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No. 71238

This thread is for discussing the results of the Jan 22 - Feb 5 Hellweek of 2024.

It was requested in the original Hellweek thread that we provide some statistics, so we've spent some time putting together a spreadsheet with some stats which you can access here! Please note that the spreadsheet has 2 pages which you can switch using the tabs at the bottom. The first page is statistics about users, and the second page is statistics specifically about moderation.

For those who don't have the time to read that, here is a brief overview (the spreadsheet has more detailed information):
>Total posts
>Total reports
>Unique posting IPs
>Unique posting devices
>% of posts that are by VPN users
>Total bans
>Total permanent bans
>Top 3 most common ban reasons
Derailing, infighting and lack of sage
>Top 3 most banned threads
The Celebricows thread, the Shayna/Dolly Mattel thread, and the Twitter/Tumblr Fandom Discourse Thread

No. 71239

Hellweek FAQs

>Why is blackpill posting outside of /2X/ considered bait?

Many anons who post blackpill opinions outside of /2X/ do it in a way that inevitably leads to accusations of them being male, dozens of reports, follow up infights etc. Whether or not they intended to start an infight, it still always causes one, so in the end it amounts to bait either way. Blackpill posts made in a way where it's clear they are earnestly held female opinions would not be considered bait, but instead of posts like that we get “all women who have hetsex are cockbreath whores”. Treating these posts as bait is based entirely on the response they generate rather than any opinion on blackpill feminism itself or a desire to censor it.

>During Hellweek, why did you ban users reporting other users as moids?

Please see our earlier post regarding this here >>68121
As we said in the original Hellweek thread:
>Reporting someone you disagree with for being a moid/tranny will receive a ban.
To reiterate, no plausible male accusation will receive a ban. We are not banning users for reporting posts that sound scrotelike (for example the blackpill posts mentioned above) or are otherwise breaking the rules even if they are not correct. The reports that we are taking action against are those that are either made in bad faith (to get back at users the reporter disagrees with) or are the result of unreasonable paranoia (we get many “moid/troon” reports on posts that are entirely benign, on topic and not breaking any rules, because of wrongthink or users thinking they don’t sound “female” enough).

>Why is accusing other users of being male bannable (troonfoiling/scrotefoiling)?

If you suspect that a poster is a scrote or a tranny, then you shouldn’t be responding to them in the first place. Men posting here are doing so to get a reaction, and replying to them just encourages them. As with all other forms of bait, we ask you to report and ignore. If the person you are responding to is a genuine board user, you’re causing an infight for no reason based on your incorrect feeling that a woman cannot post that way. There is no good outcome of making posts accusing other anons of being male.

>Are you planning to remove any offtopic boards (/g/, /m/, /ot/)?

We have no intention of closing any of the offtopic boards. While we believe that the primary reason this site exists is to document/discuss lolcows, we also acknowledge the importance of an anonymous and male-free space for women to socialize and we have no intention of removing that. We simply do not want the site to be driven by users who are here exclusively for those spaces.

>Why are you targeting the Dumbass Shit thread specifically?

The primary issue with the Dumbass Shit Thread from our perspective is the dedicated users that it attracts who refuse to integrate when they post outside the thread. Many of the obvious instances of newfaggotry, lack of integration and bait are made by posters who have 80% of their posts in Dumbass Shit. Frequently these users continue posting like they’re in the thread when they do venture out, leading to infights/reports/complaints from other users. We don’t really feel like these specific users belong on the site (especially because they continually refuse to integrate despite warnings/bans) but they ban evade and continue to come back. Obviously not everyone who uses the thread falls into that category and we understand that many users want a place to shitpost, which is why we decided to lower the posting quality requirements in that thread and autosage it rather than remove it. If we actually wanted to kill it, we’d ban the topic/remove the thread.

>Why aren’t you closing other threads that have worse cases of infighting/bait etc.?

Dumbass Shit isn’t closed, it’s autosaged. The users can continue to make new threads as it fills up and use those threads however they like (with the exception of serious rule breaking). As for why other threads are not locked or autosaged, we have discussed as a team whether or not to close the worst offenders (e.g. Unpopular Opinions) and we’re still keeping an eye on it. We aren’t ruling out closing them in the near future if things do not improve.

>Doing X thing will reduce traffic to the site!

Increasing traffic is not necessarily a good thing; we would prefer quality over quantity when it comes to site users. Driving away anons who refuse to integrate and do not contribute in a meaningful way is something we would actively prefer over being flooded with tourists and low quality posters. Of course we want the site to grow, but only if it’s in the right direction.

>Why aren’t you allowing the posting of general grievances in TIM/TIF etc. threads when they were allowed previously?

Threads on /snow/ were never really supposed to be used that way, and blogposting about personal experiences and grievances should always have been bannable. We acknowledge that the TIM and TIF threads are different to typical cow threads in that they don’t follow a handful of individuals in close detail, but the /snow/ rules about blogposting/derailing remain the same. We’re currently discussing potential solutions for handling the more “general” threads like these. For now we ask that you use the /2X/ thread for general trans venting, or create a new thread in /ot/ if needed.

>Why did you extend Hellweek? Was Hellweek effective?

We extended Hellweek because there were still a lot of rule breaking posts in the areas we were targeting (racebaiting and infighting in particular) being made towards the end of the first week and we felt that more time with both users and farmhands being extra vigilant would be beneficial. As for whether it has been effective, we believe that it has. In a few weeks when we have more data, we’d like to do a comparison of some statistics regarding posts/bans/reports etc. before and after Hellweek, to see if there is a measurable difference. We’ll report these statistics in /meta/ once we have them.

>Will there be more Hellweeks in the future?

Yes, we intend to have more Hellweeks throughout the year as needed.

>Why don’t you ban the use of VPNs?

The main reason is that we think that VPNs are an essential tool for ensuring your personal privacy and we do not want to take that option away from users, especially in a time when some of the discussions that are common here (e.g. expressing gender critical views) are potentially criminal in some countries.

>Are we having a townhall?

While we understand why users ask for townhalls, we have some hesitations regarding using them for important communication with users. Requiring users to be somewhere at a specific time to participate in a discussion isn’t ideal. No matter what time we pick, there will be a significant number of users who cannot make it due to having commitments, or it clashing with their timezone. As you can see from the statistics we posted, just under 50% of posters are in the USA, so if we picked a time convenient to US users, it wouldn’t suit the other 50%. Secondly, the users who make the time to attend may not be a representative sample of the users of the site in general. Using /meta/ as an example: while 5681 devices posted during Hellweek, only 494 of those devices made posts on /meta/, and Hellweek is a much busier time for /meta/ than otherwise. Relying on /meta/ posters alone to gauge the thoughts/needs of the entire user base would not be accurate for that reason. Finally, posts made on Cytube or elsewhere are not permanent. Users who miss them cannot go back and read them. We’d rather have the discussions here, where they can be archived and viewed at any time by both current and future users. While we are not ruling out having one in the future, we don’t have any plans for one at the moment.

>Are twitter/tiktok terms and behaviors (e.g. self-cens*ring) bannable?

When used in a way that signals lack of integration, yes, absolutely, please report them! The language used on this board has and will continue to change over time, but language that clearly signals a poster is a tourist is bannable.

>Why haven’t you banned/redtexted X, Y, Z post?

Generally, if a rulebreaking post has not been redtexted yet, either: a farmhand has not gotten to the report yet, it hasn’t been reported so we haven’t seen it, or the poster was banned for another post so that particular post was not redtexted. Generally it’s one redtext per ban, so if a user went and made 5 rule breaking posts in 5 different threads, only one of them would get redtexted because that user will get one long ban for their posts rather than 5 separate ones. In the past a lot of bans were just not redtexted at all, as that was a policy of previous admins. We have encouraged redtexting bans more frequently as we believe it increases transparency (even if it does make threads uglier/less welcoming).

>Why did it take you so long to post this?

Some of the statistics took more time to collate than others, and during the last week the admins have had conflicting schedules so they didn’t have time to sit down and go through these questions in detail together until now. We have also been discussing potential changes to the site with the senior members of staff, which has taken some time.

No. 71240

Upcoming Changes

We are still discussing some changes internally before suggesting them to users. In particular, these are changes regarding the more general gossip/milk threads such as the TIM/TIF threads and Celebricows (among others) that don't necessarily filt the mold of /snow/. We'll make a separate thread in the future to discuss those proposed changes once we are done considering them internally. We didn't want to delay releasing these results any further while we continued discussing those issues!

The changes that we intend to make are as follows:

We want the moderation process to be more transparent and consistent, so we are going to work on the following changes:
>Changes to internal moderation guidelines to make the most subjective ban reasons (e.g. derailing, off topic) more objective
>Making it possible for farmhands to respond to ban appeals with clarification (if needed), and shorten bans. As it is, it is not possible to reply to users and ban appeals can only be rejected or accepted, and there are occasions where shortening a ban would have been more appropriate than accepting/rejecting the appeal outright
>Posting site statistics more frequently, potentially having a page dedicated to showing live statistics

Make the site more user friendly, particularly for users who follow slow or autosaged threads:
>Make the catalog more performant, and add features such as the ability to search it
>Add the ability to pin/follow threads

No. 71241

>Finally, posts made on Cytube or elsewhere are not permanent. Users who miss them cannot go back and read them.
That's the whole point of a Townhall thread like what previous admins did.

No. 71242

Ok can we take dumbass shit off autosage now are we done

No. 71243

>Add the ability to pin/follow threads
Yes fucking thank you mods. I still dont understand why you dont move celebricows back to /snow/ though, all the problems in /ot/ started after that hellish thread was move. Normalfag celebrity spergs(who are almost always anachan lookspergs) don't mix well with the otherwise more chill ''radfem'' and weeby side of /ot/. Also, it's called 'celebricows', it obviously doesn't belong on /ot/.

No. 71244

>Newfag retard can't read anything posted above them
Fucking cocomelon TikTok newfags and their retardation.

No. 71245

Thank you admin, farmhands and the rest of the mod team for this. ♥

No. 71247

Please do something about the image/video dump threads constantly clogging up /m/ and killing any potential discussion

No. 71248

No I read the whole thing but I also don’t care and want dumbass shit back because that’s the backbone of /ot/

No. 71249

No the spergs in unpopular opinions, fandom drama and celebricows are clearly more important to the site.

No. 71251

No, you’re the exact type of worthless tiktokfag mods were talking about in the post.

No. 71252

I don’t understand the tiktok fag insult? How is it that you genuinely believe everyone who you disagree with is a little kid?

No. 71253

>we have some hesitations regarding using them for important communication with users
That is the sole purpose of townhall and that is why there are multiple townhall threads already. Is this fucking newfag hour? What the fuck is this?

No. 71255

Thank you admins for delivering and posting the stats and proposed updates.

As much as improving the catalog and adding pinning options is welcome, I second the request to create an /img/ to get all the image dump off of /m/. I know /m/ is a slow board but it deserves to be well maintained and usable. Pinning will not solve the issue that the board is messy and spammy and generally unpleasant to use. How will one find new threads created there? Very few threads are created on /m/ compared to before the picspam became untenable. Restoring its attractiveness and usability will get a lot of people out of /ot/ that shouldn't be there, like a lot of the retards fighting in fandom drama.

No. 71256

Thank you for posting the statistics. It's interesting to see.

>Make the site more user friendly, particularly for users who follow slow or autosaged threads:

>Make the catalog more performant, and add features such as the ability to search it
>Add the ability to pin/follow threads
A suggestion would be to make an official grease monkey extension specifically for LC. It may be easier to implement than wrestling with LC's aging IB software. It's been years since I used 4chan but I remember these features being included in 4chanX.

No. 71258

Very interesting and I respect the choices the farmhands have made, especially pinning and having a search button on the catalogs! Ty

No. 71261

You’re the admin and you can’t figure out a way to archive town hall posts? Lol

No. 71263

just use Dollchan nonnie

No. 71264

Really glad to hear about these upcoming changes:
>Changes to internal moderation guidelines to make the most subjective ban reasons (e.g. derailing, off topic) more objective
This is a step in the right direction. I also hope that a certain farmhand stops being so autistic about obvious jokes and sarcasm. It’s just embarrassing at this point
>Make the catalog more performant, and add features such as the ability to search it
>Add the ability to pin/follow threads
Fantastic. Thank you
However, regarding the following points, I’m not convinced cerbmin is adequately addressing the real issues here:
>The primary issue with the Dumbass Shit Thread from our perspective is the dedicated users that it attracts who refuse to integrate when they post outside the thread
Do you have any way to verify this? I have a hard time believing that anyone from twitter or tiktok is coming to this site specifically to post in the dumbass shit thread. When I saw the twitterfag accusations first being thrown around after dumbass shit was first locked during hellweek, I searched for “lolcow.farm” on both twitter and tiktok to see if anyone had name-dropped it recently. however, I found that there were barely any mentions of it at all. of course, it’s obvious that we do have anons here that use twitter speech and need to integrate better, but it isn’t 2014 when most internet users stuck mainly to one or two social media platforms. I think the average internet user today user browses most social media platforms, on occasion. rather than coming here directly from twitter or tiktok, I think most newfags find this site by googling cows, as I assume it’s always been post-cgl migration. therefore, I think the correlation between dumbass shit thread and newfags is vastly overstated and probably just wrong. we should be focusing on quality posting on cow boards instead. One way to do this is to reintegrate /w/ into /snow/, as /w/ has become a milkless cesspool of nitpicking and cows self-posting.
>As for whether [hellweek] has been effective, we believe that it has. In a few weeks when we have more data, we’d like to do a comparison of some statistics regarding posts/bans/reports etc. before and after Hellweek, to see if there is a measurable difference. We’ll report these statistics in /meta/ once we have them.
I’m entirely unconvinced that hellweek has been effective because I, and many other anons, it seems, have noticed a stark decline post-hellweek. I’ll wait for the update, as maybe you can prove otherwise, but I’m worried farmhands are willfully ignoring how they’ve contributed to the decline of this site and overselling their positive contributions in the last month or so

No. 71265

>Unique posting IPs: 8005

Am I the only one who feels like this can’t possibly be right? All boards are slower than they ever have been, and I am constantly running into anons I’ve previously talked to on other boards, and it feels more than ever like there’s less than like 50 people maximum posting regularly. I could make myself believe anything up to maybe 300 separate posters, but 8,000 just does not compute for me. I’m not accusing cerbmin of lying or anything, I just genuinely can’t wrap my mind around how this could be true. Is this because of baiters serially changing VPNs I wonder?

No. 71266

Especially for phoneposters, anons can have many different IP addresses just by connecting to a different wifi, so this is a poor measure of counting the number of active users. However, even if there were 8,000, that is actually a pretty small amount. Most users probably aren’t refreshing boards all day, but dropping in to lurk a bit, make a post or two, and leave

No. 71267

Unique IPs does not mean unique users. The majority of IPs are dynamic so a user may be posting with multiple IPs without realising it. Device ID is more accurate but even then one user can post with multiple devices.

No. 71268

Considering there's 5.6k unique devices and a lot of regular users use two devices I'd say there's probably around 4k posters or less. That number makes sense imo.

No. 71269

Cerbmin I have a suggestion. Could we put up a gofundme to buy one of the /g/ farmhands a webinar course for autistic people about on how to understand when people are making a joke? I jest, but she really has a problem with that and keeps labeling obvious jokes as bait/infighting, so I agree with your decision to make those bans follow more criteria.

No. 71271

This seems like a fair estimate, and it’s honestly concerning. I don’t disagree with cerbmin that we don’t want to expand in the wrong direction, but it feels like we’re losing anons every day, and it’s not necessarily newfags leaving. So many oldfags have already left because they’re sick of what the farm has become. We do need to expand the userbase of this site if we want it to survive
KEK I’ll donate a dollar to the autistic farmhand if it means we won’t get banned for sarcasm anymore

No. 71272

>This seems like a fair estimate, and it’s honestly concerning.
I wish we could compare it to previous data, but I doubt it had been logged properly since the past few admins were doing a very lackluster job in general. I feel like we definitely peaked during the pandemic for obvious reasons. The bunker threads on cc went by crazy fast and when you think about it only a fraction of the lc population probably even knew about those threads.
I'm a bit torn on the population topic, on one hand I wouldn't mind lc becoming a tad more niche but generally well behaved and comfortable, on the other hand I wouldn't mind a more chaotic and active imageboard but I feel like that would get tiring fast.

No. 71274

>For now we ask that you use the /2X/ thread for general trans venting, or create a new thread in /ot/ if needed.

So making troon threads on /ot/ is allowed again? Based if true.

No. 71277

I also assumed that’s what this meant, thank you cerbmin if so

No. 71279

if we get manhate renaissance I’ll sing praises and proselytize in the streets

No. 71281

I just posted about brainstorming a new GC /ot/ thread in https://lolcow.farm/2X/res/21342.html if nonnas could help me out. Sorry for the off-topic post, but the trans vent thread is currently the most active thread in /2X/. We can brainstorm elsewhere if nonnas have any suggestions

No. 71282

Samefag, not sure why the link didn’t convert like it should

No. 71287

>Top 10 most banned threads
>Celebricows = 104
Why am I not surprised!

No. 71288

I'm generally happy with everything posted & the outcomes but this bugs me a bit:
>We’d rather have the discussions here, where they can be archived and viewed at any time by both current and future users
The discussions in /meta/ tend to be only between users, majority of posts here get no response from staff. I'm not saying respond to every "why was I banned", I mean a lot of relevant questions here don't get acknowledged.

No. 71289

>Top 3 most banned threads . . .
So the three threads that anons have been saying are the newfag and bait magnets turned out to be, but we are ignoring that and just culling dumbass shit and probably unpopular opinions? Kek

No. 71290

That read as responsibility dodging to me tbh

No. 71293

Thanks for updating us. I think most of the changes are cool. I'm excited to see the new catalogue search.

No. 71296

You're the exact reason why the rest of us can't have dumbass shit thread anymore.

No. 71297

Unpopular opinion but I think /w/ should stay. Worst board but I don't see how combining it with /snow/ would make it better. The pixielocks thread is the highlight of it and the way it is now is better than having to constantly scroll through other /snow/ threads and finding it. I like opening /w/ and always seeing it there. Pixielocks anons are like their own type of community.
It also has important /cgl/ legacy cows like Dakota and Venus in it.
I think if Town Halls were scheduled more frequently, the problem that they describe wouldn't be so bad, the responses would be immediate on both ends vs a bunch of anons complaining and never getting an answer and baiting on /meta/. The movie night girls schedule their cytube pretty well for example.
I agree with creating that /img/ board for image dumping and letting /m/ be its own beast, though I'm scared that /img/ might be too desolate. One other suggestion I have is to create another board for community focused drama instead of individuals and take a lot of that type of threads, specially the ones in /ot/, over there. I would love to see /com/ becoming a reality and it has great potential to grow.

No. 71298

it only includes threads active during hellweek(s). dumbass shit was locked so it's not there obviously. mods were already sick of dumbass shit thread before hellweek they probably just didn't want it back once they thought about it more.

No. 71299

just leave /w/ and /snow/ separate, yes. It was dumb to split off /w/ in the first place and it has made chronological link archives broken/annoying. Merging them back together will just make everything worse now. The people who dislike /w/ don't need to visit that board. I agree that it is an important place for legacy cows and their archives.

