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File: 1561261588945.png (Spoiler Image, 440.44 KB, 540x542, Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 11.4…)

No. 825481

The 8th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


No. 825483

Old thread >>748723

No. 825484

jesus tapdancing fucking christ i about shite my pants thanks to the OP image

No. 825492

ngl it gave me an actual asthma attack from laughing

Hey if it's good enough for a YT thumbnail it's good enough for us

No. 825560

File: 1561295001254.jpeg (170.92 KB, 1446x860, 1FBA8AC5-56BA-4252-AD13-68C5D5…)

What a babe

No. 825569

File: 1561296526484.jpg (Spoiler Image, 463.62 KB, 1920x1080, jeff-goldblum-says-hed-want-to…)

See any ressemblance?

No. 825615

The roundness for one

No. 825642

File: 1561308816921.png (2.09 MB, 2298x1222, BayleeFacescape.png)

No. 825653

File: 1561309459722.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 187.63 KB, 2000x2463, C5AACD12-AE63-4B2D-92E7-3AD2CE…)

Oh my..

No. 826054

Never forget her animation skills


No. 826138

File: 1561409474160.png (305.02 KB, 960x498, Untitled.png)

What the fuck did I just watch?

No. 826143


This makes me so sad. There was potential in that reel, and that was six years ago. Just imagine how far she could have come if she had stuck with it.

No. 826313

That was actually better than I thought it would be

No. 826352

Looks like some shit you’d see on a nutrition drink commercial.

No. 826360

Considering she has a background in animation I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on the animated story trend and do a video like odd1sout or jaiden animations etc.
Probably cause that's too much work for her lol.

No. 826371

From what i remember she did an animated short for class where its about a pencil and i thought that was the best one she did. I prefer her animations to her art honestly

No. 826402

Yeah it looks like she actually put effort into making them unlike her crappy drawings

No. 826428

She’s not funny so she can’t.

No. 826491

No. 826500

my god that was boring! How can someone talk so much about packaging

No. 826515


It really just dragged on. Not sure why she feels like she needs to vlog literally the exact same crap she has for what feels like weeks. Like previous anons have said, it seems like she's trying her best to make more busy work for herself as an excuse to procrastinate doing art.

No. 826521

so i have nothing to do so i tried adding how much money she spends on this stuff and what her profit margin is:
clear bags (1000): $70 CA
business cards (100/500): $100 US
pin backings (500 each 5 designs): $135 US
amzn envelopes: $24 CA
uline boxes: $553 CA
uline envelopes (3 boxes plus shipping): $120 US
slotbox boxes: $42 CA
holo art (150): $115 CA
tissue paper: $30 CA
kiki pin (400): $680 US
ducky (300): $600 US
mermaid (500): $850 US
flower (500): $850 US
dino (200): $340 US

$4350 USD total
costs about $4.68 to produce each pin not counting labor (i didnt include the costs of the prints or their envelopes)

im by no means saying i am right or that i have included everything into cost. but i think she sells her pins for $12? so that's a $7.36 profit from each pin, or about one hour minimum wage US per pin. idk how accurate any of this is lol i just did it for fun, but just in case anyone wanted to know as well here it is.

anyway i still think she spends too much time and money with the packaging. its not that deep gorl

No. 826557

I think she sold the A grades for $10, something like 8 or 8.50 for B grades and she sold the C grades for like 7

No. 826878

Hey eyebrows throughout this whole video were making me nauseous. She needs a touch up on those tattoos pretty bad.

No. 826980

It astonishes me how long she can talk about nothing of value. Why do people even watch her on twitch if it’s more of this same stuff

No. 827017

>>826878 i mean she did say she hadn't done hair or makeup at the beginning so idrc too much. still I wanna see what's to come with this "improvement" series on her art because it hasn't been really strong so far.

No. 827024

Imagine caring this much about some other chick's eyebrows

No. 827113


It's not caring it's having functioning eyes that see ugly and think 'ugly'.

No. 827296

seeing all the box cut outs on the ground make me stupidly angry. why doesnt she throw them away as she makes the boxes instead of leaving them scattered around her floor

No. 827298

Yeah or at least put them in a pile so it's easier to clean up

No. 829170

Testing more markers she will never use….

No. 829171

No. 829172

Beat me by one second lol

No. 829176

the colour choices are so bad

No. 829308

“Foreshortening” lmfaoooo

No. 829333

File: 1561848518331.png (1.02 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-06-29-18-44-32…)

This is the final outcome.
I know there's something off but I can't find the right words to express what it is.

No. 829337

This is pretty good for baylee, but the arms let it down imo

No. 829340

the composition is inexistent

No. 829348


That fist looks so huge and out of place. I get the perspective of the net and how it's supposed to look like its closest to the viewer but she didn't translate it well.

No. 829366

Might be nitpicky, but the way she drew the “handle” part of the net makes it look bent. It should still be a straight line regardless of perspective, yeah?

No. 829412

I assumed that she drew the pose first and then tried to retrofit the prop in without editing the arms and that's pretty much exactly what she did. The whole point of a sketch is to allow you to edit, don't understand how she didn't catch that glaring issue.

No. 829449

People pointed it out to her too, on the art livestream, when she was first sketching the pole and she said she wanted it curved because "cartoony style".

Speaking of terrible choices, on that livestream, you could tell she hadn't used that humongous sketchbook at all since the last time she did an art livestream. No one improves in their art by half-heartedly sketching once a week, stopping every five seconds to read chat…

No. 829451

Shes talked before how she uses curves to make her drawings “look less stiff”. Face palm. She literally thinks curving things makes the drawings less stiff

No. 829483

Every new drawing is worse than the last…

No. 829537


regardless of the bad color palette or the weird anatomy and the bent handle, everything would've been much better if the insects would have different sizes insead of them all being the same size.

No. 829550

Didn't notice that at first, but now that you pointed it out, I can't imagine how she would think that looks good?? Obv she doesn't care about the realism, but why would she make them all the same size without realizing it?

Also, ngl the girl would look super cute if she was drawn a little better. Not exactly great, but at least lower tier children's book level maybe. (She would have been mid-tier a few yrs ago, but there are some beautiful fucking children's books out there nowadays.)

No. 829554

The problem with Baylee is that she thinks children's book (and by extension cartoony) style means "not worked" or "badly drawn". But in fact children's books art have to be good and well thought. Just check Scott Gustafson's work, it's far from looking amateurish. The guy spends hours on paintings, he puts as much efforts as people doing things considered more adult or serious.

The annoying thing with baylee is that she's discrediting other people's jobs. She's just a lazy spoiled self-centered woman child who wants to be interesting because she knows deep she's a shallow human being. She's puting her work on the same level than some other actually talented artists and it's insulting.

No. 829595

Honestly this is pretty good for baylee. The fabric has folds in it and it’s not a doe eyed girl staring blankly into space. Obviously not good by professional standards but it seems like she’s trying at least

No. 829816

No. 829822

>sketch took me 7 hours but I’m happy since it turned out good
7 hours? I refuse to believe that took 7 hours. Also it still turned out shitty, no to avail

No. 829907

I can believe it. I watched one of her art streams and it's shocking how slowly she sketches. Not because she's actually slow but because it's clear she thinks of it as a chore and doesn't want to do it so every five seconds she's checking chat or jumping up to get a drink or adjusting the lights or doing anything that means she can put off sketching for a while.

No. 829910

You know, now that you mention it, she does procrastinate. Funny how you’re given all the time in the world to sketch and you still end up with a piss poor final piece. Color me surprised

No. 829912

She was being so weird about references too. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great she uses them and actually cares enough to take photos of herself holding a broom to figure out the pose. That's more effort than I'd ever expect from her. Buuuuuuuuuut, why not look up some photos online instead? Work smarter, not harder, you know?

I'd understand if she was drawing characters that were her body type because sure, it's harder to find anything when it's about plus size people, but she never draws fatties.

No. 829914

The worst thing about it is that she will take into account those 7 hours when it comes to pricing it

No. 829924

yeah she's so pleased with her fOrEsHoRtEnInG but she has no idea what it means. the way the elbow is bent means the fist just isn't that much closer to the viewer. but clearly she just couldn't cope with making that whole arm come straight towards the front o we get this unholy mish-mash instead

still a million 12 year olds are going 'omgg ur so GOOD at drawin so TALENTED' so why bother changing

No. 829983


I'm gonna go against the grain here and actually say I like the bent handle and gigantic hand, but to be fair I am a fan of breaking anatomy "rules" and forced perspective.

The piece overall looks good to me although I will say hearing it took her 7 hours so /sketch/ this blew my fucking mind. How she gets anything done is a mystery if it takes her this long to draw half a body directly facing the viewer lmao.

No. 830037

Something else that annoys me, and that drags down her drawings imp, is that theres zero thought put into her drawinfs. Its a cute girl… because she likes drawing cute girls. She’s catching insects for no reason. Just because the girl needed to hold something. Is it too much to ask for a thought process? An actual plan for an illustration?

No. 830042

File: 1561999208675.jpg (376.33 KB, 1054x1080, 20190701_183927.jpg)

I can't believe this is Christian

No. 830068

She probably thinks she’s gonna be accused of tracing like in her old vocaloid drawing. But I agree with you anon

No. 830072

File: 1562002144417.jpeg (264.38 KB, 1242x686, 6BAD42FE-8179-4697-AD14-DDE378…)

>coloring book
Baylee just give it up, please.

No. 830300

I think you need to have even an ounce of creativity to have that kind of thought process. And Baylee herself has said that she isn't a creative person, I think she literally just likes "pretty things".
Really? Even though he's pudgier and balder now, and has a beard, I still think he looks like that. He's definitely closer looking to his young self than Baylee is to her's - she practically looks like a different person now.

No. 830317

I think that goes along with what someone said earlier like, she’s one of those people who are too caught up in “but it’s my style!” cuz it’s cartoony that they don’t think that cartoony shit that looks good has a vast amount of thought into it. Like if it’s wonky on purpose for “perspective” then why isn’t it pushed farther and why aren’t the bugs in different sizes? Why does she even have hair loops when she didn’t even texture them like hair cuz they look like random rings on her head? Why does she need THAT many markers in the thumbnail that obscures the border of the paper? She’s using “style” as a crutch in that she’s not thoughtful at all, like it’s actually an ok one for her but there never seems to be more than a couple ounces of thought into it

No. 830320

Did you see her video of making the “hot” version of tb dude from jimmy neutron? She used reference she found online in that but has no idea how to use it at all, like she copied it even though she said it was wonky and photoshopped but didn’t use any knowledge she had(has?) of anatomy to fix it. Like I think she’s bringing it up to pretend she too can be an art educator on YouTube like she wants but she doesn’t utilize it correctly for herself

No. 830464

This all comes down to her being a lazy narcissistic woman/child

No. 830741

I remember she had some great human anatomy and clothing reference books in her art book collection vid she made a long time ago, as well as coloring and painting too (like James Gurney). It was really obvious that she just bought them because they "looked pretty"
though because that's all she had to say about any of the books. Not like "this has useful tips" or "this is how I learned from this book" because she never uses them lmao.

No. 830799

Actually I think taking photos of yourself is faster. And gives better results. I may waste so much time looking for the right pose online. When you pose yourself you can create something more unique. Unless you’re going for a specific body type etc.

No. 830916

File: 1562104075649.jpeg (364.24 KB, 750x915, 983428DB-FDE7-4664-B753-9F03F3…)

No. 830955


No. 831013


Oh Jesus I thought you were replying to >>830916 for a second, yikes

No. 831142


Agreed. Taking photos of yourself is usually faster, although it might be difficult if you don't have a tripod or a place to shove your phone/iPad.

You can always just ask someone to take photos for 2 minutes while you do a ton of poses though and that's faster + more accurate than looking online.

I find body shapes not that hard of a thing to work around if you're doing anatomy studies on the side TBH. Unless we're talking massive overweight bodies / huge breasts most bodies look the same.

No. 831365

She's losing subscribers, people are finally seeing what we all see

No. 831367

Of course, her content is so boring. The AI vid - kill me

No. 831368

I'm not even going to bother watching the AI video, looks and sounds like a load of crap

No. 831369

What an idiot for using acetone on that bag, of cause it's going ruin it. How does she think the acetone will only remove the flowers and not react with the plastic bag face palm, like saying acetone will only remove some plastic and not others

No. 831406

It's just anotger excuse not to draw anything new.
Even now on her livestram she's just remaking one of her old drawings as a diamond painting.

No. 831431

How does she expect to keep her current subs and get more in the future when she barely makes the minimum of typical expected full-time youtuber content? only making 1 vid a week means it should be a really well done vid, not whatever half-baked idea comes to mind first and seems easy to get done. There are so many people who freelance or have another job besides YT and who make more interesting content than she does.

No. 831452

Quite literally does nothing, Like, zero art.

No. 831456

I wonder why she's losing subscribers….

No. 831473

She’s officially running out of ideas. It’s laughable

No. 831482

"It took me two full days to record!"

Wow Bsylee that's….wow

No. 831499

Inb4 “I’m going back to streaming full time !!!”

No. 831653

That was pitiful. She'll do anything to get out of drawing. This should have been a small segment in a vlog or something, not a main video.

No. 831719

She's getting some good constructive criticism in the comments. And while she is reading it and thanking people for giving it, I can't help but think it's going in one ear and out the other. People bend over backwards to help her out and she's just gonna do what she wants when she wants regardless, and then act like her channel failing is a completely unexpected turn of events.

No. 831750

Yeah seriously, she doesn’t see that most of the more successful arttubers either just do YouTube as a secondary to freelancing/their own art business or work a ton harder to keep their audience and engagement high. Like kasey Golden is kind of edgelordy and her personality turns me off but she pumps out videos at a consistent rate with art that’s cartoony but not in an amateurish way like BJ. Like she definitely watches other artists vlogs and knows this but I hope this is a wake up call for her (but we totally know she’s gonna fall back on stupid gimmicks like the diamond painting or spongebob and not listen or grow in a productive way)

No. 831814

Is she no longer part of the Youtube Artists Collective? I haven't seen one of those videos for a while.

No. 831897

File: 1562254693092.png (140.63 KB, 852x636, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.3…)

A comment from the vlog

No. 831899

File: 1562254823938.png (104.63 KB, 1186x460, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.4…)

Her response

No. 831907

If she does two 'self improvement' videos a month, that's basically her having two drawing sessions a month. She should be working on the self improvement along side normal video uploads as well. She's not running the store at the moment so she has plenty of time but I bet she will go back to gaming everyday instead.

No. 831927


"it's just starting" bitch HOW? You have done ONE video in over a month about this series you hyped up and have not hinted at another one since. This is a series she should be doing once a week or every other week if she want's it to have the effect she's looking for. You can't improve your art if you are "practicing" once a damn month. She has all the time in the world but yet Layzee will always find an excuse.

No. 832164

How is it difficult for her to come up with ideas when her followers literally throw them at her? Also, what else does she currently do besides YouTube? As popular as she is, I still don't get how she can make as much money as she does if a large portion of her income only comes from YT, when considering all the vacations she takes and junk she buys. That, and we've already discussed how her profits from the stuff she sells at cons don't equate well to the hrs of work and the cost of producing said products (with how she undersells her shit). Does she still keep up with Patreon and her online shop?

No. 832177

I think in another vid she said her patreon is dead or she couldn’t keep up with it? But she primarily makes money through YouTube, twitch, her store and conventions and honestly, like if you factor in she said making maybe 3-5k a con and maybe like 10k with the store and not taking things like travel and supplies/cost into account, she probably makes less than 40k a year? But she lives in a very expensive part of Canada and she does have Christian’s income as well. And honestly that’s pretty low and she doesn’t factor in the time she puts into it, she’s probably earning less than minimum wage but doesn’t realize it

No. 832195

Baylees also called her channel by being so inconsistent with her upload schedule… The algorithm hates that so she won't even be getting recommended for new subs, let alone her current ones. You make one video a week dude.. It's not that hard to have a few in the bank when something like the store opens up

No. 832578

You'd be surprised how much youtube makes alone from regular videos, let alone sponsorships. And all she ever does is sponsors for the videos she does put out…

Unfortunately she's nuking her channel sooo… oops?

No. 832600

File: 1562368522601.jpg (646 KB, 1080x1440, Xx.jpg)

No. 832623

Jfc I scrolled too fast and thought she was only wearing underwear and a shirt… Fuck no

No. 832707

Self employment has not been kind to baylee… If you're filming a full body skit for a video, atleast dress like you didn't just roll out of bed? She can actually look quite cute when she wears clothes that actually suit her body and skin type.

No. 832773

god she gets bigger everytime we see her. Is anyone going to let her know she’s too much of a whale to fit those shirts anymore?? She looks awful.

No. 832849

Why does she always wear super long undershirts with tight t-shirts?! I don’t understand it.

No. 832851

I personally use them when the shirts I wear over them are too short to cover my bum when I bend over or something. And that problem of shirts exposing or ass gets more common as clothing gets smaller or fits tighter, as seen on Baylee…

No. 832940


Probably to smooth out her rolls/creases a little when she wears tighter fitting shirts.

No. 832963

She thinks she's hilarious but she just looks stupid

No. 832991

No. 833003

It's odd how she haven't heard of half of the supplies. Other youtubers have heard of nearly all of them. Shows she lives in a little bubble.
The art work isn't too bad though.

No. 833034

The only supplies she works with are copics, colored pencils, her random assortment of dollar store acrylics, and her oils. Unfortunately she has little diversity in her supplies and they're usually one brand.

No. 833063

I was the anon who said she doesn’t have a thought process when she draws and this video just solidified that. She liked the facial expression and then just made him hold a fish… just because? The hand ppacements are so bad because she randomly drew them without thinking about anatomy and the arm placements. Im just over it tbh.

No. 833065

im pretty sure she just copied that fish bc its the best part of that art and didnt didnt erase anything. i honestly kinda feel bad for her lol

No. 833066

She's still losing subs even by using Jazza to get views lol

No. 833098

I hate Jazza so this video really irked me, Them being ‘buds’ and all makes the review a joke, totally biased.

No. 833107

No. 833108

the art is better than what she normally does but there's still just not much to it. I wonder how much her art would improve if she did thumbnails instead of going straight into a finished piece

No. 833130

File: 1562457187028.jpeg (97.26 KB, 516x398, 05EE10A1-AECB-45CB-85C4-A28ADD…)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her subscriber count in the red that long…

No. 833145

She said she sketched the idea out in another sketchbook. Kinda sad to think this is pretty much the peak for her art

No. 833206

It's weird to think that she got a degree in art, because it doesn't seem like she ever practices fundamentals or even does basic planning for her pieces. (Like anon who mentioned her lack of thumbnails, which are so easy and quick to do). Then again 1 thumbnail might take over an hr for her with how slow her sketching process is. I don't know much about animating or animation school, but aren't animators usually good at drawing quickly since they have to do so many frames?

No. 833208

I’m only a little way in, but already the video is incredibly representative of how thoughtless and wasteful she is. She went on and on about how she recycles, but her entire personality revolves around getting the most amount of the cheapest thing no matter how shitty the company is she’s buying it from.
Buys a plastic backpack she knows she doesn’t like from a fast fashion company only to ruin it with her stupidity and what? jus5 throw it away immediately? To then get a second shitty plastic bag from the same company. Also, I don’t judge people buying cheaper versions of things if that’s all you can afford, but she can afford to buy better quality leggings that will last longer. Again, she’s just brain dead, cheap, and wasteful. Thicker, better quality leggings would be so much more flattering as well - I find it weird that you can still clearly see her underwear under two layers.
Lastly, that haircut makes her head even rounder looking, her stubbornness to stick to the pink is going to see her looking like a moon at this rate.

No. 833210

There isn't going to be a single unbiased review on Youtube. Based on the rush of videos coming out, Jazza sent out a free box to every arttuber in existence.

No. 833212

There’s plenty of art schools that will let you have a degree no matter what your art skills are when you come out. Nearly all are private and for-profit and all they fare about is you paying the tuition for a degre. She definitely wasn’t an A student and an animation degree as well; depending on the school she went to, they probably didn’t hardcore push foundations and drawing basics and instead moved them to animation tools and stuff like that. (It’s colloquial, but the animation students at my alma mater varied around the place on their drawing skills)

No. 833213

Jazza sent every popular art youtuber one of his boxes

No. 833215

Her hair looks awful. It's not flattering at all, she just looks like a big pink blob

No. 833216

Those stats are quite bad. Her channel is slowly dying. I looked at her vlog channel too and it's very similar; the last month sub average was -298

No. 833236

What way the point of buying the backpack with those flowers if she was going to take them off? It not like clear backpacks are unheard of

She cut her hair shorter and complained about it being thin and breaking, like yeah it's breaking you've been torturing it with bleach for a year!

No. 833249

I can’t wait for it to dip below 1 Million and see her reaction since that milestone was such a big deal to her haha How she got that many subs with such mediocre amateur content I’ll never know.

No. 833286

I can't believe BOTH her channels are plumbing like that. Is a huge red flag. Also could it be that those lost subs are just bots she bought? Could be

No. 833359

I said this in the last thread, no way are all those subs genuine. Given she seemingly has money to waste I'm certain she has bought subs more than once. Someone also said in the last thread that during the countdown to 1 million live stream her subs suddenly plummeted and she immediately made up a story that she got a text saying her friends all unsubbed her all at the same time for the lulz.. yeah, rather she got caught out with paid bot accounts getting nuked all at once.

No. 833427

That's very very sad actually, would be hilarious if she made a video admitting it for the pity points

No. 833460

Ugh, whenever she watches that fake 'for entertainment purposes only' Ghost Adventures show, the next day she always mentions ghosts and spooky shit in the next vlog and that is exactly what is going to happen. She watched it yesterday and today her shower door suddenly slammed shut and she's making a big deal about it on Twitter so expect it in the next vlog too. She needs to grow up, ghosts do not exist. She does this every time. Boring.

No. 833464

I remember when she made a big thing about two lights showing in her old art room when she wasn't in there…it was her camera….rolls eyes

No. 834315

Oh look, her subs are climbing again, she totally didn't dish those dollars out for fake subs. She has 1.1 Million subs yet her videos barely break the 20k view mark. This is a telltale sign.

No. 834328

I must be missing something. Why does she need a small clear backpack for vidcon and disney?
Also the floral print on the first backpack was cute idk why she thought it was so ugly.

No. 834329

For security purposes. Everyone needs clear backpacks to enter Vidcon so you are not hiding any guns or weapons inside, though I'm not seeing the same rule for the D23 Expo.

No. 834334

Hold up, she's going to Vidcon and D23? Both events are held at the Anaheim Convention center opposite Disneyland. So I'm guessing she is going to Disneyland twice in a matter of weeks?
Vidcon: July 10th - 13th
D23: August 23rd - 26th
I love Disneyland but she always acts like an idiot there and at these conventions. These vlogs will be insufferable.

No. 834338

that makes sense. At first I thought she was just trying to be "aesthetic". And I'm assuming that she's showing a modicum of sense by using the same bag for both events instead of two different bags. Though just watch her change her mind and pack another bag. because hhhrnrhrgngnDIDNEYWORL

No. 834494

Lol maybe not, since she already knows she's going to take home a bunch of bags filled with heavy merch like dolls, statues, etc from the d23. She buys anything that she's even remotely interested in, whereas most people try to build up a merch collection of their favorite stories and characters to display, not just hoard like a fucking dragon.

No. 835009

Her eyebrows look so bad

No. 835043

EVERYTHING looks bad, that disgusting hair, non existent eyebrows, she's gained so much weight her clothes are all too tight, has no fashion sense, I could go on. The beard looks terrible ion Christian too, looks like a tramp.

No. 835058

Why she bringing dip to a convention?

No. 835099

I don’t think her clothes are tight just because she’s gained weight, a lot of the T-shirt’s we see are new. She buys her clothes too small (remember that gold sparkly dress that kept riding up, and you could see what she had for breakfast) I think she just doesn’t understand that just because something technically goes over her body, doesn’t mean it fits.

No. 835109

Probably in denial to how fat she is. I remember a couple years ago when she weighed herself on her vlog channel and was mortified at being her “heaviest” and she wasn’t even that big then. She wants to dress like a skinny girl with that “cute” aesthetic and it just looks awful.

No. 835119

I remember her buying some T-shirts a few months ago and she was getting size men small…like really Baylee? A small?!

No. 835141

Pretty sure all of her pusheen shirts are pretty old. She used to get a pusheen subscription box and every one came with a shirt

No. 835182

Am I the only one shocked that she is only at what seems to be page 5 or 6 of her improvement sketchbook?
The improvement series is been going on for over a month now, if she truly wants to improve she need to put in way more time and effort. It's not going to help her improve at all, if all she does is a page or two for a video every now and then.

No. 835184

I'm not shocked. It's Baylee we're talking about, she only does drawing if it's for a video. Therefore, I'm not surprised. She likes doing the bare minimum.

No. 835449

Isn’t she like 5’2” or something as well? Like she definitely should know that being that small and gaining any weight doesn’t help. Like she actually started looking slightly better when she was on keto but it looks like she gained all the weight back and then some since then

No. 835474


Especially in the shot of her painting her nails up close. She literally looks like a haggard salmon turtle. She really did get so heavy and you can see how her poor eating choices also are affecting her skin/break outs. I always knew her hair was completely fried but in that shot it literally looks like she combed her hair with a rock or stuck the ends in an electrical socket.

No. 835480

We all knew she was going to commit tbh. She doesn’t actually want to improve- because that requires actual work which she avoids at all cost.

No. 835553


Yeah, I was sure from the beginning that it's just gonna be another "Well I want to but only for a video" thing but I had at least a bit of hope she'd mean it this time.

The worst thing is that people are gonna praise her for her "dedication" and say she improved, while she won't improve shit. Especially now where she'll be gone for quite a while due to Vidcon, D23 and I guess Disneyland.

No. 835704

No. 835755

I dont understand why she tried to draw without reference? And then why didnt she try to figure out the planes from real life faces??

