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File: 1555467906048.png (413.66 KB, 577x353, Screenshot_2019-04-17 perfect …)

No. 113303

ITT:Just brag about your boyfriend or husband and what he does for you
mine does the cooking,cleans the bathroom,does the yard-work,works out so he's fit,cares for his sick grandmother and loves me unconditionally even when I'm not as fit as I used to be

No. 113313

>Pay me a lot of things
>Eat me out often
>Stopped watching porn when I asked him
>If I ask him to not masturbate for a week he'll do it
>Great cook and cook often
>Not a manchild, knows how to clean after him and always keep his space organized
>Give me a lots of massage and caress my hair to help me fall asleep
>Is good looking and take great care of his appearances
>listen to my inputs about his looks because he wants to stay sexually attractive to me
>Deeply loves and respect all the women in his family

No. 113315

>Stopped watching porn when I asked him
ok thats seems a bit weird

No. 113316

ok I made a mistake I meant to copy paste
>>If I ask him to not masturbate for a week he'll do it
the not watching pron thing is good

No. 113317

I didn't want to be TIM but basically we sometimes don't see each other for a whole week and we both agree to not masturbate so we can keep our sexual energy for each other none of my ex bf ever agreed to that before.

No. 113318

>suffer from severe chronic illness
>boyfriend goes out of his way to take care of me even when I try and insist no, I can do it myself (I can't but I'm stubborn
>never asks a thing in return

He does alot of great things for me that I could list but the fact he accepts my crippled ass as it is and helps me no matter what, drops everything to make sure I'm healthy… that means more than anything.

No. 113319

awww thats so cute

No. 113323

>Genuinely loves me for who I am - I'm a thinker, whilst he's a doer, but still listens to my philosophical rants and engages with them as much as possible
>Invested in understanding how to support me with my bipolar as soon as we started dating, still supportive 4 years later
>Has never judged me for my past, also never gets funny about it (has an admirably small ego)
>Is an incredible and involved father to our 1 year old, especially in comparison to other fathers I know
>Provides so I can work part-time and raise our kid
>Have trauma surrounding sex which he is very considerate of; doesn't watch porn and, if I'm having a bad time, will stop mentioning sex altogether until I'm okay again
>Is a smart, thoughtful, caring, truly nice guy, who also happens to be very sexy and attractive heart eyes

Honestly, I feel so lucky to be sharing my life with this man and to have had his child.

No. 113324

My boyfriend likes to cuddle me and slide his hand up my shirt and rub my hips and stomach and stuff, I find it cute and it feels nice

He actually helped me out my insecurity and he's cutely anxious and stuff so I like mommying him

No. 113327

>bf doesn’t let me lift finger
> buys any food/thing I want
> I have complete control on everything in the house
> he’s kind of a sub except in bed

No. 113328

> he’s kind of a sub except in bed
can we please stop applying terms like subs and doms to normal non-bdsm relationships
In bed my favorite position is missionary and my husbands is cowgirl(their is no or doms or bottom in this )

No. 113331

>we cook, clean and take care of our house together
>compatible personality and hobbies
>he's almost a decade younger than me, but he's a responsible young adult with a college degree and full time job
>always listens to what I say, always able to work out issues without a fuss. No anger issues. No controlling personality.
>takes care of his body, I taught him how to take care of his skin and we both go to the gym.
>sex every day, no degenerate fetishes. He was a virgin when we met.

No. 113332

This thread hurts to read :(
especially this one >>113331
I'm so jealous

No. 113336

fucking ideal

No. 113343

>the bare minimum thread

No. 113349

What else do you expect? Millionaires?

No. 113350

All I can say is that mine is a compliment to myself. We really have come together to become one, and I don't think most people can say that.

No. 113353

I mean, kinda~.

No. 113370

File: 1555555895050.jpg (7.26 KB, 250x228, 1492238899603s.jpg)

this thread is depressing me. i want romance in my life. i feel like every guy i meet is obsessed with fucking and dumping.

No. 113372

I don't know what to say
Its mostly luck finding a good guy as majority of men are shit

No. 113376

Yah, so fucking what? Plenty of men (and women) out there aren't even capable of bare minimum. Sounds like you're bitter that other people are happy.

I met mine by taking a complete chance on someone I met randomly and wouldn't have usually gone for. If the vibe is good (and the idea of getting physical doesn't turn your stomach obv), give them a chance.

No. 113377

No man ever took an interest in me until I was 24, and I found my bf on tinder.
He's seriously out of my league, even if he doesn't see it that way.
Just make an effort with your appearance anon, my photos weren't even that great.

Good luck, you'll find him one day!

No. 113395

Pretty sure this is the same anon from another thread who went on about how paying for everything for your spouse and buying them gifts on the regular is "the bare minimum".

I've noticed this is a pretty common cope for lonely people.

No. 113406

t. coping with the fact her spouse does the bare minimum

No. 113424

I'd like to partake because all my friends are single and I don't like to bring up my bf around them in case I make them feel bad.

>will just randomly start massaging my feet or shoulders as we're talking

>is actually pretty good at cooking and likes learning new recipes
>plans and books holidays for us regularly and got into travelling because I enjoy it
>calls me beautiful constantly even though I don't feel beautiful
>likes to keep his place clean and helps me clean too
>wears things I think he looks cute in because he wants to look good for me
>always makes sure I orgasm if he accidentally cums first lol
>shares all of my beliefs
>buys me little thoughtful presents (like essential oils when I was stressed out and some toys for a dog I recently adopted)
>looks out for me when I'm feeling sick or depressed, genuinely enjoys nursing me back to health and would do anything to make me feel better
>still organises "date nights" 8 years later
>loves talking about me and showing me off
>falls asleep holding my hand or with his arm around my waist and if we move apart in the middle of the night and he wakes, he'll cuddle back next to me
>listens to all my boring problems and gives me advice
>all animals and kids are obsessed with him and it makes me melt
>is genuinely a really talented artist, even if he doesn't think so
>without a doubt the most attractive guy I've ever met
>is basically perfect for me in every way and I'm so glad he thinks the same about me

No. 113428

You're living the dream anon!
Wish you the best!

No. 113438

He has faults of course, but I’ll list the good points. I’m really happy, but for the people who are jelly of other anons realize no one is perfect.

>calls me beautiful and seems sincere

>my perfect body type (cute chubby)
>6’4 which is great since I’m taller
>listens to what I have to say and deals with my family drama, actually can understand without being around my whole life
>incredibly smart and great at most things
>can build furniture from scratch and whatnot
>likes to bake occasionally
>loves animals and plants
>no overbearing fetishes, just likes swimsuits sometimes
>well mannered
>laughs at my jokes a lot genuinely
>thinks a lot of stuff I do is cute and tells me
>virgin before me, actually kissless gf-less
>cares about my mental illnesses without making me feel bad
>all around good person and I’m happy to be with someone who loves me and I love him too

No. 113439

>>6’4 which is great since I’m taller
How tall are you ?
also are you two deciding to have kids

No. 113441

I’m 5’9 and we already have a child

No. 113442

It sounds really odd but I love having my feet tickled, and he always pulls my feet up on his lap while we're watching TV
>fetches me water at night when I'm too lazy to
>buys me chocolate when I'm on my period
>encourages me if I'm struggling with food (recovering ana-chan)
>spoons me all the time even though he's more comfortable sleeping on his front
>tells me i'm beautiful when i wake up with bedhead and half-closed eyes
>hugs me to warm me up when i'm freezing even though i make him cold

No. 113443

oh I may have misinterpreted what you were saying a
I assumed you were saying you were taller then him

No. 113445

Ah woops you’re right heh. I meant I’m a taller girl in general.

No. 113480

He brought me home a burger as I was getting ready to go out and buy a burger. How did he know??

No. 113494

>tries to pay for my cat's food/litter/vet bills/toys when they need them
>rubs my legs/feet/back without being asked
>hugs me from behind, kisses my shoulder and takes over the chore I'm doing without being asked
>listens to me vent and rant about friends/work issues and assumes the best friend role to vent and bitch with me
>understands my struggle with alcohol and food and gives me encouragement and love
>spends ages in bed with me making me finish 3-4 times before he does
>tries new things with me (sexual or otherwise) with enthusiasm
>if I mention something I like casually he'll research it when I'm gone so he can talk to me about it when I get back
>tells everyone about me and brags about the things I do even if they're mediocre
>tells me I'm beautiful/smart/amazing rather than "ur hot" all the time
>calls me sunshine, darling, my love, rather than by my name or just baby
>drops everything to make sure I'm okay when sick/stressed/hurt/sad even if he's driving

and to top it all off

>owns and uses a cast iron skillet

I love him so much, we have so much in common and I can't wait to marry him. I help him too, don't worry it's not all one sided.

No. 113502

I'm not really impressed with physical affection stuff but this is fantastic
>if I mention something I like casually he'll research it when I'm gone so he can talk to me about it when I get back

No. 113671

I've been almost seven years with my boyfriend and I still think he's the best thing that has happened to me.

> takes care of his looks (goes to the gym, buys nice clothes for himself)

> smells divine even when sweating
> is funny and still tries to make me laugh all the time
> intelligent and likes to challenge me, great at speaking about feelings and thoughts
> still takes care to remember anniversaries and having semi-regular date nights and buys me flowers and chocolate every once in a while
> is a sub in bedroom, let's me have my way without being a dead fish
> has supported me through bipolar disorder, doing extra chores when I've been too depressed to do my part, buying me surprises to lift my mood, even gone to therapy with me when I first started going there to show support
> has promised me that I can be a stay-at-home mom when we get a child and that I can stay home even after that to pursue my dream of becoming an author, which he knows won't be easy (honestly though I think I will just work part-time if possible, I don't want to strain our relationship with money issues)

Our relationship has always been very steady and loving, we've had only one fight in all these years. I love him so freaking much, he is my best friend.

No. 113675

Yeah alternatively you sound like the hassle.

No. 113676

nta but
>only had one fight in 7 years
>a hassle

ok anon

No. 113693

>is a sub in bedroom, let's me have my way without being a dead fish
Can I ask what exactly happens in the bedroom ?
like do you do any femdom stuff or is it normal PIV with oral

No. 113734

We do femdom, a lot of stuff involving tease and denial and when he isn't working we do chastity belts. He enjoys humiliation and I get to spank him, which he knows I enjoy a lot. We have done a lot of other stuff but these things are most prominent in our sex life. We have vanilla sex too but these are the things that spark most joy in our intimate life. He is very eager to please and doesn't just lie around unless I ask that of him.

No. 113740

Oh I thought by "sub" you meant you would take charge more,or be the on top not full on femdom
I don't think I could ever be with a man thats into femdom

No. 113763

I'm having a bad week and haven't been able to go shopping, so I've just been eating whatever we already have. Tonight when my boyfriend got home he reached under his jacket and pulled out the exact junk I had been craving but he had also written a funny poem on his phone about bringing it to me.
I am a disgusting mess right now, I can't remember the last time I looked presentable, but this shy man still stood and read me a poem in his cute accent while holding up food for me. I cried and got him to read it a second time under his condition that I didn't look at him lol

No. 113769

Aww anon, that's so sweet! I wish my husband wrote a poem for me. He's pretty good about the comfort food though.
What kind of accent does your bf have?

No. 113785

He sends me pictures of particularly nice plants or flowers that he comes across. He did it once and I asked him to send more, so he does!! I appreciate him so much.

No. 113802

>Supports me while I study
>Does not watch porn because he is ethically against it and urges his friends to stop too
>He puts my pleasure before his own
>The only reason he practices with cooking is because he wants to impress me and see me be happy because of nice food.
>If I ask him to do a chore, he will do it.
>Wants to learn how to give me a foot-massage
>He is extremely hygienic
>He is my intellectual equal
>Takes my PTSD into account; he understands if I cannot watch certain movies and he will comfort me if I get a nightmare
>I can stop sex whenever necessary and he won't sulk or feel offended
>He has no fetishes
>When we have an argument we communicate properly and actually solve it
>Animals like him, he has a friendly and calm disposition
>He is honest; he realized it is a lot more productive to immediately fess up so I can help instead of trying to hide it and deal with it all alone.
>He visits his mother regularly despite having a strained relationship with her
>We have been together for 2.5 years and he still tries to woo me.

No. 113825

Thank you, I would have never thought of writing one myself before, maybe you could drop a hint or write him one first? Even just a little funny one.

I don't want to be too specific but a local manly kind of accent, so it made him shyly reading a poem even cuter.

No. 113848


sounds like a chill dude. does he have a favourite animal?

No. 114315

>ldr for more than a year but were both rather independent so we dont mind the distance
>has the money to visit me at least 3/4 times a year
>buys me whatever I want (makeup, shopping sprees, food)
>when im on my period hell send me money to buy ice cream
>calls me cute every day
>doesn't watch porn nor has any weird fetishes (that i know of)
>very vanilla
>close with his family (they have a very cute dynamic that i wish i had with my family, and they include me in it too which makes me very appreciated)
>rarely fight
>when we argue its calm and we see both sides in our arguments or why we have upset the other

a plus
>inherited a shit ton of money
>has a very promising career
>has a huge dick
>i lost a necklace he gave me so when he came over he bought me another from a store i liked
>surprised me with a visit on our anniversary. hes from europe and im from america so it made me happy to know he took the time and money to come see me for our special day!

some things might be the bare minimum for some people but i really appreciate the relationship i have with my boyfriend

No. 124857

File: 1570496259789.gif (481.16 KB, 400x200, flower.gif)

he isn't conventionally attractive hence we were 'just friends' at first. but his personality, devotion and the little things he does drew me in.

>fell in love with me at first sight

>platonic friends first but later fell for him when he confessed he loved me all those years ago
>doesn't play video games or watches tv/movies unless i force him
>shares a hatred in anime with me
>has niche hobbies - reading, writing, poetry, cooking/baking, outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking canoeing, gardening, guitar
>does whatever i tell him to do - literally anything
>i.e. i told him to write smut/romance novella for me even though he's against all forms of pornography
>writes songs, stories and poems for me whenever i feel down
>does majority cooking and cleaning; he'd do all of it but i feel bad and help out sometimes lol
>learns recipes for me after discovering what types of food i like
>will go out in the middle of the night to curb my cravings for a french fries
>obliges in my creepy fetishes despite being über vanilla (i.e. cross dressing in women's lingerie, licks my weird erogenous zones like feet and arm pits)
>gfless and kissless virgin
>shy prude who hates nudes - i kept trying to send him nudes of myself while we were LDR and he told me he'd rather wait and see me in person
>only attracted to me (idk if he lied about this but this is what he claims)
>works out and eats right so he looks good for me
>lets me dress him up to my tastes
>gets interested in my hobbies and invests time in them i.e. watches my dumb tv shows
>accepts my decision for non-penetrative sex (medical reasons) even though he has a rather juicy dick that's gone to waste
>against anal
>will never let me give him a BJ
>his favorite thing in the world is to give oral because it 'shows' his love, devotion and appreciation for me
>cheesy hopeless romantic
>not afraid to show his sensitive feminine side
>gives long massages without expecting me to massage him back
>randomly caresses me softly - just rubs his hands up and down my body while we're lying in bed and plays with my hair
>always compliments me even when i feel hideous
>accepts my flaws: acne, stretch marks, cellulite, overweight, hairy (i don't shave sometimes and i turn into bigfoot), moustache on upper lip
>will take my last name instead of the other way around

No. 124859

i want this so bad. i want to die.

No. 124973

File: 1570662844877.png (123.76 KB, 253x275, 1562344787664.png)

you are living the dream

No. 125114

To all anons with awesome boyfriends, how’d you meet him? Help.
I need to find my perfect bf

No. 125119

this is absolute bait but honestly goalz


>against anal

>will never let me give him a BJ

No. 125122

Is this that same guy who doesn't eat fruit?
Must be his twin.

No. 125130

> doesn't eat fruit
excuse me w0t

No. 125131

There was an anon who posted in multiple threads about her socially inept bf who did nothing but exercise and read. And she also just casually threw in there that he didn't eat fruit.
Actually…I'm pretty sure that was necessaryspeed4? I guess mods would ban this anon if it was her.

No. 125134

I love this thread because like >>113424 I hate gushing over my bf with even my taken friends since they're in kinda shitty relationships atm and I feel bad.

>is literally my ideal physical type and ridiculously attractive/out of my league imo; I'm still crushing on him to an embarrassing extent 2 years later

>is an amazing cook and does all of the cooking for both of us, regularly makes me breakfast in bed
>buys me whatever I want or need (makeup, skincare, food, crafting supplies, weed, etc.)
>surprises me with "just because" roses, chocolate covered strawberries, and plushies on a regular basis
>writes me long love letters that he hides in beautiful cards for every single holiday
>loves and respects women, hates misogynist bullshit so he's relatively picky with his male friends (but also doesn't have a bunch of thirsty female friends)
>is a loving, supportive brother to his siblings and is always looking out for them; same with his friends
>I've got adhd/anxiety and a chronic illness and he's constantly doting on me, helping me with my medications, going to appointments with me, buying me gifts whenever I'm having a really bad day/week health-wise
>amazing with children and animals
>buys and does everything for our dog who's just as obsessed with him as I am
>very physically fit and takes great care of his body; doesn't care that I'm not kek but is always super supportive and helpful when I try to actually hit the gym
>has a really clever and fun sense of humor and is always making me laugh
>excellent listener, not just when it comes to serious relationship/personal things, but also actively placates my autistic screeching about shit I like
>insists (bc I'm constantly wondering even though he doesn't give me a good reason to) that he doesn't care that I'm still a (penetrative) virgin due to medical and other reasons and is constantly bragging about how sexually satisfied he is in our relationship
>speaking of which, huge dick that I can't wait to actually put to proper use
>no degenerate kinks or fetishes, but will try/do anything I want in the bedroom
>always wants to have sex whenever I do, but never throws a tantrum or makes me feel bad at all if I'm not in the mood
>is always telling me how beautiful/gorgeous/sexy he thinks I am despite how gross I feel like 99% of the time
>supports all of my hobbies and interests, even if they clearly aren't his thing he's always so sweet and enthusiastic about them
>very neat and organized, always keeps our place super clean even when I've made the mess
>rubs my back until I fall asleep every single night
>never judges any of my overt weirdness and genuinely finds it cute and endearing
>highly empathetic and gives me and my friends great advice and consolation
>wants to support me financially while I pursue my dreams (writing/art)
>helped me take care of a sick, dying relative for months before their passing
>we've both lost a parent, so we take really good care of each other when it comes to grief and similar traumas
>does a ton of work around the house, fixes our computers, car, etc. by himself
>will drop everything to help me with anything at all or just be there for me if I need him
>insanely affectionate; always kisses, hugs, cuddles me, and tells me, and anyone who will listen, how much he loves me and can't wait to marry me every single day

I'm gonna stop there because I sound insufferably spoiled - tbh most of this is a 2-way thing, but I just wanted to focus on him obvi - but yeah, I love him so much and can't believe he's even remotely real. I'm so fucking lucky.

No. 125135

Has anybody else mistaken this for a lesbian thread based on the thread pic?

I've scrolled past this a bunch of times and thought 'aw cute lesbian couple'

No. 125139

Why are good boyfriends called "Nigels?"

Maybe it's because I'm a burger but it's such an odd name choices/exclusively a British thing.

No. 125147

'Not my nigel' is a phrase used to describe women's defensiveness against feminist critiques of men because their boyfriend/husband is great and not sexist and it doesn't apply to them. Like, for example 'men are bad' 'well my nigel isn't!'.

Anon using it in the subject is just tongue in cheek, it doesn't mean 'good boyfriend'.

No. 125155

This is honestly disgusting. You're "dating" an absolute doormat. The epitome of a beta. I seriously cannot believe this is real. But given the fact that you don't even care about yourself, I wouldn't expect you to see how degenerate your relationship with this poor boy is. If my brother were to be in a relationship with the likes of you, I would murder her.

No. 125156

Yeah you're post is quite old but this should be said. You're not finding romance because you want it with Chad, who only fucks and dumps. What none of these girls are admitting is that their boyfriends are either ugly or emotionally fucked up (mommy issues and whatnot). So if you're willing to stoop to these levels, you will surely find "romance".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125161

What bugs me is that if roles were inverted everyone would be angry at what an abusive relationship this is. This is sad and worrying and you're the worst.

No. 125163

some of these can't be real. physically attractive + not sex obsessed + does anything for you + does not expect anything, including physical fitness, in return, yeah sure.

No. 125166

This actually sounds like a ticking time bomb, like one day he'll get fed up of the power dynamic you have. When you find a man who is a people pleaser like this: don't take advantage

My first bf was basically like this and I fucking broke him by thinking that dynamic was 'so cool'

No. 125172

You're either a liar or an abusive cunt. You don't deserve him.

No. 125177

Shut the fuck up anon. You sound bitter and triggered as fuck. Who hurt you?

No. 125184

Lmao bragging about not eating fruit
>>125134 this is too wholesome

No. 125204

Ah okay. Thanks for explaining it to me. Now that you mention it, the phrase seems vaguely familiar.

No. 125206

File: 1570990923207.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 348.64 KB, 640x635, 37109A81-C569-4001-946A-9D709A…)

I’m pretty sure this is you anon

No. 125227

These both sound amazing, truly ideal tbh.

I think it depends, we don't know if he's actually a people pleaser or if he just has that dynamic that with her. Besides if you have good communication you shouldn't be breaking anyone.

No. 125252

It sure ticks alot of the boxes on what we know about Pheebs..

The no penetrative sex thing.. if there's a medical cause then get help cos it's not a realistic expectation for a young guy to truly accept that long term, resentment will pop up eventually in a no bj and no sex relationship ..

No. 125357

i'm >>124857 why is everyone so angry over what i put in my post?

i don't see how abusive i am in it. maybe it's because i left a lot of information out, worded things strongly and just wrote what i find are the most endearing sides of him. he is a pushover for me only but i don't take advantage of him. he's just considerate and thoughtful, doing most of the things he does out of his own accord to make me happy.

i'm not quite sure how to describe our dynamic but i really enjoy teasing and flirting with him over how prudish he is. there aren't any power-play dynamics and i don't know how my post implied that?

all of this is not bait and is actually true believe it or not.
i have a tilted uterus and vaginismus so PIV is super painful.
oof… i actually have a waist

No. 125525

There's nothing wrong with what you posted, a bunch of assmad scrots just got angry and jealous that you have a sweet and kind bf that is more desirable than they ever will be.

No. 125539

I've spent two decades dating with similar medical/PIV issues and you can often make it years into dating someone before they tell you the truth. I was married to one perfect seeming partner for two years before I was suddenly informed it was a make or break deal. That was after 5 years together and lots of communication on the issue. That pattern repeated itself (minus the wedding) for two more long term relationships. I found online communities where alot of women are in the same boat. It's not a failure on our part but it's a harsh reality, often several years in it can become an issue, even after marrying and buying a house together etc

I think couples counselling before marriage is important when certain types of intimacy are off the table. Not trying to be negative but looking back I wish I had more realistic views in my twenties

No. 125601

>he was a virgin
>"only attracted to you"
>hates nudes of you
>cross dresses
>doesn't fuck you
>is feminine
he sounds extremely gay and in denial…

No. 125602

she says he does it for her allegedly

No. 125603

Hi I'm >>114315

Honestly, I met him a year before we dated and we hung out from time to time. He was from a streamer's discord and was the only one up late enough to talk to (since he's European). I thought he was funny and kinda cute. He asked me out kinda saying it like a joke and wasn't expecting me to respond positively.

Our relationship was a little awkward as first but I got to know him more and it was nice. He's honestly the funniest guy I know and hearing him talk gives a smile to my face :). Our relationship is getting stronger and stronger. It's the heading towards our 2 year anniversary and I am visiting him soon. Eep I'm excited.

No. 125606

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a man, retard. It sounded like she puts no effort into the relationship and he's doing all the work.

You should get treated, anon. Unless he's asexual, he's not gonna put up with no PIV, especially since he's against anal.

No. 125613

..And he refuses BJs

There is treatment for vaginismus, I've successfully had it and have dealt with cervical issues on top of that, I don't know why some women are so quick to say 'oh well no sex for life'

No. 125629

He gives her oral though? The tell-tale sign of a man being gay is being repulsed by cunnilingus or touching a woman's genitals.

Eh, I think if someone doesn't want PIV they shouldn't have to train themselves to like it for someone else. Most men wouldn't do the same thing for women if it was painful/uncomfortable. Sounds like they are compatible since they both don't seem to mind no PIV

No. 125630

He gives her oral but refuses BJs cause it's bait anon lol.

No. 125631

More than gay, it sounds like he's a tranny in denial

No. 125636

File: 1571530672575.jpeg (726.52 KB, 1242x663, 1569236772446.jpeg)

My Nigel is perfect for me. Brags:
>gets turned on the most from giving me oral
>is actually amazing at oral and is the only guy to make me cum from it ever
>hard worker at his job, is building a great career/accomplishing his goals
>is humble and not some egomaniac like most guys
>very thoughtful and kind to everyone he meets, is well liked a d respected by everyone he knows
>we have all the same hobbies and the same sense of humor
>never lets me buy my own food
>doesn't want kids
>DMs private dungeons & dragons games just for me
>always compliments me and loves my natural body (doesn't nag me to shave etc)
>doesn't judge me even though my room is like pic related
I could go on forever really. Hes just so good!!! I feel so lucky and tell him a lot and he gets really shy and loves the attention. So cute

No. 125639

File: 1571538175012.jpeg (239.17 KB, 750x1334, A654CD52-22CF-4EE1-A858-82655B…)

My Nigel made me this

No. 125651

Only post so far that has made me jealous. Because the rest are fiction. Give him a hicky Anon, right on his neck.

No. 125656

nice cope.

No. 125659

>worships me
>Goes out his way to be with me at work
>Always brags about me to his parents and friends
>Gets rid of anything I don't like
>Always takes me anywhere I want
>Is always super worried about me
>Pushes me to go further in life
>Likes to eat ass
>Tall, fit, blue eyes
>Doesn't care about my past in nude photoshoots or my high body count
>Wants to get married and have kids
>Loves my cooking
>Parents love him
>Loves my taste, gets an erection from kissing, seeing me nude, or smelling my armpits

No. 125666

File: 1571565530638.gif (209.35 KB, 220x180, DD211044-C707-48D5-9B0C-E1BD29…)

>Likes to eat ass
> gets an erection from smelling my armpits

No. 125677

Eh I'd rather a guy get an erection just from smelling me than nu males who can't even get or stay hard

Eating ass isn't everyone's cup of tea but I like it and oral on my ass and pus is a def for me, everything is better when you let yourself be nasty

No. 125692

Aren't most guys (under 30ish) ass eaters now?

No. 125696

Most men willing to go down on women are also willing to eat ass, but sadly there seems to be surplus of young men who are afraid of giving basic oral sex to women, so obviously eating ass would be out the question for them.

This doesn't include men who are bothered if the woman is smelling or tasting bad, which even then is fixable with diet and giving up smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

No. 125697

Most men willing to go down on women are also willing to eat ass, but sadly there seems to be surplus of young men who are afraid of giving basic oral sex to women, so obviously eating ass would be out the question for them.

This doesn't include men who are bothered if the woman is smelling or tasting bad, which even then is fixable with diet and giving up smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

No. 125698

In my experience a good deal of men are dying to eat ass and it's women who are turning it down about half the time, at least that's what my group of friends share

I don't like receiving it and have had to explicitly state to guys that I don't want their tongue wandering after noticing guys go ahead and do it -right after I say not to-

No. 125719

i thought so. who uses the terms 'chads' and 'betas' anyways if not men?
he's definitely not gay or trans. i make him wear girlie things because i like men wearing stuff like that and i'm bisexual myself. i just did it as a joke to see if he'd actually did it and he actually did surprisingly. he told me before we became a couple he used to fantasize about going down on me all the time and never once thought of bjs. he actually fantasized about eating me out more than PIV.
like all men, he eventually wants to lose his v-card so i'm hoping i can deliver once i get my medical problems figured out. i'm in a bad time in my life rn to worry about all that so i've been delaying it to get it fixed. for tilted uterus, i heard you just can't do positions from behind because it pokes the cervix painfully.

No. 125993

You just seem like a lazy and needy person in general. The type to take everything and give very little back. Exactly what it seems you're doing with this poor dude.

No. 126193

>eats me out everytime we get intimate
>doesnt watch porn
>not into BDSM or anal, and finds 'jailbait/schoolgir' stuff highly disturbing especially sinces hes a high school teacher
>grew up in an all female household
>doesnt say the word 'bitch' 'slut' etc. bc thinks its derogatory (bc it is)
>gives me love 24/7
>is basically a cat with opposable thumbs
>been together 5 years and have only had 1 actual fight and it was about food lol
>works his ass off and helps me with my side of the bills when my paychecks are low
>became very into skinncare since dating and does more masks than me
>has low sex drive
>is a great cook and makes me dinner+drops it off to me at work
>visited me everyday when i was in the hospital for over a week 1.5 away from our apartment
>tells me he loves me every single morning/night since we first started talking
>does most of the chores around the apartment bc i work/go to school and get in depressive states
>encourages me to get out of my comfort zone and takes me out to dinner randomly on days when im obviously feeling low
>compliments my skin without makeup cause he knows im super insecure about my acne scars
>encourages me to talk to my psych about important things but doesnt pressure me
>leaves me notes when he leaves for work while im sleeping wishing me a good day
>gives me kisses and big hugs when im sleeping (im secretly awake most of the time bc insomnia so i can hear/feel him)
>is a sexy af skinny boy with a thick beard and a thick ass lmao

No. 126197

I hope you cherish him so hard.

No. 126213

>basically a cat with opposable thumbs

This sounds like an actual healthy relationship. Good on you anon

No. 126240

They're not scrotes she's just abusive anon.

No. 126493

Stay salty anon

No. 127554

>super educated
>makes six figures
>never pressures me into doing anything I don't want to do
>empathetic and gentle
>pays for dates
>is okay with me being/wants a SAHW
>loves cooking and is very good at it
>liked me since middle school and never stopped
>compliments me
>never puts me down
>loves animals
>good in bed
>not into degenerate porn
>his family loves me and treat me like part of their family
>my family also loves him
>pushes me to do whatever makes me happy
>asks for selfies everyday and compliments me
>gives me massages
>has a large group of male friends/is not a shut-in
>into the same nerdy stuff as I am
>is a cute nerdy, exactly my type
>is a good handyman
>wants a family and has his whole life figured out
>never raises his voice at me
>chats with me all day and never makes me feel like I'm a burden
>has been bringing up wedding and family stuff a lot lately/asking my opinion on things and stuff regarding the timeline for it

I love this man to death. I didn't have the best childhood experience and truly don't think I would have known what unconditional love was if I hadn't met him. Getting kind of emotional and sappy here so I'm going to stop.

No. 127956

bullshit, lol either that or your mans is gay but he is still in the closet.

No. 129473

>is the perfect house husband. He cooks and cleans with no complaints. Super well organized
>your typical INFJ. People confide in him and he’s highly empathetic. He knows how to make me laugh and smile at the best times, knows when I’m down
>oral whenever and however long I please
>hates blowjobs
>no porn
>hard worker and frugal
>likes to give me massages or caresses the contours of my body
>intellectual and enjoys discussing academic subjects and topics
>thinks I’m the most beautiful girl alive and other cheesy compliments but genuinely means them
>no social media whatsoever
>has artistic hobbies like poetry and music
>Confessed that if he wasn’t going to marry me he would’ve stayed single the rest of his life and if he somehow had a daughter he would’ve named her after me which I think is sweet
>confessed he would’ve ditched any girl he was seeing to be with me
>crazy about me even after ten years

No. 131163

File: 1579432099271.jpg (25.55 KB, 250x248, Happy_Tears.jpg)

>super socially competent, people like to be around him
>has a lot of hobbies, made a career out of his guitar hobby
>is a fulltime carer for a severely disabled guy as a job (have a lot of respect for the patience this takes, and how genuinely proud he is to be helping someone who needs it)
>great at oral, loves giving and is never sexually demanding in return.
>focuses on my wants in bed, respectful and gentle- no real fetishes but we have a very ''mild'' femdom dynamic
>cooks and cleans, accommodates my specific dietary needs without any complaints.
>despite being a farm-raised swede in a family of picky eaters, he loves trying my countries food and loves when we experiment with cooking.
>gave up porn and took time to read up on the problems with porn after we discussed my issues with it
>discourages his friends from consuming porn, vocally expresses that it's exploitative
>has lots of female friends, listens to us often.
>when an acquaintance spoke out about his close friend/roommate raping her, he immediately believed her without question, moved out and cut off the rapist.
>respects my strong beliefs on feminism and goes out of his way to read up on it too since he sees how much it means to me.
>raised well and loves his mom, when we visit his parents he always works extra hard to clean up/help around the house so his mother can have a break (she has 5 other kids)
>proud of everything I do, is always telling his friends about how cool he thinks my job is/how much he loves me
>we never fight, he never raises his voice at me and we always come to a healthy compromise when we have disagreements.
>has a genuine understanding of fashion and a very distinct style

I love him!! He is so devoted and respectful, I cannot believe sometimes that I've found someone so compatible with me. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

No. 131190

File: 1579473278467.jpeg (276.34 KB, 828x586, 851111FE-2B74-4918-8E19-8AF946…)

I know that it's a cliche thing to say, but when I'm with him it really does feel like the outside world and all of my worries melt away - like it's just me and him in the world!
I really do love everything about him. I love his weirdness and how he teases me. We have the same hair colour and almost the same eye colour and quite similar personalities, so we always joke that we're actually aliens from a different planet, heh. I love dumb things like that. He's genuinely like a guy from one of those silly otome games. I've been learning how to flirt in French recently because of him (he's fluent in it) , and now we can hold full on conversations in French just flirting with each other. I can't even hold a 'normal' conversation in French, but ask me to flirt with you in French and I'll be able to, all because of that dork. We get along so well. I really believe that true love exists now, and for all anons reading this, I really wish the best for you and for you to find it too if you haven't already!! I know I'm gushing and I'm kind of sleepy but he just makes me so happy it's unbelievable. Anons, the world is good sometimes. REALLY good. I feel like what I'm writing right now isn't even enough to just express how good he is, how much we get along and just how well we click together like?? Is this real life??

Life without him would be so boring and it's not as though I need him or anything (that's a bad mindset to have) but it'd be like having a cake without icing. You can still enjoy it, but it's missing it's colour. I'm so sure about him. I really hope that this works out, everything feels so natural to me. I'll try my hardest for this to work out.

No. 131196

I'm married btw

>6 figure income with sizeable inheritance

>goes out of his way to do nice things for me

>helps with laundry and household chores

>Obsessed with eating my pussy

>Been together for years and have known each other since like elementary school

>was blonde as a child so our chances of blonde kids is good

No. 131264


this melted my heart sweet anon,how did you meet? did you ever experience any hardships? I am so happy for how fulfilling and warm your relationship is!

No. 131281

>how did you meet?
I'm not gonna lie… we actually met on R9k
At the time we were both insanely lonely, and he started a thread about wanting to make friends. I wasn't interested at first but he sounded really nice and welcoming in his thread so I asked for his discord tag! We both don't browse it anymore and he's not like most typical anons there for the record. I know it's an odd way to meet. We talked for months and just developed feelings for each other naturally. Found out he didn't live too far away from me, met up, and just completely fell in love! We're really considering moving in with each other and getting engaged in the next couple of years.

>Did you ever experience any hardships?

My first relationship was very abusive, and I think anyone's first romantic experience leaves a mark on them for life, unfortunately. I know that he loves me, but sometimes I find it so hard to believe that I have him and that he loves me because of untreated trauma or whatever.
It's not his fault at all, it's my own insecurities. But compared to most others, I think our relationship is relatively argument free and I can't really think of an instance. Sometimes he has doubts because of the distance and he's just the type of person who looks at things that can go wrong, but I think everyone has some worries in relationships.

