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File: 1575190552572.jpeg (61.42 KB, 300x372, 1573902334744.jpeg)

No. 736259

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Has 1.1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (who knows?) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be bots and fake accounts too. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snaffu and sends her PR.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (private)


>The Truemans continue their feud with the callout accounts and other beauty bloggers they have harrassed. Laur goes on numerous rampages attempting to get accounts reported (to Twitter, the local police, the FBI, the CIA, CPS, the Hague, etc.)
>Extremely creepy photos are found on Laur's Facebook from when Lillie was a child, including one of her referring to her daughter as "My most beautiful possession" >>724578
>CaptComm2020, an early fanboy of Laur's plight, finds that he's been tossed aside and throws tantrums about it >>724853 Laur drops him like a hot potato >>724931
>Lillee still believes she has been doxxed and stalked, while providing no evidence of this >>724986
>A fake fan account @LilleeJdrawingz pretends to have been threatened in Laur&Lillee's newest attempt at turning the tide in their favor >>725076 The duo milk it as much as they can despite never providing proof their fake account was contacted by anyone and threaten to contact Buzzfeed and Youtube about it >>725077 >>725082 They continue to parade as the fake account in the most unconvincing imitation of an ESL speaker >>725090
>Laur finds a new target in @llewoheitak and attempts to doxx her and roundly decide all the haturz have substance abuse problems >>725214 She then threatens Katie multiple times >>724244 >>724245 >>725248 Lillee then claims Katie attempted to hack into her e-mail (again, no proof) >>725317
>Meanwhile, Lillee was a good student in high school >>725474
>Bffdees notes that a large number of Lillee's fake followers that were Iranian are now Turkish >>725827
>Laur has a long argument with Skynewspodcast who is trying to get the full story, but Laur refuses without her real name being offered. A twitter battle ensues >>725960
>Katie creates Jeanies Crisis Management Dept, highlighting every instance of Lillee and Laur sparking drama or generally behaving stupidly online for a bit >>726210 Laur accuses Katie of hacking all their internetz >>726213 and then threatens to call the police on her while bringing up her children because she cannot handle this level of trolling >>726222 >>726230 Laur claims she filed a police report about this >>726288 Katie seems to file one right back, but it's disputed if either party actually did.
>Laur posts a cap showing she was logged into the account she used to harass Marlena Stell with >>726656
>Lillee panicks over her accounts being hacked and posts multiple instagram stories whining about spam emails and the callout accounts >>726812 >>726861 >>726891
>Laur tries to straighten everything out by telling a bunch of lies about what really went down despite there being copious screenshots debunking her claims >>726934 She tags multiple brands at the end of her rant >>726949
>Laur and Lillee go on a reporting spree against a troll account and Skynetpodcast and manage to get both hit >>727061
>Ed thinks the screenshot with Laur saying she isn't his friend is faked and goes back on her defense for some reason >>727900 Laur plays nice about it >>727902
>An article about Lillee's lies is posted to Medium >>728328 Laur immediately attacks the author >>728442 >>728494 and the site itself >>728357 Medium eventually takes the article down >>728889
>Lillee claims she's had two family members serve as generals in the Rainbow Division >>728378
>Catja, an instagram user who questioned Lillee's numbers, confronts Laur and is at first met kindly >>728794 before she is deemed fake by Lillee >>728869 and subsequently blocked by Laur >>728893
>Laur pretends that Medium, Tumblr, and Twitter helped her doxx BffDees >>729396
>Laur goes on a twitter rampage and names all the haturz while warning "she is coming" >>730181 She claims her Amazon merchant account was hacked >>730178 and also that the callout accounts have stolen funds from her bank account to the su of $20,000 >>730182 though BffDees claims an anon provided bankruptcy documents proving this isn't possible >>730282 Laur deletes the tweets later
>Lillee picks up the slack by attacking BffDees for telling people about what LJ and her mom have been doing to various accounts >>730267
>Lillee then DMs Lauren Elyse. >>730400 She claims she wants Lauren to stop talking about her and Lillee will do so in turn, despite Lauren not having spoken about Lillee since their previous altercation.
>Arpanet releases a stream interviewing Laur, who continues with her lies and deception about hackings and her calling workplaces >>731111
>BFFdees compares e-mails and phone numbers for various accounts used by Laur to prove they are all hers >>732468 They claim to have concrete proof they are running the James Dee account and plan to e-mail it to all Lillee's PR contacts unless they delete the accounts. >>733166 After LJ and Laur begin attacking an unrelated person, they rescind this offer and promise to send proof to the PR in the morning >>733189
>Laur goes nuts and makes a fake account, attacking Lauren Elyse with drug accusations >>733328 and Shey with prostitution >>733342 Lillee pretends this isn't her mom >>733377 despite her using the same format and strange grammar among other tells >>733645 >>733646
>BFFdees provides proof they have contacted brands and their responses >>733691 Laur thinks no one would ever take such an account seriously >>734010
>The stress hits Lillee as well, who releases an uncommonly unhinged video >>733917 and ends up committing a racist faux pas during a Korean skincare review >>734105

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Thanks to anon for the pic >>730233

No. 736263

Making this OP gave me a headache. Sorry if I missed anything. A lot happened in a month.

I put all the extra accounts and info into the justpaste.it link to try and save scrolling time. If that's not preferable to anyone else, next thread we can go back to posing the whole tl;dr of links.

No. 736264

thank you OP

No. 736266

Thanks OP, Laur is so crazy she’s practically broken the farm.

No. 736267

thank you OP!!! condensing all the bullshit is tough when it comes to the attic dwellers.

No. 736297

File: 1575208727150.jpeg (379.74 KB, 750x946, 43003E60-D543-468E-88D8-16670B…)

Thank you OP!

Bffdees created a troll account (Bffdees3) to troll Bffdees2 and annoyed the account until it started sperging. Unequivocally proving it’s Laur & Lillee. Bffdees2 spent most of the early morning hours retweeting Bffdees’ evidence they’re are running the racist/homophobic sock accounts. Bffdees2 is also incredibly pissed off the callout accounts have been able to raise around $200 for NAMI (seriously g8 job, you dicks), Most likely due to Lillee posting a fundraiser on her Facebook account and not receiving a single donation.

No. 736298

File: 1575208815197.jpeg (408.44 KB, 750x1033, A02D4E6A-8FF2-477E-A4DB-D29992…)

1 million Turkish Jeaniez & they can’t donate $5

No. 736301

File: 1575210168181.jpeg (255.39 KB, 828x1226, 5465FCE4-7EAD-4420-AD50-E60C8D…)

Love it when Laur gets biblical.

No. 736302

Lillee’s getting trolled by charitable contributions. kek

No. 736325

File: 1575222528856.jpg (229.95 KB, 1080x926, 20191201_124605.jpg)


Lol these call out accounts crack me up

No. 736363

File: 1575236282373.png (538.52 KB, 657x369, Capture.PNG)

Then next big booty guru, y'all.

No. 736385

This is nitpicky as hell but what the fuck is going on between her mouth and her nose?

No. 736394

File: 1575244082727.jpg (135.86 KB, 750x1188, EKuOSJWX0AAZ3nG.jpg)

Apparently McBoomer got banned temporarily from twitter over this Katie Joy obsession. His recent twitter feed is full of incoherent ramblings about her. He somehow went from being a staunch LJ defender to a super bully against this lady who talks about Teen Mom drama, in the span of a month or so.

No. 736408

Dude is off his rocker and likely deserves his own thread in /snow

No. 736428


Has he completely stopped interacting with LJ and Laur?

No. 736466

File: 1575255296860.jpeg (385.28 KB, 750x922, 695F4B84-947F-437E-AB7F-ABEE03…)

Laur begged Cheshire to make a video with her and she said no. They’ve had minimal interaction with her since their coffee corner video.

No. 736467

File: 1575255452373.jpeg (124.09 KB, 750x936, E7C0DBFF-9099-48E0-9AF4-AD5215…)

Bffdees2 is gone. Which callout account will Laur choose to poorly troll next?

No. 736479

File: 1575262335522.jpg (652.46 KB, 1066x2191, 20191201_224917.jpg)

Laur, putting "Le" in front of random words doesnt make you sound French, classy, or educated.

No. 736482

Lillee- Consistantly uses disgusting crusty lashes over and over without cleaning them.

Also Lillee- I'm allergic to the lash glue because it has latex in it!!!

No, you are nasty and you will get an eye infection or stye if you keep putting disgusting things in your eyes.

Can you imagine her doing ANYONE else's makeup and pulling out her lashes or literally any product that has been that close to her eyes? They are all harboring some attic rat germs.

No. 736483

File: 1575262967029.jpg (572.91 KB, 1069x2198, 20191201_225425.jpg)

Lillee- Consistantly uses disgusting crusty lashes over and over without cleaning them.

Also Lillee- I'm allergic to the lash glue because it has latex in it!!!

No, you are nasty and you will get an eye infection or stye if you keep putting disgusting things in your eyes.

Can you imagine her doing ANYONE else's makeup and pulling out her lashes or literally any product that has been that close to her eyes? They are all harboring some attic rat germs.

No. 736495

>I’m done
>it ends tonight


Also, that Jewish reference made me cringe. You’re not fucking Jewish, Laur. Stop it.

No. 736511

File: 1575267532194.jpg (410.14 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191202-001541_Ins…)

I find it really awkward how Laur inserts herself into every flirty comment Lillee gets. It gives me the vibes of the trashy wanna be cool mom that wants to flirt with her daughter's friends.

No. 736512

Laur pretending to be a flamboyant gay man is what’s truly awkward. Gurllllll

No. 736514


When are they even meant to have gone to BFF's house, anyway? They haven't left the attic in months. Lillee and Laur have been fucking around on twitter with the callouts nonstop for the entire holiday weekend.

They tell the dumbest lies about shit no one even cares about.

No. 736548

File: 1575285069743.jpeg (495.31 KB, 750x1039, F366FF34-CD9F-49F7-992A-63EA74…)

How do they expect brands to take them serious when Laur has obvious spelling mistakes & incorrect word usage on their professional management twitter account? I’m embarrassed for Lillee.

No. 736560


No. 736604

Is she trying to say ethereal? Topest of keks.

Maybe it was a freudian slip and she meant to say "ephemeral" as in
>"my daughters career was ephemeral because I ruined it"

No. 736633

File: 1575315926280.png (439.53 KB, 909x856, weenthestorm.png)

Lillee talking in gibberish and making up lies about why her face is blotchy, red, and crusty.

No. 736635

File: 1575316226563.png (110.73 KB, 861x709, class.png)

No. 736636

This one makes me feel queasy… wtf is she draining out? Does she have the bubonic plague?

No. 736642

She had a cold sore/herpes flare-up. Some people call them fever sores.

No. 736653

wtf she needs to leave her oral herpes alone and stop picking it/ “draining it” or else it’ll spread

No. 736663

I somehow doubt that Miss Google Self-Diagnosis actually has any of the auto-immune conditions associated with herpes outbreaks, but if she actually did, she would need to be way more careful about her makeup tool hygiene.

I am cringing thinking about those dirty brushes she "washes" with face oil and those crusty re-used lashes, all smeared with herpes from her latest outbreak.

No. 736671


I also have mega doubt she has an auto-immune problem (because she has not brought it up at all until this point but LOVES to flaunt that she was a self-diagnosed pre-diabetic). Regardless if she's actually suffering from a herpes outbreak, she's most certainly getting acne/infections due to her self-caused "drainage" and poor makeup hygiene.

No. 736673

herpes can only be spread by skin to skin contact though. stationary objects can’t pass it around

No. 736676

You can practically watch Lillee’s purchased followers grow by refreshing every few minutes. I wonder how many bots each day the callouts would need to report before Laur could no longer keep up. Someday I would love to see what Lillee’s following actually is without the bot accounts.

No. 736680

File: 1575324092739.jpeg (358.27 KB, 750x1031, 43024995-BB97-47F5-836A-D8DE27…)

Lillee doesn’t outright say that this profile is hers, so it looks like she may have forgotten to sign in to the correct account.

No. 736686


That's definitely not true, as you can spread it through sharing lip balm or drinks with someone having an active outbreak.

No. 736687

File: 1575325731784.jpeg (128.39 KB, 729x950, D500A009-0A5D-45C5-8D93-ACC670…)

for the love of god please vote for the auto immune disease option

No. 736696

Wait you don’t wanna hear about her “feminine burn”?

No. 736699

Holy fucking shit can I vote for all of these?

Number one sounds like it could be illuminating because I've seen normal, legit YouTubers do similar story-times and I'd be intrigued to see how Lillee makes it uniquely confusing and tenuous.

Number two would be great because she's either outright lying (she would have used it a million times before now if it were true) or grossly exaggerating like everything else she says.

Number three, NEED I SAY MORE. She will 100% reveal something unbelievably gross without realizing.

Number four she would blow hilariously out of proportion, I have never heard of someone being terrified of glasses before.

Sign me up to a four-parter, please!

No. 736702

God that third one is gold. It's almost like she just discovered Tana Mongeau and is inspired

No. 736705

File: 1575327756488.png (535.04 KB, 522x558, 50439i40.png)


We need a whole series covering all these topics, but I'm especially curious about what 1950s housewife remedies she's got for crotch yeast.

No. 736713

The first three sound pretty lulzy. The last one seems like a minor kek because of the autism.

Almost positive she wasn't pre-diabetic but probably was warned about the potential if she didn't drop weight. Also, she sits in the attic all day - of course she's going to notice shitty things about how she feels with that much free time. As someone said, she probably was wondering why there was a flare up and cold sores were associated with some kind of auto immune disorder.

LJ does have sensitive skin. It's what a lot of people suffer from, especially in cold weather and being that fair skinned. She's also dry as fuck. She should take care of herself.

I really want to know her princess feminine problems. I wonder what kind of misinformation she has in store?

No. 736746

She’s talked about her itchy, burning vagina before.

No. 736758



She complains about getting rashes and having problems with infections, but uses the overnight pads… to save money? She does realize that keeping the same pad on all day, regardless of how "full" it is, is a really bad idea? Its holding moisture and bio waste next to her skin for hours on end. I wonder if she uses tampons? Something tells me Laur wouldn't let her, in order to protect her virtue, but the thought of her leaving a tampon up there for as long as it can last gives me shivers.

Her lack of understanding of basic sanitary practices is becoming incredibly apparent. Any bets on if she uses deodorant or not? I mean, have you seen the ingredients in most of them? I bet they make her break out and give her cancer.

No. 736770


Yiiiiiikes. She needs to get to a gynecologist soon. Chronic yeast infections can be treated with prescription antifungals.

She should also see a dentist about her brown gums and spacey teeth– they are going to shift around as she gets older and cause problems –and a dermatologist about her skin problems and dandruff.

She's probably trying to treat everything with essential oils and home remedies she found on some bullshit blog.

No. 736779

File: 1575337015911.jpeg (705.12 KB, 750x1186, 11650C07-E834-4E6F-9214-2F0A69…)

Her “art theft” is foreign scammer sites using her pictures w/her watermark and not paying her.

No. 736780

File: 1575337037753.jpeg (467.4 KB, 750x1053, 5A74F184-E6EF-4955-87D3-F744C4…)

No. 736819

File: 1575342030730.jpg (41.6 KB, 871x306, odlijg3.jpg)

Lillee pretending that she:

-goes to events

-anyone at the "events" would care that she's there, know who she is, or have any expectations about her appearance.

Has she even left the attic since the summer?

No. 736820

File: 1575342063715.jpeg (230.18 KB, 750x1222, 414DE269-4F3E-47DB-94DE-E8CDC8…)

Voicemail anon messaged bffdees and is not happy about Laur’s misrepresenting her and the situation on The Arpanet’s YouTube channel. I’m glad that Laur is getting called out on this.

No. 736821

Christ almighty, how do people even become so gross? How is it difficult to keep at least one's private parts clean and healthy in this day and age?
Bad idea to come here while eating, lol

No. 736826

More people need to see what calling a truce with Laur really leads to. She continued to hound QoB, threatened WCT with re-striking his channel when Creepshow put out her video and now we know she’s lying about what happened with VM anon. These people need to stop giving into Laur’s demands.

Also good on Bffdees for tagging all the brands Laur & Lillee have been ass kissing this past week. Laur thinks there’s enough space between her switching her profile to private and not constantly doxxing people that everyone’s just going to forget.

No. 736844

File: 1575347768444.jpeg (221.95 KB, 750x660, 945D9A3F-314D-4EE7-99A2-056C0F…)

This is what Laur has brought to Lillee’s doorstep. A normal person would block a creep like this but I suspect Lillee and Laur will reply with “hearts, hugs and kisses”.

No. 736849

Whatever anon. You’re just jealous of LJ’s army of horny middle eastern jeaniez.

No. 736854

File: 1575350339771.png (2.97 MB, 1334x750, 60FF5A57-43A1-4E70-8809-31FD23…)

This is nasty. Clean your palettes before showing them off. You are not “influencing” anyone to buy when you show grubby makeup.

No. 736855

File: 1575350534745.png (1.73 MB, 1334x750, C4F02546-8578-4F96-9FCE-6FB25A…)

And she forgot to clean the dirt from under her fingernails before showing another product.

No. 736856

Cold sores are kind of like scabs in appearance, you can't "drain" them. They're not like pimples. Doing that will only fuck up your skin.

No one besides lolcow is watching her videos, but for a wannabe makeup artist, LJ's lack of basic health and hygiene knowledge is horrifying. There is a reason makeup artists go to school for this shit.

No. 736898

cold sores in the early stages are actually blisters. they are raised bumps filled with fluid, so you actually can "drain" them, but it's about the worst thing you can do for them. the liquid inside is very contagious, and if it touches any other part of your skin it can result in more blisters popping up. the best thing to do for a cold sore is to use medicine without puncturing it, but its no surprise LJ is clueless.

No. 736899

samefag but i also wanted to add that if someone is already susceptible to fever blisters, they can be triggered by extreme stress. things are tense in the attic i suppose.

No. 736939

File: 1575382709657.jpeg (173.52 KB, 744x747, 03C7E0A7-E016-481A-83C9-94519F…)

That organic growth though. Nearly 40k people enjoyed Lillee’s filthy palette enough to follow her on Instagram. I was watching the bots added in live time, refreshing every few minutes and there would be another one or two.

No. 736943

File: 1575384126819.jpeg (430.19 KB, 750x863, 5FD2200A-9B65-4136-8082-59F6E0…)

They’re so desperate for engagement Laur’s retweeting Bob Vageen’s comments with the management account.

No. 736944

File: 1575384216635.jpeg (204.77 KB, 746x747, F7EEA151-2D81-48BA-ACAD-5E72DF…)

This comment made me giggle. James should prove that he is a totally legit, gay man who just loves his bfffff gurrrrl so much by doing a video collab with Lillee.

No. 736959

I always wonder what Laur will do when the total followers falls below 1 million. If only the callouts had the same employment as Laur and LJ, they could each report a couple thousand bots each day to make this happen!

No. 737005

File: 1575400982169.jpg (122.7 KB, 666x817, 3--437574.jpg)

Of all of L & LJ's callouts/trolls, Oomancer is my favorite.

No. 737033

File: 1575408555171.png (74.99 KB, 887x517, 000000000000000.png)

lol, since when is Lillee a part of hand-clap twitter? I'd bet money that she's the type of white girl who, out of nowhere, tries way too hard to do a blaccent and get "sassy" when talking to a black person.

I'm so glad she never goes outside to inflict herself on minorities in real life.

No. 737035

Her pretending to relate to this tweet is also funny. Literally no one on this planet is seeking makeup advice from Lillee

No. 737036

Lillee signs into her OWN extra accounts to ask herself makeup questions.

No. 737061

File: 1575414170392.png (2.65 MB, 1136x2733, 04047776254-5.png)


Speaking of art theft, Lillee recently posted the tutorial for the look she ripped off from Sonia

No. 737065

No. 737144

In case Twitter is wiped -> The LJ Files https://ibb.co/album/eunhGF?sort=title_asc&page=1

No. 737154

I love that they are completely doubling down on LJ's gay bff, but they seem to have retired the Shaniqua account. They must secretly realize using fake minorities for ig hype is unethical and offensive or they wouldn't have stopped using Shaniqua.

The James Dee account has been called out so much, from using only stock photos to being a supposed famous designer that no one's heard of. There's no upside to keeping this account going. It makes them look so much worse because they've been confronted with the truth countless times.

No. 737170

they also literally said they never met him ever. this is one of those "when you don't lie you don't have to keep them straight" situations.

No. 737237

When did they say this? I find that interesting as there have been posts about Lille going to James Dee’s wedding, him getting her ready for events and them hanging out together.

No. 737365

File: 1575506637443.jpg (91.39 KB, 931x577, lmao.JPG)



Official Karity Beauty page reposted the look by the "talented" (lmao) Lillee Jean.
Callouts are already in the comments telling them to take it down because it's theft + LJ's following is bought.

No. 737410

File: 1575510825235.jpeg (224.91 KB, 750x1060, 3F7AC6DA-7FEF-48F5-B42C-DE35AF…)

Wow to that amazing engagement!

No. 737423

File: 1575511796233.jpeg (191.03 KB, 828x1382, 13E44C88-F2F1-442A-A822-E99D6C…)

Well this isn’t creepy at all. Watch out Pheepy, Pradip is after your girl.

No. 737434

File: 1575513058742.jpeg (354.37 KB, 828x1116, CBA3BB05-74FA-48F7-9EBC-E145B3…)

But this is true love, anon!

No. 737469

File: 1575517544038.jpeg (506.54 KB, 750x1117, F7E81904-0007-40F8-86A2-E48EB6…)

It clearly states in the whatsyourvibez bio the account is run by Lillee. Now she’s trying to pass it off as an unrelated page featuring her?

No. 737476

Lillee currently is getting a new bot account each minute. She hasn’t released anything exciting on Instagram but she did post a pic today (the new bots started adding earlier in the day though so not a result of the photo). I find it quite interesting to watch the new ones roll in.

No. 737526

File: 1575528610597.jpeg (266.93 KB, 750x1022, 371DCB74-518D-42D0-B229-C33F72…)

The latest bots are getting lazy with having unique profile pics.

No. 737528

File: 1575529174800.jpeg (175.71 KB, 750x837, 8F350BED-C893-4773-BDB2-512C02…)

When you scroll through the list of followers there are also some that look very familiar- like you saw them 20 times previously on Lillee’s follower list.

No. 737568

Jesus christ, she's so desperate for attention she's engaging with middle east scumbags.
What would Phillip say about Lillie flirting with other men?

No. 737572

I mean, India isn’t the Middle East but go off anon.

No. 737574

File: 1575544490347.png (640.76 KB, 1150x851, lolgingivitis.png)

The ad that played when I went to watch a LJ video

No. 737620

File: 1575554962247.jpeg (171.07 KB, 750x747, ACE889B4-B7CF-4B2C-ADDD-94AE94…)

54k Jeaniez gone. Keep flushing that cash, Laur. Ouch.

No. 737672

Laur is not going to be able to afford christmas presents at this rate lol

No. 737684

Don't you mean Hanukkah, remember they are so Jewish LOL

No. 737724

Idk why but LJ reminds me of the annoying girl with braces in Finding Nemo

No. 737778

File: 1575589007650.jpeg (364.02 KB, 750x1100, 3A6E2511-33CE-4031-A738-4E4A15…)

Oomancer is the gift that keeps giving.

No. 737790

File: 1575590527148.jpeg (476.48 KB, 750x1102, F332F490-4EE7-446F-BE85-ED6783…)

This is the cringiest Pradip comment so far.Lillee needs to block the romance scammer.