No. 835786

Uhhh…what's the difference in the thumbnail pic bc I dont see any???

No. 835795

The left was before studying, with zero references, the right was with reference. Cant you see the improvement??/s

No. 835810

Lol she’s losing subs again

No. 835821

It’s because she goes on and off of keto so much. You’re supposed to stay on it for at LEAST a few months but shes always cheating

No. 835849

I feel like she must be buying subs, that’s a drastic change from gaining subs to losing with the post of one video… hopefully people are seeing through her bullshit.. she doesn’t give a rats ass about improving. She doesn’t draw on the daily and has only been working on that stupid diamond painting of hers. Her channels seem to have hit their peak. It’s downhill from here unless she makes changes

No. 835858

Keto is stupid fad diet anyway. Eat sensibly in a balanced manner and burn more calories than you intake and you'll lose weight. She sits about doing nothing all day and gorges herself on chips and dip whilst running to Tim Hortons and McDonald's every two minutes.

No. 835859

It's painfully obvious at this point.

No. 835930

File: 1562885473186.jpg (781.75 KB, 999x1341, B.jpg)

Her hair looks so out of place

No. 835933

No lie. Girl has no sense of style whatsoever.

No. 835944

She looks completely out of place with these two, they can actually draw and she can't.

No. 835946

That hair looks ridiculous. She thinks she's being so edgy and different but no, you just look silly.

No. 835959

You’re being way too kind to Chloe and the guy whose drawing style is perpetually stuck in the late 80s

No. 835989

Her hair makes me cringe so much… it's SO thin it's like she combed yarn out and glued it to her head. Look at the other girls hair and how full it looks.

It's like a 34 year old male with bald spots and a bad diet tried growing out their hair to hide the bald spots.

No. 836070

I despise all three of them. Going to hang this on a dart board or something..

No. 836072

She knows her hair is fucked but what does she do? She bleaches and dyes it again like an idiot. Dye it brown once more and just leave it alone. She's almost 30, too old to be having neon colored hair anyway.

No. 836206

I don't entirely agree… There's no age limit for dyeing your hair. It's not Disney

No. 836230

Chloe can't draw for shit, what are you talking about? Jazza is the best of the three and if that isn't a sad indictment of that photo, I don't know what is.

No. 836236

File: 1562912672793.png (1.86 MB, 998x1340, Untitled_Artwork 7.png)

I photoshopped her with her old dark green hair. I think it suits her better.

No. 836287

Watching a few of those Artbox Unboxings, where Jazza added a letter, it was ridiculously obvious that even Jazza does not believe Baylee is an artist anymore. For every artist he mentioned something about their art, for Baylee he just wrote something that she is "a nice person".

I also think there's no "too old" for colored hair - but it also depends how you take care of it. And hers just looks like a cheap wig instead of well done color.

But: I don't see where the problem is for her to just go to a hairdresser and let your hair get bleached by them. It's not like Baylee does not have the money to go bleaching every 4 weeks. The pink does not damage the hair, but her using (I assume) bleach that is way too strong and not only in the parts that "need" it… well we see where it got her.

No. 836318

This. I would get my highlights done at a salon (bleached) and i’d dye it red at home. They never put bleach where my hair was already bleached before. She’s completely ruined her hair(blogging)

No. 836347

I think it still looks awful, her best hair was the light brown/blonde she had going on for her wedding.

No. 836349

I think she looked the best with that green/turquise hair, because she looked/was a lot thinner back then. I miss those times.

No. 836350

She has such fine, thin hair I wish she would get more layers and style it with more volume…I hate how it's just plastered to her head, it makes it look so stringy ans greasy

No. 836484

I think she bleaches only the roots but the heats the hair everyday and that damages it. I can’t imagine having so little hair and torture it so much.

No. 836535

She's actually been back to gaining subs since the Jazza video.

No. 836566

It's not possible to bleach only the roots by yourself, especially in the back. You can try to leave out the ends, but then it'll only be the last few inches, and you're re-bleaching the lengths every frickin time. That just happens when you're trying to get all the roots by yourself and don't use foils to protect the rest of the hair.

No. 836616

File: 1562964236656.png (60.99 KB, 870x622, Layzeejae.png)

Not quite. That brief uptick you see there is when Baylee splashed some cash and bought some subs to correspond with her newest upload to make it all seem less conspicuous.

No. 836669

I wonder if she'll blame the self "improvement" series on it. She mentioned a couple times in the vlogs how she expects those videos not to do well, at least views-wise.

No. 836752

Baylee did an art podcast with EmilyArtful

No. 836777

It's most likely just a temporary influx of people from Jazza's channel and once the video had past it's peak we're back to situation normal.
I mean you can buy all the subs you want but that doesn't stimulate growth if your content is still dull.

I think her stagnant skill level is one thing but I think the content in general needs to step up a gear and it just hasn't. People get bored of the same old thing after a while.
The big subscriber numbers are going to be from kids and teens who want a bit of fun after school but Baylee's commentary is just so dull. Jazza love him or hate him at least tries to make you laugh.

No. 836785

Who the fuck would want to interview Baylee? What a waste. She has nothing of interest to offer. I love that they squished the picture so she doesn't look quite so fat.

No. 836831

Lol, even in a slightly edited pic, her hair is still way too light and washes her out. I get that she wants that dreamy pastel aesthetic but u gotta learn that not all of the styles you like will work well for you personally. The teal/green hair wasn't great either, but it was better than this, hell even a darker magenta color would be okay. Maybe she'll get so frustrated with her hair that she'll shave it (if it doesn't all fall out before then) and get a bunch of janky ass wings like holly brown did, kek.

No. 836978

But look who's interviewing her. It's the I'm not like every artist please be my friend I want more subs girl that lies in her storytimes. Of course she is going to interview baylee

No. 837142


She feels like Baylee seems organized in her vlogs? I'm sorry but Baylee is quite unorganized, not only is her house a mess 90% of the time, she is also not organized with her schedule, day, store or anything. All she does is the bare minimum of being organized and then she jumps from one half done task to another half done task. That's also one of the reasons her art is rushed so often, because she has no organization nor time management skills at all, so things have go get done last minute.

I'm sorry for ranting but it really bothers me how unorganized Baylee has become.

No. 837157

It bugs me too! My big pet peeve is how she'll drop everything and run to the store for whatever little thing she suddenly wants instead of taking a breath, finishing the task she's currently doing, making a list, and consolidating her errands into one trip. She's so impulsive, it's unreal.

No. 837208

Can we stop all the talk of her buying subs? I think we’d have seen it sooner. I don’t believe she’s buying them at all and it’s such a lame argument. YouTube algorithm sucks ass but she's not ashamed to even talk about losing them so I doubt she’s buying them.

Low hanging fruit.

No. 837322

How do you know? The incident during the 1 Million live stream is enough to make me think she has, even if just the one time.

No. 837348

Psst, Baylee buys subs, pass it on..

No. 837445

omg she is the stupidest person ever.. her and emily both. "people like realistic stuff more than cartoony" no, dude, you just suck at art, that's why people don't like your art.. look at people like leigh ellexson, furrylittlepeach, audra auclair, minnie smalls, and so many freakin other artist that have stylized styles, not realistic, and they make such beautiful art..

No. 837468

File: 1563051401569.jpg (220.78 KB, 1250x796, Disgusting.jpg)

No words..

No. 837480

Should've spoilered.

No. 837581


Jesus christ she actually looks like the toad receptionist lady from monsters inc + an additional 50lbs

No. 837598

File: 1563062833568.jpg (183.02 KB, 1039x1040, Profile_-_Roz.jpg)

I think I'd rather the slug..

No. 838504

File: 1563207136382.jpeg (393.84 KB, 1800x1800, 5081EF36-587A-4BE4-B1DA-D41406…)

How tragic. I wonder if her shop and twitch makes up for the lack of income she is getting from YT. Her low engagement makes me certain she bought subs earlier on.

No. 838660

Why the hell are her subs climbing? She hasn't uploaded anything in ages..

No. 838725

Probably the Jazza video tbh.

No. 838728

And so the trip begins

No. 838755

im grossed out by the hotel room dip, why

No. 838756

a whole lot of mediocre in that room

No. 838757

because it's nasty? I can't imagine people were dying to try that dip. she was in the us for like 10 minutes before she was already spending $200 at target on bullshit.

No. 838815

yeah she's just crazy hypocritical that she goes through the aisles and says all the chips are cheese flavored then goes back to her hotel and makes a dip made of nothing but dairy and weird spices from home. Like i bet she thinks it's a ~quirky thing cuz she makes the dip on the vlog and stuff but that's just tacky and extra when everyone else brought bags of chips and it was in a restaurant or something (plus most people dont eat that much dairy?)

No. 838823

How much do you want to bet she left all the dishes she used to make the dip piled on the counter without washing them and won’t worry about them for days.

No. 838912

I mean, grocery stores and whole foods exists… she could’ve spent far less on dip. Yuck.

No. 838999

I want to see waffles. Also that dip looks disgusting

No. 839029

It's nice people are respecting she doesn't want to be revealed. We just get a glimpse of her hair

No. 839073

Unless someone takes a creepshot I doubt we'll see her

No. 839100

I'm insanely curious but i'm sure all of her art friends will be respectful of her privacy and not post her. I thought if anyone was going to fuck up and forget to censor her it would have been baylee

No. 839118

Why would anyone eat that dip, talk about a health concern. She was better off bringing some prepackaged food to the event since the chance of people eating something homemade was slim to none. Similar to potlucks at work.

No. 839200

when I saw her making that dip I thought it was supposed to go in the oven, especially with all the cheese, but no she just spread it on top. Are you gonna take all those dishes you bought home baylee???

No. 839258

This vlog was so weird. Says she can’t get too much groceries since she has to carry them back proceeds to fill up her basket of useless shit that dip looked disgusting. Then talks a weird amount of time analyzing how nobody was eating the dip at first and she wasn’t sure if any was left. I’m nitpicking but it was just really weird how long she lingered about it even if she acts like it wasn’t a big deal..? Then gets emotional about being in a room full of other YouTubers who are all equally as cringe or shit at art if not worse. Honestly made me realize all over again how pathetic her life is if this is the stuff she chooses to get emotional or concerned. Bad artists and her disgusting dip.

No. 839284

Something that really stood out to me was that she couldn't name one artist that inspired her from the past decade??
I feel like that's something that anyone who is critically looking at their artwork should have at least an IDEA of. It makes me think part of the reason she's not growing as an artist is because she's not taking/learning enough from other artists… that's like a big step in growing into your own work.

No. 839330

Yeah I had similar feelings about the vlog. She analyses the snacks and the dip and that part on how she liked the time with the other tubers bc they're "her people". It was weird…

No. 839538

No. 839565

A summary

>>Baylee hair looking like a wig pt2819273

>>"We're illustrators not relaly animators"
>>Meeting with the Skillshare people (is this like a cult?!)
>> Pop up Disney (lasts forever)
>> An opossum / cubone from hell and Kasey voice
>> Kasey Vs Opossum
>> Don't wanna bring my huge camera to disney
>> Disney commentary

No. 839573

and no peeks of waffles, for those who are curious

No. 839611

That vlog was an absolute struggle to get through, skipped most of it, so boring.

No. 839646

jazza's honestly so lame at this point like he thinks he's funny but he's really not

No. 839654

She does appear in that last video twice.

Just as a hand doing a thumbs-up from off screen.

No. 839712

I wonder why she takes such pains to hide her appearance. I understand wanting privacy, but she went out in public to vidcon so it's not like fans didnt see her?

No. 839724

I'd like to see what Waffles looks like, but it might be that she's really self conscious or something similar. Hopefully any of her fans who saw her there will respect her wishes as well.

There are probably a lot of adults obsessed with Disney out there, but Baylee legitimately has a problem. She spends nearly every vacation she gets (which is many) at Disney locations, probably 50% of the things she buys in her day to day life are Disney-related, etc etc. You can say all you want about not shaming people for their unique (yet ultimately harmless) hobbies. However, Baylee's "hobby" has gotten to a point that's worrying. How does she never get tired of it? What other interests does she have aside from Disney, spongebob, the occasional video game, and making bad drawings?

No. 839732

Judging by the frequent direction this thread and Holly's thread delves into I'm really not surprised Waffles doesn't want people to see her.

No. 839757

He's always been lame and his art is incredibly mediocre but he acts like he's an amazing artist

No. 839766

“I don’t want people to think I paid you to be here” he said

He did, he gave them all free art supplies to promote his dumb art box. What a dumbass

No. 839780

Kek forgot about that.

What was his panel about anyway?

No. 839794

I wonder if her illness affects her appearance in a way that makes her self-conscious? She's pretty tight-lipped about what she has going on healthwise (which is totally her right) and maybe she doesn't want to give people more ammo to speculate what's going on with her based on how she looks?

Or, you know, she's been here and knows the kinds of things people will say about her body and doesn't want to deal with it.

No. 839796


I believe it's "YouTube Stardom: With Nothing But Your Phone!" so he basically talks about making videos with just your phone, from filming, editing and uploading.

No. 839810

Has anyone else vlogged this? Baylee's video is more like a slideshow

She paints her nails because the treatment or something makes them a weird color, but don't quote me on that

Tbh I only see anons shitting on hollys looks.
Baylee gets made fun of for the fug faces she randomly pulls and her hair, both of which are her own doinv

No. 839815


Maybe to be kow for what she does and not who she is?

No. 839840

Or maybe she's actually a famous person and don't wanna be recognized? But the voice would be a problem. Whatever.
I just can't stop thinking about how awful Baylee hair look is atrocious

No. 839889

Face reveal would get her massive views. Gotta save it for when her channel peaks.

No. 839898

Please tell me you're joking lol.

No. 840491

No. 840498


I was just going to post that too. Honestly I'm a bit surprised that she managed to make a new video so quick. Seeing how lazy she tends to be with filming and getting back into the swing of things.

I think it's a nice idea to incorporate the sketching in the beginning but the result is so meh looking. The head is just way too big. I know it's common with cartoony style but it just looks awfull. Girl needs to study anatomy really bad.

It all also looks boring af, it's just Ariel floating around, being surrounded by random things like Flounder and Sebastian.

The coloring…not a fan. Especially the face looks awful.

Anyone else also noticed how the boobs and bra don't go together? The bra is too far to the right.

No. 840512

I unironically like how she colored the tail.

The composition is so stagnant tho. She could have at least tried to make it look like the things around Ariel were floating in the water instead of just placed there like accessories for a Barbie doll.

No. 840532

she looks super yellow, she should do color studies for real skin. I like the texture she got in the hair, though.

No. 840537

I was surprised she went for a darker skinned character given the limited colors she had to work with.

No. 840540


She seems to like doing these drawings with little trinkets and stuff just sort of floating around a character. I honestly think it could be a neat idea for a series of drawings, sort of like a meet the artist thing for fictional characters. But the way she’s doing it doesn’t come through very well, it just looks like she couldn’t decide what to put in the background.

Regardless I actually HAVE seen some improvement in her recent vids. It seems like she’s spending more time thinking out the drawings instead of just putting pencil to paper on a final piece before she even has a solid idea in her head.

No. 840548

seems like she has taken inspiration from Rin's videos

No. 840557

her art is so mediocre, it's frustrating to see considering it's her job and has been for years!

No. 840565

In what way?

No. 840575



The only thing I can see that is similar is that Rin usually also shows the sketching process in the beginning, but I wouldn't say that is exclusively to Waffles.

No. 840608

I don’t get why she doesn’t try to blow up her drawings a bit. The details look so bad when its thay tiny. If she scaled the sketch properly on photoshop it would help not make the details look so fucking sloppy

No. 840612

Here's the new vlog

No. 840669

Her obsession with pink is just TOO MUCH!

No. 840902

Baylee's def not the only one with this problem on YT. It's easier to see your mistakes when you draw larger, but it's also more intimidating because of that. And you realize just how empty the whole illustration looks or how the pose doesn't have as much flow or gesture as you wanted it to, etc. Baylee seems like the kind of person who could do drawings with tons of tiny items and details in them decently if she took the time to think it through and make things look like they belong.

No. 841001

I also think this is a thing with a lot of artists where like, if they do it traditional then they HAVE to stick to that way and vice versa with digital. Like it could have been way better if she had fixed shit in photoshop and traced it with the markers for a final, she’s marker traced before. But it’s like that uggo oil painting she did before, like instead of tweaking it better in the oil version, she just straight up copied it without fixing anything. She’s definitely not working smart at all but it’s par for the course for her

No. 841003

I find Baylee to be so disgusting sometimes. She used a kitchen utensil to stir that paint and I bet she probably didn’t even rinse it off right away just like she leaves all her messes for later. I’ve seen her use her copics as “chop sticks” before to eat chips so her “fingers don’t get dirty” but who knows what kind of nasty stuff is just sitting on the surface of her markers. I get so grossed out watching her videos sometimes.

No. 841058

Thats so such a stupid concept but i think you’re right. Remember this video? Baylee said she realized the lady’s head was too big but she just went on drawing?? Why not fix it in photoshop and then color? Makes no sense to me. It feels kind of lazy that she won’t try to make the sketch look as good as she can before jumping into coloring with copics

No. 841151


She does fixes things in Photoshop sometimes. In the Ariel one, she says how the head was too big in her sketch, so she scanned it in, made the head smaller and printed it out. What she was tracing was the printout not the original sketch.
I think she lacks the skill level in order to see many of the mistakes she makes. Then of course she tends to also be lazy and rush her videos, although it has gotten better now where she doesn't follow a schedule anymore.

No. 841160

why does she sketch on paper then scan it, 'fix' in photoshop and then prints it out to trace over?
why not just start sketching in photoshop and fix mistakes along the way

No. 841177

You're making too much sense, anon. Baylee has to use the slowest process possible so that she can boast about how hard she worked on a drawing that would take anyone else way less time. Even though she also has a huge Cintiq which would make fixing things/digital sketching even easier.

No. 841256

Who the hell decides they want to paint their desk pink for no real reason while she’s in the middle of editing a video. It’s crazy how counterproductive she is.

No. 841416

So you’re telling me thats the result even when she does fix the sketch on photoshop??

No. 841459

It’s like she doesn’t know basic human anatomy and proportions, oh wait

No. 841556


Yup. The problem really is that she simply doesn't know better because she lacks so many basics.She won't even do anything to improve (that improvement series she has is a joke). Worst of all if people point out things like the head being way too big, she'll just go "Oh it's because it's in a cartoon style" like no Bayls, it looks bad because you don't know anatomy.

No. 841584

File: 1563720289737.jpg (493.61 KB, 1080x830, Lul.jpg)

Isn't baylee still working on hers?

No. 841616

Oof, aren't they supposed to be friends?

No. 841635

She's so annoying.

No. 842203

She is, filth lying around, unwashed dishes piling up by the sink for weeks, is she too stupid to realize that washing up one plate right after eating is a hell of a lot quicker than washing up ten several days later once the food has hardened on there and stained the plates?

Also her cats just climb all over everything including customer orders which is downright disgusting. She's never even washed them, yes they lick themselves, which still spreads spit and bacteria all over themselves, you're still supposed to wipe them over with a warm damp cloth every now and then. The thought of buying something from her and finding cat hairs and shit where one has sat on the item actually repulses me.

No. 842389


Agree with you that it's unprofessional to let pets climb over customer orders. There was a clip from a vlog where one of the cats was scratching/climbing up a stack of the flatpack cardboard boxes. It just seems careless and sloppy.

I don't think it's really a hygiene issue though in the sense of it potentially being a source of infection (otherwise people would be a lot more sick, a lot more of the time).

However, it is very unprofessional and disrespectful of the product she's selling, and by extension, her customers.

No. 842533


not to mention there could be customers h=who has cat allergies, possibly severe too

No. 842774


What Baylee needs is discipline. It's so often where she could have avoided things to get messy in the first place by having a trash bag/bin next to her and throwing things away right away instead of just dumping everything on the floor.
However she just won't do it because she doesn't care. I remember in a vlog she talked about taxes and how she doesn't keep track of all her receipts and is quite messy with it and she says something like "but why work all year on it if you can just do it all in one day" and I think that sums her up pretty well.
The cats it's the same problem, when they moved into that big house she tried training them but gave up after a while because she was tired of it. Baylee seems to be too driven by motivation and if the motivation runs out, she stops.

No. 842806

She needs a good slap and a shake to be brought back in to reality. Moans her subs are dropping but then doesn't increase uploads or the quality of said uploads so she only has herself to blame.

No. 843089

oh don't worry - she's covered that in a vlog. her viewers "know what environment her packages come from, so it's up to them to order if they have allergies." classy.

No. 843322


Wait so does she just assume that everyone who buys something from her store watches the vlogs? I mean it's probably like that, but I wouldn't just assume that everyone is aware on just how much her cats touch everything. It's one thing knowing that there are cats in the household, it's another thing knowing that their bumhole has been on everything.

No. 843409

I’m very positive that like only her viewers buy her stuff. Even if that is the case, she should still be more considerate.

No. 843485

>> stuff sticks to the non sealed painted desk, "I might need an electric sander to sand it tdown"
>>"My hair look so light and floofy then I looked in the mirror and omg so flat" really Baylee??
>>Shop orders got missing but she resent them
>>Trash everywhere
>>Donate toys including a buttload of tsumtsum and some Disney dolls

Wow she is getting rid of some junk she doesn't need

No. 843543

That's a lot of plushies for an adult woman

No. 843550

Swear her hair gets worse and her face gets rounder in each video

No. 843564


It's been a while since I watched any of her videos, but I always assumed that her Toy Channel was justification for buying an immense load of Disney merch. Or a way to recoup the cost.

Glad she is having a clean out though, it's good she's recognising she's got a lot of stuff and that perhaps somebody else might enjoy them more.
Wonder if she's still buying in the same amount though, or if getting rid of old things means she's going to splurge on new merch.

No. 843565

Dude Baylee should turn her vlogging channel or just art channel into an all-around self-improvement channel. Like seeing how improving parts of her life helps improve her art, exercising regularly will give her more energy to draw, getting rid of stuff will help her get her space organized into an appropriate place to do her job, etc.

I really wish she and christian would move to a smaller house. Doesn't she have like 6 bedrooms? For two people, that's honestly ridiculous. I bet they'd save money on rent too.

No. 843576

I said this a few threads back when she first moved in, very wasteful and an actual big family would have befitted more from the house but whatever. In the UK there's taxes imposed on people who move in to houses with more bedrooms than people, "Bedroom tax" to discourage it.

Anyway here's her new art box swap piece, I like the concept, it's amusing but yeahhh it's not good is it. The dog's face looks very amateurish.

No. 843580

File: 1563999632350.jpg (154.37 KB, 920x662, BJ1.jpg)

No. 843583

I dont think it is necessarily a bad thing to want to live in a home with space and extra rooms, especially if you are someone that has family/friends visiting a lot, or in Baylee's case, work from home and have your own studio space. That being said, I do think it is super wasteful to just fill all of those rooms up with unnecessary shit like she she does. All her crap just overflows into every room they have and it just looks like a massive hoarder pile. I remember when she first moved in she had the house so well organized. Guest bedroom, storage, little workout room + cat stuff, and her studio space/toy room. Yes they were still filled with crap but they were at least organized. At some point idk wtf happened but it just turned into chaos. It was long before the basement flooded too but that just made things even worse for her upstairs. I think at some point she just got in her head that everything had to have her 'aesthetic' and just started impulsive shopping and now her aesthetic is basically just trashy warehouse.

No. 843591

No. 843594

The bedroom tax is only imposed on people in receipt of housing benefit for living in a house with more bedrooms than needed. But yes, I do think she lives in an unnecessarily large house for what they need.

No. 843601

Gawd…Her hair is so damaged it’s getting shorter, she looks like a pink phallus in that thumbnail.

No. 843611

Baylee, honey, who ever told you that pink hair looked good really wasn't looking out for your best interests. Please stop dyeing it. You'll be bald in no time.

No. 843617

Anyone remember that time Baylee shit herself? I do. Can't take her seriously ever since.

No. 843633

This is such a pink overload omfg

No. 843681

Did she ever mention getting an haircut or did her hair get this short only from breakage? She should really consider letting it rest for a bit

No. 843689

Pink hair, pink nails, pink shirt, pinkish skin… all this pink is making her look like a pig.
Less is more.

Elaborate pls

No. 843692

Not the same anon but she made a vlog talking about shitting her pants once.
Starts around 5:30.

No. 843703

Her hair is so much better here imo, I wish she'd go back to that.

No. 843712


thats actually disgusting wtf she goes into so much detail about it too

No. 843719

I think she mentioned trimming her hair in one of the recent vlogs. I can’t remember which one.

No. 843740

Tl;dw version:

>Talks about how she often requires urgent toilet trips after food. Been to the doctors about it and has had tests but apparently it's fine

>Was at home working, thought a fart was coming but sharted instead.
>Goes into graphic detail
>"Why am I putting this on the internet?!"

Good question, Bayls. Just think, she recorded that, then re-watched it before editing and uploading it. Yikes!

She does looks great with the blonde hair though, it really suits her.

No. 843744

As gross as she was being in this old vlog, the differences between her hair in that one compared to her hair in the recent vid is just sad. I do think curling her hair made it look less flat and a LITTLE better, but it still needs a whole lot of TLC, not to mention either dying it an actual different color than the same shade as her skin or leaving it as her natural, after she gives it a major break from all the bleaching and shit she's been doing. Not to be that person, but the more round or chubby your face is, the more you want your hair to look nice and not be so flat that it makes your face look even fatter.

No. 843813


The current length of her hair just doesn't suit her face. Also nitpicking but the pink desk bothered me throughout the video for some reason. I love pink but that is just too much for me.

No. 843816

in the vlog she says herself that it's all pink and may be too much.

I don't like white or extremely dark furniture myself. But I think Baylee forgot that there's something like brown and/or wood-design. But oh well… (I really miss the contact paper aesthetic of her old desk!)

