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No. 1086649

A thread for YouTubers/Vloggers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in drama. Previous drama includes:

>More of Ryan Haywood's victims come out with stories and proof of inappropriate sexual behavior/contact, indicating that he has a ddlg and chubby chasing fetish

>Ethan finally interviews Belle Delphine on h3h3 podcast and makes his obsession even more obvious with Hila there
>Corpse Husband's channel blows up, he loves the attention despite his social anxiety
>H3h3 and James Charles drama over a hoodie
>Trisha Paytas being gross and dating Hila's brother
>Eugenia Cooney being anorexic and still on youtube
>Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood from Rooster Teeth sending nudes to (underaged) fans and hooking up behind their wives backs

Previous thread >>>/snow/1053792

No. 1086682

Trisha talking about wanting a get pregnant

No. 1086918

The thought of her raising a human being is harrowing. Please no.

No. 1086935

didn't she say she had std's and resulting fertility problems? how is she going to get pregnant?

No. 1087549

Does anyone here side-eye Youtubers' money management skills (or lack thereof)? I can't help but think that if some washed up Youtubers had played their cards right and invested their earnings when they were big then they wouldn't have to try to revive their channels for nickels and dimes.
If it were me I'd use my Youtube fame to make hella money, invest it, and just disappear off of the internet. Either they're just narcissistic and impulsive as hell or they're trying to fit in with the general crowd of Youtubers that are spending ridiculous amounts of money on obnoxious cars, garishly ugly designer clothing, and giant mansions. Do they not realize that makes you lose relatability with your audience?
While my idea of YT for money and then disappearing sounds good in theory, it seems impossible for actual Youtubers considering that even the Youtubers with the worst ~social anxiety~ feed off of the attention they receive from strangers on the internet to the point that they're always on social media. I have social anxiety myself and I don't wanna gatekeep against all Youtubers but I seriously can't imagine putting my face + name anywhere. I guess someone might argue that the being online gives you a barrier that's different from face-to-face contact…but those are still people that are watching your videos.

No. 1087558

She probably did catch herpes from fucking so many bottom feeding hollywod guys but she mentioned an untreated std left her tubes scarred and needed to be fixed? Idk if she did, but I think she probably still can. It'll just take some time and serious effort which I think why she's so back and forth with trying to get pregnant and then saying she can never be.

No. 1087566

I miss her Jason Nash relationship era purely for their dysfunctions over marriage and children (and anything else).

No. 1087607

There's a saying here they use sort of like "the rich have to live rich" implying that once you reach a certain lifestyle, you maintain that lifestyle paycheque to paycheque no matter how much you make. I think once a youtuber is part of that rich-idiot mindset, it'd be hard to step back from it socially.

No. 1087612

Jenna Marbles seemed to be the only realistic and conservative one with money. And she made a fuckload if it

No. 1087655

That and Pewdiepie, he spends a lot of money but I'm pretty sure he invests a lot too, his parents are both successful execs so he probably learned a thing or two from them. He mentioned recently that despite still making videos he is essentially retired and never has to work again.

No. 1087825

It’s basically new money vs old money. There’s ostentatious displays of wealth in people who grew up wealthy but usually they don’t really care. It’s always the average middle class types who start going apeshit when they get their first million.

No. 1088235


Reminds me of a Spanish adage that basically says that when the poor come by money, they go crazy.

Original: Cuando el pobre llega a tender, loco se quere volver.

No. 1088236


No. 1089082

File: 1606090561284.jpg (30.9 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

When I saw Eugenia Cooney listed here the only thing I could think about is Sl04n who is currently legit obsessed with her and is pretty transparent about using her for clout and donations in his streams by crying about his own ED. Like who makes multiple videos on someone like this? He's more obsessed than Onision
I don't like lil miss gas lighter here but this guy here needs to cut the crap.

No. 1091597

File: 1606340321776.jpg (90.45 KB, 1024x704, Charli-DAmelio-Trisha-Paytas-A…)

alright, let's talk about the trisha paytas/james charles/charli d'amelio drama!

charli d'amelio and her family do a video where they eat with a private chef. her sister spits out a snail in front of the chef which gets backlash since it's covid and they're rich and ppl think they're flaunting their wealth. charli mentions that after only a year on tik tok she expects and wants 100 million followers which gets everyone heated.

charli goes live on tik tok crying and saying that she doesn't know if she even wants to do tik tok anymore if everyone wants to be so mean and she's getting death threats. apparently the meanest bully of all is of course trisha paytas who did drama tik toks on the video in question. trisha gets heated that charli called her out and claps back. james charles, charli's weirdo role model/savior/sister, jumps in to take a bite at trisha as well. He even claims that trisha making a drama video of charli is "familiar", basically saying that trisha is tati and charli is him. okay, james.

Trisha and Ethan have their podcast and surprising no one, Ethan also thinks Trisha is wrong but thinks James is a parasite and is leeching on Charli for fame and money. And now we wait for more drama to unfold.

No. 1091607

The tik tok girls were fucking insufferable and childish at the table, the whole family seems so tense and dense. James being there was very awkward and he was being shady at times because who wouldn't with company like that, but the whole snail thing was just so extra. I have no idea why you would want to show that, how embarrassing but I try to remember that these are just extra obnoxious rich teens, but no I know would have acted like that at that age. Trisha is embarrasing, so is ethan but ethan loves stroking his hateboner for james charles. They all suck in different ways. I sound like a james wk but at least he is trying to hang out with people closer to his age, be it clout chasing or not compared to the tati bullshit before.

No. 1091622

So, it looks like Pokimane is in the shit again. This time Fedmyster (yeah, remember him?) released some huge google doc on her, which accused her of trying to kick out Yvonne, and leading Fed on.

Destiny went over the whole Doc in crippling detail. It's worth noting that the doc was leaked Yesterday. Fed had not released on his own omission.

No. 1091624

I just watched it, and I feel like onion was just milking her to make fun of her, this kid doesn’t seem like he has bad intentions in comparison. The crying and talking about his own Ed was a bit much a weak tho. Like bro no one clicked for your story

No. 1091630

i disagree, sloan is just another drama youtuber with the same mannerisms- but he's the only one giving eugenia the shit she deserves and he's attempting to hold her accountable- whether that be out of genuine concern or not, i'm glad he's doing it.
she's been taking down "haters" videos on youtube left and right, completely dissolved into an echo chamber of people telling her she's always right.

No. 1091648

Just scrolled through twitter, notice how Slasher, all the other big streamers/youtubers aren't saying anything about this.

This doesn't change what Fedmyster did but holy fuck this makes the Bowblax/ItsaGundam shit Leafy banged on look like child's play in comparison.

We should have a betting pool for how long it will take for OTV to collapse kek

No. 1091651

it's discussed a bit more in the twitch thread if discussion slows in this gen thread

No. 1091661

File: 1606344839617.png (86.33 KB, 1202x452, Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 5.53…)

Leafy's legacy has been restored

No. 1091673

Realistically, it was probably at least somewhat scripted. Charli does the “lol i want chicken nuggets instead of this nice meal” thing a lot apparently. Even if that wasn’t the case, they’re teenagers acting like teenagers, not news. A lot of grown adults just took the opportunity to unleash their hateboners for these girls. Trisha was most likely trolling to get her name trending again and it worked.

You took the 100 million follower comment way out of context. She was just saying it “would be cool” to hit 2 milestones in the same year.

No. 1091685

i think she's a bit spoiled about it, yeah. even james in the video takes a shot at her about it and her defense was a timid "well, i was just saying even numbers…"

and then she does what she always does which is go live and fucking cry about it and no one can say anything bc omg she's just 16 and she's only been famous for a years guys!

yeah and this is how you learn. crying everytime you get criticism and threatening to quit until everyone kisses your ass is not growing and learning. and having james charles the resident freak of the internet around you is not helping.

No. 1091693

Yea I think it was at least kinda scripted going by the chef and all. But for the love of god that girl refused to keep a snail down yet ate boogers at the dinner table, they deserve to be clowned on,maybe not by adults but peers. Gross.

No. 1091709

File: 1606349306040.jpg (41.89 KB, 634x285, ss.jpg)

is no one gonna talk about the to scared to go full troon always the victim james charles? i find it so funny how he acts like a saviour for charli saying things like "me and her dont need eachother blabla and we hang out cuz we have so much things in common" like what retard? both got famous at a early age and…? he is literally using her on his tacky sisters campaign and why he didn't want to be the role model for Antonio Garza? Antonio was very popular and blowup like charli on 2018,he has more stuff in common with that tranny than a young girl. I remember how jealous he was of this guy and literally copied a video but with charli all is rainbows and sparkles,James is a narc predator the new jeffree star. I dislike everyone on this drama except Charli i guess she is a child tiktok is a mistake getting minors famous is a mistake

No. 1091732

I don’t know anything about him so your probably right, you seem like you know way more

No. 1092123

Unpopular opinion but I love Trish. I don’t care. She is so entertaining and hilarious. I love the podcast. She literally can’t be ‘cancelled’ as she doesn’t care lmao. She doesn’t try to hide the fact she is problematic and that’s how she is different to all of these people she is calling out. She literally films and then straight posts random ass videos to YouTube without editing them without a care in the world.

No. 1092159

I love her too. She feels like the most real person out of all those shitty YouTubers. Even if she is a walking contradiction, there's just something more sincere about her

No. 1092199

charli and james are clearly cut from the same cloth, and it doesn't take a genius to see why they would have common ground between them. the only people that ever have a bone to pick with popular teenagers on social media for ultimately benign actions are other sanctimonious teenagers or drama-hungry adult YouTubers. you sound painfully underage.

>too scared to go full troon

you can't even decide whether JC is a troon or not. he's never claimed to be a woman. i'd rather a gay man embrace being gender nonconforming and the realities of sex than become a deluded troon. this post comes across as you having an issue with hyperfeminine gay men. in the same breathe that you shit on JC, you stan a teenage nobody high school dropout tranny. enjoy your underage b& and take your woke homophobia back to twitter.

No. 1092222

Relax James Charles anon.

No. 1092290

Eh I also used to think it like you to a lesser extent, she had some funny/troll moments but nowadays she seems very focused on getting approved by the mainstream zoomer woke crowd which is boring and annoying. I also watched a few episodes of the frenemies podcast and she seems such a toxic person to be around (Ethan is an arrogant egotistical dumbass but Trisha is on another level of toxicity holy shit)
I agree.

No. 1092344

Idek y Charli or Dixie or anyone took Trisha seriously for a video just repeating what teens were saying on twitter. Everyone knows Trisha is a troll, if they dislike then they should just ignore her. James Charles of all people should know that bringing attention to her will only give her more views and clout. Trisha’s reach is tiny compared to theirs. How much of a narc do you have to be??

No. 1092379

Calm down with your bait smartass
I was making a point how he didn't lift a finger for a tuber that is painfully like him wayback and only defends Charli for tiktok points that's why he inserts himself in this dumb drama.
Don't need to show how much u stan JC no one cares.

No. 1092445

I was listening to Lindsay Ellis' musical podcast and I'm… so rubbed the wrong way by her saying that feminist critiques of history are "so 2004". It's kind of ironic considering how stuck in the past and wine mom-ish she seems as of late, too.

No. 1092715

File: 1606485720648.jpeg (888.84 KB, 1242x925, D47B7017-7465-4E76-9C32-64D77E…)

Holy shit Smokey Glow is looking…rough

No. 1092720

She looks the same?

No. 1092748

oh lord, what happened with mykie?

No. 1092749

She looks like her usual self? She's always looked like an unfortunate middle aged midget man in a wig

No. 1092756

>>1092748 it’s a video from a month ago, so I assume it’s about mykie and swoop’s situation. I’m not too well informed but here’s swoop’s video

No. 1093388

News outlets are slamming doctor mike for going out and partying on a boat in Miami, and he made an apology video a few days later. It would be nice and genuine if he actually managed to post it on his main channel with 6 million subs and not a side clip channel that has 54k subs.

No. 1093402

File: 1606536871377.jpeg (734.5 KB, 828x1792, 8AC15270-530F-4DC8-907B-957B65…)

No. 1093407

it is a hell to live in the usa lol. the rest of the world can travel.

No. 1093519

Celebrating with yacht thots even though he has a gf? The ig model one iirc. Or did they break up? He dates and gets over girls pretty quick

The us hates wearing masks lol. I've seen grown adults act like toddlers over people wearing them. They act like Asia just started wearing them too. It's so bizarre

No. 1095247

I haven't watched or seen her in months, and she has gotten huge since I last saw her, I guess. My bad!
> She's always looked like an unfortunate middle aged midget man in a wig
kek that's true

No. 1095409

who cares, next

No. 1095431

You can post your own milk then anon, stop whining.

No. 1095460

File: 1606768716613.jpg (137.27 KB, 1080x329, 20201130_153614.jpg)

Does anyone else just think this is incredibly cringey? I understand being interested something, but then there's making it the focal point of something as huge as your own wedding. Maybe I'm the only one but I feel like Safiya makes "quirky" stuff like this her entire personality, and Tyler just kind of goes along with it because he doesn't want to upset her.

Saged because it's an old video

No. 1095477

Haha yes I remember this. I like safiya as a content creator and she seems nice compared to the vast majority of them but she is pretty embarrassing sometimes. I feel like their family and guests might have been weirded out but she also invited other YouTubers so idk it was pretty run of the mill for her brand.
Regarding the dance, it’s a cute idea but execution is too much. I assume they have nothing else to do in their day and practicing some tryhard dance for their wedding was fun for them though.

No. 1095484

Where else would they do it if not their wedding? I mean, as youtubers, they could have just made it a video, but I think it's cute that they made it part of their wedding/it would be appropriate for anyone else. I personally wouldn't do it, and I do agree that Tyler goes along with a lot of her quirky antics, but that's sweet. Better than being an unenthused scrote that knocks her interests. It was also probably way more entertaining to watch than the couple boringly swaying to some song for a first dance. I'm not mad about it overall, I hadn't really thought about it until responding to your post kek.

No. 1095497

I mean yeah Safs whole brand is being “tee hee so spooky” cringe in an objectively harmless way. it’s goofy but hell people do the dumbest shit at their weddings including choreographed dances that are far worse and making the whole theme Disney or Star Wars, you always grin and bear it.

No. 1095546

sorry to reply to a three day old post but parts of this video were garbage. this chick is extremely whiny and uses her race to defend men like J and James charles just because theyre gay when mykie was complaining about how annoying they are/how fast they blow up. both of these women are annoying and entitled, yet swoop thinks because she’s biracial she can shit on another woman who makes a very poignant observation about the accolades white gay men are given in the beauty community and how fast they blow up. she defends James Charles and Jafar just because they’re gay and ignores all the shit they’ve done and the larger point that mykie was making - that it’s extremely easy for a white gay man to blow up even if he’s in scandal after scandal and isn’t even good at makeup because women eat that shit up, whereas women in the community are not afforded that same leeway (just look at what happened to Laura Lee vs J/JC). im not a mykie stan by any means (shes annoying af and her horse veneers are the stuff of nightmares) and there are other points in this video that clearly show mykie is a shitty friend and all around bad person, but swoop chose to die on the hill of “poow oppwessed white gayz in da communtwah!!!” and it’s just really stupid, especially when she was trying to make a point about privilege relative to one another, as if white gay men literally do not hold the greatest privilege in female-dominated spaces like makeup and fashion. she obviously just wanted to throw around her status as a biracial woman and stick it to a white woman who was much more successful than her (as much as i hate to say it) because she’s obviously bitter her friendship with mykie didn’t pay off more for her in terms of subscribers and internet fame. so now she has to be woke and twist everything to an issue of race and privilege because those were hot button issues at the time of publishing them. don’t get me wrong, swoop has other points and mykie is shitty, but this was just the stupidest one and she went on for so long about it without even a single critical moment that it just shows she’s very, very bitter.

No. 1095559

>>1095546 im the anon you replied to, i can see what you mean about her coming across as bitter, some of the things she said did feel like a bit of a reach (for lack of a better term) i think mykie does come across as insensitive and as a bad friend, she seems to care more about her reputation than anything and her apology was representative of that, but yeah, swoop did seem to exacerbate the situation, i don’t know if mykie was deliberately being harmful

No. 1095615

the way swoop frames her complaining about how white gay men in their community are annoying (they are) as some type of homophobic hate crime against white gay beauty boys when other fully black beauty gurus and dark skinned creators have been calling out their shit for years really just shows that she is using whatever she can to twist a narrative that mykie is some racist homophobic bigot when in reality she just tweeted some innocuous shit and swoop thought to pull the race card to get some fame behind her after imploding her friendship with one of the only “big” creators she knows. she’s manipulative af in this video, and even though I don’t even like mykie and think she is as genuinely irritating as a lot of other beauty gurus, a lot of what swoop says that doesn’t relate to her personally is, like you said, quite a reach.

No. 1095671

I thought it was ironic how Swoop tried so hard to paint Mykie as a racist, while crawling up Jeffree's ass, a known racist who had to make an apology video about the actual (not imagined) racism he has done

No. 1095685

Robert Welsh even agrees in one of his videos that men get a boost in the beauty industry, and admits he didn't get attention online until he started posting photos of himself wearing makeup as opposed to photos of his female clients (he has been a makeup artist for other people far longer)

It's not a controversial statement and certainly not a homophobic one.

No. 1095691

exactly, swoop has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about and was really trying hard to paint mykie as homophobic when it’s a known fact to most beauty gurus that gay men blow up fast. even the gay boys know it! my tinfoil is that since she ended her friendship with mykie, she had to find some other adjacent YouTuber to crawl up the ass of to keep herself relevant in hopes that they’d share her video or whatever, but that seems to have not worked out for her. it’s funny because she says that people like James Charles and Jebediah Starfruit are “talented” and “deserving” of the fame they get when we all know that’s not the case. she really tried to frame it like mykie was punching down on the poor lil gay boys when she was punching up, and as a biracial woman she should have known better. but she just wanted to suck the collective dicks of the untalented racist white beauty boys for brownie points. i honestly hoped more people would catch onto tho when this came out that she’s talking out her ass for the majority of her accusations.

No. 1095694

Also literally nobody cried about him saying this, disagreed, or called him a self-hating homophobe or something for pointing out this known, obvious fact.

Pretty men also have a boost in the doll community - the main doll youtubers are pretty men wearing makeup and wigs. People like it because it's novel, whereas women are expected to be beautiful, a pretty man stands out in its rarity and thus gets more attention than even the best female makeup artist. Just basic facts painted as homophobia by a desperate ex-friend with too much time on her hands.

No. 1095710

Agreed entirely, I saw a lot of people saying the same stuff we are ITT in the comments to the more critical reaction videos. But I think people are too afraid to poke the snake by speaking up in defence of Mykie, and potentially getting a malicious hour long video made about themselves.

Interestingly Mykie has posted nothing except a couple photos on her stories every day ever since, following the screenshot text apology initially. The fact she isn't touching this with a bargepole speaks volumes.

No. 1095787

File: 1606792394938.png (117.66 KB, 232x399, Capture.PNG)

charlie complains that he gets strikes from youtube left and right but then does shit like this. is he fucking retarded?

No. 1095819

Coomer humor is kinda Charlie's thing. Without it, he's just a florida man with monotone

No. 1095970

it was in really poor taste of her to keep plugging her other video productions or whatever, talking about the awards they won in the middle of narrating gossip text messages. why would she sponsor her own work in the middle of a call out video that she could have definitely just resolved privately

No. 1096468

i don't have a problem with charlie but his girlfriend is annoying as fuck and comes off like a huge bitch toward him. he needs to stop letting her stick her nose into everything he does or he'll lose viewers.

No. 1096518

he wont sleep with you anon

No. 1096560

> pi beta phi sorority sweatshirt
Lesson of the day: coomer gamerboy shut-ins will choose normie sorority girls if given the chance, time to stop simping for your favorite male content creators and thinking that anything will come of it.

No. 1096670

post reeks of jealous pickme energy.
she seems fine, a bit normie and boring. sometimes she gets snappy but when you consider how blunt and sometimes inadvertently mean (for comedy) charlie is on stream, I bet she puts up with a lot of weird shit from him behind closed doors.

No. 1096682

i couldn't imagine simping for this man,anon seek help

No. 1096693

I don't even know who this guy is and I thought the beginning was irksome. He was trying to intro the vid and she rushed it. I'm just left watching and wondering why he's opening cards and whats so special about them and who he bought them from.

Maybe there's context I'm missing

No. 1096792

why did he grow his hair out? long hair does not look good on him he looks like a caveman

No. 1096802

He looks like a depressing alternate timeline Adam Driver who never left his bedroom.

No. 1096830

Damn both of them could use a deep conditioner. What's with men with long hair not taking care of it?

No. 1097044

i agree she seems extremely boring, like a bland becky, but it's not like she's doing anything terrible. she's just not an entertainer

No. 1097046

his obsession with dicks is getting old

No. 1097318

This one especially rubbed me the wrong way, imo it's in very poor taste to barge into someone else's stream and start hassling the guy over how much of his own money he's spent

No. 1097327

I can't be the only one to think he's a bisexual coomer, I would'nt be surpised if he's into troons or boys like james charles.
I know it's corny "Dick jokes bro!" humor but sometimes it's like, "Okay, maybe you just like dick" maybe it's just me.

No. 1097455

I think he said he just felt like doing it.
Also, I doubt he cares that much if people think it "does not look good on him", given he's already got a girlfriend who's happy with him.

No. 1097517

Wow this was hard to watch her bitching him out live. What a muddy stick, complaining about money when Im sure hes the breadmaker….even if he still uses his shitty same webcam and microphone from 5 years ago to make videos.

No. 1097525

The reason i stopped watching him because on one of his youtube streams he was being really salty about this dude spending his money building like a mini airplane or some shit, he kept calling him a loser (i think he wsa saying something like that, it's been a while) and I was like, "it's his money, he worked for it, who the fuck is he hurting?"

He also hates cats and that annoys me as well.

No. 1097576

How much of his merch do you own?

No. 1097589

This was a joke.

No. 1097590

It’s a bit. He’s been saying for years that doesn’t like when people make fun of his girlfriend or call her a bitch, especially when she’s not an entertainer and she only does these little parts in his videos when he asks her to. It was a huge problem all over his reddit apparently with people calling her abusive for doing bits he asked her to do.

No. 1097672

this thread REEKS of critikal simps. first of all, you're all ugly. second of all, he's ugly. third of all, he definitely will never ever fuck you. his girlfriend just seems like a normal chick, something you broken retards will never be, so just lay off all the over-analyzing when he WANTS her to come into his videos.

No. 1097747

He hates cats? The fuck? I guess he’s not a total monster as he seems to care for his dogs at least but yuck. Red flag.
Getting a little extreme here but I Agree that tiana seems cute and normal. She gets reasonably exasperated with Charlie when he is being an obstinate fool (in his cooking vids) but at the end of the day she’s an average girl and he is a cock obsessed passive aggressive weirdo.

No. 1097903

He can criticize anyone for content, but when people talk about him he gets mega triggered. Fuck youtuber commentators they're all massive cancer

No. 1097942

lmao exactly i dont mind his content but the shit against tiana is borderline retarded. dont act like yall wouldnt wanna choke slam that coomer for screaming in the middle of the night streaming some yugioh bullshit.

stay mad femcels

No. 1098144

File: 1607019768305.jpg (49.9 KB, 674x844, f2e06c13eb231ab2f910f0c158ce3e…)

>Corpse Husband's channel blows up, he loves the attention despite his social anxiety

kek can't wait for him to be outted as a pedo or an actual creep like all youtubers who never wanted to show their faces (either because of ugliness or predatory behavior), portrayed themselves as hot anime bois to get that sweet teenager attention and tried really hard to have a deep and cringy low voice. Cheers Cry 2.0, I see even the "muuuh anxiety" is cry tier

No. 1098161

>kek can't wait for him to be outted as a pedo or an actual creep like all youtubers who never wanted to show their faces
I get what you're saying, but also would prefer if he was just not a creep or pedophile. There are enough of them in the world, I'd be pleasantly surprised with him just being annoying.

No. 1098185

File: 1607022275347.gif (970.93 KB, 320x240, inline_mwqh1l76bx1qjs09r540.gi…)

Him thriving off of teen attention is the funniest shit. His whole persona is the equivalent of that cursed tumblr gif

No. 1098292

Zero; I never buy YouTuber merch. No need to use ad hominems just because you disagree with me.

No. 1098295

>first of all, you're all ugly.

The projection is real.

No. 1098321

File: 1607029849566.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 508.46 KB, 828x1430, 548C54A0-FEBA-46CD-B980-3E3852…)

Markiplier was hospitalized for having an intestinal blockage, finally took a shit and tweeted about it (why), so now all his annoying ass fans are spamming #hepooped on twitter ugh.

No. 1098345

iS this dream

No. 1098350

I have tried to see the fuss about this guy and I don't get it.
His music is wannabe edgy trash and his voice sounds like someone forced a continuous burp into a fan. I don't care what he or anyone says about him having GERD, his voice is definitely forced.
I bet he's ugly as fuck and there's a probable chance he's a pedophile.
No thanks.

No. 1098423

File: 1607034172441.png (129.76 KB, 500x542, C4E58C84-023E-42D6-B151-FE4199…)

Lmao this is exactly it. He’s gotta be a creep. This is all I can think of

No. 1098438

His voice is super fake. Literally everyone could make a voice like that, and he also kinda drops it when he laughs. Other youtubers seem to really be into his "music" and that baffles me.

No. 1098445

Also I'm sick of cunts putting clickbait 'corpse husband gets hate' on their shitty YouTube commentary videos where they rant about his imaginary haters for 10 minutes. Obviously he has haters, I for one think he's cringe. But the only 'hate' I've seen on the guy is here. Everyone else sucks his hole.
I feel like it's going to be the same situation with every shitty YouTuber that people put on a pedestal, he'll blow up and then get cancelled. I also believe his narcissism won't allow him to be faceless forever.

