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File: 1616154851036.jpeg (62.93 KB, 810x540, 89FA0E7C-07FE-4946-9E98-931B99…)

No. 1188043

>>A “Cisgender neurodivergent queer latinx” blogger and LGBTQ+ Activist
>>heavily endorses TERF punching, TERF stalking and violence against TERFs
>>supports abolishing the sex offenders register, because it’s apparently racist and inhumane
>>previously posted on blog site Medium, but is currently “under investigation” for hate speech
>>thinks that TERFs and right wing women “shouldn’t be believed” and are “hijacking” h the #metoo movement for political gain
>>manipulative and constantly twists the facts to suit her narrative
>>brags about “making TERFs feel afraid”

Wordpress: https://queeratxlaura.wordpress.com/blog-2/

Previously discussed in >>1184917

Her most interesting blogs:


TERF hunting manual:




No. 1188046

File: 1616155071089.jpeg (154.84 KB, 640x589, DFE531E0-B52B-40F2-BFD7-3A5FD8…)

No. 1188047

File: 1616155111865.jpeg (457.97 KB, 640x879, CDE29AEC-B1C3-4380-B005-3D97A2…)

No. 1188050

File: 1616155275137.jpeg (254.3 KB, 640x1055, FA81196B-DE1A-4E04-B9F2-4D2F75…)

No. 1188051

File: 1616155343647.jpeg (195.82 KB, 640x642, ED93BE58-E064-449F-A1C8-E74525…)

No. 1188052

File: 1616155379728.jpeg (87.45 KB, 640x382, CED6C41A-7EB4-4A58-97E4-2348A8…)

No. 1188053

>require them to be sexually submissive
That's a lot of words just to say rape

No. 1188056

File: 1616155617942.jpeg (165.99 KB, 640x675, 19FC95AF-FD98-4C68-A7F0-A9AC11…)

Ok so I made this thread on a phone (kek) and couldn’t make a fancy collàgè of her hottest takes. I can’t recommend reading through her entire blog enough, and also the archive on her that was originally posted. She truly is completely insane and some people tinfoil that it’s actually a tranny using her as a sockpuppet.

No. 1188057

>If you aren't a pedophile or pedo supporter you are alt-right
If it weren't for the fact that she's actually published I would assume this was all just some elaborate troll, wow. Just waiting for the post where we find out she'd a sex offender herself, she's way too touchy about the registry and pedos being punished

No. 1188059

File: 1616156541460.jpeg (234.27 KB, 640x969, 3F7BA61B-A817-4C0E-A9C4-4E65DA…)

Really want to find out more about this crackpot

No. 1188061

Orgy Porgy, food and fun
Kiss the girls and make them one!
Boys at one with girls at peace
Orgy Porgy gives release!

No. 1188064

>Monogamy is harmful to women
Cool, that totally explains why modern reddit scrotes are constantly trying to get their gfs and wives into "open relationships" that the women are rarely ever happy in so they can get their dicks wet more, right?

No. 1188067

bdsm to sex ed huh.. why not throw ALL the fetishes in then and not just that? fatties, trannies, sissies, diapers, ponies.. the kids NEED TO KNOW!!!!

No. 1188089

Is she Laci Greens evil sister?

No. 1188098

Holy fuck, that's why she looks so familiar

No. 1188103

How empty is her life that all of her favorite quotes are from herself? Most people put stuff from fiction, words from philosophers, or inside jokes with friends, all she has is MeMeMe.

No. 1188114

File: 1616161547090.png (16.77 KB, 735x681, aboutlaura.png)

didn't need as many words as laura but it's the same thing.

No. 1188122

Did she write anything this year? It all seems to have stopped last year. Also I'm not sold that the pfp is really her.

No. 1188125

She’s not made a blog post since June last year but she posts on fb semi regularly. And I agree I wanna find out moar

No. 1188136

You think it’s actually a troon? Tha plot thickens

No. 1188137

Am I just naive or does this seem fake to anyone else? Just way too ridiculous.

No. 1188143

I strongly suspect it, yes. I wouldn’t be that shocked if it was all real and actually her though.

No. 1188153

Same here. She posts all that, but somehow we've never seen more than just that single photo of her, there are no photos of her at LGBTQ+ events, and she hasn't linked up with any pro-trans or libfem organizations? Suspicious.
How many people are even liking or commenting on her posts? What are her friends (if they exist) saying?

No. 1188167

File: 1616166661831.jpg (489.32 KB, 1536x2048, 107712930_2664722040482809_257…)

>go on her FB
>90% of her posted photos are variations of that Sailor Moon drawing meme
>one of her only commenters/friends is…this
This has to be some tranny catfishing.

