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File: 1710832625199.jpeg (79.87 KB, 600x600, IMG_3045.jpeg)

No. 1930750

What ails you, o anon?

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No. 1930759

Im pretty sure my yeast infection came back but I can't get a doctor appointment until the 27th so I'm just sitting here with itchy coochie

No. 1930785

This isnt a confession. This is tmi. There is literally a coochie thread in g.

No. 1930792

but the tmi thread is da da dead

No. 1930795

So make a new one narc.(infighting)

No. 1930897

I’ve been wearing the hijab for 20 years and I hate it. I reverted putting it on as a kid and I have no real way of taking it off. Of course the easy answer is to become financially independent and move away but I have trouble with that. It’s harder than it sounds. Sometimes I fear Iw on’ty have a chance until my middle age and it will be too late to actually enjoy life. Not to mention, I’ve always been a “good” kid and never really done scandalous actions so I’m scared of the public backlash. I’m scared of potential violence from my family. I wish I never wore it. I wish I took it off as a teen. I fought against skirts, marriage and skin bleach but hijab seems to be the one area I struggle with. Even my brothers and strangers reprimand me if I wear it too loosely or incorrectly.

I fucking hate the non-hijab liberal women who praise Islam and the hijab while coming from wealthy families that don’t enforce the religion. Don’t listen to those rich girls. they don’t speak for all immigrants, especially the ones forced to wear the hijab

No. 1930902

Can't you get Canesten (or something similiar) otc?

No. 1930912

This is too unfortunately relatable, I'm so sorry. That feeling of knowing you'll waste so much of your years to this. This symbol of misogyny that you wear on yourself. That you've never truly been yourself on the outside how you are inside. It's really not easy, I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

No. 1931132

boyf admitted he almost called me nonna during sex

No. 1931143

Why would he call you that? Don't tell me you've told him about lc? Or is that a cheeky nickname?

No. 1931161

So many dumb farmers here tell their ugly boyfriends about lolcow

No. 1931166

Wasn’t there a former farmhand who supposedly told her boyfriend about the site and showed him some posts to laugh at? Was that something that got revealed or did I imagine that?

No. 1931176

Maybe they are italian and he was thinking about his grandma. I prefer that to anon telling him about lc and him spending so much time here he almost says nonna out of habit

No. 1931198

>mfw nona's boyfriend is into grannies
>mfw I have no face

No. 1931219

That's not right. You shouldn't be telling a man about a woman-only space.

No. 1931348

I hope the nonna in the last thread who was trying to commit suicide finds peace, whether in death or after.

No. 1931360

Me too I was thinking about her last night

No. 1931370

File: 1710874133118.gif (403.71 KB, 220x220, shivering-dog.gif)

I haven't spoken to my friends in over a month and it's been amazing. I haven't had to come up with things to say, I haven't had to be funny or witty, I haven't had to listen to other people talk. It made me realize that I'm not an incredibly social person, and that I really only need one friend to be happy. The problem is that I feel immense guilt for ghosting my friends. Every day I think about how I'm going to broach this topic with them. They deserve to know why I haven't talked in over a month, but I have no clue how I'm going to explain it to them. It's not as if they're bad people, either. I just think something is wrong with me.

No. 1931379

I've been thinking about her too. I really hope she's alive or in a better place.

No. 1931412

The only cow I’ve ever told my moid about is Jillian because she’s so fun to hate on recreationally. Her theme song tune has been a years long in joke between us anytime something hellish starts happening.

No. 1931416

Anon, I'm the same. But are you sure there is no reason for you not to talk to them? Personally I realized there are things I actively dislike in my relationships with certain people and it exhausts me but addressing it will likely be futile because I doubt they'll take it well. But it would be too dramatic to "officially" end these relationships, moreover, one of them is my sister, kek. I feel like I try too hard to be nice though, so that's what I probably have to change and it will likely change our relationships as well (my recurrent ghosting has already put some distance between us).
You can tell your friends you were overwhelmed and it was hard for you to talk but you can't really explain why. Some might not accept it/like it but the majority will probably take it without any questions and complaints and will be happy to hear from you. Don't overexplain yourself. Many people go through times when they want to be alone.

No. 1931418

File: 1710876050594.jpeg (11.85 KB, 319x179, F5NoY9PbMAAOVCn.jpeg)

I created a burner account to DM my ex and call him a faggot and a whore and tell him that I hope they name a strain of AIDS after him because he cheated on me and has multiple rape allegations. It wasn't even cathartic, I don't feel any better, I feel worse because I remember all the times he used to be so nice to me

No. 1931436

File: 1710876787760.jpeg (145.99 KB, 612x612, IMG_0854.jpeg)

I've doxed celebrities when I have fallen into bipolar manic benders. I don't do anything with the information. I figure if the bling ring could do it I could too, and yeah, stuff can be public. not always under trustees, sometimes it's just out there in the fucking open. The internet is scary

No. 1931440

They're not necessarily bad people, or at least their flaws aren't so pronounced that someone could find fault with them. I really do think it's a me issue. Sorry that you've had to ghost your sister, though. That sounds stressful, to say the least.
My problem is that I'm honestly not interested in continuing these friendships. This month has been so peaceful and I can't imagine going back after this, but I feel an obligation towards them.

No. 1931460

File: 1710877899812.jpg (25 KB, 400x400, 0B3TnbF1_400x400.jpg)

I'm still friends with the guy I lost my virginity to when I was 11 and he was 13. We were friends with benefits for a long time but we'd only fuck during the periods where he didn't have a girlfriend. I actually loved him and wanted to be in a relationship but he said he had commitment issues (even though he got in a relationship with a girl years ago and they've been going steady ever since). I've been in a bunch of relationships since but I haven't let anyone see me naked or touch me since. He irreparably damaged me and I don't know how to cut him off when I spent so long acting like everything was fine and repressing my feelings

No. 1931465

This is toxic AF, you need to push his guy away and never talk to him ever again. Instead of loving him and wanting to be in a relationship with him you should be pursuing therapy

No. 1931471

I’m not in love with him anymore, I just don’t know how to cut him off because he’s always been nice to me

No. 1931472

>11 and 13
disgusting fucking minimoid.

No. 1931479

Considering how far so many celebrities go to keep their privacy, that's honestly impressive. Is it like Corpsehusband getting doxed from his apartment layout and the takeouts and supermarkets he mentioned, or are celebrities these days retarded enough to literally announce where they live? I wouldn't be surprised if some of the less mentally stable ones did just put their address out there during a Twitter fight.

No. 1931480

Until today I thought a BLT was meaning lettuce and tomato on a bagel. I didn't realize B was for bacon.

No. 1931494

If you know how to browse any of the stalking sites, or especially know how to browse the ones without paying and they have a unique name and you know their gen location, it's not impossible. Public records don't care about privacy. if their name is on the deed it's likely to be listed somewhere. You can "unlist" from these sites but there's no guarantee all of them will obey. You may even find their aliases, staff and other properties by finding one listing, the entire thing is a potential rabbit hole.

No. 1931510

File: 1710880833083.jpeg (248.29 KB, 800x600, DE15B826-C71D-4943-A4D2-6C0681…)

I become a total doormat when I'm in love so now I stay away from men and the world in general like a recluse because I can, but sometimes I'm still nostalgic for the feelings of love I felt even if it was at my expense.

No. 1931603

Boyfriend who's birthday is the day after my last ex who's name I keep stumbling over in my head has been annoying me so wacked his various usernames into Google to hurt my feelings oh look I've found tweets between him and his ex gf. Now I know who she is. Welp that's it for me that's me spiralling woohoo and oh wow she has the same name as aquarius no. 1 ex gf. Is this a cosmic joke. Fuck men and all girls with that name they're all whores and cheat and cause their exes to be cold robotic men to the next sad girl that just wants a fucking laugh and a good shag. Fuck you all

No. 1931634

I've beaten disco elysium like 4 times now, going on 5. I've become so in love, like literally in love with Tequila Sunset and Kim, i had a dream that was so fucking hot and heavy.
I become attached to the dumbest shit in the world, like my favorite games are Sims 4, Fallout New Vegas, Disco Elysium (of course) and Hypnospace outlaw.
I often wonder what that says about me and what I like in games, roleplaying? I don't know, but man is disco Elysium a great game. I'm literally looking into buying's Kims jacket and when I get it Im going to play the game naked in just the jacket, nothing sexual, I just want to do that
I'm drunk but i'm not stupid.

No. 1931635

I have a slight crush on my coworker who is 4 years younger than me and it makes me feel like an old scrote or cougar

No. 1931871

I deliberately play dumb about concepts I understand just so manifesto-chan will type up a long response for me.

No. 1931906

dude i fucking love disco elysium as well, im sad there arent any other games like it, and it sucks how there will never be a sequel due to the legal shit with za/um and the developers. its one of my biggest writing inspirations honestly. thanks for reminding me to replay it i really want kim's jacket but damn its expensive.

No. 1932110

he might be nice to you nonna but he doesn't respect you. you deserve better than that. Just slowly stop responding.

No. 1932222

Yesterday evening I read a horrifying story about moids gangraping and killing an eight year old girl. Went to bed fantasizing about killing a pedo and then happily going to prison for doing that. Sometimes I also like to make up scenarios where I am kidnapped and I kill the kidnapper and escape

No. 1932397

File: 1710952004280.png (874.92 KB, 790x1075, zbqigeZ.png)

I am not a Christfag, but I can't help but cheer for christianity over other mainstream faiths because I love the idea that out of all the narcissistic delusional despots on this planet, the mass-raping murderers and inbred god kings, some poor carpenter became a God for billions and his saintly mother is more well-known and more beloved than all those "great men" and conquerors.

No. 1932399

File: 1710952056456.jpg (818.07 KB, 621x720, Dkp0UyrXoAI6P-x.jpg)

I used to hate summer so much and anything related to it, i would get anxiety and feel super down just at the thought of summer approaching and having to endure it but honestly gacha games helped me appreciate it.
I know they do it for scrote reasons but i've come to really like elaborated cute swimsuit and vibrant colors, i used to be kind of a goth kid so i can't really put in words how much of a change that was.
I also really hate seeing people in swimsuits irl, i can't stand sun, and i've never learnt how to swim because whenever i tried as a kid i would always risk drowning.
So since those silly swimsuit cards and costumes in gacha games, i started enjoying tropical and beachy themes and sometimes long for that kind of relaxing and bright feel i know i could never enjoy irl.

No. 1932409

the dwindling of the intelligent dominant type… I haven’t been swept off my feet by someone with respectful confidence. Was that ever a real thing? Why is everyone in the dating pool so awkward or immature?

No. 1932410

i hit my boyfriend

No. 1932443

And what happened? Did he like it?

No. 1932468

NTA but I love the inquisitive nonas.

No. 1932478

I posted something unhinged one night when I couldn't sleep because I wanted to be put in lc's own caps thread then forgot about it, scrolled through that thread now only to see my own post in there. I feel so proud, I have been given my sock and I may now leave the site forever; I am a free elf

No. 1932491

Bet he wouldn't feel that way if he had a crush on someone four years younger

No. 1932511

I was at a convention this past weekend and kept seeing lots of Hazbin Hotel cosplayers so I made a mental note to see what all the fuss is about considering even nonas here talk about it. I watched the pilot on YouTube last night and I actually kind of enjoyed it and want to watch the full season now. I feel like I need to be taken out back and shot like a lame horse kek

No. 1932524

File: 1710957828309.png (3.9 MB, 2338x1440, mikus.png)

I relate hard nona, I love how bright and colorful summer cards are. like an idealistic version of summer

No. 1932528

File: 1710958029549.jpg (1.21 MB, 1600x1127, rinchan and ellie.jpg)

Love Live cards used to be absolutely lovely! i totally agree with you, i absolutely despise summer and i dread it, but seeing husbandos in trunks cheers me ups

No. 1932531

I was into a fat guy once but never admitted it, even to my closest friend because I wanted him to feel ugly. He had chad bone structure but ruined it with fat so I hate him and hope he fucking kills himself

No. 1932535

I got too comfortable with posting whatever comes to my mind thanks to lolcow and now I keep having moments where I almost start ranting about ugly males in real life during casual conversation with collegues or under my real name on social media.

No. 1932550

SAME kek. My coworker was talking about a mixer she went to where the moids would cold approach and ask for your number, and then call you on the spot to make sure it's not fake. I expressed how creepy/predatory that is and now I have a reputation as a man hater

No. 1932615

>to become financially independent and move away but I have trouble with that

Everything that is worth something takes effort.

No. 1932619

What?? But it literally is though.

No. 1932686

File: 1710965823077.jpg (386.63 KB, 603x931, 1165436.jpg)

I developed very fast and it always made me very conscious of my body, i was a weeb for almost my whole life so i found gentle and cute female characteres who tend to be remembered just for being characters "with big boobs" and nothing else very comforting.
I hated how being busty was associated with things i disliked, i knew those characters were sexualized too and that they pander to male audience but i just really loved how they would let them be cute and shy and not turn them into gross latex bikini sluts characters or whatever.
In my mind i still think that all of those characters would be better with smaller breasts but if that was so i wouldn't have found them conforting and i would have continued to feel alone and disgusting.
Also i'm embarassed that i still struggle with it at my age but it's hard sometimes, whenever i feel this way i go look at cute fanart of those characters or original works, no matter if they come from a moid-gaze series, and it helps me feel a bit better.

No. 1932698

I think spending so much time on lolcow and kf ruined my creative drive somehow

No. 1932776

I’ve always been addicted to endless scrolling and lc killed my energy for a lot of hobbies. I think my dopamine receptors are fried

No. 1932859

File: 1710972919436.jpg (42.67 KB, 640x436, buh-gok.jpg)

Badass and witnessed

No. 1932915

File: 1710976443236.jpg (77.32 KB, 1190x669, retsuko.jpg)

I want to be completely open with people but I don't think they would understand me.

No. 1932953

File: 1710978132872.png (527.29 KB, 736x736, image_2024-03-21_094438561.png)

I can't focus on my extremely important assignment due tomorrow. It's not even difficult. I hate ADHD, it's the only issue I have that I can't just brute force my way through like depression or anxiety.

No. 1933030

Sometimes I look up pictures of fucked up inbred dogs and other animals because I'm a loser and seeing the human race dabbing on other species like that makes me feel a little better.
Just because we can, doesn't mean we should, but we have the power. The pug cannot stop us, we have bred out its ability to breath.

No. 1933052

my moid is 4 years younger than me it's kinda epic

No. 1933058

ended awful relationship. gained 40 pounds in 3 years. looked like shit, ate like shit, barely showered, barely washed teeth. started looking like a completely different person. people thought i was 30 at 23.
months ago went to a bar with friends and saw my ex bf looking happy and healthy. now ive been taking care of myself. ive lost 15 pounds. i jog daily. my stretch marks are fading. im proud, but it feels pathetic to tell someone i only started because my ex bf looked better than me.

No. 1933066

Men feel attracted to women 10+ years younger and don't feel this way. Stop

No. 1933078

My bf is 11 years younger than me. I’m a hypocrite though because I judge scrotes who do the same thing.

No. 1933080

>I’m a hypocrite though because I judge scrotes who do the same thing.
it's not the same, there isnt a power inbalace.

No. 1933084

I would like to hit my boyfriend

No. 1933085

I’m 32 ans my bf is 21. Yikes.

No. 1933086

I’m sure he deserved it. What did he do?

No. 1933098

my friend beat her boyfriend in the head (as a joke) so hard he got a concussion and was bleeding out of his ears but he's still obsessed with her. i envy relationships like both of yours

No. 1933106

Woah i need more on this

No. 1933129

File: 1710989362396.png (637.1 KB, 814x568, kittyface.png)

You're doing well Anon.

No. 1933187

they're hilarious because she is genuinely abusive, she'll hit him, verbally berate him, call him fat and ugly all in front of us, dish out all his deepest secrets (her friends) and everyone will be like yo… maybe that's a bit much but her bf will immediately stick up for her even if he was on the floor bleeding out and paralyzed. he was literally sending her cat reels on instagram when he was in the hospital. he's still in there btw and my friend feels guilty because she's worried he'll actually die and asks him why he doesn't break up with a girl who legitimately sent him to the hospital and he literally begs her to stay. he's also older than her. i'm not sure if he has an extreme humiliation fetish or what because it would be disgusting if he did but i honestly believe he dislikes the abuse but holds it out for her because he loves her so fucking much for some reason. i really hate the term 'golden retriever boy' but he really acts like a brain damaged puppy. most ethical heterosexual relationship in my opinion.

No. 1933189

Unbelievably based

No. 1933190

hello, based department?

No. 1933199

I don't even know what to say…based.

No. 1933204

Now i know i can't never have something like this because i can't control myself and i 100% would end actually permanently harming the moid, but i respect the hustle.

No. 1933227

I do seriously x10 feel awful for severe burn survivors. However, I will sometimes randomly come across pictures/videos of people who are burn survivors and have basically had their entire faces melted off and it is a legit jumpscare. It gives me the same eek as accidentally coming across gore. There is a channel on youtube of some guy who interviews people who have severe health problems and there is a thumbnail of one such burn survivor and it always scares the shit out of me.

No. 1933255

i do think there are moids out there who's brains are so broken they love abusive women, and i can only speculate why

No. 1933256

Yeah like how can we trigger this on a mass scale?

No. 1933308

I gave my friend with benefits the key to my place he’s so ducking sexy

No. 1933316

thats kinda hot i wish my husband could storm in and surprise me but hes always at work

No. 1933357

File: 1711006107831.jpg (8.02 KB, 275x125, 1680426254221.jpg)

I sometimes whistle when I talk. It's rare now, and I did a bit more when I was child. My mom thought it was cute but it just pissed me off. I remembered about it the other day because I said something to myself and it happened. Made me laugh.

No. 1933369

If you speak Spanish it becomes infinitely funnier its even kind of a meme here kek. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/u9E1Ppq6DE0

No. 1933421

Sounds very cute!

No. 1933438

I am friends with the most beautifully feminine-masculine long-haired Asian boy any of you have ever seen, and I want to post his photo to show you but my double confessions get in the way. 1) I’m many years older than him and ugly but I have an enormous helpless crush on him and he is relatively famous so it could get back to me, and 2) I really hate a lot of farmers for their retarded opinions and don’t wanna share him with them.

No. 1933454

He doesn't want you.

No. 1933482

I know that

No. 1933490

Is your friend dating Cryoatic

No. 1933730

File: 1711040417724.gif (36.89 KB, 288x243, IMG_9679.gif)

one of my biggest accomplishments is that I was able to recreate my sims mods folder to my absolute complete likeness that it makes me super happy. i shouldn’t be excited over a boring computer game but it looks so much better

No. 1933792

This is vitriolic for no reason.

No. 1933796

Congrats, nona. Did you mean to post this in the positivity thread though?

No. 1933810

File: 1711045257297.jpeg (139.11 KB, 1079x841, IMG_7432.jpeg)

Forgive me if this sounds totally convoluted and terminally online but I need to vent about this.
One of my online friends is an intersex bisexual man. Recently I’ve been considering converting to Christianity, and I’ve been posting about it, as well as my struggle with gender dysphoria (I don’t want to troon out) and my frustrations with the LGBT community. Right after I started talking about this he made a post that said “Self hating trans people are insane, what do you mean you’re devoting your life to Jesus and you hate gay people now? Either slit your wrists or take hormones, you’re clearly not happy.” I assumed the post was directed towards me because I’m the only person he follows who posts about this stuff so I unfollowed him.
I was angry so I posted a screenshot of his post with his name blurred out and said that he of all people should be sympathetic towards what I’m going through considering he constantly posts about his mental illness and how childhood trauma made him develop weird unethical kinks. I also mentioned how a couple months ago he was threatening to kill myself and I was frantically messaging him begging him not to but he ignored me and after all that he didn’t even attempt it. One of my followers sent the post to him and he messaged me today and told me that the post wasn’t about me and I’m being neurotic. He accused me of mocking his mental illness and childhood trauma. I told him I wasn’t mocking it, I was just saying that he should be more sympathetic to what I’m going through. I took down the post but he’s still angry at me and giving me the silent treatment.

No. 1933814

My ex blocked me as a way to dump me so I used one of those texting sites and sent him the word coward 50 times

No. 1933815

sorry but rule #1 of internet fights with losers is to not engage… even if his vague post was about you making a retaliatory post would do nothing to help the situation. Next time you get angry online, log off for a bit and go do something else- or if you must engage send a DM instead of airing out your drama for everyone to see

No. 1933817

yeah lol I couldn’t find it, thanks for reminding me of that thread. i just thought that the sims was a meme game now and that it was kind of embarrassing to be proud of that

No. 1933819

he sounds like a complete loser and you're better off without him and never engaging again even though what he said was hurtful so i get where youre upset. like what kind of friend would make such a cruel vaguepost telling their friend to slit their wrists. how very "trans ally" of him

No. 1933822

File: 1711045928647.jpeg (99.41 KB, 322x462, IMG_9680.jpeg)

>my struggle with gender dysphoria

God it feels so good being a GNC stacy with a healthy relationship with my masculine side.

No. 1933825

Run, don't walk, away. He is not your friend and does not wish you well. Keep the screenshot of him saying you should slit your wrists as or proof if anyone ever asks why you don't talk to him anymore.

No. 1933826

??? I’m trying to accept myself as a masculine woman why are you dunking on me

No. 1933827

Dump him anon, you don't need a waste of energy in your life.

No. 1933829

Thank you but we are not e-dating, he was just someone I became close with because we struggled with similar issues

No. 1933832

Based. I grew up tomboy-ish and I'm still pretty masculine, but I never doubted my womanhood either.

No. 1933833

I meant dump him as a friend.

No. 1933834

You sound young and retarded by that rant. Going from one bigotry to another tells me you’ll never evolve away from your troubled mentality. Forget about that doodoo faggot who was likely grooming you and using you as free therapy bait and forget about troonery and Christianity because they have nothing to offer to a woman’s self-development. Fags have nothing to do with your own very hatred for your own womanhood, so that was weird kek

No. 1933855

I cant stop listening to dylan's song. It's so trashy and horrible but so catchy. I also had a Rebecca Black Friday phase so maybe i just have horrible music taste.

No. 1933875

That's horrible music taste, anon, what is wrong with you?

No. 1933886

I am autistic

No. 1933889

As a fellow autist with shit taste, please try to find something different. Have you tried electronic or classical music?

No. 1933890

I swear my taste isnt this bad all the time, just sometimes. I just have phases where i hyperfocus on the worst fucking songs imaginable. I once played a 30 second loop song for days just because it was catchy and repetitive enough

No. 1933923

same anon. for me it's terrible eurotrash and chipmunked songs about guinea pigs

No. 1933931

I am glad i am not the only one listening to trash. Vid unrelated this song is good.

No. 1933959

I know. But it feels like no one I hiring. And I might have to go back to school and get a stupid healthcare job. Only healthcare is hiring now

No. 1933998

A couple of years ago I ghosted my friend group I had been friends with since my early teens because two of them kind of had been making stabs at me in that way you can't respond to because you'll be told you're exaggerating or mad about nothing, you know? And they didn't really listen to me when I was telling them about my parents divorcing which was the final straw. And in general I felt like we had grown apart, so I ghosted them. One of the other two sent me a letter, like a real physical one, and I never opened it. I still have it and recently I've been wondering what's in the letter. Maybe I should've opened it. I'm a bit tempted to open it but I'm also scared to know what's in there. This friend has a kid now (she was pregnant when I ghosted them) and I've never seen her which makes me kind of feel shitty. Idk. She of the four of them didn't deserve to be ghosted, the way I handled things is pretty immature in hindsight and I wish I had done things differently.

No. 1934001

I've blamed several farts on my cat.

No. 1934136

I like Sexyy Red so we're not that far off.

No. 1934141

I'm obsessed with this k-pop girl. It's embarrasing because I thought I got over my k-pop phase but here we are again.

No. 1934192

Nonnie I fucking love Sexyy Red

No. 1934224

Why don't you open it? I'm not gonna lie, even I'm curious now.

No. 1934350

i’ve been an anorexic neet for years now so i’ve had limited human contact for ages. recently i’ve been breaking my hermit habits and have been really shocked and disgusted by how fat people are. i feel like that protagonist from saya no uta or something, viewing everything as grotesque even though others see it as completely normal. i genuinely can’t wrap my head around it and it’s distressing to me. i think i must have forgot what’s average and took for granted how slim everyone on my phone is to others. i live in the uk btw, not a burgerfag.

No. 1934352

I totally get it. I kinda just keep to myself when it comes to kpop, because fans irl are insane, even the older ones. Which group/member is it?

No. 1934358

I lost a lot of weight during lockdown because of depression but then started yoga as well and was dumbfounded how healthy I actually felt being lighter and started getting very analytical about calorie input and output and same basically. A lot of people eat so many wasted calories but also good for them I hate that I get a sore stomach from a meal I would have demolished as a child and the science doesn't science to me. Like kid me could just eat forever then I turned old 30+ and I swear to god I can feel my stomach getting filled in real time, pushing the limit is debilitating I worry about my organs

No. 1934383

Twice Jihyo

No. 1934419

That post was definitely about you and the stupid faggot can’t even admit it. Get rid.

No. 1934420

I absolutely love this shit.

No. 1934421

got obsessed with a male voice actor, mostly because he has a nice smile and is a good cook. i need to pass away immediately

No. 1934464

feather headdresses look so fucking awesome im so butthurt its cultural appropriation to possess one

No. 1934528

Why don’t you try get accepted into some native tribe? See if the sioux are recruiting.

