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File: 1708143381246.png (243.46 KB, 696x1240, img-2024-02-17-03-26-49.png)

No. 930240

>Previous three threads:
Boring Repetitive Cycle edition >>304747
Carve A V Edition >>294375
Doxing And Stabbing Zaddy Edition >>286668

Venus Angelic Summary:
>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up has-been Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore (because they are now divorced after she cheated on him with her zaddy ken who she started seeing in 2018, she broke up with her zaddy this year though). Venus faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month, thotting on OnlyFans or threatening suicide.

Recent milk:
The boring repetitive cycle continued, but then Venus disappeared from the internet for 2 months.

Most recent milk:
Venus wants scrotes to pay for her boob job and "bimbofy" her >>304775
Suicidebaiting continues >>304834
Venus posts and deletes a manic post of her bruised legs and a rambling caption about being overmedicated >>304913 >>305224
Various posts rambling about her mental health and relationship with fans >>305583 >>305585 >>306414 >>307211
Claims she survived jumping off a 4 story apartment and had a spiritual experience at the hospital >>307733
Then posts a story saying it didn't happen >>307735
She pretends to having some kind of manic episode while off her meds >>307827 >>307828 >>307829
Wonders why people don't believe her about the building, posts "proofs" >>307880
Ken spergs out about Venus again >>308295 >>308296 >>308297
Venus pretends/jokes she made Ken's posts while drunk >>308302
Venus does a Q&A about Ken >>308353 >>308354 >>308356 >>308359 >>308360 >>308362 >>308365 >>308367 >>308369
Claims her 4 year downward spiral is so she can get in touch with god >>308382
Another woe is me post where Venus claims she "never lies" >>308506
Venus says she prayed and then committed a felony >>309460
Later says she didn't actually do anything bad and the police "helped her" >>310565
Livestreams drunk >>310755
Claims her "face changes based on the state of her heart" >>311100
Implies she is going to drink pure ethanol >>311260
Claims she doesn't post OnlyFans anymore because she gave away the password while anxious her money is being stolen >>311418
Has a moment of clarity and thinks she may have BPD >>311499
Claims Margo cursed her in 2018 using her hair and teeth in the spell >>311533 >>311534
Claims she's being evicted for jumping off the building >>311556
Edits her Instagram bio to say she's 1700 years old and has died and been resurrected multiple times >>311653
More manic posts, talks about vampmaxxing >>311671 >>311672
More suicidebaiting >>312955
Claims she doesn't have a jaw anymore >>312962 >>312964 >>312965
Claims she thought she was going to die and that the jaw thing happened because she didnt understand how to go to a dentist >>313020 >>313030
Has an unhinged message exchange with Margo ranting about the curse >>314652 >>314653 >>314658
Claims to be asexual and unmarried >>314780
Venus goes offline for 2 months and nobody hears from her.
After a couple of months, some Japanese person claims to know that she's fine and being detained somewhere without a phone >>319340 >>319345

No. 930241

No. 930242

File: 1708143458271.png (1.29 MB, 693x1238, img-2024-02-17-04-19-57.png)

Incoming dump of her recent stories, 1/4

No. 930243

File: 1708143475144.png (106.02 KB, 694x1236, img-2024-02-17-04-20-18.png)


No. 930244

File: 1708143505095.png (1.04 MB, 697x1236, img-2024-02-17-04-20-49.png)


No. 930245

File: 1708143533261.png (199.9 KB, 698x1242, img-2024-02-17-04-21-15.png)


No. 930246

File: 1708143617074.png (2.19 MB, 1080x1899, img-2024-02-17-04-22-33.png)

Plus a story that was posted and deleted at some point

No. 930247

Thanks for making a new thread OP. Crazy that she's back after months with no explanation whatsoever. Is there anyone in her Discord, has she posted in there?

No. 930248

Great. New thread and it's already being shitted up with non-milk from Reddit retards. At least wait for milk. Nobody gives a shit about what she ate.(ok no1currs its an update and was saged)

No. 930249

…the fact that she's back at all is milk. Hide the thread if you're this assblasted already.

No. 930250

>OMG she's back
>Wow she's back where can we get more info, maybe the Discord?
Fuck is this fangelic shit?

No. 930251

did anyone go to her live?(sage your shit)

No. 930252

This has probably been said before but she legit looks like her mother but worse for wear even somehow.

No. 930253

it's unlikely you'll ever get any updates from the discord as it's gaslight central

No. 930254

yes. seems like venus have lose her front teeth(sage non-milk posts)

No. 930255

I caught the tail end of it and she wasn't talking much, just doing her hair with a curling iron and at one point said the reason her hands were shaking was because she's anxious. Then pretty much just said "love you bye" and got off. Looked to me like she's at a hotel

No. 930256

No. 930257

Oh shit yeah, I totally called it. She lost her front teeth. Trying to talk while you hide that must be nerve wracking. Especially English.

No. 930258

She's so shaky, I guess it could be nerves but I'm wondering if its substance related. She mentions again about how she can't get her YouTube back because her dumb ass gave the password to some random scrote "accidentally" and she wants help from her fans to get it back

No. 930259

Unless you guys can give proof she is missing her teeth, you can't even tell in this video, and you can't even hear it. You can't avoid lisping incredibly hard when your front teeth are missing and she's pronouncing things like 'This' just fine. I went through the whole video and there's not a single point where you can or would see her front teeth, so unless a nonna can actually post her teeth missing and not just assume, I'm saying she still has them because her pronunciation would've changed drastically.

No. 930260

She says she's shaking because she's nervous. Is pretending your med-induced tremors and/or alcohol withdrawal shakes are actually just from nervousness a good thing or a bad thing? She's lying, but she's not doing so for attention-seeking purposes.

>You can't avoid lisping incredibly hard when your front teeth are missing

I have a family member who's missing his 4 top front teeth and sounds perfectly fine, and another that has full dentures and just sounds slightly muffled when not wearing them.

I'm not saying Venus is missing teeth (you really can't tell from the video) but her lack of lisping isn't proof one way or the other.

No. 930261

You can't even see in the video or any of the photos she's posted since she was back either. Even if it wasn't about speaking and for having such an awful time talking to begin with, losing her teeth instead of someone who's been missing their teeth for years now, is now comparable. She has weird baby teeth that have always been about the length of her upper lip or shorter. Just wait until she starts smiling or something because we can't even tell right now. I know anons want them to fall out because it would make good milk, but what's the point when it's not even clear?

No. 930262

her frontal teeth are so fucked that I feel like if they fell and she got dentures it would be a net positive.

No. 930263

File: 1708198791904.png (1.03 MB, 1288x992, teeth.png)

I didn't watch the whole video but the front teeth are totally missing. She specifically talks in a way to hide it, too.

No. 930264

Definitely. In her way older videos you can see her top row of teeth and she had some what big front teeth.

No. 930265

i absolutely cannot deal with how retarded the comments on the live are…are those real people?

No. 930266

She looked like back before she left.

No. 930267

This is the most normal I've seen her act in a long time, odd that she didn't at all acknowledge her disappearance though

No. 930268

Why does she have to?

No. 930269

She doesn't have to say anything at all if she doesn't want to, but it still feels awkward to disappear for months and not mention it.

No. 930270

shes not obligated to give an explanation to her rapid fagelics at all

No. 930271

Obligated, no. But someone who had several year long history of using anything and everything for attention, it’s abnormal for her. Don’t be dim.

No. 930272

Maybe she's not talking about it because she doesn't want to. There doesn't need to be an ulterior motive to it, not really attention whoring if she hasn't talked about it either. Just wait it out.

No. 930273

She said in the video she sees floral print dresses more in europe than japan… did she mean years ago or is it implying she's in europe now?

No. 930274

She's not in Europe. You can know trends and not live places and right now, she's right. Minimalist is super trendy with tons of oversized layer in Japan right now, mutes as usual again this year. Patterns aren't as favorited over there anymore for some reason, people complain that Harajuku doesn't even have people worth taking fashion photos of at this point because you take weeks to get enough to publish 8 photos.

No. 930275

File: 1708259272058.png (906.93 KB, 640x1136, 0B3E4DF1-1702-4A42-95C0-638E8D…)

She just did an Instagram live. All she did was try to eat, very awkwardly, and ask where people were from.

No. 930276

Yeah she's definitely missing her front teeth…

No. 930277

Omg. She just looks awful, what's wrong with people in the chat still telling her she looks cute(newfag who can't reply or sage)

No. 930278

I don't like commenting on Venus but Jesus Christ. She looks like a crackhead. She's has proved to be cute before with the right styling but I'm afraid that she's just, not gonna make it anymore.

No. 930279

>teeth rotted out of her mouth with that bloated moonface
No wonder she went silent for so long. Yeesh. Is she confirmed still in Japan? I'm not clocking anything particularly asian about the pics posted itt so far..

No. 930280

I’m thinking she’s not. She’s in hotel rooms that don’t look Japanese and posting pics of Japanese food and money like she’s trying to hide it. But details seem weird, like that cup and straw don’t look like the normal kind in Japan. In the live people were asking her if she was outside Japan and she ignored it every time.(tinfoiling)

No. 930281

Idgaf where she's at. She is definitely missing her front two teeth, though. She's such an idiot, but maybe she'll come back more humble this time?

No. 930282

sorry to say but it's over for her. there's no coming back from this

No. 930283

she's in a hotel…wonder why? I hope for her sake she's cutting off all the toxic men (mainly ken) off and going her own way now…

No. 930284

she is lol, did you not see any of her previous stories? are you new here?

No. 930285

File: 1708275024404.jpeg (20.54 KB, 370x331, IMG_7019.jpeg)

If I looked like this I’d kill myself(no1currs)

No. 930286

You mean with the right editing and catphising.

She's also suddenly talking about leaving Japan. I highly doubt that's willingly. Has her visa expired or immigration caught up to her?(tinfoiling)

No. 930287

It's not the end of the world if she got a job and benefits, she could get an implant and eventually a crown. Better to pull them out then let them rot if she didnt care enough to take care of them and blew all her money on weeb clothes.

No. 930288

You know she's toxic herself right and stabbed him and took his money. He should be cutting her off, not the other way around.

No. 930289

File: 1708275795627.png (1.22 MB, 720x1262, Screenshot_20240218-180458-527…)

The pic she used to promo her live, she definitely is in Japan

No. 930290

Other cows have left Japan and continued posting old pics to make it seem like they were still there. It’s pointless to speculate though I guess.

No. 930291

File: 1708278783393.jpg (95.52 KB, 1080x1392, Screenshot_20240218-160026_Ins…)

Am I tin-foiling or is this snowflakes a cocaine reference

>>930263 probably better they been removed they were rotted af she must had foul breath. Hopefully she can get some new ones fitted

No. 930292

File: 1708279819478.png (893.44 KB, 640x1136, 348B7681-41F5-4660-82F9-3FF9E3…)

It still sort of looks like they rotted and broke off, not totally pulled out, but can’t really tell(tinfoiling)

No. 930293

it takes some kind of courage to go live looking like this while having that picture as her pfp. isn't it contradictory? i don't even know what word to use, but it's insane. does it not give her fans cognitive dissonance? or are we supposed to ignore the difference in her appearance?
sure, we know most people edit their pics but this is almost disrespectful lol. like a blatant lie she doesn't care about covering up.

am i looking too much into this?

No. 930294

Yes, we know, this point has been argued to death. Both of them are clearly toxic and do not need to be around each other.

No. 930295

i was really really hoping the suspicious about her teeth were wrong. but theyre not. her incisors are gone. cant believe that really happened to her

No. 930296

Jesus christ did she fall down and knock her teeth out?

No. 930297

How the fuck does a young person just lose their teeth? Did she just never brush them? Like wtf

No. 930298

Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the main reason (aside from drinking/drugs and general lack of dental care) When I was a kid and had my baby teeth, my two front teeth ended up breaking off and rotting because I was constantly falling on my face and bashing them kek. Don’t think she has no front teeth tho but they are visibly broken and chipped.

No. 930299

More likely meth given her teeth situation, although there’s no point questioning/tinfoiling it because all she’s trying to do is get zaddys attention. She really never ever changes.(tinfoiling)

No. 930300

Depends on diet and what kind of shit she uses

No. 930301

honestly, apart from the teeth she was looking okay-ish compared to what she looked like before she disappeared two months ago.
and she only drank coca cola during the live, so i guess that’s an improvement!

No. 930302

>> and she only drank coca cola during the live,
One of the reasons her teeth are rotting and falling out.

No. 930303

she drank coca cola with teeth like that?!? goodness gracious her diet is a major factor. just depressing she wont change it. like even drinking water wouldve been a better choice

No. 930304

Whether or not Venus has lost her teeth, and how she lost them (if she did) is currently baseless tinfoiling. Any further posts tinfoiling about Venus' teeth will catch longer bans. You are not adding anything to this thread by speculating.

No. 930305

File: 1708316850922.png (42.72 KB, 356x720, 1699006874693.png)

From the last thread, talking about how her teeth had to suffer

No. 930306

At this point she needs dentures or veneers

No. 930307

true, but still better than drinking alcohol. if she wants to get better she has to do it step by step, you can’t expect her to completely change overnight. i have doubts too, but she was gone for 2 months, lets hope she is on the right track this time. i’m not delusional, but give her a chance. she hasn’t done anything ‘bad’ since she came back, lets just not hope the worst for her.

No. 930308

Out of all the stuff Benus has going on, her diet is a concern but it's pretty low on the list. Unless she sorts out her mental problems, nothing else is gonna matter.

No. 930309

Margo inside and outside(sage your nitpicking)

No. 930310

File: 1708339013242.png (88.85 KB, 720x1136, Screenshot_20240219-113102-656…)

Anyone saved that reel or at least saw it?

No. 930311

sounds like she did hard drugs which fucked up her teeth

No. 930312

Weird how she keeps calling her fans "fangelics", it made sense in the past when she was still making somewhat cute videos. But now? with her nonsense and constantly being disingenous, it baffles me how people can trust her again and again.

No. 930313

A dentist would have to be really unethical to attempt to veneer those with what little material seems to be left.

If the roots are intact then she could potentially do an rct with a post and core that you could then crown. Another alternative is a maryland bridge with wings, but two tooth maryland bridges have a poor prognosis, especially on the central incisors. They wouldn't take much load before needing to be recemented. A traditional bridge is an option, but would involve the destruction of the adjacent teeth + crowning. Her final options would be a partial denture or implants, but if she leaves it too long an implant will become uviable due to bone loss without a synthetic bone graft.

Either way I actually feel awful for her. The loss of any teeth can be devastating, but especially when you're this young and they're in such a visible place.(sage non-milk posts)

No. 930314

Was this the longest time she was gone from social media? Someone said two months but it seems longer?
And please, can we stop speculating about her teeth. If anyone still believes dentists are the be all and end all of everything, do some research on the drill and fill mentality that ruined many folks teeth. Tedious to see how many people here seem to almost be adverts for dentists.(continued derailing about teeth)

No. 930315

>> two months but it seems longer
She was ‘gone’ (fom SM) just one week short of 3 months, since 11/30.

No. 930316

I feel like the living doll thing was ages ago. Talk about living in the past. I'll never get over the wasted potential. Then again, I don't think there was much to begin with. I think people started watching Venus for the shock value and the coom bait. But after a while there wasn't much else to Venus. Too bad Margo didn't care enough to actually raise Venus. But Venus has been away from her for years, there is no excuse for this. Literal crack whore.

No. 930317

She could have made content about languages, specifically japanese and german which people tend to struggle with. And she was doing fine with make up and fashion content. Now however is when she really has nothing, because all she manages to do is babble and her image is consistently deteriorating.

No. 930318

After a burst of enthusiasm when she reappeared, the Fangelic discord has gone strangely silent. Even the hardcore fans there seem to be taken aback by her decrepit appearance.

Oh well, there’s always the truly brain dead followers on instagram to give her the dopamine hits she craves.

No. 930319

I still can't believe Venus have a friend who's taking showers everyday and is not a menhera. I wonder if Natsumi is a fellow sex worker or her lawyer.(I still can’t believe you can’t sage )

No. 930320

I think she has a lot of potential. She can speak Japanese fluently, is good at editing etc she’s just stupid and lazy

No. 930321

We don't care about the discord. The users don't have info relevant to us.

No. 930322

She’s most likely in Korea(tinfoiling)

No. 930323

Speaking of which she just unfollowed a shit ton of people. Including her dead friend(this is an imageboard post caps)

No. 930324

Given her record I don’t think anyone would hire her. I could see her working at one of those sleazy yakuza-owned soaplands or girls bar

No. 930325

What makes you say that?

No. 930326

why are you just stating random nonsense as facts without any evidence

No. 930327

I want to know what goes on in there. She was talking about starting a cult

No. 930328

There are people there who have contact with her, plus she pops up from time to time to do a livestream. And it’s interesting how the chat has basically died since she ‘came back.’

No. 930329

She might have been imprisoned for hooking.
In Japan it‘s illegal to stand on streets to hook people up, policemen go around in private outfits to catch them. If they are caught, they‘re taken to a detainment center and - the police decides freely on how long the hooker shall be detained.

(I tried to sage but don‘t know if done correctly)(tinfoiling)

No. 930330

They've never posted their supposed convo with Venus or with people "talking to her" as seen >>315512 Unless Venus is talking in the discord, nothing they say is of value.

No. 930331

File: 1708411083228.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2520x2921, D3D90439-DD39-4871-895A-70387B…)

That is pretty funny, even her rabid fans are backing away slowly
This is discord, right?

No. 930332

If someone is relaying information on behalf of venus, it's useless to use unless it's coming directly from her. I don't know how much clearer I can make that though, but if it's milky and it's from her in general on the discord I don't see why you can't post it.

No. 930333

File: 1708414570642.jpeg (637.42 KB, 1170x2306, IMG_0410.jpeg)

Is she pretending to be overwhelmed by a deluge of donations from “simps” when she can’t get anyone to participate in her gofundmes or manage to pay to fix her teeth?

No. 930334

If they are talking in the chat it will show in the screenshot, right? So they would get kicked from the server and probably banned from here for cow tipping. If they just say something like, her discord is dead since her live, that’s no worse than when people post that her Instagram follower count fell. A ton of useless info about the discord would be annoying but some people are curious about what is going on there generally.

No. 930335

She wasn't willing to continue fucking a singular dude who was down to fully financially support her forever (Manaki). Actual prostitution is far more work than that was, so there's no way. She's too lazy.

No. 930336

She thought she would be rich and popular as a sugar baby and then as a porn star. Her “fucking men twice my age and getting Cartier” post from awhile back goes to show that she trades sex. But you are right that there’s no way she would show up regularly to an actual job at a soapland or bar. She also would probably freak out somehow and cause trouble for them.

No. 930337

Not a soapland, those chicks that stand around pretending to wait/are on their phond and horny guys offer them money for.. well.
In Tokyo are many famous places for that, not just Okubo park. Guys usually pay 10 000- 30 000(derailing)

No. 930338

File: 1708428447964.jpeg (76.6 KB, 828x1465, IMG_2822.jpeg)

can Venus pls stop obsessing over a literal pedo? Also the how many times r they gonna break up and get back tgthr

No. 930339

That or she'd probably consider one of her regulars her "bf." She seems to think that smashing the same dude more than once = in a relationship, like she did with those guys off bumble and those fucking hosts.

No. 930340

she's going to end up with serious liver damage soon if she isn't experiencing it already. i don't want that to happen and it's been very sad to witness her decline over the years but she commits to none of the treatment she receives and mocks any goodwill sent her way by openly bragging about her destructive maladaptive behavior. she may be able to keep this up for several more years but as her alcohol dependency escalates so will her existing health issues in addition to the new ones she'll develop along the way. dying from alcoholism is a nasty, hideous way to go out, not least of all because of the way the sufferer's life often spirals into complete squalor and misery before their death.

No. 930341

>mocks any goodwill sent her way by openly bragging about her destructive maladaptive behavior
This is why I hate her. I don’t understand how so many people can’t see it.

No. 930342

they see it, they just think that the people criticizing her behavior or pointing out her self destructive tendencies are the primary cause of her problems and not the response to someone making a spectacle of their issues online. eventually it stops because there’s only so much anyone can defend her on.

No. 930343

She’s gonna be his side chick forever kek. I wonder if his wife is deranged too

No. 930344

With all the lurking I do I didn’t even know that his wife is still in the picture? Anyhow, judging from what he allegedly made her do, and her going ahead and doing it, pretty sure she is in fact deranged.(sage your shit)

No. 930345

Three months in the loony bin and comes out exactly the same… it's almost impressive.

You guys actually believe what Venus said about him? She called Manaki a "pedo" too. Any man she doesn't like anymore is a "pedo." Her stories and claims are not credible at all.

No. 930346

Honestly I don't believe a word she says at all about anything. I wonder if she ever believes her own words in her head? Or if she conciously just lies and talks nonsense on purpose. Propably her brain is mush at this point anyways. Having to deal with her in real life must be so uncomfortable and unpredictable.

No. 930347

File: 1708468357624.jpeg (186.22 KB, 1016x1117, 1B062E42-2FA6-4117-98F0-6F8E78…)

I very much doubt ‘Ken’ has been in any kind of relationship with her (outside of her wet-brained fantasies) these past 3 months. She’s greasy, haggard and has a mouth full of rotten teeth. It’s possible they stayed in touch during her incarceration/whatever that was but I doubt he ever seriously considered getting back together with her. She’s too goblinesque at this point for that.

Now she obviously thought they’d resume being a couple once she was released from wherever she was, since she immediately started up with the hair and nail salon routine as soon as she go out. He doesn’t want her but she can’t let it go.

No. 930348

Wow she looks really bad. I used to watch her way back when she used to make those cute makeup vids and I haven't kept up with her in years. It's sad to see how she's ended up.

No. 930349

That alcohol bloat. She’s gone right back to drinking.

No. 930350

File: 1708522052877.jpg (356.94 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20240221_132659_Ins…)

is this a joke? surely it has to be

No. 930351

File: 1708528495232.jpg (671.24 KB, 1080x1710, IMG_20240221_121531.jpg)

I know the art is not technically good, but there's a kind of nostalgy to it. It feels it was made in the 2010s, and is different from the style most people use nowadays.

No. 930352

The lighting makes her look bad, she looked much better in the previous live

No. 930353

I'm wondering if she meant she would only draw one piece of this, ignore it for weeks, come back and draw another piece, etc. to get to that 3-4 month mark. I can't imagine that max 30 lines took that long, unless like you said it was a joke.

No. 930354

This looks like a rough sketch of a Luna Slater drawing.

No. 930355

File: 1708535643166.png (759.67 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240221-181559.png)

She draws like she's 12 wtf(this isn't milk sage it)

No. 930356

File: 1708542025708.jpeg (158.15 KB, 911x1144, 613E62E0-EEC2-4C69-B4E9-93B9F3…)

>> she looked much better in the previous live
You mean this one?

No. 930357

the comment is talking about 'reddit' talking about her - maybe she is a subject of some large-userbase drama subreddit or similar, and that's why there's so many more people tuning in to her live than you'd expect (which is about 3)

No. 930358

It's talking about the fan subreddit. Just like people here, they speculated she might be dead. That's the "extreme and exaggerated" part.

No. 930359

You realize you can literally screengrab anyone on this planet to look bad and she in general looks bad, so it's not that hard. But still better then the last live and what happened before she went mia

No. 930360

I don't believe anything shes says about nekopachi tbh. she probably asked for money and he told her to fuck off for something. may be that’s why she crawled back to instagram

No. 930361

The way she will do a couple lame lives and show off wasting money, then get dumped is a pattern. It kind of seems like he says she has to put effort in if she wants money, but then she half asses it and blows the money. Everyone knows she’s a mess but as soon as she has a few bucks she can’t resist trying to seem like like a high rolling sugar baby. Embarrassing.

No. 930362

File: 1708832144919.png (1.05 MB, 708x1174, Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 12.30…)

Margaret posting pics taken by and of Venus, and liking comments stating Venus is a lovely girl, plus Venus changing his bio to underline her second and last name

No. 930363

File: 1708832187787.png (152.7 KB, 708x360, Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 12.30…)

No. 930364

Wtf, I was wondering how I didn't see this post and I went and checked and marge has me blocked on insta despite never interacting with her posts lol. Anyone else blocked?

No. 930365

Interesting. At this point I wonder if she would be better off with Marge in the US. What Venus does to herself is worse than what Marge did overall. Marge is awful of course, but she would've never let Venus get that surgery, or do porn, or become an addict. US has better mental care than Japan too (though not by much)

No. 930366

Venus would have less rights in Florida than in Japan. Lets not tinfoil about stuff that won't happen.

No. 930367

What Venus does to herself is directly caused by what Marge did to her.

No. 930368

Venus haven't been with marge in a decade. Venus' decisions are entirely her own damn fault. u guys really need to stop infantilizing her and stop acting like fools because she is a damn adult. Do you retards hear yourself? Marge fault Venus did not brush her teeth and engaged in porn.(unintegrated infighting retard)

No. 930369

Shut up Marge lmao(hi cow)

No. 930370

They are right. At what age does it stop being the parents fault? By your logic margo is innocent too because it’s her parents fault she is the way she is. But you can have siblings with only one narc in them when they have the same parents. And it’s not that bad what her life was like with marge. She did what most girls dream of. She got spoiled by it. Like anon said, marge wasn’t putting Venus in porn but Venus puts Venus in porn.

