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Nominate your favourite moments for the 2023 Lolcow Awards!

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No. 342326

same rules as last time. you can say whatever you want as long as it pertains to romantic or sexual fantasies about other women and isn’t talking about dicks. if its not a fantasy go to the lesbian/bi thread.

No. 342331

Why couldn't you link to the old thread in the op

No. 342337

Forgot sorry, here it is >>>/g/66358

No. 342344

Yayyy thank you for using a matching threadpic to the last one I love you anon

No. 342379

Cheers to a new thread of beautiful degeneracy

No. 342397

File: 1690580693486.jpg (27.36 KB, 564x564, 23e013a15fbf5f7f25c339b57c2211…)

I want to deeply inhale an older women's fur coat and rub my face against it.

No. 342440

No prob, I found it within the thread

No. 342472

I want to go to a lesbian bar and catch the eye of a rich classy older woman who will take me home like a pathetic cat left in the rain and baby me and shower me in gifts and rail me with assorted straps until I pass out from exhaustion (naturally she will bathe me)

No. 342475

speaking of those activities anon, that reminds me I was just thinking I want to strap a handsome woman about 10 years older than me and then after she dozes from exhaustion i clean her up lovingly and kiss her sleeping eyelids and go to sleep spooning her (i want to be big spoon even though she will be taller than me) (i want to spoil and baby an adorable, tall, slightly androgynous woman so bad)

No. 342477

this is obviously 100% fantasy and idek where it came from but I fantasize about being on a close-knit university(?) sports team and a new, shy, tomboyish younger-year player joins the team and somehow when changing/showering as a group she winds up getting teased by the captain for having a "cute pussy" after she saw it when she bent over, and then we all want to see and it and it moves into touching and commenting on it and then eventually to full blown groping and pussy licking on the floor of the locker room where everyone is taking turns making out with her and eating her pussy and leaving hickeys on her body and cooing over her while she's totally overwhelmed and embarrassed (but enjoying it) and we ravish her until she's exhausted from cumming so many times

No. 342478

Eating her pussy isn’t enough. I want to crawl inside of her and melt into her body or something. Do you ever think maybe Freud was on to something?

No. 342534

File: 1690656051743.png (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 1638x918, Untitled.png)

I want to be in picrel as one of the rabbit masks and the rest of the masks are also women. I want to please my queen and she can order me to do whatever she wants. Even better if all the women and me are dressed just like picrel but anything works

No. 342540

The whole idea of female arousal makes me so horny. Like a woman's pussy getting wet because she's turned on and it gets engorged with blood, she can feel it throb, lawd. I think it might be because I have trouble getting wet myself and just general arousal problems, but I find it so hot. This is a bit shameful to me but sometimes I get horny when I read about anons on here and other female-ibs talking about their pussies even if it's in context of them getting horny over some dude, but reading about it makes me go crazy. I want my mouth to be attached to a pussy 24/7, fuck. Also, I want to let a woman feel how wet she made me by putting her hands in my underwear and feel her fingers slide in easily all while I'm still wearing all of my clothes- OK FULL STOP

No. 342543

The fucking Barbie movie. I was so wet I thought I'd soak through my jeans. Something about an aggressively pink, ultra-feminine Margot Robbie just gets me. And the feet scene, holy fuck. I owe every footfag in the world an apology.

No. 342588

I want to pull a taller woman down into a kiss by her tie SO bad. Especially if she's not expecting it.

No. 342620

anon this is wild, we have the exact same fantasy

i've also had another one for years where i catch my college roommate masturbating, film her then blackmail her with the film unless she does what i want. she acts so embarrassed but secretly loves it. i also like the idea of making her watch the recording while playing with her pussy & telling her what a naughty, dirty girl she is for enjoying it.

No. 342885

Lately I’ve been fantasizing about fingerfucking a cute soft butch against a wall in the back of a club or something. I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist/into voyeur. The idea of wanting each other so much that you can’t wait is so hot to me. But specifically in this fantasy, we’d lead each other to the back of the room/to a dark corner and make out, before I’d slip my hand down her trousers and start fingering her through her boxers. Just imagining how wet she’d be through them, and her breath in my ear as I bit her neck or something has me losing my mind. We’d carry on like this until it got too hard to hide and we’d fumble our way back to one of our flats to finish our fun. Ideally this would end with me topping her but I’m not too picky, I’m a major switch into all varieties of butch/femme/everything in between so the fantasy also works for me imagining eating a hot femme out from under her dress in the back of a club.

No. 342893

I need her pee in my life

No. 343039

I need to spoil a girl with gifts and fancy lingerie and expensive vodka and whatnot and then peg and make out with her for as long as we can go

No. 343041

anon… peg? or strap. kek

No. 343155

I respect women who love their partners to wear boxers, but i do not understand them. I LOVE panties. I especially love them on masculine, dapper women– taking off a belt and crisply ironed suit pants to reveal cute panties? Exquisite. Absolutely nothing better. I also have a huge thing for touching and playing with a woman through her underwear. Idk how to describe it but the subtle "bump" shape her labia make under the fabric is so sexy it makes my brain explode. I would love to just be able to poke and squish and play with it over the fabric for a ridiculously long time… I guess that's my fantasy.

No. 343166

same, this is really degenerate but i commonly get off to imagining watching a woman pee using one of those asian-style squat toilets. The cute squatting pose and unobstructed view of the act makes me crazy horny. I also fantasize about her letting me pat her dry and feeling the warmth of her genitals through the paper I do not know why i'm like this.

No. 343225

Isnt pegging the same thing as strapping? I swear Ive heard other lesbians say “peg”

No. 343226

I googled it and apparently pegging is specifically a mans ass… idk how I didnt know the difference

No. 343349

you know when pussy hugs a thick dildo and her lips look so plump & stretched, and you can tell she's been at it for a while because her pussy is blushing. which is the main reason i prefer smooth pussy, in fact. you can see the blush.
fuck i'm so hornyyyyyyyyyy

No. 343355

Feel like a degen I apologize in advance. But I wish a female vampire could smell when I'm on my period and sneak into my room to bite me and when I'm afraid of being bitten she offers an alternative and. Well.

No. 343358

Inspired by the current discussion in the lesbo thread.
I really want a woman to shave me. Ass up, face down. Feel the razor sliding over my skin. Feel her spreading and tugging and moving and applying lotion. Submission, embarrassment, arousal, anticipation, a pinch of exhibitionism.

No. 343369

I don't like a full shaved look, but i would love to do a limited version of what you mention to a woman even if just once. You're right, it is super intimate. But I wouldn't know how since I don't do it myself kek.

Dark, wavy or straight pubes are super hot to me. Especially the look of them around down either side of the vulva idk why but that type of hair in that spot is "cute" to me.

No. 343384

I want to make a woman cum so many times in a row she goes incoherent, begging me to keep going and to stop at the same time

No. 343385

i recently developed a thing for shoes/feet. If i got to watch a woman take off a really nice pair of elegant men's dress shoes/socks I'd probably soak through my underwear. Also I saw a shot of two people cuddling with their feet touching and oh god I want to do that too. I know that sounds basic but im a retarded permavirgin so even just that makes me yearn hardcore.

No. 343553

I don't know where this comes from because I don't even have any real feeling in my nipples, but I want to (fake) breastfeed a handsome, dignified woman. Someone who always tries hard to appear cooly professional. I want to cradle her head and pet her short hair and kiss her temples while she sucks on my boob. I know her lips would look adorable latched onto me.

No. 343559

I forgot to mention she would also be about 10-15 years older than me… so cute

No. 343565

I want a woman with a larger than average clit to let me play with it and suck on it.

No. 343579

Read through the last thread and accidentally unlocked a new fantasy that I can't stop thinking about. I was a TIF for years (pre-everything, just short hair and a binder, although came dangerously close to T arc), and even though I have since stopped identifying as such, the "terfy lesbian who fucks a TIF and makes her realize she's a woman" thing has been keeping me up at night. I just think it'd be stupid hot to have a crypto gf who pretends to be supportive, but once we're in bed she can't stop pointing out how feminine my waist is, how wide my hips are, groping my breasts, talking about my pussy while she fingers me, telling me to ditch the stupid larp and be her cute little girlfriend instead, etc. I feel insane. Kill me.

No. 343633

I’m sitting here Monday morning getting nothing done at work, soaking through my panties due to fantasizing. I want her to finger me while looking at it up close and commenting on every tiny way my pussy reacts to what she’s doing. And then after so much teasing I want to cum around her fingers while she praises me. God help me get through this day. Ovulating is the WORST.

No. 343642

fuck you nona i wanted to post the exact same shit itt today too, maybe then i'll finally learn to love and accept myself as a woman
i also think that the typical ftmtf fantasies tifs have are fucking stupid since they involve a chauvinistic moid who only abuses them unlike a terf lesbian who (maybe) would have much better intentions.

No. 343646

I work in recording studios and my biggest fantasy is specifically for an older female composer or musician to catch me during a smoke break, reach into my pants and make me cum while anyone could walk in. Staying clothed is a major part of it, it loses all interest to me if I were to unbutton anything.

damn nonna I'm so insecure about freaking out other women because of mine that I never thought anyone could find it hot. Maybe I'll start dating again

No. 343650

nta but I find the OP's fantasy hot as hell too!

No. 343651

You've committed the grave sin of depriving us from your clit for many months. Years, maybe. It's a terrible offense, anon. You must repent, and there is only one way to get absolution.

No. 343652

The irony is that I can't get anywhere remotely close to orgasm without clit stimulation. The first time someone actually sucked it properly the orgasm struck me by such surprise I threw the pillow across the room.
Tbh having another woman take a long time playing with it in kind of a pussy worship way is a huge turn on I've never admitted to myself.

No. 343655

I am so happy to see that I'm not the only one into this. One of my biggest fantasies is a woman with a large clit telling me to get on my knees and give her head, only opening her trousers a bit instead of removing them Bonus points if she grabs my hair and pumps into my mouth

No. 343656

File: 1691436513645.jpg (55.48 KB, 1280x720, screams in agony.jpg)

nona you're putting extremely impure thoughts in my head thanks. Your fantasy is exactly the same as mine too except the trousers go down to around thigh/knee level and and just face fucks me like your fantasy while my fingers dig into her legs as I try to maintain my balance. Sucking, licking and worshipping is great but even better when she takes charge like I said earlier. Absolutely peak if she's dressed all smart and classy like a suit and we're somewhere nice like a cityscape rooftop or outside her office, where she uses/needs me for a quick 'release' during her smoke/coffee break before getting back to work or clocking off. Aaaaghhh I'm never going to find something like this where I am!

No. 343664

Oh my god anon what have you done to me my fantasy has evolved now tysm

No. 343670

I’m the original anon with the fantasy and my mouth is literally watering that’s so hot. Get back out there you crazy daughter of a gun, there are countless women who want to suck your clit I guarantee it.
in contrast to other anons my top version of this fantasy actually involves a more submissive woman who is shy and gets embarrassed and overwhelmed by me doing nasty (good) things to her clit

No. 343673

I need you guys to collaborate on a smut novel and post it here

No. 343682

not directed at you but your fantasy but i would love to be that for someone i had a tif ex and i don't want to think of her specifically like that anymore because it's kind of creepy but the idea is still really hot to me. i wish she detransed/desisted, she is still to this day the handsomest butch i was ever blessed to see let alone get close with. i think she made me kind of a chaser kek since ever since being with her i've only been attracted to her type most (if not all as a zoomer) of which are tifs wishing you well nonita

No. 343694

Nona you get me…I had heard of the male ones but they gross me out. I mean I don't like men to begin with, but those scenarios are always so misogynistic and self-serving and disrespectful, whereas my imaginary crypto gf would love me so much she'd put up with me being retarded because she knows I just have body issues to work out, which she is more than happy to assist with kek. Although I do think it would be hot if she was kind of manipulative and maybe a little evil, just not in a moid way. It's for a good cause!!

