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The site maintenance is completed but lingering issues are expected, please report any bugs here

File: 1711729571092.jpg (54.52 KB, 720x519, 247f14a5c9b7c2d77dd3f0656bf49b…)

No. 73959

As the board software is being upgraded, it is likely that bugs may crop up from time to time. Please use this thread to report any bugs.

Do not respond to other users in this thread. To discuss bugs, please use the General Meta Discussion thread.

No. 73965

the anonymous at the top of posts isn’t bold and colorful anymore just grey and sickly and it makes me scared

No. 73966

Oh, the colors are back. I’m okay now.

No. 73968

so what were the changes that the update brought?

No. 73969

Not a bug report but I wanted to say that there is noticeable improvement in the site's performance. Everything loads faster.

No. 73970

File: 1711733246674.png (20.54 KB, 1038x148, Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 13.26…)

small bug but but can't click on the numbers for pages of any board, just a gray number not a link. "Next" works to move through them, catalog works.

No. 73973

Thank you for your report, this has now been fixed!

No. 73975

when will the site migration most likely occur and of course what engine(I don't know if that's the right term) can be the most similar to the aesthetic of LC?

No. 73976

samefag, will the site address also be carried over? cause I have a few bookmarks on certain threads.

No. 73977

File: 1711735257750.png (51.2 KB, 1318x516, spacing.png)

not really an issue but the spaces between the attached file metadata fields are different compared to before: there used to be a comma and a space and now there is just a comma as delimiter. not a big deal or anything but noticed so thought i'd report!

No. 73978

Thank you! This is now fixed, the change will be visible as the cached pages update.

No. 73980

File: 1711739463316.png (82.3 KB, 1418x724, morespacing.png)

you're the best! just noticed a similar issue with the thread header from the board view where it shows the number of additional posts and images in the thread not currently in view

No. 73989

File: 1711745406769.jpeg (676.19 KB, 828x1696, IMG_0964.jpeg)

Is anyone else unable to access the front page?

No. 73990

File: 1711745495643.png (175.36 KB, 1195x632, img-2024-03-29-20-51-04.png)

You should refresh anon, I literally came to this thread by clicking your screenshot from the home page

No. 73992

Lmao that worked, thanks anon

No. 73995

Thank you

No. 73997

This also now fixed, thank you!

No. 74006

File: 1711753082306.jpg (162.12 KB, 1200x750, pair-cats-cuddling.jpg)

Just wanted to say thanks to admin! Can't believe you're the first one in almost a decade who bothered to update the server! Looking forward to what comes next and maybe getting some of the features you promised last month?

No. 74014

Currently can't upload mp4s directly to the site. Instead it's either not posting due to lack of text, or just posting the text without the video.

No. 74016

Is there a list of general fixes that the site got?

No. 74017

I think they just updated the software since it was super outdated, actual site updates will come later

No. 74027

Some pictures are just not posting for some reason? They're completely dropped from the post

No. 74031

Tried posting a gif with my post 3 times but for some reason it won't be posted?

No. 74033

can't post mp4 links.

No. 74034

I think banner rotation got fixed and now I see more of the ones that got added last time on the cycle?

No. 74039

The issue with uploading mp4/apng/gif/webm etc. should now be fixed. If you continue to have issues can you please email the specific file you are trying to upload to us at admin@lolcow.farm!

No. 74112

File: 1711869757260.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, zF1bm0a.gif)

thank your farmhands.

No. 74237

File: 1711962733013.png (181.12 KB, 555x505, image.png)

I'm not sure what happened here but this showed up at the bottom of a page suddenly and I laughed my ass off. It linked to the pro-ana thread and at the corner of my screen was another icon I couldn't see but clicked on which took me to the shayna thread. I hope this is a new feature for "ads" for other threads but I think it messed up in execution

No. 74238

It's for April fools day.

No. 74240

Can you please verify the 30 second post rule thingy? It really feels like it resets back to 0 in the second 29 because I always have to wait more than 30 seconds. Maybe like 2 minutues

No. 74243

It was showing up weird but I figured out the extension that was causing it, not a bug! Sorry admins

No. 74289

yeah ive noticed its way longer than 30 seconds too

No. 74305

Thirding. For some reason they refuse to acknowledge this issue although multiple anons have been posting about it.

No. 74306

Is there something up with uploading .pngs for anyone else? Whenever I try it gives me an error message and I have to convert the file into a .jpg to upload it.

No. 74307

File: 1712007949778.jpg (38.04 KB, 364x143, error msg.jpg)

Samefag to show a screenshot of the error message that I get: picrel. I've tried uploading a lot of .pngs and they all give me this same error message.

