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File: 1646351920381.png (2.71 MB, 1146x1287, genderfluid heteroromantic dem…)

No. 186892

for all your cringe gender/sexuality moments in media. originally meant as a cringy trans writing thread, but i think we could also include cringe moments in media that are otherwise fine except for the one genderhaving woman with they/them pronouns.

No. 186893

Lmao good thread OP, hoping someone contributes juicy wokerino content.

No. 186895

I have a feeling this is going to be the only reason I check /M/, I only came here to find it. Sadly I don't have anything to offer but ik sure other nonnies will!

No. 186899

Give it time. /m/ still has problems. All the old threads were lost and all the farmers are just coming back here

No. 186995

File: 1646380140935.png (203.04 KB, 1266x648, good taste in dick.png)

Since someone in the TIF thread mentioned the professionally written South Park yaoi fanfic, Both Sides Now by Peyton Thomas, here are some choice pickings from that book

No. 186996

File: 1646380206506.png (194.48 KB, 1234x628, hilary swank.png)

>I mean, you seriously look exactly like a guy

No. 186997

File: 1646380258533.png (202.43 KB, 1216x588, gender liquid.png)

No. 186998

File: 1646380352244.png (128.13 KB, 1210x476, skittles.png)

No. 186999

>Professionally written South Park yaoi fan fic.
I'm sorry the what now?

No. 187001

Some Fujo ayden published a gay novel which was actually her old south park yaoi fan fic with some name and race swap(kyle is Filipino and eric is persian)
It's about TIF Filipina TIF kyle and her romance with Stan

No. 187002

Of South Park of all media? Aidens are strange creatures kek

No. 187003

I have never understood it myself really, I get the Yaoi shipping aspect(no matter how disgusting I find it) but the amount of woke female fans sourh park has had, always seemed odd to me
Its really odd

No. 187004

>>187003 i guess is their way to have an edgy phase. Remember for aidens being percived as rude is a matter of life but cannot risk their precious social score. But everything need to be ~yaoifed~ kek the coombrain

No. 187008

File: 1646384932723.gif (188.97 KB, 480x270, Bpbk.gif)

Kek, South Park made a Yaoi episode as well after finding out about this phenomenon

No. 187030

>discussing transsexuality with a woman
>she gets angry at everything the woman says
>discussing transsexuality with a man
>she apologizes and bends over backwards to him and squeals over the man
Holy shit the pickme is off the charts

No. 187057

So basically it’s another 50 Shades of Gray
South Park has an extremely autistic yaoi fanbase. Especially compared to other animated sitcoms.

No. 187061

Aidens do this all the time. Women can never understand their twansgenderism like true and honest men can!

No. 187309

File: 1646533414864.jpeg (1.26 MB, 828x1556, D3952522-560D-478F-AEC1-DE4E99…)

SVU has gotten so bad. Noah was a fucking mistake.

No. 187325

this cannot be real, also that is a child, why do these weirdos push this shit onto literal kids?

No. 187326

Why I've refused to watch the show in a single image.

No. 187331

Hate when I get halfway through a fanfic only to find out the dirtfuck author has a tranny headcanon and decided not to tag the fic with it. Just now I was like 10k words into a fic and suddenly one of the characters says he's wearing a binder. I'm a fucking fujoshi, I want to read about two MEN kissing and fucking, not a dude fucking a mentally ill women with a pube beard. It's so obvious the retards who write this shit are FtMs who self insert as one character and have the other as their husbando.

TL;DR I wish Aidens who don't tag their tranny headcanons a very 41%.

No. 187333

File: 1646561054083.png (43.02 KB, 270x360, 05129911.png)

i just pull a reverse uno card on them. when they do this shit, i log out and comment anonymously that their untagged tranny headcanon made me dysphoric, suicidal and gave me a panic attack, and to please tag such content in the future to protect vulnerable bipoc trans folxx.

even better, make a separate account with pronouns, sexuality, mental illnesses and ships in the profile, so it looks more legit.

No. 187334

Once I was so pissed at one fic about a pairing that barely has any good fanfic that I anonymously commented to ask why it's tagged as M/M if one of the character is a woman, and pretending to be completely clueless. Of course the character was the cute, young manlet who looks younger than he is, it was so predictable. I check more fics the next day and when I found that one again the writer replied with "but the character is a man? lol?" bitch the whole point of your fic is that the other character in that pairing really wants to fuck the genderbent character in the pussy. These retards should fuck off from the internet as a whole, I'm sick of them.

No. 187335

I wanted vid rel about the sex and the city reboot. I haven’t watch the original series or the reboot, but it just seems like a series dedicated to brainwashing women into thinking performative sexuality and hookup culture is somehow empowering, with maybe some minor good moments. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting how they were pushing this kid into this woke shit at 6:20

No. 187340

your own fault really, I mean you play around in mud don't be surprised when you get dirty
of course a genre filled with degenerates will have degernate content

No. 187343

You say that like it's not a very recent phenomenon. Say what you want about slash and BL being degenerate genres, they used to be straight to the point and people used to tag their fics and arts in case someone didn't want to see it or to make it easier to find for anyone looking for it. Now if you're looking for a gay fic, even a wholesome, family friendly one, you'll be bombarded with straight shit because the authors are fakebois who are projecting their special type of degeneracy on male characters.

No. 187345

I wouldn't know, I'm not a degenerate but I'm sure losing your underage boy fucking fan-fics is a great tragedy

No. 187347

Speaking of fanfic I have had the misfortune to find one for an already pretty small fandom where the main male character troons out. He's canonically a fairly masculine man but doesn't shy away from stereotypically feminine activities either, and in the fic all his conventionally masculine behaviour is dismissed as "overcompensation" for his "real self" being a submissive transbian. Of course all his allies are super-duper supportive while only the bad guys are "transphobic".

No. 187350

I barely read anything now because of this new trend so you could say I reluctantly moved on. It's not a tragedy, it's just very annoying. I don't even think I've read anything about "underaged" boys either, I just want cute stories with guys in their 20s or 30s but that's too much asked apparently.

Is it a popular "headcanon" for this character or is it just that author who's stupid in particular?

No. 187351

Maybe idk read some nice vanilla hetro content, I assure you that you won't find random cuntboys in those fics

No. 187354

Fortunately it seems to be just this author, at least for now. I don't really think the headcanon would take off outside deranged transbians, but who knows.

No. 187355

I used to do that long ago and all the writers would make the characters very OOC so I gave up at some point. I mean, even more OOC than with gay pairings. Het ships attract more normies so I guess that's why there's way less chance of finding weird ftm shit. Maybe I grew out of fics, maybe they became worse, but I'd say it's a little bit of both.

No. 187357

It's funny when there's shitloads of fanfic of one character as a troon kek the fakebois are so predictable. They all desperately want to be cute twinks when they are pudgy 5'2" women with T acne.

No. 187369

kek you wish. i used to be obsessed with ff15 a few years ago and the amount of aranea x transboi prompto or transgirl luna x transboi aranea was astonishing. i think one of the writers even called herself a transmasc lesbian boi.

No. 187378

Nta but I find this shit boring af, I want to read some weird stuff untainted by wokesters.

No. 187381

>thread pic
pain. I watched the first like 4-5 seasons of shameless years ago and I can't believe this is what it's become. my Ian would never

No. 187388

God I hate looking for any fics at all, the troonism is everywhere. I read both homo- and heterosexual pairings, but the trans shit is definitely most common in M/M fics. I just want porn man, not some fucking gender exploration.

On the MtF thread there was a screenshot from Reddit saying TERFs hate trans people because they want to secretly fuck them. Right. Nothing could turn me off faster than trannies in any shape or form in any media.

REEEEing over thanks

No. 187389

File: 1646588894314.jpg (197.86 KB, 1253x513, selfcare.jpg)

AO3rdr extension will save your life. You can blacklist tags and you'll never have to see another Aiden fic again. And if there is fucker who doesn't, just do what this brilliant nonna >>187333 does so they can cut themselves for making someone dysphoric kek

No. 187390

Ah shit thank you for the suggestion nonna - I browse most ff on my phone though rip

No. 187393

Right? If I wanted to read a straight pairing I would read a straight pairing. Fortunately the straight ships seem to not suffer from transgenderism that much. I mean, I never read straight ships fics where the female characters get turned into TIMs. Read one where the male character was a TIF (badly written as you expect) but that was tagged at least (and I was curious).
These troon m/m fics are also very weird. Everything and everyone in the fic are so sweet and happy and everyone is gay and the drama feels cheap. Like, at the same time they do a setting where homophobia doesn't exist, they put it there anyway for drama but it is already established by the author that shit is uncommon… but then there will be a crazy female character (it's always a woman) spouting homophobic crap to make the soft boy cry. I'm tired of that crap.

No. 187395

>but then there will be a crazy female character (it's always a woman) spouting homophobic crap to make the soft boy cry.
Sounds like the ultimate expression of internalized misogyny.

No. 187396

File: 1646591265680.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

I don't think me deciding to turn into a good Amish housewife is going to get rid of trannies but go off I guess

No. 187403

> TERFs hate trans people because they want to secretly fuck them
They think they’re clever, but “you act like you hate it, but deep down you know you want me” is nothing new. It’s the epitome of make-like behavior.

No. 187405

I’m not calling fujos problematic or whatever but I’ve never understood the appeal of two faggots fucking each other in the ass. Goddamn repulsive.(bait)

No. 187406

Ah, I see, so it's the old "stop liking what I don't like RREEE" with a side of mild homophobia

Women like men. One man naked is nice, two men naked is double nice. Plus there is no female to be jealous of. Quite simple, really.

No. 187407

>”no female to be jealous of”
this is a 18+ forum little miss

No. 187409

No. 187410

Again why is everybody acting surprised, aydeniam is pretty much the end result of a yaoi fetish

No. 187411

The state of man is to be submissive to his mistress. A man sleeping with another man is a violation of the natural order.

No. 187412

i'd say it's actually even more common in F/F fics but they're usually tagged as dickgirl or futa rather than trans and most of them are written by coomer moids who haven't trooned out (yet) but still you can easily tell that many of them are also deranged tranny self insert shit

No. 187413

>little miss
I'm an oldfag and I cringe at this.

No. 187414

So do I

t. little miss soon-to-be-30

No. 187415

quit the fujosperging and stay on topic please

No. 187416

>women like men

Yeah some women like men but it doesn’t mean all women want to see them stick their doo doo dicks in one another and get aroused by it. It’s about the same thing when hettie men get their cocks wet over lesbians being fetishized.

No. 187417

Unlike straight men, fujos are harmless (save the tifs). I do agree yaoi is cringe, though.

No. 187419

>It’s about the same thing when hettie men get their cocks wet over lesbians being fetishized.
Yeah, it is. So why are you making a big deal out of it?

No. 187420

This is so fucking painful, SVU is now a soap opera about the detectives' personal lives targeted at moms who want to be hip and cool. I mean go ahead and make that kind of show, but at least create a new IP.
Remember that SVU episode where the boy was forced to transition because of a botched circumcision and was never told about it, and at the end he killed his pedo therapist? Hard to believe it's even the same show (although I guess in a way it isn't).

This isn't about "degeneracy", it's about gender shit being forced fucking everywhere.

No. 187424

Except I couldn't give a shit about fetishising poor gay men

No. 187426

Why do some anons have such an autistic hatred of yaoi? Like literally every time it's brought up they feel the need to squawk about how gross they think it is.

There's plenty of shit I don't like but at no point have I felt the need to screech at anons who like it. No amount of shrieking at me about degeneracy, poop, Aidens, or ~fetishizing the poor gheys~ is going to make me stop looking at BL and yaoi. If anything, I'll just post more of it to spite you.

>All fujoshis eventually become Aidens
Have you actually read the fujo thread here, or been in any non anglophone yaoi communities? There are plenty of us who fucking hate Aidens, and plenty of Aidens who are self-hating lesbians, not fujoshis.

No. 187427

Look I would love to see fujos and anti-fujos sperg about this shit once again, but instead of replying to bait, report it for derailing, and take it to the fujo vs yume thread on /ot/ if you want.

No. 187428

You're been typing like a fucking male this whole time and it's disgusting. Also your bait is trash.
The vast majority of authors writing yaoi are straight or lesbian females. Yaoi is a genre made by women for women, not for trannies. You can dislike it of course but try not to sperg and have a breakdown every time the genre is mentioned, and this thread is about woke tranny shit anyway, not for shitting on yaoi (you have a thread in /ot/ for that).

No. 187429

File: 1646598110731.png (756.9 KB, 905x688, touch grass bigot rrreee.png)

I dedicate this to you guys

No. 187430

>This person will cry and scream in the street with a picket sign if someone expresses apathy towards their demographic.

You need a Geiger counter to measure this cringe.

No. 187431

The irony of telling people to touch grass when it engages in terminally online politics kek

No. 187432

No. 187433

That's not true and it's clear you've never read any m/m content nor interacted with fujos, so shut the fuck up.

No. 187434

File: 1646598940277.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.26 KB, 718x851, sr6usrd6yursd6.JPG)

OH GOD the one before it is even worse

No. 187436

File: 1646599096774.jpg (548.78 KB, 1696x2560, DarkRiseCover-scaled.jpg)

Just ignore and report for derailing. They should take their antifujo sperging to /ot/'s thread and post woke shit in the media.

That being said, has anyone read books by the author C. S. Pacat? I always avoid anything labeled as "queer" literature since most of it suffers from shitty writing or awful tropes.

No. 187437

Oh my fucking god why did I click the back button to see the entire thing. It's literal nightmare fuel the fuck. People really get off to old women that look like rick sanchez pegging old man asshole? Nightmare world.

No. 187438

Is that trans Rick????

No. 187439

Agreed, the "support trans rights!!!1" art is obnoxious as fuck. It's just super blatant virtue signalling.

No. 187440

This is fucking grotesque. They want good representation all the time but then depict their own kind like this.

No. 187442

File: 1646601237693.jpg (52.06 KB, 671x372, 67nyyc.jpg)

No. 187444

Why is it always Eastern Europeans who draw the most disgusting tranny art? Westerners in general draw horrible "queer" art but there is an extra level of nuclear disgust with the Eastern Euro queers.

No. 187445

have you constructed a sad little alternate femdom world in your head to cope with reality, anon? methinks someone doesn't have any room to judge fujos

No. 187446

It's about normalizing ugliness, in case you hadn't noticed. They don't really care how ugly it looks to other people, they draw what they see as attractive and force others to accept it.
From the artist's Twitter, I can tell it's most likely an Aiden, because men don't usually draw cuntboys/transmen. So the character with the strap-on is probably, in a way, the artist projecting herself (through the female body) onto a man she finds attractive.

No. 187449

The entire human population does not subscribe to your BDSM fantasy dynamic.

You are dumb, stupid, and basically retarded, if you're picking up the subtle messages that I am putting down.

No. 187450

I am ugly and an artist too, I know it can be healthy to make the subjects in your art ugly to normalize it, but this isn't about ugliness alone. It feels gross too because of the detailed and overly-visible body hair, the dark red hands, the protuding bones and the fleshy brown colors. If you want to normalize ugliness there are so many better ways to do it, so why do it by drawing an old tif with grotesque details fucking someone with a strap-on? This is clearly just a fetish and they can't see how odd this appears to others.

No. 187453


This one was actually pretty wholesome, about being a 24 year old virgin

No. 187455

God every time there is a cute lesbian comic buried in these (nor Moen's shit she can eat shit), the artist is a theythem lesbian

No. 187456

File: 1646604082498.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.41 KB, 310x314, gfnbxfgn.JPG)

This is the future the liburals want!

No. 187457

Yeah well, I forgot to add that these art styles often emphasize ugly features and make them look even worse. For example, body hair, which almost never looks anything like real life body hair (it's always those retarded straight lines that line up perfectly)
>This is clearly just a fetish
I guess you could call it that

the fuck is this?

No. 187458

No. 187459

All I know from that writer is that she wrote Captive Prince, which I was too lazy to finish but it was kind of trashy in a fun way and "problematic" so people shit talked her for supposedly being racist based on the main pairing and for being homophobic or whatever. I've vaguely heard that she's "queer" herself, no idea if that was to defend herself against the people who shit talked her, if she's a fakeboi, an average tomboy or if she's legit bi or lesbian but worded it that way for some reason.

No. 187460

i've read this exact post somewhere before. fujochan?

No. 187461

I loved Captive Prince; I couldn't get through the first few pages of this. The writing style has changed. Also, it doesn't seem to be about adults? I could be wrong though.

No. 187464

Posting Oh Joy Sex Toy should be considered cheating

No. 187465

>not enjoying to see literal shitholes being fucked means you're a male
Retarded degenerate

No. 187467

it's not a "literal shithole" in the same way running over hookers in gta5 isn't "literal murder". you're just letting your irl biases cloud your viewpoints of fiction

No. 187468

i read this. it was alright but had some elements that made me think it would work better being an adult fantasy book rather than YA. i’m not a big fantasy reader so i’m sure for someone who enjoys YA fantasy they would like it. i didn’t find the writing to be bad at all

No. 187469

It's only being upset that other women do enjoy it that makes you seem male. I don't like fujo shit either, but I don't ree about degeneracy because other anons do. It's the personality which makes someone an Aiden, you can like gay shit made for women without trooning and without thinking that troons are totally the sex they pretend to be. Maybe it's the added autism or personality disorder. All MTFs seem to be raging narc incels aiming for optimal coom after being warped by porn/the refusal to admit to being gay, while FTMs it varies more, with some in line with MTFs, but not necessarily the majority, such as ones that are trauma based, unwilling to admit they are homosexual but not seemingly for coom purposes, etc.

No. 187470


it was problematic because it somewhat eroticised sex slavery and prostitution in the first book however the overall storyline has a very clear denunciation of sexualising children and taking advantage of poor people to make them into prostitutes. the main character who grew up in royalty and thought slavery was okay as long as you treated your slaves well also came to realise how fucked up slavery is and vowed to end it in his kingdom once he came back into power

it was also deemed problematic because the main character is based off the ancient greeks and was described as having tanned skin and tumblr types took that to mean he is a black man and that the author was literally replicating the trans atlantic slave trade against african people when in the story the main character was turned into a slave due to being usurped to the throne by his illegitimate half brother.

the author is self described gender queer and bisexual lol. she’s female and claims to want to increase lgbt representation and write about her experiences but somehow all her lgbt characters are gay and bisexual males lol

sorry for the sperg. these books aren’t perfect by any means but i think some of the criticism they get isn’t warranted.

No. 187471

Based, thank you anon

No. 187475

You do realize that women also have have buttholes and sometimes have anal sex, right? Are you repulsed by your own butthole, femdom-chan?

No. 187481

i believe this book is marketed as YA which is why its about late teens

i actually read through all of dark rise and kind of liked it for what it was but it'll never be as good as captive prince

No. 187487

I prefer the Neil Patrick Harris version of Count Olaf

No. 187495

Does Euphoria count as cringe woke media? I haven't watched it but was thinking about it for shits and giggles or is it just an annoying waste of time?

No. 187497

I don't know if it's woke besides the troon, it seems to be about how being a prostitute in high school is empowering and that every teenager is a drug dealer/addict and I don't know if that counts as woke.

No. 187498

The tranny has written episodes and has a lot of say in the production, so I'm going to go with an emphatic "yes."

No. 187499

i think so? in addition to all the troon stuff there’s a whole arc where the 16 year old fat girl becomes ~ empowered and confident ~ by selling nudes online

No. 187503

this is absolutely putrid and made me legit nauseated lol

No. 187507

(c)rap-chan leave this thread

No. 187509

Again I feel most of these issues would be solved if these just stopped reading excessive yaoi and take a break from porn and BL erotica cause long term it fucks up your brain
It is a fact that erotic and porn changes your brain chemistry. It's not something that the human mind should be subjected to

No. 187513

Tbh SVU really started to get shitty around season 9 but I didn’t think it was this bad these days.

No. 187522

It's woke, but very tolerably so. There's almost nothing in it that's even comparably insane to the stuff posted in this thread.
Characters that are woke are framed as being more morally correct, but characters that disagree with them aren't demonized or treated like they're bad people because of that. If anything, the show does a remarkably good job of showing a realistic spread of viewpoints, and it judges characters much more on their actions than on what they believe.
If anything, there's some notable anti-wokeness too. A character will call out a 'problematic' behavior and other characters will just ignore them, with the joke being most people don't give a fuck. The mtf calls a dude a "faggot" for liking him. Another character cheats on his wife to fuck dudes and mtfs specifically.

The trans stuff is pretty lukewarm, honestly. I don't know if it's supposed to be this way or if Hunter Schaefer is just telling on himself, but the show seems to indicate that the mtf character doesn't really think of himself as a real girl. The character even muses about detransition, and that's directly due to Hunter Schaefer's contribution.

The glorification of sex and hyper-promiscuity in this show is, imo, the worst part by far. But to be fair, the fat girl learns that the "empowerment" she gained from sex work was hollow and made her into an asshole.

Anyways, sorry for huge sperg, but I put off watching it because I too thought it'd be disgustingly woke. There's problems with the show for sure (overly gratuitous sex, overly long artsy scenes, some misinfo about drugs and mental health), but the drama is very well done and intense, and the characters are well-written and likeable despite being horrible people.

I enjoyed the first season well enough, but the special episode with Rue is actually incredible and resonated with me really hard, and now I go around recommending the show to people that I know have struggled with mental health, especially if they've (ab)used drugs before.

Embedded is a three-minute clip that captures the feel of the show very well imo. (light spoilers, nothing major)

No. 187523

Wtf kind of shitty dialogues and costumes are these, it really deterred me from watching the show (not that I was planning to in the first place).

No. 187526

Becky Chambers is a handmaiden writing sci fi thats heavy on woldbuilding and light on plot. First book eh, second book actually very good despite a thinly veiled trans allegory, third one (picrel) is unbearable.
Audiobooks get extra annoying, the poor actress is constantly tripping over Xe/Xir pronouns.

No. 187528

File: 1646640290619.jpg (463.39 KB, 1353x1469, euphoria highschool tiktok.jpg)

yeah, the outfits are a noted phenomenon.

No. 187532

File: 1646641596080.png (209.02 KB, 1060x691, laura tisdall on becky chamber…)

ugh, farkin ell

No. 187533

The sexualisation of the blonde is just so disturbing, but obviously nothing new. I'm always bombarded with characters who are supposed to be like >18 years old dressing like they are 25+ porn stars. It's one thing that really puts me off American media in general. Many people were telling me to watch this show but I think I'll give it a miss. It reminds me of Riverdale. I think teaching the woke narrative that sex is empowering to teens is paedophilia. I think having actresses dress sexually provocative is the same too, writers and producers know that teens will watch and emulate.

No. 187534

old milk, but this was never shared in the Western Animation Thread for some reason

No. 187536

I read the first two and really liked them..but yeah, the whole neo pronouns stuff and the constant sex changes of that one alien in the second book were sometimes confusing…

No. 187543

What the fuck is this voice acting? This is the show that was funded by crunchyroll, right? I regret ever giving them my money even though I had my subscriptions years ago.

No. 187544

kek i love how everyone in the comments is reeing about the fact that the tif has to take a potion once a month because it rubs it in that shit like that isn't natural and you continuously have to poison your body to live your LARP. also reminds me of the monthly cycle, aka a unique female experience. nature is a terf, baby.

No. 187562

the outfit second on the top is cute i can't lie

No. 187568

Kek I love the triggered tifs in the comments. And I hate the cartoon tif's voice, which is good because it's kinda how they sound like so it's accurate.

No. 187573

I saw that review. Charlotte's kid is a themby or something. it's insane. Not that the original was any better.. but fuck this.

No. 187575

>And I hate the cartoon tif's voice, which is good because it's kinda how they sound like so it's accurate.
kek I just watched the clip, you're absolutely right. The voice acting being total garbage makes it worse too.

No. 187579

This is so funny
>mom is missing
>here are some pictures of me and your mom before she went missing!
>who the fuck is that girl?
>'twas me… I am transgender…
>doesn't know what transgender means
>it means I was born a woman but didn't like it… so now I am a man
>what? How?
>I take one potion a month to keep up the lies and be the real me!
>ohhh I'd give anything to see my mom again!
Nice introduction to a character lol. They should have just had him say his name and pronouns when they meet because that's how most TIFs reveal that they're transgender and have special pronouns anyway. TIFs are usually never happy with any representation in media, they usually always end up getting obsessed with a fictional character who is a real man with mental health struggles so I don't even know why people try to please them when they should in fact make a bisexual male character with a dark past or w/e and the TIFs will be lining up to pay to see it.

No. 187581

God the VA is embarrassingly bad, it sounds like a YouTube abridged series kek

No. 187584

The character is voiced by the TIF creator of the show, which explains how shitty it sounds (nevermind the fact that most of the dub in this cartoon is quite bad).

No. 187594

File: 1646673547352.jpg (95.66 KB, 720x1157, 20220307_141730.jpg)

Anons, i don't know if this is cheating but if isnt, then i've found a goldmine

No. 187595

File: 1646673574151.jpg (51.22 KB, 720x1065, 20220307_141715.jpg)

Now we have troon headcanon for irl people

No. 187597

Good god I hate koreaboos with burning passion. No offence to you kpop-nonnas, #notallkoreaboos, but goddamn there are a bunch of retards in the kpop fandom

No. 187598

File: 1646673857809.jpg (143.77 KB, 1000x1414, tumblr_17bbbc94641016b06d38456…)

Now bts are TIFs i'm sorry nonas

No. 187599

I remember a while ago some retards in twitter tried to make kpop neopronouns like jimin/jiminself or kook/kookself. Pure autism.

No. 187602

God I hope those artists are kept in a locked box where they cannot see the insanity of their fans. Must be weird as fuck seeing people base their whole identity to on you, and produce the abhorrent fucking content they do

No. 187605

I remember what was criticized because it's all things that happen in the first half of the story mostly. And I remember that none of these things were portrayed as good so I'm guessing the people complaining didn't even read a complete summary of the story.

No. 187608

Ugh I had to stop following Mina Le, she's pretty insufferable about the trans stuff and being a woke repackaged NLOG. But man, I sat through the whole reboot and it felt like an overwrought apology letter to anyone who thought the original show was offensive. There's a they/them main character that is painful to watch and Miranda leaves her husband for her!

No. 187609

kek they forgot to add that wrinkle that binders cause because the shirt fabric clings to the binder fabric and because of those wrinkles everyone clocks a tiffy with a binder immediately.

No. 187612

Wasn't miranda straight? I thought it was kind of her thing, that she was unapologetically masculine but still straight? Makes no sense.

No. 187614

I'm afraid to watch that video, what does she say in it? I like her other videos, so far I have been able to filter through the trans nonsense all female youtube eassayists have to include nowadays.

No. 187617

Speaking of Abridged Series, the new series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged features a joke about J.K. Rowling to pander to the troon brigade, with none other than fucking PhilosophyTroon himself in the comments section sucking his dick for it.

Like this series didn't spend countless episodes in the early years making jokes about the effeminate looking bishie characters all being shemales and trannies or whatever.

No. 187618

She decides she's bored and it's time for a change. It's honestly very mtf the way she turns her family upside-down over this random manic pixie they/them she just met and gets finger blasted by in Carrie's kitchen while Carrie pees herself (I wish I was kidding). It doesn't feel like something Miranda would do at all.
Mina just praises it for being a good intro to gendershit for boomers who aren't familiar like us "super-educated" millennials and zoomers. I think I liked it better when boomers and gen-x were clueless about trans bullshit.

No. 187619

i always kek at fakebois drawing their adult moid favs as stumpy short-legged creatures just because they themselves are all fat little girls

No. 187620

Kek of course they're non-binary! Pretty men aren't real men, they're like women!
Also this is fucking creepy, it's literally mental illness to draw a real existing person as gay, trans or non-binary. They're not fictional characters you can play with.

No. 187621

File: 1646680933711.jpg (46.95 KB, 640x400, 20180226092629632952.jpg)

idk…. some of them are built like that

No. 187623

For real. I only found out recently when I was nostalgically talking about my teen fanfiction days with someone, and they told me there are huge fanfic subcultures where people write fanfics about bands and band members. I was so disturbed when I found this out. Imagine being in one and reading about what weirdo fans are writing about you.

No. 187646

I think Little Kuriboh is married to a tranny (a fat woman theyby).

