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File: 1708611892575.jpg (11.77 KB, 236x353, 1bc1d5288bc714c7e06bc3019d1a28…)

No. 1897423

Unleash your secrets

Previous Thread >>>/ot/1868574

No. 1897428

Sorry if this has been a pic before. I tried to check but the catalog is lagging so bad.

No. 1897486

I love it nonna

No. 1897841

every time I see the personal cringe thread in the catalog I just see a big ol’ pair of titties

No. 1897863

I'm spending money I should be saving up on Vinted clothes and I do not intend to stop any soon. I could stop doing it but I literally can't avoid spending a stupid amount of time checking stuff, if I'm not wasting money I am wasting my time. I feel awful about the money but at least I'm really happy with the clothes I buy, they fit me well and I use them a lot.

No. 1897883

I peed the bed. For some reason my bladder has been really weak today. I drank something before bed and when I woke up it was just too late. I think I should start kegeling, but it is so hard to do them.

No. 1897968

I have a crush on my dermatologist
This part is less of a confession and more of a blogpost but when I pulled up my pant leg to show her the eczema on the back of my knee she kind of gave a weird look and quickly moved on and I didn't realize until now she was probably icked by my unshaved legs

No. 1897995

Dermatologists on a good day see way worse than unshaved legs

No. 1898005

Amazing OP pic, thank you so much nonna

No. 1898039

I'm somewhat of a stuck up person, I take everything very seriously and "comedic" things tend to be not funny to me, I always get annoyed when I see posts that go "put some whimsy and silliness in your life uwu", no thank you.

No. 1898048

File: 1708643141197.gif (3.2 MB, 498x362, wack-thatswack.gif)

No. 1898049

You really think women give a fuck about unshaven legs? Girl, they don't. I wish less women would shave. it's so stupid

No. 1898053

Soooo I’m a 32 year old recovering NEET who really flourished during the pandemic. I went back to college, made normie friends, got a campus job when lockdown ended, had a hot boyfriend with his own career, and eventually graduated with honors and getting into grad school with full tuition paid for by way of a teaching assistantship. I just can’t believe this is my life now. I was self-reflecting and I really feel like 19 year old me would have hated me now and judged her very harshly, like what could have gone wrong in her life? Clearly she has it easy! But noooo dude this really is my life now. Got a trip to the Dominican Republic planned with one group of college friends for this spring and a Paris trip with a different friend group in August. So for those of you who think you’re hopeless losers hang in there; be patient with yourself BUT take real steps to improve your situation and you too can have an 8/10 totally decent life.

No. 1898054

Try getting a sense of humor it makes things much more tolerable

No. 1898056

No it makes me cringe.
>inb4 be cringe be free

No. 1898061

Can't help myself but be a moralfag. Everytime I do something I question wether or not it's something Jesus would have done. But in the end, I am a sinner. I want to be good and cultivate noble qualities.

No. 1898117

Jesus was a troublemaker loosen up

No. 1898118

the past couple of months i went into a bad depressive spiral coupled with burnout and panic attacks. its causing stress on my boyfriend because im always miserable despite exhausting resources and methods and i have been trying to push him away further so i can kill myself with less of a chance that he can find out or stop me. he is a wonderful person and i dont wish to hurt him but ive lost my empathy and things are starting to fall apart anyway. i confess that i think i will go through with it sooner than i thought.

No. 1898163

I used to bring my bong to work and take rips before my shift and on my breaks. I don't think I could have done retail work sober. If I'm gonna be assisting the mentally retarded customers I have to be in la la land.

No. 1898181

Sometimes I wish I can vendetta post a TiF i used to know that played a great part in my sexual assault on /snow/ but I never would cause 1. I think it's against the rules and 2. she's so unpopular even online that there is a high risk it can lead back to me kek. such a shame

No. 1898210

Pretty easy for Jesus to moralfag when he died at 33 and people ignored 18 years of his life. You can be good without putting yourself in a imaginary unachievable standard.

No. 1898246

File: 1708654538105.jpeg (47.7 KB, 680x680, 76561F0E-5456-4229-831C-8F3979…)

i come on and vomit my way through all the off topic threads when i’m stoned and bored. brings me joy

No. 1898254

I’m starting to believe the tinfoil that the mods are all mentally disturbed troons. We’ve established that they ban anons who they disagree with or don’t find funny, and now I suspect that they get triggered and ban-happy whenever anons mention being attractive, happy, or successful- things a troon can never be. We can’t talk about our appearances without them getting jealous and triggered and killing us off

No. 1898266

I did want it all to be about me for once, I'm sorry.

No. 1898273

I feel you to an extent. I'm maturing and finding a lot of the things that I found funny or things that are mainly perceived as funny to not actually be funny at all.

No. 1898329

Literally exact same 1000% me too. As in right now for example.

No. 1898388

File: 1708663777591.png (436.97 KB, 615x567, 1708610974377123.png)

i sometimes wish i was a basic white guy. not in a tif way but in a "white guys live life on easy mode, and i want that." as much as i despise the male sex i think if i woke up as Ryan or Seth i would not be too terribly upset

No. 1898394

same. If i were a scrote i would just hit the gym get super ripped and move to the woods.

No. 1898397

Same anon, some people may say it's cringe when people bring up how much privilege white men have, but it's true. That's why i can't take it seriously when they have depression or perceived issue. Like shut the fuck up, you can literally do anything you want.

No. 1898409

I legitimately believe my life would have been a million times easier if I’d been born male.

No. 1898414

risk of rape drops down to basically 0%, people won't always take your achievements for granted despite ironically being of the sex that gets the most handouts and pity parties, you won't be seen as weak or an easy target if you hit the gym maybe semi-regularly, and you'll always always have a cute partner if you even ATTEMPT to be more than a total scumbag. male camaradie is insane, so you'd get that too (i swear to god i have no idea how the ""male loneliness"" meme started, it's completely a lie). but yeah, it would've been easier.

seething over this is dumb but i can't help it. i really don't get how men don't understand how good they have it. masculinity/male socialization isn't even half as bad as female socialization, men are taught to be doctors and heroes and women are taught to be the wives of doctors and heroes. stupid fuckers

No. 1898416

I wish my best friend died.

No. 1898418

Psycho ok

No. 1898517

I have more patience for inoffensive men, but then I remember how disgusting men are as a whole and I rather isolate. Fuck people I live in a bubble. Everyone sucks. Even the most unassuming are gross weirdos.

No. 1898529

I don't know if the male loneliness "epidemic" is true but my petty heart will be pleased if it's true. Also apperently it's been proven women are more a peace with being single than men are. Explains the aggression "You'll be a crazy cat lady. You'll be unwated by 30! You'll regret not having kids"
Hope this trend continues. Men don't deserve shit.

No. 1898534

i i i love killing men it makes me feel so glad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1898537

It's very true! I once read a savage interpretation of the Adam and Eve origin myth that because Eve was 'created from Adam', she is a complete person, i.e was made to have both the 'male and female within her'. Adam on the other hand? Well, he was the only one to experience total loneliness before she came along. Arguably, it's the default state of men. I laugh and laugh thinking about this - even by their own stories, men have ALWAYS needed women, but women only ever need themselves <3

No. 1898551

File: 1708682062973.jpeg (296.52 KB, 1446x1080, 2411E8A2-4F1B-40C4-8A38-BA8EAF…)

1. I agree. I would have avoided a lot of drama and discourse growing up. No one would have harassed me for my hobbies, fashion and major if I was born a white male
2. There’s nothing with a game studio having those kinds of demographics. Most gamers in this country are white males and it’s not surprising that they end up as gamers. It’s only a problem if they refuse to hire someone based on inborn traits

No. 1898552

File: 1708682370565.jpeg (28.51 KB, 388x343, 67E5D6E9-99A8-4A17-88A4-A10AE3…)

I want to date but I feel too old to date the kinds of guys I’m attracted to. I didn’t date in college because I wanted to focus on getting a degree to make enough money to live alone, away from my religious family and to save up for plastic surgery (I feel too ugly to be loved in my current state). sadly I never got the degree and I’m still dateless at 26

No. 1898556

File: 1708682709875.png (1.58 MB, 1000x1000, nI0d7NF.png)

>There’s nothing with a game studio having those kinds of demographics. Most gamers in this country are white males and it’s not surprising that they end up as gamers. It’s only a problem if they refuse to hire someone based on inborn traits
I agree, some of my favorite series were made by white American or Japanese scrotes, if they can make a good and engaging game, that's what I care about most, not their race or gender.

No. 1898557

Wow, that's pathetic.

No. 1898558

you can still try dating, just to get you feet in the water, It's still easy at this time frame.

No. 1898562

you are an Indian.

No. 1898582

idgi, just cause trooning out doesn't turn you into a man doesn't mean men don't have it easier

No. 1898584

This reminded me of a article I saw of how "nobody cares about the pain of fathers that have miscarriages". It was literally worded like that, not about tifs, but men whose wife/gf had a miscarriage. Like sure the man can be sad about it but making it about you when it is a traumatic event that exclusively happens to women. I hate moids so much its unreal.

No. 1898593

When boomers are complaining that "people aren't having sex anymore!1" it's about moids 99% of the time, celibate women are mostly content and chill about their situation.

No. 1898604

File: 1708688588179.jpeg (169.75 KB, 600x501, IMG_6548.jpeg)

Sometimes I regret deleting all my social media pre covid because Ive lost a lot of weight and look good- but I also have lost friends by not posting all the time. Will I go back? No. But still; wanna prove it to tha haturz.

No. 1898609

Nta but nah males live life on easy mode, literally. Most males never experience sexual harassment and rape. Everyone bends over backwards to cater to them and coddle them like children. Once they get a wife they also get their personal fuck toy, their maid, their mom and their therapist. They can live life not knowing how to do basic activities (cleaning, cooking, sewing, behaving like a normal person) because everyone covers their asses for them. They routinely get away with murder and rape. Moids who have shit lives all have the chances to fix it, but they're idiots who don't take them and prefer to mop around and wait for someone (a woman, usually) to fix everything for them. Literal easy mode even if by nature they're the inferior sex. Don't be a pickme.

No. 1898612

Good, dont go back. Social media is cancer. It will just make you insecure again no matter how good you look and friends that wont stay in contact without it arent real friends anyway.

No. 1898615

Thanks nonna I will stay strong

No. 1898620

Moids have it so easy they’re basically children, but they wanna be oppressed victims going through it so bad they literally go out of their way to put themselves at risk. Women are at risk since birth, every male around them has the opportunity to straight up murder her if he wants too. Men are so desperate to be babied and pitied they’ll literally sign themselves up for the military, go commit horrific acts of violence, come home and go “wahhhhh I have twuama uwu, it’s not like I did it to myself or anything, now I need to smack my wife or girlfriend around because I’m twaumatized wahhhhhh.” Fucking pathetic, go get raped.

No. 1898623

File: 1708690500856.jpeg (7.13 KB, 225x225, images (29).jpeg)

I want to be kirbyfag's friend. I just feel like they would have an interesting brain. According to the husbando thread, there's surprisingly multiple kirbyfags but I want to talk with the biggest kirbyfag.

No. 1898625

Reminds me of this logic
>as a moid you are a million times more likely to get beaten, killed, harrassed or get your ass raped by another moid than a woman
>decide to hate women

No. 1898702

she's/he's not really your best friend then

No. 1898749

I have a huge crush on a country singer, like.. Burning with desire for this guy.

No. 1898765

The sad part is that you never got the degree! Don’t worry so much about boys; go back to school and pursue your passions and dreams, work out, and keep yourself clean & hygienic and hot guys will start to notice, I promise.

No. 1898767

I have so much dirt about Telepurte and Hyuns dojo it would cancel a lot of careers. But it would def leak back to me
So I'm here leaning back that karma catches up to them. The dojo is a mess. Protecting predators, sexual assault
Tele over here having mental abuse covered. Along with his files of collected nudes from fans of all ages. All for "art" and "anatomy"

Hyun over here keeping secrets. Telling people to shut up when one of his favorites turns out to be a pedo. Or pretend he doesn't know or worse, blame the victim.

No. 1898769

tell us more

No. 1898777

When I was about 5 years old my brothers showed “Kool aid killer “ same people that made annoying orange . Besides he was terrifying to me as a kid, I still have nightmares and can’t look at kool aid man the same

No. 1898868

File: 1708710933754.jpg (44.05 KB, 540x268, tumblr_33ab685fecec495b8c2e2f5…)

I read my bf's diary.

I absolutely do not deserve him.

No. 1898869

File: 1708711018570.jpg (24.38 KB, 472x354, tumblr_82cf720c971452872eb00c1…)

My honest reaction to that information

No. 1898872

who keeps a real life diary in 2024.

No. 1898873

I please tell me that is not supposed to be his diary kek

No. 1898875

There is a somewhat active journaling thread on /ot/

No. 1898879

nta but it's a picture from tumblr according to the file name

it's popularized recently because it's good for the mental health supposedly

No. 1898881

thanks nona, i'll check it out

i think it's cute and romantic

No. 1898883

yeah i posted it in my drafts on tumblr so I could retrieve it and post it from my desktopp-u

No. 1898884

I was involved in tumblr "drama" when I was a teenager, to the point where some of the things I was actively participating in or the people that I've known have their own Know Your Own meme pages. Whenever people mention certain blogs I get scared because I either personally knew them or one of my "friends" had e-dated them or something. I actually had a lot of fun back then and I don't really regret it.

No. 1898888

I was mutuals with a girl who became infamous in the Anti SJW circles and while her campaign was kinda misguided because she was a high schooler she was 100% right kek. She’s working in animation now while I’m sure all of those losers are still malding.

No. 1898910

I can’t stop thinking about sucking my nigel off

No. 1898912

WE'RE thinking about sucking your nigel off, nonita.

No. 1898913

me either

No. 1898919

Only I’m allowed to do that

No. 1898922

my confession is that i wish i was dead and hate my life so fucking bad. i deserve to die. i cannot wait to be free from this hell.

No. 1898923

Well I'm ACTUALLY sucking your nigel off as we type

No. 1898924

Now we have to fight to the death with our dick sucking skills. See what you started?

No. 1898925

share him with us we are lonely

No. 1898927

the date clearly says 2023

No. 1898930

I wonder who you're talking about, I had a small anti SJW phase (only as a lurker thankfully), not my proudest time kek.

No. 1898953

File: 1708714176654.jpg (138.94 KB, 800x644, 2450546142_4260349e37_c.jpg)

I don't have any friends in real life now that I've moved away from my old town. I don't like to keep in contact with anyone, and it's a struggle for me to maintain my internet relationships. Sometimes I feel like something's wrong with me. I used to love having internet friends and irl friends, but now that I'm getting older it feels like a strain. I haven't talked to two of my internet friends in weeks, another in days. It's felt so freeing, but I feel guilty for being so happy. I'm so lucky that there are even people who like me, but sometimes it feels like I physically can't talk to them. I wouldn't feel so bad, but one of them basically only has me as a friend, so I feel guilty.

No. 1898977

if you're going to cut him up, can i have the thumbs?

No. 1898983

Where is cocksucker manifesto anon when we need her jesus christ ew

No. 1899076

I can imagine, but she's fairly young and very well-kept so it wouldn't surprise me if she was the type to not like that kind of thing (not that she would ever be into me regardless)
There are plenty of women out there that talk down on other women who don't shave but I get what you mean. I've gone so long without shaving that I forget it's even an societal expectation. Even on other people any body hair they have just doesn't register as anything out of the ordinary to me, regardless of gender.
>I wish less women would shave. it's so stupid

No. 1899114

Me too. For most of the reasons people already listed but also because dating as a lesbian is harder than it should be. Not to sound like a femcel, but I always roll my eyes when men complain about how difficult it is to get a woman to like them knowing straight women would settle for the bare minimum of a guy who's a decent human being capable of maturity. The problem lies with how few of them know how to do even that.

No. 1899133

lmao no you didn’t
I wasn’t trying to say that particular entry isn’t cute I just don’t think it was really her bf based on the filename.

No. 1899146

nah it sucks shit. if i, a female, applied to a position at a game studio and there was a white guy who also applied he'd get the job. even if our qualifications matched up – even if i was slightly better than him. why? he's white and male, he can go anywhere he wants.

No. 1899147

real holy shit. not to go blackpill but women are fucking pathetic (i hope those were just scrotes larping)

No. 1899163

File: 1708722893166.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, surejan.gif)

No. 1899164

>i hope those were just scrotes larping
I think they are.

No. 1899185

>I don't know if the male loneliness "epidemic" is true
i mean relating to men being single yeah but it's a complete lie that men don't have friends and don't know how to speak to one another. depp/amber case should've proved that (i'm using this because it was such a massive cultural thing), pretty much every man showed blind loyalty towards depp, and some of the women too. it's like that in people's day to day lives as well, so much bowing and scraping for men

No. 1899310

I feel like I have a moid-like attitude towards the idea of romantic relationships. A few times a month when I get really horny and touch-starved, I'll wish I had a gf or bf to have sex with and cuddle, but outside of that, the idea of living with someone and doing other relationship-y stuff with them sounds unappealing to me, even if it was my absolute dream partner. I just can't imagine liking someone enough to want to do all of that constantly. The idea of going on a date doesn't even really appeal to me and never has. Am I some sort of psychopath?

No. 1899320

Possibly. Or you just don’t know you can like someone like that because it hasn’t happened. Relationships aren’t just for the convenience of getting your sexual frustrations out. If you maintain a relationship just for sex that’s kinda psychopathic, when that happens you can be worried about your mind.

No. 1899347

>Relationships aren’t just for the convenience of getting your sexual frustrations out. If you maintain a relationship just for sex that’s kinda psychopathic
well duh, hence why I have never dated. It's just that I'm starting to get really depressed about not being able to feel like everyone else. I want to like someone but I can't really wrap my mind around it at all, and how it comes so naturally for everyone else. I'm getting really mad about it.

No. 1899349

Your dick in hand as you typed this with the other(scrotefoiling)

No. 1899353

Sorry for addressing your question don’t yell at me. You’re lonely not psychopathic. One of the reasons people date is to develop feelings so you might want to try that.

No. 1899357

I'm not yelling at you?

No. 1899374

just using it as a figure of speech sorry.

No. 1899394

Years ago I used to be envious of an online artist who was my age and got to do what I wished I could’ve done for school. Recently I found their social media and it’s slowly died over the years, they seem to have made no career connections and have been stuck at an entry-level job for a couple years despite having multiple degrees. It kinda made me feel better that despite having a shitty life I’ve still managed to land a really good career.

No. 1899409

File: 1708742210856.gif (217.14 KB, 220x126, 1000002674.gif)


No. 1899426

I used to think like this until I fell in love with someone.

No. 1899429

maybe don't put too much stock in social constructs. why do you think so many women end up in miserable relationships? only a tiny % of couples actually are compatible enough to be in an equal and monogamous relationship forever and happily because it isn't actually that natural of a social arrangement for animals. most of everyone else are in transactional relationships, clinging onto a fantasy that will pop in a few years, or just want the social status of having one.

No. 1899436

can't stop listening to rap. the more violent the better. i wish i was that reckless, young, and powerful

No. 1899451

Why do you have to be a dork about it…

No. 1899454

what are you talking about

No. 1899482

I said why do you have to be a dork about it. You heard me.

No. 1899488

No. 1899508

File: 1708748468469.jpg (34.93 KB, 894x999, 41ZYy6D9iTL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

Silly confession. Every time I pass a squishmallow in store I have to squish it. It brings me so much joy. But I feel way too old to buy one.

No. 1899512

looove these

No. 1899514

File: 1708749267170.jpg (58.98 KB, 480x236, 1000012023.jpg)

I want one but my problem is that I can't find one that I truly want, I want a squishmallow that I will constantly want to squish and see around.

No. 1899516

Who cares about age? Buy your cow baby, you won't regret it.

No. 1899518

They're like Pokemon,you have to catch them all with their little faces and puffy bodies. And I sound like such a cat mom right now.

Ok! Thank you.

No. 1899519

Isn't he cute?

No. 1899546

owning cats makes me think i’m a masochist because they are so goddamn annoying but i love them to death

No. 1899621

what's dorky about that post

No. 1899655

Sometimes I come up with some random line in a stupid voice on the spot and repeat it endlessly. Take any line from the potion seller video and imagine the dude wasn't performing for a camera and was just saying that one line over and over and over as he did mundane stuff around the house by himself.

No. 1899657

That is called echolalia

No. 1899677

Is that really it?

No. 1899678

That's not what echolalia is

No. 1899707

This is due to just being uncomfortable and not wanting to leave my room I swear it's not laziness, but sometimes I brush my teeth in my room and I have a spit cup and sometimes it sits for a few days. Maybe a week. It can get gross

No. 1899713

This should've been posted in the TMI thread. I did not want to read this.

No. 1899714

When I'm really broke and I've made a recent fast food order, I'll submit a complaint to get a coupon or free food even if the order was fine. And I make online orders 90% of the time, so usually the order im complaining about was heavily discounted or free from the apps rewards and offers anyway.

No. 1899732

I'm like you (except I never get horny enough to want to have sex), the idea of being in a romantic relationship pisses me off, I think I would dump my date on the spot if they complimented me or gifted me something.

No. 1900023

i still have pity for tims somehow. femsoc really is the final boss

No. 1900068

are you taco bell burger king coupon anon

No. 1900148

I think a minor case of facial acne can be weirdly cute on girls

No. 1900156

File: 1708808495433.png (195.9 KB, 703x560, m1.png)

i have the same head shape as florence pugh and it's making me suicidal

No. 1900158

she's beautiful and is widely considered so. what's the fucking matter with you

No. 1900165

Im sorry nonnie, I’m sure you’re still pretty regardless

No. 1900171

I only ever see people making fun of her online, I don’t think she’s widely considered beautiful. I do see people wondering if she had a nose job and saying they wish their nose looked like hers though

No. 1900185

Come on nonna she is very conventionally attractive and people online are just nitpicking. I just got told I look like an old scrote politician from my country kek.

No. 1900206

File: 1708811168281.jpeg (264.55 KB, 591x766, IMG_6929.jpeg)

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her head shape, people usually criticize her plastic surgery and body

No. 1900242

I'm striving for an impossible ideal that will always serve as a force of self-improvement. I will never come close to Jesus but his perfection is an eternal spring of motivation.

No. 1900258

Some scrote sent me a porn gif and I was just like why are you sending me porn? And he was all, does that not look familiar to you? And I was like no, I don’t watch porn, I’m not familiar with any of it. Apparently it was a deepfake porn using my likeness from images he found of me on my social and shit. I was both grossed out that he was trying to create porn featuring me, and relieved that the engines suck so bad that it was entirely and utterly unrecognizable as even being inspired by my appearance.

No. 1900261

Wow that’s disgusting, blatant sexual harassment

No. 1900266

What the fuck. How does this scrote know you and why would he do that?

No. 1900278

Can't you like report him to the site he used for improper use idk?

No. 1900290

he was a troublemaker who was friends with all the minorities and shunned people of his era and caused an uprising and was crucified for it. the average conservatoid christard would shudder at the thought of someone like that.

No. 1900341

I suck so much at home decorating to the point that I don't see what's wrong with the beige or grey interiors.

No. 1900379

there's nothing wrong with beige, grey or white interiors but most of the time people who have no personality will try to copy this style to a t which has absolutely no substance or soul and it's pretty obvious when they do. also if your personality is just bland and you like plain things that's fine too if you don't do it because it's trendy to have a house that looks like a mental asylum padded room. I think kim kardashian started this trend of super bland white rooms so that's why people latched onto it.