No. 1098447

He sounds like someone trying to do a poor impersonation of Bob from Bob's burgers.

No. 1098485

File: 1607037938300.jpg (93.97 KB, 640x716, hpltrz69gmk51.jpg)

Dream should rebrand this is uncanny

No. 1098509

The dude’s whole persona really is just cry 2.0, but I’d say the identical anime boy design is mostly because of his fanbase being made up of former cry fans. I wonder if it was a conscious choice for any of the artists to recycle the design or if that’s just the only way they could imagine sexy faceless youtube man lol

No. 1098512

I laughed so hard at this one reaction video guy listening to the e-girl “choke me” song and he just pauses the music 10 seconds in and says “…What the fuck am I listening to”

No. 1098659

this guy sucks and isn’t funny

No. 1098704

He's the imaginary dwarf husband of several thirsty anons. Sometimes that's enough for a YouTuber.

No. 1098730

Isn't his twitter handle also @dreamwastaken? Just like crywastaken

No. 1098746

Trisha just bought a house with Hila's brother even though they broke up only a few weeks ago. She says she sleeps with his cum inside her because she hopes it'll get her pregnant.

She also kept hitting on Ethan on the last Frenemies ep.

No. 1098752

I watched cr1tikal a lot when he was just starting YouTube, before face reveal, and he was funny bc he talked about random shit but now he’s gone full twitchtard, posting among us all the fucking time and trying to say really funny randum similes so kids/basement dwellers laugh. I also hate his HOT TAKES of being the dude with the rational opinion when any drama comes out. It’s annoying how he gears his content toward the common denominator. He seems like someone who deflects any criticism with dumb jokes (ex. I was just being sarcastic obviously!!) and gaslighting (idk bc I haven’t watched his shit in so long but those are the vibes)
And his long hair looks fucking dumb and ugly

No. 1098766

Major tinfoil but i thought the same, it doesn't help that he apparently has a closet full of sex toys majority of them being dildos and BDSM gear. Bless Tiana for putting up with his shit.

No. 1098768

I find this guy so annoying and I cannot even put my finger on why

No. 1098785

File: 1607074300967.jpg (131.89 KB, 1080x1803, porn.jpg)

Gabi Demartino posted child porn on her OF account and got banned


No. 1098786

File: 1607074364252.jpg (47.77 KB, 540x960, twsitter.jpg)

This tweet she made to promote it…

No. 1098794

Who's the blonde girl who took the screenshot?
>Never in a million years did I think something that I thought was so innocent could be looked at in such an ugly way, and I think that’s where the problem lies

What a cow. Never in a million years did I think posting a video of a naked child on a platform mostly used for sex work could be interpreted as distributing cp.

No. 1098796

what the fuck
she has so many followers on yt and ig, why does she even need an onlyfans?
i'd like to believe that she's so naive that she thought of this as a prank like "buy this surprise. haha! it's actually only me as a kid!"

No. 1098797

File: 1607075796233.png (2.9 MB, 1334x750, 5F29DB3F-14AD-4626-9536-F5AB2F…)

a few years ago I would have thought "nah, that's a reach" but after watching Charlie passionately suck condoms for 15 minutes I think you might be onto something.

It feels like he hides a lot of his identity under layers of irony out of insecurity so who knows. Even if he's 100% straight there's no way the hyperfixation with dicks is purely for memes.

No. 1098798


I love the concept that it's not her fault for posting cp on her onlyfans, but instead, the rest of the world for having an issue with selling a toddler's vagina on a website literally designed for selling fucking porn.
What a big brain move there gabi.

No. 1098799

> inb4 he is into sissy fetish behind the scenes

No. 1098801

This bitch is probably just too dumb to realize how badly that looks and how serious it is to show any child, even yourself, with sexual context. She probably expected her fans to receive it as a joke but now everyone is contacting the local police department to have her arrested whoops. Although I do think that’s taking it too far.

No. 1098806

Don’t know if she took the screenshot but the blonde girl is Alana Evans, a pornstar, who’s calling Gabi out on what she did on Twitter

No. 1098809


She's absolutely retarded

No. 1098810

zoomers are beyond retarded. trash humans.
‘b-but it’s not m-my fault!’ kys.

No. 1098811

No, it’s really not taking it too far. Stop simping.

No. 1098816

This is fucking disgusting. Whoring yourself to pedos using video of yourself as a little girl; for three fucking bucks? Why the fuck are young women not only stupid but proud to be stupid, christ I need to go hug my cat

No. 1098817

Not simping, I just realistically can’t see her getting arrested for this? When the police barely do shit about actual pedos online.

No. 1098822

she's 25, not a zoomer

No. 1098834

On what basis, whom did she harm? I'd rather pedos have her pic than of actual children who are still suffering. And the people who saw it and aren't pedos only saw a little kid who lifts her skirt, so what.

No. 1098854

Is this the male equivalent of the ~uwu Loli Nyanners/Lilypichu voice~?

No. 1098901

God she is disgusting.
>I’m so dis-attached from reality I didn’t know it’d be taken that way!
Yeah with this as the advertisement to put on onlyfans, I doubt that. Nasty bitch. I hope she faces some sort of consequence for this even if it isn’t prison. That video is going to be shared amongst pedos and jacked to, I hope it was worth it for attention at $3 a pop.

No. 1098909

I'd rather pedos don't have any pictures of naked children, but that's just me. Oh and the american justice system.

No. 1098926

Okay pedo panderer? jfc are you insane or is it just brainrot

No. 1099046

This has to be bait, are you fucking serious?
Whether the viewers were pedos or not, she literally distributing CP.

And saying you would rather have photos of her than other kids like it somehow makes it better is fucking disgusting. CP shouldn't even exist whether the poster is of age and gives consent or not.
You have to be a troll or a zoomer Gabbi fan to actually think this way seriously.

No. 1099111

I think the defense logic I saw on twitter and also this anon is that:
Since it's of her, and not sex-trafficked children, and she consented to it being posted and sold, it's not child porn per se. They seem to be under the impression that nude images of children being sold with sexual context is only illegal if the children (even if they're now adults) didn't consent.

No. 1099116

That is wildly inaccurate oh my god. I hope they're corrected and understand better from this. Reading this gave me whiplash.

No. 1099142

i can see this happening and i really don't want it to because i don't know if i could dislike this greaseball even more

No. 1099171

Are you sure their argument was about legality? That sounded like a morality argument at the start of it until I read the last bit about legality but since you've paraphrased their post maybe something got misinterpreted. There is definitely a morality angle you can debate but the legality you can't.

No. 1099197


Corpse claiming GERD creates his super-deep voice is BS but his teenage fangirls buy it. It's all vocal fry.

Let's also point out that these emo/edgy dudes older than 17 always end up being pedos (Dahvie Vanity, Onision, Romeo Lacoste, Shane Dawson, probably more that I can't think of atm).


What is it about social media/the internet in general that makes people oblivious to reality? These youtubers do mental gymnastics never thought possible.

No. 1099235

I also don’t buy that he’s 23 for some reason, either. The reason he hasn’t shown his face is because he’s old and/or ugly (like Dahvie Vanity without his wigs)

No. 1099253

>uggos banking off a forced voice all because it makes their viewers hard

No. 1099265

Realistically it's both.
Morally speaking: they think because it's of her and she is a consenting adult to sharing nude images of herself as a child in the context of "trolling" or "it was a cute moment," it's not morally wrong.
Legally speaking: they think because it's of her and she is a consenting adult currently, and she was not a sex trafficked child, selling it is not child porn and does not harm any current, living children.

However, the key fact people seem to overlook is that she SOLD it, which is distributing child pornography and is illegal, full stop. On top of that, the caption she used to promote it, and image to promote it, gives the impression it was of her as a 25-year-old, not an under 5-year-old.
All around this is morally wrong (because it was under the impression of adult content to sell this flat out on a porn website) and legally wrong (because it was a child's vagina being sold on a porn website) but people are trying to split hairs.

No. 1099463

Jfc it's always morally wrong to sexualize a child. She sold this picture on her sex worker site. You have adults masturbating to a body of a child. Sexualizing children is as morally wrong as we can get.

No. 1099477

This has all been said a million times for the past two threads. There's no use in repeating ourselves until someone finds new milk.
Definitely agree, and also I'm pretty sure access to CP correlates statistically with pedophiles being more likely to assault children. It makes it easier for their brains to view children as sex objects, not people. I'm not trying to say she's personally responsible for every kid getting abused right now, but there is no way in which her putting out that video wasn't harmful.

No. 1099619

My money's on Gabbi seeing an opportunity to pull a Bella Thorne grift, knew fully ripping people off with a non-nude would end badly like it did with Bella, but then the combination of being detached from the real world and being up her own ass made her see nothing wrong with using her childhood nudity. Regardless, I think we can all agree that this is fucked beyond belief. I'm just glad to see that the general public responded the same way and nobody's trying to defend her.

No. 1099963

I absolutely agree, I'm getting bored of scrolling the arguments on twitter to see it split between legal vs moral. It's wrong on all fronts, trying to pick apart their logic to see why they're defending it really does boggle the mind.

No. 1099975

He tries to be that guy who roasts people being idiots but refuses to say a single thing about all the other ecelebs he has cozied up to since streaming, like HAHA youtube drama is dumb so i'll make fun of it but will never mention any drama my fwend I play with are involved in even if they get exposed as sex pests.
People who virtue signal that much and always do what they can to be the "good guy" ALWAYS get exposed as a groomer or pedo.

No. 1102542

File: 1607379633710.png (308.1 KB, 1206x1146, Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 5.19…)

Jawsh sperging out about Dream.

Personally I think Jawsh's sperg outs are only really worth ignoring, but I think he has a point here, and he's actually getting a little resistance from Dream stans in the comments. (1/2)

No. 1102546

File: 1607379941036.png (744.17 KB, 1978x1306, Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 5.21…)

Pegasus also dropped a video on Dream today. A bunch of meandering, but also the fact that Dream had 10 spots on the Trending Tab on twitter.

Personally, I can't wait until someone like diesel patches or Optimus makes a video on these stans. They're getting to hard to control. (2/2)

No. 1102554


who the fuck is dream

No. 1102556

File: 1607380791053.png (1.77 MB, 2880x1578, Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 5.39…)

Minecraft youtuber. Twitter won't shut it's fucking trap about him.

No. 1102557

Extremely late so apologies if this is out of place to comment, but I've seen a lot of people run with this after Charlie claimed it and it's totally a lie. None of that was a joke, that was an extremely real fight that went down.
I appreciate that he has to do damage control so his fans don't come for his girlfriend but no way was this a "bit". They are pissed off at each other, and as soon as she realizes she fucked up when he thanks her for ruining his pulls, she keeps trying to talk to him and he blanks her. I watched her stream too and she went in and continued ranting about it to people who wouldn't have even seen what had happened. It makes no sense for it to be a "joke", that was for sure a real fight that transpired.
I actually like Charlie but no way was that a joke or a bit, that was totally real and you could tell by how mad and defensive he was in the video addressing it. He made a video showing the whole world his finances and income to "prove" he wasn't an addict because he was so sore about it, who takes something like that so personally unless it hit a nerve?

As an aside, I don't agree with what Tiana did but I'm willing to bet that behind the scenes this was a conversation that was rolling on and on and he kept spending, I believe he really was spending that much and he was probably lying and she got annoyed about it so decided to do this because nothing else was working. Again, wrong move, but I definitely believe this was a background fight they had been having for a while.

No. 1102567

I watched a few of dreams videos and I don't see what people are so upset about. They weren't even that cringe considering their content is aimed at like 16 year olds. that's why he's so big on twitter, because everyone on twitter is like 16. Twitter is literally just everything that was bad about 2014 tumblr on a new platform. if he had 10 trending spots who cares. people only take twitter seriously because actual celebrities and real people are on it. but underneath that twitter is still an cesspool for obsessive fandom teens.

No. 1102595

I'm sorry, are you their couples counselor or something? Somehow I'm more confident taking the guy at his word than listening to some cringe tinfoil about how the joke card addiction that he uses for content in videos and streams, making far more money than they cost, is ruining his longterm relationship, and he just accidentally left a genuine, unscripted argument in the video.

No. 1102635

He has a couple cow moments, such as pardoning everything his obsessive fans do, and rigging that glow squid election, but other than that, I don't get some of the massive hate boners out for him, and his videos are actually entertaining. If twitter girls would just stop frothing their mouths at the sight of him, I'm sure his image wouldn't be as tainted.

No. 1102670

anon that isn’t from a video that was a livestream.

No. 1102678

I like Charlie too, but it's been downhill ever since he revealed his face. This kind of personal drama is why a lot of content creators favor anonymity.

No. 1102686

Oh please, don't be so histrionic. Are you really accusing me of tinfoiling in the youtuber discussion thread? It's an obvious lie and of course it's going to be pointed out. What did you think would be talked about here? It wasn't left in a video by accident, as >>1102670 said it was in a livestream which he didn't even post to his youtube channel (which he usually does for card openings and just so happened to not post that one). I'm not hating on Charlie, I like him as I said, but it's obvious damage control. I can understand why he'd do it because what else can he do lest this is something that attracts long term negative attention for the both of them, I'd probably do the same thing if I was him.

No. 1102779

I was pretty sure he put that video up, but I don't watch his stuff obsessively. Even during the stream, if it was a real argument, why not pause and mute for a minute?
I don't know why you'd call me histrionic for saying I didn't buy your theory, nor why you're acting like I tried to ban Charlie talk itt. How is he supposed to be lying about and hiding his purchases when he literally opens them all on stream? And if I remembered wrong and he didn't make a video out of that stream, you think it might be because he saw a ton of people didn't get the joke? I don't think you're hating on him or whatever, it's just not enough to convince me.

No. 1102841

I called you histrionic for being so dramatic and asking if I was their marriage counsellor when all I did was point out that it was a real fight that happened kek. You’re even doing it now by saying I acted like you're trying to ban talk of him? Anon please lel it’s really not that serious, we’re just chit chatting.
The reason he didn’t pause the stream is because he was doing a joint stream with a friend who I think was opening cards for him that he ordered (at least that’s how it looked in the stream anyway, might be wrong about that part but it was a joint stream). (As a side note, I really doubt that Charlie would fuck up another person’s stream for some bad long drawn out “joke” between him and Tiana, that’s a major dick move if it’s claiming to be premeditated).

No, he didn’t post that one to YouTube - so he pulled an extremely rare and expensive card and didn’t post the clip to his YouTube, which he has never done before, and it wasn’t due to people’s reactions to the stream because that didn’t happen until a day or two after the stream took place and Charlie uploads multiple times a day sometimes but chose not to post this specific clip of such a rare card, for a thing he claimed was a scripted joke and intentionally done… if you watch how they interact it’s obviously not scripted, I’ve never seen him act like that before on stream, he is legitimately upset with her.

Also, why would Tiana also abandon her own stream for several minutes right as she was in the middle of a game and then come back to her stream and keep ranting about it when her audience wasn’t watching his stream and would have no clue about this? She also abandoned her stream at least 2 other times after this to go make peace with Charlie, who blanked her when she came in to the room so it was drawn out over the course of an hour or two.
If the audience wasn’t reacting well to it, you would think he wouldn’t have kept blanking her or messaged her privately that they should drop it but it just went on and on. So either the audience wasn’t fine with it and they kept going for more than an hour despite it being a dumpster fire, or they were fine with it and Charlie just decided to not post the opening of an extremely rare card for a scene scripted between the two of them. Neither makes sense (that and again, the drama and reactions didn’t start until a whole day or two after the stream had ended).

As for the purchases part, Tiana in the stream was saying he promised to stop buying new packs and it was spurred by seeing his friend opening cards in the joint stream for him, so I’m presuming that’s where the argument of “you said you didn’t purchase any more (but here is your friend opening cards you bought and sent to them)” came from.

No. 1102903

do you have the link to the original stream?
this doesn't seem like a joke/bit at all. she seems salty and he seems like a manchild.

No. 1103126



Christ, I hope he's only bisexual.

The best one can say is that she thought it was some sort of Belle Delphine PornHub prank, but surely no one is stupid enough to think a child flashing her vagina should be on any platform associated with pornography (or any platform at all really.)

No. 1103349

And here we see an anon who doesn't know how expensive trading cards can be

No. 1103511

Is mister metokur dead yet?

No. 1103518


We can only hope. Kidding, mostly. But drop milk if you're going to post unsaged– is this in relation to anything?

No. 1103598

Any thoughts on the pyrocinical mess? Turned out he's a furry freak who RPs vore/fart shit with randos online, and sometimes those randos are underage.

No. 1103600

lmao, was an avid fan about 5 years ago. i always had a fucking feeling. all youtubers have skeletons in their closet, are degenerate, and narcs. i hate them all

No. 1103659

I am surprised, astonished, flabbergasted even.

No. 1103678

For some reason I thought this was already known? Like, I thought this "scandal" was already out, or am I thinking of someone else and they're really all the same. I could have sworn it was Pyro specifically, though.

No. 1103731

File: 1607532086717.jpg (63.54 KB, 1080x1052, D-THd96XUAAdL5t.jpg)

pyro would do the whole apg coomer thing of "im such a cute sexy trap Uwu" "ironically" (even though he has such an obvious tubby male fridge body) and he made tons of weird sexual jokes that even his "were only cancer ironically" fans thought were weird then he played it of as "its just a joke XD". so like most youtubers with a cancer fan base he just played it off as he was being a creepy loser "ironically" until he got caught.

No. 1103753

literally nothing wrong with being a narc

No. 1103758

spotted the narc-chan, if there was nothing wrong with being a narc it would not be a mental illness.

No. 1103765

Ah, makes sense. Also, I think I was conflating him and Repzion, but since I don't pay attention to either, I didn't ever think Pyro doing it "ironically" was ironic. And it wasn't, kek.

No. 1103883

i am starting to just hate watch all youtubers honestly. they've all become insufferable except for the "spooky" topic youtubers i think.

No. 1104126

this is b8

No. 1104128

ewww i saw him cosplaying as asuka too i was like… dude why? lost any shred of respect for him.

No. 1104129

i agree but even those i dont trust anymore. i hate anyone who makes youtube videos. really i hate anyone who tries to make a name for themselves in social media. just points out traits in a person i think i always dislike lol

No. 1104421

Fuck, this Pyro shit just made me realize, Keemstar outlasted all of his 2016 adversaries.

I mean, think about it, Leafy is gone, h3 is a sinking ship, idubbbz isn't as relevant as he used to be, Pyro will probably be done by the end of next week if he doesn't clear up all of the coomer shit, Grade barely fucking uploads. The only one left is Scarce and he averages something like 800k a video.

This is just surreal.

No. 1104425

You forgot the one who died (Etika)

No. 1104429

I meant everyone in the YouTube dramasphere back in the day. I'm not a huge in the whole etika lore so if I'm wrong please let me know.

If that's the case, shit, that makes it even worse. Guess he was fast as fuck after all.

No. 1104463

No worries, anon! Etika was a Nintendo YouTuber. In 2019 he started developing some pretty serious mental health issues (not gonna armchair but it was pretty eccentric). Keemstar had him on to basically exploit Etika's breakdown. Etika died in June of last year after posting a video expressing that he was suicidal. Really sickening stuff on Keem's part when you think about it.

No. 1104483

Yeah. I remember when ethan klein had a spergfest over keemstar and tried to blame him over Etika's death. Still fucked on the gnome's part though. He definitely didn't help.

On a side note, assuming what you described is true, Etika would be turning in his grave over the state of nintendo today.

No. 1104490

File: 1607619779457.png (99.94 KB, 1204x484, Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 12.0…)

Dream responds to Jawsh.


No. 1104492

File: 1607620001407.png (820.04 KB, 1198x1332, Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 12.0…)

His capos were there too.

Is there gonna be a civil war between the Lunch Club and the mctwt. If so, thank god. Let them burn themselves to the ground.

No. 1104505

Keemstar really beat them all meanwhile all those commentary edge lords became the cows

No. 1104541

maybe it's an age thing but I can't stand any of these people. not saying the old famous minecraft youtubers were any better but there's something about these ones that just annoys me

No. 1104553

you can say of keemstar whatever you want, but the guy is an incredible businessman. He knows exactly how to survive drama, when to strike, and who to ally with. Youtubers usually don't really know how to handle the business side of things, or leave it to an agent, but he's directly involved and is damn good at it. I hate his video format tho

No. 1104555

Mind giving examples or explaining more in depth? I haven't read up on keemstar drama since the leafy vs idubbbz drama, which, feels like 80 years ago in the timespan of Youtube drama.
I thought everyone (outside keem fans) hated him or something?

No. 1104603

nta but one of the things keemstar does is he pays people to infiltrate youtubers personal discord servers/Twitter group chats/ect to leak shit to him or pays youtubers close friends for dirt to black mail them if they come after him.

No. 1104664

It also helps that he's somehow friends with some of the more respected YouTubers in the community, like ColossalIsCrazy and Chad (Anything4Views).

No. 1104677

There’s autism in the spooky youtube community, mainly with the demonetization exodus a few years ago and drama with wannabe writers on reddit.

No. 1104761

I’m envious of you,anon

No. 1104790

It's worth nothing that he's investing into all of the guys who brigaded ImAllexx and Hyojin over the Slazo shit (Turkey Tom, Bowblax, Nicholas DeOrio). He's also friends with the whole New generation of Leafy clones (Optimus, Pegasus, Scrubby.)

H3 isn't friends with too many commentators outside of Eddy Burback; most people aren't willing to associate with him anymore because he's overstayed his welcome in the youtube community and he buried his reputation under his spergy feud with Keemstar.

The Gnome took advantage of every time h3 put his foot into his mouth to garner more supporters. Just look at the socialblades. H3 has been in the red since May, Keemstar only lost subscribers for something like what? A week?

Say what you will about him, I've certainly done so, but when it really comes down to it, the man can play some 4d chess.

No. 1104851

New Frenemies episode. Trisha had another huge meltdown/fight with Ethan. I wonder if the pod is done for good this time it seemed pretty bad this time.

No. 1104855

I’ve been following this podcast and l didn’t know much about trisha before, after listening I’ve discovered she’s a legitimately awful person, not even just youtuber awful. She hits moses and steals his keys so he can’t leave, but Ethan just kind of dismisses that on the podcast ?? She also says she didn’t know about Hitler..when she says she used to be into Jewish literature? She lies and gaslights ppl so much

No. 1104861

I hope you're prepared for the "she's genius she's trolling stop seething" replies you're probably going to get.

No. 1104866

Woof I just finished the podcast. What a nut job

No. 1104876

Her past relationship was like that too where she would get mad and/or drunk and try to basically attack him or prevent him from leaving so that’s not even a troll thing. It’s genuinely concerning idk why any guy would be in a relationship with her after that’s been publicized.
There’s plenty of great YouTube videos that highlight the toxicity of her relationships but I feel like she’s just so batshit it’s hard to even call her out for things that would be deemed terrible for normal people to do

No. 1104878

I did hear the horror stories about her and Jason Nash on the podcast. I see what you mean about her being too batshit to call out at this point. It’s really annoying seeing ppl in the comments of the podcast blaming her shittyness on her “BDP” which she is most likely lying about having..and her fans always just use it as a cover to protect her from doing any wrong lmfao. It’s so irritating , people with actual bdp are so tired of this bitch

No. 1104919

She's awful but I did notice Ethan brought up Hila first in that podcast to point out powdered sugar on trish's mouth and then when Trish mentioned her later he immediately gaslit her and told her not to mention Hila.
She's definitely awful though.

No. 1104925

Not defending her but Moses sounds like an asshole too

No. 1104927

Is this about Night Mind saying that his Sophie videos were shadowbanned? That video was in my recommended constantly, but obviously, plenty of fans validated his theory.

No. 1104936

Yeah I agree with you, it was weird he drew the line there as opposed to when trisha says Ethan and his family hate moses.

No. 1104949

I think her entire behavior, including using it as an excuse is entirely in line with BPD. People with BPD are absolutely awful to be around and have terrible relationships just like she does. I do believe that she has it.

I honestly don't feel bad for any men she dates tho. Her entire personality is out there on the internet to observe, you can spend 5 minutes googling her and know what you're gonna get. Yet people like Jason and Moses still hook up with her for clout. Their own fault, they are adult men.

No. 1104979

trisha overreacted, but honestly ethan saying "hila doesn't want us to talk about her on the podcast" and saying "cut this part" like it's not even a discussion, was kind of rude to trisha.
he doesn't mind talking about very personal issues involving moses (like his personal dm's about trisha) but when it comes to hila he made her seem like a princess who is "above it all" compared to trisha who is trashy (and maybe she is, but ethan shouldn't have treated her that way. she is his colleague.)

No. 1104982

File: 1607692033125.jpeg (36.38 KB, 451x451, B3C65F35-EEAE-462E-8571-822961…)

Honestly I was into it in the beginning because both of them (well at least Trisha) seemed to be taking steps to better themselves but it’s like they’ve regressed back to day 1.

No. 1104983

well its because they too, are terrible people. birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1104985

how unprofessional of him to not tell her before the podcast started that its a no go topic? he should brief her on whats appropriate to talk about and what isn't every single week. He chose to tell her on air when she would eventually bring her up.
Telling her like that, on air, and not editing it out makes me tinfoil he planned to frustrate her and get views from her kicking off, and didnt realize she would react this badly. Everyone knows shes easy triggered like this

No. 1104990

every single podcast starts with her bringing up a concern about how the show is organized. shes a co-host for gods sake, its not like shes a random soundboard editor in the back. how many times is it going to bother her before someone decides to just brief her before the fucking show? is it really that hard? im starting to think he REALLY likes getting her wired before the discussion. shes obviously fucked in the head but i wish he wouldnt get so many passes for being cruel.

No. 1105053

Her drama is the only thing bringing him views now.

No. 1105061

The first two episodes were hilarious. I have even rewatched them a few times. I kinda like them both, despite them being problematic. but I actually felt really uncomfortable due to how even more vicious she was in this episode, like when she started weaponising the fact they have a babysitter etc, and her comments about Hila. I really hope she apologies.

