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No. 186892

for all your cringe gender/sexuality moments in media. originally meant as a cringy trans writing thread, but i think we could also include cringe moments in media that are otherwise fine except for the one genderhaving woman with they/them pronouns.

No. 186893

Lmao good thread OP, hoping someone contributes juicy wokerino content.

No. 186895

I have a feeling this is going to be the only reason I check /M/, I only came here to find it. Sadly I don't have anything to offer but ik sure other nonnies will!

No. 186899

Give it time. /m/ still has problems. All the old threads were lost and all the farmers are just coming back here

No. 186995

File: 1646380140935.png (203.04 KB, 1266x648, good taste in dick.png)

Since someone in the TIF thread mentioned the professionally written South Park yaoi fanfic, Both Sides Now by Peyton Thomas, here are some choice pickings from that book

No. 186996

File: 1646380206506.png (194.48 KB, 1234x628, hilary swank.png)

>I mean, you seriously look exactly like a guy

No. 186997

File: 1646380258533.png (202.43 KB, 1216x588, gender liquid.png)

No. 186998

File: 1646380352244.png (128.13 KB, 1210x476, skittles.png)

No. 186999

>Professionally written South Park yaoi fan fic.
I'm sorry the what now?

No. 187001

Some Fujo ayden published a gay novel which was actually her old south park yaoi fan fic with some name and race swap(kyle is Filipino and eric is persian)
It's about TIF Filipina TIF kyle and her romance with Stan

No. 187002

Of South Park of all media? Aidens are strange creatures kek

No. 187003

I have never understood it myself really, I get the Yaoi shipping aspect(no matter how disgusting I find it) but the amount of woke female fans sourh park has had, always seemed odd to me
Its really odd

No. 187004

>>187003 i guess is their way to have an edgy phase. Remember for aidens being percived as rude is a matter of life but cannot risk their precious social score. But everything need to be ~yaoifed~ kek the coombrain

No. 187008

File: 1646384932723.gif (188.97 KB, 480x270, Bpbk.gif)

Kek, South Park made a Yaoi episode as well after finding out about this phenomenon

No. 187030

>discussing transsexuality with a woman
>she gets angry at everything the woman says
>discussing transsexuality with a man
>she apologizes and bends over backwards to him and squeals over the man
Holy shit the pickme is off the charts

No. 187057

So basically it’s another 50 Shades of Gray
South Park has an extremely autistic yaoi fanbase. Especially compared to other animated sitcoms.

No. 187061

Aidens do this all the time. Women can never understand their twansgenderism like true and honest men can!

No. 187309

File: 1646533414864.jpeg (1.26 MB, 828x1556, D3952522-560D-478F-AEC1-DE4E99…)

SVU has gotten so bad. Noah was a fucking mistake.

No. 187325

this cannot be real, also that is a child, why do these weirdos push this shit onto literal kids?

No. 187326

Why I've refused to watch the show in a single image.

No. 187331

Hate when I get halfway through a fanfic only to find out the dirtfuck author has a tranny headcanon and decided not to tag the fic with it. Just now I was like 10k words into a fic and suddenly one of the characters says he's wearing a binder. I'm a fucking fujoshi, I want to read about two MEN kissing and fucking, not a dude fucking a mentally ill women with a pube beard. It's so obvious the retards who write this shit are FtMs who self insert as one character and have the other as their husbando.

TL;DR I wish Aidens who don't tag their tranny headcanons a very 41%.

No. 187333

File: 1646561054083.png (43.02 KB, 270x360, 05129911.png)

i just pull a reverse uno card on them. when they do this shit, i log out and comment anonymously that their untagged tranny headcanon made me dysphoric, suicidal and gave me a panic attack, and to please tag such content in the future to protect vulnerable bipoc trans folxx.

even better, make a separate account with pronouns, sexuality, mental illnesses and ships in the profile, so it looks more legit.

No. 187334

Once I was so pissed at one fic about a pairing that barely has any good fanfic that I anonymously commented to ask why it's tagged as M/M if one of the character is a woman, and pretending to be completely clueless. Of course the character was the cute, young manlet who looks younger than he is, it was so predictable. I check more fics the next day and when I found that one again the writer replied with "but the character is a man? lol?" bitch the whole point of your fic is that the other character in that pairing really wants to fuck the genderbent character in the pussy. These retards should fuck off from the internet as a whole, I'm sick of them.

No. 187335

I wanted vid rel about the sex and the city reboot. I haven’t watch the original series or the reboot, but it just seems like a series dedicated to brainwashing women into thinking performative sexuality and hookup culture is somehow empowering, with maybe some minor good moments. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting how they were pushing this kid into this woke shit at 6:20

No. 187340

your own fault really, I mean you play around in mud don't be surprised when you get dirty
of course a genre filled with degenerates will have degernate content

No. 187343

You say that like it's not a very recent phenomenon. Say what you want about slash and BL being degenerate genres, they used to be straight to the point and people used to tag their fics and arts in case someone didn't want to see it or to make it easier to find for anyone looking for it. Now if you're looking for a gay fic, even a wholesome, family friendly one, you'll be bombarded with straight shit because the authors are fakebois who are projecting their special type of degeneracy on male characters.

No. 187345

I wouldn't know, I'm not a degenerate but I'm sure losing your underage boy fucking fan-fics is a great tragedy

No. 187347

Speaking of fanfic I have had the misfortune to find one for an already pretty small fandom where the main male character troons out. He's canonically a fairly masculine man but doesn't shy away from stereotypically feminine activities either, and in the fic all his conventionally masculine behaviour is dismissed as "overcompensation" for his "real self" being a submissive transbian. Of course all his allies are super-duper supportive while only the bad guys are "transphobic".

No. 187350

I barely read anything now because of this new trend so you could say I reluctantly moved on. It's not a tragedy, it's just very annoying. I don't even think I've read anything about "underaged" boys either, I just want cute stories with guys in their 20s or 30s but that's too much asked apparently.

Is it a popular "headcanon" for this character or is it just that author who's stupid in particular?

No. 187351

Maybe idk read some nice vanilla hetro content, I assure you that you won't find random cuntboys in those fics

No. 187354

Fortunately it seems to be just this author, at least for now. I don't really think the headcanon would take off outside deranged transbians, but who knows.

No. 187355

I used to do that long ago and all the writers would make the characters very OOC so I gave up at some point. I mean, even more OOC than with gay pairings. Het ships attract more normies so I guess that's why there's way less chance of finding weird ftm shit. Maybe I grew out of fics, maybe they became worse, but I'd say it's a little bit of both.

No. 187357

It's funny when there's shitloads of fanfic of one character as a troon kek the fakebois are so predictable. They all desperately want to be cute twinks when they are pudgy 5'2" women with T acne.

No. 187369

kek you wish. i used to be obsessed with ff15 a few years ago and the amount of aranea x transboi prompto or transgirl luna x transboi aranea was astonishing. i think one of the writers even called herself a transmasc lesbian boi.

No. 187378

Nta but I find this shit boring af, I want to read some weird stuff untainted by wokesters.

No. 187381

>thread pic
pain. I watched the first like 4-5 seasons of shameless years ago and I can't believe this is what it's become. my Ian would never

No. 187388

God I hate looking for any fics at all, the troonism is everywhere. I read both homo- and heterosexual pairings, but the trans shit is definitely most common in M/M fics. I just want porn man, not some fucking gender exploration.

On the MtF thread there was a screenshot from Reddit saying TERFs hate trans people because they want to secretly fuck them. Right. Nothing could turn me off faster than trannies in any shape or form in any media.

REEEEing over thanks

No. 187389

File: 1646588894314.jpg (197.86 KB, 1253x513, selfcare.jpg)

AO3rdr extension will save your life. You can blacklist tags and you'll never have to see another Aiden fic again. And if there is fucker who doesn't, just do what this brilliant nonna >>187333 does so they can cut themselves for making someone dysphoric kek

No. 187390

Ah shit thank you for the suggestion nonna - I browse most ff on my phone though rip

No. 187393

Right? If I wanted to read a straight pairing I would read a straight pairing. Fortunately the straight ships seem to not suffer from transgenderism that much. I mean, I never read straight ships fics where the female characters get turned into TIMs. Read one where the male character was a TIF (badly written as you expect) but that was tagged at least (and I was curious).
These troon m/m fics are also very weird. Everything and everyone in the fic are so sweet and happy and everyone is gay and the drama feels cheap. Like, at the same time they do a setting where homophobia doesn't exist, they put it there anyway for drama but it is already established by the author that shit is uncommon… but then there will be a crazy female character (it's always a woman) spouting homophobic crap to make the soft boy cry. I'm tired of that crap.

No. 187395

>but then there will be a crazy female character (it's always a woman) spouting homophobic crap to make the soft boy cry.
Sounds like the ultimate expression of internalized misogyny.

No. 187396

File: 1646591265680.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

I don't think me deciding to turn into a good Amish housewife is going to get rid of trannies but go off I guess

No. 187403

> TERFs hate trans people because they want to secretly fuck them
They think they’re clever, but “you act like you hate it, but deep down you know you want me” is nothing new. It’s the epitome of make-like behavior.

No. 187405

I’m not calling fujos problematic or whatever but I’ve never understood the appeal of two faggots fucking each other in the ass. Goddamn repulsive.(bait)

No. 187406

Ah, I see, so it's the old "stop liking what I don't like RREEE" with a side of mild homophobia

Women like men. One man naked is nice, two men naked is double nice. Plus there is no female to be jealous of. Quite simple, really.

No. 187407

>”no female to be jealous of”
this is a 18+ forum little miss

No. 187409

No. 187410

Again why is everybody acting surprised, aydeniam is pretty much the end result of a yaoi fetish

No. 187411

The state of man is to be submissive to his mistress. A man sleeping with another man is a violation of the natural order.

No. 187412

i'd say it's actually even more common in F/F fics but they're usually tagged as dickgirl or futa rather than trans and most of them are written by coomer moids who haven't trooned out (yet) but still you can easily tell that many of them are also deranged tranny self insert shit

No. 187413

>little miss
I'm an oldfag and I cringe at this.

