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No. 495098

Previous thread: >>>/ot/476533

~It's all made up stories for made up internet points~

Feel free to add your own milky subreddits and note this isn't just a man/trans hate thread, but more of a general reddit thread

No. 495103

File: 1576553257012.png (30.71 KB, 568x427, roddit..PNG)

Reddit is just a natural pink pill by itself with the amount of cumbrained scrotes. Pic related.

No. 495107

File: 1576554117358.png (316.04 KB, 750x1334, 67EF5F26-A6D3-48AB-B985-5B1F1D…)

What are the thoughts here on academic related subreddits? There’s some interesting posts I’ve found on there by sorting top all time.

>of course mostly stem bullshit

>everybody trying to get a pee ache dee in the same fucking field(s) so obviously no jobs in academia
>smug math/bio/physics majors who thought they were more “in demand” than the humanities
>lots of people leaving academia jaded and broken
>tons of plagiarism issues and toxic campus culture vents
>occasional abuse/assault/misconduct posts
>why would you tell the internet you slept with your advisor or professor anyway


No. 495108

Oh yeah. Someone posted this in the previous thread.

There are also subreddits for "young looking porn" and "too cute for porn"

No. 495111

File: 1576554433042.png (325.48 KB, 750x1334, C9A89616-534A-409A-8A5D-C46110…)


Also you will find some odd troll post like “why does [insert ethnic group] always flunk my classes plz explain reddit” or “why are women not as good at [pick one male-dominated field] than men?”


No. 495112

Autistic wish fulfillment fic as usual. If le logical redditors were really so good at math they wouldn't need to make posts like this reassuring themselves.

No. 495124

File: 1576557875417.png (97.87 KB, 622x513, tildes.png)

Has anyone checked out any of the reddit alternatives? A lot of other people also realized how shitty reddit is and an ex-admin even made his own which is interesting. Voat and Saidit are some other ones which are even worse shitholes than reddit.

Of course that thread was linked to /r/Drama so they can use it as a chance to shit on women some more. Drama should be banned imo, it has the same exact shit that a lot of other subreddits have already been banned for.

No. 495175

r/drama is full of unnecessary politicalfagging and what appears to be migration from banned subreddits but for some reason it's never been banned

at this point it's just a circlejerk of faggottry and less about actual drama

No. 495178

Nothing forces the pinkpill down your throat than being on reddit for 5 seconds. Even the female-only subs have gone to shit. r/gendercritical is full of conservative middle aged women who just don't like them trannies but have otherwise no interest in feminism. And the femcel sub is full of retarded 15 year olds posting cringe "art" and crying about imagined flaws.

No. 495263

This is so true about GC. Top voted comment on a post a few weeks ago about forced births started "I'm pro-life but". On a subreddit meant for radical feminists.

They also are getting way too lax about men. There was a post about DV against women on there the other day and a male was in there commenting about when his ex used to beat him.

I prefer pinkpill, even if I find most of the text exchanges they post really cringey

No. 495406

Pinkpill is cringe as fuck. Especially the owner of it who sounds like an honest to god retard. I also genuinely despise all the teenage girls who call themselves "femcels" when they're literally like fourteen. I hate CG because they suck off every male that comes in there like "hello fellow feminists" and everyone looses their minds and starts worshipping him. Also they're all married with kids so theres tons of Not My Nigel-ing going on.

No. 495505

> Also they're all married with kids so theres tons of Not My Nigel-ing going on.
How dare women be in happy and healthy hetrosexual relationships /s

No. 495506

I guess it's changed quite a bit because when I used to browse the GC subreddit a year or 2 ago it was still a mostly feminist sub and men were discouraged from posting too much.

No. 495510

> /s
Please fuck off back to reddit necessarysperg.

No. 495537

File: 1576643268896.jpg (110.58 KB, 742x1049, 6nr3xujif7541.jpg)

/r/femaledatingstrategy can be so cringey sometimes. Imagine sending a wall of text to a man who won't even read it then calling it a win and posting it on reddit lol.

No. 495539

File: 1576643746461.jpg (44.39 KB, 814x395, professions.jpg)

had full-body cringe reading this and it only gets worse. thanks for sharing anon!

No. 495543

This post is sound advice tbh, I don't see the cringe.

No. 495549

she's literally right. domestic abuse is literally 2 to 4 times more likely to be committed by law enforcement than the general population. military is even more dangerous.

No. 495551

Former member of the military here: in all fairness its a mixed bad, Just don’t date/associate with anyone under an E-4, try and find an officer. They are more settled and proven in their career. The rest of the rules still apply.

No. 495553


No. 495556

File: 1576646593536.jpeg (77.29 KB, 598x249, BF1CF0F6-9447-4588-BDC2-A63B6B…)

this just hurt. I have nothing else to say.

No. 495562

This isn't even cringey. Although I don't know why you shouldn't date truck drivers or firemen.

No. 495570

this, especially since privates are usually desperate to marry someone for the sweet bennies.

not sure what that OP has against firefighters, though.

No. 495591

I mean if you want to increase your risk of getting your skull caved in and your children brutally dismembered go ahead.

No. 495614

This is so painfully embarrassing to read. The first mistake people in r/femaledatingstrategy are making is thinking males actually give a shit, which they don't. No male is going to feel totally owned by some cringy ass sperg you're sending him to declare your dominance or whatever. He's just going to find some other bitch. The best female dating strategy is just to not date.

No. 495621

>The best female dating strategy is just to not date.
Agreed, the only way to win the game is not to play. But if you absolutely must engage with scrots the least you should do is refrain from sacrificing your dignity via desperate walls of text. I used to do that shit in hs and I cringe every time I think about it.

No. 495623

File: 1576662424073.png (69.86 KB, 824x563, 454365gdfgfd.png)

No. 495649

fds is generally pretty cringey, but this doesnt sounds like bad advice. men with those jobs are more likely to commit domestic violence against their partners. afaik that includes firefighters too. im pretty sure the type of ptds you get from jobs like that (from seeing traumatic shit like burned bodies, severe injuries, the whole idea of walking into an unstable burning house) has been linked to an increased risk of committing domestic violence. please correct me if im wrong.

No. 495657

Kek imagine giving pussy to class traitors. The only good people who are cops or in the military are the ones six feet under.

No. 495658

Tons of truck drivers are retarded narcs who cheat on their wives, I guess maybe cause the travel makes it easier for them? Unsure about the firemen thing

No. 495678

You guys sound like pick mes. Go kill yourselves.

And you're a retarded leftist.(Don’t post about wishing bodily harm on a subject or group. (a-logging))

No. 495690

What was that again I couldn’t seem to hear over all that boot licking? I hope all that child murderer and pig cock tastes good for you though.

No. 495692

Someone is fucking a cop wooooo, lame.

No. 495695

Wow, Mom's gonna freak when she sees this. Be careful your Grandparents don't find out what an angsty little rebel you are. Their hearts might not be able to withstand thinking about how dangerous and on the edge a lifestyle you live.

No. 495697

File: 1576675973296.jpeg (56.17 KB, 434x360, EB4C04B5-CC07-49A3-B75A-E0BD32…)

No. 495699

File: 1576676434809.gif (2.33 MB, 320x175, 2d7[1].gif)

Frig to the authorities. No bins and no peace until Mom stops telling me to do my homework and clean my room.

No. 495719

Sending a man an essay about how great you are and how he's so mean but you like one side of him anyway is the definition of pickme.

No. 495762

Bitch shut the fuck up. Theres probably an unsucked cop cock around here somewhere. Wanna take care of it?

No. 495778

Be wary of infantrymen I think too. Many of them are too much or too fucked up. Cops are understandable because of the DV rates. Lot of guys in those careers have bad relationships with alcohol too

I guess firemen because he'd be practically living at the station? Or how that job will always come first? I've heard the saying "cops beat, firemen cheat" too. So much time away with other women at the station vs at home.

Not sure about truck drivers unless it's the same as prev. Too much time away

No. 495785

File: 1576696319915.png (23.71 KB, 1184x146, 867e327fe8b163fcd201802fa29e00…)

So keeping on the subject of women-orientated subs, apparently pp has been deemed a hate speech sub by /r/againsthatespeece and they're trying to not get banned now and having to add rules. I know AHS tried this shit with GC but it didn't work.

So basically, all the subreddits mentioned here and last thread, the underage porn ones, dead eyes, rape-centric, MRA, MGTOW, that's all ok. But pinkpill and it's cringey userbase is apparently hate speech.

Reddit is a fucking bad joke.

Link: reddit.com/r/PinkpillFeminism/comments/ecg110/so_apparently_we_are_hate_speech_we_got_posted_on/

No. 495789

Truck drivers constantly buy prostitutes. They're called Lot Lizards and they're everywhere at places where truck drivers gather. So thats probably what she was referring too. If your man is out of your sight travelling a lot for his job its extremely likely that he's buying women.

No. 495799

>I guess firemen because he'd be practically living at the station? Or how that job will always come first? I've heard the saying "cops beat, firemen cheat" too. So much time away with other women at the station vs at home.
I don't know what shifts they have in America, but in my country firemen have 4 days on (2 day shifts, 2 night shifts) and 4 days off. I don't think it's that conducive to cheating, I would assume it's because being seen as a tall, fit hero by the general public will turn any dude into a fuckboy.

But, for what it's worth, my dad was a firefighter all his life and also the calmest man I've ever met, with zero abusive or womanizing tendencies as far as I know. You would think working in emergency situations lends itself to emotionally stable people, but at least the fire brigade lacks the violence/power that attracts psychos to the military and the police force. Maybe it just brings in wannabe heroes and pyros.

No. 495839

lmao /r/pinkpillfeminism is now a "femdom" subreddit marked NSFW and they're accusing the libfems of kink shaming them because saying "men are subhuman" is their kink.

No. 495845

I really hope they use this excuse unironically and r/AHS are forced to close their mouths.
That's how many of them would defend all the rape kink/misogynistic subs, so what's the difference?

No. 495866

File: 1576707487422.png (3.5 MB, 1892x6760, ahs.png)

Look up the thread in AgainstHateSubreddits when they banned AgePlayPenPals. They were defending it and crying about kinkshaming. That's the moment I knew that place was a total joke, of course it is because it's still a place on reddit after all.

No. 495869

File: 1576708332287.png (71.48 KB, 1053x396, its over 9000.PNG)

>Coping this hard
Being in radfem places for to long kind of makes you get the "why are you so obsessed with >1% of society?" argument. it's flawed, but you'd think they've had something else to talk about after a while?

No. 495874

File: 1576708897871.png (603.91 KB, 804x1001, kd2bel6g3wx31.png)

I hope this doesn't devolve into race bating, but the mixed race subreddit has a shit ton "wow the genetic test said I 10 percent Scottish. better find my ancestry". Pic related is oen fo the posters

No. 495875

lib fems have fucked up everything for women. I can't wait for the backlash.

No. 495878

self-esteem so low, sucking dicks gives you validation and empowerment

women of reddit are so focused on pandering to men that they've become unaware of their own issues.

No. 495880

File: 1576709526105.png (35.2 KB, 570x502, cursed.PNG)

reminds of the cluster fuck that is feminism and askfeminists. The first is decent because they just circlejerk until BDSM murder stats come, but the later is a 24/7 clusterfuck because of the back flips they have to do to answer questions.

No. 495888

File: 1576710507577.png (485.45 KB, 1920x1080, huh.png)

look at this

No. 495904

>women of reddit
Many of which are just men pretending

I can't understand where they find empowerment from deadeyes or having a kink for being raped by their partner.

No. 495912

lmao at that fucking ESSAY about how age play discrimination is homophobia and the alt-right want it banned so therefore it's automatically good.

What a fucking idiot. "When I see alt-right subs and AHS celebrating the same thing I start to wonder" oh gee it's almost like fucking kids isn't a political issue just something people tend to be morally against. Imagine being that thick and on your own bullshit.

No. 495922

If this is a woman and not a larping scrot then she’s the stupidest bitch in the world, like just stfu and suck a dick if that’s what you want to do; the feminazis don’t fucking care about your dick sucking habits and you shouldn’t care about theirs

No. 496109

>The best female dating strategy is just to not date.
How do you fill the void in your soul for romantic interaction?

No. 496112

What does she think "empowering" means, exactly? Because I can tell you right now that no man feels particularly subjugated when his dick gets sucked. Sorry.

No. 496124

Some guys don't like it when they feel teeth on their dick. It makes them realise the danger of it being bitten.

No. 496129

Until women actually start biting men's dicks off sucking cock isn't empowering.
I suppose when men tell other men suck dick as an insult they're trying to empower each other as well.

No. 496130

Do we post in this thread or the other thread? https://lolcow.farm/2X/res/15.html
Jesus christ it's okay to sexualize children as long as you dehumanize them now

No. 496140


No, really. What romantic fulfillment? Males sure as fuck won't fulfill you romantically. The sex and romance you're imagining in your head will never happen to you. Unless you're the top 5% of women, scrotes will treat you like disposable garbage. Don't date.

No. 496145

>that last essay and the "If we go against this, we'll end up only having clinically sterile intercourse with the lights off strictly for the purpose of procreation and never vocalize in any way!!!1"
This person really can't imagine enjoyable sex without incorporating pedophilia, slavery and rape, huh?

No. 496147

Hmmm I guess if you think about posting a Reddit screenshot in either pink pill or gender crit, just post it in the 2x Reddit thread instead?

No. 496174

>What romantic fulfillment?

No. 496194

File: 1576771419357.png (320.67 KB, 683x2393, iPad troubles.png)

No. 496212

>you treated this man with dignity
>showed him where to find vids of women being abused for "comfort"
But this has to be fake. Old man tearing up in public because he can't watch porn? Seriously?

No. 496218

The comments are unbelievable.
>I was just going to say, if you were my employee I would promote you, give you a raise and whatever other accolades I could throw at you. I am not a religious person…AT ALL. But one of my favorite sayings comes from the bible. "Howsoever you treat the least of me is how you treat me. " I know what the desired effect intended is, from a religious standpoint, but for me it means that when you show how you would treat a less fortunate person, I know how you treat everyone generally, because you have nothing to gain by treating the less fortunate with kindness, at least nothing material. You are a very good person and you made many people here happy. Merry #christmahanakwanza .

No. 496324

Can a guy that old even "use" it naturally?

No. 496361

>Some?? People??? Need porn to COPE????
I've had it with cumbrains. Fucking hell.

No. 496473

>I never understand why women think blowjobs are degrading
it's MEN who think they're degrading. men are the ones always saying "suck my dick". they see sex as a power game. has she ever seen the way blowjobs are portrayed in porn? it isn't a loving exchange. it's violent and humiliating even in the more tame pornos. because that's what men like. you can't blame women for seeing porn and not wanting to be humiliated like that.

that makes sense, now that I think about it.

No. 496478

>If your man is out of your sight travelling a lot for his job its extremely likely that he's buying women.
this this this, i don't care how "dignified" his job is!

No. 496497

Men have so much empathy for other men for the dumbest fucking reasons yet they crack jokes when women are raped and murdered etc. It is getting really hard not to be angry about this.

No. 496556

You can tell a coomer millennial made this up imagining what he'd be like at that age, as if a 93 year old still masturbates and as if he did he wouldn't have been using his imagination all his life due to starting in like fucking 1938 and not find it impossible without an internet video like the author does.

No. 496663

File: 1576861625956.png (85.51 KB, 1106x500, 13344244422.PNG)

GC reacting to the JK debate was a trip. Anyone see that weird "preferred pronouns are ablest" post there?

No. 496688

I'm gender critic myself but this is embarrassing behavior. That subreddit is a cesspool of faggotry and cuckoldry anyway. Imagine ~shaking and crying~ because you're too much of a wuss to stand your ground. This sub is full of annoying and often blatantly made up blogposts by middle aged conservative mommys. I almost went libfem reading there because their behavior repulsed me so much.

No. 496690

nta but I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I've also noticed a lot of trad talks too. It just annuls any effort made into being taken seriously by others. At this point TRAs are our biggest allies when it comes to having people wake up.

No. 496745

>I’m single too
Do men ever stop to think maybe women don’t wanna put up with a 40 year old who jerks off to 19 year olds everyday, his dick probably doesn’t even work and he’d probably be super critical of a woman he’d be intimate with’s body because he’s used to 23 year olds with bolt ons and innie berginas and bleached anuses.
It’s absolutely disgusting how porn is being normalized, nobody ever stops to say ,”porn is nothing like actual intimate sex,” or y’all about how it gives retarded men false expectations of what women should look like, and if they do, they are immediately ridiculed and then people talk about ameteur porn or BBW porn like that’s any consolation.
Also that old guy was creepy as shit, his poor dead wife is probably rolling in her grave that her husband is jerking off to barely legal teens in hardcore pornography as a means of coping with her loss. Maybe watch an old wedding tape? Or look at old pics of his wife? Nah that’s disrespectful af. Even getting remarried would be less offensive than just sitting at home being an old gross coomer

No. 496758

File: 1576881661182.png (74.69 KB, 1255x682, uh oh.PNG)

Out of all reddit groups I hate libertarians the most. They're worldview is that the government should have 0 regulation. They believe all corrupt business men are just 'bad apples' or the 'free market' would destroy them if all regulation were removed. You can see were they come from if you calculate in how many dumb laws their are from bureaucracy, lobbies, and laws put in the 20's that simply no longer apply, but the problem is they think pic related is the answer.

No. 496807

If you think theyre bad, just look at the ancaps, theyre like sociopathic libertarians.

No. 496811

and in my experience libertarians are also the most judgmental about how other people live, ironically

No. 496818


Reddit is like the prime example of the kind of people who really shouldn’t be heavily involved in politics or anything where other people’s lives are involved.

Every single political group I’ve lurked on there is always borderline if not full on extreme. They always are the types who don’t want rules or laws, and just seem to want an excuse to act like deranged teens with no consequences.

People like that freak me out so I stopped going to political subreddits because I pray we never are in a scenario where there is nothing to stop weirdos like that from going off.

No. 496839

Disagreeing with what someone is doing, is not the same as disagreeing with their right to do it.

No. 496841

>theyre like sociopathic libertarians.

what other kind is there?

No. 496877

ancaps need to be mercifully put down, but i think libertarians are more dangerous because of the fact that they have a following and young failed men find them respectable thanks to their faggoty thinktanks and millions of dollar poured into their bullshit. ancaps have no such representation. not like their shit ever goes anywhere, but they recruit already selfish young men into their cult and they become even shittier. most young males are libertarians it seems, except for trooned out tards or troon adjacent chasers. and almost all young men in the center or on the right are libertarians, they're just more pragmatic so they vote gop.

No. 496941

>relying on shit sites like 23andme

this is some halsey shit, lmao. basing your ~mixed race heritage~ on suspicious sites that "analyse" your DNA is ridiculous. i think this is an example of how the majority of reddit's user-base are bland and boring people who desperately want to be a part of a minority to feel special. maybe that's why so many of them troon out? after all, 2014 tumblr made it trendy to be a part of a minority.

this post got more than 20 retarded reddit awards.. redditors truly are the definition of cumbrains.

No. 497017

wtf are they expecting the ~free market~ to do about clinical trials? even if things like the fda didnt exist you would still have to test medicines before releasing them, which takes time.

are they ignoring that releasing an untested drug could also lead to people getting killed or are they just blindly shitting on muh ebul gubment

No. 497078

I see what you mean, but I think it's hypocritical of so called anarchists/libertarians like Scrote Molyneux to say they are for individual freedom and then make nonstop tweets all day about how women's only purpose is to have babies.

And some of them take it even further. Orson Scott Card for example is an anarcho communist, hates the government but also thinks gay marriage should be illegal.

I love how people never do any research about these "heritage" DNA tests or learn how they work. If they did, they would realize how unreliable autosomal DNA is and those tests are basically a scam.

No. 497203

Can we add r/adultery to the hate? It's always
>cheated on my wife :( I feel bad and guilty I want to tell her
And everyone else goes

Meanwhile there's this weird fued between them and r/survivinginfedelity because fuck people trying to cope with the loss of their relationship. Or hate the fact that their SO cheated.

No. 497205

Anyone who is not into degenerate sex or who is rightfully repulsed by it is considered a POS on Reddit, especially if they’re women.

No. 497256

Just wanna say that r/nosleep is shit. Just read the top story of all time. You'd just wish that you can take back all the time you wasted.

No. 497257

r/adultery is where men go to whine about how they cheated on their wives after they go to r/polyamory to ask for advice on how to convince their big meanie wife to let them fuck younger women. Both subs are pure cringe.

Nosleep is honestly just a contest of people trying to out edgelord each other, like people who really don't understand that gross and gory =/= scary.

No. 497282

The best thing I've ever read on nosleep was a story called "Lippy" about a girl who hates her big labia and gets bullied for it so she cuts it off but it looks even worse now and one of her friends gives her a special potion or drink or whatever so it'll grow normally but once she drinks it, her labia keeps growing and growing and growing and at the end she's in the hospital and her labia fills up the entire room.

No. 497319

I remember that one, it was by iia. He doesn’t seem to post on nosleep anymore unfortunately, but his stories were pretty good and creative compared to the endless pile of darkweb / scary kid / skinwalker / tall pale humanoid with creepy smile - related trash that this sub has become.
Also, his stuff was short and effective, which imo was the spirit of internet creepypasta, not the drawn-out, 26-part soap operas that took over nosleep at one point (to be fair, I’ve checked out long ago, maybe people stopped doing that shit by now). Those always ended up shitty, no matter how interesting the premise was at the beginning. I remember particularly hating that tommy taffy series where the author had an incredibly dramatic writing style, obviously trying to tug at your heartstrings and idk, maybe it’s just me but it was so ridiculous to read stories about a supernatural plastic pedo man that were written like cringy lifetime movies. They’ve always got a shit ton of upvotes, sure enough.

No. 497601


No sleep and Let’s Not Meet used to be a lot better before they got featured in all those youtube narrator videos a few years ago. It seemed to go downhill after that.

No. 497625

File: 1577125406483.png (170.21 KB, 1078x1465, Screenshot_20191223-191944.png)

>bdsm helps abuse victims
Whoa whoa whoa, hol up there

No. 497626

People keep parroting that sick lie that kinksters made up to to tell abuse victims so they can lure them in as easy prey.

No. 497955

File: 1577210799772.jpg (334.89 KB, 714x4635, 277xd6xewh641.jpg)

no one that argues with a man like this comes out looking like the winner, so why post the evidence? yes, men are shit but there really is no point in showing them you care so much.

No. 499420

File: 1577694866544.jpg (237.82 KB, 1024x1023, 1577560690114.jpg)

Rise up gamers!!

No. 499424

40% of cops families have domestic violence in US. So you really shouldn't date a cop.

No. 499427

Yup. Law enforcement in general. Also military. Never date an ex marine or a veteran.

No. 499429

Thats some of the most pathetic cuckquean behavior I've ever seen. The fact that she posted it to brag about how she totally destroyed that scrote makes it even worse. She's not the winner here. He couldn't give less of a fuck about her and it shows in his reactions. She might as well be the dirt under his shoe. This is why we stay loosing when it comes to males. Because we pull shit like this and genuinely think we have the upper hand in the situation.

No. 499588

it would've been better not to answer at all. devoting this much time and energy responding to an asshole who clearly isn't going to read all that shit is uhhh not empowering or a win

No. 499592

Ouch. I wish she would have just blocked him, she practically served him the power over her on a silver platter with a wall of text like that.

No. 499654

My Dad has severe PTSD from both his own childhood and it got exponentially worse when he joined the military. He's an angry, bitter man who has emotionally abused me my entire life and then used money and gifts to make me feel guilty whenever I challenged him. Do not date military men, if you want a future with them you will not be their only victim.

No. 499692

File: 1577778777354.jpeg (283.26 KB, 750x904, 07F20114-350F-4D12-A9F9-5A3348…)

i can’t sleep so i decided to go looking for more reasons to hate reddit as if there weren’t enough already and, call me late, but it’s so fucking weird that there’s an entire group of people who post their dying/dead family members while the body is still warm just to farm karma. who the fuck does this ?? case in point, pic related was deleted before i could see the photo but honestly that’s a good thing because wtf

>my wife is fucking dying

>better post to “well that sucks”

No. 499774

File: 1577808246916.png (115.84 KB, 950x738, moidgonnamoid.png)

> woman goes to college, hooks up with guys, tries anal, doesn't like it
> gets engaged years later at 26
> Scrote from college joins fiances work and tells him she slept with him, did anal etc
> instead of being mad at scrote, fiance gets mad she won't do anal with him
> She says it feels degrading, doesn't want to do it
> Considering leaving her
> Reddit help
> Reddit: Do anal you lying whore.


No. 499775

lol wtf is this post. The sad reddit robot with the /r/wellthatsucks and then "MY WIFE IS DYING" like jesus dude get off reddit. Someone posted his dying sister to /r/pics the other day, too.

No. 499779

Whaa?? There are some classic nosleep stories and many with 0 gore involved. I like horror shorts no bully.

No. 499782

Imagine being engaged to someone who would suddenly consider leaving you over anal sex. Women should just share every single second of their life before they met you, otherwise they're liars who keep secrets and you as man can leave her whenever you want and nobody can blame you for doing it. Fucking retarded

No. 499784

So many women have had anal sex out of pressure and didn't like it. Apparently if you've tried it once you have to tell every partner about it and are also obligated to do it on demand.

This is pissing me off so much because the fiance should have been straight on his way to HR after that shit to put in a complaint, not going home and fucking screaming at this fiance over her trying something sexually 6-odd years ago. The absolute state of men.

