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File: 1586736940889.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, 603F917F-1801-4EF6-ACB2-C68154…)

No. 957778

>part of the spam community
>alcoholic/drug addict
> her friend texted her saying they should rape a guy and laughed about it
> frequently uses n word, says “everyone talks like that when confronted”, or “ my bf/friends are black they don’t care”
>brags about getting high and drunk
>cries and suicide baits because her life “sucks”
> thinks anyone who disagrees with her is “jealous” and bullies them
> passive aggressive and rude to her followers who kiss her ass
>went out during a global pandemic to party and get drunk
> ended up in the hospital , claims she was drugged” which makes harder for the nurses when they already have cases of corona to deal with
> bought an urban outfitters magic kit and she thinks she’s a witch and will cast the corona disease away
> thinks she’s better than jaelle and nika even though she is toxic and abuses drugs
> said on live she was happy jaelle’s mom died
> used black face and said “pick my cotton”

No. 957781

Unfollowed her a while back cause the milk was not flowing, but I’m glad she’s got a thread…anything doing?

No. 957782

Um but also the OP is kinda lame…missing required links etc

No. 966778

File: 1588187559076.jpeg (357.23 KB, 1042x1525, E1E6940D-EFB9-4EDF-94A3-8A48A5…)

Is this thread dead?? Bc Julia fought lola and now they’re not going to be living together anymore

No. 966779

File: 1588187733194.jpeg (77.01 KB, 980x814, 6D46AFE2-E36D-4062-8ADC-04E270…)

can anyone provide anymore milk on this cow??

No. 967456

File: 1588301934900.jpeg (412.66 KB, 1242x2208, B3450EE6-06A1-4DB6-98CB-BC2B67…)

No. 986933

They’re friends again yikes this thread is dead. Does anyone have milk?

No. 986989

File: 1592082957743.jpeg (291.63 KB, 828x1442, B595248D-5B28-4363-9275-1724FC…)

No. 986990

File: 1592082987796.jpeg (403.37 KB, 817x1229, 66434A96-6972-472C-AA57-25A1D2…)

No. 987146

File: 1592114329007.jpeg (667.21 KB, 1242x1626, A86C09A9-B594-4498-8E6A-3B8970…)

Do any spam anons have anything to contribute to this thread?? Lola (Julia’s bestfriend) had an abortion and is doing voodoo witch things on her ex bf. Which is highkey cringe and creepy…..

No. 987147

File: 1592114372750.jpeg (91.83 KB, 1242x591, B5408B50-107F-4020-9571-432DA5…)

No. 987148

File: 1592114410314.jpeg (226 KB, 1239x1578, 4AC661E2-18E5-4C36-92E7-8EC927…)

No. 987149

File: 1592114537915.jpeg (895.86 KB, 3464x3464, A23BFD47-C2A4-4E83-8C44-A1CD8E…)

No. 987151

File: 1592115468711.jpeg (372.69 KB, 1242x1450, B22AC9EE-5954-4373-A809-5728FD…)

No. 987299

idgi. seems like a regular gen z thot to me.

No. 987394

File: 1592174482448.jpeg (831.2 KB, 1242x1523, BA697F76-838E-410C-9A59-248586…)

No. 987451

Usually I’d agree with this but I’ve been following Julia for years and she is definitely a special breed of cow. She used to associate with Nika Petrova, Jaelle Stiles and Erin Painter. Pretty sure she is still friends with Jaelle. She’ll produce some milk soon enough I’m sure

No. 987479

if she rapes a guy she would be a queen.

No. 987481

this thread is trash.
How is bragging about getting high or drunk even milky?
Shes gen z.
Did she scam people? Show us some milk or else this sounds like vendetta

No. 987485

Trouble is, Julia is fairly adept at keeping her IG followers in control. She’s a frequent blocker and tries to unearth those who are simply following for milk. I unfollowed her ages ago, but she is milky as fuck.

No. 987489


No. 987631

>This sounds like vendetta
Shut up gen Xer, just because you don't understand zoomer ig/spam culture doesn't mean there's no milk. If you don't get it, you don't get it, stop asking to be spoonfed

No. 1048303

She’s done tons of insane shit on the internet for years, I still follow accounts that have old milk posted from 2015-17 if anyone is interested in it being posted here. There’s a lot of dirt on this chick.

