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File: 1705276534736.png (31.96 KB, 187x215, Screenshot 2024-01-14 155534.p…)

No. 348679

What have you watched? What are you looking forward to? Who deserves an Oscar?

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No. 348680

File: 1705276581840.png (346.5 KB, 783x852, 1705275969484.png)

as i was saying

anyone who thinks fucking oppenheimer or mission impossible are better than KOTFM should die

No. 348699

i share the threadpic's sentimznt but i hate that i'll have to look at this flabby old scrotoid's face for ages. worst napoleon ever put in film

No. 348731

If this can teach us anything is to always trust your instincts, never fall for a scrote's bullshit no matter how confident he is in it. She knew the bears were dangerous and he ignored it. It was close to the season when they need to hibernate so they have a strong need to feed and get as fat as possible before that. There was a lack of salmon that year, so the bear that attacked them was probably desperate and hungry. The moid knew all this and still stayed, must be some suicidal death drive there among all the alpha posturing.
Same, I just hid the pic kek

No. 348735

I watched Oppenheimer two days ago and it was interesting but it should have been a documentary imo. I'm going to watch Killers of the Flower Moon this weekend, I'm looking forward to it if you say it's better.

No. 348738

Nta but KOTFM was phenomenal. It's been awhile since a movie actually made me feel intense emotion. I always like hearing and learning about Indigenous/Native culture that isn't pushed in some dumb woke pandering way

No. 348745

KOTFM was a slog, I kept looking at my watch when I saw it in the cine

No. 348779

File: 1705322016964.gif (7.14 MB, 540x320, 42ED14DD-6173-43E3-9991-0A3CC7…)

whenever i spend time with my parents it's basically impossible to find a movie we all want to see. my dad likes action heist movies, my mom likes lameass woody allen films, i like funny braindead ones and idfk what my brother even likes other than marvel if he also happens to be hanging out with us, we need lowest common denominator wonderbread films, otherwise someone will hate it. i suggested bullet train last time and we had an amazing time though.

No. 348801

This is exactly how Disney and Hollywood make their decisions and why everything mainstream is homogeneized into wonderbread.

No. 348806

>the cine
are you some retarded eurofag with no empathy for native americans then?

No. 348830

What a strange accusation.

No. 348832

If you watched a film about the real-life systematic murder of indigenous people and all you could think was “wow, so boring” you either have a mental deficit or are a serial killer in the making.

No. 348841

as if every american movies isn't about "muh pocs waaahhhh" , literally every show, movie or cartoon america makes is either about racism or lgbt and calling people who don't enjoy it racists and bigots is getting real stale

No. 348866

Love it how you cannot criticize or even dislike anything about POCs because you'll be automatically called a racist.

No. 348870

Just say you’re a nazi and go

No. 348919

Lol what the fuck. Do you expect people to feel sad every time they see humans die in a movie?
Plenty of movies about real life catastrophies are fucking boring.

No. 348921

even if you’re not a racist you’re definitely too retarded to watch movies and give meaningful opinions on them. stick with tiktok(infighting)

No. 348926

you forgot scrote, because he's also obviously a scrote(scrotefoiling)

No. 348949

Says the retard getting upset and emotional because someone said a movie was boring.(infighting)

No. 349034

File: 1705400825230.jpeg (58.63 KB, 800x337, IMG_3180.jpeg)

Watched The Graduate for the first time yesterday. I really liked the iconic ending, besides that it was a bit too simplistic for me I guess? The one plotline feels kinda unfulfilling, although I can see the point of it. Maybe I’ll like it more after I graduate. I love Mrs. Robinson though kek.

No. 349036

i thought this was a picture of blackface

No. 349038

Based OP picture

No. 349039

both of them look super dark in this frame ngl

No. 349090

Anyone seen All of Us Strangers? Opinions?

No. 349184

I’ll never forget the first time I watched this movie and saw the ending scene. It kind of feels like a balloon deflating. The ending is left ambiguous and I think i liked that

No. 349186

File: 1705465845044.png (700.7 KB, 900x703, Screenshot 2024-01-10 172722.p…)

saltburn reminded me of the occupant (2020). barry looks a bit old to play a freshman. i'd like it more if the story happened at the collage only. the whole explaining part at the end was so predictable. the movie looked great tho, i took a bunch of screenshots

No. 349214

I was underwhelmed. I was waiting for the suspense or twist but it was just him being gross. It’s like uhm.. ok.
Also it would’ve been better if at the end, it showed him talking to his parents instead of during the movie, didn’t feel bad for anyone that died and I wasn’t rooting for Barry Keogahn

No. 349217

The new Means Girls seems so lame

No. 349238

i don't get who the audience for this movie is supposed to be. millennials who love the original won't want to see other actors in the roles. and does mean girls even have any significance to zoomers? if anything i'd have thought they'd rather watch the original for the y2k fashion

No. 349258

From what I've seen the fashion in the 2024 is very shein, really bad.

No. 349283

It was promoted as 'not your mother’s Mean Girls' so children of older millenials I guess? Some of them can be 13-14 now, but not that many millenials had kids at 20-something.

No. 349284

>if anything i'd have thought they'd rather watch the original for the y2k fashion
They would. It’s fucking retarded to make a remake of a 20 year old film.

No. 349324

They wokeified it yet made it more coomery. Sums up just about everything these days.

No. 349495

File: 1705581304468.jpeg (247.08 KB, 800x1127, sick_of_myself_affiche.jpeg)

Has anyone else watched Sick of Myself? It's a Norwegian film about a young woman who fakes an illness for attention. It's a dark comedy with body horror stuff (nothing too bad, just lesions and mild disfigurement) but the focus on the way her narcissism functions is really interesting. Let me know if any of you watch it and what your thoughts are!

No. 349497

>It’s fucking retarded to make a remake of a 20 year old film
and yet they'll keep on doing this. If this film didn't have the recognisable name of 'Mean Girls' no one would watch it. It's just a way to keep making shitty films but receiving easy publicity and guaranteed views because people will have expectations based on the original.
totally. it's very 2020s. that weird mixture of censored and sanitised whilst also being hypersexual.

No. 349511

won't be seeing it

No. 349545

File: 1705596958277.jpg (456.32 KB, 1012x1500, MV5BMTgxMDQ5ODQ2OV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I watched the World of Kanako yesterday and I am genuinely appalled by the fact that it has decent reviews. I expected at least one thing to enjoy but just came out with nothing but disgust and misery. I cannot emphasize enough how this is perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life; the editing is like someone with ADHD did a line of coke and then went to the editing room, the pacing is atrocious, the two halves of the story never intersected so they were meaningless, the story itself was somehow simultaneously barren and cluttered, and this movie is just two hours, two entire HOURS of women being abused. There's so much rape, abuse/beating of women, incest, pedophilia, etc. just for the shock value. It's cartoonishly evil torture porn: the movie. It wants to be Oldboy and a bunch of other shit all at once and fails in every regard. There is no weight to anything happening in the movie because nothing has stakes and you never get to process anything that happens because the main character just goes off beating and yelling at and assaulting a woman every 5 minutes. I consider myself to have a strong stomach and an interest in tasteful brutal media but this was all so senseless, I could only imagine the lowest common denominator male could like this (but a lot of women seem to like it too?) Absolutely baffling.

No. 349588

File: 1705619850943.jpg (27.15 KB, 480x367, stare.jpg)

Just got back from watching the Poor Things and I think I'd rate it a solid 2/5 at best. Spoilers:
Stunning visuals (reminded me of paintings by Hieronymus Bosch), but the story and pacing itself were awful. Not sure if I'm missing something, but I hated how all of the sex/nudity scenes felt like they were made by men for men, all the while reviews rave about it being packed with feminist and liberating messages.
Yes of course this infant brained woman will experience sexual pleasure for the first time by showing food inside of her vagina and making obvious moaning sounds. Yes of course the shots of her getting fucked and humiliated by ugly men were neccessary. Yes of course people were only interested in her because she was hot and had the mind of a child and some were even rewarded for it in the end.
I did like how the movie outright says that prostitution is harmful to the spirit and I did enjoy how the madam of the house ouright states that some men love the fact that the women don't enjoy it. But other than that nothing is actually done about it. Sure she has a scene or two were she says the women should have a choice, but literally nothing happens and the black woman is punished for agreeing (by being orally raped by a decrepit man). And the fact that the director made her a whore in order to showcase the horrible nature of people (read: men) is so lazy and porn-brained due to the way the scenes were shot.
Other anons in the celebricows thread nailed it by bringing up the Born Sexy Yesterday trope.
Also were we really expected to believe it was a decent ending? They made the other infant brained woman a dog/slave (she's mostly seen playing ball and at the end is the only one who fetches things), which reduces the weight of the scene where she is devastated after learning about the poor and dying kids below them.(learn2usespoilers)

No. 349598

Sorry about the typos, hands are still freezing and I was annoyed that I spent my time on such a thing.
Also the accents threw me off, some of the actors kept dropping theirs. Mostly Mark Ruffalo when he had to be more emotional, not to mention the black american guy who felt completely out of place.
The sound mixing was lacking as well, felt like the movie would have benefitted from having encoded subtitles.

No. 349646

File: 1705629651074.png (226.83 KB, 1823x417, 17865457780.png)

did pic related actually happened?

No. 349686

yes, a man has sex with bella while his young male children watch, and the kids look uncomfortable and upset. it's not supposed to be "sexy". if you've seen other films by lanthimos this isn't unusual. i mean colin farrell's character in "the killing of a sacred deer" has a whole monologue about how he masturbated his father to orgasm and is traumatized by this behavior

No. 349710

Now I wonder how the original scene was shot

No. 349804

lol shit casting…he looked older than mrs robinson.

No. 349811

Has anyone seen the new mean girls movie because I hate the lyric changes in the sexy song they are so pointless. the song is supposed to be a satire of modern 2010 era feminism right. Like the “I love lesbians they’re so sexy!” type of feminism. Or just generally that type of feminism that’s about uplifting women “because they’re so hot!” And the line about dressing up as a “sexy Rosa parks!” Is in there to demonstrate how stupid that mindset is because like clearly it’s dumb to sexualize rosa parks. They also change a line from “I expect to run the world in shoes I cannot walk on” to “watch me as I run the world in shoes I cannot walk in” which is just the most surface level useless lyric change that they made to get feminism points and now all the girls on tiktok are like “omg my Roman Empire is this lyric change in the new mean girls ” and no one I know in real life would get it either I can only post this here.(emoji)

No. 349836

>but the focus on the way her narcissism functions is really interesting

Could you elaborate? I'm really intrigued.

No. 349855

It's pretty much what the film is all about. Instead of portraying just a basic messy B cluster being a shitty person and making impulsive decisions, it gave some more space for psychological insight or to see narcissism as something more abstract - the desperation, competitiveness, need (but also fear of) love and validation, enabled by other narcissists in her environment and in particular how self-destructive her behaviour is (the real sickness she is suffering from). But no matter what happens, even when she seems like a new person who can intellectually describe her faults, she never truly learns - her narcissism just adapts. Everything is always justified in the end. I found it quite insightful but curious what others think.

I should also add that it's pretty hilarious too. Not too heavy.

No. 350236

I saw it in theaters yesterday and i REALLY didn't like it. I never saw the stage musical but I loved the original Mean Girls for years and the new musical film adaptation was just super lame comparitively. I know musicals aren't known for subtlety but it was so dumbed down too. For example: In the OG film, the "Too gay to function" page from the burn book is read by Janis and Damien in the hall during the riot. In the 2024 film, Damien and Janis read it also, and then Damien says aloud, "Only Cady could have written that!" Like holy shit, duh. The entire scene for 'Sexy' was super obnoxious. It's insane how sanitized some parts of the movie are (no more dreaded R slur and no more D slur), then they have 2024 Karen literally spanking a girl whose twerking, flashing her underwear/bouncing up and down while emphasizing her chest, and the coach mentioning choking in sex ed. It was a gross scene, I didn't know the lyrics we're changed but that makes it even more gross. Events from the original film are shuffled out of order. Idk if that's the same as in the play, but it makes me sperg because certain scenes make less sense. Lindsay Lohan's cameo felt really out of place. Social media montages were used in lieu of the scenes where characters just spoke to the camera in the original. There's literally a snapchat video that appears for a second where the caption is like "tfw the Plastics are gone" and i physically cringed. I'm a zoomer, a year younger than Renee Rapp, but it made me feel especially old cause my theater was full of middle school-highschool aged kids reacting to everything like it was the first time.

No. 350940

File: 1706106151904.jpg (110.64 KB, 960x1200, 1693534865465596.jpg)

Just been rewatching Lynch movies again. Lost Highway is my favourite

No. 350941

File: 1706106834095.jpg (202.2 KB, 719x1080, tumblr_3406c516f98384de8027bd0…)

i hate david lynch but i really like wild at heart and blue velvet

No. 351034

Are there any Lynch's that are on streaming rn so I don't have to use a slow pirate site? 2 cheap 2 rent. It seems like Mouhalland is on Paramount but I don't have paramount kek

No. 351303

File: 1706241146750.jpg (232.55 KB, 1920x1080, 1705396102313,bs-poor-things-1…)

Poor Things makes me want to kill myself and burn the entire world in flames

No. 351305

No. 351399

I'm so ready for barbie to win best movie for no real reason other than Nolan Hate

No. 351445

File: 1706297949804.jpeg (130.28 KB, 998x984, IMG_7317.jpeg)

Thanks queen

everything I hear about poor things is overwhelmingly bad but it keeps making me want to watch a bad cam theater rip of it out of curiosity. I'll probably regret it if I do

No. 351484

I watched like that on soap2day and if you end up watching it too please come back and comment on it

No. 351641

I’ve seen people call this a pedo movie, so I don’t know if i want to watch it

No. 351643

everything i've read about it makes me feel nauseous

No. 351712

File: 1706392563542.jpeg (22.09 KB, 300x450, y9jFwrS.jpeg)

need more movies like this

No. 351717

I know it's old news but I watched The Truman Show for the first time a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I want to watch more movies but can't get into anything the people usually suggest because I hate how it's always gratuitous violence and sex and gritty dark stuff… Any suggestions for movies that are "deep" enough to be geared towards an adult audience but don't run wild with nasty stuff just because it's for adults? Feels like there's often a dichotomy of sanitized kiddy stuff vs glorified snuff sometimes

No. 351722

you could check out some other films in peter weir’s filmography. dead poets society and picnic at hanging rock both deal primarily with student characters, but still have the vibe you might be looking for. and i totally get what you mean.

No. 351728

File: 1706402035250.jpeg (842.91 KB, 2016x3000, hgplPle.jpeg)

watch contact!

No. 351747

File: 1706414054659.jpg (275.59 KB, 960x1440, 1000006177.jpg)

Bright Star, or any of Campion's filmography

No. 351868

File: 1706480149364.jpg (179.16 KB, 800x1200, Poor-Things-Poster1-800x1200-1…)

saw Poor Things today and fucking hated it, wanted to leave. 2 and a half hours of pornography / excuses to watch Emma Stone get fucked by various horrific, grotesque men while she's supposed to have the brain of a literal infant, glazed impotently with this male libfem messaging about how it's ok because her sweet fiancé back in London "doesn't mind" that she was "a whore" because it's "her body". i hope the director kills himself.

No. 351889

Jane Campion makes good films and I think The Power of The Dog and Bright Star (from what I remember…It's been a very long time) are fine for anon's criteria. In The Cut and Holy Smoke for example would not be good choices for her though? Isn't there so much sex in them and not even to mention The Piano?

Speaking of The Piano, I love that film, it was so perverse. I don't even know if I should say '"but" it was so perverse', honestly it has to be part of the twisted charm somehow. Shaking my head and saying "oh man!" and "this guy!" so people don't think I condone it. I'll never watch Poor Things but the way nonas here and other reviewers online talk about it and argue for/against its "feminist" messages, it makes me think of the small-scale discourse around The Piano's feminist messages (if they exist).

No. 351890

File: 1706485439291.jpeg (93.22 KB, 503x755, IMG_7696.jpeg)

the abrupt ending of this movie sebastians sudden death by taxi had me fucking rolling. it almost made me forgive how dry reese with her spoons character was and how I wanted more screentime for selma blairs character instead

No. 351892

At my showing 3 people actually got up and left halfway. It felt straight up like an adaptation from a De Sade novel, almost like Juliette and Justine.

No. 351894

Poor things was based on a novel, right? Has anyone here read it and can anyone confirm if it's as degenerate as the movie?

No. 351896

File: 1706488645158.jpg (95.4 KB, 720x535, Screenshot_20240128_153549_Ins…)

I fucking hate this degenerate ass movie, and I hate that it's been nominated for a fucking oscar.
You know something is going to be ass when any criticism about the gratuitous sex scenes gets you called a prude or "you don't know art!!" Picrel is the exact same argument I saw some retarded male use for the rape scene with the disfigured guy in the hills have eyes. Terrible ass movie made by a guy who wanks to cp.

No. 351906

I love this movie so much. Sarah Michelle geller is perfect in it. Great cast all around

No. 351910

Just off the top of my head: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Das schweigende Klassenzimmer, El sur, Mädchen in Uniform 1931 (1958 might be good too but didn't watch), aaand I suppose it might be not the tone you're looking for but I still want to suggest Amadeus because it's a good film, I really like F. Murray Abraham performance there. Damn I feel like I forgot lots of other good films though

No. 351922

i don't think you're a prude for not liking the sex scenes, bc they did have too much male gaze for it to be truly feminist, but if you took away from the movie that the director condoned people lusting after bella in her childlike state and all of that being good then no i don't think you understood the movie. every man who objectified her was seen as pathetic and disgusting. she was ruthless when judging them.

No. 351953

don't be retarded(pointless infighting)

No. 351980

>this movie glorifies pedophilia!
>no, it really doesn't
you can just say it offended you and be fine with that. it's ok to be wrong. this kind of response just makes you look dumb lol

No. 351982

That wasn't me moron. And you can't make any defense as to why such scenes needed to be in there in the first place. Considering that the director has a track record of making movies with needlessly disgusting sexual or sexually charged scenes it's a pretty big given he's a degenerate that uses "art" as a shield to hide behind.

No. 351986

Ntayrt but imo it's this movie combined with the weird shots of children's bodies in the director's other movie (Killing of a sacred deer) that makes him come across as a pedo. There's especially no need to justify the latter because there are other ways to get the point across without sexualizing it. Also in the round table video Emma Stone mentioned that the director and herself watched videos of real toddlers to get the character's movement right…idk the fact that he needed to get inspiration from that, plus with everything else about him is extremely suspicious.

No. 351994

When does he glorify pedophilia though. The people who lust after Bella when she’s a “child” get their comeuppance. I haven’t seen any of you respond to that. The man who first takes her away and tries to control her gets put in a mental institution after she throws away all his money, all the men she sleeps with are categorized as revolting subhumans, and her former husband gets lobotomized and turned into a goat. So how does any of that glorify pedophilia? Do you also think the book Lolita glorifies pedophilia?

When does KOASD have weird shots of children’s bodies?? I’ve seen that movie several times and the only truly gross part is when Colin Ferrell’s character talks about his “secret”

No. 352004

My boss went to see this movie during the weekend, he called it "Barbie but for edgy Bjork fans"
What kind of metaphor is that?

No. 352008

I watched the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because I've seen it recommended many times and I could not believe it. It has graphic violent disgusting rape scenes that could have either not existed or could've simply been heavily implied. Story wise, the girl had enough of an excuse to do what she did without getting violently raped. But ignoring that, they chose to make the scenes way too graphic with her crying screaming squirming and struggling. I had to skip that shit.
And then later one there's a graphic consensual sex scene between the 23 year old girl and the main character who's old enough to be her dad. Absolutely unnecessary plot wise, both the sex and the relationship. It felt very weird and disgusting.
And then there's the other part of the movie about another girl who was being raped by her serial killer/rapist father, then by her brother after he died, and the brother went on to torture kill rape women in his sex dungeon.

If this isn't a rape fetish movie I don't know what it is. I cannot believe people actually praise this shit.

I'm sorry but you absolutely do not need to show someone fucking a legal toddler to say "pedophilia is bad guys!". The film is so anti pedo it became a pedo wet dream. You really think a man is going to see this and feel sorry for and relate to the hot young sex crazed woman? Or do you think he's gonna relate the moids living out their sexual fantasies?

No. 352009

I recommend sitting in an empty room drinking room temperature water

No. 352010

>The film is so anti pedo it became a pedo wet dream
This is again the same logic of “Lolita is bad because men took the wrong idea and made it seem sexy and consensual”. You are not built for nuanced discussion of this topic.(infighting)

No. 352017

First of all, I never said the film glorified pedophilia. I said it was a degenerate film directed by a man who wanks to cp and I stand behind that.
What about the scene where she has sex in front of children that had to be censored in the UK?
And you seem to think that pro pedophilia means that there has to be some blatant pedophilic scene. It's about desensitization. Hollywood has been trying to push pedo stuff for a long ass time. Look at brook shields and Natalie Portman in Leon the professional.
And funny you bring up Lolita the book, not the terrible noncy film that was made for it in the 90s. It's almost like degenerate directors will highjack sensitive media to push their sick fantasies onto others and use "it generates discussion" as a defense to showcase their degeneracy. You can have nuanced discussion without have such exploitative scenes in it, yet men always seem gung-ho about shoehorning exploitative sex scenes in everything.(infighting)

No. 352018

Men do not see the scenes as depraved and disgusting like women do. Men are so desensitized to degenerate sex due to their porn usage. Women are the only ones truly calling it for what it is because they don't have their brains melted from porn like men do.

No. 352040

I'm not saying it's bad because of what it tried to do, but because of how it did it. The movie is very explicit and disgusting, it's basically a porno. Lolita is not a porno. They are not comparable.

No. 352042

God, this movie is so fucking dumb. Ryan Philippe is a stupid douche and not in a hot way, I hate that they try to make you sympathize with him at the end. I don’t like Reese Whiterspoon in general and she’s annyoing there too, I hate when she plays 'sweet' characters because you can tell she’s a bitchy Southern woman in real life (also they were a couple during shooting this and were obnoxious together). Justice for Kathryn, she was the only bearable character and SMG is a charismatic actress.

No. 352054

File: 1706560959260.jpeg (83.77 KB, 647x500, IMG_7731.jpeg)

I love SMG! and her character was the most undersold in the movie. Sebastian was an annoying little shit, I would've killed for a Kathryn focused movie or a subplot of her pursuing a girl on girl affair with Cecile or her affair with Ronald. All three of them would've been a better focus than Sebastian and Annette flouncing around in their weak sauce romance subplot

No. 352058

he got killed off because that's what happens in the original novel, which has a moralistic ending (he gets killed in a duel, merteuil is disfigured by smallpox and has her reputation ruined, cecile becomes a nun) since it was from the 18th century. i would have loved for the movie ending to be more subversive but i guess they wanted to respect the source material.

No. 352064

I knew it was based on a story and I had not read it kek thanks for the explanation

No. 352068

File: 1706565001501.jpeg (43.42 KB, 500x332, IMG_7736.jpeg)

This film was a compelling exploration of nature vs nurture. Nature, Kevin clearly had unhealthy tendencies and behavior from a young age. Nurture, Eva was clearly not fit to deal with a difficult child, broke his arm, and shows herself to be rather cold and distant which rubs off on him. Also how could the parents ignore so many red flags and not send Kevin to therapy or the looney bin? As someone who had a mom who hated me from a young age because I was a strange child, not psycho, just strange, the moms behavior in this film struck an unsettling chord with me. It reminded me how many people bring children into the world who shouldn't. shot and edited so well, but an absolutely offputting and emotionally damning film.

(Side note, Ezra Miller clearly never stopped method acting in this role.)

No. 352086

File: 1706571837679.jpg (4.42 MB, 3671x5507, 1990.jpg)

I've been fixated on movies from 1990. What's your favorite 1990 movie? Specifically 1990, not the 90s in general.
I think it's The Witches for me but there's a surprising number of my faves in there

No. 352095

Sarah Michelle Geller and Selma Blair's characters are all I cared about in this movie as a teen.

No. 352096

That sucks so much. I was recommended Girl with that dragon tattoo years ago, but stayed away because I heard it had rape. The fact that they could have easily implied SA but decided to show it feels scrotey and trying to make rape sexy for men. I'm so angry when films do this.

No. 352102

Has it ever occurred to you to form your own opinions by actually watching a movie

No. 352103

no, anon is right, i've seen it and it's gross moid fetish fuel, which i would have probably known had i read about it before.

No. 352105

Which is an opinion you formed by watching the movie yourself, not by getting a recommendation from the Approved Media list

No. 352110

The book is just as much a retarded male fantasy with a 2 edgy 4 u depressive goth nightmare girl who's so skinny people ask her if she's anorexic and is also a promiscuous bisexual woman. The entire book revolves around a woman being horrifically raped and abused by her brother and in the end Lisbeth, the retarded MC, deduces that this woman is an evil bitch for not reporting her abuse to the authorities when… Lisbeth doesn't even report her own assault to the authorities but instead uses the filming of her rapes as ~dark triad stacy~ blackmail.

No. 352112

It's been a thousand years since I read that book but I remember finding the male lead contrived too, like he's the scandi middle aged equivalent of an isekai protagonist. There was also some business drama side plot that was a snooze fest.

No. 352114

You don’t need to watch a movie with graphic rape scenes in it, in order to form the opinion that you don’t like it. Some people are never going to like something that has explicit rape scenes in it and would prefer to know ahead of time so that they don’t waste their time, not sure what your hangup on this is.

No. 352117

kek i didn't like GWTDT at all but the amount of pearl clutching in these threads is insane, feels like i'm on twitter surrounded by zoomers trying to police every piece of media

No. 352119

Who is policing anyone? It's not hard to understand why many women would be uncomfortable with poorly portrayed rape and sex scenes.

No. 352134

It's not "clutching pearls" to not care for scrotey coomer bait rape scenes.

No. 352139

I feel like some things should not be modernized. Something being a product of it’s time is not a bad thing to avoid

No. 352150

Lol yeah all these prudes right? How could they dislike a scene where a girl is knocked out, tied up, and then raped by a fat scrote? I bet they don't watch real porn either haha.
Here I found this cool porn website that uploads all these movie rape scenes for men to masturbate to:

No. 352166

Kind of a nitpick, but I don't like the title the girl with a dragon tattoo, in my language they went for a more literal translation and it's just "the men who didn't like women/the men who hated women". It probably says something about something, but I don't care to figure out what cause I just didn't like it that much.

No. 352178

I feel like you have to be insanely internet brain-rotted and blackpilled beyond redemption to see scenes meant to horrify the viewer and immediately think "this is porn for men" tbh

No. 352181

ntayrt but it's more about how it's executed and shot, so whichever intentions the director had is thrown out the window if it's filmed badly

No. 352206

Maybe in a world where "rape" and "gangbang" aren't in the top 10 most popular porn categories for men.

