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File: 1429411457686.jpg (24.05 KB, 320x388, YHeLTC1Kt7Y.jpg)

No. 84560

No. 84583

File: 1429412606230.png (5.83 KB, 488x111, jrjjrnrnfvn.png)

No. 84602

on camera?????????????????

No. 84617


No. 84618

File: 1429417057033.jpeg (60.21 KB, 540x304, tumblr_nkb8rbrTHY1qdvqz1o2_r3_…)

Berry be like

No. 84628


No. 84631

File: 1429419041274.png (20.42 KB, 590x268, baigurl.png)

she gonna b graduating from med school in 2 yrs
..shes back to her old shit again

No. 84634

"I'm the smartest in my family" says the one that thinks you need "some sort of psychological note from a psychologist" while being a ~~med student~~
her family must be dumb as fuck if thats true

No. 84635

File: 1429419249619.png (38.33 KB, 611x390, Untitled7.png)

No. 84636

so…. she expects to be a plastic surgeon by only studying for 4 years (while being in her second year and not knowing anything about blood pressure's relation with weight) …. so funny

No. 84637

I think she used to say that 2-3 years ago, how she would disappear in 2 years or something but she's still here

No. 84638

File: 1429419448527.png (8.14 KB, 544x97, lmao.png)

there is something mentally wrong with her

No. 84640

what an insensitive weeaboo cunt

No. 84643

we did heart dissection second year in highschool

No. 84645

she seems to be implying she will be working on a human in med school….

No. 84646


Er, this is exactly what we did on my Human Physiology course at college.

I took selfies with a human heart and some people ran off with the teeth.

This is 100% total behaviour for students handling a cadaver. The person willingly donated their body, we have sick senses of humour yes.

PULL please go.

No. 84648

Nigger I was talking about the use of "kokoro" in reference to a cadaver
You aren't the only one who has disected people, please don't pretend to be so special. It's still another human being.
I just really hate how Berry has to drag her weeaboo tendencies out into every (probably made up) aspect of her life.
Also I have never had a PULL account in my life, so gtfo.

No. 84649


im not talking about her joke or w.e.

I said shes mentally ill because she continues to lie about her life no matter what.

No. 84650

File: 1429420214095.png (16.38 KB, 570x162, LOL.PNG)

me when berry is being a narcissistic cunt

No. 84653

The way she types is so annoying

No. 84654

i wonder what she will say years from now and she hasnt graduated from med school…will she pretend to be a surgeon?

No. 84657

Is she even in college? I heard she might still be in highschool and she's lying about her age. She seems immature too lol.

No. 84658


In regards to her "dissection" it sounds totally fake.

I could understand what >>84646
There's a bunch of assholes who fool around with the cadavers. I hate people like that though, honestly.
I got a pretty young cadaver, young I guess, in me meaning that it wasn't an old person who had lived a full life - and when I saw this person laying down in front of me, I honestly cried. For me it was a big deal, because I'm going into a profession where people count on me to help and save them.
Don't get me wrong, it was cool and I really enjoyed it. It just hurt to see someone in front of me that didn't get to experience life as much as they should have - and were kind enough to donate their whole body towards young ungrateful students. I'm all for people taking selfies with cadavers and what not, but what does bother me is people who are rude about it and treat it as a joke.
That was a huge majority of my classmates, and I could see what a lot of you mean in regards to Berry's tweet, which does also rub me the wrong way because we all know she's lying and that she's just an ungrateful shit.

But you can tell she's totally lying because of that picture that is in the old thread, of her "homework", where basic anatomy is written down. I learned that shit in highschool as an elective. It is so basic.
There's also classes like that in community college, but if you're someone who already knows that you're going into the medical field, taking those courses in college is considered a huge waste of money and time. I've followed Berry years back, when she was first stating she wanted to be a quote-on-quote "heart doctor".

Sorry for my long-winded paragraph shit.

No. 84659

i feel like a few years from now shes going to be doing that kawaii stuff while pretending she has a career as a doctor

No. 84660

File: 1429421226236.png (314.05 KB, 520x545, Capture.PNG)

I was looking through her old pics and this one doesn't make sense. Shouldn't she have boobs here??

No. 84662

File: 1429421661457.png (6.65 KB, 456x103, faker.png)

No. 84664

I just noticed this girl posted on twitter non-stop all day…wow. so she tweets from the time she wakes up to the time she sleeps.

No. 84665

because she has no real life and friends

No. 84667

Yeah, in anatomy and physiology I at my local community college, you get to see a human cadaver dissection. It's possible she's taking a class like that. But that means she's late on the path to med school unless she took two gap years between high school and college. Anatomy and physiology I should be completed in your first year, and most people do it in their first semester. Berry is almost 21, right? So.. did she really spend that much time taking gen eds if she's really so smart?

No. 84670

This picture is actually really cute
But then I remember her fake ass personaility

No. 84682

"famiry" Did she just type Engrish?

Wow your classmates sound like sociopaths. They don't sound mentally stable enough to handle human bodies.

I have no doubts people can become surgeons and/or doctors at Berry's age, since there are recorded instances of surgeons who are that age or younger. It's just that the fact she tweets all day makes me wonder if she's really in med school…

No. 84689


A heart doctor? Why didn't she say she wanted to go into cardiology? I don't know many med students or people aspiring to be ones who just say "I wanna be a heart doctor"

something a kid would say

No. 84691

LOL! I know, right? She can't even say the proper term, she's definitely not smart enough to even try to go into that field.

No. 84693

has she ever said what college she goes to?

No. 84726

But then I remember her fake ass Photoshop

No. 84730

Well technically if she's not lying, she won't become this year at 21. She'll be 25 or 25 at least. Her tweets actually show that she probably doesn't pay close attention to her professors when they speak so, I guess she's relying on ~genius~ to pass exams.

Quick question, I'm not to college level yet, so Idk how this works? I heard to become a doctor (especially a surgeon where you deal with people's looks and lives), it actually includes 6 years of college+residency. Is that true? If that's true, why does Korinne keep bragging about only 4 years? Sorry if I am wrong.

No. 84741

fyi berry or anyone
this is the reality of pre-med students:
first semester: tons of people in the class
second semester: about 50% leave the program
2nd year: more people nope the fuck out
3rd year: anyone still left in bio/pre-med either take the MCAT or realize 3 years in, they cant really change paths so suck it up and be lab assistants FOREVER
4th year: ???

even if you get into med school, you will be 100k in debt, and wont even start making money for awhile
0/10 do not recommend

No. 84742

Right now I'm a fashion design student (1st year). I know I know, that's something different, but I think the system of preparatory is not very different. You study the base, what everybody has to study, and then you take 2 or 3 years of a speciality. At least that's how it works in my country. For example, a graphic designer has to study 4 years at uni, but if you want to be a videogame designer you have to study a speciality and it's like 2 years + a year or work at a company.

No. 84743

4 years undergrad
2-4 years med school
2-6 years residency
(depends on medical field)

No. 84744

tbh she does NOT have the attitude at all to go through med school much less become a doctor
pre-med students dont have kawaii uguu online personas and wither their lives away pulling BS online

No. 84749


>it's still another human being

Weh, weh, it's a lump of human-shaped, expired meat you hypsersensitive fuck.

No. 84752


I'm >>84646 but what I meant by my post and what I'm sure you'll agree by is that going into this particular field you kind of need to develop a dark sense of humour and retain it otherwise like you said before, you get emotional and start having all kind of existential doubts.

Even so I remember the first time I held a human brain in my hands.
It was absolutely mindblowing, I was holding right there in my hand a person's entire life. Every memory, every hurt, every joy, all the things they could have been, weren't and were, all the things they could have done and did.

Like it's one thing fooling around with teeth and hearts and shit, but idk the brain, I couldn't dick about with that particular organ.

No. 84760

LMAO sounds like "Yeah one more time you can approve how perfect I am. Not only am I prettier than my siblings but they also aren't as smart as me :/" vomits

No. 84764

Disgusting. + doesn't it take 10 years to become a plastic surgeon? I have friends who want to become plastic surgeon and they are studying their asses 0 time for internet or even for hobbies. And they're super smart, study a lot. This weaboo cunt is ridiculous using a japanese word in EVERY SINGLE sentence LOL. She acts like she's 12 yet she wants everyone to believe she's mature and smart… OK

No. 84805

That's why people recommend going to nursing first so you can take down some of the debt then try to go higher to a doctorate. That's what I was going to do but I'm thinking of just stopping at nurse, and if I ever get tired of it I'll go higher.

No. 84829


Now that I know that I'm sorta right, I call when she actually graduates (this year right?), she'll be in group that usually drops out mid-term. Lel
Tbh I wanna see her pass, and stop lying, but then no more lulz. :C

No. 84834

she's not prepared for life. If I were her parents I'd ask myself what have I done wrong.

No. 84838

File: 1429458093025.png (18.81 KB, 592x128, kkk.png)

Remember when someone said here that Berry's going to donate her blood but if she's really thin she wouldn't be able to do it? Well thanks to that person, she can make this tweet on her twitter ;

No. 84839

LOL but I thought she said YOLO though?

No. 84842

dafuw she's not underweight, she only wants to look like she's skinny but no lol

No. 84844

no one ever said she was in med school lool she graduated high school 2 years ago and is in her 2nd year of college right now

No. 84846

damn, these threads are just sad. berry, stop lying to your fucktarded fans. you're fat. you're ugly with no makeup and ps. none of that would even matter if you didn't constantly lie to people on the internet who chose to give you the benefit of the doubt, apparently many of whom still choose to believe your stupid lies in the face of all the evidence previously posted. smh i would ask you to think of them but then again, it's always about you & how they help your nonexistent self-esteem :) what a bitch

No. 84848

i think ppl mean she's majoring in the med field to prepare for med school

No. 84849

i think i misinterpreted people then oops sorry

No. 84851

i thought she went yesterday?? Why she gotta bring it up again? To make people truly believe she's skinny af? Also i hate how she glamourizes being underweight- as if it's not a romanticized social problem already

No. 84852

She meant that she's underweight for donating, not that she's underweight for her height. Looks like where she went requires 120lbs minimum. Tbh I would guess she's 120lbs so maybe she barely missed the cut

No. 84853

oh wait i was referring to this post though >>84631
because they think she's graduating from med school in 2 years and i think she just means undergrad

No. 84854

File: 1429459781631.png (127.5 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-19-12-02-29…)

Dropped pic

No. 84856


But the anon is referring to the person who said she was too thin to donate and that they wouldn't let her because of that. No one said anything about her being underweight because of her height?

No. 84857

I used to adore her during her tumblr days and was actually her friend and her behavior was fine on tumblr other than lying about the extent of her photoshopping since she only said she edited her skin and nose or something after hate blogs called her out

but after she moved onto twitter she really became a special snowflake it's almost uncomfortable to read her tweets because it sounds like what a 6 year old would say since its painfully obvious that she's lying or stretching the truth out

she needs to own up to the lies, that's the only way these threads will stop but she's too ~kawaii uguu~ to tell the truth about her not rich, not smart, and not popular lifestyle

No. 84858

Wow.. this is so sad.. i used to admire her a lot, but then i had my suspicions too. I noticed that she lied a lot but I thought meh people lied a lot on the internet and she isn't harming anyone so i overlooked it.

I'm really dissapointed rn bc her personality is horrible on top of her lies. I'm glad I found this thread tho, really opened up my eyes :')

No. 84860


Haha same. I thought she was cool and then I found her twitter..

No. 84861

I couldn't find a specific area around TR that's doing a blood drive except for a certain high school which took place at the 16th… or maybe she went somewhere else? (watch korinne hide her ass if she is in hs)

No. 84862

Because of all the lies she spews out I find it hard to believe anything she says now. If she made a tweet about going to the mall with friends, I wouldn't believe her. That's how bad she made me lose trust in her

No. 84863

But that would mean she left her house and she has friends. Both of those aren't true so I'm pretty sure everyone would know its bullshit really.

No. 84864

Or maybe she just straight up lied about going to a blood drive.

No. 84865

Same lmao. You believe she is cute until she opens her mouth… Then you start to realize she isn't. What a bad attitude! If she had stick to tumblr these threads probably wouldn't exist. Btw how many followers do you think she has? A long time ago she posted a screenshot on tumblr. She had 30 or 50k I can't remember

No. 84866

i saw a screenshot that showed she had 300k that was a while ago so idk about now

No. 84868

I think most of her followers on tumblr are probably dead blogs tbh

No. 84869

I think she lied about that. either 250k of those 300k are dead blogs or its bullshit. Blogs with 300k get like 400 notes on average per ask they answer and tens of thousands on their selfies but around that time ~1k ~2k was the max amount of notes she would get and she was similar in popularity as pastel-cutie who I believe had ~30k or ~50k(?)

No. 84870

How long is she gonna pretend to be in a relationship with Ouji btw? I really wonder lmao. Anyways there is noway this could have worked since he lives in fucking Indonesia. She pretends he "got the meat a long time ago" .. she's saying they had sex lol it's so funny

No. 84871

But I never saw her posting she had 300/400k? I remember it was 30k which is totally possible. She has posts with lots of notes. But it's not really that important

No. 84872


I don't believe Berry. But tbh LDR have a possibility of working, it depends on how much time/energy you have for it. I've been in a LDR for almost 2 years and we're moving in together in a couple of months. Granted we did actually meet each other before.

No. 84873

File: 1429461635081.jpg (62.7 KB, 750x469, image.jpg)

just putting this out here

No. 84874

I've seen it. I remember her bragging about it or something. She had a screenshot with everything blurred but the number ( I'm pretty sure it was the activity feed on Tumblr) and she was like "Thank you for everyone who follows me bla bla bla". That was when the first kawaii gossip blog sprung up and people were like "That's obviously photoshopped" and people were like "YOU CANT PHOTOSHOP THE ACTIVITY FEED!!11!"

No. 84875

File: 1429461717541.jpg (93.26 KB, 748x726, image.jpg)

and I know she's joking here but ugh using Japanese as an accessory AND having it as a language on her blog

No. 84876

Same I've been in a LDR for a couple years and we lives in different countries but those are neighboring countries and we see each other regulary… US & Indonesia are far away + that picture with her "kissing Ouji's neck" was one of her siblings. She would have taken "kawaii perfect anime couple" pictures otherwise.

No. 84877

File: 1429461808309.jpg (48.78 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

I think they were still dating 3 years ago but I'm not sure about their status now since ouji stopped drawing cartoons and talks just like berry while only talking about berry

No. 84878

LOL I remember that! She jokes about that and makes fun of her anons but she does anything to make people believe she's japanese so that doen't even make sense

No. 84879

I don't get why people think Ouji is fake? I believe Ouji is real just he's stupidly in love with Berry or something.

No. 84880

I believe ouji is real. I just don't believe he's with korinne lol

No. 84881

i believe they were together at one point and then he dumped her and now she still lurks on his accounts to make it seem real

No. 84883

I kind of believe he's still with her just most of the time she manipulates his tweets and so on?

No. 84884


Yeah I do believe they were actually dating at one point, when they were both active on Tumblr. But right now, I seriously doubt it. Like, all biased aside, it's strange how he doesn't do anything anymore. At least on tumblr I think he used to talk to people etc and yeah like you said he used to doodle drawings of them both all of the time, why'd he stop? Because he's not with her anymore. I feel like she won't let him go because he's the only guy who actually knows what she looks like and shes too insecure to ever show anyone else(besides that one girl she always tweets to) how she really looks.

No. 84886

but then how can she post a new pic of him without having him to do it by himself? or his latest drawings and so on?

No. 84888

I remember that she posted a rant on tumblr (I can't remember when) where she wrote that she was depressed. It was about her relationship but I can't remember what she wrote it was like 2 years ago. I talked to her because I liked her and being sad was unusual coming from her. They probably broke up at that time.

No. 84889

I haven't seen any new pictures of him? And she probably has some stashed that no one has seen of him. Also if he does post new drawings maybe her sister or herself drew them? her sister is an artist too according to korinne

No. 84890


mine is one of them hahaha

No. 84891

then ouji is completely gone from the internet now? It's kinda impossible to kinda fully ditch internet tho. Or he probably really doesn't go online but he knows that Berry is still using him as her fake bf and just let it go? lol

No. 84892

Yeah this might be true. She probably goes on his accounts and praises herself. He won't say anything because he isn't much of an "internet person" nowadays

No. 84893

No. 84894

But how do they talk if he isn't on the internet all of the time?

No. 84895

I think the latest pics of Ouji that I saw were on Berry's twitter. She's the one posted it I think. so it's probably the old pics of him that she probably still keep.. But as for the drawings, she posted it way back before on line website thingy or something where people can vote ( I can't really remember where) and those drawings kinda seems like it's Ouji's. Not sure if her sister is skilled enough can copy his style tho (it's not that hard to do too).

No. 84896

I like Ouji tbh. He seems like a nice person. At the time he used to post nice photoshoped pictures and took care of his blond hair. He looked good and had a 10k likes fanpage on fb. He started to post "normal looking/avarage pictures" when he got with Berry. She was prob too jealous and mad at his fangirls so asked him to stop looking hot and delete his fanpage. He loved her so he listened to her. 100% sure of this

No. 84897

If berry brags about her talking to Ouji for hours everyday while pooping and so on, I believe that's one of her lies too. I think even Ouji can type in English, I feel like they might have trouble to communicate in English? Idk why I just feel like Ouji won't be able to communicate with berry smoothly in English. I can type in English too but I can't really talk in English fluently since it's not my first language.

No. 84898

Yeah Ouji is a nice person and I feel like he's so different with Berry. He seems sincere on loving Berr y (if he really still does rn). I've followed Berry and Ouji for quite a long time too and it seems that he really does love (or loved) her that he even did something that big for Berry.

No. 84899

On the last thread there were pics of Ouji. He looked SOOOOO short!!! I was shocked because she claimed he was 6'+?! Was it a lie too? Or his friends are gigantic next to him IDK. But indonesians are generally short. Only in cold places people are the tallest

No. 84900

I feel you, anon.
I think they broke up long time ago and she's using him as a fake bf lol because she's so animu and has to have an animu bf and Ouji is perfect for that. If they're still together idk why he doesn't brag about something like 'my bf sent me this video at 9am owww he wanted to say good morning' or shit like this. No new photos, nothing new. I believe he's with another girl and Berry is like an obsessive former girlfriend that wants to live in the past

No. 84901

she doesn't brag about*

No. 84902

.. Inspect element

No. 84903

He isn't an attention seeker or someones who likes to brag, so yeah he is very different from Berry. I have followed him for a long time too. How can she not respect a guy who is so sincere and attentioned? Her attitude on twitter clarly shows she is obsessed with hot boys wheter they are Leonardo or Japanese boys. This is cheap and ridiculous lmao.

No. 84906

I met him before from when he still has a 10k+ fanpage and I admired him, found out he's in jakarta (capital of indonesia) and bumped into him.
When did berry claimed that he's 6'? Cause i've never seen it. If she really did, I'm going to laugh my ass off. He's short, I'd say he's 159 cms max. He even called himself petite. I'd post some photos if you guys want to see it? Then again he was sweet to me years before, so I'd feel guilty if you guys laughed at him haha.

I just want to wake up and she berry for what she really is ugh.

No. 84907

"Don't strive for the body of a model. Strive for the healthiest version of you."
She just retweeted that. Is she serious? She tries to have a perfect body but now it's about being healthy mmmmm…

No. 84908

Him to wake up* ups sorry

No. 84910

Post pics

No. 84911

Post his pictures! lol. I think all of us find him hot and kind and not like berry? haha

No. 84913


she's fake, that's why you can see her being back and forth with her opinions.

No. 84914

yes post pictures!!

No. 84915

No one is going lo laugh at him he has a sweet personality! People who mock other people for being "ugly" or "short" despite their great personality need to be slapped in the face. Here we are ranting about Berry for being a liar it's not the same thing! Idc about her photoshipping what bugs me is her tweets. Does she realize how delusional she is?

No. 84918

File: 1429463729418.jpg (146.8 KB, 750x886, image.jpg)

i remember her saying ouji was 6 feet but i can't remember where, she probably deleted it but I found a tweet where she is again, implying things

No. 84919

Not sure she is talking about him. This bitch ain't loyal!
Staight from her mouth:
"follows cute japanese boys :3"
"I want a japanese husbando"

No. 84920

Normal Japanese guys probably don't want to be with her either. "Hentai"/"otaku" japanese guys will be racing for her. You know how she always shows her big animu boobs, her petite animu body, her animu face and how she freely talks about ochinchin (Penis in japanese) on her twitter.

No. 84922

File: 1429464088719.png (539.22 KB, 665x1067, IMG_20150420_1.png)

I can only post this one, the others are on my computer so I'll post tomorrow!
Mind you this pic is 4 years old. Took this from his rl friend's ig.
He was a real sweetheart back then, even when he has 10k+ he was never conceited like berry. He talked to a lot of his 'fans' including me too, and then berry threw a tantrum and you guys know the rest..

No. 84923

yeah he stopped posting his art/berry art back in january in twitter so idk what happened to him

No. 84925

If you can still meet him, can you ask if he can come on and give is Berry deets? Or ask if they're still dating to clear shit up?

No. 84927


omg he's so cute!!!! lol. he looks like Yamada Ryousuke a lil bit from front! He looks manly tho now. Berry sure was lucky to have him lol. Sad how someone as kind as Ouji ended up with a girl like Berry. If only Berry has a nicer personality I wouldn't even be here LOL

No. 84928

I wanted to add that he's also good with photoshop but unlike berry he didn't try to hide the truth. From my perspective, i think berry is kind of embarassed of him bc he's um short? Hence explains why he always took picture of the same part/angle too. She wants people to believe she has this "gorgeously handsome" bf.

I reckon the line website thingy was webtoon? The tittle was "the daily lives of ouji and berry"

he always drew for her for their monthsary haha and in return she'd always say "omg i forgot im such a bad gf" everytime lolol i feel so bad for him

No. 84929

he's so cute! lmaoo
and samee. If Ouji is a really nice person plus he's attractive i'd have a lot of respect for him and wouldn't be an obnoxious lying betch online being a catfish

No. 84930

Awww poor Ouji. He deserves better tbh. Hopefully they're not together anymore and he's with someone better.

No. 84933


I think Berry is kinda embarrassed of him tbh, because like most people think here it doesn't seem like Ouji is rich so she probably ashamed of that too. You know she probably wants her BF to be perfect like her "handsome, cute, RICH, smart" and so on. Yup the line website thingy was webtoon. When did he posted that? Are those really Ouji's drawings? Then they probably still together during that time too? LOL berry just pretending to forget stuffs when she's the one probably remember very well.

No. 84936

If shes still with ouji she would leave him in a heart beat for a rich and attractive korean or japanese lol. She would love to brag about having an animu bf or a kpop stah…

No. 84937


LOL how can she get a rich and attractive Korean/Japanese boyfriend tho? You know she can't speak Japanese or Korean right? Japanese people might find her cute but most Japanese won't date foreigners if they don't know how to speak English or the foreigners can't speak Japanese. I don't know about Korean tho as I have Japanese friends and I can speak Japanese I know most of them won't date a foreigner who can't speak Japanese well and who talks about ochinchin (penis) so freely unless the japanese guy is a hentai/otaku they might be fine tho

No. 84941


I don't think I can meet him anymore since he's back in his hometown (garut). I do know some of his friends tho. I tried digging for informations but couldn't get my hands on the dirt lol. Hmm he doesn't let the cat out of the bag when it comes to berry I think.


