy characters in question literally look like teenage girls, or in some cases children.

giving a male hips that only a woman would have seems to indicate of femboy to scrote "artists". so yeah they're basically fucking with their own sexuality by conditioning themselves via their porn addiction with stimuli they are never going to get because once you become used to all the feminized man imagery it loses its luster.

No. 1975689

i mean, how does one keep their past hidden? i want to delusionally believe that being in a non-burger nation would keep me from being found. i think i ought to take my chances with the e-begging links.

No. 1975690

it's so painfully male to fantasize about "hero" situations and glorify owning guns. many women want to or own guns for their safety but for males it's like a special interest that they're just itching to talk about or "demonstrate".

No. 1975710

And only men imagine that they’d come out on top in a violent anarchist free-for-all. Women know that women and children are the first to suffer in such situations. When women write postapocalyptic stories they write about community building and trying to regain some semblance of civilisation whereas when men write these stories they fantasise about committing rape and murder. TIMs really are the vilest of men.

No. 1975713

Flush estrogen down toilet, deflate fake tits, lie about being brainwashed. Yw troons.

No. 1975728

File: 1710322895201.jpeg (826.51 KB, 2381x2939, IMG_6039.jpeg)

What the fuck nonnas, is this really something that happens? How can this possibly be allowed? It’s just straight up lying to appease delusions. What about when he has a hospital visit, does he just pretend he’s female? Don’t they have to know the actual reality of someone’s sex, not what they wish it was? I think “cis” is retarded but even if it was real he most definitely is not it. Troons, transsexuals, it doesn’t matter, I can’t stand all of them. I just want to shout into their ugly faces “you are forever a male”

No. 1975734

File: 1710326979029.jpeg (255.16 KB, 1170x1626, goalie.jpeg)

Picrel: Story doing the rounds on Twitter about another violent scrote infiltrating teenage girls' sports.

'Sissy Fingerhut' u g h
I mean, there are plenty of places issuing new birth certificates with the sex changed, unfortunately.

No. 1975735

'Hero' fantasies are pretty unisex i'd say, but it's their serious discussion of power fantasies that tells you they're male and retarded. The 'molotov and punch nazis' part especially, how uniquely male to think random street fights are a worthwhile and meaningful thing

No. 1975736

if they have a hospital visit, it is very likely the staff will know the troon is a male. Very very very few of them pass IRL, without filters etc.
Also, yeah that should totally be outlawed. Sex and gender are not the same thing, even according to their cult, and sex cannot be changed no matter how much you mutilate yourself or pump yourself full of the wrong hormones, therefore your actual sex should always be kept accurate, especially since it opens the door to so many abuse.

No. 1975737

It is in Australia once you’ve had the rot pocket surgery you can apply to have your birth certificate changed. It’s the “last step” in my country. For $200 anyone can change their name and be referred to even if it’s a man calling themselves Jessica if you don’t have any outstanding criminal records, you just need a psychologist and then a GP to sign off that your ID and title be (Miss/Mrs/Ms etc) and that gender marker gets updated on your drivers license and Medicare/bank cards everything EXCEPT passport and birth certificate. Although it doesn’t mean people won’t know or will respect it, but it means they can claim female at birth if they want or women can say they were male at birth

No. 1975738

>Men keep off, I'm not interested
Massive kek, I think the feeling is mutual, for both men and women. That typical unearned male confidence.

No. 1975751

I’ve seen this so many times and my reaction is never any less visceral. Men wonder why we hate them.

No. 1975752

I just think this is funny after centuries where women were expected to wear corsets or constraining skirts and shoes that slow mobility or any other fucking thing that harms our bodies and makes us easier targets to be assaulted.

No. 1975758

Never feel sorry. This man would give you a life sentence with 100% solitary if he could, just for posting here.

No. 1975760

>as far as society is concerned I am just another woman
Don't be so sure

No. 1975761

i work at the coroners office in canada. we've had a dead troons ofc most of them are over doses or suicides. we have to change the SEX markers to their "lived gender" to avoid pissing off family/media. bc we've had so many people angrily request changes in the last few years to autopsy reports/files and this is a total time sucker as it has to be cross reviewed by several doctors and staff. but is really annoying bc we have standard blood/fluid tests that we run by age/sex and they have to be manually overrided otherwise the information might be wrong, say if i need to say run a pregnancy test on a tif. we have secret codes and stuff to avoid confusion usually they mark their actual sex in the file and on the toe tag just so there is no confusion when the coroner shows up to do an autopsy and his jane is actually a joe. docs hate this trans stuff, they deal with bodies not fucking ideology. its funny tho because we still have to describe janes genitalia resembling of that of a normally developed phenotypical male appropriate for her age. im sure troons would rather we describe their princess wand or girl dick.

No. 1975767

Docs should say no to that nonsense. Like, it's science, sue me. FFS, I hate that you have to pander to them. Can't coroner's say no to the bullshit? Why should they have to lie to appease the delusion of a dead troon?

No. 1975773

File: 1710339124473.jpeg (361.62 KB, 1600x1699, IMG_0724.jpeg)

which one of you terfs was sending this lovely lady unsolicited dick pics??

No. 1975776

File: 1710339500493.mp4 (399.58 KB, 360x640, troonytoons - 1767597998161403…)

Severe deficit of shame.

No. 1975778

What do they write when a troon gets the chop?

No. 1975779

"Infected shotgun wound to penis"

No. 1975780

File: 1710339878284.png (979.88 KB, 1045x2078, Screenshot_20240313-102429.png)

>be married to an ugly man for decades
>have his child
>take care of him bc he is too lazy to work
>he troons out
>you have to pay alimony even though your kid is an adult because you spent your life caring for a manchild

No. 1975781

This is a frighteningly accurate observation

No. 1975788

>without background check
holy shit he's a pedophile

No. 1975792

Only another man would see receiving a dick pic is a type of compliment or ego boost

No. 1975797

File: 1710345224735.jpeg (379.08 KB, 1123x1654, IMG_0712.jpeg)

yes, many such cases. it’s also a common trope in transfiction

No. 1975800

File: 1710345901821.jpg (387.3 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20240313-235815_Red…)

Theres prob an influx of tims posting on this subreddit because ive been getting suggestions of their posts despite leaving that subreddit for months now (tims were one of the reasons but they rarely post back then). Also the way this picture is angled and how he posed gives me pedophilic-esque vibes). Doesnt help what he wears could be mistake for a little girl's dress.

No. 1975801

File: 1710345980799.jpg (315.35 KB, 1079x1325, Screenshot_20240313-235558_Red…)

I havent check the comments but i def wish someome points out the obv abuse of filters. But i doubt that such comment would be left unscathed (possibly deleted by mods) if it happens.

No. 1975806

this guy looks like an old friend of mine who moved out of state, trooned out, became a beloved moderator on that one big trans meme subreddit and was shortly deplatformed. where was this tiktok filmed?

No. 1975812

File: 1710348014167.png (94.76 KB, 744x763, not like other troons.png)

>self aware Homosexual troon whose a "Dworkin Scholar"
well that's something.

No. 1975820

File: 1710349808921.jpeg (223.84 KB, 1247x1671, GIhbfDQa0AAJUB9.jpeg)


No. 1975822

This is possibly the most sane take to come from a troon. Dworkin continuing her work from beyond the grave.

No. 1975824

these types get under my skin. you know what you're doing is wrong, you know you don't belong in that space and it's filled with women who don't like you. i remember coming across a tranny that larps as a lesbian separatist, had the whole lingo down too. imagine that. its gruesome knowing its all apart of their skinwalking fetish.

No. 1975827

>i can't believe i'm telling my porn habits to the new york public library
>still continues talking
how can someone lack shame like this

No. 1975829

Absolute repulsion. I am very glad he had his dick removed though.

No. 1975847

yeah everyone here is quick to call him a classic case of agp but i truly feel sorry for him. he was paid an INSANE amount of money to do this and he was surrounded by other people who enabled it. if you look at his thread on kiwifarms he was depressed and took ketamine after these incidents. the porn was not something he always liked but something he was groomed into. he clearly wasn't satisfied with his choice. how is that any different than other people who sell their bodies for other purposes?

No. 1975848

he's skinwalking the trad wife wojak

No. 1975854

>coddle me for the issues i deliberately create for myself

No. 1975855

feels more appropriate for the femboy thread. the whole point is that they don't consider themselves to be TiMs (and funny enough many hates TiMs as well) regardless if they're similar.

No. 1975868

This is always so fucking funny because these freaks literally live to be fetishized and objectified. The entire reason behind agp transitioning is that they want to be treated like a degraded piece of meat. Everytime they go all up in arms crying about how they don't want to be fetishized is just part of the larp. Agps see sexual harrassement as an affirming compliment. They think that's the proper place of a woman

No. 1975876

File: 1710359259865.jpg (1.65 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20240313_202136888.j…)

BREAKING NEWS! Alex Kister, creator of the famous horror ARG Mandela Catalog, is a tranny and a groomer. He's getting exposed left and right by victims and, in a hilarious turn of events, everyone is condemning posts like picrel (his discord DMs to a minor) and saying they're disgusting and creepy despite the messages being tranny speak 101.
For anyone curious about the drama, here are some additional details:
>he had a "gender server" on Discord (yes that's what victim reports dubbed it as) where he'd invite fans
>DMed teen fans to tell them about his fetishes and muh dysphoria
>wore a fucking cat maid outfit
>Mandela Catalog is a skinwalker fetish project, because Alex has a fetish for impersonating people
>just made a statement saying he would be making a counter-point to one of the victims

They all look the same. No sense of identity. How ironical!

No. 1975888

File: 1710361258956.png (123.43 KB, 303x394, 1710290466005.png)

I posted about that creepy moid on the YT general thread >>1975610. He's a pedophile and was sending lewd pictures of himself to children because it gave him 'gender envy' and 'gender euphoria'. I feel bad for the girls he targeted because they're young and they genuinely thought they were doing the right thing by 'affirming' his gender. Sadly I already seen some troons defending him so I think he will call his victims twansmisogynist to garner sympathy when he releases his video statement. I hope that doesn't work because I'm afraid that his fans will bully his victims into silence.

No. 1975895

NTA, same, holy shit. I've had the displeasure to meet those in real life and they're super creepy. Like a male feminist on crack, getting off (literally) on being 'let in' women's spaces, thinking every somewhat friendly woman wants to fuck. Agreeable handmaidens aren't enough, they need the thrill of being around women who would normally despise them (probably for masochistic purposes). Ironically, they tend to be extremely fragile, can't handle the slightest female disapproval and will break down over it, unlike your usual 4chin/reddit TiM. Truly awful specimens

No. 1975907

It's their funeral. Doctors aren't going to order prostate exams because their records say "female" and the patients will die preventable deaths. Medical documents require this information for a reason.

No. 1975908

Given that these idiots can't even properly apply eyeliner or clean their homes, they're more likely to blow up their own living room than cause any damage to whoever the hell they think they're fighting.

No. 1975916

Isn't the majority of his fandom genderspecial tifs? I'm tired of women defending rapists because they have a stupid crush on them. His tweet denying the victims got 1k likes

No. 1975938

File: 1710369819939.png (73.41 KB, 1135x415, National Board of Health and W…)

the guy had this post under his account

No. 1975960

Imagine feeling bad for a moid freak in this way. He’s a fag that DOES get off to it.

No. 1975968

File: 1710373595003.jpg (617.76 KB, 1080x1460, 1000012477.jpg)

More of the "puppygirl" shit going on. Ugh.

No. 1975971

Imagine working there and a bunch of these freaks come into your store to buy collars

No. 1975972

File: 1710373975547.jpg (168.39 KB, 1080x1237, GIhpsiKX0AAFQQZ.jpg)

you're both retarded

No. 1975973

imagine you love animals and enjoy working at the pet store, helping out owners and their pets, and then you need to ring up purchases of those unwashed freaks who have each other on leashes and whatever else. this is why we can't have nice things.

No. 1975974

What happens to this shit when they no longer want it/fit it. Does it get thrown out or donated? Imagine thinking your buying a nice collar for your dog but it was really previously owned by some gross tranny with a bestiality fetish. Imagine the poor people at the pet shop having to be in the same room as these freaks buying animal products to use for their fetish shit.

No. 1975976

File: 1710374122161.png (49.95 KB, 813x355, A Facebook post about a trans …)

>man in a dress is working as a hall monitor in the girl dorms at Space Camp
>leftists don't see anything wrong with this

No. 1975983

One uses meitu

No. 1975989

Why don't these idiots realize this is their future? Give it ten or fifteen years and it'll be like he's looking in the mirror.

No. 1975992

File: 1710377002089.jpeg (274.45 KB, 750x739, IMG_4457.jpeg)

If your genitals give you so much gender dysphoria enough to voluntarily get yourself castrated, why the hell would you get a mold of them to remember. AGP living out his fetish. Once he realizes he can’t coom the same after the chop he’ll regret it.

No. 1975993

File: 1710377048365.jpeg (49.09 KB, 1114x233, IMG_4427.jpeg)

Sage because it’s old but i found an Old tranny post on a Reddit post about whether women have stronger orgasms than men. Ofc they feel stronger retard you’re living out a fetish. He’s still a tranny to this day.

No. 1975995

File: 1710377101439.jpeg (241.65 KB, 1198x1061, IMG_4428.jpeg)

No. 1975998

File: 1710377405580.jpeg (27.91 KB, 225x225, IMG_4429.jpeg)

Another gentlemen is destined to be emasculated! Oh jolly good heavens does this make me wanna leap and tap my feet together! Yippee!

No. 1976005

Men love infiltrating Dworkin to destroy her wisdom and work, especially gay men.

No. 1976007

Couldn’t you just order this online at a kink place. Supporting other degenerates and leaving us “normies” alone. Why would you do this at a pet store??? Subjecting everyone to your degenerate kink. People need to be more ashamed of themselves

No. 1976013

>subjecting others to it
That’s part of the fetish, making non-consenting people uncomfortable.

No. 1976038

The insane protruding caveman browbone…… is he trolling or really this delusional about how he looks?

No. 1976043

File: 1710388730727.jpg (61.68 KB, 610x1280, disgusting.jpg)

3 days later and still no updoots or comments. we love to see it.

his entire profile is disgusting coomer garbage, no surprise.

No. 1976044

File: 1710388865438.jpg (22.92 KB, 750x555, 3dd25467f381e6a653e4acb15204af…)

No. 1976065

I love when they fight amongst themselves kek

No. 1976084

"Gay" is the attraction to the same sex. Anything done between 1 man and 1 woman isn't gay even if it involves some thing into the guy's ass

No. 1976086

Everyone who says "to be a woman is (random experience here)" obviously is not speaking literally. We know that women have certain chromosomes and reproductive organs and that being a woman is solely defined by that. But this guy is autistic so obviously he doesn't know that.

No. 1976095

File: 1710408409913.jpeg (393.19 KB, 1092x1100, IMG_6048.jpeg)

This is how clockable your average troon is and yet they remain in denial

No. 1976096

More like five considering how badly men age.

No. 1976098

nonna it's gay for him to want something in his ass. If you like pegging keep it to yourself(derailing)

No. 1976115

It's funny how it just makes them look MORE manly.
NAYRT, but no matter what it means about the guy, it's still not homosexual sex. Only the gendies would really believe that kek

No. 1976116

Really highlights how agressive female beauty standards are. The moment he tries to look like a woman, he looks ugly. Before he is just an average man with overdone brows.

No. 1976122

File: 1710418735340.mp4 (1.79 MB, 576x502, WNy6CqT.mp4)

>nerd who likes criticizing woman troons out
imagine my shock

No. 1976123

Dylan Maulvaney dropped an autotune ridden jam

No. 1976125

lol. guess we know why Broadway wouldn't keep him now?

Every time I see this creature he looks more demonic than the last. like, I'm not the kind of person who believes in actual literal demons wearing human skins to walk among us all sowing discord and degeneracy but God DAMN if Dildo Malarkey doesn't do a good job of looking exactly like one would. And he's just so fucking RECTANGULAR!

No. 1976134

Are you joking nonna? He looks botched with those baboon asshole lips

No. 1976135

To be absolutely fair, TikTok “aesthetic” accounts absolutely should be criticized for making mustard gas.

No. 1976152

File: 1710425680448.png (1.12 MB, 1179x1856, QBjCdUg.png)

he sure showed her.

No. 1976154

for all their demands to be seen as women they always tell on themselves by revealing that they think like the moids they are. men immediately shit on a woman's appearance instead of addressing her actual statement, determine her worth by how attractive they consider her to be, and believe that if her looks do not meet their pornsick standards then it invalidates anything she has to say.

No. 1976160

AYRT no I'm not into that, just staying a sex toy being thrown up some guys ass isn't the same as an actual dick. TiMs use the argument that some lesbians use straps ons so hating "girldick" is hypocritical.

