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File: 1579593980936.png (773.43 KB, 900x900, 1578149284351.png)

No. 505757

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists reeeee
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean
so our opinions don’t bother them
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.


The fastest way to improve:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon

No. 505773

File: 1579601183629.jpg (553.96 KB, 3183x3999, EK13F1lUcAAqXPE.jpg)

It's like she so desperately wants to be an e-thot. She seems like the type to act like she's above it while inserting herself into her slutty oc

No. 505777

In the long run it doesn’t matter how she changes her style; she absolutely refuses to do any sort of fundamental studies and relies on style hopping. This is a beginner mistake that teenagers make that she somehow has yet to grow out of, and I honestly doubt she ever will. At the end of the day the artwork is still extremely mediocre and has glaringly obvious faults, it just has slightly more appealing symbols than the previous

No. 505782

Her belly botton is on her crotch and her tits are entering her windpipe lol

No. 505788

Why do begginers decide to make shitty tutorials. The poses she draw aren't even dynamic, they look stiff and unoriginal.

No. 505793

i like her art, but its not dynamic at all… if anything she can make tutorials about colors..? Shes also one of those people whose "sketchbooks" are just full of complete copic pictures which idont understand.

No. 505798

I'm all for unique art styles but this is fucking ugly.

No. 505799

Calling it a sketchbook is more about relatability than it is transparency, I imagine she has a seperate sketchbook she genuinely sketches in, it’s no secret that internet artists (and often even industry professionals) have a ‘sketchbook’ full of finished illustrations for show

I’m also mutuals with this artist and she’s quite chill and down to earth, her audience is primarily made up of teenagers so I imagine there was a push for her to share whatever knowledge she has. Why are anons ITT so anal about who shares what kind of information in regards to art, those who are serious about studying fundamentals will look for books and courses, beginners and youth are who will look for videos like this;
>inb4 wahhh soiling beginner artists and teaching bad habits
do you guys honestly think that the people who take such videos at face value wouldn’t be turned off by industry level tutorials? It’s a stepping stone.

No. 505801

People love trash artist tutorials because it's a shortcut to doing something without understanding it

No. 505809

File: 1579615739031.jpeg (153.26 KB, 1079x574, FCA883BE-D26F-4E04-8733-0BF72C…)

Goddamn why are her prices so expensive? Her art isn’t even that great.

No. 505811

File: 1579616316397.png (1.23 MB, 1229x758, 535534.PNG)

People like this are kind of why I gave up on mainstream youtube art tutorials. You can't take what would take at least a year or a book to learn and squeeze into a ten minute video. The only way to do this is to cut out a lot of info or be someone who doesn't have a full idea of what they're teaching.
Also it's hilarious to see what level most of the artist who are praising tutorials are at

No. 505814

I'm fine with them if they explicitly state they aren't professionals and it's best to get information from multiple sources and rec some good sources like Proko. It's fine to do a little tutorial about how you yourself draw and how you got there but there are definitely shitty artists that make tutorials acting like they're the end all be all with high school tier art because they have a large social media following. Holly comes to mind lol. Her same face video and anatomy mistakes video are peak failed artuber with inflated ego teaches children how to regress.

No. 505819

File: 1579617550218.jpg (106.76 KB, 784x1024, EDbbLvPU0AEjZPZ.jpg)

$150 AUD is like $100USD thats pretty typical for a full body artwork.
Imagine feeling entitled to someone's work that you'd shame them for charging barely living wage. At least her art is actually dynamic and interesting with lots and lots of detail and good colors.

No. 505824

Yep, I can easily see people paying 100USD for drawings of this level of competence, even though it’s not to my personal taste. There are professional comic artists who charge three times this much and don’t look halfway as appealing.

No. 505826

$150 AUD is piss all

No. 505827


Who cares? It's their work and time, they can charge whatever they want lmao stay pressed

No. 505835

I like how the OP is picking on them for charging a basic hourly wage. Work on your art instead of hate jerking on someone else's art that is obviously good enough that it's worth the cost. $100 is barely anything to most people who get actually get real commissions.

No. 505842

tell me why people are sperging out on twitter over art style thievery. I can only find bs tweets of “art style theft isn’t a thing” in regards to it but… am I wrong in thinking it IS a thing??? maybe I’m just not understanding.

No. 505844

>am I wrong in thinking it IS a thing??? maybe I’m just not understanding.
The type of person who makes a 'you stole my style' post is what caused the bad rep. A big artist with an unique style would rather keep professionalism and not stir up drama while smaller young artists who have a habit of having an inbred style will accuse others 24/7. It exist, but the over whelming cases of it are just art cow's making up something to be mad at.
The sperging is just art twitters current scapegoat. The first step to being an annoying artist to find the 2 minutes of hate thing.

No. 505847

parollel is one of the few popular instagram artists who's actually good, it's hilarious anon is so insecure they had to sperg about her not charging a petty internet wage.

No. 505865

File: 1579628503658.jpg (42.95 KB, 1315x419, Comments disabled.JPG)

Not sure if anyone has covered this, but JDL ended up disabling comments on that Zatanna speedpaint.

No. 505869

damn her views are so low compared to her subscriber count.

No. 505885

wonder how squarespace feels about it lmfao

No. 505887

She doesn't even have a collarbone. Also, where dafuq are her "ears" connected?? Is it supposed to be a part of her hair or smth??
Anon. Pls just stop. Anyone can charge whatever the hell they want. If they think that they are worth the value that they are charging, let them be. There are people out there who are willing to pay for their art, so it doesn't matter if you find it "expensive" or not when you're not even gonna commission them.
That guy's anatomy… yikes. The structure's perspective is almost at a bird's eye-view, and yet his body is just drawn straight-on? And yeah. Practice. Whoever that artist is, they need practice.
People who still believe in this shit are just insecure. They want to stop that person from "copying" them because sooner or later that person would improve using their style, and people (i.e., their fans) would just forget about them. Huhu.

No. 505903

So, she is unoriginal, can't take criticism, and has no backbone? Who would have thought? /s

No. 505921

Most teenagers who don't know where to start in art will go to youtube for tutorials, find these "tutorials" and get terrible habits from them. Also the fact that she labels her video as "dynamic poses" is really misleading.

No. 505950

>That guy's anatomy… yikes.
I actually thought it was just a flat woman… Something is really off about it automatically too. I think the shoulder area is not defined properly, and the chest is shaped weirdly.

No. 505954

This anatomy is all over the place on this. I'd like to think that they'd leave the floaty, overexaggerated facial features for more stylized drawings and not an anatomy tutorial for god's sake. Those tilted heart shaped mouths that artists like to draw nowadays look so stupid.

No. 505962

Again, do you really think that teenagers aren’t put off by industry standard tutorials? You’re acting like youtube isn’t chock full of genuinely good art advice, teenagers actively avoid such channels

No. 505983

Holly brown's channel got hacked

No. 505984

That's the reason i am telling you why this misinformation is bad for young artists.

No. 505987


There is some Russian in her about section;
А что подумал по этому поводу Кролик, никто так и не узнал, потому что Кролик был очень воспитанный.

This translates in Google to;
And no one knew what Rabbit thought about this, because Rabbit was very well-mannered.

…I'm sorry, this is wayyy to dramatic for me to believe this is real. Gonna need more proof. Especially since she posts saying "Support hasn't replied yet, I sent a ticket ten minutes ago." Yeah, this shit takes time, Holly.

No. 505997

Even when they have access to it, most teenagers aren't interested in learning proper techniques on their own. Most teenagers want to draw whatever media they're interested in, be it video games, anime, cartoons, etc. Obviously some teenagers gravitate away from that stuff and learn proper drawing eventually (good young artists have to come from somewhere after all,) but it's kind of rare. It's why most people who enjoyed art as teenagers were unable to make careers out of it as adults. You sort of have to enjoy the act of drawing/painting so much that you're willing to draw things you don't care about, or even things you hate.

That's why kids who go to art-specific high schools are at sort of an advantage– adults are literally forcing them to learn shit the right way the first time when they're young, before they acquire a bunch of bad habits from drawing animu and shit. I say "sort of" because really all the teachers are doing is introducing the kids to proper techniques. The onus is on the students to continue perusing that on their freetime/after high school.

Also, art tutorials on Youtube generally aren't the best way to learn, because so many of them contain misinformation and a beginner isn't going to know which ones are worth watching. It's not a coincidence that the best Youtube art tutorials (like pic related) are by people who have already published books on the subject. Honestly, just read books! Ebooks are usually pretty cheap these days.

Kids who want to learn will learn, and are more likely to make a career out of art. Kids who don't won't, and that's their problem.

No. 506001

do you think it's that one chick from like a year ago? she had rabbit ears or something right?

No. 506016

File: 1579674090791.jpeg (107.85 KB, 719x788, A0ADE7BD-93D8-4B8D-93F2-527146…)

Even a good pose couldn’t save this.

No. 506019

The reason is because teenagers are retards that avoid what’s good for them? What’s new, they’ll learn in their twenties just like they do with everything else, learning a few bad habits as a teenager isn’t going to stunt you eternally, and if it does then art probably isn’t for you

No. 506021

Samefag but libraries are thing, if they truly wanted to learn properly then there is a free resource that has genuine art advice. Lmao at this petty moral outrage

No. 506029

Not all art books are created equal and a kid/teenager might not have the patience to work through something super dense.
Those how to draw manga books aren’t better than YouTube tutorials.

No. 506030

kek, horrendous

No. 506033

File: 1579677248687.jpg (377.24 KB, 1961x2560, 81uObsSK5QL.jpg)

>how to draw manga books
We're talking about actual drawing books you clown. Like pic related.

If a kid can read To Kill a Mockingbird for English class, they can get through a fucking drawing book that's mostly pictures.

No. 506034

>a kid/teenager might not have the patience to work through something super dense.
Is it not the same if you go to art school? You're given books to read. It looks like you're dense and projecting.

No. 506039

It's a line from a Soviet era cartoon based on Winnie the Pooh.

No. 506040

Yeah, a fourteen/fifteen year old beginner is totally going to pick up that instead of something that looks like more fun.
For class. Not all teenagers are willing to read unless forced to, and that’s one of the many reasons art school has a high drop out rate. Y’all never tutored before.

No. 506046

Pyw I bet you can’t draw shit.

No. 506047

Not all but some, and those are the only ones who are meant to do art. The other ones don't count as artists because they didn't earn it through hard work.

No. 506048

If they don’t have the patience to read a book then they certainly don’t have the patience to practice fundamentals.

On another note, who fucking cares if kids and teens aren’t actively working towards getting better? They’re children, they should be drawing/painting/what have you for enjoyments sake, not to explicitly improve and possibly profit off of it in the future; why not create just to enjoy the process?

It should be first and foremost about expressing oneself, with technical skill coming second, ESPECIALLY if you’re a child or hobbyist

No. 506049

File: 1579682273486.jpeg (143.07 KB, 1242x577, BD966D62-37C4-4889-80CA-5F9526…)

> don't count as artists because they didn't earn it through hard work

Stay pressed, ESLchan

No. 506051

Are you one of those who learn from YouTube tutorials?

No. 506053

File: 1579683086452.jpeg (37.65 KB, 512x300, 73F7DA3F-E51D-48C0-B855-0BE3CF…)

Nah, just someone who doesn’t get assblasted over others finding success and enjoyment in art even if they didn’t ‘work hard’

No. 506071

Honestly I can see being annoyed by ignorant newbs acting like art teachers but saying someone isn't a /real/ artist because they don't make money is silly. Especially because Lavendertowne makes her living making inferior shitty art tutorials so your point hardly lives up to your own standards lol.

No. 506080

File: 1579699667879.jpg (170.75 KB, 1080x484, V.jpg)

No. 506111

If they are watching a video called "how i draw dynamic poses" is because they want to learn how to draw. Youtube is full of these """artists""" giving missinformation.

No. 506115


Tbf though, a youtuber can be more approachable to an aspiring artist than an entire art book or a professional artist due to the skill gap they see. I've also noticed that someone who's mediocre at art (and by that I mean: Somewhat decent but not a pro) can at times relate to the troubles of beginners more than someone who's already a master at their graft. I mean if I think back at when I started drawing, I can barely remember all the things I struggled with but if I think back to just last year, I can easily remember how I overcame my biggest obstacles. Sometimes people need that kind of person more than super experienced artist, just like how at art school those who end up pushing you the most are probably other passionate student rather than just the teachers. People need that safe stepping stone from being a beginner to learning from masters and a lot of youtubers fit nicely into that gap.

Sure a lot of times people end up teaching you some absolute garbage coughbayleecough but that doesn't mean a youtuber can never offer valuable advice that can push the person forward and maybe eventually want to make them pick up that art book.

No. 506136

Damn not to be nosy, but does anyone know what happened?

No. 506139

I think you guys are pretty far removed from any art industries which is where all the confusion is coming from. This book is for comic book illustration. Illustrators make work for already existing things, like books (sara pichelli).

Studio artists do concept art, paintings, portraits, installations, and are usually making money from galleries, not commissions (marco mazzoni).

ITT the only types of artists discussed are cartoonists, drawers whose only subject is unrealistic imagination people/animals on a freelance basis for commission. They usually do not charge over $100 USD due to a highly saturated market of lots of extremely similar styles. They are usually untrained and haven't entered a field yet because of the lack of a degree so the few who are skilled stand out.

No. 506140

Probably a dead family member, or a cancer announcement. Nothing for us to really care about,.

No. 506189

Actually, Burne Hogarth books are for figure drawing in general, not just comic books. You're not exempt from learning anatomy just because your "art" consists of trash you glued together and stuck in a gallery. If you think cape shit is the only type o9f art figure drawing is necessary for, you need to have your head examined.

Even abstract expressionists had to learn about anatomy when they were earning their degrees.


>This thread is just to laugh at crappy art js
You're thinking of the shitty art thread in /m/. This is just general artist salt. It's catch all for whatever negative opinion anons might have about artists, styles, industries, etc. "Salt" is literally in the thread name– why are you complaining about the negativity?

No. 506196

File: 1579728864303.jpeg (663.25 KB, 1242x1343, 6C6C9567-2DA5-471D-9A05-9C929D…)

Looks like the artist who was accused (Ryein) of “copying an art style” posted a response:

Someone translated the artist’s (who accused Ryein of theft) twitter posts in the twitter thread too

No. 506198

oh it's the same entitled shit stain who was posted in the last thread. they sound completely insecure, so they are creating this narrative to their non english speaking fans to make themselves feel better. what a fucking retard.

No. 506229


i think its more ridiculous to claim someone stole your 'style' but go off ig

No. 506230

You’re both talking about the same person.

No. 506232

that's what i'm talking about, it's just extra scummy to give a different story to your non english speaking audience. sage your shit newfag.

No. 506233

Hope it doesn’t have anything to do with her autoimmune disease

No. 506252

File: 1579744176415.jpg (615.16 KB, 1078x1712, Screenshot_20200122-194832_Chr…)

>>506233 she retweeted this

No. 506254

Her real name is Rin? Is she a hafu?

No. 506255

File: 1579744827506.jpg (264.64 KB, 1242x1687, IMG_4963.jpg)

This girl has 165K followers on instagram and I'm pretty sure that a majority of them are fake. She only draws conventionally attractive girls but their faces are all super fucked like this one. I have no idea how old she is but fuck these were mistakes I was making when I was 11.

No. 506256

Oh shit, that's terrible

I think her real name is catherine or something like that, people have mentioned it in comments. Rin probably comes from her weeb phase

No. 506263

isn't Rin just a common nickname from Catherine?

No. 506265

No. 506279


Yeah totally because of Japan

No. 506282


No. 506285


How does this make her a weeaboo it's just a nickname…weird reach.

No. 506289

Rin vocaloid I guess. Damn maybe these bitches are the weebs for coming to that conclusion

No. 506295

usually people use cathy or cat. rin is an explicitly japanese name.

No. 506305

File: 1579769819570.jpg (227.37 KB, 1280x960, kitten_character_sheet__recap_…)

CNeko-Chan on deviantart is fucking weird. She herself is not explicitly super cowish afaik, but her characters definitely are. Pic related is 1 character of her 2 character persona/mascot (Emo Neko is the name of the other). She's also constantly making weird self-insert drawings and comics. Somehow, she's managed to gain 14k followers, which isn't bad for DA nowadays. I don't understand how someone in their 20's is making crap like this

No. 506306

File: 1579769928333.png (34.73 KB, 898x480, ss.png)

Her sperging about someone calling the ref a mary sue

No. 506308

File: 1579770344614.png (2.89 MB, 2304x2547, hh.png)

I was going to compile the halfdozen persona x character images she has, but this is way better. apparently "Kitten" hates Alastor, so she turned him into… this.

No. 506309

Who cares. The art isn't even that bad and everyone has had or has cringey ocs.

I thought this thread was for people like yudori, but damn the bar is low lol.

No. 506330

Eugh, Sara’s artwork is rapidly regressing.

No. 506336


She was never good to start with TBH her art is so boring and there's little to no skill present. I have no idea how she makes a living off her art.

No. 506346

Lmao her name literally has RIN in it are you fucking high. Have you met every Catherine. Please refrain from breaking something with your reaches anon what a stupid theory.

No. 506353

rin IS a japanese name though, i don't think it's a very milky thing to discuss, but it's obviously a weeb thing.

No. 506388

It is a nickname. Nicknames don’t need a reasoning to be used, they are a shortening of someone’s actual name, or an inside joke among people that know the person. If you see the nickname Rin and think it is some Japanese weeb shit, that is on you, because she has never given any inclination that is the inspiration for a nickname. If anything, using a fake name online is smart. I avoid my real name as much as possible, for security is nothing else. Maybe Waffles does the same, considering her online fame in the artist sphere.

No. 506418

Rin is a common nickname for catherine and is not only a Japanese name. It's mainly used when the name has the pronunciation ka-tha-rin as opposed to ka-tha-reen. It's the same thing as calling someone named cecelia cece or lia. There's no real rule to it, it's just calling a person a shortened part of their name that's easily remembered and associated with the acutal person by both parties

If a nickname or certian sounding word can only be taken one way (as only a japanese name and nothing else in this case) then by that logic the fact that in chinese the term for expressing um or well sounds almost exactly like the the N word (那个(nèi ge pronounced nee-ga) means that either the whole of the chinese language has been, from it's creation, racist, or the n word isn't a bad word at all and we're all misusing it over here. It can be both, and it's meaning or associations can be different depending on location/culture/the people using it. Could it be a weeb thing? yeah of course, but it could just as likely be a cute nickname she was given 'cause nobody has the time to say catherine.

now can we please get back to some actual milk?

No. 506427

you sound extremely fucking autistic.

the point is that it's super common among weebs to fucking nickname themselves things that sound japanese. we're allowed to discuss it, this isn't a milk thread, it's on /ot/.

No. 506453

there's no point in arguing with them anymore anon, they'll just keep sperging about how it's not a weeb thing when it clearly is, because their dear waffle can't possibly choose a weeb nickname or some dumb shit like that lol

No. 506470


Lol okay apparently your too convinced someone using the second half of their own name as a nickname isntead of the first half can only be because of Japan and you're /clearly/ right about that.

No. 506475

A girl in my elementary school named Katherin went by Rin…I'm pretty sure you're all autistic. Put the tinfoil hats away and stop fighting.

No. 506498

Just fucking stop. If anything, whoever said that it's /obviously/ a weeb nickname is probably a weeb themselves. Stop being so fucking retarded. It's 2020. If you're not one, stop acting like one. Not every fucking cow needs to be a weeb.

No. 506554

damn you guys got really upset about this. just move on already, it's not even an interesting thing to discuss.

No. 506667

Oh Sara Faber is one of those “aesthetic-vegan-work from home-only draws girls” types of IG artists, her YT channel is just all that, like I expect to see a cutting machine running in the background making planner stickers. Her faces are really bug eyed but also resemble like a Disney knockoff or something and yet she has nearly 800 patrons on patreon? She’s like baylee to me where I think a lot of people like her video content more than the art but it’s inconsequential and boring

No. 506710


She's unsubstantial like her art, and I don't get along with her "I'm so innocent" personality too.
I guess most of her followers are of the same type: urban middleclass veganistas / hipsters.

No. 506823

Dude no reason to be so aggro
of course nearly every type of artist does have to eventually learn how to draw people. but when an artist trains in a figure course in a classroom setting, we learn from nude models who the school pays to sit on a cold pedestal for 5 hours, not from comic book artists doing weird running action poses. those books are made for a really specific type of outsider artist who cant afford any real life courses and needs to draw moving bodies.
Theyre probably just really embarrassed for having done something similar lmao. I was "mimi-chan" (amelia) in 4th grade.
I don't think theres anything so bad with most of her work. its cute, she keeps the style really tight and consistent, and she posts new decent work every day so of course she has a lot of fans.

No. 506829

lavender towns new video

No. 506831

right off the bat the video's format annoys me, so many floating jpegs.
Tbh her art isnt terrible, sure heavily stylized and lacking character but it has appeal. She would be way more tolerable if she put music over these things instead of her voice cause the commentary is..bad.
Her style isnt flexible enough for her to say she tries to make the character look older, without the commentary we would barley know where her concept messed up.

No. 506842


Why post anons every damn lavender video the hot minute she releases them? It's always the same shit art with the same responses about the shittyness.

Lavender, is that you?

No. 506845

Seriously, she is boring at this point. She is never going to improve, and has given every hint that she never wants to. Until she, like, does a video where she makes animal carcasses cute, then I don't really care anymore.

No. 506851

The commie symbol on the granola mascot was just so… wierd? Out of left field? IDK Like, she just goes off into a ramble of how "mascots are associated with organizations like captian crunch being a captain and somehow thus affiliated with the military." and then somehow because of that the mascot should have the ussr's symbol on it. WTF even is her brain?

No. 506854

Yes anon, lavender towne is clearly taking the time to find and go to this obscure art salt thread where people regularly call out what a shitty artist she is and posts her new video minutes after release because attention is attention and she wants to be completely and utterly trashed per usual. It's obviously not that this is a place to trash and critique artists, and she just happens to be a very annoyingly shitty artist that many people enjoy trashing, it MUST be some kind of conspiracy that people post her videos right after release just like they do waffles, and baylee and all the other raccoon bait trash-fires that get brought up in this forum.

No. 506855

File: 1579921887217.jpg (5.21 KB, 225x225, tải xuống.jpg)

I was thinking abt investing on a set of copic markers but i dont know if i should buy an available set of markers or buy individual ones that i would actually use…Because where i live copic markers sometimes dont really have everything in stock and the sets tend to be an optimal choice price wise. Can u guys give me some advice on this situation? Thank u in advance <3

No. 506871


If you can afford it, sets are good to start with to get a good collection going. Have you tried cheaper markers though? Copic are good, but it's a lot of money to sink into a medium if you've never tried it.

No. 506879

Maybe I've just been desensitized by the Holly Browns and Emily Artfuls of the youtube world, but Baylee and Waffles don't really come off as trash fires to me.

No. 506881

>>506879 not saying they were, just giving a general example of who regularly pops up on here.

No. 506882

File: 1579928287189.png (251.28 KB, 582x1061, clammy.PNG)

She must be racking in a lot of money from her berets to be buying a 4th machine, but i guess she needs it if her back-orders take up to 12 weeks to be shipped

No. 506883

She keeps raising prices too and they keep selling out within minutes. I’m glad I got one when it was still just $30ish dollars but holy fuck lol. She’s even got like, what, 2 assistants now working for her too?

No. 506885

No-one ever says anything, just ‘newest video’, Every other video posted gets a caption and rant. I’ve been assuming for a while now it’s either LavenderTowne or a vendetta artfag

No. 506892

File: 1579934974044.png (165.99 KB, 540x542, b9f598649c649d2d002e978b89d01b…)

Honestly tho this au version of alastor is just a rip off of reverse bill cipher

Why is no one acknowledging this??

No. 506896

You do realize that the point of drawing books isn't to literally copy the drawings in it, right? They teach you about technique. Obviously it's not a replacement for actual life drawing, and there are many approaches you can take to life drawing. I literally never even suggested that it was a replacement for life drawing. I was saying that it was better than a Youtube video.

Also, someone being a comic book artist doesn't automatically mean they don't draw from life. Hal Foster drew from life every day from over a decade. Additionally, not all comics are cape shit and action. Most comics aren't cape shit. You just hear about cape the most because it's what gets the most media exposure.

No. 506907

Maybe don't start with such a big set in case you end up not liking them, copic offers smaller ones too.
Or as >>506871
suggested try some other cheaper brands.

No. 506918

I hate their weird leaf feet.

No. 506919

It's best to buy markers individually. Copics aren't like other mediums where you can mix all kinds of colors together to get a use out of everything, so it's best to buy colors you know you will use.

No. 506922


Waffles hasn't been come up for a while, and Baylee has her own thread so she also is not that much discussed here. No other arttubers videos are regularly posted like lavender's.

Don't know about you other anons but I like to read about more milk than your same old same old.

Also the other anon is right. Usually anons clearly complaint right away whith the content they post and not just dump something in hopes someone picks it up.

No. 506930

File: 1579950643811.jpeg (550.38 KB, 1125x1901, E0D75218-538A-441F-BAF9-55FAE6…)

Here is a topic; Creepshow is playing the January game and overflowing her channel with clickbait bullshit she is unqualified to talk about because January is the worst month for ad-rev and she knows it. Might as well exploit her young audience into believing she is some investigative expert, all under the guise of being an ‘Art Youtuber’. Nothing screams ‘I am intelligent’ like associating your actual face with someone being accused of sexual misconduct. Now, whenever I see the people she is talking about, I will be reminded of Creepshow, with her 2005 emo eyeliner on the body of a 45 year old southern Christian mother of two.

Oh, and don’t forget she likes watching men in heels beg for her money. Gotta let at least one video seem on-brand, right?

No. 506938

I really don't like clammyheart, she's so rude to people with genuine criticism toward her, also a lot of her own art is really crap.

No. 506948

File: 1579957567343.png (39.03 KB, 636x562, Untitled.png)

I just saw this on her community tab and maybe its my autism but I can't even figure out what shes trying to ask for exactly.
Is she really implying that people should waste their time making her a bunch of art and maybe they'll get lucky and she'll feature it on her shitty channel, oh, but her channel is so uwu edgy and popular that it will ~totally~ give them lots of exposure and start their art career!

No. 506951

I’m wondering why that number though? It seems oddly specific, this also disproves all the whining she does about being poor despite YouTube ad venue. You don’t do giveaways if you’re lacking funds yourself.
I’d consider it another part of the January game if she’s literally planning on paying people to make content for her again.

No. 506957

File: 1579960068882.png (2.75 MB, 1500x2122, HH_ANGEL_pg_01_fin.png)

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet
the official Hazbin Hotel prequel comic, made by Vivziepop herself

No. 506958

File: 1579960146554.png (3.07 MB, 1500x2122, HH_ANGEL_pg_02_fin.png)

No. 506959

File: 1579960224777.png (2.9 MB, 1500x2122, HH_ANGEL_pg_03_fin.png)

No. 506960

File: 1579960279139.png (2.96 MB, 1500x2122, HH_ANGEL_pg_04_fin.png)

No. 506962


They should've just made that dumb character female. I noticed they got the gay dude acting all sassy and obviously the "charismatic" role while all the female characters are pretty much passive or lame acting (also this character always gets the last word in to the man-hating lesbian character that's Vivizie's self insert). You would think a gay woman would make better female characters and not give male ones all her strength, yet again.

No. 506963

File: 1579960359377.png (3.25 MB, 1500x2122, HH_ANGEL_pg_05_fin.png)

No. 506964

>lol hurr he obliterate all the bad guys guise
what a childish and boring writing lol. so trendy and ineffectual too

No. 506965

File: 1579960636072.jpg (98.53 KB, 615x577, 1576072370968.jpg)

an anon mentioned in the previous thrread that Angel Dust was originally one pair of two mafioso spider brother characters but somewhere along the line Vivziepop amalgamated the brothers with another female chracter who was a nymphomaniac prostitute

No. 506966

File: 1579960736080.png (2.87 MB, 1500x2122, HH_ANGEL_pg_06_fin.png)

No. 506969

File: 1579960869281.png (2.91 MB, 1500x2122, HH_ANGEL_pg_07_fin.png)

As of now this is the is the past page, the website hasn't updated since last October

No. 507009

I don't like Vivziepop's stuff but honestly this is a huge improvement from her Zoophobia comics. I'm glad she made progress.