Prayer circle you find what you're looking for, I get why it feels creepy but I personally would be flattered if I knew I contributed to my ex becoming kind of a chaser though kek

No. 343708

You know this thread is getting good when the whole thread starts turning black kek

No. 343756

same i want to make out really slow and gentle with her clit and lips after she cums. not eating out (at least at first) but just straight up frenching kissing her pussy

No. 343757

when I had learned women could have bigger clit than average it drove me nut. Since then I always think about how good it would be to suck on a big clit, making it move between my lips, putting a finger in her vagina to feel her contract and help her to cum harder. My fav fantasy around it at the moment would be an nlog borderline tif who think she is better than other gils because she dress masc and is tall, but hide the fact she almost was never a bottom. She would be on her back and I would get her trousers and underwear down enough for me to see her bush and sun deprived thighs, then snuck my head in between, and start to lick and kiss her most inner thighs until I start to go at her labias. She would be so embarassed because she is not used to it and stare at me the whole time, when I start to suck her clit and get her going, she would thrust her pelvis in my face instinctively. She would even try to grab my hair but would open back her hand before grasping when she would feel her pleasure spiking. I would even slightly press on her lower belly so she could contract her muscles stronger against it.
Same, feel and taste the wetness on the labias, wrap my lips around each millimeter of it, leaving little pecks on her clit

No. 343819

Everyone in these last few posts has managed to terribly turn me on, just knowing some women love bigger clits makes me feel a lot better about letting someone go down on me again.

Also being an ex-tif, in the couple years my hormones took to bounce back I was pretty bashful and awkward. Being confidently feminine now, it'd be so hot to help another detransitioner in that stage love her body and explore her sexuality, reassuring her I know what she's going through and she's no less of a desirable woman.

No. 343838

File: 1691527839815.gif (180.83 KB, 384x408, oh my.gif)

If you saw me delete and repost multiple times to fix things. You didn't. Mono fonts are hard to read… Glad to help KEK. And to expand on that, the second runner up in that fantasy of mine would be the same setting but instead of standing, she's seated. Wearing the same clothes and pretty much mostly clothed, but her pants and panties would be down to her ankles, it looks so good on top of her dress shoes (but heels work too). She'd preferably be seated on a black leather chair or a slightly fuzzy red sofa next to a fireplace of some sort. I thought about how it'd be great if I was eating her out from under a desk in those high rise pricey CEO offices with glass windows that showcases the night city, which is while fantastic, I think it's even better without it. Because I want to be able to look up and see her bush and her face twist slightly in pleasure and all the light grunts and moans coming out of her. Due to the nature of her position she can't comfortably or easily move against me but instead I'm pulling the weight, I would hungrily flick my tongue against her big clit and roughly suck on it in intervals and it would be peak if she has big lips too and I'd be able to feel them rub against mine as her body involuntarily jerks and twitches and my lower face would be soaking wet and slick with pussy juice. My fingers would be digging into her thighs (in my head they're thick enough to have that 'indentation') while she one of her hands clutching the side of my head or pulling my hair, the other clawing at the chair's armrest. Every now and then between the gasping, moaning and wet sounds she'd bark orders at me, telling me to go faster, slower, or do something else. And depending on my performance, she'd either chide me and demean me verbally or praise me like a good girl. If I perform horribly enough, she'd grasp my cheeks, roughly pulling my face up and lean forward-downwards to be face to face with me with pure rage and lust in her eyes before threatening me to do a better job with a ton of insults alongside it before flicking/flinging my head back roughly to her pussy and sternly yelling at me to continue. I can only hope she's okay with me reaching down my pants and masturbating (But most of the time I fantasize that I'm allowed to because kek my own clit would definitely be diamonds at this point too and I'd be itching to touch myself). Usually this is where the fantasy stops but sometimes I would go further and think about how after she climaxes, she'd shove me to the ground and start unbuttoning her shirt and stripping off her clothes (optional, she could be just taking off her pants proper) before tearing off all of mine. And then she'd grab my thigh and force my leg open in a slightly angled towards the ceiling way and start grinding her big hard clit against mine. The friction and motions would send bursts of electricity throughout my body as I get closer and closer to the edge. The room would be completely silent except for moans, grunts, heavy breathing and wet flesh rubbing against one another. Her fingernails would be digging into the flesh of my thigh that she's holding up so hard that it draws some blood, and she'd lean over at some point to claw at one of my boobs with her other free hand while muttering insults at me to herself.

Anyway when she's done she'd just get up, get dressed and get out. At least her perfume smelled really nice too.

Sometimes I pretend that I'm her, I just swap between both of the positions depending on my mood. Unfortunately I am neither tall like her in my fantasy or have a big clit. Feels bad


if it helps to boost your ego even further, I actually like T-clits but honestly any big one would do too.

No. 343841

I want to have like 30 minutes straight to smell and kiss and lick and suck on my crush’s neck. She has suck a gorgeous sexy neck it’s unreal. And it leads right into the hottest jawline ever, all while still being soft and kissable looking. I want to do this so bad I could die of longing.

No. 343842

>Sometimes I pretend that I'm her, I just swap between both of the positions depending on my mood.
Other people do this too?! When I fantasize, I often switch between her and me multiple times even in one sitting, I thought I was the only one.

No. 343846

I'm saving my first time for a really committed relationship and I imagine she would be really experienced and get off to being my first and taking my virginity KEK. Pretty sure I'm dying a virgin though but it's hot to think about how I would be giving my hypothetical first my virginity as a really meaningful "present" this way, or at least it's very meaningful to me. But I'm no stranger to orgasms.

No. 343861

File: 1691542897759.jpg (31.64 KB, 563x415, bdf551bb96f2c9d975508c5a26cf82…)

How do other nonas deal with having fantasies that will never come true? For me that unfortunately applies to all of my fantasies because the type of woman I like is ultra-rare and would never be into me. I realize this is my own problem but it's just how I am and I can't change it.
Do you think that maybe it's better to repress or try to ignore fantasies? Idk if it's possible but I'm thinking I might try. Get into a monk mindset or something? Because for me it's starting to get really, really painful and it only hurts worse the more I fantasize. I know people say "it's unhealthy to deny yourself basic human desires" like intimacy and romantic love, but for those of us for whom those things are not in the cards (for whatever reason), what is the best way to cope? This is a genuine question btw, I really could use some insight.

No. 343892

I don't think repressing your fantasies is the right idea, but I think you should try to explore other fantasies. I get where you're coming from btw. In my default fantasies, I'm a man fucking a woman. It's clearly the result of internalized homophobia and sexism. I want to be dominant, in control, rough and not fall over whenever anyone gives me pleasure (side note: does this happen to other women? it's so annoying)

I don't know about your fantasies, but this is entirely unachievable. It also was making me feel bad about myself. But trying to repress it made it taboo…which got me off more. So it wasn't a good idea. I started trying out other fantasies instead where I'm a woman. It's taken a while and I'm not perfect, but this thread helps a lot. I fully believe you can retrain your brain in this area. I also quit porn a few years prior to starting this.

You could keep your initial fantasies around if they aren't totally unachievable, but it sounds like they're impacting your life and making you feel like shit. Exploring new things can be exciting too! Best of luck to you anon

No. 343949

Nta but I also fall over I think? I become floppy and useless. I just pray other women find it cute but I'm more submissive so it's not as distressing I guess. Good luck nona, I think you gave good advice.

No. 344019

I want to wear a short skirt and knee socks, no underwear, to my friend's house then get drunk. I will "accidentally" expose myself. I'd be extremely embarrassed and she'd call me a tease and start fingering me. I tend to get really wet and we'd just make a mess. She'd fuck me hard and I'd scratch her back and leave a bunch of bite marks. We'd have bloody sex while she makes fun of me for being so desperate and trying to trick her into fucking me. Saying something like, "you could have asked if you wanted me so bad".

No. 344115

Kinda fucked up. Spoilered because blood and injury. I've been imagining a very deliberate scenario where my gf is not really human. Elf, werewolf, vampire, whatever. The important thing is, she has a crazy healing factor. All her wounds close up in minutes, so when she loses her virginity, the hymen just heals back to normal. And she likes it broken, again and again, with my fingers or strap on.
Sometimes I imagine myself in her place. A bunch of girls running a train on me and taking my virginity every time, blood and all, while I moan like a masochistic slut and beg for more.

No. 344290

idk if this is some sort of weird case of internalized homophobia or something and this is kinda fucked up but i fantasize about straight to lesbian conversion, except not in the way that i wish to convert someone else into being a lesbian, but i fantasize about being a straight woman who is kidnapped and made into a lesbian sex slave and converted into a lesbian by that. or i guess i am not exactly a straight woman in my fantasy because part of the fantasy is more about giving in to my lesbian urges so i guess i fantasize about being a closeted lesbian woman then. anyway still problematic i guess.

No. 344294

Girl doesn't that just make you bisexual

No. 344310

how? the fantasy doesn't involve any males or in general about anything about attraction to males, don't be retarded.
"damn i wish a woman forced me to act out my lesbian urges"
"this is about attraction to males obviously"

like sorry for not being the perfect radfem lesbian but to me being lesbian and being attracted to women just still feels like a forbidden thing i am not supposed to be doing like i am a pervert or something but i guess that is not girlbossy enough or whatever

No. 344318

no need to fight, im sure anon just misinterpreted your post after a quick read. I initially thought the same thing but on second read through I understood.

No. 344319

I want to come back from a long day and be cuddled in bed by a woman with a relaxing voice while she fingers me and talks low in my ear… even better if it’s her place and the bed smells like her… I would melt… I’m really craving slow and intimate sex scenarios lately

No. 344320

In my fantasies I can never decide if I want to be dominant or more submissive. Even if I start off fantasizing about being dominated, I’ll end up slipping into fantasizing about dominating her instead, and vice versa. Both are so good, I can’t choose.

No. 344322

Sitting on the leg of an older woman with huge tits and sucking on them while I grind my clit on her leg. Just absolutely going to town like I’m a feral animal.

No. 344339

File: 1691891177016.jpg (49.93 KB, 547x729, the_end.JPG)

This is really dark, so I will spoil all of it, but if I'm being honest with myself this is my biggest most intense fantasy. Just thinking about it gives me such a rush of bliss that it's like nothing else. I've had this fantasy for almost 10 years.
my fantasy is about being in deep, heart-and-soul love with another woman who happens to be just as suicidal as me, and we decide after some happy years together to commit suicide together. In my fantasy we spend the day in bed just cuddling and kissing and gazing at each other, and at some point we have sex, really loving and passionate but also zen sex, and after we're both satisfied and basking in the afterglow we both take an overdose of some drug like heroine or something (idk anything about drugs, but just a drug that feels amazing to take and knocks you out) and as it's hitting we hold each other close and relax until our consciousness fades for the last time. Variations of the end of this fantasy include imagining being found holding each other by someone else afterwards, or me somehow not taking enough and coming back to consciousness to find my partner already gone and kissing her forehead and crying happy/sad tears for just a little while before I take another dose that actually kills me.
As it is right now, I have no plans in real life to kill myself, but if I ever happened to have the luck to fall in love with another passively suicidal woman I'd be as good as dead, kek.

