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File: 1705341559011.png (307.6 KB, 778x534, 34f.png)

No. 1955417

This thread concerns creators, artists, voice actors and others who work or are connected to the modern Western American animation and comics industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

previous thread: >>1927468

God's gang gets released >>1927863
Discussion of failed pilots >>1928368
>>1928586 >>1929853
LS mark is morbidly obese now >>1930617
The son of Flapjack's creator trooned out >>1931151
Toonhive made a tweet about ang >>1931427
Vivzie claims HH pilot is no longer canon >>1931600
Wish's goat canonically founded zootopia >>1932550
Disney might have used AI for one of its promotional pictures >>1932903
Oye primos gets delayed >>1936243
Promising cartoon with the ugliest style possible gets dumped in Netflix >>1939450
Randy stair tier autist is making his own hazbin hotel rip off >>1947576
Tranny creator of Amazing Digital circus makes creepy grooming comment >>1948554
Aang is confirmed not dead. Tranny who cancelled her turns out to be equally cringe >>1951232
Hazbin Hotel gets leaked >>1952985
Youtuber who makes beatbox videos pays 50k for a music video where Charlie from Hazbin Hotel rapes him >>1954216

Since this is the most active thread on the site for animated content, casual non-milk discussions about comics and other animated topics are also permitted.(please do a recap next time, editted to add recap from a poster)

No. 1955436

thank you, but I wished you'd done a recap.

No. 1955437

I hear ya, but at this point I don't even know who Ang is or why I should care, and I just kinda wanted to read anons talk about the hazbin thing without scrote input.

No. 1955438

Thank you nonnie

Let's all talk about vivzie's meltdown over people saying she fetishizes rape after a leaked clip of episode 4 shows briefly Angel Dust's rape

Anddd how she hired a pooner with a rape fetish (that skinwalks Angel Dust and draws him being raped by his pimp) to story board the scene(integrate & post screenshots)

No. 1955440

>Let's all talk about vivzie's meltdown over people saying she fetishizes rape after a leaked clip of episode 4 shows briefly Angel Dust's rape
there's a rape scene?

No. 1955441

Going to repost it here:

Tbh some people charge a lot just even for a second of animation due to how many frames they want the animation and how many frames that winds up taking to get the desired effect. The artist definitely charged way more than $80 per frame with all the other parts of the animation included. Say they do $80 a frame though, IMO that's good for clean linework with basic colors only of a single character, that's still almost $15k for 3 minutes of animation. This included instead a secondary character, background, and music syncing, not to mention the sketch stage.. Like 50K makes sense. I don't know what anyone is complaining about. Cringe, yes, but the animation cost isn't absurd.

No. 1955442

I've looked up someone of his other video's and they seemed decently animated as well, despite the cringe content(cartoon characters beat-box rap battling)

No. 1955444

File: 1705344424310.mp4 (Spoiler Image,15.53 MB, 1920x1080, 2_5260353580522554416.mp4)

Leaked scene from episode 4, spoilered because it's slightly nsfw, but the scene showing his rape is very brief

Vivzie defended herself by saying it is out of context and SA survivors are able to cope in any way yada yada yada when it's obvious she made this scene because she gets off to it, not that is somekind of social Justice to rape victims

No. 1955445

God's gang gets released >>1927863
Discussion of failed pilots >>1928368
>>1928586 >>1929853
LS mark is morbidly obese now >>1930617
The son of Flapjack's creator trooned out >>1931151
Toonhive made a tweet about ang >>1931427
Vivzie claims HH pilot is no longer canon >>1931600
Wish's goat canonically founded zootopia >>1932550
Disney might have used AI for one of its promotional pictures >>1932903
Oye primos gets delayed >>1936243
Promising cartoon with the ugliest style possible gets dumped in Netflix >>1939450
Randy stair tier autist is making his own hazbin hotel rip off >>1947576
Tranny creator of Amazing Digital circus makes creepy grooming comment >>1948554
Aang is confirmed not dead. Tranny who cancelled her turns out to be equally cringe >>1951232
Hazbin Hotel gets leaked >>1952985
Youtuber who makes beatbox videos pays 50k for a music video where Charlie from Hazbin Hotel rapes him >>1954216

No. 1955446

I read someone depicted a rape scene in a cartoon, so I wonder what it is.
I click the video and I see some badly drawn, stylized furry creatures who are… dancing or something?
I laugh at the typical idiocy of internet people.

No. 1955449

I'm TAYRT and yeah kek that's the shit people are eating her alive for. There are screencaps of her meltdown on thread on the other farms HH thread I'm too lazy to grab them now(post screenshots or don't post at all)

No. 1955450

Didn't you see the screen behind them dancing showing him in bondage and those couple of frames where he gets slapped while he's restrained? It's definitely an implied rape scene. Personally I don't think it's too bad since cartoons have done worse, but it's just so embarassing because it's in a silly cartoon made by sheltered people who don't know what they're talking about and they also obviously get off to it. You can't expect people to take this "lore" about SA seriously when the rest of the cartoon is some extremely juvenile comedy show with stupid dick jokes AND the scene is presented in a "sexy" (in furry terms) way.

I'm more mad about her making fucking Lucifer a literal ugly manlet in a stupid top hat. Like seriously, he's half the height of Charlie in the leaks. Viv has such shit ideas I swear.

No. 1955451

File: 1705345533220.png (25.86 KB, 220x217, xFIFmiL.png)

thank you, much appreciated nonna.

No. 1955454

File: 1705346002915.png (209.03 KB, 594x391, lsmark pilott.png)

LS hinted that his forever in development family guy/FOP/tom and jerry rip-off pilot might finally drop soon. At this point i think he knows it's going to be shit and it's delaying the inevitable.

No. 1955458

File: 1705346479531.png (1.03 MB, 640x3114, nGQQOZN.png)

more verbalase details.

No. 1955460

Are people seriously calling that a rape scene and not just some CnC gay BDSM shit? Omg.

No. 1955481

It’s very funny to me that this beatbox fag paid some artist to do a self insert bdsm amv better than Vivzie pays her own animators kek

No. 1955490

Maybe it's because I grew up watching gore and rape videos in an internet era when it was relatively easy to come across those things, so I'm completely desensitized and watching that clip made me laugh at the absurdity of the rape implication. I can't wait to see the avalanche of complaints Vivianne will get just because of a few frames where a white stick with hair gets slapped in the face. I hope they bury her alive.

No. 1955500

It's ok when japanese mangaka do it but the moment an american emo cringelord does it in her own adult cartoon then she deserves the vitriol from oversensitive gendies and it'll be totes glorious when she gets cancelled uwuuuu

No. 1955502

Saberfart did a video about the situation, no new information besides disproving that the animator was 16yo and that it was indeed a personal project with no intent of getting uploaded onto his main channel. Also i fucking hate how redundant this guys videos are, he explains the same information like 3 times.

No. 1955514

Tbf she calls it an adult show but you know it's only gendie 15-16 year olds who are really into this shit. But I agree, this is mild as fuck compared to what's regularly in media right now. Viv wouldn't have had this issue if she didn't associate with and cultivate an audience of trannies, genderspecials and ultrasensitive chronically online zoomers.

No. 1955521

It really is hilarious because those retards getting mad at her are surely the same retards praising her music video with AngleTard being actually abused by his pimp, who are also the people that gets mad if anyone says that BDSM is retarded and a way to excuse any form of sexual abuse.

No. 1955529

Did you guys see Viv's meltdown on Threads? She moved from Twitter just so she could have a safe space to complain about how the world isn't fair and how it's the Anti's fault that people are turning on her. Plus she responded to every single post when someone called out on her. Are we dealing with a person who's supposed to run a professional studio in the animation industry or someone who's all butthurt on Tumblr?

It's funny how she claims that she stands for SA Survivors but the moment when an SA survivor calls out on her shit she would call them self-righteous people who talk over the real SA Survivors. Which is it Viv?

The person who animated the Dance scene is NOT a SA survivor and happens to make an inappropriate comment towards a minor online after they comment on how they are fetishizing rape. When someone brought it up Viv had the balls to defend the animator and victim-shamed the minor by saying that its a joke bro.

No. 1955531

post screencaps retard, this is an imageboard. I swear all vivzie tards are underage

No. 1955532

File: 1705359737168.jpg (151.51 KB, 945x1068, GDwZ22mWEAAYUAG.jpg)

Is no one going to mention that a lot of the scenes in that Verbalase
X Charlie music video were blatantly traced? Man what a complete rip off.

No. 1955533

File: 1705359739668.png (273.03 KB, 432x960, tumblr_bd52569495df71a5f0fa1d4…)

Here you go

No. 1955535

Tbf, does tracing even matter if it was meant to be one man's private coom project?

No. 1955536

File: 1705359889987.png (136.02 KB, 623x668, tumblr_33d2e24427fa6702766867d…)

No. 1955537

File: 1705359999321.png (599.25 KB, 864x1920, tumblr_7bb2dc0e33d2a6d24be1187…)

No. 1955541

File: 1705360162381.png (499.01 KB, 864x1920, tumblr_0d351b6dad98d2e1b960110…)

No. 1955543

File: 1705360264269.png (423.38 KB, 576x1280, tumblr_9ddde0c6993f2990a663801…)

No. 1955544

File: 1705360328725.png (356.92 KB, 1280x986, tumblr_27c8e011c5faebd6fabbd25…)

This is the person in question

No. 1955551

God everyone angry at her about this is retarded. She's being overdramatic and spergy but I do agree with her that it's stupid to get mad at a out of context 8 second clip.
Oh no, someone with a gross fetish storyboarded a scene… which had to be looked over by A24 to check that it's okay.
Gooseworx has a lobotomy, vore and transformation fetishes that he puts directly into his work but because he's a dude (skinwalking a woman) and made zoomer vomit, I guess that's totally fine to these retards.

No. 1955552

Don't be so self-centered.

>Like 50K makes sense. I don't know what anyone is complaining about.
If you don't know anything about animation, which is most people, 50k sounds insane for 3 minutes of 2D animation. It's just ignorance of the field.

No. 1955562

You can think that all of this is ridiculous, but at the end of the day Viv kept on digging her hole that was too deep for her to get out. All she had to do is shut the fuck up and ignore them like a professional person. Every fandom is gonna have people like them and there's nothing anyone can do about it. She's only contributing her downfall.

No. 1955565

woman in her thirties screeching about 'antis'

No. 1955569

that just looks referenced, not traced

No. 1955570

goosework has also said gross groomer-esque comments. This is so retarded and overblown.

No. 1955595

If I paid 50K for softcore cartoon coom material I'd want it to be on model kek

No. 1955608

File: 1705377397959.jpg (102.47 KB, 1080x732, de8037ca91f7c6c8a66ddbcb8c60df…)

I'm glad she's not bending over these crybullies. I bet most of the people rallying against her for this scene are the usual gendie Hazbin Hotel haters that try to find every excuse in the world to shit on it, despite the fact that… it's an adult cartoon. You can bet Family Guy, Rick and Morty and their million clones have shown worse.
Yeah it's kinda cringe that she's blowing up on twitter like this but I appreciate that she doesn't seem to be apologizing over nothing like many people in the industry do. I just hope she keeps it up and that she sets a positive example so more female creators aren't afraid to stand their ground and won't allow to be silenced by these mobs.

I find it ridiculous that a 8 seconds clip about a ridiculous, cringy gay furry spider singing about his pimp's abuse is being painted as this absolutely shameless, hurtful media that's bound to make poor SA survivors kys. These gendies really are grasping at straws to cancel a woman they don't like because… she's cringe and has the privilege to make her own cringe cartoons.
Really makes you wonder how different they'd all act if Vivziepop were a tif or a tim, lol. They'd probably love her sparkledog vomit and call it the epitome of queer cartoons.
But nope. She's no soft queer like Noelle Stevenson or Rebecca Sugar. Just an edgy white girl making cringe compilations, so they can't wait to put her at the stake.

No. 1955634

File: 1705384828325.png (20.73 KB, 598x238, 1859375026582.png)

Why must the industry be like this…

No. 1955647

How do we know she boarded that specific scene?

No. 1955651

Supposedly there’s more of this content in the episode, it’s part of Angel’s lore dump
I don’t get how Saberspark got so fucking popular, his content isn’t very funny or interesting. I guess it makes sense that he initially rose to fame in the Brony community.

No. 1955653

i can't believe the mv cost 50k either. i'm sure we've all seen some pervert (possibly jpn) on newgrounds in like 2012 churn out better looking shit on flash with the power of nothing but a screenless wacom tablet and their autism

No. 1955655

>Viv wouldn't have had this issue if she didn't associate with and cultivate an audience of trannies, genderspecials and ultrasensitive chronically online zoomers.
Exactly, but it was inevitable as someone who gained their following on deviantart. How could she have fostered a more “adult” audience at that point?

No. 1955656

File: 1705389077774.png (460.15 KB, 660x638, hv7VbUC.png)

why are western comics failing this badly?

No. 1955664

File: 1705390765455.png (2.75 MB, 2430x1286, Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 11.39…)

kek, like this isn't supposed to be a deviantart sexy fetish scene. How dare they think this is anything but serious and heavy!

No. 1955665

Saberspark used to make fairly well-researched videos about obscure cartoons (or at least obscure enough for people like me that don't pay much attention to that subject), even went to pretty great lengths to find information about the animation company behind Dinosaur Adventure. But now he's just lazy and lets other people do a half-assed job for him or half the videos are out of context clips from his streams, I can't believe he haven't lost more subs since this change.

No. 1955666

Western (mainly NA super hero comics) have been in decline for years, they are grasping at every straw (pandering) to try to save their capeshit floppies.

No. 1955670

>Maybe it's because I grew up watching gore and rape videos in an internet era when it was relatively easy to come across those things
someone ban this scrote

No. 1955674

File: 1705393346355.jpeg (352.9 KB, 715x753, IMG_8758.jpeg)

>I grew up watching gore and rape videos
lol cringe

No. 1955676

She could have stopped acting like a cringy 2000s teenager a couple of years ago, for one kek. And maybe she could have been less of a pick me faghag (male)tranny chaser and instead focused on her project professionally, accepting valid criticism on her juvenile writing, DeviantArt-tier designs and tastes. The popularity that comes with pandering to twitterfags is nice but she forgot that they hate women (like she does) and fujos and can't wait to screech about some cartoons being "problematic" for depicting a silly-looking cartoon spider in a horny way and muh fetishization.
Even now her behaviour is embarassing, she should just shut up and keep going with her project that's already fucking done, but she's too sensitive and cares too much about some gendie opinion.

No. 1955677

If the anon grew up in the early-to-mid 2000's then yeah, it was super easy to stumble upon videos like that by accident because the internet wasn't quite as regulated as it is today. I remember downloading episodes of my favorite anime at 12 but it turning out to be a hardcore porn or torture video someone had labeled episode 13 of that specific show for some reason, most of us would turn that shit off immediately but some would get very deer in the headlight shocked.

No. 1955680

I'm with you on this one anon. Vivzie can be absolutely annoying but I'm gonna give her some credit here and give her a mild applause for not letting these people control what she wants to do with her own creation. Part of media is sometimes seeings things that can be unpleasant in the real world. As far as rape goes, who knows if Viv actually does get off on a rape fetish but people are really getting up and arms over it happening to a fucking fictional character that and more importantly, terrible writing or not, it's clearly meant to be important to the character's past that made him who he is that will surely unravel as the show goes on. I'm getting tired of these people whining about things that are unpleasant in adult animation. If you don't want to see such things, stop watching. It's so annoying how these SA survivors take it so personally and act like if they see rape depicted in a show, it means that the creator is willfully trying to traumatize or make fun of them when that's obviously not the case. Just take the trigger warning and go watch something else and stop. It's not always about you and your trauma, that's your own situation to manage with, not anyone else's outside of your family, friends, and shrink.

>Really makes you wonder how different they'd all act if Vivziepop were a tif or a tim, lol

Oh you know for a fact that they'd be kissing her ass. It's all the more reason why I'm glad she's sticking to her conviction and hopefully she keeps at it.

No. 1955681

I never really watched Saberspark all that much even back then but back when he was doing more well-researched videos, was this before he got a ton of subscribers? If so, then he probably just exemplifies what happens when you reach a certain threshold of subs & patreon supporters. It's crazy though because as cringe as Rebeltaxi can be on his social media, he still pumps out some pretty good videos for a channel his size when he could easily not put as much effort in them with where he is now.

No. 1955687

>hardcore porn or torture video someone had labeled episode 13 of that specific show for some reason
Ugh probably some depraved moid hoping kids would click on it and see that. Sorry that happened to you nona. And unfortunately porn is shockingly easy to find today too, grew up in the 2000s and it doesn't seem as different as now. Because of more social media, scrotes have even more avenues now.

No. 1955690

does anyone remember when it was popular to redesign vivzie's sparkledogs, and all of them were miles worse? good times. Zoomers are too afraid of anything thats sharp and not a corporate blob

No. 1955691

at least the art is pretty good

No. 1955693

i think rebeltaxi only makes videos about things he's interested in, so they come off as more passionate and interesting than saberspark whose bread and butter is reviewing shitty bad movies over and over for his kiddy audience

No. 1955694

He still hade a pretty big following back then, but I think he got lazier as he started streaming more with his furry buddy? And realized people would lick his ass even when he posts half-assed content so he stopped trying.

No. 1955700

File: 1705399518981.gif (625.42 KB, 498x371, sonic-the-hedgehog-sonic.gif)

If you close your eyes, it sounds like Sonic the Hedgehog singing about being molested.

No. 1955702

File: 1705399739159.gif (3.82 MB, 640x640, sonix.gif)

another hazbin leak just dropped

No. 1955712

I feel like Pan mogs most of the cartoon reviewers with his charisma and passion for cartoons. LS mark reviews cartoons/media he likes but he always sounds like an elementary school student reading an essay. I watched the first episode of his podcast with Butch and he’s even worse in real life without a script in front of him.

No. 1955716

sabersark videos were always insufferable to me because of this. Remember when he used to force-laugh at stuff that wasnt funny or de the ''n-not a furry guys'' thing? that has his most annoying era

No. 1955722

He only does the rapping, he pays for the animation.

No. 1955726

File: 1705404166771.png (340.16 KB, 640x480, IMG_2577.png)

I’m actually shocked she hasn’t “come out” as non binary, that’s usually a pretty quick and easy way to get gendies off your back
They still do this and they’re still ugly
I hope some autistic sonic fan makes an AMV

No. 1955736

he only has 4 arms doesn't he? how'd they fuck that up on such a large still frame.

No. 1955746

He has 6-8 in his actual design but he can retract some of them to make the animation easier sometimes, Viv has said this in the past.

No. 1955757

>offending women and religion is fine but rape implication is too far
do her obsessive hate-fans happen to be those tiktok teens who draw south park ship fanart? Seeing a pattern here

No. 1955826

>offending religion
It’s a show about gay demons set in hell

No. 1955844

File: 1705426024595.jpeg (187.81 KB, 703x521, 9941811D-3B19-45E0-AD42-EE6B19…)

Any milk on my2k on instagram or jam_etc_art in twitter? She seems to complain a lot kek(spoonfeeding)

No. 1955894

File: 1705437306136.png (16.15 KB, 720x151, 1.png)

fucking kek

No. 1955920

File: 1705444098210.jpg (611.19 KB, 711x526, 1000013776.jpg)

Saged for non milk but do other Nonnies remember that time Viv traced an animation then put it into her animation reel trying to pass it as her own?

No. 1955921

ofcourse he's a fan of that pedo tranny anime too

No. 1955957

Not defending Viv but this doesn’t look traced, only referenced. If it were traced the anatomy would be better lol

No. 1955961

Because Western comics overwhelmingly focus on boring, pandering capeshit and refuse to use the medium for telling any other kind of story.

No. 1955962

No. 1955984

Wasn’t she targeted by “antis” on Twitter a few years ago? I remember her deactivating for a while.

No. 1956000

When Hazbin Hotel comes out 80% of this thread will turn into the Hazbin Hotel thread. In fact the last 200~ posts in the previous thread basically already were.
Just make a hatewatch thread on /m/, at that point it's much more understandable to post her shitty cartoon episodes as something to comment and make fun of. That shit is not milk even if it's cringe. You also don't have to post absolutely boring nothing caps from Vivzie in such a thread, you can just concentrate on her universe of cringe and gay sonic OCs.(minimodding)

No. 1956011

what weird crap did she draw?

No. 1956025

I dont wanna defend viv because i know nothing about her beyond her making cringe gay donut steels. But I hate the double standars of the industry. I hate how goosepedo gets away with literally everything while viv gets harassment for just being a cringe fujo faghag. Goosepedo
>has a ryona, head drilling fetish
>said he wants to ruin(groom) the kids who watch his show
>has a lolibait pedo character thats totes 25yo even though she looks 10
and you cant use the excuse of ''different fanbases'' because both hazbin and digital circus share the same fanbase of children and mentally ill coomers gendie adults

No. 1956034

The animation is cringe and Charlie is so OOC being obsessed over a random moid and forgetting the fact that she already has a loving girlfriend. Moids just love to get in the way between lesbians or female/female relationships like it's an egotistical "I can fix her with my dick" fetish and being delulu as if they are in love with him like that Pearl fag. This, the Pearl fag and Blossom fag are the some of the most controversial moid self-inserts I've seen in the western animation so far. Moids never fail to be cringe, shameless and replusive even going full autismo by blowing out their money, effort and talent to be next to characters they obsessed over and get boners for the public to see. I haven't seen any women done this to this exent but yumejos are based and wholeheartedly acceptable.

No. 1956037

File: 1705472618147.jpeg (868.43 KB, 1170x1945, IMG_2583.jpeg)

Nothing afaik, but she defended that amphibia storyboard who was accused of being a pedophile.

No. 1956039

“but by actively shining a light on my account, you have put myself and my family at risk.“ ot but this is so stupid lmao. maybe don’t beef with twitter accounts with almost a million followers if you can’t handle the attention it will bring your way retard

No. 1956043

being an internet artist nowadays sounds insane. I now understand all those animu artists who delete their art when they go viral.

No. 1956046

It is insane. I really respect artists who engage with their followers the bare minimum and make their presence mostly if not solely about their art and resist the temptation to try to get on the “good side” of this generation of tumblr autists. The minute you start pandering to these terminally online gendie/munchie zoomers that you’re one of them they smell blood in the water and will turn on you the first chance you get.

No. 1956114

File: 1705494215411.jpeg (430.79 KB, 1170x1823, IMG_0047.jpeg)

Forgive me if this has shown up already (and also that it’s ass quality lol it told me to resize it) but he also posted this, which alone is pretty whatever,I’m not some huge prude and it’s simply a suggestive drawing of an adult character.

BUT, with everything else you mentioned, plus it being drawn by the 29 YEAR OLD CREATOR OF THE SHOW THEMSELVES (not just Rando McCoomer), it just adds fuel to it, especially since his show unlike Viv’s, is more “family friendly”. Like Viv’s main fanbase probably is kids too, but that’s obviously not what her stuff is aimed towards, but Goose? Hard to tell. And Viv’s work themselves contain those bawdier elements, Digital Circus’s pilot is basically asexual to anyone who isn’t a disgusting coomer like Goose.

No. 1956118

This histrionic tranny is insufferable. I read through all of this and there are so many examples of him claiming something happened, linking a screenshot, and then the screenshot either doesn't prove what he said or actively makes him look genuinely delusional or like a massive gossip and shit-stirrer. I'm not surprised he tried to drag Karli through the mud now that she's not being his mommy and cleaning up after him.

No. 1956135

He wouldn’t have added her to the callout if she had continued to coddle him and his adult baby DID delusions. And I lold at him complaining about Ang posting her smut “where minors could see it!!” and then exposing Karli’s secret porn account that no one would have known about otherwise, kek. It’s all petty as fuck and Jane comes off like the most crazy person in the doc, idk why he even bothered.

No. 1956138

File: 1705501055499.jpeg (285.76 KB, 1170x637, IMG_2687.jpeg)

Well that was certainly a choice

No. 1956145

LITERALLY oh my god I read his doc and was STRUCK by how fucking entitled he acts about Karli! Karli is a weird bird herself (everyone in this situation is) but yeah troon comes off as the biggest freak and just a total loser tbh! He infantilizes himself without taking accountability for ANYTHING, i noticed that multiple times when reading the doc. Karli was far too generous to him in the first place.

No. 1956149

Karli hasn’t publicly responded to the callout from what I can tell. Good for her. I’m sure it drives James crazy, he obviously hates to be ignored.

No. 1956155

Can’t be, coherent character designs and smooth animation.

No. 1956158

File: 1705506048202.jpeg (414.16 KB, 819x636, IMG_0049.jpeg)

Kek, good for her. I think she’s weird for the art (not I think she’s a pedo for a drawing, it’s just very odd behavior) but on the other hand, like… most of it is of Beavis and Butthead who are canonically sex crazed and literally had THIS happen in canon. So it’s a weird thing to moralsperg about… especially since she was keeping it private.

This is more tangentially related, but anyone feel in the middle about anti/proship garbage?
As someone who used to be an anti when I was a teen, I realize now both how shitty, hypocritical, and immature my thinking was. Cartoon children are not real children and acting as if they are is fucking retarded, ESPECIALLY in adult cartoon fanbases like South Park and Beavis and Butthead. But idk, I still feel kind of icked by certain things, I would still probably feel really uncomfortable being close friends with someone super into bizarro shit.
Idk, a few months ago I listened to some Venture Bros audio commentaries from the first season and not only one, but two of the commentaries had extended moments where Doc and Jackson were talking about fucking their characters, including the Venture Boys (whose ages are a fucking whole can of worms, they believed they were 16 but they had been cloned so many times they were actually chronologically 19) and Triana Orpheus (who is just a normal teenage girl), and at some point Jackson brought up Triana being underaged and Doc said some stuff about European standards. Ugh. The show is fucked up and I had accepted that, but something about hearing that kind of killed my love for the show, as sensitive as that sounds. And I don’t think it was the subject matter as it was how coomery it seemed. Like to compare, Matt and Trey on the commentary of the episode of South Park where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg rape Indiana Jones say something about how they at some point may rape the boys, it was fucked but also obviously a comment about the episode, not that they were thinking about having sex with children. Idk. I hate this twitter world, it takes away actual nuance.

No. 1956169

The anti/proship thing is retarded because you can both hate realistic pedo loli depictions of toddles and like generic anime high school boy. The anti/proship discourse was only made to shit on women for not drawing wrinkly post wall scrotes. Men never get called out for drawing weird lolishit and their bread and butter is busty high school girls. It's only another way to shame women.

No. 1956170

Samefag but I wanna clarify it wasn’t really like a clutching my pearls reaction, more like an “oh right, the guys who created this thing I like ARE just horny moids after all, I should’ve known :/“ Just disappointment. I had really liked how Triana was written and specifically how she WASN’T really sexualized, like Dean had a crush on her but it wasn’t like how in Rick and Morty how they sexualized Jessica. I wish people knew nowadays how to believe something is gross without immediately rushing to react like it’s some huge thing to fight for.