No. 1048314

This is an imageboards dumbshit, post images or stfu

No. 1107650

File: 1608064906104.jpeg (843.71 KB, 1242x1956, D2110F46-0720-4DA9-A63B-80015E…)

Her ex boyfriend choked her and murdered her cat? I feel bad for her tbh

No. 1107651

File: 1608064943211.jpeg (601.01 KB, 1074x1525, ADBD1893-9783-4A3A-AC19-80DDAF…)

No. 1107702

File: 1608068400840.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.33 KB, 354x562, shit lol.JPG)

not really an update on her but something i found funny. Strange how she hasn't responded to this yet considering she responds to any form of attention.

No. 1107716

Spoiler this shit bitCH

No. 1107785

fuck my bad

No. 1120578

File: 1609632399014.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, 22EB772D-4424-4162-91EB-EBCA7A…)

throwing a party during a pandemic

No. 1131159

File: 1610609180745.jpeg (874.37 KB, 1242x1200, F7F6697A-D0AB-4E2B-BD4D-5334BD…)

Julia is pregnant and is EBEGGING for money during a pandemic all because she can’t keep her legs shut, or use protection. And let’s any lightskin/mixed dude from florida hit it raw. Not to mention he almost choked her to death and killed her pet cat

No. 1131162

File: 1610609374814.jpeg (141.15 KB, 859x853, 7C377EA3-55E6-4DE4-831D-B51F16…)

How trashy do you have to be to beg for abortion money?? Do you not make enough income on onlyfans? You have enough for a goddamn Louis bag but not for an abortion……

No. 1131163

File: 1610609462367.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1235x1777, D5F87812-F343-4D29-80D0-8D1E4E…)

No. 1131164

File: 1610609504401.jpeg (237.23 KB, 1240x1852, DD39711C-CC97-48AE-B7CF-50872C…)

No. 1132861

i’ve been following juls for a while now and it’s not surprising. trashy upbringings sometimes make trashy adults. she literally has money for designer, but not enough for an abortion. she said she was good at managing money, but to beg followers for money during a pandemic is just desperate.

No. 1132864

is it bad that i feel no sympathy? i mean she partied during a pandemic so, i’m like ‍♀️ any punishment goes, ya kno?(emoji)

No. 1132975

This girl seems worse than Jaelle

No. 1133809

did she get an abortion? or did she decide to keep it? those posts aren’t on her page anymore.

No. 1134649

I’m a little late but she could literally go to planned parenthood and get an abortion for free/very low cost. They don’t make you provide proof of income and she could give her insurance or just say she doesn’t have insurance.

No. 1134929

File: 1610986135680.jpeg (129.65 KB, 1085x1190, 33BA445C-BC48-421D-8722-127EDE…)

She got the abortion and she probably just wanted to ebeg for it so she can scam.
This anonymous spam confessions account on IG posted this kek

No. 1135040

>postpartum depression
But she had an abortion…

No. 1135535

She used the wrong word, but depression after a pregnancy ends by abortion or miscarriage is a real thing. The hormone swing from being pregnant to not can affect your mood.

No. 1136109

File: 1611089173262.jpeg (695.63 KB, 1242x1898, 64DCAA8B-7D87-4D11-A8D6-5B8447…)

She is demanding that her followers
report the account who just posts anon confessions about the spam com

No. 1136112

File: 1611089327439.jpeg (323.97 KB, 1242x1787, 746BE186-EC81-4C9F-AAA9-E3E784…)

This is such cow behavior. Just ignore it and move on

No. 1140613

File: 1611452757009.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1389, 342217E7-AFEA-4E1E-9352-DF48A8…)

So quirky

No. 1151253

File: 1612394570727.jpeg (749.36 KB, 828x1613, 13D0C880-95CB-42CA-BAF8-0277A4…)


No. 1176236

Lola and Julia have each other unfollowed and Julia’s going through a manic state. What’s HAPPENING

No. 1176318

You're on an image board, post caps

No. 1176465

File: 1614911993056.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1701, 3D847EF4-A38A-4522-965C-C95014…)

She wants to hex her ex?

No. 1176475

Why her tattoo look like it was colored in by a toddler is that just the filter?

