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No. 1213195

Shannon’s said a couple times online that she doesn’t drink and neither does her husband. I only remember because she used it as an I’m not like other girls weird flex.

No. 1200081

There is something so genuinely funny about a girl getting his avatar tattooed under her boobs. She’d be unfuckable at that point

No. 1196782

the key to finding new accounts is the Krystal person on twitter. For some reason kt will follow them on every account she has, and her icons are always purple.

No. 1195978

I didn't save it, but the jist was Shannon's sister is in the hospital for something, we don't know what, and she put her as her emergency contact. However when Shannon reached out to her to try to figure out what was going on, her sister blocked her and said she was invading her privacy. She also said something along the lines that her family was neglecting her, even though Shannon had reached out? It's really weird. A couple years ago I found her sister's twitter because she talked about it in a storytime, and she's definetely insane

No. 1185979

I am fairly confident that she received a cease and desist from Nick Robles and co for her actions. She was causing some real harm to their public images just from her nonstop spamming, and her constantly saying he was a predator, that they contacted an attorney. My guess is she's going to go "rebrand" her accounts and pretend to be someone else, but continue to do the same thing.

No. 1178439

Why do you have post notifs on?

No. 1175528

Anyone else find it weird that whenever these people are called out they say they are going to kill themselves?

No. 1171495

I guarantee this is Tobi. No one gives a shit about this, and none of her friends are that unaware to do this

No. 1169115

I watched the video and I paused at the part where he threw an email from Creepshow on the screen, and he tried to say she did a bad job with researching because she didn't know that Peaches had apologized to Camila, but if you read the email, Creepshow said that since Peaches continued to do what she had apologized for, that it didn't matter. This guy is so blatantly dishonest.

No. 1166621

"Advertising for her channel" Yes, I am sure Shannon is advertising herself on a channel with less than 100k subscribers.

No. 1160897

She said she doesn’t rely on YouTube, but I think she makes a considerable amount on it. I’ve talked to YouTuber her size and they make at least 20k per month. That mixed with her real life job, she’s probably loaded pretending to be poor.

No. 1158696

Shannon never says she's poly, just pansexual, which is woke bisexual. It's the whole there are more than two genders thing, but she definitely isn't poly. She wouldn't be able to get more than one person to want her.

She's talking about Emily. Emily has two kids and made one of the biggest videos on Holly.

No. 1153813

She'd handle it fine, seeing as she praised another video that was positive towards her that used the same image.

No. 1150422

So an unknown youtuber posts this video about Shannon and within minutes it's on lolcow even though it barely has views? This is such an obvious self post, it's sad you are trying to defend it.

No. 1150188

obvious self post is obvious

No. 819720

File: 1612310800815.png (1.44 MB, 1252x1502, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 4.06…)

Creepshow Art's video is apparently available now for members only, and she's going to be talking a lot about Lillee Jean's racism

No. 1148953

She is to "women are predators too guyz" as Blaire White is to "these trans people are weird"

No. 819425

when did they say she was doing that?

No. 1134628

she definitely lurks in any thread even remotely related to the grumps. it used to be in her twitter bio, and she has referenced it a couple of times outside of that. in one of her latest posts with her shitty drop box audio, she talked about how she has spoken with both holly and heidi, and how she thinks they are both definitely cows. i also remember creepshow posted that she had never talked to any member of the game grumps, except for holly and heidi, and that caused kt to freak out.

No. 1134359

So Sykkuno uses those filters that beauty youtubers use in order to appear younger and more attractive? That's so weird. He literally has the most fucked up skin I have seen on an asian man, the fact that the difference is that bad is insane

No. 1133694

As far as I can tell, it's on a streaming service that you have to upgrade to. I've seen Repzion and Jaclyn Glenn say as much as well, so it's not just Shannon spreading that around.

No. 1130491

Rachel deserves a thread of her own for all the cow stuff she gets into. There was the time when she was being criticized by a smaller commentator, and in response uploaded a video of her cutting herself. There was the time she pretended to be black out drunk and having a mental breakdown because her friend didn't like her Gabbie Hanna videos. And now this.

No. 1128689

Def Noodles and her are friends. They've tweeted at each other multiple times. This is a reach.

No. 1128666

I doubt she's gone because she knew that a month afterwards this would happen. You guys seriously give her too much credit IMO

No. 711754

I'm trying to watch it but her voice and teeth are pissing me off

No. 1116462

She was recently on a live stream with Edwin's Generation and said she would never use twitter again. She was super dramatic and talking about how it was so hard for her and how twitter is so toxic, but she said she would never go back to it ever.

No. 1102765

"No ones cares if I give you visual pleasure"

You literally are an only fans girl who used to be a titty streamer. What the fuck is she on about

No. 1102276

Coming from the Katie thread, the dox wasn't a dox. It was about a guy that Shannon brought up in her video about Katie, that Katie stated she knew personally and went on to tweet about it. Katie's just looking for attention.

No. 1101778

I looked into this and the “dox” Katie is talking about is the one for the guy Creepshow stated she new in middle school. It’s just her talking about some guy, it’s not a dox, and in her og tweets about Shannon’s video she says the same thing.

No. 1100461

Shannon put that screenshot in her video about Katie, and it’s 100% not private information. It’s Katie telling Shannon that she is under the impression that they both went to school with the same person, which isn’t possible given the age difference. Katie is unhinged if she thinks that’s doxing.

No. 1099637

which live stream was it?

No. 687765

With more people coming forward, it doesn't seem like a Creepshow only thing

No. 1099538

Anyone else feel like Shannon is probably grateful to be off of twitter so she doesn't have to talk about this and pick sides? She has to be laughing right now.

No. 1099352

I used to like this thread, but at this point it’s just this one guy posting repeatedly trying to get people to think his retarded Twitter rants are cool.
I tried to watch his video accusing another YouTuber who I have never heard of (beast boy) of being a predator and had to click off. If we’re talking about Shannon falsely accusing people, this guy called this other YouTube a predator for being interviewed by a minor fan, and him having a low voice. How fucking retarded do you have to be.

The self posting bullshit here is annoying, especially from this Vic Blanco retard.

No. 1098646

I mean, she talked about how she didn't have control of the server and left before, and how she only used it for among us. It's not surprising that someone else was modding people for her. She's an idiot.

No. 1098398

Prison Mate Luke talked about it and showed some damning screenshots.

No. 1098369

I don't believe it simply because more creators have come forward with their experiences with Peaches in the comments and it seems like they all have had similar things happen. Also, with how badly Peaches is defending herself on twitter, you would think she would have leaked screenshots showing their conversations. All she has said is "Shannon didn't yell at me, we have never been in VC"

No. 1098328

Wasn't a huge point in Tobi's video how there was another commentary youtuber who tried to talk to Shannon about how TeRrIBlE she was being, and Tobi said Shannon got extremely defensive and yelled at them, making them cry? And then she said that it was going to be a collab, but the other person didn't want drama?
Makes sense that that was Peaches.

