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No. 1897368

Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art
-do not post your art to be reviewed here use the designated m thread

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix

>useful youtube channels

>where to find art
>other useful sites
painting :Portrait of Grand Princesses by Christina Robertson

No. 1897420

Does anyone know a way to download this course for free?: https://schoolism.com/courses/concept-art/foolproof-concept-painting-airi-pan
Or if the courses on Schoolism are available somewhere?

No. 1897436

File: 1708612477683.jpg (185.97 KB, 736x1036, painting with a cat.jpg)

after the past few years of poorly done art done in the name of "representation" I feel embarrassed about my own OCs and the possibility of making own future work. Even when I look up tutorials I can't help but feel cringe.

No. 1897455

This pic is so cute, love it

No. 1897456

don’t nona you need to be the one to make the actual good and interesting black and minority characters

No. 1897484

try searching on ic and pan biadu I downloaded it from there

No. 1897500

I'm confused about the person in the last thread saying they dislike ocs. Every fictional character is technically an oc. Do you prefer art of established ips? I like ocs that are appealing to my tastes, like beautiful or interesting, or have a story attached to them.

No. 1897510

File: 1708616649022.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 2028x1566, 606D5377-BB4E-4010-8DA0-4C5595…)

anyone have tips on how to go about improving? do i just continue to in depth anatomy and grind figures? only asking because i’m not seeing much improvement right now (picrel is something i redrew). i guess i’ve only been seriously studying for two months after a lifetime of scribbling, but still

No. 1897512

Yeah, I thought that was a bit confusing too, but from some of the other comments, I wonder if they were more thinking of RP OCs, rather than artists just… making original characters and content? Maybe they've just not encountered someone's art yet that's telling a story or idea that hooks them? Or just a strong, consistent aesthetic? Mystery.

No. 1897514

>Every fictional character is technically an oc
i really hate this mindset this isnt true

No. 1897520

how did you manage to get worse anon….

No. 1897528

File: 1708617768291.png (Spoiler Image,521.18 KB, 1346x1310, E9EF7187-8FCE-45D6-BE2C-22ECCE…)

someone on /ic/ said the same thing kek. i kind of feel similarly; my gestures from the start of the year feel less “vivid” than my gestures now. not sure why

No. 1897532

That has always been the definition of OC. OCs are self indulgent characters artists make to appeal to their personal tastes. It's why they are so divisive, and why most people who aren't into the culture of art-trading, like art fight, dont find them appealing. Unlike Goku or Harry Potter, that are tailored to be attractive to a wider demographic, ocs dont go through a process of ''i want this character to be relatable for most people''. It's why mgong cries that no one likes her fat tif oc.

No. 1897554

File: 1708618636976.jpg (136.79 KB, 1920x1080, paprika2006.jpg)

God, the spam filtering is insane.
You can see anons like >>1897514 who, I assume, conflate original characters with the oc toyhouse adoptable culture that can be obnoxious and immature. I'm surrounded with levelheaded artists who write stories for their characters so I don't see it that way.

Kek, anon. But people do make widely relatable ocs, they just get called self-inserting. I don't understand why character conceptualization it's so black and white for you. What do you think about artists who turn their ocs into comics or visual novels. Or mangaka who draw their characters in indulgent illustrations separated from their purpose in the story?

No. 1897556

I like her OCs. Not a fan of everything she does with them but they are interesting and the illustrations she creates for them are cool. I rather see her original art than fanart

No. 1897653

Honestly it’s a shame how many women artists are scared of looking cringe over harmless stuff when there are tons of moids out there being absolutely shamelessly degenerate (or drawing the most derivative basic waifu slop) and praised for it. I also have fear of my art being cringe, but I’m trying to get over it because I need to express myself somehow.

And yeah I hate how bad and low effort a lot of ‘diverse art’ is, just feels like diversity for easy clout and praise.
Really it just motivates me to draw my own shit even more because I hate these disingenuous artists who treat non-white women like gimmicks or marketing/social media points, or write them like stereotypes(or shallowly written total opposites of the stereotypes) instead of as people.
I’ve been drawing ‘diverse’ art since I was a kid, even before I knew there was a push for it. I just grew up in a diverse area and drew girls like me and the ones I knew. So if anyone makes fun of my art for that I just think it’s silly. The only ‘forced’ aspect is all the lesbians because I’m usually the only one among my friends, but kek I need to dream too.

I do get attention for my ocs, people like the designs/style and personalities I convey, and I got followed by japanese professional artists I admire who I wouldn’t expect to be into my art lol. Plus I get messages from women online and irl, who love my characters and appreciate how varied/original they are and how much effort was clearly put into them. So if you are genuine about your work I feel it’ll reach people.

I get occasional rude comments from moids but it’s typical troll shit so I just block.
Honestly the rudest shit I’ve received have been from other LGBTQ+ types because a lot of the ones online are mentally stunted adults with no social skills, so they’ll basically insult me or make some strange assumption about me. Even saying some backhanded shit, like how they didn’t care about my art until they found out a character might be a lesbian. Lame but they’re not my audience anyway so I block/ignore.

No. 1897656

>But people do make widely relatable ocs, they just get called self-inserting
because they are relatable only to them. Harry potter or goku or usagi are relatable to a wide variety of people, donut steel n25415 isn't.
> What do you think about artists who turn their ocs into comics or visual novels. Or mangaka who draw their characters in indulgent illustrations separated from their purpose in the story?
those arent ocs… i didnt want to shit on ocfags but do they really think their self indulgent ocs are on the same level as well written characters beloved by everyone?

No. 1897658

i think the main problem is pose. The first one has a realistic pose while the second one seems confused and the anatomy doesnt quite make sense. Realistically no one sits how you have drawn which makes it seem lifeless imo.
do you draw the head first and then draw the body? I think a healthy exercise is either doing the rough body before detail or even start from feet first and then work your way up. I had the same problem when I started drawing which in your standing pose makes the upper body straight but lower body is leaning, meaning she would fall over if that was a real pose. I also think that explains your weird sitting pose because you dont really have a plan in mind leading to weak gestures

No. 1897662

She's the artist that made me realize how much ocs suck, imo. Like i used to think i loved her ocs in her old art, but once she switched to her new style i stopped caring about her art and stopped following her. I just like the art, not the ocs. I genuinely have no idea what her ocs personalities are either, her art doesnt tell much about them. Also funny you use her as example becaus eher ocs are the definition of self indulgent. Her old ocs were just carbon copies of her fat hellsing husbando and her new oc is also a fat tiffie because she's a fatfag kek.

No. 1897690

Kek wtf, ever since I checked out brujo ari’s art, instagram has been constantly recommending me her copycats. I think I’ve seen at least 12 different ones so far. I know they’re common with any popular artist, but it got so annoying (and cringy) seeing subpar copycats one after another I just hid them all.
I get a lot of younger artists will have that phase where they want to copy their idols, but it makes me appreciate even more when artists try to do their own thing.

No. 1897719

Aicucks have been pissing me off so bad lately, if you're a woman and not against ai generation you should be ashamed of yourself, not only is it already affecting artists but men are out there making porn deepfakes of women they know irl, the future is gonna be hell on earth ESPECIALLY to women, it's grim as fuck and i want out.

No. 1897726

I can't fucking stand popular artists who get a ton of support from others, art that always gets viral and yet all they fucking do is complain and complain and whine and cry again and again
>omg i think i have imposter syndrome my art sucks
>guys please donate some money cause i'm depressed
>i hate my art it look horrible
>why did this drawing of mine get 50k likes and the other one only 20k
>i'm sad again
It screams ungrateful and spoiled and in constant need of attention. Nothing would make these people happy, they need to ruin the mood for everyone else

No. 1897727

don't bring this up i don't want to see the codemonkey poster claiming they don't care about it cause they still make money from other sources

No. 1897768

Oh my god the same thing has been happening to me. It's cool that people enjoy the style, but they rarely change things up for some reason. Even the noses or bodyshapes are the same as Ari's and they usually just draw a character standing next to a paragraph of lore

No. 1897796

it's a tool like any other. and it's not going anywhere so stop whining

No. 1897818

I dont know why it angers you so much. You dont get it because you are into the oc community but if you watch it from afar it feels very boring and non engaging.

No. 1897834

Honest question why are you denfending a dangerous tool that endangers women? This is the art salt thread ai discussion is allowed i can whine about it how much i want, i don't wanna live in a soulless husk of a world where i can't discern actual art from ai generated ones everywhere.

No. 1897862

nta but ai image generators and deepfake programs are not the same thing, if you're going to sperg about AI at least target the right one

No. 1897869

File: 1708632772717.jpg (341.9 KB, 1200x1620, 6401.jpg)

The way I see it, maybe it's tied to the idea that an oc isn't tied to a story that's avaliable to the audience where the character was introduced. Most ocs are seen in the context of the art pieces made of them not in a story. Some do have writings about them but it's not permanent until the creator makes a version and gives it to the masses.
Maybe it's the exclusivity? You can't read/watch the context this character has in the story because the author is the only one who has the full context and they might just change it before ever giving it to an audience.

Anyway, doll illustrations are a fascinating rabbit hole because sometimes they don't have any artist credited and it's kinda sad that they only place their artwork was showcased was on packaging that got ripped up for the toy inside or an advertisement in a magazine.

No. 1897893

I made a lot of cringe art. I got mocked for it. But I don't regret doing it. Why? Because I had a blast when I drew it. I also made a lot of progress while doing it. It was worthwhile. Art is art.

No. 1897901

you can create deepfakes with ai

No. 1897914

Does the term deepfake only cover videos?

No. 1897922

search up Sora ai

No. 1897925

speaking of mgong i just find it funny how she went full "MY OC DONUT STEEL OR I'L KILL YOU!!11!!" in one of her last tweets kek why did she got so fucking deranged man

No. 1897926

Either way, any type of ai software be it deepfake or ai text generation poses a threat it all needs to be regulated.

No. 1897934


Wasn't she angrily tweeting about people who were allegedly trying to copy her art style? Who the fuck would want to copy her fat tif OC???

No. 1898012

I don't see ocs as every "original character" an artist has made. I see them as those self indulgent characters that artists make shitty memes of, which is why I recoil at the mention of ocs. I technically have ocs, but I dont consider them that way, they are characters I've made to fulfill a story idea I have, and their importance is tied to the story and world I built for them.
Meanwhile all the term "oc" makes me think of is people making shitty tiktok memes inserting their characters like a ych.

No. 1898017

File: 1708641133355.png (898.31 KB, 700x937, image_2024-02-23_093338579.png)

Fat tifs.
I think there's a spectrum when it comes to ocs, one side they're designs, not characters, basically just pretty (or really unintentionally ugly) paper dolls, on the other end you get Randal Ivory, Salad Fingers, Angel Dust etc. who for all intents and purposes fall under "self indulgent" but are also fairly effective characters (even if one of the examples is unbearably annoying). Most oc artists fall somewhere in the middle, leaning a bit to eiher side.

No. 1898023

I hate it even more when those people do it to existing characters, especially ones that don’t have active fandoms anymore. They always infantilize them to the point of no recognition (accompanied by ass drawings) just because the character goes through some trauma, even worse when they don’t. I know they’re obviously projecting their own mental illness but it’s awful when that mindset is shared amongst the only active supporters of those fandoms. Triple times worse when that character is responsible for their transition.

I’m part of the crowd scared to post shit but working on it, your post encourages me to keep at it. Also yeah, it’s always terminally online weirdos obsessed with labels that come at you for no reason, we all gotta learn to push that block button and ignore them.

No. 1898079

It makes me laugh the artist of ranfren got cancelled. Has there been a single TIF artist that wasnt cancelled by their peers?

No. 1898102

File: 1708646697328.png (18.8 KB, 778x260, image_2024-02-23_110326498.png)

I don't think she's a TIF, I think she "just" has depersonalisation issues and doesn't really care how people refer to her.
But TIFs are like neurotic attack poodles, anyone mildly problematic (and female) they descend on in droves.

No. 1898120

Do you prefeer to follow skilled artists or artists that focus more on composition/story-telling despite having okay skills, or what other thing do you look for in an artist?

No. 1898145

You didn't get worse, though I agree there was not much improvement. It takes time to get better. Do studies on your favorite artists and look at photos for posing references. For reference, my gesture drawing teacher said he used to do a lot of gesture drawings, then go home and redraw the poses over and over until they looked better, for hours, beyond the time he had already spent in the class. It takes time and dedication to master things. Pick a form of study that makes you draw a lot, as you improve you can target specific things as you need it.

Both are skilled in different ways by your description. I would follow both.

No. 1898193

>do you draw the head first and then draw the body?
i do. i'll try the feet first thing though, even if it sounds painful…as for pose: i was trying to show that his rib-cage was titled forward slightly. he's supposed to be pushing off of his hands (but i see that didn't get across. rip)


No. 1898207

I feel like I'm getting excluded by some artists just because I don't have the same large following, especially on instagram where the groups are more tight knit. I used to talk with this person and we liked each other art and I thought omg maybe we bonded and then suddenly they stopped engaging with my art and pretended I don't exist even though I kept liking their stuff. And this happened a few times and it always makes me feel weird, why show interest in my art, I do the same with their art and then suddenly leave me out to suck up to other bigger artists? It makes me feel insecure like is my art getting uglier, why pretend you give a shit about helping smaller artists and then leave me in the dust….

No. 1898213

File: 1708653074728.jpg (507.26 KB, 3282x1298, Artists.JPG)

Same kek. Only the left one is Brujo Ari’s. I think that the middle one is even Jojo character’s turned OCs just like her.

No. 1898218

out of all artists, why copy such a mediocre one?

No. 1898243

File: 1708654304434.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1242x1238, image_2024-02-23_131347442.png)

Internet artists tend to latch onto whatever is popular, at least it's not something like dollieguts or pillowcult this time round (picrel)

No. 1898315

File: 1708658620208.jpg (353.43 KB, 2048x1356, asdasd.jpg)

I know it makes me sound salty, but this is the art salt thread. God i hate when that cant draw criticize art, and even worse they feel qualified to create their own animated pilots. LS Mark and Daftpina are the worst examples. This guy cant even properly trace and still feels he can criticize someone else's work?
what was the name of that artist on youtube who had a huge follower and style similar to this? i wonder if she ever improved, she seemed like a lost cause.

No. 1898351

I bitch about this a lot on here, and it's turned me off very skilled artists because they make being popular their identity.
I also find it whiney how they'll make callout posts against their haturs (which everyone gets) just so they can get showered in compliments by their following.
There is an artist I follow who makes like two posts a month just whining about trolls who make moronic comments on her art. It's very obviously an attention grab, yet her brainless followers always take the bait and shower her with compliments.
Bitch shut the fuck up. I can't see how someone can get such fucking brainworms that they take social media that seriously.

No. 1898354

File: 1708660414205.jpg (563.22 KB, 1080x1920, bailey 2017 vs 2024.jpg)

(dropped image)
I'm assuming you mean dollieguts (picrel; top is 2017 bottom is 2023/4), she's no longer a gender special, and is on the right medication so is publically less unhinged. She also booted out Bavid thank god, so she seems generally alright. Artwise, it's not great for how many years she was drawing but she can draw forms a lot better and is well past her horrible 2020-2021 sudden art degradation.

As for the first part, your comment about art critic youtubers reminds me of when Spoctor and Solar Sands and that whole group used to do Deviantart cringe and critique videos- while being barely able to draw in ms paint kek. So many young artists were impacted by that whole phase.

No. 1898357

>I'm assuming you mean dollieguts
nope, this one. Her style is still hideous.

No. 1898361

>those arent ocs… i didnt want to shit on ocfags but do they really think their self indulgent ocs are on the same level as well written characters beloved by everyone?
That's the goal of writers, to make a story cater to a wide audience, yes.

No. 1898362

But the vast majority of OCs aren't built around a story.

No. 1898370

File: 1708662290452.png (1.65 MB, 1280x1280, image_2024-02-23_152354892.png)

Sometimes the art itself transcends the need of a story, sometimes it's just better to infer one than to outright say it. Idk why you're being pressed about this, especially considering the modern, expanded use of the word "oc" outside of fanfiction basically puts all characters that aren't a part of established ips under that umbrella.

No. 1898377

kek is that your best example? it looks really tryhard, and it says nothing. It's just wannabe weirdcore shit inspired by anime, but a boring imitation that tries to be aesthetic first.
> especially considering the modern, expanded use of the word "oc" outside of fanfiction basically puts all characters that aren't a part of established ips under that umbrella.
who are you to dictate what is and isnt an oc? no one thinls ash ketchum is an OC, so saying that every single character on earth is an OC is disingenious.

No. 1898399

File: 1708664435813.png (1.27 MB, 746x1181, image_2024-02-23_160243854.png)

> all characters that aren't a part of established ips
Please read.
Also the reason why plastiboo looks like weirdcore is because all the weirdcore kids got heavily inspired by him, kek. Maybe you'd like his eldritch medieval art more.

No. 1898403

File: 1708664884803.jpg (89.77 KB, 850x608, generic qyut grill.jpg)

I find it stupid and reductive to call every single character created an oc. Not only does it make it lose it's original meaning, but it also means that generic cute girl that was only used for this piece alone has the same amount of value as something that actually took a bit more effort to design. As much as I personally dont like OCs, I think calling every single character an OC is counterproductive and honestly devalues actual OCs. Anyone denying that OCs arent are self indulgent is lying, otherwise artfight wouldn't be a thing.

No. 1898407

I think what you're forgetting is that art is objectively self indulgent in general, so to me this point falls flat. I hate most ocs but the term has been watered down from its original meaning and like I said is now an umbrella of varying quality. You have actually constructed characters and basically dress up dolls in the same space (and dress up doll characters are sometimes fine, if what they are being used for is to get across a concept that is new or at least interesting)- both types of characters having been used in art for hundreds of years, with the quality and the wording is the only major change.
All this over someone saying they like drawing ocs, goodness. Have a good night or afternoon nona.

No. 1898408

File: 1708665786339.png (483.37 KB, 1080x1080, sanxcharas.PNG)

NTA but I think a lot of mascot type characters are notable examples of official original characters that don’t come with any wider story or development, so the only appeal is the general concept and/or design, which is the way a lot of digital artists’ ocs get popular

No. 1898410

It hasn't been watered down though. I don't know why you insist OC has a completly different meaning than it does. If an artists that draws random girls doing things joined an OC discord they would feel really alien there, because whatever you like it or not OCs meet a certain criteria, they arent just ''any character that doesnt belong to an established IP''. I just find it really stupid you are dying on the hill of ''everything is an oc ackshually so you cant call my donut steel boring or say you dislike ocs uwu''. At this point you are just being disingenious to win some stupid internet slapfigth.

No. 1898411

also all of this is because every single time someone says they dont like ocs some obtuse anon like >>1897500 jumps in to defend their precious ocs, and honestly is very annoying. If all characters ever created were ocs then spaces specifically dedicated to ocs like toyhouse, artfight or community discords wouldn't exist. I don't even understand why ocfags get this salty when someone says they personally dont find ocs interesting.

No. 1898511

File: 1708677271991.gif (23.69 KB, 491x555, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

You sound salty over splitting hairs like this.

No. 1898515

Instagram doesn't show all posts all the time and sometimes people don't have the time to scroll through their entire feed. They probably don't check who exactly liked their art if they are popular and get a lot of likes, so try commenting on a post or message them about something unrelated and see if it makes them remember about you. But don't engage with them if you were only hoping for clout kek someone liking your art and talking to you isn't "helping a small artist" they just saw your art and happened to like it, they aren't thinking about getting you more followers.

It's a pleasing style and pretty easy to do if you have someone to heavily reference.

It's fine to dislike the ones that are designs without a story behind it. It's baffling that you insist that it stops being an original character (which is what OC stands for) of the creator once the thing the character is in gets published. It's a very broad term that doesn't only cover kids' sparkledogs. It's as if you said you don't like painting in general because you dislike abstract paintings and consider anything realistic something entirely different from a painting.

No. 1898578

Your anatomy is a lot better, like, notably better. I really like the improvement there, I think the two biggest things that pop out to me is maybe that the anatomy is so well-drawn yet the face are lacking the same detail, or seem far more rushed. If you crop out the face on both, I think the improvement is far more visible.

Did the first post's art take you 5 minutes, or meant to be a figure study? If not, I'd recommend spending more time on the finer details of the face, however, it suppose it would just be personal preference. I'm an artist who loves to draw the body but oftentimes skimps out on the face because I don't care as much and I feel that it makes my art less impactful because the average art consumer is more drawn to the face as opposed to the careful way you've drawn the knee cap. Lol.

However, it may be a part of your art style to draw in this way, so I'd probably recommend either simplifying either the anatomy or adding to the face. I think the biggest reason why your old work looks "better" is that there lacks a clear skill discrepancy between the face and body - it all works very cohesively together. I'd also recommend trying a thinner brush as that may help make your faces less cartoony - but YMMV.

No. 1898759

File: 1708703335338.jpg (962.98 KB, 1170x1117, gothprep.jpg)

It kind of feels like online artists have run goth/alt/emo designs into the ground to the point I’m getting bored seeing them. On rare occasions I see interesting stuff with them, but most of the time it feels like I’m seeing the same uninspired characters over and over.
I also roll my eyes when I see yet another artist with a cast of ocs including the obligatory goth/alt girl and blonde prep girl.
I know know let people have fun, but I’m so tired of how derivative and repetitive everything is kek

No. 1898768

File: 1708704153743.jpeg (249.47 KB, 684x850, D4643100-0E24-4C21-A588-2EDD52…)

Anyone else really love the art in travel sketchbooks and urban drawing? I love that sketchy free and still realistic look they have.

No. 1898771

I wish so bad I could get gud at this style, but whenever the people I'm drawing notice me it freaks me out.

No. 1898789

I’m way too nervous to sketch really people yet. So I’ve been practicing drawing YouTubers and scenes from live action shows/movies and some game shows instead of sketching people in person. If you pause you can draw something more detailed, but if you draw as it changes you can practice your speed. A good combo is setting a timer on a paused screen and drawing that. I’ve found photos tend to be too posed for this sketchy style. Cooking shows/videos are good for food and travel blogs/travel shows are good for new locations. Houses and exteriors are fine to do with photos though.

No. 1898794

how can a person be so dense? literally no one but you thinks oc has such a broad definition. Again, oc communities are a thing for a reason. Try getting into a oc community with random characters you only draw once without a story or name or anything, you will stand out like a sore thumb.(infighting)

No. 1898798

Nta, I'm >>1898399 and the person you're replying to is not me, kek.

No. 1898800

Still both of you think the same, and i dont get it. OCtards are hard to love with how insane and annoying they are.(infighting)

No. 1898817

Yeah, this type of pairing/asthetic is completely played out. It reminds me of the fan art of the NLOGxPrep that got popular on tumblr an eon ago, lol.

No. 1898838

All writing is self indulgent. All art is self indulgent. Move on.

No. 1898841

Yeah i am sure the minions 2 was a self indulgent project and not corporate slop to sell to kids. All art is self indulgent uwu

No. 1898848

Nta but that's not art, dingus. Could the shoe factory be compared to the cobbler? Starbucks to a high class single location cafe?
Artists draw what they what to see, what they want to express, what interests them etc. etc. which shockling! Includes things that you might consider low class or what you even hate.
>Try getting into a oc community with random characters you only draw once without a story or name or anything, you will stand out like a sore thumb
I thought the oppisite is what you hated and what you considered an oc. So which is it?

No. 1898874

File: 1708711394300.jpg (169 KB, 1092x1500, Sabitsuki.full.2210047.jpg)

I was reflecting about it and I feel like at most, ocs in my circle just don't appeal to me. But I haven't encountered anyone so annoying past me being 20.
You can hate ocs as much as you want, we just don't get why you're so strict on definitions, kek.
I'm also another anon.

No. 1898886

I feel like what you actually hate is the average OC artist who's most likely in their teens and has stupid ideas.

No. 1898894

Imagine hating a character that isn't yours, isn't from a show, has no public story (or if there is it tends to be niched) and has as a result almost zero public relevancy other than the fact that you chose to follow the person who created said character. Kek just unfollow those oc artists anon it's not that hard. If you're coming across so many it means you're following a bunch of people who are into it. Clean up your follow list and move on to draw some fanart or whatever. That sparkledog marysue with three different nationalities and at least seven genders and sexualities with a generic traumacore backstory created by some 14 year old weeb on toyhou.se won't hurt you.

No. 1898955

what the fuck is mgong going on about recently? did she finally snap? she keeps posting a bunch of tweets talking about random shit and wanting to kill people who try to draw like her?

No. 1899025

Did she delete the posts? I can't find them. I hate that she isn't milky enough to have her own thread, but she is still definitely a cow. Or is this just how the average Chinese zoomer acts kek

No. 1899044

they're all there still nona. are you sure you're checking the right account (nnnndgggg5238)?

No. 1899061


Girl mgong was one of my biggest artist disappointments. I've been a fan of her stuff for so long, I've always tried to support her even by commenting on some of her art (obviously using a translator because I can't speak chinese), but recently she took the full plunge into literal cow territory and it makes me so sad. Her art is still amazing (though I liked her old style a lot more, it felt more fluid and had more personality to me but that's just my opinion) but it's hard to keep up when most of her posts are either her fat cuntboy oc or tweet after tweet about being angry at her followers, at her success, at people allegedly trying to copy her, about her oc and so on. I miss when she would just post a bunch of art and show her storytelling through her own pieces instead of going full autismo and tweeting about it. Her old ocs pretty much had no readable story that I could find but the art she made of them was so visually interesting that I was more interested in them than in her current ocs even though now she actually tries to explain the characters and story through comic pages and tweets.

No. 1899154

Its really weird too maybe the stress of freelancing got to her? I've never seen a artist whos famous go this unhinged? Or maybe she was always like this I can't imagine it ending well considering she's Chinese and living in China?(maybe she's living abroad that's why she's so open with her fetish for children since China has strict laws on art)most of artcows wipe their existence off the Internet I really hope she doesn't go full schizo and deletes this account too

No. 1899192

NTA but mgong's problem is that she seems to be dense as a fucking brick at best and retarded at worst. She always had that habit of deleting her art and purging accounts, usually because of her constant "I don't want to be famous" sperging, but then she goes on to not only make a new account but repost some of her older works on it essentially making her extremely easy to track. It's why I don't buy her whole suffering from fame bs, if she was truly suffering from it she'd be putting way more effort in becoming harder and harder to track primarily by not posting older work that can make it easier for the public to associate the post to her new persona.

