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File: 1646506409179.jpg (440.27 KB, 828x1601, 1645974888322.jpg)

No. 187240

Hi nonners until /m/ is cured can we use this thread to rate art

No. 187243

File: 1646508807528.png (63.9 KB, 257x275, 1645817661864.png)

Whoever drew this ily

No. 187247

File: 1646509329514.png (411.62 KB, 2048x2048, Untitled91_20220305150738.png)

I'm trying to figure out how to do the lineart but pls rate the sketch before it's too late

No. 187248

the wall looks weird, more wall pics?

No. 187252

Lord help me resist the urge to post my cringe ass OC yaoi here…

No. 187254

Gimme your OCs NOW nonnie

No. 187255

File: 1646512431789.gif (156.36 KB, 220x166, 1607268533824.gif)

Won't even be upset if I cop a ban for this. I deserve it tbh. (NSFW warning)

No. 187257


No. 187261

I swear I've seen you on /ic/. Not to my taste, but definitely charming.

No. 187263

Anon I don't even like yaoi but these are great, I love the way you draw hands and expressions especially. Do you take commissions?

No. 187268

Sorry nonnie
Yea I'm usually on there (until my patience with 4channers runs out lol)
Thank you sm!
>Do you take commissions?
Not officially(haven't set up a commission sheet or paypal business acc or anything hghh), but I do a few here and there for fun. pretty sure this is against the rules but my email is there in case you're interested anyways

No. 187279

This gives off tumblr vibes with them being dorky men but it's cute! the naked first pic was very jarring, kek. I like the drawing of them kissing the best, the hands are nice.

No. 187291

>cringe ass
It's certainly embarrassing cuz it's porn, but I wouldn't call it bad art.
They're both very cute and your style is nice. But you only posted pencil sketches. Don't you have a tablet?

No. 187295

I'm just embracing it tbh. I love drawing goofy looking tumblr-people and shit
I do have a tablet and usually do a lot of digital painting. These were more just spontaneous sketches to quell my inner fujo

No. 187305

This is awesome

No. 187310

File: 1646536195983.png (514.32 KB, 6047x8598, sprigatito.png)

here's some degenerate furry art i made of sprigatito's inevitable 2 legged form

No. 187313

Aww this is cute!

I would advice muting colours that are as saturated as that violet so they’re not that ms paint-like, since they’re a bit jarring.

I absolutely looooove the big cute fluffy paw, and the detail on the furred face! Super cool! However I also feel it kinda clashes with how rushed and plain the tail looks in comparison, especially since it’s such a big subject in the piece. If you put the amount of care you put in the paw and fluffy cheeks towards the tail as well, it’s gonna look even more amazing.

Finally, completely up to your taste, but a blank background can make it feel pretty boring, poor kitty just floating there in infinite blank space. But just even a square or triangle of solid color for the background could make your art stand out more.

No. 187315

File: 1646538286392.jpg (76.3 KB, 1024x538, spanish shawl.jpg)

yeah, i had a hard time trying to make it not super detailed (like canon pokemon), but this was the end result lmao

also the the pink i just nabbed from the plant spanish shawl, but i definately could've put more demension (?) in the colors

No. 187348

He's so charming, I love it! He's leaning a bit though. Try flipping your canvas and you'll see what I mean.

No. 187394

Too cute and too anthro to be a Pokemon, I also love your idea here >>187315

No. 187841

I like your style, I'm no fujo but if I were this would be my jam

No. 188466

ur a good artist but you draw unattractive characters

No. 188498

They're pretty cute, wtf you're talking about?

No. 188508


No. 188539

File: 1646941524834.png (276.16 KB, 700x1000, STACY STRONK.png)


i posted this in the oc drawing thread, but i would like some feedback for the muscles and stuff. i used a model reference, so i'm hoping it still looks nice with my artstyle™

No. 188844

She looks amazing, I think there may be something weird with the shoulder muscle on the right arm but I'm not sure

No. 188858

File: 1647044905706.jpeg (473.4 KB, 1147x1248, 085BF85D-26CC-4AB7-96E5-D08C40…)

i’m glad that this thread is back, so here’s my shitty contribution. just a random sketch portrait, reference was a screenshot from a film. the weird thing on his head is some kind of a furry hat, i always struggle to do hair or fur lol

No. 188860

this is great! as the nonna above me stated before, the only problem is the shoulder-arm thing, but that is just a minor detail. you did a wonderful job on this. i really hate to use the /ic/ speak, but this is sovl!

No. 188861

It looks very very nice. For fur try drawing many short lines instead of scribbles

No. 189187

File: 1647236715393.jpg (241 KB, 1144x785, 1647234571782.jpg)

Excellent taste, love some old fashion gays

No. 190546

File: 1647675378918.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 700x1000, Inkedmonster bf_LI.jpg)

spoilered because it's "sexy"(?)

No. 190549

left nip seems too high up, and why are his horns fuzzy?

No. 190683


lmao you're right, why havent i noticed how bad it was before ffff

as for the horns, i was going for a chipped growth effect. whould it look better if the lineart was thinner? or should i just scrap the horn texter and make them smooth?

No. 190730

He’s very hot anon and the way you drew the hair is beautiful! I really like your style

No. 190767

>pretty boy

No. 191484

File: 1648000244413.png (1.73 MB, 1511x2236, angle.png)

I've been dipping my toes into a painterly style, it's a bit fun actually!

No. 191485

File: 1648000469647.png (972.13 KB, 1670x1131, birfdayborb.png)

Another one I did in this style. I find working with blues and purples fun.

No. 191504

NONNIE THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! i love your brush work so much and the colors are beautiful

No. 191507

File: 1648008431164.png (2.34 MB, 1683x1889, portrait.png)

Thanks nona, it means a lot!!! I love using bright saturated colors and I love using "traditional" digital brushes even more!

No. 191509

it’s extremely beautiful i really love your work, the colors are so so beautiful and also perfect for your subject matter! The way you render reminds me of Marco Bucci whose work I really love. Keep it up nonna!!

No. 191514

I love kirby too nonnie!!!!! Your art is fantastic!!!!!!1

No. 191556

Thank you! That's one of the other reasons I like Kirby, it's full of very bright and varied colors to play around with! like instead of using bright pink for Kirby's skin I can use a pale reddish orange and soft orange which gives off a more summery "vibe". I did not know who Marco is, his face scares me but I like his art so thank you!
Oh nice, it's rare that I get to meet others into Kirby outside of twitter! which is both a curse and a blessing Are you excited for FL? Who are your favorite characters?

No. 194833

File: 1649128159819.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 700x1000, Inkedmonster bf_LI.jpg)

hey nonnas, thought you guys would wanna see updated/fixed demonboy tiddies

No. 194836

File: 1649128426740.png (516.32 KB, 900x1400, WIP FOUL TARNISHED.png)

also, i'm working on my elden ring husband, so here's the WIP

No. 194933

Cute cute both are cute I got nothing else to add

No. 195069

He's fantastic and I also love how you gave him such a winning smile. Don't always want to see a sub anxious or in pain, sometimes it's nice when they're just happy to be here kek
Love your style and subject matter. The design of the staff(?) is really beautiful. Wish I could see more of your work without you having to out yourself but thanks for sharing!

No. 195078

File: 1649203366466.png (87.98 KB, 500x500, blushblush.png)

that's probably the nicest thing any stranger on the internet has ever said to me, thank you nonnie

No. 196291

File: 1649572124001.png (1.01 MB, 900x1400, WIP FOUL TARNISHED.png)


No. 196304

I love it nonnie! what was the movie ?

This is an amazing style, how did you create the pattern on the sleeves

No. 196336

I'm not the anon you're asking this to but I'm 90% sure this is the character Mikhail Polyakov from Morphine/Морфий, a 2008 Russian movie about a doctor during the early days of the Russian civil war.

No. 196380

i used a lace pattern that came with clip studio and layered it to hell

No. 196384

File: 1649615119043.jpg (1.98 MB, 900x1400, FOUL TARNISHED.jpg)


No. 196385

I want to tell him that everything will be alright.

No. 196400

I love him anon

No. 196511

File: 1649645973866.png (1 MB, 1460x1328, fnasplace.png)

I got around to making some art again! The Space Ranger ability is so so fun, it's super cool looking too. Very surprised it wasn't found in the Invasion of the House of Horrors stage.

No. 196512

File: 1649646053262.png (1.28 MB, 816x2464, clumsydee.png)

I also re-vamped a MSPaint doodle I did, Waddle Dees are way too clumsy.

No. 196513

File: 1649646134426.png (216.05 KB, 1056x803, galactaclothes.png)

and finally, a simple doodle based off of a God-like phrase.

No. 196547

this is sick as hell, love it

No. 196601

Aaaawwwwww this thing is so cute I love it poor little thing hold my hand so you don't trip again

No. 196750

File: 1649715434019.png (10.46 MB, 1976x1846, waifu1.png)

this is beautiful i love the details
your kirbies are so cute anon

this is the first time i've ever tried to do something painterly and the first time i've touched my tablet in months. she's based off a waifulabs creation lmao. one day i'll make something that isn't a pretty, emotionless bust

No. 196755

hell yeah, very cute!

No. 197153

File: 1649893557343.jpeg (2.21 MB, 4032x3024, D6E4ADCF-8B83-41FF-AE71-B74261…)

Super quick self portrait (5 min. for the sketch, maybe 15 for the coloring). I stopped drawing for a year or so (still did it occasionally, but not much) and have been getting back into it the past few months. I think I added too much purple on the skin, I wish I left more white showing so the cartoony blush didn’t look so out of place but oh well. The hair has some purple in it too but it doesn’t show up on camera very well. I think in the future I will try less shading and make it more solid colors, using my sketching pen to do most of the shading (red ballpoint). Also the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors are the best, I got a starter set and purchased some indivual colors to add and it’s the perfect set now! Especially the teal color (no. 57) is so good, smooth and pigmented.

No. 197154

i love it, i wanna see more

No. 197158

File: 1649894973223.jpeg (2.5 MB, 4032x3024, E1AA7DB0-0E0E-4D07-B2B6-DD38B8…)

Thanks nonna, that means a lot ♥ I don’t do finished pieces really so here’s a page from my sketchbook!

No. 197159

File: 1649895082877.jpeg (2.16 MB, 4032x3024, 8126CEE6-368A-4A5B-8F70-DE951D…)

My phone camera is a bit shit, also lol at the feet on the far left. I’m trying to do more character design but I never really learned anatomy well. I’ll continue drawing though, only way to get better!

No. 197213

i absolutely love you're use of colors <3 if you want to practice, doing some figure drawing will help you get a good feel for anatomy

No. 197251

Thank you ♥ I'm trying to do figure drawing yes! I'm looking for some life drawing classes too but can't find any in my area and it's kind of awkward to ask your one friend to get naked in front of you lol.

No. 197408

This kind of sketchbook - with colors, text, big two page spreads - is always such a pleasure to go through, your art is lovely anon, keep at it! How many sketchbooks have you finished so far?

No. 197449

This is so sweet, thank you nonna ♥ I'm 19 now and have been using sketchbooks since I was about 12. I used to do a lot of finished pieces and used my sketchbooks mostly for concepts so I'm not sure. I have a ton of old ones and I don't even know where they are lol (I think I gave them to my mom?). I pretty much completely stopped doing 'finished' pieces about a year ago and just used my sketchbook for colorful things, regular sketches, studies, figure drawings, thoughts, inspiring lyrics, writing, and whatever else. Ever since I've gotten into the habit of drawing every day again, I think I've gone through 2 other ones and have this one half finished (my sketchbooks I use have 50 pages and I use both sides of the paper). Thank you so much for the compliment by the way, I graduated high school a year ago and my art teachers hated me because I have quite a messy style and they saw it as laziness/low effort work, I didn't have the guts at the time to tell them I felt it made my work more lively and it made me enjoy the proces a lot more than my old approach which was sketch, ink and color. It made me stop enjoying art for a while because I just associated it with people telling me it wasn't good enough, low effort, this and that. I don't really care anymore though, if these people really knew how to make art they wouldn't be teaching it. I don't do art for others anyway, it's just a hobby I really enjoy, something I use to get my emotions out sometimes and that's fine imo.

No. 198230

File: 1650241867317.png (3.78 MB, 2224x2037, eastercardfinal1.png)

Happy Easter nonnies!

No. 198271

This is so cute!

No. 200246

File: 1650855816442.png (298.2 KB, 645x927, goodjob.png)

Going to post some more stuff! Here's a cute Morpho Knight.

No. 200247

File: 1650855853284.png (1.07 MB, 1417x1248, dudeweedlmao.png)

Something I drew for 4/20, it's Kirby with the Leaf Ability.

No. 200248

File: 1650855932177.png (2.21 MB, 2187x2416, rkgk2.png)

Some doodles! One of them featuring one of my favorite ships, MetaSusie.

No. 200249

File: 1650856024794.png (332.17 KB, 1111x959, paintingthiswillbeapainintheas…)

And I'll end my posts with a work in progress. I plan to go simple but colorful with this one.
Thank you! Drawing the main gang is always a joy!

