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File: 1662747635011.png (191.35 KB, 621x300, DDACBF5B-A749-4081-BA3C-E7DD76…)

No. 1333281

previous thread: >>>/ot/757177

for dramu within royal families but especially the bongs

Board rules apply. No infighting, no bait, no country sperging

last thread
>harry and meghan spawn two kids and an annoying podcast where meghan talks about herself. wokies still rave about their kween
>harry gets a mutlimillion dollar book deal to talk shit about his family. book coming this winter maybe
>philip fucking dies
>liz fucking dies
>britain now has a king charles

No. 1333285


No. 1333322

File: 1662750022726.jpg (2.49 MB, 2048x1592, Tumblr_l_964899690560118.jpg)

I still can't believe the queen is dead

No. 1333358

I'm still waiting to see if she comes back to life soon. Like she could still resurrect on the third day and out herself as being Beelzebub incarnate… or a space lizard.

My life is very boring.

No. 1333376

File: 1662752387296.png (511.32 KB, 809x597, 3AAAD83C-8459-49F3-9FB5-C7A921…)

i was so sure she'd bury charles

No. 1333382

Same. They might as well just shut the whole thing down now. All that's left are dislikeable side characters.

No. 1333384

File: 1662752907069.jpeg (92.78 KB, 900x599, 4BD1B5CF-F1D4-4184-94A0-4A555A…)

How a Charles coin might look

No. 1333389

as a bong, i find this thread title and the previous thread recap to be very insulting and in poor taste regarding the passing of our queen elizabeth and i have no doubt that it was burger who wrote this with such coldness and lack of empathy.

No. 1333396

File: 1662753555596.jpg (20.82 KB, 620x348, hostage.jpg)

No. 1333399

op here and i actually liked liz, but lolcow is the wrong place if you want grave and respectful coverage
also not a burger

No. 1333400

apologies nona, hugs!

No. 1333407

They took our Diana. They took our Liz. Now we're stuck with scrotes ruling, not on my watch. Justice for Anne

No. 1333425

anne is the best and most based. she would have made a great queen
i love that she wears uniforms too

No. 1333467

Somebody free that twink.

No. 1333518

Princess Anne is wonderful

No. 1333519

File: 1662761688179.jpeg (735.41 KB, 1242x1132, 30DD7E3D-38B4-4F33-A58B-CD5E9C…)

No. 1333521

File: 1662761713812.jpeg (464.36 KB, 1072x1344, 46872CCD-9EEC-4179-AA93-6CFEBE…)

The family tree of the queens corgis/dorgis
I thought this was cute!!

No. 1333545

>Lizzie's special interests are corgis and cars
>Louis XVI's special interest was everything related to locksmith as a job to the point he'd rather engineer complicated devices just for fun than do his job
>that one weaboo Saudi prince who spends outrageous amounts of time and money on video games and who bought SNK recently
What weirdly specific hobby do other royals have?

No. 1333670

File: 1662774197075.jpeg (359.76 KB, 1117x2048, 278828330_3221340978125129_446…)

Don't forget Liz was also a horse girl!

No. 1333676

Nice try, but you're not turning me into a monarchist!

No. 1333682

File: 1662775372469.jpg (26.56 KB, 1024x575, 3393dfabe20fe15d483f00fc1d1335…)

Like mother like son

No. 1333684

File: 1662775424405.jpg (122.88 KB, 927x1227, 1662662863017.jpg)

No. 1333711

lmao I've been laughing at all the brits trying to police everyone on this. maybe you should use the mourning period to take a break from the internet?

No. 1333719

File: 1662778127641.jpg (108.27 KB, 871x490, xVDNhreHZSQ88yWjMmF9uf.jpg)

I'm not really interested in the royals, but I do want to see what Kate (and Megan if she shows up) wear to any upcoming events. The outfits are the stuff I tune in most for.

No. 1333720

Ikr, this is lolcow of all places. Everyone is getting insulted regardless, but with the recent trolling I just don't know if this person is serious or not.

No. 1333723

There's some great names on this list tbh.

No. 1333727

it has to be a joke. no one cares about queen elizabeth but middle aged weirdos

No. 1333730

markle does dress nicer than kate honestly

No. 1333740

she was kawaii

No. 1333743

They both dress like bougie but boring secretaries

No. 1333744

The previous thread anons said otherwise nonas. Iirc there was this Brit maniac anon who got into really heated fights because of this lmao.

No. 1333762

File: 1662780041122.jpg (139.26 KB, 683x1261, megan.jpg)

I agree honestly. I wish she still did royal duty shit just to see more outfits.

No. 1333778

I don't want to be too vile but some brits are really thin skinned about this. Like why you're asking the internet (or fucking LC to be more specific) for respect out all places? Also i'm not talking about actual baity stuff (like those irish football fans chanting "Lizzy is in a box") because at the end of the day that was made to be a provocation and well it worked, but britbongs were losing their shit about the tamest shitposts. I don't know how they can be that rutheless about everything else but so sensitive too.

No. 1333780

no one cared about the shitposts last thread until it was a dozen posts in the span of 3 hours about sucking clits

No. 1333781

she was like 3000 years old, how old exactly did they seriously expect her to live? 200? would it have been better if she was wheeling around town barely able to speak, looking like a dessicated pork chop in a purple suit? they're acting like she died tragically at 30 or like she wasn't terrifically cold and stuck up

No. 1333855

File: 1662786636578.jpg (90.34 KB, 640x821, william and george.jpg)

For anyone wondering Harry is still not directly in the line of succession, William is now the crown prince and after him is his son and daughter

No. 1333856

pretty fucked up when you think about it. i like that harry seems to support and very vocally stands behind meghan. william and kate seem completely soulless.

No. 1333862

Everything about this is retarded to me. A bunch of bucktooth inbred NEETS living off the English dime pretending they do fuck all. Oooh the crown prince and princess*~ it’s 2022 get fucked.

No. 1333867

File: 1662787094031.png (49.18 KB, 180x276, Aga Khan IV.png)

Honestly I hope an Aga Khan like situation happens, where Charles passes over the crown to his grandson rather then give it to his embarrassing hedonistic heir

No. 1333876

The old lizard Queen has retired. And no she's not dead. She's underground munching on babies.

No. 1333888

Are you new? That is hardly the worst thing that happened in an /ot/ thread. Genuinely, if you can't handle a bit of trolling get off the internet.
This also. Is hardly a surprise for god's sake.

No. 1333909

She lived a very long life, good for her. That's my personal life goal - to not die.

No. 1333976

Meghan will wear something ugly as usual.

No. 1333981

Why? Their outfits are so fucking ugly and boring.

No. 1333987

I'm planning on watching the coronation next year because of the outfits. I love sparkly clothes, nonas. Don't care if that makes me some kind of upper-class apologist kek

No. 1334013

Because I'm interested in it anon. Yes it can be boring but sometimes they do wear something really nice.
Same. I even love seeing the people at these events wear super ugly outfits.

No. 1334025

Bong here I'm actually surprised people give a shit about the royals. I'm genuinely taken aback my entire family perceives them as leeches where as tourists seem to love them. I'm glad I no long live there the 10 days of no fun allowed is dystopian and weird imo.

No. 1334027

how? sure kate's outfits are dowdy but meghan always wears ill fitting stuff and her style is so trash, she just goes for the most expensive shit regardless of how it looks on her

No. 1334091

Nayrt but I've got a barrel torso like Markle does, so I like to see how she makes it work with certain clothes. You're right that she sometimes wears things that don't fit though.