No. 1097485

Isn't that every video on youtube, though? This is one of the most nit picky threads on here LMAO

No. 1097443

It was easier for Tobi to get them to attack smaller creators. She probably asked them to make their original videos and comments to defend her, but I think all of them lost subscribers from doing that. Now that she's in shit with bigger people? They know better. She has literally ruined her own friendship army.

No. 1097038

The best part is, the incels don't even want her. Maybe they would like her for a moment, because she will force herself into their circles, but the moment she starts sperging about being a bad sex worker and does her shitty UWU voice, they will hate her.

No. 1096174

Cringey did a live stream thanking Shannon and has made content defending her from criticism from Tobi before. I don’t think Shannon is simping, she’s clearly using this girl for content and trying to look like the nice big channel helping the smaller channel out.

No. 1085216

She's not suspended, she took her account down because of WOACB's fans sending her address to her. She posted about it on her community page.

No. 1083681

I have never seen a more obvious self post.

No. 1081403

She said he was so inept that when they were showering together, he peed on her leg, and that she has tried to dump him multiple times. She even talked about how she thought Chris Ray Gun seemed like a better boyfriend

No. 1071273

I’ve seen them tweet at each other before, and Smokey has always been kind to Shannon, so I doubt it has anything to do with her.

No. 1067459

That wasn’t Shannon. That was on an Edwin’s Generation live stream with Deedizzy, but Shannon wasn’t the one who said that. I only remember because she made a big deal about never meeting anyone from YouTube except RTG

No. 1066617

I don't think Corpse even knows who she is, much less would care about her enough to find her lolcow

No. 1066152

Confirmation that Shannon’s own friends don’t even like her.

No. 1059065

File: 1602732476806.png (960.06 KB, 1382x776, Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 8.28…)

After thirst tweeting him all week, she streamed with Corpse Husband and other million channel youtubers.

No. 1057664

It’s an interview she did a while ago with another homeless channel. It’s not new.

No. 1057177

I hate how all of the comments are praising her and saying she is being so adult about this when she said that the Omnia and Kai were predators.

No. 1056153

How do you know she read it?

No. 1055884

I feel like eventually someone is going to make a video about how uncomfortable she made them feel. My guess is the guy she's always posting screenshots of. She also talked a lot about how her husband doesn't have an internet presence, so I wonder if he knows how much she hits on other people.

No. 1055462

Oh I misread them. But she also only tweeted once about it so I thought there would be more. She's annoying about everything else so I thought there would be more thirst tweets. Her obvious clout chasing with Loey Lane kills me.

No. 1055417

Where has she thirsted after him? I named searched on twitter and she’s just said she watched his gameplay. Did I miss something?

No. 1055371

I don’t have the screenshots but I remember a while ago, Dan from Bastille actually replied to her and said she was insane. It’s why she abandoned the drops of violet Twitter because all the replies were attacking her more than the game grumps fans ever did

No. 1055091

I didn't, but I am pretty sure plenty of the art commentators have it saved. I doubt anyone is going to reupload it.

No. 1055029

This is fucking hilarious. She made the one successful video that actually made Creepshow take accountability for some of the bullshit she has done, only to be worse, and then have to take it down. I am shocked at how stupid this is.

No. 1054212

This all feels like it's dragging on for way longer than it has to be

No. 1053315

I'm glad she's calling out Peaches now. Peaches seems like such a leech.

No. 1051438

I know a couple of commentary channels have made videos defending her, so I am pretty sure they wrote some of this for her. Namely Edwin's Generation, since he always simps for terrible people.

No. 1047656

File: 1601345369413.png (204.99 KB, 952x896, Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 7.10…)

No. 640315

Knock off creepshow but worse in every way

No. 1046601

When she made her video on Shannon, Shannon lost 1k subs but immediately bounced back. In less than a month, she is losing more than Shannon and has a worse reputation.

No. 1046098

Shannon being aware of her means D'Angelo is also aware of her. They are friendly and I wouldn't be surprised if she is getting her friends involved. Edwin went off on Tobi on stream before

No. 1046077

I'm trying to find it because she definitely deleted it, but it said something like she knows about what is going on, but isn't making a video because she doesn't want people to think she is deflecting. It came off as I don't like Tobi either, but if I talk about it I'll look bad.

No. 1046071

I think Shannon tweeted the other day that she wasn't going to talk about this and deleted it. I still watch her and have her tweet notifs on, and she definitely mentioned tobi

No. 638846

Demi: Those images, the livestreams and everything he said about selena gomez is fake
two days later:

No. 634775

She couldn't even write the title of her video correctly. Why would anyone buy from her?

No. 1023124

Didn't she do the same thing to Creepshow though? She full on called out Creepshow of calling people out with no evidence but now is doing this.

No. 1014049

I thought she was going to be better than creepshow… But creep isn't even milky enough for her own thread. What the fuck.

No. 574143

ok tobi. you really are shannon 2.0

No. 551693

I doubt even half of the men who even posts this stuff could afford a stay at home mom with multiple children. There’s a reason women are opting to have less children and it’s because it’s expensive. Don’t they know wages have stagnated for over a decade? I would never even think to be a stay at home mom, what happens if they divorce you and you are left with no recent work history and an extra mouth to feed? Being financially dependent on someone as an adult is the worst possible thing you can do.

No. 967249

This is not photoshopped at all, do you even know how photoshopping works? It’s very clear she is an escort and has a very wealthy family

No. 770990

It’s so sad how hard she has to suck in even with all that lipo. Why would she lose with her legs out like that? You would think she’d have her legs together it just looks strange

No. 538768

They're in a long distance relationship though, so it doesn't really change anything. He only has to pretend to like women at most one month of the year

No. 950050

I like how the other comment in this thread talks about men “fetishizing lesbians. I mean for christ sakes it’s always in the top 5 categories for pornhub. No sane person cares Holly is a Fujo. Only fakebois would whine about something like this.

No. 948291

File: 1584825812029.jpeg (559.35 KB, 1242x946, 39BED1B8-FE75-408B-AF7D-614F7D…)

It was only successful thanks to YouTube algorithm and how every other art drama YouTuber talked about her.. notice how all of her other videos get no views? Also this is to the anon in the salt thread who was curious of how Uncle’s fiancé would get over here. She wants her parents to support them both which he wasn’t too fond of. Also more of Racist being weird to her partner and forcing him to drink Soylent and wash with girl bodywash (And more weird art from her as well)

No. 948253

I’m just confused how she’s unaware of the fact she also is a woman. It’s like she thinks she’s a fit guy who draws like Ruan jia. If anything she seems pretty autistic and depressed herself.