No. 187648

File: 1646688685003.png (1.56 MB, 1170x2532, g601jxxp5sl81.png)

sorry for reddit link but the outrage over this premise is hilarious. https://www.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAction/comments/t80w3f/someone_announces_a_novel_not_even_out_yet_about/

No. 187649

>Wasn't miranda straight? I thought it was kind of her thing, that she was unapologetically masculine but still straight?
Of course the gender non-conforming woman would have her sexuality and personality changed. Now this is infuriating to know, she was my favorite character

No. 187652

Also that character literally grooms a young boy into trooning out. The boy was growing up as the effeminate runt in his family being demanded to "man up" and the teacher kept pushing the MTF "transition spell" on him in every episode like he was a discord poweruser. It's just all around terrible execution, even troons called it out.

>random manic pixie they/them she just met and gets finger blasted by in Carrie's kitchen while Carrie pees herself
I.. she what?

No. 187671

I feel you. this shit is so beyond embarrassing. I like kpop but a ton of these 'fans' are literally so insane making the real people trannies. Why do they want them to be trans SO bad? i dont get it.

No. 187675

I'm surprised LK is even relevant. He took a long hiatus to battle depression or some shit, but now he wants to come back and make terf jokes? Youtube really did peak in 2014

No. 187676

And Just Like That… is actually a blast if you like hatewatching and mentally delete it and all its pandering from the canon in your mind as soon as you see it. I think Miranda was the fave of a lot of us so that scene had me screaming.

No. 187677

This looks like it's Riverdale tier bad

No. 187689

Maybe I was thinking of Ashens. One of them.

No. 187705

The FTM character is voiced by the director of the show, it’s their self-insert. The troon kid is also voiced by a MTF. I just find it funny how everyone has completely forgotten about this show’s existence

No. 187731

>>187389 what the fuck did intersex people do to you KEK

No. 187737

nayrt but fanfic about intersex characters is usually writetn by dumbass wokies. nothing to do with irl intersex ppl

No. 187738

Oh god, Miranda's plot IS completely MtF, lmfao. But ugh yes she was my fave too, and this hurt so bad. Honestly though, on the one hand it's like, of COURSE they made the no-bs brainy woman this way, but I also found it increasingly hilarious that they wrapped Miranda up in a gender plot b/c it's just so absurd. Maybe I'm projecting, but tbh I think she'd 100% be terfed out at this point. I can see Charlotte jumping on board b/c it's basically just more insane social etiquette and hierarchy to master, and Carrie would want to be nice and go along with whatever, but Miranda would be the woman who gets kicked out of Rose's bar mitzvah for saying that Rose not FeElInG like a girl b/c she likes skateboarding and video games is sexist.

No. 187761

NTA but literally every single "intersex" fic I have ever seen was actually hermaphrodite fetish porn, nothing actually portraying intersex people in a realistic or respectful way

No. 187763

The anon you're referring to, they've done nothing wrong to me and I respect them.
People who add "intersex" in the tags usually write disgusting fetish shit or dumb woke garbage. It's best to avoid it, just like the trans tags.

No. 187769

I always got the impression that Ashens was slightly above all the gender bollocks.

That said, he did cameo in the video Jim Sterling made chimping out over his lose of subscribers after trooning out.

No. 187770

File: 1646726354947.jpg (248.53 KB, 598x792, Screenshot_20220308-075702.jpg)

There was some OT sperging in the MTF thread about Warhammer and tabletop game related troons.

This Emo Phillips looking motherfucker is a particularly egregious example.

No. 187771

>being a woman on any social media platform
>being a woman


>How do I dress so I get the least amount of stalkers/harassment while still dressing how I want to dress

I dunno what to suggest, bro, maybe don't have it so it's not really easy to find pictures of your jerking your stumpy little cock in the tranny porn you make on the side with a quick Google search(kill yourself)

No. 187803

This was supposed to be a serious conversation between two teenagers, literally who talks like this
who in the world thinks anybody talks like this

how do they think culture works

No. 187805

This is too good.

No. 187817

File: 1646751887828.jpg (671.3 KB, 1452x2396, 11.jpg)

this is from a different movie but Ginny and Georgia has a similar scene which featured a woke black-girl up-upping her teacher for daring to teach them the works of dead straight white man

this scene btw was written and directed by woke white women and there's this tendency among mostly woke white women to fetishize black women, it's not a sexual fetishization rather it's the fetishization of the "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" tope that you'll see a lot of media and even twitter rhetoric, the black female best friend who gives nothing but solid advice to her white friend and nothing else(which is what the black girl in the pic ends up being), It's a very bizarre relationship cause In a way it plays into a Mammy trope of turning us into caretakers or mothers for white women while it also masculinizes us greatly so that were not real women in a sense, I know not all white women have this mentality but it's common enough that supposedly woke white women have sorta subconscious backhand that men really don't like us
and so these women unironically end up having these really racist views, I just wanna be treated as a woman alright by men and other women and loved and not whatever this is

No. 187818

File: 1646752245975.jpg (39.74 KB, 245x231, 1646751887828.jpg)

of course they're reading the great gatsby… hating the great gatsby is such a meme at this point. if someone says that they hate it with a passion, i'm automatically assuming that they only read it once in english class in high school. obviously not everyone has to like it and it's okay to dislike classics (i myself strongly dislike jane austen) but if someone makes hating the great gatsby their entire personality and gets super heated about the topic, you just know they got a bad grade on their essay about gatsby.

No. 187824

I could totally see this for Miranda and I'm rewriting it in my head to end this way. The way she whinges and cowers around the nonbinary lady or any black person in the series instead of being normal is so unlike her. She's a litigator for chrissakes!
I've never heard an actual black woman say anything like pic related in a non-joking manner, but I've heard lots of rich, white and thoroughly indoctrinated people who think they're being groundbreaking say it. A lot. Makes sense that today's screen writers fall into this category.

No. 187828

also do they do not understand the very obvious point the point of Gatsby, The book showed how the American Dream is an unrealistic and quite literal dream (as in impossible to obtain and only believed by those who are asleep) that can only be achieved by those who are willing to throw humanity away and treat everyone as an object. Gatsby quite literally sees Daisy as an object that must be obtained rather than a person.
you can hate the book If you want too(I personally do also dislike it) but fucking hell, you could at least bother to get the basic moral

No. 187831

I do not have as much vitriol for Dana themselves (I actually love their painting, can't stand the frog voice tho), but for Guy of Midwinter Minis sucking their gurlcock with the power of over 9000 chasers. He just got a baby with his wife. Bf said that dude is gonna do the ol' ditch-the-wife-and-troon-out any day now.

Trying to find some pic to illustrate my post, I stumbled upon r/Sigmarxism, a leftist subreddit for AoS. Jfc man, what a bunch of insufferable soy boys


No. 187834

I'll forever seethe that WH40K is being invaded by these idiots, ffs it's a money sinking game with absurd characters and basic plots, why do they need to turn it woke?

No. 187839

This was actually not so bad as I feared. Apparently not even troons can destroy my love for Mina Le

No. 187840

Well, at least we have 4chan /tg/ to say the n-word in

No. 187842

As far as I can tell, the people in that subreddit are right. I don't know what you mean by "turning it woke", they're just discussing prices and shitty business practices.

No. 187848

File: 1646764740460.jpg (30.23 KB, 500x455, trans-pride-flag-rpg-metal-dic…)

Oh my issue was just the whining about muh dudebros gaslighting the OP, and saying they are pro-price increases though I saw really no comments like it. The fandom is widely anti-GW in my experience. Maybe a bad example.

And also about the whining of those big subreddits being "right-wing" - I think those are populated with both leftist, rightoids and people who do not give a fuck, which seems as right-wing to some leftists, as SO MANY subreddit are fucking woke hugboxes.

Some dude was posting on r/Grimdank about trans muslim women a shitton at one point, and people told him to fuck off. RRREE those fascists!! I imagine a lot of the complains are about similar stuff.

Not that I deny the fanboys who have some nazi larper wet dreams they can do with Warhammer, or with neckbeards being upset damn wahmen are ruining their hobby rreee. I don't really engage with the fandom, I just paint minis.

Sperg over

No. 187933

kek why did this get redtexted

No. 187934

Anon posted a picture of the tranny jerking himself, though the picture was spoilered so I'm not sure.

No. 187948

It was literal tranny porn with his gross dick

No. 187988

Ughhh yes. What gets me too is like….I can kinda see Miranda having a crisis of faith and going back to school! I can genuinely buy her hitting a point of wanting to do more, and going into human rights law for women and getting involved in the shelter thing! I can even buy her being a little lost in all the new jargon and shit, and getting kind of flustered. But exactly as you said, she's a fucking litigator, and she was already pretty openly feminist in the og series! This shit is not actually brand new to her!

Not to get too spergy, but what really frustrates me about the Che shit is that I think they accidentally set up something way more compelling w/ Prof. Nya. I thought, w/ her not being sure about getting pregnant, that they were going to have her connect w/ Miranda over that, and Miranda was going to struggle w/ the choices she made. Like, she loves Steve and Brady, but what if she HAD had that abortion? Her og storyline was the one that really dealt w/ working motherhood, and w/ Brady being portrayed as this shitty little fuckboy, I thought after episode 2-3 they were really going somewhere interesting. But then the Che thing happens and Nya's discomfort with having a baby never really becomes anything, and it's just….a mess.

No. 188037

Guy from Midwinter Minis has literally always given me bad vibes.

I remember his particularly cringey attempt to get Henry Cavill to play Warhammer with him.

"Hey, internationally famous Hollywood star of multi-million dollar action movies, I have a YouTube channel, would you like to meet up IRL and play with toy soldiers?"

Absolutely pathetic.

No. 188038

>Guy of Midwinter Minis sucking their gurlcock with the power of over 9000 chasers. He just got a baby with his wife. Bf said that dude is gonna do the ol' ditch-the-wife-and-troon-out any day now.

I mean, to be fair, that Scottish woman he's shacked up with is a bit of an insufferable, whinging cow, but then she's a literal doctor while he plays with toys on YouTube for a living.

He is totally jonesing for Dana's girldick, though. I wouldn't be surprised. Honestly, having the troon cameo in his videos is a red flag. It's gotten to the point where the words 'pale sand' are a trigger phrase in his videos, because I know as soon as he says it, the troon will pop up doing his, "Uwu pale sand?" 'cutesy catgirl' reaction face.

No. 188189

The perpetual cope that you acktually need to read the tenth volume in the series/a perfunctory paragraph at the end of the book to see that it totally condemns the ~bad~ things kek Frankly people have a right to complain anyway because it should be very easy to write rape/slavery scenes from the get go in a way that makes them look like well, bad things, and not the content of the author's spank bank, aided in this by the attendant framing and characters' arc as well as word choices; basic writing stuff that shows the intent behind a scene because good writers use all those tools and tricks to direct the way they want their readers to interpret and even feel reading it. It even takes considerable, concerted efforts to (try to) make those topics look sexy, and so if we make fun of moids going "Rape is bad! Anyway, here is me describing all my female heroines getting raped or perpetually sexually harassed in a pornographic level of details," I don't see why woman writers should not get mocked or be assumed to have only the purest and most high minded reasons for writing them since it's not a secret that common-grade fujos really have a thing for rape in their romance.
I guess them writing about gays is an improvement over the hetero bodice rippers that they undoubtedly would have been penning if they were born 30 years ago and not suffering from a weird displacement effect where they condemn rape and do not find it sexy as a woman, but also get off from it, so they need to write their porn featuring two men only. It has now become a general rant more than a Captive Prince specific one, but do people seriously believe that the original motivation to pick that setting and those characters and the romance is generally motivated by the author wanting to denounce the horrors of sexual slavery and not by the author being titillated by the oh so taboo, so sexy!sexual slavery?
To get back on topic, weren't there even an FTM author who wrote another professionally published (by Tor ofc, who else) ~gay~ slavefic, this time under a science fiction veneer? Docile by K.M. Szpara iirc Did anyone try to read that and has some funny bits to share?

No. 188205

This is hilarious. I don’t think it’s meant to be a serious conversation, the Asian guy seemed like he was mocking the black woman for using identity politics.
>oppression Olympics lets go

No. 188210

Why are they all reeing in the comments about how it’s bad explanation for what trans is.

No. 188275

i agree with what you’re saying and no doubt some of it was motivated by erotic reasons but the mc grew up in a culture where sex slavery was okay but once he was turned into a sex slave (which happens at the beginning of the story) and being raped actually becomes a threat to him he comes to realise how fucked up it is. lol

No. 188278

i would say it’s more of attempt at subverting the master/slave fujo dynamic the master is sex repulsed due to trauma and they don’t have sex for the first time until they’d built up a really solid friendship and the slave is freed from slavery and is of equal power to his master. it’s actually pretty woke in that regards

No. 188573

that image provoked a visceral reaction of disgust deep within my soul, why do troons have to ruin everything? why cant a nonnie play tabletop vtm without disgusting AGPs?

No. 188574

So what if some chicks like staring at two anime cutesy men fuck.

No. 188648

Tabletop roleplaying games used to be where nerdy men could larp as their womensonas whenever. Connor could pretend to be an elven sorceress with big tits in a basement full of other nerdy guys.

Tabletop games might be the OG troon territory.

No. 188753

So what if we make fun on lolcow dot farm of some chicks who like to watch anime men fuck

No. 188762

But why does it trigger you so badly that you feel the need to shit up threads every day over it…? After you see a few of these antifujo posts it becomes very clear that the "we" in question are mostly coming from one full blown autist (you?), a homophobe poltard, and that other one that at least has the courteousy to sage. Most female weebs i. e. /m/ posters enjoy watching cute anime boys fuck and the ones that don't normally aren't triggered by fujos the way you are. You need to accept that you're in the minority here and move on, stop being annoying.

No. 188774

nta and she and I think gay sex is disgusting and don't wish to see anime boys getting gang raped or anime boys fucking each other cause we aren't degenerate porn addicts

No. 188776

No need to sperg about it unprovoked. Also they're men, who the fuck cares

No. 188778

This is what I mean
you always end up sounding exactly like male coomers, I don't want to see 12 year old boys getting raped, I don't wanna see real people getting shipped and I don't like seeing the wives and actresses getting harassed by you porn addicts

No. 188779

I don't like yaoi and find fujos cringe but even I find you annoying. I doubt farmers are harassing wives and actresses.

No. 188783

at least have the decency to sage your retarded sperging if you're going to insist on shitting up every thread with your autistic fixation with hating yaoi

No. 188787

Lovely of you to chime in, antifujo sperg #2. Subtle as always.

No. 188789

Its /m/, we are allowed to not sage cause of how slow the board is

No. 188792

Can you link one post on lolcow that exhibits even one of the scenarios you just described? The anons here are shipping 2d characters not goddamn larry. You're crazy.

That doesn't mean anyone wants to see a thread bumped only for it to be you trying to revive some day old infighting once again

No. 188794

>I don't want to see
Then don't see it lol, hide the fujo threads and move on.

No. 188795

there's an option to hide threads, hetero-chan

No. 188801

There was literally a joke in the Fujo thread about gang-rape chan

No. 188813

File: 1647026539683.jpg (40.88 KB, 622x866, 3jwh9n.jpg)

>have hateboner for fujos
>watch all fujo threads like a hawk
>anons try to teach you how to hide threads you don't like and sage to deter your redundant infighting
>look straight into their eyes and shit your pants
now what do you mean by that?

for the record gangrape-chan wasn't spamming porn, let alone shota rape

No. 188822

The great gatsby literally talks about working class people too -Myrtle and her husband I’ve forgotten the name of

No. 188826

lmao. Even if I'm not a fujo I can't imagine someone like that anon having them inside her head rent free all the time. Must be tuff

No. 188874

Miranda would have terfed up and out but sadly her actress is a staunch advocate to these kinds of things. I think some of the weird gender elements were inspired by her life and personal viewpoints. Aside from what the showrunners put in to apologize for the original show, that is.

The trans rabbi gave me skin failure.

No. 188895

ugh, yeah – I was reluctant to think it was Cynthia Nixon bringing irl ideas and life experiences into the show at first, but now, I really do believe that.

And lol yes, the rabbi, ugh. I'm so tired of women-centric shows run by women who want to Be Kind and Progressive inserting scenes that boil down to "look at this trans woman who is so wise, wiser than the cis women, and so composed, and gets off really cool lines." At least Charlotte got to have her bat mitzvah? But holy shit, Rose was such a little brat in that moment. I think even the show got that, but my god, fuck off. I hope Lily terfs out in college.

No. 189275

>Checked in on aO3 for fandom I'm in for the first time since like 2019
>Most popular m/m pairing is mostly okay, but the character most commonly made the bottom is turned into a fakeboi startlingly often, shit tons of pregnancy fics(not mpreg), the canonically gay other half of the pair gives long speeched about what a true and honest man the fakeboi is and how much he homosexually loves "his" pussy, kek
>Well over half the fics for the most popular f/f involve the taller of the two being a troon, no preachy acceptance politics in them since they're probably written by moids and not teenage girls
>Even het stuff has it too, usually where a female character will "question her gender" because she's smart and assertive and doesn't like wearing skirts every day
There really is no escaping from this shit.

No. 189286

File: 1647281076638.png (194.04 KB, 1914x582, Untitled3.png)

In the arm race of #ownvoices, a 100% straight women find recovered memories of being bi among writing a lesbian YA novel. The subtitle could be yaoi fan memes herself into really being gay, if it wasn't such a performative and lowest effort possible attempt at being a pretendbian for the sole purpose of stopping people on the Internet tweeting mean things at her. Not included even more whining.
At least you have to give to her that she didn't try the she/they non-binary route and afaik her books aren't rapey so credit when it's due.

No. 189373

KEK I've gotten more into book twitter lately and this shit is so common. every author has a deep spiritual journey and realizes she's a bisexual she/they when she finds out that publishers have diversity quotas

No. 189376

>Well over half the fics for the most popular f/f involve the taller of the two being a troon, no preachy acceptance politics in them since they're probably written by moids and not teenage girls
tbh I think this one is worse. Moids are a cancer that doesn't belong in fanfic.
>Even het stuff has it too, usually where a female character will "question her gender" because she's smart and assertive and doesn't like wearing skirts every day
This shit plagues all media and I'm sick of it, especially as a GNC woman myself. And it's already hard enough to find female-oriented romantic or sexual het content where the female lead is dominant, I don't need fics to tell me that I must not be female because I don't "act like one" too.

No. 189388

Do tell more, I don't follow that book scene, just stumbled on the dumb interview and had to share! So is the quota thing real then? I though it was a conservative hoax type of thing or authors not wanting to be cancelled on Twitter after the pretense of only writing M/M romance under the cover of LGB representation wore thin. Is it something stupid like 70% of LGBTQWTF+, 0% white cis males?
I hear you about the if you don't wear a skirt all the time, you're not a woman thing! It's especially vexing because you can't just have a male character wearing skirts or a woman not loving make-up without it being immediately interpreted as a sign that she/he must change their gender instead of a simple clothing preference, and the part about being smart and assertive meaning you not being a woman is especially vile. I hoped we left that line of thinking firmly in the '50s, but no, the modern trans movement brought it back! Add to that that the only allowed feminism now is the girlboss slaying men with her eyeliner kind rather than the more ideologically robust 2nd wave&radical stuff, and no wonder that there is +1000% of TIFs referral for hormones and butchery.

No. 189456

Okay, I say this as someone who works in this publishing sector, there is not a literal quota, that is complete bullshit. YA is an overheated little tinder box that gets a lot more scrutiny (from within and without) b/c it's female-dominated, and that means you end up with Albertallis who feel they have to do this shit. I'm angry about it because being an actual lesbian in this space is suffering, but also, I get it. The truth is straight women basically writing yaoi books is not that big of a fucking deal, only girls and women read these books and men don't give a shit what they want. It has no societal power, anyone acting like "uwu the poor widdle gay boys and male authors who must be getting crowded out" is a bullshit artist. It's just easier to throw a fit about women than it is to confront anything men do, so we pretend YA novels have a huge societal impact because we can control this space and no others and women know more about how to tear each other apart than to just plant their feet on the ground and say "fuck off and read something else then."

Men, gay or otherwise, who write in female-dominated book spaces like YA get laurels thrown at their feet, don't believe anything that tells you different. We will milk a YA book by a man forever if we can – Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is still selling like fucking hotcakes and we all love pushing it, despite the fact that Sherman Alexie had his own metoo moment. Men don't get cancelled here. The fact is they mostly don't want to write YA, and boys don't fucking read, and we can't bring ourselves to just not give a shit the way men do. Even if Albertalli and her ilk are fujos, I just don't fucking care, but we're not prepared to have a conversation about the fact that it doesn't fucking matter. They still write male characters with depth 99% of men literally never approach female characters with, ESPECIALLY lesbian characters.

No. 189460

kek that article is so blatant

Usually the complaint isn't about publishers having quotas but agents heavily favoring ownvoices-types books and telling straight white male authors they aren't wanted. I can see that happening, because everyone seems terrified of being known for working with only straight white males etc.

And yes, women cause this cancel culture themselves by not having a spine, which is why at this point I don't care honestly. Just once I'd like to see some female author or other public figure to tell the twitter crowd to go fuck themselves. It's honestly really depressing to realize how much most women fear any confrontation and conflict and how easy they are to emotionally blackmail into anything. Meanwhile like you said scrotes don't give a fuck and they keep winning.

No. 189520

File: 1647343959649.gif (615.85 KB, 220x124, sarah-dumont-wise-words.gif)

watched superstore last night with my friends and there's this episode where they go on strike and muh evil terfs hijack the strike to protest against men in bathrooms. two of the characters (jewish straight male main character and black disabled straight guy supporting character) are super offended by this and act like the hot woman that the guy in the wheelchair likes is part of the KKK or something for saying that transgender is bullshit. it feels super forced and i wonder if they had to do that bit because in the first episode of the show they make fun of the supervisor's name (glenn) and the guy in the wheelchair calls him transglennder.

as always, gender bullshit in an otherwise okay show completely ruins the immersion and characterization of these characters. irl these types of people wouldn't give a fuck and would know fully well that men need to be kept out of female only spaces.

No. 189521

I literally stopped watching the show after this, clicked off as soon as i saw this shit.

No. 189526

This episode killed the show for me too, and I stopped watching afterward. It's bad enough to shove trans shit in media anyway, but the fact they completely misrepresent a 'terf' argument against trans ideology by having the woman sexualise herself was just painful. For fuck sake, the last thing a terf would argue is that boobs make you a woman. Retards, the lot of them.

No. 189527

Media does the propaganda to keep industries like big pharma selling, just like they did with the makeup stuff in degrasi. Noo women, don't question things, just consoom and allow consoomer moids the reward of vulnerable women for consooming are unnecessary drugs and surgery. I fucking hate most media nowadays.

No. 189538

I stopped watching at this episode too. These woke shows never actually employ tranny actors because they KNOW they are all hideous, talentless and hystrionic, and therefore impossible to work with

No. 189548

can you guys recommend similarly funny shows? currently resting in bed so i need something mindless and funny. superstore made me laugh out loud in the first season but that TRA episode just gave it a bitter taste and glenn being a retard about plan B pills is also annoying. i tried giving the office a go, but it's so slow and boring.

No. 189557

I know now that I was right when I dropped superstore half way sometime ago because it was turning so repetitive, happy to have missed the terf episode. This terf stuff feels just like those super performative BLM episodes in American series that screenwriters all scrambled to add in 2020 because the injustice against black people was just keeping them up at night, for real, when they didn't give a shit about the decade-long issues with policing in USA before (exhibit A, Brooklyn 99, which was a series about policing in the first place) or white people in fandom who were the one banging their drum the most about how you can write and read the most degen things in fics without it having any influence on anything but also that having police AUs was literally murder and racism (even when written about characters in countries without USA policing problem kek)
Park&Recreations, centered on a strong but flawed main female character in the same vein that workplace comedies like The Office, but mainly written by a woman and with better pacing and character arcs.
Also Brooklyn 99, despite later stupid episodes, is at its core a comedy about eccentric characters more than policing, 1st half of first season was fighting to establish a tone and is more generic and shitty as a result

No. 189558

i love brooklyn 99! i'm definitely gonna check out parks and recreation. i thought the brooklyn 99 episode in which terry got stopped and had the police called on him while jogging (?) in a white neighborhood was good and fit into the show, since it also talked about other issues like holt having to deal with homophobia in the police force but then i read about how basically everyone was quitting the 99 because of BLM and how the show was problematic now… the final season isn't available on my country's netflix yet but from what i read it sounds pretty bad.

trying to think of other comedy shows i like…
-the nanny
-white gold
-derry girls
-2 broke girls (been ages since i watched that tho)
-bob's burgers

No. 189564

I wasn't definitely including agents in my original post. I really can't emphasize enough that this is like, idk, one women getting a high-profile job at a company and everyone being like WOW THE SJW CRAZIES ARE TAKING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is incredibly easy, still, to be the straightest whitest dude and get an agent/book deal/etc if they want one. Do not underestimate how much a scene can be 99% the same old shit, even when there's a new coat of "yay queer poc girls blah blah!!!!" paint. YA does not have many straight white men because they don't give a shit about writing YA and boys of that age don't read. When one of them does deign to write a YA book, we all lose our minds over it and give him a crown. Yeah, there are like – idk, maybe two or three agents who are especially loud on twitter who genuinely aren't interested in taking them on at all. But I promise you they aren't turning any rando dudes away, because they have basically 0 interest in this sector.

Ugh, I don't mean to jump down your throat on this anon – I'm really just dumping my feelings about a much wider issue here. But if you only knew how often the allegedly ultra-progressive white-dude-hating publishing industry tears itself to pieces over "why aren't boys reading :( it must be women's fault somehow." Even the YA twitter pileons….they suck, they take a real toll, they lead to shit like every Becky Albertalli having to be like "oh i'm bi too!!!" but at base, they really are just another thing women have to deal w/ in this industry, which people think is so totally beyond this shit because, idk, The Hate U Give became a movie and some agent said something sassy about a man once. It's not.

No. 189598

Based posts nonny. I'm more surprised to learn that men are crying about YA section not having enough male writers than the fact that there simply aren't any attempting to enter the field because, like you twice repeated, boys of this certain age don't read books. Who would they be writing for?

When I saw this gif and your post I first thought the supposed terf was being ironic and making fun of how troons think tits make a woman but apparently it's supposed to be serious. I'll never watch this goddamn show.

No. 189610

I have seen people talking about agents looking for books written by authors whose identity matches their characters or being pressured to include more ~gay rep~, so I was genuinely curious about how common it was hence my question. So it's only some agents and publishers are still just after what can make them the most buck? I never doubted that white men were not really excluded, just how much the ownvoices thing is a real industry standard or wishful thinking on twitter.

And while I agree that M/M romance written by women, YA or not, is harmless on the whole–ironically I think that the asian classifications of it in a separate category as BL or danmei or whatever actually make the most sense, through outside of that, those genres are generally a garbage fire with their rigid, outdated heterosexual dynamics–I'm sympathetic with the issue of authenticity and visibility for real LGBT authors because mathematically, what we call fujos will outnumber them and get better sales because being from the same demographic that their readership, they just can cater better to their wishes and fantasies, fantasies that have nothing with the real lives of gay men (or even women if the author is straight), for whom writing authentically about their lives can put them at a disadvantage. For the record I also feel the same about men writing yuri, though it doesn't seem to be a viable market in the West. And then there is also the question of prizes, mirroring how I feel about MTF being listed for woman's literature prize, ie they should GTFO.

