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File: 1681611982609.jpeg (122.36 KB, 750x994, 1FD5C5DF-164D-42C9-AA0B-68F76C…)

No. 1809451

The common traits of the typical e-girl :

>Ahegao selfies

>Accuses each other of copying meanwhile all owning the same Moeflavor lingerie sets and cheap, ill fitting, AliExpress/SHEIN clothes
> Always getting into some sort of internet drama with other e-girls
>Extremely performative for woke internet points yet ends up getting exposed for being problematic themselves
>Making call-out posts about anyobody they currently have beef with
>Room full of Sanrio merch, anime figures and Squishmallows
>Japancore weeb aesthetic
>Loli uwu persona and other pedo-pandering behavior
>Belle Delphine skin walking
>into Ddlg/pet play
>Tries to look Asian
>Abusive use of Beauty apps
>Usernames usually contains words like “@puppy” “@kitten” “@gore” “@vomit”
“@angel” “@chan” “@vamp” “@baby” “@waifu” or any random Japanese nicknames

This is a thread for all “alt” e-girls on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram that are cow worthy. If you do not see a cow(s) here, check the following thread before posting. This is e-girl specific.

Previous thread
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#9 >>>/snow/1508968

No. 1809695

File: 1681642955341.png (201.06 KB, 1080x679, image_2023-04-16_040319962.png)

The shoop has me dying

No. 1809698

File: 1681643457872.png (518.91 KB, 1096x744, 9817342.PNG)


No. 1809699

File: 1681643503457.png (215.97 KB, 762x732, image_2023-04-16_041209047.png)

This girl shooped herself to look like Belle dolphin, and then for the rest of her profile she looks completely different lmao

No. 1809701

File: 1681643550198.png (592.02 KB, 1085x676, 56474765.PNG)

When you want to look like a literal child. Pedobaiter.

No. 1809702

File: 1681643596413.png (699.76 KB, 1096x744, 5464756.PNG)

milk-worthy dump over.

No. 1810002

File: 1681681142205.jpeg (172.16 KB, 750x979, IMG_6098.jpeg)

Anyone else have witnessed this absolute trainwreck going on between bassdrip, Riku and kamikaz3girl in real time ? It has to be the most retarded egirl drama I’ve ever seen and it’s been going on since years. There’s always new ethots involved everytime one of them bring back up their beef when they don’t have any reach on their social media kek

No. 1810003

File: 1681681184225.jpeg (185.97 KB, 750x972, IMG_6099.jpeg)

No. 1810006

File: 1681681277009.jpeg (195.28 KB, 750x1002, IMG_6100.jpeg)

No. 1810225

File: 1681720394191.jpeg (966.05 KB, 3120x4160, B3B6FA07-2181-4DFC-80F9-DA37B4…)

for sure sounds like a train wreck… why don't they just stop being thots on the internet and take care of their chlidren? These types of women I swear have the wrong priorities.
In more pedobaiting news, an 18 year old @himedollie on IG enjoys bragging about how thin and uwu short she is (5'2, like that's not common for women?). I went on her IG live yesterday and she faked an owo high-pitched anime girl voice, it was so obnoxious

No. 1810697

I don't care what anyone says wearing Japanese kids clothes and making it your personality and constantly talking about how smoll you are is creepy as hell. Jojifuku as a trend can't die off fast enough imo.

No. 1810701

File: 1681781865593.jpg (157.36 KB, 960x1225, MYXJ_20230417213454964_save.jp…)

Every fucking sugarbunnies collector egirl on twitter/ig/tiktok has to apparently be as ~eDgY~ as possible to make up for the hardships in life like…spending thousands of dollars on plushies every month while not working and waking up at 9pm to play video games and online shop/consoom
How are obviously spoiled girls like this not embarrassed to make it sound like their so brooding and hardcore

No. 1810732

File: 1681786460135.jpg (44.04 KB, 480x640, FC44Ru1X0AA090G.jpg)

this is actually horrifying

No. 1810761

Yes, there's a big trend about arguing about it being a fashion style or not, even though it's gate kept by "irl lolis" who starve themselves to squeeze into mezzo piano.

No. 1810786

In Japan it's always been fetish fuel, never a true fashion, you never see Japanese girls outside wearing this shit because they keep it to fetish shit. And if they wear it out it's for photoshoots or other fetish reasons. It blows my mind people in the west want to argue that it's a true fashion, and honestly all of the ana-chan "irl lolis" are 100% doing it as a pedobait fetish too, they just won't admit it.

No. 1811191

File: 1681859075061.jpg (283.75 KB, 960x1516, MYXJ_20230418183215847_save.jp…)

This is sad, but maybe if they gave up chasing a trend that include wearing clothes meant for someone half their age, they wouldnt have issues like this.. The person this SS is from isn't even fat by any means.

Jojifuku is an ED enabler and encourager, and an unhealthy "j-fashion trend" and you cannot change my mind about this.

No. 1811398

This girl is always posting her hoarder room on Pinterest and is some underage teenager. Her parents need to cut off her internet

No. 1812258

>search jojifuku on Pinterest because I never heard of it
>immediately find pictures of women dressed as children holding recorders in their mouth in the least subtle pedo baiting I've ever seen
These people are disgusting and wish nothing but the worst on e-girls for normalising this ugly plague

No. 1812481

File: 1682045927308.png (439.38 KB, 407x733, ll.PNG)

ellie without the photoshop and filters lol, it jumpscared me when I saw it on her friends story. Like why would you post that..

No. 1812485

There's no way she is STILL 18

All that fucking hair in the front of her face needs to be put up. That's not having your hair up and braids that hang aren't allowed unless they are behind your shoulders. She thinks she's cute, but who the fuck would want anything made by her less you find a fucking orange piece of hair?

No. 1812529

>lazy eye
oof thats rough

No. 1812545

She's not even hideous or anything like that, it's just such a steep dive from her wannabe Belle Delphine edits, the nose especially

No. 1812551

File: 1682059158630.png (540.4 KB, 641x706, nemogirl.png)

same energy

No. 1812552

Why is it always the 5'2 women? kek

No. 1812588

Because it's slightly shorter than average (at least where I live) so they can brag about how cute petite uwu loli they are

No. 1812617

I can't believe moids brainwashed them into believing they're the size of toddlers.

No. 1812942

File: 1682122999013.png (1.07 MB, 1366x768, mirukurum_instagram.png)

I thought this creator was east asian and when I took a closer look they were white it was extremely confusing but as I looked into more of their profile and it just kept getting worse and worse.
I would contact their sponsors but she primarily deals with lame aliexpress brands that nobody cares about. she is a europoor it seems lmao I wonder if she has ever interacted with anyone east asian without immediately just thinking OMG u lewk so ANIME

No. 1812945

We do have East Asians in europe you know nona. And no we don’t run around chasing them screaming UWU ANIME. Most anime characters are white anyway, at least to most people.

No. 1812947

sage because I forgot to tag socials

Does anyone know this creator's real name? going by weird names like 'mirun' or 'miue' when it was obvious she was trying to have a japanese weeb alias. She cosplayed as the character from leon the professional with her face hidden so it felt weirdly asianfishing and pedo-bait. I really wish people like this would just f off and start their porn career already instead of pretending to be minorities for neckbeard weebs or ddlg "doms". They also got a small brand where they draw anime on their aliexpress gifts so they are profiting from this and virtual stylists who just find it randomly on pinterest to tag her

No. 1812950

I thought she was east asian living in latvia but maybe it's just me because I got shocked when I saw it was a white almost 30 year old lmao

No. 1812954

File: 1682123796209.jpg (53.05 KB, 550x500, b3977ed9b824ce85855a06a0fe0d40…)

>Most anime characters are white anyway, at least to most people.

No. 1812956

NTA but holy cope kek

No. 1812958

>She cosplayed as the character from leon the professional with her face hidden so it felt weirdly asianfishing
But isn’t that a white character?

No. 1812963

File: 1682124537927.jpg (102.65 KB, 750x1107, 341803917_750423653411636_3913…)

I'm sorry if it's confusing since her entire presentation online is kinda like a weird fabrication. It's mostly that the character is a child that upset me and the context of that story. The kid has black hair and completely covering the face can easily play into 'oh it's a young asian girl' situation for moids to gawk at. Like this image immediately makes me think of people like Lisa from blackpink etc. Plus the sanrio phone case. It's just upsetting and she is old enough to understand what she is doing. In her post with her cp pillow she is not apologetic at all and acts dumb like 'uwu ive had my loli pillow since i was 16 i cant dump it now' lmao

No. 1812976

Saying she looks Asian here because of the black hair and phone case is a reach honestly. Sanrio is popular in the west as well and it’s not something inherently Asian. The case isn’t sanrio by the way it’s San x. But the points you make about the pedobaiting I agree with, it’s weird and she’s definitely old enough to know better. I didn’t recognize who this girl was until I went to her profile, I’ve seen her ugly outfit pics on my explore page before. Everything she wears looks so cheap

No. 1813116

before even reading this post and seeing her on explore page, I could tell she was just a weeb and looks pretty white from her facial features. Was she claiming being asian, or was it just the egirl persona ?

No. 1813614

How anyone could see this average white woman with black hair and metiued selfies as Asian is beyond me.

No. 1813854

you people sound like you've never actually seen an east asian person before and only get your idea of them from anime and online

No. 1843980

File: 1686386911145.jpeg (267.46 KB, 1242x2095, 0F2FBC20-0164-41C2-9835-E35780…)

This egirl is crying about her trademarked exclusively for clothing not general usage “brand” is being stolen by other egirls and she’s upset no one is giving her credit for aliexpress light up glasses or using cyber gf in their thot posts. Other egirls and general public making fun of her for not knowing trademark law or that she’s generic like every other egirl and not special

No. 1855864

File: 1688128344700.jpeg (126.03 KB, 1170x1730, IMG_3118.jpeg)

Nyabeat/Kerosene still layering on the meitu filters to hell

No. 1856348

File: 1688186726062.jpeg (986.5 KB, 3003x3271, IMG_6296.jpeg)

In other news in the same circles, "infamous" pedo-baiter and pro ana woman Ellie/ @shirousa0999 on instagram has been called out for being a disgusting lolicon (pedophile). Her ex boyfriend made a public statement about this on his story a few hours ago. Incoming spam, my apologies for autism and poorly cropping the screenshots but I couldn't be Bothered to take more time. read from left to right

No. 1856349

File: 1688186766172.jpeg (189.68 KB, 1170x1081, 9D4987EF-5691-448A-B68D-1006DE…)


No. 1856352

File: 1688187009096.jpeg (352.14 KB, 1747x1893, IMG_6294.jpeg)

and this was Ellie's allegations against @wavvcity, (her ex-boyfriend) yesterday. Keep in mind that these are both adults, and I believe Ellie turned 18 last year so this is a somewhat milky situation, what do you other anons think kek

No. 1856357

File: 1688188418305.jpg (209.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230701_005039_Ins…)

ellie is less than a year younger than her ex. immediately stopped caring when she pulled the "left me at school when i was a minor" shit since she literally owns a car and has been driving for years. her shit seems way less credible, especially considering she posted this on her story afterwards. this isn't "beef"; it's serious allegations of RAPE and ABUSE. fucking retarded and i don't see how anyone couldn't see it coming. another rich republican bpd-chan we've known was racist and terrible for years.

No. 1856563

Anyone who has seen many of her posts and stories could come to the conclusion that she is a self infantalizing pedo. Not to side with a moid but he seems more credible with his points, not just the "I'm so cute uwu how could you think I'm bad ??" response. Also I didn't even think of the fact that she comes from an above average wealthy family- couldn't she just have gotten an uber, she can afford hoardes of emo and children's clothes so I don't understand how that's a reason of abuse?

No. 1856582

We always knew she was on the Loli shit but it’s genuinely so shocking she actually sought out cp websites… Jesus Christ

No. 1856631

File: 1688236179664.jpeg (402.79 KB, 1170x2042, E9B85498-A6F1-4B69-87D3-3C85D2…)

all of this is getting so weird

No. 1856650

i agree, but just because you have trauma, does not mean you should have a ddlg relationship (her words), or read/ watch lolicon porn. It's unfortunately a common trauma for women to experience csa, but that doesn't mean they should re-enact it, that's sick beyond words. I hope people grow a brain and call her out for this depravity. It's insane how people look up to this behaviour or defend it

No. 1856655

File: 1688239580910.png (2.95 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6303.png)

ellie story posts continued

No. 1856674

File: 1688241807138.jpeg (578.35 KB, 1170x2056, 113B78B2-8123-4AAB-9ACA-DB47AD…)

ellie is claiming HE raped her now..

No. 1856676

File: 1688242109072.jpeg (288.45 KB, 1170x1462, IMG_6306.jpeg)

also this picture is supposed to prove he's the pedophile, I'm leaning towards either it's both of them or just ellie into lolicon trash
(IMG on Ellie's cf story, yes I've gained her trust for the drama I don't actually condone her lifestyle )

No. 1856754

File: 1688255506730.png (2.75 MB, 828x1792, IMG_7416.png)

what is with this woman and her obsession with rape

No. 1856786

They’re both degenerate pedos obviously. I don’t believe for a second she “forced” him to do ddlg shit but she was obviously into it. Idk what they think they’re accomplishing with these callout posts besides announcing to the world they’re both sick fucks who deserve each other.

No. 1856807

How is she going from “I loved him dearly” to “he raped me”? That’s an odd thing to say about your alleged rapist

No. 1856811

Same-fag but how is she going from


To straight up saying he raped her??? Keep your story consistent at least

No. 1856818

File: 1688264215203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,268.65 KB, 1169x1937, IMG_6310.jpeg)

spoiler for gross shit but I censored it better than her so. Confirmed theyre both pedos jesus christ

No. 1856820

If they’re both nonces I guess in a sick way they’re perfect for eachother … equally as sick in the head. I wonder if they’ll ever get back together kekkkkk

No. 1856821

File: 1688264453561.jpeg (Spoiler Image,331.05 KB, 1170x1889, IMG_6311.jpeg)

i want to vomit

No. 1856826

this is so fucking embarrassing, are these people just allergic to being normal?

No. 1856867

This is all so much more disturbing when you realize most of her followers are kids that sadly look up to her.. especially on her tiktok

No. 1856887

File: 1688275287546.jpg (74.34 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_2.jpg)

she looks like a freak pedo, i would run in fear if i saw her in public

No. 1856892

I thought I was hallucinating until I saw her stories (picrel) at the airport, Im like 99.99% sure I ran into her in a bathroom. I had to do a double take, kek. I didn’t post about it because the milk had dried up for our paedo queen and I didn’t wanna necro the thread. I’m also not sure if I should say which airport it was in case it counts as doxxing (? Sorry jannies)

She was just standing and staring at the mirror, not washing her hands or anything just… staring? Same dyed orange hair and children’s clothes outfit, same glasses, with the backpack and everything. It was definitely her. My only milk is she was blocking the sink like crazy when there was a fuck ton of people behind her

What are the odds of seeing your personal lol cow for the past 3 years in public.. kek this most definitely reads as very weird. I’m sorry nonnies I just had to get this one off my chest

No. 1856900

of course she would do that in public kek, she is obsessed with herself

No. 1857024

I’d rather off myself than publicly announced being a loli and in a former ddlg relationship lmfao Jesus Christ they’re both batshit(sage your shit)

No. 1857045

finally! she is one of my personal cows and im so very elated to see you nonas dislike her too. her face makes me seethe

No. 1857050

jesus christ, what an unfortunate looking girl. I hope she can stop larping as an uwu loli and realise she looks like a retarded hamster in baby clothes

No. 1857079

>she regularly frequents "all the fallen"
>about the lolicon […] accusations he has thrown at me these are true for the time
wtf so she just blatantly admits it?

No. 1857123

would it have been better if she lied? you would be going "wtf" either way
s2g this thread is full of cutecore egirls who do the same shit ellie does and want to "dethrone" her like they did to voidchan, i'm not even an ellie fan at all as it was obvious she was like this from the beginning but its so obvious who/what type of people are posting here kek

No. 1857139

you sound like the people that think the shayna thread posters are just jealous camwhores. most people itt are just normal people that want to watch freaks embarrass themselves publicly

No. 1857141

i think the egirl thread has always been an exception to the rule though especially after the introduction of people like void and ellie, a lot of the people who give enough of a shit about people like ellie are similar to her, not saying all but there's a reason the egirl threads went to shit before

No. 1857158

File: 1688328451212.jpeg (Spoiler Image,292.91 KB, 1169x2014, IMG_6322.jpeg)

Fair point but I'd rather just laugh at milk than infighting. It was blatant that she was sick in the head since she started her "loli persona" -but It is interesting to see the truth that was lurking behind the shadows. Attached is more weird shit her ex sent and I love how she doesn't even respond as if he just sent rule 34 cp

No. 1857162

they both look so bad and i'm all for laughing at them, definitely wasnt trying to infight, personally im desensitized to the ellie stuff because we knew all of this, its not like she hid it that much, people saw her pacifiers and loli anime figures and her liking oreimo and eromanga sensei
personally being a moid that encourages it then pretending you don't in your faggy callout is worse to me though
again idc about ellie but i wouldnt be shocked if instagram users named strawbmeloseru0999 and funfettisprinklelaffey were posting/lurking here hard kek

No. 1857170

Why is she posting this stuff to her cf? Embarrassing as it is for her to be into this stuff (which she's now self admitted, shocker), considering it's a he said she said situation, would she not want to publicly share this evidence? She's really hoping that her illiterate underage following forgets all about this

No. 1857190

tinfoil but I wonder if it's her dropping it into here because if someone just got on her cf for the drama she'd be able to figure out who they are right away
I don't know why she'd do that but her and her boyfriend are both quite literally retarded so who knows

No. 1857199

apparently she has multiple accounts so I wouldn't doubt that she posted here so she can get more attention lol.
narcissism is truely an enigma, hope you're enjoying the world viewing you as a degenerate scumbag Ellie

No. 1857216

File: 1688339249263.jpeg (369.06 KB, 1170x2210, IMG_6955.jpeg)

Cyberstephanie is so cringe. She tries to pass off as original yet she doesn’t have an original bone in her body. She tries to skinwalk anyone she meets. She tried skin walking Alythuh as an “artist” but she has the skills of a middle schooler. She tried skin walking Tswuuki with raving and cosplaying before she was exposed for the e girl bully chat. Now she tries to skin walk YunMago who actually has talent and has been in the cyber themed space for quite some time and has her own original content. At least YunMago doesn’t resort to aliexpress for her “cyber angel”


No. 1857228

Why does she keep trying to “out” her ex as a Lolicon when she has already admitted she is one? Like, if you are exposing him because you know that the content is bad (which it is) , then you’re just digging your own grave deeper …? Because you yourself also indulge in that content??? She literally admitted to looking at a cp website. Even if it’s all drawn it’s still 1: sick and 2: creates a supply and demand effect for REAL exploited children.

I genuinely don’t give a fuck if she is a csa victim herself. This world is disgusting and it happens to A LOT of people. It’s common and it’s horrific but you know what? People who aren’t literally evil don’t use that trauma as a crutch to be pedophiles. Congrats Elie. Do you want a cookie for your trauma, or something? It doesn’t negate the fact you look at child porn, or literally buy books of it. “Muh trauma” is not an excuse to be a nonce. A lot of people go through that and would rather die than indulge in child exploitative content. You’re just a horrible person. Point blank.

I don’t care if this is n-logging im so disgusted at this whole ordeal

No. 1857234

File: 1688341314269.jpeg (356.81 KB, 1170x2077, 76DB75A0-C5B1-4DFF-AE2A-8AFC08…)

why are they airing out their shitty daddy dom little girl relationship still. don’t they know they’re digging both their graves deeper?

No. 1857241

HAHA They are both so retarded it's unreal. This is great. I hope they keep going.

No. 1857244

Yeah I don't know this girl but someone should tell her daft punk did the whole cyber helmet thing over 10 years ago kekk, how is adding an angel dress "original"

No. 1857246

I think the point is that he denied being into any of it when it's very clear he is and was, I really don't like Ellie but her admitting to things that imho were extremely obvious anyway is a hair better than this moid pretending to be above it all while he continues to be friends with her underage copycat mutuals.

No. 1857249

Ellie is gross but this William guy sounds like such a schizo faggot, I guess that would be type.

No. 1857332

Did y’all see that he has a hrt drug shop linked in his bio on Instagram? I don’t have screenshots but I lurked around his Instagram for awhile and he was tagged/commented on a lot of tranny memes, it seems like he wants to troon out but won’t/can’t (?) but that’s pretty on brand for Tim’s kekkkkk

No. 1857339

necer trust a moid. they lie and twist should make themselves into victims because they are stupid enough to think that people can't tell that they have a raging moid grudge. It's pretty strange that some people's misogynistic biases make them this likely to lunge at an 18-year-old degenarate pedo culture endorser. what in the world compels anyone to air dirty laundry online instead of considering therapy that's targeted towards abuse victims and people who have dysfunctional sexualities.

No. 1857396

They’re both disgusting, I lurked through this guy’s following list and saw a bunch of gross shit (kodomo no jikan and more lolishit), he’s also very clearly obsessed with Ellie since he follows all of her copycats it seems like. Also saw that he follows moetrons who’s still posting pics in a randoseru and little Japanese girl swimsuit, gross.

No. 1857406

This guy is definitely going to end up in jail for sexually assaulting children at some point in the future

No. 1857553

It's clear that she is the victim in this situation and I hope she genuinely can look back on her loli/ddlg nonsense and understand why it's bad. At the end of the day, she was 16-17 and was probably struggling with growing up, and developed a sense of perpetual adolescence which was aggravated by internet shit. She's clearly not a pedophile, but that is very unlikely to be true about the moid. Whether or not he was interested in it at first, he exposed himself to enough lolicon material that he has a fetish for it now and as >>1857332 mentioned, is a troon. This thread is probably all instagram samefags but if Ellie is lurking I hope she reads this and takes this as an opportunity to get off social media and leave these weird internet circles full of actual pedophiles. It's okay to grow up, and your 20s will be a much better time. Being a woman is to be celebrated, and you should love yourself.

No. 1857554

Sorry, samefag, I meant to put - being a woman and not a young girl anymore is to be celebrated.

No. 1857591

File: 1688410214390.jpeg (775.76 KB, 1170x1291, IMG_3220.jpeg)

She posted this to nikokyuppin, kek. The shooping makes her look so… angular

No. 1857605

it's hard to not have empathy for other women, and she is a victim in a way but she was actually 17 and not only men can be pedophiles. I mean have you seen her posts? Of course he could have an influence but she regularly shares all of the loli shit she buys on her story

No. 1857657

I don’t believe she likes loli/moeshit because she’s a pedophile, I think the fixation (this applies to all young women like this, like Yukapon etc) comes from a fear of adulthood and wanting to cling on to youth. Hope this doesn’t come across as an armchair, but I think it’s really dangerous to label this as pedophilia and put it in the same classification as the men that consume actual cp and harm real children. Ofc women can be pedophiles but it’s usually very deluded very mentally ill women.

No. 1857661

File: 1688421177286.png (97.15 KB, 350x123, Screenshot_1.png)

This part is referring to actual, not just drawn, cp no?

No. 1857717

It means both drawn and computer animated, but you can only assume the animated content was replicating real children.

No. 1857742

File: 1688430016423.jpeg (Spoiler Image,482.25 KB, 1818x1818, IMG_6360.jpeg)

ElLiE IsNT a pEdo
her following an account that does porn shoots of women in kids clothes / has admitted she's a lolicon
but she's just a victim guyss~

No. 1857752

samefagging to say they're adults I fucking hope but I blurred anyways because that shit is sick and they're wearing Japanese kid's underwear barf

No. 1857779


If someone watches cgi child porn I don’t think it’s a stretch to call them a paedo…

No. 1857781

Same fag and not to infight but I don’t think someone looks up 3D simulated child porn just so they can “cling onto their childhood” kek

No. 1857809

If there is actual proof of this sure there is serious issues with this girl but I don’t see anywhere that suggests she is consuming cp - also >>1857742 she’s probably following this because of the style. Watching lolicon moeshit like Eromanga Sensei isn’t putting her on the same level as a pedophile and I’ll say it again, it’s dangerous to suggest this because it lessens the meaning of the word. A pedophile is a person with a desire to harm children and I seriously doubt this young woman wants to do so, the same goes for other ddlg cows. Yukapon, Abbiepop and various other weebs used to do this same shit 10 years ago and no one was calling them pedos, it was a trend then and it’s a trend now. We should be recognising that it’s a manufactured trend by moids to infantilise women, especially barely legal and younger looking women, and make them insecure believing 20 is ‘hitting the wall’.