No. 352408

File: 1706713661013.png (1.73 MB, 1534x1136, KoSV1pa.png)

(wrong thread)

No. 352444

no I agree, "Men Who Hate Women" is a literal translation and fits the story much better too. Lisbeth gets the tattoo pretty late in and the story is more about the mystery and overall anti-woman crimes and the dude than her.
bad people get off to horrifying things, it's not enough to film the act and assume nobody would get off to it. How many times have you seen a rape scene that on paper is meant to be a horrifying moment for the character but instead is filmed in a way that's porny for men? "I Spit on Your Grave" and all other "rape revenge" films on paper could be decent revenge fantasies, but instead you spend most of the movie watching a woman get raped and tormented and maybe ten minutes of her setting up a trap for her tormentors to die off-screen. That's a movie that on paper is "woman takes revenge on her rapists" but is nothing but scrote porn for men who watch rape porn but want to feel better than rapists. You don't have to show rape explicitly for it to be horrifying and so the choices a director or cinematographer takes does shape the results entirely regardless of what the on paper "intent" seems to be.
Not necessarily arguing that TGWTDT was an example of rape filmed bad, but given hollywood's track record of filming rape like porn, you can't blame someone for avoiding all depictions made by men ten years out from a sexual assault lawsuit

No. 352457

>pearl clutching
It's an explicit rape scene, you weirdo.

No. 352481

File: 1706737294371.jpeg (52.94 KB, 270x369, IMG_7914.jpeg)

Do you have a movie you just can’t show anyone but you wish you could? For me it’s Adam’s Apples. I feel like I would die of feeling judged if I watched it with other people due to all the dark humor (some of which I don’t even like) but a lot of it is extremely funny

No. 352490

This is funny to read as a Dane when everyone and their moms have seen this movie here, kek. The first time I watched it I was 11

No. 352495

lmao are the slurs not as bad in Danish? As a burger that’s just a hard no sort of thing, the subs translate it as the N word. Also the ex-con who is a former rapist and child tennis prodigy when he spirals and puts on his old tennis uniform then ties up Sarah in his room (but doesn’t do anything? and she cheekily asks the next day if they fooled around and its jaw dropping/ kinda funny in a dark way since they’re both alcoholics) makes me feel like I couldn’t even watch it with nonnies kek. I mean it’s not like it A Serbian Film but I seriously hesitate to show it to anyone casually as a funny movie

No. 352504

I would recommend The Nice Guys though be aware there is a lot of porny content due to the plot intersecting with 70s California porn industry.

No. 352526

File: 1706748127200.png (1.87 MB, 1325x993, Rope-Featured-Image.png)

i'm not really ashamed of anything i like, but i absolutely love rope (1948) and to normies i'd have to pretend that i like it because it's some masterpiece of film and a cLaSsIc of hitchcock instead of just liking it bc it's basically a dramatized au of leopold & loeb

No. 352528

Nekromantik 2

No. 352682

File: 1706815182082.png (165.43 KB, 268x326, Blair.png)

What are you anons favourite Carpenter movies? The Thing for me

No. 352683

File: 1706815649173.jpg (161.03 KB, 1018x759, 1000005972.jpg)

Omg nona I love Rope too! I'm not a huge Hitchcock fan normally but Rope is so unlived by folks I interact with or they just want to talk about the filming.

I will admit I mostly love it because it hates on dumb men and James Stewart is hot in it.

No. 352691


loved this movie, i think it has a lot to say about social media and online one-upmanship.

No. 352710

I just walked outside the theater in the middle of Poor things. I can't bear this shit. If I see another sex scene of a woman with a child's brain I'm gonna kms. "a woman gaining freedom" bullshit. And people in the theater laughing at sex jokes about her… sorry for the rant I feel I'm the only sane person here.

No. 352716

I have to watch it now kek. For me it's Napoleon Dynamite, I'm sure most people I know wouldn't find it funny and it would break my heart.

No. 352721

File: 1706823427740.jpeg (3.61 MB, 2881x1930, IMG_7939.jpeg)

Halloween or Big Trouble in Little China lol
I’ve seen They Live and The Thing the most times and they’re great. Everyone shits on Vampires but it’s a gem. I like the music in Assault on Precinct 13. Christine is very creative but I preferred Herby Fully Loaded for sentient car movies

No. 352726

File: 1706824841233.png (2.29 MB, 1618x1170, carpenter films.png)

Escape from LA is also great. Plus it has Buschemi in it
Not as sophisticated choices as The Thing but I will re-watch these forever. The Halloween theme will pop in my head at random too, it's so good. The president's reaction at the end of Escape from New York is probably one of my favourite movie endings too

No. 352765

Carpenter movies are honestly so fun to watch with anyone, I love them so much.

No. 352784

File: 1706836574141.gif (9.49 MB, 540x399, tumblr_ac6423ba1ad72f9ed9d103c…)

yeah, i'm a hitchcock hater tbh, i can't separate how he treated women from his other films. but rope is his rare based exception not only for the subject but he also hired two gay actors to play the leads which is shockingly progressive for the time. and beyond that it's just a fucking great movie
are you not a millennial? every millennial i know adores napoleon dynamite, we grew up on it

No. 352791

>are you not a millennial?
I am, but it wasn't popular in my country. Most people don't know about it, I watched it only 10 years ago or so

No. 352809

File: 1706841171161.jpg (43.34 KB, 220x326, 1000006189.jpg)

Tacky movie by a tacky director about a tacky man. Sorry nomas, I loved it

No. 352818

>I will admit I mostly love it because it hates on dumb men
That is literally the best part of Rope. That and they killed another man instead of a woman. But James Stewart being all "Wait…what? You took all that bullshit I said about intellectual superiority seriously? The fuck?"

No. 352819

The Thing is 100 percent top of my list for best Carpenter movie, followed by The Fog, Big trouble in Little China, and Halloween 1.

No. 352820

Based af. I love how Kojima fell in love with Snake Pliskin enough to make him a character in his own games.

No. 352821

File: 1706843929639.jpg (11.6 KB, 259x212, prince of darkness.jpg)

Prince of Darkness
I have not heard of this movie, I'm going to add it to my list and watch it sometime.

No. 352849

Tom Hanks accent in this was fucking hilarious to me

No. 352938

File: 1706875631098.jpg (58.43 KB, 500x700, Cigarette_Burns_Masters_of_Hor…)

it's not a movie but i love his masters of horror episode

No. 352953

File: 1706881272417.jpg (10.35 KB, 400x225, fe248ea2ec13eb1e0b83385fa2a4fc…)

i just watched the talented mr ripley, i really enjoyed it! idk if saltburn was inspired by this film or not but there were too many similarities, this one is way better tho. matt damon was fine here and gave a great performance, jude law's british accent kinda slipped out sometimes. the scene on the train was bittersweet. felt bad for tom and peter's relationship

No. 352955

My mum is obsessed with Jude Law. This film and The Holiday are probably her most watched movies kek

No. 352960

i like the holiday too, cute movie. i found matt more handsome in mr ripley but jude law was hot back then for sure

No. 352982

Kek and his giant goiter prosthetic.
The writers of Walk Hard should sue the Elvis movie for plagiarism

No. 353008

Same! Baz Luhrmann knows he's campy and doesn't try to be fake deep. I liked the cinematography and its surreal vibe. Austin Butler's accent and then his irl path to get rid of it was hilarious. What a small-nosed man. It was a fun movie and I'm not ashamed of liking it either!

No. 353086

File: 1706915272070.jpg (565.06 KB, 1827x2560, 1000009780.jpg)

If anyone is in the mood for a stylish revenge film, I wholeheartedly recommend picrel

No. 354007

File: 1707230034304.jpg (117.4 KB, 712x1000, 915bLd Fi1L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

Rewatched John Carpenter's Vampires this week. Wow what a hilariously bad movie, it was better in my memory. I still like parts of it and the lines are so bad they're good, but I forgot how they treat the hooker character like shit the whole fucking time. I watched the sequel (Vampires: Los Muertos) yesterday and I honestly thought it was more fun to watch even though it's bad too, it's just a more fun type of bad.

No. 354124

How has nobody mentioned the Iron Claw? It was such a good movie. I went in and expected to not like it, but it was great. I was so surprised with how abusive the father was, and how depressing the entire family was. Wow. I love biopic films like that, it's also why I loved Priscilla and I, tonya. I NEED more films like this, anyone know any like that?

No. 354126

Also, I watched this film. Loved it! Thanks for the suggestion.

No. 354194

I’m so excited for Dune 2 I’m watching it in IMAX

No. 354471

File: 1707371820336.jpg (228.72 KB, 960x1440, 1000006206.jpg)

A New Leaf (1971) 10/10 recommend

No. 354491

watched 65 yesterday, how do you make a shooting dinosaurs in the face movie this boring? and why were the main characters aliens but they just looked human anyway? shit movie would not recommend

No. 354611

File: 1707431368552.jpg (20.28 KB, 563x375, d2b3795988b6be467c61722e553517…)

Thanks for mentioning this movie, anon, I really enjoyed it. You kinda know how it'll end from the very start but the way it's unfolding is pretty unpredictable and unusual. I get why you hesitate to show it to other people, but I personally feel like the main problem is that some won't have the patience to continue watching due to its "weirdness", even though they could've actually liked it if they watched it fully, if it makes sense. I just feel like some people would be afraid of the possibility of watching the unnecessarily upsetting film kek

No. 354620

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

No. 354734

I LOVED this movie. I watched it while learning Danish and I found it so fucking funny. The Green Butchers is another one I believe by the same guy, also starring Mads. In that one, Mads has a bald cap and looks intentionally so hideous and creepy kek he’s really amusing

No. 354735

I watched this because of you and unfortunately the humor and charm of the lead actress weren't enough to save it for me. I wanted to have a good time, but the male lead is such an asshole it's unbearable. I know he's an asshole on purpose but that doesn't make it any less annoying to listen to him say such foul shit about such a sweet and intelligent woman just because she's naïve and clumsy. The dialogue was really fun, though, and the acting was good. I learned the butler was a pedo who abused his step son and he was later kidnapped by that step son and the sons real father who tortured and killed the butler guy, wild.

No. 354737

File: 1707502927400.jpeg (182.93 KB, 960x1440, IMG_8098.jpeg)

>the green butchers
Oh my god I forgot about that one! Yes, I loved it too, it was so funny and Mads looked insanely hideous lol

No. 354741

>Mads looked insanely hideous
Nothing new.

No. 354979

File: 1707608389241.jpg (52.36 KB, 704x773, 1703273721153.jpg)

I just saw Poor Things and I hate this movie so fucking much. It looks great and the music is good but that's about it. Every time I consume a piece of art I ask myself, what was the intention behind it, why was that a thing that someone made up etc. And with this story and this book (written by a moid of course), what's more behind it except perverted moid fantasies? He would never write this story with a male main character going through the same things and "growing" because of it, because, of course, only a woman can experience the world through getting fucked by men. I hate the false juxtaposition between the prudish evil husband who wants to cut off his wife's clit (the symbol of sexual pleasure) and free sex and fucking with every guy and getting STDs (good uwu self-discovery shit). Like there's nothing else, and like it's implying that if you're opposing the second choice, you must support the first choice. I hate the idea that this movie/book shows how a truly free woman would behave like if she wasn't "chained by societal norms" (that's the retarded take I saw in many reviews). In reality, more and more women now choose celibacy because the less they need men because of socio-economic reasons, the more they can truly see how parasitic men are. Less patriarchy means less engaging with men. More patriarchy means more engaging with men (casual sex included). I hate that the movie doesn't even reflect on the fact that Bella perceived her brothel experience as enriching even though an average prostitute (and the wast majority of prostitutes) has no choice to opt out of it at any given moment like she had. It didn't even show any instance of abuse from johns even thought that's something prostitutes go through normally. I hate the fact that I had to look at naked Emma Stone getting fucked by ugly, fat, disgusting old men twice her age. But of course it's le deep because she talks in autistic manner and the more "independent" she becomes (independence means fucking with men for money instead of fucking with men for free) the less her first fuck-buddy likes her and it's le deep because it shows how evil patriarchy wants to control female sexuality. Scaruffi and YMS loved the movie and that means it's le good.

No. 354990

File: 1707610669529.png (573.63 KB, 620x2520, pencil dick.png)

whenever i see any reference to Mads Mikkelsen I remember this awful, awful vintage tumblr post where a bunch of women go to bat for Mads after an anon accuses him of having a pencil dick


No. 354993

I just think of the quote about his kids saying they will kill him if he doesn’t agree to be in that Rihanna video

No. 354997

>…claims that [Bella] was a corpse, resurrected by McCandless's colleague, the scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter, who had her brain swapped with that of her unborn foetus, resulting in her having an infant's mind. While designed to be Baxter's companion, her sexual appetite causes her to pursue other men, including McCandless and a foppish lawyer named Duncan Wedderburn, with whom she elopes and embarks on a hedonistic odyssey around Europe, Northern Africa, and Central Asia.


No. 355059

His daughter also wanted to beat his ass if he refused to be Grindelwald in the third Fantastic Beasts iirc. Or at least he didn't know anything about HP and his daughter is a fan so in an interview with the other actors he was like "omg I don't know who Hagrid is omg my daughter's going to kill me". He should have had this role from the beginning imo.

No. 355063

File: 1707642143338.jpg (86.65 KB, 497x755, pee-wee.jpg)

Recently watched Pee-wee's big adventure, I was surprised how funny it is. This dude is so autistic and you can't help but cheer for him and his dumbass bike. Burton really peaked here

No. 355122

Anon did you never watch Peewee’s Playhouse?

No. 355158

File: 1707678044118.jpg (14.35 KB, 500x281, MV5BYTEwY2FhMDgtNjI3OC00NTYzLW…)

Just saw Poor Things yesterday, and the more I think about the movie the angrier I get, because it could have been so good if the director wasn't a porn-brained voyeuristic moid. I don't know how Emma Stone produced this and is defending it as if it wasn't glorified born-sexy-yesterday porn. I loved the directing when Emma Stone wasn't being fucked on-screen, but of course we need to divert from the philosophical topics and instead focus on the toddler-like girl having sex. I didn't even have that much of a problem with the male gaze at the beginning since it does a good job of portraying men as the beasts they are, but slowly the movie stops pretending that the sex is used for artistic purposes and becomes gratuitous. Not really sure what to make out of the movie, but I know for sure I wouldn't be as mad is this wasn't being praised as a feminist masterpiece. This movie is gonna age terribly.

No. 355169

it's not that trope at all

No. 355173

So she's just repeating that le retarded gen z's are soooo prudish? She's a libfem I don't trust what she says.

No. 355174

it never broadcasted in my country so no, I only know pee-wee through this movie. Is he just like that all the time?

No. 355176

no but you're not gonna change your mind so it doesn't matter, but your criticism is based in things that aren't correct, so

No. 355185

yes anon, enjoy

No. 355196

Completely off topic but I’m embarrassed for the women in the comments saying they are just like Bella. So you have a baby brain? Kek

No. 355202

kek nta but yes that's his entire persona. His acts were centered around being very silly.

No. 355204

File: 1707688668838.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1500x2250, IMG_3607.jpeg)

just watched picrel in the cinema. it was pretty good, not too graphic which i appreciate. i don't really enjoy movies like the pianist because they feel too "hollywood". overall this felt serious and heavy in a subtle way. i sort of wish it was longer because it ended just before a major event in the holocaust was supposed to take place. as for the characterization of höss, i think it did okay, but it was kind of ambivalent and almost too humanizing at certain points. this movie is ofc in the perspective of the perpetrators and not victims of the holocaust, which is interesting, but i didn't like that they completely left out any interaction between höss and the prisoners. but again i do appreciate that it wasn't so explicit.

No. 355208

i think you just hate the movie and aren't willing to talk about it in any positive way despite the movie literally being about how men ruin women.

No. 355211

Thats not even the same anon? Why are you caping so hard for a shitty porn film. Genuinely, tell me what you love so much about Poor Things that it's earned your desperate defence.

No. 355214

already did >>347570
you're extremely weird if you saw it as a "porn film" and didn't catch the condemnation of men who sexualize and take advantage of children/women
bet you'll cry when it wins oscars lol

No. 355216

In my opinion, my interpretation rather, is that the gratuitous sex is supposed to disgust you and make you feel uncomfortable. I didn't take it as sexual empowerment, I took it as blatant exploitation and felt that's what the movie wanted me to feel. Like I'm not supposed to be celebrating her having all of this weird sex, I'm supposed to be concerned and worried for her and her naïve and childish decisions. The only relationship that felt truly glorified was the one she had with the other sex worker she became close to and ends up living with. All throughout the movie the mc is taken advantage because of her lack of knowledge of the world and exploited right from the womb, by the doctor, by whats his nuts, the lady who owns the brothel, they all emotional and mentally manipulate her into doing what they want while also gaslighting her into thinking she's making her own decisions. It's only at the end where she really does start making her own decisions and sees how horrible the world really is where she is able to find stability and peace in her life. I hate that she marries the doctor, but at least he's a just a submissive loser. My interpretation leaving the film was that it was against the "sexuality is empowerment" bullshit that's being pushed on women and the bizzare ways society tries to justify it's treatment of women.

No. 355219

agree w/ what you said and i said this before, but again, the uproar makes me think of nabakov's lolita. lolita is a much, much more important work, but poor things is also suffering from people mistaking it as glorifying something that it is not. it's not without criticisms and i wouldn't say it's a "feminist movie" but it's definitely not glorifying pedophilia or any of this twittard shit people keep saying.

No. 355220

Yeah absolutely, and as someone who loves the directors work this would be at the bottom of the list for my favorites of his

No. 355221

Samefag, in regards to the pedo shit, I think that people are taking the baby brain thing way too literally for the camp and unseriousness of most of the movie. In my opinion, it's just used as a device for the plot, and something like amnesia would have worked the same way. It's a device used to explore the world through the experience of someone who never has experienced any of the world.

No. 355229

Would the story look the same (where most human experiences of the protag come from getting fucked by men) if the main character was male instead of female?

No. 355230

Nta, but no not at all. That doesn't mean anything though, the story being about a female experience doesn't make it a feminist movie.

No. 355232

Of course it doesn't, that's not what I meant. I don't think we need another male pov on how women experience the world through getting fucked by men who are in certain areas more powerful than them. We have enough blackpills irl.

No. 355233

Uh, yeah I totally agree with that for sure. But we live in a "free" world where people can make stuff and it exists and people interpret it how they want to. It doesn't really matter who made it or even what the intention of it's creator is, the only thing that matters is how you personally feel about it, and you don't like it and that opinion holds just as much weight as someone who did like it.

No. 355237

File: 1707702461142.jpg (9.41 KB, 201x251, 1000006848.jpg)

New trailer just dropped. I have very mixed feelings. I really want to like it though.

No. 355239

is that the real actual poster? it looks ai generated or made by a fan on a mobile photo editing app. costume design is really dead huh.

No. 355240

File: 1707703948924.jpeg (819.02 KB, 2554x1879, dresses.jpeg)

it looks so bland and uninspired. the trailer reminded me of that oz great and powerful movie that looks nearly identical in CGI. The costumes are going to increase in quantity instead of quality and Ariana is going to go down as the worst Galinda by far. The current elphaba also seems bland, I don't think the director knows how to direct more theatrical performances out of people so here's to hoping she at least sounds nice. She just has zero charisma, how is "Popular" going to land at all when it's her voice singing it? "Thank Goodness" also needs some serious acting chops and punch that I cannot see her voice doing. The original story is going to be doing some serious heavy lifting to make this passable. Considering this movie has been in production since Ari was a little girl, the move to put in a sudden celebrity cash grab feels like they never had faith in the project and are just pushing it out now which is probably why it took like 20 years to make. They seriously were better off releasing a pro-shot of the original cast decades ago, but broadway has always been stupid about that.
Also it's not a good sign when the trailer only shows a very few number of scenes and sets and avoided showing most of the important bits. most of those shots are from a small number of mostly act 1 scenes and unimportant establishing shots that unfortunately make munchkinland look empty as fuck

No. 355243

File: 1707704569176.jpeg (187.39 KB, 540x810, p_encanto_homeent_22359_4892ae…)

This was really underwhelming I expected better at least the animation was nice but Dolores and Pepa were so annoying.I don't get the popularity at all.Did not resonate with me despite being Hispanic.

No. 355247

File: 1707705073840.png (3.33 MB, 1280x1926, DcsmQtWX0AAep1e.png)

no bc it's quite literally about men trying to control and destroy a woman, men don't experience that the same way
elphaba being a black woman and glinda being ariana fucking grande sure is a choice. not only due to them being sisters (how?) but ariana's frequent accusations of blackfishing. i bet people will also be asking why the character frequently accused of being a jewish stereotype is the black lady. can't wait to popcorn all the discourse tbh

No. 355254

Lol that's not even remotely true. Your opinion does not "hold just as much weight as one who likes degrading humiliating works of women and girls". The people who hold the most stakes in film production have the most power, like pedowood. If this delusional coping were true there would be equally as many degrading male movies as ones involving women and you'd see an actual organic variety of perspectives in film by women with controversial opinions but we don't for a reason. Stop this handmaiden mass coping over male and handmaiden made dogshit movies.

No. 355257

This same director made Now You See Me 2 and even that looks better than the trailer for Wicked. Even Crazy Rich Asians looks more visually appealing. I don't understand why for the fantasy themed fucking movie that the sets look so flat and lifeless, especially considering they looked okay in the preview photos.

Don't get me started on Ariana as Glinda. Awful casting choice

No. 355264

elphie's been played by black women before, other races too cause she's green at the end of the day, what should matter is voice and attitude.
if there's discourse all over again about an elphaba's actress's race that would be pretty stupid tbh

No. 355267

File: 1707708073404.jpg (355.55 KB, 1290x1810, 1000006237.jpg)

Sorry you didn't like it anon, here's something that might be more your speed

No. 355268

This is my favorite sims 2 expansion

No. 355273

i can see it coming bc of the discourse with ariana blackfishing and asianfishing

No. 355299

nta but this is such a twitter response, disliking something for being edgy and pointless is a valid criticism.

No. 355353

>sex worker
kek stopped reading right there

No. 355356

Elphaba and Glinda aren't sisters tho? Are they in this movie? That would be a CHOICE since they have a lot of homoerotic subtext in both the book and musical. 'What is this feeling' is basically a enemies to lovers song.

No. 355362

also the entire story was inspired by an actual rape the author witnessed when he was young. he saw an actual real life girl named lisbeth getting raped and didn't help her because he "felt too loyal to his friends". fuck the retarded coomer author and fuck his idiot rape fetish trilogy, it's obvious he wrote the damn thing with other hand in his pants.

No. 355364

Yorgos Lanthimos you silly goose, you know men aren’t allowed to post on here.

No. 355471

twitter is where you go to cancel people for having a viewpoint you disagree with. twitter is where people put “antis dni” in their bios. twitter is where people send death threats to people who like a ship they hate. you picked the most retarded response.

No. 355472

It's a comedy from 1971, it's about as edgy as a sandcastle at high tide

No. 355678

My prediction is that Nolan isn't getting best director because despite Oppenheimer being the long, boring and men centric piece of shit film that all critics find "worthy" of awarding, poor things is just the sexual abuse fantasy every Hollywood exec dreams off and since the Oscars are always rigged, Nolan is winning half of the awards he is nominated for, barbie might win best picture because these days women can only win awards for being women.

No. 355691

meh, comparing Poor Things to Lolita is like comparing a mudcake to a pile of shit because both are brown and look kinda similar if you squint hard enough. (Talking about Lolita the book, not the films which are shit.)

No. 355848

Could Poor Things actually be like a bad adaption of Lolita? Or potentially I suppose kind of like the intent vs execution of Cuties which was supposed to be a cautionary tale and biopic about the horrors of current child-dance routines but actually showed a bunch of children performing disgustingly adult routines with explicit camera shots.
To any non-pedo Cuties reads as absolutely horrific, unfortunately pedophiles had a different reading and it was pretty obvious to some in the former category that that would happen. I'm wondering if there might be a similar disconnect here that some nonnas with the movie. Basically we're probably all not pedos here aside from any lurking troons and see the scenes in the movie as horrifying, but some of us might be more sensitive to pedophile red flags than others and see recognize what they like.

No. 355860

Ntayrt but this discussion reminds me, there's an old movie called Child Bride which was intended to criticize child marriage laws, however the message gets lost because there's a weird scene of a 12 year girl swimming naked that goes on for a while. It adds absolutely nothing to the movie, it could have been removed and the story would have remained the same. Imo the intent doesn't matter anymore when actual child actors are involved in sexual scenes because it's just adding more to the problem of child exploitation. There's plenty of ways directors can criticize it without going that far. With Cuties it's not only focusing on the kid's bodies but also having it go on longer than necessary, like it looks like something out of a music video. I don't understand why this is often the go-to method filmmakers do when trying to do these messages when the result hardly looks any different from noncritical child sexualization. Like can't they think outside the box a bit?

No. 355893

Is there any movie where Emma Stone doesn't get fucked by an older man

No. 355906

She was cute in Easy A and Zombieland, La La Land is fairly inoffensive if not whiny, enjoyed her as Cruella, she actually does have the ability to act and is beautiful imo but no idea why she wastes it on some of the roles she's done. Especially Poor Things

No. 355912

Easy A, though she plays a girl who is willing to further nuke her reputation in order to boost boy's which feels appropriate. she learns better (at least that she shouldn't be known as a slut, not to put herself before men necessarily) but i don't remember liking the general feel of the movie in regards to messaging. It's been a while but i don't care to rewatch to find out it's probably even worse than I remember.
I guess the spider man movies too. I remember she said some performative "feminist" shit at the press panels that got gifed and passed around tumblr.

No. 355947

>might be more sensitive to pedophile red flags than others and see recognize what they like
not entirely sure what you mean here but even discussion of CSA makes me nauseous and want to throw up, and yet i still didn't see poor things as "pedo glorifying".

No. 356080

File: 1707955948721.jpeg (2.93 MB, 6072x9000, IMG_3387.jpeg)

I watched Anyone But You since it’s the Valentine’s Day and it has decent reviews. It’s shit though, the main conflict is idiotic (he gets mad at her for leaving him in the morning in true incel fashion and she obviously overhears him shit talking her) and the tension is so staged. The director’s coomerism is written all over it, so Sydney’s boobs are on display half of the time and the moments where they are supposed to accidentally touch each other are visibly forced. The dialogue is terrible and it’s all painfully unfunny, like your typical 50-something scrote’s lazy idea of humor. 'Rom-com revival' my ass, it’s just riding on nostalgia for the genre while keeping it as mid and uncreative as possible.