No. 1900473

Yeah and I'm waiting for my free taco bell right now. Tonight I feast. Yesterday I literally only ate a watermelon slice and water I'm ravenous.

No. 1900583

I had a wet dream where the other person started out as my crush but kept flickering into my mom and then back to my crush. Feels bad. as if I didn't want to die enough already my brain has to torture me in my sleep too

No. 1900590

I'd kms if I were in your place.

No. 1900593

…for eatimg yummy taco bell?

No. 1900633

Yeah nona some of the ana-chans on here are really sick in the head, just ignore them and enjoy your Taco Bell. I did the same bullshit you did on UberEats circa 2017 and must have gotten at least $3000 dollars of free food. Eventually they caught on and now I'm banned from using Uber services.

No. 1900729

I’m so attracted to manipulative women who lie to my face and use me when it’s convenient for them. It’s pathological and I need help

No. 1900761

i biblically want gohan

No. 1900849

I wish Asians in my European country were Japanese. Most of them are Vietnamese and Chinese. I've never met a young Japanese man in my entire life.

No. 1900856

Nine minutes to delete this

No. 1900862


No. 1900880

Sometimes, I wish I had finished college. My income as a commission-based "artist" is so bad I might as well be a NEET. I dropped out of college because it was filled with moids who openly mocked me for looking like a tween and having to use small drawing tablets that were afforfable (like an early model Wacom Bamboo or something), and them mocking me for not knowing what the shit a Elder Scrolls was. I wanted to work for Nintendo or at least make games with art styles that were cartoony, and girls in the gaming environment wasn't heard of. My life sucks now and nobody wants to buy my art anymore. I peaked and the only people paying for shit these days are TIFs with titty scar OCs or TIMs with futanari lolicon OCs. My career path is impossible to save now that I'm developing shit like psychosis and ending up involuntarily in mental health hospitals on the regular. I wish I was a normie.

No. 1900890

>go to lpsg
>big dicks sub board
>last post by PussyStretcherDeluxe

No. 1900892

It's never too late. Not all studios care about having a degree as long as you know how to work. You can still try. Hugs nonny

No. 1900916

Incredibly cringe

No. 1900946

File: 1708856581111.jpg (130.1 KB, 736x981, a169500a7f2f10bfa9b8ee233bfa12…)

I'd rather eat fast food than let myself go hungry. I just want you to know that I'm ordering food again in the morning cause I have another reward. And the day after that too.
That wasn't me, but I appreciate it regardless anon kek.

No. 1901029

File: 1708867119674.jpg (48.52 KB, 500x365, 1673632793671.jpg)

My only friend is a literally retarded scrote. He's severely autistic and you can tell just by looking at him. I'm awkward and boring and have a hard time finding friends, so he's the only person that gets me out of my apartment. I use him so I have someone to do stuff with like going to the movies or eating at restaurants. He always pays for me despite being broke, which is nice of him. But we have nothing in common and our conversations are incredibly dull. When people see us together they definitely assume I'm his tard wrangler or a prostitute.

Well, maybe friendship doesn't always have to be so deep. We hang out the way dogs hang out. Just wandering around town looking for stuff to do. But it's embarrassing. He's so retarded he'll cry actual tears when something doesn't go his way. He's so retarded his family controls his money. I'm so retarded I hang out with a retard. And a male one at that. Oh well.

No. 1901058

This is bleak. Have you tried any clubs for your hobbies? Even if you befriend an older woman from a knitting club or something, that would do you good. Anything to not have to deal with a severely autistic moid.

No. 1901115

I'm so scared of falling down stairs to an almost ridiculous degree, it makes me wonder if I'm either destined to die by falling down the stairs or died that way in a previous life.

No. 1901135

I'm the same, climbing is fine but getting down is stress inducing, especially if it's an old spiral staircase, which is a problem since I love climbing on top of old churches roofs, I thought I was going to die when I visited St Paul cathedral.

No. 1901287

I fucked my nigel in the woods during the full moon and it was amazing. Highly recommend. Something about being on top while looking up at the stars is a downright spiritual experience.

No. 1901330

wtf is lpsg

No. 1901347

Channeling this for midsummer night

No. 1901470

I'm nasty as fuck and rarely thoroughly wash my underwear or anything if I bleed through during my period. I don't track my period so it happens most of the time. I either trash it or kinda wash it by soaking them in cold water.

No. 1901473

Girl why are you not washing your underwear?? Do you wash your non period stained underwear or is it only the period stained underwear you aren't washing? Use some detergent, I am begging you.

No. 1901497

That's gross. Either wash it or throw it away.

No. 1901505

Omg, obviously I do wash my underwear, I meant that I just don't wash blood stains out of my underwear when it happens. I still throw them in the laundry as is though. I guess I didn't word it right so my bad lol.

No. 1901512

Is that bad? I don't do that either. I wash my underwear on hot and they always come out looking and smelling clean.

No. 1901513

I confess that i have been trying to gaslight my college bully into opening an onlyfans, it would be hella funny if she tried to act sexy.

No. 1901521

Soak it in peroxide, then cold water. that's why i do with my dedicated period underwear. It gets the blood out really easily

No. 1901525

i know this is completely retarded but i would honestly love to go to a camp/resort like in this episode of family guy (without any dumb moids there ofc). sadly, it feels like it could ever happen because trannies would go crazy

No. 1901537

Losing weight would solve 90% of my problems but I just do not have the willpower. The only times I've been at a good weight have been when I was too poor to buy food or too depressed to eat.

No. 1901541

It can probably happen in other countries, but not most of america sadly

No. 1901658

File: 1708907542771.jpeg (102.05 KB, 1200x676, IMG_1991.jpeg)

Ken is unironically my ideal husbando, I truly would love having a stupid crybaby dickless himbo to bully. My femdom and dacriphile tendencies were out of control during this silly ass movie.

No. 1901665

I love Allister from Pokemon

No. 1901679

I have some potentially dangerous health issues that give me a lot of paranoia so whenever I get scared (especially when falling asleep) I fantasize about being the child of one of my favorite characters who reminds me a lot of my mom. I often wish this reality was a dream and I could wake up in that world, healthy and loved.

No. 1901703

So like, fictional.

No. 1901709

today is the first time ive bought a bottle of vodka (or any alcohol) in nearly two years.

No. 1901716

Like straight peroxide? Not hydrogen peroxide? I have never bought either, but I want to try your method. I will have to track it down in my country.

No. 1901723

I don't understand how people are just able to be attracted to people around them in their daily lives. I'm 25 and in my entire life, I have only ever been sexually attracted to 4 people, and 3/4 of those were celebrities. I want a relationship so bad, but I am not attracted to anyone I see and it feels fucking impossible. I don't understand why I have such specific taste. All 4 of my crushes share similar traits, it's like a have a micro-specific type and it's the only thing I'm attracted to. If I could change this about myself I would do it in a heartbeat. I'm so depressed about this and I just wish I was born as a different person.

No. 1901726

File: 1708913194722.jpg (26.07 KB, 450x450, hydro-perox.jpg)

It's really fascinating. You can watch the blood react to the hydrogen peroxide. You can get it anywhere really. I get mine for cheap at walmart or biglots.

No. 1901749

Awesome, thanks. I have several stained pairs that I scrub and scrub with detergent and hand soap and no dice.

No. 1901849

Your post makes me glad you are single.

No. 1901865

I was feeling suicidal the past 2 months, self harming, doing self destructive shit and sent nude snapchats to 2 male online friends (they didn’t save them). I feel better now, but I’m in a relationship with the love of my life for the past 8 years, we are engaged. He is the only person I have slept with. But I feel so guilty about what I did. I can’t seem to forgive myself. I know at the end of the day it’s not like I had sex with them, or kissed them, but I feel completely disgusting. Repulsive. I love my fiance. If he ever found out what I did, he would break up with me. I can’t believe I did what I did. I hate myself. I am so paranoid that either friend will tell my fiance. They don’t know him, but I’m scared they could reach out and message him. However they have no proof it happened so I could just deny it.. but I’m so angry at myself for doing it in the first place. I want to self harm again.

No. 1901870

relax anon, it's just a moid, he jerks it to other women's bodies in porn so he has no ground to stand on. A moid would never feel this level of guilt for what you did. Just forget about it and don't do it again.

No. 1901898

I'm kinda addicted to cutting my nails… it's so satisfying imo and i absolutely can't stand the feeling of nail scraping paper. Anytime i see a bit of white i clip it off.

No. 1901911

obsessed with living out my most deranged fantasies with jailbroken gpt-4. i will happily live in a pod if i can use vr ai shit irl is a crapshoot anyway

No. 1901969

File: 1708927371994.jpg (98.83 KB, 736x1104, d92b772f0d77edcf04ae272f7860af…)

Nah as soon as they make that shit more realistic and I can build a bf I'm going to be living like the movie Surrogates out of a closet in a crack den no one will ever see me again

No. 1902000

Sometimes I wish I was a goose so I could bite and chase people I don’t like.

No. 1902040

File: 1708931127751.jpeg (101.85 KB, 1200x900, IMG_8985.jpeg)

In your next life I will pray you're reincarnated as a goose

No. 1902125

At least you've had crushes, I'm 31 and I've never been attracted to anybody period (except for 2D but it doesn't count). I have a friend who's hooking up with a lot of guys she's extremely attracted to and I don't get it, I find them so mid.

No. 1902131

Same except I only liked a handful of cartoon characters and one celebrity. The loneliness is getting to me but anyone outside of this one specific person and phenotype is legit unattractive to me regardless of what features they have. I can't feel arousal towards anyone else in the slightest except for that one guy. For the longest time I almost thought I wasn't straight until watching his media.

No. 1902238

I haven't had sex with my bf since september and I am so frustrated. Before september we probably had sex like 3 times during the year. We have been dating for 11 years and were eachothers first everything, and I've always been high libido and he's low libido. He likes to please me and will finger/suck me if I ask but still. I want intimacy. I want to do things to him too. I am so tired, so frustrated. There are some nights I have Dreams of us having sex and wake up crying because I miss it so much. Sigh

No. 1902347

Is he overweight nonna? Is there something causing his low libido? You deserve all the intimacy/ sex you want. Is he pornsick and thats why he avoids sex?

No. 1902457

File: 1708957920126.jpg (65.82 KB, 480x640, 1702244290141.jpg)

No. 1902461

Unless he's one of the rare moids who doesn't watch porn ( he's not), you don't owe him shit. I assure you that , as the wise >>1901870 anon says, he would never feel guilty about the stuff that makes you feel so bad you want to self harm again. It is sad but it is what it is.

No. 1902585

File: 1708965667883.jpeg (86.03 KB, 1280x768, IMG_0645.jpeg)

I think my professor has a crush on me and because of my extreme daddy issues from having a dead father I am relishing the attention. I only have him one lesson a week just for a seminar but every week he comes and sits next to me to strike up a conversation with me, asking me lots of questions about myself, my interests, like he’s taken a great liking to my fashion sense and the way I dress but in a way I fucking love it because nobody really notices ever so it makes me feel really special. Today he said I was like a character out of a movie and it just made me so happy to be complimented like that. Help

No. 1902598

I would say run and that he is up to no good but honestly in that situation I would likely feel the same as you kek. But you probably shouldn't let it go anywhere, there's a reason he isn't flirting with women his own age. What if he's married or something?

No. 1902599

He is taking advantage of your desperation and probably jerks off to degrading student x teacher porn. He is not giving you wholesome attention just because you're some sweet nice girl, he is most likely using you to fuel his degenerate fantasies and loves that some impressionable young woman looks up to him just because he does his job and is older. Please stop before you get too attached.

No. 1902611

You sure your fiance hasn't jerked it to other women every night for the entire duration of your 8 year relationship? Not even trying to make you feel like shit about your fiance/relationship but you're making yourself feel like shit and guilty about something that isn't worse than jerking it to pornstars or goggling at lewd shorts and pictures on social media in a relationship which is completely normalized now. Men will do all of this openly and call you a jealous hag when you're not comfortable with it or do it behind your back but women will feel guilty for as much as glancing another man's way, get a reality check please.

No. 1902613

>The loneliness is getting to me but anyone outside of this one specific phenotype is legit unattractive to me
I’m so glad I’m not alone. I fucking hate that my brain is so autistically specific about who it wants to fuck, it’s actually retarded. All my crushes look so similar that they could be related. It also leads to, in my case at least, an unhealthy celebrity obsession. I know I’m too old for this shit and it makes me fucking miserable, but what am I supposed to do if no other humans are attractive to me? I mean practically speaking there comes a point in horniness where you’ve gotta masturbate to something, so it’s gonna wind up being the damn celebrity because there are literally no other options.so it’s like I don’t even want to be this way but my body forces me to. Which sounds retarded but that’s how it feels.
>I have a friend who's hooking up with a lot of guys she's extremely attracted to and I don't get it
I can’t wrap my head around that either. Finding MULTIPLE people IRL you are sexually attracted to? How? I encounter so many people in a day and I try to fix myself by thinking “okay, how about that person? Could you work up sexual attraction to that person? Come on, let’s try. Tryyyyyyying. No, nothing”
Even stereotypically and objectively attractive people do nothing for me unless they fit my specific phenotype, and pretty much no one ever does because it’s so rare and specific.
Is there a way to “cure” this? I want more than anything to be able to be normal and find a partner or get irl crushes like other people do so naturally and easily. “Oh, he’s cute!” Or “oh, she’s hot!” Are never thoughts I’ve even once had towards passerbys even though other people think those things all the time.

No. 1902621

All the 3d men I've been attracted to look either nothing like the men I attract or there's barely any of them where I live. And my type is quite literally bland but cute looking generic dark haired tall lanky guy, they shouldn't be hard to find.

No. 1902622

I send a job application to a company just because I want to see the guy that is doing the interview. He looks super hot on his linkedin photo. I want a date lol. I mean I can't just call the number and tell him that.

No. 1902626

I confess that I haven't known myself. I rushed and squandered and I'm paying the price for both.

No. 1902627

Same, I thought I was a lesbian until I suddenly felt attracted to two celebrities, and I can’t find any other men attractive. I would have to find one that looks identical to one of them to ever consider dating or having sexual with a male, otherwise I’m only interested in women.

No. 1902659

I've stolen things from my abusive mom's house before in our cooldown kindness periods as retribution for all the torture she's put me through. She's a consoomer and an organized hoarder so she's not going to use the majority of it.

No. 1902678

If I don't find an apartment by this summer I think I'm just going to aim for jail.

No. 1902685

I need money NOW!

No. 1902766

I often think I would do well in prison. I have no hobbies to miss out on, and I really like routine. I think I might like prison better than my current life

No. 1902773

If you live in Canada or Europe then yeah it’s probably decent. US prisons are dangerous and they don’t have air conditioning even in hot states like Texas and Florida.

No. 1902781

Good for you I commend you for that

No. 1902812

It's just saving things that will otherwise be seldom worn or used. She's not going to miss her denim skirt stashed in a bin in her closet from 2006, or an unused plethora of Sephora palettes she stashed under the sink never to be consoomed! the woman is so wasteful, it's a rescue mission

No. 1902815

I hate introducing my friends to each other because I have a fear they'll like each other more than they like me

No. 1902823

kek you know I'm sort of glad I'm not the only one who has thought this before. if I can get adjusted to the daily routine it probably wouldn't be so bad—you can still draw and read in prison plus I'd have time to workout everyday instead of sitting at my desk all day long so I could lose some weight too kek

No. 1902840

Looking back, I think if the TIF I had a crush on at 14 asked me out I would have said yes. Of course that never would have happened because she was into boys, and other reasons. Does that mean I was actually attracted to her? I don’t know, I was too young, I wasn’t fully thinking that way. All I know is she made me feel funny the second she walked into the class on the first day of school.
I looked her up recently. She got the tit chop a month ago. Her girly sister trooned out too.

No. 1902843

No, its not just you, I sometimes fantasize about being put in prison for life. I honestly think I would be much happier there. One of the things that keeps me from being serious about it though is that I love cats, they’re basically the only thing I am interested in in the world, and if I never got to see a cat for the rest of my life I would feel sad.

No. 1902894

That’s so cute I want to hug and kiss you

No. 1902916

>flirting with a professor

No. 1902955

I was sexually assaulted when I was a child. It was by a friend, he was several years older than me at the time, a young teen. I've never mentioned it to my parents, never mentioned it to any partner. I've only told one person in my life, a friend I trusted deeply, and without missing a beat they replied 'that makes so much sense'. I can't explain how badly that hurt me, I think about it all the time. What happened to me was over 2 decades ago now, and truthfully my memory of it is hazy, but it's a horrid, dark secret that probably has harmed me more than I'll ever realise. Despite this, I have always thought I've come across stable and well adjusted. It's driving me insane that apparently that isn't accurate at all. How could I ever look someone in the eye and tell them this again? But I have so much anger and guilt over it, I just want to be free of these feelings.

No. 1902970

File: 1708991383418.jpeg (148.6 KB, 929x690, 7230A00A-98A8-4A38-BF3C-EE2109…)

I think I’ve been a lifelong yumejoshi but I didn’t know there was a term for this until I came onto this website. I’ve made solo art but never posted that stuff online due to fear of backlash or harassment. So I’ve kept myself entertained just fine. I used to think I was weird for even thinking about this. Maybe I am but less weird than I thought lmao

No. 1902971

Inside all of us, there is a yumejoshi

No. 1902974

He's gross, and you're gross. He's probably married. tf is wrong with you

No. 1902984

Kek that's how I found out about it too. I knew the fujo term, but not the yume. The only word I knew was selfshippers but I'm more of an oc person myself. I would never share my stuff online though.

No. 1902994

For me the only downside to prison is that it’s on your permanent record. You’re permanently marked as a felon. Sometimes I think I would’ve been better off in a structured environment, with little to no access to the Internet. Oh well

No. 1903007

Out of nowhere on the way to work I thought to myself "If I don't get out of here by the time I'm 30, I will kill myself" and I felt a wave of peace flow over me

No. 1903058

These thirst trap gym videos make me so uncomfortable. Please, I just want some motivation, not to look at you like that.

No. 1903086

I like really, really like seared basically completely raw beef/bison/buffalo
It has to be hot, but I want it as raw as possible without mooing
I've been tested repeatedly for iron deficiency; I have no explanation for myself, it's nasty

No. 1903087

It's not crazy but I put peach eyeshadow around my eyes even if I'm not going out. Solely if I come across a mirror I don't get frightened by my eyebags

No. 1903089

I was for the dumbass shit thread getting nuked/autosaged and still agree with mods decision, but I do miss posting random shit in there I come across but dont fit in the other threads

No. 1903186

Nonna this isn't the unpopular opinion thread.

No. 1903226

This was my first shower in two days. I smelled like ass

No. 1903236

2 days? That’s all? Now I feel horrendous. I guess my confession is that I’m stinky. It’s very rare for me to shower more than twice a week tops. I haven’t showered since early Saturday morning and still feel cleaner than usual because of how infrequently I shower. I wasn’t always like this. I used to shower every other day at the bare minimum. But I rarely feel well enough to leave the house and showering is really tiring. I think I need to get a shower chair cause I don’t like being unwashed, I’m just so exhausted all the time cause I’m so ill.

No. 1903255

I think I only felt bad because I have to shower every day for work because I'm a chef.
I remember when I stayed at home all the time I would shower less too. Don't feel bad

No. 1903278

I am soooooooooooooooooo close to giving up and completely disassociating non responsive and no one in my life knows how close i am it's like wow i am on a tightrope nobody can see!

No. 1903370

I sit on the ground in the shower, but you should definetly get a chair! It's worth it.

No. 1903598

I am going feral over a guy I've made out with and went on a date with. He's a generally sweet and innocent guy and has no dating experience whatsoever so I didn't have any expectations on that front but he just unconsciously does all the things that get me the wettest. even making out with him gets me wetter than the Niagara Falls and the physical chemistry we have is absolutely insane
it's messing with me because he does not act like a virgin at all and in the past i did get sidetracked by horniness to my own detriment so i wanted to focus on my career for once but the lord is testing me

i feel so ashamed of how feral i'm going for a guy younger than me and with way less experience than me but he drives me crazy and i want to lock him up in a dungeon and fuck him for a week straight

No. 1903618

I get so much satisfaction seeing someone get redrexted over making a thread too early.

No. 1903709

I have a shower once a week nooner. Pussy

No. 1903726

I like editing the wikipedia pages of rich kids larping as indie or artsy and adding their rich parents

No. 1903736

kek so petty but I love this

No. 1903760

>i want to lock him up in a dungeon and fuck him for a week straight
What's stopping you?

No. 1903763

Well my mental health has tanked completely ever since my ex dumped me towrads the end of last year. I've always struggled with depression but the breakup really played into my biggest fear - abandonment. I was completely blindsided and he just walked past me when I cried. I had my second therapy session this week and it made me even more suicidal because things from my childhood came up that I'd rather not talk nor think about. I'm doing so well with my job and studies but my life isn't making me happy anymore. All I do is cry and sleep once I get home and the pain in my chest gets worse and worse. Not to bait, but I'm seriously considering ending it this year. I've always thought things would get better if only I did this and that, but they never did.

No. 1903769

A true Warrior of Light

No. 1903810

If it weren't for my face and body shape I'd want to get one of those lower shoulder blade tattoos

No. 1903884

My ex I don't want to claim got posted on one of those is this man a red flag group and I'm saying nothing because I'm so embarrassed. He's not violent just cringe this is not my battle. A few women have said he's nice and didn't call them back and all he talked about where his dogs. I found he spammed my phone constantly and yes did talk endlessly about his dogs which I took pity on and bought them new harnesses and leashes because he lied about spending his money on drink and living in poverty. For two months the man was coming to hook the Internet up and fix his shower. I don't want to say I've dated him because other women may also be a witness to his home and u don't want to claim him! I was in a bad head space lol it lasted 2 months and he pushed meeting his dad on me and his dad sang something about wedding bells and we broke up the next day because I had a panic attack

No. 1903899

I unblocked his fb to see if there was any drama and he's in a relationship! Idk if it's the girl he's with asking for red flags because he becomes an absolute melt when he gets the boyfriend title lmao

No. 1903900

File: 1709051204691.jpg (237.87 KB, 1398x1080, 20231127_152926.jpg)

I'd rather kill myself than ever be a man but my girlfriend is so cute I wish i could get her pregnant. I get frustrated because sometimes fingers are just not enough, i want to be even closer to her.

No. 1903910

I think he is married. A girl I know from class was in classes with him before me and said he mentioned his wife, but he hasn’t mentioned being married at all since I’ve been in his class
I’m not doing anything I’m just enjoying the attention and the compliments kek
When did I say anywhere in my post that I was flirting with him? He gives me compliments and I just say thanks or I talk about something else
Please state what I did wrong lol. If you read the post you’d see my professor has a crush on me, I don’t have one on him, I just like the attention.

No. 1903915

>i’m not doing anything wrong tehe im just egging him on and letting him feel comfortable with being a creep b-but i’m not the one in the wrong lol i did nothing technically
Women like you suck

No. 1903921

Calm down ugly(infighting)

No. 1903926

I am constantly judging the appearance of people around me, like on the bus or at work. It's almost always in a positive way, like I'll be thinking wow she has such a cute nose or beautiful eyes or cool hairstyle or whatever. It's admiring them more than judging I guess but I still feel gross and shallow for thinking about random peoples looks so often. It shouldn't matter to me but I can't help it, people are so interesting and pretty looking.

No. 1903932

After you, whore(infighting)

No. 1903957

No. 1903963

>"y-you're totally just jealous I'm getting male attention from an old pervert because you're ugly!"
kek how predictable, you pickme types are retarded

No. 1903990

I wish there were more routes like Ken’s in P3P

No. 1904003

>men being creeps is womans fault

You think the scrote would even listen if anon started to complain about it? He would just go full victim "i-i was just trying to be nice" and make her seem like a bitch.