No. 344343

I started having these fantasies about starting a secret office affair with a coworker. she's this kind of nerdy, smart, quiet woman, older than me (30s?) but shy enough to come off as comparatively submissive and inexperienced. in my fantasy, she's into women, insanely horny about it, but too buttoned-up, shy, and repressed to ever make the first move… and maybe seeing me being out in a very casual way has made her a little curious about me. I picture a group of us being sent to a conference out of state where there's nothing else to do but spend the whole day attending conference things and then get shitfaced with coworkers after. we've all spent a little too much time drinking in the hotel dining room after a very long day, and me and a gay male coworker are talking about our life and gay friends and exes. he mentions a friend who left his boyfriend for a woman or something, and he makes a throwaway joke like "I think everyone's a little bit bi, you know?" The Coworker, being super drunk and uncharacteristically outspoken (and maybe having gay sex on the mind after hearing us talk), blurts out something like "I totally agree, I mean… all women are at least a little into other women, right? haha!" (from the sort of girls who usually say these things, this would be annoying, but it's different here.) I protest, "I don't know about that, really." she's insistent: "no, ever since my [ex-boyfriend/ex-husband/whatever] I don't know if I could ever date another guy. I've always gotten along better with women, after all." I say, "you're just a little broken hearted." she says, "no, I'd rather sleep with someone like you than like any guy I could think of." gay coworker laughs this off as silly banter, and I roll with it and teasingly ask: wow, you'd really have forbidden office sex with a coworker, _____? she replies, god yes. direct eye contact. prolonged pause. it was a little too sincere. a little lightheaded after that response, I say I'm getting up to get some water and step away. on my way out, she intercepts me and says, "I am so sorry if I crossed a line, I've been drinking, I'm an idiot." I look directly in her eyes, touch her forearm, and ask: "do you wanna come back to my hotel room?"
I lead her there by the hand after she nods. we are very casual and discreet on the walk over, but I have been absolutely dying, from the second we left the dining room, to suck on every part of her, and my lips have been tingling in anticipation of placing them against willing skin. as soon as we get the door closed, I push her against the wall and just completely let go: pull her close to me by the waist; pass over her waist, chest, back, butt with my hands; kiss her lips, neck, ears, shoulders; suck her tongue; suck her neck. I gently pull her (modest and work-appropriate) skirt up while backing her up against a big armchair, sit her on the edge of it, spread her legs wide, and bury my face in her pussy. I breathe her in and kiss her all over her pussy and thighs and bush and stomach and I'm throbbing by the time I pull her underwear down. I lick and suck her lips and clit completely without reservation, not even trying to play it cool or work up to it slowly, just absolutely lost and hypnotized by her pussy on my face. in this fantasy, she is an absolutely amazing lay with enough moaning and completely involuntary trembling to let me know that she's enjoying it as much as I am, and when she comes, I'm throbbing and dripping and spent along with her. she tells me it was amazing and shyly asks if she can try going down on me. I say, well… okay, but you can stop any time you want if you're not into it, since you don't even know if you really like women and all. she makes me come and it turns her on so much to eat pussy that I have to get her off again. I fuck her with my fingers and mouth at the same time and make her squirt a little. obviously, I lick every drop from every fold of her red and swollen pussy before crawling back up to the pillows.
I wanna make it clear that I'm not some delusional clingy lesbian expecting this to be anything but a one-time fantasy fulfillment for some random straight girl, so I tell her she's free to stay or head back to her room as long as she promises not to tell any of our coworkers, but she tells me it was amazing, she could do this every day for the rest of her life, etc. we both admit that it's been a while since our last relationship and we're really, really horny people, so we make an agreement to have some fun while we're both single. I picture us secretly fucking (and going out on the town and making out in public and having adventures) for the rest of the conference, on the plane, in the office in a private conference room during working hours, in our home city, etc but I'm getting pretty self conscious about the length of this post so I'll stop here
everything about this is a huge departure for me because I've never been into no strings attached sex or secret relationships or straight/questioning women and literally the least attractive thing in the world to me is a woman who isn't out… but I got out of a long relationship last year and I just miss eating pussy so much. so much.

No. 344366

This was oddly touching anon. I think you might like A Bride for Rip van Winkle.

No. 344387

This post made me incredibly sad

No. 344475

I want to slowly pull off a woman's bath robe and kiss her skin as I reveal it. He hair would be a little wet, and her skin would still be a little damp, and she'd smell like soap.

No. 344481

I want a woman to cook for me, maybe help me gain a little weight. actually i'd like to cook for her too.

No. 344488

File: 1691986320139.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.75 KB, 1500x1101, 7QCjtiL.jpg)

I fantasize so much about the one moment before sex where I'm spreading her legs. stock photo illustration included to make this post more journalistic feeling

No. 344589

File: 1692041615787.jpg (38.97 KB, 600x430, 1674826429236603.jpg)

I'm going feral. I need (and with need I mean NEED) a tomboy switch gf with a nice deep voice.
I would run my fingers through her soft short hair, get on my tiptoes to kiss her, cuddle on the couch after a long day, give her a massage.
She would whisper degrading things in my ear while plowing my pussy into the next dimension and immediately go back to her sweet loving self after climax, hugging me and telling me how much she loves me.
I would cuff her wrists behind her back, maybe blindfold her as well, and eat her out until my jaw's sore. I would kiss every inch of her and make her feel good.
I need this and I need it NOW. This is not a drill.

No. 344603

Knew it was heroin before I read that part of your post because I often entertain the same thought in my head as the utmost ideal best scenario situation. I sympathize.

No. 344655

File: 1692066667211.png (273.87 KB, 594x486, 6FD3ACA0-0203-4E64-B148-E3C44C…)

I keep trying to block this thought out, and for good reason. I have wronged this person’s friends, and I think I have wronged her. And, she’s taken. I need to fucking forget. I’ve forgotten for like 10 days at this point but I’m only transferring the addiction so now I’m just trying to tough it out. That’s all I’ll say.

I imagine one day I walk into her apartment and she’s just kind of standing there. I can imagine the exact outfit she’d be wearing. I don’t know why exactly she’d have this on around the house, but maybe she’d just gotten back from an event or something. She’d have on black heeled boots (short ones), pants that cover just the top of the boot, a black belt, and some kind of blouse or tanktop. She’d be angry at me about whatever, telling me she hates me and that I’m a terrible human being, to the point where I’m literally on the floor begging and crying for her to forgive me like an asshole. Then I’d just slowly get up from the floor and stare at her the whole time in silence. Then she’d just fucking grab me, very very forcefully, not even asking for my consent or anything and start making out with me. I don’t even know what we’d do after, but I’d enjoy the foreplay and her girlfriend finding out somehow.

I’m totally sane guys. Totally don’t have a thing for homewrecking and degradation at the same time, which doesn’t even make sense.

No. 344659

Spoiler if the rant ruins your mood
I feel like an asshole. I couldn’t give a shit about her friends because I never really liked them in the first place but what if she gets back and she’s angry at me? And at the same time I don’t want her to fake the fact she likes being around me, just because she’s too scared to hurt my feelings. Sometimes I just want to burn myself with a cigarette butt. It’s been three years, and I shouldn’t care anymore. I’ve just never met anyone like her. I’d hate to let her go, as I’m so lucky to know her, but I know nothing is going to happen if I hold on. I couldn’t live with myself if she hated me. She’s already given me a second chance.

No. 344668

File: 1692075977855.jpeg (289.67 KB, 1536x2048, 65585D69-7B26-4273-844E-5DD170…)

Two hours later and I’m still being horny about her. I wish I could type in all caps. God fucking damm it I need to have rough, hard sex where we rub pussies. This girl is such a loser, it’s unreal, but she turns me on so much. Kill me.

No. 344804

I wanna have casual sex with some bihet and blow her mind and leave her wanting more.
>um… were you interested in calling me back and doing it again sometime, nona? aren't lesbians supposed to be clingy and romantic and prone to u-hauling on the second date?
>oh, I would never dare stand between you and your boyfriend. have a good one!

No. 344806

My biggest fantasy is that one day women will stop treating bisexual women as simultaneously a fetish and an object of disdain. I know it’s very unrealistic though…

No. 344837

not sure why you thought it was appropriate to post about wanting to rp fujoshi dicks out male x male sex in the female fantasies thread, which is about "romantic or sexual fantasies about other women," not about bonding with a friend over gay male porn, but the general IQ of lolcow's userbase has never been high. Go back to containment

No. 344869

Hey, we have the same fantasy! What a coincidence!

No. 344974

>I wanna have casual sex with some bihet
UH-OH the moralnonfags are gonna have a field day with this o- -!
>literally the next post

shut the fuck up we went through this at the last thread

No. 345031

This is a super weird fantasy but… I want to be taken back to the hotel room of a strikingly beautiful cross-dressing woman (idk why she is cross-dressing, it's not important) who has for whatever reason gone the extra mile and stuffed some socks in her slacks. She would sit down on the hotel room chair with her legs apart, slouching down a little, and tell me to get on her lap. We'd make out and she'd breathlessly tell me to grind on her. I'd start grinding on the bulge in her pants made by the socks, which would stimulate her clit inside her pants, and it would feel so good that we can't stop doing it and both wind up cumming from that, still fully dressed but sweaty as hell. I feel like this way of getting off is like the equivalent to mutual pillow-humping kek

No. 345032

i've packed with a sock and it wouldn't work like that, sorry nona. the sock would just slide off and migrate to somewhere else in her pants since it's not attached to anything, and they're also thin unless she'd stuff something into them.
there are packers that are glued to the skin though, they're silicone and they very well could work for that, but would a cross-dressing woman and not a full-on TIF even need them? they are expensive

No. 345033

Gross, the fantasy isn't about a TIF and packers are disgusting and weird as fuck. Recommending a "packer" glued to the SKIN? fucking nasty. Take your trans shit elsewhere, when I posted my fantasy I was not asking for a list of all the weird ass ways TIFs try to glue replica penises to themselves.

No. 345036

well as long as anons keep posting about their creepy hate-fuck fantasies about """""bihets""""" it's probably gonna keep happening. I don't know how to articulate to you that describing wanting to have sex with someone you hate (and strawman directly in the post) and then sneer at them after you fuck them is pretty unsettling. If I hated a group of people that much I would not want my pussy anywhere near them.

No. 345037

i wasn't recommending anything, you just posted about a "bulge created by socks to make an illusion of a moid's dick", that's exactly what a packer is

No. 345038

If you can't comprehend the difference between a wad of socks and a silicone mold of an actual penis, you are too far gone for me to continue to engage with, so I will not. Thanks for ruining the fun though. Typical TIF behavior.

No. 345039

sock packers are packers too, they're very common with teenage TIFs who don't have the money for a silicone dick. "i'm not gay if i'm attracted to trannies!!" moid tier denial

No. 345040

>"i'm not gay if i'm attracted to trannies!!" moid tier denial
what are you even talking about. not only did I never mention trannies, i explicitly said I was not into them and by extension not into their weird penis replicas that you seem to have an inordinate amount of knowledge about.

