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File: 1691798314644.jpeg (459.46 KB, 1450x1450, 87F6E367-3011-4459-B368-834C8C…)

No. 314190

Have you seen those stupid ass short comics that people make and are unfunny as fuck? Of course you have, they're all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt, they're the bread and butter of unskilled artists and writers. Unfortunately, there's a ton of these bad short form comics floating around the internet (and people who make a living out of them, as perplexing as it is). Post the hilariously bad, terrible, lukewarm, mediocre, lazy infuriating, and most annoying ones here!

You can post
>Short comics
>Multiple pannels or illustrations
>4koma/4pannel comics
>Abstracts from a bigger comic

Previous thread: >>>/m/256627

No. 314193


No. 314195

that's why it's a bad comic

No. 314213

I'm gonna miss the merryweather cringe op pic.

No. 314261

File: 1691834903521.png (739.85 KB, 765x1097, FDDqBXEAAVmvk.png)

No. 314272

Me too, anon

No. 314287

File: 1691846448314.jpg (571.04 KB, 2995x4096, FzsbUIgWwAExEnk.jpg)

can't both be wrong?

No. 314289

Seriously. “Kink at pride is bad therefore dating college kids as a 30 year old is good” is such a braindead take.

No. 314301

Someone exposing their genitalia to a child is pedophilia though. What’s happening in the top panel is literally grooming, it creates a situation a predator can use to normalize sexual contact with a child. Just because the people exposing themselves don’t try to molest a child doesn’t mean another adult won’t come along and be glad to find a child primed to not question their nudity. Don’t help the pedos if you don’t want to be labeled a pedo, it’s that simple.
Did whoever make this really think it was a gotcha? All it tells me is this person has been groomed to think adults being naked/sexual around children is normal when it’s not and shouldn’t be normalized. Congrats dumbass you played yourself and have made yourself part of the problem by “unwittingly” aiding pedophiles and normalizing the grooming of children for easy predatory access.

No. 314360

File: 1691870592345.jpg (335.41 KB, 1792x1183, F2oEaJLXQAAU0R9.jpg)

No. 314368

Anon, you have severe autism, don't you?

No. 314385

I'm guessing we can pretty much all agree the people who have a problem with an age gap relationship involving a 20-year-old are generally NOT the same people who think kink at pride is acceptable and kid-friendly. It's in the bad comics thread for good reason.

No. 314429

File: 1691918081396.jpg (3.05 MB, 1200x4013, stealth1.jpg)

Trans genocide is so real you guys!!

No. 314430

File: 1691918120550.jpg (2.15 MB, 1200x4013, stealth2.jpg)

No. 314431

Kek so edgy and dramatic. Love the "violence is tempting" and the end with the "combat" thing, so cringy and male.
>I want to move around unrestricted
Aka I want to go be a pervert in women's bathrooms without consequence.

No. 314432

Of course violence is tempting to him

No. 314435

Violence towards strangers being tempting is such a moid thought. I've had big arguments with strangers and being violent never crossed my mind. It really is such an unique male experience.

No. 314445

File: 1691927623036.jpg (307.84 KB, 1456x1820, 8cd6b3a5-3f2e-43ec-af00-406aea…)

The retard in picrel needs help from an AI to make his comics. Where stick-figures sperg about their work process. Ok…

Shotafags defended a comic where a character fucked her kid brother in the last thread, I'm surprised this isn't getting more shit

No. 314447

File: 1691927995532.jpg (61.29 KB, 614x720, oar2.jpg)

I apologize in advance for my sperging, but gosh do i hate the whole "terfs are creepy, they talk about our genitals and how we pee!" shit. Maybe, just maybe, terfs wouldn't criticize your private life if you didn't blast it all over the internet (and children irl). Maybe they wouldn't care if trannies didn't post themselves jerking off in our toilets. And maybe they wouldn't make these suspicions about them being male chasers if they didn't harrass lesbians for not dating them. Hons invented a term for it ffs, the "cotton ceiling" or whatever… The nerve of this comic is beyond me.

No. 314448

God, not this fucking game. I made the mistake of playing it because I thought the premise was interesting and all I left with was the most uncomfortable experience ever. I was shocked to see so many people praise it.

No. 314449

>How dare women fear being raped by mentally ill sexual predator men! They're the real wierdos for thinking about my penis men constantly use to assault and harass women and centre their lives around!
Indeed, why would women fear men who masturbate in womens toilets and assault and flash them. They definitely aren't sexual predators because they don't identify as predators!

No. 314450

The fuck? My parents have ten years of age difference. They've been married for 50 years now. Guess they shouldnt be, according to your messed up logic.

No. 314452

Lol their fantasy land where transwomen are hot, lesbians want them, and terfs want them too. So cute.

No. 314455

Nta but 10 years age difference really depends on when they got together. 10 and 20 is a ten years age difference and absolutely pedophilia, while 20 and 30 is not but still weird because you have nothing in common. The older the people, the less the gap matters.

No. 314457

I honestly don't see people sperging about age gaps like this unless it's about ships.

No. 314464

What game is it?

No. 314465

You are so dramatic. I'm sure that anon's opinion went back in time and erased you from being born.

No. 314466

My parents also had a 10 year gap. I also thought it was ok. I didn't know it wasn't normal for men to be emotionally distant and have anger issues so bad that their kids would avoid him. My mom should have never married him.
My half sister also married a guy that was 11 years older since our dad did it, and he tricked her with the old "Let's not have kids and instead travel the world" because he already has 2 kids from other failed marriages. Of course it was a lie and now she has no kids and is unhappy.
My grandparents also had a big age gap. Grandma's husband was an abuser who beat her, her kids, and raped her.
Never give old men a chance. Society tries to normalize it, but there's a reason these men have multiple divorces and go after young women exclusively.

No. 314493

>mind giving us a space?
the irony of a troon trying to lecture us in respecting people's spaces

No. 314495

When did they date? When did they first meet?

No. 314499

nta but it's 'the coffin of andy and leyley'. I looked it up because of this post, and god, was anon right about it.

No. 314500

I think people get weird about age gaps and a lot of times claim they’re inherently predatory, but I mostly think it’s like this anon says >>314455. A lot of it comes down to things like when people meet and their life stages. Reminds me of how I saw a comment on a lesbian subreddit that was being downvoted because someone was 31 and met their 24 yo partner in grad school. A seven year difference when both people are in the same stage of life seems reasonable to me and I couldn’t understand why people were freaking out about it. Tbh, I get it more with m/f relationships because more men ARE actually predatory, and age gaps seem to be more common in f/f relationships because there are less potential partners statistically. I’m totally rambling, but imo age gaps as a whole seem very case-by-case dependent unless it’s a much older person with a much younger person or the younger one is a teen/early twenties.

No. 314519

A hit dog will holler

No. 314523

If my 19 started dating a 29yo man I would murder him.

No. 314540

is this the game where people were making weird shotacon art of the male protagonist

No. 314576

I don't know about that, but I don't think so. It's an incest game.

No. 314590

File: 1691975048789.png (331.59 KB, 1280x1324, IMG_0379.png)

all of her shit is so unfunny and boring, i din't get how it got popular. it's straight up retarded, just nonsequiturs about her nigel, her teddy bear and hatsune miku

No. 314650

Is the artist a TiF?

No. 314651

So? Like other anons have said, it really depends on when they met. If your mom was under 20 when she started dating your dad, it was grooming, full stop. If your parents were like 25 and 35 I guess that's reasonable, even moreso if your mom was the older one. Plus, children of older fathers are more likely to have autism among other things. People really don't have any business dating more than five years above or below their own age.

No. 314654

>Addicted to violent vidya
>Wife is divorcing him
>Shitty art
They're all so similar. It's like there's a factory somewhere churning these guys out.

No. 314764

File: 1692022846680.png (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1147x1050, totallynotincest.png)

Are you thinking of Omori? Similar RPG maker style weeb game that people shove incest into.
I hate that the art is cute to me in this game and the "ow the edge" setting is passable. Too bad about the brocon protagonist and lame writing (author is ESL, probably has no siblings lol). Idk, maybe there'll be an ending where the two both eat shit and die?
Devlog art gets worse and worse, thought we were past the age of Oreimo shit tbh.

No. 314799

im not fond of those quirky couple webcomics but i can at least see the appeal. couples irl can look at them and say "omg bebe this is literally us" but this is neither funny or relatable and the art isn't even interesting. Maybe if the characters where texting each other then it would still be unfunny but it would at least seem more relatable. Who does this appeal too?
Also hate that this is only a 4 panel comic with a very simple art style and yet 2/4 of the panels are copy-pasted

No. 314882


No. 314885

File: 1692062800807.png (4.55 MB, 1474x4377, pcos.png)

Classic piece of OJST cringe

It's those normie couple comics, but aimed specifically at tumblr women in het relationships who identify as 'queer'

No. 314892

jfc women really are fucked by being terminally online. this is embarrassing

No. 314902

>I'm not stereotypically feminine and have geeky interests? I should draw a cutesy, sparkly comic where I'm floating naked in space using melodramatic tropes I got from children's cartoons to explain how I'm not a woman!
I hate this genre of bad comic it's the cringiest shit

No. 314905

we all knew already but the troon obsession with hideous characters and making attractive characters hideous is such a massive cope for their own "perceived" fugliness and self hatred kek how sad, they need to accept themselves for who they really are

tbf the childrens cartoons in question are made by the same enby womanchildren

No. 314991

trannies are NPCs

No. 315095

married for 50 years?? How old are you?

No. 315150

>"He wants to be a woman with big tits"
>"Haha, I see your's haven't grown"
>"So Emily is divorcing you, right?"
I would never admit to being owned that hard.

No. 315357

File: 1692212666616.jpg (72.39 KB, 1024x563, 29edbfae9af7e886ed174a8f6a6db1…)

No. 315386

She can't even draw herself hairy

No. 315443

We wanted to kill them, but – oh no – women couldn't stomach the thought of violence, so now you have to deal with it. Next time just let us deal with them.
Seriously, this is what pisses me off. The other nona complains about men's tendency to violence, and now you're complaining about something that can only be resolved with violence. SMH.

No. 315446

…do you think people get kicked off the internet on their 40th birthday or something?

No. 315469

>has a hormonal disorder
"I am BEYOND womanhood"

There's so much to this, like putting the "I want to wear woman's clothes" on a picture of the hitman stealing a dead woman's clothes. Or implying hes in more danger in an elevator than a woman, even though he's got a solid physical advantage over women, being angry when men harass you rather than afraid.

This one's not that bad

No. 315475

Even wilder, has a hormonal issue that affects women.

No. 315476

File: 1692237046571.jpg (333.69 KB, 2505x2451, 20230816_195125.jpg)

I found this very new webcomic and the jokes are mostly about having tits.

No. 315489

i wouldn't be surprised if mastectomy rates skyrocket after this gets mainstream

No. 315495

it's not as coomerish, but armpits are better for this

No. 315563

File: 1692285393076.jpg (464.47 KB, 1450x1450, BaF_51.jpg)

No. 315565

File: 1692285563001.jpg (380.5 KB, 1080x1076, BaF_52.jpg)

No. 315568

If it’s that cold you’d be wearing multiple layers underneath and fucking gloves at least. No way I’m touching my bare skin with freezing hands. The HAHA TOUCHING MY BOOBZ punchline is so gross and annoying literally some shit 14 year olds would think is funny 10 years ago

No. 315575

Based gatekeeping brown girl

No. 315577

mfw this shit happened to me way too many times irl because every single time a man brags about being a gamer they only play FIFA or COD and have never heard about classics like Final Fantasy or DMC and think Resident Evil and Silent Hill are only movies.

No. 315583

Kek the blob fish (which is supposed to be the author's self-insert I guess) sounds so edgy and silly. You know the person writing that struggles with eye contact and has a breakdown if they have to take a phone call in real life.

No. 315586

>self-insert marysue freakshit D&D character
>more emphasis placed on muh super speshul background and muh OC drawings than anything related to the actual game
>teehee my tall thin moid is like totally the lego lass to my gimlet

WOTC marketing to tumblr girls was a fucking mistake.

No. 315594

File: 1692292866663.jpg (519.17 KB, 1450x1450, varh.jpg)

No. 315595

File: 1692292898186.jpg (154.86 KB, 680x643, Coke_Gaming.jpg)

No. 315597

My Dad is like this and it's kind of annoying.

No. 315612

File: 1692296396328.jpeg (656.17 KB, 828x1391, DEA2BE1F-2672-43E2-B279-160B2D…)

No. 315614

living their "true self" kek

No. 315617

File: 1692296937053.jpg (109.2 KB, 956x938, Average Blobby comic.jpg)

No. 315618

is she a rabbit with a lizard tail or something?

No. 315627

kek didnt someone make a follow up on this comic where the woman assults the guy?

No. 315629

The dramatic pose at the end my god these people sound so sheltered

No. 315641

Threadpic worthy kek, so dramatic

No. 315719


kek, wait until some moid calls her a chinlet manlet.

No. 315730

File: 1692345320637.png (2.37 MB, 1407x2208, 1689708380359.png)

It was pretty based

No. 315732

the last pose reminds me of that picture of the wolf furry looking at the moon i cannot believe this is nonironic

No. 315735

File: 1692346816277.png (125.29 KB, 345x245, so valid.png)

holy fuck it does lmao

No. 315737

beautiful nonna.

No. 315765

I noticed this artist draws the "radfem" as a blue eyed blonde woman all the time to make a point, when in fact most tranny supporters and trannies themselves are white, while poc barely support gendies

No. 315767

We all know the totally not racist thing that all terfs are white and woc terfs are simply brainwashed.

No. 315770

trannies are so dumb kek. if this is real the scrote was probably trying to banter

No. 315800

Plenty of people think radical feminism is white feminism for some reason, I'm sure that's why.

No. 315814

The reasons I’ve seen claiming this say its because the gender-binary didn’t exist before colonialism, like people claiming non-white cultures had a gender spectrum (which was always just homophobia or pedophilia) kek.

No. 316063

File: 1692464031038.jpg (118.13 KB, 507x986, FzdPaspVATwZa.jpg)

No. 316077

literally just because jk rowling is white

No. 316147

Any news on Shencomix possibly trooning out?

No. 316160

I love how the "artist" made the strawman way more reasonable than the character we're supposed to relate to and root for.

No. 316236

This is easily solved by giving more women the voice. Even with their retarded logic it shouldn't make sense to keep women who do admit they are suffering under it.

No. 316237

File: 1692507562676.png (1.37 MB, 1280x4669, 119032890.png)

It's probably more fair to post this artist's newer work but still
>comic ruined by obvious coomerism
Tale as old as time

No. 316249

> thin conventionally attractive partner
who wanna bet her boyfriend is the ugliest lanky asshole you've ever seen kek

No. 316501

File: 1692622933298.jpg (1.27 MB, 878x5530, Untitled.jpg)

Cross-posting from one of the tranny threads.

No. 316503

File: 1692624494989.jpg (144.07 KB, 1080x1115, FB_IMG_1692623739978.jpg)

I'm sorry but that first and last panel is so fucking unsightly

No. 316504

is this supposed to be her nose? looks like flesh bangs

No. 316508

File: 1692628315919.png (126.6 KB, 253x393, Dr_John_Zoidberg.png)

No. 316514

File: 1692631658860.jpeg (141.83 KB, 1250x423, F33DLh4XUAAaB7K.jpeg)

tatszya ishida is going places

No. 316518

let me guess
>the war isn't real
>putin is based
>the world government is using ukraine to test their new psyonic weapons
>alternatively, zelensky is the head jew pulling the strings
god, what a dumbass

No. 316521

File: 1692633847334.jpg (146.5 KB, 1250x423, 2023-08-12.jpg)

The far right and far left are genuinely converging.

No. 316524

File: 1692634088811.jpg (73.02 KB, 1920x1080, 633430.jpg)

I hate the art style. What is that creature lol

No. 316527

god, this dude gets more unhinged every year. doesn't he have any irl friends or family to help restore his connection to reality?

No. 316528

>they'd think i was crazy
guess what bud

No. 316531

How does one become a furry? From getting exposed to animal porn? Or are cartoons enough?

No. 316578

It's liking animals a lot, not liking people (being bullied or whatever), anime and fantasy shit + autism.

No. 316599

either space jam or lion king

No. 316617

Imagine you're a normie teen girl trying really really hard to take your best friend's new gender identity seriously and then she confides in you that she actually identifies as some sort of rabbit pokemon

No. 316626

So your parent’s relationship disqualifies all abusive relationships? Cute

No. 316627

My parents had an age gap of 23 years (17 and 40) and I suffer the mental/genetic consequences of it. Go fuck yourself

No. 316628

I think all Muslims should keep out of western lands and I say this as an exmuslim(racebaiting/off topic)

No. 316668

>the amount of detail in that "maw"

No. 316686

Same. If they were just born into it and don't really take it super seriously besides not eating pork I don't care but I feel like in my country that's less and less the case. I keep seeing Muslims of all ages trying to guilt trip everyone into cooking halal bland as fuck food in public spaces, complaining about the lack of options for restaurants and cafes as if it were anyone's problem but theirs, insulting people of their race for being normal because they assume we're all Muslims. Then when they get the consequences of their actions they complain about islamophobia. And actual racism against us isn't taken seriously because people assume it's islamophobia, which is not a real thing.

No. 316880

File: 1692769655816.jpg (511.03 KB, 1220x1741, IMG_20230823_075012.jpg)

What the fuck is this comic implying

No. 316883

that a gay moid poses no threat to a woman

No. 316968

>women think they can get away with sexually harassing men because no one thinks men can be victims!!! its evil!!
>oh noes poor men can be in public without evil bitch women thinking they are predators

No. 316973

This is the backstory of every adult adhd loser on twitter

No. 316975

File: 1692793882047.jpeg (566.72 KB, 828x1126, IMG_8247.jpeg)

Is it cheating to post ShenComix? I don’t think a single thing they’ve made has been funny in years.

No. 317006

File: 1692802678161.jpeg (403.46 KB, 828x937, IMG_8252.jpeg)

No. 317013

I genuinely don't get it, what does it suppose to mean?

No. 317019

people who are fine with AI art are sad bitter losers who live in their mother's basement.

No. 317021

this ones pretty inoffensive

No. 317023

File: 1692805677089.png (767.7 KB, 1280x1457, tumblr_0d45b9aa4b8d21e8e02e348…)

The art is so bad. Another comic.

No. 317026

I agree with this comic tho.

No. 317032

>guy who thinks art is not a real job gets btfo
>artist dunked on by own child for not having a stable source of income

i would like some narrative consistency here. but also ya, if thats what your art looks like its time to throw in the towel

No. 317054

are you autist or something why do these short one-time-joke comics need "narrative consistency". yeah they look like shit but that's a retarded nitpick

No. 317129

His art just keep getting worse what the fuck is happening

No. 317356

he is behinning to troon out

No. 317403

Where are you getting these troon rumours from?

