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No. 259351

Feel free to discuss and rant about:

>Instances of sexism in your favorite video games.

>Instances of sexism in video games you don't like.
>Sexism in the videogame industry.
>Sexism within the emulation scene.
>Videogames that are advertised as only for girls or only for boys.
>Specific videogame developers and publishers.
>Specific sexist videogame developers/emulator developers.
>Differences between how women view sexism in videogames v.s. how men see sexism in videogames generally.
>How your society views women and girls into playing and/or developing videogames.
…and much more.

Videogames on consoles, emulators, computers and mobile devices are all welcome to be in this thread.

Please keep transgender sperging to a minimum. It is likely to derail the thread.

No. 259353

File: 1669788851574.png (316.33 KB, 622x518, cyber outfit.png)

To start, in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl there's these full outfits you can buy for your character in game. Most look quite nice and the same "style" of clothing is available to both the boy and girl characters. Dawn's Cyber Outfit sucks though. It looks ugly and uncomfortable. Lucas's looks better with its cool backpack and puffy jacket. Does any ten year old girl want to wear Dawn's Cyber Outfit? Yes, I'm sure there are a handful. But it's a shame both a) the girls version of the cyber outfit was designed to be very gender conforming, reminiscent of the femme fatale thing seen in most cyberpunk movies, and b) the player doesn't even have the option to wear the other sex's outfits. I figure if both characters are prepubescent, their models shouldn't display any large difference between one another and each others clothing should be available to both. Why can't they? Animal Crossing solved this shit years ago.
It's annoying to see girl's clothing in Pokemon still not letting them wear an outfit like Lucas's because it makes them less cute or something. As a kid I wouldn't have known I deserve better options for what my character wears (because for whatever reason Game Freak is allergic to allowing their Female characters to wear pants).

No. 259384

you're gonna love the new pokemon games then, you only get to wear shorts or trousers. no skirts ever

No. 259395

I feel like JRPGs are the best genre if you want to feel like the devs actively give a shit about you as a woman or as a girl. You have shit like SMT having a lot of female fans since the beginning so they add fujobait or canon fujo pairings left and right, hot guys, hot demons and a lot of things for the female audience and the more blatant stuff like recent Persona games having male MCs only dating girls are here not to retain their actual male audience but to attract new male fans. Everytime the devs are asked why the MCs are bishonen they'll answer that it's for the supportive female fans who would like to self-insert because the MCs are girly looking enough, because female fans find the MC cute this way, or both at the same time. iirc Atlus hired a bunch of young women for their next projects too.

Then there's Pokemon where it's obvious since the first game that they wanted to market them to everyone because a female playable character was planned for gen 1 (but Gamefreak didn't know how to code and still doesn't) and there are as many male and female trainers you can fight since the very beginning. Even when I saw people complaining about Xenoblade 2 I was pleasantly surprised when actually playing it because it turned out that it's not just some of the girls who look "slutty", many of the guys look just as bad and Pyra and Mythra felt like the actual protagonists as opposed to Rex (similar to Tidus and Yuna being equally important in FF10). I could go on. I don't play Western games anymore because I usually don't have the consoles for them to begin with but they look super unappealing to me because all attempts at pandering by bing franchises look half-assed or very forced but correct me if I'm wrong.

The girl's clothes just look like some 60s or 70s fashion, it's not the end of the world but yeah it doesn't look cyber themed at all to me.

When I saw that you could barely customize your character in SV I was pissed off. I'm not getting that game for many other reasons on top of that anyway but it's a shame Gamefreak gave us so many options in XY and it went downhill little by little after that.

No. 259411

NTA but while I was writing my long post in the awful designs thread I was thinking that GF should just give both the male and female player character customization options that range from the feminine to the masculine. That way we could choose between something girly or something cooler like what the male character usually wears and the male PC would also get to wear skimpier or prettier outfits if the player so chooses. I don't get this retarded taboo that males should only be able to wear practical clothes that cover their entire body and female players should only wear pretty dresses, sexy jeans and hot pants. How hard can it be to give us actual variety?
BTW I haven't played anything past Gen 6, so my only reference for Pokémon customization is Pokémon X & Y, which had very limited options even ignoring the sexism, and stuff I've read from other people regarding more recent gens. Are there really LESS customization options now? Because if so, holy shit.

>it's obvious since the first game that they wanted to market them to everyone because a female playable character was planned for gen 1
It's sad that apparently they had to scrap that feature because they needed the space in cartridge to implement the nickname system. But imo adding a female player character would've been way better, and kids could've just nicknamed their pokémon in real life without having to rely on the game for that. Nicknames could've waited till Gen 2.
>(but Gamefreak didn't know how to code and still doesn't)

No. 259423

Didn't P3 have bikini outfits for Mitsuru and Yukari? They would protest at first and then wear them anyway.

No. 259424

If you're talking about the swimsuits they didn't mind it but it's been a while since I played P3P, but they shit talk you if you make them wear the bikini armor thing. I had to put Yukari in this because it made her magic stat better at some point and she's mostly a magic user and she bitched at me kek, sorry Yukari! They added similar costumes in P4G but they're just skins, not actual armors that change you're stats so I used them once, found them ugly as fuck and went back to making everyone wear other costumes. I didn't go too far into P5R just yet because I'm trying to beat SMT5 first and there are a lot of costumes in that one it seems. But seriously it's just as I said, Atlus puts shit like this in the Persona games to attract more male fans because they know they already have female fans who will buy their stuff even if they dislike small things like this, and the other games have more fanservice for the female fans.

No. 259430

In Dragon Age: Origins, the character creation screen literally says that men and women are treated the same in Fereldan (the country the game is set in), and that your character's sex has no effect on gameplay.

Then, literally twenty minutes later, you meet Daveth and Joey, two other Grey Warden recruits who are both clearly never got the memo. Jory goes completely Reddit tier 'm'lady' over you, because he never expected a woman to be in the Grey Wardens, and cheeky Cockney Jack-the-lad Daveth is full-on "AYYYYY UR A WOMAN INNIT M8? WAHEEEY!"

