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File: 1555467906048.png (413.66 KB, 577x353, Screenshot_2019-04-17 perfect …)

No. 113303

ITT:Just brag about your boyfriend or husband and what he does for you
mine does the cooking,cleans the bathroom,does the yard-work,works out so he's fit,cares for his sick grandmother and loves me unconditionally even when I'm not as fit as I used to be

No. 113313

>Pay me a lot of things
>Eat me out often
>Stopped watching porn when I asked him
>If I ask him to not masturbate for a week he'll do it
>Great cook and cook often
>Not a manchild, knows how to clean after him and always keep his space organized
>Give me a lots of massage and caress my hair to help me fall asleep
>Is good looking and take great care of his appearances
>listen to my inputs about his looks because he wants to stay sexually attractive to me
>Deeply loves and respect all the women in his family

No. 113315

>Stopped watching porn when I asked him
ok thats seems a bit weird

No. 113316

ok I made a mistake I meant to copy paste
>>If I ask him to not masturbate for a week he'll do it
the not watching pron thing is good

No. 113317

I didn't want to be TIM but basically we sometimes don't see each other for a whole week and we both agree to not masturbate so we can keep our sexual energy for each other none of my ex bf ever agreed to that before.

No. 113318

>suffer from severe chronic illness
>boyfriend goes out of his way to take care of me even when I try and insist no, I can do it myself (I can't but I'm stubborn
>never asks a thing in return

He does alot of great things for me that I could list but the fact he accepts my crippled ass as it is and helps me no matter what, drops everything to make sure I'm healthy… that means more than anything.

No. 113319

awww thats so cute

No. 113323

>Genuinely loves me for who I am - I'm a thinker, whilst he's a doer, but still listens to my philosophical rants and engages with them as much as possible
>Invested in understanding how to support me with my bipolar as soon as we started dating, still supportive 4 years later
>Has never judged me for my past, also never gets funny about it (has an admirably small ego)
>Is an incredible and involved father to our 1 year old, especially in comparison to other fathers I know
>Provides so I can work part-time and raise our kid
>Have trauma surrounding sex which he is very considerate of; doesn't watch porn and, if I'm having a bad time, will stop mentioning sex altogether until I'm okay again
>Is a smart, thoughtful, caring, truly nice guy, who also happens to be very sexy and attractive heart eyes

Honestly, I feel so lucky to be sharing my life with this man and to have had his child.

No. 113324

My boyfriend likes to cuddle me and slide his hand up my shirt and rub my hips and stomach and stuff, I find it cute and it feels nice

He actually helped me out my insecurity and he's cutely anxious and stuff so I like mommying him

No. 113327

>bf doesn’t let me lift finger
> buys any food/thing I want
> I have complete control on everything in the house
> he’s kind of a sub except in bed

No. 113328

> he’s kind of a sub except in bed
can we please stop applying terms like subs and doms to normal non-bdsm relationships
In bed my favorite position is missionary and my husbands is cowgirl(their is no or doms or bottom in this )

No. 113331

>we cook, clean and take care of our house together
>compatible personality and hobbies
>he's almost a decade younger than me, but he's a responsible young adult with a college degree and full time job
>always listens to what I say, always able to work out issues without a fuss. No anger issues. No controlling personality.
>takes care of his body, I taught him how to take care of his skin and we both go to the gym.
>sex every day, no degenerate fetishes. He was a virgin when we met.

No. 113332

This thread hurts to read :(
especially this one >>113331
I'm so jealous

No. 113336

fucking ideal

No. 113343

>the bare minimum thread

No. 113349

What else do you expect? Millionaires?

No. 113350

All I can say is that mine is a compliment to myself. We really have come together to become one, and I don't think most people can say that.

No. 113353

I mean, kinda~.

No. 113370

File: 1555555895050.jpg (7.26 KB, 250x228, 1492238899603s.jpg)

this thread is depressing me. i want romance in my life. i feel like every guy i meet is obsessed with fucking and dumping.

No. 113372

I don't know what to say
Its mostly luck finding a good guy as majority of men are shit

No. 113376

Yah, so fucking what? Plenty of men (and women) out there aren't even capable of bare minimum. Sounds like you're bitter that other people are happy.

I met mine by taking a complete chance on someone I met randomly and wouldn't have usually gone for. If the vibe is good (and the idea of getting physical doesn't turn your stomach obv), give them a chance.

No. 113377

No man ever took an interest in me until I was 24, and I found my bf on tinder.
He's seriously out of my league, even if he doesn't see it that way.
Just make an effort with your appearance anon, my photos weren't even that great.

Good luck, you'll find him one day!

No. 113395

Pretty sure this is the same anon from another thread who went on about how paying for everything for your spouse and buying them gifts on the regular is "the bare minimum".

I've noticed this is a pretty common cope for lonely people.

No. 113406

t. coping with the fact her spouse does the bare minimum

No. 113424

I'd like to partake because all my friends are single and I don't like to bring up my bf around them in case I make them feel bad.