No. 930371

Shut it samefag and look into how long people can suffer from the effects of narcissistic abuse from their parents and what kind of damage it can cause to the brain. If all she ever had as a role model was Margo then it is her fault. Of course it didn't start with her as she was likely also abused by her parents, but she is responsible on this level. If Venus had a child and raised it the same way, the mental health problems of the child would be Venus' fault.

Saying Marge did not put Venus in porn is also stupid. The very reason Venus ended up doing porn was because of her shitty upbringing and being easily influenced by men while trying to exploit them. Didn't get that out of thin air.

So saying Venus would be better off still with Margo to continue traumatizing her is a load of bullshit. And yes, Venus is responsible for her life now. But that doesn't change the fact the cause of this shit spiral she can't get out of is Margo. In a perfect world Venus would move to a country where she can get proper healthcare and not backwards Japan where there is a language barrier. But we all know that ain't happening.(infighting)

No. 930372

You take it so personally lol. I wasn’t samefagging, you are just outnumbered by smarter people.

I didn’t know anything about margo before coming here and just believed she must have been abusive because people kept repeating it, but since I've seen the same people blame manaki, ken, “haters,” and many times even the entire nation of Japan. Lmao. Everyone but nasty ass venus. So I’m not buying it anymore.

Can you even elaborate on this “abuse?” Being a narcissist isn’t abuse. If it were, people’s children would be taken away as soon as they got a NPD diagnosis. Showbiz moms are worse than marge but you don’t see them so you don’t care. Moving a lot isn’t abuse either.

Do you see millions of toothless gaijin venus clones walking around Japan? No, because it’s not Japan causing the problem. And venus is the one who chooses not to leave. Japan doesn’t ask her to stay. No one does. She’s the narc.(infighting)

No. 930373

File: 1708893202911.png (6.27 MB, 3072x4096, 20240225_213413_334.png)

Stories from today, saged cause not too milky but she's in "I'm 14 and this is deep" again

No. 930374

ah, back to drunkposting and being a victim again. now mature.

No. 930375

Can you please read the previous threads? Also Margo has her own thread. Venus was not born like this, she was raised this way.

No. 930376

This is so sad to see watch, she's a tragic cow now. She definitely has bad CPTSD like she's mentioned before. This is stuff you only bring up after you realize you know you're fucking up and why, but still can't process how to fully stop yourself and your cycle. Venus is aware which is good. Moreso than trying to cover it up. I don't think she has an outlet, which is a massive problem though. Speaking about stuff like this openly on a social media platform that always get screencapped is not the healing uwu situation she is going to hope it turns out to be. She needs to be more introverted while trying to go through her issues, this isn't going to end well trying to force herself to be better. The most I can say is that she's been more openly self aware and that's, while harmful to do publicly like trauma dumping, it is a good thing.

No. 930377

>I know what kind of direction I'm heading in and I can't stop it
This is so sad

No. 930378

File: 1708905928945.jpeg (166.11 KB, 877x1229, 055CBA1C-CC88-45A7-AAD9-0FB3DE…)

She doesn’t have fucking CPTSD any more than she has ADHD or Schizoaffective disorder or any of the other myriad of shit she claims to have. She’s a nasty little alcoholic leech and visa scammer, leeching off her ex-husband, ‘Ken,’ and now the Japanese welfare system. GMAFB with this ‘tragic’ cow b.s. And she knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s doing it all by choice. Her choices, all of it. She’s a mini Margo. She even looks like a mini margo, lol.

The only people you should feel sad for are anyone who’s had the misfortune to get sucked up into her sociopathic vortex.

No. 930379

File: 1708923944168.jpeg (322.79 KB, 1125x1948, IMG_3936.jpeg)

No. 930380

Her ex-husband is not Ken lmao

Also, please research Japanese welfare before posting. I have no idea what she‘s living off, but it‘s unlikely it‘s welfare bc they will contact all your friends and family (also your husband‘s) to tell them you applied and if they would have you live with them instead. That‘s why many people here don‘t apply because they‘d be stigmatized

People who do get welfare usually get less than what she lives off and have calls from caseworkers regularly. Welfare is also time limited(learn to sage)

No. 930381

It’s crazy that people in this thread who have followed Venus for as long as they have could confidently say she doesn’t have CPTSD. You have to be completely in denial and blinded by your hate to truly believe that lmao. Even in your post you compare her to her mother who you describe negatively without thinking for even a moment that her mom could have potentially caused any trauma.

No. 930382

Nta but you can use this dumb argument for all bad people. "They were abused, so their bad behavior in adulthood should be excused." - that's how Venus wks sound. Should we defend Margo too, because she had a rough life too?

No. 930383

"Bad people" can have cptsd and still be bad, mean, malicious etc. Sure she has fucked up in the past but whatever, having cptsd doesn't mean you're a complete angel either. It's just a condition.

No. 930384

I don't get the obsession with defending the retard scrotes in her life tbh. Who gives a shit about a bunch of retard men who willingly helped her probably just so they could fuck her. They're cows too.

No. 930385

>>Ken is not her ex husband.
I'm not that poster, but there was a comma, so I get that what they were saying was: Her ex husband, (Manaki) and Ken etc.

No. 930386

Couldn't agree more.

No. 930387

This. What fucking arrogance to spew such uneducated shit. Like two things can’t be true. People with trauma are HIGHLY capable of doing bad things. Add alcohol into the mix and even worse. Having trauma isn’t an excuse, it’s a reason. OP clearly doesn’t know a damn thing about psychology.

No. 930388

Acknowledging she is a traumatized woman is not the same as defending her lmao.

No. 930389

No one here has exclusively pinpointed Venus as the only one with trauma. Margo also has trauma. There's a trauma line through the family that is getting passed down and explains a lot of their behaviour. If Venus has a kid, I'm sure it would turn out similarly. To ignore that trauma from how you were raised has a significant impact on how you behave in adulthood is truly just a braindead take. Children are literally developing, and to think that how parent(s) treat you during the phase in which you are forming thoughts, learning about yourself, learning the world, etc. can't continue impacting you is honestly delusion.(ok we get it, stop)

No. 930390

Debating indefinitely about who's worse is stupid and derails the thread. Marge, Venus, Ken, Venus "friends" : everyone involved is a cow.
We don't have to pick a side, let's point and laugh at the retards like the Milk Goddess intended us to do.

No. 930391

The dumbasses believe that by making Margo the scapegoat for everything, Venus would be cleared of all accountability. The new choices she make after leaving Marge grips are her fault.

No. 930392

Her life is terrible; I'm more astonished that she is still sane and she hasn't killed herself yet. At her big age, imagine being a pitiful loser. No secure employment, no driving ability, no money, cheap porn that can't break $50, and sidetrash to an ugly Japanese dude with a wife. Venus having the audacity to think he leave his wife for a bottom barrel, downgrade. kek

No. 930393

Yeah it's such a shame to see her completely fumble an opportunity (or multiple) to keep a strong fanbase and channel. Even if she didn't want to stick to lolita fashion stuff, she speaks multiple languages which was an advantage because she could reach to multiple audiences in that way. People are very interested in seeing how people live in countries not native to their own, and we can't deny Japan specifically is glamourized to many. Her alcoholism and mental health has deteriorated practically any chance of traction at this point.
She MIGHT have a chance of a decent following if she documents her struggles and how Japan handles mental health, but that's a big 'might'.

No. 930394

finally someone said it!

No. 930395

And his wife is still with him? Girl dump his ass

No. 930396

Well tbh most people in this day and age don’t have secure employment, even much older people than Venus.

No. 930397

I don't think she's ever worked or applied for a job. Venus, being so lazy, most likely did not contribute to helping Manaki pay the bills. All she does is sit on her ass and hope that some simp will buy her porn.

No. 930398

She wants the Taylor lifestyle—not having to work and having a guy give her a luxurious way of life.
Venus's followers have moved on, and it is too late for her to return. The people who still follow her are the ones who find humor in how far she has fallen.

No. 930399

Fuck off back to tumblr(pointless infight)

No. 930400

I don’t think Manaki expected her to pay bills. She is a foreigner and a woman, that is like an impossible combo in Japan for finding any other type of work than sex work/hostess etc.
Yeah sureshe is lazy but Japan is really a terrible place to try to find any work with her background. I’m not at all surprised she started doing papakatsu and porn. That’s what many white girls do to survive if they live in Japan alone.

No. 930401

Not just women, also men. Private one on one ""english teaching jobs"" that are actually a way to have sex with foreigners are popular with women, specially housewives, too. I know of a male youtuber that lived in Japan in the 2000s and after not finding an actual teaching job at an actual school (something most gaijin end up doing), he got involved in escorting because the job was seedy and shit happened behind doors with the people behind it being aware and probably promoting it too. He was homeless for a while and it was his only way to survive. He eventually got a job at a company though, as a salaryman of some sort. Not sure how, but my best guess is that it was easier for him because he is male, even though that job itself also made it hard for him to join. The truth is, Japan is simply NOT the place to live if you don't already have a place to work at or at least a real plan, they will make your life hell and they will exploit you and you will most likely end up in some prostitution "compensated dating" or "host club" scheme. Very dire. Don't get me started on how they specifically target women for this kind of "job".(derailing)

No. 930402

She changed her profile pick to one of the pics she took in the "house she totally brought" and got evicted from. Wonder why she's recycling old pics.

I think what Mana didn't expect was for her to blow through her YT money like it was water. It's quite obvious by now she is absolute shit with money sans helicopter momager Marg managing it for her, like everything else in her life.(screenshots)

No. 930403

She posted about having access to her OnlyFans again
I think she'll spiral again if she starts selling her body to moids again. She's much better off not posting herself sexually. It will just make her fall into this self destructive cycle again which she has been avoiding semi-well compared to the past months and years(This is an imageboard)

No. 930404

We mentioned this before she’s too lazy to start working regular hours in porn or any type of escorting service. She wants to be waited on hand and foot by sugar daddies but no sugar daddy wants her.

No. 930405

File: 1709063608510.jpeg (63.29 KB, 796x1417, CE024AFE-876C-4A0A-91C9-9C2761…)

Here you go. Looks like she’s drunk posting again btw.

No. 930406

File: 1709068885825.jpg (64.79 KB, 719x1244, Screenshot_20240227_142112_Ins…)

this is sad. not having access to this crap anymore was a good thing.

>recover from cptsd

>doing onlyfans
Dumb and tragic

No. 930407

File: 1709123564570.jpg (260.55 KB, 1079x1581, 1000017193.jpg)

No. 930408

the only question on my mind is, why hasn't she gotten a partial denture yet? her teeth have been rotten for years and all she can say is wah wah. it's affordable. you don't need veneers, you need 1000 usd max and you'd look less methheadesque. good grief.(stop tinfoiling about her teeth )

No. 930409

File: 1709145955346.jpg (80.98 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20240228-154700_Ins…)

How much is going to last this traumatic doddle kawaiiuwu art phase?

No. 930410

File: 1709146012984.jpg (453.66 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20240228-154705_Ins…)

Stroke or shaking hands due to alcoholism?

No. 930411

She's just going over the lines again. This has nothing to do with shakey hands or alcohol.

No. 930412


"I'm not afraid of becoming different person."? Is she a drunken mess again and not able to write properly?(learn to sage)

No. 930413

Did this one also take her 4 months to do?

No. 930414

I think she’s setting the scene for trying to sell this crap, Luna Slater style.

No. 930415

>posts shitty drawings, thinks they deserve their own acct
her solution to everything is to make yet another social media acct. jfc

No. 930416

>astonished that she is still sane
what of her posting says that she is sane? She has been completely off for years now

No. 930417

and here i thought the two month break would have resulted in an actual positive change lol. it's too late for her, both physically (face) and career wise (porn, every aspect of insanity heavily documented).
no one will hire her now, and she has no way of making it big on social media because she's ugly, brings nothing new to the scene and has completely ruined her image.
what could possibly fix this situation? suicide?(a-logging)

No. 930418

That's where she's going. She also won't be able to sell porn for very long because she can't even maintain the attractiveness required to sell porn. She needs to leave Japan immediately at this time since nothing will change if she stays.
In Japan, she has no opportunities.

No. 930419

I don't keep up with her. Since that's all she has left to keep her fans interested, is she still lying about these random illnesses she has in order to make herself seem intriguing? kek

No. 930420

If she was smart she would have figured out how to make other kinds of content and leverage her location to earn money.
Anyway, since she has no family, where would she even go?

No. 930421

Well if she has the right kind of visa and a crap ton of money she could check herself into rehab and get actual care. Japan doesn’t give a shit towards mental health. Their only suicide hotline is closed of Thursdays and close at 8pm

No. 930422

Shit I meant an American visa

No. 930423

If Japan doesn't care about mental health, America is obsessed with it, where having a 'therapist' is seen as normal. With all the attention given to "mental health matters" in the US, why is it the country of frequent mass shootings? I think Venus would be far worse than she is now and likely end up in one of the tents on skid row.

No. 930424

Why'd Venus move to the US? An American work visa isn't that simple to get as far as I know, so there's no way she can get one in the state she's in. Also Margo is still there iirc, that's another reason not to go. As sad as it is, Japan is one of the places she's stayed in the longest, if not the longest ever. Weeb or not, of course she doesn't want to leave the place she's been the freest she's ever been. I don't think she necessarily has to leave the country because they have shit mental health resources, all she needs is distance from Ken and everything else in her current location and she can easily achieve that by moving across the country. I don't think going back to her family is on the table for her.

No. 930425

Perhaps South Korea, if she still wishes to maintain her Weeb admirers. Moving would be preferable since if she stays, she will continue the cycle. Another weeb, Shiena, worked as a hostess in Japan before being deported. She now has a degree and a solid career; had she stayed in Japan, she would still be working as a hostess in a rundown apartment.

No. 930426

Her family is not necessary. She's already demonstrated that she can live with anyone who accepts her. As if anyone would move in with a strange man they had never met in Japan, manaki.

No. 930427

She already lived in South Korea for a brief time with Margo. She didn’t like it so she’d never move there again undoubtedly. Not unless she somehow decided to trade in her weeb status for koreaboo status which she’d have to be desperate to do since it’s not really her thing.

No. 930428

Oh shush that has nothing to do with Venus. You’d think she’d shoot up a school?

No. 930429

Like most women in toxic relationships,she’s not gonna leave him and he’s not gonna cut her off because she’s free pussy

No. 930430

Pretty sure she plays it up for social media given she said her account is satire plus she had that rant about how she thinks she's so special and different and whined how that's important to her. She's just an attention seeking manipulator, not crazy.

No. 930431

Yes, the latest was that she's schizo or schizotypal and she started posting rants about visions and god and voices to larp it. She has always been desperate to seem intriguing and "different" but she's just a generic run of the mill person with some mental struggles in reality.

No. 930432

America is massive. Margo being there is not a reason to not go if she ever wanted.

No. 930433

pretty sure he already dumped her and given she is a domestic abuser, he should stay away unless he's genuinely a dumbass

No. 930434

File: 1709370222836.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x2068, IMG_5793.jpeg)

she claims she is "recovering" again. we will see how long this lasts.

No. 930435

Recovery isn't linear, so not sure what you expect lol

No. 930436

genuine question: where does she get her money from? she gets 50$ on onlyfans TOPS, so how does she afford to keep the lights on and go out to eat?

No. 930437

it doesn't matter what kind of mental health services japan (or any other country) does or does not have because whenever venus receives any sort of treatment she does not take it seriously. she could have access to the best treatment services in the entire world and it still wouldn't make any sort of difference so long as she continues to abuse alcohol and prioritize destructive, attention-seeking behavior over her health. sadly no amount of assistance is going to help someone who ultimately does not really want to change.

No. 930438

Anon was making it about Venus by saying (stupidly) that she should move there! As though some folks still think it's the best country in the world. See Yegorstv channel on YT and his videos of why he left the US for Rusdia and why he's much happier now and mental health was suffering when ge lived in US. Venus would likely be worse off so it's silly speculation to claim she'd definitely be better off there, implying that everyone would be. They wouldn't!

No. 930439

Have to agree with this. Ultimately it's up to her. She likes the whole menhera ethic

No. 930440

I'm convinced "recovery" means she has money which is why she took this pic at a restaurant.

No. 930441

File: 1709396555010.jpeg (82.31 KB, 1179x347, IMG_2551.jpeg)

this is her next identity, poor soul. jirai kei is no longer in, but somebody needs to tell her that the topic of breaking generational curses has gone out trend 8 months ago.

when was the last time she did something authentic to her, instead of absorbing whatever was in trend on the net and making it her own personality?
we had a jirai kei era, with compulsive outfit posting where she complained about getting less than 5k likes per post.
we had a fake DID era, though shortlived, as her own fans called her out on her bullshit QUICK. the absolute insanity of talking about "Ana", her secondary personality, i'm still surprised her own people put a stop to that immediately.
what else? pretending to be gay to get out of a marriage. i even think that the whole alcoholism thing started as a thing to add to her personality, but she then got caught up in it

No. 930442

Where is this even from? This just looks like a random text box.

No. 930443

her insta bio. looks like that cause it's a site called picuki

No. 930444


She is back together with Ken or a new shugar daddy? But who would take her with this disgusting rotten teath?


"pretending to be gay to get out of a marriage"

We allready had that with the "I'm so gay and psycho" saga. Ella Freya left her quickly and never mentioned her again.(learn to sage)

No. 930445

She gets some type of Japanese disability payments (for her ‘alcoholism’ and various ‘mental illnesses.’) Plus if she gets into a bind there’s always good old Manaki to fall back on, like she did last fall after getting evicted from her apartment.

No. 930446

File: 1709404111059.png (735.02 KB, 1257x660, Screenshot 2024-03-02 152727.p…)

No. 930447

File: 1709404149958.png (59.87 KB, 599x502, Screenshot 2024-03-02 152743.p…)

No. 930448

This sounds like guilting her into sticking around and having to be friends and having to thank them continuously for helping her. No one is indebted to you regardless of what you do. Also, if she isn't trying to kill herself now due to this interaction and she's making inspirational posts because of it, how is that bad exactly? Maybe she didn't want some man making her feel like she owes him constantly again. Imo, that's growth. The sister getting involved all because she unfollowed him, not even blocked him, is insane. Venus is not responsible for some guy's depression because he can't handle a girl not wanting to be in constant contact forever. That's an incel problem.

No. 930449

That shortcake person sounds like a manipulative pathetic retard tbh.

No. 930450

This bitch genuinely can’t keep a friend for the life of her, honestly impressive at this point kek.

No. 930451

Who is the person they are referring to? I didn't see that particular story nor am i being able to find anything about it.

No. 930452

If this is true (which we don't know since no screenshots or such have been posted yet) it wouldn't really be surprising.
It may have been someone venus just used like she did in the past with tons of people and friends however, it's pretty unusual she'd use them as an inspiration to heal rather than cause more destruction to her or them.
It's probably the least bad thing she did in years to someone, sure sucks for the guy, he should've researched more about what kind of person she is and what she does. Either way it'd still be progress for her and maybe she'll be a little closer to actually getting better after all these years of hurting others and herself.

No. 930453

Why do her pupils look like flying saucers in this pic? Wtf did she take?

No. 930454

Venus stalin era

No. 930455

Probably because it was a one off meeting and they followed each other to be nice, but she doesn't owe her entire existence to someone who was a blip.

No. 930456

File: 1709481403006.png (321.85 KB, 828x1792, IMG_9264.png)

Why has no one posted this yet? She literally mentioned lolcow on her stories. As if getting dick is a good thing, but that’s a whole nother story, at least most of us never fucking made porn.

No. 930457

That’s his reddit account. He was bragging for a long time about voice chatting with her. People told him not to trust her and that she’d toss him aside when she was done with him but somehow now he’s completely shocked.

Dude’s a cow in his own right btw(this is an imageboard, post caps when linking off site)

No. 930458

Venus you don’t have any friends shut up

No. 930459

venus: i actually get dick, unlike you nonas. it's the 7cm dick of a married 50 year old, who looks horrifying, who also told me to carve his initial on my wrist and post it on my main social media account, left me, exposed me publicly on his instagram multiple times, BUT!!! at least (when his wife isn't making him happy) he will choose to fuck me and leave me again. chekmate

No. 930460

File: 1709493163187.png (902.24 KB, 1264x669, Capture.PNG)

Is she re-using pics? Picrel.(non-milk posts must be saged)

No. 930461

For anyone wanting to know, this is a gimmick menu item from a well-known ramen shop in Kanagawa. It’s a huge bowl of noodles that’s free if you can finish it in under an hour, 2500 yen if not.

No. 930462

Tbf thats plastic display food. She could go multiple times and irl all be the same fake food she takes a photo of. These are 2 different angles too so it might be a different visit. Unless anons can prove this is the same visit, it's not even the same photo. Just the same fake plastic display model.

No. 930463

Why would you be happy getting dick while looking like that? Are you slow, mate? The man in question lavishes his wife with money and attention, but you receive nothing in return. That man don't even shower you with gifts, he didn't even pay your train ticket to see him, he made you pay for it. You shouldn't be this stupid,

No. 930464

I couldn’t imagine living this life with pride. No one wishes they have the same life

No. 930465

How is it possible for someone that stupid to fail at sugaring? Japanese ladies even benefit from sugaring in certain ways. She only got out of the deal some std ridden dick and fuck up teeth. kek

No. 930466

She doesn't mention lolcow lol japan has forums too. Lolcow is an imageboard.

No. 930467


nobody in japan gives a fuck about Venus, be serious

No. 930468

I don't think the Japanese are talking about her. Also outsiders tend to think lolcow is a "femcel" board.

No. 930469

He says he witnessed Venus's "husband" abusing and insulting her during some of their calls. Can't imagine that's Manaki as we all know he's a doormat, so it's probably Ken?

No. 930470

Some years ago, Venus did a livestream reacting to her threads here and on PULL so it's not far-fetched to assume she still lurking.
It was the classic : "I never lurk these icky sites but a friend of mine told me I was posted there and I'm big mad"

No. 930471

She doesn't say anything about it the forums being about her. I think anons are trying to add in context regarding her and lolcow when there probably isn't. She is hardly only talked about on lolcow anyway. Tiktoks and YouTube videos.

Where does she say any of this had to do about her or anyone talking about her? You don't need to be posting on lolcow to know the term 'femcel'. Even lolcow laughs at the term. In the past year, the term has skyrocketed.

No. 930472

Wow, he really is something. Even so, it's crazy how she takes on different people's personalities, she is an absolute skin-walker. It is also appalling that she keeps constantly promising to do all these things she comes up with, and also becoming a whole new recovered person! only to dissappoint afterwards. I know this is silly but she comes across to me as some weird horror creature. And the cycle is a hellish merry-go-round. She is empty inside.

No. 930473

this never ending cycle will finally come to an end after something either so horrible or so wonderful happens to her. because she's been doing this same process for the last 5 years, it won't stop, something will have to shake her.

now what kind of wonderful opportunity could come to her when she looks and acts the way she does? i fear the shake will come from something negative, rationally considering her life situation.

whatever it is, it's coming. this can't go on forever(reddit spacing)

No. 930474

Noting she only concentrates on the worst people possible (I assume she sees well-meaning people as inferior, pathetic and subjets to be teased, whereas awful people are her inspiration) we'll most likely only witness the development of this ongoing decaying process and not much more.

No. 930475

I don't think that's the case. For a lot of people like her with CPTSD, you're used to being treated like shit. It's all she's known. Venus is just used to be used, she probably feels super out of place when people are actually nice to her. Hence the constant self sabotage.

No. 930476

Would you stop with the CPTSD shit? (what ‘trauma’ is she/you even claiming here?) This fake shit is beyond lame.(lurk more )

No. 930477

She said it herself.

No. 930478

Must be true then kek

No. 930479

Anons who always rage about Venus's mental illness(es) being discussed confuse me. Do you guys seriously think that she's a mentally healthy person with no disorders?

No. 930480

She likes to think she’s a super special snowflake with special snowflake ‘mental illnesses’ (#hashtag #landminegirl) but she’s really just a garden variety BPD (Borderline) alcoholic drug seeker. Nothing special at all.
And I’d still like to know what ‘trauma’ she and her gullible fans are claiming she’s had.(armchair psychology)

No. 930481

Do you know how many landline girls exist all over the world. Her only claim to fame in the community is that she was a “living doll”. Her fucking around with sugar daddies and hosts? Common. Her alcohol addiction? Common.

No. 930482

For a landline girl she makes a very bad one >>930481

No. 930483

True. But I get the feeling that with time, it can turn into despise by getting more bitter as her situation gradually worsens.

No. 930484

Do you even understand how BPD works? It’s literally caused by TRAUMA ya nitwit. One can have trauma and still exploit their trauma. Read a psychology book or two fgs.(no1currs, stop armchairing)

No. 930485

We'll see. I'm not going to derail anymore about what-ifs though. It's tinfoil until it happens.