No. 843833

Her desk is chipping cuz she’s using cheap garbage paint cuz it was ~Disney and she didn’t put any topcoats or anything to seal it in. She would have been better off using contact paper

No. 844030

Exactly, doesn't help it's cheap as shit Ikea furniture so it won't last all that long anyway. The new art room is a cluttered mess. I miss her old desk.

No. 844150

buys pink paint not meant for a desk bc it's ~disney. doesn't have any idea what to do with it. puts it on an unprimed surface and doesn't seal it. real smart.

on another note, I wish she would get rid of all her art supplies except copics, that way she would be forced to get better at them. seriously baylee, you do nothing all day and live at home 24/7, you should try to actually improve- not this 1x a month self-improvement thing you think is gonna do anything

No. 844304

I think a restriction on the 12pack Prismacolors and maybe a pencil + eraser should do - that way sketching would be easily possible, but she would be forced to think about mixing colors instead of just using 20 different hues of red ready in a marker.
But let's just continue using every medium maybe once a year, if something except the copics get lucky.

No. 844395

No. 844408

omg why did she think that a diamond painting THAT HUGE would be a good idea? does she need videos for arty advent (2020 at her speed) or something :o
Further: Did she really put two of those boards into the print, but NONE onto the original art? If you really want to use excessive amounts of packaging, please just be consistent with it >_>(:o >_>)

No. 844414

what would be the point of that video? that artwork is ancient.

No. 844704

Probably sponsored by the company that makes those weird diamond paintings? Is the one holly did sponsored cuz that would be the point of it. But we all know BJ and she won’t have this done until 2025 and the cats will spill and choke on the diamonds

No. 844754

A diamond painting is seriously one of the worst things she could do considering the rate at which she does literally everything.

No. 844807

She’s said before she doesn’t really like the diamond paintings and that she’s just looking for something to do on stream. Because of course she can’t do art or anything on stream

No. 844848


For real? Didn't know she hated art that much that she would rather do something else she apparently also dislikes.

No. 844855

No. 844857

Honestly the most relatable I've ever found her. I also get ridiculous irrational nightmares about my pets being in danger and always being one step too far away to save them.

No. 844858

File: 1564250066794.png (842.63 KB, 630x820, Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 1.54…)

No. 844862

i checked out other artists' work and i think baylee's is the best by far. most of them went with the theme of "cute girl in danger"

No. 844868

I think thats a pretty normal fear, because I have it too.

No. 844908


I honestly kinda like it. Sure the execution could have been better but I like the idea and that she went with such a crazy expression. Fits the theme pretty well too. Better then pretty girl in a spooky/dangerous situation.

No. 844937

Agreed. The other artists are doing the exact same pretty girl art as always, Bayley's is the most interesting and theme-appropriate of the bunch. And kudos for going for a challenging facial expression and lighting direction, while still keeping her style noticeable in there. Thumbs up on this one.

No. 844948


the way she drew the lips look abysmal though

No. 845144


Good concept but I don't really get why she went into digital art when the piece is so heavily meant to resemble/look traditional. Just feels off.

No. 845214

The floating head is just a weird concept to me. It also isn’t well executed so i don’t even want to give her credit

No. 845248

Probably cuz it’s faster for her to do something digital since traditional means she has to dig through all her garbage and make a spectacle of setting everything up and she was cutting the YTAC deadline close. I can give kudos to her for at least not defaulting to spooky pretty girl in a forest like most of them, but this still looks like the copy of something from spongebob

No. 845270

Hey this isn’t too bad, I always liked Baylee’s animations better than her illustrations because she does have the talent when is comes to expressions and movement. My complaint is the angle of the teeth. The shot is looking up at the face, so you wouldn’t see much of the bottom teeth, and you’d see the back molars on top. The drawing would benefit with movement in the hair too, imo. The heavy lines work really well, but that’s in her favour since she draws with a heavy hand. Sage for no milk.

No. 845272

I feel like I'm missing the appeal of the piece. It still looks like something out of a 7th grade art class. Sure it's different than her usual work - but it's still not good.

No. 845419

I appreciate Baylee's concept in this piece, but I definitely feel like she could have pushed it more somehow if she had more time to mess with it, time management is her own fault though.

You know it's gotten bad when you can say that Baylee's is probably the best YTAC piece (so far). It's very different from her usual work, which I actually like and think a lot of us are yearning for that kind of thing solely bc of how YouTube has been saturated with artists who only draw the same lackluster things over and over again ("vacant-looking pretty Disney girls" is only a portion of that, albeit probably the most popular). If some of the other YTAC members pushed their styles or did something out of their comfort zone, then maybe I wouldn't rate Baylee's piece the highest, but rn it's the only distinguishable one.

No. 845456

idk if this would divert from the topic too much but can someone post all the ytac picture for comparison?

No. 845501


i don't understand you ppl saying her drawing is good.. there's nothing scary about it.. literally nothing, and the lips look just ridiculous, i'm so sick of her stupid 'i stylized it' argument. plus, lemme just say, only baylee would be as stupid as to be scared by freakin dinosaurs.. that have been extinct for thousands of years and she idiotically says 'i watched jurassic park, it's a possibility' … wtf ?

No. 845513

The talking about irrational fears? Relatable.
But the Art? For me it looks like a sketch or concept, not like a finished & polished artwork.
I would go so far and say it's a bad reproduction of Beautiful Nightmare, with a bad but different face.

No. 845617

I feel like if she had made it into an oil painting it would work better cuz she could play with texture and give it more of a finished look.

No. 845679

That would have been a great idea, especially since she hasn't done her "monthly" oil painting in…what, over a year? She'd just say it's too "time consuming" though.

No. 845732

No. 845837

I agree. By “stylised” she must mean a more flattering version of herself plus spongebob. Plumper lips, thinner face, thicker hair. I didn’t watch the whole video, but looked at the reference image, and she basically made her features bigger, thus making her face look thinner. She’s really bad at recognizing issues when she’s drawing from reference.

No. 845841

File: 1564469010696.jpeg (1.19 MB, 994x2148, B32DF619-1D0A-47CE-9625-3C94DC…)

If you search “ytac phobias” and go through the videos, you can see at least Danica and Monique’s stuff so far which is “pretty girl in front of the moon” for some reason

No. 845891


I feel like someone who is quite known for having poop emergencies, should really try to avoid two coffees on an empty stomach.

I often think that she should try to meal prep/plan and stick to set mealtimes. Could give her at least a bit of structure in her day. God knows she needs that.

No. 845924

Did she do ANYTHING art related in those three days?
Ughhh it just pisses me off as someone who wishes I didn’t have to have a 9-5 job see someone who’s supposed to be a full time artist do jackshit until 3pm and then go watch shrek with their buddies for the rest of the night. I feel like I’m slipping up when I skip a day of not drawing anything.

No. 845928

Same, anon
She hates drawing so much she'd rather do her mind-numbing diamond painting on livestreams than draw

No. 845933

Am I right in thinking that yet again, instead of working on her self-improvement “series”, she’s going to post a video about her incredibly unnecessary and expensive camera setup?

No. 845934

has she ever followed through any of her 'series' other than 'x as a hot guy'?

No. 845994


What would even be the point of showing the camera set up? Her viewers can't afford that equipment anyways. It also just seems outdated to do camera setup videos imo.

No. 845995


What would even be the point of showing the camera set up? Her viewers can't afford that equipment anyways. It also just seems outdated to do camera setup videos imo.

No. 846041

No. 846080

This is yet another example of her showing off how much equipment she has, spending unnecessary amount of time setting it all up, and not focusing on making art. She’s the epitome of thinking that having the most equipment and supplies make you a good artist when really she should be putting this much effort into improving her art. And the worst is that her fans eat it all up and pick up on her bad habits.

No. 846125

File: 1564519038241.png (1.04 MB, 1440x1865, Screenshot_2019-07-30-12-29-52…)

No. 846148


If she at least would be good at drawing guys. Her hot guys are some of her worst art.

No. 846224

why does she have that hot guy as her featured art in this camera set up video? it's her worst performing video, isn't it?

she needs to give up the hot guy series. people are over it.

No. 846234

I added up the prices from her list in the decription and the approximate price for her set up is $3889

No. 846238

Holy shit. Compare that to Jazza, who did an entire panel about creating vids with only your phone. Granted, she doesn't HAVE to give people ideas for a more affordable set-up in 2019 (since her older camera set up vids are probably a little outdated by now, if she has any). It's more so the fact that her editing and camera work does not necessitate tools of that expense in any way shape or form. There are artists who use old webcams or phones and make more engaging vids than hers, lmao. (Whether it's just their script, their editing skills, better art, etc.)

No. 846245

OT I thought that was onion's reeeeegetarian body video while scrolling past but noticed it didn't have enough acne

No. 846281

I nearly clicked off the video when I saw she was using the Night King piece to demo her camera set up.
We get it, the sword is his wang. So hilarious.

I don't mind her showing her set up but she really did make it sound like if you don't have a $600 camera you might as well not bother. I've seen plenty of people use their phones or just that Logitech webcam for their set up. Works well enough when you are starting out.

No. 846638

So her next hot guy is gonna be bowser.

No. 846646

Whatever anon commented about her hands looking like pigs feet a while back: Thanks. It's all I've seen since and I hate it.

No. 847063

File: 1564657740655.jpg (394.58 KB, 2144x1960, IMG_20190801_211032.jpg)

Next set of pin designs.

No. 847071


The bunny is kinda cute, very basic and a common style. The cat…why the hell is it pink? It looks like a naked cat with a rash. The third I don't really get. It feels like some kind of inside joke or am I missing something?

No. 847077

The thing with the "amazeen ort" is an inside joke, it's based on that annoying udemy-commercial in front of many art youtubers - "Do you want to learn how to draw AMAZING ART?" She also included it in the video where she tried Jazzas Blending-Tutorial.

I don't get why everything has to be pink now. Amazeen Ort does not look like a canvas at all, and the cat would be better off having Midnas color scheme… At least the generic bunnies are cute.

No. 847090


Because of her aesthetics. All pink and teal. She just can't really make it work imo. Frannerd for example uses a lot of pastel pink too but her colors work so much better, and I'm not even a fan of Frannerd.
I mean, it can't just be me who thinks that pink and that teal/blue combo Baylee does, don't work well together.

No. 847122

The bunny is just a sad copycat of Katnipp dog for pins, she has one wearing a pumpkin too, just a quadrillion time better looking

No. 847154

in general, and with an actual consistent aesthetic, pink and teal are pretty together, but I think the more saturated and opposite those colors are, the more they fight for dominance from your eyes. So they only really work when it's more of a pastel pink and sea foam green. Paired with lavender and pastel yellow for accents, they look good together, but not slapped together the way Baylee does.
The pink she uses (at least in those pins) is slightly too blue, and the teal is slightly too green. What could be a cute aesthetic is just a victim of Baylee's horrible color selecting.

sage for art rant.

No. 847200

File: 1564685074133.jpeg (495.4 KB, 1273x552, EAA4870B-7939-4F82-BE4F-6DAD5F…)

God she was obsessing over that cat pin when it’s just a tired old idea and she doesn’t even execute it well. If you google “fits sits pin” you get more designed much better than that. And it really bothers me that bun pin is asymmetric cuz she can’t be bothered to use th symmetry tool in Procreate

No. 847305


She'll still sell all her pins though since her fans will just buy whatever she produces.

It frustrates me so much that she's so successful with such mediocre designs and skills, while other artists who do amazing stuff struggle to make ends meet.

No. 847432

Honestly that’s why I hate watch BJ’s stuff. I think she knows her skills and everything are lacking but she’s too stuck in her ways and chickenshit to get better and not record herself 24/7. Like her views are decreasing and her engagement is lax, it’s not gonna last forever, but it’s the bullshit of art and social media that her mediocre stuff gets traction.

No. 847479

I watched the vlog, but somehow it didn't register that that's a cat…until this post.

Why is the cat pink?

All this pink shit is killing me.

No. 847789

No. 847797

isnt her target audience kids?

No. 847809


Nah, her audience are women-children like herself. That she attracts a lot of kids is more of a collateral damage …

No. 847813

File: 1564794074166.jpg (729.02 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20190803_030033_com…)

Why does he only have one nipple?

No. 847817

For some reason it’s hiding under the chain near his hand

No. 847826

Wtf it's like three inches from where it should be

No. 847828

i honestly think the hiding nipple is in the right place, i remember always feeling weird putting nipples in seemingly wrong places when i used to do a lot of live figure drawing… they are drastically uneven looking sometimes. i bet she used a reference 1:1 too.

What is wrong is how she let the chain cover the nipple, making it awkward. she should have designed the page so the chain and hand didn't overlap the nipple. that nipple is dead center also, and there's two things overlapping at that point. it's just distracting.

No. 847830

It's like she thinks cuz he's fat his chest works like a woman's and is able to swing back and forth or something?? There is no milk sack in there Baylee it doesn't do that

No. 847852


ok but like even the other nipple is off like if isnt it the center of the pec then it looks like a boob in sideview :/(don't use emoticons)

No. 847863

yup, she should have edited it or the pose so it’s less awkward but she probably also didn’t do that so she wouldn’t have to draw the fingers on the front hand, it looks flatter than the rest of the image.

I went to check her socialblade after she put up this video and she’s down subscribers. How many days until she buys more?

No. 847865

Take a shot for everytime someone types 'nipple'

No. 847880

Why is his head so small? She usually makes the mistake of drawing heads too big. She's way over corrected in the other direction.

No. 847892

her hot guys videos are always so incredibly cringy, she giggles, acts like a child who never saw a patch of skin in her life, makes it all more sexual than it needs to be… baylee is the type of woman-child that laughs when someone says 'sex' …

No. 847905

Yeah I suspect these videos will make her lose subs because it’s just so cringey and pointless. Who are these videos for?

No. 847960


The cringe. She acts like she's never seen a shirtless guy in her life.

I wish she would just stop with the hot guy series, the drawings don't even look all that good.

No. 847994

anyone else noticed she hasn't done any more sketching in her sketchbook since the Ariel sketch. Proves she only draws for videos

No. 848100

you just have to watch the vlogs to know that, as she does always showcase it when she draws. And that is, as you say, exclusively for videos.

No. 848105

I really thought the cat was bubble gum and the "canvas???" was an eraser.

No. 848261

lot of love for her own art in here despite ho often she claims to realise it's bad

also she's been offered a laser cutter, for FREE. and intends to copy Holly who she loves a whole lot. yikes

No. 848266


the cows are merging lol
i would pay to see holly's reaction to this wine mom getting a free lasser cutter

No. 848376

She says it’s a 5k laser cutter but like, since she mentions it shipping from China, it’s probably a shitty one we all know she’s gonna use once and just leave in pieces on her floor forever

No. 849944

Just watched the Bowser hot guy vid because I was super fucking bored…and jfc, the last thing I want to imagine is Baylee aroused, or getting off to her own art, super fucking gross.

No. 850445

No. 850452


Well that diamond painting just really needed some cat.

No. 850456

She is never gonna finish that painting

No. 850498


Is Baylee OK? I noticed in this vlog that her skin used to look better than it does right now. Perhaps it's the camera or lighting, or perhaps she's stressed or unwell? It's been a while since I last saw her videos so maybe I'm just imagining things. Thoughts?

Cat licking her diamond painting at 11:18-12:30
Seems like the sort of thing most people would do their best to keep their animals away from.

I don't think I'd have the patience for that diamond painting. Props to her if she finishes it off eventually, that's a lot of work.

No. 850546

a while back she stopped using foundation, maybe that's what's different and makes her skin look more blotchy?

No. 850559


her diet is garbage and she doesn't seem to ever be outside for long too.

the cat is for sure going to end up eating dozens of those diamonds. the pinned comment says that she hasn't eaten any…. i don't believe that for a second.

No. 850608

How is this woman okay with her animal licking at the glue and trying to eat those tiny diamonds??? Thats not quirky or cute it's dangerous.

No. 850646

In her livestream she thought the cat did eat one, but luckily it spat it out. After that she still set the camera up to catch the cat because she knew it would go for the diamonds again. Good pet ownership baylee..

No. 850658

Weird to remember that she used to be want to be a veterinarian and claims to love animals.

No. 850752

She's already put like 15 hours into that diamond painting and she's not even a quarter of the way through it. At most she'll get one art channel video out of it. I could understand if she was doing it because she legitimately enjoyed it as a hobby but it really seems like she's only doing it for a video. Just think of how much progress she'd make if she ditched the diamond painting and dedicated the same amount of time to actually sketching instead.

No. 850944

I’m pretty she actually IS only doing it for a video. By the time she even finishes it, nobody will care about diamond paintings anymore.
She also said in one of her recent vlogs that her self-improvement series is going to be like a sketchbook flip-through and maybe something like her warm-up one. AKA, she’ll probably do her “self-improvement” in one sitting then make a video.

No. 851006

No. 851014

She'll do absolutely anything to get out of having to drawing anything of quality it seems. Camera set ups, lighting set ups, making her own markers, reviewing paints and markers, equipment hauls.. no one gives a shit Baylee, just sit your fat ass down and draw something good that you've actually put thought and emotion in to. Is that too much to ask?

No. 851525

couldn't have said it better myself. I 100% agree

No. 851529

Further demonstrating her target audience is children

No. 851697

No. 851717

Did she really talk about redoing thumbnails again? Really?
It really is too much to ask for her to sit down and create some content.

No. 851797

So much procrastinating from doing actual art… zzz
I feel like she needs to do some serious soul searching, like she’s forgotten how to enjoy doing art so she’s not doing it. I was really rooting for her when she did her “I hate my art” video. Going back to fundamentals is something I do whenever I feel stuck with my art… but it seems like she just gave up, or was determined to not try in the first place.

No. 851914


I was thinking the same thing. Sure thumbnails are important but every few weeks she is redoing them. Will it even make a difference if it's not a recent video?

No. 852156

Ugh.. She wants a new, smaller, and thinner sketch book.. obviously so she doesn't have to draw nearly as much to fill it so buys one for $30 from Amazon then starts drawing in a new one she already had lying around. This bitch sure loves wasting money and hoarding junk.

No. 852214

She buys illo books cuz everyone on YT has them (cough like waffles) and with 24$ in shipping cuz Canada instead of like, using what she’s got and looking for local alternatives.

At least she’s going back to trying to do studies but even from the thumbnail these are terrible, especially the arm of the guy on the right. She talks about they’re studies for the neck and upper body but she gets way too caught up in trying to shade artistically and do unnecessary detail, like do those nipples NEED to be rendered in super detail? Like with this, her friends putting pins on their nipples and the hot guy drawing, like they’re all like adult-children who are like ZOMG PRIVATE PARTS! Like I’m not one to get on the art morality train that’s trendy but like, calm the fuck down BJ

No. 852218

She’s been losing subscribers slowly and not gaining any in a meaningful way, like it seems like she buys enough subscribers to keep afloat, so she’s probably trying to cheese the algorithm into thinking the videos are fresher by updating the thumbnails or trying to fool people she has new content more than she does. But I agree, it probably doesn’t make a difference and it’s just more busy work so she can avoid drawing and making more/planning more videos. If she planned more or was confident enough in her work to not nitpick it all unnecessarily she’d have a much better time, but she really goes out of her way to avoid improving or getting better as an artist

No. 852226

She has a shitload of sketchbooks and clearly never uses them. Those anatomy “studies” are horrendous. The way she connects the head to the neck is just… wrong. Go take a figure drawing class baylee. Let people point out whats wrong because you’re not seeing it

No. 852264

Not to wk, but I think she really is one of those people who just has no idea how to improve correctly. (And not many other YTers in her category/clique do either, as evidenced by the youtube artist salt thread.) She thinks just copying a pic of a model is “studying”, without knowing how to build up forms or how the muscles are connected.

However, she also has a lot of great books on human anatomy, as well as tons of online resources if she wanted to dedicate herself to it. Like if she sees that she’s not learning anything from doing these model outlines, then she should (logically) think, “Maybe I’m doing this wrong. I should look at how the experts are doing it.” It kills me bc she once showed off a book she has called Anatomy for the Artist, and it literally has see-through pages where you can overlap the muscles, bones, and the photos of the body parts in order to see how they work!

No. 852277

Honestly i think this is why taking a class would help her. She needs someone to show her what is wrong and why its wrong. Teaching herself isnt working at this point

No. 852278

Lol she's too stubborn and self absorbed to even consider taking classes.

No. 852283

everyones got pepperoni nipples

No. 852353

She’s probably one of those people who think once they graduate from an art school they’re “done” with learning but the truth is like she doesn’t work in an art related field and has no irl friends to encourage her in art (like going to vid con does not count at all since that entire group is a circlejerk of bad artists encouraging bad art) so she’s stagnated and would probably do good with like, going to a life drawing class every so often. Like she lives near her school and Vancouver has an animation industry so it’s not an area starved for art, but she’s just lazy and has a built in audience to encourage her bad habits

No. 852383


She needs to let go of wanting to make a sketchbook look pretty. She didn't do any studies, she copied pictures of models and that's it. You can see that there was no thought about it, no "How does a neck actually work?" "How do shoulders really look like and why?". It's also why she makes it so colorful, because it needs to look pretty (which it really doesn't).

It just makes it so obvious that she isn't in it for the art anymore. She cares more about the video looking good.
I mean she went on and on how much she wants an illo and in the end even said that it would look good in a video.

No. 852439

I'm not even a Waffles stan, but what bugs me about Baylee wanting the illo is she's clearly seen Waffles's videos. Which is fine, I'm not accusing her of copying, but one thing Waffles does really well is sketching. And sketching consistently even if she's not filming a video. It's just so disappointing that Baylee's watching Waffles and instead of being inspired by her work ethic or her passion for drawing, all she comes away with is "hey a square sketchbook looks neat in frame".

No. 852441

I couldn't agree more. A class would force her to actually draw too which is more than she's doing now. It's not like she doesn't have the time to do one.

No. 852444

In the vlog she went on about how stressful everything is in summer, because there's a wedding now and then and some conventions.
Does she never think about how she managed to do a job with fixed hours in an actual office, con prep AND regular videos which had appropriate quality for the time?

I also got kinda aggressive how much time she spent preparing her sketching session, and fiddling with an abstruse amount of unimportant things to procrastinate starting to sketch.
And then ending with sketches that don't even look like she used reference (the frontal one in the upper left on the last spread, if anyone watched).

Some time ago she rambled how she likes sketching on loose paper more than sketchbooks. So I don't get her problem with the illo Sketchbooks. Get a box of printer paper and start sketching for god's sake. , Use the guillotine cutter to make them square if that's an absolute necessity. But she really doesn't need more sketchbooks which she then considers too valuable to actually use them to practice.

No. 852445

Baylee is too immature to go to a life drawing class. She'll probably start giggling as soon as she sees the genitals

No. 853016

No. 853021

Can she not go a single day without buying unnecessary shit?

No. 853039

I bet she's going to spray paint the cabinet holder pink later on

No. 853044

File: 1565811914412.jpg (146.7 KB, 1080x761, Screenshot.jpg)

That's a given

No. 853047

she buys so much crap. She's constantly buying buying buying. I know it's her money and she can do what she wants with it but my god!

No. 853048

That would clash terribly with that green wall.m

No. 853052


As if Baylee would care about that.

No. 853056

why does she still have that green screen panel up? when's the last time she even needed it.

how long is this pin shop going to last? is she spending so much on it because it's bringing in more income than her videos or what?

for someone who takes skillshare sponsorships, she should consider actually taking a class that they offer.

No. 853230

I honestly think she buys things all the time to fill a void in her life, seems to be the case with many shopaholic hoarders

No. 853318

Wasn’t she obsessed with trying to have kids not even a year ago? She mentioned it a while back in a video about changing to primarily be a YouTuber instead of streaming/YouTube and a lot of her older videos are obsessed with her having a baby. Looking at the state of her room before she “cleaned” it, like her bringing children into her garbage hole when she can’t even take care of herself is a big nope

No. 853326

It's so weird with Baylee sometimes, she clearly cares that things look "cute", gets some expensive decorative items (Jim Shore figurines, collector dolls) and a few vlogs ago she complained how she hated her bed sheets because they always look lumpy, but then she just lets things get so utterly messy all the time.

No. 853426

it’s probably a combo of laziness and her not having much of a sense for style, in terms of how she “decorates”, it’s a cluttered mess. even though i’ve seen people who can make cluttered figurine/merch displays look decent. that, and she has so much space that she really doesn’t have to worry about any of her messes unless someone’s coming over to her house, whereas people with smaller living or work spaces have to be conscious of cleaning up before it gets too crowded and unusable. remember her toy room looked like crap because it was in her basement, so no one else ever saw it, and she just shoved the toys into a random shelf after doing her unboxings or whatever.

No. 853543

I think it's partly due to her short attention span. She can never do one task properly, get it done, clean up after herself and then move on. She's always half-assing several things at once, never cleans as she goes and just lets everything go until she can't move for all the crap on the floor. Then she spends a whole day cleaning and complaining she never has time to finish editing her videos…

No. 853554

I don’t understand how she can spend so much money? I swear in every vlog she’s buying some new junk she doesn’t really need, she keeps going to those expensive disney trips and conventions and spend a ton there on merch and other useless expenses, she has all those fancy overpriced dolls, so many really expensive cameras and she lives in a house (that’s way too big for two people and two cats) in Vancouver where rent is far from being cheap. Her views count isn’t high lately and her channel is declining, sure she probably makes a lot from sponsors and from selling her pins (although she could make more if she didn’t waste so much by trying so many packaging options) and she has the streams and christian’s job to rely on but i don’t understand how she can spend this much without even questioning it? Does she not save at all for when youtube will stop being profitable?

No. 853571


I think Christian doesn't spend that much, except for their couch lately and probably some games/ game tech. Also Baylee usually buys cheap food (all those big packaged stuff in white and yellow, I guess it's the canadian version of no-brand/ cheap products?), and if I'm not mistaken her parents aren't poor either …

No. 853590

I would guess Christian makes enough money to cover all their living expenses and whatever Baylee makes is fun money for her to fritter away.