Ya thats what I think!! I'm sorry but judging from the bg of his photos, you can clearly see that he falls on middle to lower class category. I used to think they broke up too because she stopped mentioning him b4, but now i think she's embarassed of him haha which is sad..
Yes its his real drawings, I forgot when but I can check the site if you want to know? They're still together up to this day hmm.. I get why you guys refused to believe that they're still together since ouji's all about berry nowadays. Then again he deleted a 10k+ fanpage for her, he's just stupidly in love. Plus I've been stalking him ever since you guys mentioned this, and from what I get they're still dating each other.

No. 84943


Same lol which is why I'm here!! He deserves better imo :'(

No. 84946

File: 1429465946059.jpg (56.79 KB, 297x347, 19.51.12.png.jpg)

slave? well I guess that's accurate lol

No. 84947

?? which one is he

No. 84951


NOPE! I'm honestly still they're still together and it's just Ouji is stupidly in love with her LOL.. Other people think like that (that they already broke up) but I strongly believe they are still together just Ouji let Berry handle his twitter mostly and let Berry does whatever she likes. LOL I agree with you.

No. 84953

the middle one with long hair. Can't you recognize his cute face? LMAO jk

No. 84957

I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't find him cute. He looks like one of those guys who do gay porn on one of those asian fetishy websites lol

No. 84959

File: 1429466669147.png (124.18 KB, 671x818, IMG_20150420_2.png)

Just gonna add this one here, maybe can be useful for you guys!
The picture was of him and his friend and people were commenting that his friend is taller than him, in which he responds with "yeah I'm petite".

No. 84960


I'm pretty sure she lief about having sex. Can somebody remember (it was like 2 -3 years ago) when on tumblr she answered a question with : " I'm not a virgin berry anymore " as a april joke and her followers went nuts ? Afterwards she made a post on fb saying how crazy everybody became after her april joke. So she didin't meet Ouji since 5 (?) years and she told people she was a virgin 3 years ago. lol sry but I don't think Ouji ever got the meat haha

No. 84961

File: 1429466991308.jpg (77.23 KB, 603x527, 19047_1223381312405_6294508_n.…)

Welp I think he's cute lol :^)

No. 84964

I bet she typed "Pinkmiruku's slave" herself. So she can make herself look like a princess once again

No. 84966


Duuh why are you guys still wondering if they ever meet each other? They never met each other period haha.
Also why nobody noticed that in the monthsary pictures he drew for her, ouji sometimes put "i wonder how she (berry) will react to me irl" or anything else that implies he hadn't meet her irl?

No. 84967


She definitely bluffing like she always does. No surprise anymore. What is this Berry, I'm boring. Entertain me more. What else you can bluff about Berry?

No. 84971

Awww yes he's really cute!!! But cute like a cute boy I mean! I wouldn't date him since I'd feel like a pedo. I like more mature guys. They would be a cute couple if she wasn't a bitch tbh

No. 84975

Wtf is he wearing on the left? A hat with a hole cut out at the top?

No. 84976

My assumptions for you guys
1. Berry & Ouji is probably still in a relationship but Ouji doesn't go online often and he kinda lets Berry does everything she wants.
2. Due to Ouji letting Berry does everything she wants, Berry is the one who wrote most stuffs on Ouji's twitter.
3. Ouji & Berry have never met each other. Ouji doesn't seem rich and there's no bragging on Berry's part of her going to Indonesia to meet Ouji.
4. Since they never met, there's no way they had sex. Bro how can you have sex from the internet.
5. Berry's a liar, so remember that most from her are lies. She implied that she met ouji before (on her pic with her family member and she tried to make people assuming that guy is Ouji).

No. 84979

Guys I have some pics of ouji
, I can post them if somebody wants to see them ( I also have 2 videos )

No. 84981

Why do you guys ask. Just post it.

No. 84982

after that can we move on from ouji tho, i wanna hear more about berry :^) she's been such a great entertainment

No. 84983


IKR lolol. Why bother asking

No. 84984

I dont want to spam so I ask people at first but ill post them in a sec

No. 84989

File: 1429468194206.jpg (44.98 KB, 577x516, 208232_1667969306827_587165_n.…)

No. 84991

File: 1429468238250.jpg (105.46 KB, 641x480, 39841_1367380272289_4533391_n.…)


No. 84992

File: 1429468259798.jpg (95.1 KB, 539x604, 17447_1180636283806_1485338_n.…)

No. 84993

File: 1429468297575.jpg (147.65 KB, 960x720, 425547_1851541666030_179167526…)

No. 84994

File: 1429468343618.jpg (61.07 KB, 640x480, 38947_1367375112160_3914738_n.…)

he is so small aw

No. 84996

File: 1429468396778.jpg (45.64 KB, 640x480, 40799_1367367231963_2398607_n.…)

No. 84999

well although he's not active online, it's obvious he actually has a life unlike berry LOL

No. 85001

lol Berry tries hard to look small when her bf can look small effortlessly.

No. 85002

Those are from 2010 right? I think he lives like a hermit now

No. 85005

Awwwww what a cutie! Can I be his mom? hahaha. Yeah he looks like he a bit obsessed with Japanese culture tooa so he's prob obsessed with Berry because she looks like one. The fact that he is so small may block popularity.. That's why he might still be with berry. I mean if he was the tall and hot type he would have moved on a long time ago and dated other girls IRL.

No. 85006

Wouldn't it be funny if he turns out gay?

No. 85008


video of ouji and his friends

No. 85009

* like one (I wanted to type anime but I forgot)
Mmmm when Berry wrote "When bae is over 6 feet" on twitter I'M SURE it is so make Ouji feel bad rather than to lie to her followers. Even if it was for the sake of lying it still hurts. What a bitch!

No. 85010


another video of ouji performing in STTG university

No. 85012

that video looks old as hell lol he could be a hermit now. I mean just because you had a life 5 years ago doesn't mean you still have one. Ouji sounds like a 5 year old

No. 85013

Not only does he look like a little boy but he also sounds like a little boy!! Too cute!! How tall is Berry? 5'3 / 5'5 / 5' ??? I'm confused.

No. 85017

I wonder how she feels about being chubbier than her bf, kek.

No. 85023

is that really berry's voice???

No. 85024

No. 85025

I dont hear anything.

No. 85028

i think he's quite chubby, although it may be just his height. and omgomg i find him so cute. he's pale (esp for an indonesian) & his orange crispy bleach blond hair is so <3. even though i'm 175cm i would totally date him even if he is berry's sloppy seconds xD

No. 85033

I remember when she posted that and I sent her an ask asking if she pitched it higher. She said she didn't, but it's obvious that she did to sound "cuter" and "squeakier". I think her, just pitched. Maybe someone can pitch it a little lower to its "true form"?

No. 85034

Why do I find that it sounds like it was pitched up higher so it can sound desu desu?

No. 85036

Why can't I hear anything lol

No. 85037


too bad you can't hear princess berry moe moe kawaii af voice LOOLOL jk

No. 85042

somebody record it lol

No. 85043


I guess I had to press play on the dashboard, I can hear it now. lol she sounds like momo..

No. 85045

i dont think its actually pitched up, she's just trying really hard to put on a kawaii loli voice

No. 85046

Even if it wasn't pitched higher she still sang higher to make it seem like it was her natural voice as it was very quiet xD

No. 85051

Eh I disagree. It has that "nasally" sound to it which is common when songs/audios are pitched up.

No. 85054

I downloaded it with the xkit extension haha


No. 85062

Berry might be jealous of my voice because my voice sounds like her pitched up voice without even trying. BRO why you even want to have this kind of pitched up voice. I don't like my voice, it sounds annoying to me and people around me if they just met me they always joke about my voice by making their voice higher too when they talk to me. OTL

No. 85063


Korinne does sound a bit like a toddler. Or a moe harem cast member. Sorry, anon, I'm sure you're lovely irl…

No. 85064

Where can I subscribe to your personal blog?

No. 85068

crying inside lol. I do sound like a toddler too.. . My bro sometimes make fun of my voice too. But the only good thing, my japanese friends like my voice lol.. You know how japanese have a thing with small kid-like voice OTL. That's probably Berry wants to have this kind of voice too.

LOL WHY. I refuse to give my personal information here haha

No. 85073

She is faking her voice to look cute it's fucking obvious. I have a naturally really deep voice (and I'm proud of it) but I can REALLY easily pitch my voice like in Berry's singing or in animes. I really hate this type of childish voices tbh. When I do it it's too mock anime… Rlly who has this voice beinh 20 y.o. Its sounds ridiculous. When she's 30 will she continue pretending having this voice? LMAO REALLY

No. 85079

You're an idiot. You're being mocked. No1curr about your shitty voice and Berry "probably being jealous of it".
This isn't your blog so don't treat it like it is.

No. 85080


I have that kind of voice tho. I'm turning 20 this year T___T I don't really like my voice too tbh and people around me do mock my voice when they just met me sometimes. I feel like I've been having the same voice since I'm a kid OTL..

No. 85083

Oh sorry for being an idiot. I'm sorry again for treating it like "my blog". I was just having fun from chatting with people here thinking they're actually nice but I'm actually wrong it seems.

No. 85088

Omg that anon was rude. O:

No. 85090

Gurl you started talking about yourself and how Berry is probably jealous of you. This is a thread about BERRY, not you. Don't start whining abloobloobloo you're such a meanie :'( when someone calls you out for being dumb. Have some common sense to know these threads are not about you.

No. 85091

y'all need to calm down LOL honestly some of the people here have their undies in a twist

No. 85094

I'm not even whining? LOL. I don't even say you're such a meanie. LOL. For crying out loud, I was apologizing instead of whining.

No. 85098

Wow you really need to chill the fuck out. You're being rude aren't you?

No. 85100

File: 1429471874796.jpg (89.68 KB, 523x720, 6ABBI.jpg)

>LOL WHY. I refuse to give my personal information here haha


No. 85101

Kid, stop while you're ahead. You seem way too emotionally immature to be here.
And you can stop samefagging anytime, it's incredibly easy to spot on a board as slow as this.

No. 85102


I think there are sick aspects of every culture, esp when it comes to expectations of women. But yes, there is a high premium placed on young girls, purity, innocence etc. in Asia lol

No. 85103

Guys don't fight this is getting ridiculous

No. 85104


That anon was probably joking about Berry is probably joking of her. Why you gotta be so rude? Take a chill pill will ya?

No. 85106

lol you're the one who seem emotionally immature here. that anon is fine to me tho

No. 85107

Lol can we just drop this argument and listen to this instead :

No. 85111


Can you stop posting so much? It's so obviously the one person. Keep it to one post, you don't need to pretend there's all these posts when there is probably like 4 people itt rn.
Maybe next time don't humblebrag newfag. Lurk a little bit more before you post.

No. 85115

Shut the fuck up talking about yourself, lets talk about Berry since that's what people actually are interested discussing in here
Now lets get back on topic

No. 85117

Her voice is actually pretty cute.

No. 85118

Lol whatever. Please keep posting about your queen berry here because we're not talking about her here. The thirst for her is too strong so pls don't stop

No. 85119

WOOOOOOOOOO she's faking it

No. 85120

I keep repeating her voice now lol

No. 85121

You have a deep voice? really? nobody currs. this is all about Berry. Queen Berry.

No. 85122

Kotakoti and venusangelic also fake their voices as hell to sound "kawaii". Berry is exactly like them

No. 85124

sounds like something berry would say
"OMG my voice is so naturally anime and naturally high and boys love it!!! I mean people always look at me and give me heart eyes cuz I was born with my anime voice!! wow but why would you want it I hate it!!!!"
if you phrased it better and used it to aid in your argument rather than to make it all about you and make it seem like you're expecting praise I think no one would give you shit for it

No. 85126

Right? The irony being she was picking on Berry while at the same time sounding the exact same as her, haha

No. 85128


Anything for Berry to live up to her image of kawaii anime girl

No. 85133

I don't even expect for a praise from all anons website here. What do I get for a praise from here when I don't even know people from here? I just want to point out that she probably pitched up her voice to sound like anime since japanese people like it. I just wanted to express my depression for being mocked for having small voice. I honestly didn't even try to bring attention to me or make this thread about me. If I've offended people here, I'm truly sorry. Even you guys don't know me and I don't know you guys too, if I've did something bad, I'm honestly really sorry. I might be emotional like someone above mentioned so yes here I'm apologizing. With my apologize, I hope this stop right here and you guys will continue talk about Berry again. I've been here for awhile so I guess I'll take my leave now. Sorry once again. Please END it here

No. 85135

Mmmm gurl I know nobody cares thx. The point was to say EVEN if you have a really deep voice you can easily sing/talk with a childish/anime voice. Anybody can fake voice to look cute and that's what she's doing. Her real voice obv doesn't sound like what she posted.. It's similar to her lying about her height so it makes her even cuter

No. 85138

she has a normal sounding voice– it's pretty easy to romanticize someone's voice online when you don't see them talk through a vid or irl. Idk some of ya'll just gotta calm down

No. 85142

Holy shit she keeps changing the key of the goddamn song (aka: she's off-tune). She really is trying to sound moe-kawaii-desuuuu~

cause being off-key is SOOO KAWAIIIIII~! (sarcasm intended)

No. 85144

She's denpa or whatever that shit is called

No. 85151

File: 1429473352669.jpg (55.99 KB, 480x640, 40615_1418603153321_7725307_n.…)


No. 85152

Oh my god just stop, if you want people to drop it so badly then stop replying you idiot

No. 85154


No. 85155

what if we go back to berry?

No. 85156

That wasn't the same anon. If you're smart enough, you could tell. You should stop too .

No. 85157

File: 1429473536850.png (18.76 KB, 594x146, x.png)

So they gonna talk to eachother with these kind of voices? It's awkward to think about it

No. 85160

Once again I don't believe her lol

No. 85161

holy shit her singing is awful

No. 85162

why does she have to tweet everything she's gonna do… it's like early 2000's facebook all over again

No. 85164

Is it only me or she has been tweeting a lot since her threads exists?

No. 85165

File: 1429473768612.jpg (35.49 KB, 400x301, 941e5f9a297bf21571357655a19c70…)


No. 85166

LMAO you killed me. But yeah I was thinking about the same thing. She spends her entire days tweeting about every detail of her miserable life

No. 85170

Her talking voice and her singing voice so different @-@

No. 85173

Thats why i dont really get twitter.. like I have one but do you just tweet about what you're doing..? How can someone tweet about the same shit every 5 seconds

No. 85174

Stop what? Wanting to actually get back on topic? God forbid.
On that note, CAN we? This voice shit is irritating

Because she has no other outlet, it's so obvious and sad. She has no friends and no life and twitter is how she occupies her time. I used to do the same thing when I was NEET so I can tell you if she was actually busy doing things she wouldn't have time for twitter the way she seems to. In a way I feel a bit bad for her but she tweets such bratty things all my sympathy goes out the window.

No. 85179

STOP FUCKING FIGHTING. Stop fucking pretending you want to get back on the topic when you're the one who keep talking about wanting to get back on topic. I've been talking about her voice since awhile ago but you keep going back talking to that anon. God dammit.

No. 85180

She does look like she has no life. That's why she tweets often.

No. 85182

True and that yeah part at the end of her talking clip was clearly edited

No. 85183


B: "konnichiwa hubby kun !"

O:"Your voice is so kawaii desuuuu Berry Chan !"
B:" Uggu B-but hubby kun !"

O:"Berry Chan Ai-Aishiteru!"

B"Hubby - kun we- we can't !"

O:"B-Berry chan ?! Nandeyo ??!

B:"Hubby kun ur not rich and over 6 feet tall ! How can we be a kawaii desuu ne couple ? Gomenasai Hubby kun !"

O:" Berry Chan..! It's..It's Okay… , we should break up.."

B:"Hai , Hubby kun , but there's a last wish Berry chan has !"

O:"Yes Berry Chan ?"

B:"Gimme all yo accounts so I can pretend to have a japanese style boyuferendo !"

O: "O-Okay Berry Chan.."

No. 85186


SO ACCURATE slow claps

No. 85188

What the fuck are you talking about? Just stop, re-read your post because you are doing the exact same thing. This >>85152 was my only reply to that anon because they wouldn't fucking stop. Now if you could kindly take your own advice and shut the fuck up, we could have a conversation instead of ONCE AGAIN going back to this stupid bullshit. So stop fucking replying, there is nothing to discuss.

Yeah, what a lonely existence. That's why I feel sort of bad for her in a way. Although I've noticed a lot of internet famous people have these kinds of lifestyles. Probably why they are internet famous, they have the time/energy to invest in the internet?

No. 85189

Oh my god LOL. This cracked me up. That's probably how it all went down.

No. 85193

my fucking sides

No. 85196

Am I the only one who feels like Berry is actually lurking around the threads and possible leave comments too? You know haters actually do help Berry in some way too. People say negative publicity is still publicity. We hating and talking about her here actually does bring her profits somehow (ex we stalked her blog, every page views on her blog actually is precious because that's what bring her sponsors and all). Just sayin'

No. 85199


i tried to match the pitch to the original song but her singing is a mess in both tempo and key and now im laughing

No. 85200

I listened to it a few seconds then I was like "what why there is no voice" so I turned up my volume to max with my earphone on then BAMMM there goes my ears. R.I.P ears. Those off keys and mess tho LOL.

No. 85201

Try to pitch it down too?

No. 85203

i pitched it down if you listen to the original file it's a key down, it matches the song in the beginning but the end is the shit lol

No. 85209

yes berry, people calling you out on your bullshit will up your pageviews and get you more shitty taobao reseller sponsors that sell the same knockoff merch you can get in any chinatown for a fraction of the price. how nice of them to "help" you.

No. 85219

ok I never come to this thread, but I think she looks uber cute

you're all just jelly basically

No. 85221

^ You must be new here my friend. I was the same about two weeks ago

No. 85223

Whiteknights never have a Hood comeback for da "haterz"… all they say is that "u jelly"

No. 85224


No. 85225

I had a feeling from listening to her post, the tempo is fucking terrible. How do you feel like that's something to proudly post?

No. 85228

im so jelly of berry and her fake life and fake everything LOL
go away idiot

No. 85233

oh yeah def jelly of her photoshopped to hell and back face and fake rich house and cartier bracelets oooh man if only i was her! I wish fedora wearing creeps and otakus praised meeee~ lmfao NOT.

No. 85241

yes omg thank you so much for making me realize I'm jelly of her living in a rundown house while feeding off of attention from 40 year old men on the Internet
I'm so jelly that she never leaves her house while I have a social life omg whyyyy I wish I was a hermit!!!'
soooooo jelly that she uses her brother to pretend to be her boyfriend in photos man why do I have a real boyfriend I should just use my 12 year old brother to pose with me
thank you so much anon for letting me find the reason of why I am so jelly of her

No. 85248

the sarcasm is so strong lmfao you guys are so funny. People need to read the thread before making dumb comments

No. 85278

you guys are just jelly that she's famous for the fake life she's living. You guys can't be that fake and that famous, that's why you guys are jelly.

No. 85283


No. 85285

The bait in this thread is fucking delicious.

No. 85290

She's singing in e Major while the original key of this song is f Major (ak: She's FLAT)

What the ever living hell, and I agree with >>85203, she's going on her tempo too (she's out oh rhythm!!!)

Ikr? She's not even trying lol

No. 85299

and i tried to fix the tempo too, the original file is much slower

No. 85301

File: 1429480410521.jpg (10.02 KB, 275x178, 1427911566386.jpg)

No. 85302

U feel dis jelly jealousy

No. 85314

File: 1429481251852.jpg (31.64 KB, 502x328, jj.JPG)

No. 85315

Berry says she isn't good at singing. I don't like her at all, but I'm starting to agree with the white knights in that a lot of you are desperately picking on stupid stuff. That is old too, so imagine how immature and young she was when she posted it..

That being said, I think we should milk this cow for a new audio recording which proves she really has a cutesy high pitched voice. Inb4 talking about satan and her diarrhea farts.

I'm actually quite interested in her tagalog and her japanese. The former sounds awkward. I'm far from fluent, but I don't think she is fluent as she claims to be

No. 85316

She's not even that famous you say it like she's some sort of celeb or something. o-o

No. 85320

I mean we all have a favourite celebrity and we don't hate on them because they're famous or some dumb shit like that.I'm smhing so hard right now.

No. 85327

she posted a back month or two that she was gonna upload a thing of her singing or something (?) but that never happened.
Also she said she replies back with her voice on LINE app if you did the same to her [this was back when she just started on her LINE acc]

No. 85341

the issue here wasn't really her bad singing but the way she pitched up her voice to sound more "kawaii"

No. 85363

File: 1429484415414.jpg (54.69 KB, 538x527, IMG_20150419_185658.jpg)

Anyone know the name of these cameras she uses?

No. 85371

The black one is a Fujifilm FinePix S9400W, cheap shit you get for about $190.

No. 85373

I think she mentioned on her Twitter that her white camera is the Sony NEX-3N. It looks like this one in the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-NEX-3NL-Compact-Interchangeable-Digital/dp/B00BF9MUAS

But I could be wrong.

No. 85378

im assuming she takes her pictures with these?

No. 85395

File: 1429485713327.png (57.95 KB, 642x373, smh.PNG)

More like she's trying to get more people on her side because the truth about her is spilling out everywhere.

No. 85402

>>youve been sweeter than usual lately

lol sad when ever your own fans can see it

No. 85403


No. 85422

I still think ouji and korinne aren't together anymore..just what it seems like to me

No. 85423

tbh ouji is too good for berry. he's attractive, and he seems popular so I would think he could have anyone he wants..it makes me wonder if maybe he has another girlfriend in real life aside from her. it's believable

No. 85424

Not especially. He is very cute but I you have followed the thread, you can see he's also very small and has a baby voice.. he's got a nice face but he's not manly. So I think he might only attract young girls, but not women. Exept if they look as young as him

No. 85430

^^^ that's what i mean. a lot of girls like the "baby faced" guys so I can imagine a bunch of girls squealing over him lol. personally I wouldn't go for him but that's just me

No. 85431

LOL I just thought about something. Since Berry is obviously taller than Ouji when they stand next to each other they'll probably look like brother and sister.

No. 85442

Wylo is always taller than her boyfriends (and gf too btw) but she doesn't mind. Berry in counterpart would be embarassed I'm 10000% certain about this

No. 85448

File: 1429494043115.png (104.5 KB, 720x779, Screenshot_2015-04-19-21-36-58…)

We disected pigs and other animals in highschool biology and no shit anatomy's a lot of memorization ._.

No. 85463

File: 1429495473306.png (27.46 KB, 592x151, smh2.PNG)

Hmm..Korinne, what happened to the thigh gaps in your pictures though?

No. 85464

File: 1429495880235.jpg (49.81 KB, 750x403, image.jpg)

hi berry

No. 85469

she def lurks the thread lmfaoo too funny. And since she reads them here's a tip, berry: Grow the fk up and stop lying and stop posting misleading things– maybe threads about u will stop popping up

No. 85470

is she not gonna be active because she's graduating out of highschool and will most likely try to get a life outside the internet? 👏🏼👏🏼

No. 85472

File: 1429497128324.jpg (385.95 KB, 500x816, tumblr_nbwqvrnTgP1r3wd4to1_128…)

chubby unphotoshoped legs kek

No. 85473

Not sure if troll or Totemokawaii.