No. 1857840

This story of hers was a direct response to his, so she confirmed it herself. Why WK when you aren't reading the thread through

No. 1857926

>a guy using underage anachan petite body for sex, which he is interested in, projecting a perpetrator role on himself, stalking and harassing his ex gf after she dumped him and gone postal witha a full rage sobpost “me good she bad stay safe”
>a girl dressing up in a whimsical teenage fashion, as a teenager herself, obsessed with cute weeb things, ended up also liking cute weeb moe thing that are usually pedo, because japanese are fucked up pedos and spread their mental illness everywhere, projecting a child role on herself, not a rapist role
>one gets off to fucking kids
>other gets off to playing a kid getting fucked (while also being a kid)
One is not like the other.
Are you all handmaidens or what.

No. 1857939

I’m sorry but are we forgetting that she admitted to frequenting a “Loli porn” website with cgi children or what

He’s guilty as fuck but that doesn’t negate the freak shit she was on Jesus

No. 1857943

>no one was calling them pedos

No. 1858377

She's not as bad as the moid obviously but I don't think fully wking her is right. She needs to learn from this and see the loli shit is disgusting, after seeing what he sent I don't understand how she can surround herself with that media if she is just "a teen who wants to have fun", without any attraction to them? Read all the previous posts anon again she admitted to being a lolicon in >>1856655

No. 1859053

what happened to the og e girls that were on here. I’m tired of the loli neet collection. They’re just gross and crusty. What happened to Babifat and Ang3ltroon and Assne alcoholic arisa

No. 1859544

File: 1688698776414.jpeg (4.16 MB, 2304x4096, IMG_6439.jpeg)

Had to delete and repost this because I fucked up the blacktext, but ang3ltroon milk is pretty dry these days I believe. She seems to not be pedopandering as much and put her birth year in her bio, hopefully she grew out of her "teen sex doll uwu" era and stopped scamming others. Still shooping however! I'm not a newfag to these threads so I know why people thought she was a man (bulky and fetishizes being a woman), but was there really ever proof?

No. 1859837

File: 1688759273958.jpg (250.48 KB, 960x907, MYXJ_20230707154657936_save.jp…)

this is one thing of what happens when you have an ED and purge your confetti cake pink drinks instead of eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle because your obsessed with being a fragile "irl loli" and the idea of not fitting into mezzo piano is a fate worse than death..

No. 1859841

File: 1688759746248.jpeg (151.62 KB, 720x1113, IMG_1629.jpeg)

Ellie posted this on threads

No. 1859849

Isn't that just blonde roots growing in..? Her hair is dyed

No. 1859854

weird nitpick anon.
And not to seem like I'm wking but teens have smoked weed since the 60's, how is this milk? There are actual things to talk about besides a this

No. 1859866

That's just her hair growing out. Ask your parents to enroll you in some sort of daytime activities camp so you can stop embarrassing yourself online

No. 1859905

File: 1688770385707.jpg (284.62 KB, 960x937, MYXJ_20230707185445891_save.jp…)

Alot of these cute core girl accounts are such a wreck, triple3baka and nunuseru to name a few
sincerely doubt her hair is white

No. 1859931

this was talked about last thread, it's clearly not white..

No. 1859997

No real proof, other than her posting about troon rights all the time and following troon spaces/accounts.

No. 1860760


Why do you keep posting this girl? She's a run of the mill egirl with some weird accusatory drama like 99% of these people in my city

No. 1860762

Samefag but it's obvious what is happening based on her interests and this guy looking and acting like an actual creep, stating stuff without any actual evidence is just he said she said bullshit
Unfortunate looking human(sage your shit)

No. 1861080

how did you manage to get on her cf? i can’t even imagine holding a conversation with that degenerate kek(sage your shit)

No. 1861980

File: 1689043589697.png (936.66 KB, 542x1168, nunuseru.png)

Nunuseru just got exposed as a lolicon on Instagram

https://www.instagram.com/p/CuiP1LBtkrH/(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 1862056

Who tf is this bitch lol

No. 1862130

Looking through the account what I got was, Nubia aka Nunu (18 turning 19 soon) is one of those “cutecore” loli obsess tiktokers. Basically like ellie likes to make herself look like a loli and squeezes herself into Japanese children’s clothes even though she’s an adult. Befriended a 14 year old now 15 named Kud. Nunu told Kud that’s she’s liked her a daughter/lil sis to her, bought her stuff and had kud her bought her things. Had another 13 year old now 14 named Kanna buy her stuff and Kanna bought things for her as well. Kanna calls Nunu her mama/mommy, big sis and Nunu calls Kanna and Kud her babies. Both minors also had access and interacted with Nunu’s nsfw account where she posted nudes of herself.

No. 1862141

>baby weeb teenagers barely 3 years apart having weird relations among themselves
Wow, call the fucking press, we got a groomer over here! Sage this retarded vendetta

No. 1862143

imagine if she was a dude having 14 year old girls calling him big brother and dad/daddy and doing the same shit. it's weird anon.

No. 1862153

It's weird as shit, but she's not a moid and they're all kids. This kind of thing happens on discord all the time, it's not really milky.

No. 1862156

well is also the fact she's an loli obsess weirdo. her relationship with those minors + her being a lolicon is creepy as shit. this shit is not normal.

No. 1862204

she's 18 so she's also still a retarded kid who will hopefully grow out of it. If she was like colleens age interacting with teenagers like this then yes, absolutely call the police. It's weird and inappropriate behavior but considering her age and the fact she was probably also groomed like this recently, it's more sad than milky and outrageous tbh

No. 1862228

She's 18 a legal adult. Again if she was a moid you have a different opinion. She's not a kid anymore she can get in legal trouble by allowing minors friends to view nudes of herself. Liking lolicon at 18 is gross as shit and a red flag and not something "you'll grow out of". Nunu ever mention being groomed so she got into lolicon voluntarily.

No. 1862239

Nonnie, you can keep emphasizing her age but it’s not going to make it milky. 18-25 is when your brain is still forming and changing, she’s legally an adult sure but mentally she may as well be 15-16. Legality has no bearing on the reality of being teenaged and having a teenager mind. Just because people turn the magic number it doesn’t make them mature. An 18 year old talking to a 15 year old in baby speak for the “loli aesthetic” isn’t the evil pedophilic Moloch levels of “child grooming” you and the video in >>1862130 make it to be. Weird and cringe? Yes. And yes the kids clothes thing is creepy. I think everyone can agree the jojifuku trend is pedobait for the moids watching them. But given that there were legitimate pedophiles from MFC that hunted these types of girls (they might still be around with burner accounts) maybe the cutecore vanguard should set its sights on actual pedos who are being left to groom as they please. The second these girls turn 18 everyone hates them and wants to accuse them of pedophilia while there’s people like ickyoniichan giving girls lolicon material. Did everyone just magically forget about that? There’s more men like him out there still. They benefit off the distractions these petty spats provide. Makes it harder to catch the real problem. Come back to the thread when these cutecore types are at the level of goon cave and ACTUAL grooming. Until then this all reeks of tweenage vendettaposting. I guess at best, it’s nice to see young women and girls setting boundaries but the whole pedo accusations just makes it look intentionally inflammatory and blown out of proportion.
>INB4 hi cow, why are u defending le literal pedo, etc.

No. 1862246

Again if she was a moid you wouldn't have the same opinion nonnie. An 18 lolicon male or female is gross. A 18 male or female allowing minors to see their nsfw post is gross. And she didn't just turn 18. Shes been 18 for a good while now 19 soon. A male or female 18 year old having 13-15 year olds call them daddy/mommy is gross and creepy behavior. A male or female 18 year old calling 13-15 year olds their daughter or lil sister is gross. Nonnie your only defending her because you are treating her as a little girl. Shes not she graduated high school and has a job, driving a car, and posting porn of herself because shes allowed to. 18 year olds know better then this there's nothing to defend. She knows better but she choses to do these actions. A 18 year old knows lolicon is wrong but she choses to be one. Stop treating her like an innocent dumb little child when she's not.

No. 1862251

"Gross" isn't milk. You need to be at least 18 years old to post here

No. 1862253

NONNIE I am 18 and I would say being a pedobaiting lolicon and inappropriate with minors online is cow behavior.

No. 1862282

It's very transparent what you're trying to do. Doesn't matter what chan site you go to - not your personal army. Did you think just because she's 19 and was collectively called a pedo by her own sycophants that every anon would bite? You are either a child or woefully lack nuance. If you're going to shit up the thread with your back and forth "no u" just save that energy for a new twitter callout. The only people (children) who supposedly care about this would much prefer another "exposed" video.

No. 1862288

Nonnie you're wrong stop shitting up they thread with your defending behavior. Lolicons are cows.(sage your shit)

No. 1862289

Are you on something? This woman is being inappropriate with kids and her being a lolicon doesnt help. Shes gross and creepy. Most people who see this would know what she did was wrong. You must be on something if you dont.(Stop trying to make Nunu happen)

No. 1862296

anyone can see what's shes doing is grooming. You must be one of her lolicon friends to defend her.

No. 1862310

all of you need to stop the infighting this thread
its fucking annoying

No. 1862344

There's no nuance to consider, it's pretty straight forward. She's old enough to know better. Left unchecked, things will escalate, so she absolutely deserves to be shamed and called out for being a gross autopedophilic enabler. You're definitely in the same age range as her with that "b-but i'm just a minor gaiz! You can't hold me accountable yet" mindset. It's just as unacceptable for a woman as it is for a man. Quit trying to make it a gendered issue when it's not. You probably argue that 2D lolicon is "just lines on paper" too, despite the fact that most people get a taste for the real thing by indulging their taste through a "safe" media first. If porn is harmful for developing minds and primes people's sexual tastes and leads to pornsickness, the same can be said of 2D lolicon shit. These types of people rarely grow of it because they start to need more extreme stuff to coom to because they get so used to it. They become wired to mainly find that fetish sexually exciting and satisfying. The baby talk is BECAUSE she is a lolicon. It might be just cringe without that context, but the context is there so you can't claim it's unrelated.

No. 1862451

>she absolutely deserves to be shamed and called out
There's already a youtube video isn't there? There's no reason to drag this to lolcow farm or involve completely unrelated strangers, according to google cache she has like 2k insta followers and 6k tiktok ones, she's a nobody. Either get out or lurk moar, kid, we don't care.

No. 1862483

>gendered issue
kek outed yourself there faggot

No. 1862521

Why does it bother you so much if it gets posted? Just ignore it if you don't care.
>There's no reason to drag this to lolcow farm or involve completely unrelated strangers
This is a gossip forum nonnie and an egirl thread so it's going to be brought up since she's in the circle

No. 1862525

>uwu why does it BOTHER you so much!! non-haters just DNI!!
Again, lurk moar, that's not how imageboards work. She's not "being brought up", you're just posting a bunch of paragraphs-long posts insisting that we need to talk about her because she's sooo problematic. That's not entertaining at all.

No. 1862535

I’m not that same anon but you seem a bit triggered seems like she’s your friend or something

No. 1862546

no1curr about this literal who. I remember why these threads died out now, the anon that said this thread is full of cutecore egirls that don't know how to integrate was right

No. 1862549

no1curr about lolicons being inappropriate with children

No. 1862576

>no1curr about lolicons being inappropriate with children
Literally happens everyday. If you were to post every instance of this happening in the egirl community, the posts would never end. The girls with lolicon merch that dress like children are inappropriate with children? Who would've thought. If she had an actual following and not 1k on instagram maybe people would care, this may as well be posted in the personal lolcow thread. Go back to youtube and instagram

No. 1862613

Anon there isnt a rule about how big of a following so why bring it up. Nyabeat still gets posted here and she doesn’t have a large following either so go lurk other threads if you dont care.

No. 1862624

Both of you need to shut up(Nunu vendetta samefagging)

No. 1863051

nyabeats got involved in milkier stuff, namely a nazi group that was collectively grooming egirls that was also relatively relevant in the crypto and new york "post-left" scene, and even then no1currs much about her or this group either

No. 1863190

File: 1689200624387.jpg (823.51 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230712_232526_Ins…)

Yet another Belle copycat that's badly edited, the likes count tells me as ever that scrotes are clueless and gross, apologies my phone didn't let me crop this better

No. 1863414

Lord the shoop is so obvious this one’s just embarrassing

No. 1863560

File: 1689229150226.webm (1.75 MB, 640x480, smegma_snail_land.webm)

No. 1863587


Her videos are even worse, you can see her old photos and how badly she shoops and all the comments are old creepy men fawning over her(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1863606

File: 1689238050176.webm (1.31 MB, 720x406, 46b2cca5-f772-431b-a42d-db277a…)

this is more damning evidence than nunu grooming girls 4 years younger kek, it's anime cp. The artist is Henreader, they state the ages of elementary schoolers in the hentai that shit is vile.

No. 1863654

How did you change your navigation bar to that?

No. 1863682


Do you mean the little stars? I was on the Galaxy Theme shop and there's one with a space tiger, I'll grab you the name later and sage it if you like!

Also I swear there was a Belle ripoffs thread and I could not find it, otherwise I'd dump this girl's username there

No. 1863696

Yeah, thank you! I didn't know you could make a custom navigation bar since I hadn't seen any option to change it in the settings

No. 1864136

NTA but also interested kek didn't know this was a thing, it's kawaii as shit

No. 1864165


I'm totally embracing my 14yo interests at nearly 30 and I will let you both join me: the theme is called "Star-Star boota" and changes the menus to that lovely set up as well as many other things! Enjoy nonnas

No. 1864812

Damn, that creator has a bunch of other cute themes, tysm nonnie. If any stranger asks I'll just say my non-existent daughter set it up

No. 1866613

I installed this (another nona) and it is so damn cute. The message/call background, the clock, the keyboard, I didn't know they could be changed so thank you for sharing the name of the theme with us (and thanks to the anon who noticed your little star icons)

No. 1866653

Nunuseru outed 4 harassment and lolicon shit. typical egirl lol

No. 1866723

>fat scrote voiceover
kek I don't care about this dime a dozen nunu bitch, but the irony that this grown man is involved in calling out these cutecore kawaaiicore e-girls that are 5+ years younger than him and working with people in that age gap as well is definitely something else.
Here's an idea, retard: actually take care of your child instead of getting involved with niche tiktok drama and doing voiceovers for teenage girls that you have no business being involved with either

No. 1866725

File: 1689611752380.jpg (375.86 KB, 960x771, MYXJ_20230717123337550_save.jp…)

No. 1866745

this dumb faggot really spent all that time going over obvious troll/bait tellonyms that could've been sent by literally anyone, people not even involved with this nunu girl and the spergy cutecore drama. It's like the idea that people could abuse an anon system is so beyond them but I'm not surprised this is what ipad kids have grown up into.

No. 1866850

Nunu is innocent you need to stop this is a vendetta

No. 1866878

i wouldnt say nunu is entirely innocent. its clear she got herself involved in some loli bs, but i wonder if she only did it bc she was groomed and not bc shes a child lover? lol i just think its hard to believe, especially knowing how obsessed she is with her bf. and i wonder if this cutecorenews group are any better waiting for people to turn 18 just to talk about them, one being a parent themselves? super weird

No. 1866927

she was groomed shes a victim please stop this vendetta(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1866933

>>1866927 ok but that still doesn't make it okay to consume loli content…if she genuinely feels bad she would apologize and explain how she didn't know better, but all she's done so far is cry and show her self-harm online
i also dont have any vendetta lol i was actually a fan of hers till all this stuff came up and its just very confusing now(sage your shit)

No. 1867005

>shes a victim

No. Your blatant WKing and refusal to assign accountability are mighty sus. She's not an innocent victim, she's old enough to know better, and i'm sick of every DDLG freak using the grooming excuse (lie) as a get out of jail free card for carte blanche degeneracy. Some women are just gross and prioritize their coom over everything else, and we need to hold them accountable just as we would a moid.

No. 1867018

I like how you admit to being a fan of her when if you had two working eyes you'd have seen this coming from a mile away because she never hid her loli shit and irl loli larp as well as her general pos behavior
Do I think this call-out is cringe when there are others with bigger followings? Yes, but this Nunu girl is gross
All of the cute core bitches are the same, you're all "fans" of these girls until you decide you hate them and want to run them off the internet so you can take their "throne" like you did to Voidchan kek
It's so amusing

No. 1867021

this guy needs to focus on his kid instead of making this shit lmfao(learn to sage)

No. 1867029

yea i did admit to being a fan but i never said for how long lol. i wasnt around long enough to know about any of the loli larping bs bc i had just followed her for her pictures. and i didn't just "decide" to hate on her either like im literally still confused about the situation overall lmfao but keep making assumptions on rando anons on the internet it makes you sound extra smart

No. 1867177

File: 1689652727419.jpg (2.12 MB, 2730x4096, 1230394283592.jpg)

The chin and meitu smile slider on max is absolute nightmare fuel. If you scroll to the beginning of her Belle larp you can see that she actually resembled a human once. She also gets bonus points for getting braces a few days ago, kek

No. 1870170

File: 1690216963375.jpg (424.96 KB, 960x1418, MYXJ_20230724124158279_save.jp…)

So, that cutecorenews account recently paid 75$ for a cameo of Chris Hansen calling out nunu and the cutecore community for some reason? Why did they think this was smart, are ppl supposed to be impressed by this?

No. 1870360


Made my night seeing you nonnas happy and enjoying the theme too, I'm so glad!

No. 1870361


I scrolled to the beginning too and it was rather harrowing. Why do all these girls want to look like Belle of all people?

No. 1870715

WOW i saw on their tellonym that they did it as "promotion" and to "bring more awareness" KEK

No. 1872710

File: 1690653447431.jpg (579 KB, 940x1044, MYXJ_20230729135823800_save.jp…)

all of these girls are both secretly and openly anachan ddlgers,what is with this creepy obsession of being "smol" ?

No. 1873176

i agree with u anon

No. 1873178

It's popular with scrotes.

No. 1873205

only the creepiest scrotes care how tall women are

No. 1873222

Yes. The creepiest and/or most insecure kek

No. 1873463

File: 1690763205069.jpeg (666.64 KB, 991x1024, 0F848048-D7BB-46E4-B97E-3D7F5A…)

did someone say “tall women”?

No. 1873598

File: 1690794943502.png (795.07 KB, 720x526, Screenshot_20230731-040835.png)

>Extremely performative for woke internet points yet ends up getting exposed for being problematic themselves

Meet Mika Membrane / Mika Chamber / cell / scythe / parasiteaddict / dykeware / killerware / parasitegirl / whatever name she's using to escape from "stalkers", ex-friends, and the random people she got mad at and decided to cancel.

She is most famous for callouts regarding 4lung, bulldog eyes, 100 gecs, and more random small musical & visual artists, she frequently dates micro-ecelebs until eventually they somehow become pedophiles or racists despite close friends of her past expressing that she has been racist & pedophilic to them as well!

Currently her Tumblr dykeware is on locks because of some guy named Regnbogogeist who has been orbiting her, however the https://killerware.tumblr.com/ account IS up.

I check up on her every year or so, and each time she is either 1. Homeless 2. Calling out someone new 3. E-begging and then spending it all on weed/anime figures

No. 1873604

Funny seeing her here. I left a comment one time years ago and she thought i was one of these "stalkers" kek

No. 1873616

File: 1690799268246.png (6.82 KB, 661x94, EaqWEdQX0AAuMo2.png)

are there any archives or tl;drs of her callout posts/videos on these people? i'm just wondering about 100 gecs and devi mccallion

No. 1873834

Back in the day, she made a video regarding 4lung trying to groom her at a convention, and this turned out to be fake, so she nuked it. She is VERY prone to nuking anything, but somehow still leaves her reddit account with the same name she uses and has used (parasitegirl, very active) as for devi she just re-uploaded some stuff Devi made pre-transition, and y'know some trans women have that edgy racist phase beforehand, so she had a song with the n word in it. I never found out about why she hated 100 gecs, probably a racist song or something lol. Anyways, the devi video is no longer there because of a copyright claim on her YouTube, however the devi call-out reached far wider than her other ones & kind of helped to ruin the black dresses arc of her musical career.

No. 1874881

File: 1690991076413.jpg (410.73 KB, 960x1219, MYXJ_20230802114521130_save.jp…)

It gets worse because she's very openly promoting this vile delusional "subliminal" shit 1/2

No. 1874882

File: 1690991097603.jpg (322.21 KB, 960x1296, MYXJ_20230802114606848_save.jp…)

No. 1874900

>fit into baby’s clothing
what the fuck.

No. 1874975

Stuff like this is so weirdly pathetic and coombrained that it has the opposite effect of making me want to be taller, stronger and more physically powerful.

No. 1874976

This sounds like tranny and fat fuck cope. Imagine all of the time that could be used to do meaningful things, wasted on listening to retarded audios of people coping with not looking like how they want to look like.

No. 1874994

I MAY be wrong, but I know Gecs were called out a while ago for collabing with known cow Nicole Dollanganger, it might be related to that

No. 1875008

File: 1691003012608.jpg (379.15 KB, 960x642, MYXJ_20230802150453099_save.jp…)

Apparently a lot of anachans like moedreamgirl use or condone them since they obviously knew about them and felt "inspired" by them. I'm sure those types use them too

The ~teeny moe loli LARP is so uncanny juxtaposed by the face of a 45 year old bimbofied toad kek

No. 1875086

Anachans are so fucked up, many children die in washing machines.

No. 1875238

This is so stupid. I’m pretty tall and I can fit into a US washing machine. Lamest “challenge” ever.

No. 1875385

Girl I was thinking the same thing as I scrolled by. If you’re slim and flexible, a 5’10 woman can absolutely fit in one lmao

No. 1875420

File: 1691065555285.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, 84319959-3231-4E2D-AB5F-1D35A7…)

no one cares if u wanna be a mom or a cute “moe anime girl” she’s such a liar oh my god

No. 1875457

File: 1691069407473.jpg (316.21 KB, 567x938, MYXJ_20230803092945462_save.jp…)

It's such an obvious lie too. She literally gave a shoutout to the subliminal and mentioned that's exactly what that was and how she's seemingly happy they used her pics in it. "a joke" my ass you know she gets off to mentally ill teens using her as their subliminal anachan thinspo
it's like she can't decide if she wants to be belle delphine or trisha paytas but whatever you're going for it's NOT working for you

No. 1876144

I'm sure the fire department will also think it is super cute and adorable when they have to remove your stuck fat ass out of a washing/dryer machine.

No. 1876201

File: 1691178677196.jpeg (839.3 KB, 1121x1145, IMG_4109.jpeg)

The shooping is insaneee on this one kek

No. 1876261

File: 1691187175199.jpg (394.31 KB, 880x1185, MYXJ_20230804181050352_save.jp…)

Speaking of shoop, what in the fresh hell is going on in this video of Ellie on TT
belle delphine Ellie era incoming, she already gives herself the eye makeup and the jeff the killer glasgow smile

No. 1876267

Her body checking has been popping up again, I guess she's in her ethot arc now

No. 1876330

the fuck did she do to her hips? that doesn't look normal.

No. 1876332

It's probably one of those meitu body filters people use for videos, it just looks so fucked up on her twiggy anachan body

No. 1876428

what is going on with her hips?? the filter doesn't look normal on her at all

No. 1876461

Believe she's wearing a waist trainer(sage your shit)

No. 1876555

ok unsaged moid

No. 1876564

File: 1691240427939.jpg (251.57 KB, 960x1277, MYXJ_20230805085934460_save.jp…)

someone is definitely not bothered or seething, i didn't know starving yourself so you can fit into baby clothes counts as a "treadmill"

No. 1876565

File: 1691240485417.jpg (766.18 KB, 960x1477, MYXJ_20230805090007635_save.jp…)

they're both filtered you dumb fuck

No. 1876608

could her lurking be any more obvious? yes, we are reading this and laughing at you.
she is delusional. she looks ugly and scary in both pictures. ironically, the loli larp ages her. absolutely pathetic for a grown woman to be dressing and acting like this.

No. 1876612

File: 1691249192775.jpg (250.12 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230806_012815_Ins…)

She's obviously not 45 anon, she's clearly prepubescent kek

No. 1876941

Tiktok does this to everyone especially anyone who likes cutesy things, or if you get reported enough

No. 1878052

File: 1691497033069.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0055.png)

She cannot be for real. This one piece is for a fucking toddler.