No. 71300

There’s tons of live chats which could be used for townhall that have archiving but I’ll let our totally awesome tech project manager admins figure that out for themselves. They reply so infrequently here with loads of time to put together a response, do you really think they’d be able to handle a live chat?

No. 71301

The stats don't mean much but the rest is … just great. I'm wondering if this is some weird mirror-world. Either way, love it.
Town Hall as a forum of some sort vs a live event draws way more participation. No timezone bullshit either.
This is a pretty solid vision statement - yeah, I know, I know - that splits up userbase and staff and examines both.

No. 71305

Combining /w/ with /snow/ would be beneficial because low-quality threads would be drowned out. I understand not wanting to see the retards of /w/ in /snow/, but hopefully the ability to pin threads would circumvent this issue. I just don’t see the value of keeping such a shitty, outdated board like /w/. Another anon somewhere in /meta/ mentioned that if we merge /w/ and /snow/ and add /img/, we’ll still have the same number of boards that would offer more organized and quality posting

No. 71307

You would also need to take in account that the anons on /w/ and /snow/ feel different now, like twin sisters but with a bit of different personalities. One is an edgy egirl camwhore, the other is slow and has autism. I'd even say that most /w/ cows are not offensive at all if you compare it to tradthots and troons. /w/ is the retarded-chan part of the gossip imageboard family (if you don't count /shay/) but I think it's still necessary. Like an anon above mentioned, it would make linking old threads pretty hellish if we don't keep it.

No. 71308

and /shay/ would be that one weird cousin always locked up inside a cellar

No. 71309

Please, PP again in /ot/ would be so good. The former admin only banned it after a failed poll that was notoriously disliked by everyone. And board culture has only continued to deteriorate with newfags being tradthots, pickmes, men etc since this time. Just goes to show that PP and GC threads were never an issue to begin with.

No. 71310

I'd love this.

No. 71313

I highly doubt the 2018-19 PP anons are still here after how they got treated. Also the GC crowd is too different from PP for them to even be compared. PP were based in a way the GC trad boomers will never be.

No. 71314

You're probably right but a girl can dream.

No. 71315

Manifesto-chan is among us still, even to this day. She posts where she can in radfem cows, varg vikernes, coquettes, leftcows. Where the chance to hate men is present she will post. Her posts all inevitably get hit with (derailing) because she is too based for the mods.

No. 71316

File: 1708395991881.jpeg (265.32 KB, 1242x559, 1706378731929.jpeg)

so picrel was considered bait then?

No. 71318

File: 1708397741353.gif (1.82 MB, 540x405, b39e585c421e2c5e08425fa436bd55…)

i doubt most of the userbase would install the extension, it's useless unless it's actually on the site. it needs to be something everyone can use with 0 effort. i think mods should switch to like…a newer ib system. i really think this would be a great idea, you can keep the current themes. try jschan https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan

No. 71319

I don’t get this, this is a true fact. I’ve read about it before. I understand why calling women “cockbreath” gets banned as blackpill, but if something is an actual documented fact about moids, how is that deserving of a blackpill ban?

No. 71320

>One is an edgy egirl camwhore.
>The other is slow and has autism.
>/shay/ is the Lillee Jean of the boards.
These descriptions fully made me laugh out loud. Such an honest and true descriptions. I agree with you and >>71297, I think /w should stay a different board because the culture of /w is really different. /w is the board I post the most on, when I browse /pt or /snow I very rarely post. No hate to the snow/pt posters, I love reading their stuff, but I just don't feel like I ever have anything to say or add when compared to my /w threads.
Last time an admin tried to update the look of the website (I think it was like a year ago now) there was like a popular revolution that ended up with her abdicating in shame. I think any cosmetic update to the site would have to be very gradual.

No. 71321

you're acting like it was solely due to the fact that she tried to update it and not because it was an absolute mess of a babby's first CSS project that ended up deleting the original website

No. 71322

Kek I didn't know about all that part because I'm retarded about computers. When it happened I honestly decided to stop using lc for a while because of how ugly it got, but then I came back 2 weeks later to check Jill's thread and it was back to the old format so I stuck around.

No. 71323

>Treating these posts as bait is based entirely on the response they generate rather than any opinion on blackpill feminism itself or a desire to censor it.
This is poor logic especially since the community has become more trad and pickme infested as time has gone on. There's a reason why 2x is dead except for the tranny threads. Because people here have a reached a consensus of hatred towards tranny and gay males but not their nigels, nigels are not like other males. You're effectively allowing retards to vet others which will inevitably be the tyranny of the majority which are pickmes and trads now. This is a bias whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Nigel and moid friendly discussions are not censored, why are moid critical discussions flagged as 'derailing?'.

No. 71324

if cerbmin does update the catalog, can you please make dark themes carry over perhaps? whenever I open the catalog it blinds me with it’s perpetual whiteness

No. 71326

1. what does "none" bans by board mean as opposed to automatic?

>2% of /m/ posts resulted in a ban
>2% of /g/ posts resulted in a ban
>3% of /ot/ posts resulted in a ban
>9% of /snow/ posts resulted in ban
>10% of /pt/ posts resulted in a ban
>10% of /w/ posts resulted in a ban
the chatty boards seem to be the best behaved so i dunno why you're blaming low quality posting and the "degradation of the board's culture" on these boards

3. i can't get much from these posting stats without knowing how many phonefags there are

>finally adding a search function to catalog
coming in 2032

No. 71328

>As for why other threads are not locked or autosaged, we have discussed as a team whether or not to close the worst offenders (e.g. Unpopular Opinions) and we’re still keeping an eye on it. We aren’t ruling out closing them in the near future if things do not improve
It honestly does not make any sense that you guys thought to autosage the dumbass shit thread during hellweek but somehow not any of the other threads

No. 71330

See your post doesn't feel like bait, and I agree with you. But even when there were more radfems around, blackpilled shit like saying cockbreath was frowned upon by radfem nonnies. I miss them too but they went away with all the raids.

No. 71331

That's the one redtext I don't agree with at all

No. 71332

This would be based but won't it be full of trad?

No. 71333

How are there so many users from Pakistan? Is it all pakichan posting? That seems kind of random.

No. 71335

>I agree with creating that /img/ board for image dumping and letting /m/ be its own beast, though I'm scared that /img/ might be too desolate
Why would it be desolate? On the contrary, having its own board would actually allow it space to grow. As things stand now the picspam threads compete for viable real estate with both /g/ and /m/ discussion threads, picspam only slightly behind in /g/ as compared to /m/ because of the bottomless need of nonnies for relationship advice. Having its own board for picpspam (that includes "attractive/unattractive X men/women I would/would not fuck" and "ugly-actor-fagging n. 45") would refresh /m/, give it back its space as a media board, and encourage curious new nonnies to explore /img/ and create new types of picspam threads. Archive links wouldn't be an issue as they could just link back to /m/, same as moved threads do now.

No. 71336

>(blackpill in /snow/)
I wonder

No. 71338

>Make the catalog more performant, and add features such as the ability to search it
>Add the ability to pin/follow threads
YES, oh my god thank you

No. 71341

My same exact thoughts, it adds to the cringe pakichan lore kek

No. 71343

there arent that many of us (if i have to guess id say only 10 ,most are mixed or Indians) pakichan is just a special case. imageboards arent that popular here

No. 71346

She calculated the amount of bans related to the amount of posts in each board. While /ot/ had the most bans in total (459), it also had the biggest amount of messages (around 15k).

No. 71347

your stats for #2 are going to be skewed by the way certain boards were already moderated to death or extremely slow. The solution is not to kill off cow boards or threads. This site is for cows.

It would be nice to see discussion of cows allowed instead of everything getting banned for "tinfoil" or 'nitpicking" - this has truly ruined the spirit of the site. Actual tinfoil is speculating that Kiki works the streets as a prostitute or Venus is secretly enrolled at Harvard: there's no basis at all to say these things. Speculating about how Venus damaged her teeth or how a cow (like Kiki or Stef) does make money in a reasonable way based on what they themselves hint at… is not tinfoil. It's discussion.

Discussing a cow's content is not nitpicking. Discussing clothing or design (which anyone can change as long as they aren't dirt poor) is the furthest thing from nitpicking. It was the basis of /cgl/ and this needs to change or you'll never have a userbase that enjoys discussing cows and works to police itself.

Here's another strange example of overmoderation: the large # of bans in the new book/author cow thread in /snow. That's a great new thread, with milk that continues to flow. Many of the so-called derailing bans were anons sharing background to these publishing companies or the ways these glorified x-rated fanfic authors get book deals and promote themselves. There were bans for discussing the way they market porny writing to young teens with cutesy cover art, bans for talking about how their characters end up in degrading sexual situations with zero warning about this in the promo. I didn't post a single time in that thread but it was a breath of fresh air in /snow/, it has good anons in it, it's not attacking people for their looks… so why are you moderating it to death? That's a genuine question. I won't sit here and defend every post but I commend the anons who continued to post despite getting so many unwarranted bans. Your discussions were/are interesting and entertaining. I can't understand the farmhand trying to curb discussion of fresh milk in that thread, of all threads.

No. 71349

it's not going to be shewed by the speed of the board. i never said to kill off the cow boards? i agree that the shay thread janny was a nazi, but /ot/ and /g/ were also over-moderated with a rogue aspergers mod constantly banning obvious jokes as bait/infighting

No. 71350

agreed on all of this. derailing is when a thread turns into a religious debate or everyone starts arguing about some notorious tripfag. not a subject directly linked to the main topic of conversation.

No. 71351

I agree that ot and g are and were also overmoderated

No. 71352

it's worth noting how almost of a quarter of /ot/ bans came from celebricows. from its conception, celebricows has always been a problem thread that attracted unintegrated users, infighting, and nit-picking. it couldn't even exist in the correct board because its users couldn't navigate to it. i assume it's essentially a black hole because of that.

No. 71353

Agree with everything you said about authorcows. 99% of the bans in there make no sense and actually killed its momentum a bit. There's been a big issue of farmhands banning any discussion of "the wider context" instead of "cows" - but the cow exists inside an environment and social context, talking about it is not derailing or offtopic. It's like they want users to only discuss the cows' looks or intelligence - which ironically is also nitpicking now. Get a grip.

No. 71354

It catches the most bans because it's one of the most active threads on this website if not the most active. There's nothing wrong with the topic or thread placement itself and it's proven by the fact celebricows has been here for years. Most celebricows users are not newfags, if you ever used that thread regularly you'd see LSA posters get called out immediately.

No. 71355

It’s a weird situation where all you can do is react to milk posts and then everything else gets banned for various reasons. Conversation in real life is never this strict, especially gossip

No. 71356

It's also because it's the only thread in /ot/ that has sage rules. I'd bet at least half those bans are just that

No. 71357

Agreed, some few posts about different topics still related to the discussion at large are fine. Like, we're not going to talk about cowboys in a thread about weeaboos. Unless the derailing was too spergy with a lot of bait and infighting all over the place, who cares. A few posts in between the gossip are fine

No. 71358

This is a wild request from my part, but there are image boards out there that allow more than one picture to be posted in a single post. I'm not asking to be able to post 10 pictures together, but I think being able to post 3 at the same time might help the flow of a thread maybe a bit better? Who knows. I wonder what others think if this

No. 71361

The "chatty boards" are far from the best behaved, they receive less bans likely because the rules are more relaxed.

>Won't pink pink be trad
Pink pill is man hate new one, not just tranny hate. You're thinking of Gender critical.

I think this is a good idea, but remember the file limit though. Many other imageboards have third-party image servers that host image uploads acting as archived versions of those images, but LC doesn't have this.

No. 71368

>We don’t really feel like these specific users belong on the site (especially because they continually refuse to integrate despite warnings/bans) but they ban evade and continue to come back.
Then you're just going to end up having to autosage every thread that unintegrated newfags and undesirables latch onto even when many regular anons use them. It's not a long-term solution and will unlikely make the worst offenders go away, they'll just go to the next remotely similar thread and shit that one up. A better solution would be to improve on ways that make ban evasion harder (aka banning vpns or at least making device-based bans possible).

>As for why other threads are not locked or autosaged, we have discussed as a team whether or not to close the worst offenders (e.g. Unpopular Opinions)

I remember when cerbmin introduced themselves and said they'd let users vote on important decisions..

>Relying on /meta/ posters alone to gauge the thoughts/needs of the entire user base would not be accurate for that reason.

But thank god you see it like that.

>The main reason is that we think that VPNs are an essential tool for ensuring your personal privacy and we do not want to take that option away from users, especially in a time when some of the discussions that are common here (e.g. expressing gender critical views) are potentially criminal in some countries.

I understand that in theory but in reality, who else gets to see IPs besides the staff? Nevermind IPs just give vague locations that can be several kilometers apart, not the exact place we live in. Literally all other imageboards have heaps of much worse material posted on them by the daily without any repercussions (unless moids start shooting up places), so how likely is it really that law enforcement will bust our doors open for making fun of trannies? How many of us truly use vpns because they absolutely can't browse here otherwise? This is where votings could help..
It doesn't even have to be all vpns. I bet just doing something about free VPNs/proxies would be an improvement, so the people constantly shitting up lolcow at least have to pay for it.

>In a few weeks when we have more data, we’d like to do a comparison of some statistics regarding posts/bans/reports etc. before and after Hellweek

>Make the catalog more performant, and add features such as the ability to search it
>Add the ability to pin/follow threads
>Posting site statistics more frequently, potentially having a page dedicated to showing live statistics
These are all awesome though, especially being able to pin threads would be a game changer. Please start with snow if you're going to try it out!

No. 71369

Getting rid of VPNs isn't a solution even if it would be beneficial, it just harms the userbase. But that's just my opinion, the real solution is a good mod team

No. 71370

The staff could be at their best and their efforts would still be in vain because all it takes to evade their bans is a few clicks.

No. 71373

>the real solution is a good mod team
will you be the first to apply? Obviously we don't have a good modteam because no one wants to do that shit. I don't want to sit around and delete porn and gore raids either.

No. 71382

nta but I've seen several posts from anons applying for janny and getting rejected, myself included. I even applied back when the CP raids were really bad, the board was very obviously undermoderated because that stuff would stay up for more than hour sometimes, and still no response. It's not that nobody wants to do it but staff seem to be taking on few, if any, new mods from the applications

No. 71384

Can you please clean out all the derpy tumblr banners? It looks so childish half the time and then normal the rest.

There's other ways to cycle / force change IP. And ban doesn't equal end of, otherwise bait would be a thing of the distant past.
It's an anon imageboard, for crying out loud.

No. 71385

i guess the dumbass shit community will continue to be fragmented across all /ot/, i don't mind it but i will still miss dumbas shit threads.

No. 71391

They have all moved their shitposting to the bechdel test thread

No. 71393

I hate how easy it is to ban evade on lc.

No. 71394

>I understand that in theory but in reality, who else gets to see IPs besides the staff?
Your ISP and your government and yes they can trace the exact IP to your house and prove you were using the device at the time. Do you really think it's worth it for anons to end up with fines and even a potential prison sentence for making spicy posts about troons?

>I bet just doing something about free VPNs/proxies would be an improvement

As far as I'm aware they already do.

You can ban evade without a VPN, it's called a dynamic IP.

No. 71395

I don't have a good feeling about bringing back pp and gc, extremely unpopular opinion and I'm surely going to get called a pussy for it but even though they deserve slander, having the most active board displaying explicitly negative, confrontational sentiments towards trannies/moids doesn't sound like a good idea, I don't want another gore raid in the middle of the thread again and I don't know why I am the only one considering that liability

No. 71398

I get your concern, but 1. moids and trannies already know this as a gc female imageboard, it’s not some tightly kept secret 2. cerbmin has improved raid/spam filters 3. mtf/ftm have been some of the most active /snow/ threads for a while, which is the second most active board after /ot/ 4. so far the new gc thread has been quite tame with very little infighting or drama

No. 71399

Nothing is stopping moids from raiding LC right now, on the basis that this is a female centred image board. If the PP/GC threads are enough to set them off, they were going to find an excuse to do it regardless.

No. 71400

Those raids still went on even after the threads were gone

No. 71401

File: 1708452820777.png (62.69 KB, 763x841, Screenshot_37.png)

you can keep the current look via css and html. have these themes we have now as 'legacy themes' people can pick from. see here: https://94chan.org/index.html just click around, play with the themes in settings, etc.

No. 71402

i'm just glad we have some sort of coherent communication now between the mod team and the users and that you guys are explaining what you're doing and why.

>closing unpopular opinions and similar threads

i've never really used this thread since it's never interested me but, could we have a hidden board like what happened with /shay/ for some of the threads which attract a lot of inter-user aggression? that way anons won't feel quite as alienated if these threads do get closed? i feel like the issue isn't the threads themselves but the people who go into them, specifically to bully/terrorize anons for having unpopular opinions. they weren't always like this…i remember people went in those threads to have fun mostly and say silly stuff. then it turned into this whole infighting central. it comes off like tourism from reddit, since that's an issue over there with their own unpopular opinion subreddit. i don't really get why people do this but for the anons who do abide by the rules, i think they deserve at least a little something, i guess?

No. 71403

>they weren't always like this…i remember people went in those threads to have fun mostly and say silly stuff.
i can't remember a single moment it was like that kek. it's always been a debate (or downright bait) club for years

No. 71404

lol no you're right, but it's gotten way worse over the past few years, to me at least.

No. 71407

i figured out that most of the "none" bans must have been report system abuse.
>cow boards have more rules
i don't disagree, although i'd expect the chat boards to naturally accommodate specific types of bans, balancing the distribution some more. especially since some of the most popular threads in /ot/ are inherently contentious. but the context is that admin attributed the site-wide decline in post quality to the chat boards (…or whatever term you'd prefer, i guess?). >>67909 makes the hellweek seem specifically centered around targeting contributions from chat boards.
i find these results surprising given the fact that hellweek seemed to be aimed specifically at cracking down on the contributions from chat boards.

No. 71408

this is all i care about.

No. 71416

Bit of a quiz: how many of you started posting in /meta/ only after this hellweek started?

Admins are saying that they won't directly act on the complaints and suggestions of farmers who visit /meta/ because they're only about ~500. Yet I can bet that there's a significant amount of people here that didn't post before hellweek and are actually concerned about the direction the site is going, instead of being habitual /meta/ nitpickers and complainers whose opinions can be more easily disregarded.

No. 71417

Please we have asked for years, catalog users are the most oppressed demographic on this site.

No. 71419

I've posted in /meta/ before, but not much. Definitely more after hellweek.

No. 71420

basically what >>71419 said

No. 71421

No. 71422

A lot of old fags are simply older and not in university/college anymore and don't have the luxury of sitting here all day. I check in often but if I scroll /ot and see nothing interesting happening I'll leave again unless I've got something to contribute. I use to love the dumbass thread for being s thread for anything random or off topic and you use to get good discussions in there but for the past few months it's been pretty much the same as the shitposting thread and the anons itt seem a lot younger. There's even anons these days upset users are talking about pregnancies and babies. I was in college when lolcow came about I've been out of it for years now I still would like a female orientated place to come and post too. If you want to shitpost go to 4chan

No. 71423

I agreed up until the last bit. I'm not going to 4chan and sifting through porn to shitpost with males and brain damaged handmaidens. I want to do dumbass shit with the gorls.