No. 356084

File: 1707956294541.jpg (21.07 KB, 524x524, FgAPwirVsAg3aA5.jpg)

>people itt unironically defending poor things and believing a moid director had the critical analysis of female roles and male gaze in mind when he filmed all the erotic scenes including one with kids as spectators
is this site now called libcow.farm

No. 356098

picrel is accurate bc it's what you look like
go back to twitter(infighting)

No. 356103

Nta but I don't get why this is always the response to criticism of this movie itt when twitterfags love defending shit like this

No. 356106

ok libtard(infighting)

No. 356119

File: 1707958986607.png (791.45 KB, 960x576, seventh continent.png)

If you scroll up you'll see that the majority of anons abhorred Poor Things.

No. 356132

>the tension is so staged
Almost as if its a movie, or something

No. 356153

nta but if it was a good movie it wouldn't seem staged

No. 356239

It's wanting to have their cake and eat it too. "We will criticize x by literally just doing x" rubbish when they can do the same without displaying x and instead implying it (but they still want to pander to people who unironically wish to indulge in whatever the x is eg. x being sexualization of minors, or prostitution, etc).

No. 356246

Are you dense or sth?

No. 356257

File: 1707988950329.jpeg (229.56 KB, 1024x759, IMG_8596.jpeg)

This should've had Zoey Deutch instead. She's a better actress, her and glen previously starred in another romcom and had decent chemistry.

No. 356258

File: 1707989294367.jpeg (274.8 KB, 1000x1482, IMG_8597.jpeg)

This was dumb as hell but I liked it. Nice way to waste an hour and a half. I enjoy a good old irresponsible older sibling responsible younger sibling dynamic

No. 356293

File: 1708005830477.jpeg (129.24 KB, 752x752, tumblr_b8ff2dfe98cd4bcbb8868a3…)

she's just obsessed with the fact that not everyone agrees with her and unfortunately this site is not her conservative christian facebook group
can’t wait for the oscar sweep

No. 356302

And so what if it wins? Do you think anyone will stop criticizing because of that?

No. 356311

If anyone's obsessed about people disagreeing, it's you

No. 356314

Sage for O/T but I didn’t know Scaruffi reviewed movies, unless you’re talking about a different Scaruffi. I know him from his music reviews

No. 356317

I'm just going to say it: I don't even trust men who make non-sexual films. No male director has good intentions no matter what so of course one making an overly sexual film is no exception.

No. 356340

Your constant sperging bringing up how mad you are that some people ITT liked Poor Things says otherwise
Can you maybe contribute to the thread instead
Men are incapable of not viewing everything through a sexual lens(infighting)

No. 356412

>tumblr pics and twatter-like liberal rhetoric defending pedo movie/book
You have to go back. And maybe watch some actual kino instead of Emma Stone getting fucked by old disgusting fat men over and over again(infighting)

No. 356419

You are the one that is constantly sperging whenever someone brings up that they don’t like the movie. You keep bringing up that it’s going to win awards at the oscars like that completely shuts down all criticism that other anons have of the movie, but the fact is that it hasn’t actually won anything yet, so your premature gloating makes no sense. It’s fine if you like the movie, but constantly trying to shut down other people’s discussion of it because it’ll supposedly win awards in a few months is incredibly childish.(infighting)

No. 356427

there's other anons in here who are tired of your chimpouts about this stupid movie btw

No. 356434

I'm planning to go watch Lisa Frankenstein on Saturday, will report later how it is.
Sadly it's unrelated to Lisa Frank but damn, imagine if it was!

No. 356538

I honestly don't care for the Oscars and at work people talk about poor things as a great movie but from what I have seen on this thread the movie is about a baby brained woman being sexually abused by multiple men, is that true? What's poor things actually about?

No. 356572

I hope you love it nonna! I saw it for V day and it was so fun. Everything I was hoping for tbh. Also Cole Sprouse looks hot as an 1800s zombie but not in real life

No. 356583

imagine calling your movie that hasn't even released yet a "future cult classic"
also hate this A24 wannabe aesthetic of trailers so much

No. 356590

No, that isn’t what it’s about. You could try watching it and forming your own opinion instead of letting others decide for you though.
Dead Poets Society 2024 this is not.

No. 356623

What’s the movie you have rewatched the most?

No. 356624

imo it takes skill to actually cover dark topics without just badly shoving it in your face to shock you. that plus it's easier to direct actors if you force them to reenact something bad directly or experience real shock instead of acting around it and getting them to react to something that isn't physically there or happening (aka acting). the aftershocks of the event are what actually matter anyways, not the event in the moment as much regardless
it's like this stupid jack the ripper film (based on pedoshit alan moore's comic) from a while back that decided to get "real" reactions out of their actors by shocking them with the real crime photos of the real victims during a police scene they were expected to be shown fake and less graphic pictures. you could tell even the hollywood moids were legitimately disgusted by seeing the butchered victims. it's disgusting but also just supremely lazy and untalented behaviour

No. 356632

>Watch the movie
no, thats boring

No. 356634

File: 1708119212260.jpeg (342.59 KB, 1280x1916, IMG_8575.jpeg)

Poetic Justice thanks to my sister being obsessed with it. I could recite the lines from memory.

No. 356636

File: 1708120472486.jpeg (9.27 KB, 275x183, meg.jpeg)

you've got mail. very comfy film that i never tire of.

No. 356637

Probably Jurassic Park. Or Trainspotting.

No. 356640

late seeing your response but i agree. and how being a self-inflicted victim can one-up another person's positive success in this climate. or at least people are aware that behaviour is rewarded and strive for it, instead of success.
loved this film too. it rivalled rear window for me.

No. 356642

File: 1708121381959.jpeg (108.87 KB, 220x314, IMG_3398.jpeg)

Her probably, which is weird because I don’t even like this movie. I watched it first when I was 12 and didn’t really get it, the second time was three years ago after I talked about it with my ex bf and the third time when I wanted to show it to my father and compare it with Lost in Translation after I learned about the correlation. I like Lost in Translation much better though, I find it way more touching. Her has admittedly very good script, but feels kinda stiff overall and doesn’t really move me. I like the soundtrack though.

No. 356654

i was retardedly obsessed with the movie liar liar when i was a tween and would watch it over and over and over again, probably at least ten times. i hate it now but i could probably still memorize the script by heart.

No. 356655

Mamma Mia, I watched it about 4 times when it came out in cinemas so that skews it a bit.

No. 356656

File: 1708124173221.jpeg (35.44 KB, 1280x546, IMG_3400.jpeg)

Or maybe it was this one (I’m >>356642), it’s European fujos’ Holy Grail.

No. 356657

File: 1708124280446.gif (180.18 KB, 220x177, jim-carrey-penis-blue.gif)

omg one of the first DVDs I bought and would watch over and over for years. think I'm due another rewatch.
this was one of the most uncomfortable films i ever watched, i don't think i could ever put myself through it again. it's been 10 years since i saw it though and i bet it hits very differently now, considering how far AI has come.

No. 356658

File: 1708125956782.jpg (128.19 KB, 592x841, ruthless-people.jpg)

one of the funniest, sily movies ever. i don't know how to describe it because the movie starts with a crazy premise, goes off the wall with it, and then ends in a ridiculous climax. within the first 2 minutes danny devito plans to kill his wife (bette midler) but comes home to find her kidnapped and ransomed by two "ruthless" kidnappers already and tries to get them to kill her but hijinks ensue instead. 10/10 totally recommend. there's a weird blackmail subplot involving a politician that involves sex but you don't really see much and it's too over the top to feel real.
probably gonna re-watch it this weekend actually

No. 356661

File: 1708126776563.jpg (19.63 KB, 480x270, sotl.jpg)

For me it's either Silence of the Lambs or But I'm a Cheerleader. random af, I know, but I love both.

No. 356663

happy for you anon

No. 356667

File: 1708129069958.png (235.27 KB, 600x480, vlcsnap-2014-12-31-03h37m40s14…)

eisenstein's ivan the terrible. i don't even need subtitles anymore.

No. 356670

File: 1708129705727.jpg (177.02 KB, 1450x800, arton3182-1450x800-c.jpg)

Coraline, it's just a super fun and entertaining movie. The plot is cool, intriguing, it's just the right amount of creepy. The sets are interesting, beautiful and immersive. And Coraline kicks ass. My only nitpick is that some characters are almost too ugly, but they're still charming and well designed.

No. 356671

Fantastic mr fox and that movie I forgot the name where matt damon gets irreversibly shrunk and a divorce and then falls in love with that vietnamese activist that lost her leg and almost died in a tv box, I really liked it even though some parts are a bit underwhelming. It's the type of story that would work better if it was maybe a short tv series, in my opinion. I still watch it everytime it's on tv.

No. 356677

mine was an overused VCR copy. I lost the original copy but I bought one at an antiques store years later and still have it on my bookshelf.

I hate Jim Carrey now for all the horrible things he's done to women but I cannot deny he had a massive influence on me as a child and teen and actually made me a little more comfortable in my own skin. I grew up very quirky and felt like nobody understood me, but if someone as crazy as him could be famous then maybe there was hope for me as a person.

No. 356680

File: 1708136704177.jpeg (53.07 KB, 495x619, images.jpeg)

A little late but I loved sing 2. This is one of those times I think the second movie is better than the first. I guess the huge colorful metropolis atmosphere and the saturation of the colors plays a part cause honestly, so many live action remakes have that greyish murky atmosphere and I'm suppose to get feel good vibes off of that? the plot is also interesting and keeps me on edge since you want to know how things will turn out in the following scenes. I'm a sucker for feel good movies but there's a limit, since most movies like these fall flat in the end. This one didn't. I just loved how each character built there confidence to fulfill their roles and the story made you feel like a big part of something. I really found it bizzare that I enjoyed it this much. Anyone else seen it too?

No. 356687

reservoir dogs and the phantom of the opera

No. 356688

gotta be either jurassic park or back to the future

No. 356693

I’m rewatching The Matrix and I remember why I had such a crush on Keanu Reeves, holy fuck

No. 356696

My friend and his wife stopped by the other week with their little toddler and we ended up putting this movie on, I thought it was going to be dumb snarky “Dreamworks-face” garbage but I actually laughed out loud several times and realized I was actually invested in the story and really enjoyed it kek

No. 356721

Right back at ya.

No. 356742

File: 1708183556638.jpg (44.55 KB, 356x512, men.jpg)

watched this the other day. basically a traumatized woman goes to stay in a small secluded village after her crazy husband kills himself and realizes that all the moids in town share the same appearance (with the exception of having different hair and clothing). increasingly creepy incidents occur. i got high before it started and when i got to the part where the creature gives birth to itself over and over again i thought i was losing my mind kek

No. 356745

File: 1708186469683.jpg (32.57 KB, 355x500, gaear-grimsrud-7644322-normal.…)

I don't want to scare other nonas with this moid but i just want to say that i keep thinking about how i would want to fuck this character if he was a woman, sorry.
I know it's a reach and probably she wouldn't exist but i can envision it, god i need female characters with his attitude and aura, i'm in the verge of tears yearning for it.

No. 356786

retarded movie. we don't need all the shock and weird transformation sequences. it could have literally just been a woman being sexually harassed in a village full of men and been even scarier because that's just real life. men attempt to depict the patriachy without any metaphors challenge.

No. 356822

Oh my god I was excited to see that movie and I ended up hating the second half of it so much kek

No. 356865

Lawrence of Arabia

No. 356876

I wanted to like Madame Web so bad, we as society need more recognizable female characters attached to Spider-Man, Gwen was claimed by the trannies and I'm conflicted about this movie because it botched multiple characters that i would have loved to see adapted to movie since i saw them in the comics but now that i know Anya Corazon will never be known to trannies like Gwen did I'm at peace.

No. 356877

Holy shit it was great! It was like a shitpost I made myself given life in the best possible way! It was so funny but the visual style of the intro and the dream sequence were so cool.

No. 356879

File: 1708224989988.jpeg (100.32 KB, 705x1000, IMG_8714.jpeg)

This movie, especially the scene where she visits HR, is so fucking bleak.

No. 356897

Who got botched out of curiosity? I find it helps knowing going in to feel less disappointed

Also you nonnas have convinced me to watch Lisa Frankenstein when it's available to torrent kek

No. 356905

Just watched Saltburn, and idk seeing so much Poor Things hype I feel like 2023 was a year of disgusting mid-tier movies, even though of course there were some good ones as well.

No. 357380

File: 1708464626679.jpg (705.41 KB, 1400x2100, yibtHDMO70RueiEmtrcJeTiiHFo.jp…)

Watched May December and loved it. Julienne Moore is phenomenal in it. Many interpretations and fascinating psychology covered under slightly campy aesthetic, it's hypnotizing. And it kinda pains me to say this, but it shows the process and effects of grooming way better than Priscilla.

No. 357900

File: 1708650199053.png (1.95 MB, 1000x1429, MV5BYTAzZmEzZjEtNmIzMS00MzlhLW…)

First time a movie made me go from wide awake to almost falling alseep. Way too boring. I don't mind long and slow scenes but just don't make it boring. I knew when there was an official break I should have watched part 2 on the next day, but I decided against it which was a big mistake. It was painful to reach the end of the film. The imagery was stunning though. Too bad because I was prepared to love it based on all the positive ratings.

No. 357934

boy kills world new trailer. it doesn't seem good from the trailer but i'll watch it for bill, he looks cute with this hair and the jacket

No. 357942

i dont like that his EVIL MOTHER fucked him up bc thats moidy but he looks like a cute slut

No. 357970

>i dont like that his EVIL MOTHER fucked him up bc
the character didn't kill his mother, she killed his family.

No. 357973

Tbh I feel like you need to be in specific mood to enjoy Tarkovsky, his movies are like poetry translated to screen. The first film of his that I’ve watched was Sacrifice (his last one) and I loved it, I think it’s a good introduction to his work, like his other films it tackles metaphysical themes and it stays with you. Andrei Rublev bores me and I think it’s a very specific piece of Russian history, I didn’t like Nostalgia unfortunately, but I was so not in the mood and just wanted to checked it off my list (I’ll have to rewatch it someday). I also have to get to The Mirror.

No. 357992

Princess Mononoke. I've seen that movie a retarded amount of times. Used to fall asleep to it all the time because it's so comforting for me.

No. 357998

yeah i'm saying this is stupid. the archetype of a mom being evil and ruining her son in some way is dumb

No. 358010

File: 1708700511077.jpg (87.45 KB, 410x512, marrow.jpg)

any other nonnas like found footage/mockumentary films? they're my biggest guilty pleasure when it comes to movies. it is true that many of them are garbage, particularly when they're formulaic and do little more than attempt to replicate the blair witch project or paranormal activity, but they're also an excellent way for indie filmmakers with small budgets to tell compelling and sometimes even unusual stories.

No. 358011

The last one I watched was Final Prayer aka The Borderlands. It was pretty good would recommend. A nonny told me to watch it, could have been you I don’t know kek

No. 358032

I really do even if you sometimes have to suspend belief that they'd still be holding a camera. Creep and Lake Mungo are some of my faves.

No. 358044

kek it wasn't me but i do like that movie, the ending took me by complete surprise and had one of the most disturbing moments i've ever seen in a horror film which was seeing the main characters being slowly digested while still alive and hopelessly trapped, screaming in agony as they were melted by stomach acid

No. 358068

I really liked Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, although it's more of a summer blockbuster that executes audience favorites well rather than trying anything super new with the formula

No. 358260

kek this is my favourite film, i find it genuinely so captivating

No. 358388

File: 1708873877812.jpg (144.25 KB, 849x1100, D_E_B_S_Espaias_en_acciaon-650…)

The first and last time I watched this movie it must've been 2005-06 at my aunt's home. I have no idea why she had this downloaded on a dvd, maybe she thought it was a fun spy movie aimed at little girls with some girl power themes and comedy. She's a rightwing woman so I'll have to ask her one day but I'm almost certain she never checked what was actually the plot by herself. My little brother and I watched the movie unsupervised while she was doing stuff around her flat and I remember being completely mesmerized by the girls and, frankly, very uncomfortable with the plotwist (calling myself repressed doesn't even begin to describe it). Well, even though I was only 5 or 6 years old at that time this movie has been living in a corner of my brain for the past 18 years. I didn't remember the actresses faces so I was very surprised to see Jordana Brewster (I love The Faculty) as the main villain. I did remember the plot and the ending. This movie is a little gem. You can clearly see that the budget was low but the story and the script make up for it. D.E.B.S. is fun and uplifting, the themes it explores are actually interesting and I think that the chemistry between the two main actresses is huge. I was also very surprised by the soundtrack because it has two songs by The Cure and New Order. I highly recommend it and I hope I can stream it in a movienight someday.

No. 358481

File: 1708927606483.jpeg (883.39 KB, 2160x2880, IMG_8974.jpeg)

As far as Coen brothers films go this one is mid. All the hype over it and the memes and the awards and watching it the first time I guess I expected more… bombast?

No. 358482

File: 1708927755784.jpeg (209.52 KB, 960x1440, IMG_8975.jpeg)

Of the two thrillers I watched this week I preferred Zodiac. But I also like the cast better.

No. 358483

anton chigurh is the only good thing about this movie. great character

No. 358484

I agree, then maybe the fact that the concept of modern western movie was not bad. I don't like western cowboy shit but it's not like i know other example of more modern takes tbh, but i also expected something more impressive.

No. 358485

omg i used to love this movie thanks for reminding me of it

No. 358486

File: 1708930239003.jpeg (210.16 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_8976.jpeg)

he was the most memorable character. I admittedly found out about the existence of NCFOM through pictures and memes (I know, I know) and after finishing it I totally understand why Anton is so iconic and lauded

A lot of acclaimed film bro-y movies with a predominantly male audience are hit or miss imo. Once you've seen something praised one million billion times you go in with lofty expectations and sometimes come out of it saying "that's it?". I'm hit or miss on horror movies too though. Like I'm not a woman of taste and I unironically grew up watching bad comedies, my palette has expanded and grown overtime, it's just that moids cannot convince me to like The Godfather no matter how hard they try.

No. 358487

the godfather sucks
>t. woman of taste

No. 358488

I think the movies appeal was exactly because it was so restrained. Practically no music with the overall atmosphere of silence so that when the brief gunfights happen, it happens like real life, brief and explosive like being shocked by a volt. It also lends more power to the extremely downbeat ending and reinforces the theme of detachment. I do agree that "bros" overhype it, and I'm almost sure none of them actually like it beyond it being adored by critics and their substitute online father figures, but don't let that take away from the actual merits of the film.

No. 358490

I remember watching The Godfather young and liking it but rewatching clips of it on youtube, I'm afraid it won't hold up.

No. 358504

ngl i love the godfather but filmbros like it for the wrong reasons. imo it's not a movie about being a Man(tm) it's a family tragedy (my favorite genre)

No. 358507

File: 1708946654747.gif (Spoiler Image,6.41 MB, 400x224, _eWRoS.gif)

Can't name just one movie because I would rewatch some movies a billion times as a child and watched them a few or more times when I was older on TV. It's Back to the Future (the trilogy), Raiders of the Lost Ark, Terminator 2, and Merlin (1998; I've ruined the vhs lol).

No. 358508

As a kid the Lion king, as an adult probably Warm bodies

No. 358518

I loved his character but hated how the media illiterate (men) seem to act as if he's a terminator like figure when he's totally killable see the ending and also a whiny lil bitch autist who gets upset when people don't follow his quirky serial killer routine. I really like his character but dislike how he's been wrongly represented outside of the film.

Based and true, so many movies on the 100 movies you must watch!! lists are ok but if you're not an easily manipulated man they just fall short. Don't even mention Christopher Nolan around an educated woman.

No. 358549

Yeah, it’s super mid. I watched it because my ex recommended it but didn’t care for it. I tried to get into some analyses to see if I missed something but I’m still not appeased. The Godfather is genuinely as good as they say tho

No. 358550

I watched Robocop for the first time last night and it was fucking awesome. Highlight was when he shot that dude in the dick. Amazing.

No. 358554

I love it but I love pretty much every Coen Brothers film out there. I enjoyed Tommy Lee Jones's character and Anton was fabulous. Though I don't enjoy it over some of their other films, and I think Fargo's execution of its old man messages was better (the stamp conversation between the husband and wife) plus prefer their movies where Frances McDromand is the star, it still sticks with me and I remember it fondly. The conversation between Tommy and the old man where the old guy basically goes "why are you being nostalgic for simpler times? people were psycho back then too" is one of my favourites of theirs even if it isn't as well executed as the stamps scene mentioned (which granted was also rather on the nose too but it was cute so idc). It felt like a self-aware reminder which was nice for a couple of filmmakers who quite often are nostalgic for other times.
Though I am a little surprised it got the extreme love it did, I think most of it came from people who'd just seen the gas station scene and think the movie is mostly about Anton plus feel like they have to praise it cause it's by the Coens (aka most of the academy so the awards makes sense). It's a good movie imo, but like their other films, isn't for everyone and I think most people who say they love it haven't actually seen it kek. It's also one of the more "Coen" of Coen films if that makes any sense, sure it's not the Big Lebowski level "different", but not total normie tier nor typical film bro stuff. Maybe it's more accessible than I think but I just cannot see the average man sitting down and enjoying it start to finish unless they're a boomer who can at least relate to the old man stuff. Girls yeah, but I see men mostly going apeshit for the film and they're not the best at analogy or hammered home messaging.

No. 358570

You remind me why I get so tired of film bro male film discourse. They have subzero media literacy or rhetorical skills and then they take up the bulk of conversation and make it hard to even discuss the nuances of the film and let women have an opinion. I have a thing for analyzing and favoring villainous male characters and it always drives me crazy the way moids in film discourse interpret them

No. 358586

The way male film bros actually get seduced by the evil men in films, the film is representing a man who is evil but clearly charismatic and instead of recognising his character as a manipulator they become the people who fall for the charisma and play that into their viewing of the film, it's ridiculous.

I think a part of it is how easy it is to watch most films, to consume most types of media, males love giving their opinion even if not educated enough to do so. Piss poor literacy, one film class would do them good, a whole degree would blow their tiny minds.

No. 358637

>Once you've seen something praised one million billion times you go in with lofty expectations and sometimes come out of it saying "that's it?"
Me when I watched Taxi Driver the first time. But not going to lie it grew on me and maybe I read an article on an actual film blog that put it into historical context. I rewatched it probably not even a month later and if I did star ratings I'd say it went up uhh 2 or so for me I think it's a good ass film.

No. 358645

Robocop is phenomenal

No. 358692

The dick shot from robocop was so iconic. The fan remake redoes that scene with robocop graphically shooting dicks off like 30 guys for 2 minutes, its awesome lmao

No. 358743

I liked both Taxi Driver and Midnight Cowboy but I don't ever mention this to filmbro scrotes unless I wanna get a boring lecture kek

No. 358771

File: 1709038902131.gif (4.96 MB, 540x270, sad.gif)

Midnight Cowboy had me completely entertained throughout and sobbing by the end. RIP Ratso.

No. 358782

Same, anon. it's weird how most dude bros praise them as their manifestos. I havent seen midnight rider yet, but I did see Taxi driver when I was 20.

No. 358786

Revenge of the Sith, Jurassic Park and Interview with the Vampire are def some of my top watches.

No. 358788

I hated Easy A so much. My at the time friend recommended it to me and I told her it was shit. Why would any college woman ruin her own rep to make a good feel better? it made no sense to me. it was so skeevy. I think I only liked her in Zombieland, and even that the two male leads carried the movie for me because Emma was the annoying NLOG romantic interest. Now I can't remember a single movie I liked Emma stone in and i've seen so many. I guess the only non sexual she's been in was Cruella.

No. 358801

From Fargo? This character was definitely one of my favorites. In general, I freakin love that movie

No. 358802

This movie is one of my favorites. I think both the casting and acting is absolutely perfection. It's one of my favorite thrillers out there (sorry, I'm a bit sleep deprived. I just love the acting so much)

No. 358805

The Lion King to Warms Bodies pipeline is so legit. I watched the Lion King 100 times as a kid.

No. 358807

File: 1709048173083.jpg (287.71 KB, 1000x1495, happy-death-day.jpg)

I'm high af right now. Can anyone recommend a great movie? I just watched Happy Death Day last night and loved it.

No. 358923

Triangle (2009) maybe

No. 358943

malignant (2021)

No. 358947

Megan, it was pretty fun and no heavy brain lifting

No. 359085

>A lot of acclaimed film bro-y movies with a predominantly male audience are hit or miss imo. Once you've seen something praised one million billion times you go in with lofty expectations and sometimes come out of it saying "that's it?". I'm hit or miss on horror movies too though. Like I'm not a woman of taste and I unironically grew up watching bad comedies, my palette has expanded and grown overtime, it's just that moids cannot convince me to like The Godfather no matter how hard they try.
This. I recently watched a few movies praised by moids (The Usual Suspects, Donnie Darko, The Godfather, Blade Runner) and they are either decent but disappointing and underwhelming or just mediocre.

No. 359093

>Donnie Darko
is so overrated. I seriously just don't get this movie. I don't even say it's bad, if someone likes it, whatever, but why all the praise?

No. 359149

I watched Easy A when I was around 11-12 and I liked it back then though I bet I would hate it if I rewatched it. At the risk of sounding libfemy but the movie did make me less hostile towards other girls and women. I felt bad for the main character and realized that I should probably stop calling women and girls for whores kek. The movie didn't make me think that sex was totes empowering or some other bullshit but it did make me more hesitant to believe rumors at school and it did make me stop caring about other people's love lives. I remember the movie had a positive message but I was young when I watched it so I probably missed some of the movies themes or messages

No. 359153

I love blade runner, one of my fave movies (I do just like the cyberpunk genre even though Bladerunner is very mild cyberpunk) but I find it so hard to rewatch because of the rapey sex scene, it's not rape but up until the last moments it is filmed that way.

No. 359155

>why all the praise?
I don't know but Donnie is troubled and tortured and kind of a delinquent(never really gets punished for his actions), is always "the smartest person in the room", a girl falls in love with him instantly, and he's secretly the savior of the world or something so my theory is that moids want to be him.

No. 359358

There's some I enjoyed (Kill Bill, Nightcrawler, American Psycho, Scarface was fun but not a masterpiece and I love Pacino's hammy acting, even in movies where I don't care for the plot) that were standouts, and others are a bore. NCFOM was one of those 50/50 for me. I still need to see Taxi Driver.

Speaking of film bro-y directors I was pleasantly surprised by Shutter Island and went into it not even knowing it was a Scorsese film but it kept my attention for a 2.5 hours. You couldn't pay me to watch The Irishman though

No. 359360

File: 1709235270157.jpeg (Spoiler Image,273.56 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_8112.jpeg)

Saw Dune 2 today! The story is interesting enough but god I loved the visuals

No. 359374

Ayrt and I really liked Nightcrawler. I thought preferred Jake in this compared to Darko or maybe this movie was just better.

No. 359377

File: 1709244023592.jpeg (109.63 KB, 683x1153, IMG_9315.jpeg)

Nah the movie was much better. He was completely shafted for his performance in Nightcrawler, downright chilling, atmospheric, tense trip of a movie

No. 359401

>it's a family tragedy
Yes! Kay deciding to abort her male baby in II because of how fucked up the Corleone men are was an integral part of the story. The point just flew over most of the audience's heads because hurrr durr evil woman.