Thank you for your kind words, anon! I hope you get to experience this too!

No. 131290


I'm so happy for the both of you, thank you for sharing! also I'm so sorry you had an abusive relationship before and I'm so touched that your bf can nurture and give you all the love that you always always deserved

No. 131291

pics of him?

No. 131296

Why? You won't know him, I can promise you that.

No. 131308

NTA but it’s because he sounds nice but ugly.

No. 131314

I think he'd be considered conventionally attractive
He was pretty popular in Highschool and never struggled to get a gf if he wanted one

No. 131375

I'm in a really good relationship that I didn't think was possible for me really. Growing up I dealt with sexual abuse from men, so sex would make me panic and cry and made me very uncomfortable, and then I became a massive sjw cunt and convinced myself I was a lesbian and was in a relationship with a woman for three years which was miserable, but I didn't think I could have a loving relationship with a man.
but, now I'm with a man who truly loves me unconditionally and I love him just the same, I've never before had sex with a man who I actually felt loved me and it's a completely different experience, I'm not afraid of sex anymore and I feel a lot more healed as a person.

No. 131504

I somehow managed to find a really amazing boyfriend. I have food issues and weight issues, and the other day he told me "I would rather you gain every pound possible than deprive yourself of food". It made me cry. I hateread a lot of posts in pinkpill and on reddit, and I think about how all men only want 100lb 10/10 waifs.

He's kind and sensitive, spoils me (previous boyfriends never gifted me anything), is a good listener.

I didn't think it was possible, anons. I thought I would go through life ugly and unloved and used by guys until they found someone hotter. I stopped hatereading reddit and I feel mentally better.

No. 132322

File: 1580896737086.jpeg (281.46 KB, 719x695, 7E44F300-450F-4A51-8ACF-4089DE…)

I was browsing the old 'fetishes you're ashamed of' thread and came across this and realised this is exactly what my boyfriend is like. I feel so incredibly lucky. He really is the ideal bf to most girls. I'm so happy that I snatched him up lol

No. 132330

You can tell that a teen wrote that post

No. 132339

The tell was "popular". Aside from that though it's pretty wholesome.

No. 132397

Lets me cry when I need to and never tells me to "calm down" just lets me cry and he comes to cuddle me. That's all I needed my whole life. Just the ability to cry and quiet comfort. My mom never let me cry.

No. 140718

File: 1590870234767.jpg (104.19 KB, 1200x675, DzqDSR7X0AAw_Dx.jpg)

very happy anon here- for a long time I was in an incredibly toxic relationship with an abuser who would threaten self harm and suicide to keep me, even months after I admitted that I wasn't feeling the connection anymore. I would tell my therapist that after that I'd never be brave enough to be in love, but actually, I ended up with the most wonderful boyfriend and I still don't know how I got so lucky.

He supported me through the messy aftermath that came with the abusive relationship, we're both aspiring illustrators, I felt socially alienated as a child because of aspergers but he has it too and I feel like we're two awkward aliens that seem to really get one another without much thought. He's a mind reader, he's so motivated and aspiring and he encourages me in all my goals, he makes me laugh so much and we can talk about anything. Intimacy with him is warm and being with him makes me feel right at home. He's incredibly caring and thoughtful, something I was always (admittedly) cynical about in men for a long time. I guess I just hadn't found the right person until I met him.

I really am so happy I got to meet someone so full of life, I don't get that awful little trauma response niggle at the back of my head with him and we get along so well that we never fight, just lots of good heart to hearts. A cute bonus is the little doodles he will leave me to make me smile, or when we draw together and talk for hours without a care in the world.

I can't wait to see him after lockdown.

No. 162575

>is genuinely supportive of me & will go out of his way to help me out even if it's inconvenient
>looks after me when i spaz out
>cooks for me
>ridiculously hot (6'3, dark hair, has the kind of filled-out soft but strong older guy body type that i fucking adore)
>dominant in bed, makes me feel smol & feminine which I've never experienced before meeting him
>we make eachother laugh constantly, we both know we can just act retarded when we are together and it's so much fun
>just has a really confident / capable vibe that's both sexy & comforting to be around
>does the same 'work / study hard but do mdma or coke like once a month' thing as me

I swear we are the exception to the 'age gaps are cursed' rule… we met on tinder when I was 18 & he was 41 (he wasn't specifically seeking out teenagers lol) & nearly 3 years later I swear we have the healthiest relationship of anyone I know. I hope we stay together forever (especially since I never want kids & that would become a problem with most men my age)

No. 162576

> met on tinder
> 18 & 41
> he wasn't specifically seeking out teenagers lol
Not to shit on your parade anon but if a man sets his age range settings to include as young of a teenager he can legally get, that's not only gross as fuck as an adult man twice that age but that definitely IS specifically seeking out teenagers.

No. 162577

TMI but I choked while giving my boyfriend a bj and he immediately went limp, stopped and made sure I'm ok. The bar is on the floor but I am thankful for having a man not spoiled by porn.

No. 162580

I disagree. Previously on tinder he'd just been going on actual dates and stuff with women his own age, same as an (in ur eyes) non-creepy guy. Being open to meeting someone younger is wildly different to seeking out teens because they're easier to manipulate etc.

No. 162585

Oh, you sweet child. Most decent middle-aged man would point-blank not even consider dating an 18 year-old because society (rightfully) sees it as predatory and you're brain is not even fully developed at that age, it still hasn't. He's old enough to be your father, get a grip. Also half the nice things you say about him are so mediocre, especially for a grown man. Your boyfriend ain't no Nigel, lol.

No. 162586

That he dated women his own age, doesn't excuse the fact he jumped on the opportunity to date someone who's 1. a teen and 2. less than half his age. An opportunity he specifically chose to create by setting his age range as low as he could. Something he should have never done in the first place because an adult man of 41 years of age has no business dating a just barely legal teen(!!!) That's not "being open to meeting someone younger", that's predatory and a huge red flag.

The huge gap in life experience, stage of life, brain development and maturity is inexcusable, it's never for the right reasons. If you think otherwise you're either in denial and kidding yourself or extremely naive.

No. 162589

>lets me vore him

No. 162609

I wonder if Anon never used Tinder. You set the age range you want to swipe in and he purposely set the lower end to the lowest possible age the app will allow him to use. He didn't match with a teen by accident, he purposely included teens as an option from the get-go.

No. 162617

They met on tinder, she’s just delusional.

No. 162623


These reactions are pretty understandable given the tiny amount of info you have about the situation. But 18 is not a child & of all the billions of people in the world, not every single relationship with an age gap is going to be unhealthy. This might be cringe but we are literally in love (this is from someone who didn't believe in it before). Neither of us expected to have this connection we thought it would be a one time thing, but we've been living together for years now & both are lives are improved by our relationship. I was a druggy dropout before we met & now I'm at uni, have a job, so much more stable & happy because of how being with him makes me feel.

Honestly I'd rather be with him than some pornsick insecure scrote anyday.

No. 162629

You're very young still, so you not believing in love and this probably being your main relationship since adolescence doesn't mean a lot. A man old enough to be your father. It's great that he treats you well though and your doing well for yourself. You could form an attraction with a younger man once you start working so don't let him talk you into marriage or some shit early. Enjoy you're time together but set your own goals in the meantime that aren't dependent on him.

No. 162630

It is cringe and you can get young scrotes who aren’t pornsick. Just don’t let him trap you financially.

No. 162631

Gtf outta heeeere
Hope you enjoy your wilted senior citizen desperately clinging to your youth when you're a grown flourishing woman in your 30s stuck with a 50-something limp dick manchild. In all seriousness though anon this is sad, you are mentally still growing and your brain won't even be done developing until your mid-20s. Your "love" knows this and could give a shit, he got to bang a barely legal girl who is now growing more and more attached to him. Trust me, when you yourself are in your 40s you will look at teenagers as the children they are and be disgusted that this "man" wanted to be sexual with one. Sorry you're going through this and sorry you're so blinded to it right now. Been there, thought my relationship was "different" and "special" too. Hope you get out sooner than it took me and get to enjoy a relationship with someone your own age someday.

No. 162635

The bar indeed is on the floor but honestly I love it, good for you anon

No. 162636

He's done the whole marriage & kids thing already, had a vasectomy & never wants to get married again so won't be trying to get me to do any of that shit.
Since we met he's gone out of his way to make sure I'm financially independent because he wants me to be my own person & free to ditch him at any time (not that I want to lol).

He's sane and aware of the issues associated w/ big age gaps & tries to avoid them. Like he knows I value his opinion of me too much & tries to discourage that etc etc

No. 162637

>dominant in bed, makes me feel smol & feminine which I've never experienced before meeting him
>You being 18 & him being 41

Gross, obvious predator
Lay of the molly & stims anon

No. 162638

Samefag, seriously anon. Molly once a month gives you swiss cheese brain. You have to space that shit out 3 months at the least

No. 162639

I've been doing it ~monthly since I was 15 but still getting good grades in a STEM subject at a fancy uni rn.

Sensible dosing and supplements go a long way but maybe I am slowly giving myself brain damage to be fair, at least im having fun lmao

No. 162640

After a series of only dating men who use me for sex or do nothing for me I finally found my ideal guy
>takes me on interesting dates all the time: cake decorating, baking classes together, picnic by the lake, dinner on a boat, etc.
>takes interest in all my hobbies and helps me with them
>used to be into lolita and he would regularly buy me dresses every month
>if we go to the mall he loves seeing me try on things and then buys me them
>brags about me to his family and all his friends
>his mother said something a bit rude about me and he immediately stopped that shit and stood up for me
>takes care of me on my period and makes sure he always has tampons, pads, chocolate, and a heating pad at his place
>whenever I'm craving a food or constantly change my mind on what I want to eat he goes for it
>is super encouraging, hypes me up for even small accomplishments
>if I'm venting about something he'll get really upset with me and it makes me feel really good
>super protective, gets angry even if other guys stare at me for too long, not aggressive but willing to throw hands for any guy who disrespects me
>helps me take care of all my animals, if I'm having a depressing day he'll come over and care for them and me
>super understanding about my mental health issues, even left work immediately when I was having a panic attack to come over and help me through it

some minor things that previous boyfriends didn't ever do that I didn't realize i'd appreciate so much
>always carries my bag
>if it's raining and he has no umbrella, he'll put his bag or whatever he's carrying over my head
>always makes sure he's walking on the side closest to the street
>drives extra carefully when I'm with him
>always makes sure he has "girly" scented shampoo, conditioner and body wash for me

I'm a mess and I never thought I'd ever have such an amazing guy. I feel lucky every day.

No. 162670

Sounds like this is your first relationship ever, like you've never received male attention before and now you're flattered this old mature dude with a job is into you. Eh you're young, you'll groe out of it like most women do, even if you have to learn the hard way.

No. 162685

>Tried to be a responsible adult in a mature relationship and failed, abandoning original partner and kids
Yes a true catch.

This dude sounds genuinely great, happy for you anon. Where did you two meet?

No. 162689

He sounds so sweet anon! Your dates sound really cute. Aaah, I want to go on dates again…

No. 162712

Sounds like you got a great catch! Enjoy him!

No. 162718


>Divorce = 'abandoning partner and kids'

Are you retarded anon? Did your dad ditch you when you were a child?

No. 162726

Try harder to connect the dots here, it's not that hard. Divorce may not always be the result of neglect and immaturity but considering the man involved then went on to fuck a teenager and spends his time doing coke on the weekends, there's little doubt he wasn't husband/father of the year either.

No. 162730

Plenty of ppl with kids do drugs occasionally & are still good parents, it's not that scandalous lol

No. 162739

He's not gonna fuck you, anon.

No. 162751

It's just the OP replying to everyone who doesn't think her 44 year old forever-boyfriend is a catch. She's not gonna change her mind, some things you have to learn yourself.

No. 162769

This is a 23 year age gap. By the time you're in your prime 30s, he will be 60 and basically geriatric. In your 50s, do you want to care for a 70-going-on-80 year old by yourself?
You know why he wants you financially independent? Because he has no intention of supporting you. You don't want marriage and children? Good for him, because he has no intention to make commitments like that to you anyway. You're a NSA plaything while he tries to forget the wife and child life he left in the dust and who no doubt still collects money from him.
You're his messy spazz teen girlfriend he gets to fuck to feel better about himself, and hell you even indulge him in a monthly coke and molly bender so he can feel young again. By the way, a monthly coke and molly habit is NOT normal or 'off drugs.'

Get some self-respect.

No. 162786

>In your 50s, do you want to care for a 70-going-on-80 year old by yourself?

Yes. I love him.

No. 162790

why are you all so triggered by her relationship? lmao

No. 162794

God, you are a moron. Enjoy wiping old man ass.

No. 162805

IMHO it's totally a bait but just in case it's true, the age gap is too fucked up to not comment on it.

No. 162806

File: 1607600673033.jpg (88.5 KB, 483x928, Screenshot_20201210_114339.jpg)

I can't wait for when he gets an old man neck vagina so I can lick it <3

No. 162807

Not bait. Only in the sense that I knew I'd get roasted when I included our ages but did it anyway

No. 162809

It's a conundrum. Either we ignore it and impressionable people start to think gross age gaps are common and memeing women into another genre of undesirable dudes, or we waste a little bit of our times laying out all the reasons why it's bullshit so that even if OP is shitposting said people will not start seeing it as okay for going unchallenged.

No. 162811

All the people I know that still take drugs that have kids, they're kids aren't achieving half as much as their peers. This is not the compelling argument you think it is.

No. 163541

He buys me a slice of my favorite cake every Friday and let's me sperg about GC topics (while agreeing with me)

No. 163548

My boyfriend and I are LDR for now and spoiled me with early Christmas gifts to make up for being away. The sum total was much more than 3k. And he still sent me money to buy whatever I wanted from my makeup stores.
He sold my sister his car at a dirt cheap price just so she could have a car because he knew she isnt happy with her current boyfriend and living situation and wanted her to be able to get away when she needed/wanted to.
He bought me my own new car before he left because he knew I hated driving his.
He texts and calls and video calls me every day and tells me about his day and asks about mine. Sometimes we just sit on the phone listening to each other breathe or go about our day.
He constantly encourages my good habits but doesnt shame me if I do something bad, he understands. This pertains more to my eating habits, which I struggle with from recovering from multiple ED's.
Sometimes I am just waiting for him to wake up and realize I'm not worth all the love and attention he showers on me.

No. 163587

File: 1608268892510.gif (637.11 KB, 500x281, hksfjukhs.gif)

Boyfriend is a cutie patootie. He always tries to make sure that I have enough attention from him and doesn't hesitate to initiate physical affection. Cuddling him is the best. The other day he went birding/hiking by himself, so I asked him for a few twigs so I could make a Christmas star and he brought back a garbage bag full.
>I also like how he pats me on the head sometimes

No. 163602

It's such a weird hobby imo that I expect everyone into it is a total weirdo. But on the contrary, some of the most wholesome people I know are bird-watchers.

No. 163608

>The most handsome mf out there for me, like he's been designed to appeal to all my physical preferences
>Feminine but hates troons
>Does almost all the housework except for cooking because I love cooking
>Feminist not in the "I'm a male feminist! Look at me!!!" sense but actually refusing customers for being misogynistic even if he loses a gig
>Still impressive at his job so he never goes out of work
>Share a lot of hobbies, will listen to me sperg about mine
>Sex is the bomb, never asked me to do uncomfortable things, makes sure I come several times
>If I ask him for space I get it, if I ask him for cuddles I get them, never overstepped any boundaries
>Actually started believing in soulmates and fate after meeting him
>A lot of deep talk and we agree on most points
>If I ever wanted kids he'd be the best dad I can think of (he does want them)
>Will sit and listen to my rants then comfort me and give me advice which always works
>Takes seriously any advice I give him
>0 jealousy and possessiveness
>Partying together is great, staying at home wrapped in a blanked watching dumb movies/playing dumb vidya is also great
Can't wait to get back to normal again so we can both travel and be happy dumbasses outside home again.

No. 163618

Anon this sounds just like me and my bf as well, it's really wonderful to find great guys in a world of moids.

No. 163627

tbh he's a bit of a weirdo but I dig it. His sense of curiosity is so wholesome

No. 164040

Reading the vent thread this morning made me want to talk about my very wonderful, handsome Nigel kek

> full head of curly salt n pepper hair

> cuter and better dressed version of mark ruffalo
> passionate and very good at his teaching job, only highlighted by this year's circumstances
> doesn't watch porn and listens to me with concern when i talk about how much and why i hate it
> not a sex pest, doesn't ask for disgusting things, gets me off multiple times before he does
> we both love video games and bonded over having the same favorite dungeon crawler; we take turns playing a lot
> he pays attention to my hobbies just as much as i pay attention to his ie has learned the members of my favorite boy band and buys me unique horror movie posters
> pokes fun at it sometimes but not in a mean way, and i do the same about his pretentious movie and records hobby
> when we do have minor disagreements, we talk about them immediately with great communication
> he knows how to apologize and take an apology so we really don't fight
> we love each other and tell each other as much all the time
> always gives me extra kisses when we say goodbye

I could go on, I love him a whole lot, and he's the big reason I think that people shouldn't give up on love/finding good men because since he exists, others like him must too. Maybe I'm just very lucky.

No. 164173

File: 1608711176943.jpg (68.59 KB, 555x680, pajambos.jpg)

>be horny
>start flickin the bean, fantasize about all the hot shit bf has said during sex, you know, pretty standard dirty talk
>invariably also remember the time he got teary eyed seeing me naked and said he has never seen anything so beautiful
>remember how he always tells me my eyes are so huge and pretty, my nose is such a perfect nose, this silly christmas jumper looks so hot on me, my butt is the cutest
>remember how much he loves holding me tight and just kissing me all over after making me cum, licking me, making sure I'm feeling good and safe
>suddenly crying too much to masturbate because of how loved I feel

I had severe body dysmorphia from previous relationships with coomers and an abusive guy who would pick apart every detail in my appearance, plus reading years of trp material. I didn't think anyone would find me desirable, or be interested in my pleasure or touching my body at all, I only saw myself as disgusting and thought that all anyone could see in me was flaws. I never really told my bf about this because I didn't want him to compliment me just to make me feel better, and I didn't expect him to even stay attracted to me after really seeing me because he's a chad looking guy himself, but he has always been so loving both physically and emotionally. Recently I've slowly started feeling good about myself and seeing my body through a more realistic lens. I guess his hotness also helps, if he didn't genuinely think I was attractive he could easily get any tinder stacy.

No. 164221

My boyfriend is hot and that's all.

No. 164290

>same interests
>smart and earns as much as i do
>lets me do whatever i want, never nags or gets jealous
>loves my friends and hangs out with them
>makes me laugh all the time
>isnt depressed or anxious
>cooks for me every day

we've been together for 10 years and my worst fear is something happening to him. it literally off myself

No. 164941

That's the thing with Nigels… like dogs, they rarely outlive their owners.

No. 164942

Where do I find guys like these?

No. 164983

right? it all seems so fictional to me. sigh

No. 167394

File: 1610834636958.png (254.58 KB, 860x1242, 375-3754414_pepe-meme-rarepepe…)

>i was his first everything
>has a lot of friends but does not interact with females more than necessary
>works out almost daily
>does the cooking does the cleaning and does not let me lift a finger, have to force him to let me do things for him
>is the independent type but very affectionate when we're together
>animal and children magnet, would be a far better parent than myself
>has a likeable personality so I'm not embarrassed showing him off to my friends
>doesn't watch porn and never developed fucked up habits before meeting me
> has a huge dick and is loud in bed which is just chef's kiss.
>perfect balance of masculine and gentle
and the best part…
>patiently listens to my radfem spergs even though he may not agree with all of it and is always open to discussion

No. 167416

>patiently listens to my radfem spergs
>does not interact with females more than necessary

Ah yes, them females shouldn't be too interacted with

No. 167444

Good taste anon.
He shall also be 2d husbando tiers of attractive and mine forever.
No talking or looking at other women even while I'm not present. bahahahaha

No. 167466

What a load of fucking shit, kek.

No. 167484

I appreciate that he remembers little things I mention offhand and would usually forget about. Like I might mention a food ingredient I would like to try in the future if we are watching a cooking video and then a couple days later he will present it to me even though I haven't mentioned or even thought about it since. He also pays attention to when some of my skincare products are low and will buy me some more before I even have to think about it. And if he's buying himself clothes he'll usually pick me up a pack of basic underwear and socks which maybe sounds weird but they're so nice to have lol. Idk!! It's just nice knowing he's thinking about me.

No. 167493

> does not interact with females more than necessary
Anon…are you okay

No. 167510

File: 1610882858072.png (18.82 KB, 360x360, EqLwcGFW4AEpUkV.png)

why are all the good traits the most of you are saying about your boyfriends shit like him being a doormat and buying you everything and 'he never watches porn' (you guys good?)
why not "he engages with me in my interests" and "he lets me do nice things for him", because instead im hearing "he puts up with me talking at him like a wall" and "he refuses to let me do anything myself" which is,,, guys. come on. these aren't relationships. where is the emotional give and take? shouldn't your favorite parts be things that have emotional meaning and not "he spends a thousands dollars buying me makeup"?
a lot of this sounds like guys who have low self esteem and you're taking advantage of them. seek help.
this should not be the 'ideal'. you two should be equals, not this fucked up power dynamic a lot of you are describing. and i don't buy the 'lol theres stuff i didnt mention1!!'

No. 168113

Kek I agree. This thread always gives me female narc vibes.

No. 168723

My boyfriend bought a nice toy for my nieces and gave it to me to give them. They were so excited.

Made me feel such a deep love for him.

He always thinks of kind ways to surprise others. It's sweet when he does it for me, but it really makes me melt to see him do it for others.

No. 168724


No. 168769

He actually watches movies I recommend him.
I can see on Spotify he checks out the songs I listen to.
When he visits/stays over, he brings fresh groceries.
Kisses me on the forehead for goodnight and good morning.
After a year, he still gets several boners just by being around me (lol sorry if that's cringe, but a lot of my friends warned me with months passing the lust drops. Which didn't happen yet.)
Drives me home or from train station so I don't have to commute with a heavy suitcase.
Cooks, or we cook together. We take turns in making breakfasts for each other.
Took care of me when I had covid, and early in the relationship I got drunk and vomitted all over his room, also flooded the bathroom… he tidied it all up and never complained, just teased me to hell about it.
Asked his friend to recommend me at his firm so maybe I'll finally get a job!!
We have almost the exactly same love language. We both don't care for gifts at all so I don't have to stress over getting him something nice for occasions (this actually gives me a lot of anxiety).
He struggled with mental health before so he's understanding with mine.
He's a feminist and a leftist. Has some "male-y" views still, but willing to listen and change when I explain my view.
Loves to listen to me playing guitar. I'm very basic, but he has no musical talents so he's so impressed and always asks me to play more. I've never played for anyone, it's so weird for me that someone actively wants to listen to it, lol. It's a nice feeling.
Doesn't have a big social media presence.
Always does foreplay, always tries to get me off first, is a good kisser.

Of course there's stuff that annoy me, but overall, I can't believe I found this man on tinder, and the first time I met someone off it.

No. 168817

Good heart.

No. 168832

Honestly, you have what I've been dreaming for my whole life. Lucky gal

No. 168858

Not my boyfriend but my fwb.

He's nice to me, he buys me things, and he actually acts like a friend. We haven't fucked in months and he still calls me everyday. Neither of us wants to date and it's nice having a male I can talk to/fuck without the commitment and vulnerability of a relationship. I just feel lucky since it seems like every fwb relationship is a scam for the girl involved.

No. 168907

God I wish that were me. I’ve only got about a year left of schooling before I bust this joint and leave for another country so I can’t say I’m looking for a long-term relationship, but I’m super horny and just wish I could have sex with a nice, respectful guy who treats me well and enjoys my company. I know what an absolute garbage dump dating apps are and haven’t had the mental fortitude to sort through the filth in the minuscule chance of finding an attractive man like this. Jealous but happy you were able to find a unicorn!

No. 168931

Thank you! Maybe you could find a guy from your job/school? I met mine in high school(yes we're super young kek) and we were just casual friends until we both became single, and we started to get closer. Dating apps are a freakshow.

No. 173155

sounds more like a parent-child relationship tbh

No. 173168

File: 1614337960286.jpeg (38.73 KB, 360x360, 3B4770D3-E3E0-4FD3-8EE5-0ED8FB…)

salty about a year old post cuz your boyfriend ain't shit?

No. 173174

ok, let me tell you about my boyfriend then
>sporty and tall, got me into doing sports again
>bald, luckily he sports a Jason Statham look that fits him, I don't care I like bald guys (maybe becuz my father was bald too)
>earns somewhat less then me, but isn't bothered by it and I'm not either
>he does all the cooking because he's more talented and creative at it while I do the dishes and most of the cleaning, I'll let him do the dirtier or physically hard works around the house though
>gives great massages, has very good, strong hands
>he's a racist, hompohobe, hates minorities and feminists, obviously we don't agree in most things politically, but I don't argue with him anymore because arguing with him makes me anxious as he's way more knowledgable in these topics than me and the last time I tried he debunked the wage gap with the data I gave him from the company I work at
>he used to watch porn, but he's against it now, not because of me, but on principle
>has never eaten my pussy, I give bjs when he asks for it rarely, but I suspect it's because I'm not good at it, he has a big dick and it's tiring for me
>he is faithful, wants kids and a family and I think he will be great father as he is good with kids and animals like him
>he likes memes and internet culture, sometimes he has black homour, sometimes he's childish like me, he's fun to be around
>once he noticed how much thinner I was on a high shool picture he made remarks about my weight which upset me very much and we got into a big argument over it, since then he's more careful with his words
>generally very calm and rational and he's great at calming me down whenever I'm upset about something
>he WOULD BE a great listener if he could stop with his bad habit of interrupting, he does this to everyone, not just me, it's the way he is, he associates very quickly and likes to add his thoughts on remarks on the spot, I kinda accepted it, but it still makes me mad when he does it
>he listens to my advice and needs if he finds them reasonable, I think I enriched his home decoration and general outlook, and his garden a great deal and he improved my diet and health a lot by his cooking, we are challenging each other and growing together
Despite all the fairy tales in this thread I love this man with all his flaws and wouldn't trade him for anything, becasuse this is what a real boyfriend sounds like, unlike these I suspect half-imaginary, half closet gay beta doormats. You can't get everything you want and even if you could, you wouldn't want it.

No. 173175

File: 1614342262640.jpg (45.17 KB, 570x371, delayedreaction.jpg)

No. 173180

he sounds shit and low-income, LOL.

No. 173183

File: 1614344722656.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 4694ABDB-3907-4B9F-861E-6ED3A7…)

>nigel thread
>bald racist homophobe boyfriend
>doesn’t eat you out
girl please

No. 173185

You sound like you have self - esteem issues because your standards are shockingly low even for a scrote. Your idea of 'normal human with flaws' is way off base. And yes obviously everyone else in this thread sounds fake because this is the BRAG thread, we don't include their flaws. You need to love yourself

No. 173186

He genuinely worries about my health and reminds me to do some form of exercise daily, he says it's important that I not become a weak bedridden old lady like his grandma was. Many years in, I cannot believe he still has the patience for it.
We are really different, but he is so good at everything I suck at and vice versa so we make a great team. I'm really happy we got together even though he is not exactly my ideal type, and his sense of fashion is wildly different from mine. He was the first guy I met since high school that didn't give me man-child/mommy-issue vibes and I think I made the right choice to go for him.

We originally met at an anime convention, and to my surprise I did not have to sit and listen to a sperg essay about some current game/anime-obsession like I am used to when meeting people at those places - we spoke about mundane stuff like part-time jobs and general life stuff. Not a fat blob? No random free hugs? Not even a little autistic? Has interests and friends outside of this stuff!?
Basic expectations and weird brag, sure, but at that time my experience was a never-ending amount of incel neckbeards with an eversion to showering and most were talking about "normies" like they were somehow less than human. Even outside of hobby-circles the guys I met where embarrassing and sad - or obviously trying to negg/manipulate me at first contact.

No. 173197

I'll keep it short and sweet:
>kind patient, caring, worries for me when I'm struggling with my health and will even go out of his way to cook for me when I'm stressed
>understanding of my past and mental health issues
>highly intelligent and university educated
>gives amazing oral and has a pretty dick
>skinny and fit
>is genuinely friends with my friends
>has cool hobbies and interests like sports, making honey mead
>very snuggly
>he is financially stable and supporting me as I pursue my dream career, he makes good money, invests and so he pays the bills
>pretty face, to the point that people point it out how handsome he is to me
>buys me my fav food when I'm feeling down
>enjoys giving me gifts on special occasions and planning fun dates
>is normie in the way he socializes but he isn't a normie in hid experiences, so he can relate to being from a dysfunctional family and I feel more comfortable talking to him about it
>rarely ever watches porn and that's only if we haven't had sex in weeks bc i'm stressed
>has a cool creative career and is able to help me out with my creative purusits
>talented but humble
>interesting to talk to and can discuss complex or controversial topics
>hates troons
>been together for 7 years (we met in year 12 math class and have weathered many storms)

No. 173199

Ok nice. I can't wait for you to divorce rape him.

>You can't get everything you want and even if you could, you wouldn't want it.
Then why am i happier than you? I can show off my boyfriend but you can't. KEK.

No. 173201

how can you divorce rape a broke dude lmao

No. 173203

>together for 7 years, have weathered many storms
I've never reached the 7 year mark so just wondering if you think the '7 year itch' is really a thing? Or if there's a different year that you thought was the tough one

I honestly seem to get the 2 year itch. Don't know what that says about me lol

No. 173207


> "he engages with me in my interests"
> "he lets me do nice things for him"

are very common things? most relationships are based on compatibility in terms of hobbies/interests so i wouldn't mention it tbh. and i don't think there are many people out there who would reject someone being nice to them either.



Gtfo and go back to tumblr lmao

No. 173210

Telling someone to 'gtfo' over a month after they posted is a bit redundant

No. 173230

First L. Naked mole rat ass, lmao.
>(maybe becuz my father was bald too)
We've known for years that the ugly bitch, Freud, was 100% trying to normalize his own fucked up family trauma, distorted sexuality and mental illness by projecting it mainly on women (with a strange focus on gentiles). Stop pretending this is rational or healthy.
>earns somewhat less then me
Second L.
>he's a racist, hompohobe, hates minorities and feminists
I really should've just stopped reading at bald, huh? Lmao it's going even more downhill. And you're dating him whilst in the process of being ignorant, so you just seethe in anxiety whenever these topics come up. A mess.
>has never eaten my pussy, I give bjs when he asks for it
LMAO why even post this? What is there to like about this? What do you want us to say? "Based anon, my bf's never eaten my pussy either, I love only ever giving oral and never receiving"? Did you want us to mock you?
>once he noticed how much thinner I was on a high shool picture he made remarks about my weight which upset me very much and we got into a big argument over it
Massive L. He really called you fat, realized his fuck-up when you didn't internalize it like he wanted you to, and now sticks to more subtle forms.
>generally very calm and rational and he's great at calming me down whenever I'm upset about something
Kek, the calm, rational anti-feminist racist homophobe
>he WOULD BE a great listener if he could stop with his bad habit of interrupting,
LMAO you just said–
>he listens to my advice and needs if he finds them reasonable,
"If he finds them reasonable", and let me guess, you listen to his advice way more than he does with you, right?
So, you have the nerve to tell us all this, essentially insulting yourself, and then claim anons with better relationships than you are dating men who don't exist, and if they do exist, they're gay. Got it, kek. What a fucking cope.
>You can't get everything you want and even if you could, you wouldn't want it.
Are you sure you're not just talking about yourself? You're dating a bald, racist/homophobic broke scrote who called you fat, won't eat your pussy, and won't stop interrupting you. Nobody wants that, unless they're actively looking to self-harm.

No. 173232

>has never eaten my pussy
Why are you listing negative traits on a thread that's made for listing positive ones. What are you on?

>becasuse this is what a real boyfriend sounds like, unlike these I suspect half-imaginary, half closet gay beta doormats.

Oh lol. Read thread descriptions before you sperg out anon. It's meant to be a bragging list! Of course anons aren't listing off negative traits like you are. You're missing the entire point of the thread.

No. 173235

Here's my brag
>full head of hair despite being older
>nice ass
>relatively lean
>snappy academia dresser
>does hassle chores like dishes and trash unprompted
>doesn't fight me when I do ask him to do something, and he actually does it
>does his own laundry and takes care of his hygiene
>goes to work diligently and is liked by his coworkers
>always asks me if I want snacks or food, sometimes surprises me with things anyway
>verbally and physically affectionate
>always affirms his attraction to me and validates my looks even though I know I'm not conventional
>doesn't care that I'm weird and likes it in fact, he laughs at my jokes
>frequent sex, mostly missionary while we embrace and look at each other, no degen shit and he never asks me for blowjobs
>I don't ask him to eat my pussy because that doesn't get me off, but he will use a clit toy on me if sex doesn't always get me off
>doesn't watch porn and admits he hasn't felt desire for it ever
since we began our relationship
>never puts me down and is sensitive to emotions
>wants marriage and kids with me and has set timelines, bought me the exact diamond and wedding ring I wanted despite it being over his typical price range
>wants to be healthy for me and our kids and really tries
>isn't rich but he wants to provide me things to the best he is able because he loves and values me that much
>drives me places (although tbh I prefer to drive cause I love my sports car and he has shitty eyesight ngl)
>appreciates my cooking and compliments it frequently, sometimes he helps cook with my instruction and at the least will clean up everything when we're done
>we both have mutual interests and even the same college degrees and honors societies
>public announcements of his love for me, isn't afraid to show it
>polite and decent, supports my feminism

I just feel genuinely loved and cared for, in a way I've never felt in past relationships.

No. 173251

File: 1614379737062.gif (1.82 MB, 300x277, hah---ufuckinserious.gif)

>has never eaten my pussy, I give bjs when he asks for it rarely, but I suspect it's because I'm not good at it, he has a big dick and it's tiring for me

No. 173265

honestly I don't really feel deeply attracted to other people, like I occasionally think "oh that person is cute" or develop a mini crush for a couple months that I never act on. I just know that there's nothing that anyone else could do for me that he couldn't do 10x better, because I love and trust him. it just wouldn't add to my life to try to hook up with or date other people, like it's the same activities but with someone I don't know or care about deeply, where's the appeal?

No. 173274

kill him anon

No. 173285

File: 1614430971628.jpg (3.63 MB, 1098x5924, pol bf.jpg)

this you?

No. 173291

>racist, homophobe, hates minorities and feminists
>doesn't eat pussy
>"would be" a great listener but isn't
your boyfriend is trash and you're retarded for bragging about him here when there's nothing to brag about (this claim is also supported by the fact that you claim your /r9k/ moid is "more knowledgable" than you)

No. 173292

Is that your first bf or is your self-esteem THAT low? I feel sad for you.

No. 173295

It sounds like the same scrote but post 691513 throws me off because when she's trying to describe his looks, she mentions that he has hair, but in this thread she's saying he's bald.
Possible she could have lied in that older post as a cope, because we would have laughed harder if she admitted she was dating a bald 37 year old racist /pol/tard.
He sounds fucking ugly. What's the point of being with an old asshole who's not even attractive?
Like don't you want your "master race" man to actually be a representative? Lmao.

No. 173296


>You can't get everything you want and even if you could, you wouldn't want it.

Incel larping as woman happy with her mediocre boyfriend falls out of character KEK
You are never going to get women to stoop so low for men like you, scrote

No. 173368

We're married now!
I thought it wouldn't be possible but he's even more loving with me than he was before. We're going for a baby after we get vaccinated for covid.

No. 173379

Congratulations anon!!

No. 173384

Congratulations, I'm happy for you!

No. 173414


No. 173449

Girlfriend bragging!