Authenticity, though, is really at the heart of it, not because women writing M/M romance is in some way noxious but because presenting it as a realistic, representative depiction of reality, even a political act, is. I may be amplifying a minor tendency because I was a friendless autist who learnt about the world mainly through books, but there clearly exist FtM/Enbies who just know they are gay and men because they desire men in a gay way, which they know because they read yaois and generally confused women who think they are queer because they identify sooo much with gay romances written by women for women or people in my generation who were all about how dirty hetero love was and how the gays had true pure love, so that framing does seem to have an influence, however marginal, on the real world.
Besides it's extremely irritating when writers go on about how writing what turn them on is actually a selfless act of representation of oppressed LGBTs, just because that's grandstanding bullshit, to say nothing about writers and fans alike who think it's a get out of jail card from any kind of criticism against their themes. Also because them pretending they are all about representation detract from the real interesting conversations we could be having about what women written M/M romance tells about desires, fears and societal pressures in female sexuality because outside of anon boards, recognizing that those fanfic-influenced gay romances are mostly about female sexuality would get you crucified and cancelled.
So my issue is not with what they write but how they present it, and I don't think people like Albertalli are just a victim here. She wasn't even cancelled afaik or seem to have lost any commercial opportunities since her book got a series and a movie, but when faced with criticisms, which in the worldview she defends and stands for are totally justified, instead of rolling her eyes and pulling back from twitter, reanalyze her beliefs or even following though with them and stepping back to gave space to gay voices, she doubled down and hypocritically decided to make up a stupid lie to preserve her standing and her vision of herself. I understand that there are market pressures and you can't always argue back, but she just acted hypocritically.

And my second issue is not that people should stop writing whatever but represent authentically their amount of experience with their topic whatever it is, just in the same way that I would be pissed if I bought a hard science fiction book on the premise of the author being a rocket scientist when in truth, he was a gardener, not because we should stop gardeners from writing hard scifi books, but because they should be given different levels of trust and escapism vs learning something attitude, and double that when someone's identity is used as a marketing tactic by the publisher. (I posted the original screenshot precisely because the author also write lesbian stuff now and when I know that women writing M/M are doing it out of their ass, I have no such information about women writing lesbian fiction. The derailing in another tread that gave birth to this one was actually about the 100% straight Tamsyn Muir who was praised as a lesbian author when she isn't. I felt lied to learning that.)

The sad truth is I recognize that this line of thinking is reductive since the really talented authors, hetero or gay, can write convincing, deeply human characters no matter their sexuality, but the jobbing hacks have a limited imagination and need all the help from ~lived experience~ they can get.

My condolences though for what you're going through at work, I stopped participating in a semi-woke fandom because I couldn't take it anymore, I can't imagine having to put up with that on the clock.

No. 189611

Forgot to sage

No. 189613

No. 189617

Women are taught to bend over backwards for society and men. We need more women like Berns and how JKR doesn't give a fuck anymore. We need more women like that and they need to be the majority. Women need to stop giving about shit about men's feelings. It's how this tranny shit got so much traction.

No. 189625

NTA but I do absolutely agree that pretending like it's accurate representation of gay people is taking away from legitimately discussing how the needs and desires of a female are reflected in them writing M/M fiction, but it's come to that due to not the authors pretending to be gay to sell more books but the current political atmosphere of people taking themes at face value instead of recognizing nuance and subtext and demanding absolute authenticity with no room for filling in the blanks, so those are the rules they have to go by. I'd say that instead of them influencing real world, the creators were the ones being influenced by the real world to an extent it limited their creativity and forced them to assume a false identity in order to explore the ideas they found interesting. I.e. instead of a YA writer faking being a lesbian brainwashing a ton of young girls into trooning out with her gay novels it was them who pressured her into faking a sexuality.

However I disagree with the remark that the setting of two opposites attracting because them interacting can create interesting scenarios and they complete each other is "regressive heteronormative dynamics", especially when it's rarely as polarized as people assume it is. It has the same energy as saying that butch/femme couples are based on "heterosexual dynamics" which I highly resent.

No. 189628

I legit hate how ownvoices has permeated into the current zeitgeist with books. I can only speak for myself and the few other aspiring writers who I've seen say this, but it really feels like it limits creativity and reduces the author to just a label like "Black" "Latino" "Queer" "Disabled" etc. And not only that, there seems to be this expectation that they is all they should talk about. You're a black woman who likes scifi and want to write about a galaxy far far away? No. You need to write why grandma being sent to the back of the bus has transcended into your DNA and caused generational trauma and made you the woman you are today. You're a gay Indian and love Tolien-esque stories? Quit chasing waterfalls and write how it's like to be a cocksucking Dalit in the slums of Mumbai and live in America now.

I hate how this has become the expectation.

No. 189630

i feel this way too when i look at books. they're no longer marketed for what they are, but for what buzzwords they tick off. i don't care if something is a black jewish kweer trans disabled generational trauma story. i just want a compelling story to read and not something that forces me to analyze every aspect of my existence because it's so problematic that i don't have a disability and i'm not mentally ill enough to think i'm trans. not to mention that many good books are buried under labels of being (for example) so incredibly kweer, when the kweerness is only a minor fraction of what the story is actually about.

No. 189655

I do think people should write about whatever they want but as a lesbian when I know the author is also a lesbian I trust her more. It's really that simple for me.

No. 189660

can you link some of these fics please? i'm lucky in that i've never accidentally stumbled across troon fic (i have all that shit filtered out and have for years now)

No. 189797

nta but i had an intense royal trio (p5) phase a few months ago and back then this fic didn't have the troonery tagged so imagine my surprise when goro suddenly had a pussy. https://archiveofourown.org/works/24064201

No. 189812

It's always Goro. It never fucking fails.

No. 189957

100% agree. I can be frustrated with "ownvoices" marketing too, and yeah, a lot of it ends up being what this thread is about, but 1. I absolutely cannot forget what it felt like to read serious literature by women for the first time, in contrast to men, and 2. we're fools if we pretend the creator's background has nothing to do with anything. I don't think only x people can write x stories, but Christ, lesbian fiction is a great example – men fuck that up almost every time. The difference between Fingersmith and The Handmaiden is stark. The box-ticking is irritating, sure, but I can't pretend that I don't feel more comfortable taking a chance on certain books if I can tell at a glance that the author has skin in the game or not.

No. 190000

I think the real issue is the fact that most fujos aren't good writers, like the only actually well written m/m/ fiction written by a woman was song of Achilles and that's it, also this isn't twitter, stop saying "straight white man" like its an insult, If a book has a good premise and is well written, I'll read it

No. 190042

Stop being triggered by a literally accurate and relevant descriptor.

No. 190075

File: 1647533640875.jpg (Spoiler Image,429.46 KB, 2048x1425, FMeTMC4UUAEs5CN.jpg)

How could they do this to my boys and girl I fucking hate aidens so much
I was also checking out a "BL" fanart of Ainosuke and Tadashi from Sk8 (picrel) and then I notice one of them is drawn with a fucking vague pussy. I wish they would tag their troon shit or you know what? It would be better to just genderbend the character if they're into straight sex.

No. 190104

>the fact that most fujos aren't good writers
I'd argue it's self-labeled "queers" that are shitty writers. I have yet to see anything well-written by a genderqueer/NB/tif/ace person. I hate that LGBs are being judged because of the TQ+s lack of talent.

No. 190126

Fujos can be very good writers (I've personally come across well-written fanfictions and comics), the ftms and the themlets however are entirely different stories because they just HAVE to write about themselves or self insert into their characters. It has to be about representation, always. They can't write a story that doesn't revolve around their gender shit, or a story where at least it's only a small detail.

No. 190163

Forgive me for saying this, but I don't think any piece of fiction based on some fetish can ever be well written

No. 190164

…you're calling homosexuality a fetish? Fujos just like to write about men fucking/being in love, and sometimes they can integrate it into the story very well, that's all I'm saying.

No. 190165

I started watching the new iCarly show and was willing to give it a chance even though Jennette wasn't in it, but ended up turning it off as soon as Carly said "non-binary lawyer" lmao. That was just episode 1.

No. 190169

I'm not saying homosexuality is a fetish, Im saying creating an entire identity based on liking anything featuring two guys fucking is a fetish

No. 190170

Not everyone makes what they write or consume their entire identity because not everyone is autistic. BL is simply a genre created by women for other women, and writing a particular genre isn't a fetish. You're confusing fujos with pornsick fakeboys who do exactly the opposite.

No. 190171

Its that schizo fujo-hating anon again, just ignore them there's no need for another derail(ban evasion)

No. 190173

File: 1647550344820.png (16.99 KB, 434x255, shut up already.png)

jesus christ do you ever get tired of being a retard.

No. 190177

The Babysitters Club tv show with the tranny child got canned after two seasons, good fucking riddance

No. 190178

Christ how the fuck does every show have a tranny now? Back in the 00's when being gay was cool you didn't see them this much and even then they weren't giving other characters (and the viewer) lectures about how transphobic they are.

No. 190183

Good. I hope they were an unpopular character too

No. 190186

was that the show that had this scene with the troon kid needing a pink hospital gown or something??

No. 190194

Pharmaceutical/doctors companies can't make money off being gay. That's why.

No. 190195

Yes kek.

No. 190283

File: 1647593622267.jpg (Spoiler Image,452.66 KB, 1140x855, il_1140xN.1659029207_9ktw.jpg)


No. 190284

what too much porn does to a mfer, you constantly yaoi and cuntboy fan fiction days on eye, this is the end result

No. 190290

File: 1647596915645.jpg (233.47 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20220318-173442_Ins…)

Followed an artist because I really like the art style, trying hard to cope with the they/them pronounces on their bio and ended up disappointing myself with their hot oc being an nb, tits cuts and all. dick has yet to be shown but the other pic of her in her boxers tells a diff anatomically wrong story.

No. 190292

File: 1647597046909.jpg (189.13 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20220318-174422_Ins…)

dig deeper and found out she is paired up with a "cis" girl and they have a kid together, lol.

now, i learn my lesson to read captions and comments, which i never do. the artist was smart enough to not put a character sheet anywhere in her ig.

No. 190293

File: 1647597932375.png (530.87 KB, 640x384, A172BE22-523A-4624-BCA8-87DE28…)

This is one of the reasons I’ve lost interest in 2D fandoms. All fandoms are infected by the stupid themby “gay dudes” now, but for live action fandoms, I rarely run into surprise vag in my sex scenes.
I’m assuming (hoping) it’s because the he/theys feel more awkward trooning out actual people
>look, no TIF tit scars!

No. 190298

>because the he/theys feel more awkward trooning out actual people
I don't think so, I came across a fuckton of Death Stranding fics where the characters were trooned out and the game is as realistic as it gets and the characters look exactly like their actors.

No. 190299

No. 190312

i feel you. it's so upsetting to see a talented artist, especially one drawing for a somewhat obscure fandom, and then seeing them troon out the characters. like man what a waste.

No. 190317

it's bad that i have yet to let go, like i still fine the "male" oc hot. I just have to imagine all the troon shit is fake news, lol. It's really a waste, especially when there's a huge disparity on how tif and tim actually looks like irl, that no amount of surgery and photoshop could be on par with the drawing shown of them.

No. 190318

NTA but that's still fiction with 3D models that represent imaginary characters. Live action stuff is just different to that.

No. 190319

>troon the character
>troon themselves
And for whatever reason the character they obsess over is always the type that’s a massive POS

No. 190322

File: 1647610582284.png (17.61 KB, 540x477, tumblr_6db207647acb3d49bc48c57…)

I'm in the Parappa fandom and I've noticed that I have yet to read a 'surprise vagina' fic even if futashit exists when it comes to NSFW involving Lammy, and to be honest I have to wonder if the reason behind this is the community taboo on sexualizing the characters since it's pretty much he/they infested like every other fandom out there…

Fanart is a different story, though. Lots of drawings of my husbando with trans flags, aand I've seen at least one with the tit scars. Pic related.

No. 190325

This is my big issue with it. It always feels like crossing a line into self insertion that feels uncomfortable. Identifying with a character is different

No. 190326

gen z basically revive a lite version of otherkin which they "kin" characters in media because they find them relatable or other reasons but with more or less have self-awareness of reality this time.

although DID was trending in tiktok

No. 190331

i stopped consuming weeb shit and fanfic, and watch mostly 3d shows or read books and it's honestly so refreshing to not see tranny brainrot everywhere because fandoms and fanart doesn't exist on such a grand scale. yeah, there's often at least one TWAW scene but i can gloss over that usually because it only happens once and is very in your face-y to please the TRAs.

No. 190334

>although DID was trending in tiktok
A student psychiatrist at the place I work at sent out an article a month or so ago about how easily influenced kids are by tiktok trends, with the most recent one being self-diagnosing personality disorders

No. 190335

Based, at this point aside from my main media fandom I find reading books to be more enjoyable than consuming other types of media even if I still have a vested interest in vidya and anime, and even with that I've promised myself that the current fandom I'm in is the last I'll ever be in.

No. 190341

ayrt and yeah, i feel this way too. i still have some affection for some of the fandoms i was in, but i don't plan on watching anime or reading manga again anytime soon. i still like videogames, but a lot of the ones i usually like are weeb shit so it's difficult to find something that i enjoy. one thing i find sad is that i click very well with meeting well-adjusted weebs irl and i love the instant connection and familiarity that you have with them while talking about hq or whatever, but now i feel like a poser for recognizing their sneaky weeb merch when i haven't consumed any weeb content in months.

No. 190344

Yeah, that definitely must suck. I've been obsessing over a 2000s anime series recently, but I feel like I can't and shouldn't try to get into what remains of its community right now, and whenever I try to search for stuff involving newer anime its always more of a hatereading kind of thing than anything. No, when I search for stuff involving fandoms that aren't Parappa and that anime series it's 99% of the time a hatesearch.

And yeah, I can definitely feel you. I don't watch as much anime or read as much manga as I used to, but even then I stil kinda identify as a weeb sometimes.

No. 190345

>talented artist
>that art

No. 190368

What the fuck are T shots doing to these women's libidos

No. 190525

NTA, but can also people who feel hurt in their souls or something every time someone makes an offhand remark that having all your media consumption, and in this thread case, production, be all about a sexual orientation you're not even part of is rightfully called a fetish, no matter the writing quality or if it's written by women for women or not, stop derailing the thread about how they are the good fujos and not like those other wrong, bad fujos? Like if you feel worried about how you chose to spend your time, then take it up with yourself, not this thread, and if you think you're doing nothing wrong, then kudos, keep doing it, but god stop sperging about it.
The anon who was really hang up and disgusted by how gays had sex was bad, but this thread is about woke media, not BL lovers defense squad.

No. 190537

Also depending on your type of books, but the fandom for non-YA books (I don't read YA, so I don't have experience with those) have been very pleasant in my experience. You have maybe like 500 fics in all, but they are all quality stuff without sex weirdos, and fandom discussion is really about trying to understand the book more, and not stupid infighting and attempts to get one up between different ship fan/some character fans/SWJ shit/any other stupid topic that has nothing to do with the original story. And as there are not that much of a fandom to start with, it avoids spending too much of your time suckered into pointless and unenjoyable scrolling on Tumblr so you can spend more time on other good books. Win-win

No. 191118


The artist is cis, or at least not on T. I went to school with her she's just a pervert.

No. 191264

KEK what the hell, I totally forgot about that show

No. 191503

File: 1648006695808.jpg (50.11 KB, 640x615, original[1].jpg)

I just saw this episode on TV, because I'm an ESL, and holy fuck this is the first time I hear someone unironically saying "elle" in spanish TV, this timeline is cursed.

No. 191518

I have (unfortunately) met a few TIFs and they are very open about loving nothing more than to get fucked in their pussies by cocks.

No. 191774

I don’t know the context of this photo…I’m guessing he’s supposed to be a flasher but it looks like he going to breastfeed that little man/boy(?) thing.

No. 192691

File: 1648432031356.png (926.68 KB, 1080x675, Screenshot_20220327-183246.png)

Character bio from an upcoming Japanese otome game. Reading three different pronouns referring to a single person gave me a fucking migraine. Is Japanese media falling for this crap too or is the translator having a field day? Game is Inga Ouhou: Murderous Plaza

No. 192693

this gave me severe brain damage what the fuck

No. 192694

Oh, right. This one is pretty unfortunate. The (female) creator makes some god tier femporn, but apparently she's a they/them wokie. I don't know if she's in denial or just faking it, but whatever it is, she still makes straight porn aimed at women.

No. 192695

>Is Japanese media falling for this crap too
it has been like that for a while

No. 192698

this is such a huge cope. They will never look like that without becoming crazy first.

No. 192699

When Aidens put vaginas in their "male" drawings, they're just making shit heterosexual. Gay people can't exist anymore seems like.

No. 192700

Wow I'm happy I don't live in america. Your media is absolutely fucked with woke shit. I feel so sorry for you

No. 192702

Ah, I didn't realize this was a Japanese indie game. Unfortunate about the artist. I'll look up her work tho

I knew from shoujo manga and other otome games that they love gender bender themes and cross dressing stuff. Just didn't think it would sound like western brain rot

No. 192707

It is so fucking bad here

No. 192739

At least they're doing it to gay men for once, I've seen enough people trying to make "girl sick" and "boy pussy" a thing. It has to effect gay men for people to realize it's a problem.

No. 192762

I'm ESL and I improved a lot in English thanks to anime and video games, I can't imagine how confusing the whole pronoun ordeal is for newcomers.

No. 192792

Same for me, I was already fluent enough when the whole pronouns shit became trendy but if it happened earlier I would have had so much trouble reading some texts even with context. Honestly, I think the anglophones publicly shitting on people for not respecting nonsensical pronouns should be treated like racists, maybe it will calm them down a little.

No. 192794

one of the main concerns about women erasing speech ("people who bleed" "person with uterus" etc) is that many immigrant women are not taught the words referring to their sexual organs in the woke language, so they usually only know words like "woman" or "girl". yet the wokies don't care about that and insist that such women should just educate themselves. as if immigrant women from oppressive countries where female sexual organs are not talked about at all have the time and energy to learn woke language.

No. 192795

Due to how languages work, if these women actually tried to educate themselves, they'll be bombarded with inaccurate information, shitty propaganda, etc. And to even think about doing research on such a basic topic you'd have to suspect that there are people who refuse to define what women and girls are to begin with and normie women from all over the world don't even know that Americans are getting more and more obsessed with gender shit. Like, in many places if you ask the average locals what gender is they'll tell you about grammatical gender first.

No. 212697

File: 1654704667660.webm (11.11 MB, 1280x720, Meet Cute.webm)

No. 212704

File: 1654705900212.webm (16.06 MB, 1280x720, Hangout.webm)

No. 212725

That shit could genuinely turn me homophobic if I was straight kek. The cringe is too strong

No. 212738

I lasted precisely 9 seconds into the video before pausing it. I couldn't take it anymore when the emo looking dude opened his mouth. What is this, a cartoon or a web series?

No. 212741

>emo looking dude
That's a TIF, she's the fakeboi author's self insert

No. 212742

This screams fujo

No. 212743

kek really? I need to learn more about this, this has the potential to be really interesting to hate watch. Or hate read?

No. 212754

The fuck
I don't understand how it is possible: someone have technical skills to make something visually coherent, but have zero ZERO emotional intelligence and knowlege of how narrative works or how people work in general, honestly
What is this
Pacing, dialouge, characters, the whole structure - like I am watching a show for 5 yo, hell dora the explorer is less infantile
This is not even autistic, that is just dumb

No. 212757

same nonna, i feel like i'm losing my mind watching these clips. the escalation is so severe and nonsensical. is this what happens to people who read nothing but wattpad fics their entire lives? i can't remember the last time i've physically cringed this hard, it's unbearable.

No. 212759

>two TIF characters
>theyre the single ones that watch anime aimed at girls
like pottery

No. 212786

does anyone else think woke advertising (featuring interracial couples) is pandering? it just feels like a fantasy world is presented on tv, when reality couldn't be further from the truth + i say this as someone who grew up in an interracial family, in a very liberal community and none of my friends shared this experience.
and more times than not its a white man paired with x minority or a black man paired with a white woman. + if a black woman is featured she's ALWAYS light-skinned. i also never see any middle eastern/south asians in these commercials at all. and its not just a few ads, its every single ad.

No. 212788

File: 1654715502401.webm (18.02 MB, 1280x720, Ground Rules.webm)

Here's the last one. This was also posted to the ftm thread in snow along with information on the author for anyone interested.

No. 212801

Disgusting, no one talks like this. barely even human

No. 212803

Lol necro reply but the aiden who wrote the south park fanfic turned novel is an infamous tumblr user who got into ridiculous amounts of sjw drama, she was especially known as a bully in the sherlock fandom. her url was lalondes

No. 212812

File: 1654720550685.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, medieval_perspective.png)

that perspective is straight up medieval

lmao I just imagined a lolcow movie night where we all gather to hate watch it. I kinda want to do it now

No. 212813

File: 1654720673326.jpg (59.38 KB, 620x392, 44436-classic-media-acquires-t…)

This is like a tumblrfied My Life Me and moves the same way

No. 212818

This was cringe and all but >>212704 really went leaps and bounds ahead. I can't believe polyshit is this normalized now.

No. 212822

She couldn't have been bothered to make other characters to fill out some space or at least some background NPCs. It's just AI generated story prompts given only 4 different names to choose from.

No. 212827

>having multiple crushes is polyamory

No. 212830

Regular fujos write better fanfics than this shit. I can't believe it has a big fanbase. TIFs and enbies have been and will always be lousy writers.

No. 212864

Man I really like 2D/fictional boys, yaoi/bl and pastel colors but was thrown off after finding out that the goth is trans who I actually like the most. Same applies to Damien from Dream Daddy.

No. 212881

Yeah, I kinda feel uncomfortable because of the narrative that's being pushed. Just more normal situations, please?

(I say this as a dark-skinned black woman)

No. 212901

Lockers in college????

No. 212905

Did you not see >>212788?

No. 213568

File: 1655000408707.jpg (266.58 KB, 1680x1050, murray.jpg)

So I'm watching Welcome to Flatch and randomly, without warning, this Mickey Mouse sounding FtM doing a mobster impression with a magic marker looking mustache steps out and everybody just treats her like a normal dude. Gave me whiplash

No. 215422

File: 1655592336525.png (41.95 KB, 539x242, 0.png)

this stuff really is becoming more and more popular in japan too, huh.

No. 215571

Honestly, i expected this kind of non-sense from Japan years ago. They're insane

No. 215580

>autobiographical manga about a gender X
Anon where the fuck is this crap from. Please tell me is just some unhinged gendie sperging about some fanzine, please.

No. 215587

I noticed it too. In my honest opinion I think the black man/white woman shit is some racial fetish fuel. Don't scrotes often get paranoid and spergy about black men because they keep seeing them in porn? God they are fucking retarded.

No. 215657

Oh no, I like the goth one. I’m going to head cannon him as cis.

No. 215679

No. 215685

don't worry nonny, i'm pretty sure that cartoon was made by a straight woman so yes, they probably all have adorable cartoon dicks

No. 215692

well 2 of them were intended to be aidens..so probably sewn-on dicks kek

No. 219809

File: 1657164841547.jpg (87.87 KB, 1000x562, Granblue-Fantasy-Versus-Ladiva…)

Apparently this bara-ass guy from Granblue Fantasy Versus is officially a "transwoman". And after initially getting a knee-jerk reaction, the wokies accepted "her" as positive trans representation, kek. Or so I read on a Resetera thread I found.

No. 219813

I remember that fucker from the Christmas events! He's not a fucking tranny, the fuck is going on?

No. 219815

Ramrod-straight posture

No. 219816

No. 219819

I feel so embarrassed for the VAs, they’re probably trying to make it in the industry and thought this might be a cute fun gay-friendly project to do. Fucking christ

No. 219886

I used to think "unnecessarily gendered" things were cringe, turns out "unnecessarily gender-neutral/woke" things are even more cringe. In the future woke people want you won't say "mom and dad", you'll say "birther and sperm producer".

No. 220954

Although, it being fujoshit in general, does this shit count? Like listen to the fucking dub.

No. 220974

My god women can't have their fucking fanservice without some genderspecial twitterfag shoving nOnBiNaRy shit in there.

No. 220978

I'm not clicking on that shit, what does it says? Is it your typical case of American localizers making up shit because they spend 90% of their free time on twitter?

No. 220979

In the original Japanese dub, it's "To all you fools that love skateboarding.", but here, it's "Hey bitches and bros and nonbinary hoes."

Goddammit David Wald, you had one job.

No. 220983

File: 1657573586373.jpg (188.4 KB, 1280x743, 1650308718223.jpg)

Fucking why? This is even worse than 90s JRPG localizations by Americans.

No. 220984

That's so unnecessary, american dubs are seriously the most useless shit.

No. 220992

File: 1657576641043.png (674.13 KB, 656x897, JqnlnNrKXz.png)

No. 220994

So progressive!!!!

No. 220997

>biological male
>transgender woman
Aren't those two the same thing? Plus, "biological male" doesn't refer to gender identity bullshit, it describes biological sex. Although I guess the "proper" term now would be "AMAB".
But aside from that, obviously this localization comes off as conversion therapy.
I wonder why the translator thought it was necessary to add "trans girl representation" in a genre about gay romance.

No. 221007

Anon you need to tell me you're joking right now or I'm gonna kys myself to escape this horrible timeline.

I remember when even the ~enbies~ that I know were cringing hard at that line and treating it like an embarrassing joke. It's like some 4chan psyop testing how far they can go with this ridiculous shit until they get caught.

No. 221014

From what I saw this manga seems to be aimed at trap fetishists (males), the translator is probably a tranny trying to pander to other degenerate males. It's definitely not the usual BL manga, the love interest is literally a trap and looks 100% like a girl.

No. 221021

Don't try to make sense of it nona. Don't let the crazy crabs get in your skull

No. 221022

File: 1657594896927.png (47.43 KB, 736x386, FUyMmeAaMAEJA81.png)

>Anon you need to tell me you're joking right now or I'm gonna kys myself to escape this horrible timeline.
I'm actually not a GBF fan and there doesn't seem to be an official confirmation that the guy is a troon instead of an okama type character but the localization seems to be trying really hard to make it look like he's a transwoman whose gender identity is just never explicitly talked about (keeping it vague for the western audience).

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the author female (according to Baka-Updates at least) and the manga published in a shoujo magazine? The art style is very typical of shoujo too.
I agree that the guy looks exactly like a girl, though. Picrel is from an interview with the author. https://www.pixivision.net/en/a/6692
I'm still not sure if the author's a male or a woman but looking at her(?) pixiv gives me the impression that she's one of those female artists who draws mostly female characters.

No. 221033

I don't have screenshots because I'm on my phone but I looked it up and the translator is a tranny. A female translator defended his choice by saying he made a shit ton of research by asking completely unrelated American transbians their opinions on the manga. They're the same people who add outdated, unfunny memes, Trump quotes and remove "problematic" yet incredibly plot relevant lines in video games when they "localize" them.

No. 221034

I think the writer said "biological male" to refuse to say "cis man", and while all transwoman are bio male, not all bio males are trannies.

No. 221063

>BL and traps attract respectively women and men
>so we wanted to aim at both public with this manga!
>(the dude is already a trap)
>(troon him out)
By their logic transwomen are women so they are only targeting women now with BL and mtf troon shit.

No. 221072

File: 1657620763060.jpeg (875.54 KB, 1161x1986, 300FC495-3B6A-4981-82BE-CED1E3…)

This show is supposedly good but the marketing makes me doubt that.

No. 221086

Well no, fujoshi don't want to see troon shit either, so the "translator" ruined it for American trap fags and fujoshi at the same time by messing with the main character. This is actually very impressive.

No. 221087

Is it the same company that’s handling the translation?
Does anyone have other examples of horrible japanese to english translation that changes the context? It seems to be weirdly common

No. 221090

Yes it's very common, video game companies often base European translations on American localizations to cut costs. I remember making a short list of localization bs in Japanese video games in the new video game thread, but I bet I could complete that. I'll post more about it at home in a few hours. But for now, just keep this in mind: if you ever see these translators online whining because people complain that they're incompetent and they justify rewriting lines, scenes or even entire characters and stories by saying "literal translations are impossible", then they ARE incompetent because people don't ask for word by word translation (which they call literal translation because they're retards), people ask for the stories and characters to be portrayed in the target language the way they are in the orginial language.

No. 221102

I'm pretty sure they do it just to stir controversy, people complain about it and then those shitty translators gloat on Twitter how they are making the weeb chuds mad,loyalty to the original work be damned.

No. 221124

No they do it because they truly believe this is the correct way of doing this. Whenever they talk about translation theory, transposition or whatever they sound like they skipped almost all their Japanese classes in uni and paid the uni to give them their degree. You'd never see anything this retarded in technical translation because companies hire actually competent translators who take their jobs seriously instead of inserting shitty memes in technical or legal documents. I doubt novels get the same treatment as often as vidya and anime nearly as often too because publishing houses take that shit seriously. When localizers don't even know the true purpose of localization and can't make a good localization you know they're retarded.