No. 948228

File: 1584814616503.jpeg (818.93 KB, 1242x1722, F38B891F-333C-458F-8115-BC291E…)

This was the case in the other discord as well. The admin of the discord even disliked her for a very long time until she boosted the server and the other admins wanted her to be a mod. (This is because she was on the server 24/7 and was in the voice chats everytime they happened

No. 948217

File: 1584813225694.jpeg (847.75 KB, 1242x2043, 6AB290CE-238A-42E1-854B-4A8CAF…)

>mistaking Uncle for a tranny
the insults have come full circle

No. 529013

I just tried to find any cases of them interacting publicly, because holy shit, but all I could find was RU making fun of CSA and CSA never responding like a friend. I highly doubt these two were actually friends.
Which is kind of hilarious, seeing as RU thought they were for some reason

No. 947960


From what I've found, Creepshow would only talk to her in the comments of her own videos, but it was way back when she had less subs and would talk to anyone. RU took that to mean they were friends ig and went around saying she was friends with CS, but Creep has never posted anything about her.

No. 947943

File: 1584735042733.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1757, 5D5BCD85-8F59-4CAF-A6A0-679749…)

It was only on the voice-chat, they wiped everything on that server as well because someone notified them of them “bullying their precious 4chan princess”. The only thing I’ve seen is on her other server where she groups creepshowart into her mental illness video. Pictures is her ragging on other youtubers

No. 947929

File: 1584732738262.jpeg (843.18 KB, 1102x1128, 750AF050-CAD3-478A-AF5C-467A3D…)

I can’t believe she has been harassing Holly for five years (and with audio clips, just why?) She has no right calling Cinnabunni obsessed when Uncle is the real vendetta-chan

No. 947920

File: 1584731455878.png (2.42 MB, 3840x2160, 3716EACF-0739-4E0C-BD7D-C78C01…)

Im not sure, but from what I’ve gathered Uncle does not consider any women as friends. All I’ve ever seen from her is put them down, like how she’ll be buddy buddy with creepshowart. but then, make fun of how fat and ugly she is in the discord.
Also her on 4chan “improving” people’s art

No. 947913

File: 1584730404174.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1142x1124, 7562730C-60A8-4BA5-9021-1BFD18…)

I really think Racist just thinks she’s a really good artist. None of her redraws ever look better than the original. Imagine thinking you “mogged” someone with your horrible chicken scratch
Just be aware they look at this thread.

No. 947899

File: 1584729178707.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1072x1600, A1F58A63-D112-4B96-AED9-BB6BD4…)

No, they didn’t talk about it although they were kicking a lot of farmers who joined their discord from the salt thread. Also here’s some more Racist being delusional, her art is the bottom.

No. 947894

*meant mods are called admins there

No. 947893

File: 1584726259206.jpeg (257.24 KB, 1242x1696, 8ABA30A5-EEC6-4172-B35B-94713C…)

Also just to make it clear this was a raid by her discord she was a mod of (they call the admins, mods there). They had a voice chat the other day and came on here to shit up the thread. Also Racist talking about drawing Loli rape.

No. 947888

Honestly I feel bad for Holly, she really didn’t deserve the level of hatred Racist spat at her. Her video on her was mostly just making fun of her appearance/lifestyle. Racist is just a sad hypocrite

No. 528857

File: 1584722071021.jpeg (882.82 KB, 1242x1061, 175F1EEA-6B0D-46B7-A2D8-96731E…)

Isn’t creepshowart friends with racist uncle? I wonder if she shares the same view points racist does. Racist uncle even drew her fanart and made a video defending her

No. 947850

The funny thing is she left that server temporarily along with her slave of a husband. Couldn’t handle an lolcow thread made of her. I wonder what sort of damage control she’ll try to pull.

No. 947845

File: 1584718132637.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 335.73 KB, 1242x1947, 64093E6E-7FD0-478D-A943-89C707…)

She also is a pick-me

No. 528494

Says the person who doesn't know how lolcow works.

No. 528486

I find it weird whenever creepshow is brought up, there are always people around who never want to talk about her and use base level insults for her. Her stans are dumb as fuck.

No. 947434

File: 1584631178400.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1088x1654, AE1E0EC4-6ED9-4296-B4F8-3E1CC5…)

Yeah, it seems she sees Holly Brown in herself. To think she was ever pic related and didn’t have any sympathy for Holly’s weight gain. Especially because Holly’s was due to bipolar medication.

No. 947351

Who's going to talk about the fact that Racist Uncle's in a green card marriage with a fat autistic man who has a hand fetish?

No. 947097

It’s beautiful that racist uncle brings her dogs into this thread from her discord that she’s a mod of to try and get it deleted.

No. 527632

File: 1584558324103.jpeg (711.59 KB, 1242x1609, BCA76823-A907-469A-95E9-19C006…)

Yes that is her drawing, and she still lurks the holly brown thread. She lurks the redraw threads too. I think she legit thinks redrawing holly brown’s art constantly will somehow improve her art.
Also sort of related but here’s a video she made wasting her time. Have no idea why someone would waste their time making a video like this and constantly injected holly in every video she can. She just has such a huge hate boner for Holly.

No. 527596

File: 1584555545645.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 921.99 KB, 1242x1947, 3559FC44-2131-402B-910A-D5C362…)

More of Racist uncle’s reasoning for drawing porn. Imagine being this infected by r9k incels.

No. 527534

File: 1584551498143.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 561.33 KB, 1005x1253, CEB378CD-3659-45D3-9FAF-736057…)

I have no idea who that YouTuber was.
She doesn’t really listen to her own advice, her art is always really bad, and wonky. Why would she actually pay attention to Proko or any artbooks that she screeches about?

No. 527495

File: 1584550251811.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 411.37 KB, 1242x1016, BBE59694-3836-4546-A022-77799A…)

Yeah she has very strange/shitty excuses for drawing degenerate porn. Maybe she’s just hyper-sexual. For example she’s just being an “epic maymer trollface” and totally just spent hours drawing this to get at the YouTuber.

No. 527488

File: 1584549715644.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 896.21 KB, 1215x1108, 731B402C-4CC6-470C-B6B2-0DD736…)

Sorry for samefag (forgot to spoiler image)

No. 527487

File: 1584549642418.jpeg (896.21 KB, 1215x1108, 198CD15C-7709-4527-A76C-C2C16F…)

She’s gotten worse and really her proficiency in art is all over the place. It’s funny what being a crab does to you. I really think her way older work (2017 and before) were better than her more recent work.

No. 527384

File: 1584544705568.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 317.56 KB, 1242x776, 2C0994A0-BBC1-450A-890A-AE02B1…)

I was wondering if I should/would be allowed to post something? I have found Racist uncle draw what looks like toddlercon. It is very disturbing, it’s on her personal server that she left for whatever reason? Also here’s her drawing porn for holly brown on this personal server as well.

No. 526919

I mean you could ask racist uncle the same question about why she’s so obsessed with Holly brown. She even goes through her hours long live-streams and is obsessed with every little thing about her. Really though I I understand, holly brown has several threads here, she’s milky and cringey. Racist uncle is just like her, chubby, ugly, bad at art, yet she also has tricked herself into thinking she’s good and she’s a pick-me while we’re at it.

No. 764255

File: 1584436811551.png (107.03 KB, 310x669, Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 3.30…)

Laur tried to buy CSA's information

No. 763695

I think it was her. I remember when creep was talking about the first video PP said something along the lines of I was going to make a video in response to something. I'm going to see if I can find the screenshot

No. 523569

Someone on twitter directly called Peaches out for this and she hasn't said anything in response. I bet Creepshow is planning a video right now.