>very loving, very affectionate

>almost exclusively calls me by pet names because she knows I love them so much
>supports my hobbies and dreams
>gives helpful advice and tells it like it is even when it's not easy
>offers her emotional support too
>always there for me when i'm having an episode, helps calm me down
>compliments my body and appearance often which really helps with my self esteem
>accepts my imperfections and even says she loves them
>we have the same humour and we can easily brighten each other's day
>honest, hardworking, dedicated and completely committee to me
>really tall and super attractive, she's exactly my type
>easy to talk to, we have no secrets left and are comfortable telling each other basically everything
>spoils me rotten
>laughs at my silly jokes
>encourages me to grow and mature
>watches out for my health and dotes on me
>always doing her best to understand me
>i feel so so so safe with her despite all my past issues which have put me on edge
>and most importantly, we regularly express our gratitude for each other
>we are doing everything we can to live a happy life together <3

Of course it's all reciprocal, and I love her even more for the opportunity to be affectionate and doting. There's a lot of love in me and I'm glad to finally have someone special to give it to. Can't wait till we're living together!

No. 176091

File: 1616333209769.jpg (34.85 KB, 500x360, Eio1GurXsAIYvp3.jpg)


it's me again, back with greentext and still smitten as I was when I posted this

> big, soft and bashful but also has this firm side that comes out when he's caring, for instance he knows my joints and back are bad so if I'm overworking at my job or freelancing he'll be lovingly firm about me needing to rest more, he's really thoughtful and the right mix of assertive but also thoughtful, I really love that about him, he's like a house husband

> same sense of humour, joke that we're almost like the other but we have comfy differences too that make the relationship interesting
> turns out he might be demi like me, really passionate sex life blossomed between us unexpectedly, he is endearingly into me and it melts me
> both art grads so we have doodle dates together and he leaves cute drawings for me while I'm at work or he wants to leave fuss
> delighted that his family and me get on and always includes me, his sister and her bf invited us to come play Minecraft with them and it's been really fun
> really passionate about making comics together and the most supportive person
>is really caring towards his family, especially his sister and mum, this is refreshing when my abusive ex disrespected women, but my partner is incredibly respectful
> no social media addictions
> thinks I'm the most adorable girl in the world and genuinely means his compliments
> pretty quiet and stoic around people he doesn't know but he's like an excited puppy when he opens up about his interests
> makes me feel looked after and heard and despite the lockdown he'll find ways to do sweet things like orders me pizza when I'm sick or overworked, we sleepover call and he'll whisper sweet nothings to me until I fall asleep and then he sleeps happily
> always really appreciative of my efforts and I don't think there's been a day he hasn't expressed this, thinks he's the luckiest boyfriend
> we can be silly together and comfy but we can also sit down and have mature conversations, as a result, to this day we've never had an argument and both of us like to address things comfortably and can't stay annoyed at the other because we love eachother too much
> incredibly honest, has never kept secrets from me or vice versa, endearingly will just turn around and talk about his feelings and always wants to tell people the truth
> more mature than he realizes, I think
> has never had an ex or anything messy with any girls in the past and has worried sometimes that he might be inexperienced but he's always been so good to me as a boyfriend
> stubborn in the good way, dedicated and passionate
> used to have communication issues and that was the only issue we've ever had, once we talked about it he grew with me through it and this issue resolved, and he cares about growing together which I thought was a green flag
> kind to animals
> likes anime and games but isn't a degenerate or overly obsessed with them, more into cartoons
> really hot, gets a little more teasing when he flusters me for someone so bashful, gap moe af
> always compliments you and makes you feel noticed, takes interest in your day and very easy to chat with
> typically end up chatting for hours, little hypeman
> humble and kind
> doesn't care if we have kids or not and has never and would never pressure me
> really smart and intelligent
> doesn't care about gender binaries, will happily swap clothes and likes the same comfy fashion
> big spoons me when I need it the most
> encourages me in everything I do
> gets horny over me over the slightest thing like my scent or wanting to be close to me, lovingly feral

No. 176131

File: 1616364755520.png (24.63 KB, 107x199, 1614983973742.png)

Just visited my guy during a work lull when he's been slammed like all day
>mfw he instantly gives me a bowl of icecream

No. 176228

I would literally never date a man who watched porn kek it's a reasonable and normal standard to have and if you'd date one then you're a cuckquean who's fine with your bf watching women being abused and raped on camera

No. 176460

My boyfriend certainly isnt perfect, he's even quite average compared to some of my friends bfs but at least he has a full had of hair at 35, loves eating pussy, makes more money than me (but tbh, i am a student…), isnt racist, isnt feminist but also isnt anti-feminist, also doesnt watch porn, knows how to cook AND to clean (he's in fact cleaner/neatier than me), never pointed out my physical flaws ever,… Like this isnt even bragging, its the bare minimum. I would unironicly rather kill myself than to be in a LTR with a man like your boyfriend.

No. 176743

it's bait, anon

No. 177262

My boyfriend does more than the bare minimum and is into me pegging him. He's also really sweet, doesn't mind my health issues (PCOS) and all that comes with it aside from the occasional hair removal. He actually listens to me about things from venting, feelings and even mundane things like anime I've been watching.

He's a really swell guy, I'm happy with him, and he's happy with me.

No. 177267


The fact that so many dumb bitches fell for it sends me

No. 177302

I had to pause my episode of Ultraman Tiga for this.
Honestly I'm seriously thinking on leaving AFB for a while. The facts for the last weeks have been either reposts or too hostile .
No offense for the admin, tho

No. 180591

damn you ladies are wild

No. 180592

God this is beautiful

No. 180597

File: 1618998906962.jpg (68.78 KB, 827x868, original - 2020-12-24T124100.6…)

I wonder where can you even meet a guy like this?

No. 211802

I'm not sure if he fits here but here it goes:
>thick, pull-able hair
>my body type
>speaks 3 languages and a little bit of tolkien elvish
>easy to talk to, will make any topic i don't know about interesting and when he listens he asks questions to goad you into talking passionately about a topic you know about
>has this puppy eyes look when he looks at me, especially when i get excited talking about something
>calls frontal hugs embarrassing because he always blushes and pops a boner but loves to cuddle me from behind
>will blush and look away if we maintain eye contact for more than 5s
>loves to cook but also has to eat a little bit of almost every ingredient raw(i have seen him eat raw pancake and pizza dough, mushrooms, minced meat and a single raw spaghetti)
>didn't want to give me his virginity until he knew that we loved each other but decided that going down on me or fingering me doesn't count as sex on his side, only on mine so it's okay
>always gives me oral whenever i ask and will sometimes kneel in front of me and politely tap me on the knee when he wants to go down on me
>got upset when i called him a sub and claimed that him kneeling in front of me and eating me out was him being dominant because "i was the initiator and you were the defender"
>is angry that our dialect wasn't chosen as the standard, talks in a 19th century version of our dialect in protest
>has a veranda overlooking his vineyard, olives and tangerines
>will pick up rocks and put them in his sink and under random faucets so they erode into dirt faster and make the land more fertile for our kids

No. 211805

This thread is nice and wholesome!! I’m not surprised I haven’t saw it before, as like 90% of this website are male-hating anons.

No. 211806

*my favourite body type

No. 211807

Kek what the fuck anon your nigel sounds like a white theater dweeb but I'm happy for you because it sounds like that's exactly what you're into, congrats on the weird catch

No. 211844

thank you noni
he's usually very proud, confident and boisterous, he just melts into a puddle at the slightest teasing

I feel like he could act like a turbonormie if he wanted to he just refuses to out of some strane principle that only makes sense to him.

I think he's much happier being a tanned reviewbrah with strong hairy arms

No. 212012

>calls frontal hugs embarrassing because he always blushes and pops a boner but loves to cuddle me from behind
>will blush and look away if we maintain eye contact for more than 5s
I'm sorry but wut. Is he like 11 years old? How long have you guys been together? A week? Or does he just see you as a sex object? I'm happy ur into that but jfc let's hope he's younger than he is older, acting this way. Kind of weird and the hugging and getting a boner is straight up inappropriate.

No. 212186

I should have written cuddle instead od hug now that i think about it

He was only like that early on before we had sex and when we just started having it and he still blushes a little when cuddling turns into me teasing him and foreplay

But i think you're right i might be wearing rose tinted glasses
it's just so good and liberating to have someone be into you that much when you are short fat and thin haired like me

No. 212597

File: 1636330497481.jpg (88.63 KB, 438x600, plate07.jpg)

I'm a newfag so here's hoping I format this right, if not you'll just have to forgive me for being retarded lol.

>fell in love with me at first sight

>was addicted to porn before we got together, felt constant guilt about it so we set up a lot of accountability apps on his devices bc he wanted help getting clean
>readily lets me check his phone/laptop but I don't often feel the need to because he lets me know when he's struggling
>shares the chores but honestly does more than me and he doesn't mind
>makes a point to work through any conflicts we have, clear communicator and quick to forgive
>loves to go down on me and gets turned on by it, but doesn't ask for it in return bc he knows it's different/much more unpleasant for girls
>"sorry I haven't shaved my legs in a while" "I literally didn't even notice"
>Likes to workout, feels ashamed if he hasn't recently
>Giant freaking shoulders
>Likes to sleep snuggled up next to me
>Loves kids and comments on how cute babies are
>Does things for me all the time, likes to make my life easier
>Promises that once he's done with school he'll work so hard that I won't have to if I don't want to
>Shows genuine interest in my hobbies, incredibly encouraging and never dismissive
>Just looks and me and smiles without saying anything
>Not into feet or anything (he's very vanilla) but sometimes he'll just give my foot a kiss and I'll be like "ew why? that's my foot" and he says "I don't care, every part of you is clean and pretty"
>very kind and outgoing, likes to make friends with everyone he meets

I could go on. I just really love him. He's not perfect, but neither am I and he has really put a lot of work into our relationship.

No. 212601

Is he still addicted to porn

No. 212605

Lol anon. Why do the gfs of addicts always think their men are Nigels? He is a confirmed degenerate. I hate porn too, but most men don't actually have an issue with it and can stop. Why get involved with someone who needs a nanny spy app to stop cooming?

No. 212606

Right, is he a child? If you can’t trust yourself in the internet, then get professionalhelp. He can’t trust himself to stop yanking his tail for teen lesbian porn.

No. 212607

The reality is that the vast majority of men have been exposed to or are addicted to porn.

He wanted to stop and needed help with accountability. He was very serious about it and willing to give up whatever he needed to and now he's clean.

I can understand where you're coming from and I'm not trying to argue. It might sound silly to need apps but it's what worked for us and our relationship has really done well from it.

No. 212610

Yeah I cringed reading her post. He sounds like a manchild and loser. I especially cringed at the shaved leg part, as if anyone cares. All of that shit is like the bare minimum of relationships.

No. 212611

No man cares about leg hair. Such wow!

No. 212612

alright, alright my b lol

No. 212613

Well have fun mommying him. Bc thats what ur relationship sounds like.

No. 212615

men always get praised for doing the bare minimum. at the end of the day everyone coddles them from day 1 and they think they're the shit for being mediocre

No. 212640

lmao anon ignore the other anons theres literally no reason for them to mald this much. hoping that your moid is good and that he is genuine about bettering himself

No. 212650

nta but you sound like a femcel

No. 212655

File: 1636376705311.jpg (28.86 KB, 448x448, cry.jpg)

>practically obsessed with me, as am i with him
>interested in all my retarded artsy shit, wants to become involved in my hobbies
>makes me genuinely happy, talking to him is my favourite thing
>actively supports my ED recovery and expresses that he is proud of me
>amazingly talented musician
>has the most adorable voice
>dresses very nicely, similar fashion to myself
>listens to me sperg about things i enjoy, shares many of my ''autistic'' interests, especially euro military shit
we plan to move to a scandi country, preferably very isolated, doing gay artsy stuff in a cute cabin. that has always been our dream since we first met. we bonded over the life we dreamed of and it's becoming a reality, seemingly so. i am so fucking happy.
pic related (me typing this)

No. 212659

>doing gay artsy stuff

No. 212683

Pretty sure she means gay in the 2006 slang way

No. 212694

My bf just took me shopping this weekend and dropped like $2000 on a new wardrobe for me. He also:

>Does most of the cleaning and chores in the apartment

>Does most of the grocery shopping
>Works out twice a day, huge chest and arms
>Organizes date nights every week
>Loves animals
>Reads ~3 books a week
>Loves my family, they love him
>Regularly showers me in gifts
>Actually washes his ass

No. 212696

Why is washing his ass a brag? Is this toddler level brag? How did you find out that men don’t wash their ass because that’s never happened for me

No. 212697

There’s an embarrassing amount of dudes that think it’s gay to wash their ass or their junk. To the point that a guy with basic hygiene is an exception more often than not.

No. 212718

My boyfriend and I made spaghetti and homemade meatballs together and he insisted we unthaw the sauce I made because he likes it better than jarred. He is tending to the dogs right now while I shitpost. He is a good boyfriend.

No. 212739

>Works out twice a day, huge chest and arms
Don't tell me he skips leg day nonny! Does he have a beefy upper body with skinny chicken legs?

No. 212759

File: 1636441503773.jpg (249.38 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20211105_171241.jpg)

Picrel made me think of this thread. My Nigel is far from perfect but he adores me, as someone with body image issues the way he consistently genuinely loves my body never gets old, and we've been together for years.

The anons nitpicking your excellent sounding Nigel is classic lolcow - enjoy your new wardrobe nonita!

No. 213954

Good for you anon!!

No. 213960

File: 1637366087572.jpg (93.11 KB, 338x366, Yukio_Mishima_cropped.jpg)

>Literally a genius with computers, built me my PC.
>Is a talented filmmaker and downloads all sorts of rare films for me and our friends to watch.
>Spoils me with designer clothing, and makes sure to take me on impromptu dates every week (dinner or movie)
>Shares almost my exact political ideology, only he is more aggressive and I am more nurturing.
>Tears through books like War and Peace within a couple weeks, never isn't reading a book
>Doesn't really use social media, still remains popular with cool people who I would never meet if it weren't for him.
>We never run out of things to talk about when we are together. Could just talk for hours, even after almost 4 years.
>Adores my family.
>Makes me laugh really hard
>Thinks I'm smarter and hotter than him (not true).
>Plans to marry me and have children, even though we are only 22 and just graduated college.
>Supports my delusional ambitions.
>Naturally lean and strong, has dark brown hair and thick dark eyebrows.
>Is always horny just like me, wants to have passionate crazy sex.

He has flaws but this is about bragging and I am crazy in love, so I won't write them

No. 213963

Wtf we're the same age, did you meet in college? I almost lost hope that there were no guys like that our age, I thought they're all terminally online nowadays

No. 213965

we met in college freshman year, but he had almost no friends from our uni, most of his friends went to other schools. But I promise there are countless guys like him, and they all seem very lonely. The key is to bolster your own interests and identity. Like, we met officially on a film set because I was constantly offering to help out with people's films. Nowadays, I see there are a lot of eligible bachelors at the film screenings I go to..

No. 213970

Idk I really just feel loved and safe. He's never done anything to break my trust or have me worry. He's a good communicator, he likes to work through things and make sure we're on the same page. He takes really good care of our cats. And maybe this is weird but I love the fact he doesn't have any sexual issues I guess? No weird fetishes, great libido/stamina, finds me sexy without me having to "act" sexy. And the sex has only got better after nearly a decade.

No. 213972

congratulations, that is so lovely and simple, and for nearly a decade is so reassuring. i get nervous about the longevity of it

No. 213973

How did you meet?

No. 213983

Online lol. But back in like 2009. We actually hung out once and decided not to pursue anything but ran into eachother a couple years later at a bus stop.

No. 213989

Is this the only actual post worth bragging about itt? Lol

No. 213990

ok scrote

No. 220019

I love his long silky hair. I love playing dumb vidya with him. I love listening to music with him. I love how generous he is. I love his laugh. I truly just feel happy, loved and safe.

No. 220025

>we are only 22

No. 220192

I just really love him… a lot…

No. 220194

You sound like a friend of mine who disappeared out of the blue lol. If you are her, though, I am happy for you! And if you aren't, I'm still happy for you! haha

No. 220243

came home after a rough week to find he had unboxed all of our antiques, wall art, etc. that we've been meaning to do and arranged it wonderfully. he also bought some cool fake plants and ferns to accent on our various shelving and put up warm ambient lighting. i walked into the door to super cozy, fully cleaned, and relaxing apartment with a new candle burning and quiet jazz playing.

he's great in many other ways but this was a great unexpected favor

No. 220254

This really sweet, happy for you nona

No. 220263

>cute accent soothing voice
>feminine and transphobic
>gives head for however long it takes
>zoomer with oldfag sensibilities
>my friends and family like him and he likes them
>quiet guy but always down to party, appreciates me exposing him to different shit
>doesn't judge me for my storied past
>always says I'm the best person in his life and he wouldn't leave me for anything
>finally learned to code because he's always there to explain and help and doesn't get annoyed explaining the same thing for the 50th time

No. 220264

File: 1640841114530.jpeg (38.8 KB, 737x368, davethebarbarian.jpeg)

My time to shine and brag about my himbo hubby! We've been married for over 7 years. Yes nonas I'm a veteran nonita. I'm definitely lucky for this because I'm quite a reclusive and average nona.

>Better and cooking and cleaning than me, and isn't tired of doing it so he does most of the domestic work. However I prefer to do deep cleaning and organization so it balances out.

>Conventionally attractive, great voice and charismatic it's honestly annoying, but he also acts like my bodyguard.
>Not a coomer and loyal to a fault.
>Knows how to make money and has time to be my chauffeur.
>Gives me nice back rubs.
>Loves working out and helps be my spotter and personal trainer
>Great with technology and computers and literally does maintenance, upgrading, fixing, and cleaning for everyone he meets for free.
>Not overly obsessed with gaming or otaku culture
>Very loving and affectionate, not afraid to give hugs and kisses
>Not afraid to deal with periods and cleaned up my puke when I was sick

>Is a himbo and his fashion sense is a hit or miss, he's a savant
>He doesn't know he's good looking
>Doesn't get depressed and has a sunny disposition which doesn't make sense to everyone else
>Poops a lot, but maybe if he didn't poop this much he'd get fat
>Eats everyone's food without thinking, and if you had an office fridge with missing food, he might be the culprit

No. 220268

File: 1640841774556.jpeg (76.65 KB, 500x584, E63D8327-F44E-45A5-9098-C0069C…)

I wish I could score a Nigel. Alas, my reclusion restrains me.

No. 220301

This is so cute anon, you're very lucky

No. 220334

>extremely polite
>plays the piano, guitar and sing for me (all very well)
>wants to take dance classes with me
>great cook
>likes things clean organized (a little bit too much, might even have some OCD, since he makes sure everything is straight and well kept before going to sleep. Literally make the bed first thing in the morning and spends minutes to see if its straight and the sides even)
>wakes me up with a kiss and "good morning" everyday
>gentleman, pulls the chair, opens the door for me, walk outside on the sidewalk, unfortunately almost always split the bills, kek
>don't usually judge people
>eats me out
>loves to play vidya and watch things with me
>likes to study, speaks 3 languages
>always saying I look wonderful
>hates makeup, says I look better "natural"
>never lied to me (at least that I know), says it's stupid and encourages me to always be honest
>often plans picnics for us to have a good time and look at the sky, silently, sometimes falls asleep

The only weird things I can say it that he was very concerned about my past before we started dating. Said we probably wouldn't be together if I had had many relationships before, also said he's an ex-coomer. I don't know what to think about these.

No. 220372

He sounds helpful and adorable, congrats nona! I would argue that not knowing he's handsome is a plus, vain people (especially men) are gross so it likely contributes to the lack of ego. I also love cheerful people. True optimists are rare and I understand why it can get on people's nerves, but that's often because people are brooding assholes that find self victimization more comfortable than taking responsibility for their attitudes.

No. 220373

>said he's an ex-coomer
Unfortunately men who have never been coomers are unicorns. The majority of "good" guys have been at some point in time due to the misogynistic society we're raised in and normalization of porn but have reformed either due to realizing the harms of the industry and/or not wanting to develop ED. Although I also find his concern over your history a little odd. Men like that typically have a madonna/whore complex or were slutty themselves in the past, but if he's been good to you otherwise I suppose it doesn't matter.
>hates makeup, says I look better "natural"
Also eh to this. It's great he likes your natural face but there's no reason to put down your use of makeup at the same time.

No. 220377

File: 1640895449287.jpg (45.72 KB, 564x564, download.jpg)

>Men like that typically have a madonna/whore complex or were slutty themselves in the past
He was a virgin when we met, said the only romantic experience he had until then were hookups on high school. I thought it was for religious reasons at first, since it's not uncommon to see him praying once in a while, but he was honest and said it would make him feel insecure.
>It's great he likes your natural face but there's no reason to put down your use of makeup at the same time.
Fortunately he never put mine down, since I don't like to wear much to begin with. I think he was talking about picrel level.

No. 220380

>He doesn't know he's good looking
anon, this is a pro. Keep him and take care of him.

No. 220388

>it would make him feel insecure
That's a solid reason then, nice that he admits it has to do with his own level of confidence rather than deriding women who have had a lot of partners. I'm not a fan of drag-ish levels of makeup either, though to each her own. He sounds like a catch with his musical talent, cleanliness and intelligence!

No. 220472

It's not like there isn't a limit for body count, though. I dislike words such as slut, whore, etc because they don't have a male equivalent. Having a high body count at a young age is nothing to be proud of.

No. 220575

>I dislike words such as slut, whore, etc because they don't have a male equivalent
I just call men those words too kek. Always funny to see scrotes do a double take when they try to brag about being whores, you call them out, and then they fail to explain why only women can be one. Gets them to shut up at least. Anyway it may not be something to be proud of but I just can't be assed to care if a woman has fucked a bunch of people. Men who bitch about it are immense hypocrites because they stick their dick in anything with a pulse if given the opportunity. A lot of nice, otherwise normal girls get gaslit into banging any man that shows interest due to societal conditioning, abuse, mental illness, shitty coping mechanisms, etc. It's far worse when a man is a slut because they tend to traumatize/rape/generally harm women in the process and have near-guaranteed orgasms vs the constant disappointment women experience with casual hookups

No. 220653

>I just call men those words too kek
Kek, I forgot it's different in english. It wouldn't work in my native language, sadly.

This double standard is ridiculous, but I see where it comes from. Unless you're very, very ugly, it isn't hard to get men (to have sex, of course, because to find a good man is always difficult), but it isn't that easy on their side. Hence the suffering experience male trannies go through when trying to hook up with women, the huge (and increasing) amount of incels, misogynists, etc.
But there are some few men who wouldn't stick their dicks on anything (I think). Other than religious reasons, I've met some who weren't comfortable with that level of intimacy before some good months of interaction, at least. I'm like this, too. One night stands are at least… Weird.

No. 221561

my bf gave me a pendant necklace he carved from bone 10 years ago when he was 12
it's about perfectly smooth and a teardrop shape
he said he made 2, one for his mom (who has passed) and one to give to someone special
and he said he thinks that I'm the one who it belongs with
I wanted to cry when he explained it to me

No. 221571

That's so sweet. Be kind and if you don't spend the rest of your life with him, give it back to him.

No. 221589

That's so sweet and special

No. 221757

File: 1641472071653.jpg (27.37 KB, 370x250, happy-cat-1024.jpg)

I complained about realizing I had no milk for my coffee and my boyfriend surprised me moments later by showing up in front of my house with a gallon of milk! It was midnight. He's so sweet and impulsive and I've since learned the grocery stores are open later than I thought.

I drink decaf so don't judge.

No. 222650

File: 1641806494490.jpg (708.9 KB, 1166x1920, Tumblr_l_87415881243205.jpg)

I love my boyfriend… The silliest part of all of this is that he is extremely obsessed with me, I simply don't allow myself to accept it. Just yesterday we were lying in bed and he was playing with my hair, saying: "I love you, [my name]… You're such a special girl, I'm so lucky to have found you. You're the girl I choose." He really does love and cherish me. He has supported me when I was sick and emotionally distressed. He has seen me cry so much, and of course he does not mind. He does not think I am ugly or bad or crazy. I know that is the bare minimum, but he genuinely thinks I am beautiful and knows how lucky he is to have me. He wants me around, he always says how happy he is to see me again, how I take his breath away whenever I open the door to let him in, how it fills him with warmth and happiness when I smile and look up at him. He says he loves me and he loves me so much. Some weeks ago before bed we were brushing our teeth together and he said that I looked so cute, and he held my face like a doll's, and when we returned to his bedroom he held my face again and looked at me and he was clearly emotional but composed, and he smiled and said that he will really miss me when I leave (I am moved temporarily), that it all suddenly hit him at once in that moment. He really loves me… He loves me! I can feel it, I can tell, I just know it in my heart. He loves me

No. 222651

love the picrel

No. 222708

I told him this was the case, and he said "No, it's yours now. If something happens, I want you to keep it."

I casually told him my favorite flower was hydrangea 2 days ago, and I had a bouquet of hydrangeas show up on my door today

that's so sweet and romantic

No. 222814

where are you guys meeting these people?? i work full time and all my hobbies are super feminine… i dont feel like wasting time on dating apps but it feels like the only option esp now

No. 222822

File: 1641883607976.jpg (72.78 KB, 564x940, roses.jpg)

>Understanding and calm, never hateful, never yells no matter what
>Genuinely funny/witty
>Assertive/Confident when needed & knows how to do it without being as ass
>Isn't afraid to be dorky
>Cuddles almost daily even after several years
>Perfect sex, spicy but never too coomer, dislikes porn
>Gets along with my friends great, but doesn't get too close either
>His friends are very fun to be around and are always welcoming
>Likes my style & I can do whatever I like with it and he is supportive
>Helps/Compliments unprompted just because he wants to
>My exact type visually, the only one I've met like that
>Doesn't use social media
>The most intelligent person I know
>I admire his career choice
>Same world views & goals about our future
>Same taste in media & he has cool hobbies overall
>Only plays video games socially
>Respectfully chaotic energy, takes me on his adventures

>People assume I'm way younger than him when he is younger than me. Not his fault obv
>Gets grumpy when hungry
>Oversleeps sometimes
>Tends to ignore his feelings of sadness too much

I used to be in an extremely abusive relationship before we met. I feel so lucky and thankful. Been living together for a few years now and we've never fought or gotten mad at eachother even, it's incredible. I always thought it was a given that people would get angry at me for anything and just a part of my personality but I guess not. We met on okcupid and our percentage was nearly a 100. (Reposted for a typo)

No. 224573

I absolutely love being princess carried. Whenever I'm too lazy to go anywhere in our house he'll princess carry me and that makes it into a small fun adventure every time. I'm spoiled. Sometimes I wish I was stronger so I could carry him too.

No. 224574

Samefag I need to sperg more. When I complain about something and he'll quietly fix it the next day or so… it makes me feel so listened to and it's such a cute surprise. I know it's him of course, but he'll joke that kind fairies fixed it for me when I wasn't looking kek.
When I had a fever a couple days ago he took such good care of me.
He's also extremely good at eating pussy

No. 224614

I want thissss

No. 224623

>bf works as full-time programmer
>made a cute riddle program in C# that displays a love message after you solve it
>brags about my drawings to other people even though I suck at drawing
>speaks highly of me to everybody in his circle
>has been trying to change his ways after we talked about it a couple o' times, used to be a little harsh
>always try to include me amongst his friends and family
>bought me an RGB keyboard and a limited edition sweater of my favorite series
>is spergy just like me

No. 224978

I hope you get it one day then nonnie!

No. 224979

my scrote looks like tucker carlson and is the first romance I've had in my native language which makes it a very special experience already. also he loves how my sweat smells which means we're genetically compatible or something

No. 225139


My heart is warm and full for you nonna

No. 227581

He sends me a love letter every night when I've gone to sleep.
It makes me so happy to wake up every morning to a paragraph of love.
The one he wrote me last night went into detail about how proud he is of me for focusing on my studies.

I met my nigel on a Discord started by mutual friends; he joined via Twitter, and I knew him for a couple years.
We played games together every now and then, and I started talking to him more somewhere along the line.
I think the best bet is making friends in communities where you have interests and letting those friendships blossom into a romance.

No. 227602

Do you know your Nigel irl? Sounds like e-dating.

No. 227649

>never raises his voice at me
>good at communicating, we always sort issues out by just talking.
>long distance, barely got to see each other in the last 1.5 years (for a week maybe?). but despite that, never makes me feel like we HAVE to have sex. we make out the whole day each day he's here. but he stops the second i show discomfort or pain and tells me i shouldn't feel obligated just because we dont get to do it often.
>an actual feminist. points out sexist stuff before i do.
>doesnt watch porn. used to watch it on and off but stopped 100% once he's in a relationship. he says he doesnt like a lot of porn because of how much its based on humiliation.
>doesnt even wanna try anal, even after i said we can try it once if he's just curious.
>loves giving oral. i couldnt care less if he is good at it or not. he's not but he's obviously trying to pleasure me AND likes doing it.
im self consious so i never ask him to eat me out. he asks me, sometimes i say no thanks. and if i gave him a blowjob a couple of times and said no to him giving me oral, he genuinely feels we are uneven and asks me multiple times. just in case i want it but just feel like he doesnt. he doesnt force me to say yes if im in an extremely-self-consious mood. but makes sure that i know he still wants to do it.
>we're each others' first relationship.
>crybaby which i like a lot. gets emotional over the dumbest stuff.
>no disturbing kinks. we're vanilla-esque with just calling each other puppy and stuff.
>i dont like using these terms but he can be "dominant or submissive". we dont really have rules like who leads sex (usually virtual).

No. 227665

Men can't be feminists… and lol that you believe he doesn't watch porn while you are long distance.

No. 227691

feminism is for men in the same way that poison is for rats

No. 227798

>long distance, barely got to see each other in the last 1.5 years (for a week maybe?).
so you don't really have a relationship and idolize an illusion
>but despite that, never makes me feel like we HAVE to have sex.
cause he's fucking others lmao, you're in an open relationship, you just don't realize it yet

No. 227807

File: 1643730336492.jpg (29.65 KB, 295x350, un.jpg)

>You're living the dream anon!
>Wish you the best!

Sorry, I'm just feeling a bit sour

No. 227811

I don't wanna sound annoying but how do you girls deal with the idea that your nigel might completely betray you and is hiding horrible moid shit from you? I used to have faith in my moid but he ended up being a coomer liar after I had known him since I was 15

No. 227836


Are you still with him now or are you seperated? The best way to come to terms with if the worst case happens imo is to make sure you've got some sort of financial backup/security or a friend/relative in case you need to leave (if you already live with him)

Apart from that, the best advice I was given is that a man's actions do not reflect upon my character or value as a woman. I think women are definitely taught to internalize things done to us and act as if we could have done something to fix/stop him, but that's not the case in reality.
If a moid wants to cheat or lie, that's 100% on him, I always tell myself that I am not responsible for other people's shitty actions.

Most men don't think this way though - they're coddled and enabled from birth to get away with horrible stuff and pin it on others or try and diminish/dismiss the effects of their actions. The worlds worst coping mechanism, I suppose.

No. 227855

It's good to make sure your moid knows the consequences of his actions beforehand. A lot of moids think they can get away with shit or that you will "only be mad" if you find out. Make sure that he knows that you will leave him immediately if you discover dark shit about him. Maybe buy a book about poisonous plants and plant some in your garden as well. Just kidding of course..

No. 227860

nta but do you ever 100% trust your boyfriends? i know you're supposed to trust a person to be in a healthy relationship with them or whatever, but personally i feel like i'll never be able to give myself to someone like that fully, because the possibility of him fucking me over will always be in the back of my head. so i'll never 100% trust him with all my heart if you get what i mean. how did you get over that or did you even get over it?

No. 227867

I can't really trust either since I have been cheated on before in a very horrific way. I just try my best and idk… my way of thinking is that it's already too late to save myself from heartbreak at this point and I really don't want to be alone for the rest of my life because I want to have a family so just hope and pray I don't get fucked over again.

No. 228068


It's really hard to describe for me personally but I know exactly what you mean as I have been cheated on multiple times in the past. I think it's generally wise to keep a small part of yourself wary and open to any possibilities and outcomes in a relationship…I trust my partner, but at the same time if I have a gut instinct or a recurring thought that something is up I won't ignore that and I'll investigate it. But I also force myself not to go looking for trouble or assume things that aren't even there.

It's a really thin line to walk because you naturally don't want to completely put all your trust in one person and be a doormat but at the same time you don't want to become paranoid and assume the worst about them.

It's really important to find a balance I think. Enough trust that you're comfortable around them, but not entirely dependent or reliant on them. A lot of that starts from within: taking care of your own money, health and a backup plan in case the worst happens. That's how I think of it anyway.

No. 228119

He hasn't fucked up yet so I keep trusting. If he had I might feel differently. He's pretty boring and vanilla for a moid though which helps. But realistically I think of how much time we spend together and how much effort he puts into our relationship. He has a lot to lose if he betrays me (less threatening than it sounds kek)

No. 229564

i'm very fond of my metrosexual bf:
>shorter than me and very fit so has that nice compact manlet with a v-taper look
>looks good in basically anything but has an eye for fashion and always styles himself (and me if i ask) well
>good taste in colognes and always smells like flowers (he also has that lucky gene that makes BO nonexistent, damn him)
>late twenties but regularly mistaken for younger because skincare and good genetics
>will indulge my various obsessions and plans dates around things i periodically get rabid over like skincare and plants
>the plants i gave him when we first started dating are thriving
>excellent cook but still admits i'm better than him
>thorough, fastidious, and extremely literal so he sometimes has amelia bedelia-type mixups and gets very flustered about it and i think it's adorable
>brings me ice cream or snacks when i'm sad and tries his best to cheer me up
>very attracted to me but not pushy about sex
>has a similarly retarded sense of humour and doesn't take himself too seriously
>doesn't get mad when putting together IKEA furniture
>enjoys cleaning and organizing
>shares my views on TRAs and feminism
>loves cats even though he's allergic to them

No. 229589

I was so repulsed imagining a man like this.

No. 229603

kek after dating a bunch of tall, stereotypically masculine guys who tended to also be coomer assholes that didn't give a fuck about my interests or feelings I'll take the 'repulsive' civilized man any day

No. 229605

sounds more like a gay best friend than a boyfriend

No. 229612

Pretty sure the fact that women want to date a gay best friend was the punchline of many early 00s jokes

No. 229676

He sounds perfect nona. I'm kinda jealous, hope I can get a guy just like that!

No. 229693

>bf is an architect, very intelligent
>always dresses in a smart, sophisticated and sexy way
>smells amazing
>extremely hygienic, showers twice a day
>has a beautiful toned butt from playing soccer which always looks good in the pants he wears
>cooks for us sometimes even after he comes home from working long hours >cooks really well
>cleans up after himself
>always sits down to pee
>cleans toilet without being asked to do so
>cuddles me to sleep every night
>kisses me on the forehead and wishes me a nice day before leaving for work
>still lets me sleep since he has to get up earlier than i do
>all expenses are split fairly between us
>takes me on really amazing trips at least once a year
>likes staying home and ordering food but also enjoys to go out with me
>always rolls my blunts for me yet doesn‘t even smoke
>specifically goes to buy weed for me since his friend sells it
>doesn‘t watch porn
>shares my gendercritical views
>supports my dreams and hypes up my work

No. 229697

I control him, simple as that. I know the code to unlock his phone and he leaves his pc turned on often so I check his messages and browsing history from time to time. Generally I trust him but it‘s better to be safe than sorry. When we first met one of the first things he told me was that he stopped masturbating and that he feels better that way. Back then I found it extremely strange and kind of funny but now I can fully and wholeheartedly appreciate it. I don‘t really feel bad for controlling him from time to time either because he once had a really bad episode of jealousy, logged onto my laptop and went through all the pictures of me with my exes. Shit was awkward.

No. 229699

Jesus christ lol, you two deserve each other.