No. 737797

File: 1575591373188.jpeg (208 KB, 828x986, 74F9ED8F-ED84-4891-BF26-20DE02…)

More cringe than this?

No. 737800

They’re all pretty bad - I just took the “I delighted in self” in an extremely inappropriate way for a creep to be talking about a young woman he’s never met.

No. 737801

Hehehe hope he cleaned up afterwards, the dirty boy.

No. 737802


I can only imagine what kind of awkwardly incoherent filth he's been flooding her DMs with.

No. 737840

They're probably going to use this guy as an example of how diverse LJ's fans are, and proof that they're totally not racist scumbags.

Even if it's yet again the exact same makeup look, at least LJ is closing her eyes more in photos, compared to >>736746 when she was full on deer in headlights.

No. 737966

File: 1575639264971.jpeg (320.61 KB, 750x748, 55C3D88A-E37C-43F8-87BE-83139C…)

Lillee talks about her autoimmune disease in her newest Youtube video. She says she was born with a weak immune system and gets sick easily. She also says she manages her symptoms by collecting dolls and tea. So she doesn’t have an actual disease and she’s just using buzzwords for attention.

No. 737977

File: 1575641140152.png (374.94 KB, 624x400, Untitled.png)

No. 737981

File: 1575642580553.jpeg (273.92 KB, 750x769, 0BE59B93-1230-4942-9B1D-8E949D…)

Love triangle?!?!

No. 737984

Laur must have been pissed about the 52k bots that were deleted as new ones are rolling in. Hope the callouts ha e their reporting fingers ready because them reporting bots gives me life.

No. 737985

From a cursory look at her follower list I'd say at least 99% are bots, it's insane. They're also really obvious and fall into two camps- 0 posts, 0 followers and following hundreds or thousands of accounts, or they are clearly stolen accounts from a kid who stopped using their Instagram account in like 2013. It's so ridiculously obvious that Instagram could literally nuke the entire lot of them from orbit if they wanted to.
Just check out all the accounts with names like name_name_4353434. Or all the accounts with baked, pixelated profile pics. Or how almost all are private accounts. It's PATHETIC.

No. 738002

Mighty crow's feet for a teenager. Jesus

No. 738007

She also revealed in this video that she has gone out for the first time in a while. This leads me to believe that she actually doesn’t leave the attic. The long video also highlights her extreme lack of personality- the girl needs to get out and interact with people to develop one. Also, likely a bit of a picky comment but since she claims to be an influencer an important thing to note, her choice of foundation colour makes it extremely obvious that she doesn’t blend her foundation on her neck. She has masky looking foundation because of it. She never blends into her neck so once again this is yet another example of her being an underachiever with her makeup looks.

No. 738008

File: 1575647778260.jpeg (183.03 KB, 750x791, AF24BE24-971B-4FA3-BA89-4183B6…)

I noticed that as well. I suspect the callouts are mostly just reporting the low hanging fruit because there is a lot of it! Lillee is one big bot sweep away from falling below 1 million. I suspect Laur has her credit cards out and is on a mad buying spree today.

No. 738017

File: 1575649590394.jpeg (568.07 KB, 585x5653, CA632A48-461C-4663-9C4D-13AEF7…)

Hello farmers,
Ok firstly I hope this an appropriate use of namefagging. I figured it’s probably obvious this is coming from me. Secondly, I know, I know I am so deep in the poop I’m more poopman than human but that’s the choice I made. Thirdiddly this is going to be a whole bunch of posts cos a single image would be huge.

Ok so here goes, Laur contacted me last night because I requested to follow her @iamlaur67 account. What followed will hopefully provide a few giggles. GodIsG8

No. 738018

File: 1575649618324.jpeg (657.65 KB, 585x5653, B29D7C35-A8B8-4510-A3A4-3B8CB7…)

No. 738019

File: 1575649759106.jpeg (713.67 KB, 585x5653, 8B1BD47B-8831-47E4-93BA-3C6D69…)

No. 738021

File: 1575649881608.jpeg (634.13 KB, 585x5653, B0C95555-A732-4473-B932-A9BAE3…)

No. 738022

File: 1575650014785.jpeg (630.88 KB, 585x5653, F43A31F7-EB58-4DBF-B072-CDAA0D…)

No. 738024

File: 1575650146287.jpeg (680.44 KB, 585x5653, A84FB92A-E64D-4D16-8915-17ADC8…)

No. 738027

File: 1575650262719.jpeg (622.46 KB, 585x5653, 78727338-3F97-4422-A283-304F02…)

No. 738032

File: 1575650442379.jpeg (402.63 KB, 780x3820, 98A4C036-8A8A-435B-A564-EAD8F2…)

Teehee have fun you lovable rogues. Laur be with you. GodIsG8

No. 738043


Oomancer, you're a gem. This is lovely.

It's a window into how she can't form logical arguments even when she's talking to someone who is being friendly and trying to understand. The projection is obvious in every message. Bravo

No. 738046

Thanks for sharing Oomancer! So what I have gathered is that Laur STILL thinks that there is nothing wrong with her and Lillee’s comments in the podcast despite my people listening to the full things and seeing them as problematic. She keeps talking about someone threatening to stab Lillee - not only does she never offer proof but sometimes she says that Katie said it and other times Sonia. Does she legitimately believe that Lillee has 800k authentic followers and that James Charles losing 15k of 15 million followers is the same as Lillee losing 52k of 1 million? Does she actually believe that Lillee is losing brands through no fault of her and Laur’s? That they are completely innocent? Does she genuinely believe that Lillee deserves PR to do content when her skills are lacklustre and she does the bare minimum(I guarantee she isn’t working nearly as hard as real influencers)? Or does Laur just think that someone deserves PR just because they’re on YouTube? Why does she continuously throw SophDoesMakeup under the bus for fake followers when the girl gives Lillee engagement on her posts? I have so many thoughts after reading your dms.

No. 738047

Oomancer, you are the gift that keeps giving.

So much to unpack. One thing that stood out to me was that she only filed a police report on Katie. What about Bffdees hacking her bank account and stealing $20k? The police weren’t interested in that?She’s furious the callout accounts are reporting the bot followers. I hope they saw this and know what they’re doing is effective.

No. 738066


This is quality milk, Oomancer.

Laur says that horse_wheels and nonotthecheese are the worst of the callouts– after her true nemesis BFFDees –even though she also claims that Katie (or Sonia, depending on which way the crazy wind is blowing) threatened to stab (her? Lillee? Laur can't seem to keep things straight.)

That makes no fucking sense, Laur.

Also, it's quite telling that when Laur imagines herself as a hero, she imagines punishing her sister's murderers and the people who covered it up…rather than JUST SAVING HER FUCKING SISTER. What a goddamned monster she is. Even in her fantasy world, other people are just plot devices in her heroic origin story.

She thinks Tori Skynet is "on her team" even though Tori has publicly stated that she thinks Laur is dishonest and manipulative, and she's a regular in the arpanet livestream chat where Laur is the butt of jokes even when the episode isn't about her.

I appreciate that Laur also took the time to get more clear-cut evidence on the record that she thinks there are too many "ethnics" being highlighted in the beauty and fashion industries, and that she thinks white people should be getting more PR and more features on beauty-based social media.

Every time the material the callouts use to contact brands starts getting stale, Laur and Lillee re-up and double down. The evidence of their bigotry and entitlement keeps piling up.

No. 738101

File: 1575660021450.jpeg (247.27 KB, 750x1141, 6993C7F0-EA0B-43FB-A990-25CCE2…)

776 likes in 18 hours with one million jeaniez, sounds legit.

No. 738111

Laur will never concede to a damn thing in her life. All this just makes my reporting fingers go faster

No. 738118

Laur reads the hate and rages, we know LJ is reading too, she has to see the comments based on her looks. Maybe seeing the then v now photos made her try something oh so slightly different. Because she isn't a trend setter, she nudges change slowly. #1change4change #1colorchange4infinite looks.

No. 738129

File: 1575666403608.jpeg (111.65 KB, 750x581, 7CB57624-5CF5-4441-943B-179F51…)

Lillee’s bots are getting sneaky. Now they e got a close up of the smile pic several of them use. The callouts are never going to suspect this one!

No. 738161

Where is our Vagina Monologue? It won the vote, but she went with the "autoimmune disorder".

I wanna see if she actually uses the word vagina or just refers to it as "umm, yah know, down there".

No. 738185

File: 1575676639457.jpeg (110.59 KB, 750x601, 24158236-8B1D-4337-B2CE-BFDF89…)

Dammit armpit! Lillee just got her big drop of followers.

No. 738257

File: 1575687767829.jpeg (256.46 KB, 750x563, 63ADC66D-4C02-4331-A778-67727F…)

Attic Academy delivers again. 2% unedited means that you edited 98% of the video, Lillee.

No. 738348


Huh, I never posted the updated list from thread 4. Sorry I fell off the LC map.

Posting this in thread will up its hits when people search for all things Lil & Laur related, and some webmasters check link backs.

I archived what is archiveable on archive.today and archive.org. Blogs and Twitter accounts have been archived (through July-ish?) using "load older posts" links. I have screenshots of deep web documentation such as Laur's incorporation records.


Lillee Jean Trueman:


Website domains:


Social Media:

(listed newest to oldest)

https://www.facebook.com/lillee.jean (inactive)
https://www.facebook.com/IngeniousIngenue (deleted)

https://www.instagram.com/sillylillee_ (inactive)
https://www.instagram.com/lillee.is.lyfe (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/truoo_ (deleted)

https://www.twitter.com/lil41801 (inactive)

https://plus.google.com/+LilleeJean (deleted)
https://vero.co (verified)


https://www.youtube.com/user/lil41801 (inactive)


Lilz Trueman:

https://plus.google.com/+LilzTrueman (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/queenlillee (inactive)



Acting, singing, booking profiles:


Art and gifs:



http://theyeballqueen.blogspot.com (as Lilz, inactive)

Lillee Jean Cosmetics:

"Makeup for all genders, skin tones, and races– inspired by being unique, and embracing yourself. Produced by Lillee Jean exclusively. Launching 2020."

https://www.instagram.com/lilleejeancosmetics (inactive)
https://twitter.com/lilleecosmetics (inactive)
http://www.lilleejeancosmetics.com (registered anon)



Model and MUA profiles:

https://www.beautylish.com/lil41801 (inactive)
https://vixennow.com/2019/07/08/new-colourpop-california-love-palette-ultra-blotted-lip-makeup-tutorial-lillee-jean (suspended)



Podcast and interviews:



Barbie's full name


Promotions on beauty sites:


Fake famous:




Laura "Laur" Rene Trueman:



https://www.instagram.com/lrtrueman (renamed)

https://www.twitter.com/rvt01 (renamed)

Lau Trueman


http://www.examiner.com/user-alkaia100 (deleted)
https://www.reddit.com/user/BeautyGuruChatter (deleted)

https://www.docketbird.com/court-cases/Earl-D-Trueman-and-Laura-R-Trueman/nyeb-1:2018-bk-45768 (bankruptcy)


Jeaniez Management Inc:



Rene, Publicist/PR representing @lilleejean and @1change4change




Ingenious Ingenue Management Group:

Laur and Oscar Benjamin (inactive)

Laura's Antique Businesses:

(dug in the first thread, deleted pages in archive.org)

https://www.instagram.com/leitiques (current)

https://www.facebook.com/Leitiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/TravelinTiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/Truetiques (deleted)

http://www.travelintiques.com (no longer registered)
http://www.rvt01.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt (deleted)
http://www.rvt02.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt2 (deleted)

http://rvt01.blogspot.com (deleted) | http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://rvt01.blogspot.com
https://www.blogger.com/profile/18048975528250722218 | http://reynehaines.blogspot.com/2011/12/huffington-post-blogging.html

https://www.ebay.com/str/travelintiques (deleted)






Earl Trueman:


Justice for Brenda:

Laur Trueman

http://www.justiceforbrenda.com (no longer registered)
http://www.brendaleemarkswolf.com (no longer registered)

Sock and shill accounts:



https://www.instagram.com/clevderobt (creator of @ljeanfp)
https://www.instagram.com/lennytradare (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/lillees.lil.jeanie (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/perry_cynda (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/raphael_01_butera (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/stohalodea (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/WilmaSwanson16 (deleted)

https://twitter.com/DeniaReeler (deleted)
https://twitter.com/TamyLov39567654 (deleted)

baby gold
Natalie DeHoff
Rachel M
Ryanna White
Sonia Gianelli

No. 738372

Laur has splurged on the latest round of bots. They appear to be a mix of old hacked accounts or some where they really put the effort into adding images. Unfortunately I can’t take a screenshot as after looking at a few my Instagram stopped working. I am sure that the callouts will be on top of reporting since it’s the weekend!

No. 738376

File: 1575731826435.jpeg (64.58 KB, 750x479, F88F9C3A-0D24-42A5-B8B1-A7A6BE…)

Laur’s back to threatening the callout accounts with legal/police action. She’s also begging for personal information on the accounts.

No. 738377

File: 1575731855243.jpeg (51.42 KB, 599x434, 6D7DEB22-5288-416F-8180-A24514…)

No. 738379

File: 1575732696834.jpeg (382.4 KB, 750x1000, 78202C7C-8BBC-422A-824F-7F54BC…)

Have we seen this sock account of Laur’s and Lillee’s before? I didn’t recognize the name.

No. 738385

It’s the @gguidicea/Gwen Guidicea account.

No. 738395

File: 1575736593847.jpeg (154.55 KB, 750x472, 56233D26-6D58-4D7A-ACC5-06FDD9…)

Bringing Twitter’s attention to the numerous accounts you create to evade bans and mass report users is always a great plan.

No. 738438

File: 1575745840108.png (742.61 KB, 599x595, ll.png)

Part of me wants to believe that Lillee is intentionally posting pics like this to appeal to the feetfag crowd.

No. 738472

Damn half of the internet is this bitch and her mom.

No. 738484

Hey farmdroids,
Here is a link to screen caps from my heart to heart with Laur Trueman yesterday. A little less milky than before but still lots of fun. Some choice bits are her somewhat conflicting views on bragging about charity and her sperg about Kim K’s mum.
Hope the link is ok, thought it would be more comfy than flooding the thread again.
You’re all fake tucks!


No. 738485

Samefag (so sorry) also I should say that Sonia hasn’t got back to me about receiving money from Laur. I don’t blame her and in hindsight I probably wouldn’t get involved with something like that again but I figured “hey, cash is cash”.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 738495

Not speaking for all farmers, but flood the thread. It's the freshest from the cow milk right now and is always nice to have documentation here.

Thanks nonny! Quality work.

No. 738496

I don't believe Laur would give her the money anyhow, but I get why Sonia wouldn't want to get any money from her

No. 738510

I always find it interesting how she denies that her and Lillee said things, despite proof that they did. I mean, there is an actual podcast in existence where Lillee tells people to stfu about slavery and there are screenshots of tweets where she more or less threatened to call CPS in Sonia.

No. 738606

I’m curious. In the US so you still see the total number of likes on an Instagram post? I am trying to figure out the purpose of Laur/Lillee buying likes on photos if no one sees the total.

No. 738617

File: 1575783031246.jpeg (750.1 KB, 750x1126, 23F10397-6502-4963-87CC-791939…)

I’m in a Latin American country and I’m still able to see the number of likes. I guess she keeps buying likes to keep the metrics up in case a brand asks for them, where the like information would be visible.

No. 738619

File: 1575783235950.jpeg (553.97 KB, 750x1196, 52FA0EAD-D706-4658-BF04-1169DA…)

It looks like she has a big ass hole right in the middle of the crotch and there’s a pad in there. I bet her itchy vagina smells like sweat and fish from meters away. Any guesses or I’m being a nitpick ? I just don’t see what this could be(nitpicking)

No. 738624

It looks like the kind of pics ur mom gonna take for u when u are 5y old like „sweety now look at the tree and smile!”. She poses like a kid.

No. 738625

Oh anon this thread was so fresh and airy and free from nitpicking…

No. 738627

You completely bypassed her nightmare-ish, sharp tooth smile to nitpick folds in her PJ bottoms?

I mean, you could have even mentioned the overly christmasy decor for being ~totally Jewish you guys

No. 738657

Come on anon, that's nonsense

No. 738659

Not to mention her nasty, crooked, gross and stubby troll toes that are all inexplicably the same length?!
She's legitimately so physically disgusting. And I never would have said such, had she not made herself a "public figure".

No. 738660

File: 1575794982410.jpg (32.54 KB, 736x679, c5d43ba142b835c9.jpg)

No. 738665

File: 1575796647391.jpg (461.96 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191208-031652_Ins…)

Why is this even a shot they published?

No. 738704

File: 1575815092710.jpeg (503.1 KB, 750x1188, 383262CF-A436-4550-86EE-54502E…)

Some of the “Jeaniez” really crack me up

No. 738707

File: 1575818700337.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1946x4454, 91B34B26-DCBA-4A99-95CE-928ECE…)

Everyone knows that this is where the real story’s at!

No. 738709

File: 1575819100250.jpeg (498.27 KB, 2048x2048, 2C91A5F2-F7B9-4E82-8BC5-15D419…)

What are the odds? I found long lost twins amongst Lillee’s followers. Jeaniez is reuniting families. We need to stop calling out Laur and Lillee’s sketchy behaviour and start hailing them as the heroes they truly are.

No. 738730

File: 1575826344684.jpeg (256.03 KB, 750x896, AECEBDE9-40C2-4D72-8FD6-520994…)

Tori needs to remove herself from the situation if she’s going to continue enabling Laur’s bad behavior. She claims she’s approaching Laur as a “journalist” but her wishy-washy attitude is making her look disingenuous.

No. 738731


Oh wow, Patricia has barely any followers considering her stature. She's probably completely disconnected from social media, which explains how she could believe Lillee was any type of influencer to begin with.

No. 738732

She’s both seemingly intelligent and really fuckin dumb at the same time. I think she just wants everyone to like her, including Laur.

No. 738735

File: 1575828567684.png (1.09 MB, 914x595, screenshot.PNG)

Have you noticed that she's now bought +10k Likes on nearly every instagram post? Who the hell does she think she can fool with that crap?

No. 738738

File: 1575829281343.jpeg (502.16 KB, 750x882, BDA355A6-16DC-4041-A6C3-C85A76…)

This is so incredibly dumb but highly entertaining. Laur is going to sperg out over this.

No. 738745

File: 1575830922428.jpg (17.28 KB, 480x480, D0rEj6kX0AAQSJH.jpg)

No. 738746


Tbh I think it would be a really bad look for her, a beautiful retired supermodel making fun of a potato girl…

No. 738765

She doesn't have to make fun of her, but there are a lot of smaller makeup artists with real followers who probably would've appreciated the PR trip she gave to LJ. The brand should have done a better job at verifying her followers.

Laur and LJ are inflating their numbers so they can receive gifts from makeup brands, when LJ has specifically said she doesn't consider herself a MUA (as evidenced by the one look she does). This is just a grab at getting publicity and fame. There are lots of real young women on ig who do incredible makeup, and people like LJ who buy thousands of followers make it harder for them to get noticed.

No. 738767

The big swings in followers and likes really don’t support Laur saying that she doesn’t buy likes.

No. 738850

They just point to some other creator who experiences dips in numbers like James Charles and says that follower loss is normal. Obviously they ignore the fact that LJ also has no visible fans and engagement at all in a way that is nothing like James Charles or anyone like him. It'd be interesting for someone to run a few thorough side-by-sides of engagement between legit creators and LJ though.

No. 738857


I haven't updated the list nor kept up with L&L since the beginning of thread #4.

No. 738861

File: 1575852376662.png (780.77 KB, 828x1792, 6050671C-A3A8-45A2-84EB-6EBC75…)

Laur has made a new account to freak out on tonight!

No. 738881

File: 1575856362715.jpeg (377.05 KB, 750x1090, 6B8F1EBF-D10B-4917-898D-E48D6E…)

Yup I just found it! She claims not to be Laur but…

No. 738883

File: 1575856441455.jpeg (380.34 KB, 750x999, 896BFA1A-9B52-4634-9881-F280EA…)

The way she speaks is 100% Laur. How she says everyone seems like a good kid.

No. 738884

File: 1575856568626.jpeg (393.67 KB, 750x815, 734FD13E-92E6-4ADE-BD36-B44283…)

Oomancer putting out Laur’s private photos.

No. 738887

File: 1575856852453.jpeg (387.45 KB, 750x991, 79D9A620-E559-47ED-B951-063203…)

No. 738888

Laur really has to reply to every hater with incoherent nonsense.

No. 738897

File: 1575860402356.jpeg (447.74 KB, 750x1030, 5F315B59-4E86-4E50-9028-9229F1…)

She’s going after Katie again.

No. 738898

File: 1575860467513.jpeg (353.86 KB, 750x1022, B0FA9BE3-0DEE-45D6-8F39-9DA2B4…)

More police threats. Katie hasn’t even acknowledged Laur in weeks.

No. 738905

Calling Edith Massey's Christmas cards pornography is a high compliment!

No. 738908

laur you were the one who stole vicki blows photo and tried to pass it on as you

No. 738916

File: 1575862723438.jpeg (301.18 KB, 750x989, DE97EFED-0B36-4B92-82F0-10E657…)

Does Laur not realize that if the accounts that the callouts were not spam accounts that they would not be deleted and the callouts would get their accounts suspended for breaking the t’s and c’s?

No. 738917

File: 1575863394072.jpeg (412.84 KB, 750x1082, F4825EC9-8CC9-4095-BF71-6F3850…)

The evidence has been shared hundreds of times, Laur.

No. 738919

File: 1575863746452.jpeg (230.56 KB, 828x1348, 8F1930B9-7B74-449C-9FDD-11649E…)

Laur doesn’t know how much of an absolute treat she is!

No. 738931

File: 1575864729025.jpeg (82.08 KB, 828x476, 1A108489-D79B-46A9-87DC-871714…)

Laur finally changed her pfp to Danzig.

No. 738953

File: 1575866443069.jpeg (213.15 KB, 750x512, 938DCC77-BE2A-4E5F-9B31-CB7078…)

No. 738955

File: 1575866724925.jpeg (258.52 KB, 828x1349, 470AF54C-8899-4705-8297-4E8FF2…)


No. 738956

Hi Laur

No. 738958

File: 1575867386980.gif (1.37 MB, 480x270, sockwaves.gif)

Oooooh, will Laur finally bring her Sunday night Franzia Freakout directly to us here?

Hi Laur!

No. 738960

File: 1575867492522.jpeg (344.37 KB, 750x1008, 35885D2E-356A-404D-A24A-C12E37…)

Ok so Joshua Connor Moon is a nice kid, but also a hacker? Laur is very confusing.

No. 738965

File: 1575868192552.jpeg (222.03 KB, 750x520, BE444CDF-E701-4D99-B370-0BBE53…)

Lillee is an adult. She literally puts the least effort possible into her content. And Laur just half doxxed an anon by posting her first name.

No. 738968

She constantly tries to pit the callout accounts against each by saying one of them is giving her information. But it’s been 5 months and she still had no information on the two main callout accounts, BFFdees & Influencers_e. She was even begging oomancer for info on BFFdees.

No. 738981

Who ate Patricia Hartmann though?

No. 738990

Cyber detective is looking at us he gonna call the cyber police

No. 739092

File: 1575903523723.jpeg (495.33 KB, 750x1152, 01CFEDD3-9D8F-4E12-BDAE-E95D36…)

Laur has changed the at for doodoomancer to at bishdone - also shared this proving that she is the ultimate at not practicing what you preach. Has she forgotten the time she said “you’re not nonbinarary, You either have a penis or a vaginer”?