No. 71424

Yeah, I second this. There's a difference to me between posting a meme, even if it's dumb or 'cringe', than going on 4chan. I used to browse 4chan and a lot of the random board is just scat porn, gore, regular porn, or some loli shit.

No. 71426

>There's even anons these days upset users are talking about pregnancies and babies
was with you up till that point. Mommyposters are getting really irritating and they seem to be multiplying.

No. 71427

Why aren’t you parenting your children instead of posting about how hard it is to raise your children on lolcow

No. 71428

I dislike baby posters as much as you do, but you know anon didn't say that.

No. 71429

Its weird how there are suddenly so many of them. Same with the nigel married anons

No. 71430

I've been thinking the same thing. It's like they popped out of nowhere.

No. 71431

There’s not a lot of mommyposting outside the dedicated threads. Just going off the last few years. Surprised to see it brought up here so much. Are you sure it’s not a new tranny tactic? There was some baiting recently

No. 71432

please, god, give it a fucking rest with the "any complaint is a tranny psyop" bullshit and gaslighting. Inb4 the innevitable "that sounds like something a tranny would say!!1"

No. 71434

The thread hasn't been deleted it's been contained cause the quality has went to shit and as discussed up thread the posters were spilling into other threads treating the place like a chatroom. Can't you shitpost on discord?

No. 71435

maybe it's just a difference in what threads I browse, but I see complaints about moms much more often than moms posting. The anons in the advice threads who will complain about their awful moid and then defend him or ignore advice are 1000x more annoying anyways. I think they're mostly fake/bait though

No. 71439

Right but baby posters don’t need to exist period, go lay your baby on her stomach so she doesn’t get a flat spot on her head instead of authoring a post on lolcow

No. 71440

why dont you go to ovarit or mumsnet or r/breakingmom or whatever

No. 71441

I agree. The only parenting posting I have seen is just an anon in passing mentioning they're a mother, or the anons in the pregnancy thread on /g/. But lately I'm seeing a lot of sperging over these supposed mothers shitting up the site kek I really don't see it.

No. 71442

The idea that mothers dont have time to post here is a weirdly sexist take, the baby doesnt need attention from their mother 24/7. Do you know how much babies sleep? A post takes max 1 minute to write

No. 71443

But instead of being on lolcow you could be paying attention to the child who you spent time creating and agreed to take care of

No. 71444

If choosing between being on lolcow and just sitting with your child in peace you choose between being on LC that sounds like your own issue

No. 71445

Do you expect mothers to have no lives outside of a child and just stare at them 24/7?

No. 71446

Same question. Do you expect a mother to do nothing but stare at the child?

No. 71447

I think neglect is a big issue, so yeah. paying attention to your child isn’t a vice. I suggest growing up.

No. 71448

How is posting online neglecting your child though? If the baby is red faced crying and you're too busy I'd get it, but the idea that mothers cant post here because they have a baby is very weird

No. 71450

Imagine being a child and your 30-year-old mom is posting on /snow/ about Shayna, or shitposting on /ot/ with the 20-something year olds. So bizarre.

No. 71451

nta but this is objectively sexism. it's fine if you don't like mothers though pretending that your issues with them is due to some moralfag reason like genuinely believing mothers should be with their child 24/7 with the insinuation that literally no one else supports her or helps (no friends, no family, etc), she has 0 time to do anything that isn't related to the child, and that child does not go to school or have anybody else in its life is disturbing to say the least.

No. 71453

Genuinely whats the issue? If the child is asleep or with their father what would be the deal? Can women not have interests after giving birth? This sounds like a moid incel take honestly.
Yeah very weird and very sexist. Basically breaking mothers down to being baby care givers and thats it. When the baby isnt needing her she needs to sit in peace next to it waiting for the baby to wake up.

No. 71454

you're dumber than a rock. people are allowed to shitpost and gossip regardless of age and if they're moms or not. go to therapy for your mommy issues

No. 71455

I would respect this sperg out way more if you all admitted you just think moms are too uncool and normie to post with you rather than pretending it's coming from any principled place. It's misogynistic to act like women cannot have any interests, hobbies, or pastimes beyond child-rearing, and it's also not the real reason anons are crying about the mommyposters.

No. 71456

So many people act like this. I saw some retard on Twitter sperging about how it’s “inappropriate” to take your baby to a cafe because they’re “not child friendly”. They just hate women and mothers and don’t want to see or hear from them unless it’s entirely convenient.

No. 71457

The idea that women cease to be themselves or have to give up their personal interests once they have kids is very scrote-ish

No. 71458

The internet isn't only for zoomers, I'm sorry to have to tell you this. Unfortunately you will be into the same things at 30+ as you are now at 20. Women aging shouldn't be such a shock to your generation, but it really seems like it is.

No. 71459

I don't have kids but I think mommyposters have all the right to be here. LC is pretty much branded as a feminist women's place these days, and like it or not motherhood is pretty important part of many women's lives. What's the harm of some stay at home mome unwinding with some gossip or /ot/ chatting while the baby is asleep?

Pretty sure people of all ages post on LC, not just young zoomers

No. 71460

Wow anons were right, there is an invasion of tradthot spergs kek. Basing your life around societal expectations is not feminist. Genuinely check out mumsnet, r/breakingmom or ovarit if you want to sperg about your moid trophies.

No. 71461

Treating mothers like human beings /= being a tradthot you fucking retard.

No. 71462

So defending mothers means we must all be mothers? I don't have children.

No. 71463

She’s upset because she got dogpiled for being stupid, so she tries to deflect by calling us tradthots and calling children “moid trophies”. We are just normal people who don’t hate other women or fear children.

No. 71464

This is just embarrassing for you lol

No. 71465

You do realize there’s lesbian moms posting here too? Not that the straight or single moms are worse or anything, but having a child does not mean you are a barefoot stay at home tradthot worshipping a man 247. Not that this place is a separatist space anyway.

No. 71466

honest question, can you just not make a real argument so you have to just make up stuff nobody said, like "having babies is feminism!"? I dislike babies and the social expectation to reproduce. I have disowned family members who pressured me to do so gladly. but not supporting such a lifestyle isn't the same as condoning people saying the same dehumanizing shit redpillers/incels do about mothers.

No. 71467

No. 71469

>That random evoking of Lesbian moms like it's activating their tradthot trap card
That explains the mass seetheing over a single post.

Seethe more tradthot samefag. Criticising tradition that serves males is not male-like, encouraging it is. There is no argument here and this is just clogging up meta with unmitigated tradtardism.

No. 71470

File: 1708518622880.jpg (56.94 KB, 500x697, nonnastrapcard....jpg)

No. 71472

I did this I have been using it since this was posted. It has a lot more features than the last time I tried it and is fairly polished. It does enable you to favourite threads but it doesn't seem to work from the catalog. Maybe a catalog with the same features a neet.tv would be a better solution.

This group of posters or I suspect a single poster will complain that tradthots are taking over LC when I have never seen anything that I would regard as tradthot being posted here. It seems insane until you understand how this person thinks. They regard anything that tradthots may do as being tradthot even if it's a normal non-tradthot activity

>Anons discussing cooking in a food thread
Tradthots believe they should cook food for their husband so anyone that talks about cooking is a tradthot
>Anons discussing growing vegetables in a gardening thread
Tradthots believe in homesteading so anyone growing their own food is a tradthot
>Anons discussing sewing or knitting in a crafting thread
Tradthots believe they need to sew up the crotch of their husband's pants and darn his socks so anyone that likes crafting is a tradthot
>Anons discussing heterosexual relationships
Tradthots believe they should marry men so anyone in a heterosexual relationship is a tradthot

If it wasn't for the constant whining about tradthots on LC I wouldn't even know what a tradthot is. I've never seen one IRL and this is the only place on the internet that I'm ever exposed to them.

No. 71473

the only tradthotty things i've seen are hot takes on abortion and /pol/ shit though idk if it's like that recently

No. 71475

I genuinely do think all the obsessive posts about moms "taking over lc" are anons baiting because they know it will cause discourse

No. 71478

I don’t understand how anyones taking umbrage with this statement. There has been a noticeable influx of mamafags

No. 71479

>its sexist to say a parent should raise her child
So now you think that just because we’re saying mothers should pay attention to their child it means we somehow think fathers should be exempt from taking care of their children? You really are suffering from maternal cerebral atrophy, aren’t you nonna kek

No. 71480

There’s a difference between taking your baby out to eat in public and having your face in your computer because you’re so fascinated with shayna’s asshole

No. 71481

Or maybe go breastfeed your baby instead of being on lolcow? Are you really upset that someone is suggesting that you get off the internet and go mother your baby? How are you feeling a stronger desire to be online than to just sit and enjoy your child’s presence? How is cuddling with your baby not more satisfying than arguing with someone in /meta/?

No. 71482

This is a huge strawman that is really incoherent. Talking about cooking doesn’t make you a tradthot. Trying to defend babyposting when really no parent should be chronically online, whether it is the mother or father is irrelevant. The bottom line; go take care of your child. I am 21 years old and I turned out like absolute shit because my dad spent 17 years of my life sitting in front of his computer, and a lot of parents today don’t realize how easy it is to neglect your child through your lack of attention span.

No. 71483

Late and idc but
> In a few weeks when we have more data, we’d like to do a comparison of some statistics regarding posts/bans/reports etc. before and after Hellweek, to see if there is a measurable difference. We’ll report these statistics in /meta/ once we have them.

If you decide to make monthly stats, I'd be one of the avid readers; I'm like the nonna that asked for stats and charts in the hellweek thread, I love stats. There's never enough IRL stats not talking about the faked survey ones they do for elections and shit, those suck
. That and the farmhands sharing their decisions after the stats shows a will to be transparent with us. However I think the farmhands should put a pin on the the townhall idea because we might need it to really open the communication again (which a lot of people seem to think is not there on /meta/ as the farmhands don't seem to react sometimes)
And I'm still 100% behind that /img/ board idea that was already brought up in the hellweek thread before, I couldn't agree more.

No. 71488

I am sorry you have trauma but someone occasionally posting when their kid is asleep etc does not mean they are here 247. Maybe when you are older you understand things are not as black and white as you think.

No. 71489

But you’re not just saying that, are you? You’re saying that their attention should NEVER leave their child, not for a moment. Not even when the kid is asleep, playing nearby or with another family member. You’re being disingenuous and then screeching and accusing everyone of being a “samefagging tradthot”. You’re just a dumb zoomer who probably isn’t even 18 with how retarded and immature you’re being.

No. 71490

what's probably happening is that part of the userbase is just older now and many are mothers. use your brain. I don't have children but I'm in my early 30's like many other oldfags here who are probably reproducing like other people in our age group

No. 71491

Boo fuckety hoooooo. My dad neglected me too but I learned how to be self sufficient and look after myself instead of whining like a brat into early adulthood.

No. 71492

Nta but like some other anons already mentioned, the influx of marriage/babytalk/STAHM posts happened really suddenly in a span of months. It wasn't gradual at all like you'd expect from oldfags unless everyone just decided to settle down in the same year kek. Personally, I don't even mind as long as they integrate and don't turn the place into reddit.

No. 71493

It’s a troon pretending to be a radfem taking crazy positions to get women against the ideology.

No. 71495

Raging over mommy anons is retarded. This site is for women. Why would it exclude posts that speak to an experience singular to women? Because some sperg doesn’t like it? Grow tf up

No. 71496

Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. If that was the explanation it would have been more gradual. And Personally my annoyance stems from having to hear the sane tiresome shit about crappy husbands and teething troubles that I already try to tune out from coworkers IRL. It does make this place feel like reddit 2.0 when there’s always some anon posting an “AITA?” for something their husband did. It feels very hand-holdy to have to gather around every time and be like “no anon, YNTA, go get a divorce.” It’s just exhausting imo, I don’t come to lolcow to counsel handmaiden-tier (I’m sorry, not trying to be mean, but it’s true) married women on their marital problems.

No. 71497

If we get rid of mom anons can we get rid of anons with jobs too? I don't get why they are neglecting their work and this is a place for NEETs

No. 71498

I agree I would quit my job for lolcow

No. 71499

I seriously can’t tell if you’re joking

No. 71500

Some stuff is being over moderated. My "non contribution" post was saged. How is "kek" a banneable offense now? Chill the fuck out

No. 71501

Read the full post you reply to next time.

>when there’s always some anon posting an “AITA?” for something their husband did
Yeah, I noticed a few of these kind of posts (even with the reddit formatting and wording) creeping up in /g/ and some /ot/ threads lately, but during hellweek farmhands took relatively good care of them.

No. 71504

>Unique posting IPs
>Unique posting devices
>Total bans

Thanks. Now give us the statistic of what percentage of posters were banned during Hellweek. 8000 posting IPs with 1k+ bans just makes it seem like fagmin is trying to mould this place into something it is not.

No. 71505

You retards complaining about mothers as if they were this religious-like entities are fucking funny. I'm not having kids myself ever and they've never bothered me, I rather have them with their non offensive mommy advice posts than a million TikTok zoomers posting their retard cringe shit as if threads were discord chats. You have a weird fixation with them, maybe the people complaining are immature and haven't entered the mental age when they start seeing women with kids as people. Or it's just some overt antinatalist bullshit again. You being "concerned" about the kids is a fucking fake ass excuse because asking for advice in a thread takes like 10 minutes AT MOST, but then you rather have them using some scrote tranny infested website like reddit? I thought you wanted to "help women" etc. Anons of all ages will use this site, specially older than 25, and so far the mommy posters are not breaking the rules. Ignore their fucking posts.

No. 71506

Hear me out: both are annoying, we don’t have to pick 1

No. 71507

Only if you're a weeaboo neet with blackpilled antinatalist views or a scrote. They're easier to ignore than the discord TikTok zoomers.

No. 71508

But that has been happening for a long time and is not anything new. NecessarySped4 was posting that shit around three years ago.

No. 71509

>anyone who gets annoyed by Reddit-tier husband baby posts is a weeaboo NEET zoomer tiktok virgin loser
Ok. Sad state lolcow is in these days

No. 71510

>And Personally my annoyance stems from having to hear the sane tiresome shit about crappy husbands and teething troubles that I already try to tune out from coworkers
Sorry that not everything in this imageboard caters to your personal sensibilities.
>creeping up in /g/ and some /ot/ threads lately, but during hellweek farmhands took relatively good care of them.
Ooohhh noooo mommy invasion alert! How dare those filthy milkmaids post their AITA posts in my advice threads? Noo, instead we need more shotaposting and more terminally online zoomer discord chat retardation on every dumbass-like thread so they end up ruining the fun for the rest of us by locking and autosaging the thread. Oh no a mommy is posting! The horror! How dare they not switch to a tranny infested website instead. Yeah surely they can get better advice over there than a community of like-minded women. Fucking mommyfags get out of my board!! REEEEE

Not a mommy btw.

No. 71511

And according to your logic every mommyposter is a tradthot. So fuck off. Husbands and babies will happen to some women over the age of 20 whenever you like it or not.

No. 71512

You good mate?

No. 71513

What? That is not my logic. MommyNigelposting doesn’t have to be full blown tradthottery to be annoying. Stop strawmanning

No. 71514

You're just baiting now, I am not even against mothers posting here retard.

No. 71515

Im not involved, but tbh the "moms shouldn't be posting on the Internet and only devoting their time to their child" sounds more like something a tradthot would say to me. Plus, people aren't babies forever. There are probably plenty of anons with kids old enough to attend school/kindergarten/preschool/daycare.

No. 71517

The anon saying that is a baiting retard. However I do think that the uptick in reddit-like husband and child posting is mildly annoying and I am side eyeing them every time they choose to post about the most boring and sad shit imaginable. Just because you are married or have a baby doesn’t mean you need to post about it all the time on lolcow.farm, thats not really the point or audience of this site and it’s never going to be received well except by fellow mothers at which point just download Peanut and make mom friends

No. 71518

How is it annoying? Generally they just stick to advice threads and those threads have always had people with husbands in it. Just ignore those posts, close the window, close your eyes, turn off the computer. It's not a big deal, it's not like they're asking for your specific advice anon. People who want to reply will reply, like, I just don't get it. It's not annoying to me, but maybe I'm more used to being patient with women despite not being very social myself.

Like, I get it if it's hard to socialize and empathize with women, but I'm a loner that might not even marry in the future and those posts have never stood out to me. I wonder what the true issue with anons not liking those posters is. This is genuine curiosity. Like, if you had a husband you would also vent I think that's how I see it.

No. 71519

>I am side eyeing them every time they choose to post about the most boring and sad shit imaginable
It would be sadder if they were coquettes into ddgl posting about their daddy on all boards so I think we don't have it as bad
>Just because you are married or have a baby doesn’t mean you need to post about it all the time on lolcow.farm, thats not really the point or audience of this site
But vent threads exist, they have existed for a while, and /g/ is pretty popular, even if that's not "the point" you can't really control everything other anons do, idk this is just silly to me

No. 71520

Thats even weirder to me. Being on lolcow with adult kids?

No. 71524

I reckon those anons are looking for shit that annoys them. I don't care for new mom/young married couple discussions and I don't go look for em nor read through that stuff on the boards. My interests on the boards are far from any of those, and I'm doing absolutely fine and dandy around here. I couldn't give a damn about trad natalists whatever nor about vehement nihilistic anti-trad anti-natalists whatever, going on one's merry way to what one enjoys online makes things absolutely easier. Like that gif from that scene in the movie Boondocks saints where Willem Dafoe describes the fire fight with church music.

No. 71525

It’s absolutely depressing to me that you can’t even say something as mild as “I find all the hubby and baby posting mildly annoying” without the mommy defender cavalry rolling in to tell you you are NOT allowed to be annoyed how dare you I don’t find it annoying so you can’t either and also if you find it annoying you’re a friendless NEET. Like are we for real right now. I’m not even saying it should be banned (even though in my ideal world it would be kek, just like all other posts I find annoying) I’m just commenting on a change on the site I have observed and that, again, mildly annoys me. I guess that’s illegal to say. Praise be the fruit and under his eye and all that

No. 71526

Have babby? Time to hang it up, saggy tits. No mommies allowed

No. 71527

>doesn’t mean you need to post about it all the time on lolcow.farm
But how would you know if they're posting about it all the time? You can't know the posting habits of anyone here

No. 71528

Where are you anons seeing all these parenting posts? Is it in the baby talk threads on /g/ that have been around for years? You can hide that thread. I don’t have kids so I never bother reading that thread. And women with husbands/boyfriends always existed here… you can ignore their posts on /ot/ in the vent threads, you really don’t need to reply to them. It doesn’t make someone trad for being sexually attracted to men, but I do think it’s funny this has gotten you guys into a tizzy especially since other anons have said they pretend to be lesbians on here to get better advice.

No. 71529

Like I wonder what's the goal of it all. First we love all women and then we hate mommies kek radfems and blackpills are so hypocritical
Yeah honestly mommyposting was always a thing and only now that the website is full of trads and weird discord neets that's when they hate the mommies? This website isn't homogenized just let it go and stick to your clique me thinks
Most mommies here have kindergarten kids kek, I've seen people over 50 post too though. Sorry that there isn't a toll on each thread checking for people's ages and backgrounds
You anti mommy people are reeing about it constantly in this thread and then trying to act like the sane ones? Kek
>I’m not even saying it should be banned (even though in my ideal world it would be kek, just like all other posts I find annoying)
Autism or genuinely stupid? Do you want a foot massage too? Maybe a margarita?