No. 1878166

File: 1691516872376.jpeg (343.33 KB, 1169x1953, IMG_9323.jpeg)

not sure if anyone else remembers ariana/plasticandproud/scorpioasshoe but she might be making a comeback. her last thread is full so forgive me if this isn't the best place to post. she does have an OF and used to be all about her BPD.

No. 1878174

I always wonder what these girls’ parents—mothers specifically—think when their young adult daughters want to have a young child looking room and dress like this. I would be beyond sickened and probably cut off her internet access if she lived at home ugh.

No. 1878190

She's been being posted in the cam girls threads recently, she's just as disgusting as she always was. Plus her face surgery has gotten even worse

No. 1878196

File: 1691520364912.jpeg (351.1 KB, 1242x2029, 1691312637060.jpeg)

No. 1878366

File: 1691541755508.jpg (61.58 KB, 720x938, IMG_20230808_203457.jpg)

"My loli days are over"
Proceeds to post herself with her ass out in a swimsuit made for toddlers..
And of course her retarded cutecore japancore ass kissers hype her up, they're too braindead from heavy internet consumption to see just how fucking disgusting this is.

No. 1878371

She needs to figure out what body type she wants because anorexic wannabe lolis who don't eat don't have an ass like that kek
Called the belle delphine larp at least, I'm sure her 15 year old confetticloverpoplaffeychanirl "friends" will eat it up regardless

No. 1878390

She really outed herself, looks nothing like >>1876261 kek my sides
This image compared to the rest in that post makes me think she's photoshopped it too

No. 1878430

>>1878366 she is so defensive of this yet she still follows that one 18+ jojifuku(?) account wut

No. 1878455

File: 1691552950583.jpg (313.64 KB, 960x1517, MYXJ_20230808234924336_save.jp…)

How hard can it be to find a swimsuit that's cute and your taste and not made literally for grade schoolers? if you wear that shit out or take pics in it people are going to think you're an age player

No. 1878456

File: 1691553189525.jpeg (196.5 KB, 1080x1920, download (21).jpeg)

Girl you say this while following and being blatantly inspired by people like Belle Delphine and the NSFW jojifuku page, who do you think you're fooling?

No. 1878458

Its also hilarious considering she wouldn't even be wearing things like mezzo piano/angel blue in the first place if it weren't for the jojifuku bullshit its so transparent

No. 1878478


Her saying this but fucking wanting to live in Belle Delphine's skin and being an admitted lolicon is real rich. She's just sperging about this publicly so her fanbase (if you can even call it that) can go and defend their confetti loli mezzo piano queen.

If she really wanted to "just post herself in a swimsuit and go to the beach" shouldn't she, I don't know, get one her actual size and that's made for her age? People are going to stare at her wondering who left their unchaperoned sped daughter at the beach.

No. 1878485

"grown men talking to 16 yr old girls" you mean the exact kind of people you allow in your comments?? the exact kind of people you are mutuals with? The people you literally base your whole personality off to get attention from? ok

No. 1878488

also why does she always engage with these posts/comments? she literally posts a new thing to respond to almost EVERY DAY. She literally seeks out these posts about her but then goes and says how "depressed" she is all the time and how she is on new medication again cus she is "getting worse". Why does she chose to engage with the side of the internet that clearly causes her to have a fucking manic episode every time she has to rush and defend herself on her stories??? Its gotten to where there is almost a formula kek. She posts a ss of a comment/post about her, complains and defends herself, posts 2/3 more general stories about how "stupid" everyone, then posts a Melanie Martinez song with a rant about how she just doesn't care about people online anyways. every other day I stg. like anyone who follows her, u can't tell me you don't notice this formula lmao(sage your shit)

No. 1878519

File: 1691571326180.jpg (190.57 KB, 1078x1075, 20230809_015657.jpg)

LMAOOOOO ELLIE IS LURKING. LMAO LIKE WTF YOU COULDNT BE LESS OBVIOUS??? She literally unfollows the jojifuku account THE DAY it gets mentioned on lolcow oh my fucking god. I cannot believe how actually retarded she is????

No. 1878520

>>1878519 she also unliked the pics she had liked before. Like as if ppl don't notice this shit

No. 1878531

I don't get why ellie doesn't just get a new style that isn't mezzo piano/jojifuku. Like just why?? What does it do for you?? Like just wear what you actually l c5df8a57-bbf8-4ca2-bca8-f4cc22096641ike. Theres literally no reason to just stick to that weird subculture of barely jfashion while pretending to be above it. She obviously shows she is interested in other shit that doesn't revolve around being a "loli" , just let the dumbass jojifuku shit go already. Simply put, you can just accept that you are growing into an adult. and you can even still like cute/kawaii style without clinging to the loli persona. Its just sooo painfully obvious she still wants to be viewed as "cute" when its doing nothing

No. 1878542

>>1878531 also considering the amount of money she spends on Japanese children’s clothing makes it so much funnier.

No. 1878714

sage your sperging

No. 1878793

File: 1691617644944.jpg (809.21 KB, 960x1630, MYXJ_20230809174744502_save.jp…)

girl you are delusional! editing yourself to have an ass while the rest of your body is lanky does not make you suddenly have a big ass kek but keep awkwardly pigeon toeing to make yourself look curvier if it makes you feel better

No. 1878795

File: 1691617733683.jpg (724.19 KB, 960x1564, MYXJ_20230809175038757_save.jp…)

No. 1878871

File: 1691625606232.jpg (1.94 MB, 3464x3464, shirousapedobaiting0999.jpg)

None of this made any sense. That swimsuit is begging for it's release on her, it's obviously made for a child not a grown adult. She's so stupid.
Also this "stop sexualizing me" thing doesn't make any sense. She will tell this account to stop sexualizing her, but if you look at the kind of people that are drawn to her and the comments of what they say, they blatantly say some fucking wack shit and I've yet to see her complain about it on her stories or twitter.

The moment she gets rightfully called out though, then she's going with her victim mentality.

No. 1878891

not to be a bone rattler but ellie has gained weight since she first became popular. its possible that that photo is edited, i also believe its possible that her butt is that size. its not a huge ass and shes standing at an angle that makes it seem bigger than it is. she not as thin as she once was, claims to be recovered. depending on genetics, when some people gain weight, one of the first places fat goes is the ass.

No. 1878911

>posts a thinly veiled thirst trap with ass hanging out in what is clearly children's swimsuit when she could have easily worn an age appropriate swimsuit

This bitch really is dumb and she thinks we all are, too… maybe her braindead pedo-adajacent scrotes would buy her excuses but anyone with sense and eyes can see otherwise.

No. 1879107

Kek how did PNP become mtf all of the sudden
The drugs are really catching up to her

No. 1879141

is there any tea with PnP? I kind of miss her degenerate shenanigans

No. 1879276

ya in the camgirl thread they talk about her sometimes she left and divorced Matt and is still ugly but not milky unfortunately

No. 1879856

the obvious ass shoop is so fucking funny, is she delusional? this is ridiculous photoshop thread material. Also, that tiktok posted upthread >>1876261 she's clearly wearing some kind of hip pads and a corset. Like, girl, cmon. It's giving hsts mtf shoop

No. 1883022

File: 1692234333449.png (485.3 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230816-210115.png)

Ellie got a womb tattoo but I thought she didn't want to be sexualized lmao? Funny how she will do the exact opposite of what she cries and whines about. Also, posting shit like this when your audience is impressionable minors is pretty fucking suspect to me. They already prance around eating funfetti and calling themselves lolis..
She's just such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 1883026

Samefag, but in other news of the wonderful world of cutecore e-girls, our friend moetrons has been exposed yet again. (How many times does this count now?) She was previously posted on the fakeboi thread when she was larping as a "totalllly cis male!!1!!" Her current username is popcutesweet.

Summing up the video contents:

> jojifuku fag, pretends she's way younger than she is and lies about her age. Supposedly in her 20s.

> Asian fishing, and it's BAD. Her god awful makeup and the way she squits her eyes almost looks like she needs a pair of glasses. Topped with the billion blur filters to hide that giant nose.

> Posts herself on 4chan loli boards exchanging lewds, anyone surprised?

> Is pro-ana, had a pro-ana twitter account where she talked about wanting to be raped by her boyfriend and how she loves being a loli.

> was allegedly caught being friends with real pedophiles who watched CP, apparently this evidence was wiped off the face of the earth though.

> Whines and spergs when someone copies her oh so original aesthetic of clovers and chocolate.

> Has several skinwalkers wanting to wear her skin, some shown in the video.

She's such a woman child, she should just fuck off the Internet forever. She's notorious for leaving then coming back under a new alias.

No. 1883034

She’s a pedo pandering piece of shit but Asian fishing is an absolute meme term, go back to twitter.

No. 1883074

NTAYRT, and not being sarcastic, but how is it a meme term? I've seen it happen enough times that having a word for it seems warranted.

No. 1883151


Nah, that's just light hair growing out of a dye job for too many months.(how have you still not learned how to sage)

No. 1883166

That's obviously a temporary tattoo

No. 1883168

Holy shit kek that video is the most braindead twitter shit i've ever seen, they need to close this thread again

No. 1883195

“Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter E-Girls” it might not be what you like, but it kinda hits the nail on the head.

No. 1883295

i hate these girls as much as i hate trannies. in fact they’re very similar to trannies. attention seeking, degenerate, pretending to be something they’re not

No. 1883316

Does it matter if it's temporary or not? What matters is that she's a hypocrite who has no issue sexualizing herself to her minor audience but when others point out her wrong doings she throws a bitch fit about how they're disgusting freaks for ever daring to sexualize to her. Double stanards having ass

No. 1883352

Her simultaneously wanting to have wide hips and an ass/thighs but still have her old ed anachan habits of also wanting to be as skinny as possible is so funny and shows in her recent pictures and latest edits

No. 1883531

this must Ellies “angeltroon photoshop phase” that looks so unnatural, what’s with the weird muscles up top

No. 1883788

this channel is just a bunch of neurotic teens trying to get girls they think are prettier and more popular than them canceled. literaly throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks

they belong in this thread simply because the videos themselves are the product of the deranged e-girl mind.

No. 1883931

Asianfishing is absolutely a thing, but it's gotten misconstrued so many times that no one takes it seriously anymore. Wearing circle lenses, asian fashion, and asian makeup trends isn't asian fishing UNLESS the person in question is trying hard to mislead people into thinking their ethnicity is asian with all those things and intentionally trying to mimic ethnic traits such as thin eyes (which is dumb, because fishers miss the nuances and clearly go for a weeby interpretation of what they think an asian person looks, dresses, and acts like, much like how male troons are projecting their pornified view of what they think a woman is based on stereotypes).

No. 1884481

File: 1692472337635.jpg (457.55 KB, 1080x1780, 20230819_121129.jpg)

i…just….what??? this is the EXACT thing you wanted to happen?? she kept posting nonstop about that shit in the way that you KNOW she was hoping it turned into a micro trend in this circle of people. AND you're doing the exact same thing with vo1dchan's interests still by saying "mcdonalds is my hyperfixation". like what???? its only ok when u adopt peoples interests?

No. 1884529

Asianfishing is twitter cancer bullshit. People have a range of diverse phenotypes and saying they’re Asian fishing because they do winged eyeliner and have monolids or already almond shaped eyes or a flattish facial structure is complete retardation.(derailing)

No. 1884640


No the hell it isn’t and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking retard. Go back to tiktok and Twitter with that bullshit.(sage your infighting)

No. 1884757

I’ve noticed that a lot recently. There were a bunch of tiktoks of Asian and half white half Asian SJW girls trying to mock white girls for wearing kimono and saying it’s cultural appropriation but the thing is most of the girls actually looked good and the cancel thing was blatantly just jealousy. I’ve also seen the same thing directed at white girls who dress in Japanese fashion or makeup and look cute, they keep getting accused of meme tier asianfishing shit but really those sjws are just jealous because they look cuter than them in such styling(unsaged derailing)

No. 1884762

And the hate gets directed heavily at beautiful Caucasian girls like Dasha Taran and Chloe Chuu who are big in Asia and have Asian bfs but jealous tiktok zoomers keep accusing them of racism for doing ‘korean’ makeup style god it’s pathetic lol

No. 1884765

File: 1692496963318.jpeg (580.57 KB, 750x822, F77FC982-959F-4ED7-9710-8527B1…)

That’s ironic seeing as how pretty much all Asian influencers and zoomed Asian celebrities spend thousands of dollars bleaching their skin, dyeing their hair, wearing colour contacts and getting plastic surgery to get bigger eyes and high noses and smaller more pointy lips like Caucasians but nobody is getting cancelled for whitefishing.(racebait, derailing)

No. 1884842

I wonder what scrote she's interested in now where she's going from jojifuku confetti Loli larp to this weird angeltroon shopped body womb tattoo thirst posting
"I'm just a girl" ellie you're an adult and you and your nasty ex bf exchanged loli rape doujinshi but were sipposed to expect that you're different now just like you suddenly don't have an ED now…sure…

No. 1884929

(This is not race baiting, nannies. This is just a general suggestion)
Nonnie I think a lot of Asian influencers are actually emulating anime characters. They get a giant western following if they look like irl moe characters

No. 1884949

"Pointy lips like caucasians" since when have white people been known to have the standard lips that PoC want? It's white women who get lip fillers the most. Btw the average Chinese woman is already fair skinned, just has different undertones than Europeans who are usually more pink colored.. you guys acting like you're the only ones with "white skin" is like when African Americans hoteps label Indians black because some of them are really dark lmao

No. 1884952

>>1809451 White Americans please stop referring to yourselves as "Caucasian". It's cringe as fuck. No Russian in Russia calls themselves Caucasian because Caucasian literally means someone from the Caucasus.

It's like calling yourself "aryan" ffs, leave the 1940s already.(sage your shit)

No. 1884954

File: 1692518052968.jpg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-08-20_09-52-55-383.…)

.(racebaiting, spamming)

No. 1885019

i’m sorry but whoever said that white racists fuck asians in a thread here on lolcow farm because they’re close to the ethnostate is a retarded moid. where do indians stand? jackasses(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1885039

while the term is outdated, its a broad racial classification based on average proportions, cause fundamentally there are only skin-deep differences between European, North Africans and Middle Eastern people.

No. 1885087

That race shit really doesn't matter all that much. In the future everyone will be almost the same brownish-whiteish color, have this kinda mixed face structure and that's it. Race is what remains from evolution in totally different environments, and it's going away soon. You all keep bringing up that shit but in the end it's kind of a way of talking badily about some groups from some countries because when you say asians you don't mean the indians, but the japanese/korean/chinese. When you say blacks, you mean the african american people, that's it. This is all so boring.

No. 1885112

That woman is adorable, btw. Why are middle aged japanese woman so cute and beautiful? I love them.

No. 1885177

Chinese and Japanese literally get lip reduction surgery as having big lips makes you look SEA Asian and northern Asians hate SEA Asians so they try to get rid of any features that resemble themn

No. 1885182

File: 1692556903929.jpeg (37.17 KB, 559x355, AC47FE99-8C07-4C40-B584-82D118…)

Also the whole point of wearing lip tint and the lip craze that happened in Asia was to put colour on the inside of the lips and concealer around the edges to make the lips look smaller and pointier. Koreans and Chinese make fun of big lips and say they look like sausages.(bait)

No. 1885185

File: 1692557097110.jpeg (60.27 KB, 460x613, BDF23FB6-D8B2-4988-82AB-24E099…)

No. 1885189

that ombre lip tint trend only looks good on Korean girls. it looks weird on anyone else

No. 1885192

That’s because Koreans have really big lips like SEA Asians.(racebait)

No. 1885475

Asian people don't want to look white, they are trying to look mysterious and ethereal and unhuman, most high fashion and art in every country is based upon this concept. Also white foundation and lenses cost like 50 bucks, get over yourself kek

No. 1885548

This is cope lol Asians worship white people.(racebait)

No. 1885808

nta but if they were trying to look white then why do they shoop their heads to tiny with massive eyes and really weird long thin stretched out bodies? Unless the white people in question is the boy who leaves the chocolate factory flat and stretched out in Charlie's faggot Chocolate Factory, I don't think that's the case

No. 1886195

Stupid,the beauty standard is to look like a noble class who doesn't work in the fields and has pale skin and delicate features

No. 1886388

White peoples generally have longer legs and bodies, smaller heads and larger eyes than Asians. Stop being retarded on purpose.

Nah Asians are obsessed with whites that’s why they all want half white kids and try to marry white people as often as possible.(sage your racebaiting)

No. 1886502

sage for possibly no milk but i want to point out how fucking weird it is that ellie (shirousa0999) follows yummytastytreat (very unhinged coke addict who draws violent actual loli porn)?? and even the tattoo Ellie got is verrrry similar to one yummytastytreat has? its really weird that Ellie will "call out" so many "problematic" users especially when its ""ERM UR A GROWN MAN LIiiiTeRally INTERACTING WITH MINORS""….but she regularily interacts and follows with an actual mentally ill creep?? yummytastytreats literally draws the most vile shit i have EVER seen…including but not limited to "amputated lolis". oh but thats ok because its another girl you know is like you, ellie

No. 1886504

i also apologize for my poor spelling kek(learn to spell and sage)

No. 1886519

you can't just say 'sage for no milk' and then not sage TWICE
also provide pics of what you are claiming please, otherwise what's the point newfagnonnie

No. 1886638

File: 1692754357315.jpeg (340.01 KB, 750x724, 709CEC8E-B036-41E2-A9E2-4C7E47…)

No. 1886662

those lips don't look small or pointy at all though. the trend is pouty and full like the pic you used…..(responding to bait)

No. 1887265

File: 1692847791605.jpeg (113.09 KB, 828x1556, IMG_8237.jpeg)

Its very interesting that Ellie still follows the kaliacc leader.

No. 1887416


Stop bringing up the gay Kaliacc shit, we’ve absolutely BEEN over it. If any of the actual PREDATOR MEN involved choose to stay anorexia fetish pedophiles even after all of the attention then it's between them and the law, Kaliacc was basically a psyop with (real) pedophiles & Nyabeat/Nikoyuppin/Whatever definitely wasn't a "leader"

Sage for retarded post

No. 1887417

File: 1692877979964.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3465x3465, CA717A9D-C25A-4D23-8F19-A5AFBF…)

stop racebaiting retard. whatever race you are it's obvious you have an inferiority complex. heart/krachap lips in east asia are meant to resemble BJD or anime dolls… not white people. white people don't have those kinds of lips as a common trait, nor is there a stereotype that white people have those lips(responding to bait)

No. 1887424

Ngl I would shoot this bitch in the face. So annoying. She needs a small coffin for her small body(a-logging)

No. 1888104

File: 1692973999271.jpeg (563.04 KB, 828x1133, IMG_1603.jpeg)

sage because theres no new milk, but does anyone else think vampjunks editing is getting more uncanny?

No. 1888338

Her eyes seen to be as wide as her mouth

No. 1889162

it's not covid, her body is growing into a woman's body. You cannot look like a teen forever, past a certain point you will only look like a very skinny adult. Jojifuku and the irl lolita shit that follows is poison for the mind because girls in their 20s are going to have massive breakdowns over their bodies and faces changing

No. 1889402

File: 1693191465688.jpg (128.14 KB, 715x1386, IMG_20230827_225651.jpg)

obvious lurking is obvious
>so i just got ass
what ass tho?

No. 1889689

she also refollowed the NSFW jojifuku account. lmao she needs to decide to think for herself jesus christ. she is constantly switching between being afraid of getting cancelled by her followers and to "doing what she wants"

No. 1890106

File: 1693320132099.jpg (254.41 KB, 720x1376, Vampjunk.jpg)

Yes, she looks nothing like her photos now. It won't let embed the video (assumibg it's because it's unlisted).


No. 1890406

File: 1693353297894.jpeg (Spoiler Image,254.74 KB, 828x1698, IMG_8405.jpeg)

1/2 (spoiler just in case)

No. 1890408

File: 1693353472555.jpeg (413.49 KB, 828x1644, IMG_8406.jpeg)

The last bit was so edgy, Ellie stop acting like a massive cow challenge (she deleted this kinda quickly after)

No. 1890776

Where is that "fat ass" she's talking about having, I can't seem to find it, did she drop it somewhere in the thrift store?

No. 1890789

Lmao right she looks completely average. Not bad or anything, but her body is in no way remarkable.

No. 1890877

LMAO ohhh ok thats the "dump truck" she was talking about?

No. 1890878

I swear she cannot go one day without going manic and ranting about something while trying to prove she doesn't care(integrate)

No. 1890879

especially with how much she says she is a mess with her BPD, it really does always come off as manic

No. 1890896

Those tacky kiddycore/jojifuku knee highs are doing her no favors. It emphasizes her thighs in a bad way because she looks even more like a cringey, young adult woman trying hard to look like a little girl.

No. 1890954

She’s coping now that she gained weight and looks painfully average

No. 1890956

Same fag but she has to narc about something now that she’s no longer a speshul anachan irl loli (srry cant delete post to rewrite I closed my browser)

No. 1891014

Good on Ellie for recovering from her ED, she used to deny having one a lot and probably was influenced by her ex to be an irl loli, maybe if she moves away from jojifuku her orbiters will follow suit but thats doubtful.

This thirst trap phase is so weird though, she doesnt have a dump truck ass just because she cant wear toddler skirts but she probably thinks thats the case because of her past anachan mindset

No. 1891414

Anyone aware of @norafawn? Just found her and she looks shooped to obvivion(sage your shit + imageboard)

No. 1891563

kek she has the same amount of ass she did as when she was 50 lbs lighter how did none of it go to her ass?

No. 1891780

File: 1693575864950.png (4.29 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_4527.png)

I feel Nora mainly just knows how to pose her body. This image is from a story post of hers showing what her body looks like from the front.

Nora for me I find to be okay, but it’s really cringeworthy when she desperately tries to adhere to some fetishised uwu I’m mentally Ill aesthetic, whenever someone mentions her being normal she always has to correct them and be like “UM NO IM ACTUALLY INSANE ^w^” lmfao

No. 1891800

well upon searching her username on insta I found an exposing account (albeit a bit empty) that had a video where even having a corset you can see a sleeve warping at waist level as she moves. I've got a similar body to her and I can see variations on her pics, though they're minimal (I guess she's smart keeping editing to a minimum)

No. 1891808

File: 1693578859091.png (Spoiler Image,887.75 KB, 577x843, N.png)

Are we looking at the same girl? She's shooped to oblivion, posing doesn't manifest anime proportions

No. 1891879

What tf is that green thing

No. 1891892

omg those kankles… gross, no way she's skinny and has the ankles of an elephant

she should be smarter and edit those, at least it would be more convincing

No. 1892285

File: 1693656857708.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.01 MB, 4096x4096, 192473938224.jpg)

I did notice some sperging about being autistic and in stem, gave very nlog vibes.
Maybe I'm retarded but does it look like her hip is warped/fading into the background here?

No. 1892418

yeah that definitely looks edited

No. 1892826

Weight gain alone does not dictate eating disorder recovery. Binge eating disorder and bulimia exists, and anorexic thought can happen at any weight.

No. 1893178

It looks like a smear of wasabi kek

No. 1893774

File: 1693981064231.jpeg (387.59 KB, 828x1467, IMG_8534.jpeg)

No. 1893802

File: 1693987384284.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0416.png)

what the hell does this mean

No. 1894041

She's terrified of the fact that she'll have to at some point get old and is already worried about people calling her a woman or ma'am and not a little girl I guess?
Maybe try following people who don't do DDLG and irl loli larps to start and you might not feel so uncomfortable with being called what you are which is a woman

Lets also be honest if Ellie got told she looked like a man or a troon she'd lose it

No. 1894043

I was thinking this too kek. She’s so blatantly terrified of not being a “girl” and instead being seen as a woman. This is honestly really sad and probably going to happen to a lot of terminally online zoomers.

No. 1894065

File: 1694034815550.jpg (19.16 KB, 720x178, IMG_20230906_170850.jpg)

Here she goes with her victim complex…
>I never said I was a lolicon!
Her response from the first accusations says otherwise..plus you're still a lolicon. Your entire walls are filled with loli girls and all you collect are loli figures. (Laffey) Your entire online personality is still being a retard loli who are you fooling?