I have no idea what caused her to become so unhinged to the point all she does nowadays is obsess over her fat tranny character and tweet like a schizo, but a lot of her behavior has been constant for some years now.

No. 1899311

Honestly to be on her skill level at her age you need to have autism.

No. 1899314


i think there's a small difference between being autistic and going full schizo degen like what's going on with her right now

No. 1899355

File: 1708739215582.jpg (75.49 KB, 563x765, e36db81039d234620cb629280e843f…)

does anyone know where i can download one of these books? i believe their title is something like 一线教学系列丛书
i've been seeing some pages on my pinterest and i would like to get a few to work through them
i tried my book downloading sites but had no luck

No. 1899358

looks like a chinese version of the bargue method

No. 1899372

There isnt really. The best artists are always some flavour of degen.

No. 1899376

basically, but there is a ton of books with a ton of examples of various themes

No. 1899380

whats the cover like?

No. 1899386

File: 1708741113320.png (2.1 MB, 2055x2791, IMG_9337.png)

Do you guys have any reccs for
Artist YouTube channels that have good tips, advice, speedpainting, etc. for kawaii / moe style anime girl art? Not coomer stuff obviously. I already watch Saitou Naoki

No. 1900017

File: 1708795957904.jpg (26.44 KB, 350x350, 2243e4bb87a6dad0.jpg)

not sure, as i said there are many on various subjects but I think it might be this one

No. 1900019

File: 1708796074912.jpeg (510.17 KB, 2048x2048, ADAC53BA-C8EA-4C0A-8588-2B9A34…)

Came across a TikTok where some teen said she got hate for her art, that was genuinely fine. The comments all said that people on tiktok only like “jelly art” and that anything else is deemed bad.. This is the first time I’ve heard about jelly art, is this the most popular art style for teens? Makes me miss the tumblr days even.

No. 1900025

I only know of "jelly style" because yt rec'd me some video about it a few months ago
I am so fucking tired of the same expressionless kpop-like face and retarded inflated lip shape over and over again

No. 1900028

They look like they got punched in the mouth or having a severe skin allergic reaction from eating something, it's so ugly.

No. 1900044

reminds me of miracide. haven't kept up with her in a while because I have her muted kek

No. 1900047

File: 1708798177556.jpg (66.42 KB, 543x543, 1000008708.jpg)

First time I heard a name for this type of art style. As a zoomer, it's not as common as you might think, the artstyles I see the most are the South Park inspired art styles and this other style. I don't know if it has a name, so I call it D mouth.

No. 1900049

File: 1708798259245.jpg (83.36 KB, 736x736, 1000008712.jpg)

Another example of D mouth

No. 1900060

File: 1708799069800.jpg (68.94 KB, 700x494, referencesheetrandal.jpg)

you will never be Her.

No. 1900075

You might find tppoart's videos interesting. While his attempts at breaking down other artists' methods aren't perfect, they're pretty good for getting ideas from.

No. 1900113

File: 1708804165411.png (1.12 MB, 1301x774, 3245.png)

How does LavenderTowne manage to get worse every year kek.

No. 1900115

how the fuck do the 2024 ones look so shit this is amazing

No. 1900126

Unpopular but her og style is fine

No. 1900127

It’s fine cause it’s the only art she makes that doesn’t look completely middle school art level

No. 1900134

Gonna preface this with saying I'm not an artist, but my guess is artists whose art style regressed with time probably don't practice properly, don't draw everyday, don't go back to the basics when they need them, and follow the art trends to get attention, which influences their art style and abilities to a point of no return. One ugly trendy art style stacked on top of another until their original art style is buried and the latest result is a Frankenstein monster of art styles.

No. 1900135


I have a feeling mgong lurks here. I can read some chinese and in her tweets she talks a lot about a group "disliking her" and "talking shit about her". Sure, maybe she could be talking about some group in a chinese platform like Weibo who shits on her but then I'd find it extremely strange that she'd be posting about it cross platform on Twitter. I could be totally wrong but I can't shake off the feeling that she either lurks here or someone tells her about it because her sperging has been way too well timed with the discussions about her and her art in the latest art salt threads.

No. 1900143

this kind of art makes me want to scratch on something. It's annoying to look at

No. 1900182

It's just the current gen's pretty girl style. Same as when dA had it's heydays the style to copy was Loish. Everyone starts somewhere.

No. 1900275

Completely devoid of soul

No. 1900289

I hate how blurry everything looks when you pay attention.
I guess it's only impressive to beginners because ooo rendering ooooo

No. 1900298

If she's does here that'll be something but I'm pretty sure it's weibo rei_17 had the same cowish tantrums but she didn't put them on twitter but if she somehow found the farm here's something for her to translate,noone is actually attracted to your fat pedo tranny characters we just like your colours and realism and you shouldn't have posted a company sponsored art piece on your fetish account which makes it 10 times easier to track you down retard but the most of all I'm suprised how easily she can post this shit where as in China yaoi artists get jailed and old xian cant fucking draw a kiss in a popular bl

No. 1900302

Nonnie you just need to keep practicing, you're clearly rusty. Also yes the lifetime of scribbling doesn't help, based on experience, but you can overcome it.
Just practice timed gesture and move onto anatomy. With gesture each stroke should be as intentional as possible. Hampton helped me a bunch (but also his technique caused me some problems), he as a few videos on youtube.

No. 1900305

Pretend like you're making OCs pre-2014 or something. There's nothing wrong with non-yt OCs
Also cute pic, she's literally me

No. 1900306

I remember downloading it from 1337, one of the very few Schoolism courses that you can pirate lol

No. 1900322

I doubt it, I've seen plenty of Chinese artists going absolutely haywire on twitter ranting about similar things over the years. I'd be surprised if people weren't talking about her on weibo. Also I looked up some of her older art and I wish she'd go back to that. Not even style wise, but subject wise. Something about the little girl and weird priest dude is just creeping me out in a bad way.

No. 1900354

I think she just doesn't know how to render and is attempting a new semi-realistic style. Not really a regression, more like stagnation.

No. 1900391

Looking at them again I agree, I like 2021 the most because of the interesting lighting, looks like she might've used a reference for that compared to the other ones. 2024 just hit me like a train because one has incredibly muddy shading and the other one is just over saturated while the eye is trying to escape her face.

No. 1900571

It's mean to say but I think some people really do hit a hard ceiling of their skills. When you stagnate this much for so long I think it's time to accept that this is the limit of your abilities and stop putting together depressing "progress" compilations like this. It's hared for me to wrap my head around how you could just… not see what's wrong with your art and keep fixing it.

No. 1900721

Mohammad agbadi did a video on this, the artist that popularized this style is a massive cow, and had a meltdown when some inexperienced chinese artist made a fanart of one of her paintings.

No. 1900750

These artists are almost always zoomer tifs, so I think just generic zoomer tif artstyle is a better name for it. I always thought these artists were inspired by late 2010's musical animatics. They all seem like they were inspired by cryptidw00rm, with the squiggly blush line, D-mouth, and hard pencil brush (usually).

No. 1900901

Tbf I doubt she's working on fundies, so maybe she could get better if she tried. It seems like she really just attempts realism once a year and the result is heavily based on whatever tiktok tutorial she has recently watched

No. 1900933

Random but I finally just realized what bothered me so much about that drawing on the left is she has two left hands lol

No. 1900978

Artists of today don't really improve when they get a decent following because there is no need to. They have an army to praise and reward them for their mediocre output.

No. 1900984

Somehow I get the feeling this is a reaction to the hatred people had for beanmouth/SU styles lol

No. 1901238

Youtube is constantly recommending me art channels that praise pewdiepies progress. A lot of thumbnails is like "pewdiepie is a better artist than you", "pewdiepies drawings are better then all of the art community" and i'm feeling like i'm going crazy bc I checked out his video and like it's… ok? Keep going dude redraw the same girls over and over again. Like yea he made progress compared to some of the biggest art channels who are stuck with bad drawings for 5 years but there are amazing smaller artists on youtube and with those titles i'm kinda offended for them

No. 1901434

YouTubers just love to exaggerate for views. He's making good progress but he's also chosen one of the easiest art styles to replicate. If people were as good at studying as him, they would get similar results. But I feel you. It kinda sucks that generic colorful anime girl headshots get this much praise.

No. 1901524

Personal conspiracy, the only reason she makes those realism ones look shitty is to make the OG look better in comparison

No. 1901559

So he moved to Japan and is drawing anime? What a surprise.
Arttube has gotten so cancerous, It's just a subsect of drama tube now.

No. 1901562

wow rich guy with a wife and kid who has nothing else to do and all the free time and money in the world is good at drawing anime girls, how revolutionary
hate how easy this world is for moids. all he did was screech at games on youtube in the early days and now he's living his best life

No. 1901564

File: 1708901520826.jpg (72.6 KB, 720x485, Screenshot_20240225_164931_Ins…)

Instagram advertises threads on it and all of the stupid ass posts they show on there make me want to cyberbully. I can see where all the Twitter refugees flocked once they jumped ship on x.
I'm assuming the artstyle in question is the one used in ao haru ride where the characters have defined noses and mouths. Anime is a dredge on society.

No. 1901570

As a weeb it feels genuinely dystopian now where everybody praises anime. I want to go back to anime being a cringy thing to admit liking. Pewdiepie went full fucking weeb and moved to Japan because of it, and the normies praise him. Take me back to when he would have been ruthlessly bullied for it

No. 1901588

I dont think hes living his best life, i think thats all bullshit he made up. He's so obsessed with attention he's not going to stop making content. He's going to milk this anime phase for all its worth. I read some other anons saying he wanted to settle down and live his life but I dont buy it. He begged people to follow him just to pog some Indian media account I highly doubt he'll be fine with fading into obscurity. He's going to keep the camera trained on him, only this time it'll be with his wife and kid in the background.

No. 1901591

I need top armchair sociologists working on a research thesis on the inflection point of anime going from old-school geeks recommending Akira and Ghost in the Shell to degenerate losers who jerk off to hentai to simply just mainstream

No. 1901622

Offtopic but it wasn't only anime that was considered cringe but pewdiepie used to be considered cringe at the start of his internet fame too but at some point he became the darling boy of the internet
Anime becoming mainstream is because of streaming services exposed more normies to it. I also unironically think that hallyu have played a minor part in making anime mainstream. The cool japan campaign mostly affected geeks but hallyu caught a bunch of normies and I think watching kdramas made normies more willing to check out media from other asian countries

No. 1901641

Both were the same people even back then anon, I'm very sorry

No. 1901766

i hate artists who live off art but don't actually like art. If i lived off art and making shitty art videos on yt i would spend all my time getting better, i would even try to contact proko or sycra or one of the pros to do a collab or sponsor or something. Artists that have their careers in a gold platter and still fail as artists enrage me so bad.

No. 1901775

File: 1708915406530.jpg (402.83 KB, 1999x1571, EcdWujgUEAAKM7Q.jpg)

I miss when her ocs were cute. This guy was adorable and i would have bought merch of him.

No. 1901790

I’d be interested in seeing more of her old art instead of the weird tranny mommy stuff that got shared in a folder here

No. 1901795

it's still on her original twitter account and mirrored on danbooru

No. 1902068

I hate IG Thread promos too. I never get anything cool kek. I don’t understand her issue. I enjoyed Ao Haru Ride and older manga also had more defined features, check out Fuyumi Soryo’s work. I kinda doubt this woman was bullied in Japan for not drawing “proper anime”. She might just suck at it lol.

No. 1902104

File: 1708933946145.jpeg (403.65 KB, 1736x861, image-asset.jpeg)

Are you in an art discord server/forum that still has more than 10 people actively joining challenges, contests, group studies etc? I'm definitely a part of the problem but there's just less enthusiasm and unified passion for creation in my circles. All the ic ones I've join in have less and less community, and the active ones just become a dumping ground for art with little to no acknowledgement for each other beyond single line comments. I'm not asking for critics or whatever, but just a more active userbase that all do it for fun and passion.

No. 1902110

I loved that oc of hers. Her fat fetish was a bit apparent then but he was just cute and chubby instead of her current tub of lard tif oc. I think she did sell merch of him once (a sticker sheet I think). Sad that she completely gave up on that oc and all her other ones in favor of fat pedophile tranny.

No. 1902116

yeah her ocs went down a hill. Its funny how her ocs got fatter with time

No. 1902124

I hate when people draw different styles like this and try to pass it off as "skill development". It's not, it's just a different style/stylization at the same level

No. 1902148


Its both funny and sad. Her art of her old ocs was really amazing. All of them seemed really interesting and her work on poses, backgrounds and environmental storytelling were peak. I myself was very intrigued by that brown haired little guy's story but I never knew if she ever made anything with it (such as a comic) or not.

Got really disappointed when she cast it all aside and just made a tranny version of that Hellsing fat nazi guy instead and called it her oc and started to draw nothing but vague uninteresting and slightly generic religious symbolism or flat out shotacon

No. 1902258

Not really related nor an answer but I feel you on trying to find art communities. With discord servers there's issues like hustle culture i.e. retards who only use the community to promote themselves and nothing else, hugbox culture, and the fact that most artists are autistic nerds who can't socialize in the first place. And there's little personal worth if the server's average skill is low, which is going to be true for basically any public server, since good artists usually already have their own circles whether by professional/irl networking or careful curating, because they don't gain anything from interacting with less skilled artists (unless they're the kind who get money for mentorships and shit kek).
I used to be part of some ic offshoot servers but those split off into smaller cliques because the women didn't want to deal with 4chan moids' shit. Anyway to this day I still haven't felt like I've ever belonged in an art community or friend group lol. Choosing beggars and whatever but I believe you can exercise pickier discretion over who to be friends with when it comes to online. I feel like most people my age already have their own close-knit circles and aren't that publicly active online anyway, and I don't want to become online friends with 17yo children. So it feels like opportunities to really befriend other online artists is too uncommon.

No. 1902333

File: 1708951470517.png (2.79 MB, 1488x2105, 1603074389806.png)

I 100% feel you anon. I guess I do have offshoot professional servers I joined but I don't wanna post anime adjacent art in those kek. It's so especially hard for women. Before troon/moid peaking, I just looked the other way whenever someone makes suspicious drawn loli/ryona bestiality porn. Then the more accepting spaces get overrun by troons, both tims, tifs and misogynist male "feminists". No offence to the casual servers in friendfinder either but it was more casual and too male focus for my liking kek, and I'm too paranoid to be outed as a terf to post in friendfinder myself. I just miss the last decade when everyone just drew for fun and weren't weird about whatever subject matter you draw I literally just draw het oc, fan art femporn and shipshit that makes moids weird around you.

No. 1902334

And also when there was a fun spirit of collaboration and mutual passion.

No. 1902358

The whole thing regarding art servers being too dominated by male moids is so fucking true it pains me. One day I found an art server that seemed to have some pretty skilled people in it, and the users mostly just chilled in muted VC streaming their own art or shared some insights and art tips in the gen chat. It literally looked perfect, until I saw the channel where users posted/linked their finished works.

Coom. Coom everywhere. There was no NSFW because the server had a rule against it but that didn't stop 99% of the art in it to be coomer anatomy anime girls with revealing clothes ("she's dressed okay! No nipples out! She's dressed!"). It was so fucking depressing, I thought I had finally found a oasis in a desert of shit but in reality it was just another moid coom paradise.

No. 1902395

The only non-youtuber art server I was ever in had a mostly TIF userbase (this was pre-peaking and when I was a teen) and the art was awful and people were asking to be hand held through the process of drawing a fucking hat or similar. The resident TIM's was unsuprisingly the worst, and he would get upset if his shitty literal mspaint scrawl wouldn't get praise within 30 minutes of it being posted and would suibait, leave and then rejoin for attention. Towards the end of me being there, there were 15-17 year olds drawing porn and sending uncensored gore images to each other and talking about their nercophila fetishes in the media channel. Suffice to say, that really soured the idea of joing any servers that weren't attached to a public figure in the art community, and even those tended to be overly filled with gendies or scrotes and no one would really interact with each other except the main group of mods and their friends.
In the end I just forced myself to learn Russian and now I hang out with artists on VK and Telegram.

No. 1902408

File: 1708955509776.jpg (Spoiler Image,704.3 KB, 1911x1031, aaaa.jpg)

Holy shit, non-nsfw servers should ban on failed vibe checks no questions asked tbh. There's this beg autist sperg posting his art in this public server that I would be surprised if it wasn't a thinly veiled fetish. He never interacts with other posts and just keeps posting even though he hardly ever gets engagement out of pity. I hope the mods fucking kick his dunning kruger ass.

No. 1902464

I'm in a certan ic server with high female populatio. We rally artist together to do occasional art events a few times a year. Critique aren't often (most people don't ask for it). You can call it clique as the focus shifted to being art friends who support eachother more than a strict art server like tried to be in the earlydays. It's by no means perfect but at the end of the day it's the only server I bothered investing in time into because I can actually be myself there without worrying about being canceled for my opinions or getting into unnecessary drama that spits back onto 4chan as they're really strict about gatekeeping these days as we once had bad actors join just to dramafag about things and people they dislike on /ic/.

No. 1902495

Mega jelly, nona. May it stay active for many more years to come.

I bet the youtuber doesn't even moderate it themself.

No. 1902523

I agree with >>1900901 , I don't think this is true for LT. Her "hard ceiling" is just that she's extremelly focused on muh style. She probably draws studies in "her artstyle" as well, and absorbs way less fundies as a result. I remember she once did a video that was something like "if popular animes were cartoons" but then the drawings were literally just her regular style, which shows how unflexible she is. Forcing yourself that hard into a stylization template will absolutely stagnate you, but I really think it's something you could very easily just… willingly choose not to do.

I feel the issue with this progression is that most of these aren't even "realistic". Art teachers don't bully weebs enough nowadays kek.
The last drawing's eyes and nose are on completely different angles and I really don't know she didn't notice that

No. 1902552

tried an ipad again, I really don't like how the apple pencil feels on the bare screen, whereas the s pen feels so damn smooth on the galaxy tabs, idk how to describe it but on the ipad it just feels tedious , as if I'm forcing the pencil on the surface

No. 1902660

I want to create drawings of boys in peace. My apologies to any gay nonnas, but I'm not interested in drawing girls unless it's for self-insert reasons. By drawing men, I can take into account other aspects such as muscle anatomy, which has held me back when drawing women. It's not women can't be muscular, Lord knows the amount of buff women I drew in youth, but I'm like, tried? I'm tired of all these pretty girls shitting up my timeline. I'm tired of the expectation that women must be cute to be worth something. I'm tired of the weird rationale of doing the same crap everyday cuz muh views. Happiness should come first. If you're ultimately unhappy, then what's the point of art? Social media has to be the worst mistake of the 20th century as every artist I know has long gone offline or only draws for paypigs now. I hate it here.

And seconded the discord crap. I'm not as terfy as some here but once moids catch a modicum of rad-leaning takes, you're better off kicked and banned.

No. 1902663

SA, *21th century.

No. 1902674

I've never wanted to develop my artstyle before but I'm coming back to art after a long break and I suddenly hate my style now. It looks immature and strangely instagram-y, like the lines are too thick and the anatomy is off and the faces are really "original character"-looking. My older art from before my art block doesn't give me this feeling but now all of a sudden there's this weird quality to it that I really don't like. I'm not drawing any differently on purpose, I guess it's just me being rusty. But lately it's been making me want to change things up, just to get rid of this feeling.

No. 1902754

21st you mean?

No. 1902755

I'm straight. I drew male focus femporn kek.

No. 1902865

the best cure is experimentation. Find artist you admire than do some studies, find what works, then innovate.

No. 1902902

>we once had bad actors join just to dramafag about things and people they dislike on /ic/
do tell nonny. I havent used /ic/ since late 2019 and i missed out on all the board drama.

No. 1902914

File: 1708986495981.jpeg (542.51 KB, 2016x1152, IMG_1781.jpeg)

I’ve noticed that nonnies here and anons on /ic/ call a lot of fantasy art generic and not not, makes sense not everything can be above average. I didn’t understand the sentiment until I started going into fantasy art. Stuff I would have thought was impressive 5 years ago feels dull and samey now. I feel so bad for art professors and teachers.

Who are fantasy artists that make art that isn’t generic. Outside of straight up using non-European or Japanese references how can I make fantasy art stand out or am I approaching the problem incorrectly ? Sci-fi is also welcome

No. 1902915

I could never understand people that don’t like drawing on the plain screen.
Usually people add a matte screen for ipad.

No. 1902917

Radio runner has a good server, since there’s a clear target and goal (his curriculum) people will post and stuff.
Goes without saying, don’t buy his new curriculum look it up on OCC or ask on /ic/ or something.
This one was recently shared seems good imo https://discord.gg/the-studio-lounge
I feel like at some point we need to make a list of goof servers and link it the same way resources are linked. The question gets asked so much

No. 1902929

File: 1708988095846.jpg (511.72 KB, 1748x1384, 1644271617778.jpg)

I really like the art of games like might and magic, ultima, wizardry. Pre 00s fantasy art tends to be really good, they tend to have very funky colors that make it stand out amongst the sea of gritty hyper realisti artstation crap

No. 1902934

Minor sperg but anything that can be classified into a defined category is generic by literal definition. To not be "generic" you must break the boundaries of the classification and become something else. However that's not even remotely helpful, so more to answer your question, I think you're on the right track. Mix elements not usually considered under the fantasy umbrella. Like you've suggested, take visual design cues from lesser represented cultures. Or if you want to retain the medieval European elements, try applying them to a different type of society or genre, a different time, or a different species.

No. 1902939

File: 1708989039015.png (21.57 KB, 742x321, xfgnxgfmdfh.png)

kek she's acting like those western twitter enbies throwing a hissy fit when someone pokes at their trigger warnings. i used to think nonas were being obsessed with her but mgong is pumping out full schizo tirades on a literal daily basis now.

No. 1902941

File: 1708989156957.png (938.77 KB, 578x822, image_2024-02-27_101420624.png)

Slowly becoming the Brian Froud advocate on this thread but Brian Froud's work draws from medieval European folklore and symbolism, in particular his motifs of foliage heads and hidden details in a already jam packed composition is really interesting visually. He's also not afraid to make ugly as fuck yet strangely appealing male and female characters, as well as very etheral looking ones.

No. 1902944

this is so disgusting to look at

No. 1902946

I want to know what happened to her, I tend to have this level of schizophrenic tirades on my personal twitter when i am going through shit irl kek

No. 1902949

File: 1708989562710.png (3.73 MB, 1500x1380, image_2024-02-27_102035088.png)

Samefag, also Dinotopia
It's sort of supposed to be because it a representation of blight/rot but kek, I could have chosen a nicer picture as a example.

No. 1902953

I've been trying to piece things together for a while now but I'm at a loss. In past tweets she claimed to be angry at people trying to copy her art style, but lately she has been saying the opposite and arrogantly claiming that people can copy her art because it'll "never be as good as hers" and claiming that those people are just "fakes". Then she claims people are trying to copy her Salvatore OC (the fat tranny nun) which…I highly doubt. She used to complain about getting too many followers, then stopped and complained that she wanted more comments, then stopped and now complains that she doesn't want any bookmarks…

Either something went down with her IRL that seriously messed up her mental stability or perhaps she's getting some shit or plagiarized in a chinese platform like Weibo and is just using Twitter to vent about it. I don't know, her tirades feel entirely random and the way she words her tweets literally make her look like she's some schizophrenic having a crisis.

No. 1902954

kek i cant help but find her cowish retardation kinda cute. I wish i could send her a nice message but i dont speak chinese.

No. 1902958


it's kinda useless. mgong seems to only give a shit about chinese fans who especially stoke her on her ocs particularly the landwhale tif. she ignores everything else, even praise.

No. 1902962

Not to armchair but it seems similar to BPD switching, I know a few artists with BPD and they act similarly with constantly changing up their stances on people copying them, saving old artwork etc. as well as frequent deleting of accounts but the latter also seems to just be an East Asian artist thing.

No. 1902963

urelated but it makes me sad to see severelly mentally ill artists being better than me kek

No. 1902966

AYRT, just remember that a large majority of them can barely draw (esp moids and anyone with a mental illness that actively destroys the brain)

No. 1902998

there are plenty of shitty sane artists. like them, you're bad because you don't draw or practice enough

No. 1903088

calm down

No. 1903133

Any nonnies here do 3D? is it hard to become a 3D modeller if you arent a particulary good artist. I am not horrible, just not amazing.

No. 1903136

I do 3D work and actually a lot of 3D artists aren't that great at 2D work. A lot of 3D programs have default shapes that you can work of. Having mathematically perfect bases makes it a lot easier to get a desired outcome kek. The learning curve with 3D is hard but mostly just because most programs have a lot of UI you have to learn. I started off as a 2D artist and my drawings have improved tenfold since starting 3D modelling.

No. 1903140

This is so encouraging nonny!. I have been putting off learning 3D because I though you had to be a great artist first. What kind of style do you do, more anime or something more realistic?

No. 1903154

My 3D work is my job so I do a variety of styles but my illustration style veers more realistic and experimental. If you need a good tutorial and program I'd recommend doing the Blender Donut. It's a really detailed way to teach you the basics of both Blender as a program and modelling in general. It's a very stereotypical project but it's a really good learning tool, and Blender is and will always be free so it's a great program to do most of your work on. Only problem I have is that it can get pretty glitchy so I'd recommend saving your projects often as it always seems to crash on me kek.

No. 1903156

I think i might be mentally disabled nonnies. I genuinely dont understand how the round oppacity brush. I dont use ps so i just downloaded one off the CSP store and i genuinely dont understand how it works. Whenever i pick a color to try to blend it it just drags the color from before. It's hard to explain, but I don't know what am i doing wrong. I am so incredibly brush illiterate, i have been mostly doodling since i started drawing, but i want to start painting and i have no idea where to start to understand how digital brushes work.

No. 1903165

Any other artists here who deactivated or got banned from Tumblr?