No. 1934558

Based Christanon good luck, Jesus was the only good moid ever

No. 1934561

Sometimes I'm afraid my death will randomly befall me. Had some health scares and part of me wants to waste time writing a manifesto and ask for my family, friend or trusted person publish it if I die. I've been through some shit and have some very strong thoughts and I feel like it's how I want to memorialize my forgetful existence, but also my words might help some other fucked up woman not make the same mistakes. God I sound so egocentric when I write it down.

No. 1934572

I pretend to sleep with my boyfriend. But when he's passed out I do night time activities before returning to bed. No parties, just nocternal

No. 1934592

Based nighttime activities anon

No. 1934616

Thank you nonna

No. 1934693

i wait for my bf to fall asleep and then i play on my nintendo switch for a few hours kek
if he wakes up i just tell him i couldn't sleep like this is a once in a while thing, rather than something i do on the regular

No. 1934710

In kindergarten, my mom and I were pretty broke so we often stayed in people's houses. This one house we stayed at had a girl 3 years older than me who got me to "try stuff" with her and forced me to do sexual things. One night her mom was spying on us and caught us and the girl blamed everything on me. My mom and I subsequently got kicked out. After this, I became a tomboy and rejected pretty much all femininity. To this day, I struggle to form and maintain female relationships due to all the guilt, stress, and unfamiliarity of female friendship. Thank god I did not become a pick-me, but sometimes I just feel so upset when trying to connect with another girl my age. In all my efforts to find myself, I disconnected from socialized girls and became male-brained due to self isolation and internet addiction. There is only one girl friend I have ever felt truly comfortable with and that's because I feel protective of her for some reason.

No. 1934720

If a guy won’t pay for my food on a date, I immediately go off him. What’s the point if he has no provider instinct? Men who don’t pay for women on dates are fucking losers who need to get their money up. It’s always because they’re salty af and see buying a woman a meal as an “investment” to get sex rather than just doing it because he loves women and wants to provide for them.

No. 1934723

Naw don’t do that it makes you look broke and like you’re begging for food. Just block him and find someone who will pay.

No. 1934727

File: 1711104241420.jpeg (42.37 KB, 720x745, IMG_6205.jpeg)

Oh absolutely, don’t ever insinuate he should pay, he will get a massive ego boost from that and will utter some smarmy Jordan Peterson esque “logic” that basically boils down to “are you a prostitute? If I’m not guaranteed a chance to use your body like an object for my pleasure, then you don’t deserve kindness and generosity”
Ghosting is the right thing to do. He won’t figure it out until it’s too late, he will be 40 odd still splitting bills wondering why he never gets a second date.

No. 1934736

Yup because cussing guys out for not paying for a meal is not gonna do shit but have him go to his friends and call you a crazy broke bitch

No. 1934812

File: 1711112723879.jpg (53.64 KB, 736x736, 1000015782.jpg)

I like to put a doll that represents me, either irl or in a game, sleeping or being in a comfy place so whenever I feel down, I imagine myself in that comfy place or sleeping. I guess I kind of use that doll as some sort of thing? That just helps me channel the comfy feelings. I've done this throughout my whole life and today I just noticed that I do it.

No. 1934820

It sounds like you body double with dolls and thats adorable nonna.

No. 1934845

I used to do this as a kid on animal jam. I would make a comfy little digital room and stare at the screen dreaming about living there. I would make my arctic wolf avatar do the sleeping motion, too.

No. 1934847

Based. My presence is a privilege and you have to pay for it accordingly. I'll split the bill when a supermodel takes me on a date.

No. 1934905

File: 1711120808621.png (44.81 KB, 907x342, JVAANA.png)

I also want this so much, you can't even begin to imagine

No. 1934913

Real. Back when America was the place to be

No. 1934914

What was it like? I usually just try to imagine a different branch in history in which communism doesn't fuck up the country where I live which is in latam.

No. 1934931

God that would make you one of those 40 something year old ladies they take videos of screaming at service workers without a care in the world. An existence on easy mode. Just entitled with your best years ticked and behind you.

No. 1934932

I guess it's a vibe but also a shit ton of homeless, everyone in traffic wants you dead, gangster shittery, and the sidewalks try to kill you.

No. 1934942

This. Men are hardwired to want to impress women. The ones who refuse to even pay for a fucking meal are fundamentally broken. Hell, I pay for my female friends and I don't give a shit about the money, I just want to treat them. Imagine a guy being so pathetic and entitled he thinks he should have access to your body just because he showed up. My favorite is when guys think feminism means that women should split the bill or pay for dates, but of course you know he's not going to do any of the housework, date planning, be a good conversationalist, or make her orgasm. So many men deserve to be forever alone.

No. 1934947

From my experience it’s not that they don’t want to pay it’s just they might not like the woman they’re on a date with and might not want to spend money on someone they won’t get sex with and they also don’t like that much. That’s why women who flip out on men who won’t pay for their food look stupid, he doesn’t care he just doesn’t like you. In those situations you just respectfully pay for your meal, go home and block him.

No. 1934948

I felt lucky to be a teenager in late 00s/early 10s tbh. We had cell phones but most people didn’t have a smartphone until after we had graduated. Vapes weren’t a thing. People who spent all their time online were still weirdos so it was easier to find an online community. Livejournal and blogspot were great for niche stuff, 4chan was still shitty but not in the way it is nowadays. People were struggling financially but still happier than people nowadays. Social media and smartphones have ruined society.

No. 1934949

As long as it's not Alastor's voice actor or whatever, you're good.

No. 1934956

Same. I just recently got in touch with one of my friends from 2005 and we spoke for hours about when we first met. It was on Gaia online and we used to talk after 9pm when cellphones were free (unless you had spring, it was after 7pm.) Reddit and 4chan were still scummy, but we spent most of our time on blog spot, early tumblr, and livejournal. Communities were definitely better then. We didnt have to worry about gatekeeping because no one was trying to fake their way into a fandom. You either liked it or you didn't. It was such a simpler time.

No. 1934968

proud to admit i literally have no idea who that is. i'm talking about yamaguchi tomohiro, i'm embarrassed to admit this, but he's pretty damn fine for a guy in his mid 30s

No. 1934978

File: 1711124642217.png (117.67 KB, 1132x575, VgJIvb.png)

Definitely, I agree that for a significant period before the recession it was the last true golden age of America and the West as a whole. I believe we are currently experiencing not only an economic decline but also a cultural decline. It is a slow and painful process, but it will eventually come to an end, and hopefully things will start anew.

No. 1934991

Nah, you got good taste. I'm still obsessed with the same two voice actors from when I was in jr high. Koyasu Takehito and Hikaru Midorikawa. They're both considered veteran voice actors now, but I still get hyped when I see them in newer stuff, like Jujutsu Kaisen.

No. 1934994

File: 1711125486834.mp4 (15.25 MB, jtf9v5.mp4)

We used to be a proper country

No. 1935002

nta but whenever we start a new series or game and someone is voiced by Koyasu my friends and I harass each other into watching or playing the thing just for him. It's been like this for a whole decade now.

No. 1935015

i agree with you nonas 100%

No. 1935172

I kno anons will bully me relentlessy but i wanna share my "confession" of being a sugar mommyish.
I work in stem so my salary is good, while my bf is still a student and works as a waiter. Even when he graduates, he'll probably make less than half of what i make. So in general, i tend to pay more in our relationship, mostly because i wanna spend my well deserved money since im working my ass off (both like i did in college and now at work). cant let the money rot. So i buy tickets for concerts and i do end up paying some of his ticket because he cant spend money as freely as me, and i enjoy going with him.
Now before lolcow calls me a pickme for dating a guy much "poorer than me" and paying more:
1. He does like spending all the money he has with or for me. It just isnt enough for luxury things. He uses his money to come see me, buy stuff for our future home like towels, kitchen tools etc. (Our home emphasized, i make the final decision in everything he gets).
2. Im introverted so i only know guys from my major or my work. I dont date guys even 1 year older so most guys at work arent gonna be my type, as im 23. And in general i hate most men in stem as theyre either sexist, unwashed, has deep forehead wrinkles because they only drink energy drinks and spend too much time online, or all of the above.
3. My bf genuinely is passionate about womens rights as he always had strong female bonds and seen women she cared about get preyed upon.
4. Bf is also a terf.
5. I find him attractive, he is more attractive than me. Is very underweight but facewise im uglier objectively.
6. I know you wont believe it but i never found any evidence he watched porn. Before we dated, he said he sometimes watched stuff but most porn was "brutal" For him. His kinks are vanilla as shit and he talks about them like he's nasty so i genuinely feel like he isnt pornbrained, which is extremely rare.
7. In the 3 years we dated, he never yelled at me. Raised his voice like once, which was because i was beating myself over being mean to him. And he said he forgave me and dont wanna hear me beat myself up over it and get distant again because of guilt.
8. Unrelated but he writes me letters and poems. They are cringe but i do like that he is such a hopeless romantic

Idk am i redeemed? Am i a pickme? I just dont wanna go alone to places so paying for him and having him around makes stuff more fun for me. Thats why i dont think im a pickme. But im waiting for yoır judgement

No. 1935185

I'm fine with the rest of it but men can't be terfs.

No. 1935186

>spending all of your hard-earned money from a job that required a degree that probably took you longer to get on your moocher nigel

I can already see this as grounds for financial abuse and exploitation in the future. Tell him to use his male privilege to elevate himself because that’s ridiculous as fuck, most men shouldn’t even be poor because men automatically make more and are more likely to be promoted in their careers, poor and homeless men are usually lazy as fuck just like fat men. He also sounds like a typical bland piece of shit who has found is naive, gullible and compassionate meal ticket. You already have a parasite latched on to you and you know what to do, unless you really are just as cockcrazed as the rest of this website

No. 1935190

No point in doing that unless you're extremely controlling of him (which I support). In any other situation even if you make more it's still possible to get your man to spend lots on you

No. 1935198

You don't have to ask for people's approval. Anyway, he sounds cute and like he treats you well, and if he genuinely makes you happy that's what matters. Seems like he still pays for shit and doesn't intend to mooch off of you. Either way don't listen to the bitter retards telling you get a guy who spends money on you, ultimately a guy spoiling you with dates and gifts doesn't mean anything. You can buy your own shit. What matters is that he's pleasant to be around and he treats you kindly.

No. 1935227

Thank you. Men being poor means they're lazy and failed as a human being. Men automatically live life on easy mode. They are constantly looked over more qualified women to be bosses and leaders, despite being half as smart.

No. 1935228

Samefag. Replying to all in general.
Cockcrazed is a sexist ass way to refer to a woman who commited the sin of being straight. I understand you believe this is pickmeism etc, but you are using incel lingo. Most women are straight whether you like it or not. I make the money i make so i can date guys who are nice without caring about our finance. He makes me happy, dated me before i started making money and while i was at my worse academically and thinking of quitting school. He didnt know i was gonna "be rich" And still bought me a promise ring 2 months after starting dating, idc if its cheap he spent what is a good amount of money for him.
Idc about getting shit on for "defending a man". All the other replies are fine whether they think im wrong or correct. This one is just sexism. Stop calling straight women deragotary terms.

No. 1935248

Cockbreath-chan, it’s not our fault you have poor taste in men and can’t seem to choose a Nigel who will be willing to spend the same amount of money that you do on him. If you were able to raise your class status, then you really should be with someone who will be able to give/receive and pamper you in a healthy manner especially if you’re getting older and consider expanding. That man smells bad news and will drag you down in the depths of hell once his moid brain starts realizing you’re doing way better than he is and will make it his mission to make you miserable for his failures. Enjoy your honeymoon period, I’m sure you’ll be back here in a year or two complaining about him after he steals all of your money. You’re only feeding and providing for a man who will use all of that energy you’ve invested into him just to eventually cheat on you, bet you lmao(infight bait/cockbreath sperg)

No. 1935251

men can't be terfs. other than that you needn't the anon seal of approval, but i'd advise you to always keep your finances separate and makes sure he has olans for the future that dinnt involve moiching off of you. yeet him the second he starts slacking off. you don't want to hitch your wagon to a lsoer scrote who sees profits off tour high work
also don't marry him but if you do, for the love of god make an ironclad prenup

No. 1935253

sister, can you help a sister out by sending me some money? i won't ask for much i promise.

No. 1935261

Thats good advice anon. I have the password to his bank account but he doesnt have the password of mine. I do plan on having separate accounts. We dont plan on marrying right now but i will still keep my money if we do. He knows im leaving in a minute if i find any hint of cheating/using etc anything else. I guess terf was a wrong term. You guys are right

No. 1935270

I dont date stem becuz i hate stem guys. I dont meet other high earning men. Also ive seen men spoil women and be bitter as shit when they break up becuz they invested. I have no debt to him, he doesnt hold a gotcha moment against me. Like i said, i understand why many wont approve. This is why i wrote in the confession thread. I enjoy my lifestyle more then when i tried to meet "high value" men

No. 1935321

The ideal should be horseface stacy with your Aaron Taylor Johnson. idk what these nonnas are on about chasing a good for nothing scrote with money who'll just waste your time. Good for you nonna!

No. 1935379

This. It makes me so fucking mad to see how many high paying blue collar jobs moids can get hired on spot that require no skills and education outside of strength. If you're an awkward feminine woman you'd immediately be laughed off if you tried to apply for these jobs. Women need so much charisma, education and experience to even get their foot in the door yet so many moids can bust out of jail and still live comfortably

No. 1935394

That anon is saying the opposite of what the cockbreath sperg usually spouts. If it's the same person, just report it as bait at this point.

No. 1935396

>5. I find him attractive, he is more attractive than me. Is very underweight but facewise im uglier objectively.
Pig punching stacies win once again, while bucktooth becky is out there paying for her skeleton nigel she can't even slap without him falling apart

No. 1935442

She's not saying she's that specific poster. She's insulting the original poster and going on with needless infighting. Report and move on.

No. 1935443

Samefag. I read all your comments. Didnt know i would be so popular but yeah, i appreciate all answers whether positive or negative, except the ones that called me a cockbreath obviously. Im just a 23 year old woman who likes dating boys more attractive than me and are cliche type romantic and dont care if they make money as its not an issue for me. He adores me and it shows. Anyway, im glad my confession was controversial enough to entertain you.

No. 1935484

this is why I can never get away from this place for too long

No. 1935506

He’s more attractive than you and can’t even bank off his male attractiveness to make money. Sad!

No. 1935508

File: 1711145313299.jpeg (82.8 KB, 640x420, IMG_7239.jpeg)

This nonna’s post >>1935439 reminded me of something stupid I have a bad habit of doing as a result of all cars looking the same to me in addition to being kind of an airhead. I don’t drive, so I often have people drive me places and then wait for me outside. I’ve gotten into the wrong car about a half dozen times at least… one time the guy in the driver’s seat was like “wrong car!” As I opened the passenger door. Im mildly hard of hearing and didn’t hear him or hear my bf yelling for me, so I sit down in the passenger seat and the dude is like “WRONG CAR!” and I was so embarrassed I leapt out of the car apologizing profusely. I’m glad I’ve never been kidnapped kek autists really need a wrangler in public

No. 1935513

I'm out with a friend at a bar. She just asked me if I farted and I said no. It was obviously me though, and it smelled really fucking rank too. I'm just internally berating myself for saying no when the true answer was yes. I know, she knows, but I can't say anything about it because the moment has passed by now and I denied it to begin with.
I am a bad friend, nonnas.

No. 1935522

I'm sure you two can laugh about it in the future.

No. 1935553

File: 1711147322647.png (2.28 MB, 1245x1440, sammymega.PNG)

That's really sad. I want to hug a moid now.

No. 1935561

WTF is wrong with you?

No. 1935568

I just have a shred of humanity, all men aren't evil.

No. 1935571


No. 1935573

I'm sure she hugged that moid after making him paralyzed, nonna, no need to be sad.

No. 1935574

No, that image, it's off model
Mega Man is 144cm and Samus Aran is 191cm

No. 1935575

personally, after reading that post i want to go find my own moid to berate and abuse

No. 1935576

No. 1935577

Its off model because of shotafaggotry

No. 1935597

File: 1711150083096.jpeg (91.55 KB, 591x663, IMG_7489.jpeg)

There’s this moid I have to interact with on a regular basis because he plays bass in my band. Lately I’ve been really upset because I found out my ex cheated on me and had multiple rape allegations and he’s been acting like I’m overreacting and being crazy. He still follows my ex. When we were together he made countless excuses for his behavior too. A couple days ago I started receiving these mysterious texts from an unknown caller and he started joking that I was probably talking about my ex with the unknown caller. I just snapped and told him off in front of everybody and asked him why he’s acting like I’m overreacting and being crazy when he has never been in a situation remotely like mine and if he was me he would be angry too. He just laughed and said “I don’t know.” He hasn’t talked to me the whole day

No. 1935606

I still talk to an ousted Overwatch league player on a regular basis because despite what he got kicked for, he was cool with me when we met in person multiple times and didn't try to force (or even suggest) anything when we met up. He's just nice to talk to sometimes and lets me vent.

No. 1935615

Nonnie DO NOT let his see that this is getting to you. He's definitely telling your ex about you and probably gave him your number. If you can get away with putting his address on 4chan go for it, but don't tell him you did it, it's the only way he'll learn.

No. 1935621

Please play animal jam with me Nona

No. 1935623

I want an older moid with money like the one in this video, I don’t care.

No. 1935626

I love family guy

No. 1935640

no matter how nice some moid acts to me personally, it would still feel unnerving knowing how he's treated other women (i'm assuming he did something predatory from how you described it). doesn't it linger in the back of your mind?

No. 1935646

>he's also older than her.
kek deserved if it's real, what a stacy

No. 1935652

He's hideous

No. 1935662

the girl that exposed him was also guilty of being equally harrassive from what he showed me and also from how she treated me when she thought I was 'encroaching' on her territory. It was weird but he's also a Spaniard so he doesn't have a US view. the other hated the fact he even talked to me and tried to push her jewish guilt of that one season where they're supposed to forgive people they dislike and she didn't want me to tell him about it.

No. 1935670

File: 1711154589737.jpg (567.02 KB, 2048x2048, Dje0KhQXoAE8Qkx.jpg)

It's had some genuinely funny moments and episodes.

No. 1935676

Ayrt yes anon. It’s my comfort show and I love it so so much (up until like season 11). I’ve watched the same episodes dozens of times and still burst out laughing every time it’s just so funny and comforting to me. I love family guy so much. It’s part of who I am and definitely shaped my humour. People who don’t like it and hate on it are soulless to me

No. 1935681

>It was weird but he's also a Spaniard so he doesn't have a US view
What's that supposed to mean

No. 1935701

do you not think people in european countries have a different view than americans do?

No. 1935730

I mean idk the full details so I'm hoping I'm wrong but it sounds like an excuse for whatever actions this guy did, it's not like Spain is the middle east or something. There's cultural differences but I'm assuming the general euro populace is against sexual crimes.

No. 1935768

I should not have had that much cheese by itself when I'm lactose intolerant. Nonnas am I gunna die? Will 3 prayers of Hail Elsie save me?

No. 1935775

i really like violent rap music. i'm radfem and i know it's wrong but it goes hard

No. 1935778

File: 1711164805125.jpg (64.05 KB, 600x400, consumecheese.jpg)

My condolences… You'll probably just have to become good friends with the toilet in a bit.

No. 1935790

i wish i could just become a mother already. i can finance it and everything. i've always wanted to be a younger mom so i can have more time for the rest of my life to spend with my children

No. 1935793

Me too but I’m already 30 and with no suitable dad in sight. I’m so scared.

No. 1935796

i promise you'll find a good father to your offspring nonna, we both will! sending you a big wave of love

No. 1935799

File: 1711167549125.jpeg (192.3 KB, 1242x1121, IMG_1502.jpeg)

Whenever my dad would upset me in middle school, I would open my camera roll just to stare at this photo and cry

No. 1935804

Why don't you get a sperm donor?

No. 1935812

i don't feel super comfortable with just accepting some random guys sperm, its always creepy rapey dudes who donate their sperm. I'd prefer for it to be a man I know personally and feel comfortable with

No. 1935822

find a nice hot guy maybe?

No. 1935823

i did, but unfortunately we're just not in a place in life where we'd be able to offer our undivided attention to a bebe

No. 1935826

why this pic?

No. 1935827

Spring is making me horny, can't help but show more and more skin and I'm starting to like the male gazes i get to notice when I'm walking on the street.

No. 1935828

Tbh I love bruh girls

No. 1935833

A child needs both a mother and a father. A mother to survive, and a father to thrive. I am speaking from experience, as my nigel and I have a 18 month old. Of course he can't help as much about keeping the schedule of meals, sleep and bathing etc and 90% of the actual work falls on you esp if youre a SAHM but A LOT of times already I have been at the end of my ideas dealing with a tantrum only for him to resolve it in seconds. Or get her to stop bad behaviour such as touching the oven or pulling things down the counter which she just would not listen to me. Generally providing a type of roughhousing play I simply couldn't, like throwing her around or playing ball that makes the baby laugh hysterically. I know moid hating is very in fashion esp on this website but please don't underestimate the importance a (GOOD! obviously) father has in a child's life. Getting a random donor's sperm and make a child grow up without one is simply selfish and not fair to the kid.

No. 1935835

Two women called me pretty today but I secretly think they just said that because they feel bad for me, I have really bad acne. Really really bad. It was unprompted so another part of my brain is hoping it was genuine and I am pretty.

No. 1935840

nta but what about two mommies

No. 1935844

theres literally no reason a woman couldn't do the things you're describing.

No. 1935848

children need a masculine figure in their lives from birth, a world full of women just isn't reality(bait)

No. 1935853

my nonnies better not fall for obvious bait. What kind of mother would be posting on lolcor at 2 am

No. 1935869

Using Nigel while talking about how men are a necessity is so ironic it's funny. Yeah a child can benefit from having 2 good parents, that's not an unpopular opinion but as someone in the Healthcare field, i just know firsthand how small fathers know about their kids. The father bringing the wrong kid to the polyclinic or not knowing the kids age is so common were told not to trust anything a father says before proof.

No. 1935882

One where the toddler woke up at night and after putting them to sleep be browsing phone instead of sleeping herself lol

No. 1935897

Thank you, this made me smile. I hope so.

No. 1935902

I actually agree with this post, but more in the sense that children need and deserve two parent households. I don't think it has to be a man though. I do know from personal experience that my life would've been a lot easier and less traumatic had I had two active parents. I said this before on here and everyone just yelled at me because they thought I was saying they need a father/male figure although I clarified that I wasn't lol. I will say though, a great partner wouldn't wait until your at your wits end to step in and help.

No. 1935925

Butch mom?

No. 1935931

I'm back with my ex fiance

No. 1935973

I deleted my original comment to you cos I felt it was too harsh but I’m posting it again because you deserve it. Your child does not respect you because she can already tell your husband doesn’t. He has you slaving away doing 90% of the housework and I’m guessing you’re gonna go back to work? She sees you as a servant for her and her father and you’re modelling a world for her in which women are men’s slaves. This is why you can’t stop he tantrums and she won’t listen to you. My mother never had any problems stopping my tantrums because she demanded respect from my father and in turn I respected her. You have absolutely no energy left to play and roughhouse your child because you are doing 90% of the housework while your “masculine figure” gets to swoop in and be the fun parent. All you have proved is that men are absolute parasites even to women like you who bow down so heavily.

No. 1935975

Your daughter needs that masculine figure in her life because how else is she going to know who to bow down to when she grows up? How else is male supremacy going to be normalised in front of her eyes every single day until like her spineless mother she internalises it as a necessity? I’m not even saying that you shouldn’t live with a man, I’m saying that you, personally have already failed your daughter by being cowardly and spineless enough to be a man’s slave. Children only need a masculine figure insofar that the mother and her children need a meat shield to hide behind when things go awry.

No. 1935986

Spring doing a number on all of us nonnie. I feel you

No. 1935988

I’ll prob be banned for scrotefoiling but I feel like there’s a lot of larping scrotes on the site atm. We got someone yapping about “children need a masculine figure!” And now someone equating having to wear more revealing clothes due to it getting warmer with being horny and wanting the male gaze. The post you’re replying to sounds like straight up rape apologia. I’ve heard full on misogynists and rapists say things along the lines of “women can’t wait to wear their sundresses and booty shorts because they want to show off their bodies to men”

No. 1936001

Some women really do think that though, it’s not uncommon at all. Get real.

No. 1936022

They’re not usually that retarded about it though.

No. 1936031

For sure its larping scrotes, we’re being name dropped more often and its bringing them in droves.

No. 1936048

Thats a lot of assumptions but did you consider that this servitude goes both ways maybe? In order to support me being able to stay at home, he clocks in effectively a 60h week with fulltime job and classes on the side, while my "only" work is keeping up the home and be there for the baby. And it's bold to say that a toddler having tantrums is because they inherently see their parent as beneath them or whatever you're implying and not like a thing that literally every small child ever goes through.

No. 1936053

What if we changed the site name or something. I hate these freaks finding out about us, why can't they just let us be??

No. 1936064

For real, I’ve reported several blatant moids in the last day or two who outright said they were moids so guaranteed there’s some in here larping. Usually it’s pretty obvious if you aren’t a newfag because they don’t know how to integrate at all kek

No. 1936066

you can have acne and still be pretty. to me being pretty is about your features and your presentation and something like acne doesn't really detract from your appearance unless you look like a dirty slob

No. 1936068

He does 60 hours a week while you do 168.
>my "only" work is keeping up the home and be there for the baby
Males are constantly undermining how challenging it is to look after a young child while managing household tasks. You’ve internalised this, of course, like a good girl. If you weren’t there, he’d have to actually get off his ass and do household tasks himself, but he has a) a maid and b) someone to put 90% of the work into raising their offspring (you admitted to this) to the point they are too tired to even play with a ball, so that he gets to be the fun parent. Maybe the reason you can’t cope with discipline or playtime is because you’re exhausted? Maybe you’d have more time to actually bond with a child if you lived with other women, since they don’t think having a job entitles them to a slave who’s on the clock 24/7, and doesn’t see housework as beneath them so fakes weaponised incompetence to get out of it.