No. 345047

How do elder millenials doing the """"sarcasm quotes""" in 2023 even find this website

No. 345056

can we keep it to fantasies and not logistics here thanks
this inspired me and now i basically have a whole roster of scenarios to imagine whenever i need. female athletes with high sex drives who spend a lot of time together and share locker and hotel rooms, what could possibly happen… i had a big erotica addiction so sorry if some of these are coomery
• the cute pussy thing evolves into a whole orgy and there's some playful bullying at the end where the ace player who's known for riding everyone's ass, rides her face as she eats out our exhausted protagonist (I'l call her A). she keeps goading and edging that cute pussy until she feels A spasm one last time and A's rapid, almost hyperventilating breaths and moans on her vulva. Ace player is so turned on she barely grinds into A's face before she comes as well - so hard her vision goes white, and when it returns she sees A's pussy slick pooling and dripping off the locker room bench
• the ladies are training up on flexibility and endurance for a state championship. someone brings up tribbing and scissoring, and now the whole team is doing pair exercises and each woman is trying to out-scissor the other for longer. a popular tactic has been to wrest control of the tempo by locking her legs and using the momentum of the bouncing motion to make sure she's drowning in pleasure too much to recover her own pace (cue a whole scissor/trib competition bracket, if you want more sillyness)
• the captain is graduating next year! the team needs a new captain, and since the top 2 candidates are so neck-and-neck, the captain has decided that whoever lasts longest in her own challenge will be her successor. cue a threesome where one of the positions is the candidates scissoring in a 90° angle (like |_, they're flexible now, whatever) while the captain messes with them both with a vibrator as she presses up against one of them from behind and plays with both their boobs. bonus points if the captain also has a vibrator on her pussy thats linked to the one she's tormenting the candidates with, so their speeds and other settings are the same. bonus bonus points if one of the tech-ier teammates helped set up the whole system and is playing with herself with another linked up vibrator, imagining what could be going on and wishing she was in that challenge instead
• ace player can't get enough of A's dripping wet pussy that twitches at the slightest stimulus. everyone's been playing with her and that only heightened her sensitivity. she almost begs A to let her eat A out, and right after A agrees, crowds A against the nearest wall and drops to her knees until A's slick is running down her jaw and onto her lap and A is trembling, red-faced, barely staying upright and balanced. bonus if ace player scoops up some of the slick that got on her lap and sticks that hand down her pants to get herself off too

No. 345060

Same, I think "succubus who turns women into lesbians" should be something used more often

No. 345074

Love how you didn’t have any response to my point except to hone in on my punctuation and (incorrectly) assume my demographic kek

No. 345341

File: 1692393430612.jpg (67.05 KB, 720x533, 1631567111224.jpg)

Each time I see Lucinda with her natural hair it drive me nut. I have this fantasy of her finishing her spooky bonespo era and going into her fit king era. She would find a career in a loony bin for ED and be a caretaker there ( or whatever the ppl manhandling you there are called ).

I would be a short chubby girl in the ward in terrible need of attention. Would create all type of useless drama.

Lucinda would be wearing tomboyish light sport wear to be able to work, her slim toned body would be tan, her old scars glistening. Her dark curly hair would brush against her cheekbones in a simple shag cut.

I would always try to get her attention by acting frail but be tough in front of the other patients. I would make her shifts miserable by doing everything in the attention whore book, from faking fainting to refusing meds. Each time she would loom over me with her knee bent and hands on hips saying :

" okaih nonna stop beinh a chivkgrn, your an unicirn princess remember "

One day were the patients would be let out to roam around in the facility exterior yard with a few care takers, I would be abnormaly calm. The sun was shining, I was slowly walking through the warm breeze. We finally have to get back in, I don't even protest, just calmely go through the doors, last in line. Luci count us, everything is good. Oh no. She made a mistake. Not wanting to be in trouble with the other workers she let the other patients go into the building calmely, than rush out. She know my fat ass don't have the cardio she has now that she is king of gains. Her eagle eye spot me running toward the yard's back wall, she shout
Lucy is closing in on me, she appear to my right, turn her head to look at me and leap on me like a Ballerina. She let out a short and strong athletic scream. She then savagely pin me to the ground, carefully stoping my noggin' from bouncing on the hard soil. I used the adrenaline left in me to crawl out of under her put I get stuck against a tree. While I try to get back up by using the trunk as support, Lucinda swiftly kabedon me. Towering over my scrawled down body, her bouncy curls hide her face. Like a moment stoped in time, each of us trying to figure out our next move, I see the light breeze making her locks sway against her fit arm, firmly pressed on the tree. A pump was travelling all through her heavily breathing body. As I try to side step she slam her other palm on the tree's bark next to my head. I let out a little squeal. She grunt ounce and sway her hips and lower body to stabilise her footing. I can feel her breathing in my face.

-" your z princess not a chicken remember ? ".
I try to say a thing but I can't make up even a word, her sparkling brown eyes are staring at my face and slowly panning down my body to see if I got hurt. My clothes were a bit torn, and my body all sweaty and red from the action that just went on.
All of a sudden I feel the intense shame from what I put her through during the whole stay, I shield my own body with my arms and tell her :

-" I'm sorry Luci, I should not have put you in such situation, I'm so selfish ".

She look shocked and want to babble out a few words but took back her composure.

-" it's alright Nonna, princess sometime are a bit slefish " .

I let out in a high pitch cry:



She calm a bit down.

-" YOur are jsut in q difficult place and need care and attentiond "

Lucinda got her face a bit closer to mine to hear what I was trying to say.

-" But Luci, you are so confidant and hot. I'm a loser next to you..You are magical and strong…like…like a.."

-" Like a unicorn ? "

-" yeah…would… Would you be my unicorn ? Since I'm your princess… "

-" Whatt ? "

I stucked my cheek against her's and put a hand on her shoulder. She jumped a little, but slowly started sliding her hands down my arms. Her spooky hands grabed the fat on my sides, as she said to me

-" We dont have much time princrdss, what do you want to do ? "

-" just play me like a jazz aman"

Lucinda would jump in 5th gear and kiss me all over and binge on my pussy like its dulce de leche.
But no need to purge,

its carbs free.

Toot toot

No. 345369

this was an experience

No. 345371

Is this a lucinda selfpost? Proof that Lucinda is alive?

No. 345372

new fav post omfg this was wild anon

No. 345383

? I’m not debating you here, I am saying you sound like an overdramatic twitter retard

No. 345385

No. 345774

Last night during sex my partner wrapped her hand around my neck and lightly squeezed (with my consent obviously) and I've never come so hard before. It's hard to articulate why I liked it so much, it's just hot to me to be able to put my trust into her like that, and the slight pain felt good on its own too.

No. 345836

File: 1692657459179.jpeg (90.58 KB, 941x782, IMG_5349.jpeg)

I’m sorry for liking toxic relationships, and I’d never want this irl, but I’d fucking love for a crazy older lady to take interest in me, kidnap me, and keep me hostage in her home as a little pet/plaything. I’d resist like crazy, but she’d be dominating and forceful, and leave me a wreck afterwards. I slowly become attached to this dynamic, and she gives me more freedom as I grow more attached to her. Eventually, we are married, I’ve thrown away my old life, and I’m in love with the kidnapper mommy of my dreams

No. 345850

My fantasy is to have a (work) partner where the relationship starts off rocky but grows more intimate over time as we grow to trust and depend on each other in tense situations. like on house md

No. 345856

Okay, this isnt a fantasy but rather a question pertaining to fantasies. It feels too gross for a different thread.

As a virgin who doesnt watch porn, is eating pussy just something you have to experience in order to fantasize about it? I’ve fantasized about literally every way that me and a girl can possibly have sex except for eating her out. It feels odd because literally every other post on here talks about eating pussy in great detail, but I’ve never really had any enjoyable thoughts about it, let alone heavily detailed ones.

No. 345860

Uh, no. Fellow virgin who only realized I liked women 6 months ago and wanting to lick pussy was one of my first fantasies

No. 345915

>is eating pussy just something you have to experience in order to fantasize about it?
no. i'm also a virgin and don't watch porn, and it's all or most of what i ever think about in a fantasy sometimes i put myself to sleep thinking about it i can't imagine it any other way. i think i have an oral fixation though, and i'm pretty smell oriented so that might be why it's my favorite thing to fantasize about, and i love the way pussy looks most of all. anything else comes kek second if at all as it's not nearly as hot to me

No. 346004

ymmv, it could be a mental block you have, and some women prefer other things to oral

No. 346357

I wish I could see her orgasm face so bad. I feel like it would either be uterus-achingly sexy or goofy as hell, and in either case I want to kiss her all over her face as she climaxes. She cries easily so I bet she'd be all teary-eyed too. And the sounds she'd make… she has such a sexy smooth voice, I just know they would be so incredible… God damn it. I want to be reborn as her lover in my next life.

No. 346360

Lately I've been obsessed at a micro-level with two specific parts of female anatomy and idek why. First one, I think clitoral hoods are so unbelievably sexy. The other one is the fourchette, both of these parts looks so soft and I really want to lick and pull at them with my lips.

side note I just looked up what the term is for this and found out there's such thing as fourchette piercings and I'm wet as hell now imagining playing with one. I think they say they're rare because they're impractical, but whatever just let me have this fantasy kek

No. 346392

What the fuck is a fourchette

No. 346861

I’ve been missing my ex recently… she was a hot bass-playing butch and we had insane chemistry. every time we were together it was electric, even just feeling her fingers on my back was like being struck by lightning. I knew all of her weak spots too and it was so fun teasing her. she stood me up the night we were supposed to hook up and then ghosted me for three days after that unfortunately. but god was she hot.

No. 346935

I need a normally shy top to have incredibly rough sex with me. I need her to strap me from the front so hard and so fast that people in other the room can hear the bed rocking.

No. 346959

I'd like to finger a woman with a cute bush. Women's pubes are the best, even better if she has a happy trail or untrimmed bikini lines. Unironically hate Sex and the City for popularizing waxing.

No. 347032

I just need to be completely submissive to a woman. Be bold and confident while seducing her, maybe slightly dominant at first and then completely focused on her pleasure and only waiting for praise from her, not even taking my clothes off my mommy issues are coming out kek.
Had sex with a girl for the first time recently and she told me I’m great at eating pussy and that she keeps having an orgasm after orgasm. It was so fucking hot, I wish we could do it again. I just want to take care of her.

No. 347042

I am into vestibules myself

No. 347104

I need tits in my mouth. My tits in her mouth. Either way.

No. 347105

Why does this have the beat of a song

No. 347127

So glad other women out there love happy trails and untrimmed bikini lines. I'm naturally hairy because of my race and also PCOS, and for so long I shaved my happy trail and trimmed my bush down to almost nothing. I really love women in their natural state; pits, legs, stomach, pubes, everything. Seeing all that hair just makes me primal, but a lot of my exes waxed everything. I'm so happy my wife is like-minded. Now I get to eat beautiful, hairy, natural pussy all the time, and I also leave my happy trail as it is and don't trim my pubes so much. I've really started digging my body now, can't believe I ever denied myself this confidence because of stupid trends.

No. 347156

This could theoretically go into the lesbian general thread, but I need people to match my energy.