No. 1903166

File: 1709005726297.jpg (64.79 KB, 311x533, 4069506.jpg)

>Whenever i pick a color to try to blend it it just drags the color from before.
Literally the color mixing option is on. For clip studio, the closest to a vanilla raster hard round brush are the G-Pen series (make sure theres no textures or whatever). I'm an artist who started with photoshop so I had to adjust my CSP workpace to be closer to photoshop's. I also unbinded the shortcuts for pencil and pen/ink and put them all in brush. Tools can be dragged into another and will be a subtool which is a lot closer to photoshop.

No. 1903167

You'd be better off posting in the critique thread in /m/ (and you should, this is not the thread for this) but I will say you need to work on value and learn the difference between hard vs soft rendering/shadings.

No. 1903172

Sorry, I am newfag. My bad.

No. 1903174

It's okay, just remember to read thread descriptions before posting when you're new to them.

No. 1903175

Is there a way to view deviantart uploads from a deactivated account? (basically my 8-yo account got banned with no warning and lost hundreds of drawings)

No. 1903178

After 21 days everything is permanently wiped from the servers, you could run your account through the internet archive but it's doubtful that anyone would have saved it if you weren't particulary big. If it hasn't been that long then you try and get in touch with dA staff but I wouldn't count on it.

No. 1903206

OH shit. It's been a few months since I contacted them but got no answer. They randomly banned my account and I lost hundreds of drawings that had no duplicates. I don't know how why my account was banned. And no, it wasn't big (500+ drawings with less than 50 followers)

No. 1903214

I'm mega retarded but I prowl non-english discord servers for quiet working environments. Most of them have requirements to actually speak their intended language though (duh) so even the ones I can find that have the nice daily croquis sessions I can't join or get the role, but I did eventually find one that has some people (<20) on at convenient times for me. I haven't like seriously used /ic/ in so long though. I'll read about it in this thread, binge it for a few days and then completely cease browsing. I rarely go on 4chan these days so that might be it? I don't wanna even post my art. I want something daily where I can be there and I can keep a daily discipline and schedule and maybe find a community if the server's not too cancerous and already clique infested. Hell I'd go through some gatekeeping and vetting too I don't care. A quality server is a quality server.

No. 1903221

Aww, sorry nona. Are you sure you haven't saved some of them on a google drive or posted them in discord or telegram. Something similar happened to me and I managed to recover about 30% of work I thought I had lost.

No. 1903823

I hope so too nonny, I hope so too.
>do tell nonny. I havent used /ic/ since late 2019 and i missed out on all the board drama.
>vendettafag joins server
>states that they don't care about improving their art
>acts pissy to randos and makes weird attempts at powermodding from time to time
>woe is me posts about being bad at art dispite stating they have zero intentions of improving or practicing
>weird post on /ic/ talking shit about several people for no reason appeal
>distrust beings to brew
>random moid joins server
>someone instantly on 4chan about not letting them into the server
>weird because most users are newfag besides maybe 3 people and don't know who he is
>another post in thread demanding another moid who joined that day be kicked as well
>even weirder because vendettafag started fighting with them the moment they entered the server
>vendettafag is kicked for being the obvious dramafag
>owner decides to bring them back because much second chances
>dramafagging in threads gets even more hostle afterwards
>over a mont passes and people being eyeing the dramafag once more
>banter between nonnies is being mistaken for drama in post made on the board narrowing the suspect list
>random girl joins the discord and gets kicked within a week for being insufferable
>dramafag dm's serveral people that same day including the ramdon girl in attempt to do gay ops on the person she though was responsible for getting the girl kicked
>she didn't know multiple people begged the owner to remote the the annoying girl making it clear she was the vendettafag
>noone wants to be apart of the gay ops including the girl that was kicked and the evidence of the post is shown to the owner and dramafag is kicked for good that night
>dramafag melts down and sicc her pet simp pedophile (an entire other saga) on the threads ever since
It's been over a year since this happend and those schizos still orbits and occasionally harassed random anons from the discord on /ic/ to this day. It's has also been theorize that the vendettafag always had it out for certain 4chan anons prior to joining the server.

Moral of the story: d
Never let schizos into your art server even if they do draw, it's just not worth it.

No. 1903828

all i said was "Ai art is not that bad" and boom my account, gone.

No. 1903878

Deserved, you have no taste.

No. 1903888

do you follow any artists on patreon or fanbox?

No. 1903937

And nothing of value was lost!

No. 1903977

I once got banned 3 times in the same month due to a glitch kek (paraphrased from support)

No. 1904021

I'm assuming this is about DAD since I can't think of anywhere else that would have a discord and regular threads on ic in which case the pedo sounds familiar kek but I haven't been there in a few years.

No. 1904171

I wonder if it's the fujocord if its a female dominated offshoot, kek. I hear that place is full of tiffies so I'll pass though.

No. 1904230

>server full of 4chan/lolcow anons
>not transphobic
Come on now

No. 1904235

Nta but there's a large number of tifs on 4chan

No. 1904242

How many tifs use lolcow though?

No. 1904247

File: 1709067887743.jpeg (396.28 KB, 2000x1327, IMG_5023.jpeg)

Froud is a fave of mine too anon. I’d also suggest Yoshitaka Amano’s woek on early FF before it turned into greige and scifi.

No. 1904257

I follow a few. Howard Lyon is great because he provides free references pack with one of his tiers. It’s a great resource. He also has a Discord but I don’t mess with it too often. Other trad artists have Patreon and their hands in a few other places like YT or what you mentioned too, but with Pateon’s remodel they can now host videos and a lot of artist aren’t updating their YT page as often.

No. 1904516

That's just schizo's fan fiction lmao they keep spreading that the server was full of tifs pedos underage racist grassless etc. because they couldn't couldn't get in and/or point towards anything substantial to gossip about.Everyone ether works full time is in school or is married with kids. Never had a trans person in the server. Hell It's not a fujo server ether. Most people are both fujo and yumes and don't make it there entire personality. Even the men we did let in are gay so we all just coestist. We just draw cute guys and girls and talk chat about things we like. I'm still shocked how normal a female art server from 4chan could be.

No. 1904536

Is it the /cgsg/ discord? I always wanted to join because i like the idea of a non-tranny infested discord server for women, but i also don't draw men and i don't wanna bother the yume/fujos

No. 1904644

File: 1709087078788.jpg (544.62 KB, 1170x1347, 08101820.jpg)

>It’s actually getting made
Well damn lol

No. 1904648

kek cant wait to see how this shit turns out. It's going to get released, people are going to pretend to care for a week, then go back to watching the clown tranny show and helluva boss.

No. 1904668

You don't know /lgbt/ /tttt/ on 4chan?
More likely than you think. Tifs have self posted and posted here before either to torture themselves or hate read.

Must not be that server then. But fujocord is an offshoot of LAScord. And is female dominated with lots of tifs with men into femboys.

No. 1904683

My pc is kinda shit, I would like to download it but I'm afraid it's gonna fry my computer kek, I tried to look at the minimum requirements but I swear I don't understand a single shit that I'm reading.

No. 1904685

File: 1709090122216.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3464x3464, 540342D3-1092-4DFA-8821-0A11DC…)

I’ve created a collage of what I like to call the “female coombait pick-me artist that’s dating a YouTuber” phenotype. I.e., secretnarcissist, Veronica and Jelly, LexUpDog, and Squizzy/Hyojin. All of them have pretty mid art, and usually climb the social ladder via being the current; or former girlfriend of a famous YouTuber. Though, I realize most of them have broken up with the YouTuber that made them famous in question now. Although, Veronica has now started dating another YouTuber, this time being LSMark instead of OneyNG. The one I find most annoying is SecretNarc, her art is so mid for someone well into their 20’s, and she draws coombait art of her self insert “uwu pervy anime waifu” persona. Although, Hyojin is up there too with the “one of the boys” personality kind of thing she has going on. I will admit, it is sad that most of these women have to use a male YouTuber in order to ever climb the social latter and be recognized.

No. 1904688

File: 1709090178143.jpg (375.42 KB, 720x1441, Screenshot_20240228-111658.jpg)

If it is /cgsg/, try it anyway. I just hated that they kept this coomer moid based on the calendar collab they did. Btw if any of you are here and reading this and if you gyns care, the choob guy draws maga shit. https://www.tumblr.com/dailychoob/152971211683?source=share

No. 1904699

>I just hated that they kept this coomer moid based on the calendar collab they did
>the choob guy
also who

No. 1904711

Yeah it's /cgsg/.
Our server has no association with /dad/ and I never heard of the fujocord till today. Whatever they do over there is there business.
lol lmao even.

No. 1904718

File: 1709092138859.gif (1.84 MB, 540x310, heathers annoyed.gif)

>find artist that draws faces the exact same way i want
>try to find the source
>she deleted everything off her pixiv
I am so tired of artists deleting everything off. I know they have the right to do whatever they please with their art, but i wish they would just stop posting rather than delete everything off.

No. 1904723

Not just dated, she MARRIED that 20 yr old cartoon faggot. Veronica is so hateable.

No. 1904724

NTA, but you are dramafagging as well. You wrote a long ass greentext about some cow kek. There is nothing wrong with drama, that's what lolcow is about.

No. 1904727

File: 1709092372270.png (1.63 MB, 1652x993, men age like milk.png)

I feel bad for veronica she married some 19yo think and he aged 10 years in a year of marriage. Nerdy guys, not even once.

No. 1904732

Ew. I dated a guy like this where he got super ugly in the span of 2 months of dating. Moids. Not even once.

No. 1904735

I am so repulsed by both of these images omg. Only someone so deranged to draw coomer pin-ups of themselves could find that attractive.

No. 1904736


No. 1904737

File: 1709092742871.gif (905.81 KB, 320x190, sure-jan-brady-bunch.gif)

No. 1904750

Tell us more about the cow, don't let us hanging. Sounds like juicy drama.

No. 1904752

how tf do you go from ellen page to boris johnson in a year. bleak

No. 1904760

Wait that's the same guy in both pics? That's tragic. What the fuck? Unrelated but in his before pic he looks like Fred from the early YouTube days

No. 1904764

yeah he used to be rail thin last year and turned into a hambeast kek. I love how 4chan scrotes want to shit on veronica because she's a ''hag'' meanwhile she and her 20yo twink husband look exactly the same age. Veronica is a pickme cow, but it makes me laugh how scrotes always shit on her for 'being old' meanwhile all of them also want to fuck her. It's like they dont realize she's such a cow because she can easily manipulate scrotes because of her looks.

No. 1904766

Try an archive site? Sorry anon that sucks.

No. 1904771

i wanted to check danbooru but i dont know the name of the artist sadly, it's in japanese

No. 1904782

Could you tineye any work of hers you saved?

No. 1904790

i did through saucenao, i ended up finding her twitter and checked her twitter handle on danbooru, but sadly very little of her art(5 artworks) were saved.

No. 1904802

Pickme cheating alcoholics get the ugly retarded moids they deserve

No. 1904854

To be fair, she definetly upgraded. Her older moid was absolutely heinous.

No. 1904861

Don’t tell me you’re talking about my big retard boy Chris

No. 1904862

ofcourse i am talking about your ugly retard baby girl, he's so ugly a fat irish twink is an improvement

No. 1904863

There is no way in hell that cartoon autist is cuter and funnier than Oney I am sorry, your taste is awful(infighting)

No. 1904864

anon are you really going to catch an infighting ban over some ugly as fuck internet scrote kek

No. 1904868

If he wasn't the green slime oc then I'm glad to be proven wrong. No need to be hostile, nonas. And I'm not born yesterday, I know not all lolcow posters are radfem subscribers and some of you are rightwing aligned. If there's other nonnies who don't mind that, there you go–try joining /cgsg/. But personally they're not for me. Though I'm genuinely glad you're all chill, not everyone is your boogeyman, kekk.

No. 1904870

File: 1709105643095.jpeg (217.55 KB, 908x1706, IMG_9247.jpeg)

I will go out defending an average internet scrote if it means dunking on a butt fugly one yeah

No. 1904878

File: 1709106573053.png (962.92 KB, 1920x1080, lsmark art.png)

He would be cute if he wasnt fat. He's my personal cow though
>started as a ACC vermin
>became popular for shitting on Hartman when people found out he was a right wing christian scrote who believes god can cure autism
>tried trolling hartman twice
>autistically into sonic
>married to 10 years older who cucked him
>went from twink to hog in the span of a year
>doesn't know how to draw
>despite his hatred towards butch his style takes inspiration from FOP
>currently making a pilot for his show about tom and jerry in high school
>pilot is set in the early 00s despite him being born in 2002
>asks people to make the character designs for him
>he takes these designs and completly butchers them with his lack of skill

No. 1904880

File: 1709106718091.png (3.21 MB, 2689x2048, 2020 vs 2023.png)

he also hasn't improved in years. Left is from 2020 vs right 2023

No. 1904883

Nta but let’s not act like Oney is that much of a catch if he was actively friends with people like Shadman lol

No. 1904895

Veronica seems to have a type for fat retarded Irish men, just saying. I wonder if the stress Veronica has brung into the relationship has made him start stress eating. Not trying to armchair, but just a thought. Then again, maybe it’s a deal where since he has an attractive girlfriend he thinks he doesn’t need to try anymore or something.

No. 1904898

This is so painfully autistic. Legit the same subject and style that my very autistic classmate would draw.

No. 1904900

File: 1709108440375.jpg (1.19 MB, 2500x2500, lsmark art2.jpg)

yeah, admiteldly i have an autistic hateboner for this fat retard because he has all the money and time in the world and still doesn't improve. I hate people that don't like art talking about animation/art. He can only trace, and poorly.

No. 1904902

I meant reference, not trace.

No. 1904915

I have a hateboner for all “cartoontubers” from a few years ago like him and Saberspark and Rebeltaxi etc(especially Saber I hate him so much.) Lives revolving around childhood cartoons. Absolutely useless men.

No. 1904921

I honestly like rebeltaxi a lot, he makes really good videos and actually appreciates art so he talks in depth about the artistic aspect of animation rather than making retarded nostalgia critic tier jokes and fap bait like saber.

No. 1904935

File: 1709112484504.png (19.59 KB, 339x201, retard.png)

I am so tired of these retards.

No. 1904954

File: 1709113746476.png (220.47 KB, 441x581, ai.png)

this one made me laugh because the horny scrote is brazilian and meant to say ''ouch'', but i still feel bad for the artist. It must be so fucking annoying and tiring to get accussed of using ai when art is one of the hardest most time consuming and less rewarded skills.

No. 1905014

>with Pateon’s remodel they can now host videos and a lot of artist aren’t updating their YT page as often.
I didn't know this, if you have recommendations for traditional artists I'd love to hear
Oddly enough I didn't know about Howard Lion so thanks for that, definitely worth checking out.

No. 1905053

>but with Patreon’s remodel they can now host videos and a lot of artist aren’t updating their YT page as often

So THAT's why Rossdraws hasn't been on Youtube in almost 8 months.

No. 1905071

nayrt but now that you mention it I realize why he hasn't appeared in my feed for half a year
his rendering is pleasing to the eye but I can't help but find it generic, as his style
I started enjoying more rougher/messy/grungy rendering styles, I'n really tired of all the soft over rendered/blurred generic pretty girls art
someone mentioned Loish in this thread and it got me triggered, I hate her fish faced disney-esque style, it's so punchable. I just can't stand it. I haven't checker her in a while but from what I know, she suffered severely from sameface syndrome too

No. 1905095

Thanks for milk, nona. Cried of joy. Reminds me of my experience a bit but not that interesting I was that insufferable girl in server full of tifs it wasn't women only but majority were and guys there most quiet and stupid like making 911 jokes or calling someone racist all while hiding their username by proxy bots. I couldn't hold myself and from time to time was joking about triggers, osd/odd things, writing how I was lucky not having dysphorias, anas, how feminine I was and having chest is nice they were too easy to provoke and I had my name in too many fights but I never was kicked because iniatially mods were excited to have me in their server and till my leaving they liked my art and even starboarded it. While it was fun, it's also just wasn't worth the time and ruining relationships with people who didn't do any harm to me, they're were just superficial and way too into cartoons and memes and gossip about other half of fandom, no meaningful discussions, demanding call them characters names and treat them like different people, if I could go back in time, I'll just post some art and leave quietly weeks later.

No. 1905100

Adding this as more of a comment on top, I guess this is another way to engage with servers from 4chan, just remain blissfully unaware of any political leanings. Back to square one for me.

No. 1905122

Is it bad I'm curious to join it? What's with verification process? Do you recommend?

No. 1905180

File: 1709137335264.jpg (380.36 KB, 1536x2048, 1673402592209018897_1.jpg)

Not that I'm defending people like mgong, but it's so disappointing seeing everyone's amazing, high effort art, while plenty retweeted and liked, gets no comments. And I thought I was hallucinating but looking back at my DA, my boring low effort art from the last decade would get more comments than the average high quality art on twitter nowadays.

No. 1905181

The Internet is way too big nowadays. So much high effort stuff just gets buried

No. 1905189

what >>1905181 said
I actually miss the mid 2000s deviantart , back when drawing tablets were extremely niche (due to price) and only a handful of people had them
you could actually keep up with fanart back then

No. 1905193

Hate to see happening to legitimately skilled artists but I would kind of want to use it on moid artists I hate whose art is already generic anime overrendered underconstructed soulless anime girl pinups kek. They would probably take it as a compliment though. A lot of scrotes were basically already drawing AI art before it was even invented.

No. 1905206

Yeah, that's why it doesn't feel fulfilling to post art online and why most people either do fanart so someone will talk to them about it or they'll start a patreon/take commissions to at least get paid for their efforts. Anons complained about this but the truth is that there's no satisfaction in doing these things for free anymore. If drawing is your hobby and nothing else you have no reason to post it online only to get some likes from strangers that'll forget about it in a day or less. And all the big social media platforms sell or will soon sell that image data to AI anyway, might as well make some money yourself

No. 1905208

We really need to find a way to move back to irl communities for creatives now. The social aspect of the Internet is becoming obsolete, it's just one giant advertisement now.

No. 1905215

>it's just one giant advertisement now
nayrt But that's a really good point. Posts are spoonfed to users with "suggested posts" "liked by [user you follow]" instead of the fun discovery of your own interests. Plus anything you interact with WILL be used against you in your personal algorithm. It's exhausting. I miss exploratory internet.

No. 1905233

Yeah, more and more artists I follow stop posting because they prefer to only interact with the friends they must've made years ago. They are all in private discords now

No. 1905236

File: 1709140921197.jpg (336.96 KB, 1440x1440, deviantart_902354339_Pin.jpg)

It's taken so much for granted now, fans just beg for pirated links on official advertising or on mangaka's posts. People posting unnecessary qrts on art. Along with the AI paranoia making people call anything that resembled content fed to AI as AI itself. Rampant reposting and stolen themes/palette art dramas feel so nostalgic by comparison kekkk

No. 1905237

There have been local art clubs that are usually staffed by older adults. I don’t think you’ll find a club with a younger demographic and if you do it will probably stagnate. I want local clubs to make a comeback too. >>1905014
You’re welcome anon. I follow traditional artists like Stephan Bauman, Nick Alm, Annie Stegg, Michael Whelan and more. Depending on what you’re looking for most have Patreon or Discord and there are also ateliers in the US you can follow (if you live there) since they offer some online help through classes or Discord.
Is he the one that does super shiny work? I saw a video or two that was neat, it’s quite polished on his gigantic screen tablet but I think I’ve seen all I can from his work. It’s not too varied. Loish too I unsubbed from on IG because it wasn’t inspiring. I think she was promoting another kickstarter book and I didn’t care anymore. Her work used to be illustrative with proportional figurative work and last I saw it was cartoon Disney proportions and flat.

No. 1905248

File: 1709142144168.jpg (47.11 KB, 455x599, 3RSAdoc.jpg)

it's so over…

don't sign up on anything, it's a shitty newlester

No. 1905255

File: 1709142741448.jpeg (363.58 KB, 774x1327, IMG_2737.jpeg)

they have also added an option to prevent ai training models from using your blog but i think it only applies to third parties and not the ones they actually sell data to

No. 1905356

Twitter is also going to sell data to Mid-Journey. I wonder if there will be any safe social medias or if most artists are going to be basically forced to fully move their stuff behind paywalls. It's so sad that everything online is now money-driven. Either by flooding users with ads or by doing this. At what point does it end?

No. 1905371

when man draws it's final breath, meaning never.

No. 1905405

People already break paywalls and get their banks to back charge already for just porn. Paywalls won't save artists as long as the return is greater than the expense.

No. 1905482

File: 1709153492081.jpeg (91.35 KB, 750x1000, IMG_2667.jpeg)

Hate how The Algorithm punishes you for taking a break from social media, now I got to do the daily song and dance bullshit to get my numbers back up. I didn’t give a shit when I had a job with a great paycheck but now it’s back to fucking with LinkedIn and Monetizing Every Hobby since getting laid off. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 1905658

time to mass download blogs. We are losing so much stuff thanks to greedy moids who want more money. So many artists nuked their galleries after AI was unveiled and i will never forgive them for that.

No. 1905735

File: 1709169987922.png (1.45 MB, 1868x2447, plebbit.png)

Recently, coomers have been upset that Pixiv is nuking their 3DCG, AI big booby waifu spam, and BDSM loli rape. I forgot to include it but there was another comment whining that this level of censorship is like Afghanistan.

No. 1905741

kek the only good thing about paypal being a monopoly is that it helps erradicate paid degeneracy

No. 1905751

Based Pixiv

No. 1905781

File: 1709174234446.jpg (319.83 KB, 860x1200, NON NON 1_006.jpg)

I wish I started my webcomic earlier but I was too stupid, poor and busy then. And I refuse to inegrate to webtoon format.

No. 1905877

this is your webcomic? looks cool, a bit westoid

No. 1905914

The un will bully Japan into dropping degenerate art and hentai off the western sphere if they dont follow rules!
Now I don't have anywhere to post my loli incest porn and ai pics of coombait women! Woe is me!
They directly acknowledge that this is to prevent to spread of cp but their sexual urges are far more important than the protection of a child. If you didnt find children sexually appealing you wouldn't have to worry about the porn youre drawing in the first place. It's almost like you're the people the UN is trying to protect children from.

No. 1905924

File: 1709181432327.jpg (331.08 KB, 850x850, sample_5059fdd5a2ef224925f57e4…)

How can i learn how to design retarded hyper-detailed overdesigned gacha shit like pic rel? I have been doing lots of clothing studies, but I really can't come up with stuff like this, designing clothes is so fucking hard. I tried looking for character design courses, but most of it is too amateur or it teaches you how to design generic space marines. Is there a good course that goes in depth about clothes or gacha designs?

No. 1905932

Wow, where is this character from?

No. 1905934

File: 1709181817631.jpg (130.13 KB, 850x850, sample_05bf372f7960120ea1122a2…)

nu;carnival. I like the dog boy's designs a lot. I want to draw slutty boys too but damn if it aint hard to design clothes, and i don't want to rip the designers off.

No. 1905935

>it can really change/destroy the future of anime, manga and games completely.
So you admit that so much of your precious weeb shit has pedophilia engrained into it that this could completely ruin the majority of them? I don’t watch or play any games that have loli rape or teenager incest in them so this is not destroying anything for me, what a sad fucking life for moids that the media they care the most about is this. Says even more for Japan if this could really hurt their industries so much. That is, if his delusions that his goon material could actually be completely censored everywhere was true. Even if Japan had the whole world drilling them to stop sexualizing real and fictional children they would do nothing.
I think that Rinotuna has character design courses. His character designs have alot of nice thought out details, they can come out kinda gacha gamey but still good.

No. 1905944

Can you post more pics of him he is cute

No. 1905950

File: 1709183745704.jpg (140.88 KB, 850x1258, sample_a126da1352432629ffad847…)

Oh wow i had no idea. He should design more gachashit honestly, pic rel is something he did for a gacha shit i used to play, it's so obvious he's gay. I will check it out, thanks nonnie!

No. 1905951

Even his non fantasy moids are styled 100% in a gay Asian way

No. 1905952

Yeah they have that ugly bara face kek

No. 1905957

No, its by a based chilean woman.

No. 1905964

Leave Bara alone.

No. 1905967

Never it's fucking gay.

No. 1905968

File: 1709186448486.png (3.18 MB, 2200x1500, mash.PNG)

I think I’m done with lesbian art twitter. I’m tired of seeing brown skinned women being degraded and drawn like exaggeratedly large muscular men next to other women, a bunch of popular lesbian artists have a thing for futashit, and some of these futafags have a “subtle” bbc fetish.

And yes everyone in this image is a woman.
Artist hasn’t posted futa(she doesn’t have a nsfw account as far as I know) but is friends with lesbian artists who openly draw futaxfemale shit so it’s only a matter of time.

No. 1905969

she has a massive fucking jaw

No. 1905970

NTA but bara is better than some of the things straight moids make

No. 1905972

bara is the male equivalent of generic anime girl coom, down to the sameface and autism for exagerated coomerfied proportions. It makes me laugh how all barafags draw the exact same face, they have 0 personaity. Yumes draw very different faces and body types, but gay moids all draw the same.

No. 1905976

I'd rather see stupidly proportioned pecs than weird lolishit

No. 1905977

I notice this with as well, often these artists are americans or east-asians and they tend to have this common portrayal of darker-skinned women.

No. 1905978

same but that doesnt make bara less retarded, it's still retarded male coom

No. 1905995

>back at my DA, my boring low effort art from the last decade would get more comments than the average high quality art on twitter nowadays.
People were legit very nice and even shitty drawings got small encouraging comments back then. Even if it was a small doodle. It was nice

No. 1906045

That's just basic slutty china style outfit but on a guy instead of a girl.
Nothing special, just show skin or tight clothes. Just draw what you consider personally sexy, and if you have no idea what you like why do you want to draw sexy characters in the first place?

No. 1906056

Conversations about zines/fanthologies have already been had, but how are things there now? Ever since the really catastrophic debacles like that Persona zine embezzlement in 2022 and someone revealed to have been modding an obscene number of zines just to disappear last fall, I haven't heard much.

No. 1906070

It's more about the trinkets and detail and coming up with the ideas.