No. 1177066

File: 1614975615209.jpeg (427.62 KB, 1125x1547, F6AC58F3-699C-49DB-B50B-1B348C…)

Let’s see her get the money and then back out and keep her spam

No. 1184751

her new song sucks. idk why she keeps begging people to repost it

No. 1188157

File: 1616165656047.jpeg (393.55 KB, 1170x2000, 7DF0D897-EB9D-4C43-A159-ABF70E…)

Julia going off on a producer who apparently produced for Trippie Redd because her music is ass and threatening to dox him and hex him

No. 1191023

Wow and now she wants to kill herself hardcore, and became demonic. I think her spell reversed.

No. 1191270

File: 1616524761171.jpeg (278.71 KB, 1242x2688, 9200580A-83CD-4CF5-9C8B-71C1FF…)

No. 1191271

File: 1616524790169.jpeg (202.53 KB, 1242x2688, 08965DDE-3FB3-49C4-90A0-90408B…)

No. 1191272

File: 1616524838105.jpeg (212.71 KB, 1242x2688, 2C1E5306-FC9F-42EB-94C0-30E410…)

No. 1194380

File: 1616827264137.jpeg (241.65 KB, 1125x1270, 81921AE4-C459-48AF-B112-5A61B7…)

I thought this was kind of milky, idk surprised me. She broke up with her shitty SoundCloud boyfriend & apparently is most likely with the Ex who killed her cat. Strange.

No. 1194381

Nothing new. Julia Penton gets passed around. She has a new boyfriend every month, probably has stds

No. 1195440

she’s not back with the dude who killed her cat but she’s with the one who shot at her l o l

No. 1195447

That dumb bitch. How do you know that, do you have a screenshot?

No. 1198886

Julia the greasy discord groomer

No. 1202140

does anyone know who the fuck this person is lmao

No. 1202546

Sage if you aren't contributing milk newfag

No. 1346453

> frequently uses n word, says “everyone talks like that when confronted”, or “ my bf/friends are black they don’t care”
What word, “nigger?”

No. 1346809

shes trying to get this deleted now lol

No. 1346831

bitch is a horrible person. now she wants this shit removed. UR A JOKE.(namefag)

No. 1346848

Is her insta still up?

No. 1346850

Yeah it's @psychojulz spam is @julsndusaspam

No. 1346941

File: 1634180397321.jpg (837.6 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20211013-225542_Ins…)

Sage cause I couldn't get a pic before she removed me, but Julia wants this thread deleted because she got exposed for catfishing as another girl on OF (@emvlina on ig) who she previously had a falling out with. She claims it's because she's dating a "high profile" musician and wants to clear her name so she can publicly be with him, but I think its actually because she knows the other girl is going to expose her or take legal action.

No. 1347235

File: 1634210703156.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3180x2720, 8A729BCC-ED43-488C-A546-E8E26D…)

I have access to both of their accounts & here’s what emi and juls posted, the last SS is juls saying why she stopped being friends with her but it’s funny as fuck. First time I have seen juls beefing with someone prettier than her by a mile, the only thing her followers can come up with is that emi’s boobs are edited and she’s fat kek

No. 1347414

File: 1634225596092.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1846, CA02EE8C-6ACF-43D1-91B2-764B10…)

Definitely got busted and trying to preserve the couple of idiots that support her, immediately took the link out of her bio this morning after someone commented about the most recent post on this thread

No. 1347422


No. 1347432

she will come back by next week bpd cat killer sympathizer psychojulz julia penton can’t live without attention

No. 1347479

How is this proof of Julia catfishing as Emi, though? Just looks like random-ass screenshots of sparse or unrelated OF accounts… lol

No. 1347496


Apparently if you type in the url for the badgirljass account it linked to Julia's free page. Julia is known for scamming in the past and she knows Emilina is prettier than her so I could see her actually doing that.

No. 1347569

File: 1634233347080.jpeg (322.56 KB, 1124x1319, E9827DB1-A3DD-4856-A4E8-92BED4…)

This is all so dumb but here’s julia confessing to it since now she’s backtracking and lying, she deleted this fast

No. 1347595

she wasn’t confessing she was making fun of the fact that emilina believed what a random follower said

No. 1347863

Emi and Julia are both attention whores shaped like boxes but at least emi has boobs and is pretty. Julia has been a washed up passed around Florida whore since she was 14, sad.