No. 229701

Tbh when someone is a liar no amount of device checks can protect you, there are SO MANY ways nowadays to protect yourself from having your messages read or anything like that, moderately clever cheater could get away for ages.
Still I can't shame you anon because at least this sliver of sense of safety is good too. I don't do it but I honestly don't care if my bf ever goes through my messages / computer / whatever because there's literally nothing there, and I think this is how relationships should be like - not necessarily constant snooping but easy access anytime you want to.

No. 230580

Nonas, how are your nigels treating you this Valentine's Day?

I'm long distance so he got bought a dozen roses delivered to me and a huge teddy bear.

No. 230587

as a single pringle, plz share you V-day experience. i want to live thru you lol

No. 230683

both of us are at work and we both completely forgot about valentines day kek curse my memory

No. 230928

I was working so i came home and he cleaned the house and got me a rose, I normally make him a card but forgot so i'll make one today

No. 231820

File: 1644939406753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.94 KB, 857x903, Vday2022.jpg)

when my bf and I got up I handed him a homemade card and made strawberries dipped in chocolate. My bf didn't get me a card, but told me he had something planned for us. At first I was skeptical, but it turned out to be one of the best Vday's ever.
>First stop was this greenhouse that looked rundown until you go inside, and it was filled to the brim with all sorts of plants.
He said "I know you despise watching flowers wilt, so lets grab a few for you to enjoy longer". I got zero flowers but a few fun succulents. Next time I'll go, I'll sneak some photos. I imagined all the nonnas lovin' the vast amount of plants, a few cats and some hoppin' lil lizards.
>Next stop, Turkish food (Delicious!!)
>3rd, Coffee at a cute little shop I've never ventured to.
>4th a homemade candy shop.
We ran out of time to go to a spice shop (we love to cook). But it was all so very lovely. He also rolled j's for us on for the day, and so I was high on love too. ♥
Hes never one for cards or classic displays of affection, but he shows his love and care in the details. So very happy to have him in my life.
Spoiler, the little doodle that I made and eventually turned into a card. (not an artist)

No. 231897

Valentine's Day is our anniversary so we always do something special.

We had a breakfast date, we shared some pancakes. We went home and napped together, then after that we went outside and got our flower bed cleaned out, rose bushes pruned, etc. Then we went for a walk in our neighborhood

For dinner this year we decided to go back to a family owned Italian restaurant, we spent another Valentine's Day there and we love pasta.

It was so much fun. I love being with him, and we always make each other laugh.

We went home and I just knew. Honestly I knew all day, and even before.

I walked into our bedroom. On the bed there was a box, a rose, and a card.

My heart was racing and I was already crying and I opened the card and couldn't even focus on the words.

But at the end of the card, I saw that he wrote "my love, turn around"

I did. He was on one knee. I sobbed, sobbed so hard haha. My knees shook.

He asked me to marry him and I said yes.

I feel so happy. I love my baby so much.

After he held me cause I couldn't stop crying. Then we got tipsy on champagne, and watched the Batman animated series till we fell asleep.

I'm so happy.. I hope every one of you ladies enjoyed your Valentine's Day.

No. 231915

That's so sweet, even on a date you were thinking of us. I'm glad you had a nice day

No. 232065

AHHHH NONNA!! YouRe in the WRONG THREAD NOW! You need to be in the wedding threads! Congrats! So so happy for you. Share a photo of the ring?

No. 232069

Sometimes i bring up nonnas in casual convo with my bf, kek. I have so much fun here and i enjoy the cyber friendships! Every now and then i have to ask my bf what a word means in a post…. Still not sure how to used based right, kek

No. 232226

Aww,that's so sweet. If you read a post that you think is awesome just write "based", I think that's it pretty much
Oh my god I didn't even read this post to the end because I was reading it until the " my love, turn around" and then it said post too long, click to view the rest. I was 100% sure the rest was going to be a troll post you know like the ones that make up a story to make a your mom joke at the end or something so I didn't read it thinking "ha, you're not gonna get me this time". Congratulations anon I am so happy for you. What a wonderful memory and you will be able to tell a wonderful story about it for years to come.

No. 233646

>proposed to me with a perfect ring at a castle after horse carriage ride
>married this year (small cause of covid)
>I am currently pregnant, he kisses my belly every day and talks to the baby, he is super excited to be a dad
>he is working super hard every day so we can buy a house this year and already saved up a lot of money
>does tons of research into housing market and is looking at listings every free minute he gets
>he doesn't want me to leave the house during covid so he does all errands for me (I study online)
>takes time to watch a movie and cuddle with me every day
>amazing in bed and very attentive
>pays for everything since I am a poorfag student
>doesn't watch porn
>hates anime and trannies
>has amazing thick hair and beautiful eyes, to me he is the most handsome man
>tells me he loves me every day

I am so happy, Nonitas. I never though this would happen to me.

No. 234090

>He has no fetishes

why is that a positive trait again

No. 234091


No. 234104

how do you even find a fairytale man likr this
>t.a poorfag student
my thoughts exactly

No. 234107

that's sooooo vanilla in the long run. not talking about shitting on your chest, but a little voyeurism or dressing up and breeding like cavemen is hot as fuck

No. 234119

Doesn't sound like a symmetric relationship for my taste

No. 234144

what's wrong with vanilla

No. 234212

Yeah no thank you, I don't want any of these things.

No. 234227

It gets boring

No. 234272

The psychology behind most male fetishes reveal character flaws imo, so it is actually lucky for him not to have any because there’s nothing to uncover. You can still have fun varied sex without cringy, attention seeking stuff like voyeurism. Isn’t it better to have a guy who just likes lingerie or something rather than sailor fuku? This is coming from someone who would actually be happy with a pervert, (so long as it isn’t stuff I’m against, obviously).

> dressing up and breeding like cavemen

I can’t even guess what you’re referring to here?

No. 234281

No. 234326

Psychology is a pseudoscience, let’s not generalize here

No. 234346

No. 234449

File: 1645061895588.jpg (145.26 KB, 1080x781, 3827264838261626.jpg)

Okay, and what do anon's preferences in a partner have to do with you?

No. 234629

why is this shit still up

No. 234782

File: 1645068880771.png (396.95 KB, 605x605, SEBZXPF.png)

>Fell in love with me without knowing how I look like (online)
>Hot (I knew how he looked like before I trusted him to show my appearance) strong & in shape & my type physically. Very well groomed.
>Thinks I'm the hottest woman alive and loves my little quirks in my appearance/mannerisms that I didn't even know I had. He also loves my body (and tells me about it) which is so nice because I've been insecure about it my whole life.
>Secretly geeky like me but very charismatic.
>Has same outlook on life that I do.
>Way better cook than me and I'm proud of my skills.
>Very career focused and has told me that if I don't want to work he'd make enough to support both of us and kids if we have them. +He respects my aspirations and career path. Has told me that he will adapt to the circumstances because I'm the most important person in the world to him.
>Recognizes and verbalizes that I am intelligent and perceptive.
>Very relationship focused and verbalizes that decisions he makes are for both of us, not just him because I'm his future.
>Does not watch porn because I turn him on more than anything (he had reduced his consumption before we got together so I know he's genuine)
>Very easy to communicate with, he's a mature adult who accepts his faults when confronted with them.
>Trusts me 100% (first time dating someone who does) because we both understand that the odds of finding someone who matches like we do are so low that neither of us would do something to ruin what we have.
>Has told me things about himself that put him in a bad light and has clearly learned from them. Very transparent.
>Shows me texts that he gets from his crazy exes whenever he gets them for us to laugh at together (he does not reply)
>Does not feel awkward talking about past relationships to him because we both have learned from bad and good ones unlike my exes who would rather me ignore the past completely.
>No jealousy because exes are exes for a reason and we're better for each other than anyone either of us have dated.
>Surprises me with ice cream and sweets when I'm having a hard time or whenever.
>Drives me wherever I want whenever I want.
>Gives amazing massages.

This one's for life nonnies, your girl finally made it. Sucks that some of this stuff is rare (for me at least) but I'm glad it's paired with someone who is basically a male version of me.

No. 234789

You have reading comprehensions anon

No. 234827

nigel is a funny name

No. 234859

not as funny as rigel

No. 234910

Cheers to a happy forever relationship!! Yay!

No. 235413

I agree. When I was still retarded and kind of a libfem at the start of my relationship I thought it was weird that my boyfriend doesn't want me to dress like a schoolgirl and call him daddy, doesn't want to choke me or spank me or anything. (I was very inexperienced and thought those were normal things to do) and now that I am older and not retarded anymore I realize that that's actually HEALTHY and you don't want a man who is into degenerate fetish shit cause those men are pornsick and they hate women.

We have perfect vanilla sex and I am so happy that I don't have to degrade myself or put on a stupid show for him like I thought guys want. And you can still experiment and do freaky stuff once you have been together 20 years and need to spice things up in the bedroom cause things got boring. People who start out doing all kinds of kinky shit are blowing their load early and are destined to burn out. If you can't have wholesome vanilla sex with your dude and both be satisfied, he's not the one.

No. 235917

I've been horribly sick for the past few days. Even though I was gross, vomiting, and even pissed the bed, he still took such great care of me. He never judged me, he made me food whilst I rested in bed, he got me everything I needed etc. I think true love is when both people enjoy taking care of the other, especially when they're ill. I feel so loved and cared for. He even gave me a nice back massage to help me relax.

No. 236359

last night I just felt so super in love with my bf and it was so nice how nicely he responded to the intimacy. we've been together for 4 year now and live together so i sometimes get worried and insecure that i've become "boring" because we basically live like a married couple. It was just so nice knowing that he'd not bored of me.

My favorite thing about him is that he really seems interested in every dumb 'tism thing i sperg about. he always listens to my opinions about think. inb4 blackpilled anons say its all a performance because he's remembered things and opinions ive shared years and years ago. It makes me feel very loved.

No. 238233

File: 1645260193680.jpg (42.57 KB, 720x682, 159791593_197513748831817_7021…)

i had a really big fight with my nigel.

>get really bad pms to the point of being delusional

>i really screamed hard at him for a dumb reason
>have persecution delusions
>think world is against me
>he said fuck it im done with you, get out
>just meekly walk away because i am shocked and have no reply
>chases after me
>im sorry anon i didn't mean it
>we both cry and apologise
>he just holds me
>"i only said that cause i was scared anon"
>my heart fucking breaks
>i scared a scrote with my psychotic behaviour
>we go shopping and he buys me a new dress and fried chicken!
>watch movies and cuddle all night
>"i bet you're getting your period tomorrow anon, i will get u some weed to relax"
>mfw i do

I need to go to the doctor lol

No. 238285

sounds like PMDD nonna :( i have no idea what solved mine but i recommend supplementing magnesium and vitamin d.(:()

No. 238314

PMDD with persecution delusions, really? Never heard hormones can cause them. No way vitamins alone can cure them either.
OP needs a doc, not otc vitamins.

No. 238366


yeah, pmdd can make women ridiculously delusional. hormonal imbalances are the literal devil. i did not mean to imply that vitamins can cure them especially since nonna knows she needs to go to the doctor, it's just a suggestion that won't hurt. everyone should supplement vit d, magnesium is something that i've heard a lot of pmdd sufferers vouch for. other things seem to be very hit or miss such as birth control pills (fucking hate them) or cycling anti-depressants

No. 238391

Sage cause a big blog but I am grateful
Thank u Nona’s I went to the dr a few weeks ago for a check up and he said I had to have 3 vitamin d tablets per day (weird, I’m indoorsy but it’s not like I never leave the house) so it definitely could be related. I’m for sure going to bring up pmdd now because it happens every time (I can have restraint with the yelling luckily but it just got the best of me this time)
Nigel can pretty much predict my periods because as he puts it
>you’re just so so so sad with no reason

The delusions are like, I just project my own self criticism on to others and read way too hard into what they are saying, thinking everything is negative, and I often feel like people are following me home when I go to the grocery store. This only happens one or two days before I bleed. And it’s hard to realise that’s what’s causing it even though it’s every time because it just feels so real

No. 238394

Integrate faggot. No emoji use, no extra space after reply post number.
God we need a Hellweek so bad

No. 238398

Calm your tits as if you’ve never been a newfag

No. 238402

It's not a problem that there are newfags, we love our website to grow. They just need to integrate.

No. 238403

that's similar to what i experienced. it made me intolerant of uncertainty. i remember my boyfriend at the time messaged me something like "hey anon where are you?" and i instantly thought he was asking where i was because he wanted to break up with me. RIDICULOUS conclusion but it made sense to me in that mindset. if someone didn't reply to something at all or neutrally it meant they hated me and i was a burden, etc. etc. i could really go on but any PMDD help forum you'll read stories similar to yours, it's such a horrible illness that doesn't have enough research into as with so many other womens health issues. best of luck getting treated you'll be in my thoughts.

No. 238421

I thought we were already in hellweek, advanced half-shut down version. I'm surprised there newcomers right now when the site barely works.

No. 238427

Yes exactly! He sent me a text and I completely misinterpreted it that’s what the fight was about. He was apologising for something (small) and I thought he was saying I was in the wrong and he hates me. It’s so embarrassing when you finally come to your senses and then start bleeding

No. 238486

she was born here & by god, she'll die here

No. 246018

>Gets me gifts he knows I will like, pays attentions to my tastes
>When cooking, he doesn't cook anything I'm intolerant of. Even he if he likes it himself, not even using that as an ingredient. This may sound basic human decency but I'm talking about even minor stuff that could even just make my mouth itchy for a minute.
>Asks me if I have plans for the next time we are going out, if I'd like to go somewhere and he takes me. He knows I have problems speaking for myself so he actively asks me if I want to do something.
>Cooks, cleans, takes care of his looks.
>Is very honest about what looks good on me without being disrespectful. I like honest opinions and not being a simp in general but if I like something and he doesn't he just says I have to decide myself and his opinion "doesn't count" (this sometime makes me laugh)
>Is patient. I have a learning disability and seizures, he would open and take stuff from my hands if I'm not feeling alright. English is not my language so I'm sorry if this sounds rude but is like not having to worry if I drop stuff while having a seizure. I don't drop on the ground myself so I just need to sit but he knows I worry about stuff I'm doing at the moment so he just picks up pans when I 'm cooking and so on and makes sure I am okay with no oil burns or something.
>Likes to play with me. Board games, party games, anything. Likes to watch when I play games he doesn't like.
>Always available for the women of the family, says his dad is a bit of a manchild (lol)
>He doesn't expect sex or affection. He even told me that if it's difficult for me, for my seizures or comfort, we could even go on without sex, it doesnt matter.
>Doesn't drink, except for a small beer in the weekend at dinner time. I hate people who drink.
>Tells that everytime I'm around he has this urges of holding me because he thinks I'm cute. Tells the others, without me present and I knew this because one my friends told me, that he "choose the best" aka me.
>Makes me laugh. Knows what makes me laugh.
>Tells me to have a nice day if he goes out or I go out and actually means it, then texts me if I'm okay during the day.
>Smart, intelligent. Great common sense.
>Doesn't tell me that I have to shave. He's fine with any of my looks.
>Will hug me in his sleep.
>Takes my advice seriously.
>NEVER dismissed my cognitive capacities (short term memory, movements) or intelligence and never raised his voice at me. Would talk stuff out instead of bottling shit up. Ties my shoes since I can't do it.
>Landed a good job and would keep it, is serious about it and likes when he comes home and I'm there. he says that he waits for me.
>If he has to travel somewhere very far, he brings me with him and pays for everything. He did this even when he wasn't still financially stable

Sometimes I feel bad. I struggle with a lot of self worth problems due to previous relationships and I always told him that if I am too much, to leave me immediatly, but I think that, if we've been together for 6 years, it means something.
Maybe he is babying me too much but again, I'm comfortable with him, I feel nice and calm, that's what that matters. I'd like him a thousand times more than a simp who just idolizes me and then has tantrums if I don't give him enough attention. I used to be with people what would get mad if I had to take my meds because they would feel like I was broken or retarded.

No. 246036

Was he raised in a big family? Or had lots of siblings? He gives me those vibes, nice catch nonny.

No. 246037

Big family and he is the only male son, I guess that means something

No. 246038

Ah that says a lot. I’ve met his kind before. I believe they have the potential to be amazing partners! ♥ May your relationship continue to flourish.

No. 246273


Awww, this is so cute and sweet, really heartwarming to read. Glad you found someone who treats you so well.

No. 246671

Did a tarot reading of the relationship and never in my life got a more pleasant reading. I'm trying not to be too attached but I have good feelings about the future from what I've seen from him so far, he is perfect for me.

No. 246672

My bf said to me last night "my purpose in life is to make you happy and make you laugh". I know he was just joking around as we were acting cuddly at that moment, but I really liked hearing that. He really does pay me a lot of attention and makes me laugh from morning till bedtime.
Ladies, find someone who needs you because they love you, not loves you because they need you.

No. 247396

You're on track to get what you deserve. Dying alone without ever experiencing true love. I hope you find some comfort in telling yourself you WANT that to happen because its everyone else's fault.(infighting)

No. 247398

>replying to a 2 year old post

No. 247399

>does office work for a marketing company
>huge.. ahem "meat"

He gave me flowers yesterday

No. 247400

No. 247401

That's ones of the most romantic things someone could say. I want the person I fall in love with to say that to me and mean it.

No. 247419

Scrote moment

No. 247436

If it wouldn't be annoying/make me recognisable I'd be posting about him in this thread almost every single day I just can't contain this love autism.
He's the only person I've ever met that I feel genuinely understands me, who speaks 'my language'. He's so fucking sweet and kind. We balance each other out so well. I would do almost anything for him as I know he would for me too. He's the bestest friend I've ever had, even if I removed every single romantic aspect of our relationship. I really like him as a person. I really like listening to him talk about his interests and thoughts because they genuinely intrigue me. I really like watching things with him or playing games together because of this too, discussing stories and characters with him is always so much fun. I love his laugh, I love how obvious his love is for me. The 'chase' or 'tsunderes' or whatever have never been for me, he's the opposite of that and I love that. I never have to question whether he's attracted to me or loves me because everyday he shows that through his actions. When I'm sick he takes such good care of me, when I'm angry and upset he helps me more than anything else can, when I'm happy he makes me happier. I could go on and on. I want to have our own place together, I want to get married, and someday down the line I think it'd be really nice to have children together.

No. 247447

File: 1646429073630.jpg (54.43 KB, 899x867, IMG_20200914_085158.jpg)

I know this is basically the bare minimum kindness but my previous bf didn't bother with it at all before so I feel really appreciated.
I have an illness where if I get an attack, I need glucose so my bf got me a huge bottle of cherry Lucozade even though it made him late for work. He has also tucked me into bed really tightly and placed the cat between my knees so I'm really warm.
I feel poorly as fuck but I really appreciate how he will do the small things for me. Most people in my life just get annoyed or think I'm overreacting, even my own mom yelled at me when I was throwing up and had the flu and couldn't get out of bed. My bf doesn't even question/doubt anything, I'm really grateful for that.

No. 247450

lol at picrel. you deserve each other!

No. 247459

File: 1646435531101.gif (925.01 KB, 498x266, 84873290784097.gif)

It's okay anon, I'm on the heels of a failed relationship where I wasn't valued enough and it's left me feeling pretty empty. I've come back to this thread a few times to remind myself that sweet, healthy relationships actually do exist in the world. Whether or not I ever get to enjoy one it's nice to hear about women actually being appreciated, supported and adored. I'm glad you're so happy with your partner and hope you keep posting.

No. 247710

I'm new you miserable sand stuffed cunt.

No. 247743

>you miserable sand stuffed cunt.
Y chromosome mutoid moment.

No. 247746

no, she’s just creative.

No. 247755

How is calling someone a sand stuffed cunt and berating women for having standards >>247396 by replying to a literal 2 year post in a fit of rage creative? She's either a pickme who's angry women dare to have healthy relationships with respectful men or a scrote who's upset women get treated nicely.

No. 247788

no that's definitely a man

No. 247818

>Insults with any semblance of originality can't come from women
Your reading comprehension is actual dogshit. The only way someone could have a knee jerk reaction to that comment like you did is if they have a deep seeded fear of dying alone because no one would rather spend time with you instead of being single.

Go back to therapy and take your anxiety medication. I'm sure you never work hard at anything.

No. 247820

Nta but it's not the "creativity" that makes it a scrotes comment, are you daft?

No. 247821

Is it just because the word "cunt" was used? I understand that women who get called cunt all the time consider it to be a cardinal sin because they wish they didn't get called cunt all the time, but don't want to stop acting like a cunt all the time.

No. 247822

Please ignore the retarded baiter, it seems like they get off on being edgy and acting like we are going to die alone or something because anons post cute little moments with their bfs here. I come to this thread to read about women getting treated nicely, not to see scrote tier insults or some weirdo telling everyone they're femcels who are going to die alone even though most people here already have a bf/gf.
Yeah its probably a man who's upset women here are getting treated better than he ever will because he'll never work on himself and improve.

No. 247823

Look, you obviously didn't check who I was initially replying to, but the truth is the opposite. Someone shits on and belittled happy and cute relationships, and I made the assessment only a bitter femcel would post that.

I wish all the best to everyone who isn't so miserable to try to put down other peoples happy relationships.

No. 247845

>most people here already have a bf/gf.

Heh, of c-course w-we do.

No. 247850

Good luck. I've been in the same relationship for 7 years now, and maybe its just an outsiders perspective, but it seems like dating has been more difficult every year. I honestly believe if someone works hard on themselves, maintains kindness and respect for themselves and others, you will find someone who is attracted to you and appreciates you for who you are. Hang in there!

No. 247972

This is a very sweet post anon. You deserve happiness too and I truly hope you can find a healthy and fulfilling relationship one day.

No. 248014

>>He visits his mother regularly despite having a strained relationship with her
yikes. red flag for sure.

No. 248043

???? do explain

No. 248260

File: 1646726599504.jpg (436.58 KB, 500x334, Tumblr_l_45638653787395.jpg)

He wants to wait until marriage like me and he is ambitious and driven and admirable he likes to build things he is extremely chivalrous he has goals and a good job and he loves to play with my hair we can gaze into each others eyes for hours we danced endlessly to cheesy 50s love songs and cuddled and we went to the thrift store and I love his open-mindedness and unique style and vision and he is responsible and respectful and he is talented he plays multiple instruments extremely well and he is so handsome and so kind and respectful and patient and he is a great kisser and he is so sweet and he actually truly loves me. we are both eighteen and in a very silly way, I always worried I would never experience romantic puppy love like in the books and movies, because I have been raped and pressured and whatnot in the past. I thought I was ruined, and was foolish to think so. because I found him and he found me and this is real love. I never want to forget today nor the other days. I really really am in love. I feel butterflies looking at him, which I never felt for anyone else before. I feel seen and respected and desired and understood. he values and respects me. he's amazing. he wants to wait until marriage too. he loves so gently. he is so gentle yet reliable, like a very strong and deeply rooted tree. We were making out and we both got quite aroused but he made sure we stopped in time. he held me, he played with my hair, caressed my face. we gaze into each others eyes for agesss. he calls me sweet petnames and fawns over me and makes me blush. he wants me to be his girlfriend. he's so sweet and romantic. he goes the extra mile constantly. opening doors for me, holding out chairs, carrying me to the bed so we can cuddle, even though I can obviously walk. brushing my hair out of my face, driving all the way to me even though it's over an hour away and he has work in the morning, driving back despite having left already just to give me the note he made of our first date, because he knew I wanted it, and kissing me goodbye one last time. kissing me so softly and tenderly or with great passion. he's so lovely, he looks so amazing, he's so handsome, he's so wonderful. he told me I'm his dream fantasy girl, that he is the luckiest guy in the world to have me. and I feel the same way. he is my dream guy and I feel so lucky to have met him. I'm so happy to have met him. I'm on cloud nine. I am inhabited by butterflies. I am so happy. I tend to hate guys my age. but yes, he truly is different. He's a unique soul.

No. 248267

File: 1646728873450.jpg (434.36 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20220308-003951_Spo…)

I love his smile his laugh his eyes his arms his cheeks his hands his facial hair body hair head hair every hair everywhere everything his glow his skin his scent his voice his cadence his demeanor he's so soothing so energising he's so perfect he's everything he's the whole package he's sunshine and he's sunset and sunrise and purple skies and pink ones and blue ones and orange ones and he's green trees and birdsong and buzzing bees and blooming flowers and good food and his smile is so magnificent and warm and healing and his laugh is enchanting and his hugs and his personality and creativity he's such a lovely being. He loves building cars and HOUSES!!!! and he loves to play basketball he plays piano guitar bass and drums and actually plays the guitar magnificently. I haven't heard him play any other instrument yet but I can't imagine how amazing he is with his level of dedication. He is so skilled and disciplined. his fingers work like magic. He used to be a guitar teacher actually! he works a lot in an honest way. he has real goals that are very attractive to me. I love it when men work with their hands and he has so many callouses… he can solve a rubix cube in under a minute and is skilled at sprinting. he once saved a person from drowning. he adores me. he is like gooey honey in sweet tea when you're sick. he is his warm embraces. he loves how I want to be loved exactly. I have a playlist that I would listen to whilst daydreaming about slow dancing in the living room with my dream boyfriend. today I slowdanced with my dream boyfriend in the living room. He's so tender and respectful and sweet and patient but also so open and honest and direct and cooing. he calls me sunshine and pinches my cheeks and calls me cute in a baby voice and gives me kisses everywhere when it makes me blush and hide my face. he compliments me constantly and does so earnestly. we will often just face each other, laying in bed or in the grasss or sitting on the couch, and look each other in the eyes and he will carress my face and brush my hair out of it and play with it and I will hold onto him and there is music in the background or birdies chirping and we are so happy and time goes by so fast. Unfortunately I will be leaving this country for another continent in two months, so I don't have much time with him. but I will enjoy it while it lasts

No. 249830

my nigel has the cutest laugh ever. i think i’m falling in love with him

No. 249832

My boyfriend is a body building animefag who is obsessed with animals and likes edgy humour. I never thought I'd end up with someone I'm actually both physically attracted to and able to connect with over common interests at the same time

No. 249840

I love bodybuilders. Can't comprehend when women say "Dad bods are sexxxxy"
It's just coddling males at that point. Men who build muscle have the discipline, aren't lazy sacks of nothing, and get wonderful payoff at the end ♡

No. 250176

He sounds fun and likeable with muscles

No. 250178

Same but I like thin or muscular men. Soft and fat bodytypes on men disgust me and makes me nauseous. Men aren't supposed to be soft or have saggy bitch tits.

No. 250180

nta but in my experience most male weebs and male edgelords tend to be insufferable

No. 250198

File: 1647469894557.jpeg (8.4 KB, 275x272, 1629472796335.jpeg)

I've been stressing over not being able to afford upgrading my pc lately and my bf just said he is going to buy the motherboard and processor I really want. He really is amazing, I didn't even ask for help with it, he just offered and said it was no big deal and he wants to play more games on pc with me.

No. 250225

Bf just called me randomly on his way to work to ask me a question about our D&D campaign. After I answered he laughed really sweet and said he is so happy he has a partner he can call to ask random shit about D&D and he’s so happy it’s me. We are both big nerds I know but this made me really happy because it came out of nowhere.

No. 250244

I like reading this anon. Love is real and love is true and I'm not the only one that's so obsessed with it/my partner. I hope you get as much time as you need together.

No. 250272

> met him in a college course
> i'm an MA student and he's an undergrad so he's 4 years younger than me
> noticed me in class and then obsessed over asking me out for weeks
> figured out my name from the attendance sheet and then told his mom and friends about me
> i am attractive but he treats me like a physically perfect goddess
> is tall and cute. physically my type.
> likes to workout and his body goals are being muscular which is always hot to me.
> he comes from a mega rich family, drives a fancy car, lives in a mansion
> surprisingly down to earth for a rich dude although sometimes he can be hilariously out of touch with poor people things
> everything he wants is paid for including gas, he pays for our dates and buys me little gifts when he sees something i like
> he remembers things about me after i tell him once
> made me take a love language test and he noted that gift-giving is one of my tops so he'll bring me food and random gifts
> on scholarship at our school and he's smart, open to debating but also agrees which is shocking bc i'm pretty radfem
> has ambition and plans of what he wants to do after school
> speaks a foreign language and said that he will help teaching me it
> unlike any other guy i've dated he LOVES that i am super well-researched and that i will go on for hours in convo about my opinions on current issues and my field; other guys would eventually get tired of me talking so much but me and my current bf have conversations that could go on forever
> whenever we're together i just never want it to end, he's just so comforting and sweet
> he's not emotionally stunted but is a good problem solver due to his upbringing as the peacemaker of the family, he helps me out a lot when i feel emotionally all over the place
> is the rare straight theater guy so he's very sure of his masculinity and not afraid to be soft or emotional
> he dresses fairly well for a straight guy, his family sometimes buys him designer clothes which probably helps
> is very understanding towards my BPD behaviors and has been so supportive and loving while I do DBT therapy
> is nerdy and makes me play his favorite games while he watches my reactions and makes comments about how cute i am while playing. he is enamored with me while i play his games which is nice because i have massive reactions and everyone typically gets annoyed by my screaming. he loves it though.
> has a huge group of friends and a great support system
> super good with first impressions, even impressed my dad by bringing our garbage can up the driveway randomly
> not afraid to talk about the future with me and likes to talk about our future plans together
> open to wherever i want to move
> always asks if i'm comfortable during sex and doesn't even need to finish, he likes all of the sex and not just the orgasm.
> he loves eating me out and making me finish.
> his dick is 7 inches long and thick as hell. no weird curvature either. he literally has the perfect dick and BDE to match.
> he doesn't get tired after sex or fall asleep on me constantly.
> is against porn ever since i told him my opinion on it and he likes to hear my opinion and learn more about it. i think it's cute because today he told me that he himself does some research on his own now about the sex industry and he had some interesting new findings. it seems like he genuinely cares for human rights or ethical issues.
> i still keep low expectations but he is surprisingly mature for his age. our age difference rarely comes up.
> his best attribute is that above all else, he is so sweet and considerate of me.
> really cherishes his female partners and would be a good husband/father. one of the only men who i think really SHOULD be a father because he has a personality and traits that i think should be encouraged in men.

No. 250277

> noticed me in class and then obsessed over asking me out for weeks
> figured out my name from the attendance sheet and then told his mom and friends about me

Weird thing to put in a fantasy.

No. 250278

most people social media stalk their crushes, it's not like he followed me around. he mainly told people about me because i'm stunning to him and he loves my look.
idk if you're trying to be shady with the "fantasy" bit, he's actually real albeit a little younger than i'd personally prefer

No. 250310

>Bought me cheemsburgers
>Ate me out for like an hour once

No. 250317

Sounds too perfect to be true, but congrats nonny. Especially these things
>he remembers things about me after i tell him once
>made me take a love language test and he noted that gift-giving is one of my tops so he'll bring me food and random gifts
>is the rare straight theater guy so he's very sure of his masculinity and not afraid to be soft or emotional
>he's not emotionally stunted but is a good problem solver due to his upbringing as the peacemaker of the family, he helps me out a lot when i feel emotionally all over the place
So rare to find a guy who is not an emotional void past their ability to rage at random shit. I've often dreamed of finding a guy as attentive and empathetic as me without being one of those creepy types that uses what they find to manipulate you. Being rich, intelligent and good at sex as well is kind of wild.

No. 250333

File: 1647509780415.jpg (32.21 KB, 736x414, rory-gilmore-gilmore-girls.jpg)

No. 250410

i know!! either he is a psycho or i found a unicorn, i lean toward the latter because i've spent enough time with him and gotten to know his family a bit. they are very christian and he's hispanic so i feel like he was raised to be a good docile christian boy although he's secretly an atheist now. there's nothing yet suggesting he's a horrible dude deep down. i could try looking through his discord to make sure but i don't want to overstep boundaries.
we haven't been dating super long but i got to know him very well as a friend first and he struck me as the type of guy who a girl would be lucky to have as her bf. if he's actually like this then i want him to be my husband, although i know the statistical probability is very low.
i like him being younger too because i get to teach him about sex and i get to be his first experience for certain sex positions and techniques he never tried. i like going down on guys but he's happy with not getting oral if it feels degrading for me. he doesn't care for it as he's never cum from a blowjob. he also has had sex with female partners where he didn't finish, he said there's a way to hold your dick to prevent cumming and that other guys are overexaggerating and lying about blue balls kek. he seems kind of selfless in a way and i like that although i will never try to exploit it.

No. 251148

>Imagining going appliance shopping together
>Oh, I'm in deep now

No. 251277

File: 1647956044960.jpg (51.96 KB, 720x720, 7b9461769a47b8b8e4e56555bdcd24…)

>very sweet, and understanding
>doesnt have a mean bone in his body
>pretty, cute feminine face with no facial hair
>manlet, shorter than me
>perfect beautiful hands and feet
>gladly eats my pussy
>lost our virginities and first kiss together
>doesnt watch porn
>wants to marry me and have children
>buys me nice gifts

No. 251287

My bf will buy extras of my favorite treats without me knowing and when I say I want to go get some, he pulls out a bag. Bless

No. 251304

sorry for the late response nonita but i hope you read this. feel free to correct me on anything i might be getting wrong here please.
well i don't know what happened between him and his mom, but i'm guessing its some sort of abuse. maybe physical, verbal, maybe she's manipulative, exposed him to horrible people, etc. and i'm guessing he was a child when all of that happened? if any of that is the case then why is he cutting off any empathy for his younger self to stay in a toxic relationship? im guessing he's making excuses for his past behavior like "she did the best she could" "she lost control a few times but overall she was a good mother" etc etc or he tries to "forgive" her and cope with the past abuse by saying she has changed. her changing now that she's an adult doesn't fix anything, and in fact it makes what she did in the past even worse because now she's proven that she was capable of doing better all along and she only chose to do better once her son was old enough to have the option to leave her.
think about what this says about how he'd treat and protect his own children. any excuses people make for others are excuses they would make for themselves. if he's willing to shit all over any empathy he has for his child self and continues to expose himself and his loved ones (you) to toxic relationships, idk how good he'd be at protecting his kids in the future.
please talk to him about all of this.

No. 251308

made some errors sryyy
>im guessing he's making excuses for his past behavior
change his to her
>her changing now that she's an adult doesn't fix anything
change she's to he's

No. 251309

>manlet, shorter than me
Not really something to brag about

No. 251326

File: 1647980397852.jpeg (266.8 KB, 1280x1280, 69B6025B-2BA8-409F-9F2F-CD1C72…)

>widower, knows the way a healthy relationship functions, cherishes the moments between us
>very respected and loved by peers
>well known and believed in our community, like dating a celebrity without violation of privacy
>actually wants to see me grow and experience life, unlike other “age gap” relationships where the men take away from the woman (i’m the age he was when he met his ex wife who is now passed)
>”handy” in everything, fixes all household problems and performs renovation on his own
>building me a new laundry room
>always cracking jokes, is lighthearted versus my seriousness
>6’6, built
>i have a disorder that sometimes makes daily tasks difficult, he treats me like a precious flower on my bad days and comes to my doctor with me when i need tests done
>coaches me in the gym and motivates me
>scarfs up everything i cook even when it’s not my best work, always compliments it in a way that isn’t fake
>loves that it takes me forever to get ready in the morning, calls it “primping” and will sometimes just watch me get ready
>never holds my frustrated outbursts against me
>always tries to take me on walks with our dog during sunset because he likes the way the light makes me look, just stares at me on walks
>bought us a house and my dream engagement ring, as well as anything else i ask of him
>has never once taken his anger out on me, never fights with me, always comes from a place of mutual understanding and love and communicates with me amazingly
>is my best friend

muh hallmark except i’ve seen him light his farts on fire + he leaves his socks everywhere. behaves slightly more like a pauly shore character than a prince but i love him.

No. 251328

sameing but i realized i made him sound ancient. he’s in his late 30’s, i’m in my mid-20s.

