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No. 1086649

A thread for YouTubers/Vloggers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in drama. Previous drama includes:

>More of Ryan Haywood's victims come out with stories and proof of inappropriate sexual behavior/contact, indicating that he has a ddlg and chubby chasing fetish

>Ethan finally interviews Belle Delphine on h3h3 podcast and makes his obsession even more obvious with Hila there
>Corpse Husband's channel blows up, he loves the attention despite his social anxiety
>H3h3 and James Charles drama over a hoodie
>Trisha Paytas being gross and dating Hila's brother
>Eugenia Cooney being anorexic and still on youtube
>Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood from Rooster Teeth sending nudes to (underaged) fans and hooking up behind their wives backs

Previous thread >>>/snow/1053792

No. 1086682

Trisha talking about wanting a get pregnant

No. 1086918

The thought of her raising a human being is harrowing. Please no.

No. 1086935

didn't she say she had std's and resulting fertility problems? how is she going to get pregnant?

No. 1087549

Does anyone here side-eye Youtubers' money management skills (or lack thereof)? I can't help but think that if some washed up Youtubers had played their cards right and invested their earnings when they were big then they wouldn't have to try to revive their channels for nickels and dimes.
If it were me I'd use my Youtube fame to make hella money, invest it, and just disappear off of the internet. Either they're just narcissistic and impulsive as hell or they're trying to fit in with the general crowd of Youtubers that are spending ridiculous amounts of money on obnoxious cars, garishly ugly designer clothing, and giant mansions. Do they not realize that makes you lose relatability with your audience?
While my idea of YT for money and then disappearing sounds good in theory, it seems impossible for actual Youtubers considering that even the Youtubers with the worst ~social anxiety~ feed off of the attention they receive from strangers on the internet to the point that they're always on social media. I have social anxiety myself and I don't wanna gatekeep against all Youtubers but I seriously can't imagine putting my face + name anywhere. I guess someone might argue that the being online gives you a barrier that's different from face-to-face contact…but those are still people that are watching your videos.

No. 1087558

She probably did catch herpes from fucking so many bottom feeding hollywod guys but she mentioned an untreated std left her tubes scarred and needed to be fixed? Idk if she did, but I think she probably still can. It'll just take some time and serious effort which I think why she's so back and forth with trying to get pregnant and then saying she can never be.

No. 1087566

I miss her Jason Nash relationship era purely for their dysfunctions over marriage and children (and anything else).

No. 1087607

There's a saying here they use sort of like "the rich have to live rich" implying that once you reach a certain lifestyle, you maintain that lifestyle paycheque to paycheque no matter how much you make. I think once a youtuber is part of that rich-idiot mindset, it'd be hard to step back from it socially.

No. 1087612

Jenna Marbles seemed to be the only realistic and conservative one with money. And she made a fuckload if it

No. 1087655

That and Pewdiepie, he spends a lot of money but I'm pretty sure he invests a lot too, his parents are both successful execs so he probably learned a thing or two from them. He mentioned recently that despite still making videos he is essentially retired and never has to work again.

No. 1087825

It’s basically new money vs old money. There’s ostentatious displays of wealth in people who grew up wealthy but usually they don’t really care. It’s always the average middle class types who start going apeshit when they get their first million.

No. 1088235


Reminds me of a Spanish adage that basically says that when the poor come by money, they go crazy.

Original: Cuando el pobre llega a tender, loco se quere volver.

No. 1088236


No. 1089082

File: 1606090561284.jpg (30.9 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

When I saw Eugenia Cooney listed here the only thing I could think about is Sl04n who is currently legit obsessed with her and is pretty transparent about using her for clout and donations in his streams by crying about his own ED. Like who makes multiple videos on someone like this? He's more obsessed than Onision
I don't like lil miss gas lighter here but this guy here needs to cut the crap.

No. 1091597

File: 1606340321776.jpg (90.45 KB, 1024x704, Charli-DAmelio-Trisha-Paytas-A…)

alright, let's talk about the trisha paytas/james charles/charli d'amelio drama!

charli d'amelio and her family do a video where they eat with a private chef. her sister spits out a snail in front of the chef which gets backlash since it's covid and they're rich and ppl think they're flaunting their wealth. charli mentions that after only a year on tik tok she expects and wants 100 million followers which gets everyone heated.

charli goes live on tik tok crying and saying that she doesn't know if she even wants to do tik tok anymore if everyone wants to be so mean and she's getting death threats. apparently the meanest bully of all is of course trisha paytas who did drama tik toks on the video in question. trisha gets heated that charli called her out and claps back. james charles, charli's weirdo role model/savior/sister, jumps in to take a bite at trisha as well. He even claims that trisha making a drama video of charli is "familiar", basically saying that trisha is tati and charli is him. okay, james.