I'm thinking about shit like FE Fates rewriting its main characters, especially Xander, to the point the story went from a normal, coherent family drama with fairy tale and Buddhist story (especially the spider string) elements taking place in countries inspired by several irl silk road countries to an incoherent family drama with no stakes, schizophrenic characters, outdated memes and as many references to Asia and Buddhism as possible removed. And what happened? Nintendo of Japan made sure the localizers got fired and replaced because of how bad it was. However, we still have crazy shit like Xenoblade 2's localization which is full of nonsense like the name changes (the humans have western names, the blades have japanese names in the original script), the stupid accents (meant to replace the fact that the original names were meant to easily distinguish humans and blades), the terrible dub (there's a japanese voice acting patch though) the Christianity references were removed or made ambiguous because the localizers thought it would offend American parents like in the 90s, etc. To stay on topic, the FE Fates localization removed a bunch of lines for the bisexual characters when you want to get their gay S supports, but tried very hard to make a straight character a kawaii uguu lesbian and it backfired hard because they couldn't change ALL her dialogs so instead of just being annoying with female characters she comes accross as a legit predator.

No. 221125

It's honestly funny cause the only ones they're fucking over is themselves. They just put a massive 'don't hire me' sign over their heads and weeb companies are always quick to cut costs it's why there's so many of them. Everytime one gets pushed out there's like 20 waiting in the wings to do the same exact bullshit.

No. 221174

>You'd never see anything this retarded in technical translation because companies hire actually competent translators who take their jobs seriously instead of inserting shitty memes in technical or legal documents.
That's because technical and legal texts are completely different from creative works and obviously must be as clear and literal as possible, using very specific language. Meanwhile creative works allow for some creative freedom as long as you convey the same thing in roughly the same way the original did. But obviously inserting zoomer memes in the script where no such thing existed in the original is retarded, as is rewriting entire characters to make the story more "progressive".
And this is more suitable for the localization/dub thread but I hate how weebs whine so much about English dubs (the voices and performances, not the translation), their shittiness is blown out of proportion. Another thing I notice a lot is that many weeb retards complain about English subs not having the exact same structure that the original Japanese sentences, or complaining that a translator chose to use an equivalent term or phrase in English instead of the exact Japanese word untranslated, maybe because they're so used to reading crap fan translations with unnatural sounding English and awkwardly phrased sentences; if they complain so much about such a basic translation principle, they should learn Japanese so they don't have to deal with it. Furthermore, if the target audience are more normie anime watchers who aren't as familiar with Japanese culture/humor/language, they're not going get every dumb Japanese joke or random Japanese cultural reference, meaning that the experience won't be the same as the original audience had, so in that case the translators have two options: either localize that and use an equivalent English dumb joke/reference that most of the target audience will get immediately, or leave it as it is and include a translator's note explaining the original line, which will most likely break immersion. This is a thing that happens all the time in professional translation because most people who read translations aren't that knowledgeable about the original target audience's culture (and aren't obligated to be, as they're just reading/watching for entertainment), but you don't see people complaining about it happening with any other language but Japanese (ok, maybe sometimes, but not nearly to the same extent). Even people who aren't the target audience for anime/manga translations because they know Japanese already complain about these basic things because to them, glorious nippon language is sacred and shouldn't be touched at all.
So it's not just SJW translators who are idiots for messing with the actual meaning of sentences, changing names for no reason and rewriting entire plots, it's also the weebs who keep getting into dumb internet fights with them and attacking them for literally anything (even correct localization practices).

No. 221253

This is exactly how I feel, I think the meme/woke translations are obviously awful but I find a lot of weebs have this idea that literally any localization is bad when all professional translations include a degree of localization. I'm not 100% fluent in Japanese or anything but I know enough to have done some fan translations, and I definitely noticed what you described with myself - my early translations sounded terrible and unnatural because I was worried that if I deviated too much from the original sentence then I would be doing it wrong and people would get mad. But as I got more experience and paid attention to how actual professional translators worked, my mindset shifted towards ensuring that I understood the underlying meaning of the sentence and then would allow myself more flexibility in finding an equivalent in English that retained the meaning but also sounded natural (which is something that should be really obvious but it was hard for me to put it into practice because of the weird mindset surrounding Japanese translation). So now those blanket 'localization bad' statements annoy me, especially because I tend to see it from people who wouldn't even be able to read the work in Japanese anyway and just want something to complain about.

No. 221523

What you said is reasonable but some games get really awful localizations. What you described fits games like Pokemon and Ace Attorney where the characters are the same no matter the language, where names are translated because they're puns, where the cultural references used for jokes are replaced with equivalents that make sense (a movie reference replaced by another movie reference for example). Games like Skies of Arcadia or Fire Emblem Fates don't fit that description though: there was an interview about the first one with the localizer saying he just noted the important story bits, rewrote everything in ways that made sense to him and only him, and he removed obvious implications about a male character being attracted to his male boss because it was "creepy" and nonsensical from HIS point of view. I'm still on mobile so I don't have screenshots. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is in-between because the name changes and English accents sort of make sense for English speakers, but make no sense whatsoevee for people who don't speak English. If I told my siblings to play it in English because that's the default language for the PAL version, they wouldn't even notice that the humans and blades have different accents to distinguish them (which the original names already did) because they don't know English enough to distinguish British accents, American accents, Welsh or Scottish accents, etc. You're right we should take this to the localization thread, this is getting slowly getting more and more off-topic.

No. 221555

>I hate how weebs whine so much about English dubs (the voices and performances, not the translation), their shittiness is blown out of proportion.
No it's not, American dubs have a very, very distinct performance style that everyone outside of the US absolutely hates. As an ESLfag I have not met a single other ESL person who actually prefers the American dub to the original Japanese unless it's a normie that gets triggered hearing a language they don't recognize, hell, even my native dubs sound better than the American ones due to the fact that the performance isn't usually based on over the top cartoonish enunciation and intonation more fitting overused American tropes than the original Japanese characters. But what really makes it worse is the D-list internet celebrities being picked to perform the voices instead of actual experienced voice actors like in the original Japanese version, and the e-celebs are the ones often shoehorning in their retarded wokeshit like this >>220954 because the entire scene is built on nepotism.

No. 221662

I'm ESL too and it pisses me off when an American voice actor sounds like a retard in some games and then in some American video games the same voice actor will actually sound and act like a real pro.

No. 223658

File: 1658422136104.jpeg (1.34 MB, 960x1158, 1658414078373.jpeg)

There's been mention of the woke washed casting of Monster High in multiple threads now but god I cannot get over this shit

No. 223661

how is this 'woke washed casting' though, aside from Frankie being voiced by an enby?

No. 223669

Lagoona is no longer Australian, for one, but is instead South American. Headmistress Bloodgood was never black either. And since there's a live action version too where they play their roles the casting becomes even more questionable.
Also, Frankie isn't just voiced by an enby. They made her character enby too as far as I know

No. 223678

>I never read straight ships fics where the female characters get turned into TIMs
Way too many of these in FFXIV fanfics at the moment. Usually what happens is a male character is turned into an FTM. Very rarely are female characters made FTM, it's always male characters being headcanonned as "akshually afab", and you don't find out until their vaginas start being described. Gross.

No. 223701

>still colorist tho
checks out

No. 223852

File: 1658487708038.jpg (650.62 KB, 899x1189, FYAm7FhXEAA_f4d.jpg)

Very specific problem but I hate the fuck out how transformer fans or robot fans in general even tend to draw half of the cast like women and write them like girls.

Finding a popular series or franchise that mainly consists of adult male characters that act like adult men and have some good chemistries is so damn rare and hard to find and these people have to turn it into pseudo-het shit or headcanon everybody they are into as trans for no fucking reason.

For fuck's sake, modern media is flooded with girly stuff, pick up one of these billion series to project. I don't get why anybody would even get into a series about dudes fighting a war and committing and suffering from war crimes and then think "now THIS is something I would enjoy- if everybody was trans, feminine and drinking coffee together and if there was no war and no men that act and look like men". I never understood the logic behind that approach or why these people are even there.
And yeah as the other anon has said, even if a character could be headcanoned as trans (as in, if there was actual canon content backing that) I absolutely do not want to read some gender exploration, I want to read about the characters I like fucking each other or at least going through an adventure together or just do some funny shit because I love the series and want to see more of it. I am not interested in whatever gender related insecurities the meds-addicted writer might have.

No. 223853

The power dynamics are way more interesting and I prefer characters to be equal albeit different. With het it's just the woman getting fucked and it's boring as shit.
Plus, the text will focus on her body and I do not care about female bodies, I want to see a manly guy moan and getting ravaged by another man instead.

No. 223871

Yes, yes to everything.
I had the feeling that this shit would happen, specially when the writers started wokefying the characters by turning Elita-1 into a tranny.
I mean, they're giant robots in a whole ass war that destroyed their civilization to the point in which there weren't many things or people to even talk about. And they somehow give a fuck about tranny shit? It's seriously retarded.
Hell, I didn't care when people started writing fanfics with them having magical ass vaginas, because they're aliens and whatever, but when they started spouting their backwards mentality I had to step back from the fandom because it was getting extremely retarded. The wokes, again, ruined a great story with lots of interesting ideas because they want to be oppressed.
All I wanted was to read about hot sexy giant transforming robots grappling with each other and grunting like in a Turkish oil wrestling fashion before they had copious amounts of techno sex that didn't require dicks and magical ass vaginas, is that too much to ask? I hate the retarded BDSM fanfics and fanart, I hate the retarded Mpreg shit, I hate the they/them pronouns and I absolutely hate how the comic writers decided to do whatever the fuck they wanted by adding tranny shit into the official comic.
I really hope that when this shit stops being fashionable that the idiot who said "let's turn Elita-1 into a tranny" hides under a rock and never comes out of it because of the extremely burdensome shame he/she/whatever will feel.

No. 223881

File: 1658499962339.png (277.65 KB, 644x474, 574cccd9cec0c34e431fe0ef4a44b4…)

I wholeheartedly agree with you, dude.

I've seen that type of shit happen in 2012. This shit is fucking gross for all I care.

No. 223984

File: 1658538691283.jpg (184.38 KB, 1920x1080, bloodhunt_custos.jpg)

This is one of the main questgivers in VTM Bloodhunt. I guess it's supposed to be a joke about how much of an asshole he is? I'm not into V5 so I haven't been keeping up. neonazi to trans pipeline strikes again

No. 223985

Who knew the fandom for a toy series for little boys would be retarded?

No. 224092

File: 1658599277805.jpg (339.86 KB, 720x321, 2jhckmo.jpg)

You could make an entire thread based on the super graceful writing that has been happening over the better part of a decade in marvel and dc.

No. 224093

File: 1658599323131.jpg (458.17 KB, 1987x1592, SmRBNAY.jpg)

No. 224094

File: 1658599344658.jpg (76.39 KB, 640x497, 5wKHJmp.jpg)

No. 224096

File: 1658599761793.jpg (141.36 KB, 843x1110, njcxrds.jpg)

No. 224097

This bat would sell like water in the desert.

No. 224098

File: 1658599996517.jpg (223.58 KB, 1024x896, Filipina-Ivory-Aquino-Joins-Ba…)

Is that the Batgirls tranny roommate? The reason why they started shilling this character more in the comics was because twitter TRAs were complaining about "lack of representation ". Picrelated is this trannys only drama and they did it only after twitterfags started whining. I hate what DC comics is doing to Barbara.

No. 224099

Kek whats happening here, what did superboy do for impulse of all the people to go like that

No. 224100

File: 1658600716595.jpg (566.54 KB, 1040x1600, YrVZmLN.jpg)

They're in a a false timeline where bad things are even worse. I don't think it really matters because the run by this writer just comes off like it's ripping off trendy social media politics. It was much worse in the past with some comics I remember some lines being 1:1 rip offs from tweets. Politics in comics isn't bad, wrong, or cringy you need to be a good writer.

No. 224102

File: 1658600930579.jpg (287.57 KB, 1200x653, NCXDx0u.jpg)

There's also Bia. It used to be that Marvel was the one pushing weirdly cringy political writing but now it's DC after they hired the same writers over at Marvel I think.

No. 224103

File: 1658601096161.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x945, VKLTqey.jpg)

No. 224107

File: 1658602387285.jpg (1.57 MB, 1252x789, L2VWbuV.jpg)

No. 224108

File: 1658602506920.jpg (337.52 KB, 1200x1822, ppTaXeO.jpg)

This is from 2015 I think, I remember the shitstorm it caused

No. 224109

File: 1658602538525.jpg (367.8 KB, 1200x1822, eG3n6i2.jpg)

No. 224111

I remember that one. I was in the x men fandom at the time and even all the fujos there thought it was badly written. Bobby isn't even some random side character, they could've done this better imo.

No. 224112

Ah yes, I completely forgot about the mpreg and forced in children OC that is getting more common with every day. Again I do not understand why anybody would want homo stuff only to turn it into borderline het. And the TF universe in particular has so fucking many characters and roles and potential, it's like a giant sandbox and the majority of fans ignore all of this to trans-ify the same five characters and write a dime novel with family twist of this.

Not just TF related, but I noticed that the fan content I love is almost always made by Chinese fans, Russians, Japanese and to some degree Koreans. There are of course exceptions, but it's very obvious that most of the bullshit head-canoning, OC forcing and feminizations come from western fans, whereas the rest gets inspired by the canon content and makes some epic drawings out of it. It's the same with manga and such. The cool art is always coming from Asia or Russia, the tumblr-forced shit is western. Makes me often wonder if western fans are even reading the manga/comics they are fan of.

No. 224115

This post might be a bit weird because I am complaining about woke shit while kinda sounding woke myself maybe, but I hate that thanks to woke media and the fear of being whatever-phobic people aren't writing any cool gay or autistic-coded villains anymore. It sucks ass.

Antagonists are almost always the better characters anyway and with mental issues or disorders like autism or schizoid personality disorders and the likes there is a reason for why it's rather the non-social antags or side characters and not any of the mains that have the respective traits and it's also the reason for why real people that have these issues always related to said antagonists and not the heroes.

If you are autistic or something you simply cannot be the beloved social guy woke series write you as. But modern media always writes them as the endearing nerdy guys that might have some quirks but are eventually loved and accepted by everybody and loving everybody. This isn't how it works irl and it cements the assumption that everybody that isn't social must be evil by choice, since mental issues are these funny fluffy things from woke media. Most people with this are alienated by the majority and hated or hate the behavior of others. It's why anti-social villains were always beloved by asocials and weirdos.

Now writers try their best to not even give us this and they don't notice how they are killing all individuality off by making everybody a woobified oddball. Writing a good gay or black or autistic villain isn't homophobia or racism or whatever, but turning every gay or black or autistic character into the same boring voice-of-reason stereotype is actually more suspicious and surely way more boring.

No. 224155

File: 1658619391099.jpeg (92.84 KB, 728x512, 154CE333-94A7-408A-B336-AABCD8…)

Agree, picrel is exhibit A.

No. 224178

File: 1658630988497.jpg (111.4 KB, 914x693, 1624374262851.jpg)

I forgot what this ngame is called but yeah this was similar to the BL trap manga situation above

No. 224179

File: 1658631085347.jpg (101.57 KB, 1225x457, 1624374348259.jpg)

No. 224209

File: 1658641225334.png (757.27 KB, 638x646, Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 10.3…)


A MtF and the picrew they posted

No. 224258

File: 1658652366190.jpeg (654.74 KB, 828x1078, 276F0A2E-A84F-427E-8B50-D02CC1…)

do not watch this. only 3% funny and gives gay people a bad name

No. 224266

It 13 sentinels aegis rim. I haven't played it yet, but according to people who played this game in Japanese before it got translated the two guys become a canon gay couple at some point. It's funny how American localizers don't give a shit and think they're doing something good when adding gender references in contexts where the characters are normal gay, lesbian or bi characters. I swear if The Rose of Versailles were a recent series and just got its first American localization now the American "translators" would try to insert their bullshit into it.

No. 224295

Another violent lunatic in Gotham City. You ain't special, hon.

No. 224310

>trans woman
>promotes physical violence
>has to slap the trans flag on anything they own to let people know they’re trans
Yep, that checks out

No. 224389

Is she MTF? I thought she was just a very masculine looking female enby

No. 224621

File: 1658813110586.png (120.39 KB, 782x494, Screenshot 1.png)

This is a great example of why wokeism is ultimately just based on repackaged regressive stereotypes, so there was this minor character in a fighting game called Tekken, they were originally presented as a masculine female but were localized as being male, however in the last 5 years or so, gender wokies have started hc them as being non-binary and now even the english localizers have started leaning into that

No. 224623

So she's originally a woman who doesn't like being seen as feminine?
That "X is X" kind of statement gives me a fucking headache every time I see it.

No. 224625

I bet it's the same misunderstanding as with Hanji in Attack on Titan, an androgynous looking woman seen as an enby by the Western audience, the person who created the character makes a statement that implies he basically doesn't give a shit so people will stop asking, and so Western takes it seriously.

No. 224632

Did they patched this shit?

No. 224637

This is the exact same shit with Testament from Guilty Gear, leave GNC people alone ffs.

No. 224641

File: 1658830470417.jpg (64.77 KB, 540x540, 12.jpg)

tbf with Testament its really hard to tell(he's literally draw a girl and call it a guy category) while Leo looks like this, Leo is supposed to be a girl but is intentionally androgynous.

No. 224648

So what, she's basically an equivalent of King from SNK? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

No. 224649

File: 1658840771597.jpg (164.25 KB, 400x565, 99765547_p34.jpg)

Very funny that out of all existing characters you chose to post him, because he is my favorite.

No. 224651

This is what I hate so much and honestly there should be more people hating on it. It sounds ironic as hell but woke shit is literally erasing gays, and well written gays in fiction (that aren't just forced in for validity points) are so rare that it pains me to hear about such shitty TLs that cancel the few we actually get out in order to force non-binary/trans/queer shit whatever they call this.

No. 224655

File: 1658841625072.png (225.73 KB, 640x360, rx8vrkpd6yu31.png)

This is petty but I've been playing The Outer Worlds and I'm irritated by this character who only ever shows interest in women also being asexual representation. It just feels of uwu ace transbian fanservice and it's so annoying. Of course the presumably lesbian character doesn't actually have sex with women, heavens no!

Extra annoying that they had to frame sexual incompatibility as meaning her partners don't "like her for who she is" because this culture is obsessed with coercing people into either sex they don't want or sexless relationships they're not happy in by way of guilt.

No. 224658

File: 1658841702332.jpg (66.27 KB, 680x659, skies of arcadia.jpg)

Yeah it's getting more and more prominent. Japanese games had their gay characters censored before because "it's not marketable, it's disgusting, it's creepy, it makes no sense that this male character would be this devoted to this other male character", now they're censored or changed because "they're not perfect cinnamon rolls and are too problematic (aka, they're well-written and three dimensional characters), they're too GNC so they must be the opposite gender". It's bullshit. Pic related, one of the localizers is talking about a gay character by saying "it's a little creepy". With western games, series, cartoons, etc. they're doing this directly in the script so the issue is different.

No. 224662

I swear this should be forbidden by law. It's literally not a translation so as a customer you pay them for a service they haven't done and you aren't even informed about this.
For fuck's sake. If I pay for a game or book I want to read this ACTUAL game/book, not some fantasy story the English localizer came up with. They should write their own books if they want that published.

No. 224663

Can you imagine though? If the wrote their own books they would be so hilariously bad, full of awful clichés, not stakes, brave and stunning tranny characters everywhere and an awful sense of humor that would make even MCU fans yawn. But yeah buying a game full price to get an inferior product is infuriating.

No. 224665

>Ah nice
Not nice at all? What kind of translators are these? Disgusting, they would really do a shitty half-assed translation job on purpose and rewrite the entire thing just because they thought a male character having gay feelings was "a little creepy". How did they not get fired?

No. 224666

Supposedly, that was the norm in the 90s but that's taking it way too far if they rewrote the game and renamed characters after themselves as a joke (I don't have the screenshot on me right now). They didn't even do it because gay characters aren't marketable for 90s American parents who buy games for their kids, they did it for fun.

No. 224776

yup. in spite of there being more "diversity" the characters wind up very same-y. this might be a bad writing problem, I don't know.

I was listening to rob mcelhenney (Mac on it's always sunny) talk about his show Mythic Quest and he was complaining that when they want to hire writers that are gay/black/whatever for the show (because it has a lot of minority characters) it's annoying that you can't ask them if they're [xyz minority] because it's literally illegal lol and that made it harder for him to get the authentic perspectives he wanted in the writing room. it was kind of a weird tangent he was on though, part of me started to think he was just collecting minorities like pokemon to so they would lend credibility to his show (mythic quest is sometimes funny & sometimes very cringe, it did not nail the woke/authentic balance in my opinion)

No. 224777

what do you think of asuperu kanojo? [ntayrt]

No. 226667

File: 1659570605832.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1988x3057, 3C9FE22A-643A-4F01-A116-3655B3…)

No. 226670

Seemed kinda good, but like all romances I stopped reading it after a bunch of chapters.

No. 226929

File: 1659618885304.png (606.18 KB, 853x493, 017EE1CE-3FFA-4F64-9C3E-021D62…)

No. 226933

>female representing
Uhh I thought the woke term was "female presenting"

No. 226935

I have never understood this, the comic industry in the west is dying despite the massive popularity of the MCU and superhero shows and yet they still push these horribly written wokoid comics that no one actually reads

No. 226937

Lol gringa

No. 226940

People nowadays only watch the movies or shit-quality TV shows (IMO the only good Marvel tv shows were Agent Carter and Daredevil, as for the DC I only liked half of the Gotham TV show), and for some reason the loudest 'fans' of the comics are woketards or just plain nostalgiafags that will consume any comics that is out. DC comics had problems with SJW people on social media, so they started doing nothing but pandering to them just to make sure they won't spam their twitter with rage over something stupid, and Marvel is trying to keep themselves relevant by throwing wokeism everywhere.

No. 226949

File: 1659624073767.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1084x1620, C17C11E0-6A03-4250-B421-8C02A6…)

Late but I had already watched this and for the most part it was incredibly boring and unfunny. I had never heard of Marsha Warfield though and found her hilarious. I kind of want to look up more with her bc she didn’t bring up any gender shit and had a good stage presence. Sorry if I should know more of who she is, I don’t watch a ton of standup so I didn’t know like half the cast.

No. 230453

File: 1660410704008.jpg (544.07 KB, 661x616, dqut582.jpg)


Well the comics aren't selling that well because the writers either antagonize the main buyers or just flat out do not write good stories. Also it's really hard to get into comics in the first place "oh where do I start?? There are 10 different Batman #1s???" so I don't blame anyone for not getting into it.

It's been very weird to see unfold over the past few years. I think the fans that are more likely to buy comics will just consoom anything even if they're going to through a fit about it over on /co/ and talk about #comicgate. I highly doubt the hyper woke fans DC and Marvel are trying to appeal to actually care that much about the comics, I honestly don't get the impression that they even read comics in the first place since everything they say is just tumblr's weird interpretation of the comics.

No. 230673

I want every single person who pushed this dogshit terminology to fall off a cliff.

No. 230987

I'm in a fandom that's strange: the game itself is very popular and actually the highest grossing game in that franchise, but the fandom for characters in it are relatively niche. I won't say what it is because of that fact, but some of you might be able to guess from the few clues alone.

Anyway, there's an androgynous character who, depending on the translation, is a they/them (in the original) or female (in other languages). The original design was intended to be left up to the viewer. You could argue that they're not the current QT+ "enby" but the classic androgynous trope. I don't mind this because that kind of androgyny isn't anything new and actually plays well against their foil who is a hyper macho dude who wouldn't look out of place in a gay bathhouse. He's actually popular with bara artists.

However, I find it weird that the series has one canon character that can cater to the troons/enbies (and isn't cringe because it's 0.0001% of their personality), but the fandom still insists on trying to trans every other character to the point of being almost invasive about it. No one can simply be a tomboy or a pretty boy. They all have to fit into the gender trender box to the fandom. I've seen where people will list out their headcanons of what kind of trans every character insistently is, and keep the androgynous character an enby. If you wrote the enby as male or female, you'd get met with as much hostility as you would when the scrotes flip out and insist the enby is female (which is honestly a fun troll tactic).

This is one of those things that wouldn't bother me if that part of the fandom were more watered down, but it dominates the little space we have. There's already a hostility towards heterosexual ships since they get auto-deemed as toxic for being het. Not that I can blame them; het in fiction has a horrible reputation, but it doesn't have to be that way in fandom and the series handles strong female characters very well. If anything, the men in the series usually exist to prop up the women's stories.

It's all so tiring.

No. 231054

Why don't you tell us the name of the game and the character so we can share your pain? I hate when farmers beat around the bush like that when they talk about random subjects.

No. 231300

Last time I posted it, some mod purged all of my shit and banned me. Dunno why, probably hit a nerve.
Anyway, you're right. I've been suffering in silence. It's Pokemon GO.

No. 231333

I think it's more likely you accidentally shared an IP with some spammer and everything posted under said IP got purged to quickly get rid of the spam.

No. 231347

That makes sense. It was in the transwashing thread, so it wasn't as if it were off-topic.

No. 233955

File: 1661562181774.jpeg (184.36 KB, 1242x1168, EFDAED1A-12E4-4606-98EB-2A1FFD…)

KEK at the people talking about the introductions with pronouns in the new monster high movie. I want someone, anyone, to tell me how the fuck do you make the pronouns shit look and sound normal.

No. 233963

this shit is instantly going to date any piece of media

No. 235362

File: 1662008417957.png (144.2 KB, 243x461, Screenshot 2022-08-31 215205.p…)

"Inclusive Beauty" nuff said

No. 235371

>tfw you touch grass but you still get disgusted by those freaks

No. 235372

File: 1662012625083.jpg (28.6 KB, 511x511, 296a9fd9907b0cf7c3939cd844ce5e…)

>why do they need to turn it woke?
Don't you see, idiot?
Nowadays woke retards, the lefty twitter horde, or whatever you want to call them are a much more profitable consumer audience than a bunch of neckbeards in their mom's basements. Not only they are a bigger audience, they are more fanatic and much less critic, basically the perfect consumers since they act like a cult that defends the product without payment.

No. 235373


No. 235374

I'm 99% sure this a shadman character.

No. 235380

File: 1662014857856.png (Spoiler Image,545.32 KB, 664x711, Gtno pokemon trainer goth bf _…)

I hate how every time someone makes that coment, I know exactly which character you are talking about. It's most likely a coincidence though, it's not a particulary complex design. It's a little funny how Shad's character is a crossdresser and the Webtoon one is a troon

No. 235547

yeah, a pun from Frankenstein('s monster aka basically the first zombie). what's your point?

No. 235551

Identical hair. Also a jock in the background.

No. 235929

I know this comment is hella old but I remember this episode. It was actually loosely based on a real life situation that happened with the Reimer brothers and their quack, pedo "doctor" John Money. John Money is the one who coined the concept of "gender identity". The whole trans crap? He was a very prominent role in it and in real life, instead of the brothers killing the doctor, they actually killed themselves because they were so mentally fucked from his "experiment".

No. 235946

Dude don't fall for the bullshit. Leo is a woman and will always be one. Do people not understand the difference between sex and "gender"? It's funny how these troons and "nbs" bitch about how we don't understand the difference between the two when it's clear that they are the tards who clearly don't. Men and women are not "gender" FFS, they are states of sex, it's literally in their definition.
In Leo's case, it doesn't matter if Harada changed her "gender" to "neutral", all that means is that she prefers to not look one way or the other even though she clearly prefers looking masculine since not even in her customization items do you ever see her wearing a dress or skirt.

No. 236096

I refuse to believe western genderspecials are too stupid to understand this nuance. I think this is pure erasure

No. 236163

American localizers are incompetent retards who like rewriting entire scenes and lines just because the originals are plot relevant but not SJW enough, more news at 11.

No. 236218

AYRT I was already aware of all this. My point was that nowadays you wouldn't see that kind of story being used in SVU. It's a very stark contrast.

No. 238326

File: 1662950561718.jpg (63 KB, 780x438, Gxe0gCQ.jpg)

can a black person give me their opinion on what they think of this kind of casting?
do these kinds of "diversity" casting choices genuinely make an important impact on sense of self etc.? or does it feel more like, surface level attempt to address actual problems facing the black community.

