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File: 1561261588945.png (Spoiler Image, 440.44 KB, 540x542, Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 11.4…)

No. 825481

The 8th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


No. 825483

Old thread >>748723

No. 825484

jesus tapdancing fucking christ i about shite my pants thanks to the OP image

No. 825492

ngl it gave me an actual asthma attack from laughing

Hey if it's good enough for a YT thumbnail it's good enough for us

No. 825560

File: 1561295001254.jpeg (170.92 KB, 1446x860, 1FBA8AC5-56BA-4252-AD13-68C5D5…)

What a babe

No. 825569

File: 1561296526484.jpg (Spoiler Image, 463.62 KB, 1920x1080, jeff-goldblum-says-hed-want-to…)

See any ressemblance?

No. 825615

The roundness for one

No. 825642

File: 1561308816921.png (2.09 MB, 2298x1222, BayleeFacescape.png)

No. 825653

File: 1561309459722.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 187.63 KB, 2000x2463, C5AACD12-AE63-4B2D-92E7-3AD2CE…)

Oh my..

No. 826054

Never forget her animation skills


No. 826138

File: 1561409474160.png (305.02 KB, 960x498, Untitled.png)

What the fuck did I just watch?

No. 826143


This makes me so sad. There was potential in that reel, and that was six years ago. Just imagine how far she could have come if she had stuck with it.

No. 826313

That was actually better than I thought it would be

No. 826352

Looks like some shit you’d see on a nutrition drink commercial.

No. 826360

Considering she has a background in animation I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on the animated story trend and do a video like odd1sout or jaiden animations etc.
Probably cause that's too much work for her lol.

No. 826371

From what i remember she did an animated short for class where its about a pencil and i thought that was the best one she did. I prefer her animations to her art honestly

No. 826402

Yeah it looks like she actually put effort into making them unlike her crappy drawings

No. 826428

She’s not funny so she can’t.

No. 826491

No. 826500

my god that was boring! How can someone talk so much about packaging

No. 826515


It really just dragged on. Not sure why she feels like she needs to vlog literally the exact same crap she has for what feels like weeks. Like previous anons have said, it seems like she's trying her best to make more busy work for herself as an excuse to procrastinate doing art.

No. 826521

so i have nothing to do so i tried adding how much money she spends on this stuff and what her profit margin is:
clear bags (1000): $70 CA
business cards (100/500): $100 US
pin backings (500 each 5 designs): $135 US
amzn envelopes: $24 CA
uline boxes: $553 CA
uline envelopes (3 boxes plus shipping): $120 US
slotbox boxes: $42 CA
holo art (150): $115 CA
tissue paper: $30 CA
kiki pin (400): $680 US
ducky (300): $600 US
mermaid (500): $850 US
flower (500): $850 US
dino (200): $340 US

$4350 USD total
costs about $4.68 to produce each pin not counting labor (i didnt include the costs of the prints or their envelopes)

im by no means saying i am right or that i have included everything into cost. but i think she sells her pins for $12? so that's a $7.36 profit from each pin, or about one hour minimum wage US per pin. idk how accurate any of this is lol i just did it for fun, but just in case anyone wanted to know as well here it is.

anyway i still think she spends too much time and money with the packaging. its not that deep gorl

No. 826557

I think she sold the A grades for $10, something like 8 or 8.50 for B grades and she sold the C grades for like 7

No. 826878

Hey eyebrows throughout this whole video were making me nauseous. She needs a touch up on those tattoos pretty bad.

No. 826980

It astonishes me how long she can talk about nothing of value. Why do people even watch her on twitch if it’s more of this same stuff

No. 827017

>>826878 i mean she did say she hadn't done hair or makeup at the beginning so idrc too much. still I wanna see what's to come with this "improvement" series on her art because it hasn't been really strong so far.

No. 827024

Imagine caring this much about some other chick's eyebrows

No. 827113


It's not caring it's having functioning eyes that see ugly and think 'ugly'.

No. 827296

seeing all the box cut outs on the ground make me stupidly angry. why doesnt she throw them away as she makes the boxes instead of leaving them scattered around her floor

No. 827298

Yeah or at least put them in a pile so it's easier to clean up

No. 829170

Testing more markers she will never use….

No. 829171

No. 829172

Beat me by one second lol

No. 829176

the colour choices are so bad

No. 829308

“Foreshortening” lmfaoooo

No. 829333

File: 1561848518331.png (1.02 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-06-29-18-44-32…)

This is the final outcome.
I know there's something off but I can't find the right words to express what it is.

No. 829337

This is pretty good for baylee, but the arms let it down imo

No. 829340

the composition is inexistent

No. 829348


That fist looks so huge and out of place. I get the perspective of the net and how it's supposed to look like its closest to the viewer but she didn't translate it well.