No. 1105083

Let's be honest anon, she won't apologize unless the Beanie Lord actually kicks her off the podcast. She and Ethan are gonna pretend nothing happened next podcast.

No. 1105085

I can't even watch this one based on the comments lol. Just seems so depressing

No. 1105097

here we go again.

No. 1105103

So apparently this fucking pedo is back in the news again, this nonce just got a verified on twitter even after all the shit he did he gets praised and defended. I fucking swear its always the male youtubers doing shit like this, why can't they just keep their shit in their pants.

No. 1105105

Yeah, I get where Trisha’s coming from tbh. Ethan has no problem exposing her personal life. He’s kind of a hypocrite.

No. 1105106

1105083 here.

I didn't think it would be possible to be both surprised and not surprised but trisha has done it.

No. 1105134

Can you elaborate or do you have links/keywords? I love spooky shit but I can't stand like 90% of spooky youtubers

No. 1105194

File: 1607715562089.png (77.15 KB, 1440x264, Screen_Shot_2020-12-11_at_2.37…)

No. 1105211

Ethan is obviously a fame whore and the whole point of this podcast is to milk the inevitable drama that’ll come from Trisha and get more views because she’s messy. Is this now the second time Trisha has quit the podcast?

No. 1105305

samefag,, tbh I was hoping to never see her on the floor crying again, since it's been a while. But alas it is a cycle.

No. 1105497

I'm not saying I feel bad for her at all, but jesus christ she needs mental help

No. 1105692

No. 1105697

No. 1105704

I agree they're both awful people but she was legitimately abusive to them both, someone being a shit person doesn't mean that they can't be victims of abuse.

No. 1105711

Yes. Trisha has a long and VERY WELL documented history of being batshit insane and abusive in relationships. If you get in a relationship with her at this point in time, despite knowing this, I don't feel bad for you. Especially since none of these men have ever actually cared for her as a person (and are probably not even attracted to her). All she is to them is a walking clout and money dispenser.

No. 1105729

her grey lips trigger the fuck out of me

No. 1105734

These are grown ass adults in their 30s btw. Especially trisha who's the oldest out of them. However her retarded followers seem to always think shes the perpetual victim in everything

Bpd is not known to help have healthy relationships. She needs to address it, get medicated for it then delete her channel since it's dead without her getting into some bullshit drama.(armchair)

No. 1106100

File: 1607814668206.png (824.46 KB, 750x1334, 071AC659-0EB4-4A39-BE0C-3F73E9…)

There’s some mild drama between YouTuber SmokeyGlow and Angelika Oles. Apparently they did a collab together (which I think was just them mentioning each other at the begging of the video being like “check out my good friends video” but a little after the video was posted SmokeyGlow took hers down because people were saying angelika “was micro aggressive”? And blocked comments criticizing her. So she took down the video and I guess it took a toll on their friendship, but no one could say definitively what she did. I got this off of the beauty guru chatter subreddit off Smokey’s apology. I just feel like that subreddit ready to jump on you for the smallest thing

No. 1106102

File: 1607814776096.jpeg (476.52 KB, 750x1036, 540733CC-D5E8-4615-9528-4B717A…)

Apparently this is what her offenses are

No. 1106108

File: 1607815244147.png (842.16 KB, 750x1334, 991689DC-C596-48F5-BC52-304C24…)

Whoops I left out the second part

No. 1106109

Smokey Glow is walking on egg shells. Always played the white savior, and constantly uses words like toxic and problematic. Doesn't surprise me it's getting so hard for her to have any youtuber connection without her fanbase policing her about it, and it's gonna take just a light slip off to completely ruin her. I wish women e-celebs were less prone to feed into cancel culture

No. 1106148

They really latch on to everything they can just to feel morally superior. The truth is they're jealous of the lives and money these public figures portray/have they try to cancel them over the smallest things just to feel better about their lives

No. 1106296

Charlie and Mutahar both have the most punchable faces ever

No. 1106854

File: 1607905205849.png (584.31 KB, 882x1042, Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 7.20…)

More news on Dream. Apparently he cheated in a speed run on Minecraft. There's a ton of math involved, but the jist of it is that Dream modified the RNG on Minecraft to complete the speedrun faster. He reacted in the most immature way possible.

His yes men are backing him up, as usual.

No. 1106928

The only thing I've taken away from this whole stupid pointless blowout is that both Ethan and Trisha are incredibly shitty fucking people who really don't deserve to have a platform - basically just reinforcing the opinion I already had of these two losers. Trisha needed to get herself mental help years ago and never did. Hope the podcast ends, hope Ethan fades into irrelevance along with kween troll/forever professional victim.

No. 1106946

knowing nothing about Dream outside of this thread, is he always this fucking persecuted and whiny?

No. 1106987

The ableist and transphobic accusations are so weak. She said a single tiktok girl seemed to be faking it (because people DO do that) and to label her ableist over it is incredibly asinine and her other comment was far from transphobic. beautychatter’s moralfagging is so retarded sometimes, they act just like angelika with the cherry picking. Hannah (smokey glow) is also an idiot, she did this all to herself sucking up to someone she should have ran through her sjw filter and realized was problematic. I don’t feel bad for her getting hounded by the drama channels.

No. 1107044

I think it's fucked up that some people are still blaming Keemstar for Etika's suicide despite both his mother and gf coming out publicly saying Keem had nothing to do with it, as if somehow that's not good enough for them lol. I'm sure Keem could've handled things better but he wasn't at fault for what happened. And now retards on twitter are getting mad because Keem said Deji (another youtuber) was responsible for his dog being euthanized (he was, Deji didn't train it properly). They're trying to compare this to what happened with Etika, like Keem had guardianship over Etika or something. Typical brain dead twitter.

No. 1107047

No. 1107150

His cow traits are showing more than usual this month.

No. 1107180

I had no idea Deji’s dog was put down, I knew he was taken from him, fuck.

Anyway, Keem is just the convenient scapegoat in many situations.

No. 1107184

I feel bad whenever I talk about it. I have a German Shepard myself. Those motherfuckers really are mans best friend. But Deji should at least get part of the blame for not training it properly, and he should definitely get the blame for putting his neighbors through hell.

No. 1108215

Speaking of Trisha, in her new song COVID Christmas she sings “kiss me through your mask, it tastes like milk”?? kek

No. 1108838

File: 1608183471632.jpg (74.4 KB, 741x621, mv3fq4626m561.jpg)

First time im actually gonna contribute to this thread.

Youtuber Dream(wastaken) just gets worse and worse. A list of shit he done.

- When he was blowing up fast early in the year a lot of his fans made up of young teens ship him and his friends (usually Georgenotfound) a lot even when they both confirmed they are straight. He stream to talk about the problems going around including this one and said he is OKAY with his fans writing sexual or saucy art. This man is 20-21 years old and knows his fans are like 13. He literally saying he is fine with teens thinking of him sexually.

- He refuses to call out his fan base. I was young in early Youtube and the Minecraft community on there so idk exactly how fan bases was back then but maybe cause twitter is so common now it hits the most. He has the most annoying fan base FULL of stans. They make him and his friends trend over the smallest things. Again weird shipping with people who are straight and streamers who are underage (ex:tommyinnit, there was contro with him because of people sexualizing him). There been times where his millions of followers attack another user and he just sits there (ex. user Drem and Jawsh.

- Dude has such an ego problem. Most people see it in his tweets but I always seen it when he plays Minecraft. He sometimes sounds condenseding at times. Yes he is a VERY good player but no need to be like that. He also a sore loser, always making excuses when he loses a game like oh he could have done this or that. Its like dude shut up you lost.

- His merch is highly over priced. Sure make that money but holy shit look it at. 45 dollars who a hoodie with his icon. its like selling a shirt with a stick figure around the chest pocket area, very tiny. I just wanna say he makes A LOT of money and not just from YT. He makes money from YT,Twitch,sponsers,merch AND patreon. He has right now, 1,341 paterons and the first tear was 20$ (he just put 5$ recently but it says just to support him, like he doesnt make a shit ton already). If you split the amount of paterons in half, and there all 20$ he makes 13,400$ a year.

- Recent controversy. He got caught cheating on speedrunning and acted like a baby. He def cheated, the odds are crazy. His fans are fucking retarted but you know there fucking 13. They don't know statistics or how Minecraft works. (I really think some of his fans never played Minecraft or just got into it)
Mounths ago a wannabe Dream named DREM did a speedrun but Dream commented on his video and called him out bringing A LOT of attention and his fanbase just attacked him. (he did cheat tho). His fanbase are now saying "so what if he cheat its just a speedrun" when they were the ones attacking DREM.

Other shit:
- People accuse his video of being fake at times. He has this series call Manhunt where he has his friends chase him while trying to beat Minecraft. It started with only George but now its up to 4 people. I dont think its half fake half real. He done a series of videos and no way his friends are that fucking stupid. They act dumb, definatley there some ideas thrown around bts.

- Some of dreams first mc videos included pewdiepie. Obvisouly using his name for clout and I really think the other streamers and youtubers he plays with use him for clout. Like there some genuine friends he known for a long time but they def used him to get popular. And honestly there more entertaining then him and outshine him. He has such a boring voice and personality plus with that ego.

- He kind of rigged the mob vote with his fans. So Minecon LIVE a minecraft convention where they talk about future updates has a mob vote as in vote for this creature to get in the game. He said on twitter to vote for the Glow Squid and he will follow you. So now we got another shitty mob in the game that could have been something better.
I know he does not sound like the worst dude but it just shit building up make it bad. I am def missing shit but I cant remember right now. I am going to link videos and reddit posts that put together better.

The Unhealthy Relationship Between the Dream Team and their Stans: https://www.reddit.com/r/DreamWasTaken/comments/ig57uw/the_unhealthy_relationship_between_the_dream_team/

The recent controversy the blew up about him cheating that started it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MYw9LcLCb4

Another controversy from last week with Jawsh (this one is kind of a lot):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxWClc5Yfd0

Im probaly showing my age here haha and I know I missed type a lot idc but I dont hate nor like dream but i follow him waaaay before he blew up like this last year and i have always prefred his friends over him. I still watch his videos sometime but prefers others. Maybe since I really am into Minecraft and play different aspects of it and find people like me.

No. 1108842

File: 1608183874740.png (104.4 KB, 440x574, thrist.png)

you guys thirsty?

No. 1108859

Damn and I genuinely thought Dream was a youtuber Dunkey made up for a gag. You're telling me he's a real person? Next you're gonna tell me that speedrunning minecraft is a real thing too.

No. 1108861

Who knows if he real…he never showed his face, for all we know he literally is the white blob on his icon.

No. 1108881

I mean yeah, Dream seems like a little egomaniac bitchboy for sure. Most any idiot gamer kid who makes it that big that fast will go power crazy. It's pretty par for the course. Just look at Ninja. The cheating shit is pretty much confirmed and it is very cringe that he went off the way he did when he was caught.

Imo the "idc if fans make nsfw fanwork" thing is a non issue. Creators shouldn't be policing that kind of fanwork. Telling people to do what they want doesn't make him a 21 year old pedophile. Major reach.
Also the merch price is a bit steep but pretty standard.

No. 1108927

>He literally saying he is fine with teens thinking of him sexually.
Will admit I'd never heard of him before but I really don't see a problem with this. It is EXTREMELY normal for teens to find adults sexy, it's common for teenagers to have crushes on adult celebrities. Even if he said he hates being written/drawn about in a sexual manner people would still fucking do it. Like >>1108881 said it's just not up to a personality whether or not they get sexualized by their audience. As long as he doesn't pull a Game Grumps and start shouting out specific smut creators or actively encouraging people to degrade himself and especially his peers, I don't see a problem with it.

No. 1109030

File: 1608215647247.png (1.54 MB, 1800x1142, 5B0E4404-3098-4D1B-AD95-BD46FE…)

Kek same. It gives me big Detroit Metal City energy. I can’t wait until there is a face reveal at some point and the E-thots are disappointed he’s a weedy dorky basement dweller, not because I think he deserves it, but because of how pathetic everyone is literally cooming over the voice of someone they have never seen before who claims to have GERD (which imo is the equivalent of cooming over someone’s muscular arms but they are just tumors.)

No. 1109031

This is retarded.

Obviously he has an ego, anyone who gets that famous that young will. But you expect him to police his own fandom? That's retarded. He can't police other people's thoughts about him and expecting him to do so is autistic.

No. 1109048

Dr. Drew is awful and such a fucking whiteknight for Trisha. What is the fucking point of having him on the show? He is so biased towards her and honestly a hack. This whole video is him cutting Ethan off, telling him what he has to say is not important, calling him a cuck (?!) and praising Trisha and making excuses for all of her terrible behavior. At least the comments seem to reflect that sentiment. I hope they don't invite him back.

No. 1109056

Was he not 24

No. 1109071

File: 1608221615516.jpg (24.33 KB, 600x338, downloadgfgfg.jpg)

I'm feeling the same.
I swear I didn't feel this level of seething spite for such petty reasons over youtube early this year, I think bingewatching youtube almost daily due to quarantine is driving us slowly insane.

Really doesn't help that there's no way to remove ads on the app without bullshit like paying youtube for nothing, if I see one more commentary video on the coldest tea over dumb twitter vendetta full of 10 midrolls and dragged out to being over the 1 hr mark with no content I just start thinking "Hm, Guess in theory this crazy lady was more of an alpha galaxybrain (especially in comparison to Elliot Rodger) than I thought she was if she… didn't kill people lol" even though I feel kinda bad for even joking about that.

Calling it now that in 2021 the commentary channel trend is gonna die due to quarantine burning everyone out on it.

No. 1109073

File: 1608221955825.png (779.58 KB, 1023x855, worthless NEET-celeb.PNG)

I wonder if the e-celebs who grifted for BLM now regret their shitty decisions.
>but he/she didn't know any better
I'm sick of this excuse- you're a fucking adult, you have responsibilities and consequences for your actions. What makes me salty is that Jacksepticeye 200% doesn't give a shit about the black people and their communities he so cares about.
Saying "I'm sorry, I didn't know any better" isn't going to bring back the countless dead black people and their wrecked livelihoods/jobs, and neighborhoods that are now plagued with crime violence.
The only way I'll forgive this worthless fuck is if he chucked his ass into one of these post-riot communities and volunteered to pick up trash and work with constructions. I don't want any fucking grandiose speech, anyone can make shit up with words, I want actions that are genuine.

Sorry for the personal vent but I can't stand manchildren like him who haphazardly wastes thousands of dollars that could of gone into better non-profits who actually do shit and not give 90% of the cash to pasty white politicians who do fuck all.(racebait)

No. 1109081

File: 1608223189074.png (238.5 KB, 2230x538, Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.3…)

He's already on KF's radar. If he slips into cowdom within the next few months I won't be surprised.

Just wait till breadtubers like Shaun or philosophy tube make some like bait tweet about Dream's merch being a scam. That will get the ball rolling.

No. 1109083

File: 1608223435334.png (179.87 KB, 1204x310, Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.4…)

I also found this on AugieRFC's twitter. Dream on discord admitting he can't rebuke the stats that the speedrun mods posted.

No. 1109085

Why does this vaguely look like something that would be sold in 1990s Moldova.

No. 1109089

>is okay with his fans that he knows are mostly little kids since he is a fucking minecraft youtuber, making sexual fan art of him
Adding him to my list of youtubers that I won't be surprised with when they are caught grooming kids

No. 1109092

So do you have any actual dirt on him or what? Pretty much everyone panders to the woke crowd for clout these days, nothing new.

No. 1109104

It's the merch version of a 2015 Kiki Kannibal outfit for sure.

No. 1109119

Lmao one can literally never do right by you people, it's fucking pathetic. Imagine hating on a youtuber for raising money for charity. "But it's not the charity that >I< would give money to." "White man raises money for black people, but it doesn't count cause it wasn't the right black people! REEEE!"

ridiculous(responding to racebait)

No. 1109130

OT but I would love to see something BLM has done with the money. Wouldn’t it just be better if you have the collected funds to pay people to do something to make a difference instead of donating to charities to pay their wages and expenses.

No. 1109139

I imagine bail for protesters who get arrested. That's all I've seen so far.

No. 1109184

Imagine letting someone insult your parenting and call your wife a cunt in your own home, on your own platform, and then handwaving it because uwu profits uwu. If you're that money hungry just say you diffused the situation off-camera and then continue as usual, don't enable and reward Trisha's behavior and let some quack doctor tell your audience that if you're abused your feelings don't matter and it's your "responsibility" to just deal with it, holy shit

No. 1109232

Dr. Drew is a thirsty faggot who really thinks if he strokes Trisha's nacho cheese covered ego she might give him some.

No. 1109284

watching this one now actually. dr drew is such an annoying leftist twat lol. i wish trisha made fun of him and said "omg you just want to fuck me" like she always does but no one criticizes this guy obviously. he is just some eceleb with probably barely a grad degree or even any notable licenses. youtuber "psychologists/therapists" annoy me so bad because they usually don't really have any credentials.

No. 1109358

File: 1608247153343.png (226.91 KB, 979x534, comeonnow.png)


wikipedia is a free resource

No. 1109362

I had a theory that he was buttering up Trisha because he knows if Ethan doesn't continue the show he wont get a paycheck.

No. 1109457


Dr Drew is a COVID denier who panders to MAGATs and describes himself as a centrist. Where do you get “leftist” from?

No. 1109693

Definitely think the most cowish thing about him is how he responds to even the slightest criticism, it’s only gonna get worse as he gets more popular. although the screenshot isn’t quite accurate, he only cheated on one, the rest of his speedruns are still verified.

No. 1109924

Pyro uploaded a second response to the allegations

No. 1109945

Passing by this thumbnail, I thought this was the fakebois thread for a moment.

No. 1109956

He looks like a 30 year old Karen. At least he admits he's a gross degenerate that should have vetted the people he was RPing with better. But the issue is that he's a gross degenerate so he's now going to get some of pro-pedo's defenders and other gross furfags to defend him.

Also should we start a betting pool to see when he's going to troon out, that hair cut looks like every baby MTF's first "feminine" haircut.

No. 1110357

File: 1608357517127.png (442.94 KB, 636x636, 20201219_003706.png)

I thought this was a shit response but his fans ate it up so I guess that's what ultimately matters to him. He's still a creep though. Never trust furries.

Even if you look past the ERP, he made several videos about his fat dark souls oc and asked his fans to draw his fursona morbidly obese because he thought it was "funny". Reminds me of how TeamPinata would disguise her sneezing fetish videos as educational content about her LARP alters. Pyro was getting his audience to unknowingly engage in his kink.

>Also should we start a betting pool to see when he's going to troon out, that hair cut looks like every baby MTF's first "feminine" haircut.
It's going to happen sooner than later, he's an "ironic" crossdresser after all. I give it a year. Maybe three months if his rebuttal video doesn't work and he starts losing views. It's a good way to gain sympathy.

No. 1111015

it will never stop amazing me how easily male youtubers can get away with being creepy sex perverts and never be held accountable.

No. 1111274

Being into inflation fart vore furry porn and ERPing with SEVERAL STRANGERS without asking their age about fat dragons shitting in your mouth should be enough to be cancelled and shunned off the internet forever. Why is he not hiding in shame? Why does this dude still get to have a career?

Society has gone to absolute shit that "not actually raping underaged kids" is now the only hard line we have.

The funniest thing about this is him still claiming he is straight. Yeah, what you jerk off to totally doesn't define your sexuality I guess. Lmao.

No. 1112062

File: 1608578081938.jpeg (745.68 KB, 1242x906, AA3B50ED-94FA-492C-BE90-A82142…)

Not particularly milky, but she always looks like a wax figure, and this clickbait video is about her cat dying or something kek.

No. 1112155

i love my dogs and will be sad when they pass but i can't really imagine i would actually make a yt video about it IF i was a yter. i really think being a "youtuber" changes someones mindset and anytime anything happens in their lives, they can make a video because 1. they know they will get positive attention and "support" from fans and 2. money if its monetized.

youtubers are like sex workers, they are all cow material at some point.

No. 1112156

are you dumb? you can get a Bachelors and a Masters and have no formal training or licensure. going to school is one thing, actually having experience is another.

No. 1112157

i can tell he isnt a covid denier tbqh he can describe himself however he wants but he screams male feminist wanting some pussy

and i hate his tranny pandering in the beginning

No. 1112159

pyro disgusts me at this point ugh someone really convinced him he looks good with that man jaw "cosplaying" looks like shit in a literal toilet

No. 1112163

>goodbye mykie
>saying goodbye

Like a rejected man REEEing into the night while Mykie completely ignores her. We get it, SWOOP.

The video appears to be about putting down an ailing pet, but I'm not watching a minute more of this attention-seeking moron.

No. 1112267

File: 1608594473773.jpeg (439.77 KB, 678x890, 85EF6525-2492-4EEA-AD18-E1464E…)

Her face/thumbnails enrages me.

No. 1112454

Her weirdly 'overproduced' videos look like school projects. Super cringe

No. 1112691

her penchant for drama aside, that unflattering haircut is a real choice, especially for someone who exists in the beauty sphere. move the part, girl. you look like a sad egg.

No. 1112800

i agree she can style herself so much better

No. 1113237

Dream's response to the cheating accusations

No. 1113254

Learn to read, anon. You can put a video in Youtube bar under files. Are you the same one who posted in twitch thread?

No. 1113264

Honestly I skipped to the end to see what odds he came up with.

I find it funny that the whole ending is basically "I offered to make a cheat-free server and do this and that to reduce cheating!" which is what everyone said that he should have done to begin with, and that's all after he splerged out on Twitter.

No. 1113265

Imao Dream tainted his reputation and made an enemy out of the commentary community for no reason.

No. 1113271

Doesn't the report basically say that he still most likely cheated?

No. 1113275

Apparently, someone forgot to carry the six.

Imao he still probably did.

No. 1113284

He gave the odds the statistician found pretty early on, the second half was mostly him buttering up the mod team and talking about what he was doing with the ad revenue.

No. 1113304

What odds did he actually come up with in the end?

I expected the whole video to be him teasing the odds or talking about how wrong the other party was, hence why I skipped to the end

No. 1113719

The statistician said that the 1 in 7.5 trillion chance that Dream did not cheat that the MST Report claimed was too extreme of a number.
In the beginning of that giant 19 page paper, the statistician said "The odds are about 1 in
10 million that a small subset of any livestreamed speedruns from any player in the past year
would give as low a probability if investigated in any two ways – if only the six ”lucky” streams
are investigated."

Anyway, this whole situation was stupid. Why would Dream cheat especially if he was streaming and he's becoming one of the biggest youtubers? Just seems kind of dumb to me. He was just lucky and everyone is making a big deal out of it.

No. 1113761


this whole discussion is moot anyway since it deals with statistic and chance, dream is never going to be able to show with statistics that he didn't cheat as much as anyone else going to statistically proof he did. the only way to tell if he cheated without a shadow of a doubt is to proof somewhere he was using a program or something.

the chances to win the lottery, get hit by lightning, go down in an airplane are all extremely low but it still happens to people.

No. 1113843

File: 1608776168860.png (263.26 KB, 1212x1372, Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 9.13…)

Imao. Dream's response has already been debunked apparently.

We should have a betting pool on which youtuber gets a /snow thread next and I'd put some on dream.

No. 1113850

Nah he cheated, anyone who knows any cheating drama with speedrunning knows the popular and talented speedrunners are some of the most likely to cheat, since they've put in so much effort, they think they deserve the top spot. Plus if they don't improve, they probably worry about losing subs.

No. 1114063

File: 1608807477388.jpg (32.4 KB, 534x449, pyrc.JPG)

nitpick but pyrocynical is the ugliest furry degenerate cavebeast ive ever seen i want to crush his demented skull under a hydraulic press

No. 1114083

File: 1608814725141.jpg (52.82 KB, 608x471, 20201224_135202~2.jpg)

This guy is the embodiment of "dudebro" youtubers and twitch streamers, hope it's ok to post him here since he has over 300k subscribers. Here's a little rundown:
>has been bankrupt almost twice from spending thousands of dollars on gambling in gacha games
>is schizophrenic (admitted that himself) possibly has BPD, gambling addiction
>keeps begging for donations and usually during a stream he'll pick one troll comment in twitch chat and have a huge meltdown begging for asspats
>weekly whining on twitter, talks about having panic attacks and trauma
>staff of a game offers him money to use his clips in advertisements, he lets them do it for free then bitches for months about it
>even Chinese players make fun of him, that triggers him
>in a relationship for 9 years, yet he publicly lusts anime characters and rates his soon to be wife below them
>uses uwu owo speak despite being a balding man
>his gf is called fream, her profile is the classic "I love doritos and mountain dew, here's a link to my hubby's profile who doesn't link to mine and my ko-fi link so you can support me"

There's milk in their personal lives, but I'm not in his discord and need to dig more to confirm stuff. If anyone is interested here are the links:


No. 1114110

Are there any pictures of the "girlfriend"? Cause from the twitter alone and the anime avatar I assume that is a tranny. Would make sense cause usually women will not date a man who would openly disrespect you by lusting publicly after anime chicks. Unless they are a total doormat.

Also a woman doesn't need to hide behind some ugly neon color haired anime avatar.

No. 1114130

File: 1608823249383.png (1.28 MB, 2878x1578, Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 10.2…)

He's back.


No. 1114132

File: 1608823355485.png (969.27 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20201224-160337.png)

I think it's a woman, she appeared in the background of his streams and some deleted old videos, and she took a break "for mental health". Seems like she works as a freelancer and does some UI design. His whole thing is youtube and he managed to get 200k subscribers this year by spamming clickbait videos like "I left my girlfriend for these anime lolis!", "Lifestyle of a NEET" etc.

No. 1114137

File: 1608823893739.jpg (77.48 KB, 1280x720, fredrick knudsen.jpg)

Agree! Also why do youtubers use this haircut ?It so unflatering !

No. 1114139

Damn bro, I like fred but I'm glad he doesn't use facecam for his videos otherwise I wouldn't be subbed.