No. 259433


No. 259437

I have a new fighting game community, but it's all guys and troons, a lot of them keep on converting to troonism.
They had a women's only tourny and of course, it was just all troons in pink sweaters/hoodies to signal they're women.
It really sucks because I love fighting games but I'm way too afraid to try and attend one of their events because of all of this, they even insist on giving your pronouns before you enter one of their tournys. It's all so tiresome, nonnies…

No. 259462

File: 1669818027789.jpg (124.08 KB, 736x681, 4ec13bfa012f048c896ee57cafe209…)

Vidya games seem to suffer in the same way other markets do. While there is a huge market for games marketed towards mainly women, they are largely ignored or not seen as "real" video games. Think of the way that romance is the for books and how its viewed but at least the publishing industry actually invests in it.

Vaguely related. I want another princess debut game.

No. 259463

I laughed a good 10 minutes at this too kek

No. 259464

File: 1669818589642.jpg (58.21 KB, 600x444, main-qimg-7665f03c78cb87661932…)


No. 259472

Mass effect has similar issues. I can't give specifics because it's been a while since I played last time but I remember being uncomfortable with some stuff that simply never comes up when you play with a male in 2 and 3. I think there is even one instance where an alien questions your competence or something like that based on your sex. You'd think they would be immune since humans probably all look the same to them, and the fact shepard walks around carrying a freaking arsenal, like, you'd think twice before saying that shit to her face… I was a lot more ruthless playing as female, some dialogues obviously don't change but a few were enough to make me take actions I didn't while playing as male.
I also hate how the female character keep that awful makeup-like eyelashes and is so skinny… she doesn't look like she belongs in the military, at least not in the position she is in comparison to male shepard.

No. 259473

I just wish male character in videogames were sexualized more. I always play as male characters so i dont have much experience with stuff like this >>259472 >>259430 but i hate how female characters always get fanservice outfits and male characters dont. Either sexualize both or none.

No. 259474

Speaking of Persona, I played all of P5 and also tried P3 and P4 (but didn't like them that much so I dropped them) and while I do appreciate the fujo moments and bishounen protagonists and demons, I'm just so fucking tired of the female characters being written the way they're written. I know it's almost a meme by now but I really think they're so shallowly written that difference between their routes and the male character's is a lot (there are some exceptionally bad male character routes too but it's not as bad imo). They give us a character like Ann that starts out strong but then fuck up her route by making her borderline retarded with all the heart and luv uwu talk because males can't handle a real stacy I guess. All the other girls are a slightly different flavor of "I'm strong/scary/intelligent b-but actually I'm shy and I really need your help and I love you uwu". Why can't I have a female character that fucking hates the protag and comes to be okay with him while not crawling at his feet? Why are lolis still a thing? Why can't a female character have an issue, get the protag to solve it and not turn into a giggling nlog idiot by the end of it? Some of the adults are fine but they're adults and the protag is a teen technically so yeah…
The swimsuit and bath bits are awful and I don't know why they keep making them. They're not even funny and I can't believe males can't just play while looking at an attractive woman, they HAVE to have their silly moments where they're naked and talk about boobs.

No. 259493

With P4 and P5 the issue is that the playable characters have an established arc, become playable and then they're less relevant. And their social links are usually a repeat of that arc or just boring. I want P6 to get rid of the calendar system to avoid this.

No. 259495

How would that look exactly?

No. 259498

I know lolcow hates genshin but i think genshin is kinda good at doing this, while the girls are still more fanservice-y than the dudes it’s still better than most games out there

No. 259499

File: 1669825964115.jpg (277.61 KB, 1040x1665, 20210827042110a4a.jpg)

FF14 has some real nice male outfits

No. 259504


There's loads of shit like that in a lot of BioWare games and it's doubly obnoxious because BioWare are always virtue signalling about how progressive they are, while being filled with unintended casual sexism.

There's a dialogue option in Dragon Age for example, where you can scold your party members for cowardice with the fucking cringeworthy line, "I'm braver than both of you, and I'm a woman."

No. 259525

On the same topic of persona 5,I'm just about to beat the final boss and have over 100hrs in the game at this point. Even if the devs said they threw in handsome personas and characters like Akechi and made a handsome protag (which I do like don't get me wrong), I can't get over how much this game is meant for moids. Everything the girls say and do is all a male fantasy. At one point, Futaba makes a joke about finding out another female characters' underwear preferences. I chose the negative dialog "don't say things like that" while the other 2 options were positive/joking with her. She then says "I thought you would like that…" Moids seem to like Futaba the most and it's probably because she's their 15 y/o dream girl who get their crusty old 4chan jokes.
The male characters in the group acknowledge they're doing this because of rotten adults, but don't let the female characters do so. When Makoto is added to the lineup, she and Ann have a heart-to-heart where they say it's their own fault for the rapist coach at the school instead of the disgusting adult abusing his position of power. His whole dungeon was disgusting with statues of teenage girl butts everywhere and his goblet of naked girls' bodies. Even though the Phantom Thieves are against his actions, it's portrayal is too pornographic and comedic allowing for the moid player to not see what is truly wrong here. Sexual abuse created for a male playerbase will never be made with women's humanity in mind–its just porn fuel for them because calling even one crooked man out makes them feel attacked and they can't have that in their fantasy fulfillment gameu.

No. 259531

I hate this shit, it's why growing up I would only ever play male characters in games with character customization because I hated how games would always make some characters act sexist or creepily flirty towards you if you were female (also I wanted to romance female characters but that's unrelated kek). Even if the sexist characters are technically portrayed negatively I just hate how women always have to be the 'non-default' that gets remarked upon

No. 259557

I bought Persona 5 years ago and thought I would like it. The gameplay wasn't too engaging but I stuck around until Kamoshida's castle. That level made me stop playing. At the time I knew nothing about feminism or realized the sheer prevalence of coomer culture but that level made me, without consciously thinking, uncomfortable and I didn't want to play the game I paid 50 bucks for anymore. I was a teenage girl at the time.

No. 259575

anon pls I almost died. Do they even try
>Either sexualize both or none.
based. I also hate it when female characters have such huge breasts that the textures of the amor they’re wearing are stretched and deformed, you see this occasionally

No. 259595

File: 1669849451559.jpg (193.8 KB, 600x419, 1669304077860276.jpg)

The whole presentation in that dungeon makes sense, you're seeing how the teacher sees his female student from his own pov and since his a degenerate sex offender it looks like that but let's be real. The writers are horrible at subtle story telling. It was the same in P4 with Rise and the strip-club dungeon and shadow!Kanji wearing a fundoshi in a gay bathhouse and since the whole point is to make the players uncomfortable it works but still. I was going to say Catherine was way better at being subtle with its characters but then I remembered Catherine Fullbody and Rin being revealed to be a man by showing his penis and testicles 5cm away from Vincent's face, Vincent freaking out being he has someone else's genitalia 5cm away from his face, and then doing the whole stereotypical speech about muh love and muh acceptance 10 minutes later instead of having a more personal scene where he realized he actually likes guy, although I don't think it's the exact same writers for that part. It sucks because the topics in these games are fairly interesting but they're not told very well.