No. 739099

File: 1575904476949.jpeg (536.23 KB, 750x1284, CE9F8C8B-D001-4862-8F55-3EF702…)

Their long lost triplet is one of Lillee’s newest followers!

No. 739101

So she deleted everything from last nights freakout and is just retweeting random bullshit, on an account she made yesterday, with no followers? Why does she do this stuff? It’s so confusing.

No. 739117

I think the callouts are reporting likes now from what I gathered on Twitter. I wonder if they made any dent in it? The problem with bought likes is that when her followers go down, her like rate will increase.aybe that’s why they started investing in likes recently? To take advantage of the plummeting follower count.

No. 739141

File: 1575916321646.jpeg (341.39 KB, 750x1082, A97F1167-1191-4130-9781-CF5E18…)

No. 739147

File: 1575917068518.jpeg (158.55 KB, 750x966, 8EB3EEA1-6DB8-497C-9D90-6ACCAB…)

No. 739149

File: 1575917275859.jpeg (380.66 KB, 750x860, E30B517B-4F3C-48DA-A59B-DCB3F5…)

No. 739152

So Laur, who tried to guilt any critics of Steve McBoomer because he was supposedly a veteran, is now attacking some random serviceman who she thinks might be a call out account and trying to get them in trouble with the military? The hypocrisy never ends. I wonder if she’s trying to use this so the call outs will put themselves to save the innocent people Laur attacks the trouble.

No. 739153

This screencap has everything I love about Laur. #thisendsnow, know/know/new, misspellings that make me kek and the NYPD!

No. 739156

>hate crimes
… she knows the legal definition of a hate crime right? Unless white, over mothered woman baby is a protected class.

No. 739157

File: 1575920427974.jpg (81.65 KB, 594x1024, ELXcK29WkAEtb2I.jpg)

they are already memeing it.

No. 739162

Why is Laur so triggered by “porn”? We need more leather daddy edits.

No. 739165

File: 1575922800500.jpeg (207.65 KB, 1120x2048, 9C0C3B7C-B84E-4A8A-8C7C-C215A3…)

JeaniezTechSupport trolled Laur into thinking BFFdees was a nazi named Mike Wazowski. Laur called her local precinct to give them the new information and was informed it was a Disney alias.

No. 739168

I'm fucking howling. Aren't they both obsessed with Disney? Or is it Rapunzel. How did they not pick up on the names? Holy shit laur.

No. 739169

File: 1575923249767.jpeg (414.2 KB, 750x931, 9068286E-61CC-4499-821E-D3F35F…)

No. 739170

File: 1575923344765.jpeg (299.97 KB, 750x734, AA1EE4D8-7F8E-4873-9DAA-F37BF2…)

No. 739171

File: 1575923533333.jpeg (131.97 KB, 816x769, 207418E1-A1B7-4E93-BA2B-27F0CC…)

Perhaps it’s time for an update Diamond Earl?

No. 739176

How is it not obvious to you tards that this is a troll?

No. 739180

File: 1575926920648.png (68.1 KB, 599x364, 123.png)

it's Laur

No. 739183


You must be new here. Laur has a very distinct way of speaking and predictable patterns of behavior. This is what it looks like. Lurk more.

No. 739185

File: 1575928015231.jpeg (389.11 KB, 828x1178, 1E38F569-567F-4293-B7C5-9AAA9C…)

Absolutely 100% Laur. Oomancer has been talking with her.

No. 739200

File: 1575931396305.jpg (2.4 MB, 1125x25080, merge_from_ofoct.jpg)

Full conversation between jeaniez techsupport and laur kek

No. 739201

File: 1575931521582.png (238.74 KB, 594x393, tweet.png)

The link they sent to Laur was to wendys-career.com

No. 739209

Hahhhahahhahahaha this is hilarious

>saw my sisters face shot off

JFC can she go a single day without using her sister’s murder in a conversation??

No. 739219

>Nazi school teacher?
>No, elementary.
Toppest of keks!!!

No. 739220

FUCKEN brilliant!

Laur can’t wrap her Franzia shriveled brain around the fact people she’s messaging with are sending the callout accounts their private conversations. “no they hacked” is much easier to claim than everyone being so disgusted by her behavior that even the people she trusts are sending the callout accounts information. Shit it may even be Lillee sending her private conversations to BFFdees.

No. 739240

KEK, the call outs had been very patient for months, laur is finally getting the trolling she deserves kek, it’s not even bullying. This is hilarious, will she try to spin the narrative as always?

No. 739249

File: 1575937341388.jpeg (213.9 KB, 750x682, 203120D9-33D1-4627-8F52-86B1C9…)

I fully expect Laur to lose her shit for a 2nd time today.

No. 739251

File: 1575938113588.png (72.26 KB, 598x408, c12982398837.png)

welp Laur is going to freak

No. 739270

File: 1575941086804.png (140.39 KB, 908x562, thank.png)

No. 739287

File: 1575943737390.jpeg (131.99 KB, 750x508, 965F125D-1A27-45AD-AC1E-E5CE57…)

They’ve provided no proof anyone has ever physically threatened them.

No. 739288

File: 1575943963970.jpeg (139.13 KB, 750x795, 0009C5F0-6F18-461F-99CA-4DFB75…)

Laur didn’t like the callout accounts laughing at her. She’s asked her followers to mass report them…very similar to what she allegedly did to Lauren Elyse.

No. 739328

Who is she even talking to? Her tweets are private and as far as I can tell, she has almost zero interaction with her (bought) followers.

No. 739333

If it isn't Colourpop, I'll eat my hat.

No. 739403

Omg now all Polish ppl are bad and troll how dare u!

No. 739440

They sign off with 'you are gullible' :)

No. 739441

What are the Disney alias other than Mike Wazowski?

No. 739456

File: 1575983038195.jpeg (177.53 KB, 828x1433, 1A18B1F8-FBEE-432A-9107-1FCC6B…)

No. 739460

File: 1575984254360.jpeg (112.19 KB, 750x425, 7525F230-026B-4BE6-8B7C-DBE2C4…)

Coming from the person who created intricate backstories for all of her sock accounts, this is hilarious.

No. 739467


Lillee only hates Twitter because they can only afford to buy her likes for one platform, so it's very obvious that her only fans are her mother and the empty air, there.

No. 739468

File: 1575987944205.jpeg (445.33 KB, 2048x2048, B7559683-AF17-4AD8-A8B4-CD66A2…)

Nah, she has a fan in Pradip! Pheepy really needs to watch out for this guy.

No. 739469

excuse me but wwhat does that mean?

No. 739475

Why is she praying to saints as well if she’s so Jewish? News flash Lillee - Jews don’t pray to saints.

No. 739477

File: 1575990644226.jpeg (140.67 KB, 750x652, 2C9084E0-1AEB-4AD9-A823-B89D3A…)

Laur & Lillee claim they’re still friends with Boomer & his sea-lions. This interaction seems odd.

No. 739479

King Boomer asks Lillee to watch his show & she interprets it as him inviting her on as a guest. She’s such a vapid twat.

No. 739481

Anon asked which other Disney characters Laur was fed… pic shows Jeaniez Tech Support explaining the Nazi teacher

No. 739487

Ask ur mom

No. 739493

File: 1575998750252.png (182.56 KB, 590x394, cp.png)

Laur confirming herself that Lillee was dropped by colorpop

This account is the old Gwen Gudicea account, Laur just changed the picture and handle again

No. 739497

The thing is, it might not even be Colour Pop. There were tons of other brands that Laur was constantly tagging, begging for free product and generally ass kissing. To many brands that would get really annoying, really quickly.

No. 739503

Creepshow didn’t even say it was a cosmetics company. Laur was previously whining to Halo Top instead of going to the store or buying online.

No. 739513

File: 1576005049378.png (72.49 KB, 574x583, E9ABAA46-1465-4F13-A7B1-FCB0E7…)

She’s completely lost it.

No. 739530

Yes Laur this is definitely how you get back in their good graces, keep it up!

I hope the brand in question wasn’t even ColourPop because that would be hilarious.

No. 739537

It looks like Lillee hasn’t had the Colour Pop Code in her videos since November 21. I guess the 1 million Jeaniez weren’t using it.

No. 739538

File: 1576012008010.jpeg (220.96 KB, 750x470, 0466BDAA-D29D-416B-8CC7-202F75…)

Bffdees & Justjodylynn said they spoke with an anonymous brand rep back in August and we’re given the same information. They couldn’t verify the person actually worked for a brand so they didn’t say anything publicly. If it’s the same person, it’s not Colourpop because they were still sending LJ PR.

No. 739548

In the.middle of my reporting spree,and I have to wonder why SO many of these accounts have exactly 15 pictures, all uploaded on the same day. It is like… they are all from the same company or something…

Makes it crazy easy tho.(cowtipping)

No. 739550

File: 1576016156240.jpg (929.18 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191210-161352_Ins…)

The problem with always using watermarks…is that when you use your sock accounts to boost your engagement, it shows.

No. 739551

The more often you look through the bot accounts, the more you realize that they don’t really have that many unique images to use. You’ll see a lot of the same people, coffee cups, animals etc. There are often a lot of profiles with photos from different places and a Madagascar (the movie) photo mixed in - those are my personal favourite! Every once in a while Laur will splurge on the bots that seem to have been actual accounts taken over by the bot farms.

No. 739593

File: 1576025217452.jpeg (230.27 KB, 750x674, 53F4778A-44CC-4180-87D0-7C26E8…)

Dees found the sock Laur’s using flag the callout account’s tweets.

No. 739594

File: 1576025526447.jpeg (237.81 KB, 750x751, C2B77A74-DC0F-4C4C-B00F-805373…)

Claims the reverse goatse they hacked into Laur’s system transmits all of Laur’s twitter profiles. Laur needs to call Geek Squad ASAP and get that checked out.

No. 739626

File: 1576033081297.png (30.46 KB, 587x103, 3245365466.png)


No. 739645

The longer Laur lets this drag out, the more she screws Lillee. She could have just admitted to the purchased followers and likes, apologized to the people she wronged and deleted her and Lillee’s offensive content. Instead, Laur doubled down and is destroying any chance that Lillee might have had at having a career in beauty.

No. 739691

File: 1576044843081.jpg (657.41 KB, 1064x2189, 20191211_001325.jpg)

New name and handle for tonight's freakout?

No. 739737

Can you imagine if someone (I’m imagining another extremely sheltered horse girl type) genuinely wanted to befriend LJ? It’d be impossible to interact, Laur’s insane force field has ruined her daughter socially too. Sad that this is kinda tinfoil.

No. 739772

File: 1576078064082.jpeg (246.31 KB, 642x2048, 66539856-95D8-472D-8EB6-4ABEA4…)

Oomancer posted this on Twitter stating that this was before Laur contacted the police about Mike Wazowski. She still refuses to apologize for everything she has done wrong (and I assume that also applies to deleting the bots she bought and deleting the offensive content Lillee and her have posted). Laur wants people to stop drawing attention to her shitty behaviour yet won’t own up to it or apologize for it. That tactic will totally work, Laur.

No. 739773

Laur’s done this on purpose though. She’s not losing her most beautiful possession. I think if this whole thing had blown up before Lillee turned 18, social services probably would’ve intervened. What Laur has done to Lillee is abuse.

No. 739816

they would definitely not have done shit, anon. pageant girls, child stars, underage models, all have insane parents. many of them go through the same shit. hell, even just standard home schooled children deal with these type of parents.

No. 739828

File: 1576092950875.jpg (77.44 KB, 904x620, 50932.jpg)

Laur always has to make it weird.

No. 739830

They didn’t say Lillee would be removed from Laur’s care. They said they would’ve intervened. There are so many red flags with L&L. No matter how much Laur isolates & shelters Lillee, Lillee is eventually going to want a real relationship with someone. This is either ending one of two ways…Lillee takes off with a Bob Vageen and disowns her mom similar to Venus Angelic or it goes the Gypsy Rose route. No matter how much Laur isolates & shelters Lillee, Lillee is eventually going to want some real human connection.

No. 739839

again, no they wouldn't have.

No. 739845

File: 1576097842056.jpeg (483.6 KB, 2048x2048, B4635B83-3CA8-4DC6-BCD2-E54A69…)

How does Lillee Jean not get in trouble from the FTC for the misleading YouTube disclosures? I guess because no one actually watches her videos. Here she states that she received the Kesha Rose Beauty as “goodies”. I did some digging on this as I didn’t know a lot about the line as I had no interest in it. It was released December 3rd - a week ago - and you could purchase the set with the fancy box and note. There is no way it’s PR rather “goodies” that her and Laur purchased.

No. 739857

Lillee Jean just happened to receive several new followers, many of whom only follow her (so far). So, if we are to believe this, several men and women from India are so enamoured worth Lillee that she is the first person they choose to follow with their new, photoless, Instagram accounts. Ok.

No. 739868

How did it go from a couple of months to 5 years?

This milk is too good, always some shit going down, never disappointing

No. 739911


It's because Laur. Three years ago, someone found Lillee's shitty art on her blogs and posted to the Delusional Artist subreddit. Those redditors laughed at her art, made fun of her buggy eyes, did shitty shoops of some of her more ridiculous photos, and trolled Laur when she ultimately found the post and flipped out in the comments. After a couple of weeks, those people moved on and forgot that Lillee and Laur existed; they have nothing whatsoever to do with the recent callout stuff that started in July of this year.

But Laur can't get anyone to give a shit about her and her talent-free daughter, so she keeps exaggerating how long the current drama has been going on, saying it's been "since May" or "since the spring" or "since 2016."

Now she's stretching the lie even further because she thinks someone will take pity on her and jump in to fight on her behalf again.

No. 739928

It’s all sad. I was thinking more along the lines of if LJ even wanted to visit a theoretical friend or something. If they didn’t pick her up on time or have the right snacks, Laur would doxx the whole family. Insane that this is an 18 year old and not a first grader. Sage for wistful dreams of socializing beyond the dolls.

No. 740033

Laur really needs to get her spending habits in check. A ton of new bot accounts were added to the most recent post on LJ’s Instagram. Possibly others too but I didn’t look. Will she ever run out of bot money?

No. 740085

Laur seems like the type of cow who has 7 or 8 different credit cards. And considering that she has declared bankruptcy, what, 3 times, she probably never have taken responsibilty for her spending habits.

No. 740128

File: 1576156077232.jpeg (440.85 KB, 750x1077, B22CE749-6EA6-4010-89B8-2221C7…)

Of course Lillee is a huge fan of YouTube’s new policies which are unfairly hurting commentary/drama channels

No. 740153

Is there in the us not some type of finance manager that once you go bankrupt they will watch over your spending and manage and help you pay off depts? Give you money to support yourself but if you want more you will have to prove its a needed. In some EU countries this happends

Saged cause just asking

No. 740156

File: 1576161162764.jpeg (304.46 KB, 750x1181, 8B05DEFD-BB01-4639-A959-9B99C9…)

Yesterday “Eggbutt” called out Lillee’s like son photos and how they only consist of bots and not the “totally real” people who comment on her photos. In Lillee’s most recent photo, her sock accounts are peppered in with the bot likes to look like her fans are also liking the photo. I am unable to see the total like count, as I’m in a country where that’s hidden, but just looking at the list, it appears that Laur spent some cash on likes last night.

No. 740179

File: 1576164925305.jpeg (174.2 KB, 750x784, 6F459590-729A-4322-ABA8-2E3340…)

The callouts haven’t been able to keep up to the bots. But it actually looks like natural growth rather than the massive 40k increases out of nowhere. So really, the callouts are helping LJ!

No. 740198

File: 1576172384570.jpeg (488.56 KB, 750x1047, 9E68417C-474F-4242-A23E-38EA02…)

See pic

She probably switched to another service who offers followers in a gradual amount over weeks and months instead of a bunch in one day

No. 740212

File: 1576174474317.jpeg (112.04 KB, 750x556, 35B6F867-B61C-4107-B29F-AE3B1A…)

Lillee’s totally real follower.

No. 740277

File: 1576192395057.jpeg (365.55 KB, 750x1066, 11BC555B-3F40-489C-96E4-DAAC4B…)

Socialblade & IGblade have been really slow at updating IG stats lately. There’s a couple of real-time IG follower count sites out there and they’re showing she lost another 3-4K followers today.

No. 740313

New bots are rolling in to replace them.

No. 740331

File: 1576208129885.jpeg (107.45 KB, 750x660, 38216A10-4052-4D73-A7D3-C1C78B…)

Nok’s stream was pulled down tonight after being reported for spam/misleading content. He started streaming again, only to have YouTube nuke it again and lock his channel. He’s starting the appeal process and says it may not have been Laur’s doing. But this is what Laur does & she’s on her twitter account begging her followers for help mass flagging her enemies.

Hope Nok gets everything sorted out.

No. 740420

File: 1576250080865.jpeg (365.77 KB, 750x825, E783891A-E776-4720-9894-70C6CE…)

Articles shouldn’t be biased UNLESS they’re written by an author Lillee & Laur most likely paid and even then the author couldn’t completely clear Lillee’s name.

No. 740476


You mean that whimn article? Yeah, you could tell that the author pulled a hamstring reaching for a neutral, objective way to say "yeah, the 1 million invisible jeaniez are really, really suspicious……………but who can say for sure?"

No. 740511

File: 1576284901680.jpeg (556.51 KB, 750x1147, 6EF31BAB-0F67-49EF-9A8C-D50125…)

Lillee’s latest big PR score is from a company, PetitenPretty, which recently received backlash over marketing it’s youth-orientated makeup to toddlers. Lillee is shilling baby makeup.

No. 740514

Sounds like Laur's narcmom dream. Baby Lillee (before she grew up and got fat, and while her goblin teeth were cute) creating sponsered makeup posts!

No. 740587


I'm not gonna post images of kids here, but the average age of the models/"influencers" featured on Petite 'n Pretty's website and instagram looks to be around 11-12. Lillee looked like a jaded adult 4 years ago at 14. That company is never gonna feature her old-ass face with her greasy hair and cheeks sucked in; it wouldn't fit their wholesome bubblegum kiddie aesthetic.

She is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. It'll be Younique before long.

No. 740599

File: 1576312762691.png (166.5 KB, 893x851, hohlj.png)

Is Lillee hearing-impaired? Someone her age should be able to hear sounds at 18-20 kHz. 15 kHz is the cut-off range for people in their 40s.

Hearing, vision, and scoliosis screenings are done for free at a lot of public schools, but apparently not at the Attic Academy.

No. 740635

File: 1576335935616.jpeg (137.28 KB, 750x566, D194B80B-D99A-4E49-8B5E-8969A3…)

Callout accounts are reporting spam accounts faster than Laur’s credit card can replace them. I’m excited to see what happens once Lillee is under a million considering they’ve built a significant part of Lillee’s “brand” on 1 MiLLiOn JEanIEz

No. 740660

I think Laur has been redirecting her credit card to buying fake likes. I am unable to see total likes but when you look at who’s liking her photos, they are 99.9% bots.

No. 740674

It's 15144 not 1514, anon. Her hearing is fine.

No. 740737

File: 1576364262009.jpeg (502.79 KB, 2048x2048, 08F5686B-E22D-492F-B0FC-A80A6A…)

Laur leaving comments with the Jeaniez Inc twitter account on a random influencer’s (with 12 followers) month old tweet.

No. 740770


15,000 Hz is 15 kHz, anon. Learn how to metric. That's the hearing of a middle-aged adult, not an 18-year-old.

No. 740820

I noticed some of Lillee’s new followers are young teenage girls who are wannabe influencers. I really hope that Lillee isn’t someone that they choose to copy to reach their goals.

No. 740822

File: 1576384383166.jpeg (263.67 KB, 750x1182, 7456E070-F603-4AA5-9D01-085390…)

Laur sure does like to silence her critics. This person never said anything that deserves Being reported.

No. 740837

File: 1576387293397.jpeg (464.63 KB, 750x1098, B2E9351A-B8AC-4321-B6E9-B9E504…)

Didn’t see the guy’s tweets but Harry Gerguson was the famous conman who claimed to be a Romanov descendant.

No. 740845

Idk if this is old milk but just found old tweets of LJ begging marvel for black widow's role, claiming it is "MY role" and that she has russian roots…

https://twitter.com/reallilleejean/status/1005491347611115520(this is an imageboard)

No. 740877

File: 1576398773162.png (104.04 KB, 623x727, 111.png)

lol I guess she bought all the replies for this post too

No. 740936

File: 1576424368200.jpeg (152.5 KB, 750x355, 498109DF-949E-432C-86CD-B5199B…)

Lol. Your engagement blows because your followers aren’t real people and I assume some of your bot likes are being deleted. I read something recently about Instagram starting to crack down on people who falsify engagement through purchasing likes. I’m kind of surprised that they haven’t given Lillee a quit buying or you lose your profile warning yet!

No. 740965

File: 1576437585120.jpg (156.69 KB, 661x797, bw.jpg)


No. 740966

She keeps buying, now all her latest photos have more than 10000 likes all made by accounts with 0 followers

No. 740976

File: 1576441142988.jpg (100.71 KB, 749x927, D9Ro-SyXYAI3sBc.jpg)

Ah yes Lillee, how can this ugly woman compare to you. Marvel really missed out

No. 740978

Jesus fucking christ how delusional can you be? No kid, you're short, dumpy and a fugly attic troll. With remarks about your genetic heratige.. yeah you're a fucking racist too. Stay in the attic where you belong, hobgoblin.

No. 740984

it's really unnerving how almost a year ago, laur, LJ and their socks were trying to get her "fancast" as Yelena by @'ing Marvel and saying how much more beautiful she was than all the other "plastic girls." LJ also faked an audition with Marvel and then went radio silent. I think that how all those fan accounts of comparisons with Disney characters and the bug-eyed look originated - the scam was initially to get her cast in a movie but that didn't work for obvious reasons because to an onlooker, it just looks like two batshit crazy women making multiple socks to hype up an ugly, delusional and illiterate goblin.
Now, I'm not one to call anyone ugly but in the case of LJ, I can't stop myself because of her ego and delusion. It is glaringly obvious that she puts no effort into the way she looks, even basic hygiene, because she thinks she's perfect. In reality, she is ugly, obese and tragically unhinged

No. 740985

This. People like to focus on Laur as the villain, but she makes a highly entertaining villain. I find Lillee less likable because of her air of superiority.

No. 740997

In the beginning there was sympathy for Lillee because people thought Laur was scamming her too. As time has gone by it’s become apparent that Lillee is fully aware of everything. Not only that but every time Lillee comments on the situation, she shows more of her repulsive personality and attitude of entitlement. She’s a nasty piece of work just like her mother.

No. 740999

File: 1576448010126.jpeg (115.09 KB, 729x879, 5B361524-6E98-4A32-B8F6-B7AE11…)

Wait. So when she told her “fans” she auditioned for the part of Yelena Bolivia…that was a lie? UNBELIEVABLE

No. 741039

File: 1576456748978.jpeg (487.02 KB, 750x1022, 7A1AA9D6-3D40-4B87-AFFD-4FF658…)

Laur, always spending her money wisely.

No. 741147

File: 1576494635384.jpeg (250.47 KB, 750x719, 1F36934A-4E71-43C3-9D28-8DDE29…)

Laur’s strategy of @‘ing brands she thought Creepshow got information from backfired and Creepshow’s spoken to more brands.

No. 741165

Lillee does a tutorial for Petite ‘n’ Pretty and it’s glorious.

