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File: 1707936388338.png (2.69 MB, 1694x1544, IMG_2399.png)

No. 70459

Previous thread >>>/meta/67831

No. 70460

Kek based threadpic

No. 70461

KEK thank you for the threadpic

No. 70462

I have no idea and I don’t think anyone wants to know

No. 70463

>if you don’t know the real identity of a farmhand then it’s true they’re radfem hitler #confirmed
A peek into the thought process of a schizophrenic… terrifying. I can see how they get lost in conspiracies this way.

No. 70464

I'm going to be annoyed if leftcows gets locked again. It feels inevitable at this point
That anon is deranged kek

No. 70465

Kek does she think “uglier” is an uncommon word or something?

No. 70466

File: 1707937583099.jpg (133.21 KB, 1172x551, 4965681020.jpg)

She's unrelenting with this conspiracy

No. 70467

Ok I didn’t see the posts with the same photos that’s actually kinda crazy

No. 70468

No. 70469

All it proves is that she lurks here, which we already knew

No. 70470

who is it then. if you don’t know then shut up bitch

No. 70471

youre unrelenting in giving no argument to the contrary

No. 70472

rfh is a hall monitor ass bitch and she is always online. it could be her. you immediately shooting down the possibility as conspiracy is strange

No. 70473

How do you suggest I prove that someone isn't a mod? Take your meds, please

No. 70474

File: 1707938984427.jpeg (913.68 KB, 1170x1593, IMG_2402.jpeg)

Good job cowtipping, sped

No. 70476

who's the cow she's talking about?

No. 70477

That's anachan drama, what does it have to do with radfem hitler?

No. 70478

Is this not RFH?

No. 70479

I keep up with PASB? There hasn’t been a drop of milk about incest

No. 70480

File: 1707940303331.png (282.88 KB, 1867x847, rattle.png)

Why are you posting this in like 3 different threads if you aren't sure? This is some of the dumbest admin fearmongering yet. Here's the source for everyone else

No. 70481

File: 1707940351737.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.65 KB, 613x571, Why not just delete it.jpg)

Genuine question but why didn't farmhands delete this post? Sure it shows consumerism but does it need to have a ethot in it? They banned the user because of it I'm sure but why keep the post up when lesser bans have their posts deleted?? I'm seeing more and more clear moid posts being kept up? Why?

No. 70482

I posted it in one thread (radfem thread) after multiple other anons identified it as RFH and another anon posted it here for cowtipping. I was genuinely asking. I’ve deleted the screencaps from the /snow/ thread

No. 70483

because moids are welcome here now as long as they don’t outright state that they’re men, didn’t you hear?

No. 70484

You've been complaining in the other meta thread about this twitter user too. There's so many people who talk like they do. No one will ever believe your conspiracies about admin being a male or who the farmhands are or cookies or any of the other crap you peddle constantly to make users feel unsafe using the site.

No. 70485

KEK what? I’m not who you think I am. I misidentified the sperg in the vent thread based on what other anons are saying, tried to provide milk, listened to your feedback, and deleted my post for that. Calm down

No. 70486

That wasn't even me but I saw that it was posted here and in leftcows too, so it was 3 threads at the same time with the same phrasing, forgive me for assuming it was all you

No. 70487

>multiple other anons identified it as RFH
where? and what happened to critical thinking? if even one of you people used google you wouldn't embarrass yourselves like this

No. 70488

File: 1707941726405.jpeg (624.77 KB, 693x1045, IMG_0431.jpeg)

Well it wasn’t. Attaching my screencap that I have since deleted from /snow/ for context. I now see that >>70474 has the same theme as me, which may have caused the confusion, but this was posted before me. I thought /snow/ would be a more appropriate place to discuss it, which is why I posted it there

No. 70489

copying schizo tinfoils from /meta/ to cow threads without any conscious thought, amazing state of farming in here

No. 70490

if these retards get the leftcows thread locked again i will be pissed

No. 70491

File: 1707941841764.jpeg (235.48 KB, 713x708, IMG_0432.jpeg)

The anon in this thread and in picrel. I was too busy laughing to use critical thinking, my sincerest apologies

No. 70492

I’m the second anon in that post I originally thought it was RFH because the appearance made sense considering how her name had been dropped in /snow/ and then in 2 other threads kek that was my bad

No. 70493

>multiple anons confirming
I guess you were also too busy laughing to use your reading skills

No. 70495

Holy shit you're all retarded.

No. 70496

Her name being dropped would automatically make her unable to be a mod.

No. 70497

Don’t call me retarded she’d been name dropped like 12 times when that post was made…

No. 70498

I don’t mean name like her legal name I mean name like her colloquial name

No. 70499

You’re taking this way too seriously now

No. 70503

Exactly. That sets up the mod for biases. They aren't going to let someone who's been discussed on lolcow to be a farmhand.

No. 70505

That doesn’t matter if she already is a farmhand though

No. 70506

It's bad tinfoil, has nothing to back it up considering she uses the same vocabulary as anons on this site already. Take your meds.

No. 70507

What is the process of becoming a farmhand here? I don’t understand how what you’re saying would exclude rfh from being one. There are vpns and anyone can lie on the application

No. 70508

It's farmhand psyop to take our attention out of the fact many people are unhappy with the moderation banning people left and right for bullshit reasons because they dare to quesiton the moderation, and make us look unhinged, like we have no reason to complain because we're just mad conspiracy theorists.

No. 70509

The 'farmhands are moids' tinfoil isn't sounding so preposterous now is it

No. 70510

You know what I’ll adopt that into my belief system. I’d buy it

No. 70511

No, that still sounds preposterous schizochan

No. 70512

This is the first time an image I edited has been used for a thread picture I'm feeling kind of proud. I'm happy other anons are enjoying it, it was based on a real interaction seen in the vent thread.

No. 70513

Why do they hate leftcows, tradthots and Sam Hyde? (theres overlap between all three)

No. 70514

Infrequent reminder that a common troon tactic for destroying websites is to create a distrust between the userbase and the moderators. It's probably why /meta/ is so active. They can no longer take down LC by spamming CP, so they try and destroy the site by causing division.

No. 70515

>troons are destroying the website its totally not the mods with their poor moderation and communication skills over the last year

No. 70516

Even if it is trannies you can’t really be all that shocked that they feel welcome here because moderation decided to come out and make the claim that men can be here as long as they don’t identify as such.

No. 70517

There may be a troon or two here seething about being excluded here, sure. But there’s no denying cerbmin and farmhands have sowed frustration and resentment among anons for repeatedly making retarded decisions and being hostile to anons for no good reason

No. 70518

They don’t need much help taking down LC with the amount of nonsense bans. Feels like the admins vision for the site is just as an archive of milky posts that we silently observe.

No. 70519

It's ridiculous the lengths you'll go to trying to spin up a story to discredit all the many anons unhappy with recent moderations choices. Here's a list of all the ones tried so far.
Anons criticizing cerbmin are:
>all the same person just samefagging
>newfags who want lolcow to be discord
>underage and should be banned
>personalityfags (? don't get this one but ok)
>just bitter social rejects (kek what)
>trannies running gayops <- NEW

No. 70520

A reminder for you that troon and moid tinfoiling is now bannable

No. 70521

She won't be banned though because she's supporting cerbmin.

No. 70522

I'm not supporting anyone, nor am I accusing anyone. I've been around image boards long enough that I've witnessed the same behaviour repeatedly over the years.

No. 70523

clearly schizo anon hit the nail on the head about RFH being a farmhand since farmhands are now posting obvious psyops to convince us it's all a psyop

No. 70524

wait what. what is the overlap

No. 70525

I guess I overstated it but leftcows shill motherhood as the only path to happiness just like tardthots

No. 70526

Give it a break, no one is buying that.

No. 70527

You keep saying this but reporting scrotes is not going to get you banned, scrotefoiling will. Scrotefoiling should be bannable because it’s fucking annoying and 90% of the time you tards are wrong. Mods even said that they get a lot of moid reports on lesbian posts because anons like you have an idea of what “real women” are that’s excludes gnc and rude women

No. 70528

Nice try farmhand, now tell me why I was banned for an old post as soon as I joked about tranny jannies. Do you have an inverted penis yourself?

No. 70529

File: 1707958833136.png (224.19 KB, 889x305, Screen Shot 2024-02-14 at 7.57…)

Holy fuck can you shut up about that ban. You got banned because you were baiting in the vent thread with an anti-Lesbian post, then you started infighting with other anons, when they called you out for baiting you started samefagging to roleplay as different people to continue infighting. That's why you got banned the first time. Then you got so pissed off about the ban that you hopped over to another thread to complain about it and in the process you demonstrated that you were evading your first ban, so you got banned again. It's not that deep. It's a ban on LC. It's not the end of the world. You've been sperging about that ban for the past 3 days in multiple threads. It's annoying as fuck.

No. 70530

I was never baiting nor pretending to be other people. There were more posters responding to that anon and they said they weren't banned. Stop making shit up to justify your retarded mods doing stupid shit. And that still doesn't answer why I was banned again for an old post after serving my ban.
Also I wasn't evading my first ban, it expired and then I appealed the second, and it was accepted because they know it was bullshit. Aren't you tired of being wrong? Thats embarrassing.

No. 70531

File: 1707960580246.png (313.99 KB, 818x681, can you shut the fuck up about…)

You posted bait in the vent thread. You started infighting and double-posting in the vent thread as per the redtext you received. You went to the stupid questions thread to start freaking out about the ban. Then you got banned again and came back to the stupid questions thread to complain about it again. Then you started infighting again so you got banned again, for the third time. It's been five days since you got banned for posting bait. Can you shut the fuck up about it already, seriously.
>I appealed the second and it was accepted.
So why are you malding about it. Seriously what is the point of talking about your retarded bans if you're just going to ban evade anyway?

No. 70534

kek you got the wrong anon, detective nonna. I posted the lesbian book cover, which wasn't bait by the way I was being serious, my post is the 'babies can go read sexual personae' which isn't a double post. You've got to remember; not everyone who you disagree with is the same user. And my apologies I deleted this because I wanted to add that the dates of the posts in the screenshot and the dates of the other screenshot you posted (the cope, seethe, dilate screenshot) don't align?

No. 70535

I honestly do not understand how the lesbian book infight even got brought into this? Because the term "tranny jannies" and tinfoiling about troon staff members has definitely occurred in several other threads since then. Its not like thats some isolated incident so I'm not sure how it relates to JKrowlingfags posts.

No. 70537

Where are you taking double posting? I haven't. Does doubleposting for you means something different because I wasn't and I didn't get ban for baiting nor doubleposting. I wasn't the anti lesbian baiter, I probably made like 5 posts in the vent thread responding that anon and they banned me after I disengaged from this stupid discussion. Please, provide proof of doubleposting, you followed me on that thread to accuse me of doubleposting and keep doing it here.
>if I was the anti lesbian baiter(I wasn't)
then why I wasn't banned for that?
>if I was double posting (I wasn't)
Then why I wasn't banned for that?
>if I was samefagging (again… I wasn't)
Then why I wasn't banned for samefagging?
Instead I was banned for infighting, and another anon came saying she was involved in the fighting before I even got to that thread and she didn't get any bans.
That's what you can't explain, instead you follow me everywhere to call me out on things that aren't true. That's what is pissing me off. My whole problem is that I waited for my ban to expire like I always do. Many years in this site I never used vpn, I never post bait, I am not even anti lesbian, I am attracted to women myself and said many times in g and ot, and I am accused of being a scrote from time to time because I express myself in that crude way, yet I never ban evade. I appealed my bans two or three times all these years for things that are clearly unfair, the mods got nothing on me and the proof is that they needed to ban me for a day old post instead of banning me for things you accuse me of.
Now read what I just wrote because I am repeating myself and you still can't understand. Stop reading picture books of gay families and start to actually understanding the words. What do you get out of this? Spreading lies, have no proof of anything, what? A crumble of attention from the farmhand? Pathetic.

No. 70538

I'm just genuinely confused why you keep complaining about those bans when it was 5 days ago. You've been complaining about it everywhere non-stop and it's getting so tiresome to read.

No. 70539

All this whining for a ban that was 24 hours or less. Some anons really need to spend time outside.

No. 70540

She's posted at least a dozen times about this ban at this point.

No. 70542

Found the anons admin talked about again. Man you really stand out.

No. 70543

But I'm not the one complaining about them. That is a different anon, thats what my post is saying.

No. 70544

For real. She thinks that she can disguise her typing style but it's always just the same retarded radiation waves that exude from her posts.

No. 70545

I apologize if this sounds retarded but how did the lesbian book cover infight get brought into this? None of the posts above the random screenshot of bans in the vent thread from a few days ago reference it. All she said is that she was banned for a day and a lot of bans have been handed out just in the last two days alone so it couldve occurred in any thread

No. 70546

NTA but you'd do better on a site with accounts. What do you gain from defending yourself anonymously?

No. 70547

But I wasn't banned for that, was I? No, instead they digged an old ass post to ban me for, that's the whole thing I am complaining about and you guys keep being obtuse pretending you don't know why I am pissed.
And to think dumbass shit thread keeps getting the blame of having stupid anons, why, you're all on meta waiting for a pat on the head from the farmhand kek

No. 70548

I gain less stupid mods that won't be so happy to ban people for stupid shit, are you seriously asking that? You guys are coming after me accusing me of things I haven't done in order to downplay and justify an unfair ban. "Aw, she was banned for an old post but it's deserved because she did x and y". God, it's like talking to a door.

No. 70549

File: 1707962290719.png (171.47 KB, 399x655, jm-e1527175750863.png)

do you think he could have saved us

No. 70550

Sorry you're getting blamed for my lesbian post nonners KEKK

No. 70551

The "big kek" post was a part of her weird rant. If you go back to the lesbian book cover rant (which was 5 days ago at this point) it's obvious it's the same anon that's arguing with everyone else. Her "big kek" was probably the one that got her banned because it was the last response she posted in her tirade before she got bored. She even admits in her post here >>70537 that she was infighting and responding to bait and made 5 posts doing so. At this point I don't bother interacting with her, she's obviously just doing all this for attention or something. I only responded to her this time because it's like the 10th time she's posted about this and I wanted to clear the record for the other anons in this thread that might not realize she's retarded and full of shit.

No. 70552

The mods won't change just because you complain non-stop and write essays. Good luck though.

No. 70553

The real big kek is that it wasn't even her who made the lesbian post it was me and my ban already ended but nobody is ready for that truth, also she doesnt admit to posting bait in that comment though it verbatim says 'i never post bait and i am not anti-lesbian'

No. 70554

joshua san? come backk

No. 70555

He's the hero we deserve, kek

No. 70556

File: 1707962787479.png (300.21 KB, 1718x1882, x.PNG)

I have a suggestion: instead of rules about how we're supposed to post and what we're allowed to discuss, simply make a list of things we are allowed to post. The list will be very short making it easier for everyone.

No. 70557

No, he is a disgusting pig
Attention? I am unhappy with the moderation and I will say so. You are happy having crap admins/jannies, alright, but don't go making shit up. You can't even point out my posts, just go like a retard "samefag samefag samefag, doublepost" you can't even read and conveniently ignore all the other anons that also said they were unfairly banned. What do you get from this? Honest question, because it is pathetic that level of devotion to a bad administration.
And you decided that you will keep kissing their asses because "nothing will change"? Grow some spine you fucking coward.

No. 70558


No. 70559

File: 1707963143653.jpeg (447.21 KB, 1242x675, IMG_1705.jpeg)

Picrel. Don't bother engaging with this poster. It's a waste of time.

No. 70561

>ban evading schizoposting bait
Its not schizoposting bait if its the truth. I feel bad that a random anon is getting the heat for a post that I made and got banned over for 3 days and had a laugh about. I'm not sure what feels like bait about that.

No. 70562

Ok but are you able to articulate how the lesbian book fight fits into any of this or what exactly urges you to pluck that string of bans from last week out of thin air?

No. 70563

Ok, I now completely subscribe to the conspiracy that a farmhand is posting here defending themselves. This shit is getting ridiculous, I just said I don't ban evade, otherwise they would have reasons for banning me, instead they have to dig shit to find something. Imagine this level of handmaidenry, couldn't be me.

No. 70564

kekkkkkkkk anon

No. 70565

File: 1707964826789.png (126.24 KB, 1238x339, idiocy live in 4k.png)

She camps in /meta and when she doesn't get enough attention she starts posting bait in /ot threads to get banned so she can complain about it more in /meta. She's been milking her own bans for the past 5 days to tinfoil about the farmhands and to try and sow discord among the site's userbase.
She tries to mix up her typing style to make the samefagging more innocuous but she does the same typing style mix-ups each time so it gives her away really easily. Once you get a grasp of her habits in forming sentence structure you can easily identify her.

No. 70566

God, you're legit brain dead. None of this is true. Why you keep making shit up and why are you trying so hard to convince others? Why you keep trying to downplay the unfair ban? You mix up posters and keep going on the samefag accusations instead of just backing off and admiting you are wrong. You are not a mod, that much is clear, just another bootlicker. You're the real baiter here, fuck off, will you?

No. 70567

Hey so, no more hellweek discussion thread? Will you post the summary of the results soon?

No. 70568

This tbh

No. 70569

File: 1707965849778.gif (749.93 KB, 358x480, u mad?.gif)

Uh oh everyone, she's mad we can see through her samefagging bait antics.

No. 70570

Admin mentioned that the statistics and result summary will be posted either Friday or Sunday.

No. 70571

mods where the fuck are you…

No. 70572

Cringe picture but I agree with whatever is going on otherwise

No. 70573

>u mad?.gif

No. 70574

Thanks nonny thumbs up

No. 70575

KEKKK real

No. 70576

>dumbass shit on autosage
The world is healing

No. 70577

joshua connor moon is fat and i would not have sex with him

No. 70578

Weird white moid/troon concerntrolling and posting fetish porn twitter screenshots in the Asian girls thread. He did the same in the black girls thread and kept posting WMBF slavery porn while larping as an outraged black woman. Can mods delete it please no actual Asian woman searches for or wants to see that disgusting mentally ill shit.

No. 70579

Kek the samefag replies, seems like you're spot on.

No. 70580

no, he hires tranny mods on his own site

No. 70581

So you’ve finally figured it out. Everyone itt but you is the same person. Took you long enough

No. 70582

>multiple different anons get weird bans after hellweek ends
>to the point where barely anyone is posting anymore
>complaints result in (take it to /meta/) redtexts
>they take it to /meta/
>"no it's all samefagging!!"
>"they're trying to tear the site apart"
WHERE ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO COMPLAIN THEN? (this isn't related to whatever gay fight is going on above but about general site changes)

No. 70583

theyre continuing the proud lolcow.farm tradition of hating their users

No. 70584

Then whines that mods are trannies and on banning sprees kek what a loser. Can't imagine wasting my time fucking with anonymous staff then pretending to be innocent to try to get the userbase to fight the staff

No. 70585

at this point yeah i do

No. 70586

>multiple different
No one is believing this, even admin said 2 users keep at this farce in meta.

No. 70587

>after all the shit we went through with other admins still believes whatever admin says

No. 70588

Ntayrt I feel like its more than 2 users, and its not much of a farce because you can see the egregious amount of bans put out recently.

No. 70589

Farmhand said stop tinfoiling about the kid. This user doesn't know when to give up. Is their ban over already, also probably IP-hopping samefagging. >>>/w/319658

No. 70590

And threads are still constantly bumped according to the front page, so no one is stopping posting. We know it's the samefag anon. Their have their same "NO ONE IS POSTING THX MODS" tagline.

No. 70591

so only two people are getting banned in /ot/?
this is the only time i mentioned posts slowing down wtf are you on about?

No. 70592

In meta its 2 users constantly fearmongering, but you know this.

No. 70593

The tranny comments are probably self-reflective. The samefag troll is obsessed with accusing the farmhands of being trans is probably some crazed tranny trying to create division as >>70514 mentions. It's funny because the camper directly responds to that point with derision in these posts: >>70515, >>70517, >>70520, >>70521, trying to discreetly play both sides. I assume this /meta camper is some TIM NEET that is really really bored and trying to entertain themselves.

No. 70594

no i don't. for fucks sake this is exactly what i was talking about, why do i even bother

No. 70595

Don't bother responding to the camper, it just want to fill the thread up so farmhands don't see real suggestions or complaints, and to ragebait other users into infighting.

No. 70596

You're supposed to email admin about bans.

No. 70597

are you really sure that its just the same two people and there cant possibly be a large pool of people scrolling through the website and cycling through different threads and coming back to /meta/? Does that just not register as reality for you?

No. 70598

>thinking the staff need any help in sowing division and making the users hate them

No. 70599

The staff came outright and said that troons and moids are allowed to be here as they choose to identify as female. That sounded kind of troonish to everyone.

No. 70600

Is it possible for admin to ban VPNs for a few days while we talk about site changes? I feel like the schizo samefag anon is just gonna keep using VPNs to hop around and be annoying. If there is a way to ban VPNs for a few days, the camper will probably get bored and finally fuck off. I like VPNs for personal use, but honestly this is getting kind of crazy because it's obviously the same retard trying to get attention (The 4 posts above mine are all the same person kek)

No. 70601

farmhands say to take it here but whatever i give up, there's too many schizos in these threads. i'm not whichever personalityfag they're trying to summon.

No. 70602

Those aren't really necessary now that iPhone safari and google chrome offer private browser options. They don't save cookies so if you just refresh the page the ban is gone. Schizos and baiting NEETs don't need to pay for NordVPN anymore kekk

No. 70603

Take it to meta when you're going to derail in a thread about it, meaning usually you are bypassing your ban or it is up, but you want to bitch about it in the thread you got the ban. In that case you get told to fuck off to meta and your post said nothing along the lines of 'take it to meta'.

No. 70604

None of these posts are mine kekk
I'd still be here because I am not this mythical camper samefag vpn user troon psyopper. Imagine thinking I'd leave the site because you've adquired a brand new type of mental illness.

No. 70605

File: 1707976751679.png (21.63 KB, 1024x73, Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 12.5…)

>When she doesn't get enough attention she starts posting bait in /ot threads
Picrel is an example of this behaviour. The camper tries to fan the flame she started in /meta and goes into other threads to try and lure anons into coming to /meta themselves to read through all her bullshit and try to fight with her when this thread slows down and we stop responding to her bait.

No. 70606

That is also not me kekk

No. 70607

Anons claiming that it’s some samefag vpn gayops camper posting complaints in /meta/ are retarded baiters. Ignore them, as >>70595 said. Anyone that genuinely believes this is delusional.