No. 251329

how long have you two been together? sounds really nice :)(:))

No. 251334

Thanks, I was getting kind of nervous but I'm glad you're both adults kek. I'm glad he supports you so much and seems kind and patient.

No. 251345

File: 1647989133471.jpeg (30.51 KB, 180x240, 6C1E7F14-31B0-4325-8C0A-F6192A…)

together three years, engaged 5 months, living in our house almost 2 years. both of us thought we’d never find love again (i’m dramatic but his belief was legitimate) and we fell in love quickly after being friends for a while because of how simple and natural it all felt.

i reread it all moony eyed and then realized i made him look like pic

am lucky girl i hope all nonnies can find their ideal partner and live happily every after

No. 251352

Grown man in his 30s started dating you at 22? Lol

No. 251357

i’ve spent time grappling with it. i know how it looks… but i prefer my men to have no concept of the internet. rather a partner who shares my values and respects me than a man my own age i have to convince to quit porn and adopt my unwoke stances.

No. 251358

>Tall, built like a sturdy boxer
>Consistently buys me thoughtful, high quality gifts like jewelry and hobbie-related items
>High-testosterone, traditionally masculine, but has many female friends and 0 horror stories
>Loves me to climb onto his face
>Known eachother 3 years but have been together 1 year since I reinitiated contact after breaking up for a while
>Doesn't affect anything, there is no grudge about several years ago, only deepening of trust and knowing
>Himbo, likes when I teach him about things
>Never ending patience if I'm upset
>Lets me plan holidays
>Independant thinker wrt ideology and culture, similar views and tastes
>2 years my junior but more cognitive than any other young adult man I've known
>Expresses his love for me openly with pride
>Maybe a bit autistic in the same extroverted type way that I am and it works out well, both party people
>Cat person
>We inspire and help eachother to improve and grow
>Talk about lolcows together
>Never horny if I'm not, beyond respectful in bed, sometimes abstains from masturbating before seeing me, I took his virginity and his cock is mine
>I just hope when we move in soon I can cope without being so needy and obsessed

No. 251361

>were friends during high school, had a brief fling and reconnected later in life
>tall, strong, lean
>confident in his masculinity
>cool mustache
>loves to be outside, gets me to enjoy going outside too (otherwise i would just go full hikki)
>his body feels so comfy wrapped up in mine and he loves to give me massages
>doesn't watch porn because he feels it's disrespectful and he only wants to get off to me anyways
>good cook even though he started a fire in my kitchen one time
>wants to marry me, has lots of opinions about how our wedding should be (we agree on all of them thankfully, it's nice to have a bf that actually cares about details like that though)
>is so patient and deals with my autism, reassures me when i feel like a bother, and will listen to my sperging for literally hours on end
>supports me even when i feel like things are falling apart and want to quit grad school, he pushes me to keep going
>is literally perfect at sex, it's like our bodies are made for each other; i faked it with literally everyone else but he can make me orgasm effortlessly
>makes me feel so loved and cherished and secure; i know i don't have to worry about things ever going wrong in my relationship
>pays for all our dates
i could probably go on forever
i love him so so much

No. 251367

> loves that it takes me forever to get ready in the morning, calls it “primping” and will sometimes just watch me get ready
damn this is the DREAM

No. 251447

Ideal himbo husbando although he actually sounds pretty smart as well. Jackpot! Jealous but good for you nona

No. 251715

He's sharp yet also sort of dumb in ways but I like it like that. I like how he bows to my analysis of stuff and I feel more or less in control of our future together.

No. 252684

File: 1648662189910.jpeg (50.96 KB, 755x755, 29149886-7CB9-44BF-A217-64E861…)

My bf is exactly what I wished for.
>he’s autistic but very high functioning and has self awareness
>loves cute things like my melody etc
>wants to be snuggled as much as myself
>not super eager to spend money but does spoil me
>made a lot of sacrifices so we could be together (I made a lot too don’t worry)
>loves it when I cook for him and loves my baking
>actually cares about me and can understand my autism
>he’s tall and we’re gym partners
>encourages me to better myself
>is very talented at multiple instruments and writes music
>programs video games
>also uses KF lmao

No. 252691

Glad you found each other, nonners.

No. 252695

Lmfao what an accurate video

No. 252789

Sounds sort of like mine but we already live together

No. 252843

My Nigel likes to talk to himself a lot, constantly sings about how in love he is with me and how beautiful I am.
Likes to pose for me when I’m distracted so I’ll eventually look up and see him doing something silly or looking sexy.
Learnt to cook so he could make my faves, turns out he’s got a real talent for it and has discovered a new passion.
Started working out when I started going hard on my fitness, he already has really beefy thighs but now his arms are super strong. I can hang off them.
Sex is wild and passionate, he can lift me up now which is super hot in my opinion.
So glad I married my Nigel, we’ve been through a lot over the last 15 years but we’ve weathered it together. Even though things seem bleak in the world I’m at least glad to have this slice of paradise to myself.

No. 252889

he's always bringing me various treats and baking me things and he buys me fruit and I love him so much

No. 252957

my bf always buys flowers and replaces them whenever they die
this is quite nice and i surprisingly like it very much

No. 253081

The idea of a guy regularly singing about how much he loves his wife is too cute. Sounds like a great relationship and still passionate after more than a decade. I'm happy for you nonny.

No. 261347

I just needed somewhere to say fuck yeah. Told my Nigel I think I want to come off the pill and he offers to call his doc to find out how to get a vasectomy as long as I’m okay with it. (Before I even asked how he would feel, the same page.) Man’s a dream. That is all. Woooooo!!

No. 261371

Uhm how is this a good thing? How old are you?

No. 261396

Nta but it's a good thing because they both don't want children, the pill is harmful in the long run while a vasectomy is mostly harmless and reversible, what do you find objectionable to this?

No. 261400

How is that a bad thing? I'd love it if my partner did that but can't force a person to do such a procedure unfortunately.

No. 265635

File: 1653255264814.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3746.PNG)

if lolcow has taught me anything it's that the VAST majority of men have the capacity to be vile horrifying creatures, creations of horror beyond my comprehension.

if my real life has taught me anything it's that i am insanely lucky to have found a unicorn (straight man who is NOT: cringe, lame, a porn/ sex addict, an asshole, a leech, a condescending gaslighter, a narc, or any like cartoonish ott meme archetype that real men somehow literally become like incel/ chad/ coomer/ edgelord/ troon/ softboi/ soyboy/ ETC) and it happened pretty early into my like adult/ dating life. which i am so thankful for because i'm a disaster at dating, it's so exhausting to even think about. dating apps terrify me and the idea of trying to enter the dating scene as this introverted oversharing borderline asexual weirdo with niche interests who constantly flakes and ghosts, let alone as a bi woman because i feel like men will fetishize it and women will just question whether i’m one of those faux-queer straight women because i’ve never properly dated a girl. i would be honestly way more content just living my years out alone with a home full of rescued cats and animals than miserable and settling for a partner who sucks and doesn't actually like me.

and i truly think so much of his genuine good nature has to do with the fact that he grew up close to women (his mom/ sister) and the men (brothers) in his life were so cringe and treated him so horribly that he innately learned that he doesn't actually have to be like them. he has ZERO toxic masculinity but he's SOMEHOW not a weak-minded softboy neolib cuck either? he is a healthy middle of the road person? like that shit should be studied in labs. (although idk… a friend of his was raised similarly but single mother/ only child and he turned out okay but SOOO cumbrained that it gets him into trouble so i think sometimes it can't be helped and comes down to other shit, like personality types or being ingratiated into the wrong fucked-up side of the internet without having strong enough morals/ sense of self discipline, and also being unable to think with brain instead of dick) he is empathetic without it being faked or put-on. he has talent and realistic creative career goals and dreams that he's passionate about that aren't corrupt, he has no ulterior motives other than to find happiness. we treat each other well and are healthy and motivate each other to be the best version of ourselves while also being realistic to the limitations our flaws have on us. we constantly make each other crack up like every single day. he's never been abusive, not even emotionally. he's not cumbrained and his taste in women has always been like atypical/ unconventionally attractive types so he would never put me down for having a strong nose or any of my unconventional features because he's into them without trying to be a "i'm not like other men" man. he'd never cheat because he's traumatized by an ex who cheated on him (and i'd never cheat because other men are gross to me and other women are too perfect and intimidating to even try to flirt with lol)

we both are so similar (enneagram 9 and 4, both INFP, both ADHD, similar taste in almost everything) and i never thought it was possible to have 90% of things in common with a man. it feels wrong to say 'scrote' because he has zero scrote behaviors and literally his only moid-adjacent flaws are like, occasionally liking edgy problematic comedians and shouting when he plays video games which is not even that often (and not even in a scary male rage way) and probably being too desensitized to violence and gore from being a huge horror film stan. also possibly being an autist but i honestly think it's just the ADHD alone because he has too much empathy and consideration for others, and he has such similar issues to what i go through mentally/ bad habits. but that's truly all i can think of. if he had any red flags i'd have caught onto it years ago because men are retarded and can't hide their demons for shit and women are way more perceptive to it. and HE'S NOT EVEN UGLY???? I SWEAR. he has just enough body dysmorphia to humble him and not turn him into a cocky asshole about being like, a pretty boy type that girls have always liked. we both would likely never do any better than each other, because we’d either find a vapid hottie with nothing in common or a relatable but lame uggo. i really cannot picture ever finding better, but it’s not anywhere close to a feeling of “settling” for him. it’s just… contentment. and love. i don’t have to be someone i’m not around him and we have grown up with each other as young adults and now have become better versions of ourselves, like thanks to each other. at my darkest points he comforts me no matter what, and i do the same for him, and it never feels draining or unbalanced.

anyway thank god i found a nigel/ boyfriend brag friend because i can’t imagine spreging about this anywhere in /ot/ without anons going “he sounds totally real and not made up” or “check his hard drive” or “you literally ARE a fake bi” or “enjoy your future surprise troon/ cheater/ murderer etc” and you know what i wouldn’t even be able to blame them because why would anyone here believe that a man has the capability to be good? idk i'm just here to gush into the void because i can't believe this is my reality even though it's been years of it. i really truly think i might have offed myself a long time ago if i never found someone like him, or i'd at least be in a way worse off place in life. we recently adopted a kitten together and he dotes on her and treats her so gently and sweetly that it makes my heart hurt, my stupid dormant maternal instinct is creeping out and i can almost, aaalmost be okay with picturing having kids with him maybe in our 30s (and i am someone who was always staunchly against ever having or wanting them for myself and am more of an advocate for the majority of the population to stop popping out kids and adopt instead, but here we are. ew) i hope every other woman who likes men or wants to end up with a man has this kind of person waiting for them. this is beginning to look like a manifesto but whatever ok i’ll shut up now

No. 266627

I guess I'll come in and brag.

I literally haven't made him cum in 2 years but when I want to do lewd stuff, he'll spend however long it takes to get me off, and he doesn't care I've never had or will have sex with him (thank God!!!). He also doesn't have Instagram, which makes me happy because I swear the only reason a man has Instagram is to look at other girls.
He knows when I'm uncomfortable without me saying anything, and will instantly start patting my hair (it calms me down). Every night he plays with my back until I fall asleep.
He also plays Tekken with me even though he doesn't like that game (in return I play that Dragon Ball Fighterz game since I'm not fond of it). He began exercising with me because he knows I like walking.

We have the same sort of humor and we have similar interests. He's also very cute and he dotes on my cat as well (men who don't love cats are walking red flags lol).

Also he always buys me drinks because I have an eating disorder and he knows eating out is something I can't do.

No. 266628

Girl… You know he is still cumming, right? He might not have an instagram but he is getting off to something that isn't you if you're not having sex. He probably can't come from sex with you because he is a chronic masturbator and coomer, that's also why he doesn't mind that you don't have sex. Not normal for a man not want sex and to not be able to cum from sex, it's because he overstimulates himself with death-grip masturbation and porn.

No. 266630

It sounds like she doesn't go out of her way to even try to make him cum, while he does whatever she wants to get her off as much as she desires? Doesn't even have to have PIV with him either. Sounds like a great deal to me. "Normal" men want to use women as a walking fleshlight, normal doesn't mean desirable.

No. 266636

Nta but op did say
>He also doesn't have Instagram, which makes me happy because I swear the only reason a man has Instagram is to look at other girls.
even tho he's 100% looking at pornstars and getting off to them somewhere else. The anon you replied to has a point.

No. 266642

Maybe that dude is just asexual? Extremely rare but not impossible. If he was in any way unsatisfied / getting off to something else as other anons are suggesting I think it would be noticeable at some point.

No. 266645

>hasn't made him cum in 2 years
I mean that's a pretty big clue. I guess you're right he could teeeeechnically be asexual but how likely is that really.

No. 266655

Still not impossible, I'd say at this point more likely than regular scrote acting like he's fine not getting off for two years. I guess now I'm curious, >>266627
have you two ever been sexual with each other, mutually? Or has he always been like what you're describing?
I really want to believe a woman can have a happy relationship exactly like she wants, and for it to not be another case of disgusting dude going behind his partner's back to be the stereotypical coombrained waste of space

No. 266665

The first part sounds like my relationship from years ago. No piv in 4 years together. I think 'denial' was a thing he was into though. Being giving in a one-sided way was like a servitude kink. I used to think he was amazing for not needing sex or pressuring me (and on paper it's a rare find) but over the years my rose tinted memories lost the rose tint.

No. 266678

Asexual men don't exist, lol.

Sorry but there is no way a man is just not getting off for 2 years. He is masturbating and watching porn. If you really think a relationship without sex with a coomer is desirable… you are hopeless lol. Why not just be single?

No. 266686

You fags are so negative. Even if you have PIV with your moid and bend backwards for him sexually 9 times out of 10 he'll still look at porn behind your back. At least that anon is getting her pleasure's worth without needing to cater to his sex drive.

No. 266688

>regular scrote acting like he's fine not getting off for two years.
..but that's the point he IS getting off just not to her because he's deathgripped his dick.

No. 266698

Their point is that if he's not getting an orgasm with her for years on end… he's only going to be getting off to porn at a much higher rate than even the average guy.

And I get not being into PIV because of either personal taste or not wanting to worry about bc or pregnancy etc.. but not wanting to get your partner off in any way… there's no true attraction there.

No. 266700

Lowering yourself to dating a coomer who doesn't even mind that you have no sex-life cause he gets his will from porn is pathetic and I will call you out for it. My bf doesn't look at porn, he can't get his hands off me and idk why that's a bad thing. You act like all women are asexual like you and don't enjoy sex and don't ever want to have it. Some of us actually have healthy sex-drives and enjoy sex with our partner, imagine. This whole idea that sex is only enjoyable for men is so mentally ill.

No. 266709

The idea that sexual intimacy always has to center around PIV is more mentally ill imo. PIV will always suck ass, BC can always fail and 70% of women can't even orgasm from it alone. Who cares, imagine potentially ruining your life for an act for something that is less than mindblowing. Meanwhile, she gets unlimited orgasms and a moid who actually sensually pleases her and pays attention to her body rather than just sticking his dick in her and being done with it.
>My bf doesn't look at porn,
Kek. Yes, we get it, your bf is such a pure soul.

No. 266731

>calls me beautiful and compliments me everyday still after 5 years
>was thinking recently that he doesn't compliment be enough kek
>always brings me stuff and makes me food
>always does my dishes for me and will clean up anything I ask
>always saying he loves me
>always willing to eat me out
>willing to give me daily massages without it being sexual
>likes to look at my pictures and take pictures of me
>was ready to marry and settle down less then a year of dating
>said I love you less then a month in
>always pays for everything
>still gives me money every month
>willing to admit when he's wrong and always saying I'm right
>does my errands for me and also drive me around
>physically affectionate
>takes care and loves his grandmother as well
>will honestly do any activity or watch anything I want even if its not his thing
>knows everything about each other and still accepts my brand of autism wholeheartedly
>gives me thoughtful gifts
>jawline strong enough to break glass and a good music taste to boot

No. 266733

Never thought I would actually read cope about dating literal pornsick coomers on here, but yet herr we are. You may as well stay single and buy a vibrator at that point.

No. 266736

>works as a mechanic at a distribution center, services forklifts and intermodal trailers
>texts me from his work shop, gets long lunch breaks
>likes trail biking a lot, ride with him occasionally by a nearby creek.
>He likes classic horror films, and also read a lot of classics; Count of Montecristo, The Great Gatsby
>He shaves outside, always puts his clothes in the hamper, and always cleans up after himself
>we go shopping in the afternoon for silly recipes I watch on youtube, he usually eyes the meat and booze a lot.
>one of us pretty much does the cooking, while the other usually shouts from the other room of movies on the movie catalog.
>usually we get drunk on the weekends at the park, mess around with the carousel and swing sets
>we do have a car, but it some old corolla, only use it to trek into the city for an occasional concert venue
>sex is usually whenever he wants it, but he's very versatile in fucking while standing and can lift me up
>he doesn't spend much except on his bike, pays for the toiletries and food, and when he does buy me gifts, it's usually furnishings I pick out for our small half-townhouse apartment. I get to do do interior decor. :D

No. 266737

Nta but I think you can skip piv and still do enough other things together that both partners are left satisfied and needs are met… I've been there. But the op isn't even having a mutual sex life even outside of piv. That's not normal if you're attracted to someone. One partner never caring about the other one finishing… that's just not healthy no matter what gender is stuck on the wrong end of the deal for years on end. And when it's a man on that end of the deal you're left wondering what his outlet has been for the last 2 years and counting. Because he has to have an outlet somewhere.

It's not feasible that it's a healthy or functional way to conduct a long term monogamous relationship. Shit's not adding up. I hope that anon is just young and that someday she finds a guy (or woman) who she'll want to have a mutual sexual relationship with becuase something is clearly missing there and it's not even about the piv part.

No. 266751

This sounds so simple and sweet. It's really appealing when a man is traditionally "masculine" and can do things with his hands but also appreciates art and literature.

No. 266797

My boyfriend is taking me to Miami in a couple of days!! He is paying for everything and it will be my birthday while we are over there. I wonder what he has planned for my birthday night? I'm so excited. I love him.

No. 266815

This is the average redditor relationship. I bet her boyfriend is crying daily in /r/deadbedrooms and then goes over to /r/degrading_holes to take his frustration out on his dick.

No. 266828

That sounds really nice, have fun!

No. 266886

i fucking LOVE being with an autist like me its INVIGORATING and ENHANCES MY LIFE. we talk so much SHIT and its great FUCK THE WORLD. we're obsessed with our dog and its AMAZING. we're practically volcels living together and even though we like each other in that way we're PROUD that we're too fucking BUSY doing cool shit and being disciplined and working hard as SHIT and we come home from work and it's like we're BEST fucking friends bros. we shit DAILY on porn and our sex obsessed normie society and we just sit at each others pcs talking and sperging about our interests and politics. like 90% of the relationship is long deep talks about shit that matters and even when we disagree it's totally cool with both of us. ITS SO FUCKING BASED to have an autistic megadisciplined volcel relationship i highly recommend. i get so much shit done yet feel comforted, supported, and loved and vice versa. we have so many cool life plans too. I FEEL ALIVE im gonna marry this FUCKHEAD

No. 266906

damn this is literally me and my bf except we both have severe ADHD so a lot more dreaming together and less actual discipline. but i love this for us it's truly based

No. 266916

i love this for you too omg i thought i was gonna be dogpiled
i swear if people just hyperfixated on personal projects that fulfilled them and loved and supported each other instead of obsessing over small unimportant things men and women would get along again

No. 267085

File: 1653929682777.jpg (6.56 KB, 240x240, 692d39f980248d29403f4ba293df8d…)

he is the first person (besides my mom), to ever actually try to understand me and why i do things how i do them, how my mind works etc. im autistic and i used to feel like no one will ever even bother to try to understand me.. obviously, sometimes we have misunderstandings and stuff, but knowing he is someone who loves me and wants truly the best for me is something i never thought i would have. i love him a lot and i just wish i could better express to him how much i appreciate him.

No. 267652


Are you guys still together?

No. 272275

File: 1656314315416.jpg (85.6 KB, 720x578, 18575e5f33a006fd4cf410aa4d7613…)

i love my lil internet man he's the first guy to actually like me for who i am, not a weird coomer fantasy. we have things in common for once and he doesn't watch porn or ask me to shave either which is based. we're both cool with keeping it casual for now but it's just nice to feel appreciated by someone who isn't repulsive for once.

No. 272482

>Check bf's instagram Following
>It's mostly cat accounts and art accounts
>Sends me cat pictures all the time and we make up stories about them

No. 272515

No. 272597

We actually are married now! I didn't expect that post to get replies still, reading back on it makes me a little shy. Sorry for late reply.

No. 272622

File: 1656536986254.png (319.4 KB, 600x600, AA90D850-5D6B-444A-8F2A-ED7739…)

i have a boyfriend but i dont deserve him. we have started dating march of last year (march 3rd) but we started to talk in january 2021. and before you ask, yes we are dating online and no i havent physically met him yet but i love this man so much. (we plan on meeting next year so it's already set in stone)
imma break it down

>be me

>late 2020-2021 depressed as shit
>regulary plays fortnite
>get a random friend request from someone i never played with
>we start playing and talking alot
>i randomly ask him if he would like to sleep on the phone with me for one night
>we then proceed to sleep on the phone everynight and he eventually asks me to be his girlfriend
>life has been much better than it was in 2020

i guess i am just lucky because he is really patient with me and i love him more than anything <3 (attached picrew is me and him ik its fucking corny idgaf)

No. 272866

>edating after 2 months of knowing each other
oh deer

No. 273253

it's okey, my bf and i used to be edaters and now we live close to eachother, together 2 and a half years and going strong

No. 273259

>don't even live together

No. 273262

e-daters shouldn't be bragging itt because e-relationships aren't real.

No. 273264

nonnita what you have is a penpal. you cannot date someone that you have never met irl, it's a ridiculous idea

No. 273292

If I turned your wi-fi off and took your devices you'd have no boyfriend

No. 277161

File: 1658515832910.jpg (74.26 KB, 640x602, malcolm t liepke 03.jpg)

I love him so much. We've been together for almost 5 years now.

>met through mutual friends, he was immediately into me, admired me from afar for months before making a move because he had never been so into anyone before

>super smart and very articulate to boot, can freely discuss anything with him and we always learn more from each other, always discussing philosophy and art, thinks im smarter than him
>makes 6 figures and works from home so i get to be around him as much as i want, but both of us respect each other's need for any space
>doesnt expect me to work
>takes me on all kinds of trips around the country and world, before him i barely even left my house
>jacked nerd with wavy hair, my ex was emaciated so i feel spoiled having someone healthy and strong
>sometimes i tear up when looking at him because i'm so overwhelmed by his beauty inside and out
>drove 4 hours to leave a conference to come take care of me when i got covid, knowing hed also catch covid
>we cook dinner together almost every night, he cooks dinner for me when i'm fatigued, always does his own laundry, cleans up after himself
>saves money and seldom buys anything except necessities for himself, but buys me anything i want and even when i ask for nothing he buys me things related to my interests all the time anyway, feels surreal as someone who grew up a poorfag
>he encourages me to challenge myself and test my own limits, has helped me grow so much as a person
>always down for an adventure, open to every proposal for a trip across the world
>i catch him staring at me from across the room, and he'll come over to kiss the top of my head brush my hair with his fingers, and whispers "you're my special girl"
>high emotional intelligence, so empathetic hes not bothered by my being emotional and sensitive, always knows how to handle my anxiety and has a calming presence, loves to reassure me and stay by my side petting my hair if im distressed, redirects negative emotions into positivity but also freely lets me feel
>loves cuddling
>likes radfem feminist writers but doesnt call himself a feminist or direct attention towards himself for this
>we read together side by side before bed every night
>one day saw in the mail he had secretly donated thousands of dollars to anti sexual violence charities that work to get funding for womens shelters and rape victim charities
>loves going to art museums with me and watching weird art house movies
>keeps every drawing i've done for him, puts my love letters on his mirror
>porn free because he considers it misogynistic and unhealthy, admits he watched it a lot in the past which bothers me but its still better than most men who watch it and never stop (he's not lying, I have free access to his pc and once made sure he was telling the truth by checking harddrives, incognito caches in the terminal, public and private trackers, etc. [im traumatized af by an ex and 99.9999% of men who claim to be porn free cannot be trusted, so i just needed to check once to not feel paranoid and i later told him i did this because i felt bad about it.])
>owns up to his mistakes and doesnt enable my own but is still forgiving and patient
>doesnt use social media
>grew up with sisters and has a good relationship with his mom
>he was a virgin before me and is the first person besides myself to make me orgasm
>identical sex drives, he genuinely cares about my pleasure and not in the way that just loops back to reaffirming his own masculinity, feels like we're one in the bedroom, always goes above and beyond at making me finish, doesnt flinch at period blood

I want to be with him forever and ever and ever and ever. Writing this all out feels kinda surreal. He's on a work trip I didn't wanna go on and I'm missing him. Being in a healthy loving relationship is so soul cleansing.

No. 277171

That's sweet anon, congratz for getting a good one!

No. 277193

>one day saw in the mail he had secretly donated thousands of dollars to anti sexual violence charities that work to get funding for womens shelters and rape victim charities
Can you explain this with a bit more detail? Like did you open his mail or something?

No. 277202

No, I didn't open his mail. I got the mail out of the mailbox and put it on the kitchen counter and realized one of them was sent from a sexual abuse support organization. I was caught off guard and wasn't sure why he had gotten something like that in the mail (first thought was "omg is he okay?") so I asked him what it was and he showed me that he had donated money, and they had sent a thank you letter.

No. 277231

Fuck nonnie it seems almost impossible to meet a man like yours, I'm happy for you. I've never met or heard about a guy like this irl so it also seemed surreal to read all of this lmao. Can I ask how old you were when you met?

No. 277255

File: 1658532912774.jpg (111.89 KB, 1024x656, sartre and beauvoir.jpg)

I was 19 and he was 24 when we first met. I honestly think guys who work in tech are probably your best bet for this sort of experience as long as you avoid the coomer gamer redditor aspiring-cryptobro types. A lot of guys in tech are really creative and open minded, and most in my experience are left leaning. I got lucky meeting him through friends because before that I avoided programmers/engineers/etc like a plague lol. But most of his coworkers and friends have code based art projects that they work on and they're all really emotionally mature, kind, politically involved, and weirdly fun. Eclectic people. I must sound like a techbro shill right now but I'm just saying, don't avoid them like I used to lmao.
I'm super grateful and I hope you can meet someone just as sweet to you nonna!!

No. 277355

I'm sorry but that sounds extremely suspicious. I don't want to be a debbie downer and say you made this man up because I am sure good men exist out there (I have a Nigel too), but this is just VERY weird behavior for a man. It almost makes me think he donated money to this out of a bad conscience for something he did in the past. I just don't see men donating money to women's sexual violence causes like this. It makes me extremely suspicious when men claim to be male feminists.

No. 277357

File: 1658563123614.png (8.65 KB, 1510x118, Untitled.png)

>he was a virgin before me and is the first person besides myself to make me orgasm

In the other thread you posted that he has a 16 year old daughter.

No. 277360

That is not my post, thank god.

I understand being suspicious, especially since only the good things are listed in my post from earlier. I could list the less than pleasant things for realism's sake but this is a thread for bragging after all. If it's of any consolation he's never called himself a feminist and I'd assume he never would (because girlboss libfem stuff). I almost actually wrote a disclaimer in my original post about how there's still stressful moments and disagreements and arguments, that it's not some Disney fantasy.

Basically, when we first started dating I had recently been assaulted and had a hard time actually containing the trauma. I was still processing everything and there were several times where I unraveled and spewed my guts to him about how much I had been hurt by men, and how much I hate that even the seemingly nicest men watch porn and get off to abuse and so on, how even porn free men are fucking haunted by the porn they used to watch. I think part of it is guilt, but not guilt for having abused women himself, just guilt over what comes with being raised as a man and having watched porn in the past, knowing the way men are raised is what results in so much violence against women, violence against the person he loves, knowing he's powerless to stop it altogether but has money so he may as well do something small like donate to these things and just try to be a decent person. I definitely struck many nerves when I was at my worst–I had moments where I resented him for having had a porn habit before I met him and it kinda fucked with my head at one point. In retrospect I'm amazed he put up with me because I was just so torn up. But I believe in his good faith and know he's just overall a really sensitive person who hates the idea of people in his life suffering, and extends that to strangers.

After I learned a friend of mine from childhood had started prostituting herself I was distraught, and the first thing he said when I told him is that he wanted to give me money to give her, since she was doing prostitution to pay rent and buy food. Before meeting me and my friend he had no exposure to anyone who had either been abused or had ties to the sex industry at all, and it shook him up a bit. It became real and it affected him a lot. He wasn't familiar with radfemshit when we met, but just by being around me he became familiar with it through osmosis and took it upon himself to do reading in private without talking about it until he had completed a few texts and wanted to discuss them.
But really we seldom talk about feminism proper, it's mostly just that he's an excellent recipient of my complaints and stories related to being a woman.

Hopefully this makes sense, I've been on lolcow all day out of boredom for the first time since 2019 and I need to sleep.

No. 277365

samefag, just wanting to say sorry for the blogpost and the reason I bothered elaborating at all is because I don't want anons to think I'm bullshitting and that it's impossible. I definitely didn't think it was possible before it actually happened to me, but I don't want anyone to give up (assuming they really do want a relationship with a man, if they don't it's more than fine). Night night anons

No. 277370

I'm honestly not sure what is weirder, if this supposed angel man who gives money to raped/abused women out of the goodness of his own heart exists (doubt) or if you made up this man and for some reason you fantasize about a man who gives money to abused women. I kind of get fantasizing about a man who is charitable and does good deeds but usually it's something like he works at an animal shelter or he saves puppies, not one who saves prostitutes off the street. But then again I guess Pretty Woman is a pretty popular movie amongst women where that basically happens. It's just very weird and I honestly don't really believe that men exist who would do such a thing just because they feel so bad for women and have a bad conscience about watching porn. I'd be more inclined to believe that maybe it's a fetish like a weird subsection of findom. It just sounds so unrealistic.

No. 277430

Some men have high emotional intelligence and are capable of empathizing with women. Yeah I get it, I doubt men in like 99% of cases, but they do exist.

No. 277545

whats the point of arguing about whether anything in this thread is true or not? the most plausible Nigel is just as likely to be fake as the least plausible one.

No. 279081

me and my bf get along better than anyone I've ever known in my life. we want to spend 100% of our days together and do, people we meet even comment on how well matched we are and some even get jealous and say weird shit like they wish they were in our relationship, lol wtf right

on top of that he:
>has all the same hobbies as me
>gets turned on giving me oral, but is not a sex pest about it
>crafts custom solo tabletop campaigns for me to play in while he voices funny characters for me to enjoy
>pays for all rent/utilities/food
>has a rich family giving us deposit for a house
>is 10 years younger than me
>not bald
> is a genuine empathetic kind person that everyone around him likes, and looks to for advice and leadership

No. 279825

Me and my boyfriend moved in together a few months ago and I joked about not needing to masturbate anymore. Then he said, “why would you masturbate when you have your own personal pussy eater?” He does it often enough it might as well be true

No. 283185

He is strong, has sexy curly hair, other men react positively to him because he is chad-like, has protected me more than once, helped get me a job (we work together and it's great, we get to hang out and babysit machines all night while we watch movies/game, has a beautiful penis, very generous, will make sacrifices for me, will listen and change if I bring up an issue (for example he does all the dishes now without me having to ask), has traveled with me on his dime, is kind-hearted and good natured, LOVES to satisfy me sexually, funny, intelligent, isn't pornsick at all, was celibate by choice when I met him 12 years ago, he pursued me, our cat absolutely adores him, great with kids, doesn't want kids (me too), will always drive and go into stores so I can chill, has helped me immensely with my mental struggles, very compassionate, I love his style of dress, gives great gifts, willing to get a vasectomy, always supportive of my hobbies and encourages me to keep at them, my family adores him, is learning to cook, does chores, was extremely patient and compassionate during sexual dry spells which lasted way longer than I'm willing to admit, loves the shit out of me, buys me treats and candy as a surprise, is passionate and fiery about world events, great body, showers regularly (kek), likes good music, is friends now with my brother whom I love very much, one time a man followed us in his car because he was raging about some traffic bullshit WITH HIS KIDS IN HIS CAR and my bf calmly told him to go home and he did, respects women, thinks troons are crazy, I could probably go on. I feel very blessed.

No. 283188

No. 283206

i've been going through a pretty rough patch and he's just been there for me through it all. i've been stuck in a depressive episode for 6+ months and i recently lost my job and i've basically been a neet for the past 2 months but he has been the most supportive figure in my life and has proven that he really just loves me for me and i've never known that feeling before.

since losing my job he's still taken me on trips to the beach and paid for everything. just the other day he bought us tickets to see a concert this weekend of a band i've loved since I was a child. he's made it a tradition that every Saturday he drives me to my therapy appointment and picks me up afterwards and buys us empanadas.

When I was having problems with my roommates he let me sleep over at his house, and his family is so warm and kind to me. I grew up in a home that when it wasn't chaotic and abusive, was just cold and lifeless, and his family is the direct opposite of that. They're always throwing parties and inviting me over and making sure I feel included and loved.

He goes out of his way to get me up and doing something when I'm being a depressed loser. When I don't want to do anything but sit on the couch all day and zone out, he'll come over and make dinner with me, or buy me a video game so he can watch me play it, or get me outside to take a walk with him.

All of this on top of the fact that this man basically worships me, will eat me out until I orgasm several times, would rather watch people get their teeth pulled out than go to the club with his friends, and will literally talk in his sleep about how much he loves me.
I feel so lucky to have him in my life. I've never known someone that makes me want to get better so intensely. I know the rule is to only want to get better for yourself, but he has done so many amazing things for me. He is such an incredible, generous, loving soul and I just want to be able to give all of that back to him. He deserves the entire world and I am determined to give it to him.

No. 283284


Congrats, that's wonderful! I still go back and read your post because it's very sweet and it keeps me from giving up.

No. 284682

File: 1661978411587.jpg (22.93 KB, 680x471, pea.jpg)

this might be cringey but my Nigel called me a "little pea" and I think it's my favorite nickname he's ever given me hahah

No. 284696

> hs sweethearts
> quit porn with me at 18 for ethical reasons
> never asks for nudes; generally not a sex pest
> enthusiastically eats me out & consistently makes me orgasm
> I have vaginismus; is okay with forgoing penetrative sex
> doesn't look at other women irl or online
> extremely clean room to meet my standards
> dresses up as superhero to visit sick kids at hospitals
> consumes media by/about women & has women he admires
> gives me daily massages on demand
> goes to therapy and gym
> smart and well-educated; 6-figure salary post-grad
> has interesting non-coomer interests and hobbies
> writes well
> cooks and cleans
> does the majority of the housework like dishes and laundry to make housework more 50/50 because I'm a compulsive cleaner
> always tells me I look beautiful, supported me quitting shaving and dressing however I want
> stuck by me when I got diagnosed with autoimmune disease/cancer
> good relationships with other women in his life and family
> charismatic and generally well-liked
> ambitious
> compatible personalities and senses of humor
> himbo who does whatever I tell him to do and buys me whatever I want, basically worships me
> cute (to me at least) and +5 inches taller
> genuinely loves and supports me
> wants to marry me

only downside is I am a TERF and he is a gender-supporter :(
if it doesn't work out I'm definitely going to stick to dating other women because my standards are waaay to high now and idt another man will ever meet my standards

No. 284697

This has to be bait

No. 284698

>frown emoticon
BAN your nigel sounds cool though

No. 284699


you're right to be suspicious but it's a brag thread nonna, so obviously I mentioned things farmers will approve of/positive attributes. he's also bi and a gamer which I'm sure most farmers wouldn't care for, but I'm not going to derail a brag thread/hopium thread with descriptions of relationship issues

No. 284725

No. 284731

He makes an effort every single day, even the days when my shit overshadows everything, he's doing something to make our lives better.