No. 1956171

THIS! I totally agree. And what’s worse, antis will sometimes bring up stuff people drew when they were underage, or fight with underage people and call them pedos over shit. That is wayyyyyyyy more fucked up! I don’t think it should be your fucking business what porn some teen draws, that says way more about you than the teen.

No. 1956172

forreal. Any women who do call out scrotes for drawing lolishit and referencing real children in their porn "art" get harassed and sent death threats and gore by pmab's who are desperate for terminally online troons' approval. We can't win.
Wouldn't be surprised if the freaks harassing 18-20 y/os for shit they drew as teens groomed those teens themselves.

No. 1956186

every single artist cancelled by antis has been a woman
>the amphibia storyboarder
>the hazbin storyboard
meanwhile no one has called out goosepedo on his weird head drilling and hypnosis or whatever other fetishes

No. 1956197

I’ve seen a few callouts for teen artists drawing cartoon smut on private secondary accounts. They’re so concerned about “grooming” but they don’t think for a second that publicly pointing out a minors secret nsfw fanart account might be a bad idea.

No. 1956223

>exposing Karli’s secret porn account that no one would have known about otherwise
She apparently financed his transition and move out to L.A. to try and work in the industry despite having zero talent?! Imagine doing all what Karli did for a stranger just to have him expose her secret account when she finally told stood up and told him "NO". I feel kinda bad for her but also I hope she learned her lesson about inviting these freaks into her life.

No. 1956237

It’s hilarious, his doc had an almost exact opposite effect to me than what he had intended. Karli came off as someone who is way too fucking nice and seems to have a somewhat kind heart and generous spirit, meanwhile tranny came off as this babyish freak who can’t maintain a normal human relationship with ANYONE, and blames anything he does on the people around him at the time. I agree, I hope this teaches her a valuable lesson.

No. 1956284

>i fucking hate how redundant this guys videos are, he explains the same information like 3 times.

Padding for ad revenue, maybe?

No. 1956288

Because he's a man, and that's the ultimate "no u" card that anyone can throw.

No. 1956322

File: 1705534322396.jpeg (798.15 KB, 1170x875, IMG_0060.jpeg)

He also just usually has nothing new or interesting to say, at least when it’s mainstream topics. I remember years ago he also talked about starting a series, Bargain Binge, only to never do it again lmaooo. Maybe he realized how redundant that would be, since a large chunk of his content was already reviewing bad, weird, lesser-known animated movies.

No. 1956324

fuck thank god i dont watch/listen to behind the scenes. i considered vb to be better portraying teens/minors and sexuality compared to other shows like, rick and morty or south park? like teen hank banged a 32 year old but thats tame compared to what the other two shows have shown before.

ive noticed that a lot of critics of vivzie and her work also follow tadc as if the latter doesnt share many issues with the former. tadc feels so much more perverse since its fetish content is hidden and only obvious for those who know, while the creator brags about it and is aware of his young audience, basically grooming them. viv may be annoying and a faghag, but goosetranny is genuinely vile.

No. 1956332

> venture bros
I agree and disagree. Agree in that I think the Hank and Nikki thing was treated with enough grace, they even portrayed it as traumatizing to Hank to some extent (he gets himself memory wiped in end, though leaves himself message to let himself know he DID get laid, he will just be choosing to forger the circumstances around it).

On the other hand, even when I was a fan I never liked Sgt. Hatred all that much. Yes I know the entire lore of the character, the military stuff making him the way he was.. but I felt he still was one of the clumsier written characters in the show with how they handled his “redemption”. And i do god's sake, it’s a show with throughly fucked up people already who commit murder often but c’mon, that’s a false equivalence and you know it, pedophilia trumps murder as a taboo in fiction, sorry.
And there was also the Dean Leia episode kek but both creators hate that one, and the joke was on the people sexualizing him. At least everyone involved is teens, albeit very retarded. I didn’t bring up Cpt. Sunshine cause it was mostly just a fucked up joke, and both creators confirmed he’s actually not a child molester, just a huge dumbass with no social awareness.

> goosetranny vs vivzie

100%. Hazbin/Helluva and Viv are cringe, but Goose and TADC are just… gross.

No. 1956345

I mean she could just draw them for herself on her own time…

No. 1956360

Demon Slayer sold more units than all of Marvel and DC combined , westoid comics are totally rekd

No. 1956363

I think one of the reasons why that's happening is because there are always new manga coming out with new heroes, new stories, etc. Whereas with western comics, they've been relying on the same heroes for over 50 years. Plus A) no one's doing anything interesting with them, and B) the most interesting stuff has already been done.

Pretty sure Deadpool is the most recent superhero that really took off, and he debuted in the 1991.


No. 1956372

File: 1705549551663.jpeg (547.84 KB, 1170x1651, IMG_2589.jpeg)

This tard is back and doubling down lmfao.

No. 1956373

File: 1705549640311.jpeg (514.21 KB, 1170x1667, IMG_2591.jpeg)

No. 1956379

Oh wow he's desperate. Honestly, it wouldnt surprise me if he was into loli. He's a racist troon so i am 100% sure he's just projecting and probably into worse shit than ang. I also dont understand what's the point of this circus anymore, she's blacklisted, it's over. Let it go, stupid racist troon.

No. 1956381

File: 1705551390051.png (116.7 KB, 469x584, racist troon.png)

KEK he RT this. I guess it hurts to be the one being dogpilled on twitter. He should be drawing instead of doing all this, his art is shit.

No. 1956382

He added a bunch more shit to his callout Dropbox that just make him look worse, including a bunch of shit from an old roommate who asked him to stop pissing on the toilet seat and a bunch of screenshots of said roommate offering to help Jane clean his moldy bedroom lol
He’s insane

No. 1956388

File: 1705554005867.png (612.53 KB, 1170x2532, lol troon.png)

kek holy shit what an insane troon. Ang aint no saint but by spiraling and going insane just because he got called racist he's making her look so much better in comparison. Makes me laugh his callout on his pedoang twitter has like 2 rts kek he must be going insane knowing he burned every bridge possible by being a disgusting racist retard. I also dont get it, he seemed fine with loli/shota before, so he definetly didnt call out ang because ''think of muh children''. God please i hope either ang or karli or anyone involves comes with evidence this troon is a lolifaggot too i want to see all these retards burn.

No. 1956390

Mainstream Western comics are always stuck in a permanent status quo. For example, Spiderman has been in his 20s for 65 years and cannot grow old. His arc can never end, his villains can never be truly defeated, and he can never settle down. This applies to every popular superhero. That's why the best superhero stories are elseworlds and set in finite continuity, where they have a beginning, middle, and end.
But in most cases, there's barely any development with these characters - they just fight villains for the rest of eternity without any fundamental change in their fictional universe because even if they defeat a villain, they always come back.

No. 1956424

I'm extremely confused

No. 1956427

File: 1705561725868.jpeg (205.16 KB, 1170x1257, IMG_2592.jpeg)

No. 1956429

File: 1705563321183.jpg (15.84 KB, 186x300, TheMagicRiddle.jpg)

As someone that had an entire shelf of really weird and obscure movies from the bargain bin as a kid (my dad was the "just put the kid in front of the tv so I don't have to play with her" type and would just grab whatever) that I've never seen anyone talk about I was actually really excited when he started this series, so I was disappointed when he immediately dropped it and went with the trash direction he's taken his channel now. Still waiting for a decent channel to review the Magic Riddle

No. 1956434

File: 1705565900434.gif (Spoiler Image,2.9 MB, 498x286, tumblr_add728fef8f06d625a1fc60…)

I have to give Marvel some credit: they've been trying their damnedest to replace Peter Parker with Miles Morales, but it's not working. You can't just replace a character as popular as Spider-Man with someone else and expect everyone to go along with it.

(Plus, IMO, the most interesting thing they've done with Miles Morales is picrel.)

No. 1956437

>hellbent on preventing you on living a normal, healthy life…
how can he say these things and not even think about how maybe, just maybe, that also applies to him too? He’s posting nonstop about a mentally ill woman who has already been blacklisted and left the fucking internet, not moving the fuck on. I swear everything he’s said has basically just been an indirect admission, I really wouldn’t be suprised if he was a lolishit or worse, like >>1956379 said.

No. 1956438

There's a lot of factors as well
>Over reliance of crossover events that break up the story
>Quality of writing and art can shift dramatically as different authors and artists will work on the series during its run
>EXTENSIVE editorial meddling
>Shitty Distribution that fucks over everyone
>People don't know where to start with comics so they don't bother

the biggest thing is that out of touch media executives who don't wanna rock the boat and change something too much, for a significant change to the status quo to happen in Western Comics a series has to break record sales otherwise it always get retconned

No. 1956446

File: 1705570037832.jpeg (841.32 KB, 780x4098, IMG_0084.jpeg)

kek someone replied to this, calling out his bullshit. I think some of it comes off as corny (you KILLED HER! Ang is DEAD!!) but kek good to see pushback. it’s funny he’d think he’d find more traction on tumblr but the post isn’t don’t hot lmfao.

No. 1956447

File: 1705570087640.jpeg (976.56 KB, 779x4441, IMG_0089.jpeg)

No. 1956452

File: 1705570772486.jpeg (69.92 KB, 788x180, IMG_0090.jpeg)

The more I read from him, the more I genuinely hate this fucking retard.
>in search of new parental figures
You are a GROWN MAN. I don’t care what trauma you had, that is absolutely bonkers behavior to do that and then word it like THIS.

No. 1956456

But nonna, his 5 year old autistic sister molested him when he was 10! Of course he grew up to be a mentally unstable racist!

No. 1956457

File: 1705572928056.png (218.75 KB, 1374x889, millennial_adult_cartoons.png)

do you agree?(newfaggotry)

No. 1956458

File: 1705573329527.png (264.04 KB, 725x751, IMG_0094.png)

I actually read further, I think he met Karli online when he was 16 (that’s when he posted that Tommy Pickles thing that he said got them acquainted) so maybe not adult like I thought, also she’s much older IIRC, like her college stuff ended I think in 2017?
Still…very weird to say this now, like that. It comes across entitled.
That element of this loser’s age actually does raise an interesting element in the story though, and does make me reconsider some of Karli’s actions. But I still think overall “Jane” or whatever has come across the worst out of anyone in this.

No. 1956462

I mostly dislike the crappy overarching storylines they add “to make it deeper than it actually is” mostly because they aren’t even interesting stories most of the time and usually just take away time from what could be used for a better episode plot or more characterization. It actually ends up hurting the writing in the end, ironically. I’m one of those weird fucks who as a kid actually liked the Beach City episodes of SU (Ronaldo can choke though lol). That show needed better human world building holy fuck, the world was gorgeous too it’s such a missed opportunity. That show would’ve worked so much better episodic with light serialization at most actually. Most US cartoons are similar in that regard, imo. Only a few like ATLA I really think break the mold WELL.

No. 1956466

File: 1705575892619.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.54 KB, 816x114, neurodivergent_minor.jpg)

his whole 'i'm a super vulnerable neurodivergent victim' shtick fails when you realize this is how he spoke not long before this went down. this is just a maladjusted ugly creep whose relation to other maladjusted creeps didn't go like he wanted it to.
vondra seems genuinely concerning but most of his 'evidence' about it all is just screens of him talking about stuff in vague terms..? it reads like bitterness

i was thinking about this just yesterday. most people are both 'proship' and 'puritans' according to their retarded split. the average fandom normie can go 'this underage character is cute ecksdee.. don't attack me!' and still have an issue with guys like shadman or kink being constantly shoved in people's faces. liking certain stuff can be a red flag but also innocuous, it's situational.
anti arguments' exist to become ammo for unrelated drama and to fire/cancel women who are already on thin ice in the industry, that's it

No. 1956473

Also comics are dominated by capeshit while you can read manga about pretty much anything.

No. 1956475

According to Jane they were casual internet acquaintances until 2021 when they got closer and Karli started trying to help him get to LA when he was got into LCAD, so he would have been an adult by then.
Karli obviously failed to establish boundaries until it was too late and that’s on her but I don’t think she was preying on him or anything, if she’d have shown even one sign of that he would have probably run with it and included it in his doc, lol.

No. 1956476

Oh yeah I agree, I don’t think she was trying to groom him or anything I just think she’s kind of fucking retarded kek. Everyone in this drama is.

No. 1956498

File: 1705591213146.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.23 KB, 1033x855, IMG_0103.jpeg)

Apparently this was on his nsfw too, kek. This Digital Circus thing is rotten to its fucking core.

No. 1956516

>my twisted guorld

No. 1956518

kek i love how everyone in the industry is a derranged indivual and calling one out for ''bad behaviour'' always opens the can of worms for the dirty laundry of everyone involved. I hope kyle gets shit on for drawing that weird sex thing with pokeymans, but since he's a man nothing will happen.

No. 1956529

Kek yeah, it’s not new either considering the Rugrats storyboard jam comic and John K. I’m a life long animationfag and the industry turns my stomach to the point where I don’t even know if I would want to work in it despite having genuine interest and passion for cartoons. So much sickness seems so normalized and/or swept under the rug.
God we need a nonna studio, making tranny free cartoons with actual female characters for non-degenerates lol.

No. 1956534

>I have to give Marvel some credit: they've been trying their damnedest to replace Peter Parker with Miles Morales, but it's not working
What are you even talking about. It was Sony who created into the spiderverse and finally made miles popular. Which is why Sony also later added him in some spiderman games. If Marvel wanted to make Miles popular they would have included him in one of there shitty live action movies already. Unless you are talking about the old Marvel comics about him, which was a big flop. They didn't want to do anything with him, he only has 2 solo comic series.

No. 1956538

I like Miles, he's cute.

No. 1956540

Same, he’s a pretty good character in the movies! And honestly, the better modern Spiderman between him and Tom Holland’s MCU version. I hated that take on the character, made him a bumbling fifth-grader. Like, somehow he felt more retarded than a normal teenager (who are already, as we know, retarded). Like in his last movie he’s straight up written like a Venture brother with all the antics he pulls.

No. 1956547

nonas are derranged too, might as well form your christian studio

No. 1956552

LMAO, he's on the path to becoming the HopelessPeaches of animation.

No. 1956560

Kek, true. Including myself to be posting here, lol. I’m just tired of the type of depravity in these cartoons (kids cartoons mainly). But, you can also ask the chicken or egg question with the whole thing too, like you may need a few screws loose and be a form of autist to commit yourself to animation as a career like that, lol.

No. 1956615

File: 1705612225645.jpg (46.27 KB, 1024x900, babymiles.jpg)

Tom Holland is insufferable, both his portrayal of Peter in the movies and in real life. It's like he's trying too hard to be cute/innocent/silly but ends up acting retarded. "He's just a silly little guy!" He's a fucking 27-year-old grown ass man. I prefer Miles because despite being a cartoon he still has more depth and development in two animated films than Holland's Peter has in the entire MCU. Plus he isn't a 3DPD.

No. 1956626

He had all of Marvel Ultimate? He replaced Peter super early on and people liked him which is why when they merged ultimate and 616 universes miles stayed. Also he was among the characters being playtested in the comics before being brought into the movies like Riri and Kamala Khan so they clearly intended for him to be brought into the movie universe, it wasn't a Sony exclusive thing. plus Marvel Ultimate was designed for new readers to come in intimidated by the long storylines and lore so technically any new fans were directed to accept Miles as spider man, not Peter. Of all of them I'm pretty sure he had the most comic issues and appearances cause like I said, he was the ultimate universe spider man pretty early on in the series replacing Peter and is now staying permanently.
Though on that topic, while I liked Kamala and Miles, it's clear Marvel only created these minority characters to take up other mantels too scared to be new heroes, playtested them in comics first because they knew their own audience would need time to adjust in the old decade of the 2010s to black and brown characters, and some were thrown basically no care and just were corpo checkboxes (RiRi apparently but never read iron man either way to say). It was so blatant what they were doing they basically advertised these characters as inclusive future movie characters.

No. 1956636

100 minutes until Hazbin comes out offically, can't wait to see nonnies go apeshit kek

No. 1956638

No Way Home was such a shitty movie tbh idk how so many people like it like I’m not even offended I’m just confused lol. It’s the only Holland one I watched and I was like yeah no I’ll stick to the Raimi’s and the animated Spideys, thanks. I still haven’t seen TAS 1 or 2, the 2nd one sounds kind of ironically funny at points but it’s also decently long (2 hr 22 min) so idk kek.
Superhero media honestly works best in animation anyway unless you’re really skilled at what you’re doing like Raimi was and can make the SFX look good. MCU should’ve been animated, it mostly is anyway lol, but of course it never would have been made if it was. Or it would be kiddie versions.

No. 1956649

I do agree with you nonnas on most things, but I do think there is some slight exaggeration with how you guys talk about goose getting away with more because he’s a man, and a tranny at that. Didn’t the whole Digital Circus Crew get doxxed or something? That’s not consequence free. Is it more about the hounding from screeching youngsters on socials? Because maybe he does get away with it there, idk, but yeah he’s not some spotless figure in the public eye.

No. 1956653

Samefag. For the record, I don't think Miles is a bad character, and I enjoyed the Spider-Verse movies and Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

I'm just saying that Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for over 60 years, and with all the movies and video games, etc., he's more popular now than ever. Yet, a number of recent stories, including Spider-Man 2 and Into The Spider-Verse feature Miles replacing Peter as the new Spider-Man. As good as the movies and video games are, people still associate the name "Spider-Man" with Peter Parker, and that's going to be hard to change.

IMO, Miles needs a new look and a new name, and he'll be set. If Spider-Gwen and Silk can have their own identities, why not Miles? Also, why not give him his own rogues' gallery as well?

No. 1956678

File: 1705623198781.jpeg (15.95 KB, 171x275, 1643206790059.jpeg)

No. 1956694

File: 1705626072303.png (1.48 MB, 1894x1338, the great nation of cananada.p…)

Anyone watching the new TDI? it's definetly better than pakithew island, but it's honestly not great either.
At this point i am convinced the gross out 'humor' is some writer's fetish. I understood it on the first season because gross weird stuff like jack ass was at it's peak back then, but grossout humor feels so outdated and weird nowadays. Also, the characters are okay, they didnt go all in with boring one note gimmick characters this time, but they also arent amazing and super original either. And the only two ships are between the gary stu and mary stu, and the fat fart guy and the cool survivalist girl(i hate this one). Very, very meh overall.
I dont understand how anyone can watch this, its so childish, and i am speaking as a womanchild who still watches kids cartoons. Also, however is leaking this is getting perma fired and blacklisted.

No. 1956699

File: 1705626767993.png (307.65 KB, 716x787, image_2024-01-19_121249786.png)

I'm pretty sure it's multiple people leaking, they also switch to different telegram channels whenever they get found out.

Also here's the fourth one https://filemoon.sx/d/qdcerr3xei9z/Hazbin_Hotel_S01E04_Masquerade.mp4
Those dumbasses bitching about that 8 second clip are probably going to burst a blood vessel when they see this one

No. 1956701

i hope they fire them, 100% they are trannies

No. 1956714

I'm too nervous to watch it due to that Total Drama Rama clip(you'd probably know the one), it pretty much ruined anything total drama related for me. The only thing I've seen of it was that Saberspark video, and I don't plan on watching any of it.

Viv's hell has to be one of the most boring and laziest interpretations of it ever. Why can't she just make her own damn world and take some writing lessons?

No. 1956724

>Is it more about the hounding from screeching youngsters on socials?
Yes. He got doxxed by trolls, so did Viv, but he’s evaded the continued, long term obsessive hate that she’s been getting for years. There’s plenty of valid critique that she deserves but the level of fixation is unhinged

No. 1956729

File: 1705632589224.jpeg (861.59 KB, 1053x1007, IMG_0123.jpeg)

Ah okay, yeah agreed.

Also kek I saw picrel earlier today at a flea market.

No. 1956736

kekkkk the voice actor for Angel in this episode sounds like Dennis from IASIP

No. 1956737

Women should be allowed to be weirdo autistic freaks too

No. 1956740

angels poison song sounds nothing like a mashup of 3OH!3 songs. Viv lives in 2010 forever

No. 1956743

File: 1705634438047.jpg (161.76 KB, 989x1310, GD_HYSOXQAAGkxO.jpg)

This is more of a Latin-American thing but funny nonetheless. A few days ago after the premier of The Boy and the Heron a supposed Illustrator, more a designer since it was proved later that even her artist portfolio was fake and full of art stolen from deviantart and other places, claimed to be the only Colombian that had the chance to work in the movie directly “hand by hand” with the studio Ghibli team, after the Colombian press started to make interviews and asking questions about the work process she said that was in charge of making around 25-50k frames alone in traditional, she said that since she was working from Colombia and only communicate with the team by videocalls the packed all the frames via DHL and sent all the pages to Japan to be scanned and digitalized.
Days pass, she changes some lies for other, later claimed that she alone was in charge of the production of 20 full minutes of animation, give some speeches on national universities where the students obviously could tell the lies but prefer to remain in silence and watch how everything burns lol.
People start to make more questions since is pretty obvious that she doesn’t show to have any idea of how the animation process work or even remotely how it is to work in a studio, doesn’t know Japanese even she told the press that has a master from Todai. Everything fell down today after many attempts of rectifications on her side, saying that the press and media exaggerated her words and finally give a public a apology telling the truth that everything was obviously fake.

Funniest bits of all this clusterfuck:

>Said that Miyazaki was impressed by her work and even calls her “La colombiana” (The Colombian girl) in videocalls as an affectionate nickname.

>Multiple news had to backtrack the exclusives since no one thought that the whole story sounded like delusional nonsense.
>The news already got to Japan. People are amazed by her courage to pull something like that.

No. 1956748

Am I retarded kek I loved the loser song

No. 1956752

is she autistic? because she definetly looks like she has the autism. Also is there a link to her fake portfolio? i am dying to see it.

No. 1956755

File: 1705637417941.png (677.9 KB, 652x834, 50kframesartistforsure.png)


The original link is down (ofc) but there are some images that were saved when people started to lurk a little bit, here are some of the things that she stole from Deviantart and some videogame called Deemo. Sorry for the quality, they are mostly screenshots. Don't know if she has the tism but definitely something is wrong with her mental health.

No. 1956756

>Those dumbasses bitching about that 8 second clip are probably going to burst a blood vessel when they see this one
I just finished watching it. The next few days will be interesting.

No. 1956757

File: 1705637632614.jpg (41.99 KB, 450x450, standard_incredible.jpg)

They would have to change the comics first but they could easily do something. Maybe a meta-narrative of Miles being upset that now that their universes are merged, people think of Peter as default Spidey again and use that as a springboard to switch things up. Would be less awkward than having "Miles Morales Spider-Man" as their only available title for any of his series.
Though as shit as it is, considering how much comic nerds railed against him, I think his character would have been forgotten and probably never given a role in the movies or games if he hadn't been a character that replaced Peter in an already iconic role and if they hadn't stood their ground for the Ultimate universe keeping him there. Comic fans cry that these people should be given their own roles but when they are they're totally ignored. Or if a white person takes up the mantle later they end up being the more popular one disproving the idea that "replacements" are somehow inherently less liked.
This is so funny, I hope these newspapers paid her a lot for their "exclusives"

No. 1956765

what's his NSFW account?

No. 1956766

File: 1705640886093.jpeg (142.61 KB, 259x384, IMG_0127.jpeg)


Surprisingly the BABIES spinoff on Disney Jr. is actually the thing that has taken the step to rename both Miles and Spider-Gwen to Spin and Ghost Spider, respectively. Ghost Spider is a cool name, I think Spin is perfectly fine for this type of show but I think in any other context it’s fucking lame.

Maybe they’re trying to avoid comparison to how Batman deals with Batfamily, even though that shit made way more sense and actually let the characters develop over time, letting them actually become more distinct instead of boxing them in forever as just another version of Spiderman.

No. 1956768

Gooseworse. The twitter is private but there’s been leaks. He was genuinely so retarded to make it so similar to his main lol but he’s so coombrained it doesn’t matter to him kek.

No. 1956769

He also has a old deviantart account with weird transformation shit but the less said about it the better

No. 1956771

post it if possible. It's good to have an archive before he eventually nukes everything when his grooming discord get discovered

No. 1956773

File: 1705641542720.png (936.12 KB, 1024x564, hzo66Ks.png)

ngl, the pimp's coat turning into moth wings was a pretty clever design choice, but the abuse scene felt tonally out of place compared to the rest of the show. and then rightwards having the incredibly sexualized montage sequences was actually kinda hilarious, I guess viv inserted her fujoism in the end after all.

No. 1956775

Go look in thread 7 for it, I don't want to touch it again

No. 1956776

if she wasnt a faghag it would be so based to finally have a femcoomer in animation sexualizing men

No. 1956777

Like all fujos, she has the same problem. She applies uniquely female experience towards male vessels. The same think Fiz, applying the experiences and trauma female pop-stars go through onto a sad gayboy clown. And now, with angeldust, she applies the experiences of female porn-stars unto a pseudo-female spider.

No. 1956778

how is being a whore an uniquely female experience?

No. 1956779

I agree with the Fizz statement, but rent boys are a thing that exsists. It doesn't work so much in the porn trauma angle but Angel Dust does do street work in canon

No. 1956784

File: 1705643181731.png (479.69 KB, 656x532, wtf is this shit.png)

I watched hazbin for the first time because the twitter spergs promised me hardcore furry yaoi rape, but instead i was met with the most repulsive character design i have ever seen. I am okay with all of the other sparkle dogs but this thing is specially off-putting, like an oc a 12yo would make.

No. 1956788

Because he was originally made by a 12 year old, one of Viv's relatives came up with him I'm pretty certain

No. 1956790

kek no way, really? it's so off-putting and definetly doesnt fit with the rest of the characters. I really hate him, although his song was great.

No. 1956791

File: 1705643890270.png (345.48 KB, 879x918, image_2024-01-19_165813312.png)

Yep, he was. Viv gave him the old fuck up treatment around the same time she started over designing Angel Dust and he got more fucked up when they reworked him for the offical show

No. 1956792

you know that thing is too ugly and retarded even for the average hazbin hotel fan because i just found out about him even though hazbin appears at least once everytime i open my twitter feed

No. 1956793

File: 1705644005299.png (76.47 KB, 864x359, image_2024-01-19_170143560.png)

Sorry to samefag but oh god

No. 1956794

i genuinely hate hazbin bgm and the sound effects, this explains it

No. 1956797

I read a bit of RiRi back when she was introduced and yeah she seemed pretty insufferable, but it's hard to hold that against the character specifically when capeshit writing in general is so bad at the moment and even characters I used to like have become painful to follow. It's hard to stay motivated to keep up with the major western/American comics scene, manga is so much easier (euro comics are actually my favourite but it can be hard to find them translated and up-to-date sometimes compared to American or Japanese works)

No. 1956803

Yeah I haven’t seen the whole episode yet, I thought the visuals for this sequence were nicely done but it seems very tonally inconsistent, which I’m sure will be excused away as “black comedy” but even then that label will only get you so far. It will be interesting to see if this plot point comes up again in the series and how it’s handled then, if so

No. 1956804

lol this is kind of sweet tbh

No. 1956806

Oh man I wonder how the spergs that have been praising Goose as being “too good” to associate with Viv feel about this.