No. 1976162

File: 1710428990913.jpg (245.38 KB, 1500x872, Trnspeople-Are-Sacred-2.72.jpg)

They put this shit on billboards

No. 1976163

File: 1710429654734.jpg (415.03 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20240314_162018_New…)

The comments are savaged kek. How does he look 43??

No. 1976166

holy shit, the lyrics to this are so obviously sexist and offensive… i really wish i could expect some sort of outcry about this, but there won't be.

No. 1976171

File: 1710431199420.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.53 KB, 242x302, pedorapetroon.jpeg)

Tumblr troons continuing to be the absolute worst.

No. 1976173

No matter how much they pretend to be us they’ll never be able to escape the y, it’s so obvious even in the sentences they write, Oh I’m sending and threatening sexual abuse to a teen girl tehe so girly, much skirt spinny!!!

No. 1976175

Nothing quite says “I’m a lady” like threatening to rape a child

No. 1976184

>If peter griffin wrote a song about women.
I feel that's a perfect description, it feels like a family guy sketch.

No. 1976185

Appropriate that they used to word "tithes" instead of "reparations." Things like gender ideology have pretty much the same role in adherents' lives as a religion. It gives them a sense of purpose and community, along with a set of rules and values. People within the community are love-bombed, while outsiders and defectors are framed as evil. Functionally, it's a religion.

No. 1976193

File: 1710434900364.jpeg (527.21 KB, 1346x1397, IMG_4434.jpeg)

Here is the ”skinner and more gorgeous” Stacy cay!!! Actually skinny and gorgeous women have bend their back unnaturally like a dying snake and need a bunch of filters and ridiculous amounts of makeup!!! Look at how smooth Stacy’s face skin is compared to their rough moon surface stomach! Thats normal!>>1976162

No. 1976197

what is going on with his torso? the discrepancy between the facetune and the dough boy body is gross.

No. 1976198

But of course he had to make it about being a troon.

No. 1976207

File: 1710438938446.jpg (620.1 KB, 1080x1707, 1000023451.jpg)

Why are they so obsessed with her

No. 1976208

File: 1710438977873.jpg (410.92 KB, 1080x1766, 1000023452.jpg)

The "holocaust denial" in question

No. 1976209

File: 1710439154027.png (108.31 KB, 1080x735, 1000010754.png)

Kek at only 50k views his like/dislike ratio is already fucked and the comments are turned off.

No. 1976210

It's really relatable, being so upset about words on an Internet website, written by a woman who has no idea you even exist. What could be harder to deal with than that. Next time an aggressive male yells threats at me on the street I will think of this tranny who is reading Internet posts at will and feeling sad. I could never understand his struggles

No. 1976214

holocaust denial = trannies were not the biggest victims ever

No. 1976219

That's hysterical. Bet the self-centered creep is malding. What I truly want is to see him lose it when they replace him with a younger troon. The meltdowns would be spectacular.

No. 1976222

File: 1710440310376.png (29.17 KB, 773x408, image.png)

he's gotten trannier and angrier lol
>guess we know why Broadway wouldn't keep him now?
Actually he never was on Broadway proper, he was part of the background choir in a touring company. Effectively an unnamed character, he just plays one of the background flaming Mormon fags of the show who gets a couple of inconsequential lines in two songs and otherwise part of the (mostly off-screen) choir. tbh he probably got the role for being a flaming fag himself, his persona is literally straight out of the show still singing "turn it off". I feel like this happened because he realized his dreams of Broadway would never happen. Probably mixed with covid suddenly shutting down his production.
He's so inconcequential the only thing that pops up when you search for him in the book of mormon fandom spaces is a goodbye post he made to the lead character leaving the show. Other equally unimportant character have gotten more attention. He's lucky troonism took off, he wasn't exactly popular
these are all such charitable portrayals of tims. even the horrific infinifat gets a female face

No. 1976225

going to try my best not to a-log trannies are legitimately the real holocaust deniers I’m being so fucking for real. every time they cry crocodile tears about their “genocide” that is in no way happening or compare themselves to the plight of people who are actually oppressed for immutable traits like race/ethnicity (or even SEX), they simultaneously minimize and propagandize what genocide actually means

No. 1976233

File: 1710443395924.jpeg (Spoiler Image,126.17 KB, 1221x1200, GIptxmlbAAA7CNS.jpeg)

I just know someone will tell me to spoiler this if I don't, so…

No. 1976238

Forget spoilering i wish you hadn't posted this at all

No. 1976239

i wonder what other troons think about this, it's so blatant it's almost transphobic

No. 1976241

ok het retard. m/f sex is gay now if you do it "weird". kys homophobe(infighting)

No. 1976247

Nazis did burn books from Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in 1933, but trans books were only one of the many types of books burned. Also at least a few physicians from this place went on to become Nazi doctors.

No. 1976248

File: 1710445058260.png (660.72 KB, 676x810, Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 19-39…)


No. 1976249

File: 1710445100873.jpeg (396.56 KB, 1218x2886, GIo9V3EWYAAO1oX.jpeg)

Tranny voice actor in question now demanding 'reparations' (picrel).

No. 1976252

File: 1710445523261.mp4 (6.57 MB, 576x1024, Transgurlkyle cringe.mp4)

Discovered Transgurlkyle and wanted to share incase people haven't seen him yet.
@transgurlkyle (on tiktok) is a mentally unstable joke who is thoroughly convinced he gets periods and is even faking a pregnancy. In reality he's just a fatass freak who is trans for the brownie points/wants to sexualize himself in a new light. He's roped his mother into his delusions and is currently in Mexico for "obgyn" appointments. His latest post is him crying about how transphobic the hospital is because they likely figured out he's just mentally ill. The icing on the cake is the fact he's taken pregnancy tests that come back positive, but this likely means he has testicular cancer. If he does come back with a baby on his trip, people are worried this could turn into a trafficking case. On top of claiming to be homeless, he cried about needing a Tinder Gold subscription so he could find more matches to spend the night with, and pleaded to use someone's Tinder for this.
Attached video is Kyle whining about being kicked out of a Target bathroom, and admitting he fed his Bumble date raw meat. He also wants everyone to know that 'transgender women are stronger than cis gendered women and men'.

No. 1976253

A videogame character that he did the voice acting for is what's putting him in danger? Is the character voice his actual voice? Does he think that the character is a little too similar to what he sees in the mirror without filters? Massive fucking kek at this idiot thinking that providing the voice for some pixels is what's outing him as a man, and not everything else.

No. 1976255

Troons act as if the Institut was filled to the brim with holy texts on trans healthcare or research which then was lost forever, so without Nazis we'd have super realistic stink ditches and everyone would love troons!
Which obviously makes no sense because there was no real HRT back then and they only had a few SRS victims at this point (we all know how well it went when they tried to insert a uterus into one of them - truly an experiment any Nazi doctor would be proud of, but hecking valid when it's done to confirm troon delusions).
And in the end those books were nothing but convenient kindling for the Nazis, but it was nothing compared to the books of authors that were literally on a list of forbidden literature.

No. 1976256

this shit makes me wanna a-log so fucking badly. i was assaulted in a target bathroom as an employee and nothing was done about it. it wouldn't surprise me if this worm really was there until they close. meanwhile the store has toothpaste rainbows all over the fucking style section because murr tax breaks. fuck everything about this freak

No. 1976257

Guys don't be mean to the man in a dress! He sounds exactly like the distorted voicelines of the killer and that's why he's scared, it's so very recognisable and not like every other American guy ever.

No. 1976263

File: 1710447596565.png (1.02 MB, 1039x628, Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 4.22.…)

kek this line, they knew what they were doing.

No. 1976265

Wowww pretty fucked up and transphobic to assume that this monster is mtf just based on its freakish appearance and male voice! kek

No. 1976266

This is hysterical. If troons actually saw themselves as "real women" then what's the problem, is not a deformed woman to them? Or do they fully recognize they're actually freakish men in skirts? Much to think about kek

No. 1976267

They spread such blatant lies about her

No. 1976269

Whenever Dylan is replaced by a younger troon I bet he'll cry as much as Bruce Jenner is now crying when he says that troons shouldn't play in women's sports. Dylan and Bruce are absolutely narcs who get/got high off of the attention trooning has given them.

No. 1976305

If you told me this was a parody shit post I would have believed you. The fake pregnancy, the voice. The earnest way he says “Trans woman are stronger than cis men and woman.” Love how Tifs don’t even register to him kek.

No. 1976307

> I’m skinnier
Has one of the weirdest body I have seen. Definition of skinny fat

No. 1976308

its actually so laughable it does feel like a shit post. its insane to see people can get so mentally fucked and out of touch they end up sounding like a parody. he went as far to use tiktok voice filters and say it was 'voice surgery'. even took a video of him complaining about tampon prices. a piece of rotting stank ass shit.(sage your shit)

No. 1976310

File: 1710458326088.jpeg (132.02 KB, 862x828, IMG_6073.jpeg)

A reminder this is how he looks standing next to a woman. An absolute beast of a man, void of any curves to even give the slight illusion of a feminine body lmao.

No. 1976331

If you look like this, why not just wear real clothes? Nobody put a gun to your head and said "the world needs to know what it would look like if chris evans was a tranny prostitute"

No. 1976332


No. 1976353

File: 1710469993048.jpg (267.36 KB, 1290x1973, GIonhdAaEAAbvLw.jpg)

who's gonna break the news to him

No. 1976357

also they burned the books bc Hirschfield was jewish and gay. it wasn’t bc he was on the brink of making pregnant trannies or something. he was a jewish gay man who had a position of power in his field. they would’ve destroyed his research regardless.

No. 1976359

File: 1710470716436.png (479.67 KB, 748x502, Samantha (@itssamanthaaaa_) _ …)

Which one is the before?

No. 1976360

File: 1710470800805.png (932.98 KB, 1372x805, Bennie (unhinged bisexual) (@B…)

totes women y'all

No. 1976361

bruh at least she has family that still loves her

No. 1976364

and if you called them out on it, they'd pretend that this was all the doing of ebiul terfs pretending to be twanswomen to ruin those angels reputation.

No. 1976365

i was gonna be like “the before is the second pic obviously bc men are fucking stupid” it legit looks like his brow bone is bigger in the first one? but his nose is smaller? idek

No. 1976367

kek, we should call their cries of twansphobia misogyny since assuming every ugly female character to be a man is misogynistic and every female character shouldn't have to be all dolled up and pretty

No. 1976368

tyt waking up, i love ana

No. 1976372

the second one is the after pic, his huge browbone offset his huge nose and made it look normal. with the shaved browbone, he's made part of his face smaller, which ends up making the part leading off of it (his nose) look disproportionately larger, like it's coming out of nowhere.

the tight bun also makes his whole head look way bigger, and his makeup got shitter kek

No. 1976385

Too bad Ana pretty publicly peaked already and TYT has therefore lost credibility completely. The people who need to hear this are already tuned out.

No. 1976406

File: 1710483941882.jpeg (973.38 KB, 1242x2020, IMG_0519.jpeg)

This post on r/actuallesbians, of course all the comments are flooded with transbians calling this “lesbian coded man” an egg

No. 1976411

can't wait for Drake to be hailed as a trans icon

No. 1976419

>So I often dated gals that were into soft femdom or were non binary
kek even timmies dont see tiffies as real trannies

No. 1976425

File: 1710494660638.jpeg (296.03 KB, 828x1135, IMG_7283.jpeg)

Some fat troon decided to post this r/bigboobproblems because it totally fits and is completely on theme with the subreddit

No. 1976426

he genuinely looks more masculine after, i don't know how they all do it

No. 1976438

File: 1710502358612.png (4.6 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3517.png)

Just saw this random tiktok lady next to tiktok famous troon model Alex Consani, and you can really tell who the real woman here is, he looks borderline anorexic

No. 1976446

please someone bring back the TIMs vs black women compliation

No. 1976457

File: 1710508772031.jpg (238.91 KB, 946x2048, Krmoidofcourse.jpg)

How many moids would actually start doing this

No. 1976463

File: 1710509329204.jpg (606.92 KB, 1754x791, notafetish.jpg)

Yet another example of a normie soymoid going full exhibitionist once he is a "woman". So much for "i'm not into latex I just look really good in it teehee"

No. 1976470

its always the same thing with these freaky fetishists. They are okay with being prude men that dont show an inch of ankle but once they ''become women'' they start dressing up like the women they mastubate to. The same thing happened to the jimquisition.

No. 1976479

kek i can totally see a ton of dudes trooning out to avoid their mandatory military service. i hope they make him do it anyway

No. 1976482

Why do they always seem to pick one woman to skinwalk

No. 1976492

File: 1710515101040.jpeg (531.73 KB, 911x1893, bralessmoobs.jpeg)

transfiction from r/mtf

No. 1976493

i legitimately have not worn a bra since 2016 and have never had this happen to me. this is delusional narcissism

No. 1976495

any bets on him wearing a boob plate and pretending it's his own tits? the rubber ones have very prominent nipples, and he was clearly getting off on the idea of people in there looking at him.

No. 1976497

This is fine. At least the post is gone. Not all hope is lost.

I haven't worn a bra in years. Going braless makes breasts look smaller since there's nothing to push them together to create a cleavage. Everyone looked at him because they saw a man with moobs larping as a woman.

No. 1976501

File: 1710516401169.jpeg (472.7 KB, 828x828, IMG_0747.jpeg)

here’s OP. check out the knockers on this guy!

No. 1976502

File: 1710516619365.jpeg (821.67 KB, 828x1408, IMG_0748.jpeg)

bonus. it’s sad how r/WitchesVsPatriarchy has just become another subreddit for troons to post their ugly mugs for asspats from handmaidens and other transbians

No. 1976504

damn he had a normal nice hair before, why do they always end up with this crusty shit on their heads?

No. 1976507

File: 1710517405220.jpeg (745.04 KB, 1170x1342, IMG_5819.jpeg)

KEK his fucking hairline. Make pattern balding is so goddess

No. 1976509

this is so sad he was actually so normal looking and kind of cute before, Goes to show you can never trust moids

No. 1976510

File: 1710517914786.jpeg (Spoiler Image,193.48 KB, 802x826, uglytroon4827482.jpeg)

shameless degeneracy

No. 1976514

File: 1710518309600.jpeg (173.95 KB, 828x494, IMG_0749.jpeg)

he’s also a “puppygirl” kek

No. 1976516

From markiplier to frank n furter. Sad.

No. 1976517

>I have a very thin build
>Is built like a linebacker
Half the patron were looking at the crusty deluded man with manboobs who was undoubtly dressed weird and they were recoiling at the sight. Great trannyfiction nonetheless

No. 1976518

File: 1710518813350.jpg (310.73 KB, 901x1195, Screenshot_20240315_170904_Chr…)

>Just as funny in person
Are we looking at the same dead-eyed troon?
Kek at this unmistakably masculine brow ridge, large face shape and receding hairline

No. 1976520

File: 1710519318845.jpeg (Spoiler Image,205.12 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_7212.jpeg)

Lol at the fridge body and twig legs, what an insufferable fag.

No. 1976522

What’s also creepy is how his gaze and body language has changed, porn needs to be banned it’s changing men like crack

No. 1976524

File: 1710521759531.jpeg (161.09 KB, 1080x608, IMG_1635.jpeg)

The VA. I can’t stop laughing.

No. 1976527

Kek no wonder he is throwing a tantrum, it's a mirror image.

No. 1976531

do trannies think that they won't become zombies during the apocolypse? this is new lore

No. 1976533

The fact that he admits that the goal was always cat ears and thigh-highs is so mask off, and yet people don't bat an eye.
Last I checked he was dressing up like a tween. He also fits the pattern of 'vicious misogynist->feminist SJW->troon' perfectly.
Ah ofc, because 'women' should always be valued for their bodies, nbd about whether they're respected in the workplace.
Lmfao holy shit was he the face model too??

No. 1976534

It's not a zombie, apparantly it's a monster that steals peoples' appearances. Literal skinwalking. How fitting!

No. 1976536

>Just had to share!
Just normal girly things all women talk about, amirite ladies?

No. 1976539

oh lmao

No. 1976542

I genuinely dont understand why the ones that arent morbidly obese,bald and could easily be some cute eboys do this shit?. He would genuinely be so popular amongst women if he just presented himself as some dorky nerdy guy. Porn addiction truly annihilated all the cute nerds.

No. 1976551

Every time a moid refers to his moobs as "girls" it makes me throw up in my mouth. The only natal women who do that are trailer trash like Shanus.

No. 1976553

The type of straight neckbeard AGPs who troon out know literally fuckall about hair care. They're the kind of people who either use 5-in-1 bodywash-shampoo-conditioner-motor-oil-sandwich-spread or who rarely shower to begin with. Straight moids with good hair (like celebrities in the 80s) typically have a girlfriend who helps them take care of their hair. But women who actually take care of themselves don't want to be a tranny's girlfriend, much less his personal hairdresser. Not to mention that trannies get asspats on line regardless of how repulsive they look, so what's the point in trying?