No. 829366

Might be nitpicky, but the way she drew the “handle” part of the net makes it look bent. It should still be a straight line regardless of perspective, yeah?

No. 829412

I assumed that she drew the pose first and then tried to retrofit the prop in without editing the arms and that's pretty much exactly what she did. The whole point of a sketch is to allow you to edit, don't understand how she didn't catch that glaring issue.

No. 829449

People pointed it out to her too, on the art livestream, when she was first sketching the pole and she said she wanted it curved because "cartoony style".

Speaking of terrible choices, on that livestream, you could tell she hadn't used that humongous sketchbook at all since the last time she did an art livestream. No one improves in their art by half-heartedly sketching once a week, stopping every five seconds to read chat…

No. 829451

Shes talked before how she uses curves to make her drawings “look less stiff”. Face palm. She literally thinks curving things makes the drawings less stiff

No. 829483

Every new drawing is worse than the last…

No. 829537


regardless of the bad color palette or the weird anatomy and the bent handle, everything would've been much better if the insects would have different sizes insead of them all being the same size.

No. 829550

Didn't notice that at first, but now that you pointed it out, I can't imagine how she would think that looks good?? Obv she doesn't care about the realism, but why would she make them all the same size without realizing it?

Also, ngl the girl would look super cute if she was drawn a little better. Not exactly great, but at least lower tier children's book level maybe. (She would have been mid-tier a few yrs ago, but there are some beautiful fucking children's books out there nowadays.)

No. 829554

The problem with Baylee is that she thinks children's book (and by extension cartoony) style means "not worked" or "badly drawn". But in fact children's books art have to be good and well thought. Just check Scott Gustafson's work, it's far from looking amateurish. The guy spends hours on paintings, he puts as much efforts as people doing things considered more adult or serious.

The annoying thing with baylee is that she's discrediting other people's jobs. She's just a lazy spoiled self-centered woman child who wants to be interesting because she knows deep she's a shallow human being. She's puting her work on the same level than some other actually talented artists and it's insulting.

No. 829595

Honestly this is pretty good for baylee. The fabric has folds in it and it’s not a doe eyed girl staring blankly into space. Obviously not good by professional standards but it seems like she’s trying at least

No. 829816

No. 829822

>sketch took me 7 hours but I’m happy since it turned out good
7 hours? I refuse to believe that took 7 hours. Also it still turned out shitty, no to avail

No. 829907

I can believe it. I watched one of her art streams and it's shocking how slowly she sketches. Not because she's actually slow but because it's clear she thinks of it as a chore and doesn't want to do it so every five seconds she's checking chat or jumping up to get a drink or adjusting the lights or doing anything that means she can put off sketching for a while.

No. 829910

You know, now that you mention it, she does procrastinate. Funny how you’re given all the time in the world to sketch and you still end up with a piss poor final piece. Color me surprised

No. 829912

She was being so weird about references too. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great she uses them and actually cares enough to take photos of herself holding a broom to figure out the pose. That's more effort than I'd ever expect from her. Buuuuuuuuuut, why not look up some photos online instead? Work smarter, not harder, you know?

I'd understand if she was drawing characters that were her body type because sure, it's harder to find anything when it's about plus size people, but she never draws fatties.

No. 829914

The worst thing about it is that she will take into account those 7 hours when it comes to pricing it

No. 829924

yeah she's so pleased with her fOrEsHoRtEnInG but she has no idea what it means. the way the elbow is bent means the fist just isn't that much closer to the viewer. but clearly she just couldn't cope with making that whole arm come straight towards the front o we get this unholy mish-mash instead

still a million 12 year olds are going 'omgg ur so GOOD at drawin so TALENTED' so why bother changing

No. 829983


I'm gonna go against the grain here and actually say I like the bent handle and gigantic hand, but to be fair I am a fan of breaking anatomy "rules" and forced perspective.

The piece overall looks good to me although I will say hearing it took her 7 hours so /sketch/ this blew my fucking mind. How she gets anything done is a mystery if it takes her this long to draw half a body directly facing the viewer lmao.

No. 830037

Something else that annoys me, and that drags down her drawings imp, is that theres zero thought put into her drawinfs. Its a cute girl… because she likes drawing cute girls. She’s catching insects for no reason. Just because the girl needed to hold something. Is it too much to ask for a thought process? An actual plan for an illustration?

No. 830042

File: 1561999208675.jpg (376.33 KB, 1054x1080, 20190701_183927.jpg)

I can't believe this is Christian

No. 830068

She probably thinks she’s gonna be accused of tracing like in her old vocaloid drawing. But I agree with you anon

No. 830072

File: 1562002144417.jpeg (264.38 KB, 1242x686, 6BAD42FE-8179-4697-AD14-DDE378…)

>coloring book
Baylee just give it up, please.