No. 1904007

Look at you acting like its mission impossible for her to ice him out lmao and she clearly enjoys the attention regardless of how scummy he is. Peak attention whore

No. 1904016

I literally explained my situation and why I would enjoy that kind of attention even to my detriment. What the fuck is wrong with you and why are you so triggered? Seems like you’re overcompensating for something. Stop seething because you’re not cute, weirdo. This is for confessions and I don’t need you screaming down my throat because I confessed something on a confessions thread

No. 1904020

Yea he's a creep for initiating these interactions but you're acting like that anon didn't say she's "relishing the attention" and that she "fucking loves it" so she's obviously leading him on and continuing to engage with him. Some of you act like women can do nothing wrong. Encouraging a degenerate teacher to hit on his students is bad, end of story

No. 1904031

>zomg stop being mean you’re just jealous because ur uglyyyy
Ok attention whore(infighting)

No. 1904073

I lost interest in listening to music for about a year because I've always wanted to pursue music but I was just too lazy to do it. So I would get jealous and resentful when I would listen to music instead of appreciating it. Getting over that now though.

No. 1904075

I decided to start drafting my suicide note, and I feel better all of a sudden. The funny thing is, I fell back on the “make an outline” skill for writing papers from my school days. It feels ridiculous to be drafting an outline for a suicide note, but it’s a really important thing to get right, so I guess it makes sense. I know there’s nothing I can say to prevent my actions from making my mom suffer horribly, but I feel like I owe her an explanation and I will try to reassure her the best I can. I finally stopped crying when I actually got to writing, but now thinking about my mom’s life after I die is making me cry again. Its really not fair on her. It’s really lucky no one has walked into my office today considering I’ve been quietly sobbing and blowing about 16 pounds of snot out of my nose since I arrived this morning. If they did I straight up have no idea what I’d say. Like zero clue. I literally can’t stop it though so what can I do.

No. 1904162

I'm currently looking for a tattoo artist who will turn my areolas into hearts, I've always hated how large they were and my breasts are ugly to me, but oh well, they are mines and I think it'd be cute.
I feel like i've finally seen that LAST sign I need to do it, funnily enough that last sign was opening a spoiler on lolcow.

No. 1904175

i used to feel pity for people coming to the us from other countries to seek good work, and people online who wanted to be outsource employees, etc. now i just hate them. stay in your country holy shit

No. 1904225

Kek you’re gonna get banned. i once got banned for complaining how when I go to a chain F500 retail store there’s no one working there who speaks English. We’re doomed.

No. 1904275

Bonus sign: I used to be a tattoo artist and have done these tattoos quite a few times. I think they look really cute, and it was nice being a part of helping women feel more confident about their breasts after thinking they had "weird" nipples. Just make sure you pay top dollar, don't get a scratcher. Your tatas deserve only the best, nona.

No. 1904433

My boyfriend is visiting from another country for a few months and I don't know how to ask him why he's clearly been using my "feminine wash." He speaks English natively so it's not a language barrier thing. I don't really mind, to be honest I get a giggle every time I shower and notice the cap is open. I'm like, "boyfriend got into the pussy wash again…"

No. 1904539

File: 1709079127273.jpg (21.62 KB, 494x484, 03f9cf351a727686a1d95cd2475795…)

I still masturbate to my ex and then I cry

No. 1904544

Working is so hard, I feel so tired afterwards that I don't even want to check social media for days. But I also hate not working because I feel useless, so then I don't even check social media for days because I'm too tired of doing nothing to feel like doing anything.
I'm just so tired in general.

No. 1904555

uh why the fuck are you using that shit, it messes up your vag ph

No. 1904562

What is feminine wash/pussy wash…

No. 1904563

OK, this one is harsh.
Every time I see kaka's thread (like twice a year) I get a little depressed cuz I have some traits in common with her, except I don't post it on social media.
It makes me cringe at myself, but it also makes me rethink a lot of my choices and behavior.

No. 1904572

Me too nonna. Almost every time kek.

No. 1904576

Dude same AND “refugees”. No MALE is a “refugee”.

No. 1904581

Kek me too, it's one thing for people who want to come here, make a life for themselves, and integrate but the ones that come here don't. They scam, encourage slumlords, and lower the quality of living for everyone like go home damn

No. 1904597

He's a troon and it makes him feel euphoric. I'm just fucking with you

No. 1904604

Kek I saw the same post too anon. I saw similar tattoo's a few years back and thought they were cute, you should go for it anon.

No. 1904607

I can't fall asleep with socks on. It's okay if I'm wearing socks and shoes, but if I'm just wearing socks I can't fall asleep no matter how hard I try. I feel broken.

No. 1904666

I always feel like I'm fucking up and doing something wrong. Like I can't be a good friend or competent at my job or a good family member. I feel like a waste of space. Because of this, I can see how tempting it would be to throw my life away for a cause. Like if I killed someone who tortured animals or killed an unconvicted rapist or something. Even if it meant I'd have to go to jail for the rest of my life, I'd at least feel like I contributed something meaningful to the world instead of being the waste of space that I am. And I do try to be a good friend/family member and to contribute to society through my job. It's never enough.

No. 1904667

real. MEN are largely the perpetrators of whatever shitfest is going down, they need to stay there and face the consequences of what they've done.

No. 1904687

i feel so tittilated lately

No. 1904704

File: 1709091523250.jpeg (757.22 KB, 828x1154, 1661325547594.jpeg)

i haven't seen all of this dude's art but i can't hate him too much, it seems to me he's just attracted to his wife

No. 1904707

I made a friend who puts me on a pedestool and thinks I'm really cool but I'm afraid she's gonna find out I'm a loser so I'm scared to get close but she is really nice

No. 1904709

Glad I am not the only one nonnies

No. 1904710

then why does he draw her so differently from how she actually looks

No. 1904717

To be fair he doesn’t draw himself how he actually looks either. He just can’t draw/thinks everyone looks better than they really do.

No. 1904784

he either thinks she's that good-looking because he's married to her or it's a typical art thing, romanticization or something,

No. 1904822

I have to admit it girls, I love John. Cena

No. 1904830

She's still really pretty though.

No. 1904834

hoping women get straps that actually let us feel what’s going on. like attachable cocks. i’m going to be a fiend

No. 1904843

File: 1709102271709.jpeg (411.01 KB, 750x759, IMG_6401.jpeg)

My partner has this judgemental friend who seems to have has everything go right in her life- supportive normal family who have bankrolled her wedding, buying a house, etc etc
She’s an annoying libfem but the type whose whole thing is domestic imbalance between male and female labour in the home etc despite being married to a woman. I mean fair I don’t like moids either but she’s been trying for a child with IVF and got pregnant straight away because of course she did. Super smug about her station in life but openly wanted and expected a girl. Said she would be going through a grieving process if she found out it was a boy. Anyway it is, with 6 months to go in the pregnancy. God is good kek I hate that bitch

No. 1904847

kek, doomed to have a moid

No. 1904865

one more moid on the planet is never a good thing but if it was going to happen then I’m glad it happened this way kek

No. 1904874

Can't she just abort it? Or is that not legal where you live? Also can't you go for a certain gender with IVF? Kind of retarded for her to not pick a girl if she was that serious about having one.

No. 1904938

i think i have suicide ideation from almost my whole family being dead. the only ones who aren't dead don't speak to each other. they all died of the same thing that i may have and die of too. i miss those years in the past so much. i can never get my immediate family back. deep down i just want to see them all again so badly. not even religious but i pray there's something to remeet them in the end. no one gets it because they still have their own families. nobody elses parents could ever replace mine and no friend fills the gap my siblings left. its such a lonely feeling.

No. 1904947

File: 1709113269793.jpeg (54.13 KB, 672x384, tumblr_cd522c6a7bd4b63fa161602…)

My bf quit watching porn for me but I still play h-games and read a03 smut and never mentioned it to him.

No. 1904950

its not the same. As far as i know anime girls dont get trafficked to make eroges.

No. 1904953

>quit porn
Yeah no,he just watches it secret now.once they become coombrained its forever

No. 1904959

NTA but a lot of moids have the potential to quit, even if their brains will never be "normal" again and spreading this lie that they can't just makes them more prone to never try to quit. some never will because they're too far gone but a lot definitely can. most of the ones who quit seem to do it for their own selfish reasons like stronger erections, semen retention or some dumb shit like that. though in the end idc, i want everyone to stop watching this evil shit.

No. 1904960

don't worry, you have nothing to worry about because he didn't actually quit. you can't get him to quit watching porn any more than you can get him to quit breathing.

No. 1904964

I never asked him to quit and never inquired about his habits, he just randomly told me he didn't want to look at porn anymore now that he has me. I feel like a hypocrite because I liked the fact that he stopped consooming it but I haven't.

No. 1904966

She should think of all the little moids she killed in the IVF process for comfort.

No. 1904970

if it's bothering you so much then stop. have some self control nonna

No. 1905003

I hate that my youngest sister turned into a weeb during the pandemic because now if I say anything she'll act as if she knows wtf she's talking about. I told her I started watching JJK recently in case she also watched it or heard about it and she started sperging over how Gojo is probably my husbando and how that would make me a basic bitch when that's not even the case and she thinks One Piece with the French dub is a literary masterpiece. If I read something that doesn't involve unga bunga fist fights she thinks I'm a pretentious nerd, if I read or watch something with unga bunga fist fights I have shit taste because it's not specifically One Piece. I'll kick her ass someday and regret ever gifting her her shitty One Piece volumes. My parents would kill me for "not being nice" to her for thinking that so it's a confession.

No. 1905006

KEK your sister sounds insufferable. One Piece tards think they’re reading a masterpiece of the highest echelon when every arc is the strawhats acting like retards until GOMU GOMU NOOOOOO FISTING solves every problem. I’m reading it right now and I astonished that this is the garbage people have been worshipping for 20 years.

No. 1905011

Honestly, if you never learned to have a double life as a Muslim woman, it’s over for you. Especially at your age, your parents can tell you’re a loser and would be less likely to watch you like a hawk, unlike a 13 year old. Get some money, lose weight, slut it up and maybe you can have a fun story to laugh about at 30

No. 1905013

where did she say she's muslim?

No. 1905023

I have a sneaking suspicion she’s been here before. Said something about being a femcel in the last thread. Common loser experience among failure to launch Muslim chicks

No. 1905051

I'm not even porn-addicted in the way scrotes are, it just became a hobby and I also enjoy the collecting/archiving aspect of it. I also dabbled in creating nsfw art/games, but ultimately gave that up as I did not have sufficient time to create quality works, which was probably for the best. I used to be obsessed with researching crimes and ran a true crime blog, but it was having a negative effect on my mental state so I quit years ago, and romance/ero media replaced that obsession. Female-oriented pornhwas and the like have dedicated fanbases and I don't have friends, so it replaced social interaction for me as well. Also I've been indulging in it for years at this point so I'm not sure what else to do with my free time. I have always had an interest in woodworking, but my situation is not conducive to setting up a workshop for that right now, so I won't indulge that interest for several more years. I know I should find more normie hobbies, but a lot of things either bore me, require irl social interaction, or are not practical for me to take up given my current circumstances. You are right though, it is largely a matter of self-control and I do intend to do something else with my time after this Friday, a game I really like is putting out a new update. It's hard to find the right combination of mentally stimulating, relaxing, socializing, and well-intentioned.

No. 1905097

I've been wanting so long for one. Why do strap ons for lesbians suck so much? Even expensive ones never feel right for the person wearing it.

No. 1905129

File: 1709133261668.png (65.26 KB, 300x300, 04qtzg2gz2851.png)

Years ago when I was in middle school I made 10 accounts on Twitter so I can argue with some k-popers (I was also into k-pop) on the most retarded subjects ever, like nitpicking idols and malding over the fact that some idol was smoking kekk I kept spamming everywhere that he will die and everyone who disagrees is a faggot and he's also a faggot(the idol). I'd also have arguments in private messages where I was really malding over the stupidest k-pop opinions. In the end all the accounts got banned for hate speech. I was also larping as a korean(catfishing included) and telling everyone that I'm right because I'm korean and I see these idols everyday…. my sides.

No. 1905130

Kekkk I would have hated you back then but now I just find this hilarious

No. 1905132

Which idol? I wonder if we knew each other

No. 1905140

middle school you sounds hilarious lmao good stuff

No. 1905161

what do you have against smoking nonita

No. 1905183

ntayrt but smoking is like, a big deal for kpoppers and idols, its super frowned upon i believe and kpop idols who are caught smoking are basically shunned, i think its better nowadays tho idk

No. 1905197

I’m only telling you guys this because I know nonnies will still love me despite this post, but Naoya Zenin is damn hot despite his shitty character

No. 1905231

Haha indeed,I have so many stories to share about me in middle(and primary) school and the type of shit I used to do, it's hilarious. I remember that I used to tell my best friend that NCT and others video call me every night on KakaoTalk and how I was wearing a Yuno Gasai cosplay while talking with them kekkk (she was my favourite character at the time). I also used to fake conversations with them and then send to my best friend so she can have "proof" (it was just me roleplaying with myself).

No. 1905232

I don't remember quite well but a really famous one, like from EXO or BTS or something

No. 1905239

Honestly it was probably because how the media portrays these idols are "innocent", or I just wanted to get mad at something lolol

No. 1905242

smoking is nasty and cringe

No. 1905254

Once in a while i go stalk my first crush's profiles and then i feel horrible because i realize how i will never love someone that way anymore and that i'm much more of a deranged person now

No. 1905260

don't feel bad nonna, we all do it at some point.
you gotta live with degeneracy in your brain, that's life.

No. 1905275

Nta you're right, but idg why it's treated as a big surprise when celebrities do it cause I thought everyone knew they all do that. i've seen online debates about that with western celebs too even when the celeb has no pure/innocent image to uphold and openly admits to consuming things like alcohol and drugs

No. 1905278

I have been fantasizing a lot about an old FWB lately. He was kind of a retard but was always nice to me and had a nice body. It's been years so I won't ever contact him again and we had nothing in common so had no emotional connection. I feel a bit bad because I am currently in a relationship but we have been forced into a shitty long-distance situation and I haven't seen my boyfriend in over a year now.

No. 1905282

Smoking is nasty, vaping is cringe.

No. 1905303

As a kid I was always uncomfortable with the focus my mom used to put on my physical appearance, one particular comment was that she wanted my hair to be tied up because otherwise "we can't see your pretty face" (whereas I've always preferred having my hair down). I started rejecting her compliments as a teenager not because of low self-esteem bur because I couldn't care less about my looks. She also believed for some reason that I was some kind of popular Stacy and that all the boys wanted to date me (whereas I'm an invisible nerd), never been comfortable with this either.

No. 1905308

When my gf had morning sickness at a work event, she said she was gonna throw up before we could make it to the bathroom. We were alone in a fancy hotel hallway that had fancy flowers in beautiful silver vases, and in a moment of panic, I chucked the flowers out of the vase and have it to my gf to vomit in. I was too ashamed to walk to the bathroom with an expensive vase filled with puke…so I just put the flowers back in, sprayed the area with perfume, and we walked away. Nobody knew it was her, and the gossip the next day blamed some lady’s drunk idiot husband for the sick vase. To this day, nobody knows it was her. I feel bad for the wagie who had to clean it, but if she didn’t puke in that vase, she was gonna puke all over the floor and herself, so I tell myself that I actually helped them.

No. 1905312

What did you get your degree in? Did you consider yourself witty or well read while still in neetdom? I'm about to trek a path like yours and you've given me a little sunshine.

No. 1905324

I have taken those real steps and I'm still struggling.

And most of all I'm pissed I'm watching my old friends with their neat houses and appartments and stable relationships while I missed the boat to get one before the housing market exploded. Praying for a massive crash by time I have some money on the bank.

No. 1905362

broke up with my fiance bc he cheated on me countless times and i had just had enough of it. now im single for the first time in my 20s and im horny but im not ready to sleep with other people so i've been having phone sex and this fucking guy that has the hottest voice and just the best personality said the phrase "I'll ravage you" and it turned me off so fast. ugh now i cant even talk to him as a friend bc its so fucking weird who talks like that wtf im sticking to just one guy now bc he knows what i like and doesnt say weird shit out of nowhere

No. 1905373

>so I tell myself that I actually helped them.
You really didn't. But what's done is done so don't think about it anymore.

No. 1905395

Pinkiepony and her anti Molestia campaign kek. She was kinda self righteous about it but she was 17 and people still make fun of her but she was right. All the scrotes involved were such degens.

No. 1905404

Since I was a child I wanted to marry an angel. I would never let a disgusting mortal man touch me. He needs to be an angel and pure and have big beautiful wings and a flaming sword and a feminine face like those catholic paintings. We would have two cursed nephilim children together and he would take me away from my stupid job/school. I've been fantasizing about this since I was like 10 years old and was obsessed with the bible.

No. 1905411

Nice humblebrag. Good for you for having close enough friends to plan trips with but some of us are simply too autistic and introverted to have that. I'm just tired of larping as a normie now.

No. 1905427

File: 1709151082137.jpg (16.54 KB, 187x269, images.jpg)

You should look into Ashtar Sheran, my tinfoil aunt is obsessed with him

No. 1905440

one of my boobs just randomly became bigger than the other

No. 1905447

Oh yeah I remember that, even back then I thought all the people against her were taking it too far, I was never comfortable with rape jokes in the first place.

No. 1905550

It was because of me I used my psychic powers on your boob anon. You're welcome.

No. 1905561

You seem really pleasant to be around, I wonder why you don't have a life or any friends

No. 1905572

Like, just now?

No. 1905576

I've never been able to cum from oral. It feels great, but I never quite get there. I can't tell if my boyfriend just sucks at oral or if I just can't enjoy it as much. I have a smaller clit and only use my fingers when I'm alone.

No. 1905603

I work at one of the biggest video game developers as a 2D artist and I didn't even finish high school. There is no such thing as a GED in my country either, creative places like that don't usually care about much other than your work. Even if they state certain qualifications if you're good enough it doesn't matter.

No. 1905639

I wish I had a real friend. My only “friend” is constantly competing with me and is never actually happy for me. How tf do you even make friends? My work doesn’t offer opportunities to make friends with people my age. I genuinely got depressed thinking of how lonely I am, my only recent texts are with my dad and my boss.

No. 1905640

File: 1709163236231.jpeg (13.64 KB, 225x225, IMG_5893.jpeg)

Kek I don’t think she would abort it since she told everyone she was pregnant at like the 6 week mark. The way the IVF process works here is they apparently try intrauterine insemination with the donor sperm before anything else and that worked first shot hence no embryo choice. Apparently she “cried for a week” when she found out it was a boy.

No. 1905645

File: 1709163728307.png (6.38 KB, 490x335, ssdfsdf.png)

had to show my autistic bestie a diagram of how we have the same boob size but different body types and heights make them look bigger on me and but she will Not Agree and says im the friend with the tits. idk what else i can do to show her the truth nonnies is this shit not clear? bc its clear to me

No. 1905665

When I've been outside too long and get overwhelmed I will find a public bathroom and sit in there for 10-20min listening to music. I recommend it to anons with a nervous disposition.

No. 1905667

It makes sense but the woman on the right in your drawing objectively looks far better because of the placement

No. 1905669

When I was 15 I did some incredibly cringe shit but the worst was joining an AMWF forum and genuinely believing that Asian incels were oppressed because women didn't want to date them. I ended up getting groomed by one of the admins who would accuse me of being racist if I didn't send him nudes over Skype. There's a lot more to this and it gets weirder, but that's why it feels so embarrassing in a nutshell.

No. 1905671

Trying to get a person with autism to listen is an impossible feat. Give up now.

No. 1905672

No. 1905673

It’s ok anon I was in so much denial about how bad women have it, that I got into MRA shit because it was easier to believe that if men got “treated better” (bs suicide epidemic stats) they’d be less stressed and would be out there raping and killing less. Lol. Terribly embarrassing but I was so pretty young.

No. 1905677

isn't that a sign for breast cancer?

No. 1905721

i wrote a fic that was almost 10k words. got embarrassed and deleted it all just now

No. 1905722

Anon why? Don't be crazy.

No. 1905726

Give us a quick plot summary in a few words

No. 1905731

Not quite the same thing but my grandma would always say “get your hair outta your face” because I had long bangs, “why don’t you get a Dorothy Hamill haircut” over and over, “Cousin Jimmy told me he thought you had greasy hair” (my parents told me later he definitely did not)

Also one time she followed me around in the bookstore looking at manga “when are you gonna grow out of this stuff” making me cry and doing nothing about it

They seem like such minor things but she definitely made my complexes I still have today.

No. 1905743

Nta but I grew up in a deeply staunchly conservative household and had a Trump phase in my teen years until I was away in college long enough to form some opinions of my own. When I was a conservative I had MRA beliefs like you and used to watch the commentary YouTubers like Blair [Robbie] White and Milo the gay moid.
Ig my related confession is that I will have to lie about who I voted for in 2016, even taking that shit to my grave and not telling my future husband and kids because I’m so embarrassed/ashamed to this day.

No. 1905752

I’m only ashamed to say I voted for him because of how retarded he was about guns and didn’t do anything about internet censorship
I always just say I hated the establishment and wanted to toss it up a little.

No. 1905755

File: 1709171231163.jpeg (86.02 KB, 1000x399, 3a17aea9-ad50-4750-bf72-f61d8a…)

I wish i could live in the USA to legally own guns

No. 1905761

Gun collectors are cringe

No. 1905764

File: 1709172187785.png (244.06 KB, 640x552, 1707558272263.png)

how can you call this cutie cringe

No. 1905766

Eww not the coquette musket

No. 1905768

…are we looking at the same picture?

No. 1905769

File: 1709173115716.jpeg (497.65 KB, 1155x865, 4b4de46adcbd4098e4d86f5b23a81f…)


No. 1905773

so cute, although i prefeer rifles

No. 1905774

Just masturbate eachother with waterguns wtf ew

No. 1905777

Vintage rifles with delicate engravings like the OP are really cool, do you like modern ones at all or do you prefer the more whimsical designs of pre-19th century firearms? Personally I like the aesthetics and functionality of AMRs and assault rifles
What does this mean

No. 1905782

Modern guns look like lego sets to me. Too square and ugly. Tacticool shit is the worst thing to happen to military, absolutely retarded and ugly aesthetic that's only appealing to edgy 14yo scrotes.

No. 1905783

Go glamorize uwu guns together somewhere far away from here

No. 1905797

Why do you hate the mere image of them so much

No. 1905799

File: 1709175398127.jpg (357.44 KB, 750x804, 546-puska-11.jpg)

Thanks for the video, I'm totally clueless about old guns it's interesting that repair was such a necessity because of the difficulty in sourcing parts. Guess it made them more reliable in practise than modern guns. Soviet era bolt rifles are probably the oldest design that appeals to me but guilty of liking tacticool trash too, sorry.

No. 1905806

nonny shouldnt blame guns for scrotes actions, it's scrotes that kill people, not guns.
I am glad you enjoyed it. It's fine to like tacticool stuff i admit i do like it from time to time, I am just a huge fan of wooden rifles.

No. 1905817

You're edgefags and you want them to feel cool dont lie

No. 1905828

NTA but I’d like to have a gun for the purpose of protecting myself against men not only in public but also in my own home in case there’s ever a situation where I’m burglarized or attacked.