No. 1334111

Diana looked better with a fucking ugly sweater on kek

No. 1334133


No. 1334141

File: 1662807341124.jpg (162.93 KB, 720x1280, 7921fbae64444b17fe5f8ce2fb87d4…)

Disagree. Both look fug. At least Kate has the potential to look beautiful. Meghan's body is like SpongeBobs': rectangle, no waist, disproportionate. Nothing really fits her, everything is ill fitting. I wish Kate would stop with the twee outfits bc she has a really beautiful body.

No. 1334142

File: 1662807372560.jpg (326.57 KB, 2400x2400, 1620319808-kate-middleton-und-…)

No. 1334144

File: 1662807476156.jpg (68.14 KB, 728x728, Meghan-Markle-Kate-Middleton-F…)

No. 1334152

File: 1662808343970.jpg (53.51 KB, 590x350, Prince-Charles-ring-is-seeming…)

How long do you think Charles is going to be King? There are some speculations that he won't make it that long bc of his health issues

No. 1334157

I'll give him 10 years tops. Then again Lizzie made it to 94 and her mother made it to over 100…

No. 1334158

Won't make it as long as Liz, but I reckon he's got a good decade in him.

No. 1334159

File: 1662808818729.jpg (646.58 KB, 720x1006, meghan-markle-post-baby-body.j…)

Meghan is built like Bruce Jenner

No. 1334178

has she got lipo done on her legs?? what the fuck am i looking at here

No. 1334181

oh my god now i cant unsee it. she skipped leg day.

No. 1334188

lmfao honestly this site amazes me

No. 1334199

Tbh I very much prefer Kate‘s style. Not sure how much of it is selected by her though, I assume they have a team of royal stylists to ensure everyone always looks ~*proper*~

No. 1334376

File: 1662824778282.jpg (75.71 KB, 514x800, ffd95965ab96bdb8ac893df3234298…)

No. 1334380

Kate is much more sophisticated

No. 1334383

Being prudish and bland and pretentious is for whatever reason the epitome of being an English rose, hm?

No. 1334391

I too hate it when national figure heads don’t dress for male approval

No. 1334400

you sound like you consider being strangled during sex and wearing daddy chokers "empowering"

No. 1334402

she looks like shes had that korean calf reduction surgery. Not that she has but it looks just like it

No. 1334411

File: 1662826294405.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.37 KB, 936x1390, kate-middleton-leaves-a-1970s-…)

anon do you know about the photos of kate from back then or the trashy party girl life she would live, which is more trashy than anything meghan has ever done.

Now tell us the real reason why you consider kate sophisticated and not meghan.

No. 1334413

File: 1662826419369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.47 KB, 700x717, 9.jpg)

Sophisticated Kate, look up how william feel in love with her. I wish i was making it up.

No. 1334420

>more trashy than anything meghan has ever done

shes never ended a relationship or marriage without already being in another one, has many sources saying she was a yacht hooker, kate was the ultimate pickme but megan is much lower. Its not normal for someone to be alienated from both their entire birth and marital family.

No. 1334424

They both dress boring and none of this would happen if you guys just abolished the monarchy already.

No. 1334426

File: 1662827093832.jpg (27.02 KB, 500x542, 8564d4877ba1bec7e49f2e615be5e3…)

Classy Kate partying in a nightclub wearing playboy bunny ears (her cousin is also a stripper who worked with playboy and her sister was pictured in her bra, what a classy sophisticated family kate has)

No. 1334429

>has many sources saying she was a yacht hooker.
These are just rumours/tinfoil though, if meghan is such a lower class woman to you then stick to actual proven things that make her look bad instead of unproven rumors.

No. 1334430

Isn't the brf a bunch of degenerates? This might not be degenerate enough for them.

No. 1334435

They're both beautiful women. Only on LC a clearly beautiful, well groomed, well dressed etc. woman gets called a fridge by women who then also complain about men insisting on high beauty standards for women. You all are just as bad.

No. 1334439

Daily reminder that picture is what made William fall in love with Kate, i wish i was joking.

>when Kate strutted down the catwalk of a university fashion show in this Charlotte Todd see-through number, and as the story goes, this was the moment young Will realized he was attracted to Miss Middleton.


No. 1334446

Nah, it’s just celebfags. They have unrealistic standards and generally are the worst posters

No. 1334478

Only lolcow celebfags will tear women down while complaining in the same breath about unrealistic beauty standards for women.

No. 1334479

Ah, I looked it up and thought anon was referencing this:

>The Queen’s grandson also revealed, “She’s got a really naughty sense of humour which kind of helps me because I’ve got a very dirty sense of humour.

But that makes more sense

No. 1334495

Oh no she went to parties in uni! How could she!

No. 1334524

this outfit is so bad

No. 1334532

they werent from uni except for one, nice try though.

No. 1334546

Oh no, she went to parties in her 20s, the horror!

No. 1334549

File: 1662830637168.jpeg (416.97 KB, 1170x1446, DF0C0D5C-9257-4F34-92DF-77B8A8…)

Lol I looked it up and the “dress” is supposed to be a skirt. She pulled it up over her chest, no wonder it looks so weird. Also men are retarded, as usual. “He saw her in a different light!” like wow women have bodies under our clothes, who would have thought!

No. 1334559

>Meghan was a yacht hooker
I don’t believe this purely because she was never famous enough or good looking enough.

No. 1334561

Wasn't she basically the biggest William's fangirl long before meeting him? I remember reading about it, if true then nothing but respect for the girl to be able to just take what she wanted even if "marry a prince" sounds so unattainable in theory

No. 1334570

She was, she turned down her acceptance letter to her dream university at Edinburgh to “take a gap year” and apply for St. Andrews instead because she knew he was going to be there. She and her mother very carefully planned out how she would be in the same circles as William to try and catch his eye, a lot of work went into their “random” meetings

No. 1334571

She slays once again

No. 1334575

Networking queen

No. 1334583

Hard work pays off

No. 1334600

Wouldn't surprise me if she were the most resourceful person in the family then.

No. 1334646

I honestly think it would've looked even worse if she just left it as a skirt

No. 1334647

Is this photoshopped? This cannot be real lmao

No. 1334654

It's a shame he's bald now. I feel bad for his wife.

No. 1334657

Ikr, it doesn't even look like an outfit, it looks like a half a stocking with an upside-down garter

No. 1334661

File: 1662836254093.jpg (103.65 KB, 1800x1281, GettyImages-51691850.jpg)

I remember the hype around him when he looked like picrel

No. 1334671

On one hand, i am sick and tired of anti-blading commercials being played so often and everywhere. On the other hand…

No. 1334692

Imagine looking this much like your good looking mother but you also had to get the Windsor balding genes. Who cursed the males of this family for generations?

No. 1334695

No. 1334696

>now tell us the real reason
Are you trying to make this about race?

No. 1334701

The bloodshed of centuries of colonization, war, and slavery is bad for the scalp.

No. 1334707

This is so sad, he could have been live-action Erwin Smith.

No. 1334709

This is revenge for Henry VIII being a hoe.

No. 1334749

Actual fatties are far more likely to tear down beautiful women but ok

No. 1334813

I just think they're conventially attractive women

No. 1334913

Being British should be considered a mental illness.

No. 1334916

Excellent taste nona

No. 1334952

Meghan and Kate used similar tactics to secure their princes. I honestly give props to both of them for being successful with success here meaning marrying into the BRF and procreating because we all know everyone is cheating on each other. I think they share a lot in common and that’s a big reason why they don’t get along. Can’t be superior to someone who is just like you. Same goes for Camilla though she’s worse for other reasons.