No. 830300

I think you need to have even an ounce of creativity to have that kind of thought process. And Baylee herself has said that she isn't a creative person, I think she literally just likes "pretty things".
Really? Even though he's pudgier and balder now, and has a beard, I still think he looks like that. He's definitely closer looking to his young self than Baylee is to her's - she practically looks like a different person now.

No. 830317

I think that goes along with what someone said earlier like, she’s one of those people who are too caught up in “but it’s my style!” cuz it’s cartoony that they don’t think that cartoony shit that looks good has a vast amount of thought into it. Like if it’s wonky on purpose for “perspective” then why isn’t it pushed farther and why aren’t the bugs in different sizes? Why does she even have hair loops when she didn’t even texture them like hair cuz they look like random rings on her head? Why does she need THAT many markers in the thumbnail that obscures the border of the paper? She’s using “style” as a crutch in that she’s not thoughtful at all, like it’s actually an ok one for her but there never seems to be more than a couple ounces of thought into it

No. 830320

Did you see her video of making the “hot” version of tb dude from jimmy neutron? She used reference she found online in that but has no idea how to use it at all, like she copied it even though she said it was wonky and photoshopped but didn’t use any knowledge she had(has?) of anatomy to fix it. Like I think she’s bringing it up to pretend she too can be an art educator on YouTube like she wants but she doesn’t utilize it correctly for herself

No. 830464

This all comes down to her being a lazy narcissistic woman/child

No. 830741

I remember she had some great human anatomy and clothing reference books in her art book collection vid she made a long time ago, as well as coloring and painting too (like James Gurney). It was really obvious that she just bought them because they "looked pretty"
though because that's all she had to say about any of the books. Not like "this has useful tips" or "this is how I learned from this book" because she never uses them lmao.

No. 830799

Actually I think taking photos of yourself is faster. And gives better results. I may waste so much time looking for the right pose online. When you pose yourself you can create something more unique. Unless you’re going for a specific body type etc.

No. 830916

File: 1562104075649.jpeg (364.24 KB, 750x915, 983428DB-FDE7-4664-B753-9F03F3…)

No. 830955


No. 831013


Oh Jesus I thought you were replying to >>830916 for a second, yikes

No. 831142


Agreed. Taking photos of yourself is usually faster, although it might be difficult if you don't have a tripod or a place to shove your phone/iPad.

You can always just ask someone to take photos for 2 minutes while you do a ton of poses though and that's faster + more accurate than looking online.

I find body shapes not that hard of a thing to work around if you're doing anatomy studies on the side TBH. Unless we're talking massive overweight bodies / huge breasts most bodies look the same.

No. 831365

She's losing subscribers, people are finally seeing what we all see

No. 831367

Of course, her content is so boring. The AI vid - kill me

No. 831368

I'm not even going to bother watching the AI video, looks and sounds like a load of crap

No. 831369

What an idiot for using acetone on that bag, of cause it's going ruin it. How does she think the acetone will only remove the flowers and not react with the plastic bag face palm, like saying acetone will only remove some plastic and not others

No. 831406

It's just anotger excuse not to draw anything new.
Even now on her livestram she's just remaking one of her old drawings as a diamond painting.

No. 831431

How does she expect to keep her current subs and get more in the future when she barely makes the minimum of typical expected full-time youtuber content? only making 1 vid a week means it should be a really well done vid, not whatever half-baked idea comes to mind first and seems easy to get done. There are so many people who freelance or have another job besides YT and who make more interesting content than she does.

No. 831452

Quite literally does nothing, Like, zero art.

No. 831456

I wonder why she's losing subscribers….

No. 831473

She’s officially running out of ideas. It’s laughable

No. 831482

"It took me two full days to record!"

Wow Bsylee that's….wow

No. 831499

Inb4 “I’m going back to streaming full time !!!”

No. 831653

That was pitiful. She'll do anything to get out of drawing. This should have been a small segment in a vlog or something, not a main video.

No. 831719

She's getting some good constructive criticism in the comments. And while she is reading it and thanking people for giving it, I can't help but think it's going in one ear and out the other. People bend over backwards to help her out and she's just gonna do what she wants when she wants regardless, and then act like her channel failing is a completely unexpected turn of events.

No. 831750

Yeah seriously, she doesn’t see that most of the more successful arttubers either just do YouTube as a secondary to freelancing/their own art business or work a ton harder to keep their audience and engagement high. Like kasey Golden is kind of edgelordy and her personality turns me off but she pumps out videos at a consistent rate with art that’s cartoony but not in an amateurish way like BJ. Like she definitely watches other artists vlogs and knows this but I hope this is a wake up call for her (but we totally know she’s gonna fall back on stupid gimmicks like the diamond painting or spongebob and not listen or grow in a productive way)

No. 831814

Is she no longer part of the Youtube Artists Collective? I haven't seen one of those videos for a while.