No. 1894070

"im literally just a girl!!!"
ok? then go back to being "just a girl" with no massive internet following, but you wont because you clearly get off to all the young girls who starve themselves to fit into kids clothes you popularized and all the cutecore girls that idolize and orbit you. If you don't like it that bad put distance between that community and yourself and stop winning and collecting loli figures and merchandise exclusively?

or you can seethe on your stories some more about the problems you created for yourself and any ounce of criticism while you refresh the drama accounts and this thread thats fine too !

No. 1894071

*kinning, not winning

No. 1894096

thats literally what I have been thinking for months like its so easy to just not associate with that weird side of the internet yet she still does. even going on her Twitter for like 2 mins is weird as fuck because almost everyone who interacts with her posts is some kind of self harm or edtwt account who always says the weirdest shit on her posts. like "ur stomach is sooo flat" or "I wanna kill myself now ur body is perfect" "ur waist to hip ratio is perfect" like why doesn't she just block/delete accounts like that if she is "in recovery" too??

sorry for sperging but my point is its literally SO EASY to not interact with ppl like this yet she cannot help herself

No. 1894477

the problem is terminally online tards think the weird creepy part of the internet is normal

No. 1894611

Wow. Lying by ommission, using the typical "bUt I'm JuST a KiD!!" defense to avoid having to own up to her actions, and pulling the typical convenient lie that DDLG freaks love to use about "I was aboosed/groomed so I had no choice but to indulge in fictional CP!!". Also, yes, if you sexualize yourself while trying desperately to emulate being a little girl, you are still a lolicon, or more precisely, we'd call that a form of auto-pedophilia.

No. 1894617

The only grooming that happened was the grooming she fantasized about because she gets off to pretending to be a vulnerable, frail child overtaken by a big strong man since it makes her feel more desirable and feminine. It all feeds into patriarchal bullshit in the end.

No. 1894627

DDLG freaks who proudly display their lolicon merch are those who willingly got into it as a degenerate fetish, not as a way to cope. They rely on people painting abuse victims' trauma responses with a broad brush as if that sort of reaction is a solid, guaranteed fact so it excuses their disgusting behavior and there's nothing for them to own up to. It's more accurate to say that those few who do act out in such a way are more subtle about it because they feel a sense of shame for fantasizing about their traumatic experiences; they're not putting themselves on full display all over social media and blatantly living it as a lifestyle. Naturally, LARPers could never grasp the nuance of what actual victims go through because it's all a black and white performance for them. It's insulting.

No. 1895731

File: 1694297698789.jpeg (266.54 KB, 828x1687, IMG_8587.jpeg)

Not very milky but oh my god it’s so funny how easily mad this woman gets over nothing

No. 1895776

Literally begging her followers to white knight her at this point, how desperate can you get over absolutely nothing

No. 1896168

SRSLY this is what I mean she cannot go one day without rambling abt something on her story. she knows she can just ignore annoying msgs right? or reply to them privately why is it always some huge rant

No. 1896170

File: 1694376005945.jpg (387.67 KB, 1080x1772, 20230910_125757.jpg)

i genuinely cannot wrap my head around what she is saying…
ellie you literally had a healthy weight fit for being a 5'2 teenager, at the time..even before your pink hair. your pre egirl pictures are literally on the internet. you look the exact same UNTIL you all of the sudden get involved with jojifuku/being a wannabe kaliacc girl, edtwt. THEN that's when you went down to literally a skeleton. you have even admitted to gaining weight because you're in "recovery" now
so how were you before 2020 "more anorexic than you are now". like this is such a weird string of lies just to backtrack her lies from the past lmao

No. 1896173

she posts asks almost every week, but then only replies to like 4 and then half of them being shit she "doesn't wanna keep answering". JUST IGNORE IT THEN???(sage your shit)

No. 1896534

i stay voting for athena to get called tf out on this site its gold
but still patiently waiting for everyone to realize how milky she is
and again im not her idk why u always think that I just rly want to see her get called out finally(be the change you want to see)

No. 1896723

Second Athena her insta is @senpaislittlebrat same as Twitter fb is Athena Harlow lyn I'm p sure she has a cringe tik tok too
I wanted a thread on her when she first got brought up(sage your shit)

No. 1896783






I've been waiting to make this shit
She's been the laughing stock of sacramento for over 10 years ever since this girl brittany rocked her shit and jumped her for having a big mouth. She's perfect cow always posting her drama online. She's always in relationships and getting fucked over and then another relationship and that one "abused me" then married twice, had a kid that I think is dead now (p sure from sids) drug her poor second husband in the dirt treated him like trash he eventually left her ass and she CONTANTLY sad posts wanting him back he literally moved away and deleted all socials she traumatized him lmfao gets with this sketchy tattood insane Mexican guy that was clearly a herion addict (and just ugly as fuck) and eventually became a drug addict (not surprised one bit) shit got baaaad I remember she was saying that crazy junkie ex kidnapped her and tried to kill her (she was missing and he did go to jail for it) her and jonny Craig (and all of dance gavin dance) go way back (I went to school with her and ive hated her ever since her best friend is my bestfriend and she tells me all this dumb shit and she posts EVERYTHING online) they like dated for a while or where just REALLY close even up until the Syd drama. ALSO She's fucked that cobweb tattoo face fucker too idk that story completely. She WAS best friends with Tim feerek only because she was married to ben the guitar player for a lot like birds and I'm SO CERTAIN she was cheating on ben with Tim and THATS why he left her. She's a train wreck and did crazy shit when she was at her peak Junkie faze. She claims she's sober now and was in rehab for a while (her socials where completely quiet for months) pictures of NA chips and recovery bullshit now. God there's sooo much more lmfao I follow her (lurk acc) purely for the entertainment for SO long and never understood why she hasn't gotten more shit for how trash she is and has such a big mouth. She thinks she's tough as fuck because her dad's a hello angel. I even heard she literally pistol wiped someone LMFAO she's "always getting raped" yep one of those girl every man in her life has raped and abused her. Kelly told her something about her mom sold her into trafficking when she was 11 so maybe that's why she's so fucked off. Doesn't explain how she's such a whore though. She was in porn for a while for kink and she was dating Owen gray (fucking yuck) she's trash I subbed to her onlyfans once and HOLY SHIT it's DISGUSTIG and there's easily 20 + different people in there lmfao (sucks they all have herpes now) ohhh she she was fucking Corey laquay for a while YES he was with Chelsea and yes she found out and they're still together. She dated Red from kingdom of giants and he says that was something he regrets the most in his life LMFAO right now I'm pretty sure she's fucking some Russian chicks husband
Uhhh I know I know more I can't think rn but I think that's good enough amount of milk(continued newfaggotry)

No. 1896933

idk what that means I dont usually participate in the shit talking i just like reading it all so i dont know all the terms you use(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1896971

Whoever ''Athena'' is, we all know it's you nonnie.

No. 1897125

Sounds like it should go in personal cows, also type sage in the email box to not bump the thread
ironically forgot to sage my own damn post, sry for bump

No. 1897430

why are you here

No. 1897431

Stop posting like a fucking retard, nobody cares. Also you’re a scrote, so kindly fuck off.

No. 1897496

I posted a better one in thread request https://lolcow.farm/pt/

No. 1897497

I don't know why you get off by calling me Athena lol
she already posted some stupid shit on her instagram
at least this time its not her self posting

No. 1897530

You are so retarded idk why they don’t permaban your IP. Stop. Posting. Nobody gives a shit about Athena, the thread you made was a mess, you should leave and never come back

No. 1897569

you have like a crush on her or some shit?? Chill tf outb

No. 1897572

Why the fuck would Athena make posts with her dirty laundry?? That's just some psycho thinking
I'm pretty sure she hates this site she even said on insta it bums her out whenever someone shows her a comment about her.

No. 1897576

how old are you? please grow up and find a different hobby, this is getting very weird

No. 1909535

File: 1696555890672.jpg (4.37 MB, 3464x3464, thesprinklespedsarefighting.jp…)

necro thread but some new milk has been freshly served from our favorite confetti cow. ellie's tired of being an uwu so nice girl!! and switching from her stretched out toddler shoes to her big meanie adult shoes to talk about her skinwalkers.
in all seriousness though, this skinwalker is actually deranged so i can see her frustration. (not wking.)
i apologize for my shit college lmao

No. 1909641

File: 1696573969980.png (3.57 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1073.png)

Do any of you know strawbeariemilkk?
Her Twitter is moldiimink
Her TikTok/insta/youtube is strawbeariemilkk
She recently went viral on Twitter for having a fat ham planet boyfriend who’s also ugly and just genuine confusion surrounding that. There’s no shortage of her leaked pedo pandering belle Delphine nudes out there.
But I’m curious if anyone’s been following her, I’m a lurker to most threads and I dont know where this girl belongs but theres no shortage of milk.
picrel is a cap from her viral video.
she used to play games with some moids i used to play val with, she scrubs her youtube and tiktoks constantly but in the past
>started an OF to make pedo pandering porn
> made a youtube video saying that the entire internet groomed her into making porn and quit doing OF
>started doing OF again then quit when she met her discord mod boyfriend
>has some ex shes been trash talking on youtube and tiktok for being abusive and paying for all his shit
>constantly doxxes herself, her minimum wage job at freddys when she worked there pre only fans saga, her parents faces on her tiktok, recently on a twitch stream her address and credit card numbers
>has recently purchased a house (kek) and moved her obese boyfriend in with her to mooch until she inevitably starts OF again.
Most of her personality is being super belle delphine egg video level stuff with the frequent sperging about Five nights at Freddy’s. I’m sure there’s a ton of milk I’ve missed because I don’t lurk this girl at all this is just stuff I’ve seen.

No. 1909644

I feel like there’s a million bpd cows like this nowadays, I can’t even get interested in their lore because it’s always the same old story. Dating some fat ugly guy to have leverage over them and get attention while making yourself look better is just typical clusterbee shit.

No. 1909675

File: 1696583362697.jpg (25.8 KB, 564x567, getahobby.jpg)

imagine how productive those stalkers could be if they had nice, normal hobbies. obsessively buying the same bedsheets and inconsequential shit as some weeb loser is pathetic.

No. 1909687

the skinwalker is for sure retarded but ellie posts literally every god damn thing she owns because she must be the uwu cutecore queen so its no surprise some fag can easily buy that shit to be like queen ellie. play stupid games win stupid prices

No. 1909779

She'll claim all of this gives her panic attacks and how bad it is for her, but continue to post and give attention to these skinwalkers? She needs to leave the internet for everyone's benefit

No. 1909791

File: 1696601271923.jpg (41.63 KB, 640x350, 3cd44ecc6cb99ca2c62d2c7c480942…)

Also why should she care that strangers on the Internet she'll never meet or have any interaction with IRL copy her? pic related unless you have absolutely 0 life, plus actually do care about your online attention/following and don't want anyone else "stealing" that attention from you. And if in your sad little world all that does matter, then stop posting every single piece of crap you buy. None of it is particularly original anyway. I just don't get it.

No. 1909798

File: 1696601669961.jpg (2.37 MB, 4096x4096, Btfokek.jpg)

Watching like two of her reels with the sound off was enough to contract aids, but this made me wheeze nearly all her comments are negative

No. 1910035

File: 1696630608960.jpg (1.92 MB, 3360x2819, bpdsperging.jpg)


She's crying whining about how she's being gaslit even though every single stupid cutecore girl buys the same exact item but it's only different when she does it. Wasn't yer entire aesthetic ripped off from voidchan? She just replaced McDonald's with funfetti. Like why is she mad when she does the same stupid shit lmao

No. 1910294

Ellie is cringe but I think there's def a difference between being generic cutecore and obsessing over every little thing someone else does to the point of conveniently claiming to also be named Ellie on top of it all. liking the same characters and series, sprinklecereal is a notorious anti lolicon but somehow loves saya no uta, laffey, bache…..hmm wonder why! the username is also a dead giveaway.

She shouldn't go as hard as she does but I don't blame her for being kind of fed up, but everyone knows that sprinklecereal is creepy anyways and the people who defend them are just as weird in their obsession with Ellie or other people the perceived as cutecore

No. 1916435

So this girl is 17 and is not a child and shouldn't be behaving like this, but when all that shit was going down with Ellie's ex, her literal words of defense were that she was just a child even though she was 17!??!?!?!
Apparently rules of being a decent human being despite of your age only apply for people that aren't her… this girl is so deranged and hypocritical i can't even with her…

No. 1916992

I was thinking the same thing, it’s okay for her to be a weird and crazy 17 year old “child” but when someone is else is it’s suddenly not okay. Like I hate to defend them but sprinklecereal really is young and i think Ellie was a little too harsh on her.

No. 1917238

File: 1697915168365.png (137.8 KB, 327x586, Screenshot 2023-10-21 12.04.53…)

Now Ellie is complaining about Tiktok Hikikomoris. I find it ironic how she's claiming it's insensitive to romanticize the lifestyle, yet she's calling herself one when she isn't. You have a job, go to school, and post yourself in public constantly. Far from a Hikikomori.

No. 1917271

Exactly. A hiki is someone who literally doesn’t leave the house, is a neet and has completely withdrawn from society. What the fuck is this dumb bitch talking about lol.

No. 1917314

File: 1697923052614.jpg (119.27 KB, 718x1334, Screenshot_20231021-171447.jpg)


Someone called her out on it and she lost her mind over it lol. Thought she wasn't bothered by this kinda shit but always responds to the negativity and chooses to pay attention to it. She's so fucking annoying, she's far from being a hikki and probably faking autism too.

No. 1917401

whitehouse username kek

No. 1917505

>>1917238 "As someone who's autistic with a personality disorder" Does she think autism and bpd automatically make her a hikki? She has engaged with the "beautiful princess disorder" bullshit so she's no better than the people she's referring to, seems she only gives a crap about romanticizing illness when she's not the one doing it. Ironic how she says it's insensitive when calling herself a hikki is a slap in the face to real ones.

On the topic of Ellie, anyone else seen her complain about the price of her arthritis treatment? Her collection is NOT cheap, and she continues to buy expensive items but now she's complaining about not having enough money for treatment? Or pitying her followers into buying her more worthless crap because she's "dying"? YIKES. Complaining about not having enough money with thousands of dollars worth of plastic in your room is so bratty, and maybe instead of begging your devoted fans for shit from amazon open a gofundme and get the money you so desperately need. "Waaa Waaa americas health system is so fucked!!! I can't afford this!! Buy me toys on Amazon!!!" This woman truly disgusts me, but what's new with bpd women. Her internet "fame" has corroded her brain.

No. 1917506


Sounds like she's jealous of actual Hikikomoris. She's realized she can't be a neetpilled loli egirl and rot in her room the rest of her life and isn't willing to admit she's just a normal human being. Lmao.

No. 1917508

File: 1697952879515.jpeg (219.83 KB, 828x1472, 98A4A27D-82E7-4269-98CA-A570AC…)

never romanticized mental illness? lol

No. 1917514

this bitch has arthritis? at 19?

No. 1917751

I was about to ask if anyone else had seen it. She was guilt tripping her braindead followers to buy her stupid toys for kids because she's "dying" .. She whines about this shit but then buys retarded mezzo piano crap or her new obsession, Melanie Martinez, shit. All that money wasted could go towards your so called "surgeries" and "injections" that you need that.Hell, you'd even start to sell shit in your room to pay it off if it was really that serious. Also, doesn't she have a job? Even if it's not full time, that's no excuse not to save it towards your health. She's living with her family so I doubt she pays any bills.

No. 1917792

File: 1697998796134.jpeg (372.2 KB, 828x1526, IMG_1038.jpeg)

Since 16 apparently

She's talked about her health a lot, she also used it as an excuse for the Nazi allegations.

She brings it up occasionally and guilt trips people to hell but this is the first time she's said she's "dying". She said her current problems are denoted to Arthritis, don't think arthritis is deadly though kek.


She's so shameless about it, not sure how people still fall for her histronics. Claims she's dying, losing her ability to walk, unable to afford her treatment, and instead of asking for help she's asking people to buy her cow lingerie, kids toys, and loli figures. The only people falling for that are children and her other lolicon bpd friends in on it.

No. 1917936

File: 1698019905420.jpg (259.17 KB, 720x1285, Picsart_23-10-22_20-06-55-283.…)

possible nitpick but her fashion sucks, she looks like such a sped and not a kawaii uguu loli princess like she must think in her head. also her facial expressions in her selfies are so retarded like what even is that? what is she doing with her mouth? she wants to look like belle delphine so bad

No. 1917943

wtf is on her feet?

No. 1917958

"I cry if I don't get my way"

well, she hasn't changed that's for sure

No. 1918061

File: 1698046180146.jpeg (646.92 KB, 828x1313, IMG_1128.jpeg)

came across milk worthy loli/cutecore girl shooped to hell, all of her posts are like this if not worse

not sure she's even asian, wouldn't be surprised to find she's not

No. 1918062

File: 1698046837936.jpeg (Spoiler Image,554.01 KB, 828x1207, IMG_1131.jpeg)

through her i also found this freak moeponz

can't even begin to describe her account, her reels are practically fetish content and she's always making that retarded face. bonus pedobait points for posing half naked in children's underwear, but her entire page is essentially a DDLG trap.

No. 1918063

Zoomers can’t dress themselves for shit. So many cheap looking outfits and they all want to copy it for some reason

>Female privilege

LMAO that guy commenting is a retard too

No. 1918735

File: 1698167841396.jpg (875.59 KB, 960x1511, MYXJ_20231024130741733_save.jp…)

surprised no one has brought up Angel aka nerddere/sleepyydweller/myhappinessxlover yet

>extremely obsessed with popcutesweet/moetrons/richi despite constantly talking about how awful and disgusting she is

>made an entire story highlight dedicated to differentiating between herself and Richi excessively, going from their rooms to body types (no one was getting the two confused)
>had a secret but not so secret ED twitter account where she body shamed normal sized women constantly and posted even Richi as thinspo, cried about it when caught and called out ("I'm just a kid!"), which is again funny because this is something she went at Richis throat for
>has tried to push being anti lolicon and that she collects figures of undressing lolis because she's "a gay man", follows very open lolicons and shares their posts, wants lolicon merchandise (hypocrisy is a common theme with Angel)

No. 1918740

File: 1698168076585.jpg (1.11 MB, 3072x4096, 23-10-24-13-21-27-008_deco.jpg)

Well this didn't age well kek

No. 1918754

File: 1698169312950.jpg (4.32 MB, 4096x4096, 23-10-24-13-37-44-261_deco.jpg)

very common reaction when she has to take any accountability, even though she's less than a year away from being an adult and knows what she does is wrong since she spends plenty amounts of time calling out others for the same things

No. 1918758

File: 1698169963835.jpg (691.92 KB, 1354x2160, 23-10-24-13-38-36-934_deco.jpg)

Also did not know about this but apparently when an artist oceaninspace had made fanart of the idol group sorb3t during their controversy, she was in the comments nitpicking Ocean for not drawing Ashe plussized or fat enough when she is not even fat to begin with, at least definitely not plussized

No. 1918982

File: 1698213280229.jpg (441.46 KB, 720x1163, speddweller.jpg)

oh yeah i remember her. another fakeboi who used to scream how she was totalllly a dude! and was totally astolfo kin lolz! before wanting to live in richi's skin, she used to skinwalk ellie.
she also had a private account where she posted tons of lolicon and other cringe content.
the lolis posted in these screen caps are from eroge, which are a genre of visual novel games that are sexually graphic. these lolis are characters that you can have sex with.
she always cries how she's "just a kid" despite being almost 18. (I think she's 17 or actually 18 i have no idea)
also I'm sorry these screenshots are absolute dogshit, i snagged these from someone else's story sometime ago so they're low quality.

No. 1919024

>kodomo no jikan
>literal series about a 3rd grader sexually teasing her male teacher
ya not pedo at all.

No. 1919221

File: 1698258826664.jpg (44.75 KB, 717x544, Screenshot_20230313-191123.jpg)

here's a better screenshot of her interacting with some other egirl talking about how her account is a "safe space" for liking lolicon.
yeah… TOTALLLLY against lolicon guys .. even though majority of her figures and interests pander to it!

No. 1919248

>>1918758 considering this is from cutecorenews, what is everyones take on them lately lol seems like lots of drama going on and i feel like maybe they would fit in this thread discussion(learn to sage)

No. 1919304

File: 1698270653836.jpeg (59.16 KB, 559x391, IMG_1387.jpeg)

What the hell is this on Ellie's wall, the fuck?

From a story she recently posted.

No. 1919347

File: 1698276369743.jpg (160.86 KB, 1080x2094, Screenshot_20231025_162159_Ins…)

Anyone else see this shit? Now she's asking her 21+ followers to buy her vapes? If your health is so bad, wouldn't vaping with a compromised immune system only make it worse?

No. 1919426

sage but is popcutesweet/richi anywhere? accts are gone(sage your shit)

No. 1919434

I reversed image searched and it's from some retarded autistic shit called Azur Lane. From what I've read from moids on Reddit/Twitter there are A LOT of underage characters with some being less than 10 years old. There are adult ones but literally all of them have sexualized features, even the underaged ones

No. 1919456

you should be more concerned with menhera-chan peaking out from the right

No. 1919464

File: 1698302438644.mp4 (561.8 KB, 576x1024, 2f381b32cb5eb0886c7c2a1201f5a6…)

>treating nonbinary/trans as a trend and something to be laughed at makes u really shitty actually!!!1!!!!!1!!!

she really thinks cutting her hair shoulder length and frying it with pink hair dye made her fucking uwu twans holy shit lol.

clearly, she's doing it for the "trend" just like everyone else. her entire existence is "doing it for the trend" just to gain attention. her pre-cutecorefication photo has been posted >>1591123 where you can see she was just an ordinary country girl before discovering tiktok

No. 1919565

nah, not really. from the looks of it it's a clothes tag for ACDC rag x Bisuko Ezaki collab OR an ad for the collab. either way, Menhera-chan is a must-have for self-harm glamorizing e-girls, so it's on par with everything else about her.

No. 1919704

kek isnt this the girl that pretended to be in ICU while her "friend" that she never talks about was on her phone/her accounts, in her room and actively liking things on Pinterest? and then said she'd be gone for a few weeks to a month at least but came back maybe a week later..

No. 1919855

Yes lmao. I wish had the screenshots. She apparently went into ICU for a suicide attempt and her "friend" was in her room cleaning it up for her for when she returns and adding pins to her Pinterest to look at when she comes back lmao. All of her accounts were put on private and she archived all posts I think, typical middle school sad guilt trippy bullshit. Then she came back like a week later acting like nothing happened. This type of behavior looks to be typical for her as she always pulls the "I'm mentally ill" or "I'm just a kid!!" card when being called out for any problematic behavior. Or even worse, "I'm a gay man and you're invalidating me" as if that lets her have any sort of pass to liking naked underaged anime girls.

No. 1919899

File: 1698358026042.jpg (194.91 KB, 720x1434, Screenshot_20231026-020138.jpg)

She deleted this story because she must've realized how whiny and entitled this came off as. Like what the fuck does this even mean? Are your parents supposed to coddle to your every need? Just fucking clean it up and get yourself a cup holder, they sell them for your car I don't get it lol. Free game to shit on her parents I guess.

No. 1919901

man that's sooooo sad especially when they pay for her retarded hoardr cutecore uwu lifestyle since i doubt she's paying anything towards bills in their mcmansion with her part time starbucks job
also i highly doubt she doesnt have a cupholder though maybe she's too retarded to find it or use it?

No. 1919905

Yes Ellie, I'm positive they "lack empathy when it comes to your existence" by letting you live rent-free in their home, paying for your food, paying for you to visit extravagant locations on vacation where you spend the entire time on your phone like a sped, encouraging you to dress like a retard and wear Care Bears pajamas everywhere and hang up posters of kids in bikinis from the time you were a teenager until now. They're so abusive to you.

No. 1920002

Kim, there's people that are dying. Calling them clinically stupid when you are the one that apparently needs to drive with a drink and has already spilled your drink four separate times? Girl figure it out kek

No. 1920047


she also continues to posts about her getting drunk meanwhile takes medication for her millions of mental illneses. ok then ellie.

No. 1920048


but then ellie inconsistently makes remarks about how her mom treated her and is "controlling and religious" "she didn't want me to own a hello kitty because she thought HK was a demon"

yet that literally doesn't match up with anything in her life. she just wants to fit in with outcasts soooo fucking bad. its really strange.