No. 284827

In my first relationship, I could make a huge list about all the amazing things he's done so far too but right now I'm blown away that he actually enjoys planning dates, trips, surprises, buying gifts and doing things for me that I like and remembering all sorts of details about what I want and like. Wtf I'm blown away.
I thought men were awful? Compared to the slew of online dating escapades, I am blown away that the first guy I actually am in a relationship with and the girlfriend of checks off all these boxes. I have a beautiful bouquet of pink roses on my counter right now. I can't believe there are men who exist that not only want to do this stuff but enjoy it too. Thats just the superficial romantic stuff too, on a personal level he is so kind, patient, well rounded, intelligent, and so on. It is wonderful to spend time with him. I feel like I'm in a dream sometimes.
No one to share to because my female friends are in not as satisfactory relationships or going through dating hell

No. 287398

Reported for emoji

No. 287467

>cutie with pretty blue eyes
>big peen
>nice body
>buys me stuff
>takes me out
>always lets me smoke his weed
>hypersexual (like me)
>stopped watching porn for me
>compliments me
>we both never want kids
>a weirdo (like me)
>texts me back
>same age as me

i love him

No. 287579

>Extreme cutie with curly hair and blue eyes and freckles
>Has a lot of cool tattoos
>Incredibly sweet, brings me flowers for no reason
>Very nice and gentle with people but also not a doormat
>Overall a very genuine person
>Always wants to pay when we go out, likes taking me to fancy places
>Very understanding of my mental health issues, doesn’t judge me and is always willing to listen
>Very empathetic and emotionally open, is willing to have vulnerable conversations
>Has a very calming presence and can ground me when I freak out
>Is genuinely interested in me as a person and indulges whatever weird topics I sperg about
>Have the same sense of humor and we always end up in hysterics with each other
>Has two younger sisters and is very protective of them
>Great with kids in general
>Have a lot of things in common but differences feel complementary
>Is empathetic and can relate to my bad childhood
>Supportive of my career as well as my hobbies
>Great cook, we like to cook together
>Manlet this is a personal plus
>Great kisser
>Big weenus
>Makes me cum every time
We’ve been taking things slow because of everything going on in our individual lives when we got together but this is the happiest I’ve ever been with someone. We’ve had a few hiccups but we’ve been able to resolve things which makes me hopeful for the long term.

No. 287602

>doesn't look at other women irl or online
>consumes media by/about women & has women he admires

No. 287829

Weird post

No. 288437

>quit porn on his own before we were together
>is madly attracted to me after several years, even when I don't feel pretty or lovable
>endlessly patient, even when I know I'm in the wrong. Willing to communicate and come to understandings instead of harboring resentment
>claims he will never love again if we break up or something happens to me
>almost overeager to take care of me
>always eager to experience things with me, either new stuff or experiences he's enjoyed in the past
>his sweat has an almost addictive smell to me. I seriously can't get enough of it
>pays for everything, even when I want to pitch in
>bigger than average peen
>cute and handsome
>gets along with my family and I get along well with his. His mother even refers to me as her daughter
>sweet and affectionate towards small children and animals
>not much of a gamer, doesn't own consoles and only plays the occasional PC game
>compliments and tells me he loves me multiple times a day, and is always eager to touch and cuddle me
>good eater and enjoys the food I cook, even going as far to say that some of my dishes are the best he's ever had
>texts me every single day from work, often sends me photos of sunsets or cute animals he sees on the job
>disgusted by the PUA/alpha mindset and toxic masculinity, but also repulsed by predatory male feminists
>so monogamous just the idea of poly upsets him
>brought up marriage years before I did, and continues to claim that our wedding was the best day of his life
>doesn't care what I do with my hair, what I wear or whether or not I wear makeup, he just wants me to be confident and happy
>competent cook, and eager to clean
>intelligent to boot
>thoughtful and considerate, not at all lazy or a slob
>despite being from different countries and upbringings, our politics and general life sensibilities are nearly 1:1

The only problem is that he's extremely jealous. He's gotten better over the years, but every so often he gets jealous. We also have mismatched libidos, with his being higher than mine. He's okay with just fapping though. Other than that I'm happy. I'm madly in love with this man and I'll do anything for him, just as he'd do for me.

No. 289025

sometimes when i feel low i remember when i complained to my boyfriend that i feel like i look too mousy and he said "mousy? what a strange term" and showed me a picture of an adorable mouse and said "is this not a cutie?" and then proceeded to reassure me that i look wonderful. it was just a very cute and sweet moment

No. 289121

He loves all the things other guys have berated me for and tried to make me feel bad about, he says those things are what made him fall for me.

No. 290009

lol this is 100% some sort of fanfic fantasy

No. 290320

it's me again

MY BOYFRIEND saw my BEDROOM RAMEN and still loves me. Let that sink in. The man saw my opened pack of uncooked ramen on my nightstand that I tore into like a feral animal some night at 3am and forgot to clean up before he came over made no comment of it and loves me the same.

>told his mum about me

>he is tall and handsome
>always smells nice
>loves my OC memes and art
>supportive of my career (wants to move to wherever I go)
>pays for every meal
>knows my history with 4chan and imageboards and finds it cute
>recently helped me assemble some furniture
>recently trying to move to my city

honestly most of all I think about what a flawed human being I am, what I put him through, the mistakes I make, and see that he is still there for me and that makes me feel loved. He's seen me through all sorts of ailments and stress and is still there for me. I don't know WHAT I've done to deserve this.

No. 290325

>knows my history with 4chan and imageboards and finds it cute
I hope you’re not saying he’s a 4chin fag himself

No. 292964

My boyfriend just helped me assemble a couch. On his way to leave he said "I love you" for the first time but he didn't even realize he said it. He also had a blast putting the couch together because he likes building things.

No. 293072

My nigel is completely ok with me hating men and say its understandable considering how shitty men treat women, he laughs at men whining about suicide rate or not getting laid and he has started following radfem blogs on tumblr after i sent his posts about men acting like moids do. He also hates on trannies with me.

Hes also very into self improvent, doesn't watch porn or jerk off, wants to start a family and constantly tells me how much he loves me and why.

No. 293073

ah men who genuinely understand that women are allowed to hate men as a concept because we live under patriarchy == the only type of men i love.

he sounds lovely anon

No. 293093

>is a male feminist but wants you to be his broodmare


No. 293094

File: 1665253987691.jpg (52.29 KB, 1000x1000, 4987654.jpg)


Here to post a very important update: We are finally closing our distance next month and he's staying here with me!! I'm still so incredibly happy and we've grown even more than last time I posted here. I used to be really jaded because I've got a couple exes who are scrotes through and through but I know in my heart I'm going to marry this boy.

No. 293124

>nigel texts "I'm omw 3 mins" out of nowhere
>drops me off a little delicious hot dog
>chat a bit
>me rn as he had to hurry on and get some housework done (feeling nice I got my hotdog and got to see my Nigel)

No. 293144

really cute nonny, cherish your hotdog dispensing nigel

No. 293291

File: 1665357934476.jpg (63.68 KB, 750x724, original.jpg)

>insanely hot
>high IQ
>appreciates and loves me for who I am, even parts I think are ugly
>sweet and empathetic when he needs to be, but stoic
>genuinely apologizes when he's done wrong
>very funny
>very honest
>good at teaching me things
>EXTREMELY good in bed. I feel like I'm in a smutty romance novel, makes me come without even trying hard, seemingly
>made me come vaginally for the first time ever when I could never even achieve that on my own
>values the same things as me
>hates porn–I didn't have to convince him to not watch it, he just thinks it's degenerate
>is excited to have a family with me one day
>believes in me and encourages me to pursue my passions

No. 297834

>Me "Hey, wanna come over on Monday?"
>Nigel "sure"
>He arrives
>"I have a gift for you, anon"
>It's not my birthday or anything so I'm surprised
>He pulls a tiny pumpkin out of his bag
>"Happy Halloween!"
I mean, it was sweet and all but I didn't really know what to do with a tiny pumpkin

No. 297838

Carve it together.

No. 297840

>Childhood friend and longtime crush finally acts on his feelings
>Says he is now feeling worthy of me
>Its been 1 month of bliss
>Has always been respectful
>Says he will be a gentleman

Am i dreaming

No. 297843

every time i see this thread i wonder how many of yall already broke up

No. 297845

I do the same

No. 297846

No. 297876

File: 1667689044516.png (120.49 KB, 275x229, A613AB2F-6C6C-4801-9F80-FFFBAE…)

Im sorry don’t remind me

No. 297890

Damn which nigel was yours? Care to share how it ended?

No. 297894

I posted here about a year ago about a couple of the grand romantic gestures my ex would make, but he turned out to have anger issues as our relationship progressed
I ended up posting in the vent thread like every other time we had a fight and nonnas would beg me to dump him
I have a new Nigel now and will make a Nigel brag post comparing him to my shitty ex

Moid ex
>6 feet tall but was skinny fat
>stopped watching porn because I asked him to
>shamed me for my fetishes but liked being called Daddy kek disgusting
>works a dead end office job not making much and hates it
>would get mad at me for telling him his jokes hurt my feelings
>would get mad when he would lose in videogames and take it out on me kek
>would get mad when generally anything frustrated him like a manchild having a temper tantrum
>I developed a fear of being honest with him about about any issues I had because I knew he'd get really defensive and argue about it
>would throw me being CPTSD (BPD/PTSD) in my face to gaslight me whenever we had a disagreement
>never told his family about me
>got annoyed whenever I would talk for too long
>thought my sense of humor was weird, when I'd show him something that was funny he'd get uncomfortable
>his sense of humor just was making mean jokes at my expense
>even early on, almost every time we had conversations it'd feel like I had to try really hard to not make the conversation die like it was forced
>thought my sense of style was weird, thought it was too slutty and hyperfeminine
>tried to convince me to stop using lolcow

New Nigel
>6 feet tall thin athletic body type with abs
>hasn't watched porn since he was 18 (he's 23) because it felt wrong
>incredibly sexually compatible and has the exact same fetishes as me
>pursuing a career in finance and genuinely enjoys it
>says his goal is to become rich enough that he can buy me all the expensive designer dresses I want
>has no temper, incredibly patient with me (he said he's gotten angry at me once because I was being mean when I had a mild BPD episode early on, but I couldn't even tell he was angry because he was being so patient and kind)
>we regularly have really mature, constructive conversations about issues either of us have that are always supportive and loving and we both walk away feeling closer/understood
>told his parents about me after a month of dating, and they got really hyped to meet me because I have similar interests as both of them, now they both ask abt me every time he talks to them
>will ALWAYS intently listen to me talk about anything for any amount of time, says he loves what a good story teller I am
>we have the same sense of humor and any time we are together we make eachother laugh a lot
>effortless to be around him, we can spend entire days together and never feel bored or like we don't have something to talk about
>loves my fashion sense, if I can't figure out if I should buy something I'll send him a picture and he will rank it from SSS tier to B tier (he says nothing I like is below B tier)
>at this point in the relationship I feel so safe, loved, and secure that my CPTSD is basically dormant, haven't ever felt this mentally well
>he thinks it's funny when I talk about how I hate moids because he also looks down on men who are pathetic and gross
>I actually… admire and respect him? I've never respected a man this much
>genuinely could not say a bad thing about this man

I've known my new Nigel for a few years through mutual friends
After I dumped my ex I had a what the hell moment and slid into his messages because I've always thought he was hot
Turns out he also had a thing for me and we really clicked
Kind of grateful I dated that moid because, even though he was a manchild, I realized I needed to raise my standards
I don't think I would've had the courage to reach out to my Nigel if I didn't go through that

I will come back in a year and update if it's still working out, wish me luck nonnas

No. 297898

I’m not gonna out myself cause it was too painful but it was mental illness. We’ve talked a few times since the break up and it’s been this mix of sadness and love. Found out we were on the same page on a lot of things that we weren’t communicating and now we’re taking some time apart. He said he’s going to take some time for himself and reach out when he’s ready. He’s always done what he said he would for me so part of me believes it but I do know we might never talk again. This has been one of the worst break ups because there wasn’t anything that fizzled out or began hating each other, we were just both really scared to be vulnerable.

No. 297902

That shit is honestly the worst because it leaves a lot of conflicted feelings and lingering attachment, compared to finding out about something that is a definitive dealbreaker that cuts off your sense of hope

No. 297903

my bf's ig explore feed is nothing but cat pictures and videos, i'm honestly amazed how he has managed to farm ig algorithm so well.

No. 297909

File: 1667700586676.jpg (79.36 KB, 850x960, rancho time.jpg)

>im a recovering anachan, he encourages me to eat, cooks me breakfast pretty much every morning. he has done so much to help me recover
>he has a pretty high sex drive and i don't (mostly due to my meds.) i am insecure about it but he reassures me and says it would be fine if we never had sex for the rest of our lives as long as we could be together. he was upset when he found out i was going off my meds because i thought it'd make him happier. he has an alarm set on his phone and makes sure i take them everyday
>loves music, listens to random genres like peruvian polyrhythms, classical 1920s, goes to jazz bars, isn't pretentious. learning guitar, i love hearing him play and sing
>attractive wonderful strong voice
>very smart, but he doesn't think he is
>funniest person i know, he loves making me laugh when i am upset
>messy/untidy (neglectful hoarder mom), depressed anxious drop out neet. now he is emotionally stable, tidy, back in school, healthy social life and is excited for our future
>loves his mother even if she wasn't the best, knows it was difficult to raise 2 kids and an infant as a depressed widow. talks with her often
>helps out his younger sister with her hoarding/messy room, texts her when it's garbage day, when we visit he helps her clean
>empathetic, very passionate about group cohesion and making sure his friends are okay
>we both want the same things (comfy future on a homestead, maybe a kid or two)
>obsessed with me, thinks i'm beautiful, his ideal
>encourages me and my hobbies, likes looking at my drawings

we met each other online when we were 14, were friends but had a slight crush on one another, fell out of contact for a bit, started talking again when we were 18, then dated a year or so after. it has been three and a half years, i hope we can stay together for a long time.
he is so wonderful, even with his flaws. right now he is in a bad mood because he was hyper aware of the feeling of his pants on him and had to take them off and lie on the floor for a bit. he might be a bit autistic. i love him

No. 297910

It fucking sucks so bad. I’ve gained some clarity and am in a much more level headed space now and I still feel like what tore us apart could’ve been worked out if we had just been more honest. I really thought that when someone right for me came along everything would just fall into place but considering I struggle with things that I objectively know are healthy for me that seems so naive in hindsight. I hope he reaches out and we can rekindle but I’ll be okay even if he doesn’t.

No. 298051

Yeah, having a good relationship takes a lot of emotional maturity and work to self-reflect and grow.
I think the most important trait in any relationship is a strong sense of mutual empathy.
I'm >>297894 and can say that the reason my relationship right now is so good is primarily because because we both put work in to communicate openly and respectfully with one another, which I've never mutually experienced to this degree before.
He can tell me something that's bothering him which kind of stings and hurts initially, but I put those feelings aside and really try to understand his perspective.
And sometimes he does things, unknowingly, that hurt me, and he feels hurt when I talk to him about it, but he puts those feelings aside to comfort me and make things right.
We can talk about difficult things without getting angry or upset or offended or defensive, and most importantly, while prioritizing how eachother feels.
I think that's really one of the most important aspects of a relationship that brag posts don't really touch on.
A boyfriend can be great at oral sex or do amazing grand gestures, but that won't keep you happy when you can't openly communicate.

No. 298070

No you’re so right. No relationship will just have everything automatically fall into place. Eventually there will be bumps and what’s important is someone who will work through them with you. I’ve realized a lot of my previous relationships involved me reading my partner very well but hiding everything that bothered me. So they would get emotionally attached and vulnerable but I never felt like I could do the same and then would dip. Not a conscious thing but I’m just so conditioned to deal with my feelings internally instead of talking them out that I would self sabotage. I feel like he has also pulled this role a lot before and we ended up in this weirdo limbo where we were very good at reading each other but too afraid to be fully transparent still. Caused a lot of tension but our talks after the breakup have opened my eyes to a lot. Part of me was very tempted to tell him to just fuck off and never contact me again but I’m glad I went with the empathy route. I’m much sadder but I feel like at the very least I’ve learned a lot about myself and can take a healthier perspective to the next relationship.

No. 298074

Samefag but I also have CPTSD and I suspect he has it too. I actually would feel really safe and comfortable when telling him things. It was after when a small voice in my head kept telling me that I had shared too much or that his empathy was finite is when I would freak out. He was always incredibly validating and caring when I told him things and he never had a bad reaction, I just couldn’t get it out of my head that him caring was somehow running out and the more I told him the less he’d tolerate. While logically I know that’s not true emotionally it kept consuming me.

No. 298127

>he gets up off the couch to grab me things when i am too lazy to mov (always)
>he will make me coffee even though i obviously know how
>he is always there to help if i need it
>he cleans up every dead bug
>he buys me food whenever i want it
i am very Happy with him

No. 299869

I miss him so much nonnies. I want to write a post as a distraction so I don't end up blowing up his phone with clingy text messages. We are LDR right now for my job.

>never ending patience.

He'd make such an amazing father. He never blows up at anything. I've only seen him angry once in our two year relationship.
>amazing mentality
Totally zen mode. Never gets irritated. Never gets annoyed. Doesn't get passive aggressive. Isn't confrontational. Mature and level-headed.
>responsible, disciplined and diligent
He always gets things done on time and works first, plays later.
>self-improvement mentality
When he's not working, he's spending his time wisely looking up practical things to improve finances or make our lives easier.
>takes care of body, face, and mind
Goes to the gym at least 6x a week. Eats well to maintain his figure. Encourages me to be fit too which is a bonus. It's so easy to not be fat if you're partner is fit and it has improved my self-esteem immensely (I was very fat when I met him). Actually READS books and enjoys learning about psychology, history, economics, politics, geography - all sorts of topics - to help him get a better sense of the world.
Takes skincare very seriously (even when he's too sleepy). I am glad because most men don't put on sunscreen and then get wrinkles super early.
>Very thick head of wavy silky hair
I like to touch his floof.
>beautiful face
He has one of those faces that makes people do double-takes in public. Some mistake him for a celebrity. Two people have taken creep photos of him. Had a stalker when he went to college. Women fling themselves onto him and offer casual sex.
>active outdoorsman
Knows how to survive in the wild. Really sexy watching him ski, canoe, kayak, forage, chop wood and build fires. Camping with him feels safe and cozy.
>comfy 6" height difference
It's nice to snuggle my head right under his chin
>completely smitten by me
He loves me a lot and reminds me through various love languages (words of affirmation, gentle touches, acts of service, etc.) Is at his happiest with me and always looks like he's in heaven when he is graced by my heavenly angelic presence~ (not sarcasm, he literally looks at peace with me)
>extremely loyal
Not the type of guy to fool around. Is committed. Won't look at other girls sexually. Won't even look at porn. Doesn't use social media like instagram, tiktok, twitter, OF or 4chan where scantily clad photoshopped male gazey women are posted frequently.
>classy and posh
Grew up in an upper-class family and owns antiques, knows random historical facts, enjoys arts and cultural things like museums, art galleries, poetry, literature, and classical music concerts. However, not stuffy, snobby and uptight.
>sex very good
Always makes sure I finish before he does
>lifelong learner
Always loves learning something new everyday. His brain is thirsty for knowledge and is a sponge that just sucks up random facts with ease. He has a spookily perfect memory and learns things quickly on the fly.
>high IQ
I'm jealous over this one. Mine's not nearly as high. And I feel insecure over it because sometimes I wonder if he should go with someone who is as smart as him.
>great gift giver
Actually spends time mulling over what to give to loved ones and it's always so thoughtful the way he picks his gifts out. He caters gifts to personality, shared experiences, inside jokes, and whatever else to make that gift extra special compared to just buying everyone low effort gifts like Christmas socks or joke sweaters and mugs.

Okay I think that's enough for now I might come back later and gush into the void if I start missing him again.

No. 301146

I just needed to happily ramble because it's been so long since I was genuinely happy. My guy was a virgin, by choice, he didn't want to have sex with anyone he didn't think he would marry. I respected his boundaries but I'm not going to say I didn't attempt to seduce him a little, I find him insanely attractive and he turns me on immensely. We vacationed together for a week recently, and after hearing him gush over how much he loved me, how lucky he felt to have me, and how he couldn't wait for us to live together we finally ended up sleeping together. It was awkward and uncomfortable and I still loved every second of it, it ended up being such a special moment and I feel so honored he did want to wait because I see how much it meant to him now.
The night before we were upstairs in the house watching it rain out of this massive window, and he just held me and slow danced with me while humming. It was the cheesiest thing I have ever experienced but it felt like pure magic. The way this man looks at me, it's unreal. No one has ever even come close to loving me how he does, I didn't know it was possible to be loved and cared for so deeply, I didn't realize what it was missing. When he just cups my face into his hands and looks into my eyes and smiles, he looks so happy just to be with me.
I feel so safe with him, my heart is home

No. 301311

My bf has really been stepping up for me lately during this sickness I've been dealing with. Buying me tons of supplies, made some calls for me when I felt too sick to, picking up my share of the cleaning and cooking, taking care of the dogs (giving them medication and letting them out). Also he buys whatever, I'll see some cute clothes while we're out and he'll tell me to just grab it and he covers the grocery tab like every time. Also when we disagree he never gets mean to me. He's never called me a name ever after 8 years and if we disagree he stays calm and listens to my side. Also he still has no wrinkles at 32 and is cute with nice teeth

No. 303247

My boyfriend is extremely cute

No. 304271

Oh yeah? Well mines CUTER

No. 304958

Weather has been awful where I live the last few days, tons of snow and ice. Went to the market nearby with my bf today to grab a few things and both older women working started thanking him immediately for helping him push their cars out the other day when they got stuck in the parking lot after closing early to try and beat the storm. He even shoveled the walk for multiple neighbors. I wouldn't have known any of this if someone else didn't tell me. I appreciate how helpful and reliable (and strong lol) he is.

No. 305035

File: 1671939009147.png (29.27 KB, 145x163, blushu.png)


>met online when we were both in high school

>lives 45 mins from me
>slim body type, my type physically
>insanely smart and i value his takes a lot
>good at basically anything involving brain power, learns faster than me
>learning korean and wants to travel with me
>always full off energy and hyperactive
>carries me bridal style if i get tired of walking or have problem with shoes
>extremely hygienic (ocd)
>values family and has strong morals
>stopped watching porn when i asked and is now morally against it
>nofap for years
>huge dick
>we're both celibate now but used to always finish at the same time
>watch shows together and binge asian snacks
>kisses me maybe a hundred times as i just laugh
>accepts my hobbies/interests even though im a huge weeaboo and he's not
>encourages me to gain weight since i am recovered ana
>feeds me even when i reject it at first
>we make each other laugh all the time
>just pleasant in general to everyone
>together for 4 years
>i could go on

i love him + i feel so lucky

No. 305496

4 years and still 45 minutes ldr, that's rough

No. 306804

This came to me suddenly, but I love how he plays piano. He makes mistakes from time to time and stumbles, but he keeps going. He never gives up.

I couldn't care less about piano, but when he's playing I can't help but smile and treasure him. He's not very expressive with his words, but I feel like I understand him better through his playing. I love this man so much.

No. 306813

File: 1673126902571.png (596.99 KB, 710x703, 1623378455409.png)

Aw nonnie that's really sweet. Being passionate about something and working hard to get better at it is always attractive, and I'm sure he appreciates how much you treasure him and support his hobby.

Anyway here's mine:
>incredibly affectionate
>always respectful
>not a coomer and doesn't watch porn, sex is always intimate and loving
>hot af, body is exactly my type
>communicates really well, honest and mature
>extremely intelligent but doesn't like to flaunt it, very humble
>independent, takes good care of himself and his living space
>shows interest in my passions and opinions, we never run out of topics to talk about

There's so much more than that too. After previous experiences with pornsick moids obsessed with toilet humor and wearing the same disintegrating boxers for days on end, I almost couldn't believe how genuinely different this guy is. I really believe he's one of a kind and I've never met anyone like him.

No. 307087

File: 1673272248673.jpeg (150.55 KB, 1080x1920, 1673265170114.JPEG)

my nigel is a ripped feeder, we're having a donut eating contest

No. 308338

I don't know how I got this lucky. I'm pretty sure I tulpa manifested him or something because I wrote literally all of these preferences in a journal before we met.

>Loves me more than anybody I have ever met

>Jarringly sexy. My exact type, eerily so I made an OC that looked and behaved exactly like him when I was a 13 year old making a dream bf. He relates to and physically resembles my fictional husbandos too…
>6'4, jacked, super broad shoulders, long torso, doesn't have weird lanklet proportions
>Works pecs extra hard in the gym because I love a big chest
>Long, wavy teddybear brown hair that he lets me style and braid whenever I want
>Nice jawline, but a soft pretty babyface with delicate features and a perfect ski slope nose, pale complexion, big green eyes
>Gorgeous vascular hands, nice deep voice with a gentle accent
>Moves quietly and gracefully despite being so huge
>So hot I occasionally look at him and get scared
>Patient, diligent, hardworking
>Insanely responsible. Was the singular caretaker/breadwinner of his dying father for a long time, always there at his bedside while also working and studying full time until his passing. At like, 21. Now an orphan basically
>Caring- will try to "sneakily" look after me if he detects I'm feeling blue at all, will "steal" chores and housework I intended to do
>Loves my cooking and praises even my failures, tries to cook whenever I let him [not often but he tries]
>Willing to try literally anything new with me. Eats foods he used to hate and loves them now, has never had a bad thing to say about a travel destination/activity/meal
>Romantic. Writes me poetry at least once a week, gets flowers regularly, recognizes I'm not a romantic and lets me be blunt and cold despite it
>Makes good money, always trying to make more to treat me with
>I thought he was gay initially because he was so preening and capable of engaging with feminine interests
>Actually straight, just likes fashion/colors/looking good
>Not at all a consoomer; great taste in the little media he intakes, but prefers IRL activities like hiking
>Very smart. Very very smart. Always trying to better himself and be even better read, considers himself ignorant despite being extremely competent
>Thinks I'm far smarter than him
>Admires my diligence, coldness, sense of justice, and interest in mathematics and philosophy
>Incredibly encouraging- thinks I'm even more capable than him, but doesn't expect me to do anything "beneath me" either, never pushes or expects me to work
>Offers valuable feedback on my creative hobbies, even writes b-side fiction/fanfiction for my stories regardless of how overworked he is
>Loves my art so much he's had dedicated folders of it for years pre-relationship
>Swallows his negative emotions with the intention of centering my melancholic nature/making me feel better every day, but is emotionally available enough to articulately explain them all when asked
>Met when we were teenagers, same age
>Apparently wanted to impress me from the moment he saw me write, moreso when he heard my voice; loved me for years before he knew what I looked like
>Stole me from said abusive ex as soon as it became possible, proud of it, does not consider me to have "cheated" in any sense
>Will kill my ex if he shows his face again
>No loyalty toward men, actively disdains most of them as bums, failures and scumbags; at best hopes they become better
>Far more empathic toward women- but doesn't get inappropriately close to them like a lot of feminist men do
>Hates porn, has always found it crass and disgusting
>Feebly attempted to date other women at his now-late father's request, but failed due to the weight of his longstanding crush on me and not wanting to do casual sex (I cross-checked this with his other male friends lol)
>Was KHV when we got together, I got to take his everything HAHAHA YESSSS
>Becomes openly offput when other women make advances or try to occupy too much space in my life [this is good because I am chronically jealous. working on that but still]
>Transphobic due to being a bit fruity himself
>Enjoys that I'm a deranged weirdo, consumes fujoshit with me noting its romantic and literary virtues like he's studying Dante
>Writes fanfiction with me. Also writes stories that are literally just AUs of us constantly, turning his self-inserts into husbandos for me to enjoy
>like I'm a forest spirit and he's a wizard, he's an executioner and I'm a forest spirit psychologically torturing him in the woods, I'm a biologist and he's a sexy yaoicore mythical creature
>None of these things are excessively sexual, ever, like sex scenes are not in them. It's just romance
>Nonetheless willing to go along with whatever deranged fantasy I may have. Service top with a large penis who often skips on PIV because his primary interest is satisfying me/doing a good job
>No weird fetishes thank god. Unless I count. Possibly that

>We autistically roleplay out some of the fiction stuff because we are completely shameless around one another
>We have the same identical insane sense of humor, almost every sentence is an inside joke
>Doesn't get squeamish about periods whatsoever
>Never argued, but when we have occasional conflicts of intention we clear it up immediately with graphs and shit
>I still catch him staring at me often
>Loves my big nose and weird unsexy body
>Married me as quickly as I'd let him, justifying it by saying that if he fell out of love with me or disappointed me badly enough divorce he would deserve everything that was coming for him
The weirdest part is that I hated him for years, thinking I could never have him. I bullied the shit out of this guy. But the opposite of love is not hate, I think; it's apathy, and I was just as psychotically obsessed with him as he seems to be with me. It's so weird, especially because he KNOWS I was an insane bitch for eons and still loved me anyway. I am so god damn lucky and I try every day to be the person he thinks I am.

No. 310332

happy to give head for 2+hrs without expecting reciprocity (just jerks off on me after usually lol)

No. 310335

Replying so late but Nonny what if he’s actually a feeder that’s nothing to brag about

No. 310354

Yeah what I hope she just means he likes her to eat what she wants and was making a joke cause…. Side eye(don't use emojis)

No. 310360

read the rules tiktokfag

No. 310415

>Can cook
>can clean
>is so nice to me but knows when to strike the balance of jokingly being mean to me (am weak for that kind of thing)
>holds doors open and other stuff like that for me
>taller than me
>can pick me up and lift something like 160lbs
>so respectful (never had that happen before)
>doesn't pressure me about sex and shit because he wants to wait for marriage
>lets me lay all over him like a lemur
>so nice and understanding when it comes to shit like my mental illnesses and chronic shit
>i can have intellectual and philosophical conversations with him without feeling like it's turning into an argument (except for that one time)
>will pay for shit because I'm a broke ass college student
>understands and is willing to wait for me to finish college and find a job in my field before having babies and shit
>holds me to high standards like he does for himself
>handy around the house (he works in a trade so that's to be expected)
>passionate!!!!! we were talking in his car and having dinner and to see him so passionate about what we were talking about, i literally felt myself falling more in love with him
>in the same vein as above but he's so intelligent and to be quite honest it's hard to connect intellectually with most people nowadays.

No. 310416

>Can cook
>can clean
>is so nice to me but knows when to strike the balance of jokingly being mean to me (am weak for that kind of thing)
>holds doors open and other stuff like that for me
>taller than me
>can pick me up and lift something like 160lbs
>so respectful (never had that happen before)
>doesn't pressure me about sex and shit because he wants to wait for marriage
>lets me lay all over him like a lemur
>so nice and understanding when it comes to shit like my mental illnesses and chronic shit
>i can have intellectual and philosophical conversations with him without feeling like it's turning into an argument (except for that one time)
>will pay for shit because I'm a broke ass college student
>understands and is willing to wait for me to finish college and find a job in my field before having babies and shit
>holds me to high standards like he does for himself
>handy around the house (he works in a trade so that's to be expected)
>passionate!!!!! we were talking in his car and having dinner and to see him so passionate about what we were talking about, i literally felt myself falling more in love with him
>in the same vein as above but he's so intelligent and to be quite honest it's hard to connect intellectually with most people nowadays.

No. 310666

> Is the main cook in the house. When I tell him I'm coming home from work, he prepares food so it's fresh when I arrive.
> Doesn't watch or look at porn. We often have discussions about how terrible it is for people's brains and how it ruins relationships and people's bodies. He also doesn't masturbate when he's horny and would rather wait until we have sex so it's more intense for both of us.
> Loves to see me get excited for dumb shit like salads and things I plan for us to do together.
> He's my workout partner. We lift weights together and he helps me keep my form.
> Is aware of my trauma and lets me know he's there for me. I'll let him know I'm experiencing uncomfortable symptoms and he'll suggest things we can do or reflect on the days surrounding the time to see if we can pinpoint why I could be feeling this way.
> Doesn't get angry when I say I'm not feeling up to doing something we planned. We figure out something else to do together instead.
> Lets me know how amazing I am and how grateful he is to have met me often
> Takes consideration into things I tell him I believe are important to us.
> We have savings accounts set to help us in our future when we get married and have children
> Already is doing things to prepare to having children. We talk often about what media we want to show to our children. He recently made a first aid kit with the main reason of us becoming parents in a few years. He asks me questions often on how we want to go about raising our children, like the topic of allowances and discipline.
> Family oriented. Despite him having a bad childhood being raised by his parents, he still tries to keep in contact with his father to catch him up on each other's lives on a weekly basis.
> Wise spender. Doesn't want to waste money on useless things. He'll try to DIY something or take it apart and fix it himself. He finds excitement in renovation.
> Very respectful of my belongings. He will call me or text me to let me know if he moved something of mine. He swears to never look into my purse, he says he has not done that ever the many years of his life and won't do it now even if I give him permission to grab something he's looking for that's in there. He'll bring my purse to me and let me fish it out for him.
> Not into trans ideology. We've spent hours discussing societal expectations of the sexes and how it correlates to the modern interpretation of gender and how it's just overall harmful and dehumanizing.
> Very communicative overall. I feel so comfortable telling him whatever is on my mind and any concerns I have regarding our relationship and our future. He's never gave me a feeling that he thinks I'm crazy, he understands where I'm coming from.
> Will clean up the house when I'm away so we can focus on spending time together instead. If there's a lot that needs to be done, he'll do one thing while I do another to get things done faster.

No. 312469

we're both gymfags and bulk together

No. 312525

i can go on and on and on about my love, but this is the most recent amazing thing he did.
>in LDR
>makes me go to the dentist for tooth pain, turns out i need to have a wisdom tooth extraction
>im insured but it barely covers the visit, let alone the surgery
>freaks out and cries to bf wondering how i can afford it
>bf says that he will pay for it
>he just wants to make sure i'm safe and alright.
>comes out to my town, day of surgery.
>gets a hotel room, buys me the food i can eat after surgery
>takes care of me after surgery
>im just in awe at this man, ask him why
>"Anon, you're my future wife. I want to take care of you and always have you be healthy and happy"

I'm about to cry. No one has ever treated me this kindly before. I am going to repay him back, somehow, but I just…I love him so much.

No. 313913

for some background info, my nigel is very effeminate to the point where most people assume he is gay when they first talk w him. i know its not everyones cup of tea but i think it has made him connect w women more.
just a couple stuff i like about him that arent the usual stuff like "he is a good listener". i like reading cliche stuff about u guys' bfs though, its cute to see how much anons love their partners.

>gives me drawings of my cat, me etc on random days.

>i know i cant make anons believe this but actually a feminist. believes women's precaution w men is justified and isnt offended by it. because he understands that most women have a reason to fear men.
>actual terf, says shit like "transwomen are an imitation of what the average guy thinks a woman is" and all the other cliche terf shit.
>genuinely believes im the smartest person he knows.
>puts up w my extreme moodiness from high-stress major/work, saying i put up w his clingy ass so me being moody and distant isnt a big deal for him. doesnt know i love his clingy ass.
>i never orgasmed from anything other than humping my pillow (cant even finish from masturbating by rubbing clit etc.). but sex with him is fun because he tries so hard each time. i literally never ask him for oral, he initiates it.
>always stops at sex when he "senses" im not having fun. even when i tell him its ok to continue until he finishes. he just stops and cuddles me and says he doesnt have to orgasm, it was fun either way.