That reminds me of SMT5. It was first advertised as a story that will be about very relatable things young people go through in out current society and will feel personal for the players. Instead the story is super minimalistic and the relatable stuff are just half-assed plot devices that could have been super interesting if more detailed like in Persona games like Sahori being bullied by her lacrosse team to the point of always having injuries and Tao, her bff, seeing it, being worried about it but not doing anything for her to not attract negative attention, Dazai's shit personal life and rick bottom self-confidence making him super easy to manipulate and iirc he's a hafu and not treated well for this by his classmates, Miyazu having a terminal illness and her brother having to deal with it while also working as a demon summoner/hunter, just everything connected to Yakumo, Koshimizu's family members dying in tragic circumstances, etc., the game is way more about demons discussing politics for 5 minutes and trying to murder each other for the rest of the game. They don't have the same writers or devs at all but the comparison still works, because the humans in SMT5 are also high school students in Japan going through comparable supernatural shit.

No. 259603

>sexualize both or none
this is how you get further into coom.

No. 259605

Sexualize only the moids for proper equality.

No. 259607

By turning on my Female gaze I have 20/20 vision

No. 259625

>I also hate how the female character keep that awful makeup-like eyelashes and is so skinny…
Yeah this. She was even prettied up in the later parts and you walk around super-styled with lipstick while the apocalypse is upon us.
This is something quite common btw and I hate it. It happens in Hollywood movies as well as games, the women always look like barbies even if they are fighting for their life in a war and use muscles.

ME in general had a lot of this. It also zoomed onto female asses a lot.
This. I usually play men as well and I won't complain if both are fanservice machines. But please either sexualise both or none. I have a hard time taking a game seriously if every female knight is walking around half-naked while the men are all normal cool knights as expected. See >>259464

No. 259656

File: 1669862987857.png (569.28 KB, 1280x1434, tumblr_p0gutfXywd1uuppoeo1_128…)

Patiently waiting for a persona game with a female protagonist (or at least a choice like p3p). Persona has a huge following with women, come on already Atlus

No. 259658

Same nonnie

No. 259659

File: 1669863544857.jpg (53.2 KB, 316x400, man-sneezing-csa-images.jpg)

Atlus has a deadly allergy to female protags

No. 259661

File: 1669863896166.jpg (52.54 KB, 500x1100, 8d35f0e72d73c696d06bd553fd3517…)

I know you're not supposed to care because Videogame Logic and Artstyle, but I hate Shiki's shortass skirt and ana-chan body.

Tetsuya Nomura tends to draw his young female character designs with short impractical skirts or dresses and it drives me crazy, especially when the girls are playable characters who battle and run around.

No. 259665

File: 1669865328106.png (899.4 KB, 580x1770, kisspng-adelaide-clemens-heath…)

I love this outfit that Heather is wearing. Practical yet feminineand realistic what a seventeen year old would wear before killing God

No. 259668

that's bc it's not sexualized at all. she doesn't have a huge midriff for one

No. 259672

File: 1669868744579.png (204.14 KB, 480x960, Jill_RE3_Nemesis_render.png)

It's funny how these clothes are similar but only Heather doesn't look awful and unrealistic

No. 259675

File: 1669870676687.jpeg (54.99 KB, 360x450, D7DB0100-E692-4D7D-8825-78B9DC…)

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Kingdom Hearts yet. I know there’s generally a lot of sexism in video games, but I can still tolerate it, warts and all, if I like the franchise/story enough

This isn’t the case here. Most of the female characters are just damsels in distress (even the Disney female characters who were pretty badass in their own movies). I remember being annoyed at this as a teen while it was just Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. Several years later, when KH3 came out, you think things would finally change right? Nope. Kairi is still a useless fuck. I don’t like shitting on female characters in general but she’s one of the most backwards portrayal of a female character in video game history.

No. 259683

File: 1669873111157.jpg (378.67 KB, 1920x1080, horizon-character-art-lansra-i…)

I'm surprised how many anons here like playing as male protags, but I definitely see they're perspective. The first time I played as a female protag in an adventure game was Horizon Zero Dawn. I realized how much I enjoyed it and wished I could play more adventure games with female protags.
There is definitely still misogyny in HZD for sure. Have you ever noticed a trend in not just games but most fiction that feature a matriarchal society that it's always portrayed as corrupt and wrong? Early real world religion was said to be all matriarchal and celebrated birth/motherhood so it makes sense that HZD applies that concept. I think matriarchal religion in video game world building is used as a way to indicate their way of life is very different from modern religions aka patriarchal ones, but I think narratives of these settings also serves as a way to show a world ran by women would be just as cruel if not worse

No. 259684

Isn't jill literally on her day off for re3? A better example wouldve been ada

No. 259685

File: 1669875285269.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x3620, equality.jpg)

>I just wish male character in videogames were sexualized more
>How would that look exactly?

Something like picrel

No. 259686

to be fair that’s not her actual body, it’s her friend’s body that she snatched when she died because she was insecure about her own body

No. 259687

>male gaze but swap the genders
This is literally only appealing to gay moids though.

No. 259688

File: 1669876164117.jpg (856.94 KB, 1024x768, Fiona my beloved.jpg)

whats your opinion of female-character only franchises like Touhou and Arcana Heart? i love them both, i think AC got way too coomery on later entries but i still love the designs and gameplay, wish it was more popular.

for me, Genshin Impact is the best example, but older games like DMC and RE had really hot male characters. Kinda wanna play it because those are the hottest male designs i have ever seen. God, whoever designed so many cute male characters with midriffs deserves a raise.