No. 317445

File: 1692944283779.png (499.2 KB, 921x1118, 1be8a471f4599c4.png)

No. 317449

this is the most aggressive thinspo/meanspo i've ever seen, makes me strongly want to dry fast for an entire month

No. 317460

kek same, I would hate being gropped like this, my first thought was "I'm glad I don't look like that"

No. 317473

I saw a post from him at 22k upvotes, why? Or how? Does he use bots? Not a single "this is not really funny" type comment either.

No. 317540

>just has a fupa

No. 317548

It’s a chick and she’s got a weird dedicated fan base.

No. 317551

r/comics bans anyone who doesn't heap praise on her boring comics. It's very strange because there clearly aren't enough people who actually like them to account for the votes.

No. 317720

File: 1692993568113.gif (257.34 KB, 702x1018, Revenge 3.gif)

No. 317741

The malding over fit people is real with this one.

No. 317744

So many factually wrong shit in this one but the funny thing is that there's so much text it's obvious it's a fatass coping who did this and projecting his insecurity over everyone who's not a fatass.

No. 317794

this is the attitude that only women should have about their bodies, not moids, never moids. moids must be handsome at all times, i don't give a fuck if they starve and mutilate themselves for that, it's their job and is only natural

No. 317796

what's the point of animating this ("animating")

No. 317818

Congrats on being retarded

No. 317819

File: 1693033875402.jpg (160.21 KB, 1200x786, EiOGHu3XcAAk29l.jpg)

>Some sort of rabbit pokemon
It's a dutch angel dragon. I hate that I know that.

No. 317821

File: 1693035321363.png (1.05 MB, 828x1391, Untitled2540_20230826033754.pn…)

No. 317958

File: 1693084398842.jpg (740.26 KB, 1080x6480, PnVhKNlle1aAdwI.jpg)

>awful pacing
>shit punchline
>and I'm convinced this is a fetish comic

No. 317959

beautiful nonna.

No. 318020

File: 1693127551644.png (840.93 KB, 776x762, gender.png)

next threadpic pls.

No. 318030

“Thinking nonstop” GET A HOBBY

No. 318032

How can she live long enough to decide to troon out but then not ever hearing some guy go "wdym it's not even that cold hahaha" once

No. 318042

You don't have to live in the gym to not be a fatass, fatass

No. 318044

Yeah, this is creepy and not funny at all. What was even the punch line?

No. 318045

Giving me the same energy as woman larping as a man going to a gay sex party and getting ignored by gay men. lmao

No. 318046

what is he going on about? The only fat people that are judged are women. Fat men can do as they please. I've seen too many fat men with their shirts off, not giving a shit. And fit = living in a gym? No, it means you give a fuck about not dying from butter veins at 40. Fat men cope.

No. 318048

Why the hell would you call everyone to tell them you're genderspecial? Can't the themlet just bring it up when they next meet or make a public post? I have to imagine someone calling me up at like 9PM to let me know they discovered faeriselves, why the fuck are you wasting everyone's time individually?

No. 318054

how would he let others know he is a REAL genderspecial otherwise, anon?

No. 318057

NTA but I think nonnas joke/theorize him trooning out because he's been occasionally making some coomy jokes, has made some lesbian oc's, and recently drew his character with a helmet saying "girl failures"

No. 318062

There's nothing worse than a fat male.

No. 318168

Gender IS their hobby, anon
They need a hobby that has nothing to do with gendered shit or the internet. Like gardening or something.

No. 318221

god imagine spending years being stressed thinking about your gender nonstop, that's mental illness

No. 318243

Some of this guy’s comics hit and most of them don’t, but this one is bizarrely bad. His comics are always one or two panels too long killing the joke. I liked Pixie and Brutus but then I saw he was a shitbull apologist so I have a hard time anymore.

No. 318258

File: 1693244210609.jpeg (512.21 KB, 2048x2048, 5BA87197-454F-41FD-9CEF-EBA4BE…)

Put this in the bad art thread but I think it belongs here instead. Idk what it is, all of her comic punchlines just read as bad boomer jokes.

No. 318259

>I've spent years thinking about my own gender
You'd never guess that most troons are narcissists.

No. 318260

Haha body positivity is so cool because look at how men will benefit from your body type! So inspiring! Yay I’m so confident now because men like boobs!

No. 318261

>Hating an artist because of the opinion on a dog breed
Lmao what

No. 318263

Kek I also hate that you know this, and that I now know it.

No. 318269

This is making fun of a specific US politician (Ilhan Omar) who thinks that Muslims owe liberals/the Democratic Party their votes because post-9/11 hysteria plus she’s a racist

No. 318274

men will put on nail polish and immediately have a nervous breakdown

NTA and don't want to derail the thread, but they do kill a lot of people. They really shouldn't be family pets.

No. 318288

wait Ilhan Omar is racist? against who

No. 318292

Over 700 people are killed in toaster-related accidents every year, but no one's advocating for toasters to be banned. The issue is retards adopting strong, large dogs that they don't have the experience or physical strength to properly train.

No. 318293

we are too privileged we need another war

No. 318320

When it’s a dog breed that constantly kills pets and your whole thing is drawing wholesome pets, yeah
Or how about stop making animals literally built by humans to kill other animals and nothing else

No. 318338

are you sure? or did she drew the women's outfits to be that revealing only because of the joke?

No. 318377

I'm pretty sure it's just a reference to horror movies sexualizing women

No. 318445

Animals aren't "made" or "built" by humans, they're selectively bred. Chihuahuas were bred to be mousers, but when's the last time you saw one catch anything? An animal's nature is only half of the story. Pit mixes are predisposed to reactivity because of the breeds' histories, but good training can help manage that. Neglect can exacerbate it to the point that the dog becomes aggressive. Pit mixes are not beginner dogs and people need to stop passing them off as such.

No. 318540

How is “selectively bred” any different from “made,” pitmommie? Why sink money and time into an animal to get it to do the bare minimum of not killing other pets (and time has shown again and again it’s not even guaranteed) when you could just get a normal fucking pet dog?(dog sperging)

No. 318554

This is irrelevant because dumb people will never stop buying them and mixing them into other dogs. You can cry about it being the owner's fault all you want, but it doesn't change the reality that today they are a dangerous burden, and will continue to be so forever.

No. 318635

Ignoring the two anachan replies to this but it’s funny how the bottom right picture isn’t even chubby

No. 318644

File: 1693459740755.jpg (897.21 KB, 2048x1488, fb5c16a69e824e3.jpg)

No. 319295

File: 1693742144696.jpg (593.15 KB, 2000x2000, Zjdxwvzu2s8b1.jpg)

No. 319542

File: 1693843160669.jpg (485.61 KB, 720x1920, 01.jpg)

Prison abolitionists are beyond parody

No. 319543

File: 1693843237597.jpg (412.65 KB, 720x1920, 02.jpg)

No. 319544

File: 1693843294043.jpg (425.39 KB, 720x1920, 03.jpg)

No. 319545

You're telling me it's not an actual parody? Is the narrator saying we should be open minded and not fear being brutally raped and killed because criminals can get away with it so we should just suck it up if that happens? So many questions…

No. 319546

File: 1693843346243.jpg (430.76 KB, 720x1920, 04.jpg)

No. 319563

Noo anon we will all be happy and kind with each other uwu. Rapists and murderers need reform! We should all pay for their free therapy, free houses, give them a good job and we'll all be happy, surely this will stop rapists from raping uwu.

>Fundamentally transform our relationships with other people
Yeah! Then rapists won't live in fear anymore, their actions will have no more consequences and their free therapy will help them cope with the trauma or raping other people.

No. 319571

>your more likely to be abused by a friend or relative, then a random strange who'll break into your home.
that's the usual rhetoric, prison abolitionists say.

No. 319605

File: 1693848011311.gif (3.52 MB, 360x202, 1669496650258.gif)

>nooo the violent murdering rapists are suffering from violence, rape and murder in prison noooo

No. 319623

These are the same people okay with sexual offenders living close to women and children in neighborhoods.

No. 319672

File: 1693859818696.jpeg (268.14 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_5137.jpeg)

Why do moids find a way to sexualize everything

No. 319743

It's the Y chromosome causing them brain damage.

No. 319751

Yeah, and to protect normal people on the streets? I guess I am fine just putting every violent moid down like an aggressive dog.

No. 319763

I only agree if the alternative is to immediately kill them after conviction. No prisons, no criminals, we all win.

No. 319771

anon didnt you know its racist for you to fear being raped/murdered
period. capital punishment for moids now. they literally cant respond to anything else because they have retarded chimp brains

No. 319774

Good that reminds me of when I got my phone stolen by an aggressive bum who tried to elbow me right in the breast where I just got a fresh surgical wound after a cancer scare that would have opened if I didn't back away and my own family was implying I was racist for describing him… Even though he was from the same ethnicity as all of us. I love being accused of racism against myself after fearing for my safety and getting my shit stolen! Unironically seeing more and more shit like this makes me not believe in rehabilitation, sometimes the only answer is the death penalty. I wonder what the artist would think about that German case where orphans were housed at pedophiles' places to try and fail to rehabilitate the pedophiles.

No. 319800

That's the worst argument I've ever heard. If a family member or friend raped and killed they'd also be going to prison. Not just relative strangers go to jail, everyone in prison is someone's family member. So if your family member rapes you, you just have to continue living with them, to preserve their precious feelings?

No. 319808

>prison system is a recent development
yeah before that criminals were brutally killed at the town square or banished to the wilderness to die but kek

No. 319809

They were also more commonly whipped or had their arms or noses chopped off.

No. 319811

Please bring back arm and nose choppage for sex offenders! This makes me think, if prisons were abolished, and we as a collective society just had to tolerate being surrounded by violent sex offenders, murderers, rapists, etc wouldn't vigilante justice come back? It isn't like those vigilantes would face any consequences for just exterminating the rapists themselves. Then I guess each town/city/province would privately pay individuals to hunt down and murder pedos. Let's try it!

No. 319812

I have spoken to prison abolitionists before and the argument is something along the lines
>"if we set up proper community resources, there wouldn't be criminals in the first place and if there is someone really bad, then they can be just put on some registry and not be interacted with"

No. 319813

They thought we were in dora the explorer or some shit?

No. 319821

I feel like the only kind of criminals who wouldn't commit crime if there were proper community resources are like, thieves and drug dealers/addicts. Not murderers or rapists. I'd like to see what kind of community resources prevent males from wanting to rape and murder women, or males from wanting to murder other males in crimes of passion. Or pedophilia in general. Truly.
>registry so they won't be interacted with
Yeah but they'll still force interactions on others. Prison abolitionists have got to have skeletons in their closets to be able to support this.

No. 319822

We are already in that situation when it comes to rich sex offenders and murderers. No vigilantes in sight.

No. 319823

They would ask for prostitution to be legalized so potential rapists can torture their government assigned prostitutes instead. That and porn are always used as arguments to explain that men can definitely chabge their ways and not assault women. They're fucking vile.

No. 319825

>I don't answer those questions anymore
That's because she actually has no answer to that, she wouldn't know what to do with the truly dangerous people like pedos, rapists… she just likes to virtue signal.

No. 319830

Because vigilantes go to jail I said vigilantes may become a thing if jails are abolished.

No. 319903

>only SOME bad people have been incarcerated so why bother with incarcerating at all?

No. 319967

damn maybe prison abolition is a good thing after all id love to include moid genocide as a hobby

No. 320126

File: 1694099337128.jpeg (483.98 KB, 1672x2048, E768C918-9CAE-4989-B06D-B62A54…)

Now post what your moid really looks like

No. 320127

This is like what a seething incel would make to show how women are actually hypocrites and want to be coddled by a man. Self infantilizing shit is so annoying. It’s possible to be independent while also enjoying the comfort and affection given by a romantic partner. It’s like women who say THE FEMINISM LEAVING MY BODY when they see a hot guy. Fucking gross, stop degrading yourself out of desperation.

No. 320129

File: 1694100418248.jpeg (254.78 KB, 2048x1327, C14A0BB6-47E0-4CA9-A504-C490ED…)

The OG. Her popularity is built on drawing herself and her moid and over half the time it’s sexual. A lot of the recent stuff are more illustrations with speech bubbles than comics but it’s funny how much time she spends drawing herself perfectly in them. Almost 200k followers on FB and tons of fanart for this shit

No. 320130

File: 1694100515710.jpeg (387.74 KB, 1659x2048, E4AC91BF-221D-44E8-9A9E-2D4F62…)

No. 320131

Imagine bragging about having a Reddit tier misogynist boyfriend who gropes and degrades you but oh wait he called you baby teehee blush. Jesus Christ, most popular relationship comics have this same dynamic and it’s horrifying how it’s portrayed as cute or relatable. Fucking ew fucking cringe

No. 320132

honestly relatable

No. 320134

File: 1694100952509.png (87.33 KB, 575x385, IMG-916.png)

you mean comics like picrel? like these are cringy bit not out-right awful or offensive

No. 320135

Anons on LC be like this lately

No. 320137

That one’s weird but moreso the ones that are like “omg boyfriend always groping me heehee” “boyfriend calls me bitch during sex because I’m a dumb slut uwu” have been around forever and are tired and gross.

No. 320138

Case in point

No. 320140

what do you gain from telling everyone this

No. 320145

File: 1694104169559.jpeg (66.48 KB, 750x920, uggo.jpeg)

Either peak or integrate.

No. 320170

Have you seen /g/?

No. 320180

Have you? It's full of anons wanting to rape males, not the other way around.

No. 320204

Damn this scrote's art has really degraded. At least nothing of value was lost. His comics are just degenerate coomer shit anyways.

No. 320257

File: 1694176535818.jpg (23.96 KB, 620x414, Fn5M1bgXoAEHALD.jpg)

you let a moid sexually degrade you? get help

No. 320258

ngl i lold at this one

No. 320262

Am I dumb I don’t get this. She’s clapping because they’re having sex is that it? Huh?

No. 320294

Vomit. You just know her boyfriend looks like the average Redditor, which makes it all the more nauseating.

No. 320360

projectile vomit She needs help, he needs to go die in a ditch
You're better than that sis

No. 320361

Everyone point and laugh

No. 320362

I don't like being degraded but I like it when guy is doing most of the work(but in a specific and controlled way)

No. 320364

Kek you probably shouldn't let guys call you a bitch during sex though nonna…

No. 320365

I don't

No. 320373

The point of the comic wasn't about 'girl boss guy does more work during sex' it was 'I act like a girl boss but I'm a dumb slut that likes being degraded during sex'…

No. 320375

File: 1694249675839.png (1.33 MB, 1084x1248, DTWOF.png)

So this shit was plaguing lesbian scenes even back then,

No. 320405

please don't say you've memed yourself into thinking that "ackhually it's the sub that's in control!!"

No. 320439

File: 1694272801603.jpg (465 KB, 1450x1450, FmYEWPiX0AEGzy0.jpg)

You can tell there's a fujo on the staff who woobifies this male character.

No. 320443

Yeah, I wonder if she's this willfully ignorant about men irl, anyway, I liked it more when blobby and blue haired chick were committing violent crimes

No. 320444

it's only fair that after he was a dick to that mild horny girl he should be brutually raped by men and learn a valuable life lesson. blobby can watch from the stands.

No. 320445

well he's actually shown to be gay in other comics and also implied to be a bottom, also keep your porn addiction to yourself.

No. 320447

that changes nothing except for the fact that he might like it a little more. maybe if the men were fat, unwashed, old, and gave him negative affirmations the whole time, then it his karma could be fixed.

No. 320456

Yeah, they can even have a female character laugh at him as a way to moralfag about sexual abuse towards male not being taken serious and blobby is just there omnipresent and deadpan

No. 320457

either troons or severely pornsick fujos(soon to be TIFs) comments

No. 320462

women are biologically programmed to think it's sexy when men get raped, it's the most gratifying form of cosmic irony(terrible bait)

No. 320464


No. 320473


No. 320504

jesus alison just write a novel

No. 320550

i hate it when western women make these argument. They're welcome to come to Saudi Arabia, since they hate thinking so much

No. 320577

File: 1694330474238.png (90.14 KB, 805x440, IMG_0495.png)

the only thing more annoying than "quirky het couple" comics are "quirky het couples who pretend to be gay" comics

No. 320583

File: 1694333911834.jpeg (88.75 KB, 1280x706, FxjJazaX0AADIFa.jpeg)

This girl's comics should be posted here more often

No. 320584

Don't diss on gprime! He may be a complete weirdo but I like how he doesn't give a fuck about being politically correct. You tell him not to sexualize women, he'll double down and double-sexualize them. You tell him he's gay, he'll draw naked hot dudes.

No. 320585

None of that is a good thing. Except for the last part probably

No. 320589

why do these people or you know some people here even think that being independetdeoedpeoep (esl and fuck that word i have typed it million times already and it's always wrong what the fuck hate that idiot word so much) means you never want any affection or reassurance from anyone

No. 320591

that arc even has a trans kid, the bearded guy who is talking is the male exception of an ex-lesbian (who in one comic i think talks about how she still feels like a lesbian though if i remember correctly) who quits dating women for him and has a baby with him, and so on. i always find it funny when radlesbians talk about loving alison bechdel so much, it's obvious they haven't read her comics kek

No. 320592

File: 1694341037232.png (566.76 KB, 818x660, Screenshot.png)

I was just about to post this, I think its an issue of liberal academia in general, these people live in bubbles, obsessed with the writings of retards from the 1970's and not living anywhere in reality.

No. 320642

File: 1694374883881.png (1.01 MB, 1056x949, Screenshot (2).png)

samefag, at the same time that I will say that I'm sorta fascinated by this series(I'm currently binge reading it) these are people who are obsessed with "progressive theories" and live in social bubbles but they still have to interact with the real world sometimes, usually their family members or actual people and its always interesting how its presented.

No. 320690

Literally no one said that.

No. 320691

Plenty of male artists are like this though, he isn't special LMAO

No. 320789

File: 1694461770832.jpg (177.25 KB, 750x750, 56508763_1284546541712439_3568…)

This one's from 95. She didn't need to pander but she did it anyway.

No. 320795

>implying the troon passes better than a soft butch
That's it. DTWOF is off my reading list.

No. 320799

File: 1694464159069.jpg (348.2 KB, 798x1311, RCO087_1482116466.jpg)

its not pandering she genuinely believes in all this crap, in her own autobiography she admits that her feminism only started in collage cause it was a popular thing to do with the social scene at the time and so that's what her feminism would be like(i.e based on what's subscribed in liberal academia)

No. 321031

Let's not forget how she glosses over her father's pedophilia in Fun Home because she related to his ~gay tortured soul~. He was a teacher who would coerce his male students into letting him take nude photos of them, and it's likely he also had sex with them. I don't give me that ~it was a different time~ crap. Even in the 60s, people knew it was wrong for teachers to fuck teenage students.