No. 74325

We haven't been able to replicate this issue. Can you please either email one of the images you were trying to upload to admin@lolcow.farm or upload the image to imgur or somewhere similar and post the URL here? It will be much easier to resolve with an image to use for testing.

The post flood timer was reverted to exactly how it was before Hellweek, so it should be behaving how it has been for years. We'll look into it and make sure it is functioning correctly though. As an aside, if you're trying to post the exact same text as one of your recent posts (same IP) the timer is much longer (5 minutes).

No. 74327

Here's the imgur link to a test image:
I tried to post itt just now but it didn't work, it gave me the same error message. Sorry in advance if this is a me problem and not a site problem, I will feel silly if it turns out that you can upload it but I couldn't.

No. 74328

File: 1712051629624.png (6.6 KB, 578x235, fHJdmJH.png)

The image posts fine for me, but it may be that Imgur stripped something out that was causing the issue. If you save the image from Imgur and try and post it here does it work for you? Were all the .png files that were causing the problem screenshots, or was it any .png image?

No. 74329

It's always screenshots. When I take a screenshot on my laptop, it makes the image into a .png and usually that's what I'll upload to lc. I used to be able to post them no problem from before the update, which is what makes it weird to me.

No. 74330

Can you try posting a screenshot now? I think I've fixed it.

No. 74331

I just tried but it's still giving me the same error message as here >>74307 , I'm not sure what's up because I can upload the screenshots fine in other places like cc and even here before update. Sorry to give you so much trouble

No. 74332

It's usually when I want to post multiple pictures on /m/ or re-post my post after deleting (fixing typos or adding info etc) it makes sense now

No. 74334

I made another change, can you try again now? The reason why is because when we updated all the packages etc. running on the server, the package that processes images was also updated and it added new checks that it didn't previously have (causing the error).

No. 74335

File: 1712064029955.png (34.59 KB, 1229x129, Screen Shot 2024-04-02 at 9.20…)

Okay I'm gonna try this time hopefully it works

No. 74336

File: 1712064112962.jpg (82.07 KB, 620x983, kitty cat in hat.jpg)

Yaaay it worked! Thank you admin for helping me and making the site better, you're the bees knees. Love you

No. 74337

Forgot yo add: sometimes I just want to repost to spoiler a picture after deleting it previously and the error happens

No. 74347

i had two bugs i wanted to report. i notice sometimes when i am quickly scrolling down a thread with a lot of videos on mobile i get an autoplay screen, but nothing is playing. this never happens on my ipad or macbook. it doesn’t happen in every thread either, just media heavy ones. i also had issues reporting a post today. it got stuck on working and i got an unexpected error message. that’s never happened to me before. i just refreshed the page and left it alone as my browser froze, too when this happened.

No. 74355

File: 1712176330397.jpeg (92.79 KB, 1241x517, IMG_2476.jpeg)

Different anon but I got banned yesterday and I noticed a similar spacing problem on the ban screen, so I just wanted to point it out too in case you can fix it. The spacing issue is in the first message as well as the dates on the bottom

No. 74507

File: 1712301959796.jpg (30.29 KB, 720x435, 200gdegbk00801.jpg)

I got picrel while trying to post a mp4. The mp4 is 1:55 minutes long and is 9.96 MB. I tried posting with and without my commentary to no avail. I know there was a video issue but I was able to post a 25 sec mp4 a couple days ago. I'm wondering if it is due to time length.

No. 74514

I am having an issue with some posts not loading, but I am able to see replies to posts. When I click on the linked original post within the reply, I can then see the post.

No. 74519

File: 1712338016062.png (2.19 KB, 216x106, img-2024-04-05-18-09-48.png)

Thank you for your report, this is now fixed!

Can you possibly email the MP4 file you're talking about to admin@lolcow.farm? It would help to have it for testing

Can you scroll to the top of a thread where you are having this issue and check whether this link (picrel) in the top right says "show" or "hide"? If it says "Show", press it and the hidden posts should come back. Let us know if that doesn't work!

No. 74535

Can you look into why threads sometimes get stuck in-between pages sometimes so that you can only see them in the catalog.

No. 74542

I managed to fix the problem while deleting my cache but I think that actually was the problem. Thank you helpful admin!

No. 74549

I emailed it. I hope it helps.

No. 74555

Thanks to anon this issue is now fixed!

We will look into this

No. 74557

>As an aside, if you're trying to post the exact same text as one of your recent posts (same IP) the timer is much longer (5 minutes).
I get a long time even when I've changed the post to fix or add something, but regardless can you change the message to reflect how long you actually have to wait? It's a little annoying trying to figure if I have to wait 30 seconds or 5 minutes

No. 74573

Is there a full list of red texted words? Were new ones added?