No. 499788

> It is about attraction also. Attraction facilitates wetness, muscle relaxation and loosening of inhibitions, all of which are relevant for someone's consent and enjoyment of a sexual act.

oh i didnt realize when you’re sufficiently aroused by someone your asshole self-lubricates to accommodate anal sex. lmfao.

>This is absolutely correct. The problem many posters here have is that they are trying to apply purely rational logic to a purely emotional issue. It does not matter whether it is rational or not that we get jealous that a wife or fiancee performed more/different sex acts with another man than us, it just drives us crazy. We EMOTIONALLY feel cheated and emasculated, she can explain all day long that she does not want to do it with us because it is uncomfortable or degrading in this case but in our head all we hear is a endless loop of she was willing to do it for him even if it was degrading but she is not willing to do it for me and he didn't want to marry her and I do/did. This is an enormous emotional hit and very emasculating. People here saying he should just get over it have no idea what is going through his head right now.

…..so if you EVER have anal sex with a single man you’re then obligated to have anal sex with every subsequent partner even if you find it painful and degrading otherwise he’ll feel cheated and emasculated? holy shit men are retarded. if they’re truly this irrational and lacking in empathy they have no business being in a relationship in the first place. imagine your partner explaining to you that they’re not interested in a certain form of sex because they find it painful and degrading and just selfishly fixating on “but she let another man degrade her!!!”

No. 499797

This post is highly upvoted, like this is how men FEEL. They TRULY believe their emotions are more important than a woman's physical comfort. And more importantly, they would gladly inflict discomfort and pain on their partners to soothe their own fucking egos. This poor woman right now, I know we dunk on pickmes a lot and they're annoying as shit, but this is how they're created in a lot of circumstances. Women that get their boundaries worn down until it's just easier to not have any.

No. 499813

and yet that same subreddit will shit all over women who leave their boyfriends because the bf visited prostitutes in the past

people on reddit live in a fantasy world where raping prostitutes is less disgusting and less of a deal breaker than having a consensual hook up.

No. 499825

that thread really exposed how sick and perverse male redditors’ (men in general but we’ll leave it at redditors for now) sexuality is. they’re incapable of seeing sex as a mutual activity that people do together. no intimacy, no pleasure. just a man acting on a passive female object and seeing how far he can push her boundaries to satisfy his ego.

also there’s a fundamental contradiction in the way they view women. they want women to be the wild slutty party girl that’s down for everything (choking, anal, threesomes)… but ONLY with him. never with any other man. they want the madonna and the whore all in one.

No. 499829

>They TRULY believe their emotions are more important than a woman's physical comfort. And more importantly, they would gladly inflict discomfort and pain on their partners to soothe their own fucking egos.
That's the name of the game. Your physical discomfort is second to a scrotes feefees and ego. Unbelievable. I hope the act of anal dies in obscurity. It's not pleasurable, it'll never be pleasurable and men who do it admit that it's just a power trip in hurting women.

No. 499844

File: 1577829877270.png (398.46 KB, 500x499, avrnn9.png)

Men are NEVER fucking honest about their pasts in my experience, but yet you have to give them an itemized list of every sex act you tried with every partner lmao. It's none of hs business what she did years ago in college with some guy.

The answer to "Let's do anal" should always be "you first". It'll die a quick death.

No. 499876

It's over for that relationship, don't think your ex fiance's coworker calling you a slut with evidence is something you can walk back on

Time to move to a new city and start afresh

No. 499893


> also there’s a fundamental contradiction in the way they view women. they want women to be the wild slutty party girl that’s down for everything (choking, anal, threesomes)… but ONLY with him. never with any other man. they want the madonna and the whore all in one.

I have noticed this as well and it strikes me often as a precursor to sexual violence.

No. 500003

>she was willing to do it for him even if it was degrading but she is not willing to do it for me
>for him
>for me
Really says it all that it's something they see is done 'for' someone rather than 'with' someone. It's just like >>499825 wrote.

No. 501238

File: 1578171749240.png (25.18 KB, 360x291, EMtXRHsU8AAE-eV.png)

I don't know why the fuck I just had an argument with a pedo on r/danganronpa about whether or not it's okay for a 15-17 year old guilt tripping/total victim artist to draw porn/fetish shit of characters that appear as high school students.

Their bigbrain arguments:
>japan and danganronpa sexualize minors anyway, see lolis and DR characters, muh pixels
>it's not illegal to draw it and there's no real laws to enforce minors drawing porn
>your lack of faith in humanity that people would molest a child after looking at that

No. 501262

The recent stuff regarding Lia Marie Johnson and her creep producer made me hate reddit more. Whenever you search her on there, pretty much every thread is sexual in nature. Even her subreddit (which I naively thought was a fan one for her music) is full of these fucking cumbrains. Most of these men don't care that she's being exploited and is very clearly not in a good place or with good people, they just want to fucking nut and it's gross.

Idk, I know reddit is revolting but this specific instance has really bothered me.

No. 501267

Its a continuous pattern, almost like there's a ring of pedophile producers/executives who pass around child stars and eventually they all break down mentally from the sexual abuse. Every single fucking time.

No. 507574

thread unlocked. do not post pink pill or gender critical shit in here

No. 507758

File: 1580148273973.png (13.82 KB, 785x147, 4636656.PNG)

NoSleep users go insane with the amount of parts they can add to a story

No. 507906

File: 1580175997270.png (57.87 KB, 750x358, moron.png)

Bernadette Banner is a youtuber who makes high quality historical costumes.

Someone stole a photo of a costume that she made to sell a cheap Chinese knock off of it. A dress based on a painting that she hand sewed. She made a video where she ordered the cheap knockoff dress to see how low quality it was. In the video she talks about how low quality Chinese clothing and fast fashion are bad because 1) the way the factory workers are treated (spoiler; extremely poorly) and 2) how fast fashion is bad for the environment.

So of course some moron on Reddit accused her of being a cLaSsIsT IdIOt. Because it's not the poor factory workers who work 100 hours a week and pass out because they're not allowed breaks, right? It's the middle class Americans who can't LARP in the absolute best attire. God this pisses me off so much.


No. 507909

I hate this sooo much. I love/d NoSleep because I'm a sucker for mediocre/bad creepypasta but these 300 parts ruin the sub. I just avoid them altogether if I see a (Part 1) attached to the title.

No. 507922

It’s crazy how much people love these really bad writers. Fifty part stories about child abuse or a spooky door. It’s like fan fiction but for people who only watch horror movies.

No. 507928

anon ffacj is a circlejerk sub, that post is satire…

No. 507930

ah, I'm not familiar with that subreddit

No. 507934

File: 1580182178269.png (71.08 KB, 714x479, 9.png)

tbf i wasnt the only one

No. 507937

I see, I don't blame you after reading those comments kek, some of them seem lost.

No. 508154


i cannot fucking STAND nosleep stories that have more than 3 parts. i almost never click on any story that has (part 1) in the title. it seems like it’s been trendy recently to write the longest fucking stories on nosleep lately, since that’s all i’ve been seeing lately. which is a shame because i actually enjoy r/nosleep somewhat.

No. 508224

File: 1580250377183.png (76.94 KB, 920x547, autism.png)

why do the most retarded posts always get the most likes?

No. 508268

Man, I wonder how many actual books this person reads. The book I'm reading suffers from the complete opposite; it feels like it was written by a robot.

No. 508288


This person should try talking to an actual writer of some variety, they will find long logical monologues are indeed a thing.

No. 508730

r/truerateme is dumb
If you rate anyone higher than a 6, you get banned. The number system is stupid but the advice they give can be good. It's just the number system.

No. 508746

File: 1580394735568.png (144.62 KB, 1029x937, 4565656.PNG)

Gosh /r/sociopath us full of cringe. Even worse when someone with e legitimate aspd diagnoses goes there looking for help, but they get cringe like 'embrace ur dark side!1!'.

No. 508778

They have to be a 14 year old boy who just watched death note and thinks he knows philosophy
They have to be

No. 508781

File: 1580405491564.png (76.98 KB, 1042x364, wrwtr453.PNG)

Both of his examples literally faked documents saying they were safe to the public and doctors.

No. 508881

That sub is such a cesspool.
ASPD is rarely diagnosed, When it is the person has to have a prior diagnosis of conduct disorder and is usually incarcerated/has to do court order therapy sessions. Cluster b’s usually never seek out professional help because of their lack of insight and malignant narcissism. (with the exception of bpdfags, they were their disorder like a badge of honor ).
The people claiming to be diagnosed are most likely lying.

No. 508882

>with the exception of bpdfags, they were their disorder like a badge of honor
whoop there we go again

No. 508947

side tangent but am I the only one who can't stand bernadette banner? I really like the idea of her channel and I want to like her videos but she tries to talk like she's in a goddamn charles dickens novel, over enunciates her words and goes out of her way to use the british terms for things when she's american and it just feels so incongruous. she also just seems kind of generally smug. I still watch her sometimes but I prefer angela clayton.

No. 509163

File: 1580505024004.png (108.67 KB, 666x700, childfreesperg.png)

You guys. I went to a kid's movie and there were a bunch of KIDS there and they were acting like kids!!! How dare they


No. 509165

File: 1580505105789.png (101.03 KB, 667x695, childfree2.png)

here's the rest of it

No. 509169

They don't deserve sympathy. Any one with sense that if you want a peaceful time watching a childrens movie, you go early in the morning on a weekday, when children are at school or you don't go at all.

No. 509177

File: 1580508979339.jpg (235.24 KB, 1067x975, Screenshot_20200201-071606_Red…)

Imagine being so greedy complaining about a damn gift

No. 509179

File: 1580509014612.jpg (313.4 KB, 1078x1346, Screenshot_20200201-071622_Red…)

No. 509181

I actually think this one is to too bad. It is a weird gift lol.

No. 509185

Tbh I agree, photos of your kid is not a gift for a friend.

No. 509187

I'm going with the reddit poster on this one. There is no reason to send baby pictures to someone that doesn't actively want them. The only people who would appreciate such a thing are the grandparents of the child or something. The gifter sounds like some kind of narcissistic that wants the world to care about their child as much they do.

No. 509189

part of me believes that the couple asked for bdsm kink related stuff i mean i wouldnt put it past reddit users kek

No. 509191

This is fine. I'm not even child-free but I think it's really obnoxious how some parents assume you just want pictures of their kids, especially if they aren't related to you.

No. 509193

Lmao. I wouldn't even reach to say she's a narcissist or an imposing parents or whatever.

The gift is CHEAP. The truth is she got a bunch of those prints in bulk at a discount and thought the duplicates would make great "gifts" at holidays so she doesn't have to spend time and put effort into giving someone something meaningful or useful.
I would have given the pictures back and told her to give them to her aunties. I hate low effort 'friends' like that.

No. 509197

why can't she shop for those 'non child friendly' items online? why is it such a bother? What a weirdo
Not too bad? I think it's a truly awful gift unless the friend is on a level of godparent.

No. 509198

I would rather no gift than a friend be dumb enough to think photos of THEIR baby is an appropriate gift in any way. Imagine being that thoughtless and self involved.

No. 509199

> The gifter sounds like some kind of narcissistic that wants the world to care about their child as much they do.

They’re probably infatuated with their child, as they very well should be, not everything is immediately narcissism. It’s like how people will constantly share photos of their pets, do I look like I give a shit about how much fun Fifi had at the dog park the other day? No, but I’ll still indulge you because I know you deeply love your pet and people like to share what brings them joy.

No. 509203

Samefag, but I’m not saying that the gift wasn’t shit, more so that people sharing photos of their child isn’t in some way narcissism, and the only way I can see someone coming to such a conclusion is if they have a double digit IQ

No. 509207

I get that people are infatuated with their child, but most have enough common sense to realize a bunch of pictures of their baby is not an appropriate Christmas present for their friends.

I think I'm not alone in saying I'd rather not be given anything than a shit gift that will uselessly clot my place.

No. 509229

While it might not be narcissism it does show a lack of self awareness. Everyone thinks that their child is the cutest and likes getting complements. My friends and I all send each other pictures of our children and pets, sharing moments like that is part of being friends. The difference is that I understand that thinking a picture of my daughter eating ice cream is cute and funny doesn't mean that they want it framed as Christmas present.

No. 509230

File: 1580517528334.jpg (45.11 KB, 708x708, endgamelisa.jpg)

The build up to Avengers Endgame was hilarious, redditors were getting mad about the possibility that children might be there

No. 509265

File: 1580529023381.gif (944.9 KB, 500x269, 4848117.gif)

>Don't bring children to this PG13 movie about a talking raccoon and people in colorful spandex fighting a giant purple space alien with magic and time travel

No. 509272

Theres a running theme with /r/childfree and people upset that they children dare like the same legos, cartoons, disney, and super hero movies as them.

No. 509343

File: 1580560748154.jpg (61.02 KB, 1078x296, Screenshot_20200201-213614_Red…)

the most annoying thing about reddit is that they act like basic shit like this is worth a psa post.
They take the most basic info and act like its some big hidden gem that only they themselves know.

No. 509347

What a dramatic and dragged out telling of a very mundane story.

I went to one of the Iron Man films years ago and someones fussy/bored 2 year old ruined it for me, I can't imagine writing ten paragraphs ranting about it though

No. 509357

What's worse? The idea that all of these adults would willingly go and pay for capeshit/military propaganda or children acting like children?
The real fucking shame is here is paying for absolute mind garbage and feeling like you have a right to say anything after.

No. 509362

I just felt bad that a 2 year old was expected to sit still on their lap for 2 hours. People ruining films by being noisy (kids and adults) is such a mundane thing that the length of the rant says alot about the person

No. 509364

This doesn't seem all too different to giving your friends a framed photo of yourself as a gift.. I can only really imagine grandparents appreciating baby pics as a gift

No. 509446

File: 1580579533302.png (108.82 KB, 918x1427, RedditLego.png)

No. 509464

They might actually be autistic. The lego obsession, buying two of every set to keep one pristine, playing pokemon go, being caught up on having set rules in writing and not seeing other peoples point of view.. textbook autism

No. 509467

It should be noted that this was OP's first and only post, so its likely a troll

No. 509468

Yeah they sure managed to tick every box in the 'I have autism' list, conveniently

No. 509479

I can imagine some smartass teeanger laughing as he writes this shit, proud of himself tricking these sad losers into agreeing with him

No. 509491

File: 1580583895374.jpg (7.57 KB, 229x220, 1462877164615.jpg)

>be an adult
>have childish interests
>get mad when children enjoy hobbies and media meant for them
This can't be real.

No. 509504

Seems to be a running theme that alot of these childfree rants come from people in their twenties who act like big children themselves

No. 509506

this has been my theory all along. they hate kids because they no longer are kids.

No. 509526

idk, that sounds pretty reasonable. some children dont have the patience and attention span to sit still quietly for +3 hours. i remember being forced to sit through long events as a kid and it felt like torture lol.

No. 509528

File: 1580590801010.jpg (57.3 KB, 1125x420, 46447737.jpg)

The only difference between a child ranting and a childfree person ranting is unironically the grammar

No. 509596

but it does kind of suck that they can't enter without a kid…

No. 509603

Its common policy for children's spaces. No adult without a child and no child without an adult. And there's a designated time for adults to enter, so its not like you can't go at all. God forbid OP wait a few days to go see his precious plastic bricks.

No. 509621

I can't wait for a vitriolic reddit post from the OP who goes to see The Wiggles perform live and gets ass hurt because the entire audience consists of parents with their children.

Even then he goes straight to blaming kids for ruining his life over a policy that they have zero control over. Blame the owners of the establishment if anything.

No. 509659

File: 1580612085964.png (71.92 KB, 1012x473, 323534665.PNG)

>Brenda get your kid the fuck out of my wiggles concert, don't you see the 18+ poster?

No. 509662

File: 1580612485239.jpg (91.61 KB, 958x1309, 3456575575.jpg)

Do they find sacrificing only one hour to a band that doesn't even make bad music so unbearable? Also why are they so bad a budgeting? I mean you can't travel 24/7, but if you can afford to travel 24/7 without kids you can afford to travel at least once or twice with them.

No. 509664

Loads of people who don't even have kids can't afford to travel, why are you talking like budgeting is the only factor in whether or not someone can afford luxuries?

/r/childfree is full of assholes but no fucking surprise they can be obnoxious when not having children gets you accused of having a 'failed human life' on the regular. Making fun of parents at wiggles concerts is hardly an insult in comparison.

No. 509665

I had to look it up, but the place he's trying to go is actually an activity center for kids, kind of like a children's museum with Legos. Not surprising they don't want a bunch of weirdass adults loitering. Having an adult night makes sense because adults might want to look at the displays, but not deal with a bunch of screaming kids.

No. 510033

File: 1580720666096.png (413.14 KB, 2194x1198, Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 12.5…)


The most upvoted post on r/subredditdrama at the moment is one "calling out" TERFs for being "bigoted" and mean towards a supposed transperson. The post that was supposedly brigaded by the evil TERFS was a poorly-taken pic with shitty-applied eyeliner and nothing else, yet it managed to garner 7k upvotes and multiple awards. The trans person in question has a username with the word sissy in it, posts suggestive comments about younger trans people–basically someone who's clearly a fetishist to anyone who isn't a "woke" Tumblrina.

Also, one look into the SRD OP's pathetic post history suggests that he's a sexist incel himself with a victim complex. People think the thread was made not because he cares about transphobia or whatever but because he hates "radical" women.

Pretty milky overall. Apologies for the shit crops.

No. 510034

File: 1580720792604.png (1.81 MB, 1282x1448, Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 1.06…)


Original r/MUA post. Taken from http://archive.is/6g56D

No. 510035

File: 1580720836778.png (453.09 KB, 1824x1488, Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 1.04…)


A peak into the SRD OP's post history.

No. 510045

Jeez, it's not even a female-only subreddit. Reddit is so funny when they get political, they build all these text walls, but it's like, you guys… you know you're all still on the same website, right

No. 510051

Most of the negative comments aren't even terves. Some are calling him out for being a sissy fetishist, most are just rightfully pointing out that this old fart is getting ass kissed simply for applying some shitty ass eyeliner. Disgusting how insincere and coddling they are when there are so many talented young women creating works of art on their face. Beautiful eyes MY ASS.

No. 510054

Yep, many of the deleted comments aren't even outwardly transphobic. This kind of performative wokeness displayed by the mods and some of the commenters is patronizing, embarrassing, and a little fetishistic.

No. 510071


wow..fuck it mask off I guess

Anyway weird (well not really) how this old ham slice got so many upvotes for a shitty eye liner application. It's as if he didn't even try..at all. The bar is still really low on reddit I see.

No. 510087

No. 510365

Further proof that lc is overrun by scrotazoids and pickmes, Women here don’t call each other “femcel” as an insult. I’m sure he’s projecting about the larping too, as posters here are seldom that pathetic and invested in dissenting opinions. Feel like a lot of Reddit style posters are here trying to control the narrative of the site and it’s so pathetic lmao, I don’t want lolcow to lose its edge.

No. 511575

I fucking hate Reddit. I just deactivated my account after giving it a second chance. Nothing but karma farmers, oversensitive and cliquey people, people with vendettas, who employ a personal politics on a fucking online forum and who downvote you every time you get out of character or "code". That place makes me sick, honestly. Sicker than 4chan, lolcow, or any other imageboard has ever made me. I will be so angry if I see someone with a Reddit typing style on here trying to dictate how people here should act. I wish they would all fuck off.

No. 511604

I left reddit twice, both times were shortly after posting something that'd mention I'm female…place is full of male posters who desperately want to rip female opinions apart no matter how small or unimportant the subject matter is

No. 511612

>Reddit typing style
Dumb question but can someone explain what features of a post indicates a redditor typed it?
Like is it the paragraphing or some kind of other formatting or?

No. 511639

Nta but any time I read 'have you no reading comprehension?!' I immediately think of men on reddit lol

Another one is when they write a long post with a ten points and complain when you respond and don't address one out of their ten points. Then say 'aha proof that you have no argument!'

Reddit is male brain

No. 511641

it's mostly formatting. a lot of redditors break up their paragraphs and put spaces between one or two sentences for some reason (probably because it looks longer in the reply box)

No. 511653

>Reddit is male brain
Unironically this. Their style is overly formal/rigid with a smug and almost threatening vibe.

No. 511654

And when they are not trying to do that, they are all attempting to be the (un)funniest human alive.

No. 511682

In order for paragraph breaks on reddit you have to double space. The double spacing only looks good on reddit so whenever it's used on a different site, often 4chan, it sticks out. Double space isn't used in the new browser version any more though.
You can also tell how they talk and what memes they know. Saying stuff like 'karen', 'NEXT!!', 'hold my beer', and so many more are reddit memes.

Any how am I the only one who hates reddit mentioned any place outside of reddit. Anti-vaxx MLM, and aren memes are funny on reddit, but when I see people joking about it out loud, people who've most likely only seen a karen in a meme, it's just cringe.

No. 511707


This is reddit spacing?

No. 512879

File: 1581170343175.png (105.57 KB, 781x664, screenshotAtUploadCC_158117036…)

No. 512880

File: 1581171765009.png (13.18 KB, 531x126, 367798087.PNG)

In defense the op the meme does have a madonna/whore complex ring and it's just a man using feminism as trojan horse for his 'women should be trad thots' view. Of course all the comments miss this and go straight into 'It'S AnTI-SeX'. ask feminism is the most watered down feminism so I don't get why so many dudes are mad at it. They literally stickied a 'feminism helping men' post

No. 513141

I don't know what it is, but I know I can always recognize if a story was written by a Reddit user; r/nosleep ruined creepypasta.
"It's almost like x isn't a hivemind and made of multiple users" always makes me think of Reddit.
The guy who sent/wrote it is probably benevolently sexist in the old school way a lot of boomers are and thinks women are precious and need to be protected. I can understand how annoying and limiting that is, but he's also right that those things are fun, but not empowering. I hope empowering becomes memed out like problematic did.

No. 513150


NTAYRT, but is that a triple space?


Karen is ubiquitous on YouTube and Facebook, and "hold my beer" isn't totally uncommon on them either. I can't speak on Twitter, but I can see them loving "Karen," or Karen-adjacent "Becky." "NEXT!!" is one I don't see very often, though. Mostly, Reddit just makes me think of constant blogposting.

No. 513154


The whole Karen joke was never funny to begin with tbh, in fact it's just annoying. It's way overused which is what happens to almost any sort of reddit joke. In fact now thinking about it I honestly don't get how more people aren't more annoyed with relentless memes that won't stop getting repeated - I know I get so sick of them easily especially since most of them are so lowbrow. What's so funny/smart about using someone else's format over and over again?

No. 513157

File: 1581257312180.jpeg (6.54 KB, 260x194, images (5).jpeg)

Really disgusted by Reddit. After watchpeopledie was banned they created watchpeoplebenomore which was the same as the original. People were delighted the sub was back and cheering for it's return in the replies to a comment (news article post about a mom and baby dying in a car crash)that linked it. In the about section the mods were trying so hard to say their sub falls within the rules and DEFINITELY NOT BAN MATERIAL.

Another post that had me disgusted was video footage from a 2 story bus (idk what it's called) in China when they collided with several cars on the highway. People were terrified in the video, being swung violently around the bus and the footage ends with the bus driver being flung out of the bus and dying. In the Fagddit edit they put Robin Thicke's Blurred lines and paused/zoomed in on the hIlArIoUs faces the passengers were making and how funny it was to see horrified people getting swung around. If those faggots were in that situation, I'm damn sure they would make those "funnyxd" faces too. They were also laughing at the bus driver who lost his life. Keep in mind this was on /videos. Not watch people die. They were meming and mocking victims of a horrific accident.

I can't find those posts anymore. Reddit is full of edgey faggots who think they're special and NOT LIKE THE OTHER NPCS with fucking weird ass fetishes/severe sex and porn addiction. Porn/camgirl pics would clog up the /all page, you couldn't go through the front page without seeing some slut with her pussy and tits out. Reddit used to be fun many years ago, really sad to see it go to shit.

No. 513160

I'm starting to think that the "1 in 4 people is a psychopath" meme is true.

No. 513253

nta but i've always thought these types of antisocial personalities were woefully underdiagnosed, it's just too common to be pathologized. definitely underdiagnosed in men, along with npd. many people are detached losers that actively try to cultivate a more and more fucked up personality. they're trash and should be exiled. they don't have to be this way, they just want to be. male communities especially encourage this.

so sick.

No. 513278

My observation is that all those watchpeopledie and other types of rekt videos mostly come from non-westernized countries. The comments on those videos are usually very dehumanizing. People poking fun at the victim's race, or if it's a woman they make really crass sexual comments on her appearance (while she's fucking dying…). They're marginally sympathetic when it's a child but the jokes and comments still slip through.
Sometimes a video is leaked that came from a westernized country like the US and the comments are so much more empathetic. Why? Because at that point it hits close to home and contextualizes that this could happen to them. But even then some remain just as bigoted. They're sociopathic hypocrites.

No. 513280

File: 1581283240949.jpg (5 KB, 200x229, ezcPqFa.jpg)

>In the Fagddit edit they put Robin Thicke's Blurred lines and paused/zoomed in on the hIlArIoUs faces the passengers were making and how funny it was to see horrified people getting swung around.