No. 1920050

File: 1698383524958.jpg (276.47 KB, 1078x1867, 20231026_221034.jpg)

sage for no milk but jfc…because of Ellie admitting to looking at CP (and then tried to deny it)
this just comes off so damn weird to me. please take that off your phone and off your account fucking weird ass pedo

No. 1920057

wasnt she just hating on sony angels a few months ago?

don't get the appeal, why are these self proclaimed autistic egirls so obsessed with these naked babies?

No. 1920058

She becomes more and more insufferable by the day

Her parents need to kick her out, make her sell her stupid child clothes and lolicon figures and treat her like an adult instead of a retarded toddler with the attitude of a spoiled brat

No. 1920084

literally what would ellie do with herself if her parents finally got tired of her shit and told her to get out or at least get her shit together.

but no she just wants to cry about wanting to be a teenage girl with "beautiful princess disorder" forever while also complaining to teens online how they need to stop romantizing being depressed and an outcast. okokok ellie

No. 1920217

File: 1698423492290.jpeg (104.63 KB, 915x364, IMG_6039.jpeg)

No. 1920219

I am pretty sure sprinklecereal is 15 she posted her birth certificate one time to prove it(screenshots needed)

No. 1920256

why does she love being a hypocrite so much

No. 1920282

File: 1698432142155.jpeg (1.35 MB, 4096x3072, IMG_0711.jpeg)

What do anons think about this woman? @elfenrot ig/ @elfenrott tiktok. I remember seeing her on explore a couple years ago, and now she's larping as underaged, just barely squeezing into the largest Japanese kid's clothing sizes (just look at her story highlights).
I know jojifuku anachan fags that lurk this thread will call her fat, but honestly if she just dressed like a normal adult and not wear elementary schooler backpacks, then she wouldn't look so fucking uncanny and creepy. Why are you pedopandering when you have a D cup rack?

No. 1920292

wait, what? When did she admit to looking at cp?

No. 1920308

When I look at these egirls wearing jojifuku I always get this awful gut feeling like my body is rejecting it. I just think all of them are doing it in a fetishistic/kink sort of way, and it creeps me out. She is literally trying to look like a japanese child and you can't change my mind.

No. 1920315

Definitely, they want to look like kids. If it was just kiddy shit they bought at Target there would be no doubt, they just use “alt jfashion” as a cover. Sick, and even more disturbing how many moid orbiters they obtain.

No. 1920338

jojifuku freaks need to leave lyrical bunny alone

No. 1920341

AYRT, they don't want to look like any child, they want to be japanese children/anime children. So not only being pedos but also fetishizing japanese people.

No. 1920350

scroll up nonnie. its when she had the drama with her and her bf "exposing" each other(sage your shit)

No. 1920354

this girl is weird but she is just a typical chronically online person with no personality like 99% of these people. when vo1dchan was popular she was hopping on that, wearing camo jackets and twintails. she left for a while and got reeeeaaalllyy fat and starting doing lolita. then disappeared again,
and now she has lost a bunch of weight again and is now doing jojifuku. just your standard wannabe egirl with absolutely no personality.

No. 1920356

when her ex bf exposed her for being obsessed with being a loli he said that she would frequent a cp site that would have digital drawings of young girls being abused/raped etc. and she just mindlessly said "the allegations with all the loli stuff those are true for the time being" but then she back pedaled saying she never said that as if that shit isn't screenshotted lmao

No. 1920381

She looks like a 40 year old librarian in a majority of her pics kek

No. 1920511

Breedable? That’s disgusting. Now she’s a puppy girl? Just ewie-ellie being a degenerate.

No. 1920546

File: 1698458897963.jpeg (182.26 KB, 1080x1920, download (26).jpeg)

Because when you're abused and suffering by your horrible parents who have no empathy for you, you get to teleport to a rich area in another random state because why not!

No. 1920551

File: 1698459437539.jpg (1.27 MB, 3072x4096, 23-10-27-22-14-53-971_deco.jpg)

"Middle of nowhere" includes a tourist destination 30 minutes from the city of Seattle by ferry. kek

I know it's a nitpick but this retard can't even hide for a minute how very much the opposite she is of this post >>1919899 she is definition of spoiled brat

No. 1920628

File: 1698471511107.jpeg (524.22 KB, 792x1129, IMG_1560.jpeg)

Acrylics aren't cheap, $35 per set at the lowest. One minute she's crying because her family can't afford "life-saving medical needs" and the next she's spoiling herself silly and begging for vapes. Sickening, how can anyone sympathize with this brat?

Side note, aren't Starbucks baristas required to keep bare nails? Considering she doesn't even tie her hair up properly I'm sure she cares more about her appearance than food safety, no real surprise there. Does makes her look even more self conceited though.

No. 1920631


Does Ellie even still live in Texas? Did I miss something? Or is she literally just never home

No. 1920633

File: 1698472064995.jpeg (Spoiler Image,794.19 KB, 828x1306, IMG_1562.jpeg)

Also, anyone else notice her attention seeking cat scratches? Who the fuck even cuts their ankles?

I was wondering what was up with the weird ass pose until I saw them, kek. Seems like arthritis isn't giving her enough attention.

Ellie really does love taking pictures where her self harm is most visible.

No. 1920667

teehee gotta get the cuts in the pic teehee but only just a liitttlee bit tho so it doesn’t look intentional

No. 1920821

File: 1698513316449.jpg (135.83 KB, 720x1458, IMG_20231028_131423.jpg)

>pls dont bring up my social media 11!!1!!

Don't want anyone to find out you're a pedopandering lolicon loving freak?

No. 1920835

That and find out about all the edtwt stuff. Again weird because don't her friends know irl if the "friend" was on her socials and posting stuff to Pinterest? Oh wait, my bad, it was all fake and that was her.
Really looks like she has something to hide by saying something like that kek hope someone does just to fuck with her

No. 1920847

File: 1698518897907.jpg (505.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20231028-114530_Gal…)

Ellie is in her anti lolicon era but she owns a Rin figure…

No. 1920853

she's definitely not anti loli but now that she's not irl loli sized to fit into mezzo piano she's on some weird carebears ethot "I have a dump truck ass" larp
the irl loli era is probably where that figure comes from

No. 1920857

Where did you even get this picture? Did she post her full room and this was there? Why is the figurine in a cheap plastic cup wtf? Lmao

No. 1920958

it was on her story but its zoomed in(learn to sage)

No. 1920959

srry forgot to sage

No. 1920961

I mean she has gone on enormous rants about how much she wants nothing to do with being apart of that stuff anymore. idk if she has straight up said "I am anti lolicon" but she is very much shown disdain for it now and the media for it. she's gotten rid of a bunch of random shit to move into the next phase butrefuses to get rid of a figure from an actual lolicon anime its just ironic

No. 1920962

idk if its still there but one time on her story she posted a semi thirst trap photo and she was wearing a shirt with a Bible quote on it….like what even…

No. 1920967

File: 1698535055342.jpg (400.27 KB, 1080x1894, 20231028_161257.jpg)

lmao i found it. this picture is so goddamn weird. the bible quote and cross on the shirt, her putting the camera at an angle where she is trying SOOO hard to look like she has large hips..like whyyyy.
this pic is just soo weird and off brand for Ellie its laughable

No. 1920990

Ellie lacks any real personality, whether it be from her uwu beautiful princess disorder uwu or just chronic internet addiction. She hops on from phase to phase, country girl to alt girl to jojifuku loli bait to now ethot. This is just her new flavor for the year until the next time she finds something retarded she claims to have been for years when she just discovered it on Pinterest or saw some other egirl online doing the trend. With every new phase, she becomes more and more insufferable and I'm really not surprised her retard audience hasn't caught onto it.

No. 1921028

File: 1698541734001.jpeg (271.12 KB, 601x615, IMG_1643.jpeg)


She has two, she's had this one for a while.

No. 1921055

File: 1698547808941.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1995, IMG_6108.jpeg)

I remember she posted this picture but deleted it a few minutes after

No. 1921089


she is 10000% wearing those retarded spandex shorts with built in ass pads. fucking pathetic post instagram baddie syndrome

No. 1921090

whyyyy does she act like such an sjw but then watches KNJ??? fucking so strange, she has multiple merch of Rin.

No. 1921091

yup yup. you are spot on. jts like every other sad young adult these days, male or female. some just have bigger followings than others.

No. 1921092

you can literally see the seams of the ass pads…

No. 1921094

ellie you realize no one would be "nitpicking" at shit you do if you would just stop acting so fucking righteous about everything. meanwhile you accuse people of the same shit. but that honestly is just you regurgitating words you see other egirls say

No. 1921152

lmfao this is so ridiculous but that must be why she deleted it and just posts ass shots in pajama pants instead, funny to compare to >>1890406 which is probably the closest to a candid of her ass

No. 1921300

File: 1698610748549.png (860.99 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20231029_214035_Chr…)

i wonder where tf she is hiding this nonce body pillow kek

No. 1921413

lmao ellie trying hard here >>1921055 with that horrendous ass padding shorts but in reality she looks like >>1856887

No. 1921415

File: 1698625875471.jpg (97.07 KB, 720x1314, IMG_20231029_202745.jpg)

samefagging but
>why do y'all keep aestheticizing this shit
also ellie:
>the voices told me to cut my hair
ellie stfu you're the embodiment of what you complain about, you're just one big projection. everything is fine and quirky when you do it but god forbid someone does the same exact shit as you. also she really is trying to enter her egirl ethot phase with those reference pictures lmao

No. 1921419

File: 1698626387399.jpg (340.36 KB, 1080x1612, 20231029_173649.jpg)

vampjunks body dysmorphia is immeasurable.

what does she honestly think this looks like???

No. 1921430

File: 1698628718105.jpg (118.07 KB, 720x878, Screenshot_20231029-210705.jpg)

Thoughts on this … individual? Went by strawberykeki on ig. Is currently mawhipcream on ig now.

>basic jojifuku loli baiter

>obvious shirousa0999 skinwalker
>proud lolicon lover, owning KnJ figures with her half naked and other loli figures.
>has been called out for being a lolicon, left instagram then came back under new Instagram and does the same shit.
>posts how she thinks she looks good but will cry on her story when someone calls her ugly on pinterest.

No. 1921436

that's a woman?

No. 1921441

It has to be a joke her edits are getting more and more ridiculous by the day. And facially she looks like >>1890106 but not sure about her body.

No. 1921461

they follow a few trannies and look very unfortunate should they be female. But this is a weird way to be agp

No. 1921475

that absolutely looks like a man

No. 1921487

He’s a really ugly scrote(sage your shit)

No. 1921680

damn are they ugly. they look just like that one scrote from last thread deathsmiles. whats with these old hags trying to look younger by wearing kids clothes? just makes you look like a pedophile

No. 1921709

File: 1698688669854.jpg (131.22 KB, 1080x1422, 20231030_105650.jpg)

the wannabe irl loli cutecore trend hoppers continue trying desparately to fit in on a daily basis

No. 1921814

File: 1698702991998.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.8 MB, 3464x3464, dhdhsh.jpg)

Honestly I'm surprised deathsmiles.jpg/denpachannel/denpa.jpg hasn't been discussed any further. Besides being just another jojifuku fag, I should note she's 25, married, has her own home and would rather spend her time arguing with minors about some tentacle lolicon porn game rather than enjoy her life with her scrote.
She's notorious in this community for being an overall cunt and hypocrite. She posts stories about how people are copying her (her entire "aesthetic" was ripped from voidchan to the point people thought void had come back) and she whines how no one likes her special lolicon tentacle porn game like she does.
I've provided some screenshots below from one of her many bitchfits about how people are trying to be just like her and don't love her kawaii loli porn game like she does!! Added her porn wall and picture of her too because it just adds to the overall atmosphere lol.
Reposted because I forgot to spoil (just in case).

No. 1921859

These women are all losers I can’t believe there’s anons even invested in their lives kek

No. 1921904

File: 1698713400927.jpeg (94.93 KB, 254x387, IMG_0560.jpeg)

this bitch. Her hair is so fried to hell and back. Literally fried the curls right out of her hair on just one side of her dumb head. The top looks white and the rest looks like a nasty faded green snot string. She should’ve spent her starbies paycheck to get that fixed instead of spending it on acrylics, and awww how precious she just had to fit in her cute uwu hello kitty bandaids for her cat scratch cuts. Imagine sitting in your room with some razor or butter knife trying to get that menharachan aesthetic.

No. 1921916

File: 1698714911621.jpeg (100.18 KB, 750x879, IMG_0562.jpeg)

Then gets mad and responds like some ignorant clown.

No. 1921919

aight so which animecore cutecore retard that she blocked are you
im sorry that your skinwalking obsession wasnt actually your skinwalking obsession making a retu n and just some egirl that has black and pink decor anon, i cry for you

No. 1921930

the 'aight' making it obvious who this is

probably because she's not interesting enough to discuss

No. 1921932

Plenty of people say aight r u okay anon

No. 1921936

File: 1698718890017.jpg (1.51 MB, 2304x4096, ugly.jpg)

speaking of, the absolute obsession with looking like a child when in reality they look like they are in their late 30s lmfao

No. 1921948

File: 1698720192523.png (Spoiler Image,527.81 KB, 492x558, ew.PNG)


shes actually 26 and lives in a black mold infested home last time i saw her cf story. the scrote 'husband' in question just for funsies spoiler for the jumpscare
also - she calls herself an old head but wasn't it shown last thread she started her pile of shit like in 2020/21 with the rest of them?

No. 1921949

omg she's so embarrassing holy fuck

No. 1921974

you're dense

No. 1921976

she gives me isabella janke crossed with yukapon vibes and her husband looks like a weird al impersonator. kek

No. 1921988

This. The insecurity and delusional wishful thinking are so thick here. Yes, you should be ashamed of desperately trying to pass yourself off as a child at your big age. No one's fooled by it except maybe dumb coomer scrotes who want to buy into the fantasy that you're a totes kaweewee animu loli 5ever.

No. 1921990

This grandma looking ass bitch has the gall
to say all this >>1921936 with her whole chest. I wheeze.

No. 1921992

wow. I can't believe some people go outside like this. I don't know what's worse, the obnoxious dog collar or the dollar tree pom poms on her fried and dyed mop.

No. 1922007

this is so hilariously denpa, no one gives two fucks if they're blocked by you ugly tard. all you do is rage on your story about tweens on the internet. painfully embarrassing tbh

No. 1922011

File: 1698730871419.jpg (1.97 MB, 3464x2101, dfgdg.jpg)

AYRT , are you fucking retarded? You didn't even bother to actually read any of this did you, denpafag? Go back to harrassing minors and crying over your shitty kids clothes freak.

Yeah totallly thought you were a loli smol kid and not some hideous creature that had the audacity to leave it's dark cave. She's so fucking delusional if she really thinks she looks youthful at all.

Anyways. Found some more old screenshots of this freak of nature being a tard. Incoming small spam. Sage since milk is old.

No. 1922012

File: 1698730902973.jpg (2.89 MB, 3464x3129, hhghh.jpg)


No. 1922013

File: 1698730958903.jpg (2.77 MB, 3464x2046, hgdgg.jpg)

Okay that's it.Apologies for the spam.

No. 1922115

File: 1698756756074.jpg (552.58 KB, 960x1578, MYXJ_20231031085031143_save.jp…)

learn to atleast use board lingo retard pedo fakeboi with a yearlong vendetta !

No. 1922142

File: 1698759130981.jpg (40.43 KB, 448x472, 48a3bc40a65234dffa5c8a43678932…)


imagine posting this stale not-even-milk
good to see the e girls thread turning into a literal who vendetta dump for retards to cry about some other retard that blocked them or called their items from amazon.
shes right in a way, you all want to be special and unique and have only rare items towhere you share your nudes with pedophiles for cash or obsess over void chan and people like her then get mad when they don't like you because you try too hard or are annoying kek
"hi cow" me to mars idgaf, youre upset because im right

No. 1922162

this is so funny to me because someone brings up strawberrykeki or some other no name, crickets. but if multiple people bring up denpatard who was discussed last fourm we have 'people' comimg pointing out non milk. I agree shes boring as hell normally but gotta admit its funny as fuck to watch her think she looks like a cute uwu loli anime girl - or that shes original at all.(sage)

No. 1922183

is this that tumblrina? i forgot her username, but you can always tell it's her because she always comes in here to defend herself in the third person and shout "NO MILK!!!! LOCK THIS THREAD!!!!".
she's the same as the people she's criticizing, kek.

No. 1922194

so egirls doing the same exact shit, if not even worse braindead shit can slide by this thread but the moment this denpafag is posted, suddenly it's vendetta posting? kek mad that someone is talking about your haggard orgre weeb queen? denpatard is that you?

No. 1922212

people sperging about denpa but ignoring worse shit is my point anon
her gatekeeping almost to over a year ago isnt milk

No. 1922381

It's been this way for years, I checked out after babyfat got outted when anons started spamming voidchan shit and some crap about sprinkles and MacDonald's aesthetic (holy shit this is thread 10 kek).

No. 1922416

>#1 trip and virus fan
Referencing dmmd in 2023? Disgusting.

No. 1922508

can we all admit this thread is fucking dead. it usually took a few months for a new thread but its been so long and everyone nitpicks for every post. mods don't even care abt this thread anymore. let it die

No. 1922510

literally let this thread die. it will just fade into obscurity in less than a year can we just accept it. anyone who goes onto this thread just has a vendetta against the person they post about. its the same like 10 or less people talking to each other. its dead.(nice try)

No. 1922734

all the same fagging is crazy. the ogre has been spreging out like weekly since it first showed itself on instagram

No. 1922820

again learn lingo retard nothing you say makes any sense

No. 1922868

File: 1698884517627.jpeg (Spoiler Image,496.68 KB, 1170x1642, IMG_0975.jpeg)

He looks so ugly I had to check his account and… Are we sure this isn't a scrote?? He's literally butt ugly and fetishizes little girls heavily, owns anime child figures that are very obviously catered towards pedophiles. I've just never encounterd a fakeboi this nasty looking
>I'm autistic
>oh to be a tiny girl amidst an overabundance of sweet treats
Whatever this creature is, it's a freak pedo

No. 1922943

"nIce tRy" lmao its literally true but ok

No. 1923007

IMO the facial structure seems incredibly male. I've seen unfortunate looking women, but this thing literally looks like flint lockwood.

No. 1923041

File: 1698924843457.jpeg (913.19 KB, 1170x1442, IMG_7050.jpeg)

This woman is almost 30 and spends all her time talking to minors/girls a decade younger than her pining for their approval. Just one of the kids! Why as a 30 year old are you shooping yourself to look like a child? Her friendship with moeponz who she’s been friends with since she was underage is questionable.

No. 1923098

She sounds milky and looks retarded but this isn't Twitter, we need actual milk not vague accusations. Post caps and context.

No. 1924050

isnt her tumblr theme literally just the girltalk theme? makes me think she at least lurks

No. 1924205

she definitely does

this has gotta be her at LEAST

No. 1924986

File: 1699335356664.jpg (224.61 KB, 1080x1816, Instagram~2.jpg)

Does she literally have no friends irl? she's always begging for some stranger to help her lol.
also side note how is she going to school to be a hairdresser with that fried noodle mop, shouldnt be anywhere near other peoples hair

No. 1925091

That confirms she lives in WA now
She might not have friends because she's a spoiled brat narc that needs to be "the cutest" at every place or occasion or whatever she keeps saying as a meme

No. 1925387

File: 1699415035307.jpg (322.19 KB, 720x1250, Screenshot_20231108_143927_Ins…)

Skinwalking stories incoming

No. 1925388

File: 1699415115104.jpg (336.29 KB, 720x1266, Screenshot_20231108_143936_Ins…)

No. 1925389

File: 1699415315148.jpg (182.82 KB, 717x1274, Screenshot_20231108_143941_Ins…)

No. 1925390

File: 1699415500077.jpg (250.55 KB, 719x1277, Screenshot_20231108_143945_Ins…)

No. 1925393

File: 1699415794890.jpg (147.23 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20231108_143959_Ins…)

No. 1925624

>random egirl #200 copied me boohoo
So sick of these girls whining about people “copying” their mildly popular interests and styles, you’re posting yourself online to a niche audience of course people are going to copy you grow up lol

No. 1925660

>claiming she “copied” pink hair streaks
you will never be draculaura

No. 1925761

File: 1699482116043.jpg (89.79 KB, 960x389, MYXJ_20231108142043691_save.jp…)

same frog faced bitch really has this to say, what a fucking creep
the fact that so many of her online friends are 14-15 year olds is also weird
never forget about this creepy shit either >>1874881

No. 1925971

File: 1699535155224.jpg (3.67 MB, 4096x2730, MTXX_PT20231110_000131842.jpg)

I compiled the other girl's response if anyone's interested. Even if she was copying moedreamgirl is just embarrassing herself screeching into the void while the world is on the precipice of another world war.

No. 1925972

File: 1699535274411.jpg (4.2 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20231110_000159529.jpg)

No. 1926273


Ellie had a skinwalker and now suddenly everyone else does.

Ironic lol

No. 1927320

Anyone gonna talk about the fact “Shirousa0999” went to Disney only a few days after bitching about how basically poor she is

No. 1927519

What’s with all the black women trying to larp as ‘kawaii uwu pastel vomit pedobait’ Asian girls?

No. 1927553

the same thing going on with the white women doing it, kek.

No. 1927952

Well it doesn’t count because nobody actually thinks black women are cute. Only Asian and white girls can be cute.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1927958

no need for racism.

No. 1927965

A lot of white women can pull off pastel pink and cute aesthetics, not the ones posted here, but they exist. Black women are the polar opposite of the kawaii aesthetic, they should stick to their own culture/beauty standard.(Racebait)

No. 1927977

that's just what weird terminally online pedoscrote and/or pickme seething looks like. you have to understanding malding about other women and racism are their entire personality. that one ban evaded specifically to say the same thing twice, it's mental illness.

No. 1927994

I didn't say anything about "kawaii aesthetic" (none of this is "kawaii"). All the women following this trend are mentally ill grooming victims with eating disorders. Autopedophilia has never been a white cultural beauty standard. In general, pedophilia is frowned upon in white culture. White women don't look "cute" trying to skinwalk East Asian children and paying top dollar to force their adult bodies into used kid's clothes. They look deranged and sad, it just doesn't suit them. It's an almost troonlike, internet-brained delusion upheld by filters and photo editing apps to hide one's broad, adult facial structure, body shape, etc. Terms like "witch skull" are coined by these communities because they're well-aware they're not neotenous, and they're trying their hardest to run away from it.
The only people who would try to insist otherwise are the mentally ill women themselves, and the pornbrained men who want them as starved, validation-seeking and easy to control as possible. Since you're probably one of the people posted ITT or a moid, I get that it's easier to water down the subject and insist it's just about "being pastel and cute" and that "certain races just don't fit", but the truth is a lot bleaker than that.

No. 1928000

Nonna I'm usually the first person to be blunt when something has to be said but you're kinda wrong on this one. Black girls pull off y2k hello kitty hyper-pink looks very well, it's not fair to say they can't look good in cutesy aesthetics just because they typically aren't waifish pedobaiters like asian-fishing egirl trash kek

No. 1928046

File: 1699915321344.jpg (4.19 MB, 3340x3024, 46464566543653.jpg)

Taylor (@sleepy__neet and @sleepy__neet2 on instagram) is a 22 y/o single failmother and wannabe ethot confirmed to be the sole schizoid larping as multiple admins on cutecorenews. She lost custody of her infant son and decided the best course of action was to start hassling teenagers playing kawaii online dress-up. I bet this haggard bitch is a milk fountain. Caps from insecuritychan and ccn directly. Only posting the crucial slides because ofc theres more useless back and forth bickering between the two.

No. 1928062

good on her for defending herself kek i was right on draculaura, those pink streaks were a tiktok trend like 4 years ago

No. 1928232

File: 1699945258846.png (87.06 KB, 1080x573, Screenshot_20231113-225747_1.p…)

holy shit the coalburner was behind cutecorenews? I wasn't aware of what actually happened until now lel(racebaiting)

No. 1928233

Nta, but the "himedollie" girl literally pulls off the kawiwi egirl "fashion" better than most of the thread tbh (which isn't saying much, the ayrt is just being retarded). I think the one who accused her of copying was just intimidated.

No. 1928275

Hard agree that himedollie girl is actually cute. Moedreamgirl looks like she only takes photos with spf foundation and flash. It hurts my eyes to look at.