GOD I know rambling about it makes it worse but I’ve learned to accept the fact that this can’t be real. She’s gone offline for good and also has a girlfriend. Whatever. Life happens.
I’ll write whatever comes to mind.
This woman (college age, a year older than me) is in a lot of “cringe” male-dominated fandoms, but it somehow makes her more endearing, especially with how dedicated she is. I wish she would talk about me the same way she does her weird muscular anime crushes. She begged me once to watch a certain series and her pleading turned me on so much. She also does similar quirky things. For example, she told me that she collects yellow clothes. She always admits that what she does is “cringe”, and it just makes her more adorable with how bashful she gets. She’s super fucking talented. She puts so much work into what she draws. I would easily call her the most talented person I know. It’s insane to me how much time she puts into everything, even if she’s having a slow period. She just has this energy about her where she radiates confidence. Most of the jokes she tells make me laugh. She will debate about things a lot, but is also so polite that I’ve only ever seen her actually get angry for a split second (when her sister was being a huge pain in the ass). She has a cute voice. It’s slightly low, kinda tomboyish in its inflection (pretty sure she mostly hangs out with guys irl). She posted a voice note of her reading a chapter of a book and it unironically made me feel horny, especially when she read over a really wordy part or messed up and laughed at herself. I’ve seen pictures of her before, and she’s exactly my type. She has long black hair, usually wears a beanie, is around 5’2 and 130 lbs. God, she’s a bit of a loser, but she’s MY loser that I choose to have an obsessive crush on. I sometimes fantasize that in some other reality where we know each other irl, she snaps and cheats on her girlfriend, or gets so pissed at me that it ends in us fucking somehow. I need to grab her by her weird layered egirl-esque striped shirt thing and strip it off her.

Her name is also extremely hot and sounds like something out of a steamy romance, but it’s extremely rare, so I won’t say it. It’s the feminine form of a name from Greek mythology.

Please help me. Oh god.

No. 347157

> I wish she would talk about me the same way she does her weird muscular anime crushes.
I know this made me sound like a moid. I didn’t realize until after I sent.

No. 347159

I remember an anon training to be a waxer pointed this too. Waxing usually leads to raw uncomfortable looking skin where as a bush/happy trail you just look like a woman

No. 347236

Cute silky/lacy panties with dark hair peeking out the sides when she spreads her legs/bends over. I think i saw someone mention this in the lesbian thread but i'm stealing it and putting it here because im not allowed in there and it's like my biggest turn on. I think maybe it's the contrast of an extremely refined article of clothing vs the visual signs that we're just animals underneath it all? idk.

No. 347248

Oh that was so cute to read anon, since she has a gf it'll stay a fantasy but kek I relate

To keep things on topic, I want to smell a girl who hasn't showered for a full day after spending all the time in bed. She's probably smell like light sweat and just like her. I would cuddle her to death while she tries to playfully get away because she wants to finally clean herself up.

No. 347264

sorry this is super long hopefully someone likes it. my current fantasy is that i work in an office with a very intelligent yet stand-offish woman as ceo. since she's so cold and physically imposing, i find her intimidating to start with. one day she sees one of my male coworkers chatting to me. that makes her see red, so she comes to me and offers me a job as her personal assistant… at a desk secluded from everybody else. cue me working as her cute, cheery PA that reminds her not to overwork herself or stay too late. eventually she starts giving me rides home, saying she's worried about me taking the bus home in the dark. we start spending more time together - when she stays late, she'll call me into her office to "keep her company" aka work companionably in silence. one night we're the only ones left in the office; she gets me to sit on her desk while she shows me something on her laptop. i'm not paying attention since i'm so flustered and trying to look away from the undone top buttons her blouse… she can tell i'm not paying attention and smirks, saying she knows just why i'm here. she pulls me in close and kisses me hard, murmuring about how i'm all hers and she doesn't want anyone else to see me. she gropes my tits through my blouse and gets me to grind on her thigh until i come, shaking. she drives me home, big hand on my thigh the whole time, and kisses me at the door, fingers tangling in my hair and making me feel weak at the knees. after that night she moves my desk into her office. she uses me throughout the day. she has me eat her out under her desk while on phone calls with clients, having to muffle her moans as i make her come. she sits me in her lap and makes me come in her desk chair. not long after she convinces me to quit my job and stay home being her little housewife, she can take care of me anyway. she's rich as hell and while she takes me to fancy work events and flies me around the world, i'm her kept girl for the most part. every day after work she beelines to couch where she eats me out, growling that she missed my pussy and she'll have to take a day off soon where we won't leave the bed…

No. 347299

i just want to hear a woman's sweet sounds

No. 347528

Kek that was me mentioning that in the lesbian thread. Patrician taste, nona.
>I think maybe it's the contrast of an extremely refined article of clothing vs the visual signs that we're just animals underneath it all
YES! That's exactly what makes it so sexy.

No. 347792

I want her to model a variety of underwear for me, from regular cotton underwear, to lingerie, to boy shorts, and then refuse to let me touch her. I want her to torture me by wearing the cutest pair to bed afterwards and kiss me sweetly and affectionately while I have to keep my hands to myself under the covers and try to sleep innocently next to her. And I want her to be fully aware of what she’s doing to me and (badly) trying to feign innocence even though I know she’s enjoying herself immensely.

No. 347952

File: 1694242783330.jpg (31.57 KB, 622x322, sssfsa.JPG)

this is obviously just a fictional fantasy so don't kill me… but I want to put a collar and chain on a submissive androgynous woman who is much taller than me who gets horny when I make her wear it totally naked and gently pull on the chain. I'd reach down and barely stroke her pussy (to tease her) while she's on her knees and make fun of her for getting wet just from me pulling on her collar a little. This would just make her more horny because she's getting off on the humiliation and she eventually winds up putting her butt up in the air and begging me to take care of her like a cat in heat. I'd either eat her out or strap her, and pull a little on the collar whenever she moans too loudly and tell her to have some self respect (which she loves).

No. 347972

Nona this literally my dream. I'm a tall androgynous woman will you marry me?

No. 347984

Oh anon, we shall have a summer wedding.

No. 348001

During my late teens I was at this summer camp, and the one in charge of everything was this blonde farmer in her 40s. She asked if I could help her out with something on the farm, so we went for a walk and got on this farm vehicle where you'd sit right behind each other. She let me drive it and held her arms around my waist with her legs straddled around me so she wouldn't fall off. The longer we drive, the tighter she holds me and I start feeling her kinda pressing up against my back. Then, we drive over this area covered in pebbles/rocks, and I swear she's humping me at this point. And the harder she's pressing up against me, the harder I'm pressed up against the front edge of the seat. But I started pushing back harder to give her stronger pressure, and she didn't react negatively. This went on for quite a long time and when we got off that vehicle I was left so wet and wondering whether I was delusional for thinking she did it on purpose, but looking back, it was so obvious. I want something like that to happen again so bad. Just both of us pretending like nothing is happening.

No. 348263

File: 1694477174413.png (42.6 KB, 621x247, prone.png)

>prone bone her
…huh? Did you mean something else, perhaps?

No. 348268

Anon probably means with a strap.

No. 348327

Did jannies seriously silently remove a post about strap sex? Moid accusations have officially ruined lolcow. I love how straight anons are allowed to talk about deepthroating Adam Driver's toes or whatever but all lesbian sexuality must be strictly Dworkin-approved or else you're a moid!

No. 348374

they didn't specify it was strap sex and not moidshit. also, /fit/izens know about lc and they could be one due to mentioning being muscular.
i reported them but farmhands didn't delete their post instantly so i thought they were a woman, but i guess not.

No. 348533

it’s been so long since the last time i’ve had sex with a woman i quite literally ache to have a girls thighs squeezing around my head for hours.. i’m not into rough sex but i really want a girl to grab my hair by the roots and get off on my face chasing her own pleasure. especially if she’s unshaved i’ve never had a woman give me the honour of eating out her bush, they’ve always been shaved bald or in that awkward prickly stage i’m sad abt that because i love hair it’s so unbelievably sexy i don’t know why maybe it’s about the vulnerability of getting to see a woman in her natural state but i love it

No. 348540

wrong thread

No. 348566


No. 348602

It's mostly psychological imo

No. 348930

I want a woman wearing high heels to stand with her hands braced on a table for balance while I kneel behind her and stick my face up into her crotch and eat her pussy from behind until she cums with her legs shaking almost losing her balance. And then right when she’s still coming down from her orgasm I’d stand up, put on a strap, and fuck her hard until I get my orgasm while licking and biting her ear and dirty talking her. Then after, I’d kneel down and lick her clean before pulling her underwear back up like nothing happened.

No. 348936

I love bush on a girl. I love just sniffing it. I feel like a perv for saying that jfc.

No. 348943

KEK, that was my post that got deleted. Weird 'cause jannies could've checked my post history as I've been here years and I didn't cop a ban for it. I apologise to Saint Dworkin for wanting to strap a woman without explicitly making it clear because some of you rhesus monkeys can't take the five seconds to work it out. I also apologise for feeling good about my body while also digging chubby chicks. May I burn in moidpassing hell for my sins. Praise be to Elsie.

No. 349008

File: 1694952859405.gif (2.02 MB, 498x280, bh187-spongebob.gif)

i read this story from the mabinogion and now im stuck on the fantasy of being some middle welsh lady who is taking a quick piss in the woods, and then a lady knight of an enemy house holds me at knifepoint and exploits me for sex in my vunerable position.
idk whats so addictive abt it except the thought of thinking im entirely alone, suddenly being caught off guard by sensing her presence, but im only able to sense she's there because she puts her sword to my neck…and also my skirt would be already lifted and i wouldn't be allowed to move to pull it down with her sword at my neck and it'd be so humiliating but… damn??…
now that i think about it, the scene where arwen catches aragorn in the lord of the rings movie with her knife might have inspired this knife kink so that's on that

No. 349033

The biggest female fantasy I’ve ever had was ass humping/tribbing or whatever you call it
[spoiler]I want to hump on a woman’s fat ass and rub my erogenous pelvic zone all over her pillowy ass and eventually rub my bare pussy right on her asscheeks. It’s almost like humping a pillow except the pillow is a plump asscheeks of a really sexy woman aaaa [\spoiler]

No. 349044

When a woman is extremely attractive to me it's almost like I wanna swallow her whole, not in a vore way but in a tasting every inches of her body kind of way I want to kiss her from the tips of her fingers and suck on them, lick with strength the back of her hand while kissing it. Wiggle my tongue from the back dimpleS, up her spine to her nape. Nibble on the back of her neck, run my teeth on her ear after licking up to it. Open my jaw fully to lick and suck on the front of her neck. Run my lips on the skin of her breasts, than give little licks and kiss her nipples with my wet lips. I need to ran my teeth on her lower belly and kiss it all over. Let's not even talk about what I would do to her pussy..

No. 349051


Are you the same Nona from the fetishes you’re ashamed of thread? Because I was also there and the opposite of this (being tasted by a pretty girl) is my #1 kink rn

No. 349053

Ugh, same. Down to the body parts order… I'm crazy about it. And I want it done to me so bad too (although I'm embarrassed at the idea of being "known" like this…) For me it's because I'm a little bit of a freak and it's the closest you can get to being perfectly fused to the object of your love. Licking women is my creepy sperg obsession.

No. 349067

idk isn't it pretty normal to want to lick the body of someone you're attracted to? I don't think it's that weird. I've always been fixated on necks this way.

No. 349071

Ok but…this is my fantasy both to give and receive…you have a sexy, sexy brain, nonnique

No. 349103

I'm not but I understand her, although I do like the aspect of using my body on her aswell like nonnie >>349053 say, being fused to the object of your love

thank you nonna, tbh I'm too shy to picture myself receiving like that but that hot to know women are into it. To me there is also a huge texture, shape, scent and taste appeal to it. Smelling and tasting her sweat, fragrance and pussy is mind wrecking

No. 349336

File: 1695154822128.jpg (92.66 KB, 750x750, kyrgyz horseriding.jpg)

i want a strong horsewoman to sweep me off my feet to fuck like wild animals in nature
>conceptualize the fragrance

No. 349338

i'm ashamed of watching tiktok, but lau_ramoso's "german mother" skits arouse me.

