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File: 1604656665432.jpg (177.83 KB, 1074x1326, 1604574026991.jpg)

No. 667950

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that. Vendetta-chans and twitterfags need to leave. Don't feed the trolls that visit, for fucks sake.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread: >>643382

No. 667972

File: 1604661581608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 698.72 KB, 1080x1868, IMG_20201106_191908.jpg)


No. 667986

Why not? They were both gay, the art is good, literally zero reason to have issue with it.

No. 667992

better fit for eachother than all the young boys that passed through their art labs

No. 668002

No. 668018

this just reminds me of that one Michelangelo bara comic i saw once and the whole thing felt like a fucking fever dream

No. 668024

oh wow,this the same reapersun that used to do character art for gaiaonline right? what a blast from the past.

No. 668027

File: 1604668563976.jpeg (70.43 KB, 640x625, EmHQe5nXEAkGm1U.jpeg)

you right now

No. 668029


No. 668059

I’m ntsa as op, but Holy shit anons, did you guys come from the Hamilton tumblr phase? These are irl ppl,, and even one of y’all called another “homophobic”. Like, I hope ya’ll are joking..

No. 668062

File: 1604672477457.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.08 KB, 512x1024, EmIdxkFVcAIKiUp.jpeg)

I can't be the only one that expected @hanari0716 to make better art, having in mind how many people follow him for his tutorials and stuff lol


No. 668064

What do you mean anon? That's gorgeous. The size difference between her hands illustrates which one she uses to masturbate. The attention to detail is impeccable.

No. 668069

nta but shipping real people is peak cringe

No. 668074

they've been dead for hundreds of years, they are like fictional characters by now. Don't pretend it's the same as shipping One Direction with each other or something.

No. 668075

One thing I grew to notice with artists nowadays (or at least the ones on twt and ig) is how they use sketchbooks. Most of the time when I see artists showing off what they did on their sketchbook the drawings look strangely clean, organized and some are even polished. No messy or bad sketches, or eraser marks, or random scribbles. Kinda beats the purpose of a sketchbook to me.

No. 668083

Yikes, I think this comment explains itself

This actually got me

No. 668085

Are they ‘normal’ sketchbooks, college(application)sketchbooks, or sketchbooks that the artist is planning to sell copies of?
I haven’t watched/viewed many sketchbook tours, but sometimes the purpose differs for the sketchbook

No. 668087

What's your problem? I don't care about that ship, I just don't think that it's as bad as making porn of currently living celebrities that have families etc. Also slightly less cringey for that reason.

No. 668088

Everything is overly curated these days. The reality is that people are more drawn to presentation than actual content.

No. 668089

It's not the same, but treating real people who lived and died like fictional characters is incredibly disrespectful and what if their ghosts disapprove?

No. 668091

I've seen a very good video about it, linking it if you're interested. Overall, one HAS to remember these sketchbooks are not real practice sketchbooks and this is not the correct way to think of it, it's really intimidating though for a beginner artists that are not aware and think this is how it has too look. Some people are good at sketching and such a book is a very appealing way of presenting it - and selling as a finished product; but it's vital everyone remembers it IS a finished product, not an actual practice tool.

No. 668097

I like tamatykas sketchbook videos more than other polished looking sketchbook videos

No. 668098

This artist has spent years and years mastering how to render coomable skin and only that

No. 668114

I posted the please stop being gay pic.

It was a joke, calm the fuck down autist.

No. 668166

She's been planning this for 500 Days? For like 5 things?

No. 668167

No. 668238

The bottom looks good but the top not so much

No. 668284


What‘s wrong with her thumbnails. Does she photoshop her face longer and shopped a wig on. Her hair and features look so weird.

No. 668308

Agreed, I love how she sticks in random shit in her sketchbooks such as movie tickets. It makes her really unique out of the many artists that do sketchbook tours

No. 668329

This doesn't even look that good and it does looks polished. Just another generic artstyle into the endless void of twitter artists.

No. 668330

I hate the Hideous Art thread so much. It could have been a cool place to nitpick intermediate or popular artists/pros without clogging this thread. What's the point of posting literal toddler's scribbles? Are drawfags around here the type that get joy from comparing yourself to the beggest of /beg/? As soon as someone posted something aesthetically ugly and technically bad, but not clearly drawn by an invalid, the same few posters would be like
>it's not ~that~ bad
>I LOVE IT!!! blog/link ????
Shut the fuck up and go back to sucking ass.

No. 668332

File: 1604706237658.png (1000.81 KB, 830x544, rae.png)

I don't use makeup, what is going on with her skin? I understand the lumps are pimples, but it looks like something oily is on her face. Is it bronzer?

No. 668333

Could be primer or highlighter, or just shitty lighting reflecting on her concealer.

No. 668350

>they were gay so they'd want to fuck each other by default it's fine

massive kek at these anons. weirdo freaks

No. 668351

Making art of two ancient misogynistic dudes fucking is funny

No. 668367

Those anons were joking you speds.

Goddamn I can't believe people are actually defending the… right not to be shipped? Of a couple of ephebophiles who died over five hundred years ago, Christ. I agree that shipping real people is cringe as hell but let's not turn this into an autistic moral crusade for these dead white guys.

No. 668394

literally who cares. these dudes are way, way dead, and its a shitpost. its not like theyd have to come face to face with the porn fiction people make of them like septiplier or other weird stuff like that. its all cringe anyway, but getting so triggered over someones shitpost is just as cringy.

No. 668395

People usually reply when they disagree, most of the time they don't have anything to add even if they agree it looks bad.I usually lurk the thread and post very rarely and I'm sure a lot of anons do the same. Don't worry anon, keep posting bad art, we are laughing in the shadows

No. 668407

Whaaaaat no way!

No. 668408

Older threads seemed to realize that things like really weird subject matter or artists who are very skilled in one area but have completely neglected others are way more interesting than just bad dA scribbles. Most of the new thread just feels like works a 12 year old drew.

No. 668453

I'm curious what's the best style to draw in. Since everything from anime to semi realitic cartoon is called generic or bad here. What is considered good art aside from anatomical accuracies? I used to think if i like one style a lot i could pick parts from it i like and put in my own.

No. 668473

imo generic subject matter is more of an issue than generic art style. Any style can look good (or at least interesting) if the artist is skilled. I just get tired of pretty girl portraits/busts or anything that gets copied over and over without adding something new.

Anime art is fine. Cartoons are fine. Semi realism is fine. There are only so many ways you can draw something, after all. It’s near impossible to craft a style that’s 100% original. As long as you have decent ideas and put in some effort to improve that’s enough for me.

No. 668524

It was very obviously a joke,anon

No. 668572

I myself hate how people use it as a dumping ground for autistic chris chan sonic OC doodles and punch down just because they think they're accomplished for realizing it's technically in competent. But on the other hand I would also be bored with a thread that was "ummm yikes leg be wonky lmao broken spine!!!" nitpicks on popular and semi-competent artists from start to finish. I feel the funniest entries in it are pieces that have some bizarre or disgusting subject matter, are just drawn in a very, very unappealing style or like >>668408 mentioned having someone draw part of it really well but neglecting the rest of it. Like all the coomer sakimichan clones who do rendering really well but without the colours and shadowing the piece looks weird as hell.

No. 668650

>doesnt even attempt to draw anything, just smears the supplies across her table and sketchbook like a developmentally stunted 3 year old

No. 668667

>find out someone is tracing my art
>block said tracer
>they start tracing another artist
>now obsessed with checking their account and finding the pieces they're tracing
what the fuck

No. 668861

whats the consensus on rossdraws, he has an illustration masterclass, which looks interesting, but i don't want to waste my time. any alternative suggestions?

No. 668881

Ross draws is kind of a hack. You will learn his style and how to trace ref pics that's about it.
I'd recommend gathering art styles you love and stuyding them. Some artists sometimes have their DMs open so you can ask them who or what they learned from. Most digital artists learn all online for free nowadays, don't fall for cashgrabs!
Good luck anon!

No. 668918

He is pretty skilled, some anon shared his older works on the previous threads, but he is playing the algorithm to maximize views. I don't know if his master class is worth it though but I've heard it's one of those where you need some level of skill for it to be worthwhile.

No. 668946

Anon you can't just mention that and not drop the sauce

No. 669071

Does anyone else think Draw With Jazza's art is ugly as sin? I'm sure he's a nice person but the way he draws himself looks like uglier, even more bobblehead-y bitmojis.

No. 669075

Wait, people think Jazza has good art? What? LOL

No. 669098

i wish people that had limited drawing skills did not make drawing tutorials. they def arent bad people and i totally understand theyre trying to help newcomers but i s2g thats where i got all the shit advice as a kid. ppl like lavendertowne(?) should just make speedpaint videos (or those "my process" step-kinda videos) or some shit.

No. 669101

File: 1604803370611.png (381.15 KB, 584x438, w.png)

What the fuck lol
>Porn coloring book
>for pervy adults who are into coloring books aka ddgl maybe
>"in the name of self love"
hell world lol

No. 669106

File: 1604803619718.png (70.4 KB, 969x341, Screenshot_12.png)

Did BJ work on this comic book because the lineart from the previews look amateurish and really shitty.

No. 669118

File: 1604804461275.jpg (578.32 KB, 1080x1644, Oldross.jpg)

Same anon you mentioned here. Dropping another one of Ross's older works because I genuinely love his stuff and feel sad about how hard he panders to the algorithm these days.
Even his earlier "pretty girl drawings" were so full of heart and energy. I wish we'd see more of this side of his art.

No. 669125

File: 1604804701646.jpg (694.22 KB, 2672x1242, zeronis.jpg)

which artist has the most depressing regression and why is it zeronis? his old art still had coomer proportions but his new art is straight up amateurish. it doesn't look like the art of someone who was a professional artist for nearly 10 years after being scouted from a well-known design school during his junior year.

wow this is actually really nice.

No. 669135

if it's a coloring book how do you tell they're black/poc?

No. 669144

They've already come whitewashed. You have to restore them

No. 669147

Could have have made money if it was full of naked anime girls but these are just half-assed unfinished Mickey Moon doodles. Love how the cover art is catfish level false advertisement to its contents lol

No. 669159

Funny because I saw she retweeted it lol

No. 669170

Ngl I didn’t think the pic on the right was that bad until I noticed the feet. Then I saw how weird the legs look, the perspective on them is all wrong. And the overly skinny arms… idk who this artist is but damn.

No. 669175

Ew look at her little chicken feet. The artwork on the right kinda looks like something from a mobile rpg
Adult coloring books aren't an ddlg thing. Some people actually do it as a hobby or stress reliever. Usually adult coloring books are pretty detailed tho. This look kinda basic.
Clothing, hair and accessories I assume. But it's porn so idk how much they would be wearing. I hope she doesn't have any art of someone wearing some kind of traditional/religious clothing while doing anal or some shit

No. 669177


No. 669185

hahaha imagine the salt if someone colors them as white women

No. 669191

this is what happens when to an artist who goes from playing fantasy rpgs to fanservice gachas

No. 669209

Yes yes yes I know adult coloring books are a thing, I see them at the gas station everytime with some mandalas or other live laugh love bullshit printed on them. Yes I know they're for sad lonely housewives, bored office ladies who sell Mary Kay and failed vegans with candle collections. Hence why I said
>Porn coloring book
You can't turn a blind eye and think the combination of porn + coloring books aren't usually a DDGL thing. Come on.

No. 669211

Lord have mercy on me but I really wanna see this happening lmaoo.

No. 669214

The artist is Paul Kwon aka Zeronis. He was a concept artist at Riot who designed several League of Legends champions (including Ahri) and a bunch of skins.
His ArtStation is pretty interesting because it's the reverse of a normal portfolio- instead of getting better over time, he loses his grasp on fundamentals like perspective and his art becomes flatter and less polished.

No. 669240

why does Jackie have to mention she's sooo close with whoever big youtuber the video is about. Comes of so tacky

No. 669259

How does regression that bad happen? That's just painful

No. 669261

lmao wtf. This is what empowerment hell looks like. Taking the old and gross af oversexualisation of black women to sell vibrators to a new market of black women and thus sending the message that you better look hot while you masturbate even if you don't actually want to masturbate because what matters is that you can simulate desire and straight female sexuality doesn't actually exist anyway and who the fuck cares about who you find hot. (or at least I find it unlikely this is for lesbians but idk that person)

No. 669270

File: 1604827238312.png (58.91 KB, 576x524, frog.PNG)

Hi, since this is the critique thread can I get a critique on this little frog fellow I drew?

No. 669275

He's a cute fella

No. 669276

shipping real people is weird as fuck but i feel like the cringe of choosing historical figures is even worse. why not make luther and calvin porn while you're at it, or two famous tennismen or whatever, that's so bizarre and uncomfortable. the technique is good though, that's a shame to see good art wasted on out of nowhere inexplicable coomer fantasies.

No. 669277

cute concept, major lineart flaws in right eye and feet. he looks depressed and i feel that so 10/10

No. 669278

Who cares

No. 669281

newfren, lolcow is for nitpicking. type sage in the e-mail field when you have nothing interesting to contribute.

No. 669283

How can anyone stand to watch her? The way she speaks and acts on camera is so fucking annoying.

No. 669284

front legs look too much like mammal legs with paws to me, i'd redo them. also this is not the crit thread

No. 669285

found some luther/calvin for you https://archiveofourown.org/works/165826

No. 669286

I think you're looking to far into this, anon. The artist isn't even selling toys. I agree that black women are heavily over-sexualized, but the artist herself (if that's her in the pic and it's not secretly some white person like what happens with a lot of products marketed to black people) is a black woman. Making porn that looks like you isn't automatically over sexualization. Also, imo nothing about the cover says you "have" to look hot while you masturbate. Its art, so obviously it's gonna be a more romanticized (for lack of a better word). Tbh it looks like every other drawing of someone masturbating. Honestly, who even focuses on how they look when they're masturbating in private.

No. 669288

ahaha i hate you, i can't believe that actually exists.

No. 669291


Holy shit I remember following this artist on DA back in 2008. They were heavily into Assassins Creed, so they drew a lot of gay fan art of Altair/Malik and Ezio/Da Vinci. So I am not surprised they made fan art of Michelangelo and Da Vinci in the slightest.

Either way it’s so weird seeing how much they’ve improved since I last saw their work.

No. 669294

Honestly this is kinda dumb, just because an artist chooses a simpler style does not mean it's "regressed". The one before is pretty over rendered and cluttery with no place for the eye to rest. The second one does have a bit funky anatomy on the feet but that's pretty much it's only downfall. As a design it works, it's clean and simple, the elements work together. I wouldn't say it's regressing at all, he's just chosen a different direction for his art. Also considering that these new works of his are basically doodles if you look at his speedpaints kinda says something. Anyway this is the same petty shit talked about here all the time, dissing down everything that leans towards anime or semi-realism is dumb, just because it's not for your taste, doesn't mean it's bad.

No. 669296

Fucking thank you. The drawings picked for the comparison are way too different to make a steady evaluation on, like one is clearly a very detailed bang for the buck concept art character sheet and one is a hobbyist doodle. Like you said the first piece is overrendered and design-wise looks like a generic blizzard armor while the later one has more personality and memorability to it.

No. 669297

There's pics of vibrators all over the cover and previews so I wouldn't be surprised if she's interested in a partnership with the sex toy industry. And I'm not blaming her for making money or anything but it does look like she's targeting this at women and it's just funny to see how it's regular porn/pin-up images layered with some empowerment-language justification. Picture an adult coloring book that tells men they're celebrating "the importance of self-love" while they're coloring images of attractive men in bondage lingerie that are masturbating – it would seem obvious that it's actually about teaching men how to look sexy and how it's important to always picture some observer. But yeah, this is getting OT and I get that it's just some dumb book by a no-name artist nobody is going to buy anyway.

No. 669299

I don't really like his avatar, but his character design vids are pretty fun and look nice.

No. 669300

if you can think of it there's most likely porn of it! i think most historical RPF is a product of horny young women going through university education material full of men.

No. 669301

he's a cutie anon, work on the line art a little bit tho, like near the eye and the feet.

No. 669308

His avatar is hideous, I don't know why he clings to that, but his comic book style is okay, and he can pull off some nice environments. I think Jazza is popular for his versatility in different mediums, he's not the best in any but he has enough of a basic to decent level in a lot more skills (drawing, sculpture, animating, painting) than most artists and it's more entertaining to watch for kids too.
People miss his drawing and animation tutorials but with his skillset and level I think it's better for him to do what he does best which is tackling different art mediums than pretend to be a pro at one.

No. 669310

Different styles same feet. I wouldn't dislike it as much if it didn't have those lil feet. Learn how to feet.

No. 669322

File: 1604837935258.jpg (102.56 KB, 745x1356, IMG_20201108_033929(1).jpg)

I really like the way she colors,hate her proportions. I like that she draws boobs that hang a little but idk. Im not one to judge because this is definitely an out there stylistic choice but her art is supposed to be "sexy". I don't find this art to be very arousing I think it's interesting though.

No. 669324

File: 1604837996119.jpg (Spoiler Image, 604.58 KB, 1105x1969, IMG_20201107_165441(1).jpg)

Action coaster lol

No. 669334

Goddamn, the shit weebs are willing to excuse as "style." There are mistakes on the right one that clearly aren't intentional– notably her gigantic cranium, the neck and collarbones connecting weirdly, and the way the bare leg meets the pelvis. This looks like a seventeen year old drew it, full stop.
In fact the shoddiness of the drawing on the right makes me think that the art on the left is 80% a painted over photobash. Notice how shitty the hand resting on the sword is in the profile shot of the character. The regression that happened to this guy is the natural result of over-reliance on photobashing. Pic related is an example of the type of photobashing Zeronis probably does.

No. 669344

The point is that people are being horrified at his "deterioration" when it's just the same mistakes being repeated but in a different style that's not comparable. /beg/s in this thread really think overrendering makes someone more competent kek

No. 669345

… I guess it’s a style. at that point it’s just funhouse mirror like ya know but to each their own.

No. 669352

Ugly as shit. She also look 12feet tall.

No. 669359

Honestly it feels like you're reaching with the photobashing. I cannot say he does or does not photobash but his style has been consistent for quite a while so I doubt it. Also the image on the right is basically a doodle for him, if you look at some of the speedpaints the dude whipes these out in half an hour. Dude's a designer anyway so his focus is obviously more in the design than anything else, imo the anatomy is pretty standard anime anatomy, I don't think the collar bones being so high up really even matter.

No. 669363

It's not about the art style, even if it's an art style at least she learn and comprehend the fundamentals of anatomy. Everything looks awful the longer you see it. From the breasts they both looks droopy to the hips, the hips too wide as the waist is way too tight and skinny (where are her organs?) The face looks better, nonetheless

No. 669375

File: 1604847911487.jpg (172.93 KB, 500x900, Untitled77.jpg)

Did a quick line tracing, currently the artist had improved her anatomy bit quite difficult to track bc there are more than 1 artist with the same name

No. 669378

idk the dude but I'm mostly wondering if he was fired or willingly went from concept art to producing more anime-style coomer art.

No. 669380

ok thanks but why

No. 669384

Just found an artist pearfleur and im kinda thrilled, she seems super chill and i love her work

No. 669385

There was no reason for you to do this

No. 669390

yeah wtf it's not like her figure was hidden under bulky clothing

No. 669437

anons really be thinking they are more competent artists for tracing over art and putting a bunch of question marks on it lmaoo. it's definitely an ugly ass style, but i don't think it comes out of no knowledge of anatomy since it's so exaggerated, they just made shit style choices.

No. 669448

I'm sorry to get into this topic again, please ignore me, but why do I feel you're the pedo that comes here periodically to post their degenerate porn?

No. 669457

100% sure it's them based on the art style, i'm not sure why anons were gushing about the frog being cute when it's clearly them.

No. 669459

Right? Why the fuck flex your fanart skills? We get it, you own a tablet.

No. 669461

if you think that style showcases good sense of anatomy you are braindead

No. 669465

i'm sorry you wanted to infight bait so hard you couldn't apply a single bit of basic reading comprehension.

No. 669466

I'm more interested in drawing action poses anyway, sometimes some ship art. Thanks for clarifying.

No. 669470

You know exaggeration is often because the artist doesn't know anatomy and tries to cover it up with shit like this.

No. 669481

of course that could be the reason, but still nowhere did i imply that this artist is actually good at anatomy. i'm simply just saying that people have enough human awareness to know women don't have hips and boobs shaped that way, it's bad coomer style choices.

No. 669484

File: 1604861249192.png (243.54 KB, 1196x1008, Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 10.3…)

he said he left riot on his own to become a fulltime coomer artist on patreon.

this reminds me of that one hentai artist whose fetish is girls with extremely long necks and upper torsos.

No. 669530

File: 1604867690908.jpg (195.6 KB, 898x1024, EmUmSnzXUAAE58-.jpg)

Opinions on samipeko? I never seen any milk on her and she's fairly popular. Is this a sign of a good artist?

No. 669538

I always wonder if posts like this ("What's your opinion on artist x? She's pretty good… I guess") are meant to lay a bait for people to dish out hidden drama about someone you're lowkey jealous of/annoyed by and want to dig up dirt to justify your bad vibes. Nobody in their right mind would post artists they genuinely like in this thread like this.

No. 669550

I want them to get a scanner.

No. 669553

lmao yes, in the first place i don't understand why someone would post an artist they like in the art SALT thread.

No. 669558

I always thought it was people wanting to see if their favorite artist had some obscure drama they didn’t know about. Probably a mindset of “I like this artist but I hope they haven’t done anything stupid that would make me stop supporting them.”

No. 669562

Yeah, that's what I always thought too. Sometimes people just want to check if the artist they like isn't secretly one hell of a pathetic milky cow.

No. 669575

THB there's no proper "neutral" art discussion thread, but I feel the same about these questions too

No. 669580

true, but one could always be made if anons were interested in that. but since there isn't one i don't think anyone is, so this is still not content for this thread if they genuinely aren't here to dig up some drama about them or to see if their opinion of liking them is valid by lolcow standards lol.

No. 669582


Biting the bait: Their tweets are braindead gibberish and their art looks like they don‘t care at all. Feels like some trash troll account tbh.

No. 669586

This sounds more like a bait post than the op. Substanceless "criticism".

No. 669618

Who are you talking about?

No. 669628

It's kind of surreal to me, I always thought these were selfposts but now I'm starting to second-guess. I cannot imagine for what reason you'd ever want to advertise yourself on this website. What benefits does the farmer audience bring?
Might as well bite it. I really like their art and I love their dynamic poses, they're much more dynamic than what I can draw at least. I'm around /int/ level and still struggle with making really fluid poses, as well as just getting the stuff I want on paper. I can really respect someone that thinks of a concept or an idea and immediately puts it on paper.

No. 669643

They're often selfposts when the artist is a nobody like that one bitch who suddenly started posting her art in one of these threads and once anons found out she tried being all sassy about it until she got banned. Or that one furry twitter degenerate who bragged about getting like five followers for selfposting in here. The artist posted now has way too big of an audience to have the need to selfpost on lolcow of all places, usually the ones who selfpost here are desperate thots who are willing to turn any back alley tricks to grow their following. All publicity is good publicity etc.

No. 669648


>line art is half-assed
>don‘t know how to draw shoes or feet
>skirts are too short in the back and stick on the characters like they were second skin
>even for anime the anatomy is too unbalanced

It‘s just „fun“ art that might appeal to many because it looks like something they could easily achieve with a little practice.

No. 669651

Now you actually tried. Yeah the anatomy isn't the best and they look like they aren't standing on the ground. But it seems like you have some bias against anime art as a whole regarding the last sentence and I don't agree anime art can be pretty anatomically accurate.

No. 669655

anon it's obviously a quick sketch, the time put into it doesn't mean it's any worse of an artwork when it stands it's ground the way it is.

No. 669657

File: 1604880810051.png (12.76 KB, 588x160, samipeko.PNG)

ok, so much talk about this post, went to actually check that person's profile and I gotta say, I'm legit surprised that with this quality of presentation (poorly scanned quick pencil drawings) she's managed to amass this much following, I have never seen it before. If these were digitals, or clean nice scans, I could understand because the lines are good and show confidence, characters are very expressive which is fun and this kind of stuff tends to be popular, but usually people are not able to look past presentation like this. Must be some real good networking / community management, as I can't find anything else she could be popular for.

No. 669658


Actually, I don‘t. It‘s just that I give anime some leeway for exaggerated long legs and stuff, or their ratio of head size to body stature. But in this specific picture it still looks off.

No. 669661

The presentation is really not that bad as you are making it out to be, no clue what the rest of her art looks like but the one posted here is decently captured, and the average consumer wouldn't care this much.

No. 669670

I guess I've never seen any other popular artist do it like that, most of the time even with mediocre scanners traditional artist rely on photoshop to make the final result seem cleaner as if you're looking on a page as it looks IRL, not a scan, this is why it surprises me here.

No. 669684

I've noticed that no matter how off the anatomy is and how messy the drawing looks, as long as you put a lot of details into clothing, people will praise you for your artwork. Probably just tinfoil hatting, but it's definitely something I've noticed. Social media art seems to be more interested in fashion than good concepts and design.

No. 669687

File: 1604884170259.jpg (158.72 KB, 952x1024, EVrnj9SXkAE32Yv.jpg)

Also drawing teeth, I admit it does look appealing but I don't know what to think of hers paired up with those mouths. Mixed feelings.

No. 669695

I hate how in the art community if you criticize someone for shifting from actual decent and interesting art to coomer bullshit people instantly try to go for your ass saying 'oHMIGOSH LET THEM DRAW WHAT THEY WANTTT!11"

No. 669707

I mean… you can comment on how you preferred the previous artstyle, sure, but in the end you're not that artist's client and you have no say on what they should or should not draw. Matter of how you word your opinion.

No. 669726

coomers are the most dedicated fans, often to artists who don't even bother interacting with them at all. There's been some drama with cutesexyrobutts and shexyo who blatantly traced him, yet many of shexyo fans came to his defense. Some admitted they just want more polished cheesecake/porn and don't care if it's traced.

No. 669732

I swear this art regression thing has become a trend

No. 669737

I'd say it's less of a regression (I'm sure those artists are still able to draw like they used to) and more of a pandering to the algorithm/what's more popular.

Coomer art and pretty model girls are all the craze right now. Disappointing, yeah. But it's one hell of a good and easy way to grow a following nowadays.

No. 669754

this is really funny. they fucking hated each other, when Leonardo was on the city council he tried to get David taken down/censored due to salt

No. 669760


No. 669788

>Picture an adult coloring book that tells men they're celebrating "the importance of self-love" while they're coloring images of attractive men in bondage lingerie that are masturbating
Wth that's actually a good point, I'm mad

No. 669797

Style isn't for me but she clearly has very strong gestures, expressions, and shape design. I honestly feel like some of the anons here are easy salty she has a big following with only sketches, or can't see the value of stylized/cartoony artwork.