No. 201200

Somewhat related to thread topic: I really want to get better at drawing male bodies. How can I find good reference photos for this? Full disclosure, I want to draw cute men in suggestive poses.

No. 201210

No. 207344

File: 1652901818750.png (Spoiler Image, 79.27 KB, 589x551, cake.png)

Did I give him too much cake? Any weird anatomy you can see?

No. 207345

cute kirby!!! he looks so cool

No. 207346

I love this

No. 207348

can I be your friend

No. 207367

Nonas I have a question. Do you guys tend to post the art you post on lolcow elsewhere too or just here? Are you ever afraid of people recognizing your style and outing yourself as an anon? I always want to share because I feel like nonas are generally helpful and nice with art advice but I’m too terrified to actually post art in case someone recognizes it.

No. 207384

I am afraid of posting my art here and people recognizing my style (I've posted art a couple of times although not in this thread), or recognizing my taste, but I would never post anything here that I've posted elsewhere.
Still, I would say do it anyways (post art for critique, not something you've posted elsewhere, I mean). If you have practically no audience on your social media/art accounts, it's extremely unlikely that anyone will care about cancelling you or something, or if someone recognizes you here, I doubt she'll make a big deal out of it.
And btw I've heard that some artists have posted or promoted their art here. I know one of them, but it seems that nothing bad happened to her.

No. 207396

Ty for the encouragement. Maybe sometime I’ll try and just see how it goes. I love seeing everyone else’s work, there are so many talented anons here.

No. 207444

File: 1652919186105.png (372.57 KB, 690x1600, leafgreen nuzlocke 02.png)


i could be wrong, but i believe the etiquette is that if you recognize someone's art outside of lolcow is that you don't call them out (don't quote me on this tho lmao). being active on an anonymous forum doesn't mean you're thoughts and views are the same as everyone else's on said forum (does that make sense?) so unless you've said some INSANE shit and it's traced back to you (example: creepshowart), i dont see why you'd be called out for being on lolcow or whatever.

and if someone who's lurking calls you out on it - wtf were THEY doing on lolcow?

/rant end

ANYWAY here's a random page from a nuzlocke comic i've been working on, maybe you guys will see it offsite lmao

No. 207467

File: 1652925481500.png (456.57 KB, 739x1049, Taranzaisfuckingpissed.png)

Going to post some art again.
Thank you Nonas, I'm glad you like it!
Who's your favorite Kirby character and or ship?
Yeah, I post the art I post here on twitter all the time. Not particularly scared, as I've accidentally sperged out about KirDedede during the time /ot/ shit itself so I've long since lost any shame. If someone were to call me out, I'd just say "So? Piss off.". Anyone with enough ambition or tism can trace anything you say or do online, so when I type something online I make sure to mean it.

No. 207469

File: 1652925558592.png (714.17 KB, 1915x1371, leolol.png)

Kirby recently made a promotion featuring a bunch of Kirbys in various horoscope themed costumes.

No. 207470

File: 1652925647886.png (2.86 MB, 1734x2842, queenrippleandherpet.png)

Queen Ripple is cute but I think 02 is cuter.

No. 207472

File: 1652925798039.png (99.88 KB, 399x361, kirbysummer.png)

A doodle I did in a paint-chat.

No. 207474

File: 1652925972694.png (98.81 KB, 1277x1111, MARXPAINTING.png)

Marx, he's okay but I got some brushes and I wanted to paint him.

No. 207477

File: 1652926602426.png (8.9 MB, 1763x2711, CAKE CAKE.png)

And to finally end my art train, the finished card.

No. 207478

File: 1652926938953.png (127.44 KB, 2500x3000, 78348234457_7e7r78er78_hgduys7…)

never had a furry/warriorcats phase as a kid so I wanted to make my own character, I'm not going to finish it, but I liked the base and colours I picked

No. 207499

This isn’t that bad, but the neck and shoulders are a bit odd and awkward. Decent overall though

No. 207507

I don't ship Kirby characters, but all my faves are in Kirby 64.

No. 207509

I knew you were kirdede anon just by looking at your art.

No. 207512

>no ships
>but all my faves are in Kirby 64.
Just from this alone I can tell you're amazing. Kirby Super Star is my favorite by K64 is a close second just from it's OST. I consider you a friend nonnie.
Yeah, I figured as such. I sincerely apologize.

No. 207526

No it's nice, however the other guy's broken
Cool, my best friend used to draw just like this
I love it, I love everything but my favorite part is the panel with the grass, it's so cool

No. 207531

File: 1652956881069.jpg (36.02 KB, 305x735, rthbsrthnb.JPG)

Probably neva eva gonna finish this bc I have no patience with drawing these days. It's my Skyrim Altmer player character power fantasy lady. Is it too coomerish? I know the anatomy is a bit wonky. My works always have a weird aura of uncanny valley with the anatomy mistakes, maybe because I make them too "polished" so the mistakes show up more than in a more painterly/sketchy style.

No. 207534

I don't mean to be rude, but this drawing looks like you've never drawn a woman not splayed out on a bed. Each of her thighs is 130% as wide as her waist, she's about to topple over from the sheer mass. Also she seems to have sprouted anemones in place of hands. I would understand a man drawing like this, but a woman? You can do better anon I believe in you.

No. 207537


Ok, I'll take it it's a bit too coomerish then lmao? Also I was actually proud of those hands, now you come here to crush my dreams! No it's fine, thanks for your input nonna, I appreciate it

No. 207539

I actually like how you drew her thighs even if they’re obviously stylized to be larger and wider i think even from this I can tell you have a good grasp on anatomy to be able to stylize it like this, the other anon was unnecessarily rude imo, the hand by her head could use some work but the one by her belly is very well drawn and nice, I also like how you drew the little bits off boob coming off the side and how the gloves squish her arms, nice work nonnie!
I always enjoy seeing your kirby art, so beautiful!
This is actually very cute! I agree the neck is a bit off but if it’s your first time drawing more furry characters it’s incredibly impressive tbh and I think the eye is very cute and pretty!

No. 207555

I get that she’s probably a dwarf or some shit, but it doesn’t hurt to not make her have those porn-y thick thighs, you can make her skinny and muscular anon it’s ok you can make her thighs proportional to her chest

No. 207556

File: 1652967824765.jpeg (272.27 KB, 1601x959, 68D9C3A7-1991-409C-8B8D-64B440…)

Im here to be obnoxious with my ocs, absolutely cannot stop drawing them.

Also I absolutely adore all the kirbies, made my day

No. 207558

Nta but if you look for images of women with thick thighs you will see that they won't have such a tiny waist in comparison, I think those proportions make it a bit coomerish, especially with the thigh spill. The hands are different sizes and it looks like the fingers have random lengths. The middle finger should be the longest and yet it somehow isn't. And I feel like the nose is too high up, drawing the bridge like that also makes the face look older but maybe that's just my preference. And the little sack on her waist looks awkward and out of place and like you're drawing your first idea of a little bag. Just look up references instead of making it up. It looks cute overall though, I hope you can have some fun with it!

No. 207564

I think I might be a coomer because I like it.

No. 207565

Poor girl, you’ve dislocated her legs.

No. 207592

I love bunny guy anon, the shading on his hair is also really good

No. 207747

Thank you! I’m very cheesed to hear that, because I’m happy how he and his hair turned out as well

No. 207959


give me more ffxiv content OR ELSE–

i will cry

No. 208111

File: 1653153720917.jpeg (546.38 KB, 1225x1012, E385AB17-1111-4309-BDF3-012CBA…)

I’m a total ffxiv sperg (extremely salty I had to stop playing right before adventurer plates came out thought rip), so I’ll gladly waterboard you anon

No. 208249

File: 1653191208934.jpg (36.23 KB, 846x585, FKznt2TXMAEj5wl.jpg)

I have posted my drawings in many places and have been ignored so many times that I no longer care if someone recognizes me.

No. 208264

File: 1653193496679.jpg (256.16 KB, 1200x901, illust_60981175_20220521_22112…)

I use a lot of references mainly from pixiv (sometimes I practice drawing the references I find and from pictures with real people), and I also look at drawings that resemble the pose I want to draw to get an idea of how to draw it "right".

No. 208279

Nta but I had the same problem and I solved it by looking at a lot of pictures of the muscles you're unsure about, as well as videos (things like sports videos or anything with half-naked people going around) to get how they work in movement and above the skin. After you copy and study them enough times it just clicks and you'll remember how to do it even from memory.

No. 208282

P-post moar…

No. 208390

Nonnies, how the heck do you draw hair highlights on anime characters?

No. 208391


No. 208431

as a ~PROFFESIONAL~ artist my advice is

bullshit everything.

my REAL advice is to pick your anime hair color and then pick a lighter color that looks really pretty with it to use as a highlight. maybe experiment with overlay. go nuts. it's anime. (when my wrist stops hurting, i'll come back to this with some examples)

No. 208433


No. 208444

File: 1653257322120.jpg (27.58 KB, 596x607, FB_IMG_1652806253837.jpg)

This has been a terrible year for my drawings, I can't finish things. I hope to encourage myself to publish the best of 2021

No. 208449

File: 1653259351161.png (1.31 MB, 1500x1500, standalone.png)

still working on this but wanted to share the progress with you nonnies <3(emoticons/ emojis aren't allowed)

No. 208455

I can tell you traced over a picture. Those eyes are kinda too close together, and their noses are not placed that well. Also, mods don't like emoticons, so don't use those next time you post newfag.

No. 208456

underage twitter user/10

No. 208458

Words straight out of my mouth, love you so much. I hate emoticons and every kind of emote there is

No. 208466

Hearts have been allowed for a long time, though. Usually as # <3 but I'd say that banning someone for using without it would be nitpicking

No. 208468

>I can tell you traced over a picture
Nta but how?

No. 208470

this, as long as they aren't emojis quit being speds about them. makes you look like a newfag in your own right.

No. 208471

File: 1653267902059.png (2.39 MB, 1919x1988, ringmastermeta2.png)

Quickie fanart I made of the Kirby Horoscope Collection, specifically of the Leo rubber keychain.

No. 208473

The proportions of the figure's outline is way too realistic and stiff in comparison to how the facial features are drawn.

No. 208478

sometimes people can have a better grasp of broader anatomy but be worse at detailing or vice versa. i do think OP's pic could be traced but it could also be a newcomer who over-focused in one area but neglected others

if it isn't tracing: there's an uneven distribution of realism here that looks uncanny. the shading on the clothing is good but clashes with the hair, which looks much stiffer. the generally realistic proportions really clash with the cartoony look of the facial features. blending realism w/ stylization has to be done with a deeper sense of anatomy or the elements just look like they're conflicting with each other

if it is traced: that's fine to practice anatomical proportions but don't post it without clarification that it's practice or you will get reamed kek

No. 208484

I don't really care for ♥ although I was surprised to see it in colour when I started to browse lc on moblie since I'm more of a pcfag. Whenever I see a farmer do an emoticon for a heart without the hashtag I get reminded on the fact a lot of the newfags don't bother to read /rules/ or /meta/ and just post video links or just write about what happened without properly embedding or simply posting caps since this is an imageboard
>>208471 Keep up the good work! It's fun to see how passionate you are about the Kirby franchise. While Metaknight's right leg is a bit wonky compared to his left, awkwardly grasped staff and his top hat would look a bit better if it tipped down more as he is looking downwards to Kirby other then that I can see the improvements along with you trying to have the characters a bit more dynamic then usual which always a good thing to see.

No. 208486

Nona, her picture is clearly traced. Her skill level is obviously way below that of someone who would be capable of drawing the bodies. If she had the actual understanding of anatomy and form that it would take to do the bodies she wouldn't have drawn the eyes, noses, and inner ears like that; they're too simplified, and off with everything else. Also, her shading is like an amateurs, yet she was capable of getting the placement right in a realistic way, which makes this look more like it was traced. Someone is going to have to find the original picture, or op should just post it.

No. 208489

File: 1653272159282.png (240.84 KB, 715x725, metafeet.png)

Thank you nona! I am extraordinarily passionate about the Kirby franchise so I want to get better and improve. Yeah, admittedly, compared to my other works this is one I'm a little less proud of. Throughout drawing it I several times thought, "I should scrap this". I was trying to have Meta Knight do a cool pose that's fitting to the whole magician thing he had going on. You're right, his right foot is just kinda dangling off at the heel and I think putting it into the foreground (in-front of his body) would've made it look better perspective wise. I also feel the left foot is a little wonky too since the front of the foot is facing the viewer directly so it looks like the foot as a whole is melded to Meta Knight's back rather than the heel and due to the size not being smaller (along with his hand too) it lacks perspective in a way maybe and angling it upwards would help? I see what you mean by the way he's grasping his staff, I'm still struggling with drawing gloved hands rather than just hands with fingers, working with mass blobs as hands is a little difficult. I'm tempted to buy large winter gloves and use those as references. Thanks, with Kirby characters it's a bit hard to do dynamic poses since you have so little to work with depending on the character so I try to look at other art, official art works and in-game sprite-sheets to gather inspiration and to study from.