No. 85479

I kek'd

No. 85491

just realized messed up her shadows are

No. 85508

File: 1429500878242.jpg (9.73 KB, 183x275, 1427780496639.jpg)

Berry be like "Ariana looks like a child trying to be sexy"

No. 85510

wheresz her stomach

No. 85535


No. 85538

Can someome un-shoop this?

The knees look like they belong to a chunky girl and so does the top half of the pic, minus how the soulders are made closer together.

No. 85540

this photo reminds me of quirky squishing her head down to hide her fat neck and trying to show off her cleavage. berry doesn't even have collarbones, how fucking chubby is she? like most average-chunky people have a bit of noticeable collarbone

No. 85564

Lol she's a sad saggy pair of tits and a baby head with lip injections.

No. 85625

I feel like this is Totemokawaii. Turning 20 this year (she is about that age), has a brother, admits to faking a higher pitched voice, comparing herself to online kawaii girls despite no one asking.

No. 85647

i think so too. writing style is too consistent and has her exact tone. btw totemo GTFO evem berry wouldnt be jelly of ur 'all natural' kawaii voice

No. 85654

File: 1429535806731.png (354.94 KB, 454x335, what.png)

i might be wrong, but her left arm looks really fat. shouldn't the sleeve be baggy on there, if it were THAT large?

No. 85656

can someone confirm, whether the red area on her right knee is a result of skinny-shooping or just a scar?

No. 85684

It really looks like a scar to me. Regular childhood falling off your bike kind of scar

No. 85708

Does anyone remember berry saying that she is going to japan in 2015? I think it was some time around 2014, she was getting a lot of japanese followers and catering to them. She said that her mom approved of her going to japan. What hapenned to that? :/

No. 85715

the only tweet i found was one where she says 'im going to japan with my father we're going to see oppai' but im pretty sure that's not serious lol

No. 85717

I think she said she was going when she goes to the Philippines

No. 85719

prob bullshit. She even said she was gonna be an exchange student to a japanese high school (even though she's in college??) early last year

No. 85721


From what I remember (I have pretty good memory) she said she's going to japan to study and not for holiday. Another BS I guess.

No. 85739

File: 1429551085848.jpg (45.75 KB, 658x1024, CDDMlVcUMAIQDag.jpg large.jpg)

would ouji really talk like this

No. 85740


Bullshit. She can't even speak Japanese properly how can she go there to study. So much BS.

No. 85742

Serious question. Why do asians always get away with being huge weaboos?

No. 85745

Because deep down inside most people even asians dont think there is a difference.
A chinese or a filipino can get away with being a weeaboo since everyone honestly thinks theyre all the same thing anyway.

Since berry is pale and look east asian she gets a weeb pass.

No. 85748

tbh i could never imagine reading hentai with my bf

No. 85750

People usually date those who are similar to them. If ouji and berry are still together im sure they have similar interests and are on the same level of stupid….if not they wouldnt have lasted this long.

No. 85789

"dou" ….. hmm….
i've been chatting with berry on facebook since she went on the adding a bunch of people spree, and she uses "doe" a lot.

No. 85793

Are u trying to get close to her so u can see how she looks on cam?
If youre a pretty asian girl it shouldnt be hard

No. 85804

dont give too much info, she lurks here

No. 85818

It sounds like shes talking to herself lol she always uses 'dou'

No. 85820


P sure her bf prefers wanking of to cute anime girls instead of her

No. 85835

Her story is probably still complete bs, but some programs let you go on exchange to a Japanese highschool as long as you are under 20.

No. 85837

*turn 20 on the trip, rather. Oops.

No. 85841

I laughed too when I saw that.. Total irony. She looks 6 in this pic it's so uncomfortable to look at. Looks like a Japanese sex doll made for pedos… But wait, maybe it is what she tried to look like LMAO

No. 85846

fuuck you're right, i deleted my comment now haha

No. 85847

GOOD QUESTION. I hate how asians (I'm asian myself btw) always criticize white people/other non-asian people for being weebs ans koreaboos BUT honestly they're soooo much WORSE most of the time. But they will give you the excuse that they're asian so they aren't fetishizing themselves. Korrine fetishization of Japanese people is fucking gross. But because "she looks like anime" rather than someone who's yellow-facing, ppl will let her go. Does this retard realize that most Japanese ppl will laugh at her for being such a weeb? People think this it's flattering but it's gross as hell… Otaku has a negative connotation is Japan.

Seriously I'm fed up. It's like asian girls always talking about kpop and their oppas but as soon as a non-asian girls does it suddenly it's not ok… mmmmmmm

No. 85851

WELL sorry for saying this but Ouji looks fucking childish. From the videos posted he looks 6 years old too… + I checked his twitter today and if he REALLY types like that but is 20+ there is some serious problem.. I was like : "omfg is this real" So yeah they might be a real couple but then there's nothing to be envious cuz they both look like retarted weebs.
I mean, a boy who types like that is such a turn off

No. 85856

Hahaha ikr. He retweets busty anime girls.. Gross! I wonder how Berry feels about it? But OK she's no better. The two of them have fantasies of Japanese ppl, yet they aren't Japanese. I feel sad for em

No. 85857

ughhh i know right. i'm white and i used to in my early teens wear those big hipster "kawaii desu" glasses, and some thai girls who were ultimate weeaboos said i was wannabe japanese… :')

No. 85863

Ppl who want to go out with Japanese ppl juste because they're obsessed with anime culture are disgusting. Isn't it Berry? Do you realize you are being a fetishist? My bf is Japanese and i don't give a fuck about anime or kawaii crap. I love him because I love him, not because he's Japanese.

No. 85868

Cool story bro

No. 85874

I feel like people on this thread have no more life than Berry :/ Why u guys won't leave her alone? Like seriously… who the hell cares about her and her lies. The amount of liars on the planete is huge. U gonna make a thread and hate on every single one of them?

No. 85876

I bet even unshopped Berry look cuter than you all haters

No. 85878

I have a job but im amused by this girl

No. 85884


No. 85885

And what does that prove? Who cares if she's "cuter" than us? Bitch please, us "haters" are cute af.
how long did it take you to type and post this message? Under a minute? Yo same girl. I barely spent a minute typing this up. I'm a college student, so yeah, I do have a life. Honestly, how long does it take Berry to type up and keep up all her lies? Probably not long because you dumb fucks believe her, lol.

No. 85889

Everytime someone says af or yo i think of berry.
U guys are starting to pick up her mannerisms….lord help us.

No. 85891

But if you all were confident and happy then why would you spend your time hating on a girl that has no impact on your lives?

No. 85893

Oh look, it's this argument for the thousandth time. Everyone enjoys gossip, face it.

No. 85894

oh no sorry, lol. I've been saying "af" before I even knew about her.
ain't no one hating, just us realizing her bullshit and discussing it. it's just sad that people "look up" to her especially when she's fake and a compulsive liar. she may not have an impact on our lives, but her lies impact those who look up to her because they actually believe her dumb lies.

No. 85900


Loo are we supposed to ignore other people completly just because they have nothing to do with our lifes ?
If this was a fan blog no one would have said anything but because we are pointing out her shitty lies stupid fans start whiteknighting.

Lol read the threads before you commment.

No. 85902

Hi guys, I'm a newbie discovering all her lies…
Can someone show me her real house and the house she pretented to live in? I still can't believe all this shit I've been following her for years WOW I'm disappointed :(

No. 85903

Hmmm you guys are right. I didn't even read before commenting. I'm gonna read the thread. I came here because the link was given to me so I came to defend her.. But I also used to be a fan of Kotatoki and Wylona before going on encyclopedia dramatica so I will give this thread a chance I guess

No. 85905

Check the other threads of her and find out for yourself.

> inb4 "wah I have a life I don't have time for this"

No. 85907

I don't even know how to use lolcow and check other threads. Like I said I'm new. I guess your personnality isn't better than hers if you ain't gonna post a fucking link for the sake of helping me. Just like she won't give the names of her lenses and shit. yall the same tbh

No. 85909

literally google berry tsukasa lolcow, it'll take you to one of the first threads.
Holy shit how fast you change to attacking us again.

No. 85910

shut the fuck up you big baby lmao

No. 85911

Wow, you mad.
There's a big difference between Berry withholding information to make herself look better and anon not wanting doing the legwork for you because you don't want to engage your brain.

No. 85912

is she seriously sending her pollos to this lolcow thread? nice try berry, only more of them will find out about your lies

No. 85913


Just Google Berry Tsukasa lolcow or visit this truth blog :

No. 85917

In the op under berrys picture there is a link that says last thread, the other threads have this link as well.

Here is the link

No. 85925

is she actually filipino and hiding it? she looks filipino to me.. a lot more like my family members then my japanese friends. her old pictures… she looks so dark and has the typical round nose common in most filipinos

No. 85926

Yeah she's really dark.

No. 85930

I've been using af way before berry. I picked it up because some of my friends type like er "ghetto" not to offend anybody btw

woa chill lol theres a lot of info in each thread, it's easier to just tell you to go to them instead of linking each information. there are people telling you, we're not trying to hide the information from you lol?

people who pull the "you guys have no life" shit on us are hilarious tbh.

i'm a college student as well and i find berry to be amusing (not the i look up to her amusing). not everyone has something planned the entire day and it only takes a few minutes to read what people are saying. which i happen to agree on most of them. plus, if anyone here without a life it's berry tbh lolol. if she has the time to game, sleep, be a hermit, lie to all her loyal fans/followers, photoshop (mind you photoshopping photos and videos take some time too) and on top of being on the internet more than half the day while being a "medical college student" then that rests my case really. majoring in the medical field is no joke

No. 85932

using af isn't an uncommon thing, along with tf. no one is picking up on her mannerisms as it's a common way to type? but okay.

No. 85940

rich girls ootd

No. 85956

File: 1429570201862.png (521.87 KB, 540x960, 1426884140455.png)

I unfollowed her after seeing this. She was supposed to make a review of the damn ouftit not showing her boobs. You can barely see how the ouftit looks like lmfao

No. 85959

>> 85925

I don't think she's hiding the fact that she's Filipino. She's stated a few times on Twitter that's she's Filipino mixed with "Chinese and Spanish." She also sometimes tweets in tagalog to some other people.

No. 85968

more like sponsor ootd lmaoo

No. 85971

honestly why does she try so hard to show her boobs lol its so obvious she pulled the dress/shirt down jeesus. tbh this pic reminds me of those cam girls LOL i cant imagine someone like her to go into the medical field

No. 85983

File: 1429572199712.png (358.34 KB, 805x866, 1422935434997.png)

Where is "Ouji's" arm… Look, on the left it would normally be rounded if he had shoulders. I think it's a mannequin. Not one of her siblings.

No. 85987

Yeah it's a mannequin. Who has shoulders like this? Plus, notice she has a wig and cat ears on. You don't dress like this the 1st time you meet your boyfriend am I wrong?

No. 85989

the arm is covered by her wig ^^^ it's definitely one of her siblings. I'm pretty sure that's her sister in a wig because that would be even more gross than it already is if it was her brother..

No. 85992

File: 1429572478790.png (494.37 KB, 805x866, 1422935434997.png)


No. 85996

Imagine the moment she took the picture lmao. It's fucking embarassing to think about it

No. 85997

No. 85999

idk why she'd even take this pic in the first place smh

No. 86010

How can ouji deal with all the second hand embarrassment..imagine her trying to plan all this shit out for her Twitter followers, then tells ouji about what she's gonna do..how did he deal w this thing

No. 86012

File: 1429573536886.png (771.6 KB, 847x768, 1429220857350.png)

When did she pretend to live in the house on the left? Did she post a picture of it?

No. 86013

yes. I remember she posted a picture of the house doing what she does best and implying that it was her house

No. 86019

When she posted that pic she said "I'm Home! :3"

No. 86020

LOOOOOOOOL her pics are always so blurry cant tell if its her wig or floor but good notice
i like how she tagged him too, another implication lol

right lol its a pretty fucked up photo if its her sibling, why would you comply to taking a photo like this? i have siblings and i wouldn't take photos like this unless it was clearly as a joke.

its because she is ouji :-) or controls his accounts at least

yeah i remember she posted that photo and she implied it too. was quick to delete the photo after. she also posted a photo before of her neighborhood with houses like that lol why does she try so hard

No. 86022

imagine the peoples faces who live in this house when they see a short chubby girl taking a photo of their house on her phone, then posting it on online implying it's hers smh actually super creepy on berrys part

No. 86023

She has a mind of a little girl. Hard to believe she's a med student as well as being in her 20s.

No. 86028

No. 86029

I know, that's why I said that hahaha

No. 86036

What's hilarious about it, is that when people asked that is this her brother or watevs, she replied " Ha would you think I'd do this to my brother" or something along the lines. Like berry you have a fucked up mentality to go as far to do this

No. 86037

"hah are you stupid? I wouldn't do this with my brother. obviously it's my sister"

No. 86039

File: 1429576993640.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_2015-04-20-17-08-08…)

Trying to show how smart she is

No. 86040

File: 1429577027740.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_2015-04-20-17-08-40…)

No. 86051

isn't this like, middle school math? I know I was doing this shit in the 6th grade. What a dumbass lol

No. 86054

oh my god not the fucking math debate again

No. 86055

there's more about it in the last thread; if anyone has questons about her classes just read here >>81162

No. 86059

>I took selfies with a human heart
what the fuck, gtfo. youre gross

No. 86060

she must be a midget because being under 120lbs isnt too thin.
I find 120lbs kind of chubby

No. 86062

ouji is a typical skinny asian guy

No. 86072

who is Michyuu_ even? how do they tie into this?

No. 86079

thats berry's online best friend. berry said they've been friends for like 5 years now or something

No. 86084

Obviously left isn't her real house since she's never had pics taken in the outside world (LOL) and her house is dumpy AF but how is her real house found?

No. 86090

some people that sponsored her had her address and people went to search for it on google maps

No. 86093

Not sure how it was found originally aside from ex sponsors or something. Ex friends?

I think someone also said in the few last threads before the address photo, that they saw her before in their neighborhood which happens to be the same neighborhood berry lived in, or knew her as a school class mate or around town.

No. 86095

Right? Lol, instead she took a super far away photo of it. Maybe I'll believe it when she takes pictures of it with her and her family, not from far away like a creep. (Expect photos of her stalking around that house in a few days lol jk)

No. 86099

I'm pretty sure a majority of Berry's friends are also kiss asses like most of her followers when they need something or people who are simply friends with her for fame. Like why would you really want an epic liar as a friend???? I don't get it?

No. 86103

maybe they're just dumb and believe everything "Queen Berry" says cause she's super kawaii uguu desu~*

No. 86112

Probably lololol. it's shocking where are peoples brains now. I see no good in being friends with someone who is willing to lie to thousands and not admit to anything.

I really wouldn't be surprised if it is for fame or being acknowledged though. Whenever I see Berry and those other kawaii blogger friends of hers talk to each other sound so fake like "i must compliment berry so she can accept me!!!!!!" Like do people really converse like that nowadays?! smh

No. 86125

She actually posted something like "Took a pic of(from?) my backyard" or something

No. 86131

Omg that's so true. I get grossed out when I see kawaii desu desu girls complimenting eachother like I live your tits. Thanks I love your tits too. Etc etc and I'm like ya'll bitches sound so fake lol.

No. 86133

the only reason i've kept up with her threads here is because i used to really think she was super cute and had a cool style and it's interesting to see that she's just a normal, plain, boring and probably lonely person. I'm sure she's somewhat pretty in person but not at all like what she wants everyone to believe so bad. it's like a train wreck guilty pleasure to visit these threads. I think a majority of people itt started off liking her and then realized she's full of shit.

No. 86142

>I see no good in being friends with someone who is willing to lie to thousands

what i think when naive whiteknights defend berry saying "who cares if she lies" =__=

the best way to get on berrys good side is compliment her fucking titties ROFL

same here and I'm sure a majority of us here thought she was cute and cool at one point but then started realizing.
I'm glad this thread exists tbh. Almost every other social media is infested with her delusional white knights and if you say anything against her people go fucking crazy. You think her tits are fake? Everybody and Berry immediately throws shit. Unlike here, contrary to popular belief about "h8ters", we actually discuss it lol

No. 86153

>Unlike here, contrary to popular belief about "h8ters", we actually discuss it lol

OT but this has pissed me off for a while now. I get that people are put off by the fact that we talk about people and their lives in depth behind anonymous. But I can't stand the idea that lolcow is this horrible place full of hatred, run by cunts out to make everyone's lives terrible. That's not fucking true, at all. Sure we get a few cunts here and there that just want to talk shit about the cows appearance but they are just a small part of the group of people that are here, and yet are the poster child for lolcow. It's ridiculous!

Most of the time we are talking about liars, scammy, crazy fucked up people. We don't just pick some random person and start hating on them. No, these people have all done something horrible to end up here. And even then, we discuss the fucked up shit they have done, how fucked up they are for having done it and the possibility of them doing more fucked up shit in the future. They deserve being talked about here.

When even I see someone say "You guys are so mean. why can't you just be nicer! stop wasting your life talking shit about other people wahhh" I roll my fucking eyes and laugh. Because they obviously don't come here often or even read what we're talking about because if they did, they wouldn't whiteknight whoever they are. Instead they pick and choose the random "omg she's so fat" comments and cry about it.

/rant. sorry about that.

No. 86158

File: 1429588703397.jpg (175.38 KB, 800x586, mama pollo cringe.jpg)

Its a common misconception created by whiteknights and kiss asses. No need to apologize. I agree with you honestly.

But, back to Berry: I screen shotted these. Whoever mentioned that she might have PSed that area black was probably right since it looks like Berry deleted the comment. She did that to me when I commented on her -fake- Cartier bangles LOL

No. 86160

she's like kotakoti with her youtube vids lmfaooo
that's right berry, you're in the same boat as dakota rose– but more of a terrible liar

No. 86162

So did we ever conclude what that chicken wing is supposed to be hiding?

Also what does mama pollo/pollo senpai even mean?

She's almost exactly like Koots. Except Berry will never get a job in grorious nippon irl. Maybe she'll make up a trip to Japan and photoshoot though. kek

No. 86163

File: 1429589322737.png (203.2 KB, 594x622, berrythirsy.png)

>We don't just pick some random person and start hating on them. No, these people have all done something horrible to end up here. And even then, we discuss the fucked up shit they have done, how fucked up they are for having done it and the possibility of them doing more fucked up shit in the future. They deserve being talked about here.

I totally agree, anon. It honestly pisses me off tbh when people come here saying shit like "lol u r all just jelly, what did this person even do to you? i don't know how to use lolcow don't tell me to read the thread plz i've only been on pull 4 months" like jesus, lurk moar faggot.

i'm pretty sure there wouldn't be 80,000 unique visitors to this site if we were all just talking shit about people who didn't deserve it.

But yes, back to Berry. gurl needs some chapstick. Also, she constantly reads these threads (proof.)

FInally, what the fuck is with this last tweet? idk but I think it's really rude to drool over boys all over your social media when you have a boyfriend (and he follows you!)

No. 86164

Funny because Berry said she's "not as desperate as Dakota Rose" as a defense on facebook to some comment. HAHA. I think it's screen shotted in the last thread.

No. 86166

pollo = chicken in spanish.
so… her followers are chickens? what?

No. 86168

>Regret weighs you down. Just accept what you did and try to do better from now on

Is she talking about herself? Is she regretting? lmao

The first one was definitely to us ~haters~ though hahaha. So lame.

yeah she drools over other guys like crazy. I feel bad for Ouji, if he is even real and uses his social medias. Honestly, Berry cannot be in her 20's and going to med school right? She sounds like she's 13 and just hit puberty, fangirling over attractive men and day dreaming about paradise with them.

No. 86169

I believe it had something to do with the large amount of hispanic followers she has on fb and she just started calling them her pollo army?

No. 86170

Maybe her ears that seem way too high in most pictures?

No. 86171

File: 1429589758161.png (561.43 KB, 648x971, shit.png)

I think the reason why her lips look so fucked in every photo is because she's obsessed with doing that dolly lip gradient that was floating around tumblr/ulzzang community for a long time. It looks like shit irl though + her chapped lips don't help at all.

I'm on the wagon that believes Ouji's accounts are controlled by Berry, as a result she probably forgets she's "taken". I mean if she were soooooo in love with him (and if he were real…) she wouldn't be posting this stuff every day.

No. 86172

On her fb she was trying to talk to her Spanish-speaking followers for practice… Maybe Mexico is her backup now that Japan didn't pan out roflmao

No. 86173

No we didn't, I don't think. She might be though or it might have been added just for the lulz because she finds chicken to be really unique and funny for some reason.

Wouldn't she have already gone to Japan for photoshoots if she's so stinking "rich".

lmao probably. Berry's fanbase is majority hispanics too.

No. 86176

I agree that the gradient look looks like shit irl. My friend used to do it and it looked disgusting in person but in pictures it turns out not bad.

Berry probably uses this because it looks dolly and animu. If she lined her lips or used lipstick her lips will resemble a vagina probably. Her lips are already pretty big.

No. 86186

She never said she was in medschool though. I'm sorry but do you guys know nothing about school? To be accepted into medschool you have to have already graduated from a college and take a test then get accepted into it. You don't go to medschool straight out of high school lol..

No. 86188

berrys lips are actually really cute and dolly looking without that shitty gradient. it's one of her best features so she should stop putting foundation over them.

it's the lips venus wishes she had so she wouldn't look so old.

No. 86240

wish i had known berry during her stupid gaia phase
could you imagine what a stupid kid she was back then would have been hilarious to get more info about her at that time

No. 86252

I do gradient lips everyday and it actually looks dolly and cute haha. Actually some asians prefer smaller lips cause we thinks its way cuter. I have fuller lips and I do this type of makeup everyday since i'm not confident :/ anyway berry's lips are just dry and chapped lmao mine doesn't look like that.
which I found really funny because remember back then when ami used to copy berry? people attacked her for her chapped lips but now look at their 'queen' and her chapped lips lolol.

No. 86255

Berry looked hella chubby and huge in her recent photos,esp the one she deleted haha.

No. 86261

I'm >>86176
I think the gradient look looks good with people with full lips. I'm sure it looks good on you, anon. I also think it depends on how you do it and most people usually fuck it up (my friend would add a ton of concealer and layers of lip gloss and idk it just looked… weird).

People will do anything for their "queen berry". It's sad when its to attack others because it says a lot about their "queen". I'm glad Ami restarted, she's happier. And hasn't Berry copied Ami style a thread back with the Adidas track suit thing and short curled in hair? LOL

Berry gets defensive and offended easily, she acts tough but it gets to her, based on her subliminal tweets and her "proofs" that are relevant to the threads lmfao.

No. 86266

File: 1429600033125.jpg (89.04 KB, 540x771, rich kids on point.jpg)

Yesss and speaking of deleted, she deleted the "rich kids on point" comment she made that we mentioned before here


i guess she isn't a "rich kid on point" anymore lmfaooooooo

No. 86269

File: 1429601436002.png (877.27 KB, 675x1078, Screenshot_2015-04-18-02-45-24…)

Her "temporary green hair" mixed with delicious mcdonalds cheeseburger grease. Yum.
I'm surprised no one has posted this hideous photo.