No. 930486

Nah, acknowledging some trauma's to blame for her unhinged behaviors means acknowledging she is in some way a v i c t i m, it's way easier to paint her as a purposefully evil walking garbage heap and nothing but. Classic othering. Alcoholics are all rotten people and a good person would be able to pony up and put the bottle down, it's so simple. She needs to act like a real adult and get over her hangups /s(derailing/infighting)

No. 930487


Haha wow, mods deleted my comment instead of red texting me. Must’ve struck a nerve.

As I said, I wasn’t arm-chairing you halfwit mods. I didn’t say Venus HAD BPD, I was explaining how BPD works as someone who works in the psychology field. This is a fact easily verifiable, you illiterate dumb fucks. And yeah, yeah “no1curr” blah blah so original. You’re still dumbasses.(no1currs)

No. 930488

Yes you do, mod :)

Especially since you keep deleting my comment event though my initial one that started this didn’t break your stupid rules. And now you’ve instituted hell week because of lil ol’ me? Awww, you shouldn’t have. Buncha ironic snowflakes.(take it to meta jfc)

No. 930489

File: 1709803093913.png (225.67 KB, 720x861, Screenshot_20240307-102001-950…)

Why no one posted this yet? That's some top tier delusional stuff she's posting lately. It's like she's 14 again.

No. 930490

File: 1709806374391.jpg (79.08 KB, 719x1117, Screenshot_20240307-071037_Ins…)

why she can't earn money in a more normal way like working?

No. 930491

can you please stop asking 'why has no one has posted this' and just post caps so we can discuss thanx its weirdly demanding(minimodding)

No. 930492

File: 1709824921088.jpeg (887.74 KB, 1290x2205, IMG_9494.jpeg)

No. 930493

is this even onlyfans? it doesn't look like it

No. 930494

Is it even verified to be venus I'm wondering..

No. 930495

She opened a Patreon a week or so ago for nonsexual content. Dunno who she expects to seriously pay for this kind of thing(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 930496

File: 1709842991098.jpg (1.08 MB, 828x1935, RDT_20240307_21231125736902160…)

No. 930497

there's people like kirie (her 'discord manager' or whatever, basically an incel stalker who wormed his way into her confidence) who would absolutely pay $60 for a photoset to comb it for any background details interesting to antifans, and post it here to get three replies. that would make him feel like a god for a day.
Is this 'worth doing' for venus if it's just like one buyer? 60 dollars for pressing 'share' on the last 20 photos on your phone? sure

No. 930498

you know why. she does not want to work and has already stated she is above such things. she was spoiled by margo too, making 80k saying boo bye bye boo in a camera and having every material good she desired. She is lazy and entitled and thinks she's better than that. She wants to be coddled and exploit men for money(another thing she admit) and she probably has some level of depression which
contributes to her lack of motivation. OF is an easy scam and involves doing the only hobby she ever stayed consistent in: taking/editing/ catphishing photos. looks like she's in need of cash if she\s suddenly selling she shitty photos again. And of course it's drinking photos.

No. 930499

File: 1709915425555.jpg (219.49 KB, 1080x1014, 1000040294.jpg)

New Post on her Insta. Here it goes again.

No. 930500

hes not gonna give you fucking money you dumb bitch. christ almighty she will chose the dumbest choices over getting a fucking job

No. 930501

here's our usual reminder that she won't ever change because she doesn't really want to. she's either lying to seem cute, interesting and crazy hehe ~mentally illness is kawaii uwu~ or just a big idiot trying to destroy herself in the worst possible ways. probably a bit of both. even when things got grim for her i foolishly hoped she'd turn things around. if anyone gives her money again (they will) they're just enabling her slow suicide. she really needs to be kicked out of Japan to get away from this man somehow, that's literally the only tiny miniscule chance she has left

No. 930502

Can you imagine just chilling at home with your wife, and your drunk, toothless "sugarbaby" shows up at your front door. That sight is honestly fucking hilarious to anyone not involved in the mess

No. 930503

definitely lying or playing it up to seem "crazy hehe". Never forget she said that being different is super important to her, (or rather, her perceived difference), because really she's your run of the mill manipulator and attention seeker. When she dropped her fake bpd diagnosis, she started talking about visions and voices to larp schizophrenia to seem uwu crazy teehee. She makes up shit left and right and embellishes stuff like suicide attempts, which were either outright fake and tiny little jabs like scratching a nail then claiming she tried to end it in front of a moving bus. Maybe she is going to her ex, but in general her entire internet persona is fake. In reality, she has a meek generic disposition, the thing she hates most. Remember she said she wanted to be like filthy frank and that she's a special, creative and eccentric person not like the rest, when she's none of those things. And the way she started behaving after reading up on jirai kei is an even bigger indicator she plays things up. As well as admitting a lot of her posts are satire. But people here fall for it and think she is generally crazy. She isn't. She's just a classic manipulator with some generic mild-moderate addiction issues who wants to seem crazy because she thinks that makes her "unique and interesting." Yes, I believe she plays up her addictions too. I dont think she's a hardcore alcoholic, not that I'm saying she doesnt have a problem with it at all.

Also it's really funny she writes "toxic ex". She's the one who stabbed and abused him and exploits him for money and clearly never had genuine feelings for him (given she inadvertently admit she didnt in her posts, whereas he, scumbag as he may be, probably did like her genuinely at some point, especially when he was genuinely trying to help her stop drinking, which you dont do if you simply see someone as a hole). She's the one caught on camera repeatedly berating and exploiting Mana. She's the one who attempted to isolate and abuse her bumble date, caused him severe anxiety based on his private message to her then invalidated and shamed him. But all her exes and people in her life are the "abusers" and "toxic". Okay. Keep projecting venus.(medfagging)

No. 930504

I don't know what's worse, the things Venus does or the people in the comments still trying to help her. Do they not realize it's just a waste of energy, like trying to reason with a wall?

No. 930505

You're just repeating old milk. What does this have to do with anything? No one in this thread needs reminders about who venus is.

No. 930506

and you're not contributing anything, so mov on already.

No. 930507

They think everything she says is true. They think Margo literally forced her to do YT and took all the money for herself ala the primink video, they think Manaki abused tf out of her, they think she's in physical danger around Ken and he's forcing her to do OF despite her telling them she stabbed him, they think her managers also abused her. They think she's a tragic heroine who gets exploited and abused left and right and isn't faking a lot of it for her need to be special. She definitely is ill though, because that need to be different and special doesn't exist in a fully mentally healthy person, but her fans dont get that, that she's posting to curate an image and not for help. So she'll always get comments trying to help her.

No. 930508

It amazes me that people are actually falling for this scam. If she didn't keep it up, she wouldn't have any followers, and no one would be looking for Venus in that way, let alone her YouTube channel. Pretending to be a train wreck is her only means of remaining in the spotlight, which is also the reason why reality TV is so popular.

No. 930509

I imagine there's a mixture of people trying to help. The ones that believe everything she says, the ones yearning for nostalgia and hoping she can somehow go back to who she once was because they miss that time period/who she was back then, people desperate for attention hoping that Venus will pick them, people genuinely concerned for a mentally ill woman. I imagine the latter is the smallest amount, I feel like the people trying "help" are probably doing it for selfish reasons.

No. 930510

So she has to pay to see him? Does her existence revolve solely around him? Do she have friends?

No. 930511

yes they do need reminders, not to mention it helps anymore who have read previois threads. I honestly have no idea why you have an issue with anon's comment because its a solid analysis on Venus.

No. 930512

NTA but who cares? this thread moves snow and she's not tinfoiling

No. 930513

NGL I never actually considered this because I'm convinced she's a blackout drunk meth head, but like this makes a lot of sense. Considering Marge over embellishes everything too, it's clear Venus learned the vast majority of her antics from her mom. Also I don't think she's ever had bouts of serious soberity outside of being institutionalized because it's clear she pretends to be sober to convince Ken's stupid ass. She probably just drinks the moment she gets out and tries to hide it from him long enough until he finds out and they start fighting again.

No. 930514

I get the feelingbshe drinks daily, at least twice a day.
….and because of that she looks more haggard than people think and doesnt go out as much

No. 930515

Finally someone said it. She could post that she is moonlighting as a murderer and everyone here would believe her. She actively baits people.

You need to ask yourself these things when she posts something:
Does it piss you off? (She worked you)
Is it something she has said a million times? (A lie)
Citation needed? (it never happened)

No. 930516

NTA and I agree, but what is her end goal? She doesn't post good content on YouTube so she tries to stay relevant with this stuff? Can't she get deported if authorities actually come across her social media? It just seems stupid. Is she trying to get deported?

No. 930517

why would she get deported? nothing she is doing is illegal

No. 930518

Speaking of youtube, she should just go ahead and vlog. The chaos of it all probably would give her views.

No. 930519

There is no end goal besides make a living and just staying in Japan. She's just living her life at this point regardless of how destructive it gets. She's not going to get deported.

No. 930520

Her end goal is to buy kawaii shit and get attention on the internet.

No. 930521

exactly. people need to realize that shes an addict in so many ways, and addicts only care about getting their fix (attention, alcohol, no solid proof on drugs) and planning to get their next fix (bugging nekopachi for money, trying to get money in other ways than getting a job, preying on others)
thats it. shes not important enough to be on immagration’s radar so can we drop this?
addicts are a nightmare to deal with.

No. 930522

My bad, it was late and I think I got her mixed up with another cow. She said she commited a felony a while ago and claims to do drugs so I got confused.

No. 930523

Does she need an end goal? She is having issues clearly. What she is posting is an expression of that.

No. 930524

File: 1710169684739.jpg (467.13 KB, 719x1140, Screenshot_20240311-120627_Ins…)

larping as brain damaged now?

No. 930525

File: 1710169805333.jpg (371.98 KB, 719x1256, Screenshot_20240311-120642_Ins…)

divorce, small dick? tinfoiling but is he throwing shadow at ken?

No. 930526

I see it more as in manifesting someone with BD, not for having a bigger one for the person who stares at that. Lol omg this is just so silly.

No. 930527

Assuming the bit about divorce is a reference to Manaki but I’m not totally sure, she’s just trying to be edgy online for the millionth time for attention

No. 930528

she really got drunk to hell and back, drew like a retard and posted this for attention.

No. 930529

She should start to let go of this type of magic stuff (like the sigil thing). All that comes from her mother, and Venus is still not looking at it from a critical point of view, but is rather sort of living by it.

No. 930530


what the fuck are you even on. that doodle on lined paper wont do shit(sage your shit)

No. 930531

Of course it won't. I just notice how she often refers to stuff about magic and takes it very seriously. She even said her mom put a curse on her (like, with an actual ritual or something). So it might be a good idea to question all that stuff instead of going along with it.

No. 930532

Her end goals are 2 things. manipulating ppl and getting attention. Those 2 things are her life fuel.

No. 930533

File: 1710254452886.jpg (846.38 KB, 1080x1951, 1000039164.jpg)

No. 930534

File: 1710254482816.png (6.15 MB, 3504x2080, 1000039162.png)

No. 930535

why tf did her mom move them to brixton of all places

No. 930536

Probably chasing men or could use venus for publicity there which she kind of did. She got onto tv.

No. 930537

Perhaps sharing this knowledge so you have a sense of purpose?

No. 930538

wait, wasn't marge dating a black guy then? the one she said was beating her.
makes sense lol(racebait)

No. 930539

She doesnt believe that stuff. She talks about it to seem quirky and crazy and unique and it goes with her new schizo larp. That's it. She picked witchcraft when going to AA because she didnt want to choose an actual religion, not because she believes in it. She's already admit to larping many things and feeling like she lacks a personality. The curses and sigils and visions are just there for quirk points.

No. 930540

Her end goal has always been money. And I'd say manipulating narratives. I think she thinks if she can convince others that her life was or is a certain way or that she is a certain way, then that's all that matters to her, rather than reality and the truth.

No. 930541

"locked in". Please. Yeah, Margo was overbearing, but locked in is a complete lie and embellishment. And venus was also pretty bratty and thought she was better than others and looked down upon them (her blog) that it's also partly her fault she never made decent friends when she did go to school (which was for most of her childhood and half of highschool). And because of that she had no one to go out and hang with until she met Mana. But sure venus, pretend you were "locked in". That's how you managed to get on a plane and move countries. Cause you were so locked in.

No. 930542

File: 1710322547875.jpg (1.02 MB, 2287x3725, IMG_4598.jpg)

"Working since young." Saying boo bye bye boo in a cam doesnt count as work.She must be insecure with her lack of real work experience. The closest she has to real work is pretending Kitanos business was hers and getting some gigs there. But he was probably a sugar daddy so she was served everything on a silver platter it's not really work then.

Also why's she underlining drug dealing and knife abuse? Is she subtly threatening Ken or bragging about her domestic violence against him?

No. 930543

Well, but it's true that she was making money to support both herself and her mother while still being a child anyway.
About the underlining, I believe she is just trying to showcase how "terrible" the place she was living in was, to add to her narrative of bad living conditions.

No. 930544

She was working since she was a child though, being exploited is still her working.

No. 930545

No idea why she’s talking about London lately, since she lived there a million years ago now. Probably just to make her past seem even more tragic for whatever reason. As if the present isn’t pathetic enough.

No. 930546

The thing with her is that she's always had fans who don't even bother to look up even the most basic information about Venus, like her nationality for example. So now she gets to retell all these stories as brand new.
Yeah, it's funny how she's presenting this as being in a bad condition while looking so much better in those pictures. Even though she wasn't precisely having the time of her life back then, per se.

No. 930547

I wouldn't be shocked to know Margo was doing drugs while taking care of Venus, making her a great money pit for Venus. Exploitation out the ass, probably why she's posting all this. A big part of therapy is feeling open to discussing the most crazy things and this is believable on Venus's side. We already know the length Margo would go to, to use Venus as a meal ticket until Venus actually ran away and cut her off. She stole her daughter's laptop because she wanted to still make money off her channel.

No. 930548

Judging by the person her mother was recently with, I can see how that was likely the case back then.
I also think Venus doesn't like countries apart from Japan all that much either.

No. 930549

funny how she doesn't even try to stay there legally via working a real job if she loves Japan that much. I'm 99% sure she doesn't pay taxes for her OF shit
She's just asking for deportation but Venus isn't even relevant enough for that kek

No. 930550

She is there legally. If she's paying taxes since it's her nation of residence, they aren't going to mess with her. Enough tinfoiling if she is there legally or not. Independent contractors still count as working.

No. 930551

She's still legally married to Mana and that's why she gets to stay. There was never any proof of the "divorce" she mentioned and it was only mentioned once. Mana's mom/family would not have called her during her suicidal episode if they were actually divorced. She will never get divorced for real unless someone else is willing to step in and marry her, as she thought Ken was going to do in the past when she claimed he was her fiance

No. 930552

I'm not questioning her being married. Even if she wasn't, working there could grant her a visa. Move on from the deportation/visa tinfoils. It never leads to new info. Anons have been saying the same back and forth for 4 threads now.

No. 930553

File: 1710548056137.jpeg (184.92 KB, 884x1823, 5253FF82-FB9E-4F37-87A6-8C90D4…)

She started a Patreon, ‘Hopecore Healing.’ Hopecore being her latest fad she’s latched onto. It has one post, from March 5. Says she’s “moving house and staying in hotels and manga cafes” which does match her instagram posts.

Maybe Manaki has finally managed to shake her off?

No. 930554

I'm not going to tinfoil over this. We already know Manaki was lusting after her when she was 13. Japan laws or not, he's a pedo. Venus getting away from him regardless would be good since he glorified her persona so hard. Hopefully she finds somewhere a little stable soon, even a hostile would be good depending on where it is.(derailing about old milk)

No. 930555

Wrong. She targeted him for a visa and used him as a meal ticket for years. She’s a parasite and a scammer like her mother. I hope he’s finally found the stones to eject her drunk using ass from his life.

No. 930556

Not the Mana pedo tard on here sperging again. Just ignore it. Whenever someone mentions Mana, they come here sperging this retardation. We've already been through this. He wanted a kawaii weeb waifu like all these dumbass incel moids do and that blew up in his face. She wanted a scam marriage visa and it only blew up in her face when she decided she wanted to larp as Taylor R and get level up to a rich dude. It's called a mutually explotive relationship. However Venus is a total cunt for trashing his name pnline constantly when she cheated on him multiple times and he is the only one that takes her back in. If Mana actually had balls and stood up for himself, bitch would have literally been homeless after everytime Ken has throw her ass out. Mana could pull a Ken and post poorly google translated Engrish retaliation milk about Venus on SM, but doesn't.(derailing about old milk)

No. 930557

Living the dream life of any menhera toyoko kids in kabukicho I see. How much you wanna get she hookups with a host again

No. 930558

hooking up with a host??
have you seen the state of this woman?
hosts have a reputation to maintain.
fucking foreigners is a boost to their image, just not ANY kind of foreigner.
not ones who look the way she does, i can tell you(unintegrated posting style)

No. 930559

retard she literally made herself broke going to host clubs and pretty recently too

No. 930560

t. you've fucked a host and think he chose you because you're special and not because he's literally a sex worker. There are videos and photos of Venus hanging out with hosts, they most definitely aren't turning her down.

No. 930561

Lmao they get with whoever pays them. She posted about hooking up with a couple of them in the past after her initial split with Ken, posted pics of them and all

No. 930562

I think she is actually too broke to afford a host at this point. She can't even afford to stay at a sharehouse. Bitch is living out of internet cafes. I'm just wondering where she's gonna film OF "content" now that she's confirmed being homeless.

No. 930563

exactly, in the past, where she didn't look the way she does now. also those hosts looked ugly as fuck, especially the black haired one that shooped his pics to look like an alien
pretty recently being like what, 8 months ago? kill yourself, kindly(alogging)

No. 930564

I thought hosts are not supposed to have sex with their customers though. Specially as the client is said to often lose interest then and move on to another host if it does happen.

No. 930565

I rolled my eyes Anon you clearly must be new lol her ex was a host . Hosts don’t have any reputation to keep up with except for being scum conmen. They will fuck anyone if they flash a wad of cash their way.
Anon hosts will fuck anyone if they wanted to. It’s a matter of right place right time.

No. 930566

ffs their clients are literal sex workers and mentally unstable women who need male validation. You’re saying Venus isn’t their type? How do you think hosts are making their money?

No. 930567

considering she was inactive for around 2-3 months, yeah 8 months is pretty recent in venus lore. and she looked just as fucked up then as she does now. what point are you proving exactly? hosts take money from mentally ill girls regularly, youre acting like they care who gives it to them.

No. 930568

Don't they also take money from bored rich housewives who like to spend money on hosts while their husbands are out working all hours to give them the money that they then spend on the hosts? I always heard that's where a lot of their clientele cone from, not just some sex workers but rich housewives who enjoy the company of hosts.

No. 930569

It's funny because they don't have a type. Money is the only type they have. Typically, Host is liked by ugly broads who are psychologically ill and have low self-esteem. Have you seen the bitches that fall for their scams? kek

No. 930570

She must be a foolish foreigner who fell for a host's lies.  A host who promised to marry her, and she is the only one for him in Japan? You know the ruse, the host parrot, that foolhardy foreigners fall for?

No. 930571

If I remember correctly her host ex “saved” her from ken and then the two fought over her. That’s how he won her over

No. 930572

She was very obviously just using the host to make Ken jealous and get him back. It wasn't a real relationship or pretending to be.

No. 930573

“Prestigious art school” Lmao!(sage your shit)

No. 930574

Who are you quoting

No. 930575

She looks like a resident evil creature here

No. 930576

Even a cheap pop-on veneer retainer from the internet would be better than nothing. Super young pageant girls wear them to hide their missing teeth.(teeth sperging again)

No. 930577

It wasnt from ken, but another host and she likely just made that shit up

No. 930578

File: 1711322857114.jpg (451.05 KB, 750x1118, 00643344.jpg)

'I dont know if I went insane.' She needs to stop with the insanity larp, it's fucking annoying and doesnt make her quirky or special like she desperately wants to be. She's just depressed and turned to substance abuse and thinks that somehow makes her unique and "not like the others."

She's also recycling old photos, she's not at Mana's as far as we know.

No. 930579

Having breakdowns or being manic make people feel insane which is what she means.

No. 930580

File: 1711340142973.jpeg (232.33 KB, 1284x1508, IMG_3415.jpeg)

Did anyone notice that she removed her linktree and now only has buymeacoffee? So she’s not promoting her OF anymore? Regret finally setting in?(sage your shit)

No. 930581

No she doesnt, she boasts about being
"schizo" and insane all the time and larps out the role, complete with visions. And even pretended to have DID with "Anna." Stop defending her bullshit.

No. 930582

File: 1711378617428.jpg (216.03 KB, 1217x849, 5616416.jpg)

It's Over

No. 930583

What's over? She sounds like a burnt out kid star.

No. 930584

I came to post this, venus suicidebaiting again for attention. How she doesn't grow tired of pulling this shit? girl is going to be 27 this year. Doesn't she yearns peace and stability? Ik she is mentally unstable but still.

No. 930585

She didn't say anything about killing herself. She said that the people who follow her have a good life whereas she, even though it's online and she can make what she posts look better off than she is, she is not happy or having a good life. I think she's realizing that money in general isn't just how to have a good life, especially in a place where you can't even afford to live. She says nothing about killing herself or wanting to harm herself. She sounds exhausted trying to please people in order to try and keep a lifestyle.

No. 930586

Does she not have the money for an inpatient rehab? Like just go somewhere and actually get help, log off.

No. 930587

I think she means in general

No. 930588


she wants us to think it's suicide so she can get her asspats and later come back saying "why did you think i would do that? i was just drunk guys, you know me"

No. 930589

What does she mean by "or snake"?

No. 930590

weird wk, the ‘it doesn’t matter anymore…goodbye’ is like generic suicide note #001, she’s obviously baiting

No. 930591

instead of making herself bigger she makes herself smaller like a snake and slinks away. That's the only way I can understand it because she isn't great with analogies, but considering how often she misremembers sayings it kind of makes sense.

No. 930592


I think she means she was cunning like a snake to achieve things.

No. 930593


She is exhausted trying to please people? All she did was scamming people left and right, throwing everyone under the bus who tried to help or work with her.

She wanted to keep her lifestyle by exploiting others but it didn't work out because she's not as clever as she thought she is. She is just a narc with low intelligence.

How many more times will she hit rock bottom until she understands the childstar lifestyle with easy money and endless attention she had before is forever unachivable for her? She allready is a drug-addicted prostitute who lives on the street. And still she doesn't want to stop and aim for a normal life. I seriously believe she will be trying to grifting her way through life until she is dead in the streets. Which is probably in the condition she is now in the near future.(unintegrated and unsaged)

No. 930594

"I tried so hard"
How about get off disability and work a real job for starters, Venus? Instead of cheating on Mana with Ken to have a lavish (and lazy) taylor r lifestyle. She has not tried hard at all. Ever. Just spoiled through and through.

No. 930595

I think she is 27 already

It's possible she meant like "Goodbye, you guys have a nice life" type of thing. If she actually just assumes everyone has a good life and she's a tragic heroine, she's even more self-absorbed and narcissistic than I thought.

No. 930596

She’s been inpatient at rehabs/hospitals about three different times already…

No. 930597

Probably. Margo is in her 50s and still grifting. What's sad is Venus is a young, able bodied person without physical disability, who had every opportunity to work in Japan when with Mana and chose not to. Ran off to a sugar daddy who she thought was richer out of pure greed, nothing else. Can't even blame Margo for that and now she has to deal with the consequences of those choices. It's still not too late for her though. She could go to alcoholic rehab (and stick with it) and get a combini job afterwards and start there. Most establishments aren't going to google her and even if they did, her Japanese name is not Venus palermo iirc. She would get guidance at the AA and a sense of independence and routine with the job. And then could afford a place to stay so the basics are taken care of. Not that that would magically cure her mental unhappiness, but we've seen multiple times that she has what she calls "breakdowns" when she's broke and down on her luck, when there's no sugar daddy to spoil her.

I don't think any were ever voluntary for starters. The one she actually posted about she left after the first month because she was "bored.". I think she only went because it aided her disability payments or ability to stay in Japan somehow. She's lied multiple times, for years actually about seeing therapists as well. It's very clear she doesn't take it seriously and doesn't try. And the meds she got, she only got them to abuse. She's been allergic to effort since day 1 and it shows.

No. 930598

Yes, Venus we do know the things you did for "normal basic self care". You married Mana to take care of you. You then ran off to Kitano to take care of you. Then to Ken to take care of you. You splurged money on clothing, hair, nails and makeup and stupid daiso crap and didn't even have to pay rent for so long. You refused to work for years and preferred to exploit others and leech disability, while "showing yourself as bigger than you are." We know all about the ways you do "normal basic self care" Venus.

No. 930599

I think its in context to making herself bigger than she is. She's basically a liar or snake for it, is what she's saying

No. 930600

I take it she's upset because neither Ken or Mana are giving her a place to stay and she actually has to figure life out on her own for the first time in forever?They're booth retarded doormat moids so I don't expect them too, but it would be hilarious if they actually held the line and didn't give into her suicide baiting BS and Venus actually has to do shit on her own.

No. 930601

Does anyone have saved her old Instagram photos and captions when she was still with Manaki?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 930604

Maybe there's some in the old threads ?