No. 359411

this is the performance of gyllenhaal's life and one of my favorite fictional characters in general

No. 359423

Thirding you nonas. That shit (Godfather part II) was devastating, Michael threw everything away. Brotherhood, fatherhood, being a husband, everything.

No. 359433

File: 1709270444316.png (237.6 KB, 502x497, IMG_9632.png)

ayrt and right! I actually like how they handled the way women are treated in the family. kay and connie are integral parts of the story. it's not just a moid movie. filmbros who actually think michael is just a stone cold badass are total retards who missed the point of the entire saga.
yes yessss. part ii is so good. the paralles between vito and michael and the way their stories ultimately differ are so well executed. and there's nothing like watching a character hurtling towards inevitable doom not because of fate, but entirely as a result of their own choices

No. 359449

it was sooooo good, I loved how Jessica looked by the end as well, so striking

No. 359541

>rapey sex scene, it's not rape but up until the last moments it is filmed that way.
I read somewhere that Harrison Ford insisted this scene be played out this way and ever since then I cannot stand anything with him in it. I always thought he gave off such shitty energy anyway, no loss for me personally.

No. 359593

That's disgusting if true, why on Earth would you want that unless you are a horrible creep? He did also sign that release polanski thing so, not surprising ig.

No. 359736

If they don't have a femdom bisexual threesome in this movie I will be very sad

The Bene Gesserit were the most interesting characters in my opinion, loved them.

No. 359923

late but thank you nonny.

No. 360000

DUNE SUCKED . i automatically assumed some white guy wrote it (like 30 minutes in), it came off as a power level fantasy

No. 360003

the books suck too

No. 360183

can confirm. i watched part 1, kinda cared enough about the rest of the story to read the book, and then it evaporated any desire i had to ever bother watching part 2. it’s such an underwhelming story and i refuse to be gaslit by book fans going “oh but the story’s not really over until your read xyz.” and it doesn’t help that the author was apparently off the rails on some pedophilia shit by the time he wrote the last two books. no thanks.

No. 360243

wait wtf? i heard the author also included some sexual fantasy of women getting overpowered and whatnot, or "losing" to men. whats this about?

No. 360273

full disclosure, this is all shit i remember from skimming wikipedia after reading the first book, but in later parts of the series, there’s a scene where an adult’s brain is put into the body of a child clone, and the only way to “awaken” the adult brain is with sex. and iirc there’s also a villain later on who literally causes drug-level addictions in any man she fucks which is of course the most terrifying thing in the universe in this moidbrained novel (although it’s not nearly as bad as all the pedo shit).

No. 360284

Watched Poor Things today. The movie is not like it's depicated here in the thread at all. I enjoyed it and the main character Bella was very entertaining and cool. There was no rape in the movie.(b8)

No. 360294

File: 1709634565660.jpg (55.35 KB, 1000x427, 329.jpg)

Reading about some chinese movie drama
>YOLO, which takes its name from the acronym for "you only live once" in English, is a drama about a female boxer. It is the highest-grossing movie so far this year and sparked strong debates on social media because of the star's dramatic weight change. Jia Ling, the successful actress and director who also starred in the Chinese 2021 blockbuster "Hi, Mom," first gained 20 kg and then dropped 50 kg for the film. This is not very common among Chinese actors and generated controversy as to what kind of message such an abrupt weight change conveys.
>In recent years, netizens expressed concerns over her health due to her growing weight, but they have also judged and criticized her, even likening her to "a balloon about to explode". That's why many were surprised by her transformation from a once plump and bubbly comedian into a muscular, strong, and healthy physique. Jia has clarified that her film does not center on weight loss or aim to perpetuate body image concerns but rather is about portraying the mental and physical transformation of her character, a jobless, people-pleasing, and socially isolated woman who turns to boxing to enjoy and control her own life, and telling the audience that it's never too late to change and love your life. Jia’s decision to lose weight was also influenced by a desire to break free from typecasting because of her previous body shape.

>The film centers on a reclusive woman, played by Jia, who takes up boxing after feeling disconnected from society.


Honestly it sounds like a cool movie I want to see it now

No. 360298

File: 1709635678780.jpg (36.01 KB, 625x626, bait.jpg)

No. 360305

this sound so cool, cant wait to see it! i hope it releases on streaming soonish

No. 360311

File: 1709648103584.jpg (22.55 KB, 261x380, Plaguedogsposter.jpg)

This movie is too damn sad oh my fucking god. I wanted to watch it but I turned it off because it was making me feel physically upset lmao. I'm not usually such a wuss.

No. 360313

Some movies just have a cover/poster that makes you think yeah this'll make me cry and depressed and this is one of them.

No. 360322

This kind of thing reminds me of how women’s bodies are seen almost like a public property. Scrote actors can gain and lose like 50 kilos to play a part and they’re “method actors”, and dedicated to their roles, but anything a woman does with her body, even if it is for a role where it makes sense, is open for criticism and “sending a message” like just having a body that is female is a political thing.
Sorry for the sperg. It does sound like a cool movie. Like Million Dollar Baby but (hopefully) not as depressing.

No. 360326

File: 1709658406604.jpg (809.08 KB, 2048x1845, tumblr_67d9480f16a318726de646b…)

obsessed with the people who like poor things, aren't you(replying to bait)

No. 360327

I heard they die at the end in the movie?
Cause in the book they are almost dying, but then the writer pulls a deus ex machina and they are saved.

No. 360329

File: 1709658578076.jpg (192.98 KB, 1024x810, plague-dogs-1982-2.jpg)

"share the adventure of a lifetime" my god the producers were REALLY struggling to try to make it seem like this isn't one of the most fucked up movies ever made huh

No. 360330

Finally watched Kamikaze girls. I loved it, it gave me joy, I’m glad I saw it recommended somewhere here

No. 360332

the ending is open-ended and bleak as fuck, basically implying they may or may not die

No. 360335

Oh, one hundred percent. I was interested to read that extreme weight loss/gain is apparently not common for actors in China but the way people are talking about her body is just the same universal misogyny you see everywhere in my opinion. She’s making her movies and doing her thing, wish her the best she sounds successful and the movie sounds good I hope I can figure out how to pirate it with English subs kek

No. 360345

There's a chance they could live, but it's clear they will mostly die, I remember crying for an almost an entire day when my dad showed me this movie.

No. 360381

This, Watership Down and Felidae are like the trinity of cartoon movies that leave you with that extremely depressed feeling mixed with uneasiness and fear. They're just sad, bleak and creepy but the stories and animations are genuinely well-done. Felidae is a lot more fucked, don't watch it nonnies.

No. 360396

I got a good kek out of "A special kind of movie magic from the creators of Watership Down."

No. 360397

Do nonas know any movies set before the 2000s where nothing really happens and it's just women living life? Like 80s and 90s movies.

No. 360439

nona now I have to watch Felidae. why would you do this to me

No. 360473

the whole thing is actually on youtube (if you still want to check it out). tbh i’d say it doesn’t feel nearly as “artistic” as watership down or the plague dogs, but it’s def still a worthy watch if you like that category of dark animated films. fair warning though that felidae legit has cat sex scenes in addition to violence. like, they’re a fairly big part of the plot.

No. 360498

>tbh i’d say it doesn’t feel nearly as “artistic” as watership down or the plague dogs
I'd have to agree with you on that, Watership Down and Plague Dogs feel like bleak slice-of-life type of movies while Felidae is a lot more focused on the central murder mystery of the story with a lot of fucked up shit happening in between.

No. 360503

>spoilered text
Oh no lmao. Why? is it a covert furfag movie?

No. 360504

Nta but most of it doesn't feel like a furfag movie, but I'm not really sure. It does kinda fit the theme of the movie that is genetic experimenting and breeding a superior race of cats while killing off all the unfit ones in various ways but it's not like that scene was necessary… maybe it's there for the shock factor or because it's an adult movie therefore it has to mention sex even if it's about animals.

No. 360509

Falidae seems more of a shock type movie than Watership Down and The Plague Dogs, Watership Down is art through and through, I'm the crazed man screaming down the alley's that the violent bunny mayhem was important to showcase the ideas at show. Feels bad to put them in the same category even though they fit together.

No. 360512

File: 1709730446102.jpg (105.54 KB, 500x750, dagenhamnew.jpg)

Just watched Made in Dagenham and it was really good, don't know why I'd never heard of it. Based on real events, it's basically a feminist victory story. Felt good to see. The actors are good too and there's a good bit of comedy in the drama, it was entertaining.

No. 360514

yeah, it doesn’t feel like a furfag thing imo. it comes off more as a “look how edgy and adult our animated movie is” kind of thing, like they threw it in just to hammer in the whole grimy-mystery-thriller-but-with-animals vibe.

No. 360563

I googled it and found discussions about it being a movie with actual sex on furry forums but they can make anything part of their fetish so I don’t know. The director only did three movies according to IMDb, one of which was Pippi Longstocking in 1997 lol

No. 360587

File: 1709773574980.jpeg (145.87 KB, 703x1000, IMG_9729.jpeg)

Olaf was way creepier than I remember. Like another anon said in a different thread he's so molesty. Pardon me it's been awhile since I watched this or read the books, and I don't mind adaptation villainy- I haven't watched the Netflix series sans a few episodes, is he supposed to be coded as a creep? Or is that just Carey Olaf? I'm tempted to give the Netflix series and books another whirl because I love the vibe of ASOUE, the last time I watched series I was with my ex and we broke up before finishing it so I never did

This reminds me that I wish Emily Browning were in more things. The kid who plays Klaus wasn't half bad either, doesn't seem like I see either of them in much nowadays. I know this movie was panned but it has a solid cast and setting. It's one of those adaptions up there with Percy Jackson that while it's not loved by book faithfuls, I enjoy it on its own.

No. 360594

i like both the movie and tv series, but i think i prefer the tv series because Neil patrick harris definitely feels less sleezy as Olaf than Carey, and we get more of the fun side characters. the books also has some fun tidbits in its prose that i think is worth reading even if you know how the story goes imo

No. 360597

I'll probably read and watch both then, thank you for the recommendation!

One other thing I really enjoyed about the movie version: the ending animation. This was so cool to me as a kid and is still cool to me now

No. 360606

I agree with >>360594 the tv series Olaf is lot goofier, the movie version of Olaf and his allies are genuinely scarier, cause he is a deranged murderer who is gonna marry a teenage girl.

No. 360815

File: 1709893657096.jpg (381.71 KB, 1400x700, christopher-abbott-poor-things…)

Been a few weeks since I watched Poor Things and I'm still thinking about how the only character to face consequences for their actions is also the only one shown to be abusive to both men and women.
Everyone who limits their victims to women gets a happy ending.

Feminist masterpiece btw

No. 360874

File: 1709914759927.jpeg (221.57 KB, 1920x2560, 6yewyeKuMcbtopS9On0BghnJHvY.jp…)

Can anyone recommend me movies that are more character driven, less plot driven? Idk if there's like a word to describe this genre but like films where they mostly focus on one character, tends to be more grounded in reality, not very dialogue heavy. Usually kind of a depresso vibe, generally doesn't have a happy ending. Tends to be more of the artsy fartsy variety. The kind that gives the vibe that it would win awards at festivals. You know the type?
Some examples off the top of my head: Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Lacemaker, The Match Factory Girl, and The 400 Blows.

No. 361092

Just watched the holdovers, and if you're in the mood for a character development heavy, coming of age, unlikely friendships formed through less than perfect circumstances film then this might be up your alley. Genuinely engaging, bittersweet moments, tear jerker scenes with funny moments throughout.

No. 361094

I personally found the movie pretentious, the restaurant scene only cemented the movie as a slop for me. After watching it I was nothing but sad that I hated it so much while others have fun, but it is what it is.

No. 361100

File: 1709992915219.jpg (80.17 KB, 980x653, Ghost-World.jpg)

have you seen ghost world? it's free to watch on tubi

No. 361176

File: 1710020474599.gif (1.41 MB, 245x235, 1000020350.gif)

I will take the heat if you all hate me for loving Hedwig I don't care it's hands down one of my favorites, just cried through almost the entire damn thing. Love the set designs, costumes, THE SONGS, the jokes, everything. I'm just extremely touched by the identity stuff, not in a tranny way I promise.

No. 361185

You’re so right anon. If anything I perceived hedwig as about reconciling with your birth sex as a gender dysphoric person, recognizing that you are the person you are no matter how much you wish things were different, and also reconciling with the unchangeable harms you did to yourself in your efforts to be somebody else. I actually think this about rocky horror too. Something about the back to back combo of “rose tint my world” contrasted with “I’m going home” (the lyric is even “I see blue skies through the tears” vs “rose tint”… you get me) makes me feel like it’s about the dream being over and now it’s time to wake up because it isn’t truly good for you, and you’re sad about it but it’s also a relief in a strange way. This also accords I think with the fact that both these musicals are from a prior era of gnc culture when men who were extremely gnc or dysphoric and who were genuinely introspective had to reckon with the heartbreaking and very relatable experience of deep existential desires that simply can’t be fulfilled. It actually makes me upset that this experience has been laundered into such fakery feel good delusional gender bullshit in the new gen of trans shit because it’s so human and powerful.

No. 361233

the word is mumblecore, i believe. or its a genre close to what you're looking for. anyway, some movies i enjoyed that are similar (not maybe not completely..) are: microhabitat, wasp, the days between, irma vep, la cíenaga, christine (1987), cure: the life of another, frances ha, and frownland.

No. 361248

Beautiful (2000 film)

No. 361256

i love this movie so much it hurts, i always feel guilty being a little jealous of enid fucking seymour, i was SO much like her as a teen. i can relate to everything about her on a personal level down to wanting to have a weird relationship with an older put-together guy

No. 361258

File: 1710048952086.jpeg (64.89 KB, 260x385, IMG_7435.jpeg)

I watched picrel recently and I felt it had a similar vibe to Welcome to the Dollhouse imo.

No. 361262

RLM gave this a good review and now I want to watch it. A romance between an autist and a failing white trash musician sounds cute tbh.

No. 361279

Fat Girl (theres a creepy sex scene though), The Tracey Fragments

No. 361568

Poor Things sweep underway at the Oscars. You hate to see this momentum

No. 361569

i do in fact hate to see it. if emma stone gets actress instead of gladstone i’m eating my foot.

No. 361579

is it good? worth paying money to see in the cinema or watch online?

No. 361582

Just read the posts about it ITT or else another infight will start

No. 361589

Haven’t seen this movie, didn’t take part in any infight and I don’t really care about it but I sure hate to see that annoying anon being right.

No. 361608

File: 1710122556973.jpeg (173.25 KB, 1568x1330, GIWgfyoWIAAGhbM.jpeg)

Goji Minus One won best VFX
Im so happy nonnas!!

No. 361616

File: 1710123359500.jpeg (538.05 KB, 828x1025, IMG_4937.jpeg)

It's over for your foot nonnie, stream the feast.

No. 361619

File: 1710124195882.jpg (117.13 KB, 1039x528, 1000002474.jpg)

The academy should sudoku themselves for this one. I know none of them take animation seriously and probably only picked based on the titles but it's never been more blatant than this (animated shortspilled nonnies will know)

No. 361624

File: 1710126042286.gif (7.87 MB, 540x500, tumblr_7172a6c90eb01eefe590bc6…)

lol, i loved poor things but lily deserved that.
still gonna laugh at the butthurt weirdo who was obsessing over people liking poor things ITT cuz of this
freaks who think it's pro-pedophilia garbage on suicide watch

No. 361625

Watched this a while ago and really liked it, been thinking about making it my first attempt at a moovie night. Might just do it.

No. 361630

I’m not sure why people are surprised that Poor Things is full of weird sex scenes, his earlier film Dogtooth has plenty of scenes like this such as an older woman making a younger woman perform oral sex on her in exchange for various items and a woman being forced to have sex with her brother by their parents. He’s just like every other degenerate scrote director who insists that the sex scenes in their movie are ~deep~ and ~artistic~.

No. 361632

it's not a surprise, it's just not pro-pedophilia, sorry

No. 361636

Fat Girl is insane good like captures things I’ve never seen on film anywhere else from growing up as a fucked up low status preteen. that said nonna might be underselling “creepy sex scene” there’s minimum 20 minutes of extended rape in that movie if you count all types of forced or coerced sex lol. Once again I love it but it’s brutal. Tbh I mainly decided to post this not out of puritanism or to be pedantic but in the hope that an anon who is insanely masochistic like me will decide to watch fat girl and change her life

No. 361639

someone I know really is pressuring me to watch poor things with her. how bad is it really, nonnies? also I did read up and >>360815 bugs me a lot, enough to resist watching it.

No. 361640

Hollywood going full mask of with the pedophilia I see. No wonder all these retards signed the Polanski petition etc.

No. 361641

no one fucking cares tbh

No. 361642

Just read the wikipedia entry for the plot and consider if it's worth watching.

No. 361644

i feel like this question has been asked at least 5 times and i refuse to believe it isn't the same person. continually asking "my friend likes this movie but idk it seems gross and rapey, should i really watch it anons???" so weird.

No. 361645

Cringe kino. The only good moment from the oscars
Pacino being totally senile was funny also

No. 361647

not worth it. pornsick film

No. 361649

I was caught off guard when Slash showed up.

No. 361653

yeah that was more what I was weary of. at least I know to avoid it now.
is my first time bringing it up. I think the confusion is happening because there seems to be such high praise for the movie so the idea that it is that blatantly scrotey/perverted is unexpected?

No. 361654

Go ask the others tweens in your discord if a movie is problematic uwu(uwu)

No. 361659

File: 1710142859133.png (64.69 KB, 625x626, bait.png)

No. 361661

File: 1710143350272.jpg (476.72 KB, 1440x1800, FODS0yoXoA4vLRR.jpg)

continually asking a stupid question like "should i watch this movie if i think it looks gross" is more bait tbh, i don't believe you that it's your first time asking, i have never seen anyone do that for any movie in these threads so much as poor things and it's obvious there's an anon furiously samefagging here because they're mad that some people like it and it's getting awards lol.(infighting)

No. 361662

Wasn't even the anon asking kek.

No. 361663

I was the anon asking if its worth watching about a few hours ago, I haven't asked twice. Decided not to after looking up the sex scenes, its too pervy for me

No. 361666

Who knew criticising a shitty film would get someone so worked up?

No. 361673

Never said it was, just that the director is a typical sexually degenerate scrote. No amount of pretty visuals will make his movies ‘deep’, sorry.

No. 361674

File: 1710154576443.jpg (298.27 KB, 1079x1861, GIXc05iWYAABkSw.jpg)

It was bad night for me, personally.

No. 361677

File: 1710155574543.gif (251.32 KB, 320x263, whoop.gif)

hell yeah!!

No. 361678

Do it!!
oh shit I remember seeing this movie on cable TV in the early 2000s I should rewatch it, I remember it being really good but I was like 13 so I'm not sure if it holds up kek.

No. 361679

File: 1710155914954.jpeg (181.42 KB, 900x675, IMG_2899.jpeg)

the crew had amazing godzilla shoes too

No. 361689

Hahaha, that is so cool. I really liked that movie and the effects were great, they deserve it.

No. 361691

This snub was so sick and twisted…

No. 361694

The only Poor Thing here is you samefagging and reporting everyone who doesn’t agree with you booboo

No. 361696

You're getting recognizable, and all just to defend a shitty gross pedo film. We know it's you because you're literally incapable of ignoring criticism about this movie and replying to "da haters", always talking about said movie winning "awards" like anyone gives a shit(do not respond to infighting bait, just report and move on.)

No. 361699

>get called out for samefagging and being weird
>”no u”
Keep reporting posts though anon it’s funny that you have to do that because you have no actual response.(infighting)

No. 361705

If Villeneuve ever makes a Rendezvous With Rama movie as he says, will you be excited for it?

No. 361763

As long as he doesn't adapt the sequels. Or figures out a way to explain the mystery without the stupid human drama.
It would probably be really interesting visually.

No. 361769

I didn't watch the entire Oscars but I caught when they were doing best screenplays and I was surprised they gave Best Adapted to American Fiction. The writing for that movie was competent but not great, and from that category it was the worst. That movie was disappointing because it had such a good premise.

No. 361779

>Everyone who disagrees with me is the same person
>You're banning me just because you disagree, not because I'm breaking the rules by infighting like a reddit scrote chymp
Nta buy why are schizos like this.

No. 361784

The fact that it won over the other candidates proves the message of the movie, it wasn't awarded because of how competent it can be but because it was made by a black man.

No. 361787

The book is better. The movie fucked up the ending. All of the disgusting things that happened are revealed to be lies made up by a moid to slander the main character. The movie got rid of this twist, implying that everything was true in the universe of the story and even having the baby-brain thing happen to another woman. The moid filmmakers must have disliked the idea of their wank fantasy just being slander kek. I'm so glad it didn't win best picture. Oppenheimer may be a sympathetic portrayal of a man who murdered thousands of innocent people, but at least I can be reasonably confident that the moids involved didn't pick the script because it made their dicks hard. I'm sick of coomer torture porn trash like Blonde and Poor Things being passed off as feminist when it's the exact opposite.

No. 361790

Gotta have at least one best picture nominee with a black director and black lead actor, otherwise retards on Twitter will throw a tantrum about how the awards for an industry full of the wealthy and privileged doesn't give enough rewards to underprivileged people.

No. 361791

Pedowood not even trying to hide the fact they want to fuck children anymore. Emma is extra trash for this

No. 361800

So cute. Happy for the Gojira crew!

No. 361819

File: 1710190761532.jpg (193.98 KB, 718x486, 1000020473.jpg)

I might not sell it well but I really liked Clockwatchers. I love the portrayal of the highs of new friendship and the sadness of eventually drifting apart. Directed by a woman as well! Watch it. Totally in love with Parker Posey's character.

No. 361828

File: 1710191738498.png (424.62 KB, 393x595, 1000006410.png)

>Hard to Watch based on the novel Stone Cold Bummer by Manipulate
Crazy to give an Oscar to a mid movie that basically turned a 30 Rock joke in to a full length movie, 15 years later and less funny

No. 361830

Since when does uwu get red texted you faggots. Inb4 take it to meta(meta to it take)

No. 361850

reading this thread from the bottom up and I had to read this 3 times before realizing it wasn't about the snowman from Frozen. I swear I'm not stoned

No. 361867

>inb4 take it to meta
You wouldn't have had to say this if you had just posted about it in meta to begin with

No. 361869

new farmhands have been terrible for a bit(take it to meta)

No. 361883

File: 1710201109323.jpeg (245.55 KB, 1080x1600, s118581882355374300_p72_i11_w1…)

this movie could have been fujo kino, what a waste. and damn, barry keoghan looks so fucking damaged, why the fuck did they pick a leather raisin to play a college kid?

No. 361907

File: 1710216028737.jpg (237.03 KB, 1200x1492, 498534.jpg)

Finally saw Poor Things. It was so visually beautiful, I loved the freaky architecture like picrel and the outlandish deep-sea creature/vagina shirts she kept wearing paired with incongruous modern boots. Very Camille Paglia.
As for the pedo accusations, I agree with previous anons that the way the sex scenes were shot left something to be desired, but I saw enough seinen anime as a teenager to know the difference between disguised porn and this. It clearly freaked out right wingers by seeming to confirm their jewish pedowood fantasies. Libfems wanted a Barbie movie a sequel and this didn’t hammer home the message that Exploit Women = Bad hard enough. Radfems saw the first sex scene and instantly passed out.

No. 361912

>this didn’t hammer home the message that Exploit Women = Bad hard enough
well it seemed like it sort of wanted to do that message until later on. some of the predatory male characters are presented as good guys who get a happy ending just because they're 2% less predatory than the others.

No. 361915

It's a penis

No. 361916

How is it right wing to think it’s pedo? Children can’t consent, having a childs brain means no ability to consent is the logic. Even if we think of it as an adults brain in an adult body but the development level of a child, it’s still illegal. It’s against the law to fuck severe retards, same sort of thing. They don’t wait until she’s adult minded in the film. You can present the same thing minus the sex scenes, maybe have one and imply the rest, but no, gotta exploit women and shill it as ‘feminist’. Men should be banned from trying to claim any of there fetish shit is feminist.

No. 361919

It’s not, anon’s brain has just been fried by all the hentai I mean “seinen anime.” It’s a classic case of the trope “born sexy yesterday” which caters to the male pedo gaze

No. 361921

I think the anons calling it ~literal pedophilia~ are being overly dramatic and taking the movie too literally, but there are plenty of reasons to despise this movie beyond just being icked by the sex scenes. Men have no business attempting to make "feminist" films, especially ones with sex scenes, because they're literally incapable of visually portraying female sexuality in a way that isn't tainted by the male gaze. I imagine what this movie would have been like with a female director and I weep for what could have been. Also, it's extremely obvious that the producers, director, etc chose this script because it was shocking and made their dicks hard, not because the gave a rat's ass about women or women's problems. The way the changed the ending from the book gives the whole game away. Seriously, the twist ending is that the whole story was made up by Bella's scorned ex-husband because he was intensely jealous of her success and wanted to slander her. The author was basically saying that these are the sort of sick fantasies men cook up about women they resent. The filmmakers, as male perverts themselves, clearly took offense to the concept, which is why they changed the ending to not only be the true story, but also for the doctor to abuse another woman in the same way, because they were just so enamored with the idea of domestically abusing baby-brain women. The fact that they changed the ending is the biggest proof to me that this movie stripped all the feminist intentions from the book, and that the men behind it are chauvinist pigs trying to pass themselves off as ~arteests~. I wish the next male who tries to market his wank fantasy as a "feminist" film winds up like David Carradine.

I can't believe I'm even still contributing to this discourse. You are never going to convince me to like this movie, and the people who like it (notably the dogfucker from YMS) will never care about the film's issues. It's okay to like this movie, but stop treating people who don't like they're hysterical pearl-clutching bra-burners.

No. 361926

ayrt, I agree that she has a child's brain in an adult body and couldn't consent. all the male characters who had sex with her while knowing that were in the wrong. some of them like the doctor's assistant got good endings, just like in real life where sometimes people do questionable or downright bad things and get good endings.
the genital mutilation scene, i thought to be about her own personal sexual freedom rather than a political thing. if this had been Barbie, someone would've done a speech about FGM = bad but bella had "matured" from a overgrown child into a selfish and hedonistic woman. she decided to leave her ex-husband/father's house because she wanted to preserve her own pleasure.
overall i interpreted the movie not as an attempted feminist statement or really anything positive, more of a fucked-up surreal reality, a horror movie basically.


No. 361931

She's a Frankenstein monster basically ffs. She's not a child. She's not even human since she's reanimated. It's like a zombie with some cognitive function like the zombie in FIDO. There is no pedophilia there, I don't understand where the fuck people are pulling this argument out of their ass from.

No. 361932

>It's Frankenstein
How does that change anything when it's mentally a child?