No. 187414

So do I

t. little miss soon-to-be-30

No. 187415

quit the fujosperging and stay on topic please

No. 187416

>women like men

Yeah some women like men but it doesn’t mean all women want to see them stick their doo doo dicks in one another and get aroused by it. It’s about the same thing when hettie men get their cocks wet over lesbians being fetishized.

No. 187417

Unlike straight men, fujos are harmless (save the tifs). I do agree yaoi is cringe, though.

No. 187419

>It’s about the same thing when hettie men get their cocks wet over lesbians being fetishized.
Yeah, it is. So why are you making a big deal out of it?

No. 187420

This is so fucking painful, SVU is now a soap opera about the detectives' personal lives targeted at moms who want to be hip and cool. I mean go ahead and make that kind of show, but at least create a new IP.
Remember that SVU episode where the boy was forced to transition because of a botched circumcision and was never told about it, and at the end he killed his pedo therapist? Hard to believe it's even the same show (although I guess in a way it isn't).

This isn't about "degeneracy", it's about gender shit being forced fucking everywhere.

No. 187424

Except I couldn't give a shit about fetishising poor gay men

No. 187426

Why do some anons have such an autistic hatred of yaoi? Like literally every time it's brought up they feel the need to squawk about how gross they think it is.

There's plenty of shit I don't like but at no point have I felt the need to screech at anons who like it. No amount of shrieking at me about degeneracy, poop, Aidens, or ~fetishizing the poor gheys~ is going to make me stop looking at BL and yaoi. If anything, I'll just post more of it to spite you.

>All fujoshis eventually become Aidens
Have you actually read the fujo thread here, or been in any non anglophone yaoi communities? There are plenty of us who fucking hate Aidens, and plenty of Aidens who are self-hating lesbians, not fujoshis.

No. 187427

Look I would love to see fujos and anti-fujos sperg about this shit once again, but instead of replying to bait, report it for derailing, and take it to the fujo vs yume thread on /ot/ if you want.

No. 187428

You're been typing like a fucking male this whole time and it's disgusting. Also your bait is trash.
The vast majority of authors writing yaoi are straight or lesbian females. Yaoi is a genre made by women for women, not for trannies. You can dislike it of course but try not to sperg and have a breakdown every time the genre is mentioned, and this thread is about woke tranny shit anyway, not for shitting on yaoi (you have a thread in /ot/ for that).

No. 187429

File: 1646598110731.png (756.9 KB, 905x688, touch grass bigot rrreee.png)

I dedicate this to you guys

No. 187430

>This person will cry and scream in the street with a picket sign if someone expresses apathy towards their demographic.

You need a Geiger counter to measure this cringe.

No. 187431

The irony of telling people to touch grass when it engages in terminally online politics kek

No. 187432

No. 187433

That's not true and it's clear you've never read any m/m content nor interacted with fujos, so shut the fuck up.

No. 187434

File: 1646598940277.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.26 KB, 718x851, sr6usrd6yursd6.JPG)

OH GOD the one before it is even worse

No. 187436

File: 1646599096774.jpg (548.78 KB, 1696x2560, DarkRiseCover-scaled.jpg)

Just ignore and report for derailing. They should take their antifujo sperging to /ot/'s thread and post woke shit in the media.

That being said, has anyone read books by the author C. S. Pacat? I always avoid anything labeled as "queer" literature since most of it suffers from shitty writing or awful tropes.

No. 187437

Oh my fucking god why did I click the back button to see the entire thing. It's literal nightmare fuel the fuck. People really get off to old women that look like rick sanchez pegging old man asshole? Nightmare world.

No. 187438

Is that trans Rick????

No. 187439

Agreed, the "support trans rights!!!1" art is obnoxious as fuck. It's just super blatant virtue signalling.

No. 187440

This is fucking grotesque. They want good representation all the time but then depict their own kind like this.

No. 187442

File: 1646601237693.jpg (52.06 KB, 671x372, 67nyyc.jpg)

No. 187444

Why is it always Eastern Europeans who draw the most disgusting tranny art? Westerners in general draw horrible "queer" art but there is an extra level of nuclear disgust with the Eastern Euro queers.

No. 187445

have you constructed a sad little alternate femdom world in your head to cope with reality, anon? methinks someone doesn't have any room to judge fujos

No. 187446

It's about normalizing ugliness, in case you hadn't noticed. They don't really care how ugly it looks to other people, they draw what they see as attractive and force others to accept it.
From the artist's Twitter, I can tell it's most likely an Aiden, because men don't usually draw cuntboys/transmen. So the character with the strap-on is probably, in a way, the artist projecting herself (through the female body) onto a man she finds attractive.

No. 187449

The entire human population does not subscribe to your BDSM fantasy dynamic.

You are dumb, stupid, and basically retarded, if you're picking up the subtle messages that I am putting down.

No. 187450

I am ugly and an artist too, I know it can be healthy to make the subjects in your art ugly to normalize it, but this isn't about ugliness alone. It feels gross too because of the detailed and overly-visible body hair, the dark red hands, the protuding bones and the fleshy brown colors. If you want to normalize ugliness there are so many better ways to do it, so why do it by drawing an old tif with grotesque details fucking someone with a strap-on? This is clearly just a fetish and they can't see how odd this appears to others.

No. 187453


This one was actually pretty wholesome, about being a 24 year old virgin

No. 187455

God every time there is a cute lesbian comic buried in these (nor Moen's shit she can eat shit), the artist is a theythem lesbian

No. 187456

File: 1646604082498.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.41 KB, 310x314, gfnbxfgn.JPG)

This is the future the liburals want!

No. 187457

Yeah well, I forgot to add that these art styles often emphasize ugly features and make them look even worse. For example, body hair, which almost never looks anything like real life body hair (it's always those retarded straight lines that line up perfectly)
>This is clearly just a fetish
I guess you could call it that

the fuck is this?

No. 187458

No. 187459

All I know from that writer is that she wrote Captive Prince, which I was too lazy to finish but it was kind of trashy in a fun way and "problematic" so people shit talked her for supposedly being racist based on the main pairing and for being homophobic or whatever. I've vaguely heard that she's "queer" herself, no idea if that was to defend herself against the people who shit talked her, if she's a fakeboi, an average tomboy or if she's legit bi or lesbian but worded it that way for some reason.

No. 187460

i've read this exact post somewhere before. fujochan?

No. 187461

I loved Captive Prince; I couldn't get through the first few pages of this. The writing style has changed. Also, it doesn't seem to be about adults? I could be wrong though.

No. 187464

Posting Oh Joy Sex Toy should be considered cheating

No. 187465

>not enjoying to see literal shitholes being fucked means you're a male
Retarded degenerate

No. 187467

it's not a "literal shithole" in the same way running over hookers in gta5 isn't "literal murder". you're just letting your irl biases cloud your viewpoints of fiction

No. 187468

i read this. it was alright but had some elements that made me think it would work better being an adult fantasy book rather than YA. i’m not a big fantasy reader so i’m sure for someone who enjoys YA fantasy they would like it. i didn’t find the writing to be bad at all

No. 187469

It's only being upset that other women do enjoy it that makes you seem male. I don't like fujo shit either, but I don't ree about degeneracy because other anons do. It's the personality which makes someone an Aiden, you can like gay shit made for women without trooning and without thinking that troons are totally the sex they pretend to be. Maybe it's the added autism or personality disorder. All MTFs seem to be raging narc incels aiming for optimal coom after being warped by porn/the refusal to admit to being gay, while FTMs it varies more, with some in line with MTFs, but not necessarily the majority, such as ones that are trauma based, unwilling to admit they are homosexual but not seemingly for coom purposes, etc.

No. 187470


it was problematic because it somewhat eroticised sex slavery and prostitution in the first book however the overall storyline has a very clear denunciation of sexualising children and taking advantage of poor people to make them into prostitutes. the main character who grew up in royalty and thought slavery was okay as long as you treated your slaves well also came to realise how fucked up slavery is and vowed to end it in his kingdom once he came back into power

it was also deemed problematic because the main character is based off the ancient greeks and was described as having tanned skin and tumblr types took that to mean he is a black man and that the author was literally replicating the trans atlantic slave trade against african people when in the story the main character was turned into a slave due to being usurped to the throne by his illegitimate half brother.

the author is self described gender queer and bisexual lol. she’s female and claims to want to increase lgbt representation and write about her experiences but somehow all her lgbt characters are gay and bisexual males lol

sorry for the sperg. these books aren’t perfect by any means but i think some of the criticism they get isn’t warranted.

No. 187471

Based, thank you anon

No. 187475

You do realize that women also have have buttholes and sometimes have anal sex, right? Are you repulsed by your own butthole, femdom-chan?

No. 187481

i believe this book is marketed as YA which is why its about late teens

i actually read through all of dark rise and kind of liked it for what it was but it'll never be as good as captive prince

No. 187487

I prefer the Neil Patrick Harris version of Count Olaf

No. 187495

Does Euphoria count as cringe woke media? I haven't watched it but was thinking about it for shits and giggles or is it just an annoying waste of time?

No. 187497

I don't know if it's woke besides the troon, it seems to be about how being a prostitute in high school is empowering and that every teenager is a drug dealer/addict and I don't know if that counts as woke.

No. 187498

The tranny has written episodes and has a lot of say in the production, so I'm going to go with an emphatic "yes."

No. 187499

i think so? in addition to all the troon stuff there’s a whole arc where the 16 year old fat girl becomes ~ empowered and confident ~ by selling nudes online

No. 187503

this is absolutely putrid and made me legit nauseated lol

No. 187507

(c)rap-chan leave this thread

No. 187509

Again I feel most of these issues would be solved if these just stopped reading excessive yaoi and take a break from porn and BL erotica cause long term it fucks up your brain
It is a fact that erotic and porn changes your brain chemistry. It's not something that the human mind should be subjected to

No. 187513

Tbh SVU really started to get shitty around season 9 but I didn’t think it was this bad these days.