No. 70608

All these posts are the same retard. We can recognize its typing style and the way it alternates between different styles and viewpoints to continue the samefagging.

No. 70609

File: 1707977858374.jpg (38.61 KB, 736x699, 7434343636357.jpg)

i'm only the second post you linked. what can i do to prove i'm not a samefag? i can send my device info to cerebmin if that helps

No. 70611


No. 70612

Well, I guess now we know you’re not a janny and just whiteknighting out of the goodness of your heart

No. 70613

File: 1707978305631.png (454.87 KB, 1722x1090, 07234.png)

please do sth about the anti-fujo retard losing its shit every time it sees the slightest mention of m/m.

No. 70614

Sounds like the anon from meta.

No. 70615

so are you admitting that its you? because youre an anon in meta

No. 70616

I'm referring to the poster complaining about the fujo in the OG post, metafag

No. 70618

File: 1707984481132.png (1 MB, 600x902, untitled-1.png)

>the anon from meta

No. 70619

beautiful nonna.

No. 70620

they are so fucking obnoxious

No. 70621

I love this

No. 70622

This post has straight up misinformation posted

No. 70623

I’m done posting if there’s a possibility a thread subject is a mod. Someone in the leftcow scene having access to IP addresses is a recipe for disaster.

No. 70624

kek you dont like being outed pakichan?

No. 70625

Good, if everyone who joined this retard circus of obvious bait and brainless reposting stops posting most of our problems will be fixed

No. 70626

I don't like people insisting that I'm obsessed with "boys being SA'd" cause I have a pointed a strong correlation between extreme misogyny and pederasty, I do repeat myself often, and I'm trying to fix that but it's the logic TRA uses to say "oh "TERFs" are obsessed with children's genitals, when they oppose child mutilation"

No. 70627

you are obssesed and super weird for bringing it up so many fucking times, now hush and stop derrailing a thread that's meant to make fun of anti-fujos

No. 70628

What's misinformation about it? Please rectify your bio pakichan. I'm curious.

No. 70629

There’s absolutely no evidence that this is true, though

No. 70630

But anon, she said sperg on twitter and someone posted a story from the anachan thread! What more proof do you need?

No. 70631


No. 70632

So why was the anti-fujo cringe thread locked in less than an hour without explanation but the fujo cringe thread is allowed to exist? At least make an attempt at hiding the bias.

No. 70633

it's a shit thread that will just encourage continuous infighting, and there's already threads on /ot/ to discuss that kind of thing anyways

No. 70634

admins made me move it to snow. I hope they let it stay. I will even let them redact pakichan's part(although if they werent retards they wouldnt) if they let it stay up. Anti fujos are really fucking milky so I hope it thrives

No. 70635

Why's the fujocoomer cringe thread allow to stay on /ot/ then? Farmhands please provide an explanation.

No. 70636

It's closer to a classic cow thread with the OP mentioning specific individuals to follow, so I told that farmer to remake it on /snow/ following the proper thread etiquette for cow threads. The OP should have been improved to include more information before reposting though.

No. 70637

No, there isn't. The fandom thread is possibly the only option and that discussion gets hijacked by retards who want to sperg about how fujos are all misogynist trannies addicted to rape porn and shota because they caught brainworms from endlessly doomscrolling the fakeboi thread for their confirmation bias.

Thanks for the swift explanation, please add the "moved to /x/ board" text next time when you do it to avoid confusion.

No. 70638

The anon(s?) screeching “all of the complaints are just one anon samefagging!” whenever we start discussing what we are frustrated about wrt moderation must seriously not realize that it’s just further alienating the userbase for so many anons to be accused of being the same person just for complaining, which is what this thread is for. There’s only so many times you can get accused of being a samefag by some unhinged admin/farmhand defender before you start to really get irritated and therefore even more invested in the criticism. You are shooting yourself and admin/farmhands in the foot with this tactic and you don’t even realize it because you seriously are deluded enough to believe your own lies.

No. 70639

> The OP should have been improved to include more information before reposting though.
feel free to give me tips on how to improve the OP farmhand. There isnt much information about paladinboo outside her posts so I am posting caps in the thread, and james somerton is an old cow that recently nuked everything lol

No. 70640

Thank you for the reply farmhand.

However I argue that the fujocoomer cringe thread should also be moved to /snow/ to maintain coherence. Despite not having an OP mentioning specific cows as this one does, the caps posted there consist in highlighting specific users' posts just like what you might find on /snow/ with Tiktok/Instagram cringe girls, bookcows, and FTM/MTF threads. Both fujo and anti-fujo cringe threads are complementary, and serve as a way to divert the discussion from shitting up /ot/ constantly. It's only natural they be together on the same board or they will not serve a containment function, even if containtement was not the first goal of the thread creation. Some of the above-mentioned threads do not mention specific cows in the OP either yet they are perfectly placed in /snow/. Fujocoomer cringe should follow.

No. 70641

containment threads dont work because pakichan is a serial ban evader

No. 70642

okay so I wan perma-banned but now I can post again? so I have to ask is this because my ban was lifted or because of some other issue with my internet service?

No. 70644

I really don't wanna get in trouble for personalityfagging and since this is the only valid way to respond, I should let you know that of the 3 posts you linked in the anti-fujo thread of "fixation", only one is made by me, the other were made by separate users, saying I have a fixation of little boys being raped is on par with TRA's claiming "TERFs are obsessed with children's genital, cause they oppose child mutilation" I'm simply pointing a strong correlation between extreme misogyny and pederasty, granted I too repeat myself often, I'm willing to admit that.
also I don't know what the fuck is going with my status.

No. 70645

It's becoming the new "moid" accusation.

No. 70646

I know I'm just going to get pakichan accusations thrown at me, but I honestly do think pakichan should be removed from that thread OP. Regardless of my personal opinion on her (which is not good), making a lolcow poster who has no known internet presence outside of this site one of the main topics of a thread is simply a bad idea, for reasons I hope i don't have to explain. It's just going to turn into anons who have a personal grudge griping about her posts, which is already a bannable offense considering the un-official rule to not bring your infights to multiple threads. And it also will cause more issues when she inevitably responds to the posts about her. It would be like someone making a thread to snark about Florencechan. At least threads like the Rita person made sense because she had a presence outside of here (well, afaik. I didn't really pay attention to that whole thing).

No. 70647

Samefag but there's also no way to truly, accurately have a thread documenting a poster here since we're all anonymous. Anons will just end up posting things they disagree with and saying it's pakichan.

No. 70648

I agree and it would just turn into a endless hi cow, there is no way to verify which post are hers and anyone can pretend to be her to keep the milk going.

No. 70649

Honestly as a fujo myself I don't think that thread is that great of an idea to begin with since it might just embolden the shitflingers in /ot/. I think mods just need to be more proactive in banning the anti-fujo/pro-fujo infighters, the conversations are beat for beat the same every single time it shouldn't be hard. I truly wish there was a solution for pakichan breaking containment so often though I lost count of how many threads she's derailed.

No. 70650

Considering how mods made us go through 2 weeks of hellweek because they felt this site was losing it's farmer roots, they better not pussy-out and remove pakichan from the OP. We already have at least two threads about IB personalityfags, it would only be hypocritical to make an exception for pakichan, specially when she has actually posted her pictures over and over here, and her posts are very easily identificable. The thread hasnt even talked about her yet. Seems like a certain pakistani ban evader doesnt like reaping what she sows.

No. 70651

"Someone" is threatening all kinds of murder and shit on the new Lillee Jean thread, can they please be taken care of?

No. 70652

Hellweek was fine. The only people who really complained where people trying to fuck with the mods. There were just a couple accidents with banning and they addressed those quickly.

they should bring back the 120sec flood timer, i think that curbed a lot of shitposting idiots

No. 70654

The threads that we have on other imageboard personalityfags are ones who were mainly on/from 4chan, and Rita, who no one even knew about until admin exposed her. Making threads on all the personalityfags here is just going to encourage infighting, which would defeat the purpose of the last hellweek.
>The thread hasnt even talked about her yet.
That thread basically immediately got locked.
>Seems like a certain pakistani ban evader doesnt like reaping what she sows
Very predictable

No. 70655

Once you post your grandma, your hand, your brother and out yourself over and over you arent anonymous anymore. Hi cowing is against the rules anyways. Admins have outed pakichan for larping as a biracial black woman already, it's not like she's super anonymous.

No. 70656

How many handposters have there been? Like 5?

No. 70657

That are pakistani? only 1. Stop defending an annoying cow.

No. 70658

Im sorry? it didn’t have anything to do with pakichan I was just genuinely curious if there had been other hand posters or more than I thought.

No. 70659

Personally my favorite was the one who wrote something like “I want to drink Brenden Frasier’s cum” on her hand and posted it in dead seriousness

No. 70660

being a personalityfag doesn’t make someone a cow. We’d need a little more information on her for her to be a cow kek…

No. 70661

File: 1708024315478.jpeg (111.68 KB, 686x990, EAA64181-E8CC-4E8F-B6A1-F9D728…)

Sorry I got it slightly wrong but here it is.

No. 70662

Any updates on the dumbass shit threads situation?

No. 70663

Cerbmin has reiterated like 3 times now that they will never reopen it.

No. 70664

Cerbmin has said a lot of things, like giving us stats on hellweek in a day or two

No. 70665

Out of interest how many updates have been from each admin? I see the turquoise tag the most and the purple tag a few times. Or are they all sharing the turquoise tag now.

No. 70666

Another issues is that some anons think all posts laughing or saying something negative about fujos is pakichan posting because they just learned the name but don’t actually know the posting style or history because they’re relatively new.

No. 70667

This thread might be my favorite thread on the site. More milk than any thread in /snow/

No. 70668

No, they'll kill it like the funposting thread, it's a "discord chatroom" and admin hates it and admin hates you too btw, i'm sorry, nonna.

No. 70669

File: 1708033548460.png (20.51 KB, 719x371, are you sure.PNG)

not a complaint or a suggestion, but how is this blogging? we can't shit on sissies?

No. 70670

File: 1708033908858.jpg (38 KB, 551x401, stefan.jpg)

Same. The meta thread has it all: conspiracy theories, name-calling, baseless accusations, schizoposting, mod drama, legit complaints, memes, lore. I'm on no anon's side; I'm on everyanon's side

No. 70671

looks like we're going back to being exclusively for gawking at cows, but also we apparently should not comment on said cows

No. 70672

amazes me how the white girl problems threads got shut down in a matter of days for ‘racebait’ because some white women discussed issues they have, meanwhile the other race girl problems threads are full of racebait, porny/fetish stuff and bashing other races and calling them names, and im 90% sure it’s 4chan moids ragebaiting, yet the threads still don’t get pruned or locked.

No. 70674

The race threads are annoying but it would be better if you could only discuss the race in the thread. It's bullshit to assert whatever about another race and they're expected not to butt in and defend themselves

No. 70675

The board has gone to shit, it’s actually becoming borderline unusable. The farmhand hates white women and hands out bans like candy for ‘racebait’ even when race wasn’t mentioned, but as long as you larp as another race like PC does you can post as much offensive shit about other races as you want. Also I’m not sure but it feels like it’s 95% underage teenagers on here now and so the posts keep getting more retarded and low quality.

No. 70676

I agree. It’s off topic, so why are they allowed to keep bashing and shit talking and generalizing other races in those threads and nowhere else? There’s always people in there baiting, it feels like half the posts in those threads now are just ragebait written by the same person trying to cause division and get people riled up.

No. 70677

The race threads should be locked and it feels like the farm hands just keep them open to be stubborn honestly

No. 70681

well thank god they got rid of the dumbass shit thread, that was truly the cancer killing lolcow

No. 70682

Reverse racism isn't real.

No. 70684

I think it's generally corny when white people complain about this stuff, but those threads are a mess. The sperg who called biracials "half breeds" and told them to get out the thread because no one likes them didn't get banned despite being reported, but everyone who responded negatively was redtexted. The threads definitely are moderated, but it's a sea of bait and redtexts and there are very obvious moids ragebaiting and trying to cause problems. The threads make sense in theory, but it was obvious from day 1 that they'd attract schizoposting.

No. 70685

These threads are such a total waste of moderations time. If I was moderating the site for free I would delete them. The fact that they are still up just makes me think the farmhands themselves find value in them or want to use them personally, because there’s no way they’re worth sifting through the reports especially now in the era of “let’s return to the site’s purpose of collecting milk and shut down chatty threads”.

No. 70686

Yeah, doesn’t really have enough to be considered cow. Like you said, it’s just personality fag (and we have more than one pakistani poster) and anons can’t actually be sure if a post is pakis unless it’s obvious.

No. 70688

I don’t like the idea of farmhands locking such threads because I think we should protect the fact that this is a “free-speech friendly” site. For the same reason, I think it’s dumb white girl problems got locked. Who gives a fuck of white girls want to have their own thread kek

No. 70689

The circumcision moid from /ot/ is sperging out in the black girl problems thread and larping as a woman.

No. 70690

I wish it were free-speech-friendly. Anytime someone points that out, a smug anon steps in to say it isn't.

No. 70691

I think that was a troll thread.

No. 70692

Ayrt it was funny tho

No. 70694

File: 1708044624981.jpg (338.88 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20240216_004533_Chr…)

Not my post just catching up on the thread but what was twitter like about this?

No. 70695

Retard jannie thinks you were dolefully blogging about your past suicide attempts

No. 70696

self-censoring like that is retarded tiktok/twitter shit. say the word

No. 70697

Makes sense, I didn't even notice at first despite also finding it to be newfag behaviour.

No. 70698

It really wasn’t.

No. 70699

The /meta camping retard is now posting racebait content across /ot and /meta to try and stir up more shit for attention. Just ignore and report for racebaiting.

No. 70700

Now he's threatening to post his "totally female" nudes. Mods please

No. 70701

This isn't even a discussion, anon is just derailing about useless already discussed crap.

No. 70702

Please can we stop having race based threads, I thought all discussions relating to race were banned anyway? And all these threads are just shitshows of infighting.

No. 70703

Oh my god, I think you're right lmfao

No. 70704

There’s people in the Asian girls thread saying that white women viciously hate all Asian women and want them all deported, and that we don’t care about Asian women getting raped and murdered. There was someone in the black girls thread calling biracials half breeds and hybrids and trying to gatekeep them from identifying as black, and saying biracial women hate all black girls and want them dead. These threads are full of nutjobs (or maybe just 1 nut job) trying to sow division between races of women.

No. 70705

Honestly I just have a problem with the rules for some but not for others issue locking one of the threads has created. They're all filled with bait and schizoposting but only one of them is locked (granted it was the one which would attract the most controversy). I think if race-based discussion is going to be allowed in the context of the threads they should be allowed for everyone. White women may not face the kind of issues other races do, but they are the current way in which trannies and white guilt zealots thinly veil their misogyny. If you put white in front of any unfair critique of women it becomes not just socially acceptable, but encouraged form of social currency. I think if the thread was made and moderated in good faith, however small their issues are perceived by other races, should be irrelevant and offtopic.

No. 70706

Sooo… nobody's gonna make a new Venus thread? I don't know how to do it correctly or else I would… don't wanna get banned for a shitty thread starter

No. 70707

Thread requests is in /pt/

No. 70708

File: 1708050747024.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1620x1470, A1F581C2-0130-4A31-831C-A8E95D…)

Why is every other group allowed to have a race based thread except Muslim and white women? Why did the Muslim girls thread get locked immediately.

No. 70709

It was assumed to be trolling, and maybe it was. But I also think white and muslims girls should be allowed to have a thread if other races are allowed. I know it’s more work for farmhands if we have these types of threads, but I still don’t understand why they don’t just recruit more farmhands if that’s the case

No. 70710

There’s an Islam hate thread on 2x already, of course most of it is just white racist atheists and butthurt jewish moids talking about how Israel has a right to kill Palestinians.

No. 70711

Please delete all the race threads. They made a mixed-race general now this is getting too much

No. 70712


Holy fuck admin. Please take the hint. Everyone is tired of this bullshit.

No. 70713

This is the same person who has been camping in /meta/ for the past week or so and trying to infight to garner attention. After the camper was called out for her retarded samefagging infights in this thread and in others on /ot/, she switched to posting racebait to get attention. She was posting weird racebait in the /ot/ threads earlier in the day, then started posting it in the /g/ Black Girls thread, now she's making different threads to try and get more racebait attention. Don't bother interacting with this person as they are attention-starved and only baiting for attention.

No. 70714

Not this shit again. Yet again, an anon here claims multiple anons to be the same person. I’m >>70709, but none of the others. Some people may have different opinions from you. Shocking, right?

No. 70715

Lolcow 101 is if someone says something you don't like they're either a scrote, tranny or samefag. Couldn't just be women with differing opinions

If you're gonna claim all this then either flair up janny or stop being a schizo

No. 70716

Kek you do the same song and dance whenever someone calls out your obvious samefagging it's kind of retarded at this point and not in a funny way more like belongs in a group home kind of way.

No. 70717

You are schizophrenic

No. 70718

File: 1708052665749.png (173.88 KB, 1575x368, C05348DE-F2E0-45B2-B82F-5E6F30…)

Why is a-logging and encouraging terrorism allowed now? What the fuck has happened to this board.

No. 70719

Again this post is from the same person as I mentioned in this post: >>70713. You can tell it's the camper because they're purposely targeting the Black Girls thread, this screenshot they attached is from their earlier attempts to troll that thread today. They're now posting it here to try and sow more weird racial division because they're too stupid to realize we all see through bullshit.

No. 70720

I didn't agree with it at the time but I think the former admin was right when she blanket banned all race discussion. While I think we should be able to discuss these issues, the ability of anons to hold a nuanced discussion has long since passed.

No. 70721

The racist retard who has a hateboner for blasian and mixed women and calls them half breeds is in the black girls thread again. He’s the same one saying Inshallah and pretending it’s a joke. Can you ban this faggot already.

No. 70722

Why aren’t the mods deleting his obvious troll posts?

No. 70723

Having decent race discussion on lolcow is impossible, people can just say whatever spergy bullshit they want because it's anonymous. Its easier to just ban

No. 70725

The tranny who posted in the black girl thread saying he wanted to post his nudes and that sex trafficking is good for African women is back in the black girls thread.

No. 70726

I’m not him you fucking tard. I’m sick of you thinking you can just bash blasian and mixed girls all you want.

No. 70727

Why is racism against blasian and mixed race/mulatto girls completely fine in the BGP thread? It’s clearly someone who absolutely hates mixed girls trying to troll and yet the mods aren’t doing anything about his posts even when he’s saying ‘Inshallah’ and worships a pedophile.

No. 70729

I believe he keeps using a VPN to ban evade. I don't think farmhands are on the site 24/7 moderating everything that goes on. If they are banning him, they might not be redtexting. For context this poster: >>70726, >>70727, >>70720 are all posts from the retard camper.

No. 70730

You made the exact same accusation in your first spergout where you samefagged, and self-reported, saying there are "no biological women in the thread".
These are deleted, but I'm sure mods can see them:
If not, I can screencap but it'd be multiple images.

No. 70731

Yeah you saying Inshallah and worshipping a terroristic pedo is totally like a woman would say and do. Fucking idiot.

No. 70732

NTAYRT. When I compiled the images to show the retard camper and his first sperg posts about ban evasion, I just edited the images together. You could do something like that.

No. 70733

Nope, I don’t know who this ‘camper’ is and there’s another poster you quoted, I want to get the racist piece of trash who calls mixed women half breeds and ‘ironically’ worships a pedophile banned.

No. 70734

Thanks, I'll screencap a bunch and try to get them together.

You're right, it's definitely an unintelligent male trying to get all the threads locked with fetish posts and general racebait. I don't know why he's convinced he can trick the mods and all farmers, it's unsettling.

No. 70735

Although I like the black girl threads and regularly contribute to them I made the current one, actually, I actually agree that the race threads in /g/ should be shut down or jannies should be better at moderating (which probably will not happen). The black girl thread just isn't what it used to be when it was a slow thread. Now it's more active but filled with infighting and bait and moid accusations. It's just not a fun or good discussion thread now. Going the way of the LSA thread might honestly be the best. But, if the race threads are shut down anons need to accept that any gripes anons have with their race will just be posted in other threads, so do not complain if you see a Asian anon or a black anon complaining in the vent thread or something.

No. 70736

Yeah I literally don’t even browse any other boards except /g/ and /meta/ and and now this racist Muslim who calls mixed girls half breeds is trying to accuse me of being a ‘camper’ in /ot/ (which I never post in because that whole board is a headache and trainwreck and the threads are hideously low quality) Wtf even is this ‘camper’ gayop, nobody knows what he’s on about. it’s probably just himself trying to deflect.

No. 70738

This. If you want to talk about race you can literally just use tumblr and twitter, or LSA if you’re black. The racial component of misogyny is being overplayed on the board now. Women face pretty similar problems in life regardless of race and focusing on race so much is killing the board. I’m actually really really fucking tired of the race shit, too many people are using it as an excuse to infight.

No. 70740

It's really pathetic how you pin your own bait posts on other people and reply to yourself, then come here to bitch. You talk about "syntax", but you're clockable every time. You do/say the same things, tell us you're not a woman, delete the post where you admit it, then try to gaslight.

No. 70741

If you're so sure every anon complaining is the same person, then report us. If we're really samefagging, farmhands will be eager to ban us since we're upset with them anyway. If you're not willing to even do that, then shut the fuck up.

No. 70742

>I don't browse any boards except /g/ and /meta/
What is there to "browse" on the meta board?

No. 70743

>who the fuck browses meta kek
Lots of people? As another poster said above, this is one of the milkiest threads on the board right now because we can finally see who’s constantly baiting and trolling when we piece it all together.

Nah you need to take your meds, you’re clearly upset because I clocked your racist ass calling mixed girls half breeds because you literally posted in the EXACT same format in the same thread. Now you’re backtracking and claiming you love blasian girls. And you worship a pedophile which says it all. You disgust me.

No. 70744

Lol yep see, he deleted his post accusing us of being the same person. What a retard.

And I’m

No. 70745

You're so bad at sounding like a black woman.

No. 70746

jesse what the fuck are you talking about.

No. 70747

Again these are all the same person posting kek.

No. 70748

And what exactly is a black woman supposed to ‘sound’ like? Are you upset that some black and mixed girls don’t talk in constant Ebonics like you and your stan twitter white tranny pals? Stupid racist piece of trash. Imagine thinking you have to ‘talk a certain way’ if you’re black. You’re disgusting.

No. 70749

Pretty sure he was posting WM/AF fetish shit in the Asian girl thread and claiming white women hate Asian women for "stealing their men".