No. 238328

File: 1662951951494.jpg (100.22 KB, 900x506, FcQWDQOaAAEkDht.jpg)

I'm black and also love The Little Mermaid, and honestly I don't see what the big deal with this casting is. Ariel's race isn't at all important to her story considering she's not even human. Yeah some shows do the diversity thing for media buzz and controversy, but I think the problem with this particular movie is people seeing a black woman playing her and automatically assuming she had to be cast because she's black, rather than considering that maybe she got cast because she's a great singer and looks fish-like don't know how to say that without sounding insulting. I genuinely think she's pretty though. I actually saw some anons say they didn't even watch the trailer, so I don't think they even thought about that at all. Ariel being light/white in the original doesn't really matter because it's ok to change things when you're making a remake. The animated film is nothing like the original story. It's also not as if this is the first time a black woman has played a princess. I basically don't really believe this is diversity casting though.
>casting choices genuinely make an important impact on sense of self
I do think there are young black girls who would enjoy this movie and seeing Halle in this role.
>does it feel more like, surface level attempt to address actual problems facing the black community.
I don't feel like every movie with a black character needs to address problems in the black community. I actually think there should be less of that and more fun, lighthearted movies with black characters.

Also because I've seen the "why not just make a brand new movie with a black princess" thing around, it seems like Disney is already doing that. Picrel was from the same event they released the The Little Mermaid trailer at. If they will make the princess the same race as the voice actress then it seems like she will be black or a black latina. Anyway, sorry if this didn't really answer your question. I haven't really been posting about this and I just kind of put all my thoughts here.

No. 238334

Don't see the problem with it. Halle is pretty and one of the only pop girls today with a beautiful voice and some real talent, she's a nice fit for the role. It makes me sad to see how much backlash she's gotten over it. I agree with the anon above, it doesn't feel like a diversity casting choice. Better her than casting some idiot off tiktok simply because she's pretty and white.

No. 238360

I genuinely thing it’s so retarded how people are complaining about a characters race being “unrealistic” or whatever in a movie with talking sea creatures and half fish people, like seriously. She’s stunning and has a good voice and looks the part, who cares? There are some casting choices where it’s obvious it’s for woke points but this isn’t one of those

No. 238365

Am I the only one who thinks she looks kind of like Anya Taylor Joy

No. 238368

Not black or white or even American, my real issue is that people give a shit about Disney to begin with. Stop giving them your money! They shit out formulaic capeshit movies and blad live action musicals of their far superior animated movies because they care more about quantity than quality these days, they could get literally any actress for any role and I still won't watch anything from them.

No. 238394

They both have wide set eyes and alien-esque vibes, would be actually really cool to have them together in some movie

No. 238444

to me she's a spitting image of janet jackson, like it's uncanny

No. 238539

why the fuck do people watch this? insufferable

No. 238564

The sweaty pedo who made it is a grownup nepo baby

No. 238610

Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, they found it creepy because Galcian is 49 and Ramirez is 24? And Ramirez was found by Galcian when he was just 14 and was soon indoctrinated and groomed to be his lapdog. It's understandable they found it creepy and wanted to remove possible romance undertones to just change it into a fucked up father/son relationship.

No. 238622

>It's understandable they found it creepy
Sure, they obviously are allowed to form their own opinion on the story

>and wanted to remove possible romance undertones to just change it into a fucked up father/son relationship.

No, that shouldn't be their jobs. You're expecting too much from people who said in the same interviews that they changed NPC names to names of their own personal friends because "it's funny xD", and if I want to experience a story I'd rather see the original thing properly translated even if it's disturbing or uncomfortable than some random amerifat's fanfiction. Sometimes, changing something small and a little disturbing like that in a story can completely change the characters and the story as a whole. Localizer for FE Fates ruined a lot of the story just because they thought Xander obeying his father and killing people as part of his job as a result was problematic and not heroic enough. They made him so OOC that the entire story makes little sense if you don't play it in English. Just by removing and adding a few lines.

And when I keep seeing perfectly normal, vanilla gay relationships or even just implications being changed or removed with the exact same reasoning on a semi regular basis I don't give anyone the benefit of doubt. You also should keep in mind that many American localizers have no reading comprehension whatsoever despite "speaking" several languages so they sometimes think they should be allowed to change offensive dialogs that only offend them and nobody else. I saw one posting online about how she likes to removes lines in scene where young Japanese women joke baout not being able to get married anymore because of some comedic misunderstanding, despite girls all over the world joking exactly like this. She finds this sort of lines extremely sexist.

No. 238624

Gbf player here. His voice actor called him on the new year's stream "draph otoko" (draph male). He is a stereotypical okama character, but the gbf_en twitter account keeps pushing the tranny shit.

No. 238628

Wide set eyes are so fucking ugly, doesn't matter if you're black or white or male or female. I keep thinking of that sloth from Ice Age and many zoomers have that look too.

No. 238629

I saw a video where a magician girl tells him that she can give him a female body with her magic and he refused lol

No. 238630

True, that girl who's going to act as Ariel and the girl from that chess Netflix show look disabled because of it.

No. 238631

File: 1663064902560.jpg (365.07 KB, 400x600, 20220913_122936.jpg)

If that's Cagliostro (blond small loli girl) he's a literal AGP. Old scientist who gave himself a new body and plays up all sexist stereotypes how girls should be cute and dainty.

No. 238648

File: 1663070165985.png (405.63 KB, 561x660, china.png)

The chinese are working on making her white again by just applying their filters.


No. 238654

kek that might as well not be the same person at all.

No. 238655

They should have stuck to the source material/animation appearance anyways. Do you think they will make the merch dolls and stuffed toys black too?

No. 238656

Americans love to talk about how racist white people are, but they really do have nothing on the chinks.

No. 238657

> Ariel's race isn't at all important
Would it be important if the girl in your pic was white in a live action?

No. 238659

I always remember that Chinese tv ad for some kind of detergent or something, and a Chinese woman shoved a black man into a washing machine and when he came out he was an Asian man kek!!

No. 238661

File: 1663071950093.jpeg (156.57 KB, 700x1003, 7AAA2896-DE72-4E0D-922B-0BE6CF…)

No. 238662

At least prince Eric won't have to be edited kek

No. 238663

Tangentially related- I find it very funny how altright bros sperg that all anime characters are white because of the way they're colored and also how woke idiots close an eye on all "european" anime characters being blonde fuckdolls who talk like retards.

Like there is this seiyuu, Sumire Uesaka who MAJORED IN RUSSIAN, but when vocing Russian characters she is instructed to speak broken language like a toddler because it's "cute".

No. 238665

what did they expect with a movie called black panther tho kek like do they cover 90% of the actual scenes too?

No. 238669

Oh my god I wish I could see it lmfao

No. 238671

No. 238680

They also cut the interracial kiss out of Star Wars for the Chinese market. Every time there is anything gay/interracial etc in Disney movies it's put in in a way where they can easily remove it for the Chinese release version.

No. 238681

i disagree. ever since i was a child i thought it was so cute and catlike i wanted mine to be like that too and got mad that its not possible when i looked it up kek
i was so shocked when people were making fun of that anya taylor joy girl because i always thought it was the height of beauty

No. 238694

No. 238753

NTA but Ariel is a mermaid and mermaids are a fantasy race, of course it doesn't matter in that case; in the movie that anon posted it matters because it's set in a specific culture or the culture is based on a real-life one. Unless you adapted the story for a different culture.

NAYRT but afaik he doesn't want a female body only because he wants to respect the body he was given by his parents or whatever, but he still wishes he had been born as a woman.

No. 238757

The little mermaid is a danish fairytale. I guess the culture it comes from doesn't matter if it's white peoples culture?

There are more than enough stories from black culture that Disney could make movies about, they have even done a few. Blackwashing a story that already exists from a white culture is retarded and would never fly the other way around.

No. 238760

>The little mermaid is a danish fairytale
And Ariel is still a mermaid in it, you imbecile. Not a Danish person.

No. 238763

A danish mermaid, not an african one.

No. 238767

Ayrt, yes it would be important if her race is important to the story. The same way Thor being white is important because he's a Norwegian god (Well, iirc he is. I would assume they take elements of Norwegian culture for his character.) and Black Panther being black is important because the entire world of Wakanda is based off of Africa and African culture. Ariel is just a mermaid in the sea. I love that you only quoted half of what I said, as if I didn't explain that in the same sentence you green-texted.
Halle isn't even African.

No. 238769

Why would ethnicity for merpeople be any different than ethnicity for normal people?(race derailing)

No. 238771

You're literally just playing dumb at this point.

No. 238772

You mean Norse, nonny. But yes, you're right.
Because they're not real, retard. They're fish people, you can do whatever you want with their skin color and it wouldn't have any impact on the story. It's not like merpeople are descended from the ancestors of Danish people. If you don't understand something this simple you're either a genuine retard or a troll, so fuck off.

No. 239078

well to be honest as soon as she stops being a mermaid and is made into a human living in the castle of prince Eric, it kind of culturally matters again. Ariel and Ursula both turn into white women (and depending on the time period it would have been pretty much impossible for a white prince to marry a POC. I mean if I remember it correctly they even needed to point out in the kids movie that when they found Ariel that she is a noble, which makes it possible for her to stay in the castle and for her to go out on dates/marry a prince, so it seems to be based on the real world history). Also, turning her into a black character and having her do these Ariel scenes (where she is too "uncultured" to use a fork etc.) is not the best idea considering either racists or the woke will somehow make an argument out of it that she (a POC) is portraited in the movie like an animal, who needs to learn how to be "civilised". Idk, it just does not seem to be the best idea to do it. I actually don't get why they did not film the princess and the frog first because then you would have a POC being the main role. Or even filming the animated series with the latin (?) princess first (idk, I am not keeping up with Disney anymore) or make an orginal story. Ariel will probably not do that well in Asia and will turn barley any new people in because most people would have watched it anyway (rather it will turn some people off that she does not look like the animation. Like I remember the hate Shadowhunter got because Clary's hair was not a dark red and showed her "only" as a ginger kek. Most people are obsessed with something being portrait 100% like the original). Most people turn in for the story and how it compares to the movies (like look at how Mulan flopped, even in Asia because it was not good and most people rather want the live action movied to be very similar to the movie they watched as a child. It only worked well for them if the movie is close to the original in terms of story line and looks like the beauty and the beast or if the main person changes and through this the POV and whole story changes a lot like in Maleficent). I would have not watched the movie anyway because I am not going to watch the same movie with the story line twice just because it has real people in it and I honestly don't care that much for Disney. But I would have probably been up to watch an orginal myth (folklore) etc. from Africa because they rarely get teached about and it is not as overtold as Ariel is (btw, sorry but I think the tail looks really ugly in the trailer, I would have expected a better quality one)

No. 239113

It's woke washed because they removed all the white women from the show.

No. 239122

Why is it always the redheads though? It’s getting weird at this point.

No. 239123

Sometimes it's so hard to not sperg because of these people, it'd actually be (slightly) less retarded if they were advocating for danish/danish descendant actors, instead of plainly "she must be white because uh… yeah, just make her white, it's fine as long as she is white", they keep whining about the movie not being historically accurate as if the disney movie had ever been faithful to the source and I can't tell if genuinely dumb or malicious.

No. 239134

Yeah it's way too specific. I'm not directly concerned because I'm not black or white or a redhead, and Hollyweird doesn't know my ethnicity exists, but I find it super weird.

No. 239138

What other ginger character got ungingered?

No. 239139

I often roll my eyes when a compnay goes ham-fisted on advertising it's show/movie stars a "POC/woman/etc." as if that's the only selling point. But this…I just don't get that from The Little Mermaid.

I watched the trailer and it seems fine? She's pretty, what little singing we hear is good. I didn't see any other character so I looked up the IMDB and Eric is white. So is her dad, King Triton. But her mother is black so that makes sense. I don't know race relations in Denmark in the…1800s? But why is it as important in a kids movie about a mythical creature learning a moral that's universal (don't be too hasty to be a rebellious teen that you give up something really important along the way)? It's not a historically accurate piece set in a specific location and time in the "real world Denmark".

I'm wondering just how much of the demographic that claims to hate the casting overlaps with the film's actual demographic. What do normie moms and their kids think about it? That's what really matters imo.

No. 239141

I keep seing entire lists everywhere full of characters I know and don't know but on top of my head there's MJ in the latest Spider-Man movies, Starfire in some live action DC series or movie.

No. 239142

File: 1663167835189.jpg (112.81 KB, 605x960, 66285583_2449872928401120_5593…)

Ignore the stupid meme got it off google

No. 239143

Maybe it’s because redheads are the smallest “group” out there, so they have the smallest spending potential and these big companies think it would make them more money to “represent” the larger groups or something

No. 239145

And not like they are an oppressed group.

No. 239168

i actually really like zendaya as mj. The og mary jane was always so sexualised and while yeah she has "red" hair she wasnt actually a ginger. I mean in the first spiderman mary jane wasnt played by a natural red head and you could really tell kek.

No. 239187

Wouldn't it be epic if the black mermaid was set in a tropical ocean setting like off the ivory coast or something or idk, somewhere original and unique. Then you could have more of a black cast! But no, Disney is uninspired and lazy.

No. 239191

I can't say I truly care about the cast but the movie looks visually super listless, I've seen low resolution footage of the deep sea creatures where the light doesn't reach that were more vibrant.

No. 239192

Yeah the cast comment was just to show how it could be a win-win for diversity or whatnot. Really the pictures of her in the ocean looks more like she's sitting in a dank dungeon

No. 239204

I don't like Zendaya as anything in general, she's such a bad actress in Spider-Man it's insane that she somehow managed to get a role in these movies. Then again it's not like the scripts are amazing to begin with but she's not acting like an edgy teenage girl as MJ, she's acting as an actress who's trying hard to act like an edgy teenage girl.

No. 239206

why is it always the redheads

No. 239250

this is stupid because gingers are already insanely overrepresented in fiction. probably at least 20% of all main characters/love interests have red hair in any type of media (esp animation, comics and literature) despite being less than 1% of the world population

they're favored in casting too. there's been like 5 upcoming actresses in major franchises in recent years who have natural red hair. gingers are not being pushed out, they could racebend 90% of redhaired characters and they'd still be overrepresented

No. 239253

This. I don't care if a MC is black, it's not like this was a sequel to the cartoon or anything, my issue is that every movie coming from disney is either looking like shit or simply uninteresting. I don't get why anybody would watch live action adaptions of fantasy cartoons in the first place. It's not even the type of movies that work as live action IMO, unlike certain manga like Monster for example that might as well be live action from the start.

No. 239256

i mean there's 3 redhaired disney princesses. gingers really aren't struggling for representation here

No. 239258

i love how the current discussion about gingers fits the op pic… we have come full circle.

No. 239270

its not about disney princesses, there are at least 20 originally ginger characters that got turned into black in the remakes / live actions or even cartoon 4 kids remakes. why only gingers? not having an issue with the replacements because of the race, but why not equally replace characters with other hair colors too instead of only doing that to gingers? its just a weird Hollywood conspiracy at this point kek. waiting for poison ivy to be black too, now that the new barbara gordon is more likely to become one.

No. 239271

They are also an oppressed minority

No. 239280

Oppressed by the sun maybe

No. 239446

pretty much the entire world is racist by western standards, like everyone mocks other people's ethnicities and races all the time and its just expected, I'm from south asia and even we make fun of Arabs with big noses or the way africans look, as well as making fun of local ethnic groups, everyone is racist against everyone and that's just how it is, the idea you don't have to be racist is a western concept

No. 239473

wow can’t believe gingers are being literally genocided by hollywood casting agents

No. 239545

I just dislike how it's always American-centric based representation, this weird notion to turn groups of people into monoliths , no you aren't French, German, Russian, British you're white, no you aren't Japanese, Korean, Chinese you're Asian.

it just feels like this woke version of tokenization in films and tv, like changing a characters skintone matters more than anything about the actual character.

I wonder if there's a term for it, like how a lot of Whatever-Americans may have shared ethnicity but not nationality or culturally for other countries but still act as though they have a position of authority on the topic and then lose it when someone with a different ethnicity was raised in that culture.

Like black irish people or white african people being complained about by irish americans or african americans.

Like some sort of American cultural imperialism with everything shifted through an american lense and american sensibility and world views and cultural views.

I don't want to see a fantasy series inspired by a specific European country and it's own culture reduced to 'white people country make americans uncomfy add some black people but don't add hispanics, latinos, native americans or god forbid the countries own actual ethnicity ' yay diversity.

It's all so ultimately hollow, like okay we've used up this IP make it with a ethnic person for some goodboy points.

then it all just gets reduced to a dumbed down ' just say you hate x people ' 'the skintone doesnt matter' ' no one said x couldnt be y'

it's just so American white centric that they project their own worldview as being the true one and they are correcting not changing (but we won't make african based stories because our american audience won't actually watch it hehe).

At least I still have my K-dramas.

No. 239549

File: 1663259396844.png (153.37 KB, 610x732, Benjamin Franklin on who count…)

You have to realise that Americans, be they [current day] woke or ye olde settlers, are extremelly WASPy. The only true huwhites are the Anglos, period. The rest get lumped in them when they want someone else to share the blame, but by and large they don't see South Europe as huwhite. Therefore they pretend that any kind of mix fits there. You see it everywhere
>he's half mexican, he could pass as Italian or sami
or anything of that effect. They have no concept of the real world. There's just them, the true huwhites, and then there's a sea of brown so fuck it, who cares, grab a Thai or an Amerimutt to play a Persian or a Portugese, who gives a shit? Nothing changed. It's just that now they've so internalised the "white man's burden" that they literally cannot understand that they're acting in the same way. The same Anglos that looted the world (arguments could legitimately be made that they preserved pieces from certain countries while if they remained there they could've been destroyed) are still in power. They've just now changed their PR.

No. 239561

And here I thought Ben Franklin was based but he is truly cringe

No. 239623

No. 240401

Did everybody reeeeing about muh black princess muh danish legacy forget that a lot of the music in Disney's version had a lot of Caribbean influence?
>gingers are insanely overrepresent
This. I think the real reason that gingers get race swapped is because there is an unrealistic amount of them in franchises and companies that don't want to make original black characters take some of the spare ginger ones.

No. 240408

I complained about the exact same shit a week ago. It drives me mad and I hate how it's particularly the woke people that erase cultures and ethnicity to americanise everybody to categorize them into white, asian and black.

Plus points when it's people from super homogenous white american towns that never even heard a different language during their lifetime but pretend to be irish or ethiopian because 3% of their genes stem from there.
I am honestly offended when someone acts as if a Russian, an Italian, a Scott and a Bosnian person are all the same "race" and basically same country because these people wouldn't be able to tell them apart from each other anyway. At the same time though they will get mad if you consider some US states the same because they swear they all have vastly different cultures.

What makes it worse is that it totally ignores war related scars and racism among "white" cultures. I guess anti-Polish racism (which is quite common in my country) doesn't exist because we are basically all the same country, yeah.

No. 240412

well yeah wasn't that little singing crab meant to be jamaican or something

No. 240413

> You have to realise that Americans, be they [current day] woke or ye olde settlers, are extremelly WASPy.

Eh. That might of been true in the past but it’s certainly not true now.

No. 240415

I noticed that too. I think this is why woke movies feel so hollow. It's literally just a new skin for characters, they never come with any cultural attitudes or anything. It's just Americans but slightly darker.

No. 240416

Tbf, I run into a lot more black people than redheads on a daily basis.

No. 240417

I think the bigger issue with disney is them remaking classic movies instead of having new ideas…why are they so creatively bankrupt?

No. 240418

Because red hair is inherently rare. I live in a somewhat northern Euro country and I even see more Chinese (that are kind of rare, like one classmate or so would be Chinese) than red heads.

No. 240421

I think it's not just lack of creativity but the shitty marketing scheme modern companies have. All must be a brand, maximum success with minimum effort. They rather attract people that watched one successful movie with a sequel or remake of said movie instead of daring to make a new one that might fail or not.

In the end the stupid people are to blame that pay for everything as long as it's related to some shit they liked as a kid even if it's the exact same movie again and again or the 90ths sequel or crossover of some superhero stuff.

No. 240422

That’s where I was getting at. People can bitch about “redhead erasure” but honestly, there are way more black people than redheads in the world.

No. 240423

Yeah. Honestly the amount of red haired female main characters that are either tough and sexy or a wallflower with freckles always annoyed me. Get some new ideas. But I guess some guys had that fetish and forced it into every book or movie and others copied it. It's almost funny how rare black haired women were in movies compared to red haired ones when you think of the real life distribution of said colors. To a lesser degree you also have this with blonde, but at least there are way more blonde women than red heads, so it's not as exaggerated.

No. 240424

File: 1663631648364.jpg (295.02 KB, 1800x1200, 107106598-1660921585784-Untitl…)

will this cycle of cheap sequels, rehashes, reboots and prequels ever end?
I'm so tired of it. Pic rel is another perfect example of the madness, funnily also with its own "woke controversy" casting. lol

No. 240425

I genuinely think the whole racism over the new little mermaid is a psyop orchestrated by disney to get more publicity. Even if was no issue surrounding it, disney would prefer there is controversy on social media so that more people get interested in the movie. Same tactics politicians use to sway elections etc.

No. 240431

Nevermind he's based again

No. 240442

i wish it didn't come with the harassment of black female actors

No. 240868

I kind of agree because like idk what tame side of the internet I'm on but I've literally seen NO criticism at all of black mermaids anywhere. I've only seen a few woke people claim there is outrage over it, but where is this supposed outrage?

No. 240870

The real reason red heads were used so much in media is because Britain/America used to be really racist against the Irish who they stereotyped as red heads. Using red heads in the 1900s then became the "woke" of the time, it was like using a black character today in that it genuinely upset people because they were seen as "a bad different race than us" despite everyone being white kek. So there's this lingering effect of "special"/defiant/tough characters having red hair because as a result of all this we all grew up with this media.

No. 241117

File: 1663807183211.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.86 KB, 853x960, Trans-period.jpg)

I saw this shared on my feed. I know they are trying to make a statement and all but did they had to show it leaking.

No. 241121

>short hair ugly tattooed and scarred freaks
Omg gender!!!

No. 241124

>short hair ugly tattooed and scarred freaks
To be fair, that's how I describe most men I see.

No. 241214

Maybe I'm reading a little too much into it but I wonder why tattoos and piercings are so prevalent.

The majority of them are covered, maybe it's just a trend they are following or something else.

No. 241220

I saw someone say that tattoos are another form of self harm, maybe that’s why it’s a bit of a trend with gender specials?

No. 241242

Oh defenitely. Especially the ones that get a whole bunch of ugly, unflattering tattoos scattered over their whole body like stickers. They make their bodies permanently look like shit beyond recognition as to disconnect from it, as to say: "My soul has ascended from my transient meat prison". These people were almost always abused as children. That's why FTM trannies always get tatoos. Because they get it for the same reason they get their top surgery, hormones, etc…

No. 241259

FTMs tend to look really young and so piercings / tattoos are attempts to look like actual adults instead of 10 yr olds.

No. 241264

nonnas i seriously dont understand what compels a woman to mutilate their bodies like this.
i just do not get it and i don't think i ever will.

No. 241270

I love seeing well planned tattoos but god I hate the dozens of shop minimum stickerbook look. I think it's some kind of instant gratification combined with not caring for yourbody

No. 241970

File: 1664051826001.jpg (506.37 KB, 1920x1080, colin-scott-01.jpg)

I'm not only really ticked off by race or gender changes of a character, but like the race change that ACTUALLY ticks me off the most is Turok by Chuck Wendig who turned one of the only Native American heroes into a black dude.

No. 241973

Tradthots pls go

No. 241997

This is why racebending should always be looked with a critical eye. Yeah let "whitey" get erased, but that leads to the slippery slope of changing the race of other groups. And it's always inevitably changed into black too. So much for including indigenous groups in BIPOC

No. 242011

When you realize it's American-centric diversity it makes far more sense.

You'd swear all British shows forget about Indian and Asian demographics and only have Black representation with token other elsewhere.

No. 242019

My problem with racebending is that to me it's just changing the skin (literally) of an US character. It's like they want to be woke and diverse but just turn a typical american into another typical american but darker. I rarely see actual changes, like choosing a Bosnian or Persian as main character. No it's just another average US Joe I cannot relate to anyway.
Yeah that's probably it. It's weird as hell for someone that lives in a real multicultural place. Emphasis on cultural, it's not just the colors here people of all countries and cultures live here and talk in their mother's tongue outside. My generic subway drive to the office is more diverse than any tryhard US movie and unlike them it feels natural.

No. 242085

>You'd swear all British shows forget about Indian and Asian demographics and only have Black representation with token other elsewhere.
this, south asians are the largest ethnic minority in the UK followed by polish people, yet another then Bridgerton I have yet see a south asian as a main character in a mainstream series, I think I remember one study that stated that you are 4 times more likely to see a black main character in british film and tv over a South Asian one. 8 times if you include all the extras.

No. 242092

This is a retarded take. Reminds me of the way people try to deflect criticism of series like Game of Thrones. "It's a fantasy series with [insert fantasy creatures], so what does it matter if it's a faithful adaptation/was made with passion/is well-plotted/has consistent characterisation etc".

Saying that genre media isn't beholden to standards of quality is just an insult. Genre fiction isn't a lower-tier art form. We expect adaptations of genre fiction to be faithful.

I ask why the character's race was changed? If it doesn't matter, then why change it? Personally I think there is a mandate at Disney to eliminate as many white roles as possible, because white people are bad and we can't see too many of them at once.

I consider this racism, so I won't watch the film.

Another example: that recent Resident Evil adaptation on Netflix (cancelled, predictably). They turned Albert Wesker black. Can't see any reason to do this except for the creators hate white people, and of course they tried to cloak criticism as, "well it's a sci-fi zombie show, what does it matter?" Yeah, nah. Didn't work, won't work now.

No. 242095


Why do characters need to be race-swapped? If Ariel was white in the original story, why change it now? Seems to me this was done because of anti-white sentiment. Given the amount of negativity as a result of this, clearly the race of a character does matter, as does giving people faithful and respectful adaptations. No amount of 'oh, but who cares, it's just a mermaid' can remove the ugly root cause of the casting.

No. 242097

They're "overrepresented" because red hair is distinctive and usually good visual shorthand for connoting heroic/attractive. Lots and lots of European/Celtic myths have redhead heroes (probably why Ariel herself was a redhead).

On the other hand though, I suppose your perspective tracks with the anti-woke sentiment here. Gay + Trans people are also way overrepresented too relative to their population size. We should eliminate their roles in media and give them to straight people. I also think black people may be overrepresented in western media too - you know what to do.

No. 242099

> Sebastian has a Jamaican accent courtesy of an idea by Howard Ashman
> Therefore this story is now a Carribean one


No. 242102

Honestly this is disgusting to me. It reminds me of the recent business where at a Chilean public event to talk about their proposed new constitution, a transwoman pulled the Chilean flag out of their ass. Of course their political demands were not met. All you need to do to peak against trans dogma is see/hear what they do for yourself.

Fat, ugly, covered in tattoos and piercings, and bleeding right through their underwear. Is this supposed to make me sympathise? Jesus christ

No. 242110

Race swapping in films has been occurring for decades. The faux outrage is dumb. I really don't give a damn about a fish.

No. 242120

>Gay + Trans people are also way overrepresented too relative to their population size
nta but i agree on that one, especially trans. seems like every piece of western media that came out in the last 5 years or so just has to have a token tranny

No. 242121

If people care about "faithful adaptations" so much how come they didn't say a word when the animated version changed 90% of the things from the original story, especially the main message.

No. 242123

Because its a kid friendly movie, they arent gonna have her die of a broken heart or turn into bubbles.

Like why didnt the ugly sisters in Cinderella cut off their feet to fit the shoes to be more lore accurate

Or the hunchback lose and crawl away to die ontop of a grave.

Its raceswapped because its an weak cultural trend, its just blackspoltation but repackaged thats the sad truth.