Bechdel is a total libfem, and if she was born in 2000 she'd be a TiF. She'd defend anything with a thin veneer of kweer activism slathered on it.

No. 321176

>see what you think is a man in the women's bathroom
>"are you blind? she's obviously a woman!"
>turn around
>It's another man

No. 321504

File: 1694785435930.jpg (42.59 KB, 720x416, why7.jpg)

this weird shit

No. 321508

what's the joke?

No. 321526

honestly i never got the image that she viewed her father as some gay tortured soul and a good guy but as an incredibly flawed man who spread his terror through the house and viewed his family members some sort of objects he used to project an image of himself to the world. in the musical which she oversaw there are lines about his relationship with students so at least in the musical version it is something the text draws attention to, don't remember about the comic.

No. 321538

God I fucking hate that shit too and how everybody feels forced to pretend to be bi or lesbian even if they fuck men on a regular basis. Being het is fine, but these people draw men, talk about men, only like fanart of men but then shout WOMEEEN!!! and "I LOVE BOOOBS" all day, call male characers women, malewives or transmen and post their character rankings with the female characters and literal bystanders without names on the top.
It's so fake because they never mention them otherwise, never draw them never retweet art with them, it's purely performative.

I hate how social media addicts absolutely have to pretend to belong to every single minority in this universe at the same time instead of gaining knowledge, developing skills or some positive personality traits. Get a life, nobody thinks you are interesting for having "bi" in your super special twitter bio.

No. 321539

>there are lines about his relationship with students
nta there was only one line, "some of them were underage" that's it, she sympathized with her paedophile father, far more then she should have.

No. 321546

still, it was addressed and i personally am not fan of saturday morning cartoon story telling where the message is supposed to be hammered home with characters stopping the show and being like "THIS IS BAD. THIS. IS. BAD." so that people really really get it that someone isn't a good person.

and as fucked up as it is, it's her dad. who might or might not have killed himself. she is always going to have fucked up relationship with him and most people aren't able to completely hate their fucked up parents.

honestly though i think this might be an issue of how you approach the story, many people seem to perceive it as this first and foremost a gay story about gay people when personally as someone with fucked up psycho parents i always viewed fun home as a story about a fucked up parent first and foremost and the gay stuff was just a part of it, not exactly the whole point of it even though an important one. though it was marketed as this gay story about gay people and people mostly focus on that so maybe i am wrong with my reading.

No. 321548

My cousin was caught molesting a girl, the family disowned him and no one talks about him, that's the only reaction, if your father was a child rapist it doesn't matter what good thing he might have done, he's a child rapist and that's it.

No. 321558

i was needlessly rude actually on my deleted post, so let's try again:

what i am saying is not "people should forgive their fucked up molester relatives" but what i am saying is that "it is unfortunately understandable that people might not be able to see their fucked up molester relatives as complete monsters"

like good for your family doing the right thing, but still that doesn't change other people and how they act in these situations. alison is obviously always going to have very complicated relationship with her father, who by the way, is also her abuser even if not sexually, when it comes to survivor's guilt, the whole parent-child baggage etc that's just how it is. i am not saying it is a good thing but that just is a fact and complaining about her not having the perfect response on her father's actions is kinda inane. she did write an publish a book and take part of creating a musical which is about how he abused his family, ruined her mother's life, was a petty selfish man, like she made her father's wrong doings all public even if she does still have a complicated relationship with him.

No. 321842

File: 1694896075427.png (1.54 MB, 1280x1810, image_2023-09-17_063052404.png)

No. 321843

File: 1694896109078.png (1.35 MB, 1280x1810, image_2023-09-17_063151319.png)

No. 321844

Dafuq did I just read?

No. 321845

Human goes on "dog HRT" to be able to fuck dogs

No. 321846

Lmfao! Why do people with such good drawing skills waste their talent on such crap?

No. 321847

Tranny furries are just like that sometimes

No. 321853

Is this meant to be making fun of bisexual women who date men or not?

No. 321855

no it's completely unironic, that's just how they all are

No. 321876

File: 1694903149621.jpg (73.97 KB, 864x1080, F6JD5WwXUAAuM0Q.jpg)

Tried of seeing these "HAHA, porn joke!" scrote comics. It's unfunny.

No. 321877

This is honestly just a summary of the trans community. They think they can change their DNA and Chromosomes and larp as their desires. It's creepy af

No. 321878

bisexuals are so annoying(bait)

No. 321880

Pray for all heterosexual women. Men really act like liking porn is 'normal' when it's not.

No. 321905

File: 1694923777810.png (580.57 KB, 1070x1324, Capture d’écran 2023-09-17 à…)

furry AND troon? pick a struggle
no no these are entirely unironic. she only ever draws painfully unfunny, "quirky" non sequitur comics about herself, her teddy bear, and her moid

No. 321907

File: 1694927379846.jpeg (296.64 KB, 1080x1350, 28EA99A3-C5CE-4B95-B425-B6086B…)

Even gay moids draw women unnecessarily coomerish. They are the most misogynistic after all.

No. 321908

wow he's soooo quirky and silly tehehe, bet he puts frozen bags on his head too!

No. 321909

was this made before or after it was found out there was a child sex predator on it?

No. 321910

Women who sperg like this trying to tell you the Hilarious thing their wittle adowable sweetie pie said and it’s literally a like a 2 upvote Reddit comment. So unspeakably sad. And you have to pretend to laugh when they report these sad, sad things to you. Worse than Geneva-convention-violating torture

No. 321912

>dog HRT
KEK why are they like this.

No. 321927

has this man EVER had a single original idea for his comics

No. 321936

Holy shit I was assuming it was an older comic just reposted in a group I’m in but I just looked and it was made 3 days ago

No. 321954

First, it's adults (mostly women who watch RuPaul's Drag Race) take take their kids to these shows. Secondly, this really shows how absorbed this guy is with "identity politics" as his only argument is that Christians (and no other group) have cases of molestation, so there is absolutely no problem with taking children to what is basically a burlesque show.

No. 321957

It WAS made a long time ago. But apparently it was reposted to "censor" the mom's back. Maybe because facebook doesn't like that much skin either?

Still a ridiculous comic now as it was then.

No. 321958

Leave it anon, you are right but zoomer nonittas cannot understand nuance.

No. 321962

is it bad that this actually makes me feel slightly better about the shitty modern lesbian scene? like i didn't miss anything in the good old days, or something

No. 321964

That's the thing, the lesbian scene was relatively diverse, it was just precocious academics were allowed to decide what being a lesbian meant, rather then the vast majority of regular lesbian women.

No. 321984

That post is two days old. Stop

No. 321989

>writing like a reddit faggot
go back.

No. 322017

KEK even in the drawing you can tell it's a TIM with that huge man brow

No. 322122

File: 1695052862167.png (216.27 KB, 620x519, VHG_1221.png)

No. 322123

….besides the retardness isn't it sexist to assume women go crazy when they have periods? No one does gender stereotypes better than gendies

No. 322143

No child has ever asked for that

No. 322207

Don't you ovulate before your period though? The person who made the comic is an idiot

No. 322418

I only saw RTs of this. Seeing how many likes the original has is very upsetting.

No. 322571

File: 1695286350874.jpg (59.87 KB, 920x920, Tumblr_l_816202360444004.jpg)

Someone stop me from a-logging, I'm going to commit a crime.

No. 322620

File: 1695318389743.jpg (402.19 KB, 1988x3075, q5nzn6dv63q91.jpg)

No. 322621

>having a son
Ugh. Why does this come off as so creepily sexual? Why couldn't they just say baby?

No. 322624

I think she just wanted an excuse to say penis and balls(which is the joke of this comic)

No. 322625

why is "b@lls" censored but not penis

No. 322692

>Why does this come off as so creepily sexual?
It doesn't.

No. 322695

it is kinda creepy to specifically mention "im growing his cock and balls for you" instead of just "im growing our baby"

No. 322717

File: 1695356282300.png (1.78 MB, 3730x3356, aaaaa.png)

No. 322752

>"I do not consider myself trans, I'm a weird kind of woman"
>chops of breasts
If you're in the gender cult you're trans sorry, I didn't make the rules the troons did. Just because you admit you're only doing it for fashion doesn't mean you're not in the cult or that you're any different than them. Most self-identified tifs don't think they're real men either, they just want to escape being in a female body.
Why are all gendies obsessed with exposing their own gender shit? It's not the occasional one, it's ALL gendies who draw cringe comics when it's supposedly this private intimate thing about yourself. There has to be some kind of exhibitionist fetish going on with these girls wanting to shove their mutilated chest in your face.

No. 322832

File: 1695401863672.jpg (378.75 KB, 1000x3000, SpLuxyBJ4ndj.jpg)

No. 322834

>my obligation to Allah
..as a woman.

No. 322847

it's hardly the most egregious thing about this comic, but I refuse to believe this soft butch woman was routinely being kicked out of women's bathrooms.

No. 322853

out of all TIFs hijabi TIFs probably have the worst cognitive dissonance. also lol @ "masculine presenting" being like… just sweatpants and a hoodie… by these standards basically every woman is "genderfluid"

No. 322861

Her ass is not going to heaven

No. 322887

>The headpiece that my religion exclusively forces women to wear unless they want to die or be physically punished does not define my gender!
Fucking idiot

No. 322964

File: 1695475643978.jpg (139.34 KB, 1000x1424, D1U-vMMUcAEUcjV.jpg)

No. 322967

She doesn't even pass in written form kek, don't get me started on the art style.

No. 322968

No. 322969

She does realize she can be a gnc woman…if she just wore the scarf on her neck? I say this a Muslim myself..she clearly hasn't lived in countries where wearing a stuffy hijab in 40c temp is mandatory also wearing the hijab is the closet what nuns wear in chirstianty

No. 322978

Every time I see a Muslim artist like this, I always think of the hadith basically saying "yeah drawing people is absolutely haram, you're going to fucking burn". Even if they do know about it, they jump through several mental hoops to justify it kek.

No. 322986

Why do they always float in space

No. 322988

your right, so many of these TIF comics always involve them floating in space for some reason.

No. 323005

steven universe and magical girl anime, very masculine stuff.

No. 323014

Is this the same person who made that stupid "I'm an uke!" comic? Also that's some of the girliest handwriting I've ever seen.

No. 323016

File: 1695495096491.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1080, I'm an uke! by dinoraye.png)

>Is this the same person who made that stupid "I'm an uke!" comic?

No. 323033

Another fujosister has fallen in the war on gender. Rip

No. 323044

File: 1695502232823.jpg (151.51 KB, 720x1280, i am become uke.jpg)

holy shit, it's the high guardian spice chick

No. 323070

"teehee my moid is a useless manchild!! :))))"

No. 323142

File: 1695559975885.png (279.17 KB, 1000x1401, psychic comic.png)

Another one of her comics, in which two very different nonsense metaphysical belief systems collide

No. 323146

kowai uke

No. 323151

Reminds me of that episode of i am jazz where a psychic warned him not to get bottom surgery kek

No. 323156

They can't draw backgrounds

No. 323159

Wow such a pretty anime boy

No. 323229

File: 1695585075267.png (463.19 KB, 1276x646, IMG_0439.png)

Classic male one “joke”.

No. 323231

Those kitties look cute. Feeding and cleaning up for a cat takes on average what like 5-10 minutes total per day. Moid logic is thinking “mwahaha once those stupid independent women see themselves depicted as haggard and sad they'll totally decide to fuck and take care of me.”

No. 323236

Do they not realize that a lot of people who have kids or were married live like that too? Most people's kids move out and their husbands tend to die first. Even then Husbands and children are not an absolute guarantee that your family will stick around but moids are too retarded to understand this kek

No. 323247

Anon the difference is that a married woman will take care of the moid and a kid before she takes care of cute cats. Moid is just thinking "But me me me me me first!!!"

No. 323270

Men are so mad that they can't trap and force women into relationships to be there bangmaid and live off parasitically anymore kek. Male seethe is eternal.

No. 323375

there are so many stonetoss copycats poppin out these days. Does he really make bank?

No. 323381

better cat than breed

No. 323678

File: 1695762803261.jpeg (66.28 KB, 916x911, IMG_5191.jpeg)

????? shags aren’t even considered a lesbian/butch haircut

No. 323679

at least she didn't call it a woLf CUt

No. 323706

I hate that they call a shag a wolf cut. Like it's the same thing, different name. Same thing with the vk mullets that were super popular in the 90s and early 2000s. Those are the same thing as wolf cuts. Ugggh!

No. 323711

File: 1695779705301.png (7.21 KB, 481x126, tumblr.png)

maybe she means shag like the british slang for sex?

No. 323747

There's nothing I love more than men trying to freighten women into marriage and having kids and inadvertently blatantly showing how threatened they are by women not wanting to reproduce with them kek. Please keep the powerles male seethe coming.

No. 323771

File: 1695812344980.jpg (79.17 KB, 1200x1500, stinkykatie.jpg)

No. 323782

what year is this from

No. 323794

the only reason muslim women wear the hijab is to differentiate her from slave women. Only female bodies are sexualised like this.

No. 323796

thanks to education and economic mobility, marriage is optional for a large number of women for the first time in history

No. 323825

>her outfit
Isn't that a meme dress? Is this guy trying to complain about ethots and failing or does the coomerism simply run too deep? Not making a good case for partnership with men if it's the second.

No. 323875

someone edit it to make her happy, as she should

No. 323912

File: 1695858857990.png (279.54 KB, 1023x518, image_2023-09-28_095407465.png)

I gotcha nonna

No. 323913

File: 1695859241918.gif (1.84 MB, 540x310, heathers annoyed.gif)

Right. Like half of the women they show on animal hoarding shows are widows with adult children who just ignore their mother while she lives in squalor. Saddling yourself with a scrote is no guarantee you won't die alone, especially when they're usually the first to die in a straight marriage. It's just propaganda to get us to keep wasting our time with men, because men know they have nothing to offer us now that we have rights of our own.

No. 323914

Uke more like pUke

No. 323915

Imagine being more delusional than a self-described "psychic" kek

No. 323943

File: 1695873754386.jpg (847.72 KB, 2048x2068, age-play.jpg)

No. 323959

I hate this fucking pedophile so much I hope he castrates himself already.

No. 324080

> I found a supportive online community as a preteen.


No. 324117

File: 1695924787150.jpg (83.84 KB, 680x481, tumblr_ff8a1488ac0d87ccdb548f4…)

I'm not Canadian though, maybe I'm missing something.

No. 324121

File: 1695926546024.jpg (64.68 KB, 598x472, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 324166

if littles aren't meant to be children, why was his diaperfur art traced from a photo of a toddler?

No. 324352

File: 1696016814269.jpg (179.1 KB, 1920x1080, media_FxuFD3xWwAUsbIk.jpg)

No. 324354

File: 1696016924242.jpg (230.84 KB, 1920x1080, media_FxoDNExWIAAcL5-.jpg)

No. 324355

What a fucking dumbass

No. 324359

This is the worst relationship comic posted here, which is honestly impressive in a way.

No. 324360

he must be ugly as shit, genuinely dont understand how men can hate women so much when women literallly kiss the ground nast gamer men walk on. God being a man sounds so easy

No. 324366

You know he’s ugly when she doesn’t even draw a bishified version of her moid.

No. 324371

i have a beautiful vietnamese friend who shacked up with the most plain, flabby white male nerd. i don't get it either.

No. 324386

File: 1696024854628.jpg (226.96 KB, 1543x1536, a09.jpg)

Oh my god

No. 324441

File: 1696056122615.jpg (137.17 KB, 765x1022, 1686015290464.jpg)

>also it's Asian
Is she referring to her pussy? My god, fucking bleak.

No. 324479

File: 1696079778346.jpg (142.16 KB, 1080x600, IMG-93_55.jpg)

No. 324495

Yeah I'd take the "het couple doing fart ratings" comics over this shit.

No. 324499

It is like that sometimes to be fair

No. 324501

Holy shit I want to minecraft this person with my music of choice playing in the background

No. 324502

File: 1696089545726.jpeg (210.84 KB, 700x734, 80F914B7-0663-4732-BB31-B873DE…)

This, at least they are self aware and draw themselves as frumpy nerds.

No. 324505

i fucking hate that comic so bad, i don't know how to describe it but it feels like someone talking to you as if you were a toddler when you're an adult and you just want to punch them in the face

No. 324526

This is real tho

No. 324536

This shit makes me sad because I can only imagine the non-exist self esteem and self respect this girl must have

No. 324568

i think this is based off a video of two gorillas fighting in the zoo where in the background you can hear a woman say "where's the zookeeper" which people made fun of because what is your average zookeeper going to do about two huge gorillas fighting

No. 324618

This is drawn by a gay male.
Tranny drew this.

No. 324646

Genuine question, but was this and the one under it drawn by a tranny? I know there are women out there who do this but how is your self esteem this low?

made me think of black butler kek but everyone into it is too old for ship drama

No. 324671

File: 1696155782991.jpg (1.31 MB, 3230x1080, edit.jpg)

This made me sad so I made an edit.

No. 324673

File: 1696156615229.jpg (182.59 KB, 620x349, kgros.jpg)

I shared this comic in the tif thread before and she looked like a normal nonfeminine woman.

This poor woman.

No. 324690

File: 1696167564438.jpg (222.59 KB, 2048x1553, media_FzA4SvvXwAAU1qH.jpg)

Nah she's a real woman.

She IS a sort of tif, she's got a sort of genderfluid identity where she sometimes depicts herself as male in her comics (she's bisexual, and her last relationship before this one was with a tif where she mostly depicted them as yaoi boyz kek). She gets really mad when well-meaning genderspecials and normies ask her pronouns. She also posts a lot about how bad her depression is.

Like all women I hope she some day finds her way out of her internalised misogyny, but hers seems to be a particularly complex case.

No. 324697

>She IS a sort of tif, she's got a sort of genderfluid identity where she sometimes depicts herself as male in her comics (she's bisexual, and her last relationship before this one was with a tif where she mostly depicted them as yaoi boyz kek)
Of course she was.

No. 324712

I cannot stand people who constantly draw themselves

No. 324723

amazing. and you are a leagues better artist

No. 324804

File: 1696197616964.jpg (424.66 KB, 1450x1450, Fj9lLizWYAEoTHM.jpg)

No. 324807

Ree this doesn't even make any sense, so he looks at a lesbian couple and goes hmm, no boner. He looks at a gay couple and goes hmm, no boner. So then he looks up asexuality and goes yup, that's me! Also where the fuck is the blobfish?!

No. 324808

Fast forward a couple of years, he's found someone and started regularly having sex while insisting that asexuals who feel sexual attraction are valid!!!!

No. 324811

Did the two guys fuck off and left only the fujo? No one cares about these uwu bishies, where the fuck is blobby?

No. 324812

the trans ideology part is so perfect. kek

No. 324818

These were funnier when Bobby was just there superfluously, occasionally offering unnecessary commentary. And they weren't even funny to begin with, so the fact that they're somehow less funny now is kind of incredible.