No. 70750

No it’s not. I don’t know about the other posts but only
Are mine. I know you’re a troll but you really suck at it. Farmhands can check the IPs.

No. 70751

Like I said, if you're so sure then report us. Farmhands would have no reason to not ban us if we're really the same person. You won't though, because you know you're talking out of your ass just to stir shit up.

No. 70752

>white tranny loses his cool and accuses actual black women of posting in "constant ebonics" and stan twitter when his obvious larp gets called out
>after trying his hardest to ape that same way of speaking with shitty memes because he doesn't know any black women or how they talk
This is hilarious.

No. 70753

The troons tactic is to constantly bait and switch and accuse other people of being troons. Just don’t engage with him. The admin can see our IPs and knows we’re aren’t the same posters anyway. Just let the sad schizo pedo worshipping sped play in his piss soaked sandbox by himself. He has no friends.

No. 70754

Yup it's most likely the same guy.
Yup it is hilarious. His meltdown in this thread right now is cringey. He keeps responding to himself (in the exact same typing style) and pretending to be a different person.

No. 70755

You’re absolutely brain dead, mods can see our IPs. Keep thinking that black women are supposed to talk a certain way you racist piece of moid, pedo worshipping smegma.

No. 70756

when is townhall

No. 70757

This thread is getting ridiculous.

No. 70758

why this is the townhall, just look at all the discussion going on

No. 70759

I’d like a farmhand to confirm that
>>70748 (me)

>>70743 (me)

Are indeed different posters and have different IPs, unlike what the schizo inbred troon is claiming. I’ll wait.

No. 70760

>I use different IPs for all my retarded bait posts!
This isn't the gotcha you think it is when VPNs exist.

No. 70761

You literally went on multiple racist tirades incl. the "ebonics" claim you're trying to spin now, bashed white/asian and blasian women in multiple threads, spammed porn and vpn-hopped to drag it out again. No one is tricked, you always get banned for a reason.

No. 70762

wake up cerbmin i have a question

No. 70763

Kek anon I'm so happy you recognize the typing style too I was starting to go crazy thinking I was the only one who realized it's the same guy posting. Even all his insults are male-brained and retarded.

No. 70764

I don’t use VPNs. I always use the exact same IP going back months/years, mods can check.

I’ve never spammed porn because it’s fucking disgusting, and I’m the one defending blasian and mixed girls from racists who call them half breeds. As usual you’re the troon troll simply deflecting your own posts. The mod can see everything, remember that.

No. 70765

This is me btw.

It’s so funny that the Muslim pedophile worshipping schizo who spams porn and calls mixed girls half breeds is now accusing me of being him. Mods can likely see months and months back if not years on my IP, and can confirm I have never posted porn or mixed girl hate, ever. I’m literally the one trying to get porn spammers and mixed girl haters/racists banned. Nobody is falling for your bait and switch garbage, tranny-kun.

No. 70766

Nobody believe you.

No. 70767

Yyyyup. I feel like he can't go without attention, so he waits a couple of days and then accuses other people of posting his own bait to try and "win" any given argument.
He typically talks in the same nasty way, but sometimes tries to mix in "ebonics" and "stan speak" from Twitter in the black girl thread. The freakout and projection when that was pointed out here basically confirms it to me. I'd love for him to point out the "constant ebonics" in any of "my" posts.

No. 70768

Now this is actually a samefag on a VPN. Again, deflecting his own porn and racebait posts. Don’t care if you believe me or throw accusations. Mods can see I always use the exact same device/IP, I’ve never even turned off my router, and I’ve never posted porn or black/mixed girl hate, ever. Seethe cope and dilate.

No. 70769

I'm >>70767, and my post was made one minute apart from the one you're claiming is me. Lie all you want, mods can see deleted posts, all your racism and moid admissions, and other information besides IP.
"I have one IP I use and a VPN for my troll posts" isn't a flex. 41% and leave black, Asian, mixed and white women alone.

No. 70770

whoever this is is literally impersonating other posters now, i guess this is nuclear mode.

No. 70771

This is what an actual samefag on a VPN looks like.

I’m the mixed French nona. I’ve already posted a vocaroo before proving I’m a real woman. You want me to do it again or something? You can’t pin all your mixed girl hate and porn posting on me, sorry transvestite-kun.

No. 70772

>I’ve already posted a vocaroo before proving
okay then it's time to stop

No. 70773

Guys, the anon linking random posts going "these are the same posters" has been doing this for days now and is accusing anyone unhappy with the moderation of samefagging and baiting and making racist/homophobic posts in different boards, calling everyone a "camper". They keep posting random screenshots and saying x poster did y and z but they are not a mod, it's all bullshit, go read the last thread, same shit again. The mods don't do anything, they see and don't intervene. Just stop interacting with this retard.

No. 70774

Why? Because you’re embarrassed this whole time you’re calling me a moid but I’m actually a woman and finally you know you’re wrong? Yeah, I accept you’re backing down now, dumb fag.

No. 70775

>Camper pins 7 different posts.
>Only the last 2 are his posts.
>The first 5 are two different anons cognizant of the camper's antics.
Okay camper.
This post is also from the camper.

No. 70776

literally not even a part of your argument, this derail is just fucking cringe at this point and there's obviously no point in telling the tranny to stop it

No. 70777

this is the answer

No. 70778

I'm all those posts but >>70754 and >>70763. Replying to your sperging isn't samefagging, unless you're planning to impersonate me for your next AGP mental break. No one cares about your totally real vocaroos, we won't send you any in return, and we don't want your nudes.

No. 70780

No one cares or knows about your ‘camper’ tinfoil. It’s probably just yourself VPN hopping as usual.

No. 70781

Don’t worry nobody wants to hear your nasal trannycel voice anyway. I’m sure it sounds as grotesque as you are physically. Join the 41%.

No. 70782

I know staff said they don't want to stifle discussion in here by banning, but do in fights like this need to be allowed? They're not productive or even really related to the site, it's just shit flinging. And it's distracting from those of us trying to make genuine complaints and suggestions.

No. 70783

They're probably happy to have something to distract from and bury our legitimate complaints and suggestions, seeing as the majority of the userbase is unhappy.

No. 70784

Cerbmin have truly abandoned us kek. They should have stepped in awhile ago, this shit is insane.

No. 70785

see point >>70644

No. 70786

Keep negging, you look so female right now

No. 70788

Calling you an ugly tranny isn’t ‘negging’ my dear, it’s called stating the obvious.

No. 70789

Has it ever been confirmed PC is a real woman? I still think it’s a moid.

No. 70790

The samefag tinfoiler needs to either flair up as a farmhand or be banned, seriously it's fucking annoying

No. 70791

Have the admins given up on the site? Are they working on anything? Would be nice if they'd take a single second out of their day to update us.

No. 70792

Yes there’s an unhinged retard shitting up every board the last couple days unfortunately. He must be one incredibly bored troon. Guess that’s what happens when no one matches him on grindr, ever.

No. 70793

>my dear
Gross, this is almost as obvious as him going on about his playing with his "unbroken hymen", "tits" and "vagina".

No. 70794

At this point I think its like 3 different anons all accusing each other of being the samefag

No. 70795

The farmhand applications are likely fake anyways. Do you know a single nona who has ever confirmed they worked here as a farmhand? The stuff about it just being RFH and one of her friends is probably accurate.

No. 70796

Did you ever even apply?

No. 70797

t. Mindbroken tranny
Glad I hit a nerve

No. 70798

Hentai phrases are fitting coming from a porn addict. Thanks for admitting to at least three of the posts that got you banned today, by the way.

No. 70799

Yes. Show me proof of any regular nona here who’s ever actually confirmed to have worked on lc as a farmhand. You can’t. It’s likely a fake process designed to make us feel like we have more autonomy and say over the board, just like the 4chan janny applications are fake and the janitors on that board are actually paid employees hired by the federal government.

No. 70800

I called you an ugly tranny and then you got upset kek. Mindbroken isn’t a porn term, but if that’s what you associate it with and get off to, I’m nor surprised. You trannies are always into gross shit like that, just keep it away from us thanks, we don’t care about your weird gutter minds.

No. 70801

how exactly would one show proof that they were a janny unless you knew them and talked to them somewhere besides this site?

No. 70802

>make a joke on ot
Ban for infighting
>comment on a cow
Ban for derailing
>just post anything on ot really
>bait in meta about "camper" to change the subject and downplay farmers concerns about unfair bans
No ban
Are we really expected to believe the mods are not on this

I had an anon during oldmin era telling me she used to be a janny and the reason I was getting too long bans for harmless posts was because I say tranny a lot. Since then no one can convince me tranny jannies are not real, I don't care if I get called schizo, it was too weird and specific.

No. 70803

>calling farmhands jannies
Please go back to your containment board.

No. 70805

Stop derailing, grown ups are talking.

No. 70806

Sure. Mods can see all your posts, including ones you think are gone. Keep digging and projecting until you finally rope.
>Mindbroken isn’t a porn term
Do you ever get tired of lying about verifiable things and blogposting with second person pronouns?

No. 70807

nobody except 4chan users call moderators jannies

No. 70808

wipe the drool off your chin and turn the computer off

No. 70809

This poster is the camper. Now that they have been properly identified as the same tranny that was racebaiting earlier, they've switched back to their old schtick of "the 'jannies' are evil and they hate us all reeee!"

No. 70810

This is such a reach kek. ‘Mindbroken’ is an extremely common term used by millennials and zoomers to describe anyone mentally ill. Nobody cares about your weird Japanese cartoon fetish, tranny, like I said, it’s disgusting that you even bring it up or infer it that way. Keep that shit to yourself, remember what your psychiatrist told you? Good boy.

No. 70811

Anons have posted about being former jannies before. You probably got rejected because they saw your post history you're so convinced you can hide.

It's because the moid (or moids) thinks this place is 1:1 with 4chan and wants to discredit the mods in case they expose them.

No. 70812

just admit you got caught crossposting. go back to your incel board pls

No. 70813

I don't want to be "educated" on your porn terms, thanks. Please just kys, this is a woman's board and you'll never blend in.

No. 70814

>Anons have posted about being former jannies before
Post proof? And how did they prove they were farmhands anyway?

No. 70815

You literally just linked an urbandictionary link to educate others on your porn fetish kek. Who even uses UD anyway? Congrats on confirming you’re like 35 kek.

No. 70816

aww old haggot boomers need to use UD because they don’t know what young people words mean. hahaha.

No. 70817

We all know you're not legally allowed talk to anyone outside your age group or be within 15 miles of a school, but the urbandictionary link literally the second link on Google and shows the oldest definition. You really never stop talking like a moid and using moid terms while accusing anons of being muslims for using "inshallah" ironically. Cope, seethe and dilate. Make two more posts crying and projecting.

No. 70818

Yes I am the camper. You are the camper. She is the camper. Everyone is the camper. We got it, mr. Drebin, go find something else to investigate now, will you?

No. 70819

The proof was the information they gave and screenshots some of them posted.

No. 70820

File: 1708060809499.jpeg (100.64 KB, 1200x1200, A09765.jpeg)

i bought smores!

No. 70821


No. 70822

>camper needs to be spoonfed this hard

No. 70823

File: 1708061087351.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 78971721-9AED-426E-B6E5-B7FE06…)

That’s it? That’s your sick tranny burn? Lame. Dilate your rotpocket hon, it’s healing closed. And don’t forget to keep worshipping your beloved pedophile.

No. 70824

>yeah there’s totes tons of proof of nonas being farmhands! uhhh no I can’t post it because uhhhh…that would be spoonfeeding so i just can’t mmkay
why are you so dumb. genuinely. you really think anyone’s falling for this. either post proof, link posts, attach screenshots or gtfo

No. 70825

>using the same r9k "laughing whores" image from like 2014 that he spammed on KF and LC during the elaine drama
Blaine's not even trying to hide himself atp because he knows farmhands will leave it up to make a point, kek. He'll still cry when his tantrums and spam in /snow/, /g/ and /ot/ get banned and cleaned up, though.

No. 70826

Two of them were literally banned for posting it back then. Lurk more if you're not just the scrote raging.

No. 70827

did mods ever say why they don't ban anyone on /meta/? i thought they used to up until this year

No. 70829

Yes. Lurk. I'm not linking.

No. 70830

Oh hi mods!

No. 70831

>calls an extremely mainstream meme ‘laughing whores’ (wtf lol)
>claims everyone who uses said extremely common meme must be the same person even though it’s been used on this board hundreds of times over the years
>namedrops himself and thinks anyone cares about his literal who e-drama with his imaginary friends
At this point I’m literally willing to pay for this mans psychiatric treatment.

No. 70832

No. 70833

if you guys still think that you dont get banned in /meta/, you can get banned they just delete your post instead of redtexting it. Anyways did you guys know that sometimes body builders shit themselves when they deadlift(ban evading retard)

No. 70834

Go back.

No. 70835

KEK. Mods are funny.

No. 70836

Mods are actually funny and based now.

No. 70838

Whenever he comes around
The posting quality goes down
No one around
It's a bleak town

No. 70839

Double ban evading AND emoji posting? You’re on a roll, anon.

No. 70840

Its a lawless land! No country for oldfags

No. 70841

It looks like the tranny's finally gone after the umpteenth self-report and greentext spergout. You might be our savior nonny

No. 70842

truer words have never been spoken

No. 70844

File: 1708063476812.png (117.56 KB, 342x396, Catalog.png)


No. 70845

aw someones angry well this is what you get for autosaging dumbass shit

No. 70846

Explains the spoonfeeding demands while posting the same 4chan boomer images he used to spam for sure.

No. 70847

Dumb tinfoil, a lot of nonas have bad experiences with the mods, whether it’s getting banned for being caught up in the crosshairs of other peoples infighting, getting banned over stupid shit that doesn’t even break the rules, while porn pics like are allowed to stay up for days at a time etc. It’s like saying everyone on meta is a troon just because we have complains about the moderation.

No. 70848

You really think you’re an internet celebrity or something huh, you keep namedropping yourself even though no one cares about you or your schizo drama. Yes, everyone who uses the same memes are the same person. Everyone is a ‘camper’. Take your meds.

No. 70849

Namedropping what? When did I call anyone a "camper"? Take your meds, freak.

No. 70850

>It’s like saying everyone on meta is a troon just because we have complains about the moderation.
anons have been unironically saying this for the past two days kek

No. 70851

You mean how it was up until oldmin? Good. Maybe it will mean less of the everyone I don't like is a scrote shit and derailing.
Fucking newfags.
I'm trying to catch up on this thread and all I see is Ritard doing her latest conspiracy and faggots like you buying in.

No. 70852

Fucking hell. This shit is like clockwork now.

No. 70853

>trannies running gayops <- NEW

New? Is there anyone in this thread that has used the site longer than 6 months? Anyone at all.

No. 70854

It's not new at all, I don't know why some "people" ITT are trying to claim it's impossible.

No. 70857

jesus christ this thread is unusable. so full of schizos, can't you all go back to posting in the tinfoil thread about princess anne being a farmhand or something

No. 70858

derrailing in the fandom thread >>>/ot/1890205

No. 70859

Are the mods sleeping? Celebricows is a shitshow of looksperging and racebaiting.

No. 70860

I don't even follow this schizo drama but Vocaroo posting should be a bannable offense since it's essentially personalityfagging and stepping off the anonymous state.

No. 70862

Can Laur’s posts in the LJ thread please be outed with some kind of graphic kek. Her attic goblin raids are one of the only exciting parts of being here anymore

No. 70864

when are you going to drop the milk instead of acting as an internet though guy? i am dying to know who are you talking about

No. 70865

some retard is responding to week old posts in the fandom thread and derrailing the thread

No. 70866

So same as it ever was?

No. 70867

Spill the tea mr schizotroon vendetta kun, we’re waiting. Who rejected your advances this time?

No. 70868

They're too busy banning on-topic posts in the screencaps thread.

No. 70870

I get why the Vtuber thread was moved right now because of the current drama but it's going to interfere with normal discussion of Vtubers
Can't there just be two threads, the usual /m/ thread and a Vtuber drama on /w/?

No. 70871

Seconding this even though I have been one of those to post about drama a lot… I'd like to be able to talk about both, just separately.

No. 70872

I also agree, and it would be great if nonas who complain about this wouldn't get banned because the mod got pissy at them. The vtuber thread wasn't meant for drama and we'd appreciate it if you wouldn't enable dramafaggotry in it any more.

No. 70873

Just make one. Why do you need to ask this

No. 70874

because you retards complained about it to the mods instead of just ignoring it for a few days now you are vanished to the most useless deserted board kek.

No. 70875


Sorry for your thread's death, nonnie.

Farmhands are getting pretty heavy handed when it comes to which threads they consider to have "cows" and which don't. LC in itself is a drama website, it's normal that most threads be filled with drama whether they be in off-topic or cow boards. Moving threads to the cow boards is not going to revive them.

No. 70876

Can the users actually invested in the improvement of this website make a recap of all the suggestions that have been posted ITT?

I'll start with some

>proposal to merge /w/ back into /snow/

>proposal to create /img/ for current picspam threads on /g/ and /m/
>proposal to allow MTF and FTM discussion threads back on /ot/, since the /snow/ thread is apparently just for specific tiffy and timmy cows

Please do add more.

No. 70877

So when are we moving the worthless image dump spam threads on /m/ to a new separate board?

No. 70878

>proposal to merge /w/ back into /snow/
Considering the interest in fashion threads on both /ot/ and /g/ I wonder if a general purpose cosplay and fashion board would be worthwhile.
>create /img/
>proposal to allow MTF and FTM discussion threads back on /ot/, since the /snow/ thread is apparently just for specific tiffy and timmy cows
If it's cow discussion it should stay on /snow/ imo

No. 70879

i dont understand why you want /img/ just hide the threads you dislike.

No. 70881

The picspam is choking the board. Even when you hide all picspam threads the first discussion threads end up on 2nd page choked, again, by 10 other picspam threads. It makes the board annoying as fuck to check. Finding the discussion thread you want to check by using the catalog as one would on /ot/ doesn't work, because you can't hide threads there. So good luck finding and keeping up with threads you want. By consequence most farmers don't know which threads a) already exist on /m/ and b) which new threads belong on /m/, and end up discussing /m/ topics on every other off-topic board and even /snow/. Other nonnas who should know better obviously don't want to use /m/ because let's be real, it's a dead board dedicated almost solely to picspam. And before you say anything, it wasn't always a dead board. In the current state of things, /m/ is effectively already an /img/ but with another name.

No. 70882

>Even when you hide all picspam threads the first discussion threads end up on 2nd page
You’re being generous, besides the fujo thread and genshin one (when it gets content) everything else gets chucked to page 4 minimum even if there’s a fairly recent post because some NEET wanted to dump her fresh batch of cow pics

No. 70883

Laur or some crazy is doxxing a random the old Lillee Jean and in the new thread someone is claiming to know the owner and we are all getting doxxed, lol.

Can admins release Laur's posting history at some point.

No. 70884

Has anyone been having issues with the flood detection? When I delete and try to repost something it takes well over 30 seconds.

No. 70885

same, it takes 1-2 minutes

No. 70886

Should video spam threads be seggregated too? New board increases moderation work, the benefits seem too minimal.

No. 70887

Reintegrate /w/ into /snow/. Create /img/. Same number of boards remains.

No. 70888

It was a stupid move. That thread doesn't fit in with /w/ at all.

>proposal to merge /w/ back into /snow/
Admin should do a formal vote on this. I think a lot of people would be for it. /w/ is dead as hell, moving everything over to /snow/ would ramp up activity at least a little.

No. 70889

except for the AI thread and meme thread pretty much all other threads have discussion

No. 70890

Best suggestion. all spam threads like pics and videos go into /img/. most active /w/ threads like jill's or lori's could fit in /snow/ anyway

No. 70891

Someone posting a sentence every few days doesn't turn anime boy pic dumps into discussion threads anon

No. 70892

Agreed, especially about reintegrating /w/ into /snow/. /w/ is a cesspool and having a more active milk board will help deter low effort posting on dead threads

No. 70893

Lori's thread was dead up until this week lol

No. 70894

File: 1708115524204.png (40.86 KB, 836x226, Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 21.28…)

Not my post but what's with this ban? She didn't contribute milk but she saged

No. 70895

fourth-ing this

No. 70896

You are such a fucking disgusting creep. I hope you die.

No. 70898

Personally I think manhate/pinkpill + general trannyhate threads should be back in ot since ot is the first board newfags usually visit and was a good filter for people who couldn't integrate/lurk. Moids spam anyway without it.

No. 70899

Haven’t you heard, anon? Anything that’s not milk is no longer allowed in threads, even when saged. It’s a new thing cerbmin or certain farmhands have started doing for some retarded reason.

No. 70900

I hate celebricows and wish it would get out of ot but why is that thread forced to be on ot if it is going to be required to follow cow board rules?

No. 70901

Tired of being banned for scrotefoiling when it's coomery, bait-y shit that no woman would ever say. Is there a moid farmhand now or something? It's obvious that there are so many more scrote posters than there used to be, I really feel like female-only spaces are disappearing and it's depressing as fuck. I can't even call it out on here without getting banned.

No. 70902

If you really believe it’s a scrote then report and move on instead of shitting up the thread taking or pointing out bait

No. 70903

RFH is right the whole board is shit now it’s just schizos infighting and screaming TROON at each other 24/7

No. 70904

Rfh is a clown and a twitter cow. Please stop name dropping her here like she has any valuable insight on lolcow.farm

No. 70905

Last thread their whole reasoning was because no one ever namedrops lolcow which isn't even true lol There's even some spergy cow on tiktok commenting on the same lame crap the Venus Angelic posters have been peddling recently about posts being made by her even though they are automated. Lolcow is known on tiktok, twitter, Instagram.. We aren't some secret website. RFH is probably also just a poster.

No. 70906

She’s right sometimes, and she’s definitely right about the current state of the board. Troons spamming porn, schizos schizzing out, women accusing each other of being men 24/7 and shitting up the board for hours.

No. 70907

none of that is the farmers fault. maybe you should… report and ignore.

No. 70908

It is the farmers fault since many of those posters are regular farmers. It’s not the farmhands fault though, I feel bad for them having to read and redtext all these retarded posts one by one.

No. 70909

Not even the only person who's said that same thing. You don't need to be a mod to have the same complaints about lolcow that the twitterfag has.

No. 70910

Farmers are not troons spamming porn;
Only a couple farmers are schizo kek;
Being accused of being a scrote is just part of being on the site, only newfags get all offended and fight about it and newfags are a perpetual issue.

No. 70911

>t. I’m an oldfag, I’ve been here for 2 years!