It will age badly like all the direct to video disney films

No. 242125

Andersen Douwa Ningyo Home did just that despite giving the heroine a proto-Flounder and confirming it was meant to be a film for children lol

No. 242134

Because in that case the source was not important, it was not a childhood classic with international fame known by nearly every person on earth.
The issue is not even that they're not following the source, it's that they'r making unnecessary and unwanted changes to a movie whose whole selling point is nostalgia shit. I'm also not American so I don't give a fuck about your "black representation". If I'm watching an adaptation of a nostalgic film, I would want it to be like the original.

No. 242142

someone mentioned this in another thread, but the 2019 version of black charismas, first off it has nothing to do with the original Black Christmas, its like a 2016 tumblr fan-fiction, I've seen some dumb slasher films but this was not only idiotic but completely misguided and makes me want to tear my hair out, In this film we get a bunch of fraternity douche bags dressing up in Eyes Wide Shut masks to terrorize a bunch of college girls by using the supernatural power of the statue of a dead straight white man(I'm not making this up) in what I'm assuming was an attempt at making a woman empowerment slasher film, The writing was shoddy and the production was rushed. Kris(the mixed black girl) was by far one of the most unlikeable characters I’ve seen in film in a long time, which is especially bad because she wasn’t supposed to be. She came off as insensitive and seemed to view Riley as a prop she could use to make her point. The political/social justice tropes were intentionally in your face, obvious, and got annoying really fast, also if you want to have powerful woman in your film, make them powerful! Don’t spend 3/4 of the movie with your female characters being completely vulnerable and incapable of defending themselves, just to turn around and suddenly have a “girl boss” moment at the last second

side note what is it with with liberal white women writing black female characters as hyper woke super activists who are constantly ready to pick a fight with white straight white men, this is the third time I have seen this

No. 242178

Yeah this annoys me too. I cannot remember any movie with Polish MC either and they are even white.
My own country does actually represent the minority we have in our country, but sadly we don't make many good series and movies lol.

No. 242186

Disney is single-handedly erasing Danish culture.

No. 242194

People do complain about Disney-fication of adaptations. For example, Bambi is totally different to Bambi of the Forest (original book) and as I understand it many in the hunting community dislike how that one single movie altered public perception of deer hunting.

So as far as faithful adaptations go, yes, there are complaints when people take liberties, even in the name of making a film kid/family friendly/palatable to whatever audience.

No. 242195

You joke about it, but outside of USA, American attitudes are unfortunately infectious. Personally I'm leery of consuming American-made content at this point because I'm tired of the anti-white/pro-trans/whining messaging embedded in it. I actually watch a shitton of Indian-made films now

No. 243743

File: 1664567232153.png (322.74 KB, 805x770, e0044b8aee5e9cb2f0220c4401ee2b…)

what the fuck is this shit

No. 243754

It's called fanfiction.

No. 243755

Based. Hollywood's cape movies are just shounen manga to me but as live action that takes itself so painfully seriously it's making me cringe, I rather watch some over-the-top Indian action movie with all unhinged shit you can imagine because it's movies that are made by people who just want to have fun with and produce what they want to watch. They are often ridiculous but in a good way.

No. 243774

The first whispers of the long-term societal consequences of the existence of AO3.

No. 243781

Honestly, we should all stop whining and figure out how we too can capitalize on our cringe fanfics.

No. 243828

I refuse to believe this book has that many good reviews

No. 243831

In this very thread apparently. Sadly it's the only place I even hear about these things because I don't use Twitter.

No one claimed that? If mermaid culture wasn't explicitly meant to be European/Danish human culture why is it such a big problem to cast a black actress as one? Damn you racespergs are dense as shit.

No. 243835

> Troon in 1922

No. 243837

> Is just a straight women with short hair.
Only troons in the 20s were the hidden gays who didn’t even pretend to be the opposite sex for real, only to avoid homophobia.

No. 243839

Samefag, or the ambitious women who wanted to become a doctor and earn money.

No. 243841

Troons probably existed back then but most or all of them were the most mentally ill AGP moids of the era, or gay men coping with homophobia

No. 243964

>self-made BOYS
Once again, Aidens showing that they don't actually want to be men, but rather being "not a woman".

No. 243985

yeah degeneracy and misogyny have been a thing since the dawn of man

No. 243994

Wasn't there a US president who liked to crossdress?

No. 244027

nta but that's different from believing that you're actually the opposite sex

No. 244095

Men have been mentally ill perverts for all of human history, hence weirdos like emperor Elagabalus of Rome begging for a rot pocket. However, that's not entirely the same as the recent wave of gender woo in the last 10-15 years, which is very much the product of social contagion. Fetishes have always existed, but society can choose how it treats them. Lord Byron had a foot fetish; that doesn't mean foot fetishists should be a protected class.


J Edgar Hoover wasn't a president, dumbshit. Herbert Hoover was the president, J Edgar Hoover was director of the FBI.

No. 244133

File: 1664680527810.webm (7.06 MB, 540x960, 1663130311520.webm)

Scripted by monkeys with typewriters

No. 244136

God people are gonna think were so fucking retarded in like 30 years

No. 244150

is it really though? mentally ill men dressing up as women (their perceived idea of women) because they're perverts. there's no difference, one is just "accepted" now as valid.

No. 244151

who is the target audience for this shit? seriously.

No. 244166

That black girl is based, I wish I could have coworkers like that.

No. 244171

Ofc it's the white girls who get to "set her straight". White saviour complex much?

No. 244192

I think there is a difference, otherwise we are going to believe blackface makes someone black eventually.

One is basically just a costume the other is some sort of autistic delusion mixed with fetish cope.

Why is it that woman must always be welcoming and supportive even to the extent they become exploited, do we need to have a cis woman only view or is even that considered terf to acknowledge some issues affect only women.

No. 244197

actually I think it makes more sense than the "black Mammy woman stands up for the poow oppwessed twans wimmin against the evil huwyte cis Karen terves" trope that I've seen many times before. In real life upper middle class white American women are the most likely to cape for trannies.

No. 244207

Also has an air of that white guilt feeling a lot of white americans have, like apologizing for being white or living on stolen land statements but doing nothing to help the actual groups exploited.

Just like saying thoughts and prayers but a woke empty corporate version and pushing those views on europeans that share the same skintone so guilty of the same crimes by extension

No. 244222

What is this from? A how to tell off based terves in the work place instruction video?

No. 244254

I agree this is probably stupid but I can't watch it for long, why can't phonefags just shut up and film a thing instead of forcing me to listen to their voice or commentaries? Do people really talk and say shit like "jikes" when they are alone?

No. 244257

That blonde girl is such a bad actress in just 1 second of screentime, she sounded like a twitter bot. She crossed that line where it's so absurd it can't get worse than that, she could have said "oof and yikes, this problematic behavior is toxic and not pogger! do better!" it would have been equally ridiculous. No but seriously, the black terf is acting like a normal, educated adult and we're supposed to side with the girls who are talking shit behind her back and acting like she committed a murder in front of them, all while contributing to a toxic work environment which is way more discriminatory than saying that girls and women are the only humans who have periods. How privileged are the writers?

No. 244259

I never even understood the period problem because it's something you can get rid of if you really want. So if you don't care that much why caring so much about being seen as woman? Like it's not even personal episodes where someone casually observes a guy they thought to be a man having a period and telling everybody it was a woman, it's always just meta talk. People get riled up that others say that only women have periods. It's not even said to attack or make anybody feel bad.

No. 244296

people with wide set eyes kinda look like fish so them acting as mermaids checks out kek

No. 244816

File: 1664917167018.jpg (174.59 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BMDVlMTliZTAtMjliZC00NjA3LW…)

Does anyone else just hate these anglo period dramas that shoehorn in POC characters???? it's like, pure revisionism. things like Sandition and Bridgerton, or even this Anne Boleyn show. Why do they keep making them? and the media praises it as a diversity "win" for poc.
but it's like, is the west so creatively bankrupt they cannot make media for poc without injecting them into time periods and settings where they absolutely did not exist?
it's just disrespectful to history, leading to misrepresentation of these periods. most audiences will take these representations at face value and genuinely believe they are true. –same with the new Marilyn Monroe movie on Netflix, or The Crown. Even if these stories are completely fictional people WILL believe them to be actual history 1:1.

No. 244820

They are too cowardly to make shows about actual black people from history.

No. 244821

Bridgerton is an aesthetic mess just for the sake of aesthetic, people act like history experts but somehow they only see black actors and not costumes from a completely different periods or behaviors that would never occur in actual regency era. I can't take anyone who complains about this show seriously; and it's mostly moids that would never have any interest in a romance story anyway. Not saying you're a moid nonna but this is what I've noticed every time there's a discussion about it.

No. 244823

I wonder how many characters in mainstream media identify as TERFs or gender critical, is the black woman the first notable character to outwardly say it?

No. 244824

This shit is pointless. I'd rather watch a documentary or read a history textbook that's accurate about different countries, cultures and eras. Unless this shit is pure fiction, idk, this weird manga titled Innocent where Marie-Antoinette uses a smartphone at some point and one of the MCs has a modern punk haircut then it's trash by default. I'd say it's even insulting for the minorities "represented" as if they don't have their own stories to tell, and you know in these cases it's only Black people taking these roles. In another thread iirc a British anon said the biggest minority in the UK are Indians/Pakistanis yet they're way less present in the media. Here in France we had a movie called Intouchable that's based on a real story about a North African caretaker and a White disabled guy and how they befriended each other and guess who took the role of the caretaker in that movie? Omar Sy. Because being Black is more marketable than being North African here, thanks for the erasure I suppose…

No. 244825

File: 1664918228479.jpeg (830.98 KB, 1175x1763, images (48).jpeg)

I can't fucking stand any history-based media which starts bullshiting about the history just to appeal to tumblr woke crowd. I remember I watched some hbo (?) Tv show about spanish Princess and it felt like watching a "marketed feminism" fiction where everything was a complete bs. The Catherine is even worse. Shitty budget to a point they hide half of the background in the dark, and you can see that they dont give a shit about historical references from episode one. I was so angry at this show i barely watched 2 episodes of it.

No. 244829

NTA, but did you watch Ekaterina?

No. 244856

It's one thing to have colourblind casting for fictional characters but why the fuck would you racebend an actual historical person that really existed? fucking clown shit
(i blame lin manuel miranda)

No. 244888

that woman is incredibly based and sounded more normal than the other women. like for real who the hell talks like this at work?
>unfortunately some women believe that trans and non-binary people should be excluded from things they consider to be only for women
though I watched some of this girl's videos on tiktok and in the second part the GC woman fucks up and starts to lecture the TRA on how fake corporate tranny pandering is, which, honestly, no gender critical person who's aware of how dangerous it is to express your views on gender in a pro-tranny environment is, would do such a thing out of a sense of self-preservation.
>oh no… yikes, this girl…
that's exactly how most people react when there's gender bullshit forced onto us on TV. We all roll our eyes at this shit.

No. 244899

i agree. tbh i don’t care about silly shows like bridgerton doing colour blind casting or being ~historically inaccurate~. but i do agree for shows that are supposed to be serious biopics, it seems so hollow to cast people of colour where they didn’t exist in real life, instead of making movies about real historical events about people of colour

No. 245327

File: 1665098917566.jpg (83.83 KB, 936x587, Untitled.jpg)

can't have a cute little toy without it coming with pronouns

No. 245375

No, you are the dense one. Read that comment again and what it is responding to. Original comment said, "everyone upset about the race-bending doesn't get that it has Carribean music in it!" To which the response is - well so what? The character of Ariel as presented in the animated movie was white. The music doesn't change this.

Why is Ariel black in this adaptation? No one can give a straight answer to the question. Just admit it, they changed her race because you're not allowed to have an all-white cast anymore because white people = bad.

If this was an original movie with a new character, I wouldn't care. There was a black mermaid in the TV show. Make a movie about her, why not? I'm not bothered by black people, only anti-white sentiment which is what I believe is at root of this casting choice.

No. 245376

Maybe you've convinced me, but at the same time I would bet money that your sentiment does not extend to stuff like Gods of Egypt, which got reamed from all corners for having white actors. But was clearly a fantasy/sci-fi setting with no relation to the actual country, to the point that the world is shown as being a flat disc.

If Bridgerton, an anachronistic hodge-podge of European culture/costumes/motifs, can have a multi-ethnic cast, then productions like Gods of Egypt should also be okay since that is also about aesthetics rather than serious mythological depiction.

No. 245377

pointless shit like this always makes gendies flock to it like nobodies business though so maybe they're smart for pulling this shit. trannies are mega consoomers, think about what they did with the IKEA shark lmfao

No. 245378

>only anti-white sentiment which is what I believe is at root of this casting choice.
lol stop, the rich old white execs funding movies are not anti white. The only agenda they have is getting as much money and attention as possible. They just want to tap into the woke audience, much of whom is white, who they expect to vocally praise it as diversity and representation.

No. 245379

You've just proved my point, lady. The people made the casting choice because they knew it would appeal to self-hating whites. Time to call a spade a spade.

No. 245393


>you're not allowed to have an all-white cast anymore because white people = bad.
We all know that they're casting black actors because it's what's hip and trendy with young people these days, and also to seem woke and progressive to have a favorable public image, and not just because the actress is a good singer. They're marketing their products to a woke audience, there's no "anti-white" agenda behind it, just a "pro-profits" one. But your endless (literally - it's been more than three weeks) sperging about this and the specific wording you use (such as "you're not allowed to have an all-white cast anymore!") makes you sound less like you're just pointing that out, and more like you're a racist autist seething because seeing non-white people in the media you consume makes you genuinely upset. Shut the fuck up already you retard. It's the usual thing they do, but for some fucking reason you decided to fixate on this specific casting choice that isn't even that objectionable - as opposed to, say, a historical figure that existed in real life, like >>244816, in this case it's just a mermaid, whose culture and species is obviously not the same as that of the humans featured in the story, meaning mermaids don't necessarily have to be "white" like humans are, nor are they "Danish" like humans, so being hers a fantasy species grants artistic license regarding the skin color of this character. Yes, we all hate it when Disney live action remakes change designs for no justifiable reason, but a fucking mermaid changed from pale to dark-skinned isn't the end of the world. In fact, that's probably why they decided to cast a black actress as Ariel and not as some human princess that was white originally.

No. 245399

lol imagine the reeeeeeeing if the Brandy Cinderella movie came out in the 2020s jfc what made everyone on all sides so extremist nowadays?

No. 245413

How much maga caps do you own?

No. 245415

No. 245421

What changes about the Disney story if the mermaid has brown skin? Answer fast

No. 245423

nta but wouldn't people shit talk Disney if they make a brown or black actress act like a dumbass in front of the white prince for not knowing how to act and being basically a stupid savage? Like when she brushes her hair with a fork and everyone treats her like a retard? Anyway I don't really care, Disney needs to fuck off for trying to establish a monopoly.

No. 245433

The Brandy Cinderella is based off a broadway musical. Musicals are different, it's normal for actors of all races to play roles because of the nature of rotating casts. I like that movie, btw.

As you yourself say, the trend is Black people = hip and cool, white people = bad and unprofitable. I consider this trend disheartening and racist. Sorry you are mad I've participated over the past few weeks. Maybe you should stop engaging with my posts if you don't want me to respond?

None, I'm not from USA and I don't like Trump.



I don't mind the plot. Just the reasons behind the recasting. It's the same as with the Ghost in the Shell adaptation. The plot was competent but the casting was controversial.

No. 245434

>No one can give a straight answer to the question
Since the trailer came out weeks ago multiple people have explained why she got casted, actually.

No. 245439

I know it's to pander or whatever, but this doesn't even make sense because it's not human
The dialogue from everyone is so painfully unrealistic. I don't think it's even the actor's fault, it's the script.

No. 245448

Aren't you contradicting yourself? If the trend is that white people are bad and unprofitable, why did they cast a white woman as Motoko in the Ghost In The Shell adaption? Why do most Hollywood movies have white leads and primarily white casts?
Most Japanese people living in Japan also didn't rage about the GITS casting, by the way

No. 245455

started listening to this audio drama called "how i died" about a pathologist who can talk to ghosts, and S2 starts with some dead tranny victim that comes back as a ghost like "my pronouns are they/them, Shakespeare used they/them in his writing too!!!" and who talks with the worst faggot voice… of course the tif is also married to some former high school jock and they're totes gay men. way to ruin an otherwise nice podcast with this bullshit.

No. 245457

I wish people would feel so passionately about more important matters

No. 245464

No, no contradiction. Because for Ghost in the Shell, the executive thinking was that casting a Japanese lead would be unprofitable. A white lead was considered to be more appealing. This sentiment = racism. Today, we see the same sentiment playing out but with different groups.

This could apply to any forum on the internet. The matter of triviality is subjective. People take interest in different things.

No. 245474

I hope Disney goes insane and decides to reshoot everything with a white actress that can't sing.

No. 245476

Then why would they not use a black actress instead for Motoko instead? Why are most famous/popular Hollywood actresses and actors white?

No. 245485

No. 245488

oh, boo hoo

No. 245498

fuck off /pol/scrote

No. 245562

I don’t buy that Halle Bailey was cast because ‘the director loved her singing’, because her singing fucking sucks. She doesn’t make any effort to connect with Ariel as a character and is just singing the song as herself, and as such her performance is very bland and forgettable as a result. If we didn’t already have the perfect (english) voice for Ariel she could maybe get away with it, but as it stands she is a pale imitation of the original.
One saving grace of this movie however, is the chance to listen to the new foreign dubbed versions. Hopefully the dubbing actresses give a better performance than Halle does.

No. 245595

File: 1665198455849.jpg (137.39 KB, 620x463, 239875987334.jpg)

I have to see this shit in game descriptions now, too?

No. 245598

>because her singing fucking sucks
Feel how you want about the casting, but it's weird to convince yourself that someone is actually bad because you don't like the role they're playing. She's a good singer.

No. 245628

This is so bitter and delusional kek

No. 245629

Wow I had no idea they remade Black Christmas (again). Did they just read the word "black" in the title, see the word Sorority in the IMDB description, and run with it?

No. 245645

Yeah, what the hell, her voice is great. I agree with the other nonna that she sings just like herself and doesn't put any kind of acting into it, but neither did Beyonce as Nala or Emma Watson as Belle while singing either, so I put all the blame on the directors and corporate bullshitters who apparently don't seem to give them room to act either. There's much more life and character to the original voices.

No. 245646

>She doesn’t make any effort to connect with Ariel as a character
Who cares, Ariel is a shitty character in the first place, I really don't get why you get so pressed over a boring Disney movie.

No. 245693

File: 1665234326341.jpg (87.62 KB, 500x750, 2qX8QKHCaFWnCcIhb3VgZeX9HPz.jp…)

>If we didn’t already have the perfect (english) voice for Ariel
Yes, Disney should just have cast a 60yo woman for their millionaire budget cash grab, I'm not being spiteful, imagine how awesome it'd be, imagine all the delicious moid seething, even greater than the one caused by a black woman.

No. 245704

Severe mento illness nonna, both from them and usually inherited from their caretakers. Hyper normalized misogyny in the household, parents that hated the shit out of their daughters and would actively make their lives miserable while pampering and spoiling their brothers in their faces to make them spiteful, sometimes CSA too.

No. 245728

The most interesting part of all the racebending wankery is how it reveals people's subconscious racist biases in people on all sides, but even more hilariously hypocritically on the so-called "diversity" advocates'. Just look at all the so-called "inclusive" cases of racebending and you'll see patterns that say a lot about how these mostly white "anti-racists" actually see non-white people. An absolutely egregious case is the Vampire Diaries TV show, where the character Bonnie Bennett was abysmally written compared to her books counterpart, her characterization was diminished, the narrative gave her way more struggles and way less sympathy, she was reduced from a powerful developed character to a mere plot device sidekick. Oh, but she's black now! Yay diversity!
On the other hand let's not forget those people who were against making Ariel black but said they didn't mind if Ursula, who really was inspired by a literal real life white person who was actually a drag queen, was made black instead of Ariel. Hm.

No. 245835

I noticed that about that Lightyear movie. Kek

No. 248594

File: 1666168158664.png (885.57 KB, 1920x918, unknown-129.png)

I hear apex legend added a tranny character lmao ofc he gotta say how hard transitioning is for him in the short

No. 248600

They gotta do it so blatanly in everyone's face because when theres a trans character written like a normal person that doesn't yell in everyone's face they're a tranny, the community that is getting pandered to never notices

No. 248610

Tempted to draw him as a detrans mtftm even though i have never played apex before

No. 248615

I'd unironically love an old lady mermaid, let old women feel cute too

They always add mtfs and then have them explain to a real woman in a heart-to-heart how hard being trans is. Then later they have a scene where the mtf "out-womans" the real woman in some way, like he wears a girly dress and the real woman is in tomboy clothes, or he gives her a tampon bc she forgot to bring it, or he does something domestic like cleaning or cooking better than her etc

No. 248649

I'm not black but I'm happy they made Ariel black. I don't care if it's pandering or what their aim was but I figure it's good for little black girls to see more main female characters looking like them. I do think that's representation that matters because then eventually they'll have to stop pulling the race card.

Don't care for any tranny shit in media tho I can't believe how much they're forcing it.

No. 248864

I can agree with you nonna. At the end of the day I don't care at all since I'm not in the demographic and don't care about disney movies. But I do think the most important people's opinions are the kids (and parents) who watch the movie. It's for them, not adults on Twitter.

No. 248889

This is why actors who can sing are usually prioritized over singers who can act.

No. 248891

africa is a huge continent and disney could easily find a fairytale to make a live action of and that would be actually helpful for diversity. instead they took an european story with mermaids who are part of european mythology with a character who for years was a white, blue eyed redhead. disney knew exactly changing her appearance (and especially racebending) will spark discussion and bring them more media attention without spending money. they don't care about diversity but the revenue.

No. 248896

We know

No. 248920

It's because corporations are so obsessed with profits they're afraid of actually trying anything new because what if it doesn't generate gigantic profits from the start. Milking popular existent IPs is a supposedly way safer choice in this aspect, even though the regular public is visibly getting more and more tired of the same things that have been popular for years recycled over and over again, and there's also of course the copyright renewal aspect, no way Disney could ever allow to lose its grip over anything it owns and will own in the future.

No. 248933

NTA, but GoTS was made in 2017, prior to BLM being a huge thing. Also, on the subject of most popular actors/actresses in the world, looking on recent lists shows me Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress, and I think Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor.

No. 248937

I hope they do a live-action Sleeping Beauty starring that fuckface Dylan Mulvaney or whoever he is (the tranny who does his Day 1 of Girlhood shtick on TikTok). They will peak the whole world. Maybe there is someone at Disney who is deliberately making shit and baiting content to spark these convos.

No. 249084

I wish people who think that "whitewashing" is bad but "blackwashing" is good would just be honest. Like, just say it. The whole "she's half fish lmaooo who cares" thing is embarrassing because everybody knows damn well that if a Chinese or African tale was made into a movie in this day and age, casting a European lead actress just because the character isn't a regular human (how surprising in old tales!!) wouldn't fly and it would indeed be quite stupid.

Good idea. The great peakening. Dylan is already on it with his recent appearance on Ulta's podcast!

No. 249228

I completely agree, feels really hypocritical. But at least it starts a conversation and maybe people will come around.

No. 249302

Tbh I don't even give a fuck about races but please just stick to the SOURCE MATERIAL. It's there for a reason, you're basing yourself on it, and it's what the audience likes. So you should follow the goddamn source.
Japanese adaptations of anything get absolutely slandered if they make big changes and don't follow the source, because you're essentially spitting in the fans' faces and thinking that your own ideas are better and should be pushed. This happens so much with American adaptations recently. If the source for the stupid little mermaid are the Disney movies, just follow that ffs. Otherwise no shit people are going to complain.

No. 249354

Tbf the Disney movies don't follow the source either, and the main demographic (kids) usually don't care about those kind of details.

No. 249427

Well yeah but the point of the original Disney movies is to not follow the source. They're not book to movie adaptations, they're kids movies inspired on some stories. This is not the case with these remakes. The remakes are supposed to be a live-action version of the Disney movies, they try to sell you the original story and characters, but go "look now it's in live action!". And their target audience is not just kids, but clearly also the adults who grew up with those Disney movies.
So yeah in here they're going to sell you a "live action version" yet change some important things and then get mad at you when you complain.

I haven't watched many of these shitty remakes but one I did look forward to was Dumbo and I particularly hated that one because they changed the whole story, yet sold it to me like a "live action version". Kys Disney.

No. 249445

File: 1666394897576.jpg (152.65 KB, 510x540, bc5enp.jpg)

What I don't understand about this is that they won't give me series where brown leads would make sense that I actually crave.

I would LOVE to see a series taking place in the Ottoman Empire of 1500, be it today's Turkey or Iraq, or some cool fucking shit about Arabic travelers, explorers and traders that actually factually existed.
Or hell, give my Babylonian shit. They have so much cool shit, cool kings, cool documented battles and a cool culture (they had a BEER GODDESS and priestesses as bar keepers! And Ea-Nasir the scammer!). They also legit mixed with other cultures, so you could even thematise multicultural phenomenons and religions that intermingled.

But NOOOOO, it's the same boring setting every second dime novel has but this time with MCs that are black for some reason.

To me this is only showing that they don't even care about what they pretend to care about. They don't want to research anything they literally just use generic stock stories that were done a thousand times but make the characters black because they think that would change things.
In the end it's the same as with shoved in lesbians and gay men, nobody that actually wants to see it or get some representation cares about these movies because they know it's nothing but a lazy marketing idea.

No. 249484

>Ea-Nasir the scammer
Based nonnie knowing about the oldest recorded complaint

No. 249488

Has “They/Them” been discussed here yet? I’m reading through the thread right now so sorry if it has and I haven’t gotten to it. I watched it last night and immediately thought of this thread because watching it just didn’t feel right kek

No. 249489

There should honestly be a game for him. He even traveled to Persia to get his cheap ass copper so that he could sell it for an insane price in his hometown.

No. 249491


Babylon, 1750 BC.

Amneris, a priestess in service to Ninkasi, the beer goddess, is charged with delivering copper ingots to Ninkasi's new temple. On her way there, Amneris is waylaid by Black Coda, the infamous thief.

When Black Coda steals the copper, Amneris must team up with the charming con-artist Ea-Nasir on an adventure across the desert to get the copper back and ensure Ninkasi's continued patronage of Babylon!

No. 249493

File: 1666404384929.png (1.13 MB, 668x905, amneris_by_me.png)

Same fag, realised I somehow had a drawing from years ago that would go great with my story pitch. Come on movie producers, call me up

No. 249495

File: 1666404967664.jpg (55.3 KB, 540x810, f46ce7.jpg)

>Amneris must team up with the charming con-artist Ea-Nasir on an adventure across the desert to get the copper back and ensure Ninkasi's continued patronage of Babylon
The way you describe this makes me picture Ea-Nasir as some sort of Babylonian Reigen and I think this is very amusing.

And I love your pic! It looks so good. I once drew a bunch of Babylonian and Assyrian kings but it was just shitty sketches.

No. 249943

File: 1666546239748.jpg (118.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

This queerio dating sim that recently released looks like some lilys garden ad.

No. 250936

I don't think BLM has had much influence on Hollywood casting, to be honest. Halle Bailey was set to play Ariel in The Little Mermaid in 2018 IIRC, plus she's also a talented singer who appeals to kids/zoomers. Also, I just Googled "most high paid actresses", and got a bunch of different answers. Charlize Theron was the first, and another result said it was Julia Roberts, and another mentioned Sandra Bullock. Scarlett Johannson also makes 56 million, more than Sofia Vergara's 43 million. In the first place, Vergara is a white-passing natural blonde, and even if you don't think she counts as "white", it really just seems like both she and Dwayne Johnson are exceptions in a large pool of very famous, well-paid, clearly white actors/actresses. It's kind of cherrypicking to use them IMO.

No. 251161

File: 1666981229591.png (230.91 KB, 514x448, C248FDD0-1313-4F17-8D3C-B54299…)

I don’t even like blobby but way to misinterpret the whole point of the comic. Person who made this is like a 45 year old man and his whole channel is like this

No. 251162

about time someone mentions him, not surprised if he becomes a TiM in the near future.

No. 251169

Wait a minute, this motherfucker managed to make a Blobby comic even worse? I assume the original was about GNC women and not troon shit?

No. 251185

File: 1666986482746.jpeg (450.42 KB, 1280x1280, 4A2A1577-B89E-4FD1-9A31-4C4E84…)

You assumed correct

No. 251187

For once I actually agree with this comic. Never happened to me though but if you ask for service and pay for this it should be provided.