No. 1334984

Centuries of inbreeding is collecting its due

No. 1334990

You know what’s hilarious? The balding gene is from the mother’s side kek.

No. 1334996

File: 1662852504456.jpeg (106.1 KB, 1280x720, D2D69A84-6585-4E01-BF25-BF0A5E…)

I wish they teamed up tbh. Would have been iconic to see them succeed together.

No. 1335001

I honestly think they're both beautiful, I don't get the anons from earlier.

No. 1335030

Just a quick heads-up from Burgerland; woketards are planning to initiate riots all this week so pls avoid large crowds and demonstrations, be safe!

No. 1335074

Where in England?

No. 1335149

They should hook up and leave their husbands for each other

No. 1335152

At least post a sauce

No. 1335157

I really don't think they're anything alike other than being commoners marrying into the royal family.

No. 1335159

She looks like Stacey slater here, kek.

No. 1335161

I thought Kate's family was already associated with the royals before her and William were together? Is she still considered a commoner?

No. 1335162

File: 1662864023288.jpeg (115.23 KB, 1200x800, 1764A4DE-B779-4FBB-BC4B-481216…)

No. 1335174

I think she has a distant relative that was a baroness but her immediate family are from leeds they're just rich but not from royalty.

No. 1335176

Midwit take

No. 1335279

Harry's bald spot…

No. 1335281

Why won't they just shave? This is embarrassing.

No. 1335304

harry should have returned from america with a shaved head, muscles, and white teeth. what was he doing in LA? fuck all, sitting around?

No. 1335310

File: 1662873321662.jpg (47.34 KB, 534x697, 5784eba692a68253354408dd2679f3…)

Harry is secretly a Franciscan monk, dunno about the other one.

No. 1335353

I hope Meghan makes him get some kind of hair surgery.

No. 1335390

Might be too late for that with how thin his hair already is.

No. 1335410

I called it, "saphics" are just as bad fujos, you can't see a picture of 2 women just standing next to each other, without your mind going into gay fantasies

No. 1335528

Fujosperging in the royals thread. Never thought I'd see the day.

No. 1335531

The thought of an English queen with a lesbian consort makes me very excited tbh. Love the accent, love the women of terve island.
t. non-brit

No. 1335532

Saphics stop being cringe challenge (impossible)

No. 1335533

That's right you can't stop us. Mmm. Royal British accent.

No. 1335538

File: 1662892681968.jpg (75.07 KB, 599x677, 1657464372976.jpg)

I'm interested in how this will play out in other countries in the Commonwealth, and especially Canada. It's a development that arrives at a particularly tumultuous time, and the crowning of a new head of state is a large gift to republican populists (i.e. American-influenced) who would want to abandon the monarchy. But to do so would require a constitutional amendment and is not a small thing

This is all something that's unfolding at an absolutely wild time with so much other stuff happening

No. 1335539

it's spelled sapphic and only wokies use that. you can say lesbian here. but you should probably go back to twitter
I agree their accent is so nice

No. 1335542

Goddamn, Kate's outfits always look so elegant. I don't care about royals at all but she always looks nice.

No. 1335543

File: 1662893408408.jpg (43.28 KB, 700x400, 980300_8258750_Katem2_updates.…)

i can't believe anons are seriously acting like kate tends to dress better than meghan. her shit looks so cheap, tacky, the silhouettes and prints are awful. the one thing i give her was that meghan's potato-sack givenchy wedding dress was a grevious sin that i can't forgive and she will probably end up in hell for it

No. 1335557

File: 1662894318825.jpg (535.39 KB, 1080x1542, 4oEpXmp.jpg)

Why is this thread filled with kate vs meghan wars. Instead of talking about the prince who was friends with epstein

No. 1335558

Frankly I'm sick of the Diana dick riding and I feel like the ppl doing it are only doing it because everyone else is, Charles was basically forced to marry her because she was from royalty (I thought wokies hated rich, white aristocrats?). He always loved Camilla it wasn't some crazy affair, also Diana cheated multiple times and was a manipulative bpdchan I don't think either of them loved each other and I feel sorry for Camilla because everyone acts likes she's some evil witch that DESTROYED their marriage (Her and Charles had always been in love but the royal family didn't want him to be with her in the beginning) and Diana is a dainty ~uwu~ princess who never did any wrong.

No. 1335562

I don't think anyone here is on his side tbh

No. 1335566

>Instead of talking about the prince who was friends with epstein
I forgot about this angle. I wonder how this will relate with public sentiment on this exact subject. I can't see it being anything but populist fuel a la >>1335538

Interesting times

No. 1335567

File: 1662894797343.jpg (138.42 KB, 1080x932, IMG_20220910_195110_866.jpg)

No. 1335571

File: 1662895082538.png (108.35 KB, 773x717, 1651915653333.png)

Raw memetic warfare ammunition tbh. I honestly wonder what the official response to this particular message will be

No. 1335598

Is Charles' face going to be on the money now? Are you Brits now sad you didn't go with the Euro

No. 1335620

You must be a atupid child, because only someone who doesn't remember Lady Di would have this take. Stop being cringe.

No. 1335634

Princess Diana was the Nicki Minaj of her time

No. 1335646

File: 1662901802246.jpg (68.42 KB, 540x540, Belgium_2euroAl.jpg)

what do you think there's on the nation tail sides of euro coins anon

No. 1335647

Andrew's probably shitting himself now the queen isn't around to protect him. Charles doesn't get along with him, so maybe he'll end up throwing him in the tower kek
You were right to say it nona.

No. 1335677

Would uber based if he did, you just know andy pandy is seething right now

No. 1335681

I don't hate Diana I just hate the deification of her.

No. 1335863

You called her a "manipulative bpdchan" of course you hate her. What's the point in denying.

No. 1335867

Nta but top fucking kek at describing Princess Diana as a manipulative bpdchan what the fuck lmao. Is that why the queen had her killed? Because she was going to leak recorded messages and Charles' nudes after the divorce? They took her too early. RIP to a legend.

No. 1335875

I remember diana and always thought the worship around her was stupid. cope

No. 1335911

File: 1662917762184.gif (1.43 MB, 275x207, E81475B4-0943-4CC6-8E94-604486…)

I’m so fed up of her death dominating the news. Genuinely hoping for a terrorist attack.

No. 1335944

She kind of was a BPD chan. I love her and think she was an amazing woman but she was far from perfect and should never have married Charles in the first place. He was in a relationship with camilla before he even met Diana and he only married Diana because she was a virgin. It was the worst arrangement for a bpd and she suffered from bulimia and also once deliberately threw herself down the stairs while pregnant with Harry. She admitted all of this in a televised interview. Needless to say, the windsors where not fucking happy about it.

Also she would still be alive had she of worn her cunting seatbelt. This is what convinces people it was an elaborate assassination. Bc what person in their right mind would not wear a seatbelt whilst in a car that’s driving down the motorway at full speed to escape relentlessly pursuing paparazzi. Like if you don’t usually wear a seatbelt, wouldn’t you at least buckle up during that absolute mess of a situation? It’s bpd behaviour. If I met Diana’s ghost I would be like “you’re a stupid bitch for that I’m sorry. Love u though”

No. 1336153

File: 1662929212145.png (1.15 MB, 1328x760, poordoggos.png)

i can't believe they are giving her dogs to the fucking pedo

No. 1336196

I don't care about the royal family but
>It’s bpd behaviour.
This shit is literally why no one can take any of you serious

No. 1336209

So what kind of "bpd behaviors" of Diana are known from her time before getting married to an older cheater and into an controlling family that hated her? Because any behavior she'd display after marriage would sound to me more like a response to shitty situation she's in. Women in toxic relationships the second they don't endure them in silence are immediately accused of bpd and histronics.