No. 1929727

File: 1700178850228.jpeg (318.05 KB, 828x1158, IMG_5752.jpeg)


No. 1929729

File: 1700178957459.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.28 KB, 960x720, IMG_5754.jpeg)

How is this sexy? Looks painful and unhealthy

No. 1929731

She’s not cute and she shoops and pedobaits just as much as anyone else. you’re just scared to say anything negative about her because she’s black obviously(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929733

File: 1700179046185.jpeg (Spoiler Image,475.72 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_5756.jpeg)

3/3(spoiler nsfw)

No. 1929735

Can you spoiler this I really didn’t want to see this on the front page(learn to sage)

No. 1929742

ntayrt but she isn't tacky like the other girls in this thread and her style is pretty cute and takes actual effort unlike Ellie for example.

No. 1929767

This aesthetic is inherently tacky nona wtf are you talking about. Literally a bunch of made in China landfill Aliexpress garbage.

No. 1929892

scrotes like to jack off to women’s pain, that’s a fact

No. 1930225

how do you get acne on your boobs? yikes

No. 1930680

That's a weird assumption kek, there's plenty of hambeast black girls stuffing themselves into kawaii outfits, she just isn't one of them. I think she looks less retarded that moedreamgirl who is also black so idk what you're trying to say. This is an imageboard, provide proof if you're going to make any claims.

No. 1930734

yet another person crying and seething about someone doing kawaii style

No. 1930953

File: 1700430626050.jpg (321.34 KB, 1080x1894, 20231119_134804.jpg)

ellie posting about another "skinwalker" when its just another one of the hundreds of clones in this circle. its very weird to me that she will share stuff like this but then cry when the same thing gets said about her??

plus she was crying abt someone "finding and seeking out the exact bedsheets i have thats so creepy"

but then recently she got the exact same bedsheets as vo1dchan. along with her many other "interests" she got from vo1dchan,

someone back in 2021 couldve easily sent pics to vo1dchan saying "ellie wants to be you so bad". but if they did ellie would have a fit and a huge defense. WHY DOES SHE LOVE TO BE A HYPOCRITE SO FUCKING MUCH

No. 1930956

File: 1700431199453.jpg (163.48 KB, 1080x1056, 20231119_135532.jpg)

bad quality photos but same bedsheets. she was literally sperging over someone doing this exact thing with her previous ones. she literally said "you didn't just find those at the store you had to have found them second hand"…which IS WHAT ELLIE ALSO DID. ellie like seriously what the fuck are you actually developing a brain tumor like how stupid can you be? so just fucking shut up about your "skinwalkers" like stop talking about it and stop sharing the bullshit your followers regurgitate just so they can ride your dick

No. 1930961

"her iso rubbed me the wrong way"

you mean…the same kind of shit every person in this "cutecore/mezzo piano" shit post in their iso?
its almost like…when you post about something like cute clothing pieces to 20k followers…people would…… take influence by it….wow.

No. 1930972

KEK she deleted the story so fast. christ almighty

No. 1930982

I think my favorite hypocritical wannabe SJW Ellie moment is her saying "I was in a ddlg relationship and that was wrong I know that its wrong now"

But then continues to own a multiple Rin figures…

No. 1930984

does anyone have more on popcuetsweet?moetrons / ?///??( / ?///??)

No. 1931058

It's funny because shes copying a tiktok in that video thats been viewed 1mil+ times already and yet shes the one who cares about how original other people are lol

No. 1931096

You can get acne anywhere with hair follicles but if you are sweaty/have oily skin its worse. But her hygiene should come into question if its this bad

No. 1931123

She deleted her account after accusing some rando of skinwalking.

No. 1931184

That anon is probably one of the people who gets posted in this thread lol

No. 1931392

does anyone have more on popcuetsweet?moetrons / ?///??


No. 1931614

File: 1700585301679.jpeg (234.81 KB, 1179x1165, IMG_0985.jpeg)

One of vampjunks crazy edits on her cosplay acc, baffles me how she thinks this looks good.

No. 1931647

Holy shit the editing to make her arm look smaller is so obvious how can she possibly think nobody would notice

No. 1931651

I used to be friends with moetrons. IIRC they got a callout post and ended up deleting their account. I am not sure what they are up to now. Something about Discord.

No. 1931665

Yeah, kind of. From what I remember the person she accused of skinwalking (@walkstephappy, some random person who likes the same Lucky Star character as her and other random irrelevant shit) sent their followers after her and moetrons deleted her account. I think walkstephappy also posted a bunch of stuff making fun of moetrons too but I can’t remember and it’s not really relevant.She’s not really milky, just annoying and boring.

No. 1931922

File: 1700631209313.jpg (157.32 KB, 1080x1660, 20231121_213356.jpg)

ellie avoiding a simple question related to food. but she's

No. 1932204


No. 1932247

she deleted all of her accounts, but someone is pretending to be her and selling nudes of other girls pretending to be her under the usernames cust4rdz/cust4rds

No. 1932277

no, thats her selling nudes of girls

No. 1932718

File: 1700769290746.png (4.93 MB, 3464x3464, DF2F81CF-9FEB-4A96-AA25-6E6039…)

she has a active twt account which is adqutely but sadly its private rn but heres some screenshots and also pretty sure she tumblr right meow is adequately too

No. 1932865

does anyone know what voidchan did?? where did she go? ive looked at threads but no one has really said anything about what actually happened or what she did only that she harrassed some minor or smth

No. 1932894

I remember people calling her a nazi but I never saw receipts for that. Other than that the typical asianfishing claims I suppose?

No. 1932895

if anyone has proof i wanna see…she seems like the type to be in kaliacc

No. 1933127

bitches raxx out too?(sage your shit)

No. 1933569

does anyone have the ss of voidchan saying she was like liquifying her eye to look more asian(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1935047

File: 1701217689530.jpeg (390.65 KB, 750x1212, IMG_0853.jpeg)

She’s so conceited it’s pitiful.

No. 1935353

probably but isn't this a meme to say stuff like this anyway and the point is it's so over the top it's not real

ellie seems insecure considering her need for filters and butt pad shorts kek

No. 1936128

agreed, not trying wk or anything but this was probably just a meme

No. 1936215

File: 1701457120165.jpeg (206.27 KB, 1125x580, IMG_9151.jpeg)

Didnt she literally do this exact thing like 2 months ago to some girl named @sprinkle something

No. 1936516

Yeah sprinklecereal now partycrackers or something, 15 year old with Ellie being 20 so pretty much the same age gap too.
Ellie very obviously took inspo from void even back before when void was hurtpaw or something

No. 1936525

File: 1701501715517.png (1.58 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231107-163558.png)

grown woman

No. 1936629

Old milk & no one cares that she blocked you and youre seething about it

No. 1936691

This is what happens when you make the content you consume your entire personality, you end up in your 30s malding about young women taking interest in cartoons.

No. 1936707

>>1936629 Everyone knows you lurk on here, your tumblr is literally modeled off the girltalk theme. Not fooling anybody("hi cow")

No. 1936740

nice "hi cow" but no. it's just painfully obvious what kind of people are posting this dried up milk aka a story post from months ago then going "grown woman!!!!" over and over again kek
aka all the cutecore fags suddenly loving lolicon media and upset that she makes fun of you just like voidchan did

No. 1936785

NTA but didn't you go on about "old milk" and "hi cow" at people for posting her before? Kekkk

No. 1936790

dont remember but its super obvious and easy so probably
wouldnt need to state the obvious if anons didnt feel the need to hi cow and post stale story posts from a private account over and over again

guess it doesnt really matter since this thread is filled with obsessive cute core minors who make lolicon their aesthetic and get mad because their "goals" accounts dont like them
find people like that more annoying than a nobody like denpachannel, E
ellie at least does milky shit often enough

No. 1936793

I dont think a single person gets mad that they are blocked by the tired hag. all they do is compulsively hate post and sperg about how 'original' they are, sureee. it is funny to see her lose her mind over the smallest things though, at least to me

how do you know its from months ago? hmm

No. 1936816

or maybe we just simply find her antics pathetic. not sure why you're trying to profile people because they don't like a certain person(learn to sage)

No. 1936912


No. 1936940

not to mention they went private on instagram, changed their twitter handle and went private on twitter after they were talked about on here lol

No. 1937111

Having a villain monologue over a lolicon rape game while pushing 30. How miserable do you have to be?

No. 1937127

because i follow her and have posted about her too retard
its not that hard to figure out

No. 1937211

which posts? all the ones angrily defending her, kek?

No. 1937234

the amount of wking whenever denpachannel is mentioned is hilarious and suspicious

No. 1937264

File: 1701620510781.gif (2.81 MB, 498x498, notdenpachannel.gif)

it's always suspicious when a literal nobody has a dedicated wk

No. 1937388

File: 1701633201010.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2400, ew.jpg)

Are we sure it isnt a tranny? they got the nastiest looking man legs, no wonder they are always in knee socks

No. 1937460

Old milk or not I feel its worth mentioning how hypocritical this screencap is considering she is only known for being a vo1dchan clone

No. 1938354

how does this look like a man? just because a woman isnt anorexic levels skinny doesnt mean shes male

No. 1938500

nah they've got the structure of skinny man legs and their face looks like a dude too. must suck being the complete opposite of what you try to larp as

No. 1938823

File: 1701850692052.jpg (115.73 KB, 717x1280, IMG_20231206_131232_450.jpg)

When you start accusing random women of being farmers because nonnies here talked shit about you so you result to projecting on other women who act exactly like you anyway kek

No. 1938831

those are definitely male legs

No. 1938834

File: 1701856164847.jpg (2.81 MB, 3072x4096, lol.jpg)

acting as if she's not a frequent 4chan user
tell me they dont have the same "phenotype", grandma needs to take her meds

No. 1938857

File: 1701864925108.jpg (184.18 KB, 1225x779, grandma.jpg)

no wonder she does the uwu so cute mouth-hiding pose. she has a "grandma lost her dentures" mouth.

No. 1938889

I personally like how the denpachannel sperging about how ugly she is starts up again as Emi, the girl she posted here >>1938823 , gets outed for dating a pedophile and harassing minors by calling them ugly/their appearance. I'm not saying they are all Emi, but it sure is an interesting coincidence!

No. 1938891

How is Emi related to lc? The first time I've heard about her is from denpachannel's story. Stop wking yourself here, denpa, it's embarrassing kek

No. 1938898

dating literal pedo moids who have groomed several underage girls on insta and scamming isnt the same as being some tard about porn games and gatekeeping, be fucking for real anon kek

>hi cow! number 54980214
how many times will it take for you to learn

No. 1938904

File: 1701874689746.jpg (957.38 KB, 960x1655, MYXJ_20231206065119221_save.jp…)

Here's some Emi info for anyone curious, she's a collector/egirl running in similar circles as denpachannel, she's scammed others in the past but I don't have SS right now of that, she constantly remakes and takes on new identities to hide from her scamming and harassing minors as well as befriending pedophiles. She recently was outed for dating a 30 year old man named "ickyoniichan/cunnywifeOwO" though she claims she did it just to get some figures for free and scam him. She called a 15 year old grooming victim of this man fat, ugly, deformed, "not kawaii enough" kek, and claims he told her to do it when she fully had the choice not to.
She did all of this all over some lolicon figurines and dakimakura despite working at a daycare.

No. 1938905

File: 1701874726650.jpg (497.49 KB, 960x1410, MYXJ_20231206065245580_save.jp…)

No. 1938906

File: 1701874827473.jpg (680.19 KB, 960x1569, MYXJ_20231206065046198_save.jp…)

No. 1938907

>dating literal pedo moids who have groomed several underage girls on insta
Ok? And how is that "average lolcow user phenotype", wkchan?

No. 1938910

File: 1701875163709.jpg (791.46 KB, 960x1477, MYXJ_20231206065404808_save.jp…)

Her excuses as to why she was associating with this pedophile, and apparently why she was also doubling down on her story posts previously about the 15 year old being ugly and fat until she started getting hard doxxed by the grooming victim and her friends. Cutecorenews and others were talking about contacting the daycare she works at as well.

Play retarded games win retarded prizes. Hope the loli figures were worth it kek

No. 1938914

damn why are you so hung up on that part of her story, do you feel personally targeted? the post was talking about how they act the same retard it has nothing to do with what ever the fuck phenotype
learn 2 reading comprehension

its not wking to point out the obvious but youre clearly so upset about the "lc phenotype" comment idk why i bother kek

No. 1938939

>learn 2 reading comprehension
Learn how to type first retard you're clearly outing yourself here

No. 1938946

learn2___ is commonly used im sorry you didnt learn that in your time growing up as an ipad baby but it aint my problem kek

No. 1938948

File: 1701881403661.jpg (608.01 KB, 960x1463, MYXJ_20231206084446349_save.jp…)

more and more obvious the people sperging here are jojifuku tards that cant keep themselves away from posting here between the irl littl grl shtick
you shouldnt be running to immediately brag about being mentioned here, it makes you look way worse/obvious

No. 1938951

File: 1701881721164.jpg (190.09 KB, 1920x1901, photo_2023-12-06_21-54-44.jpg)

denpachannel's tumblr btw. Does she think she is slick?

No. 1938958

It's a tumblr theme that plenty of edgy 4chan girls use? Not even denying that she may or may not post/lurk here, I'm sure she does, but this isn't an end all be all gotcha that she must be posting and WKing herself and it's weird that it keeps being pushed as that by (what I assume) is the same person.

Unless the mods out her all you can really do is speculate. The thread is clearly a dumping ground for people similar enough to denpa to hate her so who even gives a shit at this point.

No. 1938959

From the vocabulary, posting hours and reply speed its looking like the same person. Maybe two people max. The milk they bring is spoiled. It's painfully obvious when they samefag and argue with themselves over literal whos. They don't recognize ancient board speak and memes so we can only assume they're barely old enough to navigate an imageboard.
If you paid a fraction of attention to previous threads you would know this was already posted and discussed. Same with the photos of her face that you keep reposting. Show us on the doll where denpachannel hurt you, nona.

No. 1938965

I'm aware that her tumblr was already mentioned here before, but I thought of bringing this up again since someone really wants us to believe it's not her wking herself on here when it's obvious, not a samefag.

No. 1938971

obvious denpachannel selfposting

No. 1938974

maybe she does post here but using the tumblr theme as evidence is retarded. it is just an image board theme

No. 1938975

Like >>1938958 said, if mods felt that she was breaking site rules there would be no hesitation slapping some sort of tag on posts from her IP/devices. It's easily done and has been throughout all of LC's history. As for your screenshot being proof of selfposting, its a publicly available tumblr theme she didn't even make herself. You're huffing jenkem if you think that's definitive proof of a selfposter. We have protocol for accurately sniffing out tards like that.

No. 1938976

the constant hi cow posting was kind of funny as a troll but now whoever keeps doing it looks like a massive faggot regardless of intention

No. 1938977

its quite literally the only proof we need to know shes at least a lclurker and at most wking herself every time shes mentioned. she is no different than the jojifuku fags that post in this board, so stop separating them. its like you all forgot denpa was originally a voidchan copycat, why does anyone act like she is more normal than the rest of these spergs?

No. 1938980

as if denpa doesnt have a history of harassing minors and many others, not surprising that she's being discussed

No. 1938981

literal whos don't get tagged, retard, she would be just banned at most. All of the posts from this one samefagging whiteknight have similar pattern of speech, the shit that they bring up, it probably is her or someone close to her

No. 1938985

>its quite literally the only proof we need to know shes at least a lclurker
LC isn't the only image board

No. 1938989

LC does get brought up a lot in these circles, so it wouldn't be too surprising if she was lurking

No. 1938995

considering denpatard and this wk loove to tell people they are huffing shit, its probably her

No. 1938999

Are the minors she harassed in the room with us right now?
Is there anyone besides that little fag Meloclaws who has her head lodged up Emi's butthole even tight now? Same Meloclaws who had a total melt down when Denpa commented she might have bought some stuff off Amazon instead of glorious Nippon rare proxy cutecore stores?

Denpa was petty for arguing with her over it yes but it's so sad that even now that Gracie girl has held a massive grudge over it. How unfortunate it is for these cutecore girls to have a moment where other kids on Tiktok aren't threatening to rob then over their exotic expensive sugoi rare hard to find collections of stained children's clothes and prize figurines.

No. 1939006

I've never heard of any of that on this or the past threads, but I'd say a woman pushing 30 bickering and parading a minor on their insta story to make fun of them, is more than being petty. What a sad sad life she lives

No. 1939012

She was 23-24 at the time, not really pushing 30 but it also doesn't matter if the person she got into it with is a child. Being mid 20s doesn't make you some old hag despite what some of the cutecore irl-loli literally Kokonoe Rin posters in here might think.
She never paraded this girl on her stories either. She might have made a vague about it. Petty shit. Not something to be proud of but who cares either.

This Emi girl seems milky but yet the thread is flooded with Denpachannel spergs. If anyone has more caps on Emi/Usacastles, please post more. Even if it's old milk since apparently it's still valid to post kek

No. 1939013

I could've sworn she was mid-30s. Way too old to be beefing with teens and wking herself on lolcow, either way.

No. 1939014

I don't think women over 25 are hags, but her acting like this at her age publicly harassing bunch of teens and wking herself here really shows her immaturity.

No. 1939021

It was when she was sperging about her old obsession so deathsmiles username, which would be last year, 24-25. Getting into it with a child to where you vague post or post about them at past like 19 is pretty nuts. Not sure why you think that's normal or just being 'petty' as a grown adult

No. 1939042

Never said its normal goddamn, she might have even known it was a kid since anyone from 14-15 to 20s can have a pink vomit room.
Not trying to justify it but there's things to consider besides Denpa being this big bully that goes after kids all the time and lurks here all day. could be true for all I know, but not every person making an observation is a WK or thinks she's normal?

At least try to hide your same fagging

No. 1939070

I'm >>1939013 and no one else. All of this is just a bad look, you need to tak your meds and get over it.

No. 1939087

You're making excuses and defending it like it's normal, why are you acting shocked? The reason why many are talking about her right now is because the lengths at which she's being wkd, obviously by her own self since she has no friends. Denpa you need to grow up, I know its a tough pill to swallow but you're not original or a cute loli anime girl, you're a haggard bitter woman who needs to, like the other nonna said, take your meds.

No. 1939112

okay samefag
get upset over dumb shit and miss the point more

even if she wasn't being wked it'd still be the same cutecore teens nit picking her looks instead of talking about anything actually milky, but anyone who says this must be denpa retard self posting am i right

No. 1939114

>a woman pushing 30 bickering and parading a minor on their insta story
>i am a MINOR uwu i am a CHILD!
Holy shit kek I can't believe people really act like this, sorry about whatever authority figure taught you 18 is a magic age when humans graduate from oversize toddlers into superhuman powerful adults but most normal people aren't super attuned to age or think it matters that much. It's petty to bicker online full stop, even if you're still an oversize toddler, and yet you're doing it right now.

NTA, some people ITT get "wk"ed (do you even know what that's short for?) by total strangers simply because this thread attracts the least milky posts from hysterical kids who want LCF to act as their personal bullying army and we're simply not interested because, again, it's not very milky. Show us this bitch having a breakdown and repeatedly dragging a dozen of minors and then we'll care. This is just not your discord daycare center for tumblr-raised tweens where slighting a uwu ~child~ is grounds for outrage

No. 1939122

the girl Denpa "beefed" with, Gracie, is not in any form of education due to "mental health issues" so mummy and daddy let her spend her time talking to lolicon pedo dating freaks like Emi while she tells other kids to "keep starving fattie" and buying ugly kids clothes so she can be tiktok cutecore uwu famous, hope this helps !

No. 1939144

There's an easy way to verify if someone is samefagging. You're obviously too much of a newfag, so I won't tell you, but it's funny to watch you cope and mald about people disagreeing with you.

No. 1939152

That's literally this entire thread is two sides coping and malding at each other kek

No. 1939213

I think you forget she larps as a child, refers to herself looking like a kid. I thought it was funny seeing that, and her lose her mind about "FAKERS POSERS!!" her socials, again no one started even talking about her much until she started self posting so obviously.
I dont know why you're obsessed denpa with thinking people don't know board lingo but yes I know what wk is short for retard.

No. 1939240

We need an "everyone who I don't like is Dempa self posting" meme for the thread I swear kek

No. 1939267

File: 1701931733858.jpg (136.09 KB, 750x1334, 07-12-2023-0002.jpg)

denpachannel's wk's patterns of behaviour:
>asks if the poster was blocked by her

>talks about how denpa is not milky at all and this thread should get locked


>tries to change the topic by talking about people that weren't posted here before and/or are specifically disliked by denpa

(Emi sperging but frankly no one cares about this literal who retard kek)
>>1936790 ("ellie is milkier")



>>her wk here posting about how she's such an oldfag and everyone else is new and also a samefag, the same way denpa spergs in her stories


There's a lot more stuff that I didn't tag from previous thread, but I thought this was enough.
sorry for reddit spacing, it just seems more organised this way

No. 1939281

Thanks for cataloguing this. It's ridiculous how transparent this woman is, and how mad she gets at being posted. The funny thing is that all her efforts to control the thread do is bring her more negative attention.

No. 1939284

Nta, but how? I thought lc doesn't show the amount of ips people post from, not sure if there is another way.

No. 1939300

>you forget that…
No, the other stuff isn't getting discussed because you've been doing nothing but whining about le pushing 30 hag in her mid-20s attacking a MINOR instead of posting caps posting that other stuff that could be milky
>people weren't even talking about her!
Do you want them to or not? Post milk and they'll talk, or don't post milk and they won't, but for fuck sake stop tinfoiling and hi cowing

No. 1939322

late twenties who looks like a hag, but why are you acting like I have all the information on her? go ahead and scroll up where there's the screenshots, thats what I was referring to as being funny and sad.

It wouldn't have even went anywhere like the last time she was mentioned if her wk/she didnt rear her ugly head >>1936629

No. 1939331

File: 1701953697217.png (3.37 MB, 3434x1566, 23-12-07_17-54-16-391.png)

ot, but does anyone else think that drawing of olivia and the shroomjak look more like denpa?

No. 1939351

>It wouldn't have went anywhere
You and maybe one or two other people seem adamant on talking about how ugly she is over and over again regardless of any pushback, case in point this retarded shit >>1939331 among others up thread
You would've done that regardless of anyone WKing her be it herself or who ever because you all think being haggard is milk, very similarly to the average cutecore faggot on Instagram (inb4 "omg WK/Denpa stop categorizing anons!!")
Which you still don't really understand the meaning of WKing anyway, not once has anyone said she shouldn't be posted
It's the fact that you retards can only post old stories and how ugly she is that makes you look spergy as fuck. And then cry that it's a WK or Denpa defending herself whenever its pointed out.

Maybe try actually posting something besides how haggard she looks. You won't, but still.

No. 1939352

Samefag but
Take your fucking meds anon, Jesus this is pathetic
People posted Emi "literal who" who has more followers than denpa and on tiktok because she has actual milk right now, not stale story posts crying about posers and being haggard.
If denpa actually does something milky absolutely post her, I don't give a shit. But she hasn't, and when old milk and going on and on about how ugly she is is all anyone has right now it looks more like a vendetta than anything else.

OR just keep sperging about WKs and how it MUST be denpa posting here if it helps you sleep at night kek

No. 1939367

just shut up atp denpa wk faggot we all know its one person selfposting because no one cares about this actual who. lets move on

No. 1939378

It's not "people", you're the only one who started posting about that person and none of their social medias seems to be up anymore anyway. Everybody knows it's you denpa, the way you keep wking yourself on an anonymous ib and get defensive when people point out your suspicious behaviour is really embarrassing, it's not even about your looks because I didn't say anything about you looking haggard kek(hi cow)

No. 1939388

people care about this bitch enough to post milk from months ago like its new and keep insisting that it's denpa like you are continuously, but sure go ahead and deny you arent vendetta posting at this point
so this makes what, hi cow #97123098 now?
kek good job being enough of a retard to fall right into an inb4 because it's literally all you have
all you have is literally "if you disagree or i disagree with you, you're denpa/a wk" and it's so fucking retarded

No. 1939399

have you not read any posts from earlier? keep complaining about getting hi cow'd kek you arent even trying to hide your samefagging anymore. anons arent just disagreeing with you, it literally looks like one person hard wking her. Not one other person who was posted in these threads were defended the way you are, especially bringing up about being blocked

No. 1939402

File: 1701969410812.png (56.81 KB, 658x225, gg.PNG)

can we all just collectively ignore the wk, anyway if she wasnt at least here, why else would she change her instagram profile picture to her face and then take her account down? that was from a couple hours ago. so transparent it hurts

No. 1939404

so many posts yet zero milk

No. 1939405

her account is up for me kek, I think she blocked you anon

No. 1939415

So you and the two other vendetta fags?
Alot of the people "WK"ing her or are her or what ever you want to believe, aren't the same single person believe it or not (you wont because you're delusional). Plenty of discrepancy between post styles, times of posts and things being said but it doesn't matter to you because you'll sperg about anyone being Denpa or a samefag or a WK simply by anyone stating that the shit you guys keep pushing isn't milk, even when again, for the umpteenth fucking time because youre top retarded to read, no one is denying she might post, or lurk, or that she shouldn't be posted here. Just find something better than sperging out about some nobody being ugly or whatever. All anyone who is disagreeing with you is asking for, is real milk. That's it.