I've seen similar shit on twitter! I hate it so goddamn much. I've never understood this fad of having clips of people get seriously injured/dying be put to music because it's "funny". And it's not just accounts that exclusively post that shit, some people slip in awful clips into harmless meme videos but cut it off before it gets real bad. I had seen a vid a man took of a woman who had JUST died from being hit by a car. In the vid you see him run up to her body just so he could film it. Fucking disgusting animal. I felt so bad for her.

No. 513302


lmao I saying the same thing with a relative when we were venting about cruel family member.

In all honesty, I think in general people are just straight up mean more than some sort of pathological issue. People act like jackasses on the internet because it is easy to walk away from the shit you create and you don’t have to apologize for bullying someone you can’t see.

No. 513313

>they put Robin Thicke's Blurred lines and paused/zoomed in on the hIlArIoUs faces the passengers were making and how funny it was to see horrified people getting swung around.
I used to be an edgelord that visited rekt threads on 4chan and I haven't encountered that amount of edge even there.

No. 513362

I forgot to mention both threads were on the front page and the disgraceful comments (both threads) had hundreds to thousands of upvotes.

No. 513448

Let's not forget how these fuckers are



I fucking hate them so fucking much. How many times a sick, sadistic cunt tried to police my language on reddit or a fucking racist and misogynistic retard get mad at me for not believing in their ideas. I hope they all get killed.

No. 513458

File: 1581330362867.jpeg (85.01 KB, 750x457, 7D9A2C5F-C885-47E4-BF7D-4CDC83…)

Another fine example of this is r/eyeblech, a subreddit full of horrific gore and edgelords tricking people into going there instead of r/eyebleach (which is meant for posting cute pictures).
Some of these idiots bragged about it, posting screencaps of comments from people who fell for their epic trolling, but I’m not scrolling through this septic tank of a subreddit again to find an example, sorry.
Funny thing is, there are more purist edgelords coming out of the woodwork, trying to stop this kind of thing to prevent the sub from getting banned, but let’s be real, there’s no way it would be named this specific way if not to troll people.

No. 513579

File: 1581356133856.png (15.61 KB, 864x132, 32536.PNG)

The art thread just reminded me about reddit's hot takes on 'press F to pay respects'

No. 513609

File: 1581363410040.png (22.9 KB, 817x196, PsNjA1y.png)


No. 513627

Why is that website obsessed with that weirdo?

No. 513630

Because he smoked weed once, acts just like them, married their "dream animu waifu" and has infinite amounts of money from being a ceo.

No. 513637

>married their dream anime waifu
Kek, I don’t think Reddit gives a shit about Grimes. Also they’re not married.

But yeah. I do agree that they look up to Elon sempai too much

No. 513648

he shilled himself on reddit. his marketing team is spamming shit about him so people will stan the rocket Jesus lmfao

No. 514069

its fucking annoying. im bpd and its something literally nobody irl knows about me bc it's fucking embarrassing. not to mention all the negative stereotypes associated with it.

saged for blogpost

No. 514081

lmao stop replying to old ass cow posts written by an exposed bpdfag (check meta) being butt blasted about how much people hate you for YoUr diSorDer. you’re just proving why people are annoyed by you and don’t want to be around you, even though you pretend it’s such a horrible cross for you to bear, all you ever do is draw attention to yourselves. it’s as if you were getting paid for it, but you’re not which makes it that much sadder. keep going to therapy nd try not to expose yourself so much and life will be easier probably

No. 514105

learn 2 read: i havent told anyone irl and nobody but my therapist knows. I take my meds, and I'm just saying, its fucking annoying seeing people display it like it's a cool 'quirky' personality trait pissed me off.

also the post wasnt that old.

No. 514244

File: 1581516386939.png (51.98 KB, 874x461, 34666777.PNG)

>Stop posting your unpopular opinion on unpopular opinion!

No. 514248

r/unpopularopinion became so big that most posts are mainstream ideas almost everyone has, but can't say IRL because of common sense. The real unpopular opinions are found in small subs.

No. 514262

every second post in that subreddit is just "(insert why is X race racist towards white people?)" - "(insert racism)" - "(insert something absolutely bigoted but the person who wrote this makes themselves out to be the victim and hurr durr why is everything just so unfair?!)"

it's been basically ran over by bigots crying over not being able to do ugly things anymore or extremely edgy manchilds who now discovered atheism and decide to shit on every single religion out there

No. 514375


Proof that LCD types ruin everything.

You almost wish you knew what these poor sad fucks looked like so if you saw them walking down the street, you would cross it.

No. 514572

File: 1581626262410.png (102.82 KB, 912x592, 4576778.PNG)

reddit's real strength is finding the cool girls

No. 514575

I've seen a lot of men and women say this and it's not even true if you think about it. Lots of things are easy but you don't get shamed for them. The real reason women get shamed for being "slutty" is so men could be sure of paternity and to control women's sexuality (because women's sexuality = child birth).

No. 514578

Reddit sees the world in black & white

No. 514588

Some of these people just place way too much importance on sex and the acquisition of it, instead of actually going out there and getting some. They're trying to intellectualize something which is just biological instinct.

No. 514603

Lol their mating pool is smaller? Where? China?

No. 514874

exactly. sleeping around being easier for women only explains one half of the double standard. it only explains men getting high fives. it's no excuse for the absolute vitriol that women get for sleeping around.
if it was just about the relative difficulty of the sexes doing things, you would see similar patterns way more often. where are the men being verbally abused for going to the gym and high fived for being caretakers? after all, the former comes easily to them and the latter doens't.

No. 515034

Why is she acting like she just cracked the code here? I mean she's wrong but this is also a pretty popular theory on 'slut shaming' that everyone has already heard a million times

No. 515048

File: 1581773873982.jpg (495.5 KB, 1080x2104, Screenshot_20200215-083621_Syn…)

"Hey guys, woman are so fussy, am I right? Show me stories of women being unreasonable children!"

Fucking awful.

No. 515057

> "oh hun that's not the drink I asked for"

.. Better tell the internet about this bitch!!

No. 515059

evian DOES taste like piss

No. 515069

This could have been prevented if they just asked their gf what they wanted instead of assuming.

No. 515222

File: 1581818114315.png (13.76 KB, 876x109, huh.PNG)

No. 515245

>Someone told me that you feminists know what it's like to be a 24 year old virgin
And people wonder why so many other sites make fun of these redditors and their insanely low sense of self-awareness.
>I thought younger girls/women were the least forgiving and most picky, but it seems my entire perception of reality may be warped.
Yikes. This is telling.

No. 515332

File: 1581864972969.png (1.63 MB, 1440x1744, Screenshot_2020-02-16-09-52-04…)

From the front page

>Haha my gfs dead fetus looks like this WITCHER REFERENCEXDXDXD

Fagdditors are making oh so funny comments about the dead baby. I'm glad the baby was miscarried, it was saved from a life with that shitty person as a father.

No. 515335

Honestly I think that culture is more obnoxious if anything, worse than dead baby jokes. A lot of redditors are escapist nerds but still, I'm finding a lot of comments in unrelated topics that call back to a fucking video game reference.
They are so damn obsessed, like crack addicts who constantly think about crack. Everything's gotta be about crack/video games.

No. 515337

that entire sub is a joke on how retarded gamers on reddit are. please check your tism

No. 515344

Anons, please check where you're getting your screengrabs. They're literally making fun of reddit's attentionwhore and love for game. If you ever visit /r/gaming, that's literally the type of posts that will be posted.
I hate Reddit as fuck, but I don't want to hate them over fake shit. Anything that has CircleJerk in the name is pretty much making fun of the sub.

No. 515507

How about kys ?

No. 515533

Man goes onto feminism sub and essentially asks > so ladies how do I get my dick wet?


No. 515640

Thanks for speaking the truth Anon, I didn't know that subreddit was satire.

No. 515773

>dead baby

it's a fetus

just an inanimate object so the miscarriage shouldn't be a big deal

No. 515774

A miscarriage is sometimes an emotional and traumatizing process for the woman who was pregnant, they’re sometimes painful and you have to just wait for it to pass through like a painful heavy period. It’s not just an “inanimate object”.

No. 515799

I agree same with the "Kyle" jokes - WE GET IT HE'S WHITE TRASH AND LIKES MONSTER

No. 515836

No. 516582

File: 1582230004950.png (196.49 KB, 881x631, Capture.PNG)

/r/banned and /r/justunsubscribed are sometimes full of abuses of power, but it's often the most victim complex 'what do you mean I was racebaiting?' or 'let me play devils advocate' retards who get to the front. The funniest post was the dude who couldn't understand why a sub with a history of being raided by conservatives would ban a dude named 'magacentrist' on sight

No. 516665

Kyle jokes just feel super classist

No. 516718

eh idk, in my experience it’s more just to dunk on neckbeardy guys who say creepy shit in our DMs, and losers on tinder who show off their blatant misogyny just as proudly as their lack of personal hygiene.

No. 516726

File: 1582271755477.jpg (37.17 KB, 450x378, kyle.jpg)

most Kyle jokes I have seen just seem like rehashed white trash jokes, not at all a referencing an internet neckbeard type

No. 516731

wtf are you talking about? jeremy kyle has nothing to do with "kyle" memes. kyle is just a middle class annoying douchebag that likes energy drinks. kyle has nothing to do with being low income. also, white trash is truly a state of mind nowadays. a lot of white trash i know are pretty well off.

No. 516732

Not that anon but imo kyle jokes are about douches who have anger problems and rage whilst playing xbox. That could be classist but i never picture some poorfag white trash when seeing Kyle somewhere.

No. 516874

kyle refers more to white dudes who live on welfare not "middle class" lmao

No. 516878

WTF is going on with this guy's tongue? It's fucking triggering

No. 517501

I hate that I can't search the name of a female cartoon/anime character, female pop star, and basically any person that resembles a girl/woman without finding pornographic results with nasty titles in the first few pages. What's worse is that this happens when you look up underage girls as well. Hate that I have to use a manosphere term but it deffinitely applies in this case: Reddit is truly a coomer-infested hellhole.

No. 517502

this. any time I've ever been on a porn site I see ads for family guy porn, sometimes it's lois and sometimes it's meg. I think meg is like 16?

No. 517503

Same for western media, especially if the IP involves children. I have to DDG in safe search whenever I look up fanart of anything nowadays.

No. 517504

Should have clarified that I was referring to Reddit specifically. The difference between Reddit and those porn sites is that Reddit is supposed to be more family-friendly and inclusive (but that's clearly not the case kek), whereas a porn site is gonna have NSFW shit. I agree with you but what you said is more of a discussion to be had in the pink pill thread.

No. 517516

Oh yeah. I don't really use Reddit enough to have seen that. But on a site that has subreddits for barely legal porn and young looking porn and women being choked and watching people die, I don't know why they're trying to pass themselves off as family friendly. It's depressing how much shit is on Reddit which is a normie website, just imagine the shit that people have to go on the deep web for.

No. 517763

File: 1582574150310.png (84.13 KB, 879x426, 4636.PNG)

No. 517772

I miss Yale…

No. 517773

fan fiction

No. 518640

File: 1582773976017.png (393.67 KB, 720x1161, Screenshot_2020-02-26-18-25-27…)

No. 518664

"I tried to casually sexually assault my interviewer (BUT SHE GAVE ME THE LOOKS SO SHE WANTED IT! She LAUGHED you guys). Now I'm worried about my application because clearly this is what this situation is all about, MEEEEEE!!!"

Thanks anon. I'm gonna taste the sweet nectar of this golden reddit thread.

No. 518669

Ok this is officially my new favourite lolcow thread. This shit is for me. I'll bring you milk. Love it.

No. 518677

File: 1582784852017.jpg (280.18 KB, 1600x900, witch.jpg)

why do people feel the need to lie about such obviously fake stories? this was in a youtube video recommended to me. it's an interesting enough story but you can tell from the writing style it's obviously fake. (this isn't the whole story btw, it's a long ass one)

No. 518693

Reddit creepypastas always suck anyway.
They're always way too sensational and blunt with no proper build up, not at all creative and only based on repeating old horror/slasher tropes. If you're over 16, nobody finds that shit engaging anymore. And if it's not baby's first ghost story, it's some artsy faggot's attempt at overdone prose that reads like a bad fanfiction that goes on for like 10 posts. Nobody even attempts to make it believable.

No. 518752

File: 1582802099288.jpg (39.38 KB, 1000x600, qypeqjutq8k21.jpg)

Funny reddit happening depending on where everyone sits on the political scale, but reddit co (the admins) just tried taking over the Donald T subreddit and announced they are choosing new mods for it now.

Meanwhile, activist trans moderators have helped turn usually factual subreddits like science into an anti-thought shithole.

>This photo is strangely relevant to the current condition of r/science on reddit.

No. 518753

FYI, most of those kinds of posters are astroturfers accounts, it went completely to shit after 2017-ish.

No. 519170

File: 1582907422206.png (83.59 KB, 896x830, 45555.PNG)

No. 519195

File: 1582911532697.jpg (11.94 KB, 275x183, 1558298095762.jpg)

>scrotes thinking only they experience post masturbation big brain time

No. 519511

Why is Reddit so obsessed with sex?
Sex questions or stories are ALWAYS on the front page

>I had a huge orgasm from doing kegels, cops where called

Yeah seems believable.

No. 519613

they like humbebragging and showing off constantly, so many of them are just dying to let everyone know about their healthy, quirky, progressive, epic sex lives. and like i get it, i get feeling compelled to overshare when you're proud of something, but why on reddit? it's practically anonymous. no one is going to remember you or be impressed with you. no one is keeping tabs at home on what your kinks are

No. 519692

People do lie on facebook and twitter, it's just easier to make up absurd, far-fetched stories when you're (mostly) anonymous. A lot of them are definitely men pretending to be women. Sometimes it's an obvious young person pretending to be 80+, writing out a dark secret they've held onto for decades. You can't pretend to be any random person on your facebook like you can on reddit.

It's weird how some of these contrived stories get picked up by other news sites. Here's some obviously fake bridezilla story posted on Fox News: https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/reddit-bride-bridesmaid-hair-wedding

No. 520794

File: 1583278573025.jpg (65.46 KB, 640x660, 1ydeb5i3znz31.jpg)

>My manly pseudo science is better than your pseudo science
/r/ carnivore, a subreddit full of people who think humans should eat only meat, is so fucking funny. It full of dude bro's who'd make fun of essential oils cure alls, vegan conspiracy claims, and etc, but if their manly meat diet makes those claims it's a OK. I'm not no crazy vegan, but it's also funny when if you compare their posts and /r/vegans post the carnivores always have the more negative side effects

No. 520797

File: 1583279015714.png (99.38 KB, 855x727, 3445.PNG)

I can't tell if the dude said wikipedia was run by a vegan conspiracy or the weird hate boner for beyond beef is funnier

No. 520799

>It full of dude bro's who'd make fun of essential oils cure alls, vegan conspiracy claims, and etc, but if their manly meat diet makes those claims it's a OK

Haha this reminds me of some people I used to know who laughed at religion and said how stupid and irrational it was but then seriously believed in astrology.

Plus not all protein bars are full of junk. Probably all of the mainstream ones are but there are good ones and you can make your own.

No. 520812

As someone that has been eating a low carb diet for years I do feel that a lot of people miss the point of low carb diets like keto, paleo and carnivore. It's not about cutting out all carbs or shoving as much steak down your throat as possible, it's about having a sustainable diet of natural unprocessed foods. There's a lot of science behind it and it's known to be an effective treatment for various medical conditions but it's not a miracle cure. The main reason people feel better is that a diet of meat and vegetables is more nutritionally complete than a diet of industrially processed foods.

No. 520842

File: 1583292335752.png (71.97 KB, 1090x308, screenshotAtUploadCC_158329233…)

No. 521167


> Haha this reminds me of some people I used to know who laughed at religion and said how stupid and irrational it was but then seriously believed in astrology.

Ugh, I do astrology for fun on occasion and I have run into people like this in the community. They will go off on Abrahamic religions and bitch about monotheism and dogma in the church, but then bully you for not using Placidus houses, preach about how traditional astrology is superior to modern techniques, and write off anyone with hard Pluto aspects as violent and deranged. All the semi-decent astrologers are too shy to speak up, so the whole thing is overrun by autists (usually men) who overly rationalize something that is really meant to be ambiguous.

No. 521591

File: 1583503641596.png (135.79 KB, 911x800, 354535.PNG)

No. 521592

File: 1583503692980.jpg (109.76 KB, 540x1339, smkub2n758j41.jpg)

It was in response to this

No. 522031

Their best excuse for being disgusting and wanting to sexualize children is that it's not illegal, lmao.

No. 522037

>It's outright shaming women to imply that the sudden wave of wanting to cut up their boobs and have pieces of silicone jammed underneath isn't totally natural and just THEIR CHOICE that has absolutely nothing to do with legions of men pressuring them and profiting massively off their hatred of their natural bodies!
>If you don't want women to be shoehorned into an artificially created beauty standard that requires insane amounts of money, time, energy, and major health threats as a result of surgical alteration, you're not feminist!
How are they this stupid?

No. 522039

they're not children. anime loli porn (which is just CP as far as i am concerned) is disgusting, but anime porn of high schoolers isn't really a big deal (certainly not enough to warrant this reaction). i know the whole "they aren't real" thing is a meme, but in this case it makes sense, because the issue with dating/being attracted high schoolers is the manipulation part of the dating dynamic which isn't the same as with literal children.

No. 522131

File: 1583610588055.png (93.17 KB, 927x247, Capture.PNG)

All the redditors coping with 'smart people give birth later' ignoring the link very real link between old sperm and autism. Like the study's title is the kindest way to say autism.

No. 522308

Be patient, these antifa faggots have autism and can't fight skinheads without police protection.

No. 522310

Fagddit is full of child predators and CP apologists, shocking.

No. 522338

Not to mention toxic,low-IQ degenerates.

No. 522344

Sperm banks out right refuse sperm from 35 year old+ men for a reason so they cope with this headline. They can't even handle being told that it's autism

No. 522380

File: 1583651329122.png (576.27 KB, 925x664, freak.PNG)

Found this freak. He's a 'mtf' and lives with his girlfriend, an actual woman, he has been in the military and has worked for SWAT police. He has wondered if his desire to 'change sex' is just a fetish but he was quickly shut down by TRAs. He dresses like mixture of a miserable middle aged social worker and a 1980s matron who hosts jello salad dinner parties in her backyard.

No. 522381

File: 1583651489964.png (368.54 KB, 306x720, freak1.PNG)

Look at that hideous dress. Those sleeves are an eye sore. He looks like a grandma ready to play bingo.

No. 522382

File: 1583651658762.png (928.3 KB, 706x707, freak2.PNG)

I wonder if he's going to call himself Diane, Beverly, Lynne or Doreen? He has a legit grandma fetish.

No. 522383

File: 1583651778632.png (816.8 KB, 943x708, fjjdskfkadfj.PNG)

Yeah he actually went out looking like this.

No. 522386

It's that obvious twinkle in his eye. Like he's getting some kind of thrill from dressing like Bev from the bingo hall. It makes me feel ill.

No. 522387

File: 1583652053312.png (914.88 KB, 679x718, jbbjhkjhkjhkj.PNG)


No. 522388

honestly i can't even complain that much. they're all weirdos but at least he's not trying to be a catgirl and is trying to dress like a human and not a sex doll, hamfisted as his attempt might be

No. 522389

I wouldn't go outside wearing any of those clothes even if I was over 60 and being buried in my coffin. The dress is gut wrenching. The sleeves look like targets.

No. 522391

so i just watched the gabriel fernandez series and checked around reddit to see if people were similarly upset. feeling majorly aggravated that this many lazy, indifferent fucks were specifically in fields that centered around children, it also struck me as odd that the teacher would tell gabriel "yes, some parents do that [hit their children with belts]" effectively normalizing it to him, then only is prompted to "see if i need to report it" when he mentions she'd hit him with it until he'd bleed. of course it only got worse from there and she still didn't appear to respond with appropriate levels of concern.

everyone on plebbit of course is defending, IF NOT PRAISING, her because "uwu you don't know what it's like to be a teacher, she has 30 other kids to deal with!! my daughter is a teacher and it is hard!". disgusting. the social workers and police officers were losers that absolutely should have been charged, but the teacher was a total dumbfuck and a loser and did not do enough, yet anyone pointing out that she's no hero is condescended to. the "nuanced intellectuals" on reddit always have to come out with some bootlicking bullshit, it's so annoying. she wasn't the worst, but her "concern" for this child considering all of his injuries is laughable.

i say this having been a child that was abused and who had multiple teachers who would REPEATEDLY report, check in, make sure their reports went somewhere, and would go well beyond "what their job requires", keeping me in class if they were concerned, calling my non-immediate family members and friends to investigate themselves and not being satisfied with simply reporting, and i'm so glad they did. those teachers made me feel someone actually gave a shit, especially when CPS workers are often cold. there is no excuse. the faux outrage on reddit that's so easily calmed by "teacher here, it's so easy to point fingers!!" is annoying as fuck.

No. 522392

A lot of professionals who work with children don't actually like them, they do it for the power trip so it doesn't surprize me.

No. 522393

You can be damn sure if the parent disagreed with the child's schooling and made the teacher's ego feel wounded she would be straight on that phone with a number of accusations for CPS to investigate.

No. 522496

File: 1583685614739.png (83.72 KB, 864x610, kink.PNG)

No. 522505

Every time I look up the title of a not-so-popular book I end up getting lots of results for tentacle erotica or alien sex books.. there's a stupid amount of that content already out there. I mean how many ways are there to fuck an alien/squid?

No. 522519

File: 1583689224070.jpg (100.97 KB, 785x1231, 7101a5axcaa41.jpg)

I actually mildly sympathized with the OP of that post, but then I went into the comments. Someone posted their book cover.
They knew exactly what they were getting themselves into.

No. 522528

This belongs in the bad art thread.

No. 523677

File: 1583932117400.png (37.65 KB, 1199x342, 45356646466.PNG)

I bet the only time a women initiated a conversation with him was to ask why he's like this

No. 523692


No. 523736

Pure autism, both the art and the story synopsis

No. 523749

This is so funny, it's illustrated like a novel for 8 year olds

Who did this?!

No. 523914

I kind of agree with >>522388 . Like this person looks a bit unnerving but he doesn't seem to aspire to look like some underage girl at least. My sense of style has been objectively worse at times and at least they're not trying to appear younger.

>been in the military

>worked for the SWAT police
>former member of two organizations with high rates of violence against women

Now this is what we should be side-eyeing.

No. 524312

File: 1584034691811.jpg (82.28 KB, 749x531, kiLHEDm.jpg)

As usual Reddit cumbrains only care about le poor oppressed women in le oppressive Arab countries when the girls are young, hot, and there are boobs involved. Otherwise they wouldn't give a shit about anything else that goes on in those countries, like rampant corruption.

No. 524779

File: 1584108390694.png (67.35 KB, 1290x302, 133245.PNG)

The sub is the definition of 'fuck you i got my rights'

No. 526141

File: 1584345958174.png (409.71 KB, 1110x1272, r_relationshipadvice.png)

No. 526181

Just dudes re-enacting the gross porn that they usually keep private. Have heard similar stories before, you offer to spice things up and the guy comes out with some batshit porn-based tirade on how women are all little whores just put on earth to be used.. hard to go back to normal love making after that!

No. 526189

Fuuuucking gross. She just saw the real him. Her first mistake was dating an Indian man. As if terrible men aren't everywhere, you gotta go to groups with the shittiest ones.

No. 526201

I read through the thread and this woman is doomed. If anyone tells her that this is fucked up she's like but…but…but. He's never done this before. But…but…but.
The rare person who says this isn't a big deal and he was just playing a character (like that character is coming out of thin air) she jumps on it with Hoooonestly, that's what I think it is. He's such a good boyfriend usually uwu.
She's giving it a day until she can think about it and then they'll talk meaning she'll say how it was hurtful but she knows he didn't mean it and he'll apologize but not mean it cause. It'll gnaw at her forever until she either leaves or she lets him ruin her life.

No. 526214

ehhh, I’m done believing anything in r/relationships at this point.

>Caucasian female with Indian male

>I told him to be rough
>eliminate the white race

This smacks of a /pol/ tard fantasy about a white whore who betrays her race with a pajeet and also wants him to be a bad boy (because those dirty women never want the nice guys) and then is surprised because he treats her like shit, which of course all eastern men are hardwired to do, even though they act sweet at first. Bonus points for roleplaying as a dumb bitch in the comments to get everyone riled up.

It’s no longer enough for them to rant about it in their own circlejerks so they shit out this type of “cautionary tales” on reddit where people are easily trolled.

No. 526215

It's the same as every woman on here looking for advice when their man does something fucked up, there's this need to preface the post with "oh he's just wonderful and this is the first time he's done this horrible thing"

We make so many excuses for them that we talk ourselves out of having a backbone and everything gets swept under the rug so the man is oblivious and happy while worry festers in our head for three more years of dating the pornsick dickhead

No. 526221

This verbally abusive type of race based domination exists, there's porn out there of blacks abusing whites, vice versa and every combination imaginable

No. 526227

I’m not denying that, but this story is way too similar to a common incel narrative of shaming white women who dare to date men of color. Idk, maybe I’m just jaded because they’re spewing their racist shit everywhere these days.

No. 526230

I'm not surprised Indian men of all men have this fetish, they were obsessed with white skin and envy white people while at the same time resenting that self-hatred so it comes out as this big psychological mess. You have no idea how badly most people want to be white, its a deep and shameful insecurity, but look at what types of surgeries are popular in Asian countries, and skin bleaching too.