No. 324819

Interview with the Vampire

No. 324821

Actually, Anne Rice literally sued entire websites for making fan-fiction that she disagreed with because Lestat was just her husband Stan RIce, and Louis was her self-insert.

No. 324828

>fan-fiction that she disagreed with
It was worse than that, she didn't want any type of fanfiction at all so they had to remove the category from the website.

No. 324836

This is awesome!

No. 324863

File: 1696227291026.jpg (1.11 MB, 699x3693, snailogy cringe.jpg)

fascinating but not that complex or uncommon.

No. 324906

File: 1696248516674.jpg (Spoiler Image,305.83 KB, 1045x1044, Snapinsta.app_325521901_574285…)

A trans porn comic, which is pretty disgusting in both style and how it depicts sex,accidentally made a really based character kek.

No. 324920

Google is not helping me… what is an "A x B" ship exactly?

No. 324921

I think it's just a standin nonny. Like saying [random character] x [random character]

No. 324977

>Adidyn (the gender neutral version!!!)

No. 324983

Funny bc in welsh yn is a masculine ending.

No. 324988

What year is this from, 2014? The style is so dated

No. 325000

That cat is basically her conscience lol

No. 325010

It's about shipping and whether the creator ships the characters, not fanfic. Also I was specifically talking about the show, made after she died and the moratorium ended.

No. 325033

No. 325053

File: 1696308639282.jpg (403.26 KB, 1550x1950, FVzRUakAAdNTvL.jpg)

No. 325078

weird thing is i like stupid comics like this, but only when they're incredibly low effort and were thrown together in 5 min at most. There's something so "corporate" about actually drawing it out for internet attention even if it's an independent artist

No. 325099

The "art" style of pizzacakecomics is so fucking shit, just bad, like she never learned to draw kind of bad.
Also she is unfunny as hell. I'm wondering why she gets such special treatment in r/comics. Can't be just her onlyfans/patreon content.

No. 325132

I think she gets special treatment because of her nsfw content. She probably resorted to it when she knew the public opinion of reddit was waning. Also her "Lewd" content is shit anyways, the absolute most basic premises and bare minimum effort. I've also heard she just edits premade assets in an illustrator program, but I don't know the autheticity of the claim.

No. 325189

File: 1696386791317.png (Spoiler Image,518.82 KB, 1713x1950, horrifying.png)

who tf is aroused by this. it's like porn for robots

No. 325191

Moids operate at a moid level. I'm pretty sure the hot part is how a normally sfw artist also makes naughty nsfw shit.

No. 325193

I like how she puts the dick through the fly because she probably cant draw real anatomy. It's way easier to just trace a dick from some other picture probably.

No. 325194

File: 1696388331544.jpg (373.62 KB, 1250x1269, chadness activate.jpg)

No. 325195

Went from (somewhat) based radfem tranny-hater to this…

I literally don't get this man's politics. I'm starting to get convinced he does this to deliberately piss people off.

No. 325198

I don't even understand what point the comic is attempting to make. Like the artist is clearly made about something but who the hell knows what it is.

No. 325202

Something about coomers hating on chads mixed with soyshit conspiracy?

No. 325205

>based radfem tranny-hater to this
that describes many radfems as well.

No. 325207

Blend better.

No. 325236

His radfem comics were always uncanny, weird and schizo. I never liked them either. It's like the pooner comics, another wannabe based but instead fetishy uncanny shit.

No. 325246

She wins "most boring comic" every time

No. 325255

Kek I saw your comment and was wondering if it would be that redditor comic whose popularity even other redditors are confused about

No. 325257

I really like his art, though. If I didn't speak english and had no knowledge of internet culture I'd be a huge fan.

No. 325258

I'm pretty sure he must have suffered traumatic brain damage because his comics are the most indecipherable schizo shit I've ever seen.

No. 325275

It's a shame, because the colors are nice and the art style is cute. Maybe he should leave the writing component to someone else.

No. 325292

i like how his art feels so japanese even when its american political bullshit. if he lived in japan he would probably be a really popular 4koma artist

No. 325304

it looks like tumblr steven universe garbage what on earth are you talking about

No. 325336

Amberlynn Reid poop bun, the sexiest hairstyle

No. 325371

he is japanese

No. 325374

File: 1696477504327.gif (76.53 KB, 740x250, 2013-03-30.gif)

Pig at least used to be the porn addict character that used to defend porn so what happened how is he a chad now

No. 325394

File: 1696489621926.jpg (624.77 KB, 1451x1451, FVpWfMcX1AAR9m.jpg)

No. 325407

so? he draws like a weeb or in his case I assume an asian american who grew up surrounded by weebs. animu art isn't genetic.

No. 325414

This is fine tho? The art style is exaggerated but not ugly, the colors are nice. The "gently pushing an insane little dog away" has happened to me too many times, too.

No. 325419

File: 1696498687923.png (614.49 KB, 600x600, 1593457492063.png)

>asian dude complains about soy
lol what has world come to(racebait)

No. 325421

The exaggerated facial expressions in literally every panel and the Twitter meme at the end really cement how unfunny this is. Like the only exaggerated expression should've been the growling white dog.

No. 325431

now you just sound cranky over the fact that the guy is japanese and you just can't claim he is some common white weeb. like does his art truly look like steven universe shit or is it just the colors, because >>325374 comic's art doesn't really remind me of any type SU weeb shit

No. 325442

What do you mean? He drank "chad juice," it's right there in the comic kek

No. 325455

but before he would have been the one to drink the booty juice. it's his whole character's point that he is a pervert porn addict stoner pig.

No. 325462

I don't think this comic is particularly too bad, but is this the same guy that made that comic about misgendering back someone at the grocery store?

No. 325471

Yes she is a preachy tif

No. 325483

File: 1696528491697.png (473.26 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_o2k2abXjoW1rihoc2o2_128…)

she made some funny comics about her retarded ex-bf though

No. 325485

See, that's funny because it probably likely happened, and it's a situation that's funny on its own. Moreover, the comic format, depicting him as a literal diseased rat, makes it even funnier. The problem is that she applies this format to her twitter sense of humor or really mundane events in her life.

No. 325489

her style is pretty cute too, I like it

No. 325490

i don't get it

No. 325491

there is nothing to get? it's just a diary comic about encountering a dumb dog owner

No. 325513

File: 1696549130889.jpg (212.66 KB, 720x738, and then everyone clapped.jpg)

this one?

No. 325518

File: 1696550242951.png (263.3 KB, 500x381, 83c.png)

These make me irrationally angry.

No. 325519

Jannies are so retarded. I'm NTA but this is not racebait. It's a joke based on the fact that Asians eat a lot of soy. Soy is from asia and is used to make tofu, soy sauce, and bean paste, for example. I know jannies are all NEETs so they don't know shit about the real world, but come on.

No. 325531

god i hate that art so much. also it's so immature and pathetic to act like she totes doesn't care about being ~misgendered~ when she made a whole ass strawman comic about it.

No. 325543

Huh? Last time I checked she was non-genderspecial - she just had short hair and a naturally flat chest.

No. 325568

I thought the tatsuya ishida comic is pretty clear, especially when a nona mentioned the pig is the porn lover. Seems to me he’s saying the andrew tate types and troon types are two sides of the same consumerist woman-hating coin, but they don’t realize it, so they have spite for eachother

No. 325569

Samefag. The drink machines. Coca cola vs pepsi and all that.

No. 325580

File: 1696566253975.jpg (179.14 KB, 1000x450, 53904782677_p0.jpg)

the fact this is drawn by shmorky lmao

No. 325583

god his artstyle is so hideous

No. 325586

Oh, Christ, this 'Special Defense' against 'misgendering' has been going on for a whole half decade now. It's mildly confusing, to say the least.

No. 325592

Was this before he trooned out?

No. 325622

File: 1696593327917.png (547.83 KB, 680x605, 3cdd189b8f55caf049e362225a4091…)

No. 325623

Fat weeb who trooned out

No. 325627

Yes, his art was very edgy before he trooned out.

No. 325646

Despite the troon attempting to draw himself in a pretty pin-up pose he still kept in the troon moobs, man face, and overweightness. Even troon delusion can't pretend he's a bio woman.

No. 325719

Ofc he’s a pedo too

No. 325734

File: 1696638854770.jpg (486.97 KB, 1536x1110, Smack Down Time – Grrr Graphic…)

No. 325737

She's actually not a TiF, apparently. Just a really handmaiden-y soft-butch straight woman.

No. 325760

this is uncomfortable to look at. it's like finding eerie art on pixiv or deviantart and knowing it's fetish art but not being able to identify the fetish

No. 325788

this gets more confusing the more details I notice. It's like he just slapped together a bunch of random buzzwords and faces

No. 325794

File: 1696687308660.png (9.93 MB, 2000x2478, garrison.png)

Garrison's story sucks, dude is actually a pretty neat futurist painter but started making strips for newspapers and that's all people want from him now.

No. 325795

is that really by Garrison? that's actually beautiful.

No. 325800

File: 1696689514039.png (734.97 KB, 700x940, 34260D7E-F548-46F4-A855-773A31…)

No. 325801

File: 1696689539723.png (767.35 KB, 700x892, 3B7E7377-4AB3-4F64-8CFC-508329…)

No. 325806

Very depressing.

No. 325816

It's really sad that women have been oppressed and controlled so much that they feel the need to mutilate themselves so they can do things as simple as being topless.

No. 325848

File: 1696713749914.jpg (51.46 KB, 525x584, 0w6dc0o7h0f81.jpg)

No. 325850

Honestly I hate comics like this because they're so short and of little substance. That TRA artist really could have just tweeted "protect trans kids", and they would have gotten their point across just as well as this three panel comic, especially since that's the only real dialog being said. Then the TRA draws two trannies holding up bats, implying that they would use violence to get their opinion across KEK. There's a reason trannies always go after defenseless women and children. Let a tranny get "misgendered" by a woman that knows self defense or a man that hits the gym, and the tranny will flee with their tail tucked.

No. 325858

File: 1696719147394.jpg (83.06 KB, 640x723, 1a89b4db11dad055e9103daa050e70…)

No. 325859

Ben Garrison never fails to make me laugh. He does such a good job showing how retarded conservatives are.

No. 325941

File: 1696750567987.jpg (701.66 KB, 1688x3000, 20230508_195452.jpg)

Suck the girldick asshole

No. 325942

pedophile zoophile artstyle

No. 325947

Incel men seethe in rage that no one wants to fuck them, shocking. They are retarded to think comics like these don't peak people and help oblivious people to see their true intent of trying to pressure people who don't want them in to sex like the typical scrote they are.

No. 325968

File: 1696774498208.jpg (1.05 MB, 987x1451, 1696489621926.jpg)

Removing the right panels makes it a bit snappier and less preachy.

No. 326001

i would keep the panel where you see the flamingo and other dog because in your edit it could seem like there is only one white dog and the line about the other dog being in a leash comes kinda out of nowhere

No. 326020

Confirming the theory that a lot of tifs have an exhibition fetish that drives them to expose themselves inappropriately

No. 326025

The troon (?) wolf? Fox? Whatever looks like toothpaste

No. 326035

Anonymous fursexual

No. 326056

File: 1696817901638.png (774.06 KB, 678x598, little.png)

She looks like this so it's not surprising she's a genderspecial

No. 326078

File: 1696846209410.jpg (946.59 KB, 2048x2048, 20210602_172954.jpg)

This artist has been shared before here. >>276706
She identify as transmac and say that her ideal self is "a boy who is so pretty that he could be mistaken for a girl". Another attention seeking insecure girl who fell for the trans trap. Remind me of this tif from gardian Spice who identify as a uke.

No. 326086

First world problems.

No. 326088

she's actually Filipino.

No. 326090

You can still be a Filipino living in a first world

No. 326119

File: 1696876442313.jpg (3.63 MB, 4006x6209, What's the Joke.jpg)

No. 326122

>but if I looked the same as I do now
Then what’s the fucking point of becoming a moid? Of course a woman dressed like a man will look amazing because women are beautiful, same as a woman with short hair, she will look amazing too.
I really hate this shit of “hurr durr If I was the opposite sex I would look hot because I’m not hideous right now” It’s just so retarded, all TiFs know that if they woke up as the opposite sex, they would all look like their brothers at best or their fathers at worst.

No. 326124

>What's the joke?

No. 326126

1. Why would this make him cry
2. Great work exposing your major fucking L and admit your boyfriend never goes down on you, what a retard

No. 326127

File: 1696888896443.jpeg (2.04 MB, 2396x3857, PXL_20231009_214527106.jpeg)

Here’s one that’s from a published book.

No. 326129

Not that the context would make this any better, but what's the context of this?

No. 326131

i hate furry troons so fucking much

No. 326133

>hypersexualised moid convention with gigantic muscles, abs, and bulges clearly visible
>Okay, let's put it to a vote. Who thinks women should be restricted from getting abortions?
>normally drawn woman tries to say something
>Sorry, no WOMEN allowed, you have a clear EMOTIONAL BIAS.

No. 326142

and when they go on hormones they end up looking weird little freaks instead of pretty boys like miniature molester uncles

No. 326143

Is this that detransitioned woman who pretends to be a tim?

No. 326148

File: 1696904824675.png (186.64 KB, 614x831, IMG_1525.png)

I remember woshibai used to be pretty popular on tumblr but I hated their comics.

No. 326151

A pretty male model will still get male privileges.

No. 326152

merryweather is the most painfully unfunny moid on earth

No. 326154

File: 1696908513097.png (1.65 MB, 1131x1740, 1668989738577.png)

he liked this embarrassing concept so much he commissioned it twice

No. 326158

>He's good in bed
Doubt it, pig men like that will have a heart attack at the slightest movement and they're usually insanely porn addicted.

No. 326165

1. Men have easily bruised egos especially when it comes to sex
2. It says it's her ex-bf. We've all kissed a few frogs lol

No. 326166

She stayed with him after he cheated on her.

No. 326167

men make these then complain about women's prosecution ''fetish'' when they complain about gross men catcalling

No. 326169

The comics were made after they had broken up. She’s just talking about how shitty her old relationship was with comedy, the boyfriend is very clearly meant to look like a retard in all of them.

No. 326177

>common white weeb impressed by art that would otherwise not stand out or recieve any praise itt because it's drawn by a japanese moid (born and raised in america)
this degree of weebism is a dying art form here, in a way it makes me nostalgic. but boy is it insufferable.

>like does his art truly look like steven universe shit

yes. that mixed with clarence specifically and the unmistakably western forced kawaii art style that was huge on instagram and tumblr from the release of adventure time throughout the 2010s. what does his ethnicity matter if his work is indistinguishable from that of the white weebs he was raised around who are around the same skill level as him? do you blame your personal lack of talent on being white?

No. 326179

Small alt child wearing black lipstick, yeah ok

No. 326186

File: 1696947830633.jpg (58.71 KB, 479x728, znyqojmm4poa1.jpg)

No. 326187

Gay, seriously

No. 326189

Of course he doesn't fucking flush.

No. 326190

Men lol

No. 326191

Something I don't understand about incels, is that they have this worldview of all women being lying, manipulative bitches… yet still have this belief that they deserve these lying, manipulative bitches. Why would you want to be with someone who you believe is an irredeemable bad person? That shot make no sense. Hating someone yet desiring them at the same time.

No. 326204

I don’t get it

No. 326206

Yeah the goff little girl is definitely the most disturbing part of this comic.

No. 326207

The same cognitive dissonance that allows them to believe that women are an incredibly manipulative hivemind that control the goverment and trap millions of men with their machinations, while also believing that women are developmentally children and completely incapable of acting against their instincts.

No. 326209

Males think women love Nazi racist chads because 4chan told them so or something. And that women will suck the dick of a male because he is muscular and blonde with blue eyes because males on the internet said so. I don't understand why the blackpilled moid shows up and why the fatty tells him he's alone because he hates women. I'm assuming the blackpill moid is an incel and the fatty is a cuck or something because to males, there are three archetypes of their stock: Chad, cuck, and incel. The incels are the underdogs who deserve the Stacies. It's all just retarded shit the male mind makes up to cope.

No. 326220

I think the argument is that because plenty of men who hate women get girlfriends (which is true tbh), he isn't alone because he hates women, but because he's too ugly

No. 326237

File: 1696965385960.jpg (1.52 MB, 1407x2370, Tumblr_l_928115374828319.jpg)

I hate myself for chuckled at this shit

No. 326241

File: 1696966094182.jpg (144.57 KB, 511x1600, d2f.jpg)

I would say the artist is a faget but she would take it as a massive compliment.

No. 326286

File: 1696981999006.png (21.32 KB, 643x1226, IMG_5219.png)

Where’s the funny

No. 326291

File: 1696984724454.jpg (112.05 KB, 386x700, skinny-guys-vs-fat-guys.jpg)

the classic

No. 326292


No. 326293

extreme copium

No. 326295

it annoys me that he had to draw the alien w tits bc heaven forbid someone thinks he's gay for wanting to fuck an alien

No. 326296

What about muscular guys

No. 326299

Oh my god I’m so retarded how did I miss that. Thank you.

No. 326306

no such thing. only fat or spoop.

No. 326308

The one you posted is so significantly better. kek!! Imagine trying to trans out Dante, one of the manliest characters since the early 2000s. I hate it so much

No. 326779

File: 1697206880183.jpg (672.81 KB, 1263x1650, WZMVpl10DZlP6.jpg)

If this story is true, then I'm about 99% sure that Doris was a only pretending to be a lesbian while also having sex with men.

No. 326781

Where does that fat men=teddy bear même come from? Fat moids are fucking disgusting in every way.

No. 326786

I dont really see the problem with this comic. Am I missing something?

No. 326788

I just think lesbians pretending to macho bikers based off gay men who dressed as bikers for leather fetish reasons, is cringe and I can't even imagine it in a sexual light.

No. 326792

File: 1697212447645.jpg (50.83 KB, 640x447, 243540.jpg)

Wasn't that a common thing though?

No. 326799

File: 1697213808847.jpg (184.76 KB, 1400x707, rebel-dykes-1-e1640629801531.j…)

Not really, It existed more as a trope and was inherently tied to the bdsm/kink scene.

No. 326836

Yes it was quite common back then, I don't know what anon is talking about

No. 326853

again the lesbian/gay biker scene was a subculture that came from sex-positive kink spaces, it was often tied bdsm and leather kink as well. Sheila Jeffreys talked about it, in her book against sadomasochistic practices in lesbian groups.

No. 326856

So it's about lesbian sex and you think it's cringe. But how does that mean that Doris fucked men?

No. 326861

are you the same anon that sperged about this in the TIF thread

No. 326866

Kek this is what I thought too, what a weird thing to fixate on.

No. 326885

File: 1697248873478.jpeg (350.54 KB, 2048x1150, IMG_5237.jpeg)

Pick-me fujos are… something else

No. 326918

I don't get it. How is this remotely "pick-me?"