No. 71530

Last ayrt, idk what you’re talking about. I just saw it being discussed so I gave my 2¢ and observation. If painting it as me “REEEEEing” helps you feel superior then go for it I guess, I don’t really care that much

No. 71532

Well I would prefer people not posting their fantasies about smelling farts or kirbys ahegao pussy doujins but they still do, I just hide the threads I don’t like. Simple as.

No. 71533

Imagine having mommy issues.

No. 71534

that's not the problem, if they had said it's mildly annoying it'd be fine. they're acting like these anons don't belong here because they're married or have kids. you don't need to be a neet mentally ill turboautist to post here and trying to gatekeep in a situation like this when these anons integrate and have possibly been here for a long time is just stupid. im not a mom but if I don't want to read a momblog post in /g/ or /ot/ then I just ignore it or hide the thread I don't want to read

No. 71540

Cope, my mom is my best friend and I still think mommyposting is annoying since it’s all the same stuff you’ve heard a million times over both online and irl and it doesn’t become less eyeroll inducing just because it’s a farmer. It seems that anons simply cannot accept anyone not welcoming a sudden flood of mothering and husband taming posts with open arms.

No. 71541

>it’s all the same stuff you’ve heard a million times over both online and irl
This criticism can be said of anything posted on lolcow. Just scroll past and go and read something that you do like.

No. 71542

You can, but you’re posting in meta as if you want something actionable done by staff about it instead of just ignoring it

No. 71543

Nobody thinks it’s radfems, everyone can tell it’s you posing as a radfem, posting an incendiary opinion and then replying to yourself with a moderate take. You are trying every trick in the book. Radfems are: nazis, tradthots, racists, blackpillers and now you’re trying to jacket them as uncool boomer mombies. Sorry women’s reality is ruining your little transbian chilling with the girlies pretend session. Maybe you should head to a t4t discord if you want to pretend you’re in a loli camping anime with the besties. Either way keep yourself safe.

No. 71544

What even. Absolute schizophrenia comes out on all sides the moment mommyposting is brought up

No. 71545

File: 1708551244021.jpeg (119.73 KB, 487x452, IMG_0567.jpeg)

cerbmin watching the retards in ITT debate mommyposters for 22 fucking hours and completely derail the hellweek results thread. no one else fucking cares, nonnies

No. 71546

Honestly, you're probably right, some of these posts smell like autistic tranny talking tp himself.

No. 71547

Most of these posts are boomer and millennial old hags.

No. 71549

kek, I was wondering that because if anything I've seen far more people whining about it. it's almost like this topic is just deliberately divisive and I even wouldn't be surprised if some males/trannies are itt now (farmhands should check) alongside the anons that outed themselves as having mommy/daddy issues. and it's strange to me too. lately there's been all kinds of questionable types of posters and this is where some anons end up? also speaking as someone who does in fact get annoyed by baby and parent talk. I haven't run into such a post in quite a while.

No. 71550

You're an immature retard. A grown adult with children shouldn't gossip like a teenager or young adult, you're supposed to be a respectable example for young people. But let me guess, you're a "cool mom."

No. 71551

>Celebricows thread
of course.
>Make the site more user friendly, particularly for users who follow slow or autosaged threads:
>Make the catalog more performant, and add features such as the ability to search it
>Add the ability to pin/follow threads
I've been waiting for this, thank you

No. 71552

nta but why do you entitledly think women over the age of 25 need to become honorary mommies to random people? is this some sort of fetish?

No. 71553


No. 71554

>Imagine being a child and your 30-year-old mom is posting on /snow
>A grown adult with children shouldn't gossip like a teenager or young adult, you're supposed to be a respectable example for young people
Jfc it's never been an issue even a couple years ago, i remember anons freely admitting to being in their 30's or having kids & nobody cared. People never had a problem until zoomer newfags joined. Like calm down and get your self-important preaching elsewhere. Truth is, in a LOT of the threads these 30yo anons have the most milk to bring simply because they know cows/were in the same scene etc., while you were fucking 10 year olds when this site was even made. what have you brought besides celebricows "tea" and bitching about tiktok?

No. 71555

Today I learned that anons assume everyone is on the site for several hours at a time and can't ignore mild things that annoy them.

No. 71556

This is so true it's almost painful

No. 71557

This is such a zoomer take. Babies can't know and don't give a shit about lolcow. Zoomers want every corner of the internet catered to them. The oldest zoomers will be 30 soon and then you'll cry about having no spaces for yourself other than boomer facebook.

No. 71558

I'm sorry though I still haven't decided whether or not I prefer the idea that it's extreme misogyny that's causing those posts - zero tolerance for women living life outside of one extremely specific, servile role - or that it's just a freak.

No. 71559

So many posts get banned nowadays for already having a general thread. If a nonna were to post about her husbando outside of her containment she would get the ban hammer, so I dont understand why tardminds do an exception with mommyposting and nigelposting. Both of these also get super angry when criticized. You can't say anything about men anymore with a nigel-owner jumping in to defend her meat dildo ''nooo my nigel is so pwecious and not like other nigels he would never masturbate to loli hentai and he's also tall and fit and lean despite being 45yos uwu'' no1currs go back to your meat dildo containment.

No. 71560

Yeah this post just shows husbandofags and normies with lives just don't mesh together.

No. 71562

I don't see Nigel or mommy posts outside of venting, the g specific threads that are slow or the advice threads on g. Maybe confessions but I don't see the issue of that if husbando posters post there either because it's relevant to the thread topic.

No. 71563

go back to tiktok

No. 71564

there was a nigel-haver in a vent thread defending her ugly nigel a while ago. They are super common and jump in to defend their nigels at the slightest attack on men, that's why nonnies don't like them.

No. 71565

Yeah that's stupid then, making other people's vents about their great Nigel is weird and embarrassing.

No. 71566

It happens a lot, and it's why anons are fed up. You can't manhate anymore without one of them jumping in to defend their moids. The problem with mommyposters/nigelposters is that they come here, a heavily manhating imageboard, and expect a reddit-tier hugbox. They have the choice to post in threads dedicated to nigels and mommyposting, but they go to threads were they know the users they clash with are just because they want to attention or to infight. They arent innocent either and they know what they are doing.

No. 71567

The weird nigel haver intentionally posting a positive off topic thought in the vent thread for the sole purpose to complain about the ban and tinfoil about mod intentions. Gee wonder who it could've been

No. 71568

yeah, it's annoying they want to play the victim. It's funny they complain when nonnies tell them to go to reddit, when they are the ones that chimp-out when they read an even slightly mean comment instead of ignoring it. They want a hugbox for their mommyposting and nigelposting on fucking lolcow of all places.

No. 71569

You're totally right anon, I'm sick of seeing all the pretend happy nigel/mommy posting. Kek imagine being over 25 with a family posting on lolcow. I'm in my prime and wany to spend it shitposting online and making sure I stay a kissless virgin before dying of old age at 27

No. 71570

you are the reason why anons hate nigel havers and mommyposters

No. 71571

Mods need to start banning meta posters they're abusing the fact that is place has little rules

No. 71572

Samefag, I wouldn't want a moid to ever touch me. So you lose and you're pathetic. You ruin the culture here why should I have to read about normies in relationships. This is lolcow of all places, phone posting is inferior imagine going outside

No. 71573

kek you are so insane. Imagine your mom being this unhinged i would kms

No. 71574

Seems your ma did something wrong with how you've turned out

No. 71575

Please, this is ridiculous

No. 71576

Mods please step in already this shit is ridiculous

No. 71579

File: 1708571211467.gif (1.23 MB, 498x336, 1000006463.gif)

Mods prob feel like Lois when mommy issue anon complains in meta

No. 71580

Meta baiter in the confessions thread talking about shaking babies lol

No. 71581

Stop. Please farmhand for the love of god the triggered mommy poster won't stop having schizophrenia. Now they're calling anyone who disagrees with them a tranny and other misogynistic insults whilst bizarrely believing people here are radfem women loving angels who can have no criticisms of each other or they're misogynistic.

No. 71582

Samefag I refuse to post until a farmhand address this directly. Its insane the impostering schizophrenic mommy posters. This will be my last post until mods address this any others are imposters. I'm tracking the posts and am making a report. Mods please don't let lolcow culture die do the right thing

No. 71583

I'm genuinely concerned if you're okay, not being facetious at all.

No. 71584

What does this even mean

No. 71585

Nobody’s asking for hugboxing, just to not be given a redtext that’s total bullshit when you’re not breaking any rules all because the mod is loveless

No. 71586

you are the most retarded anon on lolcow, it's quite the achievement

No. 71587

you are stroking out, seek medical attention

No. 71588

The celebricow, mtf and ftm threads definitely feel that active

No. 71590

I don't care if mommyposters have their thread but manifesto chan is worth 100 of you. I just really don't want this place to turn into yet another female forum where all the discussion is 'why is my husband so useless' and we can't call cows babies ugly.

No. 71591

I love both manifesto chan and mommy posters. Because I'm not picky. I love all of you equally. The husbandofags too.

No. 71592

I didn’t want mommyposting on here and still don’t but now I do out of spite. How retarded are you? Are you 15? Men’s spaces are never treated like this, you have moids acting like idiots after 40 but every woman after 25 is a “mommy”. I hate being a zoomer and I wonder what the fuck you’re all going to act like in a couple of years when you’re “old” (ie not a child).

No. 71594

I don't see the mommy posters complaining in this thread though, I see a bunch of anti mommy posters hating on them for no reason. And anons defending the mommies, but not mommies themselves.
"If mommies can't talk about husbands then husbandofags shouldn't either" I wish I could say that to show how ridiculous it all looks but I don't really think like this. I just think there's some weird people itt that perhaps are taking the husband havers too seriously. And it checks out with how many more extreme husbandofags we have. But I just think both can coexist if everyone just ignores each other and keeps to themselves.
In any case this is so fucking tiring, no one cares please. This is the hellweek thread not the mommy hating thread for gods sake.

No. 71595

Oldfag posters are obviously growing older irl too, which implies settling down with a stable job, partner and family. Why are anons acting all flabbergasted? Get off the internet for a hot second and look at your peers, or since you're probably 18-20, look at people that are 5-10 years older than you, are there no mothers among them? I'm so confused as to why anons are confused about this, it's not rocket science.

No. 71596

File: 1708586722326.jpg (354.07 KB, 1920x1920, happy-birthday-baby-cow-birthd…)

This. Even if you were 18-19 when lolcow came out, wouldn't you be basically 30 now since lolcow is probably around 10 years old. Speaking of which? Can someone confirm how old the farm actually is, maybe there should be a birthday event.

No. 71597

Kek you really can’t cope with how hard you got ratiod can you?

No. 71599

You can just go and find the first post on /meta/

No. 71605

we've always had a few anons on here over the years who were married and had kids. it's never been something that most people even mentioned or really seemed to care much about until now. i don't really have a bone to pick on this anyway, this is just a general observation since i've been watching the discussion on the mom poster thing since that one anon mentioned it. at the core of the issue with the site is a generational problem that is continually brought up here but never properly addressed. yes, there are older users on here, including myself, who are over the age of 25. we're the reason why this board even exists in the first place, lol.

some of the younger users appear to have a kind of mental aversion to the idea of posting with people who are older than them, which is both ridiculous and bizarre since we're all eventually going to get old, including the younger farmers. it seems like every over month we have some new fangled reason for why the younger posters don't want to deal with oldfags or why you guys don't like them and it's exhausting dealing with the immaturity and childishness. i'm not going to go through all those different reasons, but at some point you guys need to stop trying to control and police every user on this board. just enjoy lolcow for what it is and stop freaking out about every little thing that you aren't doing which other anons are. maybe you too will eventually pop out a couple of crotch goblins or get married to a nigel when you're in your late 20's or early 30's, it isn't the end of the world. i don't want to be rude or mean since no one deserves that but seriously, some of you need to live a little more and be a lot less anal about every little thing that doesn't always affect you personally.

No. 71606

It's just jarring as fuck to see "uwu my husband/uwu I'm preggers" posts in between all the scrote hate. Like nonnas were screaming for years how much they hate men and then they went and got married and knocked up. No conviction at all smh my head you deserve all the misery that shit brings.

No. 71607

Maybe the lovebug will get you too nonny

No. 71608

There have always been anons in relationships with men though. If you came here, saw /snow/ and still thought this was a feminist site that's on you.

No. 71609

Im not weak enough to be swayed by penis

No. 71610

She didnt say anything about this being a feminist site not sure why you’re putting words in her mouth

No. 71612

Not everyone loves cock nonny

No. 71613

Don’t bother trying to explain heterosexuality or affection between sexes to them. Losing battle.

No. 71615

>t. been here for 3 months

No. 71617

4 months actually ♥ certified oldfag
What does this even mean. I'm attracted to men but I'm not gonna let one siphon away my life force lol

No. 71618

Have you never been on /g/? Don't blame you if you haven't, but those sentiments are nothing new. I think it's just way less contained to that board now.

No. 71620

Can you guys make your own containment thread to sperg about this

No. 71621

>some of the younger users appear to have a kind of mental aversion to the idea of posting with people who are older than them, which is both ridiculous and bizarre since we're all eventually going to get old, including the younger farmers. it seems like every over month we have some new fangled reason for why the younger posters don't want to deal with oldfags or why you guys don't like them and it's exhausting dealing with the immaturity and childishness.
This. This mentality is all over the internet too, specially around fandom spaces and TikTok zoomers.
It makes sense then that a lot of threads are now focused on fandom and TikTok. The zoomers are here. And that's ok, if they only knew how share the space with the rest of the population. I saw someone saying they were underage in the graduation thread. That's the type of new anon we're dealing with.

No. 71623

>It's jarring
Literally close your eyes and walk away from the screen if that bothers you that much. Some people itt weren't here when the raids and constant bait posting were driving all the user base away and it shows. There's worse than some retard with a husband making a post on the vent thread, you have it so fucking easy
>Anons have been complaining for years
Only one or two crazy complains here and there easily dismissed because you all sound unhinged. How is this really a problem unless you are adamant about policing every single anon you don't like?

No. 71624

if the kiddies don't learn to behave staff should increase the minimum posting age to 25 kek

No. 71636

I have a feeling it's the same 1-3 people on each side spasming out and detailing this thread on purpose. It's not even an interesting enough infight to drag it out over 24 hours.

No. 71637

We need this like, right now actually

No. 71638

About 8-9 years old now.

No. 71639

This is a straw man argument. Not liking uncontained baby posts and husband rants does not equal hating people over 25 unless you think all women over 25 should be getting married and becoming mothers and taking to lolcow to post about their husband’s dumb shit behavior and then refusing to take any advice and fighting with people to defend their nigel. There are plenty of oldfags and over 25ers (I am one of them as of this year) who don’t have a pet moid and children, and there are even those who do that somehow manage to continue to act normally and keep their baby and Nigel shit in the respective /g/ threads.
Now we literally have mothers with postpartum psychosis venting about wanting to hurt their babies in the vent thread and others complaining about hating their in laws that may as well be copy pasted from Reddit and one retard who posts almost every day about “ZOMGGGG I am having pregnancy cravings for Aburi sushi! Aburi sushi guise!” that always devolves into infighting about eating fish while pregnant and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry but it’s wearing me out.

No. 71645

Admin and the rest of the staff generally refrain from banning in /meta/ unless it's especially egregious as admin has said before, as we like to give the space for people to post freely about complaints and other issues. However, please pack it up as this thread has been completely derailed from it's intended use. Posting about mommy/trad/zoomer/baby baiting fights here is unrelated to what the purpose of this thread was all about. If you have generic complaints about banning practices, please use the complaints thread.

So going forward, continued posting unrelated to comments about hellweek, improvements on lolcow related to hellweek and admin's posts, and any /meta/ specific comments in relation to the structure of lolcow will result in bans.

No. 71662

Funny how everyone shut the fuck up afterwards lmao. Thanks admin

No. 71666

Please create /img/ and migrate all the /m/ image dumps there

No. 71667

i'd like this too. no offense to any nonnas who enjoy the dump threads but it'd be nice if they were consolidated to a separate area than media threads meant for actual discussion

No. 71668

yeah i have nothing inherently against the dump threads but its so demotivating when i try to incite discussion in a thread and then it immediately gets bumped down to page 3 by the end of the day because of image dump threads

No. 71669

Please create /com/ for online community focused drama and migrate /ot/ things over there

No. 71671

Wouldn't this just be a rehash of /w/? I'd be careful asking this, /w/ seemed liked a promising idea but it's a desert in there. Might kill every single online community thread that's currently popular.

No. 71673

No I think it already can sustain itself and even has potential to grow. Community drama is very hot nowadays, hotter than single cows, and having it condensed all in one might revive the interest in cows altogether between anons. It also makes more sense than having them scattered all over different boards

No. 71678

Don't we have youtube generals and other threads like that for that reason?

No. 71684

Yes and those threads would go on /com/

at this point both /m/ and /ot/ need a split imo

No. 71697

I'm mostly not a fan of splitting up boards because it just reduces traffic overall. Maybe threads like celebricows and consoom could move onto /snow/ but I kind of like being able to discuss the topic outside of posting milk. sometimes /snow/ jannies get ban-happy about posting anything that's not straight from the cow's mouth
seconding this though. The image dump threads are always on the front page and it's getting annoying
how would you want to split up /ot/?

No. 71698

Thirding this. I hide all of the image dump threads but they're still annoying.
Excited to see the catalog changes! Will it remain infinite-scroll or will pagination be added?

No. 71701

I’m pretty sure celebricows was moved to /snow/ at one point but was moved back because it’s one of the most used threads in /ot/

No. 71703

>how would you want to split up /ot/?
And why would you want to split up /ot/ anyway?

Compared to /m/, /ot/ is in no way unusuable because of these so-called community threads. They're actually the minority on /ot/. On the other hand, image dump threads are choking any other type of /m/ thread that isn't an image dump. Case in point, another image dump thread just got moved there from /ot/ so it can take up even more space.

There is no such case in /ot/. "Community" threads are perfectly usable and always on the front page.

What problem are you even trying to solve? If it's about organising thread topics, I second the anon who said that even if things appear to be more organized, splitting boards just reduces traffic. Do you wanna kill off /ot/ too?

No. 71705

Absolutely no splits please unless you want this place to turn into crystal cafe.

No. 71711

I think the /ot/ split is necessary and inevitable since all the other discussion threads get buried by drama threads that could get their own spotlight in a new board. It's like /m/

No. 71713

>Do you wanna kill off /ot/ too?
That's a drastic black and white way to see it
Consoom shouldn't go on /snow/ imo. It's proven time and time again that you can't simply solve a problem by moving threads to /snow/

No. 71715

>Case in point, another image dump thread just got moved there from /ot/ so it can take up even more space.
Kek as soon as I saw that thread in /ot/ I thought "great…another dump thread that will be moved to /m/"

No. 71717

It's not that I hate community threads, that's not true at all. I just think there will come a point when too many topics at once will flood /ot/ and it won't be as easy to read as it's been in the past, in the end splitting it up is just an idea thrown into the air, not something I want to fight about or anything like that
I just think we have enough threads in /ot/ and the range is so wide and vast, that I wonder when the off topic label will be enough for everything, you know? if some threads are more on topic with other drama boards, maybe there's something worth looking into there. Absolutely not moving them into /snow/ though, /snow/ is already good as it is. Like I said I don't mind it, this is just a "what if" scenario

No. 71719

Go back

>this thread has been completely derailed from it's intended use.
>Posting about mommy/trad/zoomer/baby baiting fights here is unrelated to what the purpose of this thread was all about.
This thread is about site wide discussion and stats is it not? The pettiness of derails is annoying but don't censor and shut down discussion on yet another contentious issue because of a personal hang up. It should be your responsibility to reveal the samefags that feed the derail or allow this discussion to continue as it gained enough presumably genuine traction. Apparently this is a contentious issue amongst the community that is being discussed, is that not the purpose of this thread and meta in general? Unless the majority of those posts are samefags. Then you've only allowed derailing on one side. Also, did anyone ever respond to that one anon that asked if it was possible to upload multiple images at once? If you make complaints in the Complaints thread it is dead radio silence and this thread is one of the only ones that gets any responses.