No. 1936070

All I said was "a world full of women isn't reality" because it's not reality. There are men in the world kek. Every child needs a loving masculine figure in their life to show them how a man should treat them. I have no idea how this is considered to be "bait" or why it's resulting in such hurt feelings from everyone kek? My opinion doesn't effect your free will and ability to make your own decisions…having a fullblown sperg out all because you can't accept that men will always be part of nature is not going to change the reality that children need two parents, the parents that they're genetically related to.

No. 1936072

Samefag I don’t care if I get banned, I’m having such a hard time believing you’re a woman. Do you know how fucking easy it is to make a baby laugh? You can’t play with a ball in a way that makes your 18 month old laugh? It’s not like you’re expected to kick it with the power of a male footballer is it? Only a man would come up with something so fucking stupid.

No. 1936074

>maybe you'd have more time to bond with your child if other women were taking care of it
kek what? NTA but it's a massive honor to be sleep deprived with my son. I'd rather be the one taking care of him than a large pool of women who you can't trust around your infant. And one more thing…who said a single word about making babies laugh in the comment you responded to? It looks like you're just looking for reasons to get upset with mothers now. Cope + seethe + dilate, you will never be capable of creating life and nurturing it.(repeatedly baiting, scrotefoiling, infighting)

No. 1936077

This is worded in such an agp way

No. 1936081

>it's a massive honor to be sleep deprived with my son.
kek of course it's a boymom

No. 1936082

ntayrt but
>a woman enjoying male attention? wow you must be a sex offender
you realize literally every human being ever hardwired to enjoy attention from others, right? how dare a lady want to show off and find a mate kek are all of you forgetting that the average woman isn't allergic to men the same way you are?

No. 1936083

They hated nonna because she told them the truth

No. 1936085

File: 1711201146140.jpeg (753.58 KB, 997x1285, IMG_6612.jpeg)

Clearly you are very sleep deprived because you have no reading comprehension and you didn’t bother to read the rest of the discussion. This is what I was replying to. Who the fuck said anything about “a pool of women”? I was merely suggesting a partner that does their fair share of childcare meaning you’re not so sleep deprived you can barely comprehend what you’re reading.

No. 1936086

take the blackpilling to the appropriate thread, not all of us are femcels who are afraid of the difficulties of motherhood ♥(baiting retard)

No. 1936087

And also, I didn’t say anything about them looking after the baby? I meant that theyd pick up housework. So I was suggesting that would give anon more time and energy for leisure with her baby.
Also can I just say I’m so sorry that you got lumbered with a scroteling. That really sucks. Best of luck to you.

No. 1936089

Nta but the anon in picrel has a daughter and you're trying to infight with a self admitted boymom. Calm down on the infighting and learn to read

No. 1936090

>afraid of the difficulties of motherhood
Motherhood is not contingent on bowing down to a scrote and I think women would be much more affective at it if they didn’t.

No. 1936091

File: 1711201454471.jpg (54.8 KB, 966x720, 1701692329792.jpg)

>I know moid hating is very in fashion esp on this website
Where do you people even come from

No. 1936092

You think I don’t know that? I mentioned several times that that anon had a daughter.

No. 1936093

What is making you feel as though a father isn't capable of this? My husband is able to take care of our child?? Not only that but why would you want random women in your house, touching all your belongings, getting their unfamiliar scents all over your home and overstimulating your baby? And you'd also have to pay them, which would only put more stress on your home and ability to relax.

No. 1936094

>how dare a lady want to show off and find a mate
begging you to go dilate.(scrotefoiling)

No. 1936095

Some anons truly post as if they found imageboards yesterday

No. 1936096

I love how that nonna gave you sound arguments for your delusional and all you can do is cope by telling yourself she’s a blackpiller or troon kek. Keep having a melty.

No. 1936097

Being married isn't "bowing down to a scrote" really he should be bowing down to you?? It seriously is not hard to find a man who can love and respect you, especially if you go outside and get off the computer. And being a wife is easy if you're married to a man that you love, whom loves you back.

No. 1936098

"Blackpill feminists" who can't stop salivating over the idea of blowjobs are as off-putting to me as tradthots. When you get to the core of their beliefs, they're literally the same, too. They just cope about it differently.

No. 1936099

I just said it’s worded in an AGP way. If that offends you, you’re free to go dilate

No. 1936100

I give up now. “She” has started to spout absolute nonsense.

No. 1936102

Troons aren't even capable of reproduction. Their bodies don't even produce natural hormones. We are living in such a backwards era in history to the extent where it is considered masculine to express your interest in men, even if you're a woman. I understand what website we're on and everything, but go to the blackpill thread if you don't want to see talk about scrotes okay?

No. 1936103

I heard that it's really roomy in tardwife twitter…

No. 1936105

They lurked and now feel comfortable shitting up the website, since they aren't getting banned anymore unless they make themselves blatantly obvious. We'll turn into CC by next year max at this point.

No. 1936106

What's agp about it though? Because it mentions sexual desire? Do you think women are not capable of feeling sexual desire and want to receive sexual attention from men? It is totally reasonable if that's not something you desire, however it doesn't make a ton of sense for you to come to the confessions thread and then get upset about a confession.

No. 1936107

The facade is starting to crack now kek

No. 1936109

>It seriously is not hard to find a man who can love and respect you
>being a wife is easy
Mommy just stop, the 50% percent divorce rate says otherwise

No. 1936110

nice concern trolling but you will still never be a woman

No. 1936111

But you didn't provide a sound response to any of my comments kek, now all you can do is scrotefoil

No. 1936112

The poor child is wailing and needs a diaper change while her mom is heatedly typing on lolcor dot farm

No. 1936114

File: 1711201962953.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1475x1776, IMG_0764.jpeg)

Baiter or newfag, begone

No. 1936115

If my kid turned out like you I'd divorce the person responsible for their genetics.

No. 1936117

I love reading comments like this because I gave birth 2 months ago kek
Good thing he has a loving father who takes care of him when ma's busy infighting!

No. 1936118

Kek I understand you, anon

No. 1936119

There's still another 50% that doesn't divorce I wish I could winky face emoticon

No. 1936120

You’re being very disingenuous. “You weren’t expressing an interest in men”, you were expressing an interest in yourself gaining male attention by dressing a certain way. Which, I’m sorry to say, is very AGP.

No. 1936121

Divorce??? Is this how little you love and respect your hardworking talented great man? Bad wifey

No. 1936122

File: 1711202152700.jpeg (44.32 KB, 650x365, IMG_6613.jpeg)

Can’t get divorced if he annihilates you and the children

No. 1936123

I didn't author the original post, but expressing an interest in gaining male attention by making yourself more available to them isn't AGP in the slightest. Women have been dressing up nicely for the purpose of finding a man who desires us for literal millennia, and only now in this timeline is it considered "manly" to do such a thing.

No. 1936124

Tinfoil that it's the unpopular opinion troon who learned to integrate

No. 1936125

how many unpopular opinions troons are there at this point

No. 1936126

Who tf called it manly to dress like a tramp? Zoomers are so autistic it's so mental.

No. 1936127

I hope that’s true. Male children need all the help they can get to prevent them growing up into rapists. Even then it isn’t guaranteed they won’t.
Good luck with the moidlet. I mean that sincerely.

No. 1936128

You're saying it's AGP/manly for the anon to post a confession saying she likes to dress sexy to gain attention from men, when that's actually the opposite of manly because that's exactly what women do.

No. 1936129

>I'm starting to like the male gazes i get to notice when I'm walking on the street.
>how dare a lady want to show off and find a mate
No, just no. This is simply not how women talk even if they're thirsty for male attention.

No. 1936130

There's a difference between sluts and men role playing as women. Stop samefagging. The troon hasn't learnt to integrate you stupid fuck.

No. 1936131

Anon don’t be a zoomer! You sound like a zoomer! Kek. it reeks of scrotum in here

No. 1936132

>this is simply not how women talk
So do you think we're only allowed to say specific words and phrases or what

No. 1936133

How do you feel as though a slut would've phrased that post then, if you're such an expert on how every single one of the 4 billion females talk and act? I'd appreciate an example just so I can better understand where you're coming from

No. 1936134

File: 1711202558923.jpeg (27.42 KB, 680x545, 1643404281955.jpeg)

>he has a loving father
>I gave birth 2 months ago
Meanwhile minutes earlier:
> I'm love being leered at by random men teehee it's only natural uwu
>how dare a lady want to show off and find a mate
can't even keep the larp up, I see. You will never be a mother and you will never be a woman. You are an ugly balding man.

No. 1936135

>wah engage with my posts and help me perfect my larp
Log off you gay cunt

No. 1936136

Idk but he likes to samefag a whole lot and talk about how women need men11!1!1 Also he probably came from kf since of that sillypoo video

No. 1936139

I've already said multiple times I'm not slutanon, I'm the boymom. I'm allowed to participate in conversations.

No. 1936142

Okay so you don't have an answer?

No. 1936143

Being that paranoid sounds so draining

No. 1936145

No. 1936146

ntayrt but not being alert and rawdogging life being naive about dangerous stuff seems exhausting to me.

No. 1936148

Men be like
>hating and being suspicious of us sounds so draining!
Actually you make it very fucking easy, since it takes no mental gymnastics to maintain, unlike being a bangmaid to someone who feels entitled to watch porn.

No. 1936150

Don't forget that if you follow their "advice" and get taken advantage of as result it's also your fault for letting your guard down. Also kek at the irony of him saying that while larping here.

No. 1936153

You should be more involved in your man's social life, watch the kinds of people he's surrounded by. Not everyone has the best intentions for you or your family, and his will isn't that strong. Don't get me wrong, he wants to do right by you, but he's selfish too.

No. 1936155

NTA but what if your husband doesn't have a social life is that weirder than him having a lot of friends

No. 1936158

This whole board reeks of insecurity and is a prime example why misery seeks company. You call yourself feminists who care for women's wellbeing until one of them chooses to be a housewife. As soon as you dont fit into the role of an independent business girlboss, you get belittled and ostracized. Really pathetic behaviour!

No. 1936160

What in the pure fan fiction is that bold ass assumption even supposed to mean?

No. 1936162

Yeah this is what moids have been saying since forever and it isn’t true. Especially as tradfags want to eliminate no fault divorce and repeal the 19th amendment. Wanting women to put their needs first instead of the needs of their useless manchild husband does not mean we hate them. Wanting them to be a domestic slave class, however, does.

No. 1936163

This site will never encourage being a retarded handmaiden gtfo

No. 1936167

File: 1711204199535.png (823.32 KB, 765x988, 1600266708301.png)

>This whole board reeks of insecurity and is a prime example why misery seeks company. You call yourself feminists who care for women's wellbeing until one of them chooses to be a housewife. As soon as you dont fit into the role of an independent business girlboss, you get belittled and ostracized. Really pathetic behaviour!

No. 1936168

Feels like they try to use this "as a real feminist you should always support all women and all their decisions, otherwise you're a misogynist!"-take against us in every thread all the time lately…

No. 1936169

Yeah and I'm bald now

No. 1936174

NTAYRT and I'm not trying to sound aggressive or accusatory about anything but sometimes I do get sad and confused when I see shitting on mothers and wives. I understand that we need to stay aware of very important issues including domestic abuse, postpartum depression, marital neglect, infidelity, porn addiction, and a million other things, but; I don't see being married as being a "bangmaid" or "scrote worshipper" or anything negative because that just isn't reality for everyone. I know that it can be really hard to believe, because all of the negativity in the world is so overwhelming that it can cloud over loving and positive lives, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible and I don't understand the mean reactions when anons log on and just say that they're happy with their own family.

No. 1936175

Children are most likely to be abused by a parent or step parent. Babies can't speak, and toddlers often lack the knowledge and words to explain what happens to them at the hands of adults.
If you, as a mother, leave your baby alone with a man (including a husband) in any situation but a full-on emergency, you are irresponsible.

No. 1936176

is there a reason not to support moms and wifes i totally get not supporting men thats valid but why us

No. 1936177

Nonna scroll up, this isn't about simply being married and having a nigel.

No. 1936179

Don't act crazy or offended. You already know, there's no point in a back and forth about "fanfiction".

No. 1936180

Being a wife and mother does not automatically make you a bang maid or scrote worshipper. What does is admitting you do 90% of. The child rearing and housework, acting like husbands 60 hour work week is comparable, and then saying “every child needs a strong masculine figure to look up to” which is what the anon said.
I think you’re the one who things being a wife and mother=bangmaid since you get angry and feel attacked every time a woman suggests it doesn’t have to be that way. >>1936177
I don’t think she can be bothered. It’s exhausting having to explain over and over again, we don’t hate mothers, we don’t care if they don’t want to be career stacies, we care about mothers and respect them deeply, which is why we are so passionate about calling out their husbands for being lazy pieces of shit and leeching off their wife’s labour. It just becomes difficult when women suggest these leech like husbands are necessary for healthy development, and that “masculinity” is necessary to raise a child. Masculinity is not necessary, it is exactly what made women a slave class that weren’t allowed their own bank accounts until the 70s. No child, especially not a girl child, needs to be influenced or stifled by masculinity in any way. Masculinity is not special or necessary.

No. 1936181

It might be a bit unhealthy. If he hangs out on the internet a lot and won't let you see what he's doing, it's a red flag.

No. 1936184

Kek clocked him

No. 1936187

But that was only just one anon? Just because one mother here has some wagie fast food worker husband doesn't mean that's life for all of us. I'm anon from here >>1936074 and my husband is able as much as he possibly can considering the fact that at this point in my childs life he needs to be constantly attached onto me. A healthy, loving masculine figure is necessary for the development of every child. That's what we've been referring to from the very beginning. Not just "masculinity" kek. The nuance is nonexistent.

No. 1936188

My life would have been so much fucking better without my dad in it, but if you want a kid with BPD having a bullying male figure that’s jealous of them is a great way to get a psycho suicidal adult child

No. 1936190

Ok so you had a miserable childhood and are projecting because you think that just because you dad hated you it means everyones dad hates them. Sorry to be the barer of bad news nonna but some of us have parents who love us.

No. 1936193

Nayrt. That’s another thing men and male identified women do. Blame and be condescending to children who have bad fathers. Just like they blame women who have bad husbands. Either way, the strong masculine figure that’s so important, never has to be held accountable.

No. 1936196

The baiting/larping "boymom" in this thread has been banned. A lot of the posts in this thread are them (including a lot of posts accusing everyone else of being a scrote), so bear that in mind if it seems a report wasn't dealt with. Please report them if you see them ban evading.

No. 1936198

I cheated on my ex but it's because he was neglecting me, literally ignoring me for days at a time. If you treat a woman like that why should she be faithful? I feel no guilt about it, I was a good girlfriend and really loved him. He just couldn't show up for me

No. 1936199

It’s my strongly held belief that if a man still consumes porn while in a relationship (which is 99.9% of them according to them) he wholeheartedly deserves to be cheated on.
The best solution would have been to just break up, but I’m not interested in ensuring your loyalty to a scrote. It’s just not wise to cheat on them because they chimp out over it.

No. 1936203

My dad was so secretly abusive to me I would cry and beg my mom not to leave me alone with him. He never sexually touched me but he made constant sexual comments around me and about me and my innocent child behaviors. It disturbed and disgusted me before I even had words to describe why it made me felt that way. The misogyny he would spew around me and casual comments about women and children being property and how they should be seen and not heard. Making sexual comments if I ever had a popsicle or a lollipop or banana or hotdog around him. I can’t even type about it anymore, I’m getting fucking flashbacks and feeling enraged. I honestly need to go smoke a joint. I know moids whose single dads would take them on outings only to show them photos of naked women and explain blowjobs and a “woman’s role” to them too so Scrotes don’t even have to have daughters to fuck them up sexually without any overt molestation. Grim.

No. 1936207

Ok for the last time, sorry you got abused but that isn't something everyone relates to.

No. 1936208

File: 1711207192218.jpeg (77.88 KB, 640x640, IMG_5388.jpeg)

Ive been eating an insane amount of jalapeños and getting nightmares… but it’s ok because even in the very scary ones I get to see my dead brother and talk to him. I miss him so much. It worth it to see him again.

No. 1936209

I yearn for the day my dad dies and leaves me, my sister, and my mom insurance money kek.

No. 1936213

NTA, but you're not a parent. Just an abuser mad that women know about your tricks and aren't forced to deal with you anymore.

No. 1936214

>your dad loves you so your must be abusive
this doesn't make any sense

No. 1936215

there are more abusive fathers than neutral fathers. The amount of actual loving fathers - actual loving ones, not just ones that tick the box of being “not abusive” - is slim to fucking none.

No. 1936216

Keep talking to yourself, maybe you'll trigger a tulpa wife era and won't have to keep coming here.

No. 1936218

i dont know if you have vision issues but its not talking to yourself if youre responding to someone else's statement, retard

No. 1936219

And Samefagging to say there’s no way you can tell how a man will act as a father. Statistically he will be abusive in some way or you might get lucky and he will just be a lump who isn’t abusive but adds nothing to a child’s life except maybe money. Landing a scrote who actually is a loving father is a like being struck by lightning of winning the lottery. Chances are even if the scrote isn’t actively abusing his child he is jacking it to teen girls and contributing to exploitation of women and trust me when men who are fathers watch porn it seeps into the way they interact with all human beings including their children. Most men are not suitable to ever be around children due to the simple fact that most of them are pornsick.

No. 1936220

File: 1711207990070.png (125.77 KB, 1364x456, mommie dearest!.png)

fascinating numbers here, if you want to play the statistics game

No. 1936221

You're quoting shit no one but you said, and attributing it to others.

No. 1936222

Cheers admin but I feel they might be ban evading >>1936207
I have reported it.

No. 1936224

File: 1711208146747.png (136.83 KB, 1318x492, 782947229.png)

samefag but when i google the prompt percentage of abusive mothers vs fathers in the US i only see studies that say that mothers abuse children more frequently, at least according to recorded data.(ban evasion)

No. 1936227

Not replying to the ban evading scrote but I’ve always found this iffy and I don’t quite believe it. Especially since men love to bring it up so often. It’s like the debunked lesbian domestic violence statistic.
I think part of the reason is men very often just abandon their children. I also think mothers are more likely to be convicted of abuse, whereas men get away with it.
I just don’t trust these statistics. Not saying they’re fake but they don’t mean what scrotes want them to mean.

No. 1936230

Agreed 100%. I don’t think men are even half as likely to actually have the abuse they inflict on their children reported to any authorities. Nobody I know who was abused by their fathers ever had it reported to any authority in any way. It has to be egregious. Whereas men will use a woman becoming frustrated and striking a child as ammunition to get the child taken away so they can do even more nefarious things to them and also use it as a way to psychologically abuse the mother. There’s also no sex/age breakdown of the children being abused. Are these women beating their scary teen moidlets and then they are running to their daddies to convict mean scary mommy?

Most father on child abuse isn’t going to be reported because of a variety of reasons. My mom was too scared to leave my dad because he always let her know he’d never work legally again and she’d get no child support and he would get custody of me because she’s been diagnosed with a mental illness (meanwhile my dad is extremely mentally ill but has no diagnosis since of course he doesn’t, moids never see a problem with their mental illness cause they take it out on external factors).

No. 1936237

I agree (let’s continue to ignore the moid. I’ve reported him for ban evading)

No. 1936239

Samefag. I’m gonna try to do more research on this but I guarantee they’re a load of bullshit. Scrotes love to abuse statistics to prove their point but they always fall flat when you look into them. We know they like to straight up lie, like how they swear down women take on the DNA of every man they’ve ever fucked, that the clitoris doesn’t exist, that most cases of SIDS are murder and that masculine role models are important.

No. 1936242

File: 1711209481051.png (230.78 KB, 777x647, abusermoid.png)

No. 1936243

Just get over it. I’m a trailer park ghetto single mom who was also a teen mom so I am hated by all demographics.

No. 1936245

I fucking knew it kek. I wonder if he will ban evade again to try and refute it? So not only are they more likely to abuse, they abuse WORSE, and they also abandon their children so often that it has THIS dramatic affect on the statistic.
Men aren’t beating the allegations I fear.

No. 1936247

nice goalpost shifting after getting debunked

No. 1936248

It proves that fathers prefer authoritarian punishment and that when they use it, it is more severe than the mothers. You think the only reason they’re abusing their kids is because they lack a strong masculine figure in the house? It’s because they’re fucking crackheads, idiot. Men like to fuck without a condom more than they like to parent their own kids.

No. 1936258

Which autist? I asked because I want to be able to easily debunk it. It’s obviously bullshit, just like the lesbian domestic violence stats.

No. 1936260

File: 1711210064520.png (135.63 KB, 1122x693, kek.png)

Another screenshot

No. 1936262

Kek i swear the redpill is making males retarded because this is common sense for anyone work on something related with children. Autists truly need an study to accept something easily observable dear heavens.

No. 1936270

They say shit that’s honestly dangerous. Like “most SIDS cases are infanticide”. Innocent women will end up in prison if this is perpetrated.

No. 1936273

My confession is that I am having especially stinky farts right now. Elsie forgive me.

No. 1936283

I've seen people say this, it opened my eyes on how much redpillers hate women. If our babies die we need to be further traumatized while already dealing with one of the most traumatic moments of our life, if our husbands die or leave its cause we're evil women and should've done better for our kids, or how they want to punish women for "false" rape accusations which will do nothing but silence victims since majority of rape cases are written off as fake anyway. Everything is women's fault, never mens

No. 1936292

it is reality, you're acting like lesbian moms don't exist. or should they all get in a fake lavender marriage for the sake of the child?

No. 1936298

>shielding your child from men as a whole
now who was even saying or insinuating that at all ? what part of you was that pulled from kek

No. 1936302

That's not what your original post said…

No. 1936344

File: 1711216360336.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x1560, IMG_2850.jpeg)

I am very attracted to bimbos. Big lips, huge boobs, fake everything, slutty flashy clothes. If I were a scrote I’d probably want that kind of woman. Something about a woman willing to risk her life and health just to be a whore is one of hot in a cuck queen way.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1936349

You know, I read that back in the day, a lot of midwives were persecuted, hung or burned as witches. They were one of the most common targets. Any issue with a birth was blamed on them. Idk why I’m bringing it up, I just think it’s interesting.

No. 1936356

You felt the need to post the Clermont Twins in two different threads huh

No. 1936360

Sometimes I like to feel like a slob, I've never been one so this is like a larp at home. So all I do is have lunch in a Tupper and drink from a 2 liter bottle of soda that's about to get finished. It's like when a rich kid pretends to be poor, in my case I'm an organized person pretending go be disorganized.

No. 1936361

Maybe it's their marketing team trying to make us search information about them so they get more engagement and thus become relevant.

No. 1936365

aren’t those troons in picrel…

No. 1936368

File: 1711217365873.jpeg (714.67 KB, 1284x916, IMG_2852.jpeg)

Nope they’re actual women they just got a lot of plastic surgery and have a bimbo fetish so they changed themselves to become that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1936379

Stop posting about this shit on here and go to /g/ or something you freak

No. 1936387

And what are are you gonna do if I don’t?

No. 1936390

ignore it’s obviously bait meant to start another infight. Who cares. if “she” wants to get breast implant poisoning let “her”

No. 1936394

Lol you're right nona sorry i just woke up and my brain is not working properly

No. 1936417

No. 1936422

I wish I could just die sometimes not for any particular reason, I am happy

No. 1936481

This, you can be cute despite it, Anon.

No. 1936484

When I was a kid I accidentally stole someone's cat. We had just moved and I'd see this cat around our garden and the lanes around our new house. It seemed to be sleeping on our porch at night so we took him to the vet and put up posters saying we had found him around the neighbourhood, the vets didn't find a chip and we got no response so we kept him.
A couple years later we got trick or treaters round and a one of the kids saw the cat and turns out he had belonged to the family in a house directly opposite. They thought that he had ran off and died. None of them seemed that concerned and they didn't ask for him back or ever even visit to see him again. The cat had a ton of medical issues when we picked him up and I think he might have died of them he was left with the previous family so to be honest I feel zero guilt about it at all.

No. 1936492

I fully thought 'spongebob' from celebricows thread had played spongebob in a spongebob squarepants musical with ariana for the longest time

No. 1936544

Did he not play in a SpongeBob musical?

No. 1936570

I miss being a part of an active online community and having internet friends because I like to stay at home but I don’t engage in any social online stuff. Sometimes I think about finding other women through lolcow but I feel that this place can be so hateful and make me insecure and more judgmental sometimes

No. 1936598

TIL thanks

No. 1936630

Nope he definitely did

No. 1936635

i think anon meant that she thought he did the musical with ariana. so yes he was in it, but ariana wasn't.

No. 1936653

I am sick and tired of having to babysit my suicidal friend. I love her to bits and I would never abandon her but getting suicide note texts in the middle of the night is not something I want to keep experiencing on a regular basis. I just wish she got some actual, professional help so I could wash my hands from some of the responsibility of looking after her. Right now I'm waiting for her sloppy drunk ass to come sleep at my place cause I know she'll end up in a ditch somewhere had I not invited her.