No. 507027

This thread isn't as obscure as you think it is.
Also, like someone else mentioned, everyone else's videos get posted with commentary
>x and y thing annoyed me in this video
Lavender's videos get posted like
>here's her new video that literally nobody cares about

No. 507034

File: 1579976311351.jpeg (405.47 KB, 1125x2013, 8F769ED5-E513-4D1D-A88A-65101C…)

A decent update;

Not only did she get banned on Twitter for a recent video, she is taking her fans down with her. I wonder if she will make a t-shirt out of it this time, while still ignoring and refunding commissions, all the while begging for her fans to make b-roll for her because she is too lazy to do it herself.

Talk shit, get hit.

No. 507043

lmao, i hope it's not only a temporary suspension.

No. 507051


The writing is shit but the art is better than the tv show.

No. 507087

Actually Anon this wasn't made primarily by Vivziepop at all. The artwork is being worked on by a few artists including Riplae and Umbreenix.

I'm not sure how much involvement she has in it but it's not in the art.

So to say it was made by Vivziepop herself is erasing those who HAVE been working on it.

It's a team.

No. 507128

Saged for nonmilk.
>I miss being challenged by my art and being proud that I 'conquered' something I couldn't do
If you tried to draw anything other than your comfort zone waif chicks standing with a blank expression and floating hair/ fabric, you'd be challenged again, Danica. She keeps talking about improving and perfectionism and shit while all her illustrations look the exact same.

No. 507146

She is being kind, anon. She wants to show gratitude to her fanbase supporting her by giving back them. essentially a promotional sponsorship.

No. 507150

File: 1580000957007.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, EAC2760A-9CC4-4537-8E6B-C66179…)

She also always draws the same lean and long body type, and to top it off the anatomy is just so wonky. Why doesn’t she draw something different for a change?? An illustration without figures maybe?

No. 507155

my mistake

No. 507159

Where the fuck did that last set of arms pop out from

No. 507163

My thoughts exactly tbh. This is a 13 year old edgelord trying to write a bAdAsS character but choosing the most boring scenario possible

No. 507167

Instagram is such a hellscape for art where idiots give obvious tracers a platform to sell their traced art
lil.milkyskin keeps popping up on my explorer page and they've amassed almost 70k by just painting over pictures of pretty girls

No. 507169

Examples? I’ve only seen the tekkocon fiasco but I felt like that was just pure vendetta against her rather than critism. Agreed that her original art is just meh tier though.

No. 507180

Honestly vivzies character designs work so much better in comic form. your eyes actually get time to digest whats happening, whereas in her animations everything is usually pretty fast and blurs together

No. 507181

if you dont know, copics are non archival. its a lot of money to drop on something that will yellow and fade. do you really want to use markers specifically or do you just want to be like a manga artiste from nippon desu.

No. 507187

It hasn't been posted because there's nothing to say about it.

Holy shit that has to be the shittiest gun I've ever seen someone draw. It looks like a soda can with a handle.

No. 507191

Copics have many knockoffs that are just as good but cheaper, like Ohuhu markers.

You can also use watercolors and a watercolor pen, which is what I do. The only problem is that you don't have as much control, and you can't apply the color to your ink original– you have to make a photocopy, or do the colors on a totally different piece of paper and overlay them in Photoshop.

Nta but plenty of things are non-archival.

One of my professors gave a lecture the other day about how fragile oil paintings done on canvas with acrylic gesso are. He had a twenty-year-old oil painting that literally crumbled off the canvas when he bumped it because when oil cures it gets hard, but when acrylic cures it retains some of its plasticity.

He said that if you wanted your oil paintings to last a long time, you have to either use Italian gesso (which is made of animal skin glue) or switch to something other than canvas, like wood panels.

So if you've ever done oil paintings on acrylic gesso, you're in no place to be throwing shade at people who use Copics.

No. 507208

>Holy shit that has to be the shittiest gun I've ever seen someone draw. It looks like a soda can with a handle.
tbf even a lot of goood artists are shit at drawing guns for some reason

No. 507224


There's plenty of waterproof ink out there.

What I like about Copics is that you can refill them, don't know if you can do this with any of the cheap brands.

No. 507225

Anyone else sick of Lofi aesthetic shots with tea and plants at the start of every single artuber video? I was pretty nuetrel on them at first but damn is it annoying now. It's becoming somehow both basic and pretentious.

No. 507227

Some people don't care about originals, painter.

No. 507235

what i’m doing is getting a huge set of ohuhus just so i have enough colors and then just replacing them with single, more expensive markers whenever one dries out. easy peasy.

No. 507239

Shinhan touch twin has refills. But I don't know if they're cheaper or not

There are lots of brands but copic has the more colors than some brands combined. So if anyone wants to do marker work exclusively, they will at one point need to buy a couple of copics.

No. 507245

I love ShinHan and Copics. Also Primsacolor Brush markers are good but do not blend well with any brand but primsacolor in my experience. Any anons ever try neopiko? I’ve always been curious but they are pricy for no refills or nib changes.

No. 507248

>epic burn because only le PAINTERZ care about colour fastness

NTA but many people do in fact care about the archivability of expensive products, and in turn the longevity of the pieces that they invest huge amounts of time in.

No. 507272

Im glad the surge of popularity that copics and arteza got is pretty much dead now.
But Wacom is struggling to keep up and made a 400 dollar screen tablet. It's probably still got shit drivers and programming.

No. 507277

You're not gonna find any alcohol based marker that is archival.
I occasionally use pro- and brushmarkers from w&n, those are pretty cheap and nice to work with.

Kek, imagine making painter sound like something bad.
It's a valid thing to bring up and doesn't warrant a piss-baby response like this

No. 507279

File: 1580043438708.png (1.6 MB, 2000x984, 1576048346272.png)

It's still super stupid that seemingly the only reason for Angel to be from the 1940's was based solely on his weapon

No. 507280

i've seen this picture posted a few times and still can't tell if it's a really shitty drawing or really shitty 3d render.

No. 507303

Every page from that comic is so fcking busy jfc. Wait, lemme rephrase that. Every /panel/ I mean. You don't have to add every fcking detail on /every/ panel to make it look "interesting". It's as much of an eyesore as the pilot episode.

No. 507304

Viv is such a try hard…if you look at her sva sketchbook (there used to be/still is a video around of it somewhere where her animation professor would showcase his students sketchbooks) from like years ago you can see she still drew those edgy characters.

No. 507320

In a world where characters get deer ears or x's for eyes or playing card suits on their wings, Angel has to be from that EXACT era to get a tommy gun…. he's a criminal, he couldn't have stolen one from a private collection because he liked it or something?

No. 507321

tbf it makes more sense if you see what his original design was at >>506965

No. 507322

Beginner CGI artist here.
It looks like a traced drawing done by someone who doesn't know how to use the clipping feature on art programs so their shading doesn't have pale outlines everywhere.
The shading is really appalling but it's not something that could be replicated easily in a CGI program.
It looks like babby's first attempt at drawing metallics in SAI (checking out their art gallery, apparently they CAN draw textures that look passable but that one just didn't come out well).

No. 507326

I haven't watched her videos in a while but her videos are basically lolcow posts in video format?
>kickstart your online careers

Yeah, I would love my art to be attached to 20 minutes of someone else's sarcastic whining.

No. 507332

She once tried to praise lolcow, specifically this thread, but when we didn’t start kissing her ass, she said she ‘got bored’, when in reality she definitely uses some of the threads here for her ‘research’. Her fans don’t care about that because she says fuck a lot, makes shitty self-deprecating jokes, and is soooooo relatable! She drew a sexy Shrek guys, she’s not like those other artists who talk about supplies and processes, she is a cooooool artist!

No. 507340


i agree. it's kind of getting annoying i want to see somethin new(namefag)

No. 507345

>>507326 she did this before and i think gave one person 2k subs, but most of the people don't do good work or anything close to what she does, so they ended up losing them

No. 507353


people who use copics or other types of alcohol based markers don't care about longevity, because once the original gets scanned it's pretty much useless to us. Aside from occasional commissions, we mostly sell prints, make merch or do art books.
To be honest painters and other artist constantly screaming at us for using non archival mediums is really exhausting and dumb.
I can go into more details as to why some people choose markers but I doubt anybody cares.

No. 507371

As someone who does prints and merch and uses markers and dye-based watercolors to make it, I'd love to hear your details if you feel like sharing.

No. 507407

Painters are pretentious try hards that make no money lol

No. 507410

i can't believe you guys are generalazing people over what medium of art they use now lmao. how can you be so bitter?

No. 507415

No. 507416

Also please go cry about it lmao

No. 507422

many people have already mentioned counter arguments to that, and i'm not here to praise copics lmao. i'm just pointing out how you sound like a pretentious idiot for saying everyone who uses a certain medium is like that.

No. 507423

What do you mean "good work or anything close to what she does" do you mean video quality or? She is not a master artist.

If this person lost all 2k subs they "gained" that suggests she bought fake followers for cheap (presumably to enforce the "boost your career" narrative), and then the followers were automatically deleted.
IIRC she has a whole video where she claims to believe buying followers costs a fortune and she could never possibly do that, and claims she just watched her own videos on a loop to increase the view count.

No. 507428

I am constantly reminded that this thread is just full of retarded teenagers.

No. 507431

copic markers look like trash. even used to their best of their capability by industry pros they still end up looking like a shitty photoshop airbrush that can't even blend seamlessly. they're always used by weebs and underage kids that stagnate forever.

No. 507448

That shoulder/upper back is so broken

No. 507453

File: 1580083118456.jpg (265.79 KB, 1053x1157, 434f8633553cef332793247bc82c4d…)

This doesn't look good?

No. 507459

File: 1580083737929.jpeg (288.39 KB, 1290x900, BFEB9885-E25B-4ACE-AF4E-11593D…)

They’re often used either for straight to print artwork or design mock ups, the crowd you see using them in the mainstream are not the intended audience and are a bad example of the mediums capabilities

No. 507460

File: 1580083845791.jpeg (344.69 KB, 1000x1470, 99176C4E-B869-4EC7-96B5-4BBC64…)

Samefag but another example by Takeshi Obata

No. 507467

some anons will really just yell about something being bad just to look edgy and to stand out from the crowd, huh. the copic trend began in the first place because they make good products. of course it won't be right for everyone, but if you can use markers you can make them look good.

No. 507469

Someone's butt hurt she makes no money with her paintings

No. 507475

I don't think all painters are 'pretentious' obviously but there does seem to be a stigma against mass production of prints vs expensive originals among western artists which to me seems pretty damn pretentious and precious. Non archival inks are bright and vibrant long enough to be scanned and printed and that's all they need to be. Plenty of professionals make a living using them but some artists in this thread stick their noses up at the idea which is just kinda bitter seeming to me.

No. 507484

someone's projecting onto painters for no reason

why even bother with copics if you don't care about originals, just use photoshop. you don't even have to pay 6+ dollars for a bunch of shitty weeb markers if you know how to read and run a keygen

No. 507490

If you are limiting yourself on what art supply you use because of some self-made perception about the artists you've seen use them, I feel sorry for you, your lack of creativity, and the high horse whose back you are breaking.

No. 507491

NTA but not every artist makes art with end goal of earning profit off it, thinking that everything revolves around money is a very bleak and immature way of viewing things

No. 507493

The idea of mass production doesn’t sit well with many people, there are plenty out there who take issue with mass consumerism - and yes, art prints fall into that category, despite how niche said art print may be

No. 507497

what can copics even do that photoshop or just a set of watercolors can't lmao. I've used and owned copics. they're fine. they're not worth the money, but fine for drawing some animu girls facing left on Instagram if you're into that. I would never buy a commission from someone who used them knowing I can't display it. also you know there's better ways to store copics than up your ass?

No. 507499

this is a shit example and just proves that anons point. blue hairs skin is all splotchy and so is the hair. also unrelated this art style is hideous.

No. 507500

Seconded that blue hair is splotchy and nasty. Blues tend to show that easily in my experience. Markers aren’t a huge waste of money if you use them for color comps but that’s pretty much all they’re good for..

No. 507502

>anon doesn't know this shit is touched up with SAI and shit

No. 507505

weirds me out that the art thread is filled with overly angry nitpickers but when an anon posts their shitty drawing of a cow they get multiple compliments

No. 507510

Almost all traditional mediums are once scanned, fail to see what your point is

No. 507512

Probably because it’s on /snow, plenty of pieces in the redraw thread get ripped a new one

No. 507531

I'm just here for a laugh m8 i dont actually give a shit if someone buys copics or not.

No. 507563

File: 1580107707746.gif (555.73 KB, 500x281, deep sigh.gif)

Hot take: people who hate all art created in a particular medium are autistic and can't appreciate skill if it isn't in a medium they don't personally use.

I don't know what the fuck you're on about. Copics don't look like PS, they look like alcohol markers. Something tells me that even if people did "just use Photoshop" you'd act like an elitist to them, too. This kind of crap is why illustrators and fine artists don't always get along. Fine artists can sometimes be really pretentious and judgemental towards illustrators, because illustrators make art for everybody, whereas fine artists just make art for curators and other artists. They don't like that illustrators care about the opinions of the non-artist plebeians and actually want to make a career out of this thing they love.

>you don't know most traditional shit you see online in general is touched up digitally

>Why are non-artists praising shitty art in a non-art thread while artists are being critical of it in an art thread?
Wow it's almost as though LCF isn't a hivemind and not every thread is inhabited by the same posters.

No. 507607


Since you use similar mediums I doubt I can tell you anything new.
But for me it's all about efficiency and speed since I do serialized work. Markers are mess free and they need little to no preparation and dry quickly. Also when used properly they scan perfectly and usually don't require much editing.
I feel like anons are gonna crucify me for this.

No. 507614

File: 1580121447788.jpg (311.14 KB, 1080x1703, IMG_20200127_182457.jpg)

Unrelated to the art medium discussion but what do yall think of this post by @devin.draws on Instagram? It was posted some time ago but only just showed up on my tl but it seems like everyone is mad at him for suggesting that people who only draw hyperrealistic eyes are stagnanting and overrated

The comment section is filled with artists with such styles taking personal offense to the post and claiming it was made specifically about them and their supporters trying to roast the OP for making clout-chasing memes

No. 507617

hes right

also the copic discussion is dumb as fuck, yeah theyre overpriced, theyre still nice if you want a flat, "digital" look and quick vibrant colors in traditional art (because watercolors or pencils are not going to get you that level of predictable, bright colors that easily). just dont sell the originals. can we stop now?

No. 507626

I'm not even subbed to him, but wtf is this. Can anyone tell me wtf is his point in this video. I know that he 'hates' on the artists that he mentions in his videos so he can teach another way of doing whatever that artist's tutorial is, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I just couldn't stand the way he tries to be 'edgy'.
Sure, he might be helpful to a handful of people, but his 'comedy' is just so grating. Maybe it would be better if he just doesn't talk in his videos.

No. 507663

did it not occur to anyone here that anon mentioned markers' lack of lightfastness as a warning to someone who isn't familiar with the medium
it's important stuff to know, especially if you're the type of artist that sells at cons. You shouldn't sell art made with mediums that fade. Why is it a sin to say

No. 507666

>Hot take: people who hate all art created in a particular medium are autistic and can't appreciate skill if it isn't in a medium they don't personally use.

can't call the truth a hot take anon, even if these idiots are blind to it lol.

so refreshing to see someone on insta pointing out the problems with it's "artist community". of course they get shitted on by the uninspired money hungry instathots though.

that was an important thing to bring up imo because i also didn't know it, but then every anon took it as the single argument to shit on the entire medium, since they haven't found something to be angry about yet that day.

No. 507686


Not excusing the stupidity of his gimmick, but he's been posted here a few times and I think it goes over a lot of people's heads that he's being facetious. It's not funny or clever but that's his shtick in like all of his videos to be fake-insulting. and I feel like people are taking him way too seriously.

No. 507689


The lightfastness has been discussed to death and it was brought up in almost all previous threads. And usually when people invest money in new pricey art supplies they are supposed to do research. So it's kinda annoying when anons don't let it go and just continue.

No. 507726

if someone wants to spend their money on art like this knowing the consequences then who fucking cares. as if nothing with pigment has ever faded before. try leaving something in the sun for a month and come back and tell us what you find.

No. 507744

That's not a fair comparison anon, pigments that fade or change in UV can still be properly stored to last. Marker work can't, it's always fugative, you'll have to scan it.
Spending big bucks on something that will fade is dumb, you can do it if you wanna but it's still dumb.
Marker work can be sold once scanned without those issues tho.
But you really can't compare that to the lightfastness of other mediums while improperly displayed

No. 507762

IDK, I feel like the last thing I’d want to be lightfast and last for a while is my art, so markers are perfect for me.

On a more serious note, markers like Copics feel nice to use. And I like being close to my medium, but not getting things like paint and water spilling everywhere. It is a clean medium that is vibrant and solid. I, personality, don’t feel the art I create in Photoshop is personal enough. That is why I spend 6+ dollars on a Copic marker. I simply feel more connected to the art-making process with that supply.

I don’t care if my art lasts, I just want to make it, man.

No. 507785

And that's perfectly fine
I buy almost only lightfast paints and pencils.
But just like I tell people how to take care of a watercolor piece it's important that people, buyers and artists alike are aware of how markers are gonna work, and fade.

All the pissing on each other ITT is annoying and anons should just ignore info they're already aware of, original anon didn't say anything offensive

No. 507806

File: 1580156535450.jpg (251.39 KB, 1080x1484, ytHZZuVt (1).jpg)

"body divers"

literally only has one thin girl and all has some kind of injury

No. 507807

God I'm so sick of hearing about these degenerates. Yes, we get it, you want the media to tell you it's ok to be a fat, lazy cunt who never shaves. Nothing is ever good enough for these freaks.

No. 507809

Why do you dumb cunts care if women shave or not? I swear straight women getting mad at women not conforming to male beauty standards is the dumbest shit. Useless.

No. 507811

I don't shave but I'm not Mediterranean so my hair isn't as thick as in the picture.
Not shaving is important if you live underwater because it helps you detect the flow of the current better.

No. 507812

>Not shaving is important if you live underwater because it helps you detect the flow of the current better.
thanks for the fun fact

No. 507813

Destinymooon could power her own thread. Usually she draws really ugly redraws of characters and makes them all trans.

This isn’t as bad as her usual work but I would rather see fit people of all shapes and sizes than blobs.

No. 507814

can't wait to become one with the ocean thanks anon

No. 507815

Someone who has no career: this is exactly what this means

No. 507821

See: Pretentious

No. 507822

Nippon weeb desu uwu

No. 507835

How far up your own ass are you, exactly?

No. 507851

I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that some people are more mindful of their carbon footprint or prefer their art to be more personal rather than a commodity, ya got me

No. 507867

Jfc how good do you think your own farts smell anon

No. 507871

File: 1580170014451.png (1.11 MB, 1047x1686, Screenshot_20200127-160441.png)

No. 507873

File: 1580170058088.jpg (226.06 KB, 1095x1600, IMG_20200127_160454.jpg)

Yes. You do.

No. 507875

this is somehow giving me the vibes that she traced off of sakimichan, but maybe it's just a similar really generic pose they both did. also how do these idiots not realize that besides cumbrained people, no one enjoys art that looks like the last example?

No. 507881

I wasn’t talking about myself, original response was to someone asking why others are against prints and are anal about originals; the two examples I gave above are pretty common reasons.

No. 507884

I bet on my money that this is traced. Imo what makes it obvious is that if you look at the basic outline of the body, the anatomy is actually consistent but because she doesn't at all understand how muscles work the screws it up hardcore.

No. 507886

File: 1580172445619.jpg (331.6 KB, 800x681, ddo1a15-7ac8230e-d723-4019-9f3…)

samefag, i found this while checking sakimi's account, but i don't think it's traced off of this since it's at a different angle, but it shows how similar the anatomy mistakes they made are. i remember there being a dva drawing she's done that's in a similar pose, but i haven't found it.

No. 507888

the anatomy is not consistent. look at the girl's left upper body…

No. 507889

File: 1580172596600.jpeg (19.32 KB, 200x200, tqcsSv7A (1).jpeg)


took 2 minutes to find

No. 507890

File: 1580172628547.jpeg (161 KB, 1080x1080, kfmKoFGf (1).jpeg)


overlay for reference

No. 507891

anon could you have gotten any smaller res version of this image lmao. but it does seem to be it, these cumbrains are so predictable.

No. 507892

imagine spending all this time on rendering while remaining anatomically shit. so bizarre. why don't they care?

No. 507895

pretty sure she actually knows fundamentals, as shown by her old drawings, but as we can see she either rushes out everything for patreon so she doesn't fix the anatomy, or she just simply stagnated since she doesn't need to put in effort to earn money.

No. 507900

Yea but that's not actually because of the upper body but because of the neck and head. If she moved the head to the right the anatomy would be technically correct (if clunky). I'm talking more about the proportions relative to the body anyway, because usually people who're begs, tend to have different sized arms and legs because they don't think about drawing as a constructio, yet in here the body is clearly built up while the coloring lacks any sort of direction or knowledge about constructing a body which creates a heavy conflict.

No. 507908

Ah this motherfucker again. Used to like him back when he had 1k subs, and was slightly tolerable. I think I got introduced to him though his "(ACTUAL) ANATOMY MISTAKES YOUNG ARTISTS MAKE" and it didn't feel like a bad video. But now it's like I'm re watching the same videos all over again. Shitty overly long intro joke that's edgy, some tips, back to shitty jokes and insults, some advice, shit joke, video ends.

The only advice that I thought was really stupid was when he said that you don't have to study the exact names of muscles, etc. to draw a person, which is true, but shitting on ModernDayJames because the bitch just wanted to explain the muscles while drawing it is dumb af.

No. 507925

I get so tired of the lack of originality in the art community. 80% of non-fanart related art is either that same old basic ass "liquid aesthetic" art or "90s" aesthetic. If you go on instagram and search through the furby or tamagotchi tags they are flooded with generic ass art that all looks exactly the same

No. 507936

File: 1580182593565.jpg (209.3 KB, 1280x1280, EMihJyaXkAEPO7V.jpg)

Man, if you want different art look for stuff other than the front page of Instagram. Even a site like Twitter is a lot better for finding new artists

No. 507939

Lol is this a mike mignola rip-off selfpost? Seriously anon, of course we know where to look for good shit but this is lolcow for chrissakes

No. 507940


lmao my headass thought this was doctor seuss cause of the backgroud

No. 507947

I hope they don't. I'm actually fairly new to it; I've used digital for my work for a while, but wanted a more natural look and I feel more comfortable with traditional media, so I went back and found what I needed in these taboo, non-lightfast tools. The bad internet hype of alcohol markers kept me away from them for too long. Glad I ignored it and tried them anyway.

No. 507958

Anon was complaining about all the art she sees looking the same, don't get mad just cause I told her how to find different stuff.
>Any artist I don't recognize is a selfpost

No. 507959

I'd like the artist I follow to produce good art too, what you posted looks very sloppy.

No. 507964

File: 1580188063171.jpg (311.09 KB, 1080x1169, inbound920466843611852024.jpg)

Instagram artist Cupspoodle is using Kobe Bryant's death to sell her comissions. I told her I thought it was disrespectful and she blocked me she also advertised it in the same post promoting her youtube channel(cowtipping)

No. 507966

File: 1580188216647.jpg (437.39 KB, 1080x1549, inbound1439209833040721462.jpg)

Shes also not donating the money its just a sale

No. 507968

wow what a bitch. Using someone death to make money/promote off them are low life scum.

No. 507969

he was a rapist so good, i’m glad she’s making money off his death.

No. 507977

Yeah the lightfast argument is just stupid and comes around every time markers are brought up. Deadass do whatever the fuck you want. There was a couple examples of manga covers done with copics that are good uses of how to use them, pretty much it’s fine for illustrators who are going to use them to reproduce stuff and don’t worry about the originals. I like them cuz I can’t be assed to drag out my watercolors every time I want to color a thing. Everyone’s gonna get their undies in a twist no matter what medium tbh

No. 507991

imo it has more to do with fiction than reality.

The biggest problem I see with the divershitty meme is that its disingenuous. I know "soul" is thrown around like a buzzword, but to me its seeing an artist having fun while putting his/her best efforts into improving and refining projects. And these fuckers don't try to go out of the box or innovate/experiment- which you'd do if you actually gave a rats ass about art in the first place. Come on, its all about being creative.
I can go on like a broken record but one last point is that fiction is about making mundane everyday objects appealing, giving life to them. Realism will not automatically make your art 10/10, you still have to make careful decisions on which parts to stylize/idealize or keep realistic. (not excusing the "muh style" crap btw; realism is very important for artist especially beginners; understand how reality works to make their own "believable reality" in their fictional world etc.)

No. 507997

Don’t particularly fucking care tbh, what kind of charity would it even go to, lawyer funds for rapist athletes?

No. 508057

i can't believe anons are coming here to be self righteous now, nobody cares lmao.

No. 508085

Anyone else notice how abysmal Baylee’s views are in comparison to her subs? She’s got 1 million subs, but her videos are lucky to even break 50k views at this point

No. 508088

she probably buys subs, can't check anymore though since youtube made social blade useless. shouldn't this go in her thread though?

No. 508095

Isn’t her thread like completely dead?

No. 508104

no idea, i don't check there. but that shouldn't stop you from talking about her in there.

No. 508127

In all honesty, has anybody actually seen a female with the bottom proportions that are healthy?
Like, there are ways to exaggerate the female body, but,, why does it have to always go to immediate unhealthy standards?

No. 508132

Does anyone have Robert Beverly Hale books? Especially the "Master Class in figure drawing" one.

I've been looking for it with no avail.

No. 508170

Well they're all overweight or scarred up. I mean, the bottom second one literally looks like she got her kidney stolen

No. 508181

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqQVHkSb2aw Browntable's making an "anime".Thoughts?

No. 508186

I don’t know who this is but the quality is about one step above the “fanimes” that people would make on YouTube in the mid-00’s.

No. 508194

File: 1580245738849.jpg (267.96 KB, 1080x2089, Screenshot_20200129-080507_Ins…)

boy kasey really hates her kid followers huh

No. 508200

she's a cunt in general and being an edge lord in this situation, but it has to be irritating to have soccer moms screeching that what you make isn't appropriate instead of monitoring their own children.
but in fact of you're just average but also popular on YouTube it can only be because of kids, so she might have trapped herself there.

No. 508201

Tbh I'm more annoyed by how triggered people get when they just draw people chubby which isn't ~crazy unhealthy uwu~ like I get not wanting to push obesity is fine and all that but if a female character has chub suddenly it's an ~agenda~. Like these people exist lol. Men can be chubby and no one cares but when a chick is jfc get ready for the meltdown

No. 508203

Her channel is all about cartoon characters which doesn't necessarily mean she is a kids channel but ffs. She wants to draw for children's books and that's what her OCs she's always drawing are for. It's the dog dicks all over again lol. Look Kacey if you want to lean in to not being for kids, maybe YouTube needs to take your non family friendly ad revenue away. Gore isn't something those ads are looking for.

No. 508204

oof, they really should've understood their limitations and went the Rooster Teeth CGI route.

No. 508208

She doesn't curse, draws in an overly cartooned style, says 'silly' at least 4 times in each video, and she does videos like the small art supply challenge clearly geared for kids. She made this bed, she needs to lie in it.

No. 508216


Does she really? There are Disney artists doing God knows what outside of work. Why do ya'll condemn Kasey for doing both? I agree with her. She can do whatever the fuck she wants. Although from a business standpoint it probably would have been wiser to have two channels, one with kids content, one for adult stuff. On the other hand, people should learn to cope with non-sexual nudity, like that's just how people look under all their clothes. lol

No. 508218


This looks like a bunch of scenes from anime that I've seen but badly recreated. It all looks heavily referenced from existing anime and not like the animators studied from life or anything real.

No. 508220

File: 1580249742415.png (7.31 MB, 2208x1242, EAD96A31-262B-48D9-8852-65E236…)

I kinda agree with her, her style is so goddamn simplistic that the ‘nudity’ is nothing more than areola and pubic hair, and as a parent nothing fucks me off quite as much as other parents just sitting their kids in front of a tablet with YouTube auto playing, take them to a playground if they’re ‘too young’ to see something as mild as pic related

No. 508222

I have no problem with Kasey or other artists doing kids content and also mature content. I just wish she’d stop complaining

No. 508223

File: 1580250113245.png (8.71 MB, 2208x1242, 348B25C2-A60C-4D88-9C72-CDDFBA…)

Samefag, but on that note, I DO see an issue with her posting sexualised nudity on a channel that has a primarily child fan base; like another anon suggested, it would be wisest to instead start up a smaller second channel that is geared towards adults, especially if she wants to be a published children’s book author as editors and publishers do extensive background and social media checks due to the nature of the market (pretty much anything geared towards children will check up on what kind of persons work they are going to promote, unless of course you’re Nickelodeon), sexualised mild nudity may not kill her career, but it’ll certainly make her less desirable due to the risk associated with such a public platform with content that isn’t child friendly

No. 508241

Her art is so fucking ugly

No. 508273

Yeah I hate it. Feels very try hard now.