No. 1336342

they're probably just saying that because she was bulimic

No. 1336358

royal bump

No. 1336370

like none she was just a sad and lonely young girl that was very affectionate and caring. like yeah the monarchy is bullshit but she seemed like a legitimately nice girl, i used to read her diaries and letters and stuff from childhood to adulthood. poor thing was absolutely tortured by the royals, charles, and her situation.

No. 1336389

It's obvious when you watch old interviews with her that the whole "deep and passionate misunderstood soul with such a deep heart" is an image she meticulously cultivated and not a sincere feeling. It's a fantasy for those sorts of women to be martyrs and outcasts for being more moral and feeling than other people. They want that victimization more than they want anything else in life. It's bizarre how when it's a tabletop roleplay thing, those sorts of dumb and slightly cluster B girls will always play -that- sort of character and nothing but that.

She leveraged herself in by juxtaposing herself with how conservative and stale the rest of the royals were, and drumming that note up constantly for sympathy with the media. If she was alive today and still at it, you'd see her just throwing pride flags over Buckingham palace and crying when she gets told how inappropriate it was. Or how she struggles so much with her bisexuality, which she conveniently would come out of the closet about.

No. 1336402

you're insane

No. 1336403

So modern day Diana would be based is what you're saying

No. 1336642

Princess Diana pushed her stepmother down a flight of stairs and threw herself into a glass cabinet to try and injure herself. I don't think it's a stretch to say she was a bpdchan lmao

No. 1336676

Traumatized person if pushed hard enough can end up with dissociative rage episodes but hey, a woman not graciously enduring anything put on her is a bpd chan for sure

No. 1336740

Nta but She did that before she got married to Charles. Honestly I am a huge fan of hers but she was so messy. In a way that just makes her more likeable.

No. 1336756

Nonny, she was not traumatised. She was an aristocrat descended from royalty who lived a cushy life. I'm sure she had mental health issues, but plenty of people suffer the same and don't injure other people. Marrying a 30yr old moid when she was a teenager probably didn't help, but she absolutely could've said no and they would've asked the next available distant relative.

No. 1336768

File: 1662986982763.jpeg (265.74 KB, 900x1408, 8A8C5D25-97DB-4781-B60B-E43E9D…)

I hate her legs and her fashion sense so much

No. 1336774

File: 1662987527483.jpeg (125.09 KB, 900x1242, C6FD9436-19CF-4BD7-A362-CACD7A…)

She looks like she has spent most of her life in a wheelchair. What the fuck. she must have some kind of surgery on them. They don’t look normal at all.

No. 1336780

nonita discovers skinny women with short calves and slim ankles, more at 11

No. 1336851

thank you, exactly. Camilla has had enough sh*t thrown at her

No. 1336869

File: 1662993874385.jpeg (78.68 KB, 1000x600, 111D2BFB-1F69-45A8-9C17-435F58…)

they didn't let andrew wear uniform tbis tome lol.
for philip's funeral everyone wore civilian outfits so they wouldn't embarass him and harry, but this time all his siblings are in uniform and he isn't
i hope this means charles will be tougher on him than mummy was
also good on anne for rocking uniforms
agreed. i don't care for charles but the vitriol for camilla is so ridiculous

No. 1336882

absolutely no muscle tone

No. 1336906

Why couldn't Charles just marry Camilla? I don't know much about titles and royals breeding but she seems like a much more appropriate partner age-wise, and they were in love. Seems like the obvious choice

No. 1336911

They wouldn't let him because she wasn't a virgin and she was divorced.

No. 1336922

princess anne is wonderful

No. 1336925

I wish Anne would beat that fat ogre behind her or run him over with a horse

No. 1336934

High calf insertions and not much muscle mass

No. 1336955

It's sad how much hate Charles got for Diana in a way because it was obvious his true love was Camilla, he just wasn't able to marry her back then.

No. 1336957

I didn't even realise this, we had the livestream going in work. Everyone loves Princess Anne, she's class. I never even thought with Charles taking over he might see his brother completely differently to how the Queen saw her son. Charles could pull a big move here and get a lot of good pr for the kingdom omg

No. 1337127

File: 1663009427011.jpg (1011.19 KB, 2411x3684, 1-1607092648.jpg)

I just saw what Prince Edward looked like when he was young. Is it just the men in this family that age like shit or British men in general?

No. 1337131

File: 1663009714340.jpg (44.24 KB, 500x500, cb93eecc6f5db544740f3a5a36a1d4…)

Damn wtf happened?

No. 1337133

Time / aging is so cruel kek

No. 1337135

alcoholism and the john travolta institute for head thickening and facial weight gain

No. 1337140


No. 1337141

File: 1663010530492.jpg (86.72 KB, 612x408, Prince-Philip-as-a-pupil-in-Go…)

Philip wasn't bad as a young man, either. I'd like to think that William takes after Diana more but he's got the balding and the nose down already for sure.

No. 1337142

Generations of inbreeding that only stopped recently. Kek they will forever have tainted and broken genes.

No. 1337145

File: 1663010816141.jpeg (35.73 KB, 480x481, _medium.jpeg)

It seems like Charles was the one who really wasn't ever attractive lmao

No. 1337150

I think Elizabeth was beautiful but he got some unfortunate features from her.

No. 1337162

He is disgustingly ugly lol

No. 1337190

3.5/10 would bully for his accent and slap him with my leather gloves if he was dropped in my neck of the American deep woods

No. 1337201

Andrew gives me actual developmentally disabled vibes the Queen should've never let him leave the grounds

No. 1337230

This is the first time I've ever seen a picture of young Edward. What the fuck, he's so cute. Somebody save this family's hair genetics.

No. 1337238

Damn that's sad. Imagine thinking you've got yourself a cute prince and then he ages like this wtf.

No. 1337264

File: 1663018668687.jpg (284.96 KB, 1920x1280, gettyimages-52105288landscape.…)

I mean this is what he looked like when he got married so

No. 1337297

if diana were alive today she absolutely would get called a bpdchan in celebricows threads. she was a girlboss to the end.

No. 1337314

File: 1663020891264.png (464.71 KB, 689x821, gross.PNG)

Why is Megan the issue?

Also sorry I don't know how to grab twitter videos:

No. 1337319

Men don't take care of themselves, simple as. They're indoctrinated with the idea that skincare is for women and gays.

The balding can't really be helped, it's just a side effect of the broken Y chromosome.

No. 1337335

Excuse me, is that his own daughter?

No. 1337347

No. 1337366

Eh these dresses are tacky, but in a way that's kind of reminiscent of the late Queen. Meghan radiates Hollywood desperation and shallowness, like she'd fit in better with the Karjenners than the royal family. She reminds me a lot of Wallace Simpson. I'd respect her for calling out the racism of the royal family if it wasn't just a transparent ploy for attention.

No. 1337573

>She deliberately threw herself down the stairs while pregnant with Harry.
That explains so much about him. Shame he survived lmao

No. 1337629

Where did his top lip go

No. 1338326

Are there any known gays in the royal family?

No. 1338474

File: 1663106567693.jpg (278.96 KB, 1000x1430, 20210317 1024px-Portrait_of_Ja…)

Uuuh there was King James I, lmao. I can't think of anyone currently living, though I'm sure there's plenty of tinfoil about various royals being closeted or whatever.