I don't get how stupid someone has to be to think this was trans propaganda, the character in the story that the story criticizes called it "boyish" (it isn't) and this person either doesn't possess any media literacy or does this on purpose to have an excuse to create a click bait video. Wonder if the audience is stupid enough to fall for it.

No. 251198

he constantly makes videos reading shit reddit memes with thumbnails like these. also his viewers fall for it. every single time.

No. 251220

Does that even happen? I had a very masculine cut for a while and went to different salons to maintain it, and I never had that problem.

No. 251260

I think I saw a couple of nonnies in /ot/ a couple months ago vent about that happening to them.

No. 251266

Yes, this has happened to me basically every time I got a haircut when I was younger. It's probably less likely now, in a post gender ideology world, but people deliberately feminizing the haircut you picked out used to be the norm, ime.

It's probably because most women DO want to look feminine and would be upset if they thought their hair was too 'masculine'. So the girls/women who want the opposite get shafted lol.

No. 251308

i was venting to a colleage about how hard it is to get a short haircut as a woman and she asked if i was non-binary. make of that what you will.

No. 251325

NTA, but I'm Indian and the truth is that my country produces a huge amount of films, I think more than Hollywood. Our film industry is one of the oldest, and becoming more internationally recognised. You can literally watch great action movies like War (go stream this) anytime, guess what, no white people. Same thing with musicals, people went on and on about LaLa Land, we've been doing that for years and better than Americans these days. I just dont get why white americans are expected to cater for everyone, when outside of america basically every country has its own film industry. Go, broaden your minds, watch films from around the globe. You are supporting other industries, too

No. 251382

I think it's because America is a racially diverse country with different history/social structure. It'd be kind of silly to apply the same logic for other countries to it when the circumstances are very different. I didn't say anything about "catering", I just think it's dumb that some people are throwing a hissy fit and thinking white people are being kicked out Hollywood because the actress for a cartoon princess isn't white. Hollywood is still extremely white lol, and people who aren't white also exist in America, so it tracks that their media would reflect that. If some people don't like it, they can just do as you described and stick to European cinema, I guess.

No. 253467

File: 1667682166962.png (615.78 KB, 889x736, Screenshot 2022-11-05 155802.p…)

I know I'm late but how are TOH fans (and by extension lumity shippers) not horribly insulted by this?

No. 253499

Aren't they like 10 years old? I'm all for more Bisexuals in media but at least wait until they're in the latter part of their teens to show this sort of thing. Straight kids in shows don't parade their sexuality, they may keep it confined to a reoccurring plot point (like Isabella and Phineas) or a one-episode thing.
Though I've always thought that adult Lumity fans are creeps and the staff is weird about it, this isn't surprising.

No. 253507

That's fucking disgusting to think about tbh, that they only made her bi to please the male pedos.

No. 253508

nah they’re 15

No. 253510

God, this. They don't even notice that this mindset is still racist, or US-centric, whatever you call it. In their heads they are the only ones making good movies in this world so it's their sole responsibility to represent the rest of the planet when most of them cannot even find the countries they pretend to represent in their movie on a map.

Plus the characters that are in for the woke points are almost always terrible. I mean when they add black people on purpose, not talking about Will Smith as a MC. It's still Americans btw. we are supposed to see them as something special.
They don't write in Ethiopian characters or something, no, just black US citizen. It's still just US-centric no matter how much they try to come off as international, it seems to me like many woke US-Americans don't even have a concept of nations and ethnicities or cultures in the first place. It's all that stupid "race" shit that is just about two skin colors + "Asians".

And yeah, I watched more Indian movies than US ones the last decade. I want new stuff that excites me or makes me laugh, I want to delve into the Nigerian film industry too on day. Russians have many great movies too, the French, even Island has some, Israel, Iran and so on. Nobody needs a lesbian black Wonder Woman, what we need are more subtitles for movies around the world.

No. 253511

It happens. I went to a salon twice and asked for a short cut and they gave me something longer or else i'd look 'too masculine.' I ended up going to a barber shop 2 years ago and never looked back. It's sad but a lot of women hair dressers still dont like the 'too short' hair on women clients because of sexism. I just want to live my butch lesbian life.

No. 253513

I have a problem with it too because they make series for kids with characters who are kids and look even younger than they are but want to do good so they add representation. I appreciate it technically, I am just not a fan of any kind of romance and sexual identity related stuff with kid characters. And shippers will jump onto it to write nsfw fics for it like with all ships.

Why do we get so few adult gays, anyway? It's like how everybody is praising that gundam show for lesbians when they act and look like young school kids to me. And there is some arranged het marriage too. Maybe I am biased though, I can deal with it if they come off as older like in Utena. But I can't stand it when they are moe blobby kids that look like 11 and cartoons in particular make their characters look even younger than anime girls.

That said I am generally not a fan of flags. Can people please just be gay without screaming about being part of the gay community and wave their flags around? I love gays in fiction but I want them to be naturally gay. I know a lot of them and none of them use these flags or talk about the LGBT+ community.

There is no het community either right? Why can't gays have what hets have and just be gay without becoming a member of some special minority group?

No. 253515

Exactly same here. It's weird how it's even mainly women I think. I visited a hairdresser that did this. She probably meant well but I was saying what I wanted and paid for it but didn't get it. I don't want to start an argument though so I just decided to get to someone else next time.

Now two Arabs opened a barber shop in front of my house and they do cut the hair for women as well, tested it because why not and they cut them exactly like I wanted it to be cut and it costed half as much the other hairdresser lol

No. 253522

I know this is a months long post, but I just want to ask:
Why are straight men so fucking obsessed with futa on female? Why do they enjoy giving one of the characters in a f/f relationship a dick so much?

No. 253524

Because most males can't comprehend sex without penile involvement. That's literally it; they have neither imagination nor understanding of erogenous zones.

No. 253526

Yeah like >>253524 said. Moids need as much visual stimulation as possible, and that includes massive, overrendered dicks with gallons of cum everywhere to be able to get off

No. 253601

This, and it's also a way for them to self-insert in F/F relationships

No. 267805

nothing to add but bump

No. 270706

bump for spam

No. 271539

File: 1674608622251.jpg (102.36 KB, 860x765, TriangeStrategyLocChanges1-2-2…)

It's annoying how localizers remove any instance of the word "woman", "girl" or "female". The only people I see complaining about this are scrotes whining about how they can't romance 12 year olds or can't roleplay their coomer lesbian fantasies. I'm more concerned with the implication that woman is a bad word. But localizers also rewrite instances of male characters talking down to female characters. Idk. What do nonnies think

No. 271558

I don't play new jrpgs so I have never encountered a game that removed any mentions of the word woman. It's really messed up wtf. Is the person in the tweet a professional translater and speaking from experience?
>localizers also rewrite instances of male characters talking down to female characters. Idk. What do nonnies think
as a translater you're job is to translate not to add your personal opinion. Even if I strongly dislike when male writers make their male characters sexist it should still be left in. Then if people have complains about it they should take it to the original writers not the translators. Male characters speaking down to women is also a bit more nuanced. Personally I don't mind when sexism exist in a fantasy setting(but I know several women who do and I understand why) as long as it's treated as a bad thing. The only instance I can think of where I thougt removing bigotry in a dub/localisation was a good idea was in Winx. There is a scene where a character calls herself ugly for having an afro which was changed in the US dub. Since it's a kids show and kids are stupid and repeat what they see on TV, and girls with afro textured hair will be hurt when they see it, it was for the better to remove it. Most jrpgs are targeted an older audience though so the publishers should trust that the player will not be influenced by the characters. That is to say I still think that writers should be called out for their sexism and racism(and women are 100% allowed to avoid games with too much sexism) but it shouldn't be removed from their work

No. 271567

I don't mind shows like Bridgerton having colorblind casting, as it's a stylized setting, with fictional characters in a world where black people could have held the same standing in aristocracy as white people.
But it doesn't sit right with me to change the race of a real woman, who actually lived and existed in history and met a tragic end. There's literally no reason to do that and I have no idea what the thought process was behind that, other than to stir up drama.

No. 271577

Why is that shit never ending with Fire Emblem? I've heard that it's nothing new and they tried to make Ike less gay and tried to force a romance between him and the green haired princess in the Gamecube game. They try to not offend anyone but make the games way more offensive by making the female characters way less diverse when it comes to personalities and they always try to make the gay or bi characters as straight as possible, even in Fates.

No. 271579

I don't think this means what you think it means. In Japanese games and anime it's not unusual to see male characters call female ones "woman". It's a way of addressing them in a unfriendly way, but not meant to be outright insulting. In the west however it's very different, if you call someone "woman" like the character is doing in the photo, it's perceived as VERY insulting and misogynistic. I think this is what he means. It's not meant to censor, it's just a cultural difference that needs to be changed in translation.

No. 271581

That's how it's meant to come across in that specific context. That character saw his female best friend get brutally murdered when they were very young, and got so traumatized he can't stand being close to women physically even just a little, and he's a brutally honest guy on top of that. So yeah, the blonde girl in that scene gets offended because it's meant to be offensive to her. And if Treehouse localized it now as opposed to 8-4 the entire character and his dialogs would have been rewritten.

No. 271730

Old post but
>Bunch of white passive aggressive libfems + an Asian pickme group up to talk shit behind a black woman's back because she won't cuddle other people's feefees and she's upfront about her GC views.
Oddly realistic ngl lmao I've seen stuff like this happen irl, obviously not like this with this sort of dialogue of course but white libfems are nasty and racist as fuck behind their façade of niceness and they can get really awful towards other women who don't think like they do.

I wonder what kind of messages were the writers even trying to send. Are they trying to paint the BLACK WOMAN as an evil bigot? Painful lack of self awareness if thats the case lol

No. 285466

This shit sometimes backfires and it's hilarious to watch when it happens. Remember the outrage at casting Chinese actresses in Memoirs of a Geisha? Bet the producers were clueless why these yellows would hate each other lol.

No. 285476

Same, I'm embarrassed by people complaining about black Ariel because even though we all know it's just Disney being woke and virtue signaling it's still whatever. We have a ton of white interpretations of the Little Mermaid already. Might as well make a big budget black one too, if it helps some little black girls to feel seen for it then that's great. The "Africa has a ton of tales to tell too" is a valid take but these movies are directed towards PoC girls who grew up in an eurocentric culture surrounded by European tales, they're not African and they should feel at home in the country where they (and most likely their parents and grandparents) are born and raised in.

No. 285684

People are upset because it’s supposed to be a remake of the movie they watched as children. Radically changing the design of the main character of your movie thats only selling point is nostalgia-baiting isn’t smart. If this were an entirely new movie based on the tale of The Little Mermaid but with a black main character, instead of a remake of a specific film then it wouldn’t have created this much controversy. There have been movies with black Cinderellas, but they were well received because they weren’t just rehashes of the Disney version from the 1950s.

Disney didn’t change Ariels’ race out of some desire to give young black girls representation, they did it as a PR move, because they realised that there was very little buzz around Disney remakes as the novelty wore off a long time ago for most people. This was just the easiest way to drum up some attention for their latest movie, even if that attention is negative.

It is true that most people focus on the race-bending and ignore all the other flaws of the movie, (or at least what we can see from the trailers): the lacklustre environments, the dull colour scheme, the subpar singing, the fact that it’s going to be mostly CGI. A very unappealing looking movie all around.

Ultimately this movie is doomed to the same fate as all the other ‘live-action’ Disney re-makes: To make money and generate buzz in the short term, but to be completely and utterly forgotten in the long term. And no amount of pandering will change that.
Also I think it’s funny that people in this thread will get up in arms about every other kind of woke garbage, but race-bending is the one that you can’t ever criticise because ‘think of the poor children!!’

No. 285687

Anon, it's honestly embarrassing to be this miffed over a black Ariel. It's not a "radical change" to make her black, she still has the long red hair and the green tail and purple bra. She's still a woman too, it's not like they troonified her or something.

No. 285706

Tbf, the BBC has probably already done loads of historical dramas on Anne Boleyn. So at least casting a black actress will make their stand out.

No. 285714

Nonna, you literally said in your post:
>we all know it's just Disney being woke and virtue signaling
And that autist proceeded to strawman the fuck out of you, attacking a bunch of arguments you never made, completely ignoring that you literally said the same thing as her about Disney not doing it for little girls to feel represente. I and other anons agree with you that it's not a big deal even though we all know it was done for woke points but it happens to be inoffensive in this particular instance, all the other live action Disney adaptations are equally soulless cash-grabs that no one likes, so who cares that they made Ariel dark-skinned in this movie? We have tried to explain in many ways why there's nothing particularly offensive about this change but that retard cannot be reasoned with, she just won't let it go literal MONTHS after the topic was originally brought up.

No. 285730

Halle got cast because the director was impressed by her grammys performance and asked her to audition. Emma watson could not sing to save her life do we really need to blow our eardrums again?

No. 285773

File: 1679827509881.jpg (40.04 KB, 782x387, Clipboard01.jpg)

It's 2023 and Disney makes shows like The Proud Family. This shit will make history books, and not in a positive way.

No. 285802

we need to bring slavery back(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285821

Jeez, I remembered watching and finding The Pround Family enjoyable back before 2010 but this one? What the hell was Disney thinking for putting anti-white propaganda on this lovable kids cartoon? It looks out of place and really bad. Rebooting and bringing back older series/media is a mistake especially during woke times like this.


No. 285822

I should have posted the distorted leak of part of your world. A lot of people will change their minds when they hear this in the movie.

No. 285837

File: 1679850486173.jpeg (312.38 KB, 1440x1440, FmWhwgtWIAALlc9.jpeg)

>no Velma
Who tf asked for this? Who was this for?

No. 285863

Wrong site.

No. 286115

> she just won't let it go literal MONTHS after the topic was originally brought up.
I’m not the one that brought the subject up again >>285476 Did, replying to a post from 5 months ago. Don’t bring a topic back up and then cry when people want to discuss it. >>285822 She’s a good singer but doesn’t suit Ariel in my opinion, also I don’t like that way she drags some of her notes, makes her sound sleepy. Honestly if they absolutely had to racebend Ariel I would have preferred Auliʻi Cravalho, she played Ariel in the stage play.

No. 289496

>Executive Producer Jada Pinkett Smith

No. 289528

Wasn't Cleopatra Greek? It's not the first time a historical queen has been race-bended though.

No. 289532

for dramatic/fictional media–this however is labelled as a documentary

No. 289610

File: 1681552723850.jpg (18.66 KB, 320x320, 4511faa1c44d3d378a5aee848c816f…)

She was greek-macedonian with red hair.
It's actually dangerous that netflix would produce a "documentery" series that falsifies what we know about history.

No. 289642

File: 1681574855436.jpg (287.62 KB, 800x967, Retrato_femenino_(26771127162)…)

Adding to this, an actual Roman painting of Cleopatra.

No. 289643

either way whether she was dyed her hair of was natural red head or was even hypothetically 100% Egyptian she still would not have been black african, she would looked like a class from the Mediterranean

No. 289699

after they put out Graham Hancock's docuseries then I have no faith in them anymore to represent anything actually factually correct.

No. 289722

File: 1681587936623.png (170.38 KB, 916x914, Screen Shot 2023-04-15 at 12.4…)

the (manufactured) outrage over this girl playing nani on twitter is absolutely insane–also getting picked up by national media outlets.

lets just ignore the fact that if she spent a few weeks outside in the sun, surfing from dawn to dusk, he complexion would undoubtedly become darker naturally

No. 289765

They're right. She doesn't look native Hawaiian, it's not a good casting choice. Another reason not to watch Disney's shitty live action movies.

No. 289766

Anon, she doesn't look the part and getting a little tan will not help her look like Nani, that's how bad the casting choice is. Not that I care, it's a live action remake of a Disney movie so it's going to be bad anyway.

No. 289767

>another disney live action cash grab
>with another racebait casting choice to get literally anyone to at least pretend to care about this shitty movie
how do normies keep falling for it

No. 289769

>getting a little tan
honestly, spoken like a true person who doesn't see sunlight ever

No. 289772

File: 1681601684425.jpg (37.73 KB, 602x488, main-qimg-bd5a3db2a7f5417d03fc…)

what the fuck does native hawaiian look like anyway? majority today on the island are mixed with something else
and this girl IS hawaiian and mixed with filipino or something
i don't see what the big fucking deal is seriously. so absurd

No. 289786

I tan super fast and lose my tan very progressively all year long to the point where I can't buy foundation because it'll stop being my shade one month later though. That girl looks like she burns under the sun every summer even with sunscreen.

No. 289813

this was incredibly bad casting imo. i'm not saying every casting has to be 1 to 1 race or appearance wise but nani being dark skinned native hawaiian is a hard casting to fuck up this hard.

No. 289817

"Can't women have anything of their own anymore?"
Fucking based. The other girl was being super passive aggressive and bitchy, kek

No. 289823

File: 1681623490991.png (321.55 KB, 600x300, lilo.png)

Given that picrel got casted as Lilo, good luck to make up artists trying to make them pass as sisters
>this girl IS hawaiian and mixed with filipino or something
Her mother is white and her dad is mixed filipino/hawaiian; being just 1/4 really shows; in a way you're ofc right, most people in hawaii are mixed, but they still could've tried harder to cast someone looking less white honestly, especially considering how much of a story in Lilo&Stitch is actually about race

No. 289827

There is no ambiguity about Cleopatra whatsoever. She was Greek. Cleopatra isn't even an Egyptian names - it's Greek. Cleopatra was of the Ptolemaic dynasty, founded by the great general Ptolemy. He was one of Alexander the Great's generals who after Alexander's death, like all his great generals, fought over who will inherit his empire. Ptolemy ended up with Egypt, to his luck, because Egypt was the most organized and most functionally state-like entity across the sprawling empire. His dynasty endured for a long, long time. The Ptolemies did not interbreed with the native Egyptians, nor was this expected of them, and like all pharaonic dynasties they practiced incest. This was a religion requirement of the Egyptian native religion and was always inextricably interwoven with the position of Pharaoh.

To suggest that Cleopatra was anything but Greek is wrong. To suggest she was black is a complete fabrication, a lie, complete bullshit. There might have been a dash of Syrian blood in her due to an alleged affair with a Syrian in her family line, but that's all both debatable and now impossible to deny or verify. But the basic point stands - Netflix is shitting on real history and trying to peddle their fiction as actual history, and all of that is done purely for American domestic interests. It's vile.

No. 289888

Thank you, history autist. I always learn something new on chans.

No. 289895

I couldn't agree more. It's disgusting that americans take history from another country and completely falsifies it and then say it's a documentary.

No. 289897

Her family line isn't even obscured, it can be traced back through the ptolemies of course made easier by their inbreeding, so there's really no excuse. It's so dumb. They can't feign ignorance but of course they are just going to ignore history for the sake of placating the present. I hate how history is a bastardized area of study, always used and abused by others.

No. 290023

Seems like a violent crime-free state to me, judging by the demographics.

No. 290787

No. 290791

Imagine being sued by an entire country because you decided to do ACTUAL cultural appropriation kek.

No. 290795

neither of these is anti-white propaganda, the old show had whole episodes dedicated to civil rights. You're just pissy and wrong

No. 290818

Honestly the cringiest part about this shit is the retards on twitter who use Ariel being a mermaid (and therefore not a real person) as an excuse but The Little Mermaid stems from Dutch European folklore.
You damn well know if a white character replaced a black protagonist in ANY story stemming from black or African folklore, there would be a whole shitstorm. Funny enough people are so ignorant about history I never see anyone pointing this out or everyone just chooses to ignore it because of white guilt or something.

No. 290822

Doesn't the animated version take place near the Caribbean or something?

No. 290827

Wait, what does the story being Dutch have to do with the race of the mermaid?

No. 290838

all dutch people have bright candy-red hair and fish tails duh

No. 290893

>Dutch European folklore.
It’s Danish actually.
>Wait, what does the story being Dutch have to do with the race of the mermaid?
Danish are all white.

No. 290915

kek crackers are mad(racebaiting)

No. 290942

Why are autists angry about a random kids movie having a black woman in it? The people loosing their minds and coming up with excuses as to why a mermaid can't be black on Twitter are literally old white men and women without kids who normally wouldn't even care about kids movies, you're not the target demographic so I don't see why you'd care about a movie you're not even gonna watch?
I'm not even black but autists like you are so fucking annoying. You're not gonna die because a random movie has a woman of color as a protagonist.

No. 291007

File: 1682010077355.jpg (47.15 KB, 580x290, canon.jpg)

Because it's Disney contradicting itself and shitting on its own fans.

No. 291008

Egypt has a real problem with Hoteps from what I understand, hence them being so pissed about Cleopatra being blackwashed.

No. 291009

They sound delicious.

No. 291010

why are you, an adult, a fan of a soulless corporation that peddles lowbrow entertainment for children?

No. 291013

The Little Mermaid Isn’t even “folklore.” It has a singular known author who wrote it in the 19th century, Hans Christian Andersen.

No. 291016

They should have made her actress have bright red hair at the very least to keep her iconic features from the Disney animated movie regardless of skin color but instead the entire fucking movie looks dark and grey. Or at least the trailers do. I'm not going to watch it because fuck Disney and fuck studios being obsessed with reboots, remakes, remasters, etc. these days. All I know is that Ariel in the live action movie seems to have a bunch of sisters and these sisters have actresses of different ethnicities and skin colors so I guess Triton was being a deranged whore across the seven seas and Ariel is half white or something.

No. 291020

the ariel whinging doesn't even belong here, there's nothing cringe about the situation. all the complaints reek of /pol/tardation. i could understand it if the actress was fat or "disabled" or something, but she's very pretty. stop seething

No. 291032

The cringe part is Disney casting a black actress knowing the resulting whining would hide the actual glaring criticisms like the palette being washed out and muddy and the live-action reboots overall being soulless garbage trying to bank on the previous generation's nostalgia.

No. 291033

it's clearly a disney adult, these people are unhinged. Imagine unironically saying "disney is spiting on their loyal fans" like this megacorp gives a shit about your feelings and not their bottom line.

No. 291037

Retards who can't write properly don't belong here either, yet here you are.

No. 291045

>these sisters have actresses of different ethnicities and skin colors so I guess Triton was being a deranged whore across the seven seas

No. 291048

You're contradicting yourself. Who would swarm to this live action reboot if not obsessed fans? I guess they can count that audience out now lol.

No. 291058

what i'm saying is that anyone who cares about this non-issue at all has to be an autist. go read a book or watch something made for adult sometimes

No. 291064

It's no use nonny, the more you reply the more the racesperg spergs. Just stop replying

No. 291176

Gee, whatever are you even doing on an imageboard, neurotypical? Get out. You don't belong here.

No. 292333

File: 1682523983084.webm (9.46 MB, 718x404, Good_Trouble S4_EP16.webm)

From the MTF Thread, I watched the episodes before and after this one, but I still didn't get it. Each episode has 5 different storylines with characters that have nothing to do with each other. It's kind of like watching TikTok, where the stories shift constantly to keep the attention of the brain dead zoomers

No. 292402

Yeah, this show was already discussed
It's so bad it's unbelievable lol

No. 297107

File: 1684417657828.jpeg (36.39 KB, 763x402, images (3).jpeg)

Everytime I'm harassed with an ad for this I think "omg lol the british monarchy wouldn't do that".

No. 297119

This woman honestly looks like a child to me, it feels so weird seeing her making out with a dude.

No. 297122

>not even wearing a powdered wig which was obligatory back then

No. 297123

a black person being in a show isn't woke or cringe kek

No. 297133

Are you retarded?

No. 297561

File: 1684595426587.jpg (28.77 KB, 347x424, FvWzgiYXwAAW5nW.jpg)

I don't get why some writers who use Twitter woke speak in their works. I mean, nobody really talks like that in the real world, right?"

No. 297620

I think American gendie zoomers actually talk like this irl, unfortunately.

No. 297757

Unless you're literally in a mixer or some dating app, there's no reason why you should introduce yourself with who you want to sleep with or are attracted to (or lack thereof). As an lgb person I'm not in the closet, but I also don't say what I am unless it comes up in conversation or I'm looking for prospective dates.

If someone ever does that to me I'd probably be like "Okay…no one asked."

No. 297805

File: 1684691518959.png (369.44 KB, 500x920, Rumble_catbat_render.png)

Crash bandicoot, a legendary series i have been obsessed with since early childhood introduced an enbie character. While it's disgusting, and while dubs like french, spanish and italian might make him a man, it at least gives fans one reason to be happy the series is likely going to die soon

No. 297811

File: 1684692028542.jpg (126.9 KB, 2000x2000, 61f59AuuuXL.jpg)

Samefag but let's not forget this abomination either. I don't understand how G3 is preferred to G1 when it not only has troonery, but also the laziest, saddest attempts at MH fashion since late-G2, not to mention how it takes itself too seriously compared to the borderline parodic G1
The french dub still has Frankie as a girl thank god, and her "it's they for me, not he or she" verse in her song was rewritten into a clever joke about her life being in colors instead of black and white like the old Frankenstein movies

For those who wonder: there's enbie Frankie, (implied) tranny Deuce, and a fucking skeleton drag queen.
(Unrelated) they gave Frankie a bionic leg for the sake of disabled representation… all while making Ghoulia talk (she's supposed to be mute/nonverbal autistic). Same hypocrisy as how they removed racial stereptypes all while making Lagoona one

No. 297813

The g3 dolls are really NOT cute, I hate the thick-ass eyebrows most of them have and it makes the wonky factory paint job even more obvious.
But holy shit they made Deuce a fakeboi? Jesus christ. How is Lagoona a racial stereotype may I ask? I'm scared to look it up kek.

No. 297815

Samefag, just looked it up and they made Lagoona a poorly executed Latina stereotype, good fucking lord. Why change her ethnicity? Lagoona always got the shit end of the stick but seriously?? There were already multiple latin characters, just make one of them a more recurring character! Jesus, it's like they're marketing g3 Monster High to literal toddlers and not to preteens and collectors like old Monster High was.

No. 297817

I gotchu! Basically they made her the hot-headed latina stereotype. She is pretty goofy and way too driven by her emotions compared to other characters.
Oh, and unrelated but she's pink-skinned now. Yes her name is still Lagoona Blue. And she isn't blue. At this point they WANT to irritate us…

And agreed, they also made them less skinny to be "more inclusive and set less unrealistic standards", except all they did was give them a slightly less skinny pear-shape body. Draculaura (who is thai now, not an issue in itself but makes her story make no sense) is meant to be plus-sized, really she just has huge thighs. They know damn well big thighs are trendy now, their attempt at "body-pos" is just an excuse to appeal to coomers

No. 297818

They did throw us some scraps by releasing Haunt Couture and the limited edition horror icon dolls (which included a female Dracula, Pennywise, Elvira etc) but they barely advertise it…

No. 297822

File: 1684693829086.jpg (51.08 KB, 600x750, Frankie-Stein-Monster-High-The…)

This is her live action actress btw. It looks like granma the fucking thing…
She's a fakeboi/enbie/whatever and according to rumors, she pushed for Frankie to be enbie in the first place. I don't understand why they always go for feminine roles and/or media aimed at girls… a friend of mine brought up to me that woke media is mostly targeted at women and girls. When you think about it, women are also expected to validate gendershits a lot more…

No. 297849

They could have easily just said Lagoona is aboriginal, a group of people with hardly any representation, but went with the Latina bandwagon. And I say that as a Latina myself. We already have Skelita, Marisol, and Batsy, which is great and they could have used one of them as their "latinx" rep. These retards are incapable of creative thought. It's not that fucking hard to make an Australian character is legit Australian. It's not like Aboriginals DON'T have blond hair either. Fucking hate G3 and their shills so much.

No. 297980

File: 1684767490329.jpg (258.21 KB, 1041x1050, Burn.jpg)

This reminds me of America Chavez, a Marvel character who comes from a universe outside space and time, populated entirely by lesbians (though how they reproduce is never explained). When America is separated from her mothers, she finds her way to Earth as a pre-teen and basically she saw a bunch of brown people being "latinx" and went "Oh that looks cool, I’m that now" I'm not kidding that's her actual backstory.

No. 297983

That shit looks like it was written by an out of touch, incompetent marketing team instead of actual writers.