No. 1976555

Internet porn did to moids what crack did to black neighborhoods in the 80s.

No. 1976559

Kinda crazy how "manlets" (men under 5'8") almost never seem to be the ones to troon out. You'd think they'd be the least secure in their masculinity, but I guess not. Maybe they're just so used to being denigrated for not fulfilling the male ideal that all of the "egg" nonsense just bounces off of them, or at the very least blends into the usual shit of "lel you need a step ladder to kiss a woman." By the way, all the moids I've dated have been between 5'7" and 5'10". Males always seem to forget that the important thing isnt how tall he is compared to other men, it's whether he's taller than his girlfriend. They need to stop chasing after 5'8" women and go for 5'1" girls instead.

No. 1976577

OT, but it's always funny seeing westerners describe being 5'7 as short, when that's above average height for men whre I'm from.

No. 1976587

No hate to you nonnie but I don't think these are comparable. These men literally are choosing to engage in this content and troon out. Pornography is addictive to some extent but they have more control over this than a crack addict does to crack and should be held accountable for their actions

No. 1976593

It's the inverse for TIFs too, most tall and/or more masculine-looking women I know (and myself included) have already been insulted for being "mannish" or "bulky" so it's not anything they feel a need to strive for, it loses its exoticism. Meanwhile, short TIFs chase the same thing that was used to denigrate taller women. I almost wonder if it functions as a sort of covert humiliation fetish for these types.

No. 1976601

Ah-ha, not so quick, faggot! If there is a test he will still pass it because he is physically a male with traits of a male. His government have considered this scenario, farcical to suggest they haven't

No. 1976607

kek remember when these were “terf bangs”? now of course they want to to skin walk the women they hate. i feel like i only see that blunt straight across style on trannies now

No. 1976609

Turkey tom?

No. 1976610

That was recently the big tranny cope on tumblr. They cried about bangs being terfy and then “reclaimed them” from le ebil terfs when terf bangs was coined to make fun of women and only became a joke years later when people realized it was stupid

No. 1976611

demonize women, alienate them, then copy whatever women's traits they demonized, that's the troon M.O.

No. 1976613

I am dying to hear this guys voice acting but there’s just a stupid song on his YouTube and he’s scrubbed and few things. The song sounds a bit troony but it’s hard to tell when someone is singing.

No. 1976622

Are there actual women who have intercourse with tims? I just can’t imagine it

No. 1976623

Desperate ftms and women who were already married before their husbands trooned out. I can't imagine a normal woman who isn't already stuck with a tim having sex with one though.

No. 1976648

I still remember when these were called sjw bangs, during the "big red" and "feminazi DESTROYED mega compilation" era. Interesting switch. Who wants to bet that the men who called them sjw bangs then are the same men calling them terf bangs today? They've rebranded feminazi to plain old nazi too (or holocaust denier, depending on the day).
Here's a clip >>1976257
Tumblr and twitter "lesbians" desperate to position themselves as moral authorities on the actual homosexual community. Modern day polilez shit.

No. 1976653

>Tumblr and twitter "lesbians" desperate to position themselves as moral authorities on the actual homosexual community
I honestly think this is why you see so many 'asexual' lesbians around these days. It's easier to say you just don't like sex than admit you don't like dick and get jumped by a dozen trannies telling you to re-examine your 'genital fetish.'

No. 1976662

File: 1710548179185.png (304.28 KB, 1276x726, IMG_0722.png)

NTA but it’s a meme

No. 1976667

I meant just him speaking normal or "normal." He's a voice trainer that said he was used for his amazing talents they took advantage.

No. 1976682

File: 1710552443499.mp4 (19.22 MB, 1080x1920, Transphobia at Elizabeth hoste…)

they're harassing migrant workers again

No. 1976687

Why’s are trannies always so fucking tall kek. I only know one man whose close to being this tall.

No. 1976689

ayrt, nona don't say that kek. He's a raging misogynist. One of those t4t I need an autist with my same fetishes or else I can't coom types. Ironically, his butt-buddy is a crap VR streamer named Hails Storm. Also just as milky, lol.

No. 1976695

File: 1710555756060.png (634.58 KB, 1396x788, Shop worker reveals New Year's…)

>new years resolution

No. 1976698

I knew 2 separate bisexual XX chromosome females who were married to normal men but polyamorous with troon "girlfriends" on the side. I don't know if these women actually fucked the troons, but they loved telling everyone within earshot how "queer" they were for having a "girlfriend".

No. 1976700

File: 1710557163550.jpg (Spoiler Image,370.46 KB, 1740x2320, GIs6MJDXoAATora.jpg)

I can't stop laughing at his style.
>middle finger
>dirty unkept hair
>nerd glasses
>honker nose
>just having his bum out

No. 1976701

File: 1710557351488.png (341.04 KB, 381x401, LEollieface.png)

such a punchable face

No. 1976702

Trannies dress like what ai thinks an goth outfit looks like

No. 1976703

we've come up with so many ways to avoid moids and they counter each one
>oh im ace
well now ace people can LOVE sex
>oh im demi
well we're FRIENDS arent why??? why arent i good enough???
>oh im a tif. uhhh im a t4t gay trans man
this is why i become an expert at sexual dimorphism as a tween, all to defend being a nasty genital fetishist

No. 1976704

Cornering and physically intimidating a tiny old woman, how dainty and feminine of him. Nasty ass man.

No. 1976712

forever a mystery, i feel like >>1976438 could've been popular as a celeb model crush with how scrawny and tall he is

No. 1976713

What the hell is wrong with them? She probably doesn't even know what the fuck a transgender is, just that some random man is following her around threatening to ruin her life when she's just trying to work.

No. 1976715

imagine physically confronting a very short old lady, who you are much taller and stronger than, and then still making yourself out to be a victim of a hate crime at the hands of this ebil disgusting (and WOC!! how dare these coloured freaks not be my personal harem of validaters!!) cissy that in fact walking away from you.

No. 1976718

>you have no ideAA what sort of social status i have
>the troon said to the elderly female migrant worker that barely speaks English.

No. 1976723

File: 1710563943008.jpg (787.2 KB, 1536x2048, 1000001628.jpg)

Different picrel of the chicken with his "totes lesbian girlfriend uwu". nonas, it's all angles kek

No. 1976724

he had a sense of style and looked fairly charming as a man. his post troon styling just highlights the worst of his features.

he's not ugly, he could've been a cute guy. he also got transed so young a la kim petras, i kinda feel bad for him.

No. 1976733

Are we not going to talk about how freaky his nose looks?

No. 1976737

i agree. i stg if a man troons out even if he's my type im immediately disinterested. i can't even acknowledge him as attractive before trooning. i don't know how some nonas do it.

No. 1976739

File: 1710567755637.jpeg (974.21 KB, 1200x5436, 1660410144631.jpeg)

No. 1976743

File: 1710569284012.jpeg (418.88 KB, 1179x984, IMG_4531.jpeg)

How does shit like this genuinely not peak every woman who sees it? Now their getting mad over..people being nice?

No. 1976744

File: 1710569343261.png (13.15 MB, 1200x6459, updated.png)

made an updated version, could be better tho

No. 1976746

File: 1710569795477.png (9.09 MB, 1200x7041, TIMSvsblackwomen.png)

samefag, made another verson

No. 1976748

It pain me, that thus far every profile with a Kanamori pfp has been a TIM.

No. 1976752

You know what they say; men fear women laughing at them blabla, something something, while women fear being killed

No. 1976756

File: 1710574870610.jpg (48.03 KB, 680x499, 1000007116.jpg)

Literally peak male behavior…
Writing fanfictroon about himself breasting boobily.

No. 1976757

Then everyone clapped and sucked his gock

No. 1976763

File: 1710577361298.jpg (330.05 KB, 1080x1217, Screenshot_2024-03-16-09-23-28…)

Self medicating your neo vagina to have the pH of a real vagina

No. 1976764

being a nerd boy enjoyer in the current age is painful

No. 1976769

File: 1710579096389.jpeg (126.7 KB, 721x426, IMG_2188.jpeg)

He looks like an even more deranged Buffalo Bill. Why why why couldn’t liberal govs around the world have found a better hill to die on than troons?

No. 1976775

>man saying men are superior to women
nothing new here kek

No. 1976776

He wants to grow bacteria inside a surgical wound in his body???

No. 1976777

This is satire

No. 1976781

LMAO accurate

No. 1976782

The fuck is this schizophrenia

No. 1976784

File: 1710585352756.png (804.17 KB, 867x650, philosophytubeandlindseyellisr…)

They always escalate the fetishism. Even his friend alice seems to have gotten bored with the trans hijabi muslimah larp and pivoted to whatever the fuck this is not that the muslim thing wasn't also a fetish

No. 1976785

what the fuck is going on with his face, did he get chicken pox?

No. 1976786

“You don’t know what kind of social status I have” none. You’re an ugly man who only gets tolerated because it’s easier to placate delusions than risk moid violence.

They love to threaten women especially those that are smaller than them. Women don’t sound like grown men, even with deep voices kek

No. 1976787

If they’re so superior why is it every moid fucks them in secret and cries when they get outed for being gay. Why is the “hottest” troons still don’t pass as women. The actual cope. Women literally smile at them so they don’t get murdered and this is exactly why

No. 1976788

File: 1710586041195.jpg (23.15 KB, 445x267, 6-12-2011-4-09-21-PM.jpg)

No. 1976789

For people who say who are oppressed as the Jews were in Nazi Germany, they surely like being combative.
He is not oppressed and the mask quickly drops when he says he can ruin her and the hostel. No truly oppressed minority would say that.

No. 1976790

he's a homeless drug addict who also enjoys spreading nutella on walls

No. 1976791

Like how fucking insulting is that, in the picture of the two “transwomen” with the gold medal, the one man is wearing tights so you can see the outline of his dick. I can’t believe they haven’t shut down having men in women’s sports. Have a trans category. It’s infuriating that no one has stood up and acknowledged that transwomen are NOT the same as women. They just aren’t. I don’t care what some dude (who clearly has done nothing to “transition”) lounging around in women’s underwear says.

No. 1976794

Swimming created a trans league, no-one entered. They want to invade women's spaces and dominate women's sports, they don't gaf beyond that.

No. 1976800

The fucking image filename is killing me. Good shit nonna

No. 1976805

Drug using, delusional fuck who is deliberately mimicking his version of woman by acting airheaded. He also does a bunch of drugs and has the audacity to fucking harass a hard working elderly woman while his young ass doesn't get a job and gets high all the time. Peak white male. Fucking peak.

What's the comments on this? I hope people are at least standing up to this poor woman who was probably fearful. Language barrier is already stressful and he's fucking following her around like a predator.

No. 1976806

kek nona i love you

No. 1976809

File: 1710595369073.jpg (113.2 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20240316_142423_New…)

He truly has crazy eyes, wide open and not blinking. That dude is one step away assaulting women.

No. 1976811

You know he'd have the exact same reaction if they scowled at him.

No. 1976812

File: 1710596205026.jpeg (80.56 KB, 567x541, IMG_1931.jpeg)

The smile in question:

No. 1976813

File: 1710596280646.jpg (336.33 KB, 1032x2048, GIBKnEQW8AAtm60.jpg)

This is what he looks like. "Superior version," sure tran.

No. 1976815

KEKKK he’s so fucking ugly and not even close to passing, this is actually hilarious

No. 1976819

Aww I love Yasmine, her dress is so pretty

No. 1976823

>Penn State
Kek of course it's Penn State. It's a "college" for unintelligent partiers to pretend like they are getting a degree.

No. 1976830

Just looks like how dudes in the 70s used to dress without the bell bottoms. I also think it's hilarious they try to mimic the listless feminine way of standing but without the hips protruding slightly forward, it makes it look like a man standing at an awkward position.

No. 1976835

i know people who already do that

No. 1976836

you can literally see his ballsack

No. 1976837

High waist jeans are NOT MEANT FOR MEN.

No. 1976838

the pity smile kills the troon

No. 1976839

im trying so hard not to a-log. these fucks have ZERO empathy. these old migrant workers who clean stores and hotels probably don't even know what trans means.

No. 1976841

File: 1710602154267.jpeg (54.94 KB, 1170x811, GIzNJTLW8AA3b0V.jpeg)

How sad kek

No. 1976843

File: 1710602529483.jpg (83.5 KB, 1030x417, screenshot.jpg)

What a feminine response.

No. 1976849

dahmer vibes

No. 1976850

Damn kek, what a savage remark. Based to absolute shit, and she probably has no clue this troon is destroyed over it, kek love it

No. 1976852

File: 1710604426354.jpg (141.1 KB, 912x1024, 1710552232252948.jpg)

>smile at troons
troons wanna kill you
>sneer at troons
troons wanna kill you

No. 1976859

File: 1710605661801.png (260.84 KB, 537x341, dbd-ifeelpretty.png)

More pics of the monster. Nonnies I love this sfm.
Also, apparently the tranny voice actor has walked back some of his comments condemning it >>1976249, probably due to contractual obligations.

No. 1976874

I’m so glad these narcs get surgery because it locks them into the troon identity and they won’t be able to chameleon themselves into whatever new thing becomes the untouchable priest class and they will collapse and seethe as their power wanes.

No. 1976875

I hate how they think anime that has awkward nerdy girls is their representation.

No. 1976886

Wtf does he want then? Women to have a completely neutral expression at all times?

No. 1976890

That back shot is spot on troonlike, except a real troon wouldn't wear modesty shorts but instead anime thigh highs.

No. 1976892

WTF there’s no way he was born looking like that….. he either had buccal fat pad removal or his cd4 count is like 2

No. 1976900

some people are just uggo nonna lol

No. 1976903

fuck their hair always looks so bad. they just let it grow without shaping it or giving it proper care. ive never seen this kind of troon (the chronically online zoomie who starts discourse on twitter with anime pfps) look good, they always look unhygienic. they also have the most manly features, they couldnt even pass as androgynous kek. theyre the younger counterpart of those "late bloomers" that post on female fashion subreddits.

No. 1976906

This sent me into a laughing fit nona. Avizandum looks like a crushed can

No. 1976908

File: 1710617223788.png (303.09 KB, 722x856, Pipeline.PNG)


Not long ago these fuckers were saying that the pink and black triangles were insensitive and anti-Semitic and Romaphobic because "gays and lesbians were not the main victims of the nazis" but now trannies are HOLOCAUST (word used specifically to the genocide of jews during WWII) victims because some few BOOKS were burned, lmao. More Jehovah's Witnesses and Slavs were killed by the nazis than trannies (I haven't heard of a single one, btw) and I'm sure they will still call them "nazis/fascists" for being (typically) “trannyphobic” or some shit.

No. 1976911

File: 1710618044455.mp4 (12.14 MB, 720x1280, twittervid.mp4)

Viral footage from Japan shows a man dressed "as a woman" detained by railway staff on accusations of groping female train passengers.

It has been said he rode in a women-only carriage.

No. 1976932

this deranged lunatic's whole channel is just… yeah.

No. 1976936

it's so fascinating for me, that no matter which cultural background they have, they all move the same. You don't need to see their faces, their hands, their mismatched outfits, it's the movement that gives them away.

No. 1976938

Meanwhile, the Nazis performed sex change experiments on at least one young Jewish boy in Auschwitz. Also:
>“The […] truth is trans healthcare’s founder and first surgeon championed eugenics. Together they invented a new way to sterilise patients, involving fake genitals created surgically. Two years after inventing the vaginoplasty Gohrbandt was busy sterilising the disabled.”

No. 1976943

File: 1710623150886.jpg (109.86 KB, 720x861, IMG_20240316_131717_616~2.jpg)

No. 1976945

Male moment.

No. 1976954

Mask just completely off….

No. 1976963

Does anyone have a source on that time aliceavizandum admitted that he larped as a muslim just as an excuse to hide his hairline while he grew his hair in after surgery? I know it's been posted here but I feel like there should be more outrage over this

No. 1976982

Doubt this actually happened. Not because it's something no one would say; the observation's been made before. But because women don't fuck post-OP troons unless they're TiFS or married them pre-troonout.

No. 1976983

He looks like he showed up to audition for That '70s Show but didn't get the part because he's autistic and smells like bong water.

No. 1976985

He wants women to throw themselves at his feet and offer to be his combination life coach/bangmaid/fashion consultant/makeup artist/hair dresser/breadwinner. They basically want someone who cares for their every need like a mother, but is subservient to them and enables every retarded thing they do. Anyone who doesn't rush to give them free shit, help them, or pat their asses is a bigot.