No. 1906089

It's just cliche themes, holidays, summer, national outfits, lingerie. Stuff you can easily look up reference pics of. He's got a fur jacket cause he's a dog etc, it's not that deep.

No. 1906101

it's easier said than done

No. 1906112

collect references from these games and study them, there are hundreds if not thousands of characters like these. there are more slutty outfits for female characters, but you could easily apply them to male. A lot of these designs somewhat reflect Japanese and Chinese alt fashion as well so I'd look at those too, it also helps make the designs feel more believable.

No. 1906125

Pretty much, I remembered being so giddy seeing my name mentioned like "Wow your friends with Anon?!" and now I just kek, why are you so flattered to be friends with this literal who with beg art lmaoo. Everyone else was also just genuinely curious of fan fic or oc lore you had. I miss it so much.

No. 1906387

File: 1709215200644.jpg (642.62 KB, 2048x1609, ELWnBqWU4AASwue.jpeg.jpg)

How would you go about finding references for the decoration on the sleeves or way the top is layered, most of it can't just be copied from somewhere. To get better at designing such detailed outfits you need to look at similarly detailed art, check out trendy fashion or whatever style you're aiming for and also random objects that you could reshape to function as accessories. Anyone can draw a basic black suit, but it's difficult to design something new to add to it when you don't have much experience. His outfit isn't just a fur jacket, you're just not looking closely kek

No. 1906402

File: 1709215827795.jpg (1.08 MB, 1684x1544, pinterest.jpg)

Pinterest used to show me these kei-ish/rpg/wuxia looking cosplay before but I haven't really used it recently because of all the AI poisoning.

No. 1906411

It's based off a matador outfit and the layering is basic 3 piece suit, shirt, vest, jacket.
You just need to expand your image library.

No. 1906457

oh neat, new training data for my model.(bait)

No. 1906473

I have some to add to this, most of them are designed for women but could be translated into male fashion

No. 1906496

Wow. You must be really young.

No. 1906510

File: 1709223605865.jpg (647.23 KB, 1080x1080, photocollage_2024229101957973.…)

Here's a board if you want to design a slutty vampire

No. 1906591

Lots of factors plays into this such as internet and fandom spaces becoming corporate and infinite scrolls. But asian artists always had weird rules of who could and who couldn't interact with their art. Even before all anglos on the internet became sjws and would leave rude comments and qrt, some asian artists would block you for being foreigner though can't say I blame them for not wanting comments written in a language they can't read but blocking still feels extreme in this case. Asian artists have also always been drama llamas, even before the anglos became sjw. They would nuke their internet presence for getting too much attention or not getting the exact kind of attention they expected. While I don't think this is a big factor in why people don't comment anymore, I do think it has subconsciously affected how people interact with artist.
Some cowish parts of the anglo net also have subconsciously affacted this. Niche communities on tumblr used to have rules of what posts could and couldn't be interacted with. They treated the public web as a private groupchat and would have a meltdown if a non-mutual interacted with them. Or they would treat the public web as a diary and get mad if strangers read the their public blogs. At the same time these people would beg for attention and crytype if they didn't get it and it was hard to keep up with what was and what wasn't allowed. It was the same people who invented dni lists.
So basically too many internet communities with their own confusing rules on how to interact merged and now there are too many rules to keep up with so why even bother

No. 1906668

I'd actually argue people being too comfortable too many good artist contributed to fan/consumer entitlement.

No. 1906688

>Asian artists have also always been drama llamas, even before the anglos became sjw. They would nuke their internet presence for getting too much attention or not getting the exact kind of attention they expected.
>I do think it has subconsciously affected how people interact with artist

I think the western art community has also affected this. My personal tin foil is that shit like "reeeeeeeee you can't compliment my art by using the word talented, you're doing subliminal 5D chess to imply I'm lazy" and other things like that have caused people online to subconsciously feel like they have to walk on eggshells to even compliment artists, so they'd rather not bother communicating at all.

No. 1906803

What's OCC? :O(no emoticons)

No. 1906817

>most of it can't just be copied from somewhere.
Yes it can? Learn how to use google and pixiv. Look up runway high fashion references, historical references, anime figures, streetwear, modern clothing, other artists, anime characters, video games. Hell even pinterest is a great place to start off with even though it tends to regurgitate the same references. I swear some of you retards only follow 3 gacha games and don't know how to browse the internet. Do you think good character design appears out of thin air? Stop being lazy and expected to be spoonfed.

No. 1907001

Or you could google some yourself so the thread won't be clogged with unrelated sht

No. 1907159

i secretly like that kooleen and other similar insufferable influencers are popular with newer artists because it means i won't have that much competition in the future

No. 1907204

>So many artists nuked their galleries after AI was unveiled
they're retarded. if an artist nuked their gallery because a copycat artist sprung up we'd all think they were fucking stupid

No. 1907375

File: 1709284448263.png (1.14 MB, 1125x1220, Screenshot .png)

This part of the design baffles me so much. His slutty pants thing connect all the way down to his big toenails which match the colors. What material are the pants supposed to even be and are his toenails made out of the same material? Are the pants things growing out of his toenails? Or are they only connecting to his cuticles? How does a professional artist come up with something so genius?
The newest trendy way to learn art is basically just how to render your art nice enough that it’s impressive to normies and beginners. Take away that and their Pinterest references and it’s not that impressive anymore. I fear it’s stagnating so many younger artists progress now.

No. 1907386

File: 1709285302287.png (893.96 KB, 974x1045, Vicious_Khepri_NOBG.png)

So aggressive for no reason, calm down. I meant that designing fantasy fashion like that requires you to build a broad visual library first because you need some reference to make something new yourself, so literally the same thing you said dumbass.

It's a gender-swap of Khepri and she's described as a monster so maybe the suit is part of the body or something kek

No. 1907388

File: 1709285625827.png (926.58 KB, 1000x1270, water me.png)

this game has a shit ton of extremely retarded designs. I would still play it if they had an equal amount of retarded male designs to the extremely coomerfied female ones, but the gameplay is also ass to be honest.

No. 1907424

Yeah that sounds like a wild ride lmao. Hopefully you found a cool art by now.

Makes me glad political leanings and other divisive nonsense is irrelevant in the draw server kek. Makes me wonder why lolcow hasn't made one draw server yet? Seems like there should be a girl drawcord or two by now by that's just me.

No. 1907430

File: 1709293390992.jpg (530.9 KB, 1536x2048, [23-06-27] 1673704930048356352…)

has anyone tried stonehouse? is there a significant difference between stonehouse and other anatomy books?

No. 1907437

Considering what a shitshow the usual lc discord was it's best there isn't one here after all this is a anonymous board besides it'll attract that pyw chan but we'll get something to laugh at but it really isn't worth it I do wish there was one server without the gendie shit and the coddling lc back in the day used to be quite strict with critique and gave good tips on how to improve and before proko nuked the courses that leaked there

No. 1907440

you could make one and link it in the friend finder thread

No. 1907445

Sharing server invites isn't allowed. I don't personally care but just pointing that out if you want to avoid a ban.

No. 1907448

you can post your username or leave and email and ask anons to reach out to you if they want to be part of an art discord though, i am pretty sure some anons made discords that way before.

No. 1907456

I've only tried out two anatomy books, so I'm not the most knowledgable on this genre, one being Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet and Stonehouse. Anatomy for the Artist goes into shallow depth about anatomy imo, however has some decent study material with it's use of original photographs, classical art and some of Simblet's Renaissance-inspired artwork, as well as discussion about art history- Stonehouse is the exact oppisite, incredibly indepth (some might say too indepth) anatomy, but the included material outside of anatomy discussion is mostly anime art which ranges from more than decent to retarded, especially all the stupid jokes he tries to shove in. I think these two books balance each other out, personally- I do like both books for contrasting reasons, but it really depends on your purpose. I also have a couple Dorland's but since those are actually for med students I don't think they'd count.

No. 1907469

File: 1709296888680.png (267.81 KB, 1692x1085, 9547057.png)

Thanks nonny. I only read Morpho and Michael Hampton's book, both very good but they lack real references. I will check the other book you recommened too, it sounds pretty good if accompanied with anatomy for sculptors or stonehouese. My goal is something like pic rel, so not insanely realistic anatomy but also not stiff generic animu either.

No. 1907472

No worries nonna! I do have to warn you that Anatomy for the Artist does have a page spread of random photos of dicks in it, it's supposed to be refernce for the pelvis but it did give me a bit of a jump when I saw it. That's probably the worst thing about it, but it's a pretty decent book otherwise.

No. 1907473

kek thanks for the warning

No. 1907476

File: 1709297340744.png (2.2 MB, 1682x985, sad.png)

inspired by similar discussion, post the worst downgrades you've seen

No. 1907479

File: 1709297547188.jpg (157.85 KB, 1200x1200, 1706491769707.jpg)

steven universe is a classic

No. 1907481

File: 1709297699605.png (318.5 KB, 855x935, image_2024-03-01_235710952.png)

I don't know nona, I feel like this a case of jumping from heavy inspiration to heavy inspiration because this does seem a bit amateurish

No. 1907487

wdym by heavy inspiration?

No. 1907488

i dont know that artist is that her older work? because that's miles better than the strawberry coom girl

No. 1907489

Think she means jumping from style to style.

No. 1907498

>overly masculine
>darker skin
>polynesian tattoos
Every fucking time. "Progressive" thinking people always over-correct with their representation and their racism ends up dripping out in other obviously racist ways kek. I've never seen a representation of a polynesian character that hasn't been either intensely angry/violent e.g Overwatch and King Shark, happy go lucky, overly spiritual like Moana, or in this case masculine, and/or nonchalant. Sad.

based and long overdue. Pixiv is still a cesspool of degeneracy but this is a small stepping stone to the pixiv art community gaining some semblance of humanity.

No. 1907500

File: 1709298722096.png (591.06 KB, 800x825, image_2024-03-02_001109656.png)

The original anon is being disingenuous, picrel is the newest art in her dA gallery.
The artist's older work is heavily referencing artists like Suehiro Maruo and she's merely symbol drawing some of the features f the face and doesn't really know her forms well- this is apparent in the arms, the weird flatness of the clothing and especially those sleeves. Her newer art suffers from the same, except has a more Tumblr/SJWy wanime inspiration behind it. Nothing more than a classic case of stagnation, just in a less appealing style.

No. 1907501

>based and long overdue. Pixiv is still a cesspool of degeneracy but this is a small stepping stone to the pixiv art community gaining some semblance of humanity.
you are so innocent nonny.

No. 1907502

Yeah I admit I did cherry pick a bit for impact and I agree with your points on technique. But her older art was still more interesting and unique than what she's doing now.

No. 1907505

File: 1709299082233.png (1.72 MB, 2500x2500, image_2024-03-02_001946604.png)

Samefagging, speaking of downgrades, I feel so bad for people who commissioned Dollieguts during this phase. She stopped tracing but at what cost?
Shhh, let nona retain that.

No. 1907507

this is so nostalgic. I miss when artist drama was them tracing, now its them grooming children. So fucked up.

No. 1907514

I miss those days, it was all so simple. Wish we could go back to when the worst thing that could happen was retarded slapfights (and less gender/politic idiocy)
Not disagreeing with the last part, it's just the unfortuate side effect of the Tumblr style.

No. 1907521

What's your opinion on 'draw everyday'? I find it funny how this dude has been drawing for so long and is honestly not that great. I feel like 'draw everyday' isn't wrong, but also just drawing will lead you to stagnating like this dude.

No. 1907527

also unrelated but this fag lived through the best decades and still somehow managed to settle for the most souless generic style in history. I would expect the art of someone that lived through such amazing decades to have more personality, but instead his art looks like the art of a 15-20yo girl whose only life experiences are drinking starbucks and surfing the turbo corporate nu-internet. I know the last part sounds petty, but i feel hayao miyazaki is right that most modern anime is so fucking soulless because it's made by people that have little to none life experience outside of the internet.

No. 1907546

Elaborate, I thought I'd seen my share of fucked up shit on pixiv galleries is the fanbox focus only on AI generated slop that happens to be photo-realistic and fucked up? Also what happened on the 25th of October 2023 that managed to cut this 3DCG shit in half?

Nono do not baby me, stop being boolies and tell me.

Bad advice imo, you should learn from structured learning by studying the foundations of art, not from drawing random still life shit everyday. If you are learning any skill you have to study it continuously and structurally, not throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. You have to read documentation to learn to code, you have to follow a recipe to learn how to cook etc. Doing what he's saying will not only lead to stagnation but also burn out and a false sense of accomplishment that he seems to have. Isn't the quantitative measure of improvement in art supposed to be success with master studies? If you can do decent master studies on unanimously good art you've improved your art.

Brutal how his art never really improved past a certain point. This was a bit doomer to watch. Sticking to one particular art-style will always stifle improvement as he stuck to a generic public city mural/capeshit artstyle. The lesson here is not to become loyal to one style or you may stagnate like this.

No. 1907573

you know pixiv is an anime site right? to completly get rid of the degeneracy they would have to outright ban animu

No. 1907583

File: 1709303879447.png (1.15 MB, 695x879, autism.png)

>Brutal how his art never really improved past a certain point.
i feel like he might be a bit autistic. He was 20 years old and drawing his conanchu OC having a crossover with the avenger. Or maybe men back then were more innocent, but this is some chris chan shit to be honest.

No. 1907585

His largest contributor is him being a referencer. He very rarely drew from his imagination and used photos as a crutch. I bet all those art nouveau pictures utilized photo models to get the proper form down.
You can't expect yourself to improve when you don't apply anything you've learned.

No. 1907670

> going from old-school geeks recommending Akira and Ghost in the Shell

I miss this you wouldn't believe. I miss old geek culture so much

No. 1907689

I remember when anime nerds swore anime was a serious art form and not just school girls and tentacles. Modern weebs proudly display their degenerate ahegao tshirts in public and talk about their femboy loli feet armpit fetish to everyone like it's a personality trait. We need to bring back bullying

No. 1907828

people itt crying about "animu degeneracy" make me giggle sometimes…like classical/realistic art is full of degen shit too. it isn't restricted to 2d japanese inspired styles

No. 1907833

is this bait? when did michael angelo paint anime girls getting tentacle raped?

No. 1907840

Maybe not with tentacles but rape is a very common subject in classical art, anon. They just tended to call it things like "abduction" instead. And for tentacles - see: "Dream of the Fisherman's Wife".

No. 1907847

your example is still japanese though

No. 1907850

>tehe western moid degeneracy is no different than asian moid degeneracy
>noone comparing the two
must be sad being this retarded

No. 1907854

I know, I just was agreeing with op saying there's always been pervert artists from the dawn of time. They probably are baiting though trying to get people to argue over "west vs east" art, which is pointless. Moids are perverts no matter the country/decade, full stop.

No. 1907855

I still can't believe he used a Greek moid to celebrate Women's day because he wrote a poem. Gabriela Mistral was a Chilean poetess that won a Nobel prize and was a lesbian, in love with her partner… She was more fit than a gay moid.

No. 1907856

you are comparing apples to oranges

No. 1907862

Other way round, rape meant any forcible "taking"- Spartan men did that with their wives, Rape of Persephone etc. etc.
Also Japan's tentacle fetish is centuries years old? What does that example disprove? Suprised you didn't bring up Bernini's Ludovica Albertoni or Ecstasy of Saint Teresa or something similar, but even then, not really that level of degen as modern hentai- it kinda just seems like you're projecting something. Also as if noone knows that moids have been freaks since forever- look at the story of Zeus turning into a swan to fuck a woman for example- no one is debating that.

No. 1907868

i think anon is just trying to justify her japanese cartoons, it's just weeb cope

No. 1907875

I'm not explaining myself well but I don't want to fight. I really think OP was just baiting.
I'm not OP and I don't watch hentai, kek. Just a person bad at discussing art on the internet. I'll bow out now.

No. 1907884

Fair, I thought you were OP so I might have come off as more aggro than intended. OP is a bit retarded though because Euro and East Asian classical art are very different things, and comparing Euro art to modern hentai is fucking bizarre kek, considering that moid painters barely even knew what women looked for a long, long time.

No. 1907894

File: 1709316764019.jpg (Spoiler Image,369.01 KB, 1280x930, 1705919095697096.jpg)

want to join "draw every day" or whatever on /ic/ but i have such a low tolerance for moid-heavy spaces these days. generals on site are OK but each discord server i'm invited to or join is full of the most bottom barrel painfully typical 4channer brand moids posting disgusting porn in #general and their disgusting art everywhere else and getting asspats for it. like this dunning kruger genius who told me "learning anatomy is dumb!!11!" (image is nsfw, so spoilered) while drawing this sloppy shit. i'm mad.

the quality of /ic/ has really dropped though…in 2016 you'd have cool to amazing people like notapil and nat posting now it's just….slop, slop everywhere

No. 1907897

Oh my god why does the third one have a tumour comig between her legs.

No. 1907898

Ewwww it's like Egon Schiele by way of anime. Gross art style.

No. 1907899

I say we ask the mods to please please let us make a discord or something, because i agree art spaces are either infested by coomer moids without shame or annoying tifs

No. 1907902

kekkk really? do you have the link to that one?

No. 1907903

Ways how have already been suggested upthread, besides you really shouldn't ask the mods for that as that breaks the anonymity and also would be a schizo mess. Like think about the type of anon on this thread- the farmhands would not want to facilitate that let alone poke it with a stick.

No. 1907905

You can filter the schizos because they dont draw

No. 1907907

>Like think about the type of anon on this thread
extremely bitter nitpicky nodraw perma/beg/ who whines at the slightest "problematic" subject matter?

No. 1907910

Alas they can draw, as long time thread lurkers/contributers would know.
Yeah basically, not saying that there aren't anons that are normalish here or that there isn't good discussion sometimes, but this is essentially the bitchfit about art thread

No. 1907912

no anon itt is worse than a coomer moid though

No. 1907967

If you’re nice and remotely decent at art (not a permabeg) you can very easily make friends with female artists on twitter or even in free public course/challenge type discords. No need to look on /ic/. Also I looked up that first guy you mentioned, he’s also a coomer.

No. 1907970

bummer, you were probably jumped by a crazy group

No. 1907974

True but I don't know if twinks vs. old men or general shota sperging would be that enjoyable either kek

No. 1907993

i would rather read that mild autistic sperging over seeing this >>1907894 you can simply not join if you dont want to, though

No. 1908046

2010s was such an aesthetic mistake

No. 1908052

You don’t want to share a server or community with lc anons. It will not end well.

No. 1908075

I beli in my nonnies…

No. 1908079

What was the name of that furfag that used to draw her fursona and steve from minecraft? i wonder whats up with her, i remember her art being insanely good

No. 1908080

i kinda wanna see some artcows though we got so few of them

No. 1908084

I see this a lot in media nowadays, especially Korean manwha. The brown skin character always paired up with a lighter skinned character with equally light colored hair(either blonde or straight white). I'm pretty sure that the contrast in colors is part of the fetish at this point and I just avoid it altogether.

No. 1908115

she still active she is wormburrow on twitter

No. 1908121

i guess she doesnt draw anymore, her twitter is retarded zoomer memes and bugs now

No. 1908124

oh nevermind she does, a scrolled a bit further down and saw a cat boy minecraft steve holding his square uncircumcised cock

No. 1908139

The feet are the worst part,they look absolutely disgusting.

No. 1908148

i'm nice, but i am 100% a beginner, so i doubt any of those artists would pay me attention. i've actually posted my art itt before >>1897510.

is anyone in cgsg, actually? do they still accept members or has it become more of a close circle of friends now

No. 1908252

>i feel like he might be a bit autistic.

He's autistic, he realized it way late.

No. 1908255

The moid in question - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalonymus_ben_Kalonymus

I wouldn't be surprised if he got some feminist or terf comments about how it was stupid to use a TIM in a women's week, because his next video was a "please be nice!".

No. 1908414

I'm sure I have next to nothing in common with most of you anons aside from anime art and by having a mutual goal (like drawing art daily) will help. Alternatively DAD's website is also open source on github if any of you knows how or want to do that. I'm also still yearning for the art danbooru that nona suggested many threads ago…

There were crumbs about that moid telepurte from that anon in personal cows thread. She reporte it from whatever server they're in.

No. 1908416

Check the threads over at /ic/. Don't confuse them with cute boy general kek.

No. 1908985

File: 1709378271802.jpg (25.02 KB, 747x748, 4a342d12bc7316f1e43069b48d2504…)

Been reading the buzz about /cgsg/ as of late, so we have decided to open our server for the time being.

For those who are interested in joining please be mindful that this is an art-focused server above all. If you feel /ic/'s culture doesn't align with yours, and/or if you are looking for a more casual chat-focused server then I encourage you not to join. If you have any questions please feel free to ask the mods upon entering the server for more information.

No. 1909046

>Is he the one that does super shiny work?
yeah,that's him, the one with the HUGE tablet
oh fuck,I haven't been on tumblr in a while , I wonder wtf happened to the blogs I used to follow pre nsfw ban, I remember there were some artists that did great artistic nude studies but they must be long gone
I know that fucking feel and I hate it, can you post her name/handle even if it's in japanese? I love being an internet detective
and again, this is the reason why archiving on the boorus is good, I had this shit happen last week to one of my fav artists and I am so fucking pissed for not scraping her twitter
Having used pixiv since 2009 , it should've been fucking gatekept, and I'm generally against gatekeeping.

No. 1909081

File: 1709388317623.jpeg (34.75 KB, 480x170, images (73).jpeg)

Scott Sava's works are pretendious realistic "Art Nouveau" slop. He sucks the girlcock for views.

No. 1909101

Can an artist with asd and or adhd draw art that isn’t Chris Chan inspired? Literally any artist with those conditions draws the same and I’m scared I’ll never be as good as the greats…

No. 1909112

Do you have an art group to check in? I think with the right people influencing you and you taking a step back every now and then to check your progress will help you.

No. 1909168

we already had a discord community a couple years ago and it just quietly withered away, it didn't have any drama because there weren't any perverts or schizo fujos hanging around

No. 1909220

Maybe don't keep that style and try to draw differently. Most people with ADHD and stuff, depending on the age, all grew up with the same type of cartoons and that's a type of style that can stick with you. Same way people who grew up watching Disney and pixar past 1998 have a specific style when they don't also watch anime.

No. 1909302

Of course they can but it can depend on how much the spectrum affects them. I have adhd and sometimes it's hard to keep practicing at a consistent rate since I lose interest quickly and to actually consume courses and tutorials instead of hoarding them.you just need to keep a stable rate of motivation to keep at it.do not let yourself be trapped into a comfortable zone keep experimenting practicing and drawing. Good luck nonnie adhd or autism can be either a gift or a curse god bless the yumejos and fujos

No. 1909304

File: 1709401960709.jpg (241.8 KB, 832x1200, aminu faces.jpg)

Confess your art sins nonnies
Sometimes i snoop around just to find the oldest art i can find of an artist i like just to compare it to my current skill level and feel better about myself.

No. 1909308

Except that this skill level does have a fanbase, so if you have more 'skill' but still have no fanbase, are you honestly going to feel good about yourself?

No. 1909312

i am not doing it for fame i dont even post my art online. I just wanna be skilled like Hiro.

No. 1909425

My head always active with visuals I want to note or I'll forget it. It's the primary reason why I started to draw and draw still in daily/every other day/twice a week basis, depending. Downside is I never finish them as I need to note specific new sketch + I don't know how to color and shade, every time I watch tutorials I have strong urge to sketch.
Sorry, it isn't helpful..

No. 1909440

I can't communicate through 4chan. Mind if I ask few questions to you?
Is it women only server?
How does verification process look like?
Do members provide critique?

No. 1909585

I posted an art question in the fuckin troon thread fucking kms

Anyway how do you fight art degradation, like I like funamusea's old art but not their new art

No. 1909658

Dear nonas do you think it's possible to start over completely? I'm really unhappy with how my art looks and the process just isn't fun anymore. At first i thought it's a temporary feeling but it's been this way for over a year now. Do you think it would work to try and start over again relearning art basics from different sources than i did when i initialy started drawing? I just feel like i'm not as versatile as an artist as others who can easily switch styles

No. 1909804

Honestly, most decent artists keep studying foundation topics over and over. They might not do the same exercises as beginners, but they are always studying the same subjects. What people think are art basics, are more like foundations. Nobody masters them in one go, you need to go back to it time and time again.

No. 1909853

I found some VK group for pirated procreate brushes once and I went ham and downloaded a ton. I feel a little bad about it now, the brushes probably weren’t even that expensive.

No. 1909880

Just be aware of the difficulty level of the things you draw. If you only do simple pieces that are very easy to draw it'll become difficult to draw more complex things

No. 1909914

oh god this. I hate when artists ''downgrade'' biggest example is mgong's old unique style versus her new super generic one.

No. 1909926

File: 1709456970094.jpg (9.97 MB, 2880x3226, cvr9780740797712_9780740797712…)

I buy pricey art resource books and I don't read them.

No. 1910018

I can't draw what I see, I literally just can't. I studied graphic design for 2 years in HS, barely passed grades because I couldn't draw objects shown to me or classmates posing and perspectives. I used to draw everything from mind in the class and the art teachers hated me for that. I've been drawing since age of 3 and my drawings still look flat.

No. 1910019

At least the money goes to a good man and a good artist in the case of gurney. You can pretty much find any artbook on ehentai though.

No. 1910022

File: 1709463610507.mp4 (407.78 KB, 720x1016, garoppui-1612376380414500867-2…)

have you tried using construction or something like pic rel?

No. 1910034

What do you mean by "construction"? The video you sent is a very simple anime drawing, my drawings are more complex. My issue is that they are too flat looking (unrelated to shading) and poses are too flat. I can't draw from references.

No. 1910037

ive used ai in some of my artworks but i got bored of it real quick and decided to learn the methods of rendering than to take the cheap way out, i still photobash in some of works to save time and i pirate alot of 300$ courses since im a poorfag

No. 1910039

care to post your art in the rate your art thread? otherwise we cant tell whats your problem.

No. 1910041

I'm new to this site and can't find the thread.(lurkmoar)

No. 1910043

No. 1910052

What do you even mean by not being able to draw from references? Use a grid if you need, but references are meant to be guides. Look at it to understand the object. Break them down into geometrical shapes if necessary. If you can draw from imagination, you can draw from a reference.