No. 349348

God I just want a face full of pussy. I want to feel her thighs squeezed around my head twitch and spasm. I want a gf to love so bad.

No. 349399

I can't decide if I want her to be a sexy doctor or a sexy nurse but either way I want her to straddle me in a hospital bed and cure me of all my problems

No. 349425

File: 1695207414386.jpg (44.73 KB, 473x463, 422fee01227615a52728034831751c…)

>ywn be the beloved companion of a historical Scythian amazon with a dope hat

No. 349505

i want to kiss and kiss and kiss a woman's pussy and inner thighs preferably with her underwear on, not allowed to eat her out and her teasing me by subtly grinding against my face, gently holding me by the hair while i'm knelt down, until she waits long enough to give me the green light and we both lose it and i want to make out and kiss and kiss I WANT TO KISS. her face, hands, arms, chest, back, navel, legs and cunt. everywhere. and i want her to use me to orgasm whichever way she wants with no regard for me but i also want someone to teach me and show me the way things are done and what she likes on me but most of all i just want to use my mouth and feel softness against my lips and tongue and i crave the taste… i'm ovulating and i'm horned up an animal in heat !!!! i have a huge oral fixation it seems. if i even just get kissed i would probably collapse from weakness happiness and pleasure. i'm pissed i can't jill myself right now but oh well

No. 349515

I just want to fucking cuddle, man. I’ve never cuddled anyone in my whole life. I want to lay down with her and hold her close and tangle our feet and kiss her on her head and touch noses. I know I will never get to do this because I have too many unfixable problems. I used to think I’d be okay living without, but the older I get the stronger the cuddling urge grows and now it’s become so painful that it’s hard to cope with. But all I can do is try to cope. I’ve twice in my life (years apart) had dreams where I got to really cuddle up with someone, and I hold those two dreams as treasured experiences. I’ve never felt such peace and happiness. I hope I will have another one some day.

No. 349642

never thought i would find such a highly specific kindred spirit in this thread

No. 349955

I know this is gross but but I want to sniff panties. And I know this is grosser but I want them to have discharge on them. It's good I don't and probably will never have a gf because I would be digging through her laundry like a freak for sure.

No. 350203

this isn’t an irl fantasy, but lately I’ve been fantasizing about my actress crush playing some sort of creature/monster. She’s very tall and lanky with a good facial bone structure to serve as a “blank canvas” for any crazy creature FX. It’s a shame they never use female actresses as creature actors like that, I think it would look cool and awesome. Imagine like a female shape of the water creature or something else cool like that. Why does popular media suck so much to deny me cool female monsters

No. 350460

i wanna elope one day with my wifey!!

agree anon. it would be so cool to see a tall lanky sea nymph or a buff warrior woman or something. i'd love a story about an average woman breaking through the cold exterior of some powerful female creature (yes i'm basic lol)

No. 350468

same, but tbh I honestly like the idea of the revers even more– a cold, closed-off human and a friendly curious creature who doesn't take the hint lol

No. 350800

File: 1696136078700.jpg (70.43 KB, 750x735, LW.jpg)

I want to fuck my older married female boss. Every time I see her she gives me eye contact that had me questioning what was going on in the beginning but now I'm almost certain I know. She always takes my calls, when I said "thanks for calling me back," about something urgent at work while she was on holiday she said softly "of course." She signs things off with an x sometimes which is not cutsomary here like it might be in the UK. I have qualms about sleeping with a married woman. Her scrote sounds like a deadbeat loser but still. Anyway the Christmas party is in November so my fantasy is I will be able to peel off the group and pull her aside and that we will do an Irish goodbye from the party, find a hotel and fuck all night. I want people to speculate at work but never outright say it to me or know for sure. I dream about her all the time. This has been going on for two and a half years but things are only escalating now.

No. 351406

I wanna be Megan the Stallions NEET loser gf. She is literally so fine and I’m good at cooking and cleaning. I would make a perfect loser wife to her girlboss. We could live in Texas and go grocery shopping at HEB once a week and I would make her dinner and keep the house clean and she would give me a kiss and then we’d watch a movie and then cuddle in bed at the end of the day.

No. 352384

File: 1696991067364.jpeg (191.44 KB, 768x512, 736BB5C4-A441-42BD-98E6-D261BF…)

She’s a terrible person but I still want to kiss her boobs through her pajamas. God please cure me of this lust for what I should not want for I am powerless against my subconscious. I am fighting the pink elephant battle and losing.

No. 352387

I really wanna make a tinder dedicated to kissing and eating women out. I can't host but I really really want to feel a woman under me

No. 352388

Um, is that not what tinder is for?

No. 352391

Godspeed based wagie

No. 352550

rooting for you, please update after the christmas party

No. 352558

I can't stop thinking about women with big muscular thighs, i wanna kiss their thighs and then trail up to their hips before eating their pussies, i want their hands gripping my hair while i do
Using plural cuz i'd love to service two women like that at the same time. I need tall ripped women to gently dominate me so bad… Or have one sit me on her lap and coo about how cute I am while playing with my body and kissing me all over. Or be a free-use sub for like five of them idk haha

No. 352655

excellent taste nonna, saw a tallish woman the other day with big quads and thighs walking in front of me for a few minutes and she was so incredibly hot. I want to service one for hours, feeling the thigh's muscles around my face as I would eat her up standing on my knees..

No. 352739

i want to pick up a cute girl and go for summer roadtrips and drive her around. and then i want to park at some secluded place and eat her out in the backseat. she'd be wearing a short skirt and sneakers and socks, and i'd pull down her panties but let her keep the skirt and sneakers on while licking her, preferably from behind with her on all fours. idk why this particular kind of outfit and scenario is so fucking hot to me. i also like to imagine the same thing happening except while on a comfy hike in the woods.

No. 352792

as a very outdoorsy person, I've got the same types of fantasies all the time - the thought of sex in nature drives me crazy. my favourite scenario is imagining I'm on a long, multi-day hike with a girl in a warm summer, and we come across a clear, clean mountain creek/spring. and then just spend all day bathing naked in the water, sunbathing on the rock/gravel bank, and going back and forth between making sweet passionate love and just relaxing and messing around, until the sun sets and we fall asleep to the sound of the rushing water and the crickets. I think a part of it for me is that being far out in nature means you're removed from all the expectations and norms and prying eyes of society - if you're with someone you trust, you can just be your most genuine self.

No. 352838

File: 1697274156563.jpg (77.75 KB, 615x697, 0_guruJPG.jpg)

I have a such an admiration and deep love of women's body, especially things related to our reproductive system. The little lower belly fat most have like picrel is simply adorable. I want so badly to kiss someone there, in the inward curve between the end of the belly and the start of the mont pubis, kissing repeatively, just slowly laying my lips on it. To think I'm making pressure travelling down to her uterus is so hot. Softly circling my finger on her cervix, especially during her period, using my other hand to dig my finger in the curve, moving them slowly to give her something to push against while I suck on her clit. Seeing her lower belly and vagina spasm and contract after cuming… Heaven

No. 352839

>Softly circling my finger on her cervix, especially during her period

Nona are you a troon

No. 352840

>Softly circling my finger on her cervix
what the fuck am I reading

No. 352846

nooo nonnies I just like the texture of it, I'm ESL too so maybe it's the wrong terms, but you kind of feel it more easily when you are on your periods ( at least for mine ) and I find the aspect of soothing a girl during her period so hot

No. 352849

That would make me vomit, nothing soothing about the cervix getting touched on your period

No. 352855

I guess it's soothing to me but I would never irl ever touch another woman's one unless directly ordered kek

No. 352864

Are you confusing the cervix with something else or something..? Because this makes no sense. Cervix is the opening to the uterus and unless your fingers are super long you can't reach it with them alone (it sits at around the depth of 8-14cm) and for most people pressure on it feels very uncomfortable.

No. 352872

I can feel my cervix very easily when I'm on my period, as it's much lower down.

Your English vocabulary is fine, but it is unusual to want the cervix fondled!

No. 352881

Everyone is being really mean to you about this but I understand 100% and have the same fantasies. Idk why people are being so hostile.

No. 352885

Huh? I can always feel my cervix and I don't have gollum fingers. But agree on the touching part, the sensation of circling the cervix is not erogenous and can make me feel a bit nauseous even. But it's her fantasy so whatever (hope she asks the girl before she ever tries actually doing that lol.)

No. 352891

It's just a weird fantasy because rubbing the cervix is either uncomfortable/painful or feels like nothing. Unless I'm really unaware of it being super pleasurable for some women.

No. 352912

Even if you think it’s weird anons don’t have to shit all over her for it and call her a troon etc. It’s a affectionate fantasy about something completely harmless. I’ve shared similar ones before (yes, related to cervix stuff) and never been dogpiled like her, so I don’t know what the fuck is in the water right now. And for the record, I can also testify that touching/pressure on the cervix feels really good to some women.

No. 352984

File: 1697333182320.jpg (129.62 KB, 392x392, IMG_20231015_031710.jpg)

bit long but: i have a huge soft spot for fujoshis
Maybe it's because i'm one, was friends with them irl/online, or because i associate them with a kind of eccentricity/awkwardness that i love.
anyways, i daydream about being close to a perverted fujo who is not shy about sharing her degen fantasies. i picture us cosplaying cute anime boys together and doing all kinds of scenes, getting off to the feel of each other and our respective scenarios for the characters. i imagine her treating me into a proxy of her 2D husband, humiliating me, turning me into a toy for her pleasure.
on the other hand i also love the idea of a pouty, repressed woman who puts up a front of sanctity but is actually a hardcore fujo. id push her buttons and see her melt in embarrassment before kissing her everywhere, smelling her skin, her sweat, eating her out relentlessly, reveling in her expressions of pleasure. for some reason it's even hotter to me if i picture her as an older kissless virgin.
I even get aroused just by pausing to think i read fanfiction/media made by women (the nonna who described this earlier in thread is SO real for it)

No. 352995

I just want a tall lanky woman with very short hair to spoil and baby and fawn over. There is no cuter more adorable type of person in the world. When a woman is tall and androgynous in style but slight and thin and feminine in build it drives me nuts and I just want to hold her.

No. 353019

It's just a weird thing to assume considering most women hate it, especially if on their period when it would hurt more.

No. 353025

File: 1697353773918.png (71.85 KB, 500x375, anonymous-b-but-were-both-boys…)

oh nona, if only our paths had crossed back when I was still a fujo larping as a boy online. Picrel. Though back then I was super repressed about my same sex attraction, and I guess being able to finally admit that to myself shifted my fantasies more towards women.

Now I've grown out of it, and although I still like to dress in nice men's clothing and stuff, pretending to be just like da yaoiz like in the good old days of 2013 just doesn't do it for me anymore.

No. 353110

Yes she’s sooooo weird. Such a big freak! Yucky yuck! Eewww! Weirdo! We get it.
>considering most women hate it,
As we’ve already established, not all women hate it, and you automatically assuming anon is fantasizing about doing it to some unwilling woman who would hate it is 100% your own invention.

No. 353127

i can really relate to your post nona and i think i've posted something similar in one of the fantasy threads before. may we find her someday nonichka…

No. 353224

File: 1697422731072.jpg (33.49 KB, 563x549, 988289208876cffc6c02f22334d761…)

oh Nonna, are you me? I made a similar post about exactly this in some other threads before. I'm in a small niche community and there's another fujo I'm obsessed with, I think about what It would be like to be with her. There's something about being a fujo or neet-adjacent girl that I'm so drawn to, maybe it’s the relatability? My childhood best friend was my first love and she was my first introduction to yaoi so that might be it lol.