No. 259689

women dont find that sexy otherwise he-man would be everybody's husbando

No. 259690

File: 1669879098285.jpg (6.52 MB, 4209x3027, aa988982b4c45a6916198a83b077a7…)

I'm definitely drawn to all-female franchises, they have to go really hard on the moid pandering to put me off (which unfortunately a lot of them do). When I was a kid I would always create stories/universes where all the characters were girls for no reason kek, so series that use that concept always appealed to me. I think it's because female characters in media are often relegated to certain specific and boring gendered character tropes, but when all the characters are female it's more likely that some of them will break away from the mold because their defining trait can't just be 'being a woman'.

I haven't played Arcana Heart but I love Touhou. Really fun characters and worldbuilding, and completely lacking in any coomer elements (though I haven't played the recent gacha game spinoff). It actually kind of shocks me how unsexualized it is given that the creator is male; his goofy artstyle obviously helps with that but even the official manga spinoffs illustrated by other people don't feel coomer-ish at all (maybe because a lot of the illustrators chosen are women). Sucks about all the gross moid fans but it has a lot of female fans as well, so many female Japanese artists and musicians I follow started off making Touhou content.

No. 259694

nothing beats DA:I with cass 'yass girlboss' conversation with the female inquisitor… in a world where fantasy jesus and the pope are both women ???

cannot wait for more badly integrated real world politics in DA:D

No. 259696

File: 1669880063102.jpg (135.38 KB, 850x974, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou_dra…)

Female-only franchises are the best! Touhou is best weeb-franchise ever, interesting lore, strong and sometimes pretty complex characters (like Junko and Mokou) and, most importantly, no sexualization. I still can't understand why fandom is full of degenerate coomers. Even idol franchises(Love live, BanDori) where girls are just cute and doing cute stuff have more female fans than touhou (or i may be mistaken). Weird.
I tried to play the only Arcana Hearts game that can be bought on steam and instantly refunded it. Like what the actual fuck. Not only it is a coomer-y shit, it is also a lolicon-coomer-y shit. Damn. Were earlier games better? Because from my experience I can't understand how they can cater to the female audience. Also, what about ho-yay yuri baits?

I also really like Rozen Maiden. It was made by a female mangaka-group, this makes it even better.

No. 259697

>i think AC got way too coomery on later entries but i still love the designs and gameplay, wish it was more popular.
Nona from what I've seen of Arcana Heart, it was always a moeshit moidpandering franchise, just not a super sexual one. The art in that pic looks like a typical galge.
I love Touhou though.

No. 259701

A lot of Touhou artists are women, but yeah, it's probably because Love Live got advertised a lot so more women outside of scrote-majority circles found out about its existence plus the original source looks much better (and may be easier to consume) than a doujin shoot 'em up with shit art. But unlike women who are looking for a story in a franchise that's about female characters, males don't give a shit and are just looking for the next female cast to jack off to. There's tons of male """fans""" of Touhou that don't give a fuck about anything but the porn.
>I still can't understand why fandom is full of degenerate coomers
Love Live is too. Anywhere there's a popular series where the main cast is all female, coomers will plague the fandom.
We're talking about games in this thread though, not anime or manga.

>completely lacking in any coomer elements (though I haven't played the recent gacha game spinof
I've seen art and it looks just like your standard Touhou art, nothing coomery but sometimes comes close as usual. Also no need to worry, it's a fangame.

No. 259702

I still really liked Horizon though. There are a lot of cool female characters that are not sexualized and I really appreciated that. I liked that the good AIs tend to be female while the destructive evil ones are male. The end of Horizon Forbidden West subverted this a little but I honestly liked the antagonist too.

No. 259703

For mainline they make the recent male MCs as androgynous as possible on purpose so even if the MC is a guy you can just pretend he's a girl and move on but that doesn't work for Persona given their stories. tbh I feel like P5 would have been very different from the first arc if the MC were a girl because of his reputation and how the rapist teacher would have treated him as a girl instead.

No. 259707

Yeah, i understand. I've just mentioned RM because i don't know any other franchises with mostly female casts besides shit that obviously isn't appealing for women(Azur Lane or Kantai, Blue Archive and games that originate from shitty hentai VN's). For whatever reason devs think that women like only reverse harems or yaoi bishies. A lot of males like games without any romance or fansevice with female characters and focus only on male characters personalities, epic battles and homoero… Cough-cough, close friendship without any "icky dumb" women. Why can't we have sometimes similar but with girls more often? :((( Even fucking Bayonetta was ruined. With all the sexualization, i always adored series's absurdness, fashionable aesthetic and female characters with dominatrix vibes. And platinum games felt absolutely obligate to ruin it all in Bayo 3 and moids started to justify them because "ackchually Bayo games exist only for us because they have seckhy nekid gorlzzz". I fucking hate forced straight romance, even though i like m/f pairs when they are not plain and boring.(:((()

No. 259709

>they make the recent male MCs as androgynous as possible on purpose so even if the MC is a guy you can just pretend he's a girl and move on
I fucking hate this shit so much, would their dicks fall off if they made the protagonist female just once? Why is it always us who have to settle for pretending we're playing as a character of our own sex? Oh right because male is the default and women are secondary. Also we're already used to it and a lot of moids would be put off by a female protagonist that isn't designed with moid gaze in mind.

No. 259711

kek I'm sorry but if you didn't see Bayonetta and Luka being into each other coming from a mile away you're blind. And I thought it was portrayed as way more cutesy than usual this time so I'm surprised men are into that. I'm 100% sure the next hidden chapters will be about her and Lukaon and will go full magical girl shojo manga though, I'm looking forward to it.

I don't know, I guess they like to follow JRPG traditions for the sake of it. I mean, Persona doesn't need to have silent protagonists because all of them have very specific personalities and backstories, and yet. The only MC who needed to be a guy was Nanashi and that's because he's basically Akira's reincarnation and reincarnations look exactly like their previous incarnations in that game apparently. Atlus often post surveys, if they ever ask about female MCs someday I bet most people would approve of it so finger crossed.

No. 259714

>would their dicks fall off if they made the protagonist female just once
Apparently yes, or at least they think so. I remember a gacha game which has female MC and yet it isn't female-oriented. While most players didn't care, some moids were all whiny about it because "Wait, the MC is a girl? That means it's a girl game. Bye". Lmao. They can accept fem protags like Lara or Alice(from American McGee's series), but if the game already has girls they can fap to and MC is also female they start to whine like little children. Male ego is the most fragile thing on the planet Earth.