No. 527011

File: 1584501291358.jpg (22.29 KB, 640x398, ceJVCI5_d.jpg)


Woman hating Incel undergoes numerous plastic surgeries to look like a model–spoiler alert: he's still an insufferable cunt. If anything his behavior is even worse now that he's somewhat good looking. Look at his comments if you want to see how hateful he is, I'm freaked out after reading his history and his face is really unsettling. He seems like a psychopath that is out to murder people.

No. 527018

>those comical jaw implants
>comments show him rating a bunch of attractive women 3/10

No. 527020

I smell a fag. He should just go eat dick and leave women alone.

No. 527029

I hate when you go on niche subreddits dedicated to like a hobby or tv show and all the top posts are always related to current events or news, even if it's totally unrelated. I'm sick of all these coronavirus memes that having nothing to do with the subreddit getting upvoted, like if I wanted to see that shit i would go to the news, but they just have to infiltrate every single other subreddit. It's not just now with the coronavirus, it happens literally every time

No. 527074

File: 1584511626095.jpeg (38.41 KB, 640x853, D90751E2-499D-4FD5-9777-F2C7AB…)

Lmao his house is literally a dump. I guess he doesn’t care, looking at his post history all his cares about are ONS and hookups. Where is he getting 140K tho for weird orbital bone eye implants and leg length if surgeries and shit?

No. 527097

His looks weren't an issue before the operation (he could probably use styling though) and yet he blew money on a surgery instead of improving himself and his trashcan of a life. Classic incel 'logic'.

No. 527138

lmfao those actually rot and dissolve the underlying bones they're screwed onto

Cheekbone/jaw implants are for literal retards and he's gonna look like a melted garden gnome in 5 to 10 years

No. 527142

Imagine spending 140k to be a mediocre gymlet that will hit the wall in 5 years with no assets to speak of.

He would score more poon by investing or just spending that money on sex lmfao

No. 527313

>somewhat good looking
his new jawline is hilarious

No. 527336

i love it bc it's like a male version of pnp. jawline and cheeks dissolving every few months… how do you live with yourself when your entire facial structure is disintegrating everyday? and manage to be that confident and nasty when it's so fake? unless you're a kardashian that can afford to top that shit up basically on the daily, how can you not feel like shit?

No. 527342

Thoughts on r/gc_woc, seems to be mostly a space to just shit on white women


No. 527383

Whats strange is that he's German and yet has such bad bone structure. I always wondered if I had Germanic heritage based on my cheekbones and jawline but I guess it aint all that hereditary after all.

No. 527463

It’s funny because he admits to watching trans porn and he comments on the femboys subreddit.

No. 527587

He's basically a tranny, that's why.

>Ginger male market failure

>Attitude towards women is distinctly catty
>Elfin bone structure, extremely effeminate features
>Extremely dysmorphic

He should be popping them mones instead of getting bogpilled, which I'm sure he will eventually. Catch him on egg subreddits in a couple years.

No. 527594

Look at that cluttered trash heap he lives in. C'mon ladies, who wouldn't be lining up for this dysmorphic narcissist faggot for the chance to be his maid and servant?

No. 527652

Kek, this guy is gay in denial.

No. 527688

He feels the need to mention that he's totally getting hotter tinder hookups in his catty responses to reddit women, which strongly suggests that he's either getting none or majorly lying to himself. 5 bucks says he's also an awkward twitchy autist in real life, with a body language that would make Jordan Barrett look unfuckable, let alone a fugly filler monstrosity.

Dick is not a benefit in the dating market, it's a liability that needs to be mitigated with positive factors like wealth. A 5/10 can get 20 natty non-manlet gym rats within 5 minutes of signing up on Tinder. Why go for a mentally ill poorfag that looks like a bad taxidermy of those gym rats? No one sober or above 3 would even consider something like this, which is something he could've gotten without getting surged up. It's is however clear that he wants to bang hot babes, and that's when he will slowly begin realizing that they don't give a shit about hooking up with tinder trash for free. In the meantime, his health will begin deteriorating and his appearance will get more and more grotesque. The best outcome for him is to eventually get his 15 minutes of fame on Botched.

Tl;dr F

No. 527704

Looking like a chad, still dying a virgin.Props to him for working out tho.

No. 527710

I've always speculated that body dysmorphia in men primarily manifests as incelism but all I can do is armchair. Psychologists need to start paying more attention to these headcases.

No. 527723

The guys on r/smalldickproblems need to be studied too.

> My dick is small so my whole world view will become distorted in order to cope with being one inch under average length

No. 527732

File: 1584564467035.png (1021.62 KB, 633x885, reddit.png)

Does anyone remember that guy who was karmawhoring his dying wife on /r/pics?

And even after her death, he began promoting his travel instagram @thewanderingwidower

No. 527736

Imagine if the genders were reversed, reddit would lose its shit.

No. 527737

ill take the alogging ban for this
i would singlehandedly fucking brutally murder someone if they did this to me and if i physically couldn’t, i would make sure someone else does
this guy deserves absolutely nothing but pain and misery.

exploiting and profiting off your dead fucking wife. when she clearly can’t consent because she’s fucking basically dead already. unbelievable. someone just fucking kill him already.

No. 527740

File: 1584565296888.jpg (545.57 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200316-013557.jpg)

This subreddit is literally filled with degeneracy and emotional abuse

No. 527745

being in a polyamorous relationship and having children is the dumbest thing you could do

No. 527749

File: 1584565666327.jpg (740.68 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200316-012324.jpg)

No. 527751

File: 1584565696991.jpg (693.69 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200316-012614.jpg)

I feel so sorry for this woman

No. 527754

stop feeling sorry for delusional retards who literally ask to be mistreated just so they can be the Ultimate Cool Girl. if they have kids involved in this, no fucking sympathy, putting your genitalia before your offspring is 100% inexcusable especially when it means you’re exposing them to abuse like half the posts in that sub describe. op is a fucking adult and OBVIOUSLY KNOWS BETTER otherwise they wouldn’t be asking for advice from strangers. again. stop feeling sorry for people who knew what they were getting into and make absolutely no efforts to fucking leave, just complain.

No. 527757

P sure this poster doesn't have kids, and her husband is pressing her into getting an abortion or threatening to leave her, fucking disgusting

No. 527760

idk if i read this wrong but she says she's not currently pregnant so why does she keep sleeping with him despite this

No. 527762

because she’s fucking retarded obviously
yes that’s disgusting, so maybe she should get off her fucking ass and leave him instead of waiting for cumbrain redditors to convince her not to.

No. 527807

Well she is being incredibly stupid. They're fundamentally incompatible but she's hemming and hawing over this relationship because she's holding out hope that someone will tell her the relationship can be saved and that he will change.
He blatantly told her that if shit hits the fan it's abortion or bust. She's setting up their child and herself for catastrophic failure.

No. 527869

File: 1584578031685.gif (307.66 KB, 200x235, 95852367218.gif)

>loving our final moments
Loving what? All of the reddit clout you're going to get? She's fucking dying…

No. 527925

How does this have 40k+ likes???

No. 527935

they feel bad for the guy because his wife is dying and reddit is mostly dog people so

No. 527939

Reading /r/AITA and /r/relationship_advice is so depressing. There's always some post with a female OP describing her batshit manchild partner, but then defends him to the death if anyone says to leave him. "He's actually so great and an amazing partner, I'd never leave him, I just wish he'd cook dinner sometimes as I take care of 5 children, work full time at 3 different jobs, and visit my dying mother in the hospital, but he's such a catch guys"

No. 527945

at least she escaped his trifling ass

No. 528149

I agree, like why the hell does SkincareAddiction have a Coronavirus Megathread? It's not skincare-oriented either, it's literally about "sharing updates". There's an entire subreddit for coronavirus already ffs.
(As an aside, I'm really sick of getting alerts whenever people post sales in the PSA tag on SA. I get multiple alerts daily for stupid shit like "Travel size of Great Value moisturizer 5% off in bumfuck, Minnesota!")

No. 528196

File: 1584628661497.jpg (395.3 KB, 1920x2215, afZU0ok.jpg)

Remember guys, you can always become your own girlfriend if you're ugly and have 0 ambition to do anything with your life.


I see this kind of post very now and then, I'm tired of retarded men becoming a woman as a cop out. Enjoy your regret and severe depression in a few years yall.

No. 528205

Few months on hormones and they are walking around in a lacy bralette like it's a top.. yep totally not just a kink!

No. 528220

bralette with a weird tj maxx flannel button up, no less.

No. 528346

File: 1584643344292.png (75.65 KB, 929x840, grave.PNG)

>HA HA unlike you emotional normies I, the logical robot, can see why we should build over graves
I'm not saying they're wrong, but nothing stops a redditor from showing how 'unaffected by emotions' they are.

No. 528350

they think they are above all of that uselessness and pathos when really they are just too dumb and too lacking in empathy and too exclusively interested in material practical stuff to even ask themselves this question.

No. 528372

>who cares?
Gee, maybe the deceased has descendants who'd care, or maybe historians or genealogists.
For being big brain logic masters they sure can't think rationally for shit and project what they feel onto situations where what they'd do with their own bodies doesn't fucking matter.
>hurr there not gonna be any land left!
Has he never heard of mausoleums where we stack human remains…vertically? Dipshits don't even realize we don't bury every single human corpse side by side into a dirt plot to begin with. Retards the lot of them.

No. 528438

>Lots of space in D.C. on those unmarked soldier graves.
Why was this comment downvoted soo hard, while the original comment (which implied burial grounds shouldn't be off-limits) was upvoted 118 times? Do they believe only certain people should have their graves built on or something?

No. 528461

>Do they believe only certain people should have their graves built on or something?
yes, this is Reddit in a nutshell

No. 528718

Then they wonder why they're lonely, can't get ahead in their jobs, and depressed; because you suck at relating to people and building meaningful connections, you absolute dickheads.
But everyone deserves an ugly poorly designed McMansion to fill with Funkopops and cats, and if you don't agree with that then maybe you're a fascist.

No. 528751

Have you noticed how many redditors are on imageboards now? Their ideas/typing style stand out and they always argue with the userbase of smaller boards.

No. 528757

File: 1584711976073.png (310.39 KB, 1033x838, 2352553.PNG)

A bunch of normies in general are on 4chan because of epic '/r/4chan', 'r/greentext', and youtube videos about 4chan posts. But I am interested in what they argue about anon. Most redditors share beliefs with 4channers subconsciously (le logical redditor and 4channers both share an 'if x weren't successful that means x bad. No third factor like oppression') world view, but to a lesser extent.
Also have you seen the fuckers who sue /r/4chan as a way of getting advice?

No. 528759

File: 1584712166665.png (81.9 KB, 856x489, 32443456.PNG)

Any how the people debating the 4chaners are funny because sometimes they just go strait for the jugular

No. 528762

Some of them are probably enlisted or know someone enlisted. So the thought of soldier's graves suddenly being defiled and deposed strikes too close to home. We're only meant to build over no-name people they don't care about and have any connection to.

No. 528766

I meant small boards specifically, not 4chan.

No. 528788

The 50s jerk off fantasy is so tiring to read. They're absolutely obsessed with power over women and dehumanizing them

No. 528791

File: 1584716744413.jpg (252.76 KB, 2048x2048, uc4f4wsidpn41.jpg)



Mum ain't wrong though. All the plastic surgery and hormones in the world can't make trannies into legit women because they're biologically male. Why is it so hard for them to accept that?

No. 528810

Such an unfortunate hairline

No. 528835

>"Looks more like a girl than most girls in real life!"

Not a compliment. Just goes to show how pornsick men have gotten so desensitized to seeing plastic surgery bodies, a pound of makeup, and filters in every online photo that it makes actual women irl seem less than themselves.
These men don't like women, they only like caricatures.

No. 528840

Not to mention the fact that a woman would be nitpicked to death for having the audacity to think she's pretty on the internet.
If she tried to self compliment all the replies would be tearing her down saying she's only pretty because she got surgery and is wearing makeup, or the photo is purposefully filtered so she's not actually pretty, and how she totally wore that low cut top just because cleavage.

When a man does it, it's all #SLAYQUEENYAAAAAS

No. 528843

Kek at all the comments saying that his mother must be jealous as if it's clearly not the other way around. Seething scrote will die mad about his mommy issues and autogynephilia.
Also love the comments saying "omg yas queen slay your mom must be BLIND!" Hmm, no, I'm gonna trust the input of the sane woman who sees this monster in real life over the braindead cult that's going off of one heavily filtered and carefully posed photo. The picture's not even that good and this is the troon at his best, so imagine how manly and awkward he looks in reality.

No. 528849

To be fair I think most women would look attractive if they got crowdfunded plastic surgery, wore makeup, and took low quality photos with their tops pulled low.

What's he look like without that stuff I wonder.

No. 528851

at least sage your shit if you're going to act like a complete retard

No. 528856

>most women would look attractive if they got crowdfunded plastic surgery, wore makeup, and took low quality photos with their tops pulled low.
>critical towards his looks

No. 528862

do you realize how pathetic you sound?

No. 528866

The best cows come out in quarantine, huh

No. 528868

I'm being critical towards his looks because this is a MAN being propped up for shit women routinely get torn down for. That's the point.


Please distinguish yourself as a separate person, you tried to make it look like you were me and I'm really suspicious of your motivation.
Ugly women are more womanly than a male playing dressup.

No. 528869

You linked the wrong posts, and I wasn't passing for you. This is an anonymous imageboard, moron.

No. 528870

Men get a pass for everything, they make better women than actual women, apparently.

No. 528871

>you linked the wrong posts
I linked the posts addressing you because you decided to butt in to a reply that was only quoting my post with "weh I'm actually an ugly girl and suuuuuper pathetic."
It was sus af. If that's not what you intended that's fine, consider it verification.

No. 528872

You're really making some tranny's appearance all about you? We haven't even seen what you look like.
If you're a woman, you pass as a woman. End of. Unless you're choosing to only see life in porn addicted scrote vision, no amount of bolt-on tits, plastic surgery and horse piss will make him "pass as your own gender" better than you.
Even the fattest, ugliest woman is still female. A man with a fetish and plastic surgery taking highly filtered selfies with his powerful jaw/depressing hairline combo strategically hidden and a pound of makeup slapped on isn't.
If you think he doesn't have to work twice as hard as you would ever have to just to be seen as conventionally attractive, or pass as female, you're delusional.

No. 528874

The anon calling themselves ugly were responding to you and I answered back, defending your claims. How can you not differentiate us when that other dumbass leaves a space everytime?

No. 528876

I'm on mobile and not paying hard attention. Mea culpa, thought the ugly anon was a covert tranny trying to push a narrative so I went on the attack lel

No. 528882

The left pic looks like that face slimming/eye enlarging snapchat filter with the hearts above your head. The pupils are obviously filtered. Women constantly get shamed for those since they're "fake."

No. 528907

>high waisted shorts in desperate attempt to create the illusion of a waist
>fake tits
>long horse-ish man face
>heavy filters in a failing attempt to hide the forehead crevices that could reach the center of the earth


No. 529272

Reddit is full of socially inept retards that make every girl near them want to call the cops. Same faggots who only go for "personality", if and ONLY if the girl is hot. Why don't they ever "orbit" the average or "ugly" girls on their college campuses, even the one shy girl that checks them out they ignore. Their one chance at game and they throw it away, eventually flocking to r/depression, r/SuicideWatch, the like. Cumbrain fucks never learn though they deserve everything that's coming to them.
All the Hollywoodesque surgery and botox won't buy you class and definitely not sex appeal, that 140k probably came from benefits/welfare or fraud, God knows..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 529274

If Social Darwinism were an Olympic sport its hall of fame would be full of trannies.

No. 529280

trust gcfags to be completely unable to stay within their multiple chernobyl containment zones. i realize you’re all retarded and can’t follow basic instructions, and you’re stuck at home and bored, but this is getting embarrassing tbh

No. 529285

>their multiple chernobyl containment zones
Which are?

No. 529293

Imagine sperging about some shit that happened hours ago, where the offending posts were deleted and derailer banned.
Stop trying to shit up the thread. Farmers don't like trannies, get over it.

No. 529473

File: 1584790661407.png (269.22 KB, 1132x998, set31.png)

No. 529474

My sides, this is absolutely hilarious

No. 529549

I wonder where do they always get so much money for plastic surgery from?

No. 529557

either by being rich or having gofuckmes. if you're familiar with the tuna threads in pt, she had a tranny friend and one time she made a bitchy facebook post about how rich he was, so he was able to get so many facial feminization surgeries. (if it wasn't in relation to Tuna bawwing about being poor it would've been kind of based lol)

No. 531163

Don’t you have a diseased scrotum to dilate? Fuck off. Nobody is more retarded than trannies who think they can turn their dicks inside out and become a woman. Everyone feels the same, even and especially normies, who see you as straight up circus freaks. The world is becoming more and more conservative because of degenerates like you and your bullshit. Now fuck off back to Reddit. Everyone here hates trannies.

No. 531164

Sometimes the government pays because they suicide bait, despite it not being directly life saving. Trannies are societal parasites.

No. 531165

He’s probably an emotionally abusive, nasty piece of shit. Almost all trannies are. It is a trait of the mental illness that they all have.

No. 531169

This retard is still going to lose his hair.

No. 531171

Hiding his smirk, phone in hand ready to tweet for sympathy the minute you hear the flat beep. I hope he does. The dog looks genuinely sorrowful because it’s smarter and a more valuable creature than he is. Reddit men are Good for nothing but consuming and playing.

No. 531172

Absolute fucking retard. Money down the toilet when he was perfectly alright looking to begin with. Men are useless, all they do is consume resources and have nothing to show for it. Why not invest your money and get a house,, get a car, but no, he only cares about looks the fucking primate.

No. 531215

He looks worse kek. He went from cute to caricature photoshop meme character. All these incels obsessed with lookism definately have BDD, they either want to be the gigachad meme or an anime girl or they think they're hidious.

No. 531663

soren is that you?

No. 533570

File: 1585454842437.jpg (72.62 KB, 960x745, FB_IMG_1585454587734.jpg)

holy fuck

No. 533606

>muh inner dragon
He dressed that up in a lot of poetic and metaphorical language when he could have just said rape. Tf.

No. 533633

i can see that fat neckbearded retards fedora from a mile away

No. 533695

File: 1585488155080.jpg (35.69 KB, 1080x406, dik78r426n321.jpg)

I swear redditards who dislike Fortnite are way worse than the hypothetical "Fortnite kids" they keep talking about and I truly do not get the Fortnite hate. Yes, it's popular with the kiddos, but it's also just a game like any other. And there are plenty of other games that are just as popular with those kiddos (i.e., that CoD franchise in that commenter's flair). I'm a grown adult who like fortnite , easy-to-hop-into time with friends online, and I play with mostly other adults – youngest in our usual group is 15, oldest is around 34 I think. I've encountered just as many kids in any online game (PUBG, CoD, Siege).

I know Minecraft had a bit of the same reaction, but it feels like Fortnite gets even more flak for being for kids. Is it because it's also cartoony, and they keep updating it with trendy things like dances and outfits to keep it relevant? To me all these things people hate it for (big fan base, updates, unique style) make it all the more fun

No. 533739

i don't get why it's considered cool to hate on kids and things kids enjoy on reddit (and many other social media platforms). literally all of my friends who use reddit groan and complain all the time about how "ugh kids are so evil and annoying" even though they barely interact with them irl anyway? i wish they wouldn't let stupid reddit posts influence their personal views… the funny thing is the same friends are usually active in subreddits which make fun of gullible and ignorant people

No. 533855

Holy fuck, this person actually goes to the same university as me. Have seen them a couple of times in office hours for one of my classes.

No. 534011

Why do moids feel the need to announce what they find or don't find fuckable unprompted? It's not like 1) anyone ever asks and 2) the average scrote actually gets to chose. Pathetic.

No. 534055

It's funny since it's entirely apropriate for 12 year olds to enjoy a colourful and silly game like Fortnite but reddit is full of 35 year olds with their jaw about to detatch from the joy of playing even more childish and goofy nintendo games and have a mental breakdown when their favorite cartoon animals aren't included in the latest pokemon game.

No. 534126

"I can't believe this thing made for children does not appeal to me, a jaded adult coomer!"

No. 535469

File: 1585843295287.png (173.47 KB, 592x499, tumblr_554c400d464ae4e8ab0bdb0…)

No. 535481

File: 1585844556402.png (140.1 KB, 1115x469, Capture.PNG)

Is it wrong that I wold unironically date this guy she described

No. 535485

An autistic workaholic who excessively complains about dog hair?

No. 535487

I don't like dogs, I like working and I really hate celebrating any holidays or social get togethers

No. 535489

I guess if that works for you. He obviously wasn't compatible with her.

No. 535513

Huh? Why? Just get a penpal, no man who puts that little effort towards you needs a title in your life.

No. 535535

a literal autist that puts in minimal emotional effort, yawn. you do you, anon.

No. 535587

this subreddit sounds like shit. he doesn't sound ideal if he doesn't meet the level of contact she requires (i would require the same) and level of affection most people require. they're obviously not compatible, and that's more of a problem than anything. he also doesn't sound that interested, and yeah, she's right, she should be with someone that is genuinely interested and wants to make time for her. i wouldnt be able to put up with op's bf's disinterest and distance.

No. 535604

lmao, even fds women are reddit pickmes. imagine feeling the need to clarify that "this isn't about the money" and bending over backwards trying to prove it when it absolutely should be about the money. also wtf lmfao

>actually wanting the man to stay overnight and live with you without providing

a man will do all that romantic nonsense she likes when he invests material resources in you. if you actually give a shit about useless gestures, get him to invest and he'll start performing them. if you cost him $0 he won't even bother to get you a macaroni necklace because he'll know you'll stay around regardless.

if her moid paid he'd actually be my perfect man, but like i said, they immediately cease being comfortably distant the moment they start paying.

No. 535747

I already posted this on another thread

anyone have this weird almost uncanny valley like feeling when browsing FDS, I assumed it would be a space for women who are a little odd or GNC to find good high quality men and spot out redflags but actually going to thesespaces it just feel like spaces it feels idk very basic, like a space the mean girl who bullied me in highschool would hangout in

No. 535750

FDS reminds me of crystal.cafe, that's the only way I can put it.

No. 535752

/r/justnomil is awful bc it's an echo chamber, but if the stories are real the mils in these stories are fucking awful

No. 535753

Many of the women in that sub claim to have had a number of male partners in the past, which is far removed from an average femcel and her experiences

No. 535768

one thing I really don't like about that sub is them accusing every random woman as being a "Pick-me", like i'm fine with male-bashing(they deserve it to an extent) but I saw one post about user complaining about her friend being a pick-me because she's dating a guy shorter then her and OP had never even talked to the guy

No. 535936

If I was straight I would probably use FDS tactics - it is totally about a mean pretty girl though, so I get why femcels are turned off by it.

No. 536087

fds is basically for a) reddit pickmes who listened to r/relationships and r/askmen for years with predictable consequences and b) girls who have been selling themselves short by entertaining dicks for their "personalities" or "sexiness", many are ex-twentysomething nymphets who used to date good for nothing 30+ wursties who would praise them for their youth & these girls were feeling proud and superior because of it. at some point they witnessed their stacy friends marrying rich and realized that they were simping for old farts during their prime instead of milking and dumping moids lmao

No. 536101

>like a space the mean girl who bullied me in highschool would hangout in
Lol anon. You're literally describing LC.

I guess it's because women tend to settle for men below their worth because society sometimes punishes women who date within their league for being "shallow." I don't see what's wrong with dating a short guy if he doesn't neg you or have a Napoleon complex about it though..

No. 536154

Why are ugly loser girls the worst pickmes? lmao

No. 536180

I don't get the brutal bashing fds gets by reddit but tbh I don't visit too much. Last time I did I just saw women say to never lower your standards like if you're anti porn and take care of yourself.

No. 536187

I get it. It's incels, mras, general shitty men and stupid or just naive women who don't want the truth to be true. From what I've seen of it FDS is right about almost everything. I haven't looked at it for a while but I'm confident I could take a peek any time and agree with most of what's posted.

No. 536258

I think mostly cause men are apathetic to us and girls bullied us when we were young

No. 536270

Since they're told they're worthless by men and society for not being hot, they feel they have to overcompensate in usefulness and 'personality' aka taking men's shit. Ha, ha, yes, so funny el oh el.

No. 536280

yes but like I said women play a part in this as well, we do get bullied and judged by other women so we cling on to male attention

No. 536306

FDS gets hate for the same reason boobs reach the main page of reddit

Redditors are usually whinny man babies

No. 536307

i stan fds specifically because it triggers reddit trash and highlights how dicks can't take even a fraction of what they're dishing out lmfao

No. 536312

regardless I do suspect that some(though a small %) of FDS users are actually males with some sort of fetish, Like one user I 100% am convinced is actually a male

No. 536401

File: 1586011877062.png (190.27 KB, 827x1462, Screenshot_20200404-164805.png)

Reddit is a parody of itself, if this was posted on tumblr it would end up on r/thathappened lol

No. 536411

But that’s literally what naturalistic dialogue is. Did this guy ever consider that authors make a conscious decision about the way their characters are going to talk? So they can create varying effects and meanings?

No. 536462

Kek I just saw this. It's yet another rehash of that twitter exchange that's been posted 20 million times in different formats. I'm surprised it didn't end with the whole store clapping and the OP getting a free Walmart gift card.

No. 536466

File: 1586023043814.jpeg (272.02 KB, 750x1220, 693D63B2-6A72-4EBC-83FF-D1BB07…)

I saw this post and immediately remembered reading it before. Lo and behold, look who posted.