No. 314833

My nigel is dumb and might have undiagnosed autism with the way he acts sometimes, but he’s the nicest guy I’ve met.
>Has cute nicknames for me, he enjoys when I call him some too.
>Massage therapist, gives me lots of massages.
>Enjoys cooking and cleaning for me, I offer to help but he insists on it.
>Spoils me with lots of gifts when the occasion for it arises. He tries to go all out.
>Hates hook-up culture and isn’t a man hoe. He didn’t sleep around before we met.
>Hates rape scenes in movies/shows and will go out of his way to avoid them.
>Will do anything to look nice for me, he has offered to wax for me for example.
>Very attractive, has the most stunning eyes. He does need to lose a little weight but he knows that and has been dieting and exercising. I don’t mind because his face is cute.
>Doesn’t have any female friends and has agreed not to make any. I think a guy having a lot of female friends is a red flag so this is ideal for me.
>Loves me unconditionally. He loves me for my personality and values. He’s said if I ever gained weight or anything, he wouldn’t stop loving me. No offense, he had some pretty ugly exes, so I believe him.
My first ex was pornsick to the point where he couldn’t ejaculate normally. He had to be rough to do so and it was very annoying how long it took. It put a damper on my confidence. My ex also trooned out and skinwalked me, so that tells you how broken he was. I’m so grateful that I have a healthy man now.
>Doesn’t watch porn, believes it rots your brain. I wish there was more reason behind it, but I’ll take what I can get.
>Doesn’t force sex and waits for me to initiate. I appreciate this because I hate sex pests and it’s such a turnoff being expected to do it. He doesn’t get offended if I change my mind or decline later. Consent is important.
>Gets hard just from a kiss, dirty talk, or seeing me in a nice dress. This is very different for me and I like it.
>Cums in minutes. He makes sure to please me first though and make me orgasm multiple times. Just the sound of me moaning will make him cum if he’s touching himself and listening to me.
>Really enjoys giving me oral. It’s his favorite thing to do. He has a thing for face sitting too.
>Doesn’t mind my kinks. I can tie him up if I want to and do other things I’m not gonna mention.
I do wish he was a little more suave or sexy, especially with his words, but you can’t have everything. I appreciate his kindness most of all and that’s why I love him. He’s not very dominant in bed, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. My ex was into abusive porn shit, so I’m glad I have a nigel that’s gentle and leans submissive. He’s dominant in that he’ll stand up for me and fight another scrote if he has to.

No. 316748

i am avery delusional and anxious girl at times. my nigel has a way of not engaging with my anxiety and delusional thoughts, but rather waiting calmly and showing me physical love until i calm down. i appreciate his patience a lot. i like that he lets me figure things out on my own. i sometimes find that talking with others can make my problems worse, and by him just doing things to distract me or calm me down, he helps me by not letting me spiral into verbal vomit. it's so nice to be reminded you're loved while being helped into a more stable and mature mindset

No. 318542

I feel like I don't deserve my nigel because I think he's such a catch lol.

>Never been this attracted to anyone in my life before

>Adorable manlet, fit body, perfect teeth, big dick
>Knows how to dance. Has done a lot of different physical activities (skiing, kick-boxing, yoga, climbing, to name the ones I'm aware of) and picks up on them easily
>Is a tradesman
>Very comfortable and secure in himself, zen-like aura
>Has common sense, anti-woke
>Not a slut or attention whore, was single for a long time before we met and has a low body count
>But knows how to fuck you good, best sex of my life
>Introverted but with normal social skills
>Respectful and easy to communicate with
>Is not frivolous with his money, but still generous towards me (even tho I can take care of myself, so it goes both ways)
>He was excited for me to meet his friends, family and also invited me along to meet his co-workers
>Both his mother and aunts are similar to me (a bit tomboyish), which makes me think we might be a good match
>Supports me and inspires me to better myself
>I feel like I also inspire him to do better. Sometimes I unintentionally neg him (from a place of love kek) and I can tell he takes it to heart
>Likes me despite my dorkiness, says I’m the funniest person he’s met

I don’t believe in finding your soulmate, but I feel like we could be together for a long time and there will always be something new and fun we can try together.

No. 318913

i was having a really difficult time sleeping once, couldn't stop moving and adjusting, and he cradled my head to his chest, kissed my forehead and stroked my hair and it fixed everything. he's the best, i am going to marry this man.

No. 319617

i love my boyfriend so much, he’s so sweet. i got stupidly fucked up last night and was really unwell with a hangover this morning, but without me even asking he got me my favourite tea and a bunch of rehydrating things, and just looked after me all day. i wasn’t doing well mentally either so he talked about all the things that he likes about me. we fight sometimes but he’s always so sweet and understanding (i’m usually the problem kek). he makes me feel like i’m not stupid. we haven’t been dating that long but i hope this lasts forever. it feels like we’re made for each other, he makes me want to be a better person

No. 321346

My nigel
>literally moved states to be with me
>doesn't watch porn since I asked him not to. he completely understood
>eats me out every time
>doesn't care at all that I was a sugar baby
>supports me in literally all my weird interests (of which there are MANY) and will encourage me to try all the new things I want to
>has literally told me that he considers me to be smarter than him
>supports whatever career I choose, even if it's to be a SAHM
>intervened when he saw a man slap his gf. the guy sucker punched him. he beat the guy's ass.
>has protected his sister from a psycho ex
>my mom LOVES him
>luscious hair
>typical sports-loving masculine man, but not the weird insecure "macho" type. never jealous, and just thinks it's funny when other guys try hitting on me
>has gotten a little pudgy but has been losing weight and just set up a home gym to work out in daily
>is going to be an amazing father
>always hypes me up no matter what style of clothing I'm wearing.
>lets me put my FREEZING toes on him
>literally scheduled 3 dates this week because I told him I was feeling depressed about how cooped up I was

I don't know what I did to deserve him honestly. I feel like I hit the jackpot.

No. 321347

I can't speak to the rest of the list but
>doesn't watch porn since I asked him not to. he completely understood
kek. not even trying to be a hater but it baffles me that women fall for this and then are always shocked when they find out he was lying. I hope your nigel is smart enough to hide the evidence well at least.

No. 321350

NTA but this is the nigel thread, it's literally a containment thread to safely brag about your bf. Learn to fucking integrate already and take your miserable drivel to another thread or gtfo.

No. 321352

I've had so many friends who bragged to me about their bf not watching porn after they told him not to, and every single one has later been devastated that he was watching it behind their backs. It's not "miserable drivel" to share common knowledge with less experienced women, although society at large does seem to label all warnings about moids that way so I'm not surprised. I'm not even trying to say he's a bad catch, the rest of him sounds really good and since all men will watch porn it's not like you can expect much better. I was just trying to temper anon's expectations on that particular front because I know it can be painful.

No. 321354

nta and i don't wanna shit up the thread, but I literally just found out my nigel watches porn(and has been lying about it), so this hit home

No. 321355

I'm sorry nonna.

No. 321358

This is not the thread for it

No. 321386


I'm this nonna and wanted to come back and say that he visits in person now and it's ten times better than it already was so I have more points to add

> so enamored with me I catch him gazing at me sometimes with the dumbest little smile

> mature and doting, we've still never argued, if there's ever anything up he softly opens up a discussion
> when we have had disagreements he admits (because we're both autistic) it takes a bit of time to process the whole picture but every time without fail he comes to you and has listened to you, he makes sure you feel heard and never wants to instantly apologize until he's taken in how you feel, I find this incredibly sweet when I've had exes who just downright refused to discuss issues or would immediately stonewall. I feel very safe with my Nigel
> surprises me when I least expect it with cute little drawings or gestures
> is just a big old himbo
> reboils the kettle until I wake up even if he's up first just to be able to get me coffee in bed
> thinks I'm the most beautiful person in the world and never stares or ogles other girls, and doesn't go weird when I comment on them being cute (I'm bi) and he has the same energy with men which is very sweet
> always knows what to say and reads my energy well, senses burnout before I do
> works in a job where there's lots of younger girls who lots of the other men fancy but only sees them like younger siblings and respects them, frowns upon and comments badly when the older men make any advances because they're like 18-20 and we're all 27+
> endearingly unable to lie but it means he's terrible at keeping surprises but this is also cute
> big and soft and beautiful
> supports lower energy days
> anything my abusive ex would do he tells me to never thank him for because he sees it as the bare minimum and bluntly comments that he never wants me to thank him for giving me the appreciation or shoulder that my exes would not
> gets on really well with his family
> when his antivaxx mother tried to ostracize me and blame his vaccination on me he stood up to her and broke her image of him as the autistic golden son just to be able to tell her to stop painting me as controlling just because she's convinced the vaccine will murder him (I respect her but yeah that's fun)
> incredibly funny without trying to be
> sort of an oddball but in ways that I really like and I'd never change that about him
> I guess we both sperg over the same things

No. 321619

cope and seethe, you bitter hag.
my nigel would have absolutely told me if he disagreed with my request. he's a very stubborn, but also very empathetic, man. if he thought it was unreasonable, or even disagreed a little bit, he would have instantly let me know his thoughts on the matter. he's an extremely trustworthy person. even before i asked him to stop watching porn, he thought it was revolting to go to a strip club or simp for e-thots

and i also know he doesn't watch it because his sexual behavior has totally changed

No. 321645

Lmfao, all right. I’m sure you’re right and that every other one of the thousands of women who were sure their moids would not watch porn, (like >>321354 even just now) were just not as smart and observant as you, and didn’t know their man as well as you.
The pattern of women calling other women who are trying to warn them of men’s common shared behavior patterns “bitter hags just jealous of what I have” is a centuries old pattern that apparently each successive generation of women finds impossible to shake until it happens to them, at which point the younger women call them the bitter jealous hags when they start pointing it out, and the cycle continues. You’ll remember our words when your Nigel eventually slips up and forgets to clear his browser history. Until then I’m sure you’ll continue to believe everyone trying to warn you were hags.

No. 321646

trufacts. Plus what about dignity. I wouldn't feel like a self respecting person sucking ice cream off the pavement of our society, even if I could brag about it and try to put other women down for not being manipulative enough to snag a nigel. I would probably feel a little negative about myself deep down for accepting the terms and conditions of society with just a whimper and a nod

No. 321665

>try to put other women down for not being manipulative enough to snag a nigel.
Not any of those anons but like, do you not realize that men have freewill? Anons in this thread aren't manipulative witches who are stealing away good men by brainwashing them. These men date the willingly. You're really weird for accusing a woman of manipulation because she wasn't scared to talk about her boundaries.

No. 321667

They have free will to set the behavioral standards for "what is dateable" make it very bimbo-fied and loli-fied plus caretaking centered etc etc. Women can mold their personalities to varying degrees to fit those archetypes and get showered with cheap praise and social validation when they do so. Or else contend with the criminal elements of male kind, incels, etc. Dating is objectively a pyramid scheme since only a relatively small percentage of men are dateable. That is why this entire thread comes off as incredibly smarmy bordering on sadistic.

But nice attempt to sound smart when you are really just trying to insult me and call me weird. Nothing of substance there.

No. 321669

You do realize the men who want lolis are incels, right? Dating isn't a pyramid scheme, you just hang out in 4chan and believe that those incels can actually find women willing to mold their whole life to date their unemployed ugly old incel asses. If that happened, there wouldn't be a thing called incels.

No. 321671

I'm >>321645 and even I don't see the direct connection between what you're talking about (although it's mostly true) and the OP post, it seems like a non sequitur to bring up here. All I wanted to say was calling other women hags for pointing out consistent patterns in male behavior is just a sad cycle that perpetuates women getting duped and it's better to know what you're getting into ahead of time with a moid.

No. 321672

I didn't reply to you, I replied to the anon that accused women in this thread of manipulating good men into dating them. She even admitted she's mad that only a small number of men are good and that other anons getting to date them are making her angry.
I do agree with your post though, a lot of men hide that stuff and anon calling you a hag was retarded because you're might be right.

No. 321673

nona i wasn't replying to you, i was replying to the same anon you were replying to, check the post again lol. But yeah I agree with your posts as well.

No. 321675

>You’ll remember our words when your Nigel eventually slips up and forgets to clear his browser history.
With incognito mode on every browser as well as privacy browsers and VPNs they don't even need to manually clear their browsing history. Your moid might be using a special browser just to watch porn that auto-clears its history whenever you close the tabs. I remember one woman bragging in the relationship thread about how she KNOWS her bf doesn't watch porn because she "checks the router" but you can easily hide your history from showing up on the router by using a VPN, which almost all men have now.

Men are definitely smart and tech savy enough to hide their degeneracy in a way that you will never discover it. Unless you are monitoring your man 24/7 then you don't know if he's watching porn or not and personally I would never trust a man who has access to seeing naked women getting fucked, the one single thing their brain most desires, at the simple click of a button on their magic porn machines to ever not take advantage of that.

Even if your scrote loves and respects you and agrees that watching porn is bad, the second he is ever angry at you and wants to get back at you for criticizing him or whatever he is going to go jerk off to porn to punish you and feel in control and power again.

No. 321679

mainstream female aesthetic, as well as all subcultural aesthetics are full of winks and nods to childhood and kewt little easter eggs of symbolic neoteny. Men have married women as children for ages and our collective social and sexual ritual still suggests that in every way. behavioral neoteny, shaming women for being average sized not objectively in a preteen childs range of size (which maintains sexual dimorphism.) Its goes on and on

wrong I don't care that much I just find this whole thread smells of cope and petty sadism and smugness to manage the lifestyle cope of being a hetero female in the first place. Like why are you advertising your boyfriend to random females online to begin with? Weird behavior. There is no point in bragging about it, although being asexual is a bit sad at least my personal and intellectual integrity is intact. Idk even if you found a unicorn completely by chance it is completely unhelpful to anyone else. Imagine if you won the lottery and started bragging about it on social media. Anyone would expect that to essentially just create problems and resentment. this thread is a gross honeypot of narcissism and pickmeism. If female socialization really does condense down to women endlessly agony aunting or otherwise mutually bragging about how great their boyfriends are.. just get me out of here. bye now.

No. 321681

fuck you fuck you fuck you, i hope your moids all cheat on you

No. 321708

I have literally met other moid coworkers who don't watch porn, and have said that they don't think other men should watch it either. The idea that "every other one of the thousands of women" were being lied to is literally just speculation.

There is no other reason to shit up the nigel bragging thread other than you being bitter about someone's nigel and wanting to ruin the thread.

this is the most annoying thing i see. when anyone is told that a man doesn't watch porn, people imagine that the wife is some nagging shrew who had to beg and plead his nigel into stopping and watches him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't slip up. like he's some kind of child who needs to be mommied

imagine writing an essay about how mad you are that other women are bragging about their nigels in a nigel bragging thread. i've also bragged about my career and other major milestones in my life. you just sound mad that other women are happy

No. 321710

kek you're literally in a Nigel thread saying that all scrotes are evil. i get you were hurt by shitty ones in the past (who hasn't been) but the entire point of this thread is that happiness is possible and not everyone has to deal with that petty bullshit

No. 321713

Now why’d you have to have an insane sperg out meltdown and make us reasonable man haters look crazy

No. 321715

>"I don't care that much
>writes an essay

No. 321717

NTA but there's numerous instances in the relationship advice threads and vent threads where anons caught their anti-porn nigels with porn, it's not really speculation.

No. 321719

>he doesn’t watch p*rn
>I know this because he told me so
The jokes write themselves

No. 321720

We need a thread for boyfriends with thicc pecorinos and puffy pink nippers. Stfu about his career and post cock for me to rate

No. 321722

Sorry but men who say they don't watch porn are liars. There is nothing in this world that men desire more than seeing as many women as possible naked and technology has made this possible for them as the simple click of a button. You think your scrote is different and will act against his biological instinct? No.

Men who say they "don't watch porn" either full on lie or they try to skirt the rules and definitions of what porn are and they thing going on 4chans /gif/ to jerk off to gifs does not count as porn or that pictures don't count as porn and ofc hentai is not porn cause its drawings and art. They don't go on redtube to watch interracial gangbangs and instead jerk off to cosplay whores or Tiktok dances and think that doesn't count and they are morally pure and can preach at other scrotes.

Men will find a way to see women who are not you naked. It's the only thing in life that truly motivates them to get up in the morning.

No. 321723

I recently watched a clip from a podcast of two men talking about their masturbation habits and how they can't wait for their wife to leave the house to go grocery shopping or pick up the kids and they will literally look out the window to watch her pull out of the driveway so they can make sure she is gone so they can sit down and watch porn and jerk off. This is the highlight of their day that they look forward to. Of course their wives also think they don't watch porn and I guess they don't listen to the podcast either.

Men know it's wrong. They know their partners would be upset if they found out. They literally act like criminals covering up a crime and I think that's actually part of the thrill for them. I'm convinced men who claim they don't watch porn just have a fetish for doing it in secret/almost getting caught etc. Like I have read on 4chan that some men will be upstairs jerking off and call for their mom/wife to come upstairs and try to coom before they come up cause the danger of getting caught excites them. The only thing you are doing by telling your man you are against watching porn is making him develop a fetish for hiding it from you.

No. 321726

Stop going on 4chan and hanging out with incels. This isn't the vent, off my chest or things I hate thread. Stop derailing this thread because some dude in 4chan decided he'd rather jerk off than talk to you.

No. 321727

Truth hurts.

No. 321728

Conveniently going to ignore the part about the married men I guess.

No. 321730

all you're doing is repeating degen moid rhetoric. just like when they say they "can't help but cheat" and are "wired to be polygamous" and are "more visual than women". they're not retarded children, and im sorry you've only dated those types

No. 321731

yeah and i've seen andrew tate talk. guess all moids are like him, because i'm a gullible retard

No. 321732

and there's numerous instances where they're not. but i guess conveniently forgetting that helps you feel more smug in the Nigel thread

No. 321734

Your moid is probably jerking off right now while you whiteknight him, kek.

No. 321735

Your moid is probably jerking off right now while you whiteknight him, kek.

No. 321736

Your moid is probably jerking off to porn right now while you whiteknight him, kek.

No. 321737

Your moid is probably jerking off to porn right now while you whiteknight him, kek.

No. 321738

i'm a NEET who is legitimately with my bf from waking until sleeping every day. we literally even have computers right next to each other, and pretty much go everywhere together. hell, just about every time we take a shit, we do it with the door open because the bathroom is so small that it kind of hits your knees to close it. if he watched porn, i would know it.

No. 321739

whatever helps you cope anon

No. 321741

hope that someday you find someone who respects you anon <3

No. 321743

Is he seeing this thread right now?

No. 321747

interesting, sorta confirms my theory that all these hardcore nigel defenders are newfags unaccustomed to lc culture

No. 321749

>can't recognize sarcasm
are you sure they're the newfag?

he knows i use LC but isn't breathing over my shoulder and reading everything i type, so kind of.

No. 321752

Ignore the faggots trying to project their own insecurities and failed relationships on you. Post more nigel brags to infuriate them

No. 321753

kek no way, the newfag still doesn't know what rule she broke and is calling others newfags. No one tell her

No. 321754

No. 321755

yes, the emote rule. i guess the infighting rule is fine to break because you're exceptional. now shut up and post nigels

No. 321756

kek that still qualifies but any old retarded scrote can lift heavy things

No. 321758


No. 321805

Your moid is probably jerking off to porn right now while you whiteknight him, kek.

No. 321830

It posted 3 times in a couple seconds because it's a issue with the website, you dumb newfag

No. 322318

This is my first nigel after getting a divorce and I genuinely am getting used to being respected again. Don't care if it's bare minimum, I'm grateful for it. It's funny I always thought dating an autistic moid would be hell but this pairs well with my ADHD and sensory problems.

>plans fun dates like nature walks, coffee shops, antiquing, and aesthetic restaurants

>created a comfy corner for me at his apartment with heavy blankets and pillows for when I get sensory overloads
>enjoys the fact I'm a TERF, since he's one too. Peaked way before we even met.
>loves horror gaming and farming sim games like me
>wholesome grandpa vibes even though we're the same age
>loves to cook meals for me from his handwritten recipe book

No. 323684

my nigel bought me some period underwear and now we're going to drink milkshakes and eat cake and sweets while I watch him play shitty rogue like games because they help me nap. he's so sweet on my period, even cleaned the whole house and walked the dogs for us so I can stay in bed all day

No. 323786

File: 1682520702617.jpg (132.54 KB, 1024x802, gettyimages-AA036832-1024x1024…)

I like solving crossword puzzles from time to time, and got my nigel hooked on them this easter. now he wants to solve crosswords together every weekend and really enjoy it as a shared activity kek. my vocabulary is better than his, so sometimes i'll see obvious solutions but wait for him catch on just so he can feel accomplished. he's gotten a lot better since we started. i hope we can keep this going for as long as we still think it's fun. he's a joy to be with.

No. 323790

I'm a crossword aficionado too!
You could play Scrabble together, that's what we do

No. 323791

>Just so he can feel accomplished
Cucking yourself so an illiterate retard can feel better. Couldn't be me

No. 323797

File: 1682523608950.jpg (19.4 KB, 513x597, 6daca336b18f2bf8802ebd6ae6be7d…)

No. 323800

you're probably right, but why would you admit it even anonymously?

No. 323832

don't lash out over one silly dumb sappy little thing anon has with her boyfriend, it's completely harmless

No. 325879

My Nigel has a million stellar qualities but my favorite brag quality is his sexy arms and the fact that he eats pussy like a champ, literally never fails to make me cum. Also he's hated porn since he was a little boy because one of the moids in his class showed him a video and it freaked him out, so he's literally an unsoiled Purechad (and yes ofc I sussed this out before revealing any of my personal beliefs, I actually led him to believe I was okay with porn when we were just friends) and I believe this is one of the reasons why he's so good at sex. Before him I never understood why any woman would want to have sex with a man just for pure enjoyment and not only to "show love" or "make him happy". Don't get me wrong I love the love and he's a 10/10 partner, but also he's hot as fuck and makes me bust, Id love him for sex alone he makes me feel like a horny moid (in the best way) kek. If you aren't like this about your moid hes probably shit at sex or the chemistry is off, I highly recommend waiting til you find a morally solid moid who can also fuck. If you can't, just be single, it's not worth the eventual DB.

No. 325953

He supported and stuck beside me during the worst time of my life. He's consistently made me feel attractive and wanted over the last 9 years despite weight fluctuations and health conditions. Intimacy gets better and better. His hairline is exactly the same at 24 as it is at 34.

No. 325974

Based. I am so happy for you.

No. 326023

I've been explaining to my ex in detail how I'm getting fucked by my new nigel.

Idk. I might not be over him, knowing he's fuming is cathartic.

No. 326188

?? I'm curious (about the whole thing), but how was there an opening for this talk?

No. 326443

Damn nonna I practically could've written that post. I can absolutely relate to how great it feels to have a non coombrained nigel.
With this guy I also feel like if anything I'm the one sexualizing him more, ogling his body and feeling him up all the time, generally being a horny fuck about him. Comparing him to other moids it's insane how much porn ruined their character and sexual qualities, even in small amounts. I now know what genuine sexual connection feels like and I can never go back.

No. 326974

Samefag, back again to gush about my nigel.

I recently learned that I sometimes yelp in my sleep and will start mumbling. My bf is a light sleeper so he woke up to my nonsense. To help calm me down, he will hold me and start rubbing my head and telling me how much he loves me.

Right now we are planning to take a big trip to Europe in the winter. I think he may propose then. Crying rn.

No. 329433

File: 1684474266266.jpeg (75.79 KB, 1000x714, FwVAY0kaMAEQ-FN.jpeg)

I love my boyfriend so much, he is so cute and handsome and caring I just keep thinking of all these small things he has done during our time together and the love just bubbles upwards
He talks in his sleep sometimes and one night we were sleeping, snuggling, he moved around so I moved myself off of him in case he needed breathing space, and he started mumbling something and said "i still want to cuddle" and my heart melted right there. he didn't remember saying that when i brought it up, that was all his sleeping self that night.
I would love to marry him, we have grazed the topic before and are on the same page, so one day hopefully we will. he shares so many life interests that are very specific and i think myself so lucky we crossed paths. I hope i could be so lucky to spend my life with him by my side

No. 331209

I'm in the most shitheel mood today and I'm being so obnoxious that even my mom isn't replying to texts anymore. My husband is in the kitchen making us lunch. He hand washed the cooking pots I've been putting off and earlier he went and bought my favorite kind of cake, and strawberries to put on it. It's not my birthday, I'm just being a monster.

Sometimes when I'm like this, him trying to make it better makes me feel even worse because I don't deserve it. It's not like I do the same for him when he's like this because he is never like this. If he was I wouldn't stay. But he stays. I think it's because I'm his first love and he has never had to recover from heartbreak before. I don't know if that's being unfair to him, to me it's just a logical explanation.

I keep thinking that if I die, I hope he does fall in love again, but this time with someone who deserves his love and care. I'm not going to give him up while I'm alive though. I may not deserve it but too bad, it's mine.

No. 333187

My boyfriend is amazing and everything I could've asked for.
>loves me unconditionally
>holds open all doors, gets the car door too
>buys everything, if he sees something I like or mention, he secretly goes out his way to buy it for me
>flowers each time he sees me (even though we live together)
>carries me so my shoes don't get dirty if it's messy or gross out
>ties and does up my shoes for me, doesn't let me bend down
>always tells me how beautiful I am and how much he misses me, always messages me things that remind him of me
>is great with family and kids, not socially awkward at all
>always tells me he wants me to be the mother of his children, and that he loves me deeply
>stares into my eyes for hours without saying anything to each other
>tells me I'm always meant to be treated like a princess, and that he would do anything I ask (true)

The only reason we're not engaged yet is because he knows I don't want to get engaged until 2 or so years. He tells me he wants to very badly almost everyday/often and I always reassure him that I want to as well. ((But he always reassures me he will respect my wishes. (I just want to wait a little))

But we were making love (he always calls it making love, not sex nor 'fucking') and he's so erotic and beautiful, he was whispering in my ears about how much he loves me and how he wants to be with me forever and ever, and how I am the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and how he wants me to be the mother of his children and that he'll love for me forever and ever, no matter. And that he'd do anything for me. Was calling me his last name. Hehe.

My man's is sooo in love with me, it's crazy. I didn't know love like this existed. Wow. And he's a solid 10/10 too. Ugh, nonnies, I'm so in love.

(Ps. I was also the nona posting in the irl husbondos thread so thank you to the nonnie who led me to this thread)

No. 333188

I love my boyfriend we met last year and just clicked instantly and have been pretty inseparable apart from work and family/friends. We both met in our 30s. He's so good to me nonas, I was single for a long time and I was being told I deserve to find a gentleman that will dote on me and have a bit of money kek. And luckily the universe put us both in each others path. He dotes on me. He plays with my hair and strokes my face gently when we're watching TV. He rubs my feet without asking. He does so many little affectionate things and he makes it effortless. He cooks and cleans He's lived by himself with his little cute cat for over a decade. He paints and he fixes things. I mentioned in passing about a fixture I needed replaced and he had the part ordered for the next day and came round to fit it then went around my apartment and noted other things he wanted to fix for me. He's just so sweet and caring. He treats his cat like a princess I have no idea how I found him single, tall, handsome and childless in his 30s. I'm never playing the lottery I've used up all my luck.

No. 333199

File: 1685900457006.jpeg (101.12 KB, 1080x1000, 9339BFBF-08E4-48DB-B33E-244329…)

My Nigel’s biggest positive is that he was raised by a single mom since like 4 and had no shitty toxic dad to imprint on him, like many men have.

He’s still a man and imperfect but he’s a great one. Very patient. Has never insulted me in 4 years, even in our worst arguments. Great communicator. Loves to cook and is AMAZING at it. Frequently compliments me and showers me with affection. Likes to go to places like museums and trying new restaurants with me. Does zero drugs and only drinks on special occasions (I’m normally fine with weed smoking but it’s been cool to be with someone who doesn’t). Drives me everywhere. 30 and still has all his hair kek. Has nice friends and family, no toxicity or shady bad influences.

No. 333294

>Renovating his house to suit my specific needs/wants
>Started with the kitchen, because of how much I love to cook/bake
>So appreciative of my cooking. He follows me around in the kitchen while I cook, kissing my neck and hugging me and telling me how good everything smells
>Every time I make him something new he says "This is literally the best (insert dish here) I have ever had"
>"No you cooked everything, I'm going to do the dishes. Sit down"
>Got me all new appliances and cookware when I moved in with him
>I'm an artist and he's always offering to support my art hobbies
>Says he'll buy or build me anything I need, just built me a frame from rug making, offered to get me a Glowforge
>Is in the process of building me my dream garden, with a greenhouse
>Doesn't watch porn, decided he didn't like it in his teens
>Was a virgin when I met him, by choice, he said he didn't want to have sex with someone he couldn't see himself marrying. Wouldn't have sex with me for months until he knew for sure he had strong feelings about me
>I drink cold brew every morning, and he's secretly been researching different types of coffees to surprise me with a cold brew maker and a sampling of coffee types
>We both work from home. He's equally supportive of me continuing to work as he is me quitting my job to raise kids one day
>Taking me to Japan this Fall
>Mention being sad I no longer have a cat, since mine passed. Tell him I miss the energy cats bring into the house (he already has a dog that I do still love very much)
>He starts researching cat care so we can go look at cats soon
>Willing to put my name on his house when we're married, 0 pushback on this

The only thing I need now is a proposal, and I am so set for life. The only downside is that I've become so obsessed with this man, if he ever cheats or something I truly won't ever recover. I would never come back from that and it terrifies me to think about

No. 333425

I love calling my boyfriend "poop" or "my little poop" affectionately, am I the only one?

No. 333429

Take it to the dumbass shit thread in /ot/

No. 333458

yeah and if i posted in the dumbass shit thread they'd say "we don't care about your nigel"

No. 334672

I do this too except the names get lovingly worse and I wait for him to object to it but he answers every time.

No. 334801

What are you on, now?

No. 338285

I've been single for over a decade so I'm excited and want to brag about my Nigel because it's different for me and I really appreciate it
>Compliments me all the time
>Remembers random things and favorites I say and incorporates them into some kind of compliment about me
>Several years younger than I
>Fiscally responsible and works a ton of overtime
>Looks at me in a way that makes me feel special
>Said he worked as a bouncer for a womens bodybuilding event and never did it again because he felt uncomfortable looking at the women and felt it was a fetish event
>Has cool hobbies
>Hates Marvel and never connected with superheros
>Got me an expensive birthday present despite dating for 2 months
He's great

No. 338298

that's really nice, enjoy

No. 338382

My bf is so genuinely sweet it almost makes me feel guilty sometimes.
A couple months ago was our 6 month "anniversary" and he got me a gift that was so incredibly thoughtful, I don't want to be too specific on here but basically he made most of it himself which clearly took a lot of time and it involved a ton of really personal memories we made together. I seriously cried when I read the letter he wrote me along with the gift, it was so heartfelt, and I don't cry very easily.
… meanwhile I hadn't even realized that it was our half year anniversary and didn't prepare anything for him. We never discussed it beforehand so it's not like there were any expectations, but still, I wish I'd thought of something like that. He didn't make me feel bad about not having anything in return at all either, it was just a genuinely loving and selfless gesture that makes me very thankful to have him. It's because of things like these that I'm all the more excited to put in effort to make him as happy as he makes me.

No. 339024

File: 1688561700698.jpg (180.75 KB, 1280x1164, photo_2023-07-05_14-53-39.jpg)

This man can cook and bake, no question. The best chocolate cake i've ever had

No. 339052

Only post I respect in this entire thread.

No. 339709

>6'5, runway model, in vogue
>scouted for prada, walked for comme des garcon
>cooks me delicious burgers
>is extremely nice
>beautiful physique and face
>has decent job
>we have sex 5x a day when we see each other
>we are compatible in every way
>wants to wife me up
>very affectionate and in love with me

never thought this could happen to me. how and why is a beautiful man obsessed with me

No. 340040

My boyfriend is the only person I've met who's fully accepting of me. I highly suspect I'm autistic but my family refused to get me assessed so I never got a diagnosis, but whether I'm autistic or not I'm so happy that I can just be myself around him. I'm not scared that if I act too much… like myself that he'll think I'm a weirdo. I can let down the mask I've been building my entire life around him and fiddle with my hands, infodump, point out random cool things I see on our walks, be silent when I feel like I can't talk, and everything else I felt forced to suppress because I thought it was my responsibility to fix my flaws. But he doesn't think they're flaws! He really loves me and accepts me for who I am more than I ever thought possible. I thought I was unlovable. But we're in love and I've never been happier.

No. 340047

I envy you anon kek, enjoy.

No. 340052

how did you two meet

No. 340541

Good for you nonna, happy for you

No. 340650

My boyfriend is so cute. He shyly asked me if we could make love tomorrow while we were eating lunch together in the park after saying I look irresistible with my new hair. I’m so attracted to him and it took everything in me not to jump him right then and there lol. It’s really cute and sweet to me that he calls it making love, it feels so romantic and charming.

No. 340651

that is so sweet nona

No. 342570

File: 1690670946516.gif (679.01 KB, 375x498, 1680705284373582.gif)

>loves me for me
>completely understands my autism and other mental health problems
>is always calm and rational about everything, never gets angry at or because of me
>shares all my interests and wants me to sperg out about them/will help me with them (he especially likes that I'm a woman who is interested in/can use computers as well as I can)
>shares my values and sense of humour
>feels like we've known each other forever
>is a cat person
>we hit off immediately, feels like I can tell him everything no matter how mundane or distressing
>always supports me when I'm having a depresso espresso
>knows exactly how to tease me into a melted puddle and make me feel valued (just yesterday he randomly gave me a flower when we were playing minecraft together)
>has called me his dream girl
>genuinely wants me to be happy and secure
>I motivate him to be a better person
>everything about him should be a red flag but he constantly proves me wrong
>we've both had unhealthy relationships in the past and this time we want to do it right
it's LDR e-dating right now (inb4 whining) BUT
>is seriously considering immigrating to my country once the circumstances are right
>isn't afraid at all to introduce himself to my extremely overprotective parents
>can cook and bake
>is very good with kids
>works from home, lives on his own
>wouldn't ever make me go to work (have been NEET for a decade)

No. 342572

>tease me into a melted puddle and makes me feel valued
>giving me a flower in minecraft
This is a bait post but this part was particularly funny

No. 342573

>it's LDR e-dating
Kek i knew from the start. This isn't the right thread for you though.
Also why the fuck are you NEETing and discorddating men? Why not just get a real job and a real bf?

No. 342973

File: 1691008440819.jpg (262.91 KB, 1052x1261, Pandora (1).jpg)

my boyfriend got me two ragdoll kittens for my birthday and I am so in love with them, this is the girl!!

No. 343987

File: 1691657431166.jpg (107.62 KB, 780x1040, img_1_1689971324423.jpg)

>be relentlessly, violently abused and gaslit for 5 years despite worshipping and spoiling him
>assume all men are like this or have equivalent issues

>meet bf

>broadly a 10/10
>6'5 runway model, walked for comme des garcon, featured in vogue
>we both suffer the same pathology
>he's obsessed with me
>kind, never loses temper
>we are compatible in every way
>dotes on me
>beautiful person
>has a decent job & friends
>wants marriage and kids, would still love me if i got fat
>not ran thru, not addicted to porn
>family & friends love him

didnt think blokes like this existed. no doubts in my mind about him

No. 344697

My bf added me as an authorized user to his bank account and got me my own card

No. 344709

Good for you nonna, you deserve the best and I'm glad you found happiness after going through so much pain. Your man sounds like a catch and I hope everything will continue to work out for you!

No. 344924

Nothing turns my boyfriend on more than when he feels close to me emotionally and it's the cutest thing ever. One time I was leaving his apartment after we had a really fun day together so I was thanking him for all the fun things we did and giving him a kiss for each one (like "thanks for going to the park with me kiss and taking me out kiss etc.) and his breathing got heavy and I looked down and he was rock hard just from me recounting all the fun we had that day. Idk it's just cute to me that nothing gets him going more than being romantic.

No. 344957

Based nonna. This is what you deserve, the best.
You're both so cute and adorable.