No. 187522

It's woke, but very tolerably so. There's almost nothing in it that's even comparably insane to the stuff posted in this thread.
Characters that are woke are framed as being more morally correct, but characters that disagree with them aren't demonized or treated like they're bad people because of that. If anything, the show does a remarkably good job of showing a realistic spread of viewpoints, and it judges characters much more on their actions than on what they believe.
If anything, there's some notable anti-wokeness too. A character will call out a 'problematic' behavior and other characters will just ignore them, with the joke being most people don't give a fuck. The mtf calls a dude a "faggot" for liking him. Another character cheats on his wife to fuck dudes and mtfs specifically.

The trans stuff is pretty lukewarm, honestly. I don't know if it's supposed to be this way or if Hunter Schaefer is just telling on himself, but the show seems to indicate that the mtf character doesn't really think of himself as a real girl. The character even muses about detransition, and that's directly due to Hunter Schaefer's contribution.

The glorification of sex and hyper-promiscuity in this show is, imo, the worst part by far. But to be fair, the fat girl learns that the "empowerment" she gained from sex work was hollow and made her into an asshole.

Anyways, sorry for huge sperg, but I put off watching it because I too thought it'd be disgustingly woke. There's problems with the show for sure (overly gratuitous sex, overly long artsy scenes, some misinfo about drugs and mental health), but the drama is very well done and intense, and the characters are well-written and likeable despite being horrible people.

I enjoyed the first season well enough, but the special episode with Rue is actually incredible and resonated with me really hard, and now I go around recommending the show to people that I know have struggled with mental health, especially if they've (ab)used drugs before.

Embedded is a three-minute clip that captures the feel of the show very well imo. (light spoilers, nothing major)

No. 187523

Wtf kind of shitty dialogues and costumes are these, it really deterred me from watching the show (not that I was planning to in the first place).

No. 187526

Becky Chambers is a handmaiden writing sci fi thats heavy on woldbuilding and light on plot. First book eh, second book actually very good despite a thinly veiled trans allegory, third one (picrel) is unbearable.
Audiobooks get extra annoying, the poor actress is constantly tripping over Xe/Xir pronouns.

No. 187528

File: 1646640290619.jpg (463.39 KB, 1353x1469, euphoria highschool tiktok.jpg)

yeah, the outfits are a noted phenomenon.

No. 187532

File: 1646641596080.png (209.02 KB, 1060x691, laura tisdall on becky chamber…)

ugh, farkin ell

No. 187533

The sexualisation of the blonde is just so disturbing, but obviously nothing new. I'm always bombarded with characters who are supposed to be like >18 years old dressing like they are 25+ porn stars. It's one thing that really puts me off American media in general. Many people were telling me to watch this show but I think I'll give it a miss. It reminds me of Riverdale. I think teaching the woke narrative that sex is empowering to teens is paedophilia. I think having actresses dress sexually provocative is the same too, writers and producers know that teens will watch and emulate.

No. 187534

old milk, but this was never shared in the Western Animation Thread for some reason

No. 187536

I read the first two and really liked them..but yeah, the whole neo pronouns stuff and the constant sex changes of that one alien in the second book were sometimes confusing…

No. 187543

What the fuck is this voice acting? This is the show that was funded by crunchyroll, right? I regret ever giving them my money even though I had my subscriptions years ago.

No. 187544

kek i love how everyone in the comments is reeing about the fact that the tif has to take a potion once a month because it rubs it in that shit like that isn't natural and you continuously have to poison your body to live your LARP. also reminds me of the monthly cycle, aka a unique female experience. nature is a terf, baby.

No. 187562

the outfit second on the top is cute i can't lie

No. 187568

Kek I love the triggered tifs in the comments. And I hate the cartoon tif's voice, which is good because it's kinda how they sound like so it's accurate.

No. 187573

I saw that review. Charlotte's kid is a themby or something. it's insane. Not that the original was any better.. but fuck this.

No. 187575

>And I hate the cartoon tif's voice, which is good because it's kinda how they sound like so it's accurate.
kek I just watched the clip, you're absolutely right. The voice acting being total garbage makes it worse too.

No. 187579

This is so funny
>mom is missing
>here are some pictures of me and your mom before she went missing!
>who the fuck is that girl?
>'twas me… I am transgender…
>doesn't know what transgender means
>it means I was born a woman but didn't like it… so now I am a man
>what? How?
>I take one potion a month to keep up the lies and be the real me!
>ohhh I'd give anything to see my mom again!
Nice introduction to a character lol. They should have just had him say his name and pronouns when they meet because that's how most TIFs reveal that they're transgender and have special pronouns anyway. TIFs are usually never happy with any representation in media, they usually always end up getting obsessed with a fictional character who is a real man with mental health struggles so I don't even know why people try to please them when they should in fact make a bisexual male character with a dark past or w/e and the TIFs will be lining up to pay to see it.

No. 187581

God the VA is embarrassingly bad, it sounds like a YouTube abridged series kek

No. 187584

The character is voiced by the TIF creator of the show, which explains how shitty it sounds (nevermind the fact that most of the dub in this cartoon is quite bad).

No. 187594

File: 1646673547352.jpg (95.66 KB, 720x1157, 20220307_141730.jpg)

Anons, i don't know if this is cheating but if isnt, then i've found a goldmine

No. 187595

File: 1646673574151.jpg (51.22 KB, 720x1065, 20220307_141715.jpg)

Now we have troon headcanon for irl people

No. 187597

Good god I hate koreaboos with burning passion. No offence to you kpop-nonnas, #notallkoreaboos, but goddamn there are a bunch of retards in the kpop fandom

No. 187598

File: 1646673857809.jpg (143.77 KB, 1000x1414, tumblr_17bbbc94641016b06d38456…)

Now bts are TIFs i'm sorry nonas

No. 187599

I remember a while ago some retards in twitter tried to make kpop neopronouns like jimin/jiminself or kook/kookself. Pure autism.

No. 187602

God I hope those artists are kept in a locked box where they cannot see the insanity of their fans. Must be weird as fuck seeing people base their whole identity to on you, and produce the abhorrent fucking content they do

No. 187605

I remember what was criticized because it's all things that happen in the first half of the story mostly. And I remember that none of these things were portrayed as good so I'm guessing the people complaining didn't even read a complete summary of the story.

No. 187608

Ugh I had to stop following Mina Le, she's pretty insufferable about the trans stuff and being a woke repackaged NLOG. But man, I sat through the whole reboot and it felt like an overwrought apology letter to anyone who thought the original show was offensive. There's a they/them main character that is painful to watch and Miranda leaves her husband for her!

No. 187609

kek they forgot to add that wrinkle that binders cause because the shirt fabric clings to the binder fabric and because of those wrinkles everyone clocks a tiffy with a binder immediately.

No. 187612

Wasn't miranda straight? I thought it was kind of her thing, that she was unapologetically masculine but still straight? Makes no sense.

No. 187614

I'm afraid to watch that video, what does she say in it? I like her other videos, so far I have been able to filter through the trans nonsense all female youtube eassayists have to include nowadays.

No. 187617

Speaking of Abridged Series, the new series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged features a joke about J.K. Rowling to pander to the troon brigade, with none other than fucking PhilosophyTroon himself in the comments section sucking his dick for it.

Like this series didn't spend countless episodes in the early years making jokes about the effeminate looking bishie characters all being shemales and trannies or whatever.

No. 187618

She decides she's bored and it's time for a change. It's honestly very mtf the way she turns her family upside-down over this random manic pixie they/them she just met and gets finger blasted by in Carrie's kitchen while Carrie pees herself (I wish I was kidding). It doesn't feel like something Miranda would do at all.
Mina just praises it for being a good intro to gendershit for boomers who aren't familiar like us "super-educated" millennials and zoomers. I think I liked it better when boomers and gen-x were clueless about trans bullshit.

No. 187619

i always kek at fakebois drawing their adult moid favs as stumpy short-legged creatures just because they themselves are all fat little girls

No. 187620

Kek of course they're non-binary! Pretty men aren't real men, they're like women!
Also this is fucking creepy, it's literally mental illness to draw a real existing person as gay, trans or non-binary. They're not fictional characters you can play with.

No. 187621

File: 1646680933711.jpg (46.95 KB, 640x400, 20180226092629632952.jpg)

idk…. some of them are built like that

No. 187623

For real. I only found out recently when I was nostalgically talking about my teen fanfiction days with someone, and they told me there are huge fanfic subcultures where people write fanfics about bands and band members. I was so disturbed when I found this out. Imagine being in one and reading about what weirdo fans are writing about you.

No. 187624

the exo members are so tragic looking in real life lmao

No. 187646

I think Little Kuriboh is married to a tranny (a fat woman theyby).

No. 187648

File: 1646688685003.png (1.56 MB, 1170x2532, g601jxxp5sl81.png)

sorry for reddit link but the outrage over this premise is hilarious. https://www.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAction/comments/t80w3f/someone_announces_a_novel_not_even_out_yet_about/

No. 187649

>Wasn't miranda straight? I thought it was kind of her thing, that she was unapologetically masculine but still straight?
Of course the gender non-conforming woman would have her sexuality and personality changed. Now this is infuriating to know, she was my favorite character

No. 187652

Also that character literally grooms a young boy into trooning out. The boy was growing up as the effeminate runt in his family being demanded to "man up" and the teacher kept pushing the MTF "transition spell" on him in every episode like he was a discord poweruser. It's just all around terrible execution, even troons called it out.

>random manic pixie they/them she just met and gets finger blasted by in Carrie's kitchen while Carrie pees herself
I.. she what?

No. 187671

I feel you. this shit is so beyond embarrassing. I like kpop but a ton of these 'fans' are literally so insane making the real people trannies. Why do they want them to be trans SO bad? i dont get it.

No. 187675

I'm surprised LK is even relevant. He took a long hiatus to battle depression or some shit, but now he wants to come back and make terf jokes? Youtube really did peak in 2014

No. 187676

And Just Like That… is actually a blast if you like hatewatching and mentally delete it and all its pandering from the canon in your mind as soon as you see it. I think Miranda was the fave of a lot of us so that scene had me screaming.