No. 1338478

I mean statistically there's bound to be at least one right?

No. 1338483

Saw this on the front page, didn't read the post, wanna just say this: lookslke a faggit

No. 1338509

Not openly, unless you count the prince of pegging…

No. 1338533

Considering most royals existed in a time where homosexuality was illegal, who knows.

No. 1338541

I mean him being a fag is literally what the post was about so spot on

No. 1338665

File: 1663114954907.jpg (889.02 KB, 1080x1859, CPXFx5b.jpg)

Man arrested for calling Prince Andrew a sick fuck

No. 1338666

File: 1663115052257.jpg (227.59 KB, 1080x1051, fljPdmv.jpg)

King Charles fire 100 staff. Kek I know his reign is about to be full of drama. He's already powertripping.

No. 1338683

>King Charles
>his reign
I repudiate it

No. 1338688

He should start with executing Andrew.

No. 1338690

He was in the right obviously

No. 1338794

File: 1663120336542.png (258.13 KB, 387x264, Wedding_of_Charles,_Prince_of_…)

How does Charles feel about Meghan? Maybe she reminds him of Diana a little bit

No. 1338838

after all the fallout since her and harry left the family i'm not even sure the family actually gave a fuck about her in the first place she's a bland clout chaser she's nothing like diana

No. 1338873

Inbred and degenerate. This is fairly tame, yes.

No. 1338874

This needs to happen. This should be the plan. They have all the more reason to do it now because I only see weakness in Charles III.

No. 1339174

File: 1663141724154.jpg (323.73 KB, 720x979, 20220914_090518.jpg)

It's ok guys, Jedward is going to sort this out and avenge the colonies. It started with Ireland and it'll end with Ireland

No. 1339180

I actually cannot stand Jedward for a long time now. They do not produce anything, let alone music, all they do is throw sjw-tier drama tweets to try to have relevancy. It's a shame tbh. Everything that comes from their twitter feels like a sjw calculated crap.

No. 1339197

I wonder if it's some weird kid of internalized misogyny towards modern women, but I really don't give a shit about Meghan and Kate. Like, Diana had huge charisma and the queen had 20th century energy.

No. 1339200

No. 1339205

he's always said he wanted a slimmed down monarchy. i guess that means a lot of people are going to get tossed out

No. 1339238

I've always viewed Jedward as just a very bizarre thing to come out of my country and get as famous as they did (Eurovision) but you have to admit when they do things like the the time they sent an open public threat to Kim Jong Un they're pretty funny

No. 1339251

I used to like their songs as a teen (during eurovision times) and i liked some wholesome vidrel song, but that's about it. That one time I discovered their twitter i realized they are pretty obsessed with throwing their opinion about dramas, even though I know they do donate to a lot of charities and do some other good stuff…?But their twitter has a weird 'tiktok trending zoomer' energy to me.
its funny my Irish friend hates them a lot, i wonder if they are disliked in your country as much? I don't even think they are relevant anymore.

No. 1339270

File: 1663152011502.jpeg (176.66 KB, 962x671, 67C19226-EF46-4398-B6DF-A77904…)

it's so wild to me that two reasonably attractive people managed to produce a child that has always been strikingly ugly. even as a kid or youth charles has never been even close to acceptable-looking

No. 1339882

File: 1663187057154.jpg (1.06 MB, 1024x1500, lord-ivars-journey-to-marrying…)

One of the queen's third cousins is, he divorced his wife and then married a guy a few years later.

No. 1340100

He’s so fucking weird looking, it’s uncanny. Getting old has actually improved his appearance because as a young lad he looked like a retarded pinhead straight from a circus sideshow.

No. 1340136

Diana gives me "Kinsey 1 bi vibes" as a bi woman myself

No. 1340200

Looking at him, and thinking back to when the royal family apparently told Meghan they were scared her baby's appearance wouldn't be "up to par" is so funny to me. Their inbred genetics have always been the problem

No. 1340255

It's very sad to think Diana had sex with that face. Then again, he does remind me a bit of Adam Driver

No. 1340885

File: 1663258285007.jpg (241.45 KB, 719x683, 20220915_172801.jpg)

F in chat for xXLizzy_D_QueenXx666 she would have loved Hogwarts Legacy

No. 1340906

He honestly got the worst of their features and then some. Really an example of losing the genetic lottery

No. 1340908

I feel even closer to the Queen. Not only was Elizabeth an icon, she was a Nintendo fanboy. Did she know about the corgi pokemon? Guess what I'm going to ask God to give me a sign about later when I pray? Lord, give me a sign the Queen knew Yamper!

No. 1340948

The fact that you're talking about them means they are extremely relevant and beneficial. They're also working all the time, because they contribute a lot to the UK's diplomacy and softpower. A constitutional monarchy is more of a unifying cultural icon + family of a special kind of diplomats.

No. 1340950

You think she caught a shit ton of yamper and nicknames them after her actual corgis?

No. 1340958

Shit I hope so and I hope she looked at their nature's before nicknaming them.

No. 1341858

File: 1663338166916.jpg (125.04 KB, 720x593, 20220916_154007.jpg)

British "people" absolutely coping in the replies to Jedward (the true successors to Karl Marx & the leaders of the Irish communist state)

No. 1341863

They didn’t tell her that. By her admission they only said “I wonder what colour skin he will have”.

No. 1341864

Not Irish but I remember when they first appeared on X factor (or Britain’s got talent, don’t remember which one and don’t particularly care) they where the butt of every single joke. They where like the Justin Bieber of the uk.

No. 1341870

Somehow this info made my day better. RIP gamer queen.

No. 1341872

They said that because they were 400 years old. Everyone has a grandparent who makes random unintentionally insensitive things because they literally grew up when the wheel was invented, I honestly think the media took that waaay too seriously when it was only just old people acting like old people

No. 1341961

I feel like…everyone says that when the parents have skin colors that are different from one another, parents included. I feel like that's not weird or racist, or maybe I'm just an asshole

No. 1341964

I never heard my grandpa curse once because he thought it was immoral but even he once offered me Brazil nuts while referring to them as ‘n-word toes.’ Old people grew up in a different time and are usually racist because of it, idk what people expect.

No. 1341982

this is actually fake news. the company sent the wii to the palace and it was rejected and sent back, unopened. it went up for auction a while ago for 36,000$, which is ridiculous considering the queen never even touched the damn thing.

No. 1342030

>n-word toes
KEK my sidessssss i cannot stop laughing what in the world. im imagining an elderly white man saying that sweetly and its making me laugh even harder. seriously the funniest thing i read all day

No. 1342800

It was actually with William though anon is mistaken. The queen was visibly shaken and terrified because she was worried for the next hier.

No. 1342803

One time my grandpa was babysitting me and we were watching TV, when one of the characters on a movie was black with an afro. My grandpa looks at the TV and says, "Why do those negros put their hair like that?"

No. 1342843

2 police officers were attacked with a knive and it was barley mentioned

No. 1342967

Anyone watching the funeral procession on tv? People say it will be the most watched television event in history, any one agree?

No. 1342968

maybe in bongland but nowhere else. why would i watch that shit?

No. 1342975

Idk, I can believe it. There's 650k+ watching only BBCs stream in youtube, other streams have tens or hundreds of thousands of watchers too, and that is not counting TV viewers/ppl watching streams outside youtube

No. 1342991

I wanted to watch the whole thing but I was at work, this is comfy to have on the background now and the waddling looks comical.

No. 1342992

No. 1343020

Kek, my dad couldn't stop laughing at the slow waddling too.