No. 1910061

Like other anons said here and in the other thread, you need to work on construction. When you draw from reference you're not supposed to draw only what you see but also what you know. It could be good to take a photo reference and try to break it down into shapes before you try to copy it. >>1910022 is a terrible example, that guy is basically drawing from memory because he's probably drawn hundreds of girls like that

No. 1910063

File: 1709468428253.png (907.67 KB, 700x762, SFTIC_01_2.png)

I pirated a lot of art books, I just think it's nice to have one physically. I want to get Anatomy for Sculptors some time.

No. 1910074

have you tried printing them? i printed anatomy for sculptors and it looks really good.

No. 1910075

I want to be this insanely good at anatomy

No. 1910081

I don't understand 3D shapes. What should I do? Grids etc, aren't working for me. I draw things and people as I imagine them.
That's (in the video) is how I draw people. I sketch out a pose first but it always comes out very flat.

No. 1910084

>That's (in the video) is how I draw people. I sketch out a pose first but it always comes out very flat.
but do you use construction and gesture lines?

No. 1910087

Yes. I try that too, but every pose I draw turns out flat.

No. 1910089

File: 1709471878799.jpg (561.35 KB, 1462x2048, [21-05-22] 1396053450236993543…)

practice nonny, practice. My favourite artist used to draw like >>1909304 and now he's extremely good at figure drawing, pic rel. I think learning that all of the artists i like(except mgong) are over 40 helped me realize art is a very long journey and i am just starting.

No. 1910096

How do I understand 3 dimensional shapes? I try to draw a pose from a photo instead of live, I still struggle to understand a pose. I can draw poses from mind.

No. 1910097

do it over and over, art is a hobby for the autistic minded

No. 1910102

I didn't realize insane anatomy is a line for a mouth and a mannequin body. Kek newfag art >>1910034 anon was right animu shit will always look flat and simple.

No. 1910104

some of you clearly dont draw

No. 1910119

Everyday it's more apparent that anons itt don't know what they're talking about or really fucking bad at communicating

No. 1910128

stop being vague

No. 1910133

A slit line is not peak anatomy. die mad about others opinions.(infight bait)

No. 1910201

He even made a teddy bear "non binary". Bro, is a teddy bear that can dress like you want, is not a TRA shit.

No. 1910205

It's so weird to see a boomer act like this. Wouldnt surprise me if he was grooming some tif.

No. 1910265

Does anyone know of hand excercises i can do? my hand is starting to hurt and i am deadly worried, but also have no money for a doctor.

No. 1910425

drawing prolifically at this skill level in the 90s made you a god and guaranteed respected professional. drawing prolifically at this level in the 2020s gets you your own lolcow thread and an autism diagnosis. art skill creep.

No. 1910479

kek, it was the 00s though he was getting mogged by his peers at that point

No. 1910665

Just search for artist or general carpal tunnel stretches, you'll find a ton. Also adjust your pen pressure if you haven't already. I don't get any pain unless I draw for 4+ hours without breaks because I barely have to press down on my tablet

No. 1910753

File: 1709519762402.jpg (447.98 KB, 1296x2048, 7jkvbmlertaa1.jpg)

No. 1910829

>The video you sent is a very simple anime drawing, my drawings are more complex
Ego plays a huge role in permabeg stagnation/stagnation in general.

No. 1911007

File: 1709540514874.png (910.82 KB, 1096x1544, aisped.png)

she turned out to be the ai sped and a cow

No. 1911031

NTA but literally who and how did you deduce that kek. Pathetic excuses though, if you never try to draw backgrounds you’ll never get good at them. An old ass computer is a problem? Then do traditional art, digital art is even easily accessible with any smart phone. This is just laziness.

No. 1911035

nonnies on the post your art thread found out >>>/m/359886

No. 1911047

This is so retarded, i had one and the same computer for 12 years and i couldn't do magic with it also, but anybody can make a good background in one layer if they try. Traditional painting is also one layer so there's not much difference there. Lazy excuses.

No. 1911165

I love drawing but the idea of trying to build an online following is dreadful. I haven't even been able to bring myself to make social media pages to post my work. I wish there was a way to connect with other artists in the same situation, to encourage and support each others in this..

No. 1911167

have you tried >>1908985 ? i joined and its pretty cozy. Do you also want to have a following or is it just something you think every artist should do and you are following along? i dont post my art anywhere and i draw for myself and i find it pretty enjoyable that way, i only post my art if i want criticism

No. 1911169

File: 1709549932336.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.52 MB, 2700x5145, ugly coomer moid.jpg)

god i hate this coomer moid so much his art is so incredibly repulsive. I cant believe he draws this much and still sucks ass at anatomy. He also cries about how no one likes his art, gee i wonder why

No. 1911170

This is going to be a stupid question, but how do I join it…
Also It depends, I think I just enjoy knowing people from all over the world can see my drawings.

No. 1911171

check the thread on ic

No. 1911172

On 4chan? Why is a 4chan group being advertised here?

No. 1911174

because jannies dont let us make our own. Its a server mostly populated by women and its centered around yumejo/fujo art so it filters most moids.

No. 1911184

Thank you sweet nonny

No. 1911187

File: 1709552028756.jpg (361.13 KB, 1622x2048, 1000003170.jpg)

I love this artists stuff. Like yes the Gameboy advance is a fat dork you see it.

No. 1911188

File: 1709552065049.jpg (321.07 KB, 1638x2048, 1000003171.jpg)

Love most of it tbh

No. 1911190

File: 1709552102379.jpg (279.1 KB, 1638x2048, 1000003172.jpg)

No. 1911193

No. 1911199

Lmao, not fucking tableguy ahaha. Same nona, same…

No. 1911207

>Look at this drawing I made with and ai background
Yeah, we can fucking tell it's ai slop and it sucks, sorry. It's nonsensical and very low-quality, idk why she speaks like it's in any way good enough for the illustration. She could literally use ms paint and make a better-looking background in one single layer.

No. 1911220

This might be a stupid take, but it makes me sad when I see animators redesign/simplifying for animation and it all ends up stripped from personality and looking more "bean mouth" because it's quicker to animate that way. I get that time/money is an issue and it's not their fault but I still wish animation was treated more like a proper art form that was allowed to have its own style even if it's more complicated

No. 1911248

File: 1709557432565.jpg (313.21 KB, 828x717, 1683397665348841.jpg)

i hate the ''time/money'' excuse because animation has never been cheaper and easier to produce. Animators of the 80/90s would laugh at that sad excuse considering even the shittiest 80s hand-drawn satam show made by two or more studios that had to deal with language barriers mogs the average digital drawn calarts shit

No. 1911323

Whats your opinion on styles that are heavily tied to an specific type of artist? like how the ''jelly style'' is heavily tied to tiktok zoomies. Sadly one of my favourite styles is heavily tied to coomers.

No. 1911334

which artstyle is it, nona?

No. 1911351

A lot of times I think the concept is honestly retarded. A lot of these "styles" aren't styles at all, just drawing or coloring. "Jelly" is arguably a style but it's really just soft coloring. The annoying shit about zoomers is that they think everything is new and that they invented it. I've seen sketching called a "style" ("lines style"??). I am curious about what look you mean though.

No. 1911353

File: 1709565236239.png (3.95 MB, 3143x2243, exampless.png)

i dont know how to describe it but its like a type of rkgk thats made with like mspaint brushes, pic rel. In general the rkgk 'genre' is filled with coomers.

No. 1911371

File: 1709566658586.png (917.77 KB, 776x1024, IMG_7190.png)

insta zoomers choose copying styles over fundamentals and it shows in their work. the jelly artist isn’t really that good at drawing. her colouring is great, but once you squint some parts look very wrong, like the neck and shoulders in picrel. this is sad because these artists could be unstoppable if they went out of their comfort zone. i don’t understand why younger artists focus so much on styles when it’s something that should come naturally to you by taking bits and pieces of what you observe. they always copy one style and move onto the next hot thing too kek now they’re copying brujo ari.

No. 1911382

this is so fucking ugly, these artists are going to have a rude awakening when this fad fades away and they are left with mediocre art skills that arent trendy anymore

No. 1911398

> these artists are going to have a rude awakening when this fad fades away and they are left with mediocre art skills that arent trendy anymore
Doesn't this apply to basically any art style trend though? Most artists just evolve and develop a new style.

No. 1911413

no? someone who draws generic animu actually has some skill compared to tiktok zoomie who draws potraits in a very specific style thats going to age like milk

No. 1911456

This is just symbol drawing. You're right, once you actually look at the whole image it's pretty amateur looking. The rote copying of the facial features and brush lines hides a lot of flaws at first glance. She should brush up on her fundies, could really get good

No. 1911462

I'll take jellyslop over the obesity sparkledog Tumblr shit from the 2010's any day of the week.

No. 1911464

Saged because this isn't milk, just me being sad and frustrated+kinda salty. I just wanted a chance to finally talk one of my old inspo sources.

There was this kne artist who I absolutely IDOLIZED in my DeviantArt days when I was still a teenaged beginner in digital art. Her username was WhiteMantisArt and she was pretty much a furry, but her work was tasteful and technically extremely impressive. Her anatomy was amazing, lineart thin and clean, clothes and accessories and background extremely well rendered and detailed. She wasn't perfect, but her art was and still is pretty amazing and she's definitely a truly skilled artist. She had a Tumblr where she'd post her art and doodles as well as a Patreon.

But then out of the blue she started to laywall her art more and more, to the point that now it's nearly impossible to have access to her newer art without paying. Her old stuff is in boorus and such but her new art? Paywall. The other disappointment to me came in the form of her characters. She had some OCs that were furries but they were well designed and expressive. Nowadays she pretty much only draws the same two OCs, two humans with draconic features who are twins but that she draws incest porn and scenarios of them over and over obsessively. Her technical skill is still there but I can't help but feel like a downgrade happened in her character art. The faces look off, flat and samey now. When she was a fucking furry her art and character designs were leagues more interesting than now.

I think her current username is AmadenchArt or something.

I just wanted to talk about her because she used to be such a huge influence to my art in the past only for her to entirely paywall her very presence and enter a spiral where all she wants to draw is incestuous content with her twin human-dragon OCs resulting in a lot of her current art (the few pieces she bothers to post outside of SubscribeStar) pretty samey and boring over time. Idk I'm being autistically retarded over this but it makes me a bit sad.

No. 1911468

The demand for prepackaged art styles makes me miss the “XxSlasherKittenxX stole my style! I invented cats with polkadot tails!!” Deviant Art slap-fights. The fear of being posted to an art snark comm and the irritation with style bullies forced teens/begs to experiment at a tiny bit more than they’re willing to do now. At least it’s not red nose noodle arm shit, I guess.

No. 1911485

MS paint brushes yes, but I guarantee you they are using a tablet. Doing this with a mouse would take forever.

No. 1911513

I forgot who said it but there was a Twitter thread that mentioned it. It's mainly the process that's caused the transition from 2D to 3D. Your animation company can't really be Agile when attempting to use 2D vs 3D animation. So 3D becomes more cost effective due to time investment. It's easier to go back and edit a scene in a 3D film vs trying to edit a 2D film. If the director wants different lighting or wants a scene shot from a different perspective or even contain different actions altogether, that's not to big of a problem in a 3D animation. In 2D however, you basically have to draw a completely new scene from scratch.

No. 1911523

He used to be my favorite artist but I got tired of the same gay faces and bodies on every male, and his girls have even less variety. He’s obviously very skilled and the outfits can be very creative but recently have been uninspired compared to older stuff.

No. 1911528

i am not retarded i know they are using a tablet keeek

No. 1911536

Anons with a full-time job, how do you make time for art?

No. 1911538

i always found his character designs ugly

No. 1911591

You would have loved the oekaki era.

No. 1911605

File: 1709579384838.jpg (378.1 KB, 1024x700, 8e0ff4b721db1f3480918d85731c4a…)


by any chance are you me, anon? i know exactly who you're talking about. i've never been a furfag but my best friend was so i'd see whitemantis' art on my tumblr dashboard every now and then and her stuff was pretty cool. pic related was one of her pieces that i liked the most to the point i've tried to make studies of it a couple of times because of the lightning.

i personally don't really care about her incest oc art but it's a bummer that she paywalled all of her stuff and also gave up entirely on her webcomic.

No. 1911617

File: 1709580165097.webm (1.92 MB, 600x800, 1647630210835.webm)

i mourn drawr every day

No. 1911637

Is there any good art spaces that are brutally honest? I feel like a lot of them give ass pats to stuff just because it's hard to hurt someone's feelings. Ic is OK but I think it was better a couple years ago

I can't believe this art style is popular at all its hard for me to look at

I like his art his lines are pleasing and original, but yeah I wish he'd move past the "Why does no one like when I draw original stuff like people shitting themselves?"

No. 1911639

I made a while ago in /g furryhate a post about her.
I stumbled upon her gross Furry OC incest thing, but I never knew that she did the mantis comic too.
Sadly I still find her drawings very beautiful.
So yeah I feel you nonnie.

No. 1911640

Not /g, I mean here on /ot. Sorry it is late.

No. 1911643

I think i am going to start larping as a moid. I don't think is possible to have any sort of art community amongst women, sadly. Men have it so easy, i envy them and their freedom.(posting the same bait in multiple threads)

No. 1911652

It's true that the artist most likely used a tablet, but it's entirely possible to do this with a mouse. It would take longer (not that much though) but it would still be possible.

No. 1911658

nta but me too, I will never reach the level of those drawing entire comics in those tiny boxes with limited materials.

No. 1911659

not at all nonnie! its quite understandable to see one your biggest art inspirations take a nosedive into staleness, ive had the same experience with some art inspirations one of them deleted everything and i regret not ever archiving her art,its best not to idolize your artists inspos as people but only keep the admiration at their art skill

No. 1911750


If your problem is drawing 3d forms then consider doing DAB or dynamic sketching
If your problem is replicating what's in front of you draw on a grid or learn how to measure.
I have the same issue, drawing what's in front of me is a challenge and I prefer drawing from imagination, gesture was fun until I had to move onto figure drawing and all of a sudden those "exaggerate the pose!!!' advice was working against me. If you're anything like me your "drawing from imagination" isn't actually that good but you're able to get away with it the same way "it's my style!!!" people get away with bad anatomy.

Here are some more measuring videos.

No. 1911756

File: 1709591181185.png (502.08 KB, 637x619, Screenshot 2024-03-04 222434.p…)

It's literally just the rendering that makes it look good and even then because most use soft brushes and air brushes their drawings look hazy/blurry. I remembering copying a video I thought had good results but I was so unsatisfied with what I had done because it looked unfinished and blurry, the reference looked even blurrier.
What I hate most is the exaggerated douyin makeup, makes them look like they've been crying for hours.

It's actually funny how the beginners circled back to using airbrushes as a crutch.

No. 1911759

Something that gets me about this style is how crosseyed and derpy they make the characters look. The iris nearly touches the inner corner of the eyes sometimes. It looks awful imo

No. 1911784

This style is the quirky zoomer version of instathot headshot portraits. Like I don't think it's horrible but holy shit it is the most boring shit I've ever seen. People who only make floating head fanart are so lame. Like they would have a breakdown if you told them to draw people standing or draw without a pinterest reference

No. 1911807

Literally just ic.
There are a handful of good discord servers, they've been shared on this thread.

No. 1911822

I consider people who draw like this extremely amateur. Let them draw an actual line art, or a dynamic pose. They can only do stupid head/profile shots with brushes.

No. 1911838

Is the Anatomy for Sculptors book everyone mentions by Zarins and Kondrats? For everyone who has drawn with that book + Morpho, did it work to make you good enough at anatomy that you're not looking at references anymore? How long did it take you using those books to make you good enough to not use references? I want to get good enough to not use refs because I think it makes art look stiffer and your depiction of anatomy will be inconsistent since it's just copying without understanding…

No. 1911842

>upload yuri drawing
>tims in my mentions
I hate how invasive and unavoidable they are. I can just ignore them but I also see this happen with young girls online who just draw yuri for fun and then get flocked to by a bunch of gross coomers, and it's just accepted as an inevitable aspect of drawing women online and it makes me so sad. 2D male focus is usually a good way to filter out most moids (except you do get left with those gigacoomers who claim to be bi to be included but are really just so internet pornbrained they'll coom to anything) a la cgsg discord but unfortunately I don't personally have enough interest in 2D men to join a server dedicated to them. Maybe I should start posting yaoi to filter my following.

No. 1911843

File: 1709597711235.jpg (141.75 KB, 1271x1244, qgofef16jkxy.jpg)

Generic anime isn't a momentary fad though anon. I mean shit like the Tumblr art style (i don't feel like finding an example so just have this pic. You all know what I mean anyway) just as a recent example. Every few years there's a new tacky art style that becomes trendy and then looks fugly and dated once everyone is over it. Following the trend doesn't mean they're screwed, they just have to learn new skills and techniques but changing is just what comes with being an artist.

No. 1911858

You shouldn't give up drawing yuri just because trannies are interacting with it. Yaoi content drowns out/outnumbers yuri content greatly… if you draw 18+ art you can always emphasize the female attributes and how attracted they are to pussy (this usually repels them ime)

No. 1911917

>I want to get good enough to not use refs
>it's just copying without understanding
Christ, why is this thread turning into /ic/? What is with this massive influx? Can you not just look up these book and try it out? It's all completely free online.

No. 1911928

I wish this thread was like /ic/, they can at least draw.

No. 1911982

I'm using the books. I was asking how long it took other people to see improvement overall in anatomy, and if it made them good enough to not need references. You can't understand why someone is posting about art resources in the art general thread? Not everyone wants to whine about ugly art styles all the time.

No. 1911984

Samefag, but are you serious? /ic/ is full of using softcore porn as references and ugly moid art. It wouldn't kill this place to have anons actually applying themselves and trying to get gud. For whatever reason the post your art thread here is dead, I wish people would use it more.

No. 1911985

Anon, there’s nothing with using references. It’s completely fucking normal, and it’s not copying without understanding unless you can ONLY draw using reference or if you’re photocopying. And common /ic/ permabeg rhetoric is using references is cheating, how long until I git gud, what’s the exact method of improving, expecting using just 1 book to see change. It’s a lifelong process.

No. 1912004

Because women artists love to cancel each other and no one wants to run the risk of being outed as an evil terf

No. 1912005

Exactly, plus making art exclusively to post to lolcow seems tiring if you want to avoid being outed by lurkers

No. 1912047

Using references is a waste of time if you can develop an adequate understanding of anatomy imo, because you have to find things to reference in order to help achieve the image you desire. Does that make sense? I'm not trying to never look at a reference again, but I do want to be good enough to not need it to draw accurate looking people.
>it's a lifelong process
I guess so. It feels bad that there will never be a moment where I can say "this is good, I've done enough." I guess I'm also in a position of feeling like I'm not improving or getting worse at drawing even, so I wanted some reassurance that it will pay off eventually. I never see any "before and after" of people drawing after studying these types of books.

No. 1912053

File: 1709615617574.png (869.11 KB, 666x1024, image_2024-03-05_161511114.png)

NTA but there's a reason why Renaissance artists kept doing anatomy studies even if they were already extremely skilled artists. Yes, you do need to learn how to draw proper anatomy without reference, but you do have to do the occasional anatomy study so your perception of anatomy doesn't get distorted and to keep that information cemented in your brain (and let's be real, you're not going to remember how every muscle and tendon interacts)

No. 1912057

I wish I knew who you were nona, it feels so hard to find fellow women artists with not much interest in drawing yaoi/cute guys sometimes

No. 1912060

Theyre so late to the trend, too. I'm tired of it

No. 1912065

>Using references is a waste of time if you can develop an adequate understanding of anatomy imo
Not really. References can work as visual libraries, not necessarily as visual guides. Do you want to draw someone in a certain pose? You don't need to find an exact picture of it, but looking at people in similar poses can help you see details and forms you missed. You need to understand that our brains are limited. We are constantly simplifying what we see. Otherwise, it would take too much brainpower to just look at things. Our brains filter out details or mesh up things together. That's why we fall into optical illusions. Our eyes aren't cameras. Back to references, if you purely draw from your mind, even if you are really good, your visual memory will still be limited. You'll end up simplifying or changing things. References help us to check details and forms we might have missed and make the art more interesting.

No. 1912116

I love DAD/ic personality moid slander. Keep it coming. Anyone knew Metz? Weird guy who drew lolishota shit and his parents found his art. He found out his mom was a CSA survivor and his dad made him delete his blog or something.

No. 1912173

I have a soft spot for her because she's kind of living my dream, art-wise. She just has her oc's she's autistically fixated over and makes money drawing them in any setting and context she feels like. Being able to paywall SFW art too and actually have people pay to see it goes against a lot of the "artist advice" I saw online (aka that people are only really willing to pay for NSFW things) if you're good enough, and clearly passionate enough, you can get people to pay for drawings of your oc's. That's pretty inspiring.

No. 1912189

lolcow still manages to be a bigger shithole than /ic/ and /ic/ sucks SHIT. Drawthreads are dead, can't make a dedicated shitcord, you still have to siphon /ic/s resources here, and posting on /ic/ isn't treated as a total death sentence as it here.

No. 1912197

no one who actually draws well is left on /ic/

No. 1912203

holy shit got more on this? sounds crazy

No. 1912215

I got creeped out by tableguy after the gross toadette diaper poop drawing he posted on twitter, stating changing his baby daughter diaper inspired him to draw this. He deleted it and I haven't kept a screenshot because I don't want to save such degen stuff on my compute.

You sometimes run on good art in the self-promo threads, but good artists on /ic/ seem to be occasional posters. You can't keep motivated to do art and post daily on this cesspit full of AIbait and slide threads.

No. 1912216

>I got creeped out by tableguy after the gross toadette diaper poop drawing he posted on twitter, stating changing his baby daughter diaper inspired him to draw this.
why do women have children with scrotes like this

No. 1912217

how do they draw without pre construction

No. 1912218

Do ever you follow artists for their skill alone? My feed is filled with art from fandoms and subjects i have 0 interest into because the art skill is really good. I wonder if anyone else does the same or you prefeer to surround yourself with art that personally alligns with your interests more. Also, my goal is to be one of those artists that's so good people follow for the skill alone, like mgong kek.

No. 1912231

He's since wiped himself from the internet but he used to be in those ic tangiential art servers. Used to be a permabeg. It's a common case in /ic/ unfortunately. There's wysteria/wysteriary who still keeps his account on the twitter alternative sites. A few anons in the thread mentioned how he took pictures of children in public parks or something.

No. 1912237

damn this artstyle felt familiar so i searched expecting some shoujo josei female mangaka who has been in the industry for years but it's just another japanese pedo coomer
i wonder if being a good artist means you're prone to mental derangement or if you can only be a good artist if you're mentally deranged

No. 1912242

>i wonder if being a good artist means you're prone to mental derangement or if you can only be a good artist if you're mentally deranged
yes. mgong is a great example of that.

No. 1912243

Nta but tableguy didn't go full shit piss vomitslop until around the time he knocked her up. He used just draw basic moid shit like skinny girls and robots.

No. 1912246

he was already drawing extremely degenerate ugly moidshit

No. 1912256

i think most art nonnies dont post here because if it leaks that we are posting on le twansphobic site it can end in a headache or potential career suicide (i wouldnt mind being branded a terf since i am one kek but i feel most terf artists would like to be as vague as possible) , most ic users are either troons or moids and they dont get the half of the harassments a female artist can get

No. 1912258

Myth of the tortured genius don't real. You hear about skilled cows because you are literally in lolcow dot farm.

No. 1912260

How do college/working nonnies juggle school/work and art? I have been neeting for a long, long time but i have been thinking of going to college now that my mental health is better. Thing is i love drawing and i have a very strict 4+ hours a day schedule kek. I mostly want to go to college to get a degree that allows me to focus on art without doing commissions too.

No. 1912262

Is it though? anime/manga is a great example of it, pretty much you have to be mentally ill to join the animation/manga industry.

No. 1912265

Work is work and while it does make me tired my hobbies are fun and relaxes me, so when i get home drawing is a way to get energy back rather than "more work". But I'm mostly a hobby artist so I don't have to worry about commission works being up to a certain standard or being on time that often, i can just enjoy making whatever i want at my own pace

No. 1912268

File: 1709642446331.jpg (33.1 KB, 474x354, OIP (2).jpg)

>assuming a artist is sane
every artist is mentally ill in some way why the hell would we draw for 30+ hours just to delete it in the end like a retard.

No. 1912273

>least respected and rewarded medium
>takes decades to even be decent
>expensive to get into if you want anything but printer paper and a pencil
>the companies you support(csp, wacom, DA) dont respect you and use AI art
>hard to get a job in the industry
>if you have an online presence you risk getting harassed for drawing 'bad' things
Art is a skill for the insane kek, and i am one of them.

No. 1912274

>Is it though?
Yes, I work in a creative art field and nearly everyone is a normie, even if they're into anime or some other nerdy topic. You just don't see/hear them because they're not clowning around online like the cows posted here. The exception is art school, in my experience a ton of weirdo kids who love attention go there thinking they can breeze through using "muh art style" and then land a stellar art job without any actual skills. In a class there's only at most a handful of serious people who make it, the others become twitter activists for whatever the current social justice cause is. Those kids typically get filtered out by the real working world, but still even then you'll occasionally find a cluster of weirdos who all somehow made it and they all stick to each other (nobody else wants them as they're annoying and difficult to work with) who also end up becoming a cow herd online for us to milk. But they're still rare in the "real" world.

No. 1912277

>into anime

No. 1912280

also, it wouldnt surprise me if your colleagues had secret porn twitter accounts. Like that girl that works at disney/pixer and had a secret loli vtuber persona.

No. 1912288

well, now normies are into anime, easily

No. 1912291

she just didnt have a loli persona but also commissioned lolicon porn of her persona and had a grooming animatic in her portfolio, shes been mentioned in the western animation thread in snow before

No. 1912292

Unless you only watch cowboy bebop you cant really be a normie while watching anime. Anons in other thread were discussing about how degenerate even the most inoffensive children anime like Sakura Cardcaptor is.