No. 1976993

File: 1710633265787.jpeg (71.99 KB, 683x1024, GIy42B0bwAAGne-.jpeg)

HSTS are as delusional as AGPs because they call themselves "dolls" while looking like slenderman

No. 1977000

Hope this doesn't count as a blog but I've known multiple women who regularly date trannies and they're all super similar. Very low self esteem zoomer girls who grew up terminally online, lean hard into the goth aesthetic, and call themselves bisexual frequently and loudly but only date a revolving door of "nonbinary" straight men or abusive TIMs. It's sad honestly watching them get abused over and over and still make excuses for trannies and how it's "nothing like dating a man", they just never peak somehow
Ugh he's the worst. Glad to see his hairline going
>you have no idea the sort of social status I have
>I could ruin your life
Way to admit TIMs aren't oppressed and are privileged actually. Mask off moment

No. 1977023

>Comments are disabled
I'm wheezing. The comments were absolutely savage. People crucified him and called him out. The ratio of like dislike is outstandingly negative.

No. 1977025

Sad. But I guess with all the propaganda going on, it would make "sense" for some women to start thinking that TIM and non-binary identified men are safer than other men, when they're the same or even more likely to be predators according to prison stats.

No. 1977038

That's just irony, kek.

No. 1977041

File: 1710647797187.png (34.7 KB, 362x151, Screenshot 2024-03-16 10.57.41…)

God help me I want to alog. I hope one of her coworkers stood up for her, I can't fucking believe this sociopath followed her and intimidated her and had the gall to type out picrel when she tried to escape. Disgusting, entitled fuck, I bet he wouldn't have dared tried this shit in a crowded place.

No. 1977054

he looks like the gamer bf of a coquette zoomer girl(not a compliment)

No. 1977055

same nonnie, can't believe nona just called her "random tiktok lady", what do you mean you don't recognize the genius behind Jasper face

No. 1977057

Not to speak ill of the dead, but the way you described the average serial tim dater gave me instant flashbacks to Emmy/Serotoninblue, she fit this description to a T.

No. 1977066

At least some dudes in the 70s looked cute. Probably because men weren't plagued by the tranny craze yet

No. 1977068

Holy shit. How can someone's arms be THAT long?? Looks like DeviantArt era OC drawings before kids learned basic anatomy

No. 1977070

File: 1710659621331.jpg (725.75 KB, 1664x2373, hijabinomorecompressed.jpg)

Is this what you're thinking of?

No. 1977077

Imagine having the fucking time and money to get a HAIR transplant! These trannies are so damn privileged, it makes me sick.

No. 1977106

Does anyone have that quote my marsha p johnson saying he wasn't trans? Tired of people posting that about him

No. 1977107

File: 1710674021949.mp4 (3.26 MB, 920x720, silviariv-ajlieshere - 1605297…)

I gotchu nonna. Here's Malcolm.

No. 1977110

Omg nonna you legend thanks

No. 1977123

File: 1710679744288.png (209.17 KB, 720x769, My_brother_in_Christ,_you_ARE_…)


No. 1977134

>check site
>video of a woman getting chocked and slapped autoplays
yeah no wonder this gross degenerate likes it

No. 1977136

probably paid by taxpayers lol

No. 1977137

File: 1710682751596.jpg (102.32 KB, 1024x830, GIRP66wXoAEpG9A.jpg)

No. 1977142

File: 1710683699250.png (162.61 KB, 720x733, Sure,_Jan.png)

This fucker is a goldmine, kek.

No. 1977151

Maybe Marfan syndrome

No. 1977153

It's taking everything in me not to alog

No. 1977159

threatening women with violence while yielding a gun is not aggressive male behavior because he's wearing a pink bandana, you see

No. 1977161

You don't need to anonymise any of it nona…

No. 1977167

Trust me I wouldn't it. I grabbed it off twitter it's another users screenshot.

No. 1977198

how can they be so close to self awareness but still fall short

No. 1977201

>New York transsexual socialite Bella thinks she has scored the masculine hetero man of her dreams. The illusion shatters when her friend Natasha tells her Ethan, might not be the man she thinks he is, he might not want to be a man at all.

No. 1977205

The fact that he knew it was locked means he tried the door. He tried to follow this elderly woman when she was clearly trying to get away from him.

This is like the epitome of male predation, and they feel entitled to behave like this because they think it will be praised as 'standing up for trans rights'. They're complete assholes.

No. 1977209

File: 1710703279851.png (85.58 KB, 1065x401, Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 13-20…)

real talk why is this community in the top 1% of reddit

and also thanks for calling out the straight men dressing up as women in order to have access to lesbian spaces, i guess, but also way to call out the entire community as mentally ill cis men who can't figure out any other way to appeal to women aside from skinwalking them.

No. 1977223

troon lives with 6 shitbulls yet police are told to be easy with him funny they call him a mentally ill retard whos not to be trusted so he wont kill himself and all of them them maul a woman almost to death yet no charges on troon

No. 1977227

I was expecting this to be a stupid foreigner but it's not. What the hell.

No. 1977231

As tragic as this story is, nothing here indicates the owner is a tranny?

No. 1977234

Police ask the neighbour about the house, he says that he knows "Robert? He's transgender, whatever."

No. 1977236

File: 1710708855739.jpg (536.91 KB, 1197x669, timestamp.jpg)

he was

No. 1977237

File: 1710709052361.jpeg (159.54 KB, 1376x963, crazymum.jpeg)

No. 1977241

Yeah his mom is nuts and homophobic but this is just another transbian retard that liked to invade women's space and probably wouldn't date another troon. You may call me heartless but I'm finding really hard to feel bad for him, so kek good riddance

No. 1977248

With all due respect Nona, you don’t have to use cis here

No. 1977256

So… he's saying he's straight then? I thought he was a "transbian." At least take the time to proofread your contradictory post lol

No. 1977259

Wowee, this guy is slightly less of a degenerate than other trannies!! Congrats!!!

No. 1977277

I've seen high school video projects that mog this, everything from the technical aspects to the acting itself. Everyone involved in this is entirely delusional, to absolutely no one's surprise. I'm a connoisseur of bad film but this is the hardest cringe I've witnessed in a very long time and it should probably be repurposed as a way to torture Guantanamo Bay prisoners. It doesn't even have the "so bad it's good" silver lining, this is purely slop media made by idiots for an even more idiotic audience whose possibility of existing truly boggles the mind.

No. 1977279

Ew cringe, they are so manly and clearly just homosexual men lmao I thought they would at least try because they think they’re like, based self-aware troons from the ‘cool’ part of twitter or something, but they are just skinny gay men in dresses pretending to be better than fat straight men in dresses. Also I have to say pariah is really fucking ugly, especially when you see him in motion.
It’s kinda hilarious how hard they try to put across that because they acknowledge agps and how it’s just a fetish (until they ejaculate) etc that they must be soooooo different and so much better. Nope, you are just two sides of the same coin.

No. 1977280

File: 1710717112479.mp4 (1.97 MB, 1280x720, glaad - 1768475455982886953.mp…)

Video: Freakshow tranny at the GLAAD awards, addressing 'trans youth'.

Oh I'm not saying I feel sorry for him; the file only refers to the crazy mum because 'crazy troon' wouldn't narrow it down kek.

No. 1977282

They think being skinny makes them look soft and feminine but they just look glaringly more male and out of place.

No. 1977283

Yeah, honestly, I always wonder what kind of reverse body dysmorphia these guys have that they think they look thin and not bony as all hell. Doesn't help that most of them are so tall too. Makes them look like gangly aliens or something

No. 1977290

That's just a touching story of accepting yourself and learning to accept others, Nona. mlm, if you will

No. 1977291

hey, it's the guy who tweeted" rest in piss" after Magdalen Berns died!

No. 1977293

Why are his moobs squashed like this? Whoever chose his dress is not his friend, kek, but with freakishly large and muscular shoulders, torso and neck, no dress could fit that rectangle of a troon.

No. 1977294

Might want to look into funnelling the money spent on beetus juice and piercings into having that lazy eye fixed. Is one eye facing the opposite direction a prerequisite to being obese and retarded?

No. 1977297

File: 1710721984473.mp4 (11.05 MB, VIDEO_56d5c7f3-3423-4849-9cfa-…)

Marsh makes me want to alog more than the rest of these famous tims combined. he gives off such rancid vibes.

the spastic and constant interruptions are driving me insane. and he's so excited that some dumbass is blaming a random adult conservative for children bullying other children. moron

No. 1977300

Honestly! His small boobs pressed to the center of his bony man chest just looks like contoured pecs, not breasts. Funny that extenuating his boobs makes him look manlier. Go figure

No. 1977312

File: 1710724898305.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.85 KB, 640x480, penpecs.jpg)

Kek I want to stick a pen between them

No. 1977316

I will not be surprised if we see him on the news for some Skully shit, dude reeks of pedophile.

No. 1977323

File: 1710728065581.jpeg (842.25 KB, 1242x1589, IMG_1343.jpeg)

Trannies try not to violate women’s spaces challenge: Impossible

No. 1977324

>tranny goes to bathroom
>proceeds to vandalize it
can they not be selfish for a second? i feel sorry for the janitor that has to scrub that shit out the walls

No. 1977326

He makes my broad shoulders look small in comparison lol

No. 1977327

This is cancelled out whenever I go to a unisex bathroom and key 'no unisex' and 'I love females' onto the walls like a bippie (new word learnt)

No. 1977328

no i actually didn’t survive bitch you gave me HPV

No. 1977329

mf built like jackie chan

No. 1977333

Who is gonna tell these dudes that the fear isn't that you will get murdered in a bathroom, it's that you're gonna get raped. No shit I survived - that's the WORST part

No. 1977348

So cursed, I need eyebleach. I remember seeing based comments on YT but now they have turned comments off, did any of you nonas save any screenshots? Please share if you did, I want to look at them again and be comforted at the ratio of sane people
Also the ratio of dislike to likes is now 91% lmfao.

No. 1977372

File: 1710737604749.png (530.21 KB, 500x1109, image.png)

>remoaner flowers
scott pilgrim and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

No. 1977375

As if there weren't already enough reasons to be wary of Scott Pilgrim fans

No. 1977381

File: 1710741496341.png (88.89 KB, 933x696, this fugging sucks.png)

lols but i will forever be tardpeeved at that song becoming general internet funny meme when it's so woman-despising in it's lyrics

No. 1977382


i'd feel bad for this poor woman had she not fucking enabled her hulking retard son into terrorizing the entire house and then having her family members clean up his mess. this entire post is just severe cope because she's enabled this tard and is too scared to do anything about it.

>"The only raised voice in our home has always been hers"

damn. even with hormones he's still acting like the (abusive) man of the house.

>"This is a good idea in theory, but it will end up being retold by her as an abandonment or that we kicked her out because she's trans. She will weaponize it."

literally who fucking cares, he can't legally hold you accountable for anything and who's going to believe a mentally fucked hulking angry troon when they say that their parents gave up on them?

oh boo hoo, your son's equally as retarded tranny friends think you're a bad mum. yawn.(imageboard)

No. 1977406

File: 1710756395442.jpg (33.84 KB, 909x255, 1000030964.jpg)

Jenny Nicholson's chrewn brother in the comments

No. 1977415

File: 1710759488330.jpeg (201.41 KB, 1997x1138, GIvDcr4aUAAf1pD.jpeg)

Are they not contoured pecs? That's what I assumed looking at him.
The last woman that called him out for his creepy behaviour towards minors got stalked, her kids threatened, and her car vandalised. His handmaidens are utterly deranged.
He clearly did this himself.
I have a few caps, nonna! Here's one. (Picrel)

No. 1977419

I'm glad people are calling this disgusting pig out, but why are they suprised?. His first video as a tranny was calling women passive aggressive, gossipy, and slaves to our emotions. He ain't nothin' but a little punk ass bitch who needs to not be famous.

No. 1977420

The first red flag is their preference for Brie Larson’s version of “Black Sheep” over Metric’s. This is an off topic hill I will die upon.

No. 1977422

>I'd still hit if I could
moid moment

No. 1977423

Nothing more passive-aggressive than complaining about the gender you supposedly identify as. It feels like nothing more than insecure projection, yet I can't feel bad for them! Too insecure to be a sissy, too insecure to be a woman. So which is it? Also it's funny how we're the slaves to our emotions whilst men hysterically rant about us. And create new words like 'hysterical' to describe us lol

No. 1977424

File: 1710761670316.jpg (229.67 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20240318-141011_Red…)

No. 1977425

File: 1710761697626.jpg (368.66 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20240318-141018_Red…)

No. 1977427

This just looks like a man that decided to clean up his face and diet. That does not make a woman.

No. 1977428

I guess you can't transition away from looking utterly retarded

No. 1977432

Men really think taking care of themselves is being womanly. That says so much about not only how they view women, but how they think of and take care of themselves. Yuck!

No. 1977442

It's frankly embarrassing how they think taking care of their skin somehow makes them a woman, that they couldn't possibly ever have used a moisturizer as a man

No. 1977444

File: 1710767264132.jpg (900.81 KB, 810x3162, Screenshot_20240318-085828_Red…)

At least this TIM in the comments who's boasting about TIMs aging better than women is getting downvoted:

No. 1977446

Between the entire Tumblr blog controversy and the recent dylan mulvaney song, it becomes evident that troonims created its own downfall. I used to be pro-trans just a few years ago, but it was their blatant degeneracy that made me realize the true nature of their community. I also discovered that many early "trans activists" were actually pedophiles and perverts.

No. 1977449

You guys aren’t discerning of actual troons vs trolls/false flagging whatsoever. It’s actually embarrassing.
>the behavior is just so similar!!!
If you’re retarded. Many peaked handmaidens flock to this movement with the same mindless attitude that they subscribed to gender ideology with. Think for yourself sometime, it feels good.(infighting)

No. 1977452

can post-op troons even feel arousal? what’s the point of sex

No. 1977455

File: 1710770028866.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x3531, 1000004308.jpg)

but remember, it's not a fetish guys!

No. 1977456

>proceeds to list rich celebrities that have access to countless makeup, skincare, and cosmetic procedures as a gotcha against women
OK and? I can list even more women that share the same age as those moids who look even better. What's the point? They still look old and have that moid look to them. Glad he's getting downvoted.

No. 1977461

There’s no way he didn’t get fillers

No. 1977462

that sounds like a typical aspd moid, not bpd. scary

No. 1977463

TIMs age better because they were never attractive or looked good in the first place.

No. 1977468

Upset about what? That a gaggle of losers are hanging out at the super market. Hey at least they are leaving women out of their greased up polycule

No. 1977473

"mentally ill men on high dose cross sex hormones age better because they have to maintain a steady dose of synthetic estrogen which heightens the risk for blood clots and cancer"

except… that besides the changes to the male body that occurs a result of cross sex hormone use they're absolutely still aging. there's no evidence that supplemental estrogen is good for the heart or anything like that. and you will still lose bone mass and see gravity pull your facial tissue down and cause wrinkles and droopiness because estrogen is not a magic anti-aging pill you fucking idiots.

the only thing that might be helping is the fact that female fat distribution focuses the fat deposits in the face which create a youthful look that men don't have. but that also depends on your particular genes.

If you really want to not age badly, ask to be reincarnated as an East Asian or a black African. at least with East Asian people, what maintains their facial volume is the nature of the fat that they have in their face and all of the natural and sexual selection that they've undergone.

No. 1977475

AGP: the timeline
how does his body look so masculine after years of HRT? I think he's using like obnoxiously low doses or something. probably because he wants his dick to work. so womanly! it truly is a sad time when you can use your womandick.

No. 1977478

File: 1710773873175.jpg (382.49 KB, 1080x1438, rofl.jpg)

>go 2 links
>busted progeroid creatures everywhere
>except maybe Carmen Carrera, who just looks his age

My sides

No. 1977485

The person on the left has a leash connected to collars on the other two. Took me a second to notice too

No. 1977490

Couldn't possibly be cosmetic surgery. Nope, hormones are magic

No. 1977496

because HRT isn't available to post-menopausal women right

No. 1977504

but like, they also look like 15 years older than their age. any real woman and especially a celebrity would be obliterated for looking like that lmfao

No. 1977505

Wow, with that preamble, I really thought he was going to exceptionally transgress his personal rule to share with us one of his funniest comebacks. Alas, he managed to do worse than other trannies, and trannies are never witty or pertinent.

No. 1977520

Maybe women who are attracted to feminine men?(sage your shit)

No. 1977538

he's done so much to peak so many people, a true anti-trans legend

No. 1977552

It will never not irk me that most men are slaves to their sexual desire, especially the men being discussed here, yet they act like we're the emotional and hysterical ones.

No. 1977555

I know a "lesbian" who is dating a pornsick catgirl tim who bashes his head into walls and pisses himself in public. Iirc they're both under the age of 25 and he has already gotten his dick chopped off.(blogposting)

No. 1977568

does anyone have the link to the long study on how HRT use is directly linked to pharmaceutical companies trying to repackage and market to a new segment?