No. 1936702

no joke, call the hospital. if she doesn't see that you're helping her get a professional by the time she's sober, then at least it will deter her from suicide-baiting you

No. 1936921

Sometimes when people piss me off, especially when they’re close to me I enjoy yelling at them till they cry sometimes… and I know that’s such an unbelievably shitty thing to do but I think I just need to feel justified

No. 1936927

That's called abuse

No. 1936965

what happens if they yell back and do the same to you?

No. 1937005


No. 1937007

i was the leech who sent long texts to people who woyldn't get therapy. getting a therapist instead of draining my friends was so much better. stop babying her and maintain your boundaries, make her have to pursue it.

No. 1937012

I feel like such a moid after I have an orgasm because I literally lose all arousal instantly and don’t really want to be touched anymore. It’s like I have “post nut clarity“ and I immediately lose all sexual interest in everything.

No. 1937015

Oh trust me I've called and it doesn't help. I've done everything within my power to get her help but the mental health system here is rotten to the core. Last time she tried to kill herself she was involuntarily put in the psych ward for two days but after that they just let her go, no checkups no therapy no meds no nothing. A week later she tried again. I honestly think that having her stay with a trusted friend is the better option than going to the hospital.

No. 1937019

kek me too, I always thought multiple orgasms was a scam because who would even like to keep going after the first one?

No. 1937028

I have a very wheezy laugh. I sound like the bonk girl kek

No. 1937036

Same, though it doesn't make me feel like a moid but just shitty.

No. 1937109

My first one usually makes me more horny, though after the 3rd or 4th one I'm getting tired and little numb.

No. 1937117

File: 1711276848994.jpg (305.14 KB, 2560x1829, cowcandy.jpg)

My sugar addiction is getting out of control. I'm spending actually embarrassing amounts of money on candy. ironically i'm a recovering? ana-chan and it feels easier to eat a candy bar, because the wrapper tells me exactly how many calories it has, than for example to make a sandwich, where I would have to calculate all the ingredients separately, weight or eyeball amounts to know how many calories I'm eating. It's unhealthy and I know I wouldn't feel like shit all the time if I actually ate healthy instead of "whatever but over/under x amounts of calories" but I can't get myself out of the mental spiral and am constantly impulse-buying candy

No. 1937119

i also have a sugar addiction and i physically reacted to your pic, my heart jumped. i've been doing the no-sugar low-carb thing bc i ate myself into having pcos… be careful nonna

No. 1937146

I ordered a shit ton of greasy food. Mozzarella sticks, a can of soda, and a cheeseburger with two fat steaks. I'm so looking forward to it, I don't care that I'm becoming a consoomer.

No. 1937151

Try fruit (or corn/carrots if you prefer vegetables), still sweet but less calories.
You could also buy, for example, presliced bread which roughly has the same calories per slice - so one calculation and you’re set.

No. 1937158

i'm an anachan and do the exact same thing. my mentality is that if i'm only going to allow myself to eat a certain amount then it might as well be something sweet even if it isn't actually satiating or nutritious. i'm fully aware that i'm retarded and would feel so much better if i improved my diet, but every time i try i just end up returning to the sugar cycle.

No. 1937169

Same, I've been noticing the amount I'm spending on chocolate specifically is so bad. I used to do the same thing in the anachan way when I was in college, but these days it's more like I am just so busy and the sugar gives me a quick energy hit so I will eat a chocolate bar in the place of any kind of proper meal

No. 1937261

the whole Israel Palestine conflict and the way even non-Israeli Jewish people defend israel’s actions and the way the entire US media is not allowed to report honestly on israel’s actions is making me become antisemitic and I hate it

No. 1937322

File: 1711290400218.jpeg (39.74 KB, 320x324, F54D3FC7-3B4C-4225-A630-E72182…)

Glowing hard af, you are not slick.

No. 1937347

ok. you can think that if you want I guess. Don’t really understand the angle though, so you believe the government is baiting you to agree with my post so they can add you to a list or something? well whatever

No. 1937387

Ok. I don't know how this will fare on a Supposedly Radfem Website, but here goes.

I am a lesbian. I can find men visually attractive (rarely), but dicks seem just. Weird and alien and gross to me.
But. When I masturbate, I get off the easiest with a fantasy of being owned and used. Men creep up quite often into it. Pain does also.
Before you ask. No, I have never even consciously watched porn. Most I've seen are random screenshots and gifs. Porn doesn't seem all that interesting to me at all.
And in my real life, the only people I am ever comfortable around for intimacy, or even friendship, are all women. I currently have a crush on a girl and dated several before.
If that ever matters, by circumstance: I have limited experience with sex with women, although I see it as desirable irl. And with men. Well, I have had sex with one, not entirely consensually.

I just. Get a thing that would be best compared to "post-nut clarity" and I hate myself every time out of cognitive dissonance. That's not at all what I would want irl, but that seems to get me off the quickest. Just. Ashamed, I guess.

No. 1937394

could it be youre possibly bisexual nonnie? have you considered that? or are you coping with what happened to you when you were assaulted? im lesbian as well and have some husbandos i like but most of them are 2d and i genderbend them kek. real men disgust me to the point of nausea and their genitals too i mean if youre having men appear in your sexual fetish even though you hate them maybe you just try to comprehend why, there can be alot of different reasons. it could be that your mind is trying to rewire your trauma into being something normal and since it was sexual in nature it creeps in to haunt you?

No. 1937399

Concerning the bisexual thing… Well. I have some animu husbandos like you do. But I would not have sex with them, I don't think so. I think they're attractive visually, or admirable in personality… But no. No sex. And 3d men and irl men don't do it for me either. With 3d/real men I can see how they'd be sexy, but the idea of me having sex with them is entirely repulsive.

No. 1937425

I make my voice a little raspier than it really is. I think it makes me sound “tough” I’m actually a huge wimp

No. 1937444

No. 1937653

At first, the men came to me. They’d message me and I’d say I was 14 so they’d leave me alone and they’d send me a dick pic, so I’d keep talking to them until I could find their family, job, address, etc. and have ample face and dick pics to send. Now, I just find them in discords and telegram groups and get to work based off their post history. Tranny taking a dick pic in the women’s bathroom mirror? I sent it to his boss and he privated everything. Guy leaving sexual comments on toddler videos? Guess his mom will have to see that. It’s genuinely so fucking fun seeing moids get what they deserve for being pedophiles/sex pests, and their opsec is always shit tier so it’s pretty easy. Plus, men are retarded, so they always post publicly about the repercussions they faced and how they have a “stalker” (lol) I have the time right now, and I’m sure it could be better spent even though I don’t really spend that much on it, but I am really enjoying being a predator PI until I find a new hobby or run out of freaks in the groups I’m in.

No. 1937775

I have absolutely zero loyalty to anything politically or socially. I will sway to whoever or whatever will benefit me the most. Trump could, right now, say that if he wins the elections he'll put a rent cap relative that effectively makes rent affordable by law and I would vote for him.

No. 1937812

File: 1711321512208.jpeg (535.09 KB, 1170x1133, IMG_4406.jpeg)

Idk where else to put this but kingcobrajfs is the funniest moid cow. His older streams before he went full alcoholic brain damaged junkie make me laugh harder than I have in a long time. TBH even now that his life is more bleak he’s still pretty entertaining. he reminds me of like a male version of Shayna. Both are alcoholic jobless slobs who do nothing but eat, drink and beg for money all day. I ship it

No. 1937813

Probably LARP but still based

No. 1937821

Could you imagine Shat flying out to the boglim cave. I'd kill to see that stream. But not actually because it'd probably be extremely boring and repulsive

No. 1937949

Shat’s type is fat neckbeard “goth” scrotes in their 30s. josh likes goth chicks and he had a crush on Britney Spears growing up and shat larps as both. Let’s make this romance happen just to satisfy my curiosity

No. 1938043

I think you or someone else posted him to alt-cows? I wanted to check him out cause it would be refreshing to see someone new but he's so repulsive kek
I think he's popular on the moidfarms too? I took a peek on the site recently and I think I saw him. Since you find him that funny I think I'll try reading the highlights and the op sometime. Maybe he'll be my new Onision (I can only have so many moidcows at a time, Cooking With Jack with exception cause I actually first found him as a kid on youtube searching silly reviews eons ago)

No. 1938154

File: 1711339723599.jpg (6.97 KB, 224x224, images.jpg)

I eat sauerkraut straight out of the can as a snack. Maaaybe I'll eat it with a sausage if I have it

No. 1938160

i do this but with pickled beets

No. 1938161

No. 1938169

You two are welcome at my home anytime.
Bring snacks

No. 1938170

This sounds so funny to me, as if i have to confess that pasta is my favorite topping for a breakfast pizza

No. 1938172

I heard it's one of the healthiest things to eat. Thanks for reminding me!

No. 1938177

I'm developing a crush on my coworker even though I'm in a (long-distance) relationship. I know it's mostly because I'm lonely but the part of the crush that isn't loneliness worries me.

No. 1938179

Pursue what's in real life

No. 1938181

We're only long-distance because of school, it's not like an internet boyfriend situation.

No. 1938193

File: 1711342835412.gif (1.38 MB, 220x275, IMG_7279.gif)

This is the third time in a row I hit it off with a cute bisexual girl at a party and she starts ignoring me and leaving me on the read the next day. Whenever I get drunk girls tell me I’m funny and intelligent but when I try to text them the next day they complain I’m a dry texter and lose interest. Why is it that every woman in a ten mile radius claims to be bisexual yet every single one of those women will choose a douchey hipster moid with a mustache over a woman every time? I’m about to coat the wall with my brains.
Whoever said that being a woman is life on easy mode when it comes to dating lied. Being a butch dyke feels like being a castrated manlet.

No. 1938196

A certain percentage of women who say they're bi genuinely aren't, anon. Either they think they are because they recognise that other women are pretty or they don't care enough to be honest trust me, i'm bi

No. 1938204

And here on the opposite side, I'm longing for a butch for 2 years in a sea of broccoli hair and basic white girls. Life is truly unfair

No. 1938206

you two should kiss

No. 1938210

thats your first problem

No. 1938217

I'm into short men but they need to have a pretty face and not be fat and have an attitude. He needs to be short and evil like napoleon or caesar but with the face of an angel. Even better when they are super jealous i love that shit

No. 1938227

File: 1711347228612.png (411.57 KB, 559x472, crash2.png)

So you're into picrel?

No. 1938231

Making demands alone in your room kek do you go outside and interact with men ever

No. 1938232

No too ugly. He needs to have a beautiful face

No. 1938236

who would willingly interact with a man irl

No. 1938253

Go away moid

No. 1938261

File: 1711353147918.jpg (15.06 KB, 360x360, 1000016384.jpg)

>old virgin
>want to have sex at least once to see what it's like
>never had a crush
>don't want to use a dating app
>don't want to fuck a rando at a party

No. 1938264

My confession is that I think Ben Shapiro is unironically cute. Look at that goofy little smile, his obnoxious personality is so moe. Sad he can't eat pussy though.

No. 1938265

Invest in a sex doll.

No. 1938267

File: 1711353567868.jpg (209.2 KB, 1920x1080, mytotallyrealboyfriends.jpg)

Of course. Picrel.

No. 1938270

they are so cute. I want to dl this so badly.

No. 1938289

I hate it so much but I find him cute too and his sister so attractive to me. Sometimes I dream about saving her from her terrible het relationship. This is extremely stupid.

No. 1938290

File: 1711356991076.jpeg (197.96 KB, 758x985, IMG_6616.jpeg)

>Making demands alone in your room kek do you go outside and interact with men ever(scrotefoiling)

No. 1938304

How old are you anon? I'm 30 and I'm exactly the same. It definitely doesn't help that I'm a bit of a germaphobe and have a fear of contracting an STD, especially now that I know about men's collective hygiene.
Still feels like I'm missing an important life experience, though. The amount of women that talk about sex and boyfriends around me makes feeling like the odd wheel out unavoidable. It's not like they know my status or treat me differently but I have overheard how they feel about older virgins and it comes off as them viewing us less mature adults but I have a feeling that their sentiment may be colored more by virgin men than by women.
I guess my confession here is that I feel a twinge of shame for being a 30 year old virgin.

No. 1938307

The photos of Shayna wearing a bra for once did… something to me.

No. 1938325

This just proves that all you Shaynatards are just tsun tsun for her.

No. 1938338

For real like each and every one of them could probably draw her pussy from memory

No. 1938369

Ayrt, I'm 31 and I feel the same as you.
>inb4 having sex doesn't change anything about you
I still feel like a weirdo for not doing something the vast majority of people has no problem having.

No. 1938438

My fatphobia has skyrocketed to a new level. Today I was looking at all kinds of little shops with hand made stuff like on Etsy. Most „models“ they had were fat girls and no matter what they were wearing, they looked awful to me. I feel very ashamed and rotten for feeling slightly disgusted by looking at them and I felt a sense of relief when i finally saw a thin girl and adored how nice everything looked on her. I think the association I have with fat people and hideous enby poly empath nerds made it so much worse. I checked out professional plus size models and it doesn‘t help, all i feel is sadness about these beautiful women covered in fat and I imagine how proper meal plans would fix it. I don‘t feel this way about „uglier“ faces and believe almost every woman can look good if she finds what suits her but i do not feel like all shapes can be beautiful. I do not hate fat people or pretend their health is what bothers me. Every time I see a fat girl, I just feel so sorry for her and assume that she‘s not happy with her body but society makes her believe that it‘s just her natural build and not a severe sugar addiction. I doubt that any overweight person would prefer to stay fat if they were given the chance to become thin over night, it‘s all just cope.

No. 1938462

I can't help but to feel disgust when I see toddlers eating even though it is supposed to be cute.

No. 1938479

I’m fat (used to be morbidly obese, now in the moderately obese category with 30 BMI and very close to overweight BMI category, super excited) and fwiw I agree with you. There aren’t any clothes that look good on fat women and anything else is kind of just cope. I got so big because I was addicted to food, amongst other addictions. Past couple years I’ve overcome a lot of addictions, I’m only 7 days off weed and caffeine which was like my last one, trying to be as healthy as possible

No. 1938480

whenever im bored ive been using the notes app to write the filthiest male degradation porn i can think of. my husband was like "who're you texting?" i had to laugh

No. 1938491

I hope you're proud of your progress, this is cool stuff, anon.

No. 1938543

I post a lot of cringe on here.

No. 1938553

File: 1711381207736.png (308.86 KB, 414x419, f.png)

I hate Twitch and i don't even crush on actual celebrities but when it comes to looks, i always liked Pokimane a lot and even F1nnster kek i'm very sorry.
But i'm talking only about how they usually appear on camera and i don't keep up with them because i don't care, but i just wanted to say that i found them cute looking.

No. 1938577

I'm married, but i've got a huge crush on a coworker.

It started out innocently enough, just sharing spotify links, gym routines, and recipes. But now for some reason I can't stop thinking about him ugh. He's super masculine, has goals he's working towards, handsome. I love my husband so much, but all he wants to do is smoke weed and post on reddit. I would never cheat, but when I talk to this guy there's like a fire between us and he smells so good. It's annoying but I love it at the same time?? I need to just try to ignore him and let the crush fade, but I can't seem to let go of this electric connection we have.

Oh, and I masturbate to the thought of him… a lot.

No. 1938579

Just realised my first ever crush was on Jon Stewart in the Daily Show, when i was ~5. I'm weirded out, but not surprised. Explains a lot about me.

No. 1938625

Moid 1: someone you could share spotify links, gym routines, and recipes with
Moid @ home: all he wants to do is smoke weed and post on reddit
Not to be the devil in your ear, but if you're already masturbating to him, why not see if you could make your life overall better instead of just those sessions? Better to be happy with him than repress yourself to those small moments of fantasy

No. 1938643

Congrats Nonna, that‘s amazing! If you were someone that got munchies from smoking weed, it might get even easier but since you already went from a bmi of 40 to 30, I‘m sure you will make it regardless. You must be really proud of yourself. Can I ask which method or diet worked for you so far? (funnily enough I also quit weed almost two weeks ago after smoking half of my life kek)

No. 1938649

Girl you are MARRIED to a moid who smokes weed and posts on fucking reddit. If this isn't bait it's just nature's way of showing you you're wasting your time on a low value male.

No. 1938681

>why not see if you could make your life
Nta but posts like these make my wonder if half the userbase is just underage or something. When you're married and your finances and housing situation are all intertwined you can't just up and leave for another guy like it's nothing. She had that opportunity when they were still dating.

No. 1938690

Assuming this isn't bait, please don't overcomplicate your life. Either break up and get a divorce or get your shit together and stop fantasising about this guy if you love your moid so much. You keep feeding into it, obviously the crush won't go away.

No. 1938696

That is why she should cheat

No. 1938731

not everyone can get up and leave, but if neither person has debts divorce isn't actually all that difficult. A lot of women stay with husbands when they would be happier alone because they're too afraid to pull the trigger and just end it. An affair is probably unrealistic to pull off, but if she's sitting there fantasizing and even masturbating to a better life, why not just go for something better?

No. 1938790

Ntayrt but, do you really think fantasizing about it is so bad? Why? If she doesn't intend to act on that, what harm could this do? Daydreaming about stuff seems innocent enough.

No. 1938808

Cheat on him kek your redditor moid wouldn't think twice

No. 1938823

Hey, I mostly just stuck with omad, although now I eat 2 very small meals/snacks in the morning and evening, it’s slower weight loss that way but still happening and I feel more satisfied throughout the day. I also started exercising with daily cardio almost exactly a year ago and lifting weights at the gym 8 months ago which has been amazing. I feel better than I did in high school. Thanks for all the well wishes!

No. 1938834

Cheat on him, you clearly want to, get moid some extra strong weed so he doesn’t notice

No. 1938864

File: 1711403420775.png (8.51 KB, 427x356, 6039.png)

>all he wants to do is smoke weed and post on reddit

No. 1938871

Of course it is bad, she is shooting herself in the foot. She said she loves her moid, that she doesn't want to cheat and that she wants to ignore her crush. If she keeps fantasising and indulging in it it's going to be much harder to let go of her crush and her probability of cheating skyrockets

No. 1938873

Maybe moid1 should have hit the weights instead of the weed pen then.

No. 1938883

Yes? I'm not siding with a stinky redditor. I was just pointing out the obvious, that fantasising about another guy you're interacting with everyday is counterproductive

No. 1938891

Same I don't have a life outside of lc

No. 1938894

Forgive me mother, for I have sinned.
I like talking to myself. Real people just don't have the kinds of opinions those in my head do.

No. 1938930


No. 1938931

File: 1711407978605.jpeg (45.2 KB, 563x598, IMG_0440.jpeg)

Me too, nonna. Me too

No. 1938936

Talking to oneself is often a symptom of mental illness but considering you're on lolcow you already have one

No. 1938938

Since when is that a bad thing? Every woman of my family, including myself, talks to themselves.

No. 1938941

I really want to attempt the pavlov effect with a moid especially the one I'm going to have sex with, but I'm way too retarded. I'm not confident in the ability to mask the casualness of handing a moid a treat for making me cum. It sounds so dumb but I've always wanted to try it I think because of Clueless or something

No. 1938944

Tayrt it's not bad if you're doing it on a minimal scale but if you're having full on conversations with yourself it is.

No. 1938945

many years ago i use to be a handmaiden and i shared lolcow with a troon friend i had. he turned out to be crazy like the rest of them and i hate myself for ever sharing this site with a moid. he ended up not wanting to participate anyway because of all the terf activity lol
im sorry nonas. the bullet was dodged that time and im glad i didn't share the site with anyone else. sorry for being cancer

No. 1938954

I look down on women who let their moids choke, hit them, or rough them up in bed. If you must, read fanfiction or erotica, don't enable failmales when they should be out fighting other men instead of beating women.

No. 1938961

File: 1711411084972.jpg (13.55 KB, 478x354, tumblr_n6gkddBdka1tyc4dgo1_500…)

I wish I was pretty. Sometimes I edit my nose to be smaller on beauty apps just to see if that would help, i never post the edits ofc. Still ugly tho, and as the years go on its only going to get worse!

No. 1939000

I just ate around 400g (15 ounces) of melted cheese and it was so satisfying.

No. 1939014

I agree. Women’s masochistic fantasies are one thing, but letting men act out and become chemically addicted to their fantasies of abusing women is both gross and dangerous. Not to mention men choking their partner is one of the largest indicators of increased likelihood of them seriously injuring or killing them eventually. Despite that women like to imagine that everyone can “tell the difference between bedroom roleplay and reality,” the bedroom IS REAL, and moids see all of reality—and women in particular, regardless of the context—as an extension of their sexual thoughts, especially as they become more fetish oriented.

No. 1939024

Sometimes when I’m about to do something, but don’t want to spend any of my own money, I create a burner account, make a picrew avatar, and write a sob story about how I’m a BIPOC Latinx Trans Femme Pansexual with POTS PCOS PTSD ADHD OCD or any other jumble of disorders, and how my evil narc landlord who kicks puppies and is Christian is kicking me out for being queer, and how I desperately need funds to escape this abusive situation while also paying for all my medical expenses. I usually raise anywhere from 100-500 dollars for this, and when it’s all done, I say that conservatives are bullying me and that I have to delete my social media presence. You would not believe how many handmaidens just hand over their money if you have enough labels, it’s an infinite money hack. My secret fear is that one day, someone will post it in the e-begging thread and not know that I’m just fuckin with them.

No. 1939027

being pretty is literally so useless men are ugly so you cant even get a good one if you are pretty, pretty girls always date the ugliest most retarded men

No. 1939039

Exactly, it's a huge issue because it affects other women. All these women saying they like being choked, pinned down, dominated, humiliated, have rape fantasies, etc, and now guys think it's a normal thing to do because a very small minority of women (with mental health issues) like it. Even boomer women say that when they were young, men were never this violent and aggressive during sex. Porn doesn't help, but women who play into this are emboldening them so that they're likely to try to strangle and abuse the poor innocent women they're with in the future, and probably traumatizing them.

No. 1939044

Yup. Men don't abuse women they respect. If a man is hitting/beating you because "muH feTisH!1" he hates you. You are not the one.

No. 1939052

This. It's breeding gen z men to think violence and sex are intertwined, which is extremely dangerous.

No. 1939066

File: 1711421950974.png (102.17 KB, 498x457, IMG_4697.png)

I am a parasite. I have a net worth of $300 in birthday money that i refuse to spend. I live with my parents. I never had a job. I don’t want a job. I hate society and the wage slavery dating back to the year 0 that will never dissipate. I wear my pajamas when i go outside once a month and subtracting. When i do go out, i make sure that i am sweaty and did not shower so that i can rape the noses and eyes of the disgusting moid creatures as a defense strategy. I have zero friends, never have boy/girlfriend, never had sexo, I don’t shave at all, i don’t do my hair and i don’t open doors for the mouth breathers. I intend on being a parasite forever and my parents don’t care. “BUT BUT NONA! YOU’LL BE A DISAPOINTEMENT! UR AN gROSS LAZY AUTIST RETARDZ! A LEECH!!!” Yeah exactly, and i have the world’s best life for it. I am comfy, while yous is wage slave. Enjoy your society.

No. 1939067

The more simple answer here is that men don't respect women at all.

No. 1939071

You do you I guess.

No. 1939074

Holy shit, same. The only thing stopping me from getting a nose job is that my family would disapprove and shame me for it forever.

No. 1939113

No. 1939121

I wish I were you anon, I was when I was like 17 but my parents kicked me out as soon as I turned 18 now my only hope is finding a moid who will take care of me (unrealistic)

No. 1939123

I wish I was this rich.

No. 1939131

me except i work on my hobbies

No. 1939161

I tell moids my body count is way higher than it actually is when they ask.

No. 1939164

I actually applaud you for being so proud of it. I was living somewhat similarly but my parents would call me a leech and my father's disappointment was immeasurable. This, despite doing online school (although, very slowly). Funny, now they want me back with them. I've got a job and left the city.

No. 1939166

They rarely do. They sometimes choose one after years of fucking up others lives and treat her more humanely.

No. 1939170

So one NLOG thing that I struggle with is that I hate and really try to avoid being attracted to men (fictional and not) that a lot of other women are also attracted to. I hate liking popular male characters. I don't know why, jealousy??? I'm self-aware enough to realize it's NLOGy and obviously retarded but I don't know how to stop.

No. 1939176

I want a bff that is autistic like me

No. 1939187

Just make sure it's the same flavor of autistic, nonna. My best friend is the kind of autist that loved technical stuff, I'm the kind of autist that stares at the wall for 3 hours while imagining shit that makes no sense. It's hard to partake in hobbies together.

No. 1939210

>haha you wage slaves
>relies on her parents to wage slave for her

No. 1939337

unless you live in an entirely moid-populated hellhole you are subjecting innocent women to your stench every time you leave the house

No. 1939486

File: 1711465306176.jpeg (37.9 KB, 400x266, IMG_7614.jpeg)

I recently discovered Jerma and i'm becoming kind of weird about him. Like i can feel a parasocial relationship forming or whatever that means i'm kind of obsessed with him Please help. No im not i'm fine. I have ADHD so i need background sound whenever I do anything so i've been watching a lot of him he's just really funny IDK. I read a fanfic of him last night and it made me cringe and i hated it but the fact that I even read it in the first place…I googled "jerma hot" and then immediately closed the tab.

No. 1939493

What is it about this man I don’t understand how this is a phenomenon

No. 1939501

i used to watch alot of jerma content as well before he became a catch all magnet for the most degenerate fanbases next to ethots simps, his community is riddled with tifs who keep making him do weird fetishy stuff and there isnt one stream where there could be a fun chat without "jerma says trans rights!!" jerma and miku wow! hes funny but i feel like hes pushing the humor nowalso that man is in his 40s it feels like im watching someones dad kek maybe why so many tifs like him.