No. 930608

lurk more

No. 930609

shes so annoying and so are her fans who continue to give her false hope.

No. 930617

Why was this moved?

No. 930621

she's basically a legacy cow at this point, which is what /pt/ is for

No. 930624

I thought /pt/ was only for the milkiest of cows

No. 930627

Other legacy cows like Dakota and Taylor never got moved here… why Venus? Weird decision

No. 930629

Agreed I don't get it, did someone request it? Why the choice

No. 930650

dakota and taylor are dry nowadays.

No. 930652

We’d like to provide clarification on why Venus has returned to /pt/, as it appears it was not as obvious as we thought. The reasoning is as follows: Venus (either alone or with Margo) has consistently produced milk for the almost 10 years that she has been on the site and she is a well known legacy cow. She was originally discussed here on /pt/ and was one of the earliest threads, you can see her first thread here: (>>>/pt/426). Eventually the threads became more about Margo, and later Venus got her own separate satellite threads on /snow/ and then /w/. Given that, for better or worse, she has certainly graduated to a complete cow in her own right, we thought it was fitting that she ended up back here alongside her mother. If you have any further complaints or questions about this, please post them on /meta/ instead of in the thread itself.

No. 930673

fair enough
the post was deleted

No. 930683

I admit I find it all confusing. It's really only Venus' thread I follow. HIMR and Sora threads I think died a long time ago? All the snow, pt, etc terms I don't really understand, but it's okay, easy enough to just follow the link to this thread from the end of the last one.(go to /meta/)

No. 930744

>we thought it was fitting that she ended up back here alongside her mother.
Idk why but this gave me chills

No. 930842

File: 1711931624720.jpeg (360.21 KB, 1179x2009, 3pehd09nhdrc1.jpeg)

she posted then deleted this

No. 930845

File: 1711955325672.png (74.01 KB, 300x250, 9Uct7sz.png)

Kek so this is why you moved her here, love you sneaky farmhands

No. 930853

Seems like she wants to talk about whats going on, something she was definitely taught in therapy, but online is a bad idea. Its not a healthy outlet and I'm not shocked at developing BD through OF and how her mom made her whole appearance her life.

No. 930870

probably just about to go on hiatus tbh

No. 930871

You do know she admit earlier to not having an actual bpd diagnosis right? I think she only has alcoholism as an actual diagnosis from doctors there. She admit this hen she was trying to push the schizo shit. She makes up her diagnoses and does not get them via therapy. I think she's only been to see doctors in rehab and I think she either HAD to go (involuntary) or did it to be able to leech disability. Margo is scum, but she didnt MAKE venus' whole life about her appearance. You forget that venus said she was obsessed with japan years before she started a YT and fetishized asians aka wished she was asian because she kept looking up asian models on weeb clothing sites like ank rouge (who are heavily and disturbingly edited). And she is the one that initiated YT, she wasnt forced. Sure margo didn't help in that regard though by becoming a pushy momager and probably making shitty comments here and there. But you're rewriting history.

No. 930872

File: 1712005147409.png (220.32 KB, 1231x733, image_2024-04-01_165752280.png)

She's trying to scam people again. And a few people actually bought her drinking photos for $50. I can't believe it. She has no shame. Get a real job, Venus. It's not impossible even in her situation. She's so used to exploiting others. She deserves no sympathy.

No. 930873

She also has 天使界隈 in her IG now, which translates to Tenshi Kawaii, which is another weeb style (think brands like reflem or acdc rag). This one is even more tacky and teenage looking than jirai kei. She is in her late twenties and getting into this style. She clearly cant come to terms with her age and is going to need heavy editing to not look like an adult in a diaper basically wearing this shit. And she's totally taking bettering herself seriously by calling it "hopecore healing" and attempting to make a cult and patreon out of it to scam people. I don't know how anyone can feel sorry for her anymore. She has made so many nasty decisions purely out of greed that don't at all relate to Margo and tries to monetize her "recovery" because she has told us time and time again she does not want to work and wants a man to spoil her.(integrate)

No. 930876

‘Tenshi Kawaii’ is a teenage girl thing, according to this Japanese fashion wiki

>> Tenshi Kaiwai (天使界隈) translates to "angel community" and is originally the fanmail hashtag of the online magazine Tenshi Zyoshi, which is dedicated to the Mizuiro aesthetic.It describes its worldview as "translucency and ephemerality like an angel" and is especially popular among teenage girls.

‘Tenshi Kawaii’ is a teenage girl thing, according to this Japanese fashion wiki

>> Tenshi Kaiwai (天使界隈) translates to "angel community" and is originally the fanmail hashtag of the online magazine Tenshi Zyoshi, which is dedicated to the Mizuiro aesthetic.It describes its worldview as "translucency and ephemerality like an angel" and is especially popular among teenage girls.


She’s forever frozen in time as a 15-year old, at 27. Also an empty husk of a person with no fixed identity beyond whatever fad she’s currently latched on to.

No. 930910

It's not a scam if she's sending over the digital goods with the purchase. Have you tried buying and seeing that nothing comes?

No. 930911

File: 1712040829184.jpg (816.94 KB, 1080x1847, 1000197525.jpg)

No. 930913

Turning to substances because you're depressed is definitely not sane behavior(sage non-milk posts)

No. 930914

Looks like Manaki finally changed the locks.

No. 930916

I know the mods don't like visa tinfoiling but, I'm curious as to what other documentation issued she'd be having RN unless it's to renew her benefits.

No. 930917

File: 1712053367353.jpg (183.92 KB, 1080x378, IMG_20240402_071608.jpg)

It seems her mother was into Japan prior to Venus. She wrote about it back in september 2011.

No. 930924

Top fucking kek.

Pretty sure those boolies all have jobs and a roof over their heads now, which is absolute chef’s kiss. Now who’s the “letald”?!

No. 930925

Sounds like Manaki and Ken have both kicked her to the curb.

No. 930929

It's interesting to see how she was claiming her classmates were going to end up as single mothers cleaning bathrooms, because they weren't "intelligent" like her. Or on a different entry, how she would never use drinking or cutting as coping mechanisms. It's sad to read in retrospect.

No. 930930

good for him honestly.

No. 930931

And so begins the homeless saga.

No. 930946

File: 1712103474507.jpeg (130.97 KB, 791x1354, DD3A0B88-A936-4A47-8E4E-56007E…)

Her ‘I’m homeless pls help’ Patreon has 9 paying members.

No. 930948

500 a month is bleak….

No. 930953

I think that’s $48/month, not 500.

No. 930954

Since when is she active on Youtube? She doesn't even have the password anymore, girl, don't lie.

No. 930957

Ah yes, due to her laziness FOR YEARS to get a job, her disgusting cheating on Mana with the hopes of scoring a rich sugar daddy to spoil her, her WASTING her money buying massive amounts of clothing/weeb shit and not being able to deal with legal documents (probably due to her ILLEGAL visa and mooching disability), she expects her audience to pay for her own disgusting and irresponsible life choices. And ONLY when she needs money from them, does she "care" about how she impacts them. She is an absolutely disgusting person, a manipulator and grifter through and through. She deserves nothing except deportation and a social worker in SW to help her get her life started there.

No. 930958

There's a difference between insanity and struggling with addiction and you know that. Stop white knighting. She is not "insane."

No. 930959

Margo was not into Japan. She was into travelling various countries. Venus became obsessed with Japan after they travelled there once. They travelled there again due to Venus' obsession and Margo bought her Japanese language books due to Venus obsession as well as getting her Japanese food.

No. 930960

I often wonder, what even happened to all of her kawaii clothes anyway? There's so much stuff that only appears once or twice, never to be seen again. She's made big deals about some bags and outfits in the past, but never shown them since. Do her exe's just keep them and sell them after they kick her out? If you watch everything she's accumulated over the years, its just sad to realize that most of that is gone. Most of the things she buys is truly all for nothing.

No. 930961

Manaki is not a victim. Dude was into her when she was underage and had no issues marrying her. I have no idea why people continue to defend a pedo.

No. 930963

File: 1712126099365.jpg (272.72 KB, 1434x2230, 20240402_232900.jpg)

Ohhh shit, sounds like the divorce finally went through and her visa is officially in danger? I'm legit shocked, at this point I assumed Mana was never gonna fully cut her off. Picrel is some questionable comments made on his old insta a while ago, seems like it might actually be true though. He found someone new that he wanted to marry so finally pushed to make the divorce official.

No. 930965

I wonder that too. You rarely see her repeat an outfit, every post she seems to be wearing a new piece of clothing. There are shops in Japan that will buy used jfashion clothing to resell online, my guess is that she brings it to one of those when money is tight? Who knows.

No. 930968

My guess is when she gets evicted it’s thrown out or donated and she has to buy new clothing again. She has no where to store her stuff and no one to keep it safe when she moved out and goes on these extended stays in mental health wards. It’s why when she got out recently of whatever she was in the first thing on her agenda was new spring clothes.

No. 930970

She has no money to pay rent, but she has money to buy new clothes and get her nails done, huh? It makes me mad that people still fall for her shit and are willing to give her money when she does basically nothing, only cries online. Get a job and stop being a leech, Venus.

No. 930973

yeah love that! she would probably have enough money to live for a while if she sold most of her clothes and gaming devices

also how does she think she'll find housing as a foreigner without regular income or at least a spouse?

No. 930975

File: 1712152898128.png (644.02 KB, 498x945, venus instagram.png)

No. 930978

For the MILLIONTH time, Manaki is not a “pedo.” He threw her a lifeline and enabled her to escape Evil Mommy. And she was 19 years old at the time.

That “pedo” lie was put out by Margo as part of her smear campaign after Venus left, and Venus continued it as part of her own smear campaign when Manaki started talking about divorce (are you seeing a pattern here?)

No. 930980

>she was 19 years old at the time
Considering how immature she is now, how would you estimate her age back then? She was probably mentally 10 or something. Having a thing for retarded people ig
Physical age doesn't describe if someone is mature enough for marriage or if they cannot be taken advantage of even if they are "evil" just because they physically reached a certain age.(stop)

No. 930982

Holy shit, is this the start of her last saga?

No, he wasn't a literal pedo but >>930980 is correct. She grew up extremely sheltered without any stability (and allegedly on the spectrum), so she wasn't at her bio age mentally and emotionally with nearly zero life experience. I don't think marriage was a mistake, but it was too rushed. Don't act like 19 is not a very young age to marry, that's still a teenager. But Venus was less emotionally prepared than other 19 year olds.
I don't want to side track but iirc he was a fan when she was around 15, that makes him suspicious af regardless of his possibly good intentions

No. 930984

i don't think this 'mental age' thing is a valid reason to call him a pedo. both venus and margo acted like venus was this genius with high iq and exceptional thinking, etc. they both used manaki to get to japan, they didn't care about his age, background or anything, they just used him to achieve their ultimate goal.

also, i don't think manaki was at his 'bio age' either, have you seen him in her videos??? so if we can use this excuse for venus, then lets not forget about manaki.

No. 930986

Again, I didn't call him a pedo. He is a creep. We don't know nearly enough about Manaki as we know about Venus. Acting like a shy aspie because you're nervous on camera doesn't mean he was stunted like her. But there's no point in discussing this further with you because you seem to be a Manaki apologist who thinks he did nothing wrong marrying an emotionally crippled teenager with zero life experience that he had been following since she was 14-15

No. 930987

This. She’s not “struggling for money”, she has plenty of money to spend on jirai brand bs, ugly nails, host clubs and conbini food. And what happened to her pink gaming pc? And that Coach bag and all that other (probably fake) shit she was flexing? Sell all that shit, then we can talk.

>>the closer I get to stability, the more regular my interactions will be

Just more manipulation to get money out of her brain dead fanbase. Her narcissism must be off the charts to think that people will pay to hear about her millionth epiphany/strong zero/suicide attempt.

No. 930989

$50 per month is disgraceful

No. 930990

such a shame.

No. 930991

have no clue which venus could hop onto… i can see her being a porn actor but no agency would want her given her trashy life style. her old friend junelovejoy tried getting her a gig just for her to abandon it and go back to onlyfans.

No. 930993

this has got to be her rock bottom, like how can it get any worse than being a alcoholic, mentally ill homeless addict who is risking deportation?

No. 930995

Deportation may help her, who knows. I'm not saying that things would be easy outside of Japan but she needs an immediate change of environment and getting away from there could do the trick

Anyone follows her on tiktok? I don't have an account and refuse to download the app, but I want to know if she's active, her tiktok post on IG was a montage of her drinking and smoking. @dollyvenusangelic

No. 930996

That video is from 3 weeks ago.

No. 930997

The more you pay me, the more i'll post! (No i wont, ill still be more active on instagram than to you 9 cumbrained retards).

Also can you tell I really really want you to tell me I'm doing great? I have no one in my real life to tell me these things

No. 930998

Why doesn't she even ever consider getting a job? The is the millionth financial crisis she's had and apparently the worst since she's nearly homeless, and even now, zero attempt to get even the most basic part-time job to help with that? Like she's literally allergic to working.

Manaki was an autistic af doormat. The way people try to paint him as an evil predator always makes me kek. He stayed legally married to Venus all these extra years after she cheated and berated him just so she wouldn't lose her visa, that's how much of an absolute doormat he is.

No. 931001

Can you imagine being one of those 9 retards and all you get is the occasional outfit pic and a drawing captioned "thank you for supporting me, I'm trying really hard this time!"

Btw. Is there any update on her onlyfans?

No. 931002

so what is the update exactly? it’s more like a reminder for her dumb fans to pay lol

No. 931003

Stop rehashing the debate about whether Manaki is a pedo or not, we go through this at least once every thread, it's tired and accomplishes nothing every single time.

No. 931017

Just that’s her boy toys cut her off so she’s now homeless

No. 931026

She had to remind her fans twice in a post that they should pay her kek, she doesn't even try to pretend to be humble. I want her to finally hit rock bottom so she could realise it's time to find a job, but I bet she would still find another way to ask others for money.

No. 931028

Her gimmick is online, you have to promote yourself somehow. How else does she expect to get money and sell her digital goods? lol

No. 931053

yeah, but she already posted it once. i expected an actual update and not a reminder lol

No. 931054

If Ken and Mana really did give her the boot, in order to rent a place she'd have to get a real fucking job lol. In addition to copy of passport and residence card, she'd need to provide proof of income. Considering she'd been doing illegal SW for the past 4 year, OF doesn't qualify. Not to mention if the divorce went through (so that "this is how I feel when you divorce me" cringe drawing was directed at Mana), her tax and healthcare situation is fuuuuucked. It's hilarious that her bullshit is finally catching up to her. Only time will tell those. But do hope this is her rock bottom arc because we all know how being forced to get a real job will fuck with her delusions and ego.

No. 931062

I didn’t notice it at the time, but that drawing says “Me when you divorce me and block me on insta”. So maybe Manaki really does have another Instagram as suggested here >>930963

No. 931063

Well that was fast-her patreon got suspended and is “under review”(this is an imageboard)

No. 931064

I don't doubt a bunch of people hate reported it. Happens to thots all the time, but she isn't posting anything illegal and she's not underage, so it might be rectified quickly.

No. 931066

Which drawing?(lurk more)

No. 931072

File: 1712258244627.jpg (746.18 KB, 1079x1462, 1000014573.jpg)


She deleted the drawings off her insta, but they can be found on the Venus reddit.

No. 931074

no, it was already established several threads ago that the comment was spewing bullshit. No one's ever found another account of Manaki on instagram up until now.

No. 931075

File: 1712274017427.jpeg (153.13 KB, 1106x1843, CF86E394-9E4C-4757-9F0B-2254A7…)

Patreon ‘currently under review.’

No. 931078

That didn’t last long. Hope they take it down

No. 931080

File: 1712285943848.jpeg (327.51 KB, 1717x1494, 5AAD45BB-A918-449D-98A3-E8D63E…)

>> no money to pay rent, but she has money to buy new clothes and get her nails done
You can see the remnants of her latest nail job on her ‘I’m homeless, guys’ photoset. Two still hanging in there.

No. 931083

I love how she cheats on her husband with a married man for 5 years, and then has the audacity to be upset said husband divorces her because the married man did what 98% of what cheating moids do and not leave his wife for the side piece. That is the most cow behavior. Like I know Mana is a door mat an all, but what did she seriously expect him to do? Take her back? Especially now since she looks like too much of a crackhead to larp as some kawaii week e girl pedobait waifu. idk what makes her look more retarded, the fact she though Ken would leave his wife and wasted 5 year with him, or being shocked Mana divorced her.

No. 931084

Why have her teeth been rotting? Is it from the ED again or the meds? Why would she allow herself to get to this point?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 931091

If she is divorced, she's no longer under whatever healthcare Mana gets through his job. That and she'd rather spend her money on booze, expensive clothes, getting her hair&nails done and drugs. She's shit with money.

No. 931096

she's quite literally a traumatized mentally ill retard so she's going to do a bunch of dumb shit. She'll probably end up dying from something easily preventable because of her poor decision making skills

No. 931100

This was discussed ad nauseum in her last few threads. /pt/fags pls go back and read the /w/ threads to avoid rehashing things.

No. 931109

>> Why have her teeth been rotting?
1) meth mouth from abusing prescription speed (for ‘muh ADHD.’)
2) crappy diet of fast food, energy drinks etc.
3) zero hygiene. Can’t even bathe let alone brush her teeth
4) alcoholism and
5) she smokes too

Don’t know if she still has the ED or purges but 1-5 are confirmed.(teeth autism)

No. 931110

there are millions of people who eat sugar, don't brush their teeth, drink alcohol, and smoke, whose teeth are fine for decades. Even the full blown meth addicts need years to get to the actual teeth gone stage.

No. 931115

lmfao adhd meds don't rot your teeth(continuing the derail)

No. 931117

She's been at this for over a decade now, nona, her teeth were already visibly bad back in 2016 vlogs when her fans were begging her to go to a dentist to sort them out and start brushing

No. 931127

That doesn't mean anything. Everybody's teeth quality isn't the same to begin with. Theese things can affect different people at different speed.

No. 931131

>> adhd meds don't rot your teeth
They cause dry mouth which accelerates tooth rot, same as meth. It’s a common side effect.(continuing the derail)

No. 931136

File: 1712468609016.jpeg (178.53 KB, 1179x1004, IMG_4561.jpeg)

She already lost 1 paying member, and her income is back to ~50€. When she had 13 paying members, her income was ~70€, so this person was subbed to the highest tier. What did you do to piss him off, benus? Those 15€ sure could've been useful…perhaps it's not your fault and he just realized he's not interested in ramen knowledge, or your drawings.

No. 931139

If she really is homeless, this amount of money won't really help. It's really difficult to bounce back from this kind of situation even for a relatively healthy person. But finding a job as a homeless gaijin drunk idk who would hire her

No. 931141

For reference in case anyone is wondering, Patreon pays out on the 5th of the month and charges users on the 1st of the month.
I'm not sure what percentage of each pledge they take or what the processing fees are.(sage your shit)

No. 931142

A soap land maybe lol. The girls that work there are shooped to hell and back so Venus is def covered in that department. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to find she's been prostituting since Ken and Mana cut her off. Like we are saying, there's no way she's surviving off just that patreon money alone.

No. 931143

>> no way she's surviving off just that patreon money alone.
She has some kind of disability benefits too. Not enough to pay for housing (still gets her nails done though, just not as often.)

No. 931144

she ain't paying for the nails and you know it

No. 931145

Stop sperging about the teeth

No. 931146

She's not homeless. How would she be affording phone service if she was? She's probably just bumming off someone else like usual, we just don't know who it is rn since Mana apparently cut her off completely and Ken dumped her again. We won't know until later, she always reveals her leeching one way or the other though.

No. 931147

Daniel Larson affords phone service.

No. 931148

Tinfoiling here, but maybe she's living off credit. I'm not sure how it works in Japan.

No. 931149

If she was homeless I think she'd be milking it for the aesthetic. Theres been an increase in teenage homelessness in Japan, girls making hobo camps and grouping up together to ensure they survive the streets.

Venus wouldn't survive on the street by herself, and she clearly has no friends. If she was homeless she'd probably meet kindred spirits though kek

No. 931151

>Theres been an increase in teenage homelessness in Japan, girls making hobo camps and grouping up together to ensure they survive the streets.
That's crazy, any links to look into this more? Is it due to economy reasons or a social fad?(derailing)

No. 931157

Nayrt, but iirc they talk about it in this video.

No. 931167

File: 1712600575313.jpeg (543.63 KB, 1179x1610, IMG_4602.jpeg)

PATREON PATREON I WILL POST ON PATREON!! Thank you for allllllll the support on my PATREON to my 13 paying members!

Her bio is like a normal person's, she wants to seem safe in case any brand wants to sponsor her. And her captions are now all light and positivity. Oh look! Now that the money ran dry and she has no place to stay, all of a sudden she's acting sober and normal! Real life really did kick her in the ass. It wasn't so hard quitting being a slob, was it Venus? All you needed was for the easy cash flow to stop! Now as soon as someone takes pity on you and gives you a dirty corner to sleep in, you'll be back to being the real you. But in the meantime, teehee! Let's be as kawaii and out of character as possible to fool as many coomers as we can! Shit, 13 of them already fell for it. Maybe if in the next post you mention PATREON three times instead of just two, you'll get another 2$ member. Ganbare!

No. 931169

People leave patreon for all sorts of reasons, could be they subbed once and then unsubbed, but they still get access for the rest of the month.

No. 931172

I mean, if I were paying $50 a month, I’d want to actually know more about her current situation, what she’s doing about it and what she’s spending my $$ on instead of more of this performative baby talk. She always promises more personal details and brutal honesty in these paid blogs, but…it’s just more kawaii lorem ipsum word salad. You can read the same shit under her insta photos for…exactly $50 less.

No. 931174

it's not $50 a month per person, it's what Venus is getting in total. It's currently $70 but who knows how long her braindead fangelics will hold out.
I say Venus will stop posting on her Patreon in one week kek

No. 931175

They would be best friends.
>by myself
She literally has no friends anymore how sad. Not even her fake influencer friends want to hang out with her

No. 931187

so does she sleep in the sakura park, too? Didn't she say she's a hobo now?

No. 931191

lmao Venus doesn't have the street smarts or guts to be homeless and keep up her internet life. if she slept in a park or in one of those internet cafés be assured she'd let us know with photos, because she'd love the attention.

No. 931194

I don't think she would (for now) because she's trying to appear like a cookie cutter influencer, i mean look at her insta bio. She's trying to look sweet and vulnerable because no one will take pity on her real alcoholic self.

No. 931196

This is worse than shiena or Lorena. At least they had a place to sleep in. I’m sure Japan’s government would be thrilled to know that a homeless European alcoholic is living homeless on the streets.

No. 931208

Japan’s government is aware of her. They’re paying her monthly disability benefts.(post proof or stop tinfoiling)

No. 931220

Are the mods in this thread genuinely retarded? Venus herself has talked about being on disability. I swear the moderators in this thread are even more retarded than the anons, who made this newfag a mod? Stop redtexting every single thing you dumb moron.

No. 931221


its a recent thing but yeah, Venus herself confirmed getting disability payments. maybe these retarded mods need to not be spoonfed?

No. 931223

Can someone actually point to where she admits to be on benefits? I'm ctrl+f and everything the past few threads, and there is nothing, but anons assuming she is on them. Where is it that she confirms it?

>>>/w/296245 This anon assuming she is getting divorce money and benefits, but no proof is the earliest thing, but she never confirms any of this or at least anons haven't posted about it.

No. 931225

I remmeber venus talking about it, it was either posted in one of the past three threads or on her reddit page but her getting disability is not a tinfoil. I cant believe we have to spoonfeed moderators now ffs.

No. 931227

It's not in any of the last five threads and this includes keywords like "assistance", "welfare", "benefits". She hasn't acknowledged this.

No. 931228

File: 1712778880643.jpg (225.81 KB, 1080x1794, 1679562518165.jpg)

From a year ago, so you do have to go some threads back. I hate the fact that I remembered this.

No. 931230

Exactly thank you for the receipt anon (i remember there were also some other pics of her saying she was on disability too).
Its sad how now we have to spoonfeed newfag moderators and anons, i actually feel like one of the mods is a fagelic trying to make this thread inactive amd kill any discussion because the redtexts lately have been so obnoxious and unwarranted.

No. 931232

>but the real retarded ones are men
Honestly very based

No. 931239

That doesn't mean she gets benefits. They also grade level your body during checkups

No. 931245

I think it's just that /pt/mod, much like the /pt/fags, did not follow the /w/ threads so they're not caught up. Since they are the ones who made the decision to move the thread here, they really should go back and read.(take it to /meta/)

No. 931258

Fr lmao I would stan her if all her posts were like this. Too bad she has to act normal now for that sweet patreon money that probably doesn't even cover a single nights out for her

No. 931270

there’s no alimony in japan so i doubt she’s getting money from her “ex husband” so she may be receiving disability like she claims. it also awards her discounts on a lot of things like housing food and transportation

No. 931272

She didn't claim she was getting disability money. She said she has the second-highest disability in Japan, like a diagnosis. She's never once said she is on benefits or getting government assistance. Also this post is deleted from her timeline, so really sucks anon cut off the timestamp.