I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory but it was the study/series of blog posts that peaked me and I'm trying to share.

No. 1977571

File: 1710787521468.jpeg (428.42 KB, 1284x1022, IMG_2450.jpeg)

THIS JUST IN: local man considers himself too deep and complex for normie foids, prefers company of other men who shares his hobbies - women approached for comment appear to rejoice at this news

No. 1977578

this made me go back and read >>1977444 because i only skimmed it, i literally thought he was in his 40s kek

No. 1977598

he probably got nature's filler (fat)

No. 1977607

Why would anyone get upset? Cringe goth-lite austists have been wandering around on leashes looking for attention in Walmarts everywhere since at least the 90s.

No. 1977612

'Upset'= disgusted

No. 1977615

File: 1710791958151.jpeg (274.66 KB, 1290x1330, buyersremorse.jpeg)

Picrel: They're even over lying to each other, kek.

No. 1977619

So his wife is basically his roommate at this point. Or his hospice nurse depending on how debilitating the complications from the chop are.

No. 1977623

Moids claim to be women, but they've apparently still never heard of lotion. He he seen Gwen Stefani? A troon could never.

No. 1977625

I only know of the Lupron Victims Hub: https://www.lupronvictimshub.com/

They try to recommend lupron for ivf but I do not know if they still do

No. 1977627

The highlighted poster is a long term poster to the surgeries sub. He malds about his surgery but the other trannies almost always ignore him. The head mod usually tries to corral him away.

No. 1977628

Normies aren't going to be angry seeing this. They'll just see a bunch of ugly goth nerds wearing chains at Target and assume it's some kind of alt fashion trend.

No. 1977629

File: 1710793833358.png (164 KB, 691x691, Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 20-32…)

www.pubertyblockerssuck.org is a good one too.

No. 1977637

File: 1710795683287.jpeg (320.03 KB, 1170x2191, IMG_9238.jpeg)

kek that tiktok got over 1m likes too and they’re all fuming

No. 1977642

So they're not even pretending terf has a meaning anymore huh? Just a way to shut down women that dare to criticize and say no to men. That's just feminazi all over again but woke.

No. 1977645

How does this person even qualify as "trans exclusionary?" She uses Dylan's preferred pronouns and even calls him a woman. Her criticisms are literally just about the content of the song. Seems like criticizing trannies for literally anything is now considered transphobic. Ridiculous.

No. 1977662

Terf is an insult now. It no longer has anything to do with radical feminist. Anyone can be a terf to them.

No. 1977671

call us whatever you want. the only reason why women are nice to tims in the first place is because we are trying to be polite and not be met with aggression. i seriously cannot fucking believe that speaking out against stereotypes makes US the hateful ones here

No. 1977686

Wow. These guys are completely ignoring the fact that tons of women have to be on hormone medication even at a young age, but especially at an older age due to hormone and/or uterus imbalances that can threaten your life if untreated. And they don't know the feeling of being slut shamed for having to be on birth control for something like endo, even if you're not having sex. Because they are the ones who sexualize women!! But we can't criticize them even though they are taking that biological experience from us? At least women have the dignity to not botch their bodies when estrogen dwindles. Men on the other hand, become so insecure in not being a "real man" that they start doing shit like this. Cause if you're not a real man, you're essentially a sissy woman. Like that old proverb that women are just men but with a piece missing, therefore making them inferior. Reminds me of when men complain that they can't do "womanly" things. Whose fault is that?? Is it maybe the toxic men in charge of society? Sorry for the rant, I just cannot stand these bastards who think they are anywhere near women, let alone BETTER than them

No. 1977690

If you can't relate to women, why tf are you trying to become one? It's almost like men have a stereotypical and warped perspective on women, that they created or something! Why are these trannies shielded from critique when handmaidens are always complaining (rightfully) about men who do the same thing? It's sad that men brainwashing gullible women into believing their tranny larp is yet another way that men are dominating women in society. If you disagree with them, they'll probably fucking kill you! Personally, I've never come across a woman who has committed senseless violence because someone questioned their femininity lol

No. 1977694

For real! How do these dudes have the nerve to say they're women when they did not grow up as a woman? You have no concept of what adolescence is like for girls, and yet you want to explain it to actual women. How do you know anything you say has any merit? I think it's funny whenever one of em will say like "oh, I played with barbies as a kid!" Okay, so you liked a toy meant for children. And? if anything, that'd probably make you gay, not a whole other gender lol

No. 1977698

>1.1 million likes
Good. The faster terf becomes a meaningless, bullshit buzzword, the better. Too many intelligent women are living in fear of this word and they let that fear dilute their opinions.

No. 1977708

That's the catch 22 of their stupid ideology.
>Gender don't matter
>Stereotype of genders are stupid! It's a construct
>YeAh bUt I plAyeD with a Barbie so I'm a gurlie girl uhu
If gender doesn't matter, why do they need all that plastic surgery, the clothes, the make up, the fake hair and fake moobs?

No. 1977713

Random thought, I wish nonnies would start an unapologetically terfy podcast where they would expose trans ideology. The only vocal people are conservatives and they are not a good facade to convey the message. I would love a podcast of knowledgeable nonnies on the topic just rationally dissecting it without an agenda beyond exposing the insanity, I've learned so much just reading these threads.(derailing)

No. 1977732

Yeah, that'd be great. I personally don't agree with much from the ultra-conservative types, so I wish there were more centrist or left-leaning women who actually cared about this tranny epidemic. But, they'd likely get shot by a man at some point, so I'm not surprised women aren't more open about hating troons

No. 1977734

They dont want to be women, they just want to constantly feel the arousal the women they watch in porn give them.

No. 1977737

Yeah, but that's the justification they hide behind. Besides, I can't imagine being so vain that you could be that attracted to your own body. What an embarrassingly male trait.

No. 1977739

Podcast could be anonymous with some cautious steps but yeah, you are absolutely right. When you see women beaten up literally at a peaceful rally by raging hulking troons in skirts, I can see why no one wants to do it. At least we have JKR.

No. 1977753

It really is unfortunate because there are some non crazy people imo out there speaking on these issues like Helen Joyce, Abigail Shrier, Stella O’Malley, Colin Wright, Deborah Soh, etc. But the only podcasts they get invited onto are right-wing ones.

No. 1977766

Redfem and the Whose Body is It podcasts are both left leaning radfem podcasts I would recommend

No. 1977769

Thank you so much!!

No. 1977770

ilmao at those moid shoulders

No. 1977777

Seconding Redfem. also Gender: A Wider Lens is one I picked up recently, it's two therapists from America and Ireland, they talk mostly about the medical and psychology aspects and how trans ideology has permeated them. They have some pretty interesting guests and insight. I also sometimes listen to Transparency and Heterodorx which feature two FTMs and an MTF (and goofy ass nina paley, love her) respectively, who peaked but are pretty much too medically far gone to detrans, and are honest about their post-transition health issues. They provide an interesting look into what it's like to be an original generation trans person and then waking up from that world when shit really started to get insane. They have good guests like Helen Joyce but there are also moments where I wish I could jump into the discussion and argue with them. It's good to listen to viewpoints you disagree with too I guess!
won't derail again I promise

No. 1977779

For sure! As weird as it sounds, I love hearing about opposite viewpoints from me. I feel like it gives me a different perspective. And can either result in finding a kind of sympathy in the other side, or furthering my own argument. Too bad these trannies aren't willing to hear out "terf" rhetoric, even if they disagree. Maybe they'd actually learn something for once.

No. 1977784

>moid hands
>moid shoulders
>moid traps
>moid skeleton
lol(sage your shit)

No. 1977807

Imagine defending that walking skeleton.

No. 1977812

- The Same Drugs and Feminist Current by Megan Murphy - I have no idea what the difference is between the two podcasts. She talks about terfy subjects, cancel culture, prostitution, etc. She's an og!gender critical on the internet. She also fell in love with a dumb moid and lost her mind, but her podcast is still good, just don't follow her on twitter.
- WDI (Women's Declaration International) podcast - WDI is a terf group dedicated to fighting for women's rights against TIMs. They have a podcast and a youtube channel, and a podcast with audio from the yt channel. You'd want to listen to the Question Time episodes where women talk about what ever sexist douchebaggery (including troonery) is going in in their country and how they are fighting it.
- AfterEllen.com podcast - AfteEllen is a terfy lesbian website that covers lesbians in popculture. They have a podcast, but it hasn't posted an ep in a long while.
- Gender, A Wider Lens - two therapists trying to fight against the gender affirmation model. One of them even started an organization, Genspect, to do that. The podcast is audio from the videos on their yt channel.
- The Lesbian Project Podcast - podcast about lesbian issues hosted by two older terf lesbian feminists from the UK.
- Savage Minds podcast - group blog/magazine headed by a woman named Julian Vigo. She is a terf. Podcast covers terfy, gc issues, and various tops from radical liberal lens.
- Redfem - It's hosted by two lesbian radical feminists, one from UK and one from America. They talk about pop culture and social issues and troonery from a radfem angle, but they are both Marxists so they go into the weeds sometimes with the communist stuff.
- The Debra Soh Podcast - is anti-troon but leans conservative. Interviews a lot of gc people but is also against dei and woke culture e.g. she had Chris Rufo on once.
- A Special Place in Hell - hosted by two women who are both liberal and terfy, focus is on cancel culture and hot topics, but they had a couple of takes I thought were too conservative so I dropped them.
- You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist podcast by Stephanie Winn. It's technically a mental health podcast, Winn is a licensed therapist, but she spends a lot of time discussing all the problems with trans stuff. The podcast is audio from her yt channel.
- FiLiA podcast. FiLiA is a gc UK-based feminist charity.
- It is MA'AM! with Mel and K podcast - "It is MA'AM! with Mel and K is a show that covers the serious issues of the day with a little bit of humor. We discuss things like Keeping Prisons Single Sex, Trans Widows, Free Speech, Women's Rights, Women's Sports, Child Safeguarding, Indoctrination, Narcissistic Abuse, and Living in Reality. We talk a lot of shite, we learn a lot of stuff, and we have a lot of fun doing it." The podcast is audio from their youtube channel.

No. 1977820

>tims age
i don't think so(sage your shit)

No. 1977831

You could potentially troll 4channers with this image and say "what happened to Moot…" or "here's what Moot looks like now, feeling old yet?"
Assuming that they wouldn't make "literally who" comebacks because of Hiroyuki owning the site now. The resemblance to Moot is somewhat there.

No. 1977832

A Is Who As
Woman Anyone Identifies One

No. 1977837

File: 1710836738530.jpeg (377.43 KB, 1170x1056, 39443E85-3D2C-43BF-94BB-D29623…)

“Female fatties are men” thanks team progressive

No. 1977840

Ayrt, Thank you so much for the recs! That is awesome.
>It's good to listen to viewpoints you disagree with too I guess!
Oh I don't mind, you're absolutely right! It's more that some of these GC vocal people have viewpoints like "women must submit to men", I don't really need to hear that kek.

I cannot thank you enough nona! I'm gonna look into it, that is so great. Tysm

No. 1977843

This Tik Tok from Clarkson Lawson (conservatard, but moderate on a lot of issues) has 4 million views & over 600k likes. People really aren’t happy, and it’s not just the crazy far right people.

No. 1977846

I've noticed a lot of tiktoks from otherwise libfem women (and some radfems) getting 100k+ likes while criticizing him. In comparison all of the handmaidens and TIFs/NB women defending him are getting under 1k likes. The usual TERF accusations aren't working to silence the more libfem women either.

No. 1977862

So they're admitting that they are a plight on women lol? I don't think he made the point he thought he did. Also, side note, what's degenerate about fat women??

No. 1977866

File: 1710845956588.png (95.28 KB, 292x292, risatas chad.png)

it's like that south park episode where they sacrifice britney to make the crops grow. Mulvaney has been allowed to get himself to this point and now it's time for them to bathe in the scarlet feeding frenzy.

No. 1977897

File: 1710854688219.png (1.84 MB, 828x4976, screencapture-twitter-aspenast…)

This woman got assaulted by a tranny, and the police are essentially refusing to do anything.

All trannies essentially act the same, I'm noticing more and more that things like race are a non factor. The man that attacked the OP of this post is no different from "it's a man's world, and i have 'male' on my birth certificate!!" Nikita Dragun to me (and we don't even need to talk about all the violent/rape ape white programmer sock trannies who were typical /pol/ incels before, or the Indian hijras kidnapping, grooming and sometimes killing kids) but TRAs and racists will make endless excuses or demand you split hairs. Mentally ill, often violent narcs.

No. 1977905

How come no one ever says short men face transphobia?

No. 1977907

>It's more that some of these GC vocal people have viewpoints like "women must submit to men"
I genuinely don't know how you run into it so often. I'm happy to watch right-leaning content for GC, un-woke sanity (fight me, nonnas!), and I very rarely run into one like that. Labelling anything GC as 'evil extreme far-right anti-feminists' is a strategy that TRAs have used very well, and people are so committed to their 'side' that they'll refuse to listen to other perspectives on principle.
Because even TRAs don't give a fuck about TiFs kek

No. 1977911

Not OP, but I find it's the opposite for me. I really only come across really conservative misogynistic gc women. Maybe it's a algorithmic issue or difference? I've noticed that, despite YouTube/Google as companies trying to appease more left-leaning ideals, YouTube as a platform primarily recommends christian and patriotic content to me. Even though I don't watch anything even remotely political on YT.

No. 1977913

File: 1710856951109.png (13.45 KB, 465x352, ThankYouScroteToss.png)

No. 1977937

Ayrt, You've totally blown out of proportion what I wrote, but I won't derail anymore. I thank the nonnies who were nice enough to share several interesting sources that are not Matt Walsh or Rita Panahi (the ones that I can think of on top of my head).

Yeah that's pretty much what I meant, every time I looked for GC content on YouTube, I'd find the odd academic doing a fantastic job dissecting the issue rationally with interesting and solid arguments and then a string of right-wing nutters that are just misogynists. I don't mind listening to them but it's tiresome and there's no denying people won't take them seriously, even when they make valid points.

No. 1977947

File: 1710860888366.png (49.59 KB, 664x715, CAPTURE.png)

decided to look him and lmao he's blocked, I don't think I've interacted with him. I wonder if I'm on some terf blocklist.(sage your shit)

No. 1977952

File: 1710861523300.png (40.63 KB, 598x457, ouroboros.png)

No. 1977960

Clare said nothing wrong. The amount of women who are married to men who come out as fags and test these women for their own sexuality is now the same as men as come out as trannies. Yet trannies are worse since they probably steal their wife's clothing too.

No. 1977977

Clare is a man. I looked at his account and he gets mad when TERFs block him. He just wants to be one of the girls

No. 1977986

Context please

No. 1977987

Ugh, cringe. Not surprised more trannies don't adopt "terf" lingo to try and infiltrate actual women's spaces to prey on them. It'd probably give them an excuse for an nlog phase too, since that's something that no man can ever experience considering that mentality comes from the societal oppression of women. But even if they're pretending, having to acknowledge that they are fakers will result in mass suicide, so they never would. They're too vain to off themselves.

No. 1977989

It's probably based on who you follow, Nona. Their faggoty block plug-ins like Shinigami Eyes and such "redlist" people who follow anyone else who is also redlisted. You can be auto-blocked for following John Cleese, for instance.

No. 1977996

Why John Cleese lol?

No. 1978001

File: 1710871069078.jpeg (273.67 KB, 1202x1256, 66A64631-2C4A-47D3-8984-986A2B…)

He’s not a fan of troon ideology and some old jokes have been deemed “transphobic”. I like this tweet he made about it. He’s not wrong either. TRAs act way more people-they-dislike-phobic than most of their opposition.

No. 1978002

Huh! I knew that about the joke "controversy", but not the tweet. Add that to the list of reasons to like him I guess haha

No. 1978042

File: 1710879430698.png (203.53 KB, 1058x744, Screen Shot 2024-03-19 at 12.3…)

Women have to put up with so much bullshit from men at work

No. 1978043

kek retard, becoming unrecognizable from your previous self isn't a good thing or that you're a true and bonafide woman, means that you're destroyed yourself beyond belief. also, twice does he mention jaws dropping, your transfiction needs better vocabulary, loser.

No. 1978046

File: 1710880338424.png (828.71 KB, 717x727, image.png)

fuck this troon, I hope the woman gets justice
he's so fucking deranged he managed to bite down on her ass of all places. like biting is freakish enough but there?
i mean my jaw would hit the floor too if i found out my co-worker who looked like picrel was earnestly calling himself "aria" and i'd be questioning if he jerked it to maisey williams while she still looked like a child

No. 1978061

Its so funny when they post tranfiction with their obviously male faces attached to it lmao

No. 1978084

File: 1710887510515.mp4 (2.73 MB, copycat.mp4)

Poor wife, did this tranny really need to be on the news?