No. 1939504

INDONT KNOW i feel like ive been cursed or something. He's literally just some guy

No. 1939532

What the fuck lol, aside the romantic/fanfic stuff, my sister had the same reaction and i used to kinda tease her about it because it seemed funny to me. Idk if she has ADHD, i knew Jerma from his old youtube videos and that's all and now whenever we talk there are often times where something reminds her of a Jerma streaming moment and wants me to see it again with her kek. She is a total normie millenial tho.

No. 1939533

Ive been watching Jerma for years but havent gotten parasocial. To me his vids are like a TV show. I know nothing about him as a person other than his stream of consciousness is funny. His sense of humor isnt overly vulgar or annoying, he has enough self control, but its still unique. Its too bad that he attracted such an annoying TIF fanbase, i checked the discord out and its just a bunch of annoying gendies.

No. 1939537

I’m lowkey a misogynist because I noticed that it’s mostly women who are like “you can’t do that!” at work like mind your own goddamn business. Whatever happened to solidarity maaan shut up

No. 1939572

I know he doesn't stream much nowadays so I've been watching older content and not sure what he's like now. When I learned his age I was shocked tbh. I feel like TIFs are into him because he's a fucking weird spaz and it's very tumblr humor-esque like "glorpo from my shows" or whatever the fuck.

Mildly related but I hate when chatters push trans stuff on streamers like leave them alone and shut the fuck up lol "Say trans rights" "I just got my first hormones today/changed my name!!!" in the donos, I love that most streamers i watch do the bare minimum of responding to that shit

No. 1939581

I feel bad because I’ve definitely felt this way and used to complain that I “didn’t like working with other women”. It’s like I always feel like I’m the ‘bad kid’ and other women are the hall monitors tattling on me for things that don’t matter, kek

No. 1939583

I think it's fine to recognize a pattern of behavior in women that's negative. Many such cases but I still feel empathetic and don't hate women because I recognize a lot of the time it's caused by sexism in the first place.

No. 1939593

I fucking hate that too, they will give other women hell for no reason, but let rude and arrogant men get away with anything and everything. It's not misogyny to realize that women can also be awful people too.

No. 1939598

NTA but I feel the same way. He's a great entertainer that does what he wants without coming across as a gross degenerate slob as most Twitch streamers are. He knows how to run a show and be lively, and I also enjoy hearing his random thoughts. Sure, I want to listen to a 39 year man in retirement complete a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle. Why not? It's a shame about his fan base, but I don't look at chat or interact with any of them.

No. 1939624

If i had a boyfriend I would probably coerce him to go on female hormones or at least be happy if he did

No. 1939649

I’m not even in my thirties but I want to get botox because I have really deep 11 lines because I’m so angry all the time. I also want masseter botox but I clench my jaw super hard so at least that would be useful.

No. 1939659

This is why you don't have a boyfriend.

No. 1939677

If I had sex with a moid (not happening ever) I would tell him I had AIDS after sex.

No. 1939679

>suggesting that getting a moid is a feat

No. 1939689

You could get killed, nonna.

No. 1939691

my confessions keep getting deleted

No. 1939692

File: 1711477373113.jpg (63.88 KB, 657x640, 1000016210.jpg)

No. 1939693

Yeah I'm aware. It's still a funny concept.

No. 1939727

I'm lightly dating a guy I'm not that attracted to because he reminds me of my ex and is ridiculously nice to me. He brought me homemade cheesecake and pasta last night and massaged me for hours. It was relaxing I don't care that I'm leading him on I need a break right now plus he's bringing me to a fun event soon. I feel like the incel women use men for free shit meme but I don't fucking care

No. 1939738

That's the only part that confused me. Maybe anon's parents are retired?

No. 1939742

I'm a KV but you'd never guess it from my appearance. Relationships seem like a crapshoot especially for women, so I'm volcel. I have very specific taste and I'm not going to waste my time with someone who doesn't meet my standards. I'd rather be a spinster than settle, because women settling is why moids have learned to get away with mediocrity. We need to collectively stop dating moids who are obese, unemployed, addicted to porn, don't wipe their asses, etc. because womankind deserves better.

No. 1939743

Do you know what a joke is

No. 1939759

i am SO BAD at driving someone take me out back n put me down cuz it’s so damn embarrassing i cannot handle

No. 1939844

ayrt I have proudly stopped taking my meds lately. The frequency comes in so much better that way, I don't see this as a negative. I'm NEVER lonely kek

No. 1939920

Someone probably should before you deliver someone else to their grave

No. 1939926

im a bit of a woketard so sometimes its hard for me to read through some threads

No. 1939930

Idgi you want him to become a tranny?

No. 1939932

This is why I don’t have a license at nearly 30

No. 1939940

im bad at driving AND i get road rush

No. 1939992

Then please feel free to leave.

No. 1939997

I'm honestly scared of driving. I know I have to get my license soon (like this year soon) but I hate having to be weary of other drivers who just rush across the lanes without signals.

No. 1940069

I miss lockdown. Crazy that it's already 4 years ago.

No. 1940090

Same anon. I think I'm having such a shit time now to make up for the fact that 2020 was one of the best years of my life.

No. 1940096

Don’t listen to them OP

No. 1940099

I honestly miss the lockdown because most of my family was still alive and I got to hangout a lot with everyone. I wouldn't want another lockdown though, it wouldn't be the same.

No. 1940123

I miss that era too, it was the closest i'd ever get to getting that dream neetlife. Staying home playing video games all day whilst getting paid from work was such a dream and my life will never reach such a high point again.

No. 1940148

I have to confess that i have a slightly racist tendency, whenever i click on a video the moment i hear the voice of the person talking and they sound "too black" or too much like tranny i click off the video, i know it's really mean and i really wouldn't be racist irl but i just feel like the video is eventually going to devolve into endless talk about social commentary that involves gender identity, politics, slavery, hip hop or basketball.
All of these people speak as if they were on Twitter irl and i just can't fucking stand them.

No. 1940161

Big and clunky and no warmth. Also it’s a massive sign of being a loser

No. 1940162

I feel the same way. I really prefer to do it in a long term relationship with someone I trust. I think I should lie a bit about my past so I can appear more normal

No. 1940166

>hiphop or basketball
Are you serious…? I don't think I have ever gotten a video recommended by the algorithm that includes a black person sperging about hiphop or basketball kek. You are racist. Sorry nona.

No. 1940197

I got into an argument with an ESL moid on 4chan (I know, it's stupid) and said a few really nasty things about him and his family. I don't feel bad and am still angry at him.

No. 1940201

Me too. I miss the quiet from everything shut down and the social distancing.

No. 1940204

Being racist isn't the same as not wanting to deal with tranny shit, don't compare the two of them, I'm sick of retards thinking that just because someone hates trannies, that that person must also be racist.
Anyways, you're racist and you need to get that checked.

No. 1940205

I have pajamas and underwear that I wear whenever I want to feel horny before going to sleep, they aren't even anything "sexy" like, idk, lingerie or silk slip dresses, they're just very comfy clothes that somehow make me feel like aphrodite would ask me for advice to be as sexy as I feel whenever I wear those clothes. Mix that with actually taking care of myself and a day after the beach and I feel ridiculously amazing, like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world.

No. 1940329

I've had this moid friend for years now and he's had feelings for me for the entire time. I rejected him but throughout our friendship I've been on and off flirty with him, just enough to keep his feelings going cause it gives me a massive ego boost, also he's a reliable source of attention whenever I want some. But lately I feel like I've been catching feelings for him too. Fuck me.

No. 1940331

I might’ve gave a dude the clap

No. 1940352

is this post real? lmao

No. 1940421

I've fabricated a hypothetical best friend who happens to be a farmer and I talk to her in my head when I'm alone
Maybe I need a break from this site kek

No. 1940439

File: 1711536203191.jpeg (168.74 KB, 828x1071, IMG_2250.jpeg)

I love doing this to scammers. As you can see he blocked me immediately

No. 1940446

>getting angry at some moid from 4chan
This is like going over to a filled dumpster and getting angry that it reeks. Quit it for your own wellbeing.

No. 1940472

That's funny but seriously some black creators have really good content you just need to look for the content that you care about and not political content and then give them a chance. I really like one guy's psychonaut philosophy type channel and there's no politics in it.

No. 1940494

I'm a virgin volcel but I'm darkly inclined and for some reason alt women have the reputation of being sex freaks, listening to some people you'd think I'm some kind of professional dominatrix during my free time.

No. 1940559

I do this too. I talk in my head with you all all the time, I call you "my imaginary friends" in my mind.

No. 1940565

While this sounds really stupid as a confession because it isn't necessarily bad, all of the intimacy problems I've had with my nigel stopped when I started reading a few romance manwhas. I had zero libido and wasn't overall interested in being touchy-feely, until I started reading those. I don't even understand what happened to be honest, and it was a very drastic change, but I'm way happier now.

No. 1940594

No. 1940622

Nona I know exactly what you mean and it's why I'm a romance addict. Good romances scratch an itch real men can't reach very well.

No. 1940749

I wish I could be a sex and relationships writer like Carrie Bradshaw. Alas I have been in a relationship since I was 16 years old and we got married 2 years ago and I'm grateful for that but I still crave that kinda lifestyle from time to time.

No. 1940881

Drop the titles of your favourites nona

No. 1940890

It's normal nonnie. Reading romantic stuff just turns you on. Same thing happens to me with manga.

No. 1940940

I'm in a longterm relationship and still a romance junkie. It's a great way to get the excitement and butterflies again while maintaining your relationship.

No. 1940941

I'm a grown ass woman and still look behind doors every time I open a room in case a monster serial killer boogeyman is hiding behind it and waiting to jumpscare me

No. 1940955

I never let my feet hang of my bed at night in fear something grabs them.

No. 1941075

File: 1711571430919.jpg (13.18 KB, 258x225, 1522436152580.jpg)

this shit happened to me too but specifically when I got back into reading/drawing yaoi

No. 1941082

File: 1711572022852.png (65.26 KB, 300x300, 04qtzg2gz2851.png)

I've been on 4chan since I was 5 years old. When I was around 8 I was browsing the mlp board and my mum saw a weird pony image and scolded me really badly and I got so mad because she suspended my computer use and I almost sent moot an e-mail saying how mad I am that he made my mother take away and hide my computer for multiple weeks, and how he should delete the mlp board because I didn't want to see nsfw pony images and how it's ruining the cartoon and I was so mad I threw away my Pinkie Pie toys (because she was in that image). I also told him if he wouldn't delete the board he's a fuck. Yes I called him a fuck in that e-mail kekk. But I did not send the e-mail, I just composed it then saved as draft then deleted it. Wonder what would've happen if I did send the e-mail

No. 1941121

How the hell does a 5 year old get on 4chan? This is a sad example of parental failure.

No. 1941122

Your parents fucking suck how the fuck would you even know what 4chan is at that age. I feel sorry for you

No. 1941143

I started using the word repugnant here because it's a good word now I'm seeing all these annoying losers use the word repugnant too and it pisses me off because I am not the one saying all that stupid gay shit like they are like seriously I hate /meta/ and all those retarded newfags that sit in there and stew in their retardation and then scream about "jannies" being bad STOP CALLING THEM JANNIES they are my beloved FARMHANDS they are my heroines they are my idols they are my blackpink they are my farmhands so don't talk shit about them fuck it actually makes me so angry I dented my laptop the other day because I threw it on the ground when I saw the retarded "jannies" posters are getting braver and trying to copy my lingo and word choices you will NEVER be me retards because unlike you I have lightness in my heart and I have bravery in my soul and charisma and pure of heartness and many other positive attributes unlike those souless fucking gargoyles that yell about the "JANNIES" all day because they have nothing better to do because they are all pushing 300 lbs and have thinning hair because there's no fucking B6 (BIOTIN) in their frozen nugget diet I fucking hate them it makes me sick fuck.

No. 1941156

Fake & gay

No. 1941172

Hey warrior of darkness

No. 1941177

Is this a copypasta?

No. 1941179

I found it through an entry on KnowYourMeme lol
So pretty much it wasn't my parents' fault because when they first let me use computers they didn't allow me on the internet. I was just curious and sneaky and would go when my parents went to work (I learnt how to do so from watching my father). To add he told me all about cybersecurity when I was little, eg don't reveal sensitive info about yourself, don't post pics of yourself, don't talk with strangers etc
Maybe they should've delete the web browser lol

No. 1941181

? just because you didn't have the same experience as me doesn't mean it's "fake & gay"

No. 1941182

same nonna

No. 1941272

File: 1711583220027.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, surejan.gif)

No. 1941487

your typing style is repugnant

No. 1941489

Die(baiting infights across multiple threads)

No. 1941491

I get jealous when another women is getting attention and acting pickmeish (teehee I have a big butt too is that oook???). I wanna be the spotlight slut(bait)

No. 1941499

No. 1941506

There's enough space for both of you nonnita

No. 1941648

I don’t understand why is it so hard for you to comprehend that?
But believe what you want to believe kek

No. 1941694

Am I tripping or did my post get deleted

No. 1941720

KEK I fucking love aspie women

No. 1941944

I like watching this one troon's asmr vids. Not to fall asleep, I could never do that next to a moid's voice but his characters and storylines are so entertaining that it distracts me from feeling stressed.

No. 1942057

Recently saw pictures of me at a formal event and have accepted that I was the ugliest woman in attendance. But it was sort of liberating to come to terms with and accept what I need to do from here on out?
I've already been recommended by multiple orthodontists throughout my life that I'd be a good candidate for orthognathic surgery beyond cosmetic reasons, and this has pushed me to accept that I need to seriously consider it. I also need to work on getting back into shape as I can see how the slowdown of my metabolism in the past few years has made me skinny fat. And I'm en route to get my skin problems resolved once and for all.
I've accepted my ugliness and I've accepted that it's symptomatic of how poorly I've been caring for myself. I'll stop running away from reality for my peace of mind. I hope I can get everything out of the way by the time I'm 30.

No. 1942062

what's the channel name?

No. 1942066

I'm secretly so fucking proud of the fact that I purged off and on for a decade and didn't even get a single cavity and that's such a supremely fucked up thing to have pride in but I really am so goddamn happy that I didn't lose my teeth.

I didn't lose any weight either, so the shame of that failure balances things out, methinks.

No. 1942071

Why do you type like a retard? You don't have to hit enter that many times on lolcow.(infighting)

No. 1942084

i bought a vintage 1960s dress from a troon on etsy, it was one of a kind and i couldn't find any others quite like it

No. 1942267

Olive Ugly

No. 1942302

He’s not a troon he just is a gay moid that does drag. If you’ve ever seen him out of drag he’s pretty hot lol

No. 1942315

He mostly does female characters and everybody always addresses him as she, so I simply assumed kek

No. 1942357

File: 1711671378352.jpeg (151.23 KB, 1280x720, IMG_6454.jpeg)

Ive decided to break up with my man bby bf, but I feel guilty about taking the cats. They love him too; they love this home.
At least my father offered me the house he was going to rent out. Fully renovated, and the rent will be a steal.Thanks Dad, for being so wonderful. Thanks for telling me not to settle for this life with my pathetic soon to be ex. “You are dodging a bullet kid, dont worry”.
I cant believe I thought this man would step up
to be the husband I and our future children would one day need. I thought I caught the unicorn Nigel, but he crumbled at the first notion of any pressure.
I must keep my head high, and move forward. My heart breaks for the happily ever after I wanted, but I believe in myself, and I believe in my infinite possibilities.
One day I will be singing to a sweet child, and they will grip my fingers and coo along. I feel this deep in my soul.
That child deserves nothing but the best, and this current situation is not that at all.
I must carry on. I must be strong.

No. 1942363

Rooting for you, nona. I hope you find what you’re looking for ♥

No. 1942368

my worst fear is to be pitied.

No. 1942377

Best of luck nona

No. 1942378

I admire your ability to know what's right for yourself, nonna. A woman like you is going to do just fine for herself. Wishing you many happy days.

No. 1942387

File: 1711674367007.jpeg (192.6 KB, 1024x683, IMG_6749.jpeg)

Thanks sweet nonnas, so thankful for the support. All the love to you

No. 1942397

God I’m jealous of dick crazed women being able to fall back on their father or mother’s support whenever they fallout with their choice Nigel of the month/year.(bait)

No. 1942402

This is what dads are for?
This is also why it's crucial to be raised by a present, good dad. If anon didn't have her parents, she likely also wouldn't have high standards, she wouldn't have stuck to her principles and she would have ended up living a miserable life alongside a scrote who isn't deserving of a woman.

No. 1942419

Exactly, well said!
Other anon (most likely baiting) does not have the full scope of the situation, but is so quick to tear another woman down… sad to see.

No. 1942421

kek why is this post giving trad vibes. saying that someone specifically needs to have a present dad is weird because what's most important is to have a present and loving parental figure. the gender shouldn't matter, tons of people have lesbian parents. and believe it or not some people are raised by narcs but still have standards and aspire to be in healthy relationships.

No. 1942427

I don’t know why but for some reason this post doesn’t feel right. It feels like if a r9k or a pol-tard was trying to “reverse psychology” a bunch of “””foids”””” on LC or something by trying to promote good fathers or that fathers are important. Ew(moidfoiling/infighting)

No. 1942431

I'm not gonna jump to the defense of any moid but why are you so pressed that a woman got out of a shitty situation?

No. 1942432

I got that vibe too from this post. "that's what dads are for" fucking cringe.

No. 1942433

who wouldn't pity you(infighting)

No. 1942438

File: 1711678369898.jpeg (418.06 KB, 1280x1222, IMG_7789.jpeg)

I keep breaking my own sexual boundaries because I’m so desperate. I’m a stone butch but every time I tell someone I’m uncomfortable with being touched so I only like to give head and touch other people they start begging me to make an exception for them. I sent someone topless pics and pictures of my ass but she kept begging me to send full frontal nudes even though she said she was ok with me not sending full nudes at first and then she blocked me because I wouldn’t

No. 1942445


No. 1942446

yeah i've never used this term before but that father figure post gave me the so-called ick, it's at least cryto-trad thinking. it sounds like the sort of "life lessons" you'd hear impressed upon yourself during sunday morning church gossip about families with unmarried (possibly not straight) parents

No. 1942447

No. 1942448

I wasn’t using the word “foid” literally which is why I put it in multiple quote marks. Go and get fucking checked for autism before you accuse me of being a disgusting troon.

No. 1942453

File: 1711679303526.jpeg (37.09 KB, 728x382, IMG_7752.jpeg)

My cheating ex with multiple rape allegations somehow found my YouTube account and commented on one of my old videos like nothing happened saying that he “went down the rabbit hole” and my found channel. I literally cussed him out and told him I hope they name an antibiotic resistant STD strain after him about a week ago, I have no idea why he’s doing this (especially considering how in the past before I knew about everything he did I told him I wanted to get back together and he said no). I’m kind of terrified now, he knows my address

No. 1942454

I think it’s a moid or cheeky anon trying to hijack anon’s confession

No. 1942469

It may be wrong. But I will be tasting his delicious skinny ripped BWC pale body again. Delicious male pale body.

No. 1942482

The Sonic Totem is so scary looking. I always have to avoid looking at it when I press catalogue, but it creeps me out so I usually cover the picture with my thumb

No. 1942483

Are you that anon with the bisexual ex that wanted to open an onlyfans?

No. 1942492

Yes unfortunately

No. 1942509

Stay safe nona. It seems like he's stalking you. I hope it doesn't escalate.

No. 1942510

You probably already know this, but start documenting literally everything. A restraining order can be put into effect surprisingly rapidly.

No. 1942582

when i was 14 i stalked a guy i liked online well enough to find out his real name, though not anything more than that. i scoured his MAL account which he mentioned to me offhandedly once, and read all of his forum posts. then i searched his username online because it was pretty unique and found his reddit account because he'd linked his MAL account in a post. then i searched his reddit username and it was the same one he used for some european social media site i'd never heard of. his full real name was on it as well as a really tiny picture of him. this was a big deal at the time because with me and our other friends he was extremely secretive about his name and appearance. i felt bad about it for a long time but he eventually revealed his name anyway and started regularly posting pics of himself so. who cares

No. 1942746

I know you shouldn't give a chance to ugly moids but sometimes I regret not dating that guy who had a big crush on me, maybe it would have made me grow up and build character or something.

No. 1942767

No fugly moids. You should instead sit on the Forbidden BWC and go buck wild.(baiting)

No. 1942998

For the longest time, I thought "bricked up" meant that someone shit themselves. Like they left a fat brick in their underwear. It wasn't until recently that I uncovered the true meaning. I feel embarrassed when I'm so off-base with something, but I had to get it off my chest. Thanks for hearing out my confessional.

No. 1943008

march is one of my least favorite months because it reminds me of being in lockdown. that time in my life was very, very bad. i pray that we never go back to anything like that

No. 1943134

I ran into my ex today and honestly talking to him made me realize why I liked him in the first place. I'm glad we're not in a relationship anymore but it was just regular catching up chit chat, no weird comments or bitterness. I'm happy I spoke to him, it's been a while since I actually connected to somebody in that weird old friends type of way. inb4 don't go back to him anon, I won't

No. 1943230

File: 1711770515625.jpeg (275.54 KB, 625x644, IMG_9767.jpeg)

Reading YouTube/IG/tiktok comments makes me want to turn in a Nazi.

No. 1943240

My boyfriend really loves me a lot and he is really good at sex but for some reason I have grown bored out of this and I feel the need to cheat on him despite this being the most stable relationship i have had with a man for a while i still wanna risk it and have an affair with another man that might not be as much of a man as he is but still.

No. 1943241

File: 1711771491559.jpeg (280 KB, 946x2048, IMG_7828.jpeg)

I was stalking his Twitter account and saw that he posted this the other day. The caption just said “J” (the initial of my first name)

No. 1943244

Honestly you need to stop keeping tabs on him and stop checking his social media. These types of guys thrive on the attention. Keep a log of everything that he does to you directly, but ignore his insane ramblings on his Twitter account. It's best off if you put it completely out of your mind.

No. 1943262

not sure if i emphasize, if it's in a ''i almost want to kill all these annoying/dumb people'' yes but what the fuck is that picture

No. 1943291

File: 1711781328255.jpeg (62.03 KB, 750x419, IMG_5203.jpeg)

I wish I was insane enough to live in NYC and find that loser who is assaulting women and kill him.

No. 1943298

he already was found and got arrested

No. 1943318

I can't believe I'm letting you into my house again after you left bruises all over my body and almost broke my arm.
My parents, friends, and therapists all tell me to leave you behind.
I'm weak. I've been a NEET shut in for so long that I've forgotten what a Stacy I really am. My options are endless, WHY YOU???

No. 1943339

He’s going to kill you, nonna

No. 1943347

I don’t have secrets I tell everyone everything

No. 1943350

I hate my nose I'd get a nose job in a heart beat if I had the income for it. No one has ever commented on it but it doesn't seem to fit my features. All my insecurity is in the lighting for my face each time there's a photo. The bridge is so fucked up to me I believe it got damaged at some point.

No. 1943449

When a cute autist boy yaps about sensory issues I think of rubbing his face across my bleeding pussy and forbidding him from wiping it off until it dries and forms painful crusty flakes. I want the smell to rape his nostrils

No. 1943505


No. 1943509

So try hard.

No. 1943521

Are your organs healthy?

No. 1943523

If there’s an infight and other anons tell me to stop infighting it makes me want to do it even more because bitch don’t tell me what to do lol I have a huge problem with authority figures and people telling me what to do and I guess it bleeds into online as well.

No. 1943549

sounds like you need to grow up

No. 1943586

I don’t wanna grow up I wanna stay childish

No. 1943648

There are no authority figures here anon, infight to your hearts content kek fuck jannies and fuck trannies

No. 1943705

I secretly feel the same way in regards to the race discussions that go on here, even with fiction, and especially how people respond to female vs male versions of certain types of characters but I won't elaborate further in case a fight breaks out But besides that all my other opinions aren't considered woke enough for the actual woke crowd, they would outright say I'm bigoted so I don't really fit in anywhere.

No. 1943708

You know what, that’s fair.

No. 1943750

You know what. I think revenge is ok. The system is broken and no justice is ever really given. If someone does something wrong to you, go for it. Ruin their reputation and do annoying shit. I’ve learned to be ok with being “petty” towards hateful people. I’m done with being miss nice. I’ve learned being nice and the “bigger person” rarely changes the outcome of how shitty people treat you. Hit them back.

No. 1943754

I agree with you. Too many times when you go through a legal system, moids with more money and influence will steam roll you. I say plaster their names and numbers everywhere. Put them on blast.

No. 1943760

No. 1943967

Genuinely sorry to my chubby nonas. But as an insecure skinny woman, chubby/fat women have been the worst friends. They’re always preoccupied with their body image and always assume their life is worse than mine because they’re fat. Like out of all the things that could bother me as a woman, I’m not fat so my life should be perfect. I can not be friends with fat women and I don’t know why they gravitate towards me.

No. 1943972

i don't know but this post made me realize i've never had a fat friend, not a conscious decision on my part i guess it just wasn't in the cards. honestly pretty odd considering i live in the american midwest. come hang out with me and maybe some of my fattie-repellent will rub off on you kek

No. 1944017

So-called "feminist" can't stop listening to Latto, Polo G, King Von and other bad rappers. I need to fix this.

No. 1944149

My yuppie cousins aren't showing up for easter tomorrow and I couldn't be happier. They're always so unnecessarily rude, can't wait to actually have a cozy time with my other family members!

No. 1944216

I honestly kind of agree. I struggled a lot with body image in the past and some friends have been downright cruel and brush it off completely when I bring it up. It also sucks being friends with insecure chubby women because they are more prone to take offense to odd things. I have had friends accuse me of pretending to be full when I'm not and starving myself when I just didn't have much of an appetite. It's a very awkward thing to deal with without looking like an asshole.