No. 1956807

File: 1705648086974.png (535.3 KB, 1194x943, IMG_0129.png)


His old account is ugovaria.

His porn is accessible in a zip file for download on the soyjak wiki page for The Amazing Digital Circus. There’s two ways to download it, one in a catbox.moe format you can find in the citations just in case the first one fucks up. I don’t know if it’s great to link a direct download link so I chose to leave one out, sorry.

No. 1956808

I watched the two latest eps and I enjoyed the duet between Angel and Husk. The rest of the songs have been skippable flops that add much to the scenes. Wonder whose been working on the music in Hazbin?

No. 1956810

samefag but here’s the link to his old DA page for nonnies to browse.

No. 1956826

The duet song was actually pretty good. The main character is still the most poorly written one.

No. 1956836

It would have been better if Angel's voice actor didn't nasally SCREAM his lyrics

No. 1956853

honestly, considering everything, HH really isn't that bad. It's not great, I don't love it, and musical numbers are one of my least favourite aspects about western animation, but I can't hate it or Viv for making it. The animation is even pretty decent, especially compared to other puppet-animated shows' (it kinda reminds me of svtfoe's) first seasons. The writing isn't the worst thing ever (yet, there's still time kek), and I think it's improving as the episodes go on (though it's still pretty fanfic-tier, obviously) and things get introduced/fleshed out. Even like a couple characters. I am kinda ignoring the pilot though so I'm not bothered so much by any discrepancies between it and the show, or the 'soft restart' that's in the first episode.

I was hoping for a trashfire from what people have been saying about it here, but eh, it's okay.

No. 1956858

I think HH actually benefited from having a tighter production from a mainstream studio. A case of most likely Executive Meddling being a blessing in disguise here. As we've seen through Helluva what happens when Viz and Co run without any outside influence reign in

No. 1956859

It's not quite the trashfire I expected either, and the transition from dialogue to song gets slightly better as the episodes go on. But everything feels VERY rushed, so much is cramped into the episodes with them constantly introducing new characters without giving the viewer any time to get really acquaintanced with them and who they are before next batch comes in next episode. They could literally kill any of these characters and you wouldn't even notice because the episodes are so cramped and rushed with no space to breathe. I almost wish they didn't cut the season short because the writing would perhaps have worked if they had spread everything out over more episodes.

No. 1956860

It is quite exposition heavy and if u haven't been keeping tabs on the ( what now seems to be) largely outdated lore that Vizie had for the HH world I think as an audience you may struggle to understand why half of this characters are relevant. Being cut in half isn't helping much either, yeah

No. 1956869

Definitely, and HH's premise also works better for Viv's interests more than HB's– HB should have stayed more episodic and based on the characters doing their jobs, whereas a redemption hotel is much better suited to her angsty sadboy fixation, as they're all Charlie's projects to fix and it makes more sense to focus on that about them than how Blitzo and Fiz have been handled recently.

Yeah it's definitely rushed or too condensed, especially when it comes to the b plot of the angel v demon conflict and its cast of characters. The hotel characters and their sections feel a bit better paced in comparison, but yeah, wonder if it would have been better if they'd had more episodes to work with (or were better at trimming their original pitched story/scripts)

No. 1956876

Thanks for sharing, I really liked some of the art of his that was posted earlier in the thread, so I was interested in seeing more

No. 1956879

File: 1705676530965.jpg (82.07 KB, 699x1000, 71kpDrZjw1L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

You know if Viv wasn't such a faghag woman-hater I would be impressed by her managing to get a normie western studio to animate and publish her fujo pairing with a big moth demon and a spider demon twink. I mean they actually animated Angel's ass and him getting humped/fucked by other characters.

Right?? He sounds almost normal in the poison song (still struggling but overall fine) but in the duet he has this high pitched screamed nasal voice. However I never expected the Husk/Angel development and that was nice, even if Husk looks hideous. Angel worrying for Charlie and vice versa was also cute.

So proud of Viv getting so far! She's even getting a live action show

No. 1956893

HH does suck, just not as much as it could. It's still a show for edgy teens, but it has its moments. The Angel episode was good and it was the only one to feature music segments that didn't feel forced and awkward, and it even handled its mature content pretty well I'd say. That said, Angel's story, and the story of the show itself, is surface-level and trite. HH doesn't offer anything I can't find elsewhere done much, MUCH better, and I think people are only as forgiving towards it because of how bad it could have been.

No. 1956899

Yeah ofc, after HB I think anything would be an improvement overall lol.

No. 1956929

File: 1705686903554.jpg (104.21 KB, 1283x1285, 20231226_125520.jpg)

alastor was better in the pilot. he had a better voice, was more charming and funny, and he was actually intimidating. there are moments in these episodes where people treat alastor like a joke, like during the meeting. the demon mom that killed the angel treated alastor like he was nothing. he also flexes his powers too much for petty things. yes I'm a big butt hurt alastor fag.

No. 1956942

File: 1705691338866.jpeg (111.09 KB, 1052x1846, GDzGKwNW0AAPVBB.jpeg)

The only reason I'm watching HH is precisely because of Alastor, I had a crush on him when I was a teenager and I thought I was over that phase but apparently I'm not. But I agree with you, Pilot Alastor was much better.

No. 1956964

the pilot released 4 years ago anon how old are you

No. 1956986

nta but she could be 18-20 if she was a teenager when Hazbin was released.

No. 1956989

Does anyone hate Blake’s voice work of Angel? When he kicks Charlie out his voice cracked and it sounded OFF. Viv should’ve let Michael stay since Blake tried too hard to copy him. NGL I was relieved when Valentinos voice actor did an okay job in the abuse scene since he’s suppose to be intimidating and intense.

No. 1957003

I understand that males can also experience abuse, but the situations portrayed by vivzie mostly happen to women. The over-sexualized female pop stars who are manipulated by their managers, who control their image and likeness, or porn stars who are used and degraded by their pimps. I am also well that abuse can also happen to males. For example, there are male pop stars who have been abused by their managers, or gay male porn actors who have faced similar mistreatment. The issue is that she does not depict these experiences; instead, she portrays unique female experiences onto male characters. It's like having a male character experience a miscarriage and portrayed seriously.

No. 1957005

I dont understand this line of thinking. You can exercise suspension of disbelief when watching a show about sparkle dogs in hell running an hotel, but draw the line at a gay spider being an abused whore because ''only women can be whores its not realistic!11!'' even though it's not even a human in the real world, it's a fucking gay spider in furry hell.

No. 1957014

that's not at all what I'm trying to say, you know that right.

No. 1957017

I get what you're saying if you're talking about Fiz from Helluva (the stalking and the controlling manager) but gay males being abused by other gay males are a thing. In this case it's not a "uniquely female" experiences because male pop artists and actors (especially on the younger side) do get sexually abused. A miscarriage would actually be uniquely female, but you can't really compare it to a twink getting beaten.
Honestly I don't mind seeing male characters get shit every once in a while. I understand they look silly but if they were females I would hate it way more.

No. 1957019

File: 1705701782216.jpeg (951.87 KB, 2056x1170, IMG_3613.jpeg)

Wtf happened to Angeldust’s buddy? They have already presented a huge cast but she is missing, did they write her out? The show is already lacking in interesting female characters so it would suck if they removed the one that appeared to be Viv’s favourite twink’s only friend

No. 1957024

She's not in the episodes the reviewers saw, so she either shows up after episode 5 or they're leaving her for season 2. She apparently is going to show up.

No. 1957029

It's exactly what you are trying to say. It's dumb to hold a show with gay spiders, sparkle dogs and brony tier songs to realistic standars, c'mon. It's like trying to hold soap opera to realistic standars.

No. 1957030

I clarified in my post that I am well aware that men are abused, including being sexually abused in the entertainment industry. However, the way she depicted it is not how those perversions happen to males, but rather to women. That's what I take issue with - she's applying a female experience to a male form
>Honestly I don't mind seeing male characters get shit every once in a while. I understand they look silly but if they were females I would hate it way more.
The problem with this mentality is that you end up depicting a character who is treated and abused as a woman, acts like a woman, and is functionally similar to a woman in all aspects except name.

No. 1957031

What the fuck are you even talking about at this point? What is intrinsically female about the abuse angeldust goes through?

No. 1957032

i am pretty sure shes paladinboo, the schizo fujohater cockroach farmer pickme from kf, ignore her

No. 1957041

My fellow Alastorsisters, I feel your pain. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but I don't like how often he's visibly annoyed or bothered by stuff, if that makes sense. He might still smile through it but compared to how he acted in the pilot it's weird. Think of how he reacted to Angel Dust hitting on him in the pilot vs episode 1. His character just feels so off now and it's upsetting.

No. 1957055

AYRT I'm 20 years old, I was 16 when the pilot was released.

No. 1957066

He's the only reason Im watching it as well and I agree with the other alastorfags that the series is messing up his character that was established in the pilot. Hes very frequently used for laughs now. It's a wasted opportunity when he could be really creepy/intimidating. It's a show based in hell so they could get so much more fucked up with it. But it just seems focused on comedy, making him seem more and more like a lame character.

No. 1957071

God, yeah- his side plot is the only thing I'm interested in and christ it's so poorly paced and muddy so far. They've stripped him of his enigmatic eccentricity and kinda just made him an asshat and it's pissing me off.

No. 1957100

I don't get that anon either- tbh, I'd rather see a male character have an abuse/exploitation storyline at this point because I'm tired of female suffering being banked on in media as a cheap means for drama and angst. Would anyone really prefer Viv (likely) botch one of these storylines while using a female character? Would you have preferred to see an actual sparkle oc woman go through the pornshoot sequence in episode 4, rather than a 'pseudo one'?

No. 1957141

Only big issue I have with it currently is angel dust, everyone else I actually find pretty entertaining (particularly sir pentious and nifty) and I like a lot of the songs.

No. 1957143

I think hazbin's greatest accomplishment is being different. It's probably the only time in western animation history where a show is made for a very niche type of audience, and i appreciate the bravery honestly.

No. 1957171

With the exception of vaggie, I genuinely like most of the female characters, their dynamic, independent and have decent designs. If she just focused less on sad gay bois and swearing, it would be much better improved.

No. 1957172

So, in the next episode, we'll finally see Lucifer (and likely Lilith). I had hoped there would be a twist on it, but nope, it looks like Lucifer will be portrayed as a well-meaning goofball.
That’s uhhh a decision

No. 1957173

Yet Ang is allowed to get away with drawing the same things because…?(sage your shit)

No. 1957177

I wouldn’t call being blacklisted and chased off the internet “getting away with it”

No. 1957180

This thread is defending a person who wants to rape little boys because some weirdo tranny and fat moid for making a 20 year flash parody

And also that Amphibia storyboard, why are you guys defending grown ass men and women drawing porn of children like that

Maybe the sex positive movement is a mistake

No. 1957181

>Amphibia storyboard
it was a drawing of a frog carrying a girl lmao

No. 1957182

why is he a manlet

No. 1957183

I was referring to the drawing of the tree girls fucking

No. 1957184

>you KILLED HER! Ang is DEAD!
I unfortunately can’t read this any further lmao, she’s alive and well(sage your shit)

No. 1957185

I think she isn’t moving on because their some retards who still thinks Vee was some innocent victim lmao(retard)

No. 1957186

Agree. I know anon is the cow that spergs about her/his pseudo-females everywhere all the time but I genuinely don't see how Angel Dust is "female in everything but male" when he acts and is treated like a regular faggot/drag queen in the entertainment industry. It's not like he has a pussy and gives births or something. Are faggots female in everything but name now? Is getting sexually abused a female only trait? (yeah I know it happens more to women but you get what I mean).

No. 1957192

No. 1957193

No. 1957206


lol literally nobody here believes that. also, sage.


Some nonnas disagree, though. We’re not some congealed hivemind. I think everyone in this situation is a massive porn addicted retard including Ang KEK, and I personally don’t think a person like Ang should be working on cartoons for children at all. I’ve seen people refer to her in the past iterations of the thread call her out for shit quite often like her being a munchie, being super overdramatic with her suicide tales, saying strange things about sibling relationships like how sisters should groom little brothers, was friends with and defended a woman who LARPED incest and lied about it being real, etc. Not every anon has the same opinion on the topics, nature of a message board, and most nonnas here still don’t like her all that much. I mean I personally even thought the fat moid’s cartoon was obviously a comedic newgrounds edgy thing and not as overtly coomery as what Ang made but I get why the Ang white knights bring it up, it is technically a hypocrisy. But Jane’s documents were frankly fucking retarded, I looked over them. Super off-topic most of the time which ended up hurting any point he may have had made about Ang or Karli or whoever else he was trying to impart to his audience, and he ends up revealing things that just make him look like a huge dipshit. You guys all still have to remember too everyone this situation is a proclaimed they/them or tranny so there are no winners here everyone playing is confirmed retarded. It’s a trainwreck we’re all just watching happen. I wish the animation industry at this point could burn to the ground considering the degeneracy it fosters but that’s wishful thinking and I think some of the people here are just kind of sick of men always getting the benefit of the doubt and women getting picked to pieces, but imo that applies more to Viv vs Gooseshit rather than this clusterfuck.

Also drawings =/= real life though I do think most pro-shippers who make it their entire personality like Ang are very pornsick people who would be horrible and obnoxious to be around.(learn2integrate)

No. 1957216

Go into the 7th and 8th thread, press ctrl + f and type in ' ang ', making sure there's a space on both sides if you need proof that no one fucking likes her here.

No. 1957255

i get what you are saying and you are right but these nonnies already see gay men as some sort of pseudomales so treating gay male characters like women isn't weird to them. gay men are abused but it wouldn't fucking look like this.

No. 1957256

didnt viv claim hazbin was more focused on female characters when people complained about hb’s lack of women? All ive seen of hh so far is the spider fag, the deer themed attempt at a tumblr sexyman and the cat furry. I guess yaoi bait makes more money from 14 year olds than decent writing

No. 1957260

NTA you're refering to but I'd much rathered a retarded furry spider fag get abused than a poorly written female character that would definitely get added to moid's spank banks.

No. 1957261

like the whole scenario is extremely heterosexual female torture fantasy but with male characters instead of women. this shit is nothing but cringe straight woman masochist pulp erotica fiction but with deviantart furries.
glamorous whore with heart of gold victim draped in fancy nightgown gets slapped around a bit and is reminded how they are owned and possessed, the victim sherds tears and has a single black eye but not any uglier injuries. others try to help them but alas the poor martyr victim cannot accept it but accepts their suffering. maybe heterosexual women can't see it but others can see it very clearly what this is about.

the actual abuse that happens between real gay men is lot more violent and uglier than that

i agree with you but it still is a typical het woman fantasy scenario.

No. 1957264

oh no wow Viv, hack-writer extraordinaire, used a bunch of basic (and old) visual and storytelling tropes (that all stem from female depictions of whores rather than male because one has been more acceptable to feature in entertainment than the other for some time now) instead of depicting sexual violence/exploitation realistically and with the correct victim type: a woman. It's a cartoon, a tacky sparkle dog one at that, written by a known fujo, what were you expecting?

I don't even like this shit, but I guess my problem is that I don't understand what you actually want instead, and I feel even if Viv did exactly that it'd still be somehow wrong or bad.

No. 1957289

ah i remember her, she’s was angel dust’s sister i think

No. 1957294

File: 1705761394460.gif (2.13 MB, 360x202, IMG_2704.gif)

I watched Hazbin and it surprised me, it wasn't that horrible. I expected a total shitshow and it was quite okay.
I really don't like is Husk's design though, it looks too cutesy and out of place. He is one of the more serious characters and just looks like a cute anime cat. I'd even prefer a pointy sparkledog instead. I just realised he really reminds me of the magician cat from Cats, Mr. Mistoffelees but if Mr. Mistoffelees was a manlet

No. 1957296

File: 1705761959040.png (2.19 MB, 1008x2200, IMG_2706.png)

Samefag but I found out she has referenced Cats musical before and Mr. Mistoffelees and the striped cat Rum tum tugger was a popular fujo ship I wouldn't be surprised if he really is partly inspired by him kek

No. 1957312

>maybe heterosexual women can't see it but others can see it
yeah, I'm sure you moids can see it kek. what a weird thing to sperg about in a juvenile cartoon about colorful furry demons yelling dick jokes.

No. 1957314

so what you're saying is you wanted on-screen anal rape to make the abuse look more realistic. i think you might be a bigger fujo than viv.(bait)

No. 1957316

I don't get what is the problem with het women adapting their fantasies with male characters, moids literally do it all the time with female characters, 99% of movies is male fantasies. What's your point?

No. 1957320

It's not hard to see that Viv is a fujo and projects narratives that have traditionally been about women (like the "abused beautiful prostitute who nobly suffers through it" archetype) onto male characters, but that's one of the primary draws of yaoi and similar content. You don't have to see women being abused like in every other single piece of media. I just don't know what point you're trying to make. Like yes, you've observed the obvious. So what?

No. 1957321

Honestly the abused beautiful male prostitute has been an OG yaoi staple back from the 90s, it's tradition at this point kek

No. 1957322

Anon sounds like she really wanted to see a female getting beaten and raped on screen instead of a twink in a nightgown dramatically getting slapped because it's more realisitc because rape and being a whore are female things. I wonder if she/he/whatever is the kf user that insists fujos want to be raped.

I honestly don't see what's the issue. It's a stupid cartoon, it's not meant to be realistic and we see women getting abused in literally everything else. Again it's better if this kind of tropey take on abuse is applied to a sad gayboi rather than a female character that's going to be in a thousand cartoon and furry porn compilations.

No. 1957328

She wasn't blacklisted though, nor chased off the internet.

No. 1957331

She consistently whines about being blacklisted anon and continuous suicide baiting why are you so insistent on defending a incest loving pedo? Is this projection?

No. 1957361

File: 1705771407441.jpg (7.48 KB, 236x208, hmm.jpg)

>reddit spacing
>getting angry because anons are laughing at the schizo troon instead of licking his balls

No. 1957363

>why are you guys defending grown ass men and women drawing porn of children like that
>proceeds to justify kyle drawing underage pokemon trainers having sex because ''it wsa a parody made 20 years ago''
take your own advice and fuck off. Everyone involded in this drama is a pedo, a troon, or both.

No. 1957364

You have to also realize that a lot of male characters in musicals are automatically gay-coded without actually being gay characters Flamboyance and theatre presence do that and it's not just CATs. Obviously she is inspired by adding in jokes, but these aren't specifically personalities of only CATs characters. The Drowsey Chaperone alone has parallel characters.

No. 1957369

Nonny nowhere did I say anything about personality? I'm talking about Husk's design. He just looks really out of place to me in Hazbin and so I was speculating she got inspired by Mr. Mistoffelees because she did reference Cats before and being a fujo she was probably into the character kek, it's just a tinfoil.
Also in Cats specifically the cast sometimes had fun with these two characters and they kissed on stage in some productions so they're a bit more than gay coded but that's not relevant

No. 1957370

I actually like husk's base design, i love his huge wings especially but he is WAY overdesigned. Like painfully so, hard to even look at. Reminds me of babby's first fursona and trying to slap as much shit on as possible to make them le unique. And it's too late now for Viv to redesign him.

No. 1957372

Usually on the cheek and during UK performances they did this, as in this is a cultural thing as well as the fact that cats will groom/kiss anyone. Sex doesn't matter. You're reading way too hard in to it, IMO. Referenced, yes, but there's other characters that perform and act like this is various medias, especially musicals. Also the references to cats could also be the fact that the theatre community loves it big time which then falls into ND-land where all the autists love it and furries. It's not more than surface level fandom being thrown into the show because of her personal taste.

No. 1957373

Some of you make vivzie sound too based. If she was half the things you retards accuse her of she would be lc's sweetheart and a role model.

No. 1957375

What nona I don't give a fuck about cats musical sexuality. Again, I'm talking about design

No. 1957376

I think him being a siwwy wittle goofball is the "twist"…I'm at least hoping they're going to subtly show him having immense power despite his manlet softie exterior. He's king of hell so shouldn't he be more powerful than alastor?? Here it looks like he's getting put down upon by him almost.

I was imagining him to be a lot like Charlie in that he has an inherent goodness in him(lilith being more evil maybe) because he was described as a dreamer which is how Charlie is.

No. 1957377

its her lol she outed herself when she started sperging about heterosexual women(she's a lesbian cockroach farmer)

No. 1957378

because he's a TIF anon

No. 1957386

i don't get why you all get so angry about me pointing out an obvious heterosexual female fantasy for what it is. it's you guys who made stuff like fifty shades of gray popular. like i said, i agree that i prefer storylines like this happening to a male character but denying that the spider is acting out usually-female-characters part in the story is ridiculous.

No. 1957390

like do you even follow the conversations that are happening at all. anon points out that the gay spider is acting like a basically a stand-in for a woman. other anons disagree and sperg how well gay men get abused too. i say that i agree with the original anon, and point out the way in which the gay spider is acting like a stand in for a female character. you retards lose your shit and start your usual moid schreeching and paranoia schizophrenia posting about your personal nonnie enemies like this >>1957377

No. 1957391

>it's you guys who made stuff like fifty shades of gray popular
kek what are you on? when did anyone here even imply that they personally enjoyed anything like that garbage? 50 Shades and Viv's sparkledemons only commonality is that they're both fanfic-tier and horny.

No. 1957397

Have any of you considered that perhaps there is a significant portion of women who would rather not see any fetishized sexual abuse in media, especially media that's this low-brow? Inb4 sperging about censorship and "antis", or whatever you call it.

No. 1957399

why are you watching gay demons in hell written by horny tumblr tards then? go watch corny christian movies where they only kiss after getting married

No. 1957405

Why do you keep saying heterosexual like it's some kind of insult kek you sound weirdly resentful, why are fantasies bad because they come from a het woman? And yes lolcow user base is definitely 50 shades target audience. Can I ask are you a TIF?

No. 1957407

Are we seriously having this conversation about fucking Hazbin Hotel of all things? Not exactly an example of high or deep art, nor is it going to influence the general population in any way so this weird moral panic is so stupid. Why don't you go sperg about Saltburn or something instead of this indulgent oc fic that is marketed towards a niche audience.
Some of the conversations in this thread are making me think retards and/or twitter users have invaded I swear to god.

No. 1957413

Have you considered going back to the shithole that you came from? (kf) You literally think women want to be raped. Nobody cares about your moid-tier opinions on women. We get it, you don't like gays and fujos, fuck off to your thread then or run back to the smelly incels, stupid pickme. I swear to god every fucking thing has to go back to fujos and all the bullshit psychoanalysis on women who totally want to be raped because they make corny gay characters.

Then stop watching and bitching about a show set in hell where characters yell sex jokes every two seconds. Oh my god a male twink spider is doing the corny soap opera thing where he gets abused but his heart is so broken that must mean the creator is a fujo and fujos want to be raped because they put rape in their stories oh nooo!!! This place has become incel and twitterfag central I guess.

No. 1957415

>watch show about horny demons in hell singing
>OMG it has rape?! vivzie is a rape apologist and fetishist heterosexual fujoshi woman who uses gay spider sparkledogs as vessels for women's suffering!!1!
I genuinely feel sorry for Vivzie, both her fans and her detractors are equally unhinged and retarded. They are just jealous her autism led her to have her own show. I understand she's a cow, but seriously her haters make me like her.

No. 1957417

>>1957399 through >>1957415
>"but if no rape, then puritan twitterfag"
Why are you even here if you're into the same shit Viv's into? Wouldn't you be better suited to jacking off in the western animation thread on /m/ about how based you think it is that a fujo made the edgy yaoi rape drama dick joke show of her dreams? We point and laugh at degenerates and spergs here.

No. 1957418

If viv was a man she wouldn't get even a fraction of the hate she gets from both the twitter crowd and the people here.

No. 1957420

Genuinely asking, what did you expect when you started watching a show about gay demons in hell? were you expecting bluey in hell or something

No. 1957422

so true, anons even defended gooseworx weird creepy tweet about ruining the children that watch his ugly show

No. 1957425

If Viv were a man, she would just be another coomertard in a sea of coomertards. It's impossible to give a shit about every last one of them though they do deserve worse than her.
I was expecting to hate it, like I imagine most people who actually belong ITT do. Also, you're the real retard here if you think there's nothing in between Bluey and coomershit.
Nice try, I was one of the people calling him a mass groomer from the start.

No. 1957426

>watch sopmething you already knew you didnt like
>get triggered when it doesnt appeal to your christian values

No. 1957429

>If Viv were a man, she would just be another coomertard in a sea of coomertards. It's impossible to give a shit about every last one of them though they do deserve worse than her.
We're not talking about "every last male coomtard". Even the ones who get discussed ITT don't get half the shit she does even though they're worse. Because every bad thing is worse when a woman does it, isn't it?

No. 1957433

In what way is calling Viv a coomer "worse" than calling Gooseworx a deliberate mass groomer? And how is not wanting to see on-screen, fetishized depictions of sexual abuse exclusive to puritanical Christians? You people love your strawmen even more than you love your fetishes.

No. 1957437

then just dont watch it?

No. 1957441

A24's writers handled the show iirc so it's not entirely her fault, that's the difference between Viv and Goosetroon. Although are you really that immature that you moralsperg this much about something you don't like? I think the show so far is shit except for maybe 2 minutes of it, but you're being so retarded that I'd rather take Viv's side on this.

No. 1957442

I am so tired of this retarded hate watch culture perpetuated by grifter moids like assmongoloid. Ever since Vilma it feels like everyone is looking for the next thing to hate-watch. They will watch something they already knew it didnt appeal to them just to have something to hate on and circlejerk about. Its a low IQ people move, they want to feel intelligent for being above something bad, but at the same time they are too room temp IQ to watch and analize something actually good. They are worse than normie slop watchers, because at least normies go watch Morbius to be entertained, you are actually paying to be mad.

No. 1957443

I'm asking again: Why are you here instead of on /m/ if you don't want to make fun of Viv or her shows? If you're here to do so for other shows, that's fine, but you have to be aware that your personal favorite isn't exempt from criticism or mockery. If you like the show, talk about it on /m/ and leave the thread when we're shitting on it so you don't sperg out about how it "doesn't deserve the hate".