No. 353239

it would probably be a little painful regardless of being on my period or not but this sounds so soothing to receive especially when bleeding.

No. 353441

Idk where to put this but, I regularly watch tied up gangbang and double penetration videos. And I heavily fantasize about being brutalized and gangbanged against my will. What is wrong with me? It feels really abnormal like, I would never tell my girl friends I want this to happen to me. All of those videos are very violent and hateful towards the women but I love it? Help(read the OP)

No. 353442

Tbf I went through that myself due to too much hentai/porn before, so you're not alone.
Once you sever yourself from that type of content and the weird glamorization of it (because in those media forms the woman is pretending to enjoy it like it's the best thing since sliced bread, and as if it's the most easy and natural act ever, which it isn't), you slowly move away from fantasizing about having it done to you.
It'll pass, nonna. Especially once you'll come to the realization that IRL sex and porn/hentai is like comparing apples to oranges.

No. 353443

Fucking gross, did you even read the thread description? Lurk more and feel shame

No. 353452

You're pornsick, cut out porn for 3 months then come back

No. 353461

>brutalized and gangbanged against my will
you will have a very hard time finding women who would do that to you, even the fucked-up traumatised bippies are all strict bottoms.

No. 353489

She’s a lost newfag and is not even talking about women. Barf.

No. 354071

why can’t I eat her pussy. I would probably be healed like a biblical miracle if I could eat her pussy. I think it would help me understand the universe. My problem is I do too much thinking and am not able to just eat her pussy.

No. 354095

File: 1697878184340.jpg (34.34 KB, 565x434, mxsxblj844f61.jpg)

i definitely have somnophilia. i want to wake up and a woman is going to town on my pussy. ive heard some couples wake each other up with oral and i NEED that

No. 354097

Same, but I would love to wake up a partner like that. There is something about touching your loved one when they are dreaming, in a perfectly relaxed state that seem so enticing
one of my fantasy is to observe a girl when she is having a wet dream, I know some women can have orgasm while sleeping. I want to put my head between her spread open thighs and see what happen down there, for scientific reasons

No. 354126

Well, I never thought of it before but now I want to do that too. Damn. That’s hot.

No. 354256

old old post but is it caitlin fitzgerald?

No. 354263

you’re so real for this, nonna

No. 354435

>i picture us cosplaying cute anime boys together and doing all kinds of scenes
god this. why is this so sexy? i guess i just think the typical animu boy style looks really good on girls kek.

No. 354518

Nonna this reminded me of my first gf who I would RP yaoi with. In reality I never was a fujoshi but I enjoyed it so much, we even cosplayed 2 male characters from a famous ship.
Nowaday I love to crossplay and take pictures with other female crossplayers, and having girl fawn over your cosplay of their fav

No. 354675

I kinda wish I could goon with a nonette

No. 354681

What the fuck is that it sounds like retarded 4chan speak

No. 354926

>>354518 yes! i'm not too into cosplay but women cosplaying bishies just gets me kek. (especially the angsty kind, like Litchi Hikari Club characters)
anyhow i'm really glad you guys relate

No. 354952

I have a long distance boyfriend but I've started liking a tguy. I dont find my boyfriend attractive and this guy makes me feel something different. I kind of feel like he might like me a little because he tends to playfully tease me. I was watching him look through his camera roll and saw nsfw art of girls, and it kind of awoke something in me that I didnt know i felt about him. I also feel weird because im 20 and hes almost 19, ive never been interested in someone younger than me before. I just needed to get this off my chest, I feel so guilty for having these feelings.

No. 354954

No. 354957

I know i know, I dont really see it that way either but thats not the thing that matters to me. I know i like girls

No. 354963

Wrong thread

No. 354965

fapping together for hours

No. 355176

same but I'd be too embarrassed to bring that upp

No. 355177

wanna do it together

No. 355181

Are you female? Kek

No. 355236

this but not gooning ( its moid tier and we female can cum so many time in one sitting so no need to edge for hours ).I do know some gay nonnas but would never bring that up lol. I find mutual masturbation or phone sex so hot, but maybe because women's breathing and moaning is so exquisite.

No. 355249

ofc and I can prove it
leave contact

No. 355281

Man I just want to tie up an older lady and slowly kiss her all over. Is that too much to ask?

No. 355321

No. 355324

and what's your problem? keep scrolling

No. 355325

No. 355326


No. 355327


No. 355328


No. 355335

My discord username is 0020955

No. 355434

I’m curious about something. Nonnies, are your fantasies mostly about you doing XYZ to a woman, or about a woman doing XYZ to you? For me my fantasies are 90% about pleasuring instead of being pleasured, although I can enjoy fantasies of that type as well, they just don’t pop up as…urgently? kek

No. 355466

For some reason that dumb fanfiction trope of “they’re injured and need to get off, but can’t due to the injury, so you have to help them” has been in my brain. If she was embarrassed to need my help it would be even hotter. I’d ask her how she usually does it which would really embarrass her and make her describe it, and then I’d start off with that but eventually get more passionate until I switch to eating her out and drop any pretense of “just helping.”

No. 355469

Nonna…I want this done to me oh my god. I’m glad there are women like you out there

No. 355470

oh my god, i never thought about this before but now this is all i'll be thinking of. seeing her pussy slowly get more aroused and her breaths getting more harsh and shallow, and she's trying to constrain herself at first but by the end completely lets go.

No. 355483

Same nonna, sexiest would be sitting on the ground, back on a wall or against a sofa, thighs spread open with the injuried one ( probably like broken wrist ) sitting in the same position between the leg of the other. The one doing the work as her head on the shoulder of the injuried one to hear what she say and look what her hand is doing. The closeness is what get me.

No. 355502

Nayrt but I'm also interested, email me and I will add you on discord

No. 355515

Be sure to report back and tell us how many of you are male.

No. 355529

No. 355590

But you don't even have an email attached? kekk

No. 355595


here it is wexwohh@proton.me

I will, nonnalalita

No. 355610

I'll email you when I have time tonight(derailing/this is not a dating site)

No. 355734

Tell me when you sent a mail so I think about checking it(derailing/this is not a dating site)

No. 355768

This thread is not OKCupid

No. 355772

kek omg

No. 355773

I want to hump her upper leg while she’s sitting fully dressed humiliating me about it

No. 355777

Wtf is going on here

No. 355786

Usually I'm on the receiving end but the past few days I've been more focused on giving. Her orgasm in the fantasy lines up with mine IRL even though fantasy-me is totally untouched. Maybe it's just a phase but I'm having fun.
Very nice nonny

No. 355804

I used to think of myself as a complete submissive but I keep thinking about absolutely dominating another girl so much. Like watching her squirm under me while I finger her and making her think her body has finally given up before managing to get another orgasm out of her. Having her sit on my lap afterwards while I play with her hair.

No. 355831

i just want a lanky woman to hold me or i want to hold her… i'm just so enchanted by tall women with long limbs especially if they're delicately built. idk I just think it's so cute and adorable. Coincidentally gibbons are my favorite animals…? I guess long limbs = cute in my mind

No. 355892

I want to caress and kiss her hands all over and hold them against my face. I wish I could just hold and play with them all day.

No. 355893

i know i shouldn’t and i feel kinda dirty but i fantasize about my frenemy and fucking our problems out

No. 355906

this is so wholesome

No. 355960

late to this nonna but holy fuck this is my biggest fantasy too. bonus points if she's a wealthy powerful woman who just feels lonely and longs for that connection, and it makes her go batshit insane over me. i fantasise about her dressing me up in what she wants me to wear. it starts off with me chained up, but to reward me for sustained good behaviour she over time lets me cuddle her on the couch and rest my head on her chest while she works. the kidnapping is hot but the stockholm syndrome kicking in is the best part

No. 356298

I love tall, awkward women. In my next life I hope I get a tall, awkward gf.

No. 356546

Fuck being social. Fuck nanowrimo. Fuck work. Fuck school. Everything is useless until I sit down and watch a movie with her and scissor with her until we both climax after. Think of how amazing that would feel, the wetness of both of our pussies rubbing against each other, the friction, oh my fucking god. I’m tingling.

I think you can tell I’m a virgin by how I wrote this.

No. 356922

I’m sorry I know this is nasty but I have a huge fantasy of putting on the underwear she has been wearing when she’s ovulating (and the underwear is wet with a lot of discharge) and masturbating with them on. I just know the wet feeling of the fabric on my pussy would turn me on so much. Bonus if I have another pair to smell when I’m doing it. it’s honestly like my biggest fantasy lately but I know it’s totally weird and maybe creepy and I am kind of ashamed.

No. 356951

why are anons always apologizing for mundane shit like this kek this is /g/. it's only creepy if you stole them and the lack of consent is a big part of the fantasy but even then who gives a shit??? it's not real. also it's hot and i would do that to a girl/be happy if she did it to me

No. 356971

Ayrt, idk, I guess because I associate underwear stuff with moids and troons… so I felt creepy wanting to wear the underwear if my crush since that sounds like something a troon would coom over. I’m a little relieved to hear you don’t think it’s that bad because I generally have a lot of underwear fantasies I’ve been ashamed of kek

No. 357012

Nah it's very normal imo or at least it makes sense when compared to more bizarre fetishes. Underwear = sexy is a very obvious train of thought it's not owned by moids or troons and you have nothing to be ashamed of. If you think it would help then you should post the other things you thought about.

No. 357025

File: 1699155887282.png (176.92 KB, 712x630, tylur_coldflusevere_712x630.pn…)

I want to care for her when she's sick in bed, I'd get her anything she needs and try to make her as comfortable as possible and make sure she drinks lots of fluids and cuddle her and stroke her hair and kiss her head without caring if I will get sick. But then if I do get sick I also fantasize about her doing the same for me. I have a thing for injury/sickness fantasies, maybe because it kicks my affection instinct into overdrive. I don't have any maternal instinct for children whatsoever, but it seems like I do have it in abundance for lovers… I wonder why

No. 357070

Kind of lame but I think it's so hot when a woman has her nails done and she touches her pussy or another's with her painted nails. I just like the visual of colored nails going inside or caressing. Not extended gel/acrylics though, kek, just short, natural painted nails. It looks pretty to me.

No. 357178

File: 1699226954993.png (113.32 KB, 356x249, espon5a.png)

i want to have access to her football or soccer should i say for the americans jersey right after she's done playing. i'm going insane. I NEEEEED IIIIITTTTTTT

No. 357354

this girl has been flirting with me online constantly and we’ve been roleplaying our fantasies. i wish we knew each other irl so we could make it actually happen

No. 357533

File: 1699424126994.jpg (8.11 KB, 270x186, images.jpg)

>>357025(shitposting/ bait)

No. 357619

Get closer to her and maybe you can meet up

No. 357646

we live in different countries, though she is offering to send me sexy stuff to take pictures in it. i want to take her up on it but i’m a little worried about my address

No. 357875

I want to bury my face in her bush and breath in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

No. 358305

I know its bad to think about her but I had a dream last night where she was wearing a bikini and her tits looked so fat and pretty. Didn’t help that she had just gotten out of the ocean and they were dripping wet. Fuck.

No. 358306

I understand, I also have dreams about someone I shouldn't be dreaming about anymore, it's excruciating. And I hate that i love the dreams. In my case at least, I wish I could just make them stop because they're making it so hard for me to move on when she's in my dreams and my whole soul wants to go to her.