No. 70912

nta but did you even read her post? fuck off scrotum

No. 70913

My suggestion is that we finally remove the Hellweek is over! message from the top of every thread it's been like a week since it ended.

No. 70914

Yeah I never really understood it

No. 70915

>only newfags get all offended and fight about it
Says the newfag who wasn't around when it didn't happen. Scrotefoiling is a perfect example of a problem introduced and perpetuated by newfags.

No. 70916

Nta and I've been here since the beginning but there is pretty much zero reason for you to get so buttblasted over being called a scrote to the point you want it banned. Unless, of course..

No. 70917

File: 1708130358489.jpg (20.76 KB, 449x449, 1331759738990.jpg)

>I've been here since the beginning!

No. 70918

Celebricows used to be in /snow/. Idk why it was moved back and forth between /ot/ and /snow/

No. 70919

nice twitter reaction image fag. come back when you're capable of formulating a sentence

No. 70920

what the actual fuck is this?

No. 70921

You don't know it and I won't explain but you just proved that you're a newfag.

No. 70922

>hurrr derrr you just proved youre a newfag because i posted a reddit reaction pic!
ok whatever you say grandpa

No. 70923

Why don't posts in this thread like this one get deleted but "did you know sometimes body builders shit" does?

No. 70924

Nta but reaction pics are not a Twitter thing. This is an imageboard anon.

No. 70925

I’m referring to the specific image she used not the sole fact that she responded with a photo

No. 70926

Is that photo even a common twitter picture? This isn't making sense anon.

No. 70928

Yes it's a reaction pic used on twitter/pinterest? Not sure how that doesn't make sense https://tineye.com/search/2ace6c2a663bbbec7eb94b44ae1cf507c183db4d?sort=score&order=desc&page=1

No. 70929

Did you know that it's been over 1708135595655 seconds since 1970?

No. 70930

i dont care and did not ask, stop posting twitter reaction pics if you dont want to get made fun of for it, newfag

No. 70931

File: 1708139279092.png (988.63 KB, 1148x1254, kek what?.png)

ok I'm not trying to WK but this post in gioyc was obviously not a vent; it was meant to be a response to the multiple posts made by anons lately about being harassed, which you can see in the recent vent threads.

No. 70934

One of the rules for that thread is to not post responses to any post made in that thread. Whenever someone is banned for responding in that thread they receive a (vain bitch) redtext. You have to read the rules of websites that you choose to use. You have to follow those rules as well or it may result in a ban. I shouldn't have to explain that to you, but here we are.

No. 70935

you can’t post stuff that’s obviously directed at anons in other threads then hide behind ‘uh but you’re not supposed to reply though’. I mean you can but it’s retarded, im-not-actually-touching you immaturity.

No. 70936

I'm an oldfag and I'm also not autistic, which is why I'm able to utilize these context clues to understand that the original post is meant to be a snarky response to all of the anons (because it looks like there have been many) who are currently victims of harassment/stalking. It would be different if it was just a regular vent post but she made the decision to make it about other users, so you can't be surprised when other users decide to respond. I shouldn't have to explain that to you, but here we are.

No. 70937

I'm requesting that the name of the Islamic south-asian country be removed from the the "anti-fujo" thread, cause it links posts which were not even made by me and might cause people confusing and the wrong narrative regarding me.

No. 70938

Assuming a random post made anonymously in a vent style thread is about you in any way is quite literally the definition of being a vain bitch.

No. 70939

>about you
second anon but I'm not TA in the commentary from this post >>70931 , I'm simply stating that we can all see the publicly posted comments in the vent thread and even other threads over the last decade the lolcow has been alive about experiencing situations like what we've talked about, and I don't think that they're all from one user. It's obvious that OP was trying to make a crude comment about how she thinks that you have to be 'worthy' of being harassed by some scrotal or another harmful individual, which is simply not true. You can't make a post like that and think that your asinine assumption is going to be protected by the 'no responding vain bitch!!' rule.

No. 70940

The rule for that thread is you can't post responses to other peoples' vents. She posted a response to someone's vent, so she got the redtext. I promise you it's not that deep.

No. 70941

I mean, considering the state of moderation and how total bullshit redtexts have been given out (even some in support of pedophilia), it kind of is that deep.

No. 70942

>It kind of is that deep.
No it's not. The rule for that thread is you can't respond to someone else's vent. She broke that rule by responded to someone's vent. So she got redtexted. That's the rule.

No. 70943

And even if you redtext it, people are still going to respond because banning doesn't work anymore kek. I simply came here to post a bullshit ban. Not only that but, you can't really expect users to not respond on a public forum. Maybe write it in your diary if you don't want a response?

No. 70944

File: 1708149071414.png (183.18 KB, 2672x264, not bait.png)

Are you guys gonna explain this

No. 70946

Jesus Christ are you like programmed to follow the rules no matter what?

No. 70947

Honestly, you're just kind of stupid if you go into a thread, deliberately go against thread rules and topic, and then complain when you get banned. It's like someone going into the celebcow thread to post about what they ate for breakfast and then bitching when then get banned. The gioyc thread just kind of exposes how many anons (probably newfags) don't bother to read OPs

No. 70948

These posts are from the retard that camps in /meta/ and tries to post bait and infight to get attention. They are currently spamming /ot/ threads with their petty stupid bullshit to get more attention. This edition they've gone back from racebaiting to posting "look the farmhands are giving out bans to people that break the rules reeee bans are bad they are being so unfair reeeee" to attempt to sow more division amongst the userbase. Don't bother interacting and ignore.

No. 70949

ok I've just been watching and i gotta step in now cause /ot/ is actually slow as shit at this moment, so..

No. 70950

Honestly you’re just kind of stupid if you decide to make snide remarks about a large pool of women who are in complete distress who will be able to see your post and then try to hide behind the ‘no response’ rule

No. 70951

File: 1708149487479.jpg (45.91 KB, 735x698, 9fb34507ec59e7472df6f2836d8929…)

>i gotta step in now
And who the fuck are you??

No. 70952

It’s really not baiting to say that it’s cruel and unnecessary to try to make a post saying that none of us could have ever been ‘interesting’ enough to experience abuse

No. 70954

These posts are all from the camper.
Kek that's funny picture nona but don't bother responding to the camper, it just gets him more riled up.

No. 70956

i've been online tonight and now you're saying that /ot/ is being spammed when right now nothing is being posted

No. 70957

>it’s just one guy!! he camps in /meta/ 24 hours a day!!! report and ignore!!
You guys give moids a little bit too much credit kek, they’re definitely crawling this website but they’re not here to defend victims of stalking and abuse.

No. 70958

That post was ridiculously vague. You (or whoever it was making those posts) is not the first person to assume a random post in that thread is targeted to them and make a bunch of assumptions to attack the poster. That's why the OP says to not be a vain bitch.

No. 70959

>don't bother responding
Oh ok sorry anon, I won't reply.

No. 70960

File: 1708150047977.gif (831.85 KB, 500x387, IMG_3440.gif)

You got me.

No. 70961

Has admin posted the hellweek stuff yet?

No. 70962

It’s ok if you have poor reading comprehension but
>a large pool of women
I personally have never been stalked, but I’ve also been on lolcow for 8 years and have read a boatload of posts authored by women who have, which is why I feel comfortable commenting on how the original post was inappropriate; especially because she went as far as saying ‘None of you’ as if she was directly talking to all of the users on this website who have been vulnerable enough with us online to share their struggles. And it is an incredibly ugly thing to post. I don’t really care if it makes me and everyone else sound like a ‘vain bitch’ but it’s much more vain and bitchy to say what OP said kek.

No. 70963

Its a vent post "none of you" does not necessarily have to mean anyone here. Also even if it is directed to someone here, that post does not say anything about being stalked or threatened by men. Skinwalking could literally just be someone saying another woman copied her hair or clothes. Just making a mountain out of a molehill.

No. 70964

No, he said he's still 'discussing things' with the other 3 people

No. 70965

So, someone explain the MTF thread situation to me. Anons are no longer allowed to post about random trannies they find, it has to be ones with a substantial internet presence?

No. 70966

schizo anon pls this is my post and I'm not that anon, take your meds

No. 70967

can we please take dumbass shit off autosage now it's almost been in the shitter for like a month. And you can see that it hasn't been beneficial to the site.

No. 70968

File: 1708158121868.jpeg (42.82 KB, 946x807, download-1434.jpeg)


No. 70969

Made me kek

No. 70970

File: 1708159184046.jpeg (311.41 KB, 675x777, IMG_0465.jpeg)

Farmhands, this was a missed opportunity to use “user has been put out to the pasture.” Also how is this bait? It just seems like retarded shitposting not bait

No. 70971

Why is everything bait these days? kek

No. 70972

ntayrt but scrote accusations are already bannable
>(even some in support of pedophilia)
wtf can you show the redtext?

No. 70973

Why was this even posted here kek this is not the vent thread

No. 70974

File: 1708162477656.png (256.97 KB, 1860x334, realy retarded.png)

the most shortbus redtext i have seen in a while

No. 70976

>we're making imageboards great again and bringing real board culture back, if you don't like it you're a newfag who needs to go back to twitter
>ban shitposting and chatroom threads, extremely strict guidelines over "derailing", "fanart", "non-milk" posts even when saged in cow threads
Do you guys want this site to be an imageboard about discussing dummies on the internet or an archive?

No. 70977

No. 70978

Would it be possible for a farmhand to merge the food cravings and things you ate thread? I don't think there's really a need for them to be separate.

No. 70979

I agree, Cerbmin is killing lolcow, I've been here for 5 years and I've never seen so little activity anywhere other than on /meta/. Shame on you retarded zealous mod.

No. 70980

>Do you guys want this site to be an imageboard about discussing dummies on the internet or an archive?
the administration has been taking what should be a womens gossip imageboard way too seriously for the past five years. it seems like they want an archive.

No. 70981

This tranny seems to be lost >>>/ot/1891432

No. 70982

Those are all baits >>>/ot/1891124, >>>/ot/1891432 made by tranny. Might be also posting somewhere else. I suspect this post was made by him too >>>/ot/1890987.

No. 70984

kek "bait" for being too honest about moids for farmhands.

Just make a new rule where you can't poo poo males farmhands. Be honest with your motivations for banning these posts.

No. 70985

I sort of love how completely hamfisted the jannies are with the ban redtext, even when it’s completely obviously a shitpost from someone who doesn’t care they always engage with it completely seriously and point out what rule it broke

No. 70986

You can compare me to Peter Griffin suffering from an acute fit of mental illness all you want but it doesn't take away from the reality of the camper's existence. You can claim it's me schizoposting but over the past few days many other farmers have realized the truth of my words and have witnessed firsthand the camper's antics and his known modus operandi.

No. 70987

Someone is posting about retarded terf whores in unpopular opinions. Trying to bait people.

No. 70988

Agree, hellweek is over and yet they're still extremely heavy-handed with the bans. Jokes, sarcasm, the odd shitpost, disagreements, they all get redtexted with some hostile quote thinking that they're being funnny. I've never seen such little activity on any board either and I've been here since Venus escaped Margo. Cow culture is already dead and now the new team has succeeded in actually beginning to kill /ot/.

No. 70989

What the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck.

No. 70990

>the truth of muh words
Kek, this ain't facebook, grandpa.

No. 70992

Can someone explain to me how the baiting retard who spergs about “the camper” 24/7 whenever anyone comes here to complain and periodically chooses a bunch of random posts to string together and point to as “these are all the camper” while accusing the posters of also being trannies/males/racists (clear infight bait since all the anons being wrongly accused will jump in to defend themselves) has not even once been banned or redtexted despite derailing this entire thread for days now and sowing confusion and making it impossible for this thread to be used as intended?

To me, this is so fucking egregious and obvious that it seems like the only fucking explanation is that farmhands either ARE camperanon, or they are purposely letting him (at this point I think the only one with such vested interest in disruption is a male, and possibly our resident annoyance from before) disrupt and derail and distract because it buries legitimate moderation criticism completely and it prevents anons from discussing it with each other. I bolded this whole thing like an autist because I know it too will get buried amidst the spam and garbage baiting from camperanon, whoever they are, and I want it to stand out to those back reading the thread at least. If I don’t get a reply from farmhands about this, I’m assuming I’m correct, in which case we are fucked and it’s over.

No. 70993

Admin addressed it last thread. Learn2lurk.

No. 70994

Because just like scrotes have fun spamming gore and cp because they think it's hilarious to upset women and use children, our anons like baiting the staff and anons for fun. I don't know what to tell you if you haven't seen that drastic change since 2019. It's gotten out of hand because they won't moderate places like /meta/ [because they want these threads to be an open free-for-all because the users deserve somewhere they can talk about anything], so they camp out in here and ruin these threads when they get banned from other boards and then just bait in /meta/.

It's being allowed because they are just allowing it. I understand why they won't enforce banning VPNs because women online need safety and taking that away because men post here isn't the smart idea, but I don't think unmoderating clear bait in threads on /meta/ should be allowed. Instead of making it a place anons can openly discuss and criticize staff, it's turned into a bunch of anons running through threads like crazy due to staff tinfoils and such. Admin and farmhands reminding up every two threads isn't stopping it. Moderating certain types of users constantly will be a pain, but they need to keep on it in all boards. Otherwise you get them overrunning and constantly fucking around with every thread they touch and banning off /meta/ isn't doing enough.

No. 70995

They didn't, they said they'd answer questions and then just vanished, absolutely nothing was addressed.

No. 70996

They very much did not, and it would have been impossible for that to be true since camperanon has only started their campaign full speed since this thread was created. I’ve been watching this unfold for days now. Nice try though.

No. 70997

Fucking KEK

No. 70998

This screams moid posting on 4chan.

No. 70999

>just like scrotes have fun spamming gore and cp because they think it's hilarious to upset women and use children, our anons like baiting the staff and anons for fun.
the fuck?
These are not remotely comparable, and
>our anons
is a weird way to talk about the women posting on this site. But oh yeah, banning everyone who ever raises a question or concern about moderation is definitely the answer.

No. 71000

There's obvious bait about the moderation team like the anons saying he emailed someone who hasn't even been involved in lolcow in 2 years lol

No. 71001

go take a nap.

No. 71002

can you provide a few screenshots of examples maybe?

No. 71003

wasn't that months ago? How is that relevant now? It honestly seemed too ridiculous to even be bait

No. 71004

Hey nona, don't respond to this post: >>70992, it's the camper trying to sow seeds of distrust between us. They figured out how to bold text now. All the "anons" that are "wrongly accused" that "jump in to defend themselves" are actually just the camper. For all the other farmers, cerbmin (or farmhands I don't remember but you can go back and check in the Hellweek thread) did address this in the last thread: he said that there was 1 or 2 retards camping here trying to schizopost and bait us all with pure unadulterated retardation. In the past few days the camper has moved from: complaining about justified bans (what farmer really cares about getting a <24 hour ban?), then he started sperging about troons (nobody talks about troons this much but he assumes we are all obsessed with troons so that's his ultimate insult as he pretends to be one of us), then he moved to posting racebait (like in the black girls thread last night), now he's moved back to posting retarded shit on /ot/ (like the gun post, seriously who posts a random gun saying "hehe i use this to murder people!!!" in the VENT thread? like >>70998 says it screams moid post; another example is the troon bait being posted in the unpopular opinions thread like >>70987 points out) to get more justified bans so he can sperg about how "bans aren't fair reee the farmhands are destroying this site by issuing bans reeeee i hate redtext reeee." It's all very basic retarded bullshit and it's easy to see through once you recognize his pattern. He will pretend to be many different anons to continue infighting with himself and to bait others into responding. Don't bother responding to his stupid bait.

No. 71005

I’m the latest “the camper” camperanon is pointing to, and it’s clear to me now more than ever that camperanon is a knowingly malicious actor and not a confused anon. Farmhands, do something about this NOW. If you do not, I know that either you are in on this, or you are conducting this psyop yourself. Other anons, read my bolded post >>70992 , and report post I’m currently responding to. We need to force a response from the mod team. I cannot express how ridiculous this all is for farmhands to be banning every other post on /ot/ for bullshit reasons, but refusing to step in here even after DAYS of camperanon’s bullshit. I think our only option at this point is to flood the report system and force a response.

No. 71006

It's always some ultimatum with you.

No. 71007

Kek for real! Happy you see it too nona. He has a hate boner for the farmhands because they do their job. I honestly feel bad for them and I'm happy farmhands take care of the website so well. If it's not obvious for others reading, >>71005 is the camper: he is always complaining about the farmhands and does all this bullshit to create some ill-feeling towards them. It's just so stupid.

No. 71008

I keep reporting but they don't do anything about it. I've been accused since the beginning of being this "camper" and in the meantime seen farmhands come and go and not address shit about it, not even a "stop this camper accusations" and since then the random accusations only got worse with more people being accused. This is getting extremely ridiculous and at this point I legit believe the mods are on this, they have no qualms when it comes to banning people for bullshit reasons, yet they let this faggot run amok.

No. 71009

I’m >>71005 and here
You can see camperanon samefagging as usual. All of camperanons accusations are mirrors of their own behavior (samefagging and baiting)
I call on anyone who has been accused of being “the camper” by camperanon over the last 3 days to mass report their posts NOW. I know there are a lot of us. Force a response from farmhands. Farmhands can see we’re not the same person camperanon is accusing so they have no reason to ignore our reports. Camperanon’s antics are baiting 101 and can be reported as such.

No. 71010

>i call on anyone
Kek sorry this little royal address just made me laugh

No. 71011

You anons take this way too seriously. It’s an imageboard ffs

No. 71012

Anons screeching about camperanon and what might actually be a north-american timezone camperanon set on derailing every day at the same time need to just fucking stop. It takes two to tango. This is the most active cow thread on this website and it's because of you two. Farmhands, if you're reading this, why haven't you done anything about this? It's been going on for days.

No. 71013

Kek for real. He knows the jig is up so now he's trying to "rally the troops" to LARP being Napoleon (if Napoleon was some sort of retarded troon). Again just ignore him, he will probably continue to spam bait like this for a while until he gets bored.

No. 71014

Ayrt, I really don’t want to believe it and the thought is making me actually sick because I’ve loved this site for so many years, but I can’t think of any other explanation at this point. If this is true this is going to go down in lolcow history as a huge betrayal of the userbase unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before (if the site even survives under such a psychotic moderation team). This is next level and I’m in utter disbelief.
I’m glad you have reported camperanon, please don’t give up and please continue and urge others to do so as well if you are around to do so (unlike camperanon I can’t hang around this thread all day). Something needs to happen. Also, if you or I or any other anon get a retribution ban from farmhands for reporting camperanon (I sincerely hope this will not happen, but I’m scared at this point), let’s promise to post our bans ITT and show other anons what’s going on.

No. 71015

It’s so cringey.

No. 71016

I have no idea what any of you are even talking about

No. 71017

For real it's been making me cringe since day one. I try my best not to respond directly to him, but I would feel amiss if I were to ignore completely lest my fellow farmers fall victim to his baiting antics. Plus I think the farmhands get too much flack for waht they do; they keep the website operational and moderate the whole thing so I think they deserve a hearty 'thank you,' even if sometimes I disagree with their decisions I can see that they make them for the best. For those reasons, I'll occasionally come onto the thread to identify the camper's posts and make fun of him. The post above yours (>>>>71014) is especially cringe it reads like a soap opera script for D list actors. It's honestly just so deeply pathetic and unfunny. I'm gonna stop responding to you now nona but I'm happy we can agree that the camper is annoying and cringe as fuck.

No. 71018

File: 1708196978633.png (574.92 KB, 750x1334, 28B6F74A-E916-4BE8-9B77-067914…)

These are me and this is the last time I’m going to post for now, but I understand if anons haven’t been following this since it started it may be hard to make heads or tails of who is telling the truth, since camperanon likes to use our fears and lingo to LARP as one of us with their accusations (“look it’s a tranny! Look it’s a moid! Look it’s a racist! Don’t trust them!”). It’s hard to prove identity on an anonymous imageboard, so I know this isn’t much, but I offer up picrel, a screenshot from a normal day of browsing last month (date is in pic) before all of this started, to try to show that I am who I say I am— a normal farmer who more than anything just wants this to stop and for lolcow to survive. I love this place. I’m just hoping and praying at this point we can come through this and that the mod team has not abandoned us or actively psyoped us like it seems.

No. 71019

Keep larping.

No. 71020

Nobody believes you dumbass

No. 71021

File: 1708197153638.gif (350.4 KB, 400x290, 4998cbd3-9631-4ebd-b8f3-a6a8ea…)

No. 71022

You post all of these barely even a minute apart and think anons can’t tell you’re samefagging to try to lend yourself legitimacy? Keep going, it just makes you more obvious.

No. 71023


No. 71024

>u-uh other users are posting too fast it must all be one samefag!
Its noon in the united states, pal. We're all online KEK.

No. 71025

Just to be clear, you trying to reverse this won't work either and no, these anons aren't same fagging because only one of those posts are mine. This is boring, enjoy wasting your day in /meta/fag.

No. 71026

KEK I love you nonas!! For a while there I was afraid nobody believed me about the retarded camper but I'm happy to see everyone is on the same page and realizes it's some tranny scrote camping /meta trying to infight and be a loser towards farmhands!

No. 71027

Farmhands, where are you when we need you? Why do you let one anon samefag all over the place and even samefag to their previous samefags all without stepping in? It’s fucking samefagception and not a peep from you. The samefagger is about to respond to me saying “that’s cuz we’re not samefags” which I know you know is not true since you can see post history. Do something.

No. 71028

Ha. Now who's the mentally insane Peter Griffin? You. It's always been you. Faggot.

No. 71029

Right they can see our post history. which is how they know we're not samefagging, hence why we're not getting redtexted despite them being online. does that make enough sense for you retard??

No. 71030

Farmhands have abandoned us in any way that matters. Why did it have to be like this?

No. 71031

just close the thread and go outside

No. 71032

I think it’s suspicious that anyone who complains about moderation is accused of ‘camping’ (seriously what is this CoD?)