No. 1905830

>nonny shouldn't blame guns for scrotes actions, its scrotes that kill people, not guns
Yeah you're right, the news stories I keep reading where a toddler picks up their parents gun and accidentally blows their own face off isn't the fault of a gun being easily accessible

No. 1905831

You have no answer. You’re afraid of inanimate historical items don’t lie

No. 1905832

it's the fault of the parents

No. 1905835

Yes because the gun put itself there on the table yeah

No. 1905837

So would the parents have killed the toddler if the gun wasn't there?

No. 1905838

It’s the fault of the child’s parents for allowing the gun to be out in the open or in a place where the child could easily access it. A gun is an inanimate object. It doesn’t randomly shoot a child when it’s sitting on a table. It is fired when the child picks it up and uses it because the parent decided to neglect them.

No. 1905841

Ok I’m sorry but what kek

No. 1905842

Well if guns aren't an issue, I'm just assuming the kid would die anyway

No. 1905844

It's absolutely wild to see a literal NRA slogan be unironically parroted on lolcow of all places

No. 1905845

I would guess so? Millions of babies in America die from neglect of all kinds yearly, not solely neglect cases where they come across a weapon and fatally injure themselves. Do you think that’s some kind of dunk? It only reaffirms the fact that inanimate objects only become dangerous when they’re misused.

No. 1905848

I don't like guns and would never own one myself but I see no problem with women who do. Actually in an ideal world only women would be allowed to own guns because they're good for self-defense, moids are too retarded and prone to shooting up schools

No. 1905851

You know what demographic it really is.

No. 1905854

It's not the same because NRA moids blame ''people'' not their own retarded sex, which is the only one committing mass murder sprees. In a perfect world guns would only be sold to women.

No. 1905856

Yeah I feel incredibly naive that I thought nonnies were just fearmongering before, but that post just proved it to me. Insane.

No. 1905859

Tradthots wouldn't blame men for gun violence.

No. 1905861

It isnt women, anon.

No. 1905865

>a woman could never possibly own a gun that is impossible it can only be NRA /pol/fags
Many of you are annoyingly misogynistic without even realizing it

No. 1905866

Blaming guns for gun violence is just shifting the blame from moid's actions. Women also collect and like guns but you don't see women shooting up their high schools because chad made fun of them.

No. 1905873

Just because the NRA says guns don’t kill people, people kill people, does that make it somehow untrue? Retarded

No. 1905875

Skater skirts and programmer socks are on sale on Amazon rn you better go buy them before its over

No. 1905876

Sometimes I look at my nephew and wish I birthed him. He is the sweetest and most adorable child I've ever met. He is so kind and generous with everyone. I'm so jelly of his mom. I don't think I would love my own child as much as I love him. Sorry if I sound creepy I just love him very much.

No. 1905885

Women are ridiculed for not taking measures to protect ourselves before we’re attacked or a victim of violence but then when we do take the initiative to purchase a gun we’re still made fun of and accused of behaving in a masculine way for choosing to defend ourselves instead of depending on someone else to do it for us. I don’t get it.

No. 1905891


No. 1905898

No one makes fun of women who buy guns to protect themselves. The only people who are made fun of are the ones who treat guns as a cool hobby and fawn over gun aesthetics.

No. 1905899

That isn't what's happening.

No. 1905900

These dumb bitches were posting kawaii gun aesthetic pics and want to cry because they got made fun of for it

No. 1905908

So is this not what you’d consider making fun?
Why is it that women who decide to protect ourselves don’t deserve to be taken seriously all because of a slim few members of the younger adult bracket who decide to be attention seeking on social media?

No. 1905911

File: 1709180850318.jpg (138.65 KB, 1067x1223, 1708991074362.jpg)

God you're such a baby. We are making fun of poser coquettes who want guns for the aesthetic because they deserve it. Trying to spin off into how you Totez Need Them after posting pics of rifles with heart shaped barrels is retarded.

No. 1905922

I have big ones but they’re far apart too.

No. 1905928

File: 1709181518667.gif (1.2 MB, 498x387, nerd-emoji-nerd.gif)

I keep pleasuring myself thinking about an specific fictional character, I'm also engaged yet I get the best orgasms thinking about this character whether I'm masturbating/having sex…idk what to do

No. 1905937

I don't make fun of nonnies who buy make up and clothes so i dont understand what's to make fun of? It's just a hobby.

No. 1905938

get your fiance to cosplay them

No. 1905939

When I was 13 I used to find random chatrooms via google and just bust in to roleplay my emo grim reaper girl OC. People would be like sexting each other in there, a pedo would be grooming some 9 year old, someone is there talking about being addicted to meth, and I'd just insert myself like
>"someone here may be about to die. I am the death receptionist, this is my job, but i think it's very boring. Yawn! Ask me anything, I guess"
and people would tell me to fuck off and i'd be like
>"you're really not taking the news of your impending death well, aaronthasexykilla92. Death isn't that scary, you get to live in subsidized apartments. I live with my little sister who was murdered by the japanese army in 1941"
I'd do this until I got banned or ignored and then go back to google and find another chatroom

No. 1905943

No. 1905954

reported my stalker again hope to God something comes from this

No. 1905955

It's so surreal seeing a meme that you edited being used in a retarded infight in a different thread. It's like the meme I edited during an infight that got used for the new /meta thread picture. This must be how graphic designers feel but better.

No. 1905963

It was poignant ive posted it before without editing it but I thought yours made it better

No. 1905971

My FYP is all coom. It's all girls, mostly gym girls, in super tiny shorts or bikinis. It looks like your average teen boys fyp. I'm also not gay. I don't really know if I'm just comparing myself or just appreciating them aesthetically as I don't feel any sort of arousal, but it's clearly sexualized photos and not just photos of women looking cute. I like looking at breasts and thighs and of course, attractive faces. Inb4 "Youre gay"

No. 1905975

pornsick then

No. 1905996

Kek I love this it’s funny and cute

No. 1905998

Damn, that's a really cute gun. Thanks for the idea for my Trigun self-insert.

No. 1906047

>I like looking at breasts and thighs
Girl I have some news for you

No. 1906067

She said she's not gay. She has no motivation to deny it anonymously. She's probably just a self-inserter.

No. 1906236

Forgive me nonas for I have sinned. It has been 10 days since my last confession. I am autistic and a lady came up to me to borrow my lighter to light her cigarette and when we were making small talk she spoke about the weather and I said "Yeah it's not like this in Michigan!" because I didn't know what else to say but then she got really intrigued about my Michigan background and we started talking about Michigan as we smoked but I'm not from Michigan I just said it for the sake of conversation and because I'm retarded. I feel bad that I lied to her because she seemed so excited to meet someone from away.

No. 1906258

kekk this is awesome

No. 1906339

this is a victimless lie. if anything it sounds like you brightened her day.

No. 1906454

really considering moving to the netherlands for love ew

No. 1906455

>willingly moving to a shithole where they've legalised women's explotation
>for love
hopefully not for a scrote

No. 1906521

i love when laur trueman schizo posts in lillees thread. every time i open the site i hope to see some schizo screenshot collage on the front page, it's almost disappointing when it's not there. she provides such good entertainment when its otherwise pretty slow on here

No. 1906527

File: 1709224123479.gif (1.43 MB, 400x300, 1000015392.gif)

I want to wear a full set of armor as day-to-day clothing.

No. 1906549

Nah, they coddle trannies

No. 1906557

Truly one of the greatest cows. I used to browse that thread when it first started, and it was incredibly milky. Laur's sperg outs and sockpuppeting combined with Lillee's modeling shots were a great combo. They're still going at it?

No. 1906590

laur has been coming to the threads to post random screenshots of one of those fake crypto accounts on facebook used to scam old people, doxxing the random woman whos pictures were stolen for the scam account and posting her traffic tickets. she was also posting violent death threats towards lillee while pretending to be a farmer. she's been really off her rocker the past couple weeks

No. 1906638

We didn't save the landscape painters against Digital Cameras, we didn't save the silent film orchestras against movies with sound pre-included (yes, those were a real thing, look them up), we didn't save live musicians against EDM music, and we certainly didn't save the blacksmiths against laser-cutter CNC machines. I don't see why artists deserve so much dicksucking over AI art. You aren't special tbh(wrong thread, use the vent/unpopular opinions thread)

No. 1906641

It's so funny to catch her while she's online and replying to stuff. I was catching up on the thread the other day and caught her making the posts in the last thread pretending to be an anon wanting to kill her and lillee kek. No matter how hard she tries to blend in it's so obvious it's her posting

No. 1906658

>she was also posting violent death threats towards lillee while pretending to be a farmer
Holy shit kek. She's demented. No actual farmer posts death threats to their cows. Come on now, laur.

No. 1906866

No. 1907045

I'm still in love with my ex fiance and don't think I'll ever love anyone else like I love him.

No. 1907051

why did you break up then?

No. 1907052

Omg so that's what's going on over there in her thread? This clears everything up. I used to look at her thread when she was first posted but got bored. Peeked in today after a year or two and could not understand what the hell was happening kek like some schizo's ramblings. Makes sense it's just Laur being retarded

No. 1907058

He broke up with me, intially he said because he wanted to see other people and he didn't want to get married to me (he's got one more year left of uni and we've been together 9(since 14), thats not what he outright said but i understand that perspective if thats how he felt) but i think he got cold feet because we were talking about marriage and now he told me he is really depressed and has no idea whats happening in his life so idk. He bought me flowers for valentines day and I saw him last weekend where we talked and made plans to see each other soon again and had sex a few times, he said he isnt seeing anyone and i dont need to worry and i fully believe him, he has never really been the kind to see other people but has avoidant attachment style

No. 1907061

nonny, he broke up with you because he wanted to have sex with other people. alright that's fine, but he doesn't get to have his cake and eat it. you should cut contact with him and start your healing process, he's using you for sex and emotional support while he probably has side chicks and gives you nothing in return. love yourself please.

No. 1907066

Needed this thank you.

No. 1907067

>he has avoidant attachment style
Ah yes, commitment issues the style. It sounds like he was starting to panic with the heaviness of being "tied" to you with marriage for the rest of his life. I'm sure the realization of the closeness and consequences frightened him off. If only he was good at communicating. You'll find someone better, nona.

No. 1907069

he panicked about being tied and losing his chance at trying different women, then realized he aint shit and couldn't get dates and now is acting like a dumbass trying to make a dating life happen while keeping his ex fiancee on stand by. there is no mental illness or condition that explains breaking up with someone you were supposed to marry because you wanted to fuck other people then keeping this person around because you're not really sure what the fuck you want and hurting the person you supposedly love in the process. it's called being a leech scrote.
I hope you heal soon, I promise you deserve a fulfilling relationship but your ex fiance aint shit and he already showed what kind of person he is when things get tough.

No. 1907084

When I was younger (like tween) I used to open my aunts makeup and look at it but I never used it and would place it back EXACTLY how I found it and I wonder if she ever noticed and just didn't care or just thought it was cute or smthn idk

No. 1907102

my niece used to go to my bedroom when I lived with my parents but since she was very well behaved she never touched anything so she just sat there and stared at everything very curiously and sometimes asked things about posters or books I had. she is like 20 now and has colored hair and tattoos I'm pretty sure I inspired her to listen to punk too. I miss her tbh we haven't seen each other in years.

No. 1907158

Sometimes I lie to men for no reason just to see if they believe me and so far every moid hasn't said anything so I think I'm in the clear.

No. 1907164

one time, my sister and I were being peeping toms on FetLife and looking at local profiles (in a point-and-laugh way) and we found my cousin. and one of his listed fetishes was "fucking your cousin". and he responds to every Instagram story I post. do I just delete all my social media?

No. 1907171

just block him

No. 1907188

Sex serves men infinitely more, having a woman in sexual service to you vs serving men sexually and sucking off dick is like heaven and hell, men are extremely privileged in sex and can experience love while women can't cause we can't have love without our own degradation, women are pretty and feminine while men are ugly so having a feminine pretty person who has the amount of empathy love and obedience women have to men is like being worshipped and pleasured in a way that a woman will never experience. I cried when I saw a moid post a picture with his pretty gf(ofc he still follows thots on IG) because I was so envious of what he gets to experience. And this is how I became a femcel, I can't be a pickme therefore that even more wins for men here… Even if I tried I wouldn't get picked by the way lol not even because of looks, something different but looks kinda too since I don't perfrom femininity and don't like looking sexy. I can't have anything while they have everything, they have women sucking their dicks while all a woman can do is be a handmaiden and feminine like? Women can't get their dicks sucked cause they are slaves. I had an inferiority complex because of this and I dont know how women who suck men dicks don't feel inferior to men and like a servants? I literally consider myself a femcel who can't get picked but also I don't even wanna be picked, I'm just jealous that men can be loved and have women kneeling at their feet, wearing make up for them, nurturing them and adoring them while all women have is cock in mouth. Even other women seem alien to me cause wtf why are you wearing all that make up, why are you behaving like a private pornstar, why are you doing these degrading sexual acts, why are you okay with being fucked on all fours and cooking for a moid? Yet, all this attitude in my manifests as a mask that says "oh I just can't get picked that's why I will never date", it's an excuse

No. 1907191

Anon why does this bother you so much? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Unless of course you secretly want a bf but don’t want to suck dick.

No. 1907201

Stupid question. I'm trying to not kill myself my whole life because of knowing that women kneel to men physically while I hate men and hate being a woman because I can't experience love. Sex is the main part of life, I just got triggered by a creepy hetero picture because it looked like a master with his servant and she had a face full of make up. I need to stop perceiving men and pickmes especially together. Like I literally go on social media and see my male bully with some pickme slut in his pictures looking at him like he's a god while he probably watched like hundreds other women in porn kneeling to dick anyway. I can only detach from everything. Even misandry doesn't make me feel relieved anymore since it's literally fake. I'm slowly drifting away from everything but people cross my boundaries over and over again but I was detached from everything days ago idk what happened I think.. Other people crossed the line and got too close while doing it

No. 1907206

i wish i had a dick

No. 1907207

Well I'm curious. Are you straight? It seems like you think you're competing with men and jealous they have girlfriends but saying you can't get picked leads me to believe you want a boyfriend? Sorry I'm just trying to understand better kek.
>women can't get their dicks sucked cause they are slaves
What? Eating pussy is a thing. I know a lot of men who even brag about doing it to their girlfriend.

No. 1907211

There's a multitude of things I'd love to put in a design portfolio but the subject matter automatically disqualifies them. Doesn't matter if they're well edited enough they're completely inappropriate for professional work

No. 1907218

KEK spill. What kind of shit do you have that you can’t you put in there?

No. 1907220

anon be real with us, how much are you on social media? the fact you know what your male bully is up to is worrisome.

No. 1907265

I don't see the appeal in mommy kinks. I would love a motherly older woman but calling her mommy especially in sexual situations is just nasty.

No. 1907273

The thought makes me gag kek like what did you have an absentee mother? How do you call another woman besides your mom your mom… somehow so much worse than calling a man daddy

No. 1907284

agreed. retarded tinfoil but sometimes I wonder if some people are just very bored of people so they find things to fetishize.

No. 1907292

i'm jealous that men can get off so easily. i swear my clit changes positions daily

No. 1907297

No. 1907299

i'm jealous that men can get off so easily. i swear my clit changes positions daily

No. 1907309

Kek nonna, also same.

I guess my confession is that a lot of the time I can't find my own clit. It's really hard to make myself come even with toys like the satisfyer cause I have trouble positioning them. I sometimes wonder if my clit is actually underdeveloped somehow and not just small.
On the bright side my nigel has no trouble finding it.

No. 1907312

I want to kill myself becaus I want peopel to know just how dirty they’ve done me

No. 1907315

Is this a confession or just a tmi

No. 1907316

You're doing it wrong.

No. 1907318

It’s a confession because it’s selfish. I wish I could see them as a ghost sobbing.

No. 1907330

We don't care

No. 1907335

So do men with non circumcised dicks not last very long in bed? That seems awful.

No. 1907371

I think it’s really gay that we have so many pussy pics of Shayna

No. 1907406

My mom smoked and drank while being pregnant with me. More emphasis on the smoking though, because she did that pretty regularly, more so than drinking I think (she didn't seem to have a drinking problem like she does now) I know because she did this when she was pregnant with my brother. She started smoking long before being pregnant with me and I know she has no self control. She probably also thought that a drink or two or three "doesn't count". I turned out fine, without any disorders or diseases, and am pretty healthy now at 20-21 years old. My brother is still a kid but he doesn't seem to have any physical disorders though he does seem to have behavioral problems, though she did drink more heavily his pregnancy. I sometimes do wonder if some health problems will pop up for me in the future, because of this, like something rare and obscure. For the time being though, I am fine.

No. 1907442

Delivery apps are single handedly making me racist against my own kind. I will not elaborate.

No. 1907458

Me and my boyfriend are slowly stealing soil from the forest. It's illegal to do but we need it for our garden because the previous owner dug out all the soil to make the ground level.. so there's only unfertile clay. I can't wait to have a lush fertile garden soon!

No. 1907494

This hurts to read but then again it's not like legally purchased soil isn't taken from somewhere it honestly shouldn't be removed from either.

No. 1907508

based forest witch

No. 1907517

>illegal to steal forest dirt

No. 1907530

you go girlie, steal all the dirt, mother nature would be proud at your garden and sustainability

No. 1907531

Samefag but I hope this doesn't come across as sarcasm because I am proud of you !!

No. 1907549

Forest is mostly a property of the state here. You can't take soil or cut trees. You can only take fallen branches, fruits and mushrooms but nothing more. If somebody ratted me out i'd have to pay.

hehe thanks

No. 1907588

File: 1709304412118.png (1.48 MB, 1216x1216, IMG_9479.png)

I regret all of my shitty art I posted in /m/, I’m sure nobody cares because it was years ago but I would constantly get dunked on for it being bad kekk.

I stopped drawing a long time ago because it just no longer interested me but it makes me shiver how much I really thought I was good at it… I hope I can discover something I’m really good at and doesn’t make me want to rip my entire skin off by doing it.

No. 1907593

you are never going to get good if you quit at things

No. 1907603

>I hope I can discover something I’m really good at
Doesn't work that way nona, even naturally talented people need to work on their craft to get out of that beginner phase.

No. 1907624

i have a very quiet front desk job and i have never been so thankful because i am ripping ass so much today holy fuck

No. 1907721

It's not nsfw, it's just cringeworthy and revolves around interests I'd rather old boomer job interviewers didn't know I had, like celebrity gossip or fandom and my typographic edits are cringe too. This is why I gave up on my aspirations of being in design

No. 1907727

how about giving a try to AI?

No. 1907750

>drive to work
>take a shot
>have fun at my awful job (not a confession)

No. 1907822

drinking coffee makes me buzzed in the worst possible way but it's like i can't stop myself from drinking it? holy shit i feel awful. but that coffee was tasty. holy

No. 1907890

i don't expect people to know it's my birthday today (i forget people's birthdays regularly) but i am keeping note of who remembers. i feel embarrassed i want it to be over and forgotten because of this.

No. 1907920

Im constipated af and i have three more hours of work. I just wanna drink prune juice and shit for the evening.

No. 1908049

Nona it's your birthday today? It's mine too. Everyone forgot kek. Stings a little. Well, I'll always remember your birthday from now on.

No. 1908123

I'm nice to troons in person because I'm scared that they could get angry and yell at me or even potentially harm me

No. 1908125

Happy birthday beautiful Pisces anons. We cherish your presence here

No. 1908145

File: 1709330537021.gif (81.98 KB, 640x512, moo.gif)

Me three. Let's all have a party together

No. 1908183

I'm thinking about skinwalking this girl I know. I don't have any social media presence so she'll never find out but she's everything I want to be. I guess she's just my role model kek.

No. 1908242

File: 1709338652505.jpg (73.74 KB, 600x600, cowparty.jpg)

Thanks nona!

No. 1908341

I feel nothing when I see "cute" pictures of babies and toddlers, it's just like looking at some random person. My friends and parents all coo at "cute" baby memes and stuff they find online and my dad finally explained it to me "you know when you see a cute little animal photo? it feels just like that" and when he said that I was like wow, why do I not experience that at all? I love animal pictures and will coo over them, but babies do not tickle my brain like that

No. 1908350

Ok cool.

No. 1908352

No. 1908369

ntayrt but I needed to read that thanks

No. 1908379

Babies are ugly anyways.

No. 1908390

I struggle to orgasm unless I'm thinking about or acting out really gross and degrading sexual fantasies. Being abused, pretending to be underage, rape, rimjobs and worse. I know a lot of us feel this way and I'm wondering if there's any help for a way out.

No. 1908401

>I know a lot of us feel this way
No. Speak for yourself.

No. 1908406

stop looking at porn. if this is due to abuse, go to therapy.

No. 1908417

I don't have this problem, but if I were you I would just not masturbate for a very long time until I am really really horny, horny enough to get off to something normal

No. 1908419

stay away from moids and pornsick women who talk about or normalize such things

No. 1908427

I really want to be injured in some way, if 1 is a paper cut and 10 is death, I think I'd like to have something happen to me that causes a ~5, like a broken limb from being hit by a car or something. I'd actually like 2 broken limbs, they could be any combination except for I hope my dominant hand would be in-tact, I don't want anyone else having to wipe my butt for me. I also would take only minimal pain meds, I would definitely want to feel it.

No. 1908429

Please don't hurt yourself, take care of your body nonna

No. 1908436

I wouldn't break my own bones or anything or deliberately try to get hit (especially because the driver doesn't deserve that), it's more of a fantasy/wish. I like to browse medical trauma literature and sometimes when I see a wonky broken limb I think "I'd like to have that happen to me." I wouldn't want to be permenantly disabled in any way, I just want to experience some sort of bodily trauma so I can observe how my body heals itself, feel severe pain for the first time, and get to take it easy for a while.

No. 1908458

Everyone complaining about normieposting and this is what you fucking freaks want to share?

No. 1908462

>I know a lot of us feel this way
this isnt normal you are just retarded

No. 1908463

If you hate me so much maybe you should hit me with your car or something…

No. 1908466

hoping you heal one day nonna from your inner trauma, I used to feel this way when I was inbetween depression and calamity. be kind to yourself.

No. 1908467

>I know a lot of us feel this way
who is us?

No. 1908471

Her DID system

No. 1908492

stop watching porn
get off the internet

No. 1908636

I stole something small from my workplace, I don't even know why cause I'm not a kleptofag. The opportunity just kinda presented itself I guess and I took it cause it was something I wanted. This happened two months ago but I'm still scared I'll somehow get caught for it.

No. 1908643

what did you stole

No. 1908646

I stole several trinkets from my work. not for fun or the sake of it, they were things I wanted so I just took it. nobody wrote inventory of shit there so no fucks given. I would feel bad about stealing from work if it was a small company or some mom n pop kind of thing.

No. 1909295

I hope your stalker dies, praying for you

No. 1909297

Soft core porn is everywhere even if you try to tag for it

No. 1909301

3D printed chain mail, make it cyberpunk

No. 1909403

I like being a pickme in my inner monologue sometimes. I like knowing that men at my office, with boring, frigid, vanilla wives with kids look at someone like me and desire me more than they desire them. I like knowing that they'd probably leave their wives for me if I ever bothered to seduce them and sleep with them. I like knowing they look at me when I leave my blouse undone a little in a way they'd never look at women with stretch marks like they look at my flat stomach and breasts.

I never act on this. But the internal monologue of just knowing it is good for my self esteem.(bait)

No. 1909405

I was a Sims CC creator who went scorched earth and deleted everything, so now all the links to my CC are broken

No. 1909415

posts like these give me another reason to never marry since i've always been boring, frigid and vanilla. i'll probably get cheated on nonstop even in a non-marriage relationship.