No. 1114173

Your excitement is pure cringe anon

No. 1114211

That's not excitement, that's fear.

No. 1114240

I had to do a double take when I saw him speak with video on, he sounds professional but he styles himself like a teen trying out a different style for the first time.

No. 1114248

lmaooo i thought i was the only one. he looks like he stepped out of 2006. like what was the inspiration for this dreadful look

No. 1114285

Tt's the "i am about to announce I am trooning out" haircut.

No. 1114337

ah shit, that's what's wrong with it, thank you

No. 1114353

Trisha has been freaking out as her Insta was disabled from her spamming her snatch, and she got the 30 day probation period so it may actually get axed.

Of course she tries to downplay what happened so her simps will jump on the realists in her comments. She is acting like Instagram was just being “sew mean” and hypocritical, when in reality she has gotten plenty of warnings for posting herself naked.

No. 1114366

Kek I like how this is true for either gender

No. 1114503

Lockdowns in several countries say otherwise but okay

No. 1114529

does that toothy Amanda goober from Swell Entertainment bother the hell out of anyone else? she's big nlog energy and so undeservedly smug

No. 1114531

samefag but lol it looks like I'm her selfposting but I'm not, I am just (hate) watching her recent q&a video rn and rme

No. 1114745

I don't love her but she's done some decent content. Q&A videos are always boring. I appreciated her recent accutane video. I will admit she does have kind of a smug punchable face but I don't think she actually IS smug most of the time. Vague former horsegirl energy, but that might just be the teeth lmao

No. 1114857


Sore loser ragequitted Arknights after getting ""bullied"" for posting hypocritical opinions(ie saying "this character is useful and underrated!" and then posting "this exact same character is useless!" in a span of a couple of vids. as well as other game misinformation)

He loves to jump on which game is "in" and has criticized another gaming youtuber for not joining the GI hype train- telling them that they'd be better off getting more views with GI players instead of making more AK content/

No. 1114863

Trisha's engaged

No. 1114871

Eh as if it's a real engagement. No doubt dhe most likely bought the ring herself and told Moses to propose on christmas to stir up attention. The whole relationship is fake, again. The leaked dms from him to another girl on ig showed that he's disgusted with her, how her vagina smells bad and how shew as abusive towards him and his animals. And how it was her sister that helps her with her onlyfans.

Trisha doesn't need a wedding, she needs therapy and no online presence

No. 1114877

I second that this whole relationship is fake as fuck.

No. 1114886

Can you post the leaked DMs from Moses? I can't find them anywhere.

No. 1114895

File: 1608932605540.png (312.09 KB, 720x834, Screenshot_20201213-1653283.pn…)

No. 1114911

File: 1608934578978.jpg (70.55 KB, 720x1280, EiACkfoXsAUV4yP.jpg)

No. 1114912

File: 1608934634351.jpg (61.37 KB, 720x1280, EiACkwIXgAA5tGV.jpg)

No. 1114913

The saddest thing is everyone in the comments believing it and still thinking moses is a good guy lmao. They are both freaks and if this is real, the fallout would be nuclear. I cant wait to get disappointed when trisha just ignores this altogether and never mentions it again though

No. 1114915

Trisha talked about the dms in detail here. Moses talked to a catfish and told her that Trisha's pussy stank and that he never desires sex with her etc.

No. 1114927

Why is this Moses dude with her then? Clout? Piss off his family? I mean he barely has any media presence that he’s pushing so to speak

No. 1115101

I know their relationship is probably just so Trisha can get back at Ethan or whatever, but it's still so weird to see this after Trisha beat Moses up. These people are so weird.

No. 1115214

I think Moses really hates his family and background and is dating Trisha to somehow “get back at them” or provoke them. It’s never been clearly stated but it’s pretty obvious imo.

No. 1115257


Thanks. I saw where she talked about it on the show but I was hoping the full DMs were out there. It's really sad that she is so desperate to have a man that she dates all these clout chasers who just want to use her platform to promote themselves. I don't think she has EVER been with a man that truly cared about her. Very sad.

No. 1115704

She’s probably paying Moses to be her penis of the month like she did with that dancer she claimed to be madly in love with a couple of years ago. Of course they will conveniently break up next year once her subs go up, she will have “I’m a Chicken Nugget” 2.0 on her kitchen floor, rinse repeat, you guys get the picture.

No. 1116273

File: 1609118160067.jpg (53.18 KB, 1093x694, EYGmNsvUEAAMWKz.jpg)

Is it true Dreamwastaken is just Crywastaken after rebranding?

No. 1116518

No, and let’s not get started on the tinfoil that every unoriginal youtuber is the same person.

No. 1117247

File: 1609252295768.png (503.07 KB, 1196x798, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 9.31…)

Fucking why

No. 1117250

File: 1609252728351.png (646.44 KB, 1186x1330, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 9.38…)

How long do you think it will take before Dream "loves" one of his stans a bit too much.

No. 1117262

That is so disingenuous and manipulative, I want to hurl.

No. 1117264

File: 1609254010591.png (522.94 KB, 1174x1294, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 9.59…)

The way his friends enable him is just disgusting too.

No. 1117272

why is he talking to his fans on a "private" account? Who follows him there?

No. 1117301

I feel like this is really pushing it now, like it’s gonna blow up in his face. This is genuinely awful. And his stans are completely oblivious to this fact and parade it around, I’ve seen them make fun of Carson and Schlatt and Jawsh >>1102542 who have spoken out against stans by saying Dream “treats fans differently” like they’re truly special. I can see these stans hopefully growing out of this in a few years and looking back and wondering how the hell they believed this.

I think the latest creator to speak out about this is Ludwig, and he even mentions Dream, but it truly falls on deaf ears and I know it's not going to reach the people it needs to.

153.7k followers apparently.

No. 1117339

It's good that some youtubers are coming out and saying this, some people get too attached. I feel RLM is the best channel on this. They never talk about personal stuff, they don't interact with fans, they rarely quote memes about them and I've never seen them give a shout out to anyone, not even the fans that send them stuff they feature on their channel kek I've been watching for like 8 years and I still don't know anything about Jay besides him being into horror movies.

No. 1117362

File: 1609263832764.png (20.86 KB, 698x176, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.3…)

I swear to god, If more of these nonsense words keep trending because of Dream and his cabal of simps.

I can't even think of anything, that's how bad this is.

The commentary community, as usual jumped on it. The guy that seems to be leading the charge is Pegasus, a commentary channel with almost 400k subs.

No. 1117373

Am I the only one who actually thinks they're relationship is real? Neurotic, but real nonetheless.

No. 1117375

their* I'm a retard

No. 1117379

You've been baited my guy, the Dream stans are tweeting this out to annoy the "antis"

We need to bring back Yezhov so he can purge twitter.

No. 1117492

I've honestly wondered it as well, but it's Trisha and she has a history of paying men to date and sleep with her, usually dudes who are way out of her league or are gay. I don't think she likes sex as much as she claims, it's just part of her Hollywood bimbo persona.

No. 1118054

File: 1609339642307.png (Spoiler Image, 694.43 KB, 1204x832, Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 9.39…)

So the anti Dream stans seems to gaining more and more influence today. The unofficial leader at this point seems to be a twtter account named Average mcyt stans (or @AverageMcyt).

Well Dream stans finally targeted him a couple hours ago.

Do we need a separate thread for these stans (and maybe the coming war between them and the anti-stans)?

No. 1118107

why does this read like a self post
I don't think a whole new thread is warranted unless some actual milk comes out involving dream

No. 1118140

It still doesn't make sense he would cheat at ALL. Unless he is completely speedrunning his grave at this point any%. He doesn't even post his recorded speedruns on YouTube. And he was pretty much known by his Manhunt videos and NOT speedrunning. So even if he was thrown out mcspeedruns website, his popularity and image would still remain the same for the majority.

No. 1118151

That twitter account is more cringe than those stans. What the hell is up with those troll face memes.

No. 1118160

I love RLM but I’m always afraid their gonna fall into the wrong community’s hands and there’ll be huge outrage over something stupid funny one of them said, but then it’ll die down and be forgotten like all outrage. I don’t want those dudes to have to deal with the stress of the social justice fags

No. 1118208

Another youtuber who used his fame to sext kids on Discord.

No. 1118218


The statements from the underaged girls ^
Those came out months ago and somehow he only made this video now?? He asked for nudes from a girl he knew was underaged and received them. That's a fucking crime.

But of course this will be brushed under the rug and forgotten and he will still get to have a career like all of them. Disgusting.

No. 1118263

Is Dream also gonna copy being a pedo like Cry?

How long until the minors come forward?

No. 1118270

Nah, it just doesn‘t add up. Moses is already pretty loaded himself, I don‘t think that Trisha could pay him to date her. I doubt that she has more money than him.

No. 1118362

I wonder how long until twitter finds that video of Rich "speaking chinese" kek. In any case I doubt they'll ever stress over it, they give zero fucks and their fans would defend them to death. I can't think of anything they've ever said that would be enough for the general public to feel outraged, only the social justice twitterfags.

No. 1118573

File: 1609392426272.png (83.65 KB, 752x630, E1813F95-E58D-48F8-838D-C558AE…)

some speedrunner youtuber (who apparently is a drama stirring prick according to other speedrunners) posted a suicide note on youtube and promptly deleted it. no word on if he actually did it yet.

No. 1118577

I honestly have not heard of this guy. but I watch ezscape he seems to be really chill and friends with every speed runner. And even in his live streams where he Is just practicing he comes of as really calm. What is the drama between these two.

No. 1118612

File: 1609398739070.jpg (563.09 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20201230-231005_Chr…)

I know keem is not always the most reliable source but apparently he killed himself

No. 1118624

File: 1609401679126.png (153.03 KB, 1196x804, 139843443.png)

It's been confirmed that he passed away. I wonder if he killed himself right after he posted his suicide note. I was just thinking that people would call the police right away to stop his suicide? Anyway, it's a sad situation.

No. 1118636

The shit stirring is shitty drama between speed running you tubers about content.

Apollo made a documentary exposing one of the most famous gamers Billy. Billy made a fortune from branding as “the best gamer ever” and sued Apollo for making the video. They ended up settling out of court but Apollo helped to bring attention to Billy’s bullying

No. 1118638

It's sad he made a video for people to see and it got removed due to shitty TOS, though maybe it was for the best in case it negatively influenced others. RIP to the guy.

No. 1118670

I found a twitlonger (https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sra9rd ) by EZScape made back in july where he basically makes a call-out post for apollo. the gist is that apollo made his speed running list videos (10 runners found cheating, saltiest speedrunning moments, etc etc) solely for views and didn’t seek out the truth but what fit his narrative. he then lied about the speedrunning convention, Games Done Quick and its finances to make the staff look bad. EZ basically says that he admired and still liked apollo but he needs to get his shit together.

which makes it even more of a frankly dick move to call him out in a suicide note and say he gave him a push. EZScape was polite, way too forgiving, and never actually said anything negative about Apollo himself, just his actions.

No. 1118711


>no cause of death

Fucking ghouls. Maybe he tried to wall glitch in real life.

No. 1118757

File: 1609422780158.png (963.25 KB, 1208x1320, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 8.52…)

I know it's been stated here before, but Dream is Cryotic 2.0. Saying it now.

No. 1118779

Like >>1118670 mentioned he made vids like these that actually got a substantial amount of views. I remember that dragrace boomer that sued him even tho it’s technical not possible to do the record he did.

I hope EZScape gets out of this because he seems like a genuinely good guy who does a bunch of charity and other good things for their community.

No. 1118834

Who's gonna be outed as a sex pest first? Dream or Corpse? Place your bets now!

No. 1118836

Corpse. Nobody does a "hand reveal" and isn't a sex pest.

No. 1118848

>Thank you to DarkViper and EZScape for giving me the final push that I needed
unpopular opinion I guess, but blaming people he had internet beef with for his suicide is a really petty bitch move. Sounds like he watched too much 13 reasons why.

No. 1118876

Even tho he is dead now like what a huge dick move, like really trying to ruin them from the grave? Massive coward move.
EZscape seems really nice as well, I hope he doesn't react by quitting or something

No. 1118887

Nah he obviously meant what he said. People like this will push a person saying he’s just using mental illness as a shield and is actually a huge asshole and coward for being suicidal. then eventually this kind of thing will actually happen. Now they have to live with the fact they took video games so seriously they called a man scum and a shit person over petty gaming drama and now he’s dead. Commentary YouTube is a smooth brain dump heap and hopefully these bros will stop larping as psychologists just trying to help the guy and epic pwning him in the next video for revenue

No. 1118929

Criticizing someone doesn't mean you're responsible for their suicide, dipshit.

No. 1118932

another scrote bites the dust kek

No. 1118990

Seriously. I find that people’s online personas, no matter how fake they are, still mirror who they are IRL. And corpse’s whole thing is “mysterious deep voice sexy guy but he’s darksided”. The dude raps about choking anime girls, he is 100% a sex pest.

No. 1119021

File: 1609443354760.png (63.83 KB, 694x372, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 2.34…)

Delete twitter.

No. 1119034

I think Dream since he has said that he's okay with fans making sexual content about him. That just sounds so weird and then along with >>1118757 it just makes him look so bad. If it's true that corpse has social anxiety then it makes it less likely that he'll do something imo. Also, didn't corpse say how he doesn't like that his underage fans send him sexual content like pics of their thighs, but then again he did say he was okay with adult fans doing that but at least he isn't preying on minors . Either way I still don't like both of them and their fans, and I wouldn't be surprised if either came out to be some type of groomer. I just hope they don't.

No. 1119050

if anyone was calling people shit and scum, it was Apollo tbh. Apollo heard gossip that DarkViper didn’t pay an editor that he had hired and make an entire video shitting on him for being an asshole.

only surprise surprise, DarkViper had receipts that the editor he hired never actually did the work required of him and actually managed to fuck up a bunch of files he sent him. He then asked Apollo why he didn’t just ask him for his side of the story before making the video and Apollo posted another video taking DarkViper out of context and making him look bad.

Apollo was the king of speedrunner drama. people that fired back at him are hardly the villains here. the dude was mentally and physically unwell and got in a bad space. but do these guys really have to take shit from guys like apollo and be all nice about it in case the other guy offs himself?

No. 1119053

I’m going to hell for laughing at this, top kek.

No. 1119090

Guarantee you that when corpse is canceled for being a sex pest he’ll come out with your typical fake apology and cite his social anxiety for pity points. I don’t think having anxiety makes anyone less likely to be a creep.

No. 1119093

bruh this is just a joke. I swear I'm not a fan of his lmao I agree that he's overrated and his fanbase is cancer but some of his haters are way too obsessed

No. 1119098

a man in his 20s saying shit like that is really disturbing. i guess you think rape jokes are fine too? retard.

for sure he'd play the pity card. like you can't say anything negative about him without his fans saying "you have to be nice to him because he lived in his car and his health is bad and is always in and out of hospitals yet still makes content wah wah"
like thats clear sign he uses his issues to manipulate fans (in my opinion) so he'd absolutely do it when he gets canceled.

No. 1119122

He's 21 and a gamer he has shitty edgy gamer scrote "i have 20 kids tied up in my basement!!1!" humor it's not that deep

No. 1119221

This seems like a pretty well done interview. I didn’t expect Dream to agree to it, given how hard DarkViper went on him at a couple points, but he seemed pretty cooperative despite it. I didn’t have much of an opinion on the cheating drama before because statistics make me want to blow my brains out, but if I had to pick a side, I’d go with the one the interviewer came to in the end. There was some cringe armchair psychology but most of the comments seem to have called it out and the guy did address it in the end. Don’t watch it you can’t handle the obvious ADHD from Dream, he also speedruns talking.

No. 1119255

sure a 21 year old gamer whose fanbase is mostly under 14 years old. yea, thats just fine.

dont you think that should change rather than accepting it as normal? youre kinda part of the problem.

No. 1119311

DarkViperAU put this video out the next day to address all the /r/speedrun people who were mad at him for betraying them and saying he wasn’t as confident as before that dream cheated. Five days later, his pinned comment on the original interview went from a long winded “dream might not have cheated” to a long winded “dream isn’t a psychopathic mastermind stop saying he manipulated me I think he cheated again.” Guess someone couldn’t take the pressure.

No. 1119331

Well Dream might have cheated anyway so I'm glad someone's brain is working but now we know DarkViper is prone to bending the knee to the crowd.

No. 1119504

Dream now seems to be going around and interviewing people who were critical of him. It's like he's trying to set up a Rouges Gallery of former critics.

"Hey guys, remember DarkViper and Muta? They interviewed me! We're friends now!" Without realizing that both of these guys would throw him under the bus the first chance they get.

No. 1119608

Sage for retard but how is some dude faking a speedrun so important that its causing THIS much drama and it warrants about a billion videos and responses and -
Dude cheated, won't admit it. Big fucking deal.
Did Dream have some kind of massive fanbase before all this that I was too blind to see, hence the uproar?
Can someone please explain this to me?

No. 1119619

He does have a huge fanbase but it consists mostly of kids and young teenagers that's probably why you didn't know about it. From what I've seen most stans and "antis" who are invested in this drama seem to be really young

No. 1119653

File: 1609524905483.png (99.83 KB, 1206x478, Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.12…)

This was a while back but I feel like this should be discussed. It looks like EmpLemon is making a video on h3h3.
If this video blows up like his Leafy video did, it could the final nail in the h3 coffin.

No. 1119669

File: 1609526790479.jpg (92.27 KB, 800x450, death (1).jpg)

He just uploaded a video to his channel. Won't be expecting the h3 video for a few weeks.

Some context on EmpLemon's history.

No. 1119691

Speedrunning in general has a hugely autistic, dedicated fanbase. The measures people have gone to to prove that Dream cheated is pretty par for the course within the speedrunning community.

No. 1119769


I can't believe a 16 year old is incapable of just leaving the minecraft server or whatever if they're ~uncomfortable~.

No. 1119861

Speedrunners do tend to take cheating more seriously because speedrunning has official leaderboards and if you get well known enough you can get invited to events. Plus if you are found for cheating, basically all your other runs get taken off official boards, legit or not.
It's still dumb tho,we know he cheated and we should leave it now.

No. 1120115

File: 1609582108805.png (53.46 KB, 609x885, image0.png)

I didn't want to necro any of the Game Grumps threads but this was posted to r/plasticsurgery and the OP is a dead ringer for Suzy.

Maybe it's her FAS, maybe I'm just autistic. Probably the latter lol

No. 1120121

I see the resemblence but Suzy has a different shaped mouth, she's also in her 30s. I went and looked also and her engagement ring looks nothing like that so yeah it's just autism

No. 1120156

File: 1609591969692.png (60.05 KB, 1202x274, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 7.52…)

Uh oh.

No. 1120168

>Like his ip, address, name, 4 emails, school he went to, his fucking mortgage statements, his tax papers, his old home, all of his aliases, his phone number, holy fucking shit what

No. 1120174


Fake and gay, I can't find anything.

No. 1120191

Looks like someone on twitter found an older dox and shared the address, but they weren’t the one who made it. I can link the archive of the dox but it’s basically a psychotic break by some poltard. They also randomly threatened to decapitate another streamer, Technoblade, not sure what that’s all about. General consensus seems to be that the doxx isn’t actually accurate, and the dm screenshots look sketchy to me, but I don’t know enough about this stuff to say for the rest.

No. 1120192

File: 1609597682349.png (184.95 KB, 1206x706, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 9.25…)

Assuming the guy isn't lying, that's a shitload of information. You'd think something would surface right now.

I did find this though. It could be the doxxer. You can ask this guy for the @.

No. 1120196

File: 1609598005204.png (684.02 KB, 1346x674, dox.png)

This was apparently the doxer, the account got deleted in light-speed cause of all the hardcore Dream Stans mass-reporting it.

I still think this entire thing is fake and gay to drum up more attention for this dumbass youtuber.


No. 1120197

If this is a gay op this could be even bigger than the Kraut server back in the day.

No. 1120199

That’s the person who tweeted the address, not the one who made the dox.

No. 1120201

Share the information then.

No. 1120206

File: 1609598544668.jpeg (508.48 KB, 750x1249, F0A8DC84-727F-46C1-A9ED-0F1811…)

Pretty sure it’s this one. I can’t make a pic collage of all of it at the moment, maybe if someone else is interested?

No. 1120208

So it was a gay competition by a bunch of spergs who used Dream as sport for their Jason Bourne LARPs.

Don't like Dream but this is by far the gayest op I have encountered.

No. 1120213

File: 1609599338995.jpeg (389.39 KB, 573x1006, 6EE147D8-55A3-43A6-ABB7-59365F…)

Sounds about right, but OP clearly thinks he’s a real comedian if this part is anything to go by. The whole thing is relatively short though, especially if you skip the part whining about how children’s block game youtuber wasn’t always as good at children’s block game when he started playing ?

No. 1120220

One day, Fred is gonna make a Down the Rabbit Hole on this and it's going to be like his videos on Terry Davis and wingsofredemption; Starts off weirdly quirky and frustrating, then continues to get horrifyingly depressing.

No. 1120223

File: 1609600069710.png (1.15 MB, 1698x874, sink.png)

Alright cool. I found a picture of his cat in a sink and it's definitely the same sink as on the zillow page for the house. It's real

No. 1120227

File: 1609600350994.png (102.62 KB, 1198x578, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 10.0…)

The dox might have made it's way to Keemstar. Doesn't seem to be planning on talking about it though.

No. 1120228

The replies to this tweet >>1120156 show some proof that the address is correct. Dream has posted pics of his bathroom and kitchen which line up with the leaked house address because there was a house tour uploaded by the real estate agent (before Dream moved in, obviously).

That’s not the whole doxx, the whole doxx has the information of his entire family. Though I’m pretty sure posting it against the rules.

No. 1120231

Post it and take the ban like a woman, you coward.

No. 1120232

Yeah, looks like he deleted the picture now. I heard he tweeted on his priv that the dox was fake and he lives in Orlando, not wherever the address was, but I don’t follow him. I think I’d delete the picture even if they didn’t get the right house though, you never know if the next person to come along and try might get it right. Also, cute cat.
Did you get any screenshots? I’ll be honest, I’m hoping it’s false on principle, but I don’t know if I believe him when he says they got the wrong address.

No. 1120236

File: 1609601334708.png (101.76 KB, 1202x384, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 10.2…)

Jesus Dream better not just have a gun. He needs to go full neocon and hire a private army.

Shouldn't be hard he lives in Florida.

No. 1120239

If you look up his full name >>1120213 on Google, there's a result from a Reddit post titled “lul”, which has been taken down, but his fans were generous enough to save it in the Wayback Machine.

mods no bully pls

No. 1120241

I know I shouldn't be surprised that the internet is this autistic but I am. All of this over cheating in minecraft?

No. 1120243

pictures of all his family members and not a single one of him? hmm
how ugly is this dude?

No. 1120246

Looks like this dox is at least 2 months old, so probably not. The only other big scandal I can think of prior to that was him asking his fans to vote for a mob when Mojang put out a poll for which one would be added next, which upset a lot of people and led to the rigging accusations. The doxer sounds like he takes Minecraft seriously enough for that to set him off, but I think it was more likely about the challenge.

No. 1120251

Doxer sounds like he has known him for a long time and played on the same Minecraft servers as him before he got famous. I assume it's some old rivalry and he is really bitter that Dream got famous and he didn't.

All this and not a single picture of his face. Very lame.

No. 1120260

No. 1120267

what's with all that gore fetish fan art? is this Dream dude into sexy gore himself or is that just insane fanbase shit

No. 1120268

the latter

No. 1120274

Probably should be on the rest on the mcyttwt/dwttwt as well.

No. 1120277

We're already on Internet famous. Shit, Null is going full throttle on this one.

No. 1120292

huh, pressuring viewers to send sex pics is bad, actually?

nobody told anyone in the ProJared threads on kiwi

No. 1120324

>one of the first posts in the thread includes someone shoehorning in some irrelevant racist conspiracy theory they believe in
>links said irrelevant racist conspiracy theory back to minecraft, a game made for children
>every tard lurking the thread gives it one of their autistic little reactions in agreement
classic KF scrote behaviour. going on there for more than five minutes genuinely begins to feel like i’m being lobotomised

No. 1120326

It's the only site that will host his dox. This site won't even allow it, so deal with it. If you wanna whine about KF there is a thread for that on here somewhere.

No. 1120340

kek, you need to unclench. defending the idiots over there this intensely makes you sound like an upset scrote. sorry i insulted your fave gossip website though!

No. 1120386


this is just so retared but so funny. im starting to feel embarssed playing minecraft like i was when i was 13 going through that stage "oh this is for little kids i dont like that"(imageboard)

No. 1120388

but i do feel sorry for his little sister who justed turned 14 her image and full name is out

No. 1120398

This smells fake, how would they possibly have their bank balance, house deed, and social? Somebody saving their bank statements and lease on dropbox? And just saving their social in a plaintext notepad file? Yeah right.

No. 1120401

The dumbest thing about this dox is how they got pics of his whole family except dream himself which is what everyone is curious about like how??? they had one job

No. 1120420

Lmao. Is this the zoomer girl equivalent to coomer brain rot?

No. 1120453

Because he hired an agency to scrub the internet clean of images of him. They will send out DMCA's to search engines and websites that host images and most will take it down no questions asked. You can also write directly to search engines to have information removed.

No. 1120553

The ex girlfriend situation in those screenshots seems kind of strange, it seems to target her almost as much as it targets him, which might lend more credence to >>1120251 ? I watched a video a while ago about how he got his icon (thought it might be relevant to the “is dream copying cryaotic?” thing) and he said that his ex girlfriend drew it for him to use, and seemed pretty amicable and open about her. There were also suggested videos of him talking about his current girlfriend. It doesn’t really sound like they’re being hidden from the fanbase like the screenshots allege. I’m also a bit suspicious because they say the reason they only have screenshots and no links for this is because his PR team got them all deleted, which is just convenient I guess? Would a youtuber PR team even be able to silently force people of the Internet entirely like this?