>will just randomly start massaging my feet or shoulders as we're talking

>is actually pretty good at cooking and likes learning new recipes
>plans and books holidays for us regularly and got into travelling because I enjoy it
>calls me beautiful constantly even though I don't feel beautiful
>likes to keep his place clean and helps me clean too
>wears things I think he looks cute in because he wants to look good for me
>always makes sure I orgasm if he accidentally cums first lol
>shares all of my beliefs
>buys me little thoughtful presents (like essential oils when I was stressed out and some toys for a dog I recently adopted)
>looks out for me when I'm feeling sick or depressed, genuinely enjoys nursing me back to health and would do anything to make me feel better
>still organises "date nights" 8 years later
>loves talking about me and showing me off
>falls asleep holding my hand or with his arm around my waist and if we move apart in the middle of the night and he wakes, he'll cuddle back next to me
>listens to all my boring problems and gives me advice
>all animals and kids are obsessed with him and it makes me melt
>is genuinely a really talented artist, even if he doesn't think so
>without a doubt the most attractive guy I've ever met
>is basically perfect for me in every way and I'm so glad he thinks the same about me

No. 113428

You're living the dream anon!
Wish you the best!

No. 113438

He has faults of course, but I’ll list the good points. I’m really happy, but for the people who are jelly of other anons realize no one is perfect.

>calls me beautiful and seems sincere

>my perfect body type (cute chubby)
>6’4 which is great since I’m taller
>listens to what I have to say and deals with my family drama, actually can understand without being around my whole life
>incredibly smart and great at most things
>can build furniture from scratch and whatnot
>likes to bake occasionally
>loves animals and plants
>no overbearing fetishes, just likes swimsuits sometimes
>well mannered
>laughs at my jokes a lot genuinely
>thinks a lot of stuff I do is cute and tells me
>virgin before me, actually kissless gf-less
>cares about my mental illnesses without making me feel bad
>all around good person and I’m happy to be with someone who loves me and I love him too

No. 113439

>>6’4 which is great since I’m taller
How tall are you ?
also are you two deciding to have kids

No. 113441

I’m 5’9 and we already have a child

No. 113442

It sounds really odd but I love having my feet tickled, and he always pulls my feet up on his lap while we're watching TV
>fetches me water at night when I'm too lazy to
>buys me chocolate when I'm on my period
>encourages me if I'm struggling with food (recovering ana-chan)
>spoons me all the time even though he's more comfortable sleeping on his front
>tells me i'm beautiful when i wake up with bedhead and half-closed eyes
>hugs me to warm me up when i'm freezing even though i make him cold

No. 113443

oh I may have misinterpreted what you were saying a
I assumed you were saying you were taller then him

No. 113445

Ah woops you’re right heh. I meant I’m a taller girl in general.

No. 113480

He brought me home a burger as I was getting ready to go out and buy a burger. How did he know??

No. 113494

>tries to pay for my cat's food/litter/vet bills/toys when they need them
>rubs my legs/feet/back without being asked
>hugs me from behind, kisses my shoulder and takes over the chore I'm doing without being asked
>listens to me vent and rant about friends/work issues and assumes the best friend role to vent and bitch with me
>understands my struggle with alcohol and food and gives me encouragement and love
>spends ages in bed with me making me finish 3-4 times before he does
>tries new things with me (sexual or otherwise) with enthusiasm
>if I mention something I like casually he'll research it when I'm gone so he can talk to me about it when I get back
>tells everyone about me and brags about the things I do even if they're mediocre
>tells me I'm beautiful/smart/amazing rather than "ur hot" all the time
>calls me sunshine, darling, my love, rather than by my name or just baby
>drops everything to make sure I'm okay when sick/stressed/hurt/sad even if he's driving

and to top it all off

>owns and uses a cast iron skillet

I love him so much, we have so much in common and I can't wait to marry him. I help him too, don't worry it's not all one sided.

No. 113502

I'm not really impressed with physical affection stuff but this is fantastic
>if I mention something I like casually he'll research it when I'm gone so he can talk to me about it when I get back

No. 113671

I've been almost seven years with my boyfriend and I still think he's the best thing that has happened to me.

> takes care of his looks (goes to the gym, buys nice clothes for himself)

> smells divine even when sweating
> is funny and still tries to make me laugh all the time
> intelligent and likes to challenge me, great at speaking about feelings and thoughts
> still takes care to remember anniversaries and having semi-regular date nights and buys me flowers and chocolate every once in a while
> is a sub in bedroom, let's me have my way without being a dead fish
> has supported me through bipolar disorder, doing extra chores when I've been too depressed to do my part, buying me surprises to lift my mood, even gone to therapy with me when I first started going there to show support
> has promised me that I can be a stay-at-home mom when we get a child and that I can stay home even after that to pursue my dream of becoming an author, which he knows won't be easy (honestly though I think I will just work part-time if possible, I don't want to strain our relationship with money issues)

Our relationship has always been very steady and loving, we've had only one fight in all these years. I love him so freaking much, he is my best friend.

No. 113675

Yeah alternatively you sound like the hassle.