No. 508289


yeah but if people accept the idea that if an adult content is simplified/cartoonified enough, it's basically fine for kids, then it's just gonna push the "cartoons are for kids" narritive. I think she should just put an 18+ only on her videos with nudity and such rather then btch about it on social media

No. 508291

File: 1580262469029.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.24 KB, 779x1421, E2F5D00A-606C-4B6D-9A6F-B98D1E…)

Spoilered for nudity

I don’t get it. This is supposed to be a trans male idol but you’re not fooling anyone. She looks like a regular tiddie waifu

No. 508293

oh lordy I'm having Misty flashbacks.
They really should of cut down their ambitions if they can't full-on emulate the animu style. Its just ends up being an uncanny valley that doesn't look pleasant.
>season 2 never ever

No. 508299

>fat anime waifu
>is a soft trans mewn uwu

how?, juts say you like futa or whatever the fuck ….

No. 508309

Any tips on how to deal with art jealousy? It does inspire me to do better and practice more, but I can’t help but compare my art. It’s annoying.

No. 508323

1. Take a break from looking at the art you get jealous of.
2. Follow older people for inspiration and you won't feel like you should be better by now.
3. Watch Rae and you'll feel instantaneously better.

No. 508333

Not futa, they have a vag, calling them trans is just a way to feel woke while drawing cumbrain shit

No. 508334

Something having nudity doesn’t immediately mean it isn’t child friendly, have you guys somehow never seen parents or other relatives in the nude? If it’s not sexual then what’s the issue, I don’t get the English and American taboo around nudity, everyone’s naked.

No. 508340

Yes. Because every trans woman already have big tits and a vagina.
I agree with her. These people act so high and mighty, but they let their kids use the internet unsupervised. If the kids found something you don't agree with, then it's not the creators' fault when you could've done something to not let your kids see it or some shit.

No. 508352

>>506892 anon why do you know this

No. 508353

He was fucking unavoidable on tumblr when Gravity Falls was airing. 90,000 posts a day of this blue motherfucker railing Dipper in the taco hole

No. 508356

Not dead, just kinda slow
Here is is if you need it: >>880591

No. 508358

File: 1580278888708.jpeg (773.12 KB, 1125x1627, 6D11DFDB-ABD5-4FFE-843F-BD3B6F…)

thoughts on viorie?

No. 508361

They really can only draw busts and face shots. Like, it's not really a bad thing, but if you're going to draw more than that at least spend more than 5 minutes sketching out the anatomy.

No. 508364

These boobs are hilarious

No. 508376

File: 1580289574647.jpeg (47.74 KB, 600x751, 5653C1B2-45DB-41CC-AC4D-F60367…)

Jfc she stagnated, I remember following her years ago. Pic related is 2015

No. 508379

File: 1580290147408.jpeg (373.54 KB, 900x1323, 9A9BC02E-CC3E-4284-9728-52B6C5…)

Really not that hard to find interesting art, leave your bubble every once in a while. On that note, Pinterest is a fantastic resource for finding artists

No. 508387

Hideous is an over-exaggeration

No. 508395

If you're certain you wanna get copics (instead of cheaper markers like anons suggested) calculate the price per marker you will use from a set (so leave the colors you're not going to use out of the calculation) and compare it to the price per single marker, go with the option that's cheapest per used marker.

No. 508409

Sometime it’s hard to believe how bad Rae is. A 12 year old with a set of cra-z-art colored pencils could make something better than her.

No. 508434

Reading through these threads, it's pretty interesting, but I just can't take the tastes of people who's lives revolve around gay anime youtuber drama that seriously.

No. 508435


Because Trans people have natural, saggy boobs. C'mon. Usually I sigh over perfect fake boobs on born women but when they're actually make sense people don't draw them. Oh, the irony.

No. 508445

I think they actually mean it's a female character who dresses in a stereotypically feminine way and has not had any medical procedures done to appear male but is still a "soft femmy trans man" because short hair and it's the artist's fetish. The idol anime genre is based around sexualizing underage girls either way though. Shame because the technical skill of the artist looks good.

No. 508446

why can't they just admit that they want to fuck girls? you can't even call this being a feminine boy, it's just straight up a drawing of a chubby woman.

No. 508500

Interesting is subjective. This is technically good but boring as hell to me.

No. 508501

I'm pretty sure all the YouTuber we talk about are straight anon

No. 508527

Anon, there’s a difference between chubby and being obese (what the person drew, is fucking obesity)

No. 508556

File: 1580338224036.jpeg (62 KB, 400x509, BA5691BE-F583-4DDB-AC81-B9D089…)

Eh, to each their own, but my point stands that if you leave your personal bubble then you can find different types of artists

On that note, since the art you like thread is dead I’d be interested in seeing some of anons favourite artists

No. 508561

File: 1580338697408.jpeg (435.92 KB, 1200x1633, EA0CBE4A-4F7C-443A-93AC-D7C111…)

Samefag, but does anyone know any contemporary children’s illustrators that have a crude/simplistic yet whimsical art style? Something similar to pic related or the above post, I’m looking for more artists to aspire to

No. 508616

File: 1580349522863.png (160.7 KB, 709x346, EC0D0661-60E4-4451-8F41-C27DDD…)

Anons that have done commissions for furries; is it worth it?
- are they difficult to work with?
- is it easy to get into?
- do they expect high quality art or are fine with intermediate levels as long as it’s self indulgent?
- can you expect to get a decent amount of commissions?
- do certain styles do better than others (say a very simplistic one over semi realistic)?


No. 508620

it all depends on the individual. from my experience they're pretty alright to work with and i make 40$ despite not being the best or most detailed. it can be hard to get into if you dont enjoy what you draw in general, most people will see your art and commission you if they like your style.
overall, its what you make of it. a lot of artists have found a decent client base through the fandom.

No. 508626


I'm really inspired by Nao Tsukiji's style, I love how detailed it is and the rendering is chef's kiss

No. 508627

File: 1580350894743.jpeg (184.28 KB, 640x480, P1207130178 (1).jpeg)


forgot to include the picture

No. 508644

I've recently begun to notice more and more people actively hating on PKrussel and my God I have been waiting since 2018 to see this man fall. He adds nothing of value to the art community, and has no idea how art ACTUALLY works. His points are the farthest leaps in judgement I've ever seen,he really should compete in the Olympics because it's just that impressive. He hides his shit tier points with excuses like, "OH I WAS DRUNK!" or "IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!" my God I hope he jokes on a pretzel.

No. 508654

Alright I'll spoonfeed the baby
>are they difficult to work with?
The same as any other weeb commissioner
>Is it easy to get into?
Now that everyone and their mom is jumping on the furry money train you have to be a very high skill level to walk straight into it. If not, expect to do spend some time on promotional art and laying the groundwork to pretend that you're not just another non-furry trying to cash in on their furry neetbux
>do they expect high quality art or are fine with intermediate levels as long as it’s self indulgent? do certain styles do better than others?
Look at furry artists similar to your skill and style to you and see what they charge, how much completed commission art they post etc, but also keep in mind if their success comes from being a longtime active community member or from cornering a niche fetish
>can you expect to get a decent amount of commissions?
There is no way to say without judging your art and audience interaction against current artists. Often you will get a burst of commissions when you're new because collectors like to get art from every artist they can find, but then it's up to you to keep the momentum going, it can take time to develop a fanbase.
If you like drawing furries then it's worthwhile because you only it anyway, but if you're not interested in furies and you're not a god level of skill then you will make easier money in less time at McDonald's. Please also be aware that /ic/ sometimes just outs artists who have secret furry or kink alts for fun, so only do it if you don't care about being found out.

No. 508660

I don't get all the people going crazy over the jelly gouache thing, I mean it's just normal gouche that's put into a jelly-style container, the gouache itself is just the same as every other brand

No. 508669

But anon it's aesthetic desu
I'd choose my tubes over those tubs anytime tbh, something about them feels grummy

No. 508672

> Please also be aware that /ic/ sometimes just outs artists who have secret furry or kink alts for fun, so only do it if you don't care about being found out.

4chan doesn’t really have nearly the influence it used to have, so I’ll take my chances with braindead coomers. Thanks for the info

No. 508701

Sometimes i just hate it when dudebros artist draw thicc girls specifically with exaggerated bust,hips and thighs but with tooth pick-like skinny arms and small ass hands and i was like really? Y'all cant fathom fat on somewhere else that doesnt attract you?

No. 508710

> Y'all cant fathom fat on somewhere else that doesnt attract you?
You’re giving them too much credit anon, they probably don’t even realise that women with curves have higher fat content.

No. 508722

I own these, and the jelly is a useless gimmick for sure, but it comes at a good price and with a more cartoon/illustration friendly color palette. They were around aliexpress long before becoming trendy

No. 508733

I'm fed up with the trend too, but you seem way more angry you don't have "tiny hands" than because of the art, and it never had crossed my mind that it was possible to be insecure about hand size, omg.

No. 508743

I saw on someone’s video somewhere that they’re used primarily by Chinese art students when they paint cuz they’re already wet and they don’t have to mix as much. I like them for similar reasons especially just practicing gouache painting cuz I’m not gonna crack open Windsor Newton’s just to practice and mixing gouache is a pain. They go in and out of trends with the IG and YouTuber crowd cuz they’re just cheap so everyone thinks they can review them. I’m just glad I don’t have to pay like over fifty bucks to get a palette this big

No. 508878

It feels like a weird pedo thing but maybe I'm just biased against anime lol

No. 508879

It's not a weird pedo thing, fat hands.

No. 508886

NTA, but since when do hands have to be fat to not be tiny? You realise people come in varying sizes, that includes their hands and feet, not everyone is petite. Ffs this thread is so utterly retarded

No. 508887

I think its funny you guys are now saying all that but then complain and laugh whenever someone asks for diversity in media lol.

No. 508891

nta but legitimately who are you even talking about

No. 508893

File: 1580429207311.png (55.91 KB, 144x200, these ugly little hands.png)

I don't know who to respond to in this argument but I hate the tiny french fry hand thing as well. It feels like hands looked normal size up until some point when mommy-fetishers became a thing in the late 00s and then everyone got these weird tiny hands.

No. 508895

No. 508897

Extremely hypocritical video considering all he draws is pretty IG girl portraits. It doesn't matter how much expression you add, it's still the same subject.

No. 508899

He criticizes people for using IG thot models, and uses fucking Disney as an example of how to do it right. Like not even old 2D Disney, he uses Anna, Moana, and the Ariel model from Wreck-It Ralph 2. Such a diverse range of emotions on the same fucking face type over and over and over.

No. 508901

Would it absolutely blow your mind to know that this thread isn’t a hive mind and people have differing opinions?

No. 508906

Yeah but when people disagree with the majority here they're ridiculed and called autistic lol

No. 508907

how good are they at staying wet in the pods? every time I squeeze gouache out of a tube it just dries instantly.

No. 508911

grow a spine lol you can have your own opinion lol

No. 508915

If the container is good they should stay wet for a good bit, but you'd probably have to feed them water just like any other gouache in a container. Question is if they'll eventually mold tho, since they're cheaper but idk

No. 508916

I tried watching this earlier, never seen the dude before but checked out what he usually do and clicked off because of that.
Got recommended another video of his showing old pre college art and man.. he used to create interesting pieces with cool concepts and with a variety of skills.
Tf happened

No. 508944

Only tangentially art related, but does anybody find any real value in SenshiStock's images? I find what she/they are doing is admirable for the art world overall but the quality of their images and the poses they choose never really struck me as useful.

No. 508948

I used them a lot as a beginner, and ocasionally browse if I'm stumped on a pose, but it's rare I find what I need.

No. 508972

kind of old milk but this video popped back up in my feed and im still taken aback at how terrible rae is when she's not copying something

No. 508973

thanks anon

No. 508995

jfc she colors like a toddler

No. 508998

Is she in a fucking chicken coop because those are some next-level chicken-scratch lines. Just… yikes.

No. 508999

It annoys me so much when bad artists use expensive tools

No. 509004


"her head looks so big but its ok cause its an illustration"

illustration isn't an excuse to make proportions look disgusting, rae

No. 509006


that neck is totally being choked, right?

No. 509009

They stay wet in the containers for months. They dry fast on the palette, but just throw a few drops of water on it. If you're considering buying these know they stink!
Funny enough only saltecrafter bringed it up in these trend chase reviews

No. 509010

I'm ayrt, thanks for the explanation.
I dislike tiny hands, and also those hands with the knuckles and the floppy fingers, didn't manage to find any examples, let's hope it went out of fashion

No. 509021

File: 1580465876430.png (80.76 KB, 423x511, lilota.PNG)

How do you guys get back into art again? I just went through a break up with a friend a while back and it devastate me to the point i lost all of my motivation to create sth new. Picking up a pen and draw when my mind is empty never felt so heavy and devastating, it seems like my creative juices just ran out and im siting here not content abt any piece of art that i drew…

No. 509026

Can't stand rae at all. Her art looks horrible and she has no idea about basic anatomy. For someone who says they're a perfectionist and want their anatomy to look perfect…yikes.

No. 509031

The case for the commonly sold mint/pink one you can get on amazon kind of latches on like a food container so it does kind of seal them in. They will dry out if you don’t use them often but since it’s water based, you can just reconstitute it with water. I don’t notice a smell tho other than the smell of gouache

No. 509034

Lol same thing he says in the video which makes him so hypocritical: for the likes.

But yeah he draws the same boring ass women too so it’s also like, are you calling yourself out too my dude? Like even him demoing doesn’t even show him pushing enough, in the end it’s still the same small chinned bug eyed girl everyone else draws too. Like don’t pat yourself on the back for not drawing pouty lips when like, you’re still drawing the essentially same thing except her eyebrows moved

No. 509036

File: 1580470015444.png (1.81 MB, 1736x961, D47873BA-87D5-4FC2-A1C1-905932…)

I like them ok for a start but because of their bodysuits and the lighting sometimes is too bright, then you lose a lot of landmarks on a body that aren’t good if you want to have an emphasis on anatomy. They’re a step up at least from those body-chan dolls.

Though you gotta go to the Becca thread to see “optimum” uses of senshistock as practice

No. 509037

I wish rae would join a introductory art class and learn the god damned basics already
Or a workshop, anything really

No. 509042

I don't understand those pods tbh, they'd be far better if they were resealable. The saturation and quality also looked fairly poor

No. 509043

draw literally anything. animals, food, fanart, random pretty girls, exercises, fuck it even porn.

No. 509057

No. 509066

I see this bitch all the time on my Instagram feed, in the past, shes scammed people she'd own commissions to then block them when they asked for a refund, tried to argue that anyone drawing characters with an animal mast or plants "was copying her", whine that she hasn't been getting interactions / her art getting less interactions.

i could go off about dentiny moon, the crowd that follows her goes "Yass queen" when she makes the not like other girls into transwomen lesbians but got mad when the new guy thing happened.

No. 509089

File: 1580484964887.png (951.84 KB, 640x1092, 0628798E-3AE0-4292-9C5A-BEAABD…)

every poor bitch itt

No. 509127

I don't know why anons think if they just draw a dog dick they'll immediately rake in the cash.
It's like looking at the amount of money Sakimichan makes from wonky fanart and believing that you're going to strike it that big by starting your own tittymonster art patreon. It's confirmation bias.

No. 509129

because you do tho.

No. 509131

Exactly. It takes a while to establish yourself first and the real money is in the porn games, not the porn commissions.
so if you don't know how to code you're fucked.

No. 509134

yep, the porn illustration market is completely over saturated at this point. if they think they can make it big with slapping out some mediocre shit just because it's porn and/or furry they are fucking idiots. they'd either need to do some really obscure and potentially extremely disgusting fetishes to rake in commissions (which would by default decrees their target audience) or like you said learn coding, since there are much less people working on porn games, or even just porn animations.

No. 509135

This! I did that kind of porn a few years ago. Had no problem getting work, but I was just a mid-range artist and couldn't charge too much (average commissions got me like 55-65 bucks). Even if I was able to crank out a commission like that 5-6 days a week, I still make more money now in my relatively comfy retail day job. But I guess it depends where you live, I live in a some what large town in Scandinavia. But if you live some where were living expenses and minimum wages are considerably lower, I can see the appeal more.

No. 509137

Difficult question… Currently in a bit of a 3 week slump my self, but going to try and pull my self out in the only way I know: Just gotta force your self! Pick up the pen/stylus and just say to your self "I'm gonna draw a bit now! Don't have to finish it. Don't have to draw for hours if I don't feel like it. But I'm going to draw a little and I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow." Put on some music, pull out some references from artists you like and try to get the vibe going. Remember, you DON'T have to create a finished product or draw in to the night. Just get some doodling started, play around, experiment a bit and get the feel for holding the pen again.

No. 509139

Quick note: Most weeks I wasn't able to produce 5-6 drawings a week. It's actually hard to do when you're inexperienced and a bit of a perfectionist as well.

No. 509144

File: 1580501423335.png (305.71 KB, 612x438, Capture.PNG)

Why are furries so delusional?

No. 509147

is this for adopts or commission? Either way that’s super fucking cheap

No. 509149

tbh at least they have the skill to sell at that price.

No. 509152

Wait, they're selling…. outit ideas? for 70$?

No. 509156

File: 1580503840964.jpeg (56.31 KB, 541x588, yWUGrq5R.jpeg)

destinytomoon really cant come up with anything other then this kind of sht huh. what are those eyes?

No. 509159

Oh god, oh rae, oh the chicken scratches, oh the painfully shit acrylics
Oh no

No. 509160

File: 1580504306295.png (770.51 KB, 640x1136, C27BCF4E-0164-4D67-AD93-7961F0…)

Kind of you to imply Rae is ok when she is copying something, but she really is not. She’s pretty shit regardless of what she is drawing. Don’t get me started on her oil paintings

No. 509162

At first glance I thought this looks fine. But then I got the idea of the challenge was to mirror the two sides and holy fuck, she failed. What is the point of mirroring an imagine when you don't bother following the actual picture? Someone needs to relearn the grid method, this is kind of embarrassing…

No. 509164

File: 1580505080262.jpeg (90 KB, 500x600, 98120CE7-93FE-45C0-8091-44CD57…)

For reference, this is the original picture (or the closest I could get to it). So even if she wasn’t drawing the mirror image its a yikes

No. 509166

I think they're selling your fursona in 3 outfits of your choosing for the $70.

No. 509175

But even a drawing 101 class would be intimidating for her because she sucks at the basic fundamentals.

I know she went to art school but doing those classes over again would show her that she hasn't improved

No. 509183

i dont understand what a tangent is or why its bad

No. 509188

i thought this was bbbreakfast scrolling back

No. 509190

manda_amsbt is incredible don’t insult her like that

No. 509201

ok? it does kinda look like her style.

No. 509209

I’m gonna link this to you. I’m assuming you’ve already read it because searching “drawing tangents” is mind-numbingly easy and I’m gonna tell you to read it again until you learn it.


No. 509210

I mean, hear me out on this one; people could NOT draw degenerate porn and indulge disgusting fetishes. Does the world really need more feeder diaper fetish drawings of sparkle dog fursonas?

I don’t understand why people immediately jump to porn when they want to earn money, news flash, if someone wanks to it then there’s already a plethora of porn of it available online. What happened to just drawing someone’s shitty self-insert OC, or pet portraits (it is ridiculous just how much ‘furparents’ pay for pet portraits, they seem to hemorrhage money)

No. 509213

Yet I can't find a decent female artist who draws hot sweaty muscular cartoons dudes :/
I miss the days where drawing female characters (especially fan art) wasn't just oversaturated NSFW shit especially with putty boobs,tiny waists and huge thighs

No. 509218

>people could NOT draw degenerate porn and indulge disgusting fetishes. Does the world really need more feeder diaper fetish drawings of sparkle dog fursonas?
"Degenerate" and "disgusting" are subjective, and people have artistic freedom and can create whatever media they enjoy creating. You could just as easily ask if the world needs any more sketchbook-level detailed drawings of eyes on Instagram, hotel lobby acrylic paintings of flowers, or "edgy" "subversive" magazine cut-out collages about unrealistic beauty standards, all of which are oversaturated mediums that still get churned out every day as if they're modern and original.

No. 509225

Ahh that makes sense, ty

No. 509226

NOBODY would be attracted to that. it looks like a fucking ogre. or chris chan.

No. 509235


You must be following the wrong people then
because its actually pretty easy to find exactly what you want lol
If you find just one of them you'll easily get other users to follow since most girls drawing muscular and pretty boys follow each other

No. 509256

the title……

No. 509260

They’re not gonna be as popular as people who just draw girls but they’re there if you look hard enough. You doubt the internet’s potential to be thirsty AF cuz not all people get off on balloon tits

No. 509266

>Drawing stuff I suck at
Well, this artwork certainly does suck, but something tells me the things she thinks she doesn't suck at don't look much better.

Also, this has three million views and this woman who draws like an eighth grader has over a million subscribers.

No. 509299

When will the tranny shit end, it is in every crevice of the internet, what do trannies have to do with art

No. 509308

Look for JoJo artists if you want hot muscular objectified men.

No. 509309

She's a commentary channel and having just forced myself to watch that video, the title makes sense? Why the fuck are we talking about her dumb ass when she doesn't even use her own art anymore? She's a talentless hack who is getting what she deserves and being doxxed.

No. 509314

File: 1580544315401.jpg (123.48 KB, 540x179, hCXN1jR.jpg)

What do you think about Christopher Hart? I have been looking into his How to draw manga books lately since a few pages or tutorials like pic related have been poping up on most sites I go.

I found out that many artists dislike him for many of these tutorials, where he doesn't give any advice aside from "They MOST look pretty!" And the way he is on DeviantArt, by not taking any advice from anyone and mass blocking.

While other artists defend him by saying that his books were a great inspiration with really helpful advice when they were younger.

I don't own any of his books, however for the stuff I have seen, I don't like how much he insist on drawing girls pretty all the time, I don't want to sound like someone who screams for diversity in media, that's not my problem, what does annoy me is that it gives me that "Only draw boring pretty girls" artist vibe that has been discussed a lot on these threaths.

No. 509316

File: 1580544770801.jpg (33.57 KB, 400x438, jGpdpnS.jpg)

Sorry for double post, but here is what I meant for not accepting any advice from anyone, this just comes as pretencious to me.

No. 509321

Christopher Harts books are filled with illustrations by other artists, majority of the pieces aren’t even his own

No. 509322

File: 1580545906973.png (497.34 KB, 479x638, 80F4BF27-68F6-433E-AAB6-75586E…)

Ah yes, Christopher hart, a master of manga

No. 509323

File: 1580546793732.jpeg (243.92 KB, 1280x885, E6A11CB9-E4F0-4B35-908B-79AAC6…)

Chris Hart is an old cow who got a ton of “how to draw manga” books published way back in the nineties cuz manga was just super hard to get back then. He’s obviously improved now but these are some of his pages of those old books. But he’s just a pretty standard cartoonist, nothing is helpful from him or those books, they’re basically like jazza’s or baylee jae’s books where they are just how to draw in their particular style without any foundations.

Anon you’re better off with the How To Draw Manga books that come from Japan published by Graphic-sha or Japanime (they’re usually the ones with white covers) and don’t get any how to draw with anyone with a western name, they usually range from OK to “saw an anime once twenty year’s ago”

No. 509324

Not to defend Hart or anything, but that page was made by Peter Gray.

No. 509326

Motion to ban Creepshow from this thread if it is not directly about her own art or a take on art? I do not give a flying fuck about her cheap opinions about trannies or whatever else she isn’t qualified to talk about. She’s a privileged hack living off her boyfriend’s paycheck scrambling for woke points.

No. 509335

any reccomendations for print/tshirt sites? I used redbubble for a while but their stickers are way too expensive

No. 509337

If your mind or imagination doesn't work just cut it out of the equation and do studies. For example do color comps, practice shading/lineart, use geometric shapes and work on figuring out interesting compositions and …
That works for me, hope it helps

No. 509351

I’ve heard good things from catprint.

No. 509352

slightly off topic but i've made an artstation so that i can eventually use it as my portfolio for concept art but the thing is i'm nervous about being doxxed since my full name is on there. how worried should i be/how low are those chances?(namefag)

No. 509353

Its the internet anon. If there’s a chance of being doxxed then don’t take the risk

No. 509374

File: 1580569472833.jpeg (351.63 KB, 2048x1686, BB50D8CE-9710-42A4-B934-A9409B…)

so this artist was rted onto my twitter timeline and you’d think it was some wholesome, cutesy style artist but no. they draw lolicon. like why do people waste their skills on such degeneracy
(inb4 someone says “but it’s obvious they draw loli porn!!”)

No. 509377

a lot of men learn to draw just to draw porn & their fetishes

No. 509381

anon if you recognize the fact that someone will say that this is obviously loli, than why are you surprised that they draw that. look at the fucking face proportions. but anyway if someone rted this onto your timeline than imma have to assume you follow those sorts of accounts lol.

No. 509392

what do anons think of these types of artists that draw beautifully but create content you disagree with?
is it okay to warn the art community about them (based solely on art, not behavior)? should you unfollow/ignore it? i see a lot of arguments against artists that draw questionable ships or fetish art, even if those artists aren't exactly trying to hide the fact that they create this kind of art. is it still deceptive to make nice art, but draw something deemed culturally unsavory or irresponsible?

i think there's a valid point in wanting to protect kids and curating the content you see, but how far should you go with it? is it okay to let artists know this isn't acceptable and they shouldn't post these things online?

No. 509393

its a man right?

No. 509394

>is it still deceptive to make nice art, but draw something deemed culturally unsavory or irresponsible?

Deceptive… lol. I don't know which world you live in where people learn to draw to caters to others. Who cares about what they draw.
If you disagree with it, you can block them. But no matter how many people you block and signal boost others to block, they will still exist and keep drawing the shit you hate, so it's kinda pointless.

No. 509411

This. People need to learn to just block and move on. If the art is reportable, do so as well but you aren’t gonna change those people from drawing what they draw. Also nowadays it’s extremely easy to chain-block on Twitter, so if you still get loli stuff rt on your timeline you must be still following people who enjoy.

No. 509417

I said cartoon men not blocky same face flamboyant anime men

No. 509418

Holy shit it's skull must be huge

No. 509419

File: 1580577078843.jpg (50.81 KB, 520x588, much degenerate.jpg)

>is it still deceptive to make nice art, but draw something deemed culturally unsavory or irresponsible?
Kek goodbye to almost all western 'great works of art' then

If you want to protect children from anything then you just don't let them use the internet. I agree that using child-friendly art styles for degenerate art can lead children into consuming it, but that's why parents need to pay attention to what their children are actually consuming. Content makers should be responsible in marking their adult content as such, but it's not their fault if a child goes ahead and views it anyway.

No. 509449

The whole anti-kinkshaming culture on Twitter has emboldened pedos enough that they no longer have any sense of shame.

There are millions of artists off and online so there are bound to be many, many of them who draw well and draw things I find distasteful. I just ignore them and focus on the ones I like. I'm just one person so my tastes don't set the stage for anyone's content but my own.

No. 509451

"The whole anti-kinkshaming culture on Twitter"
I seriously doubt unpopular japanese-only-speaking lolicon artists care much about western twitter culture.
Also it has absolutely nothing to do with Twitter, either. Wanna take a look at pixiv and see what you find?

No. 509454

I was talking specifically about western artists, especially ones who follow JP loli artist. The anon I was replying to said the artist was rt'd onto their timeline. I assume they're on the Western side of twitter and the person they're following retweetwed that artist. We all know that JP artists don't think there's anything wrong with loli.

No. 509477

facking hell. $50 and $75 for the world's shittiest 1-minute sketches of koalas. fucksake just donate money if you wanna give to charity, there's no need to encourage the talentless in the process

No. 509515

90% of the video is just her showing supplies jeez, this is content?

No. 509552


Anon, she said she got them for free from Artsnacks.
(But #nosponsor. Yeah sure, Chloe.)