No. 1944255

I don’t feel bad for them because being fat can easily be changed, many fat women have nice skin and pretty faces they’re just lazy and picky eaters. The women I feel bad for are conventionally ugly women or women with extremely bad acne because there’s nothing they can do if they’re broke. Acne and having a ugly face is something people have no control over but you still get treated like it’s a choice.

No. 1944278

Last night my fwb started vomiting and shivering and I had to take him to the hospital, he has canniboid hypermesis syndrome and he was going through it. I felt really bad, he was sweaty af and moaning and in pain. I liked seeing him like that, for some reason I knew he was slightly embarrassed and I just felt kind of happy seeing him so vulnerable.

No. 1944305

Sometimes I wish I could meet up with friends and read a manga together but as in kind of acting or interpreting the manga? We would all pick a character and then read the lines of each character while following the story each one, I think it would be fun. I also kind of want to do this but while reading a novel, we could also dress up as the characters while reading out loud for everyone else.
Sadly I have shit taste, and my friends have shitter taste than mine, so you could imagine how hard it would be like to pick a story that we all actually enjoy enough to read it together at the same time.

No. 1944337

That's a fun idea. My cousin and I used to do something like this with books when we were younger.

No. 1944410

I had a coworker that was near obese (and for some reason got hired for a very active job - I guess the “no discrimination” policy kicked in) and I was chosen to train her. I barely knew this woman and on our first day, she kept making comments about how thin I was and basically going “woe is me” to herself. When we went to get her equipment and uniform, she kept making backhanded comments about “oh it’s easy for you to find your size, they won’t have anything for me”. It was just very aggressive and the insecurity was oozing out of her. Another part of the job is squeezing into tight places occasionally and when I told her it’s okay to go through this area(there was still plenty of space), she kept insisting she can’t really angrily. I wouldn’t even say I’m the thinnest person, but she was so triggered. Not the first time this has happened but it was weird to experience it at work. Fat women can be so aggressive to skinnier women, if they have anyone to be angry towards it should be themselves and not to strangers.

No. 1944514

I forgot to take my meds and couldn't sleep, then I remembered a coworker that was always super sweet to me and always came to my cubicle to talk.
Only had his full name unlike other coworkers I had that actually shared their Instagram.
Went to my job's insta page and checked every post likes to see if an account with a Pic of him/his name came up. I spent two hours on that.
I also searched for his name on insta with no result.
Googled his name + Facebook but there were tons of guys with that name, tried adding my country (small place) and still nothing.
But I found out his LinkedIn! It had no contact info but it had his college.
Found it finally, on the likes of a random post from his college.
I feel so happy but at the same time I feel like I've done something wrong, I mean, his info was online but I feel kinda dirty for spending so much time just to find the insta of a guy just because we couldn't keep contact.
Am I a stalker?

No. 1944532

I'm not a family orientated person, I like my parents and my siblings and that's it, as a kid I always dreaded to go to my grandparents because there was nothing to do, and I really don't care for my cousins since they were much older than me growing up (and they are a bit too right wing for my own comfort).

No. 1944720

been stalking the same girl since like 2017 over twitter. want to be her friend so bad but i'm awkward as hell and the one time we were mutuals we spoke once and only once

No. 1944723

When I was in middle school, I always stared at this one boy because his face was covered in huge blackheads and I really wanted to pop them. His friends noticed the staring and asked me if I liked him. I said no, but they didn't believe me. I never told anyone why I was always staring at his face kek

No. 1944731

I mean, I don't make friends with coworkers outside of work because you never know what they'll be like. I'm gonna assume you don't work together anymore? If anything, try to drop him a message on linked if you really want to talk, but I wouldnt go that far tbh

No. 1944793

I'm not gay but that's hot as fuck

No. 1944974

File: 1711908597934.png (Spoiler Image,333.96 KB, 1158x936, Screenshot_20240331-153635_kin…)

I left 4chan but theres an ESL moid obsessed with me and making creepy posts about me.

No. 1945177

i miss dumbass shit and forcing everyone to sing va va voom with me(not a confession)

No. 1945183

What's with this retarded shit?

No. 1945187

Post his full address and real name on 4chan and say that he's a faggot.

No. 1945190

File: 1711915638572.jpg (72.46 KB, 727x960, FfWRqXcXwAIZqVI.jpg)

i miss it too. i understand why it had to go but that doesn't erase the persistent urge i feel to post something absolutely retarded

No. 1945199

But then I,d have to talk to him to get the information out of him and he’s unhinged. Good idea though.

No. 1945205

I feel guilty about it, but I feel like moving out and interacting with more "normie" types at a large state college might've lowered my faith in womankind. I used to laugh at "girlfriend bad" and "woman bad" rhetoric because it was so absurd and so inaccurate of me and all the women I knew in real life, but… man, the stuff my current roommates (and their friends) say and do really does align with some of the worst stereotypes of gen-z women sometimes. I always assumed that even outwardly-stereotypical people surely had hidden depths of some sort, but they genuinely seem to not have any… and sure, maybe that's an unfair judgement to make, but it's been nearly a year, the walls here are thin, and they are quite vocal. So I've heard far more from them than I ever wanted to.

In the interest of fairness, their boyfriends aren't much better, but that was less disappointing to me because I didn't expect anything of them to begin with.

No. 1945243

why was this redtexted? that was a confession. what is going on?

No. 1945247

Looked like a confession to me too, tbh.

No. 1945256

Yes, logically I know that I shouldn't let a few idiots taint my view of other women, and especially because I've known so many wonderful ones! All of my closest friends have been female, and they don't act a thing like this. I guess I'm more disappointed than anything.

No. 1945263

What is anon even confessing though? It just looks like a "i mia the dumbass shit post", which is fine but not a confession

No. 1945611

I think humanity as a whole has just become more retarded nonnie

No. 1945617

what >>1945611 said, you need to assume that anyone you're interacting with nowadays could potentially be a lobotomy patient

No. 1945640

Spent like 50$ for a half-assed binge/purge session. I felt lonely and pathetic today so I have the urge to purge. I feel guilty and stupid. Going to toss the rest and try to puke what I can up.

No. 1945651

I'm going to make a move on the guy whose chair I rubbed my hands and face all over after he left that one time.
He will never know I did this and I still feel like a degen for it. I've done worse weird shit because of cute men though.

No. 1945800

I have a really bad cuck (me) fetish even though my bf is whipped and romantic and sweet. i want to cheat on him with gross broke guys before i get married too, i am a lost cause.

No. 1946001

I missed the gay subtext in dead poet's society and thought Wilson from House killed himself cause his dad won't let him do theatre kek

No. 1946224

Day after day why must I wake up. Please let me die before I wake. Let me just have a fucking heart attack and die.

No. 1946259

I hate the ugly old moid psyop and I'm glad we finally have a thread to discuss the phenomenon in, but I actually have one roided old man husbando kek. When I first fell in love with him I had a huge crisis about it until I was able to find acceptance. I admit I'm a hypocrite.

No. 1946290

I've been guilty too. I like unconventional and older men but I know the psyop is real and the men keep getting uglier. like we're doomed no matter what

No. 1946581

There's this tif. No t and no titchop yet. She's so damn hot. She needs to leave the tranny & gendie shit behind and fuck the shit out of me.

No. 1946612

Damn, anon. I hope you can pull her aside and peak her. I want that for you. We keep losing the best women to the kweerio agenda.

No. 1946674

Yeah, I support it in theory but in practice I can't participate in it in a meaningful way. I absolutely fetishize weird traits in men and have zero sexual interest in the men that anons would approve of. I've been bullied for my tastes in the male body thread. It's not even a pickme thing, it's just years of virginity and autism.
The only saving grace is that I only like younger men and have only dated younger men.

No. 1946798

Why would you aim to please the tastes of Lolcow of all places? Half of the mass-endorsed opinions here are in origin anontranny mindgames meant to fuck with actual women anyway.

No. 1946803

you can like certain characters and still aprticipate in the discussion. it's not jsut about personal taste, there's a lot of talk about general trends in casting, wharacter design etc.

No. 1946820

File: 1712022844154.gif (1.12 MB, 220x204, IMG_9817.gif)

Males acting slutty like this makes my ovaries go fucking nuts

No. 1946821

Please never refer to your ovaries in a horny context ever again. It's the worst millenial phrase ever

No. 1946823

huh. you don’t have ovaries that go nuts when you see hot things nona?

No. 1946829

File: 1712023850970.jpg (13.18 KB, 258x225, 1522436152580.jpg)

No. 1946833

File: 1712024002698.jpeg (25.68 KB, 474x499, IMG_9819.jpeg)

No. 1946882

I think red meat looks really tasty when it's raw, only when it's raw

No. 1946884

That is the least offensive way to describe a woman feeling horny. Get a grip and drink some water.

No. 1946897

Is that John Travolta? This just looks goofy to me lol

No. 1947014

It disgusts me, this is one of the reasons why I'm constantly questioning my sexual orientation.

No. 1947034

File: 1712045039375.jpg (36.99 KB, 669x669, 1648513685857.jpg)

I've put on a lot of weight these last weeks and I look like shit.
The other issue is that I lost my job, so now everything is painful (paying a gym)

No. 1947059

File: 1712048086021.png (146.67 KB, 286x272, 1709044950362.png)

My nigel is in a low libido time atm and I'm not. I feel guilty about the thoughts I have about random moids since I'm not used to it.

No. 1947094

Constantly torn between wanting to look better and not giving a fuck because I don't want to be attractive to other people.

No. 1947113

I regret ever befriending one of my coworkers. She's such a bright, lovely, accomplished, funny person, but she has some serious mental health issues. Over the course of our friendship she has tried to kill herself three times. Each time she sent goodbye messages to me, stuff like "anon I love you but I hope this is the end" and that shit is traumatizing. She has an eating disorder and she cuts herself as well. She's not getting the help she needs because mental healthcare in our city is horrid. She still lives at home and her parents are abusive. Earlier today she said she got raped again, this time in her own home, idk the exact details but she also said she might've caught an STD from the rapist. This is going to be horrible and I feel bad for thinking this but she puts herself in these dangerous situations cause she seeks attention from random guys by offering them sex, so I feel like it was partly her fault for trusting a random moid and letting him in her house. Obviously it's always the rapists' fault when someone is raped but honestly she should've known better by now cause it's not the first time it's happened. But it's just another way to self harm, and I know that.
I really don't want to go all "oh woe is me" when it's not me who is slitting their wrists and overdosing on meds but all of this is wearing down on me and idk who to talk to about it. It's her private life and I want to respect that. But I'm not in therapy anymore and I can't afford to start it again. I'm so stressed and worried about her that I've gained weight from comfort eating and even my periods are becoming irregular as fuck when they always used to be exactly on time. Idk nonnies I'm just tired. She's like a little sister to me and I hate seeing her like this.

No. 1947146

I didn't have a single bad day last week and I'm so grateful I feel so good, I hope this joy carries on

No. 1947203

File: 1712059587001.gif (679.4 KB, 250x250, Sdh9ynG.gif)

this just looks like der humpink to me kek

No. 1947283

To me, ice cream = winter, because my family mostly travels during autumn/winter because the tickets are cheaper depending on the place, since I went to Italy for the first time on winter, we had to try the Gelatos after all, otherwise it's like you never went there kek, and I loved it, but now when it's cold I want to eat ice cream even more than when it's hot.

No. 1947290

Ew wtf is this it's making me sick

No. 1947307

This is honestly the exact signs of an emotional vampire. Make yourself less available. Cut her off for your own sake. You don't owe her anything

No. 1947318

I told my bf I'm going to move out. He's sobbing a lot and tbh its annoying. Hes trying to book therapy and get waned off his ssri thats made him snappy, but man its a little too late.
Ive never dated a guy before that sobs so damn much. Like, I get it, you dont want to lose me. But, youve been a little bitch for months and Im not into little bitches, I want a man.
Why does his sobbing enrage me? Fuck!

No. 1947319

I wish I could send you some gelato

No. 1947323

File: 1712066187118.jpg (47.8 KB, 400x359, unnamed.jpg)

Kek I kinda miss this meme. We should bring it back along with smexy

No. 1947324

Smexy can stay in 2006, but thank you for the laughs.

No. 1947348

File: 1712067189877.png (160.51 KB, 1920x1080, dgqipi4-7dbb98f9-3cc0-4b9d-828…)

This word gives the worst millenial lol so randum make yaoi not war exdee vibes

No. 1947350

we need to go back to the cringe but free days

No. 1947351

Please no, I experinced it first hand and I do not want it to come back. I wish tiktok zoomers never found about emo and scene shit. Let it die

No. 1947353

We really do.

No. 1947355

You mean smexy like Edward Elric? lol

No. 1947369

We sure do. Sadly everyone now us just cringe but not free since they label themselves and worry about what people say about them on tik tok instead of living their lives. I grew up in the early 2000s of anime and cons. Shit was wild but nerds were actually nerds. The internet and anime going mainstream ruined that. Social media especially

No. 1947373

I feel for you nona, I had a friend like this growing up. She did the same shit to me that you're describing—the ED, self harm, and threatening suicide to guilt trip you when she thinks you're pulling away. I still vividly remember the time she texted me saying she was cutting herself and describing the blood flowing down her arms because I hung out with someone who wasn't her. All I could do was sit in my room and cry because even after I told her to stop and not do it she'd say it was too late. Once I finally cut her off she started spreading rumours to her new friends that I would text her telling her to kill herself. Of course now she's thriving and has a moid and a dog meanwhile I'm stuck with permanent trauma and relationship issues because of her abuse and manipulation. Get away from her as soon as you can, I know it'll be difficult especially when her antics ramp up but people like this need to be removed from your life as soon as possible

No. 1947379

>we need to go back to the cringe but free days
everyone says this and then shits on people who actually are cringe and free kek i don't believe this era will ever happen again

No. 1947407

File: 1712069750614.jpeg (233.02 KB, 469x482, IMG_9821.jpeg)

I can’t believe the westaboo thread in /m/ made me want to draw again kek. the art in there is way too wholesome and soulful it actually made my cold, black empty heart move a little

No. 1947540

File: 1712075128342.jpeg (747.09 KB, 1400x977, 48FBB989-059D-4F4E-8494-5B0326…)

I give stock photo models plastic surgery in my free time and send it to them if I can find their socials. Right is my enhanced creation. It’s my favourite hobby.

No. 1947545

He's ugly in both pictures but the one in the right is hilariously bad.

No. 1947546

The westaboo thread is kinda wholesome and made me want to start drawing again too. Let's do it, nonnie

No. 1947581

I hope you are just baiting

No. 1947621

Are you trying to convince them to not get plastic surgery? Cus in that case you're doing a great job, I applaud you.

No. 1947644

this is fucking hilarious KEK cannot imagine being one of these models and receiving this in my DM's

No. 1947648

File: 1712078673706.jpg (53.19 KB, 500x500, mikuu.jpg)

I'm kind of an online stalker. Every bit of information I find gives me a high but I feel like a horrible person immediately after. (post-stalk clarity?) Why share so much sensitive information publicly if not for others to read? He probably didn't expect anyone to go as far as I did. Opsec skill issue tbh. It feels good to know more about him than he is comfortable to tell me. God I'm disgusting. knowing what I know now I think it's possible he would be into it if he found out tbh
KEKKKK MY SIDES nona what the hell?? Reminds me of these youtube videos where some guy would photoshop characters to fit into a "perfect" face outline. Did you get a responce?

No. 1947671

i have an app that tells me who unfollowed me on instagram and if i lose a follower i immediately block them, unlike any of their pictures i might have liked and delete any comments i may have made. it's pathetic and petty and i dont know why i care so much but i do. i don't even post on instagram anymore because every time i do i lose followers and it bothers me kek

No. 1947684

I'm sleep deprived and this scared me

No. 1947689

Imagine getting this pic in your DMS no text attached

No. 1947690

i mean you're on lolcow so..

No. 1947721

same, i'm 100% straight but men "acting sexy" is such a massive turn off

No. 1947939

I’m morbidly fascinated by emily youcis

No. 1948141

KEK that story is comedy gold

No. 1948227

Despite knowing that femininity is a prison and that adhering to it is taking part in my own oppression I have returned to wearing skirts and eyeliner.
For my whole life I've found femininity hot in women, too. I also experience incredible guilt about this but I think women look so cute in feminine clothes and lingerie turns me on.
I also like wearing men's clothes of course. I like both. Wish I existed in a cultural vacuum so I could know what I truly enjoy.

No. 1948240

I got to (consensually) fondle a man after 4 years of stalking him like this, and it did indeed turn him on in some fucked up way. He would never have crawled back to me like that if I didn't behave in such a manner.
Don't let your dreams be dreams. Religion may have cockblocked me but it doesn't have to stop you.

No. 1948245

whores (referring to the men only)

No. 1948265

/g/ has such an atrocious taste in men, that I have to hide half of the regular threads to not get triggered. Video very related, it's essentially my poor misguided nonnas.

No. 1948269

No. 1948501

Honestly I don't think she's like that. She rarely contacts me anymore unless I message her first and ask her how she's doing. Which I only do like once a week at this point. And when I do she describes her situation pretty matter of fact-ly. I don't feel like she's trying to manipulate me. She does have abandonment issues and acted really stupid when I started seeing this guy but she later apologized for it and hasn't done it again so I feel like she's doing her best to not cause issues for me.
One of my friends is pretty concerned about how I'm doing and keeps saying that maybe she's exaggerating some of her issues and idk, maybe she is. I know she's definitely causing some of them herself by being so self destructive. But she's deeply mentally ill and I can relate to that cause I used to be like her. I see my past self in her. I have a massive jesus complex so part of the reason I'm suffering because of her is my own fault. I made a report about her to the authorities and I'm waiting to see if that helps at all. Meanwhile I'm keeping contact to minimum. Abandoning her completely is not an option for me considering that she's also my colleague and I will have to see her again once the returns to work which, granted, might take a while.
Thank you nonnies for replying to me, it made me feel seen and heard. Sorry to hear about your situation second nonnie.

No. 1948572

Where is this from?

No. 1948608

I have BPD. It's awful. I'm a bad person. I don't have the patience to be civil people. I don't like other people. I love living a solitary life. Therapy cannot help me. I'm miserable and can't wait until the day I die.

No. 1948638

Beautiful music makes me cry, and I silently cried when I went to a small concert featuring a quartet. As cool of an experience as it was, I feel like I shouldn't go to live musical performances because of that. It's embarrassing.

No. 1948641

Big same

No. 1948652

Have you ever tried psychedelics

No. 1948657

Doesn’t sound like bpd we need other people or we feel like black holes of nothingness

No. 1948667

Depends. One person is enough for me

No. 1948668

Some bpds are self aware and isolate

No. 1948669

Most people have cried to music before, don't let it stop you from going to concerts. If you don't like the possibility of someone seeing you cry you could sit in the last row.

No. 1948672

File: 1712152340861.jpg (1.5 MB, 1500x1500, Invader Darling.jpg)

I have a little problem when it comes to collecting merch of some favourite illustrators, the monkey part of my brain goes off whenever I find a merch from them and I want to get almost everything from their catalogue. Especially stickers. I try not to get 2 of each and actually use them to decorate my notebooks and such. It's like collecting small pieces of art, it makes me happy when I see them,I could flip a book of these stickers and feel a bit inspired to draw/create colourful and cute things. I just feel a little bad about the consumeristic aspect of this lol.

No. 1948675

if you're supporting smaller independent artists a little consumerism helps them and not a soulless company. it's not the healthiest but not the worst way to treat yourself!

No. 1948733

if you feel bad just post her art in place you like so other people will get them instead, i just bought some stickers

No. 1948770

Why would you feel bad about supporting a small artist as long as it's within your means? You're literally helping them pay their bills and put food on the table.

No. 1948909

I have to travel for work to the city that my favourite ex lives in and all I can think about is hooking up with him. I don't think I could actually go through with doing it I have a boyfriend but I want to so bad, just once.

No. 1948929

This is why I like the artist alley at anime conventions, I get to buy some cute stickers and postcards but I also support the artist directly. I don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as you aren't blowing whole paychecks buying stuff and aren't hoarding hundreds of sticker sheets kek

No. 1948965

File: 1712167957147.gif (1.56 MB, 350x197, giphy.gif)

I need to see my boyfriend engage in some toxic masculinity. I would really like to see him get into a fight or do something heroic and masculine. I don't think he's feminine or anything and I'm not saying this like our relationship is at stake but sometimes I feel like a man just has to be challenged and endure something intense. It's not about seeing him win a fight either, I just need to see him try. Plus it's hot to watch guys wrestle to the floor. My dream scenario is him defending my honor with old fashioned fisticuffs, maybe coming out of it with a black eye or a cut lip, nothing major. He can't come out of it butthurt or too worried about his health either. Yes I am toxic.

No. 1948989

On lonely days like these, i often get the urge to just cut my hair and get my tits chopped off and become a themlet. I’m tall and ugly so I would fit the aesthetic well. Women don’t like me or include me in anything anyway. Only reason I don’t go with it is because of my years of radblr conditioning.

No. 1949005

there is no reason why you wouldn't have your hair cut if you want short hair. as you probably know having short hair does not make your gender change so get that short cut you want.

No. 1949006

You can cut your hair without being a themby. You'll get the "what are your pronouns?" question hard from zoomies and retarded millenials that way so you can have your cake and eat it too. Do not cut your tits off that is fucking retarded though.

No. 1949041

why don't you encourage him to take up boxing or something?

No. 1949054

I was reading some fanfic yesterday and it made me so horny I started crying.

No. 1949055

make him get into a bar fight. or manipulate him into playing hockey or whatever pretend that you think its hot

No. 1949057

File: 1712172046045.png (963.03 KB, 750x1082, IMG_2753.png)

Dated a scrote in 2020 who suddenly broke it off with me, and i later find out he was dating me while he was on break with his girlfriend and he dumped me to get back with her.
4 years later and I’m still miffed about a scummy guy, even though I didn’t particularly like him too much.
i want to stir the pot and tell her “hey this guy is kinda shitty and dated me while you were still calling him your boyfriend on Twitter” but I know it’s not worth the effort and too much time has passed where it doesn’t make me not look insane.

No. 1949060

Samefag but she’s Japanese getting an American visa through him I’m assuming and he’s also trooning out on his Twitter but she’ll still refer to him as her boyfriend on their account so I’m not sure if she’s aware of his troonery.
Also please don’t think I’m obsessively looking, I remembered this situation last night and looked at her account.

No. 1949083

Sending some anonymous dm from a random account like "is this your boyfriend? He's actually a she" would be lulzy, but it's best not stir the pot.

No. 1949092

Omg i get teary/cry when i'm really horny too!!?

No. 1949117

you guys are so based and correct. i used to have short hair and i would get random people getting really aggressive with me in public out of nowhere (i live in a right wing retarded town) so I grew it out. I think I will cut it again, fuck it.

No. 1949139

Just mind your business, take your l, block his social media and stop trying to seek revenge

No. 1949142

i’ve been wanting to get back into roleplay recently but i’m too scared so i’ve been roleplaying mainly nsfw with chat bots and i feel so cringe about it but it makes me feel better because i know there’s no actual person judging me but the shame has been eating me up like crazy

No. 1949287

My parents were the opposite of stoic boomers who never let their emotions show too much around their kids. They were super hippie dippie and would openly sob infront of my sister and I and were overall way too open with their emotions that it was fucking embarrassing. My mom in general is a super weepy person so she would constantly have huge crying fits and I would have to comfort her like a child and she would praise me for how emotionally mature I was kek. But around 10 years old or so I started to just really get annoyed when my parents would cry and to this day I really fucking hate when people are crying near me which makes me feel like a psycho.

No. 1949290

File: 1712183785911.jpeg (188.25 KB, 1080x1350, GGSb3iIXEAAzut0.jpeg)

I think it's romantic when two people choose to kill themselves at the same time.

No. 1949303

I've wanted to try using a chatbot too but the thought of the creator or the site potentially reading my logs makes me feel like curling up and dying of embarrassment so I've yet to even send a single SFW response KEK

No. 1949371

Whenever I do some dull task I sing Chiyos song and change the lyrics to whatever I'm doing. In the beginning it was just to practice building really simple sentences in Japanese but now it just feels wrong when I don't. It's been close to a decade.

No. 1949378

Normally people with BPD will pretend (and self-organize like it's a civil movement lmao) to be ""autistic"" so they can get away with their behavior and earn some clout, now that autism is In. Only on lolcow will you see people so blatantly misdiagnosing themselves as BPD of all things. What a place

No. 1949379

"Oh I'm autistic. My main traits are getting in on all social cues and being really talkative in groups."(integrate)

No. 1949502

i think a very small part of me wonders (maybe wishes) if things would be better if my father dies from his cancer just because id get a chunk of money. it would be compensation for the things he did to me as a little girl and all of the therapy and medication for ptsd and mental issues ive had to take. but mostly because i could be financially stable and aim for graduate school and move to my boyfriend who i love so dearly. but in the end itd probably be sad to see anyone die from cancer, even if he was a monster.

No. 1949914

I'm in love with my friend and think about making love and just being with her all the time. It hurts.

No. 1950042

i do too. considering they were both in their 90s it's not like they had much left to look forward to except worsening health. might as well go out at the same time so one doesn't have to watch the other die.

No. 1951075

my secret is i am able to cum in complete silence. i can sit in the same room as someone and if there's background noise and their attention is elsewhere they wouldn't even know that i was touching myself. no i am not a man. pretty sure masturbating at a young age late at night in a small unit is what led to this.