No. 259717

Yeah, I'm very blind :(
My sight was blurred by Jeanne and all the homoeroticism she and Bayo have together. Media hates wlw consumers even more than regular female audience ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ(ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ)

No. 259718

Were earlier games better?
i really like AC1, it only had one highly sexualized character and the rest were just moe anime girls and the only 'loli' wasnt as sexualized, but they started to go the lolishit route in the latter games, sadly.
thats understandable, i like anime so i have a high tolerance to moe and i find the character designs and their quirks adorable, plus the only other all girl fighter is skull girls and i hate it.

No. 259719

It's ok anon, it happens to the best of us, just make sure to see a specialist who will give you glasses adapted to your eyesight.

No. 259720

Sucks that N:TWEWY continues to have the same problem. That being said, it balances out since we have Nagi, the most yumejo playable character ever.

No. 259721

I hate having to play as male characters at this point… loved as playing femshep, Eivor and Kassandra

No. 259727

fighting game tournaments seem like a very hostile environment for women to be in. from what I've seen the smash community is filled with misogynistic rapists and pedos/groomers that get outed on a regular basis, and now that guilty gear and other anime-style fighting games are becoming popular the same thing is happening there too. the few women I've talked to who went to fighting game tournaments meant for only women said there were no actual women there except for them and that the male troons who attended were very creepy and misogynistic. also moids tend to rage whenever they lose to women in video games which is very pathetic but unpleasant to deal with. I think the few women who do get into fighting games get driven out eventually by the horrible community and that deters any new women from joining. that's just my perspective as an outsider though, maybe you or other women into fighting games had some more positive experiences?

No. 259728

Women should organize their own tournaments because it's obvious that the non-troon scrotes won't do shit about the trannies taking over women's tournaments. The problem is that we're expected to be more nice and tolerant than moids so any woman willing to do that will be incessantly harassed and called an evil TERF if she refuses to respect tranny fee-fees and include them. It's so depressing.

No. 259735

I don't mind it if their not unga bunga males like in western games and if there are an equal number of male and female playable characters like in RPGs where you have a party of characters.

No. 259741

I think the non-troon scrotes actually enjoy seeing womens-only tournaments being taken over by men because they hate women and don't want to compete against them plus don't want them to feel welcome in the community. moids think gaming is some sort of boys club imo, not only in regards to fighting games but whenever a woman is good at any somewhat difficult or competitive game (like souls series for example) men feel threatened for some reason. I wish women could have their own gaming tournaments without moids trying to invade or get it shut down but that'd be impossible to pull off these days

No. 259742

Reminds me to when a journalist made a ''top ten women in speedrunning'' and it was all troons. I really wish there was a ''cute male only fighter'' or maybe a super popular fighter based on a mostly female predominated franchise(like Hetalia, south park) i feel like its the only way a true female community could be formed around a fighting game, through the power of female patern autism.

No. 259744

Whats your opinion on Nadia ? I think its pathetic she tries to shield herself from criticism by crying sexism and calls herself ''the best COD female player''. I dont know if she's trolling but making her whole gender look like ass is a really selfish way to become popular.

No. 259746

SNK isn't exactly that but the games from this company are popular enough with Japanese women that they released some sort of otome game or joseimuke game on mobile phones.

No. 259747

honestly this is a pretty good idea. making the characters all cute anime bishounen and adding in some fujo and yumejoshi bait here and there would make the game unappealing to the majority of men

No. 259749

You'd get LOADS of Aidens, though.

No. 259750

aydens have ADHD they dont have the mental capacity to sit and learn how to play a fightan

No. 259753

Literally my idea of making a Hetalia fighting game (that will never get made) kek
Does anyone else remember that bara or BL fighting game that was talked about on /blog/ in like 2014? But they only ever showed concept art and it was cancelled at some point.

No. 259758

There's two games, an old mobile game that's just a VN that got ported to DS and the more recent gatcha game that closed down.

No. 259759

File: 1669896668365.png (640.41 KB, 1386x615, dda066d84fb985f3fff7d1dd87419f…)

I love WoW, I love it's lore and I love roleplaying there but holy shit it's a mess towards anything female.
Obviously you can't be surprised given that Blizzard made it but a lot of the old armour and female characters in the game were just sexist tropes and stereotypes.

>find a cool looking piece of armor

>preview it on a female character
>it's just a golden fucking bikini with half the asscrack and cleavage hanging out
>there's even a name for this, it's called a "slutmog"

They also seem to butcher almost every female character that exists in the lore and always have them undergo some sort of strange "insane woman" arc that makes everyone dislike them for a short amount of time. It's improved a little bit over time but the male fanbase is still full of fat, greasy hogs who burst into tears when Blizzard decided to cover Sylvanas up to actually give her some armour.
This is also just a side note but the roleplaying communities are exactly what you'd expect to: full of female fetishization, every female character must be insanely beautiful and thick (good luck trying to find someone's female character that looks over the age of 20), lesbians are in abundance when they're all played by males. It's basically a scene for degenerate males to act out their lesbian porn fantasies, even the women that play it are often massive coomers and pickmes.

No. 259760

File: 1669897120445.jpg (497.64 KB, 1280x1584, tumblr_c764420185a603e2986bc51…)

>I really wish there was a ''cute male only fighter''
The closest thing I can think of to this was King of Fighters in the 90s or when it still had an art direction where the men did not look like dogshit.
KoF was so popular among women that Kyo's character designer gave him a gf character out of spite because the fandom kept shipping him with his rival Iori, and despite everything the gf character Yuki still managed to become popular among women. It even had manga adaptations by shoujo artists.

The problem is, how do you sell a fighting game to women only and make it popular enough for it to survive? The genre already struggles enough as it is with its male demographic… and even in FGs with huge female fandoms like KoF or Guilty Gear you still are forced to share space with them.

No. 259761

>The problem is, how do you sell a fighting game to women only and make it popular enough for it to survive? The genre already struggles enough as it is with its male demographic… and even in FGs with huge female fandoms like KoF or Guilty Gear you still are forced to share space with them.
i would say make it normie friendly, maybe make it more story focused. Something any women who never picked up FG because of the overwhelming male community and the hypersexualization can easily pick up. I think something akin to an older arcade would work well. Well, at least thats my idea if i ever manage to make my dream fighting game.

No. 259763

I was talking about the gacha game yeah but I didn't know it was closed down by now.