No. 1957445

because your criticism is retarded, anon. It boils down to ''this thing bad because it doesnt allign to my political and moral beliefs''. You sound like Ben Shapiro sperging about the Barbie movie.

No. 1957449

your critique isnt infightful, it's painfully retarded and it reads as you either wanting to see the spider faggot getting anally raped or getting a female character being abused

No. 1957450

Nobody in here thinks it's a good show. Viv is a shit writer. The hangup with "akshually Angeldust is experiencing female trauma and is a pseudo-woman" is just bizarre

No. 1957452

How is it "moralsperging" to say "lots of women don't want to see on-screen fetishized sexual abuse"? I didn't say anything about whether it's right or wrong to show that content, just that it's something a lot of people will find unappealing and unpleasant.
Do you think /snow/ is for actual insightful critique?

No. 1957455

I'm not even the same anon that said that.

No. 1957456

Women who totes dont want to see some tranny spider getting anally raped dont hop in and watch the gay sparkledog show about a gay spider who gets anally raped. You are clearly being oblivious to who's the target audience of Hazbin.

No. 1957471

No one is saying not to make fun of her shows, we're just tired of one or two anons sperging about fujos and their pseudo-female fetish every time they see a sad gay boy from Viv. It's not even milk at this point, we know she makes stupid sad faggot characters, make fun of it if you want but maybe stop throwing in your retarded incel ideology on women wanting to be raped. You also have your fujohater thread on /ot/, so why are there like 20 fucking posts on fujos being litcherally rapists/pedos/racist/misogynists/manhaters/notwillingtofuckme every time Viv is mentioned?

No. 1957483

Their lack of noses is so jarring lmao why do they have the same style of eyes?shitty song,shitty cartoon.

No. 1957485

the hashtag bitch part made me cringe so much

No. 1957487

It sounded so outdated it hurts,some "adults" unironically enjoy this?no way

No. 1957488

its for a very specific audience of terminally online adults and teens

No. 1957494

Yes, it's very clear who the show is for and the sort of people behind it. Alastor feels like he was made in a lab specifically to be a Tumblr sexyman.

No. 1957498

I think the singers struggle in both this and the Camilla/Vaggie song. They're not great, Vaggie even sounds completely different from her fake deep speaking voice.

Velvette especially looks so weird during the profile shots.

No. 1957518

File: 1705793348033.webp (Spoiler Image,260.09 KB, 1000x2400, IMG_3518.webp)

Id probably like the show if the character designs weren’t so fucking bad. Alastor makes me the most angry because he is suppose to be a serial killer radio host from the 1920s but is designed like a emo ftm cosplaying the Oncler. Viv obviously did zero research on what men wore in the 1920s. His horrible design has remained mostly unchanged over several years which is insane. There’s also all the fucking RED. I cannot tell what is going on sometimes because the show looks like a mass of red.
Spoiler for eye strain. I cant even read the fucking text kek.

No. 1957575

Do you seriously think she’ll ever work again

No. 1957581

in some ways she is a role model. its inspiring, no matter how fat and retarded you are, no matter how terrible you are at writing and character design, if you just follow your dreams you too could get your yaoi deviantart sparkledogs produced into a viral cartoon generating shitloads of merch profit. the american dream in a way

No. 1957629

Alastor also doesn't seem to really act like a 1920s radio host now either like he did in the pilot. Idk they had him saying "and that's the tea" in that vox song like ??? I don't think that was in the vocab back then girl

No. 1957636

File: 1705816520941.jpeg (196.26 KB, 1179x643, IMG_3775.jpeg)

I'll say it. I hated Poison at first but seeing it alongside animation, it's actually not that bad. It definitely can't stand on it's own but it did go well with its sequence. I'm not a gay spider fag I swear.

Although why does Viv want her shit animated so quickly? I had to slow down the speed just so I could actually see all of the scenes and characters during the song.

No. 1957637

This spider faggot and the lucifer manlet are growing on me. Is it worth watching the show for them alone? I like charlie too, but i really hate Alastor.

No. 1957645

Tbh I agree and I kind of admire the fact that as thin skinned as she seems to be she’s kept on anyway without ever really bowing to the insane tumblr sperg mob that has been trying to get her cancelled for years. I’m glad her show saw the light of day, for a while I actually thought a24/Netflix might drop her for wrongthink
Because it’s a show with a short series order, a bloated cast, and a showrunner who doesn’t want any of her ocs ending up on the catting room floor even if it’s better for the story. They’re cramming in as much as they can.
They’re growing on me too unfortunately. I still prefer Angel’s pilot VA which is weird because I hated him in Lackadaisy, lol

No. 1957652

File: 1705822652841.jpg (305.12 KB, 1080x1440, Ok.jpg)

I follow a lot of artists and everyone and their mother is throwing their two cents in the discourse. Viv is getting scrutinized to death primarily because she is a woman and secondly because she is a cringe reactionary. People who are at the "hiding away the hands in the pose so I don't draw them" stage are calling Viv untalented. She is getting blamed for the VA replacement. The first discourse about how Angel was transphobic because he had chest fluff. I notice these reactions happen when the media appeals to these kids but it is "morally wrong" so they're "critical about it", they are "just fixing the characters", you can "watch the show here instead don't give Viv money". This happens with a lot of fandoms especially with creators & fandom being mostly women such as Steven Universe or Black Butler or Harry Potter. They want to like it but morally they cannot so they have to go through these hooplas.

It's funny when this never happens to men. A lot of these people love One Piece (creator being friends with a pedo arrested for having baffling amounts of child porn), TADC (weirdo creator with guro/noncon adjecent cringe fetishes), Berserk (creator defending actual loli), unapolegetically gooner youtubers and animators…etc.

No. 1957655

File: 1705823181436.jpeg (195.84 KB, 1170x1268, IMG_2605.jpeg)

Check out the “vivziepop critical” tag on tumblr. Tons of this and tons of posts from TIFs gushing about how Gooseworx and Tracy Butler are the only moral and just indie showrunners.

No. 1957661

I miss the days when cartoons had a clear audience. Who is the audience for TADC?

No. 1957662

you can just not watch it, like I did. Watch dungeon meshi maybe

No. 1957665

this is a perfectly reasonable post and I agree with all your points. what was she supposed to integrate with, incomprehensible ESL nonsense?

No. 1957671

ughhh i cringe at how that anon tried so hard to "validate" goosetrannys tim identity

No. 1957672

I want to know what symbols they even mean? What religion or spirituality? All that stuff is man-made and has no place in reality and in science anyway, so who cares? I hate people acting like creativity is off-limits due to squiggles and lines from some random pagan cult. They don't even back this up with anything.

No. 1957681

I guess they're voodoo symbols and that's a "black" religion according to twitterfags so it can't be used.

No. 1957683

File: 1705832876563.jpeg (427.27 KB, 1760x990, IMG_2712.jpeg)

I'm pretty sure there are pentagrams, crosses and upside down crosses in Cult of the Lamb

No. 1957686

File: 1705833748859.jpeg (317.52 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_2713.jpeg)

Cult of the Lamb devs do the exact the same thing but no one gives a fuck. Obviously the twittard didn't play the game because there's so much religious imagery. Even the Lamb itself is a religious symbol.

No. 1957742

i see you guys havent ever been embroiled in pagan/revivalist/magick discourse before. the metric of oppression/appropriation for these people is whether a religion is "open"(to converts) or "closed"(only practiced by specific groups, usually linked to ethnicity, some define as requiring "initiation"). its a-ok to appropriate, commodify, and aestheticise christian, "druidic", wiccan, norse, greek, sometimes buddhist… symbols/practices (arguably wrt druidic/norse/greek, depending on how whoever is writing the callout is disposed towards ideas of "european indigeneity" and the legacy of christian imperialism). it is NOT OKAY and SO DEEPLY AND SERIOUSLY OFFENSIVE to do the same to symbols/practices from judaism, hinduism, shinto, vodun/vodou/voodoo, santeria, etcetc. this is real bottom of the barrel "is doing yoga classes actually racist spiritual appropriation of hindustani brown pocs" type discourse.
fwiw i know a couple obeahmen and i really, really, sincerely doubt they would waste a second caring about some fag californian cartoons "appropriating" symbols in the most basic, shallow way possible.

No. 1957745

“Cultural appropriation” is the stupidest fucking SJW talking point.

No. 1957748

File: 1705846610224.png (Spoiler Image,175.59 KB, 517x424, IMG_3527.png)

God i hate gendie moral fags so much. Remember when they tried to cancel Viv for drawing weird “underaged”(the character was an adult kek) snake porn almost a decade prior, but Gooseworx gets away with HIS creepy drilling shit and agp despite being a women in their eyes? What is it about viziepop that pisses the gendies off so much kek. She caters to them more than anyone has dared to in history.

No. 1957755

File: 1705847146527.gif (1.05 MB, 220x208, IMG_3529.gif)

Viziepop dragging black people back into slavery because she made a cringe voodo sexy man.

No. 1957770

>What is it about viziepop that pisses the gendies off so much kek
She's a woman, that's what pisses people off.

No. 1957774

>easy to find on pinterest

No. 1957783

File: 1705850708090.png (277.95 KB, 600x901, N4Ka0ex.png)

The real reason people are getting offended is that some of the symbols used are also used in voodoo. If she were using random old Christian, Satanic, or even Buddhist symbols, people would not be offended at all. However, because it's associated with a "marginalized" group, it automatically becomes bad, kind of forgetting the fact that voodoo itself stems from folk Catholic practices.

No. 1957794

They're also forgetting the fact that Alastor is supposed to be from New Orleans and part Creole, so him having voodoo magic worked in makes sense for his character. But because a white woman came up with this she's automatically evil lol. It's not like she's trying to practice voodoo her damn self she's writing a fucking character.

I swear to god "kids these days" have forgotten that like…Just because someone writes a character doing certain things or acting a certain way, doesn't mean that they're approving of those things or doing those things themselves??

No. 1957799

Exactly omfg. They also tried to cancel her once too for making a pedo chacracter(who was a villain btw) but apparently making a character that is suppose to be bad makes you a bad person too fucking kek these people do not live in reality.

No. 1957801

Im surprised Viv and/or her team bothered to do research for once on something as they clearly didn’t when creating Alastor’s emo Oncler design.

No. 1957802

Actually they did do research for his design. They clearly researched how to make the perfect tumblr sexyman, which they nailed.

No. 1957846

I think gendie moralfags hate Vivzie because she's a fandom-brained woman who has not trooned out. It threatens them to see a mildly successful woman who unashamedly loves cringe yaoi sparkledog fanfiction-y cartoons because their identities are built around liking the same shit she does, except as "non-women." They know they're being catered to and it reminds them that their interests and sensibilities are for women, by women. If Vivzie he/they'd and called herself a transmasc kweer Latinx boy, they would more readily embrace her as one of their own. They'd still eat her alive in the end because moralfags are self-destructive, and I sometimes wonder if that's why she won't bow to them. There's no real winning for her because the cohort she's apart of is so insufferably woman-hating 99% of them won't even call themselves women. So they moralize their jealousy and resentment and use whatever they can think of ("um um she's a cis white woman!! fetishizing abuse!!") to avoid acknowleding they are similar to her. Vivzie knows what they like and taps into it way more than the Goose tranny ever could. They know it, they hate it, and so they hate her.

No. 1957875

>i see you guys havent ever been embroiled in pagan/revivalist/magick discourse before.

Hot take: sometimes being a normie can be a good thing.

No. 1957883

Well said

No. 1957900

nothing makes gooseworx more obviously male than drawing a bunch of cutesy waifus in his show then throwing a tumblr sexy man, aka a safe horny way for insecure men to throw women a bone without having to draw those icky attractive pretty boys women like so much and that make them deeply jealous.

No. 1957901

>encyclopedia dramatica
so they are ok with using a source thats highly biased, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and racist that has gone as far as posting edited pictures of BABIES to mock someone, but draw the line at vivzie drawing cringe furries in BDSM?

No. 1957915

Animation fag here. It’s a tell tale sign of amateur story artists and key animators. A really common newbie mistake is over animating story sequences, which is counterproductive to what makes a good story artist (clean and readable, able to make compelling and understandle sequences with few drawings) and instead they over animate everything to compensate their lack of finesse. This makes sense considering the entire studio seems to be run horribly. I would diss spindlehorse for being run by students and entry level animators, but even then I’ve seen amazing and hardworking newbies in my day. It might be the sort of person that the series attract causing this, but that’s just my theory.

No. 1958004

File: 1705882203582.png (36.01 KB, 739x685, leak.png)

The new spongebob movie leaked. I think it got blocked on Twitter, but it works embedded on Discord. Whats up with so many fucking leaks lately?! do companies just dont care anymore if their shit gets leaked on the internet.

No. 1958008

Som1 getin fired kek

No. 1958010

Viz has never heard of “less is more”.

No. 1958012

i work for an industry-peripheral company that gets probably 90% of broadcast business in america/streaming through our servers at some point. so i can tell you firsthand that the amount of people whose hands are on any of these confidential videos and how little they're paid (and therefore how little they care) is wild. my job recently got hacked and people got access to our entire video servers holding huge clients like disney, all through a simple e-mail phish, lol. given that we often get major releases 3-6+ months in advance, some of the leaks from that window of time were very likely from that hack. there wasn't even 2FA for login to those drives for over 25 years until that happened. if i ever wanted to quit my job (and probably get sued into a coffin by daddy disney), i could leak probably 98% of the major anticipated american releases for TV/movies/streaming with a couple clicks. the only thing stopping me from spoiling the season finale of The Walking Dead before it even airs is my desire to stay in this career, lol.

No. 1958016

That article or whatever had to had at least one N bomb in it.

No. 1958024

Definetly. funny how they can read entire ED articles full of slurs but get triggered when a gay spider sings about getting raped.

No. 1958026

dont they risk getting sued and losing their jobs though? whats the point of leaking shit when you are definetly going to get sued and fired

No. 1958040

ayrt, was saying that tongue in cheek kek.

No. 1958051

voodoo doesnt stem from catholicism, its a little syncretic with it. its west african ancestor worship featuring angel/saint cameos in the versions in haiti/america.

No. 1958075

of course they do, presuming they work for the company. many of these companies (and there's lots of hands involved in production/distribution) have laughably bad security and get hacked by someone with no affiliation to the company. certain niches of the industry like captioning and translating are also done primarily by independent contractors who might care less about being blacklisted from a certain company. again, either way, you're going to get sued if caught. it's just much easier yet more complicated than "person making the movie decides to risk it all."

No. 1958163

File: 1705913878831.jpeg (291.58 KB, 780x2005, IMG_2650.jpeg)

Viv must be jealous that she’s not a transgender queen like Gooseworx!

No. 1958169

this is such virtue signally garbage. these women only kiss troon ass because they feel bad that they know they're men. these points are stupid as well:
>actively tries to dissuade [his] fandom from behaving like assholes
but he actively encourages his fans to draw depraved fanart of his characters, and he's perfectly happy with children being exposed to that depraved fanart
>gives both [his] male and female characters equal depth and time to shine
did we watch the same show? the female characters were all carbon copies of each other. their whole point of existing was to be constantly in pain & suffering. the only interesting female character is a they/them

goose, like every male troon, can do no wrong in their eyes. when he's inevitably outed as a pedo, vivzie will be blamed for having associated with him

No. 1958251

File: 1705946467133.jpg (755.43 KB, 2384x2840, g31OgDg.jpg)

wonder how this is gonna play out.

No. 1958277

Sera's wings look like Vaggie's in the trailer. I still can't believe they gave out the huge twist like that, discovering that Vaggie's an angel (a fallen one probably) could have been Vaggie's character development.
Also I just can't feel sympathy for the demons. The point of this show is that Charlie wants them to be redeemed and wants angels to stop the cleanses and we're supposed to be on her side but the demons are genuinely awful. Like there's cannibals and killers on the streets, even the main characters keep acting like shit, the angels are technically in the right even if they're introduced as dicks from the start.

No. 1958295

>makes creepy tweets about ruining kid's lifes
>draws inflation, ryona, vore and other fucked up fetishes
>hints at his fetishes in his main twitter followed by children
>his show has two generic waifubaits characters while the males have varied non-sexualized designs
>the mc of his show is a ''legal'' loli

No. 1958305

Have you guys seen the conservative christian backlash HH is getting, mostly on Twitter? I was expecting it of course, people boycotting Amazon (or saying they will kek), but some of the things they’re saying are extra retarded, like comparing the damn thing to Cuties? Even if they’re just comparing it to how audiences reacted to it, it’s obviously a comparison they’re trying to make so people associate the two. People are treating Hazbin like it’s that shitty Netflix Satan cartoon with the tranny that actually WAS for kids. Idk, if I was a parent I’d be less concerned about a show labeled clearly as for adults having themes I disagree with and more that they have Glenn Martin DDS, a show with a running gag about a dog’s anus, marked as “for children”, meaning that children can watch on it freely their side of the app. I watched this video about the backlash, it’s from a conservative Christian lens. Some good points were made, like the stuff about muslim critique not being allowed in the mainstream media and that people will probably keep Amazon anyway, but I still think the video was fucking dumb. Their example about South Park being “better” was piss-poor, Satan HAS been positively portrayed on that show many times lol. He literally went to heaven, you retard.

No. 1958307

File: 1705961358481.jpeg (792.11 KB, 1170x1990, IMG_0220.jpeg)

samefag here’s proof Glen Martin DDS is under kids. I know literally no one cares about this old shitty show, I don’t either. I just happened to notice it being included with actual kids content when I was scrolling through Prime recently. I wish I could talk to someone to Prime directly to tell them about this, but I haven’t found a way and I do not have a Twitter where I could @ them about it.

No. 1958312

I couldn’t Stand listening to these guys I rather be on pop’s side on this one they didn’t do the research If your going to complain at least know what your talking about. Most people in this farm know more about show then these guys and also they seem so offended about woman sounds like they taking a cartoon more seriously then they need to

No. 1958313

I hope hazbin thrives and becomes super popular so we can get a cuckservative version of it, like the shitty bluey ripoff. The idea of cartoons having their ''right'' and ''left'' counterparts is so funny to me, i want it to be true.

No. 1958368

>>"Art should require talent and effort, and should not be taken over by AI"
>>Makes a movie where the entire thing feels AI generated

The only thing I liked about this guy was his avatar, but it became shit too.

No. 1958389

I watched it because I’m an Alastorfag and was pleasantly surprised and actually looking forward to more episodes. The spider song was too cringe for me so I had to skip, dunno if you want to endure that kek

No. 1958395

i only saw some clips from twitter but i liked the beatboxing puppy song kek. we need more cheap straight to dvd feeling movies in 2024.

No. 1958399

To be fair most modern animation feels AI generated.

No. 1958423

File: 1705986371304.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1520, IMG_0226.jpeg)

never heard of this but that thing in the thumbnail looks like thog kek

No. 1958457

I think Vaggie didn't have wings, it was an angel but the trailer editing made it confusing for people

No. 1958466

this feels like a total nothingburger. Religious fundamentals haven't been relevant since the 90s

No. 1958478

File: 1706005730851.jpg (144.05 KB, 2048x946, GAy9-80XMAAvNVz.jpg)

Actually I was wrong, it wasn't in a trailer but it was just a released image, she clearly has some sort of wings here and seeing as her name is vagina-related like the other angels it's pretty obvious

No. 1958570

I'm watching the show, so I'll get back to you nonnas about what they are, but if you look at her arms, they have the same color as the 'wings'. This might be some kind of outfit and not wings unless they are costume wings.

No. 1958621

I've only watched the first Hazbin Hotel episode and I'm a bit mixed on it. I appreciate that they added in some more context on why Charlie created the hotel and how she's linked to Lilith as her daughter. I can't remember if the original pilot run mentioned that so if so, my bad but nonetheless, it helped because in the original, I remember wondering why a hell demon would go through all that effort to get demons to go to heaven.
I also don't like Vaggie's re-design or voice. Not that her original design was stellar but it looked a tad more interesting than what they went with for the redesign. I get why they changed the color since maybe white/pink seemed too pastel themed for a hell creature but I don't understand why they didn't simply just change the colors of the original dress. And her voice just sounds, I dunno what word to use but it doesn't sound great.

On the other hand though, the obsessive swearing is as obnoxious as ever. I get that they're demons and demons in hell generally wouldn't care about being proper but still, it doesn't make it any more enjoyable to listen to and it just comes off edgelordy.
But something I have thought about with this potential reasoning for the script writing (for both Hazbin and Helluva), is that isn't it funny how these characters will drop F-bombs and misogynistic insults but won't use other offensive words like "retard", "faggot", "scrote", or "tranny"? It just really makes you think and kidna cripples the settling a bit kek.

No. 1958672

File: 1706053165981.png (703.39 KB, 1310x1000, Untitled1_20240123151510.png)

I weirdly have the opposite opinion about Vaggie’s redesign, I think the original wasn’t really indicative of her personality like the others in the cast were, and her outfit was too similar to what other characters like Cherri Bomb’s wear, their tops are so alike. So I like the new outfit, it looks more like a concierge and I think it fits her stern and serious personality. But I think the color palette on her original design was WAY better and more inspired. Too many of the main characters have crimson red as a central color in their design, and now with her being red too, now Angel (her foil) is the only pink one so it looks unbalanced and that possible visual storytelling opportunity is squandered. I agree that the voice acting is bad though, I’d say across the board the pilot voices were better sounding to me but I’m still on the first episode of the Prime series so maybe Keith David as Husk will wow me. Also, yeah I watched the original pilot again yesterday and you’re right they don’t bring up Lilith. I think it’s because that pilot was much more of a “meet all the characters” type of pilot.

No. 1958679

File: 1706053739346.jpeg (488.58 KB, 1170x736, IMG_0268.jpeg)

same anon but KEK moment I unpaused the first episode was where Husk literally starts talking. Yeah, Keith David is definitely the best one here. I’m still mad about Viv recasting Katie Killjoy with Brandon Rogers though. She was one of my favorite characters and had such a perfect voice already. What a shame. I guess the joke is that it’s ironic cause she hates gays but it’s still a terrible choice.

No. 1958730

Brandons voice is so ugly. Idk how to explain it but its just so gross like his voice triggers my gag reflex like a comb and a cat.

No. 1958771

File: 1706069493329.jpeg (294.57 KB, 1170x618, IMG_0270.jpeg)

Agree, I think it fits okay for Blitzø but honestly his voice sticks out like a sore thumb for me in HH, like HH is too whimsical for him?
Too late to edit when I realized this and I didn’t want to post again right after I had double posted earlier but I learned that Vaggie is actually the manager not the concierge, still agree with what I said though.

No. 1958776

I was thinking that too! The setting is in literal Hell where rapists and serial killers go when they die, but gay or tranny insults are just TOO FAR, man.

No. 1958789

I thought the same thing yesterday. When Angel Dust calls his pornstar rival a bitch I really wanted her to pop out of somewhere and call him a fag in retaliation or something kek

No. 1958793

it's so fucking funny how they had the actual 100% perfect voice for katie killjoy and then replaced her with a literal man's voice that does not even slightly fit her character. Like…the rest of the VAs, most are mediocre but they at least are reminiscent of the pilot voices??

No. 1958794

Vivzie hasn't made any trans characters has she? Or nonbinary? I feel like that's a lowkey reason she's hated, if so. Every piece of media now is like required to have a Gendie in it and she isn't doing it. Just plain old homosexuals for her.

No. 1958797

you havent seen helluva boss have you nonniethere are troon characters in it

No. 1958800

File: 1706076885209.jpg (543.7 KB, 1000x531, Your old work is suppose to ma…)

Well she DID unintentionally make Kayla trans since she lacks a pouch.

But in her old work, two of her nothing characters, Koko(one of the purple JayJay clones) and Kiki(the green hummingbird girl in the middle) are trans. It still baffles me that she actually made JayJay 10 TIMES with the only good one being a joke character.

No. 1958805

File: 1706079178335.png (783.05 KB, 946x2048, IMG_2664.png)

Not even lowkey, her lack of “transmasc representation” is one of the main points in most of her callout posts lmao

No. 1958811

She can just say he got SRS and that they are ackshually being twansphobic and making him dysphoric, but vivzie could never be so based

No. 1958821

File: 1706090917112.png (74.09 KB, 1210x2415, 1000001675.png)

One of Millie's siblings is an mtf that was drawn with a bulge in some pinup merch at the request of the voice actor, who is also trans.

No. 1958825

File: 1706092138680.jpg (33.01 KB, 400x300, s-l400.jpg)

had to find it for myself. here it is. what the fuck

No. 1958877

Its funny bc this character is not even remotely important it's literally just a trans person cameo lol

No. 1958882

Vaggies redesign makes sense, now she looks like actual hotel staff and not like she's another patron, which is probably the point.

No. 1958912

Their version of Hazbin would have pedophiles in hell kek.

No. 1958916

File: 1706116399285.png (21 KB, 598x238, VivienneRowling.png)

Why are so many people simping for Vivzie? As already posted she does have trans characters, plus she hates JK Rowling and likely all other "terfs". Vivzie's no different than any other pickme trans handmaiden.

No. 1958918

I'm so tired of everyone wanting to be catered to in shows and movies.

No. 1958927

File: 1706119334239.jpg (56.63 KB, 614x614, just-noticed-these-two-are-tra…)

But there was a random transman character too

No. 1958930

iirc these kinds of background characters are staff ocs, so not really sure if they should be blamed on Viv entirely (imagine having to tell your staff no in regards to something like that, would definitely lead to internal drama and callout fuel ugh)

No. 1958938


Am I alone in finding it weird and tokenistic that they're casting voice actors for these fantasy characters and factoring race in for them? Cuphead in the cartoon is voiced by a black dude, and going off the quality of his performance I heavily doubt he was casted with that factored in.

I understand if you for example wanted the most natural accent possible for a foreigner speaking English, so you hired a VA who has a specific language as their first language with english as the second (like a latino voicing a mexican character who has touches of dialogue in both languages) but the "actress of color" and the fucking heart emoji in the descriptions here feel so… patronizing. Sometimes it feels like people who aren't white are just props for these wokeoids

No. 1958940

Her outfit looks better, but I also like the moth motifs they added into her hair and ribbon. I don't particularly care for either color scheme.
I found it weird, too. It's definitely tokenizing, but it also feels like it's generalizing people of specific races as sounding a certain way.

No. 1958943

The fact the young characters script lines are about "diversity" is weird. The older character has dread style hair but she doesn't have racially coded line reads.

No. 1958955

I also don't get the anons thinking Vivzie is in any way based, she's just a loser with shitty characters, shitty concepts and extremely shit art that expresses her shitty shelteted opinions about everything.

No. 1958969

She was better off taking characters from Dollcreep and Stargurren.

No. 1959008

I think they are trying to go for a Linda Belcher thing but it's not working. The original VA was great.