No. 1978087

File: 1710888058132.png (279.18 KB, 1240x1216, Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 4.42.…)

I decided to look him up to see if his wife had left him and found out that several disturbing complaints had been made against him. pic rel.

No. 1978101

I definitely get recced more hyper conservative stuff alongside the rational ones I watch, but YT still tries to push the far-left gendie crap at me too, despite me never watching it. Maybe it's regional/demographic too? I couldn't get it to stop flooding me with pro-trans stuff for ages.
I think you may have mistook my tone, I wasn't telling you off, nonna! Though I love Rita Panahi kek, I didn't realise she was controversial.
Did you find out if his wife left him? Her saying 'I thought it was just a fetish'…. yes, it is.

No. 1978114

>"Most people, I think, in this area are accepting."
"Hawkins says she hopes for a life where the neighbors don't balk."

Can't even keep his sob story straight on a televised news broadcast lmfao

No. 1978117

Woman says "as long as she does her job" meanwhile >>1978087
>Allegations she gives preference to other trannies.

No. 1978118

This tranny seemingly got away with showing people under 21 a gnarly sex tape, drinking on the job, and overall prejudice?? wtf this goes way beyond the average incompetence of police

No. 1978132

Not really, unfortunately. Problem employees get passed between departments and states instead of getting fired.

No. 1978146

I hope she left that disgusting creature.

No. 1978149

Like imagine being young, starting a new job, and the predatory troon boss pressures you to drink illegally and then makes you watch his homemade sissy gangbang porn. TIMs can get away with absolutely anything. He's like an alzheimer's level of pornsick, just absolutely delusional, and no one is stopping him.

No. 1978150

File: 1710900998261.png (869.41 KB, 1284x886, Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 8.17.…)

I think she left him. This article is from the same year as the video. He sometimes refers to her in his story as his ex wife or his wife. He said his 7 year old daughter found out he was trans because a ghost told her. pic rel and article here https://archive.is/t3Orx

No. 1978151

File: 1710901161500.png (1.65 MB, 1938x1236, Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 8.21.…)

Correct. I found an article saying he was promoted in 2018. He did all the sex tape/drinking with underage people in 2016. https://archive.is/UfAL4

No. 1978156

There is no way he's not getting bullied by the other cops.

No. 1978158

I'm not sorry but for what? Degeneracy?
Why. Why does this happen.

No. 1978168

>He said his 7 year old daughter found out he was trans because a ghost told her


No. 1978172

it’s like if luke wilson got fat and trooned out

No. 1978179

I know what this anon is talking about, it was a Substack or Medium writer who posted several years ago. The post in question was very long and detailed, but engagingly written. I remember her saying she'd been chased off several sites but can't remember many more details than that. I've been looking for it too

No. 1978182

File: 1710909468849.mp4 (2.89 MB, 576x1246, v09044g40000ck64v93c77u21emnum…)

this video is kinda old, i actually forgot about it on my phone. but a child troon got the shit beaten out of him and tiktok reacted better than i thought. this isn’t my recording, the person i saved this from was pissy that everyone wasn’t rioting over a boy in a dress being beaten up.

No. 1978184

Was it called inauthentic selves?

No. 1978204

Anon, there is a line between hating retarded adult troons and not caring about an 11 year old, who definitely didn’t have the idea himself to troon out, getting beaten. Use your brain.

No. 1978206

>and then the little ghost girl took her to the basement and showed her my stash of women's clothing and wigs and heels and shoes
How fucking bleak. The child probably didn't know how to tell her parents that she had discovered that her dad likes to wear women's clothes and was disturbed by it. I hope she lives with her mom. Why no troon on the entire planet can be normal or actually care about their family.

No. 1978207

Or he showed her himself and made her lie about it. Wouldn't surprised if he purposefully exposed her to his fetish

No. 1978209

was previously on medium but it's since been 404'd. ok, done with the derailing

No. 1978210

Yeah that's nonsense. Guarantee you the daughter found out because troon dad wanted to do "makeovers" or something behind mom's back.

No. 1978222

The 'pulled back the sheets' and 'took her to the basement' is creepy af.

No. 1978239

>halifax ns
oh you mean one of the biggest troon centrals in canada where being a troon is protected class meanwhile half the old fucks run to the front of the bus if someone with melanin sits nearby? yeah I'm sure that kid was totally part of a hate crime and not just beat up for normal kid reasons. go down one of the (few) main streets and it's covered in troon flags with a damn pride crosswalk with the stores half owned by rich troons and enbys. gentrifying the old Africville but complaining when other white people do the same kek, they think troondom separates whiteness from them despite opening expensive niche shops
It's a university town filled with troons top to bottom, this is the same town a troon kept assaulting his home nurses and they kept his male identity hidden from every new nurse they sent him. and of course hid his history of abusing literally every young female nurse who saw him so none of them were even warned of a "female" patient being violent let alone his troon nature.
Glad to see people not falling for this narrative that some troon kid must obviously be innocent. I think most of us remember how boys were like in school, by age 12 most are terrors. Sorry for a-logging but this having lived in that shit town it's utter bullshit to imagine a kid being targeted for being a troon there

No. 1978259

File: 1710943036173.png (68.52 KB, 678x595, just say you hate women.png)

I hate libfems so fucking much.

No. 1978269

Men are excluded from womanhood because they're men. No one else "degenders" women but trannies trying to use mental gymnastics and loopholes to be included in womanhood. They can't help but tell on themselves, just say fat or black women don't make your peepee hard and go.

No. 1978276

Wow way to tell on themselves. The only people they consider women are young, thin and white who wear dresses and have long hair? It's like their entire concept of female comes from cartoons. But I guess this is the result when you try and separate gender from biology, all you have left are stereotypes from a sexist and racist society shaped by male sexuality. Fucking bleak.

No. 1978282

I cant put into words how much I hate the "fat women are basically genderless" narrative. As if the unfathomable hatred fat girls and women recieve daily isnt specifically based on their female sex and the percieved extreme transgression of being unfuckable and "ugly" to people. I know many fat tifs have already been coping by calling themselves genderless or male due to their size

No. 1978286

It's just such bullshit, I've never met a man or a woman that thought of "fat" women as genderless and there are enough people attracted to women outside the beauty standards. They just can't cope with the fact that a fat woman is still and always will be a woman, while they will never be one.

No. 1978312

also its so telling how they mention elderly women. thats such a male thing to say. nobody on the entire planet thinks of elderly women as genderless or not "full" women. a lot of moids however see them as invisible because theyre not attracted to them. this entire tweet can be summed up with "the only women who count as women are ones that get my dick hard". which in itself is also ridiculous because as youve said there are plenty of people who are attracted to gnc, fat, black, and elderly women. so really op is just showing his nasty ass here

No. 1978321

This Troon I found in the wild via yt comment section… took a tiny look at his glaringly agp profile picture and decided to check out his channel… to no surprise it’s him and his autistic obsession with chainsaws… extremely scary

No. 1978325

keep him away from everyone and everything.

No. 1978326

File: 1710958606188.png (145.3 KB, 658x630, vJSAV.png)

came across this specimen recently, I mean at least he's honest about what he is.

No. 1978338

holy shit the audacity. and if there really is someone out there who considers any of these women as incomplete women, it's not like troon ideology is making them think otherwise.

No. 1978341

File: 1710961252285.png (368.83 KB, 1032x1518, Screenshot_20240320-133825-675…)

just girly~ things (wanting to fuck around while your wife raises your newborn)

No. 1978342

I hope he gets the chop and ends up 41%, that seems to be the fate of most AGPs.

No. 1978343

File: 1710961415512.png (255.2 KB, 747x602, Screenshot.png)

I mean he's not wrong.

No. 1978347

File: 1710962228086.jpg (205.76 KB, 917x405, greencard.jpg)

I looked at her account and it's a green card marriage kek. It seems like they might be divorcing soon, which will be good for her and the baby.

No. 1978353

can someone explain to me the logic behind why a TiM could be a literal repeated assaulter, rapist, or pedo and people still insist on respecting their pronouns and larping as a woman? He physically assaulted her and she still tiptoes around calling him male. I really don't get it

No. 1978355

File: 1710964738171.jpeg (754.87 KB, 1170x2016, 6B571268-641E-4696-9008-4A67F4…)

this man always has pseudo-intellectual babble on his page. lesbians are seen as regressive BECAUSE they don’t want to fuck TiMs, that’s not comparable to said transwomen

No. 1978356

this, I've seen so many elderly women that are way more beautiful than every troon could ever be and still, it's not about that. The most I was judged for how I look was by men, not women. No woman ever thought of me as not "fuckable enough" to have a conversation with me and they are really telling on themselves, as the only way how they judge us is by our looks and how much they want to have sex with us or make a bodysuit out of us.

No. 1978359

didn't he also defend Andrea Long-Chu?

No. 1978360

please no b& for a-log or blog but holy fuck, as a disabled woman i seriously hope these men seek rope asap. scumbags

No. 1978361

File: 1710965764137.jpg (231.02 KB, 1080x602, 1000031029.jpg)

this is one of the more bizarre specimens wrt troon autism. I wonder where the compulsive interest ends and the sexual fixation begins

No. 1978362

Because if she doesn't, she'll get more abuse from more deranged men and their handmaidens.

No. 1978365

>women that men don't find fuckable are basically genderless blobs
Libfems are so moid brained sometimes. And the worst part is that insecure women from those groups who feel like they don't fit society's ideal of "what a woman should be" are very likely to TIF out. I remember seeing a Buzzfeed article or something where this fat black woman said that she felt that her blackness and weight "distanced her from womanhood"
This isn't the article I'm talking about but the fact that this isn't a one off thing is a problem.

No. 1978366

File: 1710967620511.png (175.95 KB, 1462x710, Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 4.47…)

She's so close

No. 1978367

I went nonbinary in high school for being a hairy girl with a flat chest lol. The TiF thing is like takes common disillusionment with womanhood/female beauty standards sees women and TiMs enjoying femininity “Oh I’m a trans man.” It sucks when TiMs force-masculinize fat women and black women, they know what they’re doing

No. 1978373

for her sake i hope she wakes up one day and decides to stop being a handmaiden. baby i promise you'll be less stressed being a divorced single mother of one than a married single mother of one infant and a man-child tranny.

No. 1978377

It makes sense if you remember that we’re supposed to really, truly believe that TWAW. A woman doesn’t stop being a woman because she did something horrible. Taking away a TIM’s pronoun privileges when he commits crimes would show that she never really saw him as a woman and was only pretending to as a courtesy. The whole facade would come tumbling down, and they can’t have that.

No. 1978379

This feels psychotic. Regardless of your politics, this is a genuinely antisocial reaction to hearing about a child being beaten and head-stomped. It's not good for anyone here to forget their actual principles and lose themselves in fervor.

No. 1978387

This dude and his specific cliche of fandom-obsessed trannies are so exhaustingly annoying. I especially detest the friendly facade he tries to keep around when mentioning yaoi/fujoshi as if in search of solidarity, but how on the converse he literally can't go for one week without publicly seething at the fact ao3 is a female dominated space yet full of M/M fanfiction, etc.

No. 1978395

I'm a little high and at first I read that as "A flat girl with a hairy chest"

No. 1978405

File: 1710975203212.jpg (50.89 KB, 800x450, agree.jpg)

>desire to not be a man
so you agree? you're a man? Nevermind the fact that desire does not a true and honest woman make. Just because you desire to be a thing doesn't mean you are or it's possible to become that thing. And I like how hes trying to position it as if the only reason for transition is the morally sympathetic muh society cope, ignoring how his actions are a direct enforcement of said gender hierarchy

No. 1978412

Just when i thought Finkelstein couldn't be more based

He loves to play the 'it's a joke!' card, even though he's constantly malding about women not catering to his fetish. His pseudo-deep rants about yuri remind me of how Long Chu claimed that having a porn addiction is a 'quintessential expression of womanhood'. I feel so bad for female GL readers who have to put up with vermin like this being all over tags and yuri discussions

No. 1978420

File: 1710979654321.jpg (530.5 KB, 1069x1742, 1000009017.jpg)

Can they stop with this already no one is going to believe this horse shit except fellow troons

No. 1978422

periods syncing isnt even real this is literally some psychosomatic shit

No. 1978428

File: 1710981872826.jpg (269.22 KB, 1216x2048, GJIj6_ZWIAAFyQ6.jpg)

I wish troons like him would drop dead

No. 1978430

File: 1710981921093.jpg (454.53 KB, 1079x2082, 1000031042.jpg)

TIMs are apparently now totally comfortable saying #FreeCWC what the fuck kek

No. 1978431

If estrogen caused psuedoperiods, wouldn't there be some record of that happening in men who naturally have too much estrogen? Can't argue that it's medical "transphobia" if there's no previous records because any medical issues that effect men will immediately get funding and research implemented.

No. 1978434

Periods are when you shit and are cranky- trannies.

No. 1978435

Periods is when chocolate and sore tummie <3

No. 1978440

a troon walks into a bar and the bartender asks “why the long face?”
jk she says get tf out! this is a lesbian bar and pornsick freaks like you are the bane of our existence

No. 1978441

Nona why are you doing stand up comedy in here?

No. 1978458

Sage and sorry for derail, but this is a topic that has been on my mind recently. Feel free to delete this if it clogs up the thread!

Sometimes you see sane women say that tranny crimes should not be considered 'women's crimes' because they're fudging the numbers and giving the peaceful sex the reputation of men. The only time I have seen a further argument was by suggesting that there should be a trans-specific criminal category so that neither sex's stats were misconstrued. Shockingly, the troons flipped their lids in response to this. Saying that having their own category is transphobic and alienating them from being considered "real" women. Yet, in that case, there should really only be one criminal category. One that includes both sexes in an overall statistic. But there's not. And you don't see women complaining that we're being singled out in crime by misogyinsts because we don't care, and understand the biological differences in the brain between sexes that tend to correlate to average kinds of crime. So, if actual women don't get pissy about this, why are troons (who supposedly are women) allowed to?

No. 1978459

Samefag, but also, why not fix this trans sports issue by making trans-only sport teams? Everybody knows that 90% of sport fans are crummy dudebros who don't gaf about women's sports to begin with, so why are the trannies so gung-ho about being included? Why not train to become the best amongst other athlete troons so you can feel like the ultimate trans person? Why do men who are below average in sports suddenly transition and dominate women's sports? Is it maaayyyybe because they know they'll never amount to anything unless they are competing against people physically less capable? I think, in an ideal world, there wouldn't be so many constructed, stereotypical differences between men and women, but there are obviously still biological and physical differences no matter how frail a man or strong a woman. It's crazy to me how libfems can insinuate that there are NO differences between the sexes, and it's ALL social construct, while defending troons exhibiting that behavior in the same breath.

No. 1978462

It’s because they want to invade female only spaces. They feel so entitled to be seen as one of us yet want to dominate and claim superiority as well (male moment). This whole trans superiority bullshit that is consistently brought back to is rooted in a hatred for women

No. 1978464

This is better suited for the Gender Ideology Hate thread (you might get redtexted)

No. 1978465

a troon walks into a bar and the bartender goes “neighhhh?”

No. 1978468

File: 1710990601510.jpeg (420.75 KB, 1290x2072, IMG_4787.jpeg)

Apparently troons despite not actually being a large population invented punk and are apparently the only people to ever exist. Why do they try and erase homosexual men so much? Why do they act like children being exploited for money = brave and stunning sub culture.

No. 1978470

File: 1710990817744.jpeg (632.92 KB, 1290x2399, IMG_4792.jpeg)

All of the sources listed are from “anarchist troons/translesbian historians” so men obsessed with homeless youth claiming little boys being exploited = totally trans because they had to be gay, completely ignoring how these boys were doing anything for survival.

Trans people and their obsession with children and sex is so glaringly obvious that it’s a twisted fetish.

No. 1978474

I'm speechless. These people just take and take

No. 1978475

File: 1710992148856.png (100.65 KB, 584x436, IMG_8164.png)

I can't believe the spectator is copying the og terf azumarill lolcow post
so punk has nothing to do with music or counterculture and everything to do with child prostitution, source: twitter rando who definitely does not have a suspiscious fixation in child prostitution.

No. 1978476

Gay erasure. Imagine taking away the masculinity of young men to fit the narrative of Adam and Eve. It’s as if they can’t see themselves explaining sex work as being a natural women trait(sage your shit)

No. 1978478

nta but why not, i love seinfeld-chan

No. 1978479

Incoming Seinfeld-chan podcast requests(sage your shit)

No. 1978486

KEK the word punk refering to prostitution is from the 1590s and changed to mean hoodlum around the late 1890s and early 1900s but sure the modern punk scene was influenced by Shakespearian transfem child prostitutes.

No. 1978488

these tards hate reading and listening to anything so much, reading up on the side effects of their holy HRT or horror stories of SRS, to even just looking up the audio of Chris admitting to raping his mother.