No. 71033

dw silly woman they made sure to lock the pickme thread so they’re making sure we don’t get exposed to any wrong think

No. 71035

File: 1708204538649.jpeg (139.68 KB, 723x321, IMG_0469.jpeg)

Fucking retard jannies

No. 71036

File: 1708204551334.jpeg (163.48 KB, 828x330, IMG_2574.jpeg)

yeah and yet the radfem cows one stays open. hmmmm

No. 71037

so this is what they have time to do instead of dealing with the absolute retardation plaguing the site…nice to see farmhands' true faces

No. 71038

It genuinely shocks me how retarded mod decisions are here. Like clearly farmhands are too autistic to understand sarcasm and jokes, too hostile to the userbase of this board to listen to our complaints, too biased to let us use and create reasonable threads

No. 71039

I feel a the "pick-me" thread should be opened, it could serve as far more generalist compared to the usual trad-thot thread and cause less political sperging

No. 71040

I agree with this. I think the OP was shit and could be expanded. I actually miss the tradthot thread so much, it was so much fun and i dont understand why they locked it. If it's because there was no milk(there was) then how come Shayna's thread is not locked? pretty much all posts in that thread are nitpicking about her being fat and unfashionable

No. 71041

So they’re active. Why are they ignoring all the reports made in this thread about the bait and samefagging by the anon who spergs about ~~~the camper~~~? Could it be they want this thread to stay chaotic and unreadable?

No. 71042

I’ve seen some of my posts (basically anyone complaining gets accused) tagged alongside other anons posts so whoever it is isn’t even a janny, just a janny simp.

No. 71043

It clearly is, but they’re so hardcore that they (ironically, considering they call everyone else a camper) sit in this thread whenever they’re awake ready to accuse anyone who posts a screenshot about a ban decision or complains in general of being a baiting tranny. Is there any regular anon that would be this autistically dedicated to shutting up farmers? I’m serious, think about it. It seems like there are only two options for who that anon is and I don’t like either of them. see >>70992

No. 71044

I agree. They have time to ban people for shitposting but not this?

No. 71045

Nta but most anons coming here saying "not my ban" are most likely posting their own ban. Most anons dgaf about other anons getting banned

No. 71046

Nah I’ve definitely posted bans here that weren’t mine because they were retarded

No. 71047

can only speak for myself but redtexts i've posted here aren't mine they're just decisions i found questionable.

No. 71048

Even if that were true, it’s not a response to my post? That’s a non-sequitur.

No. 71049

That’s the crux of it imo. They ban shitposting and anything the newly autistic farmhands don’t register as a joke, and also just normal saged discussion because ???? And any conversation between two anons who disagree about something no matter how civilized is banned as “infighting” even in /ot/, etc, but the non-stop spam, samefagging, and bait from camperanon which makes this thread unusable for the purpose it was intended for us totally and 100% ignored for DAYS ON END. I’ve reported that anon for days now and they do nothing even as they shit up the thread and confuse anons with their camper/tranny/moid/bigot accusations and endless samefagging agreeing with themself. It’s so fucking obvious why, too. Their goal seems to be to make this thread unparsable so anons cannot gather to discuss their opinions. Then they redtext anybody discussing their moderation on other boards with “take it to meta” which conveniently is unusable and unreadable due to their own absence of moderation. This is not right.

No. 71050

Anons need to stop taking the bait as tempting as it might be.

No. 71051

And they also need to report if they’re not already. If we all report, farmhands will have to address it because it will fuck up their system.

No. 71053

Still no Hellweek stats? Then again, even if Cerbmin did give us Hellweek stats at this point, it'd hardly matter. Autosaging Dumbass Shit did nothing productive for the site, and things have only gotten worse in the wake of Hellweek. It wouldn't be so frustrating if the farmhands weren't constantly corralling complaints here just to ignore them. The boards seem to get slower and slower by the day, but farmhands somehow keep getting more ban-happy and Cerbmin is nowhere to be found. I've tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, especially because I appreciate they resolved the gore/CP problem, but this is disappointing. The site is simultaneously over-moderated and neglected. It makes me wonder if farmhands are banning overtime just to compensate for admin's absence.

No. 71055

I think it’s because they know if they showed their faces for the first time in days amidst the chaos ITT just to drop stats and fuck off without addressing what’s been happening here with the “camper” baiting sperg who attacks anyone who complains and derails the thread from said complaints, anons would tear them a new one. And so since they want to let the bad actor run wild to distract from their issues, they can’t show up at all unless they are ready to answer for what’s been going on, and as time goes on, that becomes harder and harder for them to justify and they know it.

No. 71056

Were they older than 30 mins? If not, it could be anons deleting their own posts.

No. 71057

i always have that thread open so i'm able to compare it with a refreshed thread and i'm not seeing anything that's been deleted

No. 71058

File: 1708213783180.gif (1.85 MB, 344x352, ecb459f5292070f4d6516fa367ad80…)

So admins and farmhands, how do you guys feel now that killing the dumbass shit thread didn't change anything in /ot/ but instead turned this thread into the circus?

No. 71059

Things have gotten SO much worse since hellweek, it’s actually insane how rapid the decline was. I’ll give cerbmin the benefit of the doubt and assume they really wanted to make the farm better, but clearly their changes and farmhands’ moderation have not done this. What’s worse, they haven’t done anything to rectify the deterioration of this site that they caused more than any of the twitterfags they were trying to curb, as annoying as they are

No. 71060

I want dumbass shit back too, but that has nothing to do with what’s been happening in this thread. There’s some weirdo derailing the thread via samefagging, calling people “campers”, and moid/tranny accusations every time anons bring up a complaint.

No. 71061

I'm just joking anon please kek. I was just saying that the thread got saged and immediately the chaos just came to /meta/.

No. 71062

I thought it was funny, nonna

No. 71063

Cerbmin? More like zeromin amirite?

No. 71065

Damn, every admin really abandons us… we're like that one really bratty orphan that no one wants to adopt

No. 71066

If I spam "ban vpn use" often enough in here, are you going to do it? I promise it would make this thread 80% more readable including with the rest of the website.

No. 71067

farmhands don't listen to anything happening in this thread, they even ignore all our many reports (I say this because I know I've been reporting and I'm assuming others have too) in favor of letting a certain baiter have their run of the place. I guess they figure it's a win/win for them, they get to sit on their asses, and the spam prevents farmers from discussing the new moderation tactics with each other.

No. 71068

I disagree I’ve brought up some issues ITT before and noticed the farmhands acted on them. They are lurking and listening.

No. 71069

Same I also got accused of being the camper. He’s obviously baiting and trolling anyone who’ll fall for it.

No. 71070

Yeah, before this they did. Which is what makes this recent development all the more disappointing and unsettling.

No. 71071

This. I don't give a fuck when I'm banned, nor do I give a fuck when others are banned. Sometimes I think my bans are retarded but I'm not a loser so I just wait the 24 hours until it's expired. That's why it's obvious that all the recent "moderation is evil and look they are destroying the site!!!" comes across as a lazy attempt to bait by a single loner.

No. 71072

well, looks like the "this is the camper" baiter is awake again. remember to report and not respond. At least we had a few hours of peace where we could talk to each other
(from here >>71032 to here >>71070 , coincidentally a 7 hour gap. Hmm!)

No. 71073

It's the tranny, isn't it?

No. 71074

TBH I think so, it matches his old antics. He would also stick around every time he's awake and favored sitting in meta to confuse people. Only this time, farmhands are not dealing with him because his behavior is conveniently obscuring and disrupting criticism towards their new moderations tactics. This is seriously bleak, even back in the days of Shaymin the farmhands would at least sweep his posts when they got around to it. It's been fucking days now, and they're just leaving it completely alone while they busy themselves handing out nonsense bans in /ot/, becaus ethey fucking hate /ot/ all of a sudden and any place anons go to talk to each others. They even are banning anons talking to each other (saged, ABOUT the cows) in cow threads for "lack of milk" and "derailing". I legit don't understand what happened.

No. 71075

Maybe if you had a longer sleep you wouldn't be so mental

No. 71076

Yup, its always around 10PM CST that this retard: >>71074, >>71072, >>71067, decides to start camping and baiting. At this point you'd think he'd get a tent or something and actually go to a campsite

No. 71077


No. 71078

Jesus Christ what does ‘camping’ even mean

No. 71080

Bye felicia

No. 71081

>"I swear everyone I'm not the camper reee"
>Posts pictures including a VPN IP address.
>Posts proof of ban evasion.
>Continues to sperg about "muh farmhands are evil!!! I got banned for no reason reee" and posts retarded message about leaving forever even though we know he'll be back to continue to camp bait infight and sperg.

No. 71082

This is a retarded ban but you're overreacting, nonna. Stay and make more Elsie fanart

No. 71083

Poster is even trying to make themselves look innocent but using a vpn, so how can mods check history? Kek is just the metafag again, trying to make the mods look bad.

No. 71084

Yup. It's so obvious every time because of his typing style and his unique use of certain phrases, punctuation, etc., but the retard thinks we're all dumb so we can't tell it's him. It's so cringe. His whole schtick is "the farmhands are horrible look the farmhands are sooo bad they ban people sometimes look!" it's so fucking annoying.

No. 71085

File: 1708234705162.jpeg (173.31 KB, 864x828, 351F728F-C25D-4D01-9FE2-7EA6D6…)

Thank you nona, but I disagree. I give up on this place. When farmhands become this rotten, there’s not a good way to come back from it imo. Also, for the first time in his life the schizo tranny was actually helpful to me, reminding me I accidentally had my IP address showing in the picture I posted. You all must forgive me, I’m not used to ban-evading or even being banned at all (unlike him kek) so I’m not in the routine of scratching numbers out from pictures. Here is my post again with the IP redacted:

Well, I tried my best, but as I predicted, farmhands, who have done nothing to stop the tranny from baiting us for 3 days, have given me a ban just for linking back to my own post with info about the baiter (whom they love so much for his help distracting the userbase), calling that “samefagging”. I give up. Predictably, the tranny is going to have a field day samefagging to this post, but will not be banned or redtexted, and farmhands will let him continue to run amok for the foreseeable future. I accept that there is nothing we can do now.
I am actually heartbroken at the state of this website, I have never seen farmhands this antagonistic to regular users, to the point they allow rule breaking if it distracts from farmer’s complaints. This is me giving up on lolcow after years of loving it to death and participating on all the boards from /ot/ to /m/ to /snow/. I’ve drawn Elsie fan art in the doodle board, I’ve created many threads over the years that have turned out so fun (I was the anon who started the MS Paint doodle threads on /m/ which were fun before they got lost in the great shaymin debacle, I created threads in /snow/ for stwawbwewwymilk and Rachel when she first came onto the scene, more recently I started the TMI thread in /ot/, which I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts in.) I love you fellow nonas. I’m so sad this is how it ends, at least for me.
I now go out in a blaze of illegal glory, behold:
Onto greener pastures!

No. 71086

File: 1708234745071.png (188.61 KB, 1050x331, Screen Shot 2024-02-18 at 12.3…)

Since the camper deleted the post (if it was farmhands that deleted it sorry for reuploading it you can delete my post too) here's what it said to anyone interested in what we're replying to.

No. 71087

File: 1708234807299.png (46.15 KB, 864x828, kek.png)

No. 71088

Well, whatever. You’re a malicious, sad little bastard. Swat me or something, I suppose. Peace out everyone.

No. 71089

KEK. Happy you were here to screencap too nona, I was about to upload a screencap but you beat me to it. Now the camper (>>71085) even reposted his original message to blur out the VPN IP because he knows he got caught. Retarded.

No. 71090


No. 71091

Why does lolcow make my phone slow and hot shit literally burns in my hands. Other websites are fine but something about how many images this website has to load to even open one thread makes my phone cop out

No. 71092

the site loads faster if you turn off javascript

No. 71093

Have you ever tried using the Lite version? Sometimes that helps me when I use mobile.

No. 71094

Hopefully this nigger kills himself and doesn’t come back, fingers crossed nonas!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 71095

It’s definitely troon. He sleeps on average around 4-7 hours a day and is on here at least 17-20 hours a day. He also tends to reply almost every minute or so.

No. 71096

Where was their IP based, did anyone reverse search it? I’m assuming it will be a vpn address too.

No. 71097

Sorry if this is a dumb question but is it possible to use a dark skin version of lite mode or does it completely disable skins. I use the dark cow skin because the normal version of the site burns my eyes.

No. 71098

Plus normal users block out their ip, vpn or not. That's an easy tell to look naive.

No. 71099

I don't think so nona, sorry. You will have to choose between eye burning or hand burning here.
IP addresses don't contain that many letters unless it's a VPN (from what I know anyway). The fact that he was so easily and quickly able to ban evade as well is another pointer that the camper uses VPNs. The camper wont stop posting here, this post: >>71085 was just a false-flag to make it seem like he was fucking off but he will continue to shit up this thread with his retardation. Just remember nonas, if someone is sperging about a ban or trying to rally others against the farmhands, it's the loser troon camper.

No. 71100

>if someone is sperging about a ban or trying to rally others against the farmhands, it's the loser troon camper.
gee, I wonder who would have motivation to tell anons that anyone complaining about a ban or moderation choices is a "tranny" or a "camper". Let's all think about this really hard. Camperanon unfortunately knows that saying the word "tranny" mobilizes nonas, sometimes uncritically. Be smarter, anons. I think this is the schizo tranny from years bast.

No. 71101

I thought you were leaving

No. 71102

Oh my god at least wait a few minutes before you post more bait to make it more believable you fucking dipshit.

No. 71104

I hope the farmhands are having fun watching everyone guess who is who. It's probably a little fun game for them to watch. I feel like real nonnas are winning though, the metafag is very obvious.

No. 71105

I see thanks for clearing that up nona

No. 71106

I want to give an update! Whatever farmhand banned me for this, has actually reversed the ban. I noticed because when I went to submit my appeal (pictured in the image) it told me the ban doesn't exist, and I'm now able to post again. So either they got cold feet about being this bold, or it was an honest mistake when they were banning the schizo tranny's posts for samefagging, or they actually have a conscience. Thanks, farmhand. I have a bit of renewed faith. But seriously, you need to address this thread or get cerbmin to, this is not sustainable. And for god's sake, redtext or just straight up delete the schizo tranny's posts. Thank you.

No. 71107

The only other thing I could think to recommend is to use a different browser app on mobile. Like if you're on an iPhone maybe try the chrome app instead of safari.

No. 71108

>"I'm leaving the site forever reeeee"
>Doesn't leave.
Your mind is rotted. Nobody here believes you.

No. 71109

Yeah, whatever schizotranny. Don't you have some loli porn to jerk off to or something?
Anyway, I previously decided to leave because that ban >>71085 was so ridiculous I figured it was a lost cause to stay. Seeing farmhands nearly instantly reverse my ban has convinced me it was probably a mistake, so I have faith enough to stay at least for now. Still doesn't excuse their absence from this thread while we really need them, though. I don't know what's going through their heads.
To be honest I hope I get banned for this post for responding to the schizo tranny, it would at least show they're finally cracking down here, and I probably need a 24 hour break. Hit me farmhands. I'm ready.

No. 71110

It's crazy if you actually got unbanned but everyone here was so quick to "hi cow" you. I noticed this becoming more of an issue on this site lately, "hi cow"ing is against the rules but not when you claim someone is a local cow like pakichan or tranny schizo poster/camper or some other resident lolcow faggot.

No. 71111

Damn, you sound dumb as fuck. Is your neanderthal skull naturally hollow, or did the hormones rot away all the grey matter of your brain?

No. 71115

i'm absolutely sure the "everyone" you speak of is the schizotranny samefagging and perhaps one or two anons who haven't really been following this thread and assumed he was one of us since he uses tranny accusations to blend in (see above post, kek). For the 7 hours he was asleep no posts like that were made, plus, you can tell when it's him because he always posts rapidfire in a row while the natural pace of this thread is like once every 10 mins at MOST, and usually even longer. It also just occurred to me that his fixation on one word (this time it's "camper") is very characteristic of him, I remember back in the day it was "blend" and "sweep" and "jannies", if you were around for that you'll know what I mean kek.
We should get another ~7 hour break from his antics in about 24 hours

No. 71116

yes and also zhe was fixated on “chatroom” a few days back and calling everyone misfits and loners. very recognizable.

No. 71117

ayrt, I witnessed some of those incidents too, and I think that anon is a real farmer and not involved in the latest of schizotranny's sperging. She's a grump that hangs out on /ot/ and hated dumbass shit and "low effort posts" and her fav hobby was to call anons' jokes "lame, childish millenial humor". The threadpic ITT was created by an anon who witnessed one of those /ot/ interactions. Her excessively grumpy demeanor makes her pretty recognizable imo (some anon coined "grandmanon" to refer to her kek) and I've been seeing her around for a pretty long time in /ot/, so I do think she's a regular farmer and just has a terrible attitude kek. But who knows.

No. 71118

Yeah I admit I don't follow the meta on /meta/. I mean, why would you? I thought it was weird how much traffic this board gets sometimes when it's literally just a place to complain about the site.

No. 71119

I usually don't, but when the schizo tranny shows up I had a habit (now renewed) of keeping tabs (literally kek) on the thread as it moves so I can keep straight what posts are him. Usually with his antics, it's really clear it's him if you look at the broad patterns over hours or days, but if you just pop in randomly it's easy to get confused since he samefags and even impersonates other anons just to make things unreadable. He hadn't been around for a while now, idk what brought him back but this time he must have learned that when people recognize him and start naming him as a bad actor, his charade collapses, so this time he has attempted to uno-reverse that on other anons by accusing random anons complaining of being """the camper""", plus uno-reversing tranny accusations since he knows that gets our attention. It's hard to tell how much that's actually working for him vs how much of it is just him samefagging to himself. hopefully more anons start catching on.

No. 71120

All of these posts are from the same lunatic camper that just sperged out over getting banned for samefagging itt, then ban evaded, now is back to replying to himself because nobody is giving him attention. Ignore and don't engage.

No. 71121

File: 1708240114642.png (741.59 KB, 609x581, weareallcampers.png)

liiiike fucking clockwork kekkkkkk. I wish picrel could be the next threadpic

No. 71122

I think that weird grandma anon sent moid porn once in dumbass shit and then defended it as "funny images" >>>/ot/1788748. Take that as you will. Also i'm pretty sure they were that most vocal anti-fujo anon, who then started calling funposting a chatroom, then dumbass became a chatroom too. And they never get banned, as this anon pointed out >>>/meta/70273.

No. 71123

File: 1708240254621.jpeg (48.73 KB, 739x415, IMG_3449.jpeg)

No. 71124

You quite literally already posted your VPN IP in this thread, bragged about evading the ban farmerhands gave you for samefagging on your posts, regurgitate all the accusations made against you onto others, continuously shit up this thread every night past 10PM CST, sperg about shit nobody cares about, and you still think there's gonna be a farmer dumb enough to fall for it? Give it a break. It's so fucking cringe at this point.

No. 71125

hmmm what makes you think they were the one posting those porn gifs? TBH aside from schizotranny and users exhibiting repeated quirks like grandmanons constant grumpy grandma tone and posting of the "starbies" video as an insult (kek, what even), it's a dangerous game to try to string too many posts together.

No. 71126

/meta/ could really benefit from having those thread IDs like on 4chan to make same fagging more obvious.

No. 71127

I understand, i honestly only tied them together because of that style and the same insults.

No. 71128

they quite literally rescinded my ban because it was incorrect/unwarranted, which gives them +10 based points in my book, but not quite enough to get them out of the negatives. I guess you're mad about that because it was about to be a really miraculous asset for bolstering your narrative. Also, only 3/4 of the posts you tagged as "the camper" were me, but that's par for the course of your tactics I suppose, you throw a wide net on purpose. Again I welcome a ban from farmhands for engaging the schizotranny, I need a break outin the pasture.
i agree i think, but idk much about that system. If someone is using VPNS, wouldn't their ID still change? Or is that not how it works?

No. 71130

>Ban evades to post photo of ban message with cringe appeal for proof.
>Doesn't have photo of ban being appealed/removed
>"I'm totally not ban evading guiz the farmhands took away my totally for realsies unfair ban and I'm totally not using a VPN right now!!! Believe me reeee"

No. 71131

Knock it off.

No. 71132

File: 1708242854514.jpg (23.48 KB, 660x266, farmhandbooboo.JPG)

kek what, you wanted me to screenshot the error page? The error page with no date that just says "error, ban does not exist?" (or something like that, I don't remember the exact wording). It came up when I hit the appeal button. Anyway I think that's pretty worthless as some sort of evidence since it didn't even have a date on it imo so I didn't take a screenshot, but here it is in my history, even though that's equally worthless since it has no hourly timestamp. Anyway, farmhands can see i'm on the same IP address and if they wanted me banned I would be.
I'm actually seriously going to bed now though because it's very late for me so you'll have to find someone else to go after.

No. 71133

>If they want me banned I would be
No because you already posted evidence that you use a VPN to ban evade and posted as soon as you got your ban for samefagging. It's embarrassing at this point.

No. 71134

I think anons who infight for this long on /meta/ should be banned for a few days, not for the site but as a service to them. Touch grass.

No. 71135

what makes something a “VPN IP”?

No. 71136

Completely agree, but vpnfags would still abuse it

No. 71137

There needs to be a complete ban on VPNs tbh. It’s the only way we will get rid of the tranny and ban evading moids. It sucks but it’s necessary.

No. 71139

File: 1708260256436.png (351.86 KB, 800x650, banvpns.png)

No. 71141

Spot on.

I'm pretty sure I even saw the list of providers/ips that get blocked on 4chan (which includes public proxy websites that people like pakichan abuse) somewhere, github maybe? It would make moderation much easier too.

This doesn't even make sense, it's bad actors like trannies who depend on vpns. You're also just making yourself more obvious with these autistic meme edits.

No. 71142

she is trying to infight

No. 71143

Did the hellweek stats ever get dropped?

No. 71144


No. 71145

KEKK this made me smile in an unsmilable mood

No. 71146

Admin said they'd drop by the end of the week, so today is the last day. I'm trying to have faith in this new team but they're not making it easy.

No. 71147

Same. They originally said it'd be "a day or two," then changed it to "by the end of the week." They also said they'd make a special thread to talk about our concerns, which I was more interested in than Hellweek stats. Hope they do it today.

No. 71148

File: 1708269679458.jpg (405.07 KB, 1080x1824, 157.jpg)

So mods and even admins do indeed post in the farms without their trip while acting as such. In the midst of the shitshow of this thread I thought the nonnas saying so were being conspiratorial but now I've seen it. Picrel from /ot/.

No. 71149

anon…your reading comprehension reps. Admins have already said they arent the ones running the drawboard and the movie night

No. 71150

Kek, my bad, I definitely missed that

No. 71152

You're a dumbass.

No. 71153

bait >>>/ot/1967269
pakichan is most than definetly trying to get the thread locked, so can admins please monitor it for a bit?

No. 71154

sorry wrong link

No. 71155

Just seen someone tried starting a pick me general thread and that was banned also for having too many crossovers with the infamous tradthot threads. It's really interesting how much seething those threads attract they must have been mentionned in incel circles like 4chan or KF and the posts on there made them seeth so hard they couldn't stay silent. Thoughts?