No. 669803

>I can't find anything else she could be popular for.
She draws fanart of cute girls from popular anime, and posts frequently

No. 669822

Agree anon. There are many more artists who only do basic standing poses with hundreds of thousands of followers. With this artist I can actually see the appeal.

No. 669823

thanks for sharing, her content is so sweet.

No. 669838

This, and the frog is fucking ugly.

No. 669855

>People itt praising this, that looks like a highschool doodle

No. 669859

>celebrating the importance of looking sexy for men
>subscribe to my onlyfans

Just more of the same from the current trend of literally prostituting yourself for other's amusement but pretending you "chose" it as a coping strategy.

No. 669861

File: 1604911285164.jpg (103.4 KB, 800x799, zeronis-4b356ce1-44c8-434f-92a…)

I looked at his other recent paintings– all bland busts of anime girls in three quarter view, rarely with proper backgrounds. He has absolutely regressed. Stop caping for him because his crap resembles the garbage you or the people you follow draw.

No. 669864

It's a great description of how sexualising women has been normalised. The same thing for men would be absurd, and men, not having been groomed into sexualising themselves for the female gaze, would not even consider buying it.

No. 669869

File: 1604913808222.jpeg (914.1 KB, 828x1064, D8B9C70F-2828-4447-8E43-458650…)

Can someone explained to me what qualified this man to be a professor at a college? All his art is exactly the same, naked Asian girls and self inserts of him having sex with naked Asian girls. How the hell have you been painting for so long and you still managed to make her this cock-eyed. Fuck I hate Kent Williams.

No. 669872

To me personally using muh anatomy as a crutch to base a piece's worth on is such a ignorant thing to do because any /beg/ bucket crab can point out flaws with it, but evaluating artwork based on other factors takes a more trained eye. With stylized artwork the focus is not on creating accurate anatomy on par with marble statues but focus on the technique. I'm willing to forgive broken limbs or extreme proportions if, for example, the focus in something like >>669530 and >>669687 is clearly on the movement and expressiveness of the characters, not how accurate the proportions are. It would be much more distracting if it was a super realistic piece with a 360 degree bent wrist.

But of course this fucking thread counts only over-rendered concept art as the true test of skill and is salty over anyone who has a following because they're able to produce crowd-pleasing material people find appealing because it's not ~true art~. Whenever someone is outed for self posting in this thread they turn out to be a fucking mess of a twitter doodler so Cope.

No. 669877

I don’t understand the nitpicking over anatomy of a highly stylized drawing. What is the point? It just makes you look bitter and pretentious.

No. 669879

sorry but just because that drawing features realistically saggy boobies doesn't change the t-rex arms, fucked up thighs and other shit on that drawing. this is not a drawing made by someone who's got basic knowledge of anatomy and who just goes over the top, this is someone with shit anatomy skills masking them with saggy titties

No. 669882

Wasn’t the point that anon felt they were doing something by tracing over the dumbass drawing? That was cringe.

No. 669893

Dynamic drawings, mostly fan art, draws a load of different popular anime so there will be something for everyone while relying on some very safe mainstream characters to bounce back to (Miku Hatsune), must put out drawings very fast compared to other artists, being phone photos of sketches which pleases the algorithm.
I think it's a combination of the varied fandom stuff, which also helps for connections with other popular people, and having a style that does well without taking much time.
I can't say this for sure but not having a separate art account from your personal account probably helps too with the relatable posts and the cat pictures. If you are "problematic" forget about that tho.

No. 669903

File: 1604918374594.png (2.32 MB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20201109-183202.png)

putting aside his insistence to subject everyone to his asian fetish, you can clearly see his style and technique is fit for a contemporary art professor anon

No. 669905

File: 1604918925242.png (965.6 KB, 891x599, nice.PNG)

LMAO anon is he your professor and he failed you or something? He is clearly a very good painter, paints various things, not only women, and the fact there are more asian women in his portraits may be coming from the fact his partner is an Asian woman and seems like she models for his art; which I really struggle to see as problematic. Seriously if my art school professors were half as good as this guy is I'd consider myself lucky.
>him having sex with naked Asian girls

No. 669908

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the guy that is with soeymilk, who was working under him in college? I remember he was fucking his students or something, so maybe that's what anon meant.

His art is very beautiful though. He seems to draw naked ladies pretty realistically and I can appreciate that, even if they all have the same body. Not sure why anon has such a hateboner (unless he IS a weirdo who preys on his students)

No. 669914

Ah damn, his partner is soeymilk indeed, I didn't know there's any controversy (nothing comes up in google at all but I have vague feeling like I may have read story like that). For the art quality alone though there's no doubt he's more than good enough to be teaching people; idk why anon decided to leave the backstory out as without it the post looks like some unfounded personal vendetta.

No. 669916

File: 1604920570395.jpeg (286.24 KB, 519x624, 48325CBB-8A50-4541-83C7-FCA182…)

Okay Kent is a boring perv but in his defense I’ve found out that Soey’s eyes are just like that, he did her dirty though

No. 669917

Samefag, I found the thread in was mentioned it >>>/snow/963863 I remember it being mentioned in a more recent thread though, so maybe more accusations came out.

I'm on mobile so to lazy to screenshot so just ctrl+f "soey". Basically, students said that he asked them to pose nude for them. Apparently multiple artists cosigned the accusations and Art center is known for looking past teachers who prey on their students.

Anyway, sorry for bringing up old milk.

No. 669918

My bad. That school has a lot of issues with male faculty, a lot of anons are aware of this so I didn’t think to spoonfeed context. His art is Asian-centric and long before he was with Soey it was and he always only posted pics of/with Asian women which was strange. Composition and skill is a dime a dozen, most of his pieces revolve around naked young women and he always picked young women for studies so he had an excuse to have them sitting naked in front of him for long periods of time. Why Soey thought this wasn’t a red flag is beyond me. He’s clearly influenced her a lot too, because she too only draws naked women now. Both are skilled, never said they weren’t, but fuck is he gross and overhyped.

No. 669920

File: 1604921196890.jpeg (894.57 KB, 828x922, D16BCA39-635B-4B76-9D14-566A5E…)

I just mean you’re teaching young girls mostly, taking on barely-legal girls as your TAs, and most of your content revolves around sex.

No. 669921

He actually isn't good at painting women judging the picture above but I'm loving his narute stuff

No. 669924

File: 1604921402041.jpeg (1.11 MB, 828x1521, 018CE31E-EC19-439C-8A7A-800AFC…)

I agree, his renders aren’t very skilled esp for a man of his age but stylistically it’s nice. It would be great if he applied that style to something besides obsessing over naked women. He won’t though. It’s even more of a shame for Soey because she’s extremely talented but she’s dishonest and she seems to have developed the same male-centric view of art as well and she’s too heavily influenced by him. A waste of amazing ability. Picrel, if you scroll to the beginning of his ig before he met Soey and made her his TA he just posted pictures with Asian women.

No. 669925

He's teaching college age adults about painting and paints nude bodies on his instagram. It's not like he's pushing porn on toddlers. What the fuck anon.

No. 669926

Bitch this is artist salt and I never said he was a criminal just a skeevy pervert

No. 669933

File: 1604921877572.jpg (362.84 KB, 428x640, soeymilk.jpg)

>I didn’t think to spoonfeed context
this is so niche it doesn't come up in searches, you can't expect people on an international imageboard to automatically know everything about some schools in US, it shouldn't even count as spoonfeeding at this point. But I see your point, I could imagine his students of Asian origins probably feel very uncomfortable around him, I guess it may be such a grey area the school will never do anything about it though. >>669924 is right about Soey, her painting skills actually surpass his, makes you wonder if without his influence she'd approach wider variety of subjects in her work.

No. 669936

I didn’t mean that literally as shade, spoonfeed is just a common term here. I knew they were both brought up on art cows and I think the lay salt thread as wel? Perhaps it was the one before last? I just wasn’t thinking about applying context, not really blaming anyone for not grasping it. Just wasn’t thinking.

Soey is very talented, I can only imagine how far she’d go if she’s stop painting women with string and cloth and broaden her horizons a bit. At this point she seems to do exactly what he does, just much better. I’m hoping as she gets older maybe she’ll grow out of it?

No. 669938

Honestly, THIS!

It’s ridiculous the way people here nitpick on others as if every work had to be perfect for it to have any worth. It just makes me think of you as a beg when you rip on other artist for minor faults, cause every decent artist I know, has grown out of that kind of behavior. I frequent these threads for the occasional twitter drama and learning about the shitty personalities of some artists, not whatever they have chosen to become coomer artist or not.

No. 669942

What’s more suspect to me is that most of the art posted here is amateur twitter artists with obviously exaggerated cartoon styles just trying to make a quick buck. It makes me wonder how many participating artists are just bitching about people their mutuals follow and are heated because they don’t receive the same attention?

No. 669949

Yea, that or they’re some wacky artschool kids who draw in these super wierd near abstract cartoony styles and feel salty that no one recognizes their genius and ”unique” art.

No. 669951

It definitely reads like jealousy. Like, why are you following these particular people then? In this age there are thousands upon thousands to choose from but you’re clearly stuck in a very specific sphere that you obviously choose to be in, because I never see art from any of these people and none of it bothers me in the slightest because I don’t expect artistic genius from amateurs? Who else is taking it this seriously tbh.

No. 670081

/beg/ cope
Muh style will never be a free pass to draw hideously. Plenty of things are crowd-pleasing but are objectively shit.
Even when a drawing features hentai monster girl with HHH cup tits, it's still plain easy to distinguish artists with strong foundations who can make the subject aesthetically pleasing and technically competent from those who are clearly lacking in key aspects. Stop acting like anyone is expecting you to draw to the proportion of a medical journal, don't be willfully obtuse. People will always nitpick and criticize. Yes, I do acknowledge that amateurs tend to take the wrong issues with a piece and most of the fixes I've been on here are trash. Your (shit) art only needs to have worth 1) to you and 2) to a paying customer. Don't cry because someone thinks your fave is bad.

No. 670089

exactly, i know someone is gonna come with "b-buh this is the art salt thread!!11", but it's such a petty thing to bitch about the anatomy when it's clearly heavily stylized and focused on the movement. wonder if these anons would complain about gesture drawings being so simple too because they don't have art fundamentals down lol.

i'll spell it out for you so you'll get it through your thick skull: i. did not. say. they. know. anatomy. at all. learn to read already, god i can't believe i have to talk to people here who didn't pass high school.

No. 670093

If it only was people making fun of absolutely atrocious butchered anatomy that has no place anywhere but instead it's people wasting their time bitching about literal "why are the simpsons yellow" level pretentious bullshit because they're seething over someone being popular for being a meyoco clone or a weeb panderer or whatever and want to find faults to feel better about their jealousy. I don't care if it's t-the a-artist salt thread, I still don't want to humor assblasted twitter art faggots who only want validation for their vendetta or feel like a smart grown-up art critic for being able to point out anatomy mistakes. Their nitpicks sounds cringy as shit to everyone who doesn't have a personal grudge for the artist posted.

No. 670132

Nobody is saying they’re talented you psycho autist we’re saying you’re pathetic for hyperfixating on random twitterfags because they have the platform you obviously don’t.

No. 670283

Looking at his artstation: it all started going downhill once he picked up Ilya kushinovs painting style, it’s very visibly derivative of his painting techniques at the beggining. I wonder if he left riot because of the quality decline? The amount of care put into the last league designs he posted in comparison to earlier ones is jarring, even to the ones already in the more anime style like the KDA skins.

It’s not even about just level of detail/realism or rendering, but it just feels uninspired and like he stopped caring as time went on.

No. 670399

eyes sag like my tiddies

No. 670405

Tbh I think this is gorgeous. It reminds me of battered used book store sci-fi covers.

No. 670447

Not going to lie, but when it was first posted, I thought it was RacistUncle’s art

No. 670524

File: 1604982425385.jpeg (231.79 KB, 750x1003, 90BB29F4-F89B-438E-9835-0C9B27…)

Trying to claim a generic tag

No. 670526

File: 1604982448538.jpeg (171.37 KB, 749x702, 760D22FC-ED9A-4061-9543-9B4507…)

No. 670537

This person is delusional

No. 670540

I love that because the person is white its instantly more evil

No. 670570

Holy fuck lmao. How do you get upset at someone else making a random tag just because it's similar to yours? The other person probably didn't even know about it. Who cares if someone wants to make a new tag?

No. 670571

File: 1604989064829.png (58.07 KB, 346x1027, wy54wby54wby4by54.png)

Does anyone know why rei_17 is under fire (again?) - don't speak korean but using google translate it seems like she said something about Korea and then is selling there?

No. 670582

I can't believe this person is 22. God damn.

No. 670589

Chinese and korean twitter have been arguing over the origins of the hanbok and apparently rei was trashing koreans on weibo while simultaneously trying to sell her merch to them on twitter

No. 670600

Oh god, of course Rei fucking would. Can her lying snake ass stop getting involved in drama for one (1) day?

No. 670638

Instead it's from the usual orbiter.

No. 670649

I'll admit I have beef with them due to some discord drama but they're not a "bad person" so to speak, just bitchy and annoying to anyone who isn't part of her weird clique.

No. 670660

I can't believe she celebrated Biden's election on her twitter while trashing koreans on private, she never learns. Why am I even still following her, she barely posts art nowadays (ngl rei drama is fucking hilarious).

No. 670678

See also micheal hussar. His art is great, but an obvious pervert lol

No. 670680

Meant to quote this part
>most of his pieces revolve around naked young women and he always picked young women for studies so he had an excuse to have them sitting naked in front of him for long periods of time.

No. 670681

>I own tags

Fucking tags holy shit. People will pick a fight over nothing these days.

No. 670689

His art is generic

No. 670706

Chinese anon here. It goes a bit deeper than that. Old Xian (artist for 19 Days Webtoon) drew a picture of their characters in "traditional" clothing that looked too similar to the hanbok (they referenced outfits from several C-dramas and paintings but did not try to claim the hanbok was of Chinese origin, so if anything it was more of ignorance than malice). Many South Koreans and Chinese alike became enraged due to the ongoing hanfu vs hanbok discussions.

South Korean Twitter flamed them alive for cultural appropriation. Chinese Twitter flamed them alive for "hating their own culture". Rei screenshotted the comments and posted on Weibo defending Xian, but took the opportunity to be nasty towards Koreans and being all-around racist.

She then tweeted in Korean asking for support/to buy her stuff (based on translated text, I can't confirm). Korean Twitter found her racist rant from Weibo and called her snake ass out.

It's a huge mess and I wish I didn't understand it.

No. 670716

File: 1605008217326.jpg (297.55 KB, 1080x1604, IMG_20201110_193344.jpg)

Same anon. The type of harassment Xian has been getting on all their recent posts.

No. 670720

File: 1605008288745.jpg (117.34 KB, 1024x594, ElvLkncU8AA74h-.jpg)

Xian original artwork.

No. 670724

Original Twitter Thread for Xian's apology and explanation. The entire comment section is painful to watch considering Xian genuinely did not mean any harm. Its like Western SJWs all over again. I agree Xian should have been more tactful, but this type of bullying is unwarranted.

No. 670739

I swear Koreans are fucking nasty with internet drama and especially social politics, they're basically the whiny western SJWs of Asia who start screeching and yelling at everything that might be even slightly offensive towards them. They're in the comments posting ugly stereotypes of the Chinese passive aggressively saying "love your culture <3". Your country censors speech about Korean war crimes in Vietnam and your baby asses are here pitching a fit talking about how a drawing is destroying muh cultural heritage.

No. 670775

A Biden supporter who's closely racist? Many such cases.

No. 670844

Fuck I love old xian

No. 670847

Koreans are extremely racist, and to them Chinese people are the lowest, above only SEA. It’s disgusting seeming them taunt people like that. Like your whole country is the size of Indiana and you can’t make it there unless you reject all of your natural features, shut the fuck up.

No. 670858

Maybe it's because I'm a white eurofag, but I really don't get what Old Xian did wrong? Like, I know the whole China-Japan-Korea relationships are a nasty can of worms, but I really don't understand what warranted this reaction or even why she had to apologize. I see this kind of drawings >>670720 everyday on pixiv and japanese twitter and nobody flames them afaik.

No. 670879

Basically, Old Xian did cultural appropriation (whether or not its actually cultural appropriation is debatable depending on whether you side with Chinese or Koreans), and the Twitter PC crowd came for their ass.

Its a massive overreaction imo, especially considering Xian already apologised and many people (including westerners) are still harassing them over their "unforgiveable" actions.

Rei may be two-faced bitch, but she didn't go on a racist rant out of absolutely nowhere like the original anon thought. People are coming at Xian too harshly for a drawing they made for fun.

The sad thing is that you absolutely cannot reason with this crowd. At least with Western SJWs people won't start calling you racial slurs.

No. 670911

File: 1605026861697.jpg (232.04 KB, 720x1520, 20201110_134542.jpg)

Forever surprised this artist for my country draws shit like this and has 118k followers on insta and some retail collaborations from time to time, like I understand simplicity has an appeal to some people but isn't this too simple?

No. 670912

What do y'all think about tiktok as an art platform? I think it's an amazing place for social media growth but it's design seems to benefit even more laziness than insta since it promotes really generic simple content.

No. 670915

I quite dig this this style, it is pretty simple, but there are plenty of art styles like it. The distinction usually is whether its an intentional choice or a lack of basic knowledge about proportions and anatomy etc.

No. 670916

God, the amount of 'golden ratio faces' and 'turning disney princess modern' videos made on procreate I've seen on my instagram explore page… completely turned me off.

No. 670917

What do anons think specifically is really overdone and annoying in the art community? Like objectively shitty and boring stuff, not just >I hate anime wahhh

No. 670918

clout chasing

No. 670928

File: 1605028683330.png (2.38 MB, 1525x838, pin.PNG)

I find this style very appealing, it's simple but expressive enough; definitely matter of taste though!

Trend I'm tired of already is artists relying of painting portraits from the same photos over and over in the same way, super smooth with sharp highlight; bluesssatan being the best example of this but there are many. I still appreciate the technical skill and understand the popularity but it's just so boring.

No. 670929

Honestly for me it's the kind of people who want to be professionals or do commissions but absolutely refuse to learn anything outside of comfort zone and whine about it. Sorry but if you've drawn for years and are barely a beg, that's not about you being unlucky but lacking a work ethic. Also the copycats annoy me, because they usually only got shiny rendering but absolutely shit anatomy and perspective, basically lack of effort also. I can respect established artist like sakimi because despite her current art being god fucking awful, she did do her grind and imo deserves to do the fuck she wants, coomer shit or not. But the copycats are not like that, they only copy the rendering skills of someone else but don't bother to do any learning on their own beyond that.

No. 670932

Call it what it is: Koreans are stuck up bullies that are mad at old xian for being a popular Chinese artist and the moment they got a chance to jump at her throat they did

No. 670938

It looks simple but it isn't that simple to draw imo. I really like it as long as my feed isn't flooded with this style.

No. 670941

Do Koreans realize that a lot of asian countries share some similarities when it comes to culture and traditions, including traditional clothing? I get that they hate everyone else (especially China) because of history, but do they really need to cancel a chinese artist who didn't even insult them or their culture? >>670932 is right, they're just jealous of a chinese artist who's famous and successfull.

No. 670945

Old xians webtoon is very popular and art from it is cited everywhere. Korean artists feel extremely threatened because they believe she stole her style from them and they’ll pounce on her at any chance. It’s really bizarre how uppity they are because of the plastic surgery—it’s like they forget that they didn’t look any better than Chinese people did.

No. 670969

I think to succeed with art content on tiktok, you have to lean really heavily into consistent trends and algorithm bait. If you like watching someone paint the same sunset on tiny canvases or draw pretty girls with the same face over and over, great. But for anything better than middle school level art, I don't think it's a very good platform.

No. 670978

File: 1605032475022.jpg (152.35 KB, 1080x1080, 124310984_244990330374697_4834…)

the winner of an art contest on insta. I really like it although the nose bothers me. is this just an anime style thing, im not too familiar with it.

No. 670984

am I retarded or can I not tell why the hell you posted this here?

No. 670988

It's pretty common for artists who draw in anime style to draw the nose like that, almost nonexistent. That or they fully omit the nose.

Why did you post this here though? Is it selfposting or some vendetta?

No. 670999


>>670978 said this piece won an ig contest so this could be a participant who didn't win and got salty. who knows.

either way it's basic af, the character's design is shit and i can barely make out the facial features. i assume that the contest must have been small if this was the winning piece.

No. 671002

ntayrt but the face is pretty shit even for simplistic anime standards. It’s also just ugly. This is the art SALT thread anyways, >>670988 I think it’s unwarranted to jump to vendetta assumptions. I assumed the salt thread was better suited for actual salt and nitpicking. If it was posted in the Bad Art thread the vendetta concerns would make more sense since really just the face is fucked.

No. 671042

Why are anons always sus that somethings a self post or vendetta? OP didn't even trash it and why tf would someone wanna post their own shit in this thread?
The nose is kinda fucked but the coloring and composition is really good imo, i love the foreshortening with the pose as well. Don't think the nose would even be so bad if there was any other contrast in the facial area.

No. 671097

File: 1605037896008.png (53.66 KB, 601x619, Paypal.PNG)

Seems like Paypal does this shit to artists often, do any anons use a different service?

No. 671106

>why tf would someone wanna post their own shit in this thread?
cows used to selfpost all the time for attention/asspats. it's not a stretch to think artists would do it too.

All forms of online payment I've seen will also hold your payment for a period of time before releasing it if it's a huge sum of money. The holding period is mainly to make sure the payment isn't fraudulent but PayPal's ridiculous no deadline holding period is annoying.

No. 671108

Basically this. Korean online circles are like an unholy mix of ultrapatriotic pissbabies and SJWs, they get absolutely assblasted if some other (especially Asian) ethnicity says anything criticizing Korea, borrowing their cultural aesthetics or whatever. Say you don't like kimchi and they'll literally be calling you racial slurs and tell you to kill yourself. They have a godawful inferiority complex as a nation and ape everything Nips do and gladly accept their money but throw a fit when they see other Asians doing the same. Asian ethnicities have bad and competitive relations all around but especially Koreans hate pretty much everything not Korean.

No. 671109

They still do, don’t they?

No. 671116

sounds like the money was in the account for a while, this is why you should immediately transfer it to your bank. Never use paypal as a replacement bank/debit cus they do shit like this

No. 671121

unrelated to the current drama but at AX I was in an elevator with rei and she had a bodyguard/manager? constantly around her. Weird shit, they told me to press buttons for them even though they were closer to the panel. I was already on my floor so I just walked out without doing anything.

I found out later she was Rei from a party, but yeah she seems like an introverted spoiled princess irl

No. 671126

Old Xian is facing a lot of unwarranted backlash but anon if you keep reaching any farther you’re going to enter mitosis.

No. 671140

Oh honey that’s not reaching, she’s right. I’ve noticed that people who aren’t Asian keep jumping to our defense when people point these things out (not you I mean off of lc) and it’s in vain, it really is that bad. Korean people co-op Japanese trends but any time a Japanese woman is in SK they say she’s a prostitute, and they tell Chinese women to not even bother coming at all. It’s rough.

No. 671145

How do I learn to draw bros

No. 671164

People who don't know shit about copyright, plagiarism, inspiration, influence, copy, tracing and so on and are vocal about their useless opinion. Tracing is a major example of their ignorance, as I've seen it used completely wrong on many occasions. People barely understand the meaning behind these words and want to act like they know what is a copy and what isn't. This subject is already complex by itself and the laws around it change from country to country, but people make it even more complex by twisting words and using them wrong. This is what truly annoys me with the art community.

No. 671172

We are not "bros". Learn to integrate and check the books and links OP listed.

No. 671176

bros is neutral

No. 671204

Asking for people to like/comment/follow/whatever by saying stuff like "Please show me some love!" or "Please help support my dreams!". I'm not sure whether it's actually overdone or just like that in the circles I associate with, but I've seen several artists post a long ass paragraph on the last slides of their posts talking about how they've always wanted to inspire as many people as possible and how in order to not crush their hopes and dreams, we need to share their post and like/follow/etc. It's emotionally manipulative as fuck. Just say you want people to like/follow you, not give a whole sob story about how we're bullying you if we don't.

No. 671210

File: 1605046862037.png (74.09 KB, 229x231, Snimka zaslona (156).png)

guess what animal this is

No. 671234

lmao isn't this for clivenzu's art contest? i've looked through the other art, clivenzu and her friends were right when they said this one stood out a lot more than the others
plus a good part of the competition was also based on the lore of the character.

No. 671238

I hate this so much. Everyone using whatever website you’re on already knows about the like button, if they want to use it they will. Yeah, it sucks to get less likes than you used to, or less than other people get, but how do you know whether it’s the algorithm or your own content that’s causing the difference? Maybe begging for likes/retweets/whatever is actually driving people away. If your content is engaging then you don’t have to guilt followers into giving you attention. And if it really is the algorithm’s fault… Well, then everyone else is in the same boat. Either play the game or be content with what you get.

No. 671254

This is a major nitpick but those are the UGLIEST couches I've ever seen lmaaaoo

No. 671273

This. K-Nets are mad because despite having the largest market and supply of webcomics, Old Xian's BL Webtoon is still more popular and acclaimed worldwide. With so many comments saying that they won't read her Webtoon from now on, part of me thinks the plan is to get Old Xian to stop making her comic so that the number one BL worldwide will be Painter Of The Night (which is set in Goryeo/Joseon era Korea).

Istg if 19 Days is discontinued because of this, I'm going to riot. It's rare to find a BL Webtoon with good art, and even rarer to find one without shitty BDSM themes. Painter Of The Night can't even compete with 19 Days.

No. 671279

Painter of the night is cringe, I’d take KS over it. Old Xian reigns supreme.

No. 671296

“It costs $0 to retweet an artist” really pisses me off for stupid reasons.

No. 671308

All payment processors have the same problems unfortunately. However I don't know why anyone would keep such a huge sum as 80k in what is essentially an e-wallet when you can transfer it to your bank account at any time.

No. 671310

The worst thing is sneaking in huge sales slides at the end of art posts, or putting the price and availability of items in the caption of every single art post. The hard sell is very offputting when you just want to look at art.

No. 671337


It really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth when i see some cool art only to have it plagued with the same copy-pasted 'please rt/like my art!!!! also check out my store!!!! please!!! support artists!!!'

I know that everyone gotta find a way to get by but the way so many of those artists try to promote their merch and ask for support feels obnoxiously pushy at best and guilt-trippy at worst.

No. 671344

Squirrel? Maybe a really weird cat?

No. 671359

A lanky, retarded chinchilla

No. 671360

Chupacabra. Final answer.