No. 297985

who does this even appeal too? I follow some superhero comic fans who are hardcore sjw and even they never praise this stuff

No. 297987

File: 1684770089128.png (13.57 KB, 241x309, what.png)

No. 297995

And in the following panel he turns away and leaves, as everyone would.

No. 298013

File: 1684780526365.jpg (390.21 KB, 1041x1600, RCO017_1583518457.jpg)

>though how they reproduce is never explained
I believe it is explained by the fact that America comes from a universe that was created when two goddesses hooked up. And it's totally normal for women to have babies with both of their DNAs in that Universe.

No. 298018

File: 1684781965036.jpg (1.68 MB, 2089x3205, yjuEwK4lgCjf9dv.jpg)

No. 298040

File: 1684786122122.png (128.85 KB, 379x443, if you like piña colada.png)

>planeta fuertona´
I can't take that shit seriously, it sounds so goofy if you know Spanish kek. Reminds me of Japanese people adding random foreign words to special powers or fantasy places.

No. 298051

File: 1684788511739.jpg (161.92 KB, 602x934, latinx.jpg)

>who does this even appeal too?
self-hating white liberals and gentrified POC's who think culture is vague skin tone and what food you eat.
Thankfully, you're not the only one who found this dumb. Despite winning a bunch of awards, the series wasn't selling well, so another writer, Kalinda Vazquez, was hired to fix it. She basically retconned the entire thing and just made Chavez a failed super science experiment who gained superpowers, Instead of the original lesbian universe backstory, Gabby Rivera, the writer who created the original backstory for Chavez, got really mad over this on Twitter, but literally no one gave a shit

No. 298052

So how does Brigerton work exactly? Especially since Britain was in its colonial era back then. Do they simply not comment on it or do they have some sort of explanation?

Either way, it feels really lazy to me. I’m not against color blind casting but I feel like Regency era England is the last place you should try to make ~*diverse.

No. 298054

Do they also pretend that there was no opression of women?

No. 298063

It tries to have it both ways, color blind casting AND commenting on old timey racism. It makes no sense, but it's not a very good show

No. 298070

Kek imagine romanticizing latin american culture. Of course it comes from someone who has never had to live there.

No. 298072

NTA but no, the show premise (main show I haven't watched the new Queen Charlotte thing) literally depends on the existence of women's oppression since its basically about women trying to go for a high price on the high society marriage market

No. 298080

That’s stupid. They're should’ve either had a concrete explanation or just not mention it at all.

No. 298218

God I would love more Batsy. She only had one doll

No. 298463

File: 1684964012622.jpeg (178.56 KB, 2000x1125, CARTOON.jpeg)

>Madagascar's First Non-Binary Character
Oh ffs…

No. 298465

File: 1684964359130.jpeg (100.56 KB, 1170x656, 504BCE4C-60F7-48EA-AE2E-785215…)

I hadn’t seen this posted yet but there’s a nonbinary Transformer now, kek. Like how the fuck can you have a gender, you’re a fucking robot

No. 298467

All this shit does is make kids confused even more. Non-binary is the stupidest shit because it means nothing, literally everyone could be non-binary because “gender expression” is stereotypes and now it’s become a big deal to choose what fucking thing you are when you’re simply a human being of either sex and can portray yourself however you want without feeling upset that someone said she/her.

No. 298469

I hate this because I can’t even begin to imagine how characters like these will either need a botched lexicon to talk about them, or will be referred as “him” or “her” (depending on how masculine or feminine they are in the show) or the neutral of Spanish “him” and that will make people loose their marbles because muh cultphobia.

No. 298473

If I were a little kid nowadays, I would have been considered "NON BINARY" because I hated wearing dresses and loved to wear pants and play in the dirt with my ninja turtle toys. God. Like come on, I bet 99% of kids are "non binary" because kids are…just kids. They like to play and goof around, why the fuck is society being so weird and bringing in sexuality and gender shit to childhood? Like, before they even hit puberty and have a concept of what any of that even means? Growing up is frustrating and confusing enough as it is. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here

No. 298477

But how did they manage to make a baby giraffe so ugly?

No. 298492

kek, I was thinking the same thing! It’s like they tried to make him look too human so his head is too round or something.

No. 298493

It's so dumb. Here's an excerpt from the article about the voice actor Ezra Menas (ANOTHER enby Ezra…):

>who identifies as nonbinary and uses zie/hir/they pronouns — saw actor Elliot Fletcher, a trans man, portray Aaron on an episode of The Fosters. It was "real, real late in my life," Menas tells EW. Before that moment, zie would project hir experience onto characters "always hoping for some kind of narrative to come through."

It's so unnatural to see the neopronouns. It's amusing that they're so close to "she/her that it feels as pointless as nonbinary. You don't feel completely girly/masculine based on rigid gender stereotypes? That's…normal. I genuinely wonder how these shows will age in 10 years or so.():)

No. 298500

Does anyone even give a fuck about the main gang animals in Madagascar? Most kids like the lemurs and the penguins.

No. 298589

Depends on how the culture war goes. If somehow the people behind this shit win then we’re fucked and 10 years from now every character will be non-binary or autistic or some shit and I fear even worse things will be on kids shows like trannies teaching the ABCs of kink

No. 298630

What about the part where the studio replaced a decent looking Hawaiian dude with an ugly male

No. 298632

File: 1685033472511.webm (7.24 MB, 858x536, Better Than Chocolate - 1999 M…)

From the MTF thread, So this a scene from the 1999 indie-produced lesbian comedy film 'Better Than Chocolate,' which explores the queer scene in Vancouver, so yeah academic libfems have been always like this.

No. 298683

This sucks so much ass, this is one of the rare instances of okapis being portrayed in cartoons and it's wasted on this shit.
It kinda feels like someone just wanted a reason to have a biologically female character but without the retarded stereotypical design choices that female animal characters often suffer from (e.g. long eyelashes, curvy body), and they couldn't come up with a better solution than making it a non-girl.
What actual reason is there to make a non-binary talking baby animal? Why do we need to be aware of said cartoon baby animal's ambiguous sex? Talking animals already are of ambiguous sex by default until you take about them in the third person in English.

No. 298751

black terf is a based queen. all the woke TRAs are frumpy and meek beckys.

No. 298752

File: 1685090748351.jpg (25.35 KB, 404x440, 2q6wih.jpg)


No. 298909

since the full context isn't shown, she went to like an asexual meet up/support group thing and is meeting other types of asexuals. hence why they're introducing themselves like that. it's similar to going to gay straight alliances where there's like pronoun circles and everyone announces which part of the the rainbow they're apart of. this would only make sense to those particular types of people

No. 299026

File: 1685207921148.jpg (308.78 KB, 2048x2048, FAzDwfWYAEOAiq.jpg)

This "take" from Ms Marvel is completely ahistorical, only recently been adopted by the liberal South Asian diaspora, here are the actual facts
>It was British India prior to colonialism India never existed as India
>The British did not force partition, rather it was Jinnah and the Muslim League that demanded it,
>Both Hindus and Muslims voted for it.

No. 299027

I don't think it's historically incorrect I am paki myself although there's alot of Indian HATE in my country many people know it was because of the bloody partition.india was called the British raj and it was a puppet state which was sold by the mughals.as for the partition it was bloody and horrific sindhis and puniabis know this as the most bloody massacres on the pakistan side took place in these areas ie the Hyderabad massacre and gujrati Killings which also included sikhs saying the British had no part in the partition is bogus and lenient on what crimes the British did they literally drew the border when pakistan and india broke which still causes shitfests like the kashmir dispute.there were religious unrests because of British propaganda and the treatment of the Indian people as the British are famous for doing divide and conquer (you just don't start hating your neighbour in 100 years after living with them for the first 500) and gandhi voted to be against the two nation theory.i don't find any harm in saying that Indians are our brothers and sisters because they are I have family in India and in pakistan alike so sending a message of peace is better than encouraging to hate

No. 299029

Isn't that common knowledge? I don't have much to do with India or even Asia but I remember learning about how the separation happened during decolonization in high school. I wonder what the actors thought about that when they were reading the script for this.

No. 299030

I'm pakistani as well and I have my own perspectives
>india was called the British raj and it was a puppet state which was sold by the mughals
The Mughals were a vassal state by the time British arrived.
>as for the partition it was bloody and horrific sindhis and puniabis know this as the most bloody massacres on the pakistan side took place in these areas ie the Hyderabad massacre and gujrati Killings
My own family suffered as a result of the patriation and it was handled incredibly poorly by the Birtish, but it was a choice by local leaders
>there were religious unrests because of British propaganda and the treatment of the Indian people as the British are famous for doing divide and conquer (you just don't start hating your neighbour in 100 years after living with them for the first 500)
1000 years of conflicts between Islamic and Hindu states happened because of British propaganda, most communities were ethnically and religiously homogenous, their might have been Muslim and Hindu villages next to each other and might have interacted but it wouldn't have been friendly

The Real problem was that a Urban Islamic bourgeoisie class became the main represenation of the entire Muslim population of south asia, these men had absolute contempt for Pakistani culture and heritage, their wanted their language, their values and their social structure imposed on what they considered Ummah.

No. 299553

I got curious and checked out the scene the thread pic is from.
Apparently gendie Redditors seethed over it when it came out and that's delightful

No. 299568

Passing the idea of borders as an evil white people thing is so funny to me. Anyone who's ever lived in a 3rd world shithole knows the people (men) living there hate each other and everybody, there's never been a peaceful utopian borderless world.

No. 299587

Weird how third-world shitholes don't subscribe to the 'borderless world' mindset and want to keep foreign trash (criminal gangs, terrorist groups, smugglers etc.) out.

No. 299596

What did they say?

No. 299641

File: 1685501303461.png (538.19 KB, 598x999, Overwatch.png)

Today on: What hate crime have Blizzard HQ done to cover with this news?

No. 299642

I'm surprised there wasn't one already.

No. 299644

File: 1685502117087.jpg (129.07 KB, 799x1156, Capture.JPG)

Probably this lmao

No. 299661

Ever since the Blizzard fiasco with their employees was made public I just mentally role my eyes whenever they add a female or POC character in their games. Yeah what kind of shit are they trying to hide this time? Did one of their moid employees drink mommy milk from the fridge again?

No. 299680

I thought that faggot character was just a pansexual

No. 299691

They should try to make decent games first.

No. 299701

oh yeah, totally, that's why they all have extradition agreements and none of them are regularly used by western criminals to avoid prosecution lol

No. 299717

You're mistaking palm-greasing for border control.

No. 299783

File: 1685574500415.png (57.3 KB, 764x1162, ow2-pride-name-cards-3.png)

A fucking pride event? Really? Even from Overwatch this is absurd. I'm so sick of pride shit showed down my throat everywhere. Glad I stopped playing. I hope this game is bleeding players and Blizzard goes bankrupt soon.

No. 299922

Has anybody actually seen it so far?

No. 300009

I bet this is what they meant by that weird "we are/were waiting for the right time" line that they spouted every time someone would ask about playable black women in Overwatch and later why it took so long to add Sojourn to the game.

No. 300631

what are you trying to say? your phrasing is complete nonsense.

No. 300673

File: 1685991076682.png (103.21 KB, 649x628, CAPTURE.png)

So in the new Clone High Season they replaced Cleo's voice actor, even though the original VA is still working on the show and voicing the new villain and background characters. The reason for the change was that the original voice actress wasn't Egyptian, but they replaced her with an Iranian American, which doesn't make any sense to me, like they have to realize how racist it is to just group all "brown people" as being the same.

No. 300685

Tell an Iranian they're Arab and they'd stab you. Also Cleo was Macedonian Greek. May as well get a Turk to voice her

No. 300687

this discussion always comes up whenever Cleopatra appears in pop culture but she was from the ptolemy dynasty which was macedonian greek so did this recast was made because they wanted the character and voice actor to share ethnicity then it's an odd decision

No. 300691

completely unrelated but that voice actor is insanely cute

No. 300734

>like they have to realize how racist it is to just group all "brown people" as being the same.
Completely agree with this. Wokeoids are more aggressively racist than conservative people sometimes and it pisses me off so much when they act like what they're doing is progressive and not ignorant as fuck.

Agreed, it's a shame when actors that have nothing to do with a woke corporate decision are involved in this mess.

No. 300783

So they got an Asian person to voice a European character ruling an African country for the sake of accuracy? You sure it's not a headline from the Onion?

No. 300912

File: 1686106009114.jpg (37.28 KB, 446x596, cleopatra_vii_altes_museum1.44…)

I was about to point this out. I get annoyed whenever the argument about Ancient Egyptians'/Pharaohs' races pops up, because Egypt was basically the melting pot of the ancient world due to its geographic location. Dynasties came and went in much the same way they did in China, but due to Egypt's relative diversity, you have dynasties of a variety of ethnicities. On opposite extremes, you had Nubian dynasties, and you had Greek ones. I'm not going to pigeonhole ancient peoples into modern racial archetypes, but just look at Cleopatra VII's (the one people typically mean when they just say "Cleopatra") portrait bust. Looks like a Greek woman to me.

No. 301155

File: 1686221447149.png (11.03 KB, 649x184, aqw.png)

Does censoring old media count?

No. 301178

File: 1686237075737.jpg (80.28 KB, 940x627, wb.jpg)

tbh I can see both sides of the censorship argument when it comes to children's media, but in an adult movie from 1971 I think everyone watching it should have an understanding of why a slur is there and therefore the censorship is uneeded.
I think Warner Bros had a good solution with adding a disclaimer on their old cartoons

No. 303941

Randomly stumbled upon this, you'd think the trannies would be the funniest part but it's actually the terrible voice acting this time around.

No. 304139

Feels so bleak knowing LGB/homoerotic stories will always be tainted by the queer agenda in the west.

No. 304144

Gendies disgust me. There's no way they find this shit appealing for real.

No. 304148

This is why I own my media on my laptop or physical. that's ridiculous.

No. 304169

I was expecting the comment section to rip on this but there's nothing?

No. 305303

File: 1687971408738.png (12.81 KB, 1106x254, go broke.png)

No. 305317

I think they made more money with the shitty animated sequels they pumped out in the 90s/00s, sucks to be them lol.

No. 305418

File: 1688027291366.png (10.76 KB, 782x192, disney.png)

Literally all they have to do is stop forcing political messages for the sake of it and just make fun stories again. But their head of diversity just "quit" out of nowhere (it's speculated that she got fired because it was so out of nowhere and they've tried to play it down kek) so perhaps it will start to improve again.

No. 306960

File: 1688671656459.png (15.61 KB, 646x495, 1684364280897.png)

Posted this another thread sometime back but it fits better here, so when I was younger, I used to read this book series called 'Alanna the Lioness' which was about a young noble girl disguising herself as a boy to train for knighthood. The story meant a lot to me. So, out of nostalgia, I looked it up only to find out that the creator now claims that Alanna is gender-fluid, which is untrue to the story. Alanna's femaleness is an essential part of her character, as it affects the plot. Despite taking on a male identity, she still faces abuse and bullying from others who see her as a small, weak boy and can't match men's physical strength, so she has to rely on her superior skill and wit, setting it apart from other YA female fantasy where women easily defeat scores of male soldiers without challenge. The realistic portrayal of Alanna's character made her far more relatable and its insulting to see the author besmirch her work to appease a handful of insecure enbys and TIFs.

No. 306968

She wrote Alannah getting together with a groomer, I'm not surprised she's pandering to enbies now to try to avoid controversy.

No. 307037

i like how she didn't even answer the question

No. 307222

File: 1688773073011.jpg (522.73 KB, 1125x1120, 1688756197691932.jpg)

Why does Hollywood think that the masses have the taste of some humorless gender studies major? This movie will be a flop and it will be blamed on "incels" when it's actually normal people who simply wanted a fun summer movie.

No. 307223

Is the review accurate though? Or is it wording things that aren't actually too controversial with the wrong phrases? Who knows, I'm sure it'll be a commercial success and will appeal to the average movie goer with a generic "women and men should be treated as equals" message but one of the Barbies is played by a tranny so…

No. 307245

I agree with >>307223 , exploring "gender roles" and "the patriarchy" isn't actually necessarilly bad, it's just that actually using the words "gender roles" and especially "patriarchy" is a good way to make yourself sound pretentious and annoying. I think it's completely doable to make a movie that explore the differences between men and women's places in society in a lighthearted and non-pretentious way.
I really think movie will be a more meta/self-aware version of legally blonde.

Reviews throwing in random woke words doesn't always mean much because it's extremely common for woke type reviewers to wayyyy overhype the social critique of anything they consume so they will either make background elements sound way more central to the plot than they actually are, or they will use a bunch of pretentious buzzwords to insert themes onto the movie that are not actually there and are basically just the reviewer's headcanon.
Example: literally anything that has a character disguise as the opposite sex in a non-comedic way will be called queer even if the character explicitly mentions identifying with their own sex and only disguising for convenience
If this is a cinema description then I'd give it even less weight because it's even more likely they just had a marketing intern look for trendy buzzwords to slap on it.
Either way, you can just wait for it to come out and see people's opinions on it or wait for it to drop on the web, watch it for free, and if it starts being cringe you drop out

No. 307401

I just wanted a fun, chill barbie movie. Why did they have to make this shit woke??

No. 307547

don't worry nonna, i bet the movie is gonna be fun. the person who wrote this just used academic speech to sound more sophisticated. 'exploring x through the lens of y' just means 'the genre is y but it's actually totally criticizing x because i want it that way.'

No. 307552

Incels like anything with Ryan Gosling in it still to this day

No. 307598

I wonder why.

No. 307600

File: 1688947002962.jpg (78.65 KB, 567x731, 20230709_184924.jpg)

Unironically? Drive, Blade Runner 2049, Lars and the Real Girl, now ~kino~ haggard Ken, his incel it boy status is second only to Christian Bale

No. 307603

Should I expect incels dying their hair platinum?

No. 307605

Based. Men who don't obsess about sex are kino. Most want to insert their dick into everything.

No. 307606

Yes unironically. Isn't he a former child actor? Is this reputation of his recent? I only know him because of one movie which title I forgot and my only impression of him was that his eyes are a bit too close to each other and he looks bettee with facial hair than shaved.

No. 307611

File: 1688949307394.gif (1.86 MB, 498x498, 1669836753736290306.gif)

You're not wrong but he's aging icky nona eww nasolabial folds…

>Is this reputation of his recent?
NO. They've wanted his pink dick up in their guts ever since Drive came out, it's an autism man cult classic akin to Nightcrawler.

No. 307616

He was a child actor in both Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of The Dark.

No. 307786

File: 1689024636904.png (788.32 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20230710_161826_Twi…)

Re: the anon who wondered why autistic men love Ryan Gosling. He is fucking autistic and he plays "cool" autistic guys that make them go "he just like me FR!!!"

No. 307795

because they are closeted homosexuals. how can they relate to a man that's conventionally attractive that many women fawn over anyway, lmao such cope

No. 307799

His eyes are so close together, he looks demented.

No. 307803

It's normal for a straight man to want to be a handsome cool guy women throw themselves at or to envy/self insert as those who are, anon. The term Chad exists because of that very phenomena. Some may want to fuck him because the male sexuality is remarkably flexible by nature and they want to submit to him, but the cool autism man power fantasy is the main appeal.

No. 307807

yes, which is homosexual

No. 307813

What's your point? All men are homosexual to varying degrees

No. 307832

that is my point

No. 308750

26 years too late. Pedowood can only steal and reboot.

No. 308762

Any social commentary this movie makes will be hollow. At the end of the day it's end goal is to promote a brand. They want you to buy fugly pink tops with the Barbie logo that was made by underpaid factory workers, they want you to buy dolls made from plastic that damages the environment. The movie could explore the core values of feminism and it would not fucking matter since it just wants you to consoom. The movie could quote Dworkin for all that I care and it still wouldn't mean anything since the movie just wants your money and is not trying to hide it.
If the director and script writer truly cared about any social issues they would had turned down making a Barbie movie. If anyone had tried to discuss settler colonialism trough The Coca Cola The Movie a few decades ago then people would had rightfully called them phonies but since we live in the age of consoomerism shit like this gets praised.
I know the movie isn't out yet so we can't know for sure if they explore feminism but it's obvious that they are shilling it as a feminist movie in it's advertisemen to hide the fact that it's just going to be a 2 hour long commercial for a brand

No. 308763

samefag I don't care if people do watch the movie I'm probably going to watch it myself but people should watch it because they want to see a fun blocbuster movie not because they want to learn about feminism. People have really memed themselves into believing that activism is about watching the right movies and not actual activism and hollywood knows how to cash in on it

No. 308988

File: 1689644774998.png (1.63 MB, 1708x900, woketurtles.png)

kek i wheezed when i saw the pride shit covering 40% of the board. i mean come on how is this not an agenda at this point–anyway im not going to watch it.

No. 308989

Thank you for making me feel less insane. People who should know better are hyping this movie (that hasn't even come out yet) up way too much. They really want this fucking movie to be subversive and important when it's literally just going to be a long commercial.

No. 308994

>the steven universe style deku right next to all the gay and tranny posters
they told the resident aiden they pay in trident layers and target gift cards to do her thang

No. 309021

It seems there are only two modes of operation in current year American film industry - pander to China or pander to woke. Both are cancer.

No. 309293

Why is a 42 year old man acting like an uwu quirky manic pixie dream girl from 2010

No. 309309

They all just scrambled around shitting their pants because they didn't want anyone to find out that the actress voicing Cleo has the last name "Miller" so they just went "Ah this actress is kinda brown, or something, at least she's not white"

No. 309547

File: 1689837537273.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1350, barbenheimer.png)

Now that's a crossover I've been waiting for!

No. 309555

wait a minute did you copypaste this from tumblr kek. not that i blame you the normie(ish) lesbian who im pretty sure originally posted this consistently comes out with the best media takes on the site (minus music lmao)

No. 309570

Most normies are going to be really disappointed when they find out it’s actually not a fun summer movie but tbh the memes were also joking about Barbie being the super serious one in contrast with Oppenheimer

No. 309572

>it’s just a few terminally online teenagers on tumblr

No. 309674

The new Spiderverse animation also had trans flags and BLM messages inserted in similar manner. It's blatant subliminal messaging and comes off as sinister for kid's movies.

No. 311272

File: 1690531863828.jpeg (422 KB, 828x1177, IMG_0328.jpeg)

not gay frogs but genderqueer mountain lions

No. 311300

>blm messages in a movie where a majority of the characters are black
having an issue with this is next level retardation

No. 315355

File: 1692212466377.jpg (279.81 KB, 1624x534, 5t454747434.jpg)

No. 315365

They're doing this on purpose and it pisses me off. My entire friend group has joked about how this movie is going to suck and none of them are racist or "conservatives". I genuinely don't care if an actress playing Snow White is part Latina, or if Ariel is black. If a movie looks dumb, it looks dumb. But Disney conveniently uses this so that they can just brush off any criticism about the movie by screaming "RACISM! NAZIS! Amirite?" and nobody can argue back without it making you look bad. I hate what has become of media, I know Hollywood has always sucked but I'm sick of the rise of internet outrage and obvious controversy-baiting for clicks and views, it's all so tiresome.

No. 316433

File: 1692583943367.jpg (194.88 KB, 1280x1280, inhsh4pmrel51.jpg)

This is an old post but this is sort of what happened with winx club allegedly. Season 1 had 2 white characters, 1 Chinese character, 1 latina character, and 1 ambiguous character that is either white or east Asian. Then Americans complained that there weren't a black character so they added one in season 2. And for some reason the creator of the show felt the need to say that the characters are based on actual people and have the exact same ethnicity as them which made the fandom sperg about their race to this and about muh whitewashing when the dark skinned ones got slightly lighter because of a pastel color pallet change. The thing is I don't see the similarities 100%, and the fans insist on making Stella darker in fan art because Camiron Diaz is a latina. But no one says anything about Bloom being a redhead with lighter skin than blonde Britney Spears. Like they can't see that the creator was just pandering to them.

No. 316540

File: 1692640520689.jpg (40.25 KB, 895x261, fat.jpg)

No. 316542

I'm a bit lost. Just… why?

No. 316544

Isn't it racist to say all Latinas are brown? These people are retarded.

No. 316546

From what I've read in the article Yoto (where this greatest hits is getting published) is aimed at actual children and the lyrics imply sex so…
Seems people are making a big deal out of nothing

No. 316558

is flora supposed to be Latina? I genuinely don't know, it's just Italian cartoon and I thought of her more as an Italian/Mediterranean type as a kid

No. 316581

Yes it is. Funniest part is people think most hispanics aren't white. Anyone who isn't European white is called brown to the general population. Doesn't help that the Mexicans play into this and pretend to not have mostly Spanish roots.

No. 316582

File: 1692652043579.jpg (498.98 KB, 818x857, lol.jpg)

I can understand the company doing outragebait marketing, but why does the lead star partake in it as well? All publicity is good publicity? So pathetic and lowlife. Or maybe lolife is a better term.

No. 316584

>Snow White
Makes as much sense as casting a black person for a historical Danish story. Can you imagine the freakout if the reverse happened? Everyone would screech "whitewash". Idc about the Ariel shit but this one makes even less sense considering the title of the movie is directly about the character's skin tone.

No. 316585

Snow White is like the one OG disney princess where her skin tone matters. Hell, they could have even gone for someone albino. Also race/ethnicity aside, I feel like she looks too modern to play Snow White, if that makes sense?

No. 316586

>I feel like she looks too modern to play Snow White, if that makes sense?
I see what you mean. I don't think she gives off the vibe of elegance that Snow White did in the 30s but the costume and styling is bad in general. They couldn't even dye her hair darker or give her a wig?

No. 316728

According to Iginio Straffi yeah she is supposed to be latina because he 'based' her off a latina actress. But I think he made that shit up to pander to fans in the 2000s and include pop culture figures of the time.

No. 316739

She's young and new to fame, so I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was probably gassed up and coached to say all this. It makes the negative media coverage about her instead of the braindead execs, writers, and producers who are actually responsible for the horrendous live action remakes.

No. 318674

File: 1693469817242.webm (2.13 MB, 480x270, CnUN5Y0w3wPiExnE.webm)

From the show Glamorous, where the main villain is just a gay guy who thinks people should just be normal and is presented as a huge bigot and "sell-out"(despite the characters working for a make-up company)

No. 318676

>This movie will be a flop
this aged poorly

No. 318677

We've gone full horseshoe theory. Now normie gay men and lesbians are evil because they're homosexual (which equals discrimination) and don't make consooming products and prescription drugs their whole personality.

No. 318678

If I watched that video without the context you provided I would have assumed everyone else is the "villain" and what makes them villains is that they're stereotyping gay people kek. And that the guy in the pink shirt is the character the audience is supposed to relate to.

No. 318679

Bohemian rhapsody literally involves someone getting shot in the head though.

No. 318680

Sex has always been more censored than violence in my experience, there must be some kind of a rating system they're following.

No. 318683

File: 1693471459222.webm (720.65 KB, 480x270, Glamorous.webm)

Show also has a JK Rowling reference

No. 318781

Kek I actually like that guy. Don't know the series though.

I don't like how gay people (and everybody else from the lgbt+ spectrum) is expected to contribute to the "community" and show off with that.
Where do you see any of these forced rules for normal hets? Gays aren't a community, they are normal people and sexuality doesn't define your whole personality. I have nothing against flamboyants and those that participate in Pride parades btw. but this isn't everybody. The large majority of gays are just very normal men and women that can be rich, poor, crazy, calm and that are probably obsesses with some hobbies, be it soccer, gardening or history. Many gays are conservative, many are apolitical, because they are human.

None of them should be forced to show non-stop "solidarity" to all other lgbt+, no hetero sexual person is forced to do that for other hets either. The only ones that might tell hets to do this are literal fundamentalists or nazis and there is reason for why everybody hates them.

No. 318810

File: 1693515005563.webm (1.55 MB, 480x270, Z9tOY5lYhyzuUhTX.webm)

also this is how he's introduced.

No. 318824

Kek his name Chad, did a gay incel write this show?

No. 318919

This is almost making me want to watch that garbage if that's the case.

No. 319031

This looks and sounds like the show that was posted here with the based GC woman, where are all these shitty shows coming from?

No. 319677

What is this show’s fascination with pushing trans stuff? The scene I normally see with the drag queen is funny but this one is just cringe since it’s basically a lecture. How did the daughter know it was a gendie?

No. 319708