No. 1395857

File: 1639792440825.jpg (1.83 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20211217_205158365.j…)

Apparently over the last two days Julia's moms house completely burned to the ground (from a fire which was probably caused by her own alter), and now Julia is in a medically induced coma after having multiple seizures according to bri

No. 1396101

"almost half a decade older than me" … so 3-4 years older than you? kek wtf

No. 1405840

Anybody got more tea behind emilina? She was putting in her Twitter for people to stop dragging her for something she said in 11 grade.. yall happen to know anything . She looks fat? dooes she photoshop(Namefag and subjectfag)

No. 1405915

We’re not here to spoon feed you, Chris Peyton.

No. 1915494

File: 1697619338471.png (3.56 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4272.png)

Sorry for necro but there’s quite a lot of new milk on Julia. She’s moved to LA (all signs point to her moving state to follow her boyfriend) and joined a “punk” collective (saw a TikTok comment saying she’s sharing a single room with 7 people). She’s posting deranged TikToks and IG stories, seems like she’s been in some kind of spiritual psychosis for months.

She’s also still posting her “”””””music”””””” (with such lyrics as “I saw the devil’s face, it made me feel so nice”). Highly recommend listening to it on her TikTok (@ruinedangel) if you want a good laugh.

This screenshot is from a video of her promoting her boyfriend’s song, with the lyrics “fentanyl’s beautiful but it brings me down”. When people (obviously) accused her of glamorising fentanyl (because nobody has heard of or gives a fuck about her boyfriend’s music) she posted a deranged TikTok I’ll post here with a paragraph full of so many spelling errors it looks like a Lilith Levisis post. She’s obsessively posting about how everyone is a loser for assuming she does fentanyl, “all she’s doing is Xanax, alcohol and whippets” (lol). I don’t have a screenshot for this but a few days ago she posted a rant about how she can “experiment” with things which to me read like she’s experimenting with harder stuff. She also posted a pic of her friend the other day captioned “nodding out”, then got pissy when people assumed opioids and claimed “you can nod out from weed.

That’s my whistle-stop tour, more screen caps to follow

No. 1915495

File: 1697619399238.png (4.86 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4273.png)

Her response to people getting upset at her previous TikTok for glamorising fentanyl

No. 1915497

File: 1697619528125.png (2.37 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4274.png)

No. 1915698

What’s with the long ass fanfics? TL;DR.

No. 1915715

the entire time she’s been in LA she’s been surrounded by lowlife druggies getting high/drunk all day and doing hoodlum shit. she thinks she’s thriving and it’s such a cute lifestyle but the 7 or so of them are living in absolute filth and it’s disgusting. she claims it’s a “mansion” but in one of her tik toks her man’s bed was on the floor and there was trash everywhere. lol disgusting she’s gonna crash out soon

No. 1915795

File: 1697684055089.jpeg (431.74 KB, 1170x2025, IMG_4605.jpeg)

KEK, she’s always hopping from one SoundCloud rapper to the next. Can’t wait for the inevitable fallout with this next one and the stories of her manically calling out her old friends like she did Mya. Pic is of the last sperg she had of her. Watch them become best friends when she moves back.

No. 1915913

She was on live with the man she’s slating here earlier this week, they’re friends again after she got “never again” tattooed on her leg as a reminder to not talk to him again kek

No. 1920760

ahhh thank you for this milk i've been following her LA phase and her lola phase when they were "besties" again i'll have to post screenshots but she's defiantly going to move back to flordia within a few months, i cant see her staying there forever. She's couch surfing and living outta airbnb, which is possible to do but not a stable environment not that she cares lol she was living out of airbnbs in flordia so im sure the "mansion" she's staying at is just a bigger house she's not used to seeing.

No. 1920767

File: 1698504555124.png (6.42 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7091.png)

No. 1920768

File: 1698504596108.jpeg (762.12 KB, 1125x2259, IMG_6387.jpeg)

No. 1920769

File: 1698504641995.png (5.47 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7113.png)

No. 1920770

File: 1698504712776.jpeg (588.92 KB, 1125x1923, IMG_6623.jpeg)

No. 1920772

File: 1698504797905.png (5.05 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_6728.png)

she was tweaking posting shit like this for 2 days straight at one point i don’t think it’s lilith talking to you i think it’s the meth

No. 1920790

File: 1698507985362.jpeg (937.77 KB, 794x1583, IMG_7994.jpeg)

her and maya right before she left for LA lol looking rough

No. 1920791

File: 1698508065844.jpeg (423.45 KB, 1170x2532, 2EF3903A-AEA7-47F7-AEFC-AE434F…)


No. 1921209

No. 1921215

she really out here to being bootleg toopoor, this girl is so tone deaf

No. 1921218

i wish someone had posted the (semi)recent milk with her & maya taking turns with the same ex (gtard). it was hilarious

No. 1921252

>moved to La to make shitty soundclout music
>new "punk friends"
>everyone is a loser for assuming she does fentanyl, “all she’s doing is Xanax, alcohol and whippets
Fucking damn, intense Lil Bo Weep flashbacks.