No. 1939416

then stop the whiteknight act and everyone will stop bringing you up

No. 1939443

This is getting sad. Let it go, quit freaking out and people will naturally stop talking.

No. 1939451

This shit is so sad. spending all day 'undercover' in discords full of teenagers or arguing with e-girls that already have your dox. with a fucking baby you're supposed to take care of.

No. 1939505

>i wuz jus pretending to be a lolicon freak while actually bein a total moid scamming boss bitch uwu i'm innocent

No. 1939531

god damn this bitch looks weird

No. 1939544

what's olivia's current @? I've been trying to find it for a couple weeks & no luck. she used to be one of my favorite cows.

No. 1939548

she is going on a blocking spree currently lmao having another breakdown. she's probably gonna delete her pinterest for the 100000th time

No. 1939568

She works at a day care, and still somehow needs to "rob" some pedophile moid for his lolicon items. Sad!

No. 1939628

why did she pick such a horrible image? she looks haggard lol

No. 1939652

File: 1702000509905.jpg (564.14 KB, 960x1446, MYXJ_20231207174637539_save.jp…)

not sure if she's been mentioned before but

vona (vonasterrors, was vonashideous on IG) is a egirl, mostly known on twitter, for posting about how empty she feels and how she wants to kill herself in between showing off her horrible spending habits and plastic hoard
the blatant materialism and spoiled attitude painted over with a sheen of "I'm a sad sick girl, poor me" is what gets me the most. and it's literally all she posts about, it's either
>depression/suicide but funny relatable meme post
>look at these figures and sugarbunnies plushes I bought for a grand hehe uwu but it's nothing I'm still so empty inside
>I'm so hiki meet all I do is sleep all day waah!!!
rinse and repeat
she's claimed she's not spoiled and doesn't use mommy and daddy's money but also never says she has a job and claims she "grows money on trees", weird way to say you whore yourself out online in your parents house kek

No. 1939653

File: 1702000563593.jpg (391.25 KB, 960x705, MYXJ_20231207174658328_save.jp…)

No. 1939654

File: 1702000709079.jpg (444.95 KB, 960x1483, MYXJ_20231207174715981_save.jp…)

No. 1939675

literally nothing you mentioned is worth posting here

No. 1939682

Imagine the dust…..imagine the smell

Then ignore it and keep calling denpachannel ugly because apparently that is kek

No. 1939690

ok thank u denpachannel

No. 1939691

File: 1702006137255.jpg (118.42 KB, 662x1491, 20231207_192713.jpg)

reminding everyone that is this your day 1 jfashion true otaku irl loli denpachannel only a fewyears ago

No. 1939692

File: 1702006184217.jpg (138.65 KB, 1075x937, 20231207_192725.jpg)

also this post in general is so funny

No. 1939694

are we sure this is her? it looks like a different person, her husband is the one on the left so im thinking it is but again they look so different

No. 1939701

oh my god the micro bangs and receding hairline power couple KEK
I can see it, having no eyebrows really changes your face but they have similar noses, lips and large glasses in attempt to hide the ugly

No. 1939736


No. 1940170

Encountered her before, she really isn't milky unless you count being an ashamed e-whore hoarder "lesbian" milky. She can't handle even slightest criticism and will go private as soon as possible. She literally did that just this week and I suspect you might be the culprit as to why…

No. 1940252

she privated because she was posted here? kek
i also knew this girl from ig and always wondered how she's dropping like three grand plus a month on plushies and garbage while not working and living at home with her "abusive family", i guess the "ashamed whore" route might be it after all
bet the "wife" is a troon

No. 1940256


No. 1940276

She privated because she tweeted something and got "a lot" (read; not that much, like, 3 people, IDK) of hateful DM.
She does like and RT a lot of troons, then again she also likes a lot of pro-ana and BPD valorant addict account tweets. I have a feeling she's just a low IQ e-girl clout chaser who is trying to appeal to all and every type of rejected tumblrite who's on Twitter and doesn't have any personality whatsoever, like every single e-girl in this thread; she's just more boring than them, so she's not worth discussing further except in Consoomer thread because her room is horrifying

No. 1940424

denpa apparently sending rage messages to 15 year olds for saving their pins, are you still going to defend your otaku ogre queen?

No. 1940425

File: 1702110876434.jpg (880.08 KB, 3072x4096, 12.jpg)


No. 1940453

She is probably the one who cowtipped to that emi and vonasterrors out of rage lmaoo

No. 1940629

you don't even know what "cowtipped" even means, PLEASE learn lingo before denpachannel sperging

embarrassing, but i doubt this girl is 15? either way, my sister in christ you uploaded the pins! how are you gonna to be mad at someone for saving them?

No. 1940657

I've noticed a lot of aesthetic obsessed users who usually come from TikTok and they get super worked up over "stolen" pins or board themes.

No. 1940676

they had 15 in their bio a couple months ago when they had an IG

No. 1940686

The fact any of you losers know details about this person and their age is just sad. Does obsessing over teenagers ever make you guys feel like degenerates or what?

No. 1940691

nigga.. thats what cowtipping means, telling a cow about them being posted here. what did you think it means?

No. 1940698

obsessing because i remembered seeing another void clone and their age? get out of here kekk

No. 1940753

They were obviously not talking about cowtipping, retard. They were talking about people being posted here. Neither Emi nor Vona posted about being cowtipped so ??
Stay in school, lord knows you need it kek

No. 1940758

yeah ok "voidskinwalker" kekk

No. 1940808

Literal 0 reading comprehension, have you even read this thread, denpa wk retard? Sorry I dont know about all your cutecore teenage enemies kek but here's the person >>1938948 who posted screenshots of this thread because they were obviously cowtipped by you. Dunno about vona but I'm just basing this off what this other nona said.

>They were obviously not talking about cowtipping, retard.
>you don't even know what "cowtipped" even mean
You literally did say cowtipping, do you have a memory of a fish? So what does cowtipping mean? I hope the all knowing oldfag would be humble enough to share all the chan lingo with such a newfag like me.

No. 1940833

That person is neither emi nor vona, and if they got cowtipped I doubt it was by denpa
Maybe if that anon was talking about this random literal who they should've quoted it, but they didn't. Not everyone lives on this thread. If you're going to talk about cowtipping get it right otherwise of course someone is going to get fucking confused.

Your meds, denpa schizo. Take them. You'll stop seeing denpa everywhere you look when you do.

No. 1940837

Your samefagging is too obvious again denpa whiteknight, at least try to change up the way you talk.

No. 1940992

You all gotta kill yourselves in the most hurtful way possible. You’re all fucking faggot ass horrible people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1940995

You all scream and cry that you’re all so god damn alone and need someone to fill the void of “love” your parents never gave you, yet you spend god knows how long posting random ass women on the internet to shit on meanwhile you’re all fucking greaseballs. Either kill yourselves or do something useful in society

No. 1940998

Go sperg out about it somewhere else then newfag. You're not even using the site correctly because you couldn't sage your autistic rage

No. 1941004

File: 1702227864073.jpg (47.15 KB, 587x498, haha sweet.jpg)

Kek. totally not sperging

No. 1941029

kek you keep saying that to multiple different anons and you look genuine crazy and schizophrenic now, take yr meds goddamn

No. 1941032

File: 1702231935321.jpg (74.84 KB, 911x585, Screen_Shot_2017-11-06_at_12.4…)

>samefag projecting sperging on obvious bait post

No. 1941038

File: 1702233207003.jpg (633.81 KB, 1080x7390, image0(1)-min.jpg)

Which one of these faggot asslickers are you?

No. 1941042

why does she lurk so hard on here? she instantly responded when she was posted last thread too. blame denpachannel for posting you to derail the discussion on her, no one cares about you

No. 1941044

i honestly believe she posted herself.

No. 1941045

KindLittleBug sounds like a scrote lurker ew

No. 1941046

Vona, you already want to die regardless of being posted on lc. You post about wanting to die while enjoying a lobster dinner at some fancy restaurant. You want to die while you just sit around, do nothing but buying shit and pretendung to be a sad emo egirl online, and you want to tell people you make thousands and thousands of dollars "selling things" and "working on commissions" and that's how you "grow money on trees" when your art is traced animecore trash, and your hoard never decreases. Make it make sense. Like we are just supposed to believe you're able to drop thousands of dollars a month from just doing that. Totally believable.

No. 1941052

>>1941045 definitely, he's a male who wears shitty makeup

No. 1941054

yeah, and how he mentioned about the possibility of this thread getting locked reminded me of the kind of people posting in the tradthots and coquette threads that probably have a lot of male posters because of all the sperging in those

No. 1941072

File: 1702237280829.jpeg (70.78 KB, 828x773, F-NkPWkWsAAUvWD.jpeg)

You mean to tell me this wouldn't earn you 100$ in commission??? KEK

No. 1941082

If you told me that this was a display at a store I would believe you. Why the fuck would anyone buy this much random shit?

No. 1941097

I'd LOVE to see the hundreds of commissions she's done/does for this wonky traced shit.

No. 1943391

she’s not very cow-ish anymore ever since the aislin thing ended, but it’s amanitangel.

No. 1944266

File: 1702830104695.jpg (525.01 KB, 960x1497, MYXJ_20231214110451195_save.jp…)

Pretty bold to just be wearing the butt pad shorts around when it's obvious what they are

No. 1944397

File: 1702849443944.jpg (163.83 KB, 1067x1720, 20231217_134243.jpg)

nyabeat is trying to be a DJ now or something. God this is so cringe it makes me wanna kill myself. I had to unfollow like three different idiots that reshared this on their story.

99% of everyone's favorite egirls still follow her btw

No. 1944414

She also djs for Remilia/malady raves. Which is weird because she claimed they groomed her to be a neo nazi when she was 16

No. 1944686

She's gaining weight fast

No. 1944749

you can really tell how much she's gained over the past year lol seems like her in denial "i only eat funfetti frosting" anorexia phase is over

No. 1945687

Get this retarded shit out of here, winter break newfaggot.
Go beg your parents for kids clothes that won't fit you for Christmas instead.

No. 1945691

Nowhere here does she say only men can be pedos and women can't. for starters. No one cares about some literal who saying that collecting anime figures doesn't make you a pedo and when someone who is a lolicon and also wants to fuck kids, its really obvious. And usually men kek.
I'm not even pro lolicon but I can see that cutecore faggot cottoncandycavity (who skinwalks a lolicon, and cries about how ickyoniichan abused her when she wears the randoseru he gave her in every fucking picture) coming here to use this thread as her personal army when no one gives a shit.
Claudia, I know you're lurking because you mentioned you were right after you were posted and "a friend told you". Get hobbies and friends instead of dating older men, using lolicon media as your inspiration and ig icons, and saving the safe for work versions of simulated kiddie porn photoshoots where real women try to look like real kids, on your pinterest while grandstanding every chance you get. Get help.

No. 1945967

File: 1703191792005.jpeg (1.53 MB, 3492x3492, 2EE207E3-30A0-4B5D-B912-42FF08…)

So this is ElllaExplicit … has anyone else seen the insane photoshopping she does using the CapCut app? She literally just puts the waist pinching slider on max every time

Candid video from her bf account vs a TikTok she posted the same week

No. 1945968

File: 1703192000887.jpeg (1.01 MB, 972x1165, IMG_5680.jpeg)

*EllaExplicit_ or Ellapaisley_ on instagram btw
more insane shoops lol

No. 1945969

File: 1703192053842.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1179x1434, IMG_5681.jpeg)

This is so funny to me honestly

No. 1945977

keke this looks like the editing of that one asian lady

No. 1946003

File: 1703200187177.jpg (21.75 KB, 311x410, 8davy0u7kst41.jpg)

I will never understood the shrunken head look

No. 1946137

Apparently it's a beauty standard in Japan

No. 1946284

that pic was at a milady rave im pretty sure. charlotte fang (aka rohit Okhandiar/miya) retweeted video of nyabeat too

No. 1946786

File: 1703405810874.jpeg (531.11 KB, 828x1199, IMG_1763.jpeg)

Going to cosmetology school while having that horrible bleach and color job is tragic

No. 1946813

Not milky

No. 1946822

man, her curl pattern is completely fucked now.

No. 1947131

File: 1703503547857.jpeg (1 MB, 1153x1227, IMG_0122.jpeg)

Never seen Samkat brought up here but came across her trying to rewrite history and larp a chronic illness.

Picrel: 2020 “crutch era” when she broke her foot, was fine after a week, made an update a month after clearly doing fine and being very busy
VS her now claiming that it was actually a disability that almost killed her still using the crutch pics from her broken foot

No. 1947330

File: 1703562649399.jpeg (212.92 KB, 828x656, IMG_1322.jpeg)

I think she’s implying that Graves’ disease somehow caused the accident that broke her foot, and that’s how it “almost killed her”? Which is intentionally super misleading.

No. 1947390

Everyone looks like this at cosmetology school that’s the point you go there to learn to do hair properly through practise

No. 1947516

File: 1703615530525.jpg (391.57 KB, 960x646, MYXJ_20231226103155862_save.jp…)

Out of everyone else at her school she's the only one that looks…..like that kek
Guess that's what it means when she says she "has to be the most special adorable cutest kawaii hot sexy sweetie pie" at whatever location or event

No. 1947527

its so weird to see her around normal looking people. that face is so uncanny looking.

No. 1947561

I think dark hair would look nice on her.

No. 1947646

All these girls look like they live in a trailer, smell like a wet rag, and have a Slipknot tattoo on the back of their calf.

No. 1947653

someone needs to tell her that Belle Delphine smirk she tries to do doesn't work irl without give filters piled on

they still look more normal than Ellie kek also given the area the school is in it's no surprise..

No. 1947687

wonder if her institute knows her lolicon history or her main instagram, given the school account is not following it

No. 1947692

Oh get real, besides Ellie and like two other girls they all look relatively normal and I bet you all of them have dads working white collar jobs. Last I heard she lives in Seattle and has to take a ferry to get to school so I can't imagine the girls around her are much different. The assumption that these girls have slipknot tattoos or smell bad based on this normal looking photo is laughable and makes your reach sound spiteful or vindictive for no reason other then, jealousy maybe? Ellie is the only one to be confirmed hick trash anyways. I dont know, there's something ugly about hating on some random girls just because they have the misfortune of going to school with Ellie.

No. 1947784

File: 1703685384274.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1170x2041, IMG_9690.jpeg)

Claudia just keeps outing herself as a lurker kek

No. 1947802

no one's been talking about her for weeks already, you sure?

No. 1947820

either a selfpost or a "close friend" vendettachan of hers kek.

No. 1947827

>posting her outfits
Going after random people and calling them pedophiles while explicitly dating adult men and making them buy her things knowing fully well what shes doing = outfit posts ??

No. 1947846

File: 1703701101262.jpg (3.1 MB, 3098x3873, ha.jpg)

if you go through her classmates instagrams you can find some funny candids. her hair is absolutely fucked. i cant believe that she got it done professionally.
hair account is @confetticlipz

No. 1947904


Why y’all stalking her classmates-weird asf behaviour(unsaged retard)

No. 1947906

welcome to lolcow dot farm(unsaged retard 2)

No. 1947919

In Britain doing a hair & beauty course is like the lowest form of education you can do, don't know if that's the same for burger's, but I wonder if she is not only socially retarded but also academically retarded. She seems to lack any form of goal, just collects Japanese people's junk and live off mummy & daddy

No. 1947952

Cosmetology school is pretty intense in America. It’s a physically demanding job and you need to obtain state mandated licenses and have 1500 hours of practice before you can be licensed. So I’m a little proud of her for doing something requiring that much dedication

No. 1947964

that doesn't mean it's not seen as the catch all career for teen moms, druggies and women with no clear direction, it's not respected

No. 1947969

This is true; it’s only respected if you are able to work in a high end salon or spa and/or eventually have your own. Like there are two types of cosmetology schools and two types of students they turn out kek

No. 1947972

It’s a decent career path for working-class women who can’t access traditional education for whatever reason, provided they have a bit of hustle and business sense. Lots of jobs aren’t “respected” (whatever that means) but still provide an honest living. I wouldn’t trust someone with that dried-out rat’s nest to touch my hair though.

No. 1948016

File: 1703743562946.png (2.04 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231227-230457.png)

This is very much a vendetta post since I don't know if she's even milky at all, but awlivv bothers me so much. She has the most annoying pickme attitude and I'm glad she ruined her fingers with the gangrene look

No. 1948020

I kek’d a little when I found out about her going to cosmetology school, sorry for blog fagging but I do hair professionally (didn’t go to cosmetology school myself) and I can 100% confirm that the cosmetology girlies are 1% genuinely talented artists with good eyes for style and form- and 99% dumb as rocks. Dumber than dumb. It makes sense to me that she ended up here.

No. 1948268

The discussion about cosmetology is derailing at this point, try to stay on topic

No. 1948281

File: 1703832258077.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1937, IMG_9730.jpeg)

I guess she’s… editing her hair color now? The giant splotch she forgot to color over, kek. If she’s in cosmetology school why doesn’t she just tone her hair? like

No. 1948293

I wonder if she'll ever post a selfie without that awful eye makeup and fixed head position or is that really the only pose she's able to feel confident doing?

No. 1948560


Wasted more of mommy and daddy's money on surgery for her deformed jaw only to keep repeating that one pose she said she only did because the angle made her face look normal. Guess there's more wrong with it than just the jaw.

No. 1948857

I know I’m nit picking. But… are you kidding me??! Seriously?? GRAY?? AND ORANGE??? I get being experimental and doing quirky colors, that’s great, but why would you choose the worst fuckint colors to put together. They look awful.

No. 1948880

agreeee such a notliketheotherbasicbitches.jpg while flaunting her ass and non-existent tits with arrogance. gag.

No. 1949222

pretty sure either her classmate, or she overtoned it with purple to get rid of the fucked bleach job.

No. 1950448


When will e-thots learn that their makeup makes them look like hot garbage without copious amounts of angles and filters.

No. 1950971

File: 1704438950944.jpg (134.21 KB, 1080x950, 20240104_231657.jpg)

I am officially terrified….

No. 1951240

File: 1704496685113.jpg (194.03 KB, 946x2048, 20240105_171757.jpg)

No words…

No. 1951253

File: 1704498392495.jpeg (127.81 KB, 941x1122, IMG_3773.jpeg)


No. 1951477

Girls who spend too much time around mentally disturbed, terminally online men always begin talking about themselves in such a degrading and misogynistic way and I can't even mock it its just really sad.

No. 1951592

File: 1704566625285.jpeg (758.35 KB, 1170x2010, 8AD2CEC8-5B2D-4695-9B5F-90FF2B…)

kaliacc friendly fire. all of vampjunk’s underage and mentally stunted pro ana cult moots are dragging this chick like they don’t do the same thing.

No. 1951606

They feel so threatened by underage girls, especially non-white ones kek

No. 1951616

No. 1951665

File: 1704577794009.jpeg (107.22 KB, 750x899, 71CC2B62-B243-48D0-A0D2-D1AE42…)

She claims it’s cause the girl “mocked her dead friend Bianca” but these text shows it’s more than that..definitely angry someone other girl got more attention than her for doing the same thing lmao

No. 1951737

I hate vampjunk but that "curryfoid" chick is absolutely repulsive and deserves to be ridiculed.

No. 1951752

I agree she's cringe, but I feel bad for her because she's 15 or 16. She still has a chance to grow out of it, if it's not some retarded joke. Vampjunk is an adult woman in her late 20s and so pathetic she thinks of groomed kids as rivals, spergs about them being "fat" and still thirsts for attention from racist neckbeards today.

No. 1951824

vampjunk is not in her late 20's you retard lmao

No. 1951828

Proof, or are you just mad? You bitches are way too old to be malding about teenage girls and chasing pedo dick lol

No. 1951870

she posted about being in her late teens in 2018/9 when she first got cancelled. safe to say she's probably 20 max rn , where the hell did you get late 20s from kek

No. 1951880

“cunnylands” is revolting, I really wonder where this kid is gonna be in 10 years

No. 1951885

either a single mom on welfare or hopefully she'll have matured enough to finally log off and heal. i can tell you from expericence that these girls are often just insecure (and often geniuenly neurodivergent) bullied kids irl that sought refuge on the net and that developed a desperate need for attention and male validation. as absoltely revolting as she is , i feel honestly bad for her

No. 1951918

Curryfoid is 19 kek

No. 1951927

Shes 16, where are you getting that she is 19 from(sage your shit)

No. 1951931

even if she is 15 or 16, why do you feel bad for her? kids that age should have enough sense not to draw swastikas on their face and mock a girl who was murdered

No. 1951945

Either way, she and the other cosplayer are grown ass women seething about young girls and going full pickme for nonces.

No. 1952171

if she was in her late teens in 2018/2019 shed be 17 to 19…. its 2024 so shes now 23-25 lol almost late 20s

No. 1952179

Isn't that literally every person on this thread? Grown women seething over teenage girls on the internet kek

No. 1952421

vampchunk shouldn't be calling other girls fat kek

No. 1952434

Aren't most of the individuals discussed here adult women who try to look like minors?

No. 1952526

File: 1704752427142.png (333.82 KB, 471x765, ..png)

Linzor is looking so much like Tuna Slater lately

No. 1952598

Can we please talk about this thing(do not post minors here)

No. 1952599

looks like the queen…

No. 1952603

>she can't be the 4chan gf fantasy because I'm the 4chan gf fantasy
>ps she's ugly and brown
Kek, rich coming from someone who actually looks like this >>1890106

No. 1952655

Don't you ever insult the queen like this ever again.

No. 1952663

More like a ghastly PT/Venus hybrid tbh? She already hid her instagram

No. 1952699

YukapeeT?? my fucking sides.

No. 1952707

File: 1704785087572.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2219, IMG_0199.jpeg)

No. 1952842

File: 1704821318505.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1583, 5D2A2F39-674C-48F2-B885-2EF532…)

This account seems milky. Some semi popular e whore. Who uses filters and shoops. Idk if she’s been posted on here. She gets mad about everything. She got offended when the loser males she makes content for says she has no father figure.

No. 1952844

File: 1704821414203.jpeg (869.77 KB, 1223x1123, 2047F404-BB8F-4434-961C-5F5603…)

She’s 31 and she’s still taking nudes, shooping bad and being immature arguing with trolls

No. 1953109

That photoshop, I'm ded.

No. 1953155

Not to nitpick, but damn, she couldn't clear off her countertop first?

No. 1955203

Why is everyone here so hateful

No. 1955232

Strange(sage your shit)

No. 1955297

Everyone knows women automatically start wearing sack cloth and being interested only in taxes once they turn 30 kek. She's definitely cow-like, but none of that is weird for a 31 year old

No. 1955814

Does anyone know what happened to Xan and Ellie? They stopped being friends idk why

No. 1955858

probably bc ellie’s been skinwalking somebody else lately(learn to sage)

No. 1956014

Wdym she’s skin walking someone else? She was always herself I don’t get it(integrate)

No. 1956174

ellie’s been skinwalking other ewhores for years, it’s why she gets so defensive when somebody does it to her. i’d have to assume with her whole style change since the gross stuff with her ex, she’s probably moved on to skinwalking somebody else lolol

No. 1956267

Ohhh, I don’t see why that would end her and Xans friendship though(sage your shit)

No. 1956275

read the rules retard you were banned once already

No. 1956564

File: 1705603265576.png (11.46 MB, 3890x3578, Untitled755_20240118133631.png)

is posting about their lolicon fantasies , used to say it was okay to collect figures of underage girls because she likes men, also used to go by he/him pronouns and be mlm despite her being openly racist/homophobic. had an alt account on instagram just to post images of half naked children, and even faked suicide LOL. makes fun of other girls despite looking like a hideous troll

No. 1956570

yeah she was posted up thread a while ago, not surprised to see she's gotten into more shit and trying to shift the blame on "friends" and trying to claim proof of them logging into her accounts when discord basically considers you being off and on wifi as two separate locations, let alone it being entirely reasonable she logged in on different computers etc. She's always been a horrible liar, it's why she claimed to get help after nuking her edtwt just to remake it the same day.