No. 187677

This looks like it's Riverdale tier bad

No. 187689

Maybe I was thinking of Ashens. One of them.

No. 187705

The FTM character is voiced by the director of the show, it’s their self-insert. The troon kid is also voiced by a MTF. I just find it funny how everyone has completely forgotten about this show’s existence

No. 187731

>>187389 what the fuck did intersex people do to you KEK

No. 187737

nayrt but fanfic about intersex characters is usually writetn by dumbass wokies. nothing to do with irl intersex ppl

No. 187738

Oh god, Miranda's plot IS completely MtF, lmfao. But ugh yes she was my fave too, and this hurt so bad. Honestly though, on the one hand it's like, of COURSE they made the no-bs brainy woman this way, but I also found it increasingly hilarious that they wrapped Miranda up in a gender plot b/c it's just so absurd. Maybe I'm projecting, but tbh I think she'd 100% be terfed out at this point. I can see Charlotte jumping on board b/c it's basically just more insane social etiquette and hierarchy to master, and Carrie would want to be nice and go along with whatever, but Miranda would be the woman who gets kicked out of Rose's bar mitzvah for saying that Rose not FeElInG like a girl b/c she likes skateboarding and video games is sexist.

No. 187761

NTA but literally every single "intersex" fic I have ever seen was actually hermaphrodite fetish porn, nothing actually portraying intersex people in a realistic or respectful way

No. 187763

The anon you're referring to, they've done nothing wrong to me and I respect them.
People who add "intersex" in the tags usually write disgusting fetish shit or dumb woke garbage. It's best to avoid it, just like the trans tags.

No. 187769

I always got the impression that Ashens was slightly above all the gender bollocks.

That said, he did cameo in the video Jim Sterling made chimping out over his lose of subscribers after trooning out.

No. 187770

File: 1646726354947.jpg (248.53 KB, 598x792, Screenshot_20220308-075702.jpg)

There was some OT sperging in the MTF thread about Warhammer and tabletop game related troons.

This Emo Phillips looking motherfucker is a particularly egregious example.

No. 187771

>being a woman on any social media platform
>being a woman


>How do I dress so I get the least amount of stalkers/harassment while still dressing how I want to dress

I dunno what to suggest, bro, maybe don't have it so it's not really easy to find pictures of your jerking your stumpy little cock in the tranny porn you make on the side with a quick Google search(kill yourself)

No. 187803

This was supposed to be a serious conversation between two teenagers, literally who talks like this
who in the world thinks anybody talks like this

how do they think culture works

No. 187805

This is too good.

No. 187817

File: 1646751887828.jpg (671.3 KB, 1452x2396, 11.jpg)

this is from a different movie but Ginny and Georgia has a similar scene which featured a woke black-girl up-upping her teacher for daring to teach them the works of dead straight white man

this scene btw was written and directed by woke white women and there's this tendency among mostly woke white women to fetishize black women, it's not a sexual fetishization rather it's the fetishization of the "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" tope that you'll see a lot of media and even twitter rhetoric, the black female best friend who gives nothing but solid advice to her white friend and nothing else(which is what the black girl in the pic ends up being), It's a very bizarre relationship cause In a way it plays into a Mammy trope of turning us into caretakers or mothers for white women while it also masculinizes us greatly so that were not real women in a sense, I know not all white women have this mentality but it's common enough that supposedly woke white women have sorta subconscious backhand that men really don't like us
and so these women unironically end up having these really racist views, I just wanna be treated as a woman alright by men and other women and loved and not whatever this is

No. 187818

File: 1646752245975.jpg (39.74 KB, 245x231, 1646751887828.jpg)

of course they're reading the great gatsby… hating the great gatsby is such a meme at this point. if someone says that they hate it with a passion, i'm automatically assuming that they only read it once in english class in high school. obviously not everyone has to like it and it's okay to dislike classics (i myself strongly dislike jane austen) but if someone makes hating the great gatsby their entire personality and gets super heated about the topic, you just know they got a bad grade on their essay about gatsby.

No. 187824

I could totally see this for Miranda and I'm rewriting it in my head to end this way. The way she whinges and cowers around the nonbinary lady or any black person in the series instead of being normal is so unlike her. She's a litigator for chrissakes!
I've never heard an actual black woman say anything like pic related in a non-joking manner, but I've heard lots of rich, white and thoroughly indoctrinated people who think they're being groundbreaking say it. A lot. Makes sense that today's screen writers fall into this category.

No. 187828

also do they do not understand the very obvious point the point of Gatsby, The book showed how the American Dream is an unrealistic and quite literal dream (as in impossible to obtain and only believed by those who are asleep) that can only be achieved by those who are willing to throw humanity away and treat everyone as an object. Gatsby quite literally sees Daisy as an object that must be obtained rather than a person.
you can hate the book If you want too(I personally do also dislike it) but fucking hell, you could at least bother to get the basic moral

No. 187831

I do not have as much vitriol for Dana themselves (I actually love their painting, can't stand the frog voice tho), but for Guy of Midwinter Minis sucking their gurlcock with the power of over 9000 chasers. He just got a baby with his wife. Bf said that dude is gonna do the ol' ditch-the-wife-and-troon-out any day now.

Trying to find some pic to illustrate my post, I stumbled upon r/Sigmarxism, a leftist subreddit for AoS. Jfc man, what a bunch of insufferable soy boys


No. 187834

I'll forever seethe that WH40K is being invaded by these idiots, ffs it's a money sinking game with absurd characters and basic plots, why do they need to turn it woke?

No. 187839

This was actually not so bad as I feared. Apparently not even troons can destroy my love for Mina Le

No. 187840

Well, at least we have 4chan /tg/ to say the n-word in

No. 187842

As far as I can tell, the people in that subreddit are right. I don't know what you mean by "turning it woke", they're just discussing prices and shitty business practices.

No. 187848

File: 1646764740460.jpg (30.23 KB, 500x455, trans-pride-flag-rpg-metal-dic…)

Oh my issue was just the whining about muh dudebros gaslighting the OP, and saying they are pro-price increases though I saw really no comments like it. The fandom is widely anti-GW in my experience. Maybe a bad example.

And also about the whining of those big subreddits being "right-wing" - I think those are populated with both leftist, rightoids and people who do not give a fuck, which seems as right-wing to some leftists, as SO MANY subreddit are fucking woke hugboxes.

Some dude was posting on r/Grimdank about trans muslim women a shitton at one point, and people told him to fuck off. RRREE those fascists!! I imagine a lot of the complains are about similar stuff.

Not that I deny the fanboys who have some nazi larper wet dreams they can do with Warhammer, or with neckbeards being upset damn wahmen are ruining their hobby rreee. I don't really engage with the fandom, I just paint minis.

Sperg over

No. 187933

kek why did this get redtexted

No. 187934

Anon posted a picture of the tranny jerking himself, though the picture was spoilered so I'm not sure.

No. 187948

It was literal tranny porn with his gross dick

No. 187988

Ughhh yes. What gets me too is like….I can kinda see Miranda having a crisis of faith and going back to school! I can genuinely buy her hitting a point of wanting to do more, and going into human rights law for women and getting involved in the shelter thing! I can even buy her being a little lost in all the new jargon and shit, and getting kind of flustered. But exactly as you said, she's a fucking litigator, and she was already pretty openly feminist in the og series! This shit is not actually brand new to her!

Not to get too spergy, but what really frustrates me about the Che shit is that I think they accidentally set up something way more compelling w/ Prof. Nya. I thought, w/ her not being sure about getting pregnant, that they were going to have her connect w/ Miranda over that, and Miranda was going to struggle w/ the choices she made. Like, she loves Steve and Brady, but what if she HAD had that abortion? Her og storyline was the one that really dealt w/ working motherhood, and w/ Brady being portrayed as this shitty little fuckboy, I thought after episode 2-3 they were really going somewhere interesting. But then the Che thing happens and Nya's discomfort with having a baby never really becomes anything, and it's just….a mess.

No. 188037

Guy from Midwinter Minis has literally always given me bad vibes.

I remember his particularly cringey attempt to get Henry Cavill to play Warhammer with him.

"Hey, internationally famous Hollywood star of multi-million dollar action movies, I have a YouTube channel, would you like to meet up IRL and play with toy soldiers?"

Absolutely pathetic.

No. 188038

>Guy of Midwinter Minis sucking their gurlcock with the power of over 9000 chasers. He just got a baby with his wife. Bf said that dude is gonna do the ol' ditch-the-wife-and-troon-out any day now.

I mean, to be fair, that Scottish woman he's shacked up with is a bit of an insufferable, whinging cow, but then she's a literal doctor while he plays with toys on YouTube for a living.

He is totally jonesing for Dana's girldick, though. I wouldn't be surprised. Honestly, having the troon cameo in his videos is a red flag. It's gotten to the point where the words 'pale sand' are a trigger phrase in his videos, because I know as soon as he says it, the troon will pop up doing his, "Uwu pale sand?" 'cutesy catgirl' reaction face.

No. 188189

The perpetual cope that you acktually need to read the tenth volume in the series/a perfunctory paragraph at the end of the book to see that it totally condemns the ~bad~ things kek Frankly people have a right to complain anyway because it should be very easy to write rape/slavery scenes from the get go in a way that makes them look like well, bad things, and not the content of the author's spank bank, aided in this by the attendant framing and characters' arc as well as word choices; basic writing stuff that shows the intent behind a scene because good writers use all those tools and tricks to direct the way they want their readers to interpret and even feel reading it. It even takes considerable, concerted efforts to (try to) make those topics look sexy, and so if we make fun of moids going "Rape is bad! Anyway, here is me describing all my female heroines getting raped or perpetually sexually harassed in a pornographic level of details," I don't see why woman writers should not get mocked or be assumed to have only the purest and most high minded reasons for writing them since it's not a secret that common-grade fujos really have a thing for rape in their romance.
I guess them writing about gays is an improvement over the hetero bodice rippers that they undoubtedly would have been penning if they were born 30 years ago and not suffering from a weird displacement effect where they condemn rape and do not find it sexy as a woman, but also get off from it, so they need to write their porn featuring two men only. It has now become a general rant more than a Captive Prince specific one, but do people seriously believe that the original motivation to pick that setting and those characters and the romance is generally motivated by the author wanting to denounce the horrors of sexual slavery and not by the author being titillated by the oh so taboo, so sexy!sexual slavery?
To get back on topic, weren't there even an FTM author who wrote another professionally published (by Tor ofc, who else) ~gay~ slavefic, this time under a science fiction veneer? Docile by K.M. Szpara iirc Did anyone try to read that and has some funny bits to share?