No. 831897

File: 1562254693092.png (140.63 KB, 852x636, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.3…)

A comment from the vlog

No. 831899

File: 1562254823938.png (104.63 KB, 1186x460, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.4…)

Her response

No. 831907

If she does two 'self improvement' videos a month, that's basically her having two drawing sessions a month. She should be working on the self improvement along side normal video uploads as well. She's not running the store at the moment so she has plenty of time but I bet she will go back to gaming everyday instead.

No. 831927


"it's just starting" bitch HOW? You have done ONE video in over a month about this series you hyped up and have not hinted at another one since. This is a series she should be doing once a week or every other week if she want's it to have the effect she's looking for. You can't improve your art if you are "practicing" once a damn month. She has all the time in the world but yet Layzee will always find an excuse.

No. 832164

How is it difficult for her to come up with ideas when her followers literally throw them at her? Also, what else does she currently do besides YouTube? As popular as she is, I still don't get how she can make as much money as she does if a large portion of her income only comes from YT, when considering all the vacations she takes and junk she buys. That, and we've already discussed how her profits from the stuff she sells at cons don't equate well to the hrs of work and the cost of producing said products (with how she undersells her shit). Does she still keep up with Patreon and her online shop?

No. 832177

I think in another vid she said her patreon is dead or she couldn’t keep up with it? But she primarily makes money through YouTube, twitch, her store and conventions and honestly, like if you factor in she said making maybe 3-5k a con and maybe like 10k with the store and not taking things like travel and supplies/cost into account, she probably makes less than 40k a year? But she lives in a very expensive part of Canada and she does have Christian’s income as well. And honestly that’s pretty low and she doesn’t factor in the time she puts into it, she’s probably earning less than minimum wage but doesn’t realize it

No. 832195

Baylees also called her channel by being so inconsistent with her upload schedule… The algorithm hates that so she won't even be getting recommended for new subs, let alone her current ones. You make one video a week dude.. It's not that hard to have a few in the bank when something like the store opens up

No. 832578

You'd be surprised how much youtube makes alone from regular videos, let alone sponsorships. And all she ever does is sponsors for the videos she does put out…

Unfortunately she's nuking her channel sooo… oops?

No. 832600

File: 1562368522601.jpg (646 KB, 1080x1440, Xx.jpg)

No. 832623

Jfc I scrolled too fast and thought she was only wearing underwear and a shirt… Fuck no

No. 832707

Self employment has not been kind to baylee… If you're filming a full body skit for a video, atleast dress like you didn't just roll out of bed? She can actually look quite cute when she wears clothes that actually suit her body and skin type.

No. 832773

god she gets bigger everytime we see her. Is anyone going to let her know she’s too much of a whale to fit those shirts anymore?? She looks awful.

No. 832849

Why does she always wear super long undershirts with tight t-shirts?! I don’t understand it.

No. 832851

I personally use them when the shirts I wear over them are too short to cover my bum when I bend over or something. And that problem of shirts exposing or ass gets more common as clothing gets smaller or fits tighter, as seen on Baylee…

No. 832940


Probably to smooth out her rolls/creases a little when she wears tighter fitting shirts.

No. 832963

She thinks she's hilarious but she just looks stupid

No. 832991

No. 833003

It's odd how she haven't heard of half of the supplies. Other youtubers have heard of nearly all of them. Shows she lives in a little bubble.
The art work isn't too bad though.

No. 833034

The only supplies she works with are copics, colored pencils, her random assortment of dollar store acrylics, and her oils. Unfortunately she has little diversity in her supplies and they're usually one brand.

No. 833063

I was the anon who said she doesn’t have a thought process when she draws and this video just solidified that. She liked the facial expression and then just made him hold a fish… just because? The hand ppacements are so bad because she randomly drew them without thinking about anatomy and the arm placements. Im just over it tbh.

No. 833065

im pretty sure she just copied that fish bc its the best part of that art and didnt didnt erase anything. i honestly kinda feel bad for her lol

No. 833066

She's still losing subs even by using Jazza to get views lol

No. 833098

I hate Jazza so this video really irked me, Them being ‘buds’ and all makes the review a joke, totally biased.