No. 361933

It's like being reborn, but she's not a child. It's a new discovery movie. This isn't even a new trope. I think the issues >>361921 are bringing up about the male director and everything being changed is more of the issue. If this was a problem you'd think people would've been in uproar when the book was around. Nope. They are mad because you can't grasp what reanimating a body does in fiction and would instead fight over invisible pedophilia.

You'd think the fucking full frontal of a female baby in A24's High Life would be more of a pedophilia on screen discussion, but in the context the baby was being changed. That doesn't stop the people who are watching that who are pedos having a movie that is recently doing that and is available FREE TO WATCH. The priorities are hilarious. Anons would rather argue over an adult women acting out a reawakening trope rather than actually focus on dangerous showcases of children [or a fake body, idc, it was a full shot and it made me turn off the High Life].

No. 361935

She's not being reborn though, the dead womens mind is not mingled with the childs, it's a completely new person. It's not being reborn, it's just being born. To be reborn implies she has prior experience (like that of the adult OG mother). It would be being reborn if the dead women was revived in a new body she had to learn to explore, not her child.

No. 361937

>Doesn't have a childs soul
If we think of them as having souls, how would it have any soul other than a child. It is literally the brain of her child aka her childs consciousness and the soul of that consciousness.

No. 361938

The brain doesn't have the child's soul, she isn't the child. It's just a brain. If for some reason they transplanted a dog's brain in to her and she still acted like she does after the transplant, would you call it bestiality? The logic isn't there and it doesn't work. What if it was a man's brain? Is she a man now? You need to walk me through the logic.

No. 361939

who else /never in a million years would've watched the movie if it wasn't for the sperg with the hateboner against it/ here(bait)

No. 361942

Isn't this just the "their an old soul therefore ignore their actual age argument" kek?
Brain's have stages of development, a new borns brain is that of a child, aka has no experience? It's like saying what makes an IRL child a child is their body not the combination of their brain and form. You want to pretend they're two seperate things when they aren't, they're interlinked. What are you even talking about. The cope is unreal. Also, again, cope that everyone who hates the movie is one person. If you really think so, report them as samefagging and see if it's banned, if not, accept you're wrong. It's the opposite seeming honestly.

No. 361943


It's pointing out the absurdity that a transplant equates to age rather than someone coming back to life in general. Does Franskenstein's monster really have an adult brain with his fumbling nonsense and get married off to a fumbling female version or were they all children to begin with and the book is actually promoting child marriage? No.

You can try to argue it's pedophilia but it isn't even in the slightest.

No. 361944

Frankenstein's monster literally does have an adult brain both physically and acts as such with it's attempt at integration into society. Have you even read the book?

No. 361947

We aren't talking about books, clearly.

No. 361948

You brought it up to try and prove your point which it doesn't and are trying to backtrack now because you don't actually know the story beyond pop culture/adaptions that leave things out and change the story? If it's not a child (as if souls are real) why does it act like one while literally having a baby brain implanted.
>Anime watcher
Should've ended here. Opinion discarded.
Probably kek "you wahmen are just too stupid/juvenile to see art of emma stone being brain swapped with a child and railed on screen for 90% of the movie".

No. 361949

>It’s against the law to fuck severe retards
I honestly feel like this is the bigger issue with the movie. Pedos won't get off to it, Emma Stone is an obviously grown woman and they are attracted to a child's body more than her brain. But she is literally acting retarded, and moids are more likely to develop a fetish for handicapped women if they're watching softcore porn of a hypersexual retard with an adult body.

I have really mixed feelings on the movie overall. I hated the gratuitous and unpleasant sex scenes, I don't buy the idea that a child would be that compulsively sexual in the first place, I hated that her partners were almost all revolting and old (if a child is having sexual feelings it will be towards cute young boys ffs). I don't trust the male creators intentions with any of this, even if they did get tantalizingly close to a good point occasionally. But I was entertained throughout, visually it's fascinating, and it had some really funny lines. I keep thinking about it so I think it's inevitable I'll get the urge to rewatch and get mad all over again at the sex scenes while reluctantly enjoying the rest of it.

No. 361950

Have you not seen Frankenstein movies? He moves around, confused as hell like a toddler.

No. 361951

>moids are more likely to develop a fetish for handicapped women
This is such a stretch. This has got to be bait. There's no fucking way.

No. 361952

Key words being 'more likely', it seems far more plausible than pedophiles seeing a 36 year old woman as an actual child because of how she speaks and thinks.

No. 361953

Neither is plausible. Can we stop derailing about hypotheticals and get back to the movie?

No. 361954

That's movie interp, not the book. Haven't seen any films because the book is better. It's canonical to the story his brain is that of an adult. If in the film he tries for integration/revenge/speaks, then it is the case as in the book aka he is an adult.

No. 361957

No1currs about the books. We are all discussing the movies relative to each other.

No. 361958

>I don't buy the idea that a child would be that compulsively sexual in the first place,
They wouldn't it's male fantasy. Children are traumatized by it, it's just as anon linked >>361919 , men like the idea of corrupting a women/moulding her into whatever he desires. It's why JFG likes retarded women and rees when anyone points out it's suspect to prey on them, and why tradfag moids ree about needing to marry women younger aka more impressionable.
Anon linked it >>361919 , it's so common it's a trope.
>Brings up the book as defence
>Fails to prove point
>"N-no1currs anyway"

No. 361959

File: 1710228024070.png (131.75 KB, 717x882, shelly.png)

The author of Poor Things has said in interviews that she thanks Shelly and Frankenstein as inspirations. I think that sums up what the point is. Just opposite sex. I swear the point of the movie went over everyone's head and they are trying way too hard to read into it to force a controversy that isn't even there. Maybe read anything the author has said and it will give clarity. I'm not going to derail about books.


No. 361960

I’m the anime watcher anon, not any of the book discussion anons. I brought up seinen anime as an example of something that portrays underage girls in a way meant for men to jack off to. Things like Dokuro-Chan are not actually sexually explicit and yet when you watch them you can tell it’s porn. It’s masturbation fuel. The plot focuses on which girl the guy is gonna have a sexual tension moment with next and whose boobs are what size. The female characters in seinen are less like characters and more like sex dolls. Poor Things is not like this.

No. 361962

I agree with you that Emma Stone's situation isn't the same. The point is that she isn't dictated by how men think she should act. She's dictated by how she wants to act. How she talks, who she doesn't want to talk to, who she dances with, how she dances, who she fucks, doesn't want to fuck.. The movie isn't about the sex, yet with all praise of everything else from posters, that's all they are focusing on when so much of the rest of the movie is supposedly good. Just sounds like being mad to have something to be mad over and people who read too much in to context. The sex scenes were not even close to porn scenes. It's just sex on film. It's going to be called porn regardless by people with no class.

No. 361972

>Just opposite sex.
I don't remember Frankenstein having a million voyeuristic sex scenes but okay.

No. 361974

Are you guys done arguing about that shitty movie yet? I want to discuss good films.(report them and move on)

No. 361999

Thank you for actually doing it!! I’m excited for Sunday.

No. 362013

The Goji anons made a valiant effort.

No. 362014

File: 1710245592795.jpeg (10.31 MB, 4052x6004, IMG_0508.jpeg)

I love horror movies but I struggle finding ones I like because gore that’s super believable or intense makes me feel physically ill, but this one was so damn good. It’s a foreign flick! I watched it October of last year and was very impressed with the cinematography and the writing. It’s super creative and the ending was crazy. Would highly recommend and love to hear the thoughts from other nonnas who have watched it. Incantation is another one I liked a lot and genuinely creeped me out.

No. 362063

I'm glad anon, if this one goes smoothly I'll definitely do more in the future.

No. 362102

I think I might've posted about this in some previous thread. I liked it, it was gross but not in an over-the-top way. I remember hearing from an interview with the directors that the main character was supposed to be a boy at first but one of the women involved in the process asked the writer to change it into a girl, made it so much better imo. They also mentioned that they had a team making the different types of puke she feeds to the hatchling and that the girl acting in it got to taste test them and pick the ones she liked the most kek

No. 362124

Nta and your point still stands, but Alisdair Grey (the author of the book Poor Things) is a man, albeit one with more insight on women than most moids.

No. 362145

Not necessarily related to Poor Things (which I'm sick of hearing about at this point) but I think there's a reasonable discussion to be had about how male artists and directors often struggle with portraying sex in a way that doesn't feel voyeuristic and/or porny. I think they suck at leaving their personal sexual taste at the door while creating these depictions. Sex does have utility in storytelling, I just find that modern men get 90% of the knowledge of the visual language of sex from porn and it absolutely shows in how the films they make depict and frame sex.

No. 362154

Sorry for poking the Poor Things hive, I've also watched it after all the controversy I've seen online and think it's a lot of smoke for very little fire. It's a genuinely hilarious movie, although obviously there are very many questionable choices both with presentation and the so-called "feminist and socialist messaging", which I have no idea if it was poking fun at in good or bad spirit. But I'm ever so tired of like women's worldliness and maturity being tied to sexuality in any fiction, but what else would you ever expect of male artists.

No. 362158

Oh my god Hatching! I loved that movie, it was just the right amount of grotty to be uncomfortable but not over the top and the story was really interesting. Love the creature design especially.

No. 362160

there's like 1 or 2 fucking schizo obsessed anons in here who keep bringing it up because they hate it and most people don't hate it, don't worry about it anon.
maybe if the aforementioned schizo stops bringing it up constantly to provoke infighting, but this is lc after all

anyway what's the best horror movie you've seen this year anons? i'm in the mood to be scared.(infighting)

No. 362164

>maybe if the aforementioned schizo stops bringing it up constantly to provoke infighting, but this is lc after all
NTA but you're doing the same thing by responding to a post made 14 hours ago

No. 362169

You're the schizo anon seething people don't like it. It was literally bought up by someone who did like it sperging about those who hate it for the most recent slapfight >>361907 and reeing because anons disagreed with their opinion kek.(infighting)

No. 362175

I really liked it, I hosted it in the movie room. The effects were great and the momfluencer character was so awful in an accurate and unsettling way.

No. 362181

That's my bad. I usually don't care about author gender, some names are obvious. I wasn't sure about his and just automatically female coded it lol

No. 362194

Can you confirm if 2 12 y.o boys watched her do sexual stuff? I read an interview where Emma was talking about her sitting down with the director and discussing how 12 year old boys would react to her doing sexual stuff irl so they could make the movie more realistic..

No. 362204

File: 1710304165185.jpeg (190.54 KB, 718x1024, IMG_2918.jpeg)

just watched picrel and it was pretty fun, a bit convoluted but it was interesting to see some horror based on buddhist themes

No. 362218

There is a scene that is about a dad "teaching" his early teen sons about sex by hooking up with her in the whorehouse. It's pretty clear from the editing that nothing took place in front of the actual kid actors though.

No. 362312

Obviously they didn't do anything in front of kids. What a wild tinfoil some anons come up with when they refused to post proof. That's a dead giveaway.

No. 362316

Ntayrt but I thought it was true because of what was described in this article
idk if I'm misreading it or if it's worded strangely(this is an imageboard)

No. 362554

File: 1710436974779.jpeg (518.2 KB, 1944x2880, IMG_0334.jpeg)

I appreciate the energy it brought and its goofy premise, It's nice to see a mid budget comedy that channels the 90s-00s energy I'm sometimes nostalgic for.

Zac looks so botched now it's distracting though I'm sorry

No. 362558

File: 1710437346785.jpeg (975.62 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_0335.jpeg)

Enjoyed this recently and how it touched on the difference in cultural norms between the east/west and the value of family. I also enjoyed how it was based on the screenwriters real family. Between this and Quiz Lady Awkwafina actually has more potential playing strait laced roles, it's better than her over the top acting.

No. 362575

He broke his jaw. There's nothing he can do.

No. 362581

He made that up, the timelines and inconsistencies in his story don't add up. Plus compare to Dylan O' Brien who got actual reconstructive surgery without looking botched.

No. 362588

Thanks for hosting that movie again!

No. 362651

Zach's jaw was hanging, that's more than just a little reconstruction. There's a difference.

No. 362818

nayrt but it's a blatant hollywood lie and a quick google provides tons of evidence. This video is great for disproving his bullshit narrative but you might want to watch on a faster speed as she talks a little slow. The guy started fucking with his face and hairline pretty much from the moment he was an adult, he just can't hide how bogged he is now which is why he started using the jaw injury excuse (if it's even a true event that happened to the extent he claims tbh).
these look interesting in different ways, thanks for the recs nonas! but i have to ask going in, is john cena playing a troon or skirting the edge of playing one? cause if so, amazing and it's being watched tonight

No. 362836

The director is obviously has a fetish for sexualizing autistically naive awkward characters, if you pay attention to his body of work, so I think it’s not really a stretch to feel this way(This is an imageboard, post directing examples)

No. 362859

Well, what other work? This isn't a new story, it's based on a book.

No. 362949

File: 1710554467967.jpeg (112.15 KB, 720x963, IMG_0442.jpeg)

>is John cena playing a troon?
No his characters original job before he's hired to play Ricky Stanicky is a lewd song impersonator (the costume reminds me of Britney Spears but is never coupled with a song).

I also thought it was a veiled reference to his "teenage girl" skit character on The Tonight Show kek

No. 363031

File: 1710603709911.jpeg (334.43 KB, 2560x1440, IMG_0477.jpeg)

Wonka was surprisingly whimsical, way better than I expected it to be based on the trailers. If I were a kid again I would've eaten this up

No. 363034

I hate how grey it looks.

No. 363035

timothee is awkward when he tries to be whimsical, color palette sucks as another anon said, and all of the songs were horrendous

No. 363049

They reused the chocolate song about 4 times too! That is the only song I remember because of it. I'm used to muscles doing reprises but it's mostly just twice. This was just so lazy on the artist's side for creating anything catchy and memorable just to be able to have something they could put out in theatre. I think everyone liked working on the film, everything was fine, but not a movie I'm going to pick up at all any time soon. I'd rather watch Frozen 2 8 more times than this.

No. 363079

File: 1710613640016.jpg (197.9 KB, 2880x2160, 1000021659.jpg)

Saw it, the visuals are indeed the best part. The costuming is just beautiful, music was great to. Also really loved the arena fight. Feyd Rautha was weirdly hot

No. 363080

gotta say I hate that pretentious mf (Butler) but he acted great

No. 363084

Yeah his acting was great. He's the cringe guy who insist that his voice changed to Elvis because he played him in a movie right? I think this proves he cah easily change his voice to something else kek.

No. 363095

Tbh the voice thing is very possible depending on if he method acted and talked like that all filming, even outside of the movie set. His drawl is very specific because it's also so slurred and southern. The pacing of his talking too. It's no different from living in a different country for half a year and having a bit of an accent. Before shooting, he was probably already taking classes lined up by his manager in order to learn how to talk like Elvis, so possibly a year talking like that and practicing. Even his normal speech might've had an accent without meaning to as he slowly transitioned out into his normal talking. I love, love watching actors learn different accents and some British/Australian actors also developed Americanized accents from having to play Americans constantly.

No. 363108

Welp you guys are a tough crowd, I thought it was cute

No. 363110

Nobody likes prequels and no one on the entirety of lc likes tinytim (except for one anon on /g/), what did you expect lol

No. 363114

Christ all that plastic surgery but he still couldn't be assed to put on some goddamn sunscreen? Why are men like this.

No. 363128

I watched the Crow recently and it feels like a movie made for women. Like, he's back from the dead for revenge of his fiancee's death. He goes looking for her ring, tells a guy going through divorce how much his fiancee's feelings mattered, got a child her mom back, and SO much emphasis on his back muscles and his line delivery was filled with quotes. Tell me this was a movie for moids… Even though majority of the production was by men, this is a film not for them.

No. 363278

File: 1710684078996.gif (7.6 MB, 540x308, tumblr_0bc145f8c96e6211469aec7…)

Just watched Strictly Ballroom (1992). This may be the best movie ever made, but I'm also big Hairspray fan so maybe I'm just into unserious movies about weirdos in dance competitions where love wins.
It's 3 hits out of 3 Baz Luhrmann movies I've watched so far, Romeo and Juliet is next.

No. 363282

i thought it was cute too. i probably wouldn't watch it again but i didn't expect it to be anything more than a couple hours worth of scenery and songs, which is exactly what it was.

No. 363294

I thought it was too, but its nothing to pick back up again. Just like that Jingle Jangle Christmas movie that was put out

No. 363317

It would be funny if he was stuck with speaking with the Feyd voice now

No. 363345

File: 1710700704773.gif (494.42 KB, 201x200, IMG_0532.gif)

I've been on a mob movie run and have binged Goodfellas and American Gangster the past couple days. I'm wondering if I can actually watch the Godfather without falling asleep like the first time I saw it. I fear I slowly may be becoming moidbrained. But I appreciate that as I've gotten older I've been able to expand my horizons when it comes to films I either doubted the first time or had never seen and passed on
kek that would be hilarious

No. 363473

James O'Barr was grieving the loss of his fiancee (she was hit and killed by a drunk driver) and wrote The Crow to help cope so it makes sense that his love for her comes through in the way his female characters are treated.

No. 363653

File: 1710793551820.gif (8.16 MB, 540x350, tumblr_fb442cb9cd2e9cf8237573b…)

I know that I'm months late but I finally watched Barbie and I cried quite a lot during it. I don't even really know why but it felt really touching. I know that it's only very soft libfem and yet it felt good to finally here something feminist on screen.
I also feel really similar to the Margot Barbie, I really have nothing going for myself, I have no idea what to do with my life. I wish that at the end Kens got punished and she went back to live like she did before, because as sensitive as she turned out to be, real life will be hell after the first excitement wears off. I also wish I had that many female friends, that everything was more pure and much less male-centered and that our world, clothes, houses, everything were more colorful. Even tho they were at a sunny beach in California, everything nevertheless suddenly looked so grey compared to Barbieland.

No. 363656

File: 1710794133151.jpeg (165.82 KB, 1200x676, IMG_0718.jpeg)

On a side note I'm so mad this movie didn't win for best sets and costumes because while it was majorly snubbed at the academy awards that is the category it excelled in. Real shame. Barbieland was so gorgeous and colorful and the outfits and styling were magnificent, plus they used lots of practical effects to bring it to life. Even if it is just a mild libfem take it's still a nice movie with a nice message and seeing it the second time on the small screen made me as happy as the first, plus all the women the first time i saw it in a packed theater with their girlfriends, moms, sisters, and some even inviting their bfs or husbands, everyone was laughing, just a wholesome experience

No. 363666

That's disappointing it didnt win best sets. The barbie world was really fun and convincing. Especially Barbie's dream house.

No. 363667

I actually watched it with my little sis and my mom and surprisingly she liked it despite usually being annoyed by anything even remotely pro-women.
Something that struck me was how long it took her to see how male-centered our world is. Ken walked through the streets and buildings for a good 5 minutes and only then she suddenly exclaimed "Oh, it's all just men?!"
Maybe this is the most feminism a movie can show and still be palatable to a broader audience than just very young and already woke women.

No. 363816

My mom who's usually a strange hybrid between lolburtarian and moderate-right with some occasional shitty conservative conspiracy theorism loved the movie and actually appreciated the feminist message which surprised me. Although she's grown more liberal over the years I expected her to complain. It was nice to see older women watching and enjoying it, not complaining about it, and moreover while the message was a little obvious, it wasn't presented in a forceful or weird way, which I think is baby's first step to educating the uneducated about feminism safely without offending the skeptics. I appreciated it for that alone and it was nice enough to turn my brain off and appreciate the jokes and aesthetics. The fact that it plucked at my heartstrings so much surprised me, especially the What Was I Made For scene

I'm honestly pissed that Poor Things swept so many categories at the Oscar's. I'm going to watch it eventually to form my own opinion despite my skepticism of the premise, but I think people are right to cope and seethe over Emma taking best actress from Lily Gladstone and it stealing best costumes and set from Barbie. The entire sweep of Poor things during award season feels bought and paid, not authentic. I know the Oscar's loves weird shit (Everything Everywhere All at once was weird but at least enjoyable with an original concept) but what was Poor Things bringing to the table that made it deserving of a win? Sorry, I don't get it. Born sexy yesterday janked up to 11 doesnt sound Oscar worthy

No. 363820

> It's a genuinely hilarious movie
There wasn’t anything funny about it, I didn’t smile once throughout it and I didn’t find anything amusing. The director is a try hard who tried to be funny and quirky and failed.
The sex scenes were very porny, from the context to the specific positions they put Emma stone in, I don’t care for sex scenes as it is but these ones were awful and particularly unappealing.
The author is a male
Pedos aren’t going to see a late 30s woman as a child, no, but the movie is arguing that children love sex and would be nymphomaniacs if they weren’t prevented from participating in sex. The fact that she has an adult body is to show that the old men “aren’t wrong” for using her sexually, and it’s arguing that mental maturity matters less than physical maturity- something that pedos have always argued (teenage girls are ready to be sexual partners for adult men because their bodies are mature enough, so to pedos it doesn’t matter that they’re kids)
It also presents sex as enlightening (it literally turned her world from black and white to technicolor) and that adult women and children are held back from experiencing this

No. 363831

I liked it, didn't see any of these issues you're having.

No. 364084

Yeah, and in the book there are two parts: first is what we see in the movie as woman-baby born sexy yesterday and all that whimsical whoring. It was written as a fiction that a husband wrote about his wife in a form of, supposely, his memoir and, supposedly, her words.
And then the second part: after the husband's death, his wife is writing about this book he made and asked her to read, and also about her real life - that she was raised in abuse, got married to literallywho, wasn't pregnant, didn't even want to commit suicide, that Dafoe's character wasn't an ungodly freak but the opposite - that's why she fled to him (after discovering her first husband's cheating on her), that she wasn't necessarily oh so horny trembling about her future second husband (as he wrote in his fanfic) - well, basically, that all things described in the first part, written by her dead husband, was an obvious absurdity driven most likely by the husband's jealousy, because Bella/Victoria was in love with God
Should I say that prostitution part was just a couple of sentences and there was lot more economics, politics and culture talk than sex?
So yeah, that all was the director's deliberate choice he made (and other people said "uh huh cool") and it is rather telling

And what about banning for "no receipts" on fucking media board? And what images do you even want from me? Dogtooth screenshots? Imbecile

No. 364087

File: 1710896518573.gif (9.3 MB, 540x450, tumblr_87c359992a560d26ea2270a…)

it's almost like people have different opinions on what's funny than you
>sex as enlightening (it literally turned her world from black and white to technicolor)
not because she was having sex. because she was no longer caged and kept away from reality. the world didn't turn to color when she began masturbating. it was opening her eyes to the way the world can be both fun and horrible.

me and my gf were laughing so hard we cried in the theater. whimsical, fun, sometimes depressing movie. loved it and love bella

No. 364105

File: 1710899504653.jpeg (377.15 KB, 1200x1600, 8C537110-024E-4D5B-92EC-AD0B60…)

watched chameleon street from 1989, it is a fictionalization of william douglas streets life and WOW. i absolutely loved it, and it made me sad to see the director only had one film. very strange, very stylish, with an unsettling edge to it. has an absolute perfect end credit sequence.

No. 364129

File: 1710905809984.jpeg (406.21 KB, 1618x2048, IMG_5005.jpeg)

So apparently the kickass kid might be the next James Bond, i liked him better as the Twink/nerd be played on kickass but I don't really mind this choice, thoughts?
i know most of you probably don't care about the James Bond franchise because it's mostly just top scrote power fantasy but i like it.

No. 364130

I'm not into James Bond and he'll probably get a hair cut for the role, but for some reason a curly long hair James Bond feels really weird.

No. 364144

He denied he was taking the role kek

No. 364180

The stupid shit he said about not wanting to be defined by one character and then going for superhero stuff. Bond is such a great career move, probably just doesn't want to put in the effort to make sure he's known for me.

No. 364187

It happened when she had sex, not when she masturbated.
>me and my gf were laughing so hard we cried in the theater
I’m sorry but I’m just imagining two obnoxious fat pickmes with onlyfans, shrieking and bellowing as they guffaw in laughter with tears streaming down their fat faces.
All the women I know irl and have spoken to about it online just despised the movie and thought it was cringy and disgusting. The only people I’ve seen praise it are pedophile moids, women with onlyfans who dress like kids to appeal to pedos, and autistic women who like Bella and the premise because they’re literally mentally challenged by definition(infighting)

No. 364189

I can see him as Bond, I wish he would take the role since he’s more attractive than the past actors who’ve played him. Every actor who has been suggested for the role has said they don’t see themselves as Bond or they’ve just been cagey about it, I wonder why that is. It seems like most actors would die to play Bond

No. 364193

I completely agree with you I simply didn't want to infight with that anon. Only the most retarded pickmes like that movie(infighting)

No. 364194

>and autistic women who like Bella and the premise because they’re literally mentally challenged by definition
I'm probably autistic and had sexual issues growing up and the movie completely fucked me up. It's like they were portraying the most hurtful shit I went through in childhood on the big screen for everyone to enjoy and laugh at

No. 364207

File: 1710941496168.png (182.31 KB, 620x360, Emma-Stone-Oscar-Poor-Things.p…)

you have intense issues you need to sort out lmao. sorry you're so miserable that you have to cope by telling yourself that anyone who liked poor things is fat and ugly, you sound more misogynistic than anything in the movie
>i don't want to infight but i'm going to infight
this sounds awesome. gonna watch it soon(infighting)

No. 364210

This comment stinks of projecting landwhale. You saw that anon said she had a GF and got triggered into a rage knowing you’re forever alone, hating other women who are prettier than you, obsessing over the nasolabial folds of cows. Your hatred of her manifests as insane assumptions and trying to insult her taste in movies because you know nothing about her. We get it, you’re unmedicated and don’t remember what fresh air smells like.Now can you stop derailing constantly (especially unsaged?)(infighting)

No. 364215

I didn’t accuse her of actually looking like that, I said it’s the image that came to mind at the thought of a woman actually enjoying that repulsive pathetic movie. This >>363820 was my first post in this thread, I’ve never derailed. And new posts should be unsaged in order to move the threads along, this isn’t /snow/

No. 364216

No one likes you. Normal, intelligent people think that Poor Things was vile, and made by morally bankrupt people. Everywhere online, in real life, in other threads on lc, I see people talking about how disgusting it is that these freaks are shamelessly promoting pedophilia and getting awards for it. You can defend it all you want, but you like Poor Things because you’re ugly inside and dumb, you have ugly thoughts and opinions, and you don’t know right from wrong(calm down)

No. 364221

It's very easy to tell when someone hasn't actually watched a movie. The premise was easy to understand and the main guy who liked Bella even specifically says her doesn't want to have sex with her because it would feel like taking advantage of her. Mark Ruffalo's character, however, is the epitome of a man who doesn't care about Bella aside from looks, regardless of mental state (he wasn't aware of the operation though unlike the other guy who knew and purposely refused bella). The story makes sense when you're not trying to go to lengths to twist it into this attempt to call it pedophilia. I'm really not sure how the premise of the film about female independence could be missed by veiwers when it was spelled out, even in dialog. The sex scenes are supposed to be uncomfortable, that was the point. For a while she was just having sex without even understanding why until she learned she could take it into her own hands at the brothel and realized why men were doing it.