No. 523462

imagine making Creepshow Art look good.

No. 523432

File: 1583871286757.png (99.97 KB, 478x561, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 1.14…)

Same fag but why does she thinks she's famous enough to leach off of?

No. 523425

She got mad because CSA didn't criticize him more about his Hazbin review though, so I'm pretty sure they aren't friends. Or if they are, she's probably going to try to grow because of him

No. 523412

So let me get this straight, this girl goes around befriending youtubers, rips off their content, says exactly what they say in less interesting ways, and then, after that person puts them on their channel and asks their followers to follow this clone, she turns into a bitch? What a fucking cow.
I want to figure out who else she has done this to, because how she talks, it can't just be Shannon. This is disgusting

No. 523389

She's so overdramatic, she's making CSA look good

No. 523374

Okay so peaches is just a snake. Creepshow even put her on her channel… what the hell

No. 523366

I've become slightly intrigued by this, so here's what I can tell. Peaches got mad at Shannon a month or so ago because Shannon made a video on PK Russel where she said his criticism of hasbin hotel "didn't matter" and the people who criticized him were nit picking. It's obvious she didn't watch the videos, because she is lazy.
She publicly said Shannon was being rude and didn't do enough research, but Shannon apologized publicly and somehow was praised for it by the people she offended. Then this month Shannon does the Jaclyn Hill video, and she starts posting about being disappointed in her idol, and saying shit like she's mud slinging, all while not tagging her "idol" Shannon. Shannon seems unbothered or simply doesn't notice because she's retarded, and posts that woman's day post about how they are friends and she is like her mini me. This causes peaches to freak out, unfollow her on both her private account and public account, and start talking shit about her. Shannon notices and seems upset, but doesn't do anything. Peaches keeps talking shit, to the point where people are calling it out, but is now pretending she isn't doing that.

Unless I missed something or Shannon was a bitch privately, Peaches is a sensitive baby and Shannon is retarded.

No. 523339

File: 1583858160077.jpeg (129.59 KB, 828x540, B68D82D4-4A68-48AC-933C-E8400D…)

Did she went to full preacher mode?

She makes zero sense in what she’s talking about and who.

No. 523329

File: 1583855761842.png (130.64 KB, 442x649, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 8.55…)

People are starting to notice she's talking about creepshow and calling her out on it

No. 523226

People are calling her out for talking about Jaclyn Hill and talking about Jaclyn's father and saying she's a bully. Peaches said she didn't agree with the video and that she thought it was bullying on twitter, so that's why she's mad.
Creepshow isn't being cancelled though, which is stupid. I just checked social blade and she's been gaining nonstop

No. 523216

File: 1583812039418.png (31.26 KB, 450x108, Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 8.44…)

I looked more into it and it's definitely Creepshow. Creepshow made a SJW bullshit woman's day post yesterday and included her, probably not knowing any of this.
Creep even said she was 4kidzcreepshow art in her post and she didn't even like it or respond. She based her entire personality and youtube life on her and now hates her for seemingly no reason.

No. 523210

File: 1583811050702.jpeg (80.99 KB, 809x372, 0E1ECE0D-C752-4CF8-BDE0-A4DA32…)

I agree what a fucken slime.

No. 523208

She has 10,000 subscribers and acts like a baby

No. 523196

File: 1583809411121.png (26.04 KB, 447x70, Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 8.01…)

I just checked and despite her tweeting at CSA before this, she posted this and now doesn't follow her at all, but keeps talking about how someone she admired disappointed her and she was shaking and crying talking about it. What a cow.

No. 523188

If you look into it, on her twitter she is full on slamming CSA nonstop now because it's popular. She copied creepshows entire channel, and now is saying she hates her?

No. 939166

"she's never here"

says the guy who refused to let her move in with him and negs her online. isn't he supposed to be a dom? shouldn't he want to be closer to her?

No. 757344

Fucking brilliant! I knew he doxxed creepshow wrong but that's amazing

No. 929280

i just did a twitter advanced search, jared has never once posted the name holly on his account, meanwhile, holly won't stop posting about him… says a lot

No. 929234

that's twisted disaster.

No. 756014

File: 1581050168030.png (27.72 KB, 589x96, Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 8.35…)

same fag. didn't attach the picture

No. 756013

So I dmed creepshow about being doxxed to say I'm sorry she is going through this, and she let me know he didn't have her correct information and she was fine. But she thought it was funny he thought he had her full name, but now she posted this.

Seriously this guy can't dox to save his life.

No. 927909

she said in one video that she took it down because holly dmed her saying the video caused her to cut herself, and that made her feel uncomfortable. she cried about it in one video because she didn't want to be responsible for her actions. it was gross.

No. 509309

She's a commentary channel and having just forced myself to watch that video, the title makes sense? Why the fuck are we talking about her dumb ass when she doesn't even use her own art anymore? She's a talentless hack who is getting what she deserves and being doxxed.

No. 754428

an influencer bigger than creepshow is making a video.

No. 753331

apparently creepshows name is shannon chandler.

No. 752790

File: 1580106087744.png (240.29 KB, 592x504, Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 10.2…)

Loey Lane, who has 2 million youtube subs, Tom Harlock, who has 900k youtube subs, and Jakeyonce, who has like 90k subs have all tweeted/commented about Lillee Jean because of Shannon.

My guess is Shannon is going to get her friends involved.

No. 507345

>>507326 she did this before and i think gave one person 2k subs, but most of the people don't do good work or anything close to what she does, so they ended up losing them

No. 505436

Does anyone really believe that her grandma gave her permission for this? Cause she's been known to lie about things more the other artists, and i doubt that RANDOMLY out of the blue her grandma asked her to do this.

She's doing it for click bait and for views

No. 723700

what a couple they would be

No. 721760

repzion and creepshow have tweeted at each other before about onision and other people, so it's not surprising. I hope he does a deep dive and really blows the lid off of this

No. 720988

creepshow art is on twitter telling her fans to download the video and saying if it gets taken down to reupload it and saying she's going to spam the video everywhere.

No. 720986

No. 720801

Genuinely surprised at how well this video covers everything. Didn’t know who Shannon was before but I like her now

No. 720110

So creepshow art is making a video?

No. 470458

someone posted about emilys old minecraft channel in her comments and it's just as bad as she is now

No. 876906

Creepshow did make a video. Holly is talked about for like 5 minutes during the Ross draws video

No. 876807

She's painting herself as a victim because she knows dangelo and shannon are planning on making videos on her. Shannon says people are coming forward and you know dangelo has a hate boner for holly. She's already preparing for the storm

No. 876607

she mentioned before that she is going to focus on app only jobs because working a regular "9 to 5" makes her want to "slit her wrists". Either in td's video from San Japan or a stream from around that time, she stated that Holly has started working for postmates, and there was a door dash bag in the background. So I am guessing those are her jobs, but it has been hinted at on td's channel.