I vote for not moving anything. /ot/ is already a mess to navigate, many threads there may very well be dumped in /g/ since the topics discussed are identical to threads there and moving threads will only lower traffic.

No. 71721

Please don't derail more because you know you will get everyone pissed off even if you're not exactly wrong

I agree with the complaints thread thing though, it's so annoying when there's no response from farmhands most of the time

No. 71734

>This thread is about site wide discussion and stats is it not?
This thread is about the last hellweek.

No. 71737

Samefag but there's also an actual general discussion thread you can take that to.

No. 71741

>I’m worried farmhands are willfully ignoring how they’ve contributed to the decline of this site and overselling their positive contributions in the last month or so
this is a very important statement, which i agree with and have been seeing nonas repeat across the site. i would like the mods to reflect on it and to respond

No. 71748

Whay decline? We haven't lost users.

No. 71763

What decline? Lmao

No. 71771

Nta but there has definitely been a decline in the quality of posts and even users. Look at the tumblrtard discourse thread. We're full of tumblr/tiktok refugees still stuck in their retarded holier-than-thou policing phase.

No. 71774

I agree. Oldfag are leaving too, I've been less interested in posting myself because of this kind of newfags. Some threads feel like all old farmers left and were replaced with teens. Completely different tone.

No. 71776

Idk how long you've both been here but this place hasn't been really active with quality cows for at least 6/7 years now. Maybe I'm just romanticising the past, but it feels like the quality of cows and users has been steadily declining. The political climate, youtube drama, pull closing down and covid being some noticeable examples of decline. I linger on here to observe the queen's recent milk and shitfights in /meta/ but not much else.

No. 71777

How is that current administration fault though?

No. 71778

That’s sort of the problem. Staff can ban people as much as they want to clamp down on users they don’t like but they can’t bring the old culture back. Communities work because of the users in them and if those users have moved on, the culture has changed then you can’t moderate the problem away. For what it’s worth I think a no bullshit female community is really rare and valuable, milk aside, I would work on preserving that. By giving us man hate back let’s go.

No. 71779

Manhate needs to come back with haste considering how much moid asskissing is going on in /ot/ as of late

No. 71780


No. 71781

Make the thread then

No. 71782

i would like manhate to come back to /ot/ but i dont want it to be an atrocity image dump where we just post tweets and news articles about women being abused for ragebait kind of like in 2X, we need classic pinkpill back where we just shit on men

No. 71783

File: 1708829111508.jpg (4.21 MB, 7680x4320, windows-10-dark-blue-5k-8k-768…)

then let's put that in the OP. I also have links to classic posts that should set the tone for how the thread should go. real ones will understand picrel

No. 71786

probably because it makes you sound like a moid in 2015 nonnie

No. 71787

Saying “kek” makes you sound like a 2015 moid…? I can’t even call you a newfag because I don’t fully believe you’ve ever browsed a single board here kek

No. 71789


No. 71791

I mean in all fairness it does, especially when people basically use it as a full stop. I guess because this website was made in 2015 and kek was all the rage then.

No. 71792

You can try to take kek away from me, but I will still kek with my dying breath!

No. 71794

What kind of gay ass bait is that, kek.

No. 71797

right. hopefully it'll scare off the nigel bloggers

No. 71798

>but i dont want it to be an atrocity image dump where we just post tweets and news articles about women being abused for ragebait kind of like in 2X
That's news stories that fuck with you which already exists in /ot/ lel. The original manhate/pinkpill thread was image dumping combined with anecdotes. I forgot why it got nuked, most likely the 2X exodus which had gradually given rise to moid worship sentiments on /ot/. A revival of manhate would be much appreciated.

>I guess because this website was made in 2015 and kek was all the rage then.

No. 71799

NTA but I still associate kek with WoWfags. 4channers used to make fun of them for using it. kek has taken over now though, it doesn't really mean anything except you are a little more online than usual.
I doubt that >>71500 was banned for being a WoWfag though, as much as I would support our autistic mods with my dying breath for enforcing that. If they wanna make single word lol/lmao/kek replies bannable even when saged I'd be fine with that but I'd like it announced first.

No. 71804

You might get hate for this from mommyposters but you are right kek, having a child and still nitpicking cows is genuinely embarassing. Some people shouldn't have kids and that's ok.(continuing derail after farmhand message)

No. 71818

How new are you?

No. 71837

Maybe if you create /img/ for image dumps, then all the other fandom related threads in /ot/ should be moved to /m/, would make more sense

No. 71838

And the ones in /g/ too, we have a lot of material for a media discussion board and I agree with anons that having its own space would be fun. Image dumps really need their own space as well

No. 71839

wish admin or farmhands would actually do something about this or at least acknowledge it

No. 71843

If cerbmin does consider creating /img/, I would like to see fandom discourse moved to /m/ and the photodump threads from /g/ moved to /img/ (especially ideal male bodies because it has pretty much zero discussion kek but maybe I just hate seeing that thread), and finally the husbandofag thread from /g/ to /m/

No. 71844

100000% agree

No. 71847

>husbandofag thread from /g/ to /m/
Why? It's girltalk. Sexual fantasy threads belong in /g/.

No. 71849

Lolcow should ban all "israeli" IPs in solidarity with our Palestinian nonnies whom are being hunted and killed by blood thirsty jewish nazis(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 71851

It's media discussion related and we have media threads in every board now

No. 71852

I think the culture of lolcow changed yet again when newer husbandofags started getting too comfortable over sharing stuff about their anime husbands and stuff. Most husbandofags kept to themselves before this shift. I remember a time when this wasn't as widely discussed, now most threads on /ot/ have at least a bit of husbandofaggotry in them, specially art salt and fandom drama. I see them bumped almost constantly. This new wave of husbandofags are also oddly very defensive and combative, I'm not surprised they would flock like this to an imageboard since imageboards tend to attract more "out there" people, and while they don't bother me personally I can tell something has changed. Maybe this is why we need an /m/ reform too

No. 71856

If you're talking about the recent infights in the sexism in videogames in /m/ and the fandom thread I'm pretty sure it's just the same two or three people infighting with each other.
It's not all husbandofags, not even all genshin/enstars likers. Just one maybe two super obvious and annoying people.

No. 71857

yeah the horny shit should stay in /g/
it's true the husbandofags are posting about it everywhere, but i'd rather read about that than normieposts about nigels and babies

No. 71860

Maybe the fandom drama dicussion shouldn't be centralized in one general /ot/ thread? Most posts in there should just stay in each respective /m/ thread for that media. lolcow is full of low functioning autists who throw spergfests over any difference in taste so reasonable discussion is always drowned in a sea of "stop liking what I dislike"/"stop disliking what I like" shitflinging. There's also the exact same issue of overpoliticizing fandom and black and white thinking that exists on tumblr and twitter that anons like to pretend they're so above it. Most posters in that thread are very obvious underage autists from tumblr/tiktok/twitter anonymously pointing fingers at other underage autists on the same platforms. As for husbandofagging I'd say the patient zero is the Komaedafag and others just followed suite.

No. 71864

For some reason oversharing in general regardless of subject has become a lot more common on here recently

No. 71865

there was way more husbando posting last year compared to now. remember the constant husbando fights in the dumbass shit threads and the husbandobowl? this year I barely see stuff like that. the fights in fandom drama seem to be just one specific poster

No. 71868

Thanks for auto-saging the dumbass shit thread, it has not improved /ot/'s quality whatsoever. In fact the baiting and infighting has worsened.

No. 71870

I wonder if things would improve if /ot/ if not the whole site got more of an overhaul? On one hand I do understand being frustrated with topicless chatroom threads taking up the majority of /ot/ and everything being reduced to "the big six", but anons do want to discuss random stuff that does not always fit in a current active thread. Just my opinion here, but I personally think we could use to give up on dumbass shit and also stupid questions or unpopular opinions etc. as Big Threads in favour of smaller, more contained, more specific threads. Is there a way to set thread post limits separate per board? I don't see why the average /ot/ thread should have any more than 500 posts at the very maximum. I also feel bigger and more generalized threads allow for infighting to go on for longer, I think it would be easier to manage smaller threads. I also think threads that reach their limit should be automatically locked (not just autosaged), and definitely do get rid of the "thread has reached 1100 replies" message. It can be useful for cow threads to have the time to compile the next thread so anons can jump right to it when the previous one is full, but for non-cow threads it's very pointless and only creates more confusion. We also do definitely need to archive the locked threads somwehere else, it would also make the catalog more usable I think. I'd like to hear others' thoughts as well?

No. 71871

I think making the mods and farmhands spend so much time on /ot/ is part of why dumbass got locked and why they pushed a return to the purpose of the site which is documenting cows on the cow boards. /ot/ is supposed to just be for fun, keep the derailing to a minimum on cow boards, a little outlet for farmers to kill time while waiting for milk maybe. Sometimes it's like anons here want it to be the main feature of the site when it's not.

No. 71872

>and why they pushed a return to the purpose of the site which is documenting cows on the cow boards
Nta well it's not working since most cows are milkless now and /snow/ mods are starting to ban even normal, saged, non-derailing discussion on cows. It's a sad state that fucking shayna's thread is the most active one there and that's only because of shayfags cannibalizing each other

No. 71873

Yes it has improved /ot/ actually

No. 71874

The internet has changed, cows are no longer milky enough to sustain the site

No. 71875

I don’t like the suggestion about completely changing the site culture and format for shorter threads. That format is implemented on crystal.cafe and 4chan, and it leads to lots of low quality threads you have to wade through. Really hope cerbmin does not make this kind of change here

No. 71876

Do you also feel that the perception of milk has changed, for better or for worse? A lot of things that would have been considered inherently "cow behaviour" 10-15 years ago are like dime a dozen barely cringe, even more so as the internet and even nerdy/geeky/weeby shit has become downright mainstream. And there's also the fact that cowtipping used to be a lot more acceptable back then, a lot of certain cows' milk is pretty much forced through trolling. That kind of behaviour is more looked down upon nowadays.

No. 71877

Your mileage may vary, personally I think longer centralized threads give a social media feel that brings down the quality even further. I've also seen many cases of anons reigniting infights that managed to settle down by replying to older posts earlier in the thread, anons who keep replying to old ignored or banned bait because they start reading a fuller thread from the beginning which may be as far as weeks ago etc.

No. 71878

Agreed. When I first came here I didn't like the longer threads and eternally scrolling catalog because I was so used to the snappy style of other ibs but I've come to enjoy how lc is structured now, its good.

No. 71879

>There is no good outcome of making posts accusing other anons of being male.
The usual scrotefoilers have now switched it up to accusing every anon they don't like a tradthot. These anons were never worried about moids being in their spaces, they just throw accusations because someone had an opinion they don't like or couldn't think of a better argument

No. 71880

If someone keeps ranting about how heterosexual sex is a divine experience of the feminine and masculine coming together and calls homosexuality inferior then yeah they are gonna be called a tradthot

No. 71881

Better don't even bother with those at all. Just quietly report and move on, no point in engaging with that kind of shit, it just feeds trolls.

No. 71889

It's so cowish
I think it's that one easily offended enstars poster. Everything sends her into a spiral if you haven't noticed

No. 71890

>There's also the exact same issue of overpoliticizing fandom and black and white thinking that exists on tumblr and twitter that anons like to pretend they're so above it.
I agree 100%
For me the husbandofag stuff was funnier when it was lighthearted and nobody fought over whose husbando was superior, came from a better anime, or looked more handsome or kawaii etc because everyone understood that they were just a bunch of autists into 2D drawings and everyone was like "ok cool". But now everyone is the same as the Tumblr and TikTok types that fight over this shit and like, for what reason? Seriously. Everyone got along better when the retarded husbandofag thread started, then people got so defensive over time and husbandofags don't tolerate their own kind over very small stupid shit, let alone other posters. Cow behavior

No. 71892

Agreed. Making threads shorter just stunts everything
I get where you're come from but we shouldn't give /ot/ away so easily, just moderate it better. The movie nights are fun and so is the draw board, and I see no reason to get rid of the stupid questions thread? People use it for its intended purpose
The husbando threads belong to /m/ imo

No. 71908

Your typing style is becoming super recognizable.

No. 71910

"don't tolerate their own kind" is a confusing. I don't use the husbandofag thread but when I have looked at it they use it normally and I haven't spotted much of this across the site. in-fighting isn't allowed, right? wouldn't it be easy to uphold that in the containment thread? I think some of you are just oversensitive to any sign of divisiveness.
I'm probably wrong but I wonder if it is the anon that was whining about her unhinged bf the other day while refusing to leave him.

No. 71911

That first anon is just making shit up to fit her agenda

No. 71912

I think the first anon is referring to the husbandofags in the fandom drama threads, not the /g/ thread.

No. 71913

I have no idea what anon that is even, stop the tinfoil

No. 71914

Tradthot or samefagger or some another anon who said something dumb a month ago kek, some anons just throw shit out there to try to win an infight

No. 71915

Double post and don't sperg at me I don't what you guys are talking about but the whole "your so recognizable" thing is like lc's version of "I see you" that twittertards always say kek

No. 71916

yeah that might make more sense. however I skimmed the twitter/tumblr fandom thread and found little evidence of it. the only recognizable husbandofag is the astarion one who I believe was banned for avatarfagging.
kek I know it's tinfoil. your writing style probably isn't actually that recognizable then and multiple anons have it.

No. 71920

Just today I saw people fighting over genshin vs enstars in some /ot/ thread though. Not all fights are in one single thread
I just mind my own business but I wouldn't lie and say it doesn't stick out to me

No. 71921

It was actually genshin vs yakuza kek

No. 71923

somehow it's always the enstars anon(s), nobody even said anything negative about gacha twinks but all you have to do is mention having different taste and they get super offended

No. 71925

nta but what infight are you referencing?

No. 71945

They've gotten way, way too comfortable being horny on main after deciding it's actually super important radfem behavior to sperg about your fictional Nigel in every single thread and fight other anons over their fictional Nigels and who's the most girlbossest of them all liking the most based kind of cartoon scrote. And not only that, the fact that they view literally every form of media through the lens of self-inserting makes intelligent discussion next to impossible because they can't detach their head far enough to look at the bigger story and converse it as it is instead of some sick parasocial experience and taking everything way, way too personally because of it. The anon who said she genuinely doesn't understand how anyone would be interested in a story about a relationship they can't self insert into was really telling of the current state of the userbase.

No. 71948

NTA but I think most anons are this hateful towards fictional men because ugly men get pushed a lot in media, and some are tired of it. If there wasn't such a push for dadbods and old men I don't think anons would give this much of a fuck about astarion. It's just them venting their frustations in the only place they won't get dogpilled by scrotes, TIFs and pickmes.

No. 71949

If you throw a spergfit every time someone positively mentions a cartoon character you don't like for whatever reason maybe it's time to take a little break from the internet, even just to focus more on the cartoon characters you do like.

No. 71951

>muh only place!!!!!
Jesus just make a containment thread so you don't have to shit up every single one around. I think ugly dadbod fictional moids are a disease and the astarionfags are insufferable but this discourse has to go. It always ends up in a huge infight going in circles that lasts for days in the worst case and spreads over to other threads when the ban evading spergs can't contain themselves. Like the fatefags vs enstarsfag, just how many threads did I see them duke it out in dodging bans left and right? I'd say 3 or 4.

No. 71956

lurk moar

No. 71959

This. Literally who gives a shit if a 2D character is ugly or whatever

No. 71964

I haven't seen anyone do this except unless mean the anons obviously mocking Astarion in the very first Fandom Discourse threads. I think venting about the double standars in games/anime is completly on-topic, maybe you should ignore the women venting about their frustrations with double standars.

No. 71975

Are you serious right now

No. 71977

>maybe you should ignore the women venting about their frustrations
That goes for all women who use this imageboard then, let them all vent
>I haven't seen anyone do this
Then you're simply not active inside /ot/ enough

No. 71979

>That goes for all women who use this imageboard then, let them all vent
No one is banning women into ugly men. They have like 5 threads on /g/ about their ugly scrotes, I find it fair women get to also complaing about said ugly scrotes.

No. 71980

It's not even about the complaining itself but the way it's so often brought up unwarranted from the context. There is a discussion to be had about double standards regarding attractive male vs female characters in both fictional media and real life but not by derailing from other points and infighting like a monkey throwing its doodoo. An example I've seen some threads ago
>lol @ aidens insisting Astarion is gay even though he's obviously player-sexual just because he's "faggy"
>but Astarion is so ugly
Even the yesterday infight in that thread was like that
>lol @ aidens trooning out to skinwalk their husbando (posts Yakuza character as example)
>but he's so ugly
OK, but what does that have to do with that previous post? Read the room. Are you autistic? And that's not even touching the anons sperging out on other anons having husbandos they don't personally find attractive. Like I said, there is a valid point to be made there regarding double standards but read the damn room, will you?

No. 71981

The yakuza character got called ugly because anon called him a ''bishie'' which is factually untrue kek

No. 71982

You (or that anon, whatever) got so caught up on the misuse on one word you ignored the rest of the post to shitfling and infight. Autism

No. 71983

I'm not talking about ugly men posters kek who gives a shit. You can't be like "maybe you should ignore the women venting about their frustrations" when up thread everyone was bashing a certain kind of poster that people don't want to see vents of anymore. Hypocrisy much?

No. 71984

Kek if it offends you so much anons call your favourite cartoon scrotes ugly just don't post them. If anons had ignored that anon calling Yakuza scrotes ugly that infight wouldn't have happened.

No. 71985

That infight wouldn't had happened back when the husbandofag thread was created, no one did that ridiculous shit

No. 71986

Again, not the point of that post anyway. If you feel the need to derail a post because you don't like the example used then maybe you should not have replied in the first place. No self-awareness at all, this is why you are disliked.

No. 71987

Why does it offend you so much women call some scrotes that arent even real ugly? all of the infights you are complaining about wouldn't have happened if anons ignored the anon calling their favourite scrote ugly rather than getting offended on behalf of a cartoon or actor scrote

No. 71988

I am not even the anon you are talking about I just find it funny anons want to censor women because they are offended their cartoon scrotes get called ugly, instead of ignoring them.