No. 71156

File: 1708272348632.jpg (7.01 KB, 268x188, tbvhfvbfut.jpg)

Just seen someone tried starting a pick me general thread and that was banned also for having too many crossovers with the infamous tradthot threads. It's really interesting how much seething those threads attract they must have been mentionned in incel circles like 4chan or KF and the posts on there made them seeth so hard they couldn't stay silent. Thoughts?

No. 71157

Learn how to delete posts if you’re going to double post, newfag

No. 71158

File: 1708280699747.jpg (157.82 KB, 720x1188, I NEED NAMES NOW NOW NOW.jpg)

Fagmins never disappoints."Unknown egirl" which has been posted in the last thread?? Maybe lurk more yourself retard and in the very thread there are multiple posts with no names yet they remain unbanned? I'm believing more and more these retards mods want their site dead since they've made it annoying for to post anything without getting a ban yet moids can post cp and troons can go calling terfs"retards" and moving popular boards to dead boards yeah real smart people we have here.

No. 71159

I came to ask about this one. This was such a weird ban. Random photoshoppers has been posted so many times. That's the whole point of the thread.

No. 71160

bait, derrailing, autism >>>/ot/1892744

No. 71161

>24 hour ban from all boards for posting an on-topic picture in the correct thread
This is just like their new policy for MTF thread, where you can’t post anything unless it’s an established cow, which defeats the point of a general thread. If they’re an established cow, why would they be in a general instead of having their own thread? Makes no sense. Farmhands stay retarded.

No. 71162

they are schizoing real hard please stop them before they derrail the thread yet again >>>/ot/1892754

No. 71163

You've been permabanned like fifty times at this point. Take the damn hint and go be a retard on some other site. Go seethe about fujos on Kiwifarms.

No. 71165

Sage the random ones. This has been enforced tons of times in older PSF threads

No. 71166

I see, Its been a while since I've checked that thread and I didn't notice the rule to saging random ones.

No. 71167

What official explanation did admin give for this? In my experience, the tradthot thread was pretty unremarkable in terms of infights and brigading.

No. 71168

>thinks cerbmin gave a coherent explanation, or even gave one at all
Apparently they don’t do that anymore before making overarching decisions. We’re in a new era and idk what triggered it since cerbmin used to be communicative and reasonable.

No. 71169

File: 1708291019665.jpeg (207.3 KB, 770x447, IMG_0509.jpeg)

I hope we get communication from cerbmin today. They still haven’t posted the hellweek stats as promised and the hellweek feedback banner is still up?

No. 71170

The tradthot thread and this thread were chill reads, what a shame

No. 71171

It was usually full of shitty racebait and tradthots jealous of other tradthots, rather than sane people mocking the whole ideology

No. 71172

Yeah I remember blog posts like "I'm a real tradwife and this woman is a fake trad"

No. 71173

I hate this reddit ass group punishment “y’all can’t behave” moderation style

No. 71175

Sped in vtuber begging to post porn, replying to themselves and all caps. Either underage or newfag.

>>>/w/ 321122

No. 71176

File: 1708298046055.png (473.8 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_3455.png)

It’s an IPV6 address, they all follow the same convention, idk where you got that IPs don’t have letters in them unless they’re VPN IPs. This is an example of what an IPV6 might look like: 2001:DB8:1234:0:A1EA:A004:4001:53C8, they all have letters. I also looked up the original IP of the poster and it wasn’t a VPN IP. There’s tons of ways to ban evade that aren’t VPNs so I don’t see why you’re so insistent on this.

No. 71177

It's a holiday weekend. The begging makes you look retarded. They will post it, stop being this impatient.

No. 71178

This isn't their job, and it isn't Christmas or some sort of get-together holiday it's Washington's Birthday…it's the best time for them to tend to the site.

No. 71179

Unless they also want to go on holiday. They don't have to focus on the site 24/7 in order to appease anons, farmhands and admin have lives too. Imagine waiting for the seconds to pass to complain about not seeing stats on a website. They will post it, but acting like this is embarrassing.

No. 71180

Lmao imagine whiteknighting the jannies for free

No. 71181

Telling anons they are acting like children is not whiteknighting, metafag.

No. 71182

>farmhands and admin have lives too.
if they did they wouldn't be farmhands and admins

No. 71183

Kek requesting cerbmin to actually follow through on something is begging? You are illiterate

No. 71184

Requesting? That's what you call complaining about it and demanding they post?

No. 71185

Dude are you new here kek…

No. 71186

what fucking holiday??

No. 71188

>I hope we get communication from cerbmin today.
I know we call each other retards here a lot, but I think you genuinely have a mental disability

No. 71189

Anons are totally justified in “demanding” it, don’t make an announcement if you can’t stick to it

No. 71190

You post on the wrong ip?

No. 71191

I hope they don't release any hellweek stats kek and make anons wait another week.

No. 71192

KEK no I wanted to correct a typo, keep trying ♥

No. 71193

I’m sort of mystified by what kind of stats you can glean from it anyway

No. 71194

That's what I'm wondering to begin with. What are anons so desperate to see, how many people got banned or something? It was just heavier moderation. Nothing else really happened and we can see redtexts to know ourselves.

No. 71195

I mostly want to see what types of posts get banned for what reasons in which boards. Would be cool if they had a section for times as well.

No. 71196

You'd be needing a real hobby.

No. 71197

Times have nothing to do with it since people online tend not to follow traditional sleeping schedules, also the fact that VPNs are used complicates things because you can't figure out what time someone posting from VPN is posting where they actually live. I get anons think that's a good way to figure out where in the world active posters are from, but that's not even logical.

No. 71198

I just think statistics are cool, and since admins themselves said they'd do it I don't see the issue in speculating what they'll include.

Oh I don't care about timezones/locations, I just think it would be interesting to see if this site gets rowdier at certain times.

No. 71199

>I don’t see why you’re so insistent on this
because it's the schizo tranny and he gets stuck on one story and autistically repeats it for days hoping that simple repetition will make anons believe him. Somehow anons are still replying to him seriously. I feel like because he stayed away for so long, we now have a group of newfags (no offense) that cannot recognize his distinct style of bullshit.

No. 71200

I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself, you’re right we should be ignoring it. It just seemed like obvious BS so I wanted others to see that.

No. 71201

VPN’s are no longer necessary now that every iPhone has a private browser

No. 71202

What moron wastes their money on Apple products and their inferior parts kek? I wish women patrolled their ranks for retarded behavior like idiotic consoomerism but I'm afraid I'll get banned for saying this. It's wrongthink to be critical of other womens autonomous choices.

No. 71203

you sound annoying ngl

No. 71204

Yeah, that's the metafag that camps itt to infight and bait. Don't bother interacting.

No. 71207

Not me schizo, keep me out of your retarded autistic conflict. Also grow the fuck up, both of you sound like petty children who can't handle any basic criticism.

No. 71208

File: 1708310507863.jpg (220.64 KB, 1200x800, TheVanLifeTwoWanderingSoles.jp…)

Get in loser, we're going camping.

No. 71209

File: 1708310845876.gif (410.19 KB, 300x300, cat-circle-cat-fire.gif)

No. 71210

File: 1708310930438.png (2.65 MB, 1125x942, lil camper.png)

It’s camping time

No. 71211

Camping anon reminds me of when I was 12 on habbo hotel and would think if I hung around in user created rooms long enough I could pretend I helped create it and try and scam other children out of furni.

No. 71212

File: 1708312878088.png (277.27 KB, 452x357, smores.png)

I brought smores nonnies

No. 71213

While I enjoy Laur Truman being a psychotic schizo, can a mod step into the Lillee Jean thread and tell anons to stop replying to her doxes and retarded posts? Because of Laurs all getting deleted, it clutters the thread incoherently and it just breaks the "hi cow" rule

No. 71214

tell me who laur is i refuse to lurk

No. 71215

No. 71216

Fucking kek

No. 71218

File: 1708331940901.gif (196.09 KB, 576x152, camping.gif)

I love camping with my nonnies

No. 71219

you guyss are making me sad that i don't actually have a friend to go camping with

No. 71220

It’s okay anon, since in this thread we are all the camper, together. chin up

No. 71221

File: 1708337127045.jpg (52.44 KB, 720x288, Screenshot_20240219_110628_Chr…)

Fire aspie farmhand who doesnt understand jokes. I've seen so many obvious jokes that dont disrupt conversations get unironically red texted. Farmhands red texting banter disrupts more than a little joke does

No. 71222

Ai loli porn in m and I swear to god if it isn't deleted I'm believing the farmhand is a tranny

No. 71223

ive noticed that too and it happened to me. its like either one of the mods is an autist, ESL, or just blindly responds to reports or something

No. 71224

they're completely tone deaf

No. 71227

File: 1708350943102.png (79.73 KB, 738x255, 1000020612.png)

She appeared on live with missing or broken teeth, and confirmed that her "teeth suffered" in a story. How is this speculation, farmhand? Please. They are clearly damaged or gone. I guess it's your decision that no one should comment on how she might have gotten such a traumatic, life-changing injury, but to deny it exists is insane. She confirmed her teeth are fucked.

No. 71229

Anons are tinfoiling how she lost her teeth and Venus hasn't even addressed it.

No. 71230

So many joke posts are getting banned it's crazy

No. 71231

It's not tinfoil, are you mentally ill? She addressed it.

No. 71232

File: 1708357860409.png (10.21 KB, 1102x43, uglywomenwhotmen.png)

Where is the ugly women with hot men thread? On the ugly men with hot women it says there's a thread about it but I can't find it

No. 71233

>doesn't say teeth fell out or explain why then posted a story saying people misunderstood her
Be real.

No. 71234

This is getting ridiculous. I notice it especially on /g/, I think I heard before that certain farmhands are limited to certain boards, so /g/ farmhand needs to go or have their autism cured because their particular inability to understand jokes is exhausting.

No. 71235

To the one very incendiary girl in the ridiculous photoshoppers thread: breathe, nonny.

No. 71236

You can literally see her newly missing/broken front teeth in multiple videos. Sure, it's tinfoiling to speculate how she lost her teeth, but not to say that she did.

No. 71237

For all we know it's shaved down right now. She hasn't produced a single full smile at all. Anons thought her teeth were missing in photos even before they were before she left too, so yeah. Don't pretend it isn't causing random derailing posts regarding it. It's not hard to wait for her to bring it up. I don't get how anons can't just chill.

No. 71246

File: 1708367549795.png (1.2 MB, 1742x1080, pass the yaoi.png)

>post pakichan in the anti-fujo cows OP
>she stops sperging and derrailing the fandom thread
I am sorry I told that schizo anon that giving attention to attention whores didn't work. It actually worked like a charm and she retreated back to her containment thread.

No. 71250

that wasn't me, how do you not understand that not every person disgusted by your kind or criticizes your porn-addiction is one singular person.

No. 71257

Bell Delphine made a post after 8 months. Do farmhands even want a new thread for her when she will just disappear in 4 months or even sooner, next week? Before anons do that, I think she should just be posted in the random thot hate thread.

No. 71259

so once again, I was banned but now I can post again, so is this genuine result of being lifted or some other error.

No. 71260

scrotefoiler derrailer and infighter

No. 71273

There should be a thread of dumbass bans people have received through out the years kek

No. 71275

File: 1708379640226.jpeg (452.55 KB, 1335x1420, 26601816-F929-41C0-AC89-189474…)

Posting my complaint about the bottom two bans here because I can. I was the top anon and was banned because I forgot to sage (I don’t dispute this justification for the ban, I had a retard moment and forgot to sage). However, when I was banned, farmhands initially redtexted it vaguely as “user has been put out to the pasture” instead of specifying what I was banned for (which I’m not criticizing personally, I actually prefer when farmhands don’t put their own little unfunny quips about why an anon was banned). Farmhands also misidentified me as a scrote in their direct message to me regarding the ban, maybe because I was posting from a different IP address than usual (I sort of understand how that looked, from their perspective). But because of the vague ban, nonnas likely assumed that I was just banned for talking shit about trannies, so they posted the edits below that were funny little jests at farmhands. Farmhands then went back and edited the redtext on my post to be more specific about the rules I broke and banned the bottom two anons. I don’t agree with those bans because I think we should be able to post funny little jests, especially when it legitimately does not derail the entire thread. Thank you for your time

No. 71276

again this wasn't me, the entire thread is now being filled with every anti-fujo post with a claim of being made by "paki-chan", it's getting tiresome to witness.

No. 71278

>wasnt me

No. 71280

Why do you even care? You're supposed to stay anonymous, nobody gives a shit if you were or weren't the one making that post. This isn't your personal forum. You don't even have to witness it, you can hide the thread.

No. 71283

we are supposed too, but the fact of the matter, your group is pointedly accusing everyone who slightly offends you, of being one user.

No. 71284

At least make your samefagging less obvious

No. 71285

What is the point of having a radfem cow thread if there is a bpd janny here who controls that thread. After i posted in that thread i coincidentally got a permanent ban that stated no reason for why i was banned, then i appealed that ban and that ban was removed showing that i was banned for no reason….that was weird.

After that ban issue was fixed, i had a mild disagreement with someone in that thread and i got a temporary 5 hour infighting ban really fast…but then after there was a actual infight where a samefagging anon was being hostile to anons in that thread by acussing them of being trannys and coming in that thread to infight and whiteknight gender criticals. I see no ban on that anon despite them derailing and inifighting. But after this post the janny will probably go and ban them to try and make it look like they are not power-tripping on that.

That accidental perm ban for no reason and no explanation was so fucking weird and the older farmhands really need to have a discussion with the newer jannys and farmhands because their moderation and redtexts have been fucking shit across this whole site and anons keep complaining about it and nothijg is being done about it. The one on the off-topic board is alo the worst when it comes to that because they give the most twitter-esque dumb redtexts and sometimes they redtext posts that dont even break the rules on ot. Have a talk with your new jannys and tell them to dial down on the autism.

No. 71286

That was me. I knew someone would tinfoil me being trans kek. I thought it was a thread for tinfoiling but apparently only if your tinfoil aligns with the mods political views
Those other two aren't even me are you okay

No. 71295

File: 1708386864685.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

I've also noticed this. Wondering if it's a series of mistakes or there really is one legit autist among them.
Current mod team are trying to revive the glory days and I appreciate that they're trying but some of the moderation is very much picrel.

No. 71306

I second this, I think it would be really funny

No. 71311

This is like the 6th time you've posted this same image. At least get another image.

No. 71312

nta but it's a really common meme and it fits the latest moderation antics so i doubt it's all the same person. Plus this one is the transparent version kek

No. 71327

>mods = bad
Really beating that horse.

No. 71334

maybe if you hadn't referred to the clit as a 'little ween'

No. 71342

AI porn thread in /m/. Reported.


No. 71348

I wasnt the one who posted it

No. 71359

That fandom discourse thread in /ot/ needs to be closed, nothing of value being posted in there

No. 71360

>i dont like it therefore it must be closed ree!
then lets close celebricows, unpopular opinion and the shay thread too!

No. 71362

It's the fujoshi's starting shit for the 100th time, the discussion wasn't even about them, but they have to bring back about how oppressed they are but they're also based somehow.

No. 71363

File: 1708441286294.png (59.52 KB, 1164x456, infighting.png)

kek are you going to negate how whenever fujos get brought up you call them pornsick and TIFs and you initiate ifighting even though no one was talking about that? here is a tl;dr for admins
>anons talking about cringe fujo trying to sell some shitty academic paper for 40 usd(so making fun of fujos)
>anon posts pic rel
>infighter instead of ignoring it posts obvious bait
it's always the antifujo spergs who initiate infighting
link to the posts
>>>/ot/1894661 anon responding to a post literally making fun of fujos, as a fujo
>>>/ot/1894673 'her' initiating the infight

No. 71364

File: 1708441504660.png (100.61 KB, 1136x672, bait.png)

and mind you, it was fujos making fun of the fujo academic trying to sell her shitty 3deep5u pappers on BL but 'she' had to jump in and start infighting.

here are more examples of 'she' trying to bait.

No. 71366

File: 1708442009245.png (137.93 KB, 2551x639, infighting2.png)

another example of her initiatianing infighting yet again. But nooo its the fujos that 'start shit' even though all of them were actually making fun of other fujos and pakichan had to jump in to start infighiting.
>>>/ot/1894694 post of radfem fujo making fun of tranny fujo
>>>/ot/1894694 'her' initiating the infighting as always.

It's hilarious because fujos were actually laughing at fujo cringe that's related to the topic of thread, but pakichan had to start infighting about how fujos are all pornsick coomers tifs who self insert as the uke blah blah blah.

No. 71367

File: 1708442436201.png (38.26 KB, 2376x303, infighting3.png)

even more examples of this particular user infighting

No. 71371

nta but i feel like it's fair to get that treatment after what happened with dumbass shit

No. 71372

dumbass shit was a chat thread though, what does it have to do with fandom discourse thread?

No. 71374

Unpopular opinions is a chat thread too

No. 71375

i dont think you know what a chat thread is

No. 71377

The anti-fujo haters have their own /ot/ thread to sperg in. Request that jannies actually start taking this seriously and banning anti-fujo spergs in fandom drama for being offtopic and using the wrong thread. Female fandom discussion will inevitably include a big demographic of fujoshi (and yumejoshi, other women constantly harped upon for liking "the wrong thing") and pretending otherwise is being stupid or dense. What, are we supposed to discuss only the male side of fandom and have yet another thread dedicated entirely to moids? Let farmers discuss their own communities in peace.

No. 71379

It's just one dedicated schizo from a certain country who wants to get the thread locked. I find it hilarious she came here crying about how ''fujos start shit!!11'' when she's the one that has been posting bait and infighting the whole thread. The fujo conversation was only brought up because fujos were making fun of other fujos, ironically.

No. 71380

I suspect it's not just paki-chan but more akin to a group of 2 or 3 dedicated spergs. Whatever. They can discuss how much they hate fujos in their own thread. Jannies need to start enforcing this politic inside the thread, the thread topic itself is good and worth discussing. This recurring problem is literally the definition of rule breaking.

No. 71381

the ''ukes are women'' and ''fujos have porn brainrot'' is definetly pakichan though. Most women who dont like fujos/fujos normally do it because they dont like seeing their husbandos railed or because they think its cuckoldtry, so typical female nerd shit. Pakichan on the other hand always tries to make it about porn brainrot, how ukes are women, and how it leads to troondom.

No. 71383

derrailing about palestine

No. 71386

Can the belle thread be unlocked? She's back and still dressing as a kid.. She's milkier than bitches like shayna.

No. 71387

I think she belongs in /snow/ at this point, is being an egirl really limited to weebs anymore? Anyway, at the very least you can talk about her in the camgirls thread.

No. 71388

just a tip for farmers, if you get banned you can just download another web browser and carry on kek.

No. 71390

here she is trying to infight again

No. 71392

You honestly seem just as mentally ill and obsessed as her. Both of you just need to take your shit elsewhere.

No. 71396

fujo and pakichan derail in the fandom thread in ot..again

No. 71397

obssesed for what? pointing out she's a lying retard? she always starts infighting and then comes here crying. Since mods are lazy and more busy dilating i made it easier for them to read.

No. 71405

How is it not a chat thread? It’s for posting retarded opinions with no specific topic and arguing about them.

No. 71409

File: 1708459158018.png (371.64 KB, 1161x1156, really? you retard?.png)

Uh was this supposed to be a satirical redtext on the second one or

No. 71410

File: 1708459208716.jpeg (139.76 KB, 1080x1220, IMG_2580.jpeg)

The second plane is gonna hit the Lolcow headquarters

No. 71411

File: 1708463267859.png (491.94 KB, 996x735, Screenshot_20240220-130713_(1)…)

Can you retard mods actually do your job right instead of banning any poster you disagree with. Picrel, was in the anime thread on /m/. It's like the moderation team actively want to kill this site.

No. 71412

>banana theme
nah you deserve it, those type of posters are obnoxious

No. 71413

She's not special anymore and theres dozens of copycats.

No. 71414

>banana theme

No. 71415

only one of those posts by me you moron.

No. 71418

you always say the same when you get called out

No. 71425

File: 1708473400998.jpg (80.81 KB, 720x710, Redtext.jpg)

I'm the one who posted this because part of Jill's aesthetic is peeps. I wouldn't have just posted it if the owners were just Jewish but in the pic there were two things about the owners donating to Jewish causes/organizations and the Israeli government giving the owners recognition and the shema yisrael award. Since it never specified that the donations were only to American ones and the Israeli government gave the owners recognition there could be a chance that Jill's cozy wozy peepy weepys donated to Israel/Israeli government. Jill is pretending to boycott places and companies to look good. I get I didn't write this in the post and I'll accept the post getting redtext but can it please have religion baiting instead.

No. 71433

The masc/fem derailer is back in the GC thread this time, she won't stop until you ban her.

No. 71437

She never stops kek

No. 71438

She’s eager to jump on any anon’s post with derailing bullshit. I reported and still no ban

No. 71471

This has been argued for years. I doubt anything will change though because /pol/fags making it impossible to critique a particularly shit religion without inviting comparison to them (or literally encouraging them to post here). I just don't think anything should be afforded this level of plot armour but I see why they don't want to open that can of worms.

No. 71476

File: 1708525384374.jpeg (232.69 KB, 1170x580, IMG_2602.jpeg)

So…are all vents supposed to be big long paragraphs about how miserable we are now? How dare I vent my joy within a simple statement, right?

No. 71477

>>>/ot/positivity thread

No. 71484

Don’t be retarded.

No. 71485

How is this retarded. I want an answer how is this not a vent kek is it just because it’s a sentence or what

No. 71486

Right I know that exists but people express positive things in the vent thread more recently and haven’t gotten redtexted for it, so I’m not sure why my expressing my healthy relationship touched a sensitive nerve for the mods

No. 71487

You know why. Stop baiting in threads.

No. 71502

Someone’s miserable

No. 71521

How is I love my nigel bait genuinely curious not trying to be facetious at all

No. 71531


These are not off topic, this sheriff was on Hansens stream promising everyone he was going after Onision. The news that came out was important and very related to the topic.
tl;dr shit janny is shit.

No. 71535

kek these posts are so obviously onision posting himself (or his like, 4 retard followers left) trying to 'discredit' any person going after him in the current court case.

No. 71536

Farmhands, can you please delete shit bait/newfag threads that have already been locked and redtexted with barely any replies in /g/? That board is so slow, they really clog up the catalog. I understand leaving them up for a while after you redtext them so that the OP sees, but there’s no reason to keep them up forever



No. 71537

The farmhand needs to learn bait isn't just shit that activates her almonds I'm not responding in good faith to an anon moralfagging at my vent

No. 71538

Thank you!