I used to work for both postmates and door dash, and you don't even need to interview or show proof on insurance. A lot of people do it in my area and they get stoned while they do it.

my guess is that holly started these jobs so she could be "her own boss", but didn't realize how long it would take her to get any money from these jobs. it also makes sense for her to go into hiding because creepshow already talked about how she most likely blew all the money she made on the kickstarter and now has to come up with the money, and pay 700 dollars in car payments, and possible rent

No. 876519

her jobs are all online based. she does door dash, post mates and uber. she has never had to show proof of insurance or proof license in order to do these jobs, because I know post mates and uber just allow you to sign up without a car and don't ask for any proof. Not sure about Uber, but I believe they want to know your license number and that's it.

holly has already gotten into 3 car accidents that we know of, and has talked about each of them online. I doubt that she has reported them, because if she has, that means her insurance is probably over 200 dollars a month, while her car payment is 500 dollars.

I don't trust her with these jobs at all, especially because a lot of it is based off of driving and customer interaction. If you are an uber or lyft driver, you can lose your job by being a jerk to a rider, and I guarantee she has probably had complaints. Same with postmates and door dash. She's going to end up getting fired. I give her a week before someone complains and get's her fired completely

No. 875366

i think holly is laying low because she's scare of CS. CS has been asking for people to dm her about holly's kickstarter and I feel like another video is coming

No. 871548

No seriously. She is. Creepshow already accused her of scamming her fans out of their money and lying about what her kickstarter was for, and according to TD she was really upset by that. Like TD tweeted and deleted about how creepshow is a shit stirrer and doesnt know what shes talking about.
So I think Holly has just been hiding away, not saying anything until she can finally send things out because she knows if she comes back and talks about all the money she made, she's going to have to answer on where her kickstarter is and I dont think shes even sent it to the printers

No. 463575

She sucks creepshows dick. Like every video she makes, creepshow would make the same video but with more swearing a day earlier

No. 462815

shannons apparently making a video with spoctor about this

No. 456337

dont care if you don't like me = continues to cry over forum not liking them

No. 456330

you said you sought the forum out to shit on one person, which means you are no better than anyone here. the fact that you're proud of yourself shows how absolutely ridiculous you are, mix with the fact that you have no idea why no one here likes you. you are just as desperate as creepshow, if not more so, because at least she's the least bit self aware

No. 456318

did you comment back to the wrong post? like i said, annoying and obnoxious.

No. 456299

jesus christ, this is the most insufferable thing i have ever read. however bad creepshow is, you are just as annoying and obnoxious.

No. 454835

She has more subs than syren but I see your point. She nonstop talks about them and I doubt they talk at all. I've never seen either of them reply to her.

No. 453584

It's only because it makes money. If she wasn't earning 500$ per video she would shut up

No. 857824

She makes no money off of YouTube after she torpedoed her last channel, makes little money on commissions because she constantly has to refund them, and cant even make money off of etsy. Shes a disaster

No. 453551

I dont understand this comment at all. Shes annoying as fuck but shes still gaining a lot of subs and shes hasn't been in any controversies. Theres nothing here to say people are catching on.
I think she just overreacted and made fake drama to serve as a promo for her video.

No. 453450

I dont think shes in the wrong here. She says that she does hit on drama but this isnt that. Which I agree with. It's a child predator. I'm more annoyed that shes again using someone elses art in her videos

No. 857519

i know a youtuber who made a video on her, and apparently she reached out to her for an apology. she emailed her and told her that she had Aspergers. the youtuber has a sister with Aspergers and told her while she is happy she got help and has a diagnosis, that doesn't negate her saying a girl deserved to be told to kill herself and doesn't lift her responsibility for her actions.

she was then blocked.

No. 452775

How did she respond?

No. 452494

… she didn't draw that. in the first second it says the art is done by someone else. she is doing a cool thing where she has her fans send her speed draws so we will stop making fun of her

No. 450018

I agree with her points actually and I really hate her. He made a kickstarter and told all his backers the art was finished and it would be ready to go in a year, and kept telling his backers everything was going well until it was close to the release date. Then he said there was an issue and he had to postpone another year. And now hes doing it again, refusing to send refunds to the people who are asking (which are a lot if you check the kickstarter comments) and then released a separate book, that he apparently was working on at the same time. My mom gave to the kickstarter because she loves him, but when he announced his other book, even she was annoyed.
Theres a reason why most of the comment are positive and he gets really defensive about it. He didnt plan it well, and while i dont think he scammed anyone, I think he fucked up and should give people refunds

No. 449840

didn't cr**pshow get into this kind of shit as well? but with hers, it was just cause someone direct messaged her that drawing black people was racist. i think kasey's shit is way worse, and there is more of a case to be made that it's racist

No. 449758

emily artful uploaded 2 videos trying to explain her absence, when in reality she left because her views are terrible. before she left, she was tweeted and deleting about how bad her views were, becuase no one wants a podcast of her talking with other artists. people want fake storytimes from her, and thats it. that's why none of her other content breaks 100k.
so she makes a video saying she almost killed her child 2 times because she got him sick, then when no one cared, pretended it was creator burn out.

No. 446239

has any one posted about emily artfuls past of being an "antifeminist anime loving im not like other girls" girl? here she is essentially trying to impress a bunch of neck beards while they talk about anime girls they want to have sex with

No. 445761

So we're still doing the everyone talking about creepshow is creepshow meme?

No. 445576

I never noticed so it cant be that jarring. I always thought she was trying to be funny whenever she fucks up a word

No. 445489

I think she speaks fine… what do you mean?

No. 445326

Dangelo is the guy that everyone pretends to like but no one really does. He tried to get in tight with a lot of them, and because he talked about drama and made holly look like a tool, they befriend him for safety.
I think holly sucks, but before hud video came out, no one in the community said shit. Then she decided to rebrand and delete, and is pretty much at zero still. Their all scared of that

No. 847663

I work in yotuber relations, so i can provide more of a breakdown. For ever 1k view holly gets, she gets one dollar. If she has multiple ads on a video, like one ever 3 minutes, she get 3 dollars per 1k views. From what I've seen, she just let's YouTube auto place ads, so shes earning one dollar per 1 k view. This doesnt include any revenue her fans can give her during streams, but we usually recommend youtubers dont stream because most people dont watch those. A YouTuber who can get 24 thousand people to watch a video is going to get less then 1k people on the stream, and they most likely won't donate. Streams lose you more money because business' who want to work with you will see your average views per video drop significantly.

With my metric, I've determined that holly made less than 30 dollars last month, give or take. She might have earned a couple dollars streaming, but shes not making any money from YouTube

No. 442168

shes said she's dyslexic and has a speech impediment. so im not surprised

No. 439287

One note Wally, popping off at the mouth again. Creepshow recently made a video about how they are best friends and so close and I think that she told him to acknowledge lolcow and the forums to avoid getting on them

No. 842041


She traced this. This is literally traced from an Emily artful sketch

No. 436824

apparently they are friends now. like i follow ready to glare on twitter and they are constantly tweeting each other. shes sucking up to her for promo.