No. 1909419

Explains the current state of the site tbh

No. 1909423

How much do you guys wanna bet that men are not actually checking anon out that much

No. 1909431

We are never making it out of the trenches.

No. 1909491

I got to
> when I leave my blouse undone a little
And got nostalgic. Its very wattpad virgin trying to write about what it'd be like to a grown up having all the sex and making all the heads turn.

No. 1909495

Another of our infestation of supposed giga stacies lately. They love larping

No. 1909515

I just wanna fug a pale chubby girl with dark hair and bangs
>I wish Asians in my European country were Japanese.
>Most of them are Vietnamese and Chinese.
same tbh, if there were as much japanese as there were chinese/viets where I live, I bet we'd have alot more good ramen restaurants nearby, at least one kinokuniya bookstore and hell maybe even one of those old school arcades with candy cabs…one can dream….

No. 1909520

File: 1709412733719.jpeg (31.82 KB, 300x450, IMG_6729.jpeg)

>Look at all the moids that want me!

No. 1909540

I know this is redtexted, but for the chance that the person behind this post is serious: This is the opposite of self esteem boost. Instead of secretly feeling the need to "one up" other women for male attention, realize that the kind of married men who oogle other women are automatically below trash. Why would you want attention or even be with a man who views their partner like this or cheats on them? If you're gonna thirst for male attention, do it for loyal nigels who take relationships dead serious.

No. 1909609

Nonas responses always make me smile.

No. 1909618

File: 1709422405249.jpg (49.51 KB, 500x442, yukari.jpg)

I fell in love with a somewhat obscure writer that's been dead for over a century and I hate it.
I read what a book he wrote and deeply related to it and then read everything else he did because I never felt so understood and his insights were so helpful to everything really, including my worldview so then I looked up everything possible about his personal life.
I've been obsessed with the guy, I began writing multiple essays about his works since I felt other people truly didn't "get him" like I did, and now I'm getting to the point where I'm finishing reading the list of works people that he might have been inspired by.
I can't even fall in love with a anime guy or whatever anymore, this dead guy has been living rent free and having more impact in my life that my actual ex boyfriends and husbandos did. I'm even planning a trip just to visit his grave. I've read multiple translations of his book and plan to start learning his mother language.

No. 1909621

Kek is this from the resident serial baiter?

No. 1909623

Is he cute though?

No. 1909626

He was described as gentle-mannered and well dressed. There's no pictures of him, and besides some basic attributes like eye and hair color not much is known and I'm too far gone to not have a yumefied interpretation of his appearance.

No. 1909633

what's his name

No. 1909637

File: 1709425016780.jpeg (61.11 KB, 932x856, IMG_3496.jpeg)

i thought i was asexual for the longest time but then i read the femdom thread on here and realized that i’m not asexual, i just can’t have sex w a moid unless i make him submit to me.

No. 1909644

File: 1709426380933.jpg (11.07 KB, 363x420, 8fdef3ab0a48686de6a7dcd220305c…)

I love to call out men who post retarded/sus shit with their full names and families attached. I love to watch them sperg and mass balete everything.

No. 1909649

I keep imagining this happening so much as the internet builds a massive archive of people's work over decades

No. 1909676

can't wait to go no contact with my mother. i'm getting plenty of interviews so surely it's only a matter of time before i get an offer and a job that pays enough for me to leave. i just hate her.

No. 1909680

i hate when anons make these types of vaugeposts. why didn't you just include his name

No. 1909686

ntayrt but some of us do that so we don't get recognized as a __-chan (and because my taste is shit kek)

No. 1909711

I’m imagining it’s HP Lovecraft and she feels understood for the first time for being afraid of New England coastal towns

No. 1909737

At least he's dead so you know you'll never have him. Imagine the pain of being in limerance with someone you can't have who's still alive, or who you learn is a terrible person

No. 1909747

That's pretty based, nona bona.

No. 1909767

i had to stop taking oxys cold turkey after my dad died bc i was taking them from his prescription bottle. everyone thinks that my entire personality changed after my dad died but really it’s because i’m sober. i

No. 1909773

i think i gave myself carpal tunnel from masturbating kek time to buy a vibrator i guess

No. 1909776

File: 1709438467732.png (75.06 KB, 520x767, 1000002624.png)

This being said unironically on here is deeply upsetting and disturbing as well

No. 1909782

boo hoo I am deeply upset and disturbed

No. 1909785

File: 1709439128073.gif (4.18 MB, 400x216, 28492330.gif)

>Imagine the pain of being in limerance with someone you can't have who's still alive, or who you learn is a terrible person

No. 1909801

File: 1709441441718.jpeg (85.67 KB, 509x339, IMG_2012.jpeg)

Yeah, anytime a guy with a gf starts doing obvious double-triple takes at me or staring at me, I get the urge to beat the living shit out of him. It’s so beyond disrespectful that it disgusts me deep into my core. Like cmon girl let’s hand this moid’s ass to him then we can go on a date together.

No. 1909862

the more i learn about india the more it grosses me out

we vibe tango

No. 1909874

File: 1709450690417.jpeg (77.9 KB, 750x920, IMG_6587.jpeg)

You’d be surprised, I’ve overcome scrotes twice my size due to my retard strength

No. 1909883

No. 1909892

I was just reading the breadtube thread and this caught me off guard.

No. 1909903

File: 1709454013667.png (10.57 KB, 325x343, 523.png)

>would (rightfully) get the shit beaten out of you

No. 1909904

File: 1709454237465.gif (816.1 KB, 200x248, 200w.gif)


No. 1909905

You never had a celeb crush who turned out to be a rapist/abuser/cheater or overall shit?

No. 1909916

Because it feels so personal to me I don't wanna say his name, also in the off-chance he gets discussed I want people to discuss his work and their interpretation and not omg you think _-chan posted this? Also I don't wanna be confused with the little amount of people that do know about him online, that don't even read the shit he wrote just assume what he says and then also attempt to use out of context quotes as trans rights or edgy teenager bs, I hate the modern internet.
kek, now I hope a nonna like that exists

No. 1909931

did yours teach you to not beat women?

No. 1909937

No. You aren't a natural vibe detector?

No. 1909941

years ago when I had the mildest opinions ever I had a misandrist wanting to call FBI on me cause she was looking for any reason to lock me up like I'm an evil that needs to be defeated, me, a one girl but they acted like there's billion of women like me, they acted like I'm literally the devil. This woman paired up with another woman and they found a post on my account, it was a screenshot of a 14yo girl instagram, I posted it because the girl was posting pictures of porn stars (one was literally Sasha gray but these women were dressed in pink clothes) and I was literally terrired like why is a 14yo posting shit like this. So the woman thought I'm posting child porn and that these pornstars are that 14yo girl and reported me to fbi. Before that she was always having a vendetta against me obviously and stalking me, making fake accounts and going psychotic. It turned out that on her private account, at the same time that she suddenly got mad at me after being ok with me, she was talking about hooking up with a moid and posting pictures of her with him in bed and being a massive pickme. the other woman she teamed up with… At that time secretly took back her porn watching bf, did sex cams just cause she likes buying herself clothes and even gave up on college just to not get separated from him. These women were a big feminist accounts who after that made posts once or twice a week shitting themselves over women with my opinions but at the time I was just a misandrist who also criticized handmaidens without using bad words.

No. 1909974

>somewhat obscure
>no pictures of him
Is that Isidore Ducasse/Count of Lautréamont?

No. 1910004

My detection must be broken cause even the nicest celebs who didn't seem to have any gossip still ended up dating women half their age, or cover up for their pedo friends, or directors they worked with. It's so commonplace I find it hard to believe there's one without a single grain of dirt. The closest is Keanu Reeves but he still fucked a tranny and said weird shit about sex in some old interview. Like even the best ones still have something off or a very dedicated PR team.

No. 1910024

My dream boyfriend would have the mind of an oldman and the body of a 20yo. It's very cringe to confess and realize tbh

No. 1910259

24 and i still wish i'd been born japanese. this needs to be the year i study jpn seriously so i can go to japan someday and not be a total EOP

No. 1910278

Keanu also had some weird thing going on with his girlfriend who miscarried his baby and later died in a car crash in the late 90s-early aughts. He seemed like he was a bit of a fuckboi back in the day from what I heard and went down a path of redemption. Actors will say they're seeking a redemption arc and then not change their behavior but Keanu seems like one of the few who followed through on it and changed.

No. 1910294

I believe in shifting. I know that for most it's a stupid trend for teens who want to fuck Draco and visit anime worlds, but in my defense I was following the community way before it become a TikTok thing. I don't even want to go to a fake world like Hogwarts or such, I just want to shift into a reality that is slightly better than this one. A reality that isn't as fucked up as this and where my living situation is much better. I don't think it is lucid dreaming or mental illness. I've gotten close enough but I haven't really put true effort into it.

No. 1910300

I believe it too, it's like basic quantum physics to believe in multiple coeexisting realities and I don't think it's a reach to be able to transfer your mind into another "you" from another reality. I'm so pissed that tiktok zoomers completely sullied its reputation and credibility.

No. 1910311

I am so glad they're are other nonas who believe in shifting. Every single shifting space online from Amino to Reddit is horrible and full of misinformation and 14 year olds. Recently shifting, lucid dreaming, etc. has gotten popular with the misogynistic male crowd and I've seen posts akin to "I can't wait to shift and fuck my favorite underage character!!" I'm jealous of me from my desired reality, she doesn't have to deal with all the shit happening here.

No. 1910320

If you don't mind me asking, how do you think life would be if most of the problems didn't exist anymore? Since I want it to be a better version of this reality, most things are the same. But I don't want shit like rape or misogyny or pornography to exist. I've even thought about going to a world where the internet was never invented. Sorry for rambling but I've always wanted to talk about what life in the other reality I want to go to could be like, but I think other nonas would call me schizo or ignore me.

No. 1910323

How do you shift? I've tried shifting a couple of times with the 2 cup method (or at least I think that was shifting) but didn't get results from it, idk. I'm willing to try again though.

No. 1910333

There are so many different methods, beliefs, etc. Everyone will tell you something different, and they're probably all right because whatever works for one might not work for you. For myself, the closest I have gotten is when I'm in a meditative state or just really drowsy/detached from the world. When I'm like that I just pretend I have already shifted and think about my surroundings, the smells or sounds or feelings. Many people enjoy affirming, sometime I affirm like crazy when I'm falling asleep and I'll end up dreaming about shifting but not actually shifting. You can search up shifting methods and so many will come up.

No. 1910381

This is so interesting. Like astral projection?

No. 1910389

Don't tell the shifting, astral projection, lucid dreaming communities but I think that they are all one and the same or at least coming from the same idea. I don't know much about astral projecting but it seems very similar. Except the astral folks and lucid dreamers don't believe that you can actually stay and live in the realities you visit.

No. 1910427

Kek, same nonnie. In an ideal world that would be the normal response.

No. 1910433

No, shifting is just imagination and tricking yourself so you can also feel what you imagine, that's why these people visit worlds from books = not real worlds. The worlds they visit are in their head. (Lucid dreaming also happens in the head but not by imagination but by subconsciouss as that's where are dreams created)
Astral projection is when your soul/mind goes out of your body and out of your head and the world you enter isn't from your imagination or subconsciouss but it's more like an echo of our world. You don't control the world, you can't imagine Draco malfoy into being in that world, you can only work with your own evergy. What you see in astral world are visual representations of meanings. It's hard to explain. When you see your cabinet in your room, it's not a physical cabinet that exists in the moment you sleep and astral project, but it's a cabinet existing in all times together in that specific place. Places have memories and the memories are inprinted into the astral world matrix, thats why sometimes you can see things from the past in there. Some events and things are remember by the place more strongly. (Possible connection to ghosts)
I've been astral projecting for 12 years and took it as scientifically as i could to describe it properly. Some people think they are astral projecting but then they tell me they visited my little pony dimension or something and i know they are retarded and just imagining things. Astral world, though it can be very different to different people, still has some rules and fictional charactes and worlds are not part of it.

No. 1910496

Agree to disagree. This is what I don't understand about astral projecters. I don't get how a projection or experience is only valid if you go to a specific reality or undergo some spiritual journey. Really discredits every ones experiences in general, because if one can pick and choose which experiences are fake based on where they went, then whats to say that all experiences aren't fake?

No. 1910504

I recognize one of my mutuals on here just by the way she types. I’d love to tell her but I fear it’s gonna sound like deranged stalker behavior

No. 1910509

Is this related to >>1909944?

No. 1910532

There was this girl i knew years ago when i was on a forum who I'd totally believe would be on LC. She's one of the people who introduced me to a cow thread here. I don't know where she is right now, but I headcanon she still posts here.

No. 1910537

one time an old internet acquaintance of mine texted me a screenshot of one of my own posts on lolcow. It wasn't even an identifable story or phrase, she just recognized that it was me. Some people are weird like that

No. 1910542

what's are the signs of a post being written by her ?

No. 1910608

I want to get drunk so fucking bad, I want to cry.

No. 1910643

ayrt and no although that's a funny coincidence. I’m not a stalker though, I just said it’d probably sound stalker-ish if I told her I recognized her, but it’s not like im out here looking for her posts. We just frequent the same boards
I don’t want to expose her or myself lol but it’s just vocabulary, formatting, etc… I’m sure someone who’s interacted with me a lot and is autistic enough to notice my mannerisms could say the same thing about me

No. 1910653

have you ever considered that there are other women in this world who could speak and format their lolcow posts in a similar manner? Theres like 4 or 5 billion women on this planet now nonnie

No. 1910756

I want less omegaverse and more hyena-births
I'm so sorry

No. 1910759

No. 1910763

I'm so sorry

No. 1910772

Are you guys active in cringe Fandom spaces or something

That anon claims it's a Ukrainian woman trying to recruit girls for human trafficking so… no, idts kek

No. 1910824

Like on women or moids?

No. 1910857

She’s posted stuff on here that she had posted earlier on tumblr verbatim, so unless there’s somebody taking her posts and copying/pasting them on here I'm pretty sure it’s her

No. 1910863

Then its probably her, but there was a period in time when an anon(s?) copy and pasted random posts from Tumblr, Twitter, and even other random old posts where multiple anons were asking why they reposted their old posts. So you're likely correct but there's also the offhand chance it's a weirdo. I've seen anons also copy and paste Twitter posts that gained traction in response to things as recently as last month

No. 1910897

Stalker posted a bait. Find it(not a confession)

No. 1910913

the reposter is probably necessaryspeed4. an older personalityfag

No. 1910916

Stop. You're being fucking ridiculous

No. 1910924

No. 1910929

He or she's schizophrenic and frittering

No. 1910972

If I didn't have all my medical issues, I would have joined either the army/navy. It wouldn't have been for a noble reason but to cut ties with my family.

No. 1910991

Are you the hate stalker

No. 1911019

Really late reply sorry, but I'd rather not tell, I don't want to risk doxxing myself. It was something small worth approx 20 dollars.

The item I stole wasn't in inventory anyway, it was an opened package left in a random drawer. Also my place of work is a giant chain of stores all across the country so I don't feel super bad about it. I'm just paranoid about getting caught. I'd lose my job for sure and probably also get a criminal record for petty theft.

No. 1911025

File: 1709542017625.jpg (7.28 KB, 180x281, GHrEaFYWkAAqHaX.jpg)

I'm an adult virgin for many reasons and one of them is the fact that I have visible labia minora, i.e "roast beef lips". I know it's silly to worry about but I also feel weird about my body and I now a future man would feel disgusted about it. I know it's genetic, a natural variation but I wish I had a smooth innie. Some results from labiaplasty don't look too bad. If I had more money I'd consider it

No. 1911048

not trying to be mean but how are private parts preventing you from not being a virgin?
is it a self esteem self sabotage thing?

No. 1911053

Covid lockdowns saved me from settling with an ugly man.

No. 1911056

My confession is that I love the farmhands…………….. They give me lolcor…..

No. 1911073

when i was like 16 it was the first lockdown and i had a huge crush on lolisocks. i straightened my hair and went on one of his omegle streams and talked to him. im so fucking embarrassed when i think about it

No. 1911074

Holy shit you were 16 in 2020 I feel so fucking old now

No. 1911077

Thank you for remembering lolcor

No. 1911079

get off 4chan

No. 1911080

File: 1709545859950.jpg (46.66 KB, 474x711, she was 16 in 2020 damn.....jp…)

You were 16 in 2020…. Damn… Time moves like a gentle stream albeit quicker than it seems…

No. 1911082

wait actually it was 2020 im full of it

No. 1911084

how old are you

No. 1911088

The only reason you know about "roast beef lips" is because you're chronically online reading incel posts, log off.

No. 1911105

nta but probably 30s at least based on 16 in 2020 being considered very young to themself.

No. 1911148

It never been so over, sometimes I wanna say that I'm gonna kill myself because I know that people will give me sadistic response. Sometimes I express my honest opinions cause I know that other women will tell me to hang myself and it will push me to give up more and more

No. 1911178

you shouldn't kill yourself and you also shouldn't contribute to the deterioration of your own mental health by purposefully baiting unhinged individuals into telling you to commit suicide

No. 1911203

many such cases. I think all liberal women and liberal feminists are massive hypocrites days away from turning into tradwives. They hate normal women so much

No. 1911277

i don’t want to go to work i don’t understand anything and i feel my boss regrets hiring me aaaaiiieeeee

No. 1911283

I just started a new job and I want to quit so bad. the only thing really keeping me from quitting is worrying about what people will think.
I used to judge people who "couldn't hold a job" and now I've become someone who wants to quit everything I start, is this karma

No. 1911304

Stop going on 4chan or whatever moid website you browse and learn to love your body. There are plenty of straight men who don't give two shits about that. I remember when I was young and felt grossed out by it, but I came to accept my natural body. Men can go ewww and neg women all they want, but it shows what total losers they are for being pornsick and utter faggots.

No. 1911306

the fucking coquette rat makes me think this post is bait

No. 1911312

assuming this is not bait you're better off not having sex with men who think your normal labias are "roast beef". but also get off the internet and stop getting your opinions about women's body from men who never see them irl.

No. 1911314

Nta the anon, but bless you

No. 1911322

Not to be retarded but like you don’t even really see them during sex anyway. They’re very hidden. labia aren’t front and center like dicks at all. Like even if they’re giving you oral they won’t see them. Such a weird insecurity.

No. 1911420

this is definitely bait but in my experience majority of men legitimately do not give a fuck

No. 1911717

Someone as mentally weak as you shouldn't be having sex anyway. We don't need you accidentally reproducing.

No. 1911725

i shat out 2k+ words of bad fanfic and posted it without planning for future chapters because i just wanted it to be read

No. 1911745

NAYRT but that was my though exactly! There is one picture of him though, but I'll admit it's very blurry. Oh well, which french speaking sensible girl didn't have a crush on him? So dreamy.

No. 1911748

Is this about little old me?

No. 1911792

It's allegedly a pic of him, there's no proof it's him.

No. 1911795

did people leave nice comments on your fic at least?

No. 1911796

I make fun of cringe fandoms a lot, but I secretly used to be the worst type of fangirl. I was a superwholockian on tumblr in 2013. I would get into fandom arguments about the ship I liked the most. I would reblog stuff about “problematic” creators who shipped Wincest. I would REE when someone brought up the fact that Sherlock and Watson were not canonically dating. I self inserted with my favorite characters and wrote fanfics about how the doctor would totally rescue me from my ebil boolies. I was 14, but I still cringe so hard. None of my irl friends know this because they didn’t go to high school with me.

No. 1911808

I wish I had a late 90s nerdy boyfriend

No. 1911863

Dress up games straight up cured me from my online shopping addiction. I get the thrill of buying things while not spending any real money, thanks to the anon who suggested it in one of the consoomer threads!

No. 1911870

one person seemed to really like it! even though the numbers are kinda sad i really can't complain since i had no plan going in, but at least now i'm motivated to do things properly

No. 1911988

I feel bad and delete posts I make about certain cows, even if I dislike them and i'm write. It's like randomly guilt washes over me and I think, "Nona, you would fucking cry your eyes out, you've cried about random nonas being mean to you, shut the fuck up, delete this" and I hate it so much.

No. 1911990

What cows?

No. 1911998

Nosy hoe

No. 1912009

>and i'm write.

No. 1912015

I too feel guilty when I talk shit about cows. I wish I could be more of a cold hearted bitch sometimes and not have a constant conscience but it always comes back

No. 1912022

I put thought into making sure what im saying doesn't read as flippantly callous and I try to be mindful of sharing things on here that can draw attention to someone that doesn't deserve it. I'm trying to remember to crop screenshots I save from Twitter so someone's pfp isn't caught in the crossfire unfairly or something. There are a couple people I actively dislike here I guess but I don't seek out their content and although I reply to things when egregious or ridiculous (like alidasimone) I don't go to their profiles to farm or screenshot stuff. I think this is the 'healthiest', least parasocial approach. I'm not interested in bringing anyone here evil eye.

No. 1912023

Same anon (too lazy to delete) but I'll jokingly be callous to other anons but I don't want any commentary I make on someone posted here to be overtly negative or cruel.

No. 1913026

I've always been notorious for lying about my age online and never been caught once, it makes me wonder if a lot of other people online are lying about their age too.

No. 1913030

I'm assuming you're at least an adult now…right?

No. 1913037

Felt fear tonight with a hookup and had to use violent maneuver to make him stop because words weren't working. Thought I was going to be raped. This might be my wakeup call

No. 1913045

If you've never been caught how are you notorious for it?

No. 1913056

Hookups only serve the patriarchy. Get a husbando and a quality vibrator

No. 1913061

This is scary, I'm sorry.

No. 1913076

File: 1709701603444.jpg (758.95 KB, 1079x1344, 1000016378.jpg)

my dream since forever has always been a muslim gf bc i genuinely do believe women look so cute in head coverings but i know it's a pipe dream for obvious reasons

No. 1913077

i spend hours a day crying and comparing myself to other girls and debating on changing my hair and getting lip injections and starving myself. i need help and lolcow fuels this. its easy for my brain to forget other people have flaws, too.

No. 1913084

File: 1709703200463.jpeg (82.17 KB, 540x763, x4s4Fdz.jpeg)

tbh I wish head coverings as a style would come back, for both men and women, no the niqab style(which is actually younger then blue jeans) but actual traditional clothing.

No. 1913178

File: 1709713733146.jpg (290.24 KB, 1079x901, cringe.jpg)

I'm in a mid-sized group chat with my colleagues and I post there daily with my most unfiltered autism, they sometimes react with emojis, sometimes there's no reaction at all. I don't care. I'll post about my historical husbando and sperg about opera. I don't give a shit of what they think of me. I'm in my mid twenties and work in a respected university.

No. 1913235

I love looking at AI pictures just to see the fuckups, I feel like it helps training my sense of observation.

No. 1913305

based, women unabashedly sperging about their special interests is a power move

No. 1913338

>I'll sperg about opera
I love you so much nonna. Do you sperg about plots or performers?

No. 1913582

For the longest time, I was in love with a TIM friend. He was probably the kindest moid I have ever met in my life, and I truly wanted to be with him. I only stopped really talking to him because my medication made me dead inside and trans politics started ramping up and his retweets were pretty awful.

No. 1913652

I think that the skinnyfat low muscle look is so attractive. I'm naturally muscular, so I tried to increase my body fat by eating copious unhealthy foods and carbs to no avail. My abs won't go away, even if I don't work out, so I guess I should just be happy

No. 1913666

I'm not joking, I'm not trying to sound cool, but I genuinely fantasize about torturing TiFs. Either physically or by driving them to suicide from telling them that they will never be men. Seeing some of those TiF blogs on Tumblr has made me despise these worthless traitorous Wastes of oxygen and wish that the actual "twans genocide" will exist.(alogging)

No. 1913692

Mostly about plots and staging but also performers if I find a really good performance. I like to quote lines and comment on them. Right now I'm going through my Italian operas phase spamming Puccini.