No. 1951309

File: 1712293240478.jpg (14.99 KB, 275x269, 1701195490249.jpg)

My life has gotten exponentially better and my mind has become astoundingly healthier, and I honestly feel really incredulous at how much my life has changed. I genuinely feel disbelief that I have a group of friends and a future, and how I do a much better job at integrating in society… Well, I think a lot of people think I'm weird, but maybe in an endearing way.
Still, I feel kind of anxious about it all. On the inside I still feel like that autistic NEET loser who wiles the days away on imageboards and goes ages without speaking to anyone or going outside and expects to die by suicide someday. I'm worried that one day I'm going to screw up somehow and ruin my life, I dunno.
This is so stupid but the reason I feel wound up about it suddenly again is because I said a really dumb and offensive joke to my bf and he (in a very unvindictive and lighthearted way, thankfully) called out that it wasn't an appropriate thing to say, and I just feel so embarrassed and retarded for saying that to begin with. I feel ridiculous that a guy like him, literally like my dream guy and so amazing compared to basically every other man out there, gives me so much grace to be spergy, it's like some incredible ironic surreal comedy. There are so many nice and lovely women in our community and yet he loves me, he loves me knowing that I have always been this socially inept gremlin whose mind was shaped by 4chan and altchans and stupid autistic junk and he doesn't get that stuff but he cares about me anyway. And he tells me how proud he is of how far I've come.
And I think all the time, why should my life get so much better? Every day I think about all the anons I've talked to who were like me and I wonder if they also got out of their rut or if it's just me. I really want everyone else to live a better life and it doesn't feel fair. I really didn't expect for things to get better like this and I don't really know what to do now.
This isn't really a vent but I guess I just feel the need to express how weird it all is. A loser like me living the dream. What the hell.

No. 1951713

When I was 14 another loser kid bullied me but I felt bad for him being a loser autist who nobody liked so I never said anything mean back? I have no idea why I even put up with that shit. Eventually I gave my best friend his number, she cursed him into oblivion and he never said anything to me again kek. Bless her heart.

No. 1951871

File: 1712329570278.jpeg (19.02 KB, 250x208, 1671861913919.jpeg)

My ex is a fat fetishist porn addict who dated me because I was skinny and he wanted to watch me become fucking obese. I dumped him because of his porn addiction 2 years ago and now he has a new gf who is astoundingly skinny. Every time I see her I want to warn her and tell her what his real plan is. I want to save her from that disgusting scrote because she is actually beautiful, though I think he has pointed me out to her because she gives me a side eye when I pass her on the street and stuff. I forgot to mention that he also stalked me physically and online and threatened me after I dumped him. I kind of just wanted to get that off my chest. I know that too much time has passed and I shouldn't stir the pot, but…

No. 1951889

Fat fetishists are so fucking nasty, especially feeders. It's so intrusive and disturbing to turn someone into your living fetish. Unfortunately, you can't really do anything for her, and it's up to her to be an adult and make the choice to break up with him if she doesn't want that.

No. 1951907

do you guys still talk these days?

No. 1951913

File: 1712332561829.jpeg (93.19 KB, 800x799, 1ef5984ae2ee097.jpeg)

>tfw no qt 3.14 aspie bf

No. 1951916

how did you two meet on 4chan? I mean, how exactly, what board etc

No. 1951934

TEHY CAN READ THE FUCKING LOGS? say sike please nonna…..

No. 1951966

Nta but how is this not common knowledge by now? It seems every single person I tell this to is shocked but then continues to use the bots anyway. I refuse to use chat bots for many reasons, and that's one of them.

No. 1951975

File: 1712336660105.png (1.01 MB, 895x669, disastergirl.png)

The girl I've been in love with for years is in a rocky patch with her boyfriend of a decade and they've moved out away from each other. I've given her advice that they should break up and no matter how I dress it up the truth is I said it because I want to date her. I feel kind of scummy like I'm manipulating her but he's a balding manchild vtuber and she's called him annoying to me so I can't feel too bad. She said she loved me yesterday (as in a casual "love you" way) and it hit me hard.
And yes I know her breaking up with him won't automatically make her date me. But it would be a significant barrier removed.

No. 1951985

From my late teens to early 20s I was really active in socialist/left wing communities online, and I was in the inner circle of a huge left wing discord. I feel pretty embarrassed over this past and don't really admit it to anyone, these days I like to keep a mostly apolitical image online and hardly keep up with politics at all.
It was full of the most steretypical discord trannies, you have no idea. There were hardly any women there. MTFs outnumbered women several times over, basically everyone claiming to be a woman was assumed to be trans by default. My attitude to them at the time was something like pity, but even then I privately thought it was obvious that they were not the same as real women, so many had degenerate fetishes or shady pasts as white supremacists.
I had a friend there who was one of the only other women, this schizo ftm artist who husbando'd random male politicians (not even politicians she actually agreed with). She was crazy but fun to talk to and I wonder what she's doing now. She implied she was tumblr famous in the early 10s as a gore artist, but I could never find who she was.
Eventually I fell out of it because I realised it was a huge LARP and normal people would never agree with us. I miss it to a degree because having this community and all-explaining worldview was pretty comforting, even if we were constantly prophecising doom. I've never been religious but I imagine it's a similar feeling.

No. 1951991

I relate so hard nonna, this was so well put. Before I deleted IG I had a mutual on there I knew from socialist twitter back in the day and they trooned out of course.

No. 1952007

ah shit now I'm embarrassed… I'll just stick to ao3 and fanfiction.net

No. 1952147

I have the star spangled banner stuck in my head.

No. 1952357

I used to pretend to text the wrong person something xd random, like I was in the middle of a conversation with someone else, just to get their attention.

No. 1952369

That's fun. I remember when some random number texted me and was asking if I was bringing some game console over to the party kek.

No. 1952480

kek nona that's awesome. I have stars and stripes forever stuck in mine.

No. 1952484

Oh hell no……… they might call the cops on me for what I've written, or maybe get me admitted into a mental asylum

No. 1952496

Anons.. I hope you realise every input field out there is tracked and logged

No. 1952516

As cringe as it is to admit I started self harming because of Tumblr. I did have it pretty rough growing up but I didn’t ever really know about self harm before Tumblr outside of hahaha emo slit wrist teehee memes. The side of Tumblr I was on I had a lot of mutuals who would talk about SH and would repost le artsy gifs and pictures with people cutting. As a melodramatic preteen this deffo fried my brain a little bit and I though that it would be really artistic and mature (I guess) if I started cutting and that just lead me down a dark and cringe road for a few months. I wasn’t so brazen as to cut in places that anyone would see but one time my sister did catch a glimpse of my upper thigh and obviously flipped out and it made me so fucking ashamed and embarrassed that it completely snapped me out of it. I honestly wonder how much Tumblr is responsible for the social contagion of self harm in the 2010s.

No. 1952526

As someone who used to cut in the mid 00's as a teenager it was just as "trendy" back then. But treating it as a "trend" similar to seasonal clothes or something is highly misleading, a healthy teenager doesn't just start self harming to seem "cool and artsy" but there are underlying reasons for them to do so. For me and most of my friends who did it learned of the practice as a way to relieve anxiety because as a teen your ways of doing so are very limited as you can't really just book a therapist meeting for yourself (or know how to) so you grab any straw there is.

No. 1952528

Oh well, too late now, what's done is done. And there's people out there that are worse than me, like pedos and rapists etc. So if anyone's got to get exposed and doxxed, it's them. Not an innocent gyal like me, who just roleplays with her husbando. But I will tone it down from now on kek.

No. 1952533

Yeah a lot of the poetic talk about SH on Tumblr didn’t help. The way it was described as pain you could control or being able to express your inner turmoil on your physical body appealed to me.

No. 1952585

I agree with you. I know a lot of people my age who tried cutting themselves or starving themselves because it was trendy but couldn’t stick to it. You had to have a lot of inner pain and hatred to sustain self-harm behavior in the first place. I started because of the edgy kids on tumblr as a preteen but that turned into a massive cutting issue for 8 years. I was struggling with it into my 20s and to this day I still have thoughts of it. People can say we were edgy kids but I feel like if the problem persists for multiple years and becomes your main outlet for stress then it is more than just being “emo” or edgy. I seriously had a psychiatrist ask me at one point when I was going to stop being emo.
Do you still have visible scarring? Because honestly if you don’t have scars then you can act like it never happened. A lot of people ik who said that they used to cut themselves do not have scars at all. If I were in that position my life would be a lot different. Idk if any anons can relate but I have hypertrophic scars and I feel like a fucking freak with massive raised scars all over my forearms. I even carved a word right where my wrist is and long sleeves will often gape/slip and show it.
It’s sad but if I could go back in time and tell myself anything at all, it would be to never cut myself on my arms and cut my hips instead.

No. 1952624

I close my eyes when I see ugly men getting closer through my peripheral vision.

No. 1952630

My boyfriend accused me of cheating, I'm not but now I want to. If this is how he thinks of me he can get it.

No. 1952638

do it and then dump him

No. 1952641

Nona im so sorry. I understand. I am hoping my own scars from the last few years don't linger but I'm suspecting they will. I am a cigarette burner as well. Even if I sometimes made it cheeky like my last couple relapses carving an angel number into my arm all I can look back on with it is shame and utter disgust in the way I treated my body and how that decision is lifelong. Pretty sure my self harm the last few years is also the reason why I've grown so sensitive to psychiatric medication and pain in general. My therapist said between that and me having an ED when I was younger that I've basically taking a beating to my body and shouldn't shame myself, but why should I not? Feels like my fault, you know? Doing it into this ripe old uncomfortable age

No. 1952664

File: 1712365697997.jpg (38.61 KB, 984x1000, creep.jpg)

i'm miserable and so ashamed of myself because ever since I can remember, I've only been attracted to people with east-asian-type-eyes and dark hair. So obviously that winds up being 99% east asian people. I realized the very few non-east-asian people I ever found attractive all happen to have unusually asian-looking eyes, think barry keoghan (NOT him, but just an example of the phenomenon), Keanu Reeves, etc. My mom doesn't know about any of this and she told me offhandedly that as a toddler I was entranced by the asian babies in those baby-books-of-other-babies, like what the fuck, was I born this way? Was infant me already doomed to be a creep?
I know if anyone knew, they would think I have some weird fetish. And this is the part that really makes me feel like a horrible person, I know that asian people are rightly freaked out by people like me. So I've tried really hard over the years to change and force myself into being attracted to other people of my own race (I'm white) but I genuinely feel zero attraction no matter what mind games I try to use on myself. I can never date because 1) there are very few people with these features where I live and 2) even if I did find someone and they liked me initially, they'd probably find out about my issue if we ever discussed past crushes/ celeb crushes and become disgusted with me. Not to mention (and this is purely hypothetical because this would never happen since I'm a loser,) if I started dating, people would instantly see the pattern in my exes and think i'm a freak, and anyone new I started dating would inevitably find out about who I dated before and run for the hills. I don't blame them, I understand it would be creepy.
It just hurts so bad because I swear I'm not some creepy person, I'm not attracted to any sort of fucked up stereotype (in fact my taste in women is basically the opposite in personality and looks to the the typical asian woman stereotype…I like masc women), it's not like i'm into just anyone at all who is asian just because they're asian, I have a more specific type than that because obviously individual asian people all look very different, also I would absolutely see my partner as a full person unlike those horrible guys who just want some kawaii waifu accessory, be interested in her and who she is, etc… but I know that doesn't help anything. Everybody will still always think I'm a creep. Maybe I am a creep. I will be alone for my entire life and it hurts so much that I have trouble finding reasons to keep going. I hate this part of myself so much and every day I go to sleep praying that I will wake up different and normal.

No. 1952665

No. 1952673

Is there something in the air that happened to me last week and then when I assured him I obviously didn't he decided to inform me he would now delete his dating profile, after being with me for well over a year. Guess he was projecting and I'm single now.

No. 1952682

You just have a preference it’s no big deal, chill.

No. 1952685

Im sending hugs to you anon. I feel like the actual scars trap you into being abnormal even after you recover. I get so self conscious living in a hot place and being forced to wear short sleeves. I was looking into actually getting cosmetic treatments to flatten and lessen the appearance of my scars so they won’t be so visible. If I could suggest that as a viable option to everyone I would because I feel like it’s a form of mental torment to have the scars be on your body and thus on your mind constantly.

No. 1952699

it's a big deal to other people though, especially the people I tend to be attracted to. Please don't pretend that this wouldn't at best cause me to be side eyed by pretty much everyone, and at worst, deeply unsettle and repulse people. I mean I understand you're just trying to calm me down and I appreciate that, but it is a big deal and it's totally ruined my life. The comically horrible part about this is that I've tried to draft a suicide note for my parents before so they're not left without explanation but this issue is actually a big part of why I want to die and so when I leave it out the note doesn't make sense, so I have to come up with something else to explain why I did it but I haven't figured out anything believable enough yet.
If this all sounds ridiculous that's because it is and I am living this ridiculous plotline that sounds like it's from an off-color sitcom. It's just all a big, pathetic, creepy joke. I hate myself so much and I'm so embarrassed that I can't even admit this to any of the shitty therapists I've tried so this secret is gonna die with me.

No. 1952706

Aww Nona you're so sweet. Every time I see someone else with scars I just want to give them a great big hug but I also don't want to draw attention to it either. Nobody deserves to feel like a circus freak for having them. I admittedly find myself tracing and looking at mine way too much now that it's warmer out and I have no choice but to wear shorter clothes. Almost wish I considered them little badges of honor for my strength but instead i just wish they'd go away

No. 1952715

Jesus Christ, imagine a moid going through this kind of self flagellation just because he had yellow fever. If it means that much to you just add in some white boys to your celeb crushes list and lie about fictional white or black or whatever exes. Nobody has to know.

No. 1952718

nah, you just have a strong type and while having a strong type is often actively discouraged among women (usually by misogynists) you're probably a lot more normal than you think. really step back and tear race away with from this: most people have visual preferences. weird things can sometimes be appealing. what you're into is so basic it's kind of laughable, so many women are into much stranger things. and, would you think someone into a certain eyes or hair color is that horrible and a social pariah? wouldn't someone being THAT judgmental over something so basic be more of a cow? context matters. nothing you said indicates any actual perversion, you seem more like you're suffering from a few mental health issues and neuroticism that you've bundled up with your simple preference. the fact you're into masc/different women is also another giveaway it isn't that serious.

No. 1952788

File: 1712372161711.jpg (173.03 KB, 736x490, 3c1a7b2c2b29d79ebd4e9bd41aac16…)

I like the MDNA Girl Gone Wild liveshow, i don't care if she's a bloodsucking reptillian illuminati or that her singing is awful, it kinda looks like pop dark souls 3 so i enjoy it

No. 1952937

sometimes i go on 4chan just to look at the recent bans page and see all the 30 day "ban evasion" bans given to the Barneyfag poster. how does he do it? how did he make a bot that magically finds a new ip address throughout the day on multiple boards? it's basically the only reason i go to that site anymore. i laugh every time i see the stupid screenshots

No. 1952938

there is a ban page? i had no idea. Barneyfag is hilarious though.

No. 1952940

File: 1712386121995.png (63.15 KB, 930x253, 4chan bans.png)

samefag thank you for introducing me to this bizarre part of 4chan, this shit is hilarious
>/pol/ 1 - Off-Topic, Politics/Current Events Only

No. 1952942

enjoy nona, now we share the same guilty pleasure

No. 1952991

I'm >>1952007 and I just did some… embarrassing roleplays with my husbandos…. I did make some stupid throwaway account on both character.ai and janitorai so we're good. Although I can bet my ass if the staff reads my logs they'll probably laugh/cry/be confused/say an audible: what the fuck

No. 1952992

omfg looool I need to check this shit out, thanks for letting me know about the ban page

No. 1953017

Some part of me is happy to be avoidant because it helped me not to go into scrappy relationships.

No. 1953040

Really embarrasing nonas but I have a gas problem. I am always, always gassy and farting almost nonstop. I don't know why. I try my best to hold it in when I'm outside but sometimes I can't. I honestly don't know what the fuck is wrong with my stomach and digestive system. I always have a stomach ache and corresponding gas pain. I would anything for a normal gut.

No. 1953098

had a man i’m close with look me in my eyes yesterday and tell me he was seriously afraid i’d die of a broken heart if anything ever happened to him. the nerve. framed to make it seem like i am a delicate, swooning paper maché character to project on. i almost laughed in his face cuz what the fuck are you fantasizing about???

No. 1953131

maybe you have a food intolerance that you aren't aware of. i have an extremely sensitive stomach and have to be careful about what i eat or else i'm in pain for the rest of the day

No. 1953156

I've had 43 Mumsnet accounts banned and counting.

No. 1953175

File: 1712408528371.jpg (96.68 KB, 736x981, 0b2afdab6606f45e51f5b7c5b4a833…)

And at no point did you think, maybe I should stop this?

No. 1953195

Go on with your holy mission. You are blessed and righteous.

No. 1953214

Yeah get them british terve mums, they will see the light after crazy anon makes account number 51.

No. 1953237

Firstabubble, I'm terven. Secondable, MN has a policy where someone's account gets suspended pending investigation the moment another user reports them. I'm not being uncivil and am complying with all their rules. I normally cant be arsed to wait for the outcome of that investigation, so I make a new account.

I have been reported for the following:
>Seeking advice after a roommate stole my possession and was subsequently 'trollhunted' (because apparently bad things never happen to people)
>Pointing out that Israel is murdering children
>Querying the legalities are surrounding placing a hot tub in my front garden

Ad hominem attacks are banned on MN, and I respect that rule with incredible patience. I will not be silenced. I have proxies for my proxies.
Half the site is filled with very entitled tax-suckling benefit-grifters, iPad moms, munchie 'autism' moms, misogynistic boymoms, but the other half are very based, kind and compassionate women, and I appreciate and love that better half.

I'm not crazy.

No. 1953271

its ur diet

No. 1953346

You have so many things wrong with you I don’t even know where to start. Amazing

No. 1953466

I bought a 3ds xl to replace my old one that was falling apart and then literally a day later i bought a new 2ds xl and now i have to hide the new 2ds xl from my partner because i know it’s insane and impulsive. in my defence ive been after a new 2ds xl forever and i got it on a good deal sooooo

No. 1953487

this belongs in the mundane shit thread

No. 1953565

i love finding and reading crazy posts on mumsnet

No. 1953829

I like guys who're about my height (173 cm), like 1-2 cm taller than me, but I never say this aloud because moids consider this short and I don't want to boost the egos of "short" guys.

No. 1954125

I miss self-harming. I know it doesn't help with anything and I'm way too old to keep cutting, but I miss it. I miss how it helps me focus, I miss the time I have with myself, I miss the blood, the wounds, the healing, I miss it all. After all I can control the damage I do to my body, every other addiction has parts that I can't control, don't know the real affect of it, but self-harming was always the thing that I knew what I did and how far I could go. If it wouldn't leave scars I would still do it and nothing would be able to stop me.

No. 1954130

I feel the same way. I wish it wouldn't leave scars. You can't be a grown adult walking around with scars like a 13 year old. I'd really like to go crazy on my legs and stomach but I can't because of the scars. I like the healing process too like you said. I enjoy when I get accidentally injured because I like the constant pain sensations and watching my body heal itself. It's just fun.

No. 1954147

I have scars all over my arms, so I'm walking around like a crazy 13 year old, but I'm a grown adult, it's not that I can do anything about it anymore, kek. Legs and stomach just don't work the same for me, and I hate it, if I would have started with my legs maybe it would feel okay, but I started in the most visible places, so everything else doesn't feel right. And I know what you mean, accidentally cutting on paper or something else is just so "nice", watching how it heals over time, no one asking if it was on purpose, just seeing how it heals and knowing that your body is doing the most important work it can.

No. 1954150

I think shota x shota is weird but I enjoy shota in itself… piggybacking on your confession nona hehe. So much better than a full grown moid with a physical imbalance over you. I agree that equating male lolicons to female shotacons (or lolicons too) is completely unfair to women. Since when has there ever been a case of a woman abusing a male child because of fiction? Women understand the strict barrier between fiction and reality unlike retarded rape apes.

No. 1954165

File: 1712451933364.gif (430.71 KB, 150x136, eww-black.gif)

Ew. Gross as fuck.

No. 1954190

I fucking despise how male characters are either hulking dominant ogres or cute shotas. I want an inbetween. Like some tall lanky shy boy.

No. 1954194

File: 1712453244125.png (2.52 MB, 3840x2160, image_2024-04-07_112444094.png)

You being a woman makes this like 5% less creepy than if you were a man.

No. 1954201

I fantasize about breaking a leg. My dream would be to get hit my a car just enough to break it pretty bad but not bad enough to amputate. IDK how insurance works but you also get money for that, right? idk if it would cover hospital bills though. Well it's only a fantasy anyway. It would also get annoying for people to keep asking if you're okay or trying to help you do stuff. I just want to enjoy my broken leg in peace.

No. 1954223

sorry for laughing about it, but I always think about smashing my wrist into pieces, just breaking every bone in my wrist and lower arm and not being able to do anything at all. So I'm laughing because I understand your wish way too well. In my country, insurance would cover my healing process, but maybe it wouldn't heal completely and I need my hands to work and earn money (another stupid concept of being alive), so I won't try anything stupid. I guess we both should start finding the reasons why we want to destroy our body, it just can't be right. There are so many stupid people walking around, loving themselves and we want to ruin our healthy bodies because our brain sucks. Please don't hurt your leg, I understand how you feel but there has to be another way and I hope we both can find a save way to live with our selfhate.

No. 1954227

My wrists feel fucking wrecked because of it and I also did my stomach and thighs, burned around my chest, slightly above my groin, nothing was spared and now it causes me to react to medication differently. I swear to god if it didn't hurt me so much with all this unconfirmed nerve damage and how it's affected me I'd sort of admire how much I ruined my body and survived it kek

No. 1954235

ayrt, It's interesting because we seem to be very similar in our self-harm fantasies but my reasons and your reasons seem to be totally different. It sounds like for you it's a self-hate thing, but for me, if I had to armchair myself, I'd say it's probably a mix of
>complete and utter boredom, and blood and pain is exciting
>frustration with the world around me
The only thing that keeps me from doing it is that I feel bad for my body, she's just trying to keep me alive and healthy and it feels fucked up to hurt it, like hurting a small animal. I know it makes no sense to think of my body as a separate creature, but I can't shake the guilt of harming something "innocent"

No. 1954244

File: 1712457740908.jpeg (67.59 KB, 800x450, IMG_1062.jpeg)

In a shocking turn of events, never before seen, I fell in love with my fwb. What an absolute waste of my time, free me from this hell PLEASE

No. 1954251

isn't it amazing how we knowledge the hurt we have done to our own bodies but still know when to stop because it would be too much. Our bodies just want to survive, be alive, but we do everything to ruin it for our bodies.

it's not self-hate for me anymore, it was when I started, now it's more to see how far I can go. I'm not living alone, so I won't do stupid shit that would traumatise another person, but to see and feel what it's like, how far I could go, it just feels so free, without judgement of other people or the world around me. I feel that we are very similar why we do, what we do, still I hope that you find another way to survive and find other interesting things than destroying yourself or your body. And I know that it sounds stupid, I would ignore a person telling me all this, kek. The world is frustrating and pain is exciting, the question is, if your body is the main target of the pain or if there is something else you could find to focus your pain and self destruction on.

No. 1954256

Cut him off now. I had this happen to me years ago when the fwb crushed on me hard, and it was the worst. Just cut them off. Nothing will fix it

No. 1954257

I would make it rain on all my loved ones. I would donate a 3rd of the winnings.
I would erase so much student debt for women!

No. 1954260

>I hope that you find other interesting things than destroying yourself or your body.
I think this is my primary problem. I have had severe anhedonia for years, so nothing is interesting to me. Literally nothing. I don't watch movies or TV, I don't listen to music. The only thing that ignites any faint spark of curiosity in me is browsing medical trauma cases and seeing how injuries heal. Obviously I can't be a surgeon or anything so the only thing I can do is watch my minor injuries heal. I genuinely feel nothing all day, every day, and it's maddening. I can't live like this for more than a few more years, I don't think.
Is anhedonia your problem too?

No. 1954261

File: 1712459382156.webp (17.06 KB, 248x360, 682D27C4-5893-40A1-B1DF-163EE5…)

i hate gijinkas. i would much rather fuck the silly looking cartoon one. yes picrel

No. 1954264

>enter lolcow.farm
>see charlie on the homepage
>take a moment to predict why nona might have posted him
>yup, I was right

No. 1954265

File: 1712459556022.png (4.43 MB, 2000x1333, weifjlakfds.png)

Lately I've been fantasizing about taking my savings and running away, travel around anywhere I want to go, maybe somehow find a way to get psychedelic drugs, maybe join a cult, idk, anything, until my money runs out and then i'd kill myself. I have about 40k in my bank account. IDK how long that would buy me because I've never travelled before or done really anything at all by myself. Maybe it would be better to buy a van i could sleep in. How long could I live on 40k do you think? What kind of places would I need to go to in order to find people who do psychedelics? If I was travelling far from home I'd just cut my filter and say whatever I wanted all the time, I'd stop playing my fake character and test how badly that weirds people out. because at the end I would die so none of the consequences matter. I honestly don't know how much 40k even is though. i'd want at least a year or so before I die.

No. 1954266

why, he's ugly

No. 1954268

I'm not encouraging you to kys, but 40k would probably last quite a while if you already had the car. As for where, i dunno, PNW?