No. 188205

This is hilarious. I don’t think it’s meant to be a serious conversation, the Asian guy seemed like he was mocking the black woman for using identity politics.
>oppression Olympics lets go

No. 188210

Why are they all reeing in the comments about how it’s bad explanation for what trans is.

No. 188275

i agree with what you’re saying and no doubt some of it was motivated by erotic reasons but the mc grew up in a culture where sex slavery was okay but once he was turned into a sex slave (which happens at the beginning of the story) and being raped actually becomes a threat to him he comes to realise how fucked up it is. lol

No. 188278

i would say it’s more of attempt at subverting the master/slave fujo dynamic the master is sex repulsed due to trauma and they don’t have sex for the first time until they’d built up a really solid friendship and the slave is freed from slavery and is of equal power to his master. it’s actually pretty woke in that regards

No. 188573

that image provoked a visceral reaction of disgust deep within my soul, why do troons have to ruin everything? why cant a nonnie play tabletop vtm without disgusting AGPs?

No. 188574

So what if some chicks like staring at two anime cutesy men fuck.

No. 188648

Tabletop roleplaying games used to be where nerdy men could larp as their womensonas whenever. Connor could pretend to be an elven sorceress with big tits in a basement full of other nerdy guys.

Tabletop games might be the OG troon territory.

No. 188753

So what if we make fun on lolcow dot farm of some chicks who like to watch anime men fuck

No. 188762

But why does it trigger you so badly that you feel the need to shit up threads every day over it…? After you see a few of these antifujo posts it becomes very clear that the "we" in question are mostly coming from one full blown autist (you?), a homophobe poltard, and that other one that at least has the courteousy to sage. Most female weebs i. e. /m/ posters enjoy watching cute anime boys fuck and the ones that don't normally aren't triggered by fujos the way you are. You need to accept that you're in the minority here and move on, stop being annoying.

No. 188774

nta and she and I think gay sex is disgusting and don't wish to see anime boys getting gang raped or anime boys fucking each other cause we aren't degenerate porn addicts

No. 188776

No need to sperg about it unprovoked. Also they're men, who the fuck cares

No. 188778

This is what I mean
you always end up sounding exactly like male coomers, I don't want to see 12 year old boys getting raped, I don't wanna see real people getting shipped and I don't like seeing the wives and actresses getting harassed by you porn addicts

No. 188779

I don't like yaoi and find fujos cringe but even I find you annoying. I doubt farmers are harassing wives and actresses.

No. 188783

at least have the decency to sage your retarded sperging if you're going to insist on shitting up every thread with your autistic fixation with hating yaoi

No. 188787

Lovely of you to chime in, antifujo sperg #2. Subtle as always.

No. 188789

Its /m/, we are allowed to not sage cause of how slow the board is

No. 188792

Can you link one post on lolcow that exhibits even one of the scenarios you just described? The anons here are shipping 2d characters not goddamn larry. You're crazy.

That doesn't mean anyone wants to see a thread bumped only for it to be you trying to revive some day old infighting once again

No. 188794

>I don't want to see
Then don't see it lol, hide the fujo threads and move on.

No. 188795

there's an option to hide threads, hetero-chan

No. 188801

There was literally a joke in the Fujo thread about gang-rape chan

No. 188813

File: 1647026539683.jpg (40.88 KB, 622x866, 3jwh9n.jpg)

>have hateboner for fujos
>watch all fujo threads like a hawk
>anons try to teach you how to hide threads you don't like and sage to deter your redundant infighting
>look straight into their eyes and shit your pants
now what do you mean by that?

for the record gangrape-chan wasn't spamming porn, let alone shota rape

No. 188822

The great gatsby literally talks about working class people too -Myrtle and her husband I’ve forgotten the name of

No. 188826

lmao. Even if I'm not a fujo I can't imagine someone like that anon having them inside her head rent free all the time. Must be tuff

No. 188874

Miranda would have terfed up and out but sadly her actress is a staunch advocate to these kinds of things. I think some of the weird gender elements were inspired by her life and personal viewpoints. Aside from what the showrunners put in to apologize for the original show, that is.

The trans rabbi gave me skin failure.

No. 188895

ugh, yeah – I was reluctant to think it was Cynthia Nixon bringing irl ideas and life experiences into the show at first, but now, I really do believe that.

And lol yes, the rabbi, ugh. I'm so tired of women-centric shows run by women who want to Be Kind and Progressive inserting scenes that boil down to "look at this trans woman who is so wise, wiser than the cis women, and so composed, and gets off really cool lines." At least Charlotte got to have her bat mitzvah? But holy shit, Rose was such a little brat in that moment. I think even the show got that, but my god, fuck off. I hope Lily terfs out in college.

No. 189275

>Checked in on aO3 for fandom I'm in for the first time since like 2019
>Most popular m/m pairing is mostly okay, but the character most commonly made the bottom is turned into a fakeboi startlingly often, shit tons of pregnancy fics(not mpreg), the canonically gay other half of the pair gives long speeched about what a true and honest man the fakeboi is and how much he homosexually loves "his" pussy, kek
>Well over half the fics for the most popular f/f involve the taller of the two being a troon, no preachy acceptance politics in them since they're probably written by moids and not teenage girls
>Even het stuff has it too, usually where a female character will "question her gender" because she's smart and assertive and doesn't like wearing skirts every day
There really is no escaping from this shit.

No. 189286

File: 1647281076638.png (194.04 KB, 1914x582, Untitled3.png)

In the arm race of #ownvoices, a 100% straight women find recovered memories of being bi among writing a lesbian YA novel. The subtitle could be yaoi fan memes herself into really being gay, if it wasn't such a performative and lowest effort possible attempt at being a pretendbian for the sole purpose of stopping people on the Internet tweeting mean things at her. Not included even more whining.
At least you have to give to her that she didn't try the she/they non-binary route and afaik her books aren't rapey so credit when it's due.

No. 189373

KEK I've gotten more into book twitter lately and this shit is so common. every author has a deep spiritual journey and realizes she's a bisexual she/they when she finds out that publishers have diversity quotas

No. 189376

>Well over half the fics for the most popular f/f involve the taller of the two being a troon, no preachy acceptance politics in them since they're probably written by moids and not teenage girls
tbh I think this one is worse. Moids are a cancer that doesn't belong in fanfic.
>Even het stuff has it too, usually where a female character will "question her gender" because she's smart and assertive and doesn't like wearing skirts every day
This shit plagues all media and I'm sick of it, especially as a GNC woman myself. And it's already hard enough to find female-oriented romantic or sexual het content where the female lead is dominant, I don't need fics to tell me that I must not be female because I don't "act like one" too.

No. 189388

Do tell more, I don't follow that book scene, just stumbled on the dumb interview and had to share! So is the quota thing real then? I though it was a conservative hoax type of thing or authors not wanting to be cancelled on Twitter after the pretense of only writing M/M romance under the cover of LGB representation wore thin. Is it something stupid like 70% of LGBTQWTF+, 0% white cis males?
I hear you about the if you don't wear a skirt all the time, you're not a woman thing! It's especially vexing because you can't just have a male character wearing skirts or a woman not loving make-up without it being immediately interpreted as a sign that she/he must change their gender instead of a simple clothing preference, and the part about being smart and assertive meaning you not being a woman is especially vile. I hoped we left that line of thinking firmly in the '50s, but no, the modern trans movement brought it back! Add to that that the only allowed feminism now is the girlboss slaying men with her eyeliner kind rather than the more ideologically robust 2nd wave&radical stuff, and no wonder that there is +1000% of TIFs referral for hormones and butchery.

No. 189456

Okay, I say this as someone who works in this publishing sector, there is not a literal quota, that is complete bullshit. YA is an overheated little tinder box that gets a lot more scrutiny (from within and without) b/c it's female-dominated, and that means you end up with Albertallis who feel they have to do this shit. I'm angry about it because being an actual lesbian in this space is suffering, but also, I get it. The truth is straight women basically writing yaoi books is not that big of a fucking deal, only girls and women read these books and men don't give a shit what they want. It has no societal power, anyone acting like "uwu the poor widdle gay boys and male authors who must be getting crowded out" is a bullshit artist. It's just easier to throw a fit about women than it is to confront anything men do, so we pretend YA novels have a huge societal impact because we can control this space and no others and women know more about how to tear each other apart than to just plant their feet on the ground and say "fuck off and read something else then."

Men, gay or otherwise, who write in female-dominated book spaces like YA get laurels thrown at their feet, don't believe anything that tells you different. We will milk a YA book by a man forever if we can – Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is still selling like fucking hotcakes and we all love pushing it, despite the fact that Sherman Alexie had his own metoo moment. Men don't get cancelled here. The fact is they mostly don't want to write YA, and boys don't fucking read, and we can't bring ourselves to just not give a shit the way men do. Even if Albertalli and her ilk are fujos, I just don't fucking care, but we're not prepared to have a conversation about the fact that it doesn't fucking matter. They still write male characters with depth 99% of men literally never approach female characters with, ESPECIALLY lesbian characters.

No. 189460

kek that article is so blatant

Usually the complaint isn't about publishers having quotas but agents heavily favoring ownvoices-types books and telling straight white male authors they aren't wanted. I can see that happening, because everyone seems terrified of being known for working with only straight white males etc.