No. 113676

nta but
>only had one fight in 7 years
>a hassle

ok anon

No. 113693

>is a sub in bedroom, let's me have my way without being a dead fish
Can I ask what exactly happens in the bedroom ?
like do you do any femdom stuff or is it normal PIV with oral

No. 113734

We do femdom, a lot of stuff involving tease and denial and when he isn't working we do chastity belts. He enjoys humiliation and I get to spank him, which he knows I enjoy a lot. We have done a lot of other stuff but these things are most prominent in our sex life. We have vanilla sex too but these are the things that spark most joy in our intimate life. He is very eager to please and doesn't just lie around unless I ask that of him.

No. 113740

Oh I thought by "sub" you meant you would take charge more,or be the on top not full on femdom
I don't think I could ever be with a man thats into femdom

No. 113763

I'm having a bad week and haven't been able to go shopping, so I've just been eating whatever we already have. Tonight when my boyfriend got home he reached under his jacket and pulled out the exact junk I had been craving but he had also written a funny poem on his phone about bringing it to me.
I am a disgusting mess right now, I can't remember the last time I looked presentable, but this shy man still stood and read me a poem in his cute accent while holding up food for me. I cried and got him to read it a second time under his condition that I didn't look at him lol

No. 113769

Aww anon, that's so sweet! I wish my husband wrote a poem for me. He's pretty good about the comfort food though.
What kind of accent does your bf have?

No. 113785

He sends me pictures of particularly nice plants or flowers that he comes across. He did it once and I asked him to send more, so he does!! I appreciate him so much.

No. 113802

>Supports me while I study
>Does not watch porn because he is ethically against it and urges his friends to stop too
>He puts my pleasure before his own
>The only reason he practices with cooking is because he wants to impress me and see me be happy because of nice food.
>If I ask him to do a chore, he will do it.
>Wants to learn how to give me a foot-massage
>He is extremely hygienic
>He is my intellectual equal
>Takes my PTSD into account; he understands if I cannot watch certain movies and he will comfort me if I get a nightmare
>I can stop sex whenever necessary and he won't sulk or feel offended
>He has no fetishes
>When we have an argument we communicate properly and actually solve it
>Animals like him, he has a friendly and calm disposition
>He is honest; he realized it is a lot more productive to immediately fess up so I can help instead of trying to hide it and deal with it all alone.
>He visits his mother regularly despite having a strained relationship with her
>We have been together for 2.5 years and he still tries to woo me.

No. 113825

Thank you, I would have never thought of writing one myself before, maybe you could drop a hint or write him one first? Even just a little funny one.

I don't want to be too specific but a local manly kind of accent, so it made him shyly reading a poem even cuter.

No. 113848


sounds like a chill dude. does he have a favourite animal?

No. 114315

>ldr for more than a year but were both rather independent so we dont mind the distance
>has the money to visit me at least 3/4 times a year
>buys me whatever I want (makeup, shopping sprees, food)
>when im on my period hell send me money to buy ice cream
>calls me cute every day
>doesn't watch porn nor has any weird fetishes (that i know of)
>very vanilla
>close with his family (they have a very cute dynamic that i wish i had with my family, and they include me in it too which makes me very appreciated)
>rarely fight
>when we argue its calm and we see both sides in our arguments or why we have upset the other

a plus
>inherited a shit ton of money
>has a very promising career
>has a huge dick
>i lost a necklace he gave me so when he came over he bought me another from a store i liked
>surprised me with a visit on our anniversary. hes from europe and im from america so it made me happy to know he took the time and money to come see me for our special day!

some things might be the bare minimum for some people but i really appreciate the relationship i have with my boyfriend

No. 124857

File: 1570496259789.gif (481.16 KB, 400x200, flower.gif)

he isn't conventionally attractive hence we were 'just friends' at first. but his personality, devotion and the little things he does drew me in.

>fell in love with me at first sight

>platonic friends first but later fell for him when he confessed he loved me all those years ago
>doesn't play video games or watches tv/movies unless i force him
>shares a hatred in anime with me
>has niche hobbies - reading, writing, poetry, cooking/baking, outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking canoeing, gardening, guitar
>does whatever i tell him to do - literally anything
>i.e. i told him to write smut/romance novella for me even though he's against all forms of pornography
>writes songs, stories and poems for me whenever i feel down
>does majority cooking and cleaning; he'd do all of it but i feel bad and help out sometimes lol
>learns recipes for me after discovering what types of food i like
>will go out in the middle of the night to curb my cravings for a french fries
>obliges in my creepy fetishes despite being über vanilla (i.e. cross dressing in women's lingerie, licks my weird erogenous zones like feet and arm pits)
>gfless and kissless virgin
>shy prude who hates nudes - i kept trying to send him nudes of myself while we were LDR and he told me he'd rather wait and see me in person
>only attracted to me (idk if he lied about this but this is what he claims)
>works out and eats right so he looks good for me
>lets me dress him up to my tastes
>gets interested in my hobbies and invests time in them i.e. watches my dumb tv shows
>accepts my decision for non-penetrative sex (medical reasons) even though he has a rather juicy dick that's gone to waste
>against anal
>will never let me give him a BJ
>his favorite thing in the world is to give oral because it 'shows' his love, devotion and appreciation for me
>cheesy hopeless romantic
>not afraid to show his sensitive feminine side
>gives long massages without expecting me to massage him back
>randomly caresses me softly - just rubs his hands up and down my body while we're lying in bed and plays with my hair
>always compliments me even when i feel hideous
>accepts my flaws: acne, stretch marks, cellulite, overweight, hairy (i don't shave sometimes and i turn into bigfoot), moustache on upper lip
>will take my last name instead of the other way around

No. 124859

i want this so bad. i want to die.