No. 71989

File: 1709030134156.png (358.39 KB, 568x1306, IMG_20240227_042739.png)

You're acting as if the enstarsfags are completely sane and totally not delusional defensive people who get assmad at other anons for not liking the same anime 2D drawings as them

No. 71990

>calls enstar anons delusional defensive people who get assmad at other anons for not liking the same anime 2D drawings as them
>post a ss of someone shitting on an enstars husbando unprompted

No. 71991

Getting back on topic. If you get offended your 2D scrote gets called ugly maybe don't come to lolcow dot farms, where real women get their elbows nitpicked for being too pointy all the time. It's such a lolcow thing to be offended on behalf of men that aren't even real while most threads have anons nitpicking real women for the most retarded shit possible. Grow a backbone.

No. 71992

File: 1709030484715.png (109.16 KB, 720x622, IMG_20240227_044218.png)

I wasn't done with the screenshots. I'm sorry but this shit is cow behavior

No. 71993

File: 1709030510005.png (50.93 KB, 720x314, IMG_20240227_044246.png)

No. 71994

My bad, I fell into the trap again. It's the exact same infighting tactic that the nigel anon in the vent thread is using.
>bait posturing as innocuous retard who can't read the room
>anons take bait
>infight ensures
>bans happen
>/meta/ complaints ensure
>"I don't get what I did wrong!! stop censoring muh freeze peach!!"

No. 71995

It's still less depressing than nonnies who post about how their real nigels ask them to get a bigger ass. Now that shit's fucking bleak.

No. 71996

kek holy shit so you are trying to larp as anons you don't like to get the topics banned or something? now that's retardation. Unlike posting a vent in the wrong thread, calling a cartoon scrote ugly is not against the rules, engaging with it and getting angry on behalf of your cartoon scrote is.

No. 71997

Anyway for the sake of everyone I hope /m/ gets a reform.

No. 71999

We are getting the ability to pin threads. You can hide the ones you don't like.

No. 72001

Anons still want image dumps to be separate though. Farmhand said they would look into it.

No. 72002

But would Tomoya Mashiro want this kind of life for her? I think she should channel her love for her husbando in a more productive way, like an actual hobby.

No. 72005

That's only because the fandom drama threads weren't made back then. Anons definitely did that ridiculous shit, but it was in the dumbass shit threads instead kek.

No. 72006

Thats not going to stop all the discussing threads getting shoved to page 4 for the average anon who quickly checks /m/

No. 72007

I’m convinced the fandom drama thread is filled with TIFs with the amount of spergs who defend these twitter trannies

No. 72009

Fujochan sadly brought over a lot of tourists when it was made which is why you see these discord-esque shitposting from them now. IIRC the fujo thread on /m/ has a discord too

No. 72011

You are just grasping at straws aren't you

No. 72015

what tourists that site is dead and 99 percent of the users are very obviously farmers anyway

No. 72016

Honestly I wouldnt be surprised by this

No. 72017

Separate /m/ and /img/
Separate the state and the church

No. 72019

she's right tho. look at this cringe >>>/ot/1903506

No. 72023

Kek the absolute state. I wonder if this a result of the dumbass shit thread getting killed

No. 72026

Obviously, some unfunny zoomer needs a new site to reflexively look up

No. 72057

yes please

No. 72062

What tourists? Like all of the Fujochan users are former or current farmers. Try a better tinfoil.

No. 72066

Nta but >>72019 doesnt read like farmer behaviour, try a new cope

No. 72069

Feel like every thread I go into has constant attempts at infighting. Nonnies getting told that accusing other anons of being male or trannies when they disagree with them is ban worthy, so now they accuse everyone of being part of some tradwife invasion when they disagree with them. Did hellweek help the site? I feel like things are somewhat worse than before hellweek but maybe that's just my own experience.

No. 72070

It was a weird trade off

No. 72071

What group are you going to instigate and larp as tomorrow

No. 72072

What? I actually can't tell what you're trying to insinuate kek

No. 72073

Its cracking me up that as soon as scrotefoiling disappears, there are suddenly a bunch of tradthots on lolcow (according to some anons)

No. 72074

I feel like a lot of nonnies have very black and white thinking, if someone mentions getting a product they’re automatically a consumer, if someone has a kid or a relationship they’re a tradthot. I remember like a year ago in the dumbass shit thread I said I wanted a house in the middle of the woods and was immediately met with a bunch of replies how I’m a tradthot and a man won’t protect me, even though I didn’t mention having a man with me kek, I just like the woods

No. 72075

and what were you planning to do in the woods

No. 72076

Wow, almost like they get banned for recognizing posts are scrote-sounding, so they now have to pretend the person calling us whores and telling us we aren't complete without men and our purpose is to shit out children is a woman.

No. 72077

Smoke weed and play silent hill

No. 72078

They're like post-covid autists if that's a thing. The autism we were used to a couple a years ago wasn't nearly this extreme. I unironically think that's why some anons have such black a white thinking, they're autists who never got to touch grass like we did.

No. 72088

Report and ignore. It's really simple. If the poster is a moid they will get banned. If the poster isn't a moid they will probably get banned for another reason such as baiting.

A moid post is not a excuse to have a epic based autistic feminist circlejerk that derails the thread and encourages moids to come back and get more attention.

It's been explained so many times that the anons that still continue to reply to suspected moids are either brain damaged or actually want moids to come here.

No. 72090

Those posts are as annoying as blackpill shit is, and in that case, yes they should be banned. But I've seen people calling others tradthots for irrelevant reasons, it has become a buzzword

No. 72091

I admire mods for their dedicated effort to ban people after hellweek but some bans feel as if they're cutting conversation in half rather that improving them in a way, if that makes sense? I prefer more moderation than no moderation though.

No. 72096

it died because the shota board was taken down…

No. 72097

thanks for posting the stats cerbmin! crazy that there’s only 5,681 of us give or take. no more sister wars

No. 72099

Post examples

No. 72100

>Unique posting devices
And anons thought we were crazy for acting like device bans haven't been a thing before.

No. 72106

If you lurked you would get it

No. 72108

Now we need like a poll to see how many of us identify as fujos, yumes, mommies and or radfems. With multiple options of course

No. 72109

So we can have the infight to end all infights?

No. 72110

Yes that too

No. 72111

There's no way we could get everyone who uses the site to vote on this but I think we should do it for the lulz.

No. 72112

Kek what a cop-out

No. 72115

>black and white thinking
Classic sign of autism
This would be fun but there's no way we'd have real results

No. 72117

what does it mean to identify as mommies? or am I autistically misunderstanding you

No. 72119

i've been here since lolscenequeens and got a SIX MONTH BAN for a saged and very innocuous post. these new jannies are fucking retarded

No. 72120

6 months?? Do you have a screenshot because that’s pretty crazy

No. 72121

File: 1709167564241.png (201.92 KB, 1670x1116, pure idiocy.png)

No. 72122

Wow seems like farmhands had a vendetta

No. 72123

nah if the ban reason is right and you're one of the retarded infighters it's well deserved kek

No. 72124

i only read that thread once every six months and rarely post in it, so i'm not an infighter. i think one of the leftcows is a jannie or has a janitor friend

No. 72125

This would be fun just to see the results. I'm a fujo, yume, and while I don't feel like I could fully claim I'm a radfem I do like the ideology
Kek it's just being a mother. There's been some infighting recently that anons think anyone with a child should not be on here, either because that's normie behavior or because young anons don't like older women.

No. 72128

I agree with the anon who said this looks like the mod had a vendetta. I really think that sometimes jannies go through post histories and decide to be petty based on what they see. One time I had a ban reason reference a word I used in a post I made some time before the actual ban, it was weird. I can't remember mods doing stuff like this before.
Even if that's true, anon isn't infighting in that post (as far as I can tell) so why'd they ban?

No. 72130

> There's been some infighting recently that anons think anyone with a child should not be on here
it's not because of that, it's because they always post bait like that one retard that was claiming she was suffering from psychosis and wanted to strangle their child

No. 72142

Ayrt yeah I actually keep seeing bait about it now. I was originally just referencing the derail that took place upthread until the farmhand intervened kek

No. 72161

You think that was a real woman? How cute

No. 72166

I think they have a grudge against me for insulting them. They keep permabanning me with no explanation. Thankfully they’re fucking retarded and it’s easy as hell to come back, which I will do relentlessly until I drop dead.
Jannies if you want me to stop posting here you will have to kill me.

No. 72167

File: 1709203037996.jpg (57.75 KB, 512x512, nonnafterprisonbreak.jpg)

I'm so very sorry but I needed to post this.

No. 72168

Wait what if we’re none of those?

No. 72169

You posted an announcement about how this place upsets you so much you will need to stay away for 6 months and then instantly went to continue arguing in a cow thread.

No. 72170

Nta but so what? That’s not against the rules and I’m sure other nonnies have done something similar.

No. 72171

Werent you the one who wrote a whole essay in the hellweek thread saying how it was gonna be your last day on lolcow forever? Ngl I’m kinda glad farmhands exposed you kek

No. 72172

NTA but this is so childish kek

No. 72173

Fucking kek ban her for another 6 months farmhand.
No I think it's a different anon, the essay writer came back after only 10 minutes to infight more.

No. 72175

File: 1709207079542.jpeg (582.26 KB, 2688x671, IMG_1947.jpeg)

What's childish is camping in /meta/ and screenshotting every farmhand reply to whine about it in /ot/

No. 72176


Seconding. I thought bans were handed out only on the basis of rule-breaking. What rule did TA break exactly by saying she was going to stay away for 6 months to justify the ban? This goes against the entire point of being anonymous.

Farmhands need to start consistently citing what rule was broken when handing out bans. Like another anon said it's starting to look like this place has a vibe-based moderation system.

No. 72177

Not her but like half the infighters in /ot/ say and do the same thing, shouldn't they all get similar bans?

No. 72178

File: 1709207661851.png (318.81 KB, 1589x438, retarded farmhands.png)

funny how the farmhands are banning innocous shit like pic rel but not you infighting and derrailing for hours on that thread

No. 72179

There would definitely need to be a NEET option like wtf that should be the first option

No. 72180

How many files do you have with a variation of the name "farmhands" ? At this point it seems like you're obsessed.

No. 72181

Absolutely ridiculous reason for a ban. What rule was broken here?

No. 72184

Based farmhand.

No. 72186

Who cares? What rule is saying you need to stay away breaking? And what about a post saying they should leave made you want to follow their posts? That really was a vendetta ban, it's like you were looking for a reason to ban a post you didn't like. If you were banning for infighting then ban for that and give an appropriate ban length. I actually looked at the thread and that anon DID deserve a ban, but not for saying she needed a break.

I agree with the anon who said mods need to be required to cite what rules the post is breaking. The rules page also needs to be updated with more rules (e.g. "don't take infights across multiple threads")

No. 72189

Farmhand you pissed a lot of whiney brats off with this post.

No. 72191

>asking for elaboration on rules is being a whiney brat

No. 72195

>"I HATE LC!!! I'm leaving for half a year because this is a shit website I hate this place FUCK Lolcow!!!"
>Immediately resumes retarded infighting on /w.
You did the right thing farmhand. I'm happy you're calling more complainers out like this.

No. 72197

So if you complain you deserve to be banned? Just move to Reddit already Jesus

No. 72199

They never did this when romanianon and similar anons made posts like that though (which she did a lot). I hope they actually apply this rule equally because so far it looks like they're just singling out one poster.

No. 72201

>it's starting to look like this place has a vibe-based moderation system.
Because it is. Just a few days ago I saw an anon in celebcows get banned for spoilering pictures.

No. 72202

100% we've had one anon or a group of sad fucks that have been derailed the board in response to dumbass shit being autosaged. You'd think they'd just learn to make threads for different subjects to type about but they find talking about moderation for hours enticing and interesting. Boring cunts lol

No. 72203

>You'd think they'd just learn to make threads for different subjects to type about
Do you realize what the dumbass shit thread is for?

No. 72204

>You'd think they'd just learn to make threads for different subjects to type about
if that happens /ot/ will look like crystal cafe

No. 72205

Read the global rules. Spamming and samefagging is also bannable. You're probably getting ridiculous bans cause you're ban evading on top of whatever else ban you're picking up.

No. 72206

Only good threads would be used. Let the retards learn and keep banning them until they integrate

No. 72207

Thank FUCK you can see this too. I was beginning to think I was going crazy. It's one sad loser fuckhead or a small group of them going on to infight, derail, and shit up any thread they latch onto all because they don't wanna scroll down the catalogue to open dumbass shit thread. It's so fucking annoying.

No. 72208

Yea and newfags ruined it now since hellweek there's been a focus on banning low quality posts and posters. Learn to have interesting thoughts and stop treating lolcow like a chatroom

No. 72209

They’re literally just lashing out because the chatroom was taken away from them. I feel like its so they can say
>see! dumbass shit wasnt the problem! there’s still trolling and baiting everywhere!
When really its just their own shitposting

No. 72210

Where did I mention getting bans? Did you reply to the wrong post?

No. 72211

Watch out! If you start talking too much sense they'll just upload that retarded "/meta/ bootlicker" meme!

No. 72212

Samefag to say I feel sorry for the normal posters who occasionally used the dumbass shit thread because this is absolutely just the same small group of NEETs who spent all day spamming that thread

No. 72214

…And you think anons making a bunch of new threads for every little topic won't result in low quality posts/threads that look like a chatroom cluttering /ot/?

No. 72215

As long as the OP is thought out and typed with literacy I don't see how new threads would be deleted. You've just actually got to have something worth talking about

No. 72216

File: 1709212191837.jpeg (10.51 KB, 200x200, IMG_1948.jpeg)


No. 72217

You sound like a newfag. Lolcow is not one of those imageboards where you just make a bunch of threads. Even if the OP is well thought out and interesting, if it's something that could've fit in one of the general threads we already have it will get locked.

No. 72218

That made me laugh, she said the first spoilering was an accident but then kept doing it as if Ariana needed to be spoilered kek

No. 72219

Btw, anons camping in /meta/ to whiteknight farmhands and fight with anons who criticize them is pretty retarded since part of the purpose of /meta/ is to post criticisms of the site, which includes criticizing the staff. I think this is a side effect of farmhands trying to be more personable(? For lack of a better term) in their bans and posts because I don't really remember stuff like this happening in the past.

No. 72220

Yes it is faggot I've made a number of the threads in /ot/, a few of them got made after a decent discussion happened in dumbass shit and would get input. Use to have actually discussions in dumbass thread you seem to think lolcow is another generic imageboard, we've our own culture

No. 72221

Then you haven't been here that long.

No. 72222

It's a psyop by a bunch of the dumbass shit NEETs to make farmhands seem crazy and bad at their duties so that the NEETs can convince everyone "see it's all because dumbass shit was autosaged!! and the JANNIES did it because they don't know how to run the website!!" it's so transparently retarded it makes my head hurt whenever I see it

No. 72223

No it's literally not kek. If you've been on any other imageboard you can see that there's in a pretty big difference in how we operate with general threads versus making new threads for everything we want to talk about.

No. 72224

>Assuming everyone agreeing about the retarded NEETs from dumbass shit and not ganging up on the farmhands is a WK.
C'mon now. Make it less obvious.

No. 72226

That's why it's important to establish a context to a thread and that's there actually space for a true discussion that isn't just personality fagging, low quality memes, infighting and bait.

No. 72227

This isn't even about the dumbass shit stuff. It's literally just about anons whiteknighting and fighting with anons who dare to criticize farmhands (in /meta of all places). If you don't feel that you or other anons are whiteknighting, let it fly.

No. 72228

>"Brave and noble warrior anons that DARE to criticize the tyrannical overlord farmhands!!"
You have to realize how stupid you sound. Like you can't be serious with the way you phrase this shit.

No. 72229

But not every topic warrants an entire thread. That doesn't mean it's a bad topic or personality fagging/low quality memes. Even before the newfags took over the dumbass shit thread that was the case.

No. 72230

You're seeing things anon, I said none of that.

No. 72231

But dumbass shit still exists. It literally is still a thread you and everyone else can post on. You just have to scroll down to click on it.

No. 72232

kek yeah that's annoying but lc isn't a cult so don't moderate it as such. she shouldn't have been held to different standards than others in that infight. if she was consistently a troublemaker and baiter then the vendetta is a lot more justified.

No. 72233

You're the one who said they should just make new threads, anon.

No. 72234

Nta and not involved in this infight but I think the anon meant “who dare criticize” as in the farmhand wks treat it like it’s such a big deal even though that’s kind of the purpose of meta, to air grievances and complaints

No. 72235

Criticise farmhands and discuss your ban for appeals that's literally what meta is for but that's not what's been happening. I've had dumb bans during the hellweek, brought them to attention of mods here and got it resolved. Dumbass shit isn't coming off autosage mods have said numerous times now. Going into other threads and samefagging and baiting then coming to meta to complain about the resulting infights as a gotcha to the mods is very stale now. Like what's the end goal? You're gay little crusade isn't getting dumbass shit back and spending weeks complaining is just making you more clockable to anons that rarely lurk meta because they've integrated long ago. Honestly you sound underaged or immature as fuck

No. 72236

Samefag I fucking replied to the wrong post kek, sorry nonna this was meant for >>72228

No. 72237

Actually that wasn't me you retard, there are a few of us here right now all saying the same shit to you dumbass thread NEETs but you aren't getting it because of your overly thick skulls.

No. 72238

Nta, I said to make new threads

No. 72239

What are you sperging about kek, I don’t have a gay little crusade I don’t even like dumbass shit thread. I was just saying you kind of took the nonnas “who dare criticize” out of context kek, relax

No. 72240


No. 72241

Omg I ducking replied to the wrong post again I thought you tagged me holy shit I’m sorry I need to go to bed

No. 72242

Well you or the other anon. It doesn't really matter who said it, that was the point of discussion anyway.

No. 72243

The samefag is getting sweepy and can't keep up with more than 1 person refusing to take her bait. Sad.

No. 72244

I’m not baiting I only said >>72241 >>72239 >>72236 >>72234 I have no dog in this fight cause I don’t care about the dumbass shit thread or retarded bans

No. 72245

>I have no dog in this fight

No. 72247

Why are you so mad? Some of you take this shit way too seriously

No. 72248

Am I falling for some sort of bait at this point? My post wasn't even about, or solely about, the dumbass shit thread. I'm not on any crusade and you just sound like a schizo. It was honestly more the anon who complained about her ban up thread that made me make that post, but in general I've been seeing a lot of wking. Not everything is about you.

No. 72249

For fucking real. I'm so tired of these fuckwits spamming retarded bait and shitposts all over /ot to get a ban just to hop onto a different VPN IP to come to /meta to sperg about "REEEE BAN IS UNFAIR FARMHANDS DOING THEIR JOB IS UNFAIR REEE [Uploads screenshot of most reasonable ban]" it is so fucking annoying and see through.

No. 72250

If you think people calling you or the anons trailblazing about unfair bans when it's obvious they're the ones that have been baiting, infighting and ban evading is whiteknighting you need to lurk more. Get a twitter account if you need attention for your nonsensical rambling however I feel like your issue is you wouldn't have an audience. Attention seeking faggot

No. 72251

>Gets called out for being retarded baiter.
>"No!!! You're just a schizo/autist/WK/narcissist/retard!!!"

No. 72260

No. 72277

That's how internet discussion works. Different topics get their own threads. If you want to discuss anime, you go to the anime thread, if you want to discuss skincare products, you go to the skincare products thread. I swear this is some kind of mental retardation caused by social media sites having a single feed that makes people freak out when they see image board or forum topic organization.