-Lillee obviously read BFFDees’ tweets about toddler beauty influencers. Lillee attempts to address the issue of marketing high-end makeup to toddlers.
-Mispronounces “ethereal” and “opaque”.
-Lillee states one palette is marketed to a “mature” clientele because it contains a shade named “coconuts”
-Talks about being petite. Says when she goes to events & meets people, they’re always surprised by her height. Even though she constantly talks about how itty-bitty teeny-tiny she is and she hasn’t left the attic for an event since August.
-Repeatedly tries to convince herself & her audience these pink, sparkle-glitter palettes could be used by mature adults.
-Shames other makeup brands (most likely Colourpop) for not being as high quality as this baby makeup.
-Shits on Sol Body
-Even though she’s spent the ENTIRETY of the video trying to convince everyone this baby makeup can be used by mature adults as well as toddlers & tweens, Lillee ends the video dressed in her Elsa costume.

No. 741170

>-Lillee states one palette is marketed to a “mature” clientele because it contains a shade named “coconuts”

Lmao… what?!

>Even though she’s spent the ENTIRETY of the video trying to convince everyone this baby makeup can be used by mature adults as well as toddlers & tweens, Lillee ends the video dressed in her Elsa costume.

I mean she could just say it’s great makeup for developmentally delayed adults who are really children at heart.

No. 741188

File: 1576521983141.jpeg (323.59 KB, 750x752, 45A29272-3A8F-4217-8162-B8D8BB…)

Laur made her iamlaur67 account public. Nothing interesting but like her sock account, blames Colour a pop for talking to Creepshow.

No. 741255

File: 1576544185759.jpeg (292.49 KB, 750x777, A565EC34-4DFC-4B47-8851-78FBFE…)

Laur’s doing damage control once again for a wholly self-created disaster. Lillee criticizes Sol Body in her latest tutorial. BFFDees shared the clip & tagged brands. None of this would happen if Lillee had a legitimate, capable social media manager. Instead Laur plops her in front of a camera and lets Lillee record whatever vapid, entitled musings she wants.

No. 741304

The callouts are going to have a busy evening- Laur has had her credit cards out and has bought a ton of followers and likes. I fully expect a jump on Lillee’s social blade stats.

No. 741333

god. when she shills, she shills hard. she probably could've worked her way up to be a real influencer if she wasn't so piss poor at makeup application.

she mentions how good it is that petite n pretty focuses on age appropriate colors when talking about nail polish. what the fuck is an age inappropriate nail polish color?

No. 741334

File: 1576583465798.png (1.78 MB, 1734x996, my most beautiful posession.pn…)

No. 741353


Given that she's got the mentality of someone's Catholic grandma, she probably thinks that only pastels/glitters/unicorn colors are appropriate until high school, or some shit.

Does PnP even make nail polish? I can't find any on their website, on Neiman Marcus, or on Ulta.

No. 741357

Laur has somehow mass reported Influencers_e once again and got their account suspended.

No. 741375

File: 1576602848482.png (275.45 KB, 606x829, 490348u992.png)

Since Lillee consistently uses foundation that makes her look like she's just seen a ghost, I'm guessing he was swatching for undertone and Lils got upset that he wasn't using the palest shade available.

She never misses an opportunity to insert her plight as a fAir pOrCeLaiN pRInCesS.

No. 741376

She tries to be charming and gets the opposite effect. Sometimes you just don't have it to be likable or a celebrity.

If any of you recall the exchange between Oomancer, Laur explicitly states what she and LJ are trying to do with her shitty content. They don't care about applications or reviews or being an "influencer" necessarily. They're trying to get a collaboration. That really explains their desperation for fake followers and Laur's hype train for LJ. They want some make up company to think she's some kind of personality and offer her a collection with her name on it. That's why they suck up so hard without any honesty in their reviews and are so thirsty for that PR. PR means an inside with a company to them.

I don't mind the Petite n Pretty collection being marketed to kids, but for god sakes those prices. Just get them elf. Jesus.

No. 741382

File: 1576603371031.png (116.11 KB, 905x719, 490348u993.png)

So simple. The Hindus, Muslims and Christians just need to come together and make #1change4change. Somebody get Lillee on a plane to India to solve this simple problem, quick.

No. 741387

Haha, Smooch Kiss Pose is a massive Hindu Nationalist. LJ is in for a shock if she starts trying to talk politics with him. That’s if she has any idea what the heck he’s talking about.

No. 741431

i somehow don't think she gets much in the way of international politics up in the attic.

No. 741476

File: 1576629832042.jpeg (627 KB, 750x1215, 00FE67DF-48A3-433B-97C6-A134FF…)

They bought at least 10k followers this afternoon which Instagram immediately deleted. The callout accounts are tweeting that Lillee is only 5k followers away from being under 1 million. Laur made her Iamlaur67 account public, tweeted a bunch of nonsense about stalking and went private again. Lillee posted an Instagram story about “annoyance”.

No. 741478

File: 1576629882662.jpeg (173.94 KB, 828x970, B15FCD60-84B1-4183-A8AF-F4013C…)

No. 741482

That lipstick is patchy af

No. 741495

People keep mentioning how she “could’ve worked her way up and made a real following if she worked for it,” but come on. She’s a goblin with tic tac teeth. Having a real manager wouldn’t make her annoying personality appealing or her gross smile tolerable, it would just make her less of a laughing stock because no one would know who she is.

No. 741503


I agree.Back when youtube was new maybe she could have been someone like grav3yardgirl or trisha i.e. bizarre and weird and gain a following, but nowadays that kind is not thriving. There is no way this girl could be a legit beauty guru or normie influencer, she is not pretty, has zero people or beauty skills and she is or acts deranged most of the time in her video, like you seriously can see the crazy lurking

No. 741574

In the kids makeup vid she says, "I regress." We know, Lillee. We know.

No. 741576

In the kids makeup vid she says, "I regress." We know, Lillee. We know.

No. 741577

File: 1576669383066.png (623.62 KB, 835x426, ack.PNG)

No. 741600

Agreed. Lillee's content is the most shit tier, low effort garbage. Even for a smaller creator it's terrible and even quite dated. She only ever does videos based around the crap she gets for free because it's evident that all she cares about is free shit. She doesn't invest, she doesn't think of a unique idea, and she never has anything interesting to say. The Zoella style basic and 'wholesome' creators are dying a death on YouTube and she doesn't know how to be anything else. She's also mediocre with makeup at best, which isn't going to help.

No. 741659

no, she couldn't have done that because she thinks she's some gorgeous cover girl type beauty. those types embrace how quirky or off they are. lillie just has her mom feed her undeserved ego.

No. 741680

Her social blade stays haven’t been updated yet which is interesting. I have checked some others and they have been. The callouts did say that Lillee’s account was restricted so not able to add multiple photos, which could explain why there is no update yet.

No. 741681

File: 1576706655197.jpeg (458.01 KB, 750x1016, 61B39BA5-3276-419F-8DD6-702677…)

Whoever this is, is amazing.

No. 741792

File: 1576732141438.jpeg (526.82 KB, 750x1122, E10B42E1-36D5-4DA4-BFA2-E2BB0C…)

Whoever this is has a great point. Laur screeches about stealing their photos and alleged hacking constantly but turns around and supports these services that steal photos and hack accounts. Fucking hypocrites.

No. 741801

I would laugh so much if one day one of the purchased bots has a Laur profile picture lmfao

No. 741843

File: 1576760134934.png (925.72 KB, 870x1273, 92832.png)


Called it.

No. 741858

File: 1576765266098.jpeg (139.63 KB, 617x867, 90D54E03-0334-48E5-B96D-30273B…)

Laur on suicide watch now(cowtipping)

No. 741859

File: 1576766310450.jpeg (180.69 KB, 738x1194, BDDF1018-42B0-400E-934E-2F998C…)

Ahh so this account likely isn’t a troll then… Lillee follows it.

No. 741863

File: 1576766900164.jpeg (99.06 KB, 750x543, 13C00625-E0C2-4017-A0F1-E70F99…)

No. 741865

File: 1576767911056.jpeg (236.08 KB, 828x1172, D2D817A6-F8C9-4BE0-8676-E12064…)

Inevitablelrt went public, called Oomancer a pedophile, tagged McBoomer & Chesh to no avail and went back on private.

No. 741866

File: 1576767981419.jpeg (261.69 KB, 828x1421, 80C01CAF-1A5F-46CE-9D86-37F02B…)

No. 741883

File: 1576773036488.jpeg (156.87 KB, 750x696, 67491416-5CFB-4F35-9E36-D6A8B1…)

Social blade is finally updated and posting another loss. One of the callouts is also reporting that they received 60 notifications of spam accounts being removed in a recent 20 minute span. Think Lillee will be at less than 1 million by the end of the day?

No. 741896

File: 1576782613566.jpeg (382.81 KB, 750x1239, A87BF6B8-37E4-467E-9179-F98F97…)

It’s happening

No. 741898

Which live counter are you using, anon?

No. 741899

No. 741905

File: 1576784706896.png (1.07 MB, 2194x1410, organic growth.png)

No. 741908

File: 1576785296583.jpg (66.53 KB, 1490x861, 48762655.jpg)


She's leaking them almost as fast as they pile in…

No. 741914

This oddly satisfying to watch.

Come on, Callout Accounts. I believe in you!

No. 741957

File: 1576804099757.jpeg (293.88 KB, 750x825, 02FFF8AC-DD9D-4946-9066-BE743A…)

Laur renamed the old Mattinag account, started following Lauren Elyse and commenting on her Instagram posts.

No. 741958

File: 1576804140287.jpeg (51.79 KB, 827x457, B2EFDA69-EA2F-4B20-800E-FA17E2…)

Screenshot from Lauren Elyse

No. 741965

Laur gives herself away by being so concrete-minded. "WhO dId YoU cOlLaB wItH?" Not understanding that it was a collab… with other influencers, clearly.

Probably she was seething at the thought of LE getting a "collab" with a brand when that's what her and her nobody crotch goblin have been desperately striving for, and never achieving. Pathetic and transparent, Laur.

No. 741998

File: 1576815316386.jpeg (516.07 KB, 750x1189, BA1AA9AF-3528-451C-AEF6-58F5AE…)

Everyone is so concerned about the followers but poor Pheepy is losing his girl.

No. 742000

File: 1576815608091.jpeg (530.66 KB, 750x1195, CD8756EA-22E3-4542-9FE4-427828…)

Laur is desperate to be noticed by Juice Beauty that she’s retweeting something from March.

No. 742013

File: 1576828653122.jpeg (451.26 KB, 1242x1576, E913AD96-B169-47D8-A8E4-AED007…)

Laur changed her antiques business yet again. The website doesn’t seem to exist? Scammers gonna scam.

No. 742026

i feel like lillie is just proof that make up isn't actually magic armor that makes ugly people attractive.

No. 742045

File: 1576851992951.jpeg (200.32 KB, 750x409, 434AFA2F-9081-4048-88DA-5359CE…)

Lillee uploaded a skin care video. It’s pretty boring except for the giant booger she has in her nose the last minute of the video.

No. 742080

File: 1576863414267.png (636.97 KB, 750x1887, C686E509-9F01-4B7E-9202-11F503…)

No. 742082

She’s just barely above Jack Nicholson and Danny Trejo on the list of people from whom I would want skin care advice.

No. 742083


Lillee can never, ever admit when she's wrong. Every time someone tries to politely correct her on her misinformation, she posts these dumbass screeds in response, full of words she misuses because she doesn't understand what they mean, and then tries to silence any constructive conversation by repeating some nonsense like "both sides" or "no one is wrong and no one is right" or "we all just need to come together and be positive."

She's a total narcissist, just like Laur.

No. 742133

Laur currently has her account unlocked and is trying to say tweets such as this are photoshopped screenshots. Ok but it’s still publicly available sooo nice try? https://twitter.com/reallilleejean/status/1169282331452088320?s=21(this is an imageboard)

No. 742171

File: 1576941381076.jpeg (422.98 KB, 750x991, A3C191F5-E0EE-4782-8BFF-A0DE90…)

Laur’s still claiming they never made transphobic or racist remarks even though all of Lillee’s comments are still up on twitter and all their podcasts are public.

No. 742184

File: 1576955387309.jpeg (217.41 KB, 750x552, CF0342C3-517B-4E9B-A11B-74CAB6…)

There’s a new eBay store for the antique business too. Found this by searching for items/descriptions listed on their Leitiques website. Laur & Lillee live in Queens but the new eBay store ships out of Allentown NJ.

All tinfoil but I think Earl hasn’t lived with Laur for some time and is currently residing in NJ. He’s sick of Laur’s online shenanigans and he’s rebranding his antique business with his name to disassociate with his insane estranged wife.


No. 742189

Amazing find anon!

No. 742190

File: 1576958756758.png (170.57 KB, 1421x1791, tiquesebay.png)


I don't know, that looks like Laurspeak in the "feedback left for others" section. It could be that she's simply run out of iterations of her own name to slap onto the business after 190483745325 name changes and has had to move on to sticking Earl's name on it instead.

Looks like, of the 8 transactions, only one of them was Laur/Earl selling to a customer. The rest were purchases. I wonder how many of the purchased items are now sitting in their eBay store or posted to their antiques website at a markup.

No. 742193

File: 1576960090170.jpeg (242.75 KB, 750x1253, E4163679-9ADE-4CAF-B2F3-44E7C8…)

Laur bought a used VS shirt in size L recently

No. 742197

Way to ruin Lillee’s Christmas, anon. Lillee’s going to find out Santa isn’t real from a bunch of farmers.

No. 742199

>Unwrap Me
I hope this isn't for LJ. It's so weird how Laur buys all these vaguely sexual outfits for her teenage daughter. Who buys used pajamas anyway?

No. 742226

They’ll say it was a gift from Pheepy.

No. 742243

File: 1576982148001.png (1.26 MB, 750x2110, 02D553B1-FBD2-4BCF-BC05-BC5F0E…)

Looks like Lillee is also getting two pairs of ugg slippers

No. 742244

This kind of wonderful autism is exactly why I love lolcow! Please don't stop snooping!

No. 742245


I think both Laur and Lillee lurk their threads here from time to time. Lillee's decrepit slippers were the subject of a post a couple of months ago: >>722046

Glad we could help Laur with her Christmas shopping. It's like a lolcow secret santa!

No. 742246

It's like the delusional duo don't realize that anybody in 2019 can buy a ring light and a camera, and those people have. I bet most of the 50-200 real yt followers she has maintain similar 50-200 sub channels of boring videos nobody watches. Neither nutcase has enough awareness of what other people want or are doing to create anything that would attract people.

Anybody starting a yt channel in the past 5+ years has to realize that it's not good enough to upload perfunctory videos, not when everybody else on Earth is uploading to the same service.

No. 742250

Any polite critique is met with hostility by these narcs. Real accounts who watch her story get blocked. LJ has massive delusions of grandeur and definitely doesn't care about improving.

I think the "fan" sock accounts on IG are really telling, because a lot of them look to be written by LJ and not Laur. The edits of her compared with random Disney princesses and superheroes are also probably made by LJ. They only talk about how perfect and beautiful she is, but never really mention why they like her so much. LJ thinks she has the kind of natural model beauty that people will watch her no matter what she does, because they just want to see her beautiful face.

No. 742259

So petite

No. 742294

File: 1577024209457.jpeg (291.56 KB, 750x954, C0131796-DDD1-429F-AF81-4F5C66…)

Lillee’s doing a shoot with some local Jersey online publication. The bio these dummies posted on Instagram is gold. Still bragging about her 3rd cousin, Walter Matthau

No. 742296


Lol, it looks like every plagiarized paper anyone wrote in high school. Its copied almost word for word from her website, imbd, anywhere else she sells herself.

No. 742297

File: 1577026550076.jpg (558.29 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20191222-084512_You…)

Guuurrrrrllll, even she isn't that pale. They better put up black out curtains in the new attic prison or she might get gasp darker!

No. 742312

File: 1577032454512.jpeg (421.88 KB, 2048x2048, 562CF5AB-90C9-4854-A90C-19BD99…)

All of LJ’s top fans have commented on this post.

No. 742314

File: 1577034006004.jpeg (164.16 KB, 750x737, B8D9F677-3314-4532-96B7-F003C9…)

So close to falling below 1 million!

No. 742323

File: 1577039748895.jpeg (587.24 KB, 750x973, 73E6A576-2E63-4F6C-9247-76821D…)

This “magazine” is a complete scam. You pay to be featured in it and most of their online following is purchased bots. Laur just got scammed.

No. 742324

LMAO holy shit. Your post immediately made me think of Vic and her 50+ year old friend (?) trying desperately to create the illusion of fame and success by posing endlessly with that unopened champagne bottle.

I love how delusional cows are.

No. 742325


Yep. People who want to get into the business but can't get signed by an actual talent/modelling agency get conned by "publications" like this that fake a viewership/reputation so they can upcharge mediocre people for underwhelming photos so they finally have something to put in their portfolio. Laur probably could have saved money by staking out the local community college photography course and offering to pay a student for an amateur photoshoot.

Lillee and Laur have been gushing at Patricia Hartmann over this "big thing." I wonder if she was the one to put them on to this scam. I can see a washed-up model trying to maintain a certain lifestyle and cling to relevance in the industry getting involved in "recruiting" for something like this. She gets a kick-back and the fake magazine gets a whiff of legitimacy.

Fakers faking fakers. They all deserve each other.

No. 742326

lol, this janky ass website featuring dumpy, vacant-faced teenagers wearing chinese forced labor homecoming gowns. It looks like a high schooler's low effort media class project.


No. 742335

File: 1577043589100.jpeg (718.71 KB, 750x1098, 229114E0-1BAE-4372-B24E-3715FB…)

They were at Patricia Hartman’s fashion show. You may be on to something, anon.

No. 742337

Looking at their fb, most of the "models" are kindergarteners or kids with autism. At best, it's a fun experience parents pay for to give their kids a chance to say they modeled for a magazine. None of their posts have more than 20 likes. Weird flex but okay.

No. 742339

nta but this doesn't go against what she said. that's also not what weird flex means. having few likes but many followers is a sure sign of bots. what a weird way to white knight.

No. 742373

File: 1577058023165.jpeg (203.24 KB, 828x1215, 6E14CA44-1DF7-42C8-B50B-E5ADD3…)

No. 742375

File: 1577059731030.jpg (624.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191222-180342_Twi…)

She has spent the last….5 months going absolutely bonkers over how terrible LJ has been treated. Full blown obsessive mania. Now she's acting like she's so far above all of it because she finally looked at something outside of the attic and #lilleejean.

Pander much?

No. 742378

this bitch seriously still doesn't know how to use under eye masks?

No. 742388

I wasn't disagreeing or white knighting, anon. I mentioned the likes because it's consistent with purchased followers. It's a weird flex because LJ is a supposed big influencer with 1m followers who wouldn't be bragging about being in a local magazine that features special needs children whose parents paid for their appearance.

No. 742391

File: 1577067781186.jpeg (128.26 KB, 750x945, 5BC01653-B0EB-430D-9719-DD2919…)

I spy Lillee haute couture homecoming gown in the background of this TikTok clip.

No. 742394

Uhhh what’s she trying to do here? I don’t have TikTok and this looks heinous. I can’t fathom the amount of product she wastes.

No. 742435

you have to buy likes and followers separately, anon. (well technically you can get a package with both but it's more expensive) that's why LJ has such low engagement, she has fake followers, but won't fork over for the likes and comments. the photo studio seems like the same kind of thing, and the other anon was correct in saying that shit is a very common scam and they charge out the ass. companies like this will even put on fake fashion shows that are glorified mini pageants for kids/teens that don't get into pageants.

No. 742467

File: 1577114562690.jpeg (168.45 KB, 828x1013, A1B73D31-419D-40AB-8B10-6281F5…)

The callout accounts are just as bad as the Chinese government

No. 742477

As an “influencer” She really doesn’t know how to apply an eye mask and is sharing this with her so called audience, how embarrassing!

No. 742514

She boasts about being self taught. She has a bad teacher.

No. 742535

File: 1577150441187.jpeg (209.43 KB, 828x1142, CDC84819-2C4E-4CE5-AEDF-404753…)

Why is Laur so dumb? What made her this way?

No. 742538

File: 1577151727455.jpeg (453.94 KB, 750x1059, ABAEC7E3-168C-4234-8E09-318FEA…)

Oomancer is a gift

No. 742539

I'm crying with laughter right now. This is oomancer's Christmas gift to us all.

No. 742541

File: 1577153941265.jpeg (340.92 KB, 750x1025, 8CDB16D9-2E05-4F06-8463-D29B2D…)

I’m honestly surprised that webfx and unrelated Jenny haven’t sent Laur a cease and desist.

No. 742556

File: 1577156730742.jpeg (266.08 KB, 750x606, B336C35A-B873-47FD-BC48-746B1E…)

Cyber Hacking Fraud

No. 742560

File: 1577157220199.jpeg (310.06 KB, 750x1019, CAC0FCAE-9C13-457E-ADFE-646357…)

No. 742561

File: 1577157514014.png (528.66 KB, 872x678, goh-tzy.png)

I feel like Laur and Lillee are just leaving themselves wide open, at this point.

No. 742562

File: 1577157522169.jpeg (1.16 MB, 828x8000, A76EEC94-9773-4BD4-B3F8-68B3DE…)

Uploading cos it’d be sad to see this disappear 1/2

No. 742563

File: 1577157561538.jpeg (957.51 KB, 828x8000, 42027EDD-D146-4A42-90FA-A33710…)


No. 742564

OMG ILY nonny!(cringe)

No. 742570


If she gives any of this to her “detective” I imagine they’ll stop taking laur seriously and think she is mentally ill. And if she says anything that alludes to cyber crimes via goatse, we know she’s full of it.

So much poop touching but this is hilarious and I feel dirty for laughing.

No. 742575

File: 1577163555835.jpg (575.63 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191223-224718_Twi…)

Who are these cats? I lose track with all the socks/namechanges.

No. 742578

CaptComm2020 & his callout account

No. 742586

That fits, I remember thinking he seemed immature. Instead of being a white Knight, he's closer to a squire or page.

Huh, also noticed the other white knight, ol' Steve Boomer is private now.

No. 742619

File: 1577203763273.jpeg (164.27 KB, 750x752, FD9BBAC2-F29B-4C74-B27B-36C1E7…)

LJ is getting close to 1 million. It’s crazy to believe that not long ago, she was at 1.1! Laur has invested in the cheapest of cheap bots this morning to try and counteract the drop but my guess is that Instagram will delete them as soon as they roll in.

No. 742657

File: 1577231892103.jpeg (216.9 KB, 750x592, 9B72CABF-B6E4-478A-A000-9565EA…)

New sock account, Christmas_your. BFFDees says Laur’s phone # is linked to the account. She’s harassing Lauren Elyse, Creepshow, Arpanet & just being disgusting in general.

No. 742660

Whenever you think Laur can’t sink any lower, she just goes ahead and proves us al wrong.

No. 742709

Laur has purchased LJ a bunch of cheap bots for her Christmas present this morning! Not quite the gift that keeps on giving as several were deleted before I even got to look at them…

No. 742711

File: 1577286146802.png (493.73 KB, 583x434, lj.PNG)

She used 20 different eyeshadows to create this look. It looks exactly like all of her other looks.

No. 742722

I like that she thanked all the Jeaniez for helping her make such an achievement of getting a shoot with Fashion Haunts. Translation: thanks mommy for paying for me to appear in this scam magazine!

No. 742777

why is she like this?

No. 742813

File: 1577377061297.jpeg (521.78 KB, 750x1294, B55FA68B-8386-42EC-A267-622781…)

Laur has purchased 4K bots (at least) over the last two days. I suspect this week will be her biggest losing battle yet as I assume a majority of the callouts will be on holidays and have tons of time to report bots. This should be an interesting week of bot watching.