No. 671365

File: 1605063016512.jpg (15.62 KB, 219x165, 220px-Sthenurus_stirlingi.jpg)

And extinct Sthenurus strilingi is my legit answer because there is no way this isn't a very ugly marsupial

No. 671366

It looks like a fucked up squirrel.

No. 671371

that is one ugly mean looking creature

No. 671472

Clout chasing is really such a problem. I have a few people on my TL who whine whenever their art “flops” because of it. In a way it feels like the new wave of dA teens/tumblrinas who used to write “omg my art sucks but plz fave!” in their descriptions

No. 671487

"I drew flowers as pretty girls! Which one is your favourite? Tag yourself!!"
Just admit you want clout and go.

No. 671500

Some of them have been mentioned already but here's my list:
>Pencil shaded photo portraits of celebrities, especially popular actors and k-pop stars
>Clout chasing hashtags meant to get more exposure, they're always hijacked by artists who are already popular and established
>Artists loudly complaining about their commissions and having to work on them, basically guilt tripping the clients
>Whinefests about how you should accept a 6-month delivery time for commissions because of muh mental health and stress
>Anthropomorphized everyday brands and things, I want to kms if I see one more "browser gijinka" or a similar overdone concept
>"Fixed it!!!" art that just made sexualized design flat and boring instead of simply a tasteful version of the original or turned into a racial stereotype (tanned character made into a black mammy caricature, Asian character given piss yellow skin and buck teeth with extremely slanted eyes etc.)
>Art youtubers shilling sponsored products while clearly not giving a shit about it
>People drawing purposefully ugly art and not being able to stop humblebragging how much deeper they are than other artists

No. 671528

I'm really really REALLY tired of those "brands/innanimate objects/planets/etc as humans!" because 99% of the time the designs are uninspired generic pretty guys or generic pretty girls.

I love gijinkas, but I can't help but groan every time I see a generic "military aircraft as pretty girl!" or "food brand as pretty girl or boring looking guy!"

No. 671589

File: 1605103025771.jpeg (401.43 KB, 1242x1904, F927D0E1-8F63-4993-B880-78929C…)

saged because no milk
wtf happened to rasbii? she hasnt been active in months on her twitter. are her last tweets about vaigh or something? pic related

No. 671592

No idea anon, you’d be surprised how common abuse is though.
>>follows Yeagar
Def 13-17 year old

No. 671614

No. 671615

>Clout chasing hashtags meant to get more exposure, they're always hijacked by artists who are already popular and established
I hate this so much, but it's always hilarious to see them get all passive aggressive how "I used to have less than 100 followers before" and some try to justify how 40k followers isn't a lot.

Okay sure, but don't be that guy either.

No. 671625

no fucking way, where was this posted? Part of a video?

No. 671631

Pardon? The facial features give literally no indication of that. Even if I picture it in on all-fours…it's just not doing it for me.

No. 671659

vaiigh is a shitbag. It’s not a surprise he went private and stayed private. Him and lolimilk/lolimoog/gloomilo (with her being the first to comment on every single damn post of his) both moved over to instagram, she cited it as being due to Twitter being a rat race. sure jan. discord chats say otherwise. It’s also why the trio of of them and drawkill parted ways.

Sad rasbii’s tweets never got traction when she posted it. he’s an abuser. Period.

No. 671680

File: 1605110940919.jpg (508.3 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20201111-170553_You…)

At the very beginning of her newest video
It seems like she was practicing from reference, but used the wrong animal

No. 671703

Anon… idk how old the artist is,, but these are horrible. Straight up middle school/beginning of highschool sketches

No. 671712

lol It's drawingwiffwaffles if you didn't see the bottom right corner of the image the anon posted above who is obviously an adult

No. 671765

Not intending to start a fight here but can we not link skill level with age? People start at different age.

No. 671775

All I can say is: yikes
I haven’t really seen much of her work, but the few that I’ve seen are abit better than this. But then again, those where probably finished illustrations rather than studies

No. 671776

ntayrt and I'd tend to agree, but I find there's a lot of kids who start drawing around the middle/high school age, so saying "middle school sketches" I think is a pretty reasonable shorthand for saying things look amateur in a certain type of way. And no middle school kid is going to be super good at drawing, unless they're some kind of prodigy, which is the exception not the rule.

The more time I spend looking at this as well as at pictures of cats, the more convinced I am that she absolutely did not use a reference photo of a cat.

No. 671782

This might be a HUGE nitpick but I can't stand artists when they start their first webcomic, mainly if it's a big artist. They don't shut up about it.

Maybe I'm unlucky as fuck but 90% of my favourite artists on Twitter became absolutely obnoxious after starting webcomics.

No. 671842

Agreed. They fail to realize that talking about it continuously causes people, especially their followers, to lose interest with the webcomic and later become annoyed because of the artist is constantly trying to advertise their comic

No. 671844


That when they're not overly ambitious with their Webcomic. I get it, they're excited with their first big thing, but I've seen some become way too ambitious and try to turn their Webcomic into a multimedia project. The example that comes to mind is the artist Skirtsan (I think someone posted about them here before) who recently released their Webcomic.

No. 671884

I know what you mean. There's an artist I like who is focusing on their OCs and putting them in manga/comic form and their constant "Wow thanks so much for liking my OCs!" is getting on my nerves.

No. 671923

another one I follow says thank you every 100 or so likes on their post. It’s grating.

No. 671948

I really know what you mean, one of them that really sticks out to me is DingoDoodles. I’ve seen her make some guest appearances in other dnd campaigns(outside of her storytime vids), and it’s kinda annoying me. I wish I knew how to explain it,

No. 671981

We get it, Koreans on the internet are big bad. Go back to NB twitterfag.
Gijinka’s are probably the most uninspired, consistently lazy character design creations I see from artists now. Everything becomes an ugly anime girl with shit proportions now.

No. 671996


I haven’t seen a finished piece of her in a really long time or ever, the longer I think about it. (Last thing was maybe her lion sculpture (?) which was… unique). Even in her art subscription boxes she doesn‘t really try. Like I‘ve never seen her doing actual hands on her characters, they always have some weird stumps.

No. 672000

At this point most webtoons are just "watch my ocs fuck around for 20+ chapters while i keep foreshadowing that i know a shit ton of lore".

No. 672005

File: 1605130289638.jpeg (939.21 KB, 750x1106, 67932963-93FF-4ECF-AFB4-CF2167…)

damn. She really quit her nine to five to do… this. The missing appendages are killing me.

No. 672024

if it was stylized to have less fingers and toes it would make more sense, but she seems to have just misscounted

No. 672028

timestamp 3:55
chloe rose sdmitting that first and fromst youtube artists are simply content creators, nice to see some introspection on her part.

No. 672061

File: 1605135398730.jpg (66.25 KB, 583x260, zZbvTyZ.jpg)

kek there was an anon asking why lolimoog/gloomilo and drawkill didn't follow each other anymore on ig a couple threads back too which got me curious so I guess that's why. Didn't really pay attention to their tweets in the past but didn't realize gloomilo just completely deleted twitter, sounds like you know some discord milk?

No. 672062

>Hey everyone! I have a webcomic that's about zany and fun stuff, please read it over here!
>Hi guys! Did you know that I have a webcomic? It tells a story of so and so. Read it here!
>Hello, did you read my latest webcomic update? I already posted about it 3 times but please go read it!
And it's always. Always the people who update one page at a time and once a month. Who the fuck wants to keep up with it with a pace like that? By the time a new page drops you've already forgotten what happened in the previous one.

No. 672068

Having been following RJ Palmer for quite a couple of years now, I feel like ever since he got called to work on the Detective Pikachu movie he started to act slightly more…cocky? This might not be the right word, but seeing his current tweets he gives me a vibe that he's more full of himself and thinks that he's more influential than he truly is.

I could be overthinking this or perhaps I'm interpreting/reading his tweets wrong, but I can't shake off the feeling that working on that movie made him more conceited.

No. 672082

File: 1605137683119.png (427.72 KB, 641x636, Screenshot_13.png)

I don't really care for this guy much, his style of video can be incredibly grating with how slow and monotone it is (I know that's the joke but it's still annoying), but I didn't know about this drama until he pointed it out and it's pretty juicy.

The two in this drama are both NSFW artists and it's hilarious seeing them fight over who traced whom when both of the artists (in my own opinion) are degenerates who draw coomer anatomies.

No. 672083

File: 1605137882386.png (7.1 MB, 3240x2104, gda7sgd78asgd.png)

Here's some evidence posted

No. 672085

File: 1605138101470.png (72.62 KB, 743x719, Screenshot_14.png)

Twitlongers from Shexyoart which are full of contradictions and half evidence that just made me laugh at the amount they try to reach for their points.

No. 672086

LOL The losers deserve it for being pornsick but the art thief is doing so bad at lying. It’s not just shoulders, the faces on the far right picture are a true 1:1 replica.

No. 672091

I don't intend to defend that person but all of these are such incredibly generic anime pinup poses (and faces!) I wouldn't be surprised if it was possible to find more artists that painted something similar enough to fit within these gallery of traces collage.

No. 672173

Detective Pikachu and making the "most accurate" T. Rex reconstruction really went to his head. He is a man though, it's impossible for them to be humble lol

No. 672201

most artists with a big internet presence will become equally cocky if they go through what rj palmer did, not just dudes.

being constantly told that his designs are 'the most realistic' yadda yadda ended up making him seem like he's the god of realistic fictional beasts and now he acts like a mighty king on twitter. it's a shame, i used to be his fan but he's unsufferable now.

No. 672243

File: 1605148619492.png (36.49 KB, 626x256, 1588706564409.png)

What happened to the artist @mammoth_2020? He deleted his account again, shame cuz he had great art.

No. 672244

she deleted right after rasbii made those tweets calling him out. I found it sus too but don’t know more than that.

No. 672250

after saying the shit in the screenshot why is it a mystery

No. 672252

kek anon you did yourself a disservice using that screenshot to represent him, now nobody is going to want to help you

No. 672254

apparently, that artist was a female talking about her shota fetish.

No. 672263

If you search the artist only lolis appear so no.

No. 672270

LOL the only thing he has drawn was lolis. Fuck off, racistuncle's bootlicker. Are you going to praise her ugly ass again?

No. 672276

>Fuck off, racistuncle's bootlicker. Are you going to praise her ugly ass again?
Nta but what is this even referring to?

No. 672385

He's cocky and thinks everything he says about art is gold for beginners. He also licks the asses of a lot of "pros" constantly.

No. 672475

Lol they traced even shadows/light placement

No. 672545

Both proof shows traced as fuck. Its too perfect for reference

No. 672547

This. He tried the "b-but shotas" thing before, too.
He needs to go back to that /ic/ Discord where Racist Uncle, him and the rest were creeping on photos of actual, living children because "loli".

No. 672548

Ah depeearts. The legendary fake supportive uwu artist

No. 672561

Eh, he might be cocky but I do appreciate him reminding everyone of how much of a scumbag Noah Bradley is, while Noah tries his best to swipe it under the rug.

No. 672562

Wait… which AX?

No. 672588

This kinda oot reply of an Asian from SEA here. Judging based on my opinion, korea online circles is quite messed up. This sums up:

- Threesibo, who's already a "registered" cyber bully in the Korean artist community even now she continues upload videos with comments disabled (which if you search her username, you'll find "drama" or "controversy" at the end along some "roast" videos made by koreans as well). One video claimed that she disguises as a Japanese artist under the name Seira, that draws South park fanart.

- Minus8/Chtkghk, as well the anon said on >>671108, godawful inferiority complex, this artist often talk trash about his own art, hating his art, even tweets about himself about doing illegal things such as stealing, abuse, even r4pe. Back in the tumblr years, he once talked about how badly he wanted to r4pe a minor, as well as selfclaiming himself as a pedo for drawing minor cartoon characters porn for his sick desires. I actually feel him and feel bad for him since he has mental issues that hadn't have taken care of.

-Moymyog. Okay i'm quite unsure about this and people have heard of her… Since she was only active on tumblr until she deleted it last year, she was well known as a webcomic creator that loves to create ocs related to fandoms, BATIM, Hazbin Hotel, Arcana, even Cuphead. Why is she so controversial? Well… she was once drew her oc "making out" with another oc that belongs to a minor (16 years old from EU). Of course many peeps from the Cuphead, Hazbin hotel fandom backlashed her. One tumblr post shows that she entirely acts horribly erotic by drawing multiple NSFWs in an NSFW channels of a predominantly minor infested Discord server. Not only that, she has done such many fiasco since 2012, she started twitter being rude, bully, and sexually harassed people. She often depicting her ocs as a "queen bee" and others as the slave, the minion. And yes… she started mess since she was 18/20, 29 by now

No. 672657

weird but im kinda digging this style

No. 672737

Yeah, despite the coomer proportions, how they’re colored/line work is so good imo

No. 672763

File: 1605213627318.png (1.7 MB, 1122x1512, seraphine.png)

I think art thread is the most appropriate for this: twitter user claims Riot's new character is based off her and it's an identity theft. Unfortunately at the moment link from the first tweet doesn't work so I couldn't screencap it; the thread can be found here:
What do you think? IMHO that Riot artist just had a type but beyond being a cute girl with colored hair there are no real similarities. Having Seraphine join K/DA on that girl's birthday couldn't be a choice some character designer makes, these things are decided by marketing team so it's not really likely it's anything more than a coincidence. Still, I hope the story is developing because it has a good drama potential.

No. 672764

No. 672769

It looks pretty damn similar, but she looks generic as hell. Pretty, but generic.

No. 672770

It's so interesting how in old time schizo-chans thought that the television was reading their thoughts and Hollywood basing characters of them, now the zoomer loonies believe generic e-girl video game characters are based off their generic e-girl ass.
Very interesting.

No. 672773

honestly i hope this causes issue for the seraphine twitter account, it's the nasties marketing tactic i've seen so far and i want it to go down in the gutter.

No. 672774

I feel like you could put this girl's face next to any K/Da girl and facial features would be similar because she's conventionally pretty, has a small nose and small lips, that's how they all look like.

No. 672777

File: 1605214762916.jpg (74.73 KB, 611x806, SharedScreenshot.jpg)

So I just found this from the profile of Zeromika on DA, which is numyumy's old account. For those who do not know Numy was a massive scammer who kept hopping accounts everytime she got caught with tracing. After digging around a bit, I was able to link W00neul to Nixeu but I didn't get a direct link from Nixeu to numy, though considering that W00neul is entirely wiped off the internet and every link leads to nixeu when you google w00neul, makes me think it's legit. I also found some proof of her possible tracing again on Nixeu account. All of it isn't very good but some are a bit striking when you pay attention to facial details especially. The artworks on lil.milkyskin that's apparently her other account is literally just smudging photos and claiming it art.

No. 672781

File: 1605214834190.jpg (59.76 KB, 640x518, AC6D41CA-ABE6-49B1-BB8B-EA3A59…)

Like in here the face shape and facial features are strikingly similar, especially the lips are the exact same shape.

No. 672783

File: 1605214982996.jpg (995.96 KB, 1224x1753, tracing collab.jpg)

And possibly these.

No. 672787

File: 1605215445683.jpg (241.57 KB, 1224x833, larping.jpg)

Her account is also located in spain despite her claiming to be chinese.

No. 672795

you can't have a case of identity thieft with a fictional character. It does sound like her ex-date is a creep, though.

No. 672796

File: 1605216277737.png (392.54 KB, 591x1171, seraphine2.png)

People found older tweets that game designer from Riot based Seraphine off his wife and it really looks like so, so I wonder what is step_nie gonna do now to prove her case

No. 672798

Lmao how is she gonna get out of this one? It's sweet that he based the character off his wife.

No. 672800

Tbf though the only thing seraphine and this wife got in common is the hair colors and clothing (since she's probably the model) but I do feel like seraphine is a bit too close to comfort with Step-nie, even the name is similar. In step-nie's case it's more than just the colors though, the curliness of the hair is same, same poses, same glasses, same beach? and just the general face shape being way closer to her than the wife.

No. 672802

Same poses aka generic selfie poses? TBH even if her ex had any saying in the creation process there's so many people involved in it that it's just impossible he would be able to force entire team to base new champion off one person. She's delusional.

No. 672803

File: 1605217335301.jpg (40.68 KB, 643x340, IMG_20201112_224201.jpg)

No. 672807

For what it's worth step_nie almost doubled her follower count from ever since she posted the thread 4h ago; Riot probably won't even comment on it, everyone wins.

No. 672810

Feel free to ignore if this is derailing but what exactly is going on with this character? I've seen some talk about her on twitter but I don't play the game or keep up with it so I have no idea why people have an issue.

No. 672811

File: 1605218463425.png (813.57 KB, 588x1549, 1602765570153.png)

She's a new character of League of Legends game, and the controversial thing about her is the marketing strategy - Riot set up a twitter account where they make they seem like a real person with real life and real issues despite, which is an questionable tactic considering all she is is a product that Riot wants people to spend money on.

No. 672813

If you look at riotwhiskies' pictures, you can tell it's clearly her face that they painted over in a lot of the photos if not all. Sera, besides the snow-ified anime face, has chinese features. I'm pretty sure I've read before that Seraphine was created to add a Chinese-pandering female character to the roster anyway.

No. 672815

"use the same language as mentally ill people"
Yeah, because normal people never have self doubt, only mentally ill people do that.

Honestly that product logic could be applied to pretty much any character, after all they are just there to sell a Book/ Movie ect.
But I don't like her either, her design looks like shit ingame and her splashart face is so weird and pointy, i wish they would have kept the twitter paintover look.

No. 672820

To continue off of the last anon, Seraphine also has the exact same kit/abilities as the character Sona which a lot of people really think is stupid. I actually think more people hate that she's essentially a Sona rework and obviously just pandering to koreaboos and horny guys rather than her having a strong parasocial relationship with her followers although she also had a controversy about being lesbian/singing a lesbian song about her female friend when they had an "argument", being Chinese when she's just some boring white girl and supposed to be singing in a Korean pop group, and then of course her Legendary skin (legendary skins only come out once every two-ish years and have different forms and a LOT of cool features; you would never think to give it to a new champion but Riot did so which just makes it even more obvious that Seraphine's entire thing was supposed to be a product to sell). TB Skyen on youtube does a really good job about talking about what the issues with Seraphine are.

No. 672821

File: 1605219984987.jpg (301.14 KB, 797x1099, Screenshot_20201112-171403.jpg)

So an artist was called out recently for drawing fanart of Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer holding up signs saying that trans people are people or what not in the Clone High art style. I just want to know what are your opinions on this fellow anons

No. 672824

Why is clone high such a huge autism magnet?

No. 672831

No. 672837

this goes beyond fucking parody. You can't make this up. How can you be a super-woke kid but also idolize serial killers?

No. 672839

This is is peak 2020, we can't dig deeper anymore.

No. 672841

Should've used BTK. He would've been more on brand™ /s
But really though who the fuck is drawing serial killer fan art in this day and age and also trying to make them woke? lmao

No. 672842

Thats very true. On korean LOL server she says not just korean phrases, but also chinese ones because of which some koreans went butthurt.

No. 672847

it's totally different to create an appealing character in a fictional space than to create a fake e-girl twitter account and sadpost all day for simp money.

No. 672867

Dunno, but this is arguably the worst I've seen in the Clone High Fandom

No. 672868

But we gotta believe victims!!!! so we can't doubt Stephanie's story.

No. 672896

Who are you guys talking about?

No. 672909

>trans men are men and I will eat them
>trans women are women and I will kill them

No. 672925

File: 1605234573623.jpg (98.27 KB, 410x251, qEm6pk1.jpg)

There's a link in her twitter description to her other social medias, it looks like there's a possibility she's not coming back, I don't really blame her though with the vendetta feeling snow thread and the person from her tweets which she's possibly referring to here?

No. 672937

looks like a new variant of conveying death threats to people who don't believe in transsubstantiation and tells me to stay the fuck away from people with gender feelings.

No. 672986

File: 1605244882051.jpg (183.57 KB, 640x640, iap_640x640.2616977841_rhp05kd…)

Her stuff is pretty cute but I'm so over people using the lgbt community to get like specialty/oppression points for their shop. Do actual gay people do this shit? I know I wouldn't it's tacky as fuck and lowkey demeaning.

No. 673018

> same beach
The Riot building is 15 minutes away from the Santa Monica beach lol

No. 673032

Honestly this is literal delusional tier to think a generic looking video game e-thot is based on you. Maybe she'd have a chance if she was as iconic as Jessica Nigri or Belle Delphine with distinctive features replicated to the character but this is just a very crazy reach, especially because the character looks way more like his wife than some random twitter user. The "oh my god I haven't been able to play the game anaymore and my life is SUFFERING" sperging just puts the icing on the crazy cake.

No. 673062

op here, I feel awful for her. personally I really like her art I hope she returns one day. But in all honesty, I think her leaving either for good or for a very well deserved long break would be best for her. I hope she feels better in the future.

No. 673139

How do some people have the confidence to claim these things?

No. 673141

Excuse me mr judge, sir, this ficional characters looks kinda like me, and has a similar name and we both have cats. i feel violated please give me money

No. 673168

Reading this dumbass post it sounds like
>She dated some low level intern at Riot who claimed to "know a lot of people working on the KDA" to sound like a hot shot and all, she even says the guy wasn't a character designer or had any power over those decisions
>The guy knew e-girl based Seraphine was coming out which is why she asked her to audition for this "super secret project" because she was a generic e-girl as well
>She thinks her generic being was stolen and made into a virtual waifu and now wants to sue
Not impressed.

No. 673178

No. 673249

>Guys, she also came out on my b-day, coincidence?? I think not!!
I really want to feel for this girl, but the fact that she can’t see how generic her photos and the character photos are, or even think that maybe her intern ex doesn’t have as much power in development. It kinda makes me sick that on her Twitter and medium article, the comments are so extreme. On one end you’ll have ppl call her a victim (despite the evidence otherwise) and others who call her a whore. Literally little info is getting out there as to why she’s not a victim

No. 673264

I’m completely over this too. But they get the likes so hey I doubt they’ll be stopping anytime. hate that I’ve followed two artists who didn’t originally make this their 24/7 and now it’s all I see is this from them. It’s pandering at that point.

No. 673320

The best style/content to draw is whatever you want. Don't worry about a cesspool like this place.

Here, everything is considered bad. You'll get no where trying to find out what the best thing to draw judging from an anonymous place where people only say the things they say here because its anon.

No. 673350

so her proof ultimately amounts to…
>Curly pink hair
>Same Beach even though RHQ is like, 15 minutes or so away from it.
>IG cat pictures where the cats dont even look the same and the same IG cat pictures every e-thot has taken.
>Glasses that every e-thot has
>A birthday

Yeah that sounds like a solid case right there.

No. 673509

^^^^^ 100% agree
Anons here are all different people who look at art and prefer different styles/structures. So don’t think there’s “one perfect artstyle”

No. 673516

File: 1605299236744.jpeg (424.08 KB, 750x1261, A9D6093B-DB04-4C1C-B301-4B88CA…)

I think she was attempting to sue, but the case was either immediately taken down or still on going

No. 673535

I was going to post this in the vent thread but it’s salty and art related.

So on some random fb group I was asking about a animation institution that gives out workshops/courses since I wanted to get better at drawing for real. Someone comes in and straight up recommends Ergo Josh (along with a bunch of /ic/ recommendations). I was just…stumped I had to seriously prevent myself from saying something rude because I don’t want to get kicked out of that group but holy fuck
Ergo Josh? My dude I want to learn to draw and animate, drawing pretty instagram girls isn’t the world’s hardest task.

No. 673555

Ergo Josh has some good advice here and there and it's a decent channel, just not for what you're looking for. Relax, don't be a baby because someone gave you a wrong recommendation.

No. 673560

This may be a bit outside of what you're looking for but if you wanna learn to draw perspective then Laforte Daily Demos is an absolute must, the dudes demos are really great and straight forward. I could see it helping you with animation as well as learning the basics of of measuring etc.

No. 673577

yeah, I wonder when spicy straights will stop this bologna. Thanks for replying I was seeing red for some reason lol.

No. 673624

nta but
>posts salt in the salt thread
>"lmao dont be a baby!! y r u salty??"

No. 673675

ayrt. you’re definitely not alone in this lol

No. 673807

File: 1605336027836.jpg (200.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1605301239909.jpg)

hut up! It’s my style ok!

No. 673808

File: 1605336445087.png (146.98 KB, 702x282, 1.PNG)

>copying posts from the /co/ catalog's recent threads
>not even saging

No. 673809

She tweeted about not wanting to make any further comments until she speaks with her lawyers so I assume she is still trying to sue.

No. 673820

Does anyone know the title of the royalty free music from this video?

No. 673845

I'm confused, what about this is related to lgbt people? I think these are really cute, they look kinda 70's inspired.

No. 673848

What are anons thoughts on the new application for artists, artfol? It's still in beta testing but I'm wondering if any anons have tried it out. I'm thinking of making an account there.

No. 673862


I‘ve seen people posting there but I couldn’t do nothing else except creating an account. I think the guy coding this recently mentioned that people can‘t set up accounts anymore bc in it‘s beta state only so many people can have an account for some technical reasons. Despite that I‘m still hopeful but wouldn‘t wonder if we had to wait another 6 months or even a year.

No. 673863

Hm, good to know! I think I can wait that long for a good place for artists but I am kinda expecting it to be overrun my twitter-sjw types for some reason.

No. 673888

I only follow the development Discord very loosely so I'm not sure if the rules have already changed, but if you're on Android you can still make an account

There are already a number of popular Instagram artists there (think 50k followers and above) which kind of irks me but it's overall a decent community

No. 673930

File: 1605360738917.jpg (12.58 KB, 480x455, 20201023_231210.jpg)

I'm tired of people thinking art school are worth something. Hence, I'm tired of artists that make art their main jobs, because they eventually become sell outs and forget their own definition of art to fit the norms.

They keep spamming me of mail so I apply to their cash grab things. I got accepted in a "recognized" art school but it's full of pretentious /beg/. I'm tired of these degreed artists that keep thinking they're better than someone who actually learnt without getting babysat.

To make it short, keep your hobby a hobby and find an actual stable job. The art market (I hate this expression) is saturated today,check out some employers testimonies. They tell that they can have good art for really cheap because many artists lowball their prices to make unfair concurrency.

Saged for personal salt

No. 673935

If you want to learn how to draw the same looking Instagram girl …sure…anything else and he struggles so much. His advice is useful sometimes I’ll give you that much

No. 673936

File: 1605361461988.jpeg (167.93 KB, 750x521, 5982F48E-726E-41B1-96F4-29764F…)

I already see the usual suspects (“popular Twitter artists”) in the few pictures the developer of artfol has shared on twitter. So they’ve been posting on there this whole time. By the time the app is available for everyone it’s gonna be a shinier twitter with the saaaaaaame artists.

supernovaleslie/lazlo has made tweets about this before and i don’t get it. what does it matter.