Pleasantly surprised to see someone bumped this thread, seems like everybody kinda forgot about these neet spam cows like Julia, Nika & Jaelle and Maddie & ashley. Honestly i would love Maddie Threse & Trashley thread reboot, haven't checked on them in a while but i assume they still must be somewhat milky.

No. 1921283

Checked up on them, Ashley is doing some washed up rollerskating now still drinking, while Maddie has just become another instagram e-thot shilling out her onlyfans (probably to still fuel her drug habits). Nothing terribly milky though sadly, her vivadrag account went private.

No. 1921291

File: 1698609517190.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1125x1862, IMG_8129.jpeg)

maddie as been a personal cow of mine, i know not as milky to people i just shocks me how little she cares for herself constantly reposting pictures of herself when she was 15/16. She recently was in rehab for almost 6 months but left early because she started dating some meth head with 2 teeth lol. That lasted only for a month i think she’s back to living with her dad and glamorizing the times when she was a drug addict lol

No. 1921299

Yeah i remember reading somewhere she went to rehab, still doubted she 100% abandoned her old ways though. She always goes back to abusing supermarket shit like Benadryl when she cant get drugs. I wondered if her mother finally kicked her out like she threatened. They're not terribly milky but tbh nobody on snow is as of late, wouldn't mind a slow thread like that. always thought they're cringey & pleasantly kekworthy to check up on, as opposed to disgust-inducing horrorcow dad-fucking tier like that one chick. Well, one of the spam duo cows. i thought it was Julia but guess i misremembered it must've been Jaelle.

No. 1921306

I’ve been wondering about Jaelle and Niki for a while. Anyone know anything? Wild times back there.

No. 1921352

Jaelle’s been gone off of Instagram for over a year, she has an account but doesn’t post anything other than nature pictures.
Nika got caught up in a shoplifting thing and still occasionally e-begs for drugs, but she’s not out here fucking people’s dads anymore kek.

No. 1921697

File: 1698686950569.png (2.53 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4566.png)

I can’t believe she’s been posting the grimy conditions she’s been living in as if it’s a flex, you couldn’t pay me to live in a single room with 7 strung out soundcloud rappers. I get wanting to move state but why not live somewhere within your means? From memory she had a whole apartment in Florida, it’s hard to believe she’s happier living in this LA pigsty

No. 1921700

File: 1698687187285.jpeg (340.18 KB, 1170x1543, IMG_4567.jpeg)

Back in Florida, we’ll see how long the LA shit lasts

No. 1921708

File: 1698688619522.jpeg (249.07 KB, 1170x2079, IMG_4568.jpeg)

Her boyfriend is constantly posting/tagging this girl in his pics and stories, tinfoil but I wonder if they’re in some kind of weird open relationship thing. He never posts Julia but posts this girl constantly, Julia doesn’t follow her but used to and was liking her pics. I wonder if he’s convinced Julia it’s “punk” for him to sleep around lol

No. 1921746

File: 1698695070320.jpeg (740.76 KB, 703x1336, IMG_8188.jpeg)


No. 1921825

No. 1922238

File: 1698777564031.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x2066, IMG_4575.jpeg)

Are we really supposed to think she’s only smoking weed when her new best friend is literally called JUNKIE JESUS?!? She’s either lying about what she does or using addiction as an aesthetic, can’t tell which would be more pathetic

No. 1922282

File: 1698787153671.jpeg (368.62 KB, 1170x1684, IMG_5373.jpeg)

I have a feeling she’s already dumped that LA SoundCloud “rapper” kek

No. 1922512

She’s currently on her ig story asking if anyone in LA knows anyone looking for a roommate “who doesn’t care about credit too much”. Guess the punk lifestyle was just a phase after all kek

No. 1922870

File: 1698884734360.jpeg (159.42 KB, 1170x1863, IMG_5502.jpeg)

Mya commented on Julia’s newest song saying how good it is kek.