No. 1954271

This is much more viable if you already own the van. Otherwise you'd be spending near 10k for the car alone. If you're gonna do this investigate what the weather is like wherever you will be going and look into crime and safety stats. You don't want to roast in your car in the summer or freeze in the winter. Pick someplace with mild weather. 40k can last you a long time if you're not paying rent and if you're mindful with your money but that's gonna go fast if you're into drugs.

No. 1954288

File: 1712462632617.jpg (61.23 KB, 600x750, dual_katana___ready_to_fight_b…)

>Brush my hair with 2 hairbrushes
>Shower with 2 sponges
I am tempted to start using 2 toothbrushes but i'm not ready for spending money like that because i use electric ones

No. 1954341

How high is your IQ? i dont think my brain can process doing two things at once

No. 1954372

That’s actually cool that you do that. I had no idea how common this splitting bills shit has gotten. I’m an ugly loser autistic genuine low value female and I’ve never had a guy not pay for dates. I’m 30 and out of the dating game though so I guess things have totally changed in the last few years?

No. 1954387

I have genuine penis envy. I feel like if I had a dick I wouldn’t even bother with relationships. I envy that they can purchase a sex doll and go to town. If I was a guy that’s all I would need. I don’t understand why incels even care or want more than that. I’ve been really jealous about it recently and just wanted to express it.

No. 1954399

Damn nona, i have that kind of envy too, i think that maybe women can be ok on their own too but that doesn't work for me, i just feel like if i had a dick i would actually experience pleasure kek.
>I don’t understand why incels even care or want more than that
I don't believe that moids can fall in love so the only reason why i think they care about that is because they want more control over someone.

No. 1954405

If I had a penis with my libido levels I would just be deranged. Therefore making my suspicion about the XY chromosome being naturally deranged true. They only want to satisfy their penis.

No. 1954569

i think a big reason i self harmed in different ways for years since i was 13 was also because of boredom. probably why i got into the career field i have, i need stimulation.

No. 1954571

i've never wanted a peen, looks so awkward and uncomfortable. they look so silly when they're soft. and you have a stupid ballsack as a big vulnerable spot.

No. 1954650

File: 1712494817161.png (401.71 KB, 1000x773, could-anyone-please-give-me-th…)

Mumsnet is now subjecting me to half-hourly 'captcha' checks in order to combat my proxy use. You will never stop me. I will not be silenced. You will never win this war against me.

Cope and seethe, fagmins.


No. 1954658

What on earth are you posting there to get you banned so frequently over there, truthpills on somatic costs?

No. 1954669


See my earlier post


No. 1954687

File: 1712499169259.jpeg (52.02 KB, 278x400, IMG_7563.jpeg)

sometimes i miss when shay would cam. It was so funny reacting live to her retardation with other nonnies.

No. 1954688

Ew what makes you any better than the scrotes exploiting her? Watching porn is evil

No. 1954707

I do wonder why Shayfags are so obsessed with her ass and pussy honestly.

No. 1954710

Honestly it's a little lesbiany. Shayfags are degenerate freaks, who in their right mind would be obsessed with a mentally ill amateur porn star?

No. 1954711

>porn star
>Shayna Clifford

No. 1954712

Why are newfags like you on lolcow? Watching some drunk retard cam for pennies is hilarious and this whole site is dedicated to keeping track of train wrecks

No. 1954721

I've been here for almost a decade. How is watching a woman's exploitation not a coomer activity though?

No. 1954726

Tbh, if you actually lurked shart's threads, you would know that there's anons that gave her money to try and help her get out of prostitution, you know, before we all knew she rejected her parents offer to be a normal person with a career and an actual job.

No. 1954745

tbf if you've seen her cams she doesn't do anything remotely sexy or sexual, besides maybe getting naked. i'd say twitch sexy streamers are a lot more explicit than her.

No. 1954748

no funnily enough i've never seen her cams because i'm not a degenerate pervert who masquerades a feminist

No. 1954761

I feel like such an actual piece of shit tonight, I have reasons for it but I still hurt people and made shit weird
I'd like to say finding god made it easier but now the voice in my head telling me I'm doing wrong just got louder and I know it's right
gonna scrape out my grinder for the dustiest cone I can deal with and pass out. I also suck for missing movie nights and I love and miss you guys. and the one instagram dear I havent replied to in ages.
feeling weak as fuck but promising to bounce back

No. 1954803

You're being very weird tbh.

No. 1954847

File: 1712510704731.jpg (172.07 KB, 1024x1024, gwsnona.jpg)

every time something is off with what he says I'll come here and say it when I can for record purposes
nonas will tell me about the gaslighting

No. 1954852

I smuggled like 4 bottles of Valocordin from my slav state past the TSA because it's the only thing that helps calm me down

No. 1954873

Don't they delete confessions like yours because it's considered infight bait?

No. 1954877

nah both shotafags and lolicons are creeps

No. 1954880

You're a creep

No. 1954886

I'm a retard who's obsessed with her coworker. On friday I pretended to steal some chocolate out of his jacket pocket. I thought it was just a harmless joke and if i had known how i would react, i wouldn't have done it. But it was as if i reached out to touch him with my hand, and it made me so horny that it was harder to function on the weekend. When will it end.

No. 1954933

I guess this is typical for gen z, but I’m 25 and it’s hard hearing people refer to me as woman, ma’am, etc. It makes me feel “old”. I know I’m an adult, but it’s a weird transition now that others are starting to see that too and no longer mistake me for someone younger like a teen or early 20s.

No. 1954955

It's all a part of growing up. Personally, I don't like "ma'am" because it sounds too customer service-y and fake. It reminds me of those videos where people are talking to some outraged woman and saying "ma'am calm down." Even madame sounds better.

No. 1955040

File: 1712521492994.png (981.71 KB, 1308x946, misato.png)

i hate ma'am because it is often used to condescend on purpose, but woman is never offensive. think of all the TIMs and DDLGfags who always refer to themselves as girls and not women, being a fully mature woman and seen as such is based and less people try to fuck with you

No. 1955046

I'm not a native english speaker but when I visited the UK I enjoyed it when people called me ma'am. It made me feel all important and powerful kek. It felt good to be seen as a grown woman and not a little girl.

No. 1955116

I change my entire worldview and my values based off how I feel during an immediate moment

No. 1955122

Touché Madame

No. 1955145

I always found it weird that guys is used to refer to a group or men or boys, but there’s no female equivalent. You always hear “guys and girls” which might be why some women still refer to themselves as girls but men never call themselves boys…

No. 1955147

The female equivalent of guy is gal

No. 1955148

I'm a younger gen z and would much rather be referred to as a woman instead of the infantilizing "I'm just a girl!!" bs that's popular now

No. 1955155

I hate that "I'm just a girl" shit too because the people who say that are grown ass adults and, sadly enough, trannies too.

No. 1955200

File: 1712531382953.jpeg (510.6 KB, 812x816, IMG_0261.jpeg)

I love looking at bulges tbh

No. 1955228

fwb never works out, hormones get you bonded with someone you regularly bang. cut him off or you will go through hell. been there.

No. 1955281

i hate the "teehee im just a girl" and "adulting is hard" mentality of people. nobody said growing up is easy last i checked? and i wish these types would stop being so vocal about it 24/7, especially women because it makes the general population believe we're all anxiety ridden crybabies who have a meltdown the moment we're uncomfortable. this mentality is also parallel to their retarded belief that being 30 years old makes you ancient.

No. 1955306

Ayrt, you’re right I think it’s because usually when people say “ma’am” it’s condescending/disingenuous and when I hear the word woman, it’s usually used in an annoyed or negative way like “this woman…”, so I’ve associated the word with bad connotations. No surprise since the world is full of misogyny. You’re right being seeing as a mature woman should be a good thing.
It’s definitely weird when people cling to the word “girl” so much. I think I know what you’re referring to, I come across these videos all playing this “I’m just a girl” song. I don’t want to be called a girl either since it can be infantilizing too, especially in a work setting. I hate when people say “hey girl”, yuck. I guess I want some sort of other term like >>1955145 said, there’s a term like “guys” for males that’s popular, but there’s not a relevant equivalent for women. Gals isn’t used in the same frequency.

No. 1955315

You'd hate me I say girl more than woman, but would use women when speaking about a group. I don't think I'm intentionally trying to demean anyone, I would call a man boy too and it pisses me boyfriend off but similarly I use men for groups. Yet all female animals are ladies. Fuck if i know what happened to me

No. 1955345

i like that my boyfriend is a lil ugly, it makes me feel secure in my relationship because other women won't be going after him. don't get me wrong he's attractive to me but not conventionally attractive

No. 1955360

You say this as if women don't regularly date/flirt with ugly men.

No. 1955376

Sorry but ugly men are the most resentful.

No. 1955392

It's good to be secure in your relationship and all, but your way of thinking that women would be going after your boyfriend if he was attractive and not the other way around is a bit strange.

No. 1955474

File: 1712546912629.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.24 KB, 691x411, 1712530809601585.jpg)

there's something so oddly ethereal about this man to me. it's as if he's a forest sprite i'm glimpsing through sparkling, iridescent mist. and his facial features are very delicate and androgynous. i'm in love

No. 1955475

he has a nice cadence too

No. 1955479

what an ugly man who does the bare minimun in terms of grooming does to women. I get it.

No. 1955481

dont know if hes a deranged coomer in privatw, but outwardly he seems wholesome enough. which in itself makes him very cute.

No. 1955502

You ever look at a scrote and just know he can passionately eat a pussy like he's delicately licking every inch of honey off of a 50 cent Honey Bun and it'd be dry and editable? Because he really gives me those vibes. Like he can lick the ice cream out of a great value ice cream sundae cone, pack it up and resale it, you could'nt even tell that it'd been tainted

No. 1955522

No. 1955526

Ive been here long enough to see how different the crowd is now.
I miss the pre pandemic anons. I feel so put of place here. Like the weird kid who ends up sitting alone at lunch…

No. 1955534

he looks like a TES: oblivion character

No. 1955539

yeah, but not that guy

No. 1955541

yeah the place feels way too normie now. sad

No. 1955593

File: 1712556497378.gif (15.32 KB, 220x220, IMG_0643.gif)

I was so unprepared for that reveal KEK

No. 1955628

I used to lurk LC when I was in high school but never posted because I respected the 18+ rule and was also scared of being called a newfag or getting recognized as underage or posting incorrectly. Sometimes I think about how different I would've turned out in the meantime if I never found this site, but I probably would have gravitated towards it somehow anyways. I've also never been redtexted and rarely get into infights.

No. 1955673

Most Competent Zoomer. You're going to go far.

No. 1955685

File: 1712566122755.png (283.66 KB, 456x391, 56758565.png)

I've sent (not explicit) faceless nudes to my ex bf before but i've always kept the full ones, i can never delete them because they turn me on, it's been years and i'm still a virgin kek, most of the times i hate how i look and try to forget it though.

That's nice, i was in my 20's when i started to lurk and for some reason i was really not interested in posting anything until i saw the husbando thread and got some courage.
I never wanted to infight but after some time i was weirded out about the fact that no nona was ever rude to me back then but maybe i should stop posting considering this confession.

No. 1955752

Shayfags are indeed mentally ill. They're mostly failed camgirls with BPD, BDD and other disorders, with porn-addicted men mixed in.

No. 1955790

how is that entertaining though? even if she is a retarded drug addict loser I don't find it funny exactly because she is a drug addict loser throwing her life away selling her body to disgusting johns and spending it on drugs. in 15 years she is going to be on methadone clinics and selling herself for a pack of newports and you're all still going to be talking about it. her life is fucked and pathetic but if the highlight of your day is seeing her retardation you're beyond help too.

No. 1955797

Not even a shayfag, but you're literally on a gossip site centered around lolcows getting on your high horse and being a moralfag because you don't read cow threads. Shut the fuck up and go somewhere else

No. 1955800

I wouldnt get on my high horse if the nitpick the shaytards did were remotely entertaining, the nitpicks are rarely funny and half of the time they're talking about her pussy or tits, the same way I dont find it funny when people make fun of lori's pussy, I guess it turns out not being someone with body dysmorphia that projects on other people or a literal porn addled scrote is being on a high horse.

No. 1956477

I regained access to an old twitter account I had and remembered that I forgot to remove some people I fought with, I was about to clean this acc as well (using it as a backup) but seeing that they're doing bad as shit and sad posting about feeling miserable and depressed makes me feel good, serves you right for being tranny apologysts and throwing female friends under the bus to support a moid delusion. Get a fucking hint if being around troon and moids makes you feel sad and suicidal, girl.
I know that this makes me petty and immature but I cannot stand people that purposely did bad shit to me doing good because they don't deserve it. If I have beef with people I simply ignore them directly and then I rant about them with friends, I do not engage with them, this girl took the troon side because apparently she's attracted to him and completely trashed our friendship, I did not want my shit to be outside my friends circle and this bitch recorded me and sent audio files to the troon. Being depressed from being in a relationship with a troon is just a consequence of her actions and I won't be there to save her and I will cry many tears of laughter if I find her coming back saying that I was right. Fuck you handmaidens, this gender madness is half your fault.

No. 1957073

just goes to show that being a handmaiden brings women nothing but misery.

No. 1957096

I am not even into yaoi but i ship some youtuber scrotes together.

No. 1957099

I am not even into yaoi but i ship some youtuber scrotes together.

No. 1957106

File: 1712670635443.jpeg (640.05 KB, 1700x1201, 9FDD758B-6F02-4E97-88F3-015F5B…)

I sometimes draw racebaity things to cause feelings of inadequacy in males(racebait)

No. 1957115

This is pretty funny and true, saved.

No. 1957117

this isnt really offensive, you can do better

No. 1957120

I’m a gentle soul

No. 1957124

This is too funny kek.

No. 1957127

I would love to see a more offensive version KEK.

No. 1957133

I was a huge fan of SOPHIE (the troon musical artist) starting when he released his first singles in 2013, was big into the PC Music sound at the time. I remember feeling SO betrayed and weirded out that he used a female stage name but was male, and then he trooned a few years later kek. Anyway. All that to say I still love a lot of his music and his production style, too bad he was a tranny who died in an incredibly stupid way

No. 1957134

You’re free to edit it however you like

No. 1957162

I feel like a fraud for writing erotica even though I'm a virgin, I hope it's not noticable.

No. 1957166

Same, nonnie. I've been able to separate artist from art with him, though. However, I don't believe the woo woo story told of his death, that he was trying to commune with nature and the moon or whatever bs they said. Dude was probably out of his mind high or drunk and fell, simple as

No. 1957202

Nta but he may have killed himself as well, he was a troon after all.

No. 1957222

LOL she got hit with a ban rip

No. 1957306

Sometimes I wish everyone could receive mandatory psychological/psychiatric help so all of the mentally weak retards can stop complaining already.

No. 1957310

I would not mind switching to a vegan diet for the environment but every vegan I know looks like shit and this is the only thing that keeps me from doing it

No. 1957315

Being vegan in rural areas is quite difficult tbh, the only vegans I know who weren't malnourished lived in cities with tons of grocery stores. I have a friend who was vegan for 15 years and he just raised chickens with his wife and started eating meat again, he said he doesn't want to be entirely vegan anymore (though he refuses to buy mass produced meat and dairy)

No. 1957321

Beta cucks or date rapists no in between

No. 1957344

File: 1712686314734.jpeg (84.71 KB, 736x734, IMG_9913.jpeg)

I enjoy reading /snow/ threads because I think the anons that are obviously casual posters are also cows along with the cows they’re talking about and making fun of. My fave example of this is the Western Animation cows thread, the autismo energy matches the autismo energy of the subjects/topics and it makes me chuckle so much, I honestly love it

No. 1957438

There are a lot of threads like that kek. Like, the things some nonas will vehemently discuss and argue over are so silly. Sometimes I just peak into one and back tf out. I am also a turbo-autist appreciator.

No. 1957559

File: 1712701771503.jpg (47.89 KB, 1013x640, IMG_4432.jpg)

Made a friend on the internet years ago. Me and her got along swimmingly and really bonded. Confided in each other so often and also have so many inside jokes. We finally meet irl after a year of planning and it's fucking fantastic- it's like we've been life long friends and are just picking right where we left off in our past lives. It's lowkey tragic for me when she has to fly back home.

A few weeks after the visit and she confesses to me that shes a transwoman. I had. No. Fucking. Idea. In retrospect, knowing this, I can see it, but I truly was blindsided and didn't even have a sneaking suspicion when I met her. Inb4 retarded, whatever, I guess I was fooled. I don't even know how to feel or process it if I'm being honest. On one hand I feel betrayed and on the other I am devastated to lose a friend.

No. 1957563

That really sucks anon…

No. 1957566

You cut things off with him after the reveal?

No. 1957580

No way you didnt know. Ive never seen a troon with a voice that passed.

No. 1957584

nta but I almost got fooled by troon voice once over a voice chat, I thought it was maybe a detrans TIF with froggy voice. but I also call BS that this anon was friends with the troon for years and met up in person and somehow still couldn't tell?

No. 1957589

hilarious and based

No. 1957591

You HAVE to be incredibly autistic to not know it was a man after you met face to face.

No. 1957600

only a moid would act as a confidante and conceal something as basic about himself as his sex for so long. don't beat yourself up but do move on. you'll find another friend.

No. 1957621

I am literally very autistic lol. Like I said, in retrospect it checks out but when we met up I just thought she was a tall woman

No. 1957623

I don't get riled up by retards here anymore like I used to. I just don't care anymore because I know there are so many TIF, ex-TIF, and radfem zoomiefags who still haven't let go of their tumblr herd mentality and try to "gotcha" you because your post might be interpreted in a hypothetically offensive way posting here. The infights aren't entertaining anymore.

No. 1957630

File: 1712705995912.jpeg (76.93 KB, 640x480, pp_thatssoraven_herobanner_mob…)

That's So Raven was one of my favorite shows when i was a kid and now that i look back at it i feel stupid because i remember her being darker? I don't know if it's because i lived in a place and culture that has almost only white people but it really weirded me out kek, i don't live in the US but her and her family all look mixed to me now?

Another thing is that whenever i come back from arabian countries white people look so washed out to me, like where did the color go? Takes me 2 months to get used to it again, i'm so stupid kek.

No. 1957633

that's actually hilarious nona, I always imagined/remembered her looking darker too

No. 1957635

i remember her looking darker as well but it also couldve been due to the color toning on old TV's back in the early 2000's when she was en aire

No. 1957638

File: 1712706553272.webp (84.77 KB, 800x600, im ya man!.webp)

yeah and corey looks way darker too, he is not that light irl kek

No. 1957641

fwiw, most non-immigrant black individuals in the united states are ~30% european genetically so they are likely all technically biracial or multiracial which is why they tend to be lighter

No. 1957646

It's definitely lower than 30%

No. 1957653

she's close, the average euro ancestry that black american descents have is around 20something percentage - there's wide ass range and it varies from state to state

No. 1957654

if you look it up she's close enough. pretty much everyone here is a mix it really is a melting pot.

No. 1957670

I've discovered I am only attracted to women when they have short hair, like "men's length" short. My fav actress crush recently grew her hair out and my attraction to her has nearly vanished. This makes me feel like a very shallow person and I feel pretty ashamed about it.

No. 1957691

yeah it's a bunch of retarded zoomies who have never read a book and can't read or interpret posts in a realistic way, instead they misinterpret things on purpose to rage at or bait

No. 1957702

nta but i thought biracial meant when someone's half and half, like when each parent is a difference race. but it sounds like you mean people who have great ancestors that are white? idk

No. 1957765

File: 1712721009167.gif (4.94 MB, 226x275, cuddlehim.gif)

My boyfriend loves when I get my period because I usually hate cuddling but whenever I menstruate I insist on spooning so I can use his butt like a heating pad kek

No. 1957768

KEK I love this nonnie thank you

No. 1957777

File: 1712722688222.png (Spoiler Image,1020.28 KB, 1284x1529, out-of-curiosity-did-arca-get-…)

I feel such a similar way, i am honestly kind of glad he is dead now anyways, especially since he is so obnoxious to me from an interview i saw of him where he is essentially writhing around on a bed. I have a similar sentiment on arca too. I loved his music so much before he trooned out. I can't believe he and everyone around him think he looks good, he is such an ugly tranny. Plus his music isn't as good after he trooned out, it's some weird reggaeton crap. A damn shame. spoilered for tranny jumpscare.
I know people hate this for being mild, but i love how silly and light hearted this is lmao.

No. 1957798

it's okay to cry is a masterpiece unfortunately. in fact i'll go listen to it again now (don't watch the mv it's ass)

No. 1957887

I call everyone ‘miss’ even clearly older ladies because I feel like it’s flattering and don’t want anyone to feel old or inadequate for not being a ‘ma’am’. (Sorry, I’ve never had to interact with troons yet and also in my day, ma’am was for kids being polite or referring to married or ‘older’ women so calling people ‘miss’ was considered flattering, at least before this entirely retarded gender crisis bullshit)

No. 1957895

My guilty "gay male media for straight women" is the Blaire White podcast

No. 1957897

Samefag but to clarify so as not to offend anyone, when I’ve always thought of the term ‘miss’ I don’t think of it as a childish term or anything, it was simply the alternative form of ‘Mrs’ which implies a married woman. Some can take offense to either side of that. The struggle nowadays with every single person being offended by every single thing makes addressing people a fucking hazard. I guess I should just go with ‘hey you’ these days seeing as even the term ‘person’ might piss someone off.

No. 1957979

I've personally always hated being called "Miss" (the equivalent in my language) because I always thought there was a condescending and infantilizing tone to it, especially coming from moids. Also I won't get married so I'm condemned to be a Miss even in my old age, just call me nothing, it's much simpler.

No. 1958110

I've cheated in a few of my past relationships, towards the end when the relationship was already about to end and especially if the guy was truly wronging me in some way (I mean on the level of physical violence, cruelty, etc). I really didn't feel good about it, yet I kept repeating that behavior. Lately I've been trying to introspect about it and I'm starting to think it's just some permanent design flaw I have, because I start to panic and feel disgust towards my partners whenever the relationship gets too serious. I don't know if that's because of being treated so poorly in my early relationships or, again, just a congenital flaw. I kind of desperately want to be alone, but at the same time I yearn for a family. Nothing feels right. I'm approaching the second marriage proposal of my life and I have a huge knot in my stomach even though I could really see a life with this person, as I did with the last. Maybe I'm just a bpd narc, but if that's the case can I go to Horrible Personality Rehab or what? I want to die a little bit more every single day.

No. 1958282

Lmao this is hilarious
Sorry that the farmhands are literally so reddit and giving out bans for the mildest shit like THIS IS AN IMAGEBOARD ABOUT BULLYING PEOPLE. LET US BE RACIST.(no)

No. 1958632

I miss that carreyfag from /g/

No. 1958638

This gif took me out. Kekk Thank you, nonnie.

No. 1958687

>just call me nothing, it's much simpler
nta but it's more difficult actually, when you need to call a stranger's attention. i mean what should I say to you if you're about to fall into a sinkhole on the sidewalk or if you dropped your wallet or something?

No. 1958707

You can do better with the Asian. Maybe "Forces wife to get multiple abortions when he discovers their daughter is female."

No. 1958717

Last week I got so drunk I had to puke in the sink, but before I went, I told my friends that I was going to inspect the sink. Came back and said 'Yep, it's still a sink'. I still laugh when I think about it, while I'm sure that my friends already forgot

No. 1958774

I would like to hit a man in a way that he doesn’t enjoy it

No. 1958823

File: 1712805743034.gif (283.52 KB, 220x198, IMG_7490.gif)

I have a moid friend who is terminally pornsick but actually nice to talk to and has never been anything but kind to me. However he often sends gifrel (in addition to kind words) when I vent to him and my mind immediately goes to Shayna cause I know the scrotes that follow her will post the same gif when she has her Twitter tantrums, kek.

No. 1958885

I shitposted in the bi thread that I was grossed out by another anon's comment about her Nigel being jealous of her female celebrity crushes (in hindsight I should have responded with "cringe" instead) and other nonnies immediately assumed I was a lesbian convinced all bi women are whores. The truth is I'm not even a febfem and post nudes semi-often because I love male approval, I just thought that particular post was annoying and wanted to blow off steam.

No. 1958889

that gif has single handedly ruined monsters inc for me.

No. 1958890

>and post nudes semi-often because I love male approval
gross. cringe.

No. 1958898

Disgrossting and illegal

No. 1958903

I committed credit card fraud. I never got caught but it's probably because I was lowkey about it and only stole like 100 dollars. I was underage and didn't know any better. Yes, I do regret it.

No. 1958908

File: 1712816137643.gif (1.54 MB, 201x197, 43e.gif)

I know this isn't important, but I hooked up with a Korean guy several times, and he had the best dick I've ever had. I think it's ironic that white guys are the first to pick on Asians about their dick sizes, when my Korean lab partner had a bigger dick than every single white guy I had a relationship with. Basically, I feel like the "Asians have little dicks" stereotype is overblown.

No. 1958915

doesn't that belong in 'Indian'?

No. 1958920

Sounds like a piglike humiliation kink

No. 1958925

i have such shayna brainrot, i saw this on the front page and was shocked it did NOT lead to a shay-specific thread.

but i hope the gif brings you a crumb of joy in your troubling times, remembering the godawful context of it.

No. 1958935

Ew. Good post to remind anyone to never take negative replies seriously

No. 1958978

File: 1712824623198.png (847.29 KB, 798x594, mrwonderful.png)

I try to be anti-porn but I still watch it every so often. I've been moving onto comics, manga and audio but sometimes it's not enough and I just need to watch a pretty girl solo

No. 1958998

When I get annoyed at an opinion in /m/ I just look at how active the Genshin thread is and remember I'm running the risk of taking a Genshin player's opinions on something seriously. And then I stop caring.