No. 1912293

the animation industry cow thread proves that artists are insane kek so many artists that seemed otherwise normie getting outed there and working on the industry. I remember that there was a super popular industry veteran(cho something) that had an open baraag account(the loli/shota twitter).

No. 1912297

How many normal male western anime artists are there? And I don't mean that weird wanime style, I mean moids who draw exclusively moe etc. Even that Hikki mspaint dude seems like a BPD mess.

No. 1912299

even the wannime 'anime haters' like dobson are degenerate. I dont trust modern male artists, they are all degens.

No. 1912300

File: 1709645075832.jpeg (57.82 KB, 425x425, oh you poor nonnie.jpeg)

kek any moid into moe art is either a pedo or a troon or a tif disguising as a moid

No. 1912304

I fully believe there's some kind of little worm or bacterium in my brain that makes me draw even though under all points of view it's a pointless, stressful endeavor kek

No. 1912307

File: 1709645991207.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1080, izzy.png)

>izzyzzz working on an animated pilot
>lsmark working on an animated pilot
>panpizza working on an animated pilot
>daftpina working on an animated pilot
oh my god is there anyone that doesnt want to make a pilot nowadays? they all sounds like shit anyways, they will never be vivizie. Izzyzz's pilot idea is so cringy
> I’ve been working on a comedy slice of life pilot called Wastelandia. It’s about being cringefail and in your 20’s. I hope to release it this year!!
who the fuck wants to see this, just using ''cringe'' to describe your pilot makes me wanna avoid it at all costs

No. 1912308

File: 1709645996852.jpg (Spoiler Image,507.35 KB, 1080x1920, delete this immediately after.…)

Any moid who draws in a "feminine" way or any tif who draws like a moid always have the most degen art (picrel, I know it's furshit not anime but it's the first examples that come to mind)
Kek it's almost always a red flag that the moid is a fucking freak

No. 1912316

Oops, meant to reply to only the last post- somehow accidentally posted a rearranged version of what I meant

No. 1912345

>moids who draw exclusively moe
I wasn’t talking about this but other post - about normies in art spaces being normies, even if they are into anime
I myself know kinda lot of normies who watch anime because it is a popular media. And even more working artists watching anime - popular visual style, they can’t ignore animation working as artists for games or animation
I mean, for a young person, it’s weird NOT to watch any anime than otherwise (especially when you work with pop mainstream visuals and you need to imitate those)

No. 1912356

File: 1709649747310.jpeg (107.08 KB, 792x449, 339EADE3-447F-4B5E-BD43-2868C0…)

>who the fuck wants to see this
Me, I like premises like that
Also what do you want, animators not working on their pilots? Lol

No. 1912363

Her pilot idea is just a bad zoomer copy of Mission Hill. Watch that if you want an actual SOL about 20yo failures without all the troon shit she's going to add to her pilot.

No. 1912375

We need more Australiasian animation that isn't just working on American cartoons or stuff for literal toddlers, so while not as unique as some things if it's a success that might inspire more people here to work on their own animation, because my god I'm so sick of everything either being American or British there's literally nothing animation-wise that is from NZ or Aus that isn't the two above examples, except for Michael Cusack but I don't like Smiling Friends and I can't keep watching YOLO.

No. 1912382

what about the blue dog show

No. 1912383

I don't know, I don't think I need to be degen or abusive to make good, but that's just me I guess. For real though, very egotistical to think art as a skill is that unique kek. This is how I know you people don't talk to others outside of your bubble.

No. 1912386

You do know you can be mentally ill without being a degenerate? Atleast get better bait

No. 1912388

It's a literal toddler show, like I said. It's so fucking weird seeing Americans latch onto it like they do, that'd be like me obsessing over Blue's Clues- sure it has a slightly more advanced storyline than usual, but you're a bit retarded if you're getting emotional validation from it

No. 1912391

File: 1709651561641.jpg (152.14 KB, 750x878, saberspark.jpg)

is the new MLP

No. 1912396

Yeah, if you're a retarded 25 year old minor.
Anyways I'm not sure if you're getting what I'm saying, in animation nearly NOTHING is marketed or made for the general public past the age of 8 here or in NZ. I can't relate to majority of adult animation and I refuse to learn anything about US culture because why the fuck would I want or need to- I'm stuck with French and Slav shit and while that's generally really nice sometimes I want to watch something funny or light hearted without having to do shit tons of research to understand half of it.

No. 1912400

File: 1709652144949.png (70.71 KB, 586x718, picasso.png)

Also it's a myth propagated to enable abusive moids in powerful positions and coincidentally works as cope for people who don't want to put in the hard work feel better about themselves. Seriously, next you're going to find out each person who don't fit your idea of a weirdo skilled artist who have small harmless idiosyncrasies ACTUALLY count as a level of insanity. Hell, you're already saying dedication and hard work counts as madness.

No. 1912403

My sister in christ, click off lolcow, twitter or tiktok until words mean things again. I'm being genuine and I already can predict you thinking I conflate the two, and I don't. Being at a level of interest at a skill, be it art, cooking, business, whatever, is just the brain functioning properly.

No. 1912407

why are you praising izzy's pilot as if she's going to revolutionize new zealand animation. She's going to add at least one troon and its also furshit.

No. 1912411

I'm not praising it in itself, I could care less about the product and I probably won't watch it- but if it's successful it might let other Aus and NZ artists/animators know that they too might be successful and make something good- we might get a Hollow Knight or a Cult of the Lamb of animation out of it. It might only just be a drop, but there is a trickle down effect- look at the explosion of pilots after Hazbin and Lackadaisy for example

No. 1912420

I genuinely dont understand you. Do you realize her pilot is completly self-funded right? any new zealand animator can make his own pilot too, they dont need some she/they troon's pilot to be sucessful to make their own..

No. 1912431

>''nooo stop saying that artistic moids are perverts''
>meanwhile movies, videogames, comics and other art mediums are filled by degeneracy

No. 1912467

will there ever be a decent art platform again? I'm fucking sick of twitter, I don't understand why artists flock to it, it's impossible to find stuff once it's buried by time, tags are shit
can someone also tell me what's the deal with lofter? is that the korean version of it or what?
I used to love pixiv and really hope the AI purge will make it half decent again, although hard to imagine since it's been flooded with western shit the past years

No. 1912483

kek is this tableguy?

No. 1912506

There won't be one. Artists that post online do it to get attention (and then money) and those that don't care about that only share their stuff within already established friendgroups on discord

No. 1912515

I'm not gonna spam feminism or anything but I feel the comfiest surrounded by misandrist self-aware women who I know won't be pickme to males/tims, start preaching about libfem bs or get weird about skin color.

No. 1912518

anons in /m/ are discussing about making our own server I get you anon i also don't feel comfortable with a MAGA femboy coomer moid.

No. 1912527

What thread??

No. 1912530

post your art thread

No. 1912783

For nonnies that want to join the /cgsg/ server, beware there is a rigth-wing scrote one it, like >>1904688 said. I decided to snoop around because I though it was some gay 4chan drama, but he is indeed the green slime guy
he's also a lolicon or at least into loli artists
So yeah, just be aware of that if you decide to join. May we someday be blessed with a scrote-free server. Installah.

No. 1912790

File: 1709679572081.jpg (48.53 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

Why are all of them comedies?so fucking lame,give me drama, fantasy,adventure animation not any of this garbage why does everyone need to make every fucking cartoon a comedy???I blame Vivziepop for this since everyone is trying to copy her in every possible way but her ideas suck ass too at least Lackdaisy has some action to it Monkey Wrench too I guess.gosh I hate modern Western animation.

No. 1912795

Starting to wonder where on the dolly this chooby guy touched you nonnies to have made you keep bringing up this nothing burger up multiple times now.

No. 1912800

This is a radfem site, whatever you like it or not. If other anons want to share a server with a right-wing scrote it's up to them, but they should at least be aware of it.

No. 1912817

Why are you upset at the potential for growth? If anything constantly changing helps keep art fresh and interesting. I find it kind of neat how in the future I could have a look to my works completely different from what they look like now. If anything it's more depressing knowing you only have so much time to experiment before you're gone.

No. 1912820

>If anything it's more depressing knowing you only have so much time to experiment before you're gone.
I am glad i am not the only one with this fear.

No. 1912822

>Using references is a waste of time
didn't read the rest, ngmi etc etc

No. 1912838

on one hand this sucks. on the other i work with maga supporters and i simply do not engage so

No. 1912881

That's not Viv's fault at all? Western cartoons have always mainly been comedies because no one can take the medium seriously so everything has to be ironic or it's cringe. Just think of all the adult animated shows that are trying to be Rick and Morty or Family Guy

No. 1912904

Well she should have done something that wasn't a comedy then.did we really need another South Park inspired cartoon?No.then you have all of these people out of no where creating more boring, uncreative indie projects within the comedy genre.we honestly didn't need anymore it's oversaturated anyway but I'm a little glad some underappreciated indie animators are doing something different than them though.

No. 1912925

hazbin is more of a drama musical than a comedy, it's not comparable to SOL slop

No. 1912930

File: 1709690520920.jpeg (9.12 KB, 500x275, headache.jpeg)

How do you learn how to see the mistakes in your art? I wish I had mony for an art teacher.

No. 1912932

Let me put it on terms you'll understand: he's a fujo wannabe and you know it. Not even fudanshi or bi, just cooms it to femboys type.

No. 1912941

I guess you got a point,I'm just frustrated at the lack of creativity in adult animation lately.all of it feels vapid.

No. 1912943

File: 1709691262177.png (1.56 MB, 1645x1724, fisher.png)

I find it so funny so many 4chan moids coom to femboys while being right leaning. Speaking of femboyfags, does anyone remember Fisher? I actually really liked his art, by far the best artist /ic/ ever had. He made drawing look so fun and it's one of the reasong i picked drawing back then. I wonder if he still posts somewhere, I would love to follow him.

No. 1912965

Regarding choob, even without the maga shit, aparently he made the ruffboys channel in LAS/pre-DAD discord. It's a containment thread for arguing about whatever and majority of the posts were heavily right wing aligned. Make of that what you will

I'm not the anon you're quoting kek. I understand protecting your server's peace especially after that weird incident with that moid who got weird with the femanon in the server. And then the megaman moid posting low effort shit and the sperg about not being invited. I'm fascinated that your response is thinking it's dramaposting and shallow compared to the greentext one of you in that server posted.

No. 1912969

I am glad I never joined DAD. I was weirded out by all the ugly coom and furshit. The only artists worth a shit were obviously women, but they were outnumbered by the scrotes.

No. 1912973

File: 1709692867463.png (3.27 MB, 3335x1990, 1000005522.png)

Wow, what a throwback. I have some caps of him talking about his study method from 2020. Picrel, idk who that other moid is who has to talk about porn or he'll die

No. 1912976

He's still somewhat active on twitter, @ohheythatfisher
I always admired him too despite his degeneracy/faggotry, as you said he was one of the very few skilled posters to ever grace that shithole

No. 1912992

File: 1709693776710.png (2.77 MB, 2048x1536, fisher2.png)

holy shit this is so insightful thanks
the quality has degraded so much on /ic/. Everyone is trying to become the next souless coom artist like bbcchan

No. 1912993

Sorry but I saw that pic and instantly thought it was human Karkat Homestuck art

No. 1912995

TA. To be the devil's advocate against my point people seem to just use the website than the discord (note that las and dad discord are moderated by different people, there are those who migrated to dad, use both or neither.) If you keep to yourself and just want a daily art counter with some community, and even ignore the permabeg in the threads. You'll be fine. Though I agree about the subject matter being cringe kek. Someone will draw a cute cat picture and the next submission will be a porn referenced study then the same person with technical skill who rendered a sculpture will draw a balloontits anime girl.

No. 1912999

File: 1709694109016.jpg (55.43 KB, 1147x767, DAD.jpg)

DAD just proves drawing every day just for the sake of it is completly useless. Mfs on dad will have a 500 day streak and draw like this. It's honestly better to have a schedule were you take a break at least once a week.

No. 1913005

Just scrolled through a lot of his twitter media gallery and god, he really just has that type of art style that makes you want to draw by how fun and techinically skilled it is. I may actually go finish wips I've been sitting on because of it

No. 1913025

File: 1709695880290.jpg (916.72 KB, 1536x2048, [23-08-03] 1687202890044297219…)

what do you think makes his art fun? for me, it's his shape design. I hope i can someday achieve this kind of style, i love artists who make me want to pick up a pencil.

No. 1913028

Reminds me of Jamie Hewlett's doodles.

No. 1913033

File: 1709696835443.png (2.98 MB, 1780x1854, image_2024-03-06_144830876.png)

Shape design is a big factor, as well as his use of bright but not garish colours and sometimes interesting shading. He also seems to understand his forms very well, which is a instant win in my book. Also some of his art is just cute (picrel)

No. 1913041

its nice he toned it down with the coomshit, he used to mostly draw fur and trapshit before kek

No. 1913059

if they only draw 30 minutes a day, that's 250 hours… which is not that much, and if they are forcing themselves to draw it's even less. i doubt they're actively drawing for that entire timer too.

this guy's art is good but i feel like i see a ton of artists on twitter who draw similarly or better. usually semi smaller accounts who don't tweet much outside of just art

No. 1913067

>this guy's art is good but i feel like i see a ton of artists on twitter who draw similarly or better
rec them

No. 1913078

sorry anon, only gonna suggest two non-western kind of larger accounts lest i get accused of selfposting, but i think noobboy_02 and nailgunwaowao are semi similar (for different reasons). occasionally the /ic/ drawpile threads or other art related threads like alt or draw will also have someone who draws or at least posts a drawing close in skill to your posted artist, but it's not very frequent. again he's good but he basically draws in the style every newgrounds moid artist wishes they could draw in, so it's not super uncommon once they improve.

No. 1913114

That's all on a separate account kek

No. 1913214

File: 1709717825109.jpg (63.17 KB, 534x712, 1000010942.jpg)

What or how should I practice if my work has a '2d' feel to it? Faces especially

No. 1913269

Normally, when you study something, should you do line by line or break it down into one big shape? I've been meaning to improve my limbs, extermines and noses since forever but don't know where to start?

No. 1913281

try to practice defining forms using only color/values rather than lineart for a while and see if that helps?

No. 1913314

Thanks for the tip nonna, I will try that!

No. 1913333

Are there serious critique sites like conceptart dot org anymore? I was thinking of joining a discord but most seem to focus on building a community rather than giving constructive criticism. I dont mind if i have to shill some money to get it, as long as its not in the hundreds.

No. 1913334

The challenges thing they have on DAD could help people to improve, not this soul crushing routine. They also fun to do.

No. 1913336

i remember i joined for a lil bit and they had week long coom challenges kek.

No. 1913349

No. 1913354

Lol There were interesting challenges too. Coom challenges were rare iirc.

No. 1913358

kek sorry then i joined at the worst time. I still feel they should allow for a free day or something, i think just drawing everyday leads to burn out.

No. 1913375

File: 1709737109353.jpg (258.29 KB, 1535x2048, [18-08-24] 1033106454373232640…)

thanks nonny, sadly they dont fill the ''fun artist that makes me want to pick up drawing'' niche for me. I think it made me realize why fisher is so fun, he draws tons of subjects with different styles, he never sticks to just drawing animu or just drawing furries or just drawing 'realism', and he also has a very nice rendering style that makes his figures 'pop'. The artists you posted only draw humans, but fisher draws stuff like animals, mechas, monsters, landscapes, etc. He makes me want to draw because he loves drawing and his love for drawing is contagious, if that makes sense. If nonnies want another fun artist that inspires you to draw, I recommend Yoh Yoshinari's sketchbook.

No. 1913379

lambrey5, it's a lot of twinks with huge cocks

No. 1913381

thanks, moid sexuality is so weird kek but the art is good enough to make up for the degeneracy

No. 1913383

Have you looked into Proko’s school? It’s all online and there are different tier lessons and some include crit. Also look for local ateliers or art schools that study fundamentals and you’ll get crit that was as well.

No. 1913387

>Have you looked into Proko’s school?
Isn't it super expensive though? I dont have that much money.
>Also look for local ateliers or art schools that study fundamentals and you’ll get crit that was as well.
Sadly, i live in a piss poor country and all the local ateliers/artschools are filled with animetards and ''muh style'' type modern artists.

No. 1913467

>I'm not the anon you're quoting kek. I understand protecting your server's peace especially after that weird incident with that moid who got weird with the femanon in the server.
Nta and sorry to beat a dead horse but I've been in the server in the since the beginning and I can't recall what you are talking about? The only times I remember people being removed for be outright weirdos were either pedophiles, or trolls who never made out of the nodraw channel,or the girl that came was invited in from the friend finder and was deemed too autistic to be in the server and removed over a year ago. Male anons in general were always psudo lurkers who would post work and talk every now and then which is why noone in the server really minds having them there and they're only about 4 of them that stayed.

>And then the megaman moid posting low effort shit and the sperg about not being invited.

That guy was kicked for being a pedophile. He posted shota sucking dick and talked about liking little boy penis in the server and was kicked that very day for it. You would know this if you were apart of the server and not reading through thread archives to piece together stale milk from a year and a half ago.

>I'm fascinated that your response is thinking it's dramaposting and shallow compared to the greentext one of you in that server posted.

I just think it's shallow because of one (1) anon being a literal maga faggot in a 4chan server isn't milk.
I suspect that the only reason he's being namedropped so much because sometime happened and DAD/LAS at somepoint and it's being used a cudgel to whack another server over the head with. The thing is it's not /cgsg/s problem yet it's be painted as if it should. So what happened? What's the ulterior motive here because there’s more interest in one user than anything that's been mentionded about the server itself.

Lastly I find the choosey beggars shit hilarious, /lc/ even can't even make it's own discord but you bitch and moan non stop about the only one nice enough to give the nonnies a far shake? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

No. 1913470

no1currs, every time that servers gets brought up it's related to drama it's just a giant red flag and coming here to defend an alt right pedo moid isn't making it better.

No. 1913475

Mad from outside the club as always, sorry you couldn't get in kek

No. 1913488

File: 1709744912373.gif (154.43 KB, 275x156, no one cares.gif)

I am not interested in drawing men, and the other anon is right that your thread is too scared of giving honest criticism, so it's just a nest of NGMI begs. Instead of accepting that some women dont want to share servers with MAGA sexpest moids, you came here and started sperging and defending the honor of said moid, and acting arrogant about your supper sekrit exclusive /beg/ server. Just let it go. Anon >>1912965 gave an example of why some anons don't want men in their servers, we all know men are sex pest sharks that think just because a woman acts horny it means she must want his cheese ridden cock.

No. 1913500

nta, but this is such a good banner.. Too bad it's so fast.

No. 1913501

Pretty sure this is just the enstarts pedo samefagging because /cgsg/ chan rejected her stalker ass. She never seems to shut up about this server.(tinfoiling/ derailing)

No. 1913503

can you stop derailing already?

No. 1913504

Nta, but this is on topic for the complaints thread.

No. 1913512

File: 1709746739947.jpg (707.43 KB, 2048x1993, tumblr_32431387d472956ccab1850…)

This reminds me a lot of SirArtwork, except the compositions and use of lighting/value is much better. Also, for a degenerate former 4chan moids, Sir is a surprisingly nice, pleasant person. I've watched a few of his art streams. He's worth a follow if you can put up with the coomshit.

No. 1913514

ntayrt, but I love the glutes for the sloots thing. That's funny as hell to me. As long as the coomer material isn't just straight up sex porn, I honestly don't care if a man draws sexy women.

No. 1913520

I know right? The calendar, the ugly moid art, the moids in the server, the owner, that that she got outed for being an extreme schizo fucking with that general a few threads back? It's like this loonely toon is going through a public breakup with that server and desperately wants us to be her lawyer or something.

No. 1913523

Thoughts on Robot Dreams/Mon Ami Robot? Gomen if it's been brought up before, but I didn't want to post this in the Western Animation /snow/ thread because it's actually good and not bogged down by creator drama or ideology. I really liked it, and I'm pleased to see that it got nominated for an Oscar (though it's not going to win because normies hate 2D.) There are a handful of parts where I felt it was overly reliant on digital shortcuts for lack of a better word (like puppetry, bones, etc) but it looks nice on the whole, and it does a good job of adding more detail while still staying somewhat true to the art style of the source material. I thought it had a really insightful take on relationships, and I lot how it portrays loneliness and the deterioration of a relationship without any spite or malice between the characters. There were several parts that almost made me tear up. The scene with the snowman was kind of weird and pointless, but I thought it used its time effectively. Definitely recommend if you're into 2D or no-dialogue films.

No. 1913529

Then she can take it there? acting this offended over the dirty laundry of her server getting outed is just spergy at this point. It has ''only 4 moids'' but it already has a case of a moid harassing a woman on it. They have also been shitting the /m/ thread because anons were discussing about making their own server with voice verification. It's just anoying at this point, some women just don't want to share spaces with men and they don't seem to get it. They are acting super spergy over women not wanting to join their server for some reason and seem adverse to anons on lolcow who want an alternative making their own. Anyways last post, I hope nonnies get to make their own server with voice verification I would even post my hand if necessary kek i am so tired of men and getting told i have to ''conform'' and accept them in.

No. 1913533

Pepis the Tender is so cute!
Horrid. Good thing I hesitated and didn't joined. Thanks for telling, nona.

No. 1913538

It's like you didn't read the exchange but responded to it anyway.

No. 1913540

I read (or rather looked at, since there are no words) the comic and enjoyed it so I'll check this out

No. 1913542

My bad if so, I am just super tired of getting told I gotta conform and accept scrotes. I already had to deactivate my old f/f art account because scrotes would harass me, I just want a place with other women to share my art. I hope the nonnies get to make their server eventually.

No. 1913573

File: 1709750053418.jpg (234.94 KB, 600x807, Charles-Reid-6.jpg)

have any nonnies switched from digital to traditional? I recently bought watercolors but i havent used them because i am scared of fucking it up. how do i get rid of the fear of ruining expensive materials because i cant ctrl z my way out of ruining art irl kek.

No. 1913588

It's not even out yet, you've clearly already decided you're going to hate it. Anyway, lots of shows have the same basic premise (a lot of them even have that very same premise. It's the tone, style, setting, writing and characters that make shows, not just the elevator pitch.

No. 1913637

this came up for me like a week ago! i haven't seen it anywhere else, but it's by the ABC, apparently. the humour is The Office-style but Australian, with poor millennial characters. the animation and humour style are not pushing any boundaries, but it is pretty unfliching about showing realistic financial hardship.

there is heaps of untapped talent in australia. the australian media production pipeline is not good!

No. 1913694

I will never understand why indie animation pilots always choose such a safe and boring artstyle

No. 1913697

It'll only get better with practice. Watercolor is somewhat unforgiving but you need to make some mistakes to become more secure

No. 1913698

File: 1709755923550.jpg (163.37 KB, 412x1300, Screenshot_20240306_141356_Fir…)

Blonde girl looks like Maria Robotnik.

A lot of new shows seem interesting but the style doesn't appeal to me at all

No. 1913702

Because they don't actually have a strong vision or interesting story to tell, that's why Vivzie stands out so much

No. 1913722


1) Buy a TON of cheap paper that's also not too shitty to practice. Don't buy any expensive sketchbooks or really expensive papers, you won't use them. Maybe buy a huge roll of Baohong student paper (cotton but not a crazy good one) or Hahnemühle watercolor sketchbook (cellulose but pretty nice).

2) Buy a second set of watercolours that are cheaper than those you've bought. Which brand did you buy?

3) Watch some videos on youtube. Don't have to be basics, you just need to see how watercolors work.

No. 1913772

A cartoon created by the ABC is not indie, it's quite literally government funded- so while I agree, in this particular case it's not indie or a pilot
Why do you keep sucking her ass? You're very recognisable.
I agree, it's very safe but the way it addresses finacial issues while not as explicit as I've seen is interesting at least. The style doesn't appeal to me but I am curious about the other episodes, thanks for sharing nona!

No. 1913791

>Why do you keep sucking her ass? You're very recognisable.
NTA but tons of people have praised viv for trying a different unique style instead of going for the safe calarts blob style

No. 1913836

i have yet to praise vivzie once in these threads or the western animation thread but i also like that about her. her designs and writing aside, i think her actual art is fine and vastly better than the other ugly blob slop out there.

No. 1913849

File: 1709763423358.png (880.08 KB, 1299x1080, kek lmao.png)

i remember all the crabs trying to ''fix'' her designs when the pilot was released kek

No. 1913910

does anyone know where i can find more figure drawing sessions like vid rel? preferably naked though

No. 1913965

maybe croquis cafe?

No. 1913967

i mean i think her designs could be improved upon and see why some people might not like them, the issue is that 98% of the people trying to "fix" them are vastly shittier at drawing than her

No. 1913996

didnt they wipe all their videos?

No. 1914133

>there is heaps of untapped talent in australia. the australian media production pipeline is not good!
i don't remember who i heard this from but i hear its fucking hard getting stuff funded in australia because they want it uniquely aussie. like you could pitch the matrix but have it rejected because it didn't have any kangaroos

No. 1914156

considering they got super butthurt at the simpsons episode it doesn't surprise me

No. 1914196

Whenever I try to be nice, you always see it as rude or I have vendetta with the server keeek. You're so paranoid, and I genuinely understand why. Though I'm done placating.

I actually don't mind a lot of the skill level there, they carry their own weight except for those who don't but from my experience they were ignorable. Regarding criticisms, I'm not a fan of hugboxes but I've given a handful of critics to permabegs who only wanted to hear nice things and not really improve. Or idiots who just keep asking crits and never applying them. So I understand sparringly giving them. I like that they have fun activities for the server. But I agree on limiting subject matter to predominantly males among other things. And I'm saying this not even attracted to women.

No. 1914216

That was my first response in this thread about the server. And seeing how you, >>1913529 >>1913533 at under the impression that enstars schizo is a member of the server ( she is NOT. she snuck when we posted the link to the thread, was removed, then ran between here and 4chan meltdown over it) there's serious miscommunication happening. If you don't like the server, are weary of being around a few male anons, or don't want to be apart of the server then fair, just don't join it. Others have and time will speak for itself if it's a schizoden or a good community. Noone putting a gun to anyone's head here. I only gave my POV as someone that been there for a over a year and a half and I'm being honest when I say that the rumors are grossly exaggerated. The userbased is just bunch of chill people that care about drawing, and a nice community is being slandered because people feel some kind of way about individuals in it. It's annoying that olive branch has been extended and people are letting there paranoia supercede the truth.