No. 124973

File: 1570662844877.png (123.76 KB, 253x275, 1562344787664.png)

you are living the dream

No. 125114

To all anons with awesome boyfriends, how’d you meet him? Help.
I need to find my perfect bf

No. 125119

this is absolute bait but honestly goalz


>against anal

>will never let me give him a BJ

No. 125122

Is this that same guy who doesn't eat fruit?
Must be his twin.

No. 125130

> doesn't eat fruit
excuse me w0t

No. 125131

There was an anon who posted in multiple threads about her socially inept bf who did nothing but exercise and read. And she also just casually threw in there that he didn't eat fruit.
Actually…I'm pretty sure that was necessaryspeed4? I guess mods would ban this anon if it was her.

No. 125134

I love this thread because like >>113424 I hate gushing over my bf with even my taken friends since they're in kinda shitty relationships atm and I feel bad.

>is literally my ideal physical type and ridiculously attractive/out of my league imo; I'm still crushing on him to an embarrassing extent 2 years later

>is an amazing cook and does all of the cooking for both of us, regularly makes me breakfast in bed
>buys me whatever I want or need (makeup, skincare, food, crafting supplies, weed, etc.)
>surprises me with "just because" roses, chocolate covered strawberries, and plushies on a regular basis
>writes me long love letters that he hides in beautiful cards for every single holiday
>loves and respects women, hates misogynist bullshit so he's relatively picky with his male friends (but also doesn't have a bunch of thirsty female friends)
>is a loving, supportive brother to his siblings and is always looking out for them; same with his friends
>I've got adhd/anxiety and a chronic illness and he's constantly doting on me, helping me with my medications, going to appointments with me, buying me gifts whenever I'm having a really bad day/week health-wise
>amazing with children and animals
>buys and does everything for our dog who's just as obsessed with him as I am
>very physically fit and takes great care of his body; doesn't care that I'm not kek but is always super supportive and helpful when I try to actually hit the gym
>has a really clever and fun sense of humor and is always making me laugh
>excellent listener, not just when it comes to serious relationship/personal things, but also actively placates my autistic screeching about shit I like
>insists (bc I'm constantly wondering even though he doesn't give me a good reason to) that he doesn't care that I'm still a (penetrative) virgin due to medical and other reasons and is constantly bragging about how sexually satisfied he is in our relationship
>speaking of which, huge dick that I can't wait to actually put to proper use
>no degenerate kinks or fetishes, but will try/do anything I want in the bedroom
>always wants to have sex whenever I do, but never throws a tantrum or makes me feel bad at all if I'm not in the mood
>is always telling me how beautiful/gorgeous/sexy he thinks I am despite how gross I feel like 99% of the time
>supports all of my hobbies and interests, even if they clearly aren't his thing he's always so sweet and enthusiastic about them
>very neat and organized, always keeps our place super clean even when I've made the mess
>rubs my back until I fall asleep every single night
>never judges any of my overt weirdness and genuinely finds it cute and endearing
>highly empathetic and gives me and my friends great advice and consolation
>wants to support me financially while I pursue my dreams (writing/art)
>helped me take care of a sick, dying relative for months before their passing
>we've both lost a parent, so we take really good care of each other when it comes to grief and similar traumas
>does a ton of work around the house, fixes our computers, car, etc. by himself
>will drop everything to help me with anything at all or just be there for me if I need him
>insanely affectionate; always kisses, hugs, cuddles me, and tells me, and anyone who will listen, how much he loves me and can't wait to marry me every single day

I'm gonna stop there because I sound insufferably spoiled - tbh most of this is a 2-way thing, but I just wanted to focus on him obvi - but yeah, I love him so much and can't believe he's even remotely real. I'm so fucking lucky.

No. 125135

Has anybody else mistaken this for a lesbian thread based on the thread pic?

I've scrolled past this a bunch of times and thought 'aw cute lesbian couple'

No. 125139

Why are good boyfriends called "Nigels?"

Maybe it's because I'm a burger but it's such an odd name choices/exclusively a British thing.

No. 125147

'Not my nigel' is a phrase used to describe women's defensiveness against feminist critiques of men because their boyfriend/husband is great and not sexist and it doesn't apply to them. Like, for example 'men are bad' 'well my nigel isn't!'.

Anon using it in the subject is just tongue in cheek, it doesn't mean 'good boyfriend'.

No. 125155

This is honestly disgusting. You're "dating" an absolute doormat. The epitome of a beta. I seriously cannot believe this is real. But given the fact that you don't even care about yourself, I wouldn't expect you to see how degenerate your relationship with this poor boy is. If my brother were to be in a relationship with the likes of you, I would murder her.