No. 259813

File: 1669913564793.png (148.64 KB, 1152x904, 1212022.PNG)

I'm not really sure what thread would be best to discuss this but girls and women being forced to play as a guy in games back in the day is the same thing as modern genderspecials not having nonbinary options in viddy games apparently, according to this article. There's a bit of "sex work empowering" thrown in too kek

No. 259818

I haven't played a pokemon game for a really long time but in the first ones I don't remember the player character having a gender? I know it's probably meant to be a boy, but it's represented by like 6 pixels and you get to pick its name. I don't remember the PC being referred to in the game by anything other than "you" or "name" either, but I guess "you" is gendered in some languages (and in those, wtf are you gonna do, invent grammar for your video game? kek).
>“The character’s name and pronouns aren’t spoken, and this is also before ‘they’ and ‘them’ were really commonly in use as nonbinary terms. The character’s name [in the game] is just listed as ‘S/He,’ and I loved that.
I can't be mad at this. Political cartoon -style representation where you literally just put a text label on each non-standard character in your game is one of the funniest things I've ever heard of.

No. 259819

File: 1669914821531.jpg (Spoiler Image, 390.28 KB, 806x1156, nf4.jpg)

Kyo's girlfriend is also a huge Kyo fangirl which was done to make fun of female KoF fans.
SnK made a fighting game spin off with mostly sexy female characters(picrel) targeted towards their male fans. They did also make a spin off game with only their male character targeted towards female players but it was a mobile dating sims which just feels patronising that they assume the their female fans wouldn't be interested in a fighting game.
In SNK also heavily sexualise their female characters. Mai is just an unpleasant design to look at. Tinfoil but I legit think that SNK resent their female fans and only want male coomers to play their games

No. 259820

Nah it's pretty obvious they're male, there's a full sprite of them when you startup the game on the title screen and the sprite before starting a pokemon battle is a male silhouette too.
But it's not an egregious example so it gets a handwave, I am not fussed, it's better than having a male-only protag that god forbid, talks. That's why Link is the perfect man.

No. 259821

File: 1669915440153.jpg (31.76 KB, 564x564, 1650683060079.jpg)

Leave my girl Kris alone you dirty faggot!

>which just feels patronising that they assume the their female fans wouldn't be interested in a fighting game.
It's more that the girls already buy the fighting games anyway, and gacha mobile games require minimal efforts and can bring shit ton of money quickly.

No. 259856

File: 1669923532914.jpg (183.91 KB, 768x1024, DqM9qSzVsAAwTnA.jpg)

No, the otome game was made by Victor Entertainment who bought the license from SNK. Lately they give licenses to literally everyone who wants to make a mobile gacha with their properties. This is just proof they still have no problem to market to women.

Their currrent in-house devs have a huge chunk of male coomers who have barely any idea of what women like, but in the 90s they were one of the first devs to cater to their female audience and it was never done with mockery, especially since they had a good chunk of female devs compared to other companies. Their then-in-house artist Shiroi Eiji (a woman under a pseudonym) has made plenty of cute and sexualized art of the company's male characters (pic related) and that was done way before it became a trendy thing to do.

But that was two bankruptcies ago and the company had many different people. This is why in my post I specified old KoF games when tapking about fgs women liked: after thir original bankruptcy in the early 2000s, SNK hasn't really done anything that genuinely grabbed women's attention aside from recycling their popular sexy guys.

SNK Heroines is also trash, I agree, and it sucks that their current in-house art directors are so horny in the worst ways possible. Even TONKO (another female artist) is shamelessly horny when it comes to drawing women nowdays, and the latest Samurai Shodown game ruined one of my favorite characters by coomifying her (Charlotte) alongside making all of its handsome characters weird and ugly in a way or another.

Unsurprisingly when the company had more female artists it actually brought in women to arcades and they cherished female fans in their official zine (most of the fanart and doujinshi published was from women and they even publicized BL doujinshi). But right now it feels like they're trying to reel them in and simply failing.

Partially related: Mai Shiranui has always been popular with female fans, which is something that surprised me when I read the old character polls directed at women. I think women like sexy female characters if they're scantly clad but beautiful, honestly. The problem is that said characters are bound to attract men in droves, so they're automatically a no-no in an hypothetical fighting game made for women.

No. 259879

>your character's sex has no effect on gameplay
They say that and immediately prove otherwise with the City Elf origin story. Spoiler for sexual assault mentions and early game. If you play a male elf, your wedding is interrupted by a rich scrote who rapes your fiancee. If you play a female elf, your character is raped. It's not explicitly shown, but your character can later remark about it at the Gray Warden camp and they explicitly use the word rape to describe what happened. Treated the same my ass….

No. 259880

God, Dragon Age was terrible with that shit. I don't remember anything comparable happening in DA2 funnily enough, but DAO was riddled with casual sexism. If you want to portray the sexes as equals, then make them equal! Don't get me started on the awful female armor designs either, gah.

Though most of it is relegated to the first part with the other two jobber recruits, aside from the actually well done part where the party members get suspicious of the weird religious cult in the mountains because the church is lead by a man.

No. 259900

oh nonna it gets so much worse than those two fedora tippers.
>traumatic flashbacks to the Orzammar Deep Roads "midboss" intensify
If you know, you know. Sure asf didn't see that happen to any scrotes

No. 259924

I love WoW too, Tauren females will always be my favorite for being a little less "sexy woman painted green" than most of the other races. I love how big they are

No. 259927

imo they got better about the armorkini in later expansions, but the female writing took a fucking nosedive.
Jaina's treatment in MoP was fucking appaling. i don't mind that she went in her "insane woman arc" because she had ALL the fucking reasons, but she was treated as hysterical by the narrative (her LI, her oh so bestie Thrall, that shit Anduin) after being betrayed and getting her town nuked.
even my waifu Maiev, whose baseline is insane (and i love her for it), got an extra "insane woman arc" in a shitty novel, for what fucking reason?! i dropped wow after WoD, but i heard Tyrande also got her own crazy arc, and Sylvannas is finally finished with hers.

No. 259952

Tyrande was always hamstrung by the absolute charisma void of Malfurion. You’d think after ten thousand years of marriage or whatever they could function independently but she straight up bails while Teldrassil burns to nurse Malfurion’s wounds. It was nuts to me that its the worgen who you help evacuate the night elf base city while their spiritual leader kisses her husband’s booboos better. I miss WC3 Tyrande who told Malfurion’s amish ass to fuck off when he tried telling her what to do. At this point I’d take Maiev for night elf leader, Tyrande aped her insane revenge thing but Maiev doesn’t have a useless man hanging off her.