I gain nothing in arguing endless or lying and whether lc nonnies join the discord or not I still have a community to participate in. Again time will tell, an if all goes well with the new nonnies /cgsg/ will consider shilling the discord again. We aren't perfect, but we are better than nothing. This is my final post about the subject. Sorry for disturbing the thread.(derailing)

No. 1914250

What do you mean? Most Aussies love that episode.

No. 1914267

Does anyone know some tips/techniques to get the brush jitter effect from digital art in real life? Specifically, how to get a brightness, hue, and saturation jitter? I'm not sure how to get that "depth" using real life materials.

No. 1914280

File: 1709791393379.png (696.97 KB, 1080x608, image_2024-03-07_170457011.png)

People loved that episode and some people geniunely wanted our currency to be renamed to dollarydoos, kek. Australians love the stupid sterotypes you guys laugh at and view them very fondly, because they're not too far from the truth and we know they're just jokes. I think the issue is over-nationalism, media corporations want everything to be immediately recognisably Australian

No. 1914294

File: 1709792470523.jpeg (608.2 KB, 2710x1918, EzNIZvJVgAAs_LD.jpeg)

Are you referring to picrel? You'd apply the same principles as shown in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFoKmX0LfCs but manually mix each color and put it down in the correct value structure. Specifically in the case of gouache, you'd leave some of the previous color on the brush when mixing to retain some of the color harmony along with whatever's already on the palette. Plus it's built up over many layers and not done in one pass or anything like that.

No. 1914309

File: 1709794703716.jpeg (78.89 KB, 563x569, 37f281dafcddcbd328d5aaf34ceed4…)

If my goal is to develop a manga style similar to picrel where the anatomy isn't necessarily completely accurate should i still focus on learning it or should i focus on creating the stylised drawings?

No. 1914365

You still need to learn anatomy. Once you have the basics down you can stylize it however you want. Don't forget to study things like shading, clothing, hair etc as well or it'll just look like baby's first edgy scribbles.

No. 1914369

we used to be mutuals but I just couldn't stand his constant begging for a gf. I dropped so many terminally online moid artists because of it. Gives me second hand embarrassment

No. 1914374

>his constant begging for a gf
What does that mean? He pursued his female followers?

No. 1914378

tweeting about how lonely he is and awkward flirting with female porn artists. Yuck

No. 1914391

File: 1709804664680.jpg (1.45 MB, 1263x1500, enamel.jpg)

Pic rel is a random set of fandoms, not ones I'm in. Unsure whether to post this here or in the consoomer thread but I don't think the market needs so much enamel pin of a single title or character. Prints and stickers are cheaper, disposable and easier to keep. While I can't imagine having to get a pin every con or so. While every big artist who can afford it will produce tons of it anyway. I might just be jaded now that I'm older but fan merch culture is just indie sourced consoomerism/capitalism at this point.

No. 1914396

Emanel pins are my favorite kind of fan merch along with acrylic stands kek I guess it depends for what you're going to use the merch, prints and stickers are great for decorating while emanel pins, chamrs and can badges are better if you want an ita bag or something.
For me, I just don't have space to hang prints onto, can badges feel cheap and stickers fade and are single-use. Good emanel pins look better, are more sturdy, and it's easy to put them anywhere. I don't mind them being more pricey since isn't like I buy one every week, $15 every other month isn't much.

No. 1914408

I think pin collections are cute. What i don't get is artists who try to sell merch they wouldn't even buy themselves. Why are you investing money on buying 100 keychains, pins and stickers with your mediocre "western anime" art when you KNOW it's not the best and that you'll be competing with artists who are more skilled than you and are also making the exact same characters but better? None of them have a unique style or take on it, it's just a basic (often chibi) drawing. If I've bought 1 nice zelda pin I'm just not going to buy 6 more that look less good, in fact I'm good with my 1 pin and would rather buy a different character if I'm getting more pins. I see these people complain about their own art all the time, they don't seem delusional about their skill level but they still for some reason think THEIR mediocre zelda pin will be the one to sell like hotcakes.

Even funnier when they have the same artwork, but with a tiny variation (background color or holding a flag or item) each with a different pride flag. Like my sister in christ do you really think every person here is going to be some kind of a he/they/xe lesbian demiromantic transmasc enby and that they will all want one of your pins to prove it to the world? Why would you willingly spend that much money just to make sure your target audience is this super teeny tiny minority and that no one else will want to buy it?

No. 1914417

File: 1709808929568.png (447.4 KB, 606x783, twit.png)

I wouldn't spend $15 every other month for a none productive creative hobby. Yes I'm cheap.

You describe it better than I could lol. A minority will have designs that actually look good even without the fandom standpoint. But the rest are haphazardly designed like the artist thought a full illustration but flats and thick lines will be a good enamel pin design.
>Like my sister in christ do you really think every person here is going to be some kind of a he/they/xe lesbian demiromantic transmasc enby and that they will all want one of your pins to prove it to the world?
This is why I think they're just weeb retail therapy enablers, they actually do think that. TQ+ identity is built on hyper-consumerism. How else are people gonna know you're actually a demi-gender pansexual poly if you don't dress like it and buy all the flags that say you are???

No. 1914427

>I wouldn't spend $15 every other month for a none productive creative hobby. Yes I'm cheap.
Then the problem is not the product itself, you just prefer spending money on other things. You can say the same about stickers etc.
I agree with you in how ugly some pins are though, but again that has to do with the artist' skills than the product itself. US artists just seem to jump into the new shiny thing without researching on how to make it work.

No. 1914449

I think some of those pins are actually pretty cute, but even if I was a gendertrender of some flavor and I wanted to buy one I'd think "oh I like the cute fluffy cat and bat- wait I'm NOT a lesbian or omnisexual so I can't get those… too bad" and then i'd move on to someone other seller with neutral pins. It also gives me the ick that a little kid might just think the colors look cute and will then accidentally wear "abrosexual" or "polyamorous" flags and pins not knowing the sexual signals it sends.

No. 1914467

>Like my sister in christ do you really think every person here is going to be some kind of a he/they/xe lesbian demiromantic transmasc enby and that they will all want one of your pins to prove it to the world?
Not really. Every artist friend I know is just doing it for a quick buck because it's low effort and even if it's not going to sell like hotcakes someone's going to buy it and it's good portfolio filler. It's like how people cranked out endless amounts of Genshin fanart in 2022, nobody gave a shit about the game and had even barely touched it but they just wanted an easy sell peddling chibi acrylic charms.

No. 1914473

>Every artist friend I know is just doing it for a quick buck because it's low effort and even if it's not going to sell like hotcakes someone's going to buy it and it's good portfolio filler.
Producing 18 different variations like >>1914417 to sell 1-3 is NOT a quick buck and will in fact lose you a ton of money. I think it's pure mindless virtual signalling, I mean who the fuck is actually identifying as abrosexual?

No. 1914479

Isn't that account's entire brand just selling LGBT themed merch? They're specialized so they're going to scrape the barrel's bottom for more merch ideas. I'm thinking more general artist alley artists pushing generic different background along their other art. Those kinds of people also get their merch shipped from sweatshops on Aliexpress so they're paying like a dollar for a custom enamel pin to avoid breaking bank.

No. 1914491

>Isn't that account's entire brand just selling LGBT themed merch?
Idk about that account in particular, but I'm >>1914408 and the sellers I'm talking about are not LGBTQA+ panderers but mainly sell other (usually very mediocre) art, but then they have 1-3 of the "mandatory" pride ranges to show how ever so inclusive they are.
>Those kinds of people also get their merch shipped from sweatshops on Aliexpress so they're paying like a dollar for a custom enamel pin to avoid breaking bank.
I'm in private artist groups so I see where they discuss buying pins from, they're typically spending $150-300 just on buying the pins. These are the same people who "boycott twitter for Palestine" so they avoid cheap sweatshops.

No. 1914538

You have a point, anon. but I still want to criticize unnecessary consumerism just because it has their tribe's colors be it weeb or gendie shit

I think this one is among the better designed ones for sure. The more symbolic ones that isn't just 3/4th anime character bust aren't bad. I still won't buy any more than 10 in my lifetime though.

No. 1914628

As far as redesigns go this looks fine. Issue is there is only so much you can do when given such a broad concept such as "Radio demon, but also a deer, also uses voodoo…did I mention he's meant to be partially Creole?"

No. 1914633

The only ones i know are satomako croquis(clothed also is a model in ges draw party frequently) and New masters academy posts a lot of nude fogure drawing videos!

No. 1914665

I love pin merch. especially when it's gatcha, i love mystery boxes/bags for them. And yes, every fandom and EVERY character please.

No. 1914670

What about Disney pins? Those are consumer shit. Idol pins. Sports pins. Unnecessary creative broaches that a lot of people like collecting and never use. You're boiling it down to weeb and gender. This smells like bait, ngl, just to have some reason to complain about those two things and then tack on consumerism. I think you need to go to the consumerism thread. That feels more about what you're trying to discuss. This is about art, not random vents about designs on pins that aren't your personal fandom.

No. 1914755

Agree with your point, and I dislike it when it's clear that someone's done the art because it's the FotM and not because they actually like the IP. I get that money needs to be made and merch needs to move but it doesn't change the fact that they're posers and lack self-respect for their work. And merching off social movements will always come across as cash-grab scummy to me.

No. 1914895

Anyone heres follows a schedule? i do figure drawing every day but i dont know what other stuff to add. I feel like i work best when i have a schedule to follow, but i dont know what other excercises to add.

No. 1914922

Could you add lighting and texture studies? Work on a master study?

No. 1914953

what do you mean by texture studies? also year master studies sound like a good addition, thank u!

No. 1914954

I literally said
>Unsure whether to post this here or in the consoomer thread
I'm aware of the consoomer thread. Why are you so hostile and assume the others the same. Breathe. I wanted to angle my post on the uninspired aspect of the artworks. I've posted about fan merch culture on previous art salt threads before.

No. 1914961

File: 1709845214954.png (317.17 KB, 382x504, study.png)

Stuff like picrel where you study different textures in fabric or natural textures for practice. Not sure what kind of stuff you plan on drawing but it's always good to know

No. 1914982

thank you thats a pretty good idea

No. 1915002

NTA but this video was so helpful, I've been trying to get this effect for what felt like ages and got so frustrated seeing how other artists did it so flawlessly. Thanks nonita!

No. 1915015

it looks ugly anon

No. 1915049

Does anyone have any resources on how to blend colours in digital art like this? Every time I'm doing these studies I find it immensely hard to mix the colours so that I get a similar result, it always looks extremely muddy. I don't have the problem with physical media but digital colors are so hard to blend it drives me to madness. Like if I tried blending that magenta and aquamarine it would just look like shit. Do I have to play around with layer settings or something? Please help me nonnies

No. 1915058

isnt it mostly hard edges though?

No. 1915070

Don't blend. Blending too much will muddy your piece and make it worse in the long run.

No. 1915074

But I'm asking help for the blended parts in particular. Like for example the spheres in that image with the multiple bright colors.

No. 1915112

Isn't that stuff some kind of gradient map?

No. 1915120

Nta but the original is more uglier tho

No. 1915132

i will take sparkle dog over boring design any day to be honest

No. 1915141

I'd say for colors like this, it's best to blend manually using a combination of soft and hard brushes and picking the colors yourself, that way you can ensure the colors aren't muddy! Generally i found that blend brushes only worm if you're working on the same color or extremely similar shades.

No. 1915183

File: 1709853824806.png (9.56 MB, 3358x4096, polilla.png)

It makes me laugh when scrotes cry about ''muh asian jeans westoids cant into animey''. I recently found out pic rel and i was happy to learn that he's south american, literally ic scrotes need to git gud.

No. 1915293

aquirax uno isn't a manga artist

No. 1915462

They're busy coping than gitting gud.

No. 1915928

Mgong seems to have gotten past shotacon content momentarily and is now drawing some boring fat tif x generic adult girl content. I mean, at least its not pedo shit.

Though I will say something I might get shit for. I feel like Mgong's art has been decreasing in quality very rapidly. It looks kind of sloppy at times, the colors look rabdomly placed and uninteresting because now it's always that same pinkish-hue "iridescent" rendering but it looks so boring to look at. The compositions also look more simple. It just feels like her art quality degraded.

No. 1916224

Some people have talked about this before, how here is some art you can see that just looks grimy. Well I'm here to say that this is not only true with drawings. There are a few bjds I've stumbled across that just give me grimy/unwashed vibes.

No. 1916226

Customizing dolls is nowhere near as easy as it looks so that doesn't surprise me. It's especially bad when the doll has been deliberately and skillfully painted to look like a botched AI rendering of tranny fetish art.

No. 1916241

Sorry for venting but I'm in some convention artist groups as I'm interested in selling there myself but haven't gotten around to it, but dear god is it impossible to get these people to say how much they earn. Some new people asked the others what they roughly make at the convention and if they break even and none of the answers are helpful at all. I hate this sort of "you should just do it for fun uwu" mentality, and these people wonder why artists aren't taken seriously? Not one of them is willing to talk about it as an actual job or that they sell hoping to make money.
And they give the most vague answers like "well depends on what art you make…some people earn money, some don't" well yeah obviously?! But how much did YOU sell and what did YOU earn/lose so people can assess the situation correctly like jfc why is it so hard. I'm sure they're all like 16 and think they're being so fucking helpful. I can see the person who asked grow more frustrated too, I'm not even part of the conversation and I'm still annoyed

No. 1916250

>Not one of them is willing to talk about it as an actual job or that they sell hoping to make money.
Doing artist alleys as a job is madness, nobody wants to do that. You make just enough to break even and then some, but nothing substantial to support you between conventions. Most of the people I know who do artist alleys as their "dayjob" are supported by a partner or doing commissions and freelance work on the side.

No. 1916257

Why are you even following someone who draws pedo shit?

No. 1916267

The blueish iridescent thing is objectively well-done and it would be appealing to look at if it was used sporadically, but since she uses it in literally every single illustration it gets tiring fast. Not to mention that at times it's hard to understand what's going on because the colors blend in with each other.

No. 1916270

I've only been doing traditional black and white ink stuff for a few years and I tried to paint something digitally with color and it looks absolute muddied garbage. I used to pride myself on my use of color, wtf. Reminder to anons to practice things you like otherwise the skill will atrophy when you aren't paying attention. Time to grind color again!

No. 1916304

From what I've heard from some friends into that scene is that most artists barely make a profit or just break even on expenses. The only time you see people making bank are artists with massive online followings or ones that sell more generic kawaii stuff that normies and weebs will purchase

No. 1916343


Pretty much this. That type of rendering can end up very tiring to look at when it's literally in every picture which is now the case for mgong. In some of her drawings I can't really tell what's going on because she's starting to play fast and loose with lineart and the colors don't help either.

No. 1916345

nta but her art is good and men dont get raped enough irl for me to give a shit

No. 1916350

File: 1709917588940.jpg (864.88 KB, 1536x2048, EiW7JGsUwAA_FIs.jpg)

her cell shading art was so fucking good. She's extremely young, so she's going to keep improving and learning. It's honestly amazing to be able to see the development of a really talented artist in real time. Even if i dont like her new style as much, it's fun to see her experiment with new styles. I wish only the best to the schizo queen, i cant help but like her kek, i also love how she makes the NGMIs seethe.

No. 1916365

Hopefully she'll find some balance between this and the newer coloring style. Another thing about the iridescent coloring is that it makes and paintings look a bit flatter (because the shadows are often brightly/pastel colored).

No. 1916371

File: 1709918564796.jpg (Spoiler Image,256.26 KB, 1128x2048, FYwNm9_aQAE0cOf.jpg)

she should go back to this style. It was a perfect balance between the old one and the new one.

No. 1916657

Does anyone know of nosebro? He was some french /ic/ artist who dated some 15 year old girl when he was in his late 20's. I remember he used to be popular on /ic/ and his 15 year old ex gf was some pick me who said it was good to bully women. I also remember he had a friend who would regularly argue about why old men marrying 10 year old girls wasn't evil.

No. 1916661

File: 1709929919259.jpg (401.4 KB, 1500x1027, lol lmaoo.jpg)

damn the bar must have been low on ic before

No. 1916666

Yeah his art is pretty bad. I remember he had an /ic/ curated server and his pedophile friends would argue with underaged girls on there. There was someone he was best friends with named andy who was also a pedophile. He had a drawing server where he and others would draw once a day, this was around 2029-2021 I believe? I never knew his art was that atrocious. Last I heard, he ran away and lost all his money, but it looks like he and his friends are still out there.

No. 1916669

insane how so far the only good artist to have ever come out of ic are fisher and nat

No. 1916768

God that style of hers was pure sex. It had an interesting use of colors and rendering while also keeping true to her old art's cell shading and more grounded colors with vibrant tones here and there as part of the ambience. Sad that she didn't keep this style for long.

No. 1916863

I feel like she's still getting used to her style. She seems to experiment and draw a lot so it wouldnt surprise me if her art improves more in the future.

No. 1916903

Vetyr also used to be on ic

No. 1916922

File: 1709941872571.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.24 KB, 720x729, 20240308_080718.jpg)

I'm not just talking about customs, but like indie sculpted dolls.
This doll was one I saw today that gave me unwashed vibes. It feels fetishy.

No. 1916958

Ngl, as someone who has done a lot of live drawing, besides the head proportions and the boobs being obviously not accurate to how real human boobs work, this dolle is pretty decent as far as the small details of like where the fat sits and distributes.

No. 1917007

grimace is looking like a puta here

No. 1917045

its sad we dont have talented artists anymore, they always get crabbed away

No. 1917061

File: 1709950285491.jpg (326.9 KB, 962x636, tumblr_otc2nty1fs1qcpuvgo1_128…)

what are some artists with really good color use? preferably western but animu is ok

No. 1917064

they only issue seems to be the shoulders and as you said head proportion. boobs look fine imo

No. 1917065

File: 1709950487814.jpg (96.95 KB, 720x842, catty_noir_prototype.jpg)

there are a fuckton of fat women who collect dolls so this appeals to their market, many want fat dolls because they are fat not because of a fetish. it's also why there are fat monster high doll sculpts now. a lot of bjd doll sculpts are supposed to be more "realistic" than regular fashion dolls though, hence the monster highs being more stylized. though i think fashion dolls aren't very on topic at all and bjds are pushing it a bit. i'd love a doll thread if someone made one.

No. 1917066

there is a bjd thread already lurk moar

No. 1917080

The big nipples mixed with the baby head and small neck looks uncanny but it's mostly okay besides that.
Could you elaborate what you're asking for? Are you asking what artists use as in mediums or what artists have good colours? I might be being a bit retarded but I geniunely can't read your question kek

No. 1917085

File: 1709951458201.jpg (680.11 KB, 595x748, fishinkblog-13484-bob-peak-5.j…)

> I might be being a bit retarded but I geniunely can't read your question kek
nah sorry i am ESL kek i meant artists with nice color palettes/color use.

No. 1917089

File: 1709951584929.jpg (221.08 KB, 660x920, 7685913766_851ca3f605_o.jpg)

i see these drawings/artists specifically reposted on Pinterest constantly. just go on there and look at the suggestions for similar artists. consider looking at old vogue magazines, those also pop up in the suggested results

No. 1917131

File: 1709954529264.jpg (53.99 KB, 1024x1024, Hiroshi_Nagai_For_Pacific_Bree…)

For some reason pinterest has been working like ass for me, i get a shit ton of disgusting AI crap now

No. 1917148

File: 1709955894583.jpg (93.34 KB, 736x666, 4787131673.jpg)

You might want to go through your history and make sure to disable any AI posts from influencing what you see. Just looking at AI slop immediately floods your feed with it.

No. 1917225

File: 1709963581221.jpg (68.28 KB, 400x499, 9365496c67a2c9eb284288735b2307…)

I know this is a little strange but can anyone tell me who the artist behind this ad is, or at least suggest more like this?

No. 1917331

Wasn't he made fun of for making a subreddit or a wiki or something.

You have to remember that even the technically skilled kjg-likes couldn't even finish a singular cohesive piece and only dished out sketch pages, maybe color them if they're in the mood.

There's definitely more, they just don't namefag and I don't wanna give away names lest I be accused of selfposting kek. But I'm sure there's industry pros who browsed/are browsing /ic/

No. 1917360

Anons that have posted in the art rate thread or on /ic/, does it concern you that your art in the future might be traced back to this and possibly affect your clients?

No. 1917404

WAIT what happened to the homonculus shotacon horrorcow? The amputee fetish one, who got that private follow

No. 1917406

DFE'd due to some retarded lurker

No. 1917407

No one has a follow on the priv alt?

No. 1917410

Nah, the only archive of her stuff is a subreddit and rule34

No. 1917435

I'm pretty sure a lot of anons are hobbyist with no goal to be pros. You can see anons in the /m/ thread talking about making new art just so you can't be traced back too.

No. 1917444

nah not really since the art i usually post there to be reviewed is quite different on accounts that i post on publicly if they are theyre only related with a throwaway account. i tend to use different styles so it wont be tied to one style to show it was me

No. 1917463

>many want fat dolls because they are fat not because of a fetish
that one in particular has pussy lips sculpted in tho…

No. 1917469

Posting on /ic/ has been proven to not matter because theres plenty of people who made it professionally or on social media that used to post there. Unlike /lc/, /ic/ was smart enough to not had made the sites politics it's entire personality.

No. 1917485

>I'm sure there's industry pros who browsed/are browsing /ic/
>/ic/ has been proven to not matter because theres plenty of people who made it professionally or on social media that used to post there
Yeah okay. For all the professional artists I have interacted with not a single one has made reference to or mentioned starting anywhere near 4chan. They went to universities or noncredit atelier schools with good art programs. If you all continue to just think posting on /ic/ with a bunch of NEET coomers will make you better artists you've been hanging out on the internet for too long.

No. 1917491

tomayto, tomahto. It may be government funded but the spirit is indie. The creator won a grant and it was created by a small team. I personally know the creator and he's been working his ass off to create his own animated show, so this is a huge step forward. The show is very reflective of his personality

No. 1917493

using 4chan is not that big of a deal, I crossed path with a lot of /v/ and /k/ users in gamedev industry. It's the biggest forum site in the anglosphere

No. 1917508

Cartoon showsrunners posting on /co/ is an open secret. You haven't been hanging out on the internet enough.

No. 1917525

that's crazy, /co is nothing but perversion and sperging, why would showsrunners need their opinions

No. 1917542

My ex bf is an animator and he uses 4chan too. They all do

No. 1917575

What're you guys' thoughts on beginners investing in expensive supplies right out the gate? I'm not a beginner personally, but a moid friend of mine is learning to draw and went straight for the expensive shit. I want to tell him to start with lined paper and cheap crayons until he can get his hand to draw a straight line or even some basic bitch shapes, but it seems like there is a general adversion to following traditional art basics nowadays. He just wants to draw coom and it's so sad to watch his little brain struggle to make it happen.

No. 1917687

The storyboard artist for adventure time(the puppy cat creator. It's how we ended up with Fiona and Cake if I remember correctly.), and OKKO are known to have posted on /co/ that I know of, and they're fine career wise. Although /co/ might be a special case because there's not much else where you can go to talk about cartoons.

No. 1917693

I mean if they can afford it then let them go for it. If not, their wallet will correct that issue on it's own soon enough. Just offer them some cheaper alternatives and a sketchbook in the meantime.

No. 1917707

They are too high up is the problem. If you're going to have gravity affect other parts of the fat on the body, the tits need to follow suit. They aren't down enough and are basically at the collarbone. That's not even natural. The line starts from the armpits.

No. 1917718

holy kek I loved his new years /fit/ comics, they were a lot of fun

No. 1917759

i dont think i have ever seen anyone on /ic/ whos pro level, and i dont think furfag and coomer clients care if you post on 4chan

No. 1917778

Like who/Proof?
also I'm 95% they're all men. Women are held to a different standard

No. 1917779

Are there other artists with this style?

No. 1917784

If money isn't an issue and if he isn't a perfectionist it isn't a problem.
Only reason why people recommend starting out cheap is because budget and (probably more importantly) beginners freezing up at a new page or feeling like they can't to do warmups because it's a waste of expensive materials.

No. 1917791

File: 1710012235415.png (611.18 KB, 545x960, okko.png)

nta but the creator of OK.KO was a huge /co/fag, which makes his obssesion with making every female character coombait, and the weird crossover between ok.ko and Ghoul school(scooby doo crossover /co/ loves because of the 'loli' characters) super fucking creepy
some anon said she 'copies' other artists but she never posted said artists kek

No. 1917802

How do you cope knowing drawing is a long journey that takes decades to git gud? I really like extremely detailed and polished art, so it's taking a big mental toll on me to know it will take me decades to get where i want. Ofcourse, i draw everyday and try to use my time wisely to get there faster, but man it makes things harder sometimes.

No. 1917803

Just remember time will pass anyways.

No. 1917808

I just don't have goal to get to. I draw what i feel like drawing and if i get idea on how to make things better i start doing it. Then my art evolves and grows on it's own, not by rules of some goal.

No. 1917811

you're going to be 30/40/50/60 etc. anyways, you might as well hit those ages and be the best artist you can reasonably be.

No. 1917817

1. You're going to be alive that entire time
2. You're going to need something healthy to do when you're old that's not watching tv for seven hours a day

No. 1917819

So what?it looks like shit,looks like any other Calarts garbage.

No. 1917825

thanks nonnies, it just makes me a bit anxious that time is finite and i might not be able to make everything i want to before i die. I envy mgong being able to draw whatever she wants at 22

No. 1917858

>French artist
Why is this so common?

No. 1917867

File: 1710017235092.png (274.15 KB, 565x568, chichi.png)

they are the japanese of europe.
For real though, all men into artistic hobbies are degenerates, look at how akira toriyama said he wanted to molest his daughters and drew child milk/chichi in a fucking bikini armour.

No. 1917872

>look at how akira toriyama said he wanted to molest his daughters
I believe you, but can I get a source for this?