No. 833107

No. 833108

the art is better than what she normally does but there's still just not much to it. I wonder how much her art would improve if she did thumbnails instead of going straight into a finished piece

No. 833130

File: 1562457187028.jpeg (97.26 KB, 516x398, 05EE10A1-AECB-45CB-85C4-A28ADD…)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her subscriber count in the red that long…

No. 833145

She said she sketched the idea out in another sketchbook. Kinda sad to think this is pretty much the peak for her art

No. 833206

It's weird to think that she got a degree in art, because it doesn't seem like she ever practices fundamentals or even does basic planning for her pieces. (Like anon who mentioned her lack of thumbnails, which are so easy and quick to do). Then again 1 thumbnail might take over an hr for her with how slow her sketching process is. I don't know much about animating or animation school, but aren't animators usually good at drawing quickly since they have to do so many frames?

No. 833208

I’m only a little way in, but already the video is incredibly representative of how thoughtless and wasteful she is. She went on and on about how she recycles, but her entire personality revolves around getting the most amount of the cheapest thing no matter how shitty the company is she’s buying it from.
Buys a plastic backpack she knows she doesn’t like from a fast fashion company only to ruin it with her stupidity and what? jus5 throw it away immediately? To then get a second shitty plastic bag from the same company. Also, I don’t judge people buying cheaper versions of things if that’s all you can afford, but she can afford to buy better quality leggings that will last longer. Again, she’s just brain dead, cheap, and wasteful. Thicker, better quality leggings would be so much more flattering as well - I find it weird that you can still clearly see her underwear under two layers.
Lastly, that haircut makes her head even rounder looking, her stubbornness to stick to the pink is going to see her looking like a moon at this rate.

No. 833210

There isn't going to be a single unbiased review on Youtube. Based on the rush of videos coming out, Jazza sent out a free box to every arttuber in existence.

No. 833212

There’s plenty of art schools that will let you have a degree no matter what your art skills are when you come out. Nearly all are private and for-profit and all they fare about is you paying the tuition for a degre. She definitely wasn’t an A student and an animation degree as well; depending on the school she went to, they probably didn’t hardcore push foundations and drawing basics and instead moved them to animation tools and stuff like that. (It’s colloquial, but the animation students at my alma mater varied around the place on their drawing skills)

No. 833213

Jazza sent every popular art youtuber one of his boxes

No. 833215

Her hair looks awful. It's not flattering at all, she just looks like a big pink blob

No. 833216

Those stats are quite bad. Her channel is slowly dying. I looked at her vlog channel too and it's very similar; the last month sub average was -298

No. 833236

What way the point of buying the backpack with those flowers if she was going to take them off? It not like clear backpacks are unheard of

She cut her hair shorter and complained about it being thin and breaking, like yeah it's breaking you've been torturing it with bleach for a year!

No. 833249

I can’t wait for it to dip below 1 Million and see her reaction since that milestone was such a big deal to her haha How she got that many subs with such mediocre amateur content I’ll never know.

No. 833286

I can't believe BOTH her channels are plumbing like that. Is a huge red flag. Also could it be that those lost subs are just bots she bought? Could be

No. 833359

I said this in the last thread, no way are all those subs genuine. Given she seemingly has money to waste I'm certain she has bought subs more than once. Someone also said in the last thread that during the countdown to 1 million live stream her subs suddenly plummeted and she immediately made up a story that she got a text saying her friends all unsubbed her all at the same time for the lulz.. yeah, rather she got caught out with paid bot accounts getting nuked all at once.

No. 833427

That's very very sad actually, would be hilarious if she made a video admitting it for the pity points

No. 833460

Ugh, whenever she watches that fake 'for entertainment purposes only' Ghost Adventures show, the next day she always mentions ghosts and spooky shit in the next vlog and that is exactly what is going to happen. She watched it yesterday and today her shower door suddenly slammed shut and she's making a big deal about it on Twitter so expect it in the next vlog too. She needs to grow up, ghosts do not exist. She does this every time. Boring.

No. 833464

I remember when she made a big thing about two lights showing in her old art room when she wasn't in there…it was her camera….rolls eyes

No. 834315

Oh look, her subs are climbing again, she totally didn't dish those dollars out for fake subs. She has 1.1 Million subs yet her videos barely break the 20k view mark. This is a telltale sign.

No. 834328

I must be missing something. Why does she need a small clear backpack for vidcon and disney?
Also the floral print on the first backpack was cute idk why she thought it was so ugly.

No. 834329

For security purposes. Everyone needs clear backpacks to enter Vidcon so you are not hiding any guns or weapons inside, though I'm not seeing the same rule for the D23 Expo.

No. 834334

Hold up, she's going to Vidcon and D23? Both events are held at the Anaheim Convention center opposite Disneyland. So I'm guessing she is going to Disneyland twice in a matter of weeks?
Vidcon: July 10th - 13th
D23: August 23rd - 26th
I love Disneyland but she always acts like an idiot there and at these conventions. These vlogs will be insufferable.