No. 260007

I hate that sudden dark turn in the Deep Roads, where it suddenly becomes a body horror game.

No. 260050

Body horror and psychological horror. It's bleak.

No. 262722

File: 1670737217099.png (12.45 KB, 265x248, 999B50F2-B253-4D96-9165-22AE75…)

I really love the aesthetic of PC-98 games, but whenever I look up a source 99% of the time it’s from a lolicon rape simulator.

No. 262724

thats disappointing, that pic looks cool esp the colors

No. 262725

I have never played bideo games in my life because I refuse to make scrotes money whenever I can but recently I’ve been getting into 3D so I want to find other women like me and perhaps make our own game! Good luck everyone. I’m such a beginner but I’m going strong (perhaps a smiley would look nice here)

No. 262733

same!!!! one time an anon here posted a cool picture from pc-98 game, and i really loved the artstyle so i reverse image searched it and found its literally from a porn game. i felt so betrayed

No. 262752

do you think an indie game made by a woman would do worse than if the same game were made by a moid? if I were to make a simple pixel game, would it be best to keep my identity anonymous (like the yume nikki creator)? I know some women use male pen names when writing due to misogyny but from your observation is the gaming industry similar? personally I feel like men will be harsher if the game is made by a female dev - like they will pick at every single minor flaw and be overly critical vs if it were made by a man it would get a more positive reception. what do you think?

No. 262769

kek yeah, sadly that 90s-00s bishoujo artstyle that we all loved at some point originates from that subculture. It's kind of scary how common it was that most people into anime who didn't know shit about obscure pedo and/or rape VNs saved and reposted images from said games

No. 262770

>I refuse to make scrotes money whenever I can
You can just pirate, you know? And free games exist as well. Also there are many women who develop videogames alongside moids (even if most games aren't directed by women you can still see a lot of them in the credits), surely you could at least try to play those where women contributed and don't have a scrotey subject theme that you dislike.
Kind of related but I admire Keiko Erikawa, the woman who came up with the first otome game. Apparently the first Angelique was developed almost entirely by women, thanks to her wanting to get more women to join the industry. And also it seems that these games actually inspired a bunch of Japanese girls to become programmers.

No. 262805

Don't be stupid keep your identity hidden.

No. 262834

File: 1670784448015.jpg (367.9 KB, 800x600, 1418397323671.jpg)

KH3 did Kairi dirty, but it did everyone else dirty too, except for Sora. He always has to turn out to be the strongest which is getting more and more ridiculous since he's now surrounded by skilled keyblade masters like Aqua and Terra.
She did finally get her own moment to shine in re:mind though, and I really like her playstyle. And then Melody of Memory came and stomped over it because it's a damn stupid rhythm game.
As for most female characters being damsels in distress, this is just the nature of the series, everyone is a damsel in distress that has to be saved by sora in every world he's in, male or female. The series is really juvenile and simplistic in that way, but at least it's not coomerish.

No. 262846

File: 1670786087800.png (538.64 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20221211-111251.png)

I like to lurk indie dev communities and I definitely see a lot more scrutiny towards female devs. And similar to books, moids will not even touch the game if they know it was made by a woman (picrel). That said, even when I was deeply entrenched in my pick-me phase, I still gravitated towards stuff made by women and it's a huge selling point to me now

No. 262859

No. 262871

I don't remember where I read it, it was probably a youtube comment on some video, and the moid said he can't relate to female main characters at all. I think the discussion was about how women tend to relate with characters regardless of gender because we grew up watching and reading stories about men.

I really do think men cannot see themselves in women at all. How many men list women as their intellectual role models? Even when they admire their mothers, it's only for their role as caretaker.

No. 262875

File: 1670794270911.png (333.44 KB, 544x544, KHMM_MiniAcrylicStand__c_all_m…)

Melody of Memory pissed me off so bad. It was "Kairi's game" and she was in 5% of it at the end, she didn't get to fight Xehanort, she wasn't even in the credits and didn't get any merch! Like they made a Meow Wow instead of her. Sometimes I wonder if Nomura hates Kairi, she's been shafted at every point in all the games. Her role is so passive.

I don't even want her fighting necessarily, Namine doesn't fight, I just want her role to be more active and to make sense. She's "the light", but her role thus far has been to get kidnapped and killed and just the motivation for Sora to keep fighting or whatever. You could replace her with Sora's mom and the story wouldn't change much.

No. 262880

Didn't come to lc for a while but BASED thread

No. 262884

It was a fucking batarian, they are super sexist. But yeah me has issues for sure, sexualizing female characters, giving less straight romance options for femshep and also unequal treatment for cheating (kaiden becomes ultra insufferable if you cheated on him and also makes you apologize to him if you want to reunite, meanwhile literally none of manshep ex romances treat him the same way when they hook up again)

No. 262890

Because everyone knows that women only like men who are fully clothed, macho looking, with a stoic and cold personality and whose looks dont matter since it's only men who are attracted to sexiness and looks amirite????

No. 262905

What are you even talking about kek, the 'sexualized' outfits are pretty clearly just bikini armor (aka something that appeals to dudes) but on a guy.
It's not rocket science that straight/bi women and gay men have different taste, most women are more likely to find the 'non sexy' version more attractive if anything.

No. 262920

nta but that's depressing kek. imo he probably didn't even want kairi's role to go that far but felt like he had to do it because people were expecting some kind of progress from her after she got the keyblade in kh2.

No. 262981

well I mean for gamedev women in general and not necessarily me in particular, although if I do make a game I'd probably keep it hidden too.
wow that's pretty depressing. there really isn't a way around it either imo except for women to keep their identity ambiguous or try and make games that cater to other women (ie otome games).

No. 263011

If the guy is hot and the armor is designed in a way that it looks appealing on a man's body and not just drawn as a "joke", it could work. That example that anon posted takes it a little too far imo even though I like it, if toned down a bit it could more widely appealing.