No. 536468

I just don’t get the point of FDS. Is it like Red Pool but for women? Is it about finding a sugar daddy or a doormat?

Also I read a post there claiming that single mothers are high value. Idk how that isn’t cope. Someone redpill that one for me lol

No. 536469

It's like the "queen" stuff on twitter. Just people patting themselves on the back for no real reason.

No. 536475

It's about raising general standards for men. I don't agree with everything they post but the message of 'stop accepting less than you give' I do agree with. Men that do the bare minimum in a relationship shouldn't be entertained. A lot of young girls entering the dating scene get treated like shit and it can impact their self-confidence and image of themselves for years. Those are the girls that need FDS, need an aggressive female community telling them 'don't settle'.

No. 536478

I know it's necessaryautist but I know guys into books/movies can get obsessed with this "critic" persona and their choices of books they obssess over tell a lot.

Good single parents are high value though because they have a doubled burden. As for FDS it's a refreshing subreddit because the rest pander to men, this one is normalfag tier but doesn't give men asspats for doing the bare minimum.

No. 536486

I like reading it instead of pinkpill sometimes because it's more lighthearted and the women are funny. Sometimes the anons here are too pessimistic and defeatist, the women on FDS generally try to uplift each other.

No. 536487

True, I recalled the original post from here because it's so specific and hilarious. I mentioned this post here and not in /g/ since I didn't think necessaryspeed4 wrote it, but now I'm not sure. kek

No. 536501

Pls no booly I meant

No. 536508

our resident retard is absolutely right there though. the thought of her having a kid is incredibly depressing, however. she namalts so hard for her husband and based on her description of him he sounds ok, but he's in the military and comes from a military family. i really think she sees him from a warped perspective.

No. 536524

I'm more horrified this is a real person and just not a dedicated internet persona some attention-starved autist cooked up…

No. 536553

its about not being shoeonhead

No. 536554

I still suspect them to be a persona invented by an autist. I certainly hope they don't procreate.

No. 536557

i think she's legit. she's due to give birth in like 6 months.

No. 536606

I can't imagine sucking at dating so much that I'd have to resort to some "female dating strategy". Seems like something a man would do on reddit to cry about how mean women are lol

No. 536609

it's less about sucking at dating and more about learning how to weed out people who want to extract resources and benefits from you, prey on you, use you, etc. i dont use the subreddit but i think it's more about learning your worth and not allowing men to use you

No. 536613

But it's not the same at all lol.

No. 536614

Do you think being a single parent really makes you more attractive in the dating world? What a cope.

No. 536619

Also idk how the math is suppose to work out. If you have 20% of men are high value then some women have to go without. I guess some women don’t deserve hvm but probably not that much.

No. 536626

And I don't need a subreddit or a thread to learn to do that.

No. 536627

This is peak cope. I have two friends who are single parents and have massively exposed their kids to temporary men and alcohol. Nobody wants anything long term with them and because they're so lonely they allow men to pump and dump them. It's frustrating to watch.

No. 536636

She said good single parents.

It's more of a mentality. No one is going to respect women like who anon brought up >>536627, but there are plenty of discerning women who wound up single parents through no fault of their own, like a cheating or violent ex spouse. They still have their educations, careers, and keep everything together despite their burdens which requires a degree of character and maturity.

I will agree that single parents tend to lean on the more trashy side though, genuinely good people in bad circumstances seem like the exception and not the rule.

No. 536642

I understand single moms not wanting to hear that their dating life is going to be hell forever because of their kids but saying that they're "high value" is such a cope it's bordering on delusion. Even if you factor out all the garbage men, kids are expensive and daunting. Walking into someone's life and carving a niche out for yourself where their kids don't hate you while not overstepping your boundaries as step parent or mom's bf or whatever role you're supposed to be is pretty fucking hard.

No. 536663

The same applies just as equally to men, I'd never date a single dad. Even if single parenthood is not an indication of any trashiness or negative stereotype, the fact remains that becoming a step parent is a huge fucking deal and nobody should be criticized for not wanting any part of it.

The problem is that single parents don't seem to particularly want to date each other, for the same reason childless people don't want to date them. Single dads in particular are always looking for a fresh new replacement mommy who doesn't have kids of her own.

No. 536707

How is she right though? judging people based on what books they like is dumb.

No. 536773

you seem like a pressed moid whose cope is the single mom meme

if the single mom in question is a stacy it won't affect her in any way lmao

No. 536789

you’re out of your mind if you think being a single parent doesn’t have any influence on your relationship prospects. A very large percentage (probably the supermajority) of childless people want nothing to do with single parents, which cuts out a massive chunk of your dating pool. And as another anon said, single parents oftentimes don’t even want to date each other. Single mothers in particularly are known to obfuscate the existence of children on dating sites because they know that so many males won’t give them the time of day otherwise, unless to just fuck them.

No. 536803

yeah, it's a nightmare. if the relationship seems to have future they speed things up because realistically how long can they maintain their children and partners separated? unless they see their kids once a month you kinda have to jump into the playing house stage much sooner. and then the fun stuff with the children and mothers-of-those-children, etc begins

No. 536823

My older cousin is a single mom thanks to her ex who was already a single dad when they started dating and her number one advice to me was to never ever date somebody who already has a child. Doesn't matter what gender, just don't do it, it's never worth it. Only a saint could cope with that.
She's a very intelligent and attractive woman and wasn't even super young but nevertheless fell for the wrong guy, didn't listen to her family telling her he's shit and got pregnant too quickly without marriage. Despite her "high value" she's been single ever since (~5 years?). No non-trashy guy would date her and she's at least smart enough to keep those away from her daughter, since no dad is still better than a shit stepfather.

No. 536828

i'm actually stunned that 18,000 plebbitors believed this decade old blatantly fake bullshit story. these same morons criticise even the most realistic tumblr stories yet…. THIS PASSED???

literal proof that a strong portion of reddit are actual brain damaged retards

No. 536880

Sorry you haven't read a book since high school. It makes a lot of sense to judge someone from the media they consume, and for women who want intelligent partners, the books you read matter.

No. 536913

Hahahaha, literally every single thing she posted was high school tier. Definitely someone who doesn't even enjoy reading and only does it because she likes the image of "being into books" and thinking she's so intelligent. Imagine following that and thinking you'll get an "intelligent partner". My god. Unbearable cringe.

No. 537008

no, i think necessaryspeed has an autistic history obsession that's kinda sorta racebased, so i think she is genuinely interested in certain books. anyways, she's right about men who are into many of those particular books.

No. 537345

File: 1586181058112.png (50.88 KB, 977x603, 23234255.PNG)

>If celebrity donates for Corona then good
>If celebrity Cardi-B then bad
>reddit.exe has stopped working
You should have seen the meltdowns that happened when the kardashians donated for corona

No. 537349

The funny part is few of them have done a damn thing themselves to help with covid. All they can do is virtue signal and gatekeep those who actually do shit.

No. 537370

I know she drugged men to rob them but why are men throwing 'and to possibly rape them' in there too?

No. 537376

Because the guy who metooed her said he found a used condom, meaning she had sex with him after drugging him to rob her, so it got turned into a rape story.

Keep in mind, the context of this situation was that she was a prostitute and he was paying her to come to his hotel room to have sex with him.

No. 537380

lol Glad he got something for his money

No. 537455

you're out of your mind if you think the rules of hot women apply to everyone else

No. 537458

>high value
>dated a single dad

No. 537525

Dickens? Based on personal experience, NO

No. 537686

what's funny is that her husband was the relative of a family friend her mom set up with, she literally has no basis to give any dating advice

No. 537731

Well la dee fuckin dah, ya want an award anon?

No. 540012

File: 1586659770112.png (31.38 KB, 888x393, Untitled.png)

I hate Reddit humor. I hate this. I hate all these awkward, unfunny nerds who write what they think are snappy comebacks but would fall completely flat or ruin a conversation in real life, and that's even if any of them had the charisma to pull it off (they don't.) I hate how much all these beta males suck each other off with imagined fantasy scenarios that would only serve to remind everyone of how much of a loser they are IRL if they were ever spoken.

No. 540022

why do u have a reddit account

No. 540030

There's several subs I participate in when bored at work.

No. 540040

They are so desperate to be victims, it’s truly so pathetic.

No. 540051

The amount of youth (under 16 and surely under 18) on Reddit is appalling. And the amount of shit these people are willing to share about themselves is gross, too, especially when it's not very appropriate. It's really become like Facebook for some people.

I was browsing a subreddit about a serious topic and some idiot poster interrupts the comment chain sperging about Discworld the book series. Really not the time and place since the original topic was about a fucking murder.

No. 540059

That's a really awkward joke

No. 540064

This makes me think : I don't think I ever crossed a redditor in real-life. Twitterfags are very vocals about browsing their shithole, and it shows in their humor : Snarky woke comments, love for "roasting" and mimicking sassy or dramatical giphy-tier reaction/memes. Redditors are easy to spot online. But did you ever met/know one in meatspace?

No. 540073

That's very true. I feel like even most imageboard users actually have close knit circles who also use imageboards, but have you ever seen a redditor with other redditor friends?

No. 540083

This is partially true by the way, jews owned around half of all slaves in the US. This is despite being about 0.5-1% of the population at the time. They also increased the amount of states were slaving holding was legal by various means. One was lobbying against anti-slavery laws. The other was sabotaging Quaker businesses, for example a Quaker bank was sabotaged by Jewish press firms constantly publically harassing them to pledge allegiance to the US, knowing that Quakers would not be able to do so because of their beliefs.(baiting)

No. 540086

nope, their screenshot and your post are bullshit. cite sources you think are reliable

No. 540096

Reminds me of a time I saw someone quoting Lord of the Rings in response to a school shooting. It was some attempt to be comforting and had a ton of upvotes but I was disgusted.

No. 540100

I know plenty of regular, non-pretentious people who like reddit for various discussions/dumb memes. The especially insufferable content is probably posted by mostly underage kids or basement-dwelling adults with no social skills.

No. 540127

its obviously some r9k /pol/ scrote. Ignore them

No. 540129

The "Cradi-B is a rapist" shit that reddit started makes me so fucking mad. No where did she allude to having sex eith the men. I'm not defending her character here, but Reddit will defend men to the fucking DEATH even if they have a million credible allegations against them, but Cardi-b says some dumb shit and they just twisted it into rape out of thin air. Fuck them.

No. 540133

Johns don't get to metoo anyone. They're rapists. I'm glad she robbed them. I don't believe a prostitute who is robbing johns finds one so irresistible she risks her life by sticking around after she robbed him to fuck him, risking him waking up and beating her to death. This is another case of men assuming women function exactly like they do.

No. 540136

i just find it interesting how they will defend actual rapists who all happen to be men but they will make up LIES about women without any proof.
If i were Cardi-b id sue for defamation.

No. 540137


i almost dated a guy who was really into reddit; he would browse it a lot when we were hanging out.

he was the typical redditor male; scrawny, white glasses-wearer, in computer programming. he was cute and nice enough and listened to all my points about feminism. he would make a lot of awkward or sexist jokes that were pretty upsetting and it was annoying to constantly have to tell him how wrong the retarded jokes he learned on reddit were.

turns out he was trying to cheat on his wife with me. men who frequent reddit are just about as pathetic and slimy as you think they’d be in real life.

don’t let them get close to you, anon. trust me, redditor males are a dime a dozen.

No. 540139

why do so many men try to cheat on their wives.

No. 540163

because they think with their dick first and are willing to sacrifice a lot for it

No. 540339

File: 1586744854492.jpg (89.08 KB, 640x800, reddit.jpg)


Every cosplay pic on Reddit is heavily photoshopped. Everyone in the thread is praising the cosplayer saying she looks like ScarJo when she literally looks like a wax figure.

No. 540375

File: 1586755804787.png (937.55 KB, 525x699, Screenshot_2020-04-12 Captain …)

Eh, she uses makeup or photoshop for her cosplays. Here's another one she did.

No. 540440

File: 1586781703351.png (41.66 KB, 1030x624, sdfsdf.PNG)

Was on r/redscarepod and look who I stumbled upon(necessaryspeed4)

No. 540446

Holy shit they're absolutely mental still obsessing over this place kek

No. 540447

No. 540449

>>>/ot/517121 This did not age well

No. 540453

>believing anything necessarypeed4 says about totally not posting on here
get a load of this guy

No. 540455

I think they mean she's lying. She posted the nephew stuff on her reddit and here and that's how people started noticing her autism.

No. 540472

Wait the sped4 really say she fucked her nephew??

No. 540509

>SHOCKER !! A mod team made up entirely of underage weebs turned out to be immature and petty

well I mean she's not wrong(necessaryspeed4)

No. 540524

File: 1586805304480.jpg (28.76 KB, 600x400, Oprah-truth.jpg)

She says in that thread that she's an agoraphobic NEET whose only friend is her nephew, but she constantly talked here and on Reddit about her boyfriend/husband who's technologically illiterate and only eats vegetables.
Also, I looked into the nephewfucker posts, and the ages kept changing from thread to thread. I'm confused.

No. 540545

I also wanted to point out that it's weird for her to claim to have such a special connection with her nephew while she Nigels so hard for her actual husband. Shouldn't she be looking to him for an emotional connection rather than her fucking nephew?
>Also, I looked into the nephewfucker posts, and the ages kept changing from thread to thread. I'm confused.
If this woman isn't just a compulsive liar she's an actual fucking pedo. Disgusting. Why isn't there a /snow/ thread for her yet kek.

No. 540548

File: 1586809973099.jpg (69.61 KB, 720x262, 20200413_132954.jpg)

I also went through her reddit history and she's absolutely lying about not having posted on here for months because I'm pretty sure I've seen this same post nearly word for word in one of the threads here.

No. 540556

She or he often takes discussions from here and then post on Reddit.
Good lord where is the nephew fucker post? Hope it's a lie too.

I remember her obsessing over an underage boy photobook and then turning around to claim that radfems were pedos? She's been hating on radfems while posting a ton in radfem subs, it's weird that she hasn't been banned from them.

No. 540558

File: 1586811885551.png (86.19 KB, 1106x512, ns1.png)

Not that anon, but here.

No. 540562

…she isn't a radfem?

No. 540563

File: 1586812202546.png (263.01 KB, 1422x348, ns2-.png)

Here's her again. 1/3

No. 540564

File: 1586812227544.png (263.74 KB, 1520x338, ns3-.png)

No. 540566

File: 1586812338827.png (276.44 KB, 1472x334, ns4-.png)

No. 540567

File: 1586812445644.png (94.46 KB, 1008x344, ns5.png)

Here's her saying that radfems are pedophilic.

No. 540569

She identifies as a socialist feminist, according to her Reddit posts.

No. 540570

File: 1586812852332.png (73.54 KB, 1174x280, 821_.png)

Remember, this is the same woman who thinks it's "really adorable" and "makes him pure" that her husband can't use a smartphone, since it means he literally couldn't look up porn if he wanted to.

No. 540571

File: 1586812877314.png (129.24 KB, 512x332, 993080.png)

No. 540572

Necspeed also has a male alter ego, confucius08.
This loon needs her own thread.

No. 540573

File: 1586812962769.png (62.46 KB, 728x285, 25876635256325.png)

>She or he often takes discussions from here and then post on Reddit.
The OP post is actually from THIS thread lmao wow. >>535747

No. 540574

File: 1586813041009.png (259.02 KB, 1182x906, 822_.png)

Also note that this same husband has had Neo-Nazis in his family and collects what she says he described as "illegal books" on warfare.
This is really strange.

No. 540576

I remember her doing that in 2X lol

No. 540577

File: 1586813169093.png (132.92 KB, 1024x454, 892.png)

>now were both preparing for when the world collapse's
Happy ending?

No. 540578

And she's having a baby on top of it all.

No. 540579

is she really or is it just a lie? she seems like quite the compulsive liar honestly

No. 540581

Well yes, constant contradictions. That's what's fascinating and thread-worthy.

No. 540584

>The Perfect Himbo Husband
Lmaooo I can't believe she actually calls him that. The way she seems to romanticize stupidity and innocence might be another reason why she's hot for nephew, aside from just being a nonce.

No. 540585

File: 1586814021784.png (40.52 KB, 716x175, Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 4.38…)

A lot of the female-oriented subs are full of delusional women

I like hatereading /r/smolbeansnark because I find the antics of Caroline Calloway to be amusing. But every other post is talking about race or some shit to virtue signal. What do TERFs and SWERFs have to do with this girl?

No. 540587

File: 1586814357362.png (43.07 KB, 950x145, nssexfantasy.png)

This is my favorite necessarysperg post

No. 540589

literal retard fetish

No. 540600

File: 1586816608129.png (254.1 KB, 1016x850, jnge1.png)

So, as of 10 months ago, she was 27. But in >>540558 (6 months ago), she was 36. In >>540563 and the other caps in the set, she was 25. In >>540449, she only says she's "nearly 30 years old".
I feel like it's also worth noting that she says in >>540566 that her nephew looks like her older brother, and that he's his father, but she's also said that her older brother passed away. She didn't state the age he died, but she said her parents described him as a "shy, sweet boy", and that her (lesbian) sister has a male friend she's very close to and cuddles because he "kinda looks like" the brother.
It really does seem like she has some latent feelings for this older brother.

No. 540622

File: 1586821377208.gif (2.18 MB, 350x218, 75458433236.gif)

Looks like her typing style, but do you have proof it's her? I want to make a thread and include this in the OP.

I have no words.

No. 540626

>posted 11 days ago
the audacity of this dumbass to claim she hasn't posted here in months and then just post the same shit cross-platform word for word. incredible

No. 540633

the user necessaryspeed is replying to is also an lolcow lol. the same one who posted in the favorite ghost thread about her necrophilia. let me find if i saved the screenshots

No. 540652

Alright I guess I'm gonna banned for this but here goes, I usually come here for some minor shit-posting (but nothing too serious) I used to browse Digimon forums In my youth and I some times I miss those experiences so that's what drew me to this board

I do have a husband, yes my husband was in the military and yes I am expecting a child, but I sometimes slightly alter details about my life for the sake of privacy, not out right lie just alter details. for e.g English isn't my first language
Also I don't have any nephews at all btw, that was based on some fan-fiction I wrote like forever ago(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 540658

>i dont outright lie
>i dont have a nephew at all it was based on a fanfiction

pick one

No. 540660

>Also I don't have any nephews at all btw, that was based on some fan-fiction I wrote like forever ago
Why did you repeatedly come to this board with that scenario, and why did you write about sleeping with him? What brought about this fanfiction, and why did his age keep sliding?

No. 540661

Ahhh, so you ARE a compulsive liar. That's better than being a pedo I guess.

No. 540670

>I'm gonna banned for this
as if you haven't ban evaded 3 times in this thread alone already. kys

No. 540673

>but I sometimes slightly alter details about my life for the sake of privacy
Why did you eve n share anything at all if you're worried about privacy? Like you could have just kept it to yourself.

No. 540708

why are all internal cows like this? spoony was like this, mystery was like this. heck, raven is bascially an internal cow now. all of them lie about dumbass shit over and over and over again.

No. 540715

Can we make a thread for all the attention whoring reddit fags that come here to shit up the board? It's getting painfully obvious seeing the same 3 usernames over and over again.

No. 540746

AFAIK "confucius" also posted here, so the mods should know.

No. 540830

File: 1586871166652.png (871 KB, 1419x657, dudeshaveitrough.png)

Saw this on the front page and thought her reply was great. Why am I not also considered brave for having a normal male haircut?!

Meanwhile, lots of the replies are saying it's ugly and she looked better before.

No. 540853

shaved heads look bad on anyone, man or woman, because heads are shaped weird and hair hides that.

No. 540859

No one insecure would actually shave off their hair and then post a photo on reddit for strangers to judge.

This is an attractive girl who wants attention, sorry. For the record lots of women do shave their heads, but because they're ugly or fat they're told just how unfeminine they look and that's the end of it. She looks way better with hair, everyone does. I hate shaved heads.

No. 540862

Might be too late to chime in, but my predatory ex and coworker was on Reddit constantly when I knew him. He deleted his account after I called him out for sleeping with me (a teenager at the time) when another scrote asked what the story with the "crazy fuck buddy" was. He'd offhandedly mentioned his age and location enough times that someone definitely could've found him. He also mentioned his of-age girlfriend here and there, who I only really knew existed after he'd fled the state when he broke it off with me.

That was a few years ago and he's now back on Reddit as a mod for a video game subreddit.

No. 540872

What the fuck is up with feminists and shaving their fucking heads? I see so many on campus, is this some sort of unspoken rite of passage they go through to show others how over beauty standards or beauty in general they are? Do they feel like if they're pretty, or make an effort to look pretty, that makes them bad feminists? What the fuck?

No. 540879

File: 1586881356286.jpg (244.94 KB, 1000x750, lupita-nyongo.jpg)


My esthetician shaved off her head to go through a hair transition since she spent years straightening her naturally curly hair.
Tbh i think black women look lovely with shaved heads, i assume its mostly a cultural thing since most traditional african cultures sport shaved heads, while any other ethnicity just gives off that crazy college feminist look.

No. 540884

>is this some sort of unspoken rite of passage they go through to show others how over beauty standards or beauty in general they are? Do they feel like if they're pretty, or make an effort to look pretty, that makes them bad feminists?
Rejecting beauty standards is less about being a "bad feminist" and more about being comfortable in your own skin without letting the expectations of complete strangers make you feel insecure. It's fine to practice necessary grooming habits and hygiene, but opinions about what "looks better" is ultimately irrelevant. The shaved head thing is not my cup of tea either, but why should I care if someone else does it?

No. 540892

>comfortable in your own skin without letting the expectations of complete strangers make you feel insecure

And nothing says "I don't care about expectations of complete strangers" better than becoming as ugly as possible in their eyes? Lmao

No. 540893

File: 1586883655943.png (53.2 KB, 868x545, Untitled.png)

/r/roastme has some actually hilarious burns on some posters. However, if you're female and don't have some glaring "flaw" like crooked teeth or something, at least half of your insults will revolve around you being a slut or will turn into some turboincel rant against women being insecure and needing attention.

No. 540894

Not everyone thinks shaved heads are ugly lol christ what is your damage

No. 540907

Yeah, having to "push away insecurities" is a very normal way to feel before going through a procedure that you think will make you look good. I'm sure she posted the result on reddit because she thinks she looks great, and not at all to receive validation for being brave uwu

No. 540912

It's so self-absorbed to think that everyone who doesn't dress and style themselves to your personal taste is doing it just to spite you, but yes in that case it does work like a visual "fuck you." Ever consider the fact that they like that look for themselves, whether because it's comfortable or aesthetically pleasing to them? Get over yourself.

No. 540923

Your first point is correct anon, but you lost me at ugly.

She's annoying because clearly someone insecure or even someone who doesn't need the validation of others would not be posting pictures to reddit like that. That's the sole reason why her post is retarded, you don't have to feel one way or the other about her cranium and what rests on it.

No. 540938

File: 1586890433078.jpg (203.26 KB, 720x1005, 20200414_115015.jpg)

More sped4 milk. She claims to hate kink and unnatural sex so much, yet came to LC to post her incestual fan-fiction about fucking her nonexistent nephew. Did she think farmers wanted to see that shit?

No. 540940

She also got redtexted and outed one a thread (don't remember which sorry) as being the anon who had posted about wanting to fuck men at knife point.
Interesting person.

No. 540941

your pic looks great because it's not right to the scalp.

No. 540947

Shaved heads tend to look better on black women for this reason. Their hair texture looks great when short, whereas other races don't have that.

No. 540948

I agree. Shaved heads look better on black women.

No. 540954

Same with men. Shaved heads look worse when you've got paler skin.

No. 540963

there's also a huge cultural difference like >>540879 said.

No. 540993

Reminds me when Niece Waidhofer posted there and incels came out of the woodwork to post their tl;dr revenge fantasy instead of a normal roast. Jokes on them, she became very popular after that post.

No. 541040

Yeah you can tell all of these guys are total losers irl who never get spared a second glance by women and use the sub to vent rather than post anything actually funny.

No. 541152

File: 1586922751689.jpg (110.85 KB, 750x767, tumblr_pnrimnIjBa1u3cn6j_1280.…)

No. 541158

Guaranteed that the same dudes roasting her are also in her DMs begging for nudes.

No. 542657

Randomly stumbled upon r/sex and decided to give it a read only to find a SHIT TON OF MINORS asking for advice on how to perform oral to their bf's and how to spice up their sex life and the majority of people responding are GROWN ADULTS. Fucking YUCK.

No. 542688

Provide screenshots

No. 542695

Spotted that a few months back too, older married men just hanging out telling teens how to give bjs

No. 542698

Can't screenshot right now but speaking of r/sex ..


>This may be extremely weird for some, but my GF and I have this very strange arrangement were I'm allowed to have sex with her in her sleep.

>So she's a healthcare worker and works really long shifts lately and comes home absolutely tired. Additionally she takes medication which knocks her out cold, and this impacted our sex life.

>We have regular sex on her days off, but on workdays she just takes a shower and is knocked out 3 minutes after laying in bed. Luckily she's small and I'm big, so I have no trouble moving her around. Most of the times I just lay her on top of me, with her face on my chest and penetrate her slowly while I'm browsing reddit or something, but sometimes I move around more and put high heels on her or something and fuck her a little harder.

No. 542716

File: 1587203767600.jpg (7.78 KB, 275x275, 1557465744905.jpg)

No. 542717

File: 1587203773695.png (50.02 KB, 539x451, reddit.png)

I don't know what to say without resorting to a-logging.