And yes, women cause this cancel culture themselves by not having a spine, which is why at this point I don't care honestly. Just once I'd like to see some female author or other public figure to tell the twitter crowd to go fuck themselves. It's honestly really depressing to realize how much most women fear any confrontation and conflict and how easy they are to emotionally blackmail into anything. Meanwhile like you said scrotes don't give a fuck and they keep winning.

No. 189520

File: 1647343959649.gif (615.85 KB, 220x124, sarah-dumont-wise-words.gif)

watched superstore last night with my friends and there's this episode where they go on strike and muh evil terfs hijack the strike to protest against men in bathrooms. two of the characters (jewish straight male main character and black disabled straight guy supporting character) are super offended by this and act like the hot woman that the guy in the wheelchair likes is part of the KKK or something for saying that transgender is bullshit. it feels super forced and i wonder if they had to do that bit because in the first episode of the show they make fun of the supervisor's name (glenn) and the guy in the wheelchair calls him transglennder.

as always, gender bullshit in an otherwise okay show completely ruins the immersion and characterization of these characters. irl these types of people wouldn't give a fuck and would know fully well that men need to be kept out of female only spaces.

No. 189521

I literally stopped watching the show after this, clicked off as soon as i saw this shit.

No. 189526

This episode killed the show for me too, and I stopped watching afterward. It's bad enough to shove trans shit in media anyway, but the fact they completely misrepresent a 'terf' argument against trans ideology by having the woman sexualise herself was just painful. For fuck sake, the last thing a terf would argue is that boobs make you a woman. Retards, the lot of them.

No. 189527

Media does the propaganda to keep industries like big pharma selling, just like they did with the makeup stuff in degrasi. Noo women, don't question things, just consoom and allow consoomer moids the reward of vulnerable women for consooming are unnecessary drugs and surgery. I fucking hate most media nowadays.

No. 189528

Right!? Making a woman talk nonsense while squeezing her boobs on tv to show that feminists are bigots …all in the name of true feminism?

No. 189538

I stopped watching at this episode too. These woke shows never actually employ tranny actors because they KNOW they are all hideous, talentless and hystrionic, and therefore impossible to work with

No. 189548

can you guys recommend similarly funny shows? currently resting in bed so i need something mindless and funny. superstore made me laugh out loud in the first season but that TRA episode just gave it a bitter taste and glenn being a retard about plan B pills is also annoying. i tried giving the office a go, but it's so slow and boring.

No. 189557

I know now that I was right when I dropped superstore half way sometime ago because it was turning so repetitive, happy to have missed the terf episode. This terf stuff feels just like those super performative BLM episodes in American series that screenwriters all scrambled to add in 2020 because the injustice against black people was just keeping them up at night, for real, when they didn't give a shit about the decade-long issues with policing in USA before (exhibit A, Brooklyn 99, which was a series about policing in the first place) or white people in fandom who were the one banging their drum the most about how you can write and read the most degen things in fics without it having any influence on anything but also that having police AUs was literally murder and racism (even when written about characters in countries without USA policing problem kek)
Park&Recreations, centered on a strong but flawed main female character in the same vein that workplace comedies like The Office, but mainly written by a woman and with better pacing and character arcs.
Also Brooklyn 99, despite later stupid episodes, is at its core a comedy about eccentric characters more than policing, 1st half of first season was fighting to establish a tone and is more generic and shitty as a result

No. 189558

i love brooklyn 99! i'm definitely gonna check out parks and recreation. i thought the brooklyn 99 episode in which terry got stopped and had the police called on him while jogging (?) in a white neighborhood was good and fit into the show, since it also talked about other issues like holt having to deal with homophobia in the police force but then i read about how basically everyone was quitting the 99 because of BLM and how the show was problematic now… the final season isn't available on my country's netflix yet but from what i read it sounds pretty bad.

trying to think of other comedy shows i like…
-the nanny
-white gold
-derry girls
-2 broke girls (been ages since i watched that tho)
-bob's burgers

No. 189564

I wasn't definitely including agents in my original post. I really can't emphasize enough that this is like, idk, one women getting a high-profile job at a company and everyone being like WOW THE SJW CRAZIES ARE TAKING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is incredibly easy, still, to be the straightest whitest dude and get an agent/book deal/etc if they want one. Do not underestimate how much a scene can be 99% the same old shit, even when there's a new coat of "yay queer poc girls blah blah!!!!" paint. YA does not have many straight white men because they don't give a shit about writing YA and boys of that age don't read. When one of them does deign to write a YA book, we all lose our minds over it and give him a crown. Yeah, there are like – idk, maybe two or three agents who are especially loud on twitter who genuinely aren't interested in taking them on at all. But I promise you they aren't turning any rando dudes away, because they have basically 0 interest in this sector.

Ugh, I don't mean to jump down your throat on this anon – I'm really just dumping my feelings about a much wider issue here. But if you only knew how often the allegedly ultra-progressive white-dude-hating publishing industry tears itself to pieces over "why aren't boys reading :( it must be women's fault somehow." Even the YA twitter pileons….they suck, they take a real toll, they lead to shit like every Becky Albertalli having to be like "oh i'm bi too!!!" but at base, they really are just another thing women have to deal w/ in this industry, which people think is so totally beyond this shit because, idk, The Hate U Give became a movie and some agent said something sassy about a man once. It's not.

No. 189598

Based posts nonny. I'm more surprised to learn that men are crying about YA section not having enough male writers than the fact that there simply aren't any attempting to enter the field because, like you twice repeated, boys of this certain age don't read books. Who would they be writing for?

When I saw this gif and your post I first thought the supposed terf was being ironic and making fun of how troons think tits make a woman but apparently it's supposed to be serious. I'll never watch this goddamn show.

No. 189610

I have seen people talking about agents looking for books written by authors whose identity matches their characters or being pressured to include more ~gay rep~, so I was genuinely curious about how common it was hence my question. So it's only some agents and publishers are still just after what can make them the most buck? I never doubted that white men were not really excluded, just how much the ownvoices thing is a real industry standard or wishful thinking on twitter.

And while I agree that M/M romance written by women, YA or not, is harmless on the whole–ironically I think that the asian classifications of it in a separate category as BL or danmei or whatever actually make the most sense, through outside of that, those genres are generally a garbage fire with their rigid, outdated heterosexual dynamics–I'm sympathetic with the issue of authenticity and visibility for real LGBT authors because mathematically, what we call fujos will outnumber them and get better sales because being from the same demographic that their readership, they just can cater better to their wishes and fantasies, fantasies that have nothing with the real lives of gay men (or even women if the author is straight), for whom writing authentically about their lives can put them at a disadvantage. For the record I also feel the same about men writing yuri, though it doesn't seem to be a viable market in the West. And then there is also the question of prizes, mirroring how I feel about MTF being listed for woman's literature prize, ie they should GTFO.

Authenticity, though, is really at the heart of it, not because women writing M/M romance is in some way noxious but because presenting it as a realistic, representative depiction of reality, even a political act, is. I may be amplifying a minor tendency because I was a friendless autist who learnt about the world mainly through books, but there clearly exist FtM/Enbies who just know they are gay and men because they desire men in a gay way, which they know because they read yaois and generally confused women who think they are queer because they identify sooo much with gay romances written by women for women or people in my generation who were all about how dirty hetero love was and how the gays had true pure love, so that framing does seem to have an influence, however marginal, on the real world.
Besides it's extremely irritating when writers go on about how writing what turn them on is actually a selfless act of representation of oppressed LGBTs, just because that's grandstanding bullshit, to say nothing about writers and fans alike who think it's a get out of jail card from any kind of criticism against their themes. Also because them pretending they are all about representation detract from the real interesting conversations we could be having about what women written M/M romance tells about desires, fears and societal pressures in female sexuality because outside of anon boards, recognizing that those fanfic-influenced gay romances are mostly about female sexuality would get you crucified and cancelled.
So my issue is not with what they write but how they present it, and I don't think people like Albertalli are just a victim here. She wasn't even cancelled afaik or seem to have lost any commercial opportunities since her book got a series and a movie, but when faced with criticisms, which in the worldview she defends and stands for are totally justified, instead of rolling her eyes and pulling back from twitter, reanalyze her beliefs or even following though with them and stepping back to gave space to gay voices, she doubled down and hypocritically decided to make up a stupid lie to preserve her standing and her vision of herself. I understand that there are market pressures and you can't always argue back, but she just acted hypocritically.

And my second issue is not that people should stop writing whatever but represent authentically their amount of experience with their topic whatever it is, just in the same way that I would be pissed if I bought a hard science fiction book on the premise of the author being a rocket scientist when in truth, he was a gardener, not because we should stop gardeners from writing hard scifi books, but because they should be given different levels of trust and escapism vs learning something attitude, and double that when someone's identity is used as a marketing tactic by the publisher. (I posted the original screenshot precisely because the author also write lesbian stuff now and when I know that women writing M/M are doing it out of their ass, I have no such information about women writing lesbian fiction. The derailing in another tread that gave birth to this one was actually about the 100% straight Tamsyn Muir who was praised as a lesbian author when she isn't. I felt lied to learning that.)

The sad truth is I recognize that this line of thinking is reductive since the really talented authors, hetero or gay, can write convincing, deeply human characters no matter their sexuality, but the jobbing hacks have a limited imagination and need all the help from ~lived experience~ they can get.

My condolences though for what you're going through at work, I stopped participating in a semi-woke fandom because I couldn't take it anymore, I can't imagine having to put up with that on the clock.

No. 189611

Forgot to sage

No. 189613

No. 189617

Women are taught to bend over backwards for society and men. We need more women like Berns and how JKR doesn't give a fuck anymore. We need more women like that and they need to be the majority. Women need to stop giving about shit about men's feelings. It's how this tranny shit got so much traction.

No. 189625

NTA but I do absolutely agree that pretending like it's accurate representation of gay people is taking away from legitimately discussing how the needs and desires of a female are reflected in them writing M/M fiction, but it's come to that due to not the authors pretending to be gay to sell more books but the current political atmosphere of people taking themes at face value instead of recognizing nuance and subtext and demanding absolute authenticity with no room for filling in the blanks, so those are the rules they have to go by. I'd say that instead of them influencing real world, the creators were the ones being influenced by the real world to an extent it limited their creativity and forced them to assume a false identity in order to explore the ideas they found interesting. I.e. instead of a YA writer faking being a lesbian brainwashing a ton of young girls into trooning out with her gay novels it was them who pressured her into faking a sexuality.

