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No. 1978390

What a wild few months the last thread turned out to be. Some milk and a lot of infighting. Someone posted, “I say you leave these souls alone.” Whoever wrote that, it’s so ironically iconic that I’ve made it the picture for the thread.

Laura: https://www.instagram.com/flourishingfxiry/
Posted a 4 month “glow-up”. Such an incredible difference! A photoshopped and filtered picture compared to an unedited one! Some nonnie posted, “skin smoother than her brain” and I still haven’t quite got over it. Laura reunited with Dween, her ex girlfriend, no, friend, no, lover. Whatever their relationship is, it’s weird.

Enara: https://www.instagram.com/enaralouise
Enara presented so much to the hospital that they eventually placed her on palliative psychiatric care. She claimed she no longer has any access to opioids, benozos or antipsychotics. All her admissions were ceased and therapy was reduced. Posted her list of yearly accomplishments, which included receiving an IO line for the fourth time. Bought 19 pairs of doc martens. Enara was tubed for a week. Provided selfie as proof. Enara is currently in a wheelchair for surgery on both of her legs. Let’s not forget Rico, Enara’s PTSD assistance dog. We all hope for the dog’s sake that she’s given him back to the charity and he is actually making a difference in someone’s life.

Abby: https://www.instagram.com/abbymcollins
The same as always: absolutely no self-awareness, head banging on the daily, going out in public with no shame and her head wrapped up like Mr Bump. The only interesting thing about her to come from this thread is the paedophile predator she is now “best friends” with. Strap in, nonnies, this is a wild one.

Paedo Becca: https://www.instagram.com/becca.mocks.recovery
Filled with trauma. She uses this to manipulate and prey on young, mentally ill girls She tells different people different versions of her trauma. Apparently her grandfather was the leader of a paedo ring at church, but this has been changed with other people. Exchanged roses with Abby on the beach and Abby was found on a queer dating app stating she is bi. Was incest with her sister. Posed for pictures in lingerie with each other. Her sister walks around the house with her tits out.

Colours: https://www.instagram.com/coloursofthedark_bpd_aspd_npd/
Received a letter inviting her to a personality disorder assessment, then promptly received another to say it was a mistake. She had already been seen by that department “without success”. Posted a concerning story stating she wanted to hurt people and they deserve it. She wanted to end them and end herself. Concerning, albeit a little funny.

Becca: https://www.instagram.com/trying_to_recover_becca_2k17/
Has been very quiet. Someone posted to her account saying that she is safe and to definitely NOT ask questions. Made a post about being discharged and spending New Years with her family for the first time since 2017.

Katya: https://www.tiktok.com/@katsrecovery2023
A new cow. Travelled to London to stage a suicide attempt because her local police know she won’t actually do anything. One nonnie had an acquaintance whose mother died of cancer. Katya said, “I’d kill myself if I had you as a daughter too.” She stole someone’s pictures of a stillborn premature baby, claiming it was her son. She bullied someone for their weight until she took her life. Has been accused of killing past pets and animal abuse.

Jaycie: https://www.tiktok.com/@jayciesedrecovery
Her tiktok has been purged (excuse the pun) and now only features one video of herself with a tube (naturally) and a super long caption spewing nothing but bullshit.

Kat: https://www.instagram.com/confessionsofafatanorexic
Relapse baiting by saying she’s been referred to ED services for atypical anorexia. Definitely not the highest level of autistic that she claims to be. Posted about her carers inadequately caring for her. One of them didn’t follow his plan for when Kat inevitably spilled water on her feet and had a meltdown. Her needs were too great for him and he left, saying, “This is bullshit.” We all agree with you there, carer. Good job.

May: https://www.instagram.com/recovery_for_childrens_nursing
Posted a half naked selfie in the proana thread to prove how super anorexic she is. Presented to A&E after apparently not eating for five days. Was allowed out of the hospital to go shopping for “safe foods”. Was discharged as there was nothing wrong with her. Doctors turned down the option to tube her because she would become too attached to it. May was offered day patient again, after dropping out of the last one only a matter of days into it. Was 3kg underweight at her lowest. One doctor wrote, “Reports of not eating are inconsistent with BMI of 17.” Now trying to claim PIP. Keeps baiting that she’s going to discharge herself from ED services. Is threatening to sue the NHS. There was a cow crossover with May and Laura.

Lottie: https://www.tiktok.com/@lottshealing https://www.tiktok.com/@lotsypotsspam
Classic BPD headbanger who pretends to have autism, an ED, ADHD, OCD, PTSD and can’t keep up with her own lies. Also has a terrible moustache. Headbanged every time she was taken off 1:1 observations, and got banned from attending group therapy sessions because she would have fake seizures. Stalked another patient and would constantly sit outside her door, sliding paper notes under the door to her. Rich family is now paying £4000 for a private DBT group. Headbangs the day before like clockwork. Pretends to be an expert by experience for autism. She has even conned PEACE into believing her autism lies.(shit thread)

No. 1978392

Thanks for making the new thread, nona!

No. 1978397

I tried my best to make a new thread. I’ve only ever replied, not created a new thread, so apologies if the format is wrong or I haven’t linked it properly

No. 1978417

Thanks for taking one for the team!

No. 1978421

Thanks anon, great job

No. 1978423

excellent summary! i also missed “skin smoother than her brain,” it gave me a smile. here’s to another thread of cluster bitches!

No. 1978438

Great summary, Thank you for making the new thread!

No. 1978446

Only thing missing is the link to the last thread but nbd, I'll put it here
Last thread: >>>/snow/1933243

No. 1978530

File: 1711016036820.jpeg (238.16 KB, 1309x334, IMG_3239.jpeg)

Appreciate u nonna!

Kicking it off with picrel. “DEADLY.”

No. 1978531

A two week wait for something that isn't immediately life-threatening sounds pretty good/fast, honestly

No. 1978532

File: 1711017031678.png (2.58 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_3471.png)

those pupils tho

No. 1978561

It's the standard "this might be cancer" pathway.

No. 1978574

File: 1711036556302.jpg (979.45 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20240321_155554_com…)

Genuinely, has she ever heard of moisturiser? She looks horrific here.

Very surprised occupational health have let her back; what's the betting she'll decide she's not going to do day patient.

No. 1978587

The OP shouldn't contain your personal commentary or random anon comments. A for effort but next time stick to explaining what makes the cows interesting and summarize relevant updates (ideally link back to the posts you're referring to). Example: >>>/snow/1965286

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