No. 742969

File: 1577446745461.jpeg (273.24 KB, 827x1351, CEF8CB47-284F-485B-B55E-9C45EE…)

Lillee is going live on Facebook tomorrow. Wonder if she’ll do an AMA… wonder if any callouts will get a shoutout.

No. 742985

File: 1577457163706.jpeg (196.25 KB, 750x642, C868D3D4-471D-44BB-9246-BCC2A9…)

Steve Mcrae deleted his twitter account.

No. 742999

There are so many questions that I hope get asked but I doubt that there will be more than 10 people in the live. I wonder if Pheepy, JamesDee5311, Shaniqua, Roma, Clevderbot etc will watch the live? I mean, if they are huge fans and some are personal friends, they should!

What I really want to know is how much all of those fake fans and likes are costing them, why they run fake accounts that are caricatures of minorities, why they refuse to delete their offensive tweets and podcasts, why they refuse to apologize to people they have harassed and doxxed and why they keep running this scam when everyone knows the truth (and what is the end goal of the scam)?

I really hope the callouts create anon accounts for this. I’m dying to know!

No. 743030

I sure hope someone asks who ate Patricia Hartmann!

No. 743037

i've been lurking since the beginning but i never understood why they're called sea lions?

No. 743038

Not really sure, but I think the joke lies in that they clap at everything he say.

No. 743039


google "sealioning" anon

No. 743041

File: 1577479497626.png (830.94 KB, 680x532, sealion.png)


Nah, that's not it. Pic related

No. 743062

If only Laur & Lillee could get the twitter engagement their callout accounts get.

No. 743063

Laur has been changing the names of some her Twitter sock accounts throughout the day. What’s the angle? To distract the callouts from noticing that Laur has bought over 6k followers and reporting them as spam? So that people forget LJ is doing a Facebook live tomorrow so no questions can be asked? I honestly don’t get it.

No. 743067

Laur’s going back to her old playbook. She’s going to use the sock accounts to retweet/comment on photos from the shoot.

No. 743071

Last time I looked at his twitter, it was full of sperging about Katie Joy (some nobody youtuber who talks about Teen Mom kek). He was full on obsessively ranting about her in every post. I imagine that's why he's not on twitter anymore. It's not really related to the LJ drama, but it's a good example of his character that he went from some ardent guardian of cyberbullied hermits to harassing some random middle aged lady.

No. 743073


I had lost interest in him after he dumped Laur and Lillee, but word going around skeptic twitter is that he got caught lying and stealing valor (he apparently served on a ship that never saw combat, but was still calling himself a combat veteran.)

I did see a tweet of his from last week, before he baleeted, where he was making pot-shots at Katie-Joy's kid, who is around 7 or 8 years old and disabled or chronically ill, or something. The replies to that thread were full of Steve's remaining debatefrens telling him that he'd gone way too far by dragging a child into his beef and that they were fed up with him.

Mister "stop bullying Lillee, she's only 18" was literally shit-talking a second-grader because he had a problem with the mom. Fucking scummy hypocrite.

No. 743074


found the tweet archived: http://archive.is/EBpgk

No. 743081

>Someone has to ask the difficult questions!
Kek, giving himself a pat on the back for questioning a kid's medical diagnosis. Classy. Exposing an adult's instagram scam is just taking it too far though.

No. 743117


almost all his replies are "Someone needs to ask!!" what a total fucking buffoon

No. 743126

File: 1577552245431.jpeg (286.31 KB, 750x644, D9056367-3C0D-409D-8BCB-88376D…)

Laur is back to using her Rea Jackson account and talking to herself again.

No. 743148


It's 2pm and no sign of a live stream…hmmmm.

No. 743149

I bet one million Jeaniez are going to boycott the magazine.

No. 743153

They also deleted the post hmmm

We are the jeaniez fren

No. 743154

File: 1577563965763.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1587, sandyfoleyfashionhaunts.png)

Looks like they deleted this post >>743148

and then made a new post about the livestream with no photo or mention of Lillee at all. The Fashion Haunts twitter account is still on private, too.

No. 743158

kek maybe Laur's check bounced

No. 743174

File: 1577569093522.jpeg (258.96 KB, 750x620, 5069636D-1A00-4A6A-9E6A-CC0385…)

A little gossip? Did someone refuse to shoot with Lillee after listening to her racist podcasts?

No. 743175

Anyone knows why BFFDEES put their account on locker? I want to see but I don’t have a burner account and don’t want laur see I’m following it and then harass me.

No. 743176

All the callout accounts went private. They’re up to something.

No. 743177

File: 1577570140508.jpeg (2.12 MB, 4928x3264, 31D920DB-CE06-4324-9EE3-EE0CA8…)

There’s some serious tea going down regarding a cheese related scandal… it goes right to the top of the dairy modelling industry so many of the callouts are becoming more vigilant about their privacy.

No. 743180

File: 1577571090862.png (741.9 KB, 1170x1449, rgsfgdhdsgh.png)


Harper Stanley is still public.

No. 743185


Laur probably had them take down Lillee's name and location due to her stalkers. Which is really funny considering she claims to know where everyone is from. What does she expect? A cross continental party bus of Lillee Haters to show up at her photo shoot?

Although… a bunch of people dressed up as sock puppets protesting Lillee Jean would be hilarious to see in a live stream…

No. 743186

File: 1577572877017.jpg (127.97 KB, 919x867, 039663.jpg)

Lillee spends hours every day sending disney gifs and heart-eyes emojis back and forth with Pradip the Hindu Nationalist, and then retweets this.

No. 743189

Pradip Smooch Kiss Pose is gonna fucking flip! Hindu Nationalism is basically all he cares about. How are these two so clueless?

No. 743191

She's never actually looked at his account. She just likes and retweets stuff she's tagged in. It's all about her.

No. 743192

File: 1577576173636.png (1.84 MB, 2502x1543, private.png)


Nope now it's private.

No. 743193

They took the posts down after 1PM. Something tells me this wasn't at Laur's request.

Regardless, no one would have showed up on location to get a glimpse of Lilz, especially the call out accounts. They're not interested in ruining Lillee's career, they just want her to apologize and own up to the socks and bots. When she Laur does that, they'll be off her back forever.

No. 743194

Laura's Iamlaur67 account just when private as well.

No. 743195

File: 1577576627819.jpg (171.28 KB, 1213x791, 94762556.jpg)

A noticeable majority of the comments on Lillee's most recent IG post are from random verified accounts, many of which follow each other and are from outside the US. It's weird. WTF is going on?

Is purchasing engagement from verified accounts a thing? I've read articles about people essentially buying verified badges for IG. If people can do that, it follows that someone would figure out a way to double-dip into that fake-verified well for another revenue stream…

No. 743196


Oh, I wouldn't expect anyone to show up- call outs, fans, or friends. Stage mom Laur and her 67 personalities would be too busy competing for attention. You know she has to look at every photo as it's taken and be involved in every single moment.

No. 743198

File: 1577577085771.jpeg (331.6 KB, 750x1040, C4327D02-6AFC-4ED2-B060-B22FD5…)

I’m dying to know what was said as Tori has now locked her account. But lol at the response to Laur! Poor Jeaniez who were left in the lurch.

No. 743206

File: 1577578846142.png (109.83 KB, 960x540, Comment4Comment.png)

The majority of people commenting on her pics have comments from one another. Are there comment groups for IG like there are retweet groups for SW's?

I was certainly duped. I was really looking forward to that livestream. Am I an official Jeanie now?

No. 743209

File: 1577579388885.jpeg (170.06 KB, 750x558, 838A0290-E781-4AF0-A90D-8514F0…)

The photographer was looking for 2 models last night. Was Laur’s CC declined?

No. 743210


They were gonna try to squeeze Lillee's wide ass into a size 2? Unless those were vanity sizes, she would have looked like a pasty sausage.

No. 743211

She doesnt fit the clothes. Small size 2? When the post from Fashion Haunts orginally went up, the clothes were sponsored by a company called something like Northeaster, and the picture they posted was a swimsuit. They must have dropped her for saying she was a size two when she's a 14

No. 743215

File: 1577582860540.jpeg (237.8 KB, 750x363, 6A2FAC0D-FDC5-4992-AB10-9ABB46…)

Back in November Laur claimed she Lillee was being fitted for a size 2 gown for Fashion Week. Was she referring to this paid photoshoot & was pissed when she found out Lillee would be wearing fishing gear instead of a gown?

No. 743217

Semi off topic but on topic-
In the Icky Vicky thread, Vic posted a retarded brag about verified accounts watching her IG stories. And an anon mentioned how they are bots to boost engagement. So I have no doubt there’s ways to pay verified accounts to watch your stories or to engage with you to make you seem more “valuable” or famous.


No. 743222

There are insta engangement ring groups of people who want to push themselves into the algorithm, could possibly be real accounts all leave meaningless comments to each others pictures to appear on followers mainpages. The comments seem different than the bottjeaniez. Sage, but I remember seeing this in some dutch instagrammer doc where they explaind these rings

No. 743223

File: 1577584305623.jpg (625.31 KB, 1077x1398, Screenshot_20191223-213816_Chr…)

It seems strange Laur feels the need to say/like about what size dress LJ is wearing. She's very obviously not a size 2- and even the measurements LJ posted for herself don't make her a size 2.

Why bother lying? Wearing clothes that are too small makes you look bigger than clothes that actually fit and are cut for your body type.

No. 743224

I think she is wearing this shirt in her newest video.
I guess she really got it for christmas.

No. 743225


Please, let’s not turn this into another boring thread where we just nitpick endlessly about a cow’s size/weight… It. Is. Not. Milk.

No. 743226

It wasn’t a dig at Lillee’s size/weight. There’s a correlation between Laur saying Lillee is being fitted for a size 2 gown and the photographer from the shoot Lillee was supposed to be a part of posting they need a size 2 model ASAP.

No. 743227


Rinse the sand from your crotch, anon. It's relevant as, if Lillee and Laur lied to the magazine about her size and held on to the delusion until the last minute, it could be the reason that the photoshoot didn't happen, which is hilarious self-sabotage and fucking milky as fuck.

No. 743229

File: 1577587557854.jpeg (178.44 KB, 828x362, 6EA244BC-913C-40E7-BA0B-F396FE…)

Kk, if you wanna re-pick at a thread that was overdone back when LJ was in /snow then go off.
Sincerely doubt Fashion Haunts cancelled because LJ was too big to model jewellery and yoga pants when the callouts have been contacting sponsors and Sandra about LJ and Laur’s behaviour for a week now and Laur has been vaguebooking about Sandra being skurred of the boolies.
More likely that either Sandra or a sponsor baulked at the prospect of associating with Lillee yesterday but no one wanted the drama of announcing it. That or Laur spent the money on followers instead.

No. 743230

File: 1577587964550.jpeg (251.91 KB, 750x605, 3A169EFF-1E62-4566-91FA-2DC987…)

Laur is claiming that it was a venue issue.

No. 743231

File: 1577588289662.jpeg (337.66 KB, 750x1096, 8BF6B14B-A7E9-404D-8D22-C46182…)

No. 743232

dude, stop.

No. 743234

Is Laur bullying her own sock account? Whaaat the fuck is going on?

No. 743235

File: 1577591002843.jpeg (513.37 KB, 2048x2048, 4B306101-5A41-4E48-A6B9-C4B043…)

Soooo is Lillee insulting her very own followers here, since many of the bots use the same site to create their totally real profile pics?

No. 743239

File: 1577592304474.jpeg (139.39 KB, 750x558, 16D999A1-A446-4179-8801-1455BA…)

I dunno but I am beginning to wonder if this person isn’t your usual callout account…

No. 743242

Both the Rene and Petra accounts are gone. Probably Laur trying to create a narrative around bullying.

No. 743255

File: 1577596999208.jpeg (208.37 KB, 750x647, A6AF2138-0D0A-4A93-A70D-B28BEE…)

Venue got messed up yet they were able to have a shoot with other people today? Ok Laur, you’re not full of it at all.

No. 743257

The original shoot said they were doing it at Gold Bar NYC. This looks like a basic white room/studio setup.

No. 743280

I'm sure most of this is not fresh milk, but looking over her youtube, I wasted some time watching some of LJ's old videos. Some things I noticed…

She stopped posting in Nov 2016 till July '2017. In that time:

Masssive change in the foundatio routine. In her return video, "Golden Smokey Eyes with Chocolate Red Lips Makeup Tutorial", she alludes to starting her own makeup line and how she had made her own foundation, and it being for dewy, glowy skin.

At the time of the restart, her background/lighting/quality changes drastically as well. She goes from a decently well lit room to the attic with what looks like only a ring light. Camera quality is terribad (she does mention it is her phone, but I don't think she used it to film before.).

Before her break, she applied eyeshadow AFTER foundation. And, amazingly, didn't seem to have anywhere near the sheer amount of fallout she does now. She put a lot more effort into her looks then than she does now.

Laur has apparently been a bully mom since the get go, as LJ talks about a girl named Judy (tomboy, asian, bowl cut and "acutally pretty nice skin"… wtf) who they apparently harassed as she walked to school because she told LJ she was fat. She justifies it by saying it was "compassion with force".

Her upload schedule since the reddit thread is much higher.

No. 743286

It’s called pods, a group of instagram accounts message in a group and whenever someone posts a new pic they tell the other people to go comment on it

No. 743287

File: 1577612634941.jpg (23.43 KB, 873x193, IG socialblade.JPG)


Her YouTube upload schedule since Reddit is higher since I suspect she can't upload as frequently on Instagram. Either Instagram verification is preventing her from botting her account as frequently, or Laur just can't keep up with buying likes for 10-12 posts a week. After getting verified, her uploads on Insta decreased dramatically so she moved over to the other platform.

There are weird dips on this weekly upload graph for Instagram, but she went from posting several (6-12) posts a week to about to 1-2.


No. 743288


An anon metioned in an earlier thread that they had noticed some of Lillee's IG posts had disappeared, and someone suggested that she periodically deletes her unpopular posts to artificially inflate her stats. Could that account for the dips, maybe?

No. 743294

The dips are during the height of the reddit drama.

No. 743303

Back in the /snow days an anon speculated that Lillee was living with her grandmother up until the point that her style and persona and drastically changed (>>834556). I think that’s a reasonable theory. I really recommend going back through some of the old threads, a lot of interesting stuff was posted or proposed that never really got a proper follow up.

No. 743307

They waste all their money on stupid shit like fake followers and have to resort to USED clothing from Ebay for Christmas gifts.
This is fucking depressing. If they weren't such awful people this would make me sad.

No. 743316

It's so pitiful to buy a used wrinkled T-shirt. And so creepy because the sex talk on the screen print has to be the only reason why her mom bought it for her, it's the only thing that sets it apart from a brand new $10 shirt from Target.

No. 743327

File: 1577625963520.jpeg (120.58 KB, 496x971, 31AFA328-3C62-421E-A0AB-2788D9…)

What makes it worse is that I think she bought it because of what some greasy supercreep commented on one of her IG posts.

No. 743330

File: 1577626331263.jpg (461.95 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191229-073210_Ins…)

Oh baby…

No. 743385

Pheepy Pradip, you in danger girl

No. 743411

File: 1577657375033.jpg (543.18 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191229-160757_You…)

No mirror make up channel, made 100 times easier by her technique of throwing on 20 colors and smudging them go hell and back. It's so bad :/(:/)

No. 743419

File: 1577659814391.jpg (509.77 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20191229-163841_You…)

LJ trying to recreate a NikkieTutorials look. This is super annoying to watch. She spends the entire time freaking out in a cra,y high pitched screech about how fast Nikkie goes (editing), acting like she has no idea what product to use (take a line from Scar's book and BE PREPARED!), everything is "sister". That's James Charles, not Nikkie.

Where as Nikkie's look focuses on crisp lines, LJ manages to make the entire thing look muddy and slapdash. The outcome is unrecognizable.

No. 743429

In the no-mirror video, LJ makes strange comments throughout - just like in that other video.

"I like when it's gonna rain because that means like all the evil's washed away and you can all screw yourselves. Wait, don't do
that in front of me."

So we're supposed to believe she says things like that to her million real fans? Sure seems like she would only say that if she knew her only real views were from hatewatchers.

And then to say, "screw yourselves but not in front of me" but be too childish to say Better Than Sex mascara?


No. 743430

Her hair has been disgustingly greasy and stuck to her head for the past few videos.

"You as the viewer should know if it looks okay or not." - Another nastily said comment to her million Jeaniez.

No. 743437

In her very old videos when she was blonde, her hair looked nice. She clearly knows the right way to take care of curly hair since she was doing it at one point, but now it looks like she's either scrubbing it dry with tons of shampoo or just letting it go unwashed for weeks.

it's such an easy thing to fix (unlike her teeth) that I don't know why she isn't doing anything to improve it.

No. 743439

File: 1577664671435.png (460.91 KB, 699x472, Capture.PNG)

She's wearing the purple Unwrap Me shirt again.

No. 743464

her skin is so bad, she looks like edward scissorhands.

No. 743465

I mean what is even the point of showering if you're never leaving your home.

Imagine the smell at the attic.

No. 743475

File: 1577678081379.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 400DF527-C9C2-41FD-891D-4B2AAB…)

No. 743479

Baguettes because her fictional boyfriend is supposedly French? What was the photo all about I wonder - very stereotypical of Lillee!

No. 743481

Should we be expecting her to powe with bowls of curry soon then? I'm dying to hear how she butchers those names.

I'm still miffed at how she mispronounced Safiya's name and then doubled down on that it was the "french" pronunciation. Jorge may be the Spanish pronunciation of George, but George is George. Even more annoying since looking her videos up takes 2 minutes. In so many ways, it feels like she doesnt actually watch any other BGs or youtubers

No. 743482


Everything Lillee knows about French culture she learned from Lumière and Chef Louis. She sees the world in cartoonish stereotypes and caricatures.

No. 743485

Lillee is getting another drop of bots. I hope they got a great price as many have been deleted within seconds of them following her. I am also impressed that there are so many Nevaeh, Sophia, Ava, Kinsley, Violet and Eva’s that adore her.

No. 743566

File: 1577741250565.jpeg (275.22 KB, 750x736, 67D1B4ED-4D2B-4C5A-9FCB-6FD9BB…)

BffDees has pooptoucher’s remorse.

No. 743609

File: 1577750247579.jpg (777.26 KB, 810x2100, 20191230_175644.jpg)

Photoshoot is back on, looks like same businesses involved, but doesnt mention the venue this time.

No. 743637

File: 1577759301750.jpeg (213.63 KB, 750x581, 5B2C0835-B1D9-4047-A751-BD11FA…)

Laur has a new sock account that is largely being ignored. I think that will rile her up more than anything.

No. 743649

File: 1577762236369.png (1.84 MB, 934x1701, LowTideLilz.png)


I love that Laur and Lillee are treating this photoshoot as their big "modeling" break.

It's smelly fishwear: https://www.instagram.com/noreastrusa/

and cheap boardwalk kiosk jewelry: https://www.instagram.com/madewlove143/

shot by the favored photographer of tacky Jersey stage-moms: https://www.instagram.com/lgphotographysnj/

No. 743652

File: 1577763908797.jpeg (275.97 KB, 750x742, 26763272-FB3F-45D7-ADE5-F3D2B9…)

Lillee lives in her bankrupt mother’s attic, alternates the same grey/pink pajama tops, uses the same 3 palettes sent to her months ago and hasn’t been outside since September but for some insane fucking reason thinks this tweet applies to her.

No. 743685

File: 1577768555289.jpeg (335.13 KB, 750x918, E4882794-6F56-4C07-8829-8B1C7C…)

Why has Lillee not blocked this creep yet? It is honestly kind of sad how desperate for attention and interaction she is.

No. 743689

File: 1577768890248.jpg (430.49 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191230-230248_Twi…)

Big things coming in 2020! Pradip is gonna come swoop her up for her love and affection and legal status! Prince PeePee better brush up on his wooing skills for the inevitable duel of the foriegn lovers.

No. 743747

Ew, have some self respect. Bet Laura would encourage Lillie to meet up with him.

No. 743818


His comments are so stupid, but also terrifying

>I will come to USA

>To get love affection from you

No. 743819

I've seen people doing this, 200-400 approving comments when the photo only has the same number of likes, click any profile and you'll see they're all commenting on each other

No. 743821

File: 1577795571810.jpg (706.77 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191231-062846_Twi…)

Thanking one of Laur's sock accounts from September. Gotta remind Runway Rogue she still exists.

No. 743880

My favorite thing about Laur is she truly has no idea how obvious she is with her socks or what makes it so obvious it’s her. It’s hilarious. Fuckin boomers I stg

No. 743895

File: 1577807936547.jpeg (179.95 KB, 750x1096, 127781B5-2FF9-4605-95D4-97C304…)

No. 744016


Wonder how long Lillee will last with this pod. She doesn't seem to be able to be able to kiss someone's ass and pretend to care about things that aren't about her for more than a couple weeks at a time; we saw that with Nikki Glam and the Positivity Squad, and again with McBoom's sealions. An IG pod will require her to spend a significant amount of time commenting on a bunch of strangers' posts every day.

No. 744201

She cares so little about other people that she cannot be bothered to learn their names. She does the same thing with Patricia Hartmann. I mean, she has met her yet still calls her “Patreesha”.

No. 744215

File: 1577837856702.jpeg (263.11 KB, 750x602, F3D46060-0762-410C-B245-D81C77…)

Seriously why isn’t Pheepy stepping in to rescue Lillee from this creep? Surely Laur must have a Pheepy account!

No. 744239

File: 1577840074666.jpeg (471.81 KB, 750x1303, CCFB87DF-0599-490F-AFCA-A47949…)

The thousands of bots Lillee and Laur have purchased each day this week has resulted in them being at the lowest follower count that I’ve seen since I began following! I may finally see how laur reacts to the Jeaniez following below 1 million.

No. 744252

Fucking hell. That's some creepy shit.

No. 744284

File: 1577848049405.jpeg (330.56 KB, 750x809, E9D4D6AA-6C98-4BDB-B32E-FD1627…)

Pheepy has joined the chat.

No. 744285

File: 1577848138415.jpeg (182.41 KB, 750x527, F9FF25C1-113E-48F5-990C-C542CB…)

No. 744286


the screeching chimpanzee laughter that just exploded out of my face…

No. 744290

How long till they start screeching fake and saying her fans are being threatened with violence?

I mean, we all know PeePee is fake, but…

No. 744292

File: 1577848919147.jpg (583.69 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191231-211933_Twi…)

Whelp, guess she isn't worth the duel.

No. 744294

File: 1577849546321.jpeg (521.65 KB, 750x974, 7892CE01-CF35-4AEF-A541-4F03DA…)

The username for this account has changed. I am assuming that it’s actual a troll account as there is no way that Laur and Lillee are stupid enough to make the suggestion that Lillee should play a Muslim character.

No. 744312

File: 1577857283758.jpeg (334.99 KB, 750x902, 91B19894-6590-48B4-BA39-269EC9…)

Poor Pheepy

No. 744313

File: 1577857484472.jpeg (309.9 KB, 750x855, 59701948-D765-421D-AA8C-BC77A4…)

2020 is starting off with a Franzia freakout!

No. 744325

File: 1577859867535.jpeg (261.15 KB, 750x564, 50BBF1EB-FED2-4B0F-AECD-768977…)

Now Laur is kissing Pradip’s ass. Proof again that she has no concern for Lillee’s safety and will happily push whatever creeps come by her way. Disgusting.

No. 744327

King Pheepy was harmless and from what I saw didn’t say anything negative about Lillee. Unless you’re watching this ordeal closely and aware Philipe is fake, you’d have no idea what was going on. Laur’s overreaction, similar to what she did with the Jeaniez Crisis Management, is the only reason anyone would pay attention to the account.