No. 125156

Yeah you're post is quite old but this should be said. You're not finding romance because you want it with Chad, who only fucks and dumps. What none of these girls are admitting is that their boyfriends are either ugly or emotionally fucked up (mommy issues and whatnot). So if you're willing to stoop to these levels, you will surely find "romance".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125161

What bugs me is that if roles were inverted everyone would be angry at what an abusive relationship this is. This is sad and worrying and you're the worst.

No. 125163

some of these can't be real. physically attractive + not sex obsessed + does anything for you + does not expect anything, including physical fitness, in return, yeah sure.

No. 125166

This actually sounds like a ticking time bomb, like one day he'll get fed up of the power dynamic you have. When you find a man who is a people pleaser like this: don't take advantage

My first bf was basically like this and I fucking broke him by thinking that dynamic was 'so cool'

No. 125172

You're either a liar or an abusive cunt. You don't deserve him.

No. 125177

Shut the fuck up anon. You sound bitter and triggered as fuck. Who hurt you?

No. 125184

Lmao bragging about not eating fruit
>>125134 this is too wholesome

No. 125204

Ah okay. Thanks for explaining it to me. Now that you mention it, the phrase seems vaguely familiar.

No. 125206

File: 1570990923207.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 348.64 KB, 640x635, 37109A81-C569-4001-946A-9D709A…)

I’m pretty sure this is you anon

No. 125227

These both sound amazing, truly ideal tbh.

I think it depends, we don't know if he's actually a people pleaser or if he just has that dynamic that with her. Besides if you have good communication you shouldn't be breaking anyone.

No. 125252

It sure ticks alot of the boxes on what we know about Pheebs..

The no penetrative sex thing.. if there's a medical cause then get help cos it's not a realistic expectation for a young guy to truly accept that long term, resentment will pop up eventually in a no bj and no sex relationship ..

No. 125357

i'm >>124857 why is everyone so angry over what i put in my post?

i don't see how abusive i am in it. maybe it's because i left a lot of information out, worded things strongly and just wrote what i find are the most endearing sides of him. he is a pushover for me only but i don't take advantage of him. he's just considerate and thoughtful, doing most of the things he does out of his own accord to make me happy.

i'm not quite sure how to describe our dynamic but i really enjoy teasing and flirting with him over how prudish he is. there aren't any power-play dynamics and i don't know how my post implied that?

all of this is not bait and is actually true believe it or not.
i have a tilted uterus and vaginismus so PIV is super painful.
oof… i actually have a waist

No. 125525

There's nothing wrong with what you posted, a bunch of assmad scrots just got angry and jealous that you have a sweet and kind bf that is more desirable than they ever will be.

No. 125539

I've spent two decades dating with similar medical/PIV issues and you can often make it years into dating someone before they tell you the truth. I was married to one perfect seeming partner for two years before I was suddenly informed it was a make or break deal. That was after 5 years together and lots of communication on the issue. That pattern repeated itself (minus the wedding) for two more long term relationships. I found online communities where alot of women are in the same boat. It's not a failure on our part but it's a harsh reality, often several years in it can become an issue, even after marrying and buying a house together etc

I think couples counselling before marriage is important when certain types of intimacy are off the table. Not trying to be negative but looking back I wish I had more realistic views in my twenties

No. 125601

>he was a virgin
>"only attracted to you"
>hates nudes of you
>cross dresses
>doesn't fuck you
>is feminine
he sounds extremely gay and in denial…

No. 125602

she says he does it for her allegedly

No. 125603

Hi I'm >>114315

Honestly, I met him a year before we dated and we hung out from time to time. He was from a streamer's discord and was the only one up late enough to talk to (since he's European). I thought he was funny and kinda cute. He asked me out kinda saying it like a joke and wasn't expecting me to respond positively.

Our relationship was a little awkward as first but I got to know him more and it was nice. He's honestly the funniest guy I know and hearing him talk gives a smile to my face :). Our relationship is getting stronger and stronger. It's the heading towards our 2 year anniversary and I am visiting him soon. Eep I'm excited.

No. 125606

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a man, retard. It sounded like she puts no effort into the relationship and he's doing all the work.

You should get treated, anon. Unless he's asexual, he's not gonna put up with no PIV, especially since he's against anal.

No. 125613

..And he refuses BJs

There is treatment for vaginismus, I've successfully had it and have dealt with cervical issues on top of that, I don't know why some women are so quick to say 'oh well no sex for life'

No. 125629

He gives her oral though? The tell-tale sign of a man being gay is being repulsed by cunnilingus or touching a woman's genitals.

Eh, I think if someone doesn't want PIV they shouldn't have to train themselves to like it for someone else. Most men wouldn't do the same thing for women if it was painful/uncomfortable. Sounds like they are compatible since they both don't seem to mind no PIV

No. 125630

He gives her oral but refuses BJs cause it's bait anon lol.