No. 208497

File: 1653273276207.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1420x1640, 82FDBAC1-6B9C-4A63-A6EC-068584…)

No. 208504

From your post alone I can see that you have but a lot of thought and effort into drawing Kirby and co, especially since you have clearly done research about perspective as that is really important when drawing simple blobs that doesn't have a wide range of movements and the fact you still continued on drawing despite disliking the placement of Meta Knights feet as I like to think that every piece of work that I dislike is just practise that I should finish so that I can learn from my mistakes and try better next time. You could also look up Disney hand that are gloved like Mickey mouse as there is a ton of tutorial about that for sure otherwise purchasing gloves are a good idea too since you can always pose them yourself for reference. I posted a bunch of Kirby wallpapers here >>>/m/208400 I think you would like them, although they are mostly just Kirby himself

No. 208509

I don't think you understood what you were looking at

No. 208511

I actually like the aggressively sketchy look, ignore that anon because it's not bad. But the feathers are a little too round and you should consider blunting the edges of them a bit.

No. 208515

Why is this thread full of avatarfags or whatever the fuck? Stay anonymous you dumb binches

No. 208517

w0t? this is a fucking draw thread of course ppl are gonna be identifiable you retard

No. 208525

File: 1653282254971.png (160.62 KB, 500x500, example 1.png)

No. 208526

File: 1653282375585.png (176.03 KB, 600x600, example2.png)

No. 208543

>think ppl can't tell when trace
Underage beg be like

No. 208566

Thank you! I actually see a lot of both female and male art but the women tend to be very moeblobby which annoys me lol

No. 208632

File: 1653334263511.jpeg (18.22 KB, 299x168, D84740D9-6723-4514-9F68-5BDCDC…)

Thank you anon, I don’t usually draw animals or anything like that I am trying to expand on what I do I like the look of early 2000s sketchy anime picrel ( breaking the habit -linkin park music video)

I’ll be dambed. I did this drawing really fast and I have a tendency to jumble things and rush.

No. 208635

File: 1653335344514.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 2764x3686, law.png)

lawrence my beloved

(spoilered for some blood/implied dismemberment)

No. 208664

It's really cool I like the poppies, his arm is too long, usually your elbow should be at the height of your waist but his elbow is at the height of his hips. And I know it's muh style and everything but I think the eyes are too wide, or rather not too wide but too close together.

No. 208672

I like your idea for this, you're good at hands and the flowers. But the line work, and proportions for some parts of this are not that good. The upper part of the head is too small in comparison with the ears and facial features. Their eyes are too big, and too close together. Also their arm is a bit of an odd shape, it's abnormally pointy. Your line work is inconsistent, their features get progressively thinner towards their eye, which makes it a bit jarring to look at.

No. 208696

I don’t understand how you guys are able to draw this shit my mind is incapable of this kek, this is good nonna

Everything in this thread is good! <3(<3)

No. 208698


dang, and i used a poser for reference too ;; the arm length is an easy fix, i might fix the eyes if i can get them to look aesthetically better lmao

also, please elaborate on what you mean by lineart around the eye so i can have a better understanding on how to fix it. do i make the lineart for eyelashes thicker? the irises? or the whole thing?

No. 208705

With the line art you should make it around the same width for the most part, especially where you have such thin lines for the eyes, but it's right next to a thicker line for the nose, and hands.

No. 208765

The other anons gave great tips, but I would also try to get consistent with the shapes. His torso, shoulders and face are pretty soft-looking but then you have the left arm that's pointy and made up of mostly straight lines.

No. 208776


thank you nonnitas, i'll work on it as soon as possible!!

No. 208780

Woah his face looks really… squished. Nice muscles though, nnnnice.

No. 208876

File: 1653430436669.jpeg (661.29 KB, 2045x2048, 3C08CDAD-DA5D-469F-9AD9-08F57C…)

I’ve tried different color palette on this portrait. I usually do realistic or black and white only because I’m scared of fucking up the values. Not really sure if it’s any good, but I think I need to leave my comfort zone.
Any critique is welcomed!
I love all the original artwork here btw, I rarely draw without reference, so to the nonnas posting here - you have my deepest admiration!

No. 208911

hey, babe? what the fuck? this is so good??? i cant think of any critique to give; please show me more

No. 208913

It looks like you have a nice grasp on values to start with. Once you get to the rendering portion of drawing it is a lot of work just studying which spots of values need hard and soft edges. I'm about the same place as you when it comes to coloring- I start in black and white and then add a tone but it ends up looking flat unless I fuss with it. Once you move on from edge and shadow studying you'll want to move onto skintone and color studies (especially in the face because of the color nuance gets crazy)

No. 208931

Thank you!
I probably described my painting badly but I never do the shades of grey to color technique, because I kinda don’t know how to make it work lol. I either do real skin tone or b&w. But you’re right that this one looks like I did just that and I don’t know why. On my iPad the picture looks way more saturated. I did this one like an oil painting - started with the orange background and adding the blues on one layer.
And thanks for the mention of hard and soft edges, it’s something I struggle to do properly, unless the source picture is in very contrasting lighting. I need to practice more!

No. 209851

File: 1653846323221.png (293.07 KB, 700x703, MagicalDraw.png)

Posting some stuff again! This is something I did in a Magical Draw session that I cleaned up in CSP.

No. 209852

File: 1653846389256.png (125.46 KB, 642x971, daraoch.png)

Daroach! Posting the black and white version since I like it a lot more than the colored version.

No. 209854

File: 1653846588232.png (196.59 KB, 564x537, cafededede.png)

I know I fucked up on the hands, but I still liked how this came out. I was testing out a new set of brushes.

No. 216314

File: 1655941325955.png (2.13 MB, 2943x2195, styles.png)

Back again with some more Kirby right back at ya.

No. 216315

File: 1655941382721.png (1.28 MB, 1389x2048, IDK.png)

I don't feel proud of this one, I'm probably gonna re-do the composition but keep the colors.

No. 216316

File: 1655941623314.png (332.87 KB, 1118x1277, tripled.png)

Quickie Dedede sketch

No. 216318

I love you anonaninacina.

No. 216335

File: 1655948897279.png (204.29 KB, 900x881, trainkiss.png)

Thank you nonnies, I am glad you like my art of varying quality!

No. 216781

May I ask what CSP brushes you use nonna?

No. 217038

File: 1656214911143.png (667.25 KB, 1551x870, ekichouu.png)

Another one! I did this to relax before bed, while drawing this I primarily wanted to test if I can do a more 'lazier' but cohesive painterly style. I need to practice the method a bit more

No. 217039

File: 1656215053969.png (858.05 KB, 2043x1434, kirbys.png)

A buncha different kirbys I made for my commission sheet.
I use a bunch of brushes but if you're talking about the ones I use for coloring.
Here are the ones I use for painterly like rendering and coloring.
And here are the ones I use for watercolor/marker like coloring.

No. 217374

File: 1656326537077.png (219.76 KB, 726x648, bt.png)

this was going to be a full body but i got lazy hehe

No. 217383

She kinda looks like a guy here

No. 217420

True, but it's cute. I like the simple style and especially the eyebrows.

No. 217430

Gnc queen

No. 217508

Anon you just made me realise that I draw all my women pretty androgynously (if i could put a crying emoji here I would), I would try and fix it but i draw my original character all the time who actually is intended to be an androgynous woman.. lets just go with her being a gnc queen

No. 219992

File: 1657238737409.jpg (3.27 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

This was supposed to be a hair study

No. 219993

File: 1657238795672.png (4.85 MB, 960x2079, C2A87CA2-8102-4B3A-B105-C43E49…)

This was the image I was recreating

No. 220002

File: 1657241601561.jpg (159.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's fine for a hair study! Not sure what exactly was your focus, but if color then it's definitely missing a strong highlight, and if structure, then a good practice would be simplifying the shapes even more and applying more geometric approach to understand a 3d form better, kinda like picrel

No. 220038

Unfortunately the paper for this sketch book is cheap and it’s been degraded to much for me to make and major changes. But I definitely see what you mean and will keep alignment more in mind since I had a feeling that was a problem area but had issues with how to fix it.

No. 220039

Yeah I was focused more on form then on color and will keep breaking the hair down even further

No. 221879

File: 1657828191678.jpeg (758.27 KB, 1606x2047, FFADF5A6-3C88-467D-A5D2-5D7580…)

HRG. Not sure if it’s finished. I have this problem with my artwork, whenever I try to polish it,I overdo it and it ends up looking worse. It somehow looses its "charm" or whatever it is. My sketches looks better than the finished thing. I guess it’s because I start to focus on details and I can’t see the big picture anymore. Anyone knows how to avoid this thing? I

No. 221915

File: 1657833382579.jpg (3.94 MB, 3544x2547, IMG_20220313_000553.jpg)

just a doodle of a seething gamer Eren

No. 221934

I love this

No. 222441

I only know how to 3/4 draw faces (to an extent) and I'm not sure how to expand my knowledge anymore
Also I'm not sure what I mean by these

No. 222457

Props to you for capturing the abolute disgrace this seething incel faggot loser cuck is.

No. 222501

Oh god I love this, you got him picture perfect lmao

No. 222566

it's a literal stickfigure, but this is some drawing i did of some old character of mine recently that i'm kind of proud of oribou is fun

No. 222567

File: 1658061791108.png (157.8 KB, 328x999, pixivSketch.png)

wait FUCK

No. 222929

for real

go to libgen.rs and search for "Andrew Loomis"

No. 222930

in my experience you just have to stop touching it and move on to your next illustration

that looks finished except maybe the hair

No. 222948

You don't even have to go to libgen, just google "Andrew Loomis pdf" and the first two results give you an easy download

No. 222986

damn I'm a million years old. I swear it used to be harder to steal lmao

that's cool though

No. 223741

File: 1658445877393.png (8.72 MB, 3000x3000, bjheeh.png)

feel free to critique the shit out of me, i need it. havent drawn a background in months so maybe go easy on that part

No. 225632

File: 1659177828357.jpg (30.17 KB, 727x582, mkkksssss.jpg)

I like sad faces

No. 225633

I'm no expert, but I really find your drawing beautiful. Good work

No. 225636

It looks great, especially if you consider the character's complexity. What I would be more careful about is the linework (it looks a bit too sketchy and thick) and the shading which looks a bit rushed and confused. I can also notice a few points where the coloring goes outside the lines. Is there some kind of texture near his head and ears? If there is, try not to use textures if you're still learning some things. I see a lot of beginner artists overusing a bunch of grainy textures and brushes to hide mistakes or make the piece look cooler, but it just ends up being distracting and "dirty".

No. 225649

That's a cute stickfigure though
So good

No. 225670

digital layperson idea so tell me if it's stupid or doesn't make sense but I think if you worked on it at a much larger scale (like literally a larger image size) it would look better. kinda looks like you are using a "pen" that's too big for your "paper". but it looks good and the colors and shapes are all nice

No. 225713

the weak part is definitely the background, the trees look fuzzy instead of leafy, and pushing the atmospheric perspective harder would help differentiate the character from the background. As for the character, the design is autistically cluttered and random looking but the execution's not awful. I like the tall ears, they make for a great silhouette

No. 227010

File: 1659637240054.png (55.43 KB, 399x459, Screenshot_2022-08-03_233852.p…)

I haven't drawn in a loooong while, decided to get back to it recently. Thoughts on this? Can you tell who this is?

No. 227011

Samefag, for your own sanity don't mirror this drawing

No. 227012

Is it Ryan Gosling?

No. 227025

No. 227063

The expression is not that bad. But your shading is very messy, you could easily fix that by outlining the spaces where you'd put the shaded parts, and then fill them in. I know it's a sketch, but you could still at least outline the contrast between the darker parts to make it look nicer.

No. 227064

Kek I love this

No. 227903

thank you
Thank you a lot for this review!!!!!! youre definitely right about the shading part because i have no idea what i'm doing to be honest.
thank you
i will keep that in mind thank you
thank you for this, my esl ass is definitely going to have to google for atmospheric perspective but afaik perspective is always a pain so im going to have to work hard lmao. youre right about the design being autism central but believe me or not this is an actual character haha

No. 228317

Kirby is- KIRBY IS A BABY!

No. 228327

Kirby has no defined age outside of the anime.

No. 228328

Ok now this is getting kind of creepy

No. 228333

A lot of nonnies think kirby anon is normal for some reason

No. 228339

nonni im about to engage in some light bullying so that you don't don't become a pariah after getting the mistaken impression from anons here that this is something normal enough to share with regular people
ikr i guess i assumed that she didnt actually want to FUCK kirby characters and just liked them in a weird asexual autistic special interest way kek

No. 228396

File: 1660016312875.png (319.48 KB, 915x957, Capture.PNG)

hello nonitas…any and all criticism accepted i do not mind

No. 228397

draw his ass, dont flake out on the best part

No. 228398

Oh god, so it is a sexual interest? Kill me

No. 228400

File: 1660017185732.jpeg (89.65 KB, 720x1280, D1B6F864-8FF9-4529-92B7-1C01A8…)

Give him a big ass and make it so his bulge can be seen from behind. Otherwise he looks great, he reminds me a bit of Malleus Draconia from twisted wonderland, which is nice.