No. 326922

I guess cause she's making up a problem to frame feminists as as bad as misogynists.

No. 326924

Wasn't there some BL mangeka who protested against a anti-obscenity law that would limit depictions of adult-child relationships in published words over the name of freedom of expression.

No. 326931

I interpreted this as the artist feeling alienated in both otaku and feminist communities despite being a part of both. I don't think she's saying they're just as bad as each other.

No. 326935

It most definitely is not a made up problem, libfem spaces and radfem spaces alike do this. This very website is guilty of doing things like that on a daily basis though this site does have a bigger tradtard audience now.

No. 326940

It's accurate tbh and works like that in the West too. You think the women complaining about shit like representation in video games years ago and saying things like Bayonetta or the older Tomb Raider games are extremely problematic are feminists? They're grifters or just clueless and think that transwomen are women and that sex work is real work. On the other hand… Male otaku are pure filth. Even the average shonentard is annoying as fuck but that's nothing new.

No. 326948

Are you for real? You would actually side with men creating child rape hentai because any laws targeting that content could also harm your precious Yaoi as well.

No. 326986

File: 1697274187395.jpg (238.62 KB, 1195x1200, It never happens!.jpg)

>black and white antiship retardation leaking out of twitter
Sweet. With how widespread the availability of AI is today, good luck in your endeavors to convince the entire world to adopt the North Korean approach to internet usage at once to smash pedos. Did you hear about the huge controversey over this after a, you guessed it, female Omori fanartist from nipland was harrassed by some antiship themlets on twitter which blew up so big among JP artists thousands of them began blocking westerners with any mention of 'antiship' or 'minor' in their bios on sight and the term "American Yakuza" was coined to mock them? That controversey alone was a heavy blow to any genuine efforts to get laws against 2d porn passed in japan, not that they were gaining much traction in the first place. The 'mangeka' you mentioned was part of the majority.

Pic unrel but on-topic

No. 327010

it's hilarious how they're sure that this doris character isn't an actual lesbian while posting most polilez takes herself with referencing sheila jeffreys and all LMAO like oh no lesbians might have taken influence from gay males when it comes to clothing choice, oh no not lesbians in the kink and bdsm communities, this doesn't fit my twitter and tumblr curated radical feminist lesbian guidelines at all!! they must not be real lesbians then….. because what a lesbian is truly comes down to your personal politics, after all…. kek these women are so fucking deranged and annoying and shitting up lesbian spaces and discussions with this crap

No. 327018

idk where OP is getting the idea that Doris would be sleeping with men, but the comic itself is kinda cringe, the author basically admitting she abandoned her friend/gf in order to date lesbian Gigastacy who treated her like shit, then when Doris eventually abandons her she gets back to her friend who was enough of a doormat to forgive her, and the moral of te story is ???

No. 327057

No moral. That's just how women can be when they are in love

No. 327122

Did he pick you yet?

No. 327202

>anon 1 thinks one fujo mangaka was fucked up for speaking out against censorship
>anon 2 explains she bore the popular nip opinion, mentions event where a female artist was harrassed that gave insight to how widely those beliefs are held there and did irreparable damage to the opposing party's reputation
>"lol pickme"
classic lolcow

No. 327215

from fat moids of course

No. 327381

File: 1697407578086.jpg (112.33 KB, 753x759, untitled.jpg)

God I'm not heterophobic but this is such a pet peeve of mine. Sage for not a comic but this tif whose webcomic I read made this post about her moid, who's a literal schizophrenic.

No. 327512

I hope he beats himself to death with his “stim hammer”

No. 327614

File: 1697492618027.jpg (104.87 KB, 1280x357, tumblr_12b709ef51502b22aa25751…)

Post reads: "Transfem horror protagonist who realizes she's a woman because she's the Final Girl"

No. 327617

File: 1697494127249.jpg (345.19 KB, 736x1688, 7e939baffc5c321cc5f18ba7d983d3…)

He's just a virgin

No. 327618

ofc he has the coomer cat ears

No. 327619

Of course, it's a neckbeard

No. 327626

File: 1697496742488.jpg (358.12 KB, 1000x1837, 2023-10-15.jpg)

literally what is he trying to say with this one? i love that CERN features in some of the newer strips. now that's some CLASSIC off-the-rails conspiracy bullshit

No. 327642

looks like he killed the blonde and stole her skirt

No. 327666

I think this might be a really schizo version of that "democrats will do just as many bombings but they'll do it with hippie slogans"
Only other thing I can think is that this is about liberals doing pro-refugee posturing but not adressing the causes of the wars that cause the refugees or something like that

No. 327691

This is actually way more sensible then his previous comics.

No. 327702

Please explain what the hell he's saying for me. I can't identify any of the caricatures besides AOC.

No. 327704

Nta but I think it's supposed to be AOC, Kamala, and Biden, right?

No. 327706

Someone draw the two faggots in the last panel making out

No. 327708

I think? But how the hell is Biden a pedophile? He's proven to have done many other shitty things, no need to manufacture straight-up lies. Have we seriously gotten to the point in political discourse where the only cudgel either side can reliably use against the other is "pedophile"?

No. 327719

Maybe allowing pro-tranny legislation? I'm not a burger but that's the only connection I can make

No. 327734

he is touchy and creepy with little girls

No. 327795

lol I'm not even a burger and I know about all those creepy vids of him sniffing little kids in public.

No. 327796

kek what does jordan peterson have to do with anything

No. 327804

He also stole the bracelet off the other girl next to him. Great storytelling, honestly. To be the LAST girl, he had to kill the others.

No. 327852

It's just conservative/Republican projection as usual.

No. 327985

He's been shilling for Israel like crazy during this conflict.

No. 327989

He IS weird towards kids though…

No. 328027

File: 1697632571445.jpeg (538.86 KB, 828x820, IMG_8998.jpeg)

>art degree
>a r t d e g r e e
No fucking way she has one.

No. 328034

I bet you believe the Clintons have a hitman army too, oh and Michelle Obama's a tranny.

No. 328040

Why are you trying to deflect? You have videos and pictures of him smelling/kissing kids on the head. It's weird and all the kids look uncomfortable/try to get away.

No. 328049

Can you guys shut the fuck up with this or move it to the American thread? This is for bad comics not annoying fucking politics.

No. 328051

Probably from a community college or something like that

No. 328053

this is honestly kinda funny but it's also very ugly so I'm torn

No. 328071

File: 1697650424772.jpeg (800.56 KB, 828x1423, IMG_1179.jpeg)

either she got a bachelors from a shitty hick college or she actually is a competent artist but chose to put no effort in her art since she gets heckin' updoots anyway.
i have no idea how people find this good. look at that retarded ass plushie, it's hideous but i guess plebbit types find it quirky and wholesome.

No. 328072

File: 1697650595859.jpg (20.51 KB, 400x400, 1tyt7iyv4gf51.jpg)

>adorably cheeky grin

No. 328078

where are these nerdy guys in slashers? asking for a friend

No. 328081

>Moral compass
that’s a butt plug

No. 328083

kek and the eyes just make her look like she's been doing coke for the past 3 days.

No. 328088

it's like reverse B^Uckley eyes. V^B

No. 328133

I mean… the art degree boat is sinking, so I guess it makes sense kek

No. 328161

File: 1697668347239.jpg (66.01 KB, 640x834, rgzatxly20vb1.jpg)

Saw the pic for the last thread, so I thought you guys would be interested in a gender reversal I found of this

No. 328189

cute, hot and a dream

No. 328210

God I hate the endless amount of creators who make landfill shit like this. Who fucking buys plushes of random internet people or their shitty mascots/OCs/pets? Who?

No. 328214

Can vouch, I went to a community college to save money and had a literal Chist-chan tier dude in one of my studio classes making transformers art. I can't believe people willingly look with their eyes at this comic, I can feel my glasses prescription increasing rn

No. 328216

that goth boy is fucking hideous

No. 328217

whoever made this does not know how to draw hot men

No. 328233

lmao I went to a state school and had a girl making Jacksepticeye art

No. 328314

looks like a trans couple

No. 328324

File: 1697708683263.jpg (Spoiler Image,473.37 KB, 2811x2034, 20231019_044335.jpg)

I was about to say "this looks like what those /g/tards with ugly husbandos see when they close their eyes" but looks like one already did it for me kek

It's a moid who specializes in waifus but plays both sides for patreonbux so of course. It looks like fanart of that fat girl whos addicted to wasting all her money at host clubs.

No. 328375

File: 1697728377597.jpeg (688.31 KB, 755x939, IMG_9001.jpeg)

Another regular on r/comics. Seems like she can’t draw anything but OuO faces.

No. 328390

I kinda like this one just for the dramatic long shadow and the look of shock and betrayal on the guy's face.

No. 328444

File: 1697746867993.jpg (154.49 KB, 1707x960, IMG_7451.jpg)

No. 328456

They have their dialogue in thought bubbles, so they're not even speaking to each other kek

No. 328483

It's inherently less creepy and off-putting than the original because the girl is just fat rather than looking like a rapist from a hentai comic, the guy is just alt rather than being dressed like a hooker, and the guy isn't bragging to a stacy or whatever about how great the fat girl's pussy game is.

No. 328499

explains why the goth guy is not skinnier and more delicate, he still had to draw him boxy to protect muhsculinity

No. 328514

File: 1697757962502.jpg (204.59 KB, 900x582, 2012-11-07-The-Gift-of-the-Fat…)

no comment.

No. 328519

the whomp guy is supposed to be creepy, I don't see what's wrong with this

No. 328595

>mouth breathing pro-porn retard

No. 328644

>gross nerds
>2d escapists
Oh yeah because those are totally the worst things moid otakus do that feminists protest against.

She's calling her a pickme because of >>326986's dismissal of a perfectly valid argument by calling it "black and white antiship retardation" and >>326935 calling posters who are against pedophilic porn "tradtards" (as well as saying it's "based" that a BL mangaka defended depictions of adult-child relationships in the name of muh freedom of expression)
Every single time someone brings up anti/pro shipper drama here it's some shotafag mad that other anons rightfully voice their opinion about shota and loli being disgusting yet they accuse those other anons of being the twitterfags. Even more hilarious is that one of the shotafags already confessed to being a twitterfag who's assblasted that she got bullied off twitter by some antiship zoomers on /ot/

No. 328676

File: 1697806952644.png (559.61 KB, 700x1214, CFTd57QUIAA.png)

No. 328683

i have never has period cramps go away from climaxing, does this actually work for people?

No. 328690

Even good schools have some weirdos and hacks in them

No. 328699

I think when you are very stressed it's pretty hard to get aroused and flick the bean, so I dunno how that person wants that to work.

No. 328705

It works sometimes for me. The other times it makes my cramps worse. So it's kind of a gamble for me.

No. 328710

Most of the time it makes my cramps worse.

No. 328713

It doesn't really change the cramps most of the time. Since you spasm when you climax it can give you a couple of really bad cramps in the moment. I wouldn't want to masturbate/have sex during heavy cramps though, the pain would prevent me from feeling anything.

No. 328729

The last thing I want to be when any of these things happen is horny kek.

No. 328732

I’ve always thought that must be for girls who have very very mild cramps that are more of a nuisance than a severe pain. I have purposefully masturbated sometimes when I have horrible cramps and it might make them better for a few minutes before they’re back with a vengeance.

No. 328778

File: 1697826013563.jpg (491.87 KB, 1443x2048, FyW9-SMaUAEoepZ.jpg)

No. 328828

Is this that game of thrones pedo shit…?

No. 328832

yes, it's the 12 year old boy being shipped with the 20 year old man, the ship has over 3300 fics of them on a03 btw.

No. 328841

>tranny flag
Well, I guess it's not surprising.

No. 328846

File: 1697837978041.jpg (467.25 KB, 1450x1450, 20231007_090857.jpg)

I know posting blobby is easy mode but i genuinely cant tell what's the point of the second and third panel

No. 328847

Ugh it's that "men need compliments and to feel speshul too!!" doodoo.

No. 328848

isnt this an incel meme? the ''men get complimented once and think about it for life'' sympathy bait moids spew to try to say women have it easier because we get complimented(by filthy scrotes) more often?

No. 328853

Literally no blobfish
Hope they get cancelled for being incel aligned

No. 328907

>doesn't know whomp lore
He's meant to be like that

No. 329079

File: 1697924894516.jpg (138.6 KB, 753x595, girl....jpg)

No. 329082

You're right, is he meant to be thinking about it while brushing his teeth? It's not conveyed very well
Either way, poor baby men need compliments too!! We women get way too many so it doesn't matter as much to us, that's the only reason I didn't appreciate it when some guy said "nice legs" to me at the grocery store

No. 329100


No. 329108

god she's so pornbrained i honestly feel bad for her. hope she gets better soon

No. 329148

maybe he should devote more time to learning how to draw, this is ugly

No. 329152

>when you waste ink and wrist cramp to make a comic about your thinkpiece instead of just putting your rant where it belongs: in a diary.

No. 329159

File: 1697949337178.jpg (133.14 KB, 880x880, 100530372_2643411899272149_331…)

Hold on, I thought gendies said there was a difference between sex and gender. She says she's "genderfluid" instead of female as if changing her gender changes her sex, but that's not how the gendie logic works. She can be a thembie and "change her gender" all she wants, but she's still biologically female. So she can't follow her own politics' rules and doesn't see the clearly oppressive nature of the hijab still applies to her because or her female biology? This girl is hopelessly dumb. Anyway, here's a comic about a fat guy coping to keep loving his unhealthy state.

No. 329166

Men whine about this but then 99% of them take compliments on their looks as flirting and the desire to fuck them. That's why young men and teen boys are disgusted by being called handsome by grandmas.

Women can compliment eachother because most of us are not sexbrained idiots.

No. 329167

This comic could have been improved if the first panel was turned into a though bubble, but the concept still sucks

No. 329186

File: 1697973086357.png (326.49 KB, 1344x1001, IMG-821.png)

No. 329203

Wait I tought this was a joke about nsfw artists getting more attention than sfw artists but that's just an a ctual cop? So the joke is that the artist likes nsfw? Also, why is this furry comic drawn like an editorial cartoon? Kek at the inclusion of the tranny lion

No. 329245

File: 1697990479745.png (42.01 KB, 1200x1000, IMG_5251.png)

?????? What does this mean

No. 329251

That's yoloswag studios. He makes parodies of political comics and they're intentionally stupid and confusing.

No. 329252

That artist makes parody political cartoons, I don't think it's meant to mean anything aside from mixing together two trending news topics (sssniperwolf stuff and israel/palestine) in a bizarre way.

No. 329259

File: 1697995156822.jpg (175.28 KB, 1024x771, kliban.jpg)

>Also, why is this furry comic drawn like an editorial cartoon?
It's based on a picrel. It's an expectations vs reality joke.

No. 329275

i hate this corny shit, i've been complimented by a man like once or twice in my whole life and i know other women who relate. it's so lame that "guys remember their compliments forever!" has become some thing people have internalised, as if it's only men

No. 329296

I've only ever been genuinely, without seeing it as a favor or quest requirement, complimented by other women.

No. 329311

This pathetic “poor men” idea is so fake from my experience hanging out with my boyfriend and other dudes. They get compliments on plenty of shit all the time and males have a strong sense of solidarity with even other male strangers. Why should I give a fuck that they didn’t get showered in compliments every time they go outside? Jesus fucking Christ they throw a pity party over any little thing. Boohoo no compliments, ok…do they want some supermodel to drool over their feet?

No. 329337

This guy sucks. None of his comics are funny to me.

No. 329402

Whatever happened to the whole politicians kissing babies thing? Or am I autistic and that's just a thing in cartoons

No. 329508

I cannot believe farmers are defending Joe Biden and his well-known grossness.
Ban me for infighting I don’t care

No. 329703

Ok we get it you like red team, you can go now

No. 329738

>You don’t like shit flavored ice cream! You must like pizza!!!!
I’m not the previous anons btw pedo moid defenders just gotta get pushback wherever they go

No. 329760

File: 1698134064485.png (56.83 KB, 1410x1213, F89sDQDXoAARL-U.png)

This was totally made by a troon.

No. 329762

Christ on a bike, whoever made this comic is a waste of air.

No. 329794

Her English sucks ass, I think she doesn't even know the difference

No. 329798

is it… supposed to be making fun of that person? because their house looks dirty and disgusting, i don't get it

No. 329800

it's funny how "body positive" fatties always leave out the zoidberg fat rolls on their backs.

No. 329893

File: 1698178334640.jpg (204.91 KB, 848x1200, Gebcjsz.jpg)

To this day I still don't know what the message of this comic is supposed to be.

No. 329907

Their boyfriends white and by incel logics if you dont have sex with a man you dont think their life matters?

No. 329931

Over my fucking dead body. I’ll spit on any horror film that tries to make a tranny the “final girl”. Slasher films belong to women and they can’t have that.
They are usually more like loser dorks rather than nerds. They are typically comic relief, fail to romance the female characters, and get killed early on.

No. 329944

I think it's trying to talk about the irony of some race activists with how they date nothing but straight white guys

No. 329955

The guy that drew it hates women. It's not deep.

No. 330027

No, it’s just some scrote on twitter’s “silly” lesbian ocs who live in a dirty and disgusting house cuz “it’s endearing and relatable!1!1”

No. 330074

LMAO I'm pretty sure the first sticker was a gc sticker at the start and they didn't mean it to be a trans psyop sticker. And genital preference IS 'transphobic' mentioned by plenty of troons. In which real homosexuals do have "genital preference".

Why are the later replies ignoring this?

No. 330085

As someone who used to be a pornbrained pickme, I'm so glad this idea just sounds uncomfortable and unflattering kek.

No. 330195

>lesbian ocs
They’re trannies

No. 330435

>anthro and evolution
I think this is supposed to be about racism and white supremacy being based on these sciences, and so the woman studying it "knows" white people are the "superior race" therefore she picks a white boyfriend and doesn't truly believe in all humans having value.

No. 330436

thatd probably look stupid as fuck

No. 330442

Who the hell sits with their bare ass on chairs when wearing a skirt kek

No. 330474

>Women caring about political issues, raising awareness about said issues, and then going off to spend time with their tall athletic chick-fil-a boyfriends

Honestly happy for them tbh

No. 330475

He's worse than stonetoss kek

No. 330508

File: 1698399962153.jpg (1.89 MB, 3000x3000, Shen_1.jpg)

What the hell is going on with ShenComix

No. 330509

File: 1698400014521.jpg (1.99 MB, 3000x3000, Shen_2.jpg)

No. 330510

and then retards here dare to argue with me that ''xwife'' isnt a sissy tranny term used by moids and its totes based ecksdee

No. 330515

I give him 5 months until he troons out

No. 330519

isn't he really tall and hairy IRL as well?

No. 330520

that has never stopped a tranny before

No. 330521

File: 1698402764879.png (184.56 KB, 656x349, 0NV5brk.png)

This is what he looks like btw.