No. 86270

File: 1429601549731.jpg (55.33 KB, 500x758, FB_IMG_1429156916133.jpg)

No. 86274

File: 1429603694554.jpg (21.56 KB, 196x402, image.jpg)

berry has an inverted triangle body shape, her shoulders are huge compared to her hips

No. 86277


Aww thank you for the positivity :')
back then I used to blindly believe her lies too, when people talk shit about her I defended her a lot. I used to think she's a nice person, which is stupid because whenever she found someone/any site that talks shit about her she'd send her army :/ the drama with ami really opened my eyes. idk how people still support her after seeing what a horrible person she is?
I'm happy for ami too!! She looks better with her current style imo, she looks hella cute. Haha yeah, berry totally copied her which is hilarious. I'm still following ami so I know she had it first.

I think we all know that deep down, berry is a really insecure person. Hence why she feel the need to alter her looks and present herself as someone who she isn't. She also need to put herself above others to feel 'superior'. Its funny to see her get so defensive tho, if everything she said is real she doesn't need to prove herself right?

No. 86278

idk anon she looks like she has a ruler-shaped body on this pic >>85472 and there's also an old pic in the other thread (i'm too lazy to look for it) that shows more of her shape. Then again who knows how this girl really looks like

No. 86279

there's this pic but it looks pretty old >>75104

No. 86280

If she really did take swimming classes like she said she did, then she would have developed broad shoulders. Same thing happened to my friend, she's skinny but her shoulders are wide as fuck.

No. 86282

Same here! Does anyone know ami's insta or tumblr?
I want to follow her

No. 86283

Speaking of Ami, what is her new url? When I went to her older blog, it said follow the link, but there is no link? Did I even get the right person? Lol

No. 86288

Same thing happened to me, seems like her tumblr doesn't exist anymore and there's no new one?

No. 86296

File: 1429613162464.jpg (6.47 KB, 210x240, images.jpg)

i feel berry's pain ;_;
>has been swimming since 5
>mfw shoulders are wider than my s/o's

No. 86298


she's being going by jenn for a while now, nobody really calls her ami any more

anyway, her tumblr is softpupp and instagram is 97_pupp!

i guess she wants to stay lowkey tho

No. 86302

>idk but I think it's really rude to drool over boys all over your social media when you have a boyfriend (and he follows you!)
Eh, depends on what kind of person you're with. Some people don't get insecure over something like that, it's pretty harmless.

No. 86303

Is it just me or does the bracelet on the left looks kind of bent?

No. 86304


No. 86319

It is still childish and that proves their relationship ain't that "perfect". If she really loved Ouji like she pretends, she wouldn't drool on Leonardo/guys that looks like him or japanese boys on the internet. She doesn't respect him in my opinion.. really, showing in front of your beloved anime prince hubby how HOT you find another guy. NOPE. She's 20+! It's time to stop Berry

No. 86320

Yeah poor Ouji. Like imagine if he did the same posting a hot picture of Megan Fox or whatever, and commented "wooooo she's too hot I'm crying tears" or "I follow cute Japanese girls"
She would go mad LOL
Fucking slut she is

No. 86321

Yeah she's an attention whore. Old men follow her and probably jerk off to pictures of her ugly child face and massive tits… yeuk

No. 86328

OT but…
>tfw you had berry's body type
>wide shoulders, short neck

At least I'm not chubby, I guess

I think a sign of being secure in a relationship is when both people can admit anime characters and celebrities are attractive without the other person being jealous. Obsessing over them? No. Like how Berry doesnt care that her bf looks at hentai. However she probably would flip her shit if he flirted with girls in the way she flirts with dudes

No. 86347


Kinda OT but this whole thing kinda reminds me of that chubby ~I'm IRL Sonico guiz~ girl that was friends with PT who would tweet about some guy she had a crush on even though she was married.

It's much worse if it's someone you actually know IRL rather than a celebrity or character or something though.

No. 86348

All dem online chubs doing Sonico, ugh

No. 86349


>I do gradient lips

>we thinks its way cuter
>I have fuller lips
>I do this type of makeup
>i'm not confident :/
>mine doesn't look like that

>thread is about berry

No. 86352


pull user detected

No. 86354

Do you even read the full post? I was just trying to make a point that her chapped lips isn't due to her makeup style. There's no need to be so rude dou, you hurt my kokoro qurl :/

No. 86364

Goddammit, Berry…

No. 86367


>omg gb2 pull!!!111

In what way did my post even slightly imply I'm from PULL


I read the post, but that kinda went over my head tbh. In hindsight I was a bit of a dick, sorry. There's been a huge influx of 32" Waist-Chans posting about their lives for no reason lately and it's starting to get annoying.


Why is everyone ITT either Berry or from PULL
What's going on

No. 86368

Yo qurls berry is cute af.

No. 86370

Holy shit this sounds exactly like Berry, HAHA oh my sides

No. 86372

Yo bruh stop arguing, love yourself baes

No. 86375

Why does this board sound like its full of underage weeaboos nowadays? The basic asian boy thirst, the "like omg!" style of posting and xDD emoji all over the place.

No. 86379


fuck ok never mind I get it


It's kinda inevitable being linked with PULL and /cgl/ and targeting so many weeby teenage girls. They're probably trollshielding.

No. 86395

I think some of it is done ironically.

No. 86401

isn't that the ami girl in the no makeup photo?

No. 86403

File: 1429640933622.png (92.34 KB, 170x275, 1424384646706.png)

shit, sorry. they kind of look alike w/o make up.

No. 86408

Yeah, that's not Berry.
That's amikoto.

No. 86442

File: 1429644711614.png (310.07 KB, 529x571, jjj.png)

is it just me or do her legs look really thick here?

No. 86454

might be the camera angle but it does look really thick. It's like she's not even trying anymore looool

and this person honeybear whatever kisses ass to berry so much its cringe worthy…..

No. 86483

>>86454 ugh this chick, she's a general ass kisser. She's the same with P-C.
Well, now that she's sent a package to Berry, I wonder what she thinks about her actual address and living in nj.

No. 86486


Nah I just tried it on my phone and it's not the angle. She definitely is chubs. I just hate it whenever she's like IM SO CHUBBY UWU but then posts pics of her flat stomach with no stretch marks to be found ahaha. I can understand if it was a 15 year old that did this but she did claim that she was 20…

No. 86487

File: 1429647658764.jpg (51.9 KB, 531x481, IMG_20150421_162025.jpg)

Lol berry has a sugar momma

No. 86488

U cant buy friendshio honeybeartea

No. 86489

File: 1429647744292.jpg (21.01 KB, 404x172, dafuq.JPG)

No. 86491

No. 86494

This girl would probably buy berry w.e she wants

No. 86503

right oh my god and i think she probably cares but not enough to suspect anything. she seems kind of air headed by the way she speaks but i dunno. she wants to be "loyal"~~ and to be acknowledged by berry and other popular kawaii bloggers. she is literally the butler/servant that kisses the higher authority feet. lmfao. she seems like a cool person other wise though but I can't stand the fake kiss ass compliment babu speak and conversations.

I think there's more too LOL cringy as fuck. Berry doesn't care though she likes free things.

^^^^^^^^^^ smh it's sad if you have to resort to kissing ass and buying shit for friendship.

I wouldn't doubt it lolol

No. 86506

I hope Honeybeartea gets a hold of reality damn lmao this is sad to look at it.

Berry dgaf she wants free stuff even if it's from her friends. I don't recall any time Berry ever gave back to her friends when they gifted her. I think Berry would've mentioned it or her friends would have taken pictures and she would've retweeted it, you know? (inb4 berry starts tweeting how she is such a GoOoo00oD friend that gifts and shit)

No. 86513

she is an attention seeker im so sure.
why else would she do this and many other things lmao


No. 86532

also wtf is that shoe its huge and ugly

No. 86552

Fatty legs

No. 86554

rich girl's shoes :(

No. 86559

Someone needs to bait Berry with a fake online Ouji type dude lol

No. 86572

Good idea but delete this or she will be too suspicious LMAO sure that she's lurking

No. 86576

well berry gave her online 'best friend' stuff for graduation so theres that.. but otherwise lol

No. 86578

honeybearteas twitter is so sugary and annoying jfc lol

No. 86585

File: 1429654658185.jpg (255.89 KB, 598x593, gift.jpg)

in case you people need proof

No. 86594

Oh okay, case closed then. I never saw that and I have followed Berry since she had a twitter,haha. HBT can only dream rofl

Yeah it's cringey. She's actually pretty bitter. If you don't follow her back after she likes your stuff and leaves a nice sugary comment about you, she unfollows you. I've seen her done it to a few people before.

No. 86600

lol i'm currently following her because i thought she was nice but you have no idea how much i regret it, i put her on mute for quite some time

No. 86607


Is hbt crazy?

No. 86610

she's always all "my little tea cups~♡" and "i want to cuddle ♡" or some shit like that
very cringeworthy, too sugary, and i think she needs to chill with the berry ass kissing. like would berry really care if you check her twitter everyday when you come home to see what you missed lol? she has tons of her other fans to do it for her

No. 86613

Lol that is so cringe worthy. Idk why some girls call their followers stuff like "hi bunnies" etc… it makes me feel like they're so fake

No. 86614

Also pollos also makes me cringe too.

No. 86618

yeah it is super fake like no way are you like that all the time and no way do you kiss ass all the time. so fucking grossss.

but its super funny when people compliment berrys tits or want to be smothered in them to get on her good side, its like they know thats her weak point roffffffffl.

LOL yes omf. makes me think of marco polo and polo t shirts.

No. 86619

right? things like bunnies, tea cups, cupcakes, babus (another hbt thing i hate) etc are so cringeworthy ugh
at least it's less ~♡~♡~♡ feely

No. 86621

oh my god one time hbt told berry that she would melt if she saw berry naked like ew lol thats creepy af

No. 86622

my personal feelings about hbt are getting out in this thread i'm sorry everyone

No. 86625


same tbh but we should get back to focusing on berry

No. 86632

if she's lolcow worthy you could make her own thread
otherwise yeah, cut it off and just talk about berry

No. 86646

lol i'll stop, i don't think she's lolcow worthy..? sort of new, i've only been on here since i heard about this thread

No. 86651

I don't think she is either :0 I find her annoying too but she doesn't have enough shit on her to be an lolcow. maybe.

No. 86652

But berrys sugar momma relates to berry

No. 86700

no one cares if you dont find her lolcow worthy get off the fucking thread then ffs

No. 86712

Calm your tits dude damn lol

some people get so damn butt hurt when people bring up a few comments about other people who are related to Berry but isn't Berry

Anyway lets do get back to her.
She seems to be on the down low lately?

No. 86733

this thread isn't even about hbt why are you so mad? lol

but anyways, really? i think she's still the same

No. 86739

what a coincidence korinne says she's sending a package to her friend now after we talked about that here lol

No. 86766

She needs to stop proving herself to us…it makes her look more stupid than ever

bless her soul………….to hell

No. 86768

Was she not already doing this before it was mentioned in this thread?
Because I totally thought it was just because she got sent a package and is going to send one back, and also one to michyuuw/e the fuck her name is

No. 86792


some of her followers are so annoying, holy cow. I knew that opening this blog would open a shit storm of white knights. But there's this one girl who literally tags all her pictures with loli and pedophile shit, and she's going to sit there and type out that we're the bad one's for "hating" on berry.

Her fans are batshit.

No. 86797

Screenie lulz pls

No. 86806

People seriously do not take their time to read the blog. People automatially assume we hate/dislike her for photoshopping. Although we do pick on her photoshopping, it's not the only or main thing we pick on or that makes us dislike her.

Her whiteknights are dumb. Maybe deep down inside they know she photoshops to hell and back but they don't want her to hate them so they put the blame on us instead lmao

No. 86807

SO I just looked at their blog
I am cringing SO MUCH

No. 86808



That's exactly what I think too. Which is why I've stated twice now that I'm just going to block that stupid stuff, but I couldn't help but to reply to this one chick because she's crazy as fuck? Deluded.

No. 86809

Are there any real unfiltered photos of berry? I'm curious now.

No. 86812

I think that package from berry was a long time ago, Michyuu or whatever Michelle sent Berry stuff for her birthday and random gifts too I think? I don't follow that girl.

I think that was the only time Berry sent out something even though I think she's gotten small gifts from her other "friends" before, or those friends said they would give berry something.

Her and Mich are close though so I'm not surprised. But it's funny how she just so happens to say she's going to send something out now today when that entire thing was discussed… today. She lurks, there's not doubt. She doesn't seem to hide the fact that she lurks though.

No. 86813

File: 1429683384338.png (21.74 KB, 617x223, sdfsdf - Copy.png)

lol she's not even pretending ouji exists at this point

No. 86815

File: 1429683437414.jpg (42.03 KB, 362x604, LndaBuul7vc.jpg)

There are old photos of her in previous threads :0 and some webcam pics of her like here that seem to be unfiltered

No. 86816

She still looks pale or edited here..

No. 86817

LOL wow okay if this does not alarm her ~pollo army~ about berrys and oujis relationship then i don't really know what should?

you would think she would be a little more careful lmfaooo then again its berry

No. 86818

she's the one that posted them though
I love how even back then, she uses her hair to hide her fat face

No. 86819

Computer screen light reflecting off her face?

I don't know. Probably edited but it's the best I could find in short notice lol

No. 86822

Her nose looks larger here too. Hands, her eyes look different.
And yeah lmaoooo broad shoulders.
Wonder what Oujis first thoughts were

No. 86823

Thanks for trying, I do wonder what she looks like minus wig and filters/editing.

No. 86824

It's plausible that it's unedited; her eyes are noticeably smaller without circle lenses, and her face is largely hidden behind a thick curtain of wig hair. The lighting from a computer screen, along with using BB cream would create skin of this tone and shade.

Still, her potato face and body are well hidden and her hand looks really fat. Hm.

No. 86825

File: 1429684232961.jpg (26.42 KB, 333x553, 4R8seM7IRkE.jpg)

So much hiding… even for her boyfriend.
In previous webcam pics she seems to have hid a lot as well.

I think she might have moved around a bit for him but wow lol

really doubt he "got the meat a long time ago" (- berry) bs

No. 86826

btw I think her ears are naturally fucking high? Also kind of huge here.

No. 86827

I thought she "knew" Japanese?

No. 86830

Holy shit, that girl is crazy af. Also looking from the notes, some of her army lurks here. Berry's chicken are batshit crazy dou. They let her lies slip through :/ Then again she looks 15 and immature lmao

but still its a way to promote ichigofaker i guess :^)

No. 86841

Lol damn berry blog mod you sure called that girl out. That's funny she's trying to stand up for berry when she tag her shit loli and stuff.

No. 86846

i have a feeling she didn't use as much PS here cus she actually looks filipino

No. 86849

I know she doesn't use Tumblr all that much anymore, but if her 'pollos' actually decide to google her name (which I accidentally did while looking for the call out blog)all I did was just type in 'ichigof' and got: ichigoflaver instagram ichigoflavor faker, ect ect ect. I mean, it's not that hard to find info on your idol right? Unless they aren't English then ofc. Do they purposely skip over the 'ichigoflavor faker' suggestion or something?

No. 86859

The mustache pic looks quite unfiltered:
No idea how old it is, maybe 3 years?

No. 86878

File: 1429704509804.jpg (148.55 KB, 1440x1073, Screenshot_2015-04-22-08-02-56…)

Omg, this girl deserves an award. I'm dying.

No. 86880


LMAO did Berry respond?

No. 86881

Sadly no.

No. 86889

She keeps posting about this "Leonardo looking" guy and asks about how you compliment boys in japanese. Someone throw a brick at her

No. 86896

she looks bungal here idk why.. there's some tagalog for you berry LMAO

No. 86909

omg haha

No. 86969

Give that girl a cookie! :D oooou burn berry…burn xD

No. 86970

File: 1429723536154.jpg (44.46 KB, 585x205, d3syp.jpg)

:))) hi berry

No. 86971

says the most fake of them all kek

No. 86977

i dotn feel "picking on her singing" is really picking because the girl was clearly fishing for compliments i.e "im nto good at seeing but heres a clip of me singing PLEASE COMPLIMENT MEEEE"

No. 86982

it's like .. berry.. we know you're talking about yourself and telling us how fake you are lmao

No. 86983

If this is directed towards us
we don't call her fake for her appearance only lmfao try harder berry

No. 86985

LOL clap clap

cringe. surprisingly ouji is never one when she tweets those things anymore.

No. 86988

That pic looks like, look at me with an empty pack of fries…empty

No. 86989

File: 1429727322715.jpg (161.82 KB, 826x699, z2d5l.jpg)

so… berry? you fat or nah? when will you decide!?
like, hasn't even been a year since she posted this and she claims she lost 40 pounds. if that was true she'd be a goddamn skeleton now (if she looked like she does in this picture/if she was "chibi")

No. 86990

>ouji stopped drawing cartoons and talks just like berry while only talking about berry

Hopefully Ouji found a new girl and is happier if that's the case, or he's moving on to bigger things in life.

No. 86991

File: 1429727598644.jpg (140.23 KB, 505x460, ttado.jpg)

>my way of living

lmao she sounds like some drug addict, what way of living are you talking about berry?
your obsession with photoshop and faking yourself online?

>"I don't give a flying fuck"

yeah, so much to do a long ass post about it.

No. 86992

File: 1429727819920.jpg (45.45 KB, 480x820, 1428613224019.jpg)

Good point. Lmao her lies have so many loopholes and how she's trying to save herself/her damage control lately is stupid.

Her leg is thin in that picture but what about in this one? When you tilt the screen back her legs look much bigger in here.

No. 86994

why dont she just @ us LOL

she's pissssed hahah

She's always like IDGAF, ignore h8ters yet makes a bazillion posts about them. This one is the best yet. Thanks for dedicating an essay to us, Berry. :-)

No. 86998

and wait she thinks she hasn't done anything bad?

EXCUSE ME??? AMIKOTO? poor girl remade her entire tumblr and persona because Berry sent her army of deluded pollos to attack her.


is she fucking nuts?

No. 86999

How recent is this, why did you block out the dates beneath her facebook name?

No. 87002

File: 1429728594028.jpg (279.51 KB, 1196x771, lol.jpg)

This photo and some selected comments always makes me laugh.

No. 87003

File: 1429728597974.png (16.65 KB, 515x180, lol.png)

Actually I'm scrolling through her facebook now and it's not a recent status. Must be old.

But upon scrolling through her stuff, I found some funny comments. This one stood out to me.

Look at how old it is… and considering how she is now talking and flirting with guys lately (and not ignoring them when they get flirty with her lmfao), really does sound like they've broken up and she's using him as a puppet.

No. 87004

man I really cringed at Oujis comment for this oh god ouji please dont do this to me

and Berrys comment, she always retaliates in the same manner when it comes to people that goes against her. Hilarious.

No. 87005

Sorry, I blocked it because it was in my language (not english) so I didn't wanna give away anything.
It was posted 30th june 2014 after one of her big boobs-picture was posted and some people said her boobs are fake etc.

No. 87006


No. 87007

File: 1429728935192.png (20.75 KB, 518x226, wow LOL.png)

you guys her old facebook statuses are so fucking amusing LMAO

No. 87010

omfg its a dead giveaway LOL thx myk

No. 87012

I'm laughing so hard at this, holy fuck LOOOOOOL

No. 87014

She's so incredibly cringey and embarassing. This is worse than the shit I wrote when I was a sad weeby 13 year old thirsty for approval on Facebook.

Everything about the tit photo is just so fucked. I don't understand how she could do that and be like YUP THIS IS BELIEVABLE AND I WILL POST THIS FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. Esp when there's pics like >>85472 out there. Yikes.

No. 87015

File: 1429729887914.png (1.01 MB, 847x1018, implications.png)

more implications. Her eyes are clearly edited but people think she's mix/has hazel eyes.

Last comment, she never replied to any haha

No. 87017

File: 1429730070679.jpg (20.55 KB, 463x160, n14qx.jpg)

LOL they really are
poor Ouji :')

No. 87018

File: 1429730165165.jpg (45.62 KB, 508x181, 4111p.jpg)

So… I found this gem.
I recommend 10/10 to go look through her old facebook statuses, they're so funny

No. 87019

holy shit she used to admit she was from NJ

No. 87021

yeah she never replies to any unless it's about her boobs lmfao or saying "Thank you guys!! xD <3"

No. 87022

omfg smh berry please take have a talk with your old self.

and right xD amusing af

No. 87025


HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS IS SO FUCKING GOLD…NOW SHE'S ALL LIKE "who cares if girls are fake….mind ur own business…" just bc people found out about her bullshittery and her lies.

No. 87031

File: 1429731005979.jpg (58.95 KB, 511x365, j0py1.jpg)

Oh god… this was one of the most cringe-worthy statuses I've ever read.

No. 87035

File: 1429731230024.jpg (27.95 KB, 511x154, 8ike7.jpg)

Yeah, and we also don't want to hear about what kind of condoms you like and your sexual fantasies, THANKS FOR NOT BEING AN ATTENTION WHORE LIKE ALL THE OTHER GIRLS BERRY! <3

No. 87048

>and you will encounter people like me who are """"fake""""


No. 87057

Omg lol her old Staub are so amusing to read . Can you guys post more on here. I want berry to feel embarrassed of herself when she lurks through this thread ^^

No. 87058


No. 87062

>>87007 Why the fck would a teacher ask that? JFC

No. 87069

File: 1429735244094.jpg (25.63 KB, 400x311, 1378089774853.jpg)

These are too good

No. 87072

File: 1429735342628.png (271.07 KB, 843x506, 263456342.png)

real hair lol

No. 87074

It's a wig. you're wearing a wig. There's nothing wrong with wearing wigs because they're fun and you can have any length and color hair without damage. What the heck is wrong with admitting that?

No. 87080

"OMG BERRY YOUR WIG LOOKS SO NICE" doesn't sound as good as "OMG BERRY YOUR NATURAL HAIR LOOKS SO NICE" and she tries to claim being an all natural animu character desu all the time. Considering how she always wears wigs (I don't think she's ever posted a picture in her real hair tbh) I suspect her real hair is thin and limp or badly cut or something (inb4 black wig photo going MUH HURR). She's just thirsty for asspats about as many things as possible because in reality she knows she's as plain as an unsalted cracker.

No. 87083

I'm actually curious about where that wig is from, at least it looks a bit less blatantly fake than most purple ones I've seen

No. 87084

Omg these ppl are so fucking dumb to believe it's her real hair. Look how shiny it is -.- and then some of her comments she's lime oh she only bleached it once and then tone it I do hair and I'm assuming her real hair color is black, you cannot bleach it once to get blonde, silver, or pastel hair colors. Jesus Christ the ppl who believes her lies are so dumb. Do ppl not know how to use their brain these days -.- lol

No. 87096

File: 1429737841897.jpg (20.45 KB, 468x150, jhuhn.jpg)

Yeah, Berry! Too bad it only works on the internet - …sort of!

No. 87099

File: 1429738046163.jpg (62.22 KB, 510x221, z92te.jpg)

I just…….
HAHAHAHAHAHA aww poor Berry :'( </3
"I'm so kawaii and asian i hate living in this stupid white place let me be with asians and dress asian :3 sugoi nee :33"

No. 87100

Going from black hair to blonde, especially platinum and silver, is total fucking wreckage and self sabotage. Your hair texture will change and will be shit henceforth. Might as well invest in a good lacefront and own your shit instead of lying about it.