No. 1959020

AYRT and that's a really interesting perspective. I do see what you mean how they wanted to make Vaggie look more professional and I'm all for that, I just wish the outfit didn't look so… Tacky. But I definitely see what you mean, I forgot about Cherri Bomb to be honest and you're right, their tops look the same so they changed it. But glad I'm not the only one who finds the voice so off-putting. I don't really mind everyone else's, Angeldust's original voice sounded better but I don't mind his replacement.

Exactly kek. It's like Vivzie really didn't think things through on what to consider if she really wanted to make her setting literal hell where all kinds of deplorable people end up going and how it would be wonderland of all kinds of fucked up rhetoric. You have hell creatures literally stabbing and killing each other in the background too so it's like come on Vivzie, either commit to it or don't lmao.

No. 1959047

I think the reason the original VA was recast with Stephanie Beatriz is because of the songs. Stephanie Beatriz can sing, she was Mirabel in Encanto, was in the In The Heights movie, and did vidrel. I feel like Encanto featured much better voice acting from her though? I genuinely had no clue she played Mirabel until I looked it up.
I think it’s mostly that some anons just grew really fed up with the anti-Viv circlejerk and it bred an opposite reaction of people sucking her off. A good portion of people can’t seem to have middle ground opinions either I’ve noticed. Like discussion on Goosetroon creates this image in some people’s heads of Vivzie being this amazingly based creator just because she is better than him by comparison, when really that was a low bar. Saying this all as someone who is and has always been basically neutral to Vivzie, I’ll watch her cartoons sometimes but that’s not because I’m a huge fan of her but just because I like adult cartoons and checking out new ones. Honestly, even though I’ve enjoyed the discussion of Hazbin Hotel here I think it’s taking up so much of this thread nowadays it’s less an animation thread and more a Vivziepop thread kek. Have any other interesting animation things happened lately?

No. 1959053

>Have any other interesting animation things happened lately?
other than some boring leaks like the fairly oddparents reboot and a new spongebob netflix movie, not really? i also wish we could move on from the vivzie talk but theres nothing really going on in the industry

No. 1959069

I haven’t seen anyone here really simping for her and she’s hardly the TERF some here want her to be but she’s refused to bend a knee when dogpiled by insane internet teenagers and her lack of PR training and sloppy way of defending herself is almost refreshing when that crowd is used to being constantly coddled. She kind of made her bed by ever catering to them at all though.

No. 1959132

She's not based at all, she's really unlikable. It's just that in general public she gets much more hate than male creators for nothing or for dumb shit. I get why lolcow would hate her but general public loves trannies and hates JKR so the reasons they have for it are so obviously made up while Goosetroon's crypto fetish shit gets overlooked.

No. 1959184

No one is really simping for her of calling her based. Some anons were just glad to see a woman creator being self-indulgent and managing to make her woman fantasies a reality without having to play the queer card, though she does get dogpiled constantly by the gendie twitterfags. But yeah other than that she's just a faghag pickme. She's obsessed with gay men and dislikes women, which is why she made a tim character (because it's a male) but not a tif. She has no issues making her characters say bitch, cunt and whore every second but will not put in insults like faggot or tranny.

No. 1959372

>Just because someone writes a character doing certain things or acting a certain way, doesn't mean that they're approving of those things or doing those things themselves??
This, media literacy is so down the toilet generally, and especially among the edgy tryhard crowd that is actually scared of everything that HH/HB appeals to the most.

No. 1959533

File: 1706230236247.jpg (650.29 KB, 2000x2200, w4cc96y3k7o81.jpg)

Episode 5 completely ruined his character. How do you create interesting characters for a pilot and then proceed to fuck it up in a show that badly? Even fanfic writers are able to stick to solid characterization better than someone making their own show and dealing with their own characters.

No. 1959587

File: 1706240024584.png (313.95 KB, 540x518, M8AO5nw.png)

Viv liking brands to boycott for Palestine, and then… Supporting those brands… With a visit to Disneyland and the amount of fucking starbucks she had on her Japan trip I'm just convinced at this point she has a fetish for getting yelled at online.

No. 1959591

now that you say it, humiliation kink sure would explain a lot of this

No. 1959594

Secretely based Vivzie saying trannies go to hell kek

No. 1959599

actually i think she’s saying she doesn’t really give a fuck about boycotting those targets at all. the tweet is saying it’s okay to watch HH because it’s a non-boycott target. so she probably doesn’t care to boycott disney and the other brands either.

No. 1959602

File: 1706243837117.gif (31.83 KB, 109x108, 3x.gif)

it's over, alastorsisters. pilot alastor was all a lie. episode 5 was the nail on the coffin. i'm not just disappointed, i hate him now. instead of mischievous, he's an asshole. instead of cool and collected, he gets angry and annoyed easily. instead of being intimidating and mysterious, he shows off his powers any chance he gets. they even had him yelling out "I'M THE RADIO DEMON!!!" it was so cringe. hearing him say "fuck you" actually shocked me from how out of character it was. he's supposed to be prim and proper. he should never curse. pilot alastor would have shown respect to lucifer (and vise versa) instead of doing this creepy "i'm charlie's new dad" thing. what even was that all about?? how did they fuck this up??? i hate this so much. i spent so many years on tumblr back in the day, minding my own business, never succumbing to a tumblr sexy man and the one time i do, the show decides to speed run his ruination. i want a fucking refund on this character.

(btw i don't want to fuck alastor. i just had an autistic fascination for him and now that's ruined.)(this thread is about animation cows)

No. 1959603

File: 1706244285617.png (1.08 MB, 1527x1195, 1706240506571277.png)

Hello fellow autist Alastorfag. I feel this exact same way. Ep 5 just ruined him for me. He's so fucking cringy all throughout that episode. Him saying "fuck you" and getting so easily frazzled was just so ooc from how he was in the pilot. I liked his pilot version since 2019 and I feel like they messed up his character so bad. I guess it's my fault for expecting a character to be somewhat cool when he was created by the same person who made the shit pile of characters that make up Helluva Boss.(husbando thread is that way -->)

No. 1959605

I'm right there with you. I don't know how it all went so wrong. Well, maybe I do, if the leaks are real (which it's looking like they are). Making Alastor Charlie's babysitter who is also under the order of another demon (Lilith, it seems) versus Alastor who just wanted to watch people fail and suffer. And the whole swearing thing made me do the same! He did swear in the official comic for the show, but that was done via his internal monologue and it was Vox that got him to do it. Him just outright saying it to Lucifer of all people, wow. And he is SO constantly annoyed and easily hurt by stuff! He should be not giving a fuck and brushing everything off. He's supposed to be so charming, polite, and peppy with hints of his power. Now he's pissy and rude and so blatantly showing off how powerful he is. Who is this man, give me back pilot Alastor, please. Doesn't help that Ed did such a better job than his new VA.

I can't believe there's actually three of us autist Alastorsisters here. I feel so seen. We should start a support group.(this thread is about animation cows)

No. 1959606

File: 1706244758313.png (160.33 KB, 411x308, image_2024-01-26_155027206.png)

My fellow Alastorsisters, I'm deeply disappointed by your fragility- he was already ruined by the first episode and surely we all knew it would get worse. Lament over what we lost and delude yourself into believing your one true headcanon.

But yeah that was fucking abhorrent, but hey we only have to suffer two more episodes. Maybe that secondary plot line will led somewhere, probably not though.(this thread is about animation cows)

No. 1959607

I haven't watched the new episode yet. Now I'm nervous.
>t. alastorfag(this thread is about animation cows)

No. 1959614

what the fuck happens?

No. 1959616

File: 1706247464957.mp4 (7.97 MB, 854x480, character assassination.mp4)

Can be summed up by this(derailing)

No. 1959619

WTF kind of daddy kink bullshit is this! I was never the biggest fan of Alastor but this is character assassination.(derailing)

No. 1959622

can we make a HH thread or is there already one? I’d make one but idk how.Alastorfags need to congregate and shit talk somewhere else or we'll clogthis thread

No. 1959624

Probably should make one in /ot/? Not sure if that's alright in Hellweek though

No. 1959625

we already have a thread, this one plus there's an overlap between her and other cows.

No. 1959626

Please no put it in /m/

No. 1959628

Lol no we don’t. People are trying to get one made but none have been made yet.

No. 1959634

>>>/m/351323 <- Vivzie thread

No. 1959645

if there is no ethical consumption under capitalism it counts for everything, even palestine

No. 1959712

>said he wants to ruin(groom) the kids who watch his show
That's taken out of context. He was saying the show would be emotionally heavy and make them cry, the show probably ends on a sad or bittersweet note. You'd have to be extremely uncharitable to interpet what he said as some admission of grooming(sage your shit)

No. 1959719

File: 1706281496478.gif (1.55 MB, 251x202, gooseworx totally not a fetish…)

Sage, retard. Also, its a tranny with a head drill fetish ofcourse he wants to groom children.

No. 1959778

The tweets aren't an outright admission of grooming, but they do confirm that Gooseworx is aware that his free-on-Youtube cartoon has a large audience of "super young impressionable children" his words, that he likes that, and that he has a Brony-like vested interest in showing disturbing content to children in particular. You can't misread "children are watching, so I'm doubling down on making the show upsetting," and it's very difficult to read "I want to ruin children's lives" in a charitable way when the man who said it is openly paraphilic and actively encourages his fanbase to make degenerate porn of the characters from his show.

No. 1959791

Anyone who thinks that a degenerate AGP male who wears his fetishes on his sleeve isn't a pedo is so in denial, they're in Egypt.

No. 1959869

Anyone can go to a bookstore and buy a 120 page volume of manga with consistent art and storyline for like 10 bucks, or after finding a shady local comic book store get issue #5 of alternate earth #250 in the middle of some crisis plot that requires reading five other comic series, written by some wannabe tv script writer, cover art that is completely irrelevant and 10x better than the interior art, and it’s $7 for 20 pages and 1/5 of them are ads.

No. 1959900

File: 1706324016294.png (229.98 KB, 500x417, 1648832457894.png)

getting into comics is extremely hard, and i say this as someone who prefeers western comics over manga. I think the only thing western comics have over manga is the varied artstyles.

No. 1960047

over the last few days on twitter
-vivziepop is antisemitic
-vivziepop is a zionist
-vivziepop is anti-black
-vivizepop is pro rape

geez I never this amount of bullying against a creator before

No. 1960049

>vivziepop is antisemitic
>vivziepop is a zionist
Kek how can she be both? Twitter is unhinged jfc.

No. 1960051

Who let all these fourteen-year-olds in here

No. 1960052

can't believe I actually found myself defending her on twitter.(blogging)

No. 1960053

I don't know but they make me laugh

No. 1960057

>Their example about South Park being “better” was piss-poor, Satan HAS been positively portrayed on that show many times lol
Are they forgetting the episode where Kenny's on life support and Satan enlists Republicans to keep him alive so he can't go to heaven? Or the fact that Satan is one of the few adult characters in South Park who actually acts like a reasonable adult?

No. 1960064

god, who cares. why is anyone here suddenly acting like she’s based now. she goads that shit on by being terminally online on twitter and threads. none of her male peers (or female peers, though they are rare) are dogpiled as much because they aren’t so fucking online. i don’t like dana terrace either but i can respect that she doesn’t give her twittertard fandom the time of day. same with matt braly and rebecca sugar.

No. 1960093

the anon isn't calling her based but saying people on twitter are accusing her of being a bigot without any proof. Regardless if vivziepop is a cow or not it's extremely disturbing that twitter has a culture where you can accuse anyone of ism just because you don't like their work

No. 1960101

That's not how referencing works.

No. 1960106

>most western comics are capacity
This is like saying most mangas are shonen. There are publishers and imprints besides the big two you retarded weeb.

No. 1960107

That's unfair. There are lots of other types of stories in western comics from Scott Pilgrim to Saga. It's sad because the big two (Marvel & DC) may be complicated and samey but other comics get dragged into their reputation somehow just because they are western. It's unfair to Western cartoonists. Do what I do and avoid superhero comics and you'll be fine. It's a genre problem every artist in the world who happens to work in comics isn't pumping out the same shit, same for Manga.

No. 1960108

File: 1706388359286.jpg (45.5 KB, 750x572, 0jxcalctukn31.jpg)

Same, RS can be cringe at times but I like that she never 'apologized' for having a crush on Dib when she was 16 or for drawing EEnE smut or for being a 'nazi sympathizer'. I hope she never does.
I think nona is saying that Vivziepop wouldn't get half the shit she gets if she stopped arguing with 14 year olds on Twitter.

No. 1960109


This anon clearly doesn't read comics if she's saying this mess. Aside from independent runs, If you look outside of the western = US lense you'd see a lot of variety, but someone who shoots their mouth off to make a blanket statement like that isn't going to do that cursory work, and it'd be fine if she kept that statement to herself.

No. 1960119

File: 1706391927798.jpg (253.86 KB, 572x883, tumblr_cf9baebb0b81e7484cf38ab…)

The fact that Rebecca sugar was like this as a teenager but still later found industry success, became friends with Jhonen, and ended up writing the forward for the Invader Zim art book is extremely funny to me

No. 1960182

I think generational trauma has been played out. I don't want to see another poorly written example again

No. 1960223

File: 1706424947637.jpg (1.14 MB, 1800x2700, RCO034_1567560936.jpg)

And sometimes the interior art is good but the story is trash.


No. 1960239

File: 1706430876144.png (23.22 KB, 598x232, I fucking hate Terfs.png)

viv would hate all the simps here lol

No. 1960248

only made sense in the small application of companies stealing native designs until it was applied to everything else

No. 1960280

says that in her public twitter while bashing troons on discord lol, wouldn't surprise me if she browses lolcow too.

No. 1960296

You can change your mind in 3.5 years, also she may be putting on a front. I have a handful of peaked/mostly peaked animator friends but they all avidly support trans rights when asked.

No. 1960311

I can't help but notice that most of these comics, like almost all of them, seem to be all about oppression. And what's ironic is that most of these authors come from privileged backgrounds, they've never struggled or improved themselves in their lives.

No. 1960315

the only troons she goes after are TIFs. she’s a faghag who probably favors TIMs if anything. and she doesn’t need to include trans rep in her show but she still does kek. what do you get out of thinking viv is “one of us” or whatever? just because she’s a fujo?

No. 1960364

Post caps of this next time, those spergouts from gendies are the funniest thing about vivziepop.

No. 1960371

File: 1706473765626.mp4 (3.92 MB, 720x558, DPKd-WJL9xOVR1x0.mp4)

mind you this is what majority of these "revolutionaries" are like IRL.

No. 1960386

Samefag. For context, that's Poison Ivy. She's upset that the film club doesn't show movies made by women, but she herself is not a member of the film club.

No. 1960394

Can't wait for comic book artists and writers to shut the fuck up they're getting paid to make art already they've got the highest privilege in art careers imo stop talking down to your readerbase I want HQ and Ivy being badass not being arrogant fuckwits

No. 1960441

I thought her whole thing was like, murdering the CEOs of fossil fuel companies or whatever. What have they done to her? She looks like a petty, spoiled college crybully here. Depressing.

No. 1960453

File: 1706491769707.jpg (157.85 KB, 1200x1200, FN1P5OvVEAQ5NuC.jpg)

Found this interesting thread on consistency in animation.


TL;DR - According to OP, inconsistency in animation has always been a thing, therefore criticizing a show for it is invalid.(not cow related)

No. 1960472

File: 1706494922300.jpeg (325.03 KB, 1290x407, IMG_5516.jpeg)

Reminds me of this

No. 1960499

so hazbin hotel is a good female lead series?(derailing, unsaged, newfaggotry)

No. 1960512

Apparently it happened in Steven universe because they had multiple different Korean animation studios doing the final animation. There was an expensive studio that followed the model sheets, and a cheaper studio that followed the boards without much regard for the sheets. Even after cleanup, boards aren't perfect, and the point of the boards is to show the shot composition and movements; they don't have to be perfectly on-model. Making sure they're on-model is what the animators, not the boarders, are supposed to do.

The more expensive studio was assigned to work on important episodes like Jailbreak and Change Your Mind. The cheap studio was used for the more "filler-y" episodes, which are the ones where Peridot and others look super off-model.

No. 1960514

It has promise, but its issues outweigh its positive qualities. If you want a good show with a female lead, go watch Daria.

No. 1960515

tbf doesn’t that super tall peridot have leg lengtheners on

No. 1960517

Not for female lead characters imo. Anons discuss how the female characters are portrayed in the Vivziepop thread in /m/. Seems okay as a show overall though

No. 1960518

…uh, anon, is that the thread you meant to link to?

No. 1960519

File: 1706506339523.jpg (20.29 KB, 259x384, 5ZnSHtB.jpg)

you can tell vivzie isn't writing anymore because it's more coherant. if you liked centaurworld you'll like hazbin because hazbin is just centaurworld if it shopped at hot topic
you can tell vivzie was aching to make the plot more alastor and angel dust centric but the prime writing room reigned her in
daria isn't a musical though

No. 1960523

comics has always been suburbs kids larping as outcasts. it just expanded from catering to scrotes who think girls ignoring them in highschool is the greatest crime against humanity

No. 1960537

>hazbin is just centaurworld if it shopped at hot topic
Holy shit, you're absolutely right. They have the same theater-kid-with-unmedicated-ADHD vibe. Except Centaurworld actually has good songs and nice animation despite the dialogue and supporting characters being obnoxious. The show would honestly be much better if it were just Wammawink and Horse, but that's neither here nor there.

No. 1960547

>daria isn't a musical
Ha, that's what you think!

No. 1960549

Because she makes fakebois seethe I guess

No. 1960553

You're right that boards don't have to be perfectly on-model, but characters should be essentially on-model when it comes to proportions and scale (since those are important to composition and how the movement will look)- it's not the foreign animation studio's job fix the slop you hand them, only animate as-is. Animators and clean-up artists will help improve consistency and the on-modelness of the final product, but you shouldn't expect them to do a complete overhaul. A lot of SU's best pieces of animation were also either pencilled/boarded by guest animators or by the lead staff who drew the characters more on-model, so regardless of which studio got given the boards the sequences/episodes would turn out better.

I hate people making excuses for SU's inconsistency issues because it's a piss-easy style to draw and everyone on the American side of production shouldn't have had so much trouble boarding it on-model. Look at boards for pretty much any decent anime or more consistent western cartoon and you won't find the characters being chibi-fied for no reason with the expectation of them being fixed later on (plus if you do something like that, it's likely the animation studio you shipped your boards off to will just assume you want the characters to look like that on purpose for a visual gag or something). Sorry for the rant kek

No. 1960560

Steven Universe is such a fucking ugly show. Not for the style, because i love 'ugly' shows like Duckman, but for the obvious lack of care involved.

No. 1960571

Yeah when I was a teenage fan I believed the dumb excuses for Steven Universe’s lazy boarding. Watching this video on the Simpsons’ style guide sheets made me realise just how lazy the SU artists were. Both shows have simple art styles, but while the Simpsons story boards started out messy, they improved by setting standards for their artists. Steven Universe’s art only got worse and worse and tons of excuses were made. Lauren Zuke was especially lazy with her storyboards, constantly drew characters off model, and her episodes felt more like fanfic than actual episodes. It’s not surprising that she trooned out.

No. 1960647

This. SU fanbase made so much excuses for Rebecca and her crew laziness with art and poor storytelling. One with "Rose's" hair was first drawn very nice and detail then later on the crew gave up on detailing her hair and it became a big blob on her head; SU fans made the stupid excuse of "no no no, its to show how "Rose" is really not this perfect gem the gems made her out to be. UwU". Same with that whole Pink Diamond's "redemption" was totally "done in reverse" excuse they kept shouting out.

Rebecca had all these somewhat decent ideas about gems (expect the whole gems are "non-binary women" when they're clearly women) and she threw them all away: the temple can make gem rooms (never put to use), fusions rooms (shown once and never again), fusion gems can be their own gem without other gems fusing (never shown), Diamonds can fuse, which could have been a cool final battle (never shown other than Pink), etc.

No. 1960683

How do I convince the Daily Wire to make a Hazbin Hotel adult cartoon ripoff that's actually just an adaptation of Dante's Divine Comedy?

No. 1960697

juststop made an essay on hazbin regarding the abuse episode
zoomers learning the word artistic literacy was a mistake

No. 1960715

File: 1706560732986.gif (618.84 KB, 925x521, bee and puppycat.gif)

Reminds me of this

No. 1960794

I'm just passing along what someone in the industry told me. Ymmv.

No. 1960804

Loves the concept of SU, primarily space rocks taking over the universe, but could never get into it. The story writing could never ‘show’ the audience, it always had to explain how you should feel about a situation portrayed in the show, then would recon a lot of things if the audience still interpreted things differently.

I still really hate Steven and a lot of the characters, they all seem entitled? Like, I don’t think that’s what they were going for, but for most of the dramatic scenes, it never appeared to me that the crew had any actual idea on the emotional depth of experiences that they were portraying. Like they were a bunch of shut ins, feeling high and mighty by the attention they were receiving by equally stunted kids/young adults. By the time future started, I had to stop hate watching because it wasn’t even enjoyable.

No. 1960844

I hate the designs in this show
This. SU had a cool concept but ruined it with too much exposition.

No. 1960847

Fucking This. The way Rebecca and the crew handle the topics of abuse, losing a love one, and everyone can be redeemed was HORRIBLE. The Diamonds should have been bubbled up for their abuse and crimes to gems and planets; nope, Steven was really one of them so now they're his wacky aunts and get off scott free but Rebecca saying Spinel is more evil than them somehow. Just everything about Pearl and the unfunny joke that she likes any woman that looks like Pink Dia. oh sorry, Rose Diamond. Same with the whole Pink Diamond reveal, everyone should forgive every bad, hurtful thing she did and get over it quickly.

Like Rebecca and the crew think victims of abuse can just magically talk to their abuser with ease, get over it and hook up with someone quicky and live happily ever after when none of the crew or Rebecca, from what I know, have never faced abuse in they'll lives to know thats not how it fucking works

No. 1960849

lmao, really? people actually made those kinds of excuses? kek

I mostly hate how people push the blame for things like art/animation inconsistency onto the foreign studios, feels kind of shitty. I get that the studio animation is passed on to can fuck up a project, but it also feels convenient for fans to be able to shift the blame to some faceless foreign studio and away from the named/better known American staff.

No. 1960898

I cant believe Just Stop still makes videos after outing his friend and burning bridges with everyone on the cartoon community for daft pina of all people. His videos are atrocious. too. All the videos on that clique(daft,LS Mark,just stop) are a snore fest. Mr enter is more entertaining than all of them combined. For some reason zoomers cant into entertaining videos, they always make 2 hour fart sniffing videos that other zoomies use as white noise or dogshit ''shitpost'' videos filled with unfunny memes that age like crap. I miss when Rebeltaxi used to upload more frequently.

No. 1960901

File: 1706621288253.jpg (279.26 KB, 1500x1327, 1685894474937485.jpg)

Storyboards have degraded over the years. Storyboard artists arent able to draw anymore, so poor foreign studios have to try to decipher what the american storyboard artist meant when they drew an squiggly ball with googly eyes and turn it into a comprehensible finished drawing. The fault is 100% on the storyboarders, but they shield behind ''muh style'', when in reality they are just untalented unskilled hacks with an expensive degree.

No. 1960951


it’s not just that. his entire friend group basically hijacked the rebeltaxi podcast because hes friends with pans gendie gf neoncaffiene, apparently they used to date.
the new ‘parasociety’ is Rebeltaxi, braxtonjs or juststop neoncaffiene and dumbsville. pan sharing the same space as these parasites sucks none of them do art or have any talent and have just latched onto him.the entire cartoon sphere just sucks tbh

No. 1960989

File: 1706645879523.jpg (338.84 KB, 1280x960, Steven_Crewniverse.jpg)

Basically, a lot of SU's art and story inconsistencies have to do with the way it was produced. There were multiple writers and storyboard artists working on the show, all of whom basically got to make whatever beach city AU episode they wanted, as long as it didn't affect the main plot. That's why there were so many pointless towny episodes that never went anywhere.

here's a list of all the writers and what episodes they wrote

No. 1960991

File: 1706646521623.jpg (240.04 KB, 1170x1168, neon caffeine.jpg)

pan's gendie gf is so autistic. She's 22 and draws like this, kek. I am glad he only featured her once, got terrible views because she was annoying as fuck, and now only collabs with her on his channel.

No. 1960993

I feel really bad for the overseas studios. They do the actual hard work for barely any money and barely any acknowledgment, and when they do get acknowledged it’s often just western animation fans or creators who want to scream about them fucking up a show and blame them for how it turned out. Which pisses me off, it’s so ungrateful.

No. 1960996

Okay I'm starting to be convinced that pan is a groomer, this chick can't be mentally older than 18 right? Doesn't help that his goth girl obsession is what's cool with high schoolers now. I don't think any self respecting woman over 21 would do the e-girl shtick

No. 1961002

her whole deal is that she dates bigger and bigger youtubers fr popularity
her arts so bad too
i woulnt have an issue with her if shedidnt transparently use her connection to pan as a shield to start shit with people(sage your shit)

No. 1961020

He's not a groomer, but it's definetly weird he's dating a woman who's 10 years younger than him. He's a weird manchild who's desperatly trying to recapture his youth by dating young women.

No. 1961051

>Like Rebecca and the crew think victims of abuse can just magically talk to their abuser with ease, get over it and hook up with someone quicky and live happily ever after when none of the crew or Rebecca, from what I know, have never faced abuse in they'll lives to know thats not how it fucking works
They're just trying to teach the concepts of conflict resolution and forgiveness to babbies. If you want realistic portrayals of abuse, go watch something for actual adults for a change instead of shitty cartoons for children.

No. 1961053

>It's not the foreign animators' fault1!!!1
>uses an image where the foreign animators made the final product noticeably worse than the boards

No. 1961065

I honestly don't get why she had to make the shitty cartoon have some moral messages like a toddlers' cartoon. If anything, most cartoon for tweens/teens often mock the whole "message of the day" thing.
She fucked up with delivering the messages she tried to send with Stephan Universe, specially considering the corny ass ending of Stephen universe electric Boogaloo.

No. 1961070

>If you want realistic portrayals of abuse, go watch something for actual adults for a change instead of shitty cartoons for children.
This. This. A thousand times, this.

It's one thing for a show like Sesame Street to talk about things like death or parental incarceration because those are things that some children have to deal with. But how many children watching Cartoon Network are dealing with relationship abuse???

No. 1961074

All Rebecca's messages in the show come off as "just cry your eyes out and talk no jutsu your way out of all your problems and everything will be a-ok."

This. Always funny how grown man/women child fanbase kept screaming "ITS A KIDS SHOW" whenever you call out the problems the show had, knowing full well that little to no kids was watching this boring ass cartoon

No. 1961085

I remember in a stream shortly after the shitshow he claimed he was asexual due to a "failed relationship". I won't be shocked if he troons out someday.