No. 1956577

Oh dear lord they're hideous. What gives them the right to talk about anybody's looks when they look like that…?

No. 1956600

something about her looks so… unhygienic.

No. 1956623

What a cringy, unnoriginal pick-me girl, KEK. Can't stand that type of girl. Let her do her attention-whoring, as if it's something so edgy, to buy the same figures as every pedopandering cutecore liker. Boring shit.

No. 1956664

Xiaxue and her husband Mike have divorced.

Not surprising since Mike looked like he wanted to kill himself/didn’t want to be there for years. Xiaxue is a single mom now but claims she and Mike are coparenting. Sounds like cope since apparently Mike is already back in the US.

No. 1956747

maybe its the bedbug bites all over her legs, kek

No. 1957106

File: 1705717797246.jpg (215.1 KB, 1080x1104, 111000.jpg)

That fat ugly wannabe cutecore faggot is back. And she's still running that other callout account doing callouts on other mfs. Like no one gives a shit you dumb bitch lmao(do not post minors)

No. 1957198

I mean, you must give a shit enough to self post? lol you're right though, no one cares clown

No. 1957503

No. 1957604

geez nonna you have such a raging hate boner for a 15 year old with 60 followers

No. 1957812

File: 1705854631408.jpg (350.02 KB, 960x1507, MYXJ_20240121083028912_save.jp…)

If I was this ugly inside and out I guess I'd be in disgusting incel pedophile discord servers looking to scrounge up any attention I could get too. Maybe go back to being a fakeboi Angel, you've got the 5 o'clock shadow for it.

No. 1957827

File: 1705856815769.jpg (285.39 KB, 1080x1920, 11000555.jpg)

(please do not post minors)

No. 1957855

Context??? Who's stories are these originally and who is saying this
>to like kawaii stuff everyone has to think you're in middle school still or you're a poser
Gotta love these retarded 15 year old ipad kids thinking shit like this not realizing its entirely a self-own kek

No. 1958354

File: 1705971424207.jpeg (151.49 KB, 1223x643, IMG_2975.jpeg)

did any of you know ellie released a song on SoundCloud….

No. 1958972

What am I looking at exactly??

No. 1958986

What? Why does it say "me"? Are you self posting that she stole your sweater?

No. 1958988

No one cares that you have the same sweater as her, moid.(report suspected males, do not respond)

No. 1959014

Report and move on Nona

No. 1959015

File: 1706136405146.png (30.75 KB, 313x183, img-2024-01-24-22-47-49.png)

It says "me" because thats the name of the saved instagram story collection its from, it doesn't show "me" when you view your own stories on IG. so its not necessarily a self post

No. 1959886

Is it any good? I'm scared to hear it bc I can't imagine it being bearable…

No. 1960611

all of the devoid of personality bitches LOVE to make shitty soundcloud music. they just hop from one fad to another to get attention. just like kerosene has done with that fucked up kaliacc remilia nft shit

No. 1960698

File: 1706557971777.png (740.67 KB, 735x1137, Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 2.49.…)

Ellie gym saga incoming?

No. 1960865

why is literally everything she does so goddamn annoying…
no but really this feels so forced somehow…

No. 1960866

why does her head and face look like an entirely different shape only in this picture god what the actual fuck is this phase now

No. 1960952

That’s not Ellie in that photo(learn2reply, learn2sage)

No. 1962055

File: 1706923561559.jpeg (223.88 KB, 828x1690, IMG_2694.jpeg)

> went to Hawaii TWICE during a pandemic

> a notoriously expensive place to vacation
> moved to a state and city with a grotesque price of living most people can’t afford
> has the means to take work off and go on a vacation every three months
> the bitch is constantly flying somewhere
> most ‘working class’ american can only dream of going on holiday every 3-5 years due to inflation
> also has the means to buy an entire room worth of collectors items with “her own money” (not spending her Starbucks paycheck on rent or utilities, you know, what the average adult has no choice but to spend their money on.)
> posts hauls of eBay Japanese clothing and accessories bi weekly
> goes to a beauty school that costs up to 20k a year. There is no way her 20 hr a week Starbuck paycheck pays for this, her parents are footing the bill
> lived in a Texan McMansion
> self admittedly “will cry when things don’t go her way” (citation: old tik tok)

Righhhhtttt Ellie.

No. 1962056

Same fag- she literally flew to Disneyland a few months ago, and just recently flew to wherever the fuck to hang with her egirl friend. Case and point is no “middle class” person can afford to travel every fucking month. Just admit you’re spoiled Ellie, even though it doesn’t fit your tortured, traumatized irl loli larp.

No. 1962089

With how rich she is she should've went towards a more Ojou trope to follow than a retarded moid hikkineet larp. Ichigo mashimaro as her pfp, would've been cooler to larp like Ana.

No. 1962110

most rich kids will swear they’re middle class like they have any clue what middle class people live like.

No. 1962250

File: 1706988465196.jpg (769.71 KB, 960x1607, MYXJ_20240203112910331_save.jp…)

cringe feat. the return of the obvious butt pad shorts underneath her pajama pants

No. 1962251

Maybe the real cows all along are the ultra wealthy causing hyperinflation for the middle class

No. 1962630

Why is she trying to be thick and bonerattler at the same time

No. 1962741

uhhhh…she literally a couple months ago posted about how she never has to buy care bears because her mom brings her care bears every time she sees them apparently. ellie pathological liar arc

No. 1962742

thats the biggest diaper i have ever seen

No. 1962939

nah it sucks. i recommend listening tho cuz its funny as hell

No. 1962954

it looks like she's shit her pants

No. 1963238

This would require her actually knowing and giving a fuck about any of the anime or manga she buys merchandise of and claims to love. Which she doesn't, because she only wants to buy merchandise for taking pictures of in her room. Literally no personality in this woman, sad!

No. 1963246

Yeah like how she all of the sudden is a huge Melanie Martinez fan and sperging about how she's liked it since 2015 (like every other melanie fan) only when it becomes relevant on tiktok. I wonder if she split dyed her hair for that reason too?

No. 1963313

File: 1707262912795.jpeg (1017.96 KB, 1242x1829, 7C0E4DD1-A2CE-4176-9656-56E321…)

Was browsing instagram shorts and got a video of some girl shopping for hello kitty products in a store with her bf. Clicked on the account and it’s this gross sleazy redneck moid who is in a poly relationship with two teenagers. He makes them dress as little girls and shoot porn together, the girls are both pedo pandering DDLG types. Gross.


No. 1963332

There's so much potential for milk with these people. There's no way this situation will end quietly offline

No. 1963337

One of them looks younger than age 18. This is disgusting.

No. 1963343

There honestly isnt lol I swear you all just say shit. It's obvious theyre all over 18 so what is the milk here exactly? That some porn brained idiots are pedo pandering for onlyfans subscribers?

No. 1963345

File: 1707270968762.jpeg (347.42 KB, 1169x1995, what-happened-v0-9pol4frx11ec1…)

i've seen this guy on tiktok and nothing good about him either, he's had girls he invited call him out for abusive sneaky behavior and just recently an 18 yr old girl they invited left because of something that happened behind the scenes

No. 1963346

File: 1707271052361.jpeg (255.97 KB, 1283x2208, you-thought-you-ate-v0-qqc9x08…)

adding on, his OF was recently banned because he was making weird "freshly 18" yr old porn and one of the videos featured abrie's child in the backseat

No. 1963351

File: 1707272149574.jpeg (546.88 KB, 828x1526, IMG_1740.jpeg)

this situation needs its own thread there’s so much and i was waiting for someone to bring it up here. reddit is ew but a lot of information

No. 1963592

I agree nona I think this Apollo pedo could be a very milky cow. There’s no way this situation isn’t overflowing with milk.

No. 1963594

When even OF is banning you for being a disgusting degenerate you know you’re fucked up:

No. 1963683

File: 1707361713208.jpg (22.46 KB, 390x520, 18X0D2KV.jpg)

reddit has compiled some things including the guy (michael) and girl's (abrie) mugshots and court cases involving DV https://www.reddit.com/r/Apollostonenarc/comments/1allnnv/when_reporting_to_fansly_provide_these_links/

No. 1963689

File: 1707362640857.png (989.04 KB, 1575x1043, chrome_cq2ue5iLqC.png)

her charges

No. 1963740

He's seriously grotesque looking. These guys are a milk fountain.

No. 1965258

oh come off it he doesn't look that bad(newfaggotry)

No. 1965287

he looks like a midget

No. 1965290

Date rapist coded

No. 1965477


No. 1965478

wooow such an original concept a scumbag and young girls pursuing said scumbag and then getting "abused" wow so exciting

No. 1965664

i cant wait for this board to die(then leave)

No. 1967125

Nunuseru is obsessed with lolicon and "kins" and is obsessed With a 9 year old anime loli named Ai Hinatsuru and thinks she is the "irl ai chan uwu", groomed both a 14 and 15 year old, The 14 year old is autistic. She also made private nsfw account and gave access to the minors to view it, the Minors both address her as "mommy" or "mama" or "big sister" and she calls the 14 year old "my baby" and all that creepy shit, yet she has a child herself. She is also an asian baiter and you can see and makes herself look so "loli petite kawaii little girl"

No. 1968258

this is extremely old news. pls shut the fuck up abt nunuseru like literally none of it is interesting.

I'm genuinely confused as to why this thread still exists its so dead and boring..

No. 1968312

Were you posted here before, yes or no

No. 1968438

Does everyone in this board just come to vendetta post about some bitch you hate with no milk whatsoever? At least Ellie is milkable.(are you lost)

No. 1969105

File: 1708681597168.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1015.01 KB, 2448x3026, C0E3367F-26B9-4D89-88D7-C6D876…)

surprised no one has brought up rindoseru. shes a criminal photoshopper im talking erin painter levels of editing and pedobaiting.
>known as rindoseru , ickykiddie , rinkokenoe
>rindoseru account changed to preschoolkiddie. her rinkokenoe account now known as milkinrabbit as she had recently made a statement that she’s “leaving” cutecore community due to its toxicity. couldnt grab the screenshot sorry
>traced lolicon porn art and plastered it all over her walls.
>caught being in a lolicon discord server showing off her degenerate lolicon items. the server threatens to groom and rape individuals and also has a telegram where they distribute lolicon porn.
>obsessed with kodomo no jikan, an anime about a child seducing her teacher.
>dog shit photoshop to make her look small and childlike. ends up looking like a bobble headed goblin in the process.
>new face with every shoop, either discount belle delphine lookalike or trying desperately to look asian.
>is friends with a pedophile (heccvoid) who sexually assaulted his underaged younger sister and sniffed her underwear. once called out about their friendship they suddenly act like they don’t know each other despite having retarded lolicon matching icons.
>claims she’s 3 feet tall to pander to pedos. in unedited photo she looks mich taller.

also apologies for my schizo levels of college editing kek. the photos are blurry, zoom in if needed. i took the caps from cutecore.news on instagram. had to spoil image for obvious reasons, this shit is a nightmare.

No. 1969216

Oh no. Is this char girl from the UK? There is one who is infamously in 4chan services and her parents just let her neet all day so she makes up lies and bullies girls. Guess I should have expected her to go the route of skinwalking them.

No. 1969535

Being a neet is fun

No. 1969568

Yeah I guess it is when you watch loli porn, take dxm, and bully other girls? Kek if you choose to be a neet at least dont be miserable and retarded.

No. 1969828

File: 1708860068262.jpg (200.05 KB, 828x1696, 1000049764.jpg)


I have the screenshot of her saying shes "leaving" the cutecore community. It's essentially her saying I got caught and didn't enjoy people hating on me so I'll say im leaving instead of taking responsibility and changing to be a better person lolll. Also yes shes from the UK

No. 1969921

File: 1708890684305.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3112x3002, 642FE960-BABC-40DE-B27E-91854B…)

kek guess it didnt last long she changed her name again and is back to being a gross pedobaiting piece of shit

No. 1969923

File: 1708890935472.jpeg (Spoiler Image,663.28 KB, 3248x2138, F688D289-858C-492C-A53A-A9DC83…)

samefag , this is absolutely sickening. why do they all do this shit

No. 1969937

File: 1708894834981.jpeg (507.09 KB, 1170x1038, 9D0B3276-DCF9-4500-B394-DC8806…)

No. 1969971

File: 1708902263660.jpeg (247.24 KB, 1170x1163, IMG_8149.jpeg)

Kek she kind of looks like Daniel Larson.

No. 1969987

File: 1708906224600.jpg (171.2 KB, 828x1144, 1000049894.jpg)

This bitches creepy ass room with her traced lolicon porn and lolicon merch plastered all up in there. Shes got angel/sleepydweller/nerddere in the comments kissing her ass

No. 1970060

She looks like she has a lot of cow potential tbh, what a weird bitch

No. 1970087

Just stumbled upon this and had to look into it. According to the Reddit this guy is a gross groomer and liar, his 21 year old "gf" abandoned her child to do drugs and porn with him. They definitely have the potential to have their own thread or at least be regulars itt, but I don't have the stomach to read about camwhores for too long. If anyone is interested look into it, there's so much stuff

No. 1970138

my god, i feel so bad for young girls trying so hard to pander to creeps and pedos online. i wonder when this all started, because nobody in their right mind would ever condone this shit

No. 1970155

If I had to guess, the tumblr era. Maybe a little in the MySpace days as well, but my friends and I who were on MySpace were well careful of creepy older guys. I knew a lot of girls who would just add and talk to anyone.

No. 1970177

did she never move out of her parent's house? if so, holy shit the neglect. if this is your kid, they need an intervention.

No. 1970748

even before the internet, i wonder when girls started to pander to such obviously objectionable behaviour, it seems to be a whole other level of attention seeking/being a handmaiden to the point where young girls are indulging in men's pedophilic fantasies. this has to be super detrimental to mental health, no way can someone have self respect or value their life living this way. i don't think this sort of thing would happen without the internet but i agree its probably from tumblr and the gross ddlg shit that came from there

No. 1970836

i truly do wonder how ones parent must feel coming in their grown ass unemployed neet daughter's room and seeing straight up softcore anime porn plastered on the wall. what happened to shame

No. 1971653

File: 1709359057927.jpg (826.72 KB, 1078x1914, 1000050319.jpg)


I definitely agree. The fact she has voidchans pedo ex simping for her is fucking hilarious. She edits herself so badly and this dude eats it up thinking shes literally an "irl loli so smol uwu" type of girl loll

No. 1972349

>voidchans pedo ex
Nonnie, you got proof of that?

No. 1972383

File: 1709578590615.jpeg (564.76 KB, 1219x1644, DD4B7B1E-CFBC-4B05-9454-2696E8…)

No. 1972384

Not just her, but I hate how they all boil his behavior down to drugs and not the fact that the dude was also a pedo.

No. 1972523

File: 1709606570378.jpeg (433.99 KB, 1125x2204, IMG_1002.jpeg)

why yes what a fine work of art .. would look magnificent with the rest of the traced lolicon porn garbage kek. seriously wondering what her mother thinks of this shit

No. 1972527

agreed, drugs fuck you up, but they don't sprout pedophilia out of nowhere. it's more likely to make you shitty in ways that allow you to get access to more drugs than anything else. you're more likely to be raped in exchange for drugs than be the aggressor yourself unless you already had inclinations towards doing so prior to the drugs.

No. 1972918

File: 1709697570049.jpg (89.16 KB, 617x444, 1000050687.jpg)

Im assuming you havent really heard about that but that dude straight up is open about being attracted to kids. Theres even screenshots of him saying he touched his middle school aged sister in her sleep. No clue how he hasnt gotten jailtime tbh

No. 1972919

File: 1709697721951.jpg (70.48 KB, 847x266, 1000050689.jpg)

No. 1972942

No. 1973023

Heccboi/heccvoid. Voidchans pedo ex that photoshop wannabe loli girl had a thing with. Rinkokenoe or whatever(sage your shit)

No. 1973043

wasn't voidchans ex, just a skin walker with void in her username

No. 1973265

I mean regardless this dude is very openly a pedophile and she (rinkokenoe acc) was dick riding the hell out of him, what a blind retard whining and crying about girls being "bullies" her shoop is insane. The fact she posts those images are just straight up embarrassing.

No. 1973267

File: 1709782707514.jpg (Spoiler Image,258.08 KB, 811x1211, 1000050771.jpg)

Shes trying hard to promote her shitty pedobaiting pics. All she does is cosplay this shitty generic pedo character. Shes seriously a clown. I wonder if anyone has any irl pics of her. Ive heard she has a couple irl friends who are within that cutecore community or something/follow her accs. Would be absolutely hilarious seeing those leaked imo

No. 1973398

*suck in. I'm typing this as I run. She's not skinny. She wants to look like a child she should workout 4 hrs a day and walk. Maybe that will level out her cellulite gut she shows off for coomer moids in hopes of being "discovered "(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1973507

Thats what confused me. I forget that these people just copy that blatantly. I don’t think other anon even knows who the real voidchan is

No. 1974110

rattle rattle stfu and kill yourself(don't answer to bait)

No. 1974972

File: 1710178373549.jpeg (817.73 KB, 3464x2676, C24F808D-C208-4652-8419-BEA2E8…)

>don’t associate me with heccboi, we arent dating or friends!!!!

kissing eachothers ass in the comments of ur shitty cosplay say otherwise. would hate to see what they discuss in private dms

No. 1974984

nonnies have you not heard of yukapon? this is all just the continuation of the japanese idol industry's (customers') preferences, which started around the 80s

No. 1975074

File: 1710193082562.jpeg (288.2 KB, 828x1466, IMG_6086.jpeg)

heccboi just straight up saying the n word

No. 1975099

File: 1710197295270.jpg (342.67 KB, 983x1512, 1000051440.jpg)

Her shooping is laughable honestly. Also looks like she either stopped shooping as bad or gained weight and is having a harder time making herself look as uwu tiny as usual. Look at the wobbling on her armpit area/backpack strap lolll

No. 1975217

Is she seriously tagging herself as #18 ugh these girls are going to be so embarrassed about this shit

No. 1975279

Fattychan desperately shooping herself to be "uWu SmoL" disgusting. Irl I'd gut her like the hog she was knife go slice slice . Be uggo fatty Bianca devins all over again. Uggos don't deserve ljfe(a-log)

No. 1975289

he is a literal pedophile who proudly calls himself a pedophile and ur surprised he says the n word?? like how is this worth exposing over literally anything else

No. 1975290

god shut the fuck uuuuupppppp kys already(a-logging)

No. 1975293

File: 1710233563392.jpg (37.29 KB, 400x400, e0444fa747358fcdbba47952454218…)

this is a pointless post but im forever mad at every egirl and cutecore girl in the world thinking vo1dchan started literally any sort of aesthetic when she was just a woman in her late 20s who in 2018/2019 wanted to be a pink haired anime girl so badly that she developed an entire persona based around yami kawaii. like I hate sm that she gets this kind of credit to this day when stuff like picrel were going around the internet fucking 10+ years ago with people saying "this is meeee" like…

also people IN JAPAN on social media resurfaced sugarbunnies and 2010s kogal gyaru, and wooow right around that time is when some white girl from Georgia wants to make it her persona after going through 100000 of them.

No. 1975296

also dnt even come at me for exaggerating her age or something because anyone who was involved in that original unhinged circle of girls knew vo1dchans real age…and it certainly wasn't 21 or even close to it

No. 1975297

literally look at any of her posts pre-2020. she fucking has a demon slayer Nezuko poster along with only so many my melody items. she wore a pink wig 24/7 and edited her pics super bright. she had minimal shit in her room pre 2018. oh thats ur true neet otaku right there.

No. 1975484


I may be wrong, but isn’t this Nicole Dollanganger’s room from around 2012.

No. 1975487


Likewise I do agree. Sick of seeing her pictures under every # on every social media possible. Her room wasnt even that great. Looks like it had mould growing in every corner. The newgen skinwalkers annoy me the most though. Who’s going to tell them that copy and pasting voids room isn’t going to make them into a cutecore otaku edgy egirl like they think. It just makes them look even more stupid

No. 1975504

>Like I would fuck an adult but kids as well
>Kids are just my preference

This is most of those pedos, honestly. People are mistaken in thinking dudes into pedoshit are strictly binary and only attracted children solely. It's like a damn spectrum because they're disgusting, opportunistic scrotes looking to get their rocks off first and foremost and children or pedo-adjacent girls/women are fair game too.

No. 1975608

I don't think you're wrong or disagree but it's weird to have this much of a hateboner still over a girl that has left the Internet over two years ago. Let it go.

I think she posted those yamikawaui room pics at the right time I guess, or something. I will say even if she wasn't entirely unique you can't deny that people who skin walk her to this day exist. Going as far as to call themselves nashi or void on top of it all kek

Again, not saying you're wrong but it's kind of moot at this point in time.

No. 1975647

I thought this was all new milk, but she's hasn't posted anything in two years?

No. 1975980

File: 1710374589180.png (1.54 MB, 792x1269, Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 7.40.…)

Shiro's ana days are long over as she continues to gain weight.

No. 1976002

Rattle rattle. Also noone calls her "Shiro", lurk more or go back to edtwt

No. 1976051

Not as voidchan, if she's out there still no one really knows. whenever people come in to cry about her popularizing the mymelo gurokawa shit its always retards who probably tag their posts as "mcdonaldscore". If you're so mad about it maybe you're being called a skinwalker, and for a reason kek

No. 1976528

File: 1710523308532.jpeg (Spoiler Image,601.08 KB, 1250x2121, IMG_3880.jpeg)

heccboi just posted this of rin(spoiler this)

No. 1976845

KEK in five years this freak is going to be suicidally depressed over having her discord groomer names carved all over her body. Hopefully to the followers of hers that are female she is a shining example of retardation.

No. 1977166

File: 1710688110025.jpeg (Spoiler Image,65.03 KB, 1080x635, IMG_6444.jpeg)

new post from our shoop queen where shes liquified her face so much you cant even see her nose. spolier cuz this is just gross im sorry(no context/who is this)

No. 1977303

File: 1710723707580.jpeg (900.91 KB, 3464x3464, 23948DA1-0EAE-4C60-B4DF-D1ACD5…)

kek compare that horrible shoop job to her recent stories. definitely not the kawaii uguu smol loli japanese girl she edits herself to be

No. 1977526

she has a new face every shoop. shes acting like she didnt get her real face leaked everywhere. we all know what her real face looks like now so its worthless even posting at this point(learn to sage + contribute)

No. 1978197

rinchankokonoe being a gross piece of shit, drooling all over objects on her story which is clearly a sexual innuendo but she passes it off as her being a cutesy quirky girlie who just wants to chew on things!1!!!1

there's more than one video and they weren't uploading properly by itself so dropped these god forsaken videos on a dropbox to get them off my shit. it makes me sick, she makes me want to a-log so bad


No. 1978870

File: 1711120407700.jpg (161.98 KB, 759x949, 1000053018.jpg)

Rinkokenoes pedo bf is back at it again, cant help himself. The caption is spot on. Literally so embarrassing seeing people like this exist. Why are they so proud of being pedophiles(This is for egirls, not dudes)

No. 1979247

File: 1711225137949.png (1.1 MB, 998x1820, Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 1.17.…)

yunmago cheated on her ex bf and when he posted receipts she started calling him an "abuser" with 0 proof

here's the ex's tiktok with screenshots/vids proving she's a cheater

she's so pretentious trying to act like its part of some grand character evolution (pic is texts she sent to the ex after he confronted her)

I knew she was fake when she acted like she invented mecha headphones and accused everyone of copying her

No. 1979251

nah janny, it's cool; this man has no dick

No. 1979577

File: 1711325524174.jpg (Spoiler Image,178.73 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20230919_151054_Ins…)


just like this wanna be kawaii faggot moefrills. She still lives with her parents and no job.. basically a grown ass neet woman in her 20s now. Her own parents literally called her a pedo and chose to do nothing about it (like kicking her out, etc). We heard she buys a lot of nsfw lolicon stuff. Like what's the point if you can't even display it, let alone sfw lolicon, especially when your own parents call you a pedophile for it xD it's so hilarious you have to hide the fact that you're a closet pedophile and then tell people on Instagram that you arent just because theyre ''drawings''. Get a grip mf lols(emoji)