No. 87101

File: 1429738169656.jpg (15.56 KB, 600x162, 10380328_882921935064808_47790…)

this is another pic of her eyes I saved some time ago

No. 87102

File: 1429738323472.jpg (35.82 KB, 369x239, lz6fp.jpg)


No. 87103

File: 1429738414723.jpg (23.38 KB, 296x141, nzdu5.jpg)

wtf me?? flirting?? haha no way ouji sama xDDD XDXD

No. 87104

File: 1429738483401.jpg (27.98 KB, 466x172, 0hqsf.jpg)


No. 87109

File: 1429738795180.jpg (66.55 KB, 511x248, on81k.jpg)


No. 87110

File: 1429738987179.jpg (82.35 KB, 467x508, rw3f1.jpg)

I can't stop laughing.
It's kinda cute but cringey as fuck LOL

No. 87113

File: 1429739154520.jpg (41.07 KB, 506x181, v4ysi.jpg)

Okay, somebody take on the challenge and count how many fucking posts she has made about ~~not caring~~ LIKE THIS IS FROM 2011 AND SHE STILL KEEPS ON GOING

No. 87115

File: 1429739335398.jpg (33.01 KB, 509x147, ydu5z.jpg)

>i don't care if i look like shit
sure berry

No. 87120

File: 1429739482887.jpg (11.83 KB, 289x117, ni9aj.jpg)

omg i look japanese >_> that's so annoying >_> i don't want to look japanese >_> why am i so kawaii >_> why am i so japanese >_> someone praise me for looking japanese >_> please >_> give me kawaii powers >_>

No. 87123

File: 1429739605775.jpg (12.32 KB, 275x116, 1mpjg.jpg)

No. 87124

lol these are amusing but i think we all had embarrassing and stupid sounding statuses at some point in our younger lives?? maybe not all of us but i know most of us do so i think this is kinda unfair to her lol

No. 87125

LMFAOOO I fucking love you guys holy fuck. All these statuses

This shit annoys me. I dye my hair too and like someone mentioned, its a wreckage going from black to a pastel color. It takes a long time. Berry's dumb af. Plus, that hair is shiny as fuck

No. 87128

When you're quoting 5 posts, it kinda goes beyond the odd stupid status everyone posts as a kid. These are just a few of the worst.

That and she desperately pretends to be older anyway.

No. 87129

File: 1429740017245.jpg (30.84 KB, 579x314, a4nou.jpg)

WHEN WILL SHE STOP USING A JAPANESE WORD IN EVERY SENTENCE goddamn it's starting to annoy the fuck out of me LOL

No. 87133

>Bringing up shit from 2011.
Heck, if I were to go back to 2009, I'd find cringe shit on my Facebook as well. Timehop reminds me constantly, and it doesn't even go far.

I don't like you guys in the thread, nor do I give a flying flip about Burry, but bringing up old shit that accounts for legit nothing is stooping low.

No. 87136

are you twelve or?

No. 87138

i agree, i don't think the status are really important to the thread, but i'm amused at some of the things she says (about fakes and shit), since it's exactly what she is doing now

No. 87139

>I give a flying flip about Burry
On Berry's lolcow
okay then

No. 87140

is this relevant

No. 87141

Lots of people use lmfao. Are you 30 or what?

No. 87143

File: 1429740728781.jpg (175.79 KB, 429x600, e08.jpg)

I don't give a flying flip about her, but I'm just white-knighting her on this particular situation. Now, I don't even know her age, but these 2011-2010 statuses are irrelevant to the thread. I'm pretty sure she was young and stupid, I wrote dumb things on my facebook as well, and I'm sure you guys, or at least most have done the same.
At least you understand, sheesh.

>three o's
friendly remind that this is a 18+ website.

No. 87147

Oh my mistake, it's 14 years +, no wonder this thread is such trash.

No. 87150

I'm surprised that PULL doesn't have more than 14 pages on her.
I feel like they're just all surfing this thread instead of talking about her in their own thread. Because everything they say, quote, and post pictures of came from this thread first.

I just thought a lot of people seemed to want her on that forum, and now that she's on there, they're not doing much about it.

No. 87154

I mean, this thread is more interesting than the PULL topic on her.

No. 87157

Yeah, I definitely agree. But I always thought they were pretty good at coming up with their own evidence. So it would have been cool to have two productive threads on her instead of just one.

No. 87159

If anyone took some time to just scroll through her fb and look at old statuses, you'll notice she has posted something very regularly, so these posts don't make up for everything she has said, of which not everything is stupid.
These particular posts are just to show the contrast of what she has become, and her consistent need of being a special snowflake, and to also of course laugh and cringe a little.

No. 87168

>oldest you can go

No. 87171

Er, no?
But you're clearly a kid if you think 30 is old and the original point went way over your head.

No. 87172

Let's come back to Berry.

No. 87173

Just so you know, both of you are going to get banned if you continue to get off topic.

She just posted a picture, of some shoes she got sponsored at cuteharajuku.storenvy. They look so jacked up, the emblem is off kilter, like it was just glued on, and the stitching around it is so messy.

No. 87177

Using "LMFAOOO" to express humor on this website is terrible and makes you sound like you're jealous, and snobby. Especially for something that isn't remotely humorous, although humour depends on the person and not the content.


oh vey
Just like what >>87171, you're getting the point way over your head.
Unless she reviewed them saying they're great and 10/10, that isn't at her fault.


No. 87181

Do you want to get banhammered? Who cares.

Anyways, storenvy is always the number one choice for weeaboos looking to sell shitty, overpriced trash they bought off of asian wholesale sites. Or they buy something super cheap and continue to annihilate it with a glue gun and some studs and shit as if it'll polish a turd.

No. 87182

these shoes are from Taobao and
if she were that rich, she would buy them from the original shop, which is Korean.

No. 87212

> Dat ridiculously obvious and shitty eyeball blur

How lazy can you get, it's a fucking eyeball.

No. 87213

.. That's why it's relevant. Anon posted them to show us how hypocritical she is lol

No. 87217

Yeah I think we all did once in our life but I think these are extra amusing because they're relevant to how she is now haha and dear god the way she typed back then

They're amusing, how are we stooping low? They're relevant to the thread anyways. I'm sure we can all admit that one point in our life when we were much younger we've posted embarrassing shit too. If you don't give a flying flip (lmao) why are you even on this thread………..

it amazes me how someone can get offended by "LMFAO" r u ok?
I didn't know typing or acronyms had an age limit smh.

No. 87223

I agree, although I try to keep it alive as much as possible.

Lol Berry likes to act spoiled and wants people to really envy her for some reason.
What happened to the "My mom is going to buy me Adidas track suit" thing? It's been like a month

No. 87224

Adidas tracksuits aren't even that expensive to begin with. What was the reason why she couldnt buy it herself? I forgot. Was it because she was lazy? You know you can buy them online, Berry, you dumb bitch.

No. 87225

ah i figured out one reason her shoops looks so creepy.
she shoops her whites.
uncanny valley right there…

No. 87226

monkey lips

No. 87229

are "berry"'s piercings real? ive always wondered

No. 87230

I don't know, she said she had the money but was too lazy to buy it I think. Ridiculous.

true, shooping your whites is always a dead giveaway if you're observant. Everybody knows your eyes are not 100% white lol Berry does not know the basic Human Anatomy, which astounds me because she's claiming to be a plastic surgeon and smart??

tbh I always though they were fake too. Her lip piercings are 100& fake, I think someone said she mentioned that she glued them on a long time ago.

I don't know about her ears, I think they're real but I have a hard time believing Berry with anything lol

No. 87232

Also is it just me or is the eye on the right a little wonky?

No. 87241

For some reason the right crease is like 10x sharper than the left. Also, I dunno, I've never seen anyone with natural double eyelids have it so… wrinkly. It's usually just one straight line. Makes me think she use eyelid tape/glue to make her eyes bigger.

No. 87248

File: 1429749773837.png (172.69 KB, 600x162, Berry lies!!!.png)

Berry has dark brown/or brown eyes that shows it's colour due to lighting/flash. Also we arn't going to mention this. It's like she did some coloring over it

No. 87253

Arn't we going to mention this**

No. 87266

Yeah pretty sure she colors over it to make it lighter. Also pretty sure she uses other tools on her lenses and skin in PS to make them brighter.

No. 87616

File: 1429823159080.png (54.12 KB, 614x426, berry.png)

Yet she makes her face white on photoshop lol

No. 87617

File: 1429823331812.png (296.61 KB, 601x669, oppai.png)

and this made me laugh

No. 87636

She is no position to make that kind of statement.

No. 87639

ikr? she's like i'm filipino and proud… but also chinese and spanish and mixed!1

No. 87642

Not to mention how she lightens the hell out of her skin in pictures.

No. 87650

WHAT she really wrote "big boobs don't count if you're fat girl, Like if you think that's true"????
WTF IS SHE TALKING TO HERSELF. She's a fat girl with boobs herself LMAO I'm drying I can't deal with her she has the personality of a cunt

No. 87654

I feel like that after comment she made on that tweet was to save her ass lol. Her tweets are getting dumber and dumber. She really isn't in any position to make that statement.

LOL The comment omf. I applaud these tweet replies to her lately.

No. 87664

he looks ugly, but i only say this because i dont have yellow fever lo

No. 87674

>>87664 congrats on not having yellow fever? You do realize you don't need "yellow fever" to find someone Asian attractive, right?

No. 87780

> I'm Filipino but SPANISH AND CHINESE

Why does she always tear other girls down for doing shit she literally does too? Also I got racist vibes from that tweet but I'm not quite sure why. Second tweet was definitely to save her ass though.

Not that anon but all those OMG HES SO CUTEEE XDXD posts totally scream yellow fever and it's disgusting. He's a normal looking Asian dude to me too but whatever, different strokes for different folks.

No. 87789

yeah because she's a snowflake. Queen of Kawaii my ass, more like queen of snowflakes. Or something similar.

and like "chocolate"? I got slight racist vibes from her in that tweet idk

No. 87791

he's average lol

No. 87792

it's like she doesnt think at all. this dumb bitch

No. 87797

Yeah Ouji is pretty average looking. In some photos he does look pretty good though.

Are you sure you're looking at the right guy? :0 Ouji is the yellow hair guy, his face isn't visible in this photo haha

No. 87798

btw out of curiosity does anybody know whats Ouji's real name is if it isn't too private to share? I'm not sure if anybody mentioned it yet

No. 87812

>>87780 I don't get how any of those sound yellow feverish but if you think so. Thinking that an oriental asian guy is really really cute doesn't make you be someone that has yellow fever. Now, if they were to say that they only find oriental asian individuals to be attractive to them and they only date oriental asians, yes, that's yellow fever. But this isn't a SJ forum.

Tbh, I'm getting tired of berry using languages she doesn't know on her twitter. She uses Japanese, obviously, a little bit of Spanish and Russian due to fans who speak that language. Will she be doing this for all languages? Because I may be the only one who finds it annoying, but just like with weebs using "kawaii" or "desu," I feel like she's doing the same with other languages.

No. 87836

My last comment about the yellow fever thing because I don't want to derail but in the thread where his pics were initially posted, a bunch of anons were screeching about how kawaii and cute he was. You can tell those were raging yellow fever weebs just by reading their posts. I'm not saying just seeing some Asian guy and going "oh he's attactive" = yellow fever, but I'm willing to gamble a bunch of the anons from before had it bad because they were having a hormonal meltdown over a average/slightly above average Asian guy.

Mostly agree with you on the language thing though. It's so cringey to read. If she was white she'd be getting hate for days about how much of a massive weeb she is. Like it's fine to stick a few whole sentences in a different language so your fans understand, but holy shit, don't fucking mix everything with English, that just shows you're too halfassed to even make a full sentence for your fans you "love so much" to even read.

She's only doing this for kawaii unique languages like Japanese and Russian that she can type in roman letters. Spanish is just from her influx of Spanish followers. Doubt she's gonna be speaking anything like Chinese soon.

No. 87838


No. 87853

I meant it as Eastern Asia but I am using the word completely wrong. Sorry. I can be an idiot with certain words sometimes.
I had no clue about the mass amounts of comments that were given to him on a thread about him. I never saw it, so I guess I was only making my assumptions based off of what was said on Berry's thread. But I can see where you are coming from, that's how weebs are. And don't all the people who like kpop do that? Freak out over someone who is slightly above average looking? But yeah, derailing this thread is kind of ehhh.
yeah, I can't see Chinese any time soon, but yeah, I just can't stand it especially when one of the languages she is appropriating is one of my first languages and it makes me mad to see others who speak it support her…it makes me feel like an idiot, that I may be over reacting, but no, it's a language you cant speak and have no knowledge about. Lay off the Google translate.
I mean, tbh, if she's trying to help her foreign followers understand better, how were they understanding her just fine before? They were able to Google translate what she says into English or those individuals have been taught English and can read it, which is the case in many countries with English being the taught language? Not 100% sure, but yeah.

No. 87859

File: 1429857914990.png (405.18 KB, 951x569, richqurldontneednosummerjob.pn…)

is it okay then to use a language you actually know how to speak if you're white?
ot but i write chinese on my insta but i'm a level 2 in my school program for it.. even though i'm a poor student i'd never use something so unreliable as google translate. idk if this is obnoxious though, it just helps me practice. /blogpostover

tbh most of these lolcows (berry, haku, kiki) who claim to understand/speak different languages have no clue and i find that super annoying. but when they're asked what something means or how to say something they are like 'i'm not a teacher' lololol

also chinese isn't as 'kawaii' as japanese so i don't see her going down that road anytime soon. i feel like she's still in high school anyway since she won't take a proper language class.

No. 87880

isn't this a standard word to use instead of asian in europe though, because if you say asian in europe they think you're talking about south asia

No. 87887

No. It's offensive and outdated like "retard".

No. 87894

Outdated? Yes
Offensive? Why?

No. 87896

>being retarded is a bad thing
>so people use it as an insult
>but we have to pretend it's not a bad thing
>so we stop using the word that's become a common insult
>so now we use different words
>which are in turn used as insults
>and thus eventually we'll replace those words as wel

No. 87897

to my knowledge using 'oriental' to describe a person is considered offensive because it is used to describe objects so using it describe people is insulting

No. 87899

This sounds so stupid. I know Americans say Oriental is an offensive word but I never get why they can't use "Oriental" if it's used to describe objects because people keep using terms like "Arabian", "European", "Middle-Eastern", "Hispanic", "Nordic" etc. Oriental as a term comes from the Latin word "east" so I fail to see how it's offensive.

No. 87900

“I think it’s fallen into disfavor because it’s what other people call us. It’s only the East if you’re from somewhere else,” Ngai said, referring to “Oriental’s” meaning—“Eastern.” “It’s a Eurocentric name for us, which is why it’s wrong. You should call people by what (they) call themselves, not how they are situated in relation to yourself.”


No. 87901

Well yes, it is okay to use a language you know or are learning. That's different from not even learning the language and just using Google translate or something. Your situation Is different from Berry. You're learning it and getting familiar with the language while Berry doesn't care for that.
>>87897 see, I didn't know that until I looked it up yesterday. I had a Filipino friend that would describe themselves as oriental, so…that's why I was using it, but yes, I was using the word wrong and I shouldn't be using it.

No. 87902

>is it okay then to use a language you actually know how to speak if you're white?

My advice to you: throw away your tumblr mentality. It doesn't matter if you're white, brown, black, asian or whatever, you can fucking study and speak any language you want to. I hate the way tumblr is pressuring people to not do anything educative because it could hurt someone's fee-fees. I'm not white and I speak a very rare language and I'd be thrilled to see a foreigner study it and I even think it's cute when people use it even for a short instagram title. There's a big difference between being genuinely interested in a language and using it and just being a moron and claiming to be fluent for ego points when you can only look up a few words on the dictionary. And the latter one isn't even racist, it's just being an idiot.

No. 87904

A someone who also speaks a language with very few speakers left it's really cool to see someone interested and bothering to learn the language.
Honestly most people from other countries will find it cool and interesting that other people are taking an interest in their culture, it's really only tumblrettes who aren't even from these countries that preach you're guilty of cultural appropriation and these natives find it offensive when that generally just isn't the case.

No. 87910

Jesus no, I meant Oriental. Unless you were also referring to both of them, well then sorry m8, slow moment.

No. 87913

Theres an anon who knows him in rl but they doesn't want to tell his real name which is stupid if you ask me ~ we already know some of his friends and the university he goes to. His real name wouldn't give us any more information about him than we already have lol his name is useless so why not telling us ?

No. 87915

And there's no one here who would try to harm him anyway, it's pretty much the opposite : most people like him here.

No. 87917

Guys, stop being off topic. Remember, this thread is about exposing Berry's lies and shet.

No. 87926

File: 1429884780843.jpg (288.55 KB, 1440x2020, Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-05-29…)

Sure you are, Berry. Sure you are.
Russian is a hard language to learn because it's a Cyrillic alphabet. You're not trying. You're appropriating that language the same way you do with Japanese. Stay away from Russian, you weeb. Are you also "trying to learn" Spanish and Japanese? You don't even know how to pronounce what you're translating Without Google translater's help.

No. 87934

Russian is not hard because it has a Cyrillic alphabet though… Me knowing the alphabet I can tell you it's really not that hard to learn as opposed to Japanese hiragana for example.
What makes Russian a hard language is:
1. Pronounciation
2. Grammar
3. Reading

But yeah, otherwise I agree. She does anything to seem cool.

No. 87936


I'm pretty sure you meant japanese kanji, right? Hiragana is babby level stuff, it's super easy

No. 87937

Cyrillic might be the easiest part of learning russian for an English speaker. Most people can teach it to themselves in day.

She'll probably learn how to say boobs and that's it

No. 87944

> What makes Russian a hard language is:
>1. Pronounciation
>2. Grammar
>3. Reading
all components of language then

No. 87955

even if there's no harm it's kinda invading his privacy while he isn't even the topic so there's no reason to even tell us his actual name

No. 87957

No, god, please no. I am Russian and the though of her choosing Russia as another "cool" country and "learning" language offends me.
Learning Russian is actually not that hard, it's just the accent everyone for some reason have trouble with.

No. 87962

As someone whose first language is not english: I find her half-assedness in learning languages more offensive than anything like "cultural appropriation." Like bitch go hard or go home lol

No. 88000

yeah that's probably because you have no rules for when to put stress on a syllable. my russian teacher laughed like a movie villain when a student asked her if there were any.

No. 88004

No, I meant hiragana.
Between hiragana and Cyrillic, Cyrillic is far more easier to learn than hiragana.

Almost. All I'm saying is that Russian is not hard because of the alphabet as the other anon stated.
And whether a language is hard or not is actually quite subjective since it depends on what languages you already know.

No. 88006

File: 1429900649359.jpg (74.16 KB, 453x604, xmtX__1rKIw.jpg)

Chubby Berry. Her leg is huge lol

No. 88019

She's always hidden under layers of clothes and long sleeves to hide her chub.

No. 88104

I couldn't agree more. Russian is my first language and she's really pissing me off. I want someone to send her a message with the Romanization version of what they're saying. Gl to her. She won't understand since she can't translate.

No. 88108

I really want to learn Russian tbh, and at least it has an alphabet (unlike some other languages I know.)

But yeah, bottom line is that Berry doesn't know shit and she's way too lazy to educate herself.

No. 88140

Normally her feet look tiny but they look big here

No. 88161

she said she liked to wear big shoes lol did you see the post where she showed the socks she got from hbt?

No. 88162

"I like to wear big shoes" sounds like an excuse to hide the fact that she got big feet..

No. 88168

File: 1429922116801.jpg (243.49 KB, 1440x1937, Screenshot_2015-04-24-20-27-06…)

Oh sure Berry. Of course you think of Russia. Sucks it's not like that at all. Not all of us are tall and sucks that not all of Russia is in snow. What else? It's not just snow, it's also extreme cold, far below freezing point.
Stop thinking about Russia. Stick to Japan, you disgusting weeb.

No. 88169

File: 1429922144666.jpg (214.53 KB, 1440x1743, Screenshot_2015-04-24-20-34-52…)

Is she talking about Berry? Lol.

No. 88177

I'm so confused. Why is she trying to learn Russian even. Why not Tagalog. Go back to your Philippine roots, Berry. Or New Jersey.

No. 88180

she's trying to learn russian because i guess she has russian fans or something lol, idk if she's actually "learning" or just using google translate

No. 88182

google translate

No. 88183

Using big shoes can damage your feet a lot

No. 88186

Holy shit that's actually pretty racist. That's like saying "when I think of Japan I just see geishas and samurai and mt. Fuji lololol"

No. 88187

That's not being racist LOL. Maybe she's stereotyping upon her knowledge but she's not being racist.

No. 88192

perhaps i used the wrong word then. Her stereotyping offends me though and it's kind of hilarious because of her weeaboo background that she can't see beyond the superficial stereotypes of any country.

No. 88193

Yeah it's pretty rude that she'd say that lol. Pretty sure she tweets before thinking.

No. 88196

honestly after all the tweets i have ever seen berry posted since I have followed her – I really think she is a close-minded person.

No. 88197

She gets pretty annoying too LOL. And I think she's also self absorbed. Like how she made people put her picture as their lockscreen. That was annoying.

No. 88198

Yeah I think it's stereotyping, Berry is pretty dumb.

And pretty sure she google translates.

Maybe LOL. The description fits Berry though, being all body posi but then shames other girls for doing the same thing. Her old FB statuses were not the only time she's shamed other girls either. Berry is misogynist. If I remember right she proclaimed herself to be feminist a year or two back. How contradicting.

No. 88199

She made people do that? Wtf, thats way worse than what she's already done that's self centered of her

wow gross

No. 88205

she knows tagalot though

No. 88208

well it's not like she forced them to..? this is just my view of it but they had a choice to put her on their lockscreen or not lol like they could've just ignored it and went on with their lives

No. 88227

I guess, but asking or even telling your followers to make your picture as their lockscreen/wall paper sounds like a pretty self absorbed thing to do overall. But yeah, what can you do when your followers will do and believe anything you want smh

No. 88228

I don't think she knows Tagalog tbh

No. 88238

i think i saw her and her sister talking in tagalog on fb…? maybe not recently but i'm pretty sure she's fluent since she came from the Philippines and wasn't born here

No. 88241

she has some recent tweets in tagalog with a guy if i'm not mistaken

No. 88243

sorry it was a reply to this

No. 88271

Now that I think of it, I've never seen a full body pic of berry.

No. 88273

She can speak and understand Tagalog.

No. 88274

the only full body pictures of her are with her face covered. I assume it's because she stretches the pictures so much that it makes her head look deformed

No. 88281

I agree I think she stretch/manipulates her body photos so much that is distorts her face so she covers it to save the effort of editing.

I wouldn't be surprised if she starts posting photos with her body and face in it all together (inb4) since she lurks the threads lmao

No. 88282

Berry please post full body pics!!

No. 88285

Omg yes considering how this thread basically predicts the future.

Full body pics that are hella shooped or awkward are coming and you know it…

No. 88295

I like how no one thought about black face but she had to point it out. Literally no one would have thought that she would be doing blackface? There is no reason to point it out. But then again, she doesn't think Kylie did blackface, so she probably doesn't know what blackface is. How sad.

No. 88297

File: 1429935818472.jpg (99.66 KB, 1440x772, Screenshot_2015-04-25-00-20-23…)

Forgot image because I'm dumb.

No. 88298

these threads are fucking gold. literally have been checking back here every time some random shit pops up on her twitter giving off those defensive vibes and sure enough, she was exposed on it here lmao

No. 88319

What? Who in their right mind would ever think charcoal mask = black mask?? wtf am I reading?

No. 88329

What's the connection between charcoal mask and blackface??