No. 1120690

Who cares about dox? You can post full names here and that's really the only thing of interest. Posting address serves no purpose other than powertripping to trigger a cow. But most of the time this is already done by dropping their full name, especially in cases like these.

No. 1120719

this probably does nothing but one of his gf Sam used to make videos with him in it sometime. I can't find her channel now but I found it last year. The videos were like 2018-maybe very early 2019. Before he was really big but close. He was just with her at her house playing Minecraft like she controls the keyboard and he controls the mouse.

All I have is her Namemc I remember cause its "Thot" but it has some of her socials connected https://namemc.com/profile/Thot.2

I think this was his recent known ex-gf cause she was getting some flack from fans and saying she a cheater n shit. I remember one comment like "oh bet you regret you cheated now, look how big dream is now"

No. 1120858

>after he was dared to after being told Dream was "undoxable"
…Did Dream egg some guy on to dox him? Also is all/most of the info (license, taxes, mortgage, etc) that was dug up on him considered public records in America?

No. 1120865

Nah, people have known Ethan's a hypocritical hack for a long while now (especially after the Gokanaru vid that was clearly targeted by YouTube).
And, ever since the Keemstar drama early last year, Ethan seems to have doubled down on his scumbaggery, befriending people like Trisha Paytas.

No. 1120866

Fuckin rich coming from Keemstar lol

No. 1120875

Considering that the document also includes their e-mail addresses and passwords like "23232323" and "ilikepie" I assume it wasn't as hard to get a lot of information. Also a lot of this shit is public record in America.

>Would a youtuber PR team even be able to silently force people of the Internet entirely like this?
You can hire people to scrub your images off the internet. There are agencies specialized in doing this (most without even any legal expertise). They do this by DMCAing every website that hosts the image (most will comply just like that) and search engines will also remove unfavorable results when your name is searched up. This mostly came to be after "the right to be forgotten" became a thing. Nowadays it is mostly used by camwhores to remove images that were leaked from their onlyfans.

No. 1120950

I definitely believe he could get pictures of himself taken down, my question was more about what power they could have over someone’s personal tweets without pictures or anything that could be argued under dmca. The dox made it sound like she’s been wiped from social media entirely.

No. 1120990

This. Twitter nowadays is just nothing but Kpop retards who spam fancams of korean people dancing and singing to threads that have nothing to do with the topic at hand

No. 1120996

His girlfriend disappeared because his Stans started harassing her claiming that she cheated on him, I think.

No. 1121433

Damn, is there a job title for that sort of thing? That actually sounds fun - - scrubbing ppl off the internet.

No. 1121513

So Tommyinnit another popular mcyt who is actually really cool dude. He is 16 and the reason why the Dream server poped off because he made it really interesting and got many other youtubers invted including Ninja and vikstar from the sidemen BUT.

Today he streamed and told people he is a child and uncomfortable with NSFW work of him and doesnt want that. (also mentioning one time before he also doesnt like it when people use him as his pfp) https://twitter.com/AverageMcyt/status/1345816600948125696

but later now he might be doxxed https://twitter.com/iZg3t8OrMjGEWzH

Im taking this with a grain of salt, some fans didnt like what tommy said about nsfw work but this is literally hours a part.

But who knows days ago his friend Tubbo (just turned 17 really sweet) someone donated to him with his old adress.

Tubbo accidently did it I think. The earliest is the 1st of October but he has moved now. this is just getting wierd.

No. 1121575

File: 1609737990406.jpg (90.1 KB, 499x833, Eq2qcQWXAAEhK0x.jpg)

Guess who's back…

No. 1121578

Looks like this loser has to get a real job now.

No. 1121579

Even though I know the end is a joke, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The things he did aren't comical in the slightest, and I wish he were never able to monetize his personality/online presence ever again. What's even worse is you know there's plenty of fans who are welcoming him back with open arms.

No. 1121580

The absolute nerve of scrotes. I’m sure his three therapists and his lawyer (if he even has one, who knows with this dumbass) advised him it was okay to return online. Hope his wife takes him for everything

No. 1121603

I hate this fucking shit website I just went on twitter and I saw somebody drew Dream dismembered and made to pose like a fucking rocking horse I thought you guys were all lying and joking around about it fucking hell shit looks like a god damn scp

No. 1121690

holy fucking shit, he sounds pleased with himself?

No. 1121693

He needs new clothes because all his wardrobe was work-based? This guy sat in front of a computer in jeans and t-shirt. What the fuck does he need new clothes for? Is he trooning out to save his ass?

No. 1121705

File: 1609764997006.png (527.74 KB, 1204x1196, Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 7.55…)

Angelika Oles deactivated her twitter because she got into a spat with John Swan and his friends.

No. 1121840

All his clothes before were freebies given out by Rooster Teeth. Like literally all of them. Most people working at Rooster Teeth's closets were full of nothing but RT merch since they released so much of it

No. 1121859

McDonalds requires its own uniform

No. 1121863

File: 1609783296907.png (11.99 KB, 390x176, nocancelpls.png)


>"Just Bc you dislike him? "

Um… I think his Twitch mods & co-workers know more about what he did than you do, chudster.

No. 1121904

Twitch partnered Jonny Craig well after his rape and scam scandals. Good luck if they think they’re getting rid of this guy lol

No. 1121987

File: 1609791006785.png (81.61 KB, 530x332, backup.png)

Of course he has a backup…

No. 1122003

I was wondering when she was going to get into drama. She always seemed aggressive/mean to me.

I don't know who this guy is, but by the tone of all your replies, I'm not sure if I want to.

No. 1122013

Ryan Haywood from Rooster Teeth, one of the several of them from that massive megaleak of pathetic nudes and videos from not too long ago. Married with children but still appreciates an open submissive fan.

No. 1122027

He's in a good mood because he didn't really lose anything. It sounds like his wife is staying with him (ugh), so he gets to 'work things out' at home and still have his family, and he still thinks people love him online. He got a slap on the wrist and is probably feeling pretty good about the fact that he can just say "Oh im getting help, I'm fixed!" and put it all behind him.

No. 1122029

He's probably on LinkedIn and realizing that if he wants a job interview he needs something to wear besides Rooster Teeth and video game reference t-shirts.

No. 1122041

File: 1609794545173.png (10.76 KB, 570x86, dangerous.png)

Someone finally said it

No. 1122100

File: 1609799648841.png (95.03 KB, 470x592, pointing].png)

>"when all the allocations were proven false."

Okay VicSuccer…

No. 1122284

CallMeIncarsonrated is apparently a groomer. Surprise surprise, another MCYT is outed as a pedo. He allegedly "confessed" to all of the Lunch Club members, so they all knew and have kept quiet until now.

No. 1122299

File: 1609818305975.jpeg (230.83 KB, 828x758, 3598753A-4376-4E6B-BC5A-98B506…)

I theorized that he was in another thread. I called him an ugly pedo or something.
>i-i-i just d-didnt wanna involve myself and speak up about my hebophile groomer bestie!
sure bro. all of these minecraft youtubers are creepy and unbathed. they probably all had dirt on each other and are cutting out the weakest link now. any normal person would immediately say something directly too them or cut off contact.
teenage girls need to get some standards. carson is fugly.

No. 1122352

File: 1609823169073.jpg (116.63 KB, 1200x1200, CallMeCarson-Youtuber-1200x120…)

No. 1122364

File: 1609823813524.jpeg (298.19 KB, 1536x2048, EYakb8QVcAA5a_0.jpeg)

it's always the ugly ass mfs that end up being pedos

No. 1122512

He technically isn't part of the mcyt but still probably a groomer lmao.

No. 1122541

File: 1609855319947.png (847.05 KB, 800x1144, carson.png)

This picture inspired me to make this collage

No. 1122543

File: 1609855644480.png (181.13 KB, 978x250, 1829532-699bb2472d1cec4e3d50b9…)

Everyone keeps saying he dindo nuffin cause she was 17 and he was 19. It is illegal to send nudes to a minor. It is illegal to coerce a minor into sending you nudes. It is illegal to stay in posession of nudes of a minor. He is literally admitting to comitting several crimes.

No. 1122562

Keep in mind we still don't know the age o f the other girl. One of them may be 17 (illegal, but I guess it's not "wrong") but the other girl could be younger. He's still a fucking weirdo for putting in over 100 hours into a game about teenage pregnancy. Imo, with all of this together, there's a pretty good possibility he's a pedo. He clearly knew that what he was doing was wrong.

Also want to add, all the anons who are saying he wasn't yt famous two years ago, literally just scroll back 2 years on his channel and you'll see he was getting 300k-2million views on his videos. He was not some unknown youtuber with no fans.

No. 1122569

His head is melting into his neck
Unless the other underage fan was like <16 then I still don’t think he’s a pedophile. It was still immoral for him to exchange nudes with minors, obviously, but I really don’t think he “groomed” anyone or is a pedophile.

No. 1122589

anyone know what tf the artzie music drama is about ? freddyolo and his ex have a court case or some shit

No. 1122599

Just saw him in a vid with jaiden animations and he acted so awkwardly, it was off-putting

No. 1122602

File: 1609861246944.png (232.57 KB, 1073x501, pregnancy.png)

I'd like to know what all the Carson defenders who think he's not a creep think about this.

He has 107 hours in this game that tells the story of a 14 year old girl who gets raped and impregnated.

No. 1122608

Why does this exist. Kill all men

No. 1122613

Theyre gonna excuse it by saying “iT’s jUsT DaRK hUMor bRo XD” I hate these degenerates.

No. 1122614

I swear to God everytime some scrote youtuber gets there discord dms leaked shit like this will get found out about them but people will still get mad if you call them a pedo.

No. 1122615

>under age
>So you have a statement?

kek is he dyslexic or did he have sweaty clammy fingers shaking from excitement over the latest scandal?

No. 1122623

Did his subreddit go private?

No. 1122637

I'll be the devils advocate for a second and say its perfectly plausible he left the game on for days until finishing it if he doesn't have the habit of turning off his pc
At least that's how I got 9k hours in one game
He's still a freak for playing this shit and sexting underaged girls knowingly

No. 1122648

>I'll be the devils advocate

No. 1122677

>>I can't control myself
A typical creep/pedo phrase

No. 1122710

I'm disappointed but not surprised. He didn't seem like that kinda person when I watched some of his videos, but that's what happens literally every time.

No. 1122717

Why do they always look like this? You’d think creeps wouldn’t want to look like a textbook definition of a creepy pedophile caricature from a cartoon, but here we are. Can’t say I mind them outing themselves

No. 1122720

He's not a pedo tho

No. 1122721

>plays over 100 hours of a video game about a 14 year old getting pregnant
>not a pedo
I swear to God where do you stans come from everytime a youtuber gets outed for being a creep.

No. 1122723

not a stan and lot of people have lot of h on games as a joke

I can link you so many profiles with some fucked games as their fav that thy jus ran

No. 1122724

It’s a video game. It’s like saying playing a violent video game means your violent irl or like saying reading Lolita makes you a pedo. He probably is a creep but playing a game doesn’t mean someone is a pedo.

No. 1122729

There's no actual evidence he played the game. Anyone can have game open while they're afk

No. 1122730

Next you will tell us that people who watch lolicon aren't pedophiles either. Fuck off, scrote whiteknights. Nobody needs you.

No. 1122732

The amount of wking for Carson (here and on the internet in general) is embarrassing
Anon pls

No. 1122735

of course the classic its all just "ironic". can't wait for him to tell the judge he was messaging underage girls "ironically"

No. 1122736

You think a judge cares if a 19 year old messages a 17 year old?

No. 1122739

for over 100 hours?

>Be Carson

>buy game about teenage rape and pregnancy as le EpicZ funny JoKe xD
>start the game to laugh with my buddies
>suddenly the phone rings, it's mom and she slipped and fell in the shower
>go over to mom's place to rescue her and drive her to the hospital
>stay by her bedside for several days to make sure she is taken care of
>meanwhile the computer at home is still on and the pedo game has been open and counting playtime
>come back home and immediately close the disgusting game that you never meant to play anyways

this is likely what happened

No. 1122740

I hate Carson lmao I think he’s extremely manipulative and handled that drama with the girl cheating on him horribly. I just don’t care about someone playing some pregnancy simulator game or whatever and don’t think it means someone is a pedophile.

No. 1122742

i've never gotten the impression angelika reports incorrect info. between her, tea spill, petty paige (ugh), and other drama channels, she seems to be the most thorough one. she does clickbait a lot ("SHANE DAWSON EXPOSED!" but it's just a small clip of a video his boyfriend or whatever posted that happened to show him) but everyone does.

No. 1122743

It's not a pregnancy simulator. It's a text-based story game about a 14 year old hungrarian girl who gets raped and impregnated.

A judge might care about the several federal crimes he comitted by exchanging nudes with a minor.

just fuck off you pathetic whiteknights and go to reddit or kiwifarms

No. 1122746

I love how fans will come up with shit like this then accept that a minecraft youtuber who knows like 99% of his fans are underage but still decided to message them is a pedo.

No. 1122749

You’re a whiteknight if you don’t think a 19 year old messaging a 17 year old is paedophilic? What world do you people live in? No judge would care at all most places have Romeo and Juliet laws for this exact kind of thing.

No. 1122751

LMFAO are you fucking kidding me??? Oh wow I do not feel sorry for the girls desperate enough to sext this ugly looking ass frog, oh lord wow its always the male youtubers that can't keep it in their pants from minilad to projared, gurl….

No. 1122752

All the degenerates defending him giving money to other degens who made that game and actually playing it need to contribute to scrote sui stats, theyre clearly way too low.

No. 1122756

>It's not a pregnancy simulator. It's a text-based story game about a 14 year old hungrarian girl who gets raped and impregnated.
I just this it’s stupid that watching a movie or reading a book with that plot is fine but a text based game is supposed to suggest the person is a literal pedophile

No. 1122757

lmao all white ppl look a like

No. 1122758

Show me a state in which it's ok to solicit or posess nudes of a person under the age of 17, please.

And I'm not calling him a pedo, but he sure looks bad as hell especially since he was also caught playing a game focused on raping underaged women for over 100 hours.

No. 1122761

> why would you assume people playing porn games about 14 year olds are pedos?
next you are going to tell me about how loli porn is okay to

No. 1122766

it's been enlightening seeing all his fans say shit like how aoc laws are bs and arguing if cp laws are even morally wrong

Why would he even be interested in that story?

No. 1122768


Imagine how many youtubers are furiously deleting all these creepy pedobait games from their steam acc right now

No. 1122770

It’s more that even if these laws exist almost no one is ever actually charged under them in this context

No. 1122771

it's not a porn game

No. 1122772

people playing porn games about 14 year olds having rape babies* extra monstrous and disgusting. These scrotes need to be stoned publicly

No. 1122777

Right i bet it's for educational purposes and people who buy it aren't 99% male

No. 1122778

Do you really think he
>Found the game
>Read the game description
>Possibly read the reviews
>Downloaded the game
>Opened the game OR set it so that the game would automatically open
and then just didn't play it? C'mon now

No. 1122779

that's not what all the reviews are saying

No. 1122781

it's not porn. it's entirely text based and is supposed to be the player helping a young girl through her pregnancy. is it weird as fuck? yeah and i'm suspicious of people who play it. but it's not like it had photos of 14 year old girls with a huge pregnancy bump.

No. 1122782

There are other reasons someone could watch/play something other than for porn, like just morbid curiosity or whatever. E.g I don’t think everyone who consumes racist content is a racist I think people can have other motivations for watching it. This just seems very moral panicky like someone playing a game with unsavoury themes just isn’t something I care about.

No. 1122785

It's just strange that he was both messaging at least two underage girls, and also playing a game about a 14 getting raped and impregnated. Sure, maybe if it was just the game it could slide but, those two together is sus.

No. 1122786


But this is a twitter trial. Moral Panic and 'looks bad' is basically all that counts. I'm not trying to be sarcastic, this is how things are now.

No. 1122789

this is not a "twitter trail". He got caught messaging under age girls asking then for nudes and plays games about 24 year-olds getting pregnant. Dude is a fucking creep

No. 1122790

whoops meant 14 not 24

No. 1122792

Do people genuinely think a 19 and 17 year old is a problematic age gap? That is a twitter trial no normal person cares about that and I’m pretty sure the aoc where he is is 16.

No. 1122795

yes since he is over the age of 18 he should not be messaging girls under 18. Also apparently there is more than just her so he has done this repeatedly.

No. 1122798

He was exposed by his friends and admitted to it himself, and it's not just the 17 year old.

No. 1122802

This is such a simplistic and reductive way of looking at things so if a 16 and 17 year old are dating the second the 17 year old turns 18 they have to stop contacting each other because one is over 18? None of this is illegal where he lives nor immoral to most people. Aoc laws exist to stop kids being taken advantage of not to stop 17 and 19 year olds talking. There is nothing creepy about a 19 year old pursing a 17 year old. A better angle would be a creator soliciting nudes from pa fan is arguably inappropriate but the age difference in this context is negligible.

No. 1122803

For a relationship in real life? No I don't think it's problematic.

For soliciting nudes and sending nudes to someone you know is 17 and knowing that this is a crime, yes. It is problematic. All he could have done is wait for her to turn 18 to ask to see her tiddies and send her his weiner pics. But he couldn't wait, cause he's a horny scrote and all she was to him was jerk-off material which is made pretty clear in his messages to her.

He shows severe lack of foresight and I will not be surprised if more and younger girls come out about him.

No. 1122804

How do none of you understand that Age of Consent does NOT MATTER when it comes to nude pictures of people under 18? You can literally fuck a 16 year old in most states but NOT FILM IT OR HAVE THEIR TITTY PICS. It is considered child pornography under federal law. Imagine being this uninformed and yet yelling so loudly.

He is a huge fucking dumbass for asking for those pictures before she turned 18 and also a huge fucking creep cause he knew and didn't give a fuck about breaking the law to get a crumb of pussy.

No. 1122805

soliciting nudes from an underage fan is not arguably inappropriate that's just illegal.

No. 1122806

It's apparently a really short game too and yet he clocked over 100 hours. It looks very bad after he admitted to trading nudes with two underage people which is definitely a crime.

No. 1122809

No one is unaware of that, but what you are describing just isn’t how the law is actually practiced in reality pretty much ever. The law in theory and in practice aren’t the same thing

No. 1122810

He was messaging girls that were around his age, let's not kid ourselves.

No. 1122813


>For a relationship in real life? No I don't think it's problematic.

Even in real life you can't take sexy nude photos of your 17 year old wife. It's just how it is.

Back in the mists of time they used to have 16 year old pin-up models with their tits out in newspapers. I wonder what sort of grey area those fall into these days.

No. 1122815

let's see how that plays out with the judge

No. 1122819

What do you mean you ‘can’t’? You mean it’s technically against the law but no one has ever been persecuted for it ever? because that is very obviously not the reason these laws exist nor how they are ever enacted in practice.

No. 1122820

I cannot imagine what world you live in where you genuinely believe a judge is ever going to hear this case

No. 1122821

You guys keep mentioning judges, but I doubt this is actually gonna be taken to court. Anyway, we don't need a judge to tell us Carson a fucking weirdo and arguably a pedo.

No. 1122828

fun fact there has been people arrested for stuff like this and registered. the fact how you keep saying "let's see how this plays out with a judge" makes you sound like a gross scrotes who is also in a Carson type situation. So keep sperging about your Romeo and juliet laws like you are onision

No. 1122831

Anon, that's not a gray area. If you wanna see a 16 year olds breasts you're a pedo ephebophile for you annoying bitches who think it actually matters.

Also, AOC doesn't really matter in this situation. AOC is as low as 14 in some places. That doesn't make it ok to date or swap nudes with 14 years. I feel like the anons mentioning stuff like that are just trying extremely hard to WK for Carson and make an excuse for him.

No. 1122832

I’m not the person saying let’s see how it plays out, because I don’t think it is going to play out. You don’t have to be a scrote to realise that a 17 and 19 year old exchanging nudes isn’t going to go to trail.

No. 1122835


No. 1122839

Onision has never sperged about Romeo and Juliet laws. When was the last time onision was within a close age to any of his underage victims.

No. 1122840

I just linked and article about how people how do shit like this get taken to trail all the time. So it's very possible to take him to trail and I hope he does.

No. 1122842


It's a grey area if your grandpa has some old SUN newspapers in the attic with Samantha Fox's 16 year old tits on page 3.

No. 1122843

I said that part as a joke since Onision is also a pedo.

No. 1122847

sorry my post glitch >>1122843 was meant for >>1122839

No. 1122855

Did you even read the article? It’s about the person who sent it getting prosecuted and how harmful it is to victims

>all the time

Objectively, factually incorrect. Please speak to some normal people outside of whatever echo chamber has given you the impression 17 and 19 year olds going to trial for sending nudes happens all the time.

No. 1122862

oh yeah it's so harmful that you can't trade nudes with people under 18.

No. 1122869

The article was about the minor who sent them being prosecuted retard. If you don’t see how that would put actual victims off coming forward and be harmful then idk what to tell you.

No. 1122872

the law is obviously to discourage people from doing shit like this in general.

No. 1122877

File: 1609876159986.png (Spoiler Image, 522.53 KB, 700x700, scrotesmad.png)

No. 1122891

Oh ym god anon please spoiler this. I thought those were curtains

No. 1122892

honestly this. You can always smell the scrote because they all get offended by the concept of once you turn 18 you should only sexualy interact with people over the age of 18

No. 1122896

Honestly being called a scrote doesn’t offend me but what is offensive is that you assume all women are as stupid as you are(stop infighting)

No. 1122900

name one thing wrong with the concept of once you legally become an adult you should only sexualy interact with people who are also legally adults

No. 1122901

File: 1609876770220.jpeg (40.94 KB, 500x531, Eq8gJWFUwAAUbQr.jpeg)

What he did is still a crime. I'm predicting that more cases against him are going to be exposed soon.

No. 1122902

kek that background!

No. 1122925

so if youre in highschool and turn 18 before graduating final year are you a predator for talking to your 17 year old classmates?
judges get final rule on any case and can choose to close a case during trial if it seems time wasting. so yeah, they dont have to try any case given to them, let alone if this becomes a fully fledged case at all.

No. 1122928


Cinnpie glokglokgloking that little kid at Smash tournaments was also a crime and all she had to do was dip from twitter.

No. 1122936

>so if youre in highschool and turn 18 before graduating final year are you a predator for talking to your 17 year old classmates
If you are trying to hit on her sexualy yes once you turn 18 you are legally an adult and should start going after people who are 18 and older. why is this so hard for you to understand?

No. 1122938

Oh god, I also thought it was curtains until your post.

Because of the double standard. It's seen as "sexy" if a woman commits a sex crime against a male. Did that kid ever go to the police?

No. 1122941

>>1122936 NTA
anon thinks there’s a switch inside your brain that is flipped when you are 18, meaning you are an Adult and must only talk to those who are also Adults. do not be having sexually charged conversations with your classmate aged 17 years and 11 months. wait the 1 month until their switch is flipped too!!!!!!

No. 1122943

Nta but can we stop getting into hypothetical situations that only take this way off topic.

He's an adult, a youtuber with a big following and the nudes are the major issue here. Talking about two highschoolers dating each other has nothing to do with this situation

No. 1122946

why is it such a hard concept for you people to accept once you turn 18 you are legally an adult and you should not have sexualy charged conversations with people under the age of 18?

No. 1122958

Because it's a tiny age difference?

No. 1122960

Scrotes are seething itt because they've all got experience grooming 17 year olds on Discord too. Carson was One Month away from being 20 at the time the single round of messages were leaked. He was a single month away from no longer being a teenager, but a 20 year old adult man. He was also an "internet celebrity" at the time, using the power and influence he had over an underage fan to get child porn.

Your morals literally do not matter here because the law says the nudes of that minor are child porn. It was a 3 year gap in which someone famous used their fame to get child porn from a fan.

No. 1122962

law is the law and it's an extremely simple and easy law to follow.

No. 1122963

Carson is not someone in highschool who was talking to a classmate that was 17 years and 11 months old, and he's also not a grandpa. Wtf does any of this have to do with the actual situation.

No. 1122965

scrotes projecting because they have been in similar situations.

No. 1123001

Even if she was 18 I'd still think he's a major retard for sexting his fans and "trading nudes" aka he probably sent them dickpics. I am just glad we don't have to see this tubby little nerds weiner.

Asking her for nudes while she was still 17 is just absolutely retarded and shows that scrotes brains stop working once the blood flows into the penis. Is he a legit child-diddling pedophile for it? probably not, at least I hope he didn't try to diddle anyone even younger. But he is a fucking idiot and deserves to go back to a normal job stocking shelfs in a supermarket, seeing as he has shown he can not handle online fame.

No. 1123017

The funniest thing about his screenshots is how the girl was like
"I don't want this to only be a sexual thing we can play games too maybe?"
and he goes "Yeah no just let me know when you're horny"


No. 1123023

Yeah, he’s retarded for not at least using an alt account or something. Horniness really does turn off men’s ability to use reason.
>Yeah no just let me know when you're horny
That was gross, just basically telling her he saw no value in her except sexually.

No. 1123047


Even if age wasn't part of the equation that behavior alone is still fucked imo

No. 1123063

okay this is genuinely retarded i'm sorry. were you homeschooled or something? it could be a literal 2 day age difference lol. very ridiculous and unrealistic expectations.

No. 1123069

Carson isn’t an 18 y.o. high schooler or somebody’s grandpa stop with the hypothetical sperging.

That alone makes him a sex pest. Why do so many coomers play minecraft??

ot but mods need to take some /snow/ and /w/ threads off google’s index too many scrotes.

No. 1123076

it's not unrealistic expectations it is literally the law.

No. 1123082

Afaik she used to be thorough but not anymore. Can't be arsed to look up the video but I remember when she went on long tangent about Jessi Smiles friend Jen, claiming Jen didn't know how hard it was to make online content or something like that. But Jen used to be active on vine. That tangent went on for several minutes and could've been avoided if she'd just googled.