No. 1913699

Seek help.

No. 1913710

No. 1913716

Nta but are you seriously trying to defend troons?

No. 1913725

nta. i hate trannies too but wishing death and torture upon tifs who are often traumatized women is really fucking weird

No. 1913728

i'm a traumatized woman too and i don't chop my tits off and try to cosplay as a moid. being traumatized by men often makes women want to remove ourselves from men, not try to become one.

No. 1913729

I think nona might just hate them because of all the fetishist pages that are filled with internalized misogyny. Though I do agree it'd probably be better to post that in the vent thread rather than here, and whoever nona is likely has some kind of pent-up anger issue.

No. 1913740

Damn I wish the random .io games I play had some form of a chat or maybe even separate forum. I NEED to know who exactly GeckoGeisha is and why we have found each other 3 times on the same map.

No. 1913743

Nta but we're all traumatized women here. That doesn't make your opinion stronger.

No. 1913751

I'm scared that being a serial ghoster will eventually end all my relationships. There's only so many times I can lie and say sorry I forgot.
I know that a text message only takes a minute and yet I dread it so much that I keep off replying for ages. For my mom it's usually a couple of days until I finally answer but for (now likely former) friends it's literal weeks.
The only thing I force myself to respond to immediately is work stuff.
Calling is even worse, it literally gives me the shits, so I'm glad mail is now acceptable for most professional settings.

No. 1913752

Different people have different responses to trauma, wow, who could have guessed.

No. 1913755

But being a TiF is obviously incorrect and an extremely dumb decision.

No. 1913756

Same, at this point I have two friend left who put up with it lol. I can do calls though, but who wants to do that nowadays?

No. 1913757

if you're responding to trauma by trying to shapeshift then maybe you should either be euthanized or thrown in a cell for your own good.
It may not make my opinion stronger but it certainly does prove that they have a minimal mental capacity compared to the billions of other traumatized women who don't think they're men.

No. 1913759

True friends will stick around

No. 1913760

How can you do calls? Part of my problem is being so retarded that I need ages to come up with an answer

No. 1913789

Nta I agree that tifs are retarded too, but I don't understand why their retardation warrents alogging and wishing they'd get tortured.

No. 1913803

I hate troons but I also hate psychos with violent fantasies towards women

No. 1913809

Nona probably knew it was fucked up and unhinged and might have some sort of issue idk. Could be that they just hate masculinity in general and extended that to TiFs.

No. 1913847

im falling for a guy who used to be homeless and smoke crack. my bar for men is below ground at this point. we vibe so well, and i feel so comfortable talking to him, but he has no teeth, lives in his moms basement, is a part time janitor, breeds dogs and has like 30 cats. he has like nothing to offer me but i enjoy his company. it feels wrong. like why do i ignore red flags like this and not think about the end game and consequences of opening up and giving a weird guy like this so much of myself (online only but weve jerked off together and have talked cam to cam). im scared if i lose interest he’ll go crazy or something.

No. 1913850

Nona come on… You deserve more than a former crackhead with no teeth. Anyway, he is not your responsibility, whatever he does is on him.

No. 1913855

I've been really enamored with this streamer/youtuber/influencer/whatever the fuck they're called/ and now it's becoming a bit of a problem. I've caught myself even daydreaming about him and what our life together could be like. I also plan to get into streaming soon (by building off a platform I already have) so if I potentially play my cards right I could maybe even weasel my way into his circle. I feel extremely looney but I want him real bad. I can't admit who he is because he's fucking ugly and I'm embarrassed.

No. 1913873

you can just be his friend, do better

No. 1913885

>online only
okay lol dw then. You'll get the ick the moment you meet him irl and are faced with his lack of teeth.

No. 1913896

Get some self esteem dick and move on

No. 1913905

I am very attracted to Weird Al in the 'White and Nerdy' music video. Especially when he's wearing the durag LMFAO. I've been keeping that in ever since I saw it.

No. 1913907

post absolutely radiating twitter lesbian vibes kek i bet this nona has never touched a pussy in her life

No. 1913925

She came to the confessions thread to express herself and you insult her.. For shame

No. 1913968

when I eat too much I watch shock videos like bowl girl and puke along with them like a reverse mukbang

No. 1913970

nonnie love yourself wtf. you don't even have a dick what use is his toothless ass to you

No. 1914146

people with no teeth can give “gummers”. when they eat you out with no teeth. they can get in there deep without their teeth gnawing into your clit. so ive heard at least.

No. 1914164

when i was 16 i met some 19yo scrote off some forum and when we met he had rotten teeth. It was the most repulsive experience in my life, he also had lice, LICE!. I also found out he was charged with cp before we met but was free because he commited the crime when he was underage. I have been celibate since then, it completly made me feel repulsed of men and i only masturbate to husbandos now. So if he doesn't murder you, there is a huge change it might completly wipe out your interest in moids.

No. 1914170

I unironically listen to Weird Al Yankovic and i loved the parody biopic that he made with Daniel Radcliffe.

No. 1914174

kek i love hardware store

No. 1914179

I've always yearned for Alfred Matthew's gentle and warm embrace. His hair would look beautiful in the morning when we awoke. He is my one true match in life, yet, we are separated by the sea of time and space. If it were up to me, we would have been married long ago before his LASIK surgery, and I would have said "Alfred Matthew, please don't do it - I love your glasses," and he would have replied "I submit to your will, gracious anon," and we would have kissed that sweet kiss of eternal love. At night I still dream of him. I need him.

No. 1914184

I've been so horny today, I must be ovulating on steroids or something because I don't feel like this often.

No. 1914185

That's an extremely reasonable opinion and you shouldn't feel bad for it

No. 1914198

File: 1709785187670.jpeg (190.09 KB, 1280x534, IMG_4310.jpeg)

I’m white and have no problem with it but i wish i was black with blue eyes. I sometimes have narc fantasies at night about being a dark black woman dazzling people with my blue eyes but they are contrasted with darker skin. Everyone is fascinated with me because i am so beautiful in a unique way and it makes me popular.

No. 1914209

I have a few cousins like this, they aren't black but fairly dark-skinned and have blue eyes, it's a really striking appearance.

No. 1914212

No. 1914228

God I'm so lonely and I want to be fucked! I want to be fucked!

No. 1914237

Go away.

No. 1914240

This explains the monstrous sadism I've experienced from other women even tho I'm not even a tif. This shit sends them into rage but they don't hate actual men or don't care about actual women who hate themselves. This is a trash behavior. Woman "sensible" nature only exists in their empathy and sexual love for men like they are made to serve them but taunt other women even their own daughters

No. 1914256

File: 1709789758039.jpg (28.71 KB, 500x443, GGOyapiWgAA6T_Q.jpg)

i hope this stalker-ish guy who's obsessed with me kills himself soon. he seems very mentally unstable so i pray it will happen one day. i genuinely think he should stay away from other women, the things he's said about me are fucking deranged, i don't even want to repeat them.

No. 1914260

Relatable to many women. Many such cases!

No. 1914261

did a tim write this

No. 1914262

trannies are disgusting but this is taking it to another level lmao

No. 1914263

Thats exactly how they talk about them on 4ch, so

No. 1914274

push him onto the tracks nonnie

No. 1914279

I'll be praying for his death for you too nonnie

No. 1914286

I stalk my girl crush and when I stalked her yesterday she talked about her moid cheating. Is life made from you having to hear these cheating stories for eternity as a woman.

No. 1914292

I’m a born realityTVfag and in particular a huge sister wives enjoyer. It came out yesterday that Garrison Brown killed himself and his younger brother Gabe is the one who found him. I know it’s super retarded and parasocially but this death has truly rocked me for some reason. It’s all I could think about at work. I just kept running through the Rolodex of his siblings and thinking about how awful this is for each one of them. It’s just super super super sad. To have watched Garrison for the last 15 years or so on TV ever since he was part of the little kid pack makes this awful even though I’m the same age as him.

No. 1914293

Pretty much Cydnee Black's life. People seethe at her and accuse her of wearing contacts (like it'd really matter even then), but she was born that way, and her mom has the same thing.

No. 1914296

it's always some richfag supporting refugees and war funding for ((ukraine)) and whatever else. maybe if inflation actually impacted you you wouldn't be such a smug fucking little bleeding heart kys(wrong thread)

No. 1914307

I spend everyday since I was 12 daydreaming that I am receiving the empathy women naturally have for men or receiving the empathy I have as a woman for other's like I literally have to suppress "my natural state" cause I get triggered by me experiencing empathy and wish I was on the receiving end of it but I can't cause I'm a woman. The empathy women have for men naturally is fucking insane, women treat their love for men as their life purpose like for example thinking that when he texts you at 11:11 then it's a sign from the universe, thinking 10000000x more often about him than he thinks about her, cries 100000x more times about him than he cries about her, spends most of her time analyzing him and noticing literally everything about him the way I wish someone could notice things about me, nurturing him 10000x more than he does her, thinking schizo shit like looking at her past and thinking that this or that was a prophecy of her future moid ("the one") like… I don't want what men have, I need it cause I'm an autistic fuck with a strong desire to be nurtured and cared for but I fucking can't have it, I can only give the empathy to others and then get triggered and depressed right after. I was brainwashed to think that men somehow deserve it for their personality but not they get it cause they are men and I don't get it cause I'm a woman. Not cause I'm evil and don't deserve it.

No. 1914475

it's very sad. i also feel bad for his roommates, they heard a popping sound coming from his room on monday and didn't realize until his brother arrived on tuesday and opened the door that he'd shot himself. i imagine that's difficult knowledge to live with even though he likely died instantly. i hope someone will be able to take care of his cats.

No. 1914559

I'm not even doing the bare minimum when I'm "working" from home. I'm always given way more shit to do than everyone else just because, and at that point I'm sick of it. It can't be a coincidence anymore, for reasons I won't disclose because then I'll have to detail a bunch of shit about how my job works and who does what, so let's just say I don't give a fuck anymore, I'm sick of being the only one punished for having shitty managers and working in a company with an insane turnover rate, I haven't been caught yet by anyone for slacking off these past few months, and I'll keep doing that until I get fired so I can have some time for myself before getting another shitty job. I don't care about deadlines anymore either, and I hope the client will get sick of us, dump us and my company will burn to the ground so I will be eligible to get my unemployment benefits.

No. 1914565

I understand you completely. I've never heard anyone else say it before, I'm actually a little shocked to see it put into words. I want to be given the benefit of the doubt like men are. I want to be taken seriously, have my emotions treated with care, have people constantly tuned in to what I'm feeling. This is part of the reason I considered transitioning a year ago.

No. 1914575

His roommates also said that Garr has been struggling with alcohol lately so I also wonder if it was a purely impulsive suicide which makes this a lot harder. It would explain his bizarre text he sent in the group chat beforehand.

No. 1914637

I started forcing myself to read again not because I enjoy it but because I read so many posts about how the decline of literacy skills will contribute to the downfall of society. Public shaming worked on me in this instance.

No. 1914675

you probably won't stick with the habit if it's due to shame, i hope you can genuinely enjoy reading.

No. 1914705

yes, because immigration serves to put bodies into the western underclass. you aint gonna go pick peas in a field

No. 1914714

Hopefully you find something you like so it's not forced anymore, reading is really enjoyable and a nice way to spend more time offline

No. 1914985

when i cook meat for myself at home i like to eat it like i've been starving for years. i use my hands and rip it apart like an animal.

No. 1914995

I am binge eating food that will make me sick and inflamed to be more motivated to start back my diet tomorrow. I do this every few months.

No. 1915027

guess we're all doing. I had acid reflux from hell and just downed those spicy ramen challenge things and lemonade. feels like i swallowed lava

No. 1915102

Glad i'm not the only dumbass that does this, kek. I'll be thinking of you while this tummy ache keeps me up all night

No. 1915173

File: 1709853521931.jpg (120.09 KB, 750x1000, 1707619819577.jpg)

I think I broke my youtube because I haven't gotten an ad in over half a decade now. a few months ago it told me that using ad blockers is a no-no yet nothing changed.
KEK, kind of hope this is true.

No. 1915375

File: 1709862718480.jpg (27.49 KB, 563x546, fb52b2f0e0762092e1483843b803da…)

I'm going to hook up with two moids this weekend (separately). Never thought I'd be in a hoe phase afer a breakup but here I am. Fuck my ex.

No. 1915383

I hate moids but this morning an older guy in a suit did a double take when he saw me and it made my heart flutter a bit. if it weren't for being a poorfag I probably would of wound up being one of those college students that wanted to sleep with their professor

No. 1915386

I steal everyone's outdoor cat if it doesn't have a collar or chip. If you shove your animal outside with zero form of protection and unsupervised I am going to assume you're dumping them

I also call the cops and CPS on any family where the children are even slightly suspicious. Forehead bruise? I'll call the cops and stall you until they come. Children are nervous? I'm calling the police. You get frustrated with your kids and yell at them in public? I will call the cops. I've done this multiple times and it's always funny watching shit tier parents get hounded by the cops

No. 1915389

Just be safe and careful. Text someone your location at all times. Use condoms. Be awesome, nonnie

No. 1915390

>I steal everyone's outdoor cat if it doesn't have a collar or chip. If you shove your animal outside with zero form of protection and unsupervised I am going to assume you're dumping them

Same, that shit infuriates me. You're a good person

No. 1915391

do you keep all the cats?

No. 1915392

This can't be real, CPS and cops don't do anything.

No. 1915396

They send kids to go be molested in other homes

No. 1915409

Thank you! Yes,I will! I've also known them for some time so fingers crossed that I'll have a good time!

No. 1915431

In my state they're pretty active here. My county in particular is huge on being family oriented and will jump into action if abuse is even slightly suspected and any sort of adopted or foster parents are extremely monitored. I wouldn't do that if I lived in a county where the CPS was corrupt like in red states

No. 1915432

I'm gonna redact what I said because I just remembered that CPS actually did remove an ex-coworker's grandkids from her daughter's apartment. They were all sent to separate families for a while and it was kind of messed up

No. 1915886

I love gift giving even with people I don't know very well, I'm going to the birthday party of a friend of a friend tomorrow and I got her a bottle of wine and a ring.

No. 1915924

File: 1709887520096.jpeg (119.11 KB, 760x922, IMG_9350.jpeg)

My ex stole every aspect of my fucking personality. He still wears my clothes to this day. He started skinwalking me before we even started dating and admitted to it yet he got bored of me within 2 months. I teased my hair so he started teasing his hair. I wore Doc Martens so he wore Doc Martens. I wore eyeliner so he wore eyeliner. I painted my nails black so he painted his nails black. I wore rosaries so he wore rosaries. He’s still using my swag to get bitches because his real personality is so rancid he can’t get any just by being himself

No. 1915932

No. 1915941

This is fucking hilarious because all the things you're doing are all very generic things that young people do like, he might as well have skinwalked a tiktok vide

No. 1915942

File: 1709888311083.jpg (70.26 KB, 828x828, 1000003169.jpg)

>I wore rosaries so he wore rosaries
So you're both mega posers got it

No. 1915950

Please love yourself, you can't really believe that someone's personality is wearing doc martens and putting on eyeliner.

No. 1916035

Is he a tranny now?

No. 1916168

That's what a lot of chronically online young people who consume far too much social media think. "I'll wear this aesthetic, so it's my personality now."

No. 1916183

I'm being stalked by an ex friend who is disgustingly mentally ill. It's only digital right now, but he is using throwaway accounts just to message me after I changed social media accounts. I'm trying to stop using social media, and only checked twitter because my current friends send me memes that won't embed on Discord. Twitter didn't notify me as it happened, but actually allowed a build up of messages from this guy. He's used throwaway accounts on tumblr as well after I have blocked him. I explained everything to him kindly, then aggressivly, directly, and he keeps coming back. I thought it was funny but now I'm terrified. I don't really like any of my old friends.

No. 1916188

I got a handgun and haven't told anyone yet. My area has a few of those Proud Boys marches where ugly fat scrotes "expressed" themselves by driving through the middle of town with a truck decked out in MAGA swag and surrounded by guys with rifles. I'm afraid the day after the election I'm going to wake up to some fat douche with a gun on my porch asking me who I voted for.

No. 1916216

other nonnas might disagree with me but i think this is a wise decision on your part. moids are becoming more brazen and i don't believe women should be discouraged from choosing to arm themselves in order to preserve our safety in our own homes. there's a massive difference between some gun nut moid openly carrying a rifle as a form of intimidation and a woman keeping a gun in her house to defend herself from intruders.

No. 1916240

me too but i'm broke so I make gift baskets based off their favourite candies

No. 1916395

He admitted he changed his entire style to be more like me retard
Yes he has told me that he was to transition

No. 1916466

I had the CEO of a major company get obsessed with me after having sex a few times, he was a moid in his 40s and had the sexual tastes of a teen hentai addict. Everytime I hear the company I cringe

No. 1916615

I have my landlord in my contacts as "Lazy Ass Landlord" because he never does shit for the house and even takes a week to send his errand boy to pick up the rent.

No. 1916963

I like you nonna. The world would be better with more people who thought like this.

No. 1916964

I know how to sound like a typical moid incel and I go online to chat with people pretending to be one. It's almost painful the amount of clearly teen girls there are under the incel and femcel tags. And they always pretend to be men. Calling yourself a femboy does not disguise your painfully teen girl way of talking and typing.

No. 1916966

There's nothing wrong with enjoying time by yourself. People can be a headache.

No. 1916986

File: 1709945914164.jpg (59.66 KB, 600x600, dogsmile.jpg)

Underrated post

No. 1916990

No because I actually felt so bad afterwards for like 2 hours after that smoke I felt like a liar but what was I gonna do? "Oh I'm actually NOT from the USA!" after we just talked about Michigan for a full 15 minutes? I just kept making stuff up based on the few readings I've done on Michigan. "Of course I'm from Detroit, yes the auto industry WAS really big, yeah there are lots of lakes to swim in!" Like please God why did that thought even come into my brain I didn't think she would get so hung up on it but she was so amazed. I hope I never run into her again I'm scared I won't remember what she looked like and somehow I'll give myself away as a liar.

No. 1917039

Big pipeline deficiency

No. 1917157

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a vagina. I don't like having something that people consider made to be penetrated. I kind of wish I was just blank down there like a barbie doll.

No. 1917194

Whenever I check lc I always see at least one post so retarded I type out a reply and then delete because I don’t want to get caught up in an even retarded-er infight. But I wish those anons could know how retarded they sound. Telepathically, I hope they know

No. 1917198

I do this too. It's not even worth the energy

No. 1917208

File: 1709961140061.png (1009.76 KB, 1680x1105, 74980-emoticon-smiley-laughter…)

if they hire remotely for communications majors please tell me where and send me blackmail material

No. 1917392

You need to cool off on the drinking nonna… Have some self control jeez….

No. 1917393

um…I'm a retard but can another anon tell me if this is some sort of degradation fetish thing

No. 1917394

being penetrated feels a bit nice tho you just need to forget the whole symbolism of submission around it

No. 1917402

Getting pants-pissing drunk is cringe in a bad way. You're better than this and you know it.

No. 1917405

don't mind what people consider, it's your body and your vagina.

No. 1917411

It's very intense but unfulfilling and doesn't make you feel loved cause it has no nice finish like men have and it's retarded because clitoris is outside of the vagina which makes penis-vagina sex in which the head of clitoris is being stimulated literally impossible while orgasms are centered in the head of it.basic understanding of sex is that mind and body becomes one with it so its impossible to not have to experience being sub kek shitty realization clitoral orgasms are even more unfulfilling to me because then… The inside of vagina is not being stimulated. How nice. Once I've read some dumb scrote psychoanalysis on how clit and inside of vagina being separated makes women hysteric(bait)

No. 1917445

guys don't bother, this retard is legit baiting, people have reached out to her numerous times and she only replies to negative posts.

No. 1917452

File: 1709985578326.jpg (35.23 KB, 540x412, tumblr_0c64f1f9bcbf8fa9f368acd…)

Having an extremely attractive, desirable male partner is such an ego-boosting experience especially when women make no effort to hide their attraction to him.

Once, two American women who didn't know us in any capacity started a group call with him while I listened on in confounded disbelief as they tried to convince him to break up with me out of 'concern' for him.

No. 1917523

Yeah that’s an ego boost. Most of my scrotes no one else wanted and I knew they’d jump ship the moment a stacy gave them any attention. It would be nice to have a man who can have other women but picks you.

No. 1918226

I'm fucking dying still, nonna. Autistic women are a gift and I'll fight anyone who disagrees.

No. 1918249

When I was 15, i used my dad’s credit card to buy $500+ of overwatch loot boxes. My brother had recently gotten in trouble for stealing our mom’s card to buy money in GTA5, so when they saw that charge, they assumed it was him and he was grounded for a year. I never owned up to it.

No. 1918251

why are other women so retarded, can't they appreciate a hot man and support a sister? it's so desperate out there i suppose.

No. 1918263

I've experienced something like this, not me but a couple that i know (average girl, hot guy) and the women were always hostile towards her and would try to wait to be alone with the guy and then flirt with him.
It just blackpills me on how the majority of women in real life are unfortunately pickmes.

No. 1918422

The unfortunate reality is that these same men (not calling out nona's boyfriend specifically, just highly desired men in general) will be sending nudes on the downlow or even hook up as well. Hot and ugly moids will cheat whenever they please.

No. 1918426

hey I'd rather be cheated on by a hot guy than an ugly one

No. 1918427

KEK nonna I love you. Where are you actually living that this lady was so intrigued about your living in Michigan? I’m assuming you’re not a burger cause I don’t feel like any burger would give a shit unless they were also from
Michigan (and even then)

No. 1918428

So much harder to get over a hottie though. You can understand someone as traumatised as Ariana Grande wants a low stake moid. His civilian wife didn't even register on her barometer which is sad.

No. 1918430

I mean nothing risked nothing gained, I'd still rather have someone who I'm actually attracted to. If an ugly moid cheats on you it's insult to injury. I don't actually understand the mindset of women like her because an ugly moid can still cheat and you still have to fuck him so it's not even a "safe" option.

No. 1918433

To be disparaging against my first love is easy because in hindsight all he had going for him was height and I shall curse him for my stupidty. His body was awful. Doughy, no definition, no body hair. I actually can't recall his dick and we lived together I was engaged so i think that speaks volumes. I remember once I got mad at him because his dick was crooked. Sex was unpleasant. His body was unpleasant. His mannerisms were unpleasant everything about him. 15 year old me truly memed myself into liking a tall boy with floppy hair. His teeth weren't gross until closer inspection. All chipped and uneven due to his grinding and terrible nutrient deficient vegetarian diet. I can't remember what his dick looks like but I can remember the floaters he left in the toilet bowl. The smell and how depressed I felt spending Christmas with his family. My mum beat me and I'd take one of her beatings, narc apology and our family Christmas over his families Christmas. That was the highpoint of their family time for the year and it made me feel suicidal.

I am happily with someone else but I have discovered on reflection every man I have dated until this point has been an improvement on that first boys physicality. Each man was getting closer and closer to my ideal. The floppy hair is over now, but height is still very much in. My true love has perfectly placed and groomed body hair. 6"2. Definition. Strong arms. Strong legs. Feet with perfectly proportioned toes. A defined chest. Visible stomach muscles. The v cut. It annoys me how much my first love who was also abusive so the flat out hate is justified, does not know the true depths of my disgust at all of him and 10 years later he looks like a living nightmare. The ghost of what could have been. I can't even remember losing my virginity to him when I tell you I can't remember any good times in bed with him I am not lying I've even thankfully erased all the bad, my mind has done what people yearn for with drink and drugs.