No. 673942

>over saturated market so cheap prices on good art
My god yes the few good artists I see with open commissions and low prices for their quality I want to tell them that they can charge more but I do also want amazing art at not a high price…I'm sure people are less likely to bring up the artist can charge more because it's affordable that way which hurts both the artist as well as lower tier ones

No. 673944

Art schools can be shit and wastes of money sure, but if someone wants to make art their main job then that isnt' any of your fucking business and you should stop whining. If you're tired of people selling out, then why don't you encourage them to keep in mind "their definition of art"? Buy their shit for full price. Also love how you say you can't stand degree artists that think they're better than others but then you humble brag about schools emailing and begging you.

Cheap bait aside, I hate people who like to hype up artists by going all "you should raise your prices, your art is worth more!!! uwu" and then never commission artists or go for the one with low prices.

No. 673947

I guess it's the whole "queer-owned business" on the business card, it's stupid imho, I'm buying your shit because I like it, not because you're gay. Also I hate the word queer, and people who use it are either troons, self proclaimed asexuals or "bi" girls in het relationships.

No. 674091

File: 1605378094531.jpg (196.79 KB, 1242x1641, hell.jpg)

i am going to put fujos in a dumpster what in the fresh hell is this

No. 674097

I think what topped this post off, was the fact that the user tagged their post as “clone high ocs”, as though they innovated their own creatively irl serial killers

No. 674102

I thought this was another jeffrey dahmer fanart

No. 674103

File: 1605379573410.jpg (272.27 KB, 700x1035, ggmain20201113[1].jpg)

I can't believe this webcomic has been going on for almost 20 years.

No. 674107

This and Gold Digger

No. 674109


lol That old dude. I like the dialogue and character design but their faces are ugly.

No. 674112

That IS Jeffrey Dahmer fan art. He's talking to Ted Bundy.

>I'm tired of artists that make art their main jobs
Why, because you're ngmi?

No. 674120

But if you can make a career out of it then why not do that? I'm gonna be honest anon, you just sound salty that some people are able to actually make a living from drawing.
>someone who actually learnt without getting babysat
Wtf do you think school is?

No. 674165

Why are bitches so obsessed with Ted Bundy? How are you gonna have a weird interest such as being into serial killers but only choose the most popular ones to obsess over like it's pop music? Bruh you would think they'd be less basic..

No. 674174

the artist in OP has a Burton inspired icon. Just a very basic type of 2000s edgelord

No. 674188

I'm artschoolfag so I'm definitely biased, but the way I see it is: tons of people right now are making their living off of creating art. If you've got the skills, drive, and resources, why not go for it?
The actual instruction part of the courses is good, but way less important than the industry experience that the instructors have. They help out a lot with learning the "not fun" parts like how to do invoices and contracts and what to charge and how to work with difficult clients. Also the contacts that you accumulate just by attending and talking to people can be really valuable. Being "babysat" while you draw is not what most people are getting out of the experience lol. (Though having lots of artists at your disposal who want to give feedback on your work is insanely helpful and difficult to find elsewhere.)
Of course, a ton of people get degrees at an art school and never do anything with it. It really just depends on the individual's willingness to put in the work, and their circumstances.

No. 674217

I think the only thing more tiring than generic pretty girl digital art is league of legends pretty girl art. It becomes grueling to pull through fanarts of the same girls from KDA over and over and over, all in the same shiny painting-like style and purple-pink-blueish color palettes, when you just want to find something cool of some other female character to look at.

No. 674221

people following trends, itll go away eventually. im kinda curious about what style will overtake the pretty anime style

No. 674222

Well anons, I've spent years grinding my art skills without posting it anywhere online, and it's about time I try and make some money from it. I wanna do commissions but since I have no social media presence it's gonna be tough. Is there anywhere I could advertise that would get me clients quickly despite the fact I haven't posted anything? (I'd put examples in the commission sheet of course) If this isn't really a possibility what would be the best place to start growing, and how long would it take for me to start getting commissions? This feels like a stupid question tbh but I really am lost here

No. 674224

Put up a twitter or an instagram, post daily, engage with as many other users as you can and just be mega active overall. Those two social medias love activity.

The downside is that it's tiring as fuck and if you show any signs of decreasing activity your engagement and etc tanks pretty hard (mainly on insta).

Or become an absolute sell-out and draw either coomer shit or furry shit. That also works.

But still…why grind your art in secret and then start posting and expect clients and a following so fast out of the blue? That's a pretty dumb move in itself, honestly. Many people love seeing artists develop and grow in real time.

No. 674230

I'm just a very introverted person even online and never really liked being the center of attention, so I only ever drew for myself and showed it to my friends. I'm in need of money now though so that's why I'm starting to dip my toes in the water. Thank you sm for your advice anon!

No. 674235

Would it be a smart move to make a shit ton of art in advance to drop shit daily since Insta and Twitter love that shit?

No. 674247

I really wished people in this thread would stop with this shit. Sounds like it's straight out of 4chan, it's cringy as fuck.

Anyway, people's definition of art is, like you said yourself, personal to each person. You should stop projecting your own view of it into other people and assuming they forgot their values.

No. 674270

Don’t drop a ton on Instagram since they censored hashtags in the US, which is leading to a huge drop in engagement for everyone on the platform. Twitter should be fine though.

>not know what /beg/ is
Have you never so much as browsed /ic/ before?

No. 674274


Yes. Make sure it‘s a consistent theme or style so people have something they can associate with you and which is why they‘re coming back to you/ follow you. Later you can branch out/ experiment.

No. 674280

File: 1605405806400.jpeg (156.11 KB, 828x419, D4ECDF6B-8858-401C-B2FF-7EB726…)

Riot finally responded to her today.
> the former employee… left Riot more than a year ago and was in a department and role that has no input whatsoever into the creative design process.
Basically, she overreacted to Seraphine’s design and blew it way out of proportion. The guy she was seeing was a creep, no doubt, but Seraphine wasn’t created based on her image.

No. 674294

I can tell it probably means beginner, it's not rocket science. If it means anything deeper than beginner I seriously don't know, but it's still cringy af to use it here. If I wanted to keep up with /ic/ retarded takes I would go there.

No. 674301

>bundy's party
Funny because this artwork is supposed to be referencing the first episode of Clone High and says that it's Bundy's party when it's actually JFK and Cleopatra's party

No. 674304

I can tell you're still in high school because you think a career in art = selling your art pieces. A lot of people who go to art school become concept artists or animators or product designers or production staff or museum curators. Your naive idea of an art school graduate that sells their art by the piece is very rare.

No. 674312

You know is what I expected this, I swear to god and on my mothers head that when i started seeing clone becoming more popular online that I knew this would happen
With the setting of clone high they can head canon serial killers as they want, I expected Bundy and Dahmer

No. 674322

File: 1605414001794.jpeg (448.02 KB, 1800x1088, 0572C534-B953-4DE8-872D-E5D13D…)

Anon, this is more than a day ago
Also, surprise to no one, she’s still delusional and sticking her feet in that she somehow was involved in the creation of the character, and goes back on her initial claim that it was based entirely on her

No. 674323

Honestly I thought that too, either that or OP never took an art course outside of highschool/went to university themselves

No. 674327

File: 1605415028172.jpeg (262.72 KB, 750x881, 47982D9B-D66D-45F4-8B48-FCC8A0…)

No. 674334

I get the guy who was trying to impress her was lame but let's say Sera IS inspired by her… so? So what? The worst thing I can imagine is coomers will make porn of Sera but Sera just looks like a typical League model that coomers already make porn of. I read the article and it seems like a lot of her problems stem from the fact that she actually identifies with Sera, she mentions that people ripping apart Sera's features makes her feel like they're ripping apart HER features, but Sera doesn't even fucking look human, she looks like another anime vidya girl. Seems like it's a personal problem, not a Sera problem.

No. 674338

Make high art,you could shit on a canvas and call it art plus deep explanation how this is what human body produces but the existence of it is ignored. Profit.

No. 674348

Yep, Step sounds like a psycho.

No. 674362

That's exactly what I was thinking too. Just a whole lot of "Who cares?" while I was reading the article.

No. 674364

Even in the case Seraphine was based off her, which I doubt, is it really a violation of someone's likeness? There are thousands of skinny fair skinned girls with pink hair out there, it's not an infringement to make a character with physical traits tons of people have. Even if they got the idea to make Seraphine from her, she doesn't own the concept of having pink hair, taking selfies, or being artsy. Those are just basic human traits tons of people have, you can't slap a copyright on them and say they specifically belong to you.

No. 674365

can't believe it won 3 Hugo award

No. 674367

I find this hilarious because it just proves that there's nothing unique or rare about the e-girl aesthetic.

No. 674416

How is she still going? This is absolutely pathetic.
>Yeah I know the character was inspired by a developer's wife and the guy I was dating was in no way involved with the design process but THAT CHANGES NOTHING, it can still be based on me as well!!!

No. 674427

The only way it could be illegal was if her face was literally used as the base for Sera's model, like the case with Ellie and Ellen Page for the Last of Us. Ellie clearly looks like Ellen Page but Sera doesn't even look like a real person. Unless Step has some troon level delusion that she looks like a real life anime girl?

No. 674447

The character looks like belle delphine more than anything. She should sue them lol.

No. 674526

It's not bad plot wise (not great either) and has some witty dialogue sometimes, but total lack of art development, shitty character and costume design are so fucking jarring. The only thing that improved is coloring and that's only because they hired someone else to do it.
Apparently Foglios are kinda cool people who are well-liked in the industry, so that's why nobody really called out this mess (except for badwebcomicswiki, but their article is pretty shit).

No. 674528

reminds me of delusional tumblr artists who would have a fit when someone tagged their shit "literally me" or "kin" or whatever bc to them the piece had ~deep personal significance~. i get that those tags are annoying and retarded but you can't stop people on the internet from saying what they want about a piece of art you posted for the world to see

No. 674532

The issue with retards who’d tag that shit is not the ~deep signifigance~ it would be that they’d start raging if you drew “”them”” wrong or in a sexual position or whatever the fuck and send people after you. Or if you were posting an original character would start claiming it’s them and say delusional shit like “wow I look so good here!”. I don’t blame any artist for not wanting to put up with that considering what the atmosphere on Tumblr used to be like.

No. 674543

the people who would send their followers to attack you because of a kin thing are obviously in the wrong but it's more annoying to see artists rage about teens tagging their art kin like who cares, it's harmless compared to the artists who get harassed by bigots for drawing characters too chubby, dark skinned, etc. If some kid sees themselves in a character you drew that means you've drawn a believable character design, it's a compliment

No. 674585

Kek at first this sounded so nlog but it really is the truth. Dahmer is the Harry Styles of true crime, where are the sparkledog OCs of Chris Watts?
This whole site and it's culture is derivative of 4chan though. /ic/ is a relevant reference point for many anons, people aren't going to just stop using those terms because you don't like them

No. 674600

Legit thought of joining, but I'm so burnt out on social media. I've been sticking to dedicated art sites + my Etsy shop instead. I like posting to stable portfolios instead of fleeting voids. Hope the best for it and that it somehow avoids turning into a total mess.

No. 674786

File: 1605479522910.jpeg (116.04 KB, 655x1000, EmxcwLzUYAAAbML.jpeg)

I know that minimal rendering and boring compositions are Yueko's thing but I'd be pissed if I paid $1000+ and got this. It's so flat and boring compared to the artwork she does to promote her vtuber (i.e. art she's not getting paid to draw).

No. 674825

But the thing is, are the sample pictures in Yueko's price table in the same quality as her Vtuber ones? If not then it's silly to pay an x amount expecting something in the same quality as her Vtuber drawings when that's not even an option to begin with and then getting angry over it.

Maybe the person paid 1K but that's exactly what they were expecting. You never know.

No. 674890

All you have to do is go to her website and see her comission info. That probably cost $750 by her charts. She has plenty of examples for each style so the person knew what they were getting. I don't even like yueko but if there are people who want that for that price then it's their decision and I see no problem in that.

No. 674921

The beach photo having a similar background and the makeup-free photo do kinda weigh in her favor.
However trying to sue? No chance of that going anywhere. There's no infringement, no defamation, nobody would have even connected the character to her unless she did so herself.

No. 674927

File: 1605495255081.jpg (393.5 KB, 1536x2048, Em5gUGKUUAEPTkL.jpg)

It seems like maybe the chara has mixed references, I'm not sure "you used my photo as partial reference" is grounds to sue anyone. Picrel a photo the wife posted 4 hours ago.

No. 674942

she's hideous wtf

No. 674952

I think shes kinda cute ngl, but she looks nothing like seraphine either kek.

No. 674960

she literally just looks like an average Asian girl…

No. 674970

File: 1605498133130.jpeg (87.78 KB, 714x1000, yueko.jpeg)

For the tier that this art counts as? Yes. They're about the same quality as her vtuber/Atelier Live promo drawings. She deleted her vtuber account which had all of the promo art that wasn't crossposted on her main and the AtoLive account, but pic rel is similar to the art she did for her vtuber.

The branches make it count as her pencil complex tier, which puts the commission price at $1500-2000. The $750 tier is for a waist up commission with a solid color background.

No. 674986


Do people actually hate yueko? I used to be mutuals with her but unfollowed because her art got boring. But I dont think she had any issues personality wise?

No. 675012

I don't think this is worth 700$ but also I will never understand what anons mean by boring when "criticizing" art

No. 675051

i really want to know the looks behind the people who type shit like this lol

No. 675056

Agreed. This is the artist salt thread, not the shit-on-a-designer's-wife's-appearance thread.

No. 675096

>She deleted her vtuber account

No. 675113

File: 1605523459732.png (197.55 KB, 720x925, Screenshot_2020-11-16-05-38-53…)

Okay this is getting really frustrating. Especially for artists with under 1-5k followers who get most of their engagement from tags. It's been WEEKS. The election is over and now tags are effected world wide. Insta is ignoring all 200+ comments asking the same thing, "when will they bring it back?"

No. 675115

I still tinfoil that they're using the "muh fake news" excuse to give big companies and creators a bigger slice of the cake in means of reaching people with their content.

No. 675151

100% they are doing that, twitter also hasn't turn off auto quote rting yet. companies are exactly like politicians, they use world events to sneak in shit changes under the guise of being for something else other than fueling their own agenda. good thing i turned off updates on the instagram app.

No. 675155

absolutely though. Also I understand concern with fake news since it is an issue, but how can I trust these social media giants to actually show what's real/fake/not propaganda to their own interests? not even a rightie, but I don't trust like that.
Anyway instagram is hard for small artists. It's the best option in theory but the whole thing is rigged for the biggest players. Anon is right to be upset

No. 675175

Damn, he made a more engaging version of her piece in fucking ms paint. I wonder if Lavender will acknowledge this? He was very nice to her during the video

No. 675181

I don't usually watch these kinds of videos but this was really light-hearted and interesting rather than just a speed paint with unrelated talking. I didn't know about the gradient technique so maybe now I will play with that and post something on the art thread

No. 675185

File: 1605534458605.jpeg (846.63 KB, 3072x1623, AE6A54F0-F9FA-459D-9CC8-F01862…)

Comparison. Sorry, if the image is fucky. I used my phone

No. 675189

omg annihilated.
while impressive and helpful, isn't it rather insulting to redo someone's art better? What am I saying, anons do it here. still, it's like going out of your way to one-up somebody. seems rude. at least she could learn from the improvements

No. 675191

And the guy on the right had not only used ms pain for his piece, but he also estimated the colours, Didn’t need to eyedrop the original piece to get the exact same colours

No. 675194

It really depends on what it is. Like, not all art can be called a “redraw” in the sense of bettering op’s art. Some other times, it’s just fan art without malice that happened to be better than op. I didn’t listen to the audio of the vid, so idk if he was commenting on how “she could’ve done this better”

No. 675216

50-50 I'd say. People hate her because in some ways she has bloated ego as she got over 100k by the age of 19/20 like she have the rights to price high for her simplistic amateurish commission for a company price sounds like,"my art is luxury not for peasants". People liked her just… like her art. Her personality wasnt even vibrant also, or maybe people really dig to her art style. Who knows

No. 675222

File: 1605537254062.png (567.87 KB, 712x712, 20201116_213321.png)

I kinda miss her old art…

No. 675229

Long limbs long limbs

No. 675236

this is so bland and stiff as fuck

No. 675239

File: 1605538492926.jpg (92.08 KB, 899x500, 20201116_215208.jpg)

Heard of Kuurimuart? Imagine getting accepted to high standarded zine with art this mediocre

No. 675242

Getting accepted to a zine even those ones that invites awfully godly artists isn't impressive at all. Bc y'know some mod are being too nitpicky overloaded applications yet they have not really high standards on art

No. 675244

Fanzines are kind of a tricky subject in this case because there are always cases where the mods pick certain artists because of friendships or because said artist has a big following and could rank up more sales.

No. 675246

Dangit this the real definition of Polished dogshit. Somebody needs to fix that crap

No. 675249

Please tell me the one on the left is the improved version. It has a much better balance and composition.

No. 675252

Its like a gacha, more or less… Eiher they accept "veterans" that have joined like a decade ago or "popular" ones or one of the mods like the applicants artstyle or else; fanarts in portofolio is bullshit tbh

Well… I have many KnY fanarts on my portofolio but i got rejected from all Kny zines i applied. I got accepted to arknights zine instead

No. 675253

Lmao are you salty you didn't get in and now rallying a vendetta? I don't see anything horribly wrong with this art, it looks fine enough to me.

No. 675257

I have seen, The upcoming KNY zines nowadays have already canceled and halted in their process on interest check or mod apps. Why Im not surprised and not dissapointed at all.

No. 675259

NTA but please leave them alone. Ignore them

No. 675262

Looks normal but the hands, both hands are inconsistent in size

No. 675264

I’ve seen far worse art for zines

No. 675273

Remember Paigeeworld anons? Those minor infested platform unexpectedly has a lot toxic users and problematic shit got shut down last year in July/June.But… paigeeworld was quite a better platform compared than DA, on their content but PW was way stricter when comes to NSFW art.

No. 675278

Looks okay for a zine, I've seen way worse, especially for popular series such as KnY or MHA. If you find this too bland, check the doujinshi artbooks, they tend to be more original and of higher quality.

No. 675283

File: 1605540641354.jpeg (343.66 KB, 640x816, 1FFD19E2-20D3-425B-AC8D-61E766…)

So now it's ok to straight up directly and lazily trace official Genshin Impact art for clout as long as you say you traced? Heartmush is so annoying and her ~messy~ art style is overrated.

No. 675286

File: 1605540849613.jpeg (263.89 KB, 1200x1600, 55DA3A93-E7A1-4C37-B3E9-A32716…)

Also she's one of those twitter cows who can't stop reeeing about how she is a trans boy and please use he/him pronouns for her but she will just post a fuck ton of selfies looking like this.

No. 675288

How could she a trans boy if she looks like this?????

No. 675291

First time seeing a fakeboi, eh? Go check the thread on /snow/, they are all like that.

No. 675295

Who cares… KnY or other fandoms makes me unhappy nowadays…

No. 675301

Tracing and the design is just a slight wardrobe variation in pink, bad

No. 675324

Her true art skill is on her pfp. On her youtube videos she shows how she traces her own selfie and 'kawaiify's it. Can't call her an artist at all, but a lazy uwu tracing ass. She got viral only because at first people thought she was an actual guy who liked wearing cute things (based off her comics) which blew up, just to later find out she's a fakeboy.

No. 675335

She said it was tracing herself?
I don't know who this person is but I don't think this is cow behaviour, anons get carried away with redlines all the time

No. 675356

Question what does everyone mean by "anime style" and how it's oversaturated and sucks etc. Isn't anime just the Japanese word used for cartoon. Like Spongebob would be considered an anime in Japan.

No. 675357

File: 1605545102068.png (1.06 MB, 1368x853, mhm.PNG)

Literally one video of her painting over her selfie, everything else she draws and paints from scratch, why are you like this anon.

No. 675363

wking a cringe fakeboi? Alright. Also in that first post she traced genshin official art as well. And yes even saying she did trace it and getting 1.5k likes for it is idiotic. Not to mention her personality is grating all around.

No. 675370

File: 1605546153805.png (41.31 KB, 758x896, EakQIjkXkAM46nG.png)

they're both extremely mediocre artists and his redraw isn't any better. it's just the blind leading the blind here. pic related is one of his works posted on twitter.

No. 675376

Being a fakeboi is super cringe but I've seen worse things getting 1k+ likes. Her art is cool, if she isn't painting over things.

No. 675394

She’s so fake it’s ridiculous LOL

she gets rejected from every Rp group she applied for because the community knows how bitchy she really is

which lead her to make her own RP campaign that ended up being her cherry picking a bunch of popular artists that applied to raise her own clout

No. 675399

everyone here is seething that she traced lmao. She literally admitted that she traced and didn't try to hide it in any way and usually makes original art, so I don't see the problem, aside from her being a fakeboi. Is it because some anons here are jealous got 1.5k+ likes?

No. 675424

> Is it because some anons here are jealous got 1.5k+ likes?
yes. this thread is always full of jealous twitter vendetta-chans

No. 675428

Tf is wrong with her mouth?

No. 675429

File: 1605551739931.jpg (84.69 KB, 564x705, d496fa5a6d32efe3846cd701172fc8…)

General learning how to art question, please don't be mean;

Is there a way to teach yourself drawing details like this without some indepth technical knowledge? I don't think all of the mecha / machinery / cyberpunk environment artists are engineers, but I can never conjure ideas how to make it look good from imagination. With stuff like anatomy, fashion and so on, you can study to achieve higher level of good quality details, but what about this case? Just copy others until I magically get it?

No. 675431

You don't need to flat out know engineering but speaking from experience it always helped me staring at big machines in details. Trais, car engines, aircraft, etc. Sometimes try to draw some of those from observation. You'll eventually grow used to it.

No. 675436

I see, makes sense! Will work on that then; thanks

No. 675456

>>675394 I ran in the same circle as heartmush

Annie is a rich Chinese American (think stereotypical rich family from china) who is insanely stupid. They wrote a long twitter thread justifying purchasing a purebreed instead of adopting a cat from a shelter claiming it was difficult to find a shelter cat atm. Then spoke about how an ESA cat would help with their heart condition.

A few weeks into adopting taro, she starts to bleed from shitting, and it turns out Annie was giving it hard food way too early for her age, which was really concerning. I dont care if you adopt an animal for emotional support, but at least research how to take care of them instead of adopting a ~kawaii kitty~ to post about.

No. 675459

In the same way you understand where to put folds and seams in clothing, mecha artists understand where to put pistons and screws. I would recommend finding those "exploded" engine/product designs, where they have all the pieces pulled apart from each other and you can see how they interlock and what their purpose is, and try drawing them yourself. You also need a strong foundation in perspective. If you only draw people all day its easy to think you're better with perspective than you are. Perspective made easy for basics, and Scott Robertson's how to draw for mechanical. (Scotts book is complex, don't feel bad if you don't fully get it on the first try)

No. 675523

File: 1605560650474.jpg (Spoiler Image, 383.26 KB, 1443x2048, Ek8qnL9W0AEWkzM.jpg)

Anybody here knows oncha/mazamuno? Her art is good (even if sometimes she can't really ace the usual anime proportions, but that's nitpicking) but she's a fakeboy who totally isn't a girl, she says she's trans but of course everything she draws is pink, involves twinks, bdsm clothing, make-up and gay shit. Kinda like with heartmush a lot of people started following her because they believed she was a guy drawing cute and gay stuff while she's really just one of the many fujos. Picrel is just one of her latest pieces.

No. 675546

File: 1605562625371.png (84.11 KB, 1678x1590, D8A55ACE-0138-4668-BC85-5D4446…)

Tbh, looking at his Twitter, it looks like he suffers drawing in an anime style more than anything. He has a few more art pieces like this one

No. 675593

god i couldn't give a shit about y'all trans complaining, thanks for the artist rec anon.

No. 675599

Right her name is annie almost thought I remembered wrong

and for sure she’s a spoiled rich kid it’s so obvious with all the stuff she buys, the constant vacations,etc. etc. mentioned something about her dad? Parents? Being the “top percent” of something.

obvi I don’t care if someone is rich or poor, but the fact she lets it get to her head really shows. born spoiled… threw a fit when I ran a roleplay group some time ago and she wasn’t accepted… went from

“hehe >w<“ to “lol I’m leaving “ within the same minute

No. 675618

> WKing a mental retard with the most generic and boring anime artstyle
What is this.

No. 675624

yueko didn't delete her vtuber acc, she just changed its url. it's chaikiyo now.

No. 675645

For smaller artists I'd say maybe, but with an artist with such a large following (even if the videos was directly personally insulting her) she still gets hundreds of positive comments per video. One critical video isn't all that damaging.

No. 675664

File: 1605569708829.png (573.68 KB, 1039x655, better col sol.png)

For the latest in Clone High fandom-related autism, a relatively popular artist within the circle (@hipnoteeth on insta) has just now come under fire for having drawn NSFW images of some of show's characters, the characters in question being teenaged genetic clones of historical figures JFK and Gandhi. Their discord server is currently on nuclear lockdown with once-loyal fans now declaring them to be a pedo and a predator who deserves to be imprisioned and/or murdered for drawing "CP". Their following count is already beginning to fall as we speak, and their account has been set to private at the time of writing. The discord server in question has also been deleted. The incriminating images are shown in picrel.
Hipnoteeth claims that the characters are meant to be college aged in their artwork and that they had no malicious, pedophilic intent and are likely panicking as they see their reputation being dragged through the ground. What are you guy's thoughts on this situation?

No. 675665

You know I can't help but feel like the reason why TD is always gabbing on and on about how she's an "Adult" or this whole "Have to do wdult things" is because she's so insecure about where she is currently in her life. She doens't work a regular job, she hasn't released her book, and her art really hasn't went anywhere (nor improved).

And then of course she had to briefly throw in her wedding and how apparently people think it's weird that her and her husband didn't go on a honeymoon. I have to really wonder if people find it that weird, especially with her who doesn't have a job and wouldn't be able to afford some fancy vacation. Just sounds like such a first world whining.

It's probably just my own pet peeve when it comes to this artist but she just says some really irritating shit at times and I wish she would just get a grip.

No. 675668

I'm losing my shit at people thinking that drawing Clone High nsfw is CP
They're historical adults basically modernized and shoved into a high school setting. The high school is just a framework, they aren't kids
It's the difference between drawing nsfw of Tamaki from Ouran and drawing Honey from it. They don't look like kids so no issue here

No. 675669

Oh yes, finally some callout for this cringey artist

No. 675671

Calling porn of high school characters CP is so stupid, none of them look or act like real teenagers, especially in TV shows where every actor is at least 20.