No. 74583

i love you so much admina

No. 74723

Minor issue: clicking on webms or mp4 files on /shay/ opens the video in a new window. It happens when using Brave, Iridium and Waterfox.

No. 74728

File: 1712673927882.png (101.93 KB, 1189x598, Screenshot (10).png)

I double posted from shit internet but can't seem to delete my second post that hasn't expired yet. I've tried to do the same on Firefox and Chrome but get the same popup.

No. 74777

I’m a phonefag, this also happens in the Safari app

No. 74825

File: 1712781375434.jpg (410.87 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240410-173516_Fir…)

Phonefag browsing /mtf/ when a lot of the posts straight up disappeared and I'm left with this weird spacing

No. 74826

There's a setting to hide saged posts, seems you have it on. Delete cookies and it will return to normal.

No. 74828

You accidentally clicked "hide saged posts". Click it again to show saged posts.

No. 74833

Do newfags just never lurk /meta/ anymore? This gets brought up once a week.

No. 74893

This kind of question should be immediately bannable as newfaggotry. Is it just me or has it been popping up a lot more often recently?

No. 74930

The site is stuck on farmcow.lol for me. Is this supposed to be happening right now? Can't read any posts to find out kek. This morning it wasn't farmcow but now it is

No. 74947

You probably got perma'd.

No. 75003

Having problems in /snow/ with un-bumped threads from 8 years ago showing above the new ones.

No. 75004

that happens if someone bumps then deleted their post, nona. Probs someone trying to bury their current thread

No. 75032

Try clearing your cache anon.

No. 75542

File: 1713497228843.jpeg (1.83 MB, 4026x1469, 5E267360-6B25-42CB-8C4C-3C2692…)

Hi farmhands/admin, I randomly received a pop up when I tried to post that said I was banned, and when I clicked ok it took me to this page I’ve never seen before (picrel) saying it was a glitch. But the problem is, my glitch ban seems to be permanent and so the whole site is flipped to farmcow. I know the instructions say to email but I wanted to post so if this happens to anyone else, they can see my post and know it’s happening to other people.
To be honest I don’t feel like setting up a burner e-mail for this to get my ban lifted (am ban evading now kek but I don’t like to do it) so I guess this is goodbye for now and I hope it just reverts eventually or something, idk.

No. 75543

Hey I got the same message.

No. 75544

clear your cookies

No. 75547

Just exist out of the tab and browse in incognito mode.

No. 75549

you might to switch browsers too

No. 75550

Doesn’t work, I’m fairly sure it’s my IP that’s banned. I’m not getting farmcow anymore, but am still permabanned.

No. 75563

use a vpn or reset your router

No. 75644

i got the same glitch

No. 75645

Am i going crazy or was no one posting for like 10 minutes? I got the farmcow site too even though i wasnt banned

No. 75646

probably an ISP range ban. Happens a lot with 4chan, i once got perma'd despite mostly lurking because some autistic moid who shared ISP with me wouldn't stop ban evading.

No. 75648

came to say this lol did anyone else see the whole site flipped too? At least these hackers had minimally more humor than the average spam

No. 75650

There was a glitch with bans/the farmcow.lol redirect. It should now be fully resolved but if anyone continues to have issues, please post here or email admin@lolcow.farm

No. 75652

OK thank you, I was confused to see I got permabanned for no reason.

No. 75653

i sent a very angry email. i retract it. sorry

No. 75654

I'm confused as well because I almost got the same issue but I closed the tab when the pop up appeared so I'm not sure if I would have had this message >>75542 as well, I have no idea if I just had this same glitch just a few minutes or hours before you said you fixed it or if it's something else. I checked my most recent posts and they weren't redtexted, the screen I got just said I was permabanned without a time limit for no specified reason.

No. 75655

File: 1713646127722.png (66.58 KB, 1972x294, Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 15.17…)

I got this message when attempting to post and when I went back to lolcow it was stuck on farmcow.lol (just in the browser I was using, not other browsers). really seems like a bug.

No. 75656

File: 1713647158148.png (1.57 MB, 1678x1852, banned.png)

No. 75658

oh ok. will it go back to normal on its own eventually or do I have to clear my cookies or something? I'm still farmcow'd on the browser this >>75655 happened in

No. 75659

clear cookies

No. 75660

Please try clearing your cookies for lolcow.farm in that browser

No. 75661

Alright, thanks it's back to normal. I figured that was the answer but I don't like to clear my cookies, sorry for stupid question.

No. 75662

anon… you can just clear them for one site. have you been clearing all your cookies this entire time?

No. 75673


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