No. 228402

no, no nonny. Don't discourage her. I want to see the porn. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

No. 228405

he was actually a big inspo for the process !! so that makes me happy

damm yall nonnies…really wanna see an ass version huh.. gimme some minutes

No. 228408

His eyes are a bit too far apart, that's all I have to say, I'm not good with critiquing clothing designs

No. 228409

File: 1660019392538.png (62.57 KB, 373x379, Capture.PNG)

a quick butt

No. 228416

Can't you just Google Kirby x DeDeDe porn?
Anyways… Ok Kirby anon, do it. Drop the porn.

No. 228436

the corset is lame and I will never be able to dissasociate that purple/green color sceme from an ancient meme. But otherwise decent.

No. 228441

Yall are nasty and bullies omg

No. 228520

I'm just expressing my exasperation. I mean no harm to the autist in question, bless her soul

No. 228529

It is not if it's in a bad art thread, so I assume it's the same for this thread.
>the nerds anon
Living (?) Legend, I hope she and her Nerds harem is doing fine

No. 228579


No. 230595

File: 1660436775539.jpg (619.5 KB, 1000x1000, Untitled_Artwork 18.jpg)

i wish i had more time to draw

No. 230596

Wooa.. just like the real anime’s

No. 230600

nonnie im in love with your art

No. 230609

NTA but that's by "yot_su" on twt

No. 230610

insanely talented.

No. 230619

File: 1660443579771.png (1.89 MB, 1500x2000, stars.png)

looking for things to improve with this oc piece nonnas, i havent drawn for years and this was my first attempt

No. 230632

Sorry for not giving you actual advice, but I think you could benefit a lot by watching Naoki Saito's videos, especially the correction ones and ones about shadows. Correction videos 95, 81 and 97 touch on a lot of the points that I think will help your drawing really pop! While I do think you could fix up the anatomy, and finding a ref of that pose would probably help (mostly her legs, and (our right, her left) forearm is too long); lighting, background, and composition will honestly improve your drawing most. Those things seem a bit intimidating at first, but I think you'll be able to do it! Naoki's videos of him painting over the art submissions is way more useful (for me) than having someone try to explain it in words. He kinda turned into an nftbro but idgaf, his videos are super helpful. Your oc is really cute nonny!

No. 230644

thank you nonna!!! im gonna watch those videos and try and re shade it tomorrow and repost here! wish me luck

No. 230645

>Naoki Saito turned into an NFTbro

No. 230647

yeah that’s me ! lol(global rule #4)

No. 230650

you need way more contrast on literally everything, it looks dark and muddy. Also her knees look as pointy as elbows, assuming you have legs, look down and see that your knees do not become that pointy even when bent. Lastly unless she's sort of standing on her knees, you need foreshortening on the legs to indicate a sitting position. hope that helps.

No. 230878

Sorry nonna you shouldn't out yourself here.

No. 231128

File: 1660614046050.jpeg (924.29 KB, 1170x1805, C8C6872D-93D6-430F-989C-77BE10…)

She’s in a classroom

No. 231556

y not? this thread is good

No. 231557

Are you, by chance, an animecore femcel?

No. 231572

NTA but it's two things. You could either be outed as a TERF meanie for posting here on Twitter and be harassed for it, or someone from here could dig up some dirt on you (or the moid lurkers could harass you). Overall it's not a good idea to be open about your identity on here.

No. 231583

You're on an anonymous imageboard retard

No. 231794

im just a hobbyist i feel like its not that serious

i didn't even post my own @. someone else did

No. 231925

File: 1660844987918.jpg (192.85 KB, 504x1044, featurecreep.jpg)

Great perspective and use of 3D space nonnie! I also really like the shading on her shirt, there's such good value contrast and you can see where the material bunches under her arms and indicates directional movement.
Her facial features are a little spread out, like picrel. But if that was an intentional style choice, feel free to ignore that. There's also some lines that don't match up in the background. The floor line appears to be going two different directions, and is not parallel with the board. The photographs are a bit distracting because the photographs have more value contrast and pull the eye away from the rest of the picture, making everything look washed out by comparison.

No. 233688

File: 1661467986433.png (497.55 KB, 591x890, gorumefes.png)

Posting once more. Kirby's Dream Buffet was released recently so I had to draw something.

No. 233689

File: 1661468020381.png (651.48 KB, 1672x1248, darorodo.png)

Daroach, he's fun to draw though his hat is confusing at first.

No. 233691

File: 1661468073698.png (1015.75 KB, 1683x2421, sketch.png)

A sketch I'm still debating on coloring.

No. 233692

File: 1661468124622.png (259.89 KB, 674x839, annifest.png)

This was made in relation to the 30th Anniversary Music Fest. King Dedede Fest and The Knights' Revenge Medley were my favorites.

No. 233693

File: 1661468170837.png (174.09 KB, 720x360, banner2.png)

Finally a banner I made for my blog.

No. 233694

>made for my blog
umm nonna did you mean to post this here?

No. 233695

Eh, it's on some obscure as shit blogging platform that nobody uses in this day in age and locked behind a pass so I don't mind.

No. 233700

File: 1661472491728.gif (1.11 MB, 498x282, tears-of-joy-anime[1].gif)

Kirby anon I love you… This banner looks so soft and cute like a manga cover ♥

No. 234008

File: 1661585870431.png (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 2744x1169, kakaya.png)

I'll never post this anywhere else so here it is. Unfinished spicy drawing of Kaeya from Genshin Impact. I think it's incredibly cringe but I do like how I drew the body/anatomy. I am confused with the composition though, something doesn't look right to me.

No. 234010

Samefag, I know he's too light, I was going to make him a little darker but I can't be arsed to finish this.

No. 234128

i think the head/neck should be more relaxed, it looks like he's straining to lift his head (he is laying down, yeah?)

No. 234166

File: 1661634944068.jpg (380.63 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20220827-161447_Ins…)

Rena pic i drew cuz i love rena

No. 234195

cute. reminds me of early 2000s anime styles

No. 234363

NTA but who made this tutorial? I like it

No. 234381

ayrt I found it on Pinterest, but following the link lead to a coomer pinup art blog. If that's the original artist, I feel shameful for referencing it.

No. 234443

File: 1661729727604.jpeg (109.77 KB, 658x313, 8A41D346-7A5A-47D0-A775-7923EF…)

I make silly collages off of thrifted materials

No. 234444

No no this is slay. No silly

No. 234446

File: 1661729874613.jpeg (44.96 KB, 470x312, 4A10493C-B296-4551-9EEF-F1F9A2…)

Aww thank you nonna

No. 234455

I think you should add a bit more hair going up his lower stomach, or make it blank. That sparse, patchy hair is aggravating me. Otherwise good job

No. 234492

Yeah he was supposed to be laying down. I didn't notice how odd the neck/head/shoulder area looked until you mentioned it. Thank you nonnie! I really struggle with poses sometimes

Got it! Thank you too nona.

No. 234547

This rules! I would definitely hang up something like this in my office or gaming room.

No. 234909

this is badass anon!!

No. 235454

File: 1662046550312.jpeg (228.88 KB, 1222x640, DDBD61CB-5144-47BF-BB56-A6400F…)

Thank you all for the support! I love collecting materials and making them. Ill keep posting here more often. Wish we could all hang out and make art together. Heres another! All the love

No. 235476

You're welcome! I love your style so much and I look forward to seeing any new pieces you do. I've actually been trying collaging myself lately as my wrist is fucked from a decade of tattooing (early onset arthritis, fml) so collaging has allowed me to sketch a very rough idea for a picture and build on it without the pain. I might post what I'm working on if I'm feeling brave. I would love to hang out to! I miss collaborating with other artists and mixing styles so much.

No. 237238

File: 1662619217362.jpeg (338.21 KB, 1536x2048, 9B29FC83-BF22-4EE9-8634-248293…)

Something is horrible with this drawing and idk what pls help

No. 238023

File: 1662861060816.jpeg (84.93 KB, 709x1000, 1665AAD9-CD43-408C-9746-24F28F…)

No. 238065

I like the way you painted the mountain in the foreground, and i love the colors in this piece! the head does look pretty big on her body, and the shoulders are kind of weirdly sloped. it’s been said to death but really, study loomis, and practice figure drawing.

No. 238067

File: 1662880241983.png (726.12 KB, 1900x1600, cool cool cool so cool.png)

I didn't mean to make her look so coomerish, sorry nonnas. Any and all criticism/critique is accepted

No. 238077

Are you going for a more stylized look? I was going to critique the anatomy but I wasn't sure if you were going for something different. Sorry if that's rude.

No. 238085

The lamb's head should be closer to its body, the mass of leaves on the bottom right seems weirdly connected to the two visible bits of wood. Also the way the trees intermesh with the rock cliff is very unclear

No. 238091

I love the palette! I think you would benefit from separating the character from the background as two layers, maybe even three for the fence. The places where the character meets the water/fence/mountain/sky is a bit awkward because you couldn't just naturally make those strokes and extend the image behind her, instead everything merges/stops at those points. This will also help you clean up her silhouette later without messing the background up.

No. 238180

I am going for something more stylized but id like to hear your critique anyways

No. 238308

File: 1662942893577.png (263.18 KB, 566x708, wadodon.png)

I drew a Waddle Bowl, mostly as a test of drawing with only pencil brushes along with using a smaller canvas instead of my usual 2000 x 1000 canvases.

No. 238347

is this you dededechan? I like this! you somehow made it look yummy

No. 238358

Shit, I can only draw on 5000x5000 canvas, anything else feels wrong to me.

No. 238396

As an amateur who also does collage art, this rocks. I don't know if you edited the background to have a red tint but if you didn't, that's some real good scavenging done. Nice cutting and good composition, plus a message. Good stuff!

No. 238413

I suppose so! I love him a whole lots even if others may not and find him cringe. Though I now have the awareness to never mention him ever anymore. Thank you, I want to get better at drawing food but I had to add a Waddle Dee, I can't help myself. I'm glad it looks yummy, rendering the fluffy rice was my favorite part!
Oh, I draw on huge canvases too. It feels like the image is sharper to me when it's on a huge canvas. Usually I start with a huge canvas and by the time I'm ready to ink I'll scale the canvas down.

No. 238439

>Though I now have the awareness to never mention him ever anymore
It makes me so freaking sad to hear this, I legit think you're cool.

No. 238473

Nah, it shouldn't. To be honest, it kind of really hurt to learn the truth of the matter is that he isn't a desirable husbando to others as he is to me. Others will never see him in the way I do. Talking about and posting him was making others annoyed, uncomfortable, or laugh. Not all husbandos are equal and I'm fine with that. I'd rather not make others uncomfortable by posting him or have my husbando, or my love for him, reduced to some shitty punchline or joke. Thank you though, it means a lot to know others may like him!

No. 238780

>Talking about and posting him was making others annoyed, uncomfortable, or laugh
I'm going to say it again but your dedication to Dedede is very impressive and inspiring to me, you're super passionate and you're seriously someone I would listen to for hours, not out of simple curiosity, I legit think your kirby knowledge is cool. I still extend my hand and would like to be your friend someday.

No. 238786

Fuck the haters

No. 238826

Nonnie I love you. Your husbando may be unconventional to me but your art is so fun and clearly has a lot of heart into it, it makes me smile. Keep posting!

No. 238989

Please be my friend I'm serious

No. 239007

This is a very cute rendering style. I'm jelly!

No. 239087

Please don't listen to haters, anon. I see that your husbando is very dear to you and he inspirers you to make great art. Fuck haters. They are just jelous about what you have going on.

No. 239423

File: 1663218761348.png (361.83 KB, 481x934, babumeta.png)

Doodle to compensate for the postings below, it's Meta Knight but babey.
Dedede is my one of two everythings, and I love him very much. I could talk about him, Meta Knight or Kirby for hours, enough to fill a three hour and thirty minute youtube if I had to give an estimate. My passion is unending to be honest and I can get a little carried away with it, so I could never lose any love or passion for him. Probably one of my biggest reasons for drawing things in general!
Thanks Anon, my passion is the one thing that keeps me driving and living each morning. If you're the Anon from /g/ who I snapped at, I'm truly truly sorry for how rude and aggressive I sounded, I really am. The way you acted, especially the wking, kind of scared me since it was eerily similar to a moid with a tsim fetish who stalked me on twitter and shitcord for a while and I just ended up freaking out a bit.
Thank you very much! If you're wondering how I did it, the trick is to use a low density or opacity analog pencil style brushes at a large size and build everything up from the dark color first and the lighter color next. Changing the direction in which you do your brush strokes helps as well as it adds different directions in texture. Three overlapping colors of a varying saturation and shade for each color to blend rather than an actual blending tool helps as well. I used three colors, yellow, pale yellow and pale brown to do the rice funnily enough!