No. 1343025

I'm watching it on YT, it's fascinating to see things like the guards having uniforms from the 1500s and how bizarrely coordinated everyone is.

No. 1343038

Same reason I'm watching it. Fascinating to see all the old rituals and eccentric looking uniforms 100s of years old being put in use.

No. 1343042

I'm in the crowd at the funeral. You can identify me as the one serving cunt and pissing so ferociously that my teeth fall out. The catering is shit and I'm not excited for the queen making her speech today she's such a boring speaker

No. 1343048


No. 1343056

i actually spit out laughing at this

No. 1343112

>You can identify me as the one serving cunt
Yassss new queen of England, slay!

No. 1343128

Camilla is that you

No. 1343177

File: 1663599535028.png (1.65 MB, 1412x789, corgis.png)

Her cute little corgis, and her pony was there too

No. 1343191

those coffin carriers look like they're about to have a heart attack

No. 1343214

In Spain there was drama because they put King Felipe next to his father, the old king Juan, who fled to arabia after getting investigated for enbezzling in the funeral.

No. 1343223

I had to work today and people kept making me not watch the livestream I didn't spot this. If I did I would have cried! I'm so annoyed I had to work I wanted to watch it with my mum, and my brother in the navy and was there. Instead every kept calling them rich pedos in work and I wanted to get into it

No. 1343226

They're 400 years old and also racist lol, why play dumb? Next you'll be insisting Prince Andrew is not a nonce

No. 1343234

For some reason it hurts me more to know that her corgis were present at the funeral to say goodbye that it does to know her family were there kek

No. 1343266

That corgi on the left looks so sinister nonas. Are we sure he didn't slip poison into Liz's tea

No. 1343268

well i cant blame you, the corgis are cuter than charles

No. 1343289

acting like asking the skin tone of a mixed race baby is racist is such a stupid "i dont see color" stretch.

No. 1343295

When was the corgis and pony present? I want to see them.

No. 1343319

File: 1663606252318.jpg (134.2 KB, 976x549, _126776085_7a7c6002c755443e0d5…)

When she was being brought to Windsor castle, the pony you can see standing on the grass by the driveway where the public was not allowed. And I just checked and in the 9 hour BBC stream the corgis are shown around 7:57:54. Emma (pony) was not that long before that.

No. 1343343

File: 1663606986096.jpg (78.02 KB, 581x857, twit.JPG)

No. 1343350

is this the clit-obsessed autist who hates the thread and most of the posters but wont leave?

No. 1343362

Aww thank you nona I saw the corgis now, at 7:59. I feel emotional seeing how the pets survived their owner.

No. 1344571

> serving cunt
Deranged schizo fag

No. 1344579

What like housing and supporting sexist rapist moids that hate the west but want the gibs coming across the channel?

No. 1345087

File: 1663701659713.jpeg (134.82 KB, 1284x1646, FdDLJAHXwAA9iXg.jpeg)

Brit nonna's have you seen this, this honestly goes pretty hard

No. 1345089

i don't care to address the argument about immigration but even actual brits are facing really tough issues wrt housing and gas gouging. they have a point irrespective of the immigrant thing

No. 1345103

we have our own cost of living to deal with, never mind immigrants

No. 1345104

i literally just said that though

No. 1345181

>people who are 1/4th black with a ginger parent
>having dark or otherwise "remarkable" skintone for other white people
If not racist, they're full-on retarded at best, as in much dumber and more stereotypically norf-tier than most would like to pretend. Also, it'd be delusional to think that's the only time the fucking British royal family has ever been racist

No. 1345248

for whatever reason people are willing to die on this hill that for whatever reason the royals aren't going to be racist? i don't get it. i've had full on (one sided) arguments with insane brits who say meghan is a devil (???) because there's no way the royal family is racist. why is it so hard for these people to believe?

No. 1345493

I don't think most people dispute the Royal family is racist (hell, the Irish aren't even dark skinned and look what they did to those guys). I think the thing people are unwilling to believe is that the whole family immediately turned on Meghan. It's likely true that they rejected her or picked on her a bit but you have to admit it's slightly difficult to believe that they all immediately became rabid racists the moment they enter her presence. I still feel bad for Meghan though because I absolutely believe the immediate pressure to act royal would crush anyone even though it's very fucking hard to feel bad for anyone who has married into royalty tbh kek

No. 1345581

tbh anyone mixed-race stupid enough to marry a white man caught on tape calling people pakis and ragheads deserves what they get. like she knew before she met him that he was racist, so why is his family being racist a deal breaker?

also i've become obsessed with the anti-meghan thread on tattle life. those middle aged pearl-clutchers are literally q-anon level insane. you can post an obviously fake tumblr anon ask like "i work for the palace and meghan stole a corgi" and they'll believe it without a second thought kek.

No. 1345750

Since William is his son, do you reckon Charles has ever had gay thoughts?

No. 1345997

Ayrt The Royal Family have a history of these things. "They picked on me because I'm half black" Meghan they're the descendants of people who committed atrocities in Africa but you were happy enough to marry the guy who dressed like a nazi for Halloween and try to buddy up with Charles the open racist who pretends to be a God to some random tribe in Africa sometimes and Elizabeth who has an essay worth of problems. So the seething awful issues weren't bad enough to deter you from marrying into the family in the first place? I think either her mental health from the pressure of adjusting to proper royal life built up into tension/resentment with the people putting pressure on her or she she really is so fucking stereotypically burgerland entitled that she pulled the race card as soon as she realised she wasn't going to get princess goals special treatment. Again, very hard to feel bad for anyone who marries into that family

No. 1346944

>supporting sexist rapist moids
This part describes funding the monarchy pretty well.

No. 1347397

to be fair Meghan was caught lying several times already. Even before she got involved with Harry

No. 1350447

File: 1664012053908.jpg (195.02 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20220924_104948.jpg)

Since we're already talking about Maghan being a liar + #MeghanMarkleExposed is trending on Twitter

No. 1350448

File: 1664012101864.jpg (253.02 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20220924_104951.jpg)

No. 1350449

File: 1664012206966.jpg (139.04 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20220924_104957.jpg)

No. 1350450

File: 1664012229117.jpg (197.27 KB, 828x828, IMG_20220924_105008.jpg)

No. 1350452

File: 1664012302351.jpg (336.17 KB, 720x1156, 20220924_105536.jpg)

No. 1350455

Learn how to stitch screenshots pls

No. 1350458

Sorry for the Meghan spam, I'm just so surprised that this has come up so suddenly. I do think it's funny so see that the royal family has Twitter stan accounts at war with eachother. There are actual prince William simp pics appearing on my timeline

These aren't my screenshots, they're being passed around on Twitter

No. 1350462

Ayrt and yeah I saw that after checking Twitter myself sorry nonna

No. 1350463

File: 1664013016805.jpg (382.47 KB, 1080x644, 20220924_110843.jpg)

No. 1350466

File: 1664013229410.jpg (340.06 KB, 1080x591, 20220924_110902.jpg)

No. 1350467

File: 1664013251140.jpg (88.99 KB, 1025x653, IMG_20220924_110516.jpg)

No. 1350473

Where'd you find this?
Anon social media posts claiming to have TOTALLY REAL INSIDER INFO are usually wack but this really sounds believable

No. 1350830

It's Trending on Twitter after someone wrote a book exposing Meghan

No. 1351334

That's a reddit user who claims her brother/brother-in-law has the insider info. I remember everyone fonds over her cause she revealed something that turned out to be true months and months ago. I don't remember what about though. You can probably look through her profile if you're interested.