No. 330522

>draws himself as a guy with a round head
>his irl head is a perfect rectangle

No. 330533

Is there a thread in which you haven't sperged about this yet

No. 330535

nta but I have "sperged" about this in the fandom thread as well, like yeah it is objectively some bizzare sissy/troon humiliation term.

No. 330562

isn't the joke what if Wife was a real job or skill? which he obviously thinks it's not because if it was men would do it like in his little joke here

No. 330568

it's not that deep it's just a lol trap yadere fetish he even gave the pedo bandaid to the trap which is often used for child-like characters in fetish loli anime

No. 330573

Sometimes I feel bad when I don't draw myself exactly the way I look irl, then I see shit like this and feel better

No. 330574

i want to see the alternate universe where his character has a square jaw but he has the most perfectly circular face

No. 330672

thousand-yard coom stare

No. 330689

Isn't this the bike cuck guy?

No. 330743

File: 1698479613362.jpg (4.47 MB, 1312x6062, 6667467.jpg)

Because romance for others is all about fucking and sex.

No. 330771

wow she made a friend! so happy for her!

No. 330794

Depressing as fuck. So this woman wanted to have a relationship in which she doesn’t need to have sex 24/7 because her libido isn’t that high to begin with, and made a friend who can give her physical contact, but called the relationship a romantic relationship because just having a friend you can hug from time to time is considered weird. How wholesome.

No. 330800

>"She's asexual so I trust that she won't pressure me."
Just says it all. Women's boundaries are so hardly respected.

No. 330850

File: 1698517921611.jpg (922.36 KB, 1729x1947, shejiyeah.jpg)

No. 330873

I kinda like this one

No. 330914

99% of asexuals are women I think it is time to normalize having a low libedo

His comics used to be better, most of them now are reddit tier humor. I at least appreciate he has said before he's not an egg he's just a straight guy who likes lesbians, which is something at least

Off topic but yeah he's well known for being weird towards kids at events, sniffing and petting their hair and stuff, this is what theyre refering to probably

No. 330921

I know someone who knows shen personally and says he's weird as fuck.

No. 330923

File: 1698531015698.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.62 KB, 540x741, tumblr_inline_okgss3YDlM1si6ss…)

You have to be nice and not ask me how I know about this, but this artist is a diaperfag/ 'little'. Asexual my arse.

No. 330925

of course she is.

No. 330971

Choose one
Off topic
Why are so many asexuals sexually depraved ?

No. 330974

did they say anything in particular?

No. 331015

For some reason, I’m most surprised he is white.

No. 331019

Something about him stealing his roommate's dead plants and keeping used restaurant chopsticks in the cutlery drawer.

No. 331083

>99% of asexuals are women I think it is time to normalize having a low libedo
Exactly. And most of the self proclaimed asexuals aren't even asexual, they just don't want to get intimate immediately for one reason or another. You'll also be surprised to hear that most people who call themselves asexual are young teenage girls, aged 12 and 13, who obviously don't have high libido yet. Women's sexual drive depends on their menstrual cycle so there not horny all the time, while the same doesn't apply for men.

No. 331084

They're pornsick and label themselves as asexual because can only get off to hyperspecific scenarios

No. 331095

File: 1698575110567.jpg (385.04 KB, 2048x837, Fz_j2uK8Up.jpg)

This is such a bizarre Incel argument because most feminists tend to date fugly moids and yet have created a narrative that an unlikeable feminist is also dating Chad as well.

No. 331096

Sometimes I forget that wanting Asian guys to be the masculine ideal is a legitimate political ideology, lmao

No. 331098

other men have very low standars of what an attractive men is. An attractive woman has the face of a 12yo but the body of a supermodel, she's thin, is 24/7 caked in make up, is under 150cm and has massive titties/ass, but an attractive men to them is your average buttugly moid. What do you expect from the sex that unrionically thinks men age like fine wine? lmao

No. 331099

what do you mean?

No. 331104

Im like 99% these comics were made by a self-hating hapa but anyway, the movement I was referring to was 'azn masculinity' or essentially the phenomenon of extremely racially woke incels trying to cloak their grievances in racial based politics. The 'contradiction' in the comic is the women being anti-racist but choosing to date white men, when that's not really a contradiction- it's not a political right that people should find you attractive.

No. 331113

File: 1698587099427.jpg (119.02 KB, 448x617, Fu8mcq4ykz31.jpg)

No. 331118

File: 1698587933302.png (64.7 KB, 480x360, HQHPEm3.png)

I wish I was a black woman so I can respond to moids with "nigga please"

No. 331131

They got into some weird fetish as a socially isolated autistic teenager, and it completely supplanted their interest in actual sex. IMO if you jerk off you're obviously not actually asexual, but that's not the definition these people are working with.

No. 331170

and i just thought to myself that >>330743 looks like it was drawn by slightly more talented sophie labelle kek

No. 331176

Don't flinch, just do it.

No. 331255

There's something about moids that hate the women of their own race and put another on a pedestal that grosses me out. White yellow fever JAV waifu addicted faggots do picrel shit too. It's like… a sort of Maddona-Whore complex but instead of Maddonas and whores it's with Race A and Race B.

No. 331278

It really is weird. I’ve also seen this trend with Asian incels who hate their women for dating white men and accuse them of being self-hating while childishly retaliating by wanting a white gf at the same time and claiming that Asian guys who score a white woman are “winning” at life. It’s just so hypocritical to me and it reeks of massive insecurity, they’re literally guilty of what they accuse Asian women of doing.

Nothing wrong with wanting to date out but people who either seek a specific group of men/women or fixate on the dynamics of interracial couples are always so deranged.

No. 331285

German orphans were what now?

No. 331340

i get his art was basic and unimpressive before but this one looks rather unpolished, as if he's churning out these quick in the middle of an episode

also it's even more unfunny than his usual work wow

absolute zero resemblance. its not only the round vs block head, he also gives himself way more hair, maybe to make his avatar seem younger? how old is this dude to begin with

No. 331377

No. 332037

I art in general feels more unpolished than it used to. I think some upthread already commented that his art looks worse.

Nonnas, you know when aidens larp about being "little gremlins" and make themselves look uglier and unwashed on purpose? Shen's current art style feels like a non gendie version of that to me, like he thinks making it ugglier makes it more appealing or relatable or whatever. maybe I sound like a schizo describing it like this, but it makes sense in my head

No. 332108

File: 1698890745162.jpeg (286.13 KB, 1071x2048, IMG_5272.jpeg)

I mean kudos for acknowledging men who fuck trannies are faggots kek

No. 332114

File: 1698892269778.png (246.1 KB, 759x1509, unlike you i have a fucking jo…)

that character is meant to be a cisgender male, didn't stop a random mtf tranny from absolutely malding in the comments though

No. 332117

I really really fucking hate when they give femboys female hips, it's so jarring. No surgery or drugs can give a man that trait

No. 332179

Actually jobless behaviour kek

No. 332284

Kek the guy is holding a glass with boxing gloves on.

No. 332407

Extreme-even-by-TRA-standards troons have been crowing about crossdressing being troonphobic for a while now.

No. 332409

Men can't write women example #113254986. Unless the character is a troon, this isn't how women think, or even how we jerk off. Idk about you guys, but in my experience, women don't go to the bathroom solely to jerk off, because most of us don't sit on the nasty cold toilet to do it.

No. 332413

File: 1698985830977.jpg (1.42 MB, 3264x2740, 192730237.JPG)

Okay I guess…

No. 332416

yeah you kinda retarded for this one dawg. it's ok there are worse posts in this thread

No. 332421

Oh, this is actually so fucking messed up, they could have had a nice life together.

No. 332429

lmao wtf. the copium…

No. 332430

Kek I remember this TiF and the weird comic about her getting the tit chop.

No. 332433

idk if it's because I'm esl or just dumb but what's going one here?

No. 332435

File: 1698996677070.jpeg (354.57 KB, 1536x2048, F107B6AA-5A01-4EF2-B8CC-BF5C3F…)

you actually need a bit of context, she was posted in the TIF thread way back, she was nonbinary(but had the chop and was taking Testosterone) but now looks like she's gone full TIF and has split from her wife.

No. 332436

File: 1698996737069.png (993.2 KB, 913x1024, E8jAPG_UcAMI87F.png)

No. 332439

people who obsess over their gender identities like this always come off as very narcissistic to me. idk how to explain it.

No. 332457

>bla bla sapphic bla bla identity bla bla transitioning made me feel fully myself as a lesbian
>ends up id-ing as a straight man

No. 332469

File: 1699013971556.png (282.4 KB, 540x405, 5AD9E4CC-95EC-4E1E-9201-1B7F51…)

actually she was asexual(before and after transition) and most speculated she was actually straight/bi in denial.

No. 332471

I feel sorry for her hopefully ex-wife for wasting her time with such a insecure sjw genderspheschul tif.

No. 332482

I love when they fight with each other for dumbass reasons

No. 332484

File: 1699018753733.jpg (76.46 KB, 1000x600, c-PersonalLakeFama__LFprofile_…)

This seemed interesting so I decided to do more research in general. Her name is Lake Fama, she's the one on picrel, I saw a comic with her old name but didn't save it. So far all her personal comics are about the same thing, so it's no wonder her wife finally divorced with her. It's all about herself. She keeps talking about her tip chop, her transition, blah blah. In every single one of her comics her wife is just patiently listening while she monologues, like >>332469 for instance. Only in the comics where they do regular things her wife seems to have more of a "personality", like going to the beach, writing, going to a party, stuff like that. It says on her tumblr that her wife was the one who wrote the first half of the comic (the colored pictures). She thinks of herself as thoughtful and clever, so here's what I think happened based on my observations:
>lesbian (notice how it says "ladies" not "ladies and gentlemen"?), got married
>really in love
>suddenly wife trooned out (many such cases)
>wife identifies as nonbinary and got a tit chop, but is still attracted to her
>tries to be supportive (example of her being thoughtful) even after her wife's top surgery
>she only microdoses on T and cut her hair short so she still looks like a woman (picrel)
>"since she is nonbinary and considers herself a they/them lesbian (>>332436), there's suddenly hope"
>is starting to get tired of her wife's narcissism
>wife suddenly decides she wants to be a full-blown TIF
>"oh fuck what do I do now?"
>eureka.jpg (considers herself clever)
>"What a coincidence! But we can still be friends because I care about you after all that shit I've been through"
>retard wife didn't notice anything, phew

No. 332491

File: 1699019964026.jpg (248.36 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ad20e241e713ae3b398a6dc…)

Her name was Lydia, I found some of her old comics on Facebook about being ace but I don't have the time to post caps right now. When these comics were posted in 2018 they were still dating for 4 years, so that means they've been in a relationship for 9 years. That's so fucking sad, I imagine that in order to have a divorce with someone it takes much more than just wanting kids. Look at this shit though. How didn't her wife reach her breaking point sooner? Here's the link: https://m.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1729431680450764&type=3&comment_id=1991040980956498&wtsid=rdr_0qCy2312UYrhCg6hN

No. 332500

Well tif retardation aside, the wife wanting children and her not is a good reason to divorce. Of course could be that she made it up because she was already tired of the gender bullshit.

No. 332506

>masculine shirt
>feminine short

Why the fuck are they so obssesed with unnecessarily genderizing every fucking thing. A shirt??? Which parts of those shorts are remotely feminine???

Christ, they're worse than the gender role obssesed trad conservatives , since these gender woo woos have somehow convinced themselves that the obsession of genderizing clothes, manners, whatever is tooootaaaallllly different from how sexist boomers do it. Or worse, somehow more enlightened or whatever.

Thank God my mother tongue is pretty gender-neutral (no gendered pronouns, stuff like that), thus I wouldn't have to think of gender woo woo shit. I just want to scream at these people and tell them how ridiculous this is all from a third-person perspective.

No. 332527

Lmao she sometimes comes up on my explore page. I think she's made a comic before about people making fun of her name or how she actually had a sooper deep hippie explanation for picking a random English word as her name. Aidens really love to prove the "enby named Sock" stereotype right.
Is she immigrated in the US or something? Because if she's really just an Italian living in Italy making exclusively English language content, then naming herself Lake feels like the gendie equivalent to tattooing the word water in Chinese on your back.

No. 332561

I didnt understand a single word of this shit. wtf, I feel so bad for lesbians who have to date now.

My wife wears shirts like that and boxers to bed. I guess she is suddenly not a woman anymore? these people are clowns

No. 332563

File: 1699042427815.jpg (37.71 KB, 500x441, EWgYTR8XkAU-if0.jpg)

Gendies try not to overthink every single miniscule pointless little thing challenge (impossible)

No. 332661

Is she basically saying that she felt uncomfortable being attracted to women before she started LARPing as a man? Holy internalized lesbophobia, Batman.

No. 332664

It must be exhausting to be this retarded all the time.

No. 332680

if she was always supposed to be a male and have a male body why would she need to come to terms with her journey or have time for her brain to adjust to the changes shouldn't get brain be happy that it is finally in the right kind of body

No. 332694

wait she's not American? Christ that makes this so much worse.

No. 332696

calling yourself funny while making extremely unfunny jokes is definitely moid behavior, good for her, she's getting there

No. 332703

i've known tifs who gave themselves japanese names kek one of them called herself "tori" after the japanese word but the same word means market in our language so this girl legit went around introducing herself as "market" to people

No. 332716

gay marriage is not legal in Italy. Sounds like an american living in Italy after the divorce? I have seen foreigners pick up american culture so heavily when being terminally online though

No. 332735

Yes, it's a very good reason to divorce. I meant that it probably wasn't the only reason she chose to do so and there's more nuance to it.

No. 332771

I doubt she's an italian in Italy. I've seen americans call themselves italians just because they have italian parents, but they never set foot in Italy. My guess is that she's fully american but you know that's lame. If her name is Lydia then that isn't the way italians spell it.

No. 332825

File: 1699140199358.jpg (158.21 KB, 848x1200, uh.jpg)

wait i dont think you are supposed to be doing that

No. 332835

Wtf is this pedo shit

No. 333090

File: 1699214736769.jpg (551.32 KB, 1100x1584, Ace_1.jpg)

No. 333092

File: 1699214772676.jpg (548.76 KB, 1100x1584, Ace_2.jpg)

No. 333094

File: 1699214831240.png (640.75 KB, 1100x792, Ace_3.png)

No. 333095

File: 1699215010634.jpg (619.89 KB, 1100x2376, Ace_4.jpg)

No. 333097

File: 1699215078356.png (306.14 KB, 1100x792, Ace_5.png)

No. 333111

How is it that asexual discourse is always the same few talking points ad nauseum without an ounce of self awareness. It's main character syndrome on steroids. You can supposedly be ace and still experience sexual attraction, desire sex, and enjoy sex, and that's totally different from what all the oppressive normies experience somehow?? And yet sexual harassment is supposed to be uniquely more traumatizing for asexuals? As if getting pressured by an older guy wouldn't fuck up "allosexual" teenage girls too. It seems like her biggest problem with her ace identity is people not understanding how special she is… and that's it.
Another thing that gets me is the concept of romantic orientation. Why don't they understand that romance is a non-innate culturally bound idea that is far from universal? It comes from the medieval french literary tradition of courtly love and it's used sell shit from valentine's cards to romance novels to disney movies. It cannot possibly be an inborn identity ffs! It's just another label they can slap on to their ever-growing list of labels.

No. 333120

when asking what heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality is you can sum it up in one sentence. When it comes to mogai sexualities you always need a paragraph to describe what it is. She ends up saying
>these are rough definitions and can mean different things
which just makes everything entirely pointless. Asexuality and other mogai sexualities can mean whatever you want them to mean so there is no point in spreading awareness of it or creating communities for it

No. 333133

what a lot of words to say nothing of value

No. 333134

Why do a lot of asexuals love to victimize themselves so much???I know a lot of them are massive attention seekers too.this is why no one wants them lol.

No. 333194

>live life first, apply labels second
the asexual navel-gazing was already retarded, but i’m astounded that she went from agreeing with that semi-reasonable sentiment to the neuroticism of >>332491 in just a few years.

No. 333223

Seems like harassment is the source for a lot of women who jump into the ace/demi/pan/trans label. Honestly depressing and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a moid

No. 333276

They always lose me at the “some asexuals can have an enjoy sex!” line. It’s like saying “some vegans can eat and enjoy steak!”

No. 333309

So were her and her wife basically just best friend roommates for all the years they were married? I hope the ex wife can find a hot non-crazy genderspecial lesbian girlfriend who will eat her pussy properly - she deserves it after putting up with a mentally ill narcissist for so long.

No. 333324

This is my tinfoil, but I think the reason these so-called "asexuals" come to be is because they tend to have a black and white view of sexuality in general. I think to them, people can only be two things and two things only: a porn-addicted hypersexual slut willing to open their legs to anyone (man, woman, gendie),or frigid Puritan prude who recoils anytime the word sex is mentioned.

So, if they're not either of these things, what should they label themselves?

Obviously, "heterosexual woman who's not a sex addict" isn't really spicy enough. So they come up with "asexual" label.

No. 333343

>No one wants to have sex with someone they don’t have a bond with
>lol what world y’all living in
Kek what is she talking about? Sure that statement’s an overgeneralization but it’s still a normal sentiment people have.

No. 333383

>live life first, apply labels second
>I guess I followed that advice kinda involuntarily
How can she make this whole ass comic and make her entire online presence completely based on navel gazing about labels and not realize the contradiction?
The way she came to the conclusion that she was ace just sounds like being a late bloomer.

>constantly fluctuating labels
>but def queer
Don't these people feel even a bit embarrassed making their labels such a huge part of their personality and coming out to their whole extended family and every acquaintance and making a billion PSA comics just to change them every six months?

No. 333412

>I think the reason these so-called "asexuals" come to be is because they tend to have a black and white view of sexuality in general.
Saying this as someone who "was" asexual, I think that is a part of it but that it's more complex. No correctly developed adult is actually asexual. The only true asexuals are puberty blocked kids or people with medical conditions who didn't get to develop and mature properly.
I was "asexual" as a teen, because I had literally not matured enough yet. Of course having crushes on people didn't count at all (because tumblr said "romantic" isn't the same as "sexuality" so it must be true). And I hated my body big time, so the thought of anyone seeing me naked was disgusting and unthinkable because I myself found me disgusting. And porn was of course scary and gross because of how they humiliate women. So the thought of having sex became unthinkable and disgusting, and tumblr told me if you're disgusted and don't want to have sex… well then that's just your sexuality as an asexual! And then I had anxiety meds that I started when I was a teen that are known to stop your libido, so for years I really didn't have any kind of sexual attraction and felt like I was broken and asexual. It took until a year off the meds or so to realize I had a normal female (aka low) libido naturally. So I really think there's a sizable portion of people who are asexual because they're on medication like I was and don't realize it because we were put on it as teens. Sorry for blogposting.