No. 88331


No. 88332

LOL WTF Berry are you an idiot…..?
This could have been a normal tweet but she made it fucking dumb and way worse than it should be

really, who cares if you bought a charcoal mask – good for you Charcoal masks are common but to jump so quickly to that… kind of absurd.

A quick gist (of what I think, idk if I'm missing anything if there is a straight connection between the two but please feel free to add if I am): Black face is an offensive expression where people who are not african american make/paint their faces black etc etc.
and charcoal masks are black, hence the name charcoal

No. 88333

This really proves how I think she is closeminded lol thanks berry

No. 88336

come on y'all know tumblr tards would jump ALL over a charcoal pore mask and tell her to check her privilege because it could be seen as offensive uwu

No. 88337

I feel like I've seen this mall before.

Also either her head and shoulders are man sized or she's a big girl. That a wig? It could be anyone in the pic.

No. 88345

Nonono, I know about the term "blackface" and its origin, but… CHARCOAL MASK is a skincare item by default! Who in their right mind would make a connection between a skincare item and an offensive racial stereotype (unless its in some kind of comedy show like South Park where logic is non-existent) ?? I could've understand if she tweeted about BLACK mask, but charcoal…um…wtf

No. 88347

It's Ocean County Mall, about 10 minutes from Berry's house.

No. 88348


Along with her, "i love black people skin !! see im not racist gais!!!!!!" like???????
We get it, you're not trying to be racist but you are. And all the scrambling you're doing to make it seem like you're not, makes it seem like you totally are.

Berry is probably that bitch that's like "i have black friends i love black peopel!!!!!!!" and then locks her door and tightens her asshole when she's in the car, and they walk by

No. 88400

File: 1429969082456.png (31.63 KB, 617x256, berry.png)

btw how can someone still believe she's in med school? she spends all day playing ps4 lol

No. 88402

They did for that girl who was wearing a mud mask. Tore her apart.

No. 88431

I wish I could like this post, fuck

No. 88446

she could've tweeted this without the "no i am not doing black face". It would make enough sense and if anyone tries to drag her would look like the dumbass– but berry's the dumb one here now

No. 88448

wtf is she like 13 or something??

also it's impossible for her to be in med school. She says she's in college so she'd be a pre-medical major– but not in med school cause that's usually after college

No. 88451

either way, i don't she would have all that free time lol

No. 88475

she can't be in college, she's always sleeping/eating crap/playing videogames

No. 88486

File: 1429985015458.jpg (36.66 KB, 585x175, 4ofry.jpg)

Look at me guys, I'm so tiny and kawaii :3

No. 88496

She's trying too hard to not be racists that it makes her racist LOL smh
I agree though. If you're not racist you wouldn't even mention all of those things.

I feel bad for any of her fan who read that charcoal tweet and uses charcoal masks. They're probably going to be stuck thinking about how it might resemble black face (which it doesn't) thanks to Berry.

Yeah but even when majoring in pre med, I doubt she would have so much time to game, blog, photoshop, nap so much, be on twitter/the internet 24/7 minus sleeping time, etc. Everyone I know that is majoring in pre med are busy, wouldn't have time to game or be on the internet half the day and aren't hermits/they're out connecting with other medical students etc. Berry's just full of shit lol.

Possible she might just be taking only like 2 or very few classes or not even going to school this semester.

wow another dumbass tweet LOL she's so… self absorbed and tweets like a 15 year old. Honestly I can't comprehend how stupid she is.

No. 88533

Berry has been really low-profile lately

No. 88539

File: 1429998214097.jpg (172.86 KB, 1440x1150, Screenshot_2015-04-25-17-40-01…)

Wtf does that even mean?
Berry, people are not computer generated color codes….

No. 88540

File: 1429998323834.jpg (260.55 KB, 1440x2026, Screenshot_2015-04-25-17-40-23…)

What about the "friends" that don't know what they're doing with their life? Do you thank the "Lord Jesus" for them to? Obviously not since you didn't post about them.

No. 88541

Probably that one time G-dragon wore a charcoal mask and got shit all over for doing "blackface"

No. 88542


It's cool to have career goals and everything, but wanting to be a doctor doesn't necessarily mean you're going to BE one.

No. 88543

It's this standard running joke on tumblr, instead of saying someone's genes, it's their html code or software and shit

No. 88547

it's nice to have friends that know what they're doing because it motivates you to go towards your goals more or if you don't have a goal it motivates you for life ?? i don't have a particular career goal right now so when i talk to friends who actually know what they want (we'll see if they become what they want though) it motivates me to find my own path so……but that's my 2 cents

No. 88551

>>88540 Tbh, she's treating her friends more about "oh yeah, look at my friends, they got these high paying jobs, like a lawyer, doctor, and a chemical engineer." She's treating them as their career goal rather than who they are? Why can't she be thankful for who they are and become by yourself? Like, she mentioned friends who work in high end of life rather than middle end. Doesn't she have friends who are in the middle class jobs or something? I guess she only cares about her high end job friends because let's make friends with people who earn a high salary, right?

>>88543 who seriously? That's a thing…I have never seen that, wtf. I'm sorry, but people are not computers, they don't have an html code or something…they're humans, treat them as such? Not as a computer component. But then again, Berry does live on her computer, she's that obsessed.

No. 88553

>>88543 I thought she was talking about photoshop html color code lol
like 'wow, you are so pale… which code do you have? i want to be pale too!'

No. 88554


What I meant was that it just strikes me as weird because she seems to be praising them for knowing what job they'd like to do rather than for studying hard to become what they want to be (because let's face it, she's clearly not actually in medical school or college or whatever she claims, I mean just look at those basic-ass biology notes she posted a picture of.)

It seems kinda like praising kids for wanting to be astronauts and race car drivers when they grow up.

No. 88557

"Everyone I know that is majoring in pre med are busy, wouldn't have time to game or be on the internet half the day and aren't hermits/they're out connecting with other medical students etc."

It's kinda funny how anon wrote this and mentioned about connecting with other med friends and berry posted bragging about her friends becoming a lawyer, 3 doctors, and etc lol hi berry!!

No. 88561

yeah it's a joke that runs in text post stuff theres no pictures or w/e but i've seen it float around on tumblr

No. 88574

maybe she's taking those 100 level classes right now lol but hey twitter has a character limit and you can only say so much..

No. 88613

To everyone who keeps saying shes not in medschool. Of course she isn't, i don't think she ever said she was. Medschool is after college, just because she takes bio classes doesn't mean shes in medschool. Every school has bio classes. Let me say it again. Medschool=after college. Not right out of highschool.

No. 88615

and even if she was in premed, if she graduated at the time she said she did, she'd only be in her second year of college so finishing up her gen eds (unless she took tons of APs or something)
she probably is just starting out in her major too

No. 88622

except there's that website where it says berry will graduate highschool this year kek

No. 88624

anyone can add their name in and isn't her name spelled korinne, not korrine?
someone could've faked that info because there's nothing to back it up

No. 88631

Honestly, it's way more believable that Berry is in her senior year of high school rather than her first year of college. Senior year is known to be extremely easy, and she's probably taking biology and/or anatomy&physiology. Can she not name her college? Or is there one she was claiming to be to?
Idk, I just posted a little thing about when I got accepted into university and about my first day of school, and I'm not really even into social media that much (except for anonymous image boards, of course.)
Everything about Berry just seems fishy to me, but especially the part about her being in college (and I think since most of us have been to uni, we can tell she's lying.)

Also wow labeling her friends for their professions really shows what she cares about in life lol..

No. 88633

>>88631 See, I wonder about that. If you go to college in NY, or in general, wouldn't you be not afraid to state it? Most college students have their college on some form of social media, because they are in college. Berry on the other hand, nuh. Is she afraid to be found? Because like no, no one will find you if you got to school in NY. Has she ever stated which part of NY she goes to college? Like NYC, Upstate, Long Island, Brooklyn? Because in NYC or Brooklyn, your buildings could be spread out over a fair area and no one would know where you have classes either way.
If she isn't afraid and she does go to college, why is it so hard for her to state where she goes? I don't understand.

No. 88647

yeah she shouldn't be afraid to tell her social medias which college she goes to because
>she tweets about shitting and talking to her bf
>flaunts her fake oppai
>meeting her "fans" and calling her "queen"
>her bf "getting the meat a long time ago"
>acts like she's super rich

..unless her going to a college is also a lie lmao
Don't worry berry, i'm sure you look totally different from your pics compared to you irl– no one would even notice you!

No. 88666

LOL but doesn't that back up what I was saying..

No. 88669

She loves flaunting her cartier bracelets, her breasts, and whatever else. If she actually lived in New York, I'm pretty sure she'd be flaunting it non stop. As someone who actually lives in New York and frequently goes to the city, there are just too many neat things to not post about them on social media, especially for someone who loves to brag like she does.

Also most colleges in New York require an assessment/placement test, especially expensive schools like Columbia University. If she was truly so smart with 3.9?? GPA as she says she would have done well on those tests and not be doing something like basic algebra/biology. She'd be put in advanced classes, even if she was a first semester freshmen.

No. 88673

i think we already established her being in nj?? and besides what's wrong with keeping her school life private lol i'm currently going to a school JUST for gen eds and I'm not even proud of it – no one knows where i'm going except for my close friends and the name of my school is on none of my social media

No. 88674

There's nothing wrong with keeping her school life private or her living in New Jersey. The issue is her bragging about being super rich, living in New York, going to a super expensive Uni when it's not even true. There'd be no problem if she didn't talk about school life in general, but what purpose does it serve for her to pretend that she's some kind of top tier except to pretend you're better than everyone else?

No. 88679

maybe that's just her way of keeping things private? I guess giving out false information is wrong but when people ask she can't really just /not/ say anything forever

and besides when she mentioned that her parents can pay for..$60,000? tuition, maybe she meant that they have the capability to

No. 88680

I'm not trying to say that anyone here is wrong or that she's completely right, I'm just stating the other possibilities and I'm glad that so far anyone who has answered me has been really nice :)

No. 88687

File: 1430019844475.jpeg (18.18 KB, 552x106, 12.jpeg)

It's 10x easier to say, "I prefer to keep that information private, thank you" than to make up false information and then brag about it. It is easier to not say anything than to make up lie after lie and try to keep up with it. She chose to do so because
The way she phrased it was quite vague due to the use of 'could' but the tone overall is very arrogant and braggart. I'm willing to bet she deliberately left it vague so she'd neither confirm nor deny if she was going to one, but knew it would make people think she was.

No. 88688

Part of my reply got cut off for some reason: 'She chose to do so because she wanted to appear superior to others and that rubs me the wrong way'

No. 88690

"If my parents could afford to pay $62,000 a year for college for 4 years and on going (which they cant) I'm sure I could afford Cartier bracelets."(which she can't clearly hers are fake)

No. 88692

Ohhh I see lol but well when you buy fake things (I have those fake burberry pattern scarves) usually you wanna say it's real
…or at least imply so
…..well that's me but I don't think I'm the only person so
I can get where you are coming from though but idk I think she's just someone who just doesn't know how to phrase things AND she dug herself in too deep

No. 88707

i think it's kinda embarrassing to imply something is the real deal when it's really not but w/e. Point is berry decides to become a walking lie because she's so insecure about everything in her sad little life

No. 88709

well, each to their own tbh

No. 88710

I'm pretty sure Berry is white knighting this thread. She literally keeps no part of her life private and all the evidence she has shown us is that she lies about almost everything in her life, from where she lives to her fake Cartier bracelets. When did she post about getting accepted into college, ever? All she does is posts vague statuses about it all the time.
She just seems like a spoiled brat that makes her parents pay for everything and doesn't even have a job.

Idk guys, I'm just pretty convinced she didn't go on campus and just says she does. inb4 Berry takes pictures of a random college campus to prove me wrong

No. 88724

lol yeah if you're an insecure person that relies on validation through lies & brand names.

No. 88731

wtf kind of college does she 'go to'
ofc she doesnt but this is a retarded lie
my school i go to is like 25,000 a sem for undergrad and its a private school. the graduate schools here private ones are 40-50 k and those are rly expensive ones

No. 88740


One of these? I went to a top 5 school undergrad (if you believe in that ranking shit) and I didn't pay that much after loans lol she's getting screwed.

No. 88742

oh my god, she goes to ocean county college why is this still a debate

No. 88744


Hmm. Then shouldn't she be proud of doing the smart thing by going to community college for the first two years and saving money?

No. 88747


no bc it doesn't fit her rich girl shitck silly

No. 88756


That makes her look like a moron. Even the rich kids 1%ers I know found ways to get out of paying full tuition.

No. 88771

I really hope her parents who are probably hard working immigrants catch the bullshit she's up to. She should be studying hard instead of all this shit.

No. 88773

Do you have any proof?

So even if that's true, I can't believe Berry is embarassed about going to community college.. Like lots of people go there for their gen ed credits, it saves so much money in the long run.
But like the other anon said, I hues community college doesn't fit her 'rich qurl aesthetic'

No. 88774


i live in toms river near berry.

No. 88784

well, besides top schools i mean. there is no way this girl goes to some place like cornell, etc. like 0%
so the price is 100% of out the question. why would she say such an obvious horrible lie?

No. 88789

I barely know about this Berry girl other than that she is from the Philippines or her family is. A lot of the Filipino girls I know are obsessed with social status and their skin color, so it isn't surprising to see this girl shooping herself lighter than she is and pretending to be wealthy. I feel sorry for them.

No. 88799

This is so ridiculous. why would she live in some crappy house if her parents could afford over 60k for 4 years for one kid, one semester is more than what their entire house is worth lol. I feel embarrassed for her, who believes her?

Berry how are you ~sooo rich~ and you don't have a car? How are you rich and you don't go on vacations lol? You don't visit your bf in indonesia? you're rich though right so use part of that tuition money and visit him.

No. 88808

Don't forget that 62k/year isn't the full cost of her mystery skewl~~.

There are other costs associated with going to a school like that which raise it above and beyond, into the 80k range. She wouldn't know because she's never been, though!

Not to mention, living in a dump in Jersey.

No. 88819

Have you ever seen her? What does she look like? You've seen her going to college exactly? Is she traveling here by foot (I'm not sure how far away it is)?
Damn, I'm too excited to see her real face.

No. 88824

That's not kawaii and awesome enough you stupid pollo!!

Seriously tho, what's the point of lying about that shit. She doesn't have to pay for housing, the school is near her home, and she's saving dat mula.
Plus, if she's telling the truth, would she be graduating this year or next year since its only 3 years?

No. 88828

Showing something off, getting a high and mighty attitude over it and acting as though you are superior than others is distasteful enough–when what you're showing off is fake it's worse. Especially when she shoves it in people's faces. I really don't think there's a reason for that. And on the contrary, I think she knows exactly how to discretely phrase things to imply but not confirm certain things. And it's her fault, she was the only one who did the digging. No one forced her to pretend to be rich and make up tons of lies. She did that of her own accord. I really don't see how she isn't in the wrong. I'd care about her lies even less if she didn't act like an arrogant snob over it, what kind of excuse would there be for that?

It's not just Filipino girls lol, it's girls of every race that are obsessed with social status and psing themselves prettier and pretending to be wealthy (not saying all girls, just saying girls of any race can exhibit this behavior). Accrediting that behavior to a single race is erroneous.

No. 88837

Sorry I was falling asleep when righting that
*2 years

No. 88839

Yeah, Berry is far from the average Filipino, she's a cow in her own right. So let's not say the whole population of a country is like her.

No. 88841

most kids with that lifestyle 1) dont blatantly brfag about numbers online (although they post their nice shit)
2) post nice shit, events, friends, nice cars

No. 88851

The other day somebody threatened to make a thread about Jenn. They claimed that they had a lot of info about her, including private ones. She got so scared i felt bad for her. I can't remember what she did wrong other than "copy berry" :-(. They kept calling her a cunt and bitch for answering her anons with some attitude, but she only does that when they dont check the faq she made that already has the info, or if somebody is being generally rude to her. Jenn is not like berry. She is fragile and even if she acts tough shes scared of people talking about her. She has extreme anxiety and paranoia as soon as people mention her old blog. She regrets everything about that blog and wishes it would stop following her around.
Now shes deleting. Im really sad to see her go. I dont understand why people have to bully her bc of something berry announced to the world.

No. 88856

why would someone threatened to make a thread about her? People are still harassing her for that "copy berry" incident? that is ridiculous :/ jenn is such a sweetheart. I know she put up that bitchy attitude but thats only because people are harassing her to no end. I actually talked to her a few times, one time when I was feeling down and she cheered me up. She listened to my story without judging me, and each time we talked like how a real friend would, not as a "popular internet celeb" and her "fan". I adored her so much. I'm really sad to hear her deleting tho I guess it'd be better for her.

No. 88890

And berry does none of that LOL

All in all Berry is an immature, decieving little child. She gets some sort of high from
Acting pretentious and arrogant and lying about how ~rich~ and smurt she is to make people envious of her or something. Its disgusting especially since she has people that really look up to her which is unfortunate.

Was this recently? I'm sad, Jenn was a nice person. Can't believe people are still harassing her over Berrys shit smh fuck Berry and her "pollos" that don't know right from wrong.

No. 88895


Berry is the master of implications - she does it because she has the defense of "I never said that" incase something doesn't go her way

Her attitude and personality disgust me, coming from somebody who use to be one of her fans back then.

No. 88904

there is no true evidence that it's berry's dumb followers are the ones harassing jenn. But there could be a slight possibility it is them since the tumblr blog (ichigofaker) points out the past drama between berry and jenn; and so the "pollos" got all whiteknighty

No. 88910

I hate how berry's all like "Be positive!" "Love yourself like how i love myself!" but in truth she's conceited and steps on other people to get higher. Girl, that's not confidence sorry.

No. 88970

File: 1430067075958.jpg (145.25 KB, 1426x1334, Screenshot_2015-04-26-12-47-41…)

>I will never
because you step on others.

No. 88973

File: 1430067208737.jpg (207.72 KB, 1440x1783, Screenshot_2015-04-26-12-49-38…)

First off, the chick that made the tweet us dumb af. That's stupid logic. There's a thing called you can live without each other and don't need to be clingy at all to be considered a relationship. Shit down, but the main point it: Berry, how can you cling onto his…."ochinchin" or whatever if he's thousands of miles away and vise verse with your "oppai"? oh wait, you can't you Weeb. Lol.

No. 88978

i noticed everytime she uses the " :3 " emoji it's her acting falsely nice or lying about something. Maybe it's just me

No. 88983


this is probably a huge lie lol
we've already had multiple anons be like oh yeah i live near her and i know this and that
and still have no proof

you seem more like a friend trying to stick up for her and say that she goes to college

No. 88985

No one's harassing her over berry's shit
the anon said they would leak her stuff if she continued to be a bitch??? i saw the asks before she deleted them
this thread has nothing to do with jenn get out, neither was that anon ask?????

No. 89008

when did the twitter burrynotreally get suspended?????
did the twitter mod start @ing berry,

No. 89011

she's worse than a toddler that just learned a new word and has to use it in every sentence

No. 89019

no one has confirmed that she even goes to OCC lol i can't trust anyone who claims that they live near her + knows where shes going on here

No. 89078

lmao nah berry
you're just that ugly asian girl that nobody gives a shit about and people only talk to you when there is team work in math

No. 89080

who cares? it's fucking funny

No. 89081

I'll start to believe when anon posts proof photos such as berrys house, street, or something like that. idkkk cant trust anon with words sorry :/

No. 89087

that's kinda racist lol

so if someone took your old shit out you'd be fine? okay

No. 89088

a few days after it was made, and no no @ at berry, it was almost invisible. idk why it was deleted

No. 89091


No. 89094

prob whiteknights found it and reported it– or berry lurked this thread and reported it

No. 89112

>whiteknighting berry
top kek
Berry is a liar, racist, jealous and extremely shitty person. It doesn't matter if it's old, it's fucking funny and i don't care if she's not fine with it.
gtfo anon

No. 89117

Might just be what I think, but I think the your older/past you can say a lot about the you now. Maybe just in berry's case but I really feel like she didn't change much from those old statuses she posted on FB. The only change I see is she is more vague now/makes more implications and types less like a 12 year old weeb.

She's still quite the same, evident below:

^^^ Making those "conversation" posts that makes her sound cool/awesome/"different" or whatever. She didn't grow up from that lol. She also thinks she's original and different from others (she tweeted some rant about this before when the wylona thing came up)

And the other ones I'm too lazy to link.

No. 89129

Jenn deleted :-(

No. 89134

she remade. keeping a low profile as always. jenn doesn't have anything to do with berry anymore so it's a good idea to stop mentioning her.

No. 89150

what i'm wondering is, what's so bad about being proud of yourself? you guys might see that she's just being snobby and such but imo i also see it as a way to reinforce your own self confidence. i do the same thing lol like when people outside try to guess my nationality or compliment me i feel really good about myself and i tell my friends or post it onto twitter sometimes. that's not wrong to do.

No. 89151

[name removed] lives at 1106 or 1114 aspen dr in toms river nj

Sorry I can't remember the exact one.

No. 89152

I am TR anon who lives near berry. Idk how to prove I live in tr. I'll try to drive by her address this week. We are only 2 miles apart.

I just posted Levin's info that I got from work.

No. 89154

it's bad when you're a fat lying sack of shit who inflates her own ego so she can continue being a piece of shit

No. 89155

Could you please, anon? That would be so juicy lol

No. 89158

File: 1430089803481.jpg (42.95 KB, 600x339, CDiOlWdWgAAFib3.jpg)

Her Brother
Searched by Altermis

No. 89159

File: 1430089863067.jpg (8.25 KB, 150x150, profile_2390970_75sq_139228800…)

No. 89161


yup, i will :)

No. 89162

File: 1430089970635.jpg (31.86 KB, 800x600, webcam13.jpg)

No. 89180

can't wait!

No. 89183

there is no one in the world that hasn't told a lie lol

No. 89186

Well if you count Berry's life as a lie… lol
She lies about everything and you guys are so dumb to notice it. That's what makes this "discovery" shit even more enjoyable

No. 89203

maybe she doesn't want people to know about her personal life and she actually doesn't give a shit about anyone lool

No. 89213

if she didn't give a shit she wouldn't be so insecure, having to put on a persona as well as photoshopping her body and face heavily

nice try, hey yin

No. 89214

No one's saying they're discovering her lies??????????? lol the fuck??? u dumb broad
we're just discussing what's already out in the open

No. 89216

It's funny when you say that when Berry OBVIOUSLY gives a flying fuck. I can see where you coming from but then again this is Berry we're talking about. she isn't a misunderstood being. In the name of the lord, give up now bc these people isn't going to change

No. 89218

When you're a bitch to other people because of your arrogance deeply rooted in lies. That's no self confidence lmao. If you lie about your life that's not reinforcing your self confidence, that's making you more ashamed of your real self. Really reinforcing your self confidence is accepting who you are. Also being proud of yourself does not justify being a bitch towards others. If I tell you you're an ugly monkey (which Berry actually said about another tumblr user) it's okay just because I'm just being proud of myself and reinforcing my self confidence?