Still, I don't get why she rushes her videos. She's like a weird mix of Baylee (does not produce filler videos beforehand, so instead produces rushed videos with zero content) and Rae (shit skills) with better filming. And she looks healthier than those two. But boi was that a clickbait video.

No. 509561

File: 1580598098435.png (304.25 KB, 524x760, ex.png)


that's exactly what i'm trying to understand here… what's the point of signaling to unfollow/block? or people saying "i love x artist but i cant believe they draw y ship/incest/pedo/etc". that's where i got the idea that maybe they felt deceived by the nice art.

take these tweets for example.. is there a good reason to 'call out' people deemed degenerate/'freaky'? is ignoring/blocking not an option here or do people really need to know about these artists

No. 509565

these people feel like they are doing "the right thing" by calling these artists out, when in reality they are making it more likely that children will see their work. hell, most of the time one of them will say someone posted pedophilic imagery and a swarm of them will go to the post to ask for it to be posted on there, because they know they are never talking about the actual thing, because they don't actually care about real child abuse.

No. 509567

>what's the point of signaling to unfollow/block
There's no point but to feel morally superior, really. Signal boosting these artists only give them more exposure, for better or for worse.
It has no place in modern twitter culture besides just trying to feel better than others for consuming pure media or whatever, I don't really care.

All i'm saying is that with block chains and other stuff ready available, PSAs like this only make the artist exposure grow, making it more viable for even more minors or victims (as if they really care about that) to see lol.

Also most artists like this have +18 and follow at own risk or whatever in their bio.

No. 509568

File: 1580599491657.jpg (229.56 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20181014-125612_Tum…)

they made everyone wear visors for whatever reason and dumped a bunch of unnecessary sht on tohru

No. 509569


why do tumblrites always want to make bnha uniforms ugly and bland?? They are superheroes, superheroes are flashy!

No. 509570


- why would momo need to search how to make stuff, her quirk is literally creating stuff
- tooru can go invisible but ok make her wear clothes that can be toggled into being invisible because thats so much more convienient
- kirishima doesnt wear a shirt because it would just rip from his rock skin

this is infuriating wow

No. 509571


also yeah because a shirt would totally prevent him from getting killed

No. 509575

File: 1580600250508.jpg (630.38 KB, 1954x2704, EK9UAhaU0AAEHll.jpg)

I know Pirate Cashoo is literally a crackhead and degenerate but her original horror artwork (not the bland ass comission work she does) is all kinds of amazing.

No. 509576

File: 1580600497713.png (138.07 KB, 690x764, deactivated_tm.PNG)

This is especially stupid because they're exposing their under aged followers to adult content which is an actual crime.

Lmao @ her response to all the people dragging her.

No. 509578

this is the most try hard woke thing i've ever laid my eyes on. what's even the point of giving them all this clothing and design? and so incredibly hideuous too. and love how mina is just a darker shade of pink.

these faggots keep creating these ugly pieces as if they're going to contribute to today's racism and bigotry and leave a huge ass impact like MLK like no, you're just ruining good design because you get too defensive over a bunch of fake characters.

watch them draw the girls in burquas next because "uwu minors need to be proteckkckted <3"

biggest kek

No. 509579

File: 1580601320488.png (211.72 KB, 662x453, 4xANNJZlKL2mFaM3ceJGQ1-D3QIafF…)

by racebending ALREADY japanese characters you're basically saying that they're not "poc" enough so you have to give them more oppression points by changing their skin color.

No. 509581

Oh my god, I hate this argument;

It is not MY JOB to monitor what YOUR CHILDREN watch/view on any social media platform. An artist can draw as much degeneracy as they want, if they say 'viewer discretion is advised', or have an indication they make NSFW art like the 'not 18' emoji, which is universally used to signal they make NSFW art, then they have done their due diligence by warning the viewer. Not only that, the language barrier makes it even more difficult in cases like this. Who gives a fuck about the kids? It is the parent's job to monitor what their kids do, no individual artist can assure whoever is viewing their work is of age since lying about age has been around since the internet's inception. If you don't want the precious babies to see cartoon dick, be an actual adult and parent your child. Block the accounts you don't like, if it is actual TOS violation, report it. Use some god-damn personal responsibility.

Arguing the legality of the art itself is a different conversation, but arguing the legality over who views it? That ain't it, chief.

No. 509583

implying that cartoon man have more than 1 face and body type
careful not to cut yourself on your edge

No. 509584

>This is especially stupid because they're exposing their under aged followers to adult content which is an actual crime.

lol, kids and teens view pornsites all of the time and they're doing just fine so i'm pretty sure these artist have nothing to worry about.

No. 509585

Anon, I'm talking about the callout people in the image you posted lmao. I agree with you.

No. 509599

File: 1580604136108.jpg (34.76 KB, 720x481, 1571019803589.jpg)

I remember seeing a twitter post by FBI (or CPS don't remember which) that told people to stop misusing the report function on people who aren't actual criminals or breaking laws. The truth is that the whole loli/shota has already been researched heavily across all countries; Japan itself even issued a ban on those subjects in the early 2000's, but they realized that it doesn't affect the number of cases of child abuse. The earliest conclusion was from 2012 by Denmark that explicitly state that weeb drawings don't lead to pedophilia.

Also I remember some fat dude who had those stereotypical hipster soyboy looks, who got busted for child abuse. He tweeted constantly about hating animu (and calling anyone who likes anime a pedo) and the next day he would tweet creepy shit, being near a nursery school and taking pics then calling himself "pedobear" it was legit disgusting. There's certainly a trend here of these weirdos who do more harm to society than the people they call out for drawing impossible tentacle porn hentai. I could write up a big essay on anime/cartoon not being a good reference for your sexuality but nows not the time. (sorry for the vent)

No. 509605

Nah, I agree with you.
People who are incredibly against what others draw and shit like that pull so many red flags to me, like something's up. Specially when they're self-proclaimed fandom mom uwu protecting the minors or whatever, it's so weird.

No. 509627

I agree with some of this except in the case of people who know their main viewer demographic is children and post inappropriate things despite knowing that.

It's one thing if the parents aren't keeping an eye on their kid and they find an artist with some NSFW or otherwise 'adult' content, the artist isn't creating for children, they (most likely) make that pretty clear. It's the parents fault that their kid ended up on that area of the internet, not the artist. But it you're someone that markets yourself as family friendly/kid friendly, or know that your main audience is children for whatever reason and you post that sort of stuff, that's kinda creepy/inappropriate

No. 509654

> doing just fine

Lmao, the sexuality of youth these days is anything but fine

No. 509658

Not in the slightest shocked by her tumblr ass followers, jfc they look so stereotypical

No. 509660

File: 1580612185352.jpg (466.76 KB, 1264x1600, 0304_takamichi_1sdl8t4o1_1280.…)

I guess the whole point of bringing this up is also the argument that if you draw something deemed gross, incest/pedo art or what have you, you find that acceptable in real life OR will influence people to commit horrible acts based on this kind of art… maybe that's why people feel so morally obligated to shame these artists directly and publicly.

like pic related and the one anon posted earlier, art may fall into a morally questionable place, but is it really fair to say this kind of thing is 100% dangerous and damaging? It's fair to say you hate it and think it's creepy, and I also think most people who look at this kind of art know that it's fucking criminal to abuse kids and it comes with heavy repercussions and long lasting damages, so what are these callouts supposed to accomplish? kids shouldn't be on the internet unmonitored anyway.

No. 509663


How is your pic "morally questionable?"

No. 509667

How the fuck is your picture questionable? This is just a drawing of a child. If you think it's sexual in the slightest, you might be projecting.

No. 509668

File: 1580613673373.jpeg (171.1 KB, 444x531, 610E0960-9CE3-4633-B420-887EFC…)

NTA but I’m assuming it’s a loli comic

I think anyone that is morally corrupt enough to somehow get their rocks off to the idea of kids is fucked and should be shamed for it, if I recall correctly there was a survey done that found 1 in 100 men had pedophilic tendencies - this is based on a survey where men were shameless enough to admit they’d fuck a 14 year old if they could away with it, I can only imagine how many more are rightfully too ashamed to say so. I bring this survey up because the sexual depiction of children in artwork feeds into this mentality, people who are drawn to loli/shota/cub are not right in the head and need to stop thinking with their genitals for a single fucking moment to actually critically think about their desires.
It’s not normal to be turned on by kids, and saying it’s fine because it’s fiction is just a massive fucking cope

No. 509672

Comic LO (short for Lolita) is a well-known lolicon hentai anthology series. The covers are made to look like innocent slice of life illustrations. I only know this because someone I used to know caused a huge stink about it getting banned from 18+ vendor rooms at cons a few years back.

On that note, didn't a guy in Japan get in trouble for trying to rape/raping a young girl after being inspired by a very famous loli doujin?

No. 509687

Apparently every person in Japan is now black. Also, why make the costumes look so fucking bland. The point of the costumes is not only to be functional, but also to make the heroes recognizable. Uraraka's costume makes her look fluffy/light, and her boots actually has that pad underneath that is springy or something so she could take flight better. Afaik, Momo's costume design has been changed and is now not as revealing. Eijirou doesn't need all that clothing because it'll rip apart when he goes unbreakable anyway, but apparently he needs a shirt or else he'll get killed according to whoever made that redraw (why dafuq does he have an R is he part of the Team Rocket now wth). Idk why Mina needs the visors since clearly her skin isn't affected by the quirk, so why would her eyes need that (and a person's body is modified to handle their quirk so idk why dafuq they need that shit). They also don't need to tie their hair up because anime physics. I'm so tired of these redraws. As if Horikoshi doesn't think about their hero upgrades. Idk what they're crying about since they're not even in their 2nd year so obviously their hero gear would still change. A recent example of this is Uraraka's gear. It's heavy af (there's a reason for this I forgot), but with the help of her quirk, it goes lighter + she has that new wrist gear that is essentially like Deku's black whip/Sero's quirk. If they read the manga they would complain less.

No. 509688

I'm just gonna put this vid here - there's nothing really wrong with it, other than not being that useful -

But, I can't help but complain because this woman has named her computer and ipad for some reason and she literally has to introduce them every time as if they're people. Like, really, your ipad is named hippogryph? No one cares, that's so stupid.

And from what I can tell she even has a romantic attraction or something to her laptop, because she draws art of it as a character, interacting with her self insert. And she says she wants to marry her laptop. In one video, she asks her computer if it wants to be in the video and then puts it in the background - and I thought she was video chatting with someone until I realized she was talking to her actual computer.

I dunno, maybe she's joking, but it annoyed me and I needed to complain

Thanks for listening

No. 509708

Oh god Christopher Hart, that name takes me back. I'll be honest, I have a few of his books though they are about 16-18 years old now. His books definitely helped me want to take drawing more seriously as I bought one of his earlier books back in like 2003 and I was super into anime at the time what with being in middle school.

In hindsight his books weren't really that helpful as far as fundamentals went and he wasn't very good at explaining things, at least in my opinion. Trying his method of drawing all those years ago, my characters would always come out so stiff looking and this is because I lacked fundamentals. Now I don't know how his books are not if he's still making them as the last one I got from his How to Draw collection was back in 2006 but personally, I would skip on his stuff and just stick with Loomis or any of the Disney Artists as I notice in their tutorials, especially Disney artists that they at least incorporate some sort of fundamental in it like the Line of action and what not.

No. 509742

the argument that people become pedophiles because fiction is always so backwards. if you are an adult person with a normal head on your shoulders you won't start to diddle kids just because you saw it in a comic, just like you won't become violent from video games. they either were already a pedophile or had mental problems that caused them to steer that way. i can't fully comment on the survey without reading the exact details of it, but i think knowing which country it was held in might give some insight since some countries have an age of consent of 14 years old (which i don't think should be legal at all, but it's the standard in some places).

No. 509759

This is kind of like arguing that we shouldn't connect the dots when a very particular topic's sexualization is being normalized.
Every study on this will tell you that it's not exactly like video games. Human sexuality is fluid and very sensitive to outside influences, and that's just the inconvenient truth of it. It's especially sensitive when it comes to children being exposed to sexual content from an early age. It colors their perception of sex for life.
It's kind of a blow to the "absolute freedom of speech, media doesn't cause any effect on anyone" camp, but like it or not, any society that approves of children being sexually objectified is one that encourages pedophilic attitudes. If it's treated as normal, even in fiction, it's not just "natural" pedophiles who will be groomed not to see a problem.

No. 509764

i'm not saying that children should to be exposed to this content, i specified that a normal adult who has already formed their sexuality will not be changed because of this content (also i don't think equating pedophilia to a sexuality is a good argument to make). children under no circumstance should see this content, and i've yet to see one account who doesn't at least have the 18+ emoji on them when they post that content.
there have been no studies about the exact effects this fiction has on adults, the most official documents i've seen that reference this content is court cases that haven't found it illegal.
i'm not stating media doesn't have any effect irl (especially on impressionable children), i just think that in spaces closed away from children adults should be able to explore problematic themes in fiction.

No. 509768

Not equating pedophilia to a sexuality, I'm specifically describing paraphilia and its easy spread through pornographic content. Just look at the rise in popularity in anal sex as a direct result of mainstream porn.
>a normal adult who has already formed their sexuality
This is exactly what I mean: That's not a thing. Fetishes don't remain in stasis, completely immutable without opportunity to worsen. Porn addicts seek harder and harder content precisely because the human mind doesn't "freeze" on one thing just because you hit a certain age.
>i just think that in spaces closed away from children adults should be able to explore problematic themes in fiction.
What does an adult have to "explore" in the sexualization of children? Honest question. Content that discusses CSA is one thing, but I can't think of a single beneficial thing to ever come out of shit like >>509672 or the work of >>509374. Like, what is the gain here? When a mind is being trained with repeated images associating childish forms with sex, what is the inherent takeaway that justifies it all?

No. 509770

a mind isn't "trained" when viewing this content, i don't know how to explain this better to you, but no normal adult becomes a pedophile from viewing this content. i'm not sure if you are saying there that lolicon or pedophilia is a fetish, but if you are saying lolicon is, than there you have it, it's supposed to be a fantasy, not a thing done in real life.
i can't say for sure every aspect of what someone might gain from those examples, but i've heard people state that in a way it's an exploration of a weaker aspect of themselves, that they project themselves onto the characters. you also probably heard this one already (since so many people make fun of it here), but people could use it to cope with their own experiences as well, as a way to take back control they had lost.
but anyway, my main point is that as long as this content is being kept away from children, adults should be able to engage with it, even if the reason doesn't strike your fancy. i'm not saying no one should be disgusted that this content exists, or that it shouldn't give red flags, i just don't think labeling people pedophiles over drawings is accurate at all.

No. 509771

also i think this might be getting a bit off topic from the art salt thread now.

No. 509773

If you think sexual fetishism has no bearing in real life and that it's "just fantasy", then you're kind of ignoring literally everything that's been studied when it comes to the effects of pornography on society as a whole, anon.
I very strongly doubt the grown men pushing out comic after comic and drawing of little girls being brutalized or objectified are "taking back control they lost" or "trying to cope", or that the majority of consumers of that content are people trying to do the same, but you're free to your own outlook.
It's not a matter of personal fancy, it's just pretty blatant and in-your-face what this is, and it's pretty sad that people defend it because it's already become so normal.
IMO, it's still on-topic because it's to do with art, and goes off of the issues discussed earlier.

No. 509775

well if it's on topic we can talk about it more, though i'm not sure if you are looking for this conversation to have an outcome or just saying this stuff you can feel like a morally righteous person.
there still have been no studies about this specific content, and you can't generalize other porn studies onto this. i feel like you are really taking a stance that "porn bad" which is pretty detrimental to discussing this topic. what do you think is the exact effect on society is of this content existing? if it's that people start becoming pedophiles, then i've already said many times that there are no specific studies on it. and if it were such rampant thing than it would be something people would actually worry about irl too, and not just yell about it over the internet (while ignoring very real pedophiles in internet spaces too). anon up by a few posts even mentioned how the fbi had to make a post warning people that misusing their report system for this content is helping no one.

No. 509780

File: 1580659058901.png (1.03 MB, 710x933, rm.png)

hopefully wrangling this back to the original question I brought up, basically does liking questionable art mean you support sexualization being normalized (as >>509759 said)? Is there even a point for it to be drawn in the first place like >>509768 said, and should people that still draw it be villified? On the other hand, does fiction really play such an important part in changing adult behavior (as >>509599 said)? is there a gray area or do we need to treat these things seriously (or not, just block and ignore)

I think most can agree that an artist like shadbase is different to CLAMP (thinking of Card Captor Sakura and elementary kid/adult teacher thing), or is it all the same? is it still supporting bad shit? can you give people the benefit of understanding that "x is bad, i like this art, but x is still bad". Do people that like Takamichi's work support LO by liking the covers or is it as bad as actually reading LO? Just to be clear, I'm attaching Range Murata as an example because he falls into the similar category of 'draws little girls in a way you'd want to question' (search for his other works and see).

I guess I'm mostly just trying to piece together when people are reaching and when it should be a cause for concern. the salt I have is in the examples of 'callouts' I posted above… is that kind of thing necessary? IMO it's pointless, but I want to understand it deeper after being a kid once that did see disturbing things and what i should do now as an adult. It's one thing to call out people that have actually abused minors, but should the same treatment be applied to a small artist that drew some incest ship? is it the same amount of evil to depict that as normal? do the problems of societal & cultural sexualization of children and violent abuse apply in these cases (ie small artists in fandoms) or can we agree that it's…. kind of a reach in order to feel morally superior? it just especially bothers me when these small, usually foreign artists get tons of threatening messages about being freaks or w/e. are they really who we need to go after

No. 509781

NTA but actually, there have been a number of studies and a fair amount of research regarding the law of diminishing returns in relation to pornography. the books 'your brain on porn' and 'the porn myth' are both good reads regarding this and they compile a good deal of the studies and research out there on the subject. If you want to really know for sure what's what in this situation maybe grab them from your library, read them, then find (google) the studies they cite as sources and give them a once over yourself for accuracy/proper controls and protocols. I think taking steps like That would be the only way anyone could be certain of their stance on this issue, or any issue.

Quit frankly anybody who's taken a 101 psych, statistics or just any course that requires you to verify legitimate sources should be able to ascertain the legitimacy of a study so there's no reason not to take the time to look into it.

It is difficult to find the studies in the wild, mainly because it's an unpopular stance to suggest that there could be negative side-effects or consequences of regularly consuming porn, so most organizations or websites that would normally cover it either jump into defensive denial and ad hominem attacks on the researchers goals, or ignore the information completely since they don't want to upset/lose their reader/viewership (let's be honest, there's not really any media outlets lefts that's not more about entertainment than facts or information). Even google is more likely to recommend to you NYT articles mocking the concept rather than give you the raw data to examine yourself.

No. 509792

the art is eh but its actually nice that she seems to be enjoying herself here, this video feels genuinely cheerful.

No. 509797

Thanks, anon. This is exactly what I wanted to say, but you said it better than I could've.

No. 509802

In the CLAMP example you mentioned, I think it's woman artists/writers reflecting the paradigm they've already been taught to normalize, without really pausing to question it.
When Shadbase does it, he has a perfect understanding of how fucked up it is, and that's part of the reason why he likes it so much.
The first is problematic, while the second is an actual problem.
>can you give people the benefit of understanding that "x is bad, i like this art, but x is still bad"
Individually, maybe, but collectively, no. I don't think appreciating that >>509660 and other LO covers have a somber/peaceful look to them is the same as being an apologist for the actual content therein, but there are also people who pretend to only like the "wholesome" art as a shield for what they're really into.
In the former case, it only becomes an issue, IMO, when someone starts to glorify the full package. I think Range Murata's art is beautiful, but the weird, sexualized aspects make me avoid praising him too highly. I'm pretty sure a lot of people who are into manga-styled art can relate to that kind of cognitive dissonance. Some go full lolicon-defending cope mode to deal with it, instead of just accepting that sick fucks can also be talented, but by virtue of them being sick fucks, in a just world, they'd automatically forfeit at least half (if not more) of the praise they would/should normally get.
Obviously, most of the Twitter "callouts" are just useless and OTT. With only a few exceptions, most of the people they "expose" are just like the example of CLAMP: Problematic, but not a problem.
I think there should be space to discuss the issues with normalizing certain sorts of content (especially within fandom), especially since it can be used to groom kids, but it could be handled better.
>are they really who we need to go after
This is just based off my personal snooping, but 9 times out of 10, the people who need to be gone after are the nobodies in the comment sections defending the artist(s) because they have their own stash or history, but everyone just tells them to fuck off and/or mostly ignores them because the artist or writer is a bigger fish with more evidence laid out.
The smart thing to do would be to track the fans of people who make incest/pedo content, but that's more of a long game, and Twitter users often have too low of an attention span.

No. 509827

agree with you anon, but kiri always has the R since his hero name is Red Riot

No. 509845

Yeah, pedos 'are born' like serial killers/psychopaths; their brains are wired differently from birth which causes them to be less sympathetic to others, and are very, very good at masking their fucked up behaviors. And also it could be that they were locked up in some fucked up situation, abused and severely tortured at an early age, but the former is more common/legit.
Even masturbation addicted coomers who go on pornhub everyday won't deliberately look for illegal shit, and if they do find a thumbnail that even implies it, they'll get the fuck out of there and not click it.
Like I said in my last post about anime not being a good reference for any form of sexuality; the anime art style is very idealized in general. Its like how regular porn creates an illusion of it looking exciting, but when you do it IRL with someone, it won't feel the same. I remember back when tumblr wasn't 100% insane, and we'd all laugh at crazies (like Choco bird fountain), LGBT blogs expressed frustration with having late teenagers in college asking them if they're gay etc. because they fapped to futa tentacle hentai, then explaining for the nth time that its not the case. In general, if you aren't willing to hook up with someone with a certain gender/trait, you aren't gay/bi and just like the fantasy of it, and not the actual thing.

Psychology, anything related to the brains is a tough subject that needs to be handled with the upmost care. Twitter NEETs LARPing as armchair psychologists shouldn't play police when they don't know how to handle the guns; the best you can do is report to the FBI if you have clear evidence/facts of suspecting groomers in your group or whatever.

No. 509854

>Like I said in my last post about anime not being a good reference for any form of sexuality; the anime art style is very idealized in general.
exactly this, this why i was saying that we can't generalize studies of irl porn videos onto the subject of lolicon. and there have been no studies about that specifically, which is a shame.
and on the topic of the twitter callouts, not only are they useless, they have only caused people to have more and more warped views of what pedophilia and incest means. small age differences being talked about as being pedophilic, or the more ridiculous "they are childhood friends so it's incest". some of you said that this content is warping people's perception of right and wrong, but more often what i see is that people vehemently against it have warped views of what pedophilia and incest is, and they are influencing other people with this.

No. 509856

>Even masturbation addicted coomers who go on pornhub everyday won't deliberately look for illegal shit, and if they do find a thumbnail that even implies it, they'll get the fuck out of there and not click it.
If only that were true.
>Clinical experience and now research evidence are accumulating to suggest that the Internet is not simply drawing attention to those with existing paedophilic interests, but is contributing to the crystallisation of those interests in people with no explicit prior sexual interest in children.

Also, here's a more in-depth one:
>Clinical experience and now research evidence are accumulating to suggest that the Internet is not simply drawing attention to those with existing paedophilic interests, but is contributing to the crystallisation of those interests in people with no explicit prior sexual interest in children.
>As our current research here can only speak to the trends illuminated from our analysis, future studies must be conducted in order to ascertain information regarding actual attitudes and behaviors associated with consuming youth-oriented pornography. Overall, the results indicate all three hypotheses were supported. We found that there has been a significant increase in the rate of interest within teenage pornography, amateur pornography, and Hentai inspired pornography, which is unsurprising given the popularity of the niches among and widespread availability content via pornographic hubs (Ogas and Gaddam 2011).
>Clearly the interest in youth-oriented pornography has increased over the past decade, and that increase appears to coincide with what Gill (2008, 2012) and others argue is the continued ‘‘sexualization of culture’’. Only the search interest in Lolita pornography has decreased, most likely a result of the antiquated terminology and decrease in popularity, as more specific queries have arisen. Moreover, the evidence supports our hypothesis that those seeking out these subgenres within the niche of teenage pornography are a heterogeneous population rather than a homogenous group.

No. 509858

Applying real world justice standards to drawings is autistic, period. If Shadman was just drawing the gross fetish porn he's doing now I wouldn't care but the fact that he's openly creeping on irl people makes him disgusting. This topic has been beaten to the ground already and I want the discourse to die already, plenty of people use art to handle emotions and trauma, children might be used as symbolic self-inserts, yada yada. Fiction is used to explore things we would never accept in real life. Everyone has some nasty, dubious and/or illegal thing they like in fiction but would never take to reality. The people screeching about "shipping minors" have no problem watching these same minors get beat up by adults in battle. They might like horror movies or true crime documentaries with murders in them. That would get your ass sent to prison so fast if you would go around committing that in real life.

Bottom line, don't like it, don't look at it. It's that easy. Save the callouts for when someone actually gets caught kiddly diddling. Plenty of people who have never shown any signs of pedophilic tendencies have been outed as possessing child porn and touching kids. A ton of dedicated male feminists have been exposed as rapists. The thought that you can somehow spot a predator based on their interests is just causing false hope to people in a situation where you desire control over horrible things you can't always do anything about.

It's one thing to look at porn with real people in it and become desensitized, drawing cartoon porn is another. Of course watching something way more immersive and realistic is going to affect your brain but there's a difference between something like, say, watching an action movie with gorey scenes and a Liveleaks ISIS decapitation video.

No. 509860

>If Shadman was just drawing the gross fetish porn he's doing now I wouldn't care
Even though Shadman has a habit of drawing porn of actual, living children? Is that acceptable to you? Honest question.

No. 509862

If your dumb ass would've only read this post with half a brain cell you would've realized that drawing actual, living children counts as
>the fact that he's openly creeping on irl people makes him disgusting.

No. 509863

neither articles you are referencing can be read without paying for it so it's a bit hard to check their contents and validity.

No. 509865

You'd be surpised to hear about all the guys who actually think womb penetration is a thing thanks to hentai doujins.

No. 509866

He hasn't talked to them or harassed them IRL, retard. He just drew them. So, by your "D-Don't like, don't look! It's all just fantasy! uwu" logic, is there a problem with that?

No. 509867

You're being intentionally dense and derailing so please shut up.

No. 509869

You're the one being intentionally dense, but great job dodging a difficult question. Nothing I've asked is "derailing", either. Keep defending pedo artists, I guess.

No. 509870

the entire discussion has been mostly calm up to this point, why are you infighting now anon? did you run out of counter points for the opposing view point?

No. 509871

Because >>509862 was being aggressive to begin with, probably.

No. 509873

You can enter the DOI here to look at the studies, if you're interested.

No. 509874

ty anon, i'll take a look at it.

No. 509918

Most of the people that is anti loli/shota just do it to feel morally superior, if they cared about child abuse they would stop consuming chinese or indian products made by child slaves. But nah, that actually takes effort.

No. 509928

Considering how many things are made in sweatshops that use child labor I think using the whole “you use objects produced by child labor” response is unfair. You’re right about them feeling morally superior

No. 509967

>heh you criticize society yet participate in it? interesting!
>masturbating to drawings of children doesnt mean you're a pedophile though

No. 509969

That's like telling people to boycott Nestle or Amazon. A fun idea, but entirely impossible in the West unless you want to go live in the woods. Even then, you'd probably have to survive off of Nestle water or buy an Amazon tent.

No. 509970

File: 1580705982188.jpg (23.19 KB, 287x200, 1239109.jpg)

>masturbating to drawings of children doesnt mean you're a pedophile though
This was literally not said by any poster in this thread, including the one you replied to.

It's very obvious that a majority of those militantly against loli and shota content - especially those who claim that fictional, drawn content of that nature is equal to or equally as harmful as child pornography and child sexual abuse - care in no way about abuse victims and adopt that view because they believe it a way to garner more attention and appear morally superior in others' eyes, especially on social media, where people are rewarded for appealing to others. Those who experienced sexual assault/abuse as a child know how damaging it is, and really don't appreciate seeing people (usually faux-progressive teenagers on Twitter and Tumblr, let's be honest) jump at any chance to accuse someone of having abused a child solely for their own personal gain, all while throwing terms like "pedophile", "predator", and "abuse" around, further disregarding victims' experiences and emotions by desensitizing the actual meanings and implication of those terms.