No. 853595

Yeah she definitely hops around a lot with her tasks, but I think that is more because she doesn't has a schedule for her day and she isn't discipline enough to finish one task before starting another/she has too many unfinished tasks. Even if it might seem like nothing to some people, having a bunch of unfinished tasks does kinda stresses you out and makes it harder to finish things because there are so many other things you still need to do.

No. 853611

She makes a stupid sex joke near the beginning

No. 853612

Adults who make silly sex jokes like that are usually those who don't have much sex

No. 853613

'this paper sucks' you suck, baylee.. because you can't even sketch without erasing the same line 5 times because you think it's not a pretty sketch. omg, this woman is art senseless i swear.. sketching in 10 different colours is not aesthetical, it's ugly af, it looks like you are just trying to be cool, and omg can she stop dragging her lines so much when she draws, it's clear she has no sense of space, volume or any knowledge of objects, hence she can't draw full lines, but has to drag her pencil 10 times to get a line… she makes me so mad i'm gonna punch smth soon.. also, yeah, she full on is trying to copy waffles at this point..

No. 853616

How is she not embarrassed about this? It looks so bad. And her showing off her different sketchbooks was also embarrassing, that’s not going to make her a better artist either. Just… yikes.

No. 853620

Baylee has said several times that she likes sketching on loose paper and even went and bought a ton of materials for disk binding which she used once and now the rest of the materials are probably rotting away in some drawer somewhere. Now she’s going on and on about how she’s looking for the “perfect” sketchbook which she’ll probably use once and then never touch again. I feel like I’m literally watching her waste her life away as she spends so much time focusing on things without consequence.

No. 853623

chill the fuck out, anon

No. 853632

That crane sketchbook is really pretty

No. 853636

Would’ve been cute if she made the hat fly off when she cuts the wood, also the Copic paired with the colored pencil in her style looks ugly as hell. Nitpicking but the video was pretty boring

No. 853661

I wonder if the paper of that sketchbook really wasn't good, or if someone just wants to justify buying an illo soon.
We all know she'll get one eventually.

No. 853682

I am almost 6 minutes into the video and I can already point out so much that annoys me.
First off yes. She definitely tries to copy Waffles. It's really obvious. Also why does she need like 3 different sketchbooks for Art? I mean I get wanting to have a seperate sketchbook for studies and practice stuff. But why does she need a "fancy copic sketchbook" and a "random doodle sketchbook". I let out a really heavy sigh when she said "The paper is too nice to waste on random doodles!" girl please.

No. 853690

There are solid pink notebooks which Baylee could use as a sketchbook. One of the things I'm waiting for her to do.

The sketchbook is too wide and out of frame most of the video. So why exactly does it need to be square, when her setup is more suited for a rectangular one? Ah yes, because Waffles has a square one and her videos are actually decent.

As Baylee won't be able to commit to one sketchbook at a time, I'm kinda just waiting for her to do the same subscription boxes as waffles. Another excuse to buy stuff she'll only use a single time.

She wants some bad excuses to buy more stuff. It's obvious she uses every sketchbook just once or twice, just like the disk binding stuff. This endless showing off also annoyed me.
And she presented once again that she doesn't draw except for like once a week just for a video.

In a recent vlog she also said something like "People asked for more art stuff in the vlogs, but that's on my Art channel. This is for [something else]". I'm still speechless because of that ignorancy.

No. 853762

She mentioned doing subscription boxes a while back and the whole “my subscribers send me art boxes” thing was her response to make it more ~unique~ She might still do them as she slowly runs out of content but I have a suspicion she doesn’t cuz she won’t make that content fast enough nor does she have any ideas what to do with them and she wants to not have more comparisons between her and better artists like waffles or kaycee

No. 853765

Watching her subscriber count drop on socialblade whenever she posts up art videos is a fun thing to do

No. 853770

File: 1565924682201.jpeg (819.04 KB, 1394x2090, 4196C838-C5BD-489F-A5C1-6CBA75…)

No. 853801

File: 1565932047447.png (2.67 MB, 1334x750, 6D72BB8C-EE86-4CC8-8BE2-5BD688…)

Holly Brown feet lol

No. 853873

File: 1565950989643.jpeg (102.23 KB, 1080x720, 48D23591-30F3-4ADE-BF70-73B11C…)

This meme reminds me of Baylee… her pink obsession is obnoxious

No. 854108

Especially cuz she loved the Pepto shade of pink it's just unpleasant.

No. 854326


believe me, that is exactly one of the reasons i liked her so much when i started watching her. she was so different, she didn't try to be aesthetical for no reasons like other youtubers, she didn't try to fill out a sketchbook just to make it pretty, she seems just passionate about art and creating.. and now..

No. 854328

it's really irritating the way the she goes over her lines a million times with tiny little strokes, I imagine that habit contributes heavily to the stiffness of her work

No. 854440

No. 854454


I'm always inspired by her vlogs to throw shit out. She's almost borderline horder. NO ONE living in a 6 bedroom house with two people needs that much stuff. And the way she packed for camping made it seem like she'd be out there for a week, isn't she only going for 3-4 days? Like I understand being prepared but lugging extra huge bins just for drinks seems unessiacry. Poor Chirstan has to unload all of that.

No. 854455

She said they're camping for 2 nights.
And she still needs clothes and toiletries for both her and Christian, so there will be another bag.

No. 854493

File: 1566074997226.jpeg (129.8 KB, 750x777, A786B798-43D8-4DD0-87E5-6AB016…)

No. 854543


… Why would a company sponsor you and ask you at the same time to remove the brand name? Doesn't make any sense to. Suspicious. Wonder if she is reviewing knockoffs.

No. 854678

She grew up going glamping with her parents bringing along a full size fridge. She probably thinks she packed like a minimalist!

No. 854749

…okay, I understand that some people like to be very prepared, but an entire fridge??? Not to mention I already can’t believe she’s bringing all of the stuff she is rn for TWO nights. Geez. it’s shocking that she isn’t demanding they camp somewhere close enough to get cell service, bc heaven forbid she do something besides shop and post on social media. (Seriously. Those are the bulk of her life. She’s going to be bored of this by the end of the 1st day.)

No. 854764

Omg… why doesn’t she just move to Anaheim already…. she was already at Disneyland this summer…. and going again the same year!? Those tickets are so pricey too… she must be rolling in dough to have back to back vacations and endless purchases…

No. 854803

My mom told me "you'd have a heart attack in a house like that", her house is so messy literally everywhere it gets on my fucking nerves everytime I see it, especially the spare rooms downstairs…how can someone live with so much bullshit??

Her checking the totes for spiders was hilarious, it shows how immature and childlike she is.

Probably thousand of dollars in credit card debt, no way she has so much disposable money she can buy and buy and buy whatever she wants at any given time. It has to be credit cards, it makes no sense without it!

No. 854925

Her husband has a good paying job and they have no kids it's not too farfetched

No. 854967

I doubt Christian pays a penny for any of her shit. And rightly so. They have an unusual relationship where they are both very independent and detached from one another. Given Baylee giggles like a child at anything sexual and the constant weight gain, I'm betting their sex life is rather infrequent.

No. 854996

Also isn't she the one paying for the rent?

No. 855017

What the fuck lol are you guys not married or

No. 855085

I believe that is what she said, he may contribute but who knows

No. 855116

This. They have no kids and have been working full-time for several yrs now, not to mention whatever money Baylee’s parents give them (or Christian’s, but we know nothing about them). If Christian isn’t as frivolous w/ his spending as she is, then that’s all the more cash that’s either saved up or put towards the house. And again, Baylee still makes a lot of money for someone who’s work probably only takes up 20 or less hrs a week. Ppl have been mentioning her losing subs, but so far it’s been at a super slow pace, definitely not enough to affect her budget rn.

It’s still weird though. Does Christian have an office too? Because if he doesn’t and Baylee has 2 rooms to herself (art studio and “toy room” that’s not even a channel anymore), that’s shitty. And even with that, they’d only take up 4 out of 6 rooms in the house. A kid would be one more, and then a guest room for the…oh so many guests they have spending the night? Or another future kid’s room, I guess.

No. 855155

In older vlogs it was her paying for everything but Christian would then pay her half of the costs for rent, internet, electricity, etc. Then each of them have costs of their own like when Christian buys a new video game, that's his money, same with Baylee. Don't know if they're still do it this way but that's how it used to be.
Baylee also has mentioned that since they got the house, she wouldn't be able to support both of them entirely on her income.

She doesn't actually use the toy room anymore. When the basement flooded they decided to put the spare bedroom into it and turn her old art room into a work out room, since Christian apparently wants to buy weights and work out.

No. 855179

When he broke his ankle and had to work from home, he did that all in the living room. You pretty much see him only in that room in all her videos

No. 855190

Christian doesn't have an office, but Baylee would argue that she's working from home so she's allowed extra rooms for all her crap

No. 855266

“I know I should hire an editor”. If she does what else is she going to blame her lack of making art and practicing on? How many other things is she going to drop and still continue to not have enough time to do art?

Remember when she had a full time animation job, did daily vlogs, edited them, did two art videos per week, edited those, ran a patreon, AND did con prep? She somehow managed to do all of that and have somewhat decent art for the time. At least it seemed like she cared.

No. 855340

lol She's a bit chubby so probably getting less sex? WTF

No. 855348

No. 855530

I'm Baylee cuz you are some child with no concept of how relationships work lol ok. Im sure the CW got you fully prepared for adulthood

No. 855594


Christian's space seems to be the basement. Didn't she mentioned in another vlog she's waiting for him to move downstairs again (but he couldn't because broken ankle and the couch they ordered didn't fit neither the basement door nor downstairs).

No. 855602

You seem oddly upset about the proposed notion that Baylee might not get a porking every night, what's up with that?

No. 855671

I was referring to the anon that tinfoiled credit card debt and claimed that Christian wasn't sharing his money with his wife. The sex thing is just a weird reach that I'm not touching.

No. 855676

She also talked about joined bank accounts in the vlogs around the time they married.
Which is a normal thing when living together in a long-term relationship.

No. 855685

For fucks sake, learn to sage.

No. 855729

first world problems

No. 855816

File: 1566333793215.jpg (122.22 KB, 826x646, Wooboi.jpg)

This guy is PACKING

No. 855828

I'm happy that she got out a bit but man, that was one boring vlog.

No. 855898

LMAO wtf anon

No. 855966

This is like when people talk about their friends or like, live blog/video their TTRPG game: nobody thinks this is interesting except you and nobody will care about your inside jokes. And like, why does she always bring spongebob into everything? That’s only funny when you’re a child

No. 855968

Tbf Critical Role made a 11 million dollar Kickstarter by live blogging DND so like…it does have a substantial audience.

No. 855989

Except like CritRole and adventure zone are done by actors/entertainers who know how to keep people engaged in their shit (everyone in CR is a voice actor who has been doing it for years and tbh I find the first campaign harder to get into than the second because they hadn’t perfected making their game accessible to listeners). There’s like tons of other dnd podcasts/media that wish they had a drop of the audience of CR and it’s because they’re just boring ass groups of friends who think they’re the shit when it still stands that most people’s groups of friends are boring to everyone on the outside.

BJ’s blog video is like this cuz she talks it up like it’s this big thing, which it is to her and probably her friends, but it’s boring cuz camping is fuckin boring and it’s just a bunch of adults sitting in a circle and drinking in a dirty ass creek

No. 855995

That's it. They didn't do anything besides sitting around and drinking. They didn't go hiking, swimming (which ok, was because of the low water levels), played any games besides beer darts. The only other things happening were Baylee falling into the mud twice and her and two others going to the US border and joking about being caught. It might was fun for them since they were there but watching it was just boring.

No. 856192

No. 856199

what an awful thing to promote to her viewers. wish is full of terrible products and false advertising. even if she had good luck with it, she MUST know that since so many other youtubers have done videos on them. gotta get that money though

No. 856205


I call bs that she got any of that stuff on Wish. There no way she can get so many things that work on that site, and not have one item that is messed up or false advertised.

No. 856210

Can any of these products actually be found on wish? Looks higher quality than usual

No. 856214

This video reminds me a lot of waffles'
Is this the sponsorship that didn't want her to show any brands?

No. 856221

I understand Wish was probably super specific with what she had to say and when given the 'Thank you Wish for sponsoring this video' every minute, but it was very off putting.
The comments section is good tho lol

No. 856239

I agree that's it's nice to see at least a little pushback in the comment section, but I don't know why anyone who watches baylee would be surprised by her doing this. Baylee will shop anywhere, and take money from anyone regardless of how gross and shady they are. I always think it goes back to her being both selfish and daft that she has the inability to be truly thoughtful. Her completely missing the point of being called out with the environmental issues is a perfect example of this. She doesn't understand, but she also doesn't care.

No. 856299

Ok waffles

No. 856331

The comment section was good…looks like she disabled them now though

No. 856332

Comments on her new video are disabled… lol don’t wanna be called out for being a sell out to wish or what….

No. 856346

did anyone get screenshots before she disabled

No. 856350

Unfortunately no, but most comments were people poking jokes at her for saying 'thanks wish for sponsoring this video' a bunch of times and pointing out their own shitty experiences with wish products and/or shipping

No. 856362

I didn't get any screenshots, but other comments were from people saying they were disappointed with her or called her a sellout.

No. 856382

For some reason, I thought she already did a vid on Wish, or maybe I just thought that because she’s late to the trend and it seems like something she would’ve already jumped on. Quick review of some cheap art products that she can swatch and use once before shoving into a drawer and ignoring for all time. Why does anyone trust her opinion on any art supply besides markers anyways? She’s knowledgeable about those for sure, but with literally anything else, esp. paints, she has next to no idea of what she’s doing, and no real preference. I feel like she could compare Cotman and Schmincke and say, “There’s not much difference at all!”

No. 856383

she's claiming on twitter that people were leaving THREATS? bullshittttt.

just be honest and say that you and/or wish was pissed off about all the negative comments on the video and disabled them.

i wonder if she'll mention this whenever the next vlog goes up.

No. 856392

File: 1566440360517.png (150.52 KB, 1091x425, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 8.13…)

I got a few, but nothing with threats

No. 856393

File: 1566440384666.png (51.91 KB, 1096x160, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 8.13…)

No. 856395

File: 1566440483632.png (80.72 KB, 1113x283, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 8.14…)

No. 856396

File: 1566440574041.png (15.14 KB, 696x45, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 8.14…)

No. 856403

File: 1566441129590.png (94.99 KB, 276x381, Screenshot_20190821-1951522.pn…)

Got a couple as well but no threats either

No. 856404

File: 1566441161703.png (11.7 KB, 363x135, Screenshot_20190821-1953102.pn…)

No. 856405

File: 1566441192072.png (16.05 KB, 361x202, Screenshot_20190821-1953282.pn…)

No. 856428

Her content has been in toilet for a while, or rather it's been flushed and it's down in the sewers at this point. Yet her sub count is yet to be affected. Ar this point I just want to watch her crash and burn.

No. 856429

I read a LOT of the comments because I'm a loser and I didn't see a single threat. most of them were honestly people being way nicer than they should have been and just explaining their negative opinions. she could have easily just disabled comments and not said anything, she didn't have to lie. she already got her check.

No. 856439

There were no "threat" comments. I wish more people would start seeing through her BS and lies. I really doubt any of this will be in the vlogs, she's going to D23 right? So her next one will probably just be Disney and buying more crap

No. 856440

File: 1566445848719.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1192x1939, 64BC0C54-3A93-4280-971C-0D648D…)

Same but I’m still thinking either she or even like her parents cuz they obviously bankroll her to an extent, are buying subs to keep the channel afloat because she’ll lose about a hundred whenever she posts a video but will gain about a hundred on the weekends. It’s very strange watching the numbers go up and down on socialblade, like I know it’s not accurate but her blog channel tends to be more accurate wherein she’s constantly losing subs there.

Twitter isn’t being a complete and total hugbox but she’s at least getting feedback there too, not “threats”

No. 856442

Honestly what did she expect? Literally everyone knows Wish products are shitty Chinese bootlegs from child labor sweatshops with month(s) long shipping times. They've been dunked on by tons of youtubers for years. She was way too late to the game if she thought she could convince anyone that that Wish is a good or ethical place to shop.

No. 856444

when you search 'baylee' on twitter, 'baylee wish' autopopulates. ouch.

No. 856445

when you search 'baylee' on twitter, 'baylee wish' autopopulates. ouch.

No. 856452

Wow didn’t think she’d stoop this low for sponsored cash, how can anyone trust her, those watercolors were patchy and chalky AF! Lying to her subscribers, she deserves to lose them with her dishonesty…

She finally got her easel guys, expect an oil painting in another 3-5 years, in the meantime it will serve as a tree for Kiki and midna!

Claiming people were threatening her over this is a low blow, the comments weren’t even bad, just people expressing their concerns… funny how her empire is now dying, can’t believe she was once the most popular art channel on YT

No. 856453

File: 1566447753269.png (3.14 MB, 1334x750, 6CC5B9C2-E12A-4460-83F9-D2202D…)

What a masterpiece…

No. 856462

Minor composition nitpick: why did she make the stars black? It really draws the attention away from the face and key. Also a literal ball is the perfect opportunity for a circular composition, yet… Nada.

god those watercolours suck

No. 856467

They’re probably black cuz they might have been the only darker markers that didn’t look like shit, it’s have been better if they were the same blue of the hair but she doesnt have a good color sense at all. What bothers me is that for someone who is obsessed with her lighting and camera setup, this one video is shit and it masks the shittiness of the stuff but even she couldn’t mask the thin streaky, low quality pigments

No. 856478

She sounds so bored. She can't even fake enthusiasm for the pile of crap she got.

No. 856481

Those watercolours look disgusting! This video was so fake, it's hard to watch

No. 856482

File: 1566459977845.jpeg (411.63 KB, 1235x858, 6910FDF8-5C8A-4457-8FB2-150F5A…)

This was her excuse for the constant wish promo in the video which seems like a strange requirement for a sponsorship, but then again most people who have done wish products aren’t sponsored and they know how crap everything is. Now everyone knows how you can be bought for nothing, BJ

No. 856504

"Such great quality pencilcase" - threads dangling everywhere, slots so tiny you can't use it for anything but pencils. Anyone with eyes can tell she's not allowed to give any serios opinion on the products.
"Such a great deal" - most of the things she got were actually really expensive. If I heard that right, the easel was over 100 dollars? Of course you can find something decent on Wish if you pay as much as you would anywhere else.

And gawd, I can't get over the "anatomy" of that floating head. We all know she doesn't want to practice, but now her stupid floating heads get worse as well?

Also thanks for the people who screenshotted comments. She probably also has signed to moderate the comments and remove every critic response there. So disabling the comments alltogether looks less suspicious than deleting everything.

No. 856511

She really needs to find some passion in her life and translate that into her videos.
Maybe if she figured out what she is actually interested in doing instead of chasing sponsorships and trends. I don't think she could sound more uninterested in this video if she tried, but I guess she's gotta pay for those Disney trips, dolls, merch, useless art supplies and random expensive equipment for her high quality and incredible art videos somehow!

No. 856525

When I checked out the comments last night, there wasn't a single threat. People were actually rather nice, and just saying that Wish isn't a good site.
I think she just got tired of the complaints.

oof that head does not look good. And those watercolors are awful. I can't believe someone who owns a Schmincke set would think these are a good.

No. 856601

I wish I could say I was surprised at her, but I'm not. This just further demonstrates what we've been saying all along - that she has no concern for anyone but herself. It always amazes me how tone-deaf she is.
I don't understand how she's happy to take money from Wish to promote them.
Has she not seen literally any other video of people buying stuff from Wish and having the items be low quality or counterfeit? And so many people have highlighted in their videos that the items sold on Wish are that cheap because they're being made by people who receive next-to-nothing for their labour.
I think it was Chloe Rose who showed some Winsor and Newton-branded paints in one of her Wish videos that were clearly not Winsor and Newton.
I wonder how she's going to try and get out of this one.
I bet the "threatening comments" she was talking about were just people threatening to unsubscribe

No. 856772

People on Twitter and Instagram are mentioning her delete negative comments. How nice baylee

No. 856814

"Ive been wanting a full standing easel but im probably not gonna use it much so I couldnt justify getting one UNTIL NOW"

proceeds to not explain why its justified other then the fact that shes apparently getting it for free(dats how sponsors work right?)

like nah she recognizes that she probably wont be using it but still insists on getting it because its what, the epitome of art aesthetic?

No. 856822

File: 1566517974995.jpeg (734.68 KB, 1334x750, F0BA5897-2ED1-4291-9230-060198…)

It’s so off putting that the brands are covered. The blatant censoring of the markers is so weird to me. The fact she said nothing about quality, just “thanks for sponsoring this video wish!”

No. 856833

they are probably covered because they are counterfeit

No. 856836


its definitely because theyre counterfeit ohuhu markers. she also did reviews on actual ohuhu markers so shes probably afraid theyll stop sponsoring her if she advertises cheap wish counterfeits of them as 'good'

No. 856860

File: 1566524821357.png (651.12 KB, 1116x661, 2019-08-23 11_45_48-Copic Mark…)

These seem to be the ones she was sent. In the product photos they don't actually have a logo - but I bet the actual physical product does have a copic or ohuhu logo printed on it, which is why she had to cover it.

No. 856864

File: 1566525097685.png (310.35 KB, 596x783, 2019-08-23 11_49_18-Copic Mark…)

Doublepost but I went through the customer photos and found one from a month ago with a logo on it. If they aren't counterfeit then why did Wish want her to cover them? So no one could buy them for themselves and see how shit they are?

No. 856906

Because wish doesn’t care about “brand” names, they just want you to buy any old marker when you search “copic” on the store cuz they’ll get their money anyway. Standing behind a brand name like Ohuhu, you are guaranteed some level of quality but cuz everything is obscured, on wish and BJ’s video, wish can get away with sending garbage.

No. 856986

Unless she got it for free it really wasn't worth paying 105$ for something she barely will ever use. Not to mention, when I quickly checked on Michael's, they got the same easel for 111$ right now (it's on sale) and honestly I much rather would get it on sale, pay 6$ more but at least I can be sure that I get it. With Wish you always risk that items won't arrive. There is also always the option to buy a used easel, it's what I did and it works just fine.

No. 856991

And if it's defect or parts are missing, you can go to Michael's and talk with them about getting missing parts, a replacement or a refund.
The great customer support from Wish (which BJ also praised in her video) just deletes your account if you complain multiple times about items not arriving or being defect, so you don't have a chance to complain about orders anymore…

No. 857002

she basically promoted theft, because all those art supplies she got are knock offs of real brands

No. 857029

These are knock offs of ShinHan Touch markers.

No. 857057

Whoever is buying her subs is doing damage control now cuz she lost a bunch after the wish vid but she’s gained half of them back mysteriously.

No. 857061

I wonder if she'll mention this in the next vlog

No. 857063

I don't think she will bring it up. I think she's just going to ignore it all and pretend nothing happened. She's going to D23 so her next vlog is probably going to be Disney stuff. Maybe even some clips of her spending that Wish sponsor cash on more stuff she doesn't need or won't use except like one time.

No. 857065

Then I hope people mention it in the comments

No. 857166

it’ll probably end up like her art block vid, aka the last “big scandal” she had, where it blew over in a few weeks. except this time there won’t be any response vids because a lot of ppl took that shitty vid more personally, whereas this is just bj being a sponsor slave.

No. 857179

You can see her covering up the Wish items brand names in the very beginning of this vlog…
she’s so shady and is a SELLOUT…. anything for the D23 Check… yuck

No. 857184

I doubt it. She only mention things when she can be pitied, like her nightman hot guy video doing poorly. She’s totally in the wrong on this wish video, so she’s just never going to mention it.

She should have filtered comments to exclude negative shit people could have pointed out about wish (scam, for starters), but she’s not smart enough to thing that far ahead.

No. 857245

She’ll definitely steer the conversation into making it like SHE’s the victim and the “threats” she received before turning off the comments on the videos. She’s exactly gonna make it like she’s the victim in this situation and she won’t take blame for it, she took the sponsorship after all knowing from other tubers that wish is bad. I wouldn’t doubt her going this way and also making it a -thing in her streams, especially the way it sounds like her stans wanna make her wish robot voice a meme

No. 857246

wish probably gave her their better quality items and reimbursed her anyways. she isn't going to lose sleep over this. I remember in one of her old vlogs she talked about how she declined a game sponsorship (best fiends that everyone assumed) because it didn't go with her art channel but I guess wish is the exception

No. 857264

Before she disabled the comments some people were saying that in an old vlog or stream she was talking about either not liking Wish or not wanting to do a video on it. Would be pretty interesting to actually find that footage if it exists.

No. 857367

With this losing real subs and buying fake ones thing she keeps doing, she's gonna have more fakes that real eventually. She's fallen pretty damn far and it's pretty pathetic to witness. Fucking yikes.

No. 857383

It’s going to be funny when YouTube does another subscriber-pocalyspe cuz nearly everyone on YT freaked out the last time that happened when google purged spam accounts

No. 857407

I wonder if that's why she cancelled streams and not just because she was busy.
Like hoping people will have forgotten and not make it a thing in the streams then.

No. 857413

Well it's not the worst idea to do a shady sponsor-video right before leaving for a while.
Just disable and delete all comments and people will have forgotten by the time you come back.
… now the question is if BJ can even come up with such elaborated planning.

No. 857441

I don't think she planned the entire thing like that. Baylee is just quite unaware of her audience at times and misjudges them. You can see that with the plastic bags, were she repeatedly mentioned that she didn't think people would be upset about it. Or the Nightking video were she just seemed to think her viewers are into game of thrones, despite her fan base being rather young.
However I think when people started saying they didn't like the wish video, she didn't wanted to deal with it so she first disabled the comments and then decided not to stream, saying she'd be too busy. Sure that might be true, however in the past Baylee was always much more likely to make time for a stream than for anything else.