No. 542719

>Additionally she takes medication which knocks her out cold, and this impacted our sex life.

I like how he can say this without missing a beat when there are so many glaring problems with this. How could someone be getting a restful sleep when they're literally in a drug induced stupor with a pig moving them around and literally entering them. Just writing that makes my skin crawl.
They already have sex on her days off, why the fuck do they need to have sex when she's worked a long day?
It truly is disgusting, isn't it. It's sexy to penetrate an unconscious person and to share this with Reddit. These men get to feel included like they're a part of this sick fucking fantasy.

No. 542724

This is sad, but almost definitely fake like a lot of r/sex. I bet he fantasizes about doing this, or maybe she let him do it once or twice (or he raped her). Still super fucked up though. What's up with some guys acting like if they don't have sex whenever they want, and they perceive it to be available, they will die? It's like when the big consent discourse happened a few years ago and guys could not wrap their heads around just not sleeping with girls who seemed like they were already too drunk.

No. 542733

All these fantasy brag posts about how "guys I have a cool gf willing to let me stomp all over healthy boundaries, I win at sex" get massively upvoted. Meanwhile posts talking about sexual issues or when sex isn't so great just get ignored. r/sex is fap land to these guys.

No. 542735

I hope it's fake, is this how you treat your partner and healthcare worker? If she works long hours she should be spoilt by her partner when she comes home in corona times.

No. 542801

>Most of the times I just lay her on top of me, with her face on my chest and penetrate her slowly while I'm browsing reddit or something, but sometimes I move around more and put high heels on her or something and fuck her a little harder.

Fake and gay.

No. 542802

>dating an Indian

dun goofed

No. 542804


lol @ the update

>he apologized so it's ok!

jesus christ, redditors are such sad pathetic people.

No. 542811

Men desire women while also hating them, with a lot of non-white men they hate white people while also desiring white women. It's a weird mentality to explain if you're not mentally ill and want to date someone you actually love, but there you go.

No. 542814

It's more that their advice is just bad. The main thrust of FDS should be to be skeptical of men and their intentions. Very skeptical. That's what young girls used to be taught by their families, especially their mothers and grandmothers. Don't give in to their thirsty desires for sex, don't let them gaslight you, don't let them get you involved in fetish shit or drugs.

Instead it takes on their weird, impractical, Black Twitter like vernacular and advice where they're all "kweens" and it's somehow practical for every woman to marry an MD at a Bank or a Partner at a large law firm.

I also have a degree of skepticism towards the userbase because a lot of them seem to be current or former sluts (there's even af few former camgirls there) who got buyer's remorse, and really, nobody should be taking advice from people who were so short sighted and stupid since their "advice" is going to be colored by internet disease and bitterness.

No. 542815

Fake and rape

No. 542866

All the redditors congratulating her on their "communication" when really he just gaslit her into submission…
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

No. 542882

If you read a lot of the replies, they're Indian and East Asian guys gaslighting by doing the whole "you don't know how hard it is to be an asian guy in our society, we're not considered to be Chads QQ, try to be more understanding".

There's also an SJW chastizing her for not understanding "racial issues that PoC face".

We really live in a clownworld don't we?

No. 543092

File: 1587263645925.png (419.16 KB, 511x544, reddit.png)

This website is completely fucking degenerate. If I was Steve Huffman or Alexis Ohanian I would be embarrassed about the type of culture I allowed to flourish on my website.

No. 543412

The average Redditor is both misogynistic and racist, but will heavily favor a sexist guy over a racist woman any day of the week.

I'm under the assumption that in real life, any geeky looking straight dude with glasses and interests along the lines of gaming, rock music, programming, and anime/manga have a good chance of being Redditors. I'm usually right over half of the time.

No. 543715

How come? They're both equally horrible. Or is it because there's bigger solidarity against sexism than there is against racism? If so, that makes sense.

No. 543733

this makes me sad, you can only imagine how hard the staff works at removing all that disturbing content the users post. It must be so hard for them to maintain this and try to make reddit look normal to the general public, and even with that there is still alot of fucked up stuff there and open racism,sexism and homophobia.

No. 543734

>Or is it because there's bigger solidarity against sexism than there is against racism?

Bingo. For example, I saw a post on r/LivestreamFail (really popular subreddit) hating on two female streamers for acting coldly towards a black homeless person. The two streamers weren't in the right but the way that subreddit responded to them made it seem like they were literally reincarnations of Hitler. Irredeemable.

However, that same subreddit still goes on to continue support sexist male streamers who cheat on their wives and whatnot.

No. 543742

File: 1587407206199.jpeg (423.84 KB, 750x1028, 92D0D0B3-84A3-42F5-8B3D-9D22E7…)

I thought r/MakeMeSuffer was for shock images (as someone who doesn’t use reddit) but after actually looking on there most of the content is stupid memes and autistic shitfits over some low hanging fruit group like PETA/Antivax/Flat Earth.
Is this seriously what kids consider to be disturbing now? Maybe I’m desensitized since my generation grew up looking at blue waffles and 2 girls 1 cup for kicks, but fucking come on. A dog dying or someone having an opinion you don’t like is enough to make you physically uncomfortable?

No. 543744

do you know about r/watchpeopledie

No. 543747

Yes. I thought it got shut down. And I didn’t mean gore.

No. 543749

There are so many racist males on reddit heck i see them saying n* all the time so this has nothing to do with racism since most redditors are racist…..it has to do with them just hating women in general.

No. 543764

hmm i sort of disagree about the rock music part, because rock is such a massively vast genre. the specific genres/bands i listen to barely have any discussion or fans on reddit (thank god. because as you would imagine, it tends to not be at least publicly misogynistic or toxic in any way)

No. 543901

That's true. I'm referring more to entry-level indie rock or dad rock specifically. Basically, go to r/Music and that should give you a general idea of what I meant.

No. 544798

I know right. I joined a sub for tall women to vent a bit and look up clothes, not to have my home full of selfies from 195 cm men dressing up and looking for that sweet, sweet validation women can't help but give

No. 546603

File: 1587978275502.jpg (809.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200427-112610_rif…)

A lot of my subscriptions are to subreddits related to TV shows I watch to keep up with news, updates, and discussions. But this post from the Black Mirror sub made me want to unsubscribe. So if you're a woman whose husband fucked a pig for the whole nation to see, you're a bitch for no longer wanting to sleep with him or no longer wanting to be associated with him after he made you and himself into a laughing stock. And all the comments were in agreement with OP. I am so done with this website

No. 546606

Brief reminder that after that aired there was a scandal where the British PM fucked a pig as part of a frat initiation.

No. 546635

OT but I fucking hated Black Mirror and this episode in particular for how the disgusting pig fucking was done as a 2edgy bait and how they actually made him carry it out and how stupid, lazy and unrealistic the whole setting and the "lesson" was.
>huuurrrr stupid sheeple are so attracted to drama and scandals on TV they miss everything happening in the real world!!!
Fucking Rick and Morty levels of tryhard big brain intellectualism.

No. 546665

>redditors are on imageboards now?
That's been the case for a long time. The creator of 4chan, moot, has had a reddit account since 2006

No. 546667

It's also a cancer on bigger imageboards that normies and autists shit up.

No. 546668

Finally, someone that hates Black Mirror as much as I do.

No. 546669

I hate hearing about it but I've never watched it.

No. 546670

>join Internet archival sub
>be excited to finally extend my knowledge on saving stuff and explore tools and data-scrapers I might not know yet
>it's just pages upon pages upon pages of external-disk/storage flexing
Welp, this was my first and only serious experience with reddit.

I also hate how often it turns up on google's search results but then the answer you searched for has been deleted because the account who answered was too new or some shit.

No. 546671

I could've typed this word for word lel, I hated Black Mirror as well.

No. 546729

This doesn't surprise me. I'd unsub if I were you since I doubt it would get better. According to reddit, they hate wives that can leave and aren't locked down as property. Bet you that if she stayed, they'd still complain about her being a gold digger who is only with him for the power/money or something. Other eps of BM are worse, like White Christmas or the entire history of you.

Nosedive and uss callister were good though

No. 546957

> flexing
That's my experience with every niche subreddit I visited out of curiosity. Tech, music, sport, art, anything, it always presented in a way that screams "flexing" and "give me karma". Not showing thing to discuss, just showing off. Maybe it's just me being obsessed. Most of the time I add "-reddit" to my search terms because I know it will be worthless.

No. 547122

File: 1588103266077.jpeg (1.29 MB, 2551x3566, EED1F4DE-E7DA-4D10-A5DA-A2502F…)

Drama on r/curly hair dictiating who gets to use the phrase ‘big-chop’

In a non-surprise move, Reddit remains an echo chamber

No. 547124

this is the most stupid thing i've ever read in my life and i feel as though my life is actively worse because i read it. thanks.

No. 547128

File: 1588104119551.gif (998.53 KB, 350x250, antm.gif)

the stupidity of policing what people call a haircut. who honestly gives a shit? it's not like they're using some religious or culturally-specific term.

No. 547130

>Words have meaning! It's important that we respect and celebrate the origins of this term.
i bet this same person shrieks that "trans wimmin are women!!!!"

No. 547142

Lol I would purposefully just start calling it all "reset chop" just to watch people seethe over not using their special term. Do black women actually even care about this, care about what non-black people call their haircuts?

No. 547158


been on hair communities for a while, most normal black women (ie not sjw) do not give a fuck.

No. 547168

This is so stupid I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 4chan bait.

No. 547171

they probably don't give a fuck because the word isn't the emotional part, the emotional part is the context and decisions that led up to it. why do these particular types of sjws think the exact phrasing of things is more important than what they describe?

No. 547193

I understand what you mean by the GC subreddit. When they focus on talking about radfem stuff, it's alright since it's one of the few spaces on that site to do so. I just dislike how so much of the content on there focused on hating anything trans and veers into alt-right conspiracy theory territory.

Despite its libfem leanings, I used to frequent r/AskWomen since the responses can be fun to read. I've kinda stopped after noticing how many posts revolve around men, relationships, and stuff that is stereotypically attributed to women. Also the mods have some strict policies regarding what they consider derailing and invalidation or whatever. They go so overboard in trying to be accommodating that they come across as "too sensitive" and I'm over it.

PinkPilFeminism is the only one I can really stomach nowadays, but there are some cringeworthy posts clearly written by younger people and "nOt My NiGeL!!!11" types.

No. 547366

The GC subreddit is frustrating because it's one of the only places online where you can discuss radical feminism without getting screamed at but so many of the users are so dumb and gullible. Someone will post something that is OBVIOUSLY a troll post and they all get worked up circlejerking about how bad it is. You can tell that a lot of them are sixty year old women who send chain mails about chemtrails.

No. 547890

I read the whole thing and it was a trip, thank you anon.

No. 550895

Blows my mind how scrotes will make ANYTHING about porn. Literally no normal person would look at their family and think about that.

No. 550974

File: 1588783381960.jpg (90.35 KB, 960x960, -MGHMfZ4Abh-40odycNxBbAvjrUkJk…)

Every week or two a tranny post will hit the front page, I'm so tired of seeing this shit.

Notice how they're all fucking guys?? I've only seen one Female to Male transition hit the front page.

No. 550981

Because TIFs aren't BRAVE and STUNNING as TIMs.

No. 550986

He could've been such an attractive man…

No. 550995

It's sick how all of these trans guys to girls all get head to toe plastic surgery to look like a sex robot, it's like all there is to being a woman is being a sex object. Why can't they just be REGULAR women? I'm not talking about that guy posted above in particular, 90% of the MTF trannies love trying to out do real woman with their extreme plastic surgeries.

No. 550999

There was one that made me laugh a month or so ago because it was clearly a straight guy pretending to be mtf with 0 effort, but everyone was still praising him and gave him like 50k votes

No. 551006

honestly, i don't think it's 100% their faults. the whole trans narrative relies heavily on gender stereotyping and i'm sure it's being pushed by therapists that they have to look pretty and feminine to be women. it's still their fault that their only frame of reference for how women look is porn though.

No. 551023

Don't worry, he's still one

No. 551031

is this the radfem containment thread? how do you manage to only find troons on reddit

No. 551102

there is no radfem containment thread. not sure if you're being intentionally obtuse but it is pretty impossible to use reddit especially if you're subbed to lesbian etc subreddits without seeing/being recommended a lot of trans topics

No. 551503

i hate the false sense of democracy l'eddit gives us with it's upvote/downvote system

No. 551653

File: 1588913683847.png (292.94 KB, 494x534, Screenshot_2020-05-08 r Consum…)

>browse /r/ConsumeProduct/ to laugh at consoomers
>it's filled with MGTOWs, neo-nazi edgelords and tradthots

No. 551658

File: 1588914918318.png (139.48 KB, 470x1442, smh.png)

>the slippery slope
>not a slippery dip of the improving quality of life for women who now have control over their reproductive system
Men really stay labouring under the delusion that they, and by extension, kids, are the ultimate goal for any woman no matter what.

Meanwhile on /r/breakingmom, the joys of marriage and kids.

No. 551693

I doubt even half of the men who even posts this stuff could afford a stay at home mom with multiple children. There’s a reason women are opting to have less children and it’s because it’s expensive. Don’t they know wages have stagnated for over a decade? I would never even think to be a stay at home mom, what happens if they divorce you and you are left with no recent work history and an extra mouth to feed? Being financially dependent on someone as an adult is the worst possible thing you can do.

No. 551706

If you were a stay at mother they would accuse you of being a lazy gold digger leech anyway. You have to earn your own money but also stay home to raise a plethora of children. How that works I don't know, get a hefty inheritance or something.

No. 551743

Jesus that's so sad, that subreddit makes me wanna get my tubes tied, lol.

No. 551761

I think it's hilariously lame how seriously they take their internet point system too - it's very easy to gain large amounts of karma if you're willing to pander. But also I think it's part of why Reddit communities become so insular and weird because no one can go against the popular narrative without getting immediate negative attention in the form of downvotes - this shouldn't matter to a well-adjusted person, but Reddit user are not well-adjusted people.

No. 552339

File: 1589076046518.png (26.46 KB, 1032x269, wtf.png)

I felt sick reading this
>Can you get a Brazillian butt lift at 16 with parent consent?


What drives me crazy is how no one is giving her a hard no and telling her she's fucking retarded. It's obvious as fuck she wants it to be either Instagram famous or for irl attention or both. It's disgusting how nearly everyone wants to get surgery to please and cater to men's fantasies. Call me a RadFem all you want. This isn't right.

No. 552342

The users likely don't see any issue with a 16 year old wanting to do this since they likely had similar thoughts at their age. On top of that, if you are a out here participating in the sub reddit, I'm just going to assume that you have no issue what so ever with plastic surgery and hold it in high regard.

To put my two cents, i am saddened that body types are seen as trends rather than just a reality. People are out here getting pampers buts and bolt ons to become an insta thot clone. The body positivist movement should be fighting against this bullshit, not encouraging women to embrace diabetes and assisted sponge baths.

No. 552448

>The body positivist movement should be fighting against this bullshit, not encouraging women to embrace diabetes and assisted sponge baths.

Good grief stop complaining about fatties. They do. And you know what they're called for it? A bunch of jelly uggos who are suppressing women's choices and how dare they shame what makes other women happy.

So as a result we get shit like this, a society who thinks it's acceptable that teenagers be encouraged and allowed to change themselves to match some arbitrary ideal.

No. 552941

Didn't read the reddit thread, but plastic surgery is expensive. How does she expect to pay for it. Inb4 onlyfans

No. 552946

there's plenty of 16 yo's with loaded parents who're willing to let their teen daughter get ps

No. 552980

Where I live boobjobs are super common and I know like 4 girls who got boobjobs as quinceanera gifts from their parents because their boobs wouldn't grow any bigger, and yeah plastic surgery as gift at age 15/16, it is as mental as it sound.
When my family was in a better financial situation my mom also offered to pay me a boobjob but I was an underweight skelly at decided to pass up the opportunity and just gain weight.

No. 553427

Bitch you deserve an award if my parents offered me plastic surgery at the age of 16 I would be FILLED with plastic

No. 553894

I would too but honestly? I’d probably be mad at my parents later on for letting me, a child, do that to myself. maybe I say this bc I had bad dysmorphia as a teenager and got a little more comfortable with myself as I got older. Probably would be upset bc I would have to upkeep all the plastic as an adult before I knew how big of a decision it would be. plus, based off of some cows and personal experience, ps doesn’t usually make you feel better about yourself. it seems to just make anything that’s not plastic stand out more as “flawed” and it seems like you become more obsessed with it after you get the surgery.

No. 554036

You have to be a terrible parent to allow your kid to get PS as a teen, you're basically telling them they aren't good enough so they have to get nipped to meet your shitty parent standards. It's sick.

No. 555113

Anyone else noticed how much reddit loves shilling and defending big corpotations?
Amazon could literally do snuff films of their employees or get caught for modern day cattle slavery and redditors would still lick Jeff Bezos' virtual balls

No. 557339

File: 1590255839201.jpeg (172.21 KB, 1080x1003, DFEE980C-9A57-4876-A4F6-371913…)

>doesn't break it off with this man as soon as he mentions 4chan
>shocked when he does shit like this

No. 557340

File: 1590255863724.jpeg (334.06 KB, 1456x1456, 1ABF473D-B619-4C70-B30A-869D30…)

scrote's scale

No. 557343

No. 557344

he has some peculiar taste in women

No. 557346

also natalie portman is underage in this lmao

No. 557348

The scrotes doing shit like this are always ugly as shit, especially the american ones.

No. 557349

>Liv Tyler (especially young)

this scrote has lost his mind

No. 557350

I'm not an expert, but from my experience russian ones are way uglier

No. 557353

the dudes super into beauty ratings are the biggest autists too

No. 557373

Yeah, I think all countries have their own flavour of ugly now that I think about it.

No. 557401

you're so right. I used to work with a guy who was always commenting on women's appearances and loved to rate women. yet he was fat as fuck, even if he lost weight had no chin, super obnoxious personality and high voice

No. 557466

Lmao, all these women are way above average apperance-wise, atleast 8+
Why are ugly men so picky?

No. 557812


He made Liv Tyler a 5. Good luck with that, buddy.

No. 557845

who's the one on top of megan fox?

No. 560337

File: 1590696673571.png (35.97 KB, 677x341, wut.png)

I just discovered /r/blackpillfeminism on reddit and I'd love some other opinions. They basically believe men have bred women to be submissive and pick-mes, so basically it's all biological and there's nothing we can do to change it. They also believe it's biologically programmed in men to rape. So I guess there's nothing that can be done about that either.

Isn't believing patriarchy is biological tradthot shit? They flat up say "socialization exists but it doesn't matter that much" lmao ??????

No. 560351

Can you really disagree with them. Yes not all men but most of men are disgusting and violent. The future for women is bleak. It's not tradthot at all to acknowledge this and to remind yourself to stay away from men. Tradthot women would tell you that's a femcel thinking and that you're wrong to make such a broad generalization.

No. 560358

Believing women are biologically submissive and pick mes is trad thot af wtf are you talking about

No. 560359

>black pill

No. 560360

They’re not wrong on certain biological aspects lol in most studies between men and women its always men that are prone to aggressive and domineering behavior. They also tend to be less empathetic and lash out when they are under stress from trauma while women tend to comfort each other during difficult times. That and the obvious anatomy differences that reinforce dominant and submissive roles.

No. 560364

Imo it's both nature and socialization. Some traits that were socialized at first have become ingrained in our DNA and have been passed on for generations. But that doesn't mean we don't have free will, it's more of an instinct vs rationality thing.

No. 560365

I agree but saying men rape because they are biologically programmed to gives them an excuse. Men choose to commit rape. Nothing in their biology makes them commit the act. There's not a need to rape like there is to eat, drink and breath.

I think women are more emphatic but I have no idea if that's biological or socialized. I don't think women are more submissive, they are just forced to be because of male violence. I think males are biologically more aggressive due to testosterone, but I don't think that reflects on womens biology at all.

No. 560366

>Some traits that were socialized at first have become ingrained in our DNA
omg i can't do this anymore g

No. 560389

Cool, so this thread is radfem containment as well

No. 560391

No. 560410

> discusses a subreddit
> R-Radfems are here again!

Grow the fuck up and stop derailing.

No. 560411

there's other communities to laugh at on reddit than incels and trannies, yknow. seems kinda boring to post the same thing over and over again

No. 560415

is someone stopping you from posting your own? is someone making you come into this thread that has been dead for the last 4 days before this last sub was posted? shoo.

No. 560416

We know asherah's garden is slow but can't you sperg there instead?

No. 560417

>comes into thread that's been dead
>discussion going on
>derails it
>Talk about what I WANT anons!
>gets mocked
>Y-you're all sperging!!!

lmao nice cope

No. 560418

what's the point when you know it's going to be ignored for a post that should have been in the MtF thread? it's just a circlejerk at this point

No. 560419

Stop letting threads get derailed. You're don't seem newfag so why do you keep falling for it?

No. 560420

"the things I want discussed aren't being discussed on LC so I'm going to throw shit fits about it in threads and call everyone a radfem".

Anyway blackpillfeminism is retarded.

No. 560421

What is there to cope for? Even the farmhands told you to GTFO but you don't seem to get it.

No. 560422

Kek. Telling everyone else they're coping is hilarious when she can't even stay on ag because she misses infighting and nitpicking shayna too much

No. 560423

tranny overload in this thread kek(hi troon)

No. 560425

>h-hi troon! hi scrote!
Now that's the real cope. What does it feel like knowing even other gencrit women think you're retarded?

No. 560427

i'm not a radfem. i honestly glad they got banned. i saw this post got bumped and its full of handmaidens crying because they dont like whats being discussed which is probably worst. big copes all around kekekekek

No. 560428

File: 1590704082282.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, ты же не серьезно.gif)

>i'm not a radfem

No. 560429

>Anyone who disagrees with me is a troon

No. 560430

Are you guys new, retarded or both? Stop taking the bait.

No. 560431

Can't wait to see you post about this encounter in ag's vent thread

No. 560432

Why is it that everytime a radfem is sperging out, people excuse it because it was BAIT, it was FALSEFLAGGING, it was a SCROTE? not all men the femcel version

No. 560434

Exactly, people samefag and say UHH GUYS THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A SCROTE RAID whenever several anons come in to tell the femcel to shut up and it's as funny and predictable as the honeypot meme

No. 560491

it's a psyop by men to get women to give up. isn't it funny how much time it took the manosphere to go from redpill to blackpill, but with WRAs blackpill feminism comes out not even a month after FDS appears.(tinfoil)

No. 560492

>it's a psyop
Anon i've engaged with this subreddit before and there's one or two moids like with every subreddit of this kind but you can't be serious with this tinfoil

No. 560603

I've seen people say there have been all kinds of scrote raids but aside from the gore TOR spammer, has a farmhand ever confirmed these raids? It just sounds like cope.

No. 560604

Every time a group of posters tell a sperging radfem to shut up it's a scrote raid. Completely ignore it at this point, it's one of the many radfem memes, such as "ag is a honeypot", "you're a disgusting thot" and "It strikes ,e as strange and rather suspicious how you seem so eager to defend x" (hilariously veiled hi scrote)

No. 561369

File: 1590855286542.jpg (409.55 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200530_175445_com…)

Apparently butch lesbians are just failed men impersonators? And men are seething in the comments at women pointing out that they're not trying to look like them

No. 561371

The fuck is this shit?? I'm so tired of this "butch lesbians want to impersonate men" crap, have they ever heard of sports or tomboy aesthetics? Someone can wear a hoodie, sneakers and cargo pants because they're comfy and they have no need to appeal to men, not because they want to be one. I regret taking a peek at the comments which were filled with "lmaoo so true butch lesbians are so hateful and insane amirite fellow gays" replies with piles of upvotes, the society really does fucking hate GNC women.

No. 561372

File: 1590855903971.jpg (589.97 KB, 1440x1440, Collage_20200530_182459.jpg)

so fragile

No. 561388

I hate men but I hate men who use reddit the most.

No. 561390

If it was an attractive straight girl dressing up like this people would think she's hip and cool wearing all this street smart shit. I'm surprised they're not going to go full fearmongering claiming butch lesbians are pedos because they "want to look like 13 year old boys". Because "wanting to look like a lesbian" is naturally not an option.

Also I'm not trying to shit on bisexuals because I'm one myself but jesus christ I'm triggered over the amount of arrogant "bi girls" claiming butch lesbians are obsessed with them and so mad that they can't fuck these super hot bi girls that they hate men and hate everything feminine. I don't know where the fuck these women pick their dates from but like all the butches I've met have been lax and more on the shy side than anything.

No. 561416

It's kinda true tho

No. 561424

It's true that they dress like that but they aren't doing it to emulate men, as the title of the meme suggests

No. 561430

I've never seen a woman wearing cargo pants

No. 561440

I wear cargo pants but I airsoft lol

No. 561441

Those are all neutral clothing in my eyes, unisex items tend to overlap more with male style than female but whatever, even girly types wear that stuff on casual days.

No. 561442

i wear cargo pants bc i like pockets

No. 569283

File: 1591993151705.png (535.89 KB, 828x1792, 136B1D0F-A17C-493F-AD9E-34E62B…)

The GOMI refugee subreddit r/blogsnark is currently having some nuclear-tier level meltdown over rabid SJWs, reddit politics, claims of censorship, and banned mods coming back under new identities.