No. 834338

that makes sense. At first I thought she was just trying to be "aesthetic". And I'm assuming that she's showing a modicum of sense by using the same bag for both events instead of two different bags. Though just watch her change her mind and pack another bag. because hhhrnrhrgngnDIDNEYWORL

No. 834494

Lol maybe not, since she already knows she's going to take home a bunch of bags filled with heavy merch like dolls, statues, etc from the d23. She buys anything that she's even remotely interested in, whereas most people try to build up a merch collection of their favorite stories and characters to display, not just hoard like a fucking dragon.

No. 835009

Her eyebrows look so bad

No. 835043

EVERYTHING looks bad, that disgusting hair, non existent eyebrows, she's gained so much weight her clothes are all too tight, has no fashion sense, I could go on. The beard looks terrible ion Christian too, looks like a tramp.

No. 835058

Why she bringing dip to a convention?

No. 835099

I don’t think her clothes are tight just because she’s gained weight, a lot of the T-shirt’s we see are new. She buys her clothes too small (remember that gold sparkly dress that kept riding up, and you could see what she had for breakfast) I think she just doesn’t understand that just because something technically goes over her body, doesn’t mean it fits.

No. 835109

Probably in denial to how fat she is. I remember a couple years ago when she weighed herself on her vlog channel and was mortified at being her “heaviest” and she wasn’t even that big then. She wants to dress like a skinny girl with that “cute” aesthetic and it just looks awful.

No. 835119

I remember her buying some T-shirts a few months ago and she was getting size men small…like really Baylee? A small?!

No. 835141

Pretty sure all of her pusheen shirts are pretty old. She used to get a pusheen subscription box and every one came with a shirt

No. 835182

Am I the only one shocked that she is only at what seems to be page 5 or 6 of her improvement sketchbook?
The improvement series is been going on for over a month now, if she truly wants to improve she need to put in way more time and effort. It's not going to help her improve at all, if all she does is a page or two for a video every now and then.

No. 835184

I'm not shocked. It's Baylee we're talking about, she only does drawing if it's for a video. Therefore, I'm not surprised. She likes doing the bare minimum.

No. 835449

Isn’t she like 5’2” or something as well? Like she definitely should know that being that small and gaining any weight doesn’t help. Like she actually started looking slightly better when she was on keto but it looks like she gained all the weight back and then some since then

No. 835474


Especially in the shot of her painting her nails up close. She literally looks like a haggard salmon turtle. She really did get so heavy and you can see how her poor eating choices also are affecting her skin/break outs. I always knew her hair was completely fried but in that shot it literally looks like she combed her hair with a rock or stuck the ends in an electrical socket.

No. 835480

We all knew she was going to commit tbh. She doesn’t actually want to improve- because that requires actual work which she avoids at all cost.

No. 835553


Yeah, I was sure from the beginning that it's just gonna be another "Well I want to but only for a video" thing but I had at least a bit of hope she'd mean it this time.

The worst thing is that people are gonna praise her for her "dedication" and say she improved, while she won't improve shit. Especially now where she'll be gone for quite a while due to Vidcon, D23 and I guess Disneyland.

No. 835704

No. 835755

I dont understand why she tried to draw without reference? And then why didnt she try to figure out the planes from real life faces??

No. 835786

Uhhh…what's the difference in the thumbnail pic bc I dont see any???

No. 835795

The left was before studying, with zero references, the right was with reference. Cant you see the improvement??/s

No. 835810

Lol she’s losing subs again

No. 835821

It’s because she goes on and off of keto so much. You’re supposed to stay on it for at LEAST a few months but shes always cheating

No. 835849

I feel like she must be buying subs, that’s a drastic change from gaining subs to losing with the post of one video… hopefully people are seeing through her bullshit.. she doesn’t give a rats ass about improving. She doesn’t draw on the daily and has only been working on that stupid diamond painting of hers. Her channels seem to have hit their peak. It’s downhill from here unless she makes changes

No. 835858

Keto is stupid fad diet anyway. Eat sensibly in a balanced manner and burn more calories than you intake and you'll lose weight. She sits about doing nothing all day and gorges herself on chips and dip whilst running to Tim Hortons and McDonald's every two minutes.

No. 835859

It's painfully obvious at this point.

No. 835930

File: 1562885473186.jpg (781.75 KB, 999x1341, B.jpg)

Her hair looks so out of place

No. 835933

No lie. Girl has no sense of style whatsoever.

No. 835944

She looks completely out of place with these two, they can actually draw and she can't.

No. 835946

That hair looks ridiculous. She thinks she's being so edgy and different but no, you just look silly.