No. 857450

isn't she at D23? which would explain why she isn't streaming

No. 857500

She is but she would have had a stream day before that but she said on Twitter that she has to much to do before leaving and therefore cancelled it. It might be true and she really was too busy, I'm just wondering. She also said that Christian's parents will visit them soon, so she'll probably won't stream at all for the rest of this month.

No. 857590

I immediately thought of waffles' 23rd sketchbook cover.

No. 857592

I've been saying this for ages. You can tell because she has 1.1 MILLION subscribers yet her videos only average around 100k views. Totally suspect. And then lots of people said they were unsubscribing but her subs went up lol

No. 857605

Uploading another sponsored video for the apology. At least she doesn't deny she does it just for the money.
Hopefully Waffles enjoys that Baylee sells mediocre copies of her art…

No. 857612


I will give credit, it does look slightly better than the usual stuff she puts out (though it does make me appreciate waffles more now that I've seen what her art looks like when poorly imitated)

No. 857613

Kek she must be desperate for money

No. 857625

i wonder how skillshare feels about her using the sponsorship they paid for to apologise for her previous sponsorship going off the rails.

No. 857630

she doesn't talk about the wish-sponsorship in the video, she just pinned a longass comment with explanations/excuses. So it's kinda clickbait, which skillshare won't mind I guess.

No. 857632

most YouTubers usually get views from 10% of their subscribers so here getting around 100k isn't that wild

No. 857638

File: 1566684578197.jpg (355.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190824-230906_You…)

At least shes acknowledged that the stuff she buys is crap.

No. 857640

this is fuckin horrible. why the fuck is it crosseyed? fucking hell. I don't care any more that children like this crap. it;s still tasteless and ugly

No. 857644

The detailed eyebrows look weird with the cartoon-y face…

No. 857756

It's funny because I've been wondering for awhile if maybe they're working on a collab behind the scenes or maybe they're just watching each other's videos more since they met at vidcon; Baylee's vids have been getting more like Waffles's and Waffles has started doing that Baylee-eqsue high pitched squeal when she unboxes something cute which she never used to do before.

No. 857771

I think it’s more that Baylee is pretty not creative so it really shows when she’s outright using other artists as “reference”. You can kind of see it at artist alleys, like a lot of artists at AA’s are friends or follow each other’s art so some things end up completely samey and derivative from the original (like look at any AA and look at like Sachin Teng or Jen Bartel). Baylee is just shitty enough to make all the shit she does look derivative and boring

No. 857920

It looks “better” because she’s using the frozen style again like that purple-yellow drawing she did before.

I still don’t personally like it, the proportions are cute but the arms are hella long and it still looks stiff even with the rose swirl.
Its also hilarious she keeps doing front face characters because she can’t draw profile faces, so she never does. Its all facing the viewer or three quarter view

No. 857982

File: 1566765198484.jpeg (19.52 KB, 264x250, BC64930B-7251-4F77-8854-1AC43E…)

It’s probably cuz there isn’t enough profiles in the frozen artbook for her to copy. Plus the profiles are wonk as hell in the 3D because of their weird pug faces, using them as “reference” doesn’t help her at all

No. 858304

File: 1566826563930.jpg (56.79 KB, 1177x192, 36UW2C4.jpg)

No. 858319

She apologizes for being money hungry then practically writes an essay defending herself. Classy.
Lol anon, but this is still a thousand times better than any profile baylee could ever draw, and as far as we know she only drew one - that weird grape gouache piece.

No. 858405

I don’t really believe the “apology”, seems more like a “i’m sad i got called out”, but am surprised she admitted to it at least. maybe her actually saying that will get some of her die-hard fans to eventually realize that the only reason she makes art is for yt money. so long as she never tries to pull the “i had to do a sponsorship bc i’m so broke/need $$$ in order to make vids!!” which is true for some artist youtubers but definitely not her. lol

No. 858423

You know, Baylee really surprised me with this one. I didn't think she would have it in her to accept the criticizm and formulate a proper apology but here we are! Kudos, BJ. It is a small step in the right direction.

No. 858547

File: 1566867749083.jpg (137.91 KB, 666x1016, uh...jpg)


No. 858570

File: 1566871555148.jpeg (626.79 KB, 847x1034, B2C9BDAE-C620-4F04-8645-ED2888…)

I hadn’t seen the full drawing until I went on her red bubble cuz I don’t watch her main channel videos and did she REALLY cut off the figure at the wrist cuz she was too lazy to draw both hands? This is “no tangents 101”, you never break up a composition at a figure’s joints! The depths of her laziness are unfathomable, like if she read anything about tangents then she’d have known this

No. 858718

What if i told you the character is supposed to be dancing lmfaooo. At least that’s what baylee said in her video.

No. 858924

I find it very convenient that she has not posted any vlogs, almost like she’s trying to create as much distance from her wish video as possible. I feel like before, even if she’s JUST returned from a trip she posts something right away.

No. 859052

As a huge Disney fan and follower, this D23 was an absolute bust and if she comes back saying it was the best time of her life then she's a damn liar.

No. 859101

I mean like, there’s an IDEA of dancing but she’s static so she could just be standing there with the wind swirling around. It really should have been some kind of full body bullshit thing but it just looks like something she threw together quickly before her trip to have content to pad the wish video with because none of the anatomy “studies” she’s been working on are reflected in it, like her shoulders and arms are broken like a doll and the arms aren’t the same length

No. 859103


istg she never puts any thought into her stuff like why is she staring straight at the viewer when dancing? what dance is she doing? why is her arm and the roses leading to nothing? that sweeping motion is usually meant to help guide the viewer's eye to something, especially when its that obvious but its leading to something off screen?? ughhh

No. 859106

How so?

It bothers me how much empty space the drawing has

No. 859599

Anatomy in this sucks so bad. Jesus, why people keep supporting her?

No. 859703

File: 1567014304390.jpeg (289.32 KB, 1045x850, BC9AD379-624C-40DE-BA5D-0B14BB…)

Someone’s back home lads, time to buy those subs

No. 859719

I still find it so stupid that she splurges so much on random shit and then says it’s too expensive to get an editor for her videos. Sorry if this was already mentioned ages ago, but seriously…

No. 859828

lol but if she had an editor, then she wouldn’t be able to complain about “not having enough time” to work on her art! her editing process takes way longer than making her art i’m sure, even though it’s usually the other way around for other art tubers who spend like 20 hrs making one or multiple pieces.

No. 860048

It’s old news but she used to have an “editor” aka that blackface doll she had for a while but my bet if she ever did try to outsource her editing, since most of her fans have been with her for a while, they’ll bring up comparisons about them and the racist doll cuz to them it’s all a joke.

However I don’t think she’ll ever hire anyone to help her cuz it seems she’d rather do all the busywork and complain about it then like actually planning out her videos more than like a day in advance and having the time to actually get better at art or the upkeep of her house. Like she doesn’t HAVE to vlog every single day, like her day to day is super boring and like then she resorts to either buying/shopalongs and telling herself she has ghosts. And I find a lot of very good art you tubers don’t post super often so they’re like weekly/bi monthly/ monthly, but they all tend to be people with either day jobs or freelance work and BJ doesn’t seem to get any freelance work

No. 860084

Her supposed ghosts are so boring. A few vlogs ago she was talking how the bathroom light in the basement was on when she went there and how that was spooky. Like…how is forgetting to turn off a light spooky? Or when she heard those ghost footsteps that just sounded like the cats running on the hardwood floor.

No. 860198

File: 1567093091108.jpeg (113.51 KB, 640x1136, B012E0C7-60D0-4619-9393-44FB4C…)

Baylee was on r/CrappyDesigns

No. 860236

It’s weird someone used her twitter as that post. It’s like…the design of the ring has a knife in it…so it’s more of Rocklove’s crappy design than anything.

No. 860256

Also, rocklove designs cheesy ass mall ninja costume jewelry, why would you wear it everyday like she does? Someone said she stopped wearing it cuz it kept snagging on things when she was cleaning and making holes but like, cats also claw the shit out of things

No. 860276

Lol NVM, it just sounds like someone on that reddit thread has a weird elaborate fanfic of her

No. 860533

Here’s the thread btw: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrappyDesign/comments/cwy0cj/this_ring_stabs_you_every_time_it_catches_on/

She posted about there being a thread about her name but they’re all talking about bailey jay the porn star…

No. 860668

File: 1567160768502.png (62.08 KB, 1107x590, bj.PNG)

so, she found it already and

No. 860673

Honestly this is one of her most perplexing choices ever, like if she wanted to do shit for kids what are their parents gonna do when they search “Bailey jay” and get the porn star? SEO and all that. Most people who share their name with famous/infamous people use different names to distinguish themselves, even a studio name would be better cuz a porn star is clearly gonna get more googles than her

No. 860705

OT but does she ironically/unironically watch Amberlynn Reid?? There were some older-ish vlogs where she would say “gorl” way too much and here she’s saying situation like AL has been lately.

No. 860751

also OT, but I looked a bit through her reddit history. She's not very active there, but she did comment once on r/trollingforababy. So I guess they are (or were) serious about it.

No. 860827

If I remember correctly, a parent did once contacted her saying her daughter googled her name and the pornstar came up.
Baylee only said it's the parent's fault for not making sure that the name was correctly written and for not having google save search on.

No. 860911

Anyone know when she’s planning on coming back to YouTube? The longer she’s gone the worse she looks with the whole Wish thing.

No. 860921

File: 1567206396199.jpg (146.55 KB, 894x726, Rumbled.jpg)

Oh come the fuck on Baylee, if this isn't CLEAR evidence she is buying subs then I don't know what is. Hasn't uploaded in a week yet 300 exactly just subscribe to her all at once.. why? She bought them that's why.

No. 860978

Does buying subs affect her YT income at all? I’ve heard that YTers’ income comes from views and not just subs, so I don’t get why she’s probably purchasing subs. That, and taking into account however much it costs her to buy them, there’s surely no profit. she’s way above the 1 million sub line too, if she was worried about falling under it.

No. 860998

She sees her falling subs and panics that brands won't sponsor and pay her if they can see her channel is in freefall. I think she'd die if she dropped below 1 million.

No. 861000

The character design is a disaster. What's with the stars anyways? A white rose crown/brooch would have looked so much better. Also with her complaint about the lack of contrast in the dress vs the skin, she could have done some sort of a subtle fabric pattern. The black is so out of place as well, and that put next to the corset creates a jarring gothic vs princess aesthetic clash. She just doesn't think when she makes things, and based on her sense of style the most thought she puts into something is, "I like this element so it HAS to be in my drawing, no matter how out of place or cluttered it is"

No. 861071

Lol yeah WOW even if she went viral for some reason, there wouldn’t be that much jump in subs naturally like at all

No. 861073

Like her video views have DECREASED along with the subs but yeah she’s definitely buying new subs to stay afloat

No. 861286

I was looking through Wacom Cintiq 16 reviews on youtube, and I noticed that Wacom sponsored some of the reviews in January 2019. Such channels as ChloeRoseArt, Waffles, Drawing with Jazza and so on received their cintiqs directly from Wacom for free, but Baylee wasn't one of those channels.

That's interesting because she's like a channel with 1 mil+ subs, and Waffles and Chloe Rose are smaller, but still got their free tablets.

I thought that maybe the issue was that Baylee already owned the cintiq tablet, but some of the artists like Peter Han have cintiq pro, but still got a free Cintiq 16.

I think that Baylee might be buying subs because she's already losing cool sponsorships (receiving a free cintiq is cool even if you already have one), and the only sponsorships she gets now are Wish and Skillshase…

English is my second language, sorry in advanced for my grammar

No. 861319

It happened at the same that the Reddit thread got attention. I don't think it's a stretch to assume the subs came from people searching her name after the whole Baylee Jae/Bailey Jay thread.

She's put off streams until the end of the month because they have family visiting so YouTube must have been pushed to the side as well. She really should plan better to have content ready to go while she's busy but I honestly think she's run out of ideas at this point.

No. 861579

I wouldn’t correlate her tweet being on reddit to this weird upsurge in subs because A: it wasn’t her, it was her tweet so she wasn’t linked to it in any way other than a photo of her Twitter; B: anyone in the thread who mentioned her or watching her YT channel got downvoted to the negatives, so top comments didn’t link her, they were all about the design of the ring or her name being associated to blowjobs; and C: the number of subs that subscribed is nearly the same amount LOST from the whole wish video. It’s pretty blatant by now they’re all bought subs and not genuine, like even if she did legit get any attention from a source like reddit or whatever it wouldn’t be this sudden, like the reddit post was up like a day or two before the sub surge and the way a post lives on it, it wouldn’t have been on the front page for more than 24 hours.

No. 861821

Do you guys think that she does it herself or that someone else buys them for her?

No. 861865

I feel like it would be cheaper for her to buy views more than followers

No. 861879

I think it’s a combo of both mostly cuz BJ can see her own analytics in general while someone without access other account would only see tools like socialblade. It would be super fucked up if she didn’t do it all herself tho cuz she THINKS she is popular enough for 1 million subscribers when like, probably half of them are fake (like compared to her other social media and twitch). So I’m pretty certain it’s either her, somebody close that has money and knows her (her husband or family, they all have money), or one of her rando stans but most likely a combination of all

Tbh it would be less suspicious if she bought views. If you look at the socialblade, the day she gained 300+ followers in one day is the day with the least amount of views compared to the previous days. But imo she probably buys subscribers because it’s more appealing to either the YouTube algorithm and/or ads and sponsors, they’d all see and want to promote a channel that has a large amount of subscribers and is growing steadily vs one that is losing subscribers

No. 861948

Well views are down 17% and subscribers 93%
Would you think that her family would buy them for her? I mean it feels like those parents that will get you anything just to keep you quiet…that's kinda sad.

No. 861980

>>861948 From the 'glamping' vlog one definitely gets the impression that her whole family is the kind of people to just throw money around. I'm honestly inclined to think it's her parents or something buying her subs, because their 'precious princess is famous and deserves it uwu'. They probably don't even understand that they're fake bot accounts and not real people.

No. 862167

Buying more useless crap…

No. 862197

I honestly am so perplexed on how she justifies these. Each set is around $200! $600 in total for what she got, plus all the smaller crap that is also marked up for D23.

She doesn't even display them when she gets these things - in every vlog her collection is shoved in a corner. Like, bitch, you can obviously afford some shelves. Why do you live in clutter and buy such nice things to look at once and then toss aside until the next slop rolls in?

No. 862216

Plus she said she preordered the five other dolls that haven’t been released yet so that’s another 1000$ more without shipping. Like, she said she’s putting them in her “warehouse” room but it’s already full of garbage and stuff she hasn’t moved down to the basement, her house is too cluttered but apparently these were necessary

No. 862231

>Want to put the lithographs above each doll but doesn't have the means
Bitch, you have a WHOLE fucking house to put that kind of display up, has she cluttered up every single room with shit?

No. 862319

File: 1567386102825.jpeg (95.56 KB, 855x748, 5C9F3375-46F3-43C7-9914-9C250F…)

At this point she’ll be bald by next year… the hair damage is crazy

No. 862330

File: 1567388539755.jpg (252.59 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190901-214328_You…)

No. 862331

File: 1567388581495.jpg (186.77 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190901-214321_You…)

No. 862337

she donated a ton of toys recently just to buy more…….

there isn't even a point in putting it in the warehouse…the room is so messy. watch now that she plans in putting her new dolls in there, she's going to redesign everything in the room to make it cute and actually pain the metal shelf pink

No. 862381

the way she went to star wars galaxy's edge just to be disgusted at everything.. just wtf ? bitch, that's a level of concept you're never gonna be able to achieve.

No. 862389


THIS…. Star Wars not Disney enough for you princess Baylee!?!? Remember when all she did was complain about Disney world on her honeymoon, every little thing she did she knocked it, saying Disneyland did it better. Such a spoiled ass brat she is.

No. 862413

Didn’t she just go there during vidcon too? her sassy queen friend makes her even more of a brat than usual too, they just whine all the time

No. 862479

Honestly, I wouldn't even care about her being a doll hoarder. Her and Christian are obviously pretty well off, whether that's because Christian is making bank or they both have hefty trust funds to their names idk. But she doesn't display her collection nicely. She doesn't take care of her dolls (the ones she donated, she just tossed in a bin like they were Barbies her kids had used and abused and outgrown not limited edition collectors items). She doesn't seem to care about any of her Disney crap beyond that high she gets when she buys it. She's telling herself she's a collector so she doesn't have to face the fact she's a hoarder.

No. 862510


I'm new to her milk - did she get rid of things aside from all those tsums tsums? I don't remember seeing many collector dolls purged if she did.

Then again, I feel like once she buys something it goes into a fucking ether and will never be seen again. There is so much shit that she owns that just goes into a void, right? Those dolls are poorly displayed that I don't even really know what she owns. I think if she just showed appreciation for these things, maybe she could use it to make her more interesting. People LOVE flaunting their collections that they work hard obtaining through the years. She just seems to buy them and move on. You think a shitty video idea would be a doll tour or SOMETHING instead of all these poorly thrown together vlogs of packaging pins.

No. 862528

If she is so afraid of getting her camera wet, why didn't she just take her waterproof go pro with her?
She hasn't used it in a long time, or did I miss something?

No. 862535

I just think it’s weird how she makes that big post apologizing for seeming greedy with back to back sponsored videos and then literally her next video is “ I BOUGHT THESE EXPENSIVE ARSE USELESS DOLLS.”

Also did anyone else notice the mug she bought has already chipped paint? She cuts right after she says “what’s on her face?”
She probably swore because she spent a ton on that shit and it’s already fucked.

No. 862550

YES I laughed so hard at that part. We'll never see that mug again

No. 862859

I can almost imagine her in 10-15 years, Disney crap spilling all over the floors, and Baylee will be even more of a gigantic,bratty toddler.

No. 862897

Disney mugs are such poor quality. Unless things have changed in recent years, they aren't even dishwasher safe.

No. 862969

It just seemed to be all that shit from the basement which was mostly stuff from when she had a toy or unboxing channel? So none of things like Disney dolls. I would think she would sell them on eBay cuz they are worth money but she probably would be too lazy to and she buys more overpriced dolls off eBay instead

No. 863089

So is she going to space out these D23 vlogs hoping we dont notice she hasnt actually vlogged in 2 weeks?

No. 863203

>Can't be fucked to draw
>Can't be fucked to vlog
>Can't be fucked to stream
>Can't be fucked to edit
>Can't be fucked to continuously run a store
>Can't be fucked to keep a clean and tidy home
She really needs to just quit and find a real job at this point but all she wants to do is sit on her fat ass, spend money and goof around with her childish friends. She really is useless.>>863089

No. 863342

Seems that way kek

No. 863541

it sucks too bc we KNOW she can do better. she used to work full-time as an animator, keep her apartment clean, make art, edit, stream (rarely but still), AND vlog every week! i’m not saying that that’s a healthy workload for everyone nor should she HAVE to do that much now. it just seemed to keep her a lot more motivated to, y’know, do stuff besides sitting around and shopping. she’s in her mid-twenties ffs.

No. 863939

She got more junk

No. 864000

This vlog is seriously so boring and such a waste of time. I only watch her videos for anything interesting to talk about but I skipped through most of the vlog.

No. 864001

30 minutes of nonsensical ramblings and buying stuff she doesn’t need. And we have another hour of footage to go yet.

No. 864065


Is she really a fangirl if she doesn't know what the fuck is ever going on with the Disney fandoms? Her attempt to try to recap the teasers and trailers was so fucking hard to hear. She seems a little slow or her short term memory is fucked.

No. 864071

God her rambling was taking forever. people can just look up what happened at the panels. she should just show us things she got or saw than hear her boring recap

also she's streaming again with her cricket.

No. 864080

Nah she's not a true fan, just a filthy casual.

No. 864105

no one is watching her for a recap of something that happened almost a week ago… just show us whatever ugly shit you're buying / wearing / eating and go, baylee.

also, jacob is the worst. he's so awkward. they barely look like they're friends sometimes.

No. 864132

No surprise, but she even ended the stream saying she hasn't done a single thing for her next art video

No. 864203

lmao disappointed but not surprised. you would think with her going to D23 she would be bursting with ideas or something.

No. 864230

This makes me think of the time they both went to some event (possibly twitch related?) and she basically used him as her own personal camera man. There was this really awkward scene that I think encapsulates Baylee’s self-centredness and weird “friendships” where she made Jacob stand at the bottom of a bouncy slide ride so he could film her coming down, and instead of rushing for his sake she took forever and started a conversation with random people. And when Jacob complained into the camera about it, she just waved oblivious. Because doesn’t the world revolve around her?

No. 864252

everytime she talks about star wars i just cringe inside.. why does she talk about it like it's awful..

No. 864266

She's how old?! I thought she was in her late thirties!

No. 864334

She turns 30 next year

No. 864335

Yeah he was stood there for almost half an hour haha and in this blog she keeps saying well if he’s going back to the hotel then he can carry all my stuff back lol Jacob annoys the fuck out of me also so meh

No. 864376

I really love how her stats start in +20/30 subs and become -20/30 by the end of the day

No. 864492

She’s been complaining about losing subs for ages but she makes no backup content to make up for breaks, like duh of course you lose subs when you’re not consistent. Like if you look at Kasey golden’s stats vs hers, kasey doesn’t have a million yet but she averages 10x more views per video and gains subs because she is super consistent with videos and content. I’m honestly surprised BJ has over a million when she doesn’t keep a schedule and has such low engagement, like it’s not a surprise if more than half of them are fake

No. 864496

Shit that’s unfortunate cuz I thought she was like 32-35 cuz her face and hair are not aging well, especially with that color. She would look a lot better if she had darker hair or it didn’t break all weird, like if she actually went to a hair salon or something

No. 864504

For someone who burns through money on useless shit i don’t get why she she won’t pay for a professional to fix her hair, it’s baffling. She’s gonna have no hair soon lol

No. 864535

Another boring 11 minutes of her waiting in lines or stomping around the convention floor looking at things to buy that she doesn’t need.

No. 864668

i feel like a lot of us have asked this question, and the sad truth is that she either a) somehow doesn’t think/notice it’s awful or b) she just doesn’t care. with all the breakage though, i’ll go with the latter option. it does suck tho that probably no one close to her has said anything about it.

No. 864678

File: 1567737452966.jpeg (112.74 KB, 902x749, 55FF9BBD-C122-4DAB-82FA-DC01E0…)

This made me go back and watch the twitchcon vlog - & I know her hair has been talked about to death on here, but I didn’t realise she’s been dyeing it for this long (vlog pic from Oct 2018). If anything I’m surprised that it isn’t shorter. Can’t see her stopping anytime soon, I for one welcome our future Baldee Jae

No. 864735

i wonder if she talks to Christian about her doll purchases? I get it's her money but they're married and she's dropping over 1k on dolls that are going to collect dust.

No. 864739

in a way i think he understands her because from what she's shown us while they were reorganizing the basement, he also has a lot of books, games and figures

No. 864741

you know what bothers me a lot tho ? we never see her buy stuff from other artists. i've never seen her buying prints or art books or apparel from other artists, but she drops thousands on disney, which to be honest, is a company that tells you what art style to use

No. 864744

To be fair, she does. She's shown things she bought from other artists in convention vlogs, and she has bought prints that are hanging in her art room. Fairly certain she bought one of sakuems' original paintings too

No. 864753

If she went to a professional they'd tell her she was killing her hair and to take a break from dying it which she doesn't want to do.

No. 864875

The biggest issue is that she bleaches all of her hair when she dyes it pink. Completely unnecessary. I get that its so she doesn't get streaks in her hair but all she needs to so is bleach her roots. So she bleaches her whole head every 2 ish months? Thats insane. Thats why her hair keeps breaking by the tips

No. 864887

Sort of related but I've noticed she doesn't comment on other art youtuber vids. Like you'll see other artists comment on each other's but seems like she's only interested in commenting on her own

No. 864921

She started coloring it in early January 2018. It was a darker, purple-pink first but she later changed it to light pink.
She doesn't go to a professional because she thinks she can do it herself. When she started with the pink she said to people how she has experience with coloring hair since she used to color it teal for a while.
Personally I agree, she should have gone to a professional from the beginning. She bleaches her hair and then uses heat on it too, since she flattens or curls it.

No. 864926

Yeah because it would make it obvious that’s she’s outright copying other YouTubers content, which she so often does.

No. 864928

No. 864931

She’s actually been dyeing her hair since art college so 10 years. It was aqua/turquoise firs for years, then black, then went natural for a little while then went blonde and now this array of disgusting pinks. She needs to stop but I actually cannot wait for her to go bald so going to keep persuading her to dye it. I told her to stop years ago but she gave me a really snarky and shitty response back so fuck her.

No. 864932

Those roots haha oh dear

No. 864934

Since she's coloring it with direct dye (Directions or now overtone), the color itself doesn't damage the hair and you can't really do anything wrong with it. So she's partly right: She can do the coloring on herself.
But for the bleaching she should've consulted a professional from the beginning. They would've probably used a more appropriate bleach and not re-bleach the lengths every frickin time just because she's got a the tiniest hint of roots. It's just a matter of hairstyle to hide roots until they're really long.

No. 864938

She could pull a Holly and go for wigs. But she won't need to shave her head or even use a cap, just gel her actual hair back lol

No. 864950

I think she should consider going back to her brown-blonde baliage style! it was her best color imo and would give her hair a much needed break

No. 864951

Jeez, for working on everything she does at a snail’s pace and for saying in her stream 2 days ago that she hasn’t done anything for her next art video, she got this up fast.

No. 864954

I think she did an okay job given the random collection of crap she was sent. I do have to laugh at her insistence that she doesn't want craft supplies or to do anything crafty when it seemed like she had way more fun gluing down that confetti than she ever has sketching.

