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File: 1586736940889.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, 603F917F-1801-4EF6-ACB2-C68154…)

No. 957778

>part of the spam community
>alcoholic/drug addict
> her friend texted her saying they should rape a guy and laughed about it
> frequently uses n word, says “everyone talks like that when confronted”, or “ my bf/friends are black they don’t care”
>brags about getting high and drunk
>cries and suicide baits because her life “sucks”
> thinks anyone who disagrees with her is “jealous” and bullies them
> passive aggressive and rude to her followers who kiss her ass
>went out during a global pandemic to party and get drunk
> ended up in the hospital , claims she was drugged” which makes harder for the nurses when they already have cases of corona to deal with
> bought an urban outfitters magic kit and she thinks she’s a witch and will cast the corona disease away
> thinks she’s better than jaelle and nika even though she is toxic and abuses drugs
> said on live she was happy jaelle’s mom died
> used black face and said “pick my cotton”

No. 957781

Unfollowed her a while back cause the milk was not flowing, but I’m glad she’s got a thread…anything doing?

No. 957782

Um but also the OP is kinda lame…missing required links etc

No. 966778

File: 1588187559076.jpeg (357.23 KB, 1042x1525, E1E6940D-EFB9-4EDF-94A3-8A48A5…)

Is this thread dead?? Bc Julia fought lola and now they’re not going to be living together anymore

No. 966779

File: 1588187733194.jpeg (77.01 KB, 980x814, 6D46AFE2-E36D-4062-8ADC-04E270…)

can anyone provide anymore milk on this cow??

No. 967456

File: 1588301934900.jpeg (412.66 KB, 1242x2208, B3450EE6-06A1-4DB6-98CB-BC2B67…)

No. 986933

They’re friends again yikes this thread is dead. Does anyone have milk?

No. 986989

File: 1592082957743.jpeg (291.63 KB, 828x1442, B595248D-5B28-4363-9275-1724FC…)

No. 986990

File: 1592082987796.jpeg (403.37 KB, 817x1229, 66434A96-6972-472C-AA57-25A1D2…)

No. 987146

File: 1592114329007.jpeg (667.21 KB, 1242x1626, A86C09A9-B594-4498-8E6A-3B8970…)

Do any spam anons have anything to contribute to this thread?? Lola (Julia’s bestfriend) had an abortion and is doing voodoo witch things on her ex bf. Which is highkey cringe and creepy…..

No. 987147

File: 1592114372750.jpeg (91.83 KB, 1242x591, B5408B50-107F-4020-9571-432DA5…)

No. 987148

File: 1592114410314.jpeg (226 KB, 1239x1578, 4AC661E2-18E5-4C36-92E7-8EC927…)

No. 987149

File: 1592114537915.jpeg (895.86 KB, 3464x3464, A23BFD47-C2A4-4E83-8C44-A1CD8E…)

No. 987151

File: 1592115468711.jpeg (372.69 KB, 1242x1450, B22AC9EE-5954-4373-A809-5728FD…)

No. 987299

idgi. seems like a regular gen z thot to me.

No. 987394

File: 1592174482448.jpeg (831.2 KB, 1242x1523, BA697F76-838E-410C-9A59-248586…)

No. 987451

Usually I’d agree with this but I’ve been following Julia for years and she is definitely a special breed of cow. She used to associate with Nika Petrova, Jaelle Stiles and Erin Painter. Pretty sure she is still friends with Jaelle. She’ll produce some milk soon enough I’m sure

No. 987479

if she rapes a guy she would be a queen.

No. 987481

this thread is trash.
How is bragging about getting high or drunk even milky?
Shes gen z.
Did she scam people? Show us some milk or else this sounds like vendetta

No. 987485

Trouble is, Julia is fairly adept at keeping her IG followers in control. She’s a frequent blocker and tries to unearth those who are simply following for milk. I unfollowed her ages ago, but she is milky as fuck.

No. 987489


No. 987631

>This sounds like vendetta
Shut up gen Xer, just because you don't understand zoomer ig/spam culture doesn't mean there's no milk. If you don't get it, you don't get it, stop asking to be spoonfed

No. 1048303

She’s done tons of insane shit on the internet for years, I still follow accounts that have old milk posted from 2015-17 if anyone is interested in it being posted here. There’s a lot of dirt on this chick.

No. 1048314

This is an imageboards dumbshit, post images or stfu

No. 1107650

File: 1608064906104.jpeg (843.71 KB, 1242x1956, D2110F46-0720-4DA9-A63B-80015E…)

Her ex boyfriend choked her and murdered her cat? I feel bad for her tbh

No. 1107651

File: 1608064943211.jpeg (601.01 KB, 1074x1525, ADBD1893-9783-4A3A-AC19-80DDAF…)

No. 1107702

File: 1608068400840.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.33 KB, 354x562, shit lol.JPG)

not really an update on her but something i found funny. Strange how she hasn't responded to this yet considering she responds to any form of attention.

No. 1107716

Spoiler this shit bitCH

No. 1107785

fuck my bad

No. 1120578

File: 1609632399014.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, 22EB772D-4424-4162-91EB-EBCA7A…)

throwing a party during a pandemic

No. 1131159

File: 1610609180745.jpeg (874.37 KB, 1242x1200, F7F6697A-D0AB-4E2B-BD4D-5334BD…)

Julia is pregnant and is EBEGGING for money during a pandemic all because she can’t keep her legs shut, or use protection. And let’s any lightskin/mixed dude from florida hit it raw. Not to mention he almost choked her to death and killed her pet cat

No. 1131162

File: 1610609374814.jpeg (141.15 KB, 859x853, 7C377EA3-55E6-4DE4-831D-B51F16…)

How trashy do you have to be to beg for abortion money?? Do you not make enough income on onlyfans? You have enough for a goddamn Louis bag but not for an abortion……

No. 1131163

File: 1610609462367.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1235x1777, D5F87812-F343-4D29-80D0-8D1E4E…)

No. 1131164

File: 1610609504401.jpeg (237.23 KB, 1240x1852, DD39711C-CC97-48AE-B7CF-50872C…)

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