Another that comes to mind is her "reporting" about what simply nailogical's boyfriend said about the make-up industry (I think) on a podcast. I remember all the comments correcting her that if she'd looked up the podcast she'd known it was out of context.

I take everything she says with a grain of salt.

No. 1123095

lawfag here, someone needs to clarify because these hypotheticals doesn't matter at all. some states have romeo and juliet laws for this exact purpose. the problem with carson is twofold: unless Carson and his victims were in the same state, traveling interstate to have sex with a minor, even in a state with a lesser age of consent, would be a federal offense. he did not actually travel interstate for sex, to my knowledge, but the "what if she was 17 years and 11 months old" shit is irrelevant unless they reside in the same state that happens to have AOC laws with a R&J provision.
More relevant is that soliciting, creation and possession of child pornography is always a federal crime. your "what if all of the facts of this were different, then would you still try to cancel him?" is retarded

No. 1123108

even if she was of age he should lose respect for sexting with fans for sexual gratification. Not even for moralist reasons, it's just utterly pathetic and unprofessional. Get a girlfriend, God

No. 1123116

honestly this too, like your a famous youtuber even though you look like a troll you could get tons of hot girls to date you for clout but you still choose to message underage fans. like honestly I dont get how people feel any sympathy for these scrotes.

No. 1123118

everyone in this thread is retarded the main issue here is him exchanging nudes and indecent images with someone under the age of 18 in all states that's a FEDERAL CRIME

No. 1123140

you do realize no court is going to uphold a 2 day age difference or a month age difference or even longer? sorry but you literally don't have a realistic grasp on law or ethics and i'm nta

No. 1123151

Wtf are you talking about? The girl and Carson do not have a 2 day or 1 month age difference. Stop focusing on hypotheticals and focus on the actual situation.

No. 1123155

damn, didn't know that. also it's not a surprise that ben criticized the beauty industry. the guy has a lot to say about a lot of aspects of today's industries and influencers. and he's actually finished college and has a respectable career.

No. 1123160

if you are 18 and you ask for nudes from a 17 year old that is literally a federal offense. I think you don't have a grasp on the laws

No. 1123162

I had noticed in the last few months that there was instances of her passing comment on things she just about knew the bare details of…and I remember thinking it wasn't smart to include certain clips. She's definitely not the only daily or near daily upload channel where I've seen that though. Tea/drama channels do it constantly, the amount of videos that have pinned comments correcting details from previous vids.. you see it alot.

John Swan and pals have been on a crusade lately though, calling out daily uploaders for any bad takes and screaming 'look ha they can't take critisism!' at anyone who takes their bait. They are dogpiling on people (I'm aware of 3 creators that they've started in on in the last fortnight) Him and pals do it once they've already noticed a lil bit of backlash towards someone. Then they have the nerve to tell those people to get off the internet because they seem like they are struggling…well no shit guys.

I hate using this term but it's more than a bit gaslighty to watch them rinse and repeat this pattern of
>Lol it's just a joke
>Everyone look how uptight this youtuber is
>Here's a thing they did five years ago guys!
>Again, it's all just jokes tho, can't you you take a joke???
>Maybe you should get off of youtube for a while, you don't seem …well

No. 1123164

i think you're fucking retarded because any judge would throw out the case once they learn the difference was a few days. literally stop talking mongoloid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1123171

laws are guidelines, not absolute truth. Crimes are handled judge by judge, case by case. It's why you get extremes like 20 years of prison for weed and sexual offenders getting off the Registry if they got a good lawyer. When these things blow, people discuss the social morality of it, not the legal ones.

No. 1123180

Thanks, I hate those edgelord douchebags who keep repeating the same cycle of baiting others until they bark back and then trying to "cancel" them for having a reaction. I've also seen them offer others to have a civilized dialogue to clear the air uwu to lure them into voicechat and then gang up and just screech at them to get them upset. (I'm not talking about the Noa attentionwhoring situation but several other people) They live to bait and trigger people, which would be funny if they picked targets that were actual cows and terrible people, but they just lazily have a go at anyone they can gang up upon and their takes are neither intelligent nor comedic.

No. 1123263

As much as this is true,

Deji deserved that treatment lol.

No. 1123265

File: 1609894872060.jpg (43.36 KB, 626x417, abstract-surface-textures-whit…)

Sage but I love how Kevin Spacey's youtube channel is doing better numbers that h3h3productions.

No. 1123276

New Keem video. Carson stuff starts at 6:00 mins but heres the cliffs
>Corpse Husband, Ihascupquake, Alex Wasabi, and Gauva Juice are all taking breaks from youtube/streaming
>Zoe Laverne (I think she's a youtuber? excuse me if she's not) kissed and could possibly be pregnant by a 13 year old, she is 19.
The Carson tea
>Talks about >>1122345 and >>1122428
>Slimecicle reported Carson to the police back in March when he found out about it. He also cut ties with Lunch Club
>Keem alleges that "sources" have told him that Kate and Carson were never together.
>Allegedly Fitz asked Carson for permission to hook up with Kate and Carson gave him permission.
>Anything4Views says the Carson and Kate were never dating.

Sorry if any of this was already posted! It's hard to tell what was actual milk out of these last few posts. My whole thing is, if Katerino didn't cheat, then why wouldn't they clear that up instead of letting Carson ruin them?

No. 1123278

File: 1609896063007.png (389.51 KB, 590x529, slimecicle.PNG)

Slimecicles statement

No. 1123279

File: 1609896098387.png (108.41 KB, 477x436, chad.PNG)

No. 1123288

zoe laverne is a 19 yr old tik toker who got caught kissing a 13 yr old boy and her defense was that they only kissed once and he was just a really good friend of hers. and then she went on a downward spiral of alternating between screaming that people were targeting her or crying about how shitty her life is now bc of being caught

my favorite part is when another 13 yr old criticized her and she told them to go watch dora, basically admitting that 13 yr olds don't have the maturity a 19 yr old does.

No. 1123289

i guess it's back to watching MARKIE. god, i hate his voice. but he seems to be kind of the only fair commentator in the drama aspect of youtube. i don't know why he thirsts after gabbi hanna's crazy ass tho.

No. 1123317

Don't forget that a part of her defence was that she did not fit the definition of grooming (she does) her mother is a diehard defender of her, and she has made a bunch of tik toks alluding to 'missing him'.

No. 1123319

if she's really pregnant, I truly feel for that 13 yr old kid. she's ruined his fucking life, by going nuts when faced with her actions, obviously manipulating him to defend her and now he might be saddled with a child that is related to a gaslighting nutcase.

No. 1123348

Honestly good on him for not keeping it under the table for years until Carson got into more trouble/drama.

I can't trust any youtuber or man anymore because of things like this. Slimecicle gives me a spark of hope.

No. 1123363

I feel the same way anon. I'm on thin ice with every relatively popular male youtuber I watch now. I can't help but constantly wonder "oh God, maybe its him too" kek. Too scared to get ever get merch again.

Also I feel like its worth noting that most people learn in school that you aren't supposed to have nudes of anyone under 18 in this day and age. Its not unheard of for people to be labeled as sex offenders for having these things even if the age gap isn't huge. If you commit the crime and caught they're not just going to blow it off. This was like the first thing they taught you in middle school sex ed. Honestly he's the retard for not, if anything, going after someone who's legal. I just can't help but feel like he really doesn't have an excuse

No. 1123387

Oh someone remembered the police exists, amazing. I honestly thought this was going to be just another situation of YouTubers eXpOsInG and the online mob waving pitchforks.

No. 1123542

What happened with that Onision vs Chris Hansen shit?

No. 1123543

Check /pt/

No. 1123601

Reading comment sections under
vids about this has taught me that many guys claim to be under the impression that the age of consent (and romeo and juliet laws) somehow cover all bases including going online harvesting nudes from girls…honestly I can't tell if they're all that dim or just reaching hard to try and cope.

Dating is one thing, fooling around with a crush is one thing, but requesting nudes from essential strangers online and then being in possession of a nice lil stash of underage nudes… I mean the whole time pyro was under heat the lack of actual nudes was what saved him from really going down… Now the goalposts have moved and even underage nudes are fine

No. 1123642

I don't see how anyone could think exchanging nudes with a stranger on the internet would be a good idea, even if she was 45 and he was 67. Just. Don't.

If you're horny you can google big booba and get 10 Million results.

No. 1123649

the day danny gonzalez or kurtis conner are outed as predators is the day I give up on men entirely.

No. 1123683

dont do it, dont jinx it
(same with callmekevin)

No. 1123690

i think everyone can agree that drew, danny and kurtis are the golden boys.
i would also not expect something from cody even tho i hate his content.
any guy who shows a very healthy dynamic with their wife/gf on yotuube is in my safe list.

No. 1123706

It’s not just that they want to look at naked girls, they want the feeling of power that exchanging nudes with fans gives them. A lot of the YTers and streamers caught sleeping with fans behind their wives’ backs made more than enough money to hire escorts but it’s not just about the sex, it’s the power dynamic of having a girl who practically worships them. They get so high on this feeling that all self-preservation goes out the window.

No. 1123711

Honestly, I'd be completely floored if Kevin ever comes out to be a predator. I've got friends in common with him and all around seems to be a good guy.

On that note, I'm expecting true crime youtubers to be absolute shitheads. (except That Chapter please he's so wholesome)

No. 1123733

>On that note, I'm expecting true crime youtubers to be absolute shitheads
Got examples?

No. 1123740

Deangelo Wallace doesn't seem like that kind of person, since at this point he's basically a breadtuber in all but content.

Still waiting for Dream to turn out to be a groomer.

No. 1123753

theres no way he wont turn out to be one

No. 1123760

my bets are on corpse husband

No. 1123761

What makes you thin breadtubers are safe anon?

No. 1123766

Is Vaush a breadtuber? He did get exposed for being a pedo and having weird kinks in the Shoe thread I think.

I don't watch much of his content, but I agree that D'Angelo is probably safe. He just doesn't seem like the kind of person (I guess they never do though, huh?) and he seems smarter and too self-aware to ever think it's a good idea to sext a fan.

No. 1123770

D'Angelo Wallace has always given me gay vibes anyway.

No. 1123771

File: 1609943068383.png (1.27 MB, 872x956, Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 9.23…)

Yep. I think he invited a few onto his streams. Last one I remember is Contrapoints.

Hbomberguy is the only breadtuber I consider to make good content but with him I feel like it's only a matter of time.

I mean, look at him! He looks like he's trying to cosplay a skeptic.

No. 1123779

File: 1609943966830.png (61.99 KB, 1194x770, J0Kirnt.png)

Hbomb's employee quit working for him because he was friends with a man who threatened to rape her. When she told him about it, he acted like he didn't know what to do and suggested she must have him confused with someone else. I'm not saying he's definitely a predator, but I know men like this who cover for their creepy friends and they always have something to hide. sage for old milk (1/2)

No. 1123780

File: 1609943988854.png (56.65 KB, 1194x770, 7kuGiAk.png)

No. 1123782

Rob Gavagan always creeped me out, everything about him sent shivers up my spine.
He was so pretentious and just… off. Idk if there's been drama with him and I think he's fallen off the crime scene but every time I see his face it activates my fight or flight.

No. 1123810

anon i literally came here just to say "not That Chapter, he's too pure".

that's rob dyke, right? he seems like a predator, always has. i don't know what it is about him, just something about the way he carries himself.

i don't think i'll ever see them up there but it'll break my heart if i ever see the supermega boys being predators.

No. 1123829

This seems very he-said she-said. I can't tell if anyone is actually in the wrong from the screenshots you provided.

No. 1123846

If Cody or Noel were outed as predators I'd probably stop paying my internet bill. Especially Noel, since I really like Aleena and she's been with him for seven years.

No. 1123848

>Hbomberguy is the only breadtuber I consider to make good content
He’s obnoxious and pretentious as fuck just like the rest of them. The fake laughter he does is also really cringy.

No. 1123851

He used to come off as highly autistic on Something Awful.
Seeing him gain some measure of success on YouTube wasn't expected in the slightest.

No. 1123889

all five of them have such great and healthy looking relationships that I can’t imagine any of these guys turning out to be gross. i think the influencers they all make commentary on are prob hiding shady shit tho. especially nate garner and sebastian bails.

No. 1123891

>all five of them have such great and healthy looking relationships
People thought the same about those Roster Teeth guys from the thread OP

No. 1123904

Cody has that ex chubby kid energy with fake confidence and noel is an ex rage quit gaming nerd ass, out of the two of them, noel i can see being a shitbag but not maybe to an extent to mess with young girls. Fingers crossed for wholesome men on youtube.

No. 1123907

yeah but we didn’t see those relationships. all haywood did is keep calling his wife dear and pretend to be going straight home to his family when he left work or cons early. no one ever saw how he and his wife actually were. that’s how he convinced his fans to fuck him. and adam kovic was always regarded as a deeply mentally ill guy who seemed two seconds away from killing himself. i didn’t even know he had a wife until the leaks.

it’s kind of different when you can see the interactions between the girlfriends/wives and the guy. none of these women seem like they don’t wanna be with them.

there’s always a chance though, men are gross as hell and fame goes to their head so fast. look at jeff bezos or elon musk.

No. 1123908

This reminded me of something I remember from an old ass rob dyke video, he was talking about how he used to be around sick people, a caregiver of some sort? And that it messed with him and made him more comfortable with morbid shit, but I also seem to remember that he was a bouncer or a guard or something like that, which kinda added to the "yea i think he could be one to just go from 1 to 1000 on a woman". Supermega boys being outed would break my little heart too but am I the only one who sees matt possibly getting a fat head with his music shtick? Ryan is too body dysmorphic and autistic for that shit

No. 1123929

I would trust That Chapterwith my life, he's so wholesome. Normally true crime youtubers seem really pretentious and tone deaf (talking about actual murder stories like gossip) but he's actually a gem.

No. 1123979

The ones to look out for the most are youtubers who are openly nerds with social issues. Carson is so obvious because everyone knew of his issues with girls and self-esteem. They're first to fall into lack of self control and look for attention from any girl that comes to them, and because they're youtubers, said girls will almost always be young fans.
People like drew, wallace and kurtis are absolute normies. You can tell they had the most normal growing/school experience, and are more likely to have healthy long-lasting relationships

No. 1124032

Lmao spot on about Cody. Smiling and laughing at dumb jokes can't fully mask neuroticism. Noel strikes me as a highly insecure dude as well, but not as much as Cody.

I thought that Rob used to work with criminals/sex offenders or something like that


you said it best, anon.

No. 1124195

File: 1609979662325.png (240.67 KB, 740x777, autism.PNG)

Late on this but if you go to the attachments of the first KW post, there's a whole research study with findings about Dream cheating. I know nothing of Minecraft, so I have to ask: is the 'Minecraft Speedrunning Team' real? I understand e-sports are heavily funded nowadays but the name is so corny that I really can't imagine this team being anything more than just a bunch of losers with too much free time and a desire for 'power'.
Funny how Dream is supposed to be the focus of the thread but what really stands out is the prevalence of active users within the thread with obvious autism–particularly that moderator AltisticRight who seems to take pride in displaying how he's the most autistic of them all and keeps posting lengthy coding/stats analysis without actually being paid for it. I thought Dream's fans were cringey and mentally ill but his hellbent haters might be even more autistic.

No. 1124313

I don’t think there is anything to worry about with the super mega guys tbh. Matt already has a massive ego and seems to have a risk seeking personality but I don’t think he’s the sexually exploitative type. Both of them are either in a relationship and/or would have their pick or beautiful and already famous women, if they wanted.

My money for the next scrote to be outed is on corpse. He had his snap listed in his twitter bio until recently (red flag ahoy) and suddenly needed to take a “break” from social media when the Carson drama hit. Tinfoil that he might be laying low because he knows any of the girls he has sexted in the last few months have little stopping them from coming out at any moment.

No. 1124318

matt has a girlfriend, anons. isn't he dating @ihateannabel?

No. 1124400

i’m betting on more lets players and esports players. maybe some faze clan guys or something. i still think ninja is a weird creepy guy who has a massive ego but if he was grooming fans we would’ve heard about it at the height of his fame.

No. 1124793

so corpse husband is apparently saying that he’s not sure that he’s gonna continue streaming or whatever it cause it’s making him uncomfortable.

but i’ve never watched a single video of corpse husband before and i can’t believe girls are thirsting over a guy who sounds like Thane from Mass Effect.

No. 1124948

Here's hoping this isnt a bluff and he really does fuck off already.

No. 1124981

File: 1610057550413.jpeg (95.86 KB, 828x788, 8862B67C-D607-4DBB-9DE6-FEC55F…)

Apparently people were either taking things out of context or he’s back tracking. He ain’t going anywhere as long as horny teenagers can donate hundreds of dollars to him

No. 1124987

like i said, i’m really confused why he has horny fangirls. he sounds like he’s tibetan throat singing. clearly not his real voice. and he seems so boring like wtf?

No. 1125027

"Minecraft Speedrunning Team" refers to the (unpaid, dream pointed this out multiple times in his response video which was pretty based of him) speedrun.com mods who conducted the investigation. So
>a bunch of losers with too much free time and a desire for 'power'
is spot on

No. 1125036

If this were all just a "lol dream ruse" it wouldn't have gone to the scale of math it has.

I've looked into it. It just looks more like these guys are part of an independent community that just analyzes speedruns. As far as I know, the only reason this math shit got involved is because when they were going over Dream's VODs, they noticed his drops and bartering rates were higher than they should be.

No. 1125040

Samefag. Although, yes. Judging from some leaked Discord DMs, the mods seem to have an imminent dislike of him. I feel like if we get another scandal like this. Someone is going to try to copy Geosquare and clickbait some Minecraft youtuber's name and get a fuck ton of subs and e-fame off of it.

No. 1125076

> these guys are part of an independent community that just analyzes speedruns
Thanks for clarifying anon. This analysis would have taken months. A ton of work with no pay. Just think about that. Even if you 'love' it, you'd have to be severely autistic and hyperfixated on Dream and this specific 'speedrun' to commit this much time and effort towards a report that develops several different models to prove he cheated. In typical research reports, you would probably use half the amount of tests that they used. In fact, one model can take months to perfect alone.
The amount of time dedicated to something like this with no pay doesn't say much about Dream for me, it just shows how pathetic these people are. That being said I have no knowledge of Minecraft so maybe these models are relevant (I doubt it). I'm hoping that it was an end of year report for some kid's college stats class–which would explain why they went to the extent they did and would counter the argument of pure autism and obsession. Not to mention that the format caught me off guard at first since it looks eerily similar to statistics textbooks which makes me wonder if they're just bullshitting. To be clear what I mean is the header names and how the formatting doesn't look just like typical LaTeX (academic/report typeset). I mean hypothetically that this "team" copied & pasted the actual textbook and replaced the text and formulas with 'logic' about Dream and put in some numbers where the original formulas were.
Idk men are dumber than they'll ever admit so I wouldn't be surprised but I'm lazy myself and I wanna be paid to dissect this fuckery. I'm willing to bet that if an actual statistician took a look at this then they'd debunk most of it. Not that Dream didn't cheat but rather that this is shoddy work. Sage for what mods would probably consider 'irrelevant tinfoil'.

No. 1125077

have we watched the same videos? he's been really mean talking about some of the victims in the past, and just comes across as so utterly self satisfied. honestly even the "we do this for the victims" ones who never talk about the obvious issues with putting your trust in police are less insufferable.

No. 1125103

Literal stats people have looked at the paper both he and Dream have published so I doubt they just copied a textbook, you can find this stuff on Reddit

No. 1125149

> Reddit

No. 1125190

I think your assessment of Matt is really weird but yeah the Supermega boys don’t seem to be predators.

I think they won’t publicly say because Matt’s ex still gets questions about him on you social media but it’s pretty obvious.

No. 1125246

Tbf reddit is retarded but when it comes to stupid discourse it's got all the info. Remember redditors literally have no life, it's not like regular internet where they spend too much time but do, do other things. Redditors are different, they literally have no lives, unevolved humans.

So basically they're th type to puteffort into something as dumb as this

No. 1125257

Double edged sword, they also dedicate their lives to weird vendettas and don't know how other people work. They might like the idea of being objective and logical, doesn't mean they or their conclusions are.

No. 1125566

File: 1610113129012.png (89.51 KB, 1206x542, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 8.35…)

Dream posted some twitlonger about his dox. Apparently, his ex girlfriend might have orchestrated the whole thing.

He also says "Obviously some things were true, and others were false." About the dox specifically.

No. 1125567


Isnt his voice a result of a medical condition?

No. 1125568

File: 1610113292108.png (414.13 KB, 1200x1558, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 8.41…)

His dumb as shit stans think it's an ip grabber and they're gonna get hacked if they click on the link. Lol, they cancel someone every other week. Haven't they click on a lot of twitlongers already?

No. 1125573

I'm more inclined to believe people who actually work with statistics for a living than random anons who think the paper looks like a textbook lmao

No. 1125577

The guy on reddit that "debunked" Dreams response has a verifiable degree. I think he's one of the more trustworthy of the people involved. Dream carries too much ego and the speedrun mods smell too much like Kraut gay ops.

No. 1125579

He says it's due to gerd but it's obviously forced and cringe. I do not believe him.

No. 1125581

and here is the response by team rooted

No. 1125600

Lowkey funny that his voice sounds relatively normal from 2015 to 2019 and then there's a more drastic change, though it could just be a better mic?

I don't watch the dude but I remember I tuned into one of his streams and his voice does sound forced in some way. Also, from what I understand GERD makes your voice hoarse/weaker, not deeper?

No. 1125616

Sage for little to no proof but since Ryan Haywood is still bravely attempting to resuscitate his "career", it put me to wondering if something happened internally at AH. Jeremy's "there are things you don't know" statement and the genuine vitriol of some former colleagues (like Lyndsey), plus the extent - and speed - of which they expunged him from their content/archives/merch has been tickling my brain. Even for a serial cheater and gross creep PR disaster, the hammer came down a little harder than we're used to seeing in these situations but it didn't feel entirely performative either.

No. 1125631

You guys are real armchair psychologists, huh?

Teenage basic bitch white girls have shit taste in men; who'd've thunk it?

No. 1125723

any of y'all think charlie/critikal is going to be outed? i feel like he's too much of a shut-in to be a predator.

No. 1125746

Yeah, I would actually be surprised if he turned out to be a super creep or groomer, but that's just based on the personality he presents in his videos, which is obviously something you can't trust. He's also "hot", youngish, and seemingly non-threatening which is the perfect storm to have a lot of vulnerable fans desperate for your attention, which is something apparently 99.8% of men literally cannot resist.

At this point I'd say he's far more likely to have leaked nudes, either from some sort of hacking incident or maybe infidelity - bonus points for actually putting one of his many "joke" dildos to use. Like full Adam Kovic, minus whatever the weird shit he did with/to his wife.

No. 1125760

I 100% expect him to be outed for something. like his weird autistic obsession with pocket pussys and dicks also don't forget his condom taste test video (vid related). whenever commentary youtubers act like weirdo perverts "ironically" I just assume they are actually weirdo perverts.

No. 1125773

>whenever commentary youtubers act like weirdo perverts "ironically" I just assume they are actually weirdo perverts.
How is this not a given?

No. 1125789

Yup, GERD makes your voice weaker, so I think the raspiness of his voice is real but he’s forcing it to be deeper.
He panders more to scrotes/edgy teenage boys than to underaged girls so I doubt, but he’s probably be exposed for being a degenerate some day.

No. 1125823

Anyone else remember when he first revealed his face and when all the fans were like “OMG HES HOT” he made a snapchat? There is no way he wasn’t doing that for nudes

No. 1125837


Long time follower of Charlie and tbh he's super adamant about pedo-hating and it ends up in his videos often. He also was a virgin until college and self-admittedly awkward and has read his past cringe messages to a girl he liked on some videos. He's always steadily had same-age girlfriends who appear in the background of videos or idle conversation.He seems pretty candid even in his fuck ups and usually uses them as scrote advice journals on how to not be a mouthbreather.

Mostly scrotes just watch his videos through autism metrics only 9% of his viewers are women (he mentions it in a video where he got an eyeshadow pallet to do makeup). He has a large patreon and is pretty loaded so I'd assume it was older people in 20s-30s who have followed him since before face-reveal puppy slippers. Even after girls realized "he's hot" he still only has 9% female fans so it's not us who are keeping him employed.


Weird tinfoil anon. But I would not be surprised if girls sent him shit from that by default. I've never gotten creepy vibes for him just the "I say audacious words in sentences for keks"

tl;dr he's just a giant nerd who does whatever comes into his brain for videos and likely isn't predator/pedo

No. 1125845

His voice is as real as those uwu-tubers voice is. He's literally the male version of them and nobody can convince me otherwise.

No. 1125864

tbh, i did notice that ryan was getting really aggressive and offstandish with almost everyone in AH videos right before he was outed. he and jeremy have had screaming matches before in videos, once about how to pull off a destiny 2 raid. it was weird as hell. he also wasn’t interacting with anyone anymore. his closest friend at AH was Meg until she left and then it was like he wasn’t friendly with anyone. jeremy and lindsay definitely had suspicions. i doubt geoff or michael or jack did.

No. 1125927

File: 1610143681150.jpeg (27.06 KB, 512x512, aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cucG9kY2hhc2VyLm…)

since everyone is taking bets on who will get outed for being a creep next, my bet is on jerma.

No. 1125932

No. 1125934


>She suffers from borderline personality disorder, self harm, and other issues, and she did at the time although she was on medication. A few months after we moved in together, she wanted to get off her medication because she believed that it was making her not herself. I discussed it with her and tried my best to be a supportive boyfriend. After she stopped taking her medication she became very unstable. Although at the beginning of our relationship she was wonderful, she started to get abusive and she cheated on me on various occasions. While she was unstable I always did my best to help her and make sure that she was okay. I cared a lot about her and her well being, and I still do now, even if that time period was one of the toughest time periods of my life.