No. 1925061

File: 1699356358586.png (2.95 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4744.png)

That didn’t last long

No. 1925172

i knew this girl, she's a known bpd xanhead. definitely not a positive influence to have in your life lmao

No. 1925622

Mya and Julia now friends after Julia calling her a pdf file and them passing back and forth a "rapper" gfag is completely crazy. They're almost 30 years old. I can't imagine being that age and trusting a girl who did that to me. It's very pathetic. These people have no back bone, claim to be spiritual.(learn2integrate)

No. 1925661

I dislike them as much as the next person but 24/25 is not “nearly 30” lmfao

No. 1925676

Julia is barely in her 20s, saying they're almost 30 is bout as delusional as Julia's psychotic stories kek

No. 1930286

i’d advise you to unlink your emails from your socials as it’s very easy to find you

No. 1931020

File: 1700439987029.jpeg (435.82 KB, 1169x1938, IMG_4959.jpeg)

It’s joever

No. 1931023

File: 1700440149156.jpeg (457.02 KB, 1170x1939, IMG_4960.jpeg)

Sperg incoming

No. 1931026

File: 1700440270504.jpeg (595.26 KB, 1170x1923, IMG_4961.jpeg)

>“She said she isn’t doing fentanyl and only Xanax (NEVER SAID THIS)

Jesus her pathological lies run so deep. There’s literal screenshots of her saying she doesn’t do fentanyl and does Xanax on this thread. Also, is this an admission of her doing fentanyl?!? Really owning the haters there Julia KEK

No. 1931028

File: 1700440307655.jpeg (389.13 KB, 1170x1867, IMG_4962.jpeg)

What is it with cows finding their threads and calling farmers incels and 4chan users

No. 1931048

File: 1700443081927.png (6.54 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0169.png)

she went live recently and looked completely out of her mind. was on her main account definitely by accident and was doing whippits the whole time. unfortunately do think she’s doing xans again, she looks so much worse than she did a few months ago

No. 1931182

whippits scare me, like why not choose to be drunk instead

No. 1931219

why was everyone commenting 1 kek

No. 1931234

Maybe because she looked 1 second away from needing narcan lmao

No. 1931248

Streisand effect, this thread was dead for almost a year before being bumped a month ago kek.

No. 1932806

No. 1938833

She really thinks she’s black, doesn’t she?

No. 1948971

No. 1948972

File: 1704002062521.jpg (401.8 KB, 1080x1061, 1000016316.jpg)

Julia is looking incredibly rough these days, and still continously begging for attention on her shitty SoundCloud "songs" while threatening to leave social media on a near daily basis because she isn't getting enough support from her "fans".

No. 1951676

Jesus her filler looks AWFUL. Why do girls do this to themselves, it’s never looked good on anyone

No. 1954238

Drug are drugs mmkay

No. 1954865

File: 1705202119258.png (2.28 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7365.png)

Her being best friends with katja isnt doing her any favors either. I used to know this girl and shes completely batshit insane, possibly even worse than Julia. That friendship is a ticking time bomb and its only a matter of time before that explodes. "junkie jesus" alright.

No. 1963424

File: 1707309345813.png (5.54 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_3083.png)

Nothing milky, just find it funny she went on live to talk about this thread. She’s definitely boring now that all her friends abandoned her

No. 1963625

Anon spill what was she saying in the live sperg?!? She’s so dumb, all addressing the thread will do is send people here

No. 1964395

Basically complaining about how people are “obsessed” with her enough to document her life and post about her on a website. That’s why she stopped making music and making tiktoks. Complained how her followers don’t booster her music enough or engage with her,
Instagram/Tiktok/SoundCloud posts, so she’s switching up her genre and going for a “Nicole Dollanganger vibe” LOL. I didn’t follow her in her old spam days but from what I’ve gathered she’s been documenting herself online for years lol