No. 835959

You’re being way too kind to Chloe and the guy whose drawing style is perpetually stuck in the late 80s

No. 835989

Her hair makes me cringe so much… it's SO thin it's like she combed yarn out and glued it to her head. Look at the other girls hair and how full it looks.

It's like a 34 year old male with bald spots and a bad diet tried growing out their hair to hide the bald spots.

No. 836070

I despise all three of them. Going to hang this on a dart board or something..

No. 836072

She knows her hair is fucked but what does she do? She bleaches and dyes it again like an idiot. Dye it brown once more and just leave it alone. She's almost 30, too old to be having neon colored hair anyway.

No. 836206

I don't entirely agree… There's no age limit for dyeing your hair. It's not Disney

No. 836230

Chloe can't draw for shit, what are you talking about? Jazza is the best of the three and if that isn't a sad indictment of that photo, I don't know what is.

No. 836236

File: 1562912672793.png (1.86 MB, 998x1340, Untitled_Artwork 7.png)

I photoshopped her with her old dark green hair. I think it suits her better.

No. 836287

Watching a few of those Artbox Unboxings, where Jazza added a letter, it was ridiculously obvious that even Jazza does not believe Baylee is an artist anymore. For every artist he mentioned something about their art, for Baylee he just wrote something that she is "a nice person".

I also think there's no "too old" for colored hair - but it also depends how you take care of it. And hers just looks like a cheap wig instead of well done color.

But: I don't see where the problem is for her to just go to a hairdresser and let your hair get bleached by them. It's not like Baylee does not have the money to go bleaching every 4 weeks. The pink does not damage the hair, but her using (I assume) bleach that is way too strong and not only in the parts that "need" it… well we see where it got her.

No. 836318

This. I would get my highlights done at a salon (bleached) and i’d dye it red at home. They never put bleach where my hair was already bleached before. She’s completely ruined her hair(blogging)

No. 836347

I think it still looks awful, her best hair was the light brown/blonde she had going on for her wedding.

No. 836349

I think she looked the best with that green/turquise hair, because she looked/was a lot thinner back then. I miss those times.

No. 836350

She has such fine, thin hair I wish she would get more layers and style it with more volume…I hate how it's just plastered to her head, it makes it look so stringy ans greasy

No. 836484

I think she bleaches only the roots but the heats the hair everyday and that damages it. I can’t imagine having so little hair and torture it so much.

No. 836535

She's actually been back to gaining subs since the Jazza video.

No. 836566

It's not possible to bleach only the roots by yourself, especially in the back. You can try to leave out the ends, but then it'll only be the last few inches, and you're re-bleaching the lengths every frickin time. That just happens when you're trying to get all the roots by yourself and don't use foils to protect the rest of the hair.

No. 836616

File: 1562964236656.png (60.99 KB, 870x622, Layzeejae.png)

Not quite. That brief uptick you see there is when Baylee splashed some cash and bought some subs to correspond with her newest upload to make it all seem less conspicuous.

No. 836669

I wonder if she'll blame the self "improvement" series on it. She mentioned a couple times in the vlogs how she expects those videos not to do well, at least views-wise.

No. 836752

Baylee did an art podcast with EmilyArtful

No. 836777

It's most likely just a temporary influx of people from Jazza's channel and once the video had past it's peak we're back to situation normal.
I mean you can buy all the subs you want but that doesn't stimulate growth if your content is still dull.

I think her stagnant skill level is one thing but I think the content in general needs to step up a gear and it just hasn't. People get bored of the same old thing after a while.
The big subscriber numbers are going to be from kids and teens who want a bit of fun after school but Baylee's commentary is just so dull. Jazza love him or hate him at least tries to make you laugh.

No. 836785

Who the fuck would want to interview Baylee? What a waste. She has nothing of interest to offer. I love that they squished the picture so she doesn't look quite so fat.

No. 836831

Lol, even in a slightly edited pic, her hair is still way too light and washes her out. I get that she wants that dreamy pastel aesthetic but u gotta learn that not all of the styles you like will work well for you personally. The teal/green hair wasn't great either, but it was better than this, hell even a darker magenta color would be okay. Maybe she'll get so frustrated with her hair that she'll shave it (if it doesn't all fall out before then) and get a bunch of janky ass wings like holly brown did, kek.

No. 836978

But look who's interviewing her. It's the I'm not like every artist please be my friend I want more subs girl that lies in her storytimes. Of course she is going to interview baylee

No. 837142


She feels like Baylee seems organized in her vlogs? I'm sorry but Baylee is quite unorganized, not only is her house a mess 90% of the time, she is also not organized with her schedule, day, store or anything. All she does is the bare minimum of being organized and then she jumps from one half done task to another half done task. That's also one of the reasons her art is rushed so often, because she has no organization nor time management skills at all, so things have go get done last minute.