No. 931275

I dont think she's actually "homeless" in the sense she has no place to stay. I think people automatically assume she's on the streets, maybe in capsule hotels but I personally think she has a place to stay (she mentioned certain friends helping her earlier) and is just homeless in the sense she has no permanent address atm. But of course she wont say that to exploit her audience of money for as much as possible. Also, I dont think her audience should be giving her money given that she has done everything in her power to avoid working a real job all these years and if she got evicted for other reasons (such as being a nuisance), that's on her. PLus she wasted all her money on frivolous things and likely still wastes her patreon money on stuff kawaii shit. Scammers annoy the hell out of me. But her audience is stupid though and has the attention span of a hamster, so i she acts like she cares about them and they think she does and open their wallets.

No. 931281

She says she doesn't have money and that she is homeless and then buys a lizlisa coat, sure (new insta post)

No. 931283

File: 1712929453357.jpeg (944.36 KB, 1108x1157, IMG_4818.jpeg)

Lol she just can't help herself. She looks like a mental patient in this pic. She also bought those accessories for hair, which are used on braids, but of course she doesnt know that and puts them on straight hair lol. Do you feel better after this very necessary purchase, penus? If any of her patreon cumbrains are reading this: this is where your money is going. It almost makes me feel bad for her, almost

No. 931286

Literally adam lanza in a princess coat

No. 931293

This is such on brands for Toyoko kids

No. 931294

Also aren't designer things in Japan cheaper anyway? That's why so many people can afford to wear it. Not to mention the loads of secondhand shops that are 70% off.

No. 931295

Maybe on brand for Toyoko kids, who are 16-17 years old, but she will never be one of them because she’s too old and too foreign. And I bet she hates that.

In the caption of that post, she says she’s “spiritually, mentally and physically in a safer place”. Let’s see how long that lasts (probably about as long as her patreon earnings).

No. 931306

>physically in a better place

who wants to bet that she curled up on Manaki's doorstep all night until he felt enough pity to let her back into her rot room

No. 931333

lizlisa isn't designer at all kek. it's jp h&m. she's wearing it because it's trendy.

No. 931334

OT but LizLisa is designer. Uniqlo is JP H&M
do your research before posting.
Brands like Ma*rs are cheaper.

No. 931363

Damn, imagine spending money on anything other than fixing your fucked up teeth. Lots of people aren't fortunate enough to have paypigs or people to leech off of
KEK(continued teeth sperging after farmhand post)

No. 931371

of course she feels better. She scammed her audience to make an easy $140 a month doing nothing. I net she's very happy

No. 931372

Liz lisa isn't designer, it's like those mid tier mall brands like Guess, steve madden, i am gia etc. When people say designer they think of coach, gucci, chloe, LV, prada etc(derailing)

No. 931374

You compared it to H&M.
And in Japan, it‘s burando. And burando is used for LizLisa alongside those you mentioned

No. 931394

LizLisa items are only sold in LizLisa stores. You can't buy them at any other shops. It's not high quality but it's designer. Just because people "think" of gucci when you say designer does not mean it's limited to those big name brands.

No. 931395

File: 1713219103711.jpeg (367.95 KB, 1085x1636, FC279DDF-F139-4525-BF72-FA2CBA…)

Still ‘homeless’ (but super positive though!) Looks like Manaki isn’t caving yet. I never thought I’d live to see this.

No. 931397

File: 1713219228017.jpeg (437.65 KB, 1109x1505, FE6EF545-68A3-436F-8553-7E6E3C…)

Pic. She always looks so dirty and grimy, even before she became ‘homeless.’

No. 931410

If you believe the questionable Instagram source from earlier in the thread, Mana has a new serious gf/wife now. If that's true, there's no way Venus would ever be allowed to stay at his place again, because why would his new girl put up with that?

I can't believe Venus is facing legit homelessness and still refuses to get a job. There is nothing on earth that can make her feel like getting a job, not even the threat of not having somewhere to live?

No. 931414

That and the divorce may have finally went through. Like someone pointed out earlier, she's probably got that normie bio and stopped larping as a mentally ill alcoholic whore because she wants easy internet money in the form of sponsorships/collabs. But too bad she burned every bridge she had in the weeb gaijin youtuber community ages ago. If she's truly divorced, she's probably trying to find a new simp. Too bad she has no friends. I would really love to know wtf she did this last time to make both Ken and Mana wash their hands of her at the same time. That'd be some good milk.

No. 931418

I hate to tinfoil about this over and over but I still think they are married. She has the type of personality to gloat/brag/announce a divorce which to my knowledge she never openly did? I can imagine a "WOOHOOO GAIZ MAI DIVORCE IS FINAL I AM NOW A SINGLE GIRLY BOSS POP!1" type of instagram post to accompany it.

No. 931421

Not if she's actually not the one who initiated it…

No. 931431

I mean from the Kizuna Ai video and the drunk livestream rant it's pretty clear she is disgusted by Manaki. Pretty sure she initiated it, dunno if maybe he was the one that finished it tho

No. 931436

She was furious with Manaki for initiating it, back in 2019. How dare he? That’s when she launched that online smear campaign against him in a narc rage, just like Marge did when Venus dared to leave (and take the $$ with her.) She was more than happy to hang onto that marriage as long as she could.

She’s a carbon copy of her mother.

No. 931441

If I remember correctly, that's the same comment that has been posted a ton before, and someone found the mentioned youtube channel - it wasn't the same guy. I think it's more likely that the divorce was just finalized in the past year (making remarriage unlikely), although that is just speculation on my part.

No. 931454

We'll probs never know but something particularly bad has to have happened for her to end up in the loony bin for several months. So bad that even Ken gave up.

She did announce the initial filing years ago, and more recently posted this >>931072 My impression was that Manaki filed it, gave her some leeway to get on her feet but she kept endlessly leeching for years, then he got tired of it and finalized the paperwork.

No. 931455

She was cheating with Ken in 2018 and announced the filing in 2019. However we didn't know about "meeting Ken in 2018" until she said so about 2 years ago. So my tinfoil is she intially was the one who wanted the divorce and probably
went to see a lawyer about it. But the first cracks in the relationship with Ken started to show after. I assume that originally she wanted the divorce because she though Ken was a baller and she was gonna ride off into the sunset with him living her larp as Taylor R sugarbaby dream. But he is married and wasn't gonna leave his wife for her. Aside from her antics, I think him never leaving his wife was a point of contention for their relationshit. She knew she was fucked and figured she could just leech off Mana and never proceeded with filing. Think about it, we all know how shit with money she is. Y'all really think she'd be able to seriously pay a divorce attorney? But eventually he filled for divorce for whatever reason and this is where she's at now.

No. 931457

She referred to Ken as her "fiance" most of the time so she definitely was convinced that he was gonna marry her. I don't think he was married, or at least not for the whole time they were together. Because we saw he lives in a gross dingy little apartment with a bunch of cats.

No. 931462

It's confirmed he is married. He used it against her via text message that she shared during her manic episodes. He literally told her "fuck you im going back to my wife and two kids."She shared that harself, so it's not a secret.

No. 931476

Japanese don't see having sex with a prostitute as cheating so…

No. 931487

>Once I have a place to live for myself
Sounds like she's in a group home of some sort, not truly homeless but in a shelter with a lot of other people. My tinfoil is a woman's shelter for domestic abuse survivors - they won't challenge her (likely bullshit) story and I think Margo did the same thing in the early 2000s with babby Venus in tow. Maybe it's a group home for the mentally ill (with care staff etc.) but Japan doesn't sound like they'd have those

No. 931489

>> Manaki filed it, gave her some leeway to get on her feet but she kept endlessly leeching for years, then he got tired of it and finalized the paperwork
Exactly. And she doesn’t have ‘Ken’ to run back to this time. I think she’ll bounce between shelters, drunk tanks and low budget ‘rehabs’ for poor people for the time being.

No. 931492

She might be staying at a guest house/share house. Those don't require paperwork and you can stay as long as you just pay the monthly rent. I stayed in one for 3 months before. The monthly rent for those places can be pretty low. But she said she was staying at internet cafes and those are even cheaper.

No. 931500

that is homelessness. to be homeless doesnt just mean bumming on the streets, thats kinda dated and naive as it exists on a spectrum. even if she is in some type of group home or sleeping on someone's cough and does not have secure housing, shes homeless.
tbh it makes me wonder where all her belongings went. only she knows I guess

No. 931502

If she's really divorced, do there have to be grounds, like in UK, where infidelity would count? I ask because often hear how 'everyone' cheats in Japan and it's expected and accepted, so nobody cares, so would that be grounds for a divorce over there?

No. 931514

It is no longer true for uk. It changed sometime ago. It is now called no cause divorce or somwthing

No. 931528

Not just her belongings, but so there are many services in Japan that require a valid address. The fact that she needs "friends help" to log into her discord/Instagram makes me think she no longer has phone service (security issues logging in from a different device) OR she broke, lost, or doesn't have phone anymore.

No. 931544

You can't do anything without a smartphone these days. Venus is truly fucked if she lost them. Maybe she'll make a reddit account since they don't require phone verification yet.

No. 931551

Sharehouses and netcafes offer the service to register their address as your residence(learn to sage)

No. 931579

"Y'all really think she'd be able to seriously pay a divorce attorney?"

No need for that in japan. You fill the divorce form (rikon todoke) available in city offices, both spouses stamp/sign it, and you process it at the counter.
If it's filled, one of the spouses can even go alone to process (there have been cases of wives being unknowingly divorced when husbands stole their stamps to sign the divorce form).(sage your shit)

No. 931594

which is why I have a feeling shes pretty limited in what she can do other than possibly stay at an internet cafe…so the usual binge drinking, shitposting and pretending she has a busy life. but even without cell service you can still do enough on wifi, especially social media related

No. 931596

Japan isn't a tech fueld place anyway. She's going to be fine without a phone.

No. 931601

File: 1713778434169.png (91.35 KB, 720x707, Screenshot_20240422-182838~2.p…)

Hahahahahaha. One of you nonnies called it in the last couple threads! Venus Angelic Homeless in Nippon Edition. Idk how to post more than one screen shot but she looks beat AF in the pics she posted with this post.

No. 931604

File: 1713790466933.jpeg (69.86 KB, 266x266, IMG_2666.jpeg)

tinfoil or massive brain deduction: she put these covers to be very visible in the post to send a message to ken. he has black hair, and she had bleach blonde hair when he moved her into that house and they seemed pretty happy. look at me now ken, why dont we go back to how it used to be? (look at this drawing please, it's sooooo us!)(pepe_silvia.jpg)

No. 931606

She has been talking about being homeless for some time and you're acting like she just announced it. Also she is being honest with her followers and that is a huge improvement

No. 931621

I'm a little disappointed she got back into her instagram tbh

No. 931635

Kek anon, literally all men in Japan have black hair and Venus hasn't been blonde in a long ass time. Since when was that Ken's house that she moved into? It looked like govt housing or something, a tiny little place.

No. 931671

>Until 2 days ago
So is there a new coomer that took her in as a live-in prostitute, or?

No. 931695

We've known, but most nonnas knew it was something like this. She's not on the streets.

No. 931705

File: 1713901169069.jpg (918.23 KB, 1440x2119, 1000017899.jpg)

(wrong thread)

No. 931707

wtf is this

No. 931709

Damn, for a second I thought this thread was finally getting interesting. But nope - wrong thread, anon.

No. 931856

File: 1714036177840.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1290x1963, IMG_0298.jpeg)

No. 931860

Stay tuned… for her to ghost everyone while she goes on drinking binges.

No. 931862

bwahaha was hoping for a weenus get banished to the Bronx era, sadly she’s still bleak as ever

No. 931868

This means no more patreon posts lol

No. 931871

File: 1714057108986.jpg (2.32 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20240426_005756083.jpg)

The comments are interesting

No. 931873

Honestly hope she keeps this up. She's been tied to someone for so long that I think she needs that alone period without a relationship. Just friends. No mom, no boyfriend, no husband, no pimp.. Just Venus figuring herself out.

A bed is bed?? The fuck is wrong with people.

No. 931874

People are hellbent on finding anything that is wrong from their pov with what she is doing. When she actually gets healthy and stable, there will still be people sowing doubt and saying she is not okay and looking for retarded "clues" that she is not doing better, because they want her to not be okay, otherwise it's not entertaining.

No. 931881

She's really trying hard to milk the homelessness thing. She slept in internet cafes/capsule hotels, she had a bed. She was not out on the streets. Now we find out she had "friends" helping her. I guarantee she didn't need to mooch off her following but omitted that for the free cash.

No. 931882

If you think she's "being honest", you're either a white knight or retarded

No. 931884

It's still VERY different than being out on the literal streets, and even more different if she was staying at a friends, SHELTERED and FED. Not at all the same thing.

No. 931887

File: 1714069297568.jpg (722.1 KB, 1564x1564, 1000015697.jpg)

No. 931892

Don't know why you tagged me. I don't care if she is in a hotel or not. Is this supposed to mean something?

No. 931907

I cant help if youre naive about homelessness. christ anons are so sheltered and dumb
over the weirdest things. shes still homeless. she does not have a secure place for a whole goddamn month. why are people thinking shes out on the streets when the average japanese homeless instead bums around internet cafes? of course a giant weeb like her will follow suit.
though tbh I don't think she'll experience living-out-on-the-streets homelessness. mainly because she'll find someone to manipulate/persuade to take her him

No. 931912

most people hating on Venus here are jealous autistics that think they would be doing a much better job at living her life(bait)

No. 931923

Doing a much better job at living a life like hers is a pretty low bar to set lol. This bitch literally went from do nothing stay at home wife to alcoholic prostitute OF thot to homeless with no friends or family in like what 5 years? No one is jealous of a homeless, meth mouth, washed up youtuber.

No. 931924

I get that train of thought, but nah fam. There is a number of people here jealous and angry that she took they opportunity they wanted. THEY wanted to marry a Japanese man and live the weeb life that she threw away. Not one person here wishes they were in her position right now.

No. 931928

Oh gawd. I regonize this writing. Glorious Nippon Tranny anon is back after over 9000 ban evades trying to ship up the threads again. Weeb retardation is a special kind of retardation, I tell you.(don't infighting and bait anons, report if you think so)

No. 931942


>There is a number of people here jealous and angry that she took they opportunity they wanted. THEY wanted to marry a Japanese man and live the weeb life that she threw away.

This is what I was talking about. Not that anyone is jealous of her shitty position she created for herself. Some of you people are truly riddled with high levels of autism and lack of insight.

No. 931957

It is homelessness either way, agreed, although obviously it is better safety-wise to be sheltered than on the streets. I also have read that in the UK, their programs for the homeless will sometimes put families in a bed and breakfast room. Perhaps Japanese programs do something similar? Venus may be staying in a hotel in a legitimate, non-scammy manner.
Honestly, why assume that any person, even if they have interests in something from Japan, would want to move there? There's tons of downsides, just like everywhere else, in both the culture and the bureaucracy. I would also bet most posters here have some sort of attachments to their local community, whether friends or family (which Venus didn't have). Moving like that is unappealing when you already lead a fulfilling life. And marrying some random scrote you barely know is a recipe for disaster. The whole situation was risky from the beginning, anons just cheered her on because it seeminly had a chance of being better for Venus than being with Margo (and still may be better, mentally, even with Venus self-destructing). What Venus did was super high risk. While she butchered it by her own hands, it probably would have always made her unhappy eventually, even if it was relatively better than being under the control of Margo. Meanwhile, you can enjoy j-fashion, anime, Japanese video games, Japanese history, and Japanese music from anywhere. Heck, there are stores for all of that all over the USA, and from what I know, in countries all over the world. Moving countries isn't necessarily bad (already having connections and a job set up, moving with family or friends), but moving the way Venus did almost always is.
Please no, I'm not ready for the thread to be spammed with yellow fever thirst. Let it just be a confused anon who doesn't fully understand Venus's situation.

No. 932039

File: 1714198178421.jpg (14.36 KB, 672x245, v65446.JPG)

From her scamtreon.

How about be more focused on getting a job, Venus, instead of exploiting your followers for easy cash because you're a lazy bitch "above working." And why does she still need their money if she found a place? I loathe entitled assholes like her, who do everything they can to avoid working all their life and grift off others. She'd rather bum around all day, doing nothing but taking dumb pictures than put effort into getting a real job.

No. 932083

Just like she "brought a house" now shes "found a place" even though she's clearly staying in a hotel. And dumb WK flags think she's "changing and getting herself together." She's pathological lying narcissist. She's never gonna change. It's all about spinning whatever tale to fit her current asethtic and narrative she wants out there.

No. 932087

The point is, Venus saying "I finally have a bed" is implying she was on the streets, so she is being deceptive and trying to make out her situation worse than it was. She HAD A BED the entire time. She had comfort, not out in the cold. And for all we know, she lied about everything. Maybe she wasnt even homeless, since she lies about everything. She could have also stayed with a friend for free getting food and board, since she did mention a friend. In that case, she wouldnt need the money. And yes, she is a scammer. Where the fuck have you been all this time. Imagine denying that venuns hasnt scammed people. Obvious wk.

No. 932088

File: 1714284153587.jpg (32.65 KB, 754x605, 11111111111111111111111111.JPG)

From her reddit

And no one is saying that. No one thinks she cant have a difficult time. No one thinks she's pretty. No one is blame shifting. Her issues are a result of HER greedy life choices, and her greedy life choices alone. If she went to school in Korea like bitch Marg wanted, this wouldnt have happened. If she didnt fetishize Japan and move there, this wouldnt have happened. If she wasnt lazy and entitled, this wouldnt have happened. If she didnt commit visa fraud, this wouldnt have happened. If she didnt cheat on Mana, this wouldnt have happened. If she didnt constantly manipulate and exploit others, this wouldnt have happened. if she cared to work a real job instead of leech off others, this wouldnt have happened. If she didnt latch on to jirakei then larp out mental illnesses like theyre quirks, this wouldnt have happened. So this bitch better never again use the term "responsibility shifting." Fucking manipulative moron. And this leech is still taking others money even though "she has a place."

No. 932091

But she didn't commit visa fraud.

No. 932095

Exactly nonnie. She's the one who shit wrecked her own life, but her WK will claim ppl are jealious of that because they're retarded as her. Who would be jealious of a 27 year with the decisions making abilities of a 14 year old?Also, Lmaooooo. Pretty enough to use her look to get ahead? Bitch where??? What about rotten teeth, greasy unkept hair, sickly pale, and looking 40 at 27 screams pretty??? Without 5 layers of shoop and filters, she looks like a methhead. She wants to be a sugar baby so bad its hilarious.

No. 932101

Whoa whoa whoa, where did I ever say Venus never scammed people? All I said is she may not be scamming to stay at the hotel. Venus has absolutely scammed people with giveaways, borrowed money never paid back, lies about "her" companies, content she'll promise to make… the list goes on. I was only talking about the hotel. And all I was saying about it is that she might have been set up there by a program specifically for homeless people. But who knows? I'm not sure how that stuff works in Japan.

No. 932104

She sounds like a dementia patient with this jumbled word salad. Either that os she’s drunk posting (and deleting.) Or maybe both.

No. 932200

She sounds like a badly translated shirt from goodwill

No. 932232

sometimes I want to go to bed without remembering to brush my teeth and then I remember Venus's teeth. she's given me so many nightmares about losing my teeth.(not your personal blog)

No. 932237

File: 1714555089593.png (2.02 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_6251.png)

Stolen from the Venus Reddit who stole it from her ig story 15h ago…
That’s the guy she gave up everything for?! He must’ve lied to her saying he’d give her a kardashian like lifestyle

No. 932238

File: 1714555215221.png (765.38 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_6252.png)

Posted on 4/30 sage for no milk

No. 932240

Venus is below average when it come to her appearance but fuck me that man is hideous. She can’t even justify fucking him for money or status.

No. 932290

does anyone else find it strange that there are literally protests going on in the states with people trying to secure their basic human rights and venus has been absolutely silent about it on her social media when she should be using her platform to get messages out and coordinate?(abnormally retarded post, not even saged)

No. 932292

No, because believe it or not no one gives a fuck about dumb Americans. We have our own problems.(sage your shit)

No. 932295

no one cares about this bullshit.

No. 932326

File: 1714698595336.jpeg (29.24 KB, 403x389, IMG_3715.jpeg)

Oh ffs shut up.

No. 932351

File: 1714742132136.jpg (644.63 KB, 1080x2388, Screenshot_20240503_141236.jpg)

From instagram, 5 hours ago

No. 932352

File: 1714742182028.jpg (337.56 KB, 1080x1319, 441320183_458630430022412_2547…)

No. 932361

"""Homeless""" but still has money for alcohol. Sigh. Guess she will never change

No. 932363

Alcohol is cheap in japan,its in vending machines lol

No. 932364

Is that alcohol she’s holding? Can anyone ID?

No. 932365

what? a ton of homeless people use the little money they get on drugs and alcohol. she's not rich for buying some beer

No. 932366

File: 1714759294619.jpeg (35.26 KB, 554x554, IMG_9751.jpeg)

That’s coffee

No. 932384

Do those people constantly post on social media that they're going to quit and get better in an endless loop? No

No. 932385

what does that have to do with her being homeless or not

No. 932389

File: 1714782497784.jpg (Spoiler Image,277.2 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20240503_180805_edi…)

Saging for old milk, but I didn't see anyone posting this so idk.
About a month or so ago, she posted a TikTok video on her insta where there was a bunch of photos, and I realized she is either having sex, or sending nudes in one of them. Which isn't surprising, but I found it weird that she uploaded it on insta of all places.

No. 932401

Alcohol vending machines on the street are a thing of the past, you only really find them in hotels these days with most people buying their alcohol at convenience stores.(sage your shit)

No. 932421

I mean, Venus is ugly. And thats a fact. She doesnt bathe, drinks all the times, eats candy and snacks, now has fucked up her teeth. Put them to together and he might look a wee better.

No. 932424

anyone knows where her purse is from?

No. 932426

Yeesh. Manaki wasn't a model or anything, but he was way better looking than this guy. Imagine giving up a young, cute husband who's willing to fully financially support you for a greasy old man who breadcrumbs you along. Just why.

No. 932484

File: 1714879671887.jpeg (851.42 KB, 1170x2066, IMG_1641.jpeg)

No. 932485

I believe the shop lifting part, but we all know she didn't murder Mana. The apartment he has is through his job. Plus she claimed to be in contact with his mom 2 years ago. I think she is livid he actually divorced her. Her healthcare, taxes, address, etc are all fucked because of that, but that was all her fucking fault. And yea, the nice positive persona was clearly trying to get back in Ken's good graces. It's Golden Week. He's prob spending it with his family and not giving her money so she's having a narc meltdown again.

No. 932486

File: 1714881916781.jpeg (101.97 KB, 813x1330, E1C2A589-CE11-4699-9388-2C7998…)

Anon didn’t post the first one in this little spergout, the shoplifting/jail one. And yeah I believe this is true, it explains a lot.

No. 932487

I know the mods don't like tinfoiling but we know Mana isn't dead because the apartment. She moved the stuff from the "house she brought" and got kicked out of back into her room at Manas. If you look at the background in the last life stream she did at Mana, yon see some of the furniture from the house. Also that "how I feel when you divorce me" deleted post coupled with the "lost access to housing" remarks. So what do think really happened? Is it possible she was out on bound pending trial for a shoplifting charge? A

No. 932491

How can people be that gullible is beyond me. It's crystal clear she's lying, I mean she "murdered Manaki, stabbed someone", is free because she pledged "insanity" but is going back to jail because of shoplifting ? Wtf. She wants to be the next Yuka Takaoka so badly, what a pathological liar and comedian kek.

No. 932493

Supposedly getting done for shoplifting but she will just use her 'uwu I'm so mentally ill and can't help myself' card to no doubt avoid any real repercussions for her actions. Not sure how Japan deals with foreigners shoplifting, but the bitch always gets away with anything she does, still remains in Japan and she just thinks it's hilarious while playing victim to her fanbase for the thousandth time.

No. 932494

Alright before people start believing her bullshit. Remember, VENUS LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. She could be in her hotel room hung over and posting this for attention. Pathological liars pepper just enough truth to make their lies believable.

No. 932495

Now she's talking about her YouTube anniversary despite being unable to access it "supposedly". Shop lifting out the window! Of course it's a lie, her channel is in limbo so she has to keep her personality interesting for profit.

14 years of watching a 'living doll' weeb with an unhinged mother evolving into a clone of her, if not a worse version. How times have changed.

No. 932506

She did stab Ken, though - it’s in the last thread.

I can believe she shoplifts though, I mean how else is she getting drink and brand stuff now she isn’t doing OF?

No. 932508

where is everyone getting "the apartment was from his job"? like actual proof of this or is this just someone said it once and then everyone just ran with it as truth kind of things. or an assumption like so many other things. well because of this or that or that and this

but i swear venus could say anything and everyone either believes her or says naah she's just lying.

No. 932509

Her mother saying she murdered Kasumi now roflmao. What’s next ?(this is an imageboard post caps)

No. 932511

She’s lost her mind!

No. 932512

Who is kasumi now?

No. 932515

wow she is so incredibly psychotic she doesn't see anything wrong with posting shit like that as long as it gives her attention from strangers online.