No. 263017

NTA or the other anon but the concept isn't bad or just for moids (imagine thinking you can only like bikini armor on hot male characters if you have the Y chromosome) it's just that the way it's drawn in that pic is pretty bad. Also yes it looks ridiculous maybe to the point that it's not even hot but that's because bikini armor on women is equally retarded looking most of the time, it's just that everyone is so used to seeing it that you have to see it on a male to realize how bad it is. But again, the idea of dressing hot muscular anime boys in sexualized armor doesn't seem like a "gay moid-only" thing. Besides, the tastes of gay men and straight women sometimes overlap, whether you agree with those preferences or not

No. 263730

File: 1671111185000.png (833.43 KB, 1125x1882, Fdx1r2fUYAA_X6w.png)

this is the ultimate black pill for women.
men will never see you as equal.

No. 263787

File: 1671127486943.jpeg (360.39 KB, 1080x1518, C2C722DA-26CA-40F1-8D03-23CB6D…)

Nonas, I need to vent for a second. Being a fan of Fromsoft and trying to interact in the community at all is awful. In any group, men berate you once they discover you’re a woman, think you must be shit at the games even if you’ve platinumed them, make sexist jokes constantly. On FB (yes, I know), it got so toxic in the main groups that two splinter groups were made for women FS fans. Of course the groups are filled with pick-me’s and let in TiMs, you can’t scroll three posts without some dumbass moid making a post about how he feels lonely as a twans woman, you can’t escape men anywhere. I love those games but I hate how much the community is overrun by rabid dudebros. I admit some of the female representation isn’t great (a lot of female characters are meek or play support roles, for instance), but they’ve been getting better, especially with Elden Ring. There have always been interesting female bosses, and I like that in most of the games you can wear any armor set (DeS is an exception, some sets are gender locked). I hate how you can’t take five steps in a game without seeing some message an idiot left about “try thrust” behind a female character or whatever though. It feels like the games want women to play but moids are intent on gatekeeping or scaring away any woman who wants to learn to play. I felt bad for newcomers in Elden Ring who were probably scared off by that behavior.

No. 263805

File: 1671131529270.jpg (1017.02 KB, 1920x2793, sentron-melania-copy.jpg)

I'm so sorry this has been your experience. I've been playing Fromsoft games since Darks souls 3 era. I went back to beat dark souls 1 and 2 and bloodborne. I couldnt get into Elden ring because it got so popular, too many normies invading. My experience with the fromsoft community has usually been positive online at least. I dont go on reddit except to lurk for tips, but the people i've met online through the games have been nothing but helpful.

I really wish we could play together. ER really ruined a lot of fromsoft communities though since the real gatekeeping began not that I am against gate keeping for certain fandoms.
I agree with you that ER got really bad with the messages. There were always kind of stupid messages on Ds 1-3 but for some reason all the normies,coomers and losers playing Elden Ring had to make the worst jokes for any female npc. We all know about Melania too. I just play offline for ER, but the other games are great online.

No. 263808

I have never purchased any media created by a male before. Women think it’s extreme but it’s exactly how males live. They’re subhumon so they will never understand humon aspirations. Simple as.

No. 263837


No. 263885

I hate how female characters in games (or any other media) are treated as a joke and potential waifus by scrotes. It's almost as if straight moids were incapable of liking female characters in the same way they like male ones, in a neutral way. And of course since scrotes in any fandom are always louder than the women (and since they love pretending women in their fandoms don't exist) the very few moids that might be capable of seeing women as equals are bullied until they start acting as obnoxiously as the rest of them. Every moid in a fandom has to be as sexist as possible and a gatekeeper to women or else he gets brutally ridiculed.
If I played a popular game like those, I'd make a new Facebook account with a VPN and create a group for women only. I believe that the more women who aren't afraid to impose their boundaries there are, the less acceptable it will be too cancel us for not wanting to include troons in our spaces, and the more women will start doing the same. We have to normalize being more shameless and less apologetic.

No. 263887

Asmongold (a huge streamer) has repeatedly said that he will never play a female character. And even the men who do play female characters expect them to be sex dolls and fetish objects.

It feels like it's never going to get any better. Female authors still have to use gender neutral/male pseudonyms because men and boys will not read books written by women and/or with female protagonists.

Men in general do not consider women to be people, and they're never going to change.

No. 263900

Wasn’t that the guy who shat in his shower

No. 264064

ot but maybe try persona 2:eternal punishment? played it a bit ago but I remember having a pretty solid female protagonist / generally cool aesthetic (also very emulatable)

No. 273261

To be fair, I don't care. I don't interact with any gaming community (never have). Games are not something to be taken seriously. People who make essay-long post about how deep a particular game is make me chuckle. The writing in games (outside of VNs) is typically on a much lower level than anime or even light novels.

No. 273267

>The writing in games (outside of VNs) is typically on a much lower level than anime or even light novels.
It depends on games. I like an entertaining story in a video game if it's well-written and complement the gameplay, I also don't mind it if the story is minimalistic and just a pretext for gameplay, but I'll never get shit like the last of us being praised by game """journalists""" for being a super generic movie game that doesn't even seem to use interactivity to tell its story in a more efficient way like, say MGS2 or games with different routes or endings depending on your choices. Even Pokemon gen 1 was more well-thought just because you had to interact with some items on the map or in dungeons to get some backstory for Kanto or Mewtwo's existence and it didn't even have a proper story besides the MC having a stupid bitch of a neighbor.

No. 273582


Yeah, I think one of the errors of "video games as art" arguments I see is framing the game as movie with content, or as an assemblage of parts that are already established as art (i.e. music, writing, animation).

The difficulty of imo aesthetic experience in videogames is that parsing text/language takes you out of the zone of play. Cutscenes, narrative tools are disruptive, 'intrusive' in the sense that they impinge on the freedom of the audience…

I think the reason old jprgs worked so well (for me) as aesthetic experiences is that the gameplay itself was kind of 'text'-like, and it wasn't as jarring in older games when you moved from playing to reading npc dialogue. The simple melodies - no complex synth instruments or orchestration etc - flowed better, didn't exhaust the player with an overload of information, and also seemed to be more effective at imprinting itself into memory.

Also why I think games like Shadow of Colossus, Ico, and some of the FromSoft games work so well by focusing on getting the right atmosphere and minimizing text. DS3 is kind of amazing with how it achieves poetic evocativeness without ever feeling 'literary-lame' or pretentious.

No. 310520

Yeah, to most normies video games are art when they have very pretty scenery like TLOU but that’s sort of close minded.

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