No. 1918444

She doesn't value him or she would have started it right.

No. 1918690

Ayrt we have full access to each other's phones and his last relationship was 6 years so I know he's not a slut even though he totally could be.

No. 1918798

i'm a schoolteacher and one of our 16 year old students has botched lip fillers

No. 1918877

I mean. He could have another phone. Or troll around IRL.

No. 1918880

I stank so bad today

No. 1918883

I mean maybe but we are never apart, ever. If i'm taking a shit he will knock at the door and enquire as to what I'm doing in there.

Why are you trying to sow seeds of doubt in my relationship, this is the exact sort of behaviour my OP was talking about, kek

No. 1918884

File: 1710075340641.jpeg (157.24 KB, 675x1200, IMG_6208.jpeg)

I sometimes think about that one nonny that tried to claim that girls like pic rel were obese and how normalised ‘obese’ people are that we can’t recognise that they’re obese. I hope she’s doing okay

No. 1918886

I don’t really care, I’m just saying you can never trust anyone completely, not your relationship personally.

No. 1918887

>soft, shapely, thick, feminine woman

rattle rattle

No. 1918888

Okay, well I do trust him completely.

No. 1918889

Mmmm, thanks for letting me know. I was starting to worry.

No. 1918900

Good for you nonna, my moid is a good catch too and is good looking and I trust him completely. We’ve known each other for over half our lives, he doesn’t watch porn, and he only has eyes for me. I think a lot of nonnas get really jealous and don’t want anyone to be happy with a moid just because most of them are huge pornsick cheating faggots. there will always be some who aren’t though. I’m happy you found a good one too.

No. 1918901

She looks overweight, but she carries it well.

No. 1918922

If you say so.

No. 1918950

File: 1710079462218.jpg (104.39 KB, 980x1156, kuzco.jpg)

I used to think "as long as I love them and they're nice it's all good" about dating but then I grew up and developed such particular standards in appearance even though I'm not necessarily even attracted to those traits, or think people with the "undesirable" traits can be attractive. It's like I have this obsession with what traits will be carried onto MY kids, so I can't allow "bad" ones to "ruin" them.
It's not about perfection or anything, if a man is a bit out of shape that's ok because any person can get fit, however you cannot cure baldness so even if a man has a 10/10 fit body and face but is bald I ain't touching those baldy genes. If a man has no lips - nope, can't curse a future daughter with that. Bad nose or weak chin, hell nope. Even what would normally be considered a very hot guy would be "bad" to me because I imagine those manly traits like a big strong chin, super wide shoulders and deep set eyes on a future daughter and it would look too ugly so I can't do that to her. HEck a guy could be rich as fuck and secure my entire family for life with his money and I still wouldn't be able to do it if he had the "wrong" genes. Picrel is literally me.
I feel so superficial I can't even admit my standards to friends out of embarrassment and shame. I'm not normally a superficial person at all, I don't even wear makeup. In my mind even if I had kids and they were to be born retarded by some natural unfortunate mutation variation at least they'd be retarded with "good genes", and not retarded AND ugly. I don't know why I became like this. (surprisingly I do have a boyfriend who meets my standards lol)

No. 1918952

That’s pretty based of you tbh. I also can’t imagine any amount of money making it worth it to fuck some ugly moid.

No. 1918971

File: 1710080175001.jpg (38.95 KB, 702x291, 8_Women_with_a_BMI_of_30.JPG)

kek nona i'm doing great! You not being able to spot the literal medical definition of what obesity is doesn't make obesity less serious of a condition! Your pic looks a bit overweight for sure, but she doesn't look like she carries enough fat for her to have reached obesity. A lot of the time it's harder to see from the front when people carry a lot of extra weight on their stomach/midsection. A BMI over 30 (see picrel all at BMI 30) is obesity (obviously muscles and such will make the scale not entirely accurate but when it comes down to actual body fat percentage it's a good tool). All of those bodies come with ALL the risks of obesity, regardless of if you think it "looks good" or "too thin to be obese" to you.(*bones rattling*)

No. 1918993

and to follow up last time I did choose a pic of women with a BMI 30 that looked deceptively small to prove my point

No. 1919009

Based. Life is short and men do that all the time.

No. 1919019

eat a sandwich kek

No. 1919030

The nutritionists have arrived. Stuff your face with bread you unhealthy freaks!

No. 1919043

She is overweight but pear shaped, she looks exactly like my cousin: technically overweight but everything goes to her legs and thighs so it's not as noticeable unless severe weight gain. Blessed proportions tbh, imagine eating all you want while your tummy stays flat like picrel

No. 1919059

>eat a sandwich kek
I will, I'm of a normal healthy weight so eating food doesn't bother me

No. 1919063

She's right this time tho. I don't consider >>1918884 fat but she's damn near close tbf even when it looks good on her, the effects of excess weight could still fuck her health and that's not joking matter, wether you like to hear it or not

No. 1919084

Carbs aren't evil, you're being weird.

No. 1919203

Not eating makes you retarded.

No. 1919318

To be honest having an attractive, desirable boyfriend has been a confusing experience for my ego. When we first started seeing eachother I had very low self esteem and actively resisted the idea that he could be attracted to me because I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even let myself fantasise about him because the idea was too inconceivable. Im from the UK where, in my opinion, attractive guys are few and far between and my bf is one of the few Americans at our university.

No one’s been as bold as to try and convince my boyfriend to leave me but he’s been invited on some suspiciously intimate coffee/dinner dates by female friends. I don’t like feeling suspicious but I can’t help but wonder what the intentions of certain girls are, especially when they ask him while I’m out of town. I get a bit offended when it’s a girl I’ve gone out of my way to be friends with because god knows I wouldn’t ask to have coffee (or godforbid dinner) with another girl’s boyfriend.

No. 1919381

This post getting banned is the most 'muhrican fatpositive thing I've seen all day
If a girl asks to have coffee with your bf when you're out of town she's trying to fuck him 100% of the time

No. 1919525

I recoil when I see disabled people in public. They gross me out, especially if they have deformities.

No. 1919540

Tbh I see people saying this a lot and I can never tell if they're just edgelords or if they're actually that mentally frail lol

No. 1919542

She cute ngl

No. 1919545

I got like a childhood trauma from one beggar woman shoving her malformed baby-hand in my face at a McDonald's when I was like 6. Like I remember that shit shook my whole world.
Generally I don't really see any deformities that are explicitly scary.

No. 1919649

mentally frail is right kek. What's with these baby-ass sheltered opinions

No. 1919680

One of my relatives drank all of my orange juice and left a smidge of sunbutter in the container. I partially emptied some of their drinks by pouring them down the drain and I'll keep doing that if they keep eating my fucking groceries

No. 1919681

Not everyone that disagrees with you is an anachan, schizo

No. 1919683

Who let these kids in here? Bitch ass take

No. 1919824

File: 1710118500623.jpg (101.44 KB, 828x814, 8ff7e3ecb35a4e877d2272b95d47bb…)

This is probably nuts but I feel like I have the power of manifestation when it comes to relationships except it has the genie attribute of never letting me be happy.
So, I create characters and homemade waifus/husbandos for myself. The thing is, I swear to FUCK the traits I've given to the mains that I made have appeared in real life "love interests." I'm talking very specific things outside of these people just being my taste. Even life events, so much so that I became wary of posting about my characters because my real life partners went through the same shit.
Of course the catch is I can never have a happy ending with these people, and the traits are never mixed 100% into the right person for me. I know it's coincidence but it makes me feel insane.
Has this happened to anyone else?

No. 1919844

All of us were once 17 and unable to handle real world stimuli. One day you too may have the chance to grow the fuck up and stop being such a crybaby

No. 1919848

I don’t give a fuck about disabled people, it’s overweight people that gross me out. At the very least disabled people can’t help it, they don’t usually make me feel disgusted but if they’re severely deformed and they do I immediately feel bad - because they’re probably more bothered by how they look every day than I am.
It’s been more and more apparent there are teenagers on here lately.

No. 1919859

File: 1710119902133.jpg (86.67 KB, 695x837, 14.jpg)

You've probably got a magnetic quality to you nona. You attract people.

No. 1919873

Catching up with my mum earlier and she was telling me the neighbour across the way came over to borrow a radiator key and they got chatting. She asked if the lady that drives the [colour] car was her daughter, then said I could be a model. My mum could be embellishing but woohoo lol. She's like 20 and I'm in my 30s. The kids are alright kek

No. 1919945

File: 1710123258474.jpeg (463.78 KB, 1200x1448, IMG_1874.jpeg)

i hate how much of a stereotypical immigrant eldest daughter i am and i sometimes wish my parents would die young so i can actually live my life and then i realize how horrible of a thing that is and i hate myself for even thinking about it but i can’t help it. i still have love for them in my heart but they make my life miserable.

No. 1919987

Nah you don't want very old parents, everything could go wrong. Unless they're relatively healthy, which is rare, it's going to be nightmarish and pray dementia doesn't fuck them up even further. No human should live to 80-90 years old dragging several illnesses and barely functional bodies that's just cruel for everyone involved

No. 1920009

Probably going to kill myself soon via carbon monoxide poisoning. I can’t keep doing interviews and failing them for months now. I have $20 in my bank account. I can’t do it anymore.

No. 1920015

Please don't hurt yourself like this, there's always another way to keep living and thriving

No. 1920037

File: 1710127388005.png (214.6 KB, 300x300, 160.png)

Don't just throw your life away because things are hard. They can get better later on. Hang in there. <3(<3)

No. 1920038

Didn't mean the image to be insensitive btw

No. 1920046

Maybe see if you can up your credit card limit and live off that temporarily, better be in debt than dead.

No. 1920071

File: 1710129066099.jpg (62.75 KB, 410x237, url~2.jpg)

When I was like 11 I cybered with random strangers in the Dinorun multiplayer chat, but I didn't know how sex worked. I would role-play as a dude and seek out people role-playing as girls. I thought sex involved people peeing during it, but I'd always get blocked when I mentioned pee. In retrospect, pedophiles were probably trying to groom me, but were turned off by the piss talk and might have thought I was a troll. In retrospect I'm really lucky I didn't get groomed or develop a piss fetish.

No. 1920108

When i was 11 I hopped in and out of MSN chatrooms eventually I found the cyber chatrooms and have a very vague idea of sex. I would always lie and say I was a hot 18 year old cheerleader literally think I used those exact words anyway how I cybered was typing out the moan sounds I was completely out of my depth and the men cybering weren't much better either i learnt nothing about sex from them. Maybe we were all children

No. 1920115

File: 1710131832358.jpg (104.93 KB, 851x539, 1000004463.jpg)

When I was 9/10 I used to go on BarbieGirls and hang out in different lobbies to chat with other "young girls", sometimes you'd get creeps following your character around the lobby saying shit like "I love the way you jiggle when you walk baby". Picrel, this was one of the lounge areas where this would happen.

However my first formal introduction to ppl cybering was actually Gaia Online, a few years after. At the time I always wished someone would approach me and initiate but it never happened, thank god. Probably for the best because at the time I thought sex involved peeing too kek.

No. 1920131

Can you sell something you don't need? Ask for food from friends/family?

No. 1920209

I happily fart in public, the louder and smellier the better, I hate it when places are crowded and farting loudly always gets people to clear out. Next time I’m gonna be somewhere crowded I’m gonna purposefully eat food that makes me fart (there’s this one cake that is guaranteed to give me rancid loud farts, and the cake happens to be delicious). I fucking hate crowds so much and I stg everyplace is only getting more and more crowded, especially since stores aren’t open 24 hours anymore.

No. 1920279

File: 1710146639115.jpg (102.61 KB, 720x789, IMG_20240311_054158.jpg)

No. 1920357

I absolutely refuse to go back onto psychiatric medication after being on it for ten years. I will NEVER go to a doctor about my mood again. I will now just blame my hormones for my depressive episodes that leave me catatonic. I'm not mentally ill, I'm quite literally just in my follicular phase.

No. 1920361

You have to hit him where it hurts, his reputation and his money. He's in a lot of hot water if you can prove what you said. Build a case against him and report him to actual authorities instead of a Discord admin.

No. 1920382

Authorities won’t do shit

No. 1920440

playing with fire nonna. one day you might eat something that gives you gastrointestinal distress and end up shitting yourself

No. 1920529

File: 1710166489324.jpg (64.17 KB, 640x1138, light inside broken.jpg)

I've been a neet for five months now.

No. 1920540

now multiply it by 12…

No. 1920576

I was for almost 2 years, I still got better and make and so can you.

No. 1920581

7 years it does not get better

No. 1920583

I was a NEET for 6 months two times, you can figure it out if you want to.

No. 1920585

I'm genuinely curious, how do you two afford to live?

No. 1920587

spedbux is a blessing and a curse

No. 1920590

I am the same with darkies.(racebait)

No. 1920594

NEET doesn't have to be forever. It's not a moral failing, sometimes shit doesn't work out and we flop. Keep working on yourself nonna

No. 1920595

Bitch you stink

No. 1920596

what are "spedbux"?

No. 1920597

Anon gets disability checks from the government. She probably has retarded or something.

No. 1920599

Money people receive from their government when they're too autistic to work

No. 1920601

it's a physical one but thanks

No. 1920610

I wish spedbux were a thing in my country, I am too autistic to work on a normal job. I wish I was some autistic influencer who only talks about one videogame for years and somehow always manages to say something new about it every single day.

No. 1920623

Hate being broke but low key love being unemployed so far. It’s like being on summer vacation as a kid again, wake up whenever I want and work on whatever I want, all day. I miss having disposable income though.

No. 1920640

i was so fucking heartbroken when i realized that getting a job was inevitable and something no one can avoid.

No. 1920642

i was so sick i slept for two days straight, what'd i miss noonies

No. 1920653

Some anons are infighting about sillypoo, who made a women's day video, so anons began investigating more about them and now we all know that they're friends with stonetoss of all retards and is unshockingly a misogynist.
Jillian is now getting hashtag canceled on Twitter because she talked about precure ships, so now everyone on precure Twitter is saying that she's a homophobe and are doing anything in their power to make her leave Twitter, but she's using her DID no jutsu to say that she shouldn't be held accountable for anything she says because she has amnesia and shit.
Shayna went to some shleak degenerate party in which anons caught Ellen degenerate and now they're posting her alt account on the thread which is pretty hilarious because of the retarded photoshop.
The queen is still delirious and is posting her daily "I'm dying" posts on Facebook.

No. 1920662

kinda suspected sillypoo wasn't kosher, i'm proud of the girls for digging up more info. pixy's newest fanfic sure is uhh something… thanks for the recap

No. 1920847

File: 1710185910218.png (620.51 KB, 588x800, nfJ0X7i.png)

have you ever thought about learning some skill to pass the time? My cousin lost his leg 9 years ago, he's basically a NEET and can't work and relies on his family, but he learned another language and also learned to paint.
so how do you afford to live?

No. 1920856

>she's using her DID no jutsu

No. 1920900

File: 1710190670156.jpg (97.96 KB, 976x549, _95239407_epg.jpg)

When I was 10 or 11 I used to find the listings for a porn channel on my tv's tv guide (if that's what you call them, the screen like picrel) and read the descriptions for the various porn movies they were showing that night.
I was too scared to actually look up real porn on the internet, but I'd do this practically every time I had the tv to myself.

No. 1920904

I did that too but not to get off, just out of curiosity

No. 1920906

when I was 12 I made fun of a scene girl on twitter for being black and scene and I still feel so bad about it

I hope my pre teen vitriol did not crush her spirit and that she has long forgotten my cruelty and is doing well

Im so sorry my Nubian emo queen

No. 1920928

Probably didn't because everyone on the Internet at that time loved dunking on black women doing anything different.

>Nubian emo queen

This just sounds like you're mocking her further

No. 1920935

The internet has always been like that but I feel like it’s wa a really bad around 2009-2014 and 2020-present day. I blame recent politics.

No. 1920956

What company nonna? woah
>sexual tastes of a teen hentai addict
was it Elon Musk

No. 1920962

I'm usually a phoneposter (yes I'm a zoomer), but I've been using pc more to browse lolcow, and I must say, it's a much better experience on pc. it's a shame that I'm so addicted to using my phone now I barely ever use my pc for anything that isn't work or the occasional game

No. 1921032

I love the farmhands they are so nice and always good to me and my fellow farmers. I wish we had a farmhand appreciation thread.

No. 1921095

File: 1710204786882.gif (2.25 MB, 498x357, DEo7cv.gif)

No. 1921127

I wanna know more about y’all

No. 1921139

Kek it's an anon imageboard nona… there's not too much to know

No. 1921156

scroll the thread

No. 1921205

i just love reading random facts about people(wrong thread)

No. 1921215

me too. i'm so nosy

No. 1921227

I'm going to Japan soon and I feel a little bad about planning to go to Starbucks to eat their Spring collection of cakes and drinks despite the boycott.
I know I'm scum, but I haven't had starbucks and I don't plan on going after.

No. 1921231

Eh I'm mostly pro-palestine and I bought a starbucks today. My family and I donated 500 dollars to organizations helping children and women so at least we have done something.

No. 1921232

Um… I don’t think you’re scum anon

No. 1921282

I wish I had the guts to shoplift

No. 1921286

one time i shoplifted a pound of fresh oysters

No. 1921292

The only way to actually do activism is by going to gaza and helping people and shit, no one will buy a new gun with a 20$ order of Starbucks Japan.

No. 1921352

Only worth it if you’re underage
Reminds me of the time the cute girl at the seafood counter at the grocery store was flirting with me and gave me like $6 worth of scallops for 36 cents kek

No. 1921368

I am a slut and I fucked 2 dudes in two different days

No. 1921386

Why are you talking like a scrote? If you are an actual female, there’s nothing wrong with having sex. Just hope you used protection kek

No. 1921388

What is the two different days supposed to be, because that could just mean you fucked a guy 5 months ago and another one today

No. 1921389

kek my local whole foods does this. I leave with a shit ton of seafood for less than 3 and eat free at the buffet. Thank god zoomer moids all developed kinks for older women

No. 1921416

No wait why is it that these 20 something year old guys are trying to date women 30+ ?
I don't mind it, but it's wild.

I just assumed most moids believed the red pill bullshit that women are "useless" once she reaches 23 and in her prime at 18 kek.

No. 1921418

File: 1710219731964.jpeg (325.53 KB, 1179x821, IMG_3012.jpeg)

the call for the starbucks boycott was stupid in the first place, it was due to the company filing a lawsuit and not directly funding the genocide. of course it blew up to be the main company people were told to boycott.

No. 1921441

I'm pro Palestine and I think the boycotts are retarded. People should be more concerned about their governors and senators over boycotting corporations. I'm not going to be called a genocider for drinking a tea or buying a burger from McDonald's, I don't give a fuck. It's just social media virtue signaling brownie points bullshit, and like other posters said, the stances are misunderstood. But giving corporations personhood expecting them to take a stance is braindead in the first place

No. 1921442

I got caught eventually when I thought I did

No. 1921447

4 years for me. My family’ll kick me out eventually…

No. 1921451

I think I win (unfortunately) cause I’m going on 10 years soon

No. 1921457

We’ll get out of here eventually nona. I believe in you.

No. 1921525

The boycotts are actually working though.

No. 1921578

There is at least a civic case against him if he's getting nudes from fans of all ages.

No. 1921592

Damn you unearthed a memory for me, I remember playing this game but I had some girl keep following me around calling me a "beach" since you couldn't say bitch kek

No. 1921594

Revenge fantasies plus never pay attention what men say them and other men want pay attention to what they do. I've heard millions of men express their discuss for fat women but never met a fat girl who had trouble getting dick. I've heard them have mental breakdowns over single moms but never met a single mom who had trouble getting dates and a lot of them actually became MORE picky after having kids because they should and could. This goes for any features men claim to hate. small tits, flat butt, old, poor, large body count, etc.

No. 1921612

Anytime I crush on a moid I just imagine he stinks, gets back zits and sucks in bed. Let's be honest they all do. I'm practically a lesbian now

No. 1921625

I wish my moid got back zits, used to love popping my ex’s KEK

No. 1921629

Now me I'd slurp the back juice out personally so the acne would go away and lick the stench off his pits so he smells fresh again

No. 1921630

can you all kill yourselves. female heterosexuality is mental illness(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921634

I like popping my own zits and if I had a gf I’d wanna pop her zits too, I’m one of those people.

No. 1921635

You take bait like a facebook boomer watching an ai video of Joe Biden eating people

No. 1921636

stop being autistic, i’m clearly not being serious.

No. 1921637

>I just alogged you like an autist instead of making banter that's actually funny, you dumb retarded whore

No. 1921639

I wasn’t trying to make you laugh nor was I alogging you. Loosen up a bit. It’s okay.

No. 1921642

Why do so many moids have back zits??? I've slept with dozens of women and men and only knew one girl who had mild back zits, yet it seems like every moid and their dad has back zits how

No. 1921644

>I'm not being serious
>I wasn't telling a joke
>kill yourselves
>I wasn't alogging you
Who has autism again

No. 1921645

Sweat, not properly cleansing the back, sweat build up clogs pores

No. 1921654

>Moids don't know to wash their sweaty back
They should just euthanize them at this point

No. 1921658

Sigh. There exists a space between telling a joke and alogging. You can’t possibly think I was sincerely telling someone to kill themselves.

No. 1921662

If we could just regrow our flesh quickly and easily, I'd eat parts of myself.

No. 1921663

There are things that come out of you nona, you can eat those.

No. 1921664


No. 1921695

They don’t change their sheets and they don’t scrub their backs.

No. 1921743

Acne doesn't work that way. People can be filthy af and have completley clear skin. They just have acne, an illness, that's all there is to it.

No. 1921827

You're completely right anon. Not only men will fuck anything but they also are into a lot of things they pretend they aren't. Older women, fat women, flat women, ugly women, sick women, mothers, etc. As long as it's a woman they're into her.

No. 1921854

File: 1710254261507.jpeg (300.3 KB, 1440x960, 87D683FA-CEA3-4DED-A606-99CCAA…)

I’m not even gay so I don’t know why I have this fantasy but ever since I was a little weablet and learned about the concept of Japanese communal bathing/ hot springs, I’ve fantasized about going to one. Of course because it seems nice and warm, but also for perverted reasons. I always was similarly fascinated by the basic experience of changing in a locker room, but I never had the guts to look around in those and I’d just stare at the ground KEK. There’s something appealing to me about being naked together, I feel like it would feel freeing to not wear any clothes around other women, but then also women’s bodies are just objectively beautiful and I’m always a little curious what other women look like under their clothes and i don’t know I just want to see some naked women irl. Of course I know from experience if this ever happened I would probably just wind up staring at the ground again kek I wish I could wear sunglasses to the bath so I could look as much as I want. I know that I sound like a nasty pervert, but this is my confession.

No. 1921891

Do people get fully nude in those hot springs? I always assumed it was like a jacuzzi, and people wear bathing suits or something at least.

No. 1921925

I think it's optional but you definitely can go nude if it's more private and gender segregated. I've never been except a public bath/spa thing where they were nude

No. 1921926

No, you have to go in fully naked.

No. 1921936

Sometimes I really hate it here
Fuck the mods say it louder

No. 1922058

Ngl that is kind of creepy

No. 1922059

ngl that is kind of hot

No. 1922069

omg me too nonna, ever since i got a job and ride the bus home i have seen so many different body types that it just makes me curious, i don't get off to that sort of thing but it's just something so fascinating about stranger's bodies.