No. 864990

I was referring to when she started with the pink, which was in January 2018.

I don't think she sees a difference between bleaching her hair for the pink or dying the roots blonde for the teal.

No. 865001

Another disappointing video.
It's always the same subject for Baylee when it comes to these videos. Some big eyed, colorful hair, with that "disney" face. Despite wanting to learn how to draw better Baylee doesn't really push herself to different drawing subjects. It's always that same shit in her comfort zone.
It's like there's a curse on youtube artist. They always plateau creatively when they're at their most popular.

No. 865053

She said she wants to do the mystery box series less often maybe every two months. She’s barely even doing her self-improve series once a month if at all. What is she gonna put up as content?

No. 865054

I thought I understood the exact opposite and re-checked.
At 1:11 in the video she says she wants to do them more frequently, maybe 2 a month. So that will be her content.
Kinda clever, because of the random supplies no one will complain about her doing stupid random throwaway-art.

No. 865098

of course she would enjoy mystery boxes more than any other vid. like you said, ppl don’t usually expect a great piece to come from a random assortment of supplies, AND she would have more incentive to make art for her vids if she’s having fun shopping/getting more products she’ll never use again. that and a lot of ppl enjoy those vids for that same reason, kinda like watching haul vids.

No. 865149

She lost over a hundred subs after subscribing, who is willing to bet they’ll be back sometime this week when she buys them?

No. 865180

File: 1567833805250.jpeg (385.75 KB, 1143x1102, 43C979C8-D173-44AF-838F-0292F9…)

*after uploading

No. 865287

I think she'll go on hiatus soon. Looking at that stats she'll probably pull some pity card about the fact she's stressed and has no time to do content so to make damage control on her decaying channel
It's so sad

No. 865298

Good. She needs to drop art entirely, she's not that good at it and her heart is clearly no longer in it. This is why you should never work and pleasure, you'll just ruin it for yourself like she has for her passion for drawing. I told her this ages ago but she focus on crafts rather than art, she seems to get more enjoyment out of that, until she gets tired of that too of course. Or just pack it in all together, have a baby and find a 'real' job whilst living of the residuals of her older more successful videos.

No. 865334

She posts once a week, if that, and we just went two whole weeks without a vlog, and you you can bet after all the Disney vlogs are out which was two weeks ago, the vlogs will cut to present day meaning she hasn't filmed anything in the mean time. So her lazy ass is essentially already on hiatus.

>have a baby
And she'll use that as an excuse to stop filming anything from the second of conception. She said she wouldn't but I can already see her becoming an annoying ass 'Mommy vlogger' since she at one point had a huge obsession with these types of channels. I thought the cat footage was bad enough but oh it's going to get much, much worse.

No. 865576

More of the same

No. 865635

Dude, I'm a Disney parks fan and I am so fucking tired of these vlogs. She talks about nothing unique about a whole expo that offered so many different experiences. I think she would be engaging to the audience if she showed any emotion other than generic fan listens to Disney songs and splooges. All the shit she showed were things people streaming the day it was happening. Her edits are awkward, choppy, and just unpleasant to watch.

You have all the money to blow on this big event and you show nothing of value. She doesn't even talk to other fans and the weird passing cosplay video shots are annoying. Baylee, get outside your fucking comfort zone and just ASK these cosplayers for pictures. Stop being a creep and taking rushed video footage of them - it's not flattering and it's just weird.

(A side note is me being frustrated that she didn't know a popular social media hang out that is Trader Sam's. How many fucking times has she gone to Disneyland on a whim and doesn't know simple shit? It makes her sound so foolish when she's bumbling around asking her friends 'what is dis plaaaace?!')

No. 865660

As I have said she is not a true fan, just a casual who thinks she is a fan. Like for example Russi Taylor, the long term voice of Minnie Mouse died recently, and has never acknowledged that, not in the vlogs or social media, and there she is picking up Minnie ears and other Minnie merch without saying a thing. And not knowing the name of Trader Sam's is just shocking. She's never vlogged it's a Small World or spoke of it in any vlog which makes me think she's never even ridden a Walt original. The only movies she seems to have seen are the princess movies and films after Little Mermaid up to Tarzan and then skips the 2000s and starts getting back in to it with Princess and the Frog in 2009. Her knowledge of Disney is very poor, if it ain't princesses she doesn't care. I could go on.

No. 865719

You have a really good point there. Do we know what her favorite Disney movie even is? Whenever she talks, it's always about Frozen or Moana. I just find that interesting since it seems like she's at least been interested in Disney her whole life. I guess it's just sad to see someone have a personality placeholder. It's fine to like Disney and be a bit childish, but with Baylee it's like she doesn't even enjoy the creative side of it.

It's like her obsession with Spongebob. It has no substance. She's just liking these things to make up a persona of the girl who likes generic shit. She's like a fucking pod person sometimes, it's unnerving.

No. 865735

Iirc its beauty and the beast and she prefers the live action

No. 865751

The live version sucks, just goes to show what awful taste she has.

No. 865812

She’s in training to be a normie ass mommy vlogger with having the barest ass bones knowledge of shit she’s interested in. Like she likes the Disney and spongebob stuff to trace them for her “art” and her stans just eat it up

No. 865825


I wanna bet all her disney obssesion came from watching Once Upon a Time, because she mentions it frequently and back when Baylee was still a small youtuber, there was no trace of disney. I bet you all she watched OUAT, fell in love with the disney princesses and so her obsession started. I actually makes sense, because one of the biggest story in ouat is beauty and the beast.

No. 865829


i swear to god, the only reason she like donald, mickey, minnie, goofy etc is because of kingdom hearts

No. 865861

Tbh, I think she only got into Kingdom Hearts because it was trendy at the time. Seems to line up with the rest of the things she loves.

No. 865924

This. I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and have been telling her for years to play it and she just flat out said she wasn’t interested, She even had a Kingdom Hearts picture as her Cintiq’s wallpaper and she didn’t even know where it was from. It wasn’t until hype about Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out started to build that she finally decide to give it a try as every other Youtuber and streamers were talking about it.

No. 866013

File: 1567961106817.jpg (84.05 KB, 666x544, Moron.jpg)

Oh shut the fuck up Baylee, you stupid child. Ghosts don't exist for the millionth time.

No. 866021

Ugh again with the ghosts?

No. 866123

Maybe the ghost was encouraging her to do her dishes

No. 866162

i watched her awful kh streams and the fujoshi definitely jumped out she made me feel sorry for kairi for the first time ever

No. 866196

No. 866217

Is this really milk? Most normies I know believe in ghosts and have had ghost experience

No. 866229

Yes Baylee, you didn't make the bed because it would look lumpy, right, not because you were too lazy.

No. 866232

Which is hilarious because they are not fucking real. There is NO solid or scientific evidence any where that such things exist and you would think there would be by now. All those ghosts shows have to put 'For entertainment purposes only' at the start and end by law because they are all fake. Don't want to break it to you but vampires, zombies, werewolves and the like are not real either. For thousands of years people like to be scared because it's fun so people would tell stories which would get past on which is where ghosts and other entities were created from. Ever wondered why the Haunted Mansion is located in Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland? Because in Asia ghost stories are regarded as fantasy and nothing more than entertaining fiction, which is correct. The only supernatural beings that I believe are acceptable to believe in is aliens, we seriously can't be the only living creatures lurking in Space.(off-topic)

No. 866329

She must be making a lot of money off her pin sales she’s finally consistent with repeating something and they are getting more frequent

No. 866333

I figured that too, she should really just focus on making cute merch like pins, buttons, keychains and stickers and just use Youtube to promote them and show the making of them from drawing the concept art to physical product. Would make more sense. Though then that makes me wonder whether she is paying sales tax on them.

No. 866383

She doesn't want to order stickers because they work out to 20c each. But she spent how long trying to make them herself? Time she could have spent doing something more productive?

No. 866393

what kinda stuff did she say? like kairi gets in the way of riku and sora type shit?

No. 866419

I wouldn't say she is consistent with it yet. She did it like what? Three times so far? I wouldn't be surprised if she loses interest in it next year. Currently she is all excited for it because it is still new and she can get new supplies for it.

No. 866421

Yeah and her mods were encouraging her. Explains why she likes that cretin Holly Brown.

No. 866484

She said she didn’t want to ignore family while they’re there because they don’t live close to her, but taking their labor on her incredibly inefficient pin process is probably fine. I always go to my relatives’ house to help them with their chores.

No. 866494

She never factors in the cost of labor, ink and cutting with the machine into any of her processes and she just seems way too lazy to research if her method is more cost effective than outsourcing printing, like the possibility of more busywork is better than being efficient.

If she’s doing batches from a manufacturer of like 3-500 like it seems she’s doing now like in the short term if she sells them all out at 10-12$ each she’s making 3-6k at a time. But again, she doesn’t factor in labor and costs associated so while she’s pulling in a large number all at once, she in reality probably makes less than minimum wage which is pretty high in Vancouver

No. 866507

She’ll spend out the ass for dumb shit she doesn’t need but couldn’t be bothered to buy new bedding and her in-laws had to do it for her. I wonder what they really feel like about the state of the house and all the shit she has in it.

No. 866550

Christian didn’t go to any of her vacations so he probably did some cleaning before his parents got there tbh

No. 866573

Kek Christian does fuck all other than play video games all day and sing awfully in the shower. If he had done any cleaning then Baylee wouldn’t have to have done any.

No. 866634

At least Christian has a job, all Baylee does is sit around and spend money.

No. 866665


i was also thinking that. i know baylee defends him all day, but he literally does nothing.. ok, he has a job, but baylee is his wife, not his maid. those two have a very weird relationship, i can only think of that moment when baylee said it's time consuming of her to drive christian to his job while he had a cast.. like.. wtf

No. 866685

They both basically have a “lazy young adult” relationship and it just seems like they can’t be bothered to take care of their home cuz someone will get it done. Like I bet Christians parents definitely cleaned parts of the home when they were there in addition to being free work for her shop

No. 866695

Indeed, they never seem to speak or interact all that much. They live together but live very separate lives which is odd. If you watch her draw my life, Christian was interested in her but she wasn’t interested. In him at all and then she changed her mind one day and ‘settled’ since he was the only one showing her any attention lol which isn’t all that surprising since all her friends seem to be gay guys. She’s a typical fag hag.

No. 866808

Christian's only chore is to clean the bathrooms. Baylee says that it's mostly her mess, which is probably very true, which is why she does so much of the cleaning.
I agree though that it is odd that he doesn't do a bit more, especially when his parents are going to visit.

No. 866879

So Baylee's basically a housewife then? And the art stuff is just a hobby for fun money? That actually makes a lot of sense with how she treats her channel and the pin selling, never bothering to calculate if the money she makes vs the hours she puts in works out to more than minimum wage - it doesn't have to if Christian's salary is what they're actually living on.

No. 866987

Yeah basically. She’s calmed down about it a lot and who even knows if they are but she’s been talking about having kids for ages and having difficulty getting pregnant and stuff. She stopped when it seemed like her art was getting more traction and she couldn’t balance YT/twitch/cons/shopping in general but she’s mentioned like cutting back on twitch whenever she has kids. It’s fine if she wants to be a mom and all but she’s pretty delusional that she can balance all the nonsense she does on top of caring for a baby

No. 866989

She got a new vlog camera….

No. 867006

She literally JUST got 2 new $1,000 each Sony Alpha camera so that she could use her Canon M50 to vlog…..
Man, I used to really like her vlogs, but I’m increasingly becoming more annoyed.

No. 867044

Didn’t she have to pay $21,000 in taxes one year? I feel like that equates more than fun money, but I guess when you’re as obsessed with buying stuff as she is, any amount of money is just “fun money”.
What’s the most ridiculous about this is, no matter how much she spends on filming/editing equipment, it will always be for almost nought because she has no idea what makes a visually pleasing, well edited video.

No. 867046

>So Baylee's basically a housewife then?
If she is then she's a bad one. She only cleans like once a month when shit is piled so high it becomes an inconvenience.

No. 867091

It's sad because the house could be really nice if they would put some effort into it. Does she even realize how lucky she is that she could afford ranting a 6 bedroom house in Vancouver when she was like what? 24/25? (I think they moved in 2016, didn't they?)

No. 867139

Housing in Vancouver is insanely expensive.

No. 867159

It makes me wonder how much one of her YT video pays mostly cuz we all know someone buys her subs and they’re consistently low so the income she brings in probably is erratic. Either Christians job pays a lot or they have some kind of weird deal on that house, it’s probably a couple thousand a month to rent because of the housing market there (like she probably doesn’t live in Vancouver proper but it’s still stupidly expensive), so I also wonder if they just are living closer from paycheck to paycheck more than they show. Or BJ takes all the money from her shit and just uses it all on the credit cards she probably uses to pay for all her garbage

No. 867161

I honestly hope she doesn’t do fire emblem art because it’s the new hot fandom and it sounds like her fans are pushing her to like it

No. 867298

According to social blade her views for August were around 1 million and her art channel doesn't really have troubles with monetization, so she probably still makes a decent amount of money. There is also money from the vlog channel, Twitch and sales from the enamel pins. Not enough to pay all the bills herself, she clearly needs Christians income. I do wonder if they still split all the bills equally or if one pays more than the other.

Also am kinda wondering how much she actually freaks out about the decline of her channel. 2019 has not been a good year, as both her view count and her sub count have been going down.

This is kinda petty but why would you stuff all your cooking utensils into a small drawer like that? That just seems to impractical.

No. 867313

Youtube is changing stuff soon so that only the creator can see the full subcount and everyone else gets an abbreviated view. Will be much easier for her to buy subs without anyone noticing once that comes into effect..

If she stopped caring about numbers and trends and was authentically herself and did what she actually wants to do the views will follow. I hate how blatant she is about chasing trends and droning on about eye catching thumbnails and titles and shit. Maybe make good content? dunno just a thought

No. 867428

The thing is, she THINKS she has good content when like reality, she’s not consistent enough on her main channel and her vlogs are just boring ramblings cuz she can’t turn off being a streamer/can’t stop talking or internalizing whatever she does. Just because some people watch it doesn’t mean it’s good.

I think most creators have struggled a lot with YT just in general but she’s the most blatant in that she thinks things like changing thumbnails and turning off comments will help when those are the easy solutions when the real tea is that keeping a consistent schedule and having content ready and not planning everything last minute is actually how you sustain a living. Like not all of Waffles and Kasey Golden’s videos are good but they pump them out consistently enough to make a living and grow. BJ doesn’t do it cuz she doesn’t even plan anything more than a week in advance

No. 867471

I agree, she really needs to get her act together and set up a daily schedule for herself and start planning out her videos in advance. Her vlog channel got so boring somehow. I don't know how she manages to be even more boring now where she doesn't do daily vlogs anymore.

It also doesn't help either of her channels that she is rather un-creative.
It's why she steals all her ideas. The problem with it though is that she is often way to late for the hype and can't really make the idea work for her. She doesn't put an interesting twist on it and she lacks the skills to make the results look good.

No. 867824

File: 1568319315973.jpeg (300.19 KB, 1190x925, 66F76683-3E28-48CC-B5A4-425779…)

Even then I think she vlogs way too much, like she’s procrastinating from doing actual work by vlogging, and she’ll just make up bullshit to keep vlogging like the ghosts. Like she doesn’t do freelancing and doesn’t run her shop consistently like katnipp so she’s just vlogging nothing most of the time? She would benefit as well to have a vlogging schedule instead of doing it ALL the time and buying more and more cameras cuz she doesn’t do anything of note.

It’s so blatant now that her subscriber list is so inflated and fake too, she hasn’t updated since the last video where there was a severe drop in subscribers but now there’s a weird low view but high sub thing going on again

No. 867904

Yes, instead of buying them in one big bulk order she (or someone else) is buying them bit by bit each day to make it not quite so obvious this time. But it'still obvious as pointed out her views are way down but her subs on the up. That's not how it works.

No. 867994

Going on with her subcount…. that 300+ jump seems weird. She was losing massively, and then she had that jump, seemingly out of the blue? She didn't post that day, and then it flatlined, and then she was losing again. I don't know, seems weird.

New so I saged, don't know if I needed to or not

No. 868003

File: 1568347523916.jpeg (269.56 KB, 1242x970, 3E8A7203-94FF-4D8D-ABAF-DC6515…)

Anyone else notice that Baylee channel? She changed her header and privated the kids drawing tutorials but the channel description is still there. I wonder what it’s gonna/supposed to be?

No. 868034

I feel if she has a schedule, she is still gonna vlog random stuff, just so she can keep the schedule. Baylee just has the problem that she is boring and doesn't know what to cut out, plus that she simply isn't doing much, like you said, she just sits at home. Back in the days when she still went to that park for a walk or a bike ride (that poor bike rotting away in the storage room…) was at least a nice break from the at-home-footage.

No. 868035

Yeah like, most of us suspected she/someone else has been buying her subs for a while cuz her interaction is low sub count is abnormally high but that 300+ jump is pretty much is the clincher that her sub count is mostly fake since she didn’t upload a video that day and the number equals the amount she lost after she posted that wish video. I hope there’s another sub-pocalypse where YT kills all the fake spam or dead accounts again and she loses like half of her subs

(always sage no matter what)

No. 868036

File: 1568363615799.jpeg (133.52 KB, 552x642, 75C8934C-4550-4030-902B-C22B3D…)

No. 868038

Using them for years…
Didn't she only start using them like last year?
Also does Vistaprint really ban you for things like that? If I remember correctly she was even on the phone with the support at vistaprint trying to get her account back and back then she said they were really helpful.

No. 868109

It's so sad she even uses vistaprint though…
I only use them for banners and cards when they're on sale because they'll have a sale for like 500 business cards for $10 sometimes and they'll have sales on their banners often too but to do return lavels and stickers? their sticker quality is garbage and you can get better quality with an at home printer.

No. 868115

File: 1568386684922.png (131.64 KB, 665x662, Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 10.5…)

Baylee you make yourself look bad

No. 868126

Youtube is changing the rules on content aimed at kids. Demonetising it and shutting off the ability to comment. As all of those videos would likely be automatically flagged I'm guessing she just decided to scrap them now.

No. 868296

File: 1568411535834.jpeg (644.79 KB, 1195x1825, 190C8D5F-60E6-41BA-937C-AEB03F…)

I don’t like kasey cuz I find her way too edgelordy but I respect that she ACTUALLY WORKS to keep her channel active cuz she knows it’s her JOB. Like, you don’t make these numbers by not uploading for weeks at a time

No. 868389

I’ll grant you that Kelsey records and uploads consistently, but i absolutely cannot stand her art. I always assumed she records multiple videos a day considering how simple her illustrations are. Still more consistent than baylee though

No. 868468

She said she got a huge fine because her art channel was on the kids YouTube and her hot guys series. She also said the doodle domain channel is still on kids so it's "great for money". So she's probs trying to figure how to cash in on it. (this information came from streams)

No. 868492

Stream link and timestamp?

No. 868625

No. 868638

As much as it annoys me to see her blatant procrastination, I hope she's able to get out of this funk.
Considering how she had a similar discussion in that I Hate My Art vid, can't say I'm super confident she'll do anything proactive to fix her behavior.

I can definitely relate, being depressed really hampers your artistic abilities. But you just have to keep sharpening your skills until you start to see progress Watching Baylee reminds myself how necessary it is to shut off and just FOCUS on art for a couple hours a day AT LEAST.

I feel like Baylee REALLY needs to focus on her art right now or else she's going to give it up. She's still at the point where she thinks she can schedule time for art alongside her blogging and social outings… she has to sacrifice SOMETHING to have more time for art.

It's just sad to see her get distracted by so much shit while just sitting down to draw. She's got to film the cat sitting on her work. She has to film herself looking for the right art book. She has to film herself showing off the new camera while drawing. She has to film herself looking for masking fluid… Girl, you need to focus on your art and nothing else. Even someone like Baylee has the POTENTIAL to make great work, but she needs to put in the time and effort to prioritize art and right now, it's obvious she's more concerned with her brittle hair, new cameras, and whatever else is bothering her atm.

No. 868648

How long is she gonna fry her hair?

No. 868653

Will she have any left tbh

No. 868655

Probably not

I don't understand how her hair falling out so much didn't freak her out

No. 868657

well - it's an excuse to buy more useless expensive shit, in this case extensions.

No. 868661

While I generally agree that Baylee should focus more on her art, I don't think that that should be her only focus.
She is allowed to have a social life too and I think it is normal to care at least a little bit about your appearance.
One does not have to live entirely for art in order to get better. In fact I think it'd do her and her art good if she would go out of the house more often. Take a nice walk in a nearby park or a little bike tour.
I'm sure she could easily fit in an hour of art every day if she'd just wanted to.

No. 868685

She said the whole box set was 150 dollars (canadian I guess)

No. 868713

No. 868715

I know its ghibli inspired, but the colors are all so saturated it hurts my eyes.

Also, other anons, if its been around a year since you worked with a medium would you jump straight into an illustration?? I dont get why she didnt do a practice watercolor piece to get used to the medium again before attempting an illustration.

No. 868717

That would mean she would have to do more than 1 drawing, and we can't have that, can we?

No. 868718

Is it just me or does she keep trying to justify how her art is different from the art book art. She keeps saying stuff like "my light source is coming from the right whereas the kiki art Is coming from the left"

No. 868719

I think it's fine she jumped straight in if she was inspired. In fact, I think it was good for her to have fun doing art for a change. But I don't think she needed to film this one. This is the kind of fan art you do for fun and to get reacquainted with the supplies. She was pointing out as she went along things where she wished she'd looked up a reference and she talked about not really doing a sketch beforehand. All of which is fine for an off the cuff fun project. But she could have taken what she did here as a starting point, learned from it, and planned a second piece. She could even have shown this piece as a 'here's what I did in my spare time and it was fun, so I decided to try and refine my techniques and this is how I did'.

She's so adverse to doing any sort of art without filming it be it sketching daily or whatever that she's never going to improve.

No. 868735

Yeah thats kind of what i meant by doing a practice piece, this would have been fine if it wasnt for a video. I’d expect something that was better quality for videos or prints (is she making prints of this???) but most people try to get reacquainted with a nediun before they create a full illustration to show others

No. 868737

she really needs to focus on one medium. maybe other youtubers can manage doing multiple videos with different mediums, but they are at a different skill level.
I feel like she's trying to compensate her lack of understanding of fundamentals by constantly switching up mediums.
i don't understand why she's trying an entire landscape, in a medium she barely uses, when she can't even shade anything on the figure properly yet.

No. 868744

How did she manage to make WATERCOLOR, of all things, look streaky?

No. 868748

She just really doesn’t know how to use watercolors. She only uses wet on dry technique, with really small brushes, so the watercolor is already starting to dry up when she goes over it again. She doesn’t really know how to layer it either. Just. All this could be solved if she practiced and looked at more tutorials for watercolors. At least she wasnt using that tiny waterbrish for this one.

No. 868751

>While I generally agree that Baylee should focus more on her art, I don't think that that should be her only focus.
She is allowed to have a social life too and I think it is normal to care at least a little bit about your appearance.
WTF 90% of her life is her doing social stuff and random "me time" activities! She doesn't have a job! How did you immediately jump from someone sayiing "she should focus a little more on her art" to "poor Bayley, she's being worked to death, she deserves more free time!"

No. 868753

those extensions were laughable. no wonder they came as a set with a hair tool and other junk for only $150. they'll be a rattier mess than they looked today in no time.

the watercolour was fine, i guess. at least she's doing something different. it was too dark though, that scene should have been lighter, more serene.

No. 868754

It really bothers me as someone who does a lot of watercolors how she insists people are being elitists because they say to use the white of the paper.
It's not being elitist, it's because it WORKS AND LOOKS BETTER ffs. I'm sure there's plenty of great watercolor artists who use gauche etc for their whites but honey, you can start giving advice only when you know what you're doing!

No. 868757

She’s so insistent about it too, she never even tries to leave the white

No. 868761

She is absolutely ridiculous. Why go through the trouble of buying three separate sets of extensions and dye them all different levels of pink? If only there was a way to deal with all of these hair issues she’s having? If only there’s was some sort of invention that could help her? Like say…. a wig????

But then again, a wig would only allow her to spend money once and in a sensible way. How preposterous.

No. 868764

Now you're seriously just petty. People talked about her hair so much and now that she tries to take care of it you still complain! Some of you are annoying as hell.

No. 868765


Is it YOUR money?? Is it anyone elses money other than hers? Most people here have good criticism about her channels, art and things that matter to "the community" and as an artist it's actually quite helpful to know what not to do and what to look out for but now that I've read I see so many people contradicting what they are critical about.
When she focuses on one medium: she's not trying new things out enough!
When she doesn't vlog: she's not filming often enough!
When she does vlog: she films too much!
When she goes out and has a social life: she has too much free time and doesn't work
When she doesn't go out: she only sits on her ass and doesn't go out often enough.
I swear this could go on and on. I agree with many critical points and ways hoped for her to listen to them and change for the better but in so many ways she can't win with you guys. In the last vlog she sounded so beaten and it's kind of apparent that she has some issues, she even admitted that she's been distracting herself with random things. I'm no fan who would blast sugar up her bum like most little kids on her channel do but ffs help her in a productive way or just leave it. After reading her threads I realized a lot of what you're saying is true! But also a lot of other things are just unnecessary and either way you won't be satisfied.

No. 868766

Both of there are the same person if it wasn't apparent enough.

No. 868767


not only that, but she didn't have enough hair dye, and knew this after dying the first piece. why not wait for an order to come in before dying them?

same with 'oh this would look better if my roots were done' so do them?

No. 868774

How is re-dyeing your hair and putting on extensions to mask damage you caused "taking care of it"?

No. 868776

No. 868782


Yes… very suspect haha, hi cow!