So he's trying to pin the entire thing on his ex girlfriend (when it's obvious it's other people who have personal beef with him) who he cheated on with multiple other women of fucking course he is


god his fans are retarded they'll probably take his word for this and start harassing his ex


> Dream beat Samantha, and after breaking up she was declared missing in the state of Florida for four days. You can confirm this by ordering a records request from the Florida State Police

I hope someone checks this am non US fag so I can't but if true that's fucked

> Not all of them have a "popular" ex-boyfriend though, she doesn't deserve any more hate than anyone else.

> There are certain people that try and seek her out and cancel her or harass her for the things she's done in the past, and I really hope that me talking in detail about this will make them stop.
> I don't want anyone sending hate on my behalf, and I have said that on many occasions.

Literally trying to pin her for this "B-but don't send hate my kittens"

No. 1125943

Seriously? Just because he's short and ugly??

No. 1125948

I don't see it. His audience is mostly teenaged white boys, and he doesn't seem like he enjoys the attention he gets from his looks all that much.

No. 1125950

he barely streams with a cam.

No. 1125951

thi would depress me, he's the only streamer that I watch and I really really enjoy his streams. He seems like a genuinely good guy.

No. 1125952


No. 1125960

It always felt like Ryan was distant from the group (with a couple of exceptions like Meg, whom we can assume he was just trying to fuck), even as a core member. It always seemed very clear to me he considered them to be colleagues, whereas the others were friends too - like in a lot of AHWUs or fuck around vids, everyone would be having a dumb fun time performing, Ryan would either leave or simply not participate. I kind of assumed it was because he didn't drink or even just that he was genuinely awkward, both of which are fine, but now it makes me wonder how much of himself he held back deliberately so he could get away with shit in the grey area between work and home where no one knew a great deal about him. I had put the agitation and disharmony prior to the reveal due to the stress of trying to work from home with young kids in a pandemic, but it wouldn't be surprised if it was also because the reality was starting to leak through, or if he'd made moves within the company. Hoping it all comes out in the wash, there's more to this.

No. 1126029

File: 1610150567203.png (336.33 KB, 500x567, joel.png)

There's no way I would believe that. He's so wholesome. I wouldn't believe it either if someone said Joel from Vinesauce was a creep.

Vinny maybe though, considering just recently some girl on Twitter said they had sex at a con and she's like 19, whereas he's in his 30's. I don't know whether that's true but there is a rumor that he gets around a lot so who knows.

No. 1126046


I've recently seen someone on Tumblr claim that they'd fucked Vinny though they didn't specify their age but when the post picked up too much steam the deleted it and claimed they'd been joking think they deleted their account, fucked up thing to joke about in all honestly

No. 1126075

Same! Joel does NOT seem like the type to play those games, he does not show his face and finds it weird people want to see it so bad. I wouldn't believe Joel or Jerma and I don't even want to put it into the universe. I don't "stan" or trust men, but I'd be seriously surprised if something were to happen with them.

With Cry i wasn't surprised, sorry but the moment he said he was "pansexual" I started side eyeing him anyway.
My guess is Jim Streling, for all who don't know he's a fat ass game reviewer whose now a "They/them" and he's taking hormones. I can see him grooming a bunch of young trans or something. I knew something was up when he ended a video on a game review years ago with, "trans women are women" and like cry he's "Pansexual".

No. 1126262

one of the original group is going to come out with a video explaining everything. i’m surprised the token black girls AH hired haven’t come out with videos saying how creepy Ryan was. fans coming into the building and being around him all the time seems like a perfect opportunity to get a fan to groom and fuck for the long term.

watching old videos, I’m surprised no AH fan didn’t suspect anything. there’s videos of Gavin asking to meet Ryan’s wife and he was adamantly against it. his joking excuse was that she wouldn’t like him but I’m willing to bet it was because she’d let loose that Ryan wasnt the family man they all knew and their marriage wasn’t great due to him.

No. 1126969

File: 1610222156087.png (291.79 KB, 898x1148, lmao.png)

Turns out that Dream's ex lied about basically everything

No. 1127126

File: 1610232049702.jpeg (286.48 KB, 750x642, 071C7EF6-F47B-44E1-93F6-F20F1A…)

Looks like she may have done something similar to another streamer, if we’re believing them.

No. 1127152

vinny and jerma are the only two i watch bc they seem the most level-headed, they've both always struck me as being pretty private dudes and i've never heard any rumors about either of them. i would be incredibly disappointed if shit came out about either of them lol. i know jerma just broke up with his gf a few months ago though, but he announced that publicly on twitter.

No. 1127175

WTF I had no idea that Jerma wasn't with Kim anymore.

No. 1127193

yeah the vinny rumors i'd like to see screenshots but even then it could very very easily be just typical teenagers trying to say stuff for no reason

No. 1127273

You mean the TWISTED streamer who zerked off on stream? Yeah, this guy is FUCKED.

No. 1127544

This guy came out with a story about how carson is a terrible friend and screwed him over when they had a podcast together. Vid is an hour long but it explains how this dude had mental health struggles, carson was insensitive during his manic episodes, would wind him up while he was already manic and then kicked him off of the podcast channel when he apparently had no right to take it away from him. This guy started the channel it was on and should've had one third ownership over it etc.

I do pretty much believe this guys story but it's still annoying to see that people who downplayed the underaged nudes and rushed to discredit that girl are now quickly convinced of carsons arseholery based on the perpective of an admitted bpd, manic, aspergers, them/thems story. He admits that he himself was freaking out and trying to punch his friends in the lead up to this big falling out. I've never seen a comment section be so quick to empathise with a BPDer. Any woman with that diagnosis is immediately written off entirely but not this guy/NB lol

No. 1127570

An hour long video about how The Narrator is a piece of shit BPD manic bitch who went on a trip with Carson and his friends, had a complete mental break-down where he punched someone and Carson is evil cause he refused to baby him during his "episode" and than afterwards didn't want to associate with him anymore? Uhmm… reaosonable? This video is shit, the bad person in this story is Narrator. But of course a person with BPD is unable to reflect on how they look to the outside world.

Troons always gotta insert themselves into drama and play victim. I am forced to side with Carson on this one.

No. 1127585

Just finished watching this and I can't believe he thought this video was a good idea to upload. In the end he includes Carsons side of the story, which is completely REASONABLE, nice and polite. He doesn't even throw Narrator under the bus for being a violent psycho and ruining everyone's weekend. He just says "some stuff happened and I don't want to associate with this person anymore and I am quitting out podcast together." He even says "STILL SUBSCRIBE TO NARRATOR" after all of that. How can Narrator possibly believe he is the victim in this story? Baffling.

BPD people always think they are the victim and everyone has to baby them at all times or they are being victimized. Wouldn't associate with someone like that either.

No. 1127592

While watching it I just imagined the reaction that a woman telling this exact same story would get… meanwhile this guy is getting a whole lot of support for bravely speaking up

Even when men are doing the whole nonbinary thing they are given the benefit of the doubt by other men. The words of a borderline and autist male automatically hold more weight more than any female victim that comes out?? Cool we're suddenly not sceptical about allegations. He's not being labelled as bitter or clout chasing.

No. 1127603

File: 1610297990453.jpg (124.5 KB, 1024x1024, DyQIVe_UwAUNpD5.jpg)

I am really surprised this is getting positive reactions. I assume it's because he has an already established fanbase and people who follow him fall for his "uwu" shtick.

Picrel is him drawing his avatar and how he thinks he looks. Lmao.

No. 1127606

men as soon as they grow out some disgusting limp hair on their heads:

No. 1127614

File: 1610298768858.png (1.46 MB, 1723x1006, literallynarrator.png)

No. 1127665

Perhaps not in direct reply to this but Carson overall seems like the type of person to overplay their mental health struggles to gain sympathy or manipulate people

It must also be noted that unlike the anons here, most people don't know what BPD is or the stigma associated with it, or how untreated BPD affects relationships

No. 1127693

The timing of this happening while the Dream ex gf drama is also playing out is interesting just for comparison. Men seem to be well aware of what bpd means when it comes to a scorned lover having it but I'm not seeing people bring up the fact that this guy is a scorned ex friend so bpd can warp his view of events too.

I guess it would just be nice to see some consistancy between how people discredit women as being bitter/emotional but a man with many admitted emotional/mental issues has his word taken at face value. I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 1127761

He looks like Brittany ventis twin

No. 1127928

I wouldn't be surprised if jim left his hambeast of a wife to indulge in gross sex orgies with other troons or got caught having some degenerate fetishes.

No. 1128060

File: 1610333118497.jpeg (170.41 KB, 828x549, BDDB2B32-C378-4A1C-8BA5-0219C7…)

god this is so creepy

No. 1128232

Why are people so mentally ill

No. 1128236

I guess that's what happens to already horny teenage girls that have to stay locked in due to a pandemic

No. 1128246

They did a long among us live stream while drinking with a lot of youtubers being 'random'
That being said I do like him playing among us and the horror stories, but his music and edgy persona is just cringe. I feel like he's an e-boy, trying to look alt and mysterious while being an awkward basic white boy.

No. 1128251

File: 1610362088129.jpg (140.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Sage for not milk and not wanting to necro a thread but I just wanted to rant about glitterforever17.She has an OnlyFans now (no surprise since she'd rather do crazy degrading shit to keep attention to her than get an actual job since her channel died). I honestly believe it's more her "real" self than doing kiddie videos. I don't give a shit she chose that route despite doing degenerate stuff, but what bothers me is that she has advertised her OnlyFans on her old channel(she has made a separate "mature" channel). She desperately craves to get money no matter what by advertising her OnlyFans where her children videos are with the excuse being "most of you are old enough now" which is bs. Kids are likely to stumble on her old channel even though it's dead and wtf are they going to see? A washed up youtuber advertising her gross social media?
God I truly dislike her but she is an interesting wreck to watch from time to time

No. 1128296

This is tragic, amazing how many women embrace being a prostitute when it's normalised to do so.

No. 1128298


Corpse seems like a genuinely good guy but the teenage girls obsessing over a guy who has never done a face reveal is just pure cringe

This voice tweet also made me feel physically ill goddamn dude wtf

No. 1128299

File: 1610369173453.png (1.9 MB, 1440x1640, classy.png)

Samefag, the state of this. Also her views are pitiful for someone with over 3 mil followers, guess they're all abandoned accounts.

No. 1128306

Oh my god this is so fucking sad. The titles, the thumbnails, her trying to push her tits up to be more "appealing". I cant imagine falling this hard when less than a few years ago the cash seemed neverending.

No. 1128319

are you guys serious? he tweeted it himself though? i think he knows the kind of attention he would be attracting at this point? this is becoming less about the freak fans and more about the fact hes egging them on and playing victim after. who in their sane mind would post an audio clip of them breathing to their own twitter?

No. 1128439

Seconded. The fact that this tweet exists makes me 99% sure that he knows EXACTLY what he's doing. He knows his fanbase is filled with thirsty teenage girls and he's riding high on it.
"uwu my social anxiety" no you just know you get more underaged attention like this lmao

No. 1128499

If anyone needs a catchup on why she is where she is, go watch her Lucas Cruikshank interview

No. 1128524

File: 1610384586835.jpg (49.21 KB, 379x555, poopsie-surprise-sparkly-critt…)

>"I squirt glitter out of my clitter"

No. 1128542

Gotta milk it while it lasts. when he finally reveals what he actually looks like, the mystery attraction will die and it will be his ultimate downfall to irrelevancy.

No. 1128592


Yeah he definitely wanted to wet the panties of some teenage girls


No. 1128644

i can smell this audio and it's not good.
it actually made me physically cringe i dont understand why people are going insane over this.

No. 1129252

Sage because it's not milky, just kind of interesting. Chris Stuckmann reveals that he is a former Jehovah's Witness at the risk of being disfellowshipped and shunned by his family, also comes out as pansexual. Never was a fan of Christ Stuckmann but this really recontextualizes all of the dumb stuff he's been clowned for in the past.

No. 1129292

This explains so much.

No. 1129372

>recontextualizes all of the dumb stuff he's been clowned for in the past
like what? i like him fine, he's not my favorite but better than jeremy jahns kek. idk any scandals or things he's been clowned on for, though.

No. 1129395

Damn, kinda not surprised. Whatever happened to her and the gay russian guy she was gonna marry? I was OP of the original glitterforever17 thread in /snow and you could tell she's been dying to get away from her child friendly persona and get a little trashy for a while now. OF seems like the next best thing when your youtube channel is dying.

No. 1129425

I checked out her other video on her 'adult' channel, and she said she was married? So I think to him still - don't pay attention to her much so idk if it's the same dude
Would explain why she has to fuck plastic snowmen, turkeys, and christmas trees instead of her husband on video lol

No. 1129455

According to her interview (a very good one to watch if you want information, go watch it) with Lucas, they're married still.

No. 1129497

Has he confirmed that he's on hormones? I know he did a bit in a video recently, but I assumed it was just a generic pill bottle. Not the least bit surprised though after him mentioning being pan. Guess that also explains the switch to a purple family friendly background.
Kinda sad, used to be a fan of him but as he's gotten gayer, I've found myself losing interest.
Cant see him being a groomer though, probably more into degenerate fetishes, like >>1127928 says.

No. 1129511

This really doesn't surprise me after her whole younow scandal she had a few years back. She made a bunch of money if she would have managed it right she could have invested, she would have probably retired in to obscurity and financially stable but yeah this is glitterforever17 hahaha. She could have started a patreon and continue doing her crafty stuff and incorporated kids trends but nope she is mediocre at best.

ugh I am tired of this guy, he is such an atention whore, I bet that he is a fucking creep that probably msgs underage fans like the rest of the male youtubers. Cant wait till one of his fans acuses him of grooming, seriously I would not be surprised at all…

No. 1129517

File: 1610475211148.jpg (400.14 KB, 967x1970, Screenshot_20210112-131102_Chr…)

ten years ago (and I know that's a long time but Jim was a grown man in his mid twenties) he was very flagrant about showcasing his big boobies fetish. he was also a steaming, fat heap of misogynistic trash and regularly called women feminazis. explains his unabated fury for terves. I just know this fat fuck has an agp side.

this is worth reading btw

No. 1129523

Yeah, Jim Sterling was pretty deep into the Skeptics back then. These kinds of slip ups weren't uncommon. It seems all of them have gone left or even further right. Except maybe Kraut and Tea, he's always been the same brand of center/center-left.

No. 1129587

I don't know if it's a joke or not but people say he's a cuck. I also can't remember but his wife looks just like him, like a fat blob (no disrespect). I think he's in a poly relationship.
Back when i used to watch him (and before I knew Laura Kate was a troon) He was talking about Fallout 4 and said something about how it was the first time a game had poly relationships and he could relate to it.
I wouldn't be surprised if LKD was the one who groomed him.

No. 1129591

Nothing terribly milky, he's never done anything cow-tier IMO. Mostly stuff like him overreacting to Rich from Red Letter Media vaguely and indirectly referring to him as "a prick". It was a joke in a video that wasn't meant as a personal attack and Chris made a whole video responding about how hurt it made him. People thought he was being sensitive and overreacting but now knowing that he was probably watching RLM videos while still a JW it's understandable why he'd feel so hurt by it, especially since being vaguely shamed in front of a community was a thing he'd directly experienced when he was "marked" by elders as a Jehovah's Witness.

I've also heard there was some old drama where he hung out with a now-defunct Youtuber years ago and said youtuber thought he was "weird and rude", which again makes sense in hindsight considering he was either still in or freshly out of a cult.

No. 1129686

Mei Yan did a video about PULL and Guru Gossip.

Honestly I feel really sorry fot her, she was prime pulltard bullying material as yknow a skinny rich asian girl.

No. 1129751

sage for no real contribution but as a person who was super close to her for years and witnessed how she cut off a majority of her friends with no warning to chase youtube fame I don't feel sorry for her at all.

No. 1129767

I wasn’t even aware of any of that, but yeah, makes sense! Thanks for breaking it down, anon.

No. 1129866

File: 1610496052631.png (19.8 KB, 704x180, Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 7.00…)

I'm afraid to click on it.

No. 1129872

File: 1610496529615.png (386.31 KB, 595x390, belle.PNG)

I saw a tweet saying she pretended to be a child getting kidnapped and raped? Idk, but she has a thread so this shouldn't go here.

No. 1129891

Don't put Mei in the same sperg area as bestdressed/kelly stamps lol

People nitpicking her appearance are stupid but she would constantly fake being poor and talk massive shit about her others because she was a 'model'. It's also super telling when her friends sided with her ex boyfriend more than her.

No. 1129933

>I feel really sorry for her

Do you know where you are? We bully cows here all the time. Granted princessmei has almost no milk, but she's a rich girl with a bad attitude who lied about being CF for years, so it's understandable why she's ruffled a few feathers. Also sorry but she looks retarded palming her little crystal, saying she was ~twaumatized~ by online hate when all she means is that a handful of autismos speculated about her income, and one her many ex-friends went online to talk shit about her. She wasn't doxxed or actually stalked. The extent of her "trauma" was literally just being called a fujoshi by a bunch of jealous weebs. Cry me a river.

No. 1129962

File: 1610502310342.png (Spoiler Image, 483.98 KB, 742x686, KeepthisshitofTwitteranduseapo…)

No. 1129963

File: 1610502349029.jpg (Spoiler Image, 312.2 KB, 1125x1931, EriqD5lXEAEGoRm.jpg)

No. 1129964

File: 1610502381172.jpg (Spoiler Image, 422.26 KB, 2048x1536, EriqD5XXEAQpopb.jpg)

No. 1129979

did kelly stamps have a pull thread?

No. 1129986

I don't know if you ever read her thread but she was in fact doxxed, the speculation let to people actually posting pictures of her house and the neighborhood where she lived.

No. 1129987

No. 1129995

I thought PULL didn't allow doxing lol. But even if she was, she heavily implied that the "stalker" was someone she knew. So no matter how she presented herself online, it couldn't have prevented it.

>saying she was ~twaumatized~ by online hate

This part of the video was so weird. She made it a strong point that she "never read those mean posts". If she never read them why did it bother her enough to change her personality to appease people? How did she know what to change?? She's probably a poster/lurker too and she doesn't want to say

No. 1130128

No. 1130195

Sauce? I was able to dig up someone else talking about it but nothing else. I haven't ever heard about Vinny getting around.

No. 1130236

File: 1610535518534.jpg (122.92 KB, 900x900, dnd.jpg)

Any of the British "commenter" grifting attention whore faggots. Especially ones that hide behind a character.

No. 1130240


Pink haired whore has her own thread in /w/. Keep it there so those who don't want to see her creepy porn don't have to look at it.

No. 1130281

TRO has shown his face multiple times though.

No. 1130286

He's appeared on filmed podcasts and been in other peoples vlogs at youtube events so his face is out there.

And at least any potential victims would be male in his case

No. 1130294


have spent time with him - was extremely careful to make sure i was comfortable and very courteous. didn't hook up but generally nice guy in my experience.

seems to be insanely aware of online gossip and probably (rightfully) reserved because of it.

sage for no proof/wk.

No. 1130304

he's shown his face multiple times though, where do you get the idea that he's an attention-whore?

No. 1130308

I'm pretty sure he's actually a victim himself.

No. 1130401

youtuber rachel oates ( known for her poetry videos and poetry videos against gabbie hannas poetry ) is getting harassed and threatened by her ex

No. 1130472

I've always wondered if he was even sexual. Glad he doesn't seem to take advantage of people though and is careful so that things don't get blown out. Safe and sane.
Worried about the 'I was 19', which is what I apparently that girl's reason for making the post? She said it was nice and consentual but she also said 'there was an age gap so it was bad i just want people to know' when the two of them were just hooking up and were consenting adults. Hope that doesn't gain traction, with the kind of brainrot the internet has.

No. 1130491

Rachel deserves a thread of her own for all the cow stuff she gets into. There was the time when she was being criticized by a smaller commentator, and in response uploaded a video of her cutting herself. There was the time she pretended to be black out drunk and having a mental breakdown because her friend didn't like her Gabbie Hanna videos. And now this.

No. 1130635

File: 1610572371913.jpeg (408.13 KB, 828x1043, BBF028DD-8DF5-463C-A882-52D6B9…)

No. 1130709

File: 1610576470338.png (2.93 MB, 828x1792, 61B3DAA3-4204-4BB7-AEEC-2EA863…)

He’s a junkie?? Sorry if this is old milk. I just haven’t seen it discussed. (or can someone point me to a thread where people have discussed this? i’m scared of necroing his thread)

No. 1130733

far as i recall he did drugs in college

No. 1130794

ah yes, opium, the drug of the proletariat

No. 1130947

File: 1610587623608.png (988.17 KB, 1206x1270, Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 8.26…)

Minor drama between Count "Pug Nazi" Dankula and Jack "Criticizing my movie reviews is bullying" Saint.

No. 1130956

He always pushes his shoulders back when he takes photos to hide how wide they are

No. 1130960

File: 1610589744995.jpg (509.04 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20210113-175402_Chr…)

lmfao when I first saw this I thought he was saying censored ironically as a joke. But he and his followers actually consider being blocked on twitter censorship. I love how no matter what side of the spectrum, polticows always think twitter is real life.

No. 1130972

Jack Saint is like an even amateurish Quinton Reviews. I didn't even think that was possible but it is apparently.

No. 1130975

this seems to mesh with how vinny acts in the few times he's been seen in videos etc., he just seems like a really introverted, very private dude. i always worry now about that bc of the situation with cry though lol, but vinny seems to really go through lengths to not be misconstrued in any way, even in his streams. he just kind of seems like he enjoys his quiet life

No. 1131172

File: 1610611182351.png (72.76 KB, 776x524, cap.png)

to the surprise of nobody, this greasy fuck got outed as well.

No. 1131180

File: 1610612487673.png (355.29 KB, 399x595, DroppedYourCringe.PNG)

I don't know what's worse, him doing this or all of his idiot fans getting the wavelength of this tattooed onto themselves to show how diehard they are for him.

Also while I know this is slightly OT, this girl is so unhinged. She's the same person that got his hair strand tattooed onto her and @'s him constantly to try to get his attention which is so creepy. He's not gonna fuck you bro, let it go!

No. 1131181

there goes what little chance, if any there was of a face reveal. I wouldn't wanna show my face either if freaks like that were obsessed with me.

No. 1131182

weirdly enough, I think memeulous could

No. 1131206

File: 1610618176375.jpg (42.57 KB, 500x500, squareup.jpg)

No. 1131216

these are sarcastic replies, anon. the joke is that right wing boomers have been quoting orwell's 1984 after trump being banned off various platforms

No. 1131229


Someone needs to tell those zoomers about sarcasm on the internet.

There were some Kekistani flags at the failed coup and that's why god has abandoned us.

No. 1131340

File: 1610635631876.png (565.87 KB, 1170x1474, Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 9.46…)

Allegations against Quinton Reviews coming up next? (1/3)

No. 1131346

File: 1610635744739.png (1.21 MB, 2178x1240, Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 9.48…)

Would be incredibly cathartic to see breadtube finally reject him from joining their club. (2/3)

No. 1131349

File: 1610635921373.png (749.1 KB, 1046x1224, Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 9.50…)

Got this off of KF. The profile picture poorly censored, so they were able to match it up to him. (3/3)

Personally, I think this in particular is just some sad, pathetic man being attached to some female breadtubers, but I won't be surprised when there are more skeletons behind the closet.

No. 1131350

These Eeyore-ass messages, who wants to be friends with someone who's sending out red flags like this

No. 1131353

She seems psycho, she now has two meme tatoos of some faceless scrote.

No. 1131354

File: 1610636338170.png (236.04 KB, 900x162, Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 9.58…)

Welp, goodbye Quinton. It was(n't) nice knowing you.

No. 1131355

Oh, it’s one of those men with no self-awareness who thinks sending pity-inducing messages will make women fall in love with them.

No. 1131357

quinton an heroing (symbolically or otherwise) over his fav channel awesome-reject waifus would be very entertaining

No. 1131386

File: 1610639279255.png (619.5 KB, 1204x850, Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 10.0…)

Philosophy Tube is actually kind of amusing when he isn't sperging out about politics or econimics.

No. 1131404

Saw a YouTube comment a while back claiming he and Angelika Oles had dated. If that's true he kept it fairly quiet.

No. 1131476


Sounds JUST like Quinton. I can’t believe I ever followed him. Twitter was the worst, he was always so thirsty for attention from other commentators/ContraPoints. I think I recall him being all salty at TRO but I think he was the one that flipped on people like that which he was friends with BEFORE in favor of being super SJW? I think TRO put him in his place when Q tried the self-pitying bullshit you see in these DMs. I don’t remember but he seems like a really fake people-pleaser, and came off really pathetic on Twitter. Unfollowed out of sheer embarrassment… and when he started to do some weird shit on his YT channel too.

No. 1132140

File: 1610697745994.jpg (43.9 KB, 598x490, 20210115_025035.jpg)

It's 100% Quinton he was crying about it on Twitter lol. Still not as funny as Moviebob's meltdown tho. Leftist men, not even once!

No. 1132343

What makes it worse is I’m pretty sure she’s mentioned she has a husband.

No. 1132409


Fucking cringe. It makes me so annoyed because I think we’ve all known people like this where they’re just a burden to everyone with their depression-baiting pity parties. Nobody wants to be their friend or be around them because they make everything just so insufferable.

No. 1132628

Funny how when women act like this over the internet it usually stems from some kind of trauma (whether childhood or current)

When men do it its because they're uwu lonely and can't get attention (pussy) kek pathetic

No. 1132714

File: 1610752277050.jpeg (273.18 KB, 828x550, C8911901-CE48-420B-9825-C88FCD…)

Here we go again

No. 1132837

She's getting an unusually positive amount of reaction on Twitter. I wonder if Jefferee has disgusted people so much that at this point they're willing to side with Trisha.

No. 1132840

File: 1610760495927.png (798.78 KB, 1208x950, Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 8.22…)

Following his shenanigans at last week's rabble rousing at the U.S. Capitol, Baked Alaska is now a wanted man apparently.