Victims of childhood sexual abuse want justice, be it social or legal, for their situation and what happened to them. They want others to listen to them, take them seriously, and understand what they've been through. They don't want completely unrelated people online using cases like theirs as an opportunity to promote themselves by playing up a false idea that they're a "socially-progressive hero saving innocent minors!", especially doing something as demeaning as comparing the abuse a child experienced to a drawing.

When did this superbly-woke-Tumblr-liberal mentality of "drawings totally equal abusing a child" migrate to lolcow? If you're looking for people to tell you that you're such a good person and you're saving so many children from lifelong trauma by calling random strangers pedophiles in sarcastic posts, this isn't the place.

No. 509971

It’s really not that hard lol. Way to over exaggerate

No. 509973

Your response is just, waah this is my opinion you just disagree because you’re woke scolds. Not exactly convincing. I was undecided at first but I know I disagree with your non arguments. Still not sure how to feel though tbh.

No. 509974

The hyperbolic niche cumbrained, basement-dwelling weeb audience really can't be used as some sort of a legitimate example. They're already mentally ill and detached from the real world, their sick fetishes are just a derivative of that. While I absolutely agree that IRL porn warps the perception of sex when it comes to young people and it's a bad thing, I still don't think cartoons are as influential as actual porn. It doesn't stimulate your brain in the same way seeing real people would.

It's really no use to argue. These people don't realize that the "muh cartoons equals real people" discourse will come to bite them in the ass later after they get caught enjoying something in fiction someone doesn't like. People are already claiming that shit like shipping a fictional 17 year old and a 28 year old is pedophilia and glorifying abuse and that short characters are "child-coded". People have gotten to taste what it's like to have the power to cancel someone with a moral outrage, they're out to do it whenever they can.

No. 509975

Do you have any idea how much those two companies own?

No. 509976

> adopt that view because they believe it a way to garner more attention and appear morally superior in others' eyes, especially on social media, where people are rewarded for appealing to others

I implore anons to actually go outside for once, because if you speak to any non autist they’ll rightfully tell you it’s utterly degenerate to want to fuck children, fictional or real. Not everything comes down to wanting to impress others, nor is it about feeling morally superior, it’s that it is beyond fucking foul to see childlike imagery/mannerisms and think of sex. As to anons arguing that fantasy has no bearing on reality, and that fictional children do not turn adults to pedophilic tendencies, explain to me the rise of DDLG; the romanticisation and fetishisation of incestuous child abuse. People WERE in fact groomed into such degeneracy, and you’re being purposely obtuse if you claim that it’s not the case.
Life imitates Art.

Every time I read the ‘i-it’s just fantasy, what’s the harm!!’ argument I always assume it’s a man with an anime profile on all his socials.

No. 509977

>These people don't realize that the "muh cartoons equals real people" discourse will come to bite them in the ass later after they get caught enjoying something in fiction someone doesn't like. People are already claiming that shit like shipping a fictional 17 year old and a 28 year old is pedophilia and glorifying abuse and that short characters are "child-coded". People have gotten to taste what it's like to have the power to cancel someone with a moral outrage, they're out to do it whenever they can.
This is basically it, point blank.

No. 509978

Samefag but no one in this thread has said that fictional child abuse is as bad as true child abuse, but fucking lmao at all the pro-pedo anons above claiming so

No. 509979

If your mentality involves calling people who were sexually abused as children "pro-pedo" because they disagree with you, have you ever considered the fact that maybe you are wrong?

No. 509981

Plenty of rape victims go on to then uphold rape culture, are you implying that just because someone has suffered that they cannot possibly have shitty views about it? I can think of countless female artists that have been raped in the past that then went on to pornographic material that heavily revolves around rape.

No. 509983

Any non-autist in the real world will also think that posting to an anonymous gossip imageboard is a sign of a sociopath and that anyone who watches cartoons/reads comics at age over 12 is probably severely mentally stunted or has pedo tendencies. The popularity of DDLG isn't on the rise because of muh cartoon porn, DDLG is ultimately a niche subculture populated by mentally ill men and girls who were damaged at some point in real life. It's not even "on the rise" to begin with, it's only thought of as "popular" because you browse degenerate sugar baby threads here on Lolcow. Actual people think it's sick.

I fucking swear that the people here have the most warped perspective on the state of society and hang around cumbrained losers all day long to think that "literally everyone" is crazy about child porn, daddy doms, choking fetishes and violent rape.

No. 509986

They can have shitty views on it, which is wrong and deserves to be reprimanded. However, it should be kept in mind that just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they support what you don't support. It's unlikely that someone who's had to suffer through abuse is going to support abuse, especially when they specifically spoke about not being so ( >>509970 ) and about how situations like theirs are disregarded and desensitized by the same people who claim to care about abuse victims. Calling an abuse victim "pro-pedo" (or secretly a scrote, a cumbrained autist, the other range of insults anons have hurled) really doesn't make one look like they want to help victims in any fashion.

>explain to me the rise of DDLG; the romanticisation and fetishisation of incestuous child abuse
Have you perhaps heard of a book titled "Lolita", published in 1955?

No. 509988

> It's not even "on the rise" to begin with, it's only thought of as "popular" because you browse degenerate sugar baby threads here on Lolcow. Actual people think it's sick.

My first exposure to it was in the comment section of a completely unrelated YouTube channel, but sure anon, media has absolutely zero influence over peoples world views and by extension their paraphilia.

No. 509990

DDLG and assorted fetishes revolving around incest, age roles, and family roles have existed for a long, long time. You can find printed media revolving around these fetishes made within the past several decades. Some anons in this thread are really showing their youth by claiming that DDLG is a "new" "rising" thing.

No. 509993

>drawings totally equal abusing a child
>cartoons equals real people
No one said this. Ironic that you complain about words being put in your mouth, but do it to others.
If you're fantasizing about children and insisting it doesn't count because they're children that don't exist, you're a pathetic coper.
No one is talking about your retarded shipping wars, either. We're talking about loli and shota.
Many have been groomed using the "art" you're defending, and I know very well what the enthusiasts of such content are like thanks to exposure from a young age, so please don't try to speak on anyone else's behalf about what is "wanted".

No. 509996

How is someone who experienced childhood sexual abuse talking about childhood sexual abuse "speaking on anyone else's behalf about what is wanted"? You can't claim to support those who were abused as a child, and then deny how that person feels about their experience because it doesn't fit your narrative.

No. 509998

>i care about kids, that's why i'm accusing strangers of supporting predatory pedophiles
>someone who experienced childhood sexual abuse disagrees with me? i'll just deny the validity of their experiences and say they support pedophiles anyway

No. 509999

Children as in like actual real children that breath or are you talking about anime shit I’m so confused

No. 510000

They don't know what the difference between those two things are, anon.

No. 510002

File: 1580713057237.gif (342.8 KB, 256x256, 00C65F49-5E79-4C58-874F-6BB669…)

So if someone that disagrees with abused anon was themselves abused, do they cancel each other out?

No. 510003

If we go onto this idea how come nobody goes after shadbase who actually makes porn of real life kids? Re: keemstars daughter

It always seem like people go after UwU non explicit fanartist but never actual problematic folks

No. 510004

I wasn’t arguing that it hasn’t existed before, but that it is now entering the mainstream

No. 510005

>I am the CEO of abused people, I speak for them all
>If you disagree with me, there's no way you've ever been abused
This is sad.

No. 510006

Sexualizing the idea of children in itself makes you pedophilic.

You make up this argument in your head because you have this need to defend people who fantasize about children.

Multiple people have gone after Shadbase, what are you talking about? It's always the loli defenders who insist it's all just fantasy who defend him, too.

No. 510007

It’s always been in the mainstream though, take a look at old movies/media and you’ll have the trope eventually.

No. 510008

The person (and any person) who experienced abuse is speaking on their own behalf, not "anyone else's" behalf. It's not a case where someone's speaking about something they're not familiar with while pretending they are familiar with it. That's the point of the post.

No. 510009

>if you try to question me then YOURE the pedo

Okay pedo

No. 510010

They were literally trying to speak in plurality in >>509970 using the simple truth of wanting justice in a thinly-veined attempt to hold up their defense of pedo-made art.

No. 510011

I didn't call you a pedo. Are you mentally okay?

No. 510012

Post the artist @ you cunt

No. 510013

Notice how the anons saying they've experienced abuse haven't called anyone else a pedo supporter, but the anons arguing with them have called nearly every other post or poster a pedo supporter.

No. 510014

Who? Why do you feel the need to try and passive-aggressively attack people over this?
Can you not just accept that people who experience abuse have different opinions? Once more, you're not the CEO of abuse victims. Please don't try to speak for me or anyone else.

No. 510015

So you’ve been abused? What’s the deal cus if you haven’t, you have no say in any of this lol

No. 510016

Can you read?

No. 510017

Fucking KEK anyone can speak about child abuse, regardless of if they’ve been diddled of not

No. 510018

That anon probably hasn't been abused. I usually see weird LARPers try to make it into a point of authority and put invasive questioning on others.
They really think it's a badge.

No. 510020

File: 1580717019595.jpg (367.41 KB, 720x1035, 20200203_015814.jpg)

Does anyone know what is up with this artist? She always draws her character with black hands and says her hands are really like it and never comments on it again. Also did a video about thinking she had a brain tumor and going though a ton of doctors and claimed that they just didn't notice her black hands. Plenty of comments are asking out is up and she never comments or tries to give vague weird answers. Image attached is a comic joking she is part red panda. Will delete if it is a joke and I'm retard.

No. 510021

If you actually read Lolita you'd know that the book demonizes pedophilia. H.H. is not some sexy, aspirational daddy dom. He's an egomaniacal narc that kidnaps and manipulates an innocent child for his own gratification as soon as her mother's out of the picture. Delores is not once presented as enjoying their 'relationship' without implications that she's either distressed or doing so because she literally has nobody else. Idiots misreading the novel or not reading it at all perpetuated the rise of DDLG. Lolita is the farthest thing from a sultry taboo romance with a loli that ttly wants it.

No. 510022


Took me 2 seconds to google. It's called Buerger's Desease. If the artist is a heavy smoker. Or it's just some other imflammation.

No. 510024

I'm that poster. I've read Lolita. The point of that post was the same as yours, that idiots misreading the novel or not reading it at all perpetuated the rise of DDLG - despite that, these people caused the resurgence of popularity in DDLG (and related fetishes) only around 2010 and on, even though the material which they (incorrectly) referenced and hailed when referring to their fetish was a book published as long ago as 1955. What I was saying was that media which inspired those fetishes (yes, even though the media didn't depict the fetish itself) is not in any way a new phenomenon that came into existence recently.

No. 510028

File: 1580718891348.jpeg (60.97 KB, 939x529, 8F0A926D-65F6-4235-AB61-568D75…)

>>510012 akcnnngn on twitter

No. 510032

searches on google
hey those are not kawaii hands and feet as depicted in the comic!

No. 510036

regardless of what you think on the freedom to draw underage stuff. As an artist, would you ever interact/be mutuals with a lolicon/shota artist?
I've met some who try to befriend me but their art just creeps me out, I can't help it, I always mute/block them.

No. 510047

No thanks, wouldn’t want to be associated with the type

No. 510072

I think we can all agree, at the very least, that art shouldn't sexualize children?

No. 510080

did you not read the thread?

No. 510083

Obviously, but I'm hoping you can all agree on one thing and stop the annoying off topic rambling

No. 510089

if it were off topic farmhands would have stopped us days ago lmao. also are you talking real children or anime characters? (also the fact that this question has to be asked should show some anons that their view point is literally corrupting very real world terms, imagine if the police had to ask this when investigating predators).

No. 510090

they don't which is why drawn shit isn't CP.

No. 510092

Drawing real children in a sexual way is definitely wrong, but anime already makes the characters look young - so anime kids practically look like babies. Someone jacking it to an anime kid character is pedophilic, I'd say. But for adult anime characters… I guess it depends on the way they look. People can usually tell if a character was intentionally designed to look younger/older.

No. 510094

your answer is just basically saying "both", most people still don't agree that art of fictional characters counts as pedophilic. i have no choice but to repeat what the other anon said: read the thread.

No. 510103

File: 1580743490091.jpg (148.55 KB, 619x528, artofne.jpg)

lmfao anon is this tard you? If this is the current userbase of this thread this whole board might as well be nuked right away

No. 510104

lol at the LGTB(A)

No. 510105

File: 1580743896219.jpg (243.86 KB, 1200x1199, EPxOUjFW4AEKfLx.jpg)

anon will probably deny it's them, and i don't care either way. i just wanted to note that i love artist who list professional sounding words in their bio, when in fact all they draw is basic bitch style bishie characters and instathot tier monster girls in a ridiculously different style.

No. 510107

Can we change the subject now? Nobody's going to come to any consensus, it's an anonymous image board that shouldn't surprise anyone, and it's devolving into another boring insult-fest just like it did the last time this thread tried to discuss it. Let's find some actual milk, not philosophical salt.

No. 510110

File: 1580744605474.png (1.79 MB, 1396x1261, Lavendertowne.PNG)

Yet another Lavender towne video in which the "not this!" pose looks more original and dynamic than the 'this' pose. Also, when you put in shading, it shouldn't create a crevass in the middle of the EYE. This bitch went to ART SCHOOL for this. It's 50,000 dollars to get a 4 year at the school she attended, for THIS kind of work.

No. 510111

Nah I ain't sharing a thread with salty underage pronoun sharing "LGTB(A)" twitter spergs who think they're doing the world a service by harassing random Japanese artists who don't even know enough English to defend themselves. Did it hurt you to receive only 4 retweets on your callout post?

No. 510112

you can just ignore the thread if you don't like deeper discussion topics lol. you can't even call it off topic since its about art.

No. 510115

This looks like such a mishmash of different styles. That lean on the top left dude reminds me of spechie's male portraits, the bottom left looks like some generic Jacqueline Deleon witch… the others, probably from anime stills

No. 510116

File: 1580744856946.jpg (37.17 KB, 171x199, 1580743896219.jpg)

My ultimate fear is to so good at rendering I just miss obvious mistakes like this. Anon how do I never fuck up like this

No. 510117

does anyone in this thread actually watch her videos, even just to laugh at it? i so couldn't care about her, even the stupid thumbnails are not that entertaining.

No. 510118

File: 1580745004517.jpg (212.08 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_d4e3b889c422d4e8cdb3e41…)

ChiNoMiko didn't improve at all since 2012, I can't believe She's working on 3 games

No. 510119

No, her topics, art and advice all suck, her voice is annoying, and I'd rather she just fade away into the void of the internet than be brought up every thread

No. 510120

Kek. anon, I never said you were off topic, I said you were BORING. It's not a deep discussion it's just you and a couple others in an eternal circle jerk of 'no you!' nobodies given a new argument, no-ones trying to have an actual proper discourse, you're all just throwing insults and repeating the literal almost word for word arguments you already stated "it's an image of a child, it's porn" "no it's just an image" "but an image can lead to worse" "but that's not true" "So you're a pedo" "no, but you're a prude" "but-but muh CSA victims" "but-but muh coping"

On and On and on, without any point since none of you are going to back-down or agree.

No. 510121

>>No. 510111 Ok, What the fuck is it with you morons accusing anyone who disagrees with being 'duh artist' I'm not whoever the fuck you're accusing me of being, I'm just someone who's been here since thread #1 and finds your discussion utterly pointlessly boring.
Does it make you feel good to think you 'caught' someone anon? special? Well congrats, you've now joined the ranks of all the other needy whiney children who've made the same accusation to anyone who has an opinion you don't like.

No. 510122

Ah, yes. Constant petty jealousy of youtube artists' expensive gear and vendettaposting about nobodies with forced drama is so much more thrilling than actual discussion about how art is supposed to be perceived and how it serves the artist and the society. I almost forgot.

No. 510123

>>510103 no. but yikes her art

No. 510124


Look, this is what I'm trying to say anon. Discussion is when you produce rational, polite arguments about your stance, and then others respond with theirs, and we politely argue minutia. You're not having a high-brow debate, or even a friendly discussion, which would be different and a lot more enjoyable and productive. I'd get involved in that, it sounds fantastic, I love discussions on topics like this, and it's a really good topic from every angle (art, philosophy, ethics, society, cultural differences, it's the whole package). There's so many interesting potential arguments and angles to comb over.

But that's not what you guys are doing. You're repeating the same arguments verbatim, terrified of conceding even one point to the other. You're committing every logical fallacy in the book screaming back and forth while exploring no new ground, while each side gets angrier and angrier and the comments get nastier and nastier. You can't have a good debate or discussion like that, literally, anybody who's actually involved in IRL debate stuff can tell you that. You have to come from a place of rationality and separation of emotion from argument for this sort of thing to work, not something online anon boards are fond of

No. 510126

her rendering isn't even good lol. but you shouldn't need to fear that if you study fundamentals and keep them in mind when drawing. taking a break from a certain drawing can also help, cus you can get tunnel vision from working on the same thing for a while.

No. 510127

You're not wrong. We've been covering pen and ink in an art course recently and the teacher made a point to warn us about how the human eye can't physically handle working close up like that for too long.

I'd also say that it's important to put in time on the regular in practicing fundamentals (shape, tone value, figure, etc). It's no different from pianists doing scales or athletes stretching as a warm up. It's easy to get drawn into the cooler more complex stuff and neglect your understanding and effort in the fundamentals.

No. 510129

Ethan's new video has been in my recommendations for days now

No. 510131

how do you go from pettily making fun of the discussion to "but i wanted to discuss this, it's all your fault for being so aggressive!". don't preach about "friendly discussion" when you are like that, i especially don't know what you expect of lolcow.
also when one side is arguing for their moral superiority and ego instead of their point, the argument is bound to go nowhere.

No. 510132

>>510129 The no ovals thing is the stupidest thing I've ever hear. It's one of the most important shapes, you can't make anything decent without it (ellipses anybody?)
Parents, this is why you supervise your children on the internet, so they don't pick up habits from people like this

No. 510134

samefag but reminder this man thinks he's a better and more qualified artist theng God damn then Marco Bucci, because this clown managed to become a storyboard artist on Voltron

No. 510135

Ok, I got annoyed, I'll admit, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have responded like I initially did. As far as the rest of your comment though, you're the one who decided it was about moral superiority, and that's the problem with this whole discussion. You're not debating the issue, you're arguing to take down the person on the opposing side of the issue. It's not about expanding on your point, it's about dismissing the other person out of hand and then shutting them up.

No. 510138

it wasn't me who decided that, in the last half of the discussion it was really apparent after the "okay pedo" shit. i'd love it if i was wrong in this regard, but when that side started getting vindictive it was clear it was about that.

No. 510146

What I mean is, someone accused that side of that and then the rest of us bought it and continued with that theory. There's no evidence that that side was arguing purely for the sake of having a moral high-ground anymore than there is for the opposite side arguing because they're all pedo apologist weebs.

That's the problem with this sort of discourse. Both sides get invested in being right, and defensive/angry about being wrong or accused of such, and when they get into that mindset they, for whatever reason there are a number, don't clarify their language and meaning, while at the same time the opponents use that lack of clarity to make sweeping accusations and responses that wouldn't make sense if the other sides post had been able or allowed to clarify. I'm sure there's a lot more detail behind arguments on each side, but when you're approaching a debate like that, it all gets thrown out the window

I personally think it's not too clear where it broke down. it wasn't the most cordial discussion in the first place, the first two posters were pretty wound up from the get-go about the topic, and both sides got very defensive very quickly. then one side got hit with the accusation'arguing to have a moral high-ground' and around the same time the other got hit with 'arguing because you're a weeb/pedo/anime defender' and from their the whole thing broke down.

No. 510147

Isn't that his gig in like all his "fixing" videos? Pretending he hates artists? Don't think he was being legit, still reeeeeeeeeeeeks of pretentiousness though.

No. 510150

File: 1580750925258.png (1.85 MB, 1226x871, chad vs incel.PNG)

Whenever he critiques an artist all I can think of is the Chad vs Incel meme, in which he's obviously the incel. Any how he has no right to speak. His rendering is ugly as fuck, he gave up on complex poses for the single insta thot face, and his perspective can get really weird in some pieces

No. 510151

This argument kind of dies when you remember actual lolicon artists like Rustle drew their shit based on actual children.
"It's just drawn" isn't an excuse to sexualize children. If children as a concept alone to you is sexy, then you need to look at your life.

No. 510152

i've seen this shit too many times to not assume it's for moral high ground seeking (especially when these people don't care about real life pedophilia), but i'll admit you are right that we can't say every single person who engaged with the discussion is doing it for that reason.
from my view point many of point brought up by the anti side are stuff that i've seen rehashed so many times, that have been counterpointed by so many different people, that it feels like it really is just being repeated so to reaffirm their own beliefs, and others who agree with them.

No. 510153

File: 1580751161735.jpg (50.78 KB, 720x405, 4565566666.jpg)

This is the dude doing online call outs

No. 510154

so I’m this anon and i regret what I’ve started lol im so sorry

No. 510155

i have no idea who this artist is, and that's exactly why i asked if the anon was talking about real people or fictional characters. the "excuse" isn't that it's just drawn, it's that they aren't real people who can get hurt. it's obviously disgusting to draw irl children in sexual situations.

No. 510157

To be fair though, nobody on the anti side said they didn't care about IRL pedophilia, just that this was also an issue to them. it would be a logically fallacy to accuse them of not caring about IRL pedos just because they're arguing against what they are.

It would be like saying that because some people argue about what level of etiquette should be necessary when talking to others online that they don't care about conversational etiquette IRL. It's possible to care about both, and it's completely possible (and likely) that they get just as involved with IRL etiquette as they do with the online side if they care that much about it, but right now, the person is talking about online since that's what the discussion is about.

No. 510159

No one says drawn children are abuse victims, but it all comes back to this in the end:
>If children as a concept alone to you is sexy, then you need to look at your life.
There's just nothing to be sexualized about childhood, being a child or children in general. Anyone who would disagree with that has pedophilic tendencies.

No. 510160

oops i think my wording was bad there. i meant as that in the cases when someone does do it for moral high ground seeking AND also shows they don't care about real pedophilia cases. which lot of the time goes hand in hand unfortunately.

No. 510161

the whole point I brought up lolicon art and fandom was more to put out feelers for different arguments on the subject, and what/how other people are bothered (or unbothered) by seeing these things in art circles. wasn't really aiming to prove anything.
my personal opinion is that these kinds of problems aren't just straightforward 'anime creates pedos/criminals/antisocial behavior' because it's definitely a multifaceted problem. I understand that because vulnerable subjects are involved, it DOES invoke strong emotions, anger, etc. from both sides. it IS very frustrating that we can't come up with a clear answer - not just here in internet discussion - but in cross-disciplinary investigations into the problem.
the studies >>509856 linked use psychoanalysis and statistical data analysis methods to piece together complex human behaviors and patterns that are difficult to make sense of individually. Both articles conclude that there is a relationship between content online and antisocial behavior, but neither can 100% say one causes the other, one makes the other worse, and instead bring up many other aspects of human society, socialization, and sexuality that also contribute to these factors.

I definitely don't think that lolcow is frequented by academic researchers, but it is by people that consume and make art on the internet. and I'm sure those of us who like anime/manga/art have come across content that makes us uncomfortable but for which we're not sure how to maneuver (ex. Range Murata and CLAMP, beautiful art and compelling stories sprinkled with discomfort).
in the realm of art communities, it just bothers me that there are a lot of black and white arguments of 'this person drew giyutan, this person ships shieth, this person drew a child-coded suggestive image == everyone block and report their ass' as if it holds the same gravity as more heinous acts… or works to possibly normalize them. I'm beginning to think that art communities are more emotionally driven than anything to start raising a stink about how this is bad, you should feel bad, everyone look at bad thing and agree with me or you're just as bad as them (ex. "if you follow __ block me", "i can't believe __ is following __, i thought they were better than that"). how kids are shaped by the internet is a serious and complex issue, and I'm annoyed that it's being packaged in such a stupid way. I think as >>509802 said, it's not possible to assume everyone that likes __ is a pedo OR everyone that likes __ understands its real-world repercussions if one was to act on it. instead maybe it's important to make a decision on each individual in your own fandom/art space.

I'm not looking to defend pedophiles/ddlg/etc and explicitly pedophilic art, especially after working with children and knowing people that deal with childhood abuse cases, but more figuring out how art and artists that we frequently see on social media affect us and the rest of the internet. I don't think there's a definitive answer, but I'm tired of the morality police making small artists feel like shit for drawing some stupid fanarts or liking an artist and thinking they're right and changing the world with their call out. I don't think they are fully correct and using guilt and shame to drive small artists out isn't the way to go. but I also could have been missing something, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't also overreacting either.

No. 510162


See and I think that that's a great question that opens up a lot of interesting points and questions . so if it's not a real person nobodies getting hurt, but there's still the question of whether associating sexual pleasure with symbols that represent children could be bad (i.e in the case of someone getting off to loli-porn), or whether or not you think it could potentially lead to something worse down the line (law of diminishing returns). Obviously if you pass by it or read something that happens to include depictions of pedophilia, like reading lolita, or some of Haruko Ichikawa's work that's not going to suddenly put you on the path to pedo. it's an examination of an important issue that's plagued that world for thousands of years. But if someone's getting off to ichikawas work, is that bad/wrong?

Japan has an entire subculture fethishizing cuteness and childishness but does that automatically translate to pedo, or is it just that they don't have the same associations with those things that those in other countries might?

It's a similar line of questioning to whether we should give IRL pedophiles fake child porn or child sex dolls as 'outlets' That also leads to the question of whether just anybody who interacts with that content sexually long term could develop a dangerous or unhealthy fixation with cp/cartoon cp, or if it's like drugs or alcohol and there's a certain amount of previous issues that create a risk factor.
There's so many factors, I'm not sure if it's really possible to boil it down into a simple, is it real kids or not

No. 510163

Well said anon

No. 510203


You both said it well.
Also I agree with that anon who said/ questioned what it is to explore that adults consume fictional stories which sexualize children. To me, that's the thing that makes it uncomfortable: those sexualized children are usually paired with an adult, and the sexual relationship/ overall relationship between those characters is not questioned (that the child might be not feeling safe and is sometimes scared of it). Those children usually cope with it pretty well (at least that's the impression I have) and actually handle the relationship like adults. (Although they might be totally inexpierenced and therefore shy. But that's also a usual trope in sex fiction about adults.) It is just so one-dimensional and totally fitted to the adult experience. All the while it's never really adressed that teenager have to deal with their own sexuality on a whole different level like adults – and they usually explore theirs with peers of their own age. (Although they may fantasize about adult stars they're stans of. But who of you didn't as teenager.) It's never about the children as human beeings, they are only objects of desire. And that is just wrong, dehumanizing someone and turn them into an object.

No. 510209

>won’t somebody PLEASE think of the japs!

No. 510213

This. Arguing about the freedom to draw pedophilic artwork and how it isn’t an issue because it is fantasy, boils down to why do you even want to draw children being molested in the first place. why do you find the idea of children arousing

I don’t care if anime kids don’t actually look like kids, lolicons are drawn to them because they know that they are depictions of children, and have often admitted that what they find particularly arousing is that they are corrupting what it is typically innocent

No. 510217

File: 1580766961252.jpeg (79.31 KB, 479x641, 5A55F269-A589-45D7-BA8C-C608E8…)

> Japan has an entire subculture fethishizing cuteness and childishness but does that automatically translate to pedo, or is it just that they don't have the same associations with those things that those in other countries might?

Oh yeah nah, definitely just their culture anon, it’s not like the Japanese have underage idol groups whose target audience is middle aged men, and they sell what is promoted as used teenage girls underwear in gapcha machines. It’s just that their culture doesn’t correlate childishness with children uwu

No. 510218

Eeeeek…just throw the whole damn country away

No. 510221

does anyone know why juicy ink restarted her youtube channel?(namefag)

No. 510228

Juicy Ink seems to rebrand herself quite often, she’s always been a bit all over the place

No. 510253


the lips on the last one is nearly going into racist caricature territory

No. 510277

Loli/shota are such ubiquitous things in Japanese entertainment culture because the culture sexualizes underage girls. The anime and art are reflective of that. I don't understand why western weebs try so hard to defend their preshush nippon and scream 'drawings aren't people' when any Japanese otaku themself would gladly tell you how they prefer children. This is coming from the country that didn't criminalize child porn until the 1990s and invented the concept of 'junior grauvure' aka preteen softcore porn.