No. 364229

Take your meds and quit shitting all over the movies thread. You keep distracting from actual discussion with your idiocy

No. 364237

>It seems like most actors would die to play Bond
I think it's not always a guaranteed success for the actor. Back in the old Bond days people would be very critical of everyone's performances and rate them against each other harshly and it would cause a career to suffer if they didn't do well. There's a lot of pressure, plus as the years go by the legacy only increases.
Also the reboot hasn't exactly been that great minus Skyfall imo, and even then I can say I think I prefer the spectacle of the movie over the movie itself and just love Judi Dench. Plus every film it seems they're trying to go bigger and more Hollywood. They also keep adding to the legend of Bond instead of being their own film so any scripts or story ideas might be daunting to a new actor. Plus they're coming off of Daniel Craig's well liked performance and a franchise more or less rebooted around him (or at least a series that wound up being about him).
Plus I think the series fucked itself by confirming that this bond is all the other bonds in Skyfall then actually killing him. Now when they pull the "007 is the moniker not the agent" thing legit (right after disproving this theory as canon in their series up until now) it'll put the newest actor (and the writers) on the backfoot because Daniel Craig is all Bond, and this guy is going to be actually nothing at the start. Unless they claim plastic surgery

No. 364254

i dont like when movies with a serial killer always end up being one massive friday the 13th reference. Hope this is/tries to be different at least

No. 364261

This literally looks like Friday the 13 the reimagining kek. OT but I always hated the original movie, I don't know why it ever gained such a cult following and is regarded as a classic horror film. It sucks, even the remake version with Jared Padalecki is better KEK

No. 364303

I feel like every time they try a new spin on a slasher it all end the same. I'm saying this as a horror fan and we know most of slashers ARE the same. What's this one's shtick? It looks like they want to show it more from the killer's perspective and I'm going to be honest but I'm afraid it's going to be a snoozefest. 50% of the trailer looks like Dead by Daylight gameplay.

No. 364312

Shudder has some good stuff but there's so much shite that's just oh I loved these horror films growing up so imma just make a worse version of them.

No. 364321

I hate this movie ughh(bait)

No. 364326

fun kills and jason is hot

No. 364330

>jason is hot
i get in fanart, but he's canonically a deformed retard

No. 364338

Here we go again

No. 364340

shit taste

No. 364345

I’ve seen it, and it’s supposed to promote the idea that children want to have sex and should have the freedom to do it.

And by the way God said he couldn’t have sex with her because he was a eunuch, it sounds like you’re the one who didn’t watch it
That’s why he tried so hard to get her married off to the assistant, because he couldn’t sleep with her himself. Your claim that he didn’t want to take advantage of her is completely false because he was trying to convince a man to marry her, and said he could tell they were “in love” despite her being a baby

No. 364349

File: 1710992627620.jpeg (86.08 KB, 751x499, IMG_3057.jpeg)

jesus christ enough. get a containment thread already.
anyway does anyone have recs for good recent asian horror movies? any nationality

No. 364353

I'm sorry but the story is still terrible, still portrays prostitution as good, still portrays Emma as a weird frankenstein toddler, it's a creepy movie, she has sex with the ugliest of males for money, she masturbated with a chicken bone, it's normal to be grossed out by it(infighting)

No. 364363

Goodfellas isn't as good as people hype it up to be. Personally prefer introspective Scorsese over his more over the top gangster work 90s onwards. Mean Streets/Taxi Driver/Alice Doesn't Live Here > Goodfellas/Departed/Gangs of NY

No. 364367

I'm usually more into over the top, but thanks for reminding me I should watch Taxi Driver

No. 364369

File: 1710996248726.png (573.84 KB, 500x627, IMG_3066.png)

sorry for the derail but the departed is a remake of a hk movie called infernal affairs that's actually pretty great. haven't watched the departed bc i hate dicaprio but infernal affairs I and II are really enjoyable, definitely recommend

No. 364371

He's not who I'm talking about, kek, so Idk why you think Mark Ruffalo and William Defoe are the only men in the story.

No. 364373

it's pretty much a movie about white liberal feminism, 2010s "random sex is empowering" rhetoric, and age gaps. I'm surprised it's such a hot topic considering how shallow it is kek.

No. 364378

She literally discusses how she had to use sex to save herself due to being in s position where a man wanted to control her. There's so much context that isn't being talked about. They spell it right out for you in the movie, the reason behind everything.

No. 364382

do you think that's why it was filmed the way it is with typical emphasis on the male gaze and what men think female sexuality would be, and most of the makers being non-feminist men? bella isn't real, they are.

No. 364384

I didn't get a single sense of male gaze.

No. 364386

You are an imbecile with a subhuman iq(infighting)

No. 364392

She could had done any other job like flipping vintage cottagecore burgers or baking cakes, instead she had to be used by more men because of course

No. 364395

File: 1711005523716.jpg (375.54 KB, 1080x1156, 1000005796.jpg)

Movie: Late Night with the Devil
This is going to come to Shudder too. I guess they used AI for the quick break segments, there are 4 images total. Some posters were saying that they could easily go in and edit the images before fully releasing the movie but why would they even do that when they saved money to begin with?

No. 364396

I just hate that so many films about womens character growth emphasize on how having sex changes your world view and makes you into a fully developed person who sees life differently because omg the power of having a man put his pp in you is just soooo life changing right????? Yawn, boring and gross premise and pure male propaganda to normalize selling your body as good and taking back power haha yes yay for quirky girl boss Emma stone!

No. 364399

>Late Night with the Devil
I was actually looking forward to this movie, where did they use AI?

No. 364400

>omg the power of having a man put his pp in you is just soooo life changing right?????
Honestly it's funny because men think it's so life changing when if fact it feels like nothing.

No. 364407

Nooo I had high expectations for this movie, please don't be a piece of shit

No. 364414

I was agreeing until she pulled Igor out of thw movie canon and went for a coombaya Frankenstein and Monster on the same team type ending. Victor Frankenstein was never an outcast he just felt guilty for playing God in secret. If he revealed the monster to the world the moids of the time would have ate that shit up as scientific advancement while mostly women and priests argue against it. She also completely ignored Elizabeth's existance in her rewrite and never mentioned that the original story was already a Feminist take.
Eyes Without a Face did the mad scientist and freak daughter better.

No. 364416

File: 1711027437752.jpg (2.9 MB, 2500x1667, dd-1112f.jpg)

lmao this exact image is what i've been thinking every time i see that retard posting. poor things was great and i refuse to engage with them
even if it sucks i'm gonna watch it because david dastmalchian is cute(just stop)

No. 364418

Was excited for this. I've seen a review of the movie that stated that AI is ''all over the movie'' in the cutaways and those network breaks segments, which makes me more worried about the whole movie industry than about the state of this movie itself, which people seem to like. A shame, but not everyone will have a problem with it and outside of the whole AI think it's probably going to be fine.

No. 364433

It's not supposed to suck. That's the problem. This actually garnered a lot of attention and the people who know about the AI are going to be conflicted with wanting to not support job theft and wanting to see a horror movie that everyone is pretty hyped for.

The problem I have is that once movies start implementing the AI replacement of jobs little by little, it becomes a slope. Supporting even the indie stuff with this, which you would think indie artists would know better about protecting jobs, everyone is going to just do it. Normal people aren't going to care or even know about the AI because they don't have stake in the business, but everyone else who knows, artists, graphic designers, and concept artists… People you need to do basics in movies, all movies will do this. The movie looked so good and now I'm just going to wait for a recap or pirate it. I'm not giving money to the creators for probably putting the actors in a situation where they will get harassed over the use of AI too. This also opens up the movie for people to judge if other aspects were written or conceptualized by AI.

No. 364436

ths image was aimed at everyone posting about poor things whether they liked it or not. yes, you too.
you're right. they start by cutting corners but even background elements are important. a good set designer and well-done props will go a long way in making a movie look unique and interesting.
it tells me the ppl making these movies have no artistic vision if they think they can just replace that with AI slop. and unfortunately you know studio execs are going to push it snce they care only about the bottom line and not the artistic merits of fimlmmaking. bleak.

No. 364454

File: 1711044110136.jpeg (640.55 KB, 1170x1356, IMG_0947.jpeg)

It was three still images, and they did some further editing

No. 364469

i tried watching it the other day since it was free on one of the streaming platforms but i had to turn it off within minutes. it's god awful, im so glad i didnt waste money renting it or seeing it in theaters

No. 364479

Sounds lame and disappointing as hell. What's 1970s aesthetic about AI at all? How does it fit in a film trying to look like a 1970s broadcast? Of course in your picrel they have to say nice things about it (and probably exaggerate), what else are they supposed to say? Everything's a bottom line these days, people are getting way too brazen about how much they don't want to pay artists, performers, or general creatives for anything, they just want them to kick rocks.

No. 364524

File: 1711075104198.jpg (17.4 KB, 200x300, 1000005626.jpg)

>want to watch Eyes Without a Face 1960 on the TV youtube for free
>subtitles can't be translated off desktop
At least knowing the plot is getting me through it

No. 364526

that looks spoopy what is it about?

No. 364532

what about connecting your laptop to the tv with an hdmi cable?

No. 364623

This looked interesting until I read the comments and googled the director… he’s a tranny. And some commenters saw this at Sundance or some other film festival and spoiled it, the entire movie is a metaphor for trooning. This is going to suck so hard. (Please god don’t let the fact that Emma Stone produced this crap make the PT infighters come back)

“Coombaya” is genius nonna

No. 364638

It's about the dangers of plastic surgery before people understood it
That's smart, thank you!

No. 364661

Nonnas, what did you think of Dune now that part 2 came out? I watched part 2 yesterday and I still don’t know what I feel about it- it looked beautiful, but I found the dialogue kind of lackluster. It also feels like the story doesn’t have much meat on the bone for a movie with a combined 6 hour runtime. I admit I laughed out loud in the cinema when ATJ showed up, it’s like they were trying to complete the hand of “Hollywood’s only 4 young actors, apparently” so they shoehorned her in. Although I guess it could be setup for a possible sequel.
It did have a better pace than most movies that came out recently. Time passed so fast when I was in the cinema.

No. 364663

>the entire movie is a metaphor for trooning.
I'm curious how a movie about haunted 70's tv show would have that metaphor.

No. 364691

Very disappointed in Dune 2. It felt like they had to fill the plot with things that were covered in the first movie to justify the bloated run time, instead of adding things from the other books instead. Also disliked how self conscious the movie was about being about the most special white boy in the universe. Paul would not fucking say 'they deserve to have one of their own people lead them' kek. Austin Butler was an unexpected highlight for me considering I do not like his face, but he really commits. His impression of Stellan Skarsgaard was really good.
Also disrespectful to the Bene Geserit. Why are they constantly gasping and flinching.

No. 364698

it was cringe how hard the film was lampshading the orientalist and white savior narrative of the text, but it was still entertaining, engaging, and well-filmed imo

No. 364797

File: 1711150938407.jpeg (850.82 KB, 1170x1819, IMG_0064.jpeg)

Tracked down the comment I saw, just a random comment so take it with a grain of salt I guess but based on the director I wouldn’t be surprised, plus that seems in line with what’s shown in the trailer.

No. 364809

> and never mentioned that the original story was already a Feminist take.
Nonna, she mentions that 2 minutes in.

>Eyes Without a Face did the mad scientist and freak daughter better

Good taste nonny

No. 364914

File: 1711204731882.jpg (942.68 KB, 1241x698, CS_PressStill_03.jpg)

NTA who replied to you, but I watched this last night, thank you a lot for bringing it to my knowledge! Unsettling is right, I had to fast forward in one part (keeping it vague) where the little girl was cut. So I don't know what happened in that scene. Some of it especially at the beginning was tricky to follow, it was super stylish, kind of fantastical, and maybe I'm using this word wrong, but…campy? The script had so many great lines and quips. A very sarcastic kind of delivery style. It was a great watch and the context I read afterwards about its showing and prize-winning at Sundance and all that and then crickets afterwards seems such a shame.

No. 364922

I loved the cinematography and atmosphere, the harkonnen planet scenes especially had such an oppressive and breathtaking presence.
But the writing and acting itself wasnt impressive. The main leads have no chemistry, and they dont show pauls rise to power and prominence very well - they made the timeline so much shorter than the book. Also it's like they were scared to show the evil of the harkonnens, the power and manipulation of the bene gesserit, it all felt very sanitised and like paul was never in any danger of losing. I don't want to say spoilers outright but even the destruction later on felt weightless.
Also the dialogue in some parts was ridiculous and I could hear other people in the cinema laughing at some moments too (that are supposed to be serious).
All in all even though its better than most trash that comes out these days it's not great - it doesnt seem like a classic or something people would watch over and over.

No. 364924

>little boy "experimenting" with his gender
this is totally gonna have pedo bait.

No. 365380

File: 1711329746659.jpg (172.38 KB, 718x1024, late-night-with-the-devil.jpg)

the AI bits were distracting and bad. pretty indefensible because they could have easily hired some artists to do better work for a decent price without having to deal with the backlash. as for the movie itself, i loved it. fantastic writing, atmosphere, everything. i definitely want to watch it again. i loved how the ending made it fairly ambiguous. you could argue that there were demonic forces present, or that all of it is jack having a psychotic break from the guilt of killing his wife, triggered by the hypnosis session.

No. 365422

So they lied. They didn't do in and adjust the ai at all.

No. 365423

This sounds like a fucking bitter idiot who probably missed the entire plot and fixated on something. This is a whole targeted comment too. I also highly, highly doubt this person saw this at Sundance and isn't instead posting based off of some bullshit someone else fed them. Comments like these have no basis in actually explaining anything about the movie.

No. 365431

ifk if they lied but if they actually retouched the art it certainly doesn't look like they did. anyone who's played around with ai can spot it. the skeleton one has already been posted, but there's an even worse one imo which is an owl on a tv and it has like 20 claws on its feet.

No. 365659

I just watched it on Paramount+ myself and I don't know how I got through it, especially considering I hate musicals.
Sanitized and yet more sexual makes a lot of sense. Like they took out the part about the coach and the underage student (fair honestly), Regina's mom offering her condoms. But then there's a whole sexy Halloween dance number and they explicitly say that Karen has fucked 11 different people.
The acting felt like high school theater kids trying to re-enact Mean Girls. I guess it's hard not to when the original is so iconic so imitations will always pale in comparison, but there's this specific brand of Gen Z acting that this movie suffers from and I can't put my finger on it. Every character feels like a watered down version of their original counterpart too. Janis's characterization in particular I was super not a fan of.
My god the fashion was atrocious. The outfits they chose for the first scene of the plastics were so ugly. None of it was preppy rich girl, just cheap knock-off costumes and sheinshit

No. 365701

File: 1711467423086.jpeg (775.3 KB, 1170x1632, 83AD5BA2-66A6-4878-B548-84C644…)

there are already reviews out for this movie, it is literally a metaphor for being transgender.

No. 365713

I honestly don't care about any of this. Just is it a good movie or not. Trying to say it's bad just because of subject matter is such a weak excuse for disliking a film.

No. 365730

Plenty of people wouldn't enjoy a whole movie designed to push tranny shit, nonna. Anyway the review posted before says it's shit in general >>364797

No. 365735

I'm going to watch it to give an accurate description and breakdown, but I don't think there's some force agenda being pushed. It's not propaganda just because the movie's plot is about someone being trans. That's like saying a serial killer movie is propaganda.

No. 365820

lol letterboxd is so retarded. this isn't even a film review. this person just goes "this film rocks, dude. it's like, so good and emotional. and it like, makes my transness feel so valid. it's so freaking awesome"

No. 365895

Another Defoe/Stone movie and by the creator of Poor Things. What do you guys think?

No. 365907

Nothing about this makes me want to watch the film but I am the type of person where seeing a bunch of celebs I know in films just tires me out immediately. So many just repetitive celebs.
Not a film I'd go to watch straight away, one I'd wait for reviews.

No. 365923

File: 1711564436634.jpg (167.13 KB, 1200x800, Possession-video-1200x800.jpg)

I really liked Possession and I find myself thinking about it often since I've watched it. Both Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill were great in their roles. Do you know anything similar in terms of atmosphere, nonnies?

No. 365967

Can we have a letterboxd cringe thread at this point

No. 365988

File: 1711587812272.jpg (307.23 KB, 1200x825, 3 Women.jpg)

Made me think of 3 Women 1977. You might want to check out the art house horror movies that were made around the same time frame as Possession. If you liked performances there is also Nosferatu The Vampyre 1979 with Isabelle Adjani and In the Mouth of Madness 1994 with Sam Neill. Both are horrors. I didn't watch Nosferatu yet but Mouth of Madness was pretty good.

No. 365991

In The Mouth of Madness is really good

No. 365999

Thanks for recs, nona, 3 Women looks interesting, I'll definitely watch it. I enjoyed In the Mouth of Madness too! Guess it's time to rewatch it as well

No. 366115

File: 1711636494395.jpeg (599.61 KB, 1170x1124, IMG_0111.jpeg)

I’d love that because I was looking up reviews for a movie I want to go see and found this hysterical review. She’s crying over this shit

No. 366121

kek she must be joking right? that's ridiculous.

No. 366182

American Girl Melody is getting a movie, good for her but I thought it was going to be about Claudie because the girl in the trailer wasn't in any iconic Melody dress and hairstyle.
Also I'm salty she got a movie before Addy.(this is an imageboard)

No. 366183

can you post a trailer?

No. 366189

There was a Melody movie in 2016, the full thing is on the American Girl youtube channel. Is there another one now?

No. 366191

It was this one, it is this one. Why did youtube give me an old trailer? I'd heard that after the Barbie movie success there was going to be a movie based on the books. I assumed that meant they were going to make more than the ones they already had and this was the follow-up to that article from last year.
I'm confused about getting a trailer for this.

No. 366194

Always check the timestamps. IMBD is a good source to check for upcoming titles too since they have a bunch of things announced at all times.

No. 366197

Well the full movie was only uploaded to youtube a month ago so I guess it's recent to YouTube and maybe that's why you got an ad for it, but it's from 2016.

No. 366217

>AI art finally being used in profesional movies
Based, I'm going to watch it 5 times.(bait)

No. 366230

I now understand the poor things hatred, I saw it, i really disliked the blatant Oscar bait shit of it all and the fact that most of the movie is about multiple men having sex with what essentially is a baby just feels gross. The movie tries to be surrealism but it's not surrealistic enough for me to think that the sex scenes aren't actually supposed to be anything but sex scenes, it's not deep, it's not dramatic all this is a sexual fantasy Hollywood creeps dream of daily, fuck this.(Poor things bait)

No. 366246

Kek poor things must be jannies favorite movie(continued poor things sperging)

No. 366266

jfc. i hate ai shit but i'm happy i supported them with money because it's a great film and i think it's important to support indie films. i don't agree with their use of ai but the good outweighs the bad for me. i'm guessing the person who wrote this has a gendie art style and puts watermarks all over her ugly shit.

No. 366270

Ayrt and I’m going to see it with my father tomorrow, excited for it. I have a feeling he’s not going to notice at all, haven’t told him there’s AI in it

No. 366273

go watch the shudder v/h/s anthologies, they're the exact same thing so you'll probably dig them. i think 94 is considered the best one

No. 366274

File: 1711671247234.jpg (32.68 KB, 512x702, d40e40494adb64199b6b65a6ec32b1…)

Jacob's Ladder, Repulsion. Wish there were more movies like these with female leads though.

No. 366279

The only thing i didn't liked about Godzilla X Kong is that there isn't enough Godzilla in it, we see him drain a nuclear plant and then kill a radiation eel and then most of the ass kicking is done by Kong, it's not fair! It makes me think western writers think Goji as a super being while Kong is closer to a regular human

No. 366281

Dang disappointed to hear this. The american movies do seem to play favorites and treat Kong like he's more interesting.

No. 366287

File: 1711678887316.jpg (606.53 KB, 1455x2048, tumblr_80c5b267aea84146d32055b…)

hope you enjoy anon! i don't think anyone who wasn't told it was ai or plays around in ai programs would notice it at all.
ayrt, i'm a huge fan of the VHS series and no… they aren't at all the exact same thing. LNWTD had a completely different vibe. 94 is among the worst in the series too, 1 + 2 are the best.

No. 366374

Jacob's Ladder is cool, I recommend watching it totally blind to avoid spoiling the ending. Just the original, though, the remake is shit.

No. 366404

images, symptoms, let's scare jessica to death, messiah of evil, kotoko

No. 366455

You inspired me to watch Romeo+Juliet again and it’s amazing, it hits so differently now that I’m an adult as compared to when I was a teen watching it for the first time in high school. It helped a lot that I can now parse the Shakespearean in real time rather then having to dissect it sentence by sentence and it makes me appreciate all the more how brilliantly it was acted and filmed. The way they modernized the tale too is so impressive, I wish he’d adapt more Shakespeare.

No. 366512

Are you lost?

No. 366595

Watching argyle right now, can't believe how fat Bryce Dallas Howard has gotten since Jurassic World 3, it makes me wanna gain a bit of weight myself.

No. 366598

File: 1711833365113.jpg (86.75 KB, 1200x800, Film_Review_-_Argylle_12525.jp…)

idk anything about argylle, did she gain weight on purpose for the role or is it natural? she seems very covered-up and ashamed of it in pics i'm seeing of the movie which makes me sad

No. 366608

She talks about it in https://time.com/6622198/bryce-dallas-howard-argylle-body-interview/
time interview.
She didn't gain for the role, was approached for the role and said she would't lose weight for it, kinda love that she does still look great. She was absolutely tiny doing Jurassic world.

No. 366609

well i'm glad she's not ashamed of it but did the director make her cover up or what? she's in a damn turtleneck and cardigan while dua lipa is in a club dress

No. 366615

I mean, isn't the whole thing that she's a normal real person who's an author and Dua is a fictional heroine come to life? She apparently does wear "sexy gowns" according to that interview.

No. 366617

She's so pretty in Jurassic world. I don't know why she would gain so much weight, even for a role. Seems like she regrets it.

The movie actually looks good, but I hate henry cavill and his ugly vegeta hairline.

No. 366618

oh i see, i had no idea what the movie was about

No. 366626

I can't watch things with Henry Cavill he gives me slimy feelings, same with shallot, films don't really seem super unique with actors at the moment.

No. 366719

her weight has gone up and down a lot over the years. people gave her shit when she gained weight during her pregnancy and didn't lose it all immediately after giving birth, then she did later lose weight but gained more for a role in black mirror, then lost that weight and now has gained again. i don't blame her not wanting to talk about her body anymore and deciding that she's done with the fluctuations.

No. 366936

Nonnas, do you have recommendations for good “female rage” movies that aren’t just rape and revenge shit or sexualized to hell?

No. 366943

File: 1711972109909.jpg (70.53 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BNDgxMjY2MTUtYThlNC00Y2I1LW…)

may not perfectly fit what you're looking for but I always liked Freeway (1996). Have you seen any you like?

No. 366944

not sure if these all qualify as "rage" but i do think they deal with similar ideas: daisies, raw, thoroughbreds, excision, the loved ones, the novice, fun (1994), in my skin, sick of myself, 2DLK, and thelma

No. 367015

File: 1712002733006.jpg (722.98 KB, 1079x1336, 1000005871.jpg)

Just watched The Cell. I had hoped it would be awesome but it was just okay. 13 Ghosts is way better and Jlo is a bad actress. Vince Vaughn threw me off a little too. I liked the concept but it focused too much of her being a savior and then she turns into a serial killer. Or rather it leaves that open to interpretation. I took the ending as she was just starting out.

No. 367035

i feel the same, it's def one of Tarsem Singh's weaker works, his later movies are better imo. and 13 ghosts is just a straight up classic to me at this point, it's the perfect level of horror and campiness

No. 367049

The cell just seemed so fast paced.

No. 367117

File: 1712033297238.jpeg (1003.45 KB, 2376x3168, B9440454-475C-48BA-BC51-40A50D…)

speaking my truth! i liked this is me… now
the movie is genuinely objectively bad but what i love about it the most is the visuals. it’s a fun movie to watch! also jlo basically had all of us listen to her album by using it as the soundtrack… i might have to give her her 10s for this

No. 367131

File: 1712035793410.png (3.29 MB, 1720x1269, image.png)

I think the Craft fits your criteria though it's not extreme rage, more like extreme emotions overall
Also First Wives Club for a more comedic approach to female revenge and rage.

No. 367197

I love the text on screen in the trailer that says from the HEART from the SOUL from the DREAMS of Jennifer Lopez lol

No. 367198

File: 1712056284215.gif (8.01 MB, 540x450, rowing.gif)

NTA but The Novice looks like an amazing movie thank you I'm gonna watch it

No. 367221

has anyone seen Cabrini? I want to see it but the 2+ hour runtime makes me hesitant to see it in theaters

No. 367222

I like it, I wish more musicians went wild with movies tied to their music. I wish Madonna made a movie out of Express Yourself and the rest of her Like a Prayer album. Let it be funky I just want style!

No. 367285

Cosigning Thoroughbreds. That movie is so good.

No. 367649

File: 1712189692045.jpeg (106.18 KB, 255x378, IMG_5121.jpeg)

Just saw that shitty Sydney Sweeney romcom from last year and Sydney hate aside, it just really bad and the black guy friend was insufferable and maybe the worst character i have ever seen on a romcom, no chemistry between the leads and kinda wanted everyone to murder each other at the end. My god what awful fucking movie.
I didn't cared enough to find a high res version of the poster, I'm glad it bombed.

No. 368091

File: 1712349525479.jpg (110.32 KB, 253x394, Rumpelstiltskin_1987.jpg)

We should do a Cannon Movie Tales watch night, these are so charming. Rumpelstiltskin is one of my favorites, I like how Amy Irving as the heroine is older than your usual teenage fairytale lead, and the prince is cute lol. She performed the songs herself too

No. 368096

File: 1712350621446.webp (90.61 KB, 640x271, 3women-03.webp)

yes anon, i adore 3 women! i wrote a paper about it. i highly recommend it, the way altman portrays women is the best we can get from a male director, the cinematography and costumes are beautiful and the idea to put sissy spacek and shelley duvall in main roles was simply divine (it actually came to him in a dream). a masterpiece for autistic weirdo women.

No. 368350

Nta and ot but I watched this movie around the same time with my sister… I don’t think she’s a farmer but just out of curiosity do you have a sister 4 years younger than you? Kek

No. 368427

Any recommendations for silly cartoon movies or just silly light hearted movies in general ? I don't watch alot of movies so feel free to recommend popular stuff.
Things aren't going very well for me and I want something to watch that helps me forget everything for a bit, but doesn't trigger me lol.