No. 1188168


After conducting some research online, I am very inclined to believe this is a fake account. Meaning someone using this woman's photo posing as a "cis woman" to write such drivel. Highly suspicious, does smell like a troon. Would like to know more.

No. 1188171

I honestly think this is an elaborate troll. Not because troons and their supporters can't reach that level of over-the-top batshit insanity, but because it is inpossible that someone this far gone doesn't have a twitter.
Also this thread will probably be closed/bitched about on meta because the mtf thread is supposed to be a collection of cow shenanigans.

No. 1188174

File: 1616167044935.jpeg (233.94 KB, 640x864, 9969DE0E-4976-46EB-B6CF-939343…)

They don’t seem to have any ties to real life at all. They have a few faithful tranny reply guys, a load of generic Facebook pervs that she ignores, and a few people she speaks with like acquaintances but no indication they know each other in real life at all.

No. 1188177

File: 1616167306860.gif (1.97 MB, 300x299, tumblr_o4c6fmRc7V1u1kbnho1_400…)

I'm the AYRT, and I was digging around on the Facebook too and found this gem. Not to say real "lesbians" won't like content like this of course but this smells like a man. It never ceases to amaze me how much troons want to skinwalk real women and catfish as them. Gross.

No. 1188184

File: 1616168026586.jpeg (279.15 KB, 640x851, 6B900715-8DE9-4586-BD67-16F9B5…)

I’m like 80% sure this Laura is actually larping Alice Raspii

No. 1188189

Alice Raspii Instagram

Also has a YT where they teach how to make cyanide

No. 1188194

good God almighty

No. 1188196

No. 1188201

Doubt (X)

No. 1188202

Is this a parody of georgy porgy song from the 70s?

No. 1188209

It's a riff on the original nursery rhyme from the dystopian novel Brave New World, where characters chant it in a ritual of taking drugs together and then having an orgy.

No. 1188229

Cyanide? What the fuck?

No. 1188237

Reads like an incel wrote this. Probably because it is an incel. This “Laura” fella should post more pictures of themself.

No. 1188274

while collectively the tranny movement is about as insane as this person, she acts almost too insane to believe. if it weren't for the fact that she claims to be cis i would suspect she were a troll trying to make trans activists "look bad". don't understand how a cis lesbian, no matter how astronomically far-left, could be so invested in being anti-terf.

No. 1188288

Because “she” is actually a tranny larping as a woman.

No. 1188329

There's no way a lesbian would use a picture of herself topless to be her Facebook profile picture. Let alone link it to her "professional" blog.

I found an archive of an article from Laura's suspended medium account and the pfp is a generic picture of a city: https://archive.is/KC1qP

If you google "queeratxlaura", you find her other Medium account: https://medium.com/@laura.reyna

No. 1188394

Maybe her picture is AI-generated? There are plenty of sites that make really legit-looking pics and that would explain why there is only one picture and why that picture cannot be found anywhere. I'm very inclined to think that profile is fake because that really doesn't sound like a woman talking.


No. 1188409

It could even be a photo of the tranny himself run through FaceApp's gender-change function or something. Or, he took a shirtless selfie, but edited a random woman's face on top of his own.
Anyone here remember bratphobic's editing shenanigans? Trannies really know no shame when it comes to this kind of thing.

No. 1188417

I can't put my finger on why but I had this same thought when I saw her pic in the MtF thread. Something about her expression reminds me of those AI generated faces.

Her jawline looks weirdly sharp against her neck - maybe it's an AI face shopped onto another pic?

No. 1188459

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Something is really off about it, literal uncanny valley tier.

It's definitely not an AI generated photo because the AI doesn't create an image from scratch, it combines a bunch of facial features and fills in the gaps, but it doesn't understand how faces work, so something like that tousled hair at the back of is head or the nice realistic gradient of that pillow would look mushy and abstract. Both for the fully generated photos and for the gender swap filters. I think it's something else, but I can't put my finger on it.

No. 1188573

Maybe I'm wrong, but to me it almost looks like the face was edited onto the head. It's not entirely clear to me, but the contrast of the chin against the neck, and that vein beside their brow clashes a bit with the smoothness elsewhere.

No. 1188624

"Punch nazis, fuck terfs"
So beat the men and rape the women pretty much. I may be reading too much into this but she does want to abolish the sex offender registry for some reason so her choice of words is interesting to me.

No. 1188626

I think it is. "Her" kink is weird to me for a woman. Theres obviously women who like to be sexually submissive but i dont know any woman who fantasize about forcing an entire separate group to sexually submit to them. Not to mention that separate group is lesbians and feminists.