No. 1978489

Disgusting claim. I hope this person says this in front of victims of sex trafficking so he can get his teeth punched in.

No. 1978500

I don't agree with him or even Marxists in general, but if you were an actually believing communist you'd realize how obviously exploitative the transgender industry was and how it's just based fetishism.

No. 1978501

by that logic. the young boys raped in Afghanistan are "trans girls" now?

No. 1978503

File: 1711003904797.png (614.44 KB, 598x598, dk.png)

I wonder where the fuck these people got the idea that punk was PC. There's absolutely nothing punk about a post-modernist ideology that treats identity as a good that can be purchased from cosmetic surgeons, fast fashion stores, and pharmaceutical companies. There's nothing punk about buying a polyester flag made in a Chinese sweatshop and hanging it in your suburban home. There's nothing punk about the sort of illiberal censoriousness most TRAs push for. The fucking Tories, the party of Margaret Thatcher, introduced the ill-fated self ID bill. You aren't punk just because people are annoyed by you, trannies– by the same logic, vegans and Jehovah's Witnesses are punk.

No. 1978504

They don't want that for three reasons. One, the leagues would be puny and they wouldn't get very much media coverage, which is bad because trannies feed off of attention. Two, they want not only to win, but to mistreat the evil cis women they envy deeply while doing so. Three, they're just straight-up racist and think it's equivalent to racial segregation in sports, which is nonsense.

No. 1978517

There are (very rare) cases of men getting breast cancer and even something resembling endometriosis and you can bet your ass those are well recorded, studied and widely discussed. There was a period of time where I couldn’t attend an oncology seminar without at least one presenter pointing out that breast cancer affects men too. If a man ever menstruated at any point in recent history there would be a case study of it, and if it were common in TIMs there would be multiple studies on this. They say they want to put uteruses in men to carry a pregnancy for fuck’s sake yet for some reason they’re ignoring all these men who totally get periods? Sure.
The real reason nobody’s studying this is because it’s a catch-22; either they do the study properly and they get censored and cancelled by the trans lobby, or they fudge the results and risk getting called out on it by other scientists and potentially ruin their reputation forever. Those are the options. If anyone believed that a proper scientific study could find that males get periods, they would be champing at the bit to be the first to publish on this and get on the cover of Nature. The silence is very telling.

No. 1978539

i lold anon what a whimsical description

No. 1978542

ot tangent but true punk was an extremely short-lived subculture that managed to hold onto its ideological roots for maybe a couple of years, a decade tops, after which it already "sold out". Even the movie SLC Punk kinda admits no one knows what punk really means. Lmao at gen z creating their own PC, everything-friendly, consumable version of punk. It was always about revolting against WHATEVER status quo there was, and nowadays the status quo is so all-consuming gen z can't think outside of it, so even modern punks are just people wearing shitty clothes with extremely milquetoast views. Punk has been a really outdated concept for ages - it's really not clicking for teens wearing 'punk is not ded' and pronoun pins in the same outfit. Gen z just needs to think of something new. Personally i think true grunge could use a revival.

No. 1978547

Being pushed into sex work is such a bullshit narrative for modern 1st world troons it's embarrassing to see them shout it out when literally everywhere accepts troons as workers and it is legislative discrimination if you don't. Starbucks pays your surgery and looks great on a resume, these porn sick freaks just want to get paid to have sex

No. 1978550


The troon idea of "sex work" is posting nasty butthole and shriveled hog online, not actual prostitution.

No. 1978573

File: 1711036156616.mp4 (3.15 MB, 720x1280, troonytoons - 1770719159430660…)

No wonder she was running, he's fucking horrifying (headphone users beware).

No. 1978575

This reminds me of a troon being upset that they could'nt get a job at a regular strip club, I'm surpised they don't make a bigger fuss about not being able to be strippers. If they do do sex work they are forced into showing their booty holes or dicks or actually selling them to men/chasers, because I assume nobody wants to watch a troon shake his dick in a circle outside of gay clubs.

No. 1978594

File: 1711040919002.jpeg (484.16 KB, 590x951, IMG_9655.jpeg)

No. 1978597

Wow, could he look any more like a mentally ill drug addicted scrote who looks like he's about to murder someone?

No. 1978603

this is an image of a rail thin man, where's the 'ripped' part?

No. 1978609

File: 1711046072708.jpeg (216.09 KB, 750x671, 4DFF9722-70FD-422A-BC43-920012…)

i gotta get the fuck off tumblr kek

No. 1978610

File: 1711046127414.png (5.18 MB, 1538x2048, 815BD5D2-34B2-422A-B301-24E1A4…)

samefagging to post the selfie

No. 1978613

>'forced to go through' male puberty
>calls it RAPE and mutilation

Honestly nothing else clocks him quite as hard as this one thing.

not even his bone structure

No. 1978616

>No helmet or kneepads
If chemical castration doesn't eliminate this guy from the gene pool, natural selection sure will

No. 1978618

Boo fucking hoo. Everybody hates puberty, but this guy has to take it up a notch with his mental illness.

No. 1978623

The narrative that Tumblr staff deliberately deletes posts of ugly trannies because they dare to post their mugs makes me laugh. Maybe they deleted it because you accuse your parents of rape? Nah must be my ugly man face

No. 1978630

>greasy unkempt hair
>no fashion sense (why is he wearing a belt on his neck?)
>dead-eyed stare
>agp smirk
it's like male troons all started skinwalking each other instead of actual women with how many of them have these 4 traits in common

No. 1978640

awwww how sad, some children don't even get to eat enough to go through puberty on time, your parents are soooo cruel to have let you have proper bone development against your wishes of being an cute animu yuri girl

No. 1978648

File: 1711053544124.mp4 (8.41 MB, 1080x1920, CharlieCraggs.mp4)

clock at first sight

No. 1978649

File: 1711053616386.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.72 KB, 512x702, gross.jpg)

thumbnail of one of his reels

No. 1978652

File: 1711054215788.mp4 (Spoiler Image,6.99 MB, 1080x1920, posting again spoiler bc he ju…)

Ted Levine could never

No. 1978654

File: 1711054636938.png (278.74 KB, 462x445, kek.png)

face of someone very well adjusted

No. 1978656

Literally can't help himself from groping his tits and flashing his panties LOL

No. 1978672

He's built like a fucking gorilla.

No. 1978677

yeah totes a women with his moobs out even the guy at the entrance was laughing at him.

No. 1978680

File: 1711061895894.mp4 (1.92 MB, 720x1280, L__G__B - 1770589431851847936.…)

Another hideous 'transbian' trying to be funny

No. 1978682

you forgot the dog collar

No. 1978684

he looks like a fucking high school sci teacher kek

No. 1978691

File: 1711063461544.png (11.36 MB, 3221x3245, IMG_1413.png)

Yeah. Masc lesbians. Not men.

No. 1978700

File: 1711065707960.jpg (114.01 KB, 640x853, 1000031063.jpg)

lmaooooo. he will never be her.

No. 1978701

Sad to know she’s also a TIF (from her tumblr profile: “ for the big & tall clothing-wearing non-cisgender-male individual”, because of course, women can’t dress like this. Women can only do skirts and corsets.

No. 1978713

I remember when I found her in my world of Warcraft Facebook group earlier this year (cringe I know lmao) but her Troon husband was like here’s my new fit hehe. This woman used to be skinny and in the navy kek

No. 1978718

This shit creeps me out more than the average goth girl skinwalker. Maybe because they're specifically aping lesbians who want nothing to do with them. It's obvious they've studied a certain type of woman, maybe a deluded "ally" in their life, or a woman who rejected them once. The more accurate the cosplay, the creepier it gets. Also kek at his long ass feet lmao
Holy shit she really was in the navy?? Incredible

No. 1978724

File: 1711072186327.jpg (14.05 KB, 680x383, 20230509_150332.jpg)

everyone is "forced" to go through puberty. it's not like any of us had a choice in the matter. troons don't seem to understand that giving a prepubesent kid cross sex hormones their bodies don't even need won't actually make them go through opposite sex puberty either. these dumbasses really just view puberty as nothing more than getting secondary sex characteristics

No. 1978730

File: 1711073794086.png (4.05 MB, 1534x1214, wallace.png)

I really thought this was the wife of that one hideous Wallace-lookalike Redditor who's always posting his repulsive deck selfies. Had to look him up and of course he was clogging up the front page of r/OldHagFashion like he always is.

No. 1978740

just further proof new york is cancer kek

No. 1978749

File: 1711079786861.jpg (30.27 KB, 228x306, anthony-perkins-as-norman-bate…)

No. 1978762

File: 1711082570401.jpg (35.1 KB, 289x288, Jerry-Only~3.jpg)

No. 1978768

KEK is that thing wearing a fucking breastplate

No. 1978774

File: 1711086992991.jpeg (534.88 KB, 750x2281, IMG_5653.jpeg)

become? he clearly already is.

No. 1978792

how the fuck do these people get hired in the first place, i don't understand why any employer would willingly put up with this shit unless hiring troons is their way of virtue signalling vaguely progressive values

No. 1978800

I'm pretty sure cooks are in high demand so if they can get one and maybe he also works for below market prices as long as they do a little song and dance about his imaginary gender, I can easily see corporate doing that.

No. 1978812

diversity quotas

No. 1978826

File: 1711105073402.png (150.78 KB, 602x596, Screenshot.png)

looks like the troons are really mad over this.

No. 1978842

>Holy shit she really was in the navy??
Considering how many military men troon out, that’s probably where she met her husband.

No. 1978851

Any idea why the military breeds troons? I’d assume something to do with not feeling man enough. Also it doesn’t seem as common in European military but I’d like to hear other nonas thoughts

No. 1978852

Military is abusive and will make a male who doesn't fit in with societal expectations of masculinity feel even more alienated. The idea that the military "will make me into a real man" is false and can make a sensitive guy feel hopeless. Men are openly recruited by devious tactics with the idea of a career so many men who really don't have direction in life go into the military. It's a perfect storm scenario where vulnerable men are taken advantage of, traumatized, disillusioned and feel like the rejection of male socialization = woman. In simple terms it's the common scenario of failed/lesser men are women. All men I know who were military came back more violent and one who was already a more sensitive type trooned out.

No. 1978853

>supervisor told me to call manager a hate monger
Quite the Twitter dynamic going on in his revenge fantasy against an old man. It is also such a male thing to try to be as annoying as humanely possible in order to get reactions or get back at someone

No. 1978854

this post is old but does anyone else get major selfpost vibes from this kek

No. 1978856

there's a type of troon that's an ultra high achieving male that tends to be very domineering and masculine as well as narcissistic. they do well in the military. they also have this idea that they're the best at everything (due to being a narc) and that carries over into wanting to be the "best woman" as well. literally no actual woman is good enough for them, so they try to become their ideal gf.

No. 1978862

File: 1711117297578.jpg (67.41 KB, 1170x856, Baldursgayte.jpg)

No. 1978868

Wish I could take credit for this theory but I can't even remember where I ran into it: the idea goes that because some men are just self-aware enough to realize that killing for the sake of killing is abhorrent, but not self-aware enough to realize they can fucking end it, they dissociate completely from "the man who killed those people". Not viewing women as people but as ciphers, objects representing the opposite of A Man, they build false identities for themselves as pseudo-women to run away from having been part of a system of violence.

That they continue to act violently doesn't bother them at all because women aren't violent and therefore their behavior isn't violence, now, not when it isn't being done by a man. Basically it's just dissociation bass boosted

No. 1978869

File: 1711118954468.jpeg (20.77 KB, 300x169, IMG_7478.jpeg)

Yeah he played Nocturne, Shadowheart's friend from the Sharran temple. I clocked it was him immediately and he did a pretty bad job. It was so stilted and obviously 'acted', took me out of the game.

No. 1978878

he has the fakest, most annoying trans voice i’ve ever heard. literally nails on a chalkboard. him getting voice acting jobs makes no sense.

No. 1978880

The problem with that theory is that the overwhelmingly majority of people in the military don't ever get into combat situations. I do think there is some aspect of masculinity insecurity that makes them wanna join, but I think one thing people are forgetting is that a good chunk of join the military for are there for the benefits. For example, my cousin joined because he wanted the medical benefits for his family and also to earn enough money for college, he didn't go to combat either, he repaired trucks.

No. 1978881

If the misgendering manager were a woman this post would read
>How do I get this horrible terf fired and make sure she never finds work anywhere ever again
But since it’s a man he’s “not a bad person” and the worst this guy does is be obnoxious to him. Why is it literal murder when a woman calls a ma’an sir but not when another man does it?

No. 1978885

I hope the customers misgender him even more aggressively the more he's openly trans.

No. 1978892

The worst crime a women can commit is to malign a man in any form. What one woman says is what all women think, we are a monolith after all, so it’s imperative men silence any woman that speaks against a man.

No. 1978908

File: 1711129806161.jpeg (1.33 MB, 750x7862, IMG_5677.jpeg)

this tranny who thinks he’s superior to actual women is such a charity case people give him shit for free like he’s a make-a-wish kid kek

No. 1978910

>they don't care about facts, logic, or evidence
I'm getting really tired of people living in separate factual realities. It's mystifying to me that people can look at William Thomas and not comprehend the massive advantage he has even after chemically castrating himself. How troons never place in 5th or whatever, they're always either in first place because of their advantage, or dead last because they realized it was a bad look to win and threw the game. The left needs to stop backing the troons in sports crap, because it's pushing voters to the right. Normies can cope with calling HSTSes "she," but they don't like when people mess with their sportsball, especially when so many kids rely on sports scholarships to afford/get into college.

No. 1978911

File: 1711130630562.jpeg (217.16 KB, 698x1112, IMG_2234.jpeg)

No. 1978914

assuming hes good at his job kitchens will put up with a lot

No. 1978925

They would never say this about a pro-Palistinian woman. Not in a million years. They'd call her terf trash and threaten to rape her.

No. 1978926

Reminder that line cook is the profession with the highest percentage of sex offenders

No. 1978927

Is there a mod to change the voice to AI or text or speech or something?

No. 1978943

Seeing as how most of the mtf are "lesbians", good call. Funny enough trans men don't have problems with going into the mens locker room. Probably because they aren't a danger

No. 1978954

File: 1711138861295.jpg (511.49 KB, 1080x1623, 1000010118.jpg)

I don't think so(sage your shit)

No. 1978956

lol I hope bitchard gets put on that github transphobe list

No. 1978959

wtf this one is so gross and creepy. It’s so weird when adult men try to replicate ‘quirky’ Gen z women’s mannerisms and speech patterns, even worse when they look like penguin wearing a little girl’s nightdress and make everything sexual

No. 1978963

File: 1711141406579.jpg (731.26 KB, 1079x1616, Screenshot_20240322_220541_Chr…)

Such a womanly woman

No. 1978965

File: 1711141642231.jpg (647.1 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20240322_220815_Chr…)

>Won't someone think of the men's feelings
>Will women shut up

No. 1978967

>im sorry that you feel uncomfortable by this man hanging around naked with his dick out while you’re trying to change your clothes, SORRY KARENS, DEAL W/IT

No. 1978969

more reasons to hate that fucking retarded game. Between that and the ugly old man i dont understand how any woman plays it.

No. 1978970

File: 1711142018694.png (608.29 KB, 1080x1362, GwnqKBq.png)

sage for technically not being non-troon milk, but youtuber Pyronical(a furry with a fart fetish) has starred crossdressing streaming, as an "joke" now.

No. 1978971

hes always crossdressed as a joke hes disgusting

No. 1978973

Nona it's only a matter of time until he AGP troons out like Finnster

No. 1978974

>woman makes point
>troon’s best comeback is calling her ugly

No. 1978978

why are so many more tims furries then tifs? you figure itd go along with being fujo(derailing, unsaged)

No. 1978995

I don't want to be spoonfed, but pedo accusations? I knew he was a disgusting furry faggot but not the pedo part

No. 1978999

He did inflation roleplay with a 15 year old fan iirc

No. 1979004

>I complimented a woman on her jacket and she offered to GIVE IT TO ME OFF HER BACK
yeah kek she was probably horrified that a dude who looks like that approves of her fashion choices
I have no idea who this moid is but I know his name purely because of all the callout posts I've seen about him

No. 1979014

I've noticed a lot of TIFs being furries too. They're not as prominent as MtF but they're there. Women are already a minority within the furry fandom but I've seen a lot who identify as enbies or FtM.

No. 1979023

My theory is that furry doesn't supply the specific fetish of male degradation that tifujos enjoy yaoi for.

No. 1979030

I know couple of tif furries, they just want to date all the gay furry guys.

No. 1979032

i can't pick who's more repulsive looking, this guy or that astarion fag

honestly, this guy's face disturbs me a lot. it's like his features are all too small for his huge head, he looks like he's wearing someone else's skin above his own.