No. 368441

File: 1712431428633.jpg (149.21 KB, 220x327, The_SpongeBob_SquarePants_Movi…)

the first spongebob movie is amazing even if you're not into spongebob

No. 368442

File: 1712431536778.jpg (436.77 KB, 1000x1486, MV5BMzg4MDJhMDMtYmJiMS00ZDZmLT…)

hot fuzz always makes me laugh too

No. 368443

File: 1712431582353.jpg (1.42 MB, 2025x3000, MV5BNjI5OTQ0MDQxM15BMl5BanBnXk…)

and spy

No. 368460

File: 1712436570418.jpg (134.38 KB, 854x1000, galaxyquest.jpg)

have you ever seen galaxy quest? it's a fun movie with a great cast (tim allen is the main character but everyone else outshines him).

No. 368485

Thank you anons! I'll try to watch some of these tonight before I fall asleep

No. 368493

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

No. 368524

Me and my friends are holding a tragic movie marathon. Please nonnies I need suggestions for the most tragic films you've ever seen. I need the type of shit that gets you ugly sobbing and reflecting on it for days. I've already made them watch Capernaum so I need something more tragic if that's even possible.

No. 368532

File: 1712449101392.jpeg (125.45 KB, 1024x690, IMG_3278.jpeg)

the garden of the finzi-continis (1970) by vittorio de sica

No. 368543


No. 368546

File: 1712453295815.gif (2.31 MB, 480x270, icegif-846.gif)

blue valentine, the life aquatic with steve zissou, lost in translation, big fish, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, everything everywhere all at once (ymmv on that one, some people hated the humor of it, but the way they portrayed the multiverse shook me to my core)

No. 368551

"Right at your door", very depressing, very slow, nothing hollywood. Expect for that Blade Runner and Koyaanisqatsi and, what I got told is the most depressing film ever is "Johnny got his gun". I haven't seen it as I don't want to see it imagining the story and emotions that movie has to offer.

No. 368554

File: 1712455087704.jpg (164.31 KB, 1024x768, 6f83a77dca9edef1735293c26e04b7…)

Lilya 4-Ever, Oslo August 31st, The Life of Oharu, Au Hasard Balthazar, Han Gong-ju, Bastard Out of Carolina, Happiness, Johnny Got His Gun, Kids, Silenced, Precious, The Green Mile, The Florida Project, The Innocents (2016)

No. 368571

File: 1712458990477.jpeg (87.28 KB, 1300x683, 95E6BBC7-B526-47A1-A19E-F1BD41…)

microhabitat, a death in the gunj, nothing bad can happen, christine (1987), hotel coolgardie (not sure if documentaries are cheating), nitram, control (2007), sound of metal, and vagabond come to mind. maybe these are more so just depressing instead of tragic, though.

No. 368578

damn you really wanna fuck her and her friends up lol. that was the assignment I guess.

No. 368584

EEAAO was SO good and so hard hitting. I watched this with my friends too, and I cried so much I was choking and hiccuping and used up an entire box of tissues. In retrospect it really wasn't THAT sad… but very very good nonetheless. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is definitely something I want to watch but I think my friend has already seen it.
I've been meaning to watch Lilya-4-ever forever (lol). I predict it'll majorly fuck me up. I've seen The Florida Project and it was good, the acting was amazing especially for such young children but the ending was dumb for me and ruined it.
I appreciate it though!! Thank you everyone who replied, we're aiming to flood the room with our tears.

No. 368587

Oh, I'm a crier, this also depends on how easily you cry though. How about: Hachi, A Dog's Purpose, Homeward Bound [the cat getting hurt kills me every time and a bunch of animals were injured on set], Ladder 49, The Fox and The Hound, Bridge to Terabithia.. I know there is more, but I'm terrible with names/titles. I'd need to spend time reminding myself of what I watched.

No. 368618

yeah, i know you asked for more tragic movies but idk if i've cried as hard at any movie as EEAAO. i think it's the way it's so bittersweet and is ultimately about possibly the most relatable thing to all humans: strained family ties + wishing you had a different life. there's nothing quite like it

No. 368620

dead poets society is pretty sappy for most of its runtime but the ending makes me cry like a baby. the impossible (the movie about the tsunami) is also quite possibly one of the most tearjerking movies i’ve ever watched, although it ends on a hopeful/bittersweet note.

No. 368650

If my friend had me watch Bastard Out of Carolina and all she said was it was a sad movie, I'm not sure we'd still be friends at the end lmao. I definitely wouldn't let her pick movies for me anymore.

No. 368654

I didn't think I had any recommendations nonas didn't already suggest, but there's also Plague Dogs >>360311
If you want something you won't be able to watch, there's Earthlings >>>/m/284034
My Girl is also good if you want a regular sad movie not too mentally scarring just good for some waterworks. I don't like to recommend movies with mainly child actors because i don't think children should be acting lol but it's a good movie they do a good job

No. 368664

File: 1712498382030.gif (1018.82 KB, 500x281, fireflies.gif)

grave of the fireflies is the only ghibli movie i've watched just once because it was so horribly depressing

No. 368685

you should marry me

No. 368691

File: 1712509596997.webp (20.53 KB, 640x546, IMG_4858.webp)

let’s watch silly action comedies together anon

No. 369443

File: 1712715946539.png (483.36 KB, 717x447, 0012575.png)

PULSE (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) Japanese language
>Set in Tokyo, ghost have begun invading the world of the living via the internet. Plant shop employee Michi Kudo discovers that her coworker Taguchi has committed suicide and become a ghost.

TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT (Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne) French language
>A working-class woman learns that she will lose her job because her coworkers were promised bonuses if they voted to make her redundant. She must convince each of them to give up their bonuses to protect her livelihood.

THE HUNT (Thomas Vinterberg) Danish language
>A kindergarten teacher is wrongly accused of sexually abusing a child. The village takes the child's side.

THE CELEBRATION (Thomas Vinterberg) Danish language
>A family gathers to celebrate their patriarch's 60th birthday. A terribly family secret is revealed.

INCENDIES (Denis Villeneuve) French/Arabic language
>After their mother dies, Canadian twins Jeanne and Simon travel to their mother's native country in the Levant. Her tragic past amongst a bloody civil war is revealed.

TOWER (Keith Maitland) English language
>Semi-animated documentary film about the 1966 University of Texas shootings. In a country plagued by school shootings, one day in 1966 proved to be one of the deadliest school shootings in the country's history.

ROOM (Lenny Abrahamson) English language
>A young woman has been held captive for seven years in a garden shed. Her five-year-old son is a product of rape. The two hatch and execute an escape plan.

GREEN ROOM (Jeremy Saulnier) English language
>A broke self-made punk band arrive to perform at a bar in Portland, Oregon, only to realize the venue is a Nazi skinhead bar. They stumble upon a murder in the green room. The proprietors will not let them leave so easily.

BLUE RUIN (Jeremy Saulnier) English language
>A homeless man discovers that the man who killed his parents 20 years earlier has been let out of prison. He sets out for revenge.

THE RETURN (Andrey Zvyagintsev) Russian language
>Two Russian boys' father suddenly returns home after a 12 year absence. He takes the boys on a holiday to a remote island on a lake.

No. 369469

File: 1712725691278.png (242.38 KB, 400x600, image.png)

Seconding this a hundred times, it's so good

No. 369616

nta but has anyone seen the hunt? and if so, did you like it? i’ve been wanting to watch it for a while but keep putting it off since the premise of “alleged pedo teacher is actually totally INNOCENT and being hunted by a WITCH MOB” seems kind of moidy.

No. 369660

I only have a vague memory of it but I did watch it. I don't remember thinking it was a moidy boo-hoo but what about how false accusations ruin men's lives? sort of film but it has been a while. In the reality of the movie plot he is innocent and it's more about how everyone else acts or decides to believe whatever they're going to believe sometimes without their reasoning being very logical because they are so swept up in their emotions that they stop listening to anyone even the kid when she tells them he didn't do anything. I need to watch it again though because I vaguely remember wondering wait, am I supposed to think he could have done it? No… The movie gets in your head a little.
I get where you're coming from though, I watched some netflix slop with a similarish premise and it irritated me the whole time how it was handled (a priest was being accused of having CP on his compute but it wasn't his…. he was protecting a pedophile out of pity though so it was hard to feel bad for him and the entire plot just seemed in poor taste because of the rampant sexual abuse in churches.) But Hunt wasn't super shitty like that where the guy is clearly trash but you're supposed to feel bad for him. The character in Hunt is actually likeable and the drama is intense.

No. 369661

It's been a while since I watched it and maybe I don't remember it quite it right, but I think the movie leaves it clear he is innocent. It's less about the alleged abuse and more about how that affects his life and the people around him. I remember the movie portraying both sides in a understandable way, you could relate to the falsely accused teacher, but also understand people's outrage and suspicion.

No. 369664

File: 1712804578902.jpg (29.53 KB, 258x387, Movie_poster_watership_down.jp…)

This movie and Watership Down scarred me for life when I watched them as a kid.

No. 369680

I bought watership down for my sister when she was a kid cause I knew nothing about it and knew she liked bunnies, so I put it on while I made her dinner. I came back and she was having a funeral for her Peter Cottontail and crying. I didn’t get it until I looked up a review of the movie. I am so sorry, 5 year old little sister

No. 369785

File: 1712866813180.jpg (116.4 KB, 482x699, play-misty-for-me.jpg)

i recently watched play misty for me. clint eastwood plays a radio show host who attracts the biggest stalker bpd chan on the planet and she spends most of the film fucking up his life in every possible way. i'm a big fan of movies with a completely insane female character tormenting a moid, like fatal attraction and swimfan, so i thoroughly enjoyed this one.

No. 369817

I hated Schindler's list, it felt like a whitewashed almost pornographic gentrification of history. It felt almost disrespectful and I would much rather read another book by the survivors of the Holocaust. It reeks of holywood and profit. I'm not jewish but it still felt weird to me. Anyone else?

No. 369823

I didn't know Michael Haneke was a farmer

No. 369832

I doubt he could comprehend the depth of my criticism but I'm glad someone agrees with me

No. 369835

Ok here it goes: first, the women. They don't even speak. The camera lingers on their tits. All they do is cry and get raped. The film doesn't tell their story at all and treats them like exploitation porn. The camera itself is a nazi towards women.
"6 million was murdered but let's celebrate the 600 who weren't" is a mindset I don't approve of. I fucking hate Schindler in general. He's morally grey but is turned into a Chris Evans type of "he's so me" character. It's meant to appeal to the audience. The focus isn't even on the jews, it's on the Hollywood Hero Man. It's a misery porno meant to excel in profits and nothing else. Also 3 hours? Fuck off.

No. 369869

the boy in the striped pijiamas felt more respectful and that's saying a lot

No. 369870

I’d actually love that, I’ve seen some pretty stupid reviews. I feel like it would become another trans hate thread too because every time I see a retarded letterboxd review I go to their profile and it’s a tranny. I saw one for “Mandy” complaining about how the cult was a harmful stereotype of polyamorous people

No. 369937

Unrelated, but I hate that movie. It's one of those movies that make no sense to exist. The whole point of the book was for the narrative to be skewed by the kid's point of view, and for us to slwoly piece together what was really happening. The movie doesn't work because there is no way to rob the viewer from the very clear nazi references. It ends up being another movie about holocaust that relies solely on the shocking ending to hold up. Cheapens the whole story.

No. 370042

File: 1712971163369.jpeg (382.91 KB, 2048x1152, 61D933AB-87E2-4795-9919-1F74A1…)

watched christine (2016) tonight, and i'm not sure how to feel about it. i'm not sure if there should have ever been a film made about christine chubbuck, or if a man deserved to write/direct her "story." is there even a "story" to be told? can you reduce a real woman to a character in a 123 minute long film? i suppose it is better than that god awful movie network that was inspired by her, turning a tragedy into a male power fantasy…

its always the films you see yourself in, huh.

No. 370046

I feel like I have to just scroll down the letterboxd homepage to "popular reviews this week" to get instanted turned off from seeing a (often recent) movie. I don't believe that's always the movie's fault. But man is the average letterboxd crowd doing the opposite of selling Monkey Man.

I met a moid film program grad type guy who said Network was in his top 5 faves. I haven't watched it yet. Should I now be worried?

No. 370066

I've seen this a few times, I enjoyed it but I am also conflicted about it. She was a seriously troubled woman, but her last words were a statement about how news media prioritizes blood and gore over uplifting stories. And here we are watching a movie about her that wouldn't have been made if not for how her life ended in blood and gore.
I think at least, it's a very honest look into the mind of a severely mentally ill person, and how they can slip through the grasp of the people who love them. Same as you, I think a lot of my fascination with it is because I relate to her.

No. 370511

Just saw the trailer for joker 2, ngl I'm into it.

No. 370622

File: 1713104523630.gif (6.96 MB, 540x400, 4a230103_540.gif)

I never liked Twilight but i like Warm Bodies, i don't think it's a good movie or that it's a good romance but it makes me feel like it was almost a shitpost on that era where spooky/creepy gf anime was kinda popular (Sankarea/Another/Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia).
I want more cheesy monsterboy bf movie attempts.

No. 370630

Im slowly picking the habit of watching movies while I work. Is the girl with the dragon tattoo a movie worth watching? I like suspense/action films with little to romance or sad stories

No. 370679

I'm surprised I don't immediately hate it. I was sure they'd ruin the story with a shitty forced romance sequel, but based on the trailer it might even turn out to be decent. Definitely going to see it at some point. The first one was clever with the references to Chaplin, low key hoping the second one will reference something like Titicut Follies (a documentary classic filmed in a 1960s in an institution for the criminally insane).

No. 370752

I love that it's going to be a musical.

No. 370755

>Cheesy Monsterboy bf romance
Shape of Water is the best one for specificthis genre.

No. 370757

try con air

No. 370760

I loved all of it except Gaga, she isn't putting any effort in at all to convince the audience that shes Harley Quinn. I don't see her as a separate character, it literally just comes off like its a Gaga x Joker self insert fic kek

No. 370764

File: 1713137450876.jpg (79.35 KB, 1000x1500, 822093.jpg)

rewatched picrel again, now wanting to watch more sandra huller or courtroom dramas in general.

is toni erdmann worth the watch? i've heard a few good things about it, but also the person that recommended it to me has no standards so i'm taking the rec with a grain of salt.

No. 370781

Network is good, I wouldn't listen to someone who admits to identifying with someone who committed suicide on air

No. 370785

Have you watched Lisa Frankenstein?

No. 370805

NTA but i totally forgot, will pirate it right now because it looks like it rocks and I'm so happy about Zelda Williams becoming a filmmaker.

No. 370808

kekkk I feel sorry for your sister, but that's hilarious.

No. 370893

I love this movie with all my heart.
holy smokes thanks for this! The world need more zombie bf movies.

No. 371202

File: 1713243638566.jpg (2.9 KB, 347x145, images.jpg)

Nonas. Drop me a movie that sticks with you. I mean in the way that it made you feel so many things, had you thinking about it for weeks after watching. For me this was nocturnal animals. Not only was it incredibly beautiful to watch but the tone so brilliantly conveys the darkness between the two leads. Jake Gyllenhaal was fantastic, so was Amy Adams. I watched it years and years ago but my mind goes back to it often.

No. 371206

File: 1713245045311.webp (828.81 KB, 4242x2806, IMG_1867.webp)

happy together (1997)

No. 371207

File: 1713245960111.jpg (75.51 KB, 1200x720, 0_uZF0EZ-eazn7py-O.jpg)

Can't pick a single one. The Turin Horse, Au Hasard Balthazar, and Poetry were the ones that stay with me the most.

No. 371282

File: 1713276380970.jpg (652.44 KB, 845x1241, 1000005960.jpg)

HUNGER. I thought this was going to be a fun takedown type of movie, but it wasn't. The ending was so dumb and completely disappointing and unsatisfying.

No. 371284

File: 1713277058891.jpeg (211.34 KB, 1280x544, IMG_2618.jpeg)

Curse of the golden flower (2006)
also ivan the terrible (1945) but if i keep bringing it up ill look like a personalityfag

No. 371904

File: 1713500469900.jpeg (227.43 KB, 1600x900, 110DFD8E-1494-4D15-B3A4-C80BD3…)

wake in fright. what a fantastic and disturbing movie, truly captures the horror of toxic masculinity and the way men spur each other on. haunting ending, but in such a mundane way.

others that stuck with mind include let the right one in (literally my favorite romance movie, i think it really does capture the purity of love you feel for others as a child), top of the heap (fascinating and unique look into the struggle black men feel at wanting to be "the man" similar to white men and the ways they lash out at never truly being able to achieve this fantasy), daddy (1973) (a slightly fictionalized exploration of niki de saint phalle's tragic childhood due to the abuse of her father), and i could go on and on but i'll stop lol.

No. 371909

File: 1713502178442.jpg (807.74 KB, 1079x1771, 1000005984.jpg)

A24 using ai too now

No. 371991

Gonna second you on Wake in Fright

No. 372047

File: 1713543508658.jpg (511.5 KB, 1080x1655, 1000005988.jpg)

Samefag, but just got wind of the Netflix one too. We don't acting like LNWTD wasn't too bad are the ones who enabled this. So many jobs are going to be lost in movies and production in the next year because of this.

No. 372048

File: 1713543530794.jpg (15.96 KB, 394x286, 1000005986.jpg)

No. 372101

That’s fucking awful, if it’s a documentary they should be required to be honest. Glad I cancelled my Netflix subscription, 20 bucks a month for garbage like this… smh

No. 372118

That's pretty fucked up to do in a documentary.

No. 372127

Eh, not that bad.
While i disagree that this is wrong and really fucked up and that they are massive retards for not hiding it well enough Late Night with the devil was an amazing movie and AI art shouldn't be detrimental to it's reputation, it should infact be a plus for artists experimenting with new tech.

No. 372131

The AI images in Late Night with the Devil were literally just two still images used as "bumpers." I dislike it (an actual illustator could have done a much better job), but I think it's a relatively harmless use of the tools.

No. 372140

Zootopia would work better as a sexism analogy. It still doesn’t fit but it would make more sense.

No. 372164

Yeah, I enjoyed LNWTD a lot and I'm sad the AI debate taints it. I dislike the use of AI and it was pretty lazy, but it is vastly different from using AI to create pictures of a real person for your documentary. Or even movie posters ala A24. It's also easier to forgive an indie movie over big hitters like Netflix and A24. I really hope this doesn't become a trend, but it probably will.

No. 372182

File: 1713586238569.png (468.33 KB, 380x869, Screenshot 2024-04-19 134749.p…)

>it should infact be a plus for artists experimenting with new tech.
except it looks like shit and there's plenty of artists who drew better renditions for free. i loved the movie but come on now.

No. 372372

poor kangaroos

No. 372659

File: 1713739894659.jpg (Spoiler Image,204.8 KB, 667x1000, MV5BMjVmOTZiMmQtMDA5Zi00MWI3LT…)

I just watched this movie called Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker and I thought it was a lot of fun if you're into shitty, low budget 80s slashers. The standout point for me was how the final girl is a cute guy instead and there are multiple scenes where he is vulnerable and crying, which was refreshing. Are there any other horror movies that feature a guy as the "final girl" instead?

Also, is it just me or were men more sexualized in movies than they are now? I mostly watch horror movies so I can't speak for movies as a whole, but I've noticed that quite a few movies from the 70s and 80s will feature male nudity in a way that is obviously meant to objectify the actor, which surprised me. Nowadays if you do see male nudity, the guy is usually out of shape and not very attractive and it's not in an objectifying way.

No. 372665

the AI version is so fucking bad. They could have paid a real artist and then sell the design as tshirts or something. I refuse to watch anything with aishit in it.

No. 372666

>I've noticed that quite a few movies from the 70s and 80s will feature male nudity in a way that is obviously meant to objectify the actor
give some recs, sounds nice. Male actors in the 70s/80s were def much, much hotter.

No. 372673

I thought that was a NoES poster at first. This looks really cool, I might check it out.

No. 372686

File: 1713748504382.jpeg (93.2 KB, 1200x811, BBCC19E4-4E76-4572-BFCA-0E44EA…)

that movie is an old favorite of mine, just so much fun! we definitely need more final boys, but some classic examples i can think of are: tommy jarvis in jason lives (he has a trilogy but he is only cute in this one), NOES 2 and the 2012 reboot (its shit but quentin is pretty cute, he isn't as big as a focus as the female lead is tho), the hitcher 1986 (absolutely delicious male whump, probably the closest to what you want), the lost boys, night of the creeps, the burning, the loved ones (a cute boy with long hair and a female villain, very good), and fright night.

some of these are debatable, but its hard to make a good list.

No. 372702

File: 1713757706684.jpg (46.7 KB, 656x399, 8nkqur.jpg)

AI controversy aside, Late Night With the Devil was one of those horror movies that leaves you frustrated because everything about it was mediocre. Every character was a walking trope, full of exposition dumps and bashing the viewer in the head with foreshadowing that made the reveal pretty obvious in the first twenty minutes. So many movies have done closed-room mysteries/confined sets really well and the camera work in this made it one of the least visually engaging ones I've ever seen. Mostly I'm embarrassed for the production team because for a big theatrical release it felt as cheap as a Youtube creepypasta vid with it's jumpscares and special effects (I'm sure there's creepypastas made by teenagers that are more fun to watch). You'd think all the references to real life happenings and people of the time would make it interesting but it's so dry. The skeptic was just James Randi. The psychic was just Uri Geller. Wow the satanic panic, not like every possession movie set in the 70s hasn't done it twenty times over. The entire thing was a linear vehicle with no buildup for an overplayed, predictable ending. If anyone was even slightly intrigued by this I advise you to watch Berberian Sound Studio. If you're more into the possession stuff watch Session 9.

No. 372710

File: 1713761390605.gif (2.33 MB, 268x379, tumblr_13886bd15d25d670f1674e9…)

Incredibly based taste. NOES 2 is so fun and I didn't realize they made a reboot of it! Thank you for all these recommendations, I felt bad that I couldn't think of many other movies to recommend the other nona who replied to me. It seems as though sexualizing men in 80s horror movies is quite common and yet I can't think of too many examples off the top of my head from specific movies.

Sadly I can't remember a lot, but I do remember that the Killing Kind (1973) was another movie I watched where I was surprised by how objectified the male lead was. Also Nightmare on Elm Street features pre-wall Johnny Depp in a crop top. Even Cannibal Holocaust has a gratuitous nude scene with one of the young male actors (who had a surprisingly nice body lol), although I don't know if I'd recommend that movie just for that one scene because it's a very brief moment. It's just weird that horror movies don't do that anymore. You'd think that with changing social expectations that you'd see more of that stuff, not less.

No. 372987

Omg I agree with you 100%. I posted about this yesterday in the unpopular opinions thread but I should’ve posted it here. You explained it better than I could though, well said.

No. 372990

Actually it was your post that finally inspired me to watch it because you mentioned Bohemian Grove. The big cultural and media shift of 70s America is interesting to me but disappointingly the era had absolutely no bearing on the plot in that the cult itself wasn't really relevant and could have been any cult from the 60s/70s/80s, maybe they chose Bohemian Grove to be subversive since it's not as ubiquitous as the Mansons. I felt the same disappointment as you about Parasite, too. Thanks for your interesting review!

No. 373000

I disagree, it was a great movie.

No. 373005

What aspects of it were really good in your opinion? I thought the supporting cast did a great job, the young girl didn't take it too OTT.

No. 373140

Is the MC part asian?

No. 373507

File: 1713975822764.jpeg (1005.37 KB, 1170x883, 196100C7-E361-400D-9E2D-3848E6…)

gary bond? no, he isn't.

No. 373531

nta but it really did feel like a tv show. why are the uri gellar and james randi archetypes bad? the host was just a carson wannabe and gus was just ed mcmahon, so what? all the actors were great and believable. i also feel like this is the first analog horror movie we've gotten because it's not really found footage.

the only complaint i had with the movie was that i'm not sure how we, the viewer were able to see behind the stage for the necessary exposition but that's a minor nitpick. this was incredible for an indie movie breakout with a small budget.

No. 373586

File: 1713992751553.webp (37.79 KB, 1200x675, BE6A6405-C7AB-4387-B73C-BA0BFF…)

watched the passenger. extremely boring, absolutely nothing going for it aside from having kyle gallner in it (he's ugly now but i can appreciate a good scream king). i'm very sick of these thriller films about some guy and another guy driving around and committing violence in order to kind-of skirt around discussing their trauma, or whatever.

No. 373599

File: 1713997699824.jpeg (14.49 KB, 256x368, CIACEPACOgUxLjAuMQ==.jpeg)

The worst scene was when the Aunt died but you could see her breathing and laughing.

No. 373600

Late to the party but I just watched Poor Things. Pedo stuff aside, the movie was shallow and trash. I don't know why it got so much praise. Lanthimos's previous movies were far better so this was a huge disappointment. If his next movie continues in the same vein, I'm never watching his stuff again.

No. 373602

talking about this movie is bannable now

No. 373603

No. 373605

that's not true.
ignore them they're lying. there were some bans upthread when poor things sperging got out of hand.

No. 373606

>that's not true.
??? >>366230 was a normal non-infight post that got banned

No. 373622

File: 1714008950320.jpg (302.64 KB, 825x1275, MV5BMWRkZDg2Y2EtYzg5Ny00M2RkLT…)

It was ok. Predictable, but still somehow managed to capture a bit of interest for me to finish it. It's the typical story of how a girl gets into the fast money lifestyle and ends up losing everything. Not bad for a Tubi movie. Way better than this >>373599 crap.

No. 373625

Is this a legit tragedy or is that just a wild movie name choice?

No. 373629

Both, I guess? It is a tragedy but a Tubi tragedy if you catch my drift. If you want a more serious tragedy then Girl Lost or Girl Lost: Hollywood would be better.

No. 373633

samefag but man Crystal The Doll is in almost every Tubi movie alongside that asian lady with the blaccent and the bbl

No. 373647

love you tubi-chan. i need to up my freevee/tubi game

No. 373755

What even are these, ai generated scripted movie? I like D-list movies, but what even are these about?

No. 373840

They are ghetto-independent Tubi movies. They have over-the-top plots, usually about street life or some raunchy revenge-type shit. It's low-quality entertainment. I like them because they're unintentionally funny.
Thank you nona.