No. 1188679

the kink quote explains a lot about her imo. she's obsessed with terfs and making a registry because it's a fetish, she wants them to be her sexual slaves. it's pretty plain the way she laid it out, "take a group that has harmed and murdered countless millions" - these kinds of people really believe evil wxmwn are harming and killing the poor twans. "now require them to be sexually submissive toward the modern victims of those crimes. that is definitely a kink i am all about." she's either getting off on the image of trans women raping terfs and nazis, or she's a trans woman himself and it's a huge sexual larp.
either way, autism levels are off the charts. it's an obsession.

reverse google searching her picture gives nothing. i know the technology for determining faked photos is out there, so i'm gonna do more research on that.

also, >>1188329 good work, apparently Laura Izaguirre isn't her only alias, Laura Reyna is another name to search for info on.

No. 1188734

File: 1616216316608.png (49.2 KB, 514x272, image.png)

No. 1188742

File: 1616217891733.jpg (22.56 KB, 352x234, 20210320_011855.jpg)

Maybe it's just me, but these areas look sorta weird? I don't really know photoshop well but those areas remind me of when I fail to blend skin when drawing. I honestly think it's a face photoshopped on a body, the neck area is weirdly blurry too.

No. 1188772

File: 1616222398493.png (27.07 KB, 863x202, 1.png)

she addresses being "accused" of being a man here.

also, considering she's a published author you'd think she'd understand how apostrophes work, but alas.

No. 1188773

File: 1616222498061.png (42.32 KB, 859x378, pedophilesdidnothingwrong.png)

Here she says that pedophiles are just LGBT people trying to educate kids

No. 1188777

this is absolutely either a man or a troll

No. 1188790

Hoping this is just a troll to show the hypocrisy of it all. If not it's definitely a mentally ill troon larping/catfishing as a "cis" woman online. It reminds me of when racist trolls use pictures of black people on Twitter as their profile pictures lol

No. 1188793

File: 1616227830806.png (615.98 KB, 1487x829, laura.png)

here's what i was able to get. ELA shows some weird sharpening around the hair and glasses which is definitely editing of some kind, imo. it's also been resaved a few times, so that could mean editing in apps like faceapp.
i'm really new to photo analysis though. someone more experienced could give a better answer. this pic doesn't exist elsewhere though.

No. 1188796

Why even analize? Everything points to a scrote.

No. 1188798

This is what I picture when I see anyone talk about the femboy hooters meme

No. 1188808

Holy fuck, if my kids in the future ever learnt shit like this i’d take them out of school and sue. pray for the children, dear god

No. 1188813

Yes but WHICH scrote?

No. 1188823

>"Jessica" Durling
Of fucking course, I knew him in real life for a while and that guy is bizarre. He is a huge troon cow online now, great candidate for MTF thread.

No. 1188881

There's no way this isn't a troon pretending to be a TRA. The profile pic looks like they cropped something out of a erotic photoshoot.

No. 1188948

File: 1616256319681.png (31.19 KB, 858x264, bisexuality.png)

she's definitely not a lesbian

No. 1189006

File: 1616261940417.jpeg (88.1 KB, 540x810, 445A79F3-3E6A-4423-BBE1-B8A7C0…)

This pic looks like some onlyfans shoot lol. If it’s been poached from a paid service like that it would explain why it’s not coming back from any results since it’s not indexed. Like what female would use such a suggestive pic as their profile in an article?

I can’t tell if it’s a man from this photoshopped ass pic but it’s giving Riley J Dennis. Something about the lower half of the face.

I did a search for the name “laura reyna izaguirre” and only got one result, a cached post from a people search site, as a related term. Their location was listed as Austin, TX. But when I clicked through the name it was 404. Most Izaguirres in Texas are going to be central american.

No. 1189043

If Laura really was just a handmaiden, wouldn't she say TERFs thought she was a transwoman, rather than a flat out man? It would be a lot more comprehensive of a gotcha ("You think the only way I could think this way is if I directly benefitted from it"), without the risk of being cancelled for implying a male presenting as a woman online is anything other than a woman. Imo, only a TiM would be so careless with the language here.

No. 1189094

reeeeally hope this is a based female with a really elaborate psyop intended to peak women but it's probably an agp misogynist monster dude. I'm convinced, if it's the latter, the moid is a registered sex offender.

No. 1189126

he says he's 18 on instagram. for some reason I think he's lying.

No. 1191633

File: 1616566752015.png (197.01 KB, 937x452, image.png)

I am not sure if it's relevant here, but there are other transwomen who have made extensions to target/block terfs

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