No. 1922075

I don't mean this in an insulting way, but were you homeschooled? I'd think after having to visit locker rooms at least once a week for longer than a decade, it's nothing special.

No. 1922093

No, I went to public school. But like I said, I always looked at the floor in the locker room. Plus the bath part seems cozier and more relaxed than trying to change quickly and discretely in a cramped locker room. Prolonged nakedness is different imo

No. 1922269

I think it's pathetic when people around me try so bad to become influencers, especially on IG. Like calm down Susan, none of your 10 followers care that you're a #girlboss because you went to the gym today.

No. 1922281

I don't get the issue with benevolent isms.

No. 1922306

Who's that? A CC creator?

No. 1922320

They permabanned me for this nona……

No. 1922321

Kek what else were you posting

No. 1922330

When I rule lc I'll undo all your bans and make sure only the pimple drinkers receive permas

No. 1922334

I’m terrified of having kids and them liking their dad more than me. I have always wanted kids so bad, more than anything else in the world. I will be so crushed if I’m the boring less favorable parent to them, and they prefer their dad over me. I know this is a weird thing to think about but I can’t help it

No. 1922361

i shit on someone

No. 1922365

No. 1922367

I don't think I'll ever get married but if my children preferred their father I would be so depressed. The idea of going through so much pain in pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding and they don't even appreciate you because their dad lets them have junk food and watch TV… I can't

No. 1922386

my best friend is spending spring break with her long-distance girlfriend and it’s making me so unbearably fucking jealous. i’m trying so hard to keep my mental illness under control but it’s not looking good nonnas. it doesn’t help that her girlfriend is considerably more interesting, well-read, and righteous than i am. i need to die.

No. 1922397

I took the wrong side in a dispute on here awhile ago and now the topic is being discussed again. Now I see I was wrong and I feel embarrassed that what I said before is in my post history. I wasn't vehemently fighting for it but it was definitely a defense of what I thought was satire/parody.

No. 1922411

>I’m not even gay
idk anon that sounds pretty gay

No. 1922475

I'm out for 6 hours while leaving a roast cooking in the oven unattended.

No. 1922509

Oh, egads! Your roast is ruined! But what if you were to purchase fast food and disguise it as your own cooking?

No. 1922527

No, it's a slow-roast, I'll be back in time to take it out. I'm in this thread because this is uncredibly unfirewise kek.

No. 1922573

Samefag I read isms as sims at first, but now I'm even more confused. What's a benevolent ism?

No. 1922589

NTA but it’s likely referring to ‘benevolent sexism’, ‘benevolent racism’ and other benevolent -isms.

No. 1922609

File: 1710294258832.jpg (15.44 KB, 640x480, 1000007400.jpg)

I know I'm retarded and thank god I have the smallest amount of self control and common sense to hold back from going all out. But the amount of times I wrote giant essays on my autistic obsessions is pathetic. I see any subtle reference and I have this impulsive desire to add information or correct the person. I typed big replies so many times. I'm glad I have some self awareness to delete them. I really don't want to be the umm ackshually, so I just take deep breaths and ignore them.
Before anyone asks, they're mostly irrelevant subjects, and if you don't care about it, it will only look like I'm a crazy person who takes something too serious. Which is true, I do take them too seriously, and I shouldn't. That's another problem altogether. My confession is that I'm an obsessed retard who does picrel over the most minor misinformation about something unimportant, I don't see myself changing anytime soon and all that's left is for me to look like a crazy person always on the verge of starting a sentence with "Did you know…" when certain subjects come up. I would punch myself if I could.

No. 1922649

So polite racism?

No. 1922761

Every time I get drunk I steal something. Glasses from pubs, coasters, random books used as decoration, salt shakers. I'm worse at house parties. I've stolen makeup palettes, a rubber duck, nail polish, painkillers (the over the counter kind, not junkie-tier ones), and once woke up from my first ever blackout with 3 full things of Chinese 5 Spice in my coat pockets. My friend recently had to talk me out of trying to steal a live hamster at a party because his enclosure was clearly really bad and I was crying over how he didn't have enough burrowing material. Maybe I need to stop drinking.

No. 1922769

You should’ve stolen the hamham I’m mad your friend talked you out of it

No. 1922807

Sometimes I post super vague shit in the GIOYC thread just to rile up the schizos.

No. 1922815

I've used it to talk shit about a genuinely horrible person and I've had some schizos reply to it for some reason. Makes you wonder what they get up to that they think everything is about them.

No. 1922867

File: 1710308016846.jpeg (98.53 KB, 1053x903, IMG_7271.jpeg)

As absolutely vile as my ex was, I miss being with a submissive man who actually took care of himself. Most submissive men are 600 pound greasy neckbeards with a mommy dom fetish but he was a scrawny little emo guy. It’s so hard to find submissive guys who aren’t ugly as shit

No. 1922902

What are the chances the schizos you're baiting are just more larpers? Real or fake I don't think they need any extra opportunities to be retarded.

No. 1922987

I like rupaul and people jumped at the chance to use fracking as a fundamental reason to hate everything about him but to me he is a businessman and of course he is robotic to a bunch of insane strangers trying to tug at his heartstrings constantly. He doesn't know you bitch of course he's going to blankly stare at you as you cry and give him a life story 100 times a year.

No. 1922993

It's a stupid thing to do given the discord men camped out there and would have absolute schizo Blaine breakdowns at everything posted. There were even choachan anons that thought that random posts there were about admin, including one that was mine about someone completely unrelated to this site lol. Why bother.

No. 1923083

When I was reading the books I genuinely thought A Series Of Unfortunate Events was a serious tragedy, the irony went completely over my head.

No. 1923161

I know this is the dumbest shit ever but I'm so upset I haven't gotten down to my goal weight and the anime con is in less than two weeks I know it's going to trigger me so badly seeing skinny hot cosplayers but at this point I would have to fast every day to meet my goal

No. 1923198

It bums me out knowing that some nonas I got along with would probably make fun of me or outright dislike me if they knew my race

No. 1923226

I just had an ERP session with an horror RPG AI.
I swear I started with the intention of just roleplaying some horror but accidentally seduced the monster.
I'm such a degenerate nonnas, sorry

No. 1923245

That's hot, you should come to the monsterfucker thread on /m/.

No. 1923343

I feel insane for saying this, but I always would rather get a backrub/massage than have sex of any kind. And I’m not asexual, I love sex. It’s just that while sex creates pleasure, massages relieve a constant pain I have to deal with. I’m not at all turned on by massages either, so don’t come at me saying it’s a fetish, I derive no sexual pleasure from a massage. Still, I’d rather never have sex again than never have another massage. Like that is a SUPER easy choice for me to make. I’ve had chronic back pain since I was a very young kid and remember asking for a professional massage for my 11th bday. I’ve truly considered killing myself because my back just always hurts so unbelievably bad, sometimes I just spend hours rubbing myself and I frequently take OTC painkillers or use icy hot because the pain is so intense it can make me cry and trigger migraines. I don’t think living with such severe back pain is normal. I know I have a curve in my spine but it was never treated in any way, I wish there was something I could do to make this pain go away for good. Chiropractic adjustments kind of help but not more than a few days, and the last chiropractor I went to hurt me instead of making me feel better so I’ll probably never go to another one for fear of being hurt rather than helped by it. I’d always make glow stick noises when getting adjusted by good chiropractors that didn’t hurt me.

No. 1923372

Nonna I’m the same way, chronic back pain and all. Though admittedly, I can find back massages sensual and a turn-on if they’re done by a romantic/sexual partner. In that case, it’s the best of both world. One of the main things I miss about being in a relationship is giving each other back massages all the time

No. 1923416

File: 1710350676016.mp4 (10.57 MB, 936x720, WAKE UP-2b2wXnO7kyg.mp4)

Nobody takes me seriously, nobody reads my vents, nobody reads my confessions, nobody reads my fun posts, can't afford a therapist who will listen and even if I could they wouldn't get where I'm coming from, because they try to push certain views. I'm the designated crazy homeless nonny yelling into the thread. I want someone to fucking LISTEN. I post about 30 times a day, will add cute photos, contribute to the topic but you all flock to bait instead. I want to die. I feel like I'm going insane.

No. 1923419

Is there a reason you've never talked to a medical professional about this? For all you know there's a relatively easy fix out there while you're suffering your youth away

No. 1923424

I know how you feel, in the same boat. I used to get a lot more genuine replies but I think most people just come here to bait and argue now. You should really start trying to find spaces outside of lc for genuine conversation (I am as well but no luck so far). Also try making your posts shorter? I know the average tiktok refugee has the attention span of a gnat and asking them to read a full paragraph may be too much

No. 1923430

File: 1710351803784.png (1.14 MB, 1035x700, 1559786535.png)

Even my shorter posts result in this, but I'll try ty nona

No. 1923436

Tbh I actually like it more and feel more interested on a post when it's a huge ass sperg that I need to read slowly and that has a silly picture that doesn't necessarily has to be related to what's the post about.

No. 1923441

Kek I love this

No. 1923442

i feel you nonny, even my stupid questions never get answered

No. 1923444

Feel you I miss the nice nonnies

No. 1923451

Embrace it, luv. I used to feel the exact same way, and tbh my attention seeking was probably exacerbated by irl loneliness and a contributor of it. Now I think of what is the most unhinged thing I can shout into the void and get away with and it’s really fun.

No. 1923455

I feel like guys are naturally submissive to one they love. All my friends husbands are unendingly yielding to them.

No. 1923475

File: 1710355081543.jpg (46.49 KB, 563x552, b62917a01f706bac3ec6a735553372…)

I'm a chronic liar and have been upholding the lie that my birthday is actually 1 month before my actual birthday for ~4 years now. Even my friends who I've known for more than 4 years completely buy into it and actually believe I was lying before about my birthday and my current fake birthday is my real one. I have no idea why I did this in the first place. It was probably a joke that got way out of hand, I even edited pictures of my birth certificate to show my friends who doubted me at first. I guess I thought it would be funny if suddenly one day I was like haha I'm actually born on ___!, but I suddenly feel really guilty about it when I received a long sappy paragraph from my friend of 15+ years wishing me happy birthday on my FAKE birthday. Don't know how I'm gonna get out of this, nonas. Man, the problems I make for myself.

No. 1923477

I'll go back for him, nona. Hamster liberation mission

No. 1923479

steal that damn hamster!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1923481

Most men aren't capable of love, but the ones who are are naturally submissive towards their girlfriends/wives like you said.

No. 1923483

I want a british terf gf so bad. I’ve never really been into british media or british actors (though I’ve always liked their accents), but this desire has swept over me like a fever in the night. would I be crazy if I go to grad school in london so that I can meet the british radfem lesbian of my dreams?

No. 1923567

you’ve inspired me to lie that my birthday is 19th of june and that charli xcx party 4 u is coincidentally about my birthday

No. 1923687

Whenever I’m bidding on an item and someone else sets a max bid, usually meaning I can’t get the item for cheap anymore, I keep bidding anyways even though I know I’m not gonna win it. Just so the other person will have to pay more.

No. 1923698

Kek I do this too

No. 1923733

I don't have my SSN memorized

No. 1923734

Wow you’re a cow magnet.

No. 1923752

Fuck off.


Literally self reported in the first post saying that he doesn't mind when girls are forward, no lesbian would say that because it's gg not gm

No. 1923756

Post face loser

No. 1923757

File: 1710373502832.jpg (1.65 MB, 2000x1333, 1000003377.jpg)

>I'm a pretty (naturally, not in the gay nb way) androgynous man
Nice fanfic. You don't talk like a man but you talk like a woman pretending to be a man

No. 1923762

You are one tho, dont throw stones in glass houses. Close tab Aiden

No. 1923770

File: 1710373878487.jpg (87.94 KB, 1600x1135, 1000003378.jpg)

It can go without saying that anyone who comes on here claiming they're an andro adonis pretty boy who attract Like Tons Of Cwazy Chicks in too many words that they have a crumpled Trans flag tacked on their wall and wear a binder. So it's ironic to throw around how you're only here for the "tranny hate threads" when you scream of someone with this tattood under their chest(not a confession)

No. 1923785

Gossip is an ingroup activity, or panicked reassurance that you’re not like other trannies(do not respond to moids just report and move on)

No. 1923787

When it's done so often, it's pretty easy to read someone's intentions. Trans people come here all the time to self flagellate. You're no different than Rita and you won't get any validation here. I think you posted because you want people to call you a disgusting moid tbh.(do not respond to moids just report and move on)

No. 1923789

nta but trannies definitely come to the tranny hate threads because they hate themselves and other trannies but they also love attention. There's probably tons of selfposts in those threads. also who do you think keeps thirsting over fucking hazbin hotel characters everywhere kek

No. 1923794

So if you're both girls, and only guys are expected to make the first move otherwise it's a red flag, how the fuck are you supposed to date? This is retarded logic kek

No. 1923801

>Wow you’re a cow magnet.
Kek who was talking about gender, little pooner? Why did you have to out yourself by that lmfao

No. 1923811

You dont greentext posts properly and its confusing

No. 1923869

I agree, most men are secretly submissive, even the ones who try to overcompensate this with hypermasculinity. If you push enough you can wrap them around your finger. Most women don’t know this because they subconsciously act demure in a relationship to try and appease them.

No. 1923960

File: 1710382438804.jpeg (165.82 KB, 1200x1200, Yellow-Ranunculus.jpeg)

I feel like such an autist, I just spent at least an hour scouring the Park Avenue Pinup threads because the name of a plant had slipped my mind and the only thing I could remember about it was that Kathy made exactly one brief mention of buying it at some point.

No. 1923995

Kek. It's a beautiful flower. It was a worthy quest. Try the help me find thread next time if you want.

No. 1924041

I feel really bad for something I did.

I ordered food delivery today. An item was left off of my food so I reported it, and the full amount was refunded back to my account. Meaning they also refunded my tip, even though it was the restaurant's fault and not the driver's. I feel so fucking retarded because idk what I thought was gonna happen. I feel so guilty, especially cause I love in the sticks. I basically just made some older woman perform free labor for me.

No. 1924063

this song goes so hard, i'm sorry i'm not sorry(wrong thread)

No. 1924135

It makes me sad when farmers call cows fat and ugly and nitpick their looks to an extreme. Yes i know it’s fucking lolcow and i am not above anyone because I'm here too but it makes me think of that line in Mean Girls about how we have to stop calling each other sluts and whores.

No. 1924140

I mean we do have to stop using those words, not cause it’s ‘mean’ but cause it’s a male meme.

No. 1924172

Yeah, in the same way harping on a woman being too fat or too ugly feels moidy too.

No. 1924280

Nitpicking is the worst, not just because it's nasty (some cows deserve nastiness but it's indirectly nasty to anyone reading it who may have similar features), but because it ruins any credibility posters might have. If you make a legit criticism in one post, then the next post is calling a pretty, thin girl fat and ugly, then how can anyone take the criticism seriously? Someone reading the thread might just think, oh well these people are obviously just haters making shit up because she's not fat or ugly and therefore everything else they say must be bullshit too.

No. 1924319

Samefag, They ended up charging me for the tip! Yay!

No. 1924341

I am so hopelessly obsessed with my coworker who is 10+ years my senior and it’s just never going to happen because we both have dignity

No. 1924381

I kinda feel like I missed out on being in a relationship with a girl even though I’m way more attracted to girls. I often think about how it would have turned out if one of those girls who I had a crush on liked me back, like what would have happened? Would we be happy together? Would I feel fulfilled? I feel like only another woman would be able to understand me the best, a lot of guys possess childish traits and tantrums.

No. 1924390

I have but the answer is just “take otc painkillers” cause I do have scoliosis that was never treated in any way as a kid.
I hope you get a partner who loves giving you really great massages and is kind and loyal and hot and funny and generous, nonna

No. 1924411

Time to ask for a second opinion anon. You're right this isn't normal. Healthcare systems and medical professionals everywhere a flawed so sometimes you have to work harder to get a proper diagnosis. I know it's tough but you're clearly suffering so don't allow yourself to be dismissed with otc painkillers again!

No. 1924432

File: 1710406164794.jpg (319.25 KB, 898x903, 1111111111111111.jpg)

when I was in either middle school or 5th grade (I can't remember) I got pinworms but was far too embarrassed to tell my mom or anything so I kept it secret and would just obsessively eat these probiotic powder packets in picrel. like straight up eat the powder by itself without mixing it into the water because I thought it would make the affects stronger but lucky for me it did work because it went away and I never had to tell anyone

No. 1924542

I always used to make usernames including the word ‘loli’ when I was signing up to things as a kid, assuming it was just an alternate spelling of ‘lolly’(short for lollipop in bongland) . It’s a miracle I was never groomed.

No. 1924632

KEK this sounds like something I would've done too. I also used a lot of home remedies I found in this one book we had because my dad used to get mad if me or my sister got sick so I'd always keep it a secret and try to cure myself

No. 1924692

Muscular people scare me, but recently I've been developing some arm muscles accidentally by doing more physical work and when I see them I get this little pang of anxiety because it takes me some time to register it as my own arm.

No. 1924701

I used this brand to get rid of some harmful bacteria I consumed from tap water

No. 1924864

I must admit I hate yaoi but even I dislike the constant fujo in-fighting that happens in threads where it really shouldn't be in, it's cringe

No. 1924875

I live with my dad, who pays for everything, and had a small amount of savings.

No. 1924887

there really need to be more restrictions on kids because why the fuck are you yelling at your children on pt about a fucking quarter? if you’re so broke that you are in desperate need of a single quarter and so retarded that you gave a quarter to a toddler to hold onto then you are not fit to give birth

No. 1925095

did you ever post you face with those usernames? I feel like if any groomer moid saw those usernames he'd just assume it's another creepy moid like him (because that's usually the case) and not some kid

No. 1925115

I mean, I remember dying to be able to use "Loli" as my username on everything because that's a cute as fuck nickname in my country if you're named something along the lines of "Lolimar". Then I learnt about pedos and lolicon and the nickname got ruined to me for a long time until I began learning about not giving a fuck about what moids think. God I hate the internet most of the time.

No. 1925198

Might have aap.

No. 1925352

An Agressive Pipeline?

No. 1925358

Kek I think she means autoandrophilia

No. 1925517

This year I started a diary for my most secret, shameful thoughts and art. I'm so embarrassed of myself that most of the entries are written in invisible ink and hidden in a lockbox disguised as a book. I'm almost at the end of my current diary and intend to destroy it once I'm done.

No. 1925572

File: 1710469437065.jpeg (121.47 KB, 540x740, IMG_0382.jpeg)

Still unhappy FaceApp got rid of the morph option. Moids and their perversions ruin everything. Guess there's still genderswap and smile…

No. 1925578

I wish I had the guts for that, but because I don't and I live with my parents, lolcow will have to keep my secrets.

No. 1925579

it's still there wdym

No. 1925584

File: 1710469897863.jpg (219.24 KB, 693x720, 1699993168825.jpg)

samefag here's a random morph i just did

No. 1925589

is that taylor swift astarion? horrific.

No. 1925600

Wow maybe you should die

No. 1925601

What does he sing about?

No. 1925604

File: 1710470485164.png (115.79 KB, 640x541, IMG_0404.png)

How old is the version you're using? Is it cracked or something? devs took away that option in 2023 (not my screenshot), said it was "no longer in the app's vision" and when I redownloaded it a week ago after having it long deleted it was still gone

No. 1925676

I stare at disabled people I try to not be obvious

No. 1925731

i find many of the fantasies in the female fantasies thread to be really cringe and virginal. the latest one talking about wanting a clit like a dick made me nauseous, it was tranny-grade. ugh i hate their sexually repressed shit so much it just tells me that they haven't enjoyed actual sex and just imagine how it must feel for moids instead because it must be better blahblah. and the comment afterwards suggesting to the anon to apply t-gel to her clit also made me nauseous. i hateeeeeee that kinda joking advice because some retard is gonna take it seriously and mess up her clitoral nerves ughhhhhh. i'm a sexual woman but the female fantasies thread makes me asexual. my last confession is that i unhid the thread thinking "what's the worst that could happen" and got pissed off at it again.

No. 1925751

File: 1710479966887.jpeg (171.48 KB, 900x600, IMG_5816.jpeg)

i occasionally post in the journaling thread but i don't keep a journal and have no interest in doing so. i just enjoy doing my writing by hand and it's a good place to discuss shit like stationery, notebooks and pens. sorry for being a tourist, journaling anons

No. 1925770

I actually stopped keeping a diary because my family kept going through it but I’ve found my phones notes app to be much better. it’s more private too

No. 1925793

The ones involving pregnancy are super cringe.

No. 1926086

The lyrics are questionable sometimes but I love old standards songs, they put me in a jolly mood

No. 1926195

File: 1710519880182.jpg (327.41 KB, 1099x1600, tomomylovetomomylife.jpg)

Until I was like 14 or 15 I thought the FBI and CIA were some santa variation for American children to scare into behaving well. If some man in a black suit showed me his FBI badge, I'd still think he's just fucking with me.

No. 1926203

That's what I used to think the Men in Black were as a kid until I learned about extraterrestrials

No. 1926263

I cut a minion in my thigh in high school and I still sometimes see it. If you're close and stare at my legs for more than a few seconds you definitely can

No. 1926267

Pics or you're lying also you're a faggot for self harming as a meme

No. 1926273

I'm not taking a picture but it's Kevin frowning. I deserve the backlash but it was in high school and everyone was a disingenuous faggot

No. 1926275

I think you and I would've gotten along like a house on fire back in high school. Have you tried using Bio-oil(etc.) on it, or have you just accepted your fate now?

No. 1926276

why a minion

No. 1926278

This will come across as NLOGing, so I'm inb4-ing it.
I feel like I have a hard time to relate to women who always knew they wanted to be mothers as it is something that was always missing from me and it feels almost alien. While I obviously have colleagues who are mothers (these women are usually 15-20 years older than me), but they're usually far beyond the point of family planning. Witnessing a woman choosing to go through pregnancy makes me uncomfortable. I know I am the weird one, I fortunately did no go down any troon routes, but being able to get pregnant is the one thing that disturbs me about being a woman.

No. 1926279

>everyone in high school 4 years ago carved minions into their flesh for attention
Need a case study on you immediately

No. 1926283

as a self harmer, self harmers do some really weird shit, I have an angel number carved into my forearm from when I was manic. if you use a pushpin or fine needle and you're delirious enough you can carve anything there, it doesn't have to be streamlined or make sense

No. 1926285

I should've, I thought it was going to go away like the rest of them. I could start now and see if it helps
I was really into them and even went to universal studios just for the minion ride a bit after it came out
Erm no but some high schoolers definitely have done and still do attention seeking shit just because

No. 1926298

>I was really into them and even went to universal studios just for the minion ride a bit after it came out
have you watched the latest movie? there is a really funny rotund minion with braces

No. 1926302

Yes I got dressed up in minion merch, and it wasn't as good as the others but I still enjoyed it. Otto is a good new minion

No. 1926318

File: 1710526066026.jpg (518.2 KB, 1944x2880, 1000053844.jpg)

John Cena is doing something very strange to my mind and body in this image. I don't like femnoys, they usually disgust me but I think it's because I KNOW he's not a troon that it allows be to enjoy this freely. He's so cute and buff and it makes me wanna fuck him. I think something is awakening inside me and I can't quite tell what it is.

No. 1926324

the joke is that he's a steroid ape dressed in drag, get a hold of yourself.

No. 1926329

There's traps and then there's ambushes, maybe you like the latter?

No. 1926331

I'm not usually into muscly men but I admit I find John Cena a little attractive when he's doing funny roles