No. 675674

I follow them, and I’m not 100% sure about their exact age but judging by their pictures they definitely look younger. I’d guess like 19. This is just flavor of the week drama that’ll pass and they’ll just keep their smut in their sketchbook.

No. 675678

I agree. But, if you’ve seen her recent vlog then you can see why, because you can see her parents house.
>kitchen island
Her parents are upper middle class, and she’s probably working class with her husband. If she wasn’t with him she’d straight up be in poverty. Trust me, I get very professional jobs and I can barely break 15k as a freelancer a year, and I don’t depend on godforsaken deviant art commissions. She gets about 500 from Patreon and I bet maybe 200-300 a month from YouTube, I doubt this girl makes more than she would in a minimum wage job. She says she takes commissions but I doubt that’s extra, those are for her PATRONS because she included that in one of the tiers. Not to mention, we’ve seen her commission list, girl hasn’t touched it in months.

No. 675687


From what I heard, a lot of people hated role playing with her during her own campaign. I felt bad about that.

Annie has bpd so this behavior is typical. This doesnt justify their behavior of course, but it does give insight why theyre kind of strange.

No. 675689

File: 1605573604100.jpg (450.33 KB, 2048x1028, 20201117_073408.jpg)

Not sure this is a vendentta posting or not ??
At least Mazu doesn't trace

Back to topic, Is Western curated Anime Zine has a low standard? I usually see the mods profile and works before pick zines. Pic related

No. 675691

Yeah, she definitely does this to get away with being a fujoshi. If she doesn't, she will be "cancelled" for fetishizing gay men, lmao.
That's the long and short of it. I feel bad for these people.

No. 675695

As fancy as this looks, yeah. Like many anons stated getting accepted on a fanzine, even more a Western one, doesn't mean anything because of the amount of ways unrelated to art skill people can get picked.

I can't say anything for Eastern zines because I've never participated in one, but I've participated in a good number of Western zines (both big and small) and in a good chunk of them I saw people with shit art skills getting in because some strings were pulled behind the curtains.

For zine mods to truly, truly pick artists based SOLELY on art standards then they'd have to ignore everything else about them and being honest, in a fandom project? That's nearly impossible.

TL;DR Yeah in most cases Western fanzines tend to have a lower standard because of bias in the mod team.

Again, I have no idea how it's like for Eastern zines.

No. 675696

Aw mostly imo ye. I remember the zine on pic related has very high standards on the artists. They invited only famous ones, nrwangsa, mint.tan, akazumii, cwilock, etc. Mostly Indonesians, lol i remember getting rejected from that too

No. 675697

File: 1605575178416.jpg (183.82 KB, 1322x1324, 20201117_080409.jpg)

Are you indofag anon?
I curios with your exprience?
I suprised because the mod on the zine also made my one of favourite hnk fanmerch

No. 675699

God her having BPD makes so much sense honestly . Not an excuse, but explains a lot

you seem like a very chill anon, so thanks for the info even if small

No. 675724

Yes I do, I remember applying to the zine back in April/May. But yeah i got rejected, i hate to see the artist lineup itself inviting popular godly artists reminds me of how shameful my art was, it’s very inferiority complex inducing to see that hanky panky zine

No. 675726

Same anon, this makes me think of KNY fandom has snooty and awfully high standards on art

No. 675797

What do you mean by that? The monika art looks like shit it has nothing to do with anime style. Unless you mean he can't draw in it

No. 675863


ohhh you wanna kiss them so bad it makes you look stupid

No. 675871

Yeah you're right. There are little snippets of her sharing about her life growing up and while she tries to downplay it, she really did grow up in the upper middle class. Her parents owned 2 houses (If I remember correctly) and that's something a regular working class family could never afford to do. And she's commented how they live in a richer part of the city. And I'm not trying to hate on her for her upbringing, you don't control what you're born into but I just cannot help but roll my eyes when she mentions things like "Normal people money" or when complains about how her and her husband couldn't go on a honeymoon because that video wasn't the first time she brought it up.

>and she’s probably working class with her husband. If she wasn’t with him she’d straight up be in poverty.

Oh without question she would definitely be bordering the poverty-line if she wasn't with her husband who's pretty much supporting them.

No. 675873

>She gets about 500 from Patreon and I bet maybe 200-300 a month from YouTube, I doubt this girl makes more than she would in a minimum wage job.

The 500 + the possibly 200-300 a month can sound like a bit but then you have to count in the cost of living in Southern California and it really isn't that much. But you bringing up the minimum wage thing reminds me of when she was being absolutely ridiculous during her job hunt before the Covid-19 lockdown. She was trying to look for jobs where she makes more than minimum wage but was not open to working a job like a factory because she can't stand up for long periods of time nor an office type job because she still wants to be active with her digital art and doesn't want to be at a job where she's on a computer and it's just… What the hell does she want? She thinks she's too good for customer service/retail because the wage is too low but she's not willing to work the kind of jobs where she could make a little over minimum wage, never mind that she's been out of the job market for like a year or two by now. That video was just absolutely ridiculous.

No. 675924

Define generic and boring. A lot of styles here were called "generic an boring" before but no anon dared to explain that further. Makes me think one or two anons are just super salty about animeish styles.

No. 675952

Not to mention, minimum wage in California is 12 dollars an hour. She'd actually have to be earning almost double what she does now to be earning the same if she worked full time in Cali.
> She thinks she's too good for customer service/retail because the wage is too low but she's not willing to work the kind of jobs where she could make a little over minimum wage, never mind that she's been out of the job market for like a year or two by now.
This is the ultimate entitled attitude. She doesn't want to work those jobs because they're HARD, no one wants to work them. And they don't pay. So, she'd rather do a comfy job but takes it to the next level by even being lazy at that, too. She literally wouldn't last a day in the real world without her parents or her husband, she's never been brought up to work hard.
>Yeah you're right. There are little snippets of her sharing about her life growing up
And can you imagine what her parents are like now, and what they think of her now? Like, they're probably really fed up with the fact that she is 28 years old and can't hardly live on her own, even after they've "given her everything a child could possibly need" because they were wealthy. She mentioned that her husband's dads were really rude and abusive to them when they lived there - but lets put it into context- they were literally like 25 or older, getting MARRIED and wanting to keep living with HIS parents? They had to have known that she comes from some money and were tired of it, I doubt that they themselves were upper middle class, or it hasn't been mentioned. She MENTIONED that they wanted to kick them out to "let a homeless person in". Yeah, obviously Michi, they think a homeless person kind of deserves to live with them more than you continuing to suck off of any teet presented to you.

No. 675954

sage and samefag but I can imagine her family constantly lecturing her and asking her why she's not making more money and when she's going to get a "real" job, and thats where a lot of her insecurity comes from

No. 675993

I don’t even understand what’s wrong with getting a part-time retail job for her. She doesn’t do commissions as often as she should, she doesn’t clean (in every vlog, her house is a mess), it doesn’t even sound like she gets out of the house that often or talk to people outside of highschool/freshmen college age. What happens if her husband got sick and won’t be able to work for a while?? Is she seriously going to depend on a gofundme, and say that she “never asks for help unless it’s important” when just a few months ago she did a gofundme for a new “””””work”””” laptop? Unbelievable.

No. 676021

Her problem is her insecurity. She just needs to live her truth. She just needs to admit to her and everyone else that living this lifestyle- is practically living the dream. She gets to do her dream job, she gets to draw for money, she has a lot of people who adore her and she has a family and a husband who love and support her.
Yet she feels insecure because she's not living up to her own standards. She's critical of other people of being lazy and unprofessional and in the back of her head she knows she's all the same.
You can't have both Michie, eitehr work hard and work up to your own standards or just accept the fact that you're really childish and living the dream and just be grateful for it. A lot of people would kill to have your life, even if you live in an apartment building or whatever and you're not rich. Stop throwing pity parties for your fans because its really unbecoming. I'm guessing a lot of them are high schoolers who are ALSO supported by their parents, but it gets really old when you're talking to slightly older people who have to support themselves.

No. 676139

does anyone have any links to any posts calling this artist out

No. 676155

>Not to mention, minimum wage in California is 12 dollars an hour. She'd actually have to be earning almost double what she does now to be earning the same if she worked full time in Cali.

And she claims that what she makes now is the minimum wage in California which I kinda doubt.

>This is the ultimate entitled attitude. She doesn't want to work those jobs because they're HARD, no one wants to work them. And they don't pay. So, she'd rather do a comfy job but takes it to the next level by even being lazy at that, too. She literally wouldn't last a day in the real world without her parents or her husband, she's never been brought up to work hard.

Exactly. I'm affled with her lack of self awareness and it's especially telling how even though she's in a position a lot of freelancers would love to be in, she's still lazy with it. She doesn't practice, she has a huge backorder of commissions (mostly from her teenage fans, older people would definitely find that unacceptable for her to get it as big as it is and that she keeps adding more to it).

It makes me wonder how long she stuck with her retail jobs. I know she said she worked in the school district until she got laid off from budget cuts but I just have a feeling that even with the few retail jobs she had after that, she didn't keep them for long and yeah, it's pretty clear that she wouldn't be able to make it on her own without her husband and parents and there's nothing necessarily wrong with it assuming her husband doesn't mind supporting her but I wish she would stop with this undeserved subtle smugness of the position she is in with her current life. Though it's probably slipping since she says they've been facing some rough patches financially since Covid hit.

No. 676161

>And can you imagine what her parents are like now, and what they think of her now? Like, they're probably really fed up with the fact that she is 28 years old and can't hardly live on her own, even after they've "given her everything a child could possibly need" because they were wealthy. She mentioned that her husband's dads were really rude and abusive to them when they lived there - but lets put it into context- they were literally like 25 or older, getting MARRIED and wanting to keep living with HIS parents? They had to have known that she comes from some money and were tired of it, I doubt that they themselves were upper middle class, or it hasn't been mentioned. She MENTIONED that they wanted to kick them out to "let a homeless person in". Yeah, obviously Michi, they think a homeless person kind of deserves to live with them more than you continuing to suck off of any teet presented to you.

Samefag but yeah I really don't think her in-laws were these horrible people. Getting more insight to her background and how she conducts herself with how "busy" she is, I feel like she was one of those people who didn't really contribute much help to the household at the time. I remember she said that her in-laws didn't understand how busy she was with her commissions but it's like… Seeing the commission queue that has slots dating back to 2018, I have to seriously doubt that she was as busy as she claimed. And don't get me started on the wedding bullshit. They get married at a time where they were struggling financially, had to find a place to live, and they had it on a Monday of all days which she still is peeved that not all her family showed up to it as well as them not contributing to the wedding. The way she described things sounded like a shit-show.

I feel like you may be onto something here. Because with how much she always feels like she needs to explain to her audience about how adult she is and how busy she is, it's coming from a place where her parents may be coming down on her with where she is currently. I think that's why she was really trying to get her book published last year so she can start selling copies on Kindle but that obviously fell through.

Oh god the Laptop gofundme, almost forgot about that. Absolutely ridiculous because her art is not that complicated and detailed, she's not doing 3D modeling or animation, a standard laptop would work just fine for the art she does, plus she has an IPAD and I think a Huion Display Tablet. No, she just wanted a new gaming laptop but disguised it as a "work laptop", it's pretty obvious. And good point, if something happens to her husband, they are financially fucked unless her parents help or they do that GoFundMe. This is why her turning her nose up at part-time retail is stupid because other than her being picky to where she wants to make at least $15/hr or more but not open to working the jobs that pay that rate, she'd at least have some income coming in to add with the Patreon funds while still being able to have time to work on her art.

I also feel like she could benefit from making friends with people around her age or older. I don't think it's impossible for an older person to be friends with those far younger but it's also good to have people your age or older to bounce off with as well but I feel like the main reason she sticks with high school or fresh out of high school/early college age people is because she feels they won't judge her.

No. 676167

Exactly. I want to like her personally but she just makes it so hard to do with how self-unaware she is. If she was just honest with herself, got a grip of her situation and just stayed humble and grateful for the position and preferably avoided talking about serious real life stuff that she clearly has no experience in since she's in a pretty cushy spot and just stuck with topics she knows or share more of her personal stories or whatnot, I think people wouldn't dislike her as much.

No. 676170

Remember that artist that quit disney? What do you anons think about her podcast? I've only listened to a few eps and agree with a lot of what they say, it's refreshing to hear a different perspective on the industry from artists who aren't kissing ass and being cutesy 24/7 like the majority of animation twitter. The only major turn off is the way she speaks it's like something is lobbed in her throat, but if you can get past that I think this is a podcast worth listening to

No. 676204

I don’t understand why her book didn’t ge published, did she just not finish it? Or was she looking for a publisher? She could easily publish it. In her case she would probably make about the same, or more if she’s lucky by self publishing.

No. 676209

It's impossible for me to watch her without thinking about that shit she pulled with lordgris

No. 676211

I don't listen to any of her podcasts, I think she has a terrible personality and she comes off as someone who's entitled internet fame and clout. Especially since she caused that "drama" with Lord Gris about her "stealing" her content" and that "I quit disney" is some kind of honorary badge when in truth she just sucks at team work and comes off as shallow

No. 676217

I think she ran into problems where her editor had to step back from helping her due to thing happening i their own personal life and she says she doesn't have the money to pay a proper editor.

No. 676230

Not her again. I haven’t cared for anything she had to say since she burned her bridges while trying to promote “muh small business”. She’s pretty much the laughing stock amongst animators I know and I personally don’t take her seriously because she comes off as entitled/condescending.

No. 676259

I see her the same way I see /co/'s honorary lolcow fresherluke: they make themselves as these heroes who escaped the (actually shitty) animation industry by making shit up against their colleagues, when really they're just terrible to work with.

No. 676315

File: 1605665871766.jpeg (435.87 KB, 750x1010, 38DD2C4C-C687-49C0-BAFE-555B72…)

Seems like a reach but what are you opinions? I remember seeing an anon say that they didn’t like Clammy but didn’t say why, are you still here to elaborate anon? lol

No. 676316

File: 1605665892239.jpeg (445.62 KB, 750x1088, CEE2023C-1F7C-422C-97DD-B2C37E…)

Clammy’s latte art beret design.

No. 676320

File: 1605666741835.jpeg (103.92 KB, 640x746, 3253EBFB-F4E9-4364-A272-4706D3…)

What’s some not so big Instagram artist you guys find milky? as In they wouldn’t qualify for a thread but they have genuinely milky behaviours

Personally I see a lot like


>has a series with ocs containing a brother and sister who have an incestious relationship via the brother sexually abusing the sister any criticism or people asking her to add warnings is often responded to her saying to “deal with it or get off her page” or saying she can do what she wants because of her Trauma

>has a character who is a serial killer pictured (possibly rapist) that is highly romanced by her constantly

>her art is consistently removed due to it generally being against Instagram terms if service she always freaks our over said removal claiming they’ve censored her trauma ect

>often attacks people in her comments when she doesn’t understand a joke or reference they’re making complaints about people saying she’s mean


>has lifted her artsyle from several people including: Meyoco, Charimyuu and Multiple others

>Deletes all her old pictures when she completely rehauls her artstyle

>During her Meyoco phase she blatantly copied a piece of art Meyoco had done and when she was called out for it she deactivated her account for awhile

>Has deleted comments on her adopt posts from people offering to buy them in favour of leaving the bids from mutuals and personal friends


>sculpted a bust of George Floyd a few weeks after he was killed and wanted to sell it claiming she would donate the money to a BLM charity and asking her fans to suggest some

>once she received massive backlash about it she said she then wanted to send it to his family and asked her followers for ways to contact them

>People responded badly to her once again and she started suicide baiting in the comments saying things like “I’m sorry I jus want to die” ect and deactivated her account for several weeks afterward

No. 676331

Her whole shop is just lifted Nintendo designs but uwu muh embroidery machine! Tacky. I don't get the hype.

No. 676339

She improved on a poorly executed good idea
This girl doesn't own latte art anyway

No. 676363

don't forget she used to own an artist support account called nekosupport (from her old account)
Can you spill more tea anon?

No. 676379

I thought her lemon slice berets were really cute but yeah the majority of stuff she’s released since then has been pretty medicore lol.

No. 676380

She was caught tracing official Animal Crossing art and Studio Ghibli screenshots but she went "omg I'm sooo sorry! it was an accident!" and her followers immediately forgave her. Yet more proof that as long as you're a big name, you can get away with anything.

No. 676398

File: 1605678782683.png (1.55 MB, 1670x784, 0824db4ed244689e9096f5d81b6840…)

Even though the latte hat is generic, I wouldnt be in shock if clammy did plagiarize. Picrel her patches next to official art

No. 676401

File: 1605678921570.png (1.37 MB, 2048x1566, Screenshot_20201117-215435.png)

Im not even sure what clammy is trying to argue here? Sorry I copy people? Im mentally ill?

No. 676409

She sounds like Holly Conrad,
she needs to focus on her business and actually get her orders out and not have them on a 16 week back-order than cry on twitter with this bs

No. 676421

>>not so big
3 of them have over 50k followers, but yeah, we haven't heard them in forever

No. 676425

I don't know the first one but from the picture you posted I can tell just how obnoxious she is. Of course glorifying serial killers, abuse and incest is for your twauma!!

No. 676428

Not defending her but depending where she lives in southern california 15/hr is minimum wage. Many different counties are slowly moving towards "livable wage" so her looking for something that 15 or slightly above 15 might semi realistic. Many "luxury" retail companies will pay slightly above but never more than a dollar. Again depends where in socal she lives.

No. 676431

>I also feel like she could benefit from making friends with people around her age or older. I don't think it's impossible for an older person to be friends with those far younger but it's also good to have people your age or older to bounce off with as well but I feel like the main reason she sticks with high school or fresh out of high school/early college age people is because she feels they won't judge her.
not wk-ing but are you saying she should befriend people who will judge her? make it make sense

No. 676438

IMO it's not who does it first, it's who does it best.

No. 676447

File: 1605693412041.jpg (13.98 KB, 640x640, 125514653_707903810134619_6060…)

anyone that followed meenatalt on IG and read her latest 'apology' about her being a pedophile?

No. 676462

Damn post more about Gutmouth anon, she sounds like a horrorcow

No. 676471

File: 1605697668776.png (1.47 MB, 2626x1448, Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-18 um 1…)

What do you guys think about the newest trend of artist collab kits? Did you buy anything yourself? I thought the Heikala one is nice, this kit from Sibylle Maynet though seems to be too expensive for she's offering

No. 676523

That’s literally what anon said anon, it all depends on the area. But even if there’s a job a dollar or two below, TD shouldn’t be discouraged or immediately expect to be paid $15 an hour for not “”working”” in well over a few years/have a degree which allows her to earn above $15
Idk, anon if your working rn but this view is very idealistic. Like, she doesn’t have to stay at the same job, she just needs to dip her feet in for credibility instead of expecting a $15 part time job to appear

Ntsa, but anon, just think for a moment. Who you have as friends can influence your view/priorities. Idk if your out of highschool(least I hope you are because of this website) but when you actually talk to minors, their goals and situations are completely differ from yours. Most minors(Im including those who have not graduated highschool) look at adults but can’t really emphasize their situation unless similar to their own. TD, who lacks more “adult” friends or those in her age gap, settles for relating w/minors. Which wouldn’t be too bad but it doesn’t really push her to be more independent because she’s friends with most who are at a time in their life where they depend on their family/the school curriculum.

No. 676525

File: 1605707482903.png (278.75 KB, 1179x492, flat_illustration.PNG)

Brand new art twitter drama, unfortunately despite people crying about it it's not very juicy, I just think it's very funny art community got defensive and even engaged with that user's tweet at all considering what OP's art is like

No. 676526

I'm into it the idea though it does seem really overpriced. I wanted to get some acryla gouache in a nice palette since seeing her use them but I might just order these separately.

No. 676527

Looks cool but there's so many high grade art supplies you could buy instead of a bunch of notebooks

No. 676530

i'm aware of this but there's a difference between pushing her to be more independent and judging as in looking down on. i'm talking realistically, mature and immature people don't get along. if she makes more mature friends there will be a huge power imbalance and that's not healthy. imho she should just meet some adults on her level.

No. 676536

The heart latte thing is not new, but I think Clammy should have atleast gave credit for inspiration or something. She did it better, but that wouldn't excuse copying the latte-beret concept. Usually I would probably think something like this is a coincidence especially considering the lemon berets, but she has a record of copying so it's pretty clear what's going on.
I think this is a cool idea. It is expensive, but it looks like there are some prints and mossery sketchbooks are like $28+, so I'm actually not that mad about this. I just hope there are no notebooks in there.

No. 676551

why did people get so mad at OP for that tweet lmao? I'm a graphic designer and also hate that stupid and overused corporate art style. Saying that isn't an attack to the illustrators that do them, that style is not their own choice. It's just what's trendy atm and they have to conform if they want to get commercial work, but we're allowed to think it's ugly.

No. 676562

File: 1605710778450.jpeg (136.28 KB, 640x476, 1AB69C38-BC55-47C2-83B4-4AF55B…)


Of the top of my head she posts a lot on her story about hating men and complains when people report it or respond, has a lot of self harm featured in her art and can’t deal without it getting removed (her account has been temp banned before), a lot of her art and original characters feature abuse: her beings of power series old guy takes young girl because she has his dead lovers spirt in her or something, he raises her then proceeds to have a sexual relationship with her she also consistently drew the girl from this series with bruises, her inside voices as previously mentioned has a main character who is mentally ill, self harms and is sexually and emotionally abused by her older brother, has a serial killer character who is shipped with another artists character (Binathewitch) heavily romanticises their relationship makes a lot of content of him holding a gun to her head or being physically violent towards her, has another couple that consist of two killers (older guy and young girl again) that go on the run also heavily romanticised I get the vibe that she can’t draw a relationship without it being edgy, physically violent or abusive or it being some weird age gap thing

Mind you on her account where she posts all of this content (gore,abuse,sexual violence and generally edgy content) she posts videos and pictures of her young son and husband (who she’s talked shit about to her followers via her stories multiple times)

She also cannot take any criticism and seems to see such as a personal attack and as mentioned uses “I Have trauma!!11!!” As her main defence even if it’s just people asking her to add content warnings and then gets angry posts a huge rant on her story (sometimes deactivates her account over it) I’m pretty sure she’s in her mid to late 20s but never seemed to mature past highschool with her moaning about the rules of an app she uses to post but not sticking to those rules and her constantly edgy/romanticist artwork of abuse

No. 676566

Anons is it normal for teachers to show favouritism in art school? I really wanna get into one and I have the means to do so, but a close friend of mine often told me how his teachers would show blatant favouritism for certain students in projects and such.

Is this a thing?

No. 676581

This is so vague. Depends on the teacher and the school obviously.

No. 676606

I understand that anon but until the minimum wage raises to "livable wage", that's just the reality for her right now. It's either she gets a job that does pay 15+/hr but has to sacrifice something like comfort (office job or factory) or has to make due with a retail job since I know she says she doesn't want to work in the food industry which I personally understand. That or she stops being a sloth and actually gets through the commission queue and practice her skill more. Because with where she is now, she can't keep relying on commissions from high school kids and then be surprised if she's not making all that much because kids only have so much money and with the level her art is at right now, she doesn't look all that enticing to older people who may have more money to spend unless she gets lucky.

Not at all. Not all older people will judge her though and again, not trying to belittle those younger but as someone who is a year older than TD and used to only interact with those younger than myself who were usually fresh out of high school, while I haven't really made friends personally, at my job where I interact with people around my age it does feel nice to jibe with those who are in a similar spot you are in and it helps stimulate the mind if that makes sense?

I just feel that if TD only keeps around with teenagers and early young adults, she's gonna get stunted mentally (well more so than she currently is). Again, not saying she should dump her friends, friends are friends regardless but I'm just saying that she could benefit from also having friends whom are her age or older as well.

No. 676608

It really depends on the teacher but I remember when I was briefly in art school back in 2010, I had this one life drawing class and there was this girl who I think was there longer than I was where the teacher would always gush over her work while being a bit aloof or not as interested in some of the other students work. You could tell by the kind of energy he put off when it came time to critiquing our projects. It was the most surreal thing I had ever experienced but I was fresh out of high school at the time lol.

No. 676617

File: 1605714811490.jpg (41.93 KB, 569x336, monet.jpg)

I've got a personal cow I'd like to share (though he's not very milky):

>dude who's obsessed with his oppas

>only ever posts "portraits" using photos as references
>obviously uses filters + colorpicking + photoshop skills to create his "paintings"
>claims a fucking Monet piece as his own (picrel)

No. 676618

>>676606 (Same anon)
After seeing her vlog she put up yesterday, it really does make me question her lifestyle. First off, how is this girl ALWAYS getting sick? It's always something with her that prevents her from doing her commissions or taking a "vege-day", at least in the vlog but also how in a lot of her previous videos she usually would mention how she's not feeling well. It's the most bizarre thing and I hate to say it but she really does come off like that Jewsih stereotype of constant complaining. I know everyone's body is different but jeez. I really can't help but feel that the only reason she gets sick so much is that she doesn't live the best lifestyle and no offense but her obesity might also play a part in it as well.

Also when she explained about her mental health, this gives all the more reason why a part time job could help. She can get out of the house and breathe a little (while making some side income) and not be essentially confined in her apartment. I would just say she should just take more walks or something but you know, covid and whatnot but also she'd probably just quickly get too lazy to do that so at least with a job it would force her to get out.

No. 676620

File: 1605715001942.jpg (996.99 KB, 2731x4096, EkNig8YU0AI8mSU.jpg)

This is one of his more obvious works. Whole lot of heavy mix brush there. His non kpop tweets are generally art cloutchasing.

No. 676621

Lmao I can’t even be mad at this, did over 300 people really fall for this. Hopefully he’s a troll.

No. 676622

File: 1605715077648.jpg (268.31 KB, 1365x2048, ew.jpg)


lmao the fuck? whats with dumb kpoppers drooling all over this artists shit, you can literally tell it's a filter with how blurry all of the art is

No. 676630

File: 1605715379353.jpg (244.66 KB, 960x1280, EnB4dBwVEAENBgg.jpg)


this picture he posed of himself looks super blurry around the face looks like he's editing himself to be like his idols

No. 676631

File: 1605715839281.jpg (523.29 KB, 1365x2048, EmOvv2YU8AEVDTb.jpg)

Peep the clone tool abuse in the background. Note that even though his bio says "digital artist" I think he wants people to think it's trad art on a canvas

No. 676635

File: 1605716177675.jpg (94.98 KB, 720x960, EVABYGoUMAAwztb.jpg)


sage for samefag but found a nonedited picture of him on the left so not only is he making Filter "paintings" he's photoshoping himself into a kpop band member

No. 676654

Holy shit anon, the technicalities. The original point was that she should have more friends her age, because 1.) it’s wierd to be 25 and have only high school-aged friends, 2.) there is normally a power dynamic from being the “adult” in a highschool friend group.
if you want to jump around and say “ mature and immature people don't get along” only to then agree with the other anons that she should meet other ppl her age, fine. We finally reached the main point of the topic.