No. 932516

Her friend fukaeri who died (supposedly).
Nope nonna. Just another drunkpost lie to get attention.

No. 932520

This ain't nothing to do with psychosis. She's a pathological liar and a narcissist. A psychotic person wouldn't do shit like that.

No. 932523

lmao now we know why Venus is so fucking dumb. Can you imagine getting homeschool by Marg? She's insane/dumb enough to actually believe Venus needed documents because she "murdered Manaki and got a stunt double to pretend to be him."

No. 932526

the thing with Venus and Marg is, they will tell one fact in a wall of incoherent, retarded, narc rambling text. You just have to put 2 and 2 together based on their situations to figure out the real answer. Onision (another fellow Legacy Cow) does this exact same thing lol. It's deciphering cow code. When they let a bit of truth out, it's either by mistake because they're in the middle of a meltdown, or they're so delulu they think that it will make them look like the good guy in a situation when it actually does the opposite.

No. 932527

Psychotic people do shit like this all the time and even worse. If she was only narcissistic, she wouldn't post shit that puts her in compromised positions

No. 932528

Something I don't get, why does she communicate privately in english with her mother ? Isn't their mothertongue german ? I remember her speaking german with her mother in a very old video. Marge's last post makes no fucking sense and looks staged as usual.

No. 932530

the stabbing ken part is real. both claimed it happened. ken showed a stab wound. the odds of them both lying is very slim.

No. 932533

File: 1714944062053.jpg (268.75 KB, 1260x766, s2323221.JPG)

someone knocked on her door once and she was heard responding with "mana-tan" as well. this was after he was allegedly killed. margot would probably say she just staged the knocking though. there's technically no irrefutable proof he's dead or alive though, tbf. he was seen at one of her meet ups, but margot says it was a double lol. i mean technically then no one can prove it unless someone has access to his death certificate – if it actually exists, which i doubt.

also she's so "broke and homeless" yet she has money to eat out, sweets at that, at a restaurant. instead of spending her (i mean patreon donations) money on necessities, she spends it stuffing her face with sweets. what an evil piece of shit. exploiting everyone she can. i hope ken or someone paid for that because if she used patreon donations for sweets that's so scummy.

No. 932534

this photo is on her insta too, she was in a restaurant drinking and touching her legs iirc and i think she also referred to herself as a little girl or something. she said she didnt sleep and was being the usual attention seeking edgelord

No. 932537

Anon must be blocked if they are going to her reddit for all these posts.

Venus has been taught different languages, english is so easy compared to others. Its why its universal. Probably just has more experience with it.

No. 932544

"Cow code" that's a good one

No. 932553

Still she isn't, nor all the schizo shit she claims she has. She's a narcissist and a alchoholic with a shitty personality and that's enough to behave like the human garbage she is.
Still weird af to speak an "easier language" with the person who raised you.

No. 932556

File: 1714982137528.png (477.47 KB, 750x1334, 6F986007-33BC-42A4-88FB-42180A…)

No. 932557

File: 1714982159032.png (748.53 KB, 750x1334, 3AC787FE-9243-4641-9A00-C15332…)

No. 932558

File: 1714982181994.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 2D696F20-9565-412E-A68C-24BF30…)

No. 932559

File: 1714982227522.png (66.08 KB, 359x640, 4D549D7D-260F-4584-9ECE-3EF9AC…)

No. 932560

File: 1714982398658.png (602.18 KB, 750x1334, 7EED4CC5-25B3-48F3-8163-B9303D…)

She needs to stop messaging or trying to have any relationship at all with Margo. Venus is no saint, but that woman is cancer.

No. 932562

File: 1714982994322.png (429.02 KB, 750x1334, 283A74F7-514A-4D1E-BADB-64F669…)

Fukaeri/Kasumi is still alive - I’m pretty sure this is her(off topic, please make a thread about her on snow if you think she's milky)

No. 932563

"So I knew and told you it would lead to prostitution." Yep. If Venus was honest with Marg about the last 5 years of her life, Marg would have def wasted no time rubbing her "I told you so" and "Mother knows best" garbage in her face. The apple didn't fall far from the tree tho. Venus got away and could have actually done something positive with her life. But instead decided to be a mini Marg via mistreating others. These 2 are as organic as it gets when it comes to being moo moos.

No. 932564

don't forget to donate basic necessities tho because poor Vebus is on the brink of living on the streets!!1

No. 932565

Definitely her. It makes me want to vomit so much how peenus and marge can come with such lies.

No. 932566

why do I get the feeling that "only fans follower" is Penus for "John I met prostituting myself on the streets of Japan."

No. 932569

I mean, the fukaeri girl literally faked her own death just to make a new instagram account days later so… they're all vile as hell.

No. 932581

I think Venus has overtaken Kanadajin in terms of the original snowflake jfags. I don’t believe anything she says, all of it is for attention so people talk about her. I used to have pity for her because marge is the reason she is also a narc, but she would have been deported by now if any of what she says is true. Well, apart from being an alcoholic drug addicted prostitute kek.

No. 932586

Not even close. Miranda was in a league of her own.

No. 932587

just wait for Venus' own muslim saga to start kek

No. 932588

You just killed me nonnie.
Gotta agree, a bunch of retarded attention whores.

No. 932601

I think Margo and Venus are autistic or have asperger. The way they speak is very chaotic and they use very strange words to explain something.(tinfoiling, not even saged)

No. 932609

it's because they aren't very good at English

No. 932611


Friendly reminder to not use gendered language such as 'husband' when referring to people of Asian descent as they have no concept on gender until after world war 2 and forcing these concepts on them can be extremely traumatic.(ok retard)

No. 932619

how can you fall this hard for venus' stupid trolling. god no wonder shes able to keep lying to her fans and have them kiss her ass all the time. shes always had a tryhard garbage sense of humor.

No. 932620



No. 932626

Can she stop talking like an anime protagonist about her substance and prostitution problem

No. 932627

>just wait for Venus' own muslim saga to start kek
She pretended to be a witch, does that count?

No. 932632

True, and the way she puts it sounds so unnatural. Looks scripted or some shit.

No. 932635

File: 1715071028622.jpeg (51.79 KB, 1080x1905, baitingvenus.jpeg)

See you tomorrow venus.

No. 932637

She used to bait when she wanted to avoid responsibility, now it's just so people acknowledge that she's alive. Kek

No. 932639

File: 1715072908103.png (1.97 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_2085.png)

Not milk but
Stop romanticising Jeffrey Dahmer for god’s sake

No. 932640

she always posts lame ass edgy shit, where have you been? this is nothing new. she seems ok with being an alcoholic, and also shoving it in her fan's to annoy and insult them. their choice to keep following a dumb bitch.
well its obvious there's no way shes putting down the bottle, just hope she realizes when shes 45 shes gonna look 68.

No. 932641

She must be really desperate for attention tonight because she's hitting all the stops
>relapsing and posting her binge online
>suicide baiting
>when no one cares post the mildest boring "offensive" shit to get cancelled by the ig kids and collect some crumbs

No. 932644

She was a Christian with ~Kaweewee DIY Bible" too.
And Mama Maggot had a Jewish LARP going on for some time when she was in Korea, grifting for free food in synagogues and trying to get a refugee status.
Kek what's the deal with cows and religious cosplay ?

No. 932645

Oppression and pity points. Kek at margaret the proud satanic church member larping a jew

No. 932646

It's incredibly cringe how those lame ass AW want to fake bpd/schizo/did/yandereee~uwu, claiming it to absolutely everyone like it makes them interesting.
Bro no blogpost but I've dealt with real diagnosed ones and the difference is abyssal.

No. 932647

No you're not, peenus.
Soon she's gonna larp a member of the Manson family lmao

No. 932651

Venus is like the alcoholic version of those stoners who can't shut up about smoking weed and how high they are and think it makes them look cool, even though everyone else is also smoking weed and treating it like a normal thing.

No. 932652

Why do psycho bitches drink instead of smoke weed, like it’d probably help her out. Alcohol and benzos are a recipe for disaster (or entertainment).

No. 932653

You do realize she's a foreigner in japan? She does drugs and gets caught she's actually going to jail and she doesn't want that, there's no begging for attention online in jail.

No. 932654

Because weed would make her realize too many things about how fucked up stuff she did was and that would make her paranoid I guess?
But yeah, it would probably be better for her to be a stoner.

We're pretty sure here she did drugs already while being in Japan. Foreigners probably get off easier for possession.

No. 932655

Look at me I'm so crazy teehee~~! I even murdered people like Dahmer ! Am I a valid ~insane kawaii doll~ now ??

Megakek at how unsubtle she is at faking though

No. 932657

>Foreigners probably get off easier for possession.
No, they don't. Deported, near 0% chance of having visa renewed ever again. Simple research will tell you this.

No. 932658

How would weed help her lmao. Doesn't weed make people lazy and increase the risk of schizophrenia?

No. 932659

The internet is not an accurate reflection of how things are in reality. These are officially stated punishments but there is no way to know how often they are actually enforced. But if she was deported, that would also be good probably.

It would sedate her at least and maybe give some perspective to her behavior since she is totally unhinged. Alcohol is much more harmful obviously

No. 932660

I didn't read it that way, mote of a "they talk like I'm as bad as Jeffrey Dahmer".
But it IS venus so…. either way could be correct.

No. 932661

Kills brain cells as well, of which she already doesn't have many. Druggies always think their own drug is better than anyone else's kek. The best thing would obviously be for her to get off all substances.

No. 932662

Not going to derail to discuss about drugs, alcohol does more damage to the brain though and she would be better off lazy and sedated from weed than acting like a lunatic and showing off how much she "can" drink. Obviously she doesn't drink as much as she brags about, otherwise she would be dead by now.

No. 932675

It was a joke guys, as if one drug is better than another?
If you look at it on the surface without analysing it, alcohol makes people all kinds of stupid. My joke was, why doesn’t she smoke weed - it would send her to sleep. No need to delve into the specifics or derail about drugs because that wasn’t my intention

No. 932685

unfortunately there A LOT of autists who feel the need to psychoanalyze everything instead of lurking.
like ive heard your joke before and knew immediately what you meant. but as we know venus will always choose the bottle for a momentary escape from her shit life. and theres nothing anyone can do about it.

No. 932720

Maybe it was a joke from you but >>932662 is 100℅ a stoner druggie(infight bait)

No. 932723

Someone on reddit suggested trying to deplatform her by mass reporting her posts, I think that would be great actually(not your personal army)

No. 932739

I read it that way too actually, she's making fun of people making fun of her. She's always done this.

No. 932747

why would it? And how would we get the milk? Gtfo out of here you sperg moralfag

No. 932759

If she's deplatformed then that will produce even more milk. Nothing more entertaining than watching a narc have a full on meltdown because they can't access their main accounts to play victim on. Her YouTube is dead asf, Instagram plus OF is her stage and Twitter is just boring. Without it she'll lose her mind and have to result to other platforms, start fresh all over again.

All she does is post the same shit day in and day out for years. Edgey psychotic Venus playing her fans and playing them good with her pity me and my mental health card while she sits on her unemployed ass drinking alcohol laughing about it all.(not your personal army)

No. 932764

She went offline recently and the threads got clogged with pointless speculation because anons needed milk that was withdrawn from them. Maybe you should take a break online if you're so hellbent on getting her deplatformed. Go get a hobby instead of fucking with our milk supply.

No. 932765

Not to mention how harmful and discrediting it is for real diagnosed people. One of the reason she deserves to jump off a building.

This. Her being offline brought nothing interesting, and her downfall is hell of a fun to witness.(a-logging)

No. 932770

To get this thread back on track, she's beefing with Marg in DMs via insta stories. One includes a VM of her saying "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" She's completely sperging out on Marg.(read the rules)

No. 932774

I dont understand why she doesn't block Marg if she's so traumatized and being in contact with her hurts her as I've understood.

No. 932781

Wonder if Margo sends her money here and there, would make sense to keep in contact if that’s the case.

No. 932784

File: 1715192165491.mp4 (420.41 KB, 888x1574, tard rage.mp4)

The story in question

No. 932785

File: 1715192284999.jpeg (761.21 KB, 2340x4159, F998DDC9-50CA-4123-AA3C-CA8FE9…)

Samefag but here are the other stories she has right now. I have no idea what the last one says after “endless,” can any nonna decrypt that?

No. 932786

Her mom needs to fuck off

No. 932793

This is soooooo funny to me because if ken was still cumming between her ass cheeks she wouldnt have to humiliate herself like this to everyone. I bet she never spoke to margo while she was with ken cause why bother?
She is so alone that she has to resort to talking to her mother. IMAGINE THAT!!

No. 932796

This shit is grim, why is she even responding let alone posting it? Her and her mom seem just as equally deranged. At this point you'd think all of Venus' problems would go away if she just put her phone down kek.

No. 932798

What is wrong with the both of them? Talking word salad Engrish like a pair of aliens. What in the actual fuck does any of it even mean??

Venus sounds drunk or high as fuck in those voice notes, and all it would take is for one of them to hit the block button to end it, but they both love the drama.

No. 932801

they both lovw drama. fuckin attention whores

No. 932804

It’s crazy how a trashy man can ruin everything.

No. 932805

Holy shit you’re right. She has no friends. She dropped all of them for hopes of being a sugar baby. Tragic

No. 932807

To think, her own greed and stupidity is what put her in this situation.

No. 932809

Imagine the breath.

No. 932817

This sounds like a Chris chan meltdown, she needs to block her mom and put her phone down. I wouldn't be surprised if this is another attempt at getting fangelic attention by reminding everyone of her aboosive mom.

Also what's with the 40 year old schizo on her reddit, she's obsessed and creepy as hell

No. 932818

wow, remember when she used to say her baby voice is a gift of nature lol. finally we hear what she sounds like irl

No. 932819

Yeah that's the thing. Anons keep saying she needs to block her mom but for good but she has literally no one else. Husband divorced her, boyfriend dumped her, no friends and no other family. Sad as it is, Marge is the only person she can count on to always respond and consistently be there (not that it's necessarily a good thing but still)

I understand what Marge is saying there. That Venus squanders all the opportunities she's been given, blames everyone else and then spins stories to make everyone else look like the bad guy. The "blessings being told to fuck off" part sounds like it's about the men who supported her (Mana, Ken and whoever else)

No. 932821

The Margo WK with the littlest petshop pfp ? They're a biggest cow than them at this point.
The Palermos tends to attract the worst kind of WK and sometimes I wish we had a thread to discuss these unhinged spergelics.

No. 932837

i dont understand, if english isnt their first language, why dont they speak in their native language instead?

No. 932840

Venus doesn't speak Swiss/German with anyone, ever, for many years now. She's likely forgotten a huge chunk of it. She communicates with people entirely in Japanese or English for like a decade now so those will be what she is most fluent in and most comfortable using. It makes sense. Just because someone is raised with a language in childhood doesn't mean they will continue to have great fluency in it as an adult if they never continue to speak it with anyone.

No. 932843

I dont understand why she didn't learn the languages she is using properly though. It's like she intentionally made it impossible for herself to effectively communicate with anyone kek

No. 932844

I don't think ken played any part in ruining her life. He helped her make money on onlyfans, put money in her hands and even put her in a house/apartment. She herself said that he cried when he saw how bad her alcoholism is. Ken is ugly, sure, but that's not relevant because he made her life positive. She had food, a place to stay, a steady income on OF and probably pocket money. One day her told her "fuck you I'm going back to my wife and two kids", and since then she's spiraled to where she is now. Not because HE ruined everything, but because SHE is incapable of supporting herself at her big age.
Why should a married man take care of an ugly, alcoholic cripple, for free? Unenthusiastic, bad blowjobs are not enough

No. 932845

you really think she had a steady income from OF? It's really doubtful she earned anything that would make posting that shit worthwhile. Probably why she spiraled

No. 932846

Nah he's not some nice guy. He's a gross old creep who intentionally sought out a girl half his age. Men seek out young girls because they're easily to corrupt and manipulate. He chose badly and ended up with a crazy one who turned all that on him instead, but he did not have good intentions and he's still a creep. Doubly so if he really does have a wife and a family, since then he's also a cheater and sociopath for doing that.

No. 932847

It’s crazy to me that her fans are like, “B…but she speaks ten languages!”. She can’t communicate clearly in any of them…

OF was probably her only real option for income, and she couldn’t even do that right.

No. 932850

>>932845 she could have been making 5$ a month yet it's still more than she's making now. I dont mean steady income as like a liveable wage, but still a chunk of money that kept coming
>>932846 for sure, he's trash, but that doesn't change the fact that her life was objectively better because of him and the money he provided. I would never defend that pig, don't misunderstand, I hate him as much as the next person. But her life is like two different worlds now that he dipped

No. 932857

What a sheltered existence you must have to think that 5 dollars (or whatever other low amount) is enough for someone to prostitute themselves online and that anyone normal would want their wife/gf/whatever to do it. Of course it fucked her up even more and of course the men in her life would look at her like an even bigger pos than she already was at that point, not mentioning her fanbase

No. 932859

Unless you can quote me saying what you just said, that prostituting yourself for 5$ is worth it, consider yourself a stupid, retarded, brainded little nigger. Unsaged because i need you to see this. Zero reading comprehension skills, your life is not worth living. I need you to respond quickly before i get banned so i can call you a brainded nigger one last time. If you don't respond before midnight i will make a sincere prayer wishing for you to die tonight. Hand clasped together, eyes closed and all that. It's 10pm now for reference(Unsaged autism, alogging)

No. 932861

>to think that 5 dollars (or whatever other low amount) is enough for someone to prostitute themselves online and that anyone normal would want their wife/gf/whatever to do it

Where did this ape gather all of this from? Are you having conversations in your head and then just replying whatever response comes to mind next? Instead of continuing the convo in your head? Absolute monkey brain roach. I need farmhands to put me out so that it's easier for this neanderthal to spot my response through the red text. How long did it take you to learn to use a phone? I will be praying for someone to curb stop your skull if you don't respond before i go to bed. You need to die, please understand that. You really do not have anything to contribute to this world.(Unsaged autism, alogging)

No. 932862

> 5 dollars (or whatever other low amount)

What do you mean "whatever other low amount"? Did you not understand that me saying 5$ is me being sarcastic? She obviously made way more. Are you autistic? Is that it? Is that why you took it literally. Dumb bitch. Actual diagnosed autist. Kill yourself breh i'm begging you(Unsaged autism, alogging)

No. 932902

No anon, I know a guy who were just visiting. Got caught with weed, went to jail and is now banned from entering Japan for life. They ain’t joking.

No. 932904

Yeah, he didnt. She already did when she chose to to turn to alcohol and cheat on Mana. And also when she chose to marry Mana to live in Japan and commit visa fraud. She did that out of greed and fetishization but made it seem it was solely to leave Margo and was her only option, which of course it wasnt. Ken even tried to get her off alcohol, so that's a plus. But he's still gross and creepy.

It's funny that the girl who obsessively (like 300 times in a row) called her ex asks someone to "leave her alone." She makes it seem like margo just messaged her out of the blue, rather than that they have been talking now for years and even that she messages margo out of the blue to start shit sometimes. If she really wanted to be left alone, she'd block and move on. She's just trying to make margo look bad, and even though margo is trash, venus ends up being waaay more cringe and imbecilic in this post than marge.

No. 932905

File: 1715334927650.jpg (1.1 MB, 1179x2087, 333211221.jpg)

Highly doubt there's a friend keeping her money safe. Makes no sense for her to trust someone like that after allegedly losing her YT to someone. Most likely she read anons talking about how she spent the patreon donations on booze and to treat herself at a restaurant eating unnecessary sweets instead of using the money responsibly and was worried she'd lose donations to leech off so she made the post. That or it's Ken and she back together with him, leeching off him and if people knew, they might not want to donate anymore.

No. 932906

What a stupid alcoholic lie. If this friend exists why aren't they holding her accountable? Why would they go through the effort of micromanaging Venus's finances, then turn a blind eye to "donated alcohol" like somehow it's fine if it's free?

The drinking itself is supposed to be the problem, not the money.

No. 932910

she makes the weirdest, dumbest lies lmao

No. 932911

Assuming the follower sending her alcohol is true, why the fuck would her followers encourage her alcoholism? They're as dumb as she is.

No. 932918

I don't think you understand that men who financially support e-prostitutes literally get off to seeing them go to ruins. Like its a power thing for these scrotes

No. 932931

It would be the dumbest thing ever if she’s given over control of her financial shit to one of her (probably also alcoholic) friends, especially given that she supposedly gave someone else control of her YouTube account and was then locked out of it. Are we really supposed to believe any of this?!

And if someone did send her what looks like about a month’s worth of Patreon donations in alcohol, it’s not like she was obliged to drink it…

“Thanks for your consideration” is the passive aggressive cherry on top. What a bitch.

No. 932943

I do believe that she lets other people take control of her channel, finances etc because of how she grew up. Marg didn't exactly raise her to be independent and look after herself

No. 932968

She wants other people to do the work for her channel but she’s not giving her money to anyone

No. 932989

You sound like one of those men who think they own women and have the right to dictate what they do.

No. 932993

No, I think she's a helpless retard looking for another crazy narcissist to take care of her because that's all she's known. Not that she's maliciously using other people to achieve her goals.

No. 933016

File: 1715460617941.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x2356, IMG_3738.jpeg)

Did anyone catch her last story? Was it just her posting her chats with Margot?

No. 933058

oh gos shes in the "I'm sorry" phase again

No. 933104

File: 1715579662892.jpeg (626.28 KB, 1290x2628, IMG_0731.jpeg)

No. 933105

File: 1715579688436.jpeg (368.81 KB, 1290x2462, IMG_0732.jpeg)

No. 933106

File: 1715579715493.jpeg (415.18 KB, 1290x2464, IMG_0733.jpeg)

No. 933109

File: 1715585097193.jpg (464.9 KB, 1080x1752, Venus ig.jpg)

No. 933110

Yeah it's good to take a break again now that she has a new supply of alcohol to keep her busy

No. 933111

She’s off to ‘prison’ for ‘shoplifting’, aka I’ll lurk insta for a month for attention uwu

No. 933115

no one cares venus, you take a break every other month.

No. 933126

i wonder later down the line if her instagram will affect her citizenship and visa applications

No. 933127

I swear she comes back just when she needs more money from her gullible followers

No. 933129

Wow. So this dude knows she's a struggling alcoholic and he did this. Scrotes are such sociopaths, they love to see women destroy themselves.

She's successfully on some kind of visa rn, not her previous marriage visa since she confirmed the divorce going through. Who knows what it is or how long it lasts for, but she did manage to get it.

No. 933130

Do you guys think this is real or staged. The reason I ask this is because why is she so hellbent on proving a "fan sent it?" I saw on here some people theorizing that she spent patreon donations on it (let's be real, we KNOW she isn't going to use that leeched money properly anyway), but it's just sus she cares to prove a fan sent her this. I'm just gonna believe it, but do you think there could be a chance she just set this up with a friend because she didn't want to lose the free patreon money she is leeching.

No. 933133

I also thought those Line screenshots could easily be faked (there's no info on the date of the chat). Pretty sure she's scared of losing her dumb patreon supporters.

No. 933144

What fan got her personal line? She probably met some bum when wandering kabukicho where all the hood rats hangs our.

No. 933148

What gets my tinfoil going is that the scroll bar on that last screenshot only leaves enough room for one or two more messages. It seems odd that their conversation would suddenly end right there.(sage your shit)

No. 933149

I find it odd that the guy wanted a picture of all the alcohol and went "OMG" like he didn't just buy it all

No. 933150

what if thats just her stash of alcohol

No. 933152

That and the msgs he deleted.. the whole thing is so strange. Even down to her feeling the need to "prove she didn't buy it".
All if it is so bizarre and staged.

No. 933247

>I don't think you understand that men who financially support e-prostitutes literally get off to seeing them go to ruins. Like its a power thing for these scrotes
Literally, they can get free porn anywhere, Onlyfans subscribers are either deluded men who think they can pay their way into a relationship, or as you said, paying to watch your downfall. If someone actually bought that alcohol for her knowing she's an alcoholic (as in, it's not just a lie and she bought it) that is some very evil enabling

No. 933255

That's exactly what men like, are you serious?

No. 933259

Did one of her followers call her ungrateful? She suddenly got really quiet.

No. 933265

I don't doubt some coomer bought it for her. Terminally online moids love seeing cows go into ruins, even other men. Just look at all the alcohol they send an alcoholic like cobra.

No. 933283

File: 1715801957202.mp4 (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, An8by-desj1NL_IfV5GbEMSR1E3hfc…)

No. 933284


where is this from? i drank a cocktail while watching it. venus drinking game!
every time she fucks up you drink some cocktails.

No. 933285

Is she really in jail or just pulling strings for attention.?

No. 933286

File: 1715803659081.jpg (529.23 KB, 1564x1564, 1000017047.jpg)

I don't know how to download stories but there's a short video of the floor where she sounds shaky and sad, saying she doesn't know how to cure alcoholism but she is going to lose everything because of it today, because she got arrested again.