No. 1354610

File: 1664304991435.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1739, 094E0CB3-07C3-4691-9F97-7A5A5B…)

I’m not a fan of Meghan at all but reddit takes any negative statement against her as gospel with no shadow of a doubt, it’s kind of mental

No. 1356035

I completely agree. Those people are insane with hatred for her. I read something the last time I was there that the queen was surprised Meghan would wear white for her wedding when she was divorced and I suppose it's not traditional to do that or something? But anyways all the comments were hating on Meghan for wearing white like wtf who cares lmao

No. 1357018

this is mostly not a lie though. Like a white wedding dress is supposed to show purity etc. since the Victorian era (which is outdated for this time, but she was old) and Meghan already married once. Camilla had a cream white wedding dress (which also had a greenish robe? depending on the time of the day) but Camilla and Charles had an unoffical wedding. Wearing white as a guest is also forbidden by old standards to prevent upstaging the bride and the queen wore white on that day (which is basically her showing that she does not approve of Camilla or their wedding back then)

No. 1357019

reddit is stupid anyway but some things are true. Like there are/were some reports about them changing their nanny again, their orginial staff for their Netflix deal not wanting to work together with them after a short time (again and again) and Meghan was caught lying too much.

Even when she wrote about her miscarriage she literally copy and pasted the article from another woman, who wrote about her miscarriage years ago in a newspaper (I think it was even the New York Times). It was said that Meghan literally only changed the names and the dates and people provided a link to the original article. Like imagine being the original author and seeing someone famous straight up copying your horrible experience and being praised for how wonderful she wrote this and that she is so brave for opening up and you have to be reminded of this sad experience again. And there are a lot of stories with proof about her lying, which is why so many start to believe every bad thing about her, because her character is already ruined to anyone, who half-way keeps up with them. I don't like Harry or the royal family either and think they are all horrible but she lies in such an obvious way and changes her stories so many times that I honestly wonder why she just can't stay quiet. After they departed from the royals so many people were also on their side and they both ruined it by being caught lying so much and making money off his family

No. 1390277

File: 1667003495515.png (1.21 MB, 1000x693, cover.png)

2 terrible covers

No. 1390334

spare what? whas he gonna spare??

No. 1390342

kek I think it's referring to the idea of a monarch ensuring their legacy will carry on by having two kids - "an heir and a spare"

No. 1390363

There's no way she's actually attracted to him, he's too fugly for closeups like this

No. 1390378

Megan looks nice in that cover, but Harry's makes me uncomfortable

No. 1390386

is that an eternity collar on meghan?

No. 1390508

Bro hasn't been a spare in the last decade

No. 1436324

File: 1670441083707.jpg (153.88 KB, 1024x576, Reactions-to-Prince-Harry-Megh…)

Anyone watching the Harry and Meghan documentary tomorrow? The trailers on youtube have a ton of dislikes, I'm talking 300,000 to 17,000 likes or something like that.

No. 1436498

hell yea

No. 1436681

I can't sit through that much time with those two, plus I don't want to give them a view to encourage Netflix.

No. 1438773

My god that was boring. I thought it'll be one normal sized documentary… not 3 hours of holiday photos and cringey couple nonsence. And that's just the beginning. I couldn't not notice that Megan is a lot like Lillee Jean except everything worked out for Megan and nothing worked for Lillee kekeke. Hopefully the next 3 hours will finally have some drama because the sweet disgustiness of their relationship makes me want to vomit.

No. 1438783

Jesus, he aged like a stray catboy. RIP to his son.

No. 1438801

I haven't watched it yet, but I just knew it was gonna be like that. i could tell from the trailer - which was just a slideshow of photos of them being smarmy, saccharine twats. clearly they have nothing of substance to share otherwise there would have been more teasers. such a cash grab project.

No. 1439326

What do you mean about Meghan being like Lillee Jean?

No. 1450467

Watched it. I understand nobody is the villain in their own story. However I don't buy all of their reasons for "Megxit".
>They were jealous
>They were racists
>We got bullied
>We dindu nuffin

No. 1470448

Come on, let's revive this thread! What were your favourite revelations from Spare? Mine is a tie between the emotional abuse Harry endured from his brother not wanting to hang out with him in highschool, and the mundane revelation that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan.

No. 1470461

Where do I begin?
>Meghan sings to seals, who answer back to her
>Harry's frostbitten penis
>Harry keeps a box of Diana's hair next to his bed
>Archie destroyed a Christmas ornament with the Queen's face and Harry says that he could hear Diana's laugh
>Catherine didn't want to share lipgloss with Meghan

No. 1470462

My favourite part of Spare is that we can all finally acknowledge that the royals are cows and so are Meghan + Harry

No. 1470479

>emotional abuse Harry endured from his brother not wanting to hang out with him in highschool
>Catherine didn't want to share lipgloss with Meghan
I'm sorry this is so fucking funny, why are they being so dramatic over such normal things?

No. 1470557

When your life has no real issues or stimulation, you have to invent it to keep from being bored.

No. 1470648

I'm repeating myself but a teenager not wanting to hang out with his little brother at school is so normal and boring I'm actually shocked it even happened to them. It happened to me and my sister and we have the same age difference as these two guys, yet I'm not crying on the internet over it. Meghan needs to drag her husband back home and bitch slap him because this is getting embarrassing.

No. 1470657

gonna be hard to choose between the seal singing, charles's teddy bear, the lipgloss… but the real star is probably the frozen dong
im glad everyone is making fun of them now. the whole rf is a clown show, they're just the wokie variant

No. 1470671

What is the Charles' teddy bear story?

No. 1470682

I hope some kind hearted nonna will post a small summary of some of the funnier stories

No. 1470732

File: 1673546880337.png (259.99 KB, 537x655, creepy.png)

No. 1470763

File: 1673548263959.jpeg (39.6 KB, 420x392, 76E4D15E-8138-4840-B665-6D0EA2…)

No. 1470768

how does a dick get frostbite anyway? why is it even out in the cold

No. 1470775

thinking of his mother as he touches his dick. what the fuck. Diana truly deserved better sons.

No. 1471635

Why did we need to know that him and William are circumsized?

No. 1471669

We didn't, but not that we do know, why are they circumcised?

I usually don't give two shits about the royal family but this book ignited something in me because the vitriol makes me think of my own family drama, so here it is out of order and from the top of my head:

>penis saga: Harry got frostbite in Antarctica, reveals the circumcision, put Diana's lip cream to make his "todger" get better, still had frozen dick at Willaim and Kate's wedding