No. 676657

this is some twitter bullshit. literally every single relationship in the world has a power imbalance of some sort. ireally wish people would fuck off with this wake woke bs, about shit they clearly don't understand

No. 676659

I am glad sibo keeps uploading content, she is the best art channel out there.

No. 676663

File: 1605719075744.png (221.45 KB, 235x385, dkjvn.png)

The hair straight up looks like when those image generator programs fuck up

No. 676671

Not all of them for sure, and majority of teachers from my school managed to keep it low-key in a way that wouldn't feel hurtful to other students but it definitely happens. TBH since art is such a subjective thing, I feel like it's unavoidable.

No. 676677

>"Not Sponsored"

Girl would you stop. Seriously, it's really annoying when TD always feels like she has to say that her video is not being sponsored whenever she's talking about a website or media property. No one thinks you're sponsored Miuhie, frankly your video views don't warrant one to think that there is a sponsor in it so unless you actually are being sponsored, just stop saying that, it's really obnoxious.

No. 676682

Who drew this?

No. 676683

Artist is Rome Adzan Ramli.

No. 676687

@romyadzan on twitter, reverse image search is your friend anon

No. 676689

>> she can’t be friends with people who are mature because we don’t want TD to be taken advantage of by her much more mature peers UwU
Ok anon

No. 676698

tbh you know what, people should never talk to each other

No. 676747

I'd honestly follow for content like this but why are they always fakebois? Crossdressing girls are fine but why the fuck do they have to claim to be male? It's always comorbid with being one of those "not like other fujos sexualizing gay men" fucks too.

No. 676783

how is she married and have a son when she has the likes of an edgy 14 year old?

No. 676792

yeah - I'm in art school and it's kinda frustrating how taboo it is to discuss trends like this lol

No. 676798

From my experience, yes, though it's probably a bit less obvious compared to high school. But you basically compete over who gets the good exhibition spots, the covers of publications, the scholarships, the assistance positions, the teaching jobs, the rec letters, the prizes and all that and the professors are basically deciding it or at least have the biggest impact. In class you can usually tell really easily which students the professors like by the way they talk about their images - some profs are fairer than others though, of course.

No. 676814

That's a good question and I too am getting tired of these girls. What the fuck is the problem with just being a crossdressing girl? It was never a problem back then so why is this a thing? My guess is because they do it for attention and probably because they see other girls doing it. It's mostly just a phase though I'm sure.

No. 676828

It's because they agree with the "being a fujo is morally wrong and gross because it's fetishizing gay men" argument and identity politics but still want to enjoy what they enjoy so they solve that dilemma by adopting a gay male identity.

No. 676836

they do it because they would be "cancelled" for sexualizing gay men if they say they are girls. I can guarantee most of them are don't truly believe they're trans. Also only trans "gay" men complain about fujos, actual gay men do not give a fuck or and the weeby gay men usually like bl too.

I wonder what western anime fags think of japanese girls who openly consume bl and the female mangakas? Yaoi is pretty much a girls only genre in Japan.

No. 676852

They're ignorant about it and consume japanese fujo shit and still say fujoshis are bad.

No. 676899

I don’t think anyone posted this here but it made me mad. TD is bitter nobody bought her stickers of her DnD campaign that lasted a month and got like 300 views after the preorders. She’s also bitter that she orders way too many charms for her follower count and then gets mad when nobody buys them. Michie, you may have a lot of subscribers but outside of youtube you have less than 5k followers on your other platforms, don’t buy 50 charms, especially if it’s for a fandom.

No. 676925

Ok I get that this sucks, but that's parts of the business aspects of being an artist.

I don't really understand it but woud it just be smart to order a small batch and make the rest made to order for a limited time instead of buying huge stock. At least with pre orders you'll make money and won't get screwed.

No. 676926

Would they really though? Straight men don't get cancelled when they say they like lesbian porn (which is usually not made by lesbians anyway) so I can't imagine people would give shit toe these girls but I could be wrong.

No. 676928

How have you missed the absolutely retarded and backwards "you can't like gay men because it's fetishizing them" discourse every fakeboi is trying to pull?

No. 676932

Yeah I saw this video when she released it and I agree. It's clear she's bitter about her own failures but like >>676925 said, it's part of the business aspect. Sometimes things sell, other times they don't. I do agree with you anon that what she should've done was order a smaller batch just to test the waters to see just how much people were interested in the merch. But I'm one of the people who think her art style looks like shit and no amount of "I have a cartoony style" changes that, plenty of cartoony artists who have a pleasing to the eye style, I'm not really sure who would actually buy merch of her art style tbh.

But anyway yeah, your advice was good anon and should be what all smaller artists consider when getting into the merch game.

>Michie, you may have a lot of subscribers but outside of youtube you have less than 5k followers on your other platforms

Even though Michie has a lot of YouTuber subs, I have to wonder just how many of them are active. Her views are pretty inconsistent and don't even get near around her sub level. I know she complains about how YouTube is hiccuping and unsubbing people from her channel but I have to wonder how true that is.

No. 676934

I actually have. I don't really follow the fakboi thing but I'll take your word for it. It's just annoying.

No. 676936


>>But anyway yeah, your advice was good anon and should be what all smaller artists consider when getting into the merch game.

Thanks. Yeah I have no clue about this business shit and all the work that must go into it, but there must be a safe option where loss is minimized. Maybe don't order a huge batch with all the pre order money, and just do pre orders alone. It's also possiblet o run clear polls on twitter or something to get a more definative look at who really would buy.

The business aspect is really the scariest part of art for me, even though I'd love to be able to get into it. I think I'd just have to do a ton a research first and look at all the options and not immediatly jump to bulk buying stuff people might not buy.

No. 676938

it's fakebois who bully women to make it seem like they're real mlm, but they fail to realize real men do not give a fuck about fujos or sexualization. Straight men don't get cancelled cause troons are afraid of actual men.

No. 676940

probably because nobody is claiming that lesbian porn is anything else than a fetish. Yaoi and bl seems a little different because the people who consume it try to act as if they're somehow more virtuous than than straight guys who like lesbian shit. I mean how would you even cancel a dude a like that?

"hey this guy likes lesbian porn!"
That guy: "yea, so?".

Now I've never seen the appeal of BL or yaoi so I'm not super well versed on the community but I have seen some who act as if they're somehow super progressive supporting gay rights etc by liking bl but that then causes them inner conflict when they have to face the fact that it's in reality just fap material for straight girls and have nothing to do with gay right. I don't personally see the issue myself though, you can support gay rights and enjoy BL, just like you can be against abuse in relationships and still read a trashy YA novels. I guess it's just about ego really.

No. 676941

I would like to add, but I think it's kinda the same as when tom preston, got called out for basically making lesbian fetish art but acting as if he was in reality being super progressive.

No. 676942

Internalized misogyny

No. 676948

Well, here's the long walkthrough of it:
>Fujos have been hated and shamed for being women with sexual autonomy separate from male gaze since the fucking 70's or so, scrotes even created the loli porn genre because they were so salty over fujos having their gay erotica becoming so popular
>In the mid to late 2010s someone comes up with the bright idea of starting to claim all fujos are straight white girls who hate actual IRL homosexuals and only like them as pretty anime boys basing their whole understanding of the genre on obnoxious old BL tropes from the early 00's such as Gravitation
>Ironically a ton of fujos are lesbians and the whole genre was created by Japanese women
>Even more ironically the people forcing this narrative are FTM transsexuals, actual gay men don't care at all
>More and more fujos convert to being fakebois because they're afraid of being cancelled for being a woman that likes gay erotica made by women for women i.e. a fujoshi
>These fujos descended into fakeboi troonism start calling themselves "MLM" and co-opt the term fujoshi to mean "straight white woman who fetishizes homosexual men" when the original meaning was a reclaimed slur from 2chan that directly translated to "rotten/spoiled woman" i.e. a woman unfit to marry
>Because most of the woke fakebois are terminally autistic (as in, actually on the spectrum) and mentally stunted purityfags they consider ~true MLM~ to be only wholesome hand holding coffeeshop AUs because gay men are chaste and soft and never do such unchristian things such as sex, and all that yaoi those nasty fujoshis like is just rape and abuse
>Now we got two types of fakebois, the other side is saying "as a gay man I hereby declare you're fetishizing us" and the other side "as a gay man I say we aren't" and they're all just mostly lesbian women into other lesbian women dressing as men
>Some regular women join them simply out of the pleasure of getting to step on those disgusting fujos who like sinful gay shit
>Actual gay men still don't care and even tell them to shut the fuck up and read their porn but are silenced by the woke side right away

Short version: Woke twitterfags ruining everything for everyone for no good reason.

No. 676984

File: 1605744003057.jpg (330.61 KB, 4096x2949, 20201119_065702.jpg)

Not all women are cancelled for being a fujo. Pic related. The artist, her account somewhat got boosted to 10k in Instagram and got tons of rts, likes right after she's hyping in Haikyuu then drew tons of Sakuatsu fanart.

No. 676989

Same anon, forgot to add. If you see her IG/Twit account… the BL consists of slight NSFW, Tacky clothing, seems fetishy to me

No. 676991

As a small artist, I can relate. Its normal for having your followers/subscribers not buying your merch. Its her fault then if she wasted money by ordering tons of merch. This why you should do a poll before deciding.

No. 677015

nta but in that case it's only a matter of time, either that or her work is too precious to the fans to get a callout. all it takes is someone insane (bonus if they are jealous/vendetta) to start the callouts. that said, some artists just say "fuck you no" and continue despite the hate. I honestly wonder if any have ignored it entirely and got out ok.

No. 677059

Basically. I don't think call outs happen that often though. You just kinda have to watch out for the obvious crazy twitterfags and underagers.

No. 677073

Yea, I don't think it's common for fujos to be canceled unless you run in those sjw circles to begin with. Hamletmachine is the most well known fujo and has drawn some pretty gross things and she's making bank on patreon

No. 677140

Yurifags now are mostly trannies praising how intellectual mere highschool romance manga is

No. 677147

I hate the retarded fujo stigma in the art community. Men can draw as many big tit waifus they want but the sexy anime man fandom has to shiver I'm fear of being cancelled by annoying mlems. Let me draw my bedicked handsome specimen in peace. This is the exact reason I go by they/them online despite being crypto

No. 677162

I hate all coomers tbh, though I hate the scrotes a lot more. It's all disgusting.

No. 677180

I am working in a part time minimum wage job that pays just over 15/hr. It's not idealistic if you know where to apply and are willing to work retail.

Also I didn't fully flow the train of replies and didn't noticed that she refused to work in retail.

No. 677221

I remember an artist who had an ancient greece themed BL comic full of gore and rape, made a post about how you just gotta accept stuff like this exists, and moved on. I don't remember the name since I didn't follow her, just heard of her in passing.

No. 677225

Holy shit op’s art in your example is absolutely adorable and precious, it just feels very wholesome and childlike and the fact that it’s not very good skill wise adds to its cuteness to me

No. 677226

I've only seen a comic like that made by a dude, it was japanese though.

No. 677229


No. 677230


What an absolute fucking moron 'people said they were interested so I bought a huge case of stickers thinking they would sell!!' literally take one marketing class.

No. 677233

Based. People should stop entertaining these nutjobs trying to police fiction because they can't differentiate it from reality and laugh at their pearl clutching like any normal person would.

No. 677282

okay i personally hate fujos being harassed and spammed by traditional fujos and fakebois alike for not being into BL and all, but cancelling people for making fujo art is pretty fucking cringe. just block it, what's the issue? what's with these people that supposedly hate the icky yaoi but go out of their way to specifically see it? it seems these days it's less the self decribed fujos doing the typical annoying shit that you see them associated with, and more fakebois and the like who desperately try to avoid the term. at this point yeah, just avoid the obvious twitterfags and neurotic underages.
god damn it, when is twitter going to block underage accounts from seeing accounts marked with 18+? stop letting these retard children waltz into profiles and blame the artist for twaumatizing them with problematic content
>This is the exact reason I go by they/them online despite being crypto
honestly based, considering just doing this. i wonder how many artists actually do this too just to fly under the radar from THAT crowd

No. 677345

File: 1605799922226.jpg (101.3 KB, 720x960, uhh.jpg)

Kind of late but some 17 kid (formerly @angelicks999 on twitter and mlmisandry on tumblr) drew ""vent art"" of one of their ocs strangling a "pro shipper".
It's not really milky, but I figured it was funny. People are bringing up the race card and shit.

No. 677346

Why are these "anti shippers" who claim to be wholesome and for a good cause always clinically insane psychos with graphically violent fantasies? Is this another growin up in the American "violence is okay but sex is a no-no" mindset thing?

No. 677347

i kinda feel like the tik tok at 12:13 really is an example of dead face. specifically requested emotion and theres none. i wonder how many of these artists are just copying generic pics instead of actually learning how to draw

No. 677358

It feels almost like self-aware irony to paint a face this emotionless showing requests like that in the process?

Also… isn't that the artist we talked about in one of the previous Art Salts that they're just painting over other artists' pieces, keeping them on a low opacity below their own work? Feels very familiar, but maybe it's because it's just another one of the same dead pretty face trend

No. 677359

>Women are shamed for being women who draw erotica for other women to the point they have to fake being not women
Why the fuck is controlling female sexuality being considered woke in 2020? Social media needs to die once and for all in 2021. I would be lying if I said I had never entertained the thought of just faking being a they/them snowflake just as a form of self preservation but I really don't want to validate their inconceivably retarded demands.

No. 677360

i do not agree with antishippers but your argument doesn't make any sense. It's like saying thatpeople against pedophilia are prudes that believe that violence okay, sex bad.

No. 677361


No. 677364

The autism jumped

No. 677365

>you want to kill pedos? oh so violence is good, but sex is bad???
Antishipers that I'm aware of are against some kind of ships because they are abusive and/or toxic for other reasons. So you can't simplify it to 'oh so you hate sex even though violence is the real problem, huh'

No. 677367

What the fuck anon, take your autism back to twitter

No. 677368

i thought that too but im not sure they have enough self awareness for that

No. 677369

How is pointing out that >>677346 reasoning doesn't make sense autism?
The antis are extremely self-righteous and zealous about what they see as wrong, but it doesn't come from conservatism or being prude. Rather the sjw cancel culture where everything is either wholesome or problematic/wrong, even if it's fiction.
Okay I'm out, idk if you get my point now but at least I tried.

No. 677371

This looks unsettling

No. 677374

Ah I see. Well that all makes a lot of sense now. I think the reason why I didn't know about this is because I'm not on Twitter a whole lot, nor do I venture out and explore it outside of the few artists I follow there so it's no wonder I never noticed this. But yeah all this does make sense so thanks for the summary.

Right. Yeah I have a few gay actual men friends and they generally don't care about BL or yaoi. At the most, one has said it's a little too unrealistic as the way they portray men in those stories is not like it is in the real gay dating world but he also knows it's just fantasy so he thinks it's harmless lol.

No no, you're all right, I was just being ignorant lol Men generally don't care about this stuff unlike women who tend to so it makes perfect sense now why a straight man liking fantasy lesbian porn wouldn't get scrutinized since other men don't care but with women tend to care about it more which leads to annoying problems and arguments.

No. 677377

I think you have the right idea. Just do some research and just learn from people like Michie's mistakes. Research and when first starting out, just start small and hopefully things will build up from there.

No problem anon, just a misunderstanding but yeah that was the main issue with TD, the issue was that she was not willing to work retail because she still wants art to be her main job. Whatever retail job you're working, I feel like it would conflict with Michie's comfort since she says she can't stand for too long nor does she want to be sat on a computer when she does most her work on a computer for her art. So you see the dilemma that she's causing for herself? lol That's why I was suggesting she get her ass in gear and just try to make her art work since she's in that position to do so but she's squandering it by not finishing commissions in a reasonable time frame nor improving her style so it's more appealing to potential buyers.

No. 677406

The way male vs female porn artists react to the sjw crowd comes down to male vs female socialization. Men who draw porn don't give a fuck what anyone thinks and happily accept the degenerate label. Women still want to be seen as moral good people while drawing their shit, so they hide behind pronouns and gay representation. I have more respect for fujos than fakebois, if you're going to draw gay porn as a woman own it and don't let children on the internet have power over you

No. 677436

exactly this, I prefer fujos because they're honest. gay men don't care so it doesn't seem like an issue. The main reason straight guys jerking it to lesbians is dicey is all the times they approach them irl and ask to watch. and it's incredibly enabled by a patriarchal society that they objectify women, thinking even lesbians want their dick. my opinion at least. there's a few crazy fujos but it really doesn't compare

No. 677489

Fujos that bother gay men on the streets are usually 14yos that shouldn't be reading erotica anyway

No. 677492

yes, or autistic. even then the gay men are unlikely to feel threatened for their lives, and as men they're more comfortable to deal with it (not that it still isn't gross behavior but you can see why fujos aren't a big concern for them)

No. 677494

samefag but I will add how fujos harassing creators of their favorite shows to make their ship canon, to the point of extremes… now that is concerning, and it's entitlement. In that area they disgust me. creators should be able to do what they want

No. 677499

Is that celineorelse? During the drama with the snotgirl artist drawing nerodante art I think

No. 677515

The thing is that the obnoxious fujoshi stereotype that wants a gay pet are certainly awful but very rare, and they pose no actual threat to gay men sans making them feel uncomfortable. Whereas lesbians get preyed on, harassed, groped and threatened by straight male cumbrains wanting to sneak into their bedroom after frying their brains with "lesbian" porn. In all honesty the biggest threat gay men are concerned about are homophobes wanting to beat them up for being gay and closeted male bisexuals who treat them as side hoes and fuckholes, not some teenage girls squealing over anime boys.

Even in the case of the fakebois who demand gay dick for muh gender validation never get a foothold and are always dogpiled on for their homophobic bullshit, while AGPs get legitimately violent forcing girldick down lesbians' throats and everyone just has to deal with it. In the artist circles you constantly get female WLW artists pressured into including MTFs in their work while male MLM artists get to laugh at the thought of having to draw pussyboys.

It's not like autistic fans don't do this all the time, fujo or not. K-pop fans harass their favourite idols like lunatic stalkers and scrotes send threatening messages to creators who dare to mistreat their pure waifus and idols who dare to go out on dates with other guys. It's a fandom issue in general.

No. 677520

Yes, yes, and yes.
Also fujos tend to befriend gay males for their work as well. There are a few gaycels out there but most gay weeb men that I've met welcome anyone wanting to contribute more good gay art of their husbandos.

No. 677524

My gay male friends literally beg me to draw porn of their husbandos lmfao, they're usually way more hornier than your average fujoshi. A lot of these people crying about fujos don't even know any actual gay males or have had any interaction with them whatsoever.

No. 677550

I agree with the sentiment. Stop caring what people think and own your shit.

> The main reason straight guys jerking it to lesbians is dicey is all the times they approach them irl and ask to watch. and it's incredibly enabled by a patriarchal society that they objectify women, thinking even lesbians want their dick.

This is true and it's also why they get so pissed when they see masculine presenting lesbians because they disrupt their porn-filled fantasy of lesbianism is. But so long as they keep their fantasies to themselves and not push it on lesbians IRL, should be fine.

No. 677595

They don't, or at least none of the ones I've hung around don't. I don't think I've ever seen someone get "cancelled" for drawing gay porn/yaoi whatever. A lot of this honestly seems more speculative/venting than anything.

No. 677621

Anon, I want to live under that rock you're residing in because I've seen this exact shit happen way too many times.

No. 677724

Gutmouth's art reminds me so much of a personal lolcow's art style. They're not on IG and too gross for me to fully indulge in, so I'll refrain from mentioning them. But, I notice a pattern with the types into this same shit (incest/abuse/rape/murder fetishisms): that for all of their violent and edgy work, they're absolute crybabies.

No. 677725

File: 1605835956872.jpg (336.95 KB, 1059x1600, 3479da8a-bf41-48b0-a1a9-d9b28c…)

This would be a nice piece of art were it not for how fucked up her torso is. It's like the hips and the chest are from two different drawings. She also has the world's tiniest hands.

No. 677726

File: 1605836380285.jpg (76.33 KB, 1077x497, 20201120_083623.jpg)

Another viral woke twitterfag, stated that genderbent one character from a gay ship is homophobic. They stated they're minors… gen z have reall smooth brains huh?

No. 677734

I wouldn't go so far as to call it "homophobia," but there's definitely something… uncomfortable about doing that. It's retarded to police people for fanart, but if a ship between two characters of the same sex is more appealing to you simply after making one of the characters the opposite sex, I think it's probably time for some self-reflection.

No. 677735

I've never seen the point of genderbending one character out of a ship (whether its gay or het). The reason to genderbend is normally to explore how the dynamic and designs change between the characters when that aspect is swapped, and to me it feels like switching only one of the genders but not the other changes it 'unequally' in a way to where it's almost a different ship. But maybe that's just my autism, if there's anyone here who likes a ship that has 1/2 genderbent I would be curious to hear why you like it


Kek male artists do this constantly with popular gay shonen ships and it's telling about the genre

No. 677736

It doesn't matter how healthy the dynamic is– it's fanfiction. No one is learning morals from fanart and fanfiction. Obviously if someone romanticizes abusive relationships in fiction, they might have some underlying personal issues, but that isn't any of your business anyway. They're teenagers who draw anime characters online, not public figures. They shouldn't be expected to be morally upstanding role models.

No. 677739

File: 1605838073040.png (45.58 KB, 860x569, stepnie.png)

I hate to bring this up again, but something weird kinda happened?

When I first read about the drama here, I had never heard of this girl before. So the first thing I did was google her twitter handle step_nie and her Twitter was the first result, which is what tends to happen when you google any twitter handle.

But now when I google step_nie her twitter doesn't come up at all on the results. At first I thought maybe she'd deleted or changed urls due to possible harassment, but I found a link to her twitter in my browsing history and it's active with the same username as before.

It wasn't until I searched "step_nie" with quotation mark so that it only gave me results for that exact phrasing that her username popped up again.

Does Twitter have some sort of setting that you can enable so that your profile doesn't show up in regular searches? Or is google for some bizarre reason censoring her twitter from showing up in its searches?

I know this isn't new milk, but it was just so weird to me I had to ask.

No. 677759

File: 1605840078603.jpeg (62.46 KB, 640x658, 7B6B9E0B-DAE2-4C90-BDA0-971F90…)

I honestly don’t tend to mind either way, but I guess some 1/2 gender bends are just made for the person to self-insert in the ship even more than before.
Some people just really want to see themselves in a ship and they can’t truly get into it when the character they want to project onto has a different gender.
It’s kind of like those bunch of fanfics or fanart saying that one character is trans while the other is still their original gender, the person making it just wants to reflect themselves in that pairing without creating an OC because they know that OC/CanonCharacter pairings are not as popular/well received.

No. 677762

I miss when Moomin hadn't been discovered by twiter/tumblr fags

No. 677771

For some reason people tend to forget that gay men are still MEN. They're horny. Fujos haven't even touched on the kinda shit gay weebs like and draw.

No. 677775

I'm aggravated because I've just picked up a drawing tablet that I love, but I'm trying to find information on brush creation for Firealpaca and come up with the same handful of results. This person has an extremely concise explanation that was more helpful than the others I've seen so far, and it had all of under 2k views. Went into their vids and immediately saw a speed paint of a pine marten, so I'm sharing it.

No. 677813

Yep same for me. I wonder if she did the classic cow move of reporting links on Google that they find embarrassing. In this case her own Twitter. Or maybe Riot themselves did it.

No. 677847

lol didn’t she get in some brief shit a few months back because it turned out her & another person turned out to be treating their partner like shit?

No. 677859

File: 1605858494191.png (62.36 KB, 546x642, fhfhf.PNG)

hey anons, can i get a critique on this alien fella i drew?(no)

No. 677862

I actually understand the annoyance with this. It does look weird and homophobic to genderbend only one character in a gay ship to make it straight, like you can't accept these two together unless it's God-approven heterosexual and need to fix it. I know art is for experimenting and exploring new ideas but you really can't deny how that can raise an eyebrow.

Is this racistuncle posting?

No. 677864

I agree with both. this is one of the downsides of the internet and being able to mass-share our stuff imo. Like if the genderbender drew her thing and only showed it to her friends, she could explain how it was about self-insert etc whatever and not to be homophobic (since it's probably well-meaning teens anyway). if it happened in this way, it'd prevent other problems like getting hate for ships and the type of fanfic they write. and, it would protect minors from the danger in r18 interactions. In that case it shouldn't be public at all.
but anyway, saying that is moot. things are how they are and I think people have the right to draw their genderbend ship. It definitely comes off homophobic though, and it's kinda good that they face how that looks & affects people.

No. 677874

It's her friend. I don't know how vpn works but that's a lot of ips they got.

No. 677878

Hi racist uncle(hi cow)

No. 677887

I would genderbend to straight when people would call me a fujo, but in the end it's not that deep. It isn't homophobia in most cases unless the artist never drew them as same sex relationship and only always as straight.

No. 677891

>I would genderbend to straight when people would call me a fujo
…Why? Sorry anon but this does sound based on homophobia to me, refusing to draw gay ships because your audience will ridicule you for it.

No. 677918

this is a thing people do? I only have straight ships cause I'm straight as a board, but we already have plenty of material and characters, I don't see the need to genderbend

No. 677924

I've never actually drawn my ships as a straight genderbend but I've thought about it. It sounds like a fun idea to explore and see how the dynamic would change a bit. In general when I think about I'd probably do all variations of it though. Like in a guy on guy ship I'd make it both lesbian and have each of them be the girl in the straight ship, I feel like that way you'd avoid this type of criticism.

No. 677935

How is this homophobic exactly? You're probably trolling anyway I shouldn't have replied

No. 677960

File: 1605879929765.png (308.03 KB, 620x352, attention.png)

Your art is worse than Holly Brown's.

No. 677964

Yeah this is why I would want to genderbend ships. It's fun. But it's problematic anyway because it's apparently transphobic now

No. 677968

File: 1605880294821.jpeg (202.06 KB, 750x410, 07460E47-974D-4C15-8212-15C68E…)

when will this style end

No. 677970

Lmao you care too much about what other people think. Draw whatever the hell you want and stop letting the Twitter lynch mob dictate your life.

How does the dynamic change? They have the same personalities. The only difference now is they have different genitals. I mean if you want to get all Twitter-y about it, there's a systemic power imbalance in straight relationships that doesn't exist in gay ones, but that doesn't really strike me as being a fun thing to fantasize about? I can't speak for all fujoshi but I'm pretty sure discomfort with the power imbalance inherent to straight relationships is why a lot of them gravitate towards gay ships to begin with.