Before this there was talk that he faked his death and that he fled the country. He failed to show up at a court hearing in Scottsdale, and that's what kicked off his wanted status.

No. 1132911

I mean shes clearly unhinged but I'm here for her dragging those faggots. Shes prob one of the only few who cant be canceled from doing that.

No. 1133085


He's trying to make it all the way to Kekistan.

No. 1133110

It's because she lowered public opinion of herself so much that just lifting the bar a little off the ground makes her look amazing.

Yeah honestly, I'm glad she's the one starting this. She's pretty much uncancellable. No matter what dirt Jeffree has on her, there's no point airing it. The woman told everybody her ass got stitched up after she showed a lamp up there, she dgaf.

No. 1133177

I totally agree with you. Corpse husband invited the thirsty attention from those girls with emo daddy lyrics, then goes i‘m a smol shy bean with social anxiety uwu, don’t sexualize me. His attitude is fake as fuck. Dude, you showed us your anal lube on air, shy my ass.

No. 1133185

File: 1610813692325.jpg (114.43 KB, 828x1472, 47451090958.jpg)

From cringe husband‘s insta today. If the guy gets busted in the future for being a gross pest like ppl suspected it‘s going to be a mark of idiocy.

No. 1133202

>implying that women don't also do this because they're uwu lonely and can't get dick
Pretty pathetic, yeah.

No. 1133210

the ear looks like a bad dragon toy

No. 1133215

File: 1610817933247.png (239.33 KB, 591x709, hoey1.png)

Might be nothing but I saw some screenshots posted by Loeybug on her alt account (@hoeybug) where she and Corpse call each other babe/baby.

Spoilered for retardation and this might be even more nothing but I feel like playing these inane facebook games together is sort of a couple-y thing to do because there's no other reason to play 8 ball over and over and many online relationships play casual games to "hang out"

And since we're already talking about the possibility of spoopy youtubers and BBWs, remember when SyrenCove tweeted about how a youtuber in a public relationship told her she could be his thicc secret and everyone thought it was about Skeptic and Shoe?
I think it might have been about Social Repose

No. 1133216

i hope corpse and all of his followers kill themselves, they are a symbol of collapsing civilization(A-logging)

No. 1133230

the fact that this guy eggs on his retarded fans by giving them attention when they do shit like this yet refuses to show his face because muh social anxiety uwu… i hate this scrote so much

No. 1133243

Point me to the direction of the large groups of pathetic women content creators who DM fellow male content creators they've never met to suicide/sympathy bait because they won't go on a date with them if its such a prevelant issue anon.

This thread is full of scrotes for a reason.

No. 1133245

File: 1610820202036.jpeg (88.47 KB, 1276x1101, Erq8h4fXUAABmjQ.jpeg)

Plus her twitter banner says "my boyfriend is the antichrist". thonk.gif

No. 1133247

I doubt they are dating, she is just doing this for atention, I mean she is too pretty for him and he probably looks like trash and thats why he doesnt even show his face, because if he was in fact atractive he would have done a face reveal ages ago, and his little retarded fan base would be simping even more. Seriously the guy is a fucking joke and the only thing he has to offer is his voice that sounds like an old car motor.

No. 1133257

are we seeing the same sack of obesity anon

No. 1133291

You okay dude? Not everyone is as vain as you. Are you jealous or something?

No. 1133297

found the corpse simps! also sage your shit newfriends

No. 1133302

The classic "jealousy" card. I don't think anyone is jealous of a scrote who's got a batshit fanbase.

No. 1133307

Not new, just retarded and on a new inhailer which is making me tired. I mean, I hate seeing his fans everywhere and I don't watch his content but that reaction is a bit excessive.

No. 1133311

From scrolling her page she jokes about DMing some celebrity and inviting him to play games, seems to just be her thing. Not ruling it out, though.

No. 1133314

'corpse-simps' no, we're just tired of people thinking the dude is milkworthy at all besides his cringe fans. ~oooh, he's playing a facebook game with a person, how milky~

No. 1133328

This 100%

you know you're in lolcow.farm right?

Why get so bothered over that then? if you dont care just ignore iet me talk shit about this guy and his annoying fans in peace, Mary

No. 1133344

Anti-Corpse anons are just as annoying as Pro-Corpse anons and his fans.

No. 1133384

kek stfu with your hollier than thou attitude, who cares? we are all just people on the internet talking shit about people that don't know we even exist, its not that deep

No. 1133403

dude…. who hurt you

No. 1133482

your mom

No. 1133532

retarded tinfoil incoming - the only men i've seen with voices that sound similar to corpsehusbands have been really morbidly obese. what if that's why he won't face reveal, because he's like amberlynn reid levels of fat? and it kinda ties in with him being flirty with this bbw chick

No. 1133536

He's shown his body and arms. He's pretty skinny, which makes sense since he apparently has a bunch of health issues.

No. 1133604

File: 1610847196580.png (261.51 KB, 436x438, Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 01.32…)

shane dawson, the man who pees in bottles, has ruined his only true friendship bc pick-me jeffree

No. 1133608

In a perfect world, this would trigger Trisha into taking down Shane and using her big titted bimbo wiles to lure in Jafar's ex boyfriend and get him to spill the beans too. Thrown in all the other beauty youtubers too, idc. Wreck the community, Trisha, redeem yourself.

No. 1133620

File: 1610848573557.png (4.64 MB, 1804x1810, Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 01.55…)

nice job fatty

No. 1133684

you can see his body/arms in boyinabands video

No. 1133688

File: 1610853672670.png (2.75 MB, 2084x1346, Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 03.21…)

he was in an anthony padilla video and u can see his entire body. he's not fat

No. 1133690

File: 1610853740192.jpg (26.61 KB, 589x155, 1610848573642.JPG)

Update. Shane is so good at manipulation it will be interesting to see if he's successful when he eventually makes his comeback

No. 1133692


trisha blocked for 'her peace' bc shane+his twink sided with jeffree, no brainer imo

No. 1133697

You know he has a thread in /pt/, right?


No. 1133698

he's wearing a loose hoodie and his thighs are thicker than Anthony's.

No. 1133699

OT but I remember when he, Trisha, and Mytoescold were really good friends and while it was a weird fucking group they seemed to genuinely like each other. Too bad he's so stupid and money hungry he'll just end up alone once Jeffree is done with him.

No. 1133726

File: 1610857235326.png (710.29 KB, 692x937, wt.png)


nah. i'm pretty sure that boyinaband alluded to him as having been athletic in that video they did together, or that he was at one point idk

No. 1133729

there are plenty of photos of his hands online. Def not overweight, if anything they look like they belong to someone who could be underweight.

No. 1133741

Corpse Husband be like they wait for me at my PO box I had to cancel it big sad, then encouraging this kind of insane parasocial obsession. Fuuuuuu how retarded is this man?! Loled at the dildo comment.

The pattern on his t-shirt isn’t an accident like He claimed. It looks intentional. Spills looks different. For those who don‘t know, Corpse Husband made a song about his wine spill oopsie. It was as smug as you imagine.
I spilt wine all on my white tee, bitches like me…

No. 1133742

>Corpse Husband be like they wait for me at my PO box I had to cancel it big sad

source? funny if true. dumbass keeps encouraging it, then whining and announcing social media breaks

No. 1133744

The important bit is at one point. CH said he was ill for a year if bitch isn‘t lying. Ill people bloat up fast, I mean look at people like Kaya.

No. 1133748

I haven‘t seen it myself, someone on twitter or youtube said corpse confirmed it during a recent among us stream. It seems he made friends pick up stuff from the PO box, then cancelled it altogether because it was getting creepy. Reap what you sow, I guess?

No. 1133759

File: 1610860786437.png (337.47 KB, 496x470, jkn3.png)

No words needed.

No. 1133812

The tattoo artist knew what he/she was doing kek

No. 1133842

File: 1610873437104.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x2105, 4F69061E-81FE-4B1C-A1AD-01871F…)

he’s been arrested. looking at 1.5 years.

No. 1133877

File: 1610879516265.jpeg (50.75 KB, 317x495, E88C2BB6-5A6F-45D3-9D37-3C1F7C…)

aubergine emoji
staph anon you kill me loooool
they are one step away from sending him gross love tokens like worn underwear and poems written with period blood. i’d be scared hahaha crazy stans.

No. 1133883

kpop stans western edition
can we as a society stop treating any kind of popular individual as if they're fictional and not a real ass human being? it makes the individual in question end up having some kind of episode every single time and is just unhealthy and inhumane.

No. 1133895

you should have seen the amount of “daddy” and “moan” comments in his livechat when he did q&a. the guy was 19 then and is 23 by his own account, he isn’t daddy material. it was kinda gross. he pulls goth fuckboy lyrics out of his ass and the simps treat him like he is the second coming of christian grey. corpse said he was so ill he couldn’t use both arms and was in pain the whole time, sure this man got laid a lot. not. the delusions are strong with these girls.

No. 1133908

Lmao nice.

No. 1133918

File: 1610889486032.png (77.14 KB, 704x548, Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 8.15…)

Fitz said the word "retard" on stream this morning and twitter girls as usual are mad at him. The hashtag is actually hilarious, because now it's full of people dunking on those same teenage girls.

Also Corpse is trending as usual, please let him be outed as a groomer so this can end.

No. 1133927


While the timing of corpse removing his sc from his bio was sketchy, it's not enough to confirm that he's a groomer. Work with Corpse's own spoken words.

AORN no one has come out to say anything about him, but we do have indirect feedback from his ex. In a livestream, he said that she stopped paying her half of the rent despite signing a lease. That signals 2 things:

1) She was so fed up with him. His fangirls could never imagine someone breaking up with their goth daddy.

2) He's cheap af. Made a killing from youtube even back then and still wanted his non-youtuber gf to go half on rent.

Before that ex, he was in another LTR. This was before his youtube blew up and he claimed to be renting a room with no door(because he roundhouse-kicked it). Wish these women could give us some milk so they could shatter the fantasies of these fangirls.

OT but quick advice from anyone young out there… do not shack up. Have some self-respect and quit giving husband benefits to a mere boyfriend.

No. 1133945

Oh gawd the second hand embarrassment! Michaela Laws wants a piece of cringe daddy clout, she made a song to clap back at him. My braincells committed suicide.

No. 1133961

File: 1610897019287.png (662.49 KB, 1262x595, CORPSE IS DRIVING ME NUTS LMAO…)

someone help us

No. 1133962

File: 1610897093918.png (642.9 KB, 1206x622, MICHAELA UR THIRSTY.png)


No. 1133963

File: 1610897173254.png (665.64 KB, 1260x616, MICHAELA STOP.png)

the ahegao part killed me.

No. 1133966

File: 1610897502847.png (537.13 KB, 1855x1276, Ahegao.png)

fyi just in case someone here isn‘t a woman of culture hahaha

No. 1133967

File: 1610897523562.jpeg (260.21 KB, 1536x2048, 557FBDFD-448D-442E-A0B7-801C26…)

what makes this even better is when you find out this is what she looks like

No. 1133969

File: 1610898129254.png (763.9 KB, 1172x410, tboe.PNG)

Instantly knew it was this ancient weeaboo after seeing those lyrics

No. 1133972

When I heard the "I'm a thicc queen" part, I kind of expected this.

No. 1133974

File: 1610898344252.jpg (29.64 KB, 297x321, Noooooooo.JPG)

Place your bets ladies, will Corpse Husband answer her? I would be pleasantly surprised if he did. I really want to know if he treats ugly fans well.

No. 1133978

I bet half my livelihood that he's going to ignore this and not respond

No. 1133980

Oh my. I wish I could see his reaction listening to that before and after the picture of the pickme who did this.
She’s not even ugly, just obese.

No. 1134039

How much are you going to donate to your local animal welfare? I bet he does. Corpse doesn‘t like PewDiePie and keeps playing with the guy. Michaela has half a million followers, too much to just ignore her.

No. 1134058

How can he not like him when Pdp was the only reason why this guy blew up and others started playing with him? (Jack and others)

No. 1134060

Corpse husband‘s violent outbursts are really concerning. He has shared several videos of him breaking other things than the door. Notably smashed a glass to make a glass isn‘t half full nor half empty joke. Another time he stabbed a roll of tin foil in anger, shouted “I AM A MAN I CAN DO SIMPLE TASKS” with some other shit, roll was thrown across the room.
It’s easy to see why his former girlfriends left. Dude is unhinged. Some of his fans tagged him to show themselves breaking stuff in the same fashion and he was pretty pleased about their imitation of his craziness.

No. 1134075

I don’t know the reason. CH was asked about their friendship and he immediately blurted out “NO”. His demeanor is different when he talks about people he likes.

No. 1134088

video proof of the deed. tantrum like he‘s 4.

No. 1134097

This looks like some edgy meme thing but honestly for someone who's over 20 it's just cringe.

No. 1134102

0:24 Corpse tells Brooke to shut the fuck up in Among Us stream. This one is really prince charming. Very easily provoked, nasty temper.
Most grown ass women would high-five his face with a chair if he tried to step out of line.

No. 1134119

You can hear his actual voice when he screams "I fucking hate foil", lmao. How are his simps in such denial?

No. 1134122

The discomfort of everyone else involved when he said that

No. 1134135

Sorry anon apparently he has stage four rickets and psoriasis that's why he sounds that way poor guy.

No. 1134150

File: 1610908977224.png (287.38 KB, 441x775, corpse husband is frail af.PNG)

>Hey there, you must've confused me for a MAN that CAN'T open foil because I most definitely CAN, especially at late hours of the night where nothing is open and i can go get more whilst essentially needing it to cook ANYTHING. hhhhh I AM A MAN WHO CAN DO SIMPLE TASKS. LIKE OPENING FOIL AND NOT FUCK IT UP AND CUT IT WITH A KNIFE A MILLION TIMES THAT'S NOT ME… A HA.. I FUCKING HATE FOIL!

No. 1134152

if he is not lying about it like everything else. i have paranoia since cryaotic.

No. 1134165

Nah she is fucking ugly as well, she is no loey or Valkyrae. Corpse with his "new found fame" wont even look at a washed up weeb. lol the fucking song is so cringe that I kinda felt second hand embarassment from listening to it, honestly I agree with all the anons here I cant wait for this fucker to get canceled like the rest of the male youtube scrotes

No. 1134193

File: 1610911490566.jpg (46.51 KB, 628x1060, Screenshot_20191205-015223_Ins…)

I had to look up this Loey girl since she's apparently so pretty; this is the girl you are talking about?!

No. 1134199

Isn't Loey like 35 and divorced? Why is she involved with some cringy youtube teenage heartthrob? Does he have mommy issues?

No. 1134209

File: 1610912642078.jpg (163.88 KB, 900x1200, EA6rO8uUIAEUFcg.jpg)


27 and divorced I believe, I think she's only really involved in the youtuber/twitch community because she's friends with Snitchery who seems to know and interact with a lot of streamers/yters and has a YouTube channel herself

No. 1134221

She has been on youtube for a really long time, she used to do clothing hauls and she pretty much only got popular because she is "fat but with a cute face". Then she started doing weird ghost/supernatural videos. I honestly thought she was in her 30s tho. Yikes.

No. 1134231

I want off this wild ride

No. 1134276

File: 1610916661313.jpeg (561.66 KB, 1280x724, E003174D-53EB-4810-BC93-42F399…)

This somehow leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
yuge tinfoil ahead

Y‘all know corpse has been pestering asian streamers to put on cat ears for him? Then he admitted to felix/pdp during stream that he got into catgirls with too much VRchat. At some other point, I think it was during q&a he said he is obsessed with some game called sim cat girl dating 4 or something like that.
Imo it‘s not too far fetched to assume corpse jerks off to cat girls in vr, and has some weeaboo asian fetish going on in the background. Now he hits on fat girls, who are easy targets because their self esteem is garbage. I dunno there are like a lot of red flags all over the place.

No. 1134277

is there tea on snitchery??

No. 1134317

File: 1610919217608.jpeg (498.39 KB, 1271x715, CA6039CF-8AFF-4F74-87DB-FA023D…)

sykkuno got a pair of cat ears from a friend, goes on rambling: oh corpse likes cat girls, but I‘m a guy, so he won‘t right, just joking hur hur
corpse: comments his cat girl post on insta and keeps flirting with him during games
also corpse: I like you
sykkuno: he was talking about the game, right?
edison: if girls aren’t into you, then I know a lot of boys that are.. there's one in particular
gets cut off by corpse: yeah, I know a couple
also corpse: kissing noises towards sykkuno

me facepalms hard
at this point they got every degenerated yaoi fan girl to jump this ship. sykkuno is either stupid or pretends to be because he plays the shota trap trope straight.

the bromance thing appears to be casual flirting, yet it‘s alluring to hentai and yaoi lewds the whole time.
it‘s like spongebob, when the kids don‘t get the adult jokes but anyone else understands the reference.

No. 1134331

catboys/catgirls is twitters retarded meme of the year. i mean he probably does have a "catgirl" fetish but name one of these degenerate youtuber dudebros who doesn’t

No. 1134345

File: 1610920791756.png (337.48 KB, 540x418, Sykkuno-Real-Name.png)

ugh I can't stand sykkuno's fake ass uwu anime boy persona. He's ugly af irl too kek

No. 1134350

Yea i know, it‘s just a very slippery slope because they will only joke about things that are conventionally acceptable, but everyone consumes much more hardcore stuff. belle delphine is the prime example. she teased the loli coomers for years before she went off the deep end and started producing porn copies of the snuff and gore mangas she had in mind.
i think i see a pattern here, hence the tinfoil sperg.

No. 1134359

So Sykkuno uses those filters that beauty youtubers use in order to appear younger and more attractive? That's so weird. He literally has the most fucked up skin I have seen on an asian man, the fact that the difference is that bad is insane

No. 1134362

File: 1610921517739.jpeg (73.15 KB, 728x567, F2BCEE53-E0C8-44CC-A6A0-4BCDCC…)

>corpse husband only hits on ugly toads
>if he looks like lil xan they could be a wholesome couple like shrek and fiona

No. 1134365

you better assume everyone on instagram and youtube etc is fake, unless you have seen them in person.

No. 1134398

sykkuno is chinese/vietnamese, not japanese. he chose a japanese name on purpose because many viets think the japanese are AsIaN mAsTerRaCe. without the korean beauty filters he is the average vegetable vendor from chinatown kek

No. 1134513

yeah i mean, if you can't tell this yaoibait shit is calculated as fuck to appeal to 14 y/o girls, you're a lost cause. These guys are selling a product. They're both about as fake as most female UWU streamers. I am sure they are both horrible to be around but at the end of the day, stans prefer a ridiculous fantasy. they'll have to age out of relevance naturally or get outed hard before they go away.

No. 1134567

This is the only “e-celeb” I’d be genuinely heartbroken over.

No. 1134666

>sounds Japanese

Bro what

No. 1134695

sykkuno‘s real name is thomas :D his family tried to whitewash the kids, loool(:D)

No. 1134813

Wait, i always assumed corpse was asian himself… because he said he looked like joji (ew) right?

No. 1134823

File: 1610973536626.jpeg (148.55 KB, 571x1047, E45B68A0-6287-472B-B108-5D53C4…)

No he isn‘t. He said at some point he was hispanic, then it was mexican and native. I think he is just a white lil bitch trying to be important by making up mix-raced heritage. He went out of his way to establish plausible deniability by stating he was only so white because he never leaves the house in anthony padilla’s interview. Both him and sykkuno are trying so hard to be japanese uwu, it‘s ridiculous. He has corpse husband in improper japanese writing on his merchandise copypasted from google translate, because why spend money on an accredited translator if you can be a real lazy weeaboo. The blatant cultural appropriation is so dumb and infuriating.

No. 1134824

CH said he looks like Lil Xan. He just used Joji in comparison with Chris Hemsworth, I think it was more about body type and appearance.

No. 1134828

since a lot anons here seem to be clueless about sykkuno, another anon wrote a spot on post about him (>>1076186) that should be permanently pinned to the fake twat‘s name:

> Sykkuno's not naive and he's not nice, unless you count ass-kissing and being overly polite as nice. Broadcasting JadeyAnh's accidental leak about her messaging multiple guys and then calling her 'really popular' isn't nice. Having a history of gaslighting his chat, intentionally misreading things and going after people in his chat (he did this when he started, don't know if he does it now. I stopped watching when I realized how much of a creep he is) isn't nice. According to his ex (someone posted screenshots on the OTV subreddit) he lied to his fangirls about being single when he wasn't, would constantly make up stories and talk shit about his "friends"(including Lily and Aria), and blew off her friends. He also, according to his ex, has two permabanned LoL alts. The guy is a classic "nice guy"/creep. The whole "I had no friends before I started streaming/my ex didn't really like me/I'm just a streamer for fun" sweet-guy persona is a massive crock. I expect his creepy ass to figure prominently on this board in the future.

No. 1134858

This mamchild also vents on his stream how "uwaa hes so alone" so his stans would spam his friends chats to play with him kek.

No. 1134859

File: 1610977852440.jpg (35.94 KB, 950x195, Screenshot_20210118_144918.jpg)

Lil xan is Mexican too though and he looks like this >>1134362 so believe it kek. I don't think he'd fake being half Mexican for no reason? Agreed on the weeb cringe though, his song lyrics are so embarrassing too lmao

No. 1134861

Lil xan KEK thats even WORSE than joji, ew wtf… the thing is even though he's ugly as fuck when he does a face reveal girls will still call him cute and stuff because they are retarded. i really fucking hate corpse, and i hate how the japanese language is seen as an ~uwu quirky animu aesthetic speech~ towards e-girls and e-boys, its so fucking retarded and makes them seem stupid and narrow-minded as fuck, copying everything off fucking google translate

No. 1134864

Also i love all the references to the most NORMIE TIER anime. yes i am a weeb!!! my favourite anime is naruto, deathnote, my hero academia and one punch man!!!! they are kinda underground though so u probably wouldnt have heard of them lol

No. 1134877

>they are kinda underground though so u probably wouldnt have heard of them lol
you forgot attack on titan bwahaha
srsly his lyrics are retarded

> She say I kill her cat like I'm Luka Magnotta

hahaha nice pick up line bro, I‘d piss myself laughing if anyone said shit like that irl

> Fine lass, nice ass, cat ears and she uwu, uh

shakespeare in da house

> What she call me senpai for? Don't call me that I'm not a weeb

literally namedropping normie tier mangas and uses badly translated japanese, fucking weeb is exactly what you are, corpse

No. 1134888

File: 1610980578161.jpeg (629.61 KB, 1528x672, 8ACED9AC-93BA-44BE-9CD9-B23455…)

He claimed a lot of different heritages in the past, therefore I don‘t trust him. His father fucked off when he was 3 or so, he might not have known what countryman his dad is and found out later, this is the only good reason I can think of if someone fucks up on their own heritage.

No. 1134895

How can he never watch movies but enjoy psychological and thriller movies? Wut

No. 1134899

File: 1610981714831.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2224x1229, 737847BF-175F-4E7D-8F8B-53DE11…)

if his fangirls enjoy pig faced ville valo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
they ARE stupid and narrow-minded as fuck, corpse has never left the us and his family is trash, what do we expect who he is. he could have used katakana to transcribe his name, it would have been the correct and easy option but these weebs always want to use kanji, because it look so c00l. kanji is chinese and it‘s the hardest to learn, so easy to make an ass of yourself if you don‘t understand the crap.

No. 1134901

you know, he never watches movies but he is a huge fan of donnie darko. facepalms

No. 1134985

facetune has fucked our perception of people and ourselves. He looks cute, should drop the cutesy creepy pretense and act like the grown man he is. When you compare this pic to >>1134317 it's so pathetic

No. 1134993

File: 1610991933441.jpg (31.72 KB, 388x554, Capture.JPG)

he looks fat

No. 1134998

Lmao is she trying to sound like that tranny Ayesha Erotica?

No. 1135019

He looks like Shane Dawson here lol

No. 1135022

File: 1610994195441.jpeg (29.65 KB, 179x340, CCF32546-6EEC-447F-AB7B-F51793…)

No. 1135026

anon you are late to the corpse husband’s hella thicc circlejerk. his outfit is a black sack of potatoes, it‘s how people dress when they hate their own body.

No. 1135034

This is Shroud, the song Corpse Husband has deleted because he thinks it‘s a fuck up. I think it‘s a lot more honest than his edgy porn rap, it was probably too close to the truth so he got rid of it.

No. 1135035

“Man these days be moving slowly
Up at the top but I’m still lonely.
Grab this -, disappear for a moment
Got a lot of fans but they don’t know me.

If I show them will they love me?
That’s a lot of judgement; ain’t it lovely?
Do I look good or am I ugly?
Does it matter?
I’m still Corpsey

I admit it, Shits been different
Fucked up cycle, and it’s vicious
Fucked up past and they’re vindictive
Don’t talk shit if you ain’t lived it

No face, gotta make sure that they love me
Can’t lose this because without it I am nothing

Take me away
Cut off my circulation
I don’t want to be here if you’re not
Cut off my circulation
I don’t want to be here if your not”

No. 1135056

that sounds nothing like ayesha at all anon..

No. 1135064

who is aeshaya

No. 1135165

I was looking for this, thanks, anon. I'm (unfortunately) a fan of Corpse and
I think it's mindbogling how he's been able to hide his face for so long. I think if he was lying about the uwu sickly,sadboi with no friends irl thing, someone would've popped in and dropped some tea, so I think it's incredible he can achieve the amount of success he has despite being sick and severely depressed.
Having said that, waiting on a face reveal so mf bad.

This is so disappointing but a common theme with people who like like anime characters irl so should Ii be shocked? He was on stream yesterday misreading "bitches" as "bits' and I guess it was to keep up the innocent fake boy persona? You a grown man.

No. 1135185

Lurk more and sage newfag

No. 1135208

Did you guys hear about the Twitter allegations against dream's ex?(imageboard)

No. 1135217

>he claimed to be renting a room with no door(because he roundhouse-kicked it)
sauce? that is a major red flag if true