No. 373841

File: 1714078634855.jpg (2.41 MB, 3300x4800, MV5BNzY0NmE1MmYtOTJmOS00ZTk1LW…)

Suffocated. Watch this shit if you want to laugh. It's terrible, even by Tubi ghetto standards. TLDR; Lexy has a shitty, cheating drug dealer boyfriend, but she's too dumb to break up, so chaos ensues. The MC was so dumb, I got pissed off at her. Picnic in a driveway? Not even a park? And all the unnecessary sex scenes with the terrible soundtrack were just overkill. I keked at the druglord giving Mike the coke in a ziplock bag. It's a dumpster fire movie. 0.5/5

No. 373851

File: 1714083776725.jpeg (138.27 KB, 1000x1250, IMG_2171.jpeg)

I enjoyed the reenactment of Andrew's interview in this kek. Although of all the journalist movies I felt this was one of the most "mundane" if that makes sense and packed less of an emotional punch

No. 373853

File: 1714084632260.jpeg (135.07 KB, 631x900, IMG_2172.jpeg)

finally saw this after years of seeing it shilled on social media and I can see both why people criticize and enjoy it. it's a very aesthetically pleasing movie that glimpses into the haze of adolescence the girls are going through, but at other times is very tense, heavy and unnerving. also I feel like a lot of 13 year olds unless you were either very popular or a loose leashed LA 13 year old are nowhere near as promiscuous or risky as the characters in it are either, even if part of it was based on reed's own experiences

No. 374093

File: 1714165223869.jpg (106.85 KB, 1178x785, GL0YxtNXIAA0tuZ.jpg)

Watched Challengers for the first time. Was scared at first because I don't like seeing women getting shafted for the sake of men in movies, especially gay men, but this one was good. Zendaya acted perfectly, and was a Stacy the whole time, despite her being pretty abusive. I know people came out of the movie hating her, but honestly, she was living the dream. The blonde one was cuter than he looked, but I wish the other guy was more attractive. Still gave it five stars for the drama because I love to see a dominant woman in media. Zendaya was so cute in this movie. Also to anyone who was scared of seeing this movie just in case it got weird, Zendaya doesn't get naked, the men are all sexualized, sort of in a gay moid way but if you like men then you'll be alright.

No. 374095

File: 1714165503261.jpg (86.48 KB, 750x1125, xvCtfyGIVYJFodC9eMo7xsnsqDW.jp…)


I felt mentally damaged after watching the sequel. Still not as dark as the reality.

No. 374096

File: 1714166125675.png (1.47 MB, 2330x1653, 1704504143167737.png)

Not that Oscars mean anything, but at least the franchise will get more exposure. Here's hoping for a sequel to -1.

No. 374187

File: 1714193216807.gif (5.33 MB, 590x350, IMG_4794.gif)

What are your thoughts on Labyrinth? I fully admit that most of my love for it is from nostalgia since I grew up watching it with my family and associate it with good memories. even watching it now I’m still mesmerized by it. I know most people view it as the David bowie bulge movie but I guess I can overlook it since I didn’t see anything weird about it as a kid kek. It makes me so sad that nothing like it will ever be made again since cgi is replacing puppetry/practical sets.

No. 374241

Nona were the guys' looks more tolerable in motion? Because I saw a picture of them in the Ugly men psyop thread and I was devastated both for Zendaya having to go through that AND the female audience for being denied a FMM scene with actually attractive guys.
Beyond that, your description of the movie sounds intriguing and maybe I'll end up watching it.

No. 374299

File: 1714235144830.jpg (334.42 KB, 1919x1037, GMC7vSbW0AAlDIx.jpg)

They're more tolerable, and I guess it's a "different strokes for different folks" because the girls I saw it with all found picrel hot and I thought he was ugly. By lolcow standards, you probably will find the guys ugly. But by regular, normie standards they're fine. It might just be a vibe thing too because some girls liked that his personality was abrasive, meanwhile, I preferred the blonde one because he was basically a doormat for Zendaya. Also if you don't mind spoilers for the FMM scene it's much shorter, Zendaya doesn't even sleep with them. She just watches them kiss and then says she doesn't want to be a homewrecker and leaves.

No. 374310

nayrt and yeah election is sooooo god. that ending was masterful. definitely one of the best hk flicks i've seen

No. 374345

not a fan of how scrunkly bowie looks so that was a distraction for me tbh, but I love how dreamlike the movie was, and the practical effects of puppets and him walking on walls and shit was cool

No. 374493

Is it normal to use /tv/ language here?

No. 374503

File: 1714289645380.jpeg (61 KB, 1125x323, IMG_3674.jpeg)

I also loved this, it’s super entertaining and one of the sexiest movies I have ever seen (and it doesn’t have any actual sex scene). I don’t know how anyone can hate Tashi besides failmales, she was based the whole time.

And yes, the blonde one didn’t look too bad, especially with longer hair. The other one is way too British looking but we never stood a chance, picrel are other possible casting choices. All fucking uggos.

No. 374521

File: 1714298338675.jpg (27.24 KB, 352x264, p8925087_i_h9_aa.jpg)

thanks nonna for the recommendation, loved the film. it was really sweet, and i've been recently loving everything that has to do with the chinese immigrant experience so this was a fine time to watch it.

on a different note, i saw Take This Waltz and seems it was a good time for that too, it hit me. the reviews are pretty mixed, others thought it was empty and the mc was annoying, but idk i found it poignant and sort of relatable?

No. 374534

huh? i've never been to /tv/ in my life, "flick" is common slang. even the mainstream press uses "chick flicks" or "action flicks". where do you think the "flix" in netflix came from?
im sure o'connor is a good actor but i'll never be able to think of him as anything but prince charles ngl

No. 374665

File: 1714340069348.jpeg (29.3 KB, 474x673, OIP.jpeg)

Twisted Marriage Therapist. Part of the "Twisted" Tubi movie series. It's a spicy suspense drama. TLDR; A couple with marital issues seeks guidance from a therapist, not knowing her sinister motives. This is a Tubi original, meaning no iPhone cameras, better acting, and better wigs. In other words, they upped the production, and it is similar to Lifetime's (but don't expect anything too stellar). As with every movie in this niche, it's predictable, but the plot is (somewhat) interesting enough to keep the viewer engaged. It also features lesbianism, if that piques your interest. I would recommend it if you're looking for a silly thriller. Don't look too much into the plotholes or MC's naiveness.

No. 374739

this movie is so fucking hard for me to watch. i'm reminded of both horrible and cringe things i did as a teen as well as my turbulent relationship with my mom. yeah parts of it are exaggerated for drama but it still feels real. i didn't live in LA, i lived outside of seattle, and at 14 i was getting high and jumping into cars with groups of boys i didn't know at all. it does happen

No. 374786

I agree some of his previous movies were far better. I watched and mostly felt it didn't deliver anything well. It goes all over the place and it looks bad. Honestly, I wasn't completely surprised, I remember the first movie I watched from him was dogtooth and that movie is also kinda pointless.
I always liked the movie and the song, but even back then Bowie's character weirded me out but I couldn't say exactly why. I still love how it looks.

No. 374825

I seem to be the only one who found it boring and dragged out. I found the characters to have no chemistry, the sex scenes were clumsy and the music design was really fucking annoying, could barely hear the actors when the techno music was blaring
The visuals were nice, I saw what the director was doing with the colours and I thought that was kinda neat

No. 374885

File: 1714412413427.jpg (47.02 KB, 540x297, tumblr_1f37a3ec1a23e628b05cb79…)

I love when nonas come here and post about movies like this. No pretentious artsy stuff with a deep meaning, just some silly movie where you can turn your brain off and enjoy. Reminds me of that one Omar Epps movie Fatal Affair where picrel from a scene got turned into a meme for a minute kek. Similar low budget, predictable story but it was decent entertainment for an hour and a bit

No. 375164

File: 1714517122058.jpeg (697.78 KB, 560x840, IMG_2298.jpeg)

what was even the point of this movie?

No. 375204

Oh, I went back and watched this in October when I was looking for spooky movies. It took a while to remember the plot to find it because all I could remember was "woman's husband died, she keeps having flashbacks and tries to stop it".

I think they wanted it to be a suspense tragedy which is fine, but I wish they kept it from being a groundhog day mystery and more of having her cope after a sudden death and living with survivor's guilt. Like, we didn't need to see what happened in order for her to cope, especially when it just comes back around to her being fine in the end when getting out of bed with her kids. Should've just been her trying to live her life and maybe have made it "Who killed my husband", but the tanker truck makes that's obvious lol

No. 375240

File: 1714550942364.jpg (90.57 KB, 714x1000, 71F2vZAGjTL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

This was a great horror movie and I will die on that hill.

The director's short film "Heck" is even more disturbing.

No. 375243

That poster is terrible.


No. 375344

File: 1714579923121.jpg (1.88 MB, 1385x2000, pyewacket.jpg)

Reminds me of this poster for Pyewacket. It's like the stuff i would make in 2008-2010 for my friends screamo-band.

No. 375424

The plot ultimately makes very little sense to me and the only highlight was Sandra's acting which she seems to give even in bad movies. It's even more empty than the average bad nonsensical "mind screw" movie which I usually like watching for shits and giggles


No. 375479

I really liked it too, I get why ppl might find it boring but I thought they nailed the atmosphere and some parts were horrifying. It felt really familiar like it unlocked some weird buried feelings and nightmares from my childhood. I'm never watching it again though, it's too fucking creepy and unsettling

No. 375583

File: 1714622228447.jpg (45.01 KB, 406x539, the_jacket.jpg)

Someone recommended this movie to me
>it's just like Jacob's Ladder
Yeah sure, if Jacob's Ladder got turned into a bad movie with terrible acting and script. Keira sounds and acts so bad. I can only imagine the director asked her to act like a complete idiot, some scenes are just dumb, like the one she is biting her lip. Don't get me started on the "romance" of this movie. It's been so long since I watched such a pointless and shitty movie.

No. 375738

The movie sucks but there's a blooper of her fumbling the severed head prop that made getting the DVD worth it.

No. 376396

File: 1714784726292.jpg (41.56 KB, 705x1000, the ohers.jpg)

AYRT, I would always just revert back to 'The Others' as being the perfect mind fuck movie. I've rewatched it so many times because the scene where they realize what's happened is such a shock. They directed it so well.

No. 376405

Just saw challengers and they 100% looked better in motion. I was expecting them to be unattractive and unworthy of zendaya because of the ugly man psyop thread but the entire film really was a feast for the eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed it

No. 376443

File: 1714805284396.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.75 KB, 1895x788, MV5BZjZlZTdiMDAtNzY3OS00NTFjLT…)

this movie filled me with a dread i've never felt in another horror movie. this weird innate fear we seemingly have all felt as children when it's dark in the house and there's a sense that something is off in the atmosphere. also, one of my greatest fears is being stuck in a time loop and that seems to be all this entity is doing. trapping people in some repetitive hell they can't escape

No. 376468

File: 1714830837106.jpg (299.56 KB, 844x1248, outwaters.jpg)

has anyone seen the outwaters? i saw multiple reviews describing it as a disorienting and unsettling viewing experience but i found it so underwhelming that i fell asleep watching it. the idea of wandering aimlessly through the desert with no hope of rescue while suffering from a serious head wound and being stalked by your attacker who has also violently murdered your friends is pretty scary but there was way more emphasis on the experimental aspect of the film than on the actual storyline.

No. 376510

I don't think I'll see challengers, but from trailer it might be very generic, Zendaya has said that playing a "villain" was a challenge on its own for her on interviews, but the trailers mostly show is that scene of her having a threesome with 2 guys and then the guys start making out with each as she watches smugly, is she being a villain by making boys gay? I get it, that's kinda evil, but is that it?

No. 376535

why would we discuss a movie with you that you've never seen? it's honestly very odd to strike up a conversation about a film you have not watched and do not plan to watch.

No. 376538

I can already tell it's bad because 1) Despite the two main actors I've never heard of it 2) The poster visibly relies neither on plot nor artistic value to bring the pigs to the slop, just sheer star power. Brody and Knightley are in it, that's our only argument, we've got nothing better to offer!

No. 376549

I don't understand the takes about Zendaya being evil or being a villain. But I don't agree with you that she was abusive or that she was living the dream. She was too good for both the men which is why she was never truly happen with just one of them. I got the impression we were supposed to think she was perfect aside from the cheating. I think she lost her dominance and conscious manipulativeness after her injury and she only started rediscovering herself towards the end of the film, in between she was acting on subconscious instinct. I'm not angry with her at all. Loved the movie.

No. 376551

Why are you so defensive?

No. 376553

File: 1714857330893.jpg (82.31 KB, 1400x700, civil-war-spotlight-032724-1-e…)

Have any anons seen Civil War? I saw it last night with my dad and ended up really liking it. Ngl I didn't know anything about this movie before my dad asked me to go see it with him, but I saw it was directed by Alex Garland, which piqued my interest. Based on the title I felt a little skeptical, but the direction the film took was pretty interesting. I liked how it ended up being more of a character driven movie about the photojournalists than about the civil war itself (like it's never said how it started) and how fucked up being in a war zone is. I know a lot of people are probably expecting some rightoid shit since right wingers are the ones who want a civil war to happen, but that's not the case at all with this movie. On another note, Jessie (the one on the right in picrel) is so frustrating, she's such a dumbass at times like how she ended up getting Lee killed…also I don't understand why she was using a film camera kek. Barely any photographers use those anymore but also who the fuck has time to develop film when you're in a war-torn area trying to survive

No. 376580

>hasn’t seen movie
>makes assumptions about movie anyways
>”but is that it?”
No, that’s not what the movie is about. Don’t be retarded. I wouldn’t care if you actually watched the movie and didn’t like it, but since you didn’t, your opinion is useless

No. 376620

File: 1714882046615.jpeg (24.17 KB, 624x345, KickAss.jpeg)

The past few months on here and other websites people have brought up about Aaron Taylor-Johnson and most of it is in relation to his marriage but other than that I don't know anything about him so I figured I would watch some stuff he was in so I picked Kick -Ass. It was alright and I just started 2. As far as 1 goes it has some slightly disgusting teenage boy humor but overall it's like hearted enough and jokey. One thing that continued to throw me is how high ATJ's voice is. It was so unexpected to me based on his looks that I had to rewind parts and retake it in. I'm two minutes into 2 and he still talks like that. He was also apparently in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging but I haven't seen it since it was on Nickleodeon years ago

No. 376622

I enjoyed Kick Ass 1000x more than I expected to, it was fun and Nicolas Cage was really good in it.

No. 376623

File: 1714882980700.jpg (32.2 KB, 345x460, efj890ejge90j.jpg)

Watching picrel for the first time (I know, I live under a rock) and finding it not as compelling as I was expecting. The romantic upper class vibe is vaguely annoying to me, not sure pretentious is the right word but it's something close. Should I give it more of a chance?

No. 376624

ATAPS was life changing for 8 year old me

No. 376625

I think the #cum peach scene is too specific to be fictional, I'm 100% sure that came from real life. Certain scenes and actions seemed too cringe to be imaginary which was the most interesting part about the film to me. It was like the 4th wall kept being broken while I was watching it.

No. 376633

i hate both the leads but i enjoy this movie for being a fantasy. a summer dream.

No. 376638

Too bad the sequel is basically 'groom your girlfriend'. This is a moid wish-fulfilment fantasy.

No. 376718

I was 19 or 20 when I watched it for the first time so it doesn't have a nostalgic value to me and I found some parts a bit annoying (like with those creatures in the woods?) but in overall it's a good old fairytale movie and I share this feeling:
>It makes me so sad that nothing like it will ever be made again since cgi is replacing puppetry/practical sets.
I always think about it rewatching The Neverending Story. Movies like this have a lot of charm and what I also like is that they're filled with various emotions, so they don't seem as superficial as some newer fantasy movies. They can be pretty gloomy and even somewhat depressive at times, and in newer films, when something tragic happens, the plot just quickly moves on… You're not really emotionally involved there. I wonder if kids ever get sad or scared watching these movies.

Nta, it's such a nice movie, I also rewatched it many times. It's pretty simple, not overcomplicated or anything, and yet it works so well.

No. 376726

ayrt and yeah I thought Nicolas Cage was really good and I'm sad he won't be in the sequel, Big Daddy was a good character

No. 376918

File: 1714975206827.jpeg (75.48 KB, 455x674, IMG_5311.jpeg)

I watched the City Hunter live action movie, don't know the comic, don't know the anime, the only exposure i have of it was him being playable on that shitty bamco crossover 3D fighter, Jump Force.
The overall meme with him was that he was a character that just used a normal gun in a context of super powers and magic and I have to say the movie has some more of that and absolutely does not explain his whole deal with weapons, i guess he is just really good at shooting.
So from the beginning i can tell this was directed, written and choreographed by a moid, the main character is like a huge pervert but also just "perfect" he can't lose a fight nor get hit, he lands every shot and barely ever gets hurt.
is that his true super power?
The protagonist's friend is not as perfect and i guess he is the self insert for every fat weeb that was hyped for this movie because he is just as much of a pervert and dies 20 mintues into the movie, but like gets hit by a truck and doesn't die until 10 minutes after some druggie stabs him
the friend's sister takes his place and she is pretty much useless and barely does anything in the movie because according to the script she is just inferior to her brother because she is adopted and a woman.
The McGuffin of the movie is a girl that just happens to be a cosplayer that gets introduced to also be a druggy who has super powers but once the main guy "rescues" her she just doesn't have them anymore, don't know what's up with that.
There's a scene where he obstructs the view of perverts that want to take upskirt pictures of the cosplayer so I guess he is a "good" pervert and i swear that convention scene could be an Andrew Dobson reference
The super henchmen that fight with City Hunter are a fat guy and a woman and he obviously wins because one is a fat guy and the other is a woman.
The friend's sister ends up moving with him and trashes all of his porn which i guess is a good ending, Netflix at it again with the endless trash
So yeah, City Hunter the tale of an invincible pervert with the super power of giving a power fantasy to the 0% self aware moids.
I probably wrote this somewhere else but this why fuckin hate anime because it appeals to like the male fantasy and that's just totally wrong.

No. 376949

Sounds like the beginning is an accurate adaptation of the original manga so I wouldn't blame it on the director being male. A female director would have done the same thing if she wanted the characters to not be ooc. I'm not going to watch it though, I don't have a netflix subscription and don't want one.

No. 377466

File: 1715171725019.jpg (127.86 KB, 1000x1524, persona.jpg)

Yesterday I gave Persona (1966) a try since one anon posted that she didn't like it and it was in my list. I enjoyed this film, mainly because the acting was excellent. Some of the dialogues made me very uncomfortable though I hate when men write about post partumdepression, pregnancy or sexuality from a female pov, it feels wrong, unrealistic and inaccurate. The tension between Elisabet and Alma was perfectly achieved through each of their interactions, despite Elisabet being a mute. I knew beforehand that there was some jungian thing going on and it made me have a different perspective while observing the women, that was very interesting. My favourite line was delivered by the doctor at the beginning while she was talking to Elisabet. Another aspect I really liked was being able to see so clearly the actresses' skin texture, it gave a very raw touch to the photography, almost as if I was watching a play in real life in a theater, something intimate. I feel like my mind and my eye are not culturally educated enough to appreciate films like this but I still liked Persona and I'm looking forward to watch more of his movies. His short series, Fanny and Alexander (1982), is actually really good but, again, it has some of the flaws I pointed out in the first spoiler.

No. 377493

File: 1715181081134.jpg (118.57 KB, 1017x1500, MV5BZTg5MTMyNjktNTZhOC00MGFlLW…)

It's a beautifully made movie, but I kind of got filtered towards the end. These kind of films are frustrating to me, since I always like many of the individual parts, but they don't come together into a cohesive whole. Pic related.

No. 377529

She had Art trapped in that marriage (even though, yes, they could've divorced), but she was pretty obviously emotionally abusive and even did so while knowing she had control over his career and the decisions he made in his life. But I mostly agree with all you're saying, and I don't think our opinions are saying two entirely different things

No. 377533

> These kind of films are frustrating to me, since I always like many of the individual parts, but they don't come together into a cohesive whole.
Yes, exactly, I guess they're made that way, at least it seems partially intentional. I just watched the trailer of Jacob's Ladder and it's the kind of movie I enjoy kek so I'll add it to my list

No. 377565

the only good and memorable part of the movie is the hospital hallucination lbr

No. 377705

The nightmarish surreality was what made that movie… explaining it (and so badly) ruined it over.

No. 378686

File: 1715405969166.jpeg (267.01 KB, 1000x1481, IMG_3733.jpeg)

What do you think about Spring Breakers nonnas?

No. 378695

it's been a while since i seen it but i remember disliking it cause it's mostly ass and titties: the movie, and some people used to claim it was empowering and deep just because the girls lightly bully james franco

No. 378696

i remember seeing the trailer everywhere when it came out and feeling soo fascinated kek, it was the first harmony korine movie i ever saw and opened my eyes to hies filmography

No. 378724

harmony korine is a fucking hack. i hate him and all his movies. fucking up-his-ass spoiled rich kid profiting off white trash porn. he didn't even pay the people who appeared in some of his early films. he also is friends with larry clark, known pedophile, and korine feels like a pedo too. he also just in general has a punchable face

No. 378762

I think people tend to pit the 3 together too much when they're all flawed and hurt each other in different ways at different times (shrug). Tashi wasn't too "good" for either of them, what she wanted was a pet tennis boyfriend to live through vicariously since she couldn't play anymore. She loved tennis above all which is why she could never fully connect with Art or Patrick, and Patrick calls this out pretty explicitly.

And I think her continued draw to Patrick was that he could "challenge" her in ways she needed as someone obsessed with competition, whereas Art was like a dog at her heel. But Patrick wasn't willing to put tennis first for her, so even though he had a better dynamic with Tashi he would never give her what she wanted. And I think the ending kind of shows the only way the trio work is AS a trio, or at least Tasha can only have 100% of what she needs if she has both Art and Patrick.

No. 380741

File: 1715541330698.jpg (229.19 KB, 1023x670, terminator.jpg)

Nonnas, I just saw the first Terminator movie for the first time and I'm kinda pissed because Arnold was actually slightly cute at the beginning, but then they burnt off his eyebrows and his hair so he spent half of the movie looking UGLY until they fucked up his face some more so that at least it actually looked cool with the robot effects. The fake head was also laughably bad, though.

As for the actual movie, I don't really have any strong feelings. I just feel that Robocop did the soldier roboguy concept better, especially in terms of acting (Arnie kept doing funny faces during the action scenes even tho he's supposed to have no humanity whatsoever, it was actually distracting to me).
I don't really see the hype for The Terminator, but I've seen some people say they liked Judgment Day better so I'm looking forward to whenever I feel like watching that one anyway.

No. 380865

Judgement Day is definitely better in my opinion. I loved it as a child but I still enjoy it greatly whenever I see it. It's cooler in many ways and Arnie and especially Sarah are way more interesting in the movie. Liquid metal robot is awesome too. Judgement Day feels more like a complete movie which includes many interesting elements while the first Terminator is mostly this chaotic chase + a bit of romance, way simpler.

No. 380886

yeah sometimes the first two terminator movies blend together in my mind but Judgment Day is the more fun one. You have to see them in order though, The Terminator sets you up for Judgment Day. I bet it was super hype for everyone in theaters in 1991 when Arnold went from being the bad guy to being the good guy 7 years after the first movie. I know it got me going when I was a kid watching them on VHS.

No. 381434

I agree with this. Neither Art nor Patrick could give her everything that she wanted/needed, it took two to do so. I don't think Art or Patrick would have been satisfied with only Tashi either, same as they wouldn't have been happy if they just got together. Like I think they did kind of want to be together and did have sexual chemistry together but it could never be expressed without a woman mediating that between them. It's why Art and Patrick didn't just continue in the bedroom together after Tashi left.

They were only ever gonna be happy as a trio. I've seen takes about how they should have ditched Tashi at the end which IMO neglects the needed role she plays for them, Patrick and Art aren't interested in each other like that unless Tashi is there to bring that out of them.

No. 381794

Just watched "Cabin In the Woods" last night. Horror movie that subverts pretty much every single trope in the genre, yet still takes itself seriously just enough for it to be genuinely entertaining, unlike Scary Movie or other such trash.

No. 382574

File: 1715831359521.jpg (117.43 KB, 1000x1500, taVFuUhUWoX9YE7bb2bWkSPjC9P-0-…)

Does anyone know if this movie was at some point shilled by coquette/pickme/edchan/minor girls at some point? I had to watch it with a woman i knew and it just seemed odd that she would pick it for certain reasons.
i was also surprised that there were no sex scenes

No. 382765

File: 1715898026451.jpeg (54.9 KB, 620x395, buffalo66.jpeg)

Screenshots of Christina Ricci in Buffalo 66 were all over tumblr back in the day if that means anything. I like Ricci and I always noticed they got a lot of notes. Her makeup and hair were probably style inspo, shots of her in the skimpy dress were reblogged hornily imo.

No. 382778

yeah and it still is

No. 382904

File: 1715952645965.jpeg (189.86 KB, 1012x1500, IMG_3818.jpeg)

Horror nonnas, what did you think of It Follows?

No. 382905

It Sucks

No. 382907

Awful, overhyped shit. How famous it is is probably some kind of moid psyop. At the bottom of my list.

No. 382917

File: 1715956097984.png (403.53 KB, 737x757, Zrzut ekranu 2024-05-17 162300…)

The quotes are full of people saying that critics are always wrong. I don't know about the quality of the movie, but can't people just accept that not every movie will be good just because it's from a critically acclaimed director? Seems like Twitter film bros just want to prove some point and they're determined to cope their way in.

No. 382928

I liked it a lot. I like the rules of the curse. A monster who can only walk towards you and can change appearances is fun, it was like a nightmare.

No. 383086

Does anyone else feel like the audio quality of ATSV is so much worse than they remembered it? I watched some scenes on youtube but the audio sounds almost cheap. I know that movies obviously sound different out of theatre but this sounds so drastically different lolol

No. 383120

its a good subversion of the virginal final girl trope

No. 383642

The audio quality was bad also in the theaters. It feels like every theater I went to had a different sound mix to it, so I'm not surprised if digital is just as poorly thrown together

No. 384031

File: 1716139742537.jpg (63.71 KB, 512x640, 441343877_1000049108790163_767…)

The Virgin Suicides premiered 25 years ago today in Cannes! Not my favourite Coppola movie, but I still love the soundtrack, visuals and eerie atmosphere.

No. 384226

Im seeing a lot of jokes about that new Zendaya movie where she tricks 2 boys into kissing each other, mostly moids are making that same joke about
"Zendaya is so mid she turns you and your friend gay"
And idk maybe it's overexposure but I'm starting to find them kinda funny, is there something wrong?

No. 384233

File: 1716170115226.png (363.17 KB, 622x402, cloudfront-eu-central-1.images…)

one of my favorite modern horror movies ever. i'm so impressed by how they managed to make a normal guy in a white t-shirt terrifying.
picrel is the type of man to call zendaya mid. she's beautiful. it's fine if you don't think she's attractive but calling her mid is insane

No. 384516

>maybe it's overexposure
>is there something wrong
Yes. This is like when moids meme themselves and their peers into outlandish fetishes they wouldn't otherwise have, not saying it's on the same level but you seem subsceptible to brainwashing that starts off at first as maybe just a joke. How often do you see these posts and why? Why curate your space to include instead of exclude moidslop takes? Social media's harms on display. This isn't a problem of someone who touches grass and sees how other living people around them look.

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