No. 125631

More than gay, it sounds like he's a tranny in denial

No. 125636

File: 1571530672575.jpeg (726.52 KB, 1242x663, 1569236772446.jpeg)

My Nigel is perfect for me. Brags:
>gets turned on the most from giving me oral
>is actually amazing at oral and is the only guy to make me cum from it ever
>hard worker at his job, is building a great career/accomplishing his goals
>is humble and not some egomaniac like most guys
>very thoughtful and kind to everyone he meets, is well liked a d respected by everyone he knows
>we have all the same hobbies and the same sense of humor
>never lets me buy my own food
>doesn't want kids
>DMs private dungeons & dragons games just for me
>always compliments me and loves my natural body (doesn't nag me to shave etc)
>doesn't judge me even though my room is like pic related
I could go on forever really. Hes just so good!!! I feel so lucky and tell him a lot and he gets really shy and loves the attention. So cute

No. 125639

File: 1571538175012.jpeg (239.17 KB, 750x1334, A654CD52-22CF-4EE1-A858-82655B…)

My Nigel made me this

No. 125651

Only post so far that has made me jealous. Because the rest are fiction. Give him a hicky Anon, right on his neck.

No. 125656

nice cope.

No. 125659

>worships me
>Goes out his way to be with me at work
>Always brags about me to his parents and friends
>Gets rid of anything I don't like
>Always takes me anywhere I want
>Is always super worried about me
>Pushes me to go further in life
>Likes to eat ass
>Tall, fit, blue eyes
>Doesn't care about my past in nude photoshoots or my high body count
>Wants to get married and have kids
>Loves my cooking
>Parents love him
>Loves my taste, gets an erection from kissing, seeing me nude, or smelling my armpits

No. 125666

File: 1571565530638.gif (209.35 KB, 220x180, DD211044-C707-48D5-9B0C-E1BD29…)

>Likes to eat ass
> gets an erection from smelling my armpits

No. 125677

Eh I'd rather a guy get an erection just from smelling me than nu males who can't even get or stay hard

Eating ass isn't everyone's cup of tea but I like it and oral on my ass and pus is a def for me, everything is better when you let yourself be nasty

No. 125692

Aren't most guys (under 30ish) ass eaters now?

No. 125696

Most men willing to go down on women are also willing to eat ass, but sadly there seems to be surplus of young men who are afraid of giving basic oral sex to women, so obviously eating ass would be out the question for them.

This doesn't include men who are bothered if the woman is smelling or tasting bad, which even then is fixable with diet and giving up smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

No. 125697

Most men willing to go down on women are also willing to eat ass, but sadly there seems to be surplus of young men who are afraid of giving basic oral sex to women, so obviously eating ass would be out the question for them.

This doesn't include men who are bothered if the woman is smelling or tasting bad, which even then is fixable with diet and giving up smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

No. 125698

In my experience a good deal of men are dying to eat ass and it's women who are turning it down about half the time, at least that's what my group of friends share

I don't like receiving it and have had to explicitly state to guys that I don't want their tongue wandering after noticing guys go ahead and do it -right after I say not to-

No. 125719

i thought so. who uses the terms 'chads' and 'betas' anyways if not men?
he's definitely not gay or trans. i make him wear girlie things because i like men wearing stuff like that and i'm bisexual myself. i just did it as a joke to see if he'd actually did it and he actually did surprisingly. he told me before we became a couple he used to fantasize about going down on me all the time and never once thought of bjs. he actually fantasized about eating me out more than PIV.
like all men, he eventually wants to lose his v-card so i'm hoping i can deliver once i get my medical problems figured out. i'm in a bad time in my life rn to worry about all that so i've been delaying it to get it fixed. for tilted uterus, i heard you just can't do positions from behind because it pokes the cervix painfully.

No. 125993

You just seem like a lazy and needy person in general. The type to take everything and give very little back. Exactly what it seems you're doing with this poor dude.

No. 126193

>eats me out everytime we get intimate
>doesnt watch porn
>not into BDSM or anal, and finds 'jailbait/schoolgir' stuff highly disturbing especially sinces hes a high school teacher
>grew up in an all female household
>doesnt say the word 'bitch' 'slut' etc. bc thinks its derogatory (bc it is)
>gives me love 24/7
>is basically a cat with opposable thumbs
>been together 5 years and have only had 1 actual fight and it was about food lol
>works his ass off and helps me with my side of the bills when my paychecks are low
>became very into skinncare since dating and does more masks than me
>has low sex drive
>is a great cook and makes me dinner+drops it off to me at work
>visited me everyday when i was in the hospital for over a week 1.5 away from our apartment
>tells me he loves me every single morning/night since we first started talking
>does most of the chores around the apartment bc i work/go to school and get in depressive states
>encourages me to get out of my comfort zone and takes me out to dinner randomly on days when im obviously feeling low
>compliments my skin without makeup cause he knows im super insecure about my acne scars
>encourages me to talk to my psych about important things but doesnt pressure me
>leaves me notes when he leaves for work while im sleeping wishing me a good day
>gives me kisses and big hugs when im sleeping (im secretly awake most of the time bc insomnia so i can hear/feel him)
>is a sexy af skinny boy with a thick beard and a thick ass lmao

No. 126197

I hope you cherish him so hard.