No. 333639

Can confirm, if my moid drops me I have considered getting into an asexual relationship with a woman due to the trauma I have sustained from our relationship and my medical condition which has left me unable to have sex.
All these weird sexualities are always rooted in sexual trauma of some sort. When I was in highschool I started remembering some sexual abuse and coped by thinking I was asexual and then pan/bi at some point.

No. 333723

File: 1699384948968.png (198.83 KB, 1000x333, Relate genitally.png)

This reminds of how a lot of second-wave radfems defined lesbianism - two women simply being together away from men. but since most of them weren't gay, they essentially lived as roommates without engaging in sexual activity (and there's nothing wrong with that). But that doesn't qualify as lesbianism, it's just two women living together and most of the time not even as friends, cause they would split apart based on arbitrary political issues.

No. 333795

So you are asexual if:
-You find oversexualized media uncomfortable, especially as a kid
-You would have been traumatized and disturbed by an adult grooming and sexually harassing you as a kid
-You don't find the idea of having noncommital sex appealing
-You have sexual attraction and enjoy sex, but not with everyone all the time, just with specific people under specific circumstances
I guess I, and most women, are asexual.

No. 334140

File: 1699477289020.png (925.18 KB, 611x791, UcaOE5q.png)

Anyone remember seeing these "TG comics" on deviantart like a decade back? this is where I first came across troonism and remember being severely creeped out.

No. 334159

File: 1699481598304.jpg (78.59 KB, 563x788, 20040301_Yii2.jpg)

god yeah they were everywhere during that era of webcomics. Misfile (picrel) was one of the big ones; I remember the author's dad trooned out and died after his HRT gave him a fatal blood clot. I think everyone who was at all familiar with the comic expected the author to troon out as well but he still hasn't.

No. 334185

One that was some what and I unironically read was El-Goonish Shive, I have said before but I'm still surprised that Dan Shive hasn't trooned out yet.

No. 334250

File: 1699506718931.png (456.5 KB, 750x1670, 1588704074400.png)

No. 334273

Until the third panel I thought the people drawn on the right side were just their poor audience forced to listen with one hetero pair looking concerned for the first chick and the second one dipping out after hearing that bullshit lol

No. 334320

isnt the second one just breaking gender norms, like we SHOULD be doing??

No. 334370

File: 1699565338774.jpeg (694.27 KB, 700x3906, D0F47820-8E93-4013-B86E-C2F565…)

I’m sick of these comics appearing on my dashboard.

No. 334371

File: 1699565372788.jpeg (423.66 KB, 700x2849, 793145D6-62AA-4025-96B6-97DAF9…)

No. 334373

I can’t believe I had to read this shit three times and I still don’t get most of these.

No. 334379

It's like the adult version of band kid humor

No. 334528

i like the alternative to the nuclear family where it's just the nuclear family but two lesbians are also there

No. 334606

1: cheating but it's okay because it's gay
2: no gender stereotypes (and cheating)
3: i don't give a shit about what people around me do (even if they cheat)
4: nuclear family
5: deep conversation

No. 335145

>no less primary than I am.


No. 335373

File: 1699902327159.png (609.91 KB, 419x8090, shenjingbing.png)

No. 335376

context: for nearly 2000 years, men in China had a social and religious obligation to never cut their hair. cut hair was seen as a sign that a man had abandoned his family and community. However, during the foreign Manchu rule on China, Chinese men were forced to adopt the Quene hairstyles as a sign of submission. Hundreds of thousands of men were executed for not complying with this decree, It was such a fucking awful hairstyle that despite it being enforced for over 250 years, as soon as the Qing Empire fell the queue practically disappeared overnight, it was that fucking hated, the fact she's comparing that oppression to having cut her own hair short is really just insane.

No. 335391

File: 1699908548503.jpg (56.09 KB, 829x526, Qing-Manchu-queue.jpg)

jesus christ you weren't kidding

No. 335394

Literally the worst hair time period for China. Men had such beautiful hair and were forced to wear that. ugh

No. 335407

Imagine making this whole comic just because you regret your bad DIY haircut. Why is it so hard to just admit you like long haired moids like the rest of us instead of not so subtly lamenting over your inability to skinwalk them. The level of repression and denial TIFs are on drives me insane.

No. 335447

File: 1699935222090.jpg (695.47 KB, 2053x1055, 12.jpg)

In a strange way, both cultures embraced the worst aspects of each other. Originally, the first two Manchu emperors wanted to force the Chinese to be more Manchu, which included adopting Manchu hairstyles and changing their dress to be less extravagant and more plain. However, all the emperors that followed had the exact opposite desire and wanted to be more Chinese than the Chinese themselves. Despite this, they still honored the emperors before them and kept their policies, but they also tried to Sinicize themselves. One of the most obvious effects of this was the introduction of Confucian misogyny towards Manchu women, as well as the introduction of hedonistic practices to the Manchu nobility

>In their traditional culture before the Qing, Manchu women originally had sexual autonomy being able to have premarital sex, being able to talk and mingle with men after being married without coming under suspicion of infidelity and to remarry after becoming widows, but Manchu men later adopted Han Chinese Confucian values and started killing their wives and daughters during the Qing for perceived infidelity due to talking to unrelated men while married or premarital sex, and prizing virginity and widow chastity like Han Chinese.[247]

No. 335455

File: 1699936309155.jpeg (1.78 MB, 3000x3000, welldrawnfish.jpeg)

No. 335502

Confucius was and is a blight to east Asia. I wish he died of smallpox or some other infection like most kids did in his day

No. 335552

I do not get any of these words. I don't understand. I feel like some old fart using SM for the first time, wtf is a LOL and a WTF.

No. 335560

File: 1699984501631.jpeg (102.7 KB, 869x1335, qoLTrwB.jpeg)

No. 335598

East and South East Asia were culturally fucked by the tenets of Confucian doctrine. It coerced women into being subservient, not even allowed to perform basic household chores, requiring the addition of more house servants. also, the absurd and repulsive hierarchy of harmony brought about a complete eradication of any trace of female nobility in Japan within a mere century of exposure to Confucian influence.

No. 335616

They want to be oppressed so bad. From "upset at the life you never lived" you'd think they lived in a prison for 50 years or something.

No. 335685

>acts out violently
male behavior

No. 335710

File: 1700034091185.jpg (1.01 MB, 2504x3776, DHgIraLXsAAo2vM.jpg)

No. 335728

This person has never read Berserk.

No. 335735

it's quite funny how even trannies view themselves as violent kek. They're such women truly!

No. 335749

File: 1700058560984.jpg (31.45 KB, 564x592, 0b918709330ab859d46be2fe9754fe…)

What the fuck? Not only would Guts not do this, but Griffith was here first, waiting patiently for his butthole to be sodomized by his one and true love!

No. 335752

very ironic you think it wasn't the other way around

No. 335762

They always reduce womanhood to performing femininity

No. 335791

Legit. Griffith would top for sure. That's his whole thing is just because he looks like that, doesnt mean he's not dominate. He used his looks to get his way for war funding. People who thinks Griffith would bottom havent read Berserk.

No. 335809

"sexual breathing" is taking me out kek

No. 335865

I imagine AGPs apply makeup the same way a three year old uses a crayon. Just clenching their meaty fist around it and grinding it into their skin as hard as possible.

No. 335891

kek I'm going to start using "(Sexual Breathing)" and "make you sexually squill" so much

No. 336171

File: 1700179333746.jpg (48.41 KB, 460x625, i hate this.jpg)

Why do these artists always make the guy characters look like women without boobs or a little boy. They could at least made the low effort self insert look like an adult.

Hey, this is just the authors thinly veiled fetish!

No. 336176

They only studied how to draw girls because their only objective was cooming

No. 336217

File: 1700183770680.png (29.25 KB, 816x655, IMG_5295.png)

Fujo-to-fakeboi pipeline comic no. 353256225695467

No. 336222

more like pick-me to fakeboi pipeline

No. 336227

This is a dumbass nitpick but it looks like the childs hand is trapped under the strap kek

No. 336301

File: 1700226702704.jpeg (342.13 KB, 1080x1350, 1dWx93X.jpeg)

No. 336302

File: 1700226724175.jpeg (357.76 KB, 1080x1350, 1oMHJ1H.jpeg)

No. 336311

Why did that lowkey turn me on

No. 336317

File: 1700231133979.jpg (147.45 KB, 1250x423, F_Bn6NeboAAvND1.jpg)

No. 336342

Tatsuya Ishida is such a stupid fucking turncoat, its only a mater of time before he turns his coat again.

No. 336354

No. 336357

This guy makes some schizo comics because I almost understand what's going on in them.

No. 336359

i dont get it. is this just a jews bad comic. am i retarded

No. 336370

ZOG(Zionist Occupation Government) is a fairly well know anti-sematic antisemitic conspiracy theory

No. 336386

Its a critique on american two party "democracy", its saying that both parties serve israelis interests above american.

Why is it a conspiracy theory? 89% of US senators and congress hold dual citizenship with Israel.(racebait)

No. 336410

It's no conspiracy that jews have Americans grabbed by the balls. I have an American friend and you can joke with him about everything expect the jews. He goes into panic mode and is super uncomfortable. Insane.(racebait)

No. 336530

He isn't wrong though. if anyone thinks the US (either side) isnt simping for Israel, they're insane.

No. 336531

You cant ever joke about the Jews because they own the media and a ton of the majority wealth. I used to work jewelry shows in my area and that's all I saw.(jew derailing)

No. 336533

what the fuck

No. 336616

is it a conspiracy theory when all politicians have to swear loyalty to this foreign country to maintain their career

No. 336643

This thread is not the appropriate venue for discussing ZOG conspiracies, reel it in.

No. 336679

jew isn't a race, it's not racebait. Are you american by any chance?

No. 336684

no one said anything about race - this isn't the thread for sperging about conspiracy shit

No. 336754

laughed at this one. feel like a fucking redditor.

No. 336836

File: 1700384803341.jpg (143.6 KB, 826x740, average_clever_female_internet…)

No. 336838

I read this one even though they were in wrong order without the other one and I think it's better without the context, it's making me laugh so hard. Some guy randomly goes up to Santa close with an awkward expression and asks "What?"

No. 336853

Nonna please

No. 337195

obvious sage but im really supprised he hasnt already as he once posted a bunch of comics with his self insert as a girl and made comics hinting that being a woman was better and when people asked what was going on he said he was…
>coming to terms with some stuff
so maybe he was on the fence but decided against it and now maybe hes on the fence again

No. 337279

File: 1700545330448.jpg (116.66 KB, 1200x1500, F_O_9rjWgAA1IlR.jpg)

No. 337328

I hate this kind of self-infantilizing crap, be it ironic or not. Same with girl math and gen y tumblresque "adulting is soooo hard" type of humor.

No. 337338

I assume every time he's on the verge of trooning out he looks in the mirror and sees his square fucking head

No. 337339

is this some abdl/ diaperfag crap?

No. 337342

He's waiting to get a pedophilia accusation or some shit and then he will admit he's a transbian to draw off attention.

No. 337462

File: 1700626328887.jpg (111.02 KB, 828x1268, Fss8_XYAAvMFB.jpg)

No. 337710

File: 1700727021184.png (533.38 KB, 930x5456, 1685475345497.png)

No. 337731

File: 1700747815219.jpg (325.31 KB, 720x760, IMG_20231123_215226.jpg)

No. 337732

File: 1700747887878.png (466.05 KB, 720x750, Screenshot_2023-11-23-21-46-52…)

No. 337733

File: 1700747941659.png (436.27 KB, 720x533, Screenshot_2023-11-23-21-48-37…)

No. 337734

eh cringe, but not awful like the rest here.(learn to reply)

No. 337735

i don't see what's so wrong with this one kek it's silly and fun

No. 337736

I'm gonna need a balkanonna to explain this to me. Is this comic saying Kosovo is the real Albania? Or is Arbëresh about the Italian Albanians?

No. 337742

its saying the Šiptar is a gypsy and has no right to be making any demand

No. 337755

File: 1700762281023.png (1.06 MB, 748x748, lbQUKq0.png)

These comics were kind of funny, but knowing that she was dating such a loser for a long time and didn't break up with him, is reflecting really bad on her.

No. 337833

eh she was young, it's easy to laugh stuff off at that age. Her other comics are annoying but i like these ones cuz they're true to how lame cluster-b men are

No. 337834

this artstyle is so ugly omg

No. 337841

Looks like they own lolcow too.(jew derailing)

No. 337863

someone post the picture of her face. She's actually beautiful. Its kinda funny how beautiful women draw themselves like ugly quirky cartoons but the ugly girls draw themselves as kawiwi anime waifus

No. 337883

File: 1700811253196.jpg (Spoiler Image,266.52 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20231124_083350_Ins…)

Nonny she's quite normal

No. 337886

Her comics are alright and I kinda like her colorful style, too bad she's a handmaiden.

No. 337892

tbh they're both shitty imo, being mad about a 4 year old being innocently dumb to your gf is stupid. But so is indulging a 4 year olds attraction to you when you're an adult who knows better. When I was a kid a boy at my school around age 7-8 asked a female teacher to be his gf, fully expecting to get to kiss and hug her because he doesn't understand why that's inappropriate. Playing with kids feelings is also cruel even if they say stupid shit

No. 337894

Jesus christ going along with a 4 year old's stupid pretend girlfriend game is not being a shitty person. 4 years old is not 8 years old, a random adult you just met is not your teacher. Those two scenarios are not comparable. She is not shitty for being nice to a kid she's probably never going to see again.

No. 337895

is that really her?

No. 337916

Yeah she has a lot of stories of herself on her instagram

No. 337923

oh my god get a fucking grip

No. 338027

That 7-8 year old boy was groomed by someone, that's not normal lol

No. 338095

File: 1700909289764.jpg (474.01 KB, 1280x3774, CRAWLING.jpg)

and she made another comic about how the evil white people language forces her to self-harm every time she uses a gendered word.

No. 338098

File: 1700910174175.png (366.27 KB, 1000x1000, image_2023-11-25_220244320.png)

I mean this earlier comic implies he was a clingy shit so I wouldn't entirely blame her if she was guilted to stay in the relationship

No. 338115

I have such mixed feelings about a these comics, they are so repulsive looking but it fits the bf character so well.

No. 338116

and yet the chinese still knew whose feet to bind

No. 338120

File: 1700922415141.jpg (13.88 KB, 1000x563, quote Emil Cioran.jpg)

Good comic.

No. 338121

File: 1700925163451.jpeg (10.84 KB, 225x225, IMG_6202.jpeg)

Absolutely disgustang, these makes my skin crawl

No. 338124

File: 1700929425521.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1170x1174, 3AC3ADD5-6DC1-407C-8782-5A443C…)

I think this artist has been posted before but this is grotesque. “Gary” is a named buttplug

No. 338128

what the fuck

No. 338132

File: 1700931892361.jpg (27.8 KB, 310x346, 1464677448390.jpg)

Fucking vile

No. 338135

Very based and relatable edit

No. 338177

File: 1700946945307.jpg (223.96 KB, 2048x2048, 20230701_173658.jpg)

This is a by a 31 year old woman.

No. 338178

>is 31 years old

No. 338189

File: 1700954992640.jpeg (88.86 KB, 1285x723, IMG_1035.jpeg)

I thought this was supposed to be Charlie Day for a second and I was wondering when he was going to take Santa’s ear off

No. 338192

What's the reason for these people to always refer to themselves as boy/girl rather than men/women? It really makes my skin crawl

No. 338196

for tims: pedophilia
for tifs: self-infantilization. girls are forced to grow up early (usually as soon as they get their period which often happens as early as 9 years old, or when they visibly enter puberty) and are parentified when there are younger (male) siblings, while men are treated as boys until they are 30 and older. these women live vicariously through boy characters, which is why a lot of them are obsessed with the little adventure boy archetype. think dipper from gravity falls or those kids from earthbound or shonen protags like deku or luffy.

No. 338250

I hate Pizzacake but you chose the one that wasn't that bad.
Another popular reddit comic that sucks ass. I fucking hate her comics so much. She's revolting and her art is hideous.

No. 338255

Nuh uh.

No. 338256

because men are fat bald and age like shit

No. 338271

NTA but in context they're all bad. It's a slice of life comic but she literally does nothing besides browse reddit and make webcomics so literally all her comics are about making comics or interactions she had on reddit.

No. 338309

File: 1701031385882.jpg (82.21 KB, 523x960, 405194847_321835960675295_7374…)

i reactivated my facebook after 6 years and my feed is filled all sort of shit comics posted by pages i don't follow at all

No. 338358

File: 1701047859277.jpg (136.92 KB, 490x960, tumblr_6d569dc92a375a568ed6b23…)

i'd only ever seen the edited version and this is truly so much worse than i was expecting

No. 338361

File: 1701050508034.jpg (106.58 KB, 523x960, 1701031385882 copy.jpg)

i had to make my own. god i hate boomer humor

No. 338391

accusing people of being gypsies is fairly common in the middle east and south asia as well funnily enough.

No. 338393

I honestly think it's nothing but a self-own to say your non-white culture was too stupid to realize men and women were different, until white people came and educated them about it. In reality their precious "gender" as they know and love it was invented and popularized in the early 2000s by white kids online, while china was busy pushing one-child policies that led to people aborting baby girls because of their deeply rooted sexism. All of these gender comics are going to age like milk.

No. 338414

i cackled.

No. 338419

How did they pull of sexism without realizing that men and women are different?

No. 338448

These types of people genuinely argue that the gender binary was enforced on us stupid noble savages by evil white colonizers, I have seen one use an example of a trickster hindy god turning into a woman to mess with some demons as an example or how our mythology understood the blurring of gender.

No. 338465

As if the evil white people also didn't have dieties and mythological figures "blurring gender" aka fucking around and being unhinged because they're gods. These people are beyond ignorant.

No. 338531

Nonna you're brilliant, thanks for the laugh

No. 338646

File: 1701197662225.jpg (378.07 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_4c1b960b1b6b1980b8965e0…)

No. 338654

Asexual cake, which is how I like my cakes by the way. And where the fuck is blobby?

No. 338655

File: 1701198540737.jpg (501.92 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_38dbd749df14cc99c740377…)

This was his last appearance.

No. 338663

She ate it, that's why the round belly

No. 338701

Bitch it's nonborn

No. 338706

Interesting how they think "gender reveal parties" are stupid and offensive when it's about a pregnancy lasting long enough that the baby's sex can be identified, but suddenly it becomes cool and wholesome when it's about adults needlessly labeling themselves through a lens of cultural sexism. I don't even necessarily like gender reveals as a concept, since they tend to reinforce gender stereotypes, but a tranny "gender reveal" would be doing the exact same thing. Also, it strikes me as terminally online to think "gender reveal = fire, or other catastrophic accident". Viral videos of fame-hungry retards recklessly showboating don't accurately represent reality. Most gender reveal parties are extremely tame.