I'm sorry for ranting but it really bothers me how unorganized Baylee has become.

No. 837157

It bugs me too! My big pet peeve is how she'll drop everything and run to the store for whatever little thing she suddenly wants instead of taking a breath, finishing the task she's currently doing, making a list, and consolidating her errands into one trip. She's so impulsive, it's unreal.

No. 837208

Can we stop all the talk of her buying subs? I think we’d have seen it sooner. I don’t believe she’s buying them at all and it’s such a lame argument. YouTube algorithm sucks ass but she's not ashamed to even talk about losing them so I doubt she’s buying them.

Low hanging fruit.

No. 837322

How do you know? The incident during the 1 Million live stream is enough to make me think she has, even if just the one time.

No. 837348

Psst, Baylee buys subs, pass it on..

No. 837445

omg she is the stupidest person ever.. her and emily both. "people like realistic stuff more than cartoony" no, dude, you just suck at art, that's why people don't like your art.. look at people like leigh ellexson, furrylittlepeach, audra auclair, minnie smalls, and so many freakin other artist that have stylized styles, not realistic, and they make such beautiful art..

No. 837468

File: 1563051401569.jpg (220.78 KB, 1250x796, Disgusting.jpg)

No words..

No. 837480

Should've spoilered.

No. 837581


Jesus christ she actually looks like the toad receptionist lady from monsters inc + an additional 50lbs

No. 837598

File: 1563062833568.jpg (183.02 KB, 1039x1040, Profile_-_Roz.jpg)

I think I'd rather the slug..

No. 838504

File: 1563207136382.jpeg (393.84 KB, 1800x1800, 5081EF36-587A-4BE4-B1DA-D41406…)

How tragic. I wonder if her shop and twitch makes up for the lack of income she is getting from YT. Her low engagement makes me certain she bought subs earlier on.

No. 838660

Why the hell are her subs climbing? She hasn't uploaded anything in ages..

No. 838725

Probably the Jazza video tbh.

No. 838728

And so the trip begins

No. 838755

im grossed out by the hotel room dip, why

No. 838756

a whole lot of mediocre in that room

No. 838757

because it's nasty? I can't imagine people were dying to try that dip. she was in the us for like 10 minutes before she was already spending $200 at target on bullshit.

No. 838815

yeah she's just crazy hypocritical that she goes through the aisles and says all the chips are cheese flavored then goes back to her hotel and makes a dip made of nothing but dairy and weird spices from home. Like i bet she thinks it's a ~quirky thing cuz she makes the dip on the vlog and stuff but that's just tacky and extra when everyone else brought bags of chips and it was in a restaurant or something (plus most people dont eat that much dairy?)

No. 838823

How much do you want to bet she left all the dishes she used to make the dip piled on the counter without washing them and won’t worry about them for days.

No. 838912

I mean, grocery stores and whole foods exists… she could’ve spent far less on dip. Yuck.

No. 838999

I want to see waffles. Also that dip looks disgusting

No. 839029

It's nice people are respecting she doesn't want to be revealed. We just get a glimpse of her hair

No. 839073

Unless someone takes a creepshot I doubt we'll see her

No. 839100

I'm insanely curious but i'm sure all of her art friends will be respectful of her privacy and not post her. I thought if anyone was going to fuck up and forget to censor her it would have been baylee

No. 839118

Why would anyone eat that dip, talk about a health concern. She was better off bringing some prepackaged food to the event since the chance of people eating something homemade was slim to none. Similar to potlucks at work.

No. 839200

when I saw her making that dip I thought it was supposed to go in the oven, especially with all the cheese, but no she just spread it on top. Are you gonna take all those dishes you bought home baylee???

No. 839258

This vlog was so weird. Says she can’t get too much groceries since she has to carry them back proceeds to fill up her basket of useless shit that dip looked disgusting. Then talks a weird amount of time analyzing how nobody was eating the dip at first and she wasn’t sure if any was left. I’m nitpicking but it was just really weird how long she lingered about it even if she acts like it wasn’t a big deal..? Then gets emotional about being in a room full of other YouTubers who are all equally as cringe or shit at art if not worse. Honestly made me realize all over again how pathetic her life is if this is the stuff she chooses to get emotional or concerned. Bad artists and her disgusting dip.

No. 839284

Something that really stood out to me was that she couldn't name one artist that inspired her from the past decade??
I feel like that's something that anyone who is critically looking at their artwork should have at least an IDEA of. It makes me think part of the reason she's not growing as an artist is because she's not taking/learning enough from other artists… that's like a big step in growing into your own work.

No. 839330

Yeah I had similar feelings about the vlog. She analyses the snacks and the dip and that part on how she liked the time with the other tubers bc they're "her people". It was weird…

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