No. 677972

Soon I hope. I associate this style with yuppies and silicon valley jerkoffs who think that they're more cultured for liking somewhat-abstract illustrations. I feel like editorial illustration has been dominated by this crap and photomanipulations for the last 25 years and I'm sick of it. Makes every magazine look the same.

No. 677973

Because you can convert your ship to whatever you think it's hot at the moment. Just bisexual stuff.

No. 677975

I'm bisexual and I think it makes the ship substantially less sexy, but to each her own.

No. 677977

The last bit was a joke it doesn't mean all bis feel that.

No. 677986

File: 1605881714311.jpg (158.5 KB, 579x800, 12792475.jpg)

The woman who wrote pic related also got away with it, maybe because her gender isn't immediately obvious based on her name. Also it's a good series and if you're into BL and don't mind the weird art style, give it a read.

Fucking based and yaoipilled.

Real gay men are too busy living their lives and having actual sex to neg women online for liking gay porn. The people who bitch about fujoshis are always Aidens, handmaidens, or straight men.

No. 677987

Nsa and maybe a little bit off topic, but I noticed with these pairings the genderbend to f/m is a bit more violent for some weird ass reason while m/m or f/f is more “softer”- it’s such an odd ass trend

No. 677992

File: 1605882085943.png (55.95 KB, 300x241, 1601968602407.png)

I was reading about the drama with the crazy bitches who write ABO shit and apparently M/F pairings being written more violently is common in fanfic. Don't know how true that actually is or if it's just some peoples' impression, but I've heard it from several people at this point. If anyone has a theory for why this is, feel free to share it lmao.

No. 677993

It’s always scary remembering that this cow exists. Not sure why she’s back when she got her 4 compliments earlier this thread

No. 677994

ABO shit is violent as well. It's straight dynamic but with same sex characters and since they can breed they aren't opressed anymore.

No. 677995

Omg Omegaverse and Cain. What a shit show that was kek

No. 677998

Tumblr/Twitter ruined Moominvalley.

I'm honestly angry at the retards who complimented her shitty drawing. They're probably just newfags from Twitter who aren't familiar with RU's bullshit.

I'm disappointed Rachelle Soto (Addison Cain) doesn't have a thread on any sites dedicated to Lolcows. She's fucking unhinged kek.

No. 678005

because bisexual and pansexual people don't exist apparently.

No. 678009

Who is racist uncle?

No. 678010

pansexual is the same as bi you dummy

No. 678016

It's not apparently, although I'm not either so I can't be the judge of that. Either way however you wanna call yourself, getting offended over sex swapped or genderbent characters is fucking stupid especially disguising it behind being woke.

No. 678018

Look up her thread she’s disturbing af and prob gets off on us mentioning her

No. 678075

This same exact thing happens to straight couples too, they make it gay just because so dont be surprised when it happens in reverse

No. 678088

Don't think I've seen that happen. Do you have a few examples of a straight pairing where the artist bent only one of their genders to make it gay?

No. 678095

Shinji and Asuka

No. 678099

??? It happens in different fandoms and ships, it's a trend, not a hallmark of a specific fandom. Sometimes the couple is together in canon sometimes not, but either way it doesn't matter. Like >>678005
said, complaining that it's homophobic because it's a "straight" ship now, is completely ignoring the fact hat bi people exist. They aren't as woke as the think they are, it's just another thing to complain about for clout.

No. 678140

File: 1605895398025.jpeg (69.93 KB, 473x502, 4D2DBDFB-EACA-45B6-BB51-92A4E0…)

It happens, mostly because fujos want to be the cute twink boy.

No. 678144

What a fucking non issue. There are hate crimes happening towards people who are attracted to the same sex and this person is worried about someone swapping the gender of some drawn barbie dolls, hell.
I see fakebois swapping genders to make a ship gay all the time so I don't get the issue anyway?
I don't fuck with omegaverse since it's a crazy fujo infested pit, but that's actually very interesting. My gut reaction is to attribute it to uwu softboi yaoi/uwu soft yuri, but it probably goes deeper. Likely has layers and layers of information as to why.

No. 678149

But why would they wanna be the cute twink instead of just being the woman?

No. 678150

If so I'm one of those rare ones that don't.

No. 678152

not like other fujos

No. 678155


No. 678157

I don't think fujos want to be the ukes. In my experience they make the ones they find cuter/sexier ukes.

No. 678160

Hopefully never anon. People don't know a lot of this illustration style you see in the wild is assembled from pre-made vector kits. Takes like five minutes, I use it when I know my client is going to underpay me kek

No. 678187

>I can't speak for all fujoshi but I'm pretty sure discomfort with the power imbalance inherent to straight relationships is why a lot of them gravitate towards gay ships to begin with.
This is exactly why I like BL to begin with. I hate men, am not attracted to them, so I don't want to read something men don't find attractive or coom all over it it i.e. gay couples created by women for women. I don't want to self insert so I like them to be both fictional anime men that both allow me to detach from my own persona but are unrealistic enough to be not like real men. I think that's the core appeal of BL and the reason why it's so popular.

No. 678195

File: 1605901359707.jpeg (94.14 KB, 750x436, C0CD6F0A-900B-445E-995A-81A411…)

long winded way of saying yes.

No. 678219


are you lesbian by any chance?

No. 678222

How can you live with this hatred. I used to be like that when i was 14 and i regret it so much, what a waste of time and energy.

No. 678224

Stop trying to push this shitty meme. Fujos aren't one giant entity.

No. 678230

Relax anon, I don't know anything about fujos other than the fact they read gay manga. It was just supposed to be a "not like other girls!" joke, but I guess it didn't go over well.

No. 678234

> How can you live with this hatred
> this hatred
nta but holy shit, this is nothing compared to what scrotes write all the time. It's just disdain for men which is perfectly normal if you spend any time around them. Maybe you fuck off to twitter/reddit or whatever hugbox you've crawled from.
p.s. fuck men and fuck handmaidens may they all rot in feces.

No. 678240

chill out anon, men are annoying but theres no need to sperg. If you like this crap good for you, but you just kinda sound crazy.

No. 678247

not true at all. M/M has always been infested with romanticized rape. Fujos always had this superiority complex toward women who like M/F pairings only. God knows why

No. 678248

Go back to twitter nobody cares about you sperging about hating men.

No. 678255

Nta but farmers talk about hating men all the time

No. 678260

Nta but it has been sort of dying down at least in these threads and should stay that way. The female incel-like sperging is just as annoying as the male ones.

No. 678263

Yeah, it's weirdly intense and obsessive, and even though there are annoying things men do there's no reason to rage and act nuts about it. That type of behavior is just as cringe from both sides.

No. 678266

You're the ones dogpiling someone for saying they prefer anime boys over real men even though they've already dropped it and apologised lmfao. Sorry you're mad because people don't like het ships

No. 678292

I couldn't give less of a fuck if someone likes hettie or gay shit, each to their own, but I have to agree that those people who obsessively sperg about how much they hate men are obnoxious and annoying as fuck. They don't need lolcow or Twitter they need a fucking therapist.

No. 678295

Ntsa, but holy shit stop sperging. Your comment is literally the definition of “I’m not mad, your mad”, if it bothers you so much, maybe now isn’t the time to come back to this forum

No. 678296

File: 1605911773511.jpeg (114.59 KB, 1235x695, proxy-image.jpeg)


Ignore it or gtfo

No. 678315

>says the frothing nonny who has to have the last word

No. 678317

man has this thread not heard of lesbians, not everyone who dislikes men are some weird femcel who had one bad experience with a guy, some people simply not like them at a base level. doesn't mean they all need to be dead or whatever twisted fucking shit y'all thinking.

No. 678331

hey anon do you also sometimes identify more with the top/seme? bc ive done that all my life and idk what's wrong with me, i didn't think that was the point of BL but i can't help it.

No. 678334

You sound like an incel, schizo

No. 678341

Ohhhh boy.
Tons of things about this video are incredibly irritating. For one, and the most blatant, she's so close to the fucking mic that you can constantly hear the plosives. It's grating as all hell.
Secondly, some of her tips are helpful (I only managed to watch until the hands because dear fucking god the plosives were driving me nuts) but very mediocre – which is what her art is, incredibly mediocre.

Maybe I'm just bitter as all fuck because people like these are what stunted my growth as an artist at an early age (when all you had was How to Draw Manga books and Mark Crilley to go on). I just think this artist should at LEAST tell their audience more about other ways and methods when it comes to drawing things, maybe link some more helpful guides or something.

Maybe I'm a little TOO salty.

No. 678342

File: 1605917420841.png (426.28 KB, 1153x1083, tumblr_mpxuxlUGAG1qluf27o1_128…)

Sage because its just a dumb complaint but I miss PetitePasserine's original art and the old little details like the eye sparkles, and unique shading on the hair she did, her new-ish art was technically better but it was starting to lose personality and now her current WoW autistic obsession is boring as fuck, all she draws is this one night elf, and it has been going on for like a year now, imagine drawing just one thing over and over for a year.

No. 678344

lmao fuck off NLOG

No. 678346

femcel alert

No. 678348

I dunno man. That male Esmeralda does something to me.

No. 678355

Because it has the whole but this is forbidden love!1!1!! without having to think too much about why it would be forbidden.
at least that was the appeal to me when I was younger

No. 678377

God this person is so annoying.
They try really hard to sound crazy and unique but its so grating.
They have the voice of a 14 year old whos obsessed with invader zim.

No. 678418

>unique shading on the hair she did

Her hair is the most generic imo

No. 678420

Yea where is the shading in that even.

No. 678427

same. male pocahontas & male megara can get it too tbh, you have great taste

No. 678448

On a positive note I'm so happy that artists on youtube are getting more successful in their field, like Katnipp expanding her store with new products and Cheyenne Barton getting her own studio cause they deserve it through their hard work.
While youtuber artists like Baylee Jae is slowly deteriorating and regressing. it gives me hope.

No. 678461

I've always done this too, it's what made me discover I'm into femdom. Yaoi is honestly just the best way to objectify moids like they do to us

No. 678477

do you live under a rock? go back to twitter and reddit and have the scrotes call you roastie and talk about throatraping you

No. 678487

File: 1605933723537.jpg (197.53 KB, 1078x607, 20201121_113816.jpg)

Ever heard of class 101 site? The site gives tutorials made by popular insta artists sponsored by the site owner. But although they have interesting classes like pic related, they priced the classes expensively like all of them are priced $100 above. Does it worth?

No. 678524

$100 seems to be a fair price considering what artist they've managed to get. If there's someone you particularly like and want to get indepth look into their creation process, it should be worth it, especially since most of the authors would be providing personalized feedback; if you just look for general pointers then you'd probably better off with some more general stuff made by less known creators.

No. 678534

File: 1605945397665.png (174.26 KB, 562x389, Weebshit.png)

hi, what exactly is the point of these threads? in the op, theres a list of resources and tutorials to improve your art, but the focus of the thread seems to be tearing down artists on instagram/youtube instead of discussing art techniques and improving oneself. are you all gonna relegate yourselves to mediocrity and stagnation, or are you gonna post your work, critique each other, and improve your craft? or are people here too afraid to? i thought the point of these threads was an over all art discussion, not a discussion of gay e celeb drama.

No. 678535

If you spent the same amount of time as it took to find and upload your anime reaction pic on reading the thread description, you'd have a chance to find out

No. 678546

…There are sex scenes within the show, the show is constantly talking about sex, and if that's still wrong, they are probably seniors considering the prom episode. I'm so tired of the porn of teens in fiction = child porn argument. Actual teens are rarely cast in movies and tv shows to play teenagers (besides actual kid shows I guess) not all highschool students are minors, and people will get mad about talking about teenagers in sexual situations when the medium that they're from depicts them in sexual situations. I hate these internet sjws so much.

No. 678548

You can start posting your art and revealing your online identity to everyone here if you want. Surely you're not someone who's afraid and wants to be mediocre right?

No. 678567

Honestly this, nothing else but one post said "I hate irl men and how they sexualize me so I don't want to be reminded of them and that's why I like gay shit" and anons are jumping at it like it's "obsessive femcel sperging". Racistuncle, her discord orbits and /ic/ rejects need to fucking leave.

No. 678573

Racist uncle still lives in your heads rent-free. Seriously it's been eight whole months. Why are you guys still bringing her up? Art kings discord was deleted months ago.

No. 678575

Her lolicon simp still shows up on the regular, why wouldn't people forget about her lol

No. 678578

Her friends still ban evade to perform their ebic troll op in this thread and are very open about it, no reason why people wouldn't be reminded of her. Last time they did it was yesterday.

No. 678579

Why would he be her simp if he was a lolicon? Racist uncle has massive tiddies and lolicons prefer smooth flat chests. Clearly, he doesn't care about Racist Uncle and you guys are the only ones still bringing her up.

No. 678587

Shut up scrote, you know you follow her for her ugly lolicon drawings.

No. 678603

They're straight women and it's a double dose of the sex they're attracted to. It's not rocket science.

I'm the anon who made that initial post. I didn't even mention hating men, I just talked about relationships.

>Massive tiddies
You scrotes are terrible at blending in kek. You'd cape for a mailbox if it had big enough tits.

No. 678606

I'm >>678567 and I was referring to this post >>678187 which was the only one even mentioning hating men, no idea what post you're talking about

No. 678645

definitely worth it. Taken a couple and they’ve been massively helpful. But I do not recommend taking ANY of these if you’re a total beginner.

No. 678714

Some of them are bi or straight up lesbians who think shipping men is funny

No. 678719

You guys will now go in circles discussing if fujos are all straight women or not. Just shut the fuck up. Some of them aren't and I don't care. Post milky artists.

No. 678723

Just googled her and her art seems nice. Idk about the drama tho

No. 678724

Reminds me of Kidchan. That old lesbian threw a hissy fit for her campaign on chinese BL translation got cancelled by her team then blame the westerners/english speaking fandom for this mess. A boomer and a die hard fujo, good combo.

No. 678725

Speaking of KC,I glad she become less loud in her twitter.
Smell like bait post. She has so many commission to work. I don't think she will interact here for her sanity. Kek

No. 678740

File: 1605974781651.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20201121-154853~3.p…)

>Those necrotic breasts
They replied to someone that they were pink irl and the camera just made them look blue, but it would have been such an easy fix instead of leaving this looking so weird

No. 678750

>blue cancer tits
>still 9k likes
Coomers like anything I guess

No. 678766

This looks absolutely painful(you can even see the veins), Looking at the discolored tits makes my tits hurt.

No. 678802

File: 1605979331906.jpeg (121.42 KB, 750x360, 88967A13-6625-4ABE-A5E2-187775…)

ugh this guy. Thought he quit all social media? Or was that just another attention seeking claim of his.

guy. the leg is broken. glad to see hes still making a fool out of himself in the comments kek.

No. 678894

I hate this
This belongs in the bad art thread

No. 678918

holy shit this is atrocious

No. 678980

So you're there for the loli, then?

No. 678982


No. 679005

Lolicon is trash and I bet your art is too

No. 679006

Kill yourself.

No. 679007

Why the hostility? Being bitter at other people won't help you grow or improve.

No. 679010


No. 679017

pls stop derailing the thread by responding to obvious scrotes/bait

No. 679057

hate how she renders skin fuuuck

No. 679251

He literally came back a WEEK after he posted that suicide baiting shit. Male or female everyone loves being an attention whore online when the time is right

No. 679263

File: 1606050138067.jpeg (171.8 KB, 750x869, 502D0056-24CB-4457-B529-FEFA43…)

Has over 14k followers. Decides to make brand new account to be “seen”… is this bullshit or does making a brand new account actually do anything algorithm wise.

No. 679304

Every fucking hashtag. People try to disguise it under "spreading awareness and helping small creators get exposure uwu" but it's always hijacked by people who have way past 10k followers and a ton of interaction.

No. 679305

I don't think they're saying that they're making a new account, but that this hashtag FOR people who are starting art accounts. Unless I'm misunderstanding?

No. 679314

they are clearly advertising their own pictures too though

No. 679319

You're not necessarily supposed to retweet this from her, just use hashtag in your own post. Even if the idea was self promotion to some extent, in the end if actual no name new account tried to start such thing it would never take off and thanks to someone with more recognition it could. Let's not be THAT negative, her intentions are good.

No. 679352

None of people will care about interacting in lolcow though, who cares about this underground site kek

No. 679361

eh. I mean it’s fine for her to do that. doubt she’s doing it from the goodness of her heart… she’s trying to get back her 14 or so k lol but does making a new account actually do anything for you as far as algorithm goes. now im curious

No. 679488

I personally gave up in joining those "artist support hashtags" because it always ends up the same way. Things start out nice, then a bunch of entitled, attention hungry artists with over 10k followers and a settled fanbase hijack the tag and it becomes another echo chamber.

No. 679525

This "advice" is genuinely terrible, I wish she wasn't influencing kids with her shitty art tips.
Copying and flipping the first eye instead of drawing the second, no wonder her drawings have been so stagnant and flat for so long.

No. 679527


i see no problem with copying and flipping the eye as long as you at least adapt its shape slightly to fit the skull and perspective. just copy+flipping it and leaving it that way is lazy.

although…doesn't she know that you can flip the canvas horizontally and draw the other eye more easily?

No. 679617

File: 1606090436784.png (437.85 KB, 1478x810, 43536.png)

I just started watching this girl's stuff and holy fuck she's pretty milky actually.
She literally quit her animation job because they weren't letting her be a showrunner…..but then quits to start a YouTube channel, as an "art influencer"?? Obviously this chick just has an ego.
What's even more pathetic is how much money she ISN'T making. Look at these commission prices, these DeviantArt tier shit. She also said she only makes about 100-200 dollars a month on YouTube even though she haad that viral video, and HOMG 10k a year on her personal business. When you break those numbers down its not jack shit guys. Like TwistedDisaster, she's literally making around minimum wage or less. She seems like a hard worker but her ego has really been her demise.

No. 679624

It's good to just flip when you know you can do it but you want to save time, when you can't do it though it's kinda counterproductive because how you'll learn?

No. 679625

this. i am constantly flipping my canvas to make sure i am doing my best work.

No. 679630


eh, she has a partner who probably foots most of the bills. good for her that she can live out her "almighty arteest" dream online and price herself at whatever she wants.

No. 679633

She's definilty not pricing herself at whatever she wants when she prices it that low. 50 dollars for an A4 ORIGINAL art commission isn't jack shit dude.

No. 679646

>encouraging artists to post their art on an imageboard dedicated to shitting on e-celebs

Genuinely, are you lost?

No. 679653

she went to calarts which either means she's in debt forever or her parents paid for it, was about to get a promotion after just a few years of work, yet threw it all in the trash for ego. What a moron. Storyboarders at Disney are paid insanely well and with very reasonable schedules.

No. 679658

What a spoiled brat.

Breakdown of this video:
>We're art influencers, we're here to give you advice because YOU can do it too!
>DON'T use society6, you have to start a t-shirt business the RIGHT way, the HARD way where you print and ship everything yourself, because its just better that way, we don't like those sites
>If you've never taken commissions in real life DON'T you dare take online commissions because you won't be able to do it
>There's a special art to making a t-shirt design, not just ANY design will work on a t-shirt, we had to do a LOT of trial and error to figure it out. Actually, we just looked it up on the internet.
>We won't tell you how to make a good t-shirt design cause we don't want to give you the wrong advice, maybe eventually we'll tell you
>We LOVE this book the 4 hour work week, heres an audible link to it (There's nothingin here about whether we're sponsored or not, which is against YouTube's rules)
>We've never read the 4 hour work week, we just live by it naturally, even though this is a horrible book about how to take advantage of other people for your own benefit

Literally this is the most gate keeping video I've ever seen.
I also can't stand the way her boyfriend interviews her with that stupid TV show host voice, you can tell he's done this before, he's fake as fuck, no wonder he works at Disney
She's actually genuine sounding but its obvious she's practically a little girl, just extremely naive and entitled

No. 679659

I listened to her podcast once, and here some interesting info I've found

>She went to an Animator Convention or something, and there are some people are doing portfolio review for free. She complained the reviewer because It was too rude and mean to her

>She used to work on dreamworks Animation, She had a nice time on it. Like 4 years or something
>She mostly success and attention seeker lol

It was long time ago, when I listened to her podcast. But It was mostly her bitching and complaining about the animation industry.

She went to Art Centre . Mtf went one of the best concept art school.

Some people deserve to be born poor and she is one of the example

No. 679661

Samefag here, this is the podcast that I listened.

No. 679676

she actually go to ARTCENTER and yes her parent paid for it
she got a scholarship in another good school but her Asian parent want her to go to the "best" school according to her podcast

No. 679723

So, is her art any good or did she pay for her “skills” ?

No. 679891

Hi Janet, you WOULD be the type to obsessively google your name and be the first to see it on a gossip site. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were >>678534

No. 679906

Is this bait??? All I was asking is if the chic was any good at art to get to where she was, you can fucking loosen that tin foil hat that you have going on. Damn, I knew that in the past few weeks anons were being a bit more autistic than normal, but holy shit. The holidays just brings the another breed of anons to this site (either that or the RU crew are trying to pull another epic troll /s)

No. 679914

File: 1606144694443.jpg (397.52 KB, 1440x1797, 85169760_2832918223503529_4958…)

Her art look like Holly with a little bit better fundie

No. 679915

File: 1606144713813.jpg (666.35 KB, 2500x1406, finaldrdissonance.jpg)

NTA but I also felt like it's a weird thing to ask, why don't you check her portfolio and make up your mind yourself?
She paid for the school and obtained the skills, Disney or Dreamworks wouldn't hire her if she wasn't good. Her storyboards are very professional, it's a very specific thing to do though, not a type of art regular people who don't know anything about production really appreciate. Her gesture drawings and coloring skills are good too, character designs a bit forgettable. If she was humble she could have a successful studio career, not really seeing her as a succesful illustration freelancer / youtube artist but who knows honestly.

No. 679916

File: 1606144760240.jpeg (220.62 KB, 828x1112, 262C8171-C1A6-4F6C-B32D-46E27D…)

So I went to her IG looking and Iit’s pretty meh, it’s not the worst but it’s kinda messy and hard to read. I would say it looks like the art of someone who’s in their teens and hopping between anime and attemted realism.

While this is slightly off topic, I found this absolutely hilarious. So she tried to clickbait her video thumbnails on her IG feed and it literally got only 1 comment.

No. 679917

File: 1606144802246.jpeg (261.66 KB, 828x1093, CA6C1344-F1A3-4067-A40A-5F6C64…)

Then when you open it, the comment is this.

No. 679918

Those hands look weird as fuck

No. 679920

The regression anon

No. 679928

The hands look like meat mittens

No. 679947

youre telling me that some men find swollen breasts with bad circulation hot?? why the fuck would he draw the veins. also she looks like shes melting. art instagram is a hellscape

No. 679951

she has the same expression my grandmother with alzheimers does when i come visit her and drop off her medicine
1:1 picture of me patting my granny

No. 679953


Hang on is the Dreamworks woman here not the same one that accused @lord_gris of plagiarism and publicly posted some shit college of a bunch of their art together that was vaguely similar (but very obviously not plagiarism) and people started drawing red demon girls in support of Gris so it completely backfired on the Dreamworks woman and if I remember correctly she never apologised to Gris for publicly dragging their name through the mud

No. 679957

Yea, same person. It just struck me as so funny since she's quit her job to do this and yet it keeps blowing up on her face. I mean how fucking sad is it that you clickbait so hard and literally the only comment you get on it, is some random dude calling you out for being an asshole.

No. 679968

Looks like she has no idea whats he's drawing. Also: scan your shit

No. 679969

anon, are you the same anon from Shayna's thread whose Alzheimer grandma sometimes relieves her memories of being a cheerleader?

No. 679973

GOOD LORD maybe i should visit shayna threads. as for cheerleading, i'm afraid my granny has long since lost the ability to remember anything other than (sometimes) names. but this is the art thread not the granny thread so i won't go further
>hand on cheek
>fake surprised face
>money in hand
why this

No. 679978

Why tf new master academy sponsoring this people

No. 679981

Anons, what are your opinions on the artist Loish? Are they milky?

I've been thinking about buying one of their artbooks (I'm a huge sucker for artbooks so I'm always on the watch) but since Loish is a big artist and I've been following these threads for a while and seeing how some huge artists are secretly assholes, I'm afraid that they're secretly a scummy person that I might not want to give my money to. Should I buy their merch with no worries or are they a cow and I should be directing my money to some other artist?

No. 679983

Honestly I don't find her milky. She is fine imo on BobbyChiu Interview.
She has a pretty ok opinion about the internet and online art community

>I've been thinking about buying one of their artbooks (I'm a huge sucker for artbooks so I'm always on the watch)

Why don't you buy artbooks based from your favorite artist or their artworks rather than artist with big following?

No. 679986

Spend your money however you want. These threads aren’t some moral compass to follow
As for the artist herself, I’ve been following her for years and haven’t really seen anything milky(primarily because she doesn’t post too much about herself). She doesn’t really participate in any drama, but it was hilarious when she too joined the redgirl tag

No. 679987


I do! Like I said, I'm always on the watch for when my favourite artists drop artbooks, but currently none of them have released (or re-released) any. I got some spare money from my birthday and I saw that Loish's artbooks were on sale and their art looks really nice, which is why I considered buying one of them.

Thanks, anon!

No. 679989

File: 1606153668289.jpg (338.82 KB, 2560x1157, 81CMzROyxfL.jpg)

Treat Yourself Anon,Goodluck! ♥

I still thinking about getting death stranding artbook because I love with their sci-fi design

No. 680088

File: 1606164326189.png (250.22 KB, 524x946, patches.PNG)

She's finally discountining her traced art, I wonder if it's because she caught wind of this thread?

No. 680095

What's the consensus on using posed sketch forms under your sketches to get a better idea of practicing anatomical form? I wouldn't plan on using it as a crutch forever, but it seems like a good starting point to remember how to balance things.

No. 680100

You'd be better off if you try to draw by yourself and once you're done, overlay it on your reference and then fix what's wrong drawing tracing the messed up parts.

No. 680104

File: 1606165784396.jpg (588.42 KB, 688x1100, V0DqmrX.jpg)

Tracing is a legit method of learning, but I'd just be wary of what you're tracing. Avoid the DeviantArt-tier anime posed bases and random shit from Pinterest cause you can pick up bad habits from amateur artists. Stick to photo references or masterworks.

No. 680113

File: 1606166876655.jpg (209.34 KB, 600x802, tu-the-de-phac-hoa-13.jpg)

This is probably a shitty reference, but you'll get the idea.
Having a pose from this, or a doll creator that doesn't have features at all underneath the digital sketch, and basically forming out all of the actual details on my own. I'm just trying to figure out my basic structures and body frames again, and get used to the flow and balance. I took life drawing ages ago, but it left brain reserves for other memories.