No. 358407

I sent an email

No. 358576

I want to spend an entire day in bed with my crush teasing her and having slow lazy sex. At the start I’d ask her how many orgasms she thinks I’ll give her today and i’d count them up every time she comes. Of course I’d beat her number, and I’d tease her about that and what a nympho she is as we pass by the estimate.

No. 358627

File: 1699906812148.jpeg (92.08 KB, 828x802, 182629983833.jpeg)

i'm ovulating and reading all of these posts is like torture. i want to yell. especially the posts about wanting to smell a woman's underwear - if i was dating someone and found her doing that to my clothes i think it would make me so horny i'd explode

No. 358776

File: 1699994845684.jpg (17.6 KB, 604x604, heurgh.jpg)

i am going to die thinking about small boobs and the way they look outlined by shirts when they're braless. there is probably nothing more erotic to me i feel like i'm going to have a heart attack. oh my fucking god

No. 358827

same i looovvveee small boobs. I think part of it though is that all of my extended family and myself have small boobs so I'm very used to them, and not at all to big ones kek. Sometimes I see someone with really big boobs and wonder how that even works in daily life, kek, it's so foreign to me.

No. 358839

File: 1700016755203.jpeg (105.54 KB, 720x1280, 87A7F5F0-BE8D-4AD4-8DD1-76674C…)

I want to sit in a bathtub with a woman and bathe her. I’d caress every single part of her body until we can’t take it anymore and go fuck.

No. 358980

My dream is to date a woman who is much taller than me but super submissive in bed.

Yesss. I have a similar fantasy, but it involves a shower instead.

No. 359583

I want to eat her pussy right after she wakes up and is still super sleepy and cute. sort of related, i want to know what her warm bedsheets smell like…

No. 359584

I should add, this is an unrealistic fantasy because there is no way I'd ever wake up before another person i sleep like a rock kekkkk

No. 359593

I NEED to grab her by her hips and pull her close up against me, I want to put our hips and bellies in close contact

No. 359605

I feel embarassed and guilty about how flustered this has me, but I recently bisited an esthetician for the first time. After she gave me a facial, the way she applied moisturizer to my lips and stroked my hair for a while while talking to me was so… aaaaah. I'm touch-starved and it was unexpected, and I keep feeling fluttery over it.

No. 359663

I wanna take a shower with a girl. Not bath, a shower. I have a little stool in my shower that I sit on when chronic pain, and I want to sit there, and feel her hands wash my hair, with her longer nails scratching my scalp. I want to do the same to her, help her wash her back because it’s easier when another person does that. I want to shave together, then eat her out seconds after shaving clean so I can taste her even better.

No. 359670

I want her to strap me from behind and feel her hip bones up against my butt and her lips right behind my ear. I’d probably faint of pleasure if she growled a little in my ear in that gorgeous voice.
Usually I have the reverse fantasy, but lately I’ve been craving being the one on the bottom.

No. 359787

I want to get a woman off while she’s on her period

No. 359788

Probably not the first two days though, that might be too messy kek

No. 359789

When I first fully realized I was a lesbian, I was almost always on the bottom, but now I’m almost always on the top. Not sure why this is, especially since I’ve pretty much been fantasizing about a specific person the whole time.

No. 359807

I want to know what she smells like under all the soap and perfume. I really want to catch her right when she wakes up and put my face in her warm neck and smell.

No. 360042

File: 1700455808117.jpeg (23.15 KB, 250x153, 0C290A46-8696-4E54-A35C-0D90D9…)

What is even the point of living if ill never get to fuck her

No. 360089

kind of messed up but i really want a girl to rape me. preferably someone i know like a friend in my sleep or something. i want someone to want me so much that they become fucked up in the head. (wouldn’t want this with a male though.)

another one i’ve been obsessed with lately is the thought of a skinny tomboyish girl with a lot of stamina tribbing on top of me. the though of her hips gyrating while becoming increasingly desperate is so hot to me. there’s something so erotic about women’s hips thrusting in general. i want her to thrust her pussy over and over again in my mouth while she orgasms. i’m thinking of one person specifically with this fantasy too and it kills me because it will never happen. i’ve never wanted someone so bad. so horny i’m basically feeling suicidal at this point

No. 360112

NO for real. I was just about to make an almost identical post kek. I’m ready to throw a tantrum and kill myself about it god damn ittt

No. 360113

Kek samefag but I made this post and didn’t even read >>360089 but
> i’m thinking of one person specifically with this fantasy too and it kills me because it will never happen. i’ve never wanted someone so bad. so horny i’m basically feeling suicidal at this point
I’m in the same damn boat exactly, fml. Life is pain, life is suffering

No. 360257

I spend all day at work fantasizing about having sex with my female manager. I just want her to call. I want her to show up (I work offsite). In the past I’ve always felt a chemistry between us but then the other week she was around and it just seemed very matter of fact friendly but platonic. Don’t know how to make my dreams a reality. Maybe if I have another job lined up one day I can throw a grenade into my employment and tell her I want to fuck her.

No. 360266

File: 1700541612631.jpeg (121.36 KB, 828x971, IMG_8683.jpeg)

Same nona. She fucking hates me. I think she feels hurt and thinks I don’t like her but the opposite is actually true. I can’t chase after her and tell her I’m actually in love with her because there’s a chance she really does hate me because I’m cringe or creepy or whatever the fuck. Anyways I want really rough sex with her and then afterwards to tell her I’ve loved her all along. I feel like crying and throwing up and throwing plates because there’s nothing I can do about any of this FUCK

No. 360276

>I want to be reborn as her lover in my next life.

valid, same nonny

No. 360440

I want to kiss her little belly pooch.

No. 360627

I have fantasies about me being a rich man and her being my cute newlywed housewife. For some reason in my fantasies I’m a little bit of a manlet and my snobby businessman friends make fun of us for her being taller than me, but it doesn’t bother me because I think she’s extra cute that way. But she has a complex about her height, so I make sure to treat her like a princess and tell her how adorable she is. I’d be very proud to have her at my side when we go to fancy corporate events, because with her tall but feminine frame she looks great in a dress. I’d be itching to get home and subtly touching her on her waist in a purposeful way all night, and we’d excuse ourselves early once we couldn’t stand it anymore and have passionate sex over the kitchen counter as soon as we got home. I’d pull her dress up and her underwear down, and she’d already be wet and desperate for me to mount her. And then maybe she’d get pregnant from that night and we’d have a cute baby.

No. 360642

i am once again here to say that i want to kiss and sniff and rub my face against a lady's fully grown bush

No. 360703

you and me both nona

No. 360705

I saw her kiss someone, and the way her nose squished made my breath hitch. I really love her cute big nose, I wish it would squish on MY face. I’d also love to feel her breath through her nose on my face, I’d melt. Ah, fuck my life, I’m so jealous I could die, it hurts so bad anons. I wish I didn’t see her kiss him, I’ll never get it out of my head. Trying not to cry all over myself.

No. 360792

Do you ever feel like your fantasies are counterproductive to your life? i feel like I get too fixated on impossible things that will never happen, and the more I fantasize about them, the more depressed I get that I'll never have that. I'm thinking about trying to wean myself off of fantasizing because it's crushing my soul too much, but idk how to do it since I'm legitimately addicted.

No. 360810

Sometimes nona but I also feel empty and uninspired without any fantasies. On balance I think they help because otherwise life does just feel gray and boring. I think it’s a natural part of being human, especially if you are creative. I know mine are (mostly) impossible, definitely improbable so they take on a supernatural element (another life, going back in time, being someone else etc). Dream on my nonnie, and don’t feel bad about it.

No. 360824

Sorry to hear you've been feeling depressed nonna. I also used to cry a lot over fantasies that wouldn't come true, or at least seemed far away. I think it's important to know the difference between things that are actually impossible and things that just haven't happened yet, like attaining an unattainable person vs being loved in general. Maybe ywnb with that woman in particular, but one day you can be with a different one. Not sure what your hangup is so I'm speaking from personal experience. Bottom line is that it's normal and healthy to want love, affection, sex, and companionship. What you're desiring, at its core, is beautiful. Try to just accept the present moment, including how much it hurts, and find some real things that you already have to be grateful for.

No. 361044

First one: Gynecologist appointmments make me nervous (uncharted territory) so i picture the doctor as a smug older woman who verbally educates me on my anatomy as she brings me to an orgasm. She'd act like it's an innocent explanation while i'm writhing and wetting myself under her
Second one: I really, really want to feel female ejaculation, preferably on my face. I fantasize about a reunion with my first (mutual) crush (nerdy, shorter than me). I want to hold her, the two of us facing a mirror, as i figure out her sensitive spots and note them out loud to embarrass her a little. I want to play with her big, easily gorged clit, until she can clearly see it peeking from under her pubes. I'd finish her off by eating her out, mouth fused to her vulva, not even moving (especially not moving) when she starts to facefuck me without realizing it, before squirting and drowning me. I'd wonder if it's actually urine on me and not care because i want her scent so bad This is the most coherent string of images i can muster. Usually i get so horny it feels like oxygen is leaving my brain and i picture us cannibalizing each other kek

No. 361149

Your doctor fantasy reminds me of when I was on meds that killed my libido and I couldn't cum from masturbation anymore. I'd fantasize about seeing a doctor in her mid-30s for this problem, and she would force me to tell her in detail how I tried and failed to make myself cum, and then she'd lay me down and finger-fuck me to orgasm a few times. Even better if it's an "open floor" with no private rooms, like in physical therapy, so everyone can see the mess she's making of me.

No. 361163

my new neighbor is so beautiful and elegant and i've got the biggest crush imaginable on her. she's like one of the most enigmatic people i've ever encountered. idk how someone who is so interesting and so jarringly my type (that it's almost unbelievable) could even exist much less exist right next to me. it's like i manifested her into my life lmao. i also recently found out she's a lesbian which is crazy since the town i'm from is fairly backwards and homophobic and just not the kind of place you'd expect someone like her to live. we've spoken a few times, only like once or twice. she's very soft spoken and shy so it hasn't gone past more than small talk, or casual hellos, but i keep fantasizing that we'll fall in love. i made her blush and smile the last time we talked and all i can think about is how i want to do it again. i'm down so bad, i've honestly never wanted another person so bad before in my life.

No. 361168

anon you realize you have to just ask her out right, it's fate

No. 361170

i agree with the other anon. do it. you have to…

No. 361171

i agree too, nona please do it! and post updates

No. 361188

Everyone here has been on the same frustrated page as me lately. I don’t know what’s causing it.

No. 361190

I think the absolute sexiest pose a woman can be in is lounging with her hips turned sideways and legs together with the knees tucked up a bit. The way this pose displays her pussy, like just peeking out from between her butt and thighs, is THE sexiest ever and it gets me wet just imagining this one simple pose, every time, like an instant horny switch. Especially if I imagine seeing her pubic hair curling onto her upper thigh…ugh. And I can't lie, the way her feet are cozy together in this pose is so cute that it's definitely part of it.
Is there any particular pose that really gets you guys going, or am I weird for having this specific thing? kek

No. 361192

I didnt realize that was about frenemies whoops

No. 361196

This is weird but I wish there was somehow a way I could eat a woman’s pussy while she’s standing up. Probably not logistical or comfortable, though, if its possible. It’s just the ultimate show of dominance when someone stands up during sex while the other person is literally kneeling on the ground. Like yes, please control me.

No. 361211

no this is normal dont worry

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