No. 89227

i think discussing her lies are fine but i don't think finding the address of her siblings and such is good since they have nothing to do with this (excluding the fact that they're just blood related)

I'm not trying to change anyone's perspectives i'm just putting my own out here and seeing how you all respond. Maybe she's not misunderstood but her lies are probably just to cover up her actual life instead. Since she's always implying things and never admitting them truthfully, she's not claiming things in a 100% serious way but it's people who follow her who take it really seriously
and even if she's blatantly lying to her fans when they ask things do you think she REALLY cares about someone who just found her on the internet? probably not.

and can people stop thinking i'm berry lol i'm not

No. 89241

But why lie and take it this far? If it's a private matter wouldn't it be better not to have social media or put everything in private etc.? I can understand an alter ego ( i.e Sasha fierce ) but those are meant to bring in self confidence. I'm not telling anyone how to live he/she life, hell ( oops ) I love to joke but if it goes to a point where people actually believe me by those implications and IM not saying " ahah no guys it's a joke" then what am I doing?

I seriously doubt she doesn't care if someone found her out, the smallest stuff on here gives her more reason to retaliate lol

P.S. If I stated something you agree on, I apologize lol lost of sleep

No. 89247

first of all, thank you for talking to me in a really civilized manner :)
well i remember talking to her once (we're not close or anything, it's like an attempted friendship that never bore fruit..?) and she said something along the lines of not expecting to even have this many followers. i feel like when someone starts out on the internet and they become popular, it's not usually expected. her fame started from fb, but skyrocketed on tumblr – i believe it's because this kwak min jun guy from korea (a model?) made a post mentioning her and then she had some posts that hit off on notes then boom, overnight (almost) fame. so it's not really something she went for initially.

well i'm just interpreting things from how i see it, yes she is lying about a LOT of things and i understand why this is a problem for a lot of people. but also, when her house actually has like, playstations, tons of games, laptops, desktop computers – i personally only have a laptop and nothing else (my parents technically can afford a playstation or whatever but we don't want to because it'd dent our money) – it gives off the image of actually having more money than a normal middle class family with parents who immigrated here and is working hard to provide for 4 siblings i believe? but yeah, i think maybe, just maybe, people are interpreting things about her and she's just like okay lets just go with the flow but now she's already in too deep with that image and she doesn't want to disappoint fans lol
i'm trying to think from both povs and yes i think she should come out with the truth about herself one day (but also is it our business to out her? it's kinda like outing someone from the closet) (sorry for that example if it offends anyone that's the only one i can think of at the top of my head)
we don't even know if she reads the thread lol it could be one of her loyal fans reading and lurking then reporting back to her

and it's fine i hope you are able to rest well soon :)

No. 89250

what the fuck

No. 89251

white knighting level is too damn high

No. 89258

because being proud of being a liar, hypocrite, disgustingly bad person is something good right?
please get the fuck out. she is a shitty human being

No. 89259

please gtfo from this thread, you're a dumb whiteknight and really delusional if you think berry doesnt deserve us shitting on her after all the bad things she's done.
She fucking cyberbullied this girl and the girl had to remove or change her tumblr.
Berry is shit and she's ugly

No. 89260

>taking this time to defend berry

No. 89262

Berry is a shitty, ugly, hypocrite, disgusting, liar, etc human being so please let's stop analyzing way too much her life because nobody here have pity for this piece of shit

No. 89264

ami has to remove/change her tumblr because people keep bring this shit up with her while berry and her have already worked out on their own terms

so are you guys being internet social justice warriors and trying to bring down the evil bad villain? man you guys are more close-minded than i thought

No. 89278

Stop spreading the lie that Amikoto had to delete this time because of Berry/her fans.

The first time she had to delete bc of Berry and her crazy fans, yeah.
But the second time wasn't because of Berry and it was because she was being rude. The anon's stated that it was because she was rude, at no time during the whole thing did anyone say it was because of how she used to copy berry.

No. 89281

my apologies for not knowing the whole story lol but what was she being rude about?

No. 89287

No it's fine, I don't mean to come off as mad. It's just wrong information.

There's some anon's who really felt she's a huge bitch, so they went and dug dirt and her private info of her. That's really all there is to it? They just think she's rude as fuck, but it has nothing to do with Berry it's just her own poor attitude. I do agree that she's rude, I followed her for a long time, but I guess it's just a different transition to go from having to put on a super-kawaii nice persona when she was in the Kawaii community copying Berry.

Anyways, she doesn't want to be mentioned her, and it's not her thread either so I think it should just be dropped, but it had nothing to do with Berry.

No. 89295

Oh I see, yeah it really is a different transition, I followed her for a time as well.
I only said the Berry-Ami thing because I was referring to the past when they said Berry cyberbullied her while they already worked things out

No. 89297

Here's "Berry's side" of the story of what happened with Amikoto
She makes it seem like she handled it super well and calmly, when that's not how it went down at all. she was a total bitch about it


No. 89298

I'm actually not sure if Berry reads this thread, maybe she skims it but I don't know if she reads it.
I feel if she read it, ichigofaker would be gone by now.
The two twitters are gone, and like an anon said about burrynotreally's twitter, it was gone within a day or two and they didn't get to @ Berry.

So I feel like, if she did read this thread thoroughly, ichigofaker would be gone by now just like the other twitters; anyone agree? thoughts?

No. 89300

I agree with you. I think it's just her fans who read this thread and they're the ones that do all the reporting and THEN those accounts get deleted. I also think that they probably use info they find here to kiss up to Berry lol

No. 89302

Thats not how Tumblr works. The blog isn't a hate blog nor is it offensive. So if she were to report the blog was is she reporting it for? It has to be affecting her in order for it to be deleted.

No. 89309

posting pictures that don't belong to them
people could claim that it is a hateful blog, or a blog that promotes hate

there's so many blogs that get deleted by tumblr staff for so much less, purely because of what people say when they report a blog
yeah, that is how tumblr works

No. 89322


I'm a little late on this but I'm pretty sure Berry cares and lurks this thread since she goes as far as to "prove" shit lol. Tweeting a bunch of idgaf tweets, tweeting about what's related on here a few moments or days after it's mentioned. Coincident? Nah

Berry is insecure and gets a high from lying about how rich and shit her life is. Who the hell goes as far as she does? It's sad and sickening. If she thinks money and whatever she constantly lies about makes people envious of her or makes her think she's above or better in some aspect - it's sad. Being an epic liar to thousands of her loyal fans, shaming others while doing the same and more is not a good thing.

Also, Berry has like 3 other siblings so of course theres going to be a lot of laptops/desktops etc. You can also easily purchase laptops etc for cheap off of craigslist.

I feel you, Anon. But I think in order to understand us you would have to keep up with the thread or not be so naive because that's how Berry takes advantage of you, she thrives off her online life from people like you :/ A lot of us were actually former fans.

No. 89325

I think one of her fan/whiteknight screenshotted or notified Berry about the twitter. I tried to see their convo but I couldn't see the image but the entire convo was like this:

whiteknight: "hey berry look at this (picture)" picture wouldn't load for me idk why?
berry: "hahahaha just report them for me and move on with our sparkly lives"

some shit like that. I could be wrong but shortly after I noticed burrynotreally was gone.

No. 89407

this is gold kek
>she's photoshopping her face to look like me

No. 89421

i think the only people who actually know what berry is thinking 100% is her bf and Michyuu…..otherwise everyone else sees what she wants to see

No. 89422

not trying to defend berry like continue discussing her lies and stuff but at least don't talk about her address?? i think exposing her address is also pretty creepy and it could lead to extreme things. there's a little to no chance but still, we wouldn't want to be the ones responsible if anything lol

No. 89438

To that anon who gave us info about Berry's brother's address, you did not have to do that. He has nothing to do with this.

No. 89459


That's the hilarious part. 
She is unaware of what she's actually revealing about herself. 
It's not so much the content of what she's saying, that is so telling, but rather how she is saying it and the context. That's how communication works (even online).
And sure, her bf knows more about her, because he's a figment of her imagination.

No. 89464

No one in here are the people trying to out Jenn - or at least that's what it seems like bc a large majority of us seem to support her. So, I don't know why you keep coming in here to post about her. It's none of us, take it somewhere else.

No. 89465

Berry's not the one harassing her, it's just a couple of assholes??????????
This is berry's thread, not Jenns. Like berry doesn't even care about her anymore, never mentions her at all, and I doubt people who followed her back in the day still followed her

before she deleted her blog once, and was stating she was deleting her blog, she said to send her an ask if you wanted her new url
I sent it to her and the same day she replied and she gave me a fake url and then deleted
like, she's not that nice and innocent as you paint her out to be, she's an asshole and yeah she doesn't deserve the hate but she is being a bitch and is expecting people to be nice to her still????

anyways no one cares, we're here to talk about berry. i agree to take it somewhere else

No. 89480

yes back to berry
i'm guessing she got tired of us discovering her photoshop shit, no more selfies lately lol

No. 89488

she changed her twitter description to try and be more edgy kawaii-desu~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No. 89593

I don't like Berry but Ami seems to be empty & fake as hell, she has no personality. Like who the hell copies someone to the point you can mistake him/her for a twin?!
I used to feel bad for this girl but apparently she suddenly switched from the "kawaii Berry persona"
to the "tumblr cool aesthetic" who responds like a bitch to followers? I don't buy this.
I think she tried to be famous because Berry was famous but then it didn't work so she had to change her plan.
People nned to stop defending her. Nobody likes people who have 0 creativity.
Berry is a big fucking liar but at least she has a lot of great ideas. She's a good artist too!
Too bad she uses her skills for bullshit.

No. 89602

that's true lol idg why people defend ami when some of ami's pictures looked 99% like berry's pictures. each of them have their own faults.

No. 89605

fuck, if you want to talk about amikoto open her own thread and fuck off from this one

No. 89606

yeah seriously true people will kiss ami's ass continuously even though she's a huge bitch right to them
she's just like berry in that aspect bc a lot of her fans still like her
fuck both of them

No. 89609

chill lol

No. 89647

I do think Ami lacks orignality and personality too but
I agree please open a different thread for ami, this is Berrys thread and didn't ami/jenn not want to be associated with berry anymore? So please lets get back to Berry.

No. 89669

berry is getting boring lol

No. 89707

File: 1430176385001.png (12.2 KB, 514x72, berry.png)

Something I found on Berry's old blog archive. I also found the tumblr archive, but unfortunately I can't see the replies there, only the questions people made her (which is a shame because one of them was "Where do you live")

No. 89718

File: 1430178123152.png (488.45 KB, 512x512, avatar_a5366c8207c7_512.png)

No. 89719

Them lips thou, thin as fuck were are her vagina lips

No. 89729

You must be twelve, get out of here if you find it boring? lol problem solve!

I can't tell if these people talking about ami are berry whiteknights or berry herself trying to shit on ami all the while getting this thread distracted from berry lol

wow her lips are half the size than normal here. Its possible she outlines or her lips now or knows how to make them more plump. Im guessing that mole under her eye and in her other more recent photos are real

No. 89730

i think berry is being low profile now because she knows. Havent seen her talk about how rich she is in a while looooool

No. 89735

you guys are just emphasizing the same things over and over lool thanks for showing me the exit but i think i'll stay to see what more you can come up with :)

No. 89741

but she wore extentions back then,, so does that even count?

No. 89762

i think she looks cute here with this style makeup. she actually looks japanese and not like some alien

No. 89777

Well back then small lips were considered really cute and dolly so she could have possibly pursed them to make them smaller in pics

No. 89778

or maybe she just got small ass lips? lol ^^^

No. 89804


yeah but that chin though omg lol

No. 89805

surprised that no one mentioned the shape of her face and how it doesn't match the shape of her face today
inb4 gained weight bc she's always been a fatty-chan

No. 89808

I think this is the closest to her real skin color

maybe photo is overall lightened

No. 89841

I doubt that's really his brother unless they have two PS4 in their house. You can't play COD by split screen, you can only do multiplayer through online multiplayer, so even if you have two DS4, you would need another PS4 + screen to play together. Or that Altermis guy is her in her clan or something. I have COD but I rarely play so not really sure about the clan but I'm sure that you can't do split screen in COD.

No. 89846

Not directly from her Tumblr but she did an "interview" for a blog.


Altermis/[name removed] is her second brother who is married+has a child in a different home.
They're a sibling of four and the brother she shows on her photos are a different person than Levin/Altermis.

No. 89847


+ long ago she posted a photo of her computer screen and the windows login was Altermis too so they know each other in real life and not gaming buddies.

No. 89848


then they do have two PS4 then.

No. 89851


I wouldn't know about in one household but it could be separate. One in Korrine's family home and one in Levin's family home.

They don't live together because she posts photos of her neices visiting and their family visiting Levin's.

No. 89853


Why are you so fixated on two PS4 anyway? She never claimed to own two PS4/doesn't tell anything.
If you've looked at other threads and family photos you'd know she has an older brother with a family of his own.

No. 89889


Nope i can remember how she posted a photo of like 3 Ps4/Xboxes (?) in her twitter , her mother wanted to donate one or give them to someone else.

No. 89894

rich kids on point kek

No. 89910

Altermis was her older brother but now she plays with her other brother – Luke lol

No. 89915

File: 1430233804363.jpg (88.75 KB, 1440x619, Screenshot_2015-04-28-11-08-27…)

What colleges have bells?
Do colleges have bells? I'm so confused. I know mine doesnt, but do others have a bell?

No. 89917

i have a friend whose college has a bell but it's like a church bell

No. 89921


notice how she always uses the word "college". in replacement of "school" or "class" or what have you. lol.

No. 89922

Mine does, it goes off on the hour every hour, so fucking annoying. But yeah I seriously doubt Berry's in college; most people at a richer college would probably call it a university (more prestigious sounding term) or its nickname.

No. 89928

Mine doesn't imo that would be kind of annoying to the people already in class.

No. 89929

i'm in a uni and i still call it college lol

No. 89930

In my country there's no distinction between the two due to the translation.

No. 89936

In my (and Berry's) country, Amurica, there is a distinction… although they are kind of interchangeable, there are instances I question her choice of verbatim but whatever idk lol

No. 89939

I'm in america though lool i still call it college but that's because i'm lazy to say 5 syllables

No. 89977

TR Anon

OCC does have bells. It rings ever hour.

No. 90075

I go to college in new york and I haven't heard of any here having bells..

No. 90077

No. 90100

my CC dont have bells but the uni in my city does.

Is berry still fake living in new york? lolol
I dont think its wrong to put your dream city as your twit location or any location as long as you dont try so hard to make it aound like you really live there and to use it as an accessory to make you seem more extravagent than you are. Berrys kind of dumb like… a lot of people live in NY, she didnt think her lie through lol

No. 90111

she's stated that she lives there like she told someone on Twitter and Instagram "I live in ny"

No. 90113


yeah she said it to the person who said they saw her in a toms river mall

No. 90129

When did Berry come to the US?

No. 90194

so disgusted berry just retweeted a transphobic comment/video wendy williams said to bruce jenner

No. 90210

File: 1430260743890.jpg (103.89 KB, 1074x1020, Screenshot_2015-04-28-18-36-25…)


She retweeted it and then she tweeted that that lady needs to stop.

No. 90212

she's saying it to hide herself from the lot of you lol or her fans

No. 90258

no she's saying it so she can seem cool and rich
she used to admit it before, a long time ago

No. 90268

She used to admit living in new jersey… It was o ly this year I think when she suddenly started saying she lived in NY. berry was really open about her life, she used to be which was cool but now she just seems to be faking everything for the sake of looking rich and acting arrogant, its sad.

No. 90269

10 I think? Idk I think she stated it somewhere a long time ago but idr.

No. 90317

yeah because her fanbase is growing so much lol
idk if my fanbase was that huge i wouldn't want to run into people… but that's just me, hypothetically

No. 90329

this happens to a lot of people, youtubers and even people on tumblr like Jasmine-blu, and they have been met by REAL people in REAL life situations, out on the street. None of them have lied about where they live.

Berry's obviously not doing it to hide her identity and feel safe, she's doing it to seem cool. She "doesn't want to run into people" because her whole life is a lie, and to run into a stranger on the street who knows your online persona - only to see the online doesn't match you in real life, is probably a fear of hers.

No. 90333


^^^^ Yes!

Jasmine blu has a much bigger fan base than Berry in fact.

No. 90345

I think it is rather that Berry is afraid somebody might see her and make a photo of her not so kawaii real appearance.

No. 90396

damn you guys are good

No. 90554

I've been to 3 different colleges (in New York state in fact lol) none of them have bells in fact most professors (in my experience) get mad when students try to leave before they are done speaking regardless if their class is technically over, it's disrespectful, so I doubt any respectable college would have bells

No. 90562


its not like a dismissal bell, the bell at OCC is like a church/clock bell tower it rings on the hour

No. 90626

File: 1430323209466.jpg (73.51 KB, 515x673, r8rto.jpg)


No. 90630

Damn…she has chubby feet ??

No. 90675

why tf does she wanna post her foot?? Does she want people to have a foot fetish for her????¿¿

No. 90681

Her foot is really fat wtf.

No. 90682

No camera to take selfie but post a foot picture? ??

No. 90684

her shoops would be too noticeable if she took a pic w/ a phone resolution lol

No. 90702

ewww omg

No. 90719

> Foot picture
> After people were commenting on how massive her feet/legs look in >>88006

hi burry

No. 90722

people who use gudetama aka azn tumblr weeb hipsters need to burn in the flames of hell

No. 90765

?? But she took a picture with a camera so…?

I go to a primarily asian dominated uni and gudetama is popular or thought of to be cute among most of them (along with pretty much all sanrio characters) and they're just normal girls and not 'tumblr weeb hipsters'–no need to exile anyone to the depths of hell for that lmao

No. 90778

People already exposed other snowflakes addess, who cares? Lmao

No. 90780

She looks ugly. her lips are thin like venus

No. 90783

Small lips are cute
Thin lips were NEVER cute. thin lips makes you look alot older. Definitely not kawaii nor attractive

No. 90793

She doesnt even need a thread, she already deleted her blog like twice, jeez

No. 90854

Are there any pictures of her not in her room and taken by someone else? Or with a friend?

No. 90858

There are some pics already posted with her sister and brother, but all edited or with her hiding her face (to hide the chubs lol)
There's also the "before Berry" pic with her family but that's all I think

No. 90867

If that's the case I wonder why no one else wonders why you never see her with another human being or not taking a selfie or actually outside enjoying life and not having dead face

No. 90905

she's wearing concealer on her top lip. You can see the real outline.

No. 91062

Her foot is fatter than my fat friend (who is a dude) lol

No. 91063

What the hell is going on in this pic? The left side is liquefied like cray.

No. 91076

Looks like she shooped her cheek and jawline to be less round.

No. 91079

berryblogmod @ gmail

To everyone that visits the blog, thanks for you continuous input and support, it helps me out greatly.

Right now I’m going through a really tough time, a lot of stressful things are going on for me right now and it’s putting me through an emotional strain. I don’t believe what’s going on is bad, or anything that cannot be reversed or fixed, so I feel like I’ll be sorted out in a week or two.

I am making this statement to let everyone know, why I have been slightly neglectful of the blog. I have set up a queue to go off once a day, and am trying to feed it new information whenever I have free time. Things will be slow for a bit, and I hope you’ll continue to help me out just as you all have done - I am eternally grateful to everyone who’s submitted information, and given me recommendations for ichigofaker.

I am sorry to anyone who has been disappointed in the blog's content, or decreased output speed, I accept the blame for this but I am hoping everyone will be fine with it for a little while longer.

No. 91085

Does anyone else admire Berry? Not about lying on the Internet, but how she is able to brush off all the hate and continue doing whatever without even being phased by the fact that there are multiple threads with over thousands of posts revealing her bullshit? I'm trying to incorporate that kind of dgaf-ery into my own life.

No. 91091

i feel like she's a little too careless about the whole dgaf thing but if you're trying to incorporate that into your life then i dont think berry is a good example; although if you really do admire that part of her then that's your thing but i'd only take her words like a grain of sand tbh

No. 91138

no lol are u berry or something wtf

No. 91152

Every teenager with a large SM following does the "fuck the haterz" thing though

No. 91273

I personally am starting to hate the 'dgaf' attitude kids seem to be emulating nowadays. I was in a cafe and there were kids being very loud and rude. The manager and other patrons actually told them to be quiet but they got louder and more obnoxious (and began mimicking the ppl who told them to be quiet) because now it's cool and edgy to not give a fuck.

Her 'dgaf' attitude may not be directly hurting other people (except having the same effect magazines have on girls), but now she's living in this strange delusive world and is way too invested in managing her online persona. There are way better people to admire, seriously.

No. 91330

nah there are some people who get really hurt by it too

No. 91357

i think this is a different kind of idgaf, which is based on ego causing one to be incosiderate of others. it's a kind of social ineptness.
berry's reactions however portray her chimping out. her extreme emphasis on "not caring" is what actually reveals her inner troubles about us calling her out on her lies. the truth lies in what people DO, not what they SAY.

No. 91404

File: 1430418102408.png (20.91 KB, 559x279, berry.png)


No. 91408

File: 1430418573978.png (805.53 KB, 940x706, berry.png)

And some more info for the blog if you like

No. 91411

in defense of hte tooth i have a tooth like that and it /does/ look like that when i open my mouth…

No. 91444

what i hate about these "kawaii" cosplayers is when they try to cosplay an anime char and they're completely emotionless for easy shooping and tries to be as "cute" as possible ¬_¬

No. 91448

are you serious kek

No. 91472

yeah lol it actually happens irl

No. 91484

I'd believe that was the case for Berry, but being her… I don't believe she has any fangs.

No. 91513

same. I bet she has regular sized canine teeth just like everyone else but she's a fucking weeb and edited them longer/sharper or some shit

No. 91523

Her teeth look pretty regular here. She's probably just following some Japanese teeth trend.

No. 91524

File: 1430429083239.jpg (314.29 KB, 702x767, Untitled-1.jpg)

Woops file didnt upload

No. 91545

Didnt she use to brag about how how teachers would let her do anything she wants and they dont care because shes suUUCH a good and smart student 115 gpa whatever? Lol

Also if I remember correctly someone said shes actually very timid/shy in real life?

Which would make sense if she is tbh

No. 91547

I wouldnt be surprised i mean she is a huge weaboo among all weaboos. She even said so herself that asians cant be weaboos a long time ago on tumblr

I thiught the new trend for japanese girls was like messed up teeth? :0 Straggle teeth I believe

No. 91561

I think she doesn't actually say the things she posts (like talking back to her teachers) it's probably her "implying" things again. She probably just says these things in her head and posts them on twitter to make it look like a conversation that actually happened.

No. 91576

what about the pic where she's smiling tho?

No. 91578

True. Berry is like… weird. I feel like she really didnt grow out of her preteen 12 year old stage and she's 20 now

No. 91590

no but, dont you find weird that her boyfriend doesnt post anything on tumblr/twitter… i feel like she forced him to make all of his accounts

No. 91593

that's cause her boyfriend isn't real. shes the one that posts on those accounts

No. 91594

It's called 'yaeba' and it's nothing new.

No. 91597

its so sad, he fell in love with a compulsive liar

No. 91603

We already discussed this, Ouji is indeed real but people think that he probably broke up with her and since she knew all of his password she kept the accounts to make it seem they're till dating. If you look closely all of her and "his" tweets are posted more or less at the same time, despite their timezones being awfully different. Also, when Ouji used to control his twitter account and post pics, his speech was completely different from Berry's, and she claims they know each other for a long time now (why did his typing change over the course of months to be exactly like Berry's? Let's wait and watch Berry trying to change it LOL)

Another thing people talked about was the fact that when Berry did the Kawaii Movement (aka "Let's convince people I'm totally natural with photoshop") when Berry compared Ouji's picture she used one from when he was a kid instead of a puberty one; she probably doesn't have any more pics from him.