No. 71539


No. 71578

is it just me or the administration has mostly stopped moderating meta? I might remember wrong but I recall about a year ago there was more action taken against obvious men or other bad faith actors breaking the rules. and not just that, it seems like there's been a string of bans that make little sense on fairly innocent joke posts and not enough cracking down on the obvious trolls.

No. 71589

They don't mod meta, very rarely they do that. They've brought this up and addressed it several times.

No. 71593


No. 71598

I got banned for making a joke in meta last year, so they only do it when they feel threatened for some weird reason. It was not even a joke against the moderation, it was about some other dipshit posting in meta. I had posted criticism of the moderation earlier though. It was weird since I am otherwise a "good" poster and even did the OPs for several cow threads, including a couple new cows. idk just don't believe what they say, you're not safe in meta.

Movieanon got permabanned because of posting in meta last year and her ban appeal was denied even though a story about "spam" was concocted.

No. 71600

what is the point of having XX hidden if an anon makes a thread in ot and links it
Some people are so stupid

No. 71602

Hidden doesn’t mean secret, XX has been name-dropped a bunch of times by anons in that thread so I don’t see how it matters kek

No. 71604

it's not secret but it was hidden to keep out lurkers/raids. making a thread on ot linking it that will likely attract troons defeats the point. there's a difference between anons name dropping it in random threads and making a thread that's basically pointing several red arrows at it.

No. 71611

So far XX has been completely uneventful, as usual, so I think it’s fine. But whoever makes gender ideology hate thread #2 should maybe leave the link off

No. 71614

File: 1708614677612.jpg (290.84 KB, 1400x2100, enough starring jlo.jpg)

I'm fed up with the mommy debate going on in the hellweek stats thread. It's completely derailed the purpose of thread and anons are acting absolutely deranged. Can mods please put an end to it? It's been going on for days now and no one has anything new to add to the conversation.

No. 71616

Seconded. Those anons are unhinged. It has completely drowned out the purpose of that thread

No. 71619

Maybe read the post again, they rarely mod meta.

No. 71625

Mods, bellefags are going to ruin the /snow/ camgirl thread by spamming Belle without milk, also unsaged and with pedo tinfoil. I agree with the other anons that she doesn't even belong in there, I don't give a fuck about Belle, but it's clear it's going to devolve into nitpicking and I wouldn't put it past the spergs who edited her photos to start doing that again in the camgirls thread. She's an ethot, she should be in that thread instead anyway.


No. 71626

Do mods even exist on /m/? There’s a sperg just spamming the sexism in video games thread with irrelevant pictures

No. 71627

kpoppies in the /ot/ fandom thread, i thought it was banned

No. 71628

People are allowed to talk about her, she is a cow after all. She has removed her implants and started making pedo content again after taking a year+ hiatus. Milky if you ask me. There's only one person ( you samefagging yourself) defending, complimenting the cow, and whining about PULL. You stick out like a sore thumb every time kek. I believe the rumors on cc that said some cows are mods themselves

No. 71629

>People are allowed to talk about her
>She has removed her implants
None of that was even mentioned.

>(you samefagging yourself) defending, complimenting the cow, and whining about PULL.

If you mean >>>/snow/1968681 That is not me kek Take some serious medication. I've never even used PULL because it was a shit site.

>I believe the rumors on cc that said some cows are mods themselves

Who even cares about Crystal Cafe? Go back home to the scrotes since you seem to lurk there.

No. 71630

Gaslighting won't work when anybody can read the thread. People discussing her are talking about her new pedo pandering content, her removed implants, and some podcast she went on this month. Yawn. Belle fans are so weird. This is lolcow, we are going to discuss cows

No. 71631

That user was told to sage then their ban was put out to pasture. Pretty sure the farmhand could tell the pedo discussion which was unsaged wasn't a discussion post.

No. 71633

massive genshit derail in the sexism in videogames thread in M

No. 71634

KEK what? Anons were just discussing degeneracy in kpop fandoms, don’t let the word kpop trigger you so much

No. 71635

and kpop is banned on lolcow

No. 71640

ill never understand how the belle thread was banned yet shayna has 150+ threads talking about her fucking weight gain and brick body. can we not just unlock the belle thread but have a rule in place in there where sageing should always be used unless something severely milky happens?? unlock >>291716

No. 71641

File: 1708636781867.png (6.22 KB, 961x77, lolicon pedo admin.png)

welp it's over nonnies, the tinfoils are true. We have a tranny/scrote admin. They just censored anons for discussing a disgusting pedo game with semi realistic loli graphics for 'derailing' in a thread that's for discussing sexism in videogames. So to the troon/moid admin a little girl in a thong is not sexism in videogames and discussing it is derailing, yay! dont you dare speak up against the sexualization of minors because pedo troon scrote admin gets angry his lolis in thongs get criticized

No. 71642

adding onto this people are pissed we r talking about her in the camgirls thread so its just way easier if u just unlock her thread since she is a literal cow + is being milky. shes one of the most entertaining cows to poke fun of and discuss since she has done so much weird/horrible shit.. its crazy how you guys use 'she fell off' as a reason not to talk about her, yet constantly discuss cows with like 10k followers

No. 71643

literally this site's moderation has downgraded so bad in the past 2 years its insane and disturbing, a fun imageboard turned into a boring dictatorship. watch them ban u for this too.

No. 71644

it's honestly creepy as fuck they are defending a scrote who spent hours defending a game with realistic pedo graphics. They are shielding predators who got angry their pedo game got criticized at best or downright pedo lolicons at worst. It's so bad.

No. 71646

File: 1708637146138.png (357.79 KB, 1353x734, context.png)

more context. dont you dare criticize scrote games with little girls in thongs in the correct thread, that's derrailing!

No. 71647

also funny how they didnt ban the scrote ban evader >>>/m/357842 who doesnt want women to shit on his precious pedo scrote shit game in the game to talk about sexism in videogames

No. 71648

it’s very strange how adamant the farmhands have become about steering conversations into certain directions by redtexting. the bar what is seen as derailing is ridiculously low at the moment. please fix this and let convos be natural. redtexting a comment about a scrote being a pedo is batshit insane when it was on topic, it’s not derailing at all. legit weirdo behavior from that farmhand.

No. 71649

The banned post was actually relevant to the thread topic and no one was engaging with the derailing sperg, this was a really bad choice imo.

No. 71650

the have been siding with the infighters and derrailers for a while. Basically allowing them to run the site. They are allowing this pedo scrote to completly ban any anon cricitizing the pedo game they like because otherwise he throws a temter tantrum and starts shitting the site. They are encouraging derrailing and schizos.

No. 71652

the belle thread getting banned before twwomad died, the accusations got aired out and we could make fun of belle for doing a sex tape with a predator for clicks is genuinely tragic

No. 71653

sooo…. can we pls have the belle thread unlocked >>>/w/291716

No. 71654

Belle vendettafags are derailing the camgirl thread

No. 71655

No. 71656

i cant even find that thread and searched for 3 minutes the site is so shite

No. 71657

Its literally top area of snow. Why are you bothering to use the search function, newfag? Anything active will be top few rows on catalog.

No. 71659

In case you miss it about banning in meta >>>/meta/71645

No. 71660

If admin changed the amount of time you have to wait when you get a flood detection, can you please at least let us know or update the message to accurately reflect how long we gave to wait to post?

No. 71661

Oh, I'd love if constantly banned anons got longer floods. Not what you said, but I wonder if admin can implement that outside of ips somehow.

No. 71663

File: 1708685446939.png (16.97 KB, 425x291, Screenshot 2024-02-23 105047.p…)

kek this is my bye from lolcow. mods are genuinely horrific dictators. there clearly is a moid on the team and thats why we arent allowed the belle thread back. i also love how ive raised good points as to why it should be back and the mods just ignore it.

No. 71664

OH, so the admin is a moid tinfoil is spread by the rabid bellefag who's mad her thread got locked. Makes so much sense.

No. 71665

no that was a thread that deserved to be locked. what does she even do?

No. 71670

You've said goodbye several times.

No. 71675

How many times are you going to post variations of this post?

No. 71676

Can the mods relax with bans and redtexts? I keep seeing really, really stupid ones like for shitposting and derailing when the poster didn’t do anything wrong, we’re not allowed to be unserious in threads now? I’ve seen a lot of anons who hate the over-modding, it’s like they’re trying to kill the site by not letting users be weird or funny, or disagree with each other

No. 71677

Admin made a message that less redtexting was oldmin stuff. More redtexts allow for more transparency in mod actions, also to hold them accountable too. Maybe if anons didn't post redtext worthy shit it wouldn't be a problem.

Also link your examples. No one cares about vague redtexts upsetting a single anon. You can hide the thread kek

No. 71679

I agree, it is a new feeling to be afraid to make a joke on an imageboard like is this really the environment the farmhands want? Complete control over what's funny or on-topic? It never seems to matter that farmers complain about the overmoderation or stifling of discussion. Nothing ever changes.

No. 71680

the tumblr/twitter fandom discourse thread just feels like an official infighting thread nowadays

No. 71681

it's been like that since the first thread, as well it's predecessor. cartoons are the most serious topic on earth, you wouldn't understand

No. 71682

As >>71677 has said, we try to redtext more often now a days for greater transparency and accountability (for both the farmers and farmhands). Prior to this, many bans were still being handed out however not redtexted, which made it harder for having open discussions of banning practices. If you ever feel a ban was unjustified, please link them here and we will review and discuss. There's been a recent uptick of some users purposely going into certain threads just to bait/derail to cause unnecessary infighting, and some times unfortunately a few people do catch strays but we remove the bans quickly in those cases. Keep in mind, not all redtexts are the same – We take into account who started the fight, the content, why etc, and some bans are short (less than an hour) or some much longer.

No. 71683

File: 1708718535174.jpeg (103.93 KB, 750x667, IMG_4213.jpeg)

Ok for the actual genuine derailing, but may I ask if there are any farmhands of spectrum?

No. 71685

All staff are on the spectrum.

No. 71686

so why havent you adressed this >>71646 ? why did you choose to side with a schizo who was angry his favourite pedo pandering game was being criticized?

No. 71687

you are not funny

No. 71688

I keked tbh

No. 71689

ok farmhand

No. 71690

That thread is infighting 24/7, idk why it's taking staff 40 days and 40 nights to take some kind of action

No. 71691

yes, same for celebricows and unpopular opinions

No. 71692

File: 1708720657104.png (39.59 KB, 1820x361, -g-Fetishes-You-re-Ashamed-Of-…)

NTA and not my bans, but here's one (of many) examples of obvious jokes getting redtexted as "infighting". There wasn't even a fight going on.

No. 71693

No. 71694

Those replies add nothing if value to the thread and are bad attempts at infighting. It reads like a kid having a hissy fit.

No. 71696

>fetishes you’re ashamed of

No. 71699

No. 71700

>It reads like a kid having a hissy fit.
maybe if you're autistic. how could anyone take it seriously once you get to the "this is discrimination" part.

No. 71702

It doesn’t seem like infighting to me, they’re joking. We aren’t allowed to make fun of people now without it being infighting?
No one is allowed to make mean jokes about celebrities in that thread without being accused of baiting, and we aren’t allowed to have disagreements without it being called infighting. It’s sad that we can’t have a trollish sense of humor about dumb celebrities when they deserve to be made fun of and humbled a little bit. on LSA and datalounge they’re allowed to say whatever they want and they’re pretty funny sometimes because of it

No. 71704

>take it seriously
So it's just shitposting. Why would you think that's okay?

No. 71706

I am convinced the /meta/ bootlicker is just the farmhands posting without their tags. They always sound so pissed off when anons complain about unfair bans. It's like they get personally offended on behald of the jannies, it's weird.

No. 71707

Sometimes you guys end up redtexting genuine banter among anons though. It feels like we cant even have a chuckle anymore about dumb shit because it'll get redtexed as derailing/bait/off-topic

No. 71708

That thread should be on /m/ anyway

No. 71709

Can you stop red texting people over saged jokes.

No. 71710

And now we know why they probably take all reports at face value. I once saw someone red texted for making a joke and couldn't figure out why. If something is saged and isn't infighting it shouldn't be counted as derailing

No. 71714

Why wouldn’t shitposting be ok? We’re not allowed to make jokes I guess. I certainly don’t always find shitposts funny, but I would rather read unfunny/weird/mean jokes instead of having any cringe or not serious post redtexted. I don’t get easily offended so I don’t mind troll humor, if it’s truly offensive then I’ll just ignore it. I don’t get why some anons like the strict no fun allowed modding going on

No. 71716

it's a casual /g/ thread about ridiculous fetishes, why wouldn't having a little chuckle be okay? LC is starting to feel like one of those convents where the nuns aren't allowed to speak to each other even while doing chores outside

No. 71723

Where do anons get the idea that saging means you can post whatever you want, unmodded? That's nowhere in the rules kek

No. 71724

NTA I can only assume you are either a farmhand or the world's most miserable person, or perhaps both? If you told me or any other nonny a year ago that in the future you would not be able to post jokes on lolcow I would have called you a liar, but it seems this is now our reality.

No. 71725

I was asking a question, calm down with your tinfoil.

No. 71726

File: 1708751644815.png (299.75 KB, 496x648, you will never be farmhand.png)

No. 71727


No. 71728


No. 71729

Now that's deserving a big kek

No. 71731

>telling other people how to post on an imageboard

No. 71733

redtexting jokes makes sense in /snow/ but doing it in /ot/ and /m/ is redundant

No. 71735

But even that doesn't, though. If you read through old threads of classic cows up to the present, you can see that there has always been a healthy amount of saged joking. The retconning current admin(s) are trying to pull now about cow threads being super tight-laced archives of milk and nothing else is absolutely bizarre. Part of the fun of milk is reacting to the milk. Not being allowed to make the occasional saged joke is like going to the circus and being instructed not to clap or laugh.

No. 71736

To add to what the airt is saying… this new standard of assuming anything a cow says is the "truth" is blatantly against the way this site has always been. If everything had been redtexted as "tinfoil" and "nitpicking" and "derailing" and "infighting" we never would have exposed creepshowart or kiki or corpse husband or any other cow. Banning discussion and normal speculation is the death knell for cow boards. Banning funny edits seems to be a thing now too - I saw it in pixielocks thread. What do the farmhands have against the spirit of this site? Cows and celebrities lie all the time, what they say isn't any standard of proof. That's why lc was created, partially.

No. 71738

Due to allowing that though, a lot of those threads have become chatrooms or were chatrooms during those times as well and some of the cows didn't need threads filled with jokes which just filled it up faster than was even necessary. Even Shayna has no reason to have as many threads as she does. This is in regard to cows though. Old moderation didn't redtext as often, but that doesn't mean those bans weren't there in those threads and you just never visibly for a cue about it.

No. 71739

by that logic every instance of "lol" or "kek" should be redtexted now. It isn't.

No. 71740

Should be a goldstar post

No. 71744

Need help on this thread >>>/pt/928152 they keep removing public information, like photographs you can find from public interviews. Can a mod step in? None of this is doxxing. All public information.

No. 71745

They have been recently for non-contribution >>>/w/321316

No. 71746

If you have to go out of your way to find it and it's posted obviously maliciously, lolcow must remove it. Its not milk where cows live. They've done this all over lolcow. Maybe anons should so trying to post where people work and live. Not widely known personal info is still doxing even if public.

No. 71747

Metafag is on pt pushing the admin is a tranny tinfoil >>>/pt/928904

No. 71749

File: 1708796396580.jpeg (343.05 KB, 1037x766, IMG_2773.jpeg)

The red texts are getting more and more troonish/fag esque though. Like since when is a post like this something that would be redtexted? Are the mods suddenly a bunch of gay moids? Why would they take offense to something like this, because it doesn’t really fall under alogging.

No. 71750

You tried to put the worm on the hook but missed and stabbed yourself

No. 71751

Do you wanna explain how instead of trying to come up with a comeback? Because 2 years ago a statement like this would be considered perfectly acceptable, which it is. Why are the mods suddenly coming to the defense of faggot males? Do you know why?

No. 71752

someone’s shitting up Lillee Jean’s thread with a faildox


No. 71753

Nta but we get it, you liked old moderation.

No. 71754

I’m sure you’d like it better as well if the website was run by autistic women instead of aspie gay men.

No. 71755

Gay moids need to be put in their places

No. 71756

why don't you go back to /pol/ with these grievances? this would've been banned 2 years ago as well, you don't even know how to sage. take your fucking meds retard

No. 71757

The admin of two years ago banned feminist discussion on /ot/ and introduced a blanket ban on race discussion. If you think that she would have allowed this, you're either a newfag or are misremembering. Shaymin didn't make any signficant changes to the rules or moderation policies of the site either.

No. 71758

>wehhh mlehh i disagree with you wanting a woman to control lolcow so you’re a /pol/tard!!
Do you know what /pol/ is, newfag?

No. 71759

We can't use any emojis ever, right? I've been seeing an anon use the red heart emoji in /ot/ and /g/ quite a few times this past week. I report every instance of it I see but I don't particularly remember seeing any get redtexted. Example >>>/ot/1899193

No. 71760

Thats not the red heart emoji that’s the ♥ keyboard heart emote that’s allowed here that’s why it doesn’t get redtexted, it might show up as the regular emoji on your device though

No. 71761

stop larping and seek help for whatever mental illness and/or drug addiction it is you suffer from

No. 71762

you just clocked yourself as a newfag kek there was a whole fight about this years ago and everyone came to the consensus that the heart ascii was allowed.

No. 71764

Newfag detected

No. 71765

oh that's interesting, I had no idea, thanks!

No. 71766

Please say sike

No. 71767

not everyone who you disagree with is incompetent

No. 71768

Question/complaint I guess?
My theme is working/hidden threads and then suddenly its all back to the og view and expanded threads. I didnt remove my browser cookies- whats going on?

No. 71769

are you using safari? it does that intentionally for cookies that are set to not expire, it adds an expiry date to them and then it deletes them when they pass (apparently its a privacy feature). idk if you can turn it off somewhere, but that is safari's fault. I think other browsers like brave do it as well if you use one of those

No. 71770

Here comes the homo

No. 71772

Ohh I do use brave, ok thank you kindly ♥

No. 71773


Continued shit modding by janny that does not grasp the concept nor the Greg lore.
not that you guys ever give a fuck, its a relieve to air our grievances here.

No. 71790

Why are anons regurgitating old milk?

No. 71796

soap sperg personalityfagging again in the pixielocks thread

No. 71800

this might seem like a non-issue, but the sudden usage of "anon" is kinda freaking me out, I've been on the site for 4 year now and the most frequent term was "nonna"(or some varation) I feel that term should be encouraged more, if the farmhands care about preserving this site.

No. 71801

kek what anon was used first and more often until about 2021-2022. personally i use that more because hardly anyone feels like a 'nonna/y' and other variations anymore. i'm not forcing cutesy names unless i genuinely like the post

No. 71803

Is this bait? Anon used to be the more common term, nonna and it's variations are relatively new.

No. 71805

we should start using tone indicators to help them out! >>71685

No. 71806

you're showing how new you are, anon

No. 71809

No even earlier than that, like 2018. Using nonnie for almost 6 years then reverting back to anon is revealing that this is now an explicitly mixed sexed site, meaning anon is now the default, like how male is the default for everything else in life. Yay another website where men yap at each other the exact same opinions you can find all over the internet and think they’re interacting with the girlies. It’s most obvious in weeb threads, the shift in taste and tone.

No. 71812

File: 1708875364962.jpg (69.93 KB, 640x572, t9053e226.jpg)

>Using nonnie for almost 6 years then reverting back to anon is revealing that this is now an explicitly mixed sexed site, meaning anon is now the default, like how male is the default for everything else in life
what a weird jump. you went from point a to x

No. 71813

While I've used nonna/nonnie and don't have any problems with the terms, there's something strangely misogynistic in going by the use of cutesy sweet terms as proof of how many women are here. We're a bunch of grown women, we can use regular words. You're also implying that there's a feminine form of "anonymous" which is weird.

No. 71814

File: 1708875760506.jpeg (61.14 KB, 213x275, 1658951155311.jpeg)


No. 71816

An nonny mous

No. 71817

Why is it always the most retarded nitpicking? Farmer, anon, nonna is a nickname of oldfags..

No. 71819

Im not gonna call the person I'm infighting with nonna. Nonna status is temporarily revoked for the fight.

No. 71820

Nonny was always newfag tier that was brought over from Tumblr anon asks fyi and only managed to get popularized during the time lolcow was essentially abandoned by admin and taken over by histrionic newfags

No. 71821

There’s a reason why its automatically red

No. 71822

I wish you'd stop responding to me, Retard Gene.
And then I wish that the jannies in the Greg-thread would stop covering for you.(hi cow)

No. 71823

This made me smile. Yes, this is the right attitude. There are no nonnas in war

No. 71824

We shouwd aww tawk wike thiws tuwu show we awe twue awnd honest women!! uwu

No. 71825

I don't even use that thread lol I peeked in because of the link and its all old milk that even non-resident farmers would recognize. Take your meds.

No. 71826

Please tell me you're baiting. How on earth did you get to the conclusion that anon=male

No. 71827

Cool story, Anonymous Greg.(hi cow)

No. 71829

File: 1708892900082.png (689.84 KB, 640x640, fZ71cwl.png)

I didn't realize the issues this would cause, I understand that variations of "nonna" are not the in the early foundations of LC, again I've been here for a few years, but my issue is the recent usage of anon was rather sudden(and not natural imo) it's like the recent "breeding" posts being posted on every thread, for me it's obvious that there is some not quite right going on.

No. 71830

The breeding posts are 1 anon baiting/horny sperging across multiple threads because she knows nobody wants to see it

No. 71831

We now have newfags complaining about things that have always existed on the site.

No. 71834


No. 71841

You're just mentally retarded and a terminal newfag. Anon has been the most used term for over 8+ years on this site. I don't remember when I first used this site but I'd say by 2015 at least anon was and has been more popular. Nonna, nonny and other variants were contentious a few years back and gradually became normalised.

No. 71846

moid raid in the desi thread

No. 71850

Pajeet Moid raid in the desi thread aswell as a thread in ot

No. 71861

why is this post considered bait? >>>/w/321572
ban evading in itself is wrong but it isn't bait. (neither post/ban is mine)

No. 71863

ik farmhands insist "unpopular opinions aren't bait" but the person going on about how all girls need a father and all older women are evil hags sure seems to be baiting rn

No. 71866

Can mentions of other lolcow threads be banned in the Get it off your chest thread? It's embarrassingly petty and passive aggressive to whine about other anons in a thread where no one is allowed to respond to posts. Either confront them or even better just drop it.