No. 436807

anyone else notice that creepshow art is being a scum bag and now featuring her followers art instead of her own? she can't even be fucked to draw shit herself, and is having her followers submit it and is saying she is doing it as a way to "help them get exposure"

No. 836978

But look who's interviewing her. It's the I'm not like every artist please be my friend I want more subs girl that lies in her storytimes. Of course she is going to interview baylee

No. 432288

I'm pretty sure its because he was working with DC on a teen titans comic. He's been swamped with that and the fact that he has to actually do more in a shorter amount of time. The same thing is probably going to happen to Jacquelin "same face" deleon. She's working on a DC comic as well and probably will vanish due to lack of time and stress

No. 833779

I don't like her that much but that's such a reach for me I can't. Also everytime someone says anything about csa everyone thinks it's her immediately and unless someone wants to make a thread I say let's just not talk about her

No. 833670

Shannon wasn't even a channel during the spoctor shit and made an apology after the James Charles shit came out and deleted her initial video on it saying she no longer agreed with it. I like her, but know she's done some like "I'm not like other girls shit" but how are you going to be upset with her for something that she acknowledged? She even refused to talk about the slazo situation because of James Charles. Why the fuck are we still talking about her on this?!

No. 832965

god you’re annoying. people can like and not like her and sometimes, becauses she a gnat and gets into shit, it comes up. none of us are her.

No. 832956

I don’t She’s ever talked about something that’s needed research, has she? She’s just a bad pyro clone

No. 832936

I don’t think she lurks anymore. Someone posted screenshots of talking to her and she said something like how she trolled lolcow so now we don’t talk about her, likes she’s a master mind

No. 832899

File: 1562428520500.jpeg (328.63 KB, 1242x863, 2783FA77-1A94-4215-9201-85D438…)

I am pretty sure CSA is making a video about holly. She said in an Instagram post that her next video is on an artist who has stolen thousands on Kickstarter and I asked her about it and she was cryptic.

No. 831017

God this guy fucking sucks. The youtuber He’s talking about made a video calling him out for being a prick, and was one of the main reasons he lost a bunch of subs, so of course he jumped on to this. Fucking idiot. All he said in the video was “I don’t think Holly’s doing that” and that the youtuber needs to get some help. what a moron.

No. 424894

File: 1561218321490.jpeg (506.96 KB, 1120x1684, 5C8689DC-D866-4A40-95CB-1AD547…)

I’m talking about the art. She’s gotten better. I can actually look at her shit now and not hate it

No. 424836

File: 1561202671929.jpeg (502.83 KB, 1242x903, 31D77A0E-A468-4E4D-9548-9A2717…)

He’s worse than creepshow. At least she had the ability to grow and is doing something completely different than what she started with. He’s doing the same thing on repeat, acting like he’s doing something big, and now admits to creeping on lolcow.

No. 818476

File: 1559763891067.jpeg (893.7 KB, 1242x1761, 571953D4-0A19-4128-BB15-B4A88C…)


No. 818475

File: 1559763863288.jpeg (918.61 KB, 1242x1802, 884E8E5D-FEF0-4745-A3B7-9B77D8…)

Update on the kt milk: so I guess last night she felt pretty bold and decided to call out the person who made the video, despite saying she thought it was funny and non malicious before, but the girl wasn’t having any of it. I actually kind of love this interaction

No. 401097

What are her other channels?

No. 400931

The original poster seems defensive in the comments so who knows

No. 400895

All of the comments are supportive. What the fuck?

No. 400856

I know we have decided to excise creepshow but she’s on r/delusionalartists for her merch

No. 395094

ok, instagram artist here with over 15 k followers. it's pretty easy to see when someone has bought their followers. if someone has 10 k, they should be earning about 1-4 k likes per post. if she has 25 k followers, but less than 1 k are liking her posts, she bought them. or bought a lot of them to appear like she's something

No. 391360

File: 1553657520395.jpeg (305.25 KB, 1125x1505, 2015BE4A-E0A4-4A5C-AB98-CCD2F5…)

Why complain?

No. 390049

It’s also annoying when they are promoting their shop daily. Sometimes people just want to see art.

No. 389826

File: 1553300825562.jpeg (296.05 KB, 1125x1947, BA9FC61F-0597-4E4F-A2D6-3A6A7E…)

I know sometimes Instagram doesn’t show you posts. But sometimes accounts aren’t being used daily or have been abandoned. Maybe people don’t care to like your art. I know I don’t double click on every post on insta. It’s kinda annoying to keep these big accounts complain about their following not being engaged. When I know some of these artist don’t engage with their following.

No. 388149

Ok emily. We get you want to post this. No one cares

No. 387700

File: 1552838307947.jpeg (181.98 KB, 1125x1598, DFC2E0A2-A856-4A62-874C-A6442E…)

What is up with artists and some YouTube influencers making T-shirts about anxiety?

No. 387064

File: 1552680523351.png (6.37 MB, 1125x2436, 74440656-E930-4022-B1E6-4DDC5F…)

What do you guys think of artists asking for donations for themselves?

No. 384887

File: 1552158349198.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1125x1511, 578DF389-F8A1-457C-A875-12E7A5…)

I don’t know if it’s just me but it bugs me when people plaster watermarks all over their work. It just kinda takes away from it and can’t really enjoy it. I stopped putting them unless if it’s a portrait of someone.

No. 384463

She is Creepshows friend and has piggy backed off her.

No. 383859

File: 1551857869113.jpeg (442.64 KB, 1125x1362, 35668A49-A1BC-4298-990A-06FF55…)


No. 383159

I get it’s her style but that nose

No. 378152

File: 1550910458082.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1900, FB75492B-2024-48FC-A748-7BC324…)

What do you guys think of Leilani joy ? I use to keep up with all her videos about 7 years ago but I feel like she hasn’t improved as much.

No. 375236

I feel like meyoco’s traditional art was better than her digital

No. 374690

Seems like people nowadays are very sensitive to everything. I’ve received unsolicited critique and I respond positively. It’s like if you were to work customer service, people give their opinions and you just respond in a positive way. Artist need to learn how to say thank you for the feedback and move on. Stop making a big deal out of everything. So unnecessary.

No. 373751

File: 1550184350628.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2032x2048, 2186CDEC-F13F-4F64-9F3F-7863DA…)

I usually love Kasey’s art, but damn, this is uncomfortable to look at.

No. 373391

True she started doing sketches and been pushing her gum road sketchbook a lot recently and showing her old work

No. 373386

Oh i thought it was going to be an actual claim… this is just bullshit

No. 372483

File: 1550007293473.jpeg (2.17 MB, 1125x2064, C745C320-00C1-4384-8EF3-90AD54…)

she uses such a boring color palette

No. 371581

So someone called creepshow art racist. Does any one know more about this???

No. 371448

Emily artful for sure lurks. She literally freaks out on Twitter about lolcow and mean comments then deletes them.