No. 868796

Once your hair is dead, that's it, there's really no bringing it back. You can make it feel softer and look less to give the impression that its fine, but ultimately, there's no hope once it's dead. The best thing to do is to LEAVE IT and let the damage grow out and learn from your mistakes to do better and take better care of it next time

No. 868808

i was hoping when she would "fix her hair" she would dye it back to natural color and just let it grow back. this is just a bandage on an open wound type situation.
i mean she could have even just gotten extensions in her natural color after she dyed it back while it grows back

No. 868841

>>868713 Does she not realise that most backgrounds done in Ghilbi movies are done with poster paints? I mean yeah, there are movies where its done in watercolour but her techniques don't lend well to this style of paining, in my opinion.

No. 868843

I didn’t watch it but did she even name the background artist of the ghibli movies? Cuz yeah his name is Kazuo Oga and he has videos and books about how he paints backgrounds, like you can watch streams of him painting on YouTube.

No. 868847

Yeah if you just google “ghibli background artist” you get videos of Kazuo Oga painting and he does the complete opposite of what BJ does: he works wet-on-wet, large brushes mainly, and he waters down the poster paints so they’re thin and uses the white of the paper to be the white of the background. She’s treating her watercolors the same way she does oil with tiny brushes and working wet on dry, and it’s just very sloppy and amateurish like for both watercolors and oils like could she even be bothered to crack open a Skillshare video or something?

I wouldn’t jump into a full illustration right away, like if you watch a very experienced artist like Chris Hong then you’ll see like multiple sketches and color/value studies before committing to a full illustration. Like BJ is SO insistient in only doing the ONE thing that like, it makes her stuff look weaker overall. Like I usually do a digital study like BJ did for that oil painting, but it wouldn’t be a full ass render cuz that’s what the final painting is for

No. 868848

Since Baylee or her stans are here again like, here’s a Chris Hong video on making full illustrations that have more than an hour’s thought into them and Chris is pretty open about struggling and getting better as an artist. Like spend like an hour learning from people who know? Hell, even watch kasey’s videos on how to watercolor too, I am still amazed how BJ made them look so cheap! She uses Schminke colors, the set costs over 150$!

No. 868853

I’m sure if she has the money to drop on dolls and stuff, she can almost certainly spend that 150 she spent on the clip in extensions on like having an expert look at her hair and helping it recover instead of bleaching the shit out of it until it breaks and damaging her hair even more. Vancouver isn’t at a loss of salons.

No. 868865

I totally forgot she has Schmincke watercolours and she's using Archers paper. Those supplies are a waste on her. She doesn't even know how to watercolour effectively

No. 868867

She makes them look so cheap because she doesn't follow ONE basic watercolor technique. It shouldn't be that hard to start light and work your way up to the darker shades?
How she used the colors in that piece, she could have just use those 1dollar-"watercolors" which aren't really watercolors. Might just have turned out the same.

No. 868881


also, nevermind the fact that she has no notion of depth.. how can stuff in the far background and stuff right next to the front have the same saturation.. also, composition, you can't just throw one boat in the water, you think of the golden number, 3. you can't just do a 'study' but completely miss the point of the illustration you're studying from.. also, how in the world can people draw or paint without reference, considering they obviously don't know how to draw most things. this just reminds me of that 'vintage' thing she drew, where she put aV4 on the wine bottle label because she couldn't think of anything else, like.. why the hell didn't you look for labels online ???

No. 868975

File: 1568568125584.jpg (80.05 KB, 1270x642, fdgdfgf.JPG)

I was looking at older videos of her, and came across this one from 2 years ago.. she was soooo cute with the blonde gradient hair

No. 868977

Anon she was never cute

No. 868982

I've been saying this for ages. The pink hair is disgusting and makes her look like a pig. Does she think she is being edgy or something?

No. 868986

File: 1568570754212.png (131.02 KB, 715x943, 1567760798859.png)

I think her recent art problems might be caused by her studying fundamentals but not grasping them.
At least she has started to recognize/see her flaws, but she needs to start fixing them by studying PROPERLY.
She's way to caught up in keeping up with this cartoon-y "style" to realize she needs to just go back to studying basic shapes.
Just look at the bow in the dress in her watercolor piece… why the heck is there a highlight in the middle and the left when the light is coming from the right? She's drawn so many "pretty uwu disney princess bows" before that she's treating it like a symbol and not looking at it like a unique shape in light and space.
And the shadow produced by the figure, again pointing to the light source coming from the right, produces a bright highlight on the far left of the dress why??
In more realistic illustrations, there's always slight rim lighting and cast shadows that don't always follow
simple lighting rules, but when you use a standard cylindrical curve to dictate a fold in a dress… it just doesn't make sense to do anything more than what is the most basic of lighting techniques.
Same with the freaking trees, why is there that BRIGHT ass lighting on the left??

No. 868988

Its hilariously ironic that she uses the expensive ass schminke colors and arches paper but makes it look incredibly cheap while the actual background artist for ghibli says he uses cheap poster paints because they can’t afford to use expensive paints. (Info from here http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/2017/03/demo-by-kazuo-oga.html)

No. 868990

She looks pretty normal here and the volume her natural hair has probably helps disguise all the cysts in her scalp, it’s too thin now and she’s super self conscious of them so like, probably don’t damage your scalp?

No. 868993

This is pretty much what the frustration with her stems from at least imo: she seemingly does nothing or does pretty much low effort things all day, she doesn’t have another job nor treats her YouTube and pin stuff like one so she’s privileged enough to have all this time to learn and become a better artist, which she DOES recognize. And yet?
She has people in her social spheres and streams telling her to do better but she doesn’t. She’s “friends” with other artists like Waffles who are always on a constant journey to improve but does she follow their examples? No. She loses hundreds of subs every time she posts a video and just goes to cheap gimmicks and tricks to try to boost numbers.
Like it must be really disappointing to be one of her non-delusional stans and watching her not improve, even getting worse, knowing she’s capable of learning and getting better but being too lazy to learn properly. Cuz the only way to improve at art is by doing it and she seemingly avoids that at all possible

No. 869000

She's not an artist, her 'art' is amateur level at best and there is no way she is going to self improve on her own, she needs to take actual classes but she won't because she's too lazy and proud of the crap she shits out. If she takes classes she will improve and she will hopefully be inspired by it. She is a trained animator and should stick to that, she posted a half finished mermaid bun animation on her Twitter which was good but she'll never finish it which is frustrating. If she isn't going to improve her art then I want her to move away from it as she is shit but move to animation, crafting, or just focus full time on making pins, stickers and such of original art. She wants to move away from fan art but she is so uninspired that she is mow making fan art such as the Ghibli one where she just switched out the characters for her own 'original' ones.

No. 869016

She has worked on a storyboard recently for an animation she is planning. She hasn't shown anything from the storyboard or said what the animation will be, because it is supposed to become a video, if she'll finishes it.
I honestly would be interested in more animation stuff. Don't know if it'll be good but I kinda liked the little Pokémon one she did for Arty Advent.

No. 869193

No. 869206

File: 1568604105025.png (6.69 KB, 394x331, Untitled.png)

>Sets camera down so mic is blocked
>Complains sound is bad when it is fine
>Buys a bunch of unnecessary accessories to fix the issue
Why am I not surprised she's wasting money. A free easy fix would be to prop the camera on two small same sized objects with a gap so the mic isn't covered, is that really so hard?

No. 869270

No, cuz she ALWAYS has to buy something. Like you’d think there’d be something in that giant mess of a room she has her store stuff in or like something leftover from when she used to do cons but nope, it’s easier to buy

No. 869288

She’ll finish it as soon as she finishes that diamond painting so like seven years from now

No. 869358


Nope, but it's very convenient for you guys to think that. Cause it's so unbelievable that someone would have valid reasons to criticize YOU for your wrong doings.
Anyways, there are many good points here and others (including me) can still highly benefit from what most people here are talking about, but the petty stuff is just petty.
Anyways, I'm not Baylee but it's more exciting for you to think I am (even though I also believe that she's reading these threads).
I said my peace and I'll go back to be a reader.

No. 869383

I had actually completely forgotten about that diamond painting. Her cats will probably have eaten most of the diamonds before she'll ever come close to finishing it.

No. 869390

no one cares

No. 869393

using the words “Baylee” and “exciting” in the same sentence

extremely bold

No. 869458

How does Baylee not know that clip in extentions will damage her hair further lmao? They pull on your hair, which is really bad with the state that her hair is in.
It's like she wants her hair to fall out.

No. 869518

Short term solutions only and she’s probably put her identity so much in having pink hair that she won’t let her natural hair recover or use wigs or let a professional see it.

No. 869526

I feel that she’s stuck in this “idea” of how to be an artist and doesn’t have the continence to pull it altogether and take charge of it. Like she is more than capable of being a Katnipp and run a store only, like she SEEMS to make ok on those pins and her prints, but she has greatly lost any of the motivation or knowledge on how to become a better artist. Which is sad cuz there’s tons of resources out there, like if you’re plugging skillshare then why the hell don’t you use it?

No. 869568

She's really pumping out these vlogs this week, which is good I guess, though the content isn't all that interesting.

No. 869582

Since she wants to use that green screen again, do you think she’s going to do live action things? like the jazz a box? So much cringe

No. 869740


i honestly can't believe how much she just wastes time thinking how to rearrange one freakin room, when she could always move stuff to the freakin empty basement

No. 869747

That purple is a horrible colour on her, especially with the pink hair. I don't know why she's so obsessed with pastels or how she thinks they look good on her. She's so bad at dressing herself

No. 869748

To be fair, she probably doesn't want to put stuff in the basement because it has flooded before.

No. 869806

Still doesn’t stop her from keeping things on the floor of those rooms. Like I would hope my landlord would have fixed that issue when they replaced the floor at least but why also not move the green screen there since there’s more room? Like it seems that her entire main floor of house has been taken over by her boxes and store clutter but they have like six rooms?

No. 869894


isn't christian moving all his junk back down there soon anyway? or does his stuff not matter if the basement floods again?

the green screen that she will never use is fine in one of the empty basement rooms. she is obsessed with finding something other than art to fill her time with. sit down and practice.

No. 869903

Seems that way but given he used play his games down there and she had her art room down there they were technically together but with him downstairs and her in her new upstairs art room, I feel they are going to drift apart. I bet he wants to stay up there so he can be with her but she's the one pushing him to move back down there.

No. 869924

They were in a LDR for a year or two so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just got used to being apart. Also they’re high school sweethearts right? I really feel like they both just settled. They’re both boring as fuck so at least they’re a good match.

No. 869935

Prefacing this to say , this doesn’t surprise me too much because she’s a very dopey person who lacks nuanced understanding of basic things, but it’s weird that she can see that the brighter, darker pink doesn’t suit her skin tone, but thinks a lighter version of that same color does. A lot of it is probably stubbornness and delusion, but every “what colour suits warm skin tone” thing I looked at said not to wear cool colours. She wouldn’t even have to change it that much, just go for a more peachy toned pink and it would improve it so much.
But I get the sense that when she imagines herself, she really does think she’s presenting something similar to Katnipp. But they have completely different skintones, eye colours, and natural hair She’s always given me super uncool, lonely mum vibes, but especially in that thumbnail.

No. 869992

RIP socialblade, since YouTube is changing metrics for the public, now we can’t see BJ buying her subs in real time now

No. 869994

Yeah she probably thinks as someone who was a natural brunette/blonde that she could pull off pastels but they just make her look so much worse and washed out. It also shows just how bad she is with colors if she can’t recognize her own warm skin colors and what colors go well with it. She’s definitely trying to fit into the pastel-Disney aesthetic like katnipp does but yeah I actually thought BJ was like 35 cuz she does have sad desperate mom vibes cuz she’s an adult who wears very lazy, childlike clothing

No. 870008

Pastels are uwu

No. 870140

No one over the age of 22 should be shopping at Forever 21. I don't care how cute you think the stuff is, you are a grown adult and need to wear adult clothes.

No. 870155

No. 870235


sorry but that is just stupid. how does an adult dress like? in boring suits and beige dresses? anyone can dress however they want, regardless of age

No. 870242

I'm 28 and shop at forever 21 and still look like an adult!

No. 870243

Is she really calling herself a thot?! WTF is wrong with her? Jesus

No. 870248

File: 1568837154470.jpg (60.6 KB, 642x666, bleh.jpg)

Yes because dressing like this at 29 years old is so kawaii uguu. I guess you dress the same which is why you are so triggered.

No. 870256

Ok I do not dress like THAT! That does look silly.Not sure if the forever 21 stores in the UK are different. I mainly wear t-shirts and jeans(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 870261

Lol I wasn't even aware we had Forever 21 over here.

No. 870263

Yeah in the main cities like London, Manchester and Brighton. I mostly order online though

No. 870267

>>870242 >>870242
Good, then maybe you're not dressing too young for your age.

No. 870269

It's not stupid, it's factual. You don't have to dress boring to dress like an adult. She's getting close to 30 and is wearing cutesy shit that shouldn't be worn past a certain age in my opinion. Plus Forever 21 isn't exactly known for their quality. I guess that's one benefit of working from home, you can dress however you want and no one can say anything, but if you're in a professional environment from the time you're 23 onward, you're expected to not dress like she does.

No. 870275

What’s the deal with her and vistaprint?

No. 870282

Her account got hacked, twice, due to a loop hole in Vistaprint's system where any one can ask them for the password for any account as long as you know their email address. So twice someone got in to her account and started ordering things. Both times Baylee contacted them about it and they put a stop to it. She went to order some stuff the other day and found her account (and any new account in her name, address or credit card) was banned because of the hackings which she found out after calling them about it. Baylee posted this on Twitter and Vistaprint saw how many followers she had and though 'oh shit!' and apologised and gave her $100 credit on her account however it remains banned and inaccessible lol. Baylee needs Vistaprint so made a new account with fake name, email, new credit card etc and the order got through and she received the package in the vlog above. She posted this devious tactic on Twitter and of course Vistaprint saw this and is now trying to contact her asking for this new account's details so they can either ban her again or try and resolve the original issue of the banning. Who knows.

No. 870298

For someone who didn't want to 'take down' Vistaprint, she sure as hell sounds proud of how everything went down. It's really two-faced imo

No. 870302

Especially if vistaprint wants to give her that 100$ credit and not ban her, like she’s actively dodging them because she can’t speak on the phone? She’d be getting probably an entire stor order for free?

No. 870309

that is just asinine. If they gave her $100 credit, it is obviously a mistake that she's still banned. She really is an idiot if she went through all of that trouble instead of just contacting them again, jesus christ.

No. 870350

Yeah they probably just want to honestly fix the mistake their site is making and are doing the credit as a courtesy but she’s being stupid by doing the whole “secret account” bullshit cuz she can’t be bothered to speak to them on the phone. But making it out on her media like she’s entirely the victim is much more important than resolving the issue.

No. 870421


i mean.. or maybe she is scared by telling them about her new account they might ban that too. they already tried to fix the thing and only made it worse (i mean, they gave her 100 dollars on her blocked account..) i know we like hating on her stuff, but sometimes you guys are just nitpicking.

also, yeah.. she pretty much is the victim, jesus, if this thing happened to you guys you'd act the same.

No. 870434


I do have to agree, it's unfair that they've blocked her account considering it's not really her fault she's been hacked, maybe it will teach her to make sure to use a private email for future things, but again, not necessarily her fault. What is her fault thought is posting that she's using a 'secret' account, would have been better to just say she found a way around it. They still might have tried to contact her, but it wouldn't be as shady as broadcasting she has a 'secret' account

No. 870535


Watching the Vlog right now … And, yeah, it's been a pretty dumb move to talk about her new account (and her second new account since Vistaprint blocked the first one) publicly. She says she's using fake Data which means she is, I think, not only breaking some Vistaprint TOS but also probably breaking some law.

No. 870562

I’d talk to a real person like an ADULT and fix all this shit, especially if they made attempts to contact me and give me credit. Like why risk banning THREE accounts if they’re so important to her business especially by now fully advertising she’s using a fake name and other data. That looks just as suspicious as the “hacker” who got into the account in the first place

No. 870588

No. 870589

Haven't watch the video but the piece doesn't suck
Someone willing to recap?

No. 870614

she talks about the lawsuit against youtube and the speculations under which circumstances adrevenue (and sponsorship money) might get cut. And at the end talks about how she repeatedly used rectangles.

No. 870624

I disagree, i hate this piece. I hate how the characters have random expressions for no reason. Its so lazy. Draw a full illustration baylee with a full scene if you want these expressions to work

No. 870627

The main thing I really don't like is the super warm orange reds for the hair with the cooler pink reds used for the dress, it just clashes way too much in my opinion

No. 870646

Her hair looks so fake and bad in this video. Does this woman never look in a mirror?

No. 870674

File: 1568930567344.jpg (153.18 KB, 1008x788, Untitled.jpg)

Oh if only. Social Blade might as well just close now.

No. 870737

>>870589 >>870624
I actually think it looks fine at an angle, as shown in the thumbnail, with overlaying text.

Seeing it in the video though…is a different story.

No. 870781

Right? How do people not see that what she's doing is childish and impractical. Sure, if they stuck to banning her and refused to help, make a second account. Whatever. (although idk why you'd want to support them after that but that's neither here nor there)

But they are actively trying to solve the issue and help her, giving her credit as an apology. Just tell them you're still banned and give them a chance to fix it. It just seems paranoid and childish to go through all that shit just so you don't have to talk to them again? I don't get it.

No. 870807

someone posted her twitter thread on a FB group for artist alley people (which she’s a part of) so people gave good suggestions there, especially like looking up local print places to get them done (especially cuz she’s so gung ho about leaving her house only to shop). Like they probably won’t be as cheap but printing locally means more control over designs, you risk people not stealing the designs (which the hacker did) and she lives in Canada so she’d save on shipping. But what does she do? She doesn’t even research options, just names two popular online print houses that are way more expensive and not even exercise any other options (like Catprint does business cards, which she uses for her prints). she doesn’t even TRY, nor does she even factor that like if she has to go to a different means, why not raise prices? She goes out of her way to be lazy

No. 870817

It looks like she copied the Rapunzel art book this time instead of the frozen one

No. 870835

That's actually pretty good artwork for her

No. 870994

No. 870998

She acts like the sound was atrocious, but it really wasn't/isn't. Don't see why she needs all the accessories for it.

Is Midna getting bigger and bigger? I'm not a cat person, but it feels like Midna should go down in weight a little.

No. 871000

I thought so too! She's really been ballooning out in her weight recently, it looks like bloating to me but idk. It's worrying..

No. 871035

I am not a cat expert but Midna looks too big. I was an intern in a pet shelter and we put cats around her weight on a diet.

No. 871036

It's really obvious when she moves and resting, she looks a little slow/sluggish to me.

No. 871050

>>871035 >>870998

BJ talked about it herself a while ago that Midna is overweight according to their vet, but since Kiki is not she does not see the necessity too adapt the type or quantity of cat food.

No. 871099

It wouldn't surprise me, Kiki's so thin because Midna eats half of her food.

No. 871157

There are so many solutions for this that are relatively cheaper than like, her 2k spending spree on Disney dolls, like an auto feeder with RFID collars. She’s literally risking her cat’s health to be lazy ffs

No. 871230

I think this is a perfect expression of Baylee’s entire personality - comes to her own conclusion and sticks to it stubbornly despite being provided with information from someone who knows better than her. Chance of digging her heels in heightened by anything that requires her to be less lazy.

No. 871231


Honestly, Kiki seems a lot more active than Midna, she plays catch, chases stuff and you always see her kinda playing but Midna just kinda sits around and sleeps?
Also, Baylee gives them a TON of treats when she does give them some, like you aren't supposed to give a cat more than 3-4 at a time.

I love seeing her spend over $120 on overpriced hair dye that doesn't suit her skin tone or complexion.

Thank god she stopped with the Blue hair and never went back to it. Kinda wish she would go back to blonde and or maybe do a pink ombre instead. It would be much less work on her and not as expensive or horrid looking

No. 871258

Didn’t she just dye her hair? All I’m seeing in that picture is root, she didn’t do a very good job, as usual.

No. 871274


she only dyed the already blonde hair, she didn't discolor her roots this time.

No. 871275

Did they remove some of her hair when they removed the cyst? I know she’s had breakage, but it looks like she almost has a bald patch on that side at the front.
I know people liked the blonde ombré, but I think she would look so much better with medium to dark brown hair.

No. 871383

No. 871384

The Baby in a box pins look so ugly. That pink makes it look like the cat is naked and has a skin rash.

No. 871413

Her smile doesn't reach her eyes. That's something I've finally realised has always bugged me, and might be a reason her art seems so flat and emotionless; she is too

No. 871414

Does anyone else just get mad when she does that baby voice thing?
I usually don’t care about shit like that but holy shit it’s annoying.

No. 871437

I cringe so hard at it.

No. 871498

Katnipp does it too and BJ somehow makes hers worse, they both are cringey with baby talk

No. 871516

The 'bunpkin' is actually quite cute tbh

No. 871518

What did the kid say in the elevator? can't quite make it out

No. 871523

I hate everything about it too. The way she designed the box makes it look like the cat is stuck in a litter box instead of a packing box. Who wants a pin of a cat stuck in a box of its own shit?

No. 871526

I thought it was a pig in a box at first…

No. 871568

File: 1569159510797.jpeg (238.01 KB, 640x733, 856072D5-08C1-4DFA-B0A1-CAF38F…)

Posted a vid early this morning on twitter of her walking through her house showing her entire party of friends being used to assemble those stupid boxes for her store because that’s all she think about.
That really rubs me the wrong way.

No. 871579

I wonder what Christian thinks about it. Sure you're meant to support each other in a relationship, but it must be tiresome to come home after a full work day to a messy house and then having to fold boxes. Even his family helped with her store when they were visiting and now they won't have a party without working for the store.

No. 871598

Imagine being invited over to your adult friend's house for some drinks and maybe some light board games and then she somehow ropes you into her busy work and then seeing her tweet about it the next day implying she totally should have paid you for it.
Baylee better have at least made dinner for the bunch, how does she have friends?

No. 871657

Yeah she better have bought them pizzas or more dinner since all she does is reheat food and make that weird dip she’s obsessed with. But her friends must also be very dim like everyone she’s associated with to think doing her work for her is “fun”

No. 871662

The fact her followers think that the free labour thing is cute and shit irks me to no end. Like do the work yourself and make a schedule so it gets done on time, not bring your family or friends into it to do it. The only way I would see it as somewhat acceptable is if it was a family business or something.

No. 871674

"Gasp! Look at her hair! My God"
The last part is very hard to understand, I'm just going to go with that.

No. 871677

What? And they aren't all in their underwear? I'm shook. Can't have a Baylee party and not get naked, whatever that's about.

No. 871678

Edit, just watched the clip. They are in fact in their underwear. Why does that always happen kek I ain't complaining of course.

No. 871892

How is it that she has every person she knows doing unpaid labor for her and she still gets little to nothing done? And yet she’s still going to talk about how she has no time for anything to do with art

No. 871932

File: 1569217745798.jpeg (36.95 KB, 640x640, 25A5436A-23B5-462F-A2EC-94545B…)

It’s only cute because it’s a ripoff of one of Katnipp’s designs.

No. 871943

trying to rip katnipps pastel pink 'aesthetic', pin bandwagon, baby voice gushing over them, packaging style, similar designs, hair extensions now…

Not that katnipp holds ownership of any of these things, just seems whenever she does something BJ makes a pathetic attempt to follow suit and ends up looking like a human 'nailed it' post off pinterest.

No. 871955


BJ ist doing this baby voice for years since back in the day she still worked for that animation studio and she and Christian lived in that small apartement, I think. Also putting your cute animal mascot in a pumpkin suit is not that original. Well, the extension thing is also pretty long around maybe she got the idea/ was reminded of that when she saw Katnip but I wouldn't call her a ripoff persona of Kathrine.
(This stupid cute pastel aesthetic is something a few more people do than Kathrine. Seems to me pretty common around those who do all this mindfulness fuss.)

No. 872067

As basic and annoying as katnipp is, at least she seems to be much more organized with her business and honestly, she pulls off the cute aesthetics much, much better than Baylee.
Baylee is just half-assing everything as usual, not to mention that Baylee tries to be all cute pastel aesthetic but she sucks at it.

No. 872070

The only thing that ties BJ and Katnipp together is that they’re both fat youtubers that don’t seem particularly bright

No. 872159

Katherine knows her business is primarily her Etsy shops and patreon, her YT videos are a secondary to all of them. BJ is a nonsensical mess because she believes her primary job is to be a youtuber even though her channel is directionless and bad, she still streams on twitch for her boring busywork and gaming, and runs her pin shop periodically. If BJ were to focus on something primarily instead of extending all her processes in different directions then like there’d be an ounce more respect, but all we see is her half ass everything and then spend all that money on dolls and trips while she lives in a garbage pile. It’s all just sad really cuz she needs help but is too unwilling to listen to her fan group or do anything

No. 872232

i thought it kinda looked like a pusheen pumpkin rip off

No. 872319


I don't want to bodyshame anyone. Still lol, Anon, nailed it. Although I don't think Catherine is that dumb. She knows how to run her business and only seems to really struggle with numbers/ taxes stuff. But, honestly, who loves to fill out their tax form and do the legal side of business.

No. 872385

Yeah katnipp knows how to manage effectively and how to balance her work more, like she hired her sister and brother in law as employees to help run her business and I respect that she understands she can’t do the whole workload alone. BJ probably has the means to hire an assistant, she SAYS it’s too expensive (and the min wage in the area is pretty high), but even hiring like a maid once a week is way better than getting your drunk friends and family who’s staying over to do your work for free. It’s just really scummy BJ is too stubborn or proud to have a helper but does anything she can to use people to do her busywork for her

No. 872398


She's mentioned to, just before the last launch I think, that she's thought of hiring an assistant but doesn't feel comfortable with a stranger coming into her house. But a simple solution to that would be hiring someone she knows, and would mean she could be helping out a struggling friend. Possibly something else to brag about, but too much work

No. 872485

If she hired someone she would have to clean the house more often and we all know she can’t have that. She’s not comfortable with anyone else in her house because she’s too comfortable in her pigsty.