No. 933287

Tf is this bitch doing to get arrested regularly? Bleak

No. 933288

I mean she has this power ego thinking she's untouchable. So it's easy for her to think she is above the law and everyone else. Visa fraud, tax evasion, domestic violence, overall menace, illegal porn and prostitution, to now stealing.
Only issues us she got caught plain and simple and now she has to suffer the consequences of her actions. I think this is the first time she's ever had a reality check like this and unfortunately its gona cost her.

Curious if this shoplifting will open more to the police and they do more digging on her. Will this lead to her deportation? She said she dosent have all of her proper documents and stuff.

No. 933289

why do you think its shoplifting? any proof?
couldnt it be drunk and disorderly, or a drunken assault on someone?

No. 933290

Based on the video from her Instagram >>933286
¥580 and she can go? Likely she is drunk and tried to shoplift something worth that amount, so maybe the police are telling her to just pay for the thing she stole and she can go freely.

No. 933291


i dont hear the word shoplifting, can someone transcribe please?

No. 933292

I was thinking it could possibly be a typo or meant to add zeros for bail amount. But if you're right, incredibly bleak. She says she's going to "lose everything" but what does she even have now if she doesn't have 5$? I could literally ask a stranger for that amount. Getting deported and starting over on swiss welfare would be a good thing. Better than staying in Japanese jail and having an even harder time being further ostracized there.
She doesn't say why she got arrested in the video, anons are speculating based on her saying it was the reason previously.

No. 933296

Did Venus dine and dash? 580 yen is so cheap.

No. 933297

this bitch's mangled english irritates me I cant understand what shes saying, sound like "I'm gonna SO" but idk wtf shes saying so I'm guessing shes either trolling or did someting stupid in public

No. 933298

I'm wondering if it's a typo. Maybe she meant 5800 yen? 58000 yen?

Like how does she not have 5 bucks to post bail?

No. 933299

From my googling of Japanese law sites it looks like shoplifting carries a ¥500,000 fine.(sage your shit)

No. 933300

Could have been drunk in public/disorderly conduct. She’s been drunk in public many times ever since that drunk karaoke livestream from the bar at 5am way back in 2019. Also public “breakdowns,” “jumping in front of a bus” and claiming to have jumped off a balcony in her old apartment (which she says she got evicted for.) Only difference is now she doesn’t have Manaki (or ‘Ken’) to bail her out anymore so she has to go to instagram to beg her followers for help.

Interesting that these stories were uploaded at 4:30-5:30 am her time.

No. 933301

>> I cant understand what shes saying, sound like "I'm gonna SO" but idk
She says “I’m gonna…it’s gonna end all right now bc I got arrested again.”
She sounds drunk.

No. 933302

She does say "I'm gonna end it all because alcoholism"

It almost aounds like voices in the background.

No. 933305

remember around xmas she was gone for a few weeks and eventually her friend said that she was detained somewhere, like a mental hospital, and as soon as they released her she came back on insta.

she is surely worried that she will be sent back there again and go cold turkey, or even worse to a prison.

No. 933311

>I'm gonna…lose everything because of alcoholism and I don't know how to cure alcoholism.
>I'm, I'm gonna, it's gonna end all right now, because I got arrested again.
interesting usage of everything and all, considering she has nothing. what do you mean "it's gonna end", peenus? your stay in japan? maybe she got scared that this arrest would lead to an actual deportation.

No. 933312

Based off her claiming that she shoplifted earlier. However, you're right, she could have done something worse and is pretending it's shoplifting because she knew she'd be going to jail. Or she could be making the entire thing up to get money from someone, especially if anon is right and the bail is 500,000. But she did ask people to literally come to a location she is at, so maybe not. She also may have stolen alcohol and that's why she's blaming it on that, but sorry, that's a piss poor excuse. An urge for something doesn't excuse stealing in any case. She's just generally immoral and selfish, addictions or not unfortunately. Always was, even way back with Margo.

No. 933313

She doesn't have 5 bucks but she gets about 200 a month on patreon in donations. Really Venus?

No. 933317

Her shoes look like the new ank rouge collection shoes. can't get a good look but if they are, they are from their recent collection and cost like 200. so she has money to buy new shoes but cant bail herself out and needs donations. fuck off, leech.

No. 933321

File: 1715823487928.jpeg (99.42 KB, 828x912, 3C952557-C860-4549-8C80-8CD13F…)

You can tell all that from this pic?

No. 933323

File: 1715825126920.jpeg (4.18 MB, 3024x4030, IMG_8731.jpeg)

Not the same anon, and it’s hard to judge since the video doesn’t show much, but I’m guessing they made the assumption from the frill part.

No. 933324

Looks like it to me. Good eye!

No. 933325

She's openly admitting to stealing booze so I don't put her past doing dumb she like stealing shoes at this point. This bitch is a trainwreck.

No. 933327

File: 1715828571445.jpg (421.93 KB, 1080x1829, 1000017054.jpg)

No. 933328

Okay, this is really sus. They just let her go? Only wanted a $5 bail fee? Did she pay it? Did someone give her money? Is she making all this up to seem edgy? It's all just so odd. Why would they let a shoplifter go so easily? Did she manipulate them somehow? and if she got off that easy for committing another crime then she won't learn anything.

No. 933329

$5 was probably just train fare home.(sage your shit)

No. 933338

They did not do her a favor by letting her go. She's out of control and needs some fucking help.

No. 933339

File: 1715836735569.jpg (659.07 KB, 1440x2219, 1000018674.jpg)

No. 933342

Japan is supposedly pretty sexist. Maybe she acted like a stupid gajin child and they took pity on her (even though it's been years since she's looker cute). I suspect she made the whole thing up, but surely she would've posted more interesting (staged) pics

No. 933344

she can say she wants to quit all she wants, but she won’t be able to quit until she actually wants it. but she doesn’t.
t. sober alcoholic

No. 933346

>trying again
>trying to quit over and over
>I have alcoholism BUT

yeah idk what the problem is, clearly the world is at fault. She's definitely not making excuses to keep drinking.

Japan deals with a lot of drunk retards and they can't throw all of them in jail. I don't think its shoplifting, I think she was found somewhere extremely drunk and was arrested on a public nuisance technicality. Being excessively drunk in japan will get you thrown in a drunk tank for a day, and they'll give you small fines like this.

No. 933347

samefagging but is this post the sole reason anons think venus is 'on bail/needs bail'?

'bail me out' is a common phrase kek, I'm fairly certain she's begging for fare money like >>933329 said. She didn't say the cops wanted the money and she listed a train station as her location. She was let out and had no money to get home so she was begging strangers at the station like a real sloppy drunk

No. 933348

>a more refined solution
??? Penus what are you trying to say here. Is there a way to not be an alcoholic but continue drinking? Nope, just the same way how refusing to get a job will not guarantee someone will just financially support you even if you prostitute yourself. What a fucking retard, looks like she killed her last remaining braincell

No. 933349

Poor eternal victim Venus. The whole 580yen thing, I think she got caught stealing alcohol by a shop keep and got the "scare talk" tactic. Makes sense. Too bad though, this just means she hasn't learned her lesson and will do it again. I say as early as soon as she wakes up and needs to drink again.

No. 933351

580 is pretty common number for a fare price, they go by 20s, so it’s pretty spot on guess, I live here(sage your shit)

No. 933352

People like Venus always want to off themselves when they get wasted because they can’t live with the embarrassment that is their life.
Totally agree

No. 933353

I thought that happens when they're sober, not when they're wasted.

No. 933357

Venus: “I will do my best to stay off insta now.”
3 hours later: back on insta with more handwringing and Poor Me! posting.

No. 933371

That’s what I meant, but tbh both. Alcohol is a depressant after all.

No. 933379

yep, this. also quitting is actually easy when you finally decide it’s what you really want. sure the initial withdrawals suck but if you want it, you’ll ride it out. it’s really not that hard. venus simply doesn’t want to quit or she would. sorry if this sounds flippant but it actually is that simple.

No. 933381

nta and I hate venus but this is a retarded take, alcoholism is one of the hardest drugs to quit and one of the only drugs you can't just go cold turkey on if you're an addict as it kills you. If her addiction is as bad as she tries to claim every few days and not to seem more ~jirai kei~, she needs to actually put herself through a very long detox (like min 6+ months), which she won't do unless ken or some other potential 'sugar daddy' forces her to (and even then it'll be temporarily). At this point she needs to hit utter rock bottom and motivate herself from that point onward, or get booted out of japan, which if she legitimately keeps being arrested they probably might.

No. 933383

i’m a sober alcoholic so i won’t argue about this. no shit she needs to detox but it really is as simple as deciding to do it, and then doing it.(no1currs, you don't need to blogpost)

No. 933384

Congrats, you are not all people, and getting over addiction isn't a one solution fits all. Like no shit she needs to '''decide not to do it''', hence why I said she needs to hit rock bottom and motivate herself out of it. But not everyone can just wake up one morning and decide cold turkey not to do it, not everyone is like that.

Anyway, who is she talking to in the video? Is it a clerk that caught her stealing or a nurse of some kind? You can barely see the shoes of the person but it doesn't seem like the shoes a cop would wear in japan.

No. 933387

I’m sorry, but this is just weird. If she’s in a police station talking to cops, then why is she screaming nonsense into her phone in English?

That’s the sleeve of what looks like a baseball jacket hanging off an office chair at the top right - do Japanese cops wear those?

I mean, why not record some of the conversation in Japanese with the police officer if she wants to post “proof” of something…

No. 933389

i never suggested she needs to go cold turkey? all i’m saying is she has to want it and she clearly doesn’t, or she would do it. like every other person who has ever gotten sober. i agree that she probably has to hit rock bottom before she gets there and i have no idea what that could even look like for her, since this all looks pretty fucking bleak to me. but at the end of the day it’s just a decision that she has to make. that’s all it takes. this idea that it’s this scary insurmountable struggle that’s out of their control lets people off the hook and scares them away from even trying. venus is clearly in the headspace that this is the world’s fault, the alcohol’s fault, her mom’s fault, and she’s refusing to take any responsibility for herself. she’ll never get better as long as she believes it.

No. 933392

I think we can all agree Venus is not actually dependant on alcohol, and we all know an actual alcoholic can’t just go cold turkey.

No. 933420

She is obnoxiously acting like no one has ever quit alcohol and everyone is just lapping it up. After you get the substance detoxed, it’s the lifestyle and drama and not giving a shit about important things that is addictive. If someone decides to quit all that, they can ride out the detox. If not, the cravings will win. Venus was shitty before this “I’m an alcoholic” era and she will be the same when she moves on to the next grift.

No. 933498

it really cant be overstated the anons are autist retards who take everything literally. this os cringe, whynthe would anyone believe anyrhing venus when she has a long long long history of lying?! and has a pattern of wanting money from her followers after a "break"?

No. 933504

She doesn't sound drunk in this if you ask me. It sounds like her normal voice.

No. 933530

She probably needs treatment for her raging BPD in tandem with treatment for alcoholism if sobriety is ever going to stick. Otherwise she'll keep getting wrapped up in drama and end up hitting the bottle to manage her emotions. She also has pretty much nothing to live for at the moment, which means she has little incentive to stay sober.
I know it's been said many times, but it's a shame she hasn't somehow ended up back in Switzerland where addiction and mental health treatment services aren't retarded. She's probably not going to live through the next decade if she stays in Japan.

No. 933537

if she actually has the option to just go to switzerland, live on social welfare and get treatment she's absolutely nuts if she doesn't take it. lots of Europeans would love to go to Switzerland due to its quality of life but can't

No. 933538

Can we stop with this ‘Japan has NO addiction/mental healh treatment’ fantasy? She has ready access to an internationally recognized alcoholism treatment center, the Kurihama National Hospital for drug and alcohol treatment. They do research as well as treatment and long-term counseling and support.

>> The Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center began to conduct research and to provide medical care for alcohol-related problems in 1963, when special alcoholism treatment wards were established in Japan for the first time. At first, the provision of medical care to patients was prioritized. However, training courses for specialists were initiated in 1975, and the Department of Clinical Research was established in 1984, which led to the formation of the present management structure in which the centre's staff are shared by three departments: Medical Care, Clinical Research and Education and Information. The Department of Medical Care provides specialized treatment for alcohol use disorders and medical services for other conditions, including behavioural addictions such as internet addiction and gambling disorder, as well as dementia and other psychiatric disorders. The Departments of Clinical Research and Education and Information are engaged mainly in specialized activities related to alcohol. The Department of Clinical Research conducts research on the epidemiology of alcohol use, the effects of alcohol on health and the treatment of alcohol use disorders in Japan, in cooperation with universities and other research institutions.

In fact she spent several months there as an inpatient. She relapsed immediately after discharge because 1) she doesn’t give a shit about ‘recovery’ and 2) she likes drinking.

No. 933542

congrats on using google, a treatment centre does not represent the whole of japan's cultural views towards addiction or mental health, which is how she got her stomach stapled despite being a normal size

No. 933543


she had it done in korea stupid not japan

No. 933547

kek, she wouldn't survive being on social welfare in Switzerland. People wanting to live in Switzerland to improve their quality of life normally have a job and don't need to rely on the welfare system

No. 933550

Agreed nonny
There’s plenty of mental health clinics in Tokyo that do a really good job (speaking from experience)

No. 933555

im so sick of the whole "japan has mo mental care" meme that keeps coming up because its such bullshit. venus doesnt want help. she wants to get drunk. how is this so hard to understand?

No. 933577

Japan is way behind Switzerland’s peak healthcare suicide pods kek

No. 933579

Sadly there's anons here who hate Japan and think Swizerland is wonderful and try to shout out and shut down anyone who says anything different. They're the ones who have been shitting up the threads for years with "Veenus must leave nasty Japan and go to glorious Swissland" when it's just their own prejudices and anyway Venus doesn't want to leave Japan or she would.

No. 933583

I sincerely hope this isn't glorious Nippon tranny anon cuz this is the kind of dumb shit they'd say. If anyones been shitting up the threads it's them with them with their "she's a homeless, alcoholic prostitute that abuses other drugs and has lost everything but it's totally fine cuz she's iN JaPaN the best country ever!" weeb retardation. Ppl say she should leave Japan cuz this shit clearly isn't working out for her. Some of us live here. Considering Venus has been here for almost a decade with no work history, no higher education or skills, no friends, family, or network and now added porn of her floating around the internet, her prospects in this country are low. If you know how Japan works, you understand how truly fucked she is here period.

No. 933602

this sounds more like your bias. like this legitimately only about venus and what she wants. which isnt help. she used that visit to the psych ward or whatever was when she was into jirai kei and wanted to become a stereotype of it. she didnt go there for help it was an act to her fans (and to possibly get money out of them). so no matter where she lives she will not get help. so theres no point in debating her leaving because shes not going to, and will be careful around authorities because she wants to stay in japan.
japan isnt the problem. she is.

No. 933610

I don't think she can get help anywhere even if she wanted because of her low communication and language skills. How can you give psychotherapy to someone who has such low vocabulary

No. 933620

what is this bullshit.
shes a polyglot, she speaks many languages, she has proven that on camera, she learnt japanese before she even went to japan, have you even watched all her videos?
also she went to school in netherlands and learned dutch, she went to school in tenerife and learned spanish, she lived in london and learned english and she was at language school in korea, which she is fluent in.

No. 933626

you are totally wrong, you obviously never watched all her videos

No. 933627

you are going by her accent, she has a strong swiss german accent, but her knowledge of japanese language is enormous

No. 933637

nta but when she briefly tried vtubing it was basically nonsensical babbling, and that was in English which is her primary language. like anons have noted she replies to Margo in English so we can assume it is the language she is most familiar with.
You can also lose skills through lack of use so it's possible she was once fluent but isn't now after obliterating her braincells with pills and alcohol.

No. 933650

“Peak” dawg apparently some autistic dude just got killed in an asylum in Switzerland couple months ago(derailing)

No. 933691

She studied the Korean language in Korea, but I've never seen anything to prove that she's fluent in Korean and it doesn't seem like she kept that up. It's also likely that she lost the Spanish and Dutch that she learned as a kid, it's not like she uses either of those languages anymore.

Her English skills are fine, I think its just the alcohol that makes her incoherent.

No. 933696

Nonny is about as shitty at English as Venus is. She isn't a polyglot, she's a dumb thot.
Polyglots speak several languages to a high conversational level. You see her dumbass doing that?

No. 933699


yes ive seen her doing it,its called actually watching her videos instead of spouting off like a dickhead,
she made a video talking in all the different languages she knows, and it was fluent and cohorent.
dont just guess at events, do some research(white knight)

No. 933712

nta but anyone who actually believed her crappy video of her literally saying a single sentence (sometimes only saying a word or two) of her speaking various languages is retarded. Any complete moron can practice a few phrases in different languages and record themselves to post online. You can do it yourself, does that make you fluent in several languages? No. She hasn't shown any proof that she's fluent in anything but english, swiss-german (which she probably forgot a fair bit of it by now) and japanese.

Also anyone who speaks more than one language can tell you that if you don't consistently speak said other language, you eventually forget how to speak it, sometimes only then understanding what's being said but completely forget how to read/write/respond. Even if she DID go to korean language school for it, she probably forgot almost all of it by now because she doesn't regularly speak it to anyone. Don't believe her ~high iq polyglot~ larp, she's like her mom who's always said she's part of MENSA, lmao.

No. 933722

Iirc, nonnies that knew German on the previous threads, old PULL form and current PULL discord were talking about her written German being atrocious. Ppl fluent in Korean were also talking about how her pronunciation needed work. But Venus told some BS about "how the teachers at the language school told her how advanced and better she was than the other students." Typical narc BS, overexacherating whatever it is they do in life.

No. 933723

I am German and at least her speking German is horrible. It does not even sound like Swiss dialect. She speaks German the same way she speaks English - Very slow and as if she has something stuffed in her mouth, making her pronouciation as well as her word stress very weird. It reminds me of deaf people speaking - They know the words, but they have never heard them, so the words never sound quite right.

No. 933732

do you think Venus should a baby? I she can a many content on this topics, for example kawaii goods for baby and vlog of daily life? what do you think? sound off in the comments below.(ai generated post?)

No. 933734

so you admit she can talk well in english, german and japanese.

No. 933735

File: 1716207429414.png (77.53 KB, 275x235, 1507123856938.png)

What the fuck?……(non-contribution)

No. 933739

yeah no shit, i imagine the only german she consistently learned was from marge who sucks at german herself

No. 933741

You mean as in a weeb version of a momfluencer? Not a good idea imo. First of all, because of all the money a baby needs and how little she has. Also because, considering how mentally unstable she is, I don't expect her to take care of a baby when she can barely take care of herself and finally because having a kid means getting pregnant first which also means no alcohol or drugs(sage your shit)

No. 933749

Any moment now, she's due for another round of hardcore begging so she can have access to alcohol, housing, trinkets and restaurant meals. She was on prescribed medicine for a while. What's the deal with her meds now that she's homeless? Do social services assist with medical care? Is she off her meds?

No. 933751

>> as if she has something stuffed in her mouth, making her pronouciation as well as her word stress very weird.
Her being pretty much toothless now adds in ever more shlurring to her already slurry garbled speech. She sounds like she has a mouthful of marbles.(toothfoiling after multiple farmhand posts)

No. 933752

toothless? she has 1 bad tooth which is still there, its a dumbfuck who calls that toothless.

No. 933758

its not one tooth as far as we know her 2-4 top front teeth have almost completely decayed and she has quite literally admitted herself that shes suffering facial collapse and needs dental surgery. it would have took you 2 seconds of lurking to figure that out before you went retard on some anon. seriously, even if she has the rest of her teeth that are all rapidly decaying as well, are they even allowed to be considered teeth? toothless is not a far reach is she is losing her jaw's structure (which shes admitted herself) like a meth addict.(toothfoiling after multiple farmhand posts)

No. 933759

File: 1716230796249.jpeg (109.43 KB, 1080x1757, IMG_20240520_111303.jpeg)

You aren’t too far off, PULLfags found shes posted a link to her Amazon wishlist for donations

No. 933762

its not her 4 top teeth, its 2 at most, she says she needs jaw surgery, do you believe everything she says now?

No. 933771

Are you allowed to post the link? If not, could you post some of the ridiculous items on it?

No. 933773

Damn wonder if Mana gave her stuff away to a second hand store or just paid to have it collected on trash day.(sage your shit)

No. 933774

You can access the link via her Patreon, you don't need to be a Patreon.(sage your shit)

No. 933789

It’s a public post. No idea what has been bought already, but there’s really random shit on it like a Mac book, instant coffee and knee high stockings.

No. 933790

She had all of her stuff when she moved out of Mana's place and into that little townhouse thing. So either she threw away her own stuff when she lost that place, or took it to Ken's apartment and then he threw it out (or still has it?) She was posting lovey-dovey stuff of Ken right before she disappeared for months, so I think she was living with him last.

No. 933795

"girls only accommodation" Despite probably not being true anyway, you're a 27 y/o woman Peenus, don't make it sound like you're going to have kawaii pink slumber parties now. Though if there's truth to it, I wonder if it's some kind of women's shelter thing where she is staying now.

No. 933801

If she isn't in some sort of facility then there are places that offer women's only accomodation that are basically just long-term capsule hotels, I wouldn't be surprised if that is where she is staying.

No. 933826

File: 1716317170110.jpeg (205.2 KB, 750x1294, BAFF3F66-0FC6-4DAF-98CE-C4EBFC…)

She added a bunch of stuff to it that is literally just makeup and circle lenses. She can’t get the “friend” who is “looking after” her bank stuff to buy this for her?

No. 933827

File: 1716317245358.jpeg (416.68 KB, 750x1294, EC21B709-FE32-4189-9700-7EE6B6…)

Also asking for a MacBook and an ultrasonic toothbrush. Maybe a bit too late for that…

No. 933830


It's funny, yet sad a fan bought her alcohol and none of the items on her wish list.
But we all know it wasn't a fan, just Venus and her poor financial choices.

No. 933852

She never finished any education, so she doesn't have the ability to do much beyond basic conversation in any languages. Sad to see how she seems to be sinking to a new low again.

No. 933854

I don't know why anons refuse to believe men willingly do this. You can be a nobody with 100 followers and there's a good chance one of them will buy you some random shit off Amazon if that meant you interact with them. Venus probably isn't buying this herself.

No. 933870

I think she's staying in woman only shelter, probably made up some abuse stories and stuff so they take her in.

She needs some fucking soap and shampoo, not circle lenses.

No. 933877

dont make shit up as you go along, she was educated in each place she lived, marge would have been fined for non attendance otherwise, thats the general law in europe. She took her exams whilst in tenerife and she did well, and then they moved to south korea and she took language school lessons until she left and moved to japan.
this has all been documented in her past videos.

No. 933880

She never completed high school. Her formal ‘education’ ended when they moved to London. Marge claimed she was ‘homeschooled’ but that’s..doubtful.

No. 933882

she did complete her education in tenerife, she has documented this within her videos, if you pay attention.

No. 933899

Can you link the videos?

No. 933934

I pity her. Not for the sake that she’s homeless, but she believes that owning a MacBook is better than owning basic hygiene necessities. Miss girl lost her whole gaming pc and her thousand dollar doll too all for what? Cheating on her husband with a man who looks like his face is melting?

No. 933944

>> she did complete her education in tenerife,
That wasn’t high school, it was whatever their version of middle school/junior high is. And that ‘language school’ in Korea was a visa scam so they could claim student visas, not a real school. Venus Palermo has no high school diploma and no formal schooling past the age of 15.

No. 933946

she completed her education in tenerife, and the language school was real, she has made videos of her actually being in tenerife have you even watched them yet?

No. 933947

It's funny how it needs to be a macbook, too. She could just buy a random $500 laptop but nope, Venus needs the most expensive shit. And she wouldn't even do anything worthwhile with it, like… work on her youtube channel kek

No. 933949

nta but just because she has videos doesn't mean she has formal education. It's pretty well known she was pulled out of school several times by her mom (both venus and her mom had mentioned these) and even ken has said she was a high school drop out.

the korean school WAS real, but like >>933944 said, it's a well known way many people get visas to stay in other countries long term without it being too expensive/a big deal, because the education itself is either lax af or straight up a scam for visa purposes. Considering again, she is clearly not fluent in korean, we can only assume it was one of those 'pay 5-10k for this school and you can apply for PR after x time' schools where the focus is more for immigration and less for a real education.

No. 933950

watch the polyglot video of hers.
all the americans saying she never graduated high school, it doesnt work like that in europe, you take a lot of exams before you leave, and she has confirmed why and how she took those exams in tenerife

No. 933956

She moved away from Tenerife before she graduated high school, she was around 14/15 that time. She did go to school there, but not high school. It was junior high. So she got that kind of diploma. In London, her mother homeschooled her, same in Amsterdam though she later placed her in a real school for a couple of months.

Idk the laws of Korea, but in Japan you need 12 years of formal education OR graduated high school to obtain a language school visa, it might be similar in Korea. Maybe her mother got the visa and she got a visa because pf her mother as kind of a dependent?

(I put /sage in the email field. hope that‘s correcz)

No. 933958

it wasnt fucking junior high, she has detailed all about taking her final exams in spanish

you just make shit up as you go along(whiteknighting)

No. 933959

google the Spanish school system
Until the age of 16(or 10 years), there is secondary education, giving you a mix of junior high/high school degree. If you want to get a complete high school diploma, you must attend 2 more years.