No. 126213

>basically a cat with opposable thumbs

This sounds like an actual healthy relationship. Good on you anon

No. 126240

They're not scrotes she's just abusive anon.

No. 126493

Stay salty anon

No. 127554

>super educated
>makes six figures
>never pressures me into doing anything I don't want to do
>empathetic and gentle
>pays for dates
>is okay with me being/wants a SAHW
>loves cooking and is very good at it
>liked me since middle school and never stopped
>compliments me
>never puts me down
>loves animals
>good in bed
>not into degenerate porn
>his family loves me and treat me like part of their family
>my family also loves him
>pushes me to do whatever makes me happy
>asks for selfies everyday and compliments me
>gives me massages
>has a large group of male friends/is not a shut-in
>into the same nerdy stuff as I am
>is a cute nerdy, exactly my type
>is a good handyman
>wants a family and has his whole life figured out
>never raises his voice at me
>chats with me all day and never makes me feel like I'm a burden
>has been bringing up wedding and family stuff a lot lately/asking my opinion on things and stuff regarding the timeline for it

I love this man to death. I didn't have the best childhood experience and truly don't think I would have known what unconditional love was if I hadn't met him. Getting kind of emotional and sappy here so I'm going to stop.

No. 127956

bullshit, lol either that or your mans is gay but he is still in the closet.

No. 129473

>is the perfect house husband. He cooks and cleans with no complaints. Super well organized
>your typical INFJ. People confide in him and he’s highly empathetic. He knows how to make me laugh and smile at the best times, knows when I’m down
>oral whenever and however long I please
>hates blowjobs
>no porn
>hard worker and frugal
>likes to give me massages or caresses the contours of my body
>intellectual and enjoys discussing academic subjects and topics
>thinks I’m the most beautiful girl alive and other cheesy compliments but genuinely means them
>no social media whatsoever
>has artistic hobbies like poetry and music
>Confessed that if he wasn’t going to marry me he would’ve stayed single the rest of his life and if he somehow had a daughter he would’ve named her after me which I think is sweet
>confessed he would’ve ditched any girl he was seeing to be with me
>crazy about me even after ten years

No. 131163

File: 1579432099271.jpg (25.55 KB, 250x248, Happy_Tears.jpg)

>super socially competent, people like to be around him
>has a lot of hobbies, made a career out of his guitar hobby
>is a fulltime carer for a severely disabled guy as a job (have a lot of respect for the patience this takes, and how genuinely proud he is to be helping someone who needs it)
>great at oral, loves giving and is never sexually demanding in return.
>focuses on my wants in bed, respectful and gentle- no real fetishes but we have a very ''mild'' femdom dynamic
>cooks and cleans, accommodates my specific dietary needs without any complaints.
>despite being a farm-raised swede in a family of picky eaters, he loves trying my countries food and loves when we experiment with cooking.
>gave up porn and took time to read up on the problems with porn after we discussed my issues with it
>discourages his friends from consuming porn, vocally expresses that it's exploitative
>has lots of female friends, listens to us often.
>when an acquaintance spoke out about his close friend/roommate raping her, he immediately believed her without question, moved out and cut off the rapist.
>respects my strong beliefs on feminism and goes out of his way to read up on it too since he sees how much it means to me.
>raised well and loves his mom, when we visit his parents he always works extra hard to clean up/help around the house so his mother can have a break (she has 5 other kids)
>proud of everything I do, is always telling his friends about how cool he thinks my job is/how much he loves me
>we never fight, he never raises his voice at me and we always come to a healthy compromise when we have disagreements.
>has a genuine understanding of fashion and a very distinct style

I love him!! He is so devoted and respectful, I cannot believe sometimes that I've found someone so compatible with me. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

No. 131190

File: 1579473278467.jpeg (276.34 KB, 828x586, 851111FE-2B74-4918-8E19-8AF946…)

I know that it's a cliche thing to say, but when I'm with him it really does feel like the outside world and all of my worries melt away - like it's just me and him in the world!
I really do love everything about him. I love his weirdness and how he teases me. We have the same hair colour and almost the same eye colour and quite similar personalities, so we always joke that we're actually aliens from a different planet, heh. I love dumb things like that. He's genuinely like a guy from one of those silly otome games. I've been learning how to flirt in French recently because of him (he's fluent in it) , and now we can hold full on conversations in French just flirting with each other. I can't even hold a 'normal' conversation in French, but ask me to flirt with you in French and I'll be able to, all because of that dork. We get along so well. I really believe that true love exists now, and for all anons reading this, I really wish the best for you and for you to find it too if you haven't already!! I know I'm gushing and I'm kind of sleepy but he just makes me so happy it's unbelievable. Anons, the world is good sometimes. REALLY good. I feel like what I'm writing right now isn't even enough to just express how good he is, how much we get along and just how well we click together like?? Is this real life??

Life without him would be so boring and it's not as though I need him or anything (that's a bad mindset to have) but it'd be like having a cake without icing. You can still enjoy it, but it's missing it's colour. I'm so sure about him. I really hope that this works out, everything feels so natural to me. I'll try my hardest for this to work out.