Trisha and Ethan have their podcast and surprising no one, Ethan also thinks Trisha is wrong but thinks James is a parasite and is leeching on Charli for fame and money. And now we wait for more drama to unfold.

No. 1091607

The tik tok girls were fucking insufferable and childish at the table, the whole family seems so tense and dense. James being there was very awkward and he was being shady at times because who wouldn't with company like that, but the whole snail thing was just so extra. I have no idea why you would want to show that, how embarrassing but I try to remember that these are just extra obnoxious rich teens, but no I know would have acted like that at that age. Trisha is embarrasing, so is ethan but ethan loves stroking his hateboner for james charles. They all suck in different ways. I sound like a james wk but at least he is trying to hang out with people closer to his age, be it clout chasing or not compared to the tati bullshit before.

No. 1091622

So, it looks like Pokimane is in the shit again. This time Fedmyster (yeah, remember him?) released some huge google doc on her, which accused her of trying to kick out Yvonne, and leading Fed on.

Destiny went over the whole Doc in crippling detail. It's worth noting that the doc was leaked Yesterday. Fed had not released on his own omission.

No. 1091624

I just watched it, and I feel like onion was just milking her to make fun of her, this kid doesn’t seem like he has bad intentions in comparison. The crying and talking about his own Ed was a bit much a weak tho. Like bro no one clicked for your story

No. 1091630

i disagree, sloan is just another drama youtuber with the same mannerisms- but he's the only one giving eugenia the shit she deserves and he's attempting to hold her accountable- whether that be out of genuine concern or not, i'm glad he's doing it.
she's been taking down "haters" videos on youtube left and right, completely dissolved into an echo chamber of people telling her she's always right.

No. 1091648

Just scrolled through twitter, notice how Slasher, all the other big streamers/youtubers aren't saying anything about this.

This doesn't change what Fedmyster did but holy fuck this makes the Bowblax/ItsaGundam shit Leafy banged on look like child's play in comparison.

We should have a betting pool for how long it will take for OTV to collapse kek

No. 1091651

it's discussed a bit more in the twitch thread if discussion slows in this gen thread

No. 1091661

File: 1606344839617.png (86.33 KB, 1202x452, Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 5.53…)

Leafy's legacy has been restored

No. 1091673

Realistically, it was probably at least somewhat scripted. Charli does the “lol i want chicken nuggets instead of this nice meal” thing a lot apparently. Even if that wasn’t the case, they’re teenagers acting like teenagers, not news. A lot of grown adults just took the opportunity to unleash their hateboners for these girls. Trisha was most likely trolling to get her name trending again and it worked.

You took the 100 million follower comment way out of context. She was just saying it “would be cool” to hit 2 milestones in the same year.

No. 1091685

i think she's a bit spoiled about it, yeah. even james in the video takes a shot at her about it and her defense was a timid "well, i was just saying even numbers…"

and then she does what she always does which is go live and fucking cry about it and no one can say anything bc omg she's just 16 and she's only been famous for a years guys!

yeah and this is how you learn. crying everytime you get criticism and threatening to quit until everyone kisses your ass is not growing and learning. and having james charles the resident freak of the internet around you is not helping.

No. 1091693

Yea I think it was at least kinda scripted going by the chef and all. But for the love of god that girl refused to keep a snail down yet ate boogers at the dinner table, they deserve to be clowned on,maybe not by adults but peers. Gross.

No. 1091709

File: 1606349306040.jpg (41.89 KB, 634x285, ss.jpg)

is no one gonna talk about the to scared to go full troon always the victim james charles? i find it so funny how he acts like a saviour for charli saying things like "me and her dont need eachother blabla and we hang out cuz we have so much things in common" like what retard? both got famous at a early age and…? he is literally using her on his tacky sisters campaign and why he didn't want to be the role model for Antonio Garza? Antonio was very popular and blowup like charli on 2018,he has more stuff in common with that tranny than a young girl. I remember how jealous he was of this guy and literally copied a video but with charli all is rainbows and sparkles,James is a narc predator the new jeffree star. I dislike everyone on this drama except Charli i guess she is a child tiktok is a mistake getting minors famous is a mistake

No. 1091732

I don’t know anything about him so your probably right, you seem like you know way more

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