No. 1961094

> knowing full well that little to no kids was watching this boring ass cartoon
There are absolutely children watching Steven Universe. Not 5 year olds, but preteens and young teenagers. It’s a show for 12 year olds going through their “it’s not a phase mom” phase, not adults. Owl House is a better show example of a show targeted towards teenagers like Steven Universe did that actually only attracted a majority adult audience.

No. 1961139

>The Owl House
Really? The only people I ever saw talk about that show are 14 year old tumblr gendies.

No. 1961141

I dislike the idea that children not being able to handle heavy topics as an excuse for poor writing. Shows like ATLA or Static Shock were able to address heavier themes in a way kids or tweens could understand. Even something like BtAS had heavier plot points that weren’t applicable to children at all but could deliver them in a way that was still enjoyable for them to watch.

CN producer meddling could definitely interfere with how far they could take things (like almost not getting the Ruby/Sapphire kiss) but the stretch of filler coupled with not knowing when the series was going to get cancelled, then hurrying wrapping of massive plot points when it did get canned, also contributed to the lack of depth. The mini series put a small bandaid on the wound that was the messy handling.
NTA but I knew 20s adults that were really into Owl House while it was airing. From what I could tell it was big with former SU and SvtFoE crowd.

No. 1961152

File: 1706688510161.png (450.11 KB, 598x931, Feboardary.png)

Speaking of Palestine, a bunch of Storyboard Artists are hosting a Charity Stream for Palestine.

50 bucks says it'll be a complete shit-show…

No. 1961162

probably not, they’re just regular ass board artists supporting the flavor of the month charity cause. people in animation have these streams from time to time like the planned parenthood one with terrace or the BLM one with noelle stevenson etc etc.

No. 1961252

but should a show for kids bring up a serious subject if they aren't going to treat it seriously? also lots of children's media has portrayed abuse and mistreatment and done so without making the abuser a forgivable character. I think we should hold children's cartoons to better standards, at least to match the maturity they can handle in a book. Not saying all media has to be smart, but if they're going to bring up something serious they should be extra careful in how they treat it.

No. 1961261

Is this bait? i genuinely cant tell, because both the storyboard and the end result look good.

No. 1961336

Completely agree with you nonna. But Rebecca made some retarded choices, she knew full well who was actually watching her show. You can teach kids to talk their way out of misunderstandings, and that's a great message for a kid's show, but she should have made that an option for smaller issues that kids can relate to. God knows the SU fanbase needs to be handheld through the intricacies of adult life, like learning how to clean up their moldy ramen-and-pocky strewn rooms, or how to move on after someone tells you 'no'. Rebecca could have made the diamonds into space Nazis like they clearly were, and had lesser villains throughout the series whose crimes consisted of telling Stephen to eat a vegetable or suggesting he wear a slightly different outfit sometimes. Then the 20 year olds watching the show could learn that some villains are forgivable, and some are not. She could even have had Stephen read out a synopsis of the episode at the end in case the viewers hadn't understood the moral of the episode.
I really wish little kids' shows had remained adult-free. The internet would be so much better that way.

No. 1961429

juststop doesn’t get enough shit from the cartoon community. he made a video defending vic mignogna, his earliest videos were tracing callouts, he enabled daft for years till he conveniently blamed the whole mark thing on him despite him being the one to start it, he’s a massive hypocrite
he fucking sucks and it annoys me him and that autist scrote dumbsville have so much influence
his videos are also dogshit he has nothing interesting to say or intelligent to add he just repeats whatever other people say(sage your shit)

No. 1961432

i was surprised that they say literally two short lines in the entire episode (and the voice just sounds like a gay male voice), with the way trannies freaked out about it I assumed they were going to be a big character kek

No. 1961434

the "friend like me"-esque song came outta nowhere. The animation in this is so weird

No. 1961446

File: 1706774212763.jpeg (203.45 KB, 1170x1511, IMG_2715.jpeg)

Nothing new but wild to see “Hazbin critical” tumblr accounts cited as sources lol.

No. 1961459

I agree. Him and dumsville are the worst. I find it funny how all of them are inspired by RebelTaxi but neither are charismatic, interesting or talented enough to make videos on Pan's level. At least saberspark uploads well edited videos almost daily, meanwhile these hacks upload once every blue moon and their videos feel on the same level of unpolished as Saber's. Sad we will never get another Pan, his videos are one of a kind.

No. 1961463


why the hate for dumbsville ? i love his videos and find them funny(newfaggotry, tone indicator, unitegrated posting, derailing)

No. 1961468

He's discount saberspark. I also really hate his ''shitposty'' sense of humor and editing style. It feels like it was edited by an ipad toddler on crack. I genuinely despise all these ''shitpost'' irony poisoned reviewers like schaffrilas and this guy, i cant take them seriously when they insert shitty memes and earrape every 5 seconds to not bore their audience with ADHD. He's also a dramafag attentionwhore.

No. 1961536

File: 1706810603385.jpeg (124.42 KB, 1080x1051, IMG_9008.jpeg)

reminder this is the kind of art that mango makes kek

No. 1961538

She's painfully unfunny. I cant believe she's my age. Does she work or is she pan's sugar baby?

No. 1961700

There’s a new season of the clone high reboot that came out today. It dropped all at once instead of weekly like the season last year… feels like a sign it’s not doing very well.

No. 1961713

wow and i didnt see anyone talk about it. the reboot was a mistake.

No. 1961726

File: 1706843240686.jpg (39.54 KB, 907x768, cQPmEem.jpg)

If Eve turns out to be the Big Bad it would be hilarious that hazbin hotel is supposed to be subversive but still plays into christian sexism of making eve the source of all evil.

No. 1961735

Eve was never considered "evil" with the exception of some church officials (who were highly debated against in their own time)

No. 1961753

File: 1706852054498.jpg (361.26 KB, 1080x1664, 1000018812.jpg)

Remember Ang Vondra the animator who supposedly died / entered EOL after being "blacklisted" for her shotacon drawings in October? Turns out she's very much alive and
posting videos about her current situation and her supposed alien abduction. It seems like whatever sanity she had left is just gone and now shes talking about how shes actually several aliens in a trenchcoat sent to earth to spread her teachings. Ang claims to have never lied about dying and is planning on leaving her earthly vessel. I wonder how the people who used her as a martyr feel right now kek

No. 1961754

Wow, that tranny mentally destroyed her. She was a weirdo for sure, but never this fucking bad. Everyone in that autistic clique sounds like they have some sort of schizophrenia and should be wearing a straight jacket on a padded room.

No. 1961758

File: 1706853375238.jpg (310.77 KB, 1080x1351, 1000018816.jpg)

Jame's definitely using this situation to get pressure off his back for the multiple violent rape threats he's made in the past. Still no proof that she assaulted / groomed him but Ang was lying about being dead so clearly he can't be lying either!

No. 1961761

Fuck James, he’s a delusional racist peice of shit. Ang being batshit doesn’t change that or vindicate him.

No. 1961763

She’s been going down this route for a while and started talking about encountering aliens during a shroom trip back when she was still making her creepy pedo webcomic a year or two ago. As much as James probably wishes he could take credit for breaking her this is all Ang. She’s nuts.

No. 1961771

File: 1706855947789.png (282.44 KB, 1474x1598, IMG_7349.png)

The moid who’s labeling this weirdo girl as a sexual abuser posts this as proof of Angela having attempted to molest him, all while posting “I was so hard the entire time (seductive emoji)” and expects people to believe a girl victimized his agp ass? Please.

No. 1961779

how old was he during this?

No. 1961781

Scary. reminds me of another industry animator that got schizophrenia, wonder if this fate is common with introverted artists.

No. 1961782

Agree with you anon. This isn't to say that we millennials got it down with entertaining review videos because look at Saberspark for example, he's just as boring as the aforementioned zoomer clique but you know, as cringe as Channel Awesome, Normal Boots, and Hidden Block reviewers could be, at least some of them could be funny and at the absolutely very least, their videos were not an ass load long.

Personally, I don't mind a video that is 1 hour long but only if the creator is actually entertaining or informative but these guys are just not "it", at least not for me.

>I miss when Rebeltaxi used to upload more frequently.

Same. I was actually watching some of Rebeltaxi's older videos and while they are a tad dated, I still enjoy them. I know Pan is a bit of a coomer but his videos were genuinely fun.

Honestly when it comes to cartoon reviewers, Rebeltaxi is the only channel I fully enjoy. I also enjoy a channel called Dial Up Digest, she's one of the few woman cartoon creators and she mostly talks about Nickelodeon cartoons but I find her videos both relaxing and nostalgic. There's also a channel called DuskTillDawn best known for his "The Dark Side of Hey Arnold" series and I think he's okay but his videos can be an hour long but unlike the zoomer clique (not sure if he's a zoomer), he manages to make the subject manner genuinely interesting to listen to. But aside from those, most of the cartoon reviewers, I'm just not all that into.

No. 1961785

Christian's do not see Eve as evil, they see her as the first victim of evil (Satan).(derailing)

No. 1961787

I didn't know they had a podcast. I wasn't even aware that Pan cancelled the Pizza Party Podcast, I just assumed he was on hiatus but it makes sense why there hasn't been a new episode in a long while. IF I'm wrong on this though, I apologize, I don't follow Pan on social media all that much and have only learned about his new gendie GF a few days ago kek.

Shouldn't be surprised she's a furry. Makes sense why she thinks she's not a woman.

I agree, I don't think he's a groomer. It's sad if your assumption is correct that he's essentially going through a midlife crisis and he's dating (mentally ill) young woman to get it. I don't understand why he couldn't find a woman around his age who's into the same things he is. Then again, he is terminally online and spends a lot of time on Twitter.

>Why the hate for dumbsville ? i love his videos and find them funny
+! on someone who doesn't like his content. My reasoning is pretty much the same as >>1961468 His "shitposty" humor is not funny at all to me, it's very grating and irritating. And yeah, the earrape jokes are terrible as well. And I don't find his reviewers insightful at all.

Question, are you in the age range of 25-30+? I only ask because as someone in their early 30s, I feel like this is a reason why I don't care for Dumsville style of content because it's not just him, it's anyone else who does a similar editing/humor style like his and I notice that they tend to be zoomers who love this type of humor.

No. 1961793

>He fucking sucks and it annoys me him and the autist scrote dumbsville have so much influence
I can understand why JustStop has influence no matter how undeserved it is because his content is not as a deep as one would think. But Dumbsville absolutely astounds me because his content does not even pretend to be profound and even if you tried to take it as entertainment, the subject matter is so cringe and not in an endearing way. He's just not funny and I don't get his appeal but again, I'm a decade older than him so maybe it's just difference in generational humor but I just don't get it. Because I'll be honest, I know that some consider her a cow but I find LazyBedHead to be somewhat endearing and I'd rather watch her content than Dumbsville's.

No. 1961810

"It depends on the sect and the specific interpretation of individual church leaders. However, as you mentioned, most Christian sects (with the exception of a few like Baptists) view Eve as a victim of Satan's trickery(derailing)

No. 1961834

File: 1706878250698.jpeg (870.17 KB, 1125x1599, IMG_1030.jpeg)

I guess she’s a law student which is fucking crazy.

No. 1961857

Anyone can study whatever, for all we know she could be shit a shit student with retarded grades or Chat gpt made papers.

No. 1961999

This just made me consider the possibility of a court-appointed attorney being a terminally online theybie.

No. 1962003

dumbsville and juststop started in commentary thats why. dumbsville started off harassing autistic sonic fans and juststop just copied whatevr the other commentary youtubers did both ha ve no artistic talnt and are not qualified to talk about art

No. 1962038

File: 1706920027523.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.21 KB, 363x1280, IMG_20240202_212843_693.jpg)

What the fuck is going with troony Jane and Ang now? Aparently naminepuppy is Ang in disguise, she pretended it was a "friend" helping her all this time kek

No. 1962043

File: 1706921086178.png (175.74 KB, 1293x561, wut.png)

in a really weird way of tying the ang/mango stuff together, jane hates mango apparently? i didn’t go all in trying to figure out mango’s role in all this i just found it interesting she’s tied up in like every terminally online animation drama ever.

No. 1962054

File: 1706923408544.jpg (635 KB, 1080x2640, 1000018824.jpg)

The absolute cope of realizing you've been lied to for several months by a schizo with aliens in her head

No. 1962059

so the 'condition' that ang is supposedly dying from - which one of her defenders compares to AIDS - is CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME
are they fucking joking

No. 1962061

Don’t believe the tranny, naminepuppy is a different person than Ang vondra. Their accounts have been independent for years. Naminepuppy is definitely hiding something though, supposedly giving Ang ‘end of life care’ when Ang was reveleaved lt have a support system this whole time.

No. 1962066

is there proof they’re different people, such as someone who’s met them both irl? it’s not unheard of for cows to keep their sockpuppet accounts running for years

No. 1962070

File: 1706926970287.jpeg (437.16 KB, 1170x918, IMG_2721.jpeg)

Nah I dont biy this, Naminepuppy has been around in “proship” circles forever, years before the Ang drama. Used to go by a different name that I can’t remember, socialistpuppy or communistpuppy or something. Also has a personal account where they sell furry art and keychains. Ang is too dumb to properly hide her pedo art, she’s not smart enough to pull off a long con like this lol.

No. 1962072

Puppy lives in the UK so giving Ang “EOL care” in person isn’t happening

No. 1962078

File: 1706929325141.png (104.13 KB, 606x838, dsfsdw.png)

Ang is 'dying' from chronic fatigue >>1962059 and fibromyalgia so the 'EOL care' is probably done over Discord kek. Maybe the aliens Ang talks to told her she was going to die soon.
James is an unreliable narrator and has a vendetta against Ang (and everyone in her circle). I wouldn't trust everything that he's saying. Also lol at James accusing naminepuppy of sexually harassment over a dumb comment. Seems like he gets off to the idea of women sexually abusing him because he's such a smol little twanswoman. He also accused his sisters of molesting him too.

No. 1962079

File: 1706929787126.jpeg (26.24 KB, 738x146, IMG_2722.jpeg)

>He also accused his sisters of molesting him too.
His 5 year old, severely autistic sister

No. 1962081

KEK no fucking way a 5 yo would molest 10 yo male. He could just push her away. He is a lying a scrote as schizo as ang

Did anyone watch Ang's new video?? She goes on saying she never said she was dying and that she is going to be homeless soon and then she said she had an experience with psychdelics and she is now spiritual AND THEN that she discovered she's actually an alien who's been around forever and "Angela" is just her vessel in this cycle, and that the aliens have been watching the humans for years. No joke. Completely schizo stuff, no wonder she is always claiming she is dying and that will be homeless soon when she has rich suportive grandparents.

No. 1962082

God I hate scrotes so much, it's clearly so much fun for him to imagine being "sexually assaulted" (read: having sex) with his 5 year old sister.
>it's swept under the rug as me liking loli
translation: no one believes your bullshit stories about little girls raping you because that's pedo 101. Blame the child you assaulted.

No. 1962083

I hate this troons so fucking much. Ang is a cringe schizo autist, but harmless nonetheles, meanwhile this fucking troon has threatened to rape women, tried to cancel women for not babying his grown ass, used every single racial slur under the sun and still refuses to take accountability for it.
Its hilarious how everyone involved in animation drama is always a shit artist that should spend less time engaging in twitter slapfights and more time grinding loomis.

No. 1962084

File: 1706930932586.png (341.5 KB, 1338x1080, yhgfhfgh.png)

James also accused his own mother of molesting him and saving CP of him. I thought I was misremembering this but >>1962079's post reminded me to look through his deranged manifesto again kek. He never accused his father of sexually abusing him though. Guess he was able to fight him off with his dainty hands. Totally not a fetish, he just keeps getting molested by mean predatory AFAB persons for some reason.

No. 1962085

these topics are in shocking proximity to one another. it almost seems like shes lurking

No. 1962088

>perceived attractive/cis passing trans woman
KEK this fucking troon is as delusional as ang. This dude is so fucking creepy, i am convinced he's pedo projecting onto ang.

No. 1962094

I doubt they're a law student in an unofficial sense. They're probably an undergrad that tells people they want to go to law school. Their degree is probably something like creative writing or "undecided. You're not a "law student" until you get accepted into a law school.

No. 1962095

Oh I'm aware of their pasts with how they started out. found out about Dumbsville because of his Sonic commentary and even then, I thought his content was shit-tier with a humor style I didn't find appealing at all. It was hilarious when it was learned that he was inspired to do those kind of videos because of Sonic93 (who had a weird but not surprising meltdown over a Sonic character) because his content didn't make me think of her videos at all.

I agree though that it's hilarious how anyone thinks they have any qualification to talk about art when they don't do it at all.

No. 1962096

File: 1706932505773.jpg (71.39 KB, 184x250, 1092330-cd44a7a0fcf27099d31dfe…)

He's ugly as shit and deeply jealous of real women.

No. 1962097

File: 1706932666089.png (815.61 KB, 760x683, fdsfdsf.png)

Picrel is the perceived attractive/cis-passing smol twanswoman btw. James is 5'3. He is a manlet but 5'3/5'4 is the average height of an American female. No woman who is 5'3 brags about being tiny.
>i am convinced he's pedo projecting onto ang.
I am too, he has murder and rape fantasies and he's currently on Twitter begging Ang's followers to send him rape threats and accusing every woman who's criticizing him of sexually assault.
>Completely schizo stuff, no wonder she is always claiming she is dying and that will be homeless soon when she has rich suportive grandparents.
Yet her followers will still give her money kek.

No. 1962098

Does anyone remember when Ang said she had some weird fucking spinal fusion issue back in 2018-2019, and she tried raising money for to try and prevent "dying from" that too?

No. 1962099

Pan is the only animation reviewer who's actually qualified to talk about animation, and it shows. The others are just grifters hopping on the bandwaggon because shouting at ugly cartoons is very easy and quick to do. Their videos dont bring anything of substance beyond saying ''this movie bad''. They arent even entertaining like the Nostalgia critic, its pure white noise that zoomies put on the background while they play surway surfer or watch slime videos. Those griftubers remind me of all the trashy AVGN clones of the 00s and how they all thought all they needed to do to gain the success of james rolfe was to shout ''fuck'' at videogames.

No. 1962101

Was that the EDS thing she supposedly had surgery for?

No. 1962102

Him spreading the lie of his 5yo sister molesting him is so fucking creepy. He's basically admitting to molesting his sister to everyone but pretending he's the poow victim in the situation. He's just projecting his weird fetishes, like the feet thing, onto the women in his life. He should be locked up because its only a matter of time before he molested a little girl and tells the officers the 12yo was the one who touched them actually. Such a creep.

No. 1962103

always the "staring at their own fake boobs on the screen"-madman look in their eyes

No. 1962104

File: 1706934221202.png (249.51 KB, 814x1409, VkfSMLX.png)

> Every morning, I break my legs, and every afternoon, I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.
> Planetary (channeled ALIEN dance)

No. 1962106

File: 1706934880147.png (951.4 KB, 1774x1080, lol.png)

Same anon, here's a compilation of James accusing women of wanting to rape or kill him, begging people to send him rape threats, and he also has femdom fetish and gets off on aggressive tall women harassing 5'3 manlets.

No. 1962107

Interesting how he only mentions afabs and cis men! Tons of amabs are rapists and insane. You can say this but nobody can ever talk about how a huge majority of trans women are rapists, pedophiles, and openly support child abuse! Nobody can be inherently wary of them for murdering women or lesbians because that’s discrimination!

No. 1962109

>''waah they are threating to rape me''
>coming from the man who threatened to rape women before
holy shit the projecting is unreal.

No. 1962112

File: 1706937356269.png (1.87 MB, 2463x1103, tranny art.png)

He's 22 and draws like this. This is his portfolio mind you, he's trying to get a job in the industry with this. I dont like ang, but i am sure this troon only backlisted her out of jealousy because she didnt engage in his femdom troon furry fetish and was probably creeped out by this gigahon talking about how his 5yo sister molested him. I feel like he probably sexually harassed ang too and its what drove her to insanity, considering he has a pattern of projecting his fetishes onto women and little girls i dont think its far-fetched.

No. 1962113

File: 1706937539126.png (481.52 KB, 668x536, Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 9.18.…)

Jesus, even for Ang this is bleak. I knew her in college. I felt my heart sink when I saw this. She has truly lost her marbles.

No. 1962114

can you link her channel? i cannot find it with youtube's ass search function

No. 1962139

No. 1962148

File: 1706944779392.jpeg (819.47 KB, 1170x1809, IMG_2723.jpeg)

I think you’re onto something.
Why is he even posting shit like this, he’s sexually obsessed with her

No. 1962149

It’s sad. She did a lot of this to herself but she was a decent board artist and might have been able to salvage her career if she’d been smart about it but her addiction to being chronically online was too much.

No. 1962171

>jane's a short small little transwoman
3 words that all mean the same thing. his fetish is so obvious, how can anyone believe he's telling the truth about anything?

this looks far more like him than ang

No. 1962202

She's showing potential of becoming a Chris-Chan level entity.


Claiming a trans identity really does let you get away with so much shit, it's not even funny.

No. 1962211

He used a photo where he was clearly sitting down on a bench and she was standing up to make the point of how "tiny" he, as an overweight man, is. Fucking kek.

No. 1962212

huge if true because the audio clip she posted on twitter to "prove she was real" lacks any sort of accent and, might be wishful thinking because of how funny itd be, but it sounds pitched up. it would not be the first time ang had a sock account and until puppy posts her face i keep loling at the idea of it being ang with a hat on posting between turbo tard finger tutting videos on youtube(sage your shit)

No. 1962213

He has a deranged fetish and has loves tormentig a literal schizo living rent free in his head because he gets turned on by LARPing as a male rape victim. On top of it all he barely hides any of this shit. Why are people listening to this troon clown?

Are there any links to NSFW accounts and content from this guy? I'll look it up when I can but I wouldn't be surprised if he got a list of kinks somewhere that all lined up with his rape fetishes.

No. 1962266

File: 1706993069461.png (13.15 KB, 541x75, attractive trans woman.png)


No. 1962269

>are you in the age range of 25-30+?

Not at all I'm younger than 25, in a way I understand why someone older would find his videos annoying especially with the ear rape segments that I too hate, but also it doesn't help that I have immature humor which would explain why his shitpost editing style caters to me

No. 1962270


Went to check the twitter after seeing this cap and his whole twitter is gone kek

No. 1962271

File: 1706994188038.png (290.47 KB, 900x650, Uuuuuu.png)

Racist rapist tranny Janny has nuked his account

No. 1962272

lol he nuked his account
>Are there any links to NSFW accounts and content from this guy?
he's too busy larping as a smol twanswoman victim of rape by the mean AFABs to draw.

No. 1962278

File: 1706995643436.png (349.21 KB, 737x771, racist troon3.png)

Imagine being so fucking insane even twitter gendies are against you. He's so narcissistic he refuses to take accountability for the heinous racist things he has said, and instead tries to paint everyone else as a racist.

No. 1962282

>if you say that women are physically weaker than men YOU are the real misogynist

Man moment

No. 1962287

File: 1706998570813.jpg (323.64 KB, 1080x2213, 1000018831.jpg)

At least the majority of the comments on Angela's videos are people rightfully mocking her and questioning where the money went / ex supporters who've realized they've had the wool pulled over their eyes

No. 1962303

>Boring, where is the fucking ukulele?

No. 1962330

>abused several people
she's a liar and has fucked fetishes but all of the ''abuse'' accusations come from the racist tranny

No. 1962332

The “polycule” she was dating (two mentally ill ftm girls) have abuse allegations against her too, but it’s funny, because Ang also alleges they were the abusive ones (allegedly one of them raped her/ignored her “safe word”/bit her neck without her consent/whatnot) https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/v8mhgmq8abn745k75lsxj/h?rlkey=46pf63o7tktud92ly8efbna0q&dl=0

No. 1962365

The thing with gendies is that abuse could mean either beating them with a crowbar or simply mistaking their pronouns. That tranny genuinely thinks his mom molested him for 'touching his feet'.

No. 1962372

I have no idea what the Dropbox is supposed to prove, I just see a bunch of vague shit about “abuse” (which could be anything, as >>1962365 said) and some random out of context screenshots about ninja turtles smut.

No. 1962377

File: 1707017174595.png (32.9 KB, 743x242, avnm.png)

No. 1962378

File: 1707017416747.jpeg (547.31 KB, 2008x2048, IMG_7371.jpeg)

Sorry, I’ve been following the thing for a while so I’ll try to fill you in; Ang/Vee dated two ftms (stan and Aaron), they engaged on “rapeplay” where one of the girls kept going on even after Ang said no (it was rapeplay though what did you expect), allegedly kept biting Ang in the neck despite Ang refusing (screenshots say Ang went back on her word later on). One of the girl’s texts say Ang would get jealous of them, I guess feeling left out, and would throw herself on the floor, cry, scream, and bang her head against things. The girls got fed up and eventually left. The tumblr asks with the “Im sorry I’m scared” or whatever username is one of the girls confessing that Ang was apparently the abusive one and that now they know everyone was right.
Tl;dr: a shitfest. Everyone’s stupid and I guess if you’re not/we’re not super invested on this from the start you’re not missing much.

Maybe someone has the drawings, but Ang would constantly post stuff like this. One of them was about how abusive one of the poly gfs was because she brought her ice cream unprompted.

No. 1962382

its so dramatic and whats worse is that she was 26 when she was dating those teenagers

No. 1962413

ayrt, thanks for the context anon. I’m actually surprised this was an IRL thing, these kind of people always seem too online/awkward to maintain a romantic relationship, let alone one with two other people lmao
Where were their parents??

No. 1962432

what is it with these people and "walks"

No. 1962442

They were "teen" but not minors. They were 18 and 19.

No. 1962597

Kek I thought the same thing. Projaredcore

No. 1962728

this is atrocious

No. 1962735

still better than the FNAF movie. Remiends me of those movie makers mocap movies.

No. 1962737

Now the robots are supposed to be good? That kind of changes the whole point of the canon, doesn't it?

No. 1962752

Nona this isn't FNAF, it's just a separate piece of media with similar robot designs likely done deliberately as a cheap tactic to bait consoomer FNAF fans into watching it.

No. 1962758

Didn't even like the FNaF movie but are you serious? Practical effects/puppets can't be compared to CGI

No. 1962775

they should have gone with animation because the fursuits they used for the movie were really bad

No. 1962817

theyre supposed to look shitty though. they look just like the game.

No. 1962970

File: 1707171424398.png (284.85 KB, 583x419, lokiirl.png)

I cant wait for Panpizza, LS Mark and daftpina to release their pilots this year. They are going to be so laughably bad. Pan pizza's pilot already looks like its trying really hard to have quirky direction like monogatari, without understanding why monogatari works.