No. 338736

File: 1701244472978.jpg (177.34 KB, 1100x662, zeus-europa.jpg)

kek TIL Zeus turning himself into a bull means ancient Greeks didn't know the difference between different animal species

No. 338741

Blobby is the fetus.

No. 338743

Disregarding the fact men fuck animals more than women making the whole thing untrue and unfunny, why emphasize WHITE like that?It made it seem like it’s setting up for a race joke so I didn’t get it, I didn’t get the punchline.

No. 338744

White men are literally the most likely demographic to fuck animals. it’s all projection. They watch porn with whites women and then extrapolate that shit to all white women. Also it’s popular in left circles to blame white peoples for everything, like trying to create a new stereotype to degrade and humiliate white people.

No. 338746

It was actually some Mexican NEET who was spamming "white women fuck dogs" along with beastality porn, on imageboards for months, who basically started this.

No. 338773

Men will successfully astroturf anything as long as it's about women

No. 338791

File: 1701269706295.jpg (3.23 MB, 3000x3000, IMG_20231129_175601.jpg)

VS reality (niggas be raping babies, yes I made this)

No. 338793

you should probably delete this and remove the nigga part, cause it could be reported as racebait.

No. 338794

Don't worry I have the pass

No. 338795

Sadly even saying that won't the moids go away in the end its always best to shoot them dead

No. 338797

mrs. sophie killed him

No. 338803

As if that would stop them…

No. 338808

Fucking lol great job anon

No. 338822

kek i love this. i feel a great temptation to recreate it digitally

No. 338857

This is great though maybe change it to that she's an undercover cop because moids would rape anything even gay babies.

No. 338884

File: 1701302398712.jpg (120.76 KB, 779x856, strawman-argument-says-what-v0…)

(wrong thread)

No. 338888

File: 1701303950953.jpg (28.47 KB, 736x736, d76196437642e1e9b76d1e6ddf6543…)

Jesus Christ, why do all males think Turning Red is about prostitution? If a bunch of children see a big fluffy animal, they would want to pet it and take pictures, it's not that deep. The girls gushing over the boy band is not even as explicit as any obviously sexual scene from Dress up Darling. They really see female puberty as impure if a cutesy coming of age story is the same as their ecchi anime.

No. 338915

I wonder what their reaction would be to someone who hates both.

No. 338962

File: 1701341334644.jpg (3.3 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20231130_020143.jpg)

No. 338979

he has become 18 years old, blower of candles

No. 338982

File: 1701354577201.jpg (1.48 MB, 3901x1233, IMG_20231129_231424.jpg)

Should I make a thread for our own bad comics? It could be fun.

No. 338984

I don't get it…? The husband became so obese that the solution for that was to troon out?

No. 338985

these can be posted on the self-art thread.

No. 338989

Trooning put makes you hotter and happier! It solves all your problems, we swear! There is no reason to doubt it, egg, just take the hormones and see for yourself. There are no negative consequences, the science is settled!

No. 338994

Isn't it her dumping him for another guy?

No. 338995

Pretty sure she just got another husband. OP should have added a receding hairline to the fat failhusband though. I like the dark emanations coming from his obese body though!

No. 338999

I think the last panel is two women so the lesson is Become a lesbian

No. 339007

File: 1701362079758.png (Spoiler Image,3.24 MB, 1504x1026, RjhwQ3n.png)

By Akira Toriyama

No. 339020

What does this mean?

No. 339054

NTA I think the punchline is his shitty hairline on his 18th birthday

No. 339056

wow rape is just sooo funny haha

No. 339075

there are actual doujins more respectable than this, how does one manage that

No. 339076

He's such a good artist and has excellent vibe, it just sucks dragon ball is infested with the pervert stuff. It slows down the plot and happens constantly too, I stg it would have been so much better if his dick wasn't writing half the story

No. 339112

This is actually disgusting… literal rape used as a joke. The fact that this man makes manga for young boys/children while also making this is disturbing. He would never put a male character in the same situation.

No. 339189

He did do some weird jokes with Goku when he was a kid(like really bizarre) but it was editor who forced him to clean up his act and indulge in his fetishes.

No. 339205

you can’t just say this without elaborating or posting caps….

No. 339213

a scene with kid goku wearing women's underwear(as a joke) or the many scenes with goku naked with his penis out.

No. 339220

>Goku with women underwear
That's a silly joke though, the usual misogynistic shit where a male finds underwear and starts being a pervert (women are still the butt of the joke).
>Goku with penis out
It's common in Japan to depict children naked.
Nothing as bad as making a female character get assaulted, taken by force, stripped, raped and then the joke is that she enjoyed it because of the money and goes on to become a prostitute. That's sick.

No. 339226

File: 1701468899410.jpg (356.69 KB, 1426x637, 897504389750.jpg)

i mean haven't you guys read dragon ball there was tons of weird shit involving bulma and kid chichi. bulma is 16 here and chichi 12. roshi leered at bulma's naked crotch and made himself small and climbed into a toilet to peek at bulma when she was taking a shit.

No. 339229

honestly i think reading dragonball as a girl child did me permanent damage with the way it depicted girls and women, i remember being disturbed by the stuff that was happening but i figured it is supposed to be funny after all when an old man leers after young girls, right?

No. 339230

I like the concept but it could use an iteration. Don't stop making these comics, anon! Its not bad.

No. 339231

Tasteless and with zero appeal.
Imagine being proud of this.

No. 339788

File: 1701696688904.jpg (95.93 KB, 960x909, 405201272_313794211528276_1959…)

Making up problems out of nothing part #839191

No. 339800

File: 1701705377388.jpg (17.97 KB, 554x334, a60a1615230389ff78bef4d309eb46…)

I know it's just my late tumblrism talking, but I found it funny

No. 339801

literally spouse, and they got divorced anyway.

No. 339951

File: 1701767724396.jpg (136.52 KB, 1164x1273, ybdmm731gc3c1.jpg)

No. 339954

What is this implying? Is it the US? That people don’t wanna pick Biden because he’s old? Lmao

No. 339956

if i read it as criticism to the gender cult this is actually funny

No. 339960

This shit makes me want to purposely not vote Biden just to spite this artist

No. 339970

File: 1701777833402.png (Spoiler Image,908.97 KB, 1000x1000, 38OIvV8.png)

even when she draws herself as human, she makes herself look rather grotesque.

No. 340026

File: 1701802589888.png (244.11 KB, 667x667, tumblr_o8s893Jltp1rihoc2o4_128…)

Her ex really was something.

No. 340043

He also raped her, she has a comic about it.

No. 340046

File: 1701805974884.png (250.99 KB, 540x540, 1000006105.png)

Honestly, reading about how pathetic and manipulative her ex is kind of entertaining. She did say that this was her first relationship, so it explains why she stayed with him for so long.

No. 340047

File: 1701806246406.jpg (395.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1000006107.jpg)

No. 340374

File: 1701948730581.png (343.72 KB, 667x667, based-child.png)

I'm surprised none of you have posted this specific comic yet kek.

No. 340422

File: 1701971017565.png (293.74 KB, 800x371, 1wXDau7.png)

No. 340436

some of you should get some fresh air

No. 340437

either way it's all downhill for america

No. 340438

holyshit, this is really disgusting

No. 340440

Dbz wasnt the first, but it solidified the whole 'old man groping women is kawaii in anime' situation. I hate it so much now that I am an adult. None of this is okay.

No. 340445

Furries are so coddled, fucking brats

I think I get why I never got into DBZ

No. 340808

File: 1702093919144.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.83 KB, 488x1830, OhwowMURRRR.jpg)

It's been years since I first saw picrel and it's still burned into my brain. I wonder what happened to the moid who drew it.

No. 340905

But that's funny.

No. 340910

Wtf is this supposed to be? Is this some fetish?

No. 340913

File: 1702145084067.png (492.42 KB, 800x1932, jpcHE1C.png)

No. 340914

This is insanity

No. 340917

This shit is so embarrassing for anyone who is actually like this. Grow up

No. 340918

kek this is bizarre more than anything else

No. 340919

What the hell is that thing above the penis though

No. 340923

nta but it looks to be a transformation fetish.

No. 340941

What in the glitchedpuppet hell is this?

No. 340952

because of the shine marks I think he's meant to be an inflatable toy and that's the air valve

No. 341034

Does she hate her neck?

No. 341044

File: 1702214439151.png (3.03 MB, 1280x1493, hYwoeeu.png)

No. 341045

File: 1702214575453.png (2.82 MB, 1280x1280, 1ZeixFF.png)

No. 341046

Her comics are so boring, they're not offensively bad, they are just colorful bland blobs, barely any punchline. I don't get the point of posting them.

No. 341050

I agree, they're just so bland while also desperately trying to make up for it by using the whole rainbow as a palette

No. 341054

this is funny if you read it as a terf comic

No. 341058

Does she have a vendetta against korn or something lmao, they're kinda liberal so I don't get why is the "bad girl" wearing their shirt?

No. 341061

numetal is viewed as cringe

No. 341062

its a condom

No. 341063

Stuff that never happened for $100

No. 341065

I like the ones about her ex bf

No. 341068

these 'wacky encounter' comics really are funnier without the last panel

No. 341070

All I'm asking is where the fuck was she able to get an Arts and Crafts job… like it's not a club, it's a job. They make middle school crafts as a job?

No. 341071

Possibly art therapy

No. 341072

likely a community center. I used to work in one as well a few years back. You just have to have the barest necessary skills and some form of paper certification. It can be a prestigious art degree or just a certificate from a two-month course from another community center, but it's really easy to get a job at a community center.

No. 341076

File: 1702226864983.png (728.92 KB, 689x1083, 0lWsid3.png)

No. 341077

I know where she worked bc I'm familiar with her hometown. It's more like she's supervising random people/kids with a table full of art supplies and paint.

No. 341079

honestly, not the worst oh joy sextoy comic. seems shockingly normal compared to the other stuff.

No. 341090

Idk is this that bad? Aside from the uncomfortable subject matter, I think this is something that happened to a lot of women.

No. 341119

She looks like Lucinda. IDK why but I kept imagining her as the exact opposite.

No. 341263

yeah sure but just fucking say clitoris

No. 341264

Based. Why are women do afraid of their own body?

No. 341351

yeah this is fine by itself. It's only bad in the context of there being probably hundreds of these sex toy comics, incl. guest comics by furries and other degenerates.

No. 341376

her wacky encounter comics feels rambly. Why do we need to know that the boar girl is in her 20s and thriving? Why do we need to know that the yellow paint looks muddy? Why do we need to know that the author only just know learned about Logan Paul? This would had been better as a tumblr post as a comic it drags out

No. 341394

I think that’s really cute actually, surprising coming from OJST

No. 341481

Kinda sad that her parents call her so rarely that she assumes they'd only do it because someone died.

No. 341541

File: 1702375516243.jpg (2.51 MB, 1941x3000, veggiecakeface.jpg)

Imagine moving to a new country, little to no community around to support you, where you're treated as second class citizen and your daughter decides to start taking T that increases her risks in health complications all for some vague concept of transitioning.

No. 341542

I find this (almost) equally gross to if some dude had made a comic about him first learning how to masturbate, and it's not just me being a prude about it it's that there's an inherent exhibitionism needed to want to show and tell people about your teenage self masturbating

No. 341543

I'm spooked, sisters. I just finished reading this here and then the original showed up on my twitter home timeline for no reason. is it an ad or something?

No. 341545

It's the Collective consciousness of the world

No. 341557

One thing I noticed specifically is their idea that it's impossible apparently to relate to someone unless it's the exact same situation (referring to the panel where her POC trans friends had too nice families to get it and her white trans friend are too white to get it). The comic honestly gives an interesting insight in it all, but I do feel like there's an undercurrent of somehow having it the worst ever and nobody gets me. Which would normally be a huge sign of needing mental help, whereas the solution provided here seems to be creating a bigger hugbox.

No. 341567

I agree with >>341542 especially since the comic was a recounting of a sexual experience Erika had as a minor, but I also find it cringe that she couldn't figure out how to orgasm without buying something. That's true ineptitude.

No. 341568

So special, so unique! What a journey that no one else, especially whitey, has ever felt. God these people are insufferable. Imagine wanting and giving your kid more opportunities then you and they grow up to spend their time sniffing their own farts. The self harm mental break stuff isn’t even that special anymore, it happens to people of all kinds. If you can’t find a way through and relate to others who aren’t a 1:1 with you, that’s a you problem. All this moron comes across as is a self centered can’t think outside themselves moron. Also the comic layout is so confusing and unreadable, maybe because I’m using a small screen and it’s a scan or something but boy it’s bad, the black half and missing two panels? Ugh, ugly and needlessly confusing like their selfishness.

No. 341574

Kek, it's compiled, anon. You can see the pictures individually in picrel name.

No. 341773

why do these people always want to talk about how bad they have it all the time? i dont know, comics like these are so common and i cant believe anyone but the authors would have an interest in reading them.

No. 341860

Remember kiddos, it's not a cult- it's not a reaction to any unaddressed issues you have- it's a tried and tested way to make you feel special when you have no friends, hobbies or skills!

No. 342157

File: 1702543085141.png (1.64 MB, 1450x1450, AZavtmW.png)

No. 342238

File: 1702569027848.jpg (471.61 KB, 1450x1450, media_GAxkPQnXUAAqvNy.jpg)

No. 342241

File: 1702569331296.jpg (171.09 KB, 758x792, vaush.jpg)

guy who told jk rowling to get back in the kitchen here to mansplain feminism

No. 342243

Other than this being Blobby, I see nothing bad with this particular strip.

No. 342244

Man it's so weird how something that "has always been used that way" and "is totally normal" has to be explained to literally every native speaker who comes across it because none of them recognize it. And somehow literally all of them are confused about it. So natural huh.
Singular they/them has always meant "he or she" as in "a person who is one of the two sexes" it's only now used by a small number of believers of the spiritual concept of gender AND non-binary (not all gender cultists even buy both of it) to refer to one person instead of he/she. I hate how they're trying to gaslight everyone into thinking their cult speech is normal.

No. 342245

What is this about

No. 342246

There's a trend among twitter queers about how same-sex best friend characters should have ended up together instead of with their love interests, kind of disregarding the fact that they are straight.

No. 342248

this is real though

No. 342249

i know blobfish are omnivores, but I think it'd still die if you gave it a cheeseburger. also, do they really think people just disagree with them because they're misinformed?

No. 342252

Won't anyone think of the men?? -Every blobfish comic

No. 342253

>trend among twitter queers
>disregarding the fact that they are straight
many such cases, in all bad ways possible

No. 342255

the characters and actors like the majority of people are straight, I have very good and close friends who mean a lot to me, but I'm simply not attracted to women.

No. 342266

Yeah but it's not like there's no fun allowed. People can ship whatever. The comic itself is complaining about sidelining two characters with chemistry with a random character we know nothing about.

No. 342268

those two characters are straight, so they won't end up together, how's that complicated?

No. 342270

Where does it say that in the comic? It's a blobby work everyone is bipantransexual in those.

No. 342271

>parents are tolerant of her becoming a they/them but don't want her to take testosterone
>does it anyway
>they continue to support her financially and pay for her animation school
>pathetic attention-seeking 'suicide attempt' where she downs a small handful of pills like a bullied middle-schooler
>mother correctly pointing out that she wouldn't have trooned out if they'd stayed in Asia treated like an unforgiveable crime

It's sad that her dad doesn't talk to her anymore, but how did she not read this back and realise how spoilt she comes across?

No. 342272

in blobbyland all the men are either sweet asexual gay boys or catcalling jocks and all the women are heterosexual emotionally abusive predators (except blue hair girl who's a lesbian).

blobby fucks anything that breathes

No. 342273

File: 1702580173649.png (344.23 KB, 870x1236, fea83ebc-ab01-46ca-bbca-e12222…)

agreed, though it's just a less funny version of that nozaki-kun bit about the hint character in dating sims acting like a cuck

No. 342278

File: 1702581640386.jpg (544.9 KB, 3400x2800, rAQdlDO.jpg)

No. 342282

if that character was a woman that pink horrid thing would be written wanting to kill her. men are confused and need education, women are just evil.

No. 342368

Far from the worst thing in this comic but I fucking hate the way he drew her holding that fork in the first panel. This comic is so male it's like he's never seen humans interact

No. 342379

I really thought Luke was gonna be included in the "Sure, Honey" punchline

No. 342403

Oh I see. I thought it was criticizing the cultural norm that you need to ditch your friends after finding a partner, which tbh is damaging especially for women who end up with shitty scrotes and without a support system.

No. 342520

File: 1702665510305.png (651.4 KB, 1122x773, medibang.png)

idk if this is considered a short comic but it's a oneshot so hopefully it counts.
(heads up from page 31 onwards, there's a ugly bastard jumpscare and implied rape)
to summarize, this mc is poor and the girl is rich. she's been nothing but nice to him but he thinks she looks down on him so he resents her. he then desperately needs money so what does he do? traffick her. i'm not kidding. he regrets it afterwards and goes back to save her by somehow taking down 10 dudes. he does go to jail afterwards, but the kicker is that apparently she FORGIVES him and they promise to meet again after he gets out. what the actual fuck? can it be any more obvious that a moid wrote this? what woman would forgive this shit?
on a side note i've never seen this manga plus creator site before and most of the comics on there seem like crap kek. i saw an ad for it on instagram. anybody else familiar with it?

No. 342526

wow imagine putting your parents through this and they still pay for all your tuition and yet you think youre the victim

No. 342527

is this Japanese or from an asian country, cause I don't mean to race-bait but these type of stories always seem to come from asian nations.

No. 342531

this is so fucking sad but fascinating. It clearly shows how her ideologies and narcissism isolate her and cause her misery ("I am POC and immigrant and trans so nobody can truly understand me"). imagine being so cold to your own clearly loving mother. also testosterone causes mood issues in some women lol i bet nobody told her that. Hope her dad never apologizes

No. 342532

File: 1702671259422.png (1.73 MB, 1849x1581, Screenshot 2023-12-15 121238.p…)

apparently an actual woman wrote and drew this??? I mean, moids don't draw cutesy haikyuu fanart or chibis of BL pairings. I'm speechless

No. 342533

This is not surprising tbh, the plot feels really in line with most BL and yaoi stories.

No. 342534

Some chicks like writing melodramatic train wrecks, especially when it comes to manga.

No. 342536

It's inescapable in shojo, otome, and josei. I'll never understand self inserting as a victim.

No. 342539

I can get wanting a bit of schadenfreude, but I personally stick to men in that regard.

No. 342541

This is so bad it's funny. The author note is also hilariously bizarre, she "felt cringe while drawing this" and apologizes for rushing it and making it bad? What the fuck? Never seen this on a doujin before, kek. Hopefully she grows as a writer, it's probably a high schooler or something.

No. 342580

It really isn't? As a fujo I've rarely read something this fucking bad.

No. 342581

This definitely does seem like the plot to a shoujo manga honestly