His tumblr is barely updated though.

No. 91604

Yeah pretty insane

I notice "Ouji" has been tweeting more lately like little spurts throughout the say. I agree though I always find the time he tweets to be off becauae of his timezone. Should I even refer to ouji as an individual anymore I should just call ouji berry. I believe ha is real though just not with berry anymore. She reminds me of those crazy ex gfs
If they did break up do you think ouji knows about what shes doing? If I was him i would be creeped out, but then again Im not masly in love with berry like he is.

No. 91605

day madly
Sorry for the typos I'm on mobile lolol

No. 91606

um yeah..i meant hes not real as in hes just not her bf..

No. 91636

i bet they did break up a long time ago cause real Ouji is too busy with life cause he's a 3rd-4th year college student studying engineering (right?). That's a pretty serious field so he has barely any time to go to his social medias

No. 91638

idk but she claims to be the most secure person in earth but when it comes to his bf, girls cant even look at him more than 5 seconds

No. 91645

Has anyone catfished Ouji yet?

No. 91648

honestly i dont see why anon are defending berrys friends ouji.

i think that's berry tbh.

i also think amikoji visits this blog and comments whenever someone mentions her but denies it.

No. 91650

HAHA yeah I totally think she comes to this blog and talks shit about berry too.
she tries to say she's not bitter or upset at it or anything, but she totally is, she's a lying bitch just like berry they're so similar

No. 91654

C'mon guys fuck ami this is berry's thread

No. 91655

yeah i saw her tumblr and amikoji copied berrys short bob hair style . i actually live in dallas where she lives too. amazing. she lives a couple minutes away

No. 91656

:( we can talk about whoever we want . its acceptable since amikoji is related to berry just like wylona is.

No. 91657

amikoji will reply later and just throw a couple paragraphs here denying she comes by.

just like how berry will always reply right after we talk about ouji and her friends… "OUJI IS REAL GUYS HES REAL HERE LET ME POST A PICTURE AND TALK ABOUT OUR OLD HISTORY"

No. 91658

and btw to amikoji or "jen" im sorry for being so harsh.but you cant rly comment this and that and think u deserve the same praise when youre just as bad as berry but just not as wildly known.
love u tho. keep doing "you"
i could say the same about berry but … well berry still wont change her ways.
thats what u get for being a compulsive liar.

No. 91660

Ami had that short bob hairstyle first tho? You can say berry copied her style since ami had it first.

No. 91662

no she didnt…
ami had a long ass hair style…
wtf are you talking about did you look at the post dates

No. 91663

im sry but if anyone… berry would much rather copy wylona lmfao goodbye

No. 91666

I followed both of them on ig and followed ami on tumblr, if my memory serves me right ami had that hairstyle first?

No. 91672

>>91666 not when i remember it i saw it on berrys first on twitter and then i checked amikojis tumblr.
first ami only had pictures of a blonde wig and her blonde eyemake up and then a few days later she went straight into a bob haircut.

plus ami is notoriously infamous for copying berry. berry never once batted her eyes at her
so in other words
ami copied berry which copied wylona

No. 91673

yeah there's no way in hell Berry would ever copy ami, and you could totally see why Ami copied Berry - for the fame and bc she is seen as she wildly looks good

I know that ami, after the whole fiasco, got a haircut and it was a short chin length even haircut, but that was after the fiasco??????

btw yeah ami is a bitch lol none of her friends like her and they all talk shit about her behind her back
not going to mention names, but one girl and one guy were talking saying what a bitch she is how she'll make a joke with them but there's underlining context that makes it sound mean. and they'll go along with it but they really are pissed off about it.

there's a lot more on ami, bc her "friends" talk so much shit about her, and they hand out her information and stuff about her behind her back

No. 91674

I like how after soooo many comments about her looking like wylona, she toned it down and doesn't shoop herself so similar to her anymore
ami and berry are both bottom feeders

No. 91675

when ami is just the same as berry just less known and less popular

No. 91676

I feel you.

Kind of feel sorry for Ami, but not enough to not listen to all the shit her friends say about her. That's actually how people got ahold of private information of hers, bc her friends gave it away. Like, damn, you must be a huge bitch if ALL of your friends hate you and are willing to throw you under the bus.

Wish this was prevalent with Berry though lol, that more of her close friends would talk shit about her , but they all kiss her ass so deep

No. 91677


No. 91683

Whoa I never knew! I need to know more pls

No. 91702

Holy shit I had no idea. I was one of those people that praised Ami because I felt bad for her about the whole Berry thing. Although that was brutal om Berrys part I had no idea Ami was that bad. I use to talk to her and she seemed alright, didn't know there was more to her though shhiiit lol

Seems like nobody is to be trusted nowadays which suck because there are some really genuine bloggers out there with fewer followings than Berry or maybe even close to or fewer than Ami.

Yeah people kiss up hard to berry because shes popular and "kawaaaiii" (cringe). I think Ami has a dark shitty personality. Berry has a shit personality too but shes mainly a delusional compulsive manipulative liar. Not to mention unlike Ami, Berry knows how to hide her shit by lying or acting all sugary after.

No. 91713

thats exactly why berry never reaches out to any of the other bloggers.

but ami does because she likes the fame hence why she copies berry all the damn time.

but idk how berry does it
like she has to have a shitty life and someone to rant to since shes a compulsive liar. i mean have u seen her house

berry is in high school and so is her boyfriend so i dont how berry can just keep in her circle

No. 91721

That's kind of why I think Ouji is real. Ouji is the one she vents too.
I feel like more proof following this, is even a few years ago when she peaked at fame, she was lying about where she lived, but on facebook like drawings he's done for her - he's always let the truth slip out. Like that drawing of them together where he tagged it as toms river NJ, and the one where he drew her with brown hair when she was saying the green wig was her real hair.
He's always let the truth slip, if Berry was posing as Ouji, she wouldn't let the truth slip out.

No. 91722

I'm surprised that the cosplay community doesn't tear her apart with her "cosplays". I've seen them tear apart other people that don't really cosplay, like her. People who just slap on a wig, do their makeup - how they usually do no type of special makeup - and then call that cosplay. It's more considered closet cosplay, and no one calls her out on it.

No. 91725

True. Also Ami wants to fit in a circle because she doesn't necessarily have one, while Berry already has her own due to her popularity and bloggers/people kissing her ass/her fan base.

Yeah, haha how funny. Yeah now all Ouji does is back her up on her lies. Sounds totally like Berry.

I think people have or they secretly talk about her, Berry's fanbase can be kind of scary ngl. Scary but deluded.

No. 91726

She also has her sister, she might vent to her or something. Or that michyuu girl who seems harmless and has a very small following. Doubt michyuu would ever do anything berry because only through berry is that michyuu girl even known. plus she seems like she believes berry and every bit of her, and she doesn't seem shady.

No. 91752

Does anyone know where berry's twitter header is from?

No. 91758

File: 1430459714139.png (127 KB, 859x689, Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.54…)

What is wrong with this weeb

No. 91759

File: 1430459804126.png (43.24 KB, 580x198, ughhhhhh.png)

jesus fucking christ. does she honestly think she's funny? wow.

No. 91766

It's like she's a caricature of herself.

No. 91777

Even if she's "joking", this is disgusting.

No. 91781

the ppl who favorited them are prob weebs like her and if her jp followers read that they'd probably be like "wtf is wrong with her"

No. 91782

i bet that "Japanese people" was just one person then exaggerated it

No. 91784

her obsession with tits makes me uncomfortable because its usually about her tits lol

jfc her humor is terrible and repetitive oppai this oppai that ochinchin here ochinchin there. Ultimate weeb. She doesn't care though - she believes asians can't be weeb or wannabe japanese.

No. 91794

File: 1430468535006.png (675.7 KB, 458x647, b.png)

Since she tries so hard to be "cute kawaii & shit" she should have tried with this picture LMAO. You are 5 Berry :/ Also mental age 5. Seriously I don't understand how people find her pretty… she looks like a fucking baby to me. Babies are ugly bye

No. 91802

File: 1430471229139.jpg (313.64 KB, 1024x983, image.jpg)

It's from Momoiro Meroik I think

No. 91813

What's that age guessing thing?

No. 91814

File: 1430474790288.jpg (243.59 KB, 458x647, IMG_20150503_2.jpg)

Korinnes real face kek

No. 91819

File: 1430477407590.jpg (241.33 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150503_4.jpg)

WHy is this so much fun omg

No. 91821

Woah, she actually looks pretty in this picture! Good job anon. The natural approach is best without all of those bright ass contacts and the plastic shiny wigs and shit. Please Berry you'll pull of this look way more.

No. 91848


Actually she is wearing contacts in this photo but anon shrinked her eyes so

No. 91849

Someone make her skin darker

No. 91850

yea she'd have no idea what she is getting into

No. 91858

File: 1430491495642.jpg (158.2 KB, 480x640, IMG_20150503_7.jpg)


No. 91862

File: 1430491569145.jpg (37.18 KB, 480x640, large.jpg)

Original :

No. 91875

File: 1430492377414.jpg (60.04 KB, 528x640, image.jpg)

No. 91894

I know you guys wanna get off the topic of ami but tbh she is not creative at all. Her new insta is 'icedcheesedanish' and theres another ig user whose name is 'icedhoneybun' who also has very similar style. She may be nice or whatever but she honestly has no originality from what ive seen. Ok lol get back to berry.

No. 91898

What's this about?

No. 91901

File: 1430495452150.jpg (95.26 KB, 540x960, 1430477407590_副本.jpg)

No. 91902

Icedhoneybun is her friend lol also she's no longer icedcheesedanish

No. 91903

Why is her upper left shoulder so squiggly?

No. 91904

icedcheesedanish doesn't come up with anything

No. 91908

Please don't post Ami's urls, only saying this bc she reads this thread and then immediately deletes afterwards and I want to get the most lols out of her that I can.

This is the anon that knows all of her friends, and the one they talk shit about her to. I could post more about her here, but like everyone is saying it's Berry's thread and not Ami's so I try to keep it at a minimum.

But I just don't want to scare her off, and if her info keeps coming out there idk what will happen. I doubt she'll leave the internet completely she's a shut in just like Berry but not to that extreme of a case - only bc no one likes hanging out with her so she's left with nothing to do

No. 91920

i agree. if anything we should just talk about her friends because that would make finding her a lot easier. they would not delete for her uncomfort. oops.

just like how berry is uncomfy with us talking about ouji

No. 91926

but tldr you know we should just leave ami alone off the internet. ami is not 20 like she say she is. shes probably really young.
she probably got the name off her insta from the food in the vendor machine at her school.

No. 91927

I want to hear more about ami tho.
Pls go on?

Tbh I think shut-in people like berry needs help

No. 91931

holy shit just make an ami thread this shit is annoying

No. 91932

yes please

No. 91948

Yeah, tbh if someone makes an Ami thread I'll go on, but I don't know if she really needs one bc it's all word of mouth I don't have screen shots of her bad behavior and its just her friends that tell me everything about her.

Ami is not as young as you probably think.

No. 91955


I agree with you in that the thread wouldn't be that big, but she's a huge bitch and deserves some of the shit she gets not all of it

I wasn't even saying she's twenty, I was just saying she's not as young as you think she is.
It's weird how back and forth you're being, suddenly you don't know anything about ami and then you say you do just because you live near her?? Just stop. No one's making a thread so you can calm down. Just shut up.

Berry's been really lowkey lately, and it's been kind of disappointing. No new pics, just a bunch of weird racist tweets about how she loves the Japanesu and just about dumb shit she's doing.

No. 91957


i never said i didnt know anything about ami?
i think you think im the other anon.

i was the anon that was agreeing with you all the time!
and yeah youre right! its because she visits this thread.
im gonna delete my other post because i feel its a little mean.

No. 91958

at least if i think your the anon im thinking of correctly.

No. 92019

File: 1430514093091.jpg (68.71 KB, 347x457, IMG_20150503_8.jpg)

No. 92020

File: 1430514201658.png (413.33 KB, 540x960, 1.png)

Wow this is pretty legit tbh.
But did anyone else notice something weird with her breasts? and is there normally an abyss between breasts like that? Also, that shadow on her right (our left) breast looks unnatural, and her entire neckline in particular looks carefully manipulated (i used the photo she originally posted herself so people couldn't say the person who unshooped her did it themselves)

No. 92037

Yeah, some of her pictures are like that where there's this weird gap which is why everyone thinks they're obviously photoshop bc the gap would signify thats where the boobs stop but her shirt bulge doesmt

No. 92070

no1 curr

No. 92074

who even are you lol

No. 92076

tbh i dont really know or give a shit for jenn/ami that much (no offense) except for her past w/ berry. I really do think you guys should stop posting about her here because this is berry's thread . Jenn isn't connected to berry anymore and talking about them together is unnecessary and annoying imo.
I know berry has been boring really low-key lately because people finally noticed her shittiness but there's no need to keep digging

No. 92079

also if you're so interested in jenn just make a new thread pls

No. 92081

is that hair piece next to the light switch even normal ??

No. 92089

that looks like a different person omfg nice job anon LOL

No. 92106

That picture of berry in black shirt and black hair… Idk if it's just me but her hair looks so damaged and crispy looking. Did she messed her hair up by curling it? It just looks so stiff.

No. 92131

Probably plus she seems to have thick hair? Might be fried from curling though

Loving all these edited possibilities of berry before she shoops her pics [thumbs up anon]

No. 92138

really lol

No. 92146

File: 1430523037347.gif (561.23 KB, 400x300, tumblr_ngb3qva2sr1te74g7o1_400…)

This gif wtf

No. 92153

She sooo shoops her eyes bigger omg
And lol bright light again to make her skin brighter than it really is and using the bright light to wash out any skin imperfections. Hair in face again she does that in every gif…
I give props to berry for knowing how to manipulate her surroundings.

Btw what happen to those videos she said she was going to post? She was like "ill be posting more really soon!!!!!!!!!" Like 3 weeks ago.

No. 92155

Is she supposed to be blinking? I see weird shadows everywhere

No. 92160

File: 1430524016310.jpg (83 KB, 500x743, image.jpg)

No. 92171

No. 92195

actually michyuu doesn't want to be as 'known' as berry (i'm one of her long time followers who found berry through her as surprising as this might sound), her little amount of followers is mostly the people who've seen her on tumblr – she used to do this panty head thing lol this is just an fyi, i hope no one things she's riding on berry's fame :)

No. 92232


No. 92236


who the fuck is thast

No. 92242

did she post this

No. 92259

i found out on photoshop she recycled some of the frames to make it seem she's blinking. basically she just closed her eyes and then repeated the same frames to make her eye blink lol im now on mobile but i'll post the frames when i can

No. 92286

It's quite easy to tell if and how much Berry shooped her eyes in her photos
But I dont want to tell cuz I don't want her to find out and then avoid it lol sry

No. 92327

Judging by the previous gif this is what her face should be like when unshooped.

No. 92328

who ever did this you're amazing

No. 92342

File: 1430549308579.jpg (93.85 KB, 640x820, image.jpg)

she def lurks LOL

No. 92343

File: 1430549377110.jpg (106.16 KB, 640x849, image.jpg)

so.. like when she says she's rich but actually poor– or how she's not in college

No. 92344

if she didn't manipulate her words/ everything about herself so much maybe people would stop doubting her

No. 92347

I don't know about Berry but I'm pretty sure being a compulsive liar, being manipulative and delusional to yourself and a large amount of people is at least borderline psychological? Because who in their right mind would go to such lengths like she does unless they're a little wonky to say the least. Like can we bring back those attention whore times when she tried so hard to prove she doesnt need photoshop and texted the same image to 4 different people she apparently knew irl? That was embarrassing to see her tweet about lol

No. 92351

I think her immaturity is the base of it all. She's also probably extremely insecure about her looks/life irl so she makes up this elaborate fantasy to live out online. To someone as lonely and thirsty for validation and attention as she is, asspats feel good no matter if they're true or not.

No. 92353

Yes, I believe so. She's 20 and obviously has not grown up.

Her insecurity would also explain why she photoshopped her "proof" video despite it being a proof video and used bright light to mask her skin and make it lighter than it is and so much more outside of just her appearance, all because she must be extremely insecure.

I really do think she fakes being rich and whatnot because she thrives on people envying and wishing they could be her. Its sort of disgusting. Her ego is outrageous.

No. 92356

Based on the hut she lives in and the fact she lives off of freebees from sponsoring, she's probably the exact opposite of rich. She just wants to live out the fantasy life she can't have by being a wealthy kawaii princess online.

No. 92359

Berry should just own up to the fact that she's just a dumb self absorbed cunt.

No. 92422

Berry Tsukasa /Korinne Tigno is living in nj, Tomsriver ( cedarwood drive 43)

if someone lives near her area they could take a photo of her kek

No. 92423

File: 1430576614182.jpg (102.68 KB, 960x720, 403080_1851542906061_635699350…)


No. 92426

What does her address/private info has to do with anything?

We're gossipers, not monster stalkers.

No. 92437

>i'm not a normal human being, so i don't exhibit basic human psychological mechanisms

bitch, your abnormalities are part of your neuroses
a great example of how people always lose their shit about things that are true.

i'm also wondering what she looks like nowadays but no one should fucking stalk her.

No. 92456

lol she is definitely a lot taller than ouji

No. 92464

jesus, you're mental. no matter how pissed off you're with her no one deserves to be stalked.

No. 92467

her address was already public. all her info including her phone number is online and you don't need to dig that much. if you stalk or no that's your business and if any people here do shit then there's their fucking responsibility.

kek and he's so skinny. he's the person she wants to be

No. 92468

it's still wrong lol as bad as she is no one should creep around and stalk her, we have enough info here

No. 92473

lol she's posting her old selfies now

No. 92480

her catfish thirst is real

No. 92485

since she's more active on twitter now, not many people know her as berry "tsukasa". How can she get more exposure for people to realize she's fake?

No. 92487

That's old news and there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 92489

I honestly don't think you're going to convince anyone here to be "morally right" I'm not condoning it, just saying you're wasting your time because no one here cares about what's good.
But it's also a little late to say anything because I believe her address was already posted in the first thread

No. 92490

Calling out people for stalking at lolcow.

No. 92530

i was 92468 and well yeah i can't really convince anyone to not do it and whatnot but it doesn't hurt to say anything

No. 92578

I can't find her insta. WHY everytime someones posts her new insta it doesn' exist anymore the SECOND I'm checking! STOP LURKING THIS THREAD AND CHANGING USER NAME AMIKOTO.

No. 92592

No. 92686

File: 1430624227826.jpg (22.5 KB, 750x217, image.jpg)

college pre-med student with a 115% GPA and teachers who let her do anything since she's too smart doesn't know the difference between "bear" and "bare"

No. 92687

im laughing so hard. she never says shes filipino but now her twitter is full of tweets sayin that she is

No. 92732

just bc she's smart doesn't mean she's einstein lol

No. 92743

it's basic English, you don't need to be Einstein to know that

No. 92746

>she's smart

Sup berry.

No. 92758

It's simple. She's just asking us to get naked with her. She probably knows the English language well enough that she knows what she meant. Let's go guys. Let's she her beautiful shopped body. ;)

No. 92759

LOL basic English is Einstein level…omfg

No. 92815

File: 1430662594278.jpg (18.67 KB, 338x295, 7567756.jpg)

lmao, thanks for proving our point, berry.

No. 92837

For someone who's been living in America most of her life and claims to be a genius, she should've known the difference. This is elementary English. You learn about homophones in what, third or fourth grade? I would expect that she was taught this in ESL classes when she immigrated here.

No. 92850

All her tweets about school definitely make it seem like she's still in high school. So either she's lying about her age, or she started school late and/or was held back. If she's in high school she's probably in all C level classes. Not sure if that's how other high schools work but we have A, B, and C level for all the main subjects… and if that's the case I could definitely see how someone like her would get an inflated ego and think she's super smart.
I was in a couple C level classes because I never did any homeeork/assignments I was supposed to and, holy shit, a lot of those kids in those classes were dumb as rocks.

No. 92897

They're not going to tell you unless you give them an actual reason. There's no point to doing that either, we pretty much know for a fact she goes there anyway.

No. 92898

So, she saying her school finished two days ago is bullshit? As I saw the school calendar and they're still in classes.

No. 92930

she's probably not going to OCC then lol

No. 92931


no one goes to the end of the semester at OCC all professors end early

No. 92934


I thought we established she's lying about being in college? She has no idea how the classes or degrees work at all and we got her birthday, she'd still be in high school. The anon who deleted said to call the high school in Toms River, not OCC.

No. 92936


toms river high schools dont get out until june so how would she still be in HS

No. 92942

Basically she's lying about everything, including her summer break start kek

No. 92949

Its Berry its hard to pinpoint anything about her because all her lies are ridiculous and have so many holes in them. I really do think she isnt in college though. Anything she tweets about college might just be info she got from her sister? Idk but I doubt Berry is in college. She might be but I don't think shes what she claims to be (smart blah blah) if she is in college.

No. 92955

>Berry telling the truth about her school


There's no way she's in college. The way she acts is like someone who's getting all this secondhand information about what post secondary is like through the internet, anime, or (like you said) her sister. If she was actually in college she probably would've flaunted her (shooped) grad photos, college ID, etc all over the place when people began doubting her instead of going COLLEGE COLLEGE IM IN COLLEGE MEET YOU AT COLLEGE

No. 92965

For comparison, in my high school, seniors like Berry can't leave school even after finals. They have to wait until the last day to give them their real certificates(they give them fakes for the ceremony). I'm in a school that has a US education system, but not exactly like it because we are a territory.
Okay, my main point is, do schools(including universities)on tho mainland close that early? I don't remember her mentioning exams(She probably did idr)? Most schools I know are in till June usually, the earliest one I've seen going out in late May was my old private school.

So if it's not common, what made Berry think this shit is believable? Idk NY though…

Then again, her fans are gullible.

No. 92976

samefag detected

No. 93030

File: 1430702286219.png (97 KB, 605x811, berry.png)

I'm glad some people see the bitch she is

No. 93080

Did that girl tweet that to berry?

No. 93107

why she gotta say "arigato' lmfao weeb

No. 93118

No. 93132

Yeah. She quoted Betty's tweet.

No. 93140

well my college started break on may 1st so

No. 93189

notice how she thinks everyone's on the same page as her

No. 93232

Probably to be funny or shes just weebing. If its to be funny… her humor is embarrassing.

No. 93307

its to be funny, but she's not, she's dumb.

No. 93318

stop berry

No. 93392

which college is it?

No. 93395

it's in chicago, neiu

No. 93396

we ended the semester officially on may 1st. also at >>93318 don't assume that anyone saying anything that's similar to what berry claims is berry herself, this could be good information in order to figure stuff out.

No. 93448

I just checked that college's calendar and it says that the semester official ends tomorrow. Did your class end early or something?

No. 93521

Well technically break starts whenever your exams end, my exams ended on Friday o:

No. 93524

that's weird though because I thought it was May 1st lol…close enough? anyways I think Michyuu goes here so that can mean something.

No. 93531

File: 1430774551056.jpg (21.42 KB, 647x88, calendar.jpg)

okay yeah technically the semester ends tomorrow but otherwise break started for us students on Friday :)

No. 93557

can somebody open a new thread ? this one has like 1100 replies

No. 93563

How old is that Michyuu girl?

No. 93573