No. 680227

No. 680250

Does anyone else feel like all the artist vlogs lately are more like lifestyle videos about how cute and cozy these artists lives are with a sprinkle in about mental health and stress to sound relatable? There's more lifestyle cooking in these videos than actual art? It just feels so gross like they're intentionally selling a form of escapism to their audience then actual information and help. Like look at me you can have this life too ad when it's not actually possible for the majority watching.

No. 680297

if you can't draw this on your own then adding details ontop won't really help you. It would be better imo to practice gestures/construction with those timed web apps. If you google gesture practice a few should show up.

No. 680342

Yes, agree. If you can't draw basic anatomical forms like this >>680113 then that's exactly what you should be practicing.

No. 680345

File: 1606187592306.png (300.57 KB, 508x824, Untitled.png)

Call me crazy, but this is always so odd to me. This person makes these posts as an "art grandpa", to just socialize and talk to artists in this group. And that I find kinda sweet. It wouldn't be so weird if it was an actual cute, art-loving old man. Except…. it's a 20-something year old fakeboi who took on this creepy 1930 Grandpa persona. She calls everyone her "grandbaby" and while she does draw, it's rarely. She usually gets people to draw her "ideal self" as this old man. Idk I mean the posts are actually nice, and she's not bothering anyone negatively (as far as I know) but the whole persona and concept in retrospect is kinda creepy since her profile makes it clear she seems to really believe she is an art grandpa 1930s goon.
Maybe I'm just being paranoid, and I'm sure she's harmless, but it still weirds me out.

No. 680363

it's generic and boring because we're tired of seeing it. i don't think anime is ugly, i think it works as a style, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

No. 680364

This is hilarious, I love it.

No. 680374

I thought it was sweet. But all she does is e-beg and make people feel bad for her.

No. 680380

File: 1606190533581.png (282.94 KB, 500x385, tumblr_c5e8bdfbd88aed990f0b1bc…)

No. 680382

It's cute imo. I think it's fun seeing an artist with a "gimmick" (if that's what you could call it). She's probably just doing this as some roleplay kind of thing.

No. 680390

File: 1606191156523.png (83.67 KB, 596x507, unknown.png)


No. 680437

Eh, it’s not so weird if all it is, is a online persona. You see this with drag kings/queens, vtubers, and other ecelebs

No. 680466

she has a severe case of Preston eyebrows

No. 680471

replace traced with referenced and memory 2 will look way more like it, 100% less wonky and formless.

am i correct in assuming this is that one grandpa vtuber i heard about? i really love their gimmick, it's very unique in the sea of samey anime girls.

No. 680572

This girl's too rich to afford a scanner, so she uses her iphone

No. 680578

nah, pretty sure that artsygrandpa isn't a vtuber
you're probably thinking of Arurandeisu, he's the grandpa-slash-father-figure vtuber of holostars

No. 680588

File: 1606216909881.jpg (655.75 KB, 2000x1994, C014_-_Xiaoyu.jpg)

no idea who this is, they shared their art in a discord server I'm in.

No. 680594

no i remember specifically a really similar cartoony art style to what artsygrandpa has, maybe they just haven't used the model yet? i saw it in a model showcase posted in the live2d server by the rigger.

No. 680595

that guy is a psychopath, 10 mins in feels like it's a confession of being one, I haven't been to art school but I would not like to run into someone like him

No. 680608

this type of stuff belong to the bad art thread, keep it out of the general salt if it doesn't have any milk attached.

No. 680714

I absolutely love how she blatantly puts him for a minute straight for being fake as fuck, and he just sits there and is like “uhh what do you mean??”, like if he could just drag her aside and ask her why the hell shes saying that ion the recording. Also I really want to know whatever offensive word she called art school kids that they cut out

No. 680717

Skip to 21:00 minutes, she is almost directly responding to Lolcow comments about her Trello commission queue. I’m really suprised and dissapointed in her that she didn’t just say “that thing is totally outdated so what’s on there isn’t accurate” but instead she said “not every commission I do is on there” like okay, so some of those people really have been waiting for over a year. But I have to give it to her, she’s owning up to things. Also, I can’t freaking believe she’s been on these threads, or someone’s been telling her about them, I honestly don’t think my mental health could take that.

No. 680733

Lowkey, I think she’s mentioned it before, not directly, that she and some of her friends have looked on here. At this point tho, I don’t think really any popular, semi big art channels haven’t been on here to see what randos think of them

No. 680737

Samefagging, but ever since we were talking about her lack of completed commissions, she recently started on her commission list. Which, thank god

No. 680773

>It just feels so gross like they're intentionally selling a form of escapism to their audience then actual information and help
what people watch studio vlogs for advice? if viewers want specific advice, they should look for it themselves. this trend of escapism and parasocial aspects of vlogs didn't begin with art ones specifically, and many artists purposefully seek out this kind of content for when they're working or they find it relaxing.

No. 680783

Yeah agreed anon, that’s what I was talking about in the green text here >>679658
Its more common in “entrepreneurship” influencers than art influencers though. I would say that art you tubers are aware of that and are all taking a different approach to the idea of people wanting to watch them to have their lives, when in reality they know it’s an impossibility.
Baylee Jae’s is >I’m not going to encourage you to become an art YouTuber but you can watch me do it and live vicariously through me
Twisted disaster and holly brown both are like >i will give you genuine tips on how to draw sometimes, and maybe even sprinkle in a few other tips about things like laser engraving and stuff. Just know that this job is genuinely not what it’s cracked up to be and it’s a mental health nightmare at times

I actually have to give those two credit for that, especially Holly Brown because she seems genuinely pretty nice sometimes about sharing her money making ideas

This new couple Honey and Absinthe are the worst, they’re life is extremely fake and the guy is obviously manipulating the audience to watch them and act like they’re buying into money making advice, when in reality they’re not giving any valuable information away, and aren’t even making it as art influencers themselves.

There are other artists like Dan Ekis and LucidPill who are very kind and very encouraging, and are chock full of info. I don’t think that everyone can be an artist but those guys you can tell really believe it or at least want to be encouraging. They’re not manipulative.

No. 680969

they also aren't selling anything, youtube is free? they should put th majority of the advice and lessons behind a paywall and earn some money with that stuff, the vlogs are just a chill way to engage with the audience

No. 680982

Yeah usually? That's what it was meant to be when studio vlogs first came out? What you're making, how you're making it and trials and tribulations with your art projects. Now its just vlogs with some sprinklings of packing orders and drawing on ipads. I do do that I'm just saying the trend in escapism is on the rise and art youtubers are playing into that intentional or unintentional doesn't matter it's still happening and I think it's sad.

Yeah I read your post earlier yesterday and I agreed 100%. There is one youtuber that does watercolor and she like actually listed her earnings for several years and what to expect and what sells the most in her shop. It's just so refreshing and kind when people want to share their knowledge freely because they like sharing substance with their audience. Yeah the guy is gross, reading how you phrased that that makes me wonder if you also watch coffeezilla. Thanks for the recommendations too I'll look into their stuff.

They are selling things. The idea that that can be attainable and the promise of more information behind their paywall patreon. It's like a giant ad. Maybe I'm nasty but I'm tired of seeing all this fluff. Why can't anything be genuine anymore (for the most part). It's just a stupid gripe I have with social media. That's it just a dumb rant on art salt.

No. 680989

File: 1606254654534.jpeg (59.83 KB, 513x717, EACC4EC2-99F4-4E59-BB9C-3708F4…)


No. 680990

No they aren't selling anything t's literally free? And if they are linking to a patreon or kofi they are proviging goods in exchange for money, and unelss they are providing shit or re negging on agreements there's literally no problem with that. ALso selling escapism is not a new thing, and plenty of people use media for that. Even if it's not possible unless they are actually scamming people then there is literally no harm.

In general I think a lot of people who talk about the lack of genuineness forget that this is their job, it's work. Sure they may love their work but it's still work, and that will always be a part of their content. If they have to make a certain type of content or market themselves a certain type of way then that's what they have to do in order to to well and not just scrape by. Idk why your salty, but this is such a non issue. If you don't like ths type of content just don't watch it.

No. 680991

context anon?

No. 680994

…am I the only person here who doesn't find it bad that artists trace objects? Stuff like cars and guns are extremely hard to learn how to draw even with a reference in hand, and most of the time they'll be in the picture as an accessory and rarely as the focus.

Plus, most artists don't even draw those things, they slap a 3D model and work on it so that it'll blend with the picture.

No. 681001

"I don't think everyone can be an artist,"

Ofc everyone can! We all have the ability to draw, as long as you practice that ability and are passionate about it, you could become the next DaVinci or Picasso lol.

No. 681002

Nah you're right. The people who do find a problem with it are obviously not artists lol.

No. 681009


people only go out of their way to learn how to draw a gun without the aid of tracing if they're a gun enthusiast or an EXTREMELY skilled artist.

not being able to draw a gun doesn't make anyone less of an artist, you're nitpicking.

No. 681020

Honestly I don't care if people trace background objects when the focus is on something you draw freehand. It saves a ton of time when you're on a tight schedule because complex objects are annoying to work through. It's still better to study objects rather than just tracing because if you don't understand the structure everyone can see it's traced, but I understand the sentiment. Complex items with a ton of detail like guns are really annoying to spend time on when it's not the main subject.

No. 681021

Everyone can be an artist for sure, I should have clarified: everyone cannot be a PROFESSIONAL artist. I’m not shutting on hobbiests at all, I’m just saying it’s not economically possible for everyone to make money doing art and it’s not even based entirely on your skills.

No. 681057

Idk about that one anon. If artists like TD can get commissions and are classified as a professional, I feel like any person with a pencil can be an artist and be professional- now industry-wise, that’s another ball game

No. 681091

Kinda reminds me of a tweet where the artist was promoting their art and stated they're chronically I'll.
Like, okay?

No. 681092

Almost all comic artists and a large number of professional illustrators and fine artists trace objects. Nobody cares about this unless they're tracing other people's work and claiming it as their own.

No. 681145

like >>681092 said, it's fine as long as they credit, but claiming you're so good at drawing that you perfectly drew a car freehand is dishonest and takes away credit from the original photographer. photography is art too and deserves to be credited as such.

No. 681231

File: 1606286860899.jpg (887.16 KB, 1080x1080, 1606256470126.jpg)

The laziness of Instagram artists never ceases to amaze me

No. 681296

Photograpy is so easy anyone who has a problem with learning perspective and anatomy should switch to that

No. 681305

File: 1606297639133.jpg (75.65 KB, 512x239, example of car drawn by refere…)

I understand anons saying objects get traced to save time, but when you do stylized artwork you have the advantage of simplifying things a bit, so difficult object don't have to be overrealistic. When I have to draw a gun or a car I pick different reference images, divide the object in shapes and do some perspective studies, and it's an add on my visual library. If you plan to do art for all your life you're gonna run into drawing guns or cars more than once. You can always tell the difference between an object drawn by trace, and one drawn by reference.
There's also quite a difference between tracing from a photo you don't own, and tracing from a photo you made or 3d object you built.

No. 681306

Chances are if you have to ask whether or not they're milky, they aren't. Not to mention, it isn't like this thread is pointing out good vs bad people. Sometimes relatively good people end up here cause people just don't like them or find them annoying. Its just the way of the internet.>>679983

No. 681348

What are we looking at here? Someone did a 4 panel comic and used the same bases for two characters talking and you think it's problematic in some way? lol

No. 681392

it's still a form of art regardless of whether you think it's easy or not. fundamentals still need to be applied to it, such as color theory and composition. "lmao you just took a picture it's easy" is not an excuse for lying and saying you drew something when you didn't.

No. 681403

Which comic is that?

No. 681406

Spirou et Fantasio

No. 681415

Not op, but I think they just wanted to point out how ugly the artstyle is, it looks beginner, yet it roles in so many followers. The artists is prob on the younger side- at least I hope

No. 681445

I mean, she specifically used the word "lazy," so I don't think it's that. I think she's just assblasted that the comic is using the same base for all the frames, to which I say… lol. This is not unique to Instagram artists. Professional cartoonists have been doing this for ages.

No. 681473

At this point I can’t even tell if this is copy/paste based because most insta artists draw like this: 3/4 face, minimal beginner-tier art, sameface/same body- all of this to the point that they can draw free hand and you still can’t be able to tell

No. 681476

File: 1606320452330.png (291.74 KB, 1080x1583, 20201126_000515.png)

Out of topic but blyssade is a joke. She's always been begging for people to pay for her bills or lunch. I remember one time she asked for emergency money commissions for food but then used it to subscribe to FFXIV.

She's also lied about being 18+when she is in fact a minor and kept pushing herself in NSFW spaces.

Her art and her personality is shit.

No. 681479

All minors/18-21 year olds are pieces of shit

No. 681496

File: 1606322894820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.81 KB, 664x1200, EnE-UXKVkAEjAwI.jpg)

Just googled her art and oh my god

No. 681497

File: 1606322915170.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.01 KB, 880x1200, Ef_p_-3VAAcdywv.jpg)

No. 681500

Reminds me of Tearzah’s work

No. 681509

Im pretty sure she appeared in tearzah's Kiwifarm thread as she used to be friends with her and bavid.

No. 681523

File: 1606324872112.jpeg (541.24 KB, 750x922, D6F1143C-E6DF-4E1E-8E6C-001F6C…)

samdoesarts draws a lot of “pretty girls” but they actually look really nice and expressive
idk why cows on here hate it when people draw “pretty people”
I guess it can get boring once in awhile, and he should definitely try and get out of his comfort zone but I guess it’s awkward for me to suggest that to someone with 10x more experience.

No. 681526

I think the fact artists draw a lot of "boring" pretty girls is why so many anons hate pretty girl artists. Tbh I don't really care that much if a artist exclusively draws pretty girls, they're nice to look at for obvious reasons.

No. 681529

The thing about these drawings is that they don't have a story or concept so it's easy to forget about them. I would pay attention more if they were characters with names and backstories.

No. 681538

i really like this, the colors are really pleasing

No. 681541

I'm fine with people drawing "pretty girls" as long as the picture has SOMETHING going on. The example you used is great because it's a scene happening, I can tell which emotions she's feeling etc. SOMETHING is going on and it just happens to have a cute girl in it, that's fine.

The "pretty girl" drawings that most people hate are those that are just portraits of pinterest model girls looking straight to the camera or at max in 3/4 view with some vague quirky smile or a sultry expression with an overrendered face and half lidded eyes with literally nothing else going on.

No. 681659

ngl this video was entertaining.
the fact that someone started impersonating big art youtubers to get free stuff is something else

No. 681668

Well you have to remember anon that sure maybe these beginner level art styles can reel in a ton of likes and follows, especially if its fan art but most of these followers/likes are coming from mostly kids I'm more than sure.

No. 681685

i think this one is more interesting than usual because lot of "pretty girl" art is just the girl and that's it, no background or scene, this has something to it, and the character is also not head on.

No. 681689

So at around the 22:00 mark, Twisted / Michie goes into her situation with commissions and the huge backlog she has with them.

She feels bad for not being able to finish her long massive backlog of commissions that she still owes but the irritating thing is that she put herself there because she kept taking emergency commissions that just piled on and on to her queue doubling the load. At the 23:29 mark she says that while she knows she shouldn't have taken more commissions when she already had a big backlog, she goes on about how she was running into things like computer issues and whatnot and just had to (but then not get to them…).

At the 26:00 mark is when she goes into why she feels she shouldn't have to get a retail job that pays below minimum wage saying she makes more doing her art than she would a minimum wagr job. The jobs that she's trained and "certified" in are not hiring (what certs? Didn't she drop out of college?).

So I was curious and checked her Patreon and she makes around $515 per month and it did put a little bit more in perspective. Min. wage in California is $12/hr so sure, a part time job making that much would pay slightly below what she's making now on her Patreon but the issue is that even with that $500+ she makes on Patreon, she is still having financial issues. I mean she has to be if she feels she needs to keep having Emergency commissions. That extra $240-$300 she could get from a part time job would help but eh what do I know?

One thing is for sure though, if she really wants to stick with the art being her sole income if she's that unwilling to do regular retail, she needs to get through that Commission queue otherwise she'll probably go on an Artist Beware site which would definitely hurt her in the long run.

No. 681692

>she feels she shouldn't have to get a retail job that pays below minimum wage saying she makes more doing her art than she would a minimum wagr job.

Samefag, what I meant was "Why she feels she shouldn't have to get a retail job that doesn't pay slightly above minimum wage"

No. 681788

She posted a new video today about art burnout, she talks about how giving herself too much self care can make her depressed. I actually love her talking about this because its this weird phenomena that happens that no one will admit to and I think its really helpful to hear someone else go through. I think TD is slightly better than a lot of art youtubers because while she has fucked up professionally in some ways, she's always trying and she's critical of her actions and circumstances.

No. 681799

Anybody know who she is talking about in this video?

No. 681803

anon someone posted this exact same video 3 hours ago, you could at least check if it has been talked about today.

No. 681871

Not really… she acknowledges her issues but generally pushes them off. This was commented a few threads ago, but It’s like she acknowledges these problems only to make herself feel good. Like, because she acknowledges them, she’s automatically better than others, despite her actions saying otherwise

No. 681874

Ntayrt but I agree. It’s almost as if by saying it first and acknowledging it, she thinks others won’t call her on it. The “I know what I’m doing wrong so don’t remind me” but then she never really actually fixes anything. Also, I think that other anon seems to have forgotten the times she’s freeloaded off her friends and hasn’t paid a dime, mainly Holly Brown (Holly paid Twisted’s way through Sanjapan twice and let her sell at her table. I hate even having to defend Holly because she’s shit too but Twisted is pretty damn lazy tbh)

No. 681909

File: 1606368523056.png (943.87 KB, 1347x969, Heart Latte.png)


I’m super late, but this is so stupid.
This design doesn’t “belong” to either of them. It’s just a generic latte art design. If you Google, “heart latte art”, this design can be seen dozens of times. If you Google, “tulip latte art”, you get even more.
It’s literally the first image you get for latte art on the Wikipedia page for latte art.

You can argue that Clammy copied the concept of a heart latte art beret, but that’s a stupid thing to get upset at her for. In the context of making products, there is nothing wrong with "copying" (unless the original is copywritten). Many products are “copied" from another (how many black lab T-shirts can you find?). There’s nothing wrong with making an alternative product for consumers to buy that comes from the same idea as the original. By this logic, it is bad that there are any laptops that are not Osborne 1‘s, and the only cellphones that should exist are Motorola’s, because they were the first ones to invent the concept of a laptop and a cellphone.

If your product is superior, consumers will buy yours and not the “copied" or “knock off" version. It’s called competition. Welcome to the free market.

tldr; RachiesArt is just salty her ugly beret got one-upped by a competitor

No. 681910

I used to be mutual with her on twitter

Two times when she moved accounts , she DMd and basically said “hey refollow me”
It was a bit..cringe ngl since we hardly/never really talked to one another

No. 681924

Uwu I'm such a nice person I would never steal

>All designs are stolen art

No. 681928

Yeah I saw the burnout video Twisted did awhile ago and while she did say some things that made me roll my eyes like when she was saying how it's okay to use references when drawing (Seriously, do artists these days really think it's not good to use references when drawing? This is new to me), the video was a little better then some of her other recent ones.

You both are right and I agree. It's pretty clear what she's doing, especially after seeing her latest VLOG. She thinks that if she says she has a problem and wants to work on it, people won't get on her case with her own shortcomings but the fact that she lets her queue continue to get bigger and making excuses, it doesn't paint her in a good light. I didn't know that Holly paid for Twisted's San Japan trip but yeah as shit as Holly is, she should've gotten paid back assuming Twisted said she would.

No. 681937


Yikes. When I used to follow her,
All I know about is when she used to be SHOCHIX, She got called out by two other artists who was trying to run away with their money because they paid her when she put out "emergency" commissions only to NEVER do the promised art and also , AGAIN, go and sub to FFXIV

Blyssade made a fiasco and tried to get haters on the two other artists

No. 681944

that’s so messed up…I’ve known her from that account too but never heard about that

I unfortunately have a friend who follows her and retweets her stuff so I’m hoping someone calls her out on that soon

No. 681966

File: 1606377979166.jpg (242.23 KB, 606x578, 51287891_799859417016730_65421…)

Found an old screenshot I had of Blyssade shitposting without proper context.

Which is funny because she's the one parading to be poor and yet can afford an expensive screentablet, subscription to games, and all that other shit.

minors are terrible lol.

No. 682009

> (Seriously, do artists these days really think it's not good to use references when drawing? This is new to me)

Yes they do, it's very common to think a good artist should remember anatomy, light and shadow by memory and using references is cheating or copying. It doesn't help that every month twitter calls out someone for using pictures as reference or tracing over a background or object.

No. 682118

Well tbf tracing is totally different from copying and referencing and cannot even compare. Sure we could argue that tracing bg or objects is no big deal but why even draw if you don’t bother to draw your own shit? Even worse is that a lot of times people who trace, trace over works that belongs to someone, photos have copyrights too yanno.

I do think that people shitting on referencing is bad but let’s not pretend that tracing isn’t just a lazy crutch used mostly by unskilled artist to benefit from someone else work.

No. 682126

no it isn't. this is like a 1st year high school art class hot take.

No. 682134

You sound like someone who either 1) isn't an artist or 2) is one of those stuck up artists who think that you have to be able to draw everything in this world through memory and skill alone.

You can trace as long as you're also able to draw from memory + you're tracing from a photo or 3D reference that's yours (or at least you have the original author's permission and you're crediting them).

>"why even draw if you don’t bother to draw your own shit?"

Sorry but that take is just horrible.

No. 682147

I’m neither, sure if you own the photo/model or like stated have permission then go right ahead, my issue is with people using other people’s content to replace actual skill. You can trace to save time but a lot of people who trace cannot draw the things they trace, thus is becomes a lazy shortcut over learning to do it yourself. Drawing anything usually comes down to rather simple shapes when you break it down, so I see no reason to learn at least that much.

No. 682201

File: 1606407765928.png (1.58 MB, 1776x1064, iofi.png)

What do you guys think about Iofi's (an indonesian Hololiver) art? To me it look really terrible and very amateurish. Poor grasp of colours, rendering techniques, and especially anatomy, yet she gives tutorials on youtube. I can't help but feel irked that she's giving tutorials when she herself needs tutorials to fix her art lol, potentially teaching her fans to learn the wrong things.

No. 682203

She's an art entertainer so my expection with her art is pretty low. It's meh anon and just gonna say I hope she'll improve.

No. 682230

I’m ntsa, but holy shit, I’m pretty sure this is bait. You literally took the op anon’s quote of saying:

>> Even worse is that a lot of times people who trace, trace over works that belongs to someone, photos have copyrights too

And made it your own kek.
Take your pills, tracing images that isn’t yours/over images all the time without learning it is lazy no matter what.

No. 682282

Her art is not the best which is kinda funny cause I think her vtuber design is supposed to be a painter(?). Also the art stream she did with Ina, who is wooperfuri(an artist who has done professional work for some games) made Iofi's art look pretty amateurish.

kinda unrelated but I'd like to see ina do some art tutorials.

No. 682480

video sort of unrelated, but recently I’ve been seeing a lot of becker’s IG stories and he just comes off as so crusty
no fault of his girlfriend or fiancé or whatever but I was treated with seeing her twerk to beyonce on his Instagram where he only posts his art or promotion of his art-related yt videos, so it was kind of weird to see that on there
also I hope this isn’t seen as “racebait” or whatever but I’m very curious as to why he draws a lot of black women and it makes me really uncomfortable lol

No. 682485

most people trace objects and stuff. pro artists work in teams doing one kind of art for a reason. most pro artists specialize in one area. bg artists aren't necessarily good at figure drawing etc. you just sound like an idiot for not realizing people trace over stock photos of certain things.

No. 682540

>there are so many professional and industry artists that trace stock photos, that I can’t even name one
Sure anon, you 100% got that other anon
I just hope you’re not talking about referencing

No. 682598

Every time tracing is mentioned someone needs to sperg about it. I guess a lot of anons here like to trace.
Referencing is always fine and recommended, tracing just shows how lazy and unskilled you are. Professionals may save time with backgrounds by tracing over 3D models or heavily referencing a picture, and honestly I think that's fine as long as the thing you trace isn't the focus of what you're doing. So for example it's fine for concept artists to photobash because their focus is on the concept and not on how things are actually drawn, same with some comic artists using a 3D background for many panels, because the focus there is more about storytelling than details and pretty art. But if you're an illustrator who draws portraits of characters and you trace poses and entire objects in focus like in >>680989, you're a little lazy. It only takes a couple of quick studies to get a decent grasp of things like cars and guns.

No. 682877

guys can we please stop talking about tracing and bring it back to the gossip? this is like when ya'll were arguing about blacktober.
if you want to argue about tracing then go to /ic

No. 682888

This! I'm the original anon who shat on tracing but honestly you put my thoughts better into words than I could've. Obviously as someone planning a comic, I use photobashing to create concepts and am learning 3d to build backgrounds more efficiently, so I got nothing against either of those. If you got photos that belong to you or you got permission to use, then use ahead, that's material after all so why wouldn't you make use of it but to act as if tracing a gun or a car because you're too lazy to draw anything else than your kawaii animu girls is anywhere near the same level as professionals using shortcuts to be time efficient, is fucking astonishing. when I said that I don't understand why people even draw if they don't bother to draw their own stuff, I was spesifically referring to the gungirl type of tracing, not something like photobashing that's obviously it's own artform.

Some of the anons seemed to get really defensive about the whole thing too acting as if it's somehow impossible for artist to actually learn how to draw variety of things. No one is asking you to be a master but holy hell if you get so offended by a suggestion that you should perhaps actually learn to draw stuff outside of your comfort zone, then I'm not sure if being an artist is a right path to take.

No. 682921

File: 1606504754849.png (847.77 KB, 720x722, Screenshot_2020-11-27-13-12-02…)

Why do instagram artists draw women with fishlips?

No. 682926

IG artists seem to be on an eternal Bratz phase.

No. 682936

>removing the girl's direct and striking gaze thereby turning her back into a passive, emotionless, non-autonomous subject like 99% of women in classic art
>unironically bimbofying a piece of art history into near fetish territory
there's no hope for art
there's no hope for women

No. 682957

>bibofying into fetish territory
And what about it?

No. 682979

they did themselves so dirty by putting the original piece by their drawing, having fun with doing a redraw of a classic painting is good and all, but they really just made it so obvious how fucking ugly theirs is.

No. 683011

Classic masterpiece bimbofication
I wonder if anyone has done the Mona Lisa in this style lmao

No. 683032

File: 1606512001871.png (1.64 MB, 1045x824, marcbrunet.PNG)

Do you have any recommendations of artists rendering anime-like girls in an more interesting way than the supersmooth blending hentai artists do? Something like the pic attached

No. 683036

This is so good I just wish her leg wasn't dislocated

No. 683037

He painted her so fast I don't even mind honestly, the design is so cool!

No. 683045