No. 72278

>If you want to discuss anime, you go to the anime thread, if you want to discuss skincare products, you go to the skincare products thread.
That's not what I mean anon. Go to other IBs like crystalcafe or even 4chan and you'll what I mean by "every little thing".

No. 72279

I’m not sure why the retarded bans thread triggers some anons here so much. It was genuinely funny until it got derailed by whiteknights. Let us have a laugh

No. 72280

Stop being such a gaylord

No. 72293

Go hang out on your male centric board then. This is lolcow. Idk why you keep trying to compare boards.

No. 72298

I think you're confused anon, I don't think we should be like other imageboards. You're actually pretty much just saying the same thing I am.

No. 72300

You're right I did misinterpret that.


4chan is different to LC in that threads are ephemeral. A thread disappears once it falls of the catalog, so multiple threads on the same topic aren't a problem. Crystal Cafe being a slow board would benefit from condensing threads.

No. 72307

It's not that simple because a fair share of anons now take those posts serious, argue with- and entertain these kind of posts as if they're women/actual farmers. Hence why you now have older farmers partly banned into pretending they're women(tradthots) and newfags who follow along with that.
And since we cop a ban for daring to speculate it's not written by a woman and thus can be taken with a grain of salt, moids/trannys can happily post their pol incel shit here, get all the attention they want, larp for 'gender euphoria' and derail threads. And IF they're banned after 7 hours of spewing their shit under the guise of "being a woman with a different opinion uwu", you know they're just going to ban evade and do the same thing all over again. It's so tiring.

No. 72308

>Hence why you now have older farmers partly banned into pretending they're women(tradthots)
Because scrotefoiling was banned for constantly causing infighting on /ot/, women are now pretending to be tradthots?
What the fuck are you even talking about?

>And since we cop a ban for daring to speculate

That's why it's banned because it's nothing but speculation. There is no way to know on an anonymous image board if the person you are talking to is actually a woman. You either accept it or you go and post somewhere like reddit or tumblr that has accounts and has a poster's gender and preferred pronouns listed in their profile. This has been explained multiple times by admins, farmhands and anons. It's impossible to guarantee that only women can post here because LC is an image board.

>It's so tiring

Experiencing the same newfag induced groundhog day for years is indeed tiring.

No. 72311

You would know what I'm talking about if you read full sentences, but I have a hutch that isn't in your actual interest.

No. 72312

Samefag alert

No. 72313

This is why /ot/ was always looked down on. It was not what we're here for but a necessary evil. Letting it fester and saying yes to so much stupid shit over the years.
I love you anon

No. 72318

I quoted part of the sentence to indicate what I was replying to, not what I specifically decided to read. I read the full post and it still makes no sense. Anons are not larping as tradthots to avoid being banned. For context tradthots and other women catering to right wing men have always been considered cows as far back as shoe and brittany venti in 2014.

No. 72323

She means calling someone a tradthot is now a euphemism for scrote since we’re not allowed to say it.

No. 72324

I said older farmers are banned into pretending these posts are women, as the sentence before that indicates.

No. 72325

It's cause the baiter has been samefagging as mommyposters and tradthots to derail discussion and instigate against the moderation

No. 72326

I feel like I lost -50 iq points trying to read this I don't know what's going on anymore

No. 72332

My mistake. "banned into" is an awkard phrase and it can be read either way.

There is now a noticeable uptick in unhinged mommy and nigel posting that's clearly being used to bait.

No. 72358

>There is now a noticeable uptick in unhinged mommy and nigel posting that's clearly being used to bait
either scrotes or actual tradthots posting unhinged opinions to rile up people but since telling the scrotes to kill themselves is alogging and scrotefoiling all I can do is point out they might be tradthots.
this is traditionally a female oriented imageboard, I am to assume everyone is a woman here unless they act like a male posting retarded bait. if you don't like that YOU can go back to reddit.

No. 72359

if the moderators want this imageboard to not become an environment where people come to bait the actual users they need to implement range bans and if anyone caught in the permabans wishes to post they can ask to have their IP whitelisted. the way this is being handled is pathetic and a waste of the jannies time since they just keep banning the same few people over and over.

No. 72367

This is a pretty good idea. I agree that the ban evasion has gotten out of control recently and it's a waste of time for moderation to continuously ban the same losers over and over again when they just keep coming back on a different IP.

No. 72370

They’d need to ban both VPNs and phone posting.

No. 72371

I think they already talked about how they don't want to ban VPNs, but maybe they could increase the post time limit for those posting from VPNs? I.e., instead of the 30 second anti spam message it would be like a 30 minute cooldown. I think that would curb a lot of the bait, but I'm not sure if that's possible. I don't think banning phone posting is a good idea because a lot of people use their mobile phones to browse LC and engage with conversations, like me when I'm on the bus or train.

No. 72384

I know about the VPN decision and agree phone posting shouldn’t be banned. I’m just bringing up the point that I don’t think range bans would have much effect at all on ban evading bad faith baiters. Not that I don’t think it’d possibly be worth a try, but my knowledge about how formatting range bans works is lacking so I’m not sure if it would be a lot of effort or not.

No. 72404

You know you don't have to call everything "bad faith" just because it's a popular buzz phrase right now, right?

No. 72407

Nobody is taking your bait in that thread and nobody is taking your bait in this thread. Get a grip.

No. 72410

File: 1709288752101.gif (131.05 KB, 1059x95, il2S.gif)

No. 72414

You're the problem, anon. You didn't read what they read, just sperged out about moids. Yet again, this is why we had certain stuff banned until the retarded admin.

No. 72429

I love you for this

No. 72447

I love you but I hate that this has to be said over and over again but never sinks in with the zoomies

No. 72450

Probably because it's useless and doesn't work.

No. 72540

Because retards won't stop engaging and giving bait attention. And If you can't move on because shit isn't getting banned or red texted fast enough for your liking you need another hobby.

No. 72550

NTA but I think she meant more like the people baiting just hop onto a different IP address to continue the bait. For example, there was a baiter that posted just now in unpopular opinions, got banned + post deleted, but then just reposted the same thing to get banned + post deleted again. I think we need range bans or some other method for dealing with retards that continuously ban evade.

No. 72552

File: 1709540052451.png (72.33 KB, 901x171, Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 3.11…)

Samefag just to add that this is the third post within 10 minutes that the same baiter has made, at this point flaunting how easy ban evasion can be for certain retarded people (see picrel.) I think we need to seriously consider banning phone posting at this point or talking about ways we can fix this issue. I love using my phone to browse LC, and I'm sad to say that I think it'd be better to just ban phone browsing for a while until something better comes along. I'd much rather just wait until I got to a desktop to post things instead of getting the same barrage of bait from phone posters using private browsers.

No. 72553

>I think we need to seriously consider banning phone posting at this point
You do know the majority of Lc users are phone users? So half of the user base goes retard

No. 72554

Okay you don't have to be mean and call me retarded. I've not seen any statistics on how many users prefer to post on their cellphones or post on their desktop computers. I always assume more people are using desktops rather than cellphones. It's just an obvious fault in moderation style right now that so many ban evaders can have free rein and use private browsers on their phone to continue their antics. Maybe instead of banning phone posting we can increase the posting countdown for phones from 30 seconds to 3-5 minutes or something like that, just to discourage bait.

No. 72555

I agree with you. Phoneposters have always been considered as posters that bring the quality of imageboards down, the advent of smartphones with easy internet access generally contributed to making the internet a worse place. The only reason why it's not talked about much anymore is because phoneposters became the majority everywhere, but it's still true. Maybe we would lose a portion of posters by implementing range bans, but they wouldn't be quality posters anyway. I believe 4chan still does range bans (at least they have in the past) but they can easily afford it due to the huge userbase, I'm not so sure how it would go for lc.

No. 72556

Well your statement was retarded but I don't mean it personally nona! Baiting will always exists whether it's from pc or mobile sadly.the farmhands will just have to deal with these bait roaches

No. 72557

Range bans do more harm than good unless the ban evader is the only one posting from a certain range. If cerbmin were to implement a range ban, then depending on where the range ban is targeted, it could also prevent a lot of actual farmers from posting, especially if the ban evader is located in a highly populated area.

No. 72559

This is true. Do you think a device ban would work? I recall occasions where in different places, when people would IP-ban evade by using VPNs, sometimes their devices would get banned instead.

No. 72563

Every time I see someone complaining about phone posters I wonder if they're just using an scapegoat or a buzzword or if everything is schizofoiling because there's no way you can tell if someone is on their phone or not unless they do very obvious shit like autocorrect

No. 72564

Some anons post via their phone because we're not glued to computers aside from being at work and any sane person will not be using lolcow on a work computer.

No. 72566

This is kind of a derail but it shows that most people on here were never on imageboards before automatic archives, which is not their fault for being born later but explains the confusion about phoneposters. Back in the day you were either there for a legendary thread or you missed out. You either sat at home on your computer shitposting on a thread that only lasted that night or you were out living in the world, you couldn't have both at the same time because we didn't have mobile internet access. Those active threads would eventually hit bump limit (meaning that they would get autosaged at the point where lolcow threads get an automated "make a new thread asap and link to it" message) and then fall off page 10 and be deleted forever. Phoneposters were outsiders because they were too anchored in the meatspace. I'm really nostalgic for those days, not because I'm against phoneposting but because the ephemeral nature of imageboards that made the chaos fun has gone away. You had the same retarded infights but they'd be like a hot flash in a pan and didn't stay archived for years on end for other anons to rekindle shit bait from 3 nights ago when anon was drunk.

No. 72568

Yes that's what I meant. Though I think rangebanning free and popular vpn providers would be enough for a first step, phone internet providers are way too broad.

It's a relic from 4chan. Phoneposters were synonymous with bad quality posts in the earlier '10s.

No. 72571

I was archiving stuff back in 2014 for a legacy cow. Milk has dried up on them waiting on a court case. Other cows aren't as active. I would wager a lot of phone posters are older anons now. It's also easy to document social media screenshot on a phone too. It's not difficult to still be literate and use a phone.

No. 72574

>because there's no way you can tell if someone is on their phone or not unless they do very obvious shit like autocorrect
well the types of phone posters being discussed are the ones who outright admit to doing it in order to ban evade like in this screencap >>72552

No. 72583

Mundane Events thread is becoming the new dumbass shit thread with random discussion. I liked how it used to mostly be posts with few responses about mundane events in farmer's lived.

No. 72584

>mooooodddddddssssss they're having too much fun!

No. 72585

Join us or shut up

No. 72586

I meant to imply that there is no point to autosaging the dumbass shit thread, because it is simply spreading to other threads. Bringing back the dumbass shit thread to contain all the posts that don't quite fit other threads would be better if the idea of healthier board culture is to return to past norms. If Mundane Events is to becomes the new Dumbass Shit Lite thread, I'm neutral.

No. 72587

Not to be mean but you sound like a tattletale tbh…
It's better for discussions to be spaced out amongst several different threads! We are still discussing mundane things in the mundane event thread, if we get side tracked that's just how convos go!

No. 72592

Not to be mean but you sound like a retard
I agree it's only leaking the dumbassery to other threads that don't need it. Mundane shit has always been a slow thread but it's clear what they're trying to do.

No. 72593

theres nothing wrong with dumbassery its what imageboards exist for. if you're looking for a serious place to be then go to the intellectuals club at Harvard or some shit

No. 72597

I’ve never seen an image board that takes itself as seriously as this one.

No. 72598

Is it just me or are the extreme black and white schizo anons driving everyone away? It's like everyone says extreme shit all the time and it's being celebrated

No. 72600

Because they get pissy when they get moderated.

No. 72663

Pissy when mods mod? No. Pissy when illiterate mods can’t discern from rule breaking and not, and accusing people who saged as derailing? lil’ bit.

No. 72710

Yes. The edgy, blackpilling anons seemingly in every thread are getting really fucking old and quick.

No. 72716

lc has always had those anons newfag

No. 72717

Then they can appeal.

No. 72727

NTA but everyone has always complained about them

No. 72733

I'm never going to stop bullying people for saying "Goddess" instead of God. It sounds completely retarded and doesn't fit with imageboard culture.

No. 72738

same, reminds me of gaiaonline

No. 72742

Imageboard culture is whatever culture the image board in question has. LC and 4chan for example have completely different cultures. Though I agree the anons who say ”goddess give me strength” are a bit cringe.

No. 72744

Just saying, it still doesn't make any sense that you guys have yet to autosage or get rid of threads like the fandom drama thread. The fandom drama thread is unnecessary anyway as anything posted there can just go in the many social media hate or salt threads.

No. 72755

I like the fandom drama thread as a sort of containment thread. It should be on /m/ though like many other threads

No. 72756

Literally who cares

No. 72757

Obvious wojacks associated with males should be banned. I'm talking about the very gross ones like the spammer used to post with his schizo rants. Wojackposting is gay and retarded anyway

No. 72758

Can you please make it so we can also embed instagram reels on our posts? Not everything is on TikTok or YouTube.

No. 72759

Most of it is though if you look up usernames.

No. 72768

please post where i did this. i have posted in the vent thread about how i wish i could go away from the place i'm living for six months (because it's a very dark and cold place and i've moved three times in the last four years). i want to come back when the sun is out. but unless i was drunk and rage posting i don't recall ever posting that. i also use my phone and vpns which may make it look like i'm another poster. the only ban i've gotten before was posting a scary stories to tell in the dark picture on the altcows thread. i normally only post in cat love, celebricows, 'kek' at things that make me laugh. good to know that opinions cannot be shared on cow threads because i will steer clear of ever posting on cow threads again. also why are random posters replies getting deleted for no reason?

No. 72769

samefag, but this was a vendetta ban because it was removed before i even realized i had been banned. why are janitors redtexting things that do not break the rules, deleting innocuous saged comments, and ignoring actual rule breaking/infighing/retarded comments? it pisses me off because i use these boards as a way to connect with other women while i'm in a place where i don't have any friends yet. having human connection means a lot, and i think it's dumb that so many posters are getting redtexted for not breaking rules. there are so many stupid ass comments/infighting that go for multiple threads and the people never get banned, but other posts are being deleted for zero reason and bans being handed out for zero reason. the reason i started coming here was because lolscenequeens was dead, efagz was dead, and this was the next place where we could laugh together about stupid cows and also share things. i met a good irl friend on efagz so i treasure the cow community. but the moderation lately is so stupid and is ruining the fun of just shooting the shit with other women about dumb things/cows which is the beauty of these communities

No. 72770

the dumbass discrimination has been detrimental to the website

No. 72771

But Instagram being embedded would be a plus and would better the website. Don't be dense

No. 72773

File: 1709955870937.png (32.04 KB, 720x305, IMG_20240308_214528.png)

Silly little thing but I wish you could put the search link option that is next to the catalog inside threads too, not just on the board itself.

No. 72778


No. 72785

It's sad nona. It's hard too, because you'll probably never get an answer, or someone will come infight with you. But I feel the same and have gotten vendettabanned recently. I was going to post about it after it expired, but whatever. I typed it up and then just closed the window and went back to working on my own shit. We should probably document when it happens, because it is an abuse of mod powers to vendettaban people who have criticisms of moderation, and especially so by hunting for some BS post to ban them for. I don't use a VPN so it's not the VPN.

Cue the anon who comes in to tell us every ban is deserved. It's like that song "every sperm is sacred." It used to be ok to express opinions without getting banned or insulted/told you're lying.

I hope you can connect with more people, nona. But I hope you keep posting in your favorite threads and keking along. We all need to support each other, this world sucks and it won't get any better unless we support each other.

No. 72786

if this is true holy shit kek the farmhands are truly retarded. can you link the comment

No. 72790

anon for what it’s worth it’s so easy to ban evade here that you’re never truly exiled. your ban was BS though, just remember internet jannies aren’t impartial judges they’re famous for being petty and vindictive. they probably thought they were being funny.

No. 72799

File: 1710002378404.jpg (299.27 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot(1).jpg)

sorry if I'm being impatient, but I tried appealing this ban (post isn't mine) and it was rejected. I tried emailing like it says but haven't seen a response. the ip is my cell network so not like super important but I don't think I should have to do the time when I didn't commit the crime?

No. 72800

love you, nona

No. 72801

I'm surprised that the truly destructive posters like the "cocksucker" sperg don't get months long/year long bans, she's been shitting up every thread on /ot/ lately. She used to just stay contained in /2X/, idg what happened.

No. 72803

Banning doesn’t work because ban evading is ridiculously easy

No. 72816

ban evading is stupidly easy here, admins need to find a way to perma or range ban like they do on 4chan. i know you can still evade those ones but i guarantee you most of the half-assed spammers here have no idea how

No. 72817

Hope you get re-banned since you admit to evading. That's unsaged, tinfoil. What the hell did you expect? Also did to the length, its clear you constantly get banned.

No. 72818

The no1currs rule. Fuck off. You don't need to announce it like a social obsessed facebookfag announcing they are pruning their friends list.

No. 72819

>tasty boots mlemmlemlem

No. 72820

kek wait till you find out about the graduation thread anon. should everyone there be banned too?

No. 72823

That’s not really a rule. Unless she announced that in a cow thread it’s not against the rules to blog or all of ot would be shut down. Plus the ban was removed anyway so clearly your precious jannies realized they made a mistake.

Ok now I know you’re a troll, people get banned for other peoples posts all the time, IPs bounce around. Also the idea that you have to sage here?!

No. 72824

she said it isn't her post, can't you read? It's a cell network with dynamic ip.

No. 72826

It seems like all the new farmhands are purely in it for access to users' post histories. It's obvious they spend a lot more time snooping on random anons than doing anything else.

No. 72828

It's weird because not too long ago, the admin posted a comment claiming that only admins can see post histories and not farmhands. But apparently that's not true

No. 72830

That's not true at all lol otherwise how would people get banned for samefagging or not banned for being a suspected moid. They might be isolated to certain boards but they can definitely see IPs and post histories unless they redid the backend completely.

No. 72834

lmao sorry for doublepost but actually I've seen things I posted lumped in with things someone else posted banned for samefagging so now I'm not so sure.

No. 72841

Does anyone have a list of new change proposals that anons have made itt? Asking because I don't want them to be buried and forgotten. All of them count!

No. 72844

Once someone replying to my post (which got some BS ban) was banned for samefagging but I didn't post the reply. Pointed that out in my ban appeal, nothing changed. I think they often don't care and just issue bans if they don't personally like an opinion. My country IP isn't well represented so it's kind of hard to argue, "oh just an accident" w/e though.

No. 72846

i didn't post until my ban was reversed after i appealed, idiot. hope you get randomly banned

No. 72852

Search ## Admin

No. 72853

Due to VPNs, areyou shocked?

No. 72856

Not the ones made by admin, the ones made by users like the new /img/ board etc

No. 72866

The post I saw from admin was replying to a question about post history reveals like the Rita and Mystery ones. Admin said only they can see someone's full post history. So maybe farmhands are able to see post history for their own board only but not the whole site?

No. 72867

that's probably it.

No. 72885

Farmhands can see post history but admin can see other identifiers that (presumably) are hidden to the jannies, such as cookies

No. 72892

Samefag I'll reply to myself with the ones I have on top of my head:
>/img/ and /m/ split
>Moving threads to /m/
>More than one picture per post, max 3
>Instagram reel embedding
>Better catalog
>Pinning threads
>Search option inside threads
And I will add this one since we have more banners already
>Add more banners kek

No. 72893

Good list. Would like to hear admin’s preliminary thoughts on this list of suggestions at the very least to know what we can expect

No. 72896

I don’t agree with embedding TikToks or Instagram reels because they get taken down too often. Downloading the mp4 and posting it is better for archiving. YouTube is already annoying because half the time you can’t watch it in the embed but at least they aren’t deleted as often.