No. 1979034

Sorry for blogpost but I went to collage with a girl who posted her furry concept art onto Facebook that later trooned out (weird whovian/Sherlock larper). She used people from our class to “inspire” her concepts. including name, ethnic background and personal struggles. Lost your mum? She would make a broody fursona with your name and tragic backstory, genderbend and sexualise it then post it publicly. There were many complaints.(blogposting about a TIF in TIM thread)

No. 1979035

it's too bad we can't mod his voice out

No. 1979036

File: 1711153084628.jpg (377.91 KB, 1290x1641, GJLUtwUbAAAkGal.jpg)

keking at his stubble on his moobs

No. 1979042

File: 1711154808589.png (323.2 KB, 667x642, Screenshot 2024-03-23 004803.p…)

>Ash Cooper has pleaded guilty to murdering 12-year-old Morgan Connors in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

>Connors was found facedown with her pants around her ankles and a gunshot wound to the back near her neck.

>Police say the teen called a female friend on Instagram video after the murder and showed off Connors' body covered in blood and asked for help disposing of it.
>Cooper was initially charged as Joshua Cooper but started transitioning after the arrest and now demands that the court call [him] "Ash."
>Cooper is facing 15 to 40 years in prison for the 2022 murder.

No. 1979044

File: 1711155513227.jpg (13.91 KB, 187x280, 144129-145621.jpg)

dear god…

No. 1979046

valid. however these days you genuinely cant tell sometimes, though thank you for the "im smarter than you retard" vibes.(learn to sage)

No. 1979049

nonna he's always been crossplaying on occasion similar to Sneaky. I don't know why it's that particular post that garnered a bunch of attention from TiMs but I've given up on most moids crossdressing/crossplaying without trooning out down the line accept for like 0.1 if I'm being delusional for having any hope at all

No. 1979051

File: 1711159265715.jpg (1.23 MB, 1440x5631, 1000004462.jpg)

I'm gonna sperg a bit because this guy is a personal cow of mines. He alongside F1nn/Jude were apart of the group of omegle "femboys dress as a girl" troll videos that used to be popular on YouTube at the time, and he's always been around F1nn in his comments and just generally seems to tag alongside him. I don't follow him but have mutuals who do so some of his stuff shows up on my timeline. Ironically on the same day F1nn announced his coming out video, this guy also announced he's on hrt but purley for "aesthetics". Says he isn't transitioning but also labels himself genderfluid.

No. 1979054

File: 1711159525868.jpg (523.01 KB, 1440x2996, 1000004460.jpg)

says he isn't copying f1nn but it's just way too on the nose that both of them say they're genderfluid and both on hrt for the looks.

No. 1979063

wow(sage your shit)

No. 1979065

Funny how all the dudes who used to screech "men age like a fine wine!! Women age like milk!" are now so desperate not to age as men. It's almost like they were coping the whole time……

No. 1979066

Well, the name Cow is appropriate, kek.

No. 1979069

i can understand f1nn tricking some retards, but this moid has a literal chad jaw how is he tricking anyone?

No. 1979077

They’re literally too retarded not to blow their own movement up. The public would largely ignore trannies if they understood respectability politics. Really shows you the intent and reasoning behind trooning that they try to warp reality to fit these literal zero-effort men.

No. 1979081

he looks like sam kinison lol

No. 1979085

You can finish shadowhearts storyline without ever talking to the Troon character, I’ve done the game 3 times with different decisions and it’s a non essential tiny dialogue.

No. 1979086

File: 1711168104463.jpeg (573.44 KB, 828x1139, IMG_0843.jpeg)

troon “squirts” out of his penis. nonnas, has this ever happed to you??
>”Over all it was quite euphoric”

No. 1979091

File: 1711170395450.jpg (422.97 KB, 1080x1472, 1000031140.jpg)

No. 1979093

It’s not the same woman, think anon mistook her for the Reddit troon’s wife.
Absolutely massive porn consumption. Otherwise, so much bro-society repulses them inside and they become obsessed with this impersonal view of womanhood as sexy-girlboss-civilian-playtime. You also see more of the military ones imitating everyday women rather than anime characters.

No. 1979094

Science says it IS a social contagion. You can tell rapid onset gender dysphoria is real because of how biased the Wikipedia page is for troonery

No. 1979095

What the fuck, men can be prescribed estrogen for "aesthetics" now?

No words. All pedos should be tortured then shot.

No. 1979098

Majority of people in the military are in noncombatant roles and majority of those in combatant roles are never deployed in their career (most people don't stay in the military longer than they have to).

It probably doesn't on the whole. It just employs a lot of people. Military weeds out mentally ill people more than civilian jobs and people who don't want to be there since they are enlisted not conscripted. They have to do basic training, the men who aren't suitable for the military or don't want to be there are weeded out and don't complete it. If they can't deal with the hierarchy, discipline, or stress. Most likely, the military has a positive effect on most of the sort of men who join, since it has a strong culture emphasising the collective, teamwork, and being diligent.

No. 1979102

Citation needed for the first one kek.

No. 1979103

Does he not know what precum is

No. 1979104

You're basically just asking "If [x nerd thing] is so popular with women, why isn't [y nerd thing] more popular with women?" In this case, it's mostly because the furry fandom is way more overtly sexual and moidbrained than the fandoms where slash shippers tend to congregate. Furries have always been predominantly male because they grew out of Robert Crumb's comix scene, which was notoriously hostile to women.

No. 1979127

File: 1711192400647.jpg (55.46 KB, 596x592, unnamedgfdgd.jpg)

Apparently some former doctor from America had a lot to do with it:
>The donor, who goes by the pseudonym Tenmuses, gave F1nn5ter, a YouTuber from Birmingham with over half a million subscribers, thousands of pounds to undergo laser hair removal, wear an outfit with the words “Daddy’s princess” written on it and sit in a child’s chair when he disobeyed his commands.
>Tenmuses also offered him money to strip on camera and undergo breast implant surgery, both of which he declined.
>According to Howarth, his anonymous benefactor is a wealthy American businessman in his forties who had previously worked as a doctor.

They both donated money to an online service that gives blockers to underage kids without parental consent.

No. 1979132

not too long before he starts hanging with Finn and pose together for their transition timelines.

No. 1979133

>male degradation
there's no tif that is based enough to enjoy male degradation

No. 1979137

>i am merely on estrogen for aesthetic purposes…i don't want to age like a guy
cause yeah, fuck being a teetotaller, fuck not smoking, fuck sunscreen and skincare, fuck health and fitness, fuck not having a porn addiction, cuz estrogen is magic~~~~~

No. 1979138

does it depend on the country as well? bc as a non-burger, the military in the US has this stereotype of just angry Sergeants yelling and men harassing each other.

No. 1979141

File: 1711196586742.png (220.2 KB, 1410x1134, Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 12.23…)

lol and lmfao.
>y-you just hate us so theres no point in actually debunking anything one of our fellow trannies s-say!! youre cherrypicking!

arent these guys fucking obsessed with debating? at least fucking try, dude. or do you only do it when it suits you? fucking retards, all of them.

No. 1979142

File: 1711196742588.png (146.01 KB, 1398x730, Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 12.26…)

some more examples of men from that thread hiding their head in the sand. also note how op says
>I do know the quote is taken out of context, but I have troubl explaining why. Could anybody aid me in debunking their lies?

How is it a lie. It's directly taken out of his writing. Is anything that makes them look bad a lie now?

No. 1979144

>would barely squeeze into a size 12

No. 1979145

>cis people make and watch sissy porn and trans people do not

is a crazy statement to make because not only am I 99% sure Chu's quote is part of him talking about how sissy porn "made him realize he was trans" but I've seen other transwomen claim the EXACT same thing. Also related it's men who watch that shit, i've never heard of any woman being into sissy shit as a consoomer.

No. 1979146

>troon says something gross
>normal people: uh that’s gross
>troons: you think we’re gross so clearly there’s no point arguing with you!!!
Flawless logic. People wouldn’t think they were nasty perverts if they didn’t go around saying and doing nasty perverted shit constantly. Their only two counterarguments are “nuh uh” and “no u” as seen here
Pedos do this shit too and it drives me up the wall. Oh you recognise this obviously sexual shit as sexual that means YOU’re the pervert! Meanwhile anyone can go to r/MTF and see it’s at least 80% fetish posts.

Yeah tons of TIMs will admit they “discovered” they were trans through sissy porn. I’ve also seen them claim that men who enjoy sissification as a fetish count as trans even if they’re “boymode” in their regular lives, so this claim that um acktully sissy porn is for perverted cis people and trans people don’t watch it is a blatant lie. I wonder if he got backlash for this post and deleted his account for that reason. I’m sure the sissies in that sub wouldn’t appreciate reading that sissy porn is a cis thing and doesn’t make them true and honest transwimmens.

No. 1979149

I got the same vibe too kek. Tranny who wants to jack off at being harassed and made fun of by le ebil terfs but everyone totally ignored him lmao
The tranny definitely works at a Pizza Hut or Domino's from the way it's worded but even then every kitchen you have ever ordered food from has a kitchen staff that consists of at least 25% rapists and pedophiles, and even more drug addicts, so trannies fit right in. Restaurant kitchens are rape dens, ask any woman who's worked in them besides as waitresses. I mean I'm sure waitresses see it too, but there's no darker blackpill than working in the kitchen at a few restaurants.

No. 1979150

they do this weird hokey pokey dance where sissy hypno was either instrumentally essential to their 'egg cracking' and bond over being degenerates or they outright deny it when anyone who isnt a mentally ill tranny notices this pattern. very akin to misogynistic men and/or DARVO tactics lol

No. 1979160

File: 1711203657933.mp4 (8.1 MB, 1280x720, AnthonyHadj - 1771386820137513…)

This morning a 'Do No Harm' conference in London was mass-picketed by deranged trannies who blocked the entrance, thus requiring a massive police response. Vidrel is a bunch of male troons/TRAs attacking a man who was reportedly trying to protect his daughter from them.

No. 1979166

File: 1711205791655.png (324.09 KB, 1080x1296, 1000001539.png)

Seethe and cope cuz your totally real girly period is just the very manly shits.

No. 1979171

File: 1711206459839.jpg (138.97 KB, 1079x833, GJS9sAYbsAAtTJf.jpg)

Becoming a tranny is the new get out of jail free card.

No. 1979172

Male entitlement is beyond my comprehension. Men are the irrational sex and their projections is insane.

No. 1979173

Neither do you if you think having diarrhea is the same as having your period.

No. 1979174

File: 1711206688703.mp4 (983.52 KB, 480x270, justlikeveryotherman.mp4)

He's a 18 yo man, wanting access to girls locker rooms.

No. 1979175

File: 1711206942962.png (3.14 MB, 2560x1296, greasyhair.png)

this is the tard

No. 1979183

In a way I almost wanna thanks TIMs, cause they gave me more pride in my periods then anything really.

No. 1979189

nta but yes it varies radically. My country had conscription, but according to my dad it really was just an extended university. They did some physical training, learned to shoot a rifle and fix some equipment for a few months and then they were back home. My brother joined the army voluntarily and he told me it's exactly the same.

No. 1979196

>men can be prescribed estrogen for "aesthetics" now?
including during global shortages where menopausal women suffer
>and sit in a child’s chair when he disobeyed his commands.
roleplaying pedophilia and people were actually sorry he got "groomed". No this scrote enjoyed every second of this which is why he's making the switch to goonery permanent. You're just seeing the social contagion in action. Two men interact and one shows the other something that turned them degen and oh look, it turned the other man psycho after engaging with it how the first guy did. Just because one of them is the more submissive part of the sexual act doesn't make him any less involved.
Give him a few months and once the moobs come in he'll take up the offer for implants because they're not going to be good enough anymore. All fetishes like this are like drug addiction, eventually the fix isn't enough and you need to go harder.
>I do know the quote is taken out of context, but I have trouble explaining why. Could anybody aid me in debunking their lies?
Men when they encounter someone with a different interpretation of the same facts as them in a nutshell
"You clearly just don't understand the quote/movie/book/opinion the way I do" instead of taking the time to get why someone reached a totally different conclusion, they're all the fucking same

No. 1979198

File: 1711212169359.png (326.01 KB, 1080x916, 1000038532.png)

I hate that this faggot is normalizing his degen fetishes to his child audience. If you go onto his subreddit you'll see a bunch of kids calling him mommy and making memes about 'hot' he is.
He did gassy fatfur roleplay with a child and he also tried hooking up with a 15 year old French girl (who was raped by one of his friends). For the latter, his bullshit excuse was that he's not a pedophile because he wanted to wait until she was 16 since that's the AoC in the UK. He admitted that both the accusations are true and he was only able to get away with it because he turned it into meme. That's why retards spam fat furries farting under Pyro's comments.

No. 1979200

File: 1711213035704.png (2.65 MB, 1980x1558, g99.png)

It's crazy how proud he is of these outfits

No. 1979203

I hate furfags hide under irony for their obvious degernacy.
the man who made these donations is without a doubt a pedophile.

No. 1979204

File: 1711213953472.png (306.33 KB, 1468x1050, normalbehavior.png)

TIM reaping the consequences of taking bathtub horsepiss and considering voluntary homelessness instead of probably picking his battles and staying in school/work

No. 1979207

Oh the school has a laundry facility and bathrooms and he has 'the equipment necessary'? Well that's all anyone needs! Slumming it for 2 months in Arkansas is a fantastic idea, he can camp out in the middle of a parking lot, make friends with the local snake population, and buy groceries with all the cash Daddy's gonna give him because Daddy loves his little troon so much! Or he can just sell crack like all the other hobos do, he'll be welcomed into their community with open arms. Damn, this dude's smart.

No. 1979209

I wish I had just an ounce of the same blind confidence and lack of shame that men do

No. 1979214

File: 1711215767678.jpg (190.5 KB, 1284x1393, GJXWoXeWMAANoAY.jpg)

No. 1979220

tifs enjoy yaoi because they imagine themselves as the uke, sexualized on their terms and not for their "femaleness". On the other hand, tims enjoy yuri because they are terrified of aging and looking like men because they know men are disgusting, so it's the only way they can get hard without all the self-reflection kek

No. 1979229

Tims don't self reflect nor do they think males are disgusting. Tims are obsessed with yuri because they're pornbrained hentai addicted fetishists. You're giving these degenerates too much credit

No. 1979234

Unfortunately, males fetishizing lesbians is not unique to troons, so no

No. 1979240

They misspelled raping.

No. 1979242

File: 1711223453246.jpeg (244.94 KB, 828x687, IMG_0850.jpeg)

Why are they so obsessed with “squirting” kek

No. 1979244

File: 1711223723648.jpeg (552.16 KB, 828x1073, IMG_0852.jpeg)

The honfidence

No. 1979245

File: 1711223853095.jpeg (150.64 KB, 828x356, IMG_0851.jpeg)

Another tweet from this troon. I’ve come to realize a lot of heterosexual males who identify as “transbians” do so to feel like they’re “not like other guys” because they experience attraction to females in a totally “sapphic” way

No. 1979248

He doesn't say "fucked is what sissy is," or even "fucked is what a girl is," he uses the word female. That's pretty unambiguous in its misogyny.

No. 1979249

Being mansplained by someone with a Homestuck pfp, Christ. Whatever happened to idpol people caring about "lived experience"? Or is lived experience irrelevant only when it comes to being female?

No. 1979252

literally a fridge

No. 1979253

File: 1711226769938.png (281.78 KB, 400x400, GJU6BBFawAAm1Z9.png)

Remember the TikTok troon who threatened that if someone tried to stop him going into the ladies "it'd be the last thing they'd ever do"?

Well, he recently started using(/harassing women on) Twitter (@TrannyVsTW). Picrel is his pfp. He doesn't even have 200 followers yet and he has his cash app in bio lmao.

No. 1979255

File: 1711226976655.png (3.12 MB, 1580x2286, 11222.png)

These men seem to be incapable of making any effort in anything.
And still they want to show these pictures to everyone

No. 1979259

Why is he standing on his bed? To cover up his disgusting floor I guess.

No. 1979261

What the fuck is the bottom right one? It's so uncoordinated and ghastly.

No. 1979263

File: 1711228557281.png (117.93 KB, 1390x1222, Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 22.08…)

this has to be some kind of weird form of lesbophobia

No. 1979266

File: 1711228678817.png (111.27 KB, 1448x1110, Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 22.16…)

>when lesbophobia is the ultimate form of ~gender euphoria~

his history is really creepy, he seems to have been obsessed with lesbians his entire life.

No. 1979267

kek the harry potter lego set

No. 1979268

This is a massive tangent, but you're describing a very fundamental part of male nature that feminism fails to address.

Technically, trooning out is often a result of self reflection. The part that's missing is drawing a logical conclusion from it, which can't happen because of the reproductive niche a male evolved to occupy. If a male completes the process of self reflection, he will not engage in male-typical sexual behavior. That makes the trait self-elimina