No. 510288

i'm tired of this paedo argument nonsense let's go back to just talking about art

No. 510298

Can there just be a pedophilia in art discussion thread that you anons can go to?

I've been scrolling for 10 minutes through a bunch of boring shit that I don't care about reading to find some milk.

I come here to talk crap about bad artists not have to read textwalls of opinions and back and forths.

Just make a thread for the discussion so we can keep it out of this thread once and for all. Christ.

No. 510301


In my defense anon, I wasn't sure and wanted to check some sources before making a blanket statement on whether or not japan had an issue regarding pedophillia/sexualizing children. Five minutes later I found out about Chaku Ero and the +21% child abuse rate as of 2019. I no longer have doubts

No. 510306

>> 510298
>> 510288

Sorry if we're boring you guys. I'm not sure if there's another thread specifically for that, but if anyone knows about one or wants to create one regarding what we've been discussing/similar issues in art that could be really cool!

Anyways, I've got a beef I've been wanting to bring up for a while, how do you guys feel about speechie? I hold a truly irrational hatred for 'animators' that just change the pose of their really badly drawn avatar every 10 seconds, and her super-edge attitude makes baylee look tolerable at times

No. 510307

File: 1580786963983.png (465.58 KB, 1480x894, Speechie.PNG)

Snapshot of actual image from video for reference

No. 510308

this dude is a edgelord tryhard who has been posting on /ic/ asking people to post art for his video "reviews". Everybody was baiting him hard but i think he didn't got the memo that nobody wanted him to bring more newfags.

No. 510312

Anons just make a new thread about pedophilic art or some shit. This is the art /salt/ thread. Most people come here for milk not this discussion.

No. 510317


as you can see, the topic has already started shifting back, so there's no reason to continue to add complaints. Also, if you want to push forward this topic shift, then it would be better to comment or respond to one of the multiple people that have brought up salt/potential milk in the last couple hours.

No. 510318

File: 1580790859905.jpg (23.24 KB, 397x397, cDMzY2HF_400x400.jpg)

Who is this hack supposed to be, insulting my future husband like that

No. 510323

also ntayrt but there's an enormous difference between accusing someone of wanting to be morally superior and accusing someone of being a pedophile? like, one is an attack on someone's stance on a given topic, the other is a pretty heinous accusation.

No. 510324

Why do you draw bloodied bodies and gore? Why do you draw violent art? Nobody really owes an explanation for whatever they draw and nobody has to put up their whole character history up for internet strangers. It's not my business. Maybe they secretly have a torture chamber for kids or maybe they feel the child characters symbolize something they lack from their life. I don't know and sometimes they don't know either. When I was drawing edgy, immoral shit I was in the pits of depression and wanted to have control over something.

The discussion about this stagnates pretty hard at times because some people are talking about pedophilic art being semi-realistic toddler porn, some people think about 16-year old cartoon characters because they're ~minors~. But it's a good example of how policing art is a slippery slope, when you get everyone to agree that drawing loli/shotacon is degenerate and bad you'll get them to agree on all the derivatives as well. When all of the 17-20 year olds in this thread turn 28 and still like the same characters they did 10 years ago and there's a new generation of kids calling them a pedo, they'll know what I mean.

No. 510326

This is /ot, anon, not the board to go to if you’re after milk. As you said it’s artist salt , the art community being filled with pedo shit is something plenty of people are salty about. If you can’t handle conversations revolving solely around your topics of interest then perhaps fuck off?

No. 510327

it's been dead for a while now, but she did have a thread on /snow/ for a bit.

No. 510328

What is with the autists of this site demanding a seperate thread for every damn little thing

No. 510336

They can't handle discussion and are too lazy to comment on other posts and create a new flow of conversation, instead wanting to browse spoonfed "milk" or fast food echo chamber content.

No. 510339

I think what you're saying is interesting. What about porn of popular characters like, for example, Misty from pokemon? Isn't she technically a child, but there are lots of sexy cosplay/hentai art of her? I figure it's because she's an iconic, easily recognized character, but it's also strange when you remember she's like 12

No. 510345

For those that were interested, a link to the art server - not an exclusively lolcow one, but it’s a start to help ensure it’s women only


Sage since I can’t remember if links are allowed

No. 510352

I was wondering - which artcows have been caught lurking in here before?

No. 510364

Creepshow. Also Jelliebee but I don't consider her a cow personally. Idk who else.

No. 510366

PearFleur dropped by at some point because supposedly someone cow tipped

No. 510388


Also Baylee knows, she said it once in a stream. But she didn't post here if I am right.

No. 510390

>Nobody really owes an explanation for whatever they draw and nobody has to put up their whole character history up for internet strangers.
Yeah, and nobody is immune to criticism.
If you draw fucked up shit and publicize it, people can and should call you out on it being fucked up.
If you're against this, stay off the internet. It's not a hugbox for all kinds of degenerates, and it shouldn't be. Don't cry about "policing art" when nobody told you to post your shit in the first place.
If anyone has reason to believe you have a child torture chamber or would want one, then they're not somehow wrong in voicing that your work is nasty. No one cares if it's just that you're just ~depressed~ and you somehow can't think of a better symbol for that than kids in sexual situations. Either learn how to be creative in ways that don't make you look like a pedo, or be mature enough to accept and understand the reactions you get for the things you choose to draw.
I don't care about 16 year old cartoon characters because I'm not some Twitter shipper, by the way. The slippery slope argument is tired and disingenuous. We all know the difference between some Voltron characters and the shit in Comic LO. Anyone who pretends not to probably just doesn't like you personally, and is looking for any excuse to come down on you. No one else is convinced they're the same.
>When all of the 17-20 year olds in this thread turn 28 and still like the same characters they did 10 years ago and there's a new generation of kids calling them a pedo, they'll know what I mean.
If you had a crush on Dora The Explorer when you were a little kid, and you feel the need to loudly declare you still have a crush on her at 36 years old, things are looking weird for you, and no one is wrong to be creeped out. Sorry.

No. 510391

>calling someone a pedophile and a child rapist based on their art and trying to ruin their life by falsified, serious accusations based on cartoons is just ~criticism~ uwu
Just say you're too immature to ignore + block and not look at it.

No. 510399

Who called you a child rapist and tried to "ruin your life", kek? If you get turned on by kids, then you're a pedophile by definition, though. There's no escaping that partt.
>just block and ignore!!
Why can't you do the same, then? Stop trying to police people's reactions to content you chose to share. The internet is not your hugbox.

No. 510402

I think he most obvious is D'anglo? He's been caught posting LC screenshots seconds after they were posted.

No. 510410

File: 1580825652536.jpeg (158.95 KB, 1242x808, 37A2C0D6-4F02-4391-AB76-8CD9E6…)

>’calling someone a pedophile based on their art is wrong!’
>said artist draws paedophilic content of children being raped and molested, obviously aroused by such content
>somehow is not a pedophile


No. 510420

Who the fuck does this retard think he is? Shove your lemons up your ass if you can find any space around that stick you got up there

No. 510426

They're not real? Would you call someone writing noncon fics a rapist?

No. 510430

Being a rapist requires action. Being a pedophile just requires the attraction. It's literally that simple.
If someone had an obvious fetish for, wrote stories and/or drew images of dogs (or other animals) being raped, anyone would call them a zoophile. Whether they've actually tried fucking dogs in real life is irrelevant, because it's about the paraphilia itself.

No. 510434

exactly this, all this arguing about how both sides are fucked, when in reality one side is literally trying to ruin the other's life and get them in jail/executed in extreme cases, and the other (most of the time made up of actual adults with life experience) is just grown tired of idiotic teenagers who've been convinced by teenager minded adults that this is what they need to fight for, that this is the way to earn their woke points.

No. 510438

I understand his gimmick is to be ironic but this leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. His criticism about Bucci's gesture drawings and about how it's not his school of thought bothers me. They're gesture drawings not figure studies.

Also his idea about silhouettes and poses confuse me. Isn't the point of using silhouettes is to make a character look recognizable? His characters literally have the same features and look so idk what he's trying to say here.

No. 510439

>in reality one side is literally trying to ruin the other's life and get them in jail/executed in extreme cases,
Who? Where? You're literally making up persecution scenarios because people have the nerve to not coddle others for sexualizing children. Get over yourself, seriously.

No. 510440

what do you mean where? what do you think pedophilia accusations lead too? you can see in literally every callout post that they want people in prison over their art (i'll admit the addition of execution was a little exaggerating, but it's not that uncommon to see people wish death on artists, so many get so many death threats).

No. 510442

If it's not actually illegal in their country, and the artists aren't hoarding illegal content in general, nothing can or will happen. It's the internet. People say overblown things all the time, and 9 times out of 10, it amounts to nothing.
If someone does end up in jail, it's for either (or both) of those two reasons, which means they can only blame themselves at that point.

No. 510448

obviously, but the point is that the anti side really wants the other side punished, whetever it's actually possible or not.

No. 510449

File: 1580832782153.jpg (66.9 KB, 960x488, 1577113110080.jpg)

No. 510450

It's normal for people to want pedophiles to face repercussions for feeding into their paraphilia instead of getting help.

No. 510455

looking at unrealistic fictional characters is still not pedophilia, nor does it make you into one. if someone can't draw the line between what they enjoy in fiction (even a casual viewer will see a shit ton of violence and murder in most media, which is apparently a "more normal" taboo to depict) vs what they enjoy in real life then they have some serious problems.
pulling up a definition isn't a counter argument, definitions are usually pretty generalized and only form a basis for the understanding of the word, it doesn't go into details on purpose (also for fucks sake it's literally what onision did all the time in his videos).

No. 510461

Unrealistic in what sense? If characters are clearly meant to be children, and the artists and viewers are imagining them as such and sexualizing them, what makes things not pedophilic? Remember, pedophilia is attraction to children, not just being an actual rapist. It's not just a simple definition, any psychologist will back this up. It's called a paraphilia for a reason.
Just like anon's image in >>510449 says, this does not exclude drawings of children or fictional children. You're still thinking of children. The fantasy itself is a problem. You have a serious problem if anything relating to children turns you on, period.
Also, it's kind of funny to compare anon's argument to Onision, considering your position is a lot closer to his, given his history.

No. 510486


>The brain, it seems, does not make much of a distinction between reading about an experience and encountering it in real life; in each case, the same neurological regions are stimulated. Keith Oatley, an emeritus professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto (and a published novelist), has proposed that reading produces a vivid simulation of reality, one that “runs on minds of readers just as computer simulations run on computers.” Fiction — with its redolent details, imaginative metaphors and attentive descriptions of people and their actions — offers an especially rich replica. Indeed, in one respect novels go beyond simulating reality to give readers an experience unavailable off the page: the opportunity to enter fully into other people’s thoughts and feelings.


The brain does not differentiate between fiction and reality. Your mind/ conciousness may know that a drawing is not an actual children, but your simple brain still reacts to it like a photograph. It's not an argument to say it's not pedo bc it's just a drawing.

No. 510497

fuck this is boring. you're never gonna come to a conclusion

No. 510508


This is a discussion board. If you don't like the current conversation, then give us something else to talk about like others have already, or move the conversation forward by talking about the milk or potential salt that's been posted already (we've had a couple people try and give us some in the last 24 hours). We're all readers too, just like you. We're not here solely to curate salty or milky content for your entertainment. It's just as much your job as it is everyone elses to contribute to the board.

No. 510518

kind of different than the stuff that usually gets posted to this thread but i wanted to talk about this particular doll customizer. i see her getting praised a lot in the community, but imo her work is really amateurish. like this video in particular, she just slapped a clunky plastic kettle on the doll, completely hiding majority of the dress with it. i think making the dress itself look like a kettle or just using the patterns from the pokemon would have worked much better. also generally her face ups are pretty bland, and this color choice for the hair doesn't really work.

No. 510529

Yeah, The color of the hair seems to clash with the coloration of the tea cup lid's rim. It seems like the initial idea was taken too literally. Instead of trying to use the source material as inspiration, she tried to make an almost carbon copy except for it being a doll. If she had taken the original source and then done something with the hair and dress it would have added so much more. then she could still put the doll alongside or sitting on the teapot, incorporate it as a prop or set-piece for the finished design, but it wouldn't just be a purple doll plopped into a teapot. (the paint job on the tea pot is nice though)

No. 510535

yea, the teapot's painting came out surprisingly nicely. also as you said the overall design is too literal, it basically just a bad gijinka. she didn't even give the doll the ghostly aspect of the pokemon, just the teapot stuff.

No. 510537

There's a very noticeable difference between some petty "this bitch stole my art style" callouts and trying to brand someone as a pedophile because of muh cartoon children. One of them makes the internet scoff for a moment, one of them 100% ruins their reputation forever and possibly traumatizes them and exiles them from the society. I still don't think that drawn cartoon characters amount to actual living, breathing humans at all because they don't even look the same, just like people who think disney animal characters are hot probably wouldn't want to fuck actual lions.

Did you even read this article or just cherrypick the parts that suit you the best? The effects can be best observed in people with a certain temperament, it's not an universal truth. Of course fiction might feel like the real thing. It's called immersion. There's no denying that. But the intensity of the experience is nothing like real life. You most likely won't be traumatized by watching a thriller. But you could probably be traumatized by a real video of someone being killed on tape. Just because fiction can and will stimulate certain parts of your brain it doesn't mean it's 100% real to you and you know it. A horrible scene in a movie might bum you out for a while but you wouldn't be traumatized like you would during the real life encounter.

This retarded "but studies say that fiction forces us to do bad things!!" discourse is just a rehash of the "video games/TV/movies cause violence" hysteria from the decades of the past. I can't believe that it's the barely underage zoomers driving it today instead of middle-aged soccer moms who want to blame something else than their shitty upbringing.

No. 510546

I’m the anon who suggested a degenerate art thread a while back. I’d make it but I don’t know how. I think the convo has been interesting but maybe it needs its own space to breathe? Also I have a backlog of pedophilic and gorey shit that keeps getting recc’d to me since I started using Instagram that I don’t post here cuz it’s too depressing for the vibe of the thread

No. 510547

If you get turned on by children, you're a pedophile. That's what it means. No psychologist has ever said there's an exception for fictional children. No one's calling you a child rapist, but you are a pedophile. End of story. The people saying you are one are just stating a fact, and they are also free to voice their disgust, because the internet is an open space where we can express our opinions. Feel free to block and ignore those you disagree with, or just keep your more abhorrent interests private.
But you were so into trauma that you were drawing fan art of it a minute ago.
>exiled from SOCIETY
If literally all of society has a problem with your pedo fantasies and exiles you over it, the issue is with you. You're literally incompatible with society.
>I still don't think that drawn cartoon characters amount to actual living, breathing humans at all
Nobody said this. This is just a retarded lolicon's strawman argument.
>because they don't even look the same,
Then explain why multiple lolicon "artists" have drawn shit based on actual children, why so many pedophiles who are attracted to actual children also enjoy lolicon/shotacon, etc.
>just like people who think disney animal characters are hot probably wouldn't want to fuck actual lions.
A lot of furries are, in fact, also bestialfags. Remember the Kero The Wolf shit and how it lead to a huge-ass ring of zoosadists?

No. 510551

yea, this convo has been going on for too long and we all know there will be no conclusion reached cus both side want to have the last word. a containment thread is a good idea.
also you just need to go to the top and use the new thread button, it's pretty obvious lol.

No. 510553

She’s friends with Dollightful so I can see some of her influence but dollfairy really lacks the skills in general to really stand out. Like I was disappointed she didn’t do anything to the hair, like most doll customizers can’t cut hair but could you even bother to like curl it or something? Or cover the hair ties with ribbons? This just feels kind of rushed and lackluster compared to a lot of other doll customizers on YT

No. 510560

File: 1580851672520.jpeg (273.58 KB, 1214x858, 5B29A95B-7B3E-4810-BA12-46883B…)

You have to RAPE someone to be a rapist, whereas you have to be ATTRACTED to children to be a pedophile. Very big brained of you

>non-con fiction

Just call it what it is; fetishisation of rape. Or does it not feel good to think critically about things that make your no no say yes yes?

No. 510561

Can we just all collectively deem lolicons and shotacons pedophiles and drop the subject already? I can't believe you people are still fighting over something with an obvious, morally correct answer.

No. 510566


Tell the world then. What is the obvious, morally correct answer?
And, please, don't take this as beeing snappy. I'm honestly interested. Bc if it's that obvious we wouldn't discuss it. (As in: discuss it with a lot of emotion by some anons.)


Actually I think you didn't read it, and read a lot into it that is not there. I think you have some bias that automatically makes you nasty to everyone who does not share your viewpoint.

>But the intensity of the experience is nothing like real life.

It's not about the intensity nor is my point only valid if stuff traumatizes you. I've never said that. I only said (and therefore linked this article) that the things your brain receives and how it reacts is different from this what your mind thinks how you are handling input. And that there are signs that your brain learns from fictional as it learns from real life experience.

So, you're pedo no matter what you think of yourself, when you turned on by real and/ or fictional kids. (Like, there are people out there who would fondly say that they're no racists. But, to give a somewhat recent example, when they see some asian looking people they still back off bc of that new noro virus making its round in China. Totally something a non-racist would do.) That's my viewpoint. Live with it or die mad.

Also, that Chaku Ero thing just proofs it all. What a messed society.

No. 510571

this thread fucking sucks this pedo justification circlejerk was annoying 5 days ago and it is still annyoing now

No. 510572

dude I tried 2 fucking times to change convo but you guys keep cluttering the thread going back to this shit with your walls of text. Just make a separate thread, please

No. 510573

>Tell the world then. What is the obvious, morally correct answer?
Nta but learn how to read.

No. 510576

literally this, you guys all post gigantic ramblings that drown out everything else.

can you all shut the fuck up? no one cares anymore, you've been repeating the same thing for days. get over yourselves or make a new thread for the topic.

No. 510582

I didn't participate in the "is jerking off to fictional kids bad" debate dumbass >>510573 and why tf are you repeating what >>510571 said?

No. 510585

you were literally replying to something in that topic, also do you not know what fucking agreeing is? stop the pedantics, the point of my post was that y'all need to stop.

No. 510586

I was commenting on anon's reading comprehension, autismus prime. Also the "peace maker" act is cringe

No. 510588


Playing with the hair more would have been so cool! With a little bit of gel and a curling iron you could make it look really spooky and cool (like maybe make it look like tendrils or something)

No. 510591

File: 1580855846546.jpeg (13.74 KB, 452x452, 4BD1CF5E-5DE0-4B82-AFB3-F16C28…)

All the autists whinging about people discussing things they’re not interested in so fucking cringe.

No. 510592

>> 510572

My bad sorry! I'm not one of the people currently involved in that discussion actually. And I didn't realize you were also one of the people trying to course-correct, one of the hazards of anonymous discussions i guess. I'm honestly not sure how to create new discussion boards. If anybody else could make one, please do

No. 510595


Not whining, but maybe suggesting a topic this big, complex and clearly controversial should have it's own thread so that we don't clog this thread (it is mostly meant for art-tuber grievances tbf, and I think at this point the discussion has gone way beyond that)

No. 510596

I guess 2 nukes weren't enough to make them sick in the head

No. 510599

Lolicon shouldn't exist
Shotacon shouldn't exist
Any sick nasty shit from anime shouldn't exist
Anime shouldn't exist

No. 510600

the art salt talk might as well move onto a new thread lmao, this retardedness will never be gone.

No. 510602

It happens every thread. Actress called black by mistake, terf pronoun sperg, is this character white washed, are lolicons pedos? It’s honestly hilarious. This thread is teeming with cows.

No. 510603

>> 510600
Time for Artist salt #16 already then? RIP

No. 510604

>> 510602
Though as far as I remember over the last 15 threads, this is definitely the longest lasting one

No. 510607

Why do you keep quoting other anons like this

No. 510612


Because I'm blind as fuck with a stuck space-bar and didn't notice I was putting spaces where they didn't belong until it was far far two late

No. 510617

Opinions on sfw artists suddenly going full porn art?
Artist I like recently started posting porn art and has lots of child followers. I wanna call them out so bad

No. 510619

who's this artist in question? also i think you should totally call them out on it, not only is it bad that children are suddenly bombarded with that shit, anyone who follows them and just doesn't wanna see nsfw content would be weirded out by it. also they could have just made a side account for it.

No. 511267

If it's someone who targets their art towards minors, absolutely. But if it's someone who just happens to have underage followers, then it's kind of iffy. I know lots of artists get undesired minor followings. Kids shouldn't be allowed on platforms with any nsfw art at all, like Twitter imho.

No. 511272

Thing is, they’re NOT supposed to be on platforms like twitter or tumblr because the rules of the platform forbid them but it doesn’t stop people under like 13 from signing up on crap. Then it goes back to the argument that people online should be the ones policing their content if the possibility of a child should look at potentially harmful content, and then it fucking goes around in circles over and over and over.

Like is the milk really this slow that everyone is rehashing these stupid arguments in the art salt thread over and over?

No. 511277

I was interested and her old art doesn't show her with black hands and feet but she also drew other people with black hands and feet.
I'm going off on a limb and gonna say it's part of her weird half-red panda backstory because she's a redhead and red pandas have red fur.

No. 511286

File: 1580889437276.jpg (157.25 KB, 1200x764, D96tTQ8XsAAE7F5.jpg)

>Most of the people that is anti loli/shota just do it to feel morally superior
That and some actually hurt and creep on kids themselves.
> if they cared about child abuse they would stop consuming chinese or indian products made by child slaves. But nah, that actually takes effort.
Sometimes thinking about this shit gets to me. Hollywood is literally right next door which exploits kids- some fat dipshit at Nickelodeon makes underaged children re-enact his foot fetish fantasies (and even blatantly went on twitter to deliberately ask underaged fans for their foot pics). Or Desmond being forced to stand next to murders who just got out of jail etc.
/pointless emo vent

No. 511290

Wow what a fucking scumbag

Personally I think people should be allowed to draw whatever they want - obviously there are going to be people who draw weird/immoral things, and I don't want to see it, but if they want to draw it, fine. But they can't complain when people hate them.

No. 511291

"Minor" is the most retarded buzzword of the century. Like everyone didn't lie about their age to access porn sites and read NSFW fics as an edgy 14 year old.

All social media should be banned from people under 18, period. Kids should fuck off from all online spaces except their Club Penguin shit or something. These entitled bastards do nothing but cause trouble.

No. 511292


Uh.. this person is 22.. doesn't this mean this person was 16 or 17 at the very most in 2014? I am confusion
Even if it was last year isn't this person still technically 17 in 2014?

No. 511295

He mentions that he's been "running from it for 2 years" in 2019 so his shit probably runs way deeper than this one dick pic only. it also doesn't mention how young the person he sent the pics was, the age gap could've been noticeable. The evidence is disgusting nevertheless, imagine sperging out about "pedos" while sending unsolicited dick beating photos to someone.

The people who most violently lash against cartoon porn often have a ton of skeletons in their closet themselves, they're only covering their own tracks. Not necessarily pedos themselves but have done some horrible crap back in the day. One of my friends turned into a whole ass "anti" having fits against all immoral sinful weeb porn and it just so happens to be that she was the one friend I had who was extremely manipulative, abusive and loved fucking people up. So you just know there are way more ulterior motives than they're letting on.

No. 511297

>The people who most violently lash against cartoon porn often have a ton of skeletons in their closet themselves, they're only covering their own tracks
The vast majority of normal people are disgusted by cartoon porn, anon

No. 511298

Shhh… That doesn't fit their narrative.

No. 511299

It's one thing to say "This is disgusting, I don't want to look at it" and have a fucking psychotic fit calling for the death of the artist and rounding up people to mass report and tell them to kill themselves.

No. 511300

File: 1580895279881.jpeg (752.16 KB, 1242x1212, 1BE9F69B-4C07-4A8E-9874-75BED1…)

>muh sacred porn! DONT CRITICISE PORN!

Anyway, does anyone know where to print wooden pins like pic related?

No. 511304


No. 511305

Don’t know of any alibaba options?

No. 511309

Im sure you can find one on there, zap is just the easiest one I know offhand. I don’t do wood pins cuz I’m kind of meh on them but zap might have a MOQ comparable or lower than a manu on alibaba (plus they do their acrylic printing in house so it’s not difficult as like enamel pins)

No. 511310

Cheers anon, thanks for the info

No. 511312

No probs. I’m mixed on them but the artist alley international FB group has a file of various widely used manus that they keep very updated, it’s a useful tool if you need a start on some merch since a lot of people get really secretive about certain manus or some are just morally bad, like people tend to go to StickerMule but their CEO is a big trump supporter/asshole and Uline is the same.

Plus all the weird CP Morality Police anons are asleep, might as well be actually helpful about art

No. 511327

Is Apple paying people to fo these customizations, or why are they now cropping up on every channel?

And Jackie's title is so misleading. three of those airpods are cheap Wish crap. Also lol at the hypocracy how she says that you don't yave to customize expensive stuff and then she does airpods anyway.

No. 511478

Holly BRown bought a $3000 laser cutter to take orders for custom wood char-nevermind she bailed on that.

No. 511538

19:49 Proko is critiquing this "school of thought" and some questionable tips from other videos without enganging with this clown.

No. 511568

>other people also being pedophiles means my own pedophilia should be excused
Also, that person was literally shitting on Shadman, a real creep. Not someone you want to be defending.

No. 511580

this made me realize that this dude's art is all gesture and no anatomy, for example >>510153 . like you can tell kinda what is doing what, but not what is what. the leg in the back is attached on a horrible way, and i have no idea what he was thinking when doing that arm foreshortening.

No. 511644

File: 1580932443031.jpg (66.26 KB, 496x360, 1548215106958.jpg)

>my own style of pedo
No one said this, pedo is pedo. the problem me and others are having is that loud brainlet highschoolers are trying to LARP as psychologists, acting as an nuisance for all artists when their claims aren't well researched and dubious in general. Especially a subject like Health/Psychology which needs to be handled carefully or else everyone will be miserable when they don't have to.

Look imma powerlevel here When I was a high schooler I got into yuri and thought I was lesbian. Later on in college I attempted a relationship with another girl who was also interested but none of us got anywhere at the end. Realized I got more horny when I saw real life dicks, and wanted the real one in me. So that's why I 100% agree when someone says 'cartoons don't reference your sexuality' because art is about making things look ideal and whatnot.

'3D pig disgusting' is a thing for a reason; I see this as both for keeping things in topic (discuss the animation/comic only, don't talk make it all about your irl irrelevant hi-jinks) as well as a reminder for putting the boundary between fiction and real life.

No. 511647

as long as this thread is still in the trash. i think people forget that being a pedo or rapist or murderer relies on other peoples' knowledge. calling people who draw/like lolishit pedos when they haven't committed any pedo crimes or confessed anything is the same level of retarded as calling someone who draws/likes noncon a rapist when they haven't raped anyone. it's just an assumption at that point. is it morally questionable? sure, but you can't expect people not to defend against your moral objection when you're asserting they're doing something illegal. plus, calling someone who hasn't hurt children a pedo removes the power the word has.

No. 511649

Also that guy was calling out all artists, not Shadman specifically. If he was shitting on just Shadman, he'd be more direct or bring up shit he did like drawing children that actually exist irl. He may have just brought up 1 Shadman- but his posts weren't 100% for Shad.

If you want to seriously help da childrenz then participate in school speeches/child protection organizations, inform boomer parents about the internet lingos like discord as well as basic safety like "internet never forgets; your posts and pics can be copy/saved by others and it will multiply to infinity so be cautious and not put out personal info" or recommend Parental Block programs to put in the kid's phones or PCs.

No. 511655

>calling someone who hasn't hurt children a pedo removes the power the word has.
A pedophile is literally only someone who is sexually attracted to children. The desire is enough.

No. 511664

Speaking of, is he even still around? I thought he like went into hiding after getting doxxed or some shit.

No. 511670

Pfft no. He's still around, though it seems he's back to making unfunny joke comics and the occasional flavor of the month porn. He may have put the pedoshit down because it was giving him too much heat. I never thought Shadman was an actual pedophile but he does have issues with attention-seeking. He's fascinated with Nazis despite being part black and from a country where that kind of imagery is a massive no-no. I wouldn't be surprised if Shad was the kid that got ignored/bulled in school so much that he created this edgy persona to stand out. In his early internet day, he supposedly drew porn of his mother and claimed to be a convicted rapist with kids while drawing anime gore porn. He wants to be seen as this hardcore badass without boundaries but it's obvious he just really, really likes people to notice him.