>apparently the mod mango_lacroix is an old user/ex user, was previously banned (?) and then brought back under this new name

>several members want to be like Moses and take their people out of Egypt, threatening to create new private subreddits for their little tribes

>factions split down the line, with the uber SJW types calling out any and every post they don’t like as “whatever-ism”, and the more catty ones reporting them, leaving the mods backlogged for a week

>discussion on former members Trippsnark and Sarahsnark keep getting deleted by site admins on reddit for reasons unknown, leading some to believe there is a “conspiracy” behind their banning

No. 569288

File: 1591993423522.jpeg (510.39 KB, 828x1205, AFDE3534-E210-4862-80FB-22D3F1…)

No. 569309

lmaooooo I hate those self-righteous whiny bitches. this is hilariou

No. 569330

I think they got anon

No. 569343

File: 1592002279037.png (679.67 KB, 828x1792, 17AC0583-7ACC-4069-B725-8E06CC…)

No. 569347


Sorry for the shit caps! I didn’t realize I had taken the same ones twice.

No. 569351

lol wtf is up with these kinds of women. they love dragging people but think they are so great because they call people racist and thus they deserve it.

No. 569355

lol wtf is up with these kinds of women. they love dragging people but think they are so great because they call people racist and thus they deserve it.

No. 569374

>autistic mods on an online gossip space
Not surprising at all. The part where they felt the need to not only filter out any posts that criticized them by blocking the word "mod", but also personally downvote said posts and delete them, only to claim "it's all just a reddit glitch" is an unexpected level of pettiness, though. Who has that much energy?
Them admitting to filtering out the word "black" and then backpedaling on that was funny, too.
Even the argument that seemed to spark everything off looks so inconsequential and dumb. If the other girl felt so "attacked", she should've just blocked her and stopped replying, and the mods should've warned them both to stop arguing. What was the need to shadowban and mass-delete? People can't disagree with each other on Reddit anymore?

No. 569380


> Even the argument that seemed to spark everything off looks so inconsequential and dumb. If the other girl felt so "attacked", she should've just blocked her and stopped replying, and the mods should've warned them both to stop arguing. What was the need to shadowban and mass-delete? People can't disagree with each other on Reddit anymore?

You hit the nail right on the head. Unfortunately with Reddit, I see this happen too often or at least with this current uber sensitive crowd on there. The site has turned into this two-faced hug box where even the slightest hint of dissent from whatever the prevailing opinion is on a particular subreddit creates chaotic meltdowns.

I swear these people act so new to the internet so I am beginning to assume it is true that a lot of them are fagbook rejects.

No. 569383


Sorry for double posting, but I forgot to mention that before the exodus, blogsnark had a contingent of Mormon Mommy, middle class snarkers who were bitching about their friends behind their backs. They were juxtaposed with the uber progressive SJWs and I think tensions were already brewing between the two groups. It isn’t really surprising people started fighting - it was the mods acting like fucking retards that added to the dogpile.

No. 569386

I wear cargo pants and I am a “girly”straight girl. I’ve seen 2006 fashion throwback pics of women wearing them or baggy sweatpants.

No. 569434

>blogsnark had a contingent of Mormon Mommy, middle class snarkers who were bitching about their friends behind their backs. They were juxtaposed with the uber progressive SJWs and I think tensions were already brewing between the two groups.

lmao these women are really two sides of the same coin.

No. 569463

File: 1592026843369.png (539.17 KB, 828x1792, 65FC9B2B-B2AC-4F79-83B5-A7398C…)


Example of the Mormon thing. It became even more apparent after the political drama.


No. 569470

I didn't know that there were so many mormon users on /r/blogsnark, but it's not surprising to me at all. I noticed the hyper liberal ex-ONTD users.

What I'm saying is that the conservative Mormon mommies and the liberal SJWs are two sides of the same coin. They love policing people to make themselves seem better and use it as an excuse for their less-than-ideal behavior.

No. 569474

File: 1592028131291.png (903.68 KB, 828x1792, 968E659B-8B2C-41FD-9FF3-8F78D1…)


I was surprised too, but it started to make sense when you consider that they were always in some gossip/tea that you would only know if you were also mormon.

This seems to go over the heads of most of the posters on the sub.

I agree on your second point. The mormon moms seemed to have assumed that they had an upperhand on the subreddit culture, which they came to realize, wasn’t the case.


No. 569482

this sounds so entertaining, thank you for sharing this

No. 569608

File: 1592058832432.jpg (41.61 KB, 480x640, rock-more-cargo-pants-cosmique…)

They're pretty much in style right now.

No. 569950

File: 1592111806218.png (343.28 KB, 986x1374, nkjn9.png)

Self-proclaimed psychopath talking about how much he likes killing small animals and hurting little girls aged 3-5.
Why does society allow people like this to exist?

No. 569952

File: 1592111971877.png (199.6 KB, 966x1196, jbhhjb.png)

Cherry on top: People in the comments encouraging him, and requesting photos/videos of the abuse.
This reminds me of that zoosadist group/KeroTheWolf bullshit, and I feel sick.

No. 569955

Mhm, the wanting to abuse 3-5 yo girl could make sens if OP was actually abused at that age.
Not armchairing but if this is not not fanfic this really reads like red flags for trauma induced sociopathy.

No. 569958

>worked in law enforcement
>wants to work in law enforcement again

serial killer shit.

No. 570242

File: 1592154255263.jpeg (602.44 KB, 1920x1554, EC0B8B64-5ED0-4D15-AF31-AB89DB…)

50 bucks says this dude is an MRA

No. 570244

When is r/roastme ever funny? It's literally never tailored for the person it's just like woman hate that they write and then copy and paste onto the next woman that asks to be roasted. It's so creepy, i've never laughed once at r/roastme, it feels waaaaaaay too fucking personal but not even funny kek

No. 570247

File: 1592155063820.png (496.64 KB, 828x1792, F88904D8-BC49-44F8-AAE5-C134F2…)

The Blogsnark drama is still going. Now it really is Mormons vs the Reddit Libertarian Army.

Downvote brigading on a Tyson Gardner thread causes OP to allegedly make 2nd thread.

The reddit fags now are claiming there’s a mormon mod conspiracy. Most hated mod mango_lacroix claims she’s Jewish…when last week she was black? Who knows what is going on.

No. 570250

I never get why women even bother with these subs. It's just incels looking to attack women with uncreative rants about how their existences are meaningless because "something something sex, the wall, porn, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, eggs dried up, karen, 4chan, dicks".

No. 570255

I hate that sub because you get your post deleted and banned for looking at Leedgyreddiuser206's sexually depraved and pathetic post history and clapping back, and even then most are too coward to post with their main account anyway.

No. 570256

File: 1592155777325.png (545.03 KB, 828x1792, E3A89517-E1DE-47B4-A489-D3AE9E…)



Cap of a now deleted comment that some rambling buffoon left in the thread.

And yes, Tyson Gardner is an ugly, creepy, greasy faced weirdo who apparently was messaging/grooming young girls online (much wow). Never heard of this man before but he was on a TLC show after popping out a bunch of test tube babies with his concubine.


No. 570517

It’s a socially sanctioned way to be extremely cruel to women while also hitting on them; the ultimate neg. When you look at the men who posts there’s a wide variety of roasts but women only get paragraphs about how slutty they are. It’s incredibly telling about how these men view actually view women.

No. 570522

Why do they even bother posting in that sub

No. 570653

Honestly? Everyone gets that. If you’re black prepare for “hurr hurr you have no dad and commit crimes”, if you’re Asian “hurr hurr you look like a girl/something about porn or rice”, if you’re a good looking white man they talk about all the dicks you suck and if you’re a nerdy looking white man you get the virgin comments.

I’ve seen some hilarious roasts but they are few and far between because Reddit is not funny, but yeah, with pretty girls you will get plenty of incel rants from guys who are angry they will never have sex. It’s really obvious who they are.

No. 570739

We should have a roasting thread here on /ot/. It would be so hilarious.

No. 570968

File: 1592279278360.png (4.67 MB, 1242x2208, 5C88BF4B-1A3D-43B2-B968-7AEA87…)

The absolute state of this site— debating a fuckin cartoon’s sponge sexuality

No. 570973

File: 1592281188284.png (125.42 KB, 1103x331, Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 11.1…)

Wtf is this shit.

No. 570977

Her daughter is such a brat.

No. 570985

You're kidding right?
It's not a given because there are tons of people who don't love their children
Her father isn't in her life so she probably feels like it isn't a given because of that as well
You should show affection to your children because they need it, not because it's something you have to consider whether you enjoy

No. 570989

Speaking of your pic, I thought Todd coming out as asexual in Bojack Horseman was just pandering and and trying too hard. Good show otherwise though.

Going back to Spongebob, I always thought he was just a child in an adult’s body, which is why he doesn’t care for romance. I doubt his creator was trying to make a statement on asexuals and whatnot. If anything, it was probably a nod to the fact that seasponges are asexual in terms of reproducing.

I also feel that 99% of people who claim to be asexual are either sexually repressed or just immature. Which is why I feel that making them apart of them LGBT community is dumb. But that’s a whole nother topic.

No. 570990

How so?
She knows that her mom most likely resents her for being born and is upset that she isn’t affectionate with her. How is that being a brat?

No. 570994

Imagine calling a teenager a brat for WANTING to show and receive verbal affection to her parents.

No. 571002

>I thought Todd coming out as asexual in Bojack Horseman was just pandering and and trying too hard
It was forced as hell and felt so unnatural in an otherwise real show, it was like they shoehorned scenes in just to lecture the audience. So obnoxious.

No. 571009

The mother is an asshole.

No. 571014


Are you retarded? Its an obvious joke

No. 571016

…I'm just going to let the autism in this response speak for itself..

No. 571022

No, it was not.

No. 571026

File: 1592296905013.jpg (13.38 KB, 275x201, 1454857686099.jpg)

>roasting thread
>anonymous website

No. 571038

What would be the point of that. This whole site in general is a roasting thread already.

No. 571052

The Todd is asexual thing was laughable in an otherwise self-aware show. Spongebob is asexual because he is a cartoon sponge in a children's tv show - even the gems from Steven Universe are called asexual because they're space rock aliens.

No. 571189

File: 1592329472097.png (978.88 KB, 828x1792, 60B2A900-B52A-4BB9-816D-77BA1F…)

It just keeps getting better and better.

How many more days until blogsnark finally detonates?


No. 573068

kek it very obviously is dw anon

No. 573070

because she's obviously very good looking and it's hilarious to make losers seethe like that, a friend of mine used to put in her tinder bio "swipe left if ur under 6 foot" just for the lulz

No. 573079

jfc. How is this even a roast? This is fucking awful redpill/MGTOW/Incel tier vomit. It's a personal attack on the girl disguised as a roast. The scrote absolutely 100% believes his own fucked up words. And of course it gets upvoted. Fuck reddit.

This pic is obvious bait but let's just say for an instant it's real. There's hardly a discernible difference in attractiveness between these girls. They're all pretty. But this scrote clearly has a singular type and whoever doesn't conform to it is ugly. So whoever made this couldn't have made more obvious bait or has retarded, unimaginative standards.

No. 573188

I saw a subreddit linked in the gimpgirl thread on /snow where they genuinely have a rating system like that, where everyone 5-10 are equally gorgeous and it makes no sense. Cumbrains be cumbrainin'

No. 573189

>weird perversion of men fucking a "fresh" teenage slut

Well there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth! That's why women should always side-eye older men in their 20s and beyond who want to fuck with a teenage girl. They even admit it's a perversion, not out of a genuine interest in her. How can they? They're so vastly different. Even when I was in my early 20s, I couldn't relate to my 18 year old self anymore and couldn't imagine the type of person who wanted to seriously date someone fresh out of high school if not still in one. Yikes.
Everything else is nothing but projected bullshit of course.

No. 573207

kek. Imagine being a scrote. Then imagine not knowing you're obnoxiously fugly and reek of death and droppings. Then imagine being so delusional that you take the time and effort to make these retarded ratings charts as though being some kind of holy authority on the topic. I don't even know how it is possible for these invalids to continue reconciling their own beliefs.

No. 574226

File: 1592953623851.jpg (353.7 KB, 506x576, 9hrcLrb.jpg)

No. 574276

What is it with idiot men and their "shower beer" obsession. It irritates the shit out of me for a reason I can't place.

No. 574375

File: 1592975640964.png (517.32 KB, 757x485, Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 12.1…)

Guys I'm spiraling. I just watched this and everyone, EVERYONE in the comments is on the woman's side. The ones who aren't are being downvoted to hell. I saw the video on twitter and the people who were against the woman, and all happened to be conservatives. I hate conservatives….yet I'm agreeing with them for the first time ever and it's starting to make me feel like I'm crazy.

I personally don't see how a white woman can screech about racism to a black cop. When that cop is off duty, they are a black man and they actually know what it's like to be racially discriminated against. I'm sure that cop isn't killing blacks and I'm sure they need to put a roof over their heads hence why they are still a cop despite being against the system.

No. 574398

remember the mayor of DC is a black woman and she sided with cops. Cop may be black but he's still been trained and part of an institution that kills black people, and this cop is in riot gear and if things got violent would still attack protesters. Plenty of minorities can be "sellouts" for their people, like anti-feminist women.

I found this confession pretty interesting, sure there are others like it.

No. 574401

not the point anon is making. A white woman shouldn't be yelling about racism against blacks to a black man. These black men are cops but they haven't taken a stance like the mayor. These are still black men at the end of the day and you cant assume that they are an uncle tom and brainwashed by the system. Another black person can yell at a black cop, a white person can't. It comes off as being a white savior. She also references the color purple and says "fucking brown people", she's literally just getting high off of this and doesn't actually care to think that maybe these cops would quit if they had the financial option.

No. 574405

So just because one black person who works for the government sides with white people, all blacks who work for the government , despite not showing any signs that they are against the cause, are also siding with white people? Also, "brainwashed" … it's not up to white people to speculate if black people have been brainwashed by white masterminds just because they work in a system dominated by them.

No. 574414

File: 1592986353680.png (376.13 KB, 738x1254, r3d.png)

Imagine getting trapped into a marriage with a weight gain fetishist.

No. 574415

I hadn't watched the video until now, and damn she has a white savior complex. White people need to chill the fuck out and let black people lead.

> A white woman shouldn't be yelling about racism against blacks to a black man.

> it's not up to white people to speculate if black people have been brainwashed by white masterminds just because they work in a system dominated by them.
These statements sound slightly absurd to me, not sure if I've drunk the koolaid. Yes I get that black Americans should probably lead discussions on this, but if something's the "truth" it' shouldn't matter who's saying it.

No. 574416

Gross. Thank Christ she found out before she signed anything.
Always freaks me out to think about the weird shit people are hiding from their partners.

No. 574417

File: 1592987630483.png (495.77 KB, 1748x1256, 210.png)

>My [22 F] boyfriend [24 M] asked me to take a pregnancy test, and I caught him drinking the pee?
>We are both, I thought, staunchly anti-kink.
I can't with this shit.

No. 574422

Nta but people always say that all white people are complicit in racism simply because they are white, so is it really that wrong or different to judge somebody on the basis of the job they've chosen themselves? As a white person you have to prove via actions that you aren't racist but somebody who actively works for the institution that caused all that fear, violence and death shouldn't be judged because maybe only maybe he actually thinks differently? Them maybe experiencing shit in their private lifes isn't an excuse either.
You're giving them the benefit of the doubt too much.

No. 574424

File: 1592989946811.png (1.44 MB, 797x2453, blsv.png)

White straight woman catfishes as black lesbian woman online for money.
>10 year age gap relationship

No. 574429

There's another video quite like this, involving a white woman talking down to a Hispanic police officer, this white woman calls this Hispanic man a sell out for white supremacy and starts calling him shorty and such and the Hispanic police officer just casually moves away, seeing white women talk down to police officers knowing they won't get beaten up doesn't eradicate white privilege somehow, it just comes across as white women powertripping against police officers knowing they won't get beaten

No. 574456

holy shit, they started dating when she was 17 and he was 27. WTF. How could he just date a highschooler?

No. 574468

>a grown man doesn't need that
Maybe you shouldn't date children if you expect your partner to act like an adult.

No. 574476

Yeah she sounds pretty bad, but that's what he gets for fucking a someone who still wears school uniform.

No. 574493

If she dated a 27 year old when she was 17 and even commited to marrying that same man all by the tender age of 21 then I don't know why this man suddenly expects her to start making smart decisions? With an abusive upbringing and an old partner who constantly talks down about her "how do I explain this to simple lil wifey" no wonder she wants online escapism.

Maybe she's a lesbian and you married her so young that she didn't even have the time to figure that shit out?

No. 574499

You all know this is fake, right

No. 574501

i don't know, anon. maybe there's a stretch somewhere in there, but people are crazy and stupid as shit. if she wasn't a redditors rando wife she'd probably be milky.

No. 574503

Nah, I've seen crazy people on the internet long enough to know people do this shit. One woman literally did it IRL for years, and had a whole documentary made on her.
Unless you mean it was proven to be fake, in which case, source?

No. 574514

You could say this about nearly any reddit post shared here. I take most with a grain of salt anyway (two sides to every story) but it's hardly the most outlandish post

No. 574515

>pulled it out of his mouth so fast it made an audible 'POP' sound
This can't be real. It's gotta be one of those fake fetish stories… That created the worst, most vivid imagery for me.

No. 574522

As soon as I read that he's the one insisting on condoms I was like hmm? I mean men usually hear 'I'm on the pill' and that's all they need. He's been happily doubling up on methods for 3 years, show me where I can find a guy who'll happily wear condoms that long term cos I can't find one, would like to! minus the piss fetish lol

No. 574549

Find one who's deathly afraid of getting tied down with kids and believes he can't trust you or your birth control. Boom.

No. 574561

>fetish for yourself gaining weight
>forums/discord channels for this where they write porn about getting fat
I shouldn't be surprised, but I kinda am. Being a feeder makes more sense than this shit. Who the fuck gets off to gaining weight?

No. 574573

She’s probably a closet racist just wanting to scream at and dehumanise a black person.

No. 574596

File: 1593022675856.jpg (376.43 KB, 762x1334, Screenshot_13.jpg)

Reminds me of another abhorrent reddit thread I saw earlier in the week
This woman sees a CHILD as a passion project and a mechanism to play white savior. Not a living person deserving of unconditional affection and support. (if it were simply about giving an orphan a good home, the race would have no effect on her decision). I could easily see her as the type to talk down to a black police officer.

No. 574651

all cops are bad, except the black ones

No. 574659

kek.. strawman sally

White people don't get to yell at black people about BLM, even if that black person is a cop, period.(b8 m8s)

No. 574738


No. 574822

File: 1593056817258.png (204.39 KB, 990x800, 78b.png)

Why do people fall for these obviously fake stories?
The guy who wrote this obviously read some article saying a preference for completely shaved pubic area is pedophilic, got angry because that's 90% of his porn preferences, and made this up so that he could read other men bitch about it and feel validated. Thousands of upvotes, "I'm a woman and I agree with you, OP" and a shitload of comments.

No. 574833

kek this is so flimsy
>psych class
lmao how many pussies has this man seen in his life compared to porn?

No. 574856

idk, i don't participate on reddit but i like fake stories even knowing they are fake (this one's uncreative though). people must respond due to the entertainment factor, doesn't really matter if it happened

No. 574930

these people will bash every single thing on tumblr and call it fake and be like r/thathappened but then fall for stupid shit like this

No. 575038

A few weeks ago I came across a sub called r/celebdegrading which I think got nuked, and man, I should've saved some caps. It was exactly what you'd imagine, but what I remember most is a discussion between 2 coomers under a Billie Eilish photo talking about how they wanted to slit her throat and fuck the exposed oesophagus. All with a couple of upvotes, too.
Reddit, not even once.

No. 575327

Because of that Justin Bieber false rape accusation thing I'm once again seeing bunch of comments how "Being falsely accused of rape is worse than actual rape!!!"

These people are disgusting. I remember how most of reddit was stuck in 2010-Bieber hate even though that stopped being relevant years ago. Now because of that news it's all "wtf i love bieber now"

No. 575448

File: 1593184605391.png (Spoiler Image, 359.99 KB, 552x661, SHOWERBEERETTE.png)

No. 575460

gross. if you look at her profile, most of her posts are "NSFW haha look at this beer i'm drinking :)" but in actuality she's showing off her ass and tits to reddit incels. yikes.

No. 575461

I like beer but the thought of people trying to make it sexy.. all I can think of is beer bloat and the beer farts that follow shortly afterwards. There is nothing glamorous or alluring about downing a few beers.

No. 575521

File: 1593195536182.png (10.79 KB, 688x117, rly.png)

Thread about the increasing numbers of FGM in /r/europe, and of course it doesn't take long for the "but also circumcision!" comments. Someone even called it "male genital mutilation." I have no idea how they can make such ridiculous, bad faith arguments.


No. 575524

I saw a comment on r/politicalcompassmemes about Ansel Elgort's accuser that said "we should rape her so we know for sure that she's not lying about being a rape victim". It got ~50 upvotes before it was removed

No. 575650

I have a very specific….disdain? for women who post (nude)pictures of themselves on reddit for validation. Especially when it’s not for some sort of self promotion, that is at least undestandable. Upvotes from the average redditor would not personally give me an any sort of an ego boost

No. 575718

Reminds me of the fedora or bacon stuff from a few years ago. Just some smug redditism that they think is intelligent but is actually cringe to everyone else.

I dislike them too. A lot of them clearly have low self esteem and pander to the lowest common denominator to try to make themselves feel better. It's pathetic to witness.

No. 576818


These and apparently a bunch of other subs just got banned today. Thoughts?

No. 576822

As much as I dislike trumptards, I think this is a bad move on Reddit's behalf. At least Reddit has rules and alogging(for the most part) is removed. When all these MUH 45 fags go to /pol/ to congregate, we're gonna start seeing a lot more hateful retards going full on school shooter.

No. 576826

Wtf, gendercritical was not a hate subreddit.

No. 576829

Lmao they ban gender critical which was super tame but the rape fetish subs and plethora of misogynistic subs remain. Not surprising.

No. 576831

Tbh why anyone would use Reddit for anything other than porn is beyond me. It sucks for discussion. The only thing that it's good for are specific HOW TO guides and hobby subreddits. Everything else is trash. Wish they'd pull a Tumblr and delete all porn off of Reddit too.

No. 576834

They banned ChapoTrapHouse (sage for left-tard) but it was worth it to get rid of the_donald.

No. 576836

They also banned r/rightwinglgbt. I've met a few nice fellow dykes. You have no idea how hard it is to find a lesbian, let alone one that has right leaning or conservative views.
I'm surprised they banned chappo trap house

No. 576838

It's chilling that the feminist sub gender critical was banned. Reddit is such a fucking shithole of misogyny. God forbid women discuss things our male overlords disapprove of.

No. 576840


the more women oriented subs are mostly fine, but they're few and far between and often invaded by scrotes. not worth it.

No. 576846

Is r/FDS banned ?

No. 576849

No. 576852

Soon I'm sure. It was mentioned in the announcements thread a lot.

No. 576853

That was like the one r/GC ajecent sub that I wouldn't have had a problem of it got banned

No. 576855

I think FDS is the only radfem(ish) sub that wasn’t banned so they’re probably next. We all know it’s unacceptable for women to have discussions that don’t cater to men.

No. 576856

It was wrongthink

No. 576857

I'm so sad about r/GC. I hadn't lurked there in years and it seemed like the community was going a little downhill in terms of getting a bit hivemindy, but it will always be a place that changed my life. The first time I was exposed to ideas that really made me question the version of reality that was fed to me. It was a huge milestone in my intellectual development and I'll always remember it and be grateful for what it gave me. Fuck Reddit and fuck censorship forever.

It's extra retarded that the_donald is the sub that's making headlines with all this because I tried to check there a few weeks ago, just to see what it was like, and it looked like they had all already decamped to their own Reddit clone site. But libtards who don't know anything are crowing about Reddit standing up to teh hate uwu

No. 576864

I lurk a few foreign language subs incl r/pikabu & c/China_irl etc to get perspectives from other parts of the world.

Wouldn't people just use actual porn sites for porn?

No. 576867

It went downhill but it was just about the only big mainstream gc feminist forum I can think of. Troons are shutting down discussions everywhere else.

No. 576869

Nope. All my guy friends have told me they use Reddit for porn. It's because it's home to fetish subreddits so you can find a pretty consistent feed of degenerate kinks.

No. 576874

Why are you friends with male redditors who have degenerate kinks?

No. 576875

I used to be a really lonely person. Don't worry. I'm almost done phasing them out, I only have one Reddit loser left to completely drop.

No. 576887

Great sis. I used to have a male friend who I found out looked at loli shit on 4chan. Immediately dropped him as friend.

No. 576896

Let's be honest: if you're on LC then chances are you aren't and can't do better.

No. 576899

Tbh you can always do better than degenerate redditors. I found a lot of nice nerdy girlfriends in writing communities.

No. 576909

I agree. You can find better friends with actual social skills who aren't secret or not so secret misogynists in a lot of places.

No. 576916

Chapo was a mysoginist hive.

No. 576922

Turns out the Left hates women too.

No. 576952

Sage for OT but where would I go for a GC hub now?

No. 576964

Follow them on twitter they are planning something new.

No. 576965

I noticed /r/pinkpillfeminism went private. I don't blame them. A bunch of fragile male redditors have been trying to get that sub banned along with some other feminist subs. It was sad to see GC go

No. 576969

Unironically asherahsgardens could probably use more traffic.