No. 239484

DededeAnon, I want you to know that your art genuinely got me interested in the Kirby series and I actually bought a Kirby art book because of how cute and charming I found your art of the characters! If you ever made an art book of your husbando, I'd be first in line.

No. 239519

Oh shoot, really? I'm honored and I hope you enjoy the series! It's the Official Art and Style Collection Book, I assume? Frankly it's one of my favorite books and I use it all the time for reference and inspiration. I wish they would update it or make a sequel considering the new games and many new promotions that have come out since then like Pupupu Horoscope, 30th Anniversary Music Fest and 2019-2022 Kirby Cafe. If you prefer books rather than the games, the novels are really good! I'm working on a doujin if that counts, I would like to make an artbook one day dedicated to Dedede, Kirby and Meta Knight though! We should probably take this to the Kirby thread on /m/ kek

No. 240007

File: 1663558131529.png (116.17 KB, 438x340, whereamisupposedtolaughatidiot…)

Here's a cowe Kirby I drew back on CC.

No. 240009

No. 240236

File: 1663600444693.jpeg (764.77 KB, 2334x3028, AD2C9204-D424-46D5-9BB8-B688AB…)

I feel embarrassed posting my art because I feel like this is bad art but I have trouble rendering and fleshing out my compositions and have problems finishing my drawings because none of them are perfect. do any of you have any good tips/videos for improving color theory and perspective?

No. 240267

Practice perspective by studying references. It's essential that you start seeing things in 3D (or in shapes) instead of just lines on a canvas. I know it's boring but it'll help a lot.
As for color theory there are plenty of videos/tutorials, but you can also study professional artists you like and look at how it's applied. Lots of great artists also post speedpaints on YouTube so you can see the process.

No. 240290

If I wanted to play a Kirby game what game should I start with

No. 240624

thank you nonita, I have trouble visualizing 3D objects sometimes. it definitely requires a decent amount of spatial awareness but practicing somehow gives me muscle memory

No. 240627

Forgotten land because it’s on the switch and is pretty good. If you have 3ds robobot is solid

No. 241221

File: 1663846284800.png (3.59 MB, 3024x4032, 614DDE01-B465-46CA-A231-9D7B02…)

I like this but something feels off lmao it’s probably multiple things

No. 241222

I just downloaded all of the how to draw manga books I could find. Had some of them when I was in my teens and it feels so nostalgic to look through them. Makes me remember a time when I could just fill drawing pads with different cartoony eyes and be proud.

No. 241249

File: 1663856499582.jpg (154.05 KB, 1173x1600, plans de la face sous éclairag…)

Edges need to be cleaner
Colors are muddy : need more contrast and values shift (look up black skin color palettes refs)
No light source, which brings us to the next point :
Feels too flat : look faces and body planes refs such as the one attached

And mroe importantly, keep drawing !
God luck nonna

No. 241300

Bit late, but maybe you should have posted a side-by-side? I run into the same issue and I figured that it's maybe because I don't have a good sense of values nor contrast.

No. 241378

File: 1663881348599.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3211x2048, FC68D99E-A228-429B-A164-338ABA…)

thank you nonna,
here’s side by side. now when I’m looking at it, I can see the values are off. Maybe I shouldn’t try to get the proportions so right and concentrate on shapes instead. I have a visual impairment (everything I see is kind of skewed and crooked) so digital has been a great help to me. I dont trace, but I make an outline of the source and than I can easily compare it to my drawing. but it obviously limits me too. I have some sketch portraits and although they are not that accurate,they look better than those where I try to be really accurate with proportion.

No. 241379

Kirb-dedede anon, if you're still around, can you let us know about other inspirations and resources you used to learn how to draw?
I really like the movement, forms, and life in your art and I want to stea–borrow some!!

No. 241380

I would recommend everyone here to peak at anatomy stuff for sculptors… there’s a really good book “anatomy for sculptors” (if I’m remembering correctly) you can read on archive.org for free, it has 3D muscle recreations too

No. 241403

File: 1663887427840.jpg (54.62 KB, 612x417, istockphoto-914376680-612x612.…)

No. 241412

Balls might be your thing but it ain't mine, anon.

No. 241431

kirby anon speaks out against the cruel, ball pit image harassment campaign

No. 241434

File: 1663898503938.jpeg (96.04 KB, 1400x788, 7FA7B72C-D84F-4E02-B987-D73D06…)

the one and only ball pit. never 4get

No. 241444

Thanks nonna applied your advice as best I could and it’s looking better.

No. 241445

File: 1663903694725.png (2.09 MB, 2175x1433, dontworryyouwillgetthere.png)

Don't know if I'm the best one to give advice, I mean my only strong suits is coloring and that's about it. I can't even draw humans granted, I don't want to. but for you, nona, I'll give it a shot.

I'll just go over the basis for my art. To be clear, I use a pirated copy of Clipstudio Paint EX.

My biggest inspiration is Kirby, in general. The colors, the aesthetics, everything. So usually I'll play Kirby and take screenshots to use as references, look at other Kirby art, read some of the novels, etc. The Kirby Art & Style Collection book is also one of my biggest references as it covers so many different art and concepts from the entire series up to Robobobot. As for other inspirations, it can be other things like songs I listen to, manga covers, things I see about my day, etc. Really it's anything and everything, though usually it's something cute and adorable.

I generally like soft palettes so I tend to stick to those, but in general I usually use a basic color palette. I used to use a copic marker color palette I got from the ClipStudioPaint Asset Store, but that was removed so I just use a regular color palette called "和色カラーパレット" from https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1631368, it covers all the basic colors you'd need and then some. Color choice really depends on what you're going for with your individual art peice, though I try to be creative with my color choices nowadays using purples to shade reds, cyans to highlight navy blues, blues to shade pink, etc. So it's always good to try playing around with colors, some books I would suggest that I used when I was still shit at color theory would be 色の教科書, コピックかんたん上達色ぬりレッスン, コピックで描く基本 可愛いキャラと身の回りの小物たち, though the last two lean towards marker like illustrations but they help all the same. You can find them on places like e-/ex-hentai as horrid as that sounds. Another thing that helps with coloring is playing around with gradation and hues, they can brighten up, make colors more contrast, make certain areas pop, etc. I would suggest taking an illustration that you used LOTS of different colors and just taking a moment to put different filters and different hues, it gives you a better understanding of what colors might look interesting together when shifted.

As for resources, I admit, I'm a bit of a brush hoarder. In reality, outside of my tablet I can't draw or even write well. My hands shake too much so I'm thankful for technology that has things like stabilizers. As such, I'm able to try out all sorts of different types of drawings and I tend to go a bit hog-wild. I would have to say I use about three different groups of brushes on a daily basis. Manga-type ink brushes, I use them for all sorts of things like hatching, line art, etc. Marker and Watercolor-type brushes, which I use for making "softer" looking pieces. Rough Paint and Pencil-type brushes, which I use for making pieces that are more painterly and have texture to them, along with textured line art or hatching. I'm going to drop my favorite from each category.
Manga-type Ink Brush
>1本で線画&描き文字ペン (https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1811648)
I love this pen a lot, I use it for almost everything. It's not too texturized but just enough that there's a little dash of analog to it. The pen pressure is really good, allows for a lot of control. I used it for my past doujinshi as it's perfect for doing the general inks, small hatching, details, and small SFX.

Marker and Watercolor-type Pen
>Tマーカー風ブラシセット (https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1692034)
I love, love, LOVE this marker set. I looks almost like the real thing if I had to say. The blending tool is wonderful and I use it more than the base blending tool It's perfect for soft water color art that relies on the white background, and more colorful watercolor art. I tend to call these pens the "Digital Copics" because they behave the same way in buildability and bendability. They're best used with pencil brushes and a just barely yellow-tan background.

Rough Paint and Pencil Brushes
>しげ絵筆令式 (https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1871677)
These are my absolute go-to when it comes to making rendered painterly art. It's wonderfully textured, with different brushes that have varying level "scratchiness" to them, so you can layer different colors over with the lower color showing through. They look nice, work nicely and are always reliable from the get-go so you don't need to do much finicking with them.

Those are my main resources for drawing and coloring.

As for process. Usually when I come up with something, I'll write it down and sketch it. Usually I'll use one or two colors depending on what I'm sketching like blue for the background and red for the character. It's better to clean your sketches rather than leaving them messy. Messy sketches won't be as defined and easy to follow as clean sketches, and can lead to slight trouble when you begin inking them. This is just me though, I find I ink faster on a clean sketch than a messy one. I use a huge canvas so I can copy and paste various references I may need around the area I'm drawing because CSP's subview is absolute shit and I don't like opening a new tab for each thing I need to remember. Such things could be screenshots, flowers, color palettes, photos, official renders, etc.
After I check the sketch looks good after flipping, and tweaking and such, I'll save it and close CSP and go ahead and ink tomorrow. Usually the period from sketching and beginning inking allows me to think of things I might not have thought of in the moment like slight additions or changes. I feel taking some times allows you to better stew on what you'll want to do later on. Unless I'm doing a painterly picture, I'll move on to inking after the sketch.

Once I'm ready to ink, I'll do it all in one swoop. I'll have different layers for different things. For example, Layer 1 will be the main body, Layer 2 for small details, Layer 3 will be facial expressions, and Layer 4 will be the background and so on. I feel this allows me to better edit and change things without accidentally erasing something.

Once all is done, I'll go ahead and color. Now, how I color really depends on how I plan to color like if I plan to use water colors or cell-shade or soft rendering. I feel that's too much to type so I'll just put it plain and simple. I layer on the base colors, then shade/blend on a different layer in a completely different folder, and repeat the same with highlights and detail. The reason being so that I can change colors easily if something seems off or I want to play around. (I don't do this for watercolor though, I just do the colors on one single layer for that.)
I also feel the airbrush tool tends to look bad unless done to add a gradient over a large area before applying the shadows and light over it or done as a "non-textured" water color brush against a white background. This is just a personal preference.

After coloring I just do tweaks. I'll maybe add a gradation, shift hues, modify the canvas, add a frame, white highlights, text, etc. It's just the general tweaks before I post it online.

And done, that's how I do illustrations and such. I also used to use this book, Let's Make ★ Character CGイラストテクニック, for a basic workflow of how illustrations are done, it's very helpful!

Some other books I've used… (Note. Some of these are one-offs after I used them for their worth, some of these I come to occasionally, and some of them I refer to constantly.)
着物の描き方 基本からそれっぽく描くポイントまで, マンガで使える! 食の描き方, 動きとシワがよくわかる 衣服の描き方図鑑 服の仕組みから角度別の描き方まで, 完全実用版 おんなのこの服の脱がせ方 (I mostly use this a reference when I'm drawing pin-ups, it's porny though.), Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 4 - All About Perspective, デジタルイラストの「表情」描き方事典:想いが伝わる感情表現, ちょっぴりHなコスチュームの描き方 (Porny, so be warned. Mostly used this when I was sketching up a personal lewd calendar of my husbandos but I still occasionally go to it even now), 軍服・制服の描き方 アメリカ軍・自衛隊の制服から戦闘服まで (For any of you who has a thing military or uniforms, this is PERFECT, even outside of a reference I love it)

As for other small things I keep in mind…

0. Draw what you love, and only what you love. Never let drawing become a chore.

1. When it comes to forms, I just go for what would look cool and interesting and or cute and simple. Though I always try to make sure my compositions look somewhat symmetrical or have an interesting contrast. As for movements, I just try to make sure nothing looks too shift, there should be curves and such with arms, details that imply there's movement going on, etc. The facial expressions help too, I'm horrible when it comes to reading (and drawing) facial expressions so I actually have a folder of them that I've screenshotted from manga and such. As for life, I just try to draw the characters as if they're living as weird as that sounds.

2. This is biased but I feel Kirby characters are perfect for practicing colors. As each character has a general core color theme you can use to test for certain colors. Meta Knight is perfect if you want to get used to experimenting with blues, purples and yellows. Dedede has the primary colors, yellow, red and blue built directly into his design, and so on.

3. There will always be a bigger fish so feeling insecure is stupid. By that I mean, if you feel insecure or upset that your art isn't good enough or isn't good, don't because it's true. Someone will always be better than you at art, someone will always draw better, someone will always draw more interesting and creative pieces, someone younger than you will draw better than you, someone older will draw better than you. This is a universal constant you will and should learn to accept, so there's no use in being sore or jealous of other artists and their skill. Instead, be inspired and use those inadequate feelings you develop to push yourself harder to improve and become the best artist you yourself want to be. Even more so if you're drawing for fun. I guarantee, if you think something like "God, I wish I was like this artist!!! It's not fair!!!" someone is thinking the same about you.

4. Everyone's art has always started piss-poor before they began to improve, pic very very much related (2019-2023). No one is born picasso, and if someone is, become better. Just continue working and improving at what you like and what interests you and you will get there.