No. 744328

File: 1577861241061.jpeg (203.81 KB, 750x602, 409ED186-97AE-4FB4-8929-5509FB…)

Laur’s telling the Pheepy to kill himself.

No. 744333

File: 1577861975110.jpg (814.65 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200101-004848_Twi…)

I always though Phillippe was suppose to be French, but Parasia is in India. Freudian slip?

Also, why is Lillee crying if Phil is real and this is a fake account trolling her and they know that?

No. 744336



I'm crying with laughter, happy new year indeed

No. 744347

File: 1577864836900.jpg (722.22 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200101-013939_Twi…)

Do Lj and Laur know their new boyfriend is a yuge Trump supporter? Its amazing how fast and loose they play with morals and ethics if they get attention from a guy.

No. 744355

File: 1577866705124.jpeg (319.63 KB, 750x840, A819F680-DABD-41FC-A831-7CF889…)

Laur’s mad the callout accounts have made their accounts private and stopped engaging with her. If she truly wanted them to leave Lillee alone, their accounts all being private would be a huge win for her.

No. 744365


If you don’t know Phillipe is a pretend French Prince made up by Lillee, this exchange looks like Laur is telling Phillipe to kill himself for breaking up with Lillee.

Well played, PheepyWahLah

No. 744450

Newfag. Is this woman seriously believing that any French person on this planet would write like that? Or did I miss something here?

No. 744451

laur has written 'voila' as 'wahlah' in the past, because she's a retard.

No. 744457

File: 1577898658130.jpeg (429.35 KB, 750x984, FAB739FD-9D77-4128-A2A6-59412F…)

No. 744465

Phillippe seems nice. Lillee doesn’t deserve him.

No. 744474

Considering they purchase followers from sketchy individuals with no concern about where their money goes and what it may fund, I came to the conclusion that their sense of morality and concern for others is for show only.

No. 744482

If anything, the King Phillipe account was actually being helpful. They were trying to rid Lillee of the creep since Lillee and Laur won’t do it themselves.

No. 744540

Laur would totally be one of those dumb lonely boomers that ends up on Dr Phil, because she’s getting catfished and scammed by a Nigerian that sends her horribly written love poems.
I would not be surprised if she’s lost a ton of money from being scammed before. She seems so desperate to get her daughter into the spot light.
It’s probably a good thing LJ isn’t cute because you know Laur would have no problem pimping her daughter out for a part in a movie.

No. 744554

Is this cow out of the yt partner program? I clicked on her last 6 videos (watched for less than 20 seconds so it wouldn’t count as a view ) and didn’t get any ad. Before I’d get 2 ads at the beginning that couldn’t be skipped with most videos. Would be funny if she was kicked out for buying views lol as she now only gets 600 to 1000 views and before she’d get up to 3000 with hate watchers and purchased views. What’s the deal here?

No. 744564

File: 1577931229916.jpeg (265.32 KB, 750x593, 94DC7DCD-E6BD-4148-83F6-77C332…)

Was that what this tweet was about?

Previously most of her videos had exactly 1.2k views. The last 2 monetized videos have less than 500.

No. 744569

File: 1577931992513.jpg (106.88 KB, 696x858, pheepyfollowers.jpg)

The Payola Magazine account is still on private and is now following the Pheepy Troll account.

I wonder what's going on there.

No. 744570

File: 1577932199970.jpeg (27.62 KB, 223x275, 668237BB-427C-48B4-AEE3-F46E51…)

nice cowtipping fellow anon

No. 744574


Real dick move to repost that after it was deleted anon.

No. 744576


It's known that some of the callouts post here occasionally. Not sure why you're so proud of your little 'gotcha'

No. 744581

File: 1577935081469.jpeg (468.27 KB, 750x1294, F5435B65-B7A7-4D12-9C4E-D099C5…)

It’s happening!

No. 744610

File: 1577946780381.jpeg (295.72 KB, 750x876, 8B9B25BD-A374-4BA9-8AC7-5443FC…)

I think Laur is about to go off the rails again. My guess is that the callouts aren’t even tweeting anything that exciting- Laur just doesn’t like being left out and wants attention so she’s acting like she has some dirt.

No. 744616

File: 1577947117138.jpeg (124.94 KB, 750x317, ECD392F3-C08E-4445-83E6-CF482D…)

Lol I just found the tweet she is talking about. On BFFDees’ now very public, unlocked twitter.

No. 744659

File: 1577955020283.jpeg (265.74 KB, 750x634, 6AF5B96F-B7DD-4E6B-AEAA-B02E9D…)

Laur responds to a random tweet but didn’t deny Dees’ speculation LJ had been removed from the YT partner program for buying views.

No. 744661

Has she finally figured out that you can see a private account’s tweets if you follow them? Because when people were posting screencaps of her private tweets she thought that was evidence of hacking…

No. 744666

File: 1577955907462.jpeg (110.39 KB, 684x1024, F61817D9-DB5F-4432-9BC6-96D2E8…)

So BFFDees posted about Lillee’s inconsistency when spelling Philippe/Phillippe. However I couldn’t help but notice that Lillee states she took a 4 year break from dating before Pheepy. But - didn’t her fake internet boyfriend start when she was 16? So her 4 year break was between ages 12 and 16? Even the old lies she told were inconsistent.

No. 744672

“Know what’s real and what’s not”
“Some time not knowing is better than knowing”

Lillee’s just projecting all over the place.

No. 744686

File: 1577958900610.jpg (618.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200101-031349_Twi…)


Couple things from this video:

She discusses how going into the 7th grade she didn't have any friends and such, but I thought she was home schooled from 2nd grade?

She also discusses dying her hair and wearing makeup to fit in. So Laur was letting her most precious possession go to school looking like her earliest youtube videos? It was so much less creepy when I thought she was home schooled from 2nd grade and it was just a hobby in her room.

When she started acting, she was forced to do stuff like Aerial. She didn't like it, and that's why she never caught on. But after a 2 week social media break it turned out she actually really good at acting.

It's also listed as a collab with Underdogs Collective, but the website is a submit and we'll publish whatever you send us and collect ad revenue when people come check it out.

They have done so much legwork into how to fake it till you make it that it is borderline impressive.

No. 744689

I'm still seeing ads on her videos but I dont live in her country so am unsure if that would make a difference?

No. 744701

File: 1577961424148.jpg (401.27 KB, 1079x1702, Screenshot_20200102-113533_Ope…)

Looks like Laura's up all night trying to keep Lilz above 1M.
Her followers keep slowly dropping but then she gains exactly 100 back.

No. 744727

File: 1577968353486.webm (883.77 KB, 360x450, IMG_3543.webm)

Some old milk but it’s good
Sorry for the quality, I’ve got bad internet
Here we go!

No. 744729

File: 1577968739438.webm (5.84 MB, 240x160, IMG_3541.webm)

This is from February 2018, she shows the image laur would always bring up about lillee with gouged eyes, it’s KEK

No. 744737

File: 1577972327681.webm (2.04 MB, 256x320, 22psWDa1BoCbAmRk.webm)

I’m having trouble converting the other videos so this will have to do for now

No. 744738

File: 1577972389416.webm (3.54 MB, 480x480, YaB7IVG3bnhyK2_i.webm)

No. 744742

someone quick pls help archive this before laur wakes up so we can keep a better quality milk


you can use this website to download

I have tried downloading it but my internet is so slow and it cuts before the milk begins, it begins after 40-50 min in, specially after 62 min

No. 744743

File: 1577974064300.webm (7.84 MB, 540x960, IMG_3549.webm)


Lillee loves the lord (so very Jewish ) and is clearly transphobic lol

No. 744745

File: 1577974765687.jpeg (367.92 KB, 1242x1552, 9CCF9DAF-1E57-494E-9CAE-CC299D…)

Remember this is the boomer who calls people wide while claiming lillee is a size 2…

No. 744747

File: 1577975015379.jpeg (48.62 KB, 724x202, BDA2EC61-321F-4419-AA77-5F5877…)

No. 744748

I mean, it's true.

No. 744776

I see now that Lillee's chiclet teeth are a blessing in disguise, because Laur clearly doesn't know how to brush her teeth right. The amount of plaque on those teeth make me dry heave. Can you imagine what her breath smells like??

No. 744793

No, she’s an idiot. Bleaching especially is considered a huge issue in WOC communities.

No one cares if Becky wants a tan as long as she isn’t black facing.

No. 744796

Why the fuck is this retard hashtagging those words.

No. 744798

It's so obvious that the only real human being she interacts with is her mom. She sounds like such a fucking boomer.

No. 744850

File: 1577994909595.jpeg (510.16 KB, 2048x2048, AEFBDDCD-B13C-4C77-A861-0F6A3E…)

And still is. I took the first one at approx 1:30 pm CST and the second at 1:52 pm CST. They aren’t even trying to hide that they buy followers.

No. 744859

I wonder how long she can keep this up. Having one million purchased followers is insanity.
I hope for one giant swoop that brings her to her actual follower count.

No. 744867

File: 1577996155200.jpeg (443.63 KB, 750x1008, CACD0F6A-E6FA-48CA-9A9F-94EEA8…)

The first stream on her Periscope is great! User @PENLA is Laur and keeps calling her Yelena Belova.


No. 744882

File: 1577997588299.png (19.92 KB, 395x302, penla.png)

fucking kek, laur is the only commenting throughout the stream. I am dying.

No. 744913

File: 1578001973041.jpeg (423.52 KB, 2048x2048, 7A7A9E54-57BB-4B3F-833A-3156EB…)

It was a entire thread of racism

No. 744923

This is like something out of a horror film or a bad fever dream.

No. 744966

File: 1578011911062.png (412.46 KB, 750x1277, 265CC90E-2456-4232-9EEA-65EB3B…)

No. 744974

File: 1578013400306.jpeg (343.26 KB, 750x954, 5EF0060E-55ED-473B-B11A-EAEF1A…)

Well that was a waste of Laur’s credit card.

No. 745008

File: 1578017976314.jpeg (338.7 KB, 746x771, A69AE837-AFD0-4002-A805-36C470…)

There is no falsehood. No one said this was recent, Laur. Fact is, Lillee said what she said and her recently recorded podcasts (in the last year) echo what she says in this old periscope. Either way, she refuses to own up to it, apologize and delete the content. This goes to show she has no remorse and is not willing to change her behaviour.

No. 745025

BFFdees linked the original tweet from April 2018. Laur conveniently cropped that out of her screenshot.

No. 745026

No. 745030

Oh man, this has made my night

No. 745032

holy shit, I'm dying

No. 745036

>This Jeanuary

Top fucking kek

No. 745044

File: 1578022975030.jpg (723.44 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200102-213529_Twi…)

Sorry guys, looks like #clubattic is off limits for us now.

LJ talks about how views CAN change from 15 to 18, which is true, but she doesnt say that they have. She doesnt get a say, but she has the opportunity RIGHT THERE to be mature and show the growth she claims she had. Instead, it's the same poor me game and hiding behind mom's skirts like she's done. Anyone criticizes her and Laur is 2 seconds behind.

No. 745045

She was 16 and 2 months away from 17

No. 745046

Laur’s accused BFFdees of numerous crimes and threatens to have them arrested weekly. All BFFdees has done is retweet & share their scam. Why the fuck would Dees be receptive to Laur reaching out? The perpetual victim game is getting old.

No. 745065

She makes sure to mention that she specifically has stated that four times in her stream. I just watched it and really would like that hour of my life back. It just goes to show how little of a personality Lillee actually has and how gullible they think people are. Not only was she going to audition for the live action Little Mermaid (but she didn’t because they decided not to make it according to her), but she was also in talks to be the face of Neutrogena, Revlon AND Covergirl.

No. 745086

I know, that livestream is crazy lol, she makes so much shit up idk if lillee was on it like she’s now, I think back then laur would make her believe that was the truth. Anyway this was my fav part >>744729 even almost 2 years ago Reddit was onto her scam, but laur managed to get most posts deleted.

No. 745088

File: 1578032012768.jpeg (238.74 KB, 750x1108, 669DFE9B-1E4D-4352-977A-8A8820…)

No. 745089

File: 1578032068716.jpeg (61.31 KB, 640x640, 28DD1DD7-F899-4F7E-8C63-C461AA…)

Laur was posting this on her fb when LJ was 16…

No. 745093


>>fikle balein

She's a fiddling whale? A whale fiddler?
Did Laur (tweeting as the "prince/king") perhaps try to call LJ a frail ballerina but end up calling her a whale instead?
My côtés

No. 745095

a fickle whale. and it's a troll, not laur

No. 745136

File: 1578045582541.png (226.94 KB, 720x890, Capture _2020-01-03-01-58-25-1…)

"You're all torn."
Two votes.

No. 745226

File: 1578080902833.png (575.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200103-204601.png)

Oh well hello lillee, cant believe all your christmas gift money and possible college funds were wasted on something you already lost, the only real fake thing you could brag about

No. 745230

that gave me second hand embarrassment

No. 745242

Don't worry, she already bought more followers lmao

No. 745329

File: 1578106657195.png (828.97 KB, 750x1598, E5AEA493-9BFA-4147-8609-0CEB61…)

No. 745330

>thinking instagram photos aren't public domain

laur gets funnier every day.

No. 745339

Laur’s sense of morality only exists in ways that benefit her and Lillee. She never seems to say anything about the real accounts that have been hacked by bot farms and forced to follow Lillee and her garbage content as theft.

No. 745346

File: 1578114342560.jpeg (253.9 KB, 750x648, 0A394B0D-4B66-42AB-9185-6FC27C…)

Oh shit.

Disney doesn’t fuck around. I wonder if the photos & drawings Lillee puts online of Disney characters with her “watermark” on them further infringe on Disney intellectual property/trademark.

No. 745352

File: 1578116004361.jpeg (251.74 KB, 750x864, EBCDF8EF-E60B-457B-AEFE-83A4B7…)

Lillee’s about to lose her biggest supporter.

No. 745357

He’s going for her dollars. I guess the good thing about blowing your cash on fake followers is that you can’t lose it in a romance scam!

No. 745366

Pradip does a great job of understanding Pheepy's tweets. I have to read some of them multiple times myself.

No. 745375


Less than 24 hours later they are back to playing in the mud with the callouts. I wonder how the original redditBGC poster found her. She had been involved in drama prior, but had faded away. I could so see Laur stirring a pot to have shit to roll in.

No. 745420

File: 1578145852140.jpeg (330.53 KB, 750x944, 707C8644-5D3C-413C-8483-29B729…)

It’s a nondescript Ice Queen. Lowkey excited for the Disney vs Jeaniez Inc showdown.

No. 745444

She uses the song title Let it Go in the description. Enough to make a connection to Disney’s character. She did the same with the Merida character on her society6 store - titled it Brave archer girl. That could be enough to be considered infringement especially with Disney’s IP lawyers vs Laur

No. 745451

File: 1578152868533.jpeg (458.8 KB, 750x971, C3CD6478-C350-42AC-98E1-246EB8…)

Instead of arguing with BFFdees, Laur should be editing the description of those items and changing these thumbnails. Disney is notoriously strict with usage of their IP.

No. 745453

File: 1578153592661.jpeg (442.27 KB, 750x911, 85903953-8CEA-4D09-9624-8EF1FB…)

Looks like the photo shoot is still happening. “Fees apply” = a totally legit modelling opportunity.

No. 745500

File: 1578171815118.jpeg (478.07 KB, 750x928, C5CB5FEF-B051-432C-9601-942D3D…)

High quality fishing attire.

No. 745513

File: 1578180614523.jpeg (409.17 KB, 750x933, 0C7F99E3-B0D3-402F-8A2C-71CAF7…)

Can’t wait for this milk

No. 745515

File: 1578181607552.png (3.3 MB, 750x2981, CE89FD22-48D8-424A-B2A7-644B87…)

No. 745516

Holy fucking shit these are terrible.

I spot Lillee’s dirty old slippers in the shot. Was this in the Attic? What happened to the venue in NYC? Is that a disco ball sticker? Why is she wearing a spandex slip & heels? I have so many questions.

No. 745519

Her hair is disgusting. She can't even wash it for her "big break"?? It's so stringy and greasy.

No. 745521

The print on the blue dress gives the illusion of a lumpy back. I thought it was a mic pack at first until zoomed in.

No. 745522

No. 745526

File: 1578185752920.jpeg (350.7 KB, 2048x2048, 779B050A-5635-4F9B-842B-A52786…)

It looks like her newest followers are hacked accounts now (no new posts for a year or more). I guess they’re splurging in hopes that they don’t get deleted. Either way, she dropped below a million for the third time.

No. 745527

what a beautiful, milky mess

No. 745529

I sincerely hope that they didn’t have to pay a lot of money for this. Not a thing about this shoot looks good - the makeup, clothing, the poses, the props and I suspect that the final edited quality will be as bad as the sneak peeks.

No. 745539

The production value is as equally impressive as the subjects.

I've never once felt bad for LJ, until that awkward fat-girl-with-weak-cankles one leg "pose" fail, because she can't stand in heels.

It isn't an illusion, it isn't the print. She is lumpy and looks gross in this picture. Sausage girls can look cute when dressed appropriately…this is not!

Yes, it is a sticker! I thought you were exaggerating.

No. 745541

File: 1578189126406.jpg (137.22 KB, 608x828, IMG_20200104_184935.jpg)

Skynet planning a new podcast.
Bffdees can't be fooled again.

No. 745542

I mean, Tori already knows the key questions: why don’t they admit they buy followers and likes? Why won’t the admit to create and delete the faux friend and fan accounts? Why won’t the apologize for the offensive content and delete it? Why won’t they apologize to the people they have wronged or doxxed?

I suspect that the interview will go the same as the one with Laur did. I wonder if the Arpanet will participate as he had tried to get some actual information last time.

No. 745552

It won't be an interview with just LJ anyway. Laur will 100% jump in and end up taking over the whole thing. The bottom of this milk bucket will always be Laur and her need for attention. When things start to die off, she kicks the Hornets nest and makes a scene. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

No. 745556

Yikes. This is some 90s tween makeup using one of those binder-sized 1000 color eye shadow pallets from Walgreens.

Yikes. This is bad. How does she manage to look like a 14 year old but also a 35 year old at the same time?

No. 745558

I think we're in a timeline where Laur needs the interaction with the callouts as much as they need the milk. When they all went on private and nothing happened she was still bitching and creating new socks. Now that the sealions have left her she has noone else to interact with.

No. 745564

The most awful thing is, this shoot is the best Laur has ever looked!
Lille's front tits & back tits are equal size!

Also, random beauty question by why is her skin always so much lighter around her nose/mouth? Is it waxing and/or bleaching? It's like the opposite of a mustache…?

No. 745566

She's combating the redness around that area with concealer rather than color correction.

No. 745568

File: 1578194783960.jpg (459.68 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200104-212256_Twi…)

I find it hilarious to think Ooms has sold more stuff in a 24 hour period than LJ probably ever has. Atleast now they can see how they can make a profit off their faces.

No. 745569


She also colormatches her foundation to her concealer, rather than to actual skintone of her face and neck, which is why she winds up looking so flat pasty white and why she has to awkwardly suck in her her cheeks to create any kind of shadow/dimension in her face.

No. 745593

LJ in other videos about changing her diet and losing weight: I changed everything in a single day and only ate chicken and veggies. I am super disciplined!

LJ in the new Lime Crime video on diet and weight loss with New Years Resolutuons: I changed little things slowly, like sodium and milk chocolate and did it little by little.

No. 745602

Wut? I don't see Laur in the pics

No. 745669

I thought that unfortunate looking woman on the right was Laur. Same pig nose, chin, bad hair and sad style, fewer wrinkles though. My bad, white trash all look alike.

No. 745696

That's not Laur lol. It's the Jewelery designer.

No. 745713


Based upon the Nana and PopPop furniture visible nearly off-camera, the antique-looking sign leaning against the wall, Lillee's slippers, those hardwood floors that always appear in her IG story video clips…it really looks like Laur made the Fashion Haunts people come out to their house to do this terrible photoshoot.

Makes me wonder if the FH photographer brought that dumb ass disco ball sticker, or if that's something Lillee already had and suggested they use.

The whole thing is hilariously perfect. She looks like she was outfitted head-to-toe from Wish.com for $25.

No. 745733

We’ve got a sealion holdover.

At least she admits she doesn’t care about evidence. Laur’s account isn’t private…she has numerous accounts. The callout accounts don’t really care about Lillee’s makeup application. She won’t talk to anyone unless they’re on camera, I don’t see that happening. I would be interested in seeing Arpanet DeBAtE her.

No. 745752

File: 1578246875541.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, C5184692-EAEE-4577-8589-83EC58…)

She did her own makeup for Fashion Haunts. That explains a lot. I’m confused as to what sort of magazine doesn’t use professional makeup artists. Or would it have cost them more? Or does Lillee think her skills are so much better than someone who actually makes a living doing makeup?

No. 745753

File: 1578247013840.png (1.45 MB, 1185x1072, Madame-Medusa_.png)


This lady reminds me of madame medusa from the rescuers.

No. 745755

The end game of the callouts has never changed:
Admit to and deleted purchased followers
Admit to and delete fake fan and friend account based on stereotypes
Apologize to people like QoB, Lauren Elyse, WCT, Arpanet, voicemail anon and unrelated Jenny
Apologize for and delete offensive content including the racist and transphobic tweets and podcasts

Lillee can go ahead and build her platform, but the callouts just wanted her to do it honestly and quit scamming brands with a fake following. They want her to own up to the offensive content and do better in the future.

No debate will accomplish this. It’s all on Laur and Lillee to make amends and become better people. It will never happen.

No. 745768

File: 1578250175490.jpeg (851.15 KB, 828x1485, 388572C1-CF0C-470C-B4BE-756DAF…)

No. 745771

No. 745772

File: 1578251217458.jpeg (276.37 KB, 750x581, 89DF0C09-FDC9-409F-812F-738298…)


It’s so annoying how Laur continues to get away with abusing Twitter’s reporting option. You think she would’ve faced repercussions from Twitter after the Lauren Elyse mess.

No. 745779


Holy crap, Oomancer is the hero we never asked for but I'm so here for it

No. 745789

Laur will never do a face to face with any of the callouts though.

No. 745792

File: 1578257881545.jpeg (342.18 KB, 750x792, 2DD7282B-2472-4954-AA17-04451A…)

Laur is trying to say that there is no issue with a beauty influencer but has yet to apologize to anyone. LE is not having it though.

No. 745797

File: 1578259398235.jpg (679.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200105-151524_Twi…)

Laur needs to come off of the "it's so 2019" bullshit. That wasn't even a week ago. It's incredibly annoying when people act like a new year/month really matters. Same shit, different day.

No. 745798

File: 1578260513926.jpg (382.41 KB, 1073x1534, Screenshot_20200105-224024_Ope…)

Lillie is still below 1M followers.
Wonder what's happening right now, I doubt Laura got reasonable and stopped purchasing a following for her brick of a daughter.

No. 745799

She bought at least 4K followers. They were down to 996k followers when I looked this morning.

No. 745803

She’s up 600 followers from that. They are definitely buying more but I think Instagram is deleting bots at the same time.

No. 745810

File: 1578262690828.jpg (472.67 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200105-161540_Chr…)

Is she thanking an account she has openly said she ran for featuring her? Oh wait, ofcourse she is.