>He brought his mother's perfume to therapy
>He has a box with a lock of her hair by his bedside
>Megan put her pregnancy tests in the box to get Diana's blessing or something
>He says he killed 25 talibans and didn't feel a thing
>Megan told Kate that she was forgetful because of her post-pregnancy hormones, Kate told her they weren't close enough for Megan to talk to her like this, Megan told Kate that's how she talks to her friends, William got involved and asked Megan to stop disrespecting his wife, Megan told him to get his finger out her face
>William believes the media about Megan and says she is difficult
>William didn't want to hang out with Harry at Eton highschool
>William got a bigger bedroom than Harry at their palace in Scotland when they were kids
>Kate doesn't want to share her lipgloss with Megan
>Harry thinks William's balding is worse than his
>Harry ignores anyone that tries to advise him to ignore the media, like his near-70yo father, because they just don't get it
>Pissed by William saying in an interview that he snored (they lived together in their 20s) because William may have had ulterior motives
>Kate and William were big fans of Suits and knew who Megan was before meeting her
>Megan thought Harry's 120sqm bachelor pad in the heart of London was shitty
>He only accepted his mother's death after 10 years, when he was around 23yo
>he asked to see pictures from his mother's accident, and was disgusted from seeing all the flashing lights of the paps
>He went to Paris through the tunnel and was shocked to see it was just a short straight tunnel, where nobody should die
>Harry recalls several times when he was singled out by tabloids when he was a teenager for dumb shit like shaving his head but also taking drugs and going to rehab
>He feels like he wasn't protected enough by his family from the media
>Charles wasn't a great single dad but he would leave letters on Harry's pillows to tell him he was proud of him
>fucking wedding bridesmaid dress drama at Harry and Megan's wedding where I don't get wtf happened but Megan made Kate cry or something and then Kate apologized with flowers
>compared paparazzis to talibans, young men being radicalized
>Harry lost his virginity at 17 to an older woman by "mounting her" near a pub and getting spanked afterwards
>He did coke at 17 for the first time
>Has done shrooms, psychedelics and weed, says psychedelics helped him redefine reality and let go of restrictions
>Harry and William didn't want Charles to marry Camilla when younger, although they liked Camilla
>Says Camilla started to scheme her way into marriage and queendom by using the press
>Charles was worried Megan and Harry would overshadow him and Camilla, also once asked Catherine to change her name because there would be too many people with a name starting with a C in the family
>Dog bowl fight : William attacked Harry after an argument about Megan and grabbed Harry by the necklace which broke, sending him in the dog bowl, which broke and cut his back. Harry then called his therapist immediately. William apologized afterwards
>Harry started feeling left out when William and Kate start having children after their wedding and didn't hang out with him much
>Says he frequently sees signs of his mother's messages for him in animals
>fell in love with Magan after seeing a picture of her with Snapchat's dog filter
>wasn't good at school, seems to have memory problems and acknowledges that some parts of his book may not be factual, but they are still his truth
>broke up with previous gf because of the paparazzis, didn't want to put her through it
>was conflicted between a Nazi costume and pilot costume for the costume party, he asked William and Kate and they said to go with the Nazi costume
>Megan is literally perfect, perfect, perfect
>After Philips' funeral, talk between Harry and his brother and father, they call him delusional and that he doesn't seem to mind the press that much, he disagrees, says Oprah interview was brave because he was speaking in his own name
>William then told him that he swears on their mother's grave that he wants Harry to be happy, Harry doesn't believe him (that's where he talks about his brother's baldness), split between brothers seems definitive

Overall it seems like family drama at its worse, a mixture of pettiness, resentment, trauma and heartbreak all stewing for years and years and years.

No. 1471670

Samefag how could I forget, frostbite dick is from the North Pole trip, and for the South Pole one he has a custom dick cushion underwear made to protect his penis, also he watched Megan's sex scenes from Suits and regrets it.

No. 1471673

>he watched Megan's sex scenes from Suits and regrets it
Is that why Harry wet his pants a few hours before his first date with Meghan?

No. 1471674

Wtf who talks about his dick like that while also putting in a short sad phrase about his dead mother? Why would you even want to talk about your frostbitten dick…
Seriously from the tone of the book and how they talk they all sound like they're emotionally stunted retards.

No. 1471706

The whole family is fucked up. I'm unsurprised, but I think they need to incorporate mental health support into their lives, fr. I don't understand how a family can operate like this; I believe Harry's claims about the royals leaking stories to the media to raise their own reputations. So, part of me wonders how you can possibly have good mental health in a family where trust seems to mean fuck all.

No. 1471724

Is this guy actually unaware that all of this just worsens his image? Or is it a any publicity is good publicity kind of thing?

No. 1471772

I’m loving this holy cow it’s such a trainweck. Honestly William and Kate can be criticized too for being royal at least but at least they kept their dignity

No. 1471779

>he watched Megan's sex scenes from Suits and regrets it.
How so? When I was a kid I always wondered how husbands or wifes of actors doing this kind of scenes felt about it kek I guess I have an answer now?

No. 1471853

what a crybaby, im so glad that they’re showing their asses. british royal worship is a mistake because these people come out even more retarded than the average person. also don’t forget about him complaining he’d be used for spare parts to make sure william live.

No. 1471859

Honestly is Harry being psyoped lmao because him calling his book Spare and then acting out in the media is some weird poetry. He's a Prince with ego issues because he won't be King. He's having a tantrum and I don't think he or anyone knows what he wants the outcome to be. He can't cry himself to becoming King and making Meghan Queen. It's just not realistic lol

No. 1472145

File: 1673640764112.jpg (185.82 KB, 446x1000, 1455241126396.jpg)

Everyone talks about Harry's freudian obsession with his mother but he seems equally obsessed with his brother. Bro you're nearly 40 years old, fucking move on, holy shit. Harry probably would have been super creepy with William if William were a girl and were his big sister whose face seemed to be copypasted from Diana's.

No. 1472169

I just don’t get why he’s so jelly. Yeah you’re the younger one and you’re not gonna be king, but isn’t that also kinda rad? You get all the perks of growing up in luxury and wealth without ever really being expected to do anything except show up for a few “charity” events, shaking hands and kissing babies. Dude could’ve just stfu and lived a fairly quiet life while making a few appearances at children’s hospitals and still being popular. I don’t get it.

No. 1472176

tbh being rich as fuck but not being able to spend your money how you want having your "job" being all about your family does seem to suck ass. Apparently he didn't even have his own bank account, I'm not in my 30s just yet and if I had to ask mommy and daddy to give me some allowance to buy clothes for the month but I would only be allowed to wear the exact same suits and shoes anyway I'd hate it kek, but then again his standards of living are still so much higher than average regardless it's just a matter of perspective.

No. 1472192

File: 1673642871687.webm (2.93 MB, 576x1124, 1673522644872.webm)

Thinking is listening to the audiobook

No. 1472220

As soon as I heard "penis" I paused the video. I know where this is going, I can't do this anymore. I know way too much about this man's dick and balls, I deserve compensation for that.

No. 1472227

is harry narrating this? i hate the way he says penis with a harsh p. gross

No. 1472242

I'm ESL, I don't get what's wrong here, it's not meant to be pronounced benis, right? Right??

No. 1472330

personally i loved the casual mention of his roommates at eton all knowing who was and wasnt circumcised and they'd call eachother 'cavaliers and roundheads', right in the middle of a bit where he was talking about how sad and isolated he felt after his mothers death

No. 1472357

I'm ESL too and I just thought he put a lot of emphasis in that word in particular lol. But it's likely that I'm just projecting because I thought the whole thing is weird to write about so I just focus on the word penis

No. 1472366

Ayrt, and I dunno, I’m sure there definitely are sucky parts, but you’re still mega wealthy and have every aspect of your life taken care of. I feel like most people would put up with that to live such a privileged life. I don’t doubt his family is assholeish and the press absolutely sucks, but he’s really coming across as someone who’s just super jelly of his big brother. He could’ve come out as an anti-royalist and brought attention to just how shitty the Prince Andrew scandal was and how much money the royals waste on bullshit, but it feels more like he still wants to be a prince and just have everything on his own terms. I don’t get what he’s trying to accomplish.

No. 1473318

>wasn't good at school, seems to have memory problems and acknowledges that some parts of his book may not be factual, but they are still his truth
Does he have brain damage? That would explain a lot.

No. 1480053

He said he made fun of a Matron who had spine/stiffnss problems and so walked funny and who wasnt 'fancyable' at his school to get a laugh out of his friends

Also the cut penis thing is apparently a tradition in the royal family that goes back awhile

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