No. 1963036

daft is mostly doing his for fun I don t think hes serious about trying to break into the industry which is why im more jntrested in pans and marks
pan s wasted alot of his life on his pilot and hes dead set on putting it on a n actual network shame because i think his is really interesting
idk what marks plan with his pilot is just looks like wannabe FOP

No. 1963042

File: 1707189760914.png (426.3 KB, 1208x485, arcade place.png)

daft's ilot looks the worst. Its also funny when smug 'better than you idiots' who tell artists to quit drawing are humbled. Friendly reminder he is(was?) helping pan rewrite his pilot, as if he has any kind of experience.

No. 1963151

So Megamind 2 is gonna be a thing, it doesn't look good.

No. 1963171

This reminds me of miraculous ladybug wtf. The original movie stands on its own and doesn't need a sequel.

No. 1963182

Wow, this looks like garbage. The voice acting is abysmal too.

No. 1963197

At best this is going to be an Incredibles 2 situation where it's fine enough but unnecessary overall. However given current DreamWorks isn't anything like old DreamWorks I feel like this might be almost unrecognizable compared to the original and a trashfire. Smug expressions, badly written "sass", probably some stupid forced breakup or liar/misunderstanding revealed storyline somehow shoved in there about how the girl "can't actually love him because he is too different" but comes around again because of his "good heart" because they never know what to do with women in sequels, especially if at any point her lesson was originally to learn to love a guy past his looks. Then she's doomed to repeat that "lesson" over and over.
There's a reason they never made a sequel before now even if it was popular enough for it, it ended to perfectly and the character arcs all wrapped up well.

No. 1963205

It's the pilot for a TV show, hence why it looks like ass and is being done on the cheap without any of the original VAs. I hate that Dreamworks is cheaping out, the original actors were given a lot of ad-libbing power so this is in no way going to feel at all like the first movie.

No. 1963210

File: 1707238290213.jpeg (673.62 KB, 968x1260, IMG_1054.jpeg)

You know, I think she is lurking because her video was posted onto auresscosplay’s thread 6 days ago.

No. 1963225

File: 1707240808300.png (131.28 KB, 200x283, Stitch!_The_Movie_Poster.png)

honestly that's barely an excuse when this masterpiece exists and came out for the same reason
yeah it wasn't the same scale of animation as the original movie, but it scaled down in a way that kept it overall looking nice. meanwhile the megamind trailer actually looks like ass and has issues throughout. also iirc, the stitch movie promo made it clear it was a tv movie/pilot wheras it's blink and you miss it for this one

No. 1963230

People who are so obssesed with drawing themselves are so fucking annoying.

No. 1963235

>im such a smol little loli troon all those afabs wanna rape me REEEE
only gay fat fetishists will ever want you, jane. Youre too haggard looking for even the most degenerate pedophile to molest

No. 1963247

I ust cringed through the floor. Whats that little speech «when its time to run, you run». Like, is he talking to the kids from the stage spewing this word salad or what did i miss here? Its a whole ass mess

No. 1963291

After watching Pan's trailer for LokiIRL, I found it to be entirely cringe but even though I personally didn't like it, I hope he continues to push through and get it out there. That said, I don't understand why he's so desperate to get it on a TV network, if anything he should go the Vivziepop route when she started out. I'm sure he has enough fans who'd be willing to back him, especially since he's has so much to show for it.

No. 1963330

he's one of those retards who's incapable of letting a bad idea go. At least vivzie had zootopia before hazbin and helluva. Its seems stupid to waste that much time on a idea that sucks and is very unpopular.

No. 1963378

looks like big city greens

No. 1963384

Yeah the idea really doesn't sound good and you'd think he'd have more ideas swimming around in his mind. He should consider having some backup projects in case LokiIRL doesn't catch on.

No. 1963400

File: 1707299503794.jpg (1.01 MB, 1809x2868, 1685819227402.jpg)

I read the first two and last two chapters of Pan's comic, and it's not very good. The art would be fine if It was just illustrations, but in motion, the characters move like they're underwater(awkward and slow). Additionally, it's hard to differentiate between IRLs and the organics(the humans are multi-colored in this world), and the story doesn't have a strong foundation for a good plot.

No. 1963458

File: 1707319403263.jpeg (129.95 KB, 707x900, GFsCz9qX0AAQiD8.jpeg)

Has anyone seen this? It was shared by Musk so idk how accurate it is

No. 1963464

If Elon bought disney he would only greenlight harems for scrotes and adult cartoons with stonetoss humor

No. 1963499

extremely demoralizing and only serves to create more racism. it's like a woke Hays Code

No. 1963519

If there's one thing that I learned about moid nature, it's that if a man is obsessively accusing someone of something, he's definitely guilty of it himself. Projection is their primary mode of coping, particularly with things the male can't reconcile internally.

No. 1963564

I don't get it. What's wrong with this? It sounds like more than anything they are trying to help people from different backgrounds get into the industry so it's not just wealthy white guys. The on-screen diversity stuff can be cringe but that's only 25% of the initiative. Overall if it's the same complaints as the ones against affirmative action then just say so. Then I can read up on that instead of derailing the thread.

No. 1963578

It depends on the specific film being made. If you have a film set in Medieval England, it wouldn't make sense for 25% of the cast to be from 'unrepresented groups' (by American standards). Also, the fact of the matter is that everyone who writes this stuff is already from a wealthy background, I'd prefer good writers over anything, and I'm a "POC"(I really do hate that) as well, just not a moron who wants to be treated like a child.

No. 1963609

the toons being able to procreate with humans is the most autistic coombrained idea ever

No. 1963614

It's a nice sentiment but ultimately doomed. You can't use AO3 tags and porn categories to create something worth watching. I'm not sure how to describe it but there's an icky sort of vibe in any media that focuses on muh representashun. It's like getting drag queens to imitate women, it's all 'Yaaas Queeeennnn!!!' and no real substance, plus you're left with the feeling that they see you as subhuman despite the excessive praise. We do need more representation in media- from writers who don't have their heads permanently lodged in their asses. Disney's famous for its micromanaging executives and retarded sameface princesses, but that's really not the problem here. You can't put shit in a cake tin and expect anything but a turd to come out the oven. 9 year olds everywhere watched Frollo almost execute Esmeralda, and watched Gaston gather a lynch mob to go murder the love interest before being killed himself, and watched Simba cry over his father's corpse after Scar pushed him to his death. Kids loved that shit. If you have good writing and solid characters, you don't need to use diversity as a selling point. The Spiderverse movies are diverse, but their stories were written to actually be engaging and make sense, and the characters are more than a handful of booktok hashtags held together with stereotypes.

No. 1963655

>Hiring people based on skin color over skills creates low quality movies/shows
Could have simply summed it up as that

No. 1963685

Musk is being based as always.(derailing)

No. 1963765

If it's really as bad as you say, he should really consider getting a co-writer or at least someone who can help flesh out the story/plot.

No. 1963766

Fellow POC and I understand you anon. It's the reason why I hate when people bitch and moan about when a POC character is voiced by a white person like Diane from Bojack Horseman or that one guy who voiced Cleveland in Family Guy before they re-cast him. The talent should speak for itself regardless if it's made by a POC or not. Is it nice when POC make media? Absolutely but just make it good and stop focusing on he "representation".

No. 1963767

I can believe it because they seem to follow the standards imposed on the market by the creator of Aladin, which from what I understand, is the algorithm used for all stock in finance. I don't recall if it's the same as ESG standards tho. It's never talked about when these extremely powerful men, be it musk or soros or whoever, want to play batman and change the world and how fucking weird it is.

No. 1964355

Vee posted more videos. I'm sorry I don't know how to upload videos, can someone do that?

They're on YouTube:
more alien dancing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KSu6ARnFqg

a poem and more about her health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO-kjh3F7TY

i thought she was supposed to be homeless by now, she looks like a nice house with lots of stuff behind her…(learn to embed at lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1964374

File: 1707530994615.mp4 (10.05 MB, 576x1026, 2eea4874826a4f3485d5aa4a67ca07…)

Have you guys seen this small time animation studio on TikTok? They've been posting about their big series they're gonna make. Honestly,I'm excited for them. Wish I had the nerve to do something like this but also I'm worried it's gonna be filled to the brim with cringe gendie crap.

No. 1964378

>adult comedy horror series
Closed the vid.

No. 1964383

File: 1707533091496.jpg (8.77 KB, 451x336, EvBue6SVEAAmpZt.jpg)

Why does every animation need to be a comedy now? absolutely bleak western animation is not worth anything anymore.

No. 1964392

I saw this when it was an episode of ST:TNG called "Remember Be" when Dr. Crusher was trapped in warp bubble, but she didn't know it, and as the warp bubble shrank, people and then the universe started disappearing.
And, then, again, when Catra created a slowly decaying portal world in the episode "Remember".
All in all, I think I prefer the action version of this trope.

No. 1964399

why would i support something that looks no different from corporate globohomo garbage? at least vivzie had a really unique style

No. 1964418

Maybe I'm just cynical, but I have a feeling this will end in callout posts and abuse accusations within a couple years.

No. 1964424

File: 1707544618986.png (2.48 MB, 1186x1750, muh indie animation studi.png)

Everyone involved with this is an extremely mediocre artist with more reaction images to art ratio in their twitters, so its bound to be milky. I genuinely dont understand why people that draw like this want to create animation, they clearly dont love art enough to get good at it. Its going to flop real hard if it ever comes out.

No. 1964448

> they clearly dont love art enough to get good at it.
I think it's not about the art for them, they are actually dreaming of one day getting to a position similar to Viv's and getting attention and praise for making a shitty show with their OCs one day. With these flakes it's all about attention and mental gymnastics.
>trans Dipper fanart
Oh for FUCKS sake when will that awful headcanon fucking die out?

No. 1964452

>Oh for FUCKS sake when will that awful headcanon fucking die out?
never ever. Boys arent allowed to be sensitive and nerdy anymore, they must be either transgirls or transboys.

No. 1964594

Can you shut up about Viv?even if her shows are successful they're still shit kek not everything is about her.stop sucking her toes.

No. 1964610

I didn't mean it to be about her nor did I say her shows are good, I used her as an example for someone in a position that got to make a show that is about her gay OCs (I don't know of any other, so her name was the only one I could think of), something that someone with a trans dipper headcanon would love to be able to do and gain praise for.

No. 1964622

Oh okay,sorry I thought you were one of those autistic ass-kissers of hers don't mind me lol sorry again the trans dipper head cannon is so 2016 holy shit I feel old they can't be serious with that one again.they can't seem to draw hands either.

No. 1964664

this is all pendleton ward's fault

the backgrounds dont look too bad, but the dude next to trans dipper and the pseudo owl house art style look so bad

No. 1964772

Word goes around is that she is living with her rich grandparents in LA

No. 1964905

File: 1707679892457.png (345.13 KB, 640x696, imagen_2024-02-11_153304540.pn…)

jfc how can you fuck up lineart and coloring this bad…

No. 1964960

The concept/idea could use some work but Im afraid the execution might fail.

No. 1965036

Speaking of Gravity Falls, is there any milk on Jackie Buscarino(Pacifica Northwest's VA) she used to host a podcast with Justin Roiland, which sets off alarm bells and joked about being a pedophile.

No. 1965069

File: 1707729624390.png (12.88 KB, 750x116, pan keffals.png)

Pan tweeted this. I hope he doesn't become a drama whore now that he has a drama whore TIF gf. It's a really, really bad idea to get twitch trannies against you when you are trying to get into the animation industry, which is filled by commies troons.

No. 1965227

his gf is in the comments hyping him up
i sense shes pushing him that way

No. 1965270

He's has also been engaging with synthcool a lot recently. synth and his girlfriend MADasS1N are the worst type of "dirtbag leftists", because they think ironically misogynistic, racist and vulgar is peak comedy. However, they would call you a chud if you ever disrespect a poor innocent trans woman.

No. 1965292

This is gonna be good.

No. 1965465

I dont like to agree with /co/, but mango is truly pan's yoko onno. She's going to ruin his career, and all for mid tif pussy.

No. 1965529

Agreed. But I'm gonna be real, I don't see these two lasting. I feel like Mango is gonna latch onto Pan long enough to keep getting more attention since Pan is a relatively popular creator within the YT/Indie animation review scene and once she gets enough, she'll drop him at the flip of a hat. Because let's be real, her art isn't anything special or to write home about and not all her videos are hard-hitters in the view department so hanging onto Pan guarantees she'll be able to get some attention on herself.

No. 1965672

File: 1707852041403.png (271.61 KB, 939x796, Untitled.png)

In a crossover with the anime thread on /m/, Jelloapocalypse, creator of Epithet Erased, got hired to write the script for the new Lovely Complex anime dub. He wrote a long, incredibly embarrassing post on patreon (archived here-> http://web.archive.org/web/20240211065805/patreon.com/posts/98245655) bragging about making extensive changes to the script, such as having the main characters validate the trap characters gender identity and portraying the female lead as an abusive psychopath because he has a weird hateboner for her. In the now-deleted post he also makes a bunch of personal attacks towards the mangaka, goes on about how the tranny voice actors they hired are sooo much better than the Japanese VAs and strokes himself off about what a great writer he is (again, this is the guy who wrote epithet erased).

The production company has issued a statement cutting ties with him https://nitter.esmailelbob.xyz/worldofcrap/status/1757133511130243439

it seems he may have exaggerated his role in the localization, as people have posted clips where changes he claims to have made do not appear

No. 1965676

I knew he'd pull something like this, I liked his videos when I was younger, but he thinks being funny of the internet and making parodies somehow gives him actual creative talent or competency.

No. 1965679

>female character isn't flawless and expresses negative emotions
>she's an abusive psychopath
Males gonna male

No. 1965680

File: 1707852899950.jpg (161.72 KB, 928x346, Untitled.jpg)

he's horrible about the female mangaka who created the comic the show is based on as well. absolute moid moment

No. 1965685

and of course the gendies had to insert themselves in something that had to do nothing with them. when will we ever be free

No. 1965689

Reminds me of that one psycho fujoshit going off at the author of Sadistic Beauty in her pirated scanlations of it kek (she was aboosive to a cartoon male character)

No. 1965729

>The way all the characters talk and interact is wrong
How the fuck can it be wrong if that's the mangaka's creation?

No. 1965774

as someone who adores risa and lovely complex i hope this moid kills himself

No. 1965789

File: 1707869976092.jpg (100.87 KB, 1080x777, 1000029977.jpg)

the localizers takeaway from this whole thing is basically "ugh he's giving cHuDs fuel, in the future don't talk about this publically but definitely keep doing it"

No. 1965800

Reminder that Mark admitted in a video after that podcast episode release that he was trying to get in Butch's office just so he could harass him and make fun of him. He tried emailing Butch and then got his wife to email him, made up a fake podcast, came up with ideas with his wife to piss off Butch while driving to his office, and spent $2,000 to do all of this only to "back out" because Mark bitched out when Butch's wife showed up to meet him and Veronica.

Mark's a little creep.

No. 1965803

That has to be creatively stifling…

No. 1965808

>I genuinely dont understand why people that draw like this want to create animation, they clearly dont love art enough to get good at it.
They want to make what they want to see, not what other people want to see. lol

No. 1965821

>tweaked the story, softened some bigotry
This pisses me the fuck off, I want the fucking story the creator meant to tell me, not some western retard who thinks they're superior changing whatever the fuck they want it's not their fucking story and they have no fucking right fuck pieces of shit

No. 1965872

File: 1707896131240.png (530.6 KB, 1080x1080, jelly.png)

>moid with a scat fetish telling a woman their work is shit
maybe in his derranged coomer brain that's a compliment

No. 1965965

It's perplexing how americans simply can't break out of this, but I do find it really interesting how this issue only got more personal with the passing of time. Back then changes were issued by the higher ups for the sake of market appeal, nowadays you get these shitheads (who don't have suits breathing down their necks like the translators before them had) actively trying to sneak in changes to the characters and the story with an appaling air of entitlement and disdain towards the source material that ironically feels almost imperialistic, like they see themselves as an authority figure from the civilised world that has to teach "those yellow savages" how to write a proper story with LBGTTTT++ representation and twitter memes. Not even fan translations can escape this shit these days.

No. 1966095

mark is a weirdo and idk why people dont see it
I think its because its against Butch they think its fine?

No. 1966113

realized i misrepresented things a bit on the original post. Jelloapocalypse wasn't actually hired to do the localization ('modernizing' the old subtitle script), it was Marissa Lenti, a VA best known for her role as the futanari from Huniepop 2. She was having trouble getting the work done on time or something so he volunteered to help her out as a friend, likely imagining this was going to be his big SAO Abridged moment.

No. 1966220

File: 1707988056564.png (252.5 KB, 598x738, GAY.png)

New Pen Pals Forever style Pilot Kickstarter has arrived.


No. 1966225

These perplex me just like the boxtown one. If you want to make your own show independently, why go the industry style route? What do you offer that whatever is on cartoon network or adult swim doesn't?
It's tiresome to bring vivzie again and again but her stuff is complete opposite of what's on tv and that's why people gravitate toward it so much

No. 1966243

Interesting concept, I'm intrigued. I hope it doesn't devolve into petty slapfights

No. 1966262

Cool idea, but I don't think it will be executed properly and it will surely have some tranny character because roller derbies used to be only for women.

No. 1966283

two of the characters are enbys lol

No. 1966285

samefag, sorry wrong link. I’ll just put the whole fucking url bc I apparently can’t remember how to link a post in another thread

No. 1966302

Lol at the "Look I used the trans flag colors for the main character color palette!" I blame Owl House for this (x) flag colors used for character palette/ background lighting shit.

No. 1966324

This is just Steven Universe Part 2. I can tell by the lip style.

No. 1966388

my favorite part is how equal video time is dedicated to the actual finished animation (~25sec) as is to discussion of various Native American tribes and how their studio will be donating to them (~30sec)

No. 1966415

i hate the craig of the creek art style STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1966434

Kickstarter is halfway through and only raised 41%. I don't think it's going to get funded sadly. I actually wanted to see how this turned out. The amount of virtue signalling is worst than High Guardian Spice.

No. 1966456

none of these projects get funded. high guardian spice only got made because they had crunchyroll money

No. 1966563


No. 1966879

File: 1708153365067.png (239.85 KB, 598x1280, Slapfight.png)

I think you might've jinxed it…

No. 1966883

Notice how nothing by Disney has been funny, thought-provoking or interesting in years?

No. 1966901

How are these idiots so entitled. I have never wanted a project to flop so badly.

No. 1966905

if I was trying to produce/fund a project and this was the extent of the critique for it I was seeing, I'd be stoked. It's so mild, and it gives fair enough points that could help you improve your project (even if it's just to clear up potential confusion to better your pitch- no one should be asking things like why it's in a high school setting and the project should have been clearer on what 'magical girl ala sailor moon' actually means for the story and visuals). Hell, a lot of people like it when creators address concerns or criticisms during development, and none of these would even require you to actually change anything about your ~vision~

I've gotten worse comments from randos on fanart than this kek, just ignore it if you disagree with it so much

No. 1966913

there is a genuine issue in the art scene online to react negatively to any criticism. Everyone tiptoes around artists, unless they're given permission to shit on them for being racist/homophobic or whatever

No. 1966967

>”taking up space”
>criticizing my shitty derivative cartoon pitch is racist AND queerphobic!
This is like playing a game of annoying, chronically online gen z artist bingo.

No. 1966992

What a fucking idiot. If you don't like a comment you get why not…idk ignore it? There was absolutely no reason to blast this on Twitter. It only makes her look like a moron as well as unprofessional.

No. 1967039

Creators attention whoring keeps killing so many projects. I couldn't care less about the author when I get hard into any series, all of them japanese in current years. Can't anyone in the West create stories withouth pulling the "black, trans, "indigenous", nonbinary queer" fucking card.>>1966879

No. 1967042

>Can't anyone in the West create stories withouth pulling the "black, trans, "indigenous", nonbinary queer" fucking card.>>1966879
vivzie(if you ignore the one or two background trannies npcs) and lackadaisy.

No. 1967056

I'm getting flashbacks to ValiDate with the reaction to this. It doesn't matter if the critique is from within "the community" (queer™ POC™) or not, everything is unfair and motivated by hate.

No. 1967059

She should be embarrassed,cringe,I hope her shitty pilot flops miserably.all genderspecials are retarded.

No. 1967061

YIIK vibes. Is the tiny Asian person a TIF?

No. 1967075

I think it stems from some sort of insecurity. Your skill and abilities can't just stand on their own two legs, they have to be propped up or exaggerated by some other trait. Because if you're actually somebody worth their salt and who's work speaks for themselves you don't really need to do this amount of pathetic arm flailing. If anything it's a green flag if a creator shuts the fuck up and keeps to themselves.

No. 1967104

she pulls the “queer latina” card too, she’s not any better

No. 1967107

the fuck, she's latina? first time i heard about it, but i also dont use twitter so maybe she's obnoxious about it there

No. 1967113

She's a white Latina actually lol she's half white

No. 1967130

Medrano is a Spanish last name that's most common in Mexico

No. 1967414

>An animated Sailor Moon meets roller derby coming of age story!
>young adult animated series
>Wheels & Roses is my way of creating animation where we can talk about queerness, community, and magic!
Shoot me.

No. 1967438

File: 1708302689035.jpeg (6.07 KB, 252x200, images.jpeg)

It's kind of crazy to think that a decade back responding to criticism like this was a massive NO-NO and you would be placed right next to Tom Preston for it.

I noticed this behavior being rampant in recent times where no one can respond to criticism appropriately- especially in tiktok. It's not just zoomers but people in various age groups acting like minature Tom Prestons. And so its no wonder they create the same tired, cal arts shit featuring the same black girl MC who is a lesbian etc. etc.

No. 1967455

File: 1708306722501.png (161.65 KB, 1024x527, SBP-Screenshot-2-1024x527.png)

I know I sound super retarded and ignorant but does it really cost that much to make some unoriginal,
ugly bean mouth Craig Of The Creek style garbage?wow just wow I expect the budget being $25,000 or less but damn that's nearly $100,000 for something that's not even visually appealing.

No. 1967508

Samefag. The more I think about it, if she kept the Sailor Moon meets roller derby idea, made it a kids' show, and left out all the other crap, it could work. But it looks like it'll probably be another High Guardian Spice.

No. 1967588

I've known people that make their pilots without funding and their friends help out with the project. If people think it sounds fun and believe in your idea they're willing to do it for free.

No. 1967989

depends how long it is but 25K would be extremely low for a tv-quality pilot

No. 1968174

>>1955417(delete failed posts)

No. 1968186

Trailer for X-Men '97.

Animation-wise, this somehow looks worse than the original…

No. 1968200

File: 1708482469369.gif (1.1 MB, 320x233, 34710-1536682367-12482-list_it…)

I'm not sure if it's the stilted animation or the way they've chosen to animate the lip-syncing but it feels like a slightly more advanced Clutch Cargo kek

No. 1968235

I grew up watching this so was hyped for it until I saw the group shot with Storm's uniform missing a pants leg. I hope it's just a coloring error, but if it's just a coloring error that made it into the trailer that's just sad. Plus her hairstyle is stupid.

No. 1968261

who in the cartoon community can actually draw?

No. 1968268

This looks so bad
The old ass original show looks better. Hopefully this shit flips hard.

No. 1968333

Lol these guys are not small time. One of their fathers is a famous comedian who bankrolls all their shit. Know them irl they're talentless hacks(learn2sage)

No. 1968337

>Lol these guys are not small time. One of their fathers is a famous comedian who bankrolls all their shit
that makes sense.

No. 1968342

give us more juice anon what comedian

No. 1968386

vivzie and dana terrance

No. 1968397

Craig Ferguson

No. 1968407

your making this up, I can't imagine any of those goblins being one of Craig Ferguson's kids, also

No. 1968409

samefag,I looked it up and I guess I was mistaken. He has a they/they identifying daughter.

No. 1968466

File: 1708550064990.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 479x2018, image (11).png)

Spoiler because huge examples in picrel
I think the creators from yesterday, I really dig the styles of mike judge, genndy tartakovsky, David fess and even Powercouple Mccracken + Faust. But I think the best one is Tartakovsky, he is really good not only as an artist mas a film maker. I really loved the more "conceptual" Dexter episodes and primal is super cool to watch

No. 1968468

A lot of people actually. But the pucca noodles tier artists are the loudest on social media

No. 1968487

File: 1708556054869.png (440.06 KB, 598x1137, More Slapfights.png)

This cartoon is never gonna be fully funded is it…

No. 1968495

latina isn’t a race btw

No. 1968496

There at 66% with one week left. There's a chance but a slim one. I actually want to see this come to life just to see the reviews that come from it. I enjoyed the youtube reviews ripping into High Guardian Spice.

No. 1968502

It might be, kickstarters usually have a push on the last day. That being said, holy shit, why is it that these pilot kickstarter animations always have the shittiest artist as the creator? Aside from the creator, there are 3 artists and their team lineup and every single one of them are better than her in every way. Even the ones with uglyish characters beat her in technical ability by a mile.

No. 1968557

>It's not just zoomers but people in various age groups
I've noticed this trend, and it's becoming harder to seek mentally sound people in art communities.(sage your shit)

No. 1968579

>queer queer queer queer queer
>"Fuck homophobia."
Pick one.

No. 1968587

I wonder how many "queer" people watch cartoons made for queer people…

No. 1968600

"Queer" people are the primary demographic. Actual SSA people, not so much.

No. 1968613

What a bitch. Some people are bring up a good points in the nicest way and here comes the creator using "I'm queer, you're homophobic for criticize my pilot" line. Reminds me of the SU fanbase when they said the same shit if you criticize anything about SU.

No. 1968630

Right, but I'm wondering how many people in the target demographic actually watch the shows.

I'm guessing the number is small because most people who identify as "queer" don't watch cartoons that much, and if they do, they're probably not watching cartoons like Wheels & Roses.

No. 1968631

what race are brown non-black latinos?

No. 1968635

>most people who identify as "queer" don't watch cartoons that much
Most people who identify as queer are terminally online gendies who grew up on steven universe and obsess over fictional characters all day

No. 1968640

i meant more among the cartoon reviewer commentary crowd sorry i should have specified

No. 1968653

this nurse is so right. Especially in modern shows with a black cast it's hard to gay stuff to not be put in as well, like their life experiences and every other minority come in a neat littl package together

No. 1968657

Latino is a broad nationality, like asian or european. There are latinos of all racial backgrounds. Black latinos and Brown latinos are Black latinos and Brown latinos, since Brown is another broad term.