No. 511672

shadman definitely tries to be this cool hardcore dude who doesn't give a damn about rules, but i think people on both sides of the art argument can agree that drawing porn of child actors crosses the line, it's disgusting and pedophilic. i generally find porn art of non consenting adults pretty weird too, when someone draws someone so famous it definitely won't reach them it doesn't seem so bad, but when it's something like youtuber shipping art (especially when fans keep mentioning the ships in comments too) it's pretty disgusting. i wish more youtubers spoke up against this stuff when this kinda fanart just started to be more prevalent, people are so entitled to their entertainment these days that there's no stopping anyone from being gross about their favorite youtuber right in front of them.

No. 511674

I agree completely. Though Shad isn't a pedo, he's definitely a creep and a piece of shit for drawing porn of actual children. He even knows how fucked up it is. It really is ruining the whole 'lolicons are fantasy only' argument.

No. 511683

>He wants to be seen as this hardcore badass without boundaries but it's obvious he just really, really likes people to notice him.

Holy shit, I didn't know he was part black. But I always thought this too! He always came off as a try-hard edgelord and I never really bought that he was genuinely into some of the stuff he talked about. Still can't really wrap my head around why some people would publicly associate with him like Oney but eh.

I agree. Once you bring a real person into it, it's over. With that said, I really wish it was more discouraged to make porn art or porn fics of REAL people like youtubers,kpop idols, etc.
I find it really creepy that strangers on the internet fantasize about you wanting to fuck your co-worker or whoever. And some fans even go out of their way to actually send their degenerate shit to their idols.
It's really fucked. But I guess they may not want to say anything about it so that they can either keep their fans happy or so it doesn't dissolve into some shitstorm drama about policing what people draw. Cuz you know how those go.

No. 511689

again you missed the point, you can't simply assume someone is sexually attracted to children. you wouldn't know unless they told you, or engaged in pedophilia. you're trying to make the comparison more direct when it makes no sense to do so. a rapist is going to have a fucked up mental mindset and they act on sexual impulse, just like pedos. assuming someone is a pedo when there's no basis removes the power of the word. just like if someone molests a child it doesn't make them a pedo, but there's no issue with calling them that imo, because the danger of pedos is the danger they pose to children, not their thoughts. also this whole definition of pedo meaning someone who's sexually attracted to children seems kind of MAP to me, especially since it used to be used in a positive context in greek society.

No. 511691

>this whole definition of pedo meaning someone who's sexually attracted to children seems kind of MAP to me

when will the farmhands ban all of these retards

No. 511696

the… very first point of my post was that he is a pedophile for sexualising a real child? god, let's not start a "are drawings of real kids in sexual contexts pedophilic or not?" debate.

agreed, kpop idols are usually heavily stalked anyway, so to even see so much sexual art of yourself with someone you only think of as a friend/coworker must be fucked up.

the thing is, pedophilia being defined as an attraction of children is for a reason. of course we can say not all pedophiles act out, but real ones always have the possibility. it's a mental illness and untreatable one at that, and i'm not saying we need to have sympathy for their situation, but that they need to seek help to control their impulses, or even fight down the symptoms. you could of course say that loli/shota material can be used to redirect their impulses, but i feel like in the cases of someone really being one it would just fan the flames and draw them to action eventually.

No. 511698

Why are other artists so secretive about where they get their enamel pins made? I’ve talked to a few because I was interested in it and I don’t get any answers.

RPF or fanart
Yeah it’s creepy but apparently kpop boys seem ok with it from what my friends tell me.

No. 511716

> someone who draws/likes noncon

Stop romanticising rape. Calling it non-con is trying to make it seem cutesy and fun, if you’re going to defend the desire to sexualise abhorrent things in art then at least call them what they are. Hiding behind smoke screens by using terms like ‘non-con’ and ‘loli’ is disingenuous if you then go to defend the practice.
Non-consensual is literally fucking rape, so call it what it is.

>someone who draws/likes rape


No. 511717

>this whole definition of pedo meaning someone who's sexually attracted to children seems kind of MAP to me
That's…That's the literal definition. Are you calling all psychologists MAPs?
Sexual attraction to children, including fictional ones, constitutes pedophilia. You can't dodge this.

No. 511720

> if someone molests a child it doesn't make them a pedo

Anon, I’m pretty sure you’re clinically retarded. And if this is truly how you feel then feel free to kys

No. 511722

Artists seem to be secretive about suppliers in general, which is utterly absurd. It’s not going to damage your business in any way, and if it does then your work was mediocre at best

No. 511724

>Though Shad isn't a pedo
>I never thought Shadman was an actual pedophile
He's thirsted over actual children. Some of you are not living in reality, I swear to god.
Is it that your internet brain rot has made you think it's okay and normal to sexualize children in daily life, and that the only real pedophiles are the ones who act on it?
>It really is ruining the whole 'lolicons are fantasy only' argument.
Masks off, I guess.

No. 511725

it took me until you quoted them to fully process they actually meant that. we are really getting into the other extreme of this argument now, huh.

No. 511728

Thanks anon, I didn’t want to vent more since this isn’t the place.

Does anyone know of pin makers? From what I could gather a lot get them from China but I was wanting to get it maybe from UK (is that where Zap is?) or US.

No. 511729

People don't share their suppliers mainly because 1. they put in the work to find a good supplier, so should you, and 2. the more clients a supplier has the more it bogs down their workload, making turnaround times longer for everyone

No. 511734

How classist of you, to tell people they should research their own manufacturers. [an actual argument I’ve seen]

I’ve got no real skin in this game since I don’t make merch, but I am confused every time this conversation comes up among prominent artists. Merch in general is expensive to produce and distribute, if you want to do it you should be serious enough about it to commit to the trial and error that comes with it— or do research with the numerous creators that HAVE shared their choices.

No. 511736

Let's not start the 'romanticizing rape' thing. Rape/ravishment/noncon has been one of the most common fetishes in both genders since the beginning of the recorded word, probably before then. It's an undeniable, provable fact. It's not indicative of rape culture, or encouraging men to go out and rape women because 'they all want it'. You can call it vile all you want, and that's fine. If it's not for you than it's not for you, but that doesn't make people with rape fetishes rapists. Rapists are rapists.

The term non-con sprang up when autists like you wouldn't stop screeching about how horrible the kink is. It's a separation between a harmless fictional kink and the real-life crime. Take that energy and go rail against the hundreds of thousands of bodice ripper romance novels written by middle-aged women or shoujo mangaka.

"Loli" comes from "lolita complex" which is literally the Japanese word for a female-attracted pedophile. By that logic 'pedo' is romanticizing slang for 'pedophile'.

No. 511738

Writing romantic stories about rape is literally romanticizing it, lmao.

No. 511748

No one has said that fetishising rape makes you a rapist, but you need to take a good hard look at yourself as to why you find something so disgusting and unforgivable in any capacity attractive. Fantasising about something that ruins people’s lives and training your brain to associate orgasm with it doesn’t somehow make it okay, if fantasy had absolutely no bearing on reality then people wouldn’t act it out
>inb4 wahhhh don’t kink shame!!
If you don’t want to be shamed for your degeneracy then don’t upload your fetish work, artwork within the public sphere is fair game

Drawing it for yourself? Fine, I find it degenerate but ultimately cannot stop the actions of others nor enforce my morals onto them, but putting it into the public sphere shows that you are uploading it also for the consumptions of others, hoping that others find enjoyment in the abhorrent fetishisations (incest, pedophilia, rape, racism, bestiality to name a common few) and you cannot expect viewers to hold their tongue unless it is to praise you; the internet is just as public as a billboard advertisement, and people can criticise what they view in the public sphere as they see fit

No. 511749

That’s the thing, they aren’t sharing. And from my initial research it’s really expensive for something that might not pan out. A lot of artists who want to branch out to merch like that can’t afford trial and error at the rate it seems most artist do, or they need a lot of money beforehand to risk it.

I was looking for a better company, not something from China. That may be my only option though.

I’ve seen enough pin variety that it doesn’t seem like whoever they use would be bogged down by another order. If anything they would welcome more customers.

No. 511753

Maybe we are just talking about different creatives. I searched “enamel pin manufacturers” on twitter and just found a few people giving out their information, including recommendations and warnings. I’m sure an exhaustive enough google search would yield good results too. Like with supplies, it’s really a trial and error type thing. Some suppliers will mesh well with you and your work, and some won’t. Either way it’s an investment of time, money, materials, etc on your end.

No. 511754

Thanks anon. I never really think of twitter. I mostly use IG. I’ll check it out.

Is Twitter better for artists now than IG?

No. 511756

File: 1580945669786.jpeg (74.84 KB, 527x640, 0B07D6E1-9931-45EE-B232-424C28…)

It’s a give and take with both sites. Some people find more success on one than other. With merch specifically, I’ve had a pin manufacturer reach out to me through DMs by just posting a lot of art with minimal related hashtags.

Also, re: pins through local suppliers— wherever you get your merch made it’s very highly likely it will be through China. See this thread— which looks useful and talks about some of the big boys in pin making.

No. 511757

I would check locally if I were you! If you can find a company to hire to make them OR if you wanna be more hands-on I know there is a space in my city that allows people to like "rent" using a laser. I know a couple people who used it. One for their business and the other for like hobby shit they gave out at festivals and stuff like that.

No. 511836

So echoing >>511729, same points and some people who go to direct to manu don’t like sharing with anyone who isn’t a friend because experience can vary differently from person to person and depending who your manu rep is. I’ve seen two people use the same factory and get different results cuz their reps are different, and sometimes factories can take on too much work or not a high enough MOQ (min order quantity) that the factory goes down in quality. It’s also not really a snobbery thing, like building a relationship takes a lot of work with a manu, especially a foreign one where their English usually isn’t the best, so to be expected just to be given a manu’s contact by some people ignores the work the other person puts into developing that relationship. Plus now that working with Chinese manufacturers is common, some people exploit and treat them like an Amazon and expect like they can do a low MOQ or the highest quality but for cheapest price, so most people also don’t give out contacts cuz what if their manu gets screwed over by some dude who does a chargeback unwarranted and drops your name as a referral?

There ARE alternatives tho so it’s not that secretive really. The biggest one is using a middleman, who has developed the relationship and services already so they can handle all the nitty gritty for you. I use one for my enamel pins and like, as someone who makes them, I feel a lot of people who use middlemen get kind of looked down upon by other pin artists? Like going direct to manu is cheaper sure, but the middleman I use can do a lot on their end, namely quality control and boarding pins, so I don’t have to waste my time like baylee to do it on my own and I can continue to design without worry. Paying a middleman is basically insurance that your shit won’t get fucked up.

Group orders are another and that’s basically a group of artists using a manu in one giant order to save on shipping and costs, they’re more difficult to find and it depends on the individual who runs them (like I’m lucky to find one run by a girl who does file checks, she doesn’t have to). There’s less insurance on this part and sometimes people are shitty but it’s also another way to get overseas merch

No. 511837

Yeah it’s very rare you can get a pin not manufactured in China but there are factories that do do them in NA (mostly Canada and Mexico) and some US companies do pins that look like enamel but are sometimes just prints with epoxy on them. The thing with them usually is that they are $$$ because of things like cost of labor is higher or environmental regulations. You’d be better off using a reputable middleman if you’re gonna pay $$$

No. 511858

File: 1580979229371.png (143.66 KB, 750x366, siswhy.png)

these bitches are making the most basic ass designs and still cant help but trace the ugliest clipart they can find

No. 511861

Thought the handle said "travesty" lmao

No. 511876

Fucking lmao.

No. 511880

Even then, the clipart looks better. If they trace and it's still ugly af, I wonder how their "original" art looks like lmao.

No. 511881

The dollar signs were a dead giveaway because the perspective is so off. This looks like a pin design too so the fact that they're profiting off of bad tracing is doubly shitty

No. 511894

HulloAlice and Monique Renee have also posted here before iirc. also Chloe made a video about how mean we are (about 5 mins in)

No. 511899

If you all really want to do something against real child abuse:
-buy thrifted clothes
-don't buy make up
-donate to your local shelter or find a fundation that helps young mothers in need
Since you all love children so much i bet you can make the minimun effort of not buying luxury items and doing a tiny bit of effort to give time to those in need. I hate moral fagging.

No. 511920

Has anyone here used skillshare to learn using different art supplies or anything really?

No. 511930

File: 1580997459838.png (27.99 KB, 818x243, yep.png)

Dumb question, but what stops me from drawing a closed species. Do I just get hordes of 13 year old stalking my twitter and DMing 'KYS' or can they actually sue. The whole closed species thing just feels like honor code and I feel a big implosion will happen when some dude who doesn't give a shit about their dumb rules draws them.

No. 511937

are closed species even that big outside DA? i suppose you could get away with it if you upload it in twitter or don't use hashtags in insta.

No. 511940

You sound like some 65 year old Karen that accidentally clicked the wrong link

No. 511943

unless the species has been legally protected under copyright like mickey mouse, literally not a single thing is stopping you. i mean i guess the owner could send you a mean message, but you cant copywrite biology.

No. 511944

People would think you're a jerk, might end up with a callout post, but the only real consequence would be that having some negativity attached to your name might make it hard to get commission work in those circles.

So, no, nothing stopping you.

No. 511956

closed species really just dumb unoriginal kids claiming basic ass idea and then getting mad at people for having come up with the same thing. they have no real power to stop you, besides maybe social pressure.

No. 511967

Thanks for the write up, and to other responses as well. That’s pretty helpful. I did find a middle man (whoever suggested Zap, they have a sister site for only pins now) and that would make me feel more comfortable when buying because I can speak English and the lines of communication will be more clear than if I wrote to someone of middling or no English understanding.

I can see how using a middle-man would be looked down upon but it seems better to have that service which may guarantee better quality in the end.

Another issue I have is with fan art pins. I love them too but how does SE not send a C&D? Like IPs of FF, KH, etc. It would be fun to make fanart pins but that seems like a grey area that could have legal issues later.

I usually go original and I think that would make profit more than fan art but it doesn’t seem to be the case online and at cons.

No. 511971

>How dare you criticize my porn?? Having an opinion different from mine? You're a KAREN!
Not that anon but this is so pathetic. That's not even what Karen means.

No. 511978

yea, no fanart pins always sell better. people like stuff that's connected to what they already like, of course you can do that with originals too, but most people like buying pins as merch. also lot of companies don't mind small artists making a profit off of their ips, since it's sort of free advertisement for them and they can't really pump out massive quantities like if it was a manufacturer using the ip.

No. 512061

>huehuehue KAREN
this is the gayest fucking meme to ever come from plebbit.

No. 512080

>you need to take a good hard look at yourself as to why you find something so disgusting and unforgivable in any capacity attractive.

Oh fuck off. Your tastes and comfort don't dictate what other people should be allowed to post on the internet. Nobody should be expected to keep perfectly legal things 'to themself' just because some triggered autist thinks it's degenerate. It's not about kinkshaming, it's about overly-defensive fetish police like you wailing as if you go out of your way to look at things you don't like. Your opinions do not matter.

No. 512082

The entire community runs on an honor code. So. You can definitely just make your own intentionally. But, then the entire community would just ice you out and refuse doing business with you. You can find stupid bullshit about it on gossip blogs like toyhouse-dramas

No. 512088

>calls others overly defensive autists
>spergs out this hard at people pointing out their degenerate fetishes are degenerate
The same logic you're trying to push on anon about her opinions not mattering applies to you, too. Also, this "If it's legal, there's nothing wrong with it" excuse is dumb.
Either leave the internet, or get over the fact that not everyone likes your shitty rape kink, and that they're free to say so.

No. 512089

You're literally telling people to stop posting things you don't like. Nobody will leave the internet behind your bitching, neither will they stop liking what they like. You're just going to have to deal with it. Most 'degenerates' don't give a shit about your judgment but would like to exist without people like you shitting their pants because you lack the ability to not be a dick about the things you don't like.

No. 512092

I didn’t tell anyone not to do shit. People are as free to deride your porn as you are to post it. Just because it gives you an orgasm doesn’t mean no one’s allowed to say anything bad.
This anti-kinkshaming stupidity needs to die. People can shame whatever the fuck they want. If you don’t like it, maybe don’t publicise whatever you’re sensitive about instead of throwing tantrums like this at any negative commentary. No one owes you shit, and your feelings are irrelevant.
>Most 'degenerates' don't give a shit about your judgment but would like to exist without people like you shitting their pants because you lack the ability to not be a dick about the things you don't like.
And yet, here you are, complaining about an anonymous person's judgment and being a dick about people not liking what you like. No one is threatening your existence, go the fuck outside.

No. 512093

>Fantasising about something that ruins people’s lives and training your brain to associate orgasm with it doesn’t somehow make it okay, if fantasy had absolutely no bearing on reality then people wouldn’t act it out

NTA, but I see what you're implying, and it's total bullshit. Sexual assault cases would've tripled with the advent of the internet and easily-accessible porn that spans all sorts of violent categories. And yet they haven't. This is pointless pearl-clutching.

No. 512094

So fan art pins is why a lot of people go direct to manu over using a middleman. Most middleman companies won’t let you do designs of that infringes a copyright of another company and that’s fair since they’ll also suffer repercussions if you get served a lawsuit.

Like, I looked at a lot of the Disney pin culture out of curiosity and people who make “fantasy pins”, unlicensed Disney art pins, will only make a very small amount of them, like they’ve found manus who will make a MOQ of less than 10 sometimes and they’re very expensive so they don’t make a ton of profit. They’re small enough to where Disney doesn’t usually bother taking them down but it’s a risk taken by fan pin makers. Separately, some people will fund through Kickstarter and they’re notoriously lax about letting copyrighted things in, yet companies will find you and issue C&D’s if you tag the characters or franchise, I’ve seen some get taken down completely during or after the campaign and it’s just gonna show as a dead campaign on your creator profile.

No. 512096

Anyone who continues infighting after this warning will face a unappealable ban.
Move on.

No. 512097

Are adoptables still a thing?

No. 512099

I'm pretty sure normal, healthy couples play rape fantasies sometimes. In this case, I think it really is just a fantasy that many people have and it's fine to write/draw based on it. Sure you can criticize whatever you don't like, but realize that sexual content is typically offensive when taken out of context - I mean a penis going into a vagina is the most basic sex act, but no one really wants to see that out of context, do they?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 512100

I think you replied to the wrong anon

No. 512101

>>512097 yes they are now on twitter , still very much alive on DevianArt

No. 512102

Has Blue Potion Co ever been mentioned in one of these threads?

I just found her eBay account where she's trying to sell everything that she can't on Etsy anymore.

Her bags that she used to make good money on are starting at 99p…

No. 512119

She was when she was initially found out about stealing and then blocking people who called her out on social media. But lmao.

It’s still shady AF if she’s still trying to sell shit she stole from people and if she had a lawsuit against her about it then she actually can’t, but hey don’t trace dipshit

No. 512131

It’s not ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ for someone who is supposed to love you to want to rape you.

Regardless the topic were dubious themes in art, not people’s sex lives(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 512156

Ignoring the countless trafficked and coerced women within the porn industry that are indeed getting sexually assaulted, but studies have proven time and time again that porn is addictive, literally requires the brain, escalates paraphilia’s, and that those that consume it will often re-enact it (that one horrible case of the girl got anally gangbanged and will now have to use a bag to shit for the rest of her life comes to mind), yes, it has in fact lead to an increase in sexual assaults. I’m on mobile so it’s the biggest pain in the fucking ass to cite all the studies, but it’s not pearl clutching to dare to suggest that associating pleasure with rape is a harmful practice - the increase of couple acting out these ‘fantasies’ is proof in itself that fantasy does in fact affect reality, there are men out there who want to rape their girlfriends but it’s supposedly okay because it’s ‘consensual non-consent’ (let’s not ignore the fact that many of these women have been raped and/or molested in the past)

I’m on a ramble now, but plenty of people admit to things like the magic school bus caused their vore, jungle book caused hypno, totally spies caused inflation, all these paraphilia’s that cause dysfunction in their sexuality they were able to link back to drawn media

So yeah, while people can disagree as to whether people should or should not create certain art, anons are being purposely obtuse if they ignore that art and media do indeed affect reality.(Samefag)

No. 512160

NTA but you're pretty retarded. Not everyone who molests children is a pedophile, and that's according to the definition of pedophile being attraction.

>Pedophilia is not a legal term,[10] and having a sexual attraction to children is not illegal.[7] In law enforcement circles, the term pedophile is sometimes used informally to refer to any person who commits one or more sexually-based crimes that relate to legally underage victims.

I think this is part of why there's so much semantic arguing. I also get the other side of what anon is saying. If pedophilia is labeled like a sexuality it normalizes it and allows people to victimize themselves. Many people treat it like being gay. People forget it's roots as well it originally was used as a tool against women, not men, in the 1800s.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 512169

i'm so fucking tired of this thread holy shit

No. 512192

Should I just start a paraphilia discussion and debate thread?
It would stop the derailing, but I'm scared it might also turn into some sort of pedo scrote safe space.

No. 512199

File: 1581030554906.jpg (40.7 KB, 362x400, 51nF1YafvbL._AC_SY400_.jpg)

Which one do you prefer when setting up a table - PVC pipes or wire cubes?

No. 512203

if you can't handle the counter argument then you probably shouldn't look at it lol, but please do make the thread cus this shit needs to be contained. this argument is far removed from the vibe of the thread now.

No. 512205

go to /cgl/

No. 512241

I don't care about the argument, I have my own opinions already.
I just don't want pedophiles to think they have a place on this board, or that their views are respected in any way. It's disgusting.
It's already leaked to the PP thread, but it seems to have stopped for now. If it flares up again, I'll just create the thread.(Stop )

No. 512247

no one is advocating pedos tho, the argument is just that lolicon isn't illegal most places so the most you can do is have a moral issue with it. same with literal pedophilia, if people aren't doing anything illegal there's nothing you can do it sucks but that's the way it is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 512252

File: 1581035375182.png (569.54 KB, 1102x1100, bait.png)

No. 512292

Does anyone know of any good skillshare classes to take for art improvement? I know we are all sick of hearing about it but I was curious if there’s at least SOME good use for it. There’s so many videos on there and it seems overwhelming to look for any tbh.

No. 512297

File: 1581040706549.jpg (68.2 KB, 720x702, 1552484258787.jpg)

Thank you beloved farmhand.

Does anyone here use watercolor pencils for adding detail? Do you activate them with water afterward or just leave it as is? If you use them for a base sketch, does it ever mess up what you had planned or generally looks good?

Jackson's is having a Faber Castell sale atm so I was thinking I'd get some. Either 12 or 24.

No. 512308

Can anyone tell me a good brand of spiral bound sketchbook with thick pages? I don't mind a little bleeding from markers, but I do mind when pencil sketches show through to the next page, it's getting annoying.

No. 512313

File: 1581042224281.jpg (49.39 KB, 600x189, 77621.jpg)

Stillman & Birn. They have different 'models' named after Greek alphabet letters and are available spiral or stitched. They have them on jetpens. Somewhat spendy

No. 512315

For the most part, there isn't much on skillshare that you couldn't find on Youtube or with a trip to your local library.

No. 512335

Seconding Stillman & Birn. I love my Zeta sketchbooks. The soft cover one I have lays flat and closes flat without issue. I do pencil, watercolor, and xylene transfers on both sides of the pages and it doesn't show through unless you're holding the page up to the light. Plus, there's next to no rippling with watercolor.

If you want something with no bleed through for markers, then Crescent has a line called Rendr.

No. 512349

Do Zeta sketchbooks hold up well to marker? I love copics but I've yet to find a bound sketchbook I like with them. I tried using the Illo sketchbook for a while, but I found the quality of the paper was nothing like the claims made by every YT artist under the sun.

Rendr sketchbooks are nice for markers, but they're not the best if you like smooth blends. The no-bleed quality of the paper keeps marker ink from blending smoothly. It's nice if you like a more cel-shaded, layered look.

No. 512382

Beyond a colorless AD marker, I don't have much in the way of markers. A test with a brush tip Copic Multiliner shows no bleed through with multiple passes. My best guess is that blending wouldn't be as good as it would be on Paris Bleedproof. The Zeta series is hot press, but it just doesn't have that slickness. Possibly close to what you might get with Bristol paper.

Unless another anon gets back to you before me, I'll try to remember to do a test tomorrow when I have access to some markers and get back to you.

No. 512393

I sometimes do, I have an old set of caran d’ache watercolor pencils and sometimes use water to blend it a little to make it more soft but the colors are a little more saturated than my paints so I don’t go too heavy on it. I do like using watercolors and pencils together, especially the low pigmented ones like prismacolor col-erase and verithins, they blend in with the watercolor very well. Tho now mostly I use the watercolor pencils to do doll face ups since I got into watching them on YT and now just do them for fun lol

Chris Hong started teaching on Skillshare and I enjoy her approach in portrait since it’s very painterly like and it’s different than people on YT who show how to draw with line instead of value. Two of my favorite artists have classes on skillshare but I haven’t renewed my membership so I haven’t taken their classes, but they’re Victo Ngai and Yoko Shimizu and victo’s is about color and yoko’s is about inking techniques

No. 512473

File: 1581091841728.jpeg (331.38 KB, 750x1097, 1E3FC5E6-5043-4F41-945F-46AFFF…)

This was mentioned in the holly brown thread but TwistedDisaster has a GoFundMe asking for $3k for a new computer that she says she needs for her digital art commissions, but she was just given an iPad from her parents a couple months ago and has been doing most of her commissions on procreate. You literally were just given an $800 iPad to do digital art but you still need $3k so you can do it on your computer too? Isn’t the point of procreate so you don’t need a computer?

No. 512508

>3k for a computer for illustrations
lol she could get a decent one for the 530 she has already raised. What a swindle.

No. 512577

She’s claims she is poor, right? A computer capable of doing commissions, plus new monitors, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset would not come to 3k for minimum specs, unless she was buying a screen tablet for the computer as well, THEN you might break 3k. Or she is buying all new parts and building it herself, or she got a quote from some tech-monkey at Best Buy.

Also, she is choosing the stupidest time to get a new computer. PC parts like graphics cards and processors are going to be releasing new hardware after the new consoles release, so buying now is moronic. Wait a year if you want to beg for money for the best stuff.

No. 512580

Now, I’m no computer whiz but does one truly need a $3000 PC to do video editing and streaming? You could get a refurbished MacBook Pro for half of that, so you could probably get an incredibly souped up PC for less, especially if it’s only for art streaming and video editing. But I could be way off base here

No. 512582

she is definitely doing this to fund a gaming computer lol

No. 512598

She doesn’t need new monitors, she has a screen tablet and an extra monitor, so if she got another laptop, she would have three monitors, and if she is getting a pc, she would still have two screens already.

No. 512602

She’s apologizing like she killed someone because land whales couldn’t get her precious merch…

No. 512604

File: 1581101292162.jpeg (448.17 KB, 1125x1851, 2AB94230-A35E-4195-9368-87FC92…)

Forgot image, here it is

No. 512606

The funny thing is you can build your own decent gaming computer for not even $500. Even with that, all art programs work perfectly.

No. 512610

"terrible design" i know her art is shit, but way to make even your fans turned off from it when you show you yourself don't like it. also a lot of people don't have plus sized merch options anyway, no one even would have noticed this "issue" if she didn't point it out.

yea i even built mine for almost that exact price. i'm just assuming she is getting the disgusting expensive parts and maybe even having someone else assemble. of course she could be just scamming for money in general tho.

No. 512637

File: 1581106694729.jpg (258.17 KB, 743x654, uhoh.jpg)

It annoys me when artists, especially on instagram, feel the need to post the same drawing with multiple versions.
I included Creepshow's recent feed(the posts dotted red are what i mean) because i noticed she had a process sketch, lineart, in program, and "finished" piece with the original copied twice.
Is this for more engagement or supposed to be considered a tutorial? cause it looks super lazy.

No. 512664

It's because she isn't an artist. She uses art for her shit-tier callout videos, but it is hard to promote those on Instagram, so she posts 'art' instead. Comparing her work from years ago to now, the only difference is she went digital and started using a line stability tool. She has zero fundamentals, she doesn't do studies, and she doodles so then she doesn't have to work too hard to get b-roll for her videos. And even then, she has to beg her fanbase to send in their work, for free, because she can't be fucked to make another 2-hr Procreate sketch of another gay dude in heels for her 50th 'this person is bad' video.

No. 512671

maybe it's just me, but i think this kind of different versions posting works on the ui of twitter for instance cus posts don't get cut down to little squares, but since she uses insta she should know to put the wips into the post itself. for me trying to go through an insta that has a lot of wips like this is just visually annoying.