5. Try everything and go for it. If you want to try something, absolutely go for it! The best way to improve is to try different things, experiment with different things. Use a painterly brush and textured watercolor brush in one art peice. Even if it sucks, all that matters is that you tried and went for something different and that in itself is a form of improvement, moving out of your comfort zone. If you want to draw something in a lineless painterly style, go for it! If you want to make a doujinshi, go for it! If you want to draw with nothing but pencils, even for coloring, go for it! Just try all sorts of different things, it'll be worth it since you might just pick something up on the way. It's great to incorporate some sort of practice of fundamentals into your drawing

6. Don't use too many artbooks, it will overwhelm you and you'll never read them, same goes for brushes.

7. Drawing porn is only fun if you personally and actually enjoy what you are drawing. Never draw porn if you don't like it, especially if you're drawing porn for others.

8. And most importantly, have fun.

9. Perspective is an absolute pain in the ass but you should definitely learn it. Fundamentals are cool.

Hope this helps. Shit, I sound like a shitty art channel don't I?

Super Star Ultra, absolute 10/10 and perfect for entering the series.

No. 241456

File: 1663905737616.png (914.34 KB, 775x1100, spaceydoodle.png)

Should probably get off my ass and design shit for real.

No. 241468

How many years have you been drawing?

No. 241469

This post is so helpful, thank you

No. 241470

You went above and beyond the stars!! Reading through this made me realizes a lot of areas I was succumbing to chaos too and not really in a fun way either. Like, doodling things I didn't even like just because I was better at certain things and was afraid of exploring, or being disorganized in an oddly unspontaneous way–in contrast to your conscientious approach. And it's really silly cuz when I drew something I really liked, it made me happy. Also, I asked you because there's something I like about your drawings that I prefer over, say, what I see when I look up Kirby and similar art of nonhuman characters. Take that as you may.

Anywaaay, I ramble. I'll check out some of the links and references you gave. I'm pretty shy but maybe I'll talk about my progress sometime here.

No. 241471

From 2018 to 2023, so six years as of now.
Thanks, I'm glad I could help.
I get what you mean. I feel like every artist has that moment when they fear trying something new. For example, despite my uncomfortable lust for Dedede, I only just started drawing him maybe a few months ago because I was afraid to branch out into something so alien and new. Sometimes you just got to force yourself even if it's scary and even if you know it's going to look bad at first. A comfort zone is a double edged sword in a way.
I'm happy to hear that, it's amazing when you're able to draw something you really do enjoy and love, something that actually makes you proud.
>I asked you because there's something I like about your drawings that I prefer over, say, what I see when I look up Kirby and similar art of nonhuman characters. Take that as you may.
I genuinely don't know how to take this but I will assume it's supposed to be a compliment so thank you very much, it means a whole lot.
I'd love to see your progress and I'm honored that my advice was of some use!

No. 241475

Oh, it was meant to be a compliment. I love your art. The expressions, style, liveliness–I worded it like I did because I love these characters, but never really found art I really loved of them until now.
Your Dede-delay is painfully relatable and describes most of my early art attempts. Can't believe I spent so long dawdling on things that were so much less fun to me. Oh well. Here I am, on the right path now.

No. 241513

Could you post the updated version? I'm curious to see how it looks

No. 241520

Can you post more examples of the brushes you use in your art? example
>Rough Paint and Pencil Brushes
I want to see a drawing using these

No. 241593

Here's this >>196512 and >>196511. For the Waddle Dee picture, I only used different colored pencils to color, shade and add lighting. For the second picture, I used a mix of Rough-paint to do the coloring and pencil brushes at different sizes to do add textures and details.

No. 241654

>despite my uncomfortable lust for Dedede
Scrotes could never compare

No. 241771

File: 1663980763035.png (3.84 MB, 3024x4032, 0CCC5EB7-B556-41B3-81BC-2BAFB6…)

Here, I’m still working on the clothing folds and I never expected to work this long on a face lmao. But he looks more lively than the last image.

No. 242375

Can I make a suggestion? Stop trying to work on one part of the picture at a time. Work on everything, build up all the levels at the same time. And don't start adding highlights to one part but not another. (Also don't work on a white background, it really fucks with your sense of values. Work on a gray bg.)

No. 242429

File: 1664159569134.jpeg (28.68 KB, 623x567, 9FB614CB-67C8-429F-A008-3EC57B…)

Tysm these tips are really helping me out

No. 243103

File: 1664332057510.png (Spoiler Image, 6.83 MB, 2803x2968, mstrgl3.png)

No. 243131

this is really cute, love her hair

No. 243448

i apologize for not having better criticism to contribute. but i just really love this one, nona. its cool as hell

No. 243793

File: 1664577658161.png (314.65 KB, 1453x1893, uhh.png)

my magnum opus

No. 243799

Can you draw Blaine?

No. 243800

Don't feed his ego.

No. 243935

Was this done on paper then transferred to digital? Love the line texture on the dress and bg!

No. 244009

Thank you anons you have warmed my heart
Yes! It was done on lined paper (at work lol). I finally found a setting of the line extraction tool on clip studio EX that eliminates only the lines from the paper. I’m really happy because I really only can draw on lined paper due to mental issues so this really opens up a new world for me. I think for it to work the drawing has to be in black pen so there is enough difference between it and the lined paper. If anyone has EX and wants to try, I used the “posterize before extracting” option and played with the ratio.

No. 244058

File: 1664659102892.png (59.73 KB, 564x1002, nonnabella.png)


No. 244060

its so good nonna glad i could see it after movie night!

No. 244062

File: 1664659898476.png (9.45 KB, 272x312, thx.png)

im glad you liked it anon!

No. 244063

Really cute, nonna!

No. 245694


you're amazing at painting and values anon, 10/10

No. 245821

File: 1665293312728.png (600.95 KB, 1756x1054, Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 4.25…)

was just doing fun trace overs of movie screen grabs with my friends and ill never post it anywhere so i thought id post it here..very rough but i liked it

No. 245823

stop watching scrotey coomer movies then bc this is weird

No. 245831

Wolf of Wall Street?

No. 245843

File: 1665307505881.png (494.35 KB, 678x820, Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 8.24…)



No. 245845

we used to be in a discord server together, i miss your oc sperging tbh, cool to see you're still here.

No. 245853

omg nona….im still in the server if ur still in it, or if we're friends on discord im always open to sharing my socials lolol….and dont worry ill always be somewhere, obsessing over my ocs

No. 246171

are you seriously asking for critique on this or do you just want asspats? because i find it hard to believe you want someone to seriously critique something like this

No. 246512

>>245821 looks cute anon, they look a bit pale but maybe that's the feel you're going for

No. 251013

If you sold these I would so buy one for my future office, they're so cool!

No. 251613

File: 1667147792687.jpg (346.2 KB, 700x628, ribombee.jpg)

Very early sketch, but how are the colors looking like so far? (aside from most likely terrible on mobile).
I usually draw with 3 colors (2 main + 1 accent) because I'm kinda bad at picking them, but I wanted to give her some colourful flowers and I don't know if they clash too much.

No. 251614

Adorable nonnie!! They don't clash at all, I would play around with the blue flower a little, reflect that yellow off the other two flowers like how you did with the pink, it's very pretty & makes it a bit more cohesive. You definitely have an eye for colour, be more confident and play around, there's endless opportunity! Good luck

No. 253831

File: 1667839066167.jpg (6.21 MB, 4032x3024, 20221105_235728.jpg)

I am drawing a weird snail my hands are tired and idk if I have it in me to finish

No. 253853

This makes me think of the radfem art of a snail trooning into butterfly with infected "wings" made from a mangled shell

No. 253882

nice inking! i like his little arms and eyes

No. 257186

File: 1669168544176.png (223.7 KB, 1181x945, cat1.png)

first time in digital, i dont know what im doing

No. 257216

it doesn't look terrible, it looks wonderful! very cute. i would buy this.

No. 257262

wow this is nostalgic for me, I loved drawing shit like this in middle school

No. 257278

It looks really good for your first, looks like you've got a hang on layers and different brushes. What software are you using?

No. 257390

File: 1669233734282.jpg (1009.81 KB, 1700x1597, new ocs - Copy.jpg)

I mostly draw women and girls because of malegaze, how do I embrace the thirst and master the art of cute men, nonnies?

No. 257407

Thank you so much anonna! Im using adobe photoshop cc 2017 and only one of the brushes that come with the software. Now Im watching videos to improve my lineart and the uses of different brushes

No. 257423

Complete unironically, find a good husbando
You'll want to portray him justly, so you'll force yourself to draw the male figure better and break the male gaze dominant pretty girl art
The husbando hornyposting thread is a good research field for new husbando prospects btw

No. 257454

This nonna has a point. I managed to learn drawing decent muscles because my husbando is a hunk and I don't want to give him any injustice.

No. 257513

File: 1669282886289.jpg (540.66 KB, 1700x1387, TAKERU.jpg)

thank you nonnie, I'll try
I'm mostly an oc artist, but I will channel thirst to my husbandos as well.

you're powerful.

I really hate ic but I discovered the husbando thread, and it looks really comfy so far.

No. 259152

File: 1669747313690.jpg (848.54 KB, 2241x2029, 20221129_193740.jpg)

No. 259153

File: 1669747370027.jpg (541.58 KB, 1580x1599, 20221129_193546.jpg)

No. 259154

File: 1669747457996.jpg (750 KB, 1705x2303, 20221129_193718.jpg)

No. 259155

File: 1669747479118.jpg (1.53 MB, 3264x2448, 20221129_193237.jpg)

No. 259156

File: 1669747543917.jpg (527.4 KB, 1517x1656, 20221129_193623.jpg)

No. 259157

File: 1669747603665.jpg (947.06 KB, 3145x2327, 20221129_194622.jpg)

No. 259158

adam driver fan art???

No. 259159

10/10 I love it

No. 259160

your art is based

No. 259162

File: 1669748238612.jpeg (152.13 KB, 878x700, Vincent-Van-Gogh-The-Street-th…)

Reminds me of The Yellow House by Vincent Van Gogh, except - Van Gogh could only hope to be this talented.

No. 259164

looks more like Paul Dano to me

No. 259166

She is beautiful.

No. 259175

This >>259153 is Paul and this >>259154 is Adam imho

No. 259176

I think >>259154 is supposed to be Robert Pattinson? "sparkle sparkle" meaning Edward Cullen?

No. 259178

Police sketches be like

No. 259179

this looks just like my cat

No. 259183

I thought it's just bishie sparkles

No. 259193

I want to make this my wallpaper. The scratched out girl on the right is the cherry on top for me.

No. 259198

File: 1669758726413.png (Spoiler Image, 989.29 KB, 2745x2650, yoshiwithegg.png)


No. 259200

Hm. So why do you draw this?

No. 259203

you even drew the yoshussy…

No. 259205

No. 259234

No. 259247

I wish I could draw men like you, the guys I draw look like preying mantises

No. 259257


I'm going to vomit

No. 259324

File: 1669778645988.png (Spoiler Image, 692.77 KB, 1412x1222, cursed-delete.png)

we posting cursed art now?

No. 259339

No. 259448

Most iconic ship

No. 259480

No. 259534

File: 1669834820425.png (Spoiler Image, 85.34 KB, 1322x538, july 2018 the illustration to …)

I've kept a (digital) diary for a few years now, but when I first started it I used to include a few MS Paint illustrations in the folder for each month. Looking back on them they are completely incomprehensible and I have no idea what I was referring to even after reading the accompanying diary entries.

No. 259537

This is epic and cool as fuck

No. 259556

This is so cute nonnie! I hope you continue to illustrate little parts of it

No. 259667

I like it. Could you post more?

No. 260053

File: 1670005353219.jpeg (580.48 KB, 2108x2048, CDF54E27-B072-4E75-A3A6-88EF6D…)

WIP. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and learn mixer brushes in Infinite painter instead of using procreate as I usually do.

No. 260054

that's really good

No. 260055

this is rlly good and he looks qt.

No. 260140

nonny!! i love the colors you use

No. 260226

No. 260856

File: 1670210326255.jpeg (336.49 KB, 750x945, A33C6601-B0D8-4F96-920D-092D1A…)

I don’t need a rating I just wanted to share a happy winter picture with my nonnies

No. 260860

I'm rating it anyway
it's cute <3

No. 260924

No. 260946

File: 1670252152552.jpeg (494.89 KB, 1440x1800, B8DFC83F-6387-4478-BA16-086DB3…)

Some fan art for the show wensday

No. 261349

File: 1670356202735.gif (321.34 KB, 500x500, picmix.gif)

rate my pixmix

No. 261350

File: 1670356248419.gif (1.46 MB, 500x500, picmix 2.gif)

just an average nonny, always on the search

No. 261351

File: 1670356270576.gif (1.48 MB, 500x500, picmix3.gif)

this could be us

No. 261353

This is adorable, nona.

No. 261411

i want this as a banner

No. 261911

File: 1670515868272.jpg (921.47 KB, 1600x1507, quinn.jpg)

This character's a cringe they/them gendie but he's a cute man to me. I can fix him…

Thank you!