No. 745812

File: 1578263508076.jpeg (349.89 KB, 750x762, 6A1FAB3A-910E-4C22-B877-0172EC…)

Laur is willing to talk to LE via DM only. Obviously LE is too smart as she knows Laur will manipulate the situation to fit her narrative. Even this tweet from Laur - she doesn’t actually say what the twitter dms said. Lillee was being extremely snakey in them and “was willing to forgive LE” (not a direct quote). First off all, LE has nothing to apologize for. She asked one question about whether people had heard of Lillee. Lillee refuses to apologize for the harassment and transparency comments she directed to LE. So Laur, as you can see, there is no point in handling anything via DM because you and Lillee refuse to take any responsibility for your actions.

No. 746010

File: 1578320485952.jpg (80.97 KB, 894x481, goingdowndowndown.jpg)

She keeps dropping!

No. 746014

Now that they've paid for another fake magazine feature article, I wonder if Laur will try putting LJ on Wikipedia again.

No. 746020

File: 1578323207211.jpg (153.05 KB, 1075x1168, Screenshot_20200106_100640.jpg)

No. 746037

This is old milk but lol

No. 746052

File: 1578336801469.jpeg (243.93 KB, 750x1048, F683CCA4-CDB5-4575-87D9-E22E5C…)

Lillee needs to keep up with that engagement pod or she’s going to get the boot.

No. 746054

Holy shit that was embarrassing. She has no idea what she's doing.
Love how she pretends to be super fit, yet she's still fat.

No. 746089

Jesus christ, she has such an unfortunate body.

No. 746118

The jump squats and pelvic thrusting at the camera kek

No. 746139

I see what Prince Phillippe and Pradip see in her content! Whoa.
GIF anon, please clip the sumo squat thrusting starting at 3:12ish?

No. 746155

These photos are so terrible. The fake magazine could have at least hired an amateur photographer for peanuts. I'm going to guess that the "photographer" and other two people there are the entire ownership of the magazine.

No. 746161

File: 1578361165036.gif (1.71 MB, 568x320, 2C67A2D4-EBF7-4977-BEAD-90C8E8…)

No. 746162

File: 1578361211777.gif (3.7 MB, 568x320, 98B0D530-0E37-43A6-9AEE-141838…)

No. 746201

Kek anon. Good work.
My only question is how do you choose what moments to memorialize in gif form. There are so many…

No. 746285

When you're striving hard to be famous.

No. 746291

The one at 1:21 deserves a gif too

No. 746295

File: 1578371256574.jpg (146.62 KB, 1674x640, welcome to the big time.jpg)

Woo. Look at all that attention.

These dummies keep thinking that they are going to white-knight their way into relevancy defending Mommy Dearest and Baby Jane.

No. 746301

This is what happens when you tell your kid they're good at everything they try. On a more serious note, anyone with a low enough IQ to mimic this instead of watching a real fitness video is going to fuck up their body. This girl does not work out on a regular basis.

No. 746303

File: 1578372933787.jpg (358.18 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200106-225058_Twi…)

Ooff. Things have gotten awkward. Prince Pheepy must have laid down the law on his American Beauty's leading Pradip on. Had to remind her not to flirt with the hired help.

No. 746305


There's simply no time for all of that moving and sweating, anon. She's slaving away on her content for 18 hours every day.

No. 746316

File: 1578374073788.gif (5.69 MB, 568x320, 3E684460-F101-44A6-BE48-745D2B…)

She probably watched a few fitness videos and decided to try out being a fitness guru.

Btw this cow is reading this because she posted a whole bunch of “workout” clips in her ig stories today.

And here’s another gif.

No. 746318

File: 1578374345041.png (5.44 MB, 750x9246, B8CC7BE6-D07D-43D5-AEF9-E2DB9C…)

No. 746320

File: 1578374710273.png (98.41 KB, 897x747, 4093.png)

Lillee is about to run afoul of the fake engagement mafia on YT. You better pay up, girl:


No. 746321

This would explain why she's still fat. Her form is hella bad and she's clearly using momentum to move. You're not going to be fit or lose weight that way and she's retarded and delusional for thinking she will. She's also going to injure herself pretty bad because of her pisspoor form.

No. 746325

i don't know what's worse, her form, or the fact that she's straining to look cutesy when she looks towards the camera.

No. 746331

100 percent this. Control and form is the name of the game with these type body weight resistance exercises. Her form is really poor, she really needs to pull that mirror so she can see herself and slow down. Frankly, she looks like one of the hordes of people who purchase a "new year, new me" gym membership, use the 1-3 free training sessions/ group classes and think they learned everything they need to do it alone. See ya next January!

No. 746413

File: 1578404490469.jpeg (88.66 KB, 720x960, C2C002C9-1294-4B59-AD65-C55F48…)

No. 746414

File: 1578404617673.jpeg (80.18 KB, 720x960, E04E761C-3C63-4CC5-8034-C36E39…)

No. 746415

File: 1578404705733.jpeg (103.37 KB, 720x960, A02BF341-49F4-4B0E-8969-E21520…)

No. 746423


That fucking taped up disco ball ohh my lordt. Sooper guru e-starlette u guise.

No. 746441

She's sucking in like crazy

No. 746512

File: 1578431593472.jpeg (115.54 KB, 750x906, 332EC6ED-F230-4788-B895-EA26FA…)

RIP Pheepy. Lillee is a very vindictive ex.

No. 746514

CBA to clean the bottom of her dingy white shoes. Professional model!

No. 746557

File: 1578437962036.jpg (478.47 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200107-165507_You…)

Their play book is 10 pages long and they just cycle thru it.

No. 746560


This is the kind of ridiculous lie toddlers tell, because they haven't developed theory of mind yet and think that people will just believe that they didn't eat the cookie because they said so, even if there are crumbs all over their face.

No. 746594

If lillie has 1m jeaniez, surely she can't be expected to remember every single one. They're so obvious.

No. 746610

File: 1578456688526.jpeg (148.8 KB, 950x1024, 7B4A1EB2-AC7E-4045-934D-3293A2…)

Oomancer tweeted what looks like a message from Laur saying Lillee is moving up with her verified friends (SoundCloud rappers from an engagement pod) and she’s filming a tv pilot.

No. 746614


I wonder if the "tv pilot" is an outright lie, like the flight to LA to audition for Marvel, or if they've just signed up to be extras walking down the sidewalk for a show that takes place in Manhattan.

No. 746618

Not as good as his first one but still funny

No. 746623

Not that this is true, but how sad is the statement “verified friends” like that’s something that makes a person valuable and special… Instagram verification. Toxic.

No. 746626

With “making her cry” she’s referring to the Pheepy twitter account, right? Why would a silly parody account of her definitely very real and totally not imaginary fiancé upset her so much? Surely she’s in contact with the real Pheepy and he immediately let her know it wasn’t him!
Or was she crying because it rubbed her face in the fact that Pheepy is imaginary and that Lillee doesn’t actually have anyone but her mom? This could have been a wake up call to Laur that all this playing pretend has a negative impact on her daughter’s emotional well-being, but I guess it’s easier to just blame randos on Twitter.

No. 746630

These are even more embarrassing than those early bowbeauty24 dance and exercise videos. BB24 was awkward, these are depressing. It's like she's physically 45 years old and completely out of shape.

No. 746636

File: 1578471149034.jpg (362.28 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20200108-091132_Ope…)

Wonder what happened that made them stop purchasing bots til they reach 1M again. Laura is obviously still buying, just not as many. Or is Instagram even faster deleting them now?

No. 746641


maybe it's the cost? these things are cheap/affordable, but not if you're paying them 2-3x day lol

No. 746647


Bffdees also made a comment about how obvious it is since the callouts have gotten her below 1mil and are keeping much closer tabs on it. Arpanet even have her live sub count total on a screen in the background of the live stream tonight. Based off social blade's stats for her, she's lost over 100k net followers since like June/July, and that doesn't account for all the wasted ones that were bought and deleted.

No. 746667

File: 1578493129907.jpeg (518.83 KB, 750x1283, A8D93053-226B-4068-8072-BFA51C…)

Looks like Laur and Lillee went shopping last night. I have been keeping an eye on her followers and they definitely haven’t been buying as much as usual and many that they have purchased have been removed from Instagram quickly. I recall one of the callouts was wanting to get in contact with Instagram- it would be really interesting if in the future IG did a full review of her followers and likes!

No. 746670

File: 1578494305866.jpeg (430.09 KB, 750x885, FD0B78C0-D487-4E49-9381-862E3A…)

Sandy, the owner of Fashion Haunts Magazine, has a ghost hunting series called Twilight Passages which has been picked up by FNL network. Laur probably paid Sandy for a feature role as a ghost or some shit.

No. 746671

Wait hasn't FNL network been mentioned before? At the fashion show where they first met Patricia Hartmann, I think they also met some big shot dude who's involved with FNL promised them some shit like getting them a show or whatever. I wonder if this is all connected, but I doubt it lol.

No. 746677

You are right! It was mentioned here >>864845
However I get the feeling she's going to be on Twilight Passages as a 'special guest' since she's a super famous 1M Jeaniez strong MUA…

No. 746680

Lillies teeth are terrifying, maybe this will be her big breakthrough as an actor (in bad horror movies)!

No. 746699

In her hotel vlog from some event she actually brought a ken doll with her resembling prince Philippe, her imaginary life is really out of hand. Its so overwelmingly strange how far this goes

No. 746702

I hope someone realized what a freakshow these 2 are and they’re shooting a reality TV pilot similar to Honey BooBoo. Laur’s too fucking stupid to realize if some producer is genuinely interested in Lillee (never going to happen) or just exploiting them for the general public to laugh at & hate watch.

No. 746712


A bit tinfoil-y, but I honest to God think that Phillippe is just another sockpuppet created by Laur in order to date her own daughter. In fact, I think ALL of the friends that Lillee mentions are sockpuppet accounts that Laur crafted in order to construct a false reality around Lillee to keep her complacent and content. She lives vicariously through Lillee and wants to control her, and I think she wants to keep her locked up in that attic like Rapunzel from Tangled for the rest of her life, like some kind of prized, adored object for her to admire to an unhealthy degree. I remember Lillee mentioning once that her favorite Disney movie of all time is Tangled, and that her favorite part of Tangled is the part where Rapunzel kills Mother Gothel and escapes the tower with Ryder to be free from her forever. I think there's a part of Lillee that's extremely codependent on Laur (hence why they do things like adopt the same strange linguistic mannerisms at the exact same time; i.e. beginning every sentence with "Psychologically, why do tHe HaTeRz _______?"); but I also think there's a part of her that recognizes how bizarre and unhealthy their relationship is, and I can't imagine that any eighteen-year-old girl finds it normal or exciting to spend her entire life in an attic being home-schooled by her mother, with her only window to the outside world being what she can glean from the Internet or the PG-rated Disney movies that her hovering, hand-wringing, over-protective mother allows her to watch. Hell, Laur is SO controlling that she wouldn't even let Lillee go to someone else's house to do an actual photo shoot there - she paid them extra to come all the way to their house just so that she could maintain control over Lillee, very similar to the reason why Onision always keeps the girls he abuses cooped up inside of his swamp trailer. They're both fragile narcissists who can't handle normal human interactions that do anything other than offer them continuous, sycophantic praise.

No. 746720

I’m not exactly sure why but I just have a feeling they don’t have a car. I know LJ had pictures with that red “corvette” (Dodge Neon) but do we have any proof it even ran? Or was even theirs in the first place? Maybe they ended up having to sell it or something if it was. And Laur is banned from every fucking service ever created so between that and being broke maybe they couldn’t get to the “venue”.

No. 746722

They had a Jeep that was in an accident. Laur tried to destroy Geico with her #nyctwitterarmy after the accident. There was a podcast where she talks about the accident and Geico not paying for her pain medication.

No. 746723

There’s just too much evidence of Lillee playing along about hanging out with James & Romalette, Skyping with Shaniqua, running into the girl who runs Ljeanfp at the Bite Beauty event…Lillee is in on it. It’s like playing dolls or writing fanfic to her.

No. 746734

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say with certainty now that she knows about the sock puppets.

No. 746738

I also find it strange how her mom goes along with all event, especially the runway images where they are sitting front row and Lillee wears her 12yo easter girl dress and Laur sits in her "ill grab something at 711" look on her phone the whole time. She goes along with everything, stalks her, reads everything, controls her, "manages her". I don't believe Lillee has a single private space for herself. I feel like the forced control Laur puts on Lillee since she was young might created her make me believe behaviour as a coping or defense mechanism. This girl gets pulled out of school and had no real outside contact for years.

No. 746741

File: 1578523379275.jpeg (237.68 KB, 750x1077, 74760BC1-D878-472F-8122-4B0BD1…)

This is old milk but it just reminded me of screenshot Lillee tweeted of her call history. No calls from James or Mario, no calls from any friends, no calls from brands, nothing but Mommy. No 18 year old could actually be happy living like that.

No. 746742

In the span of 2 months, nobody but her mom called her. Sad really

No. 746763

I'm hoping she deleted anyone else/other random calls to make it look like that. I got a new phone/number, after moving across country recently, and before I had gotten home from setting up the phone, I had 2 calls from local spam. I can't imagine how many they spam calls they get in a day from having a publically listed number and all the dicey stuff they have signed up for.

No. 746764

File: 1578530403253.jpeg (312.58 KB, 750x843, DCA4593A-78CB-4C7B-825C-9F9822…)

Not sure if this applies to the models or just businesses but Laur may have paid $600 for Lillee’s big break.

No. 746775

File: 1578533158488.jpeg (201.81 KB, 750x514, 7EABA864-F4CE-4330-A8FF-C0FDF6…)

No. 746776

What even was the purpose of her tweeting this?

No. 746781

File: 1578534617110.jpeg (331.19 KB, 750x867, 41A88C41-4842-4074-8797-948EEA…)

She was responding to this spam tweet. The chart shown puts her in the overweight category kek

No. 746785

File: 1578536094587.jpg (567.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200108-200046_Chr…)

Obese is over 30 BMI.

MJ is 6'6", and ran ~205 as a player. BMI of 23.7.

Steve Austin 6'2", billed(accuracy debatable) as 252lbs. BMI 32.4

She isn't wrong that BMI isn't a perfect tool for where everyone falls in the weight spectrum. With that said, picking two pro athletes who are, by very definition, exceptions to the rules of what a normal human is, invalidates her point. If you take 100 people at random, with BMIs of 30 or above, the vast majority would be described as overweight or obese by another person. If she took a body fat index/percentage test, she would still be considered overweight.

No. 746786

File: 1578536137381.jpeg (202.37 KB, 750x633, 9DA3F237-B03A-46C0-8DB3-B62B2B…)

A gain of 6k followers in the last couple days. Totally organic following.

No. 746790

Scammers being scammed by greater scammers! Laur & LJ just paid $600 for a shoot in their own house, with their own model & makeup. Fashion Haunts just got paid $ by the jewelry designer for the mentions and the "professional model" LJ
Scamception. Love it!

No. 746800

I don't think they bought the $600 promo packet. Fashion Haunt's FB page put their weekly "Check out our supporters!" mass post and they aren't listed.

No. 746804

This is so sad, holy shit. I wonder why the last "Mommy" has a kiss emoji and not the heart. And why does she call her mother "Mommy"?

I'm glad she has no real audience when she shills this shitty advice. Pro athletes actually leave their room.

No. 746807

And here we have a list of every time Lille Jean managed to get out of her mother's eyesight.

No. 746817

File: 1578540638952.jpeg (604.5 KB, 750x1244, 47CC19C2-80E1-42C2-8E43-41327B…)

No. 746821

Hasn’t she been sick since September? Didn’t Laur chastise someone for waiting a few days to take their sick kid to the dr?

And knock it the fuck off with the feet, Lillee. You were told in your livestream showing your feet would attract a bunch of foot fetish people. You’re fully aware of what you’re doing. Your feet are gross, you have cankles, no one’s jerking off to them.

No. 746880


Damn, to think no one even spam calls Lillie

No. 746897

Can't get blood from a turnip.

No. 746922

File: 1578578884212.jpeg (421.06 KB, 750x1025, E7A648EE-B248-409F-85EA-892354…)

PT is doing a G8 job this morning calling out Lillee for buying followers that use hacked profiles and stolen photos. I always find it so interesting how Laur and Lillee like to act very high and mighty when it comes to morality and ethics, yet never seem to be concerned about where their money goes when they buy followers or who’s personal photos are stolen in the quest to reach 1 million Jeaniez.

No. 746933

File: 1578585758602.jpeg (162.55 KB, 750x737, 3D132DD4-3A33-41AC-B643-4158BE…)

How Laur and Lillee thinks this looks legit, I’ll never know.

No. 746948

File: 1578592017413.jpeg (396.46 KB, 2048x2048, 886514EB-9C28-4DBF-BC0E-10F547…)

This guy is a predator and Lillee and Laur just lap it up. Some of the accounts tried to help rid them of this pest (King Phillippe and Crisis Management), yet they are so desperate for engagement that they encourage it.

No. 746972

File: 1578600347650.jpeg (326.86 KB, 750x1009, 7BCA4F06-C339-4F70-80F7-8A38CF…)

BFFDees found one of the people who’s pics were stolen and used by several bots that Lillee and Laur have recently purchased. It’s unlikely but perhaps they will see how their actions affect people - purchasing bots means hacked accounts and stolen photos, their derogatory comments on the Lillee Jean Show podcast hurt POC and LGBTQ2+ people, doxxing and contacting workplaces hurts people, creating fake fan accounts based on stereotypes hurts people, scamming companies out of PR is not a victimless crime.

No. 746974

Has anyone done the math on how much she spends on these bots? How much is Laur spending monthly to chase a dead dream for her daughter? I’m genuinely curious.

No. 747006

File: 1578611096527.png (1.41 MB, 873x1478, gvkuctukcvcvkt.png)

No. 747010


Laur was so proud of herself for pulling down oomancer’s society6 shop. She’s going to flip her shit when she finds out items were made and shipped.

No. 747019

bffdees is not only a top quality callout but a top quality shitposter too.

No. 747040

File: 1578620401199.jpg (803.44 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200109-192111_Ins…)

I'm thinking they bought the cover and that's why it's her big break. They also said they did an "emotional" interview with her.

I'm curious to see what subject matter they choose to focus in on.
No doubt Cyber bullying will be a major part of her shtick, playing up how she was targeted and did nothing to deserve the hate and attacks. Magazine won't follow up with anyone else involved because, let's be real, it's one of those free magazines you use to wipe off the dipstick at a gas station because you don't have a napkin. They are journalists as much as she's a model and spokesperson.

No. 747041

Pretty sure it's even lower than that, and not even a printed publication. It's an e-zine

No. 747057

File: 1578628879742.jpeg (336.47 KB, 2048x2048, 62A6D4C0-649C-448C-8665-E70FC1…)

Laur’s retweeted this nonsense tweet from Pradip twice today.

The sealions probably told her to shut up until whatever is happening between Originalnilson, Bffdees & Oomancer happens. Arpanet said they’ll be a debate/interview (?) tomorrow and it will air next week.

No. 747059

File: 1578629369055.jpg (747.84 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200109-145709_Twi…)

But Pradip is taken! He has USA girlfrien!

No. 747061

Have a feeling that girlfriend is LJ. She just doesn’t know it yet.

No. 747063

File: 1578631079798.jpeg (140.29 KB, 750x476, D8C43BDB-3504-4F69-8B95-4EDD5C…)

I think you’re correct

No. 747067

File: 1578631871007.jpg (727.35 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200109-224310_Chr…)

Every one of the shots of her with super over glossed lips give me the creeps. The whole cutesy disney princess, baby teeth, immature vibe and then like super sexualized mouth just. Ugh. Pedobait.

No. 747098

pedobait how? even with all that crap she looks 30

No. 747142

Agreed kek all I see is Hatchet Face

No. 747169

The lowtier graphic design hobbist look of this magazine says enough, luckely boomers cant tell and consider this a bought cv worthy "archievment".

No. 747201

File: 1578681102024.jpeg (211.29 KB, 750x425, B6AB9EA0-78E9-4C18-873E-3BB04B…)

Looking great Lillee. Keep ignoring all those people who tell you to look into classes to improve your skills. They’re just haters.

No. 747213

Her worst look yet. Her skills really are deteriorating. Same muddy brown, poorly blended shadow but she throws a bunch of glitter on it. The thumbnail looks nothing like the actual look.

Lillee makes up a word “astrigen” “astringenize” (probably heard the word astringent) admits it’s a made up word and continues to use it.

Her skin looks like shit so rubs oil all over it. She applies concealer directly to her eyebrows. Connects her blush to her eyeshadow crease. It’s like a greatest hits of all the annoying shit she does incorrectly.

No. 747217

Yet another pink/red smoked out and blended to oblivion, BUT this time with the same stila silver "cut crease" she's done like eight times since she copied one of the callouts. She must have a hat with pieces of paper that have 4 color combinations, cut crease or halo, and sparkley or matte written on them and she draws them for her looks. Except she redraws until she finds something she likes.

Her hair really needs a deep cleanser and some Nizoral shampoo. It is so oily and dirty in this video it's clumping. At least dry shampoo and pull it back for the video.

No. 747222

File: 1578687657155.jpg (823.82 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200110-141343_Twi…)

I like where their head is at. I wonder if she'd dare try to replicate (without credit, and barely recognizable) any of the tagged looks? She won't touch the more artistic stuff, it's not her "anesthetic", but she did try to copy that NikkieTuts look in the past.

No. 747231

File: 1578690461246.jpeg (365.37 KB, 750x803, 6EF6EAC2-D40F-43A8-AEEA-B4C851…)

The same fucking look over and over again

No. 747235

I thought the whole point of applying concealer/primer to your eyelids is it acts like glue to make the shadows stick and the light color makes bright colors bolder. Isn’t applying a neutral skin toned shadow over her primer negating the entire point of using it?

No. 747236

Get out of here with your logic. How else are we supposed to blend everything into a muddled mess while simultaneously coating our cheeks in enough fallout to paint the Mona Lisa?

No. 747242


She's using the elf flawless concealer, which is pretty wet with a dewy finish, which means it's not great for using as a lid base for eyeshadow. I guess she's trying to make it work by putting some pale eyeshadow on top to lock it down so she doesn't turn her eyeshadow into a muddy mess, but she really should have just used a different concealer with a better formula or even an actual eye primer.

She either doesn't know enough about makeup to use a better base, or she doesn't actually have anything else and has to make-do.

No. 747257

her crazy eyes make me uncomfortable

No. 747269

She received an entire PR package full of Milk concealers & primers. She did a swatching video then never used them. Guess they got sold?

No. 747298

File: 1578716608775.jpeg (480.07 KB, 750x1198, 6744BAED-E740-4F5B-8FEF-938368…)

Pradip isn’t going to be happy with his gf posting such suggestive photos.

No. 747299

So shes trying to pretend shes a model, and tag all of these clothing brands. But then hang the jacket behind her back of a body so you cant even see it. Shes got this modeling thing down!

No. 747301

Ahh the fart pose. Tres high fashion.

No. 747303

File: 1578717829247.jpeg (481.94 KB, 750x1199, 1C1E982A-1F9F-46F7-B5F1-C13528…)

There were 2 pictures. This is probably the jacket tagged.

No. 747304


She is forever doing this pose where she hunches her shoulder up to her chin until her neck disappears and she looks like a greasy head sitting directly on top of a chunky torso.

High Fashion Editorial Potato Lillee.

No. 747311


How long till LJ drops her mixtape?

No. 747314

Maybe don't post pictures that are amateur stripper poses with your hand in your crotch. These aren't sexy, they are trailer park trash skank.

No. 747372

File: 1578741669530.png (758.12 KB, 593x592, slutty little mermaid custume.…)

trailer trash park skank is considered high fashion in Queens I guess.

Whenever lillee wants to look sexy, she just end up looking like trailer trash

No. 747378

I think she looks better than usual here, at least her hair is clean. But her hair isn't styled at all. That's an essential part of looking well dressed as an adult.