No. 512682

Depends on what you’re selling and how much space you have. They tend to block your view from the aisle but can be good if stacked higher on the side and above.

I’ve seen both used for prints and shirts and buttons but a stand is better for prints because the table is free for other smaller product.

No. 512725

faber castells watercolor pencil, at least the albreicht durer ones are good. They can be used like regular pencils and also melt away pretty good when activated

No. 512750

Posting the same piece in multiple stages boosts engagement, the audience feels as though they are part of the process. Basic artist social media

No. 512792

File: 1581133194113.png (956.17 KB, 800x800, MarkerOnZeta.png)

Alcohol markers will bleed through. They appear to blend okay, but there is definitely something going on with the sizing in the paper. At first, I thought it might be the xylene I'd used on the other side, but a test on a clean page produced the same results. Purple to peach is on-the-page blending, and brown to peach is tip-to-tip blending. Smaller image is the bleed through. Hope this helps.

No. 512795

File: 1581134512376.jpeg (827.49 KB, 994x993, 31291FFF-9251-4E61-87BC-5F4F8D…)

I REALLY wanna know what’s going on here

No. 512807

File: 1581141046713.png (1.17 MB, 522x1000, jellyfishBondage.png)

Just some pulp art from the 30s of tentacle bondage.
Transfers with Xerox copies make for great, cheap, last-minute greeting cards.

No. 512814

Lmao, what occasion calls for tentacle bondage greeting cards

No. 512815

The local mollusk rights organization needs custom stationary.

No. 512825

You've shown me a world of greeting cards I never knew I needed..

No. 512929

I've tried to, but everything worth actually looking at is behind a paywall.
Not exactly the "free" learning experience they constantly advertise.

No. 512934

No. 512949

File: 1581201115309.jpeg (65.53 KB, 736x736, F8B4A361-E5CE-405A-B55D-96953D…)

Speaking of greeting cards, do any of you anons sell greeting cards and other stationery?

No. 512991

I have a friend who does. They're 4.25"x5.5", inkjet printed on cardstock, and blank on the inside. She sells them for about $6. They're just generic "funny" cards. She's branched out into mugs, stickers, enamel pins, and art prints of some of her cards. I'm not particularly impressed by them, but she does know how to market herself.

No. 513485

File: 1581337354052.png (39.15 KB, 601x316, 4pZHwP3.png)

Well, Qinni just died. Quite a far bit ahead of the expiration date her doctors gave her. Sad, given she was so young and skilled. Now we have to sit back and watch every other artist and their dog climb over themselves to tweet about how much Qing meant to them for that sweet, sweet post-death sympathy clout.

I hope the poor girl rests in peace. Lord knows she's been through enough in life.

No. 513493

File: 1581340080862.jpg (484.42 KB, 1080x1270, 20200210_050758.jpg)


Here they come

No. 513494

god i'm so sorry for her even if i didn't follow her art. i hope these obvious clout chasing idiots get called out. give it a fucking week at least, jesus.

No. 513500

Stuff like this makes me want to vom. Teens shouldn’t be allowed to partake in celebrity culture, they just don’t understand that a person is more than their field of work.. maybe they didn’t want to be remembered with your muddy ass watercolor, Skyden.

No. 513501

Oh shit! That's awful. RIP.
>postdeath sympathy clout
Ugh, not looking forward to that at all.

No. 513503

welp there have been a few people who didn't agree with it so far, but the poster is doing the "i write.. a lot of ellipsis…. to seem sad……. and apologetic………………….." thing.

No. 513512

File: 1581345242291.png (52.9 KB, 597x469, DSuhkj.PNG)

How fucking annoying.

No. 513516

Someone else is now suggesting to do a collaboration tribute, 2 hours after the announcement of qinnis passing. Seriously? Her family and friends are still mourning

No. 513518

File: 1581346174908.jpg (355.93 KB, 1080x1256, 20200210_065002.jpg)

I forgot my screenshot, sorry.

No. 513519

it comes across as if either they had these posts planned in advance OR they are rushing to show their SuPpOrT uwu which just comes across as clout chasing

No. 513520

i've seen this artist around, they are always preaching about "giving back to the community" and they're really fucking obnoxious. their art is shit and only have a bigger following because they constantly do this kinda shit.

No. 513524

File: 1581347676590.png (486.48 KB, 1179x657, a.png)

Damn, she really locked her account over two people telling her that she is an obvious clout chaser lmao

No. 513527

Good. What a fucking loser.

No. 513537

File: 1581350029363.png (50.96 KB, 874x244, qinni.PNG)

QinniArt's brother confirmed she passed away recently. So sad…

No. 513539

Judging by his tweets it sounds like she might have just passed away in her sleep. I hope it was just that and she didn't suffer at the end. Even her last tweets are about how weak her body was becoming because of chemo. It's fucking awful and reading the tweets from people close to her really breaks my heart.

There are people defending these clout chasers saying shit like "people grieve in different ways" but if they weren't close to her or had any actual connection to her, they should just shut the fuck up. Even I, a complete stranger to Qinni and her circle, am sad about it but there's no need for me to grieve. I can't imagine what her family and friends must be going through.

No. 513540

File: 1581350380310.png (64.4 KB, 595x602, seage.PNG)

dropped pic

No. 513544

exactly, and i really don't get the "people grieve in different ways!!!" argument. i don't think it healthy to publicly blast your feelings or to not have any other outlet for them.

i really wasn't engaged with qinni's art, but this shit is really breaking my heart.

No. 513546

The way that social media has twisted people to rush to instant gratification, has warped people's perceptions to where they don't stop and think about how this isn't about them.

Rest in peace, Qinni. You deserved so much better than this.

No. 513547

File: 1581351464660.png (476.82 KB, 799x689, wtf.png)

holy shit. It's been only a few hours.

No. 513548

gamers are a subhuman species that have adapted to look like us.

No. 513552

I didn't follow Qinni closely but, her star freckles watercolor helped me with wet in wet with watercolor for years. So sad people can't let someone pass away these days without trying to jump on the grief bandwagon.

No. 513580

This is fact.

No. 513589

It hasn't even been a day since she passed. This feels disgusting for me.

No. 513591

File: 1581360013923.png (1011.41 KB, 583x896, E3Tkc6oZw0.png)

idk how to feel about this

No. 513595

maybe i'm just being naive but this post feels more genuine than the others, especially when instead of "hey let's do this thing!" it already presents the artwork she made as a tribute to her. and it's also about one of her works and actually looks nice.

No. 513597

Loish and everyone else could've at least waited a bit for this. Instead of rushing in on "the latest news" while her death is still trending. Loish isn't any different from anyone else riding the sympathy wave. This isn't thoughtful. It's rushed, so that they stay relevant. It isn't about Qinni. She didn't even bother to write Qinni's name on the piece itself, just "beautiful artist".

I get wanting to celebrate someone who passed away, but I feel like everything is rushed and thoughtless. There's no breathing room or space for anyone to actually think about her. Everyone making tribute art, is just in it for themselves.

No. 513598

true, it does really look rushed. i guess i tied too much hope into this post.

No. 513599

Weren't they friends though? Or no

No. 513605

The "I wish I had the chance to get to know her better" makes me think otherwise. They might have been acquaintances or just had a lot of mutuals if anything.

No. 513608

I can understand the reasoning why Loish (or anyone) would "draw her feelings" as it were, maybe it's just the halo effect in action but I don't think she had any bad intentions with doing this especially since she has nothing to gain from it. But while it would just be an understandable action from an emotional person, it's still a stupid mistake from a public figure.
At this point, so soon after the death, the only inoffensive image to post would be Qinni's own art and to make it as little about yourself as possible.

>>513599 she says she didn't know her well

No. 513613

File: 1581364279753.png (566.38 KB, 593x627, da qinni.PNG)

Damn, something about even dA tweeting about it hit me hard.

No. 513621

This is such a level of disrespect i cannot comprehend. Gamers cant function in the real world.

No. 513626

Oh look, it's another Becca.

No. 513632

File: 1581369622214.png (30.05 KB, 595x302, GQkvjSA.png)

She's obnoxious. Her followers were all gained from her quirky Nintendo fanart and spamming art share threads multiple times every day. She considers herself as some sort of valuable art mentor who gained an audience through her talents despite being the center of what's effectively a giant twitter cuddle puddle. Now that Qinni has passed away I bet Deepee feels like the only artist around justified in leading a tribute collab. This is only a means to more followers for her.

She's pretty much Becca if Becca weren't as much of a failure. I'm shocked she hasn't tried peddling out reviews and tutorials yet. Those types love trying to teach everyone underneath them.

No. 513633

File: 1581369917196.png (317.65 KB, 724x861, eeeeeh.PNG)

Imagine you're daughter dying and someone pm's you this

No. 513634

Oh god, not this idiot again. I had them blocked on twitter because their posts spammed my TL through mutuals constantly posting their art shares. Besides that, their art really makes me cringe.

No. 513635

File: 1581370060307.jpg (256.37 KB, 2048x2048, EQWEtc0XkAEcvqF.jpg)

fuck is it badddd. And whats the autistic obsession with teeth?

No. 513636

they are really annoying, i don't get how other people can stand them. or is everyone just really good at pretending to like them to ride off of the coattails of their fake success?

No. 513638

who's becca?

No. 513643

God I hate the art community, this is so fucking nasty and it leaves such an awful taste in my mouth. Poor Qinni, she didn’t deserve this bs.

No. 513644

I think they singlehandedly gave me dentophobia lol. But yeah, the obsession with teeth is fucking creepy.

No. 513650

I don't know. It might make them happy that their daughter had such an effect on other artists. I don't really think they'd care about the quality, especially at this time. Just the fact that their late daughter was so loved and inspirational to a lot of people.

No. 513653

idk but i really dont think loish needs that clout, not to mention they were both big names in deviantart days so i can understand that a connection was there.

No. 513657

Becca "Nattosoup" Hillburn.
Her thread is >>>/snow/895681

No. 513659

Fucking christ the clout chasers are a bunch of harpies. It's like they had a RIP drawing at standby waiting for the moment they can post it. Absolutely loathsome.

No. 513665


Unfortunately internet artists are basically bot content producers that will draw for a hashtag, they are probably not even aware how it looks when they do this.

However scrolling Twitter, the condolences from ordinary non-famous artists seem heartfelt. And people showed Qinni how much they cared when she was alive too. It would be different if nobody ever mentioned her until now when there's a hashtag.

RIP Qinni.

No. 513666

These artists are fucking vultures lmao. Let people mourn in peace.

No. 513669

File: 1581374982580.jpeg (73.38 KB, 1077x593, nMD1qGlH.jpg:medium.jpeg)

Kasey's piece on her new video, did ehe nose slide past her eyes or what

No. 513670

You can definitely create art, video edit and stream on a normal PC with good specs. $500 would cover you imo.

If you want a laptop with good specs, some crazy giant curved monitor, or the specs of a gaming pc you're gonna be paying more for even a self-build. But asking 3k for an art PC is simply misleading and crazy.

No. 513671

Samefag, I have no idea about Mac prices but generally they are way higher. So she's probably vying for a Mac hence the high bill.

No. 513673

lmao even the face is trying to run away from kasey

No. 513678

Kasey’s entire art style and aesthetic still grosses me out to this day. Every time I hear the word ‘silly’, it’s like a Vietnam flashback.

No. 513679

My twitter feed has been nothing but art and overly dramatic tweets that all seem to start with “I didn’t know her but etc etc Rest In Peace”

Did everyone just have their art ready to go on the moment her passing was announced??? Give a damn couple of days at least

No. 513683

If they really wanted to do something for Qinni and her family then why not contact her brother and offer to open a Gofundme for the family so they can use the money to pay for Qinni's funeral or other expenses? You know something useful that would benefit her family?

Oh yeah these fucks don't care.

No. 513689

File: 1581379305200.jpeg (792.96 KB, 750x1036, A2C69A1D-02AD-4E07-84C8-AF6CDA…)

Tinfoiling here
but how fast can an artist put out a tribute piece to someone?

Shouldn’t a piece like this take hours or even days to do??

No. 513692

File: 1581380030376.jpeg (60.21 KB, 400x189, CE209301-B36C-49AB-8D0A-4E7541…)

So a human shaped flounder then?

No. 513696

Fucking vultures, I hate that they're self-promoting.

No. 513711

You know, some people could just genuinely be mourning over the death of an artist they respected. Creating art and tributes are a normal expression of grief.

No. 513712


Depends on factors like time zone of artist, (they may have heard quicker if the time of announcement was closer to sunrise/morning in their area) where they sat in qinni's circle (friend of a friend hears before twitter would) skill level, experience with this kind of artif they work in digital whether or not they have previous drawings with the subject matter in question that they can copy paste from

(digital takes out a metric fuck-ton of the concept/thumbnail/general planning and composition time since you can move things around as you render them). 3-6 hours isn't really a big stretch for such a simple piece with familiar elements. ZHC and TheBoxOfficeArtist have done some crazy things in 24 hours, this would be a lot easier in comparison.

As far as people using her death for points, I think it depends from person to person. I know some people who do post online in response to personal tragedy to cope/as a sincere response, and some who do it for the attention.

If your first thought when something like this happens is to find another human being to talk to/find comfort in, then it wouldn't be surprising for people who either solely have their 'people' online, or don't have people irl who know who qinni is/understands what she meant to them to post to a community that does. I mean, we've done the same thing here by mentioning that she dies right? something sad happened, you go to your community Human psychology is weird, you never know what someone will do.

No. 513716

File: 1581383314066.png (661.55 KB, 968x922, 2 hours in ZHC.PNG)

Double post sorry! forgot example image (this is what ZHC got done in graphic over 2 hours)

No. 513745

File: 1581388476127.jpeg (193.12 KB, 750x1083, 5E09F0A9-3E6D-4C88-ADA3-224A63…)

I was ragging on some of the clout chasing people above too but damn this takes the fucking cake.

No. 513756

File: 1581392098149.jpeg (237.78 KB, 750x654, 1D742B5A-EEFE-4D8B-9857-BB966C…)

I just can’t take this person seriously. It’s a wonder I haven’t unfollowed them and only have them on mute. Went into their page just to see the spam of ‘qinni’ related stuff and boy I wasn’t disappointed.

No. 513760

It doesn't feel right to do something like that, but expressing condolences on social media always seems so weird. I honestly wouldn't even know what to say

No. 513777


>take your time uwu

>you have a week to finish

Wow, this chick and her morbid vanity project can go straight to hell.

No. 513780

guess it depends on the skill level, this person looks pretty competent, so a few hours probably

No. 513787

So fucking sad. I've been following her for a couple years now and while the odds were stacked impossibly against her, I was still hoping she would pull through. Never knew her personally or reached put beyond well wishes, but it really is a kick in the gut. The clout chasers trying to exploit her passing are fucking sick.

No. 513788

I'm pretty amused by everyone in this thread wagging their finger and acting shocked at twitter artists and pretending to be so sad, when qinni announced how little time she had left most people in this thread were speculating how she was a liar and faking for attention. Now all of you want the chance to get angry that others aren't being sensitive to the tragedy. And we all know it's mostly the same people posting in this thread.

I used to enjoy Kasey's art but it keeps getting grosser and uglier. Her "silly" faces used to be exactly that, now they're sliding off her characters' heads. I wish she would do a hard reset on her style and take a look at her own old stuff as a study. She used to inspire me, now I can't make it through a video or look at the finished product more than a few seconds.

No. 513790

Does anyone know if there's a GoFundMe or something to donate to Qinni's family?

Not everyone in this thread was trying to make her out to be a munchie, pretty sure most of us are genuinely sad over her passing. I hope the anons who did that shit feel suitably ashamed.

No. 513793

Yeah the deadline drains any true sympathy out of it. If people really want to make art to show their feelings, they should do it on their own time. So tacky

No. 513796

Exactly, like if someone wishes to do a memorial piece for Qinni, let them take their time. Let them post it when they wish to, maybe they want to hold back out of respect for Qinni’s family and friends.. Putting a fucking deadline on that is disgusting

No. 513811

Another strange thing about setting a deadline is that someone who genuinely cares about Qinni probably won't be in the right state of mind to make art within such a short amount of time.

No. 513824

This. Exactly. Some could bee "cloud-chasing", but some could genuinely want to tribute their favourite artist as a condolence.

As >>513665 states. She was well-known when she was alive, one of these most popular YouTube artists. This shit didn't just come out of nowhere. I don't know why you would accuse most of them drawing for her as being disingenuous.

No. 513827

I agree with this, and this could contribute to the flood.

No. 513857

File: 1581427459864.jpg (43.49 KB, 800x450, t3qkhrohrh321.jpg)

this girl is an actual fucking retard, i thought this tweet was gonna be about doing this bullshit later, but of course they finish off with "you have a week left to do this, cunt". god, she is insufferable.

No. 513862

anons who immediately jumped to her faking her illness just because she said it over the internet were so dumb. there was no real evidence and she hasn't contradicted herself on information she gave, and she obviously gave little for her own privacy.

No. 513874

File: 1581429767892.jpeg (396.98 KB, 750x977, 7DA9C011-37C8-4FC5-8EF9-336BCC…)

Qinni’s brother is asking them to stop messaging and adding him. People really need to understand boundaries and the fact that her family is going to be mourning for a long while and most likely want to mourn with close family and friends. Not randoms on the internet

No. 513883

poor guy's sister just died and before he can ever properly mourn a bunch of vultures are messaging him and acting like they were his siter's best friends

No. 513902

It's the reason why I think Loish should have locked the comments in >>513591 and just kept it as a memorial post, it's sweet that her followers care but so many of the comments just seem tonedeaf

No. 513905

Her brother and the rest of her family are the only ones who are really hurt by this - I wonder if they're sick of so many useless comments saying 'sorry 4 ur loss'
I know people are trying to be sympathetic, but this is really a sensitive private matter and has no place on social media

No. 513917

Anyone who accused her of lying deserves to be nonfatally hit by a car.

No. 513919

No. 513921

File: 1581437420674.jpg (485.19 KB, 1076x1459, Screenshot_20200211-110731_Chr…)

This one rubbed me the wrong way really hard. "You might know Qinni from the covers of The Rosewood Chronicles"? Bitch, Qinni was an extremely popular artist with over 1mil followers, her popularity went far beyond doing the covers of your stupid teen books that no one outside the 12 yos in your audience care about.

No. 513923

that would be a good idea, but i don't think there's an option for something like that on twitter.

No. 513940

Qinni is rolling in her grave all thanks to these people milking her death dry for some sweet internet points lol. Poor girl.

No. 513944

>>513940 sad thing is is that she's probably not even in her grave yet and people are already milking it

No. 513950


WTF are you talking about? Of course her readers are most likely to know Qinni as the cover artist for her books. It's not like Qinni was a household name. The whiteknighting here is starting to get more tiresome than the clout chasers on Teitter.

No. 513953

>It's not like Qinni was a household name.
Actually, I would definitely say she is in that particular circle of the internet. That's part of why she ended up doing Noodlerella's book covers. Also, even if she wasn't, it's pretty tacky to make the focus about what she meant to her book series, especially so soon after the announcement.

No. 513978

I'd like to think that people are meaning well but social media has fostered this bizarre environment where people are almost obligated to make their feelings public.

Maybe I'm too naive in thinking that people aren't being attention grabbing on purpose, but it's still going way over the line. Especially toward Qinni's brother, it's ridiculous.

No. 513996

Sorry to say but this one is an overreaction. Qinni did the art for her books and this person is obviously addressing their audience, who likely don’t have a crossover with the DeviantArt/online creator world. Wouldn’t you mourn a collaborator? It’s much more acceptable than people who never met her, imo

No. 513999

File: 1581451460288.png (754.51 KB, 750x1334, 1927DD6C-0C1F-4E8F-B896-B6BFA4…)

Can someone start tallying how many “grievances” that TD goes through in a month (aka: how often she asks for money)

No. 514004

That’s an overreaction. The internet causes a lot of people to be suspect when people say they’re ill. There was another artist who did it for clout and it made people less sympathetic as time went on. Qinni wasn’t like that (I didn’t know or follow her) but it’s just how it is online now.

It is sad she passed and I don’t like all these sympathy collaborations. I hope they don’t get off the ground.

A GFM would be nice but I don’t think any of the fans will do that. They’re too young.

No. 514006

This. I honestly don't know what is so clout-chasing about creating memorials or expressing their grief. The artist community lost a very talented person to a very savage disease and we all saw it coming. It's completely sad. People are just connecting over this tragic event. Let them.

No. 514012

it's because it redirects the attention to their art and is a scheme most of the time to get death sympathy clicks. a lot of people started their posts with "i didn't know her but" when talking about her and lot of the "memorial" art was obviously really rushed to get it out as fast as they can.
also most of these people aren't actually that close to her to that they would need to grieve, parasocial relationships don't count.

No. 514014

because to anyone with a few functional brain cells it’s stupid disrespectful to qinni and her family to make this young woman’s untimely death about themselves. the decent thing to do is celebrate HER and post her work in remembrance.

No. 514019

I went trough Qinnis Twitter and Insta last night, just to get along with her passing (we didn't know each other but I still felt sorry for her and hoped she would get through this) and it's so weird to watch short videos of her smiling from just a few days ago, and the comment sections all over the place with comments from days ago wishing her strength and then new ones where people wishing her farewell. SM is just so strange.

No. 514021

Sure, most of us definitely didn't know her. And I'm sure there's definitely a bunch of people who are just jumping on the hashtag for some clicks. But I'm sure also a lot of the art people are creating in memory of her is genuine. We're artists, and her art still touched us even if we didn't personally know her. I think it's normal that people want to make art in her memory.

No. 514032

File: 1581457550891.jpg (62.13 KB, 356x696, vulture.JPG)

she's probably not even in her grave yet

No. 514035

Gotta love opportunistic capitalism

No. 514036

That instagram claims that they had her permission to sell her art and the only proof the showed is a conversation with Quinni saying that she's not sure and that they'll talk later. Awful.

No. 514038


The clout-chasing from a death is peak art Twitter/IG.

No. 514119

Creating “art to mourn” or vent art is like baking a cake with ghost pepper, no real taste there, just makes everyone compulsively cry. I hope you guys that were emotionally affected by this are doing real inner work like journaling and meditating rather than chicken scratching your pain into yet another 3/4 view lady head

No. 514129

It is absolutely not an overreaction. If you accuse someone of faking their terminal illness without any hard evidence, you are being a complete piece of shit. End of story. Imagine being a public figure and having cancer, sharing it with your fans, and having assholes publicly voice their belief you're faking it. Sorry, but the person in that position deserves a fuck of a lot more empathy than the cunts wrongly accusing them of being a munchie without proof.

They accused her of faking her cancer and now she's dead. They deserve to be haunted by that fact for the rest of their lives.

No. 514152

File: 1581484687582.jpeg (275.42 KB, 1536x2048, BD1F19DA-BEEA-4EE1-9F08-4DB28C…)

Starexorcist/starpyrate proposed to her boyfriend. I'm confused because I'm pretty sure they haven't even been together for a year and are long distance (have only met once or twice?). I give it a couple months before they break up and call each other abusive and toxic

No. 514154


No. 514155

File: 1581485118945.jpeg (324.96 KB, 640x682, 98974456-F696-4F48-A7CE-92B247…)

They met a year ago, not even counting when they got together they got engaged in less than a year of getting together and have been long distance since. This is going to be a shitshow especially considering how much of a salty attention whore cow Star is and how her bf will realize this real quick

No. 514157

lol not to be rude but who's the boyfriend?

No. 514180

neither of them, in real life

No. 514190

>I hope you guys that were emotionally affected by this are doing real inner work like journaling and meditating rather than chicken scratching your pain into yet another 3/4 view lady head
Okay this made me chuckle

No. 514212

A person you didn't know or ever cared about before died, stop freaking out and virtue signaling so hard holy shit

No. 514221

OK moralfag

No. 514223

Oh relax, this is a salt board - sometimes people assume the worst. It's not right, but really? No one is going to be 'haunted' by it.

Also, I think people assumed she lied because that at least means she would have survived. It was pretty shocking to learn that she had stage 4 cancer so suddenly. Some people literally couldn't believe it.
No one wanted her to die.

No. 514242

Anon those are two women.

No. 514246

wait, i never heard of the drama of these two chicks, but why say "boyfriend"? they are clearly both women, even in the hand pic it's kinda obvious.

No. 514301

Whatever you have to tell yourself to pretend you're not complete trash for wrongly accusing someone of faking cancer.

No. 514308

People fake age, gender, mental illness, sometimes entire identities online. If some artist says ‘I have cancer’, not everyone is going to believe it. Especially in this social media art industry, where numbers are everything. The fact you think because they are dead now makes those with healthy skepticism are some moral evil only means you need to get you head out of the sand.

No. 514310

File: 1581534091641.png (568.06 KB, 494x818, galaxiesfor.PNG)

I hate when people put hashtags in their handle so that every single tweet of theirs shows when browsing that tag

No. 514311

do you guys seriously think evidenceless claims of someone faking something is "healthy skepticism"? yes, people fake all of those things, but even here no cow gets called out for faking something that there's no evidence for. qinni wasn't even a cow, and she has shown enough picture proof of the stuff she had to go through. but i guess she is faking official medical papers and stuff like that, right? just because it's over the internet.

No. 514313

File: 1581535274135.jpeg (62.23 KB, 720x901, 8E865A34-0179-4596-A483-71E485…)

Okay, from what I’d made sense, looks like TomatoMagica got herself onto another kinds of scuffles again. Here are the summary of the things that she had done so far…

1. She denied a person who asked for a commission because their profile was filled with fetish. https://mobile.twitter.com/sayoriisgay/status/1221136846727663617

2. Why are men

The discussion is yours.

No. 514323

Whatever you have to tell yourself to pretend to be morally superior to everyone else on an anonymous imageboard dedicated to being salty. OK moralfag, the bar is really low with you lol

No. 514326

people who act like this kinda of tutorials is "telling people what to draw" are fucking fragile idiots. but the "why are men" comment is pretty dumb and basically asking for drama.
also this person was clearly asking for something that's a fetish to them, and worded their first message really weirdly, like it sounds like those fake scam emails artists get. but the artist could have just avoided this shit if they simply said no to the guy.

No. 514330

1. To be completely honest I would be, as a woman, very uncomfortable drawing chubby girls for someone with a fat/inflation fetish, it would feel like they're roping me into their fetish play. However she could've just refused that she's not interested in drawing that particular commission and that would've been that on that, but she had to go and be immature about it. Even worse if the user wasn't a actually fat fetishist. I mean I've had creepy dudes ask me for art on some really gross fetishes and it does creep one out but it's not hard to just ignore or tell them no without being a cunt because it'll come back to bite you in the ass later down the road.

2. I've seen this "did u know men draw balloon anime tiddy wrong!!!!" take so many times it's boring, everyone knows that a suction cleavage with gravity-defying tits is done wrong but who really cares. It's as tired as repeating how unrealistic Barbie's proportions are, it's just petty and reeks of fishing for quick RTs.

I took a quick glance at her work and she's a decent artist but also engaged to a "nonbinary" man with full on beard and moustache, yikes

No. 514333

Fucking lmao, this is so mild, why are people losing their shit over this.

‘She should’ve said no nicely!!!!’
She wasn’t even mean? Abrasive, yes, but women and artists alike aren’t obligated to be nice to fatty fetishising neck beards, how utterly pathetic to call someone out over something so mundane and petty

As for the balloon titties;
Stay mad, cumbrains

No. 514335

I don't like balloon titties either but I think people should get to draw however they want. Why get so worked up over how somebody draws something?
She doesn't deserve being called out though.

No. 514336

File: 1581540051482.jpeg (304.88 KB, 2048x1451, E318BAEC-2C26-42B8-AD89-A48EC5…)

Samefag, but why should any female artist be nice to losers who commission artwork like this

No. 514337

People can draw what they want, nobody said otherwise. But people are also allowed to criticise it, especially if it’s artwork that objectifies/fetishises/vilifies you

No. 514356

Her bf is biologically male and wears makeup and identifies as non binary. He used to have a goatee before he started trying to look feminine

No. 514358

File: 1581545531041.jpeg (445.46 KB, 640x704, 8C849026-9B21-4476-8236-7D41F1…)

Pic of them from last year. Love to see anons wking and saying he's CLEARLY a woman

No. 514360

they don't look like a man right now at all, but it's sooo wking when anons who've never heard of their drama assume they are a women lol.

No. 514363