No. 71869

Older women absolutely aren’t evil hags but it is completely agreeable that all individuals, men and women both, can only benefit from having attentive parents that they have a good relationship with.

No. 71882

Posted by someone ban evading..hm. how could that be bait?

No. 71883

Wrangle the anon trying to infight with anyone trying to discuss venus because they get triggered anytime someone brings up venus having cptsd (something SHE has said and anyone watching her online could even see due to margo). They camp and throw a fit every time anyone talks about venus and is not outright attacking her. These are discussion threads, not just vendetta threads but she vendettafags definitely live in that thread. No wonder anons get so many bans on /w/, they don't understand how to use threads.


No. 71885

I was banned for ban evading even though I wasn't banned before. I appealed and it was lifted. Not sure why it was considered a bait though. Tom's name is literally in the thread, we should be allowed to discuss him. The post was saged, too. So…

No. 71886

Sage or not, might as well change it to shitposting then, but knowing the history of that thread, highly unlikely it was just an innocent post when Tom isn't even looking at the camera and anons have been trying to hide her kid behind spoiled posts lately which is fucking weird because that's for NSFW posts.

No. 71887

Spoiled/NSFW labeled posts that involve the child for no reason and aren't NSFW.

>>>/w/319377 [with added "anyone else uncomfortable with this" and it's just the kid eating, why would you word it like that and spoil the image? Not even milk or even remotely milky, behind NSFW censors?]

I've been noticing this a lot recently and it's so weird and deliberate to do. It's kind of creepy and users already know the kid is never posted with milk.

No. 71894

nta, but in the past mods would ban posts that included the kid's face. i guess they went back on their rules. i remember there was a hysteria in meta a year or so ago when anons in the thread started asking why the kid should be censored in the first place.

don't be autistic, it's a post of a child with oil and food all over his face. i for one i'm thankful that i don't have to see it every time i scroll because I find it disgusting, nor do i wanna see tom's uglyass face. to each their own, i guess.

No. 71895

Can anons start getting banned for replying to that anon who keeps making creampie and sex posts? It's the most blatant bait ever and idk why they're egging it on.

No. 71896

>can anons start getting banned for making TMI posts in the corresponding thread
I’m sorry but do you hear yourself? Also ‘cream pie’ shut the fuck up scrote

No. 71898

Global rules don't say anything about children being posted when the parent is posting things publicly. However, I have seen anons get banned for being upset about kids being blurred out though which is hilarious, so there is someone in that thread who gets mad when the kid is not spoiled, but censored.

Here are the global rules:
>Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16.
>Do not post identifiable information on minors such as full names, addresses and schools.
>Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy.

>i for one i'm thankful that i don't have to see it every time i scroll because I find it disgusting, nor do i wanna see tom's uglyass face. to each their own, i guess.

There's no point in posting them anyway.

No. 71899

NTA she's referring to this >>>/ot/1901065

No. 71900

Im pretty sure the ayrt is the anon in question

No. 71901

There’s no rules against talking about sex unless you’re suggesting that we have some put in place which could be beneficial. However administration is too busy policing dumbass shit to worry about things like this

No. 71902

it's not about posts discussing sex in general, but one specific anon making the same exact posts across several different threads. the OP is suggesting people who reply get banned, not just the anon who makes those posts.
>However administration is too busy policing dumbass shit to worry about things like this
cum-chan literally got banned for it twice so..apparently the staff cares to some degree

No. 71903

She’s so obvious that its honestly pathetic

No. 71904

Thank you to the lightning fast farmhand cleaning up the spam almost immediately after reporting

No. 71905

Based. It attracts the most unhinged newfags that refuse to integrate.

No. 71906

The amount of posters in there that sound like genuine twitterfags is atrocious. I think all the dumbass shit posters just moved there tbh

No. 71907

Could you look at their post history >>>/ot/1902291 and tell me if it's a man or a woman?

No. 71909

I feel like the Shayna thread should be locked. Her escapades are always the same, she’s mentally ill and uses sex as a form of self harm, 99% of posts in her thread are just the same 2 people constantly nitpicking her appearance, and the rest calling her a degenerate (duh she’s a pornstar). She’s such a pointless samey cow and nearly all the posters in her threads are the same circle jerking vendetta anons calling her ugly.

No. 71917

That was one anon, who found the kid being scribbled out creepy. Not plural anons. Tom and Taylor are posting his pics to more than half a million people and he's in videos with an even larger audience. There is no expectation of privacy, because of his parents' decisions.
>There's no point in posting them anyway.
There's nothing wrong with discussing Tom, he's listed in the OP.

>highly unlikely it was just an innocent post when Tom isn't even looking at the camera
Do you know where you are? You've said this shit before. wtf is an "innocent post" on this site? Yeah it's a bad photo of Tom. It was posted because it's bad, he looks fat and gross, and anons wonder why someone would post a pic of their partner looking so bad. That's it. Stop moralfagging and samefagging, since you replied to your own post after taking seven minutes to dig up three examples of posts to ree about. >>71887
Posting about cows, especially about ugly perverted moids, isn't a war crime.

No. 71918

Vendettafag detected kek

No. 71922

>anons wonder why someone would post a photo of their partner looking so bad
Tom is fat and ugly and looks ugly in nearly all his pictures, maybe Taylor loves him despite this. Do you expect her to magically make him look like a male model in pictures?

No. 71924

the vent baiter is back >>>/ot/1903138
she's going to cry again for getting banned for posting obvious bait in the wrong thread

No. 71927

And posting random photos complaining he's ugly isn't new or milky or a discussion. It's just nitpicking. Theres always useless spam in her thread after anons get bans. Personally he's not that ugly either, he's just fat. Anons need to stop acting like lolcow is a hivemind.

No. 71928

File: 1709012611486.jpeg (523.55 KB, 828x1362, IMG_7281.jpeg)

I’m the redtexted post, and the post above it is what I was replying to. What infight? Who am I infighting with? Sarcastically joking that anons aren’t going to like that post is now considered infighting?

No. 71929

Your post is warning about infighting which just baits people to call you out for being 'wrong'. It is basically infighting.

No. 71930

Okay that’s fair. I wasn’t trying to but I can see why it could be taken that way.
Entire thread is derailed over it

No. 71932

They’re still arguing about BMI in the pro ana scumbags thread…

No. 71933

the vent thread is still infighting, the usual moid worshipping baiter is dragging it on and ppl keep replying

No. 71934

Now she's saying that she doesn't want to go post in the correct thread because that thread is slow and the vent thread is popular. Where is the farmhand kek

No. 71935

How is it bait though? Does it just sound like bait to you because you’re used to being treated poorly?

No. 71936

Please stop. You got to derail an entire thread for hours just for fun.

No. 71937

Nta but the fact you've asked "how is it bait?" 20 times and posted probably 200 times in the course of a night is proof of what you're trying to do.

No. 71938

I’m not trying to do anything. I made a vent post in the vent thread and suddenly everyone’s trying to say that it’s bait, and when I ask what’s bait about it everyone is acting like that’s trying to incite an infight. Why not just tell me what makes it read like bait?

No. 71939

I am actually starting to think you are actually mentally handicapped and not just a baiter…it's concerning.

No. 71940

You have been told multiple times exactly why a nigel bragging post (or just a happy post in general) in the vent thread is the wrong thread. You keep asking how despite being told how. Then you say that you don't want to post in the right thread because it's slow, and the vent thread is fast therefore you think you should be able to post non-vents in there. And no, no matter how many times you say it's a vent it will not actually make it a vent. Fucking stop. I don't know if you're trolling to make people hate Nigel-posters, or you just want to troll for fun. Either way, stop.

No. 71941

Well said

No. 71942

Everyone knows you're baiting about humble brag crap in a thread not intended for that at all. There are threads about happy things if you are that desperate to vent. Maybe also look up what venting means. I don't know why you come to meta as if any farmer if on your side unless its you samefagging yourself.

No. 71943

pretending she doesn't understand what others are mad about is part of the shtick. don't reply to her, that's just part of the bait

No. 71944

Some anons are posting about how “infighting is fun” in the unpopular opinions thread, don’t sperg at me this is just a tinfoil but I get the impression one of them is the baiter from the vent thread. Kind of coincidental how when everything quiets down in there someone pops up in another thread talking about how fun infighting is

No. 71946

What's the point then? Does ''she'' get off to people thinking ''she'' is mentally disabled?

No. 71947

if lolcow isn't a hivemind, then let someone ask a question in meta about an anon's saged remark about an IG story. Pictures - esp of media that will be deleted - are posted in every thread on this site. As it stands there's an unsaged newfag in her thread trying to infight about fertility, needs a ban: >>>/w/321672

No. 71950

baiters usually try to get as many replies as possible. "uwu why is everwyone mad uwu pwease tell me what i did wrong" is just a away to drag it on.

No. 71952

Kek I was thinking the same exact thing. The timing is too perfect. And of course they'd think it's fun, they've been allowed hours to infight to their hearts content. No ban, just hours of nonstop baiting and infighting.

No. 71954

Schizophrenia is an ugly disease
Isn’t it fascinating how not once in that entire paragraph are you able to describe how it would qualify as ‘bait’ and not simply being under what you would consider to be an improper thread? Interesting

No. 71955

>you’re mentally handicapped because i think everything i disagree with qualifies as bait
Or you could just tell me how it’s bait if you’re so confident that it is

No. 71957

So following that logic that would mean that every other poster who decides to say something positive about their life is ‘humble bragging’ in the vent thread as means of baiting.

No. 71958

She’s still going kek

No. 71960

Well if you respond to a post do you expect to not receive a response in return? Especially if said responses left the conversation open ended.

No. 71961

You're supposed to put your replies in one post, especially if you're going to post responses one after the other like that. Were you doing that in the vent thread too? Geez no wonder so many posts seemed like samefags. You're very new and it's obvious, you should lurk for at least half a year before posting.

No. 71962

I live in America it also doesn’t say in the rules that you’re required to tag all of your replies in a singular post

No. 71963

Why not just keep fandom discourse in the respective /m/ threads? Baldur's Gate fandom discussion in the Baldur's Gate thread, Genshin fandom discussion in the Genshin thread etc.

No. 71965

What does being American have to do with anything? It's not in the rules but it's well known among imageboards to not post back to back like that when you can condense it into one post. Especially when it could be seen as attempting to mimic multiple anons, that's why anons will say "doublepost" if they post back to back like that. It's just common sense to try to waste the least amount of posts as possible, there's only around 1200 per thread. This is why newfags like you should lurk for a long time before posting, you don't know anything about imageboard etiquette, you're trying to change the purpose of a thread to suit your post, you ask dumb questions you'd know the answer too if you lurked more.

No. 71968

When did anyone propose changing the purpose of the vent thread? I simply pointed out that the vent thread doesn’t actually specify whether it’s for solely negative or positive emotions, as venting can apply to both and we do receive both types of posts in the last oh gee i don’t know, 200 threads? Also I’m American, I’m allowed to utilize my freedom of speech however I so please kek. If that includes double posting, I’m going to do that. And what does the thread limit matter? We can always make the next thread…

No. 71969

NTA but you don't even get what the fandom thread is about. It's not about discussing specific media, it's about the fandom surrounding it.

No. 71970

>Also I’m American, I’m allowed to utilize my freedom of speech however I so please kek. If that includes double posting, I’m going to do that.
Good for you burgertard but being an American doesn't mean you get to break rules and double posting without specifying can earn you a ban whether it's detailed in the rules or not. You can whine to the farmhand that she's stifling you're free speech or whatever but personally I hope you get permabanned and I suspect you're too retarded to figure your way around it.

No. 71971

A fandom general thread means any fan community is free to discuss there, which may even include sometimes fandoms for stuff certain people do not like, and a lot of anons are just not good at handling seeing things they do not like.

No. 71972

Well the rules actually does not say anything about formatting responses or double posting. Also just because your post can get redtexted does not mean the ban is effective. Users don't get permabanned just because you dislike them, but I'm sure you wish they did.

No. 71973

>Well the rules actually does not say anything about formatting responses or double posting
it's called samefagging and it is against the rules

No. 71974

Can you read? I said it's not written in the rules but you can get banned for it, everyone here just knows not to do it from experience. Which is why I said to lurk more. You're just proving my point even further by continuing to whine about the site and try to change the way things are done here. And you will get banned for infighting and probably newfaggotry, it has nothing to do with whether anyone likes you or not (which no one does, clearly.)

No. 71976

She got banned like a week ago for doing the same thing. Posting in the wrong thread, being told why it's wrong, acting like nobody will tell her why she can't do it and even if it is wrong she will do it anyway, then banned and proceeded to whine about it in here. You can see it right here >>71476 Tonight the farmhand is absent so she's gone hog wild doing the same exact thing

No. 71978

My tinfoil hat is on, the nigel baiter is now pretending to be a retarded burger because she not only wants us all to hate the nigel-posters, but for us to hate the burger-posters as well.

No. 71998

according to the statistics for hellweek (if they are correct, who really knows), half the posters are American. Which isn't so surprising, given its population. I'm curious about the posters in the Middle East, it's hard to imagine a woman shitposting in Saudi Arabia, but I suppose anything's possible. Or VPN

No. 72010

this ban is a misinterpretation of the posting etiquette. they aren't referring to a single post but an entire account with nearly 900 posts that posts homes with a certain décor style. they don't have to post caps for that. it's just over-moderating, not improving discussion.
how many farmhands does /ot/ have? because the moderation is slow and nitpicky or just wrong.

No. 72012

i have to double post but if the farmhand didn't suck they would have redtexted it for not embedding the link not for not embedding an image

No. 72013

Anytime I've posted a link to an article or page I've taken a screenshot of the page as a preview, just figured it's good practice and I'm pretty sure I've had bans over the years for similar

No. 72021

I've never seen a *non-milk link get banned for not having an image preview before. The administration themselves have never done that when posting off-site links. They should add it to the rules if they want to ban for it.
third time's the charm

No. 72022

an anon once got banned for not posting a pic of a man's butthole she was talking about.

No. 72024

Its never just some random anon asking about another random anon's ban. Te amount of ban evading in that thread makes it clear. Also mods just woke up. Obviously that was getting a ban too.

No. 72025

read lolcow.farm/info

No. 72027

File: 1709049032944.jpg (609.11 KB, 904x1329, 1000006502.jpg)

No. 72028

now read lolcow.farm/info

No. 72029

it wasn't my post, I'm not banned, and lmao pretty specific timezone to just get up now. you are strange

No. 72030

> Also I’m American, I’m allowed to utilize my freedom of speech however I so please
The most American thing I have ever read here

No. 72032

>mods are awake
>meaning reported posts have redtexts from hours prior
Stop being this retarded and taking things literally.

No. 72033

meh, after re-reading the info section maybe you do need to provide caps even for non-milk. it’s just nitpicky in context and dumb as an overall rule. and not enforced. if i posted a healthline article in/g/ without a screen cap i doubt it would get redtexted, and it would be dumb if i did

No. 72036

File: 1709051161999.jpg (348.77 KB, 1080x1099, 1000005615.jpg)

It is enforced but like farmhands have said before, they aren't going to redtext every post some idiot jumping around to different makes. So they might be banned from another thread in /g/.

No. 72038

i don’t care anymore but again i was referring to links that are not in reference to milk.

No. 72039

Having 'proof' or something anons can use to backup info, instead of just a "Trust me bro" anon post, is very important. Milk or not, visuals are important to the site. We are an imageboard first and foremost.

No. 72041

Anons have been bitching about "over moderation" for years now when it's been the same moderation lol >>>/ot/255364 saying it's heavy-handed now and not back then also is pretty delusional. new admins, but the mods have been redtexting posts and judging them the same way they are now. We just now have more visible redtexts for transparency instead of just banning someone without everyone knowing. I just say ignore everyone complaining about bans. They most likely just want to bitch and moan because it's fun for them, not because they actually care about posting etiquette.

Figured I'd post this since it's the same complaining now about "over moderation" when it's always been like this. Anons just refuse to post properly and then throw a fit. Or the ones who obviously bait like >>71957

No. 72042

That part genuinely made me kek

No. 72043

Nta but that's been banned before too. Am I seriously the only one who remembers that butthole post incident in /ot/?

No. 72044

Anons are at a point where they are making stuff up to make the moderation look worse than they are. Most normal posters just appeal the bans.

No. 72045

I remember it, nonna. The /meta/ bootlickers just like to claim that farmhands have never messed up before

No. 72046

File: 1709053533084.png (18.1 KB, 1515x134, 154558070.png)

Samefag finally found it, it was during July last year

No. 72047

nta but why are making stuff up? i haven't seen anyone defend the mod team as if they've never done anything wrong before. calling out anons being retarded about bans is not bootlicking.

No. 72048

>Anons are at a point where they are making stuff up to make the moderation look worse than they are.
>>72046 picrel

No. 72049

This is an imageboard. Links alone are not welcome.

No. 72050


No. 72051

this is what i'm talking about. first page of /g/. it seems like eslfag hours so i give up.

No. 72052

Do you think mods care as long as it's in context and spoiled? Come on.

No. 72053

Yeah why aren't anons posting caps that the links lead to? I don't understand how you're not grasping this.

No. 72054

report it if you think it's a problem.

No. 72055

Why even used unreported examples?? Kek are you fucking stupid?

No. 72056

File: 1709056581641.jpeg (819.17 KB, 1284x1426, IMG_4068.jpeg)

I thought you guys were exaggerating about the vtumor thread attracting newfags but I guess not

No. 72058

Some gross bitch is roleplaying about incest in the stupid questions thread can farmhands ban her nasty ass

No. 72059

How about disabling vent and similar threads? Its mostly just lowlifes habitually complaining, giving them a platform only enables their narcissism.

No. 72060

How about you lurk more and learn or terminology before posting bait?

No. 72061

>reeeee why can't I say how much I love worshipping my Nigel in the vent thread?!?!

No. 72063

Attempting to get threads locked by shitting them up won't get a u turn decision on dumbass shit dumbass

No. 72064

I didn't take it literally, if you're the airt, you wrote
>Also mods just woke up
which wasn't even true, the ban was issued after I posted it here. But the post was already 7 hours old so I hardly felt bad bringing it to meta, not sure why you have an issue with it or why I'm supposed to know a mod's sleep schedule, we aren't all in the same time zone.

No. 72067

My god, why are you fighting over a phrase? Shut up.

No. 72068

Holy fucking KEK. The state of the moderation on this website.

No. 72081

Kek, newfags make me laugh

No. 72082

File: 1709090571795.png (97.27 KB, 1749x916, Screenshot_78.png)

so why do posts just vanish sometimes? trying to backread >>>/m/232318 and there are…gaps

No. 72083

You've hidden unsaged posts

No. 72084

File: 1709090760156.png (87.53 KB, 1474x732, Screenshot (27083).png)

Click the button in the purple circle, unsaged posts are hidden

No. 72085

Or rather you've hidden saged posts. It's a hyperlink near the top of threads

No. 72086

oh kek, thanks nonas

No. 72087

Oh I fucked up the description too kek, I mean saged posts are hidden

No. 72089

TMI thread in /ot/ getting spammed with some retarded moid's jerk off material.

No. 72092

scrote in the Shayna thread, please ban him

No. 72095

If you don’t want users to necro threads to avoid autosaging then maybe take it off autosage

No. 72098

You can't necro an autosaged thread kek the fuck are you trying to say?

No. 72101

File: 1709141654062.jpg (35.12 KB, 737x237, Screenshot_20240228-143446_Chr…)

Probably to do with this ban on a old dumbass shit thread which isn't autosaged

No. 72102

I mean, ban warranted. Just the baiter again I guess, trying to complain about something no other farmers agree with them about. autosaged or not, anons still have to follow posting rules.

No. 72104

I believe the fandom discourse thread should be moved to /m/

No. 72105

Not gonna work until /img/ is created, /m/ is a trash board. The thread is gonna wither and die and just make its way back to /ot/ under a new coat of paint. Like in the artist general, which is where it originated.

No. 72113

>Like in the artist general, which is where it originated
No it didn't? The general art/art salt threads predate /m/ by a few years.

No. 72114

I'm talking about the fandom general. Fandom discourse general came from the artist salt thread.

No. 72116

I never understood why it wasnt there in the first place tbh

No. 72118

the constant cum and breeding related posts all over /ot/ are really weird.

No. 72126

Nobody can tell me it isn't the same 1-3 anons just posting it to bait infights

No. 72127

/g/ too, I can’t stand it

No. 72131

I’ve been talking about the massive influx of mommyfags and wannabe tradthots for weeks

No. 72132

Well too bad, this is a heckin wholesome mommy forum now

No. 72133

going into graphic conception details is pique social media mommie

No. 72135

File: 1709175079497.png (19.9 KB, 1141x273, asdasdasd.png)

this shit is weird. There doesnt go a day i dont see this type of bait here nowadays, it's obviously not genuine.

No. 72136

Banning man hating threads and its consequences

No. 72137

File: 1709175906607.png (99.68 KB, 2457x343, muh feminism.png)

that post was made 3 hours after this one in the same thread. There is no way it's not a scrote.

No. 72138

I was really willing to give the benefit of the doubt to husband and mommyposters but it's fucking annoying to see posts about muh heckin nigel's rancid sperm

No. 72139

I made that post. I’m a woman, my statement wasn’t bait and it’s very obvious that it’s not. The entirety of humanity going extinct doesn’t actually solve the issues we have. Thats not a scrotal opinion at all, in fact many men argue the opposite because they care far less about the greater good. Scrotefoiling at every post that doesn’t align with your belief system isn’t suddenly acceptable all because hellweek is over

No. 72140

i didnt mean your retarded post i meant the one below yours

No. 72141

ayrt I don't think mommyposters are the ones making those posts. They're all in the same typing style so I'm pretty sure it's just one anon posting shitty bait. I also mean the posts like "had sex 12 times today", how many mommies are out there doing that kek

No. 72143

what else do you think tradtards who are ttc do all day long

No. 72144

Can you explain to me why you autosaged dumbass shit and obliterated the retarded shitposting thread but left the TMI thread which has caused an extreme uptick in what you would normally deem "low quality" posting in your autistic redtexts? Because now it's become normalized to unironically post about your literal shit and disgusting habits like anyone is supposed to give a fuck. You want to talk about posting quality and the average newuser thinks "FARTS SHIDS" is peak humor?

No. 72145

That thread should've been made on /g/ anyway, I thought all bathroom talk was supposed to go there