No. 747444

File: 1578764732975.jpg (450.32 KB, 1070x1297, Screenshot_20200111-114321_You…)

No. 747445

File: 1578764756235.jpg (413.33 KB, 1074x1341, Screenshot_20200111-114338_You…)

What are these prices?

No. 747446

I noticed that after I looked at Oomancer’s society6 store. They trolled Laur & showed how high Laur marked up the prices in LJ’s store.

No. 747455


I don't even know why I bothered to watch this. I guess I just wanted to see her use her new words. But did you notice she also doesn't use the Pixi glow tonic on her entire face? She follows this weird pattern misses her entire cheek.

1 million Jeaniez and not even 450 views yet! How shocked are we!

No. 747459

BFFdees tweeted that they’re no longer buying views on their monetized videos. Probably got a warning from YouTube.

No. 747468

File: 1578771412289.jpg (557.75 KB, 1009x1575, Screenshot_20200111-131109_Chr…)

I have so many questions about this dress. Originally I thought it might be the date night dress she "altered" to be off the shoulder. But the skirt is completely the wrong material.

The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of a bath wrap/ dressing room wrap. The tie is really thick and way to long to be meant for what she's using it for. Plus, if it's attached to the dress like that, how would she lift her arms without exposing herself?

I'm so confused. It's either a very poorly made and ill fitting garment, or she's altered something into a poorly made and ill fitting garment. Regardless, that whole look should not go out in public.

No. 747472

The girl does one "PAYED BY MOMMY" photoshoot for a free gasstation magazine and thinks she's a profesional model, her face expressions and poses are killing me.

No. 747474

File: 1578774346602.jpeg (219.27 KB, 750x712, 03A3C5EF-15BB-47AF-ABA1-FE03BB…)

Couldn’t be bothered to change out of her dirty pajama shirt to do a unboxing video.

No. 747478

This is exactly like pixyteri's famous 'I'm poopin' pose

No. 747487

File: 1578780530416.jpg (674.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200111-160721_Twi…)

Pradip says what all of us are thinking so eloquently.

No. 747488

The fact that she's retweeting horny, illeterate Indian dudes absolutely kills me. Nothing she does will ever be as desperate than actually showcasing the cumbrained rantings of guys who definetely message every single woman they come across on twitter with the exact same demented nonsense.

No. 747516

I seriously didn't get that this was a photo from the "magazine" shoot. That's bad man.

No. 747518

Laur's retweeting and thanking of older guys/Pradip's creepy comments while simultaneously accusing the call out accounts of being pedophiles makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I could see Laur allowing LJ be groomed by some creep if it meant she booked a few minor gigs.

No. 747540

File: 1578794200380.jpg (608.21 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200111-194046_Chr…)

Hold up. $103 for a printed 8x8 picture of LJ sucking on a straw?

No. 747551

File: 1578797446325.jpg (119.97 KB, 1435x1034, 003301.jpg)


Lillee finally got some new PR, and this is what she does with it. Shitty video where she globs on layer after layer of mascara until she's got crusty tarantula lashes, like some kind of Younique Hun. Nice close-up of her bad skin and dirt caked under her nails, too.

I'm sure Buxom will be eager to send her more product after this.

No. 747553

File: 1578798114750.jpg (680.41 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200111-210033_You…)

No. 747556


"It's so, um, black and really spiky."

Zero effort. The bar is on the floor. Does she even enjoy doing this? It doesn't seem like it.

No. 747564

Tati says is best in the clip nail below her video- fail fail fail

No. 747568

I think Laur said before that LJ "doesn't consider herself a MUA" or something. She absolutely doesn't care about makeup, she just likes posting videos/selfies of herself. Her ig is full of selfies of her making the same face/pose. I truly think she is so delusional that she thinks she's perfect as is, and any other "heavy" makeup look would just mask her natural beauty. She thinks 1m followers is deserved because she's just that beautiful with her natural looks (kek).

No. 747580

File: 1578804204410.jpeg (258.28 KB, 750x725, 2329F7D1-2D40-4698-84D2-8BDB95…)

Laur said Lillee isn’t a MUA and doesn’t want to be one. In the recently surfaced Periscope Lillee said exactly what their plan/scam was. They started the IG acct, “gained” 1 million followers, started pumping out content in hopes of getting her a modeling career/acting job. Getting free products from brands was the easiest way to pump of content. They most likely sold PR on the side too which offset some of the cost of Lillee’s totally legitimate followers. Since they’ve been dumped by most of the big brands, they’re going to have to come off their own money for products or Lillee’s going to have to produce some other content other than makeup tutorials.

No. 747582

File: 1578805204355.jpg (420.7 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200111-225840_Ins…)

No. 747583

File: 1578805237907.jpg (324.42 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200111-230005_Chr…)

Wonder which of her accounts nominated her?

No. 747584

They really thought buying a million followers and Laur tagging Marvel (while pretending to be minorities) was going to get Lillee discovered. The delusion.

Hope Lillee branches out into a SoundCloud rap career next with the help of all her new verified friends.

No. 747587


But they aren't going to invest the money in the higher end makeup. Of the make up she uses in any given tutorial, if it isn't drugstore/under $15, it is listed as PR. She only finally got a new set of lashes after it was repeatedly pointed out how disgusting they were and she got an "eye infection"… which she blamed on being allergic to latex in the glue… that she continues to use.

She doesn't want to promote the PR she has from brands that have denounced her or removed her from PR lists, so she's stuck with what's left. Most of her PR at this point seems to be random skin care products, Tarte and Too Faced.

On a serious note, does she have ANY long running followers? that aren't obvious socks, her mom, or a sea lion that stuck around for drama? As few comments as she gets on any post on any platform, they should stand out, but the only commenter that I think is real is kerri, the fellow disney fan. And they seem very child like.

No. 747589

File: 1578807460857.jpg (264.48 KB, 1080x2072, 20200111_233746.jpg)

We are one step closer to that mix tape and sound cloud

No. 747596

OMFG looks like Ms Sealion privated her video on YouTube. Has she finally seen the light?

No. 747605


Wasn't her g8 debate with Oomancer and Nok recorded today/yesterday? It probably didn't go how she thought it would.

No. 747658

The worst part is that it did get her some attention within social media news sites, but still, no one is interested because she doesn't have the skills, personality, or the looks

No. 747664

Let’s put aside Lillee has no actual talent.
If she auditioned and was chosen she’d have to leave the attic and live in a house with the other contestants. Laur won’t allow that.

No. 747667


Lillee is a few months from her 19th birthday. The older she gets, the more this whole "mommy-n-me" codependent shit is going to become increasingly detrimental to whatever career and/or independence she could possibly build for herself.

They're gonna wind up old and crazy, screaming at each other, hoarding cats and antique junk, eating canned pet food in the attic. Authorities will find the mummified corpse of Diamond Earl under a pile of old, dusty issues of Fashion Haunts magazine when they come to evict them.

No. 747678

File: 1578843696910.jpeg (2.08 MB, 4000x3095, 1_6Atf6QZ04zt87ILrgzeUYw.jpeg)

No. 747682

File: 1578846801898.jpeg (529.27 KB, 750x1170, 981561A5-0C6C-46DF-9C83-2A9FC1…)

Laur didn’t like or share Lillee’s tweet of her new grown up look. She had no problem sexually exploiting Lillee when she was minor though. Laur can’t control who creeps into LJ’s DMs to sweep her off her feet now she’s an adult.

No. 747698

File: 1578852785318.jpeg (127.94 KB, 750x570, 5AB65F31-7955-4327-A57B-DE3362…)

Seems legit. I’m sure Lillee won’t get kidnapped & sold into sex slavery.

No. 747703

>Authorities will find the mummified corpse of Diamond Earl under a pile of old, dusty issues of Fashion Haunts magazine when they come to evict them.

Besides the Fashion Haunts debacle, Laur is definitely the photographer of every non-selfie that LJ posts. I'm sure she's happy with any attention LJ gets.

No. 747704

She just liked the tweet.

Hi Laur!(hi cow)

No. 747729

File: 1578866247371.jpeg (275.35 KB, 750x1023, F0D9B1CA-09EB-4B4D-B5A5-B0BC5C…)

Jeaniez Inc is still blocked Cheshire.

No. 747744

I 100% believe Laur demands complete access to everything LJ has. No locked doors, knows all account info, checks her browsing history every night.

No. 747751

File: 1578873129754.jpeg (432.53 KB, 750x1096, 0C4D804C-9165-44DD-82F7-F38FE3…)

Lillee has a new tutorial out which includes music from her new verified SoundCloud friends. She tags them on Instagram but in Lillee’s usual minimal effort ways, she makes no mention of the artist or songs in the YouTube description or in the video. 1/2

No. 747752

File: 1578873169617.jpeg (260.03 KB, 750x886, 53310A9F-3D8D-4F21-AA5D-F89529…)

No. 747754

They won't see her YouTube video to call her out. She only tagged them on insta so they would thank her/promote her on their insta. She's a witch.

No. 747758


How long before these people notice that they aren't gaining a single bit of additional traffic to their soundcloud and stop letting Lillee scam them out of their work for free?

No. 747810

I was about to say this is going to end up a much sadder version of Grey Gardens, but without the connections or posh lifestyle before the downfall…or anyone ever giving a shit.

No. 747825

Nightmare fuel. So much insanity in a 5ft talk package.

No. 747827

just realized that she drew that abs line in the middle kek.

No. 747832

Oh yea lillee well sure thing that "statement" comes across when your holding a plastic doll that will like "totally choke all the seababies" and have a huge collection of plastic dolls aswell as funding animal tested makeup you never use, and fund fake follower companies in 3th world countries who datapolute like crazy

No. 747837

not to mention the complete failure to differentiate between plastic pollution and climate change as concepts.

No. 747935

Good lord, bitch needs a welfare check asap

No. 747968

I've always been curious to know who edits her videos? It seems like a skill beyond a Boomer's grasp and although they're obviously very fucking basic they're not poorly done (aside from the sheet backdrop, the editing and stuff ain't horrible). So does that mean Lilee is shooting and editing and uploading herself?

No. 747973

But of course! How else would she fill her daily 18 hour work days?

No. 747999

File: 1578959174635.jpg (512.14 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200113-174610_Twi…)

A new competitor has emerged!

No. 748000

File: 1578959386816.jpg (704.8 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200113-174749_Twi…)

27 girl friends? Damn. Pradip is a pimp. No wonder LJ is retweeting and posing for him. He's a hot commodity.

No. 748096

With the backlash Too Faced is getting slammed with right now due to Jerrod Blandino's sister's instabio, I'm curious how LJ will navigate these waters. She will make some comment about cyberbullying and try to relate it to how she's targeted (no where near the same thing…), but if she denounces TF, she loses basically half of her PR.

No. 748098

File: 1578983910499.jpg (368.84 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200114-003607_Chr…)

… She's really going to post this after Nikkie Tutorial's coming out video. It either shows how incredibly tone deaf she is, or how vile she is.

No. 748104


It wouldn't surprise me if Lillee has some nOT lIkE otHeR gIRls tendencies, considering some of the misogynistic shit Laur's said in the past. I'm sure that, in her mind, having a "casually masculine" personality (whatever tf that means,) makes her quirky and special.

Where did she even dig up that test, anyway? Someone's Facebook post from 2009?

No. 748138

She probably won't say anything about it because she probably feels it's none of her concerns and she doesn't care. And let's be real, I don't think anyone will question her about it because bots and horny Indian guys also do not care.

Lmao I just googled the test and it's basically "if you go by logics and are assertive, you're masculine, if you go by feelings and are gentle, you're feminine"

No. 748350

File: 1579043189969.jpeg (327.85 KB, 750x859, DEC31B97-26BA-4FD7-B97E-25B0D1…)

Lillee made her account private. Could it have anything to do with the big debate on Arpanet’s stream tonight?

No. 748351

File: 1579043195368.jpg (624.59 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20200114-170552_Pin…)

She should go back to this color, it actually looks really nice with her eyes and skin tone. Her hair looks healthy.

No. 748360

she didn't credit it in the youtube video because that music isn't in the youtube version. she just used it for the instagram post.

No. 748366


Not sure why you included the last comment. She still scammed the use of music with her fake IG following. Those artists think 1mil people are gonna hear their song.

No. 748436

Arpanet is streaming a 'debate' between Oomancer and the female sealion right now

No. 748453

She seems like she's sweet and good humored about it, but Laur loaded her up with so much shit and she took it at value instead of doing any research. Now we wait for Laur to flip out on her because she said Laur had crossed the line on stuff.

No. 748456


The "debate" went exactly the way people were predicting; originalnilson came in with no plan because she thought she was dealing with young "cowards" and "boolies" instead of people with a clear stance and receipts. Every single one of her takes was swatted down. She showed up in the live chat and at least conceded that she never should have inserted herself and that her points weren't well thought out or based in logic at all.

No. 748461

She came in with a judgemental, "but whhhhy" point of view and it ended there.

No. 748463

Her whole take on this was quite amusing; "I don't know anything and I shouldn't be here right now" she said as if she wasn't the one who challenged people to have a conversation with her in her stupid video.

No. 748491

File: 1579061603852.jpeg (351.63 KB, 750x967, 9B1880B6-9991-4129-996F-F176B4…)

Christina said she didn’t know about Laur calling people’s job. She was informed in October.

No. 748492

If Lillee is editing her videos that’s an actual skill that could help her get a real job. She could even stay in the “industry” by potentially editing a real YouTuber’s videos. But that would require humbling herself and realizing that she doesn’t belong in front of the camera, rather maybe behind it, and that’s never going to happen. Delusion

No. 748503

File: 1579064070256.jpeg (173.73 KB, 750x366, E7872EED-D5A9-4872-8427-A61985…)

Sealion threw down a gauntlet and now she’s deleting her acct.

How long until Laur starts saying the callout accounts bullied her off the internet?

No. 748505

Why do all these pretend debate club people think the purpose of their videos is, when they don't even spend 30 minutes reading up on shit? What is the point? Why would anybody watch that?

No. 748507


What even for? Outside of the occasional chuckle at Chesh and McBoomer's continued exploits, the callouts were basically done with the sealions when Steve bailed on Laur and Lillee to go back to his Katie Joy drama.

No one was even paying attention to this chick until she made a spectacle of herself with that "gauntlet" video. They would have probably gone back to ignoring her again immediately.

This seems like a cry for more attention.

No. 748509

Have the callouts even acknowledged her after the debate? All I saw were tweets about a new fundraiser.

No. 748516

File: 1579066419539.png (271.42 KB, 876x773, sadchristine.png)


Oomancer did a periscope for about an hour right after the Arpanet stream.



Mostly it's just more of Oom's surrealist trolling, but there was some mention of how ill-prepared Christine was for the discussion and that she wasn't ever a marquis debater on McSteve's channel, just basically a cheerleader egging on the louder sealions and piling on with nothing new to add to any given discussion.

None of that should have been a surprise to her, given what has been said to and about her leading up to this G8 Debate, including in the Arpanet live chat. I don't know why all of a sudden she's acting like her feelings are hurt. Did she think the callouts were gonna be her friends after all this nonsense, or something?

No. 748573

File: 1579090078948.jpg (30.1 KB, 586x158, sealion.jpg)

She's now blaming mental illness.

No. 748574

Literally none of the callouts are engaging with her .. why does she keep trying to paint herself as some kind of victim? She could just not say anything kek

No. 748604

She wants people to massage her now-bruised ego and assure her that she's still the smartest little girl ever and she totally won that debate.

No. 748606

It’s too bad that Oomancer could only think of the one example (voicemail anon) during the podcast. There have been several instances of them doxxing - emailing and text chatting QoB’s workplace, tagging unrelated Jenny’s workplace, tagging Sonia’s workplace and I seem to think they named someone publicly as being BFFDees but I can’t find the post.

Christina took what Laur has told her at face value which is unfortunate. There is a ton of evidence that they have doxxed people and are behind the sock accounts (though BFFDees hasn’t published the phone numbers on Twitter, there is no reason to think she’s lying about the numbers being the same). Laur and Lillee purchasing followers is a perfectly reasonable explanation for their high bot followers and bounce backs from when bots are deleted. There is tons of video and screenshot evidence of Laur and Lillee being racist and transphobic. I honestly don’t understand how they can’t admit to it when all a person has to do is listen.

No. 748626

Ah yes, the #1 way too avoid criticism: blame mental illness and guilt people for holding you accountable.

No. 748678

File: 1579133344057.jpeg (416.84 KB, 750x1118, C1908568-90D2-4A98-85C3-C2C962…)

That last purchase didn’t last

No. 748822

Does Instagram notice when a user constantly reaches 1M followers and then drops again?
One look at her stats and it's clear she's buying her followers. How is she not suspended yet?

No. 748856

Instagram doesn’t suspend users for buying followers. They punish people for platform manipulation by action restricting them & not showing their content on the explore page. Lillee doesn’t care about that though because she’s not trying to legitimately grow her account.

No. 748868

File: 1579189146649.png (774.56 KB, 750x1334, 68975D91-9A4E-45AD-957B-11A3E5…)

With all the information about Lillee and Laur out there I’m still shocked that new companies are sending her PR. I am less surprised by Morphe and Too Faced but the fact that Tarte is supposedly sending her PR is more surprising.

No. 748937

File: 1579205282102.jpeg (44.04 KB, 749x426, A042CDB9-B59A-4A64-8698-4DE948…)

Lillee was called out on Youtube for using something on her fingers to make the swatches more vibrant. Her fingers are noticeably wet/shiny looking during the swatching. After 2 people commented Lillee edited the description to say she was using coconut oil & a baby wipe to clean her fingers. If she had that much oil on her fingers digging into those pans, that palette is ruined.

No. 748939

File: 1579205400441.jpeg (149.13 KB, 750x707, 26724033-2D4C-4CFF-BC35-995270…)

No. 748943

File: 1579205818800.jpeg (732.87 KB, 1242x1651, 3782DD14-2979-486F-8C60-F028DE…)

The video was posted to reddit again. Now we wait and see who Laur doxxes next.

No. 748944

She just got the palette and the pans already look disgusting

No. 748979

This new video of hers is the first I have watched in a while and I had forgotten how unbelievably annoying and trash her content is.
She claims to be unbiased but she always just puts on a generic, peppy advertising campaign voice and you know she's never going to actually say anything negative about the one or two pieces of PR she receives per season.
She just says the same words over and over again in that irritating Disney voice and she doesn't even show herself and do a few original looks with the pallette in this video because she's trying to spread this crap out over as many individual videos as possible. It's pathetic.
The idea that any real, thinking person would be selecting and enjoying her content over the other Morphe Ice Reviews I've seen, that contain actual opinions and looks, is just fucking hilarious to me.

No. 749036

Am I the only one who finds Oomancer unbearably cringey?

No. 749037

The shadows are now trashed. All the oil on her fingers will soak into the shadows and change the formula and texture.

No. 749039

Yeah kinda. Was better when there was more mystique to the whole character TBH.
I like the effort he puts into the silly art and even the stupid look he does with the mask but I think actually appearing in a video without being totally confident and figured out was probably beyond necessary

No. 749041

You’re not the only one Oomancer is a disgusting creep

No. 749046

I love Oomancer

No. 749050

File: 1579215243033.jpg (578.2 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200116-164758_You…)


The disclaimer/oil is definitely new.

But are we really surprised she's lubing up to try and get more PR?

No. 749052

Jesus, that bit about 1change4change, could she sound any less educated if she tried?

No. 749054

I’m a Laurologist. Oomancer’s clever and irritates the shit out of Laur. Guarantee Laur has reoccurring night terrors about her facepillow sitting on Dees’ couch.

No. 749068

I thought 1change4change was about saving the envoirement and using metal straws instead of plastic straws .. what does 1change4change have to do with cruelty free products?

No. 749100

In a blind panic since the recent Reddit post LJ has pushed out her tutorial for the pallette. In typical Lillee fashion she applies 4000 different colours indiscriminately to the lid, which all merge together into a non-descript icy blue look that we've seen from her a million times


No. 749103


Great I think a sealion found this thread.

No. 749132

File: 1579222940646.png (1.63 MB, 2366x1033, morphe1.png)


At the beginning of the video she makes a point to mention that people have complained about the shadows in this morphe palette creasing and moving around on the lid, and claimed that it was probably because they had textured and/or oily eyelids, and that she wasn't having any problem with it at all.

Her shadow is creased before she even finishes doing the rest of her face.

No. 749147


Gotta get those views while people care about her. She probably hasn't put together all those views and comments are coming from reddit.

She does, however, manage to be snarky about the issues/suggestions people brought up in the comments.

That final look is such a campaign ad look for a discount tween makeup company. Yeesh.

No. 749159

File: 1579225564516.jpg (304.74 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200116-194554_You…)

Laur's sock account is making sure she is involved!

No. 749166

Her teeth look like they’re getting worse. I had to stop the tutorial twice to go back and make sure she wasn’t missing teeth. Maybe she’s done a better job of hiding them in recent videos? It was just jarring. The lipstick shades make the yellow more noticeable too.

No. 749169

Laur's probably never taken Lillie to the dentist before. She seems like that type of mom.

No. 749180


It's very likely that they are. We know her hygiene isn't great; she probably doesn't brush as often as she should, and the reason that Orthodontists often put braces and veneers on people who have gaps in their teeth is not just cosmetic. Teeth will move around in the jaw if they aren't held in place by other teeth or dental work. As Lillee gets older, her teeth are gonna drift further apart.

No. 749181

File: 1579228364372.png (2.16 MB, 1334x750, 4C179254-804A-4368-81B3-FB1DEF…)

Lillee’s sending a message to all the farmers, callouts & Reddit eggs.

No. 749182

File: 1579228675181.jpg (256.66 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200116-203611_You…)

Wow! This person loved her video so much they made an account just to immediately follow and comment on her video!

No. 749185

Also to the companies that dropped her from PR, influencers who are talented, anyone who is a true professional in their field, people who spend more than the minimum amount of effort, and anyone of a shade darker than NC15.

No. 749233

File: 1579242501074.png (666.82 KB, 1280x720, lj teeth.png)

her teeth really creep me out. she really looks like she's missing some in some shots, you're right.

No. 749234

File: 1579242653456.png (743.4 KB, 1280x720, lj teeth 2.png)

another teeth shot.

she really has no plan going into these looks. i don't watch a lot of her videos, but this one made it very apparent. she covers her entire lids in what she thought was a topper, then just covers up everything she had done the first half of the video with new shimmer shades after doing that. then she says she'll go for a thin application of eyeliner… and instantly fucks up and says "never mind, we're going for a "semi-thick."" love when beauty gurus plan out their looks in advance for their channels. /s

No. 749238


I follow a handful of booty youtubers with various aesthetic styles, but I really took for granted how skilled they all are in their own right until I watched Lillee's messy "tutorials." It's now so clear how much planning and preparation a serious makeup influencer does before filming most videos, and even the ones where they say "I'm not sure what kind of look I'm going to do, I'm just playing around in makeup today" they'll still finish with something that looks good/flatters their face/highlights the best features of the product…Lillee just cannot compete with people who know what the fuck they're doing.

No. 749244

File: 1579246652075.jpg (678.63 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200117-013728_You…)

I can barely tell LJ has any shadow on, esp when compared to this review.

No. 749257

sage for nitpick - why the fuck is she using a blending brush to apply most of the lid shades?! couldn't she just watch any makeup tutorial on youtube to to get a vague sense of of brushes and techniques. it's like watching an arrogant 10 year old do make up.

No. 749296

i wonder what she'd look like with bigger teeth. doubt it'd save her face but it would make quite a difference.