No. 261914

File: 1670515927801.jpg (1.67 MB, 1137x1386, quinn2.jpg)

Had to draw him again because I don't think the first one is thirsty enough.

No. 261917

Lovely art nonna! I think it's so cute when he eats the ingredients in game.

No. 261924

File: 1670517286401.jpg (2.1 MB, 3456x3024, 20221006_145334.jpg)

I draw weird things I guess. Rip it apart

No. 261928

I love weird things, show something more nonna!

No. 262023

Would anyone mind rating my art?

No. 262033

It's cute! Judging on the skirt, you might benefit in studying 3d forms more.

No. 262529

File: 1670685144852.png (1.65 MB, 1527x1863, Untitled7_20221210101122.png)

Nick fuentes x ye

No. 262530

i hope ye sucks all the flesh off of his body

No. 262532

No. 262549

File: 1670692478726.png (1.13 MB, 1527x1863, Untitled7_20221210121300.png)

Femboy fuentes

No. 262554

The first post was funny but this is coomerish as hell

No. 263839

File: 1671138075915.png (103.52 KB, 383x744, starfiree.png)

god i want art friends but the discord link doesn't work for me so i can't join and meet nonnies
picrel sketch of starfire i'm procrastinating on because it feels too coomer-y but i like the pose. probably gonna redo anyways >>238067
reminds me of those zombie girls on the msi cover art!

No. 263843

File: 1671139145647.jpeg (444.95 KB, 1607x2048, 0C8D36BF-C956-4BC9-817D-3E112B…)

wip of tommy shelby. i’m stuck doing boring portraits, but that’s what I enjoy the most. I deeply admire artists who draw things from imagination.

No. 263844

nice one! I’d love to join some art discord too.

No. 263898

MetaSusie is based

No. 263906

You should make the cows troonjaks.

No. 268386

File: 1673418401494.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, comparacion.png)

it all started as a tracing (right) but i didnt like the lineart so I did it again, used different brushes and it ended like left. I know its silly and edgy but i like it as it is

No. 268387

looks like she's about to do a shit in a public building and get escorted out by security

No. 268390

bump bc CP

No. 268407

C'mon that's even more uninspired that my drawing.

No. 268425

Where's her pants

No. 268520

File: 1673472901206.png (1.82 MB, 1200x1703, Capture.PNG)

got this bad boy shown in an exhibition in december

No. 268551

i like the shape of the fire and the empty stare
congrats on the exhibition!
planning on posting a collage of my elsie drawings

No. 268558

File: 1673489956247.png (192.37 KB, 718x635, redline.PNG)

Hey the thin lineart looks good and there's a visible improvement. I'd advise against tracing though even if its just practice cause it can be difficult to understand what the original artist was stylizing (for example the area around the leg should fold more like picrel, I'm guessing the original had clothes covering it). Instead I suggest looking at real photo poses for reference, or the mirror. Cute design though.

No. 268567

That font has strong "graphic design is my passion" vibes

No. 268630

thanks a lot anon for the correction, guess im gonna redoit but with a photo reference. The original had clothes on it yes

No. 268652

thanks! hope u post them soon

No. 268653

i forgot about the qoute until last minute so it's not incorporated in the design at all kek

No. 270893

File: 1674267953782.png (266.66 KB, 724x872, Screenshot_20230120_212515.png)

this has to be the first time I drew something in a style like this. I think it looks rough… but I like some parts of it. What can I improve on?

No. 271069

I think the horn is placed a little wrong.

No. 271407

File: 1674523231031.png (331.45 KB, 686x1000, Untitled_Artwork 2.png)


No. 271438

Holy shit are you that anon who drew the 90's/retro/whatever you wanna call it anime girl in that one doodle board?

No. 271439

i havent drawn in those since the bunker threads

No. 271440

Well either way I'm a big fan of your style, please keep it alive

No. 271731

I love your art style nonna!! You're so talented.

No. 272974

File: 1675373458758.jpeg (693.96 KB, 1471x1665, E217C01C-87B9-4071-89A2-29D6DE…)

I don’t want to see this thread to die, there’re so many talented nonnas here and I love to see your work. I like to draw men with glasess, so here’s one I just made up.

No. 273315

File: 1675504231370.png (859.69 KB, 1114x1127, twoex_1.png)

I have had art block for almost half a year

No. 273388

2X-chan does unfathomable things to me, this is gorgeous nonna, more please

No. 273454

Lovely angle and a beautiful nose. I'm a bit envious with how you manage to draw glasses on correctly without making it look out of place. 10/10 One question, is this a digital piece?
Astonishing! I love that you made 2X have visible biceps and feminine outline, love that her shirt looks like it frowning to onlookers and yet from 2X it looks like a smiling face, cow print baggy trousers is something that I hope catches on as it matches with Elsie's tacky shirt which I love! Also love that Elsie is creeping in the background and the height diffrence. 10/10

No. 274081

File: 1675791018969.jpeg (543.66 KB, 1204x1216, CEBEFF0C-5480-43D4-A399-3E7453…)

Thank you! I have a lot of practice drawing glasses heh. Profile is actually the easiest portrait angle, only one eye to draw and a clear line to get the proportions right.
To answer your question - yes, it’s a digital drawing, I mainly use procreate. I used to only do traditional, I love traditional, but doing it all on ipad is much more convenient. I sometimes try to mimic the traditional feel in digital, in drawings it’s quite easy, paintings are harder.
Here’s a portrait where I tried to make it look like a pencil drawing.

No. 274084

I love this! I know how does it feel to have the art block. I had one that lasted 4 years… I wrote songs and poetry instead. To pick up a pencil and start drawing was very intimidating after so much time have passed but I was actually surprised. I thought it would be awful but it was almost like i’ve never stopped. A bit awkward but ok otherwise.

No. 277985

File: 1677206794412.jpg (2.9 MB, 3024x4032, 20230223_204139.jpg)

No. 277986

learn to draw hands and feet

No. 277999

File: 1677209260541.jpg (3.2 MB, 3024x4032, 20230223_212631.jpg)

No. 278020

File: 1677214753819.png (362.25 KB, 864x909, cheebs.png)

littl chibi im working on

No. 278027

Kek. I love it nonnie.

No. 278028

I remember you, are you >>261924 ? I loved that one, I saw it a long time after you posted it so I never said anything but I should've, your creature is cool. I like your style, I mostly do pen and ink too so it feels like I have a friend itt. >>277999 kek

No. 278088

She's cute nonna!

No. 278100

Kek yeah thats mine. Bookmarked thread to post in, promptly forgot. Got real stoned last night. Found thread again. Hello fellow pen and ink friend. And thanks so much for the compliment

No. 278194

Yw! I'm going to draw something in ink tonight in your honor nona, I haven't drawn in a while and have been trying to get back into it with pencils the last few weeks.

No. 278680

File: 1677441859249.png (579.38 KB, 1322x1051, valhard.png)

I drew this for Valentines Day

No. 278683

File: 1677442066002.png (354.56 KB, 1069x1207, shesflustered.png)

this as well, it's one of my favorite ships.

No. 279083

File: 1677574290199.jpg (367.54 KB, 1345x1477, 1677559737731272.jpg)

Be honest, I'm looking for ways to improve

No. 279085

9/10 clean, competent

Looks well done. I'm not a big fan of the style but I dont like chibi anime so that's on me

The textured brush on the right helped give it that messy early internet look. I don't really like the execution or subject matter

I like this a lot 9/10 or 10/10

No. 279107

This is so cute.

No. 279110

This is already pretty good imo, maybe one thing you could do is add more variation with the line thickness, I see you've already done that on the details like the shoe, but personally I think the skirt could have thinner lines, for example, as it blends too much with the glove of the girl on the right (for example). It's really cute though, are these OCs?

No. 279294

nayrt but these look to be the mcs from Kill La Kill

No. 279467

They're my OCs dressed as the kill la kill girls lol

No. 279556

Thanks, metakirby is one of my top fives.
First off, I love the linework here it looks solid and confident. The style is nice here, I love how blocky and round everything looks without coming off as the style being used as a crutch. Everything looks fun and pleasing to the eyes. It looks like you have a pretty solid grasp on shapes and perspective already. I'd say you could work on keeping certain things like the little details consistent within the designs, for example the height of the rectangular design of the character on the right's shoes don't match up. One being shorter than the other. Other than that, it all looks really really good!

No. 279633

File: 1677756930839.jpg (259.58 KB, 1377x1477, IMG_5091.jpg)

Thanky, I appreciate the feedback. Didn't see this till I had already colored, so I'm gonna watch out for inconsistencies like that in the future. Arigato

No. 280066

File: 1677959260894.jpg (Spoiler Image, 845.47 KB, 1130x1130, Tumblr_l_24554498014770.jpg)

(Spoilered because creepy crawlers)
Gonta Gokuhara fanart. I'd appreciate tips because something feels like it's missing

No. 280074

Did you mean to leave your username?

No. 280087

Nta but you could have just removed the watermark since it's your drawing… also it's not really about self-promo, it's about exposing your socials on an anonymous imageboard like lolcow.

No. 280094

Everything looks kind of flat, Work on forms. I feel like if you moved away from pillow shading into a more painterly style it would help too

No. 280095

File: 1677969480439.jpg (128.31 KB, 1078x878, Tumblr_l_3603524595353929.jpg)

Thanks for the advice, here is something more painterly I drew recently, so I hope that's better

Maybe I'm dumb but I figured it didn't matter since you can reverse-search images anyway - either way, censored the watermark here ^^(^^)

No. 280099

integrate newfag

No. 280126

Good rule: Don't post your stuff to /ic/ crab buckets, it's mostly nit-picky

No. 284406

File: 1679355293890.png (2.71 MB, 1875x1729, magodatefinalfinal.png)

This was more so a refresher in doing my usual cell-shading style and a way to warm up for other drawings such as a card for Meta Knight's birthday.
Very cute cat, I like the shading a whole lot a and it reminds me of old picture books.

No. 284408

this is extremely cute and well drawn nonna, my only small advice ( more like an opinion really ) is that I wish you would have used a more textured brush on the characters, the stones look reaaly beautiful with that watercolor look and I think it would fit well to do all the coloring a bit more in that style. I really like your ligthing btw!

No. 284412

Thank you very much! Now that you mention that, I really should have. The funny thing is, you can sort of tell I had originally went/was going with a textured fluffy coloring with the floor and cotton candy but when I got to coloring Meta Knight and Kirby I changed my mind. Reason being I hadn't done cell shading in a while and wanted to 'brush up' on that however in doing so, while it does bring your attention to Meta Knight and Kirby, it strongly clashes with everything else so I kind of regret that stylistic choice. Thanks, I definitely need to get better with lighting though, I think I tend to make the characters a little too flat with the lighting or not make the changes in lighting such as shadows visible enough.

No. 284413

this looks very Japanese. Really cute

No. 284415

Thank you, and you're right. Actually a lot of Japanese artists are my biggest inspirations. Some examples would be ミシキ, ちぃち/ni, ハピさん, 四ツ橋まりも, 梅茶漬け, and mdok!

No. 285384

Adorable! Love to see meta and kirb together.

No. 286924

File: 1680328437146.png (83.08 KB, 709x1000, 162E8E37-8559-47EF-B9E1-A84F8E…)

A couple of months later and I got gud

Better than Picasso 10000/10

No. 287241

File: 1680535902671.png (571.55 KB, 1074x1558, めたかrd1.png)

New art, this was for Meta Knight's birthday. I took another nonnies advice and went for a full watercolor style with textured brushes though you can kind of tell I got a little lazy coloring things such as the background and Meta Knight's cape. Kirby and Dedede's are on the 26th so I want to draw something special for them next.
She's very cute, I like what you have so far and I can't wait to see the final product! I would suggest giving more textured definition to the edges of her hair but that's about all.
As do I, they're an adorable couple and you have can a lot of interesting dynamics to pull off with them. What do you like about mtkb?

No. 287328

i honestly liked it more before, it made the character stand out more from the background. Still really cute.

No. 288145

File: 1680892839212.jpeg (527.47 KB, 2053x2731, 46A8A336-91D2-44DC-91B1-733B8C…)

I just like to draw portraits so here’s another one I did few weeks ago. Any criticism is welcomed!

No. 288146

Samefag just to add that it’s not finished and it probably won’t be lol.

No. 288153

goddamn anon. The rendering on this is amazing.

No. 288156

Thank you!

No. 288179

Gorgeous and very painterly. Is there anything that makes you consider it unfinished aside from the collar? Because it looks pretty finished to me lol

No. 288191

Thanks! I think the hair is not so great. And the face could use some more polishing too maybe. I have this thing when the more I look at my work, the more mistakes I see. I don’t mind leaving the clothes somewhat sketchy, they’re not too important to me. I honestly am never sure when to stop. Often times I end up over rendering because of this. I struggle with deciding if the piece should use more work or not. I usually have various stages saved and then I go back and compare them and wonder whether it was better before. Sigh

No. 288207

I need her so bad

No. 288370

Nonnie this looks amazing! I love the textures on this so much, are there any specific brushes you use?