Even if she did go back to Tenerife to write her exams, she was in KOREA by the time the additional 2 years would have had passed(derailing)

No. 933970

Ok since the white knight didn’t bother to post the links where she is speaking multiple languages I’m posting them for a reminder

TALKING IN 7 LANGUAGES! German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Dutch & Swiss German
Someone here who’s fluent in Spanish can critique her proficiency. My Spanish is hot garbage but I noticed a lot of slip-ups. She is definitely not a polyglot in Spanish. Mentions going to school in Tenerife but didn’t say anything about graduating.

How I Learned 7 Languages
She said she learned English in high school at age 12 or 13. Moved to Tenerife at 11 years old. Mentions moving to the Netherlands at 17 but didn’t see a reason to continue studies there so then they ended up moving to South Korea.

Why I Speak 7 Languages
Mentions going to high school in England, learning Spanish in Tenerife then moving to the Netherlands and Korea in a short amount of time. None of these videos mention graduating but it sounds like she did not complete her education in Spain, since she was still in school at 17 and moved shortly to the Netherlands.

No. 933972

A band of idiots is arguing about the education of a person they have never met in their life. You are even more mental than Venus.(infight bait/non-contribution)

No. 933979

Just in case anyone is genuinely curious, her Spanish is extremely wonky.
- lenguaje is a relatively abstract term that describes a person's manner of expressing themselves, she should have translated foreign language with "idioma".
- She fucked up her indefinido conjugations, she should have said estudié and viví. What she actually said was he/she/it studied and he/she/it lived
- Using estudiar sounds weird in this context. Aprender is a general term for learning, estudiar means to actively study something at school/university etc. It's something you'd say if you wanted to tell people that you took classes or something, but Venus picked up the language while living there so aprender would make much more sense.
- She uses imperfecto when saying that she went to school in Tenerife. You usually use imperfecto for past actions that were habits or repeated themselves frequently. Indefinido would make more sense because it's a past action that has been completed. She basically said "I repeatedly went to school in Tenerife" instead of "I attended school in Tenerife".

5 mistakes in 7 seconds. Such polyglot.

No. 933984

none of them mention graduating because it is simply not called that in europe.
someone would ask if you got good results in your exams, its nearly all dependant on your exam scores.
and her videos show she was not in tenerife aged 12, she is quite a bit older than that.

No. 933994

Anons are saying she went to Japan from Korea. Is that when she first went there or when she 'escaped' from her mother? I used to watch her videos back then and I must be remembering it wrong, I thought she was living in London, then maybe moved to Amsterdam? But I thought she was there or in London when she ran away from her mother and started living permanently in Japan?(lurk moar)

No. 934009

What is it with the influx of newfag whiteknights? Can you retards go lurk more before you make up shit about her schooling? Venus isn't a polyglot, she can barely speak english and japanese, and she didn't graduate high school. Her videos don't prove anything. Does that mean you also believe she's lesbian because she posted it once? She lies about 99% of everything she says like Margo. Anything to make her seem special and smarter and better than people around her. Summerfaggotry–not even once.

No. 934029

Lol Google Translate would've given her better results

No. 934047

whenever venus takes a "break", autists come forth unable to bear the fact shes not posting for a bit. with no new milk they keep rehashing shit instead of reading older threads.

No. 934086

this is bullshit
France, Austria, German, Italy, Belgium (to cite juste the once i definately know) 'graduate highschool', with ceremonies and all it's called Baccalauréat/Matura/Abitur/Maturità

No. 934088

you exactly proved my point, its not called graduation!!!!1
its called other stuff in europe so you wouldnt have heard venus say 'graduation'

also if someone does constantly say 'oh my kek, venus is toothless and cant talk and has been murdering people kek nonny' then they are called a white knight!(wking)

No. 934093

are you really that dumb or just pretening? it's called something else in OUR LANGUAGES because we don't speak english. it's called translating words…

No. 934094

File: 1716581608328.jpeg (404.68 KB, 750x1082, DCC3B6A6-D725-4682-B10E-8D9B2A…)

I can’t understand how people cannot see through this insane grift - who needs Lolita clothes and circle lenses when they’ve just been “homeless”? Seems like all the rest of the stuff off her wish list has either been removed or bought, so now she’s added this fugly overpriced pc setup. She’s also gained at least a couple of thousand insta followers since her last drunk meltdown.(sage your shit)

No. 934122

I'm from Germany and can confirm, this is supposed to be her native language and she sounds borderline retarded. In Swiss German (which is literally just an accent, not a language) as well. It does sound like some foreigner reading a script or something since her pronunciation is all over the place, similar to how she speaks English tbh. So since these three should be the ones she's most fluent in, does this mean instead of speaking 7 she can actually speak 0?

No. 934123

You don't have ceremonies for baccalaureat, baccalaureat is a end of highschool final exam that allows you yo go to college, independant from your scores during highschool. Most schools do not celebrate it unless it's a rich highscool, you just see your name on a list and that's all.(derailing)

No. 934131

i used to live in germany and she speaks german well.
swiss german has a lot of different words, its not just an accent you bullshitting moron>>934122(derailing)

No. 934145

It seems, despite everything, she's intelligent enough to know how to make money, or at least get the things that she wants, from not working. At least not in the sense of a regular job, social media posting like she does could probably be seen as 'working' if it's their 'job' and main source of income. (Though in Venus' case, she is apparently on state benefits too.) The fact there's people daft enough to give money and gifts to her is besides the point. The fact is, she knows how to make money and get things from not working, as in not doing a boring regular job, so she's pretty shrewd really.

No. 934153

shes nothing but a dirty neet.

No. 934154

if she wasn’t mentally ill and a raging alcoholic, she might be resourceful enough to actually be successful and not be wasting away as a chronically online, oversharing neet. i can’t vouch for her other language skills but her japanese is impressive for the mental capacity she displays and at one point she did have a following and a platform she could have used if she was as shrewd as she is with trying to get people to buy her alcohol and of subscriptions. japan does have mental healthcare, even though it may be more stigmatized than other countries, but still has effective and affordable programs. it’s a shame she doesn’t really want help because she seems to have qualified for a lot of care and resources and squanders them all

No. 934157

>being a live-in prostitute to fugly Japanese coomers is a sign of intelligence and being resourceful, actually

No. 934160

Eh, she speaks very slowly and her pronounciation is weird, if i was talking to her, I'd probably think she grew up speaking a different language, or has a speech impediment. Her swissgerman sounds normal to me, but I'm not a swiss native.
Claiming that swiss german has a lot of different words is overselling it a bit, yeah some are completely diffent like Velo, but stuff like Chuchikästli is just Küchenkästchen prounced diffently and according to wikipedia Schwizerdütsch isn't a seperate language: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schweizerdeutsch(derail, this is an imageboard)

No. 934182


Only used to live in Germany but calls a native speaker a bullshitting moron topkek.
I only agree with the accent part of yours anon, Swiss German is a dialect, not an accent. But as the term already suggests, it's obviously still German and just because it uses "different words" doesn't make it an entire language of its own. It's like saying Bairisch is another language because Bavarians don't call buns "Brötchen" like the rest of Germany does but "Semmeln" jmfc.

Venus' German is…okay. Her grammar is acceptable, it does the job. But it's definitely not good.
So much for that, she actually needs speech therapy/correction (logopedics) because it doesn't matter what language she speaks, she always sounds fucking retarded. It might very well be a bodily or anatomical problem and her being a degenerate alcoholic just amplifies it.(derailing)

No. 934198

She's not 'intelligent enough' to get money without working, it’s her fanbase [brainlets incels] who are retard enough to buy her stuff.

No. 934248

She's impulsive too. Even with the money she got from OF thottery she immediately blew on clothes, booze, and izakaya instead of paying her bills.

No. 934350

She's intelligent enough to know how to get money from them, which was the point really.

No. 934360

So you call showing your crusty vagina to desperate orbiters being intelligent ? Lmao incels cannot defend her kawaii doll face anymore so now they'll praise how 'intelligent' she is. Pathetic.

No. 934362

Are you that retarded ? Manipulating men for money is literally the easiest thing on earth. No need to get a degree. Just need a pussy between your legs and fake being a poor fragile lonely uwu girl. There will always be a couple of garbage who'll send money.(double-posting just to infight)

No. 934417

I think you're confusing intelligence with manipulation. She was good at manipulating retarded moids until her poor lifestyle choices caught up with her looks. But she's been failing at that since she couldn't even keep Bumble moids interested long enough to start supporting her financially. If she was actually smart, she wouldn't have jeopardized her easy street meal ticket lifestyle with Mana for Ken. She would have seen he was a certified Splenda Daddy and married so never gonna leave his wife. But she was so retarded, this man successfully strung her along for 5 years on and off and she was even retarded enough to make porn with the dude. Nothing about her is intelligent enough.

No. 934450

The point being made was that even now, despite everything, she's still able to get things and money from the type of people who will send it to her. She hasn't reached a stage where the money and gifts truly have dried up. She's still able to get by without having to do a 'regular' job. You can call it intelligence or manipulation but to be manipulative takes a certain amount of intelligence, even if it's just craftiness. Some people wouldn't have it in them to be able to keep going and would be forced to try a probably low paid job or not survive, but despite everything she still knows how to keep herself getting the goods.

No. 934452

That’s just a rat pushing the same button as always to get the cheese. It doesn’t just suddenly stop knowing to do the same thing that has always worked before.

No. 934454

And how exactly do you know that she is manipulating all these people into giving her thousands of dollars when the much more obvious answer is a little thing we call credit card debt

No. 934474

What? Even cheap products like toothpaste and shampoo are beyond her means. That gave me all the information I needed to know about her pitiful pay.

No. 934477

That's because she's a popular YouTuber; if she were just a regular person, they wouldn't send shit. She ought to be grateful to Marge for making her do YouTube; else, she would have been on the first 48 right now.

No. 934484

Did she e-beg for toothpaste and shampoo?

No. 934499

Yes, these are screenshots from her Amazon wishlist that she posts on her patreon. The Lux is shampoo and conditioner.

No. 934500


lmao intelligence is an extremely stretchable term anyway, a certain amount of intelligence is needed just to keep existing if you will. And where the fuck is it "intelligent" to manipulate RETARDED moids? Especially the way she does it, she's lying for the sake of pity points, that's all. There's nothing "intelligent" about this, just pathetic.

No. 934541

Whichever way its looked at, she's using whatever intelligence she has to know how to get certain people to send her things she wants, without working.

No. 934582

Y'all woul exploit scrotes for stuff if it was possible, don't lie. Stupid people who buy into this deserve to be manipulated and exploited anyway kek

No. 934624

Some users have and then when they explain how things work, anons don't listen lol

No. 934625

No I wouldnt. because I would rather focus on myself than hang out moids in such proximity and take advantage of them. not to mention venus never stopped at taking advantage of men.(derailing)

No. 934629

>not to mention venus never stopped at taking advantage of men.
This, iirc she had another weeb friend whom she treated like shit and now they don't talk anymore.

No. 934647

Not understanding your god given right to exploit subhuman men smh(derailing)

No. 934649

Gtfo derailing tranny and go post on her shit-ass patreon.(infighting)

No. 934695

Pandering is undoubtedly useless if she cannot afford toothpaste and shampoo. Weebs will say almost anything. $2 or $5, exploit what scrotes? Crackhead behavior. Get a job, Bitch. You bitches are incapable of pursuing a bag.

No. 934696

Venus needs to take care of her broken teeth before she develops sepsis since her priorities are all wrong.

No. 934717

How long is the Venus thread going to be all flipped/backwards?? It’s been foreeevveerrr.(newfag)

No. 934719

clear the cookies in your browser

No. 934728

Fixing those would probably cost more than a macbook tho

No. 934751

File: 1717447440751.png (1.49 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_6518.png)

Update. Stolen from the Venus Reddit. She removed the food items because of “shipping problems” and updated her list of essential items such as a gaming pc. Instead of buying food from 100 Lawson she’s eating at expensive restaurants and Starbucks. Nothing really interesting

No. 934760

File: 1717453948749.jpeg (326.8 KB, 872x1201, F912FE4F-3A6A-4C84-B99D-CECAA8…)

Her pretensions about her “art” are pathetic. She “makes art” with colored pencils and stickers

No. 934761

File: 1717454029547.jpeg (197.34 KB, 879x1329, 72776D6D-5A4F-4062-A3CB-CBC793…)

and big scissore to cut out colored paper like a 6-year old in kindergarten(nitpick)

No. 934762

see the matress leaning up against the door way?
we have seen this before, wasnt it at manakis?
check some of the manaki house pictures

No. 934781

File: 1717459387100.png (432.17 KB, 1242x2208, 1F6DEE7E-2156-4233-9486-4D1936…)

No. 934786

That's an old screenshot you braindead fuck(infighting)

No. 934829

this picture looks like from when she was in her christian phase. the rose and the window by the table look especially familiar

No. 934866

I wonder how true the "lost everything" phrase is? Like she just threw all her possessions out?

That's the little townhouse or whatever she lived in after Manaki booted her. Anon is posting old screenshots for some reason.

No. 934979

File: 1717593567917.jpg (62.69 KB, 720x342, Screenshot_20240605_151808_Tik…)

No. 935003

Yeah we’ve been knew . Her mom dictated their entire meetup

No. 935119

File: 1717760958371.png (543.24 KB, 720x1658, Screenshot OnlyFans.png)

No. 935129

If only she looked like this

No. 935131

Finally she did something right. Wonder what her next scam is going to be though.

No. 935145

done with onlyfans? we'll see how long this lasts. does she have no form of income now except pity donations?

No. 935151

B but what about her dream since kindergarten

No. 935167

>>935119 her true desire for an income is being paid just to exist.

No. 935175

She's already doing her newest scam on Patreon kek

No. 935183

Rather, having a man fully fund her life just for existing. Which she already had before and screwed it up anyways.

No. 935285

If she was really in need of money, she'd sell her mcm bag and other designer trash and not buy the latest weeb clothing. She's obviously scamming her fans with the homeless crap.

No. 935288

Maybe onlyfans wasnt paying much anymore. Perhaps the patrons there just tired of her and so she's decided to jump ship and pretend its her decision because she wants to save face and dont want people to see that shes too old or not attractive or desirable enough to make it profitable to be on there anymore.

No. 935297

Too old? For onlyfans? So is porn for women aged only 18-27? Get the fuck out of here, male(scrotefoiling)

No. 935308

Nta but yes, she's too old for OF. Coomers want the youngest girls and there are plenty of girls who make an OF as soon as they turn 18. Venus looks haggard and can't compete with them.

No. 935312

NTA Let's not pretend like men aren't pedos. Given the choice to watch porn of an 18 year old girl vs one pushing 30, most are gonna pick the barely legal one. You're giving them way too much credit here.(derailing)

No. 935412

bullshit milf is literally one of the most popular porn categories(derailing)

No. 935422

I'm not male. I just know what bloody men are like. I remember when Kelsey Ellison (back when her yt channel was called Kimono Time) did a live interview on nico nico and she was asked how old she was, she told them, 19, and replies came in saying "too old". I remember when I was that age being made to feel I was too old by certain men who thought I was lot younger and were disappointed to find I wasnt the age they thought I was. I know not all men are as bad but loads are.(derailing)

No. 935430

File: 1718117650819.png (449.59 KB, 750x1221, IMG_4301.png)

Let's get back on topic, Venus posted this random ass story on June 9th and proceeded to not post anything else after that. She's still active on patreon, though.

No. 935462

a special day to cook up another scheme to scam her fans

No. 935508

File: 1718202784073.png (4.04 MB, 1288x3320, image.png)

No. 935509

File: 1718202839367.png (7.09 MB, 2016x1640, image.png)

Some pictures from the instagram of that Tokyo Spring Homeless Patrol

No. 935526

honestly the more she interacts with normal people in person the better her outcome(sage your shit)

No. 935534

Am I losing it or is this Venus in the new Little Moons advert? I feel like she would have said something about it but the resemblance is fucking uncanny if it's not her.(not venus)

No. 935536

The resemblance is definitely uncanny, but I don't think that's her. This woman's eyes are brown and nose is shaped differently, compared to Venus here >>930347 There's also no way she flew to the UK to shoot this.

No. 935548

I think she kind of looks like Venus but it’s pretty obviously not her.

No. 935584

Honestly, living simply and relearning how to be independent might be the best thing to happen to her. Anons were saying years ago she needs to hit rock bottom in order to realize what's happened due to her mother and downward spiral since. I hope she stays single, that will be her saving grace. Maybe her and a few friends might be able to putt it together and get a place or something. At least she's not dead like anons were also suggesting the Hell Girl thing was about.

Is she also doing community service and helping hand out these care packages too? Wasn't expecting that.

No. 935591

That Sancty girl has a very smug punchable face but at least she's getting the cryptid outside. Her hair always looks so frazzled though, yeesh.

Yeah she's doing community work, for the first time ever, and the only purpose is to virtue signal or use it as some deeeeep post material 'omg guiiizz i have a new perspective on life ive smelled poor people i am now grateful and sober!1'

No. 935595

Someone mentioned this on the PULL discord, but in Japan, they often sentences ppl who commit crimes to community service as a way to rehabilitate them before letting them back into society. I don't believe for 2 secs her narc BPD ass would actually care about other ppl enough to volunteer. I don't even think she'd be able to do that just to virtue signal and get "look at how generous she is uwu" praises from her brain dead retarded fangelics. She's probably doing this because she's forced too as punishment for shop lifting. She'll be back to binge drinking Strong Zero and being a giant moo moo once all this is over. Watch. She is a legacy cow for a reason. Lots of new fags in this thread since the move. But anyone whose been on here for years knows that "uwu look! I'm ok gaiz" doesn't last long at all with her.

No. 935602

anon, this girl is never going to learn or change or get better sadly. she’s already hit rock bottom, there is no lower she can go than being a homeless drunk in japan. no amount of simple living is going to change her. she is never going to learn how to live on her own without having meltdowns constantly - she can’t live with anyone else either without being an abusive leech. if she’s shoplifting now, she’s eventually going to either get thrown in prison for real for stealing something expensive or she’s going to work up to doing something else dumb and get thrown in prison for that. either way, noting good will be coming in her future as she’s determined to either end up in a prison cell or a box.

No. 935617

Omg I almost volunteered for this

Yes but this group is not related to the government, its just a bunch of foreigners and some japanese that make food for the homeless (meaning she definitely was not made by the govt to volunteer in it)

No. 935660

She's the only volunteer that looks unwashed and out of place, kinda sad. Her pallid complexion is closer to the homeless men she's using to virtue signal, her outfit is cheap and dirty and her eyes look feral. It's clear she's been unable to present herself as a normie for quite some time.

Maybe she'll stick with it and the community outreach will help. More likely she thought that she could bag herself a new kawaii cosplayer influencer friend, who will be forever loyal to her. Once she's scared off Sancty she'll stop going imo.

No. 935698

pullfags are naive af because I don't think anything has happened to venus

No. 935708

She also looks like she really doesn't wanna be there kek
My guess is those people helped her and now she has to give something back. Venus would never willingly do this as it's not very jiraikei to help other people

No. 935709

You just know she doesn't want to be there and thinks it's lame af and beneath her, despite her being one of the ppl they are trying to help since she fucked herself out of leeching off Mana.

No. 935770

Doesn't look "normal" to me. Bunch of foreigners pushing a political agenda with those stupid flags. And the old guys might be passport bros who went to Japan to find a tradwife or whatever.

>I hope she stays single, that will be her saving grace
But she refuses to get a job. Her partners have been the only things that kept her afloat financially, other women or organizations are not gonna do that for her. Without a job and without a man, she's doomed.

No. 935772

This organization can still help her, they aren't religious or scammy. Why can't she get help from them exactly or other women though? She doesn't need a man. Other anons are right about this being a good step towards being stable with housing and maybe finding a job if they have assistance and other foreigners around her to help too. We don't really know what's going on yet.

No. 935803

Lmao but if the outcome is good who cares

No. 935804

The more I look at their pics the creepier they seem. Foreigners walking around Japan with flags is stupid enough, but they they take pics of handing pieces of food to homeless people like they are animals in a zoo. Most of those type of groups have alternate agendas and do the bare minimum to keep getting donations. Sounds exactly like Venus

No. 935806

Venus handing out burgers to homeless moids one time doesn't make her a good person, ffs.Literally nobody is saying what she did isn't 'good' they're saying that in in no way redeems her or that her intentions were real. Which is just a fact.

No. 935810

I thought this too. This looks more like a PR campaign than charity.

No. 935812

I can already see on her Reddit she already wasted. Her good deeds weren't for long(this is an imageboard)

No. 935814

Anons can say she's doing something good without chiming in a saying she's unredeemable. Some of us are just commenting on what's going on at the surface level and the community service stuff they are doing is just basic good human decency which is something she needs to learn. Also it's an easy way to put community service on a resume. No one has said she's suddenly become a saint.

No. 935817

File: 1718467889645.jpg (147.63 KB, 1440x984, 20240615_090359.jpg)

The caption of the photos lists the people featured in them and Venus is listed as her middle name, Isabelle. Kinda weird.

No. 935820

File: 1718469018284.jpeg (45.55 KB, 731x647, 46DB5CE5-3C27-41DE-87F0-108D87…)

post the screenshot faggot

No. 935821

>me, Yugoslavia
that country does not exist kek

No. 935855

Might be someone born prior to Yugoslavia war, hence this name?
It used to consist of Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Kosovo

No. 935860

File: 1718526037542.jpeg (113.81 KB, 1179x545, 92ECC010-F3CC-4006-8148-F666B2…)

Someone posted this one too

No. 935866

Do we have legit confirmation these are from venus and not just some shitposter on reddit capping some random discord? Why are we using reddit??

No. 935905

Who is “we?” I use whatever sites I want and the reddit has more content, conversation and at this point more freedom of speech unironically(learn2integrate or leave)

No. 935928

File: 1718643512778.jpeg (331.52 KB, 1511x1913, E25490DB-6CB1-48CB-9EF9-E39719…)

They’re not some random discord, those screenshots are from her ‘official’ discord where she hangs out and chats with her’fangelics.’ So yes, they’re really her. She seems to be drunk posting (again.)

I wonder if she can get kicked out of whatever shelter she’s currently in for being drunk? Or maybe they don’t care as long as she stays in her room and doesn’t bother anyone..

No. 935929

File: 1718643538245.png (328.9 KB, 1536x2048, 4EABD4DD-9C6B-45E5-9EA9-F697FF…)

No. 935950

At least she's not telling people to cut themselves. Sad that her drunken dinner rambling is an improvement

No. 935953

>I wonder if she can get kicked out of whatever shelter she’s currently in for being drunk? Or maybe they don’t care as long as she stays in her room and doesn’t bother anyone..
Lmao this is adorable. No one gives a fucking about her to seriously consider getting her out of their living space. Drinking is pretty normalized in japan (and other parts of the world), and she probably looks like a sad lonely loser irl when shes on her phone. Shes no threat.

No. 935957

Homeless shelters here in the US have no drugs or alcohol rules, idk about Japan though.

No. 935961

Drinking isn't even discouraged in Japan, so she's doing what citizens do anyway. Japan in general has a big alcohol problem since most drugs aren't available. She basically fits right in.

No. 935971

She does fit in. And thats what some of the "she should be in Switzland" brigade can't stand.

No. 935979

I doubt she would survive in Europe with her behavior so it's good she is in Japan imo

No. 935988

lmao starting to understand now why some simp was sending her liquor, her schizophrenia gets even funnier when wasted

No. 936005

She's never been able to have any kind of stable relationships there, whether friendship or romantic. Not even one. I wouldn't call that fitting in

No. 936009

lol you actually believe that?

No. 936017

Life lesson time. People who tell the truth don't explain it. Because it's what happened and they don't care if you believe it or not. Liars paint you a picture and over describe because they want you to believe it.

No. 936036

she's just unable to form relationships, doesn't matter if she is in Japan or on Mars, she won't be able to until she goes through enough therapy and that is also not guarantee

No. 936049

File: 1718838713902.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1742, 9905A881-9330-411D-AA6F-5EA487…)

No. 936050

File: 1718838750044.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x2149, 1B5C4771-EE00-4D5A-A1E9-32AA65…)

No. 936051

someone’s been listening to red scare kek

No. 936052

Marge will be posting it from her account to mock her

No. 936057

Did margo hack her? Wtf

No. 936060

another classic Venus attention stunt.

No. 936062

File: 1718849336396.png (778.82 KB, 828x1792, CFCBA295-0AD2-4035-8832-4C2311…)

She posted some weird stories

No. 936063

File: 1718849474595.jpeg (177.5 KB, 1170x2082, IMG_0308.jpeg)

margo hack or schizo attack

No. 936064

File: 1718849689454.jpeg (571.72 KB, 1170x1049, IMG_0310.jpeg)

changed her instagram profile picture to this now, marge era is back

No. 936065

File: 1718849934445.jpeg (528.28 KB, 1170x1469, IMG_0311.jpeg)

No. 936066

Venus stop pretending to be hacked, it’s not cute

No. 936068

File: 1718855122191.png (390.15 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_6379.png)

She’s larping as her mother on discord too.