No. 577037

File: 1593467598046.jpg (37 KB, 720x744, 1584100886563.jpg)

Banned: /r/gendercritical
Not banned: /r/theredpill, /r/MGTOW, a billion woman abuse porn subs
Also not banned: /r/itsafetish, /r/LGBdroptheT

They didn't even try to make it look like they're not targeting women.

No. 577041

I know I shouldn't be surprised but people just really fucking hate women standing up for themselves. Not even this place, which is all women and not particularly concerned with men's feelings, won't let us discuss it. I'm so tired, it's just depressing. Any small pushback against men gets us silenced.

No. 577062


I read that the_donald was banned for brigading which is funny considering that GenderCynical was created with the sole purpose of brigading GenderCritical. It's always been common knowledge that the stalker sub is downvoting shit there constantly and occasionally posting in it too.

The sub is still up so I guess they're fine with brigading if it's done by a bunch of misogynistic men towards women hmmm.

No. 577075

File: 1593470217620.png (9.06 KB, 642x371, 1589353254777.png)

>/r/itsafetish, /r/LGBdroptheT
Basic rundown on those reddits?

No. 577101

I was wondering if one particular sub was banned but I can’t remember the name of it. The description said it was some kind of new centrist? political group but all the posts were anti-semitic or about women with flair like “riding the cock carousel” and “cheating whore.” I wish I was joking.

No. 577106

The website spinster.xyz is being advertised to women who are upset about the deletion of the gc and pink pill subs. Has anyone got any insight on the site? I made an account with a sock puppet email and it seems like a legit site for radfems

No. 577107

And MGTOW only got quarantined because of that coast guard who was discovered to be plotting a domestic terrorist attack in DC. A bunch of news agencies reported that he was an active member of the sub for years, and they STILL didn't ban it.

Several high profile murders in the last few years have been committed by radical incels. It's no secret this ideology is harmful and indoctrinating. Reddit protecting them is shameful.

No. 577113

It couldn't have been made anymore clear that women were the issue for them. /r/itsafetish has far more hateful language and far more male posters than GC and thered"women are literally equivalent to children and here's how to abuse them so they won't leave you"pill and MG"The next spree shooter is posting here"OW are far more sexist. The distinguishing factor here is that GC is a community for women.
This is the kind of shit that makes it clear that 'diversity initiatives' in social media companies should target actual biological women for roles that involve product decisions. There's no fucking way that this kind of selective removal would have happened if there were a reasonable amount of real, not-extremely-online women involved in the decision-making process.

No. 577115

It's legit, it's like a more woman friendly version of twitter.

No. 577117

spinster has been around for about a year. the writer mk fain started it. it's a little slow and the userbase is kind of boomer-y but it's legit.

No. 577118

It's too bad GC was banned. I haven't actively lurked there for months since there seemed to be more and more middle aged conservative moms who just happened to hate trannies, but it was always nice to know other people shared my feelings on the world and being a woman.

I honestly wonder what will it take for them to finally ban MGTOW and redpill. They already banned r/incels and other subs created after that, yet these subreddits have exactly the same kind of shit, if not worse.

No. 577120

itsafetish, documents autogentaphilia aka granny's saying that illegal hentai helps them feel more feminine

lgbdropthet is more like lesbians, gays, and bis coming out to say that the trans community needs to be separate

No. 577134

/r/GC was the only women-oriented community (except for lolcow I guess) that was actually worth visiting. Oh well.

/r/TheRedPill has far-reaching consequences because it more or less teaches young men that they need to abuse women to keep them in line (and teaches them how to do it), and MGTOW is pretty much identical to /r/incels but with more divorced boomers and less explicitly violent content. /r/pussypassdenied is basically the same as the violent porn subs + MGTOW but without the excuse that people are just beating off to it.

No. 577139

Yeah and now ot is the only worthwhile board for women to talk freely.
I hope spinster takes off but I wish it wasn't in a twitter format, I hate that.

I hope a womad-like community can emerge from this mess

No. 577142

>I hope spinster takes off but I wish it wasn't in a twitter format, I hate that.

>I hope a womad-like community can emerge from this mess

Same, twitter is a shitty way to have a discussion. A place where women can discuss a variety of topics like reddit (but not because websites that define themselves as 'alternative to x' are almost always shitheaps) would be nice.

No. 577168

this site is always down. maybe I have the wrong link though. could you link me please?

No. 577177

I see this shit in /r/all all the time, though I never actually click on the images. It's fucking pathetic.

It really says a fucking lot that there's crickets when women are abused, raped, and beaten (which is on the news near constantly), but the most popular posts on reddit are almost always women committing relatively minor wrongs. Entitled bitchy karens are upvoted to hell and back, and sometimes they deserve it, but there is a very conspicuous lack of similar energy for male wrongdoings. It's like the bad shit men do is so normalized, so pedestrian and mundane, that nobody even notices. Who cares if a child is gangraped by men when there's a middle aged woman out there being nasty?

No. 577207

File: 1593482497051.png (605.83 KB, 733x639, 1548824394026.png)

>It's like the bad shit men do is so normalized, so pedestrian and mundane, that nobody even notices.

Men (and women, but mostly men) think of male violence as a force of nature rather than as conscious actions taken by a person with agency, which is why narratives about violence against women are often framed in terms of the woman making a risky bet and losing. It's pretty fucked up if you think about it.

The outrage against "Karens" on social media is fucking insufferable, and it's clearly drenched in misogyny, but if the reddit admins don't give a damn about the presence of subreddits that LITERALLY give tips on how to deceive abuse women then they sure as shit aren't going to care about the Karen spam. You just know that if a sub that merely documents male violence like /r/nametheproblem got any traction it'd be gone in a heartbeat too.

No. 577217

The blackpill is potent today gals

No. 577229

No. 577399

GC topics are banned here too

No. 577542

I feel like there are so few women-dominated spaces on there that don’t have some notable number of MtF trans users. I used to casually lurk r/feemagers (not underaged to be clear), and loved seeing so many posts from Gen Z calling out the anti-women sentiments found from the larger part of Reddit. Then I saw more and more posts from MtFs seeking validation for smallest reasons, and saw more and more users with those flairs to a point where the number of plain F flairs were equal in the number of MtF flairs.

However, I came across one OP with the F flair but decided to check their post history out of curiosity. Turns out OP’s actually MtF trans and has a history in posting in trans subreddits. There’s something so insidious about that, like pretending you’re something you’re not. I feel like lolcow’s the only community where I’m not wary of trans MtFs masquerading.

No. 577549

They just banned r/againstfemalehatesubs but r/againstmalehatesubs is still there. There is clearly an agenda going on here.

No. 577552

And pretty much all the “male hate” subreddits listed have been banned yet not a single rape porn or mgtow sub was banned..

No. 577554


isn't this the one set up by the tranny who got offended we didn't want to use their site after learning they are infact a tranny

No. 577555

File: 1593539148758.png (28.48 KB, 1091x457, Screenshot_2020-06-30 (1) redd…)


No. 577556

Pretty much every modteam for "female" subs has at least a few TIMs on it. 2XC has zero actual women on their modteam.
This is genuinely fucked up. I've been spending less time on reddit naturally over the past year, but this is the nail in the coffin. There's pretty much no reason to go there anymore.

No. 577558

It was a male, but not a tranny. He gave the site to a new female owner a while ago.

No. 577562

Also, notice that r/GenderCritical is banned, but not r/GenderCriticalGuys.
Another one: r/FreedomisMatriarchy is banned, but r/FreedomisPatriarchy is still around. Both fetish subs.

No. 577563


thanks for the clarification. i will check out the site.

No. 577571

>has zero women on their mod team

What a fucking joke. Reddit is a shithole that consistently panders to bottom-feeding male racists. Even in regards to racism, they’ve doing BLM-related PR to make it seem like they’re woke (despite letting multiple racist communities flourish for years). I hate so much about that site but have yet to find a good alternative in regards to having readable doscussion threads.

No. 577578

I also love how it's called TwoXChromosomes yet you will be banned if you merely suggest that trans women are biologically male. this timeline is bizarre

No. 577581

File: 1593541781487.jpg (150.03 KB, 1078x792, lyjyk6zgu1851.jpg)

PSA femaledatingstrategy just made an actual website, you will have to message the FDS team either on reddit, twitter, or instagram in order to receive a code to make an account. They do verify users first to make sure they are women.

No. 577589

wonder why this is happening all of a sudden. the PP’d coalition was so fucking based. sad to see it go.

No. 577605

>I saw the video on twitter and the people who were against the woman, and all happened to be conservatives. I hate conservatives….yet I'm agreeing with them for the first time ever and it's starting to make me feel like I'm crazy.
I don't get why people feel the need to whip themselves over agreeing with "conservatives". Maybe its because people are accustomed to the polarizing name-callings but you shouldn't take them seriously. I get called SJW for saying liberal opinions, and nazi some other day for having conservative opinions. I dunno, it just feels ridiculous every time I see someone feeling guilt over sharing a few opinions with someone who's different.
It's like if I stopped eating food and water because there's photos of Hitler and Stalin both eating food and water.

I support reforms but getting rid of the cops is shit that only a stunted college kid would support. Look at the delivery trucks being attacked in Minneapolis because they're being attacked by rioters on powertrips because rich corporate sugar daddies will bail them out. Some even stopped working because they didn't want to be killed or have their life ruined by shit they were never a part of. Cops are there so there's no incentive to do horrible shit to legitimately innocent people.

But I don't think cops are 100% innocent creatures that can do no wrong, there will always be shitty people anywhere, and those shitty individuals should be accountable for.
Reforms is a good step, the knee choking was clearly an uncommon practice. And making weedlmao drug arrests less of a priority can work too (weed has been the highest rated arrest count in the last decade) and so on. But reforms can only be done if you're calm, persistent, and have good evidence to back up your claims.

anyways I vented too much and went off-topic but fuck it

No. 577608

they kept mgtow too

No. 577622

i’m really tired of FDS’s faggy little verification system. so inefficient. i can only image it’ll get worse with them having to individually approve of each member in the new website forum.

No. 577626

I can't find an againstmalehatesubs subreddit. Also freedomispatriarchy is baned also.

No. 577636

It's weird because the number of women, naturally 50% of the human population, should outnumber the amount of transsexuals. Or that women naturally are disinclined to use Reddit. I can understand the latter the most because the last thing I want is to have a forever-log of everything I ever said under an account.

No. 577678

>Or that women naturally are disinclined to use Reddit.

That's pretty much the case. Most demographic survey results I've seen in popular subreddits show that men make up a majority of the userbase. Even for more female-dominated interests that would be the case outside of Reddit, there'd be a 50/50 split in gender on Reddit. On the trans subreddits, it's usually 75%+ MtFs from survey results. If you spend enough time on the site (which you shouldn't so learn from me), it becomes easier and easier to tell if a female-identifying user is trans or not.

No. 577679

I mean I'm upset that they haven't gotten back to me with the code for their website yet, but just think of the consequences if they didn't properly vet new accounts there.

No. 577902

How do you think single moms afford to have multiple children? By offloading the burden to other people. You don't need to be able to afford a stay at home mom with multiple children.

No. 577952

Let's not mention againsthatesubreddits, that sub exists SOLELY to brigade every slightly GC sub like truelesbians. Go check their posts, they're all against reddit TOS (brigading, vote manipulation, report manipulation, organized trolling) and yet they're still afloat, planning to sink more innocent subs.

No. 578056

AHS is full of absolute nuts, Bardfinn the grany tranny being the worst of them. The saving grace in all of this nonsense is that nothing will make these types of people content; once all of the remotely-controversial subs get banned they'll find other targets and the reddit admins will finally understand that they went through all this nonsense to appease the unappeasable.

No. 578161

reddit knows sure how to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American Woman's suffrage.
I'm done with that site entirely. The best thing to come out of this is the 2000 pissed women it brought to spinster.xyz community within a day's time

No. 578328

Wait, I've never heard of this spinster site, I see it's for feminist discussion. Is it any good?

No. 578330

I hope that website is not filled w trannies.

No. 578356

Good, reddit should burn.
They straight up left redpill/MGTOW sites up but deleted a bunch of anti-porn ones

No. 578408

pedo scale
natalie is a kid here

No. 578419

So far it’s pretty decent and doesn’t seem to have any tranny or men invaders, and if they are there then they are just lurking

No. 578469

Shut the fuck up

No. 578470

File: 1593715556631.png (7.67 KB, 576x86, 1.png)

> Why are men obsessed with rating women???

Most upvoted comment on the thread. Men are so fucking broken they relly think rating women is normal behaviour and the issue is the "incorrect' ratings

No. 578492

The only thought behind each one of these ratings is 'makes my peepee tingle this much'

Have fun arguing about how your dick tingles are smarter than some other guys dick tingles!

No. 578493

yeah, she's like 14 in this pic. I love how he made sure to choose a picture of her where she was clearly underage, like he went out of his way to find an old one and not a recent one. typical pedophilic scrote.

this. having preferences is normal and all but rating women on a scale is not, let alone creating spreadsheets like these. unattractive men in particular think they are entitled to exceptionally hot women lmao.

No. 578533

I was able to figure out it was r/The3rdPosition and they were banned.

No. 578550

>Who cares if a child is gangraped by men when there's a middle aged woman out there being nasty?
I snorted but only because it's so depressingly true. Never seen people explode with so much condensed hatred than with the Karen meme. It's like all the rage-filled men are venting out all their bottled up hatred against women now that they have the pass. Being misogynistic is steadily being normalized again and people are cheering for it. Addressing male violence is so hard for most people because they know they'd be bullied off the face of the earth by hordes of angry men, so they board the wagon of devaluing women instead to feel like they're doing things that matter. Because that's the only acceptable form of activism you can do.

No. 578598

File: 1593735713571.jpeg (186.28 KB, 720x1327, 4D20C277-F588-432D-A367-A0BCD9…)

No. 578606

Wow, imagine a 'coming of age' moment when you realize your mom sees you as a baby incubator and not a daughter. Happy eighteenth birthday!

No. 578609

This is definitely fake and reads itself like a porn fantasy

No. 578622

Some of the comments on a Facebook page that reposted it (reddit riciculousness) were like “well see how your mom likes it when you choose to conceive with her fiancé the usual way and they were all m*n

No. 578677

Not sure about this particular story, but you'd be amazed by the accounts out there about reproductive coercion coming from fucked up mothers of adult daughters. I believe it generally happens, especially if the mothers are narcissists and see their daughters as extensions of themselves to do their bidding.

No. 579305


If you'd ever met my parents you'd know this is entirely believable unfortunately.

No. 579490

r/BanFemaleHateSubs has been unbanned

No. 580148

File: 1594047959791.jpg (1.91 MB, 806x5128, wtf.jpg)

This sub is like my birth control with all the horror stories about slack husbands and shitty boyfriends, but occasionally there appears a mother who is so wholly unaware of herself that it's depressing.

No. 580150

Thank you for this news anon

No. 580167

So her parents are anti-child for not making enough of a fuss of her kids and her brothers are anti-child for choosing to not have kids of their own lol. She even took her parents to therapy with her and made them apologise .. yikes

I come from a not so kid-crazy family. My dad has no patience to be around kids and my brother never wants any. If I became a single mother to six kids and showed up at their houses I would have to suck it up and keep my visits pretty fuckin short, nobody in my family is inclined to want to spend too much time around that many kids. Add in this womans emotional issues and I'm sure they all wish she'd discover this thing called family planning.

The bit where she says people see how well behaved her kids are so they pay for her dinner or their groceries… maybe they see her alone with 5 kids in tow and currently pregnant and think she's struggling?

No. 580172

This is such a weird story, it seems like the mom and her family could both be in the wrong? It seems like she's leaving info out because treating your sister/daughter like that is pretty fucked up if there's no reason for it beyond what she said (but I get the feeling that many reddit anecdotes like this are drawn in the most flattering light possible). I get that it's valid to not want to spend much time around kids but honestly it's part of being an adult and a good family member to be polite and tolerate them to a degree when they're in your family and especially as close as grandchildren/nieces & nephews. She does sound obnoxious though and who knows what the full picture of the situation looks like.

No. 580186

Unrelated but how do you take long, full res screenshots like that?

No. 580193

It sounds more like her family has been frustrated by her poor reproductive choices. I read her post history and it says she used to be married and had 5 children in 7 years. She was basically pregnant over half of the time during that relationship and it sounds like a recipe for disaster. She has another child on the way but calls herself a single mom so clearly whoever got her pregnant this time didn't stick around, and her ex is a deadbeat who doesn't see his children.

People pay for her groceries and meals when she takes them out to eat. It means random strangers see that she's struggling and feel sorry for her so they help. They're not aware of what led up to her choices unlike her family is, so it's disingenuous of her to compare the kindness of strangers to her family whose kindness she likely wore out by now. She doesn't talk about a job or childcare so she's likely unemployed right now too. All of this doesn't paint a picture that she's a beacon of responsibility so I'm sure her family and brother are shunning her for that moreover than being 'anti child.'

At family events she sounds strange, like an entity who appears and then isolates herself with her children without saying anything to anybody. I understand she's feeling like an outsider, but if it bothered her so much that they didn't even know her new baby's name, then it was up to her to introduce the baby to the family. Instead she let her own young daughter try to introduce a baby by herself and just…why would she triangulate her own kids like that? Why does she think the communication problems in her family have nothing to do with her and that things just happen to her for no reason? Why does she think the only thing that matters is how happy her kids make her feel, and not doing what it takes to make sure her kids feel centered and happy?

And tbh her take on mother's day brunch is petty. Clearly they all wanted to GO OUT for brunch on mother's day which is custom! This woman just didn't have the money to pay for herself, her kids, and her own mother so that's why she took great offense when they said they were going out to eat because it meant she had to admit she was broke, or spend money she couldn't afford. So she turned it into an 'anti child' problem so she wouldn't have to feel ashamed. Someone with money wouldn't have made that into an issue. Why did she think rolling into her mother's house, using her groceries, dirtying her kitchen, and then leaving a chaotic mess to clean would have been a "gift"? Lmao, she's downright delusional!

No. 580197

I feel like she's expecting her parents to fill the void that's there from her splitting with the kids dads. I mean she states that they are good grandparents but then goes on to complain about them anyway.

I looked on her profile and she's had all sort of drug addictions including heroin.

No. 580205

She's either oblivious or she left things out on purpose.
Don't get me wrong, shitty relatives who exclude one black sheep exist, but the fact that apparently everyone outside her immediate family does this too is kind of fishy.
I feel really bad for her but considering she's had a decade long hard drug problem, 5 small kids and delusion thinking people pay for her things because her kids are well behaved instead of feeling bad for her really makes it seem her familys behavior towards her is not just about being "anti-children"

No. 580212

I have a scroll capture feature on my phone. Theoretically you could do it the old school way and take a bunch of screencaps and paste them together in an editing program but that's a lot of work.

No. 580217

Honestly, I've met so many parents who tell you how great their kids are only for them to be absloute terrors. I also find it really hard to believe these kids are angels simply because they're kids. It's not heir fdault but kids are loud and messy, having 5 around would be stressful. If a member of my family had 5 kids and 1 on the way I'd be side-eyeing, too.

She 100% went round to make grandma give them a free meal and freaked out when she reminded her they were going out.

this isn't surprising. it read like a druggie rant. They always put in too much info/dwell on childhood shit/post becomes a mess of useless info.

No. 580218

I love how the takes on here are so different to the reddit responses of other mommies telling her to simply cut off her entire family forever and never speak another word to them.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a personality disorder there. Her post history goes into drug addiction and issues that started in her teens, spent many years in therapy, personal therapy, couples therapy, family therapy. All that therapy and she's still ranting on reddit. You'd think she'd be more concerned about the two fathers of her kids doing zilch for them. Six kids, two deadbeat dads and most of the other moms are telling her to throw her whole family away.. An ex heroin addict single handedly raising 6 kids with nobody to fall back on.. good job reddit moms! That'll definitely benefit the children.

No. 580223

It's forever frustrating to me that men get to just opt out of parenthood with little legal or social backlash, and it means I feel bad for a lot of the women on /r/breakingmom quite often, but God damn do they make their own issues sometimes. Telling an (ex-)addict to abandon her family is completely retarded.

Also honestly her family might fucking hate her because they've been picking up the pieces every time she went on a bender. If she had a heroin addiction and 2 deadbeat Dads, SOMEONE was there to look after these kids/pay for their shit/keep social services off their ass, etc, and I'm imaging that was Grandma. Or/and the eldest children (hmmm to her daughter being the one carrying around the baby/showing him off). Maybe even the brothers. If her dumping her kids onto her brothers became a habit long enough ago, that might be why they don't want to deal with their own kids. No shit they're warey of her. Addicts are a fucking nightmare.

No. 580235

To be fair I bet some of those reddit moms see this shit for what it is too but people get jumped on for "judging" and being anything less than positive.

No. 580315

File: 1594070205375.jpeg (403.62 KB, 1606x2048, 0C3A4915-49BC-485E-9513-18FA2F…)


I wouldn’t be surprised if this was made up by a troll just to show how much he hates “roasties” (a lot of AITA/Relationship stories come off like that) but it was funny watching Twitter go “Yass Queen” even though OP sounds vapid and self centered.

No. 580316

File: 1594070227881.jpeg (244.32 KB, 2048x1141, B6F80BF0-9227-4A96-B11C-79FDC3…)

No. 580328

It's literally against the rules, there was no way she'd get any negative responses, not even kindly phrased. Which is why I'm pleasantly surprised to come on here and read anons talking about it straightforwardly, because I knew I wouldn't see it at the source.

No. 580330

Definitely a fake story made up by some moid who lacks the creativity to imagine the damaged relationship of a daughter who let down the expectations of her controlling and strict mother. He didn't even come close, and you can tell someone fake wrote it cause there's hardly any focus on that important, actually emotionally painful aspect. It's mostly ranting about prostitution. The stupid scrote didn't even attempt to make his daughter character sympathetic or likable.

It's almost comical how he writes like he expects us to believe that their biggest blowout, highest turmoil, and her worst 'Am I the Asshole?' moment was telling her mother's husband that she's a ho. Suuuure. Oh and then the daughter's own husband clapped, agreed, and said "Yeah babe you're a full on prostitute and shoulda lied." LMAO r/thathappened

No. 580367

Can't screenshot right now but linking, It's the ops only post too


My last partner cheated on me and the thought of his dad getting involved and humiliating, chastising and punishing him.. it just wouldn't happen. Whole thread is either fucked up if it's real or it's some experiment to get people hating on an imaginary cheating whore of a daughter

No. 580374

>seriously considering disowning your child for cheating on their spouse
And men wonder why judges think children are better off being raised by their mothers instead of fathers.

No. 580384

Quotes from the father of the year
> he is a far better person that she is. She will realize one day how much she messed up by destroying their relationship. She will never do better than him.
> I have a better relationship with her husband than I do with her.
> I had respect for her at one time, but that was long ago.
> I told my wife my decision doesn't affect her, but I can't have anything to do with our daughter anymore
> I don't worry about losing my wife because her relationship with our daughter is separate from mine with her.
Old man has a weird boner for his (ex) son in law, fuck his wife and daughter tho

No. 580445

as much as this is most likely fake, it's deserved, cheaters get fucked

No. 580593

No man on earth is out there getting humiliated and 'disowned for good' by his dad because at 30 years old he cheated on someone. They don't have kids, I've been the cheated on partner and I divorced and moved on with less butthurt than this father in law.

Few posters mentioned the dad giving off major honor killing vibes. Doesn't give a damn what his wife thinks about his behaviour either. Ah yes honoring marriage is so important to him as dismisses his wifes opinion on throwing their daughter away for good.

I lean towards thinking this is fiction by a man whose wife cheated, like this is what he wished had happened, that his wife was totally ostracized from society and his father in law called him up and said look my daughter is nothing but a whore but you sir are the greatest man alive.

No. 580605

File: 1594122656509.jpg (31.89 KB, 258x766, misogynist.jpg)

No. 580607

I wanted to laugh but their seething is so bad it's actually pretty scary. Sounds like losers who know they wouldn't make her cut.

No. 580612

File: 1594124205451.png (228.37 KB, 1102x822, malerage.png)

>conventionally attractive and probably makes more money than the average man on the sub could ever dream
No wonder they're seething and can only bring up her age (and "tightness", kek).
What a shame. She's too successful to "marry up" to a man who browses misogynistic subreddits and jacks off to cuckold porn in his free time. We need to alert the young ones so they can one day hope to settle down with jobless neckbeards who don't have a wall because they never once peaked in attractiveness.

No. 580613

they sounds like serial killers who would target business ladies, like in The Fall. Scary!

No. 580615

I bet none of the scrots that buy into that line of thinking are even remotely successful in any area of their life and can't attract a partner (or irl friends for that matter) because of their vile personalities and it's because of those darn feminists kek.

No. 580624

Absolutely. That's why they hate successful women the most.

No. 580627

Imagine being mentally unsound enough to not only write any of this, but to believe it. Men like this are something else.

No. 580629

Oh god, the comments are so fucking unhinged.

>We need to alert the young ones so they can one day hope to settle down with jobless neckbeards who don't have a wall because they never once peaked in attractiveness.

This is exactly what they want.

Also, the concept of female hypergamy is fucking dumb. So, it's hypergamous for a woman to marry someone with more money, but not for a man to marry someone much younger and hotter?

Also, literally all men who frequent mysoginistic subs are hypergamous, they're just too narcissitic to realize it. They all want women way hotter than them, and with more money to support their financial failure ass.