And hispanic is an ethnicity, they are descedent of Spaniards. Spaniards are hispanic but not latinos, brazillian are latinos but not hispanic. Someone can be japanese latino, arab latino, white latino, Black latino, indgenous latino etc the only requirement is to be born in here latam (or be a descedent of someone from a latam country if you are a child of immigrants in 1st world countries)

Hope this helps(derailing)

No. 1968666

File: 1708594232885.jpg (126.34 KB, 1042x1039, EY1Wq3wWsAIfw-v.jpg)

Right, "Gringoland" always thinks latin-america is only mexico fellow nonna.(derailing, no sage)

No. 1968761

File: 1708616136312.jpg (353.43 KB, 2048x1356, asdasd.jpg)

ah, no one then. Maybe pan, and even he is pretty mid considering he's the oldest, has an art degree and has been drawing since he was a kid. Pic rel is lsmark's art, he can only trace and heavily reference. I am a bit salty because if i had a cushy job of pumping out shitty boring videos like him and making bank off it i would spend all my day drawing and grinding fundies. I hate how no one outside of pan appreciates art in the cartoon community.

No. 1968764

File: 1708616714043.jpg (93.62 KB, 1002x1067, loona.jpg)

kek sorry it makes me really mad this guy is so bad

No. 1968805

File: 1708623356178.png (26.82 KB, 593x415, 1708582056492839.png)

Anyone keeping up with monkey wrench? It's so boring, but its creator is getting weirdly whiny. He just can't fathom his show is not that interesting

No. 1968851

These are nice, encouraging comments. If this is how they react to random comments from their potential audience, god knows how they're going to handle animating a show with other glass-boned paper-skinned folx. This is going to get milky whether or not they get funded.
>that linework
How can someone be this bad at tracing?

No. 1968876

another entitled indie animator?damm anon is right,western animators are getting sooo pathetically whiny and condescending it's unfunny and just obnoxious.its getting old if no one likes your shit cartoon just get over it and grow a pair already damn I actually liked Monkey Wrench except for Shriek because he's also unfunny and annoying as fuck I guess not anymore since Zeurel is acting like a big man baby now.Tracy Butler (Lackadaisy)is probably the only one who's professional in the indie animation industry.

No. 1968898

File: 1708640877392.png (97.94 KB, 961x1013, Shrike_Sanchez.png)

*Shrike,I misspelled his name but yeah, again,he's annoying and unfunny and makes the show a pain in the neck to watch.I think he's Zeurel's self insert idk.

No. 1968958

This thing i incredibly ugly. I cannot imagine sitting for 20 minutes and seeing this ugly thing.

No. 1968966

File: 1708650160422.png (812.81 KB, 1000x1000, Shrike_Plush_Toy-SV3-P-4_1000x…)

The plush is even uglier lol

No. 1968972

Port By The Sea pilot is out

No. 1968976

this is so ugly, who the fuck wants to see yet another calarts tier shit? it looks exactly like craig of the creek, 0 personality

No. 1968999

What race are the brown mexicans? That's what I'm confused about.

No. 1969001

I don't even have to watch this but the ginger boy looks soo annoying already geez he resembles a monkey more than a human kid.

No. 1969021

true, it looks just like the kweer sailor moon rollerblading pitch just a scroll above. vivzies content interests me as much as watching paint dry but at least it stands out from most online animation projects.

No. 1969098

nta most Mexicans and central Americans are either Mestizo(mix of Hispanic and Spaniard) or Hispanicized Indians.

No. 1969331

New Digital Circus update and merch ad. This shit is vile and I hope Goose 41%

No. 1969336

call me a lost boomer but what in the gmod hell? this is what all the trannyworshipping teenagers in my fandom spaces are squeeing over? This fugly shit?

No. 1969343

I want to punch these fugly, brightly colored abominations so badly yeah I know I sound like a retard.

No. 1969347

I have a really good feeling that most if not all translators will be replaced by AI.

No. 1969350

This was painfully unfunny and cringe.

No. 1969351

for better or worse your probably right, the reason most of these people got their jobs in the first place was because they were cheapest option, if something even cheaper comes along, they that'll be that.

No. 1969356

File: 1708727952393.gif (689.8 KB, 357x200, whydoievenbother.gif)

>With this many new characters, imagine all the violent shipping wars that we'll be completely powerless to do anything about!

No. 1969372

>haha there's so much porn of this show haha
>knows that his audience has a lot of children in it
oh my god I didn't think I could hate troons more than I already do

No. 1969376

File: 1708731224386.jpg (209.09 KB, 1816x1244, gooseworse-1598946765461655554…)

how many fetishes do you think goosetranny will add?

No. 1969426

I'd bet my left lung that TDAC doesn't have an inflation scene.

No. 1969428

I can't believe this trash was nominated for an Annie Award. Fucking horseshit, it's a pilot.

No. 1969521

File: 1708773833805.png (20.93 KB, 774x496, IMG_2399.png)

Not sure where to put this. I really want to know why Bryan and Michael left the live action adaptation of ATLA because it doesn’t seem like it departed much from the original cartoon, especially not in ways they would have hated (a lot of Kyoshi emphasis)

No. 1969525

how many times can they fit queer into a paragraph before it looses all meaning. it literally means nothing. 'queer queer queer queer'. Like. this word used to be a slur.

No. 1969541

I’m not a Viziepop fan, but at least she tries to market for her adult audience/tries not to involve kids with her content.

It’s so fucking weird that most of Goose’s kink stuff is recent and he doesn’t get shit compared to Vizie who publicized her shit back in 2016.
like, the most disgusting thing I’ve seen recently were a bunch of guys justifying his art of mutilated women as just “adult doing adult things”. Vizie gets so much more hate despite not publicizing her guro art- and you know Goose get off on his high horse for getting away with it

No. 1969558

considering how much of an open degen, I predict he's gonna get caught up in some controversy(grooming some minor)

No. 1969624

And everyone will ignore it.

No. 1969635

because he is male. scrotes are allowed to openly groom minors into porn addictions and that's perfectly fine; questioning it will get you death threats from the pedophiles enabling and defending him. women who do much less immediately get crucified and ostracized from any community.

No. 1969644

File: 1708806209210.jpeg (149.13 KB, 353x465, IMG_8342.jpeg)

You would have to be fully, certifiably retarded to buy this.

No. 1969650

The pilot starts out with a prologue that tells about a war between titans which sounds cool. all I could think about is that I would rather watch a cartoon about that. Not every story needs to be an epic with gods but still. Don't add epic-like lore of you want to make a laid back cartoon. I know they are breadcruming a finale where they battle a titan and it will probably turn out that the kids are titans themselves but it was still jarring that the prologue was so different from the rest of the pilot.

The animation was good considering this is an indie project. I expected it would be super inconsistent like Ok Ko or Steven universe but the character where on model all of the time but that is a lowbar.

Is it me or was there a lack of atmosphere? I feel like older cartoon shorts would use shadows and contrasting colors to create an atmosphere but it feels like there is a lack of an artistic vision here. There is a very short scene in the beginning where they battle a sea monster during a storm, and you can see the storm but you don't feel the intensity of it because the atmosphere isn't there.

The world is also kinda meh. There is a talking birdlady but it didn't feel whimsical or quaint. I felt no desire to explore the world it's probably becauae the show doesn't have any atmosphere.

The plot felt like a fetch quest
>go to A
>talk to B
>go to C
>go back to A and talk to B
I wish they had made a pilot about the titan war instead lol

I don't get the boy character. Who does he appeal to? Children don't like hyperactive childish characters.
I don't get the crab character either. It looks and acts like it was designed to be made into merch but isn't the point of going indie that you don't have to deal with corporate bullshit that forces you to add marketable elements?

Idk. Despite me ranting I can see this gain a following and it looks like there where effort put into this so I do hope they succeed even if it's not my cup of tea

No. 1969653

File: 1708808750592.jpg (1013.1 KB, 2500x3125, 1000015309.jpg)

Absolutely boring Animal Crossing regurgitated Steven Universe sludge. Very beautiful and cleaned up lines on this sludge! But pointless pilot. The creators worked on We Bare Bears and it shows.
Great quality background and character models, absolutely nothing interesting happening up-top though. There's a town of animals with triangle-nosed human characters that use fishing poles, it's literally Animal Crossing fanfiction plus Inuyasha "we gotta collect the crystal shards!" plot device. One of the creator's website https://www.ashley-odell.com/illustration

No. 1969725

>I don't get the boy character. Who does he appeal to? Children don't like hyperactive childish characters.
>I don't get the crab character either.
I only watched the first minute because I hated it, but the feckless, energetic boy with the exotic pet on his head, paired with a competent girl, reminded me of Kim Possible,
Ron and Rufus.

No. 1969755

I highly doubt this would get a following,even on Tumblr.it's super mediocre,it's meant to be forgotten in about a day or two.

No. 1969782

At least it's better than whatever the hell this is…

No. 1969793

Woke people say the word “lesbian” in relation to women born with vaginas challenge: impossible.

No. 1969820

Ugly ass art style

No. 1969858

File: 1708869581490.jpg (31.47 KB, 300x248, Sunshine-300x248.jpg)

You can tell that the creator came up with the vore fetish scene first and then had to write the rest of the plot to justify it

No. 1969881

File: 1708878396621.png (580.2 KB, 1267x638, wheelsRoses.PNG)

80% of the way there with 4 days left. Maybe they'll make it.

No. 1969942

I want them to make it so bad, it's going to be such a disaster. I remember what a shitshow Validate turned into, not that it wasn't a disaster from start to finish, we could all do with another one of those trainwrecks.

No. 1970021

For essentially space Beastars where the predators are all Nazis, it's not horrible. The storyboarding is fluid where it needs to be but does switch up the character's positions too many times so it can end up confusing. Average sci-fi wanime slop just a bit edgier and with furries.

No. 1970046

File: 1708917050013.jpg (140.12 KB, 1842x1242, gooseworse-1599313306392887296…)

He's such a disgusting troon. I hate him so fucking much. He has this moid roidpig character(ofcourse the only moid he draws) and he has drawn tons of disgusting misogynistic stuff of his ''fem version''. He's so sexist and disgusting, ofcourse he has to be a troon. But ofcourse handmaidens will suck his microdick and defend him as a true and honest woman. It's so funny how he has the most straigth moid art, but since he's a tranny he doesn't get flack for it.

No. 1970068

Removing the prologue would've added some mystery and intrigue. Also, I wish western shows would stop trying so hard to be "quirky". It's no wonder anime is running circles around our asses.

No. 1970100

File: 1708936246729.png (Spoiler Image,590.28 KB, 598x1007, 1694038195140.png)

Considering this is the guy who made it… it wouldn't surprise me…

No. 1970101

The internet was a mistake.

No. 1970150

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the shots are done. Plot's alright. I actually like this one even if it's very obvious a man wrote it.

No. 1970429

Remind me of the highlights? I only remember how it started, and then I stopped coming to lc for a while.

No. 1970443

I have been watching Grimsburg because I followed it's development hell since it got announced, and it's a really weird show. I was expecting it to be yet another crude cynical adult cartoon, but it's more like a dorky milennial the simpsons. I think the fact it's actually kinda wholesome and doesn't need to use shock humor makes it watchable compared to all the other shit that's currently airing. It's definetly not good, the first two episodes were kinda cringe, but the last one had some decent jokes. Honestly, I will take this kinda cringe milennial mcu humor cartoon over another depressing 3deep5u bojack/rick and morty or some shocking garbage.

No. 1970617

Did anyone see the new digital circus episode? I refuse to watch it but I'm curious as to what you guys think.

No. 1971019

File: 1709189132876.png (283.84 KB, 598x759, Glitch.png)

Seems Glitch Productions has been getting heat because they pulled a Boxtown and replaced one of their Voice Actors without telling them…

No. 1971033

is it because of the alleged Zionism thing?

No. 1971035

Actually it had something to do with the new VA being a fan of SMG4 and asking if she can voice Tari, so they gave her the role without even telling Celeste (Tari's old VA) she was being replaced with someone else…

No. 1971040

10 hours to go and fully funded. this'll be interesting.

No. 1971118

that is actually insane? Not even a political excuse or something. Just straight up nepotism

No. 1971202

File: 1709239884025.png (310.23 KB, 816x855, wheelsRoses2.PNG)

They pulled through after something called the Forward Funds chipped in.

No. 1971213

>"There's so much porn of our show - and it's going to get worse from here!"

Literally egging on all of the coomers into making worse fetish art about this, while also portraying the female character as being extremely uncomfortable with the idea. Fucking trannies.

No. 1971255

What a waste of money basically High Guardian Spice 2.0,just what everyone needed!

No. 1971256

File: 1709251084505.png (107.38 KB, 1364x903, what is forward funds.PNG)

forward funds are charities/non-profit. Kickstarters can nominate themselves for it. Can't wait to see this slop come out kek.

No. 1971267

Yes! I can't wait to see how fast they crash and burn. They lose their shit so fast over so little that the chances of any episodes being created is next to nil.

No. 1971284

File: 1709259449818.png (595.42 KB, 1494x1964, GHfa2FaacAAMEbf.png)

Statement from Celeste just released (1/2)

No. 1971285

File: 1709259505265.png (564.41 KB, 1488x1958, GHfa2FaakAANCMu.png)

No. 1971287

Pretty sure the whole show is going to be Pomni torture porn anyway, so don't be surprised.

No. 1971328

File: 1709277740827.jpeg (127.3 KB, 1195x455, jasmineyang.jpeg)

response from Jeffrey "jasmine" yang

No. 1971406

literally "OOPSIE I FORGOR" stretched into three paragraphs. astonishing. and of course the pink white and blue teflon means this won't have any effect on his reputation or career.

No. 1971771

Gruff,a paper made short film is out. Not really 2D animation related but I'd like to hear what nonnies think of this.

No. 1971941

This. This is what we need more of, not yet another calarts blob but something with unique animation. The story is nothing good, it's fairly weak, but the style makes it stand out amongst the sea of ''queer POC naruto sailor moon craig of the creek'' pilots that flood youtube.

No. 1971990

God I really fucking hate this 'QUEER REPRESENTATION MATTEEERSUUH" and the fucking SAILOR MOON this and SAILOR MOON that, they never watched any actual anime aside of sailor moon when they were 10 on TV.

Also I bet my ass it has NOTHING to do with sailor moon other than the transformation trope and the "girls lead cast!!"

No. 1972041

File: 1709479011974.jpg (420.32 KB, 1000x750, gv4Dtkn.jpg)

Pearl is also a huge Cardcaptor Sakura fan; you know, the magical girl show where a 13 year old is engaged to her 30 year old teacher?

No. 1972268

I thought the story was weak, but I actually really liked it.

No. 1972269

apparently that's not uncommon in Japan, teenagers marrying their teachers and it being a normal thing.

No. 1972276

I loved this. A straightforward story with a unique style, with a message that makes sense for the setting. I wish we had more stuff like this.

No. 1972339

Is this really true?

No. 1972342

File: 1709566679482.jpg (568.06 KB, 748x1140, UoWI1k7.jpg)

From what I've heard from Japanese friends, it's rare but not unheard of and people still think it's weird and I doubt most people think it's appropriate content for a children's show to feature not once but twice; the protagonist's own mother also married her teacher and dies young, it's implied because of having children at such a young age. Even if it were common, culture is often just another word for patriarchy. I just think this show has some gross af vibes and I judge people who are still obsessed with it into adulthood beyond just nostalgia.

Sage for blogging off topic

No. 1972347

She's nine, not 13, right?

No. 1972348

Jesus I think you're right, I think I got her age mixed up with the mom; this is show is so god damn messy.

No. 1972463

File: 1709594331935.jpg (404.24 KB, 695x1131, s-l1600.jpg)

Fun fact:The Nelvana dub (recorded in canada)becomes Sakura parents in "college students" and the entire "relation" between Terada & Rika was left out (obviusly).

Also Meiling is not longer Syaoran cousin but ironically Yamazaki & Chiharu has becoming cousins in this dub!

No. 1972467

No it’s 3 times because Touya and his teacher Mizuki get together but don’t get married.

No. 1972498

What!? What the fuck happened between him and Yukito?

No. 1972519

Kaho's his ex from before he met Yukito.

No. 1972521

File: 1709606323808.jpeg (64.08 KB, 640x511, IMG_1300.jpeg)

Mizuki taught Touya in the 8th grade and they hit it off. She left his ass cause she knew Yukito was the one for him.

No. 1972575

>When Touya was in Junior High, he and Kaho were a couple - they first met at the Tsukimine Shrine under a cherry blossom tree, during which they also both sensed each other's supernatural powers. However, it was only the next day did Touya realize that Kaho was the new student teacher for his class.[2] Their friendship eventually grew into a mutual love, which Touya confessed under the same tree where they had met. Touya was a 12-14 year old middle school student while Kaho was a 20-22 year old student teacher, giving them a 6-8 year age gap.

No. 1972582

File: 1709616444284.png (2.54 MB, 1000x1439, qzHAhgD.png)

It actually happens 4 times, cause Mizuki's main love interest is another 12 year old boy. like yeah Japanese society has some cultural baggage.

No. 1972636

This reminds me that the creator of Rose of Versailles is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, which is the worst of all worlds. It's not really liberal, it's technically a conservative party that promotes the promotion of Japanese values and traditions. It also supports market capitalism but is also anti-censorship, allowing anything to be published as long as it's not openly advertised.

No. 1972656

It's been a while since I've watched Cardcaptor Sakura. God damn, the amount of student/teacher relationships in this show is wild.

No. 1972658

it makes me laugh when hyperal liberal westoids bend themselves into a pretzel to justify why liking anime is ok and totally not problematic when stuff like this is dime a dozen in even the most inoffensive looking shojos and anime for children. The type of people that would cancel Aang for her degeneracy also being into animu is so fucking funny to me.

No. 1972680

Japanese Marxists are often the only ones to address these issues(I started reading them after reading some Japanese feminists). There's a quote by one of them that stuck with me. It goes something like this, Japan is like a child refusing to leave its mother's womb but still wanting to see the light. In the end, it will kill itself and its mother. Essentially, it's a society that wants the benefits of Westernization and liberal market capitalism but refuses to let go of its corrupt cultural foundations, and it will self-destruct without radical change.

No. 1972852

Very well said, do you have a specific recommendation of japanese marxists writing about this?

No. 1972870

Yeah this isn't the thread for it so hopefully no ban for derailing but I'd also be very interested in some recommendations of Japanese feminists and marxists to read up on

No. 1972887

File: 1709692526555.jpg (100.55 KB, 680x657, Meiling_Li_4.jpg)

True Story.

No. 1972894

KEK I can’t believe I forgot that. Of course it got omitted in the anime. Wish CLAMP didn’t make so many controversial relationships.

No. 1972935

File: 1709702730965.jpg (20.74 KB, 400x473, tanaka.jpg)

The specific Japanese Marxists who talked about the birth allegory was Samezō Kuruma, as for Japanese feminists it's a bit complicated, so the most prominent Japanese feminist you'll hear about is Chizuko Ueno, whose writings are widely accessible both in Japan and the West. However, she aligns herself with a very standard queer theory perspective, her views are quite similar to the LDP, as she believes that any offensive or obscene content should be allowed to be published, including texts that deny the mass rape of Korean women. she did not write it but she supported its publication. also she has a "west bad" bias and blames the root of Japan's problems to Western influence.
The few decent Japanese feminists are very few and far between. Probably the closest modern one I can think of is Mitsu Tanaka. The others are from the early 20th century, like Kaneko Fumiko, who tried to assassinate the royal family.(derailing)

No. 1973345

File: 1709797895351.jpg (607.67 KB, 1536x2048, GH3LFpWb0AAgo85.jpg)

Glitch's CEO Kevin finally released a statement a few days ago.

No. 1973404

This statement is suss

No. 1973432

>Japanese femchud

No. 1974981

File: 1710179905198.png (37.92 KB, 811x107, aLQi1gd.png)

No. 1975032

And of course the girl doesn't even look like a teenager, she looks even younger than that. She looks like an 8 year old child, and he's like 3 times her size? wtf japan

No. 1975040

Super sad, used to love RWBY and camp camp as a kid. I know their recent show "Gen Locke" kind of sucked but I always hoped they'd pull through and make something as big as RWBY again.

No. 1975048

why did it fail exactly?

No. 1975063

nonnie, they're 10.

No. 1975304

bloated into a megacompany that hired too many people and started too many projects when it should have stayed indie. Glitch risks a similar path

No. 1975337

>the protagonist's own mother also married her teacher and dies young
Kek, identical to Fruits Basket. And that wasn't the only teacher/student or creepy grooming relationship in it, either.

No. 1975567

No. 1975585

>Glitch risks a similar path
please i can't wait for its downfall

No. 1975589

Me too,I don't even consider their shows to be indie anymore if they have soo much money to make 3d cartoons shit costs a lot what they created wasn't even worth it at all in my opinion especially with that multicolored diarrhea that is The Amazing Digital Circus.

No. 1975598

File: 1710286665638.jpg (100.7 KB, 720x468, That explains it .jpg)

The upcoming blade movie is going to be shite isn't it.

No. 1975600

oh shit…hope this doesn't turn into Bryan Singer 2

No. 1975603

File: 1710287808805.jpeg (126.91 KB, 1080x1064, IMG_8155.jpeg)

While not as popular, Gakuen Alice had it too. Someone leash these writers, please.

No. 1975622

Considering how shit the moon knight tv show was, probably.

No. 1975659

what anon said plus declining popularity of RWBY, their biggest show, due to the death of monty oum and general poor writing that never really improved. genlock getting lukewarm reviews and having no cultural impact beyond that one scene where you saw the female lead's entire bush also didn't help-that show was on real streaming platforms and not just joke ones like crunchyroll, i think they expected it to be their big break.

No. 1975692

people need to keep in mind that this is the same country that makes being a single mother and absolutely nightmare. Japan just recently (a few months ago) changed the law so being drugged and raped is a crime. previously only forcible rape was recognized as rape. And I personally had no idea that clamp was THAT obsessed with inappropriate relationships between children and teachers. Japan has a tendency to produce cartoons featuring actual like grade school children having romances with each other which is very strange, to be honest but it's no doubt related to the conservatism over there. I honestly don't think what clamp has created is reflective of Japanese society rather than just the women who wrote it's interests. they probably think the "cute" idea of a kid having a crush on their teacher and marrying them because marriages inevitable and conservative countries is innocuous. clamp seems to love their retro sexism/gender roles and enormous size differences between the women and men or adults and children in this case. this is probably why they're so popular…

No. 1975695

I think people genuinely forget this, that's why there is a lot of fucked up material from Japan.

No. 1975720

File: 1710319366760.png (611.18 KB, 545x960, okko.png)

sage for no currently no milk, but I swear Ian Jones will get caught in some sort of controversy, he's such an obvious coomer and it jumps out in every aspect of his work.

No. 1975803

You just know this moid has an R34 account out there on the net somewhere.

No. 1975828

File: 1710351924031.png (358.36 KB, 600x619, Screenshot 25-11-3.png)

Absolute fucking state of the Industry,

No. 1975831

>old white moid whose only claim to fame is faking an asian accent to impersonate a deceased japanese VA legend
>solidarity with troons who fake being women

No. 1975833

i bet he has chats with underage fans on his sm

No. 1975835

He's admitted to looking at NSFW fanart of the shows he works on.

No. 1975836

He drew porn of a female version of Dexter.

No. 1975849

Rebecca is the exact opposite of his drawing’s body types. She’s got broad shoulders and a slender body.

No. 1975861

This shit all looks the same.

No. 1975864

im glad this show flopped and that not even being the husband of the rebecca sugar couldnt save it. all characters look so fucking ugly and i cannot stand how some try to push the evil purple faggot as a sexyman.

No. 1975887

I'm pretty sure OKKO was a 52-episode case. Basically networks commission exactly 52 episodes in order to license the show for reruns on other channels. This is how we ended up with some experimental shows like Rocko's Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy. but also the popular action shows of the 2000's like Teen Titans and Kim Possible.
So, in those 52 episodes, he and his team could have told whatever story they wanted and they chose to indulge their fetishes.

No. 1975893

File: 1710362225975.jpg (1.03 MB, 2380x1188, be2625445edace4e5c5fa2d5c768d1…)

Bizaretly this shit had so many crossover specials. (Probably the CN show with most officials animated crossover specials ever?).

I don't know why.

No. 1975898

>cartoons featuring actual like grade school children having romances with each other
Honestly, the framing is the main factor when it comes to whether something like this is creepy. The characters in Peanuts had crushes on each other and it never came across as inappropriate, because it was mostly portrayed as lighthearted and comedic.

No. 1975900

see >>1975887 basically they could do whatever they wanted.

No. 1975925

This >>1975887 or maybe CN was expecting OKKO to be their next Ben 10. My guess is that Ian's Something Awful/Studio Yotta/Newgrounds connections helped him out. That would explain the Sonic crossover.

No. 1976040

the crossover with ghoul school always was a weird choose in my opinion, because its a /co/ lolicon favourite and JQ was a /co/ user.

No. 1976063

File: 1710398354981.jpg (42.82 KB, 1000x738, MV5BNzEwNzc4MjQtMGY5NC00NzY1LW…)

Also no Shaggy & Scooby (or Scrappy) in this special…

No. 1976082

>no shaggy and scooby
they were the funniest part, without them its empty

No. 1976090

Kek I wonder if it chaps this guys ass that his name is never mentioned in any conversation about good voice work on ATLA. Mako has been dead for 18 years and he's still riding his coattails

No. 1976228

Inside Out 2 full trailer and basically full plot reveal, I'm pretty sure we know exactly how the story will end.

No. 1976250

Incredibly based, she never misses. I'm just so appreciative that she has enough "'Fuck You' Money" to say this publicly and not feel the need to kiss their asses because she's afraid of losing a job. She's living the dream. I wish I could publicly call out trannies and their mental gymnastics without worrying about income, kek

No. 1976254

File: 1710445945724.jpg (270.57 KB, 1228x1282, GIJFN7-aEAEOSOh.jpg)

It's wild looking at this picture. It unintentionally shows how homogenized animation and character designs have become.

No. 1976262

Amusingly it was a lot better show than Steven Universe. The art style and Cartoon Network not promoting it made it die.
They were apparently expecting more episodes and had to rush the ending, I'm not sure it was a hard 52 episode contract.

No. 1976264

File: 1710448106401.jpeg (50.82 KB, 500x363, IMG_4322.jpeg)

wtf I didn’t know that, I loved scooby doo and the ghoul school growing up but of course moids had to ruin it with their degeneracy. Also the girls look retarded with that art style, most of their designs are slender and sharp looking and here they’re reduced to more ugly round calarts blobs

No. 1976300

good god, looking at that last line all I can think is "oh, how the mighty have fallen."

No. 1976355

Yeah before I discovered lc I used to hang out on /co/ and for a while there were threads about these characters and requests for lewds from drawfags everyday. They have cute designs but I can’t see them the same way anymore lol

No. 1976366

Is he the one who said having good fighting scenes is "boring"? Which would explain why Moon Knight tv was shit like you said

No. 1976377

not just designs but actual personality, I'm not going to pretend that the original movie had complex characters or anything, but it had a charm to it because it was earnestly made for kids. However, this depiction merely relies on tropes