Sorry for the blog post

No. 1973285

I decided to check back on this, and she is actually streaming now and making lots of money I used to hate her fyi. (You can see the gifts while she's on stream and they love her there they know about this farm and laugh at it) streaming context if wondering being herself talking and in discord communities, bikini sometimes, talking about spiritual beliefs, old knowledge, promoting of, seems way nicer and calm then what I have seen here and how she acted in spam community. I actually feel bad for her after seeing this again- And bad for myself for judging this person, how she was vs how she is now. There was multiple times she spoke about how she was abused her whole life BEAT when she talked about her father on live, mentioning her mother choosing men over her being alone as 10 years old every night dealing with SA etc- and this thread is borderline harrassment demonized by shit that people go through when they are neglected or abused kids or teenagers. Drug addiction is not uncommon for them, You all sound very privileged people who always had a support system if she was scamming at age 16, that should tell you something about her parental guidance. I would never let my daughter be on her own, or let alone her out of my house at those ages especially how she was constantly roaming as a teenager, seems like they put her in a homeless situation and didn't care if she had a place to stay or not. If i remember correctly she was also living in motels because of her parents with lola/bri? I think alot of you don't know what it is like for someone who grows up in that way. Chronically online seeking any form of attention no form of love from family, and yes i have personally spoken to her because she is actually one of the nicest people on the platform of streaming. Its not twitch and I wont tell you guys either besides im mod so if you do find it and try to raid a comment, I will delete it instantly KEK. I do not agree with n word racism but i believe she doesn't say it at all anymore on a group discord she streamed she will immediately boot people out who even says it. I don't know if any of you people believe in the idea of someone changing or growing or reflecting on who they used to be/act like/ try to get away from, I do because i have dealt with it myself personally throughout my life but she is very OPEN about her past addiction and OPEN about how she feels and thats why I and others will continue to love and support her no matter how any of you feel about it. (Not to mention Was she not she prescribed rx drugs at 16?) Let the hatred go of someone who was demonized and put down her entire life - It makes sense why she reflected such hatred on to others as a teen with over 40k following. Imagine if you grew up this way and it's sickening 26 days ago you are all looking for a update on here. Here it is kek, she's doing wonderful & that's what will forever get under your skin- this thread doesn't stop anything it should teach you all a lesson how people can change. If you like huge podcasts (you probably all follow them 4 million people do KEK) she'll be on there soon and going back to LA this month, i think she said the 20th or something so all you can watch her have fun on instagram then. Last time she even expressed on stream that she was battling with addiction there and in denial of what she was doing to herself- which is a huge thing to admit when you feel shame and on stream with over 300 people. Ive watched her make huge connections with communities streaming & other streamers, it's funny to watch her troll with people. Very entertaining, shows she is a good person now if she can build a huge platform elsewhere and have the people laugh at this farm because she laughs at it herself embarrassed and admits everything on here is wrong and she regrets it but that isn't enough for any of you because you guys want to see a downfall she explained that very well, and its only been one month of her streaming im glad i was able to refind her there and when i mentioned if it was her because she looked different more tattoos- she said yes and that's not who she is anymore but understood if i didn't want to support her a mature response. Half of this thread is stuff of her age 16- or in active addiction. You people are cruel but it is always Incredible & inspiring to see someone always be able to turn pain into profit. Here's the update you wanted kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1973310

Honestly, if that’s the case, I’m really happy for her! I hate seeing anyone suffer. She doesn’t deserve that. I wish her well and it’s great that she learned from her mistakes. You’re a good friend for defending her!(learn2integrate)

No. 1973360

File: 1709805133349.png (314.46 KB, 701x388, Screenshot 2024-03-07 034345.p…)

Crazy they banned cody for speaking truth, but I have to wonder why didnt this cow farm show her accomplishments? Being able to leave men who shot at her, stalked her, held her hostage,get away from toxic family, the fact someone said here she choses to put herself around those kind of people even backs up more of what cody said, how do you grow up in a fire and not constantly want a fire all the time a metaphor for chaos and people hurting her never met she deserved it. None of you questioned where her family was when she was 17 with a 24 year old? Or thats also ''her fault'' her ''doing it to herself'' ????? Takes internet breaks and they deem it as ''all her friends leaving her'' That girl has friends in every state, quite literally! Every stream people are with her (mainly the same 2-3 girls) or calling her if she's alone. Her modeling 3 weeks in, in one of the biggest cities in the world. You don't casually model in places like that you need connections, you dont get THOSE KIND of connections if you're a shitty person. They just show the bullshit I understand why she doesn't post as much I mean shit you are all attacking her for her past, then this cowfarm owner deleted the 40+ anon comments defending her also. Almost as if all they want is for her to never succeed, never want these people to see any change from her/ sounds like YOU (owner of post) the one who need a job/life/ something else to worry about besides the same person for consecutive years straight. By the way her supporters going to start coming on this daily :) Look how beautiful you can't ban over 100's of people who will make accounts to defend her what MOD wants MOD gets, she didn't even ask for this the truth is you want her to die from addiction just so you can feel a ego boost and say ''i said so'' no humanity and thats why you rot on this website for years. KEK everyday we're gonna come here and make accounts to support her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1973367