However I disagree with the remark that the setting of two opposites attracting because them interacting can create interesting scenarios and they complete each other is "regressive heteronormative dynamics", especially when it's rarely as polarized as people assume it is. It has the same energy as saying that butch/femme couples are based on "heterosexual dynamics" which I highly resent.

No. 189628

I legit hate how ownvoices has permeated into the current zeitgeist with books. I can only speak for myself and the few other aspiring writers who I've seen say this, but it really feels like it limits creativity and reduces the author to just a label like "Black" "Latino" "Queer" "Disabled" etc. And not only that, there seems to be this expectation that they is all they should talk about. You're a black woman who likes scifi and want to write about a galaxy far far away? No. You need to write why grandma being sent to the back of the bus has transcended into your DNA and caused generational trauma and made you the woman you are today. You're a gay Indian and love Tolien-esque stories? Quit chasing waterfalls and write how it's like to be a cocksucking Dalit in the slums of Mumbai and live in America now.

I hate how this has become the expectation.

No. 189630

i feel this way too when i look at books. they're no longer marketed for what they are, but for what buzzwords they tick off. i don't care if something is a black jewish kweer trans disabled generational trauma story. i just want a compelling story to read and not something that forces me to analyze every aspect of my existence because it's so problematic that i don't have a disability and i'm not mentally ill enough to think i'm trans. not to mention that many good books are buried under labels of being (for example) so incredibly kweer, when the kweerness is only a minor fraction of what the story is actually about.

No. 189655

I do think people should write about whatever they want but as a lesbian when I know the author is also a lesbian I trust her more. It's really that simple for me.

No. 189660

can you link some of these fics please? i'm lucky in that i've never accidentally stumbled across troon fic (i have all that shit filtered out and have for years now)

No. 189797

nta but i had an intense royal trio (p5) phase a few months ago and back then this fic didn't have the troonery tagged so imagine my surprise when goro suddenly had a pussy. https://archiveofourown.org/works/24064201

No. 189812

It's always Goro. It never fucking fails.

No. 189957

100% agree. I can be frustrated with "ownvoices" marketing too, and yeah, a lot of it ends up being what this thread is about, but 1. I absolutely cannot forget what it felt like to read serious literature by women for the first time, in contrast to men, and 2. we're fools if we pretend the creator's background has nothing to do with anything. I don't think only x people can write x stories, but Christ, lesbian fiction is a great example – men fuck that up almost every time. The difference between Fingersmith and The Handmaiden is stark. The box-ticking is irritating, sure, but I can't pretend that I don't feel more comfortable taking a chance on certain books if I can tell at a glance that the author has skin in the game or not.

No. 190000

I think the real issue is the fact that most fujos aren't good writers, like the only actually well written m/m/ fiction written by a woman was song of Achilles and that's it, also this isn't twitter, stop saying "straight white man" like its an insult, If a book has a good premise and is well written, I'll read it

No. 190042

Stop being triggered by a literally accurate and relevant descriptor.

No. 190075

File: 1647533640875.jpg (Spoiler Image, 429.46 KB, 2048x1425, FMeTMC4UUAEs5CN.jpg)

How could they do this to my boys and girl I fucking hate aidens so much
I was also checking out a "BL" fanart of Ainosuke and Tadashi from Sk8 (picrel) and then I notice one of them is drawn with a fucking vague pussy. I wish they would tag their troon shit or you know what? It would be better to just genderbend the character if they're into straight sex.

No. 190104

>the fact that most fujos aren't good writers
I'd argue it's self-labeled "queers" that are shitty writers. I have yet to see anything well-written by a genderqueer/NB/tif/ace person. I hate that LGBs are being judged because of the TQ+s lack of talent.

No. 190126

Fujos can be very good writers (I've personally come across well-written fanfictions and comics), the ftms and the themlets however are entirely different stories because they just HAVE to write about themselves or self insert into their characters. It has to be about representation, always. They can't write a story that doesn't revolve around their gender shit, or a story where at least it's only a small detail.

No. 190163

Forgive me for saying this, but I don't think any piece of fiction based on some fetish can ever be well written

No. 190164

…you're calling homosexuality a fetish? Fujos just like to write about men fucking/being in love, and sometimes they can integrate it into the story very well, that's all I'm saying.

No. 190165

I started watching the new iCarly show and was willing to give it a chance even though Jennette wasn't in it, but ended up turning it off as soon as Carly said "non-binary lawyer" lmao. That was just episode 1.

No. 190169

I'm not saying homosexuality is a fetish, Im saying creating an entire identity based on liking anything featuring two guys fucking is a fetish

No. 190170

Not everyone makes what they write or consume their entire identity because not everyone is autistic. BL is simply a genre created by women for other women, and writing a particular genre isn't a fetish. You're confusing fujos with pornsick fakeboys who do exactly the opposite.

No. 190171

Its that schizo fujo-hating anon again, just ignore them there's no need for another derail(ban evasion)

No. 190173

File: 1647550344820.png (16.99 KB, 434x255, shut up already.png)

jesus christ do you ever get tired of being a retard.

No. 190177

The Babysitters Club tv show with the tranny child got canned after two seasons, good fucking riddance

No. 190178

Christ how the fuck does every show have a tranny now? Back in the 00's when being gay was cool you didn't see them this much and even then they weren't giving other characters (and the viewer) lectures about how transphobic they are.

No. 190183

Good. I hope they were an unpopular character too

No. 190186

was that the show that had this scene with the troon kid needing a pink hospital gown or something??

No. 190194

Pharmaceutical/doctors companies can't make money off being gay. That's why.

No. 190195

Yes kek.

No. 190283

File: 1647593622267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 452.66 KB, 1140x855, il_1140xN.1659029207_9ktw.jpg)


No. 190284

what too much porn does to a mfer, you constantly yaoi and cuntboy fan fiction days on eye, this is the end result

No. 190290

File: 1647596915645.jpg (233.47 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20220318-173442_Ins…)

Followed an artist because I really like the art style, trying hard to cope with the they/them pronounces on their bio and ended up disappointing myself with their hot oc being an nb, tits cuts and all. dick has yet to be shown but the other pic of her in her boxers tells a diff anatomically wrong story.

No. 190292

File: 1647597046909.jpg (189.13 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20220318-174422_Ins…)

dig deeper and found out she is paired up with a "cis" girl and they have a kid together, lol.

now, i learn my lesson to read captions and comments, which i never do. the artist was smart enough to not put a character sheet anywhere in her ig.

No. 190293

File: 1647597932375.png (530.87 KB, 640x384, A172BE22-523A-4624-BCA8-87DE28…)

This is one of the reasons I’ve lost interest in 2D fandoms. All fandoms are infected by the stupid themby “gay dudes” now, but for live action fandoms, I rarely run into surprise vag in my sex scenes.
I’m assuming (hoping) it’s because the he/theys feel more awkward trooning out actual people
>look, no TIF tit scars!

No. 190298

>because the he/theys feel more awkward trooning out actual people
I don't think so, I came across a fuckton of Death Stranding fics where the characters were trooned out and the game is as realistic as it gets and the characters look exactly like their actors.

No. 190299

No. 190312

i feel you. it's so upsetting to see a talented artist, especially one drawing for a somewhat obscure fandom, and then seeing them troon out the characters. like man what a waste.

No. 190317

it's bad that i have yet to let go, like i still fine the "male" oc hot. I just have to imagine all the troon shit is fake news, lol. It's really a waste, especially when there's a huge disparity on how tif and tim actually looks like irl, that no amount of surgery and photoshop could be on par with the drawing shown of them.

No. 190318

NTA but that's still fiction with 3D models that represent imaginary characters. Live action stuff is just different to that.

No. 190319

>troon the character
>troon themselves
And for whatever reason the character they obsess over is always the type that’s a massive POS

No. 190322

File: 1647610582284.png (17.61 KB, 540x477, tumblr_6db207647acb3d49bc48c57…)

I'm in the Parappa fandom and I've noticed that I have yet to read a 'surprise vagina' fic even if futashit exists when it comes to NSFW involving Lammy, and to be honest I have to wonder if the reason behind this is the community taboo on sexualizing the characters since it's pretty much he/they infested like every other fandom out there…

Fanart is a different story, though. Lots of drawings of my husbando with trans flags, aand I've seen at least one with the tit scars. Pic related.

No. 190325

This is my big issue with it. It always feels like crossing a line into self insertion that feels uncomfortable. Identifying with a character is different

No. 190326

gen z basically revive a lite version of otherkin which they "kin" characters in media because they find them relatable or other reasons but with more or less have self-awareness of reality this time.

although DID was trending in tiktok

No. 190331

i stopped consuming weeb shit and fanfic, and watch mostly 3d shows or read books and it's honestly so refreshing to not see tranny brainrot everywhere because fandoms and fanart doesn't exist on such a grand scale. yeah, there's often at least one TWAW scene but i can gloss over that usually because it only happens once and is very in your face-y to please the TRAs.

No. 190334

>although DID was trending in tiktok
A student psychiatrist at the place I work at sent out an article a month or so ago about how easily influenced kids are by tiktok trends, with the most recent one being self-diagnosing personality disorders

No. 190335

Based, at this point aside from my main media fandom I find reading books to be more enjoyable than consuming other types of media even if I still have a vested interest in vidya and anime, and even with that I've promised myself that the current fandom I'm in is the last I'll ever be in.

No. 190341

ayrt and yeah, i feel this way too. i still have some affection for some of the fandoms i was in, but i don't plan on watching anime or reading manga again anytime soon. i still like videogames, but a lot of the ones i usually like are weeb shit so it's difficult to find something that i enjoy. one thing i find sad is that i click very well with meeting well-adjusted weebs irl and i love the instant connection and familiarity that you have with them while talking about hq or whatever, but now i feel like a poser for recognizing their sneaky weeb merch when i haven't consumed any weeb content in months.