No. 72897

I will personally apologize to cerbmin and the farmhands for all the shit I’ve talked about their moderation fails if they improve the catalog and add a dark/alt theme ♥

No. 72898

>Instagram reel embedding
why?? just download the MP4

No. 72899

Is it me or are some anons using the confessions thread as dumbass shit?

No. 72900

Kek check the old confessions threads and you'll see the same pattern: someone confesses something, a few anons reply to that confession, 1 or 2 replies for those replies, repeat the cycle. Confessions thread isn't just confession after confession, sometimes there is discussion. I've noticed since dumbass shit went on autosage theres been more activity on other threads which is nice.

No. 72901

I'm not talking about replies, I mean random questions that aren't even confessions and aren't responding to anything.

No. 72902

not only confessions but also vent, stupid questions, random questions, and mundane shit. shutting down dumbass shit doesn’t remove the behavior it just spreads it out across multiple different threads. this is a big reason why dumbass shit should be taken off auto sage

No. 72903

anon is right, I see so many posts that don't belong at all in the thread they've been posted to and would be better suited to dumbass shit

No. 72904

I checked the threads you mentioned by I don't notice anything out of the ordinary. I think it's nice that some of the threads are moving a bit quicker now. Maybe it will give the dumbass thread anons a chance to better integrate.

No. 72906

>merging /w/ back into /snow/

No. 72913

this will really fuck up links for a second time. It never should have been separated, but I don't want everything broken again!

No. 72928

No we need to contain all of the retards posting in /w/. I can't handle that in /snow/. Please.

No. 72932

I hope admin does a poll on it. I understand your sentiment but the moderation on /w/ is so bad compared to /snow/ that it has completely killed the board. Needs either reintegration or an overhaul of mods to come back to life

No. 72935

I think at this point, people who use /w/ want to stay in /w/
Again, it will kill the links, it'll make everything messy for no purpose other than satisfying anon's ocd, /w/ has its own culture now and the fact Jillian is so popular there makes sense for example. It also stores a lot of the /cgl/ era cows

No. 72936

If cerbim does a poll they need to list the pros and the cons, not just the "do you want this" or else it'll be a disaster again like every other poll.

No. 72937

Nah if you look back some weeks ago, the casual banter and funny anons in those threads are nowhere near ridiculously attention starved as the ones that attached themselves to dumbass shit prior to it's downfall. At least it's very apparent to me.

No. 72938

Just download TikTok videos too then. TikTok isn't even usable on most devices.
I want a dark theme too.

No. 72943

>some weeks ago
Nta but we're talking about recently
>casual banter and funny anons
some are posting things that are flat out off-topic, i mean literally nothing to do with confessions in the slightest, not even replying to anything and someone in mundane shit alogged an anon for enjoying the mario movie. is this considered 'banter' now?

No. 72946

Just report them nonny. When I see the very overt retarded ones I immediately report.

No. 72985

>more than one picture per post
please no, this will just turn LC into kiwifarms

No. 72986

Nta but pretty much every IB (except here, cc, and 4chin) has that feature, it's not a KF thing. it would actually make more sense to have it here considering the amount of screenshots that get posted for cows and many image dump threads on /m/ + the cooldown limit makes it difficult

No. 72989

We have spam errors preventing posts like that because mouds would stacks multiple images during raids otherwise.

No. 72995

Then mods can just delete those posts

No. 73013

Were you here for the cp raids? It's better to not allow it

No. 73014

It’s not hard to make a collage or even just do a reply chain with multiple pics, though I agree the cooldown is annoying. I know some anons hate the argument “muh ib culture,” but I feel like farmers have grown accustomed to and adapted to how pics can be posted here. Also, I’m not familiar with the coding side of things, but I imagine allowing anons to posts multiple pics per post would take some work on cerbmin’s part, and I think there are more important improvements I’d like to be prioritized, personally

No. 73028

Keep the spam timer. Its not hard to easily to post. It's 30 seconds.

No. 73037

>It's 30 seconds.
Nta but not really, it's closer to a minute or two. Other anons experienced this too, whenever the 30 seconds are over and you try to post it still says to wait 30 seconds. idgi. I even count by "one mississippi" to make sure I'm not going fast and it still won't go through.

No. 73042

I also have this issue

No. 73058

Yeah I have to open a new window otherwise the timer seems to keep going

No. 73062

I've been having this error too!! For me it's like some posts have no cool down and you can post thing after another. But sometimes you post something and then you get the 30 second cool down message, and it doesn't last 30 seconds, it's longer than that. I wonder why?
I have this error mostly on /m/ in those image dump threads but I believe it's sitewide

No. 73063

I know there's a lot of retard anons in /w/ but I do agree there's some kind of over moderation going on. I prefer over moderation to no moderation but there's something going on for sure

No. 73081

I think most people agree. You cannot have a basic saged discussion about a cow on there. You can be scrolling through a thread and see 5+ people in a row all redtexted just for on-topic, saged discussion. No other board does this and it completely kills most of the threads.

No. 73085

The problem is anons will post unrelated or infight takes. Slow threads can be slow. Anons dont need to try and be witty. It just shits up a thread and isn't discussion. Or like in Jill and Venus's threads, tinfoil so dozens of posts about mental issues.

No. 73086

It's down to the second. Look at a watch. Even posting 0:01 too soon resets it. I've never had to wait 1 or 2 minutes lol

No. 73098

Have you even been there recently?

No. 73140

Yes and its constantly redtext because anons can't not sperg. It's like a virus for them.

No. 73161

no, I’m having this issue and even used a timer to wait more than 30 seconds. there’s a glitch or something and it’s driving me crazy because I’m trying to post milk

No. 73167

I would like to believe that certain boatds have different timers or repetatively banned IPs/devices have it set to give longer limits. Good. Just wait.

No. 73168

NTA but I don't think that's possible..I rarely get banned and also experience this.

No. 73171

Regardless of how you feel about the dumbass shit thread getting autosaged, I think it's pretty disingenuous for the admins to deny that they were trying to kill the thread off. Imo, they wanted to lock it completely and thought that autosaging it would cause less pushback.

No. 73175

Well, sucks to suck. Just wait then. It's not going to kill you.

No. 73176

Anons killed their own thread. Had nothing to do with admin. If they don't want to babysit, you lose privileges. Thus you lose a thread. It's not some behind the scene scheme.

No. 73177

It was the attention starved newfags. People keep saying "it's always been dumb!!" And yes that's true, but then some retards ruined it for everyone else.

No. 73178

If they kill it so be it! They need to kill unpopular opinions too

No. 73179

Any threads that offer general shitposting, IMO, should be purged. It really brings a certain type of anon to the site.

No. 73180

I agree there are plenty of other places for such nonsense.

No. 73181

Well I suggest killing all threads. Without threads there will be no infighting, no need for bans, no undesirable anons. Simple as!

No. 73183

>Anons killed their own thread
Anon it's common knowledge that threads need to be bumped to keep discussion and interest. That's why sometimes threads (in the off topic boards) need to be necrod. And if it was really about "babysitting" none of the staff would volunteer to moderate this site, and they would've also autosaged fandom drama, unpopular opinions and celebricow.

No. 73184

Did you miss when some of them were autosaged and a bunch of anons came to meta to complain about it like whiny children? I swear, I don't think some of you even know what is going on and just reading posts ITT to reply to.

No. 73185

Sanefag, but hell you would also think they would do more to control the insights that go on for hours in /meta/ if it was about cutting back on autism. Or even do something about shayfags, but instead the admins encouraged their autism and newfaggotry.

To be frank, I don't have a problem with the dumbass shit thread getting autosaged. I have a problem with the fact that they are being inconsistent with how they're choosing to handle threads. And it's pretty dishonest too considering this is coming after admins preached about how they would listen to farmers and not act on their own biases.

No. 73186

Celebrities, fandom drama, and unpopular opinions were never autosaged, what are you talking about? If you mean the dumbass shit thread anons, I mean yeah obviously they will complain but that complaining doesn't kill a thread.
>I swear, I don't think some of you even know what is going on and just reading posts ITT to reply to.
I'm literally the OP kek.

No. 73187

Give over about dumbass shit, and shitting up other threads with bait won't get those threads autosaged or your gay dumbass thread back. I've still lurked dumbass thread and the anons that use it are off putting and I've been able to fit what I would post there into another thread and had anons reply. Lolcow isn't a chatroom and dumbass was turning into a chatroom with unfunny users

No. 73191

>won't get those threads autosaged
But admins said they were considering it, so which is it?
>I've been able to fit what I would post there into another thread
This is the problem though. Anons keep posting shit that would typically fit in the dumbass shit thread in other threads.

No. 73193

autosaging dumbass shit killed /ot/

No. 73195

I always took dumbass shit as an off topic thread to ot threads lol. Feels like newfags read the title and thought they literally had to shit post like retards or act underage. I use to post observational shit but the anons in dumbass aren't the anons you want to have a serious discussion with even if the topic itself isn't exactly highbrow but hopefully you get this. Essentially newfags ruined it and the resulting sperging and baiting cements it.

No. 73198

Defending an obvious site glitch is a new level of retardation I never expected to see on here kek

No. 73199

What was their evidence? Did they do a control test to see how many “dumbass posters” were banned in a week before closing the thread and compare it with the thread with the most bans during hell week? If they’re mad about people only using /ot/ (being a “guest” here as they say), then how are they affecting the rest of the site for the worse? I didn’t use the thread, but I’d like some more evidence. It seems obvious to me that the celebrity thread is way worse

No. 73201

Not even involved in this debate, but you realize that /meta/ is the place to come for complaints about moderation right? I’m glad they’re posting about it here and not derailing other threads. Btw, calling other anons children doesn’t make you sound smart
Agreed. I cannot emphasize enough how much I think the culture here would improve if unpopular opinions was autosaged. That thread attracts infighting and edgelords more than any other thread, and if it’s autosaged newfags are less likely to find it

No. 73203

I mean this thread is what 26 days old. Dumbass was autosages before then and this entire thread has bee derailed by anons complaining about the dumb ass thread and doing gay little baiting psyops to get other threads closed or advertising on 4chan.

You can post a criticism or complaint and wait for farmhands reply, but like it's been addressed the dumbass thread, weeks ago. Move on

No. 73204

This is literally the thread to discuss hellweek. That thread being autosaged happened during hell week.

No. 73205

The psyops have been driving me crazy since they started. There's also been an obvious deluge of newfags that refuse to integrate or even read the rules in the past 2-3 days. It's been infuriating

No. 73206

And it's been discussed and addressed. Maybe your ma gives in when you go on and on

No. 73207

And anons can keep doing so because this is the thread for it. Go minimod elsewhere.

No. 73208

Good luck, maybe another 25 days and you'll get a different result or learn how to integrate!

No. 73209

Bootlicker anon, what do you gain from coming to the thread for complaints and telling everyone to stop complaining? If you can't handle your precious jannies being criticized maybe you should stop visiting /meta/

No. 73210

What the fuck does criticising unintegrated faggots have to do with the mods

No. 73211

Nobody needs to do psyops for those other threads when those threads already had problems years before the most recent hellweek.

No. 73212

Yet they still get bumped?

No. 73214

And? Have you seen the type of shit that gets bumped there?

No. 73215

Yeah I'm sure those anons are getting reported

No. 73216

But then the same exact infights, racebait, and other types of bait keep happening in those threads despite that. They clearly attract certain crowds more than others.

No. 73217

Maybe to save the post count in this thread or maybe you're happy to max it out you could do a big master post of everything you want censored on lolcow and everything you want to be exempt from the culture

No. 73218

>getting rid of frequent baiters/infighters is censorship
Nona please

No. 73220

Nta but how can you see racebait and infighting as better than a harmless thread like the dumbass shit thread. Do people really like that stuff?

No. 73221

I think dumbass shit could come back if anons behave themselves and don't behave too attention starved. But then retard shit would have to come back too, that thread has existed for a while for the shit that newfags do on dumbass shit thread.
Only unpopular opinions should be purged

No. 73222


No. 73227

It's unfortunate people can't just scroll when they see an unpopular opinion (or bait) in the opinions thread kek.

No. 73229

Shitposting thread wasn't made for newfags. There are no threads made for newfags users are suppose to integrate.

No. 73240

Infighting over someone's opinion in general should be against thread rules. Like the vent thread, anons shouldn't be able to reply and complain about the opinion.

No. 73263


No. 73278

I suggested implementing the get if off your chest thread rule of not replying but not sure if it was considered by admins

No. 73280

I don't know, it would make the vent thread obsolete, plus some anons want to be replied to, been there

No. 73281

I know that, but the shitposts should go on the shitpost thread, that's what I mean

No. 73283

Are we going to eventually have 50 generals for every state in america clogging up /ot/ jesus christ

No. 73284

>but language that clearly signals a poster is a tourist is bannable

No. 73285

I guess so kek. I wish they stuck to the Amerifag thread for real
What happened to the eurofag thread btw? Was it dismantled?

No. 73286

An unpopular opinion is not the same as a vent. If you think they are, then we should just get rid of the UP thread. Having that rule wouldn't ruin anything.

No. 73293

Regional threads are not new, and this isn't the right thread.

No. 73295

That anon said
>Like the vent thread, anons shouldn't be able to reply and complain about the opinion.
She didn't mention the unpopular opinion thread, that's why

No. 73323

No I meant making a rule that you can’t reply to unpopular opinions.

No. 73324

NTA but minimodding should be against the rules like scrotefoiling

No. 73326

What would be point of the thread then? It would just be another get it off your chest thread

No. 73331

An opinion is not the same as a vent. Both can have rules where users are not allowed to reply. It's an unpopular opinion for a reason.

No. 73335

Okay then a rule where you can only reply if you agree lmao
It’s constantly full of infighting it’s a fine thread but it’s not being used well

No. 73336

infighting isn't just a differing opinion, or a reply that is opposite the OP, it's multiple argumentative posts after that. those threads shouldn't have just chains of infighting, but a single reply from anons shouldn't be bannable. much of the time some people in those threads have bad takes that other anons help them understand are wrong. those threads are basically pointless anyway. we need to move away from overmodding threads that have basically no purpose, or just get rid of those threads entirely.

No. 73342

I'm fine with all these thread being locked.

No. 73346

If someone says something super outrageous like "women deserve to be raped" but in a subtler not very apparent bait-y way or whatever and nobody can reply to it will only become a way to troll this website even harder, and if only people who agree reply to that opinion can reply to say "all women should be raped, become trad and have 4 babies" it will make it so it will look like the site's culture has changed into woman hating trad life central. People keep replying to bait but the problem are the baiters themselves, if you make it so no one replies then moderation will have to be stricter and never take their eyes off the thread

I would agree with the no reply rule, but it has to be that no one, not even people who agree, could reply. But it will become troll central very fast

No. 73347

might as well lock unpop opinions anyway. we have a bilion chat threads already and that one is bait central

No. 73348

Farmhands banning quoted emojis, avatarfagging, and redditspacing: YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!
Farmhands banning moidposting and racebait: I sleep

No. 73349

They've said before that just because someone have moid views doesn't make them a moid and they can have ugly opinions.

No. 73353

sorry you're right the racism is fine because the person posting it may be a woman

No. 73354

Why do you do this? Pretending someone said one thing is okay while another is bad? That is not what was said at all.

No. 73360

avatarfagging is bad and is rightfully banned tho.

No. 73361

There's a lot more of racism lately, and I wish those posts would be deleted off the website.

No. 73369

I agree but it's funny seeing how quickly the former gets redtexted in comparison to the latter. Thanks farmhands for taking care of it in the end though.

No. 73371

I really don't think the dumbass and retarded shitpost threads are gone forever, I think next time there's an update admin will talk about it. Maybe even remove the autosage. Like, even I miss those threads too. I just fear the newfags will come back and shit the thread.

The unpopular opinions thread though, I'm not sure if it will stay. Maybe of it's gone the site will improve but then if we bring back the dumbass thread at the same time, people who come specifically to bait on there will switch to dumbass and it'll be a lose lose situation. What do you think should/will happen? I wonder to be honest

No. 73377

Why are you even saying this? You aren't a mod

No. 73380

>No one can ask questions anymore

No. 73381

This website is starting to feel like a middle school.

No. 73382

You're making a diary entry musing about nothing, and unpopular opinions isnt even down or autosaged

No. 73384

by that logic every post in this thread is musing about nothing. it's a discussion thread.

No. 73387

can a farmhand get back to me on why the posts the schizophrenic pedo tranny makes don't get deleted anymore? he's basically announcing himself in the /meta/ complaints and suggestions thread and his posts are not even redtexted let alone deleted, his posts were left up without redtext as well last time he was obviously posting in /meta/. it's extremely off-putting that a lunatic scrote who raids sites with cp is allowed to freely post here.

No. 73388

This. Since ban evading is very easy, Cerbmin should delete his posts.

No. 73389

I agree. And because we have so many newfags, they keep biting his retarded bait because they don’t know how to clock him yet. The debacle after the dumbass shit autosage was ridiculous and I get the sense farmhands like to let him run free because he argues for them and shits up the thread to drown out any valid complaints.

No. 73414

100% they need to delete his shit

No. 73415

Tranny janny doesnt want to ban his friend

No. 73436

Theyre lazy. They don't care.

Don't say that's their friend because it isnt, not only do you make yourself look like him but you incite him and reinforce him

No. 73639

"Dulling down" the site of prostitution admittal and truly pathetic public humiliation behavior in women. I don't want to hear about other womens public humiliation kinks in /ot/ I'm tired of it popping up everywhere online. /ot/ aside from a few threads that have uses in building skills and interests like the art and employment ones for example is an embarrassment. It's a stomping ground for pathetic pickme discussions, moid teet suckling and relationship advice 2.0 venting and confessions. The shit posting wasn't even the bad thing about dumbass shit and /ot/. You've still got unpop opinions, the vent thread confessions and other public humiliation threads that you can use. Also nearly all of /g/ kek since this shit is never contained to one board. I find it bizarre to say the least that some of the userbase here will gladly mock some camwhore on /snow/ but than freely admit to engaging in prostitution and pathetic moid teet suckling complaining about how their moid mistreats them.

No. 73663

Seconded. Was just thinking about this.
>just because someone have moid views doesn't make them a moid
lol that's always been a thing here. Anyone who takes an even vaguely moid position (or is (mis)interpreted that way) usually gets accused of being a scrote. Speaking from experience lmao.

No. 73680

The problem with that is that some anons don't title threads properly

No. 74155

I saw someone a few weeks ago asking if admins posted any statistics of bans pre and post the dumbass shit thread autosage, and honestly I would be very interested in seeing it. The autosage was supposed to cut back on newfaggotry and infighting, but as far as I can see, there's still a lot of both in /ot/. There's also the issue of anons posting off-topic things in other threads that would typically go into the dumbass shit thread, which for some reason doesn't seem to get banned most of the time. And the mods nowadays frequently bend to the wants/demands newfags, so it's incredibly unclear what direction you guys are trying to take.

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