No. 371297

No. 776469

I used to be friends with holly. Like I was a fan of her channels and I ended up dming her and she was funny and fine at first but has since turned into a complete and utter gremlin.

Here’s some mild tea that we might already know, I’m new.

1. She once found a dead rat in her room and left it there until it rotted, at which point she tried to pay a friend to remove it but they wouldn’t and she had to hire someone to remove it and they found mold on it and informed her it was unhealthy if her to stay there. She then said she had to suffer for her art and if she got sick, it would be okay cause she did it for her art
2. The holly brown is an art scrub video pissed her off because she said the critiques didn’t account for her style
3. She hates more other youtubers but really had it out for Emily artful and creepshow Art. Said she sent fake screenshots on a fake account to creepshow so she would think emily was talking shit, didn’t realize that emily and creepshow know each other, and freaked out when creepshow called her out behind the scenes.
4. Thought moving to a new YouTube channel would be a smart business move not knowing that monetization takes months. Was told that later, wanted to go back to her old YouTube but literally got locked out of it because she deleted her password information
5. Had to be talked out of copyright striking D Angelo Wallace for his video. She wanted it taken down and didn’t give a shit how to do it.
6. Manipulated a young fan out of 200 dollars because she told them she would be homeless in a month if she didn’t get the money, used the money to buy herself more art supplies, continues to lie to that fan about it.
And finally
Doesn’t actually have an eating disorder or mental health issues that have been diagnosed. Openly admitted to making most of t up because she thinks it looks better online. She straight up said that it’s more meaningful if you’re say your depressed when you make art.

No. 369848

She’s from New Mexico. Not exactly know for great schools, let alone art classes.
That being said, this shit is pathetic. She 100% most likely traces her realism pieces.

No. 369838

She use to complain about people complaining about high shipping prices on her single stickers. I use to sell on Etsy and I’d only charge less than $1. Instead of offering to ship it with just a postage stamp and have more sales on stickers, she’s tries to explain that shipping prices is out of her control . If a sticker gets lost in the mail it isn’t expensive to ship another out.

No. 369811

File: 1549671049675.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1125x1632, C10B15D9-05C6-488D-AB09-E15FBA…)

No. 369528

Matter of opinion boo!

No. 369318

They really wanted to include that thigh gap

No. 368602

File: 1549508222829.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2048x2048, EA36D76A-137B-42D9-A25D-630339…)

Here’s another one

No. 368601

File: 1549508174617.jpeg (580.22 KB, 2048x2048, EB35FD26-E993-45D9-8ACC-3B131D…)

I was reverse searching some of her art. I don’t understand how she got 11k followers

No. 368028

File: 1549420135185.jpeg (581.09 KB, 1125x2308, BF630BE7-2A3C-4E82-85CC-FE64C6…)

For her realistic work it just seems like she’s copying images and making a “collage” and trying to pass it as a digital painting.

No. 367852

File: 1549400263807.jpeg (581.09 KB, 1125x2308, 249231F3-C5CF-4616-B648-9F409E…)

For her realistic work it just seems like she’s copying images and making a “collage” and trying to pass it as a digital painting.

No. 366081

She already took it down. I don’t know at least creepshow stands by some of her more aggravating shit

No. 366047

File: 1549140996038.jpeg (181.53 KB, 750x1334, 773F078D-DE66-40C1-B191-B28EE2…)

So she’s our new creepshow now?

No. 365997

File: 1549131885083.png (772.95 KB, 750x1334, F61CE313-F01A-466A-99C9-3655F9…)

More from gothcell

No. 365807

She’s going to be 19 in May.

No. 365738

She’s an incredibly insecure, sad little girl who shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet.

No. 365710

File: 1549080113805.png (829.59 KB, 750x1334, A77F0656-FA5F-40E0-8A85-4166BC…)

Oh she’s mad. Because people are speaking the truth and she can’t handle it.

No. 365699

File: 1549077896525.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, AA3C5581-7096-4872-A1B7-142562…)

Also, a total creep show copycat uwu

No. 365698

File: 1549077858065.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 95D9CB14-7861-4DE4-84C9-18926D…)

Long story short, gothcell made a curious cat and got valid critism. There’s way more on her page.

No. 364652

Just the whole part about her going off about “omg! I’m so creative! My art is so special!” When it’s not. She’s just an angsty teen who draws herion chic bitches.

Right? She doesn’t even have any pieces that are gallery quality, even for more avant-garde places.

No. 364575

File: 1548893898585.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, E8E8585F-2253-40AA-9A10-95EC7D…)

Except you’re not that creative. Get over yourself you narcasstic douchebag

No. 362192

File: 1548701979700.jpeg (233.9 KB, 750x788, AFB44A43-2065-4CA5-BC3B-96BC99…)

Old gothcell milk but damn…this is your edgy crackhead queen? All over a flow in a song that’s not that original anyway.

No. 359998

She’s literally pathetic and seems so fake.

No. 359582

File: 1548376200302.jpeg (468.08 KB, 750x1109, 641B13D3-648A-4311-825F-574B95…)

Part two

No. 359581

File: 1548376160009.jpeg (679.68 KB, 750x1111, 95974A72-7469-4B88-A5B7-7E3A06…)

So now gothcell is just cringy

No. 358266

wait okay… so you showed up in her dm's, asked to be in a video with her, she said no, and you are "exposing" her for saying no to you?

No. 358235

You were vague. They literally told you you were being vague and you responded like a chad.

No. 358156

It sounds like you were a brat and tried to get her to collab with you and when she said no you got pissed. She doesn’t have to collab with you and actually collaborating with people she knows and trusts makes a lot more sense to me then with any creator that pops up in her DMs…
if you have more damning DMs I say drop them sonyou dont look like such a tool

No. 358139

I hope she does make a video because I have screen shots of her shit behavior in our DMs.
I asked her to collab and she gave me a bullshit answer saying she doesn’t collab with people who’s content she doesn’t watch, and said she would have to look into me, then when I said just watch my content she went on a tangent about how she doesn’t have time to and she was rude.
She had 60k followers because she’s a moron who got lucky on two uploads. I hope she literally falls off

No. 358118

There’s going to be a video in a week. this is so tired

No. 358111

Like I said, she’s spastic. She can’t even stay on topic for like a minute and is constantly fucking around. It’s annoying. She does love drama though. Like she thinks its funny when people fuck up, but she loses interest in like 10 minutes. She’s actually a disaster. I don’t know how she’s successful because she shits out in two hours and barely edits them

No. 358103

Oh my god. Are you trying to get her to make a video on you? Fucking retard.

No. 358099

She’s rude and I don’t care if she knows I’m on here

No. 358089

File: 1548138496124.jpeg (61.31 KB, 1242x371, FB185ED1-17C0-480A-818A-1C3367…)

I don’t think she links herself. I’m a smaller art tuber and her exact words were she got bored of lolcow and that was like… 4 days ago?
She’s really spastic so I think she has a short attention span or something actually wrong with her

No. 358077

I hate creepshow but like why is this video here? It’s just a video talking about the algorithm. There’s no milk

No. 358071

Completely agree. People are so stuck on style that it’s ridiculous

No. 355468

God dammit. Emily keeps doing paid sponsorships and has full on stopped giving a fuck

No. 355301

i think a lot of the people who draw like that actually like that stuff.