Imagine young with no family men beating on you killing animals and you ask for support for a abortion thankfully she didnt keep that shit wtf where is the sense with you people? she supported herself her whole life coming out of a house fire then coma and you see some shit like this, she is strong as fuck damn that takes REAL strength. i know you weak minded peons couldn't handle it you would all unalive immediately. Its so funny how you all think 'anonymous' protects your IP/VPN LULLLL keep attacking her and Ill make the next person a example of kiwifarms HAHA psychojuls is not psycho as myself meaning ANYONE can be you for example how you did here- you said she said the hard r but where is it on this forum? Or anywhere at all actually? I have done my research there is vids of her saying n word, but hard r? never. Misinformation trying to kill someone's character forever. So i can easily make you say the worst possible shit with computer programming, I can call your boss or family members with your voice sped also from your number, insane right? Those text messages arent her either, edited photos to make her look worse, we will make a cowfarm and reddit and 4chan with your legal name & use AI to make you do and say whatever we want. Since playing with someone who has mental problems and addiction is fun for you all, that social will be for free use, banks wiped/ I say all this confidently because I know what I do and will continue to do to who deserves it, 5 years You can never find me. The cyber team gave me their fucking card. So many times they have been here and cant find a drop of proof, LULLL Swatted so many times that they'll never catch me i am to fucking intelligent
keep it up if any of you want to her mods are now watching this almost 24/7 in a discord call waiting for the next person to say something, then you guys can have a real fun update in a photo on this thread. LULLLLLLLLLLLLL LUULULLLUUULULULUL you might see the posters original face crying on her knees with the swat in her house and a beam pointed at her skull in the comments because i know SHE is mad, whole discord call jaw dropped when they seen her face like jeez … I couldn't tell fully when i was in your camera if you are a 'it' or a female, you should never hate on somebody you dont even come a inch close too but it makes sense. honestly rant over should have nothing to worry about though if you're moved on from a person who changed along time ago. Or are you still here? thinking about saying something negative? Please think hard

No. 1973376

She still won't fuck you.

No. 1973423

Where is she streaming?

No. 1973562

So did Julia just come on and spam her own thread with incoherent text walls after a month of no activity or what?(sage your shit)

No. 1974155

Just coming here to say I love her never gonna stop this forum is unreal with lack of evidence(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1975298

hi julia! your typing style is very obvious please try to change it more next time, the xans have fried your brain

No. 1975862

When you guys think anonymous protects you KEK(weapons-grade retardation)

No. 1976061

I don't think she's here personally from what has been going on but you never know if these are trolls or not.(sage your shit )

No. 1976099

Can the admins lock this dead thread no one cares about Julia anymore?

No. 1977924

File: 1710857964803.jpeg (470.15 KB, 1125x599, IMG_4880.jpeg)

Found her on kick lol

No. 1977925

File: 1710858018964.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x2272, IMG_4881.jpeg)


No. 1977926

File: 1710858186424.jpeg (Spoiler Image,500.42 KB, 1125x631, IMG_4882.jpeg)

No. 1977931

File: 1710858500260.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1967x1125, IMG_4884.jpeg)

No. 1980717

File: 1711662743317.png (3.61 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6738.png)

Julia is back in LA. Let’s hope the milk is plentiful

No. 1980752

File: 1711670764315.jpeg (205.49 KB, 1124x1975, IMG_5300.jpeg)

Her and her friend are already stating shit with people. Blurry pic but julz posted a vid of her or her friend beating some girl up lol very classy

No. 1981043

Of course she’s one of those hair pulling cunts. She so skinny, you know she can’t swing to save her life.
>>talks outta they mouth
She even types all ghetto. What the fuck else are the supposed to talk out of? Oh sorry let me ghetto-speak type that ‘spose to talk outta?

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