No. 190344

Yeah, that definitely must suck. I've been obsessing over a 2000s anime series recently, but I feel like I can't and shouldn't try to get into what remains of its community right now, and whenever I try to search for stuff involving newer anime its always more of a hatereading kind of thing than anything. No, when I search for stuff involving fandoms that aren't Parappa and that anime series it's 99% of the time a hatesearch.

And yeah, I can definitely feel you. I don't watch as much anime or read as much manga as I used to, but even then I stil kinda identify as a weeb sometimes.

No. 190345

>talented artist
>that art

No. 190368

What the fuck are T shots doing to these women's libidos

No. 190525

NTA, but can also people who feel hurt in their souls or something every time someone makes an offhand remark that having all your media consumption, and in this thread case, production, be all about a sexual orientation you're not even part of is rightfully called a fetish, no matter the writing quality or if it's written by women for women or not, stop derailing the thread about how they are the good fujos and not like those other wrong, bad fujos? Like if you feel worried about how you chose to spend your time, then take it up with yourself, not this thread, and if you think you're doing nothing wrong, then kudos, keep doing it, but god stop sperging about it.
The anon who was really hang up and disgusted by how gays had sex was bad, but this thread is about woke media, not BL lovers defense squad.

No. 190537

Also depending on your type of books, but the fandom for non-YA books (I don't read YA, so I don't have experience with those) have been very pleasant in my experience. You have maybe like 500 fics in all, but they are all quality stuff without sex weirdos, and fandom discussion is really about trying to understand the book more, and not stupid infighting and attempts to get one up between different ship fan/some character fans/SWJ shit/any other stupid topic that has nothing to do with the original story. And as there are not that much of a fandom to start with, it avoids spending too much of your time suckered into pointless and unenjoyable scrolling on Tumblr so you can spend more time on other good books. Win-win

No. 191118


The artist is cis, or at least not on T. I went to school with her she's just a pervert.

No. 191264

KEK what the hell, I totally forgot about that show

No. 191503

File: 1648006695808.jpg (50.11 KB, 640x615, original[1].jpg)

I just saw this episode on TV, because I'm an ESL, and holy fuck this is the first time I hear someone unironically saying "elle" in spanish TV, this timeline is cursed.

No. 191518

I have (unfortunately) met a few TIFs and they are very open about loving nothing more than to get fucked in their pussies by cocks.

No. 191774

I don’t know the context of this photo…I’m guessing he’s supposed to be a flasher but it looks like he going to breastfeed that little man/boy(?) thing.

No. 192691

File: 1648432031356.png (926.68 KB, 1080x675, Screenshot_20220327-183246.png)

Character bio from an upcoming Japanese otome game. Reading three different pronouns referring to a single person gave me a fucking migraine. Is Japanese media falling for this crap too or is the translator having a field day? Game is Inga Ouhou: Murderous Plaza

No. 192693

this gave me severe brain damage what the fuck

No. 192694

Oh, right. This one is pretty unfortunate. The (female) creator makes some god tier femporn, but apparently she's a they/them wokie. I don't know if she's in denial or just faking it, but whatever it is, she still makes straight porn aimed at women.

No. 192695

>Is Japanese media falling for this crap too
it has been like that for a while

No. 192698

this is such a huge cope. They will never look like that without becoming crazy first.

No. 192699

When Aidens put vaginas in their "male" drawings, they're just making shit heterosexual. Gay people can't exist anymore seems like.

No. 192700

Wow I'm happy I don't live in america. Your media is absolutely fucked with woke shit. I feel so sorry for you

No. 192702

Ah, I didn't realize this was a Japanese indie game. Unfortunate about the artist. I'll look up her work tho

I knew from shoujo manga and other otome games that they love gender bender themes and cross dressing stuff. Just didn't think it would sound like western brain rot

No. 192707

It is so fucking bad here

No. 192739

At least they're doing it to gay men for once, I've seen enough people trying to make "girl sick" and "boy pussy" a thing. It has to effect gay men for people to realize it's a problem.

No. 192762

I'm ESL and I improved a lot in English thanks to anime and video games, I can't imagine how confusing the whole pronoun ordeal is for newcomers.

No. 192792

Same for me, I was already fluent enough when the whole pronouns shit became trendy but if it happened earlier I would have had so much trouble reading some texts even with context. Honestly, I think the anglophones publicly shitting on people for not respecting nonsensical pronouns should be treated like racists, maybe it will calm them down a little.

No. 192794

one of the main concerns about women erasing speech ("people who bleed" "person with uterus" etc) is that many immigrant women are not taught the words referring to their sexual organs in the woke language, so they usually only know words like "woman" or "girl". yet the wokies don't care about that and insist that such women should just educate themselves. as if immigrant women from oppressive countries where female sexual organs are not talked about at all have the time and energy to learn woke language.

No. 192795

Due to how languages work, if these women actually tried to educate themselves, they'll be bombarded with inaccurate information, shitty propaganda, etc. And to even think about doing research on such a basic topic you'd have to suspect that there are people who refuse to define what women and girls are to begin with and normie women from all over the world don't even know that Americans are getting more and more obsessed with gender shit. Like, in many places if you ask the average locals what gender is they'll tell you about grammatical gender first.

No. 212697

File: 1654704667660.webm (11.11 MB, 1280x720, Meet Cute.webm)

No. 212704

File: 1654705900212.webm (16.06 MB, 1280x720, Hangout.webm)

No. 212725

That shit could genuinely turn me homophobic if I was straight kek. The cringe is too strong

No. 212738

I lasted precisely 9 seconds into the video before pausing it. I couldn't take it anymore when the emo looking dude opened his mouth. What is this, a cartoon or a web series?

No. 212741

>emo looking dude
That's a TIF, she's the fakeboi author's self insert

No. 212742

This screams fujo

No. 212743

kek really? I need to learn more about this, this has the potential to be really interesting to hate watch. Or hate read?

No. 212754

The fuck
I don't understand how it is possible: someone have technical skills to make something visually coherent, but have zero ZERO emotional intelligence and knowlege of how narrative works or how people work in general, honestly
What is this
Pacing, dialouge, characters, the whole structure - like I am watching a show for 5 yo, hell dora the explorer is less infantile
This is not even autistic, that is just dumb

No. 212757

same nonna, i feel like i'm losing my mind watching these clips. the escalation is so severe and nonsensical. is this what happens to people who read nothing but wattpad fics their entire lives? i can't remember the last time i've physically cringed this hard, it's unbearable.

No. 212759

>two TIF characters
>theyre the single ones that watch anime aimed at girls
like pottery

No. 212786

does anyone else think woke advertising (featuring interracial couples) is pandering? it just feels like a fantasy world is presented on tv, when reality couldn't be further from the truth + i say this as someone who grew up in an interracial family, in a very liberal community and none of my friends shared this experience.
and more times than not its a white man paired with x minority or a black man paired with a white woman. + if a black woman is featured she's ALWAYS light-skinned. i also never see any middle eastern/south asians in these commercials at all. and its not just a few ads, its every single ad.

No. 212788

File: 1654715502401.webm (18.02 MB, 1280x720, Ground Rules.webm)

Here's the last one. This was also posted to the ftm thread in snow along with information on the author for anyone interested.

No. 212801

Disgusting, no one talks like this. barely even human

No. 212803

Lol necro reply but the aiden who wrote the south park fanfic turned novel is an infamous tumblr user who got into ridiculous amounts of sjw drama, she was especially known as a bully in the sherlock fandom. her url was lalondes

No. 212812

File: 1654720550685.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, medieval_perspective.png)

that perspective is straight up medieval

lmao I just imagined a lolcow movie night where we all gather to hate watch it. I kinda want to do it now

No. 212813

File: 1654720673326.jpg (59.38 KB, 620x392, 44436-classic-media-acquires-t…)

This is like a tumblrfied My Life Me and moves the same way

No. 212818

This was cringe and all but >>212704 really went leaps and bounds ahead. I can't believe polyshit is this normalized now.

No. 212822

She couldn't have been bothered to make other characters to fill out some space or at least some background NPCs. It's just AI generated story prompts given only 4 different names to choose from.

No. 212827

>having multiple crushes is polyamory

No. 212830

Regular fujos write better fanfics than this shit. I can't believe it has a big fanbase. TIFs and enbies have been and will always be lousy writers.

No. 212864

Man I really like 2D/fictional boys, yaoi/bl and pastel colors but was thrown off after finding out that the goth is trans who I actually like the most. Same applies to Damien from Dream Daddy.

No. 212881

Yeah, I kinda feel uncomfortable because of the narrative that's being pushed. Just more normal situations, please?

(I say this as a dark-skinned black woman)

No. 212901

Lockers in college????

No. 212905

Did you not see >>212788?

No. 213568

File: 1655000408707.jpg (266.58 KB, 1680x1050, murray.jpg)

So I'm watching Welcome to Flatch and randomly, without warning, this Mickey Mouse sounding FtM doing a mobster impression with a magic marker looking mustache steps out and everybody just treats her like a normal dude. Gave me whiplash

No. 215422

File: 1655592336525.png (41.95 KB, 539x242, 0.png)

this stuff really is becoming more and more popular in japan too, huh.

No. 215571

Honestly, i expected this kind of non-sense from Japan years ago. They're insane

No. 215580

>autobiographical manga about a gender X
Anon where the fuck is this crap from. Please tell me is just some unhinged gendie sperging about some fanzine, please.

No. 215587

I noticed it too. In my honest opinion I think the black man/white woman shit is some racial fetish fuel. Don't scrotes often get paranoid and spergy about black men because they keep seeing them in porn? God they are fucking retarded.

No. 215657

Oh no, I like the goth one. I’m going to head cannon him as cis.

No. 215679

No. 215685

don't worry nonny, i'm pretty sure that cartoon was made by a straight woman so yes, they probably all have adorable cartoon dicks

No. 215692

well 2 of them were intended to be aidens..so probably sewn-on dicks kek

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