No. 345273

File: 1692371302153.gif (653.16 KB, 220x212, weeee.gif)

had oral surgery recently.

>drove me to and from surgery

>bought me a milkshake on the way home
>spent all day with me keeping me company and making sure I'm okay
>changed my gauze for me, made sure I was taking all my pills at the right time
>brought me water and anything I needed/wanted
>told me he thought I was cute even with a mouth full of bloody gauze and wearing one of those cold pack things around my head
>helped me walk the first couple hours when I was still having a hard time
>cuddled and napped with me making sure I was comfortable
>basically was my extremely handsome nurse all day

No. 345921

My new bf is muscular, handsome, natural blond with blue eyes, cooks, cleans, is handy, loves animals, makes me laugh. I also love how he's so self improvement minded my ex was so blah and set in his ways. My new bf is constantly improving and when I say I want to do something he gives me feedback and advice and support. He is romantic too and really likes being "the man" for me. He calls me sweet (myname) and it makes my heart go doki doki. He really likes deep discussions too we can just sit and talk about social dynamics and psychology for hours. Also the sex is off the hook I haven't experienced such passion in my life ever shit feels like a romance novel

No. 345938


No. 345940

Nuh uh

No. 345943

kek why say that

No. 345950

Because nona is jealous and only used to scrotes treating her like shit therefore every man who's normal is gay to her

No. 345989

>husband eats me out all the time, even when he doesn’t need to or I want to return the favor, he doesn’t allow me to sometimes and just wants to eat me out and fuck me
>cooks everything for me and is actually a great cook
>involves me in the stuff that he likes and shows me videos and game related things
>genuinely loves me and buys all the food and pays for when we go out for everything
>never was pornsick and doesn’t like porn and finds it exploitative and gross
>has a great relationship with his mother and respects women

there’s hope nonnas

No. 345991

genuinely so happy to hear that there are some decent men out there. legitimately happy for everyone in this thread and know that you all deserve it. things aren’t always fucked

No. 346604

This is just to send a little hope out there and because my mom is coming to visit which reminded me. I’m so lucky that my Nigel loves to cook. If I mention I’m hungry he goes and makes me something. If I mention I’m craving something he’ll go and make it. If I’m playing vidya and forget to eat he’ll make me finger food and leave it nearby. When my mom came to visit and we were engrossed in a crafting session he made us burgers and served us with napkins and drinks, the whole bit, then promptly left because he didn’t want to interrupt our bonding. He goes out of his way to learn how to make what I like even if he can’t eat it. He says he feels accomplished and good about himself when he can provide for me and since he can’t go out hunting wooly mammoths this is the best next thing.

No. 346633

Every older woman who knows him thinks he is so kind and helpful. Every decision seems to have me in mind. Sex only gets better every year. He's the most attractive man I see irl on a regular basis.

No. 346670

and everyone on the bus clapped kek

No. 346702

my boyfriend has been fucking me so good lately and doing lots of new foreplay stuff that drives me wild since I never really experimented before. I have vaginismus which made me anxious about any PiV but he’s so patient and tries to make me orgasm multiple times which makes everything so much easier and less painful. I’ve never loved and craved sex this much after being in other shitty relationships, I’m horny almost every fucking day and I kinda feel like a coomer but in a loving comfortable way. Not that sex is the only good part about him but I have to swoon about it because I’m ovulating.

No. 346735

It's fake until she tells us his name.

No. 346814

I'm not exactly happy with my husband for a few reasons rn so I'm gonna try to focus on the good stuff

> He rubs my head/feet/back without me asking him to, and even though at first he rubbed too hard he has learned to be gentle

> He's terrible at keeping surprises a secret, so he always tells me when he buys me cute little gifts and it's adorable
> He is well educated and ambitious at work and at home
> He's not a great cook but if he knows I've had a rough day he'll cook dinner for us
> When I told him he had a porn addiction, he actually listened and cut down his porn consumption drastically
> Says the most ridiculous, hilarious stuff to make me laugh
> Accepts me and loves me even though I have gained weight and I'm not his type
> Supports my weight loss and self-improvement efforts
> Encourages me to work harder at work and school
> He supports me financially when I need it
> He is super attractive and way out of my league

No. 346815

You're in a shitty relationship with a low value coomer and you should dump him immediately. It's depressing enough reading your post imagine living it.
Don't waste your whole life on him.

No. 346819

>I'm not exactly happy with my husband for a few reasons

Understatement of the decade, your life is pure trash. Dump that scrote, you're better off a polilez than with a NVM.

No. 346828

Depressing read nonna, kick him out and get a life

No. 346832

Your self-esteem is shot to hell Nona. Your husband:

Watches pornography
Not attracted to you and lets you know it
Probably nagged you to lose weight
Hasn’t bothered to learn cooking and made you think cooking is an occasional indulgence
Only conditionally supports you financially
Gives shit massages

No. 346833

>He's not a great cook but if he knows I've had a rough day he'll cook dinner for us
This line is the perfect representation of men actively underperforming in their relationships while getting applauded for it by their gfs.

No. 346834

this won't end well.

No. 346835

My nigel is a neet and I'm a recovering one. The world wants us apart I'm aware, whats considered a "red flag" is such a fucking psy op for entering abusive relationships. He is the sweetest, most loyal, generous, creative guy I have ever met. I'm supposed to want the alternative? A career driven fag who needs a second mommy to clean up after him and resents me for lacking ambition? Been there done that. No thanks, I don't give a damn

No. 346836


No. 346837

I'm not trying to be catty but there's a middle ground between "overly ambitious and resentful" and "does.nothing and makes no momey". Don't you want to be with a guy with whom you can purchase property in the future and who has the means to support you financially in case your income dries up? I'd find it purely from a financial security perspective an undesireable position to be in. Unless he has an alternative source of income?

No. 346838

Thanks for not being catty I do appreciate it. He's an artist, income is scarce but it does exist. Financial security in my country doesn't really exist anyway unless you're lucky enough to be born into it. He was more so than I.

No. 346841

i lorb my nigel <3(<3)

No. 346857

This is what pure copium looks like, whew

No. 346911

My grandma always says there's more to making a relationship work than "love" and she was talk about money lol.
I hope your Nigel pulls through if both of you ever run into some financial trouble

No. 346916

File: 1693430297205.jpg (417.92 KB, 2048x1804, 1899998257-IMG-20220921-WA0008…)

It takes ages for me to orgasm but my nigel gives me the best cunnilingus ever!!

No. 346917

I'm sure you look great and he's not out of your league, you sound like you have low self esteem, please love yourself. You're cooking each day for this person and helping him try to overcome his addiction of jerking off to other women with you knowing about it. Would he cook every day and be fine with you having an addiction to mastuebating to huge dicled men? I don't think so. Please learn your value, I'm not telling you to leave him right now but I'd advise you theraphy for your self esteem issues, you deserve better.

No. 346938

nta but do you just come in here to shit on other nonna's nigels or something lmao you sound so fucking bitter

No. 346940

ntayrt but the OP's husband is not a nigel at all. she literally admitted that she's unhappy with him.

No. 346971

File: 1693478501791.png (976.51 KB, 1199x970, image_2023-08-31_064426036.png)


>1.5 years together.

>Fully obsessed with me, he sees me as his perfect partner and daily boosts my self-esteem.

>Traveled overseas to see me without any hesitation. I did everything so I moved in with him.

>Wants to marry.

>Not a manwhore.

>Hot, goes to the gym daily, takes care of himself, knows how to choose proper clothes and perfume. Asks me for a fashion advise and seeks MY validation.

>Charms every person he talks to. The majority of people he talks to are obsessed with him, literally crave his attention. Has a huge charisma and knowledge of people.

>Perfect listening skills and good social intelligence. Listens to me whenever I complain about anything.

>3.9 GPA in BS Biology, had published research while still studying.

>Used to be a millionaire, now still makes a lot. Works his ass off for our future.

>Cares about my opinions on anything.

>Takes responsibility over my fuck ups. Helps me not to fuck up more.

>Wrote me cute notes when we had LDR.

>Fully supports my IT career. Helps me with studying when he has some work free time.

>Got me a second monitor for coding without me asking, brings me matcha mid study sessions.

>Has a huge interest in my art hobby. Gives advice and seems genuinely excited about my art/OCs.

>Perfect in bed, makes sure I cum every time, enjoys eating pussy.

>Makes small gifts randomly without me asking. Got anime figure after I mentioned I like some character.

>Spent around 6k on jewellery for me within first year of relationships.


>Organises cute dates for us.

>My parents adore him.

>When I was lonely, got me back together with an old girl friend that I cut contacts with because of some misunderstanding in the past. Encourages me not to be a loner and helps with finding friends.

>Takes care of my chronic illness, brings me daily pills and makes sure I'm healthy. Worries if something hurts.

>My physical type.

>Hot manly shoulders and hands.

>Has the most rational beliefs.

>Highly rational person overall. Cold in business and emotionless with money but adorable around me.

>Wakes me up with kisses every time.

>Orders food if I'm tired and can't cook. Never forces me to do choirs if I'm tired.

No. 347091

Thank you, nonna. I understand where everyone else was coming from but your comment was the only one not saying I should just drop him. He has his flaws, but so do I and we love each other. We had a long talk about everything last night and I'm hopeful.
Thanks for your kindness

No. 347092

Didn't shit on him, wtf. I just said that she's enough and she's doing a lot for him and that she deserves appreciation.
Some of you literally lose your shit whenever any of us compliment or tell a woman she's doing more than enough.

No. 347093

I hope it gets better for both of you, anon. You seem very sweet.

No. 347099

Are you new? It's pretty obvious that a nigel needs to be basically perfect if you want to post him here and not get dogpiled for it. The thread is literally labeled as being for bragging, not for copium.

No. 347386

>Tall muscular blonde green/blue eyed Adonis
>Practically a virgin
>Cute, wholesome, funny and romantic like Alistair, but can flirt and tease like Zevran
>Cutest and hottest way of smiling
>Obsessed with giving me orgasms, keeps getting me off even after he has gotten off already. He centers everything around my pleasure, without being a submissive faggot about it
>He thinks it's hot and funny when I call him a walking dildo or a piece of meat
>Lets me do whatever I want to him and does whatever I request, even if he first teases me about it
>Wears things to be even hotter to me
>lets me put him in cosplay
>More romantic than me, loves romantic movies and doing lovey dovey stuff
>Says sorry easily and always takes responsibility
>Good listener and empathetic
>Very accommodating and wants to make me happy
>Said early on that he thinks I'm the One and that he wants to marry me
>Good at fixing things, resourceful
>Hard worker, but also makes sure to have time for gym, studying, playing instruments, family and me
>High regular and emotional intelligence
>Anti porn, but he did read erotica. Even kinda against nudity in movies
>Have deep discussions about psychology, ethics and morality
>Gives helpful advice and support, gets really into it
>In touch with his emotions, stoic when necessary, but does fairly easily open up
>Good with kids and animals

No. 347507

I appreciate my nigel for being a good father to my daughter. Everytime I see him hug her or tickle her I almost want to cry. Such simple actions but I love seeing my daughter get the fatherly affection I never had.

No. 351840



>does all housework unprompted

>clean & fragrant
>values tidiness and order
>we are always thinking the same thing
>we have sex up to 6x per day
>would do anything for me
>is saving for a flat because i told him to

No. 353854

I love sending my nigel on fetch quests. When I ask him to get me an object or complete a task (like fill up my water bottle or grab my hamsters food bowl so I can make hammy din din) he does so with a "right away!" attitude. It seems like it pleases both of us. I'm happy because he's completing an act of service out of kindness and wanting to make my life easier, and he is happy because he makes me happy. Idk, just something sweet I noticed about him.

No. 353857

File: 1697772317260.jpg (26.58 KB, 720x405, Tumblr_l_3439677827176934.jpg)

i swear its always the little things that make me smile. like when he grabs my bags for me, picks up the food we ordered to our table, refills my drinks, holds my heavy textbooks for me whenever we go to the campus library. i don't ask him to but he does so anyway. his presence alone wipes out all anxieties i had during the day. i grew up pretty neglected and very use to having to do everything myself. having someone do even the smallest of tasks to make it more convenient for me, brings me a sense of joy i wasnt capable of.

No. 353858

That's really cute nona

No. 353865

God. Father. lord of lords, king of kings. I see what you have done for others in this world.

No. 353892

My nigel bought me a headset and an ssd so we can play video games together when we are apart

No. 354972

File: 1698220182716.jpg (35.43 KB, 659x742, tumblr_0efbf3add99ea92bf7d101f…)

He's nice and fun in many generic ways but I want to mention a niche thing. Not nsfw but spoiler for weird story about body hair
I have trichotillomania (mental issue that makes me stupidly compelled to pull out hair), I'm lucky in that I'm mostly fixated on body hair and not head hair but it's still not great because I can get really obsessed and blunt with it and damage my skin. My legs are covered in dozens of tiny circular cuts and scars which is kinda gross and diseased looking.
My bf was concerned that I got injured when he saw but once I explained it he wasn't judgmental at all, he didn't act disgusted or like I'm a freak. Instead, if I got into a compulsive mood he'd try to distract me or offer to help me calm the urges without hurting myself by very gently plucking a few hairs for me or letting me pluck a few from him. Ofc both are weird as fuck and the latter is super painful for him but it does genuinely helps me relax and get over the impulsive feelings.
I know my issue is bizarre and unsettling, and the scars are objectively ugly, so it makes me feel really nice that he doesn't comment on how it looks but only cares about whether I'm getting hurt or feeling stressed. Especially since lots of people get all icked out by anything to do with body hair.

No. 355242

My husband is going to be a good father… he is excited and watching childcare tips and reading book on the montessori method, wanted to buy our a kid $45 (!!) Newborn onesie but luckily I talked him out of it and we got some nice secondhand stuff. I feel so pampered and can't wait for baby, he gets two months paternity so I'm just so grateful to have someone there for the brunt of the newborn phase.

No. 355404

My bf is perfect because he is imaginary therefore he cannot disappoint me.

No. 355443

That’s so cute and weird lol.

No. 355449

anon you are very lucky to have him!! he sounds sweet

No. 355493

File: 1698437691693.png (304.5 KB, 650x882, __may_and_chipp_zanuff_guilty_…)

>is another autistic sperg like me
>knows board culture and retarded esoteric memes
>actually agrees a fuck ton w/ my political beliefs
>we love to play a bunch of random games together
>we troll together a lot
>we often go into fake arguments about the most retarded shit and then laugh at the end
>he loves to watch me draw
>we cuddle and watch lots of movies
>he almost never cares to watch porn and we actually dont have sex that often, he never really asks either
>im bi, hes bi, so hes not some retard straight moid who goes ooga booga over women so he's actually intelligent
>he loves to cook, same w/ me, we cook together

believe it or not, he was often hit on by a lot of girls and never cared for them, it wasn't until we met and i just treated him as a friend, he started to really like me overtime

No. 355511

So cute! Happy for you.

No. 355937

When he sends me a picture he took of two swans while out on a walk and says 'us', and then starts talking about how swans stick together for life once they find a mate. I AM FUCKING WINNING

No. 355964

>hes bi, so hes not some retard straight moid who goes ooga booga over women so he's actually intelligent
but does he go ooga booga over men? bi moids are more untrustworthy than straight moids imo

No. 356090

>Is handy and good with tech stuff, while I'm tech-illiterate
>Has a really great relationship with his family
>let's me be a spergy nerd with my interests and sends me things related to it
>spends money on me expecting nothing in return
>is happily the "camera boyfriend" when I want pics kek
>highly suspect he was a virgin before meeting me, or at least very inexperienced (which is a plus because I hate mansluts lol)
>He's the first person to ever make me have an orgasm, literally thought I was broken because none of my exes could do it
>takes notes of things I say and remembers them months later even though they were minor

No. 356201

i know it's a silly overdone thing but i love when people point at random stuff and say it's them and someone they love. the beauty of seeing the one who brings you joy in other joyful things

No. 356206

Youre not wrong lol I couldnt imagine dating a bi guy

No. 356244

Maybe her Nigel is good but bi was always a redflag for me too, I always associate it with overly horny men

No. 356633

File: 1699006948953.gif (312.65 KB, 112x112, 1630292195416.gif)

>Nerdy with glasses, green eyes
>Always well dressed
>Professional classical musician
>Caring, funny and great with kids
>Has the body type of an angel
>Always shows up with a bouquet of flowers or a little gift when he comes over to visit
>Acts like a "traditional man" but without all the cringe shit. Makes me feel like a precious diamond.
>Begs to eat me out and loves to make me cum even after he's finished
>LOVES when I dominate him and makes the most wonderful noises, especially when I choke him.
Besides all the sexual stuff he's the most wonderful person I've ever met and he completes me in so many ways. He honestly made me believe in men again

No. 356641

I hate nerdy men jfc(non contribution)

No. 356647

File: 1699011876102.webp (125.08 KB, 593x594, IMG_2172.webp)

No. 356648

That doesn't sound like a boyfriend, that sounds like a drag.

No. 356650

I love my husband so much, he is seriously the best man I've ever met. So interesting and lovely natured, wants a big family like me, loves animals. Just a kind soul. I am terrified he will cheat on me or wander, I think I would actually kill myself if he did.

No. 356715

Don't ever choke your partner during sex. It is never safe

No. 356746

Oh shut up. Men can handle being choked, I promise.

No. 356757

I would never use force or choke him out, it's more like just grabbing his throat while applying some pressure. Either way I'm so glad I found a man who's not afraid to moan and make some noise. Meow!

No. 356759

This doesn't sound like a brag but a cry for help

No. 356851

That’s the whole point sweetie

No. 358298

Sorry to sperg but I am wine drunk and currently hanging out with my boyfriend (and our friends).

I love my boyfriend so much. He is completely honest with me, allows me to have his phone password and I can use it anytime (same goes for mine, he knows about basically everything I do online including farms and fanfiction) and he completely respects me being anti-porn. He essentially agrees with me about everything especially porn-wise and is essentially dedicated to worshipping me. He is into femdom, and buys me lots of sexy high heels and nice clothes to wear as well as buys me things like wine, weed, coffee, food, gifts and records(I am a collector). He cooks dinner for me every other night because we alternate and he actually is a pretty good cook. He worships me day and night and is very clingy and basically obsessed with me and my body. He constantly calls me a goddess, and basically about every 10 minutes when we are alone he is praising me and worshipping me, telling me about how beautiful and perfect I am, how he is obsessed with my body, etc etc.
Other than that, our personalities basically match to a T and we like the same music, humor, etc. He has never had a girlfriend before me and is a vinyl collector and very intelligent. Recently I have been catching up on Luna's threads as it has been kinda daunting after finishing a bunch of other cows' threads, and he has been reading through it with me. He loves when I give him Tuna updates every day, kek.
He also does not mind my RF views. I haven't really informed him about my more unusual views but I am sure he wouldn't mind that much. He seems to actually respect my views and talks to me like I am equal to him, if not superior to him.
I feel like I have won the fucking lottery, nonnas. Every day I feel like a goddess on Earth because of him. I have found myself to be more beautiful and elegant because of his praise and view of me. I feel like I could dominate the entire world when I am with him.
Sorry to sound so retarded. Am more drunk writing this than when I started.

No. 358376

I love my husband so much. I cant wait to make children thats half him half me. I hope they get his beautiful dark curls and long black eyelashes.

No. 358469

When my husband rolls over or stirs in his sleep, he smiles. I love that.

No. 358495

Every time I point out something I like to my boyfriend he buys it for me

No. 359275

I feel so lucky that my husband has an attractive penis even while soft. I’ve seen the gross little flappy ones and I see nonas complain about them and I just count myself lucky. He basically looks semi hard at all times and it’s very picturesque when erect. Sorry to be gross but it’s the little things sometimes.

No. 359305

He’s probably cut. Cut penises look less disgusting and wrinkly when soft. But moids who are cut are desensitized and have to jackhammer or hurt the woman to feel any pleasure.

No. 359314

>Glamorising infant mutilation

No. 359322

Funny you mention that because he doesn’t look cut but he also doesn’t have a turtleneck like some uncut guys. It came up once / I asked because I was secretly wondering how it looked so perfect and he says he’s too embarrassed to ask his parents (lmaooo) but he went to Jewish schools as a young child (was just the best school around according to his parents, he’s not Jewish) and he remembers the other boys making fun of him not being circumcised. So I guess he’s just a lucky bastard who doesn’t shrink and shrivel in a nasty way like some guys.

No. 359425

Yeah not all uncut guys have the weird elephant trunk syndrome going on when soft lol. I wonder if it correlates with size, bigger dick when soft = less loose skin. Either way I'd pick uncut dick any day.

No. 360234

My nigel brought me to a game night with his friends and I noticed every time he laughed he would turn his head to look at me. I love the way he looks when he laughs so it was extra nice.

No. 360533

He bought me maccas

No. 360534

File: 1700679253507.png (68.79 KB, 243x275, 1698695787523.png)

No. 360542

>he remembers the other boys making fun of him not being circumcised

No. 360567

Jesus christ this image every time KEK

No. 360593

No fairy floss zooper dooper to go with it? Bugger.

No. 360931

got on my soapbox last night and ranted about fujoism to my husband for half an hour

No. 361293

We were buying presents yesterday and my husband accidentally called a TIM cashier "sir" as we were checking out because he's too offline to notice troon jewelry or think long hair + pink sweater = woman. He would never do that on purpose, especially to a service-worker, because he just isn't mean-spirited like that. These are two of many things I like about him, although I am trying to get him to stop sirring and ma'aming people all the time cuz that does annoy me a little.

No. 361300

my bf invited me to his work’s christmas dinner and i'm so excited for it. he works for a private company so their xmas parties are actually a bit lavish. i work public and we just get a measly xmas lunch, which is much appreciated and i get it, it’s the taxpayers’ money so we can’t go all in. but the company he works for is so much fun. i wanted to buy a new dress because the ones i own are years old, look a bit outdated and i don’t really buy a lot of clothes anymore. i wasn’t sure whether the dress i chose suited me so i tried it on for my bf and he was so happy i think he popped a boner and tried to hide it by kinda squirming from side to side on the sofa with his legs raised kek. he looks so nice in a suit too. xmas is stressful, so it’s really nice to get treated a little bit and i'm so happy that he wants dorky old me to be there with him.

kek nona, i love that. i think the average person wouldn't make that connection because it's so surrealistic. your bf sounds like a cute normie!

No. 361416

I feel so grateful to actually know what it feels like to be truly loved by an emotionally available man. He holds so much pride in me being his other half, he loves to take photos of me when we're out. He's not afraid to show me his world. I'm meeting so many friends of his he's known throughout the years. He's met my family and we're soon going to drive out to see his family. He's so romantic; we've been on scenic walks, he writes me letters, makes plans for romantic nights, we go stargazing, he loves to dance with me. He drives me everywhere, insists to hold my items for me and pay for majority of my things, he prefers to open doors for me.
He also loves to be intimate with me often. I used to believe I could only be intimate every 2-3 days and I would have to attempt to get my previous moids to have sex with me, but Nigel and I have sex daily. He also doesn't care if I'm on my period!
He's also very put together and financially responsible. He has no debts, he cleans way more often than I do, he is all about self help, and he knows how to cook incredible meals.
It's been so nice to finally get the man of my dreams. We're on the same page about so many things. I have a feeling this is sure to last.

No. 361446

File: 1701113064354.jpeg (2.64 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1255.jpeg)


The love of my life, as described here, died of an overdose two weeks ago. My perfect beautiful prince is fucking gone.

>i wake up in unparalleled agony

>cry all day
>contemplate suicide all day
>my mum begs me not to kill myself
>i cry myself to sleep, my sole comfort in the world being that i will probably find the courage to kill myself soon
>i wake up in unparalleled agony

The photo of him his Mum chose for the obituary has a fat hickey from me in it which is sort of funny but apart from that I am miserable. He promised me the world and then died.

I have no reason to live. I must kill myself to join him

No. 361449

oh nona. I am so, so sorry.

No. 361450

Your perfect prince died of an overdose? Doesn't sound perfect to me. You fell in love with a retarded drug addict who died from it kek.

No. 361452

I also like how you forgot to mention the drug addict part in your initial post.

No. 361460

why did you reply to a 4 year old post. also i dont see whats wrong with that

No. 361469

Wait your post isn’t clear, are you saying a man eating out a woman is not attractive? I almost just reported you for being a moid because that’s insane but your punctuation makes it hard to tell wtf you’re saying

No. 361470

jesse what the fuck are you talking about

No. 361485

you are insane. speak for yourself

No. 361513

it's likely just some moid who just discovered le evil femcel forum and forgot he was only supposed to lurk

No. 363779

I’ve been on lolcow for a few years until I got a Nigel. He’s so sweet and handsome and he helps me with everything (yes everything) and has made my life so much better. But it’s also distanced me from the culture of this site since farmers seem to think that if a woman loves a man, that automatically makes her a handmaiden, even if he loves her back. They even come in here, a thread not meant for them just to make fun of women for finding happiness, and try to get them to dump their lovers. They claim they’re the true feminists, despite hoping that our men hurt us. Should I leave? I actually think I’d be happier if I stopped coming here and just lived my life. I have to wonder how much the man-hate on this website is rational and not just bitter jealousy, since I think if farmers really were happy with being single they wouldn’t get so assblasted over some random anon and her Nigel. Only asking because I want to know what nonnas in the same boat think.

No. 363781

Well, you're never going to look back on your life and think "gosh I wish I had spent more time on lolcow.farm, it's my one regret". Of course you're better off just living your life.
The man-hate is based on personal experience and it's personal opinion, that's all. I don't think it's jealousy in the majority of cases. I just wish nonas who aren't even attracted to males or 3dpd would shut the fuck up because they're butting into a conversation they're not a part of. Lesbians, SSRI virgins, hardcore yumes etc. literally have nothing useful to say to a straight woman in a real life relationship with a man, it's just "ew gross" every fucking time.

No. 363783

Thank you for the smart and polite response. You’re totally right about everything you said and it makes me sad that this place doesn’t have more users like you. I’ll take your advice and go.

No. 363789

Ah yes, the honeymoon phase where you believe you have found the perfect prince and all women are jealous bitches. I promise you it won't last long. No woman is jealous of a balding subhuman who expects her to serve him 24/7.

No. 363796

It's not jealousy, but annoyance towards a lot of women who have bare minimum standards. They praise their boyfriends for doing the most basic shit ever like giving compliments about her appearance or doing the dishes. I find it hard to trust when a woman says she has a perfect Nigel, unless it's obvious that she has high standards for him.

No. 363797

Good grief some of you are so bitter and just want to see women fail for no other reason than that she's hetero and acts upon it. I dislike men as much as the next anon but raining on someone's parade in one of the few positive threads on LC when you can go shit on men and anons' standards literally anywhere else is pathetic.

Just shut up if you can't say anything nice just like everyone else. If you end up being right that's only deeply unfortunate and nothing to be "gotcha" about.

No. 363800

>SSRI virgins

No. 363802

t. balding incel self inserting as anons bf

No. 363804

the same lesbians that attack anons who date men are the ones posting in husbando threads and masturbating to men. theyre not lesbians, theyre just misogynists who enjoy attacking other women when given the opportunity.

No. 363828

Burn her!

No. 363834

subhumans itt(baiting)

No. 363836

Can confirm as a bi who leans towards women. Every ex gf of mine (one trooned out) who now claims to be a lesbian started out as a bi woman, dated or salivated exclusively over men, obsessed over yaoi/were massive fujos who would self insert, and each relationship was unfulfilling and basically made me feel like I was a glorified babysitter/sugar momma. They had no problem obsessing over gay ships and art, but wouldn't even kiss me. And I've never felt like I could be open about this on here because I expect to get blamed for everything even though each time, they were the ones who pursued a relationship with me and were especially jealous of any man that showed interest in me at the time.

I know people on here are going to be pissed off when I say that I'm with a man and happier, but I am. Its no surprise that the women who treated me like shit are all single. I don't think they were ever attracted to me. I don't know what was going on, but its scared me away from trying to date women. Especially when so many "lesbians" and "bisexuals" also now cape for troons.

No. 364624

Same boat, really sad you can’t vent about this anywhere without being accused of some retarded shit

No. 364744

File: 1702323982579.jpg (61.23 KB, 880x586, d2a329fe0a8ee592b77453ac8e0c7a…)

i want to brag about my nigel, we are two autistic soulmates and i love him so so much
>emotionally mature, empathetic, patient, and kind
>hates pornography and has no weird fetishes
>genuinely cares about my interests (fish and cephalopods) and i genuinely care about his (airplanes and honeybees)
>whenever we see planes in the sky, he can immediately identify what kind it is based on silhouette alone and tell me all about it, his face lights up when he does and it's really adorable
>will cuddle on his couch watching plane documentaries and octupus videos for hours on end
>some days when my depression gets really bad i'll have no motivation to bathe, so he'll get the shower ready and help wash and brush my hair
>takes me to aquarium stores to look at the fish, lets me sperg about them and genuinely wants to learn, even wants to help me start my own aquarium
>even after long days at work he still wants to hear about my day and how i'm feeling
>will send me pictures telling me "i saw this and i thought of you", makes me so happy
we didn't even have sex for the first 6 months we were dating. i have sexual abuse trauma, yet he was super respectful and understanding. when i wanted to try havign sex for the first time, i ended up feeling really disgusted and scared during penetration (i wouldn't call it a flashback because it was moreso an intense flood of emotion) and i ended up crying. he immediately got off of me, put on his clothes, helped me put on my clothes (i was shaking pretty badly so i had trouble doing it myself), led me out of his bedroom and onto his couch, and helped me calm down. its been a year since that happened and i'm now able to fully enjoy sex with him (i thought i would never even be able to like it again) but that moment made me realize i truly lucked out with an amazing guy.

btw we are gonna go on a vacation to chicago soon to visit the shedd aquarium and i'm super excited

No. 364765

I'm happy for my nonnies being happy, even when the fact that the majority of the relationships in this thread being less than 2 years old makes me worry. However, being a farmer while going on about le bitter jealous feminists the second you get a semi decent bf is some peak pickme shit if it's not just bait in the first place.

No. 364776

Happy for you! I hear the aquarium in Atlanta GA is really good too but you probably know that

No. 364781

Sounds like it rocks nonna, enjoy it for as long as you can. I'd also like an autistic bf to mutually sperg out with, hope there's more out there like him!

No. 364926

Sounds like you only dated Arielle Scarcella types

No. 364956

>I'm happy for my nonnies being happy, even when the fact that the majority of the relationships in this thread being less than 2 years old makes me worry
I’ve been with him for over 5 years now. I would go into detail about how great it’s been and how it’s only getting better the longer we’ve been together but there’s no convincing farmers so whatever.
>However, being a farmer while going on about le bitter jealous feminists the second you get a semi decent bf is some peak pickme shit if it's not just bait in the first place.
Did you even read my post? I already explained that the only reason I’d ever think another woman is jealous is because she’s bitter enough to post things like >>363834 instead of just ignoring this thread that doesn’t affect her. I never went into the husbando threads just to argue, because happy people don’t do stuff like that. Lolcow has such a cult-like mentality that anons like >>363836 can’t even talk about her experiences without someone else like >>364926 saying that she just hasn’t found the right woman, while another anon will say that she loves her husband, but she’s frustrated that he doesn’t remember to change the shower curtain, and then suddenly he’s the devil and she should leave him because all men are terrible and will never change. And I already said that I’m not a farmer anymore so I don’t care. This is the first time I’ve ever posted anything like this, and it’s in a containment thread. You’re only proving me right about this place’s cult-like mentality if you’re seriously going to call me a pickme just for posting something that doesn’t even apply to you if you really don’t care. If my post is bait, I don’t know why you bothered responding to it. And before you ask I only came back to thank whoever stood up for me, since I appreciate it. Quit going in threads not meant for you and taking everything so personally.

No. 364987

Not gonna bother going in detail about the irony in this entire posts of getting defensive over anons criticizing or having different opinions about what makes a nigel while claiming lolcow has a "cult-like" mentality or telling me to not take things personally while feeling the need to come back to see if people "standing up to you" on an anonymous imageboard. I agree that posts like your first quote or the anon shitting on the nonna whose nigel died upthread are retarded, but then again these are very obvious bait and are redtexted as such (on a board that constantly gets raided) and not serious anons.
I'd say you should go rave about your nigel as much as you want since that is what this thread is for but since you said you're not a farmer, you should just leave for good.

No. 365043

Just accidentally discovered my nigel's proposal plans. It's always been a dream of mine to see the blue whale migration and he's planning a trip to take me and propose there. I know it seems like a small dream but up until earlier this year I had never even been out of the country, I barely travel. I have mentioned it a few times but never thought I would have an opportunity to go for a long time.

No. 365109

Dw we get the same responses in the husbando thread. It's bound to happen in any thread. It's annoying but comes with the price of posting in a ib. It's not a lc issue, it's anonymous board issue.

No. 365456

I had to google who this is, but I don't really see the similarities. The worst of them was the one who retconned her heritage to larp as a totes jewish jfashion veteran/cosplayer and desperately tries to fit in with zoomers while salivating over male singers, as well as pretending to be from my home when she and her family are affluent wasps from suburbs in the next state over. She also skinwalked me for a time and, according to mutuals, I guess tells everyone a different set of events and completely leaves out her arrested development and codependency issues.

kek see downthread and welcome to the oh so accepting "community". I've met rottweilers that were less aggressive.

No. 365580

I told my bf I bought myself a gift, he asked me how much it cost, then sent me that amount.

No. 365669

my bf is literally unable to come unless vigorously jerking himself off. no, he's not a chronic masturbator, he has some kind of medical issue possibly combined with something psychological.

anyway: it means we can have sex for as long as i want. and he's good at it.

No. 365675

No. 366495

I wonder if anyone broke up with their bf since posting in this thread
Also why are you on this site if you got a guy worth bragging about?

No. 366496

>why are you on this site if you got a guy worth bragging about?
Because everything comes at a price and every moid has pros and cons. My Nigel might be sweet, never get angry, buy me everything I want and not look at other women and be straight-edge, but he's fat. Like, Hurley from Lost level fat and yes he actually does have a thyroid problem, he takes pills and shit and he can be a ditz at times.
You just gotta consider whether the cons give you the ick or if you can overlook them

No. 366497

>Also why are you on this site if you got a guy worth bragging about?
why not? lolcow has never been manhate central despite recent popular narrative. there are a variety of people here and imo that's ok. my nigel is still superb

No. 366499

>why are you on this site if you got a guy worth bragging about?
honestly the main reason is that I hate troons and it's the only place I can be honest and unhinged about it lmao

No. 366522

Because I get bored sometimes when he's at work

No. 366523

I don't believe in downdating this assuming you're actually better than him heh
Also I want a boyfriend not a boyslave

No. 366663

File: 1703038378815.jpg (27.99 KB, 658x381, 20231219_053301.jpg)

>Nooo you can't have a man who spoils you! Get a guy who's annoying and useless instead!
>men are our equals!

No. 366668

I hate when people assume you can't be weird, have hobbies, or be extremely maladjusted while simultaneously being in a relationship.

No. 366725

Indeed, the best you deserve is a deadbeat boyfriend who plays genshin impact all day

No. 366735

File: 1703079343541.jpg (64.25 KB, 426x600, actor-h-pearl-davis-807409_lar…)

This you hun?

No. 366760

Don't call me hun, hon.

No. 366797

Wait, we can't shitpost and also have relationships? Man, that's not how people I knew behaved on forums 15+ years ago.

No. 366798

Women in relationships must spend all their time and attention 24/7 on their Nigel apparently. Can't even surf and shitpost a bit alone.

No. 366815

Girl stfu you handmaidens are ridiculous

No. 366817

You should kill yourself probably(alogging)

No. 366895

File: 1703140614111.mp4 (2.1 MB, 576x1024, 1000002409.mp4)

This made me think of you nonnies