No. 1917879

here >>>/m/360858
it makes me laugh when anons defend artist moids and get angry when women dont want to be part of communities that accept males when literally every single artistic scrote is a weirdo

No. 1917881

No. 1917887

That is sickening. Crazy how much shit you can get away with doing and saying as a scrote as long as you make the right people happy

No. 1917892

File: 1710020116665.png (354.36 KB, 830x603, what is this aaa.png)

does anyone know where these excercises are from?

No. 1917905

Why do you guys draw? Like what made you start and why do you continue. Just curious about other anons since I’ve never been “artistically inclined” since young

No. 1917917

fashion and environments

No. 1917936

Why don’t people share these things when they’re alive? I know there are a lot of other mangaka who draw/drew CP in the past and they’re still alive and getting work. Aoki Ume (designer for Madoka) is one but I’m positive there are at least dozens of others.

No. 1917939

throwing out a guess, is this draw a box?

No. 1917941

Might be Drawabox?

No. 1917948

Aoki Ume didn't do loli work, her doujinshis were SFW. You might be getting her confused with Studio Shaft and the director of Meguka, who did loli works like Popotan, Tsukuyomi and Monogatari. At this point I don't understand why people support animu. Anime culture is strongly tied to loli and no westerner paying 5 usd for crunchyshit is going to change that.

No. 1917949

>Why don’t people share these things when they’re alive?
No one drawing loli/shota keeps it a secret. It's like saying "by the way did you now that guy's favorite food is sphaghetti? Nobody knew!"

No. 1917954

She’s drawn loli porn, some of it is on boorus. Anyways she’s just one of them, I’m not trying to make it all about her.

I feel like there has to be some though. A lot of mangaka start off by drawing doujins then stop once they become established. It could be the same thing. A lot of zoomers were shocked anout Kenya Suzuki (Galko creator) being arrested for CP despite his work being extremely “sfw” fetishy.

No. 1917956

File: 1710023761357.png (794.16 KB, 640x907, image_2024-03-10_093400233.png)

None of them really keep it a secret, western fans just choose to ignore it, Akihito "owns a manequin of a child's torso" Tsukushi and Made in Abyss is an example.
Also are you getting Aoki Ume and Gen Urobuchi confused? Gen wrote Saya no Uta (art was made by Nitroplus however) and co-created PMMM

No. 1917957

File: 1710023866978.jpg (92.34 KB, 661x1009, 1645876538101.jpg)

weebs be like ''i cant believe the person that illustrated the animu with big titty high schoolers is a pedo!1!!'' feels good being a capeshitard in moments like these

No. 1917958

Because it doesn't actually matter to anyone that isn't a pearl clutching faggot who didn't like him to being with. "Waaaaaah they made shitty jokes once upon a time grrrrr cancel cancel cancel!" This shit has been attempted so many times already it just rings hollow at this point.

No. 1917961

> Also are you getting Aoki Ume and Gen Urobuchi confused?
No? Is it really such a shock she’s drawing CP, look at the people she happily works with. I refuse to repost loli porn but if you look her up on Danbooru it’s on her oldest pages. Both of Hidamari Sketch and what looks like a visual novel

No. 1917962

The closest I can think of are shonen authors deleting hentai fanwork when they get the job.
Iirc Act-Age's artist (not the author) drew World Trigger yuri loli and deleted it all when she got work.
That being said, some authors go back to doing porn anyway, like the author of Muhyo and Roji.
Iirc the thing with Galko is more that they were surprised because he was known for drawing giant fat chicks which they thought was the opposite of loli.

No. 1917963

have you tried not watching animu? you can trace every single anime artist to loli degeneracy kek

No. 1917965

Dynamic Sketching. Currently taught by Peter Han. One of his students went on to create the website DrawABox which teaches all of the same exercises.

No. 1917966

I think you're on the wrong website if you're calling disgust towards a guy who said he'd peep on his daughter naked in the bath "pearl clutching"

No. 1917967

Yeah I know, I’m just confused why anons are defending her while condeming others.

No. 1917969

Would capeshit selling itself as "anime but safer and cooler" might work out as a marketing tactic?

No. 1917971

>she thinks the west is any different from japan with their pedoworship
Heh. Cute.

No. 1917972

You think its any better outside of anime? Lol

No. 1917975

probably, modern capeshit has the problem of trying to be appealing to troons
cope weebs, capeshit might have its own sets of problems but at least i dont have to cope and seethe when i find out the artists i like have realistic child mannequins(infighting)

No. 1917977

Anime has been getting more shit on, maybe it's a good idea.
Trannies and moids pretending to be pc would go for it, I've recently seen some trashing their shitty shounen anime collections.

No. 1917982

Honestly sounds more like you're the one coping and lying to yourself about 1 pile of turd being better than the other, kek

No. 1917988

File: 1710025335135.png (224.01 KB, 510x1146, meguka.png)

modern weebs bend themselves into a pretzel trying to defend their pedo medium. I genuinely don't get it, it's not like there aren't thousands of indie comics and underground niche animated movies to watch as an alternative. Meguka has always been an anime for otaku pedo moids, made by an studio that focuses on anime for otaku pedo moids. Westerners trying to held meguka as a wonderful, deep, saphic love story instead of seeing what it really is, otaku waifubait for moids who like to see little girls suffer, are incredibly retarded.
I will take sexy women of age in spandex like catwoman than pedoshit any day

No. 1917993

Not the anon you were asking but while I don't think western comic artists are any less degenerate their works at least don't contain blatant loli shit like a majority of anime and Manga. And frankly there is a difference on that point when comparing the west and Japan. Pedophilia is socially frowned upon but still is practiced, pedos just know to keep out of the limelight. While in Japan Pedophilia is on full display and you're almost seen as the problem if you try to advocate against it, especially in media. Anime is terrible for the western world bc of that as its just normalizing Pedophilia to the general public so that Pedophiles have slowly started to become more brazen in what they are.

No. 1918002

Sometimes lolcor posts are indistinguishable from gendies, except instead of seeing TERFs and transphobes everywhere it’s pedophilia and moids and pedophile moids(derailing)

No. 1918007

>nooooo my anime about 14yo girls getting ryona'd isnt for pedo moids despite being made by a pedo moid studio, stop saying that reee you are just as bad as trannies for pointing out the obvios(derailing/infighting)

No. 1918009

Its okay as long as they all go back to reading comics.

No. 1918010

Yeah haha there's no limelight on pedophilia works in the west haha lets just avoid looking at a shitton of hollywood's most renown and awarded films h-haha the west would NEVER stoop that low right??

No. 1918014

we were talking about comics and animation not movies

No. 1918020

This was in reference to comics. And pedowood is a literal meme at this point. There's tons of people who actively shit on Hollywood for being a pedophilia haven. And that plays a difference as it's still more socially accepted to call pedophilic media out here than it is in Japan. You know this as much as I, but you're still going to split hairs to defend your shitty animu anyway.

No. 1918030

>pedowood is a literal meme at this point
This is pure delusion territory

No. 1918031

Has there been any pedo cases in comics/animation?
I know about the Ren and Stimpy guy.

No. 1918042

Only one i can think of is Gerard Jones. What a coincidence he also added teenage girls into the comics he wrote. Weebs then act surprised when the mangakas of their beloved animus with big titty underage girls turn out to be pedos.

No. 1918044

Only two outed pedophiles

No. 1918045

idk if there are more, but they at least arent adding 14yo girls in bikinis and trying to pass it off as high art. The sexualization of minors in animu is so normalized weebs genuinely think meguka isnt otaku pedobait.

No. 1918053

You sound so upset that anime is globally popular unlike comicslop its honestly kinda embarrassing…

No. 1918064

Meme was the wrong word but it is an open secret. Everyone knows it.

No. 1918066

You sound like a bruised ego male at this point shut up about fucking anime, Akira was a pedo pig and I'm frankly not sad he's gone. The only redeeming quality about him was his skill in drawing. Get over it.

No. 1918095

Sure sure miss strawman, kek

No. 1918100

What strawman

No. 1918112

Damn she got your knickers in a twist

No. 1918145

Warren Ellis, Cameron Stewart, Brendan Wright, Jason Latour, Myke Cole and Nika Harper all have allegations of sexual assault or harrasment towards women and teens. I don't like pedo or lolishit in anime or manga either and carefully curate what I watch or read but it doesn't mean just because one country encourages disgusting degen shit means that the other is just so much better. They both have their own issues.

No. 1918157

>Q:what sort of old timer do you want to become
>A:I'd like to be the sort of geezer who pretends to be senile so they can peep on their daughter in their bath
That quote is so tongue and cheek I legitimately think you people have autism for taking it seriously. It's called shock comedy and there once was a time people understood it.

No. 1918166

File: 1710036545157.jpg (22.55 KB, 1004x357, male humor.jpg)

go white knight your dead scrote somewhere else, we dont tolerate pedophiles here. May he rest in piss.

No. 1918167

>what sort of old timer do you want to become
I mean tbf he didn't really get to do it anyway

No. 1918172

Trying too hard to be the cool girl nonny

No. 1918176

You notice how the one thing that all these degenerates have in common is that they're moids? All this discussion comes down to is males being subhuman, apes with no soul or humanity, and entertaining the little thoughts they think are art and literature is a waste of time.
>believing in art by men

No. 1918185

Coming from a den of Dana do nothings too scared to post their art on /lc/ this means fuck all.

No. 1918189

female artists exist outside of lolcow.

No. 1918194

The thing is that I agree that western media is shit like most anime, my argument was that it is in different ways.
But you can't have meaningful discussion with an idiot who sees red when they read your comment, and instead of responding with actual criticism, they post some snarky up their ass reply and then mock you for getting angry at it.
I stand behind my point about Japan. Pedophilia is more socially accepted there than in the west, and because of this there's tons of media that will include these themes. I don't even think all anime is Pedoshit. I agree the men who make western comics are just as degenerate as Japanese ones. The only difference is that they won't cram loli characters and tropes into their works without a certain pushback. And yes anime is further eroding what little social distaste we had towards Pedophilia.
But you anime caping retards see red, and have to bring unrelated shit to devalue my argument.Maybe if the "globally popular" male would have actually gave criticism and not a snide dick stroking reply I wouldn't have posted my comment.
my posts were solely

No. 1918197

it makes no sense because anons have posted their art before, there is an entire thread for it

No. 1918203

AYRT I am agreeing with you, I just hate that pedos and sexual abusers on both sides get ignored whenever this arguement is brought up. My only other post involved in this is >>1917956 so I'm not the animecappers that have been arguing with you. Shockingly I can read Bibliomania or Scooby Apocalypse and also fucking hate disgusting degenerate Western and Japanese scrotes.
Maybe people are secure in their own art to not need validation from faceless crabs

No. 1918209

Sorry I responded to you, I was responding to your comment because it was part of the point I was trying to make, not because I thought you were that dumbass troll.

No. 1918210

Ah, sorry nona I thought there was a bit of friendly fire going on and was a bit incensed by it.

No. 1918447

my favourite boy has no fanart i need to prepare my dishes myself

No. 1918454

I want to make a game.

No. 1918607

Two of the anime loli/shota artists mentioned were women (Act Age artist and Madoka designer.)

No. 1918618

the writer of act age who molested the middle schoolers was a moid, the female artist had nothing to do with that

No. 1918628

I know. I was talking about >>1917962

No. 1918635

sadly if you want to get a job as a female artist in japan you have to draw moidshit. Unless you draw yaoi or schizo larp and say you see dots everywhere.

No. 1918644

Nona, she was told to delete her loli work she did for fun to work with the moid pedo.

No. 1918649

what loli art? its not in gelbooru

No. 1918654

WT isn't popular in the west due to the author almost dying so it wouldn't be surprising if not many people saved it.
Looking it up, they did save her mha frog art and Salmon the summoner art though. Weird on the latter, it wasn't popular either.

No. 1918656

the fuck is WT? anyways, the amount of male pedos in japan outnumber the amount of female pedos, so it doesnt really matter if the two examples given were female or not

No. 1918664

I mean, yeah.
I guess I was being a bit pedantic there.

No. 1918693

File: 1710064198767.gif (734.57 KB, 600x338, angry typing noises.gif)

Why are male figure drawing models so fucking ugly. They are assaulting to my eyes. Give me some good looking guys to practice, i dont wanna draw fatties, post wall men and anakuns.

No. 1918807

File: 1710070249974.jpg (396.69 KB, 1154x1200, Dh4GLNPXkAEup-6.jpg)

Reminds me of the children's illustrator Wayne Anderson

No. 1918814

thought we were talking about whether it counts as indie or not. not sure why you are a
taking about calarts

No. 1918819

Dynamic sketching
Drawabox, but don't follow the entire website.

No. 1918878

File: 1710075095555.jpg (1.29 MB, 3508x2480, 1000007283.jpg)

Nonnas struggling with anatomy and studies. I was browsing Twitter and saw picrel, and it reminded me how I used to study years ago. I struggled studying anatomy from pictures. Just looking at them and trying to recreate in a blank canvas was too hard for me at the time. So, what I did was I would get a photo and draw the structure above it. I would follow the loomis method and break down the face in the basic shapes and forms. Later, I started drawing the skeletons like picrel. At some point, I didn't need to do this on top of the photo anymore and could do normal studies. It helped me to understand objects as pieces of building blocks. The point isn't tracing the image, but finding its structure through simples forms that you can recreate later. I hope this helps someone out there, picrel isn't the best example out there, but it illustrates the idea well enough.

No. 1918937

Cute boys. That's about it.

No. 1919314

I like anime so I wanted to draw cute girls, idk if it gets hate, it makes me happy
then I moved on to draw guys, it's hard but you'll learn more than by drawing cute girls because you actually have to get good at anatomy

No. 1919396

That's a really good exercise to do. I liked Morpho for the same reason, it shows how things are constructed and once you copy enough drawings it will become easy to apply yourself because the basic structure is always the same

No. 1919399

File: 1710096433282.jpeg (549.67 KB, 1112x1480, IMG_5438.jpeg)

Mobius is good

No. 1919470

File: 1710099533658.png (73 KB, 1012x922, 1710057685361.png)

Posting here cause we debated if this deserves its own thread or not but figured not enought milk but still worthy of discussion. So heres the summary I originally made intended for a new thread.

SillyPoo is a group of 3 women who make animations openly mocking troons and men with references to LC. Revealed at least one has a past of being pickme racist who made anti SJW comics for /pol/ tards back in the day. The main two being Silly (Formerly known as HeHeSilly), Poo, and someone who goes by drippydreich claims to help with the animations.


>LC Poster

>Proof Silly is HeHeSilly
>Association with Stonetoss
>Unfunny, racist, and sexist comics she made in the past. (Women are holes, abortion is for whores, black people bad, ect)
Fan of Dick Masterson
>Doing damage control
>Old interview she did as HeHeSilly

No. 1919482

It's two women and drippydreich is Poo but thank you for doing a quick recap! They also have a fail NFT attempt https://twitter.com/GFgenerator

No. 1919485

Thanks for the post anon

No. 1919496

>They also have a fail NFT attempt
Should've just made a picrew

No. 1919499

Oh shit I thought she was a uncredited extra animator. Thanks for clarifying.

No. 1919503

If they weren't desperate for moid attention they would have done that. So disappointed now that the curtain has been lifted.

No. 1919522

File: 1710102695426.jpg (41.8 KB, 951x589, stacy comment.jpg)

we liteally cant have shit. When are we actually going to have misandrist female artists?

No. 1919532

tbh i liked their most recent video but it's a little depressing that literally all of the engagement is from moids

No. 1919547

I find so strange at nonnies being so disappointed at finding sillypoo has done some shitty stuff in the past? Or are pickme in general? I thought it was obvious by the cartoons they've made so far the countless Asian accent jokes and black jokes were nonas really that blind to it? I would say I like their art the same I like dogisagas Batshit crazy but cute and interesting to look at .Since when does lolcow cancel people over wrongthink? Sure they are racist pickmes but nonas like mgong here too despite her being a pedo and toddlercon but I'm sure those nonas like the Art and not the person. It's always best not to idolise anyone who makes art you like keep the admiration at their art and use critical thinking when observing art
>inb4 racebaiting

No. 1919549

mgong didnt make lolcow jokes and tried so hard to fit in the culture, she's just a good artist thats a bit crazy. Everyone liked sillypoo because we thought they were farmers.

No. 1919553

i mean it's not mutually exclusive to be a pickme and a farmer. i've known women who post on here and shit on moids constantly yet they would brag about their deranged nigel's weird kinks and put up with cheating

i'm not going to give them money but their videos are fun. moids get away with a lot worse. i won't blame anyone for not liking them though

No. 1919554

I think it's a case of putting them on a high pedestal and then being disappointed they're not perfect infallible misandrist radfem goddesses but instead just two edgy friends

No. 1919555

I came back to lolcow after sillypoo's recent video to see nonnies reactions, and I'm not disappointed. Silly and Poo getting exposed as cows after pandering so hard to LC is fucking funny. I like their videos but RIP (this is what they get for letting their comments section be pozzed by kiwi moids)

No. 1919557

at first i did defend them because i thought they left their pickme altrigth thot ways behind, but it seems like they didnt change at all

No. 1919570

File: 1710104914674.jpg (312.68 KB, 1080x606, Kef.jpg)

What's ur point? I still like the CYBERGIRLZ video. They still have talent, they still are funny (pic related). But I also like knowing what these people are actually like. Brittany Venti sometimes says based shit but she's still a dumb pickme first at the end of the day. Why do nonnies keep saying we're cancelling them? We are just showing people who they really are.

No. 1919581

Personally I feel that “not being buddies with, monetarily supporting, and drawing things for woman haters to promote their woman hating media into 2024, being racist towards black women, etc” is just basic decency and not a “high pedestal,” but a very dedicated someone here seems to disagree, as if those behaviors are just run of the mill nothingburgers. Says way more about you than you realize.

No. 1919589

I posted their latest vid in two threads so I apologize if it looked like they spammed their stuff here.
I enjoy their style and I will watch their future works but their moid pandering and their obsession with weight (fat or skinny it doesn't matter) is off-putting. Also outside of their Women's Day vids and other minor examples their stuff is annoyingly nihilistic. Tbh, it's not a deal breaker but it's still a shame we can't have edgy anti-troon content by women without it having moidy trappings all over.

I had a hunch they'd be like this because they accept way too many coomer fanart of their cute characters.
The old comics by HeHeSilly are also absolutely rancid and worthy of the tradthot pickme thread. Terribly cringe and worthy of mockery, but I wonder if they're really ashamed of it.

No. 1919593

Why does it matter what they done in the past? No seriously what does it actually matter? They made something cool for the girlish and got completely shat on in some weird ass purity spiral because of it. I look at this and all i see is this why lc can't have jack fucking shit at the end of the day. You all continually bites any hand that offers a helping hand over some petty assumptions and past trangressions then lamenting about not you having anything of your own.

No. 1919595

maybe they shouldnt have tried to pander to both a radfem site and a bunch of alt right moids

No. 1919597

I might be the unpopular opinion here but I don't like their artytle. It's something a kid who just got into art high school thinks it's cool and edgy. I'm over it. I was over this shit since i was 16. It's not original.. been seeing this exact crap in 2011. The animation is trying too hard to be retarded and it's just not funny. It's boring.

No. 1919598

You keep saying “it’s in the past, in the paaaasst!! People can change stop cancelling them reeeeee” Despite anons repeatedly showing you it’s not in the past and they’re still producing content for misogynists, taking money from poltards, and show no evidence of having changed at all. You need to stop repeating this every 15 posts or so, no one is going to buy it the 33rd time just like they didn’t buy it the 3rd time. You are a broken record and you cannot stop us from gulping down fresh milk.

No. 1919601

"The past" meaning less than one year ago.

No. 1919602

>Why does it matter what they done in the past? No seriously what does it actually matter?

No. 1919605

>reee why dont you conform and settle down for a pair of pickmes that associate with stonestoss and alt right scrotoids reeee you always bit the hand that feeds you, just conform already!!!!
honestly, it makes me glad lolcow is so unforgiving for stuff like this. 4chan didnt gatekeep and thats how /pol/ took over.

No. 1919606

Don’t forget >>>/ot/1918673 Doing art for a woman hater’s >>>/ot/1918663 passion project

No. 1919607

> this why lc can't have jack fucking shit at the end of the day. You all continually bites any hand that offers a helping hand
i'm not one of the anons shitting on them, but wtf are you talking about? helping hand? they're only attracting even more moids here. besides why would anybody pander to this place, ever? there's not many active posters, there are tons of self hating women, the userbase hates the mod team and it's highly unlikely lolcow could raise money if they needed it. i don't even think they're trying to attract farmers, they're pandering to kiwi moids who fantasize about having nlog lolcow imageboard dwelling gf

No. 1919608

>You all continually bites any hand that offers a helping hand
What help tho?

No. 1919611

they're still salty about nobody wanting to join the /ic/ discord

No. 1919614

That anon is absolutely involved in some way with the duo, they’ve been whitnighting in the same “talking at the wall” style, repeating the same stuff since last night. Farmhand also confirmed it seems to be one single whitnight doing this, >>>/ot/1919231 even the farmhands suspected it was sillypoo at first.
Who do we think it is? I bet if we dig their socials more we could figure it out.

No. 1919615

i am glad i am not the only one that noticed it. They have been shitting and derailing the /m/ thread as well just because a few women dont want to settle down for a discord with an alt right femboy coomer scrote lmfao.

No. 1919617

They WHATnow?? Can they get any more pathetic? Holy kek

No. 1919619

Be honest, you only like them because they’re racist

No. 1919621

Well I'm still gonna enjoy their crap but I'm glad to know my hunch about their pickme racist behavior was right. There were too many cringe moids around their comment sections. Also it puts their lolcor refrences under a different light.

No. 1919626

Did you mean /ot/?
A farmhand confirmed it was an unhinged white knight and not them in that thread.

No. 1919629

yeah it's no wonder they are itt supporting a tradthot pickme when they sperged for almost a week because some anons pointed out they had an alt right scrote who draws shota in their discord

No. 1919631

I mean I would think it's drippy, right?

No. 1919632

No. 1919637

Damn if I was balding like her I guess I’d hate myself too

No. 1919641

do not dye your hair black if your natural color is light, she looks like she has mange

No. 1919646

File: 1710108709146.png (229.28 KB, 2453x349, waah waaah please ignore we ha…)

No, not sillypoo, the /ic/ server. They have been shitting the /m/ thread and fear mongering because they got criticized for having a moid who drew Trump MAGA shit and loli/shota. They genuinely think their server filled with begginers is a god given gift to all female artists and we are biting the hand that feeds us for not wanting to join lmfao. I though they were cool before but them sperging this much over a few anons saying they didn't wanna join a server with men soured my view of them, they seem a bit spergy and underage.

No. 1919654

Thanks for sharing, I completely missed this.

No. 1919659

the moralfagging and reaching is pretty out of left field but the spergs reaching for something to seethe about are more amusing milk than some barely edgy comics and icky distant associations with some rightoid moids. i think something about her art brings out both the underage spergs and the schizos tbh.

No. 1919661

>icky distant associations with some rightoid moids
they are the main artists of dick masterson's webpage

No. 1919665

the one with mange looks to be in her early 30s

No. 1919671

i wasnt talking about hehesilly

No. 1919672

oh. I'll work on my reading comprehension next time, sorry for the blunder

No. 1919693

So proud of my nonnas continuously telling this newfag to fuck off.

No. 1919699

next time I point out this website is being flooded by conservatards and someone tries to gaslight me I'm going to remind people of this incident.

No. 1919704

File: 1710112098956.png (99.55 KB, 454x377, sillypoo.png)

I think this doodle is theirs. The hands look like their style and the funny/meaningful posters are a certified SillyPoo thing.

No. 1919727

File: 1710113258699.png (155.94 KB, 600x600, 253107_pVndUxDD.png)

Hehesilly actually did make one funnily enough. Picrew chain? here's mine

No. 1919730

>piccrew chain
No, dont spam the thread with unrelated bullshit, go to the appropiate thread

No. 1919734

File: 1710113623127.jpeg (778.59 KB, 828x1054, IMG_2891.jpeg)

this drawing in the pixielocks thread is clearly by one of them. there were also similar ones on the doodle boards but i cba to look for them
>picrew chain
this isn't some zoomer discord, this is a discussion thread.

No. 1919736

My bad, I didn't realize there was a thread.

No. 1919737

Okay, I just figured the fact that she did make a picrew could be interesting.

No. 1919740

that one could have been a fanart of the original, although they have referenced pixie before in one of their animations

No. 1919744

Sillypoo love Jillian for some reason, they basically reference her the most. My tinfoil is that one of those two used to be part of the confetti club, so she's salty about Jillian being a cow.

No. 1919748

File: 1710113943853.png (1.66 MB, 2000x1600, 1663270351300.png)

kek, I feel so personally vindicated because months ago I thought there was something off about the satirical doodles in this style because it seemed to be a lot more deliberate than usual. was wondering when context would surface.

No. 1919753

the troon with pigtails leaving defeated always makes me laugh. It's honestly a shame they turned out to be pickmes, their animations are still pretty nice and funny.

No. 1919758

It’s the whitenight of unknown identity anon, her modus operandi is downplaying everything to absurd levels. Kek at “distant” lmfao. Personally, When I say I’m distantly acquainted with someone, I definitely mean I illustrate for their personal projects and do hour+ long voice interviews. Don’t you?

No. 1919760

Little characters I make/made up from boredom in class or that I see in my dreams

No. 1919764

My tinfoil is that sillypoo are taking turns selfposting and whiteknighting. The understatement is so absurd I don't believe it's genuine.(tinfoil)

No. 1919765

According to farmhands it’s neither of them, but it’s so egregious that it honestly makes me question if they got it right. In any case, the white knight should know that whoever they are, they are appearing like sillypoo and embarrassing them.

No. 1919773

it's just the server sperg that's still salty some anons criticized their server. They have complained about lolcow anons ''biting the hand that feeds them'' before.

No. 1919776

File: 1710115476421.png (330.07 KB, 480x480, image_2024-03-11_110516124.png)

What if the whiteknight is actually a sillypoo hater and is trying to embarass them on purpose to make them and anyone who likes them look retarded. (inb4 whiteknighting I like the woman's day video but not a fan of the duo's other work)