No. 288557

Thanks! I use procreate on iPad, the brush I used on this piece is called gouache-ish. I downloaded it from the procreate forum for free. I think I used some other brushes on this for some minor things, but honestly I don’t remember. But the gouache was the main brush, I almost exclusively use this one, even though I have a vast collection of different brushes lol.

No. 289091

File: 1681299900879.jpeg (97.14 KB, 1620x1620, A206E9CA-52DF-4E9B-8D7A-0DAF41…)

not an artist or anything, i'll maybe draw once every 5 months so keep that in mind

had the sudden motivation for this last night

No. 289122

She is very, uh, shiny

No. 289135

heh, yeah.. i guess my personal style tends to lean towards the super shiny vinyl/glass look

once my apple pencil recharges i'll try a more traditional and soft highlight type.

do u have any more reccs?

No. 289141

File: 1681317529159.jpeg (74.33 KB, 1620x1620, FE6FFD03-D53D-4497-9990-DC0551…)


i feel like i just made her depressed

No. 289148

Kek. If you change the black background to a lighter color it should help the drawing's mood.

No. 289155

She's cute! I love her expression

No. 289163

File: 1681325536249.jpeg (81.33 KB, 1620x1620, 48E429FE-5CD8-4FB1-9F44-E9C775…)


i feel like its still missing something, i can't pinpoint what

maybe more color?

No. 289175

Cleaner linework

No. 289345

I’m not an expert in anime art, but when I look at your picture, I see a discrepancy between the very detailed eyes and the sketch mouth. The eyes stand out and are very nicely rendered and the mouth looks like it belongs to someone else. But otherwise your work is great! I love the emotion of it all. The expression is like she’s guilty of something, or smiling through sadness. It’s very good. Especially when you say you draw once in a 5 months… like girl, you are very talented, draw more! If you can of course. I know the struggle. I have art as a hobby, I gotta work, so there’s not much time to draw. And then there’s the awful thing called artist block… I got that too. I once haven’t draw anything at all for 4 years. But keep going nonny!

No. 290422

thank you )

No. 290426


first of all, thank u!!!

and yes her expression is sort of a "smiling thru to the pain", i guess i just decided to draw how i felt at the time? lol

and yessssss i had so much struggle with the mouth AAAAAA, i tried rendering it more and using different styles first, but nothing felt right. So i settled for a painful smile ww

but in the end i guess it not too bad considering most older anime art also follows this pattern a lot, to the point it linda turned into a meme, the overly detailed eyes and hair, but extremely simple eyebrows nose and mouth

ps: if any of you want to tweak it to what you think would look better, please feel free to do so and share it! id love to see everyone's ideas and takes on this piece~(learn2integrate)

No. 290455

So this is just a quick thing, but you have shading above her eyebrow and below her hairline, which would be a very hard thing for 'real lighting' to do. Creating lighting and shadows can be really hard to grasp, but I would suggest working on thinking about the light hitting your model at a really specific angle. What would it look like? What shadows would it create? If there is a shadow created from the hairline, it suggests an overhead light, but the eyebrow having shading above suggest a light from below, which is a little contradictory. I think if you work on shadows, (maybe even some dramatic lighting), it can help you a lot. You also say you think your character needs more color, and playing around with the lighting can add a lot more color to your art without having to add extra things like accessories (that might not necessarily fit the vibe) of your character. You can play around with warm and cool light too. I'd look into it.

No. 290878

File: 1681950335435.png (146.14 KB, 670x576, GOOEY.PNG)

I drew Gooey, he's pretty cute and I like to imagine he's the equivalent of Kirby's roomate/house cat
Very cute character! Like the other anon said, playing around with light and setting up a light source can really make your art pop.

No. 290879

File: 1681950411539.png (44.29 KB, 608x770, metacool.png)

samefag but I also drew Meta Knight and casual clothes. My brother said he looks like the famous Korean idol, Jimin. I'm still shaking and crying thinking about it.

No. 290938

why are you typing like that, you must integrate

No. 291106

Sorry nothing interesting to add but your Jimin Meta Knight looks really cool, I really like this style in black and white style

No. 291110

May be personal opinion but I think your hair highlights are too dark.

Objectively speaking tho your lines are too messy and those random squiggles on the hair make it look dirty in an amateurish way. Clean that up a bit. I see you removed all such lines that you were using as highlights except the black ones, good job, but the black lines also have to go.
You can improve the hair highlights if you give them either a more natural zig-zaggy shape, or a more defined straight/curved shape (like in some simplified anime styles) that doesn't look like you just drew one lazy stroke of the pen brush with default settings.

No. 292838

File: 1682724486310.jpg (643.36 KB, 3000x4000, IMG_20230428_013132.jpg)

doodling cute boys

No. 292854

File: 1682729462969.png (2.16 MB, 1211x1598, B-DAYCARDfinal.png)

It was my main two's birthday yesterday so I wanted to draw something. I don't like how this came out, you can seriously tell I was pressed for time from the sloppy blending of the icing and the lax and simple rendering of the fruit. Not to mention, it's a direct rip from my card of last year but less painterly and more "soft". I'll do better next year.
He's beautiful, like really really beautiful. I really love this, the way the lines are scratchy yet still provide such a detailed face that draws you in reminds me of those old European inspired mangas or something. Really really good. His face is just mesmerizing, it's truly hard to describe.

No. 292877

your art style is super cool and interesting to look at and i wanted to comment on that despite hating feminine males

No. 292971

File: 1682779338758.jpg (2.02 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20230429_163929.jpg)

Thank you nonas! I like drawing feminine men and masculine women, they're not trannies though. Many of my characters aren't even gay

No. 292994

This character is sorta giving Abbacchio vibes lol. I love it nonna

No. 293641

File: 1683015671160.jpg (146.57 KB, 1231x1935, IMG_5269~2.jpg)

Ignore the weird crop
Was meant to be a zombie girl but I'm not sure if that reads, there was a guy next to her but he looked weird
I appreciate any tips or ways I can improve

No. 293647

Maybe make her look more scuffed with bruises, eyebags, messy hair, raggedy clothes pr etc. If that isn't what youre going for, maybe start adding some ghoulish colors? looks great so far nonna! i love the linework

No. 293651

Arigato, I'll scuff up her hair and add some clothing tears to make it come across better. My husband just thought she had an eyepatch and stitches lmao

No. 294064

File: 1683162665552.jpg (79.69 KB, 697x1118, photo_2023-05-03_21-11-09.jpg)

I tried to aim for cleaner lines and better 3D shapes. any tips? I struggle a lot with proportion and keeping stuff clean tbh

No. 294065

Your anatomy is incredible anon!

No. 294399

File: 1683315156482.png (77.41 KB, 526x815, SPOILER_image-1.png)

I'm aware the arms are too long in comparison to the legs, but what do you nonnas think?

No. 294798

File: 1683504266030.jpg (270.91 KB, 1551x1700, Makoto guapa.jpg)

Thanks, but honestly, I think it's because animals are my strong suit. picrel, it's a human drawing I finished today and I suffered a lot when it came to drawing it.

This is pretty cute, I think the clothes should be a bit more detailed though, like adding a few lines to make the sleeves seem puffy.

No. 294804

File: 1683508192678.jpg (246.37 KB, 1275x1651, Imaginative Realism_ How to Pa…)

Study more animal anatomy, specifically écorchés if you can find them. In this case, you'll want to look at references of odd-toed ungulates for the hind legs. Picrel is also a good read for what you're trying to do. The body is serviceable ( a little oversimplified, maybe) but the head doesn't make much sense; the jaw is really small compared to the cranium, and unusually placed structurally.

Don't lie to her. This thread is too much of a hugbox.

No. 294810

Im sure your criticism will be very much appreciated! Specific books are a great resource. I still find the creature’s body and the 3D shapes cool as hell and will keep complimenting what I like.

No. 294818

op here, thanks for the book suggestion. Could you explain better how to fix the jaw, would it be to just make it bigger?

No. 295219

File: 1683652197565.jpg (173.03 KB, 1520x1730, IMG_5378.jpg)

I want to draw more like @tealidium bur I'm having a tough time with matching his colors and rendering

Is there anything I can try to get better at

No. 295363

File: 1683707599829.jpg (372.55 KB, 1554x2307, FpyzeZfX0AAjfN0.jpg)

i think you should start with the lineart, checked that guy's art(thanks for the rec, love it) and he has a very seamless lineart. Have you tried asking him about his process? they seem very small and will most likely see your comment.

No. 296057

File: 1683998173012.png (358.73 KB, 508x670, Illustration.png)

Hi nonita! First off that artist's work is really awesome, thank you for linking them.

I think your art style is very fun already! But if you're looking to emulate this specific style I think right now your art is too soft compared to tealidium's work. I'd recommend either removing the transparent white border around your lineart or committing to making it fully white for a bold effect! With rendering it looks like this artist works with the contrast of cool and warm tones and does it really well. From a cursory scroll they vary their colouring style a bit, but in general it looks like warm colors with a cooler but more desaturated darker tone for shading. Similar with cold colors, with a warmer but more desaturated shading color. See picrel for an example!

Another feature is the different use of blurred and hard lines which your art is lacking, the artist looks like they're using a spray paint or crayon textured brush when blurring lines so if you have a program like CSP see if you can find any brushes like that on the asset store. All this plus the more crisp lineart (which I think comes more from experience than anything else) makes up the style you're aiming for.

Sorry for the reddit spacing I didn't want a massive text wall, hope this helps nonnie!

No. 297652

File: 1684626341519.png (45.19 KB, 818x546, taranzadonut.png)

I was finally able to get a moment to draw, I ended up sketching Taranza. Halfway through drawing this I came to sudden realization of how does one spill something with six hands? Tarazna is clumsy enough to make the impossible, possible.

No. 297653

File: 1684626436218.png (278.4 KB, 1241x1048, eastercard1color.png)

I also drew this for Easter but I really don't like how Dedede's face came out. I think I made his face too square.

No. 297686

can I get recommendations for an online fundamental course from a masterful artist (I hate the style of Sycra and similar artists)? preferably not too dry and with good assignments. an emphasis on "seeing" and capturing value/weight/dimension would be good too.

also–is there any specific resource for interesting and fun still life photography? I figure that maybe I can just save interesting pictures on pinterest, but I wonder if there's a better way.

No. 297689

File: 1684640055115.png (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 1668x2288, books.png)

check /ic/ video course thread. Honestly the art of 99% of art teachers sucks, you should take what they teach and apply it on your way. After all, the fundamentals are all the same and the bones and muscles and how light and color interacts with an image are pretty objective subjects. I say make your own curriculum. pic rel is mine.

No. 297753

No. 298254

File: 1684902548280.png (24.82 KB, 956x786, factores.png)

I haven't finished or even started a drawing in such a long time and it feels bad
but making this felt really nice even if it's kinda ugly
I love gumi ♥

No. 298264

Super cute!

No. 298542

File: 1684990487088.png (10.3 KB, 726x918, elsie sign.png)

Thanks anon!
wip and i don't want to finish it because i have no idea what to put in the sign

No. 298975

File: 1685191682252.png (35.62 KB, 1121x1101, regersdcadb gfrewdcw.png)

I really want some advice on… everything basically. I wanted to ask about rendering at first, cause I get lost after applying flat colors, but come to thing of it, my digital art looks extremely messy and ugly. Is there like an easy fix to unfuck it? I kinda going for that comic book-y messy lines vibe, if that makes sense.

No. 299108

File: 1685215556325.png (211.5 KB, 1843x1008, paintover.png)

i actually really like your sketchy lineart it looks like it belongs in a dark comic! i tried redrawing it in a cleaner artstyle and a bit of rendering (sorry i usually draw only women). i really love how you draw noses!

No. 299123

I think this is really far from ugly lol.
Not an expert on messy comic book style but maybe try doing the outline/main lines of your character and only then add details to make it look messy on the surface? Also, idk what drawing app you use but csp's shop has some bangers for different textured inking brush, especially for comic books/manga

No. 299133

That's a lovely paintover, nona! TY for the effort you put into it, cause when you applied your skills, something in my brain clicked and I got a better feeling on how I want my art to look. I especially like the textures on the left, cause I realized that I can make some sort of celshading stuff but with textures applied to shadows, which I think would look interesting. Thanks again!
Kek thanks. I just feel that my art lacks the polish of more smooth line art, but on other hand it doesn't have this chaotically pretty feel that you all over the place.
I use photoshop and use different brushes, but my problem is that I can only use basic untextured brushes with a good control of pressure. Unfortunately, I would really love to use textured brushes for ink, but I don't feel them if it makes sense. My brush of choice that I used for this sketch has this very artificial feel.
I tried using other programs, mainly SAI, but I always come crawling back to PS, cause I just like the huge array of functions and tools and how easier they can be used than CSP and SAI.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback, it gave me inspiration to try more and I would probably post more art after I process the info!

No. 299187

sage for completely ot but this is my husbando type so thank you for the oc nonnie (looks great just so you know!)

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