No. 131196

I'm married btw

>6 figure income with sizeable inheritance

>goes out of his way to do nice things for me

>helps with laundry and household chores

>Obsessed with eating my pussy

>Been together for years and have known each other since like elementary school

>was blonde as a child so our chances of blonde kids is good

No. 131264


this melted my heart sweet anon,how did you meet? did you ever experience any hardships? I am so happy for how fulfilling and warm your relationship is!

No. 131281

>how did you meet?
I'm not gonna lie… we actually met on R9k
At the time we were both insanely lonely, and he started a thread about wanting to make friends. I wasn't interested at first but he sounded really nice and welcoming in his thread so I asked for his discord tag! We both don't browse it anymore and he's not like most typical anons there for the record. I know it's an odd way to meet. We talked for months and just developed feelings for each other naturally. Found out he didn't live too far away from me, met up, and just completely fell in love! We're really considering moving in with each other and getting engaged in the next couple of years.

>Did you ever experience any hardships?

My first relationship was very abusive, and I think anyone's first romantic experience leaves a mark on them for life, unfortunately. I know that he loves me, but sometimes I find it so hard to believe that I have him and that he loves me because of untreated trauma or whatever.
It's not his fault at all, it's my own insecurities. But compared to most others, I think our relationship is relatively argument free and I can't really think of an instance. Sometimes he has doubts because of the distance and he's just the type of person who looks at things that can go wrong, but I think everyone has some worries in relationships.

Thank you for your kind words, anon! I hope you get to experience this too!

No. 131290


I'm so happy for the both of you, thank you for sharing! also I'm so sorry you had an abusive relationship before and I'm so touched that your bf can nurture and give you all the love that you always always deserved

No. 131291

pics of him?

No. 131296

Why? You won't know him, I can promise you that.

No. 131308

NTA but it’s because he sounds nice but ugly.

No. 131314

I think he'd be considered conventionally attractive
He was pretty popular in Highschool and never struggled to get a gf if he wanted one

No. 131375

I'm in a really good relationship that I didn't think was possible for me really. Growing up I dealt with sexual abuse from men, so sex would make me panic and cry and made me very uncomfortable, and then I became a massive sjw cunt and convinced myself I was a lesbian and was in a relationship with a woman for three years which was miserable, but I didn't think I could have a loving relationship with a man.
but, now I'm with a man who truly loves me unconditionally and I love him just the same, I've never before had sex with a man who I actually felt loved me and it's a completely different experience, I'm not afraid of sex anymore and I feel a lot more healed as a person.

No. 131504

I somehow managed to find a really amazing boyfriend. I have food issues and weight issues, and the other day he told me "I would rather you gain every pound possible than deprive yourself of food". It made me cry. I hateread a lot of posts in pinkpill and on reddit, and I think about how all men only want 100lb 10/10 waifs.

He's kind and sensitive, spoils me (previous boyfriends never gifted me anything), is a good listener.

I didn't think it was possible, anons. I thought I would go through life ugly and unloved and used by guys until they found someone hotter. I stopped hatereading reddit and I feel mentally better.

No. 132322

File: 1580896737086.jpeg (281.46 KB, 719x695, 7E44F300-450F-4A51-8ACF-4089DE…)

I was browsing the old 'fetishes you're ashamed of' thread and came across this and realised this is exactly what my boyfriend is like. I feel so incredibly lucky. He really is the ideal bf to most girls. I'm so happy that I snatched him up lol

No. 132330

You can tell that a teen wrote that post

No. 132339

The tell was "popular". Aside from that though it's pretty wholesome.

No. 132397

Lets me cry when I need to and never tells me to "calm down" just lets me cry and he comes to cuddle me. That's all I needed my whole life. Just the ability to cry and quiet comfort. My mom never let me cry.

No. 140718

File: 1590870234767.jpg (104.19 KB, 1200x675, DzqDSR7X0AAw_Dx.jpg)

very happy anon here- for a long time I was in an incredibly toxic relationship with an abuser who would threaten self harm and suicide to keep me, even months after I admitted that I wasn't feeling the connection anymore. I would tell my therapist that after that I'd never be brave enough to be in love, but actually, I ended up with the most wonderful boyfriend and I still don't know how I got so lucky.

He supported me through the messy aftermath that came with the abusive relationship, we're both aspiring illustrators, I felt socially alienated as a child because of aspergers but he has it too and I feel like we're two awkward aliens that seem to really get one another without much thought. He's a mind reader, he's so motivated and aspiring and he encourages me in all my goals, he makes me laugh so much and we can talk about anything. Intimacy with him is warm and being with him makes me feel right at home. He's incredibly caring and thoughtful, something I was always (admittedly) cynical about in men for a long time. I guess I just hadn't found the right person until I met him.

I really am so happy I got to meet someone so full of life, I don't get that awful little trauma response niggle at the back of my head with him and we get along so well that we never fight, just lots of good heart to hearts. A cute bonus is the little doodles he will leave me to make me smile, or when we draw together and talk for hours without a care in the world.

I can't wait to see him after lockdown.

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