No. 872536

There's no way she can afford to pay an assistant. She doesn't pay herself minimum wage for the hours she works, she'd be losing money if she started paying someone else.

No. 872537

She should hire a cleaning service instead.

No. 872666

No. 872698

you wouldn't have to spend an entire day cleaning if you cleaned your messes as you made them.

No. 872711

>New friend is a "flat earther"(???????)
>went to McDonalds and stuffed her face with burgers while her guests were over at her house fro the party because "free cheesburger hurr"
>has her friends assembling her fucking online store boxes during a fucking PARTY???
>totally wokeup hungover
>is gonna make a tour of her dumb 2nd "office/storage room"
>as usual lets her cats lay all over the product
>Grading and bagging pins

No. 872780

I'd NEVER go to my friend's house for a party if it meant folding boxes for her for free. I'm sorry but my time can be better spent doing other things. Now, if you asked me to help you and didn't disguise it with a party, then that's different. A party is meant to be fun not a chore. How does she have so many friends?

No. 872782

The way she was walking through recording everyone as they did HER work, legit gives me sweatshop vibes…

No. 872790

They are more Christian’s work friends that she has got to know through him. Her only friend is Jacob who then introduced her to his friends which is where all her gay guy friends came from.

No. 872824

Ever since you said that, it's all I notice XD

It's even more disconcerting when she laughs and her eyes are just the same wide-eyed and unchanging. Example: "End of My Channel?" video at 10:05(XD)

No. 872833

Imagine being so bored at someone else’s birthday party that you do the host’s busywork? Like this is the problem again where she thinks this shit looks entertaining but it just looks trashy cuz it’s just a drunk house party.

Also flat earther or not (tho it says more about the people she/Christian keep around where someone they’re friends with is dumb enough to willingly be involved with a flat earther in their mid-late 20’s), the passive aggressive whole thing with the globe was just really dumb, immature and she had to make it a “thing”? If you don’t like the guy, why did you invite them to your house?plus if they’re stupid enough to be offended by a globe to where they’re touching YOUR stuff, kick him out or tell your party to not do that?

If she’s uncomfortable doing things like having an assistant or maid, then why let dozens of people into your home, she clearly didn’t know some of them

No. 872843

She even said in the vlog they 'offered' and she never asked…. How much would she have been complaining about it then for them to offer?

No. 872850

It might have been all she has to talk about since she doesn’t do much outside her sphere with “normal” type people. And she probably did the “you don’t HAVE to” dance

No. 872862


i'm seriously starting to doubt some people here actually have any friends or human interaction. you can not believe baylee and just assume she forced them into doing it, but no one does something unless they want to. and look at them, they were trashed, you find the most stupid things super hilarious when you're trashed.

No. 872887

I agree but maybe I'm just as boring as Baylee and her friends. I have definitely been drunk enough at a get together to happily stuff envelopes or unpack boxes or whatever if the host obviously has a lot of stuff lying around that needs doing.

No. 872913

The letting friends fold boxes at the party bugs me, too. But for a whole different reason:
Drunk people tend to work sloppy or damage things. Good for her that most of the boxes seem to be folded correctly. But I would've been to scared someone spills a drink over a stack of unfolded boxes or just irreversibly misfolds a bunch of boxes.
Yes, I'm a control freak, but if it was my house, the art room and warehouse would be locked every time there's a party in the house.
But there's BJs desire to spend money on stupid things, that just has another reason to buy stuff if her stuff gets damaged at one of the partys.

No. 872940

I understand it’s pretty normal to jokingly tease your partner in a relationship, but the superiority Baylee felt like she was holding over Christian when he said his drawing idea and she “secretly” made fun of him for it, was laughable. I’m no Christian fan, but it’s ironic that someone as uninspired and non-creative as Baylee would wtf any sort of drawing prompt.

No. 872960

The thing is, for a lot of people myself included, it's normal to help a friend. be it with their job, school work or even chores. But usually those gatherings happen for that very purpose. She pretty much turned a house party and her guests who had gone there for something different to help me work kinda situation. I guess different people have different standards.

No. 872983

This. Right here. If you want help, you ask me for it and I'll come help. I would offer at the party my help if I cared enough, but I would come back on a different day to help. If it were my piles of unfolded boxes, I'd insist no one touch them or fold them because they're there to relax and enjoy the party not do chores. I don't care how insistent they are, it's a PARTY. I would've found somewhere to hide all that stuff besides because it's not their problem. I almost left a comment on her video the amount of stuff, everywhere, is starting to give me anxiety. She needs to purge REALLY bad. There's so much stuff everywhere it's insane. I prefer a more minimalist approach so I don't have to dust 10,000 little things so maybe that's just me but a good purge of clothes, stuff she doesn't use, and a thourough vacuum/throw away session would do her a lot of good.

No. 872985

I was wondering this too, or could they not resist asking about the gigantic piles of unfolded boxes flooding her common spaces.I've never personally seen a friend's house with anything like that out in the open (usually they'd hide everything for the party so the house looks cleaner) so I guess I've never been in that situation.

No. 873027

All I have to say is the amount of waste in this room gives me anxiety. I mean, her house and clutter in general give me anxiety but this room had a lot of stuff she doesn't need / want anymore but is still holding onto.

No. 873045

I'm not going to watch it and give it a view but what is the point? Her 'warehouse' is a single room with a green screen on one wall, that shelving unit on the other with a table on the other wall with a cupboard full of shit on the opposite side, why does she feel the need to do a tour?? She'll do ANYTHING to get out of drawing.

No. 873047

This video just seems boring and too long.
There aren't really any new or interesting storage solutions. Maybe it's partially because I watch her vlogs and therefore nothing she showed was new to me, but it just seemed meaningless to have this tour. I think it would've been nicer to have more of a studiovlog/time lapse kinda video, where she could have shown how she designed her pins, and there a bit of her packing progress.
It's her old problem, if she had planned this out better, she could have filmed bits here and there, like when she was actually sketching out ideas or when drawing them in photoshop, etc. Baylee never thinks more than one video ahead.

No. 873082

Seems like another excuse to get out of drawing

No. 873124


Oh no I'm not saying I wouldn't help a friend if they asked, but thats the key word. She didn't ask. Or she said she didn't. That's what makes me think she complained about it to the point of them offering, instead of "oh yeah I'm a little behind but I'll get it done" or kindly declining their offers to help because again, it's a party. Tinfoil hat moment, but maybe she knew they'd be into it because they were drunk.

And as someone else pointed out, that walk-through was very disconcerting, her tone of voice was so off considering she was talking to friends offering to help at a PARTY

No. 873127


oh my god she needs to stop with the fucking boxes. "oh no some people told me off about plastic so I decided to spend four times as long ad three times as much money to send out orders"

I'm sorry but ordering piss ugly pins from chinese sweatshops, having them transported across the world, taking them OUT of their individula plastic bags they come in to then repackage them - with a million stupid thank you cards and business cards and backing cards that have all been printed on glossy fucking cardboard and tissue paper and whatever the fuck else- just fuck off. Just fucking put them in fucking envelopes if you absolutely must do this bullshit

No. 873130

I guess at least the boxes could be recycled? But a SINGLE google search for recyclable or biodegradable mailers/tissue paper and it would give her everything she needs! But she won't, considering how long her fans had to badger her to change the pin bags. She's stubborn and it's frustrating

No. 873143


It’s not even as if it’s fucking hard, too. Order biodegradable bubble mailer alternatives. Clear bags Canada has the exact same little plastic bags she puts her pins in except they’re completely biodegradable for LITERALLY no upcharge. Make the backing cards out of biodegradable or recycled material- vista print literally offers it as an option if I remember correctly. Keep the B and C grades in their original little bags, don’t put a backing card on them, just toss in a loose thank you card or pin backing card if you REALLY must. Give the rest of the little bags to your weed dealer friends. Don’t pack your shit with tissue paper. She makes it so unnecessary, she talks about being time efficient but NONE of this is time efficient, it’s extra shit to spit in the face of people who mentioned Once “hey maybe consider your carbon footprint”, it’s fucking infuriating.

No. 873148

That made me so upset. Christian seemed genuine and playful just very natural trusting his partner with his silly idea and she made fun of him to thousands of people. I’d feel terrible if it was about me. I feel terrible for him.

No. 873150

File: 1569455258545.jpeg (83.58 KB, 1334x750, 7C324F79-8C4C-48F4-A5FF-2F1BF5…)

It’s from her last vlog. Wtf is that???

No. 873161


Looks like a hometrainer

No. 873165

Right? He seemed happy and excited talking about it only for her to just shut him down and make fun of him. It's the same when he's singing too.. Let him enjoy himself, you know?

No. 873166

File: 1569457547061.jpg (16.39 KB, 425x425, 81yg7sv5B8L._SX425_.jpg)

An elliptical or cross trainer as we call them in my country. Exercise machine which given her ever ballooning weight, is gathering dust.

No. 873167

He made it sound like he was joking or being silly but you could tell he really wants her to draw him or include him in her art and she just laughed in his face. Bitch.

No. 873168

File: 1569457899367.png (116.62 KB, 749x505, EFV2ZgsU8AA1pyo.png)

Her next pin designs are ready to be sent to her sweat shop manufacturers. Lazy.

No. 873169

Kek she didn't even watermark it so anyone could now submit these to a pin manufacturer and get these designs made

No. 873175

these are so lazy and ugly. who would want them as pins??

No. 873181

I'm bothered by how messy, lopsided and lazy they are. Not only that, the little face on the tree is blurry, these designs are just so boring..

No. 873193

could anyone give a timestamp for this? I can't stomach watching her vlogs much anymore

No. 873196

Starts at around 4:24 in the party vlog

No. 873204

What bothers me the most is that she’s recording their conversation without him knowing, that doesn’t seem really healthy to me. Especially with how obvious it is that he doesn’t like being on camera. He seems a lot more fun when he doesn’t have a camera in his face, Baylee’s reaction sure was shitty. I wanna bet she didn’t even show him that this was in the vlog.

No. 873206

The tree is cute but could be cuter. The bunny is lazy and wonky AF.

No. 873207

Lol true! I couldn’t make sense of that shape

No. 873218

she mentions liking the storage for the pins because "its accessible from the front, so you dont have to pull the bin out to get one out, which saves time". how much time could pulling a storage container out of a shelf possibly take? coming from the queen of wasting time herself

No. 873221

Aren't there ways to make enamel pins without enlisting Chinese sweatshops?

No. 873233

There are but basically if you made them in NA then they’d be very expensive (I’ve researched them and the short answer is most people will say it’s “environmental concerns” when in reality it’s also cuz the min wage in China is peanuts compared to NA factories).

There ARE middlemen and pin services however that do everything from grading to backing to bagging- the overall cost of the pin is probably a dollar or two more than directly getting them from a manufacturer but the overall time saved in not doing all the tedious bullshit like that is more cost effective if you value your time. However, we pretty much know she does value her time at all even if she talks about being time efficient, so she’s gonna be stubborn and do it all cuz why even bother with drawing when you have this

No. 873234

It bothers me that that bunny is in a static T-pose and yet it isn’t even symmetrical. Like if you’re not gonna go symmetrical at least try to switch up the pose

No. 873252

Yes, I agree with you all, and wanted to mention basically all this but didn’t want my post to be too big. I think he was hiding behind the idea of it being a joke, because I definitely sensed sincerity in what he was saying. But shutting him down, and using that disregard as shitty content for her garbage channel really just represents who she is as a person. AND, from what I could understand of his idea, it seemed more creative and interesting than pretty much everything she’s ever made.
I know I’ve heard of people who thrive in relationships where they are the sort of emotional sub, and I wonder if he is like that.

No. 873253

Yeah it was a BIRTHDAY party, and it wasn’t hers or Christian’s birthday either was it? (I wasn’t paying attention but it was a friend of theirs who had it at their house wasn’t it?). Like, having friends over to help do a dedicated packing party, that’s fine, especially if you get them drunk AFTER. But it was a party FOR someone else and she’s just taking advantage of the fact they were drunk and she didn’t pick up that shit around her house before they arrived

No. 873255

He was so excited about his idea and she just bashed it down. Poor Christian.

No. 873257

Worst of all, it feels like it's the first time we've seen/heard him be excited about something.

No. 873282

What did he want her to draw?

No. 873284

Sounds like he wanted her to draw a collage of tons of chibi Christian’s wearing different outfits holding things and doing things he likes. It’s supposed to be a pun on something which is why it is supposed to be funny I but can’t make out what he says.

No. 873291

she should order pins from other artist to see how they package their product. her whole process is unnecessary compared to other pinmakers I've seen on Instagram

No. 873292

File: 1569498299722.png (105.23 KB, 217x247, Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 13.4…)

shitty screenshot but she used to look so pretty with this hair (and weight) compared to now . oh well.
i do actually feel like her style is becoming more bearable these days, but her art is still as boring as ever.

No. 873344

Y'all realize these are not the final version she's going to send out, right? That's just dumb nitpicking

No. 873361

I think he says charcuterie board and the pun is something like it sounds like Ch cutie board. "Ch" being his nickname?

If that's really what he meant - it was hard to hear - it's pretty lame.

No. 873430

No. 873431

Thanks for the cat vomit Bayls, I really wanted to see that.

No. 873433

…You clearly didn't research it much. TwistedDisaster of all people gets hers done outside of China with Zapps and they aren't THAT much more money. About 2 dollars more per pin to produce.

No. 873472

Will switch to a hairball-preventing cat food for Kiki but can’t be bothered to buy weight management food for Midna.

No. 873477

Baylee, PLEASE Buy some new pants and TOSS THE OLD ONES. so sick of seeing her buy new stuff and still wear old shit with holes. disgusting.

No. 873479

can you imagine if Kiki had puked on the merch or the boxes?
Thats fucking disgusting.

No. 873483

i'm going to sound insane but i remember when she bought those pants… they were just her lounge pants so that she wouldn't stay in pjs all day. if you wear them often enough to get thigh chafe holes, they're not lounge pants anymore.

the manual cutting of the tissue paper bothers me. either buy things cut to size or don't include them. her packaging that she spends so much time on is so unprofessional looking. anyway whatever, not like i'm spending money on her.

No. 873500

Oh my god, her taking photos of the pins and blowing on Kiki to get her to stop, dude just move her! Get the cats out of the room if it's going to annoy you.

No. 873543

im super behind on her vlogs. what are the boxes for? a subscription box service?

No. 873551

Packing orders for her pin and print store

No. 873553

File: 1569546239639.jpg (90.57 KB, 878x574, Crotch goblin.jpg)

She keeps climbing on them so expect fur, claw marks and ass/shit rubbage on those boxers. Not to mention this guy was putting boxes together by placing them on his crotch when he was wearing just underwear, could have had a leak and rubbed piss on them or something. Very unhygienic. Would never buy anything from her store if it's coming out of that shit hole she calls a house.

No. 873622

File: 1569564764309.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1382x2101, 0BBEDD9A-E2BB-41B9-B5DB-4905D5…)

Nope, I’ve made enamel pins with Zap/Enamel Pin factory and they’re a UK middleman for a china factory. It says it right on their website in their faq. Learn how to use google

No. 873623

And laughing at a blackface joke sent to her by her dad, real classy. Shades of that weird blackface doll editor she had before too

No. 873627


Wasn't Midna using the bundles as a scratching post in one of the vlogs too? I don't know why she includes her cats misbehaving if she only gets upset when people point out their bad behaviour.

The thing is, this is an actual legitimate concern for buyers. Her minions can't use the same argument as YouTube (we don't pay her, its free content) when yes, these people are paying money for this shit (technically for the pins, but same difference). It is so irresponsible to allow her cats to climb all over the boxes, leaving cat hair and dander for a customer with an allergy to potentially be exposed to

No. 873629

Yeah it was in the previous blog I think.
It’s annoying when 90% of the blog nowadays is the cats being bad. You couldn’t have trained them when they were kittens to maybe not go on tables and shit?
This is all because her cats have free reign over every nook in that house. I bet they leave all the doors to every room open so the cats don’t scream at doors all day.
My cats are well behaved and even do tricks for treats. It’s not hard to train a cat from a young age but since they’ve been indulged for years nothing will change.
The cats own her, not the other way around.

No. 873632


Oh yes, she said in a previous blog that if they shut cupboards and rooms Midna will scream until they're opened

No. 873650


That was absolutely horrendous and disgusting to watch. Not only is it unnecessary to add something like this for the viewer's to see but we're all witnessing the way she treats her (professional) warehouse! Her work space! Her job! Her merchandise that people purchase, with their money….I don't understand how she doesn't realize how disgusting her environment is. Those are products that people pay for, they will touch them! I slowly start to believe that she's mentally challenged

No. 873698

She also said in her newest vlog that she wants her store more “separated” from her YouTube stuff, like instead of bayleejae.com it has its own independence. Her viewers may not care about all the unhygienic crap going on but people who have no idea who she is wanting to buy her stuff may think otherwise.

No. 873710

I wonder if the new drive to brand her store and make it separate is she's realizing posting her normal asinine dickery isn't good for a 'professional shop' image, and it's limiting her potential. Specifically using Teddy Fresh as an example: she really does see herself as a 'YouTuber' who 'does art' not an artist on YouTube. I never assumed her store was her YouTube merch, that it was just her store.

No. 873736

I don't think she could pull it off to make it it's own independent thing. She mentioned how the store would need it's own Twitter and Instagram for promotion and she barely manages to update the social media that she has. It's also unnecessary to have it it's own thing, because it's not a merch store to begin with. It's a store where she sells her art, since she is an artist. I also think that Baylee lacks the sense of business to make a store that is completely independent from her youtube channel, she needs her stans to buy her stuff.

No. 873740

Also a lot of her merch is sold because she is a YouTuber, not to meantion that some of her stuff is inside jokes like the pink cat in the box, anazin urt, and the duck pin. Like I wouldn’t care about any of that crap.

The themed Bun bun pins aren’t a very original concept either, but I think anyone who gives her money on her twitch streams or subs to her would buy any crap she made tbh.
Speaking of Twitch
Why does she only do stuff not actually art related on her art streams? I really don’t get the charm of watching someone grade pins and put them in backings for 4 hours.

No. 873756

Ducky is an inside joke, yes, but I feel like it's the pin you'd most likely be able to sell to anyone out of the bunch. It's not pink, you recognize the duck and it's not seasonal.
With the buns I would feel pressured to collect them and the latest inside jokes just look horrendous.

And I see why she'd be tempted to rebrand the shop: More time to spend on not creating, but rebranding. And more money to spend on new business/thank you cards.

No. 873769

I think Baylee loves the idea of being a youtuber and business owner, which is why she loves buying cameras and store supplies, but hates the work that is require for it. She also lacks in creativity, skill and discipline. We all know she can't pull herself together and half-asses pretty much everything.
Honestly I'm not even so sure she will keep up with the store in the long run.

No. 873827

I collect pins, Disney and charity ones specifically, but was thinking of getting the buns but since she discontinued the original candy cane one, there is no chance of a full set so can't be bothered. Plus her house is disgusting so I don't want to touch anything coming out of there. And now she's making a new Christmas bun pin when she already has one.

No. 873836


It's just chatting with her stans. Guess she feels lonely/ bored without conversation. Also it's a "nice" distraction from work …

(Although I enjoy listening to her doing her button stuff, mostly when she doesn't speak. It's some sort of white noise for me. lol)

No. 873877

It makes me feel sad for her that she constantly has to talk to people about everything like on twitch and her vlogs, cuz she’s really not that interesting but gives off vibes that she’s an extrovert but too socially awkward to function normally and not on her terms. Mostly cuz it seems she has none of her own friends outside of art YouTube and stans and Jacob

No. 873882

Her own fault. She rather sit on her fat ass all day rather than going out and making new connections. I suspect she has some form of autism.

No. 873935

I don’t understand how she expects to differentiate her YouTube from her business like H3h3. They are NOTHING a like.
It’s not like h3h3 has 300 videos of them putting away stock, letting their dog walk all over their products, and occasionally designing something.
If she wants to focus on her business, she really needs to reconsider how much she does YouTube/twitch.

No. 873992

Feels like my frustrations with Baylee began in earnest after she got married and dyed her hair pink. Let herself go in many ways.

No. 874000

If I was at a house party and the rich hostess guilted everyone into folding boxes, I'd leave. Especially if I barely knew her like some of those people.

No. 874005

The sad part is that she HAS considered it, she’s had vlogs before where she talks about reworking her channels and twitch cuz she sees her subscriber count constantly declining and wants to keep it sustainable plus other vlogs where she talks about changing her channel when she has a kid. But she never acts upon it nor thinks of videos more than one ahead or posts consistently. She’s pretty deluded as to thinking her YT is sustainable, she basically gets lucky every once in a while with videos (like the one she made about YT rules got pretty viral) and her stans keep whatever she is doing with pins afloat. If you think about it, she barely does one art thing a month, if that

No. 874013

Getting the cats was the start of the end for me. The vlogs were somewhat interesting until she filled them with mindless cat footage. They aren't even cute, the one is morbidly obese

No. 874024

A while ago she said in a vlog that she meets up with a group of people here and there that are all youtubers and they eat and chat. I wonder how true that was as she only ever mentioned it once in a vlog and that's quite some time ago (I think she still had blonde hair then).

For me it was when they moved into the house. She started doing less and less and the constant mess just gets to my nerve. It really went down hill after the wedding though.

No. 874064

I think it happened the one time lol she probably realised how inadequate her art was in comparison, though I recall them all being pretty shit.

Living on her own in that old apartment are my favourite, everything has been shit since she moved in to that house.

No. 874066

Sitting on the floor cutting tissue paper in sweatpants that have gigantic holes in the thigh and crotch…girl…THROW THOSE AWAY AND BUY NEW. I know you love buying stuff! Be an adult and get new pants!

No. 874075

i cant imagine how she thought wearing that for a stream is okay. she could at least keep her laziness off camera and put on some other pants for a few hours.

No. 874101

I'm not sure there were all artists though. She didn't film that get together, just that that's her other friend group. She did had an artist meet up once too but that's even longer ago, when she also attempted inktober. I still remember how she stopped after a week because she couldn't keep up and then never tried again because it is too much work.

Especially considering that she has other comfy pants. She just bought two pairs a few vlogs ago.

No. 874239

oh god that makes it worse. i thought she was just lazy to buy new sweat pants and only had jeans or something. this is just trashy.

No. 874296

I get being at home and wanting to relax and be in comfortable clothes. I change the minute I get home usually. But here's the thing. My bf worked from home and got in the habit of never shaving, never getting dressed for the day, and basically being a lousy slob even though he was still working 40 hrs a week. That put a strain on our relationship. Putting on a nice shirt and jeans and shaving made a huge difference in how I viewed him and our relationship benefitted. I don't know how Christian feels about her 24/7 loungewear but take a little more pride in your appearance and dress a little better and brush your fucking hair. Is that so hard? Maybe go to the salon and get a plan to fix your hair. Something!

No. 874303

Christian has that disgusting beard, balding unkempt hair and lounges around in pyjama pants, I doubt he cares about her appearance that much.

No. 874306

It's so hard to watch her package orders. Surely she can't be that slow when she isn't filming. I know she has to he careful to grab the right things, but come on woman. You keep going on about how many orders you have and how you pressure yourself to get them out ASAP, and yet you move like a sloth

No. 874309

Came here to say the same thing, geez, it's like watching paint dry. Does she think this is good content? This is all the vlogs are these days and it's boring as fuck

No. 874329

She said she puts almost as much time into prepping for her shop as she does youtube… Where? How? When?

No. 874362

I mean when Christian was home bound he was also in just sweatpants and t-shirts all the time. When I worked freelance from home, it does a world of wonder just to put on a pair of proper pants and a shirt, it makes you go into “work mode” a lot easier than just staying in basically even more sleep clothes. Baylee only seems to care if it’s visible on camera, like her hair has broken so much but lol extensions, and now not even that since she just bought three new pants but wears broken ones anyway.

She’s completely delusional, she maybe made only two things this month for her art channel? And those cats probably ate all the diamonds for the diamond painting she’ll never finish. She’s done way more work on her shop than that, it’s not equal in the slightest, but she’s terribly slow and doesn’t want to use her time sensibly elsewhere, like having others help her pack or using a pin middleman to do all the grading/backing, it’s like a wonder she can get anything done

No. 874407

I wanted to scream from how slow she was, like come on.. She can't be that slow with this if she wants to do all those orders on time..

On a side note: Does anyone else feel like Kiki's BJ's favorite out of her two cats? Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but she seems to dote on Kiki more than Midna.

No. 874409

it's was obvious that she favors kiki more. i remember her mentioning in some old vlog that midna likes to hang with christian more or something like that

No. 874417

The slowness is killing me. She had a store before, work, her art and her vlogchannel, how can she be this slow? There are artists who have a store, a youtube channel, work out, have an active social life, conventions and manage to update their social media on a regular basis. Baylee barely manages to upload on her main channel. This irritates me more than it should.

Unless I'm mistaken Baylee choose Kiki and the name, while Christian choose Midna and I believe he also choose Midna as name (could be wrong with the names though). Her preferring Kiki over Midna could explain why she got special food for Kiki's hairballs but won't consider any solutions for Midna's weight problem.

No. 874426

Nope, Christian wanted to call her Aquilla after his DnD character Aquillo but Baylee picked the name Midna after the Zelda character because she always has to have her way.

No. 874432

In the vlog where they decide on a name, Baylee says that Midna, Zelda and Aquilla are Christian's suggestions, but that she doesn't like Aquilla because it's weird.
I think Christian's favorite would have been Aquilla though.

No. 874458

And I’m glad she didn’t pick Aquilla, it’s ridiculous. Playing DnD at 30 is weird anyway, game for 12 year old forever virgin nerds.

No. 874498

Are you fucking serious? You can have an opinion but you’re clearly disconnected af