No. 355288

File: 1547671760689.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 3B63C973-8335-43D2-B2A2-DE6B77…)

Here’s another one. We don’t need to find reasons when you flaunt them around.

No. 355287

File: 1547671722044.jpeg (739.76 KB, 1242x1716, AA6625A0-ABE5-426E-92C8-674838…)

I feel like we neglect Emily on here a lot and she’s so milky

No. 354461

File: 1547515233955.jpeg (703.65 KB, 750x1066, B5E75357-5B32-4EF1-8FE8-6FBBCA…)

Dislikes tryhards, ignorance and being bossed around

Yet she is all those things. She’s honestly pathetic

No. 354337

Got anymore screenshots of this?

No. 353931

File: 1547427202187.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 8AD0F89D-924F-49A4-BD3B-024598…)

We think you’re prententious and need to get over yourself.

No. 353318

Anyone talking about creep is creep herself, confirmed

No. 353299

I watched and it kind of explains a lot about why she says she’s more used to getting hate. Her being on lolcow kind of seems like how she copes with shit after years of someone attacking her online. Makes sense why she is so stand offish.

Also her art in this video has improved a lot. Like she does hands and the colors actually work nicely together

No. 352921

File: 1547237824019.png (286.22 KB, 750x1334, 872131BE-ADD5-42B9-A11B-399D70…)

If gothcell/egospit/spitcell does make one, it’ll be very milky.

No. 350999

No, the camgirling came after she got clean. She was on heroin for a very short while, after that short while, she was on YouTube under the name emily sugarfruit. I know this because I was a fan of that channel and if you find her deviant art at the time, she talks about how she has recently just gotten clean and sober.
As emily sugarfruit, she reviews anime, dances in a bikini, and did a whole video naked in a bathtub. She also wrote an entire comic based off of one piece so she could fuck the main character.
Not to mention bully Other female reviewers and tell them they weren’t hot enough to be as popular as she was.
That was what she did on heroin.
She then got clean, started to be a cam girl and then started doing storytimes, which she said she created and now gets mad at any other youtuber who tries.
She is a cow who likes to pretend she’s better than everyone and has her shit together.

No. 350485

Tbh, I just don’t think she knows how to draw anything besides crackhead girls faces.
I haven’t seen her draw or even try to draw anything else.

No. 350476

Their followers are fake. I have over 10k on insta and I get more likes on my shit with less followers. She either has the most inactive followers or she bought a lot of them to fuel her ego

No. 350457

File: 1546887096751.jpeg (175.05 KB, 750x853, 428C80BB-A0B1-407E-952B-613265…)

Off topic, sorry but, idk how this bitch has almost 20k with art like this. Yeah, the face is ~aesthetic~ but lord, that hand and arm

No. 349771

but you just said her point. what you just said was her point. You guys are like agreeing with her but then turning around and saying you hate her.

No. 349479

Can you link please? I gotta see this.

No. 349319


Oh but her art is soooo ~*unique*~ because she draw alternative girls and puts in ~*edgy*~ pictures in it uwu

No. 349309

File: 1546656921920.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 08FEA70B-7942-49E9-B75D-1EA143…)

Okay, but fuck gothcell/egospit/spitcell or whatever the fuck her name is.

Seriously. Shut the fuck up or take about something else for once. Or don’t post your art online.

No. 348774

It’s like, 98% of ideas are unoriginal or inspired by something else and there’s literally nothing wrong with that. On top of that, you can’t steal a style. How else would art movements happen if no one ever was inspired or borrowed from anyone?

It’d be different if someone was stealing her OCs or storylines or whatever. But she just bitches about people “copying” her style. A style that’s not even that unique to begin with.

No. 348714

You can’t steal an idea… like… this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen

No. 348624

More from gothcell/egospit.

I really hate this bitch’s personality. She’s even worse on her private, glamorizing self harm and eating disorders.

Get the fuck over yourself, you didn’t invent crackhead girls with bob cut, putting words or pictures in your drawings.

Every edgy alternative teenager has done/still does that, including me when I was that age.

No. 348148

Creepshow art keeps growing… I imagine her getting big and even more egotistical

No. 347783

It’s because the channels that get a massive following are personality based channels. No one is following them because they think they are such magnificent artists. Its because they like the person behind the art. If you check comment sections you see that there are a lot of “I like you but I hate your art” and I think that’s because most people honestly feel that way

No. 345046

Creepshow just posted a video where she draws over coloring book pages and the description literally just says I’m doing this for views because I saw someone else do it

No. 335142

File: 1544092689156.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1949, E04354B0-3306-45EB-A134-129BD3…)

Have you guys seen Emily’s shitty jewelry and charms? Like do people actually buy these?

No. 334869

She literally has 4 other videos about the same thing where she says the same thing. Her content is repetitive and lame.

No. 334417

Ngl I actually kind of like that she acknowledges her faults. I critiqued her hard on her last video and she just plainly said she definitely needs to work on all the shit I listed instead of being a bitch about it.

No. 334372

ok emily

No. 333589

File: 1543817066739.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 443.95 KB, 1125x2031, D53F9E9B-55AC-4FFA-9A74-0C6E80…)

Have ya’ll heard of sandoner? I think her art isn’t good at all. She claims it’s worth thousand and she sells products too which are too overpriced and cheaply made from what I heard.

No. 333583

File: 1543816567979.png (5.87 MB, 1125x2436, 2B2D3480-6235-4302-B613-A27782…)

Have y’all heard of sandoner? I think her art is hideous. She has almost 200k on Instagram and claims her art is worth thousands. Even her products are too overpriced and cheaply made from what I heard.

No. 333499

Emily deletes a lot of her videos, but someone is reuploading them

No. 333413

I mean she did marry her husband after dating for less than a year. Like they met in April and were married in December. Not super bright

No. 333408

Say it’s a sketchbook storytime.
She said in problem with big youtuber video that she’s had to dm a bunch of artists to get them to rename it because so many people copy her and her creativity. She called anyone who does storytimes a clone of her. Because she totally jnveneted that genre

No. 333403

Wanna talk about emily artful? She full on has gone to small channels and told them not to do storytimes because they are her thing and her brand.

No. 332648

She’s back to posting fake stories now …. with more shitty art

No. 332090

No. 331867

File: 1543576207906.jpeg (804.22 KB, 1242x1793, E954A0A1-DC6E-47BC-B3D3-2C0EB9…)

No. 331656

File: 1543539491046.jpeg (278.84 KB, 1242x778, E695E829-4BCF-4F56-9BC0-7AF6EF…)

No. 331636

I dmed her to tell her going after lolcow was a bad idea and she said the video is